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No. 34685

New Ashley thread numero 3

First thread at: >>21279
Second thread at: >>32362

Tumblr: http://sealed-up-tight.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Tl;dr summary:
Ashley, formerly known as Hamtaro-chan, aka skeletor, lied about being abused and jumped ship on her old tumblr account when people tried to get her help, manipulates her followers into buying her food she can puke up (hey, anyone with lung cancer want some cigarettes? I’m sure her retarded followers will get them for you), and commonly has BFFs 4 lyfe (Erika, Starbucks girl, Gia) only to go apeshit on them later when they disappoint her slightly. Bitch is cray cray.

Current events: Erika found the thread and is ashamed, and Ashley is still writing petty shit about us and Erika on her tumblr.

No. 34690

She was so cute before.

No. 34691

No one has anything new to say?

No. 34692

It really is sad that her eating disorder is all about attention. The comparison of those two photos highlights that. At first what she used to get attention is ridiculous makeup and skimpy clothes hinting at nudity (and sometimes actual nudity); now what she uses is her extreme state of emaciation.

Also, I don't think she's really seeing a therapist. No ethical therapist would make someone this deathly ill pay on a session-to-session basis - when she dies, he could face some liability for continuing to treat her and not recommending alternate programmes to her.

No. 34693

i don't think she's seeing anyone either, i think she just brought it up because of everyone praising Erika. she saw someone else getting attention, so jumped on the band wagon

No. 34694

I think Valeria Levitin even weighs more than Ashley. Or at least they are close.

No. 34695

Valeria Levitin weighs about 45 pounds.

No. 34696

it's all been said multiple times before.
at least until Ashley makes some new post highlighting her crazy once more, anyways.
this may be kind of sick to say, but tbh I would say the best thing that she could do in this situation is fake her own death.
stop updating her tumblr/instagram, check out from the internet for a while. hell, it'd probably be good for her mental health. & as long as there's no new dirt, there's nothing to discuss on these forums.
and wouldn't it be fucked up if she really did die like everyone's been speculating, and threads like these were what she'd been obsessing about for miserable days&days before she finally ghosted?

No. 34697

would probably be best for everyone if she did die.

No. 34698

Ur gross.

No. 34699

Nah, she wouldn't be able to fake her own death. She craves our attention too much.

No. 34701

File: 1419818668686.jpg (79.95 KB, 408x542, 1.jpg)

No. 34703

Valeria Levitin died last year.

No. 34705

That sucks.

No. 34706

So since were interested in tumblrexics, can anyone tell me if they remember an asian anorexic on tumblr? Her blog was mostly just fashion stuff, photos of her in outfits, some personal stuff. She was posted years ago on cgl and I read her tumblr, she was about the size of ashley minus the heinous face. I was jsut curious if that rings a bell for anyone. I always felt sorry for her and was wondering if she was still alive.

No. 34709


Yeah, she's way too far gone.

No. 34710

I can't think of anyone from tumblr as thin as Ahley, but looks like someone else remembers here

No. 34712

has this triggered anyone? i haven't eaten in 4 days

No. 34713

Nope, not a trigger at all. In fact I was eating when I read the very first thread. This girl is an unstable mentally ill attention seeking skeleton. Look at her jfc, she's not going to finish off 2015

No. 34714

So stop reading it faggot

No. 34715

Get off it then?

No. 34716

Naw. When I was going through her twitter she had tons of pictures of cheesy fries so I went ahead and made some.

No. 34717

im obsessed, i can't stop

No. 34718

Really? A third thread? Just let it die already. ..

No. 34719

No, we want to talk about Ashley. It's not crazy because this is lolcow and the point of this website is to talk about girls

No. 34722

The thread or Ashley?

No. 34723

Fucked up

No. 34724


Maybe find a hobby?

No. 34725

Anyone remember an asian before tumblr? She was almost as thin as ashley but apparently she was a slave and was forced to starve and take lewd pictures? Bunny something maybe?

No. 34726

bye felicia

No. 34728


Most Stupid fucking phrase ever.

No. 34729

No. 34730

You could just leave you know? The purpose of this site is to talk about other people, yet you think that by taking the moral high ground everybody's gonna be like "pack your things everybody we got told".

You should, idk, go and help your friend recover instead of trying to play white knight in here.

No. 34732


White knight or not… when you make it to 3 threads it's played out.

No. 34734

Especially when one of the first posts on the 3rd thread is "No one has anything new to say?"

Ya. Time to just let it be

No. 34737

We wouldn't have made it to three threads had Ashley and her army didn't get in to defend her and you know it.

80% of the last thread was people trying to defend Ashley and turning it into a competition between her and Erika so don't try to pretend this shit didn't happen.

No. 34740

Still… it is the third thread and nobody even knows what to talk about so they automatically start talking about other people. Some Asian girl and some valeria girl… it's a sign the thread is dead.

No. 34741

Beating a dead horse

No. 34742

>grasping at straws
If it's such a dead horse you might as well direct yourself to the exit. Goodbye.

No. 34743


No really. The thing about these threads is that the longer it stays alive, the more evidence and secret shit people can bring to the table. But there's always the bad side.

Like now, how everyone is having a moral debate and pulling a "this person vs. Ashley" thing, thanks to the spreading awareness. I guess it's amusing, but I prefer screencaps and evidence to speculation.

No. 34744

Unless someone can get into some of Ashley's old accounts or she posts something then we really got nothing.

No. 34745

Get off lolcow and go eat a nice balanced meal you retard.

No. 34746

Shit, was that the girl that uploaded all those creepy Japanese videos to YouTube of her singing childishly? I've been trying to find her again for ages. I remember one was just 50 seconds or so of her gazing at the camera with dead eyes repeating 'bunny bunny bunny!'

No. 34747

In the next few months she will:
- latch on to a new tumblr bff
- dump the new bff after a few weeks
- continue to post selfies at Target
- probably die

It's not like she can get attention as the thinnest woman in the world by having a documentary made about her because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want her chan girl past broadcast.

No. 34748

No. 34749


At least Ashley doesn't look like a toasted marshmallow like that other chick.

No. 34750


I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did. Thank you, I needed that.

No. 34751

No. 34752

Nice, thanks mate. I shan't derail any further.

No. 34753


No. 34754


The qt is trying to get healthy now

No. 34755

OMG THAT'S HER. So happy she's alive. Thanks anon!

No. 34756

Bony Pink

No. 34757

Shit, I remember her.

No. 34758

She's crazy, but that doesn't mean she deserves to die. Don't be mean.

No. 34759

File: 1419824890025.jpg (197.66 KB, 400x533, tumblr_inline_n34n69hk7U1qggk3…)

Fuck. Am I the only one that thinks she looks the most beautiful here? I guess this girl combined with Erika shows you that if someone's beautiful to begin with, no amount of weight loss will make them less so. But if you're ugly like Ashley, you'll only get uglier.

No. 34760

You are a disgusting disorted human being.

No. 34761

I don't think Ashley was ugly, at least when she was younger. Possible she is now I guess? Hard to know unless she gains some more weight.

Also, I think that anyone will look scary as fuck if they lose enough weight. That girl is obviously too thin but I think she'd need to lose much more weight to get to Ashley-level.

No. 34762

Was this girl as thin as Ashley? Ashley was cute as a teen. She still has nice eyes so I imagine she'd look okay if she had weight on her face.

No. 34763


I find this chick pretty ugly, actually. Ashley is a lot cuter by my standards.

No. 34764

File: 1419825112365.jpg (280.31 KB, 500x667, tumblr_inline_n34s36lph41qggk3…)


No. 34765

OK wtf is goddess bunny. I did Google image search and not sure I want to know..

No. 34766

White knight please. You're literally the only one who leaves a space after quoting someone. Theres not way ashley can compete with this girls looks healthy or not.

No. 34767

Goddess Bunny is a drag queen with polio. He was in some documentary years ago.

No. 34768

Her face isn't thin though/

No. 34769

Anyone know how to get into a private myspace page?

No. 34771

So? Erika is very thin as well but has a beautiful face.

No. 34772

File: 1419825305256.jpg (117.59 KB, 673x432, 1302497343501.jpg)

Kill yourself.

No. 34773


A lot of underweight people have fairly fleshed out faces.

No. 34774

Well fuck you, pal. We're all on this website for some reason.

I always though Ashley was horrifically ugly when she was younger. She looked like she was a 12-year-old at the age of 17 - baby fat coating her entire body but manifesting the most in an incredibly chubby, chipmunk-esque face. Her jewy nose and weak chin make her face sloped and unappealing. And her bone structure as a whole is amorphous and potato-esque - that's why her face is all caved in now that she's anorexic.

No. 34775

erika is beautiful and trying hard to recover, ashley is a monster that latches on and then drops friends. we just gotta keep an eye out for any new things she does

No. 34776

Yeah. In my case weight goes off my face and arms before anywhere else. Weird how it affects people differently.

No. 34777


Pfft, I'm not the white night. I'm just a racist who only finds white chicks attractive, but I didn't want to come right out and say that.

No. 34778


I agree with you, actually. I think she has an awesome bone structure. Assholes will be assholes, though, you're allowed to find what or whoever you like attractive.

No. 34779

I really don't agree in the slightest. She looked very cute.

No. 34780

I'd like to see what you look like lmao

No. 34781

Probably comments like this turned her into a skeleton

No. 34782

why do we put the onus on weight so much

No. 34783

She really does. Her chin area and the way her cheeks stick out in a heart are just exquisite. That's hidden when she's at a healthier weight in her other pictures.

What I look like isn't relevant, seeing as I'm not the one plastering pictures of myself all over the internet. However, I will say that my intense dislike for Ashley's features stems from the fact that mine are quite similar.

No, her BPD was what made her turn into a skeleton.

No. 34784

Let's blame the media/advertising/unrealistic images of females

No. 34787

you're probably a qtp2t anon, don't become a scary skeletor like Ashley

No. 34788

YES!!! Thats the one I was thinking about.

No. 34789

No. 34791

“vulnerable people are often not able to make good decisions for themselves and they need others to help protect them.”

No. 34795

Bullshit. Adults have to make adult decisions. Stop playing victim, Ashley.

No. 34798


God fucking damn it stop assuming everyone is Ashley.

No. 34799

Hahaha. Wow, everyone assuming everyone else is Ashley. Who has won here? This is totally pathetic

No. 34801

No one's literally assuming you imbeciles are Ashley. It's called humor. It's sort of a running theme on lolcow. Any person who's being ridiculed and a random nobody appears whiteknighting to hell and back are called the lolcow in question.

2 threads and you haven't picked up on that. You bring it up so much you look fucking suspect.

No. 34807

How do u know SHE keeps bringing it up so much. Nobody knows who brings up what when it's anon

No. 34808

It's not something that originated on lolcow though. This shit comes from halfchan and it was as annoying as it is now.

I don't doubt Ashley posts here to try to defend herself, but it does become annoying to see several people parroting the "hi x" shit over and over again.

No. 34809

Ya it's stupid AF

No. 34811


It stopped being funny a long-ass time ago.

No. 34835

a few things to say

1) if you think the thread had died and stopped being funny; stop bitching about it and leave. Clearly plenty of people want to keep going

2) of you think the thread is
>> OMG so triggering haven't eaten in 4 days
Don't read it! It's not that hard. Go on tumblr have a sandwich, we aren't therapists who are going to sort it out, you're making your own choice by reading this and not eating (>>34712 looking at you)

3) stop bitching about the above too and play nice

No. 34839

We would still be on a first thread, or maybe at the beginning of secind, if retarded white knights didn't shitpost here.
I don't care if it's Ashley or some sperg defending her but these threds will keep on going. You want to make them stop?
1) Threads will slow down if whiteknight shitters stop posting in them completely.
2) Threads will stop if Ashley completely disappears from the net because there will be no updates, nothing new to talk about

What's certain is that your way of trying to guilt trip us and your shitposts with "holier than thou" attitude will only keep threads alive and make them go faster.

No. 34844

Well you shouldn't tell them that, anon. We here may implicity assume it, while leaving the proles in the dark to entertain us.

No. 34845

From what I've gathered it's only two people the ones who have been shitting up the threads with their whiteknight attitudes.

We could either ignore them or continue with the arguing until they get tired and leave.

No. 34853

Does anyone know what happened to her though? She deleted her actual channel and people started saying she went to a hospital and would be back in a year or two.
Hope she didn't die.

No. 34856

File: 1419859215818.jpg (164.13 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 34859


more than one thing to point out here. everyone can keep a fake persona online, but it really does not seem like her mother hates her. on the other hand you have the "little child" mentality. idk.

No. 34864


Well her mother may not hate her but
sounds kinda creepy since she is 24 years old

No. 34866

Yeah, but that could just be a mom thing. Your babies never grow up in your eyes.

No. 34867

Exactly. Might be another case of mother trying to keep child young forever.

No. 34869


the comment section has the whole story

>Okay. There are some misconceptions about this BonyPink person.

1) The girl bonypink originated from a Yahoo Group in 2002 (it may have been 2004/2005, I am still searching). It was run by a Japanese girl who wrote in very broken English and described her anorexic body: "bony very bony. my skin pink in lots place. pink and bony" Some time after, she stopped writing. It has not been confirmed whether or not she has died.

2) The girls you are seeing in the pictures stamped 'BonyPink' is not the girl from the Yahoo group. These were taken by an anonymous photographer who went by the alias of BonyPink. There are estimated to be about 90 different photos. Most were in swimsuits and some were nude. It is nearly impossible to find all of the photos because several of the girls in the pictures requested them to be taken down. The girls are mostly Chinese, but a few are Japanese. It has not been confirmed if any of the girls are dead yet.

3) The person(s) that create accounts under the name 'BonyPink' are fake. Most of the time their stories remain the same, but there are plenty of varieties that make the story false. The imposter of this bonypink girl also goes under the names StrawberryNinja, Ronny Bi (on facebook), or redrecks. Please do not believe this imposter. It is very wrong to pose as an eating-disordered person.

No. 34871

sorry I missquotes, >>34869 was meant for

No. 34885

File: 1419872322976.jpg (81.96 KB, 500x667, 1419554000491.jpg)

I wish the admin would have cleaned up posts from the previous threads, or get a janitor to do it for free.

Is it possible to not shit up another Ashley thread? I know it's pretty difficult for some to not kiss Erika's ass for longer than 5 minutes, but it's ridiculous. Make an Erika thread, make an anagurlz thread.

The only reason these threads got to 1,000+ posts is because of whiteknights, ass kissing and a racist rant or two. I love watching this trainwreck as much as the next person, but it's getting out of control.

No. 34886

Fuck Erika and fuck every stupid ana bitch. I hope they all die from organ failure. I can't understand how any lolcow posters kiss their ass. It's such a PULL thing to do. "Omg I loveee Erika she's so strong and ana like me!" Either this place got brigaded or girls on lolcow really are fucking dumb. The original thread wasn't that bad. The admin should have banned the stans from the get go because they are probably the biggest posters here now.

But yeah, like quirky, high hopes these bitches drop dead soon. I really can't stand tumblr bawwwing ana bitches

No. 34887

I honestly really do like Erika, but the reason it was being so overplayed so much was because it was pissing Ashley and her fans off. Duh. It garnered more than a few responses from them and Ashley herself though, worth it.

No. 34889

Yeah, Ashley coming here to say Erika ruined her life by leaving her home alone was pretty hilarious and mind-boggling.

No. 34890

Actually, creepy thing is, ashley didn't say it. Someone knew Erika left her. I'm not kidding.

No. 34891

More information on this??

No. 34892


how do you know it wasn't Ashley though?

No. 34893

Because she came to me about it freaking the fuck out

No. 34896


No. 34897

I feel no one really knows who she is. But she might not have been the only one who was abused.

No. 34898

this comment is just confusing

No. 34899


i don't remember anything about this…

No. 34900


Well she must have been complaining to people about Erika leaving her then. Otherwise how would they know. Why is it even a big deal?! She should be thankful she got dropped home.

No. 34901

It just sounds like a cutesy joke to me. Like how a typical girl would type 'omg ily ____ you're literally perfect.'

No. 34904

She told one person lol. You don't seem to get it or understand how fucking weird it is.

No. 34905


Okay…so she knows who's here gossiping about her then.

Can you explain how it's weird? Cause yeah I'm not getting it. :/ Not trying to be rude or anything…just…yeah

No. 34908

So more evidence she talks shit about people behind their backs. And more evidence Ashley's a delusional nut muffin. She has the nerve to complain when someone who cares about her drives for hours just to see her and basically be her personal taxi, then drops her home to drive hours to go take care of her family. And Ashley feels wronged? Holy fuck.

No. 34909


My favorite part is how whoever it was said dropping a grown-ass woman off at her own house (where she would have been alone ANYWAY, except for a longer period of time, had this friend not just spent time with her) is the "worst" thing. I mean, are you fucking shitting me? That's what Ashley told this person was the "worst"?

Claims like that honestly make me think her mother's "abuse" was stuff like downgrading the cable package so she couldn't watch her favorite anime anymore.

No. 34910

I posed the original comment but Ashley didn't tell me I worked it out from tumblr…

No. 34911

I agree. The amount of attention that girl needs is insane.

No. 34912


She would have been alone even longer had Erika not made the effort to go see her… and then she complains that she didn't neglect her own responsibilities to sit and wait until Ashley's mom got back? Wtf?

No. 34914

Wait, if she came to you about it freaking the fuck out, how is it that she didn't tell you? Your statements make no sense. Stop being so vague. Either come out and say it or stop shit posting.

No. 34924

Good god. All I'm saying is ash came to me feeling unsafe. She just wanted company. Sometimes you don't feel 100% great by yourself, whether you're an adult or not. Stop acting like a bunch of fucking high horses. She felt like someone SAW ERIKA drop her off. Meaning SPYING.

No. 34925


Wtf. Even if someone was ~SPYING~, which I seriously doubt, how would they know there was no one else at home? How would they know Ashley felt unsafe and wanted company? This makes no sense.

No. 34932

Wouldn't you call the police then? Give them something to do?

No. 34933

Orlando is a big city, it's possible. People are that fucked up.

No. 34934

Nobody is coming down on her for feeling that way. It's just that by claiming that Erika ruined her life for dropping her off at home, she is being inconsiderate of Erika's needs and responsibilities. Erika has a family to look after, she is not responsible for ashley.

If ash felt so unsafe, she should've called ppl who could actually protect her, like idk, maybe the cops. But then again she's so unwilling to call the cops on her "abusive" mom.

No. 34935

So this whole thing is because someone with an anxiety disorder had anxiety?

No. 34936

I'm not surprised her friendships don't last long. She's such high maintenance.

No. 34937

And blamed it on someone else. God forbid you ever take responsibility Ashley.

No. 34938

Shush, Vivian. I know it's you.

No. 34940

Vivian? The fuck. No.

No. 34941

Who the heck is Vivian ?

No. 34942

This whole 'thing' was just someone confiding in a single person, and the information somehow getting on lolcow. She didn't post on her blog or anywhere else OH ERIKA LEFT ME MY LIFE IS RUINED. No one is listening. The problem was that she just didn't want to be alone. And Erika 'left' not to take care of family. Why she left is no place for me to say. Ash was just lonely. I'm pretty sure every single person posting here has felt that way. You don't all need to dissect her in every post. I know this is pretty much an 'I can't wait for ash to die' thread, but jfc.

No. 34943

One of Ashley's stickam friends who was always jealous of her ana.

No. 34945


I've been lonely too but I wouldn't start bitching out my friends like it's their fault? :/ even if it was to just one person. But okay, I take your point that she didn't make a big deal out of it.

If she confided in ONE person then the info didn't 'somehow' get on lolcow…it was probably from that person!!

No. 34946


thank you, hadn't heard about her

No. 34947

Who was it? We should turn them into a lolcow too.

No. 34949

I'm pretty sure it WAS public. She wrote about it as a caption on one of her photos.

No. 34951

K, thats all you had to do instead of drag it out Jesus.

No matter what Erika was about to do or not, Ashley should still not hold anyone accountable for her feeling lonely. She at least made the effort on several occasions to go see her.

No. 34953

It doesn't matter why she had to leave. She had to leave because she had to leave, period. It is really stupid to bitch about someone leaving you. Sure, you might feel lonely and anxious, but ultimately you're not your friends' responsibility.

No. 34956


Totally. Do you need to give reasons every time you leave your friends? And then have them decide whether they are valid or not?! Fuck that. I love my friends, but I need my space too, and I'd be pissed if they tried to make me stay when I didn't want to, even if my only plans were to go home and sit on my ass.

Erika has her own problems too and seems fairly introverted (may be wrong, but impression that I get) - so she needs her downtime. Man, she shouldn't have to explain herself for wanting leave, jfc.

No. 34959

If my friend was having a panic attack, I'd stay.

No. 34960

If I had a friend like Ashley idk if I'd believe her. She's manipulative AF.

No. 34961


But if you have your own severe problems like Erika does then maybe being around someone having a panic attack would NOT be good for you ? I mean, it sucks, but she has to think of herself and her wellbeing too.

No. 34962

Yeah but Ashley seems to exaggerate a little.

No. 34963

I don't think I could cope with a friend who had a panic attack every time I tried to leave them. That must have been draining for Erika. It's not Ashley's fault, but it's not Erika's, either.

No. 34964

I've had panic attacks for eighteen years. They are not going to kill you and you cannot make other people take of care you when you have them. If anything, that makes them worse, it's really when you realize you can handle them by yourself that you start to get better.

No. 34965

Everyone has a point here. All I was saying was ashley didn't know how someone knew she was left with no help. That's all that scared her. She just thought someone was looking. That would freak me out as well. She never once called Erika out on it.

No. 34966

Same. You either learn coping mechanisms or you ride them out. They fucking suck but they won't kill you. Someone like Ashley who has been diagnosed long ago should know the same by now.

No. 34967

So when did she find out that someone knew? When she read it on here? How did she find out?

No. 34968


Maybe Airwrecka said something.

No. 34969

But like, isn't that always the case? She is all about the "I have no fwends" so who could possibly stay with her? Her mom works and is the only other person in that apt., so would it be wild for someone to know that she was alone?

No. 34970


but someone said above "she told one person". isn't it more likely that that person came on here and mentioned it… as opposed to someone stalking her house ??

No. 34971

Yeah, that one person is a shitlord. Who are they? Let's douchecanoe their anti-SJ ass.

No. 34991

okay so…

Erika drops her home alone
This is a problem for her even though she's home alone all the time when her mom works/goes out I presume
Someone is lurking outside her home watching
Stalker-person is also psychic and knows that Ashley feels anxious about being alone and resents Erika for leaving her
Stalker also happens to know about this thread and posts that this is the reason she has bad feelings towards Erika


come on

No. 34994

ashley if you're reading this you don't have a stalker. Clearly lolcow speculation and exaggeration was right for once

No one deserves to feel threatened. Especially if that person has anxiety issues.
No. Not even Ashley.

No. 34995

I hate this thread now.

No. 34996


What did it say?

No. 34998

Anyone else confused.

No. 35000

what the fuck is going on?

No. 35001

ITT: Shit posting by shit lords

No. 35011

File: 1419890547292.jpg (78.17 KB, 432x576, image.jpg)

No. 35012


Wait, I thought Ashley had ~NO SUPPORT~

No. 35017

"Came to me" = sent theforestcat a message on instagram

No. 35018

Ok, let me explain it to you.

She does, at her own convenience.

She doesn't, at her own convenience.

Caught up now?

No. 35023


forestcat admitted to not knowing how to send private messages on instagram though, she's downs remember?

No. 35025

You know. People on the internet lie

No. 35027

Careful, you'll summon her.

No. 35029

Of course she knows. Aspies are good at computers, like that one that hacked the US government etc. and Rain Man etc

No. 35032

Rain man? Dumbass.

No. 35033

No, he wasn't dumb. He was autistic.

No. 35034


No. 35035

File: 1419894271779.jpg (59.6 KB, 508x859, 2985.jpg)

No. 35036

Is this in response to Erika talking about this site earlier?

No. 35037


Erika and Ashley love each other. They fight because they're both mentally ill. But their love is real and… this site is so confused and wrong. They love each other.

No. 35039

No Erika cares about ash

Ash has lost the ability to truly care about anyone as much as she wants to about Erika

That's what makes it so sad

No. 35040


Lolcow is wondering if Ashley's retarded tumblr friend is Rain Man because Rain Man was amazing at Instagram.

No. 35041

Not really a conversation for public. Possibly for show?

No. 35042

File: 1419894987127.jpg (126.8 KB, 640x836, image.jpg)


No. 35043

I guess…

Looks like love finds a way, even if you're a spooky skeleton.

No. 35044

"Feelings". Ok.

No. 35048

File: 1419895531211.jpg (84.84 KB, 460x360, image.jpg)

I lose it at spooky skeleton every time

No. 35049

So everybody's just cool with Erika having an emotional affair with Ash? Bc she is such and innocent angle and Ash somehow forces her to do all this shit? Mmmmk.

No. 35050

File: 1419895730813.jpg (13.94 KB, 534x296, image.jpg)

>> such an innocent angle
>>innocent angle

No. 35051

YOU MEAN THERE ISN'T A FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT?!? That'll never work if she doesn't buy a tacky bracelet/manga dvd/expensive chocolates/hamtaro stuffie from Ashley's wishlist for her EVERY DAY.

No. 35052

Feelings aren't just one type of feeling. Erika clearly has issues with communicating how/what she feels towards other people. She hasn't had a good history in terms of relationships. And I mean all types of relationships.

No. 35053


No. 35054

No one is saying Ashley forces them to hang out, but they havent said that it is a relationship for one, both of them have been vague about what it is. Even then, Erika leaving her husband for good is a big thing to do, not one she can manage atm with how sick she is. Her husband must know since he had a tumblr too, so if he is cool with it, it isnt cheating.

No. 35055

I never knew Ashley and her ana friends were in a music video…

No. 35056

Do you tell your friends you have "feelings" for them? No. She said on her old tumblr it was romantic. So many of you have clearly not read it.

No. 35057

She basically is a series of angles.

No. 35058


No. 35059

god anon you're being so obtuse

No. 35060



No. 35061


She's still acute.

No. 35062

Can someone summarise what's going on? This thread has gone in like 10 different directions

No. 35063

>We're so sorry, skeletons, you're so misunderstood. You only want to socialize, but we don't think we should.

No. 35064

So, BonyPink = a photographer who's an abuser?
Erika and Ashley = ????

No. 35066

This is now the theme song to Ashley's threads.

…So, anyone else picturing Ashley and Erika doing it now? NO?
Yeah, me neither…

No. 35069

i can't go down on you because calories

No. 35070

i seriously LMFAO'd at that

No. 35071

ok, but i'll have to purge after and write it down in my food diary.

No. 35072

But fisting has never been so easy!

No. 35073

File: 1419897516428.jpg (52.21 KB, 600x480, image.jpg)

No. 35074

Imagine what that would feel like…
Just bones in your vagina…
cold and sharp ugh

No. 35075

File: 1419897685294.jpg (11.53 KB, 267x400, baby.jpg)

Nine months later you push this out…
> omg my baby is so beautiful and skinny

No. 35076

you just made me cross my legs, yeuck

No. 35077

Aww spoopy and kawaiiiii. Needs more hello kitty stickarssss

No. 35078

someone needs to do this

No. 35079

They could penetrate each other with their hip bones.

No. 35080

mmm babby…

No. 35083

So then why would her husband say "why does everyone expect me to have a problem with my wife hanging out with her best friend?"

No. 35087

I made the mistake of telling my bff dude friend that I loved him, but not like that ya know. He still didn't get it, so yeah, guess I've done it.

Erika always pussyfooted around the topic.
Nah, I followed her too and I gather she's either:
1) aspy and can't express herself
2) trying to be kind by not dismissing Ashley's intense feelings for her by admitting that she doesn't have those types of feelings for her.

No. 35089

link to this?

No. 35094

Well, if it's the latter then it's kind of shitty of her knowing Ashley has those feelings. I definitely have gotten the impression Erika does have romantic feelings, misidentified or not. I think they're both FITH and can do nothing but hurt and fuck with each other.

No. 35095

File: 1419900925967.jpg (115.86 KB, 1004x608, Capture.JPG)

the instapic where they're being bff

No. 35097

Would they even have libidos? Mine's pretty much zero and has been for years with depression and meds. No way do I want to fuck any time.

No. 35098

Erika has said she does not. I think it's fair to assume the same for Ashley.

No. 35101

Ash stopped following Erika on insta

No. 35102

Same. Until I got on effexor and wellbutrin. Saved my sex life.

No. 35103

Bony Pink, maybe?

No. 35105

Effexor killed my sex drive. Weird how it has the opposite effect on some.

No. 35108

she probably can't stand to watch Erika begin recovery and move on from their toxic relationship while she's left to waste away alone

No. 35109

She's recovering too. I think lolcow is what really killed their relationship.

No. 35110

seeing a therapist outpatient on an irregular basis =/= recovery for someone as far gone as her

No. 35111

Not lolcow per se but Ashley's inability to be a friend. She came on here and shat all over Erika. Gia also confirmed this.

No. 35112

Yeah. You can go to therapy for other reasons besides that. I lied to my dr for a whole yr.
and if she actually is in therapy, her dr is a jackass who doesn't know how to properly treat a severe case as hers. What type of dr would leave a person as sick as she is out of the proper care.

No. 35113

File: 1419901925938.jpg (117.04 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Are you joking? If she was in therapy she wouldn't be able to afford the latest bling bling. Priorities y'all.

No. 35114


I was going to do it, but that choo choo cats sticker pack for line camera costs $1.99

No. 35115

I wonder if she'll wear it as a belt?

No. 35116

File: 1419902200875.jpg (141.75 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I hope her therapist accepts a $13 piece of plastic.

No. 35117

She should have gotten their "Jealous?" nameplate necklace lol

No. 35119

It makes for a more compelling sob story. "I can't afford therapy [because I spent all my money on sparkly junk]. Help me I have no support at all."

Like one binge or one sparkly pair of shoes would pay for a whole therapy session. Her last Instagram photo she was wearing hot pink Nikes. She can't even walk or stand up straight, why does she need Nikes?

No. 35120

13 fucking dollars for real? Girl go to a fucking dollar store, buy a plastic bracelet and stud it yourself. You can even decora it out with your shitty hottopic taste. Fucking christ.

Yeah I mad, as a for real poor fag that doesn't have people buying me weeaboo candy to eat. I get my shit from a food bank haha you'd be surprised how much sweets they give you

No. 35121

I want to say Ash is being stupid for not getting disability or food stamps when she complains about being broke but it would be even worse if she used government benefits to binge and purge instead of crying for pity gifts from followers.

No. 35122

I'm also a foodbankfag, it's really awesome the stuff they give you… When you haven't eaten anything but Cheerios in a week, getting the pastries they give out is heaven.

No. 35123

weirdest thing I've gotten from one was a gingerbread house kit haha didn't build it, just ate it

No. 35124

The foodbanks here give you dried foods andf toilet paper. You're only allowed to go three times. I'm on benefits but haven't had to use the foodbank yet.

Does she BUY that shit she models in Target or just try them on?

No. 35125

Pretty sure target doesn't sell nikes

No. 35126


Don't worry, anon, shitty tumblrcore hot topic-tier products seem like they'd fall apart after being worn for a day.

I don't know if that would make you feel better or worse

No. 35127

she probably tries them on, yells for help because she's drowning in the cloth and then has to leave because of anxiety.

No. 35128

Is Target a cheap shit shop then?

No. 35129

She's very brave.

No. 35130

Eeeh, it's like Walmart. If you look hard enough you can find some nice stuff, but yeah, it's on the cheaper end.

No. 35131

poses in front of any mirror she can find while out at target
~much anxiety~

No. 35132

I wonder if Ashley can even go to the bathroom by herself. I mean, she must barely be able to… Her poor mother is going to end up wiping her ass if she already isn't.

No. 35133


I bet her and OrangeCitrus would be BFFs

No. 35134

They'd probably try to out attention-whore each other and implode.

No. 35135

Seriously doubt she goes that often and when she does it's probably… Well. Nevermind. I'll spare everyone. Google anorexic poop if you wanna know.

No. 35136


They'd both use each other for more e-fame and then ditch each other and talk shit about one another
It's a match made in heaven

No. 35137

…Now I have to.

No. 35138

I didn't find anything… Please share what you know.

No. 35140

She buys large quantities of cheap junk and also expensive junk. What I want to know is where she keeps all her stuff. She lives in her mom's apartment, a one bedroom most likely. She wrote on Tumblr that she sleeps in a chair in the living room. I wonder if she's a hoarder gathering all that stuff in such a small space. I would hate to share a bathroom with her.

No. 35143

She lives out of boxes. I can confirm this, and Erika can confirm this. She does what she has to do.

No. 35144


I've wondered this as well. I also know from when she was doing her shop that she buys lots of things and never even takes them out of the packaging, buys clothing she never wears, etc. She ought to open that store back up, she could get a lot of money that way.

Oh, and for those wondering how she gets the money for all the stuff she buys, IDK either, but my guess is that she's using credit cards. Maybe she made her wishlist after maxing them all out?

No. 35146

She does not have credit. Once again, I can confirm and so can those who talk to her lol. But yeah. She needs to open her shop back up, shit. She's got nice things she can't wear anymore. Someone tell her this.

No. 35148

Iono how to feel about this thread.

This ashley girl doesn't strike me as a lolcow…I mean, what did she do exactly?

Raven, saxy, PT it's all obvious why they're cows, but I just don't see it here. She's just another tumblerina with a blog, oh and she has an eating disorder, but that's not something lulzy, just freaky.

TLDR can someone fill me in on why ashley is a lolcow?

I mean having an eating disorder and living with your mum is out of the norm, but it's not lulzy per se

Different folks different strokes I guess

No. 35151

It's half her attitude and half the fact she posted tons of selfies and it was freaky looking.

No. 35154

You ever seen a rabbit shit? There you go.

No. 35161

Only not as easy as a rabbit. And if you drink a lot of liquids… Owwww.

No. 35164

Arguably this is "body checking".

'If your body is so gross why do you post it' part of the disorder. You just crave comments on your body. "You're disgusting" adds to self-loathing but feeds Ana. "Omg you need help" does the same.

No. 35183


>'If your body is so gross why do you post it' part of the disorder. You just crave comments on your body. "You're disgusting" adds to self-loathing but feeds Ana. "Omg you need help" does the same.

Seconding this since I haven't seen it addressed yet in any of these threads. If someone is extremely insecure about some aspect of their body and the thought of it fills them with hatred, sometimes they'll show off pictures of it everywhere in order to feed into their self-loathing. It's a form of emotional masochism.

In order to try to explain this feeling in more detail, I'll share a little anecdote. When I was younger I was debilitatingly repulsed by my body and facial features, so I would go on 4chan and post the most gross, disgusting pictures of myself I could possibly take. I would occasionally post my face distorted at some unpleasant angle to magnify my more 'undesirable' features, but more often that not I would post individual parts of my body - most often sexual parts - combined with my filthy clothing and stained undergarments, making myself appear as monstrous and revolting as I imagined myself to be.

The unadulterated disgust that was directed at me there filled me with a strange sense of euphoria - that even these absolute failures as human beings would utterly reject me and debase me in the most fundamental of ways, that no one could ever treat someone that looked the way I did as human, but rather some kind of hideous 'it.' I relished in it, because I thought of myself just as lowly, and I took great pleasure in sinking even lower. I put myself on display as a sickening freak, and I found sexual and emotional gratification from it.

It's the same mindset that makes some women want to be humiliated and debased and kept locked up and restrained in some dank cell as a pitiful sex doll to be brutally raped over and over again by the most disgusting of men.

I believe that Ashley feels very similarly to how I used to feel in this regard.

No. 35184

I honestly want to propose that long term research be done on girls like Ashley (the interweb attention-seeking kind). I just find it interesting how technology has given ppl a platform to exploit themselves and the resulting "illnesses" people can develope because of this.

No. 35186

People like that have always been around (borderline, narcissistic, histrionic). The Internet just gives them a new easily visible way to act out.

No. 35188

How does she get money? It's not disability, she doesn't have credit, she obviously doesn't work. So where does the money come from? And if she sold her clothes the only people who could wear it would be toddlers.

No. 35189

Yeah but I think it gets worse and the outreach is vast.

When I was growing up poor without internet, I don't remember knowing about anorexics/bulimics, fell out of the sky to as far as I fucking know rn.
Now you have a slew of stupid little girls worshipping really sick ppl and forcing mentally unhealthy ways and thoughts upon themselves.

No. 35191

Uhh, wow, Anon.

No. 35192

That's… kind of hot.

No. 35193

I'm pretty sure her mom gives her an allowance & also allows her to stay in the house rent-free. Yes, the same mom she claims 'abuses' her & refuses to feed her.

No. 35197

Thank you for this well-thoughtout response. I know we are hear for the lulz but this is a lot of good insight.

No. 35209

I think some of the anorectics who post many selfies- often in minimal clothing, usually posing in ways to look even thinner (flexing, sucking in, standing bent over, standing pigeon-toed, lying down doing the "pen test," other odd postures), are doing it to get validation in the form of comments. It is very confusing when you have a very low BMI or when the smallest sizes of adult clothing are too big, but you honestly still see a porker in the mirror. So they post those selfies. They forget they might be triggering people or glamourizing illness.
The poses are so stupid, tho

No. 35211

The internet allows anorexics/bulimics to camwhore. Romanticization of mental illness causes already-existing anorexics/bulimics to be more open about their disorders, and causes dipshits to pretend they have those disorders because they think it makes them strong/pretty/interesting.

It's totally normal for women/girls (and, to a lesser extent, men/boys) to restrict their caloric intake at some point. Lots of women/girls claim that doing so means they have an eating disorder. It used to be that people would diet, sure, and most anorexics/bulimics hid their disorders out of shame, claiming that they were naturally thin or dieting. Now, thanks to people like Ashley, people who diet claim to be anorexic. People who tried to throw up once claim to be bulimic. Actual anorexics/bulimics wear their disorders like a badge of honor.

If you know lots of anorexics/bulimics in real life, it doesn't mean there are MORE of them; it means it's become more socially acceptable to be anorexic/bulimic, and there are lots of liars.

My own mother is anorexic, and has been, to some degree, since the 70s. My aunt was anorexic/bulimic in the 60s and 70s. My dad's ex-wife was anorexic in the 80s. It's nothing new. You just didn't hear about it.

Note: Yes, I realize most anorexics/bulimics hide their disorders, or only admit to them via the anonymity of the internet.

No. 35216

Like that anon said, these people have always existed, but the internet does give them the option of whoring themselves out online as well as building a persona that someone on the web might find attractive or may take pity upon [like Ashley, for example].

There's also people with fetishes related to ED's who actively look for girls like these or just morbidly curious people who are looking to do some research or see what the "real thing" is like.

It also allows them to build communities based on these interests and thus exchange information to further their disorders. All of this from the comfort of your own home, so you don't have to make gatherings in public and thus subjecting yourself to criticism and scrutiny.

No. 35218


OF COURSE they do those poses. If your biggest fear is that you're fat, wouldn't you want to look as thin as possible? They exaggerate their thinness because they desperately want to be thinner. No shit.

Yes, they want validation too, but the biggest reason is that they're afraid of being fat, period.

> They forget they might be triggering people or glamourizing illness.

I actually think underweight people shouldn't be looked down on for that. Being skinny in any sort of public place can be construed as triggering/glamorizing. If you're triggered, it's your duty to deal with that. It's not the job of everyone else to turn the world into your safe space. If a fatty camwhores, do we say they're triggering overeaters, or glamorizing fatness? Nah. Attention whores are attention whores, always have been, always will be. If other people are dumb enough think starving is glamorous, they're stupid, fuck 'em. If they're triggered, fuck them too, it's not the skinny person's job to babysit them.

The people that run thinspo blogs are pieces of shit though, since they're ACTIVELY trying to worsen people's eating disorders. Same for HAES people.

No. 35221

In addition to trying to find validation it's also a sign of how distorted someone's body image is. A long time ago when I was anorexic I would take photos with my bones showing posed in ways to make myself look thinner. I never shared the photos with anyone but the photos were a way to try to see what my body really looked like from another perspective. I posed in those "thinspo" poses because I genuinely thought I looked big and was trying to look smaller, not to impress people but in the way normal people pose in "flattering" positions to look slimmer. I thought I needed to do that because I saw myself as big. I never would have posted those online though because I never felt satisfied enough to show anyone else. I was embarrassed. Looking back though I looked gross as fuck and it seems ridiculous that I'd try to make myself look smaller when I was already underweight. Eating disorders are weird.

No. 35228

Totally can see Gia, Erika, and Ash posting rn hahaha. It's like c'mon. They all obv know about the site. This thread is getting retarded. I'M GOING TO MAKE IT WORSE BY SAYING THAT ASH'S BUNNY IS ACTUALLY CUTE, FUCK

No. 35231


Weird though that she has had the rabbit for so many years but is bathing it, which you really shouldn't do?

No. 35232

Ashley can't even take care of herself so how can you expect her to take care of something else?

"NEVER–unless your veterinarian advises it to bring down a fever–should you give a sick rabbit a bath."


Did she even take it to the vet or was she hoping that growth just goes away without getting it checked?

No. 35234

I've never cared that much about Ashley either way, but this sounds like it could fuel my hate-boner. Could someone maybe give me details about her rabbit? I didn't even know she had a pet. How does she take care of it when she can barely walk?

No. 35237

Y'all are adamant that she has BPD and a symptom of BPD is reckless (or endangering) activity, drugs, unprotected sex, binge-drinking, eating disorders, and reckless spending.

Obviously ED's and reckless spending apply to Ash. If she truly is BPD (and I think she is, too) her shitty back-alley therapist should be addressing it.

No. 35239

I'm drunks this gay also Rebecca strength abd sunshine hella Ana skinny

No. 35241

She posted about how she found a growth on her rabbit and was really upset because it's been there for her, you know? She's had it for a while, it was in one of her old videos I think. But it doesn't seem she did anything other than ask for Tumblr support and uh, keep an eye on it? Considering it's Ashley it's possible she just made it up for more sympathy. Munchausen by bunny. Or her rabbit could really have a serious illness and instead of going straight to the vet like a responsible pet owner she's just hoping it gets better on its own.

She had/has a cat, but she mentioned something about it being her mom's cat so she's not allowed to get attached to it or something. So two people, one of whom is a severe binge purger, boxes full of kawaii bullshit and two animals in a little apartment. That place must smell great.

No. 35247


Wow fuck, why does she spend her money on kawaii shit but not get her pet checked out then? It's not like she couldn't afford the vet bill.

If it's not bonded I wonder if it's been neutered, don't unspayed female rabbits have a pretty high risk of certain cancers? Dunno what gender it is, is all this on her tumblr?

No. 35249


Oh, never mind, it's a dude bunny

No. 35252

And why doesn't she use some of the money she uses for useless junk and binge food on medical care for herself? Girl's priorities are all messed up. It's like she has dementia.

No. 35255

People with anorexia smell like ammonia.

No. 35257

ED logic.

No. 35271

O hey wuts goin on in dis thread guis.
Are YOU going to help her get the rabbit in a carrier?
Are YOU going to take the rabbit in a motherfucking taxi?
Taxis don't allow pets, fucking imbeciles.
Are YOU going to pay for the 250$ check up fee?
Are YOU going to help her maintenance the rabbit if he needs special feeding/shots?
Didn't fucking think so.
So before you judge the situation, back the fuck up ok OKAY :D

No. 35272

hey ash why don't you save up all the cash you would normally spend on binge foods and actually use it towards a living being other than yourself

No. 35273

No. 35274

How old is this rabbit?

No. 35275


The previous poster is right. Only bathe a bunny if directed to by a vet. Water can shock and kill them.

You don't have to worry as much about reproductive cancer in males. They can get testicular cancer, but it's not common. Uterine cancer is. About 85% of female rabbits will develop it within 3 years.

That said, rabbits can be incredibly annoying once they hit puberty, so it's best to spay and neuter them regardless. Most rabbits will spray, and act aggressive or territorial. Those behaviors are eliminated after getting fixed.

No. 35276

9 Years

No. 35277

SHE COULD ask a friend for help. gia? Erika? Right, she'd rather ask them to take her to fucking target.
SHE COULD stop buying 13 fucking dollars worth of plastic, 70+ bucks on PURGE food, god knows how much on target bullshit.
SHE COULD realize she can't fucking care for the rabbit anymore and be a decent, responsible human being and rehome it.

But haha, this is ashley we're talking about, apparently all of that is beyond her fucking comprehension.

No. 35279

Apparently ash is doing something right.
He's outlived normal bun-span by two years, and still acts like a shithead. ^_____^
And also lol.
A one bedroom apartment isn't exactly the best place to be like HAY COME OVER TO HANG OUT.
It's not a three story condo k

No. 35280

$250??? my vet charges $65 for a check up and comes recommended by the house rabbit society. You're getiing ripped off.

No. 35281

Dude…if she has had that thing for 9 freaking years obviously she id doing something right.

No. 35282


yeah she's doing real good these days, it has a growth and won't take it to a vet because lol i need to spend all my cash on myself and not a living being that relies on me. Rabbit sick? Fuck saving my money, i'll splurge on stuff online lol fuck having a friend help me take my sick pet to a vet, i'd rather they take me to target lol

No. 35283

Proof she hasn't taken it to a vet?
Proof that the vet didn't tell her to wash it.
Exactly. Stfu.

No. 35284

nigga do you even negative proof? evidence of absence? get outta here with your retard shit

Ashley if you took your rabbit to the vet you prove it. but she can't because it'd interfere with her purging :'(

No. 35285

Erm, rabbits can live 10-12 years. I saw a rabbit that was 14 once. They have long lifespans if spayed/neutered and taken care of properly.

No. 35286

File: 1419927869143.png (16.42 KB, 669x250, rabbit.png)

"Optimal living conditions" Get that. Ashley is providing optional living conditions for her rabbit. Can you all just stfu now.

No. 35287

Do you know the definition of that word?

No. 35288

yeah and it's going to die soon from cancer probably because she's decided to check out on being a responsible pet owner because ashley > everything and everyone else.

Ashley we know you're here. Stop buying childish shit and take your damn rabbit to the vet before it dies.

No. 35289

File: 1419928065552.png (6.95 KB, 334x168, rabbit.png)

Yeah? Do you?

No. 35292


In all fairness, tumor =/= cancer.

No. 35293

This is great. Finally someone who doesn't hate ash.

No. 35294

I bet she's a great owner.

No. 35295

Also who is gonna wanna take a 9 year old rabbit? You gonna rehome it?

No. 35296

yes! you've scored your 3rd buddy!

No. 35298

With a growth. A 9 year old rabbit with growth.

No. 35300


Not my job to sort out Ashley's problems but here, I've done some leg work for you:


No. 35302

Your just grabbin onto every little string u can aren't you?
The rabbit is fine.
He's just old as fuck.

No. 35304

Appreciated!!!! Thanks. I'll totally forward this to her, she's going to love the idea.

No. 35306

I was thinking the same thing. Grasping at straws. Any little thing they can find they will exploit. Just leave her alone. A bunch of grown women (some with families) sitting on a site gossiping about someone who doesn't affect them.

Your lives seem so boring

No. 35308

Apparently the rabbit is all she's got when she's home alone. Just leave the brat with her rabbit. Whatever makes her happy/ not die idk

No. 35309

Don't be ridiculous. She's going to let her rabbit live out the rest of its days with the owner it's always known. Nine years is fucking old for a bunny - a good friend of mine took the best care of hers imaginable, and it died peacefully at that same age.

It's an unfortunate fact of life, but the vast majority of people don't have the funds to treat illnesses in their pets. Even something as simple as treating diabetes in a cat is unimaginably expensive, and it only unnecessarily prolongs the life of a suffering animal. You can't treat cancer in a rabbit - you just let it live out the rest of its life as happily as it can with its companion.

I'll say this though - as soon as the rabbit's quality of life decreases, and it seems as though it's constantly in pain, it'll be time to put it to sleep. You'll have to get your mother or one of your friends to go to the vet with you to do the deed, or alternatively, call the vet and see if you can work some kind of transportation out. I know it'll be hard, but it's the best thing you can do for your pet. And I say this now because I know transportation will be an issue whenever it happens - although hopefully that won't happen for a long time, you should have some kind of plan in effect.

No. 35311

Now THIS is advice.

No. 35312


this is a forum dedicated to laughing at lolcows
idk where you think you are but you are a person arguing with people laughing at idiots
which sounds more pathetic?

enjoy your stay ashley

No. 35313

I've sent her countless positive messages telling her she's beautiful and brave and I'm proud of her.
I've lost count of the amont of times I've used the word proud.
Now she not only ignores them all but posts that she is amazed that someone is proud of her
Fuck it: I'm done. In with you guys now

No. 35315


Same. She is so transparent with her reply tactics. She hunts for the perfect ask to reply to that will garner her the most amount of pity and praise.

but honestly, the more nice asks the gets the more likely she is to stick around which means more to laugh at so…..

No. 35316

Yeah because every tumblr retard answers every single ask. Butthurrrttttt

No. 35317

You basically proved my point. A bunch of grown women (some with families) acting like a bunch of 14 year old girls gossiping. The fact that this is a website dedicated to that does not help prove that you don't indeed need to grow up.

No. 35318

I think she gets equal support and equal hate? I honestly don't know why she doesn't disable anon asks. She seems to exclusively answer anons? Idk

No. 35319

Get some reading comprehension

No. 35320

I've sent them daily for a year. She acknowledged things I sent from her wishlist but only publically

No. 35322

don't act like you've never once gossiped about anything in your life. at least we're open and honest about our rubbernecking.

No. 35323

Your goddess Ashsley should also grow up, 24 and acts like a 13 year old

No. 35324

Yes I have gossiped in my past. But then a funny thing happened. I grew up.

No. 35325


okay let me spell it out
this is a forum you had to seek out in your free time in order to argue with people who are just here laughing

you came here in order to teach us a lesson
but… were still just laughing at lolcows

take the moral high ground all you want, fact is you are still here with us bumping our thread and giving us more to laugh at

No. 35326

She also has a lot of reasons why she acts the way she does. She is clearly not in a stable state of mind.

No. 35328

Past your bedtime ash

No. 35329

what's it like up there on your pedestal? even grandmothers gossip. you white knights act like we eat, sleep, and breathe this website. it takes like 2 seconds to check up on this and laugh, fucking relax

No. 35330

I didn't seek out this thread to teach you a lesson. Just thought maybe you weren't aware that you look petty and pathetic. Spend some time in the adult world maybe?

No. 35331

how's high school going? tell me all about the adult world

No. 35332

oh so I can just say I'm BPD and ana/mia and get away with general douchebaggery? Right so I'm all these things. where's my free pass to be a retard? I'd like to get it laminated ty

No. 35333

you didn't seek it out but….you're here? arguing? tell me more…

No. 35334

I don't know any grandmother that would check a website everyday to constantly pick on somebody with not only a severe eating disorder, but a lot of other emotional unstabilities who could die any day. But then again if that's how your grandmother is then I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 35335

OMG no way you *~poor angle~* (right angle I see yes yes?)

We're can I send you stuff

You're so perfect and wonderful


I LOVE YOU <3 <3

No. 35336


Just make a tumblr blog where you whine 24/7. Everything is forgiven then! Don't forget to post your amazon wishlist!

No. 35338

have you ever been around any group of women over 50? they don't need a website to psychoanalyze people or pick them apart. just because we decide to use ~technology~ we're suddenly these evil cretins? please

No. 35339

Seeking something out is different than already being aware of this thread in particular.

seek out
1. (tr, adverb) to search hard for and find a specific person or thing

Not very hard to find something if it finds you first.

No. 35340

I graduated college already. Nice try though

No. 35341

you hate it so much here but you still are here girly. go buy ashley more shit on her wishlist to purge pls

No. 35342

File: 1419930947336.gif (2.97 MB, 312x176, 1394228361263.gif)


I'm so, so, sorry in advance for what is about to happen. Trolls are going to come into the thread and they will be saying some very hurtful things about you. They will call you some very hurtful names. But none of those things are true. How could they possibly know? How could they possibly know how beautiful you really are? How sweet and compassionate you are? I'm so sorry about them, please do not let them hurt you.

>mfw thinking about you hurting

I just want to see you shine and flourish. You are so precious to me. I want to write poetry and sing songs about my love and adoration for you and all of your perfections. My name is Brian, by the way. I know that you're tired of all the assholes and jerks. I know how you feel baby doll. I know. I am different. I am the nicest guy you will ever meet, and if anything I'll be the one in the kitchen. I live in London. Please be in London.

No. 35343

How does it affect you If she "gets away" with her actions or not? It doesn't. Your life is just that boring that you need to band together to find a way FOR it to somehow affect you

No. 35344

you're describing ashley's behavior to a T and you don't even realize it hahahahaha

No. 35346

File: 1419931133069.gif (339.56 KB, 195x199, hader.gif)

anon pls this is too much

No. 35347


guys pls they bully me everday, halp send me japanese candy pls why can't people just let me be an asshole i don't understand


No. 35348

i'm 16 and i'm laughing at an adult.
i'll never grow up. laughing keeps me young.
grown women having crises are hilarious (pixyteri anyone?)

No. 35349

A little confused about this one…

No. 35350

Learn to spell

No. 35352

what?!? you mean you're not a pathetic grown woman with no life and mouths to feed?!?! how is this possible that someone can be young & normal and yet still be able to critique another human being?? I need to lie down…

No. 35353

get a dictionary. crises is the plural form of crisis.

No. 35355

come at me about my spelling foh. go back to tumblr with your nitpicking ass.

No. 35357

Yes and I'm sure you're so popular in high school for picking on people with mental disabilities. Sad that people like you are the future. Unless you drop out and get pregnant like most

No. 35358

please refrain from idiotic speculation and ignorant stereotypes. i merely read this thread. tyvm.

No. 35359


Get off the internet and finish your homework

No. 35360

it's winter break. 14 days of uninterrupted vacation.

No. 35361

Not really. You also contribute. As you just did so..

No. 35362

"like most" what crazy white trash hole did you crawl out of my friend

No. 35363



you realize you are a 24 year old spoopy skeleton living with her mother. the most amazing thing about your life is tumblr ass pats. you're no major contributor to society either lol

No. 35364

I live in the east of England

But I'll talk to you every day

But avoid meeting you. I'm such a ~delicate angle~ so I won't be seen around you

but don't say it's a friend zone Kay,

No. 35365


Oh gosh I feel bad for your parents.

No. 35366

>grasps at straws

this is offtopic, which is in no way contributing to the topic at hand:


No. 35367


Obviously you aren't like any other 16 year old who watches MTV or you'd know of 16 and pregnant

No. 35368

I'm not the 16-year-old and you must be some new kind of delusional to think a trashy show on MTV represents any kind of majority

No. 35369

File: 1419931708646.jpg (14.93 KB, 245x158, image.jpg)

>>mfw I'm 24 with a masters degree, a job, car and house and still find this shit hilarious

No. 35370

that isn't me, sorry. but i don't watch that shit. tv rots the mind.

No. 35371


Are you crazy??? Just because a few are video taped doesn't hide the fact that it happens ALL over

No. 35373

you're trolling right

No. 35374

Because some people never grow out of the bullying stage unfortunately

No. 35375

B-but you must feel sorry for her!!!
Go buy her kawaii candy and plastic from her wishlist or you are a scum!!!! Don't forget to send her compliments in her tumblr inbox, it's not like she will respind to them anyway!

No. 35376

nah. they work for most of the day, so the house is free.

No. 35377

So finding something hilarious = bullying?

Can this logic stay in 2014. Please?

No. 35378

i'm in graduate school and still find this shit hilarious too this girl is like some bizzaro world pixyteri but fuck even pixyteri managed to get jobs and go to school and fuck

No. 35379

I have said my part. Sad to see what people are like but it is what it is. Some will never grow up mentally. I am done here.

No. 35380


You guys talking shit on her and trying to make fun of her = bullying

No. 35381

see you back in a day or two when the overwhelming urge to defend your ana princess returns

No. 35383

we totally just got butt ravished by a spoopy skeleton. i think i'll reflect on my behavior under a cool waterfall. pls turn me from my bully ways

No. 35384


You say you'll see her because you'll be constantly refreshing the page hoping for new dirt lmao

No. 35386

This thread was recently shared on a psychiatric forum. There are a lot of people with various PHDs (including myself in neuropsych) across the country reading this.
Most are using it as a way to get into the minds of these people.

Myself and my colleagues have laughed about the tread over coffee. Some of you are very quick witted. Although the topic is not funny.

No. 35387

haha please, I check on this thread every couple of days for a good laugh because wow, get this, I mean seriously hold onto your socks folks… I have a LIFE outside of the INTERNET

No. 35388

File: 1419932303287.jpg (40.11 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ndzcj69GJ81qk4s2co1_500…)

>I am done here

Sadly this is never true, her whiteknights always come back.

Anyways has anyone noticed a pattern?

Ashley thread finally gets good, no whiteknighting and shitposting, just discussion.
Then Ashley barges in, talks in third person but it's obvious it's her since she talkz LIKE THIS*~
Everyone shits on her so she calls a whiteknight to fight for her. Whiteknight tries but gets BTFO by the farmers and ends the post with "I am done here"

Rinse and repeat.

No. 35389


You must be one of the few then. On this thread

No. 35390

nah I think you're just used to being completely engrossed in your and others' online lives so that's just what you assume everyone else is like too. go sharpen your sword and come back with some better insults dear

No. 35391


Got that last part right. The topic is not funny at all.

No. 35393

very much this. at least it provides a constant stream of content to laugh about

No. 35394


Ha no. You are actually quite wrong. This is actually the first Time I have posted here but I need to proving nothing to you

No. 35398

Prove* 3:44am here. Actually off to bed

No. 35399

haha yeah because this site = the whole internet. you care so much about some chick you've probably never met in real life that you've come here (to what you seem to think is some underbelly of society) to desperately try and defend her. that's how engrossed you are

No. 35400

May or may not be back. Either way, you guys are sad.

No. 35401

not sadder than you'll be when your precious angel dies from your enabling bullshit :)

No. 35402


I defend her because I care. But I don't expect you to understand caring about someone who doesn't fit your ideal standards of human. So good night

No. 35405


I'm honestly super curious now. What do you get from stanning this person? Do you want some of her followers on instagram and tumblr? Asspats? Senpai to notice you?

No. 35406

yeah my bad my ideal standard of human involves not manipulating and hurting everyone around you and literally destroying your own body just to garner as much sympathy as possible, what a terrible person I must be

No. 35407

Too far man

No. 35408

but also the unfortunate truth. we all know that's the end result at this rate. her "fans" are just enabling her and she's not getting any help on her own

No. 35409

What do you mean 'ideal standards of human'?
You think just because she's morbidly anorexic is the reason people here don't like/care for her?

No. 35410

Ya. But Just something about throwing out her death and a smiley face didn't sit right with me though.

No. 35412

I was just gettin real salty with this white night, I agree it was a little much

No. 35413

*knight fuckin whatever

No. 35414

No. 35415

Same here.
Does it help you to sleep at night; that you did something good? >>35402

No. 35416

File: 1419933266704.jpg (18.67 KB, 589x125, 0674.JPG)


No. 35418

yes I'd like to know this too. I guess we'll have to wait until Ms. Holier-Than-Thou decides to lower herself to us again to find out. I honestly don't understand this automatic and thoughtless fawning

No. 35419

Salty ass bitch. Why wish an ED on anyone. Thats fucked up.

No. 35420


I'll guess that they desperately want Ashley's approval. Which is sad, why do you need the approval from that walking disaster? Sadder than laughing at her is needing her to approve of you. Yikes.

No. 35421

I feel like there's some weird desire to nurture someone/thing going on too, like they desperately need something to need them. you ever met those crazy girls who want a baby just for the unconditional love? shit like that

No. 35423


Good point. it's like they want to be the one to show Ashley that they're different and they understand her so she can rely on them or something and get love/acceptance/who the fuck knows what else from a mentally disturbed 24 y/o.

No. 35424

yess exactly, and plus it's not like Ashley can take care of herself in any meaningful way so they all scramble to be the one who sends her the latest batch of japanese candies or gets to take her to Target to show how proud and unashamed of her they are. even their unquestionable defending of her on the internet comes across like a mama bird defending her chick who can do no wrong

No. 35428

No. 35430

this has already been addressed, move on

No. 35431

Feed me squawk squawk SQUAWK

No. 35432

File: 1419935026974.jpg (203.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

If Ashley wasn't an *~anorexic angle*~ (probably an acute angle) she would still have a ton of teenage girls following her.
She's proven that from her 4chan days, she's not only as desperate for attention she'll whore herself out she's manipulative, self absorbed and a ScEnE qUeEn 2K14
Who do S4S and have backup accounts because they got deleted at 70k

No. 35433

Pic related - she's one of them. With rainbow hair who then dye it back beauE they are SOOOO DEPRESSED

No. 35459

File: 1419953715988.png (422.16 KB, 422x645, s.png)

No. 35460

Urgh if it's so ~#personal~ than why is it on Instagram in public

No. 35461

Oh I cannnnnn't bring myself to ruin her again because I want her to do well.. insert sad sobby feel sorry for me sentence

she's so fucking transparent. I don't want to ruin you again buttttt I am going to try and make you feel bad to lure you back in

she is a fucking parasite

If you are on here Ashley, can't you do something for someone else? She has a family, ACTUAL CHILDREN - not a 25 year old pretending to be one.

This is the one thing that you should be purging, your relationship with Erika so she can PROGRESS and live her life and be the mother she was meant to be.

No. 35464

Agreed. If she truly doesnt want to ruin Erika, she would have left the subject alone instead of posting a sob story about it.

No. 35466


Dunno how that post is related, I'm probably just being a dumbass but if you meant to reply to me, that's why I replied with >>35249
I found it kinda unlikely she'd have an unspayed female without it driving her batshit crazy(/crazier). I mean yeah, both get annoying, but females seem to be moody little fuckers when people don't get them fixed.

(Still kinda pissed off she doesn't seem to have got him a friend ever but I'll leave all this animal rights shit out of this thread)

No. 35469

Please do

No. 35472


Hence why I'm not going into details?? Can't tell if you're worried the thread gets derailed or just trying to be clever but k


She posts all these things about hating herself, etc, as a lot of mentally ill people feel I guess, I really wonder if she hates herself for using teenage girls to buy her shit to throw up, etc. I wonder if she even feels like there's a point in trying to change as a person anymore. Maybe it depends on her mood.

No. 35474

I had a male that was a pest before he got fixed. It humped everything and acties very territorial about his food, his cage and even certain spots in the living room. He would bite and draw blood. So yeah hard to believe her unfixed bunny is an angel.

No. 35476

how can anyone in their right minds seriously be 'proud' of her. This girl is spending someones money on pricey foods and then vomiting them back up. She is so close to death and looks like a grotesque monster… she is doing this TO HER OWN SELF, for attention/mental illness or whatever you want to tag it as. But there is nothing to be proud of here. She is not in any sense of the word, beautiful. So, what the fuck am I missing here? Are people so desperate for some online persona to like them that they will cheerleader them on while they kill themselves and paint themselves as a victim?!
One thing I 100% can say is, that Ashleys mom is definitely helping her. I also live in FL and I am a type1 diabetic, a few years back I lost my job and my insulin is quite expensive, and I tried getting on any and every program I could and I was turned away by literally all of them because I was not 'poor' enough or didn't have kids… and I have a disease that if left untreated I will literally die, so I have a hard time believing Ashley isn't being supported by someone

No. 35478

Erika was finally getting to a good place without Ashley's bullshit. It's fucked up that Ashley is doing the "poor me, I'm a parasite" bit purely for sympathy and not because she actually believes that then goes and tries to lure Erika back. Ashley you are a parasite and if you really cared about Erika you would leave her alone instead of making pity posts just to get your followers to say "aww talk to Erika, it's her loss if she doesn't come back!!"

No. 35495

File: 1419968305396.jpg (373.69 KB, 300x185, ekjaso.jpg)


>claims to have a PHD

>sentence fragments, random capitalization and typos everywhere

No. 35496

Why was this deleted?

No. 35498

ugh someone with an IG please tell Erika not to fall for this emotional blackmail bullshit. She has so much to live for, she shouldn't let Ashley jeopardize it.

No. 35499

lol you guys sound so retarded

No. 35500


28 year old with children, trying to recover?
24 year old spoopy skeleton living with her mom purging on amazon wishlist gifts…

hmmm…which has more to live for I wonder?

No. 35503

I wonder if Ashley enjoys know that like a ton of her followers on IG are all ~*~*pro ana/mia*~*~ they have stupid names like eating.is.pointless and skinniestgirl and anorexic_little_mermaid and 94.lbs and elusive_bones

and those are just names from commentors on her most recent photos lol… yeah, those are the people telling you that you totally aren't a parasite Ashley. Congrats. A real fine selection of human genes you got there following you.

No. 35505

94.lbs replies on literally everything Ashley posts. I've reported her probably 4 times and insta still hasn't deleted her nasty ass

No. 35506

Those were 2 different people. The person with the PHD (or who claimed one) didn't leave spaces under their replies

No. 35507

so-called phd didn't reply to any anons in the first post, so unless you're taking responsibility for the other two posts…?
even if that's so, they're still not exempt from two out of three.

No. 35508

I don't deny that. Just the way you guys talk and go on crusades over ana chicks is so PULL esque. Get it together retards

No. 35511

>Myself and my colleagues have laughed
> about the tread over coffee


>over coffee

No. 35514

File: 1419973686106.jpg (5.36 KB, 156x238, anon.jpg)

Anyone want to meet up to discuss this thread over coffee?

No. 35516

Don't tread on my coffee.

No. 35517

File: 1419973982786.jpg (34.68 KB, 394x295, ugh.JPG)

I wish I was fortunate enough to have Ashley in my life.

No. 35519

yea fortunate enough to have a parasitic toxic leech that constantly puts down anyone who goes into recovery or tries to distance themselves from how horrible she is.

No. 35522

This mummy has more skin on it than Ashley has O_O

No. 35603

Oh I report all of them often. Eventually if enough people do it, they'll get noticed. Mainly because I'm tired of them bringing their nasty proana asses in here.

No. 35614

No. 35617

No. 35618

Well I think SOMEONE is a sensitive fat girl. lmao no one cares anymore shut up

No. 35623

Well SOMEONE is a butthurt proana

No. 35624

File: 1419999884602.jpg (133.34 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

It seems her rabbit has been there for her for everything. Where's mommy dearest's dishonorable mention?

No. 35625

all her ana fans have a weird online version of münchausen syndrome by proxy.. lol. instead of poisoning her directly, they just call her beautiful and perfect in order to make her not want to recover, and they must get enjoyment from being associated with her illness.

No. 35628

No,she does what she WANTS to do. Smfh.

No. 35641

This disgusts me. Ppl are only interested in her because she doesn't look like a human anymore and is probably going to die anytime soon. And how about those idiots who keep praising her ass saying that she's "beautiful" the way she is?? why won't her relatives or friends get her some real help? christ, how is she still fucking alive?
i'm a recovering anorexic (obviously never been so skinny like her lol) but trust me, all those compliments make you wanna lose MORE weight

No. 35642

File: 1420008205860.png (38.87 KB, 658x274, Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.42…)

No. 35643

What happened between them?

No. 35646

File: 1420008837715.png (292.54 KB, 431x450, OKID.png)

>expects to live without recovering

No. 35651

Erika decides she wants to recover, Ashley is anti-recovery, Erika got shitty messages on her tumblr about her weight (I'd bet big money that it was Ashley on anon), deleted it, moved to instagram, Ashley tells her she posts too much, Erika keeps trying to recover despite Ashley, Ashley ends up unfollowing Erika, now tries to manipulate Erika into coming back to a shitty relationship where Ashley can presumably stop Erika from recovering.

That's all I can gather. i'm sure Ashley did a lot of shit to Erika in private that we can't see, ie what happened to Gia.

No. 35658

>I dont want to recover
>I want to live

lol good luck with that, son.

No. 35664

File: 1420017288324.jpg (153.98 KB, 640x886, image.jpg)

Hurrrr I want to *~recover~* but omg I must show off my legsssss~~*
Yeah. She's no different than ash, so good luck with that.

No. 35665

lol wut she's totlly covered up and only showing knee caps omg so ~*~*triggered*~*~

No. 35666

not that anon but I think all of these pro ana recovery~~ tumblr idiots want attention. Yes even your beloved ugly ass Erika

No. 35668


No. 35676

I agree too, I don't see people in recovery for other diseases boasting publicly like this (unless they're also tumblrinas alcoholics)

Erika is better than Ashley. Erika isn't that great of a person though, she's just quite normal in my book so I don't see why everyone is fawning over someone just because they're not an asshole.

No. 35683

At least ash is real? Like alright, she's not fake. Erika just seems fake idk. But you have a point. Why hoist someone upon a pedestal just because they're.. Blah? Does that make sense?

No. 35692

How is ashley real? Because she's a cranky ungrateful bitch?
She manipulates ppl and Lies about her family situation for starters. She ain't real for shit.

No. 35693

Because you see so many ppl in recovery for so many diff things. I honestly believe it's your decision to selectively expose yourself to tumblr idiots and anas.

No. 35695

Why does it grind your gears if someone prefers Erika because she is actively trying to recover? That's literally the main reason I've ever read for someone liking Erika. That and her openness.

No. 35697

File: 1420038153714.jpg (86.25 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

And here I am thinking that eating sustains and extends life was basic bio. If only I had studied under Ashley and not professors from a top college.

No. 35699

Lol, so people wonder why Ashley is super defensive and rude to people…seriously??? How dense can you guys be - this entire thread just goes to show how straight up vile a group of assholes on the internet can be. How would you feel if a bunch people posted that about you? I would be a fucking hateful bitch if came online and saw people writing this kind of shit about me on different sites across the internet. Do you guys do this for people with cancer or other illnesses (chrons?) who are extremely thin too? Do you guys make jokes that they just got cancer to get attention? Oh and tons of people with cancer ask for gifts and money OMG hell a celeb who died from cancer made a site where you can register for gifts if you're ill. Are they greedy bitches too?! I mean they have cancer they'll probably die anyway rite??? and that would be a fucking waste omgz they just want attention and free shit monsterz!!! If this sounds ridiculous this is what most of you sound like. Now, I can understand being curious because most anorexics don't live to make it this thin, and there are only a tiny handful of people that ever make it to this size, but this is straight up cruel. None of you making rude statements could even possible justify them so those of you saying she's such a horrible person take a damn look in the mirror because you've stooped even lower. And so this isn't for nothing - did you know that you're more likely to develop anorexia than breast cancer and that it's the most lethal mental disorder? Oh wait but that's that like 100% only for attention disease rite? And you can save the try hard "sassy" and "witty" retorts, or whatever you need to convince yourself that you're a decent person. I'm not stupid enough to believe your bullshit or ~~~omgz it's just a joke lighten up!!~~~ Oh, and yes her appearance is a direct result of her illness so if you are making fun of it, you're making fun of a deadly side effect of a very deadly disease.

No. 35704


People with cancer are the most obnoxious ones actually, I'd say. They make blogs devoted to it and practically beg for gifts and other free shit (rent or bills to be paid) Some show themselves doing shit completely detrimentry to their treatment as well (ie. smoking). ~But that's okay cuz they're not "crazy" rite?~~~

No. 35705

Tldr: Ashley receiving a rim job from a proana.

No. 35706


No. 35710

She was hateful and bitchy before these threads though. Sure she got hate before but the thing with Ashley is she focuses primarily on that to feel more victimized. It's always been like that with her.

No. 35712

Here is just where we summarize her stupid actions and how she is rude to everyone under the sun except for people who send her food and gifts so other people can learn about it and not get fooled by her "I'm ill save me my gifts" speech

No. 35713


Then why the fuck are you here Dudley Do-Right?

Ashley is her own worst enemy, and it doesn't matter what we say or do. This thread could be full of ass kissing and she'd still be head first in the toilet after one her kawaii desu binge-uguus.

No. 35714

That's actually really creepy. Like she's so delusional she thinks she's above basic human needs and is in total control even though she clearly has no control over her life according to her own complaints. It's like she doesn't actually realize she is going to die and she can't keep this up much longer.

No. 35718

Holy shit. Erika and Ashley just made up. And now Erika's latest Instagram post says "recovery isn't an option at this point."

No. 35721

That post is all boohoohoo. Take some fucking responsibility.

No. 35722


ayyy fuck off mr. skeletons

No. 35723

So she's gonna stop eating because she has things she gotta take care of?

No. 35724

It doesn't sound like shes saying that? More like she has to recover?

No. 35725

I mean her problems are pretty stressful but deciding "welp now isn't a good time for recovery" is so counterproductive. It's just going to give a little instant gratification but make everything harder. Like having stressful shit to deal with is exactly why she should recover. I bet Ashley thinks it's a fabulous idea for Erika to quit recovery. Now we can be sad together omg!

No. 35732

ugh this whole thing is so backwards. just an excuse to fall back into bad habits whilst holding Ashley's hand. suppose she doesn't want to go down alone.

No. 35738

I don't think you've actually read any of these previous threads or know why she's being 'bullied'.
she's not a lolcow because she's anorexic. there are multiple reasons but tbh if you can't be arsed to read up on who you're defending before you blindly jump into a situation and start verbally thrashing then I can't summon the strength of will to give a damn. someone should make this an article on the wiki so we can just redirect these SJWs Ashley links here to over there.

No. 35742

>Comparing an ED with cancer
>Comparing a disease you can cure yourself anytime you decide with freaking cancer.

You are probably an anorexic and need to eat because your brain is not working properly.

No. 35747

Uh. Ashley isn't responsible for Erika's actions. She's her own person. Just like Ashley is responsible for HER actions. Aaaand they didn't 'make up'. Reading the idiots on here is like fucking watching reality TV or some shit. It's making me want to bash my head into a fucking wall :3

No. 35751

Boohoohoo my husband fucked up my life…we're poor…all his fault…boohoo…ily ashley


No. 35752

File: 1420051437518.jpg (341.27 KB, 454x596, erika_n_ashley.jpg)

No. 35754

Yeah. Erika's post about 'being poor' was annoying to read. Copy cat, anyone? I almost want to tell her to shut up- but aaaaayyy. Whatever.

No. 35756


Srsly. She has a car, she has nice clothes, she gets her hair done at a salon, she owns a smartphone. Now I'm not complaining for a second but I have none of those things. She even OWNED a condo. Get a fucking grip. YOU ARE NOT POOR.

No. 35759

How do you know she owned the condo? I remember she said she and her husband were made to get the condo believing that the father in law would pay, then he bailed so her husband had to foot the bill by working a shit ton.

No. 35763

File: 1420052314896.jpg (16.55 KB, 329x67, THIS.JPG)

I know because I can read

No. 35766

How sassy you are. I didn't read her post fag.

No. 35767

File: 1420052589630.jpg (219.01 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Reading comprehension is desperately needed in this thread.

She is clearly saying that she has to tackle her real life issues and that recovery is what she needs to do to focus on solving those issues.

No. 35768

That was her old condo she had to leave for the father inlaws rental. She sold her condo in Daytona.

No. 35769

That was her old condo before tho. She bought into her in laws taking care of them. Somehow they also have control of her husbands immigration status/process. Idk what she means by that.

No. 35770


Try to keep up, yeah

No. 35771

Start an Erika thread and stop shitposting

No. 35772

Exactly. Recovery being not something she feels she has an option to "choose" anymore. Just that she needs to put it behind her to be stronger and help out as an adult would be able to. -R Kelley's definition of misinterpertated white girl shit.

No. 35773

What makes you think they made up? Ashley took down her recent Erika post and still hasn't followed her again on Instagram. That's like the most epic act of friendship in Ashley's world.

No. 35775

I don't give a shit about Erika, why would I start a fucking thread about her.

No. 35776

They've been commenting on each other's posts about things like holding hands and watching anime together. Doesn't mean they're "back together" but why say things like that if you're trying to have distance and boundaries? Just seems like Ashley trying to lure Erika back and Erika reciprocating.

No. 35778

File: 1420053479419.jpg (29.36 KB, 381x299, keepup.JPG)

No. 35779

So the reason you frequent a thread is because you care about that person the thread is on?

Clearly Erika rattles your cage. Enough to have you shit posting.

No. 35780

She doesn't rattle my cage. She does nothing to me. She is an angle.

No. 35781

I saw this. Only one though. Erika has posted about how things went to shit but she still cares about Ashley. Ashley put out the "parasite" post to make her feel bad. So she will be open to communication because she wants to make her feel like she's in the wrong. Spooky skeleton is trying a different tactic.

No. 35783

Good. Now hush, the adults are talking about Ash-chan.

No. 35784


No. 35786


Are you being ironic with this "Ashley is an angle" thing or do Ashley's fans just not know how to spell?


No. 35787

I'm not an Ashley fan. I'm not an Erika fan. They're both useless attention seeking cunts. And yes angles is j/k

No. 35789

if someone with cancer was like "I don't want to get better. I don't want to do chemo or radiation. please send me cigarettes and anime stuff" then you're goddamn right I'd judge them and post shit about how friggin stupid they are.

No. 35790

It's not stupidity, some people just want to die. It's like a long suicide.

No. 35791

File: 1420055724590.jpg (29.4 KB, 819x139, jeez.JPG)

But she deserves things to help her escape. Apparently.

No. 35792

Meh if Erika choses not to recover then it's her prerogative. But she should know that her kids will either watch her die or become ED sufferers like her.

No. 35793

Ya, cuz, y'know, they totes chose that :P
Fuck you.

No. 35794

File: 1420055956673.png (268.88 KB, 500x374, tumblr_m4gk4pFA0q1rwshs9o1_500…)

She says she wants to live but she's doing everything in her power to die. Logic down the toilet!

No. 35795

I'd bet five boxes of Pocky that this "close friend" is that Bill Bokman guy from the anorexia fetish site.

No. 35796

File: 1420056696538.png (50.75 KB, 506x524, 0.png)

No. 35797

File: 1420056781118.png (19.16 KB, 507x163, 0.png)

No. 35798

So touching.

No. 35800

File: 1420057806482.jpg (9.64 KB, 239x211, needybitches.jpg)

No. 35801

Their relationship is full of shit. They just read this fucking thread and it confirmed how fake they were to each other. Now they're gonna keep the bond ecause "fucked up in head." Shit is doomed.

No. 35802

File: 1420058198823.jpg (10.49 KB, 304x166, dramaqueens.jpg)

No. 35803

They've already broken up and gotten back together at least a few times now and they have a very unstable relationship. Not learning from that and choosing to stay is just self destructive.

No. 35805


Ah, ok. Sorry about my autism.

No. 35817

To be fair, anorexia is purely psychological while cancer isn't. They're not in a proper state of mind.

No. 35822


that's why it was a shitty analogy in the first place lol

No. 35856

To be fair, some cancer patients do opt out of chemo because there's a high chance it won't work. I do agree the entitlement is the same, though.

No. 35870

ashley is a fucking bitch. she's sick and rotten. good for erika though!! it's her fucking life and i bet she's gonna make it

No. 35873


LOL, no one chooses mental disorders either! Cancer and anorexia are both diseases; the parameters for an illness to be considered a disease are exactly the same, weather the disease is mental or physical.

You're just proving how painfully ignorant you and others are about mental illness. They are on par with physical illness, just because you don't want to believe it doesn't mean that it isn't true.

No. 35884

I hate to get all "as someone who has disorders…" but: as someone who has disorders, I would never ever ever compare my suffering to that of someone with cancer. At the end of the day, I can choose to get help, medications, therapy, and ultimately become a better person.

Someone with cancer gets chemo and a small chance of survival. To say that anorexia and cancer patients are on the same level is absolutely disgusting and completely selfish.

No. 35885

Oh and anorexia is NOT the same kind of illness as cancer. They're on two totally different playing fields.

No. 35900

I hate to sound like a ~special snowflake~, but I suffered from cancer and later on anorexia as a teenager. I was lucky in that my cancer was nowhere near as bad as many, but I have had both.

Both are illnesses, yes. No, you don't choose either. After you've got them, though, they're incomparable. Both are hell, yes, but they're nowhere near similar.One is a maladaptive coping mechanism. While deep in the illness you have no real control no matter what you think. You can, however, choose to take it back. Managing symptoms or even recovering.
The other is uncontrollable. You can put %100 effort into treatment and you still may not beat it. Not beating it doesn't mean having to live with it for years. It means dying. All you can do is throw treatment after treatment at it and hope you'll be one of the lucky ones.

People die from anorexia. You're told the death rate. Complications from it, suicides… you have a chance of dying from it. With cancer you aren't at risk of dying. You are dying. Let's not even start on chemotherapy. Both treatments suck and are difficult. Mentally it's difficult. There are physical symptoms. The chemo, however… it was hell. The symptoms from it were even worst than my cancer symptoms.

Who knows? I had to deal with cancer first, so maybe that's affected my viewpoint. However, if it means anything from someone who's suffered from both… no. They aren't the same and they never will be.

No. 35903


No kidding. They are both terrible in their own right, but to compare any illnesses is just fucking stupid. Useless. And with something like cancer, really insensitive.

No. 35904


And just because someone doesn't choose their disorder, doesn't mean physical and mental disorders are the same. Both are terrible in two completely fucking different ways, back up and stop making yourself look like a moron.

I have a lot of mental illness on my plate and I would never even try to compare it to cancer, let alone tell anyone with cancer that my suffering is totally equal to theirs when it's entirely different.

No. 35908


God are there any legit healthy people on this board? No? Everyone is anorexic and has loads of ~~speshul mental illnesses? Pathetic group of gossipers

No. 35910

Lol, every time your arguments get pulled apart you post an even lamer attempt at insulting people. Get out if we're so pathetic.

No. 35912

>hates gossip
>comes to gossip site

No. 35913

every time I see this girls topic, I think we're being updated about her death. How said she looks sooo damn sick.

No. 35914

Hah, are you honestly surprised a site dedicated to bitching and gossiping isn't full of healthy, well-rounded people? Don't kid yourself like you're any better, or else you wouldn't be here.

No. 35915

>a site dedicated to bitching and gossiping isn't full of healthy, well-rounded people
While I agree with you partially, I don't think our little website is all that different than all those website for the 'big' celebs and all those celebrity magazines. Those are things regular women peruse, and you wouldn't call them nuts.

No. 35918

File: 1420129266049.jpg (75.41 KB, 471x555, zrtdh.JPG)

Why does she always have to shit on her mother (and maybe relatives) everytime she receives a gift from a follower?
Every thank you post there is something about how her mom is mean.

No. 35919

Can't be too happy or else risk losing sympathy. Gotta keep the gifts coming in you know. She's struck a balance between saccharine gratitude and pitiful helplessness. I guess she doesn't want people to be too happy for her, they also have to feel guilty and buy her more shit. But isn't this kawaii crap just going to go straight in a box full of other kawaii crap?

No. 35934

Yes, there are.
I'm one of those people.

It's like you're not aware this happens on every fucking forum-based site or something.

On places like the chans, lolcow, tumblr, etc. you'll find people with IQ's of 180, bipolar, depression, MPD, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, and a long list of disorders.

Some people say when they have something because anonymity gives them a safe place to disclose this information, but some just make it up for attention or to make their arguments more valid.

All in all, for all you know they may or may not be lying so stop taking the moral high ground when you know you're also part of this website even if you try to play white knight.

No. 35938

How did a "follower" get her home addtress? She sounds like it was a total surprise and some random she's never had contact with.

No. 35941

She's made it easily accessible through her Amazon wishlist and she'll give her address out to anyone who offers to send her free shit. I'm sure she has so many people who know her address that it's hard to keep track of who's sending her what.

No. 35944

…but she gets anxious that she's being spied on or followed. Makes sense.

No. 35952

It's blocked on amazon

No. 35961

She must have done that after adult protective services showed up at her door. Enough people including anons here know her address now that it may as well still be public.

No. 35965

Holy fuck. She somehow manages to turn a trip to get binge food into a happy positive tumblr success story. So you're spending new year's alone vomiting overpriced macaroni and cheese using someone else's money. What a great start to the year.

No. 35976

Maybe I'm just being a hater, but all of this newfound "positivity" of hers seems really fake. I hope she really is feeling positive, but it looks more like "I'm going to pretend to be positive (and subtly hint that others are negative, therefore making sure to drive the point home) because people have more sympathy for victims who act positive."
Snarky, vitriolic Ash seemed more genuine, lol.

No. 35982

File: 1420151646484.jpg (67.87 KB, 709x567, bleck.JPG)

Why does she have to tag things BULIMIA. I saw these and thought mm they look nice, then I saw the tag and imagined them all thrown up in a toilet. Bitch spoils everything.

No. 35994

Tbh it's better than if she claimed to be eating and keeping down those candies and junk she posts. It's just unnerving that she seems so happy about it. She just made a post about getting expensive binge food and said it's a victory against social anxiety because she chatted with the cashier while buying food to purge. I mean it's a sign of having some sense of reality to be embarrassed buying binge food in public because it is embarrassing and gross so it's weird to try to act like she's some kind of mental health warrior for shamelessly binging and purging. Like she's in her own little world, it's creepy.

No. 35998

This Ashley thin old bulimic I mentioned before in this thread gets 2 lots of chips and gravy and takes them to a public toilet to eat them then purge them. She knows the toilet attendant really well. She's been ill for over 20 years, so it must be really matter of fact to her.

No. 35999

(US: fries and gravy - you have gravy, right?)

No. 36006

Tags them bulimia because on her old blog someone left a snarky comment saying OH MY GOD THE FOOD IS TRIGGERING PLS TAG IT WITH EDS and I guess to her now it's hard to see food for what it is? Idk

No. 36010

She never mentioned what she bought. She never said 'holy god I bought cookies, crisps, ice cream blahblah whatever now Im going home and my toilet will hate me' (insert obnoxious emote here*) so really.. You can't hate on her just yet :-/
I say the positivity about chatting was kinda nice but whatever. Apparently she bothers 90% for no reason but ok

No. 36024

She's not bragging about cookies and cupcakes but it's pretty obvious what she's doing. It would take a really strong urge to get her to go out, pay for a taxi and push herself to be around food in public. As in, urge to binge and purge because she has no interest in trying to recover. Do you think she was "cradling the mac and cheese pot" and then walked away? She has a weird obsession with binging on macaroni and cheese, she's tweeted multiple times about her love for it, and she doesn't mean keeping it down.

No. 36027

She also tweeted about her addiction to expensive food and specifically mentioned Whole Foods. She's going there to binge.

No. 36032


She tags them as 'bulimia' because people on Tumblr will pitch a fucking fit if their 'triggers' aren't respected.

No. 36033

So what. Maybe she'll get some nutrients in her body.

No. 36080

Nutrients? She eats SHIT. Does she LOOK like she gets nutrients?

No. 36101

Maybe she'll give herself a heart attack when she purges but you're right. So what. She shouldn't get other people to pay for her to kill herself though.

No. 36118

They're responsible for their own actions. She can't 'make them' do anything.

No. 36122

Nobody said anything about making people do anything? Of course she isn't forcing anyone but she is manipulating and deceiving people by asking for help and telling sob stories that aren't true. People who fall for it are choosing to give her things but it's still a shitty thing for her to do.

No. 36131

What is she manipulating? In all honesty, I've seen no 'proof'. Only butthurt anons speculating.

No. 36142

Erika has never had her hair done at a salon…she mixes her own hair color and it costs $30 a year. ( I asked on tumblr)

No. 36155

I remember this happening to some girl I follow on tumblr.
I don't remember if it was frillypinkdreams but she got a lot of nasty anons telling her to tag her food as "anorexia tw" and "bulimia tw" because she was selfish for reblogging that shit without tagging it. Apparently it was *~triggering~* them, and despite her saying it was actually a way for her to cope with her own ED and coming to terms with food, people made her feel really bad about the way she was running her own blog.

Obviously I think Ashley is nowhere near this nor I think she's doing it to cope with her ED but yeah.

No. 36156

She doesn't allow for the nutrients to be absorbed by her body, so no.
If anything she's damaging her esophagus and stomach even more.

As someone with gastroenteritis and who sometimes has to purge to relieve the pain, I can't imagine how she can live with throwing it all up right after eating it. Purging is really, really awful.

No. 36160

Yeah, the same thing happened to Ashley on her old blog. Tumblr users are fucking insane and they will eat you if you forget to tag something.

No. 36161

I had a dream about Ash last night, which tells me I visit this thread way too much.

No. 36169

is she trying to be cracky-chan?

No. 36172

Obviously. what better way to get attention than to emulate the queen of all attention whores?

No. 36173

She doesn't have to mention it, it's obvious. She said she doesn't want to recover and we all know what ED/disorders she has. She doesn't put on weight and buys hoards of food (crap food at that). Anyone who knows her history knows she ain't going to keep that shit down.

No. 36174

I was one of her followers that wanted to buy her food before I discovered this thread since I thought if I gave her something she would keep it down but then I'd have to also buy her some kawaii shit so she wouldn't get offended that I was sending her just food

No. 36175

Please stop. She's not ungrateful not greedy. She posts all gifts and always offers to send something back. Ask anyone who has sent something. You all are probably right with what she does with the 'food', although it shouldn't matter, because you're giving it to her, and she should do what she wants with it?? Like if I were to give a gift to someone, I'm not about to TELL them how to enjoy it. But that's just me. You all are control freaks.

No. 36177

I wonder why people with EDs just don't switch to things like Soylent. You would never have to eat again and you'll stay healthy doing it.

No. 36178

READ THIS NOW (insert angry face*)

No. 36179

Control freaks? Sorry we're not trying to enable a deadly disease.

No. 36181

Ensure is my fave.

No. 36182

Someone needs attention.

No. 36183

If she keeps even a little bit down then thats good, I think she does sometimes. Cuz she's gotta live somehow.

No. 36184

Jesus, amen.
Obviously if she didn't she'd be dead.. LIKE HELLO.
All beings need energy. Granted.. She's a spooky skeleton, but a living spooky skeleton none the less.

No. 36185

>(insert angry face*)

jesus fucking christ just get the fuck out

No. 36186


This. If she threw up absolutely everything she ate, she'd be dead a long time ago. She has an addiction and she is going to indulge it, but she still needs food to live. It's not a waste to send her food. She's still eating SOMETHING.

No. 36188

Ok cause the stuff she prefers is full of nutrients. Japanese candy isn't going to keep her going. We know she has to eat something, but it's obvious the majority of the shit she gets is B/P foods.

No. 36189

Giving a person with an ED food is only enabling them, it's not being a control freak but having common sense.

She can get kawaii shit all she wants, but giving her food is not only money wasted but enabling her ED even further.
If you're so keen on taking the moral high ground the least you should do is stop and think if sending her food is in any way helpful or if "she should do what she wants with it" is a valid excuse.

I just hope that if you send her food you visualize her going straight to the bathroom to purge it all out right after eating it. I hope you imagine her stomach and throat getting fucked over because of your little gift. Maybe then you'll realize the actual damage you're doing to her by trying to be "helpful".

No. 36191


lol wat? she's ungrateful as shit for hating on followers who ask her nicely what her trigger food are, she will only send things back if you agree to a long lasting pact otherwise you don't know if she's going to publicly air your address for not sending her back shit

No. 36192

She's also hella greedy , $50 at sephora? or whole foods? She could have asked for $10 but wait sephora is so damn expensive why not ask for a $10 CVS card?

No. 36194

She's never done that .

No. 36195

Enabling them how? People need food to live. Are you saying we should starve people with EDs and that will fix them??

No. 36196

She binges on food.
She -binges- on food.
What you all send her/want to send her is of no nutritional value whatsoever. It's binge food.

She is in no controlled environment where her meals help her in any way, shape or form. She binges them.

> Are you saying we should starve people with EDs and that will fix them??

No, stupid. I'm saying that you're enabling her by sending her binge foods that aren't helping her whatsoever to recover. You know damn well she's gonna puke it and those nutrients won't stay in her body.
What you should be doing is to get her help instead of enabling her even further. You wouldn't send a drug addict drugs, would you? Same shit for this. You can send her kawaii shit all you want, but sending her food is pretty counterproductive and you should be aware.

No. 36199

Holy shit are you Ashley followers that stupid?
1) The food people send is candy bullshit, so not much nutritional value in there
2) That is the food she binges on and then purges, so that little nutritional value isnt going to be absorbed, but instead going right down the toilet.

No. 36202

their help isnt help

she needs medical or legal intervention, and she fights that off

she doesnt want help with her mothers 'abuse' for example, she wants attention and notoriety

shes beyond help – people should be focusing their 'help' elsewhere, you know, not towards histrionic, privileged white girls

who the fuck cares what happens to them at this point, seriously

theyre not suffering in silence, they make their shit public for a reason

No. 36205

Then why are you posting here? Obv we adore 'privileged white girls', so leave.

No. 36211

no, fuckwit. youre the minority. most people here dont actually gaf about ash, because shes an attention seeking dipshit that isnt even a fucking semi-redeemable person, either

No. 36237

Purging doesn't get rid of everything. Her only nourishment is probably the little bit that gets absorbed while binging. She doesn't have the desire or self control to eat in moderation because that would be too hard for her. But does it mean you're helping her by giving her binge food? No, it means she needs to be in a controlled environment where she's monitored and probably tube fed and kept from purging because she can't stop on her own. But she refuses so she can't be helped.

No. 36239

She's got cocaine taste on a crack budget. Like Whole Foods and Cheesecake Factory and that nicer Japanese restaurant she posted that one binge from are way more expensive than Walmart or any other grocery store. As long as it's someone else's money she doesn't care that she's vomiting hundreds of dollars at a time.

No. 36277


Um, yes she has.

No. 36280

Um. No.

No. 36282


This. Most bulimics aren't underweight for this reason, purging isn't 100% effective in eliminating calories. From what I've seen, most of those who become skeletal thin are the ones who threw up almost everything they ate and would possibly keep down one meal a day (something very low cal like iceberg lettuce).

No. 36283


Yes she has, MANY times.

I've followed her for a while, and even before all this lolcow drama I'd noticed that whenever people ask what her safe foods are she gives snarky answers that are not useful whatsoever ("Go look at my wishlist," "I'm a human and I eat the same foods every other human does.")

No. 36287

I noticed that too. Obviously she doesn't eat the same way everyone else does so she shouldn't be so offended when people ask that. She should be able to see that people are trying to be sensitive and not send her triggering things instead of being bitchy to them. Maybe she would just be happier if we all sent her cake.

No. 36293

Yeah, I get she might be defensive because of people's hate anons but seriously you should have some common sense and differentiate between hate messages and people being genuinely nice and concerned for you.

No. 36304

She's never said 'go look at my wishlist'. God dang man, you all bring up this wishlist bullshit. It's all you have on her. She posted it, mentions it if you ASK her about it, and that's all. Like really. It's a WISH list. No one fucking makes you look at it?? Idiots.

No. 36308


Exactly, I have two bulimic friends. One of which who is still very heavy, the other who is almost underweight. Their habits are entirely different. The heavier one will only purge things she was not supposed to eat as she deems so. The other purges everything they swallow.

It all depends on a lot of things.

No. 36313


defensive, defensive, defensive, tsk

No. 36318

I think if I had an illness I know severely fucks up your quality of life, I'd rather people donate cash to charities that help people in a similar situation than have randoms send me gift cards to buy cosmetics. At least that way she'd be doing something to make her existence worthwhile.

No. 36319

File: 1420240166933.jpg (50.91 KB, 437x534, sadface.JPG)

got to love Ashley's sadface/got no friends/isolated/guilt trip face

No. 36320

File: 1420240290938.jpg (86.22 KB, 697x594, shit.JPG)

she wants this. here's an idea, Ashley. go to a dollar store, buy a bag of cheap beads, make it yourself. she has such bad taste.

No. 36327

Um yes she has. Or are you going to make me go through your archive to take screencaps? Actually, I'd rather take a nap and you probably already deleted all the asks like the pretentious coward you are.

If you're wondering why I'm realizing you're Ashley, it's because of the way you worded that post. Also, almost all of the "white knights" have sounded exactly alike. Ash doesn't have a super army or anything like that. She's just coming here to stroke her victim complex.

No. 36328

P.S. you really need to stop emphasizing words with caps lock all the time. You're sort of pulling a kanadajin…

No. 36333

Aww, she's sad that she's alone even though she's the one who pushes everyone away. But she's still somehow a victim?

No. 36334

Looks like tumblr tryhard aesthetic. Why would anyone wear this shit its not cute. If people are actually buying this the creator has successfully exploited the stupidity of tumblrinas.

No. 36335

I'd make her one that spells "SMEGMA".

No. 36336

The fact that she has a wish list says that she wants you to look at it and biy her shit for no reason. Why else would she have it up.

No. 36340


THIS!!! and don't even try to use the "I'm just saving stuff for later to buy myself" because a) you're supposedly too broke to even take a taxi to the damn grocery store and b) even if you weren't, you wouldn't feel the need to write messages to other people under each item like "I'm trying"

No. 36341

Yeah. Not to mention it's the first thing that shows up when you're on mobile tumblr.

No. 36342

File: 1420243878185.jpg (126.59 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Seriously, fuck all of you guys. I'm going to single handedly save Ash by getting her the latest Japanese superfood… Specialty kit kats.

No. 36343

File: 1420244279143.jpg (60.83 KB, 500x329, 1419884549711.jpg)

Don't forget the tubs of corn syrup!

No. 36349

File: 1420245703004.jpg (131.03 KB, 640x480, 0009874368.jpg)

pretty sure hammy just wants her mom to try to get her help and actually pay attention to her suffering but all hammies mom does is tell her how great she is and try to compete with her daughter and thats why hammy hates her and claims she's abusive and probably why she attention whores.

she's probably a helicopter parent which is extremely emotionally crippling

rest in rip sweet princess, if I could go back in a time machine I wud save u

No. 36388


And don't forget about her fondness for putting words she dislikes in quotations… with single quotation marks.

No. 36413

I think that's rather common, really. It's used for when you want to quote what someone else says in a disparaging way – words you wouldn't say quoted semi-sarcastically.
And single quotation marks is only Oxford English, no? Does Ashley really do that?

No. 36443

Single fucking quotation marks is why I couldn't stand reading Harry Potter when I was 10.

No. 36503

It's proper British English grammar. American English uses double quotation marks.

No. 36505

She has no taste. I know we blame a lot of her shit on her BPD but that actually is common with BPD, where she doesn't have a stable identity or sense of self so she tries to adopt what she sees around her, in this case, basic tumblr girl 90s retro trends. It's like the movie Single White Female where she absorbs the style of someone she thinks is cool.

No. 36698

That's actually a bit confusing.
How do you know whether your chosen tastes/aesthetics are just a rip off of someone you think is cool, or if you think that person is cool because they're into a style you've always been interested in but haven't actually put much effort into attempting IRL before you just happened to see them?

No. 36706

But people ask that shit all the time, they always ask someone with an extreme condition "why are you so fat/skinny", so lol.

No. 36710

File: 1420321567899.jpg (347.56 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

I really feel she should leave Erika alone. She is being all abloobloobloo and it really comes across as her guilt tripping Erika into not recovering.

No. 36721

Before you bash ashley, Erika commented on ash's new video first. So if you're going to dog someone, fucking do it to both of them, or start an Erika thread or some shit.

No. 36878

Plot twist: "Ashley" is a master of what they call 'catfishing'.

There is no dying girl. Just some sweaty bitch playing with the Internets and carefully moving her pawns.

No. 36891

This is really sad… :/

No. 36906

But Erika never said she wanted to break ties with her. She feels sorry for her.

No. 36907

Or what if its really her forgotten fat older sister?

No. 36919

This, plus there is a difference between Erika who just commented she loves quest bars and Ashley being all abloobloo "Look i am alive. Notice me senpai."

No. 37284

File: 1420434610323.jpg (101.78 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"I can't 'afford' it….you buy it for me."

No. 37301

Maybe when she's purging it will get stuck in her throat.
Why peanut butter of all things

No. 37304

It's yummy

No. 37311

So hard to hack up though like jeesh.

No. 37327

Its probably one of her "I'm attempting recovery send food more expensive than your allowance" items

No. 37354

File: 1420461006820.jpg (157.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Why does she do this shit? Why hashtag every single thing with #struggling #fighting if you're "ok"?

No. 37358

'Go and get help'
'no thanks'

'just bc I don't talk about therapy does not mean I don't go'
Then why not just say 'Thanks I have help'

No. 37370

The almond butter is most likely for her bizarre "recovery giveaways" she's doing now. Probably cultivating her new positive image to try to cover up everything people here exposed, but I'd bet the only reason Ashley acts like she supports recovery is she wants to see other people gain weight. I mean she has no interest in recovery but is buying sweets to feed other people with money she doesn't have?

She's into buying Quest bars to give away too. She couldn't physically eat them herself if she wanted to. Those things are chewy and she doesn't have enough teeth. Same thing for the chocolates on her wishlist.

No. 37371

Her latest Instagram post confirms this. She's also trying to follow more recovery accounts. What the fuck is the point of trying to weasel her way into the lives of people who are trying to be healthy? Does she think she's going to be any kind of positive influence in their lives?

And way to tag Whole Foods and Quest in your post. They're totally gonna repost your skeletal hand giving a thumbs up to their products, like that's definitely the image they want to portray.

No. 37383

I wonder what would happen if Ashley lost a attention she was receiving overnight. Like no matter how many IG or tumblr posts she made, they received 0 notes and comments. Would she finally try to recover? Or would she just wither away?

No. 37395

You know what, if popularity and fame is what she wants, if she recovered… I think she would be the most famous anorexia recoverers ever. She would be,so damn popular/famous - I bet she could actually become a celebrity.

No. 37399

Too bad that'll never happen. No matter how many people wise up about her or try to help her she'll always have her fan club that adores her for being sick with members like "ana.the.walking.dead," "79.5lbs_" and "my.name.is.borderline."

No. 37401


I love how she begs for that shopping card (I take it Whole Foods is a healthy/organic food store?), doesn't give the "donator" any credit, then buys stuff with it to make up some recovery back whateverthefuckshecallsit so SHE gets told how generous she is. Hahaha. Classic. She won't recover ever. She'll probably be dead before the year's half way through.

No. 37402


No. 37403

and NO I won't comment on her hand because why would I, but I'll comment and say I wish she'd clean her under her fucking fingernails some time.

No. 37405

Wait so she's asking people to buy this shit for her to give away?
Why not simply putting the links to charities that help people with ana/mia for people to make donations?


No. 37410

I think she'd become famous if she turned cute and posted regularly about fitness like famous bloggers. There was this "worst case of anorexia" or something on a dr Phil show and I think she recovered but nobody really heard about her after that. I think people are more interested about hearing stories about living with anorexia, seeing freaky pics etc.
With her bad teeth and skin, Ashley is never going to be cute again :/

No. 37411

File: 1420477317774.jpg (37.12 KB, 606x455, insta.JPG)

Looks that way. This is a comment from her instagram video where she's banging on about Quest bars

No. 37412

I don't get a lot of the ED people on instagram. Some like like they purposely try to make themselves look iller than they are. Is it like a competition who can be the most fucked up?

No. 37416

*look like

jesus, i'm brain farting so much today

No. 37420

Because that would actually be useful. But then she wouldn't get fans peeing themselves over how generous and kawaii she is. She doesn't really care about anyone's recovery, everything is calculated to make herself look like either a victim or martyr. Oh noes I can't recover but I can totes support y'all because that makes sense!

Even if she really did care about other people she doesn't have the brain capacity to do so. She needs to take care of herself first but her priorities are all kinds of fucked.

No. 37423

I love how she puts in her caption "please don't comment on my hand" while posting a photo that she deliberately stuck her hand right in that middle of. If you really didn't want comments you could just not do that. But then it'll be "I have the right to take pictures like everyone else!!!11" except most normal people don't take lame selfies in grocery stores anyway.

So she must just love creating drama then? Why not disable anons on Tumblr when she complains about negativity, why post photos she knows in advance are going to get comments she doesn't want?

No. 37424

She lives for people saying she looks like a corpse and then telling them to not be so rude. All she can do in life is b/p, take selfies and tell people they're being rude because she emphasises she does not look as others do and therefore wants shitty comments about how gross she looks.

When I see her I don't even think of her being eating disordered. She reminds me of people who are in the final stages of AIDS. If she posts pictures of herself and food people might not get that she purges and they really are curious about what condition she has. If you put it out there, you're going to get people who want to try to understand why the fuck you look like death and if you're getting any help.

No. 37425

>Does anyone recommend any 'recovery' accounts? I am personally NOT recovering, but I want to give MY support to those who are- because it's seriously fucking amazing.

that sick fucking bitch. 'UM. i support u and stuff but i wouldn't recover myself because i'm STRONGER and THINNER than you.'
i hope those poor girls block her for their own good.

No. 37426

Yeah, I kinda think of it like as if heroin was the problem. If you're trying to kick the addiction you don't hang out with users. Why would someone who wants to get well want to have to look at her skull and pictures of sugary shit she posts. You're right, it's so sick.

No. 37434

Yeah that seems like backwards ego stroking. I really hope she doesn't get any followers like that because I doubt she could help them in any way. She'd be a reminder of their struggles in a negative light.

Also I found this girl's profile (13 yrs old) and her user name says "eats" which I thought meant she was healthy. There's a goal of 500 on her profile. Does this mean she only eats 500 calories or wants to get to 500 lbs?

No. 37436


Or she wants 500 followers maybe.

No. 37443

She's just targeting a population that she thinks will lead to a payoff for her. She figures people in recovery will understand her and also feel compelled to try to help her because they've through it before. But Ashley's scam is to convince them that "helping" entails buying her food that she's really just going to purge. It's like in NA with sponsors helping addicts get clean, except in this case the addict is using the sponsor to get drugs and has no desire to get better. Hopefully the girls Ashley goes after don't get caught up in her mess of a life.

No. 37447

I just browsed her wishlist. Maybe if it wasn't all materialistic junk and she listed things she might actually NEED… Maybe some books instead of the brainless anime.

No. 37458

People are going to make fun of what's in her wishlist no matter what. Reading everyone's comments about how they feel like they need to disclose false information based on assumptions is disgusting.

No. 37467

I'm not making fun of it, I'm stating a fact. I find it appalling that she asks for such items openly. She shops more than most do, is not underprivileged, has food/shelter, electronics, toys, etc. No assumptions it's exactly the shit she posts. Wake up.

No. 37475


If she didn't have a pattern of portraying herself as broke and destitute one day, then showing the haul of kawaii goodies she bought herself the next, maybe it wouldn't be so easy to criticize her wishlist.

No. 37477

"you guize need to mind your own business I am in THERAPY!!!!!"

"jk I'm not recovering I love my ED pls buy me shit and send me links to girls that are fatter than me"

No. 37478

I had a uni psychology teacher who was in research and apparently many of the girls he studied were out of inpatient treatments but not mentally recovered from their disease, but they would encourage their online followers to go into recovery so they would stay skinny compared to them

No. 37480

So encouraging others to do well while not taking their own advice? That sounds like what normal people do but I'm sure it's even harder for addicts to recover if they're not being honest.

I saw a few episodes of Intervention recently. Most knew they needed to quit but didn't stick with it or didn't want treatment. There was one guy who finally got off crack for his family's sake and I hope it lasts but most just didn't care.

Ashley is in this camp.

No. 37484

No its more about how they stay sick and thin while others go into recovery and get fatter. They just want to be the skinniest/sickest

No. 37488

That's honestly why most of those "ana buddy" friendships are toxic as hell. You encourage them in their recovery and tell them "no, you look beautiful i can't notice the weight at all" when they gain, and in your head, you're laughing because they got fatter and now you're skinnier than they are.
It's horrible.

No. 37494

Inpatient (hospitalization) is like that too. Everyone's competing to be the sickest, hide the most food, etc. etc. Then when others gain weight you go, again, "No! You don't look like you've gained at all!" While just feeling accomplished you're still sicker.

No. 37495

She lives in a one bedroom apartment. I would say about 90% of the people posting on here are more privileged than she is. She doesn't go shopping more than others, show proof. How can she when she needs a wheelchair? And if you're going to say taxi rides, obviously she doesn't get those every day. Se gets out when she can, and shows gratitude when she does. Take it for what it's worth, but I speak the truth, and anything you say otherwise is because you can't handle that the facts aren't what you want to hear.

No. 37498

I lived in a studio apartment for almost all of my twenties. There are worse things in life. She's an only child, not crammed under a roof with 5 siblings. As far as the shopping goes, her previous tumblr and instagram had plenty of shopping binges posted…plenty. I never said she wasn't facing some battles but she portrays herself in a more povertish manner. These are facts, and I can handle it just fine.

No. 37500

Bulimic here, and I can testify that food binges, even from supermarkets, start to add up very quickly, especially if you do it nearly every single day. And like >>36239 said, Ashley has expensive taste.

No. 37501

She lives in her mother's apartment and has no adult responsibilities of her own. She doesn't work, I doubt she files her taxes, she doesn't have to manage finances, she doesn't have credit, she doesn't drive and she doesn't take care of her basic needs. And sure she's sick enough to be considered disabled and can't work but she won't accept assistance either, instead relying on begging her followers for stuff, mostly useless junk and wasting money on giveaways she can't afford and overpriced kawaii children's clothes and toys.

Yeah, most people who work and pay bills don't go shopping for frivolous things that much. If you think being an adult with responsibilities is privileged then I'd rather be privileged than be Ashley.

No. 37505

She lives way beyond her means and is extremely irresponsible when it comes to consequences. This is true not just about money but her entire way of living. She can't sustain herself and she's mentally like a child, except she is a woman in her mid twenties who is refusing to grow up. She could seek treatment or go to the hospital but won't because it threatens her existence as a helpless leech.

No. 37506


living rent-free in a one br apt with one's mommy isn't ideal, but it sure as hell isn't the pinnacle of poverty.

What about her online shopping? You know, jewelry, inflatable backpacks, important necessities like that?

No. 37508

File: 1420490491287.jpg (73.78 KB, 874x460, wtf.JPG)

I'm really curious about that. If her ig name is her twitter name, she describes herself as "fat & cute" and I found this comment (pic). So she either wants to bulk up or get fit. 500?!? HUH

No. 37512

Absolutely lives beyond her means. Take that ridiculously tacky wishlist down and quit preying on the younger followers to send you sympathy shit.

No its not ideal as she is too sick to be on her own, as sad as it is she chose this for herself. The only person with the power to change things shat on every possible opportunity at a second chance. Shame.

No. 37513

The fact that she has to live in her mom's living room but still buys the shit she does just illustrates how messed up her priorities are. Anyone else in that living situation would not be buying half as much stuff as she does. They would be trying to get out of that situation instead of sitting in their rent free apartment calling their mother a monster. It all comes down to her choosing to stay sick.

If she hated her mother and living like this so much she could hospitalize herself. She couldn't afford a luxury rehab but she'd qualify for Medicaid and be able to get help, even if it's a community mental health center.

No. 37516

I live in a one bed apartment. I get my rent paid by the government because I can't work because I'm ill, so I'm privileged in that way, yes.

HOWEVER, pretty much everything I own is second hand but I've bought it myself with money I saved when I was able to work. I can't afford taxis, I don't have a smartphone, I'm 96lbs because I can't afford to eat. She can afford to binge (or gets others to buy her binge food), so in that way SHE is privileged to me.

That all sounds like a whine, but it isn't. I really do thank fuck I've got a roof over my head and idgaf about material things and turn myself into some kind of victim where I want people to buy me shitty dvds or cupcake band aids.

I'm positive if her mother is SO abusive, some authority would take her to a place of safety. She doesn't have to pay utility bills, so it's an easy ride for her with no responsibilities at her mum's place.

BTW, the place where she lived as chan girl didn't look like povsville. Have they moved since then?

No. 37517

You posted this as I was typing ^ so yeah :D

No. 37519

A lot is freebees and coupons. It's embarrassing to mention.

No. 37521

Wouldn't most people be embarrassed about sleeping in a recliner in their mother's living room at 25 and having zero life skills? Ashley seems to flaunt it for pity. I seriously don't understand how she expects admiration for existing another day. No that is not admirable given that you choose to stay in this situation.

No. 37522

You're embarrassed about coupons but not about everything else in your life? You should be embarrassed that you're wasting money on things you definitely can't afford regardless of what coupons you used.

No. 37523

I've thought about asking her some questions on tumblr about her disorder or any life goals, but unless it's a post kissing her ass she flips her shit. Funny how she just posted a NY 2015 resolution about kindness. Ha! Doubtful.

No. 37525

File: 1420492096041.jpg (13.9 KB, 525x85, Capture.JPG)

Almost a year ago.


No. 37526

The fact that she has a roof and place to live with no responsibilities whatsoever is enough privilege. Even if she lived on coupons or freebies explain all the kawaii shit she owns. Also explain to me that Juicy Couture bag she owns.

If she's able to afford designer brands then she's by no means poor or underprivileged.

No. 37532

exactly. but then there are still her little white knights coming in here and defending her, and buying her things off her wishlist. please.

No. 37539


By freebies, do you mean gifts? ^_^

No. 37546

No, I don't ^.^

No. 37547

That's the funny thing here. Apparently at lolcow you give no one the ability to rebuild themselves without crushing what little they HAVE amounted to, for the better. It's sickening.

No. 37548

Funnier yet, is the inability to realize that a joke site that gossips has any bearing on someone's actual life. If you want to rebuild yourself, you can definitely do it outside the internet. The victim complex online keeps people in their teens perpetually.

No. 37549

Lol this wishlist is so fucking hilarious. It's a wishlist for a reason. You're all a bunch of hypocrites. Don't you dare fucking tell me you've never come up with a list of things you wish you had. No one fucking forces you to read it, but apparently since you can't come up with anything else, you bring this up. Damn lolcow is losing it.

No. 37553

I don't know about everyone else, but I make a wishlist as a reminder to get something later on. Like a shopping list if you will. I also don't share it because I find no reason to.
If there's something I wish I had, I would just work to getting it on my own.

No. 37559

No, actually I don't, because I understand that in order to get something I must earn it you dumb bitch.

No. 37560

Make lists? Sure.
Post said list on Internet for complete strangers to see and fulfill? Fuck no. Gtfo, minion.

No. 37563


Exactly. Privacy settings are there for a reason.

No. 37570

Ashley's wishlist specifically has pleas like "this is really going to help, thanks" and similar captions that make it clear this wishlist is not for her own shopping but for people to buy gifts for her. And no, I don't make wishlists or publicly post about how omg I love getting gifts from my followers hint hint, because when I need something I use money I earn by working.

Ashley you need to stop saying you're "only doing what everyone else does! Unfair!" No. Stop trying to justify and rationalize because you are absolutely delusional. Most people don't do what you do at all.

No. 37590

File: 1420501177700.jpg (414.47 KB, 1588x1024, huh.jpg)

You guys, she saving people. With "fiber bars."

Is she for real? So Ashley's actually insane, like completely lost touch with reality insane.

No. 37598


No. 37600

Probably so. Unfortunately the only person she needs to worry about at this point is herself.

No. 37601

File: 1420502698289.jpg (10.58 KB, 258x196, download.jpg)

Yes, but she's such a heroine she puts others first. Apparently, St. Dymphna is the patron saint of eating disorders. I think we should nominate Ashley to the pope to replace her.

I mean, did St. Dymphna offer free Quest bars to ease constipation? I. don't. think. so.

No. 37611

Shut the fuck up. All you talk about is her fucking wish list. Bitch. If you're tired of the topic stop bringing it up for fuck's sake. It's so fucking simple.

No. 37612

File: 1420503688937.jpg (196.28 KB, 797x601, patronsaint.jpg)

No. 37613

I think someone's constipated. No free quest bars here, bish. It's an open gossip thread. Pretty sure we will say what we please. Take your butthurt ass to bed.

No. 37617

The crazy thing is she probably does see herself like that. I'm going to suffer but don't worry about poor me, it's ok because I can support you and send you Quest bars and almond butter because I'm so selfless! ^.^

Does she not realize that a mentally unstable 40 pound woman who is dead set against recovering or receiving adequate treatment is not a good thing to be around when you're recovering and trying to do the exact opposite of what Ashley does? What the fuck is she trying to do?

No. 37619

And she specifically wanted to find people who she can give support to, so she's not looking for recovered people to motivate or inspire herself, but people who are struggling and very vulnerable, some even half her age. That's creepy as hell.

No. 37621

People of all sorts can receive support. That comment was actually really stupid, even for lolcow.

No. 37627

What gets me is that this shit isn't out of her own pocket. She's asking others to buy it for her so she can give it away.
It's like a child asking her mom for money to buy her a present.

No. 37630

Your comment makes no sense. The point wasn't that not all people can receive support, that wasn't mentioned at all.

It's that Ashley is not equipped to give support to someone who is at a vulnerable point in recovery because she is setting a horrible example and is way too unstable to get close to, not to mention someone in early recovery could be triggered by her. Lol you really need to go to bed.

And Ashley, think really hard, as hard as your brain will allow, about the potential consequences of approaching these young vulnerable girls.

No. 37632


Her cognition is gone. She can't be reasoned with.

No. 37634

I don't even dislike Ashley (just sympathy and some pity) but yeah, you guys are completely right.

What she's doing is a very obvious case of psychological projection. She probably has no idea she's even doing it.

No. 37635

True. At this point though, she's gone beyond just trying to exist and keep her own illness going and is now trying to spread her toxic energy into other people's lives. Her account should be getting shut down for that I think. Do people report her often? I think trying to do something that could harm others is more against Instagram/Tumblr rules than her photos alone.

And she can say she doesn't promote anorexia but targeting people who are struggling to recover sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 37642

If I were a thirteen year old anorexic girl who was starting to gain weight and being pushed into treatment by my parents, and then some grown woman who weighs forty pounds came to me and said some cheesy shit like "stay strong <3 <3 recovery is so fucking great" while binging and purging and refusing hospitalization, I can't imagine my reaction would be good. Ashley seriously, just think about it.

No. 37644

Please, Ashley, don't do this. Like you know how miserable a serious ED is, right? You have to live every day with it. Please don't interfere with another person's recovery like that. There are people out there who have a chance to get better and be happy again, let them have it.

No. 37646

I just hope Erika is wise enough now to keep her distance. As much as I would like to see struggling people find friendship, this one is toxic because Ashley has no interest in recovery.

No. 37648

And Erika does? Jenniferlawrenceok.gif

She's just as manipulative as Ash. She's just better at it.

No. 37653

I suppose you could be right, but she at least claims to want help/treatment.

No. 37693

Your reading comprehension is seriously off. That anon said that Ashley is going after people who's not fully recovered to motivate herself to do the same, but looking for people who are still struggling with recovery to look like a martyr.

Plus let's not fool ourselves here. She doesn't want recovery; she just wants to pretend she supports it while not setting the example and instead giving out "protein" bars just to look like a martyr.

It's assbackwards logic, and if she's going after girls half her age then it's even more fucked up. She's a fucking adult ffs.

No. 37700

If I had a child with an eating disorder and saw Ashley, an unstable and extremely sick adult woman with no interest in recovery, try to get close to my child, I would freak the fuck out. She needs to get her account shut down not because of how she looks but because she's completely lost her mind. No matter what anyone says she is so delusional she thinks she's "helping" when she's basically the ED equivalent of an overdosing addict with a needle sticking out of her arm going to an NA meeting and saying "great job, sobriety is great!" She is in no position to help anyone else.

No. 37701

This is so sick. Her Instagram followers are recommending different people in recovery to follow, and they're nominating people who are "struggling" or "need support." Do these people not realize that's exactly the kind of person who should not get close to Ashley? For someone who's at risk of relapsing, Ashley is very likely to be triggering. Ashley fucking knows this because she has an eating disorder but I'm going to guess she only cares about how she feels and not how her actions affect others.

No. 37728

I used to get freebies when I was a small child in a leg cast. Do they feel superbad for you and give you expensive shit?

No. 37729

Thats so gross, a girl who is leaning toward recovery does not need to see her skeletor body as it probably was her dream goal at one point

No. 37738

Ashley is seriously taking it too far right now. At first she was just vindictive and a real bitch. But i mostly found her interesting, because she is a spoopy skeleton. When shit with Erika and Gia went down i was sort of mad she would treat her friends so shitty, but now i am just raging. She can easily destroy any progress those anorexics make, and she knows it. She isnt being a bitch anymore, she is destroying lives.

No. 37745

Why don't you do it? Honestly, by bashing her you're not gonna achieve anything. Might as well do it yourself.

No. 37755

A-fucking-men. All anything anyone does here is bitch. Get the Hell up and donate some cash yourself, go to bed, and never come here again.

No. 37759

Well fucking duh, that's the point.

No. 37768

What kind of site do you think you stumbled on? The whole point of this site is idle gossip.

No. 37888

She looks skinnier then ever in her newest photo. I feel bad.

No. 37889

Why don't we start off with you, sis?

No. 37899

I'd be mortified if I received something from a stranger especially if they thought I'm too poor to afford it. Idk maybe it's because my family is prideful and never begged, even when they immigrated here and were dirt poor.
There's people who earn things on their own even when they barely have a roof above their head and then there's people like Ashley.

If you put up your wishlist online you EXPECT people to maybe buy you shit. In my eyes you're a disgrace if you do this, no exception.

No. 37901

Too bad no one cares. Everyone is different.

No. 37936

Black is very slimming, so…

No. 38010

File: 1420596112867.jpg (88.59 KB, 1005x555, fuck.JPG)

Ugh. Okay. This is the reason why she shouldn't be allowed to interact with people with EDs who are struggling to get well.

No. 38018

Ok I have a genuine question. I even tried googling it the other day, but to no avail.

WHY do people like reeses cups?

I bought a packet of it the other day just to try (I'm not american) and jesus christ. It's literally like eating some sort of salty butthole. IT'S SO SALTY. HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE IT?

I literally had stomach upset after it.

No. 38027

I only tried Reese's and Hershey stuff a few years ago (not american either). I was really disappointed with Tootsie Rolls. I always imagined they were something amazing, but they're just…really chewy sugar?

I was also really shocked (gasp!) how much sugar American products have in them. An online friend in the US sent me some stuff, including a hot chocolate and I COULDN'T DRINK IT. It's like 5 times sweeter than, say, Cadbury's normal hot choc.

No. 38032

What the fuck is wrong with her? Someone posts what they are currently binging and purging, while saying they wish they could stop, and Ashley suggests more chocolate to purge? Is that her idea of support? Fucked up bullshit like this sprinkled with generic "stay strong" messages here and there? Please me everyone is reporting the shit out of her.

No. 38034

Someone slap this vile girl. Oh wait, no, she'd probably fall apart in a pile of spooky skeleton dust.

No. 38038

File: 1420599722187.jpg (51.32 KB, 459x564, mugg.JPG)

No. 38110

Do any of you actually report her Instagram?

No. 38112

I don't see the point. She'll simply make a new one, and will act like she's such a victim because mean ol' bullies got her IG taken down, and she NEEEEEDS her IG! She'll get sympathy and attention, and it might even motivate some more people to buy stuff for her.

No. 38254

My suspicion is that those times she complained her photos were being reported and taken down it was really Ashley deleting her own photos and making a fuss about Instagram "discriminating" against her. Even if she makes new accounts she should still keep getting shut down. It's better than just letting her continue with no consequences.

No. 38329

I report her for the lulz. She loses her shit over Instagram as if she had rabies.

No. 38335

I don't have instagram. Is there anyway to report it from the sites where you can view ig? I see a lot of ED/self harm shit I'd like to report but don't think I can do it without the app (don't have a smartphone).

No. 38346

I've actually been reporting her IG so a week now and IG is clearly doing nothing. I mean just one look at her photos and its clear it violates their terms or whatever, but whats the point it seems

No. 38349

IG has a very selective deletion process which is annoying.

No. 38365

They might be sending her those "your friend is concerned about you, here's some links to get help" messages. But if a lot of people are reporting her now and her account is still active then maybe Ashley was deleting her own photos to accuse IG of discrimination. It's just one more way to get pity like accusing her mother of abuse.

Then again maybe IG just hasn't caught on to her yet. Keep reporting.

No. 38367

ok I will keep trying, she's violating the 'self harm' guidelines which is cutting/eating disorders and now I forget what else I don't have IG open.

No. 38375

File: 1420680612001.png (59.72 KB, 657x321, Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.27…)


No. 38378

the only monster is herself who has done this to HERSELF who follows recovery IGs to trigger them, and lies lies lies.

No. 38379

>#Cyber bullying

No. 38380

just discovered. lawl.

No. 38381

File: 1420681225081.png (410.74 KB, 1080x1375, Omgcyberbulliesandexpensivetre…)


That poor, poor, saintly woman.

Her "positivity" looks a little forced, and she needs to mention #struggling, but even if she's not really positive, she could "fake it 'til she makes it?" Who knows.

Also, new wishlist item!

No. 38382

she is pathetic, and yea I am a monster bc I am just sitting here waiting for her to die tbh

No. 38384

Those Rice Krispie bars are disgusting.

Notice how she doesn't send her followers here to see the "bullying" for themselves? I wonder if we've written anything she wouldn't want them to read? Hmm…

No. 38386

American here.
We put a lot of sugar in our food. From what I understand its because you get addicted to sugar/buy more food. We've been eating it our entire lives so we aren't even aware of how disgusting it is.

No. 38390

Lol, Cyberbully. Does Ashley think she's a Lifetime movie heroine? Hey Ash. Calling you out for being a manipulative liar with raging untreated BPD is hardly bullying, and neither is taking action when people are at risk, whether it's yourself or the vulnerable girls you're going after. You may be too delusional to see it but it's the truth and people deserve to know before you screw them over and try to drag them down with you.

No. 38394

It's only been brought up as an issue here (seeing how there's more obese people around) all the sugar in foods. It's definitely a drug in my books and thank fuck I broke the habit.

When I was a kid I'd put 2 spoons of sugar in a cup of tea (yes, I'm British), but now I have none and can't believe I could drink it with 2. Hard to kick, but so glad I'm not sugar's gimp any more.

Food companies have no morals.

Grooming young bulimics on ig and tumblr to fill their head with the need to binge is a form of bullying, Ashley.

You haven't got the balls to bother to stop binge/purging so you want others to fail as well.

No. 38400

Literally this is how I feel about shmegeh. She's a bitch yet everyone on pull whitenights her so hard. Its almost impossible to talk about her bc of the whitnights that love her for some reason.

No. 38403

Oh for fuck's sake. People aren't randomly reporting you for no reason. There needs to be a valid reason to report someone and one of the options is that a post or account "puts people at risk" and incudes eating disorders and self harm as examples. You aren't just trying to keep to yourself and just exist, you have openly admitted you have a severe eating disorder that could kill you at any moment and are refusing to recover or get treatment (real treatment, not that quack shrink you see once or twice a month).

On top of that you are actively seeking other Instagram users who have eating disorders and are at risk for being triggered by you. You are not capable of giving support in your condition. You are too unstable. But you refuse to accept that and are putting others at risk. You are therefore violating Instagram's guidelines because your actions are in effect promoting eating disorders whether you intend to or not.

Monsters do exist but they're not who you think they are Ashley.

No. 38408


That's because a lot of them are from tumblr and are social justice tards. That and a few of them have an ED themselves. Though I think some of the more extreme ones on there don't post any more

No. 38414

Shmegeh is just annoying but at least she isn't like Ash and promoting her behavior

No. 38417

Agreed. They reported you because you are a risk to yourself, others, and frankly have no god damn business being on social media in your condition in the first place.

Quit fucking feeling sorry for yourself, get your ass to inpatient and then find some real friends. You hide behind all social media because your self hatred is so deep, it's disgusting.

No. 38440


I used to really like Shmegeh because she seemed really well rounded/self aware and intelligent. She was bitchy, and a little weird but her view of herself and life in general reflected my own.

But after I found out she was just putting on a show and was actually really gross as a person I noped out of there and stopped paying attention to her.

Good on her for never making an ED look like something awesome and beautiful, or claiming not to and then "inspiring people" (see Ember Whann), but she's still terrible in other aspects.

No. 38441

Was there ever an Ember Whann thread here? That would've been fun. Never even bothered looking up what she was up to these days.

No. 38443

Nah, there weren't. But you're right, would've been hilarious. You missed a lot of drama, you can search her tag by most recent on tumblr to find most of it. Funny stuff.

No. 38445

Woah. That was a shitstorm of truly epic proportions.

Stuff like that makes me absolutely terrified of anyone finding out anything about me, though. Just to think that one person that decides they don't like you can start posting all kinds of shit everywhere, and people will exploit that information to bleed you completely dry. It's really fucked.

I say this for private people. But if you're a camwhore like Ashely or Ember posting your face and info all over the internet, then you rather deserve it.

No. 38446

Oh man, Ember Whann is literally the vilest little cunt I've ever encountered in my life like holy hell.

No. 38453

Lol finally sempai noticed me! She finally gave a nod to this thread, but will she ever link her followers?!?!? The epic saga continues……

No. 38454

All buns are different. I have two males, now fixed. One is always an angel. He acts like aalso dog and even follows behind me when I walk around the house. The other you have to kind of ask for pets or he'll box your hand away. Bunnies are just very oddly social structured animals

No. 38460

She gave it a long time ago.
The second thread got shat on by her and her whiteknights.

No. 38466

She posted it publicly on social media or gave it privately? Never saw it posted

No. 38483

Most of her whiteknights got it from Ghosty or whatever.

No. 38652

File: 1420765515644.jpg (96.88 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

How long do you think she'll keep this up?
You know you love the attention ashley. You love manipulating ppl into thinking this person is doing something negative by reporting you. How else could you possibly summon the pity of others?

No. 38662

If I remember correctly, you just have to log off to send anon asks. But it's been a long time…

No. 38664

She's getting off to the attention. It helps her to be seen as a victim. More sympathy = more gifts. #struggling

No. 38666

You can send a Q anon by ticking a box. If you're logged in you get the option to either be known as your account or to be anon.

No. 38707

I noticed on her last I post referencing to this thread. Hiding behind a computer screen

Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle…

Such a hypocritical nightmare that one.

No. 38709

She projects like crazy. The way she manipulates, uses and is nasty to anyone who gets close to her is abusive but somehow in her mind everyone else is abusing her. It's hard to grasp how insane she really is.

No. 38729

File: 1420791231937.jpg (47.46 KB, 1046x390, chickachick.jpg)

There is no anon option anymore. I also tried while logged off but it requires me to log in again to send an ask.

No. 38747

I agree that she must've been the one that deleted her Instagram. She used to go through fits of making it private and deleting posts immediately. I've reported other users for drug use and support didn't do shit even when the person was blatantly glorifying their drug use.

No. 38767

Ohhhh I see what you mean now. It never even occurred to me to want to switch off anons. If you don't like their questions, ignore it, but OF COURSE she wants to kick up a drama about how she's being "victimised".

No. 38830

Her video of her "rapping" at Target is just sad. Her life must be miserable if she thinks something most adults consider an unremarkable errand is the kind of event worth posting on both Tumblr and Instagram. I almost feel sorry for her that she's in her twenties and going to Target is the most interesting thing she does other than eating and throwing up expensive food.

No. 38839

File: 1420831048247.jpg (12.64 KB, 394x90, Capture.JPG)

Doesn't she realise that people who say she's cute and cool are taking the piss? She only has followers because she's a freak show. WHY IS SHE WEARING A BATH SCRUNCHIE IN HER HAIR???

No. 38850

Because she's a stupid fucking weeb who is ignorant as fuck about the culture that produces every weeb thing she pines for.

No. 38855


There is this creepy older man that frequents my job. ALL of the girls are creeped out by him and he straight up comes to our store 4-5 nights out of the week every week. I couldn't imagine the spinal shivers I'd get from having to work at her local Target and encountering her frequently.

No. 38856

File: 1420835035643.jpg (13.2 KB, 590x107, Capture.JPG)

If her followers aren't taking the piss, they need to get out more also.

No. 38857

File: 1420835168169.jpg (62.99 KB, 1337x656, Capture.JPG)

This is what I see - FULL SCREEN - on her tumblr. How can that pic not be against the guidelines for posting.

No. 38860

File: 1420835948567.jpg (12.87 KB, 650x52, Capture.JPG)

No. 38865

I switched off mine because they're kind of annoying. I've never received hate mail but I want to avoid the occasional SJW crying trigger.

No. 38873

I'm starting to think that her followers are more batshit than her. She's the queen of the proanas.

No. 38878

Mine's only a page of pics of a musician so the only Qs I get are about the band's lyrics.

She probably cries with delight at that title. I'd be mortified to think people want to look like me if I was a twig with eyes.

No. 38899

God I just want to take a pair of scissors to her head. Those ends are disgusting.

No. 38908

I don't think trimming the ends will do anything. The entire length of her hair is brittle and damaged beyond repair.

No. 38912


I know there's been a lot of posting about reporting her, so this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I fail to understand why she or anyone else with ED should be reported for just posting photos of themselves? If they are promoting ED behavior, I guess it makes sense, but that is literally just a photo of her and it's kind of fucked up to think that someone should be banned from all social media because of how they look.

No. 38915

seeing as how in basically violates the guidelines of the community in all of social media, at least for sure on IG posting anything related to self harm which they outline as cutting, EDs, and suicidal behavior. She doesn't have to 'do' anything literally post a picture of herself, hands etc and that is already a picture of a clear and visible ED. so that's why we report her. Also she is following recovery IGs and trying to trigger them, for sure. So yes your opinion is not only unpopular but stupid

No. 38916

Yep. Especially the fact that she's going after people in recovery. Fuck off Ashley.

No. 38920

If she wasn't triggering those attempting to recover, I might agree.

No. 38921

Anon: "post a picture of herself, hands etc and that is already a picture of a clear and visible ED"

Considering a load of ig and tumblr ED people flip their wigs if they see a pic of any food OMG TRIGGERED!!!!!1 seeing her as she is is like the Atom Bomb of triggering.

No. 38923

wasn't triggering? why else would she follow them while she herself has stated she has zero interest in recovery. She knows what she is doing, she is not that big of a moron

No. 38924

WHEREAS if she had some wasting disease, or Aids which is beyond her control completely I wouldn't have an issue with someone looking so malnourished. It's the fact she's advertising what EDs can do and her followers think she's a thinspo icon.

No. 38928

I don't think anyone thinks that, I think they just think she's a very sick girl.

No. 38930

you don't think they look up to her?

No. 38931

I doubt it very much. They feel sorry for her.

No. 38933

haven't you read comments people give her or are you just trolling?

No. 38934

I've never seen anyone be like, "omg i want to be u" or "my goal is to be emaciated like this girl".

No. 38935

they don't have to say it in that literal way, but with the way they rally around her and tell her she is beautiful even though she is a monstrous skeletal creature, and tell her 'fuck the haters' that's looking up to her.

No. 38936

It reads like pity to me. I could be wrong, but it sounds like they all just pity her.

No. 38944

File: 1420849478124.jpg (25.54 KB, 402x399, thinspoansley01.JPG)

>love her small skinny frame

No. 38946

File: 1420849534726.jpg (23.68 KB, 455x416, thinspoashley02.JPG)

>bones to die for

No. 38947

I reblogged her last picture on tumblr and wrote what I've been basically saying on this whole site and within 2 seconds got an anon message. I mean, I so so wonder from who..

No. 38948

Welp, Susi Bram is crazy.

No. 38952

No. 38953

Someone wanted thinsp tumblrs to follow on myproana

No. 38956

File: 1420849878148.jpg (36.82 KB, 971x133, thinspo03.JPG)

laptop's going batshit, heres the image ^

No. 38958

File: 1420849941284.jpg (19.27 KB, 597x200, thinspo04.JPG)

from myproana, speaking about ashley

No. 38959

File: 1420850010415.jpg (26.02 KB, 1150x178, thinspo05.JPG)

etc etc, so you see it's not all pity, they want to look like her

No. 38961

File: 1420850105394.jpg (33.84 KB, 1124x234, Capture.JPG)


No. 38962

"Susi" is probably one of those anorexia fetishist dudes.

No. 38965

People ask her how old she is all the time and she NEVER replies.

No. 38967

Ashley should go on Oprah for her condition.

No. 38968

Bc it's a fucking wig dumbass

No. 38969

she probably doesnt want to be recognised as ham-chan

No. 38970

File: 1420850742411.jpg (49.4 KB, 1024x569, Untitled.jpg)

ig fan

No. 38977


It's not a wig. She owns wigs and has taken pics in them, I doubt she'd be running around in such a horribly damaged one if she could just put on one of her others or beg her followers to get her a new one. Besides, it's the exact same as her Hamtaro days hair except with added anorexia damage, she says she can only make it look "decent" with tons of product.

No. 38981

You really think someone with that level of spoopy skeleton anorexia has a head that full of hair?? Look at this photo. No fucking way in hell that's her real hair. >>38946

No. 38984

It would be fucked up enough if Ashley went around networking with pro ana girls who idolize her, but it's even more fucked up that she's going after recovery accounts.

I would bet money that she's trying to surround herself with people in recovery to avoid getting reported, because she totally supports recovery y'all, she's not promoting anorexia! Everything she does is calculated to satisfy her wants regardless of who gets hurt. She doesn't care that she's going to harm people in recovery because as long as she says meaningless shit like "I'm not recovering but I think you're doing great!" it makes her look selfless and positive when she's actually the opposite. She is so toxic.

No. 38993

I don't think her past igs and tumblrs have been deleted as a previous anon suspects.

I noticed a comment where she said she'd had to detele tons of photos. Probably they WERE those A FRIEND IS CONCERNED YOU HAVE AN EATING DISORDER things they replace an image with.

Does she REALLY think that people report them because they think she looks ugly? Jesus, if I was reporting people because I thought they were fug there'd be nobody left on ig or tumblr (j/k).

It really is because she FLAUNTS her condition. Full length shots of her emaciated body - c'mon ffs. It's EXACTLY like those retarded pics of people with freshly cut arms.

The bff who I won't name is really sorting herself out. So good to see no comments from the toxic twig.

No. 38994

apologies for ashley style CAPS to emphasise WORDS but i cant be arsed to do the asterix things for italics. it's late/early.

No. 39014

I wouldn't think so but everybody is different. I mean, the woman is still alive. Being in that state might've killed someone else sooner.

No. 39029

I agree with you. The problem I have with her pictures, though, is the way she tags them. That literally makes all the difference to me…like why tag so-called innocent selfies with "self harm" "bingeing", "bones" "fat" and shit? She is doing it to get more hits from proanas and what not, and triggering other people. In the throes of my ED, a common subconscious thought of mine was, "If this skeletal thing is calling herself fat, what does that make me?"

No. 39030

File: 1420868354302.jpg (70.38 KB, 640x734, FullSizeRender.jpg)

she felt she had to send me this after I reblogged her last video and added in what I thought of her.
does she even read what she wrote? this exact thing applies to her

No. 39033

Kek, what'd you say?

No. 39038

this when reblogged: Eating disorders are a serious mental illness. Not wanting to recover, having a wishlist with FOOD on it so strangers can buy you the food which will clearly be binged, is just beyond monstrous and sick. How can anyone stick up for this girl? She also follows accounts on IG (prob here on tumblr too) that are people with eating disorders that are in RECOVERY ladies and gents. I mean, what? Talk about triggering. Here is why I don’t feel pity for her whereas I would with anyone else that has a mental illness. She has done this to herself, is aware of what she is doing and refuses to seek help in any shape or form. I just can’t with this thing.

And now I replied to her ask with basically telling her to stop with her victim complex and stop follwoing anyone recovery and to get off the internet and go rehab somewhere before she dies.

No. 39039


No. 39040

There is no way that Ashley can be helpful to anyone in the early stages of recovery.

You know what's crazy? One of those quotes from myproana was my own. I know what you're thinking but don't judge; people with full blown EDs do some crazy shit, including joining proana sites to talk about skinny people.

ANYWAY. I could only be half-hearted in my recovery when BAM someone reblogs a stick figure calling herself fat and showing off her bones.

No. 39042

I'm just fed up with this really. I didn't even know her until she came up in my suggested blogs and I found out all the stuff she does. She's really vile and EDs are legit medical illnesses. She's wrecking other peoples lives.

No. 39060

Good thing the Internet has you, anon. You are fighting the good fight. On tumblr. Bc all of this matters. I bet you saved a life tonight. Battle on, soldier.

No. 39064


She loves to talk about how karma will bite her enemies in the ass.
I do not believe in karma, but if i did, i would think that all of this suffering of hers is a karmic result of the way she continuously lies, manipulates, and acts in a nasty manner.

No. 39070

fuck off Ashley.

No. 39074


EXCUSE ME, but in case you've forgotten, Ash is really saving lives. With Quest bars. Goddess Ana save the Queen!

No. 39078

lol not ash just think you're a retard for thinking you're a tumblr hero showing everyone the light.

This place is like /b/ if everyone there thought they were insightful and smart.

No. 39079


and I said I was a hero, when? I wanted to call her the fuck out and I did. Go back to sucking on Ashley's boney ass

No. 39081

lol I'm not WKing ash. I happen to think you're both retards.

No. 39082

as are you a retard for thinking your words mean anything to me at all. I will continue to say whatever I want just like you and your comments. This is is the internet, welcome.

No. 39091

White knight.
White knight.
White knight.

No. 39093

File: 1420887511359.jpg (144.41 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Seriously? I've been through hell with my psychiatrist for 30 min or less. What does the amount of time have to do with anything? Especially if you're a Resistant person like Ashley.

No. 39109

I was thinking last week about this whole situation but haven't managed to get onto a computer-

Ashley says her mother is most of the reason behind the ED right? That they "competed"? Well if her mother put Ashley in the hospital, it wouldn't have been out of the goodness of her heart, but to watch her get fat? Which could be why it never worked. her mother clearly has some form of ED if you look at the before and after pics of her (or.. the before blurry video capture)

But saying that, back on ghostxperfume, Ashley was saying her mother had a "boyfriend" who would always take the piss out of ED's and Ashley was mad her mother never stood up for her to this guy who made Ashley feel worthless.. but if her mother has an ED, and it's obviously visible, surely she'd say something to this guy, if not for Ashley, for herself??

No. 39111

That was 100% gold.

and you sound 100% buttflustered. perhaps a quest bar will help?

No. 39119

I sound butthurt but that tumblr post didn't? Mmmk. "talk about triggering!" Wah wah wah ashley made me mad so I'm gonna post about in tumblr. I thought lolcow was for snark not SJW-esque posts like that.

No. 39123

Yeah I've been here longer than you kiddo. You can bet on that. Your tumblr post was no calling her out. It didn't even address her directly. It was a desperate attempt to sound so brave so smart so full of the real truth. Shining light on the dark, bony corners of the Internet for the good of us all. Again I say thank god the Internet has you.

Meanwhile you feed right into Ashley's desperate need for attention, specifically into her victim complex. Bravo!

No. 39136

Her therapist cannot ethically treat her. It doesn't matter if it's one hour or five hours, you can't do talk therapy with someone whose physical health is in immediate danger, period. Her therapist is not fit to be licensed. I wonder if contacting adult protective services about him would do anything. He would be considered a caregiver in a way right?

No. 39139

I'm torn about it. She could be on hospice, maybe, since she is very clearly dying and maybe this is just palliative care?

No. 39140

She doesn't have an inoperable tumor or anything like that though. She could and should be in the hospital for tube feeding and monitoring, then transferred to an eating disorder inpatient facility. She has refused and has also refused to seek assistance to access this, such as government assistance or insurance. She should be committed just for being so mentally ill she can't see how dangerous it is to refuse treatment. It's not like a terminal illness where doctors basically can't do anything. She is staying in this situation by choice.

No. 39141

wasn't saying i agree with it, but maybe doctors/therapists, etc can see that she very very very clearly beyond help? I mean, she is. She refuses help and even if she did "recover" she'd probably live like an extra year or so. The damage is done.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for her, but then the other part sees her following people actually trying to recover from ed on ig and tumblr etc and you know it's jsut out of maliciousness. "1600 what? lolol" "binging? have more chocolate lolol"

pretty fucked up.

I think she just wants to take down as many people as she can before she dies. Misery loves company, etc.

No. 39142

>My decision for therapy VOLUNTARILY.

Wasn't something mentioned in an older thread about how because she got APS called on her, she was forced into this therapy? She is either lying about having a therapist or lying about going voluntarily. In any case, she sure as fuck needs it.

I had a couple two-hour therapy sessions in my youth. They both preceded stays in the psych ward.

It's funny how she picks and chooses when to remind her fans of how "poor" she is. Stocking up on $3 Quest bars and gleefully posting about it is fine, but therapy, oh noes, let me tell you about my payment plan, because I'm so, so poor.

No. 39145

She's mentioned her therapist before the abuse report stuff. She was probably just saying "DCF got me help, everything's fine" because people were talking about contacting them again, this time to report self neglect of a vulnerable adult, which is a different thing they investigate. But she might have been lying about having a therapist altogether. There's no way a licensed psychologist would do anything except put her in the hospital immediately. If anything it's a liability issue. Something doesn't add up.

No. 39146

If she's too broke for therapy why is she buying expensive shit for giveaways? And clothes and overpriced plastic jewelry? And expensive binge food? If I were her therapist I'd raise an eyebrow at her begging for a payment plan when she shows up with new clothes, Nikes and a new Vera Bradley purse every session. Her priorities are so fucked up.

No. 39147

Agreed. She's not paYing for it with money earned, I'm sure she gets a disability check every month for her "disorders" that she should absolutely use for therapy. Not fucking anime garbage and target.

No. 39152

Her mother might also not understand her ED. When I went into treatment a few girls were there since their mothers made a choice to eat the same things they did (ie. one apple a day) to try and understand them some and also showing the girls what they were doing to their bodies as they saw their mother's losing loads of weight which they couldn't see on their own bodies

No. 39153


my little fighter @gummybear_princess11 won :-)

Apparently her giveaway winner is a friend in recovery who also sends Ash cookies


GUESS WHAT CAME GUESS WHAT CAME GUESS WHAT CAME– one word: cookies🍪🍪🍪🍪 lmao. I've missed you😔

That is on her friend's picture right before a picture of pizza

No. 39163

Oh my god no one fucking cares.
Someone called her out and she responded. She added more to the fucking drama because of that anon, plus it's fucking tumblr you retard.
You can't be *~snarky and mean~* in there, okay? Can you process that or no? If that anon were to be snarky she'd get white knights all over the place defending Ashley.

Who gives a fuck if it sounded SJW, you're too fucking dense to understand that was probably on purpose, Jesus Christ.

No. 39164

I did what I wanted, talked about her here and on tumblr my own blog. I didn't attempt to sound brave or smart since I just am, and everything I said and everyone here says is the truth about that nasty little monster. so.. I am glad the internet has me too. Go back to your dumpster.

No. 39168

Gummybear princess sounds like a teen if you look at her captions and sparkly stickers on her photos but apparently she's a grown woman with a husband and kid(s)? She looks like she's in her thirties or forties but wears tween clothes from Aeropostale.

And she is/was bulimic too so I don't know what she was expecting to happen when she mailed cookies to Ashley. Wow.

No. 39196


No. 39211

Nobody with an ED is "poor". You have to be privileged (as in first world person) to have the illness. If you really can't afford to eat you're not going to get off to looking skinny and you're not going to go to a soup kitchen and binge when you're really hungry.

Controversial view, but an ED really is a rich person's disease.

No. 39214

Send her to West Africa. She'll die in a couple of days, or start keeping down the bowl of rice a day they give her (if she's lucky).

No. 39220

Disagreeing on this one. If you're extremely poor in the US or another first world country, you can feel kind of superior being skinnier than everyone else, even if it's as a result of poverty. Like 'ha, these rich people eat their indulgent hipster food and grow fat, while I'm miserable and embody a more ascetic ideal, you fucks'

No. 39222

There have actually been cases of EDs in people who are poor. When you don't have enough and your constantly thinking about where your next meal is going to come from and if there will be enough for everyone you may develop an ED.All EDs don't involve the desire to be thin.

An illness is an illness but Ash still needs to put some effort into getting better. Just like a cancer patient can't just lay in bed all day, never get treatment and expect to get better.

No. 39223

the obesity problem is worse with the poor because the cheap food/fast food is so loaded with shit that makes them fat. we don't really have a hipster/organic food culture here so I can't comment on them being fat.

i'm not putting my view across to sound nasty, it's just an observation that i've seen too many ppl on ig post pics of their food they purge and it's healthy food (apart from ones like ashley who binge cake and shit).

i feel bad restricting food intake (i don't b/p) because it seems like a slap in the face to people who can't afford to even buy food. i'm no innocent.

No. 39228

Anon.39222 here, I just want to add I think some people with EDs also feel they don't deserve food not because they are fat but because they feel guilty about eating when others can't. Mental illness is very complex, what may be for one won't be for another. Although I also don't think you're entirely wrong. I really hate the social media "eating disorder" community. There is no reason to broadcast your self-harm all over the internet.

No. 39235

Your post is entirely irrelevant to what I said. When you're poor, you do have the option of eating much less, but when you do eat, it's healthy food. Most people simply don't do that.

Poor people are also generally stupid about nutrition. For less than the cost of a fast food meal you can get a single taco at Chipotle and load it up with all kinds of stuff, there's no limit to what you can make them put on it or extra, and for like $2.50.

No. 39241


So untrue. I've had purging anorexia for about 3 years and I am dirt fucking poor. I have always been dirt fucking poor. I lived with my two sisters and my single father in a beat up house with no heat or air or electricity , and scraping by for food.

My eating disorder had nothing to do with social class. It was the fact that I could easily control food in a world where I could control nothing else.

No. 39244

I hope things are better..

No. 39248

>>39196 lol I'm not ghosty, I'm nathaliefilms on tumblr.

No. 39263

and yet you have interwebs

No. 39266

Yup. An out-of-service phone with the neighbor's unlocked wifi ;)
They are, thanks. The first part of getting myself help was removing myself from the household (hint hint Ashley…the best thing she can do is leave her alleged toxic environment. )

No. 39267

…and a laptop/tablet/desk top pc

No. 39268

You just need a cheap touchscreen to access this website, and libraries have free internet a lot of the time?

Why does it even matter, she referred to it as the past.

No. 39279


You don't need a fucking computer or tablet to post on lolcow. Not all smartphones cost a mint. Fuck, you can browse the web with a 1st gen iPod touch! Or are poor people not even allowed to have $50 outdated devices?

No. 39313

She's not Ash so no one cares stop.
Well Ash has now locked her instagram, boo hoo

No. 39319

File: 1420963951211.png (359.52 KB, 535x648, teeth.png)

Okay so this is a screencap from a video of her like a year 2 years ago? What happens when she ends up losing all her teeth? (Presuming she makes it that long) Do severe bulimics end up getting dentures? I don't believe she is poor but I highly doubt she'll be able to buy tooth implants etc since they are like 5,000 each tooth

No. 39323

I agree with you a well. No one should be reported simply for how they look, if they trigger you, it's your responsibility not to keep looking. However, she openly tags her stuff and pretty much soaks up the attention.

I don't know if that's enough to warrant reporting her, I think most people on here are doing it because they're bitter and want to teach her some lesson. Don't get me wrong, I don't like her one bit, but reporting her instagram over and over and cheering about it is a little…Pathetic?

No. 39324

File: 1420966432527.jpg (118.68 KB, 1079x584, Screenshot (275).jpg)

from her old blog, tag whoring.

No. 39325

File: 1420966533391.jpg (141.92 KB, 938x611, Screenshot (276).jpg)


No. 39327

File: 1420966732807.jpg (138.44 KB, 854x571, Screenshot (277).jpg)


No. 39328

File: 1420966831428.jpg (50.94 KB, 732x273, Screenshot (278).jpg)

No. 39329

File: 1420967359113.jpg (289.01 KB, 879x613, Screenshot (279).jpg)

Emotional manipulation whoo!

No. 39330

>I'm so fat and obese :(
>tags self as 'bones', 'anorexic'

No. 39331


tagged with 'fat' AND 'skinny' just to make sure even more people see it. wonderful.

No. 39332

File: 1420967571227.jpg (32.88 KB, 412x75, Screenshot (429).jpg)

So eloquent.

No. 39333

lol I have no sympathy for this girl. She obviously loves being anorexic and relishes the attention and sympathy she gets. She's very aware of her situation. I guess because of this I should feel sorry for her. But…I just don't. I don't see her genuinely hating herself. I see her like those girls who fish for compliments saying "I look so bad/fat :(" knowing damn well they don't and they know they'll get 'reassured'.

No. 39335

So amusing how desperate you are to use her old posts haha. Obviously the links aren't even to her recent accounts. Go ahead, post a relevant post that's recent. It's amazing how true the quote is: 'You do something right, no one remembers. You do something wrong, no one forgets.' You expect her to change- well how can she when you keep bringing up her mistakes? You all are the insane ones.

No. 39336

Her 'change' isn't genuine. It's so transparent it's disgusting. The only reason why she is doing it is because she knows everyone could finally see how much of a vile, lying piece of shit she was, so they were going to send her less stuff. This 'change' is just a desperate attempt to keep the tweens liking her so they keep using their rents money to send her binge food

No. 39337


'Change' lol. Sad, desperate attempts to get people back onside after she saw all the posts here from people who were going to send her gifts and then changed their minds. She's greedy for free crap, that's all. If she'd really changed for the better she wouldn't be deliberately seeking out recovery instagrams etc. Want examples of recent behaviour, see earlier posts in this thread where people described some of the things she was saying on there.

Btw- your style of writing looks quite similar to someone I know- funny that. :)

No. 39338


It isn't desperation, it's just handing over what I have to offer. Not only that, she never owned up to any mistakes she has made. She deleted her entire clusterfuck of a blog because she didn't want people to see these mistakes.

So before you get all preachy at me, how about you consider why a lot of people are angry with her? Because she won't grow up, she lies about everything and worst of all, she hurts people and then refuses to acknowledge it. Her old posts may as well be ones she posted today, since we all know she's putting up a front.

You're not fooling anyone.

No. 39339


And that's right, the quote rings true and is what should happen. People who hide their mistakes and misgivings are cowards, liars and overall bad folks. That's why no one forgets, it's never the mistakes that condemn a person, it is their subsequent reaction to being exposed that does.

No. 39342

Gia and Erika are not innocent. I know first hand that they aren't. Their mistakes will never be mentioned because Ashley won't do that. Continue on, picking at Ashley's past. Because that's all you have.

No. 39347


who even mentioned gia and erika recently? We're talking about Ashley and her shitty behaviour.

No. 39354

Fuck off Ashley. Nobody cares. You're the only one who brought them up in your nasty passive aggressive posts to begin with.

No. 39393

The only thing Gia and Erika have done wrong is fall into Ashleys pity party trap to use everyone around her to buy her binge food. All they are to her are taxis and free money.

No. 39407


Everyone is capable of fucking up, but if their mistakes are not relevant to this discussion, kindly shut the fuck up. Your constant sneering holier than thou attitude is exactly why no one likes you.

No. 39427

Lol. What?

No. 39437

…idk man. I'm kind of hoping you are a troll or something.

The reason she made a new blog is because of these threads calling her out on her shit, which put her in danger of a real investigation/shut down of her accounts. So she's been careful about posting pics and tagging and the like, but she still does tag innocent pics of food with "binge" and "bulimia" and such.

It's like. Damn. It's one thing upload your own god pics and litter the tags with whatever ED bs, but reblogging other people's stuff and trying to be sneaky with 'bulimia' mixed in the tags…she knows how tumblr works. She knows what kinda of people track/search ED tags and will find her. The method she's using now is just less incriminating.

No. 39440

Disagree. I could maybe understand where you might be coming from with bulimia since binges can be really expensive but it depends on the ED. You're assuming everyone B&P's which isn't true for most people.
You're also assuming it stems from the desire to be thin for everyone, which also isn't true. A lot of it can do with having control over your eating habits and things like depression/anxiety. As another anon said, superiority is another reason. Sometimes problems can manifest into an ED by accident and you can lose control over it without even meaning to.

Mental illnesses are complex and they manifest in different ways for everyone. I know elderly people who grew up poor and they have had EDs despite not having a lot of food in their houses growing up (it was actually very common a few generations ago).

No. 39441

>Do severe bulimics end up getting dentures?

Yes, I know of people in their 20's with dentures from bulimia

No. 39447


I've always wondered if those four front teeth of hers are a flipper/partial denture, or if it's just an orthodontic issue.

No. 39448


So it's our fault you can't change? Riiight.

No. 39449

Ugh that just screams pro-ana to me. One of their "commandments" used to be "I'll be so light I'll fly away with wind" or some shit about not leaving footprints in snow

No. 39450

She seems to have gotten more positive with the more attention shes been given

No. 39452

Based on her wishlist, it looks like she's jonesing for pizza. Gluten-free pizza… is it easier to bring back up?

I wonder who got her the Olive Garden gift card and Cards Against Humanity?

No. 39455

File: 1421006934602.png (152.52 KB, 500x205, 1417286684268.png)

I see a Dominos and Uno Pizza gift card. It's like she's not even trying to pretend it's not binge food anymore, lol. I feel so sorry for those pizzas.

No. 39462

She's been faking being positive. She's not even good at doin the whole "woe is me, but I still see the light at the end of the tunnel"

No. 39470

File: 1421010041978.jpg (343.33 KB, 630x420, struggling.jpg)

#triggering #binge #struggling

No. 39471

Not good at all. Everything one of her 'positive' posts are so passive-aggressive it makes me laugh.

No. 39481

oh fuck that pizza looks delicious right now

No. 39495

Right? My stomach just growled loud enough to wake the neighborhood.

No. 39497

It's the chewy cheese that does it for me.

No. 39507

Delivery pizza means no taxis or begging people for rides. How convenient! I like how she sort of tried to make the Uno's gift card look less like a binge. Oh it's gluten free so that's healthy right?

No. 39508

Exactly. It's all an act and a really phony one at that. She only started being more "positive" after people called her out on her shit. She didn't just suddenly change her entire personality, she's still the same underneath this act.

No. 39608

The funniest thing about it is that she is doing it to get validation from us too. She "replies" to comments on this thread in her posts like, "now do you believe me!?!?"

No. 39609

I would pay to touch Ashley's hair. Not a lot of cash, but just enough to get her more pizza.

No. 39611

File: 1421079342922.jpg (110.99 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Why don't you just save everyone's money and keep your food down?

No. 39620

"Buy me this heroin gift card so I can save money on a taxi ^_^" says the addict.

No. 39629

Because that would require too much effort and outside help that she won't accept.

The least she could do is be upfront about what these food gifts are for. There definitely are people who would still buy her binge food even if she admitted it was to purge so at least she can get them to fund her addiction instead of misleading people who mistakenly think they're actually helping.

No. 39634

She doesn't care about other people, especially people who buy things because she doesn't even acknowledge them.

As she said, she's only there "for the free food".

Selfish cunt.

No. 39655

Apparently shes making another therapy appointment for later this month!! I feel like she just went to some restaurant to binge and is lying

No. 39658

Assuming her therapist is real (which is pretty doubtful) it's plausible she's going to these appointments. Twice a month is almost nothing and useless for someone who's as sick as her so it's odd that she feels so accomplished and pleased with herself. Like no, it's really not that much, and using "I'm exhausted" to give yourself a pat on the back is lazy. If it's that exhausting to leave the house then you need to be in a hospital, not deluding yourself into thinking you're a mental illness champion.

No. 39662

well… the Chinese buffet can be pretty exhausting.
BUT I DID IT. Fight on, little fighters.

No. 39663

Nah, I think it's for real cuz you see that she's in her mum's car. I just hope whoever is giving her therapy that manages to snap something inside her brain for the better.

No. 39665

Can she even be helped at this stage? You would think she's fucked up some pretty vital organs by now.

No. 39666

Being in her moms car doesn't prove anything. Her mom could've gone to the damn market and she decided to stay behind. She's actually said though that she goes in her car to be alone because she doesn't have her own room.

No. 39667

I'm just wondering what she thinks she needs help with if she's not planning on quiting her ED. Is that not the biggest issue in her life? The fact that it revolves around food?

No. 39668

>I don’t have a set plan yet

what kind of plan would there even be? plan to talk to her until she dies? give her an Oscar for that video in the car. #struggling #fuckrecovery

No. 39669

She's probably hoping someone buys her something from her wishlist for being so brave.

No. 39670

File: 1421102182465.jpg (10.29 KB, 455x46, huh.JPG)

fighting WHAT exactly?

No. 39671

I think she was more going to fight anxiety than her ED, which doesn't make a whole load of sense really

No. 39672

Been there, done that, didn't record myself looking like a martyr in the passenger seat of a car.

The world really does revolve around her.

I was thinking. One bed apartment. Where does her mother go when she's having a binge then puking? Does she hang around like it's a normal thing to do?

No. 39673

Her mother's apartment is a one bedroom so that means there's almost certainly only one bathroom. If Ashley spends every day locked in the only bathroom clogging up the toilet binging and purging, and publicly crying abuse because her mother won't take her to buy binge food whenever she pleases… and Ashley thinks her mother is the monster? I don't understand how she can convince herself she's a victim in this situation.

No. 39675

more and more evidence Ashley is a total piece of shit

No. 39680

If she were as honest and if she indeed changed then she'd realize that deleting your past posts and hiding your dirty laundry doesn't equate to acknowledging you fucked up.

If she acknowledged her mistakes and people were still giving her shit then I'd side with you, but she's done absolutely zero effort to at least admit she's fucked up in the past [and still is]

No. 39696

Yep, people who realize and take responsibility for their fuck ups show remorse, they try to make amends with people they harmed and they learn from their mistakes. Ashley hasn't acknowledged anything she's done wrong other than "I'm trying to be more positive ^.^ praise me, have some Quest bars" and it's clear she feels entitled to act the way she has.

No. 39709

That might be why shes "always gone." I wouldn't want to be around that shit either if my daughter was slowly killing herself and refusing help.

No. 39719

File: 1421125743549.png (14.86 KB, 753x214, Capture.PNG)

lol she wants to be inked
don't be surprised if sessions start showing up on the wishlist

No. 39721

Maybe she works but Ashley's all BOO HOO ABANDONMENT COMPLEX. Ashely probably hits her up for cash for binge food.

No. 39722

All those tattoos are gonna look great

No. 39729

Getting a tattoo anywhere for her would hurt like an absolute motherfucker considering she is literally just skin and bone and having a tattoo done on places that don't have much fat in them and that are closer to the bone, ie. feet, scalp/head, ankle, ribcage are known to be the most painful. I don't even know if many tattoo artists would tattoo her to be honest.

No. 39733

she already has two tho, one on her wrist and I think another near her collarbone. I followed her for a while and she said she went to a bunch of shops before someone would tattoo her

No. 39735

File: 1421130124550.jpg (39.08 KB, 326x465, ick.JPG)

She's got those horrible pokemon outlines on her arm.

Maybe she went to some real dive to get them done. The places I know that do tattoos and piercings are always really strict that you've had something sugary beforehand and they take a list of meds you're on. Her body could go into shock. It could literally kill her I reckon.

No. 39736

File: 1421130243184.jpg (43.51 KB, 481x429, Capture.JPG)

This one looks really wonky. Either her flesh made it look that way or the tattoo artist is shit.

No. 39741

whatever tattoo 'artist' does her future tattoos, is the most reckless and unprofessional person to work in that industry. look at her for fucks sake, that skin/bone body of hers cant handle this.

No. 39742


Well, you did it. Congratufuckinlations.


No. 39743

Her collarbone tattoo says "fragile as a cat." SMH

No. 39744

File: 1421132214451.jpg (21.61 KB, 328x268, Capture.JPG)

Image didn't work. Anon 39742 contd

No. 39745


OMG i found that blog ages ago, but i would've felt guilty posting it, since she was a dumb kid at the time. I'm not guilty that you posted it though. She's still that competitive, but denies it.


No. 39746

Yeah, and proof that she was doing this around the time of ham-chan

No. 39747

Tbh she's still a dumb kid. She's 24 but in her state she's legally considered a "vulnerable adult" because of her reduced mental capacity. Mentally she stopped developing a long time ago.

No. 39749

That's probably why she's trying to follow people in recovery now even though she's got no interest in recovery herself. She says she "supports" recovery but she just wants to seeother people gain weight. Didn't she tweetabout how she hopes her mother develops binge eating disorder? That's fucked up for someone with an ED to wish an ED on someone else. It really shows how she completely lacks empathy.

No. 39752

File: 1421133314488.jpg (13.82 KB, 517x84, Capture.JPG)

Ask yourself, Ashley, why is it you don't have friends?

Who is she going to play that Cards Against Humanity game for 3+ people? The party game "for horrible people"?

No. 39754

Obviously done by some unlicensed person that has an at home kit they bought off eBay or a suuuper dodgy and unprofessional tattoo artist that has no qualms about drilling a needle into someone so physically unstable. The vibration through her bones would be fucked.

No. 39756

Lol I was thinking the same thing. At first the thought of a follower sending her a gift card to Olive Garden was meh but Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious gift for Ashley. The fuck is she going to do with them when she has nobody to play with? I wonder if the person who sent it really thought about it at all or if they were trying to fuck with her.

No. 39757

Those tattoos are scratch tatts

No. 39758

Lmao, the cards against humanity thing was hilarious. Does she not realize its a game you have to play with at least 3 people? I swear she just wants shit just to make the claim that she has it.

No. 39759

File: 1421135671533.jpg (82.31 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

It seems like she was always an unhealthy eater.

No. 39760

Unprofessional and unskilled. Her tattoos look sloppy. Are all the professionals in her life are grossly incompetent? Her tattoo artist and therapist would both refuse to see her if they were half decent or cared about being licensed.

It seems like a waste of money to get more tattoos she can't afford if she doesn't have much time left. She'll probably be cremated due to the high cost of funerals so her tattoos won't even be preserved. I wonder if she thinks about things like that, or cares. :-/

No. 39762

I doubt she cares. Also, those people sending her gifts bc woe is me I am Ashley and my mom neglects me and doesnt feed me and buy me crap food from my wishlist…uh what do they think when they see she's gotten a tattoo? most places in FL, the minimum amount for a small tattoo is $40 so it goes up the bigger it is. How is she paying for this again? Is it from the same pocket she pays her 'therapist'

No. 39767

Her whole world is social media so she just sees what the cool kids are doing on Tumblr and Instagram and then tries to join in because she has no life in the real world. Like she has a travel guide for Europe on her wishlist even though she'll never go to Europe. Then she can try to connect with people because look, we have this thing in common! It's both sad and creepy.

No. 39770

The people kissing her ass don't see the contradiction. People post shit on her Instagram like "I love how you have a new purse in every picture!" and just praise her for all the junk and food she buys. "omg so cute, treat yo self." Anyone who tries to give her a reality check gets their head bitten off by Ashley and her fans.

No. 39771

Her mother's a waitress. She must work every day to pay bills and support Ashley. Apparently she's in a lot of debt, some of it from breast implants. Maybe that's where Ashley gets her reckless and impulsive spending habit.

No. 39773

Not her, sorry. :-)
One thing ash is proud of: never belonging to a pro-ana site. Yup yup.

No. 39776

>implying she's not pro-ana

hahahahahahhaahaha ok

No. 39777

sorry, need to correct myself;
>implying you're not pro-ana*

No. 39778


It's not 'belonging to a pro-ana site', it's just a blogspot which SHE chose to make pro-ana. Sorry, you chose, I mean. ;)

No. 39779

No. 39781

I've seen people posting what they get while playing Cards Against Humanity, or placing the cards in ways that they relate to a current event or make a reference to something trendy.

She may not have people to play that shit with but you bet your ass she's going to take pictures of what she got while "playing".

No. 39793

She mentions being a member of livejournal's "anorexia perfection" group.

No. 39794

File: 1421156295567.jpg (19.02 KB, 506x202, tat..JPG)

This can't be her mother can it? She doesn't look like she'd have a Five Finger Death Punch tattoo, but then she doesn't look the type to get breast implants. Ashley's on her friend list. THAT'S HER MONSTER MOTHER?!?

No. 39795

File: 1421156585365.jpg (10.18 KB, 316x64, tatt.JPG)

No. 39807

Omfg nooooooooooooooooooooo, eweweee. Like, I knew when I saw her wearing the comme de fuck down beanie with her stupid "don't hate on me for wanting to participate in trends; I'm human too" caption that she was a retarded tumblerina that tries too hard to get notes—-but this is beyond pathetic.

No. 39808

Btw Ashley, you look fucking stupid being a racist cunt and wearing that beanie you probably only wore once in your life and that was to take that stupid selfie in your moms car.

No. 39812

Yeah that's her mother. She used to have photos of her and Ashley together at Cheesecake Factory.

And googling "Atticusweirdo182" brings up this: http://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com/d/rebecca-isaacs/367421

No. 39848

File: 1421178162714.jpg (226.9 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpg)

Jesus if she only weighed 85lbs back then… Does anyone know how tall she is?

No. 39849

"Accidentally swallowing"

… Does she mean cum?

No. 39851

cum has too many calories, obv

No. 39852

could be she chewed and spat?

No. 39854


Maybe she used to chew and spit before she was purging and forgot to spit? Or something idk haha

No. 39860

An anorexic "trick" is to chew (or swill) the food/drink and taste it, but spit it out without swallowing to avoid calorie.

No. 39865

i wouldn't be surprised if she is under or around 70lbs. i'm 5'4" and my lowest weight was 86lbs. i was starting to look skeletal body-wise but i still had enough body fat in my face to look normal.

No. 39866

She means the food.
She was chewing the food, but swallowed it.

No. 39867

I think she mentioned either 5'0" or 5'1"

No. 39868

I'd say lower than that. Ksenia Bubenko was reported as 55lbs and she looked similar to Ashley.

No. 39870

I'm 4'11 and 72 lbs. I look nothing like this and actually have a bit of a gut. She has to be a lot lower.

No. 39871

She's 5'0"-5'1" and weighs 40 pounds or less now. Her BMI is around 7, she could very well be the thinnest person alive, maybe ever.

No. 39894

File: 1421193324937.png (170.46 KB, 1080x632, lolwut.png)

No. 39895

She just loves to be seen as being attacked, even when she isn't being attacked.

She's probably offensive to her because sannis_ exposed someone who is thinner than her.

Or does she think littlelizziev looks "ugly" and so doesn't like the comparison even though she hates people staring at her for looking unusual.

No. 39896


No. 39897

Screenshot of her actual IG post?

No. 39898

File: 1421194182227.jpg (37.67 KB, 599x470, Capture.JPG)

No. 39899

File: 1421194264239.jpg (26.95 KB, 321x474, so poor.JPG)

>$99 "spirit hood"

No. 39900

File: 1421194372092.jpg (18.69 KB, 386x183, Capture.JPG)

No. 39901

>>39898 wow Ashley is such a piece of shit. that girl tried as best as she could to ask if she had an illness or not. how is that offensive? i would deem it, more troubling that someone has to ask me if i have an illness since I look like such a fucking ugly beast

No. 39903

I wonder if Ashley realizes that if in her mind everyone is out to get her, maybe she's the problem because she's the common denominator in all these situations? Or is she really that delusional?

I guess she found the comparison offensive because she's jealous of Lizzie Velasquez either for being thin or for being successful and not a BPD sociopath like Ashley.

No. 39904

Right. People are always going to be curious if you have an obvious physical problem and that girl was very sweet asking about her "tiny frame". What does she fucking expect? Seriously, I'd love if Ashley had the balls to link to this thread to show people the cunt they think is "brave" and "selfless".

No. 39905

ABSOLUTELY YES to the second part. Zero body fat. Even she can't beat that. Jealous, much?

Ashley's idea of being a "motivational speaker" is to tell young mias in the throes of anxiety to eat more white chocolate. Great contribution to the world.

No. 39907

File: 1421195222096.jpg (36.99 KB, 549x411, Capture.JPG)

She's complaining that twitter is "bland". She doesn't have an army of "fans" there, just people like this

No. 39908

She expects to be able to take selfies just like every other human being! Except she's either stupid or insane and doesn't realize that she is not like every other person and it's normal for others to be worried or curious because she doesn't just look different, she's also killing herself and boasting about it.

Some woman posted on a previous IG photo about how she's worried about Ashley and hopes she gets help. Ashley got pissed the fuck off and told the woman to stop "harassing" her. Wtf?

No. 39909

I suspect she doesn't have the capacity to want to care for/about people, so doesn't understand when other people want to care about her.

Either that or she's a flat out rude bitch.

No. 39916


Maybe I'm naïve to ask, but what's up with Ashley and status symbols?

No. 39921

I never post in this thread because if I did, I'd feel like I caused her to die, like I was partially to blame for her death.

All this stress from lolcow is deffo having its toll on her, and she WILL get worse with her anorexia. I wonder how you guys will react once she dies.

With PT I know I'll be watching her doing pantsu in a kimono when I'm 60 or older, quirks a lot less, but still. Ashley is at death's door, how r u guys comfortable participating in a thread like this?

No. 39922

chewing and spitting

a lot of anorexics do it

No. 39923

>>39921 I for one welcome her death to be perfectly honest. One less terrible human being on this Earth, that likes to wallow in the ED of others and likes to trigger them, a liar, a manipulator, and an all around terrible girl. What is to miss?

No. 39924

That's such bullshit. Nobody is responsible for Ashley's life or death other than Ashley. If she weren't already destroying herself then she wouldn't have such a hard time handling stress.

It's like people who die from AIDS. They often die from relatively minor viruses that they couldn't fight off but a healthy person would survive; cause of death is still AIDS. Ashley is already in terrible condition and the reason why it's so hard for her to cope is she's mentally ill and refusing proper help.

No. 39925

First off, and despite being anon, I've never posted in this thread with shit like "I hope you die soon" or have called her names.
If anything, I've gotten into this thread to try to make her have some common sense and even help her despite knowing she probably ignored me.

I know she lurks the thread and that's why I try to help. I've also gotten into arguments with her whiteknights a few times because they're so dense they keep trying to say "but she's a good person you're just haters xD".

I am fully aware she's sick, but I'm not going to sugarcoat shit for her. What she's done recently is wrong, and I'm not going to stand there and be like oh no she's going to die soon better shut up about it because poor bb.

I really wouldn't give a shit if she was going through with this on her own, but she's manipulative and involving people who are still recovering into her little parade just to seem like a good person, and that doesn't fly with me.

So at least on my end? I'm not going to feel remorse for actually trying to help people understand that sending her binge food is not helping her whatsoever.

No. 39926

And if Ashley weren't such a manipulative liar this thread wouldn't keep going anyway. Only in the beginning was the main focus her appearance, most of the posts lately are about her repugnant personality and shady behavior.

No. 39930

>stress from lolcow
She doesn't have to come here.

Yes she WILL get worse. Not because of this thread, but because she doesn't do anything to recover. Of course she'll die soon even if wrapped in cotton wool. She's responsible for that.

I write here not because she's thin or looks odd - so do a lot of people for a lot of reasons and who gives a fuck - but because she really has a vile personality and I don't like how she interacts with people who want to recover from EDs.

The fact she doesn't link to her "cyber bully" site proves she's aware what she's doing is wrong.

No. 39931


TBH i think Ashley would stand a better chance of living a little longer if she would take an extended hiatus from the internet. No fangirl positive enforcement for her negative behaviors, no pressure to stay sick lest she disappoint her fans, no online "competition," and of course, no access to this thread (which nobody is forcing her to read).
Don't tell me this would isolate her. Her behaviors are isolating her.

My apologies if i sound whiteknighty.

No. 39932

You don't. I agree TOTALLY.

No. 39939

It's not whiteknightey.

She's not right in the head at the moment, and the Internet is only going to make her worse.

Due to her mindset, she is going to think that she's being 100% persecuted by everyone, and anyone expressing sympathy or advice for help is merely feigning their sentiments to manipulate her or something. She's probably reading your and my post right now and thinking it's part of some conspiracy against her.

Reading these threads will only instill a greater feeling of persecution and "me-vs-them" even when it's not necessarily there (though there are certainly some people in this thread who do actually hate her).

She needs some time away to reflect and ideally get (different) professional help.

No. 39967

You don't. I just can't believe a grown ass woman to be so dense. The internet is something she cannot handle being around at all, and this has been her problem since her hamtaro days. She clearly cannot live a normal life and be online.

No. 39979

File: 1421225339058.jpg (127.78 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

But really tho? Really?

No. 39991

She needs to stop tagging food with ED, binge, purge , ect. Makes me sick to my stomach. I keep imagining her vomitting.

No. 39992

It just ruins everything. I thought that shit looked bomb till I read that…
Ewe, it's starting to have an effect on me and I'm recovered. Fuck.

No. 39994

That's how I felt about the Hello Kitty cupcakes! I thought mmm, then I saw #binge and imagined them all puked up in the toilet all technicolour.

If I didn't have an ED before seeing this thread, I might get one now because she's making all food just seem repulsive.

No. 39995

Seeing how I'm getting the same ew reaction, I think it's normal we feel this way. Congrats on recovery and don't let anyone set you back you hear?

No. 40005


Same, I'm recovered and I think I'm in a pretty good place but even for me seeing all the 'binge' 'purge' tags does start to make me feel shitty. That's why it repulses me so much that she's deliberately seeking out people new to recovery. She could do some real harm. And it would be so easy to just…not tag them that way. But she does it anyway, because fuck everyone else.

No. 40010

Agreed, i was about to eat haagen-dasz and then i imagined Ashley purging it and now i don't want to eat it anymore. Fuck this shit, i want to enjoy ice Cream.

No. 40016

How about you not blame someone else for your obvious mental obstacles here? Like, maybe you all need to go to therapy. You're basically calling the kettle black lol. You're blaming her for your first world problems. You're all retarded. Just eat your ice cream and shut up.

No. 40017


How about selfish, manipulative people not willing to address their own problems don't go deliberately seeking out people trying to recover and leaving ridiculous nasty comments like 'needs more white chocolate'? Pretty sure there's only one person who needs to shut up here.

No. 40019

Sorry Ashley, but most people do find you and your behaviour that disgusting.

>Like, maybe you all need to go to therapy.

Er, I don't think people being put off one pot of ice cream warrants therapy. They don't obsess about every piece of food like you do.

No. 40020

Apparently you do, if someone else's ED triggers you that much :-)

No. 40021


No. 40022


Nice way to shift the blame :) How about stop deliberately tagging things with triggering shit? Ashley (or you) was whining the other day about how some TV show is triggering so she should take a look at her own behavior and realise she does the same thing to people.

No. 40023


Since when is being put off ice cream the same as being ~triggered~? I thought "triggers" were supposed to be things that cause flashbacks or panic attacks. Jesus Christ, Ashley, it's pretty much normal to be put off your ice cream if it's because you're imagining it being vomited up by a spoopy skeleton.

No. 40025


*flashback, panic attack or relapse, I guess, seeing as we're on about EDs

No. 40026

>point out how stupid your statement is
>you just repeat the same argument

Ok then.

Missing one snack because you saw someone totally disgusting is not even remotely close to disordered eating.

Also, for the record, I wasn't even one of the people who was put off their food.

No. 40028


I was one of the people who said I was recovered and the tags bothered me.

I didn't mean they 'triggered' me into wanting to binge/purge/starve or anything (although i DO think someone new into recovery and still struggling with those thoughts MIGHT be triggered, and she fucking knows that). I just meant it made me feel sick and it bothered me knowing that she knows people still deep in their disorders will see those tags.

I guess I should seek therapy immediately.

No. 40033

You're fine, don't worry. Your reaction was perfectly normal but Ashley just can't accept the idea that her actions have consequences. She won't admit that trying to get close to people in recovery is only for her benefit to gain pity/admiration, not because she actually cares about others. She doesn't care that she can and will harm someone who is "struggling" in recovery (the specific type of person she's seeking).

No. 40034

It's not going to do any good trying to convince Ashley that seeking people in recovery is a bad idea. She's read this thread and doesn't care. She's deliberately trying to sabotage people's recovery and make them worse because if she's going to be miserable until she dies from a disorder she refuses help for, she's taking as many people as possible down with her. It's pure malice.

If you want her to stop, something has to be done to stop her because trying to reason with her is pointless.

No. 40038

I'm the one who liked the cupcakes and then thought ew when I read #purge.

I'm not bulimic. I haven't even vomited because I was ill for 20 years.

I was put off wanting a cupcake because any talk about vomit puts a normal person off their food.

Stupid fuck. (Ashley not anon I'm replying to).

No. 40039


^ that's me.

I just thought. Maybe I do need a therapist to talk about vomit anxiety? Do I have emitophobia? Shit. I'll see a therapist even though it'll be exhausting. I'll report back with a dumb as fuck video about it.

No. 40043

Christ. Why are you letting Ashley make you question your mental health? That seems a bit ridiculous doesn't it? She's just trying to deflect blame by saying "you're the one who needs therapy" even though a completely healthy and sane person would be disgusted by her behavior.

No. 40045

I'm not though! I have no problems with vomit, I was j/k. I have some mental health issues ( who doesn't ) but compared to that skank I'm like a dictionary definition of mental well being ;)

No. 40046

All the nutrients shes depriving her brain of must have delayed some development

No. 40048

File: 1421256931118.jpg (47.24 KB, 600x577, Capture.JPG)

Not only is what Ashley's spewing out here (ew! PUKE!)fucking funny but also the mandatory HOW OLD ARE YOU? comment that she NEVER ANSWERS!!!

No. 40049

If she dies I guess I better start becoming friends with her since I want that juicy purse

No. 40051

But what if she keeps plastic bags of puke or half chewed food in there!

No. 40052

I hate how she can afford luxury whole foods, when I was in recovery I couldn't afford my safe foods (unprocessed) and had to be terrified when I ate since it was usually processed

No. 40054

>>🌈💕SALES. COUPONS. My two favorite words lmfao. And no- don't make me feel guilty by saying, 'VERA IS EXPENSIVE. HOW DID YOU PAY FOR IT?' It's called BARGAINS. And SAVING. I hate that- someone treats themselves, and then jealous twats stir up guilt trips. Just enjoy wondering what's inside the bag and chill😏😏

So she got a new Vera Bradley bag!!! And a $99 spirit hood. Yeah safe to say she didn't pay the therapist
She probably spent that money congratulating herself on fooling her followers that shes in~* ~R3c0v3ry~*~

No. 40055


"Saving"?? where does she even get money from to save?

No. 40056

>enjoy wondering what's inside the bag
I know what's in there. Puke bags.

I noticed she says she "saved hard" for a lot of things. Her tattoo off the top of my head.

Maybe she does freaky sexcam fetish things?

No. 40057

File: 1421257817378.jpg (46.15 KB, 575x182, Untitled-1.jpg)

>I have saved up for so damn long

No. 40058


I do so wish Ash would answer this one for us. She refuses to go on disability, and if she worked in the past (which i doubt), the money would be long gone. Maybe a rich relative died and left her a trust fund? Or does her poor mother give her an allowance with her waitress salary?

The more i think about it, the more camwhoring seems like the most realistic scenario. Ew. Now I'm put off my food (quick, i need therapy and questbars #struggling)

No. 40065

Haha I #support you because I'm #struggling with that too.

I bet there's a lot of money in that with it being a specialised thing.

No. 40066

File: 1421260057518.png (330.32 KB, 511x285, gross.png)

The nail she ripped off is growing back.

No. 40068

The dry cleaners can do wonders!

No. 40069

How the holy hell does her therapist let her walk out of the office without calling a hospital to come and put her in inpatient

No. 40070

>>40069 right?! how do people on the street react to her?! I'd just call an ambulance on sight

No. 40071

Because there is no therapist.

Ashley likes to lie about lot of things.

No. 40072

That's gonna grow back like tortoiseshell.

No. 40088

She can't afford it. Her followers are conned into buying these things for her. If she was straightforward and said "I'm going to buy gourmet food to binge and purge" instead of crying about how she can't afford basic necessities and her abusive mother won't buy groceries, most of them wouldn't buy anything for her. She's a scam artist taking advantage of people who pity her.

No. 40089

She might be getting disability and hiding it because she doesn't want to admit she uses government assistance to buy purses and tattoos. But it doesn't seem very likely because she's too lazy and would rather act helpless than try to get assistance. If the money she saves is allowance from her mother that would be crazy though.

I hadn't even considered camwhoring because that's not a pleasant thought but shit, maybe she is getting money by making fetish videos. It would make sense with her hamtaro past. Oh God. That's terrifying.

No. 40090

>>40089 if she was doing some kinda fetish stuff, I think with some internet snooping we'd know? I mean, if she's naked or something you know some site would be like 'omg check out this shit' or it would be on 4chan… or SOMETHING right?

No. 40091

If she was a camwhore we would've known by now. Same for fetish videos.
People have dug up blogs from 2006 so it's not impossible to find a video of her, if any exist.

No. 40094

Have you ever googled anorexic porn/skinny porn? Ha, don't blame you if you haven't but there are tons of sites with tons of Ashley clones doing nude photos and videos.

Some of these sites you have to PAY TO VIEW.

It's a big thing!

I doubt she'd use any of her aliases. I doubt she'd use some usual cam whore site. Idk, it's just … a possibility.

No. 40095

exactly. she can afford all the crap she owns because her mom and whatever money she has (prob disability) and then asks for money from her followers. she can afford therapy just doesnt want it. she doesnt want real help she likes her fucked up state and loves playing the victim. everything shes ever said is a big lie

No. 40100

I'm sorry guys, I'm all about to each his own and whatever floats your boat—–but, those bags are fucking ugly sacks of grandma blankets sewn together. Why are they so ugly and expensive?!?

No. 40107

Fugly as fug. She has awful taste. In everything.

No. 40111

No. 40117

File: 1421276672971.jpg (39.67 KB, 465x259, yawn.jpg)

One of the least erotic things I have ever seen.

No. 40118

They're definitely fugly. For some reason they're popular amongst basic white college girls, especially in the south. I guess since Ashley has never been to college a trendy purse will have to do.

No. 40120

File: 1421277549749.jpg (251.86 KB, 1311x640, newfag_detector.jpg)

You had your 10 seconds on /b/
Now all you are is a newfag detector

No. 40121

File: 1421277616894.png (451.25 KB, 1008x561, more_newfags.png)

no moar

No. 40123

Ewe why would anyone want validation from these fags?

No. 40137

Southern-fag here. Every female under 60 has them, no matter their income bracket. Every. Single. One. It's practically a necessity. Bonus points for bright polka dot ribbons tied to them and some kind of monogrammed accessory.

No. 40143

you know tumblr throws the word 'trigger' around without any real meaning behind it.

No. 40144

Her skin makes me feel uncomfortable becaut it looks so dry and like, rubber.

No. 40146

She probably needs to add some moisturizer to her wishlist, lol.
I seriously doubt she does anything by the way of skin or haircare anyway.

No. 40154

It's like she's trying to look like trash. Like shmegeh's shitty aesthetic.

No. 40161


Yeah, I do, but it's weird as fuck to act like that warrants therapy

No. 40162

Someone mentioned she uses a ton of hair product, and she wears makeup. I think without effort her hair and skin would look even more fucked up. She likes Bath and Body Works so she's probably drenched in lotion at any given moment.

Shmegeh would try to make herself look worse on purpose with sickly looking makeup. But Ashley wears glittery eyeshadow and bright colors to try to look cute, even though that's somehow more disturbing than Shmegeh's heroin chic aesthetic.

No. 40166

she at least draws those sad pencil thin eyebrows

No. 40172

Omg no. I would rather she glue fake eyelashes onto her brow bone then have dr continue to fill in those sorry ass chicken scratch brows.

No. 40173

judging by her old pics she's always had weird eyebrows

No. 40174

You keep using that fucking word.

No. 40175

She loves bath and body works because she needs some heavy duty scented crap to stave off that ever present puke smell.

No. 40177

And the idiot doesn't even bother to realize that nobody said she triggered them.

Ashley, it's time to get off tumblr for a bit.