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File: 1540793376470.jpeg (564.28 KB, 2048x1536, image1.jpeg)

No. 592820

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/723197

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons

> Adopted another cat, a female tabby, that she claims she rescued from traffic and a storm after many of the residents in her apartment block had been feeding and caring for it (and got it microchipped and spayed apparently) for two years despite previously claiming that no one in her building knew anything about the cat
> Allowed the "stray" to wander all over the apartment with all over animals, gorge on the other cats food, without any regard for the stress of the other animals, transmitting FIV, heartworm, other parasites etc, as would be common in actual strays, but it's okay because she "doesn't have fleas!"
> In her last video, she actually rambles about the dangers of wild caught animals and the parasites they carry, is totally incapable of seeing the irony in her never quarantining her new (and sometimes wild caught) animals, including a 'stray' cat
> Claimed her lease was up in September and was going to buy a house, never happened
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left
> Kronos has been shown with excessive loose skin, appears stunted
> Claims she got the rats fixed, but still never separated any of them
> Killed her Pacman Frog with malnutrition due to poor diet, killed the crocodile skinks with dehydration, claimed she basically cooked them all to death with their heat lamps totes by accident
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Right after purchasing new crocodile skinks, a cat and milksnake within a two week period of killing her other animals, she begins to make jokes about her new rat snake being an ‘uncooked noodle’ and her hoarding on twitter
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Cat, Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake

No. 592827

i can't believe we're on thread 21. it feels like just the other day we were on number nine. what a fucking cow taylor has developed into lmao

No. 592829

File: 1540799785228.jpg (589.67 KB, 810x2328, Screenshot_20181029-084246.jpg)

No. 592831

Wait, is her apartment public knowledge? She's doxing herself with that post.

No. 592832

At least she won't deny the frequent fighting.

No. 592833


She seems to "accidentally" or "carelessly" share it from time to time. I would imagine there's some motive there, but one can only guess what it is.

No. 592835

why hasn't she been kicked out yet?

No. 592854

File: 1540815643465.png (111.05 KB, 640x1136, CB4DCC7D-EF7F-4899-9244-75AFF3…)

My gf doesn’t let me sleep and it’s having a panic attack, I’m better tweet about this!

I love when grown ass adults “don’t know how to deal with the panic attacks”
We all know he doesn’t care about his Sugar mommy

No. 592857


why is he tweeting about someone else's mental health? Even though Taylor loves the attention from it, I'd be pissed with my boyfriend if he aired this to the world

Also is there a reason we can't sage anymore?

No. 592858

I was thinking the same thing. Like it's not Jonny's information to share, but we all know Taylor will just tell everyone that she told him to if anyone asks about it.

I think no more sage because we're in pt now, not snow?

No. 592859

File: 1540816629552.jpeg (161.51 KB, 640x915, CD82A3F1-E90D-42F9-89CC-D859A5…)

No. 592860

File: 1540816703619.png (659.08 KB, 640x1136, 22A5F27F-3214-47A2-B6F0-CE2F02…)

The snake enclosure close to be decent

No. 592861

File: 1540816901261.png (4.49 MB, 1125x2436, B5FEA0D6-0CE3-42E1-BCA8-6BB99C…)

Looks like Star isn’t litter trained after all, I still can’t believe she was actually a stray, I think that’s someone’s pet.

No. 592862

Over the weekend they went to some sort of safari drive thru and there were monkey enclosures. The whole time Jonny unintelligibly mumbled at them "monkeys, monkeys, i want a monkey!"

I really hope that never, ever happens….

No. 592863

File: 1540817139189.jpeg (672.68 KB, 1125x2436, C36E99B6-1F90-4BC5-A5CC-DE3369…)

anyone see this comment from Jen? this family is so gross.

No. 592864


shes really got them manipulated to the point where they think that Taylor letting them do the dirty work for her is actually something they should be grateful for wow

No. 592865

I doubt this cat can handle sharing litterbox/es with the other two cats. What would she need here, three-four litterboxes if I understand correctly?

No. 592867

does she not know cats could easily kill other cats if they dont like each other?

No. 592869

Number of cats +1, but I doubt she has more than two boxes.

No. 592870

This borderline sounds like he's blaming her and dressing it up in pretty love. The fact that he tweeted it really pushes those two points for me tbh

No. 592871

That and they should really have separate feeding stations and beds/some form of shelter away from each other. Otherwise they're basically competing for all of that and you're just gonna have a bunch of angry cats.

No. 592872


Considering they only really have access to her bedroom (which from the looks of things its cluttered so doesn't provide them much space) and the living room / kitchen area I really doubt they have the space to avoid each other

No. 592873

Taylor is so stupid. She claims she’s in a video slump, but here’s content she could’ve uploaded right here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just didn’t want to make a video out of this because she’s scared her stupid stans will like those two more than her or find them prettier.

So Nemo is getting beaten up because she desperately wants to keep this supposed stray. Wow.

No. 592874

There are so many reasons why Star isn't using the litter box, with not being litter trained a possibility but unlikely given the circumstances.

No. 592875

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the main reason they got close to Taylor was to try and improve her animals lives. That’s what I’d do at least. The one posting this seems decently knowledgable about what sorts of things a snake enclosure should have, so she obviously cares enough to do some research.

No. 592878

It's… interesting that she shared this, given that anons in the last thread pointed out that Star wouldn't be using a box if she were truly a stray

No. 592880

This was posted on Jonny's story but I was thinking the same thing.

No. 592881

It’s not impossible to help…different things work for different people. He’s always trying to paint himself as this good boyfriend like he’s not an addict and rapist

No. 592885

I’m pretty sure they lurk here, I wish they would improve their care at the very least and stop hoarding animals.

No. 592896

Notice there was no "before" photo. Just an after. What she is showing is a decent and normal set up, so I'm just going to assume poor Violet was in some really shitty enclosure beforehand.
Tinfoil but Emilee saw this and offered to help?
AKA give them a correct and decent setup???

No. 592901

Sorry for blogposting, but as someone with mental health issues I would be livid if my boyfriend tweeted out to his audience that I was having a panic attack.

I really don’t know what Taylor sees in this POS.

No. 592904


Was violet in the tubs before this?

No. 592918

same. Things like this are dealt with in private. What kind of person tweets this unless they want some kind of praise. Think of all the animal tubers out there who keep their private life… private. Meanwhile you have Taylor, her crazy family and man child boyfriend exploiting every ounce of their privacy.
As for being in a slump for making videos, this girl makes me sick, she literally has so many animals and can’t think of anything to film? No she has no substance, she barely knows anything about the animals she keeps. Just look at the channels who have been consistent with their uploads, for years and are barely known compared to her. Why do people support this hoe?

No. 592922

File: 1540828866932.jpeg (385.09 KB, 750x1063, CBC95658-272F-4225-A47F-5C41EB…)

Bit ironic don’t you think?

No. 592923


why would someone who has never owned a chameleon have advice on how to care for it. Her fans are delusional.

No. 592924

Not only is it ironic, why would you ask for advice from someone who's never even had the pet you want advice about?
Taylor can't even research the animals she does have properly, never mind animals she doesn't have.

No. 592925

All i get from this is, “i didnt get any sleep last night cuz Taylor kept annoying me with her “panic attacks” can someone tell me how to deal with this because it’s annoying tf outta me”

Jfc. Why does Jen approve of this type of language? Havinng mental illness or a disabilities isn’t an excuse to let people be ignorant

No. 592927


Maybe it's a sign Taylor. Don't keep the cat and give her to someone competent.

No. 592929

File: 1540830227519.png (860 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20181029-102344~2.p…)

According to Taylor, yes

No. 592930


lol shes trying to make it like shes done a good thing. When in reality she DOWNGRADED some of her snakes / ball pythons into the bins in the first place.

No. 592932

It’s hard to tell from the picture but that enclosure does not look any where need big enough for a ball python 😬

Like it’s great that Violet has more enrichment and opportunities to engage in natural behaviours but that shouldn’t be looked at as an upgrade or going above and beyond. Mental stimulation is a nessesity as much as heat or water and her stans pretending like nit neglecting this portion of some of her snakes care makes her better than the average keeper is so unfortunate lmao

Taloyr, video idea for you since you were looking: reach out with people who have done studies on reptile mental stimulation and the effects of enrichment on captive animals and do an interview about what sorts of things can be done to improve care for captive reptiles: then record yourself implimenting those ideas and techniques.

No. 592934

The last video she made with her two clones didn’t do very well. She probably isn’t filming more collabs with them because they’re just leeches bringing down her viewing average. But it’s obvious she doesn’t mind having two extra helpers around to set up tanks and fix her husbandry for her.

No. 592935

Way to expose not only where you live but your exact apartment, Taylor.

>I want to keep you so stop marking your territory and injuring my other cats

The selfish bitch this woman is. If she really cared she'd rehome the cat instead of just hoping it'll sort itself out.

It makes me so mad that she brags on the stuff her son says like this. This isn't the first time she's posted something Tanner has said that he likely fully doesn't understand but picked up from Taylor/Craig/whatever TV Jen plops him in front of.

No. 592937

File: 1540833337566.jpg (118.25 KB, 1080x487, IMG_20181029_171437.jpg)

I know we already know Taylor got her impulsuve nature off her mother, but seriously, why would you stop driving just to tweet this, let alone tweet it without even talking to Taylor about it first? She's like a child, it's so cringe.

No. 592942

This won't work solely because no one can show up with their reptiles or exotics in tow to Disney. If they can't attentionwhore their pets then they won't pay the money to show.

No. 592943

sage for speculation, but i bet Emilee is helping taylor get her pets more suitable enclosures

No. 592945

Anon, look at the writing, that's obviously Jonny.

No. 592947


This sounds like something someone would write about themselves lmao. She shouldn’t need help, she should have them from the get go, i don’t know why you’d help when you know you’re not going to get any praise for it, and it shouldn’t be something you do to make yourself feel better about being friends with a shitty person

No. 592948


Assuming that most people can afford to go to Disney every week like her and has the time and ability to do so lol

No. 592949


… or just the money or the time to do so in fucking December, when most people are trying to afford Christmas present and work as many hours as possible to offset the lost hours due to the holidays.

No. 592956

I'm actually really glad her friends stepped in.
Emma's always had proper set ups without shelling out $15,000+ on enclosures.

No. 592957

Emma isnt a Saint either
The cheap clone just keep downgrading the enclosure of her pets to keep bringing more.

No. 592958

It's so weird that her friends have been posting more of Taylors animals in a few days than Taylor herself sometimes posts of them in months tbh. Really, when was the last time we saw or heard about Violet?

And stop with the praising of the pettuber leeches. If they actually cared about animals they wouldn't be friends with Taylor because she would block them as soon as they said something about her care.

No. 592959

File: 1540840138353.jpg (350.43 KB, 1080x1794, IMG_20181029_130836_905.jpg)

Isn't that the biocube in the BG of her most recent photos of Duck?

No. 592961

Could just be dirty. I know my cat is really picky to the point where he won't use it even fi he has only peed once and we cleaned up the litter the best we could.

She has 3 cats and max 2 litter boxes, you'd have to be cleaning those every time they're used.

No. 592963

Some people say each cat should have two litter boxes
So she should have 6 litter boxes for them to feel comfortable doing in their own territory.

No. 592964

File: 1540840801942.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181028-202020.jpg)

Why does she keep holding her heavy bodied snakes like this? My god she can't even simply hold her snakes properly

No. 592965

Weren't we talking about not seeing Violet for a good while last thread towards the end?

Now suddenly we get pictures of Violet and a proper enclosure.

No. 592971

File: 1540842964646.png (460.22 KB, 986x674, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.5…)

looks like it, lighting she uses has changed but that's it based on the size/shape/stand/filter on there.

Reminder she said she "gave this tank away". it contained the mantis shrimp, her lion fish and couple others. The first and last time she posted about her mantis shrimp was april 15th 2018. This was also the last time we had saw any of or heard anything about this biocube.

No. 592972

File: 1540843176796.png (366.49 KB, 494x669, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.5…)

I can almost guarantee he is dead. Wait until she lies saying "no you guys! I gave away the fish not the whole tank!" You can see there is something in there that doesn't seem to be any of those fish either. I also would love to see the "friend" she gave a fucking mantis shrimp to.

No. 592974

She said over a month ago that the new tank for the predator fish and mantis shrimp is "pretty well cycled now" so she will be adding them back soon… yeah….

No. 592975


I remember when I was a fan of hers really liking Zazu the lionfish in this biocube. I suspect the poor thing is dead now. Commenting for Taylor to show proof of life since she lurks here and does just that lol

No. 592978

This makes me so angry. Blood pythons and short tails are very heavy bodied. Being high up and not supported properly is super stressful for them, to the point where mine and most others I've met will potentially try to bite when up like that. It freaks them out and she's most definitely stressing out her animal here

No. 592979

File: 1540845341917.jpg (308.64 KB, 1440x1551, Screenshot_20181029-153210~2.j…)

No. 592980

File: 1540845435218.jpeg (102.71 KB, 1188x565, 2F8B50AF-CC85-4C17-BB96-3273D3…)

No. 592984

She's such an idiot. I follow so many reptile rescues who have a hard time finding potential owners and can't take on more sick or neglected reptiles because they don't have the space and/or funds (as reptile rescues receive far less donations). Buying from a rescue means they can replace that rescued animal with another sick/neglected animal that will likely die otherwise. I see it all the time, rescues asking if anyone has space for sick animals because they've received an emergency and don't have the space. She's literally the person who is like "I don't want to adopt a dog because I want a purebred pomeranian puppy, not an old mongrel".

No. 592985

Wtf does this even mean? "You should always adopt but I would only consider it if I find exactly what I want!"
She's not going to find 10k snakes in a shelter so this is such a useless statement.

No. 592992

She's so full of shit!!! There are always reptiles in such poor conditions up for adoption! She would rather just be selfish, probably doesn't want to spend her precious money on vet bills (even though she would drop thousands on a designer snake), and also probably has no idea how to care for a snake that is in poor condition because her husbandry wouldn't be helping it anyway!
So in her mind, reptiles are lesser than dogs or cats. They're both animals in poor situations that need help, Taylor! God, the ride never ends with her.

No. 592994


Yet she has so many species and morphs that she could have easily found for adoption, especially if she broadcasted that she was looking for them her fans could have helped her look such as her bearded dragon, leopard gecko, blue tongued skink, potentially even the milksnakes.

There's also plenty of mammals that need adopting but she's made no effort there either? Her hedgehogs, the rats, all of them purchased.

Just admit that you're impulsive and don't take the time to plan the animals you get in order to actually spend the time looking for some that need homes.

No. 592996

File: 1540847886532.jpg (339.53 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20181029-221800_Ins…)

I doubt they knew that she'd get 5 new pets every month lol

No. 592997

File: 1540848051641.jpeg (122.15 KB, 750x802, 3F83CA26-F582-4B9D-8DC4-062774…)

I thought she was all about “adopting not shopping”

No. 592998

i really dont understand mentality of wanting to collect any animal. Not from taylor, not from anyone else. You'd think you are satisfied with two, three snakes for the snake experience.

No. 592999


Doesn't matter if you adopt and don't shop Taylor if you just leave behind the dog you adopt shortly after you adopt it

No. 593000

I really don’t understand the difference between her stances in adopting reptiles vs adopting dogs/cats?

She could have said “mammals” but she knows she doesn’t adopt her other mammals either. I mean honestly it’s way easier to go to a shelter and adopt a dog than it is to buy one from a breeder as it’s way easier to go to a reptile store and pick out the one you want as opposed to going to a reptile adoption place. It just seems like she’s okay with buying pets as long as it’s the one she wants or the way that’s most convienant for her.

No. 593001


This sounds like shit lol. Never heard of an apartment allowing so many animals because it's someones "sole income". She probably lied and said she was an animal educator, like she did to that delivery guy and made it sound all very professional. Management probably has no idea she's just a hoarder nut who makes shitty youtube videos every month or so.

I doubt they realize how many animals she even has, let alone how many more she's acquired since moving in.

No. 593003

File: 1540849087328.jpg (61.3 KB, 625x415, lying.jpg)

She is lying! Not to blogpost but I've been waiting for her to slip up like this, since I work in realty, specifically as a landlord. Her landlord/rental agency can lose their brokerage license for allowing this as it is a risk for a number of disasters such as fire or flooding. Her stating that they 'made an exception' is complete bullshit. Especially since she lives in an apartment complex, the landlord or agency has to go through more regulations & precaution than if she were renting out a house. Specifically when it comes to animals kept on the property. Her landlord is liable for if a hot snake gets loose or if a fishtank breaks and floods or if a circuit is under too much stress & starts an electrical fire. She's a moron for lying so publicly, because its statements like this that give her landlord the power to evict her without too much hassle from a court.

No. 593004


Ohhhh wow. So if her mantis shrimp breaks its tank or her dumb ass drops one of her snakes onto the court while she's dangling it off the porch, they'd all be out on the street?! Yikes.

No. 593008

But haven't people called the complex and told them about her? I don't get why they are still letting her live there.

No. 593009

I live in a different state, with more regulations to protect renters, so take what I say with that grain of salt. But yes, it'd be minimal effort for her landlord to evict her, if they were privy to this information, it'd take 30 days to serve her with an eviction notice, but even if she were to take it to court, there's no way she'd come out on top with all the documented evidence pointing to her willfully & knowingly breaking her lease.

No. 593011

What kind of person checks up on their apartment's reviews?

No. 593017

Doesn’t her apartment complex have a yearly checkup that requires them to go inside your flat to check for pests, check the fire alarm, and/or check your place to see you’re not a crackhead with a hoard of animals? My complex (and other places friends/relatives live at) has a yearly checkup. So, you telling me a place like hers that is kinda “high-end” doesn’t care about what’s going on inside their apartments?

No. 593020


I was wondering this too. My complex has routine check-ups for smoke/fire alarms as well as pest control where maintenance enters the apartment with a manager.

No. 593021


Jesus christ Taylor, wrap it around your arm or better yet use two hands and get Johnny to snap a picture for you.

The way she holds her snakes is evidence alone that she has no clue what she's doing, i've seen children handle a snake with more care than her.

No. 593022

Just googled her apartment complex. With all her youtube money and a “rockstar” hobbitfriend, they can EASILY share the cost for the biggest 3 bedroom apartment but i guess boasting about expensive snakes and shoes is better? The thought just makes me lol whenever they try to flex online about things they buy. Sure you got yeezys but i don’t see you in a condo in the middle of the city or a huge house, all i see is a messy tiny apartment with the cheapest things for her animals that her “friends” have to fix for her. I wonder what she thinks she’ll be in in the next 10 years

No. 593023

I've never read any of this person's threads before. Why were they moved to /pt/? Did a mod do this?

No. 593024

Yes, we gave the okay to move to /pt/.

No. 593027

At this rate Jonny will have left her ass for a richer and younger, hotter woman, Taylor’s YT career won’t pay the bills enough and will have plummeted, she’ll have 0 friends like she does already but none of them will want to hang out with her since they can’t leech off her views. I really don’t know how she thinks at this rate she can continue lying, supporting a rapist for a boyfriend, and hoarding animals at the alarming rate she does now. She will be that person who has 100 pets taken from her or given away because eventually, she won’t be able to pay for them all anymore since she doesn’t take her job or care seriously.

No. 593030

I recommend reading the threads in snow if you like getting mad about people lying, neglecting animals, abusing drugs, and trying to avoid ALL accountability for their actions.

No. 593042

No it’s her new 40 gallon predator tank that she got ages ago. Remember when she said it was “pretty well cycled” by now. I guess she just doesn’t have time to get the inhabitants of her tank back because she already doesn’t have enough time for the rest of her hoard

No. 593051

She’ll probably read this and laugh because she probably believes it won’t happen. Plastic surgery doesn’t go that far especially when you’re ugly in the inside. I’m pretty sure he’ll find another gullible 20 year old once her channel dies and she gets older. If she does read this then Taylor, stop collecting animals as if theyre trophies. If you can’t give 200% on each animal and give them all types of enrichment and TLC because you sleep 12 hours a day and can’t go to your other room to check on them frequently so they don’t die then you need to sort out your priorities.

No. 593066

Didn't she say in the last thread that her complex was cool with it because she paid extra? So which is it, TayTay? You paying extra or are you just special?

No. 593081

I think they were initially cool with it because the amount of animals she had was way less than what she has now.

Plus in past threads the complex got called several times and despite saying they'd "look into it", nothing ever came out of it.

I wonder if actual neighbors have said anything about this, probably not.

No. 593085

If you read her replies to other people's comments, it comes across that the apartment complex knows and doesn't give a shit.

I'm sure they were aware of the drugs as well. But so long as they get their $$$, all is well.

No. 593088

Do you think they’d react differently if they found out she almost blew up one of the rooms because she had 80 million things plugged into one socket?

No. 593091

That never happened! That was the story, albeit a poor one that wasn’t plausible!

No. 593094

lmao "my apartment is totally cool with all of my animals because it's my only source of income. i've completely disclosed everything with them. i even went up to the leasing office last week to let them know that if i had abandoned my animals for any longer, i would have caused a massive fire in my room, and would like to remove these fried animals from my lease"

No. 593099

Nah, just guinea pig anon.
also, i might just be stupid, but what happened to sage? I can't sage.

No. 593100

we're in /pt/ now. taylor is a real cow who got promoted to the main page. no more sage-ing here.

No. 593101

ah, okay

that's pretty neat

No. 593102

It was published here a while back, she reads her threads… so…
It was probably written by a cowtipper anyway.

No. 593119


How do they have the money to go to Disney constantly? Unless Taylor's paying for her family to go, but it seems like no? Maybe they should put some of that money towards getting an outside caregiver for Tanner sometimes so Mama Dean can take a break and maybe gain half an oz of sanity back if she's so overwhelmed.

No. 593123


"not like with dogs and cats" right, like how you've not actually adopted any of your cats because you're a hoarder and no respectable shelter would adopt to you, Taylor? Or you oh-so-responsibly adopted Kida, and then abandoned her a few months later because living in an apartment with your druggie boyfriend seemed cooler?

No. 593127

I don't get why she doesn't just buy the appropriate sized enclosure right off the bat. Why waste $ on 554257 "upgrades" when she can afford the best thing?

She's okay with buying as long as it's her that's doing the buying. Everyone else should adopt, though.
Being a vain person that doesn't wanna do charity is fine but the way she constantly spergs about poor animals in shelters, when she transparently never adopted and kept anything in her life, is extremely tiring.

No. 593129

That’s the hilarious part about watching her spiral. I feel so horribly sorry for her animals but it’s laughable watching her fall slowly. The fact that she thinks she is hot shit and will be rich the rest of her life because she made a few popular animal YT videos is just stupid. She has such an ugly personality, and it’s even starting to show on the outside. When she can no longer support the amount of animals she has and the money runs dry, she really won’t amount to anything but a terrible person for the lying, hoarding, terrible husbandry, and fake relationship with a druggie rapist.

No. 593137

Agreed.. her attitude about her money and so called "fame" shows her immaturity. She's been coddled 100% of the time her whole life. She doesn't have any concept of what real life is like. She probably thinks youtube money will last her a couple more years at least and beyond that she probably has 20+ half assed unrealistic "plans" on what she'd do if youtube fell though. I also think that deep down, she knows she won't keep all her pets their entire lives. That's why she's not fussed. Ultimately it doesn't bother her because when the time comes she will make herself feel better by making herself the victim as she always does. She really is an awful person.

No. 593148

It seems like she doesn't buy the appropriate sized enclosure right off the bat so she'll end up with empty cages when she moves her animals in to a new enclosure, leaving the old ones open for yet more animal hoarding.

No. 593157

I don't see how her apartment complex could not know that she has 30+ animals in there. It's got to stink in there. I feel for the other people on her floor who share her heating ducts, because their places must stink too. Too bad, because the complex itself is quite pretty.

I've often wondered if her on again, off again rental/house buying tweets have more to do with the management company wanting to get her the hell out of there. There isn't a lease in the world that would allow that many animals crammed into such a small space, it just doesn't happen. This 'sole income' BS is just that, bullshit.

No. 593172


Disability benefits my friend.

No. 593177

Disability benefits is no way that much, more like Mr Dean is a lawyer or something (or is that the older brother?) and has bought passes.

No. 593183

Me Dean is in insurance. Her half brother is a lawyer.

No. 593249

My FIL works in insurance, they don't make a tonne of money after taxes. I'm sure Taylor and Jonny are paying some, it seems they have to pay to get people to hang out with them. Like when Taylor and her "friends" stayed in a fancy hotel? I doubt they paid much or anything at all to stay there

No. 593265

File: 1540920873932.jpeg (125.44 KB, 750x1005, AFEB88DB-68F2-466A-8D0D-5FC5EF…)

Oh goody, more creatures to bring into the hoard.

No. 593267

Would love to see her try and take pictures with a fucking scorpion lmao.

No. 593268

The ~spooky~ mantis must've inspired her. And yet, I don't recall any major updates on any of her current arachnids or bugs?

Speaking of, despite Cheese being her arguably most well-known pet, I don't know how long it's been since I've heard anything significant about ANY of her tanks.

No. 593273


She really is trying to rebrand herself hard as Cool Snake Girl. Aquariums, schmaquariums, who cares about stupid fish?

(I feel so bad for Mushu.)

No. 593279

Gee I sure do hope that Taylor looks into the very exotic and exciting Loxoceles Reclusa, they make the best pets!

No. 593282

File: 1540924688925.jpeg (335.92 KB, 1188x2181, 5D802EE0-5A6F-4658-A633-379B26…)

No. 593283

Maybe she finally realized she can kill as many bugs as she wants and blame it on their short lifespans and no one gives her shit

No. 593285

Nice, get animal that hates being handled and should be left alone as much as possible. But when she is whoring it to her Instagram she will say that it jumped on her hand and it was just for a second!!!

No. 593300

I can't tell who's more codependent in this relationship, him or her.

No. 593304

> don't see how her apartment complex could not know that she has 30+ animals in there. It's got to stink in there.

The majority of her animals are reptiles, which don't really smell tbh.

She does have a couple of small mammals though, and since she got the rats though, hoooo boy.

Sorry for sperg but they're not significantly venomous. This is an American urban legend based on a really shitty paper and the fact that doctors cannot diagnose spider bites anymore than an entomologist can diagnose a staph infection. Doctors will diagnose any necrotic lesion the patient suspects to be a bite as a brown recluse bite, even in areas they cannot live. We have them in Europe, which is where they originate from, and they're considered mildly annoying housepests at worst. There are no confirmed records of medically significant bites occurring in Europe, despite the greater distribution and the fact they originate here.

It'd be funnier for her to get an old world tarantula like an OBT, her overconfidence would get put in check really quickly. Even a new world would be funny, she wouldn't get nailed but they'd flick hairs at her all day long.

No. 593306

she already has a tarantula named Cersei who does flick hairs at her.

why are you talking about venom? i read it as a joke about her being stupid and literally picking her pets at random based on how cool their names sound or somethihg.

No. 593308

You must have never smelled a dirty snake enclosure or one with overlooked poop. She has 10+ snakes and if she isn’t cleaning them it’s gonna stink. Same with her created geckos, which there’s been a photo floating around of their cage door caked in poop. She also already has a tarantula that flicks hair at her.

No. 593309


>picking her pets at random based on how cool their names sound or somethihg.

Yup. Dollars to donuts that's how she picks them. Satanic leaf geckos anyone?

No. 593310

Herps don't smell, no, but an unclean cage does. I find it hard to believe that Taylor is cleaning up their waste as it happens, sorry.

No. 593313

Yep, that's always been my take on her, too. "Oooh, morphs and mutants sound so cool! Idk what it means, but it's expensive! I should get ten!" etc.

No. 593315

Eh, they definitely can smell. Especially ones that like to smear their shit around. Or ones that shit in their hides and then sit in it. She's probably left shit in her animals enclosures for days at a time.

No. 593316

>Loxoceles reclusa
Anon I replied to is joking about Taylor getting a brown recluse. Anons joke hinges on Taylor being stupid enough to get a venomous species of spider.

I've smelled herp shit before; my beardie's shit absolutely reeks, but once it's dry it doesn't smell unless you stick your head in the enclosure. It gets less bad the longer you leave it; if he shits when I'm in the room I know about it, but if I come back after a day out I wont smell it if it's been there for a while.

Yeah, herp shit smells bad but it's in enclosed tanks. I'd take a room full of unclean snake tanks over one with a dirty cat litter box in any day.

No. 593321

ayrt right here, my joke hinges on Taylor being dumb enough to pick her arachnid based on the name, not sure why you're nitpicking over venom. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Maybe you're new to Taylor since you didn't know about Cersei? Taylor's not the best or the fastest at cleaning her pet enclosures, so yes. Pretty much a guarantee that her apartment reeks and that her neighbors are likely livid between the hoarding and the drug use.

No. 593324

Has Taylor ever come right out and said that the reason she left her dogs behind is that they were too much actual work? It strikes me that all her beloved 'pets' are animals that need a good deal less constant care/are much less needy than a dog. As if she cares for any of them.

No. 593325

My bad, entofag and I just don't think Loxoceles reclusa is particularly cool sounding so didn't pick up on it, assumed it was a stab at her lack of research.

I've been here since thread one and I'm the entomologist who called her out on the orchid mantis being a male. I forgot about cersei because she never posts about any of her old animals and is a hoarder. No need to be so passive aggressive.

No. 593326

I mean that and she also has some mammals which would require at least daily spot cleaning and a full clean every other week or so.

Reptiles are reptiles, the spot cleaning isn't such a large issue (especially with snakes) but once you get into the mammals you have a real mess.

No. 593327

She only had the one dog at the time, Kida. The other dog was her mom's. She was training Kida to be her service dog. She said she left Kida behind because she bonded more with her brother and was going to be her brother's service dog. But since then I don't think Mama Dean has posted anything about Kida getting training or anything like that, so I find that doubtful.

No. 593328


Any idea what happened to the chihuahua?

No. 593329

lol @ assuming that her cats' litter boxes are clean?

No. 593333

The chihuahua was a long time ago, but from what I remember she only had it for a couple days and then rehomed it because she was having trouble potty training it.

No. 593336

Where did I say Taylors litter boxes are clean. I'm saying catpiss smells worse than reptile shit, in general. It was a hypothetical, not a statement about Taylor's apartment.

OP said her landlord must know about all of her animals because 30+ animals would stink, which doesn't make any sense given most of them aren't particularly smelly animals. If her apartment stinks of cat and rat piss, that doesn't change if she gets rid of all of her herps and has a reasonable quantity of pets, does it? her landlord isn't smelling the cat piss and thinking
>Wow, she must have over thirty animals for it to smell so bad!
They're more likely thinking
>Wow this tenant is a lazy pos who never cleans out their cat's litterbox

No. 593339

Clearly too much work to house train a dog. She's such an awful person. If you don't want to be responsible for the animals in your care you shouldn't have any. I suppose it's a good thing that she's aware of this, but it confuses me as to why she's only partially aware. Why 'rehome' some and not others? Why let people come in and completely redo some of her enclosures but not all? She half asses everything, it's maddening.

No. 593342

anon, calm down. have you ever been to a herp house at the zoo? particularly an older zoo? even they stink sometimes. this is not a dig at herps, it's just a fact, come on. when you have a lot of animals living together in a small space, it tends to smell, period. it's also the people who don't own them or live with them who notice the smell, whether it's mammals or not–when they're yours or when it's a part of your job, you stop noticing it. taylor's apartment is a whole lot smaller than my local zoo's herp rooms, just sayin.

you're acting like you're the one being called out and you're not. take it easy.

No. 593345

the smell in a herp zoo is from humidity inside a building, not shit. at least if its half decent.

No. 593347

Not not calm dw, just a casual swearer and tone doesn't communicate well in text.

I'm not trying to say her apartment doesn't smell bad, but there's just no way someone is going to smell it and make the leap to her having all of those animals. Not until she gets to TV-show-hoarders levels of uncleanliness, anyway. Especially when all of the mammals she has smell much more strongly and cat litter is open, her rats are in a wire cage. Her mammals are probably the ones she has told them about, they're just going to assume any bad smells come from them. That's all I'm saying.

Also zoo departments smell bad because they crank up the heat and humidity in the entire building, not just in the animals tanks/enclosures. A lot of what you're smelling is damp.

No. 593349

Yes, and we're all sure Taylor is on top of variables like the humidity as well. If professionally maintained herp enclosures can smell, welp, that tells me all I need to know about Taylor's apartment.

No. 593358


no, but she doesnt heat and humidify entire rooms.

No. 593362


Her apartment has to smell. Regardless of whether or not she cleans out her animals regularly, there is still that animal smell. Mostly from the mammals. Like when you walk into someone's house and can instantly tell they have a dog from smell alone? That kinda smell. Anyone who isn't accustomed to it will notice it immediately.

She has 3 cats now and they can STINK when they use the litter box, not to mention all the marking they are probably doing now from Star.

No. 593363

She’s probably getting a scorpion because when she posted that thing of all the tattoos she wants it said scorpion on foot.

No. 593364

Please read this

How is saying
>Her landlord wont automatically assume she's an animal hoarder because her apartment smells like cat piss
serially being conflated with
>her apartment doesn't smell at all

I'm getting bored of repeating myself and don't think I can possibly be any clearer.

No. 593369

OMG. Taylor is a slob. She doesn’t ensure enclosures are maintained and animals given fresh water (consistently she shows dry water dishes in shots). Her apartment is disgustingly filthy in shots. There’s no question it smells. But hard to say if it is detectable outside the apartment.

No. 593374


Yeah honestly it depends on the quality of the apartments. Some complexes you can smell everything your neighbors cook, some you can have a neighbor who smokes constantly and never be able to tell inside your own apartment.

I can't imagine she'd pass a landlord inspection if they had to actually enter it though, even if she cleaned just prior, the outlet situation alone has to be a disaster at this point. If the complex just had a fire elsewhere, you'd think they'd be cracking down on fire safety.

No. 593377

I can't recall ever seeing extension cords or power bars in her pictures but the place has to be full of them, what with all the heat lamps on top of the usual electronics. There's no way she'd pass an inspection from the landlord/mgmt. company. If I were her, I'd be worrying about it all the time.

No. 593378

Taylor has already expressed an interest in hots tho? A venomous pet is a cool one as far as she's concerned, and technically almost all arachnids are venomous anyhow, just not toxic to humans.

I thought the joke was to do with the name being "exotic" and Taylor latching on to that because she's not very smart.

No. 593412

I just don’t understand the thought process behind this? “I have lots of time and know my limits uwu” bullshit aside does she not see how negative of a message this sends?
“Oh I have 40 animals already but none of them are new, despite my whining that I care for all my animals I only broadcast new shit and refuse to show the old”

No. 593413

I just don’t understand the thought process behind this? “I have lots of time and know my limits uwu” bullshit aside does she not see how negative of a message this sends?
“Oh I have 40 animals already but none of them are new, despite my whining that I care for all my animals I only broadcast new shit and refuse to show the old”

No. 593416

I just don’t understand the thought process behind this? “I have lots of time and know my limits uwu” bullshit aside does she not see how negative of a message this sends?
“Oh I have 40 animals already but none of them are new, despite my whining that I care for all my animals I only broadcast new shit and refuse to show the old”

No. 593419

Am I the only one who thinks Taylor’s animal husbandry was better (although not the best) in her older videos when she didn’t have as many animals as she does now? Although she wasn’t perfect, it seemed like she really cared for her animals back then. Once she started getting snakes, her animal care started to decline, and even more so when she started dating Jonny.

No. 593425

File: 1540959174115.jpeg (182.15 KB, 750x458, 15BF0B3E-D4A0-42F8-A63A-6D49BC…)

Another I’ve always wanted pet…
Also I haven’t been keeping track how long has she had duck?

No. 593426

She was a better person before she moved out to be honest. I was a fan till then.

No. 593429

Two months it looks like. Too long for Taylor to still be excited.

No. 593431

At this point I'm curious what she thinks her limit is. Is it space? Money? She certainly doesn't seem to take into account her knowledge of the species nor time.

And as far as snakes go, how many empty racks does she still have?

No. 593435

I think she's well into the hoarder mentality and doesn't think about the kinds of questions you raise, not any longer. She sees something she wants, she's going to have it. She deserves it and the animals also help to keep her narcissistic supply topped off. Space doesn't factor into it and as long as she has youtube neither will money. I honestly believe that if she were to go broke tomorrow she'd rescue/shelter hop.

No. 593436

I want to say when the house catches fire or they all die from mites or something but let’s be real she’d play oblivious to her own negligence and replace all of them with what ever money she has left.
I think she’ll only learn if a friend finally stops kissing ass and calls animal protection in concern or something escapes and causes hell to neiboughrs for several hours because she’s sleeping.

No. 593437

Also the fact she has 15+ snakes that could all live for several decades. Does she not consider she might be in different circumstances (money, a real job (lol), space, family) within that time? I guess they'll all just be dumped.

No. 593439

She only looks like she was better at it because she had Jen helping everyday, not to mention she also probably had a cap on how many animals she could own, partly because of Tanner having to be cared for, and partly because it's not the same to have most of your animals in your room and maybe the kitchen than to have them all over the place.

Her impulse control is all over the place now that she's on her own, which really sucks because she could actually cause an accident. The apartment she lives in, no matter how upscale, is not appropriate for the amount of animals she keeps cramming into it.

If one of her animals were to escape her apartment, it could get killed, or she could cause a fucking fire or power outage.

Like at this point it's gone beyond animal care into an actual hazardous situation where she's potentially putting other people at risk because of her sheer stupidity. No matter how you cut it, her living conditions are just not appropriate for all the animals she has.

No. 593444

Except that hoarded animals in a two bedroom will definitely smell? I don't even know why you're arguing this.

No. 593466

I wonder why she's never set up any of her tanks as bioactive. Bioactive tanks are so cool to have if you're interested in bugs and it means you don't have to clean up poop once the cuc is established. It would be great for her tarantula, her lizards, hedgehogs, and I think there's also a way to do it for her snakes (although idk about substrate for balls).

No. 593468

Whatever happened to that magazine interview she had? Did it ever get published?

No. 593474

Also because ll of her reptiles will need some form of heating and in small rooms the room will get hot very fast.
You have heat + some humidity + unclean cages = smell

The anon seems to b saying that just because it smells doesn't mean everyone knows which is reasonable. That being said, if someone walked into her house or room they'd probably know straight away

No. 593478

does she ever post about cleaning cat litter on those shitty quirky lists she makes? like, I have one cat and I have to clean her litter after like 10-14 days due to smell, and after a few months get a new box since the old one will also make it smell even worse

i cant imagine with her three cats she has one or two litter boxes she routinely cleans out, shes too fuckin lazy for that. it must be nasty in whatever room the litter boxes are in.

cant wait for the obligatory "guys ive wanted X bug for so long, its totally my dream to own one of these! ive always loved bugs!"

No. 593479

Lol who the fuck cleans their cat's litter every 10-14 days only?

No. 593480

>> like, I have one cat and I have to clean her litter after like 10-14 days due to smell, and after a few months get a new box since the old one will also make it smell even worse

What the fuck?! Who the fuck "cleans" litter once every fortnight? Your place must reek to high heavens, nonny.

No. 593481

I'm hoping they meant hours not days.

No. 593482


Nah, if they leave it long enough to NEED REPLACING EVERY FEW MONTHS entirely, they're not cleaning it properly if at all. Disgusting, and wasteful.

No. 593483

File: 1540980474415.png (530.41 KB, 636x618, 2653dffa96ad77e4104ffa3be225fa…)

nightmare fuel time

No. 593485

To be honest she didn't need to paint her face, with those lips she already looks like Cheese

No. 593486

Omg, you only clean your cats litter every 2 weeks? That is DISGUSTING, and probably what Taylor does too

No. 593487


jesus christ. this isn't even quirky. this is just horrifying.

No. 593488


The fact that she actually put effort into this and is getting it out on time is mind blowing to me.

The premiere is going to be the closest thing to a livestream (like she used to do before moving) and the chat will be interesting.

No. 593489


We'll see if Taylor has the sense to get the chat moderated. Then again, she has so many gushing tween fans that any criticism will be drowned out quickly…

No. 593490


Lol guys I'm pretty sure anon meant changing the litter boxes out every 10-14 days, not scooping. They should be scooped 1-2+ times a day, but you don't generally toss all the litter to replace with new and scrub the entire box daily. Plus it depends on the cat (like how big they are/how much they pee) and the type of litter, some need weekly some need less. When I used clay it lasted a solid 14 days before changing out for new litter, now that I use feline pine with a giant cat with kidney issues it only lasts about 7.

Either way, no I bet she doesn't change the litter out enough, and scrubbing boxes in an apartment is kind of hard without a hose so I suspect she just doesn't bother. We know she doesn't clean reptile enclosures or keep up with aquarium water changes, why would she bother changing out dirty litter regularly?

No. 593491


What kind of a dump apartment do you live in that hasn't got a shower? It isn't difficult at all cleaning out a litterbox in an apartment. Stop making excuses for shitty pet owners and their ineptitude.

No. 593492

It is insane to clean a litter box in the shower anon. Litter will clog the pipes!

No. 593493


LOL you empty the litter box out, spray it with cleaner, and scrub and rinse it in the shower.

No. 593495


I wouldn't call it an excuse… I didn't say she shouldn't or couldn't, I said I bet she doesn't. She's too lazy to clean up laundry or vacuum, you really think she bothers carrying litter boxes to showers or sinks and rinsing them out properly?

No. 593504

Even changing the entire box every two weeks with three cats is insane. I had three cats with five boxes and they all were changed at least weekly. Anyways, I doubt she has more than maybe two boxes. With three cats she should have a minimum of four. Since star is a "stray" I'd even recommend extras for her so she feels more comfortable using them (if one of the males uses them before her she may not want to use it, which may be why she isn't using her litter box and just going on the floor according to jonny)

No. 593505


I have to admit I wouldn't have grokked this was supposed to be Cheese instead of, IDK, generic gargoyle or something if Nonny downthread hadn't pointed it out. Uh. It's… a unique look?

No. 593514

>clean her litter after like 10-14 days

anon plz

No. 593515


I genuinely thought it was a Shrek cosplay until you mentioned Cheese …

No. 593517

Cheese seems to be her claim to fame but she doesn't even post him any more. Why bother at this point?

No. 593518


And isn't that ironic, considering she's built her brand around him (her twitter header pic, those cringy plushies)… Either he's death or so sickly she can't show him, or she's going hard at the "bad girl with snakes (in fucking plastic bins)" image now.

No. 593520

From what I remember anons have pointed out that Cheese hasn't grown in size like he should but it's more likely the second point.

She's dropping all that entirely to be the tattooed rocker model girlfriend with all the snakes while she flits around wearing lingerie as public appropriate clothing.

I just hope her apartment complex gets stricter after this fire and finds out how much she's hoarding. Her lack of impulse control is going to screw her over.

No. 593523


Honestly I think cheese probably died and she’s had to replace him and get a smaller / younger one which is why it appears he hasn’t grown but also probably why she doesn’t show him as often because she’s lost interest because in her head she knows it’s not the original. I’d call this a stretch but it’s been proven she’s killed and replaced other animals, and cheese dying would harm her brand so she has to replace him.

No. 593524

it's because it's all about her and only her so she HAS to get her beautiful image and face painting out there on time so all the world can see how pretty she is.

If we needed further proof she only cares about herself here it is I guess…

No. 593531

I'm in for fifty for the "Cheese is deader than fuck" pool, he's long gone.

If Taylor lost everything tomorrow, no matter, she'd be up and running the day after. She has loads of normie fans, and they'd help her get the word out that she was going to 'run a reptile rescue' or some such. Everyone's seen examples of 'rescues' which are just thinly veiled excuses to hoard. You've got to be at least partially fucked once you have upwards of 15 animals living in your home and tearing up your property. Snakes are a bit easier to load up on without anyone realizing, but the end result is going to be bad either way.

No. 593536

The name isn't exotic though, it's just the species binomial and its not even a cool one with an interesting meaning. Maybe if you've never read Latin names before but this one is boring run of the mill species name, half of it is the same as the common name. Is it purely because it has an x in it? Idgi.

No. 593574

Since we’re on the topic of something potentially happening to Cheese, when I first saw this photo >>592959 I thought that yellow thing looked like a really small cowfish. I didn’t say anything because no one else pointed out and I don’t know anything about keeping fish. It might just be a plant but does anyone with more knowledge thing it looks like a cowfish?

No. 593575


Have any of you guys seen this video??? Not sure if it was posted here already. Posted by Amanda (I’m assuming) of Jonny and he is talking about relapsing and gets pissed at her for filming.

No. 593576

(Same person as above)



No. 593578

you're proceeding from the assumption that taylor is intelligent, bad form, anon.

No. 593580

I mean we all know that he's a junkie. Don't really know why you're so surprised about these lol

No. 593585

Hahaha true. I just didn’t know there was video evidence of him screaming at his girlfriend.

No. 593586

what blows my mind is how small width-wise jonny used to be. we all know he's a petite dude, but holy hell, he gained weight

No. 593587

this was like discussed in the first thread and early proof of taylor being a fucking moron.

No. 593588

Not everyone reads all of these threads idk why you all get so mad.
If anything we're clogging up threads by replying to these people and having arguments about cat litter lmao

No. 593591

no one's talking about cat litter right now you fucking retard. also, it says right in the fucking OP all the stuff about jonny, you don't even have to read any other threads.

No. 593593

File: 1541006969897.gif (1.16 MB, 427x240, 6DA83D3A-FB00-4B87-A434-645BFC…)

>wonder why everyone is so damn mad up in here
>'you fucking retard'

jesus, chill. it's halloween, go eat a cookie or some shit.(learn board culture)

No. 593594

alcohol bloat and junkie sugar cravings. hand to god, there are fat junkies waddling around everywhere these days, it's nuts.

No. 593595

To add more to the cat litter fumes lol.. but didn’t jonny post a story about how they wish that Star can use the litter box properly? Idk about you guys but the smell of cat urine and feces that isn’t covered by litter stinks so bad it hurts so imagine Star urinating every corner and to add to that mess, her rats isn’t even hand trained so she probably doesn’t spend enough time with them so imagine their pee as well? I had a classmate who had a couple of hamsters and I can literally smell it from her so imagine Taylor? Lmao probably smells like soiled bedding in that apartment especially if she doesn’t have some sort of air purifier or circulation in there

No. 593596

>fat junkies
Like Luna, basically.

But Johnny's going to die soon anyway so most of his bad looks are probably from that. Doesn't he have kidney issues and some kind of disease?

No. 593601

Don't forget Kadee.

If Johnny has renal disease he's pretty fucking stupid to be putting pressure on them like that. I know heroin is hepatic but I'm sure he gobbles benzos like candy, no one does one without the other anymore.

No. 593603

It’s terrible of me, but I can’t stop imagining the sob story Instagram post Taylor would make if Jonny died.

“He was not eating and losing weight for six months, but the vet, I mean doctor said this was normal and just give him soup. The doctor said I did everything right. Everyone says it’s not my fault he died. I got him from a really bad breeder.”

No. 593605


theres so many interviews of him "overcoming" his addiction

No. 593611

His death would trigger the most intense buying spree ever seen.

No. 593614

File: 1541013289749.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-31-13-14-46…)

In other words she's too lazy to do the premiere thing. And doesn't want to risk a live chat.

No. 593615

Being on twitch then will never happen with Taylor lmao

No. 593619

It's a wonder she hasn't capitalized on My Strange Addiction type shows to get fame/money by showing off how she's addicted to pets or snakes in general.

No. 593639

it pisses me off so bad that she didn't just spell ou "central." you're two letters away sis just fucking type it out.

but that would just prove us right and you know taylor's the one who's always right, not us

No. 593645

No. 593646

It looked somewhat halfway decent when it was blurred out

No. 593648

File: 1541020268666.png (7.29 KB, 703x55, taylor.png)

how kind of her.

No. 593650


LOL there's a comment on that vid requesting her to do a video reacting to bad petowners on Youtube. I can't even.

No. 593651

It doesn't look like Cheese has grown…at all?

No. 593652

LMAO Tyler Rugge and Emzotic collabed with the dark den, who made a video about Taylor and the monitor situation

No. 593653

But she couldn’t (wouldn’t) do the premier because it “caused troubles with monetization” kek ok Taylor. Everyone knows you only posts videos when that YouTube money starts to dry up.

No. 593655


Hey now, it isn't cheap keeping strays with pre-existing conditions and expensive diets like Jonny! Fucking hork.

No. 593656

she really does not seem to like the two other girls. She seems annoyed and cold for the whole video. I know it's like her schtick, but she sounds really genuinely mean a couple times through out.

No. 593657

File: 1541020622069.png (8.06 MB, 2208x1242, D8B4EA38-D031-4308-8224-EC4742…)

Everybody here talking shit about how bad the hairline on her ratty pink wig looked and bam - next time we see it she’s wearing a beanie. Hi, Taylor!

No. 593658


I was so glad that Emma just cut her aimless rambling short a few times and just… spoke over her when she couldn't figure out how to end her endless intro spiel. Taylor really does not seem to be firing on all cylinders lately in these videos - she has really gone downhill in the basic "speaking in complete sentences" department.

No. 593659

cheese doesn't look more than three inches in this video, he's about the same size as he was in a video about six months ago. She's had him for TWO YEARS. From what I can find online a well cared for cow fish grows to around 8 inches by that time. She's either replaced him or he's horribly stunted.

No. 593660

Honestly I'm going to go with horribly stunted, I doubt she's replaced him as he has pretty specific markings.

No. 593661

File: 1541021467164.png (7.51 MB, 2436x1125, A220B483-1135-493B-9488-68AEF5…)

Oh my God, her hair line. It’s so damaged.

No. 593663

is that the rat cage on the floor where the cats can torment them? not to mention it is still looking SO bare bones inside.

No. 593664


These 3 are the most annoying. They're trying SO hard to be funny and not one of them is.

No. 593665

You’re right Anon, I missed that. And in the background of this videos she had Star roaming around, those poor rats must be stressed. No doubt they can smell her.

No. 593666


Yep. It's also in the living room and no longer her bed room. So If she's going out and leaving them unattended, the cats will have full access to the rats, all it takes is for their tails to slip through the bars…

No. 593668


>purses and jackets on the rat cage as if it's just another piece of furniture

They will chew that strap if they can get ahold of it.

No. 593671

Lol i havent seen the videos but its so obvious theyre using this junkie for the views and Taylors way of getting away from Jonny. Talk about the fakest friends

No. 593673

The one on the right looks like the crimson chin lmfao

No. 593676


It was weird, shitty personality aside in some parts Taylor did look like she was enjoying hersel or at least similar to how she was pre-jonny. And then as soon as he comes back and see's her looking like cheese she gets all nervous and is covering her face?

No. 593677

In the heat of Texas…
Exactly. And who would be any the wiser!

No. 593678

She looks like she's wearing a party city wig but left what's left of her baby hairs out. How the hell do you let your hair get to a point where it stands up like straw? I just can't grasp it. I know for sure her extensions must have been snapping off everytime she messed with her hair.

No. 593682

agreed. She was giggling and having fun and he had to come out and tell her she looks ridiculous just to knock her back down a notch.

No. 593685


This is really sad to me. I actually used to enjoy Taylor's content and her sense of humor, and it's sad to see her speaking in a stilted fashion, looking worn out and checked out, and continuing to live with that tick of a man.

No. 593691

if he sees she is with her friends, filming and just fooling around
Why is he keep asking her for ice like she is his maid or something?

No. 593693


Because he's a manbaby, and a leech, and an abuser. Gotta knock her down and make her serve him so he "stays on top".

No. 593694

File: 1541027141814.jpeg (279.46 KB, 1012x1800, E2821A1A-7944-4AE0-AB4B-2FF5A7…)

The way this cow and her minions joke about her terrible animal care makes me so furious.

One of them says off camera “Oh this cowfish husbandry is soooo terrible” because the pool water is too cold. To which Taylor makes this “joke”.

The fact that they have all of these in-jokes about mistreating animals is honestly gross. And the fact that she has the audacity to put them in her videos?!

No. 593697

Exactly how much fucking coke did she snort to think ANY of this was a good idea?

No. 593698


Yeah as soon as Jonny came in and told her she looked ridiculous she started covering her face. I don’t like Taylor, but I have sympathy for anyone who has to deal with a POS S/O who knocks them down.

But then again, I don’t have as much sympathy for Taylor as I could since she was warned by multiple people about his abusive behavior.

No. 593701


I do weirdly have sympathy for her, especially if her having been in an abusive relationship before is true - people like that are way more likely to get into an abusive relationship all over again. And it isn't so easy to snap out of it - probably harder still if you're not fucking sober and in touch with reality and your friends and family, and abusers do their best to insulate their victims from those things so they're wholly codependent.

No. 593711

File: 1541029482711.png (577.52 KB, 1080x1243, Screenshot_20181031-162213~2.p…)

She also shared this on her Twitter.
Very family-friendly.

No. 593713

File: 1541029557072.png (124.03 KB, 974x508, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 4.47…)


No. 593721


ok that's just disgusting.

No. 593800

she is so gross how can people can like her? good god also thet costume is shit

No. 593818

Not to wk at all but I think he was asking in the sense that he came in and realized they were filming in the kitchen/living room and was asking if he could come through and get ice.

No. 593826

everyone keeps pointing out how star may need extra litter boxes for herself, but whos to say she isn't using the other cats litter boxes and being aggressive since new environment?
i guess according to the nutshow she cant really use litter boxes, but problems with ppl getting cats is that they dont understand 1 or 2 litter boxes normally doesnt even help with adopted/stray cats bc if they're aggressive or feel threatened they'll go use the other boxes to show dominance

yeah i scoop every 2ish days, i meant replace the litter entirely every two weeks because of how bad the stench gets generally, and scooping piss can be impossible sometimes.

didnt another anon point out how star or the other cats might be scenting since new cat environment too? absolutely fucking nasty

No. 593827

Guys most of this thread is about litter boxes. Can we please move on.

No. 593840

File: 1541044193424.jpg (15.12 KB, 500x354, radiator-lady.jpg)

No. 593872

on some obscure website called learnmorefacts (?) i saw that it says she was going to university of florida for a double major? was that when she was dating will? what is the timeline here and if there is no timeline where the fuck did that info come from lmao

No. 593874

She actually tweeted this, I think.
Basically it was some stan making up facts about her.

No. 593887

File: 1541055844991.png (15.38 KB, 585x141, notliketheothers.png)

No. 593894

This is so oddly specific?? "I hate all women who enjoy a particular video game series >:(" ok, thx 4 letting us know ur useless opinion?

No. 593895

"every1 hu has a differnt opinion 2 me suckzzz!" says no one past the mental age of a 10 year old.

No. 593896

Notice how it's worded in a "Taylor's not like other girls" way. He's as insufferable as a 13 year old.

No. 593900


christ he's pathetic. the type to hate on "fake gamer girls" but his girl is special because she plays games. what a loser.

No. 593910

We get it Jonny, you hate women and need to search excuses for it

No. 593913

can y’all cut it out bitching about the rats smelling the cat. most rat owners keep cats too. the rats will absolutely get used to the scent, and confident rats in particular will take interest. that said, taylor is an idiot who will probably let them meet face to face. and if that happens…

No. 593947


she literally boiled her animals to death like a week ago

No. 593951


that wasn't true, it was a cover up story.

No. 593952


You don't know the truth any more than anyone else in this thread. All we know is that her animals are dead due to substandard care and malignant neglect.

No. 593970

>rat cage with purses and clothing on top
>cat tree literally around the corner


No. 593974

It’s not even just the rat smelling the cat, the cage is literally in a place where the cat can get to the rats and she wouldn’t even notice because ~12 hour nap~ or ~leaving the house~. I wonder how she’ll cover up their deatg when it eventually happens, maybe she’ll pull out another breeder bs story and how she did everything she could but they were “too sick.”

No. 593981

And I was scrolling through her twitter to try and find where she talked about how her reptiles and frog died (I’m not even sure which pets died, she has so many) and it looks like she removed it, maybe she’s hoping we forget? I didn’t scroll far but I’m pretty sure it’s gone.

No. 593983

Thats why we screen cap her stuff. Those pics are all near the end of the last thread, link is at the top of the page.

No. 593999

File: 1541088106142.jpeg (227.74 KB, 1125x911, 22D33DF8-8B3F-4B9C-B27A-7E138B…)

Lol doubt

No. 594014

Why does she say shit like this?? Didn't she just tell someone who snarked at her inconsistency a week ago that she will NEVER have a consistent schedule?? That's probably the most honest thing she's said. We alllllll know she will never be consistent. Why u always lyin Tay

No. 594044

im sure taylor will have a Very Serious Discussion with her rapist manbaby about talking down on other women!!! they’ll talk about it and as a reward when little Jonny learns they’ll take some fun opiate

No. 594102

File: 1541105889178.jpg (428.28 KB, 1218x1289, 8HGxWnv.jpg)

Stuff like this has bothered me about Taylor from the beginning. While I’m not a snake expert by any means, I can imagine the reason he keeps “yelling” is that he’s just shed so he’s defensive and irritable, and her shoving the shed skin on his face in an attempt to keep this stupid yelling joke going is upsetting him.

No. 594106


Yeah, Taylor has put memes before responsible animal handling since day fucking one with her hedgehog shit and her Cheese shit. They're just things to her.

No. 594116

AKA the amount of animals I have is starting to actually be a financial burden on me but I want to buy my rapist BF a million dollar house and keep hoarding more animals so I need to upload more to get that revenue and sponsorships.

No. 594144

The magazine interview was published today and ofc Taylor dressed like a cheap hooker.

No. 594148

No. 594150

The fact that through this whole video the cats are roaming as she takes out her tarantula and bearded dragon gives me so much anxiety.

No. 594151

what the heck is she wearing? It looks seriously inappropriate. The interviewer can barely get a word in with Taylor rambling so much. She also ‘plays’ with her hedgehog by rolling it into its back and not letting it right itself up. When she gets her spider out the cats are right there and the interviewer picks one up to stop it getting too close. She also claims she only made €6000 dollars last year which all went back into her animals. Yeah of course, so where did your money come from for your deposit and groceries and rent and bills. Also claims her tank cost €15000. I have one myself so know they are expensive but she got hers given to her by a company at reduced cost as the delivery was delayed. She comes across as an idiot. her outfit is mainly to blame for this.

No. 594152


she's trying to come off as his sultry, sexy woman who owns all these exotic animals but she instead looks like a cheap hooker in a brothel.

learn how to dress yourself, taylor. it's an interview for a magazine, not an interview to be a sex worker.

No. 594153


I just threw up in my mouth at the title

No. 594154

“…If I knew I could give it a good home, there’s no animal I’d be nervous to own.”

Says the bitch who called anyone who owns exotic mammals mentally ill.

"…This fascination has led Dean to amass over 50 pets, all of which live in her two-bedroom apartment in San Antonio"

And why do they present this like it's supposed to be awing, it sounds like the beginning of an article about animal hoarding to me?

No. 594155


right? sounds like an introduction to a hoarding program focused on her. it's not impressive to own 50+ animals, it's concerning.

No. 594156

It’s because she’s young and pretty. If she was in her forties and looked like Susan Boyle you can bet the tone of the piece would change lol.

No. 594157

I couldn't care less what she looked like. What's alarming is her dismissal at the end, claiming that the hate she gets can be summed up by differences in opinion for animal care.

If she want to make the comparison to children/parenting: maybe read a few "parenting" books? Don't collect "children" to the point where you don't have the adequate amount of time to look after them?? So much so they DIE?!?!

No. 594161


They literally expose her address and apartment number at 2:34 minutes in omg

No. 594164

This bitch wore lingere for a NY magazine interview. I can't stand her omfgggg

No. 594167

Since it's up on NY Magazine's YT channel, I wonder what the comment section is going to look like over time.

No. 594171

omg her hair is a mess. She looks awful when she can't control lighting/camera angle.

No. 594172

No. 594177

There are so many things wrong with this interview and video. So many just… irresponsible moments shown with her pets. I mean, Kronos straight up bites her when she's hand-feeding him?

No. 594178

I wonder if she's going to tweet that the video is out. Unfortunately as soon as it does her stupid fans will come to her defense.

No. 594182

She posted the link and quickly deleted as she realized her address was exposed

No. 594183

File: 1541114474248.jpeg (652.66 KB, 1242x1510, E357A2F7-5EBB-44DD-93E9-76EAF3…)

Queen my shiny white A$$!

No. 594184

I hate that the interviewers / camera crews that were allowed inside of her apartment could have seen some really alarming things but had no idea because they're not animal people and don't know the ins and outs of exotic care so wouldn't be able to recognize that something was wrong.

No. 594185

Interesting that despite toting that she has 50+ animals, they didn't feature many.

Definitely noted that the skinks and frog weren't featured. Any others that were missing?

No. 594186

She said that she is used to getting bitten… And she sounded proud of it.
That just shows that she really has no clue how to take care of these animals.

No. 594187


She's really out here saying that roughneck's are supposed to be aggressive… when its her fault for likely getting a wild caught one and then not bothering to put the effort into taming it.

No. 594189

As a Coeliac bitch I just have to LOL on forever about her continuing sob story about being "oh so chronically iiiiiilll". Fair enough if she has actual life-ruining diseases, but Coeliac is so fucking manageable it's ridiculous. Just watch what goes into your mouth, Ta– yeah.

No. 594192


she also makes it seem like she inspires so many by sharing 'MUH ILLNESS' but she barely ever talks about it in a way that isn't just complaining? how is that inspirational? and she's only made one old video on it so i'm sure anyone who doesn't follower her twitter has no idea. She also acts like she talks to so many of her 'fans' with the same thing, but she can barely be awake enough to check her animals aren't burning so i doubt it

No. 594200


Yeah no. I have EDS, same type, and she could talk about a lot more than just complaining about it. Physical therapy, braces to help with hypermobility, supplements, etc etc etc. She offers no support other than "oh she has what I have." There was another YouTuber who has the same type of EDS as Taylor and made a video on one of her bad days showing what she does to get through it. Guess Taylor can't do that because she does nothing to help herself on bad days and lays in bed while her animals overheat to death.

No. 594220

I don't know much about EDS, but I have arthritis. I know when I have bad days the best thing is to keep moving or my joints will just hurt worse. Is EDS sort of the same? Is she basically making herself worse by laying in bed all day?

No. 594225

It's already all hate.

No. 594234

why does she look like a walmart brand Alex from 8 Mile for an interview? JFC. She needs stone-cold friends that tells her straight up that she needs to fix herself and help her get her childish self together.

No. 594236


EDS is very much the same in that any type of exercise or physical therapy can be very helpful. Connective tissues dont work in people with EDS so building up the muscle can help make up for it and kind of hold things together in a way. Basically, it does get worse for you if you don't keep up with exercise or PT. Or it does me, I guess. As much as I dislike this bitch, EDS can be different for people.

No. 594238

Video is taken down..for now. Probably to blur the personal info.

No. 594239

File: 1541118780948.jpeg (503.95 KB, 2048x1536, F300308A-64D1-4FE4-BBBE-3B58BE…)

Most of the comments are like this.

No. 594241

Ok. Thank you. I wonder if she actually does anything to help herself. We'd probably have heard about it if she was.

No. 594252

I can't watch the magazine video. Says "video is unavailable". Any kind anon tell me where I can watch it or post it?

No. 594255



i opened this link awhile ago and can watch the video on it. havent refreshed the page tho

if its gone i still ss her address lmao

No. 594256


Yep, that's the link that's broken that I was talking about.

No. 594257


samefag but maybe they realized that they doxxed her and took it down?

No. 594267

File: 1541122592454.jpeg (235.13 KB, 640x413, CB6255DB-6654-4DBF-8848-4DE342…)

Yeah the video is down, probably because of the doxx. Did anyone save/archive it, wish I could have seen all of it in action

Here’s the thumbnail at least

No. 594268

File: 1541122768727.png (1.2 MB, 1533x981, tnd.png)

Yeah it's down for me too… although no doubt they'll reupload it soon.

No. 594279

Didn't Taylor say she didn't even have 30 pets after this interview? I doubt they counted every single pet…. She told them she had 50+

No. 594282

her hair just looks like cotton candy at this point. like any moisture and it will just dissolve and disappear.

No. 594283

File: 1541124764277.jpg (841.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181101-215610_Ins…)

Jonny's story is showing Cheese and their vacuumed carpet. Wonder who the real lurker is in that place.

No. 594294

TFW the carpet is never clean so you celebrate when it is.

No. 594297


wow what sloppy journalism

No. 594298

I hope they edit it and put the vid back up, I'm sad I missed this train wreck

No. 594300


>STORYTIME:I was doxxed by NY Mag

No. 594312

File: 1541126804133.jpeg (464.16 KB, 1069x1205, C8D5FD5E-D2F2-4BFD-89BC-A91508…)

Okay so I got bored and started looking at reviews on her apartment complex and I found this.(lurk moar)

No. 594317

This was already post

No. 594318

>>594312 we dismissed it bc it’s poorly faked

No. 594324

old, stale milk, probably just a farmer trying to dredge up some drama.

No. 594325


It really depends with EDS day to day. It's not like a "walk it off" kind of deal exactly. I mean I know arthritis isn't either, but moving definitely sometimes can make things worse, especially for those of us who get actual dislocations, because that requires actual recovery time or you can make things worse if your joints get inflammed. Taylor has never tweeted about a dislocation from what I can remember (though she reads here so what are the odds of her tweeting about it tomorrow lmao.) But not strengthening muscles over time or letting them weaken absolutely fucks up everything with EDS. I have a friend with EDS who had to lay in bed for 2 weeks after an emergency surgery, and she ended up developing a ton of problems from losing muscle and had to do a lot of PT for a couple months to get back in shape. Not that there aren't legitimately, permanently bedbound people with EDS, but they don't go walk around Disney or reptile cons when it suits them, so that's not Taylor.

Didn't her dad tweet ages ago about her missing doctors appointments and failing to pick up prescriptions once she moved in with Jonny? If she ever was doing anything to help herself, it seems like she's stopped now.

No. 594378

Wasn't she supposed to release new merch yesterday? She should just stop making promises, she really never delivers wow

No. 594379

File: 1541141187840.jpg (440.37 KB, 758x921, 2018-11-02.jpg)

No. 594386


if an anon can tell me how to save or archive the video off of the link i can give it a try since i never closed it

No. 594389

well you cant save it since it's not there anymore, can you. you could screen record tho.

No. 594391

Record the literal screen with a phone in your unsteady hand while your dog barks intermittently in the background for all I care. I don't think the video was pulled simply to censor her address. If and when the video gets put back up, I want to see what else is different from the original posting.

No. 594393

please please screen record anon, also what >>594391 said

No. 594422

Download obs
>add display cap
>go to record folder
>upload to video hosting site


No. 594424

File: 1541158918531.png (566.57 KB, 621x605, Screenshot_1.png)

ok i know the video was deleted but imagine getting posted to a page with 3,5 million followers and getting 3 likes lol

No. 594429

Chronicles their life? Seriously. We see a half dozen photos the day she introduces them and then they are shelves them, never to be seen for MONTHS! That’s hardly chronicling! Shitty reporting. They obviously haven’t been following her on any social media, otherwise they would have known this.

No. 594434

I live near her apt complex and the 2 bedrooms are only 1,200 to 1,500sqft.
Rule of thumb is every animal you have you should add 500 after your initial 1,00sqft for every pet you own.
That means she is literally is breaking the law rn. But it seems to be a spectacle instead of her getting in actual trouble. Poor Animals

No. 594437


Is that an actual law?

No. 594439

>Rule of thumb
>breaking the law
so is she just breaking a rule of thumb?

No. 594444

This is literally just sad, the snake is clearly not comfortable at all and just needs to be left the fuck alone.

No. 594448

I’ve read this headline at least 4 or 5 times and it doesn’t come across even remotely flattering.

Not to get too pedantic about words but I’ve never heard “Amassed” ever used in a positive way when it comes to animals. They’re not money or something you should be getting in large quantities of and the fact they didn’t use a more favorable word in conguction with “…and they’re all living in a two bedroom apartment” sounds like the headline is trying to grab people’s attention by it being a “spectacle” as opposed to something alluring or mysterious.

Like those strange addiction shows. It’s not necessarily meant to insult the person directly but it’s not exactly painting them in too much a positive light. More or less showing people something shocking they haven’t seen before.

No. 594450

Nice edit lmao
I feel like if NY mag pulled it only because of the doxxing thing, that’s a pretty easy edit to fix. Wouldn’t it be back up by now?

No. 594453

By the time it got taken down on Youtube it had 15 comments, literally all of them hating on Taylor. So yeah, I don't think it's just cause of the doxxing.

No. 594457

Seems to be up again.

No. 594458

The video is still up on YT with her address blurred out but the article is gone.

No. 594460

Nice hangnails…

No. 594468

my god she looks so terrible. I don't understand how she can put that one and be like ye this is how I want to present myself

No. 594469

It’s pointed out in a previous thread rough neck monitors are placid and actually have a shy disposition which was why they’re popular.
What the fuck did she do to him to have him react like that? He wasn’t even going for the food he just went straight to her

No. 594475

Roughnecks can seriously bite the shit out of peoples hands. Taylor has a lot to look forward to if she doesn't tame Kronos soon.

No. 594476

Why why why is she feeding the roughneck with her hands. That's so dangerous. If he was to latch and thrash around at all her could hurt her a lot, especially as he grows

No. 594478

Just realized that the monitor in that video is a bluetail monitor, but whatever they're about the same size so bites will be similar too

No. 594479

Tbh I don’t know about monitors, but the way she held the food looked like was inviting a bite. You feed most animals with your palm flat, from horses to dogs. It stops them mistaking your fingers for the treat. For someone who considers herself an animal expert I was surprised before he even bit that she held such a small food item between two fingers in that way. It goes against all my instincts on feeding animals but like I said I don’t know anything about monitors, maybe it’s fine if you know what you’re doing.

No. 594485

File: 1541173816989.jpg (754.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181102-165014_You…)

Her views have been so awful for someone with 1.5 million subs. She can't even get to 500k anymore.

No. 594486


Maybe she thinks it's the same as using feeding tongs? IDK, reeks of idiocy to me, but hey, she's the "expert" here…

No. 594487


Wonder how long her sponsors are willing to shill out to her when she can't get even 500K going.

No. 594489

Why is she out of the large mice/rats so quickly lmao?
The bigger the prey, the rare you should feed the animal really.

No. 594491

In the beginning of the video where she is making sexy poses in front of her fish. Lmao, who thought that was a good idea? The entire NY mag team stood there and filmed her doing this and was like "this is great, let's put it in"

No. 594494

File: 1541174779822.jpg (40.76 KB, 734x435, Capture.JPG)

>Oh her outfit can't be that bad. Surely she has some sense..


No. 594497

File: 1541174882869.jpg (45.89 KB, 700x467, Capture2.JPG)

It just gets worse and worse. She did an interview looking like a bordello worker?

No. 594498


It's especially hilarious in contrast to the interviewer, who's turned out nicely and in an appropriate casual wear look, ahahaha

Like I get you don't get out much, Tay, or have any idea how to act your age, but this is some "I got dressed high in the dark" BS - or did Jonny pick her clothes?

No. 594499

So you are saying I’m breaking the law by having 3 dogs and 2 turtles in 1500sqft house? I doubt it. In your rules of thumb I should have at least a 4000 square foot house. That’s a very big house btw. Definitely not defending an animal hoarder but what you are saying as a “law” nobody lives by.

No. 594500


If she's feeding with her hands and hasn't washed them I imagine he may have picked up on another scent

No. 594502


well i did do that and the audio just got fucked somehow on my phone

No. 594503

File: 1541175199598.jpg (29.69 KB, 620x459, Capture3.JPG)

When they keep in you trying not to flash your panties at the entire magazine crew.

No. 594505

Because she once said she feeds her male ball python a medium rat every 7-10 days. He should be eating a small rat maybe every two to three weeks, maybe even monthly depending on age and weight. Only my largest females get mediums, and they get them monthly at most.

No. 594506

File: 1541175406988.jpg (41.69 KB, 711x398, Capture4.JPG)

I'm just amazed at how fucking oblivious she is. She's rambling on while the interviewer restrains one cat and the other acts like it could attack the spider the moment it moved.

No. 594508

It’s hilarious that she’s trying so hard to look sexy but it just looks tacky. Like there are plenty of sexy tops she could have paired with that skirt. Instead she looks like she didn’t have time to get changed out of her pajamas and just threw on the first skirt she found on the floor. It’s a look.

No. 594509

File: 1541175583286.jpg (24.27 KB, 518x430, triggered.JPG)

>when they question your pet care after you admit to roasting your animals for hours

No. 594512

with out the upbeat music in the back ground this would look an animal hoarder interview.

No. 594513

I don’t know anything about caring for Hedgehogs, but can an anon enlighten me, the way she treated her hedgehog in this video seemed downright awful to me? The camera man zoomed in on the cat being excited by it, it could have attacked the hedgehog, and the way the hedgehog was on its back and flailing and she kept pushing it down is that normal?

No. 594516

File: 1541178674885.jpeg (277.18 KB, 750x1130, image.jpeg)

I don't mean to derail, but I saw this on reddit and it looks identical to Taylor's, plus the suspicious account username

No. 594517

Probably just a karma farmer

No. 594518

Has she posted that exact image elsewhere? The ones she posted on Twitter were different

No. 594519

I love that all the comments of the video are negative towards Taylor's care and behavior

No. 594521

That's just a pic from twitter. Though I doubt that reddit user is Taylor, based on their previous posts.

No. 594522

that's what happens when she's finally goes outside of her "uwu best pet mom" fake positivity echo chamber

No. 594528


Probably not for long. The only time she bothers to make a video is when they are sponsored and only half assed put together.

No. 594530

File: 1541182840305.gif (1.27 MB, 358x437, whatthefuck.gif)

I don't know why I made this(no contribution)

No. 594531

And she hasn't even uploaded the Audible video even though she meant to do that like a week ago lol.
Unless her last video was for that, I just skipped through it a bit cause it was too boring to endure

No. 594535

Has Taylor ever spoken on her or her trashbag bf getting bitten? Not just warning nips but drawing blood type of bites? Johnny seems like the kind of person to harm/abuse an animal after biting him in self defense.

No. 594546

“Kitties, please don’t attack my spider uwu”
Just?? Close your door??

No. 594547


plus doesnt he have hep c?

No. 594552

if he does, does that mean Taylor has Hep C as well? Taylor is always seen with a new open cut and it just takes Jonny's blood to touch hers. So gross just thinking about them being near each other.

No. 594555

You can see mushus tank still on that hot ass counter during her interview. I'm not surprised but it still makes me angry, especially after her ," if i can give them a good home " nonsense

No. 594556

He has hep c and liver failure. Confirmed by Chelsea and Amanda. I honestly don’t know how she’s so careless with that shit.

No. 594557

Wow, this video. She is out of her head. Comparing her animal hoard to kids is…gee, most people don't have fifty kids, so there's that.

I love how delusional she sounds about everything. Ehlers-Danlos is super rare! Except for the fact that every munchie in town has it. She's dumb as they get.

No. 594558

she looks like a 90s hooker. What was going through her mind when she was getting ready? If Jonny can come out of the room demanding ice that he can obviously get himself then he probably told her this outfit is, "hot as hell and would make the haters hate"

No. 594561

File: 1541191012961.png (31.39 KB, 697x372, 7f1c5a640191d119555c849d2c949d…)

then i hope Taylor isn't as careless as she tends to show

No. 594563

Gotta wonder when Jonny's gonna bring an STI home to her from a tour as a souvenir. If he hasn't already.

No. 594569

Good god, can this girl please try to dress appropriately? Does she have to look like a streetwalker? I almost feel bad for her. Someone needs to have a heart to heart with her and tell her that her optics are shit all the way round. I love that NY Magazine said she'd amassed FIFTY animals; they know she's hoarding. Wonder if her apartment complex will finally get wise to that number.

No. 594589

How do we see comments?

No. 594592

The way she was balling her is awful. Some hedgehogs dont ball up because it's uncomfortable for them. Obviously shown by how Ella was reacting and immediately unrolled. Also she was vigorously SHAKING her out of the log during the day.

Hedgies are nocturnal. She could have picked a different hedgie since obviously Ella was distressed.

No. 594594

File: 1541205909927.png (270.63 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20181102-184440~2.p…)

Does she have her learner's permit?
Or whatever it is you need in Texas

No. 594603

didn't she drive herself when she saved all the baby turtles? And by saved I mean bought

No. 594607

I mean, not really… I'd say it's OK. Pewdiepie has nearly 70 million subs and usually scrapes by with 2M - 5M

No. 594609

Love the crackwhore mtf prostitute look

No. 594611

in the video her mom is driving

No. 594625

Her views and subs have really been tanking HARD according to her socialblade. And considering how many views her videos USED to get, yes it is telling that she can't even hit 500k when she has MORE subs now than when she was getting those views. Based on the comments for her weird Cheese video people are actually getting sick of her content. There's only so many times she can throw up a half asses video and pull mass amounts of money from it. I also wonder how much the drop in subs has to do with her cooking her animals. I actually have a good feeling she's finally starting to fall.

No. 594646

She had her permit. She talked about how she had a permit and not a license when she bought her car and said she didnit kind of backwards by buying the car before getting her license

No. 594647

They’re only herr for the all my pets videos. She’s only been doing all my snakes. She’s probably been holding off from the all my pets because half of them are dead

No. 594651

I didn't even know she had a car.

No. 594652

I just watched the interview video and I think it's hilarious how she was playing the victim at the end. She was saying that she thinks it's crazy how people think she treats her animals unfairly, etc… Yet she cooked three of her animals
Does anyone know if that happened before or after the interview?

No. 594668

I liked all the times Taylor talked about how every penny she makes only goes back into the animals. She couldnt keep the lies straight in the VIDEO
First, it was that all the money goes into the animals when her channel blew up. That's when she quit Petco because she was making enough from Youtube.
Then, she only made "6,000" that year after taxes
"That tank is $15,000 lol"
"I never spend money on anything else"
"Pets are expensive"
"I don't make any money from youtube"
All while standing in a multi-bedroom apartment. A nice apartment. Who pays for all that then, Taylor? Or do you have some other magical source of income?

No. 594681

It's not that surprising to be honest. The only reason she got famous for was her "all my pets" videos.

You can honestly do so much with "all my pets" as your topic for content until you run out of ideas, especially if you don't bother to learn more about the animals you have.

Most of her income didn't even come from youtube. It was merch. Sponsorships are a somewhat recent thing. Besides, she's not exactly that quirky or funny to branch out into something that doesn't involve animals, and has a horrible schedule. At some point her most successful videos will start to tank as well.

No. 594684

"all my money goes into my animals"
> apparently bought a 20k bed
> Cartier bracelet
> fancy & pricey hotels every time she goes out
> disneyland trip(s)
> tour with crack head bf
> lip injections
> tattoos and hair dressers every other week
> NEW animal every other day/week instead of pumping money into the old ones
> Apparently wants to go to australia??
> Expo whenever one happens

Yeah man I can totally see that it does

No. 594685


comparing anyone to felix is laughable, it's not a fair comparison in slightest. compare her to someone who has the same number of subs for starters and then try and say she's doing okay. her channel is definitely declining.

No. 594688

So do we think that Taylor bought subs? An anon posted a screencap of her socialblade a few threads ago that showed a sudden gain of 5k subs when her average was like 200 a day.

No. 594691

IMO People probably just lost interest.
She doesn't upload frequently and her content is more or less the same.
She doesn't even know much about animals and it shows.
I wouldn't call her an educator.
If she actually go to school and learned real knowledge about animals it would probably expand her platform, but why learn when you can google it.

No. 594692

expanding on that sometimes one viral video can get you 5k in subscribers.

No. 594696

File: 1541239788757.png (90.6 KB, 1291x493, 1538648394416-1.png)

It was after snake september when she wasn't uploading shit though, just seems really weird and sudden that she gained 5k in an hour

No. 594697

Could it be from her "chimera" (which is definitely not a chimera) snake video, or was the sudden sub gain before that video?

No. 594698

She definitely bought them. Appearing at the same time is a right giveaway. My husband is a you tuber and even when a video of his occasionally goes ‘viral’ it doesn’t result in this. You get a bump in subscribers but it’s over a few days as the video gets spread to more real people. I wonder what the influencer magazine think of her now, the interviewer must have got an impression of her and how she keeps her animals and her knowledge. Topped with the bad comments on her post I bet they wish the done more research.

No. 594704

17:00 to 22:00 is actually 5 hours…but still. That’s close to 1000/hour

No. 594708

Just looked at the comments on the video of the interview and literally all of them are talking about how bad Taylor is. None of them are of her stans. I guess she never shared the video on her social media. It’s nice to see a video of her that’s not overloaded with comments from her idiot fans.

No. 594714

Don’t forget Jonny’s new teeth!

No. 594724

Funny, on her video on the website exotic animals for sale (which had many monkey ads) she implied that people who are into exotic mammals like monkeys and bobcats should be institutionalized.

No. 594735

No. 594750

File: 1541264572702.jpeg (576.77 KB, 1920x1920, 17D8E357-1BDA-4402-A3EA-0D4BB2…)

Not to mention the new PS4 she had waiting for him after tour, all the funkos, and all this.

Either she’s buying it all for him or he’s spending any money he has on this without helping her pay for anything like food or rent

No. 594754


Dear god, no. I had a friend whose mom did exotic animal rescue and she ended up with two capuchin monkeys. They require a lot of work and will get aggressive if you don't treat them well. They go right for the eyes, too, if they attack you.

As much as I'd like to see a monkey poke Jonny in the eye, no…just no.

No. 594772

God, his mind is still stuck in highschool. Well both their minds put together

No. 594795

My guess is this is why she said the other day that in 2019 she’d regularly upload. Her content is so shit that she is going to need more uploads to make the money she needs for her leech manlet and to continue hoarding. What’s funny though is her content is so spaced out, yet with all that time, it’s so shitty and generic. More quantity of videos will usually just mean less quality. Idk how her videos can get much worse than they already are lmao

No. 594797

God it’s really something when she claims she has no content when she literally has an entire room full of animals and she hasn’t done any quality videos on any of them in the last 2 years. Apart from Kronos when did she ever do a detailed video on the care and enclosure of a new animal. Speaking of, was watching her old deleted monitor video, and she banged on so much about how it was her friends pet and her friend was going to name it and learn all about it and look after it. I bet we could count on one hand the number of times this friend has had any real interaction with it. I’m quite liking the fact none of her fans have found the NY video yet. It’s full of hate hat isn’t getting instantly deleted.
It’s also ironic that the only time we see videos on her pets and caves is when she had friends over. I mean, surely she can see there is an issue when your friends are making the videos on your animals that you should be making yourself! That cheese video. Geez, people must be sick of her by now. She could have HUNDREDS of videos to make. And she chooses painting her face yellow and sticking a rubber cap on her head as the best video she can make?! I find that insulting.

No. 594810

I agree. Also, anyone who has to set a date for when they're going to do something, be it dieting, getting organised, whatever, it rarely happens. If you're gonna do something, you just do it now. Why wait until 2019?

No. 594811

I'd be so down with that if weren't at the expense of another poor animal. Unfortunately it's the monkey that has to be put down when it goes apeshit (no pun intended) when it's the dumbass owner's fault, like Travis the Chimp.

No. 594812

That monitor is going to bite her. No question.

No. 594817

Or eat/maul one of her cats. We'd never know it though because she'd just make up some bullshit excuse as usual

No. 594818

What’s turnaround time to buy a house in the US? She added 4 months to her initial lease (ended September 30), so her current end of lease is January 31 now. Only 3 months left…

No. 594820

I highly doubt she’ll move any time soon next year. She’s been looking at MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES HAHAHAHAH for months now.

No. 594847

Its gotten to the point where she keeps telling her stans that videos will come just to make sure they stay lol sooner or later, she’s gona have to beg for views by spamming her twitter with “watch my new video you guys!!” Especially If her slutty attire doesnt work anymore

No. 594854

Taylor hasn't been active on anything in 2 days, all I can think about whether her pets are alive.

No. 594861

i would guess it's bc she's embarrassed and depressed about how she came across in that magazine interview, and understandably so

No. 594864


Probably shitting herself too because her address has been leaked and now people really can call AC on her.

No. 594875

Depression rant and pity party invitations coming soon. She will tell how hard she has been crying for 3 days unable to leave her bed because of muh haturz

No. 594877

I'm calling it. iPhone notes post about how
>she's so passionate about animals
>how she was soooo anxious about the interview
>how she can't understand people hate her so much when all she wants is make people happy with her hoard of animals
>how she's been crying for 3 days straight and having panic attacks
>something something tragic life story

No. 594886

Or her stupid ass overdosed and left her pets behind.

No. 594889

Think joking about her dying might be a bit to far

No. 594897

not that anon but taylor has no problem making fun of rape victims and joking about killing her pets so…

No. 594902

Johnny's enclosure is nicer than any of her other animals. She should've bragged on that during her interview.

No. 594904

Johnny tweeted about being the luckiest guy in the world for having Taylor or what ever. Love bombing or what ever

No. 594907

Not surprised. He always does that whenever she's having a meltdown

No. 594911

It’s such a gross cycle honestly. Imagine being a shitty person so you have to rely on your rapist boyfriend love blast you on social media to make you guys look like “goals” and get attention. When in reality it’s so obvious they just use each other and are in a terrible relationship. How Jonny loves to feel like people are jealous of it is beyond me lmao

No. 594940

Unfortunately that's how abusive cycles are. Taylor is very much an insecure person. Jonny broke what little self-esteem she had so he can make himself look like her protector and the only person who understands her. I used to feel really sorry for her, but she's proven to be a really shitty person in more ways than one.

No. 594954

File: 1541313152480.png (13.72 KB, 571x123, roaches.png)

I can't think of many apartment complexes that are ok with tenants breeding roaches

No. 594955

File: 1541313208614.png (13.97 KB, 580x103, Screenshot_4.png)

y'all were talking about how her views are going down because she can't get her shit together but little do we all know it's actually just the algorithm guise.

No. 594958

please tell me this bitch is trying to be funny or something.

No. 594959

Her snake videos are boring as heck.
Two of her latest videos are titled the same thing, best beginner snakes.
It's not as if she knows either, because she's had snakes for barely even a year.. but she bought a couple books from Barnes and Noble and suddenly she's an educator. Snore.

No. 594964

The YouTube algorithm hasn’t changed since last year. Yes, they changed the layout of the subs feed but that it. She’s not getting as many views cos frankly her content is crap. I used to watch her as a fan, then I watched just to see what a state she was, but now I didn’t even make it to ge end of her videos as they are so boring. People are clicking away cos she isn’t interesting anymore and her videos are dull as. Glad her bad attitude to YouTube is finally showing its consequences.

No. 594975

The algorithm has had some tweaks that make it harder for creators to engage, but to be honest, a million subscribers is not that big of a number in this day and age.

Plus subscribers are prone to forget about a channel if it doesn't upload videos regularly. If she wants to get the same amount of views as before she'll have to keep on buying animals and do all my pets videos forever.

No. 594981

File: 1541319997895.jpeg (209.78 KB, 750x953, 3FA5A363-4591-4B83-914D-56270B…)

You mean the one you were going to turn into a mental health channel over a year ago but never did?

No. 594983

She’ll never post to her vlog channel as it isn’t monetised. If she can’t bother with her regular channel that brings her income no way will she put in effort for nothing. She should just post blogs to her regular channel. Some fans seem to like that and it would give her content to regularly post. But we all know she is just too lazy to do anything. She doesn’t need to be told. She just doesn’t want to do any work full stop.

No. 594985


is this for her collection of funko pops? who gives a shit about $20 plastic.

No. 595004

File: 1541326129289.jpeg (233.18 KB, 1234x1625, 4CDE4E1D-0264-4C7A-87D9-65DF2D…)

No. 595005

lmao those shooped tits

No. 595007


She's feeling cute with her hair looking like that? Girl… no.

No. 595008


I really wonder what she ever thought qualified her to have a mental health channel in the first place. Does she think she's the only youtuber with mental illness? Half the youtubers I watch have some sort of mental illness, outside Pettube. They may make a video here and there talking about their health, but it's not their focus unless they're actually qualified to give people advice because they have degrees or work experience in a related field or something.

If she ran out of ideas for pet videos with 50+ pets, how did she expect to come up with topics for another channel? "All my mental illnesses!~!!" aren't going to get her views like "all my pets" does lmao.

No. 595010


"And this is Ariel, because I really really like The Little Mermaid, it's like me favourite film ever. And this is Scar, because I really really like the Lion King, and I like the villains because they're misunderstood, and their hearts are black just like me."

No. 595012

WHY isn't she at least using the animals she hoards to make youtube videos? Her subscribers that only follow her on youtube don't even know that she has rats and a new cat now ffs. She could milk it so much but wants to make videos about funko pops and roaches???? She seriously makes no sense at all.

No. 595016

Were these the dubia roaches she was originally gonna breed as food for her reptiles?
She’s well into border mentality if she’s now going to keep the feeder animals she breed…..

No. 595017


She's already keeping feeders she buys (rats) so it's not surprising if she keeps any animal she breeds.

No. 595033

And mini waist and hips.

No. 595034

Why the fuck is she acting brain dead with her mouth wide open..

No. 595044

File: 1541339759412.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, 9962DD02-0A5D-49F1-A172-0E8BCB…)

she had to have gotten her lips done again. I don’t know why she gets getting her top lip done it looks SO much bigger than her bottom lip

No. 595046

File: 1541340124177.png (5.46 MB, 1125x2436, 2BBE618F-0305-427E-8651-C7ECB5…)

It seriously looks like she’s been stung by a bee… she should put that money towards animal care

No. 595049

Doesn't look a day over 45 years old. Why can't she get some cute short hairstyle instead of this ravens nest? Some sort of bangs could even make her big fat face look smaller.

No. 595050

dont forget she has herpes lol

No. 595051

not herpes hepatitis lol(new)

No. 595053


inb4 we get hundreds of pictures of her looking the exact same because she's 'feeling her look' i know so many girls who make this much effort on a daily basis, and don't feel the need to take so many photos of themselves. She's probably just so used to looking like the junkie she is that when she puts the bare minimum effort in she even shocks herself.

No. 595055


i can't get over her clown lips. did she get them done bigger? they look enormous and it makes all her other features look big and masculine. not a good look.

No. 595064

"hundreds of roaches i breed"

roaches are more than capable of breeding themselves hundreds of thousands of times but she's an expert because she dresses like a porn star to make videos about them!

No. 595066

She sets the mood for them.

No. 595089

I don’t think that anyone has mentioned this before, but seeing his current state and situation is saddening. It’s illegal for her to even have Mushu here in California and the law is strict here since it’s considered a detrimental species. I don’t understand how cps has gone in, seen mushu, and she wasn’t forced to surrender him.

No. 595091


I thought she lives in San Antonio, and not California? Or am I more mixed up than Taylor's priorities?

No. 595092

She lives in Texas

No. 595093


LOL it's hilarious she's gone full on "everything is bigger in Texas" on her lips…

No. 595095

She doesn't live in California. She just really wants to move there.

No. 595097


CPS is likely not to bother Taylor as her manchild isn't actually underage despite his behavior, lol. I think you meant Animal Control or similar, nonnie.

No. 595098

If she can't afford a bigass apartment in Texas then she can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment in California. so that dream of hers is out the window lmao

No. 595099


If she really wants to move there, she'd have to get rid of some of her pets like the hedgehogs and axolotl. Maybe even a few others.

No. 595100

California might be a rude awakening for her - it's full of wannabes and broken dreams, and another nobody who does nothing isn't gonna succeed there.

No. 595102

next thread header should be pictures of all the expensive designer shit she flaunts (Cartier bracelet, 10k Snake, johnny’s Shoes, a million funko pops, freshly injected lips etc) with a screenshot of her saying “I only made 6k all year and all of it went back to the animals” lol

No. 595109

Holy shit I didn't even believe she said that cause I must have missed it before finding this comment >>594151
If people still think she isn't a compulsive liar, then I don't know what to tell them! That alone is less than she spent on her designer ball python! So it should be next to how much she spent on that, plus how much she mentioned she made from sponsors in one tweet, too. God, her lying is getting worse. Then she wonders why nobody believes her about anything ever.

Also I'm surprised there was no milk from Emma and whatsherface visiting, I guess besides her making a fool of herself and Jonny making fun of her in her Cheese makeup.

No. 595111

not to sound like I'm WKing but she probably meant that she made 6k from ad revenue?

No. 595124


It's a lie, with her views you'll get a lot more than 6K from ad revenue

No. 595125

I listened back, and to quote her, she says "every single penny I made last year went right back into my animals, so I didn't profit anything from anything I did last year" and then "at the end of the year after taxes I made 6 thousand dollars and that was it". Doesn't really sound like she's just talking about ad revenue.

Honestly she probably sees 10k on a snake as "going back into her animals", bitch that's just buying another animal. She could have spent that 10k bettering the lives of the poor animals she already has.

No. 595126


I'm wondering if maybe she means out of EVERYTHING that she made, and then spent on various ridiculous things and put back into her animals, she only had 6K left over?

No. 595130

File: 1541357497690.jpeg (130.67 KB, 750x1231, 79AD4588-C79B-4973-BEE2-6C1A71…)

Did her IG go down again?

No. 595131


nope, she just might have blocked you rip

No. 595135

No it’s up she blocked you

Did you comment on her pictures? Because if so it should have been obvious… we’ve seen her block people that ask questions about her animals. She removes and blocks negative comments constantly.

No. 595136

Oh okay, I see. You're right. If she didn't profit, that's her problem. A lot of her money definitely does not go towards all of her animals. Most of her animal's enclosures are bare or very minimal… So, she's still a liar. She could afford such beautiful enclosures. And I'm talking about the inside, y'know, where the animals live? Not an expensive shelving enclosure thing.

No. 595137

File: 1541358376062.jpeg (405.89 KB, 1124x1661, B8F9598E-1459-4122-967E-E33548…)

Remember when Taylor was still a human being?

No. 595138

she says that she only made 6k last year but that "things started to take off this year" or something along those lines. so idk she probably didn't make as much, though I'm not sure how much less. did she buy a bunch of stuff last year? I didn't really follow these threads last year, if they were around. but I know she's bought a ton of junk this year

No. 595140

Last year she bought the Cartier bracelet. I remember because that was before she moved.

If you took screenshots of her story she could tell. Probably blocked you from that. Which means she also happens to be lurking so hi Taylor.

No. 595141

oh shit insta tells them when you ss their story? riiiip me

No. 595142

Indeed it does. That's how I got blocked by Jayce when he was in his "defend Taylor" mode. I'd recommend screenshotting from a secondary account if you don't want to get blocked

No. 595143

take screenshots on website to avoid getting bannd

No. 595145

Instagram doesn’t. Snapchat does. (We tested with friends)

No. 595146

Hope this isn't off topic, but I'm thinking about making a video about Taylor just to compile all the shit she did.
What do you guys think I should include, other than the obvious things like the situation with the three kittens, monitor impulse buy and cooked pets? And should I post it here when I'm done?

No. 595147


The misidentification of the monitor, the rapid pace she's bought snakes in a short span of time (with no previous experience!), how she keeps her snakes, how she keeps her rats…

No. 595150

I'm pretty sure Instagram does if you go into where it shows you who's viewed it. Theres definitely a way to tell if someone's screenshotted your story on Instagram.

No. 595151

The entire bearded dragon situation and lack of apology video to the breeder

No. 595152

All you need to do is read the bulleted points at the beginning of the threads. You'll find a slew of material.

No. 595153

I think it could be a good idea to include just how many pets she actually has because we rarely ever see all of them, i'm sure there are lots of people who don't actually know how bad her hoarding is.
Like i was going to say to mention about how she often drops her animals due to poor handling, like her halloween crab, and then i remembered she got another one which i'd totally forgotten about. We haven't heard anything about it since she got it, just like lots of her other animals which is worrying.

No. 595155

The disappearance of the mantis shrimp.

No. 595156


you will find a lot of material from these threads. use screenshots etc. and good luck

No. 595157

I figured it'd be good to hear what other people consider her worst mistakes, good idea though, I will re read the threads headers.

No. 595159

I would watch a vid that compiles all her bullshit. All the things you + anon below mentioned, and I know you said the cats but it still pisses me off when I remember how she lied so blatantly about “adopting” Ghost. As if she went out one night, saw him for adoption at the store, and just taken him home that same night. A perfect blue eyed ragdoll kitten? Of all the lies I still get angered by how dumb she must think we are to believe that one. It’s when I stopped being a fan. On top of the blatant lying, it’s a shitty thing to do wanting/accepting all the glory for “rescuing” an animal when in fact you’ve actually gone and put money in the pocket of a backyard craigslist breeder.

No. 595160

I know this is nitpicking but she keeps talking about how much she wants her hair to grow. It's never going to happen if she doesn't stop using heat on it and causing all this excessive breakage.

mte about the fucking $10,000 snake. How much has she spent on snakes alone in the last year? $20,000? I do not feel bad for you taylor.

for sure the ordeal with the bearded dragon. Also the axolotl which is essentially in a crock pot on low heat. For each situation you should be able to find tweets, ig comments and facebook posts of her contradicting herself. She's going to be an anxious mess until you release the video lol.

No. 595161

How far back do you want to go? There was the whole ordeal with smoking in front of her animals (specifically her satanics?)

No. 595167

File: 1541364117737.jpg (381.92 KB, 777x1551, Screenshot_20181104-214036_One…)

I don't mind going back a while, but I would prefer to go only with things she hasn't full on admitted (she said on twitter that "it happened just that one time and we dont even smoke anymore!!!!").
I will need to see how long the video is and then add stuff according to that.

This is what I have so far, feel free to tell me whatever you think needs to be said

No. 595173

File: 1541364506157.jpeg (108.83 KB, 640x675, EB6C5216-B67A-425B-9CF6-3EC443…)

No. 595174

File: 1541364527872.png (231.88 KB, 640x1136, 59A38464-874C-4C25-8D88-6B91A9…)

No. 595176

Instagram now shows who screenshots your stories. It shows like a ring next to the username of the person who took the ss.

No. 595180

spoonie qualities, muh diseases, muh glooten attak

No. 595184

I don’t think people not finding snakes cute is the problem, it’s that her content about the snakes is so fucking repetitive. She’s just more interested in posing with a snake slithering along her latest tattoo while she pouts and recites a Wikipedia article about them than she is in showcasing quality content about literally any of her other pets, and people have noticed.

No. 595185


As a Coeliac farmer, her "glooten" troubles make me roll my fucking eyes so. much. She can't seem to decide whether her Coeliac is so bad it's crippling or so mild that it's nbd that she keeps a non-gluten free kitchen and has cooked gluten-containing foods in it before for that sweet promo money.

No. 595186

That is not true. We just tested again. It does NOT put a ring around if you ss. There is a ring if that person has an Instagram story.

No. 595187

File: 1541366450407.jpeg (353.16 KB, 750x1004, 6DD2CDD2-F9DC-457A-B6F5-BB4E37…)

No. 595198

File: 1541368611160.jpeg (136.58 KB, 1221x585, 339B786E-E194-4FE2-AA7C-82F009…)

Who wants to bet these videos won’t be up by tomorrow or Wednesday - if they make it up at all?

No. 595199

I would suggest listing the zillions if promises and then excuses of why she hasn’t put out a video she promised but it would be endless. It would be good to physically see her list of ‘excuses’ though. It would show just how little respect she has for her fans who dote on her.

No. 595200

Or that they somehow end up being on time, but they’re just the typical shitty video of her looking like a sex doll reciting stuff off of google about roaches / rats.

No. 595202

It really bugged me so much in the NY magazine interview where she said that it's impossible for her to stick to a schedule and post one video every thursday because she doesn't know how sick she'll be… like does she not understand she could just save these videos she does when she's "not sick" to post when she is sick? The same with not posting when she goes on vacation, yet every other youtuber manages to prefilm a video or two. (and yes I have an autoimmune disease and a connective tissue disorder, I know how it is, I go to university and have never missed a deadline).

No. 595203

I'm the anon thats made the last 9ish threads. I've tried to compile most of the important stuff at the new milk at the top of the threads. Prior to thread like 12 i think someone else made the threads so there's less there.

No. 595214


Can't wait to see her rat video and then show it as an example of what not to do at my local rat club.

No. 595216

I am also currently writing a video about Taylor Nicole Dean. It’s looking like a series of videos so far because there’s so much to cover and I don’t want to make them too long. I’m also starting a channel just for this.

No. 595218

I'm actually facing the exact same problem with the series thing.
Now it kind of feels stupid if both of us work on the same video lol

No. 595223

Diff anon but I feel like the more exposing videos, the better.

No. 595225


Please include all the evidence of her buying the new skinks and being tagged in the photos by the breeder before it all went down and she had publically said they died

And the whole thing with her new cat not adding up

No. 595227

File: 1541374471406.jpg (707.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181104-173642_Ins…)

Why is he laughing so hard? Because he called her queen and she looks like hell?

No. 595232

At first glance I thought she was taking a shit rofl

No. 595234

Why on God's green earth does she think putting heat on her hair is a good idea. Not only is it already straw and obviously breaking off at the root but you can see its not holding the style anyways, just leave it alone

No. 595248

Fuck she looks like a 40 year old housewife who went overboard on plastic surgery to try and look "young".

No. 595253

File: 1541378194719.jpeg (814.79 KB, 3264x3264, 3D1A12FB-419F-4DD0-B062-1C9958…)

No. 595255

she looks high as hell

No. 595258

TBH I have a hard time telling when she's looking "high" nowadays, she always seems so checked out these days. Compared to her earlier videos she seems so fed up and joyless nowadays - and she used to seem at least alert before, if nothing else.

No. 595275

Wait… that's a picture of taylor (i'm guessing she's the one in the middle)? What the fuck happened?

imaginary sage, i am genuinely shocked.

No. 595277


Drugs and addiction change people, a lot.

No. 595279

Do drugs blow out people's lips into prolapsed anuses?!

No. 595281


Animal control won't know anything about axolotls, most likely. I've seen people at petstores try to sell them with heaters- lots of people just don't know enough to tell bad care with exotics. I could see animal control being concerned about her breaking the pet limit on her lease, her rats/hedgehogs, her cats, and the general mess and smell, but they either won't know about or can't do anything about her care. Wrong temps/setups, feeding animals wrong (like snakes too often,) having them in subpar enclosures, doing snakes in tubs, etc. isn't enough for AC to step in, I don't think.

According to the other exes, drugs, addiction, and being in that toxic relationship with Jonny remove any of your actual personality until you manage to get out. I'd almost feel bad for her, except that she went in knowingly. Her poor animals didn't.

No. 595284

So? You can still take screenshots of the desktop website.

No. 595290


She probably took as many deductions as she could, eg. the $15k enclosure. The more deductions, the less taxable income.

I highly doubt she prepared her taxes herself, but if she did she could have screwed up a la Greg.

No. 595303

tell him how the game ends lol

No. 595316


Stories aren't public on the browser site. You have to log in.

No. 595318

There's a website specifically for watching Instagram stories. storiesig or w/e

No. 595323

They beta tested the feature on IG but dropped it in June. you can't see who screen shots stories.

I tested it with some friends and another anon said they did as well.

No. 595335


She puts on so much makeup and poses herself for pics/videos but this is the reality of TND

No. 595405


she better not fucking come to australia. i can see her trying to smuggle some natives out, the dumb broad.

No. 595407

she could be arrested for doing that

No. 595420

File: 1541408549181.png (61.2 KB, 622x576, streamer.png)

No. 595425

It would be fucking hilarious seeing her on Channel 7's Border Security though.

No. 595431


these idiots really believe they are entertaining enough to livestream? lol

No. 595432

Can't wait to see them stream tbh.

No. 595433


i imagine it will mostly be farmers watching, but honestly the chat will be hilarious. is she going to spend the entire stream banning people?

No. 595438


That's what Jonny's for - he can blow up at people and cuss them out when someone disagrees with them or criticizes them in any way at all… they're both so incredibly mediocre and so thin skinned that streaming really, really is not gonna go well for them haha

No. 595440

Assuming they don’t get stoped for traces of drugs first

No. 595442


taylor can't even spend a few hours recording and editing youtube videos. what makes her think she can livestream? it's a lot harder because there's no editing, no retakes and you have to be engaging and entertaining the entire time.

i doubt they'll make any money from this. at least not the numbers they are expecting. maybe at first some stans will tip just so their snake queen mom can say their name but that novelty will wear off quick.

No. 595448

File: 1541425437908.png (209.59 KB, 640x1136, 349E9B64-2A50-4DBB-B51E-7DE35D…)

No. 595452

And how is this milk?

No. 595456

I’m more exciting to catch one of them saying something they can’t take back

No. 595459

File: 1541428509681.png (6.07 MB, 1242x2208, tnd.PNG)

This is an old pic, but i didn't know about lolcow when I saw mama dean post this. Has anyone ever posted this old pic of taylor? Look at her lips…

No. 595463

New here, has anyone mentioned the cringey ass collabs with those two leeches - Emma and emilee. Talk about desperate to be big on YouTube when you ignore all taylors neglect and abuse to her animals just for clout.

No. 595477

File: 1541433473001.png (517.19 KB, 1242x2208, tnd2.PNG)

No. 595478

How can she say her health doesn't hinder her ability to care for her animals?

No. 595484

File: 1541434386925.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, tnd3.PNG)

No. 595485

Didn't you only make $6000 last year, Taylor?

No. 595487

U no those animals are not getting adequate care. She’s so selfish. Imagine if she had to get a proper job.. she wouldn’t, she’d just say she’s sick and get benefits from the government. She’s a professional slacker

No. 595488

so how many more of your animals died from neglect while you were "sleeping" for 21 hours?

No. 595490


She also claims that she only has someone come in and care for her animals when she’s away or too sick, but who’s coming at that late notice? Who’s letting the person in if she’s asleep for that long?

No. 595492

So, she made 6K last year, and spent all of it on one bracelet?

No. 595506

All i get from this is she was drugged out and couldn’t function

No. 595509


That's a heroin junkie for you. They're always "sick" and either riding out DTs or sleeping off a high.

No. 595510

Well I mean she fucking battered the shit out of that bracelet. A couple months in and it was already scratched to hell and back. Plus I bet a lot of her animals kept biting it too since she kept holding them with that hand to show off the bracelet. Serves you right, moron.

To be honest I think her parents might have had some sort of fund or savings account for her. She’s so useless her dad has to fill her taxes so it would make sense if they gave her the money that would’ve gone into college or something.

No. 595512


"OMG, this overpriced geegaw that I haven't taken care of properly like, broke?!"

That's So Taylor. Seriously, she's just like this with her animals, too.

No. 595514


I wonder if she actually just sold it for drugs. Why wouldn’t she take a picture of it broken for more sympathy?

No. 595516

“Noooo the bracelet I bought for my animals cause all my money goes into my animals broke”

No. 595521

She says she only made 6k a year, but when everything was kicking off about her spending so much money on her fake chimera snake, wasn't she bragging that she makes $10k per sponsership she gets or something like that?

No. 595525

Yes but she's making it sound like all the money she made last year (and continues to make) goes back into her animals. Imo acquiring new, expensive animals doesn't count as it doesn't benefit your animals in any way.

No. 595529

total ot but what is he fucking complaining for? why the fuck did he race through the main sl? i'm still at the first camp because i keep fucking off and skinning/herbalising(wtf)/doing random shit. leave it to a junkie, man, they're never fucking happy with what they have right in front of them, miserable people.

bringing it back on track, i'm actually super frigging hopeful that she loses those dubia she's 'breeding', don't worry about the so-called breeding you silly bitch, worry about what you feed them so that they're high in nutrition for your other neglected pets.

prediction:TND and her exploding apartment of roach breeding will single handedly cause the dubia to be outlawed in TX just like they were in the other state filled to the brim with irresponsible herp owners, FL. that, and she'll feed them too much dog and/or cat food because she's both lazy and stupid, which will lead to the herps getting gout.

No. 595530

I was talking about how she said she only got 6k in the year, but was getting 10k per sponsership so more obvious lies and contradicting herself again.
But I do agree that spending money on more animals isn't putting money back in to her animals though.

No. 595532

holy shit anon, "geegaw". "bijoux" is another one.
You are my favorite. More og phrases, in any language, please.
geegaw > gucci. fite me irl.

polite sage for total irrelevance

No. 595533

She's saying she made $6k profit after taxes, so she made more money than $6k but she's claiming all of it went back into her animals, like a 15k tank and stuff. She defos didn't spend any of it on expensive jewellery, those hideous plastic collectibles, a nice apartment, stuff for her manchild, and going away tho.

No. 595537

In before she gets audited by the IRS…

No. 595543

File: 1541443805333.jpeg (784.71 KB, 1222x1786, 2A942E64-D848-4A5B-9374-6BE1DF…)

What are the odds her bracelet would break exactly 1 year since purchase?

No. 595547

She'll never even get around to breeding the dubia, she's going to get a bacterial overgrowth in there because she has no idea how to clean a roach colony. The die-off will be merciless. When that happens, it's definitely going to stink to high heaven.

Use cleaner crews, Taylor. They'll do the work for you and you're so lazy that it'll be to your benefit all the way round. You're welcome.

No. 595548

Not to WK but I think she said she made $6000 after taxes. Pretty sure she’s writing off pet purchases as business expenses

No. 595555


So she made 500 per month after taxes? Bullshit. And that's still not enough to keep her buying 6k bracelets, renting a trendy apartment, or buying toys for her manlet.

No. 595558

You guys are forgetting that she moved out and got together with Jonny during christmas last year. Before that she was living with her parents and didn't live AS lavish a lifestyle as she is now.

No. 595559

File: 1541446181330.png (131.21 KB, 325x307, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 2.29…)

Who is shocked that Taylor's new roach video IMMEDIATELY begins with her making sultry poses at the viewfinder with the roaches crawling over her hands?

No. 595561

She only moved into her apartment in September of last year, so to be fair, she could have had a much smaller income because she was living at home and pet supplies etc. could be labelled as business expenses.

I still think the $6000 after taxes is bullshit mind you.

No. 595562


Not as shocked as I'm at her actually posting a video. That's her quarterly quota up then, right? Or does little Jonny need more toys for Chrismas and mummy must actually deign to work for money?

No. 595564

File: 1541446939584.jpeg (341.08 KB, 1236x1659, 2EA60C18-CED5-40D7-A7C9-F4CFA3…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 595565

She's shaking throughout the whole video wtf but it's really noticeable at 1:42

No. 595566


checking them is not interacting or caring for them though?

No. 595568

Why wouldn't you just say that Johnny looks after them while you're sleeping. That would be a more believable lie.

No. 595569


Oh please, the only weight Jonny pulls is the grams that go up his nose.

No. 595571

She has an official EDS diagnosis? That's incredibly difficult to get, since due to the rarity most countries have only a few certified doctors. If she also had one she would know laying around is the worst thing you can do if you have EDS.

You also don't get prescriptions for EDS. The only way to treat it is through physical exercise (such as weightlifting) and physiotherapy. It is after all a collagen mutation.

No. 595572

Does anyone else find Tyler Rugge’s comments to Taylor on the bitchy side? When he retweeted her Cheese costumes and said her lips look the same, and now under her roach video he said something sarcastic about how quirky and not like other girls she is. She always replies as if she’s in on the joke tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s actually being passive aggressive to her and she’s either too dumb to see it or just doesn’t want to seem oversensitive so goes along with it.

No. 595573


Well, Tay-tay treats her Coeliac disease by cooking gluten-containing food in her kitchen and eating in restaurants that don't have gf safe menus, so this is par for the course for her lies and logic, lol

No. 595574


I'd think that, but then it makes no sense why he's so quick to jump to her defense over things if he secretly hates her too. Unless only he's allowed to hate her and slyly point out her shit care and personality.

No. 595575

File: 1541448004810.png (142.76 KB, 328x398, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 3.00…)

First video I've ever seen of hers. I agree with anon >>595565 she does seem very shakey and unnerved. Not sure if she's just nervous with handling the roaches or grossed out OR it's from being on drugs.
Only bit of entertainment I got out of this video was pausing every once and a while to see her plastic face malfunction.

No. 595578


A quick search says tremors appear in EDS patients. On the other hand, this would be one of the first EDS symptom she's displayed, lol.

No. 595579

Around the time she cooked her pets, he also had one of his birds die, so it could be he felt more compelled to white knight at the time.

No. 595581

Sure, some people know that, but to the average fan, don't you think it's weird that her partner wouldn't care for the animals if she's asleep?

It's more believable of a lie than "Oh I slept for 20 hours bc health issues but I also woke myself up to check on my pets and went back to sleep after!"

No. 595583

File: 1541448897200.jpg (3.64 MB, 2560x2560, TheManyFacesOfAnimalAbuse.jpg)

maybe I'm just childish and petty, but I just watched 19 minutes of this women yapping about cockroaches as her cat watched waiting to pounce and this all I took away from the video. sorry not sorry

No. 595588


If she was nervous her voice would probably also be shaking, although at this point idk what she has to be nervous about, and she wasn't grossed out enough to not have the roach crawling all over her face.

So i'm going to guess it's drug related.


I considered maybe it was to do with her EDS, but then i've never seen her shake in any of her other videos (whilst she claimed to have EDS) so I wasn't sure

No. 595589

This is what EDS tremors look like. Those aren't EDS tremors.

No. 595592

i think she means she had 6000 left in the end of the year that she hadn't spent yet. which is obviously not what income means but why would she know

No. 595595

She literally finds a roach on her carpet during the video….. it won't be long until they're crawling around her apartment.

No. 595597


The way she started her video by saying 'if my apartment complex is watching this please don't evict me' is asking for it really

No. 595610

Ok not wking but this is driving me insane. Everybody sperging about the 6k comment and trying to figure out what the hell blowup doll Taylor is talking about - she is talking about 2017. Nearly everything discussed in these threads were dumb purchases were made over this last year - 2018. The $15,000, the overpriced enclosures, her Craigslist cat, etc. Not saying I think she is telling the truth about “all her money going back into her animals” because she was still buying dumb shit back in 2017 but 90% of the stuff people are trying to point to and be like BUT WHAT ABOUT XYZ were literally bought this year - and she is talking about income from 2017.

No. 595613


but she met Jonny this time last year (2017) and that's when her ridiculous spending started?

No. 595616

She got Ghost in 2017, as well as the 6.5k bracelet, as well as moving into a "luxury" apartment and plenty of tattoos and lip fillers etc. Totally agree some stuff she bought this year, but the point is "every penny other than 6k profit" did not go back to her animals as she's trying to claim.

No. 595617

It was later than September. Her antics in LA when she first hooked up with Jonny and had the twitter blowout with her mom was early November. She moved into the apartment after that. I’d say mid November

No. 595618

Oh no, I agree. She’s definitely lying there’s just a lot that’s being pointed to as proof of her lie that was actually purchased this year. Also, I thought she got Ghost at the beginning of this year but it was actually right at the end of of last year, my bad!

No. 595619

File: 1541452571045.jpeg (528.19 KB, 1242x2017, 66A3492D-BEE8-47DD-A9E7-4D86E8…)

Yup - end of November last year.

No. 595620

No worries, I totally know where you're coming from. I just get the feeling in that interview that she's trying to spin that so much of her money goes into her animals still, when let's be honest she's spent more on buying them than actually caring for them.

No. 595621

How to breed roaches by TND

‘I’ve got this heat pack on, oh wait, that’s not warming up as it should.’
‘They require temps of 90 to breed, but mine are less, I need to increase’
‘They need more humidity, oh I need to increase mine’
‘I usually use water crystals’ but oh what a surprise I just happened to have ran out in this video.

So she’s not doing anything right at the minute to have them breed. She only started with them a couple of months so basically she’s been just chucked them in a tub and thats that.

No. 595623

My bad, I thought she said her lease was up in September and I assumed she had signed a one-year lease.

No. 595624

That’s kind of what I’m getting at - most of her ridiculous over-the-too spending habits started around this time last year - so most of her ridiculous purchases have actually happened this year and aren’t subject to her “only made $6,000” lie anyway. I do believe it’s bullshit but purchases like her overpriced enclosures and expensive snakes and clothes for her manbaby have been this year.

No. 595625

I’m sure she thinks hoarding new animals constitutes “going back into her animals” as well.

No. 595627


Even her attempt at cleaning them seemed lackluster? like after she was done there still seemed to be a lot of poop particles left in the food area? I know they're only dubia roaches but i know people who keep them as pets and take better care, and her effort will reflect on her other animals care too

No. 595628

Also I'm laughing that her FEEDER insects get a bigger tub than the majority of her snakes. Pathetic.

No. 595630

And funnily enough there wasn't one roach from a recent hatching, the smallest looked at least 15mm. Honestly, why doesn't she actually let herself get experienced with stuff before sharing her non-existent knowledge?

No. 595632

I'm pretty sure she said she bought the enclosures at the end of 2017, when people were telling her her enclosures were shit.

No. 595633

I'm pretty sure she did say that

No. 595634

Jfc. From the amount of expensive material they love to boast about, her apartment is so small and she has a bunch of animals in there with the added bonus of not being able to open a window due to her cats? Must smell nice in there lol

No. 595645

It’s so nice and light and clean, yet so fucking disgusting in all her videos. She has no pride.

No. 595657

I think that’s the model of the apartment she got. She doesn’t have that nice furniture or, well, cleanliness.

No. 595659

Yeah that is a demo picture. The apartment is in the upper floors whereas hers is next to the pool.

No. 595664

Her lease was up September 30. It wasn’t a full year lease. She said she just extended it 4 months, so end is now January 31

No. 595674

Not sure if she moved in on the 24th or the following Friday, December 1.

No. 595676

Just went back. Must have been the 24th. She got the kittens by the 28th already!

No. 595714

File: 1541473514228.jpg (716.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181105-210726_Twi…)

Shes so quick to blame everything on "a hate forum"

No. 595715


I saw the comments and some of them were not nice but most were just pointing out facts about her. I bet she can’t stand that and wants to flood the video with 15 year old girls who don’t care if she killed her animals or not.

No. 595718

yeah it's obvious she's trying to get her clueless stans to flood the video comments to make herself look good. lol

"GuISe! people are telling facts bout meeee!! help me cover them up by commenting on the video!! they said i did greatt!! waaaaa!"

No. 595720

File: 1541474270265.jpeg (298.22 KB, 1242x505, F15BB6B6-65C1-4742-AE73-C064BB…)

No. 595722

some of these stans are commenting that "it isn't hoarding unless the animals are dying." like how clueless are they? So basically I can have 100+ animals who are in bare minimum cages and will RARELY get any TLC and it won't be hoarding? so frustrating

No. 595723


Ah, so she's finally sending her horde of teenage fans to defend her honor.

No. 595725

This is seriously disturbing. She literally kills. The fact of the matter is it wouldn't be as much of a problem if she was responsible enough to own up to her mistakes, to take in criticism and change for the better. Not just go "whoops, guys. I fucked up", but please don't hold me accountable.

No. 595726

Looks like she deleted that, of course.

No. 595727

File: 1541474890395.jpeg (701.65 KB, 1242x1682, 8DA3CF71-C5E2-4C57-9BA2-4990F9…)

I feel like when they are posting this stuff, Taylor is secretly having a meltdown but trying to appear tough lol

No. 595728

Funny how she only stuck to her mistakes of owning reptiles and not any of her other animals.. also funny how she narrows it down to only 3 mistakes.

No. 595729

I think it’s also weird because aren’t they in the same apartment/next to each other when they tweet shit like this?

No. 595730

You're absolutely right. Their whole ass teenage mentality is fucking strange. "We are doing great" lmfaoooo right

No. 595731

The bitch killed her skinks by dehydration and tried to replace them without anyone noticing….she such a liar!

No. 595732


making your mistakes public doesn't suddenly mean you're amazing? the heck? taylor, you've fucked up so badly that animals have died in your care, others suffer from sickness, incorrect diets, inadequate enclosures, stunted growth and not enough handling. yet you think that just because you made SOME mistakes public that you're somehow off the hook?

the only thing you're "killin" is your animals.

No. 595736

They took it down because her address was visible

No. 595738

File: 1541476375424.png (28.07 KB, 846x168, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 8.51…)


"the magazine said it did well" LOL I doubt they even followed up with her to say that, but if they did, why would they say that when most of their videos had more views far more views than hers did until today? Before she sent her stans there there were like 10 likes and 150 dislikes, I wish I'd gotten a screenshot. The ratio is still pretty bad.

No. 595741

impulse-buying a wild-caught monitor lizard is fucked up in itself when you constantly instruct people not to buy wild-caught, and claim to be an "animal educator"… bitch, you didn't even know what species you were buying, and didn't give it a proper enclosure for months. and when you did finally get around to increasing enclosure size, the lizard was already stunted from months of improper care, or else it should soon/already require a new, larger enclosure as it continues to grow. shut up about "the only mistakes I ever make". you're CONSTANTLY fucking up, and I've only mentioned one single animal (out of 50+, according to your """"professional interview"""". and they didn't even do prior research on you.)

>it's lame people wanna try and bring her down for dating a rapist
>you being a rapist isn't the only reason why I get hate, it's also because you got me addicted to opiates
>also in the future please refrain from drawing attention to how I kill my pets out of neglect

No. 595744

She’s literally so delusional she thinks the “hate” is from her “tanks overheating” like no, bitch. The problem is you admittedly didn’t check on your animals for 10 hours allowing them to slowly suffer and cook to death (if that’s even what truly happened).

Also, I like how she’s abandoned the story about how her monitor is her friend’s and just admitting she impulsively bought him for herself.

No. 595745


how few brain cells do you have to have to use "killin it" in a tweet about how you're great with reptiles despite literally killing them??

Also she barely "publicizes" her mistakes… where's that apology video to the bearded dragon breeder? She just posts things she thinks aren't mistakes and sometimes gets called out for them. And it seems like she wasn't going to publicize killing the croc skins at all until she was outed and forced to.

Not that I'm exactly a fan of King of DIY's care, but at least he actually does admit when his fish die, and it's usually timely because he actually puts out content like it's his job, whereas Taylor does her "job" once or twice a month.

No. 595746


my theory is the friend was a scapegoat. she just impulse bought the monitor because she wanted it, knew she'd get criticized so pinned the reason on someone else.

No. 595747

tbh it's not even a theory at this point. that's exactly what happened. she's proved it through her words and actions.

No. 595750

Definitely nitpicking.

If anything the bell would let her know if that cat is somewhere where it shouldn't be and it may reduce hunting instincts. Wins for her.

No. 595752


Agreed. Cats might find bells annoying, but there's no veterinary evidence it causes deafness or other medical problems. And yeah, might actually help give her other animals a chance if the cats go for them. Maybe.

If you want to talk about her cats there are so many real things to criticize… is she even using safe release collars now? She wasn't at first. Also her cat harnesses from the video of her walking them don't look safe, and retractable leashes are generally recommended against. I wonder if she ever bothered to get the kittens microchipped. Apparently Star was already chipped, but I don't recall her mentioning it with the kittens.

No. 595753


can somebody please just reply with screenshots of her mental breakdown after they broke up the first time publicly? do people actually believe these two are anything more than just two junkies living in a fantasy, saying and doing whatever they can to make more money and bullshit their way through life? i’ve never been so humored by such pathetic human beings.

No. 595759

File: 1541481976166.jpeg (337.58 KB, 750x822, 54B686AA-7906-4477-9267-CA2D83…)


No. 595761


The language in her first reply is so similar to his that it really looks like one of them tweeted from the other's account. ("You deserve all of this my love" and "…your past isn't the only reason I get hate my love.")

No. 595763

for whatever reason i heavily associate 'my dudes' with moo, when i see other people using it i get irrationally angry.

No. 595772

I love how she tweets stuff like this like she's bad ass and then immediately deletes it lol

No. 595777

im taylors favorite, what an honor

No. 595780

im getting annoyed with her “I made three mistakes…with REPTILES!!1!”
Bitch, you are so weird
Just say you have only three incidents with your animals ( which it isn’t even true lmao)

Who was the anon who call JC love bomb because of Taylor’s weekly breakdown?

No. 595781

She literally says she did a whole month of snake videos…sis you dropped three videos…You didn’t even drop them during September you dropped two in the last weeks of October and 1 in September. Her comment section is wildly positively, she irritates my being.

No. 595782

Didn't she say she doesn't even read the threads anymore? Goddammit be a better liar. And if you're going to tweet shit, fucking own it.

No. 595786

She has more of an adicition to this platform than what Em had, kinda amazed that she hasn’t sent her stans to fight for her honour yet

No. 595788

File: 1541488483448.jpg (155.52 KB, 1080x1794, IMG_20181106_001251_985.jpg)

How can someone be this ignorant?

Yes, it IS her fault that her monitor's care was improper, because she had no idea what animal it was she brought home!

Can you imagine doing this with snakes or geckos?
"Oh, it's not my fault I didn't give my ball python the proper humidity, I thought it was a corn snake!"

No. 595790

Not only that she constantly claims to be an animal educator and pet mom so it’s disturbing to know that it takes one whole month to figure out she has the wrong species

No. 595792

The mantis shrimp and bio cube was a mistake you refuse to talk about hmmmm???

No. 595801

If someone could post Jonny's last insta story I'd be great, I don't know how to do it. They're in the animal room and Taylor is manhandling her snake like usual

No. 595804

Sorry if we prefer proper pet care and set ups.

No. 595805

File: 1541492698781.png (456.45 KB, 880x533, scorpion.png)

Can't wait to see her put this one on her face

No. 595806

I also wonder if Johnny is washing his hands/body between animals. I doubt it.

No. 595808

File: 1541492918429.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181106-032836.png)

Another bone dry water dish.

No. 595813

File: 1541493850701.png (92.56 KB, 610x833, muhteeth.png)

Jonny's an expensive pet.

No. 595814

How many animals does she need to get within a month?

That's disturbing. Poor snake.

No. 595818

Wasn't the number supposedly 10k a few threads ago or was that a number an anon came up with? I always thought 10k was outrageously low but if this dumb bitch was smart, he'd find a decent school clinic to get his implants from. They're not free but they're a hell of a lot cheaper than 50k.
Also, "my teeth are porcelain they can't rot" he does realize that they were referring to his actual original teeth that were, in fact, rotted so badly that he needed to have them all extracted, right?

No. 595821

I know what you mean but she didn’t even figure it out, she uploaded an entire video on a different fucking species of monitor claiming that’s what he was and people in the comments corrected her. It was fucking embarrassing. But if she hadnt uploaded that video tbh I doubt she ever would have realised he’s the wrong species. She gives each animal, what, a week? Of attention/googling? If she hadn’t figured out he wasn’t the species she thought within the month she had him + made that video then tbh I don’t think she ever would have.

No. 595836


Yes, I'm sure your EDS is sooo bad, Tay Tay. I have hypermobile EDS myself and I manage to function well enough to raise a family and hold down a job.

Plus I know EDS sufferers who are way worse off than you. They wear braces to keep their joints from dislocating, have had several surgeries to repair damage, or are confined to wheelchairs and in constant, severe pain. So please, cry me a river about how "bad" it is. The fatigue comes from overextending yourself, something I've never seen your lazy ass do, bitch.

No. 595838


Tremors are not a symptom of any subtype of EDS itself. They can appear if the person has cranio-cervical instability as a result of hypermobility. And since she appears to have a nice, stable neck instead of behaving like a bobble head, I highly doubt her tremors are related to her EDS.

No. 595839


Tremors can also be from things like POTS, which is a common comorbidity with EDS, but I'm afraid to put that fact on here where she lurks in case next week she suddenly has POTS now lol. I know lots of people with EDS who actually are as ill as she says she is, but yeah they use braces and physical therapy and medical intervention. Plus I don't know any of them who can turn it off to go to reptile expos or Disney World or even just get their hair done whenever they want- CCI particularly you have issues at hair salons because you can't move your head right without issues. There's no way she deals with that and doesn't whine about it on twitter.

Her shaking is more likely from drugs or her just being awkward on camera trying to look cute/hot.

No. 595840


She's got the junkie shakes to my eye - I've seen plenty of people who tremble and sweat just like that when they're in the withdrawal phase of their opioid consumption, and I was kinda taken aback that she would actually be on camera while DTing.

No. 595842

This might be a little tinfoil but I feel like Jonny was probably told the best care for his dental surgery and he just ignored it because he and Taylor are so wreckless. My sister had dental surgery and was told smoking would prolong healing/possibly cause complications so she quit for 6 months, wonder if Jonny’s case is the same.

No. 595844


That, or he really is so rotten to the core even dental implants won't fucking take. And hey, cocaine's a vasoconstrictor, I'm sure that and smoking are just grand for healing…

No. 595845

Christ that drawn on/colored in hairline wtf??? You guys see that shit

No. 595846

Well I'm experiencing the implant process right now and from what I remember them telling me they only recommend an implant for young people because their bone grows back stronger and faster. Either he's too old for an implant and that's why it's not taking, or his bones are so weak from the drugs that they're not growing back as strong as they normally.

No. 595857

If she’s not a hoarder and it’s not a problem- why does she need to keep getting new ones consistently? There have been issues which caused animal death, the recent apartment fires, and supposedly she’s moving soon. She had an extremely large number already, why not stop getting new ones until all the previous issues mentioned are settled?

This is what anyone who cares about animals would do. Her inability or lack of awareness to stop is what makes her so dangerous when it comes to having 1 animal, let alone 50+

No. 595863

>"i CoUldN't Be CaLmEd FoR hOuRs, tHiS Is CrUsHiNg Me, i Am sO sOrRy"
>"if those were my only mistaes i'm killin it LOL"

stick to 1 narrative taylor, you sound like an asshole

No. 595873

File: 1541520559443.png (511.29 KB, 671x452, jc.png)

jfc (jonny fucking craig) he literally looks like a crack version of ed sheeran lmao

No. 595874

Did that dude (don’t care enough to know his name) come on here and specifically say she was DMing him about her husbandry Mistakes she was making that she never publicly talked about tho?

No. 595875

fuck he looks like a disgusting dwarf. imagine seeing that face when you wake up.

No. 595882

??? he's not old. i got 3 implants when i was 29, they healed perfectly. he's what, 32? i know people who got implants in their late 40s and even 60s.
he most probably doesn't take care of them, but then again, he received a whole mouth full…..so one/some not healing properly COULD just be bc there are so many. especially when implanted into a rotting jaw lol

No. 595886

File: 1541521618400.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1219x2048, 9B9A89DA-3C59-4C47-A34A-9E9646…)

She’s so uncomfortable with what she really looks like.

No. 595888


If you have to say you’re a happy family you’re probably not

No. 595890

Is it just me, or does she totally man handle that snake at the end of the video to get a picture of it?

No. 595892

Oh she definitely did

No. 595898

Holy fuck she totally manhandled that snake. I have snakes and that is 100% not how you take pictures of them. What is wrong with her. I'm also pretty sure that's duck, and short tails are prone to biting if you make fast movements in front of their faces and also if they're up high because they hate being off of the ground. She's asking to get bit by her, and duck could potentially be a 6+ foot 20 pound snake.

No. 595901

Is this video from today? Because her hair looks very blonde again?

No. 595902


Can someone screen record it before it’s gone? Idk how to

No. 595915


Also the one where she’s letting JC drape Lego all over his face.

No. 595919

Jesus. I’ve never seen someone handle a snake that way. So rough and inconsiderate to the poor thing.

No. 595927

Ah, good eye. This video is old. Her hair hasn’t been blonde since September.

No. 595928

File: 1541525665033.jpeg (573.04 KB, 1242x1810, 2764E0B3-6BFF-45C7-A14C-A5A2DE…)

Same spot. Same pants. What are the chances these photos were taken the same day? Because this video is old and from when her hair was still blonde which would mean she’s had the scorpion since the middle of September, at least.

No. 595929

File: 1541525922750.gif (1.66 MB, 332x332, 0702B524-1F82-46AE-97FE-17D744…)

No. 595930

Maybe her hair color just washed out again.

So gross how she handles Duck. I really think that she is out of touch enough with reality that she thinks this is ok.

No. 595931

Jeeeeesus. She really, really obviously does not know what she's doing. And how could she with the little experience she has. Poor Duck.

No. 595932

Wow, she just flings Duck all over the place like she's not even a living being. I've never handled my snakes like this and could never imagine doing so, what makes her think this type of handling is acceptable jfc.

No. 595935

Lmao I live for Jonny’s lovebombing sometimes, he tries so hard to make them seem like goals but in reality everyone knows how disgusting this relationship is… remember when they broke up and she went on and on on twitter about fuck boys, he’s abusive and all that shit? Then the next day they were ~omg I love you more goalllss~ again. Agreed with previous anons, if you have to say you love each other so much and are such a happy family on social media constantly, you definitely aren’t. It’s an abusive tactic, simple as that.
A lot of happiness/unhappiness in your life comes from your significant other. Especially considering she has no life outside of being at home all day with Jonny. My guess is she has to keep accumulating animals to (unsuccessfully) make herself happy because she hates her relationship. Can’t say I feel bad for her considering she was warned.

No. 595936

All the stories JC has uploaded today seem to be from today, and he's wearing the same joggers and trainers throughout. I really hope she's bleached her hair again so we can laugh at her stupidity.

No. 595938

File: 1541527376520.gif (3.4 MB, 219x399, 32493D66-4150-489C-A633-5DF2AC…)


Captured the whole video (apologies for quality!) to include the fact that she’s manhandling the snake like this so that she can take a photograph of it. Next time she claims that she “just snapped a quick photo of the snake while cleaning the cage uwu!!”, I hope this is the image everyone has in their minds.

No. 595939

I had a small shred of hope for her hair when she cut it off and said she was no longer going to dye it for 1 year minimum. But then she continued using heat on it and destroying it even more. Her hair is definitely just declining but fuck, if she seriously bleached it again what the hell is she doing? Maybe either her hair isn’t holding the brown dye anymore or maybe it appears bright because of the ring light above her head. Either way, she has truly permanently damaged her hair, it looks awful and needs to just leave it be… that means no attempting to curl what’s left either Taylor! Not just no dying.

No. 595944

The fact that she isn’t even giving her animals fresh water daily makes me fucking sad. There’s literally NO trace of water left in that bowl. So much for when she goes on her 20 hour junkie sleeping episodes, she has her “assistant” come take care of them. Looks like nobody took care of them while she was drugged out. That’s incredibly sad and I really don’t understand how her stans are brain dead enough to support this kind of care and behavior/lies.

No. 595946


Maybe she's just trying to emulate Jake and Logan Paul? Balding Haystack seems to be a look that works for them.

No. 595950

the most expensive and the only one she’ll spend money on to get him a proper enclosure. Please remember the only reason she moved out and is spending over $24,000 a year on rent is because he is homeless, leeches off of whatever insecure bitch will date him, and mommy wouldn’t let Taylor’s edgy boyfriend live in their family home LMFAO

No. 595962

How do you think her skinks died! They dehydrated to death!

No. 595965

Doesn't she technically have the new skinks in her care already as well? I wonder how they're doing…

No. 595966

probably being ignored with the lights off

No. 595968

Still shocking that she did this. Maybe not shocking for Tay, but by normal human standards. I feel I was more attached to those skinks than she was and I’m not even a fan. She just went out and got two more within the week they died. Replaced them like they were nothing. So callous.

No. 595972

I agree. I honestly can't believe that just a couple of weeks later she thinks she's "killin' it!!!" for the "few" mistakes she's made. She's delusional.

No. 595992

Dont you heccin compare Ed Sheeran to that trash human. Ed Sheeran may not be the best looking but he is genuinely a good person and doesnt deserve this lol

No. 595995

With shit like this I doubt Johnny would care if the whole room went up and killed all the animsl. His attitude makes it clear that he wants all of Taylor's attention 24/7 and even the sparse time she spends on her animals is too much for him.

No. 596003

a cartier love bracelet is $6300, she had it for one year which is equivalent to paying $17 a day or $527 a month for a bracelet that she treated like absolute trash and broke. always remember to love urself bc at least u didn’t make a financial decision that had.

No. 596020

When Walmart Taylor shows more of Taylors animals than she does herself. Some animals are conveniently missing, some water bowls looking very low!

No. 596023

Was Zazu in the biocube that's on the right of the beginning of the video? If so rip because you can't see anything in there except for rocks.

No. 596024

I find it funny that OTHER people are now showing way more of taylors animals than she even is. Even jonny showed more in his instagram stories than she has in ages.

Also, note that walmart taylor used pictures of taylors ACTUAL animals in the thumbnail, and not just pictures from google or emojis like tay does.

No. 596027

File: 1541539168889.jpg (5.09 MB, 5312x2988, 20181106_141810.jpg)

Oh look. A bad shed. But "my snakes always shed perfectly which means they're healthy and I'm doing nothing wrong!!

No. 596028


Confirmation of all the rats being housed together then. Guess Wednesdays video about her rats will be "my opps litters!"

No. 596030

I didn't see Zazu in the whole video. Am I blind?

It is so strange that the majority of these animals are new introductions. Does she still have the mantis?

No. 596031

Funny that this girl respects the animals and when they clearly don’t want to be bothered she leaves them be. Taylor doesn’t even have that level of respect for her own animals

No. 596033


notice how the crabs are no where to be seen and it's only old photos of them that Taylor took.

I'm surprised she was allowed to upload this video, for those who don't follow Taylor on anywhere other than Youtube it must be so confusing, they're probably wondering who half the new animals are that Taylor doesn't deem worthy of making an introduction video about, and also wondering where the croc skinks and frog etc have gone

No. 596034

No, he’s not in it. Just an empty biocube. Rip Zazu (unless taylor is lurking and wants to post him on IG)

No. 596035

Kronos looks real skinny to me, and poor Mushu looks half-dead in that murky water. :(

No. 596037

File: 1541540077832.png (774.75 KB, 982x478, 123987.PNG)

Isn't it a bad sign if axolotls tails are curved like Mushus is?

No. 596038


I think Taylor actually said that in one of her own videos lol.

Also what are the white spots all over? and do her gills look small to anyone else?

No. 596040

File: 1541540279428.png (1.55 MB, 764x746, 123456.PNG)

This is what a healthy axolotl looks like. Really sad what condition Mushu is in.

No. 596042


Yeah, the gill feathering is worryingly small or nonexistent.

I've just got to the part with the snake rack, and I'm feeling quiet rage for the "habitats" Taylor has provided for them.

No. 596043

It's disturbing that she would have had the new crocodile skinks when her friends came round, so she must have asked them to not film them? "Guys I need to pretend I didn't replace my skinks as soon as I killed the last ones ok so pls don't film them"

No. 596044

File: 1541540535748.png (2.26 MB, 1311x734, empty.PNG)

Right omg Bindis enclosure is literally empty. This screenshot shows half of the tank she is in, there's just nothing but wood chips

No. 596045

I don’t own an axolotl but I joined a fb group to learn about them out of interest, and if Mushu was posted there Taylor would be inundated with advice imo. She does not look healthy, and you’re right about her gills. They’re nowhere near as full as they should be.

No. 596046

I was also just about to mention this. It's truly saddening that Bindi has seemingly nothing but substrate in her enclosure. I honestly can't believe she keeps her pets like this, what a sad existance they're living.

No. 596047

I remember when she first moved bindi to the new tanks and she just put a big bit of wood in the middle. I thought it was funny (but also very sad) that in the video where her and her friends remodeled some of her tanks, her friends went for more natural looks and thought about how it should be to create more places to hide and taylor just plonked a few plastic hides and a fake plant in.
She could honestly have a pretty amazing channel with so many video ideas if she wasn't too lazy to get into learning how to create bioactive tanks, and her animals would benefit greatly.

No. 596049

File: 1541541196396.jpeg (269.49 KB, 1867x950, BFAA36D5-19A9-481F-AFF9-375221…)

This is a screenshot from the NY magazine video. That’s Bindi’s cage in the background. I thought maybe she had moved her into a smaller enclosure but I guess not.

No. 596050

This makes me so mad. Before she had snakes Taylor used to drag Bindi out to pet stores for attention, now she’s old news she gets banished to a bare ass tank with nothing for enrichment. Remember Taylor was all over twitter claiming she was feeding Bindi a raw diet cause one of the other pet youtubers fed it to their blue tongue? I highly doubt that lizard has ever seen anything fresh in her life lol.

No. 596051


Wow. That's so fucking sad. No hiding places, nowhere to climb, no water dish, no enrichment… Just a box with a light and some bedding.

No. 596059

Oh my GOD, when I first watched the NY mag video I thought that was just an empty enclosure that had aspen in it for some reason. I didn't even see poor Bindi in the corner. That is genuinely so upsetting, what kind of monster can have a pet of theirs in a LITERALLY EMPTY enclosure and sleep well at night?

But it's fine guys!! Bindi hasn't died yet so it isn't hoarding, just stop hating on nothing!!! uwuwuwuwuwu happy family

No. 596063

God when other youtubers are showing your animals and redoing their enclosures for you you must know you’re a pretty shit YouTuber. Regarding zazu, if she ever addresses this she will claim she gave zazu and the mantis shrimp away to a friend with a larger tank. Also, don’t think it’s been mentioned but I can’t be the only person think it’s extremely odd that Taylor had Gucci and then a few months later bought an identical snake and even called it Gucci 2. Like, seriously, that is a crazy illogical thing to do. Out of every snake she could have bought, she got an identical one? Seems suspicious to me.

No. 596064

File: 1541543064934.png (650.09 KB, 1132x284, gooseballs.png)

Here's some screenshots of where Goose still visibly has balls - they would not still be this pink and full weeks after neutering. Considering he was supposed to have been neutered a whole month ago on the 3rd.

Honestly surprised those girls haven't already had babies, they don't look visibly pregnant but shes an idiot.

No. 596065

Rats usually don't start showing they're pregnant until they're about to give birth.

As risky as it is, I really hope she got those girls neutered already. Letting them breed would be so awful.

No. 596067


even the fact that she gave them away is outrageous. But her fan's won't see a problem with it because its making room for new, more exciting animals.

I'm confused why Taylor has a freshwater tank though with a bunch of angel fish in it? i don't think shes ever mentioned or showed them, and they're not that exciting compared to her usual purchases

No. 596068

Those other 2 rats were so skittish too and baulked at every movement - they're obviously not used to being handled. How long has she had them now? They should be eager to meet people!

No. 596073


not even that but they flinched every time Emma even breathed. It's clear that Taylor doesn't even sit and just talk to them to get them used to it, they're naturally curious, but flighty, so they probably just view her as someone who provides food.

It's going to be interesting to see if / when she brings out her Rat video, theres no hiding how scared they are of her (although im sure she will pull a sob story on it)

No. 596090

I remember when Emma used to like comments stating she was a better youtuber than Taylor in her early days. Now she's out here fixing her enclosures and making whole videos about her pets.

No. 596095

Oh wow half the comments on Emmas video are either asking where Zazu is or dissing Taylors care. I wonder if she will delete all of them

No. 596096

Most blue tongues like to bury under their substrate so Taylor probably assumed they don't need anything(they very much do I mean bindi doesn't even have water)

No. 596099

The orchid? Almost certainly dead. Male orchids decline very rapidly, they start refusing to eat and flying around in the evening which results n them getting quite beaten up. Usually last around a month and half, two tops. The hotter they're kept the more quickly they die.

You're also not supposed to feed them anything other than flying prey, and I've never seen Taylor talk about raising casters so she was probably feeding it crickets or dubias, which will make them die faster.

No. 596100

The orchid? Almost certainly dead. Male orchids decline very rapidly, they start refusing to eat and flying around in the evening which results n them getting quite beaten up. Usually last around a month and half, two tops. The hotter they're kept the more quickly they die.

You're also not supposed to feed them anything other than flying prey, and I've never seen Taylor talk about raising casters so she was probably feeding it crickets or dubias, which will make them die faster.

No. 596101

The orchid mantis? Almost certainly dead. Male orchids decline very rapidly, they start refusing to eat and flying around in the evening which results n them getting quite beaten up. Usually last around a month and half, two tops. The hotter they're kept the more quickly they die.

You're also not supposed to feed them anything other than flying prey, and I've never seen Taylor talk about raising casters so she was probably feeding it crickets or dubias, which will make them die faster.

Sorry if you were talking about the shrimp, just ignore me if so.

No. 596104

File: 1541545514851.jpeg (177.64 KB, 750x1080, A17C7ADE-84FD-4754-ADF3-3B7E4F…)

Kind of OT but I looked in Taylor’s tagged pictures and this girl is building an enclosure for a monitor she’s just adopted—She looks like a pretty average girl, so I guarantee Taylor has more money/resources than her yet this girls enclosure is already much much larger than Kronos’s and she hasn’t even gotten her monitor yet! How do people who know animal care still like Taylor?

No. 596105

The orchid mantis? Almost certainly dead. Male orchids decline very rapidly, they start refusing to eat and flying around in the evening which results n them getting quite beaten up. Usually last around a month and half, two tops. The hotter they're kept the more quickly they die.

You're also not supposed to feed them anything other than flying prey, and I've never seen Taylor talk about raising casters so she was probably feeding it crickets or dubias, which will make them die faster.

Sorry if you were talking about the shrimp, just ignore me if so.

No. 596111

Chill anon, how many times do you plan reposting

No. 596114

File: 1541546086509.png (46.69 KB, 1169x334, surejan.PNG)

Wasn't the magazine interview like 2 months ago? How long is she supposedly cleaning it lmao

No. 596118

Well now we know Emma is a liar too

No. 596120

File: 1541546266790.png (25.77 KB, 1147x166, surejan2.PNG)


No. 596122

Do you guys think that Taylor lied to her leeches? That way they wouldn't realize how bad it really is.
"No way guys this isn't normal, I'm just redecorating!!! Usually it looks much better uwu"

No. 596125

The orchid mantis? Almost certainly dead. Male orchids decline very rapidly, they start refusing to eat and flying around in the evening which results n them getting quite beaten up. Usually last around a month and half, two tops. The hotter they're kept the more quickly they die.

You're also not supposed to feed them anything other than flying prey, and I've never seen Taylor talk about raising casters so she was probably feeding it crickets or dubias, which will make them die faster.

Sorry if you were talking about the shrimp, just ignore me if so.

No. 596126

Wow, I used to respect Emma but the way she's defending Taylor and supporting her is…bad. this entire video shows so much wrong with Taylor's husbandry and care and Emma is just defending it to look good for Taylor's fans.

No. 596128

What was wrong with my post? Genuinely confused by this reaction.

No. 596129

You reposted it 5 times

No. 596131

I don't know her too well, but is it possible that she's quite naive? If a person is willing to clean/redecorate as well as make content about someone else's animals …That seems odd? If anything, it could have been a week of manipulation/lies on Taylor's part. It's better to have connections in a community that's starting to have doubts.

No. 596132

Oh holy fug sorry anons I got a cloudflare error in the middle of posting, it wasn't on purpose.

No. 596137


While I do think other pettubers are well aware Taylor's mistakes and turn a blind eye, wouldn't surprise me if she lies to them too.

No. 596142

I'm glad someone else feels that way.

No. 596144

File: 1541547817514.png (33.2 KB, 1125x256, 94850983495.PNG)

Why do they think that Taylor is open to any criticism or questions at all?

No. 596151

Emma gets the benefits for her channel from collabing with Taylor, she gets lukewarm responses here because she is at least using that time to improve some of Tay’s animal enclosures, and when she’s questioned on Taylor’s truly awful shit that can’t be easily excused, she gets to hold up her hands and say “sorry guys, I don’t know about that” which isn’t the aggressive blind support of Tay like Tyler Rugge, but she’s not explicitly agreeing that Taylor’s care is bad either. She’s playing both sides pretty smartly lol.

No. 596152

File: 1541549244794.jpeg (81.3 KB, 542x792, F81078D4-681D-4B7F-80BA-DEFB84…)

More TND clones rising up

No. 596153

This is sort of hilarious considering how badly TND wants to be an Emzotics clone and Cool Dark Snake Girl.

No. 596154


Regarding the rats, the girls might not get pregnant instantly. Goose is still young and inexperienced so it could take him some time to… er, get the hang of it. They also need to be in heat and allow Goose to mate with them.

However, if Taylor continues to be neglectful and keep them together, then they will eventually end up pregnant and unless you're weighing them every day to determine weight gain (let's be real, she probably hasn't weighed them at all to see if they are healthy), she'll have no idea until the last few days. Then she'll have babies slipping through the bars of that cage because the space is too wide or the rats cannibalizing the young because they are surrounded by predators and feel unsafe.

Also not surprised the rats are still terrified of her. They were feeders so most likely have shitty temperaments to begin with, which means they will always be like this unless Taylor puts in the effort to bond and socialize with them… which she clearly isn't doing. I betting Goose will have hormonal aggression later in life and will end up biting her.

No. 596160


I've watched a few of this girls videos, not sure what's going on in this one, but she seems to rescue a lot of her animals, and i just checked to see if she follows taylor on her social media's and she doesn't seem to. Don't want to derail though!

No. 596173

When did Taylor bleach her hair again? It was bleached for the ny mag interview. I could have sworn she went back natural before the interview

No. 596177

She was blonde when the interview was made

No. 596179

I have one. I'll try to keep this brief and factual so i won't get banned again.
Yes, strong tail curving is a bad sign.
Her gills are also a huge concern for me. They're much shorter and stubbier than they were when she was young, which makes me think permanent damage was done, which is saying something for regenerating axolotls. She doesn't hold them up and flick them around, either. They don't move at all, actually. Normally they flick them every few seconds.
As for the yellow spots, I think that's where the fungus was actually developing. Taylor made an absolutely insane choice to treat her with iodine (I won't sperg again but know that this is cruelty imo) and given that iodine leaves a strong yellow stain, I think it dyed the healing skin. That is just my guess, but if so, again, she managed to permanently damage an animal that can regenerate almost all of its body.
And, of course, none of this is helped by the fact that she's boiling her above a dishwasher.

No. 596183

Isn't iodine used to force axos to transform into salamanders?

No. 596184

Yep. It's a horrible thing to do. Luckily she only dunked her in it for a bath, but she also talked about how she specifically didn't want to put her in the fridge, which is the normal course of treatment.

No. 596186

Wow that really is fucked up.
It's crazy that when I first watched that video I assumed she knows what shes doing. Then again I also thought that she was mid 20s with an education…

No. 596189

I want to believe that counter doesnt get heat up by the washing machine, i mean both of them act like childs so the chances they dont cook and dont get dirty dishes are relativly high

No. 596196

so CONVENIENTLY right when they were visiting she was redecorating all of their cages! Sounds like she was scrambling to get all of her enclosures to look decent. I was wondering how she would excuse their horrible living conditions.
The evidence from the NY mag thing that Bindi's enclosure has been bare is amazing. I feel so bad for that skink.

No. 596199

File: 1541555164883.png (156.85 KB, 347x290, Skärmavbild 2018-11-07 kl. 02…)

At 9.35 when she's showing Tate, you can see how dehydrated he is. When he moves his neck, and the fold that was created in his skin didn't go back.

No. 596205

it's so enraging how she just… doesn't care. she says that everyone who accurately points out her shitty husbandry is just a ~hater~ but it's only gonna take one weekend of """sleeping""" (i.e. nodding) or one trip to disney and she'll come back to find half of her animals dead. not saying I want dead animals, but that's what it's gonna take if she has any hope of realizing what the fuck she's doing. unless she already knows she's treating them horribly and just doesn't care.

No. 596219


She's a hoarder, so she THINKS she cares and believes she's truly doing what's right by these animals. Taylor can claim she's not hoarding all she wants. When has a hoarder come out and said they are one? Very rarely. It's sad but it will take a while before Taylor realizes just how in over her head she is.

No. 596230

If this isn't proof i don't know what is. How can Taylor be so blind to her neglect of her animals.

No. 596244

File: 1541561834451.jpeg (57.96 KB, 640x614, E7E1EF22-CEB1-4EA4-95F0-AFA3FA…)

I love how she says she doesn’t read here, but when people call her out for tossing bindi aside, she suddenly brings her out again.

No. 596245

There’s tons of proof. But she’s genuinely so narcissistic that she can’t fathom anyone actually being concerned about the animals, because she doesn’t care about them that much, and if she doesn’t care why would anyone else? Therefore it must all be about her and hating on her specifially, the animals are just a tool to target her. That’s why she doesn’t give a shit about the critisisms of her husbandry, to her it’s genuinely just all about her.

No. 596248

Smells self posty

No. 596249

I'm sure when she reads here and sees us saying "she doesn't care" she's just baffled. like, I'm sure she spends some time on taking care of them every day (though she has also admitted to only checking on them once in a 22-hour period, when three of them died because of it, so not /a lot/ of her time.) but she could not possibly be spending enough time with them based on the numbers and species that she has. she has too many at this point to spend adequate time socializing outside of feeding and watering (which we all know she lacks on based off of dry water bowls.) but like tay. you have three rats, three cats, two hedgehogs, a monitor, and over a dozen snakes. the rats, cats, hedgies, and monitor total like 6+ hours of socialization PER DAY at the minimum if you want them to be friendly and tamed. unless she's committed 8+ hours a day PURELY to handling them, she's not taking care of them to the fullest possible extent that each of them deserves. she's basically just got a bunch of unsocialized snakes, ignored hedgehogs, untrained cats, a wild monitor lizard, and skittish rats.

No. 596253

File: 1541562851984.jpeg (860.83 KB, 1334x750, 6C700354-0E6B-41B0-A4FF-BF98F7…)

Another picture of her snakes “always having perfect sheds” BS Taylor. Your ball pythons should always shed in one piece. They should never have to put their shed off like Frank obviously had to

No. 596254

It wasn’t but aight.

No. 596257

Bindi can't be happy being held like that. Most blue tongues flail like hell when being held that way so if she posts in the next few days you might be able to tell if its recent from the red spots of Bindi flailing

No. 596258

There's also urates in there and unless she has bioactive enclosures (she doesn't) they should be removed immediately

No. 596262

Nitpicking, but she's more of an irresponsibl collector than a hoarder. Although you probably mean it colloquially, she doesn't show characteristics to have an actual hoarding disorder. She doesn't seem to show quick and intense attachments, nor does she seem to have extreme difficulties giving up/away possessions.

No. 596267

She is addicted to the high of attention given by her stans when she introduces a new animal and they are always encouraging her. As long as majority of comments are encouragement, she feels validated enough to keep getting more animals. Taylor is a classic attention whore like we have seen, and I believe it's because of her brother's "shadow". It made her embrace her array of diseases (which I don't believe are so severe she claims) so she can have her moments in spotlight. Taylor is using her animals as a proxy for attention, and is getting euphoric high when she outrageously keeps getting more and more, even doubting herself but the response is always mostly positive. She cant think for herself. She needs the support. Like we saw when she commanded her army at the NY times video. Without her support she is nothing.

No. 596306

File: 1541570377630.jpg (507.34 KB, 1080x1733, 20181107_055844.jpg)

is this a new snake or have I just lost count of which snakes she does and doesn't own?

No. 596317

It's one she got pretty recently that she named Valentino. I think she got it in the last week, two weeks ago at most. At least from when she posted.

No. 596318

Hey tay tay since you read this thread. Give your pets water.

Or are you too chicken to take care of your pets

No. 596324

I really don't get why she likes to post stuff like this, or pictures of Tofu with his mouth agape as a warning, with "quirky cute uwu" captions.

No. 596327

It's because she's so EdGY and self-deprecating and "haha relatable meme amirite fellow kids"

No. 596336

I know, she tries to act like she's doing a good thing for snakes and proving how nice they are, yet constantly posts pictures of them biting her or preparing to bite her. So counter intuitive.

No. 596341

Something really annoying about Emma's video - Taylor literally isn't in it. It would have been cool for Emma to go around and have Taylor give descriptions of her pets or their personalities or something, but she's in the video for like two seconds. Emma doesn't even know some of the animals names and Taylor appearently isn't even there to tell her? Like what was Taylor doing that was so important? It's basically a collab, she should be in it

No. 596357

I’ve never seen someone take so much pride in getting bitten by their own animals lol

No. 596364


Considering that's all she can do with them besides throwing them in a box once she's taken a few Insta pictures of them being held incorrectly, I guess that's just how Taylor interacts with her animals. I hope she doesn't get a real hot snake, because she'll be in deep shit with one. Totally unprepared to handle even a fucking cornsnake, let alone something actually dangerous. But she just has to keep getting more and more to seem like an edgy snake girl!

I'm so sad and angry about Bindi and the axolotl.

No. 596386

Yep.. I have to agree with this. Plus hoarding is so much deeper than simply collecting things or having a lot of animals. There's some serious mental issues going on there. She thinks it's as simple as, "I can take care of them therefore it's not hoarding". But no, that's not the case for her. Random but I saw a video of some guy who has 25+ pet cats in his (huge) home but he literally turned his house into a cat mansion with tunnels in the walls and shit. They were all fat, CLEARLY well cared for, and the guys was older, single, and financially well off. They were also all rescues. My point to mentioning this is that he wasn't hoarding imo. There IS a line between hoarding and having a shit ton of pets "within your means". Tay has loooong crossed that line.

Also, I genuinely think at this point she won't stop out of pure stubbornness. It would have had to be her idea to stop for it to actually happen. Since she's gotten so much criticism for having so many and she's such a narcissist she CANNOT admit they're right… She'd just as soon fuck herself over in an attempt to be right. Because she refuses to be told what's what by her "haters" even if it's legitimate. Because like an anon above said she can't fathom that people hate her care and not HER. I mean yeah, you totally suck Tay. You're a garbage human. But I promise not a single one of us would be here shit talking you, if you didn't treat your animals like shit.

No. 596397


Agreed. We've also seen the state of her apartment. Just crap and clutter everywhere. People have this opinion that hoarders are old, poor, ugly and live in homes that are decomposing from the inside. When you think of a hoarder, you don't think of a attractive woman in her early twenties who lives in a lavish apartment.

It's that mentality that allows her to continue to live in her fantasy. Her fans also encourage her toxic behavior. She's only managing now because she has someone who comes in to clean and care for her animals (apparently), imagine if she had to do it herself? She's already struggling if she needs someone else to look after them. No matter what excuses she spins. No one needs someone to come look after their own pets unless they are on holiday or something.

She's glorifying hoarding. The same way people like to romanticize fucked up shit. That's exactly what she's doing. Taylor is making it look glamorous. I hope soon enough people will look at these petubers who keep too many animals and realize just how horrifying it is.

No. 596409

Exactly. I have no idea how she thinks that she's not overwhelmed.

I could understand if she had someone check in on her animals during the day if she worked a job that required her to be out of the house, or if she had to be at the hospital. But she doesn't.

It's normal to have someone supplement your care (i.e. dog walkers for people with 9-5 jobs and energetic dogs). It's not normal to have someone do all of the care while you sleep for 22 hours, especially if you live with a partner.

No. 596411


It gets even better when she claims that looking after animals is her job.

No. 596414

Imagine if she exercised some self-control and bought no pets for the rest of the year.

… who am I kidding, she'd "find a stray" immediately for attention.

No. 596421

I wish she would but it'll never happen if she can afford it. Best case she slows down. But she hasn't slowed down at all since moving out.

What I don't understand is why she doesn't post about most of her animals on YouTube? Is it really because she's too lazy or is it possible she doesn't necessarily want her 1.5 mil subs to "know" because she knows it's not good. Perhaps more people who know what they're talking about to see her awful pet care and comment specific issues. Because for someone who craves attention as she does you'd think she'd WANT to be posting constant videos to keep herself relevant and growing. She must be deeply depressed to have such an extreme lack of motivation.

No. 596422

I wish she would but it'll never happen if she can afford it. Best case she slows down. But she hasn't slowed down at all since moving out.

What I don't understand is why she doesn't post about most of her animals on YouTube? Is it really because she's too lazy or is it possible she doesn't necessarily want her 1.5 mil subs to "know" because she knows it's not good. Perhaps more people who know what they're talking about to see her awful pet care and comment specific issues. Because for someone who craves attention as she does you'd think she'd WANT to be posting constant videos to keep herself relevant and growing. She must be deeply depressed to have such an extreme lack of motivation.

No. 596433

That’s what I used to wonder. Constantly buying so she could show off and grow her channel by making new videos with new content is one thing. The fact she doesn’t even do it for this is more worrying. It’s obviously a high she gets from buying something new and acquiring new pets. It doesn’t go any further since we know she doesn’t use them for her channel nor does she go any further by setting up and creating a nice enclosure. Quite sad really. Especially for the animals.

No. 596443


The problem isn't even her hiring help. The problem is she's lying about her hired help. If she actually hired someone, her place wouldn't look like that and her animals wouldn't be without water. She just says she's hired someone to try and shut us up.

No. 596451

Good news, now Emma is deleting comments she doesn't like off of her Taylor video. One of my specific comments is gone

No. 596456


Not to WK Taylor and her lack of care and slobbiness, but maybe she has a cleaner come do the habitats just once a week - I do similar work, and my once-a-week gigs always look like a bomb has gone off in the place by the time I return the next week because the people living and working there are just utter slobs and never pick up after themselves.

I'm not surprised two junkies can't manage to keep their place clean (the carpeting looks horrible in most videos and pics!) even if someone does come in.

No. 596457


Tbh I think part of the reason we never see new videos from her is because each video requires a long term investment of time into those animals that's shes just not doing. With her excessive sleeping schedule, she probably has garbage time management skills, meaning shes absolutely not giving each of her animals the time and devotion to learn their personality and quirks and build a "persona" for them like she used to do in the past. If you noticed, lately shes been shoving out a stream of boring educational videos, we no longer get videos that showcase her bond w her pets as individuals become she's just not… establishing relationships with them.

No. 596464

It's crazy how many people are asking about Zazu and she still won't answer anyone. Really makes me worry poor Zazu died, if he was just rehomed, why wouldn't she just say it and people would stop asking. Last IG post about him was in Dec of 2017

No. 596466

aren't they (predator tank) "being babysat" (highly doubt it)

No. 596469


Wouldn’t Emma know this too and just be able to reply with it if it’s true? Honestly her “I dunno about that animal ask taylor” bullshit is stupid, what friend doesn’t know what’s going on with their animals when it’s the reason they’re friends and a main topic of convosation? Emma’s radio silence on the matter can’t be a good sign for Zazus fate.

No. 596475

because she couldn't edit herself to hell and back or/and she wasn't the center of attention and decided "why bother"

No. 596479

>how badly TND wants to be an Emzotics
Is this you, Em? Couldn't stay away from lolcow? Because last I checked Taylor was on YT before Emzotic with animal videos and most times it's Em making the same videos as Taylor after TND posted them. So that's suspicious.
Not wking Taylor but..we all know Emzotic is psychotic and I think everyone knows she at the very least still lurks here, if not still actively posts with a vpn.

If she really did bleach it again I am thinking it has to do with all the comments of people saying her and the other two girls Emma and whatsherface are clones of each other. You could tell how bothered she was by that. She even extra wore a wig next time she filmed with them so people wouldn't comment on them looking the same. So my best guess is she bleached her hair because she hates being compared to these other girls.

No. 596481

At this point Emma and Tyler are complicit in her negligence. If you can witness empty habitats, empty water bowls, her lying about animals she has killed, her endless hoarding and still support and defend her, you are nearly as bad as she is. I couldn't befriend someone who treats animals like commodities

No. 596482

Confirmation. Mantis shrimp is dead. Lived 3-4 months after it arrived.

No. 596483


No. 596484

File: 1541623292676.png (34.53 KB, 745x339, 12390.PNG)

No. 596485

I just noticed… didnt she say a few weeks ago that the biocube was being babysat? That's more than 4 months. She got the mantis shrimp in like may.

No. 596486

Both in the same tank. Both dead. Both before their time.

No. 596487


address it when it happens? unless you have a reason to hide it and don't mention it for months until people are begging you too… hmm

No. 596488

also, why is she saying LOL WHEN HER PETS HAVE DIED, shes honestly sick

No. 596490

That mantis shrimp wasn’t “very old”. She’s such a lying cunt it hurts!

No. 596491

So that video is basically an update to all her living pets. Sad.

"lol" Are you fucking kidding me?

No. 596492

Having a hard time believing she’s been so distraught over a fish and a shrimp dying for MONTHS that she couldn’t talk about it until now. She always WAAAY overcompensates how “sad” she is when she kills her pets (like she mentioned needing therapy when she cooked her skinks and frog) to try and dodge criticism.

No. 596494


its because deep down she knows it's her fault, and she knows that people are going to poke holes in any lie she tells to cover up what really happened to them.

No. 596497

"I am such a good pet mom! I've only baked 2 reptiles and a frog and killed my mouse and a kitten and now my lion fish and my ~super cool and rare~ shrimp!!! I'm killin' it (them)!!!"

No. 596498


I'm killin' it (them) needs to be in the next thread photo please lol

No. 596499

Considering both can live decades she really has killed them. Chances are she didn’t bother with the upkeep of her smaller tank. It was also mentioned on Twitter (no idea what source) that the shrimp had killed zazu. Quite plausible.

No. 596500

Any news about the other fish in that tank?
Puffer, clown fish, etc?

No. 596502

File: 1541624115323.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1653, 9014D26B-370E-4E63-9B09-9FED1D…)

Zazu didn’t even live to be 3. Idk where she gets 3 and a half from.

I doubt we will ever know the truth about what happened to either of them.

No. 596504

The thing with hoarders is the ones who get out of control are generally the ones who own their own places that they can trash.

No. 596505

God she literally cannot stop lying, can she? Wouldn't he be around/closer to 2 and a half then? She just tacked on a whole extra year to his age??

No. 596506

Its a good thing that she can lie and claim 3 years but at the end of the day that fish can easily live 16 years in captivity with good care. Too bad her idiot fans are already telling her it's ok because they don't understand the life spans of these fish

No. 596507

File: 1541624483340.png (124.06 KB, 646x542, Skärmavbild 2018-11-07 kl. 22…)

No. 596511


Don't a lot of her pets live to 3 before passing on? Like it's some kind of magical number or something.

No. 596512

File: 1541625034671.png (439.04 KB, 586x849, zazu ded1.PNG)

No. 596513

File: 1541625083663.png (821.11 KB, 750x1334, 9B787FC7-547F-448D-84B1-F55110…)

Pt 1

No. 596514

File: 1541625115546.png (434.87 KB, 559x853, zazu ded2.PNG)

She said before that she gave him to a friend, now it's her aquarium shop. And how would a shop know that he lived a great life when he didn't even turn 3? So dumb.
If her tank wasn't cycled it would also show up way earlier than a month into it.

No. 596516

What type of lionfish was he? According to the internet, avg lifespan is 8-15 years. Wide span, but still a hell of a lot longer than 3 years top, wtf Taylor????

No. 596517

She really can’t control herself with her storytelling. Just say zazu died. Sh!t happens. Instead she’s making a multitude of excuses yet again. She also seems to have no grasp of cycling. Ammonia and nitrates rising. Yes, ammonia is an issue in cycles tanks. But rising nitrates prove nothing. They are expected and don’t harm fish. I’d also expect that she would be using something like prime if she wasn’t fully confident of a QT being cycled.

No. 596519

tbh, unless i see a picture of cheese with today's newspaper next to him, i'll believe he's also dead

No. 596520


> I gave him endless attention for two weeks, oh like you do all your other animals? What about the day's when you sleep 20 hours or when you're not even at home for days?

> Why is she cycling a new tank for him? Could she not just use the media from the tank he was currently in to jump start it? I don't know much about fish so just curious

> Any time a pet dies she always has to say how someone else who is an ANiMAL ExpERT thinks she's done a really good job so ofc she is not to blame!!

> It's not my fault guys! He was wild caught! (well it's your fault for buying a wild caught fish in the first place)

> Makes it all about her again at the end

No. 596522

I believe there have been multiple versions of Cheese. He literally has not grown at all.

No. 596523


Not to white knight but i remember from some of her earlier videos that she had a 'friend' or 'friends' who worked at the aquarium store and would sometimes be in her videos doing things with the tanks in her house

No. 596524

Well cross Zazu, the shrimp and the wrasse off the list of living animals and add the scorpion.

No. 596526

She can never just admit to her mistakes. It is always not her fault in some way or another. How many more animals are going to be killed before she realizes she has a problem?

No. 596529

File: 1541625712446.jpeg (27.44 KB, 578x182, 089BDBFF-DF13-4F13-8B6C-0E81E5…)

From this timeish last year.

No. 596534

So she can, within a month, talk about how she baked 3 pets but not about how two "died of old age" for several months??

No. 596535

Jesus, Mushu looks awful. Can't believe she'd show him being so poorly.

No. 596537


I feel like Mushu is going to be next :(

Honestly, from an outside point of view, it is logical to expect that with owning a lot of pets, you're going to naturally lose more too.

But none of the pets shes losing are short livespan animals, they should all be living like 10+ years…

No. 596538


Yeah - and she keeps a variety of vibrant, intelligent species, too, so it's incredibly heartbreaking to see them in bare enclosures with not even water set out for them.

No. 596539

i know some people trying to downsize will have a rule that for every new piece of clothes they get, they have to get rid of two or three

never seen anyone apply it to their pets, but taylor seems to be heading that way

kills three fish, gets a scorpion

No. 596541

Next thread pic nomination kek

No. 596544

tbh i pray for taylor to get bit good and hard by one of her 'pets'

No. 596545

what does him being NEWBORN have to do with anything? wouldnt hime being young increase he chance he would get used to captivity? (not a fish person)

No. 596550

I bet it’s been “sooo hard” and she “didn’t know when to address it” because she thought she could quietly replace them but Emma’s video basically left her no choice but to come clean.

No. 596552


Just like she had no choice when she was being exposed for killing and replacing her crocodile skinks and wanted to say something before the truth could be told

No. 596554

Aw man, I liked Zazu. Also reading that he barely met his life expectancy is disheartening, but not surprised.

No. 596556

>"hasn't been ready to talk about lol"
what the fuck is so funny about the animals you kill, you stupid bitch? i loathe her.

No. 596560

She does it again here too, anon. Basically says Zazu died but didn't know when to talk about 'for her own sanity lmao'. She says shit like this periodically and it makes me real salty.

No. 596565

You’re right. Moving and transporting fish is short stressful on them and would be a last resort. No other person I know would hand back their fish to a store to look after. Especially not a saltwater fish. I just upgraded my reef tank and whilst it was stressful it was doable. the live rock is he main filtration. Move that and add some bottled bacteria and you’re good to move the fish over. Not sure if she had another filter in the tank but there was no reason she had to give fish away whilst she cycled a new tank. Why not just run old and new at same time in just case. In Emma’s video the bio cube is still there isn’t it??

No. 596567

Funding varying information, some saying mantis shrimp can live up to 20 years in captivity, some saying 5-7 years. It's still not much. Why and where would she get such an old animal from? Again, not buying her bullshit, of course.

Dwarf lionfish: 8-15 years.

Sure, animals can die unexpectedly before entering old age. But taylors pets keep kicking the bucket at much less than minimum life expectancy.. I wonder why..

No. 596570

In her last feeding all her pets video, she says that she got the mantis shrimp from a friend she "really trusts"

No. 596573

Did the fish die of dropsy or old age.
Her own version here sounds like she neglected his tank then tried to fix a messy situation that resulted?

No. 596575


Does the mantis shrimp not deserve his own sob story post?

No. 596576

ok so the story is basically "he died of old age or maybe some sickness, but i'm not sure, even though i did absolutely everything to cure him, but idk if he really had it, but i tried everything, but it cannot be cured, also it was old age, also it started when xy had him so it was probably their fault, but also sickness and old age ya know, and also the vet said i did a wonderful job, also he had an amazing life, also my bf reminded me i did the best job ever, also he lived his life tu the fullest. lol anyway i'm heartbroken lmao"

No. 596578

I asked for that with Sabor…and then a newspaper became a big joke with Tay and friends!

No. 596579

Most people probably forgot about the mantis shrimp altogether. Zazu was one of the only other fish she anthropomorphized, so some of her viewers might care more (aka they might question the situation more).

No. 596582


Literally, value of an animals life aside, she's wasting a LOT of money on animals for them to just die…


It's proven that liars often cover their lies with more than one excuse. Honestly just stick to one story and it would be much more believable. She constantly contradicts herself too, she sleeps for 20 hours, but apparently was giving him constant attention in the 2 weeks leading up to his death? I would love to know when he actually died because she was probably frolickiing around with her leachy friends or something

No. 596585

Honestly, like why would you buy a (presumably) very expensive exotic animal if you expect it to die in a few months? Who would sell an "extremely old" shrimp anyway? What is the point? Deleted my other post so I didn't have to double post but I'm the anon who has been asking about the mantis shrimp for awhile now. She posted all that shit about it the day it arrived and then we NEVER heard about it again and now it's dead? Didn't she pull the whole "this is my dream animal!!" bullshit with him too? Something must have gone down with him in that tank that everyone knew he shouldn't have been in.

No. 596586

Also, notice how she sent Zazu to the aquarium where he started acting less energetic and THEY told her it was because of age. Then she rushed to get him back because she was nervous.

She frequently:
1. Says her animals that die or have an issue were in someone else’s care right before it happened
2. Uses other people who no one can ask to try to make her story seem more legitimate

No. 596587

File: 1541630498110.jpg (12.83 KB, 400x244, Survivorship_Curves[1].jpg)

Eh, it's not so much that they need to get used to captivity. Fish tend to bet on numbers for reproduction, most are r selected which means they put their resources into having loads and loads of babies. Most of them will die because the amount of resources, we're talking as the eggs were being developed not in terms of parental care here, are spread thin. An adult fish has already been run through a bit of a gauntlet and proven they have good genes, so they'll adapt to captivity better because they were just better from the offset.

It's basically impossible to successfully raise 100% of a species that reproduces like this successfully, some of them will just randomly die, because their reproductive strategy is quantity not quality. Most of them die when they're babies. See attached graph: Fish are a type 3.

So to some extent Taylor is a tiny little bit correct here - just based on pure statistical chance if you catch a baby fish and put it in captivity, chances are it will be one of the less fit specimens and randomly die. Buuuuuut, and this is a big but, idk where the dropoff point for lionfish is. There is a threshold where basically, if it hasn't died yet then it's probably gonna live for ages - You can see on the graph that it stabilises and stays constant after that initial dropoff point. The chance of randomly dying for no reason drops considerably.

If she were actually an animal educator she could have talked about this, using it as an example of why buying wild caught is stupid, why it's risky, bad for the species and a waste of money. She could have turned this into a teaching moment.

No. 596588


It blows my mind that she took photos of it on the day she got it and then never again. Which leads me to believe maybe something happened early on.


Honestly, I feel like Zazu was long overdue outgrowing the tank he was in, I feel like she had absolutely no plans for him when he was getting bigger (despite saying she was cycling a tank) where was she planning on putting this? She has absolutely 0 flaw space left in her apartment for that kind of thing. So as some people were speculating before, I feel like she had plans to rehome him eventually. That kind of mindset that he's not going to be around anyway, probably led to her just doing less water changes and causing his death because upgrading him was a problem she subconciously was not prepared to deal with.

No. 596589


floor space oops*

No. 596591

My pets NEVER die! And when they do, it's NEVER my fault! And when it is you should NEVER be mad at me because other people do it too!

The only solace I take is knowing that the reality is that deep down she knows how superficial and sad her life is.

No. 596595


She’s young!!!! She’s allowed to make mistakes!!!

Seen this been used far too many times too. She’s obviously not learning from her mistakes and she’s old enough to know better, it’s not her animals fault that she’s acquired so many in a short period of time / her ‘young’ life and doesn’t know their individual needs

No. 596596

there's literally not one fucking negative tweet to be found on her post. the fuck. she lives in a deluded echo chamber

No. 596597

She tends to block negative tweets. So you either don't know, comment, and get blocked, or you know better and keep your mouth shut.

No. 596598

She tends to block negative tweets. So you either don't know, comment, and get blocked, or you know better and keep your mouth shut.

No. 596601

She tends to block negative tweets. So you either don't know, comment, and get blocked, or you know better and keep your mouth shut.

No. 596634

It's kinda concerning that she's starting to lose more pets than usual.

I think that, at this point, for her to get truly called out, a more common pet like her cats would have to die or get hurt to make people realize she's a shitty pet owner. And even then there's a mighty chance nothing will happen.

No. 596635

And what a surprise, no rat video as was promised today.

No. 596652

There hasn't been a single animal death that hasn't been shady and covered in lies. Who has animals that just die like this? Even the other pet tubers don't, or just come out with real excuses and come clean as to why. What other pet tuber has a lengthy DEATH list for fucks sake

No. 596668

Fish anon, dropsy is a /symptom/, not something that just appears and kills on its own. Most often dropsy is a symptom/result of shitty water parameters, lack of water changes, etc. So her saying Zazu had dropsy is literally just admitting she neglected him until he became sick and died. Fucking engaging how bold she is

No. 596669

Have any of her animals actually lived to their natural lifespans? The only one I can think of is her budwing mantis.

No. 596673

I think maybe her first hedgehog, Nala I think is her name.

Most of her animals were well cared for when she was still living with her parents, so I have to give props to Jen for that, as batshit as she is.

No. 596674

Most of the snakes probably will, which is a bummer for her because most of those snakes have a 30+ year lifespan and she’ll be lucky to continue being able to maintain her current lifestyle for the next five years, never mind 30.

No. 596681


Yeah, 'cause when you overstock a 29 gallon with multiple fish that should really be in at least 2-3x that size and are too drugged up to bother with regular water changes to control your nitrate levels, and feeding to avoid predation, they die. What a shock, Taylor!

lmao so it was the shop's fault he died but also they reassured her she did everything right!! Who the fuck has a shop watch their fish rather than doing something safe like daily water changes until the tank stabilizes? Shops are great places for fish to catch diseases, and then she'd have to quarantine him when she got him back…but right, Tay doesn't know what quarantine is does she. Also she has a 150 gallon saltwater tank set up. She could leave an extra filter in there for 2 weeks to seed and then move it over, or just steal some media for another tank and instantly cycle. Clearly she's still not sure how cycling tanks works.

Technically dropsy is just a result of organ failure which can be due to old age, but since Zazu wasn't old I'd assume she either made the whole thing up or he died from stress and poor care.

No. 596683

Maybe the mantis shrimp brought in some disease and Zazu got it too. They were in the same tank, right?

No. 596688

I know someone who lost two exotic pets in a very short time, due to complete freak accidents. After the incidents happened all she did was question her husbandry and how to improve it even though the deaths weren't her fault. I even sent her a message to let her know that she did everything she could and it wasn't her fault.

That is what owners should be like. Strive to be better under any circumstances. Imagine if Taylor was like that? She could be such a good example for her fans but no, she has to be a total shit head who Does No Wrong.

No. 596692

File: 1541640720550.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2124, 5096EBAF-A6C0-4931-B2CD-9189FB…)

She’s so upset that she went and bought her favorite pet a Switch with games.

No. 596694

That is what turned me from a fan into a critic. Teflon Ass Taylor can't take any responsibility for anything ever. Not her shit husbandry practices, not the state of her apartment, not dating a fucking rapist and abuser, not killing her pets… none of it sticks to her.

She's such a narcissistic idiot she really thinks she's smarter than everyone and that if she just lies and lies and lies she'll never be caught.

No. 596700


well at least she confirmed what we've been saying for months - that zazu and larry are dead. my guess is that they killed each other, being in the same tank and all. she didn't talk about it because she knew she'd be called out for keeping the mantis shrimp in with others, but hey ho she didn't listen as usual. bullshit they died of natural causes.

No. 596711

Nala was 2 1/2 years old when she was euthanized due to cancer.

No. 596712

File: 1541641563247.jpeg (297.07 KB, 750x728, F7FAB245-08AF-4D68-A57C-699BA1…)

she sounds like she couldn’t care less that they died, who is she trying to convince that she is capable of taking care of animals? Herself?

No. 596713

I think the hedgehog that lived to ethe verge lifespan was Solara, but she was adopted as an adult and not related/from the same shop as the others

No. 596719

I'm betting for her axolotl to be next.

No. 596720


Its completely irresponsible that she keeps fish that are prone to jumping in tanks without secure lids. This isn't the first fish that's died from jumping out, you'd think she'd learn or care.

No. 596721


>>"I'm not bad at fishkeeping whatsoever lol"

… and yet she did not cover her tanks, especially one housing a species known to jump. Fuck off Taylor, you fucking nitwit.

No. 596724


Taylor says (and certainly does) some things that amaze me. Even if she feels this way personally, which is awful, she's also incredibly dumb to air it this way.

This tweet boils down to "So what if a few creatures have died prematurely under my watch? MOST haven't!" Life isn't a numbers game??

No. 596734

You know when you go to a pet/aquarium store and see a dead fish in the tanks w/ a bunch of other fish? Taylor's apartment kinda has that same vibe, honestly. Like if you walked around it, you'd expect to see a few dead animals if you peeked into her enclosures. Her attitude is so haughty and annoying. You've had multiple incidents of animals dying in groups recently. You're not a good pet owner LMAO. Cool it.

No. 596738

Is it just me or do a lot of her pets seem to only last around 2-4 years

No. 596749


Good point! My experience is with freshwater rather than saltwater, but I don't know of much that can kill both inverts and fish? I still religiously quarantine all inverts though because they can easily carry something that can get the fish in the tank sick. Possible Zazu got sick from that, and she killed the mantis shrimp because she didn't know what she was doing. Also, if one fish in a tank dies and you don't take it out quickly it can crash the whole tank pretty fast.

Side note, she says she "hasn't lost any fish in her 150" which I doubt, but maybe it's true. If it's not, would she know or tell us? I remember an old video in which she found a clownfish in her filter that had been living there for months or something.

And even if her saltwater tanks were up to par, her freshwater tank and Mushu's tanks are nightmares, so what do you have to say about that, Tay?

No. 596753


I'm almost positive that they killed each other too. If only one had died at a time, she would have posted about it. It would've been way too suspicious to post about both dying at the same time, so she waited several months. And it literally just takes a simple google search of "lionfish and mantis shrimp" to learn that they are completely incompatible

No. 596756

Wait has she said her mantis shrimp did die?

No. 596760


I love how she's bragging that she's only had one fish die from improper care in a select tank of hers. Instead of saying, "I haven't lost any fish in x amount of years," she has to specifically mention her most beloved tank, the 150.

No. 596768

She conviently forgot about the incident with the jawfish and snowflake eel which was caused by her own stupidity

No. 596769

Yes she tweeted he was really old when she got him and she only had him 4 months.

No. 596770

Also she had a freshwater tank of killifish and they all killed each other too.

No. 596771

Actually one male got hormonal and killed all the other males but yeah that was her own fault and kind of heartless to just get rid of them because of one alpha male

No. 596773

File: 1541646903852.jpg (72.14 KB, 768x1024, poorbaby.jpg)

This is what Mushu looked like back in 2016. That poor thing is sick or stressed or both.

No. 596776

Does anyone know when it was that she originally said the tank with the lion fish and mantis shrimp was being babysat? I’m just wondering whether they were already dead when she said that, since she’s saying now that they died a few months ago.

No. 596778

True, it's essentially edema, but since Zazu wasn't even 3 my bet is he got sick from improper care, which allowed the dropsy to happen as a result. Still amazingly brazen for her to throw that in with her laundry list of excuses imo, as it's not a good look for a young fish to die of it

No. 596779

She is getting “better” with her lies tho, now she is avoiding dates so people cant track down her videos and debunk her lies.
Bad shit things can happen in a tank so either the shrimp and Zazu kill each other (Which makes sense, in one video she didn't feed Zazu cause the dumb bitch forgot to buy his food and only feed the mantis)
Or both die for the high levels of amonia probs cause she didn't change the water or clean the filters
It's kind of sad, he was the only pet that I actually liked

Are her fans so blind and cruel to just look to another way even when it hasn't even a month since the last deaths report she made?

No. 596783

except she said that zazu was 3 1/2 years old when you can go back and see that he turned 2 at the end of december last year on her instagram. she's getting better tho

No. 596787

File: 1541651276515.jpg (351.94 KB, 1080x1207, 1537131951660.jpg)

No timestamp on the screen shot but it was posted in thread #18 on 9/16/18. I think she got him in May (?) and she said he only lived about 4 months, so he absolutely could have been dead already when she posted this.

No. 596795

File: 1541652316864.jpg (675.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181107-204435.jpg)

She BOUGHT her mantis shrimp in April. So she lied about getting the shrimp from her friend at old age, and she lied in her comment in September.

Based on her information the shrimp died in August. I'd bet even earlier.

No. 596796

Isn't this the same kind of bs she used with her seahorse tank about going back and forth between a 'friend' watching them and them magically being back in her vids until most of them died?

No. 596797

File: 1541652629132.png (591.34 KB, 732x625, 1528160239439.png)

Same anon.
The "upgraded" tank she's referring to is this. It was posted in thread #12 on 6/4/18. Anons mentioned she deleted it soon after. For all we know the shrimp died sometime in June.

Whoops, my bad!

Yeah, basically.

No. 596798

File: 1541652677759.jpeg (183.17 KB, 745x400, B7428D41-B7A1-4824-8173-13041A…)

> didn’t know she had the wrong monitor species till someone pointed it out in her comments
> knew her jawfish and eel live in the same kind of home and would fight over space but ignored it resulting in the death of the jawfish
> didn’t know Goose was male despite early signs
> didn’t know the gender of her mantis despite it having sexual dimorphism
> didn’t stop to think that one of her clownfish may have changed sex because that’s what they do
> didn’t know that mantis shrimps are also known for their bullet like punch and could crack a tank wall if not strong enough. Was pointed out by a fan

Educated my ass

No. 596800


Yeah her freshwater tanks are a fucking nightmare. She started a betta sorority, which is very not recommended anymore, and now has them with a bunch of other incompatible species including that african leaf fish, and there are angels in that tank now. Didn't see any bettas when Emma showed the tank in her video, so they're likely all dead by now. I'm not sure what that schooling fish from the video was, I'm more of a nano person.

No. 596801

File: 1541653040436.png (47.89 KB, 462x255, Picture 13.png)

No. 596802

File: 1541653105212.png (30.21 KB, 465x133, Picture 14.png)

"mega old" lol

No. 596803


funny how it seems like most of her pets just "happen to be one member of the species to die young."

No. 596806

Funny how she mentions evidence…..in a deleted video

No. 596807

File: 1541653440457.jpg (47.51 KB, 680x680, DrWuqVvU0AA7UKW.jpg_small.jpg)

It could be the angle, but her jaw doesn't seem to line up properly. I wouldn't be surprised if she developed mbd.

No. 596811

File: 1541655152513.png (350.19 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20181107-222942~2.p…)

Everyone else doesn't have over 30 animals.
Everyone else houses incompatible species separately.
Everyone else cares for their own animals instead of hiring others to do it for them.
Everyone else isn't sleeping for 20+ hours
Everyone else didn't also lose two lizards and a frog due to an "accident" (aka neglect).

No. 596812

It doesn't get a sob story because its more likely that one died of natural causes. She makes the sob stories to cover her ass when she knows she killed a pet with shitty care

No. 596814


i'm in fish groups and literally no one tells people to flush their pet when it dies. people offer their condolences and for the fish to swim in peace. many bury their fish in potted plants or in their gardens.

how out of touch do you have to be to believe this shit?

No. 596815

It looks like she’s breathing thru her mouth and that could mean respiratory infection

No. 596816


LOL clearly that stan doesn't follow other fishtubers. King of DIY gets (often deserved) criticism when he loses fish, Solid Gold got plenty after she had an outbreak and lost most of her collection.

But neither of them ever made posts about their dead pets with an "lol" or a laughing emoji, they either really were broken up about their lost pets and their mistakes, if any were made, or they were at least decent enough to act it well.

Honestly I think this is why Taylor seems to be moving into bugs now. They're "gross" so she can be edgy for owning them, just like snakes, but she has easy excuses for why they don't live long and she probably knows people will be more sad when her cute mammals suffer than bugs.

No. 596818

>Honestly I think this is why Taylor seems to be moving into bugs now. They're "gross" so she can be edgy for owning them, just like snakes, but she has easy excuses for why they don't live long and she probably knows people will be more sad when her cute mammals suffer than bugs.

You're totally right anon. She also probs wants them because they're small enough to roam across her push-up bra tits as she gazes lovingly at herself in the viewfinder. "I'M so -edgy- hehe, look at my badass cockroach titties :3"

No. 596821

File: 1541657373087.png (133.28 KB, 802x501, Picture 15.png)

No. 596822

>a single FISH passing
is on her third Cheese.

No. 596823

All my non-dead animals are doing great!

No. 596824

If you don't feel bad at all then why did you hide it for months lmao

No. 596826

Sorry, blog post. When i started my job, they had a betta fish that had been there a few years and when I noticed it start to decline a few months later, I did all I could to try and make him better, including posting online asking for advice. When he finally passed, we had a little moment and then buried him outside with a little stone marker.

She just doesn't react like a normal pet lover at any of these deaths and it's really frightening.

She's absolutely dead inside. "lol"

No. 596828

The fact there's no other pictures of the mantis shrimp other than on the day it arrived, I reckon something happened when she introduced it to the tank and that's why she hasn't mentioned it. How can she go from 'I've been so DISTRAUGHT for months that I couldn't talk about it' to 'its a fish dude I don't feel bad at all fish die in people's care all the time'…. Like what???? Which is it?
And the fact she always hides her animals deaths is sus as fuck.

No. 596831

I can't recall it ever being in a video either. She mentioned something about it and someone else said the video was deleted but I don't remember it well. Which is a complete waste? I'm so confused as to why she bothered buying this animal. She is honestly so dumb and an absolute waste of a Youtube channel.

No. 596838

Larry the mantis shrimp appears in this video from May, timestamp 11:30.

>next up we have Larry

>Larry is my mantis shrimp he's very excited for food as you can tell he's sitting there with his little hands and he's ready
>there you go Larry have a good night Larry
>he's a very nice mantis shrimp I got him from someone I really trust and they said that he's had no problems and other tanks with other fish as long as you keep him well-fed
>so I have him right now in a bio cube I am working on a tank that he's gonna have all to himself but this tank is working so well for him that I'm not really in a rush for it
>and I'm actually out of the food that I like to give my other fish in this tank so I'm gonna hold off on feeding all of them today but I also have hiding in this little area oh there's one of them up there there's a lightening room clownfish a puffer and a lionfish in here
>this tank right now is under major construction because of this little dude here
>long-term I would not like to keep him with my other fish just for the safety of my other fish because he can potentially eat them but since I keep him really well fed he's never had any interest not for a second and any of the other fish but I may have just gotten lucky with this guy
>I would not suggest doing that if you're gonna try to put him in a tank with your other fish just do it at your own … just know he could he could eat them all
>but he has a nice acrylic tank that for some reason the shipping got delayed they sent it to like the wrong address and then I had to re-request it to be sent because they said it got delivered forever ago and it never showed up so we're waiting for that to get sent back out
>and we're gonna make him a really cool little tank in there
>anyway this guy is super inquisitive he he's very interested in what goes on in this world
>he's a really really cool guy he's already I bought him as a full-grown adult so I don't know how long his lifespan is going to be but he's been an absolute delight to own, he's so interesting to watch and observe

No. 596839

Thanks for posting this and sitting through her ramblings! I can't believe she claims she bought a whole ass acrylic tank (which we never saw) for this shrimp that she didn't even have an idea of life expectancy for. She could have made an entire video about it if she had actually bought that tank. Setting it up, spewing Google factoids, just SHOWING THE FUCKING SHRIMP?? I 1000% do not buy that it suddenly died of old age, just seems way too sketchy to me. Tinfoil af but it truly looks like she's buying "high risk(?)" animals so that when/if things go wrong, she can pass the blame. Old shrimp, potentially sick rat, WC animals that "never live long in captivity" etc

No. 596841

I do remember she claimed something on twitter about buying an acrylic tank because of concerns about it punching a regular one. And there was also something about putting his tank inside her fish tank. I do not remember if it was where Zazu was. It's in past threads.

No. 596842

I'm rather late but if animal control/whatever the equivalent of RSPCA in US came and inspected her animals there would probably be a massive issue. Not providing fresh water is going against one of the 'freedoms' of animals and that's a huge no. That and she clearly provides her animals with nothing to enrich them or even the correct conditions.

I'm not saying that we should go and report her (I don't want to be banned) but Taylor, if anyone ever reports you and someone does investigate you're very likely going to be fucked. Your care isn't even meeting the minimum requirements of providing fresh fucking water.

No. 596844

what's wrong with her freshwater tank? just wondering, i know nothing about fish.

a responsible pet owner wouldn't continue buying heaps of animals right after some of theirs died. period. this is completely sick behaviour for me.

No. 596846

yes here >>>/snow/557277, presumably the same one she says got lost in the mail n >>596838

No. 596848

Yes, she SAYS she got an acrylic tank but did we ever see it? I remember the info around the shrimp being super weird/muddled like she had it in a tank within a tank but in pictures it was outside the inner tank and shit? I couldn't follow it. Anyway, point being, Taylor is a huge liar. Suddenly, her lost tank arrives and… we never hear of the shrimp again. This is literally why we speculate that her animals are dead when we don't see them for months.

No. 596850

File: 1541673803474.jpg (399.3 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181108-114116_Ins…)

Look at her flower tattoo, it looks so awful and faded already.

And I'm pretty sure these are the pictures she manhandled Duck for in Jonnys instagram story.

No. 596852

oh yeah totally. the mystery tank was never actually covered.

No. 596854


He wasn’t neglected yet she was keeping him in a tank that was far too small for him? Sounds like neglect to me.

No. 596855


So essentially she caused them to die because she wanted to make room for more reptiles…


I’m sorry that I can’t peovide ‘proof’ but I’m the anon who has been posting about her covering up the death of the skinks, replacing them etc. Apparently Zazu has been dead since before petfest, just thought you should all know to get a timeframe of things.

No. 596856

How do you know that?

No. 596857


She’s literally pulling a ‘it’s JUST a fish’ that doesn’t make it any better, it’s still an animal you once shared in almost every video and was obsessed about once upon a time, now it’s ‘just’ a fish.

No. 596860

I was thinking the same thing. Like Oh gross bugs but what? She’s somewhat good looking (debatable), views views views. And you can get lots of them and if one dies you don’t have to tell anyone. I just wish people would give other small channels more attention than this dumb ass. She went from fish to lizards to snakes and now to bugs.

No. 596861


That's what I was thinking too. And people won't be able to tell the difference between bugs either, so you can keep replacing them indefinitely… although she's probably on her third Cheese too and most of her viewers are none the wiser either, lol

No. 596863


I'm almost positive she claimed she rehomed the bettas, which means the sorority probably failed from stressful conditions

No. 596869

Ahh thanks for this, I totally missed that the shrimp was mentioned in a video.
Honestly, she says something like "I don't have the right food right now" so often it's kinda concerning.
It's also so obvious she never ordered the acrylic tank. Never known anyone to have such bad luck with shipping than TND.
I still find it so bizarre that she never mentions when her pet dies and tries to hide it. I bet soon we'll hear that the mantis only just died and lived 2 months longer than the average life span!!! when really it died 3 months ago.

No. 596876

Taylor’s stans make me sick when they tell her she shouldn’t have to defend herself. She is the one constantly claiming that she’s an animal educator and that taking care of her animals is her job. If she appears to be doing a shit job at her job, of course people are going to have questions, especially because none of these animals she keeps getting are living out their full lifespans. Shit does happen with fish. I just lost two myself, so I would think she would be trying to figure out what went wrong with her care. Instead she’s said it was just one fish to several people now as though she hasn’t killed multiple fish.

No. 596877

I genuinely think she's fucking herself with the things she's said and done lately. It seems to me like less and less people are buying her bull shit. Yeah she has her army of teenagers, but in their defense their brains aren't even fully developed yet so their opinions on her don't count lmao. I saw a comment on her NY mag video that called out her stans and said, You're not fans of animals, you're fans of TND." And that was spot on to me.

No. 596883

Just realized that the moon crabs weren't mentioned in Emma's video of all TND's pets either. She had 3 according to the google doc? Didn't she just get another halloween moon crab recently?

No. 596884


Emma said she conveniently 'lost the footage' of those. BS. Along with Toast and Sarabi who were apparently on a 'seperate memory card' how does that make sense? Whilst filming Taylors animals would you not do it in a logical order so:

> film all the snakes as they're all in one area (including toast)

> Film the moon crabs in the display enclosures along with the other animals
> Film the hedgehogs at the same time (unless sarabi is still in the closet and was forgotten about)

so how would footage of all these animals be on a seperate memory card if they were being filmed in a logical order? something seems up to me.

No. 596885


Ahh yeah that's right, thanks. Yeah, they haven't been in her videos or on her social media, not in Jonny's either the other night when they were in the animal room. Seems weird.

No. 596886

I thought she only had two moon crabs
Is the list being keeping up with the recent events?

No. 596887

She does only have 2 moon crabs, she made a big deal about getting a second one even though he is wild caught because her first crab needs friends (she's had her for like a year now, she should've gotten more earlier but whatever).
Dunno how google docs work but maybe someone added another one cause they didnt know it was already updated.

No. 596891

File: 1541694090457.jpeg (102.71 KB, 638x867, C015CAB0-B038-486A-8E1B-1B44BF…)

So, I went back through Taylor’s insta to see why they thought there was more moon crabs, she did state that she was planning on getting more, maybe that’s where the confusion came from.

Also, I can’t remember if this specific post was mentioned but Taylor claimed twistys tail was always bent from the beginning. However in the first post I seen of him his tail looks completely healthy.(( again not sure, it just caught my attention))

No. 596895

He had a really really tiny kink towards the very end of his tail, it's barely even noticable. Looked perfectly healthy though despite the kink. No rotting, no discolouration, it wasn't shrivelled at the end. It definitely wouldn't have needed amputating before Taylor and/or Jonny did something to him to cause his tail to rot.
Tail kinking is so common in beardies, it's not often that a tail kink will be bad enough to cause issues, and the tail dies past where it's kinked at the end then the tail will shrivel up and fall off if cared for correctly while that happens. So if the tail really was dead past the kink, then she provided such poor care that it resulted in amputation. If the tail wasn't dead then she mistreated him so badly that it caused his tail to rot resulting in amputation. Whatever her excuse, it's absolutely her own fault.

No. 596899

File: 1541695704205.png (1.74 MB, 1451x971, 1513562937002.png)

I noticed that too. Here is another picture right after she got him. On the left his tail doesn't even look kinked

No. 596907

No matter what she says on Twitter about how she's gotten ~bigger~ and how she doesn't do anything wrong, the numbers don't lie.

1 year ago, video views: 1 million (Getting her first snake, THIS WAS ONLY A YEAR AGO? Geez)
9 months ago: 2.4 million (Animal room tour)
5 months ago: 4.9 million (Feeding all pets)
2 months ago: 557k (10k snake vs $200 snake)
1 month ago: 368k (Meet all my snakes)
1 week ago: 162k (Best beginner snakes)

It's easy to get drowned out on Twitter with her pre-teen fans but I do think people have been consistently getting tired of her.

No. 596909

It's because she used to do a lot of videos actually featuring and showing her individual pets. Nowadays the little narc prefers to do things that show off her face and obviously nobody gives a shit about her personality since those videos get barely 100k views.

No. 596913


Yep, there are so many better (and that bar ain't high in her case) pet tubers out there who constantly put out content that's more interesting than her parroting Simple English Wikipedia at the camera while posing awkwardly… who the fuck wants to watch TND nowadays? If you've seen one of her videos in the past year or so, you've seen all of them.

No. 596927

I knew someone who cried after their goldfish of 3 years died, they were absolutely devestated.
I’m not saying everyone has to be super attached to their fish but…
Her nonchalant attitude really rubs me the wrong way

No. 596950

All pettubers have an issue with this apart from a few I think. the entire 'all my pets' videos get a ton of views, otherwise people don't care. You can even see it in the stats there.

No. 596952

Not to mention, her looks have changed drastically in a years time, it’s certainly not fair for her to have gone from at mildly bangable to a bedraggled junkie. But its impossible for me to feel any sympathy for her, because she chose all this shit, her ugliness is just a byproduct of her shitty choices and shitty personality. But it is crazy to see how much her appearance has almost morphed, people watched her before because she was a pretty edge lord with muh snakes but now her face is almost as scary as Jonny’s.

No. 596953

>> it’s certainly not fair for her to have gone from at mildly bangable to a bedraggled junkie

Uhhhh I don' really understand what you're getting at here. Fair how?

No. 596954

I think anon meant not fair to her fans that watched her for being a cute hoarder

No. 596955


> Getting her first snake, THIS WAS ONLY A YEAR AGO? Geez

Holy shit. Posted in April 2017. How many snakes does she have now?! And she got them all in a year and a half?!

No. 596956


About sixteen, give or take a dead snake or two.

No. 596966

Don't say things without providing proof. That isn't welcome. I don't know how you could have this info but nothing to back it up. Surely you have to have some connection to somebody to "know" these things.

No. 596967

File: 1541710758282.png (53.65 KB, 735x442, 9203849235.PNG)

wtf is she talking about

No. 596968

sorry for blogposting but i own a lot of plants and i get bummed out if one doesn't do well - especially if one dies under my care and that's "just a plant"

No. 596969

king of DYI gets dragged, brian barshnizzle gets dragged a LOT, therealtarzan on insta gets dragged, afro's been dragged, leopard gecko – who rarely shows herself in video - gets dragged, tnd's not special lol.

No. 596970

What the fuck is she on?? I have seen many male keepers get dragged. And most male keepers don't make excuses when they cause the deaths of their animals. And they admit mistakes. And other people get hate for good reasons, she isn't special.

No. 596971


Thought so. Sorry, i'll just withold everything I've been told next time, like the fact that her skinks actually died from dehydration etc and the screenshots from the skink breeder.

No. 596972

Hi there Taylor, obsessing over this thread again, are we?

She seems to be replying to a lot of things that have been discussed here recently, and somehow the takeaway is not "holy shit, people are concerned about my petkeeping because it is concerning!" but "the big old meanies are bullying me because I'm a small girl!"

Boo fucking hoo.

No. 596973

File: 1541712072985.png (77.16 KB, 786x571, 453456.PNG)

Mama Dean is so fucking weird.

Are you really surprised that nobody is going to believe you when you can't even vaguely say what your source is?

No. 596974


why is her mom still obsessed with people who don't support her daughter?

No. 596975


Well to be fair, what else does she have going on in her life besides Tanner?

No. 596976


she's being told by the vast majority 'eh, shit happens' having your boobs out has nothing to do with you neglecting your animals.

No. 596978

If you have some way to verify your claims it’s welcome. Right now we only have screenshots of her claiming she burnt the skinks and pacman frog to death, an screenshots of a smaller pettuber claiming she neglected them to death through diet and dehydration. If you have screenshots of the convos proving these points, this is the place to post them.

No. 596979

File: 1541712473652.jpg (137.16 KB, 1194x595, mdsJRdm.jpg)

Maybe they don’t get as much hate because they don’t say shit like this when they kill their animals, you absolute moldy twat waffle.

No. 596980


Receipts, or it did not happen.

No. 596981


but it was a whole tank? What else did she have in there with the Mantis shrimp and the Lionfish that didn't die?

No. 596982


The water, obviously! It didn't all evaporate from her lack of maintenance and care, you guys! /s

No. 596983


This isn't just a hobby for her. This is her job. She gets paid for it and lives off the money of every one of those animals. Expectations are higher. Her logic does not apply.

No. 596984

Can you find a way to back what you're saying about Zazu? Like you did with the skinks. You have to understand, we cannot take the word of every anon poster here and assume that to be fact. Anyone can say anything.

If you want your identity confirmed in some way, say to use a tripcode (if admin thinks that's right), then go to this page https://lolcow.farm/rules and write to the email at the very bottom of it. They won't reveal who you are to us.

That way you would have more credibility than a random anon post would.

No. 596985

She's basically saying that because she's a woman she gets more shit from people.

While I do agree people give her a lot of shit about her appearance and keep calling her slut/whore/thot, it has nothing to do with her animal care.

If anything, I see her getting more passes because she's a woman. And this is the price that comes with becoming well known in a community. The more known you become, the more people will go after you if they see you fucking up. It's not a new concept. Maybe you're just not cut for this.

No. 596986


Some of the male hobbyists she's referring to also don't have the same number of subscribers as she does, so naturally the more subscribers you have, the more people are going to notice the neglect.

Kill anymore animals though, and you will deserve that Villain title, Cruella de vil

No. 596987


I honestly see her getting free passes for being 'a young girl who makes mistakes' like when Brian Bar-whatever got called out for taking his animals to vidcon (or similar) and people were pointing out that Taylor did the same a year previous. Everyone was saying 'well he's older so he should know better'

No. 596989


Yeah, and I don't buy her "poor me me ME MEEE" bullshit act at all - she doesn't get more flack than, say, Solid Gold did when her tanks failed wholesale, or the criticism DIY Joey gets regularly (and deservedly). She's not singled out at all or bullied, but she can't stand criticism at all - that's why she has her wittle army of middle schoolers she can sic on people disagreeing with her and hurting her ickle feelings.

If only she put some of that time and energy into taking care of her animals and making content. Fuck knows she's got nothing else taking up her time.

No. 596990

Yeah, that too. I think that because she's attractive, young, and #relatable, people are more willing to let her get away with shit.
I also feel like it's because of her own fans' lack of experience. The oldest fans are around her age, so they often fail to see the bigger picture.
Kinda like Jake Paulers lmao.

No. 596991

I can’t wait until she’s this haggard 30 year old who won’t have the excuse of “oh well I’m just a young girl!! I’m learning!!” Like bitch you look like you’re 40 lmao.

It’s so irritating that she’s one of THOSE girls who cries that everyone’s mean to her because she’s a female. Are you serious? Yes people give her shit about her looks but her ugliness is the result of her inner personality coming out. How about stop neglecting and killing your animals that you profit on, and stop accumulating them at a rapid pace and acting like you have no sympathy when they die with the “it’s just one animal out of many you guise!!”. I wonder if this is a reason she gets SO many animals; when they die she wants to use the ratio of dead/alive ones as an excuse for the “I’m killin it” shit.

No. 596992


I think the main problem is that most of her fans follow her because she's QUIRKY and relatable and a 'hot' girl with all these animals. Most of her younger fans blindly look up to her, they want to be like her with all these animals, but the problem is most of them probably own nothing similar to what Taylor owns.

I think the difference with other channels such as Solidgold and king of DIY is that their 'fanbase' is built up of like minded people who are subscribed because they keep similar animals, but thus will see through their shit, point out issues, and its generally received better.

Whereas Taylors fans are watching for HER, and not as equals who are also in the hobby.

No. 596993

I don't care about your small boobs Taylor. You're the one that invests a ton of time into wearing multiple bras and photoshopping them.

I care about the 10+ animals that have died in your care in 1 year. Then you blatantly lie and we care about that too.

Tyler is a piece of shit and he doesn't have boobs so….

No. 596994


I wonder if she's wondering why she's the only Pet tuber (besides happytails but that thread is dead and should never have been made seperate) to have their own thread.

Well she needs to take a long hard look at herself and her care to find the answer.

No. 596996


Does Taylor "let me just move in with a rapist junkie and get 16 snakes in a year" strike you as a person prone to any self-reflection or intelligence at all?

The sad thing is, she might have had a decent future if she opted to get herself an education and not tie her affairs to that black hole of money and charisma Jonny.

No. 596999

File: 1541716946831.png (842.21 KB, 937x584, taylor crab.PNG)


Google doc anon, 2nd crab found on her insta here, mistakenly added third one because of anon in previous thread >>716942 (unless someone can find an insta or twitter post talking about a third)

Edited accordingly

No. 597007


you don't get to pull the 'i'm a woman' card when you date a rapist. fuck off, taylor. if the reason is because of sexism, which let's be real, it's not then quite frankly you deserve every kind of discrimination that comes your way.

No. 597010

She's 100% throwing shade at afroherpkeeper because he posted today that his ball python escaped and ate his pet quail, then he rushed his tegu to the vet because he was worried his tegu ate the escaped ball python. Was a mess. Xrays showed that he didn't eat the snake and it's still missing.
I know it's not a afroherpkeeper thread but that dude is kinda meh too. He should get more criticism but he has a super low subscriber count so nobody knows who he is anyway. She's dumb making it a feminist issue when it's clearly a visibility issue.

No. 597016

It's so very Taylor to pay the barest lip service to things like "feminism" and "women need to lift each other up" and "adopt don't shop" when she really is the anthithesis of all of them. Enabled her rapist druggie bf and shit talks his victims publically, buys endless amounts of animals (including wild-caught ones) and manages them poorly, and is so eager to shit on other women to make herself feel special. Fuck off Taylor.

No. 597029

File: 1541721083498.png (231.33 KB, 1080x881, Screenshot_20181108-165045~2.p…)

But it's fine to date a rapist and invalidate his victims. You're really helping women's progress Taylor.

No. 597035

Someone please reply to this with screenshots of her being a bitch to her bf's victims

No. 597036

Your disgusting boyfriend literally hates women Taylor..

No. 597045


reminder that if you're a lady and you date a rapist and then publicly shame and humiliate his victims, then i really hope you stop being so ignorant one day and realize you are the problem and you are the reason why women cannot progress in society.

i'm pretty sure you're doing more damage by dating and enabling a rapist, laughing at his victim than a woman calling someone else a slut.

how dumb is she?

No. 597046

Her boyfriend does this all the time on his Twitter lmfao the lack of self-awareness is astounding.