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No. 603048

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/597713

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons

> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, Scorpion, Ghost Mantis
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

No. 603058

File: 1542950909177.png (693.15 KB, 1520x2048, Screenshot_20181123-002750.png)

Thank you anon!

Idk anything about Jonny's family, but seems the two of them didn't do Thanksgiving with Mama Dean

No. 603063

Pretty sure his family lives in Canada

No. 603084

File: 1542959969376.jpeg (306.45 KB, 750x875, 19F7FE71-12BE-43B7-A1A6-2BC1A1…)

No. 603091

Well, isn't that a nice pile of vomit ending in a plug for her loser boyfriend's new single?

No. 603093

Notice JC didnt post anything in return about being thankful for her.

No. 603095

Notice how the only evidence of jonny actually giving back to her is by flying home. Lol her post sounds like a middle schoolers who’s sooo “in love” that she could careless about her own family.

No. 603106

Ages ago Taylor made a whole video explaining how her family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. It's because of Tanner's Prader-Willi Syndrome.

No. 603111


How sad is your life that the only thing you're thankful for in the world is a rapist junkie who has a restraining order against him and a child he doesn't see or mention?

Christ this girl needs to get her priorities straight

No. 603113

Why would that stop them celebrating?

No. 603118

File: 1542970222288.png (4.25 MB, 1125x2436, BBEBE117-5DD5-464E-88BA-8D78C5…)

he did but it doesn’t even make sense, they don’t use words most of the time? what?

No. 603119


I haven't seen the video but I imagine it is because Thanksgiving revolves around food.

No. 603120

File: 1542970868186.jpeg (616.15 KB, 1125x1974, FC69B706-7CC5-4345-9728-697CB4…)


No. 603122

Why did she use that old ass photo? A normal couple would go on a date and take a photo there if anything. They really do never leave the house

No. 603126

It doesn't have to any more than any other dinner.

No. 603128

Her brother has Prader Willi syndrome sorry if I spelled that wrong. Its hard to control their food intake/behaviour they will always be hungry. A holiday that typically consists of a feast is too difficult for someone like him to be around.

No. 603129

People with prader-willis syndrome are unable to feel satiated from eating and constantly feel the sensation of hunger. They will eat until they are sick and carry on eating ad infinitum. You cannot have the amount of food required for thanksgiving in the house safely.

People rag on Jen but she's looking after a kid who has a syndrome that essentially makes him act like a drug addict times one thousand. Imagine living with someone who is unable to satisfy one of the most basic and pressing human needs and also having to control this person. She is genuinely one of the most sane carers I've ever seen. Having a kid with a disability as severe as Tanners absolutely ruins your life.

No. 603146

Plus, he's essentially going to eventually be a big adult sized toddler in some ways. Locks on all food are a must, or else he will eat himself literally to death. I'm pretty sure Jen herself said sometimes she worries about him eventually getting big/strong enough to pull the locks off of their fridge and stuff. Jen definitely has her issues, but I do feel for her in this situation. I couldn't imagine having to constantly need to stress about my son and watching what he's eating 24/7. And she needs to do this for the rest of his life.
On the note of thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate it because it's pretty much a food based celebration and that's just too much for Tanner, and I'm sure they try to not…glorify big feasts? And mainstream thanksgiving does exactly that.

No. 603162

sorry, long time lurker so i tried figuring out how to sage a post but if i fucked up well. sorry. anyways. i know a few anons posted videos exposing information on how taylor sucks and I finally have time to do the same. (the more the merrier) I've been going back through old threads and saving photos/writing down events etc on her shit animal husbandry (that's what ill be focusing on in the vid. i dont have 100 years to list all her faults)

I know a while back someone posted a google drive dump of a lot of photos. anyone still have that? or if you have any older incidents you want me to cover let me know. Recent stuff has all been listed.

No. 603167

Sage has been removed from pt so don't worry.
You can send me a message on Youtube (I'm the TND is a hoarder video person) and I will send you everything I have. I posted imgur links in the last thread (just ctrl f search for imgur), but I compiled more stuff since then about her snake care mostly.

No. 603168

There's no saging on the big boy threads, everything is milk now.

Kinda serious note I was the one working on the huge info dumb of information
it's still a huge work in process (had to take a break cause wow the anger) but there are a few older topics on there not a lot of people have covered in much detail.
If any other anon has links to stuff not on here yet please hit me up and I'll add it.

No. 603175

Good job anon. I can throw a link into the header of the next thread on it if you keep updating it. I did add two lines at the end of the new milk section on new pets and newly dead pets because they happen so quickly, but I’d like to feature something that includes an expansive look at her behaviour.

No. 603183

I'll do my best, I'd like to write up timeline stories for things like star and the rape stuff if I can figure out that timeline.

I feel like a lot of stans are going to try and pull 'she loves all her pets' again if their sudden deaths are pointed out.
What I recommend is including (if possible) comments from experts regarding lifespans for both captive breed and wild caught. It'll be extra effort but if they can't link it back to here they have no argument.
In terms of favoritism that's a bit easier, just look for a bunch of animals people don't know or remember i.e. the Target mandarin she posted once to Instagram.
Another example is her snowflake eel and bluedot jawfish incident, her longfin clownfish, the blue angelfish that bit cheese, the killifish and I'd say even Larry. He might have died around the same time as zazu but she didn't have him nearly as long so that was no excuse to hide it for as long as she did.

No. 603188

For her behaviour, the only thing I can think of is she has some extreme narcissism mixed with attachment issues. She absolutely fucking loves herself and laughs at people who point out her slutty outfist but go one day without a compliment she breaks down.

No. 603213

It might be a good idea for those making a video to avoid making the argument she has too many. Her stans don’t buy it/don’t care and say other YouTubers have just as many if not more. Instead, try showing people who have a similar amount of animals who are giving their pets way better care. It would also be good to show some people who keep snakes holding them properly vs how she holds hers, and it would be a good idea to show a healthy axolotl vs hers, that sort of thing. Would be a good idea for anons to leave their preferred pet keepers listed here so that video anons who may not be familiar with them can utilize their good care for the video. Just a thought.

No. 603219

Anyone else think she looks better without tons of makeup?

No. 603221

This is a really good idea. If her stans are shown by comparison how things should be done compared to the way Taylor does things, they won't have many good excuses to get her out of that. They couldn't be like "But Taylor looks after her pets amazing!!" because there will be literal side by side evidence that she doesn't.

Clint's Reptiles is brilliant for many different species of reptiles. He has actual degrees and knows what he's talking about. He has a lot of knowledge and knows how to share it, the complete opposite of Taylor.
Alex at GoHerping is good. He's even admitted and fixed some of his mistakes made when he was younger (his ball python care video is a good example). Also has a good video of how to tame down a huge snake (boa) through proper handling.
Leopard Gecko is great for leo's and cresties. She's friendly and informative and is great with her lizards when handling them, so there will be lots of great videos of proper handling techniques from her.

That's all i can think of off the top of my head, but maybe some other people will add some.

No. 603222

I thought Leopard Gecko was kind of a meme in the Tumblr community though? Calling her Eco Earth girl or something. That's what I read on here once, anyway.

No. 603226

Yeah. But she is actually amazing with her animals. Her geckos are 10+ years old and look amazing and perfectly cared for. I think that person is just kind of over reaching like everything else on tumblr

No. 603228

He calls her bubble? Fitting. Her head's as empty as one.

No. 603232

GoHerping actually addresses the issues with his own husbandry in his videos. He’s honest about the fact that even though he free ranges his turtle he does have issues with it and that it isn’t something that should really be done in most cases. Unlike Tay.

No. 603234

Lmao this thread showed up in my news feed.
Y'all need to buy a life. Seriously, you're bringing ridiculous shit up like if it was something relevant, like the Thanksgiving stuff (Or their lives in general). What's next? Verify if they go to church? lol
Just by looking at this kind of stuff you can tell some people like to dickride and stalk successful people, just to "criticize" whatever they do wrong on fucking 4chan, goddd lmao. Man I sure love my life.

No. 603236

i’m pretty sure he called amanda and chelsea “bubby” so……. that’s fucking hilarious.

No. 603237

This thread also compiles all the evidence of her subpar animal care and all the animals that have died in her care. You wanna bring up something that was discussed for like four comments and ignore the real issues we talk about?

Lol k.

No. 603239

‘Buy a life’

Um what?

No. 603240

Let's not feed the troll guys.

No. 603241


Hi Jonny(hi cow)

No. 603245

report the post and move on. don't engage with an obvious White Knight who isn't going to care what we say.

No. 603248

Oh shit gossip gang changing the world over here. I'm sorry, you may proceed with whatever you all were doing lmao, it's not like I actually care, I may proceed with the life I do have. Lmao
(Also reporting my other post means it actually hurt some ass, seriously get a life tho lol)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603253

It really didn't, we just don't want you to keep making a fool of yourself. Tata.

No. 603257

haha bubby to bubble. how creative and original. really going the distance for such a “strong” relationship.

No. 603259

I'm honestly surprised more whiny pissbabies haven't showed up in this thread, what with Thanksgiving and middle schoolers having more time for computers and all

No. 603263


"Man I sure love my life" sounds like something Jonnys drugged up ass would say.

No. 603264

He loves his life so much he has to come into this thread to tell "a bunch of losers" how much he loves it. Ya sound real confident, Johnny.

No. 603269


Jonny, you hate your life and yourself, and we all know it. You abuse women because it's the only time you feel like a big man. But, really, you're just a scared little boy who lashes out when he's afraid or doesn't get what he wants.

You're so emotionally stunted that the only time you can halfway-communicate is through music. That's the only acceptable way a "macho" dude like yourself can do that without being called weak. Otherwise, you're numbing your problems with drugs. Millions have tried and failed with that before. It's not going to work. It's just going to kill you and/or others.

Probably one or both of your parents were shit to you, or you saw them be shit to each other. That sucks, but it doesn't give you license to grow up and be shit yourself. Your woes are no bigger than many other people's, so you don't get to be an asshole simply because you've never sorted out your own feelings.

You're slowly killing yourself and leaving a trail of hurt women (oh, and a child) in your wake. That's what's really weak. You could do something about it. You could. Probably need to hire a fucking therapist, though, and not one of these online ones who can't see your body language and will tell you what you want to hear.

Everyone here can see right through you, Jonny. Probably makes you uncomfortable. Try not to abuse anyone or drug yourself into a stupor over it.

No. 603279

Thank you so much to the anon that gave me the stocking pop filter tip, you're a life saver.

If there's any things that aren't true about this video please tell me, as I said before I don't have tons of experience with a lot of the snakes Taylor keeps. I can take the video down and edit it with new information if something is totally off.

No. 603280

Well said. Unfortunately, he’s such a bubblehead himself that he’ll just reply to this with “lmao. I love my life. My toy collection cost more than your place. Lmao lol hahahahaha”

No. 603281

I agree with >>603221
there should be a video that shows comparisons between shitty care from Taylor and a person who actually knows wth they're doing when it comes to animal care so her stans can't just say, "OH SHE CARES FOR HER ANIMALS THE RIGHT WAY! YOURE JUST A HATER!!!"

No. 603283


That would be helpful. You don’t want to end up driving her deranged fans towards channels we are claiming are better / doing it correctly though (well you do so they can learn correct care) but they might turn on some of those channels.

No. 603285

that's true but you don't really have to get another youtuber to compare her with. All her stans are basically preteens that saw a pretty white girl that looks goals and never seen the correct ways of caring for animals so even showing them what a real tank should look like can help

No. 603288

Weird flex but ok.

No. 603297

File: 1543013120252.jpeg (121.72 KB, 523x930, 815D1E7B-BAA9-4B76-9D93-6CF4A7…)

look how DIGUSTING their bathtub is…. and jonny’s face still scabbed. so sober

No. 603299


No. 603300

Here I thought they had a personal assistant to clean..

No. 603301


If this dirty bathtub is Taylor's only escape from Jonny to get some alone time, wow he must be bad.

No. 603305


Cute nails you've got there, big man.

No. 603306


Cute nails you've got there, big man.

No. 603308

Isn't is the mirror that's dirty?

No. 603309

Doubtful, she’s actually posted pictures of her in the tub and it was disgusting.

No. 603311

you look disgusting either way, you rapist ginger sunburnt dwarf man

No. 603313

Considering how filthy the rest of her apartment is it's probably both.

No. 603315

Idk guys, I don't think it's Jonny, he can't write a comprehensive paragraph like that

No. 603334


He looks like an actual penis

No. 603339

his hands and fingers look so fat/swollen ew that is not normal

No. 603363

Is it the bathtub or the mirror? The spots on the mirror are pretty bad!

No. 603373

I hate Jonny as much as everyone else here but him painting his nails isn't really an issue….

No. 603374

Jonny is so gross. He looks like the bully kid from Christmas Story. I wouldn't f-ck him with someone else's body. Couldn't Taylor have found a better looking loser to chill with?

No. 603376

Question, why does he look so swollen sometimes? Is it because of alcohol?

No. 603380

Ew imagine those hands touching you. Ew ew ew

No. 603381


It's because of his failing liver because of his history of drug use. Chelsea and Amanda have both confirmed this, I think.

No. 603395

Jonny's fingers look like sausages. How can Taytay put up with such a hideous guy?

No. 603396

Did Zazu die yet? I can't keep track of whos alive anymore.

No. 603397

Yes. Zazu is dead.

No. 603401

File: 1543028894137.jpeg (392.68 KB, 1225x2022, 7D9F2496-F286-4D89-9C3D-2B6D85…)

No. 603402

their SPENDING JESUS CHRIST LMAO. accumulating more and more to distract themselves from the miserable realities of their lives

No. 603403

Amazing, how long ago did that happen, I mustve missed it at least a thread ago

I bet they dont even smoke outside, staining the wall killing the security payment on the apartment.

No. 603405

Are they 12?

No. 603410

I put recent deaths in the header

No. 603419

File: 1543031864639.jpeg (196.17 KB, 750x512, 56343B86-D11B-4AC7-B6B1-D88DD0…)

Aw you beat me to it, although someone on twitter doesn’t seem to happy.

No. 603420

One thing i did notice in your video is about the UTH and RHP thing. Under tank heaters (heat mats) are regularly used within snake keeping and as long as they're being used with a good reliable thermostat and set up correctly so the snake isn't lying directly on the mat then they usually won't cause issues. In Taylors case, the issue is that she uses shit equipment to monitor the temps or her heat mats rather than the actual heat mats themselves, unless the heat mats are shit quality too but i don't know what brand she's using.
And radiant heat panels generally aren't used as much as heat mats in snake keeping. They're a really good option for larger tanks or if ambient temps need raising but aren't really used as the snakes hotspot since they have to be attached to the sides/ceiling (preferably cieling so the snakes can't hang off them and burn themselves) of the tank.
So i was getting the impression that you were putting across that her care was bad because she was using UTH's instead or RHP's but it's her thermostats and setup that would be the issue.

No. 603422

Forgot to add, the reason i'm mentioning this is so if her stans show up saying how Taylor is fine because everyone uses heat mats for their snakes, sure, but not everyone uses shit equipment to monitor the mats like she does so the risk of malfunction and cooking more animals to death is significantly higher than someone using a good thermostat.

No. 603444

File: 1543036191674.jpeg (664.52 KB, 1125x2002, 1DC72E15-3EB1-45DF-A139-DD1C12…)

from the comments on her most recent Instagram post

No. 603450

Went back to check on the videos comments. Man, you can definitely tell how impressionable some of the younger ones are. It's terrifying.

No. 603462

Sorry for irrelevance but are jumpstart thermostats that bad? Just curious as I use one for my leo as recommended by the people of Reddit.

No. 603465


So do I. I've never heard they were bad until this thread.

No. 603466

File: 1543042281890.jpg (92.57 KB, 763x529, 1543041924026.jpg)

When so many animals die so fast that even the stans cant keep up lmao

No. 603472

Junkies get heroin induced edema which causes swelling in extremeities, especially hands and fingers.

No. 603477

Was waiting to see how long it would take for the scouts to inform their queen someone is spewing facts.

No. 603482

File: 1543051047915.png (228.41 KB, 681x632, e01fed4cdc51e78507fa518c4deb5a…)

here they come, hopefully video anon is spared for the most part.

No. 603488

Oh, interesting. I will add a comment explaining that and pin it. Thank you for explaining.

I don't mind lol, the more people that watch it the better. If it's just tweens rambling in run on sentences then it's hard to take them serious. And people that can actually write well written responses are nice because it's (sometimes) possible to have a conversation with them.

No. 603502

This is just something from my friend who was previously a junkie but he always said the hand swelling went away several weeks after using. So if that’s the case for most junkies it’s another confirmation that he’s still using.

No. 603506

While it may be true that they're used more often, they are much more unsafe even with a thermostat. And they're unnatural. In the wild, snakes heat is coming from above. Snakes bask. Plus, heavy bodies snakes like ball pythons and short tails can really mess with heat mats and cause them to overheat. They're unsafe and most people who care about their animals are switching to radiant heat panels since they're more natural and much more safe, and offer heat from above without drying out the air, and offer basking opportunities for snakes.

No. 603507

Yes, they are very cheap and have a tendency to fail on the "on" position. I've seen multiple people have theirs crap out and heat up their uth to unsafe levels (over 110°) which could harm their animal. I used one in the past that started telling me my enclosure was at 92° when in reality it was at 80°, and another one do the exact opposite. Herpstats are much more reliable and better. Why use a 30$ thermostat on expensive animals? Especially when you're Taylor and can blow however much money on a switch and vapes.

No. 603509

Notice how it is always Taylor buying things for both of them or just him. She really is his sugar mommy. I bet all his flexing is about all the things he got from Taylor too.. cos he himself would still be living the broke life if it wasn't for her. Pathetic.

No. 603523

She's flexed some of his 'purchases' before. A bunch of stuff from disneyland, the budwing mantis and Violet was apparently stuff he had bought for her.
Though I don't know the chances of them being her money.

No. 603534

File: 1543072113127.jpeg (79.66 KB, 750x641, 1522153971232.jpeg)

Going back over the /snow/ threads for the google doc and I found a screenshot of a comment made by Jonny.
$53,000 on a new set of teeth but she can't afford a bigger place? she better hope Jonny pulled this number from his ass because that doesn't look good on her if it's true.

No. 603537

Well one "good, likfelike" veneer can run like $4k so a $53k full set isn't crazy

No. 603538

And she can't afford a bigger home or proper enclosures for her pets smh

No. 603545

File: 1543076536355.png (42.56 KB, 649x444, f6103fc5e711940ed2153e8d003a60…)

Sometimes I think Taylor's fans are boring kids who just can't spell and then someone like this comes along.

No. 603546

At least this one is probably not as bad as the Neptune kid.

No. 603547

Neptune is a special kind of stupid that whole comment thread drained what ever will to live I had left.
This one only just commented though so we wont know unless they come back for more.

No. 603548

I hope these little kids doesn't get to you, anon. If they tell you to stop bullying Taylor yet they bully you, they don't know any better.

No. 603550

As I said earlier, I don't mind at all. It's mostly just funny, it's not like they actually know anything about me that would make them able to insult me with stuff that hurts. Telling me I'm british is flattering if anything.

And more comments = more engagement = the video is more likely to get recommended to more people.
Thank you for the concern and positive comments though, anons. I really appreciate it.

No. 603551

This is weirdly helping my confidence issues?? I'm not video anon and I no idea if people can suss out who I am but I kinda realised a lot of these kids now have access to my public accounts so if I go down I might as well attempt a decent call out.
I'm kinda excited to be involved in this to be honest?

No. 603552

Feels like a coup d'etat, huh?
I think it's funny how Taylor MUST know about the video but she hasn't said anything at all. Not even a snarky comment or something about muh depression.

No. 603553


If you have the ability to call her out please do, everyone here will back you.

No. 603555

Hell yeah it does.

Knowing her patterns she's going to avoid it for as long as she can manage. Even though she'd want to deny everything, if she tweets about it directly more people will see it and those of her fans with a brain will see that she is not as great as they think she is.

No. 603559

There have been times where I have wanted to take my private twitter off private to make a post about her, but I get conflicted cause my account is private for a completely unrelated reason.
I don't actually have any video editing software or the social skills to provide decent commentary, however I am the one working on the huge evidence doc and if it's one thing people have told me I'm good at it's digging and doing research.

I can make a duplicate of the doc so that it's more neutral and post a link somewhere but my only current public account is my art account and I'd like to keep this off of that.

No. 603563

I was more asking for myself. I totally agree taylor should be using better equipment, but at the moment I cant afford a herpstat. Do you know any more reliable thermostats at a lower price point? Again sorry for going off topic.

No. 603565

I was more asking for myself. I totally agree taylor should be using better equipment, but at the moment I cant afford a herpstat. Do you know any more reliable thermostats at a lower price point? Again sorry for going off topic.

No. 603569

Also sorry if it posted more than once something messed up lol

No. 603571

Not the same person but one thing you could do is search up a product of interest and use either google shopping or any other price comparing websites to shop around.
Another thing is to ask to see if people do price matching, if it means business you might get the same product for a discount.

Also don't worry about double posting, the site shits out sometimes and you get double/triple posts.

No. 603572

I really like Habistat thermostats if you're able to get one. I've always found them to be accurate and reliable and i currently have 5 of them running and have never had an issue. Might be worth a try for you? Or look around and see what's recommended within your price range.

No. 603573

I think you know but just in case: Your Youtube account is visible in the Google doc.

No. 603574

Yeeeaahh I thought it was. Tried to move it to a throw away account (it's actually a google brand account) but I couldn't do that without completely re-making the doc. Considering I already posted the link and have been going nuts all over the video, I just thought fuck it, this is how I die.

No. 603575

You can delete the duplicate within 30 minutes of posting I think. Just click the box on the top left and then delete.

No. 603576

It's all right nonny, this is for a good cause. There's worse things to get some dislikes from 8 year olds for than speaking up about animal negligence.

No. 603577

I’m from the art community so seeing Taylor’s stans is one hell of a welcomed change compared to the usual crap artists get thrown through.

No. 603589

Im assuming some of her stans are following these threads.

I was gonna complain that we were basically just repeating old info with this video thing but it's clearly catching their attention and they don't have to read the other million threads. Honesty, I'm really glad someone is doing this - good job.

No. 603592

So where is Cheeses morbid funeral video? She's been promising that for like 4 days now.

No. 603600


I imagine after knowing of the video she is putting it off or making sure theres nothing we can use against in it.

Also sorry if i dont post properly. Long time lurker.

No. 603602

Her insta stories last night were showing her playing Pokémon… priorities!

No. 603603

Shes the laziest piece of shit on youtube I swear.. its so frustrating she doesn't deserve the following she has

No. 603605

right? she has 30+ animals with little video uploads. she can easily make a video once a week cuz there's other youtubers who only have 10 pets or less and yet they're uploading frequently. she has no excuse to not upload. She can't use mental illness either, cuz there's tons of youtubers with different illnesses yet they upload so much.

No. 603607

What twists me up is her little fans going "BUT SHE WORKS SO HARD AND LOVES HER ANIMALS SO MUUUUUCH" – like kid, if you think that's hard work or love… I've rarely seen someone as lazy as Taylor; she literally has to schlop together any old nonsense at one of the least demanding jobs in the fucking world and she can't be arsed to do that much more than twice a month. It's unbelievable. Go getter she ain't.

No. 603618

Exactly, hard work my ass… There are plenty of other smaller youtubers that work twice as hard as she does with a lot less recognition. It's frustrating cos she's taking everything for granted. I can't wait until she's left with nothing.

No. 603619


See, I don't want her to fail. I want her to snap out of her fucking stupor, get her head above the water, kick the trash to curb and start taking care of her animals and her finances at last.

We all do stupid shit when we're young, but it just frustrates me to see her piss away so much potential and opportunity.

No. 603626

There’s some irony in that.. Pokemon is a game about hoarding a bunch of animal like creatures, with the goal to catch every one. What a fitting parallel for her real life

No. 603635

She's playing with pretend virtual animals while her real ones are sick, not given enough attention, and living in crowded, unsanitary conditions.

Oh, the irony.

No. 603636


Hoarding animals in incredibly small containers at that, and only taking them out when you feel like it.

… Wow.

No. 603639

File: 1543099030813.png (49.49 KB, 1183x235, momma dean.PNG)

lol guys I did it!

No. 603641

Duh mama dean. These are throwaway channels…cause your daughters stupid ass fans, like yourself, will hate on the YouTuber. They are making FACTUAL videos showing the LIES your daughter is telling with reality. She is a hoarder who should be charged for animal cruelty and not worshipped!

No. 603642

Congrats! Your video is now certified by the one and only Jen! That means you did something right!

No. 603643

I'd like to thank all my moo cow chat comrades for letting me achieve this.

No. 603644

it makes me laugh how this dumb bitch can't help but comment on the "hate". she always says to "not feed the trolls", yet she can't help but constantly comment and argue with throw away channels. I feel like she gets enjoyment out of her daughter getting "hate".

No. 603646

File: 1543100002018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 256.93 KB, 1219x449, ABB3343C-4C26-415C-8855-7E5D71…)

This woman needs to see a psychiatrist! She’s so dead upstairs….wonder what her IQ is. Pretty damn close to Tanner I’m thinking after scrolling thru her tweets

No. 603648

File: 1543100295264.jpg (129.41 KB, 901x310, 4.jpg)

You can tell she's told Taylor her entire life that if anyone disagrees with a single thing she does that they're just jealous of her. What a toxic attitude.

No. 603649

Love how her mum responded before she did lol - congrats on being hated by the iconic Jen.

No. 603650

It's pretty rich coming from a woman who whores out her disabled son for views on youtube and attention on twitter.

You hoping Tanner will bring in the $$$ because he's too stupid to run off with a heroin junkie?

No. 603652

She's seriously chimping out on Leopardgecko's comment lol. Replying to everyone on it.

No. 603653


All Jen does is use her Twitter to try to get twitter followers and youtube video watches on her own pathetic pages. Give me a break.

No. 603655

File: 1543100719849.jpg (108.85 KB, 792x589, 5.jpg)

I love how she's just boosting video anon's engagement lmaooooo

No. 603656

File: 1543100723566.jpg (193.24 KB, 809x1273, Screenshot_20181125-000419_You…)

Defending rapists now, how nice of Jen

No. 603657

She's honestly a disgusting human being. I can see why Taylor is as messed up as she is.

No. 603659


rich considering she was the one going around telling everyone that he was a rapist and an abuser.

No. 603660

File: 1543101126622.jpg (78.76 KB, 1069x238, Screenshot_20181125-001127_You…)

oh lmaoooooo she thinks I'm someone from Taylors friend circle or something?

No. 603661

Oh, I sincerely hope she runs with that idea, imagine the entertainment.

No. 603662

Hhahhah have you ever made any other youtube videos?

No. 603663

Americans are so bad with accents lol

No. 603664

No, never. She's so crazy lmao

No. 603665

I honestly love when her fans and her Mom jump straight to the assumption that we are all jealous, and want what Taylor has. Sorry, I actually have a degree, a number of animals I can manage, a clean decent sized home, a partner that isn't a rapist and a druggie, and a body i'm comfortable in enough not to ruin it, tell me what there is to be jealous about?

No. 603667

Maybe she thinks you're emzotic

No. 603668

Mama Dean sounds like every other preteen that's following Taylor blindly. I also notice that they tend to strike at you directly as a person if they can't find any valid argument while the video and the commenters are just talking about Taylor's bad care and lies. Shows how awful they are as humans.

No. 603669


Seriously! First Video Nonny was "British" and now she's one of Tay-tay's little friends?! (Has Taylor got any friends? Any real human ones?) This is gonna be entertaining as fuck!

No. 603671

File: 1543101521559.jpg (297.6 KB, 1079x939, Screenshot_20181125-001809_You…)

pls pls pls let her say who she thinks I am

No. 603672

For real tho, if my mum picked online fights with people and gave them more attention I'd be fucking pissed.

No. 603674

Oh we all want the tea here

No. 603676

omg im dying haahah please make that video jen

No. 603677

Taylor and her dear old mum have such an odd enmeshment tango going on. Taylor can't seem to establish any real identity of her own unless doing the direct opposite of what mummy wants (to the extent of shacking up with a frankly revolting horrible slob of a junkie) and mummy can't seem to do anything but go tilting at windmills at her grown adult kid's behalf. Fucking fascinating.

No. 603679

Also LMAO at her dropping "slander" like it's some bogeyman and like she knows what she's talking about - you can't slander yourself, Jen, and therefore anything that shows your daughter's ramblings is not fucking slander, it's just reporting.

Of course she has the right to run her fucking mouth off - no one here is certaily stopping her! Just like she can blather on as long as she likes, we are also free to chew the motherfucking cud on our moo cow lol farm as much as we want to… Twat.

No. 603680

imagine the new milk we'll get once she starts to cause fights with that one person who she thinks is you? My glass is ready for this.

The way she comments sounds like Taylor cried to her and Mama Dean is out here trying to defend her daughter on the internet. She just ends up looking like an old lady with a mind of a 13 year old. it's embarrassing Jen!

No. 603681

Is she trying to imply that your accent is fake, or is she doing that stupid thing Americans do where they use quotation marks for emphasis? Either way what a stupid thinly veiled threat.

Jen, we all know you lurk so unless you secretly hate Taylor this is the worst thing you could be doing to help her. Most people here are former fans of hers and you behaving like this is not going to win them back. You are pouring gasoline on the flames. Your behaviour is an embarrassment.

Love when people throw around legal words they don't properly understand. It's not slander to say you're concerned something may be happening based on the information you do have.

We drink milk here please integrate.

No. 603683

She actually thinks I'm someone else she has dirt on lol

No. 603684

File: 1543102165937.png (551.91 KB, 1045x769, tndmom2.png)

Trying to watch some of her videos rn. Honestly they're awful. She mouth-breathes constantly so her jaw is always slack and open and she's kind of terrifying to watch lol.

No. 603685

File: 1543102230220.png (211.17 KB, 373x299, tndmom.png)

Also for someone who supposedly needs to limit food in their house due to their son's condition. She's a fat fuck. No wonder Tanner is already starting to struggle with his weight.

No. 603686

Ok but the question is - who does Jen think I am?
Not trying to say anything bad about her, but Jessica wrote a really lengthy reply to Jen about how she doesn't mind Taylor as a person right after Jen started threatening me.

No. 603687

… somehow my sensors are tingling about suddenly ripping into Jen's physical appearance when no one's cared before. Are we getting Emzotic 2.0 here? Is Christmas coming early??

No. 603688

Why does she look like the kind of person who would yell at a minimum wage food industry worker for something out of their control

No. 603689

File: 1543102622938.png (283.78 KB, 452x385, jen3.png)

Yes, it is I, Jen. Kek

No. 603690

yeah it's odd. I mean why target her appearance, she's a crazed mother of two difficult children on a constant twitter rampage. No one is expecting her to be pretty

because she is

No. 603691

File: 1543102741586.jpg (400.61 KB, 810x1247, Screenshot_20181125-003831_You…)

This… this can't be real, right?

No. 603692


For real, right? We have never cared about her appearance, and she looks just like a regular middle-aged stay at home mum. What the actual fuck.

No. 603693

…Lol no wonder Jen wasn't on that reply so quickly. Was probably making a fake account as her fucking husband. We have seen before how uncomfortable he seems to be with the whole involvement in drama thing.

That being said, is she really just gonna re-expose Emzotic lol? What's the point in that? I genuinely feel sorta bad for Em if that happens because she has clearly tried to move on.

No. 603695

File: 1543102934617.png (111.1 KB, 286x313, jen4.png)

Hey her appearance wouldn't be relevant if I hadn't just discovered her shit show of a channel pimping out her son.

Her being fat is also relevant because Tanner will literally die from overeating which she clearly does lol.

Maybe to an american? idk she's pretty ugly. The mouthbreathing though is the worst. This thread is for Taylor and her deranged mom. It's all relevant.

No. 603696

It's written in a totally different way though, I don't think Jen is capable of formulating sentences like this.

No. 603697

Could always be a Taylor stan or someone lurking from here

No. 603698

Bullshit lol. That's totally Jen. Look at the way it ends… that's Jen trying to sound 'smart' kek.

No. 603699

not wking but focusing on their weight will just make us seem more as "haters" because they'll focus more on our hate on their looks rather than Taylor's animal care.

No. 603700

I mean yeah the comment tries hard to sound smart, but I doubt Matt is actually very intelligent if he's married to someone like Jen.

No. 603701

I disagree, it's relevant because it isn't just a 'lol they're fat', it's a 'she's actively killing her son who will die due to his condition + overeating'.

No. 603702

no wonder papa dean has an exwife that raised their kid right because having lawyer son vs a daughter that is Taylor Dean just shows how dysfunctional they are

No. 603703

Yup yup yup. Ain't it interesting that the moment those videos get a bit of traction a lot of disposable targets show up here. HI JEN!

No. 603704

Is his comment deleted? I cant find it

No. 603705

>Anyone who understands how trolls work
Unlike you eh Matt? Trolls do not have personal vendettas or agendas, they will happily lie and spread false information for laughs. Either we're trolls and lying, or we're jealous haters with a personal vendetta. The two are mutually exclusive. You cannot have it both ways. Trolls don't have hurt feelings, they think hurting the feelings of others is funny and their personal beliefs or convictions aren't relevant to that cause.

I hate this
>If you're telling the truth then don't be anonymous!!! What are you scared of!?
Look what happened to South Texas Dragons, Taylor's fans swarmed their page and left actually fraudulent, harmful and slanderous reviews based on Taylor's lies, that Taylor later admitted were false but failed to rectify her mistake in any meaningful sense. You can't have this double standard. Hold her accountable and make her apologise for the damage she caused that business and then maybe other people would feel comfortable coming forwards. Until then why would anyone risk coming forwards against someone with an army of idiot twelve year olds willing to ruin their business over a tweet?

No. 603706

It's on the new video

No. 603707

why do they keep saying slander? it's not like Taylor is a company where she has multiple employees that can be ruined as well (cough-like what she did to South Texas Dragons-cough). She's just a teenager-i mean adult that created a channel in hopes to be an educator only to become a fraud that spends thousands on her manchild but not on her animals wellbeing. There's nothing to ruin because she's ruining herself instead

No. 603708

Maybe she legit thinks everyone with an accent sounds the same? I know a few Americans who can't distinguish the differences in people's voices from other English-speaking countries.

No. 603710

File: 1543104244624.jpg (214.39 KB, 1078x1080, Screenshot_20181125-010335_You…)

She just can't stay away.

No. 603711

Honestly I listened to Jessica's voice just know and they sort of sound similar? Not the same but I can see where she's coming from lmao

Was gonna say she has gone very quiet.

No. 603712

How long can she keep this up for I wonder.

No. 603713


They don't lol? Anons voice has a really thick accent, you'd think Jen would be able to recognize another americans accent.

No. 603715

The pronunciation is sort of similar is what I'm getting at here

Not saying the person is Jessica by any means, they sound like English is their second language to me but I may be wrong

No. 603716

>I know a few Americans who can't distinguish the differences in people's voices from other English-speaking countries.
Most Americans I've met are like this, knew people with very obvious French accents who Americans would insist they didn't speak with one. I think maybe they think it's insulting or implies the person doesn't speak English "properly"

Video-anon sounds Dutch or German to me, leaning towards German, absolutely European and definitely ESL. No offence meant by that anonchan you speak excellent English.

They sound nothing alike. Jessica has a very distinct American accent. Are you hearing impaired?

No. 603717

I think she’s just looking to accuse everyone of being someone, there’s nothinh wrong with going anonymous. Not everyone wants to deal with Tay’s tween stans. I defended you and she accused me of making the video lol.

No. 603718

LOL this is such a typical example of Americans encountering any type of accent from outside of the US and being all I'm sorry I can't understand your bango bingo bungo language?? You're not from around here???

It's fucking hilarious.

No. 603719

You can look at the first frame of the video and see where I'm from.

I think what Jen is implying is that I'm changing my accent into something else to not get caught, hence the "" when she says accent.

No. 603722

RE: the video is great. Only suggestion is leave the photo/text up a little longer to give the person time to read it all. Once or twice I had to pause it to read everything. But yeah keep them coming.

Love the background you used as well.

No. 603724

Interesting how quickly she went from ''ll expose you' to just calling everything slander

No. 603725

not to mention slander laws vary, and if taylor has ever deemed herself to be a public figure, the rules change

No. 603726

Jen won’t humour me on why her daughter stoped talking to her for a while :’(

No. 603727

Yeah when I watch it now I'm also like jfc this is way too fast. During editing I knew everything I was gonna put in there so I was like "eh I'm sure people can pause if they wanna read it" but it just disturbs the flow.

No. 603728

Jen, did you not watch the video like you said, or did you watch it and verify that the information in it is slander?? Which one is it?

No. 603729

Weird that Jen is acting so outraged and shocked by the existence of videos criticising Taylor when she herself made an extremely long vlog when Taylor first began dating Jonny and detailed everything from her private conversations with Jonny’s exes (who at that point she seemed to trust their concerns completely) to Taylor being dragged kicking and screaming back to her house by the police at 3am. She literally live streamed her entire version of events from the moment Taylor started talking to Jonny to Taylor refusing to speak to her family to her suspicious behavior once they made amends. That woman shared everything, things people on this board weren’t even speculating on at the time, and now she has the audacity to act like it’s completely out of the blue and insane that people might make videos criticising/questioning her daughter…. l o l….

No. 603731

>> 603727

Fully understand about the flow of a video. And the fact that you put time into this hats off to you.

But yes the second time I watched it again I did pause at times to reread some items.

Again well done.

Seems you've have hit a nerve. Hey how about saving the axolotl

No. 603732

File: 1543105710943.jpg (695.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181124-172730.jpg)

She has herself listed as a public figure on Instagram and says her full-time job is YouTube. I'm pretty sure since she puts herself in the public eye like that, slander laws so change. You don't see Miley Cyrus suing everyone who criticizes her now do you?

No. 603733

I honestly think the video about her kitten dying would make a lot of people think. A lot of people don't really relate to reptiles, so showing them a young kitten and then saying that this, this or this lead to their death may be a good way to make some younger followers think a bit more. You could also use information/examples of good care from that cat youtuber that fosters young kittens? I'm not sure what her user is but I remember a lot of people mentioning her

No. 603734

What Jen's poor mind can't comprehend is that slander only becomes a legal issue when and if such "slanderous" statements are proven false and that these false statements somehow impacted a person's financial or social status so…….stfu Jen.

No. 603735

I did put a segment into the video but the stans just say it died "randomly" and from fading kitten syndrome. I'm not sure how to get to them because there is such little information about it.

No. 603737

File: 1543106041944.jpg (342.5 KB, 809x1282, Screenshot_20181125-013324_You…)

That first comment makes her sound like she's a junkie too tbh

No. 603738

She's was about to turn that comment into one big pity party

No. 603739

Honestly I do think it would have an impact if you did a vid for everyone of her animals. eg.

Taylor Nicole Dean's Dead Kitten

Taylor Nicole Dean's Dead Mantis Shrimp

Taylor Nicole Dean's Dead Crocodile Skinks

Taylor Nicole Dean's Dead Beta's


There's so many…. then going into the failings in her care that caused her to kill them all.

No. 603740

THANK YOU. Also it’s not slander, it’s libel. and it’s a lot harder to prove libel against a celeb because you have to prove that it was done with malice, that the person saying it declared it was a fact, and you have to prove that the person is lying. Why do you think you don’t see YouTubers suing drama channels left and right?

No. 603741

Wait what Canadian girl is she talking about?

No. 603745

Isn't Taylor's dad a lawyer? I kind of hope he brings up a fake slander suit so he can be disbarred.

No. 603746

No her dad works in insurance. Her half brother is the lawyer

No. 603748

It's not slander when you use her own words, Matt. Are you sure you're an attorney?

No. 603749

God Jen is so crazy. I don't wanna spam this thread with screenshots of her being a nutcase but jeez, how can someone be like that?

No. 603750

Shes so fucking crazy it really makes you wonder if shes fit to care for a disabled child

No. 603751

Funny how Jen was literally firing back instantly to comments, but is now silent when it comes to people asking about those Twitter videos she posted about Tay and Johnny lol

No. 603752

Honestly it sounds like her every Twitter rant ever now
She seriously needs to look into some counselling or something to just help her cope

No. 603753

It feel like I wandered into a Margo thread, jesus christ

No. 603754

File: 1543107192855.jpg (261.58 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20181125-015020_You…)

Seriously. This feels kind of concerning.

No. 603755

Tay Tay, come muzzle your mother. I'm embarrassed for you at this point.

No. 603756

No. That is matt dean, tays dad’s twitter. I started to follow him for a bit with the Jonny fiasco in LA last November

No. 603758

File: 1543107777307.jpg (118.74 KB, 1078x471, Screenshot_20181125-020202_You…)

She actually sounds like she has a paranoid personality disorder.

No. 603760

File: 1543107817225.jpg (331.19 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20181125-020214_You…)

Last one, apologies for the screencap spam nonnys that don't care about crazy Jen

No. 603761

Does this whole family only use social media to communicate??

No. 603762


Y'know that seems to be the extent of their communicating: so-me and enmeshment. Like they are incredibly involved with each other online but dgaf about each other in real life. Just fucking tacky.

No. 603763

Does mama dean ever watch Taylor’s videos? It’s ALWAYS the breeder or the vets fault; never hers!

No. 603765

To a certain extent, I know a lot of Jen's blind defense of Tay is because…well, she IS her mother. It kind of comes with the territory and considering Jen is by no means an animal expert herself, it makes sense that she would view Tay's opinions and care regarding animals as infallible.
However, the woman is a bit unhinged at this point. Most mature adults would just walk away at this point. But she just keeps going and she can barely string together a single coherent sentence. I know Jen was joking about the straight jacket thing, but maybe someone should make that a reality.

No. 603766

Whatever anon. Do a video with a Pinocchio background. Have a screenshot of when Taylor announces a new pet with date and age on the left…and on the right, a screenshot of the death announcement whereby she adds 6 months to a year extra on their age. She’s done this for each one!!

No. 603767

If they did, who would look after Tanner?!

No. 603768

Who's looking after him now? Clearly not Jen.

No. 603769

Why can't they hire a carer to help with Tanner with Taylors money?
Jen is concerningly unhinged at this point.

No. 603770

Matt dean probably. How the hell do I find her everyday dean twitter. It’s not coming up in searches?

No. 603772

She's called tamonandpumba on twitter

No. 603773

Papa dean makes enough $$$ to hire someone. I’m sure they collect some sort of disability pay as well. How else can Jen and tanner be at Disney once a month? And with his disorder, isn’t that a shitty place to take him with all the food around?

No. 603774

She has an account called everyday dean too. That’s the one she’s using to respond all nutjobby!

No. 603775

Really? When? I thought that's what she was called on Youtube only.

No. 603776

Well maybe I’m wrong and that is her YouTube channel! I thought she had 2 twitter accounts. One for song lyrics and one for trolling!

No. 603777

guys. fat shaming and picking at people’s appearance is completely low and disgusting. can we please keep this thread on animal care because we all look like a bunch of assholes right now…(derail)

No. 603778

Is the canadian girl she mentioned Emma? Cause I didn't think those 2 were friends

No. 603779

>fat shaming
Don't make posts like this, this isn't pull. We are assholes.

No. 603780

I agree Anon. Jennifer is kinda (totally) crazy, but not even she deserves that, and it’d just give crazy stans more of a reason to think we’re a group of envious haters. They’ll disregard our opinions more than they already do.(derail)

No. 603783

File: 1543112114476.jpg (48.41 KB, 809x338, tnd mantis.JPG)

My god, I had somehow missed she got a ghost mantis now. Already covering her ass for when she prematurely kills this one too, classy.

They can live up to a year if kept properly. A mismolt can always happen, but good temp, enclosure and humidity can lower the risk immensely. She already has a video up where it's eating a cricket - this type of mantis prefers flying insects. Feeding crickets to mantids is also an iffy subject because it holds a bit more risk than other, "cleaner" feeder insects. If you keep them in clean enclosures and with fresh food, they should be fine. Do I see her capable of that? No.

Sorry for this mini essay on ghost mantids, but I'm triggered beyond belief. Can she just stop. getting. more. animals. please. God.

No. 603785

She keeps her emperor scorpion in the same size enclosure as her tarantula. It seems incredibly small for that species. I thought emps needed 10 gallons? That enclosure can't be more than 5 at the most

No. 603791

I don't know hardly anything about mantids but surely if you're going to get a pet anything you'd research it as much as possible to make sure that you're giving it the correct care? Hell I make sure I know as much as I can about my cats.

No. 603803

I agree with you, she is her mom and will defend her.
But she is more unhinged than she is a mom. She's in blind rage mode at this point. She is accusing everyone in a comment thread of saying she's neglecting Tanner, when one person joked about it. She is writing an essay about how horrible everyone is for commenting and slandering her children.
People were trying to point out what they were criticizing Taylor for, but she skips over it.
At this point it is willful ignorance and 100% enabling her. If she had dropped it then I think we could just write it off as being mama bear.

No. 603805

She can't even stay on her own topics which is very concerning. She jumps between Taylors 'hate', comment's' about Tanner, her own current mental health and legal action so quickly it's like I'm watching someone go insane live.

No. 603806

I was screencapping the stupidest Stan comments, but the sheer stupidity has killed me. One person claimed to be an animal expert, but never explained what makes them an expert. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Taylor and her fans love throwing around these unwarranted titles. Like calling Taylor an animal educator when she hardly ever puts out an educational video or reads from a google care sheet when she does.

No. 603807

I agree. she's completely unhinged. A sane mother wouldn't blast people on the internet and Taylor will probably be in college atm.

No. 603814

I can't keep track of what she's saying. She talks about how it's slander, how she read what they said but they don't respect them because they disagree, but everyone needs to remember that Taylor and Tanner are real people.
But also, fuck everyone else they're pathetic jealous haters who are horrible and want her to fail.
They watch Taylor so they must be experts. No seriously though I feel like it's when kids get into arguments and they go "well, yeah, I'm actually a lawyer and graduated from Harvard so I can sue you and out you in jail."

No. 603815

So apparently Taylor was supposed to move to la but instead stayed in Texas https://youtu.be/4mrJndKy1tA
Go to 1:06

No. 603819

File: 1543124373549.jpeg (72.87 KB, 1362x576, A7E0952C-2B48-4B2A-9BD5-E2BAA1…)

No. 603820

She would've had to have gotten rid of a few of her animals if she did, I know the hedgehogs were some.

No. 603822

“I won’t give this video another view!!”

>clicks on video to write comment

what a fuckin dumbass lmao

No. 603824

>“I don’t think she has ever blamed a breeder or vet for anything”

what???? She has literally done this SO many times?? Twisty’s tail, hedgehog breeders, twisty’s breeder, the store for Kronos

The way jen types is just so jarring to read, you really can tell just how low her intelligence is, and Taylor’s by proxy.

No. 603828

wow she has really destroyed her face since this was filmed

No. 603831

Anyone know if youtube has a character limit? cause wow Jennifer is about to get an earful from me.

No. 603838

the funniest thing about that video is the first three animals they show are dead

No. 603840

Someone should do a video on Jen alone. Between her tweets, YouTube videos, and live streams, she makes it clear she's a nut. No need for "slander." It'd just be putting it all together in one place. I'd love to see what insanity she'd reply with because we all know she wouldn't be able to resist.

You can really see how Taylor has ended up the way she has. If she was just self-sabotaging with Jonny, I'd feel sorry for her and want her to get help. I still want her to get help, but with all those animals in her care, it's not only about her. Apparently an zoo's worth of animals will have to die before anyone in the Dean family bats an eye.

No. 603841

She's hilariously cringy but she hardly needs an exposé video. She's only interesting in the way she gives context to Taylor.

No. 603842

I feel like getting her own thread or video would send her completely off the rails.
While it would be interesting to see her response, giving what she's saying on anons video she honestly does seem like the kind of video to hunt down and insult/harass as many people as she can.

No. 603848

File: 1543130196022.png (43.55 KB, 1187x189, 8c165c6ddb6e7c4936d2d04ae0e39e…)

Not going to blur out my name cause you all know who I am but, I'm lost for words. I have no words on how I'm meant to react to this…

No. 603851

Is she… is she still commenting on that video?

No. 603852

I kinda lead her on but yeah, she's just, She's trying to sound smart and like she knows better than everyone but christ…

No. 603853

Dude she's been commenting for like 8 hours… What the fuck, man? I agree with the other anon. She's giving me real Margo vibes here.

No. 603854

If Jennifer was my mother I'd want her out of my fucking life. I can't even class her as crazy at this point, she's pretty much the definition of a sociopath.

No. 603855

File: 1543131099574.png (9.22 KB, 357x109, Mrs Dean.PNG)

The fact that she's correcting grammar and not using it herself is so satisfying.

No. 603857

There's a very high chance she's reading this thread right now so if she is, I don't know, I honestly don't know.
Outside of the animal care I wouldn't want anything to do with Taylor if this is the kind of stuff her mother is saying to people probably not even half her age.

No. 603858

Jen is absolutely deranged. Imagine commenting on a YouTube video for 8 hours instead of looking after your son. This must be where Taytay got her bad habits.

No. 603859

Where's Taylors father in all of this? I actually noticed he went silent after the initial fight between them her her finally died off.

No. 603867

File: 1543134250334.jpg (604.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-021859_Twi…)

Here we go with Twitter promoting Taylor's nonsense again. Isn't UV light bad for scorpions btw? I've heard it shortens their lifespan w/ extended exposure but I may be wrong.

No. 603868

File: 1543134791347.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, 409.png)

>moo cow chat
I love this woman.

No. 603870

There's actually not a lot on the subject, scientists are still trying to figure out why Scorpions actually glow under a black light.
However they do avoid UV light, they do adjust their activity levels so that when they're active there's not a lot of UV.

No. 603876


Back when Taylor first moved in with JC and her parents seemed sane but worried they said she wouldn't talk to them in person or privately and social media was the only way they could talk to her. Now I wonder if that was so abnormal for them… they say everything is "normal" now between them and Taylor/Jonny, but then go and do internet drama like this.

>>603769 I don't want to accuse Taylor of not caring about her brother, but we haven't seen her money go to anything but things for her (including her animal hoard) and things for Jonny. Idk why they can't work something out with the money they spend on Disney or through insurance or something, though.

>>603778 I'm pretty sure the "Canadian girl" is what she's calling video anon after her weird comments about her accent? Idk, I can't follow Jen's thoughts lol.

No. 603881

Can you imagine any other youtuber having their mommy and daddy argue in the comments of videos that disagree with something they did?
So obvious she's lived an extremely sheltered life and her parents haven't let her deal with anything on her own. No wonder she blames everyone else for her mistakes.

No. 603884

Mr and Mrs dean seem keen on believing video anon is american despite their browser offering German right at the start of their first video.

No. 603885

A lot of youtuber parents try to pretend to not be apart of their life cause they don't wanna know their kids are morons.

No. 603886

File: 1543139456460.jpeg (43.34 KB, 1242x290, 7AB8C94E-A13E-4C80-B880-7B2820…)

People really be thinking you’re Emzotic anon

No. 603887

They're American, and exceptionally stupid ones at that. The average American doesn't understand that there are people outside of the US who have technology and can use it, so why would these two fucktards.

No. 603888


Mr Dean is also continuing to ramble on about how it’s some pet tuner who is jealous and has no channel growth in the comments. I just pointed out to him if anon was someone who made videos otherwise they wouldn’t talk too fast and would leave the pictures up a little longer (no offense anon just pointing out that it seems you’re a novice at this and not who he thinks you are)

No. 603889


I'm still not convinced it's actually him. He's been staying away from drama for quite a while now, unlike the very embodiment of a personality disorder he calls his wife.

No. 603891

File: 1543141279445.jpg (158.75 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20181125-111906_You…)

Could someone tell me what this nutjob is talking about? I kind of take pride in my good English skills lol And being told by Jen that my English is bad is pretty funny

No. 603893


She's just a rude cunt who can't understand in her pea-sized brain that English isn't everyone's first language. She's literally convinced herself you're either an American pretending to be bad at English to "throw her off" or you're putting on an accent with bad English pretending to be someone else.

She ticks all the boxes for "dumb American". Your English is fine, video anon. Jen probably thinks because you have an accent that your English is bad, it just makes her look immature and racist.

No. 603894

Sadly some people hear an accent and assume the e glish is broken. Maybe she's confused by you calling the animals "he" or "she" instead of "it."
I'll have to watch the video again but I never heard anything like she's saying.

No. 603896

I love how she completely blanked my first comment, can't believe I've been ignored by the great Jen Dean.
Seriously though, is she actually alright? I'm… genuinely baffled as to how she can present herself this way and then pretend she has the moral high ground in this scenario. TayTay needs to come and get her mum.

No. 603897

Jen is fucking nuts.
I hope Taylor lurks here and see the shit show her mother put on, I'd be so embarrassed if my mother did something like this

No. 603898

Has someone tried telling her to get her mom? If I was Taylor I'd take away her phone.

No. 603899

File: 1543142995936.png (800.73 KB, 640x1136, E3B047D7-0DEF-4031-A269-5754AC…)

That’s great Tay but I’d love for you to address the loss of feathering on his gills and the white splotches on his face.
Also I’m laughing at her saying a rumor is going around. I don’t think anyone has really brought that up outside of lolcow.

No. 603900

It's not just you, Jen has been presented various things that would stop her in her tracks but then suddenly either changes topic or never responds.
She doesn't have a game plan, she's just hoping everyone will give up and go home or she'll have her delusion of anon being a 'old jealous friend' or 'jealous pet tuber' be proven.

I was actually waiting for someone to accuse them of being Em. The problem is Em has a more establish studio and microphones so the videos right off the bat would've had pop filters.

No. 603901

I don't know why she keeps talking about the facts and assumptions. I never said that in the description of the first video. I said that about the second one because, yeah, I did try to include only proof there.

No. 603902

Also from what I can find this is still above their optimal tank temperature range. And she took this at night in November. I could image it reaching well above 70 in summer. Just buy a chiller, seriously.

No. 603903

She's behaving like my grandmother, convincing herself something happened so much to the point it HAS to be true and no matter what you tell them, starting to wonder if she's getting distressed because her beliefs aren't exactly like what she's making them out to be.

No. 603904

I doubt this is when her washer is turned on when she took this, plus the probe looks like it's near the top of the tank, not the bottom where it would be heated the most.
Also in the next story she says she knows axlotls should have substrate but it was getting dirty and she ran out of new stuff… it's really concerning how often she runs out of substrate and food.

No. 603905

I doubt this is when her washer is turned on when she took this, plus the probe looks like it's near the top of the tank, not the bottom where it would be heated the most.
Also in the next story she says she knows axlotls should have substrate but it was getting dirty and she ran out of new stuff… it's really concerning how often she runs out of substrate and food.

No. 603918

Wut? She took out all the substrate because it's dirty? I've never heard of that lol You either gravel vac it or you swirl your gravel vac around above the sand to take out the dirt, you don't take the it out completely.

No. 603922

Mantids is incorrect, it's mantises guys and p. paradoxa males don't live anywhere near as long as the females, longest I ever had was around nine months and that was with purposefully slowing their metabolisms for breeding. Ghosts are fine with crawling prey and don't have any strong preference, although as you say crickets are a dirty feeder.

No. 603925

Is she…using a reptile probe thermometer….to measure water temperature? I don't think that's how that works. Those are meant to measure surface temperature and the air temperature around them

No. 603926

Ignorant Americans bleating on about "broken English" and "I can't understand you, you speak funny!" when they hear an accent from outside the US is always fucking hilarious.

Keep on keeping on being the stereotypical dumb fuck that you are, Jen.

No. 603927

You just pointed this out and I'm sat here actually dumbfounded.
Did she take our criticism on her using the water temperature things way too literally and swapped all her tanks to reptile probes?

No. 603928

I have the same one and they're the cheapest crap you can get. It is an aquarium probe though, so it is meant to work in water I believe. I wanted two temperature probes for my lizard (I didn't trust just having one just in case it was off, even though I have a thermostat too, but unlike Taylor I'm paranoid about my pets being too hot or too cold), and this was all I could get on the day. Not sure if it's because it's meant for aquariums and I was using it out of water, but it's wayyyyy off. It fluctuates like crazy and always says the temperature is 4-7C below my other two thermometers (and the thermostat). This could just be due to it being out of water though. But considering how much money she supposedly has it's wild that she uses the cheapest items on the market.

No. 603929

Both wrong, a probe thermometer has an attachment that measures the temperature away from the unit that displays it. You can get ones that work underwater, if she has the probe at the bottom of the tank this is reading the temperature there.

It literally says "aquarium" on it guys. Can we please stop nitpicking based on assumptions about things you have no personal knowledge on?

Water has a different specific heat capacity and conducts heat differently. It's because it's not in water.

No. 603930

Hey - anyone want to take bets on what animals Tay-tay and Lil Jonny will gift each other this Christmas?

No. 603931

Pets, same as last year. At least this Christmas they will know each other for longer than a month when they gift each other life long commitments.

No. 603932

Yeah that's what I suspected (the guy who sold it to me said it would be fine and I didn't even notice it said aquarium on it until I got home), but I was more getting at the fact that they're some of the cheapest on the market. She seems happy to spend a lot of money on the animals themselves but not on thermostats/thermometers/etc.

No. 603936

File: 1543151651967.jpg (116.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-141357_You…)

Jen deleted all her videos

No. 603937

Wow haha. Wouldn't be surprised if she's privated them and will make them public again within the next 24 hrs. Anyone follow her on twitter?

No. 603938

Maybe she realised pimping out her children is bad?

… no?

Yeah she'll be back, she's just going through her videos for anything unfavourable.

Wonder if Tanner has killed his beta yet?

No. 603939

Lol she also privated it. Last night it was still public.

No. 603940

They're very much going to try and drag Em into this if they honestly believe this video is from her. Considering she doesn't think the moment she does that a whole shit show will start.

No. 603941

I feel like she has to be lurking here if she's privated it, maybe she saw the earlier posts about her videos? Lines up far too well to be a coincidence.
Still, seems relatively immature.

No. 603942

I hope it's not cow tipping but I tweeted Em about it just so she knows. She was a psycho for a while but I don't think she deserves the wrath of Jen.
As hilarious as it would be if they made a video that accuses the wrong person, Jen won't do it. She just says that shit for attention and so other people jump on the conspiracy bandwagon.

No. 603943

I also just realise that in a lot of Jens videos you see Tanner actively drinking sugary drinks in the back of her car. She's probably taking them down for that reason too.

No. 603944

lol Jen priveted her Twitter too

No. 603945

I thought Taylor said she had temperature guns. Why wouldn’t she just make a story using this temp gun she’s been claiming to have?

No. 603946


Like mother, like daughter! This is exactly the sort of spineless shit Taylor loves to pull by subtweeting and retweeting things so her little followers go harass and bully people on her behalf. It's never HER fault, of course, it's just some people on the internet can be so vicious… vom.

No. 603947

That will last only a day…she has to be heard!

No. 603950

Looks like she deleted the tweet about the cheese video being up tomorrow, I don’t see it

No. 603953

Ironic that Jen is so keen to talk shit about "that Canadian girl" and Em and yet simultaneously so eager to trot out big scary legal words like slander… Project much?

And who's absolutely stunned, stunned that Taylor has yet to post that Cheese vid?

No. 603955

File: 1543155922495.png (861.65 KB, 678x902, c3cf1d73770cefa884fd8933c09b05…)

Conveniently she is again out of something essential. When was last time the axolotl had sand, though?

No. 603958

I really want to know why exactly Taylor takes so long to release and edit videos (except for being lazy). The Cheese funeral/memorial video can't be much more than putting some cute video clips next to each other, maybe editing them a bit, and putting some music. That shit takes like 1 hour max, and that's if you're a total noob that doesn't know how the program works.

No. 603960

How is it that every single time she makes a video about her animals shes ALWAYS out of something she "usually" uses. Like how do you have so many fucking animals and are constantly out of shit they need???

No. 603962

File: 1543156285145.png (2.09 MB, 1125x2436, CC188DCE-FF8E-49B5-95B4-518279…)

Looks like she privated her Twitter, any anon already following her and know what she’s saying?

No. 603966

she'll be back in a day, I wouldn't worry

No. 603968

I wouldn't say sand is essential tbh. A lot of people keep axolotls with no substrate.

That being said, I'm sort of glad to see her taking some criticism to heart even if it's just for show lmao.

She realised the talk here drifted away from her and is looking to turn it back on herself lmao.
I said this would happen last night when she was having her YouTube rant.

No. 603969

File: 1543157743280.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x2205, 255D5B29-C753-4411-A4CE-80AD3B…)

Is the water level normal? I don’t have fish but looks pretty low to me. (I drew a line where the water line is). My guess is down 1-1/2” from the top!

No. 603972

No, it's not at all. It shows how often Taylor does water changes, and that evaporation means she hasn't done one in like 3 weeks at least and that the tank IS too hot.

No. 603973


There's like a fifth of the water missing, wtf. Poor, poor Mushu - no bottom cover to dig around in or hold on to, and not much room or clean water or enrichment. That looks like such a forgotten tank.

No. 603974

the tank looks so freaking boring compared to what you can do with them.
thanks for clearing that out, I dont know a lot about aquariums or these creatures, and essential was not the best wording. (I am not native speaker). I meant more like something she would like to use, or makes it seems like it should be used, but is not. Once more..

No. 603975

jfc she reminds me of those people that would dial 911 right away just because someone in a different racial group is minding their own business and she's just upset that they're there. This looks really bad on you, Jen. You look like an ignorant, racist middle aged woman fighting with people that are so much younger than you.

No. 603978

"yes hello police? a European is talking to me"
I'm spewing I didn't see this comment when it happened cause it would've been nice to see how she would've reacted to being called a racist.

No. 603980

The irony of her going on about """bad English""" when she herself can't string a coherent sentence together…

No. 603981

You could still do it, knowing her she might be back to continue where she left off.

No. 603982

A stan commented on the video saying Twisty wasn't taken to a vet because he was to young and unhealthy.
I can't believe I've been doing animal care wrong, guys you're meant to take your animal to the vet when they're healthy not sick.

No. 603983

She's as delusional as her daughter.

No. 603984

And someone else said that it's ok what Jonny did because he's a better person now. Didn't know raping someone works like that but ok

No. 603985

God kinda off topic but I actually had the unpleasant experience to deal with someone who thinks if a victim says they deserved the abuse then it is indeed the victims fault it happened.
It's nice to know that even though that person was well into their 20s, fucking 12 year olds are sharing the same thoughts.

No. 603996

and omg guys, if a rapist's gf tells you that they're a better person now, they're not a rapist anymore. /s

kinda scary to know that our future depends on these people who still think this way. Hopefully 90% of these stans grow a brain with common sense once they hit 20.

No. 603998

Did Jen delete her comment on anons video?

No. 603999

really? Like mother like daughter

No. 604000

No, still there. Just unpinned

No. 604003

Honestly she comes across as xenophobic and ignorant as fuck. She's the very worst stereotype of an american; fat, lazy, ignorant and so stupid she doesn't even know she's stupid.

No. 604005

Finally watched that video of her's with the scorpion (was avoiding it cause I fear them as much as I fear spiders) and she's playing a dangerous game.
I've never owned one or handled one but I was present at a small animal education show and one thing that I was told (more the person holding it) is when holding a scorpion you want to keep your hand as flat as possible.
Their eyes are unable to form sharp images and can't actually tell what you are, so by keeping your hand flat they will just believe they are on the ground.

With her hand moving around it's only a matter of time before it realises what it's walking on is not in fact the ground and attempts a strike.

No. 604006

I feel like she's getting closer and closer to getting dangerous animals in her apartment. I wouldn't be surprised if she was rushed to the hospital due to her stupidity.

No. 604008

Of all the possible injuries she can sustain from her animals the most likely thing I can see developing is Cat Scratch Fever. If Star is defecating all over the apartment or her cats in general are sticking their paws in various things, all it'll take is one scratch, be it a serious swipe or an accidental nip, for her to get it.

No. 604010

That's the saddest axolotl tank I've ever seen. Is she just using that sponge filter? It seems like a poorly designed sponge filter that can't possibly manage axolotl waste. Also the sand she had for mushu in her previous videos wasn't "ultra fine" it was the carib sea black sand which has larger granules than the gold or white. That tank should be filled to the top to maximize water volume and quality. And dual filters running to keep waste levels down. It really lacks in hides and foliage. The ground and the pvc pipe have no grip so they can stress with absolutely nothing in the tank to hold on to

No. 604013

shit you right, my eyes glazed right over that, im sorry.

Didn't Mama Dean work so hard to separate them for the good part of this year? What was the c$h$a$n$g$e of heart?

No. 604017

Since Mama Dean does lurk here I'm going to address to her because it needs to be said.

Look, I get that raising a son with a rare condition is difficult and time consuming. I also understand that you love your daughter and her fame makes you want to protect her and defend her.

However you're not doing right by either of them and it just makes you look bad as a mother. You filming your son and putting him on youtube or talking about inappropriate adult things he has said without knowing what they mean is doing more harm than good and it makes people think you're trying to capitalize on your son to make money/get fame much like your daughter has.

When it comes to your daughter you're not doing well either. She's dating a known drug and alcohol addict that has a questionable past. You have to tweet at your daughter and she rarely responds back. You have to go to events and line up at her meet and greets just to see her! She's not caring for her animals and her personal choices are not healthy but you spend 8+ hours defending her instead of trying to help her when it's clear she's over her head and showing signs of addiction and hoarding.

You're her mother, you're supposed to be the reasonable mature one but right now you're not. Step up, Mama Dean or stick by your words instead of deleting your twitter/youtube when people tell you what you don't want to hear aka the truth.

No. 604020

Well said. Sadly, if she does read this, she will just brush it off as a hater talking about things they don't know about. It must be awful to be that far removed from reality.

No. 604022

mama deans twitter is public again lol

No. 604026

File: 1543168509000.png (26.46 KB, 714x184, dumbass lol.PNG)

Who's gonna take away your phone then, Jen?

No. 604027

I for one agree with Jen. I made a lot of assumptions about her because I didn’t know her. One of the assumptions I made was that she wouldn’t kill 7 animals in the span of a few months. I was very wrong to assume that.

No. 604028

that level of projection lol

No. 604029


Awww bless. She really does not get that tweets and videos are ACTIONS and that they are provable FACTS too. Silly cow.

No. 604031

lmao you almost got me triggered

No. 604033

How does she not see the hypocrisy in this? She ALWAYS makes assumptions about anyone who criticizes her or Taylor. ALWAYS. The hypocrisy in this family is unreal.

No. 604034

Didn't she make assumptions about who video anon was without any facts?

No. 604035

In case you're not familiar with it, I'd like to introduce everyone on this thread to the Narcissist's Prayer, as it sums up Jen - and also Taylor, to a degree - perfectly:

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, that's not my fault.
And if it was, I didn't mean it.
And if I did…
You deserved it.

No. 604036


Yeppers. You can't cry and bitch about someone talking about your very public bad behaviour, stupid comments and shit-slinging, and then veer right into an ad hominem attack and expect to come out on top. What a twat.

No. 604037

Add in
And if I did, I did it because of my mental illnesses.
and it really does sum Taylor up perfectly.

No. 604039

Lmao Jen just privated her Twitter again.

No. 604040

She literally just wants attention from here, I feel like we should completely blank her or 'sub-mention' her without referring to her just to piss her off

No. 604049

within 24 hours she has been unable to keep her promise that a video would be up at “ 1pm 🙁🧀“

No. 604052


And miss out on her embarrassing herself over and over again for our amusement just because she's too self-absorbed and crazy to stay away? Nah mate.

No. 604053

why does mama Dean tweet like Trump

No. 604056


Because stupid is as stupid does

No. 604058

File: 1543175004705.png (17.77 KB, 580x174, kek what.png)

No. 604061

Wtf she acts like we told her that we want Taylor to get raped and killed

No. 604062

>taylor take care of your animals. give them appropriate food, housing and stimulation.


No. 604063

File: 1543175354629.jpg (255.36 KB, 809x1370, Screenshot_20181125-204859_You…)

No. 604070

Mushu as well, axolotls are not permitted in Cali.

No. 604071

File: 1543176232428.jpg (261.14 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20181125-210255_You…)

Interesting, if what this person is saying is true. Do we have any hints who this fish expert is? Taylor always makes it sound like it's someone from where she gets her marine supply.

No. 604073


I'm quite drunk and I almost asphyxiated myself laughing at this. Holy hell this bitch is crazy. Love it.

No. 604076

I actually wish she would drop the water level to little under half way or a bit lower. Axolotls swim to the surface occasionally for air(more often when their gills are very short and stumpy like mushu. ). Having water that high is like climbing up several flights of stairs several times a day for a lotl.

No. 604078

I get the impression the fish expert is someone who works at her local pet/aquatics store.

No. 604079

If an aquarium is kept properly and there is ample surface agitation and good water quality axolotls will rarely gulp oxygen from the waters surface. However if they do feel the need to climbing plants, caves and rocks should be provided so that they can get to the surface. Dropping the water level to half provides even less water for them to swim (which they do btw) as well as can mess with overall water quality. Her 20 gallon long would become a filthy 10 gallon at the very most.

-longtime owner of 6 axolotls

No. 604085

File: 1543179187098.jpeg (282.29 KB, 750x712, 187354A7-B90B-42BB-90F0-A6DC7A…)

God she’s going fucking nuts.

No. 604086

No tweets? Who are you kidding. You can't even go 24 hours without tweeting.

No. 604088

I just "lol" at one of her tweets and she blocked me, amazing!

No. 604089

Don't you know anon? That's half of the dreaded word "lolcow".

Anyway, where is the Cheese funeral video? She's supposedly been working on it since like Tuesday.

No. 604091

To what ever video annon, I love your videos. I noticed you wrote you are proud of your English skills and you should be! and I am an ESL teacher your English is excellent and your accent is beautiful.
Jen's written English is so bad.

No. 604095

Thank you! The only thing I don't like about my English is that I tend to slur a lot but oh well. At least I can read the nonsense native speakers like Jen and Jonny write and feel better about myself.

No. 604104

Holy shit. This woman needs to be put in an insane asylum. I wouldn't be a single bit surprised if she ended up one of those psycho moms that drowns her kid or something.

"God told me to do it"

No. 604108

Mama Dean is almost a funnier cow than Taylor. This meltdown over the Taylor video has been sheer entertainment.

On another note, I wish these people that keep claiming to know someone that knows someone that knows about Taylor’s care would either put up or shut up.

No. 604111


Isn't it actually bad to keep replacing sand and substrate in aquariums? it can make an aquarium crash because the substrate stores a lot of bacteria? something like that

No. 604113


Thankfully Tanner is probably big enough by now to be able to fight her off if she tried something like that. But then again, she probably knows that and would poison him instead since it would be quite easy, knowing his disability :/

No. 604114


Oops, meant to reply to >>604104

No. 604116

The filter holds most the bacteria but it still doesn't make any sense to take it out instead of, yknow, just clean the shit off the sand. It's not like shit melts together with sand or something, it just stays on top.

No. 604127

File: 1543183654369.jpeg (144.6 KB, 750x1285, 6F7923B9-3E13-40F3-AD46-4040DF…)

San Antonio Anon here

Since all of Jen’s videos are now private I can’t look it up but in Jen’s Betta video, they show the front of a fish store in San Antonio, I can almost guarantee her “fish expert” assistant works there. I just can’t remember which store it was

No. 604128

File: 1543183822991.jpeg (55.83 KB, 891x271, whathappened.jpeg)

No. 604129

Tbh this kind of attitude is annoying.
If you're gonna imply you know things, don't be vague and go for it. Because otherewise you lose credibility.

No. 604131

I get where they’re coming from because friendships are on the line due to some stupid youtubers drama so sometimes it’s not worth saying anything but you want to so bad because it sucks no one knows the truth when you do

No. 604132

I also don't like it (I'd spill immediately if I had milk) but I can kind of understand it. Sometimes relationships with people are more important than exposing someone.

No. 604133

I know it was said way earlier but aside from Mushu's tank being too hot, the focus was more on the fact she looks skinny, malnourished, has no gill feathering.
Taylor focusing on the easiest "proof" once again(aka- my temperature is fine). How about you just SHOW A PICTURE of your axolotl?

Anyone know how long it takes to make an axolotl healthy again? Im taking bets its a couple of months so we won't see up close pictures until February.

No. 604137

Oh I get that, but if you're not going to say anything or are indecisive about it, maybe just don't say you know things because that's a really useless thing to do.

No. 604140


Seriously? Does anyone have screenshots of that? It's seriously neglectful letting someone with PW have sugary drinks. Ugh, that makes me so mad. I personally know someone who fed their kid with PW horribly and it led to serious serious health issues, almost death. What reason on the planet would you have for giving someone with that disorder sugary drinks? All I can think of is he throws a fit and she doesn't wanna deal so she just gives in. If so, she seriously needs a live in caregiver. Tbh, I don't know how someone with PW can have one caretaker and that person stay sane. It's just too much for one human to take on. It's neverending.

No. 604142

Does anyone know if Tanner is getting home schooled too? Jen could at least take some burden off her shoulders if he went to a school for disabled kids.

No. 604146

Afaik people with PWS tend to also have developmental issues, so I can imagine Tanner probably has several meltdowns a day, which might explain the sugary drinks (probably a way to calm him down).

But regardless of the reason, a sugary drink for someone with PWS can blow their daily calorie intake for the day off the charts, since his metabolism is very slow. If Jen is doing this often, that cannot be good. But since I haven't really watched her videos I wouldn't know how often that happens anyway.

I am inclined to believe he's being homeschooled since she's always with him. There was a period where she spent several days in a row taking him to a safari and tweeting about it.

No. 604147

I don't think Jen is crazy, the way she types it mostly sounds like she just consumes a large amount of wine every night or something. Still annoying though.

No. 604150

I don't think Jen cares what type of food Tanner eats as long as it's 3 times a day (speculating) because if she allows him to talk about hoes and other inappropriate things (and laughs at it), i'm sure she doesn't care if he's drinking a coke. You can't really say, "oh he doesn't know what it means" because some four year olds know that they're not allowed to say rude things.

No. 604155

late but "slander!" and "why are you hiding / anonymous?" and all other typical reactions are the go to defense mechanisms of any person called out on the internet hence why every cow or flake or enabler says that. It's never grounded in logic and objective assessment of the claims. It's just an instant, impulsive, primitive defense mechanism

No. 604156


Yep. They can't attack the facts that are against them (in this case, Taylor's shit animal "care", Jonny's abusive druggie ways, or Jen's horrible online presence) because they're indisputable and they never learnt how to debate, so the only avenue is lashing out in a NO YOU SUCK response. It's very much playground behaviour.

No. 604157

I just got the 'what ever' criticism video in my reccomended. i really hope its being picked up by the algorithm, especially because other than going on lolcow I don't search for that content. It has 12k views right now and the comments are gold

No. 604159

A lot of people are commenting that they get it in their recommendations so it seems like Jen sperging out and giving the video engagement helped a lot

No. 604160

Lol thanks Jen

No. 604172

I was bored and made this. Got the info from the doc in OP. Could probably add more if I had the information, right now all I can do with this is a pie chart or bar graph. If anything is missing or wrong, or if you have any suggestions let me know.


No. 604174

She has a third created gecko?

No. 604179

She had a third baby crestie at some point and it magically disappeared. Not sure if anyone knows what happened to it?

No. 604180

She said it was co-owned with a friend? i think and the friend took it?

No. 604181

no video today and not a word breathed about it all day. tay tay the clock is ticking on the potential views for this video, people already forgot about your cheese video

No. 604189

File: 1543195097673.jpeg (681.99 KB, 1242x1699, C424F9BD-78C3-49B6-BA46-A581C1…)

Hmmm. No word on autopsy results…she was supposedly “checking” on Friday! What a lark.

No. 604208

When was the last time anyone has seen Ursula? She introduced Triton as a friend, she never quarantines and she has yet to show them together. She hasn't showed ursulas tank, Emma hasn't showed her tank either. Neither crab has made an appearance in a long while. It is near impossible to spot the differences in moon crabs so it would be easy to replace Ursula and purchase another when she got Triton. Halloween crab for Halloween? Nope not even that quirky post. This crab is definitely dead and she won't admit it what with her rapidly growing list of dead animals. The next photo you see of Ursula will likely be her replacement I'm putting money on it

No. 604210

#woke #deep

No. 604212

Don't forget the two "new"/replacement Croc Skinks!

No. 604217

So with a fish autopsy what do they even do? Is there an official paper she's going to get about the cause of death orrrr? She's just going to make up some reasoning for it?

No. 604218

Maybe she’s waiting for the supposed autopsy report to finish her video.

No. 604221

Thanks for putting this together. It's missing Sabor, her second green tree python. Also, I think Kiara, was her mother's dog.

No. 604222

I found this and it kind of tells you how you can do it yourself.

No. 604226

Found this video, prob why Taylors mantis died.

No. 604227

Anonoltl here again to clear a couple things up.
She made a video about how she 'saved' Mushu from the fungus, including a part where she mentions dunking her in iodine, which is abuse and likely caused the splotches.
The limit is 74F. Ideal is lower. But I agree that this was probably taken late at night when it's cold and with the dishwasher off.
She shows her ignorance again. Having an axolotl on a barebottom tank is common. Some don't like it, but it's a common thing and not normally harmful. HOWEVER, in this situation, where yes she is being cooked slowly, you'd want a bottom for insulation to protect her. Or, y'know, just fucking move her to a different area.
I have it, it's fine.
Heat guns measure heat at a surface and has difficulty registering on reflective surfaces. I don't think it works for water.
Water level is okay I guess, little low for my taste. They don't swim up and down a lot, mostly just moving around on the ground or midlevel, so they care more about footprint than depth.
Tank looks boring, yeah, but honestly that's a pretty common layout. You can't really give them toys or enrichment. Filter, hides, substrate, plants, maybe some driftwood, that's about it.
Sponge filters are the standard because they don't like currents. I see the CaribSea black sand used pretty commonly and some discussion about it. Some batches seems to be finer than others. Lots of people use it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't much rather see Mushu with a bigger filter and on a superfine sand (or a tile, which Taylor would have seen is another common solution if she had done any research) though
inb4 Mushu dies, Taylor claims she was just extra susceptible to an infection since Tay had valiantly saved her from fungus once before or some garbage like that, and then she trots off to LA
Yep, it's a several-month-long process. Regrowing a limb takes about 1.5-2 months. But it's a moot point, Mushu's not going to recover. Taylor did permanent harm to a creature that can regrow its heart and brain.

No. 604229

Isn't iodine what's used to force axolotls to metamorph…whatever the ending to that word would be. (Metamorpize?)

No. 604231

she said it would be up today last night, so she assumedly had it done last night. but radio static today, probably because she’s having Muh AnXiety about anon’s video since there’s no way Jen has the self control not to say anything to her. Taylor is 100%, without a fraction of a doubt, in the know about the video now.

No. 604232

Yes. I've blogged about it several times here so I won't go all the way into depth, but yes. It is animal cruelty in my opinion Absolutely insane to me that she would do that. Even if she wasn't trying to push Mushu into metamorphosis, it is extremely irresponsible to expose her to that and serves as yet more proof of how little research Taylor does. And on top of that, she specifically told people not to fridge the axolotl, which is usually the first thing you do.

No. 604233

Has she shown her 150 gallon since Cheese died? I hope the other fish are okay

No. 604240

I just checked anons video and it’s gaining traction. 1k comments and more coming in by the minute, most of them being for the evidence rather than against. Honestly, real damage could be done to taylor’s label the more people start making videos about her. She’ll never stop hoarding I think but at least her income can be tanked and it’ll be harder for her to get her claws on more animals.

No. 604244

File: 1543208290275.gif (934.51 KB, 245x184, 1542473004688.gif)

Mama Dean channeling her inner God Warrior.

>cyberbullying is sharing negative content
Isn't she sharing negative and false content by liening us all to Satan?

No. 604248

fucking kek at that gif anon

B-but if she loses money, she can't feed her animals, anon! /s

No. 604265

Remember when crazy Jen would go on her spirals out of control, Taylor would cry waaaah people stop bullying my mom!'!1! There's none of that now lmao, Taylor knows just how bat shit crazy her mother is…

No. 604272

I'm actually so pleased to see so many people watching the video and opening their eyes to Taylor's neglect. Someone said it was in their reccommended.. does that mean it'll be getting reccommended to other people too? I have no idea how youtube works.

No. 604273


I was going to say this, yeah, it's not good. Most likely if you have a filter going strong your cycle will be okay, but there is always a slight risk of causing ammonia/nitrite spikes. Also the real question is why her substrate got SO dirty anyway, I can't imagine why it should. Worst case scenario in decently cared for tanks would be taking the substrate, rinsing it, and putting it back in the tank. Occasionally you may remove substrate for treating diseases that can hang out in the substrate, but unless she knows Mushu has something she won't tell us about idk why she'd replace it.

>>604217 If she weren't lying, yeah they could check for organ damage and screen for bacteria/parasites to try to determine cause of death. Then she'd get info, idk about an official paper or email or what, but they could tell her what organs may have been affected and what may have caused that. Most likely an autopsy would identify something mildly unhealthy but say cause of death was indeterminable, which Tay would take to mean "I did nothing wrong ever!"

But that fish was super decomposed by Friday when she supposedly dropped it off… I find it hard to believe she actually got anything done.

No. 604274

It’s nice that videos with facts are coming out and people can watch them. There are a lot of people on YT that follow her that have no idea what she’s like on Instagram or Twitter because they only see her on YT. Hope it will at least push her to stop getting animals for a while and correct the issues she does have.

No. 604276

Yeah so basically the more views it gets it's more likely to be seen because the algorithm puts it alongside videos with the same view rate. Once it reaches a certain amount of views it grows exponentially. Its important to share the videos or interact with whoever comments for this reason.

No. 604279

it’s clear she’s losing her shit over these videos with her silence today. so much for the cheese video, i doubt we will ever actually see it. i wonder what comes next on the taylor train wreck…the sad part is all of this chaos could’ve been avoided. good care and getting rid of jonny could probably solve a ton of her problems. but it’s clear she’s in too deep. now we watch her fall.

No. 604285

Who knows she might produce a 40 minute video on how her care is actually great and her animals are fine.
I mean, after the initial 30 minutes on how she’s been feeling.

No. 604287

File: 1543215293540.jpeg (391.04 KB, 1242x976, 6A8AD443-6722-4C3B-964A-366081…)

this got retweeted onto my timeline and im impressed with the popularity of this tweet. people really are waking up

No. 604289

File: 1543215741141.jpeg (7.94 KB, 467x81, taylor dean.jpeg)

this is from her social blade.

No. 604290

link to the original tweet?

No. 604292

No. 604293


If you just search her name on Twitter, a TON of the top tweets are people calling her out. It's beautiful.

No. 604294

The tweet anon shared didn't pop up for me, not even if I typed "Taylor Nicole Dean irresponsible" & I wonder why?

No. 604295

Same for me!

No. 604299

Mama Dean is back on twitter of course. If I didn't know who she was or what she looked like, I'd fully believe her twitter belong to a 10 year old. The bad grammar, the sentences that don't make sense, the lyric posting, the constant deleting/privating and then coming back just hours later, it all screams child.

No. 604300

File: 1543217649179.jpeg (11.64 KB, 442x81, momaisback.jpeg)

THE IRONY, of course

No. 604302

Tbh using her logic I could say trump is actually a nice guy or there isn’t any poverty cause by war in the Middle East because all the bad shit I’ve seen about him and that was on the Internet.
And you know everything on the internet is only assumption and not true.

No. 604307

I'm laughing at how much video anon's views have shot up since Jen's meltdown. Well done Jen, you're a genius.

No. 604310


While I naturally don't think it's true, I like to entertain myself with the idea that Jen's insanity is fake and all a part of an elaborate conspiracy to force Taylor off Youtube and get her to fix her pathetic life.

No. 604311

File: 1543220927150.jpg (123.98 KB, 720x657, 20181126_002311.jpg)

Just gound a comment on the video about goose saying they worked where she got him…..i have no idea iv iv attached screenshots properly to this comment. Sorry beforehand if nothing comes up

No. 604312

That girl is always in Taylors Instagram comments brown nosing her. Doubtful she even works at that store.

No. 604313

File: 1543221013318.jpg (140.62 KB, 720x663, 20181126_002256.jpg)

Woops the first part didnt attach properly. In backwards order sorry guys

No. 604314


Yeah, this bitch is very obviously lying. Probably too young and/or spoiled to have ever worked a day in her life too, lmao.

No. 604316

Im doubtful its true as well.
Since didnt taylor say she got sent goose as someone had commented.

No. 604318

I just looked up that girls Instagram and 1. she looks 15 and 2. she also owns a shit load of animals, including a tegu

No. 604320


What a surprise.

No. 604321

File: 1543221617881.png (34.14 KB, 1111x257, exposing taylors lies oops lo.…)

What a genius, so much for Taylor getting Gooses siblings

No. 604323

First time posting but I’ve been following these threads for a while. Anons do you think a twitter thread of all this info condensed would be a good idea? I thought it could be easily linked and provide a complete overview of everything Taylor has going on (because it’s a lot)

No. 604325

File: 1543222008725.jpeg (118.48 KB, 699x374, my god.jpeg)

guys i think we found taylor 2.0

Look at how weirdly specific this gets :/

No. 604327

Jesus Christ that's fucked up

No. 604328

File: 1543222084596.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.2 KB, 441x694, oops.jpeg)

sorry i forgot to make it a spoiler

No. 604329

File: 1543222159264.png (21.81 KB, 1113x147, psycho.PNG)

She sounds crazy tbh this is probably one of those cases where a "celebrity" talks to someone twice and they think they're best friends.

No. 604330


I think it would be a good idea, but be prepared for her 12 year old fans and Jen to send you death threats if the thread does get popular.

No. 604331

Would it be a good idea to include something along the lines of "If you want to see how far the delusion in her fanbase goes, just go look at the comments under this video" in future videos about Taylor's terrible animal 'care' and constant lying? That would draw quite a bit of attention to how vile her stans can get and provide concrete examples of how absolutely retarded and clueless they are. Perhaps even include the fact that Taylor quietly condones the behavior because she can't deal with criticism.

No. 604332

I think that sounds good. Also say something about her mom going crazy in the comments too and acting like the video is from a pettuber that altered their accent. Also that her mom seems to have taught Taylor that the only hate she gets is from trolls.

No. 604333

I don't think the fanbase is worth commenting on tbh. They're all young kids, every celebrity has young kids who will die for them, they're not old enough to understand the issues at hand. They're not delusion, they're just kids. They'll grow out of it eventually, most of them anyway. Stick to criticizing Taylor's animal care.

No. 604334

I gunk there already is a Taylor thread on twitter somewhere. Not sure if it’s still

No. 604335

I have to admit it's been fairly amusing to ask her stans exactly why she's such a good owner, they tend to just squirm and delete the comment. But none of them have actually given me anything substantial, besides her getting new tanks that are in all the wrong sizes. That makes you a good pet owner, right? It's not like having cages is necessary or anything.

No. 604338

Found her fb. 100% sure she isn't working there.

No. 604340

Wait I thought goose was a feeder that was delivered to her house? And that they didn’t know which litter they came from which is why the other two were older?

No. 604341

I found it too but how do you know?

Taylor posted a pic of 2 baby rats and then deleted it and said "whoops those weren't from the same litter, got his sisters now though!"

No. 604342

It almost looks like it could be a scar for spine surgery?? Is it possible for snakes to get them or are they similar to horses in which if something important is busted you have to put them down?

No. 604343

her instagram match up with followers and friends/family.

No. 604344

I meant how do you know she doesn't work there

No. 604345


I doubt spine surgery would be a possibility for snakes. Many types of spine surgery require stabilizing/fusing of vertebrae, which would significantly affect the snake's mobility and therefore quality of life. I doubt any vet would agree to do an operation like that. The scar is also so large and jagged that it's unlikely there were ever any stitches on it. Most likely it's either a cut or a burn.

No. 604346

It’s amazing to think that they believe getting bigger cages multiple times for the same animal = good care.
Constant moving can cause huge stress, animals may travel for food but they untimely stay in places they’re familiar with because it’s what they know.

No. 604352

What ever or any other video anon, next video I highly recommend that you include the fact that all the information was gathered by multiple people.
The stans are happy thinking it’s all one person so it’s just a little thought.

No. 604357

Little girls who are willing to lie and claim they live in San Antonio in an attempt to make Taylor’s lies more believable are exactly why people are concerned about her ‘goals’ relationship. She has a lot of kids thinking she’s someone to idolize. Parents need to step in. Without preteens, she has little to no fans.

No. 604359

The thing is, a lot of parents aren't willing to make the effort. They hand their kids a tablet and let it parent for them, just look at the Paul brothers scandal earlier this year. It's sad, but I think at this stage strangers on the internet are guiding them more than their own parents.

No. 604360

I’m another San Antonio anon and would like to address a couple of things;

1. That Destry girl is full of shit. She’s been so far up Taylor’s ass for as long as I can remember, she even had a fan page if I remember correctly.
2. I’d be willing to be money that her assistant is not one of the fish store employees. I actually go to the same shop and the owner is very caring and on top of things. On top of that he’s constantly swamped with shop things. I don’t think he’d tolerate being her assistant, especially as a successful business owner.

No. 604362

what ever video anon, I think a video about Johnny up next would be a good idea. If this video keeps gaining traction like it is, having another one for people to click on directly after they watch this one is going to raise engagement and make the YT algorithm pick them up for being more relevant to people who watch TND. pics of Taylor enabling him, laughing at his victims w her, etc etc. Some people really don’t give a fuck about her animals, but people wanting to not give a fuck about her animals and knowing she has plenty of other shortcomings in her character regarding human women will hopefully be less likely

No. 604363

Can I suggest perhaps creating a playlist for all of your videos (what ever specifically) that you can link on your video etc? That way people will see that there's more and a few may even click through.

No. 604364

I'm gonna start working on it after I'm done with university today. And since I know how editing works by now it should be out fairly soon, tomorrow or the day after. If you guys wanna help out I'd appreciate any things that I might not know about. What I have on him so far:
- Macbook scam
- Getting kicked off labels and bands
- Sexual Harassment
- his exes on Twitter ofc
- just being a shit stain that makes rape jokes/threats and calls women gross things to this day

No. 604367


If you can find the screen cap of Taylor saying they have to take drug tests together, that’d be good
He has a restraining order against him for threatening to burn down his exes house and overall violence
He was kicked off warped for sexually harassing a girl

I would include screencaps of all his comments calling girls names and saying nasty things about rape you can find. Also, I’d include the official notice of him getting kicked off warped. Then I’d include Taylor saying how he’s changed, with him directly saying bad things about women again after. Then her saying she was ‘going to talk to him about his hurtful words’ and him doing it again.

I’d also include how he can’t have any credit or bank accounts in his name. Then do a flash of everything she’s been buying for him and how he has a history of using girls for a place to stay.

I’d consider starting it with how he was only supposed to visit Taylor for a week but he never left.

All of this stuff is in the earlier threads if that helps make it easier

No. 604368

I have a few links on the google doc with him saying he’ll rape women with face tattoos and wouldn’t step in to help if his ex was being raped.
I need to find them but there’s been heaps of time in the past where he’s been a jackass to Taylor’s fans which I feel will be important.

No. 604371

Fun fact about the MacBook scam, if any little fans want to say it's fake, it was big enough he got called out by other artists.
Even Attila has a song called "Call Out" where he says "Hey kids give me all your fucking money, I've got a hundred MacBooks and I swear I'm not a druggie," which you can even read online that it's 100% calling out Jonny.
Since we all know how they want to say everything is fake, photoshopped and lies.

No. 604372

Not only that it has its own huge section on Wikipedia and many sane fans will testify that they lost between $500-$800 to him because of it, all of which have not received refunds.

No. 604373

And many sites covered it, mindequalsblown did a wonderful job covering it, but I just find it hilarious he was publicly called out in a song.
Like dude. You got called out by a party metal band.

No. 604374


The reason why I suggested drawing attention to the absolute trash that makes up Taylor's stanbase was mainly because it would be a good way to demonstrate how harmful she is not only to pettube but animal keeping in general. These children absolutely eat up all of her terrible advice, spread it around and blindly defend it, causing more animals to suffer at the hands of clueless morons. It's less about the stans themselves, and more about the legitimate damage Taylor is doing. You know these kids are following her example to a T if they get this rabid when someone dares to criticize their queen's animal husbandry.

No. 604376

Don't forget that Taylor has NEVER said "ok guys let's stop, it's ok to have different opinions". Like, I've been told by 50+ little kids by now that I am noob, dumb, bulshit, to go fuck myself, all kinds of stuff.
I don't care but other people who might be more sensitive could actually get upset or hurt by it, especially because actual fans of hers get attacked too for just questioning her.

No. 604378

Guess Taytay is "TaKiNg sOmE TiMe OfF fOr hEr mEnTaL HeAlTh" again ey? or could it be MiGrAiNe SeAsOn? An PaNiC AtTaCc? Inb4 it's gonna be something along the lines of "making this video really gave me a panic attack because I miss cheese so much sorry guise needed some time off" so she seems caring.

No. 604379

Yes definitely do that, I made an overall one of all the critical videos I know of, using my throwaway YT. The more topical playlists out there with good titles, the better.

The threat to flush the kitten, as recounted by one of his exes? He has a few cat dramas with them I think.
What about that livestream where he was smoking near the geckos and his dealer came over or something, did that have anything useful in it? Caps and summaries are here in threads.

No. 604380


Indeed. And the fact that she silently condones behavior like that not only says a lot about her as a person - as in, she is a proper cunt - but is another prime example of her inability to take criticism, which is at the very core of her terrible husbandry. She allows her stans to attack people en masse because it provides insulation from legitimate criticism, making it easier for her to pretend that she's doing everything right and convince herself that her hoarding is okay.

That, and she's simply a coward. She wants to lash out at people criticizing her, but doesn't want to get her own hands dirty so she just lets her army of gullible children do it for her. She knows she would stand no chance in a one-on-one debate with someone who knows what they're talking about, so she simply allows critical voices to be drowned out by the bleating of her rabid stans instead of engaging in a conversation.

No. 604381

It's sort of a good thing Taylor never actually looked further into streaming and being a gamer.
If she can barely take the criticism of the pet community god help her when she gets into one full of extreme elitism.

No. 604391

With screenshots of her comments when they had a “breakup” while he was away screwing around on her

No. 604392

Anon when you make the Jonny Craig video, please try to find the screenshots of Taylor herself threatening to come out with all of the bullshit he did when she thought he did something while on tour (cheated on her or something?).
I've just seen this as part of a comment on your original video ("you cannot speak on someone elses relationship when you are not in it or cant physically see him being an abuser. He might treat her like a queen and all the statements against him were false").
I think it could be good to address that Taylor herself has tried to admit that shit's always hitting the fan with Jonny until he love bombed her to shut her up.

No. 604393

Wonder why Jen doesn’t post those lyrics?!

No. 604395

Agree with everyone saying to show Taylor’s tweets from when she was threatening publicly to call out his bullshit. Her stans can’t exactly defend that since it was their queen saying it lol.

Maybe if you can source the receipts, that vid of Jen saying that when Jonny first met them at a restaurant/bar he was drunk and his dealer came with him, and he disappeared to the bathroom for ages and then passed out when he came back. Idk how you can defend shit like that especially coming from the people directly involved, the same people who are now trying to act like it never happened.

No. 604396

I can't stop worrying about Mushu in that sad, neglected tank. Bahh and moo for no new milk, but I am genuinely disturbed how little gill feathering Mushu has. Poor thing must be struggling to breathe.

No. 604397

File: 1543239622770.png (456.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181126-213914.png)

Another pet YouTuber left a very careful comment on what ever's video.

No. 604398

To video making anon- could also include the night he spent in jail after he threw a microphone at a venue in Arizona I believe? Also there was a video going around of him getting in someones face at a show and choking them, if we can find that. I would focus on the most recent events, to show that he hasn't "changed" as he and Tay claim. But perhaps do a quick recap of his past, maybe a couple sentences.

Also, thanks. I'm glad to see how much traction this video is getting.

I searched "taylor nicole dean" on youtube this morning, and your video came up as the fourth suggested. not sure if that's because I already watched it or not.

No. 604399

Is she the one who visited Taylor with Emma?

No. 604400

Great idea, done.

That microphone throwing thing was just dumb though. He claimed that the venue claimed they were ok with it and I'm not sure if they said anything about it.
So far the only thing I delve into that's way back is the macbook thing, everything else is recent.

That was Emilee Rose or whatever her name is

No. 604401

If the venue agreed to it then the cops wouldn't have come and arrested him. It also didnt look like part of the set it literally looked like he was throwing a tantrum.

No. 604402

Idk what his comments were but I know for a fact Taylor claimed that he didn't throw the microphone but dropped it. I remember it because some people linked her a mixture of videos and gifs of him over arm throwing the mic into the ground.

No. 604403

File: 1543242152875.png (616.71 KB, 835x612, bfb21efdbad8d8a4fcf57a0d5212c0…)

So I'm checking back for stuff on Twisty and I found this.
The scorpion she got was around a year old…

No. 604404

Wait what? She has had this scorpion for a year?

No. 604405

What, is that the exact same scorpion she has now? I thought she only just got one recently?

No. 604406

I’d sage if I could because this isn’t milk. But I want following this thread when TND and JC broke up so if anyone knows which thread they broke up in or has screenshots of what was said please send it. I’d like to read it over.

No. 604407

File: 1543242858378.jpg (226.98 KB, 1242x1430, K2whyRZ.jpg)

No. 604408

File: 1543242879808.jpg (212.81 KB, 1242x1112, MwnBaZm.jpg)

No. 604410

File: 1543242903381.png (115.63 KB, 750x558, VXTbsRY.png)

No. 604411


She says she only got the Scorpion recently. However she made sure to state the one she got was a year old.
I just found this on Jonny's instagram and remembered she recently got it and yeah, I'm possibly reaching but this is just to coincidental.

No. 604412

Grazie anon, gonna add these to the dock now.

No. 604413

It does seem quite coincidental. It really wouldn't surprise me if it's the same scorpion, but why would she hide it for such a long time compared to a lot of her other buys?

No. 604414

What would be the easiest ways to find information on TND's animals? Tried instagram but most of them have no information, not species not even a name. It's also really hard to search on instagram if I'm not familiar with the particular animal I'm looking for. I'd like to add dates she received them, and possibly dates they were rehomed/deceased

OK I'll add em, does she talk about them on twitter or something? I don't actually follow TND too closely, her drama runs too fast for me.

I'll add Sabor, and I'll just get rid of Kiara all together then. Unless TND claims part ownership or something. Don't want to inflate her numbers any more than they already are.

No. 604415

It's very possible this was at the reptile expo where they got Violet and Frank (?) and Ursula and Twisty from.

Not saying that it is, just that the dates line up. They have a habit of posting older photos.

No. 604416

Thanks Anon.

No. 604417


Don't forget his kid that he never sees or acknowledges. Father of the fuckin' year. Then again if I was the unfortunate woman to push out Jonny's spawn I'd keep that sleazy cunt away from my kid too.

No. 604418

The only way I think is to actually go through her Twitter and YouTube videos, it's a mess and probably a long haul but that's the only way I can think of.

I can offer some assistance tho, Twisty, Violet (originally named Morphine) Ursula and Frank were all bought between the 18th-21st of December at the same reptile expo, I'm not sure which.
Cruella, Sabor #1, Salem, Louis and Daenerys where all bought in the later half of September 2017. I don't know where Cruella came from but the last 4 came from the NARBC Arlington Reptile Expo.
Ada was a 'gift' from a reptile shop, she received her on either the 13th or 14th, maybe 15th of June 2017.
Toast I believe she bought somewhere between the 20th to the 25th of April 2017. His video went up the 26th.

This is all I can think of right now I'll try and get back to you when I find more.

No. 604419

UPDATING MY OWN POST, She got Bindi at a reptile expo in Houston sometime in Feb 2017.

No. 604420

What pet is Cruella? She has so many animals, it's hard to keep track.

No. 604421

Her most recent Hedgehog.

No. 604423

Also Taylor and him claiming they're sober and proof he's not! Stan's will say he's just off of hard drugs and not weed/alcohol but anons have said here before that you have to be completely off of drugs and alcohol or you'll relapse again, so just drinking and weed are still bad for him.

No. 604434

Not to mention that "sober" implies abstaining from substances completely and not picking and choosing which substances they can consume.

No. 604446

No they were at an expo. She showed the empty enclosure on instagram before getting her scorpion. I may be wrong but I think this is the one where they got violet

No. 604456

Yeah this was at the expo they got violet and Twisty, you can see the date on the post was December last year.
I just was shocked to see this and not even a year later she ends up getting a scorpion. I found it weirder still the scorpion in question is a year old. I'm not trying to say it's the same one but, meeeeaaaaeh you can understand my surprise yeah?

No. 604462

This girl is actually obsessed with Taylor. I doubt she works at that store.

No. 604464

File: 1543250289438.png (174.31 KB, 720x878, IMG_20181126_173341.png)

No. 604465

File: 1543250313045.png (80.82 KB, 720x418, IMG_20181126_173357.png)

No. 604467

Not that it really matters but the comments say he held it at a store. Also I remember ages ago when a picture was posted of her local store (the one she got the monitor from I think) having checkered floor. Weird thing to remember lol.

No. 604469

God stfu Jen. She's so annoying. SHE is the dumbass that engaged with people she thinks are trolls for 8 hours

No. 604472

File: 1543250447632.png (278.03 KB, 720x518, IMG_20181126_173630.png)

Jfc Jen is so fucking obsessed with Taylor

No. 604473


Her lack of self-awareness is astounding.

No. 604477

Is she stupid?
I know she’s talking about the video that whatever anon made, but does she really think that was spreading hate? There’s a difference between spreading awareness and hate. The anon is clearly warning people about Taylor’s care, she’s not trying to drag her name down lmao. Taylor did it to herself when she took bad care of her pets. I’m so upset about this I can hardly word it. Jen is delusional if she really believes the crap she just spewed. Grow up Jen, you’re the mom here, tell you’re daughter to do better rather than defending her.

No. 604482

Did Jen get these posted to her instead of Taylor just giving her some lmao?

Also, did Taylor pay for these designs, or just get a fan to draw her pets and use that?

No. 604484

She's delusional thinking Youtube was always a happy fun filed world of sunshine and kisses.

"the hate that is spreading through every single 'community'"
Hi welcome to youtube, remember to never use your real name as a user cause people WILL track that shit and to pick up your complementary "GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF FAG" comment from your common friendly 8 year old.

No. 604485

Did Jen really private her twitter account? Because I follow her for the the lolz and her tweets have gotten more and more cringey.

No. 604486

Fans drew them. She asked them to on Twitter a little while back.

No. 604487


we've been upgraded to thugs, y'all

No. 604502

Did she ever pay her fans for the designs? Or she just used them for free?

No. 604506

I wondered the same thing.

Younger fans probably wouldn't insist on payment but idk who exactly drew the designs

No. 604509

she did promise to pay in the tweet but who knows. it's so easy to get scammed doing art online

No. 604510

File: 1543252693142.png (17.58 KB, 1126x100, 4febc0f1a97f1cb6db01468573619d…)

This kid was forming semi coherent sentences up until I responded to him. I think I broke it.

No. 604512

File: 1543252804492.png (541.56 KB, 750x1334, 8B5146C2-BBFD-4AD9-A3A0-65D3AA…)

not only does this make my blood boil but now jen is attacking jonny’s abuse victims… she does realize that TAYLOR got HELP from them and then turned around and made fun of them? of course they are angry. anybody would be angry. now knowing that they tried to help her avoid THEIR abuser, they are bad people? toxic relationships and relationships with addicts/abusers is not a joke. who the fuck does jen think she is?

No. 604515

Regarding the whole service dog thing, iirc taylor said kida was gonna tell her when to “chill out” when she needed to stop walking or something like that for her eds. That’s not what service dogs do for eds.

No. 604520

Ahh that's okay then. I hope she did pay them. I hate when people run "competitions" and the "winner" will have their art used on merch. Just a way to get free art.

No. 604523

Why does she always drag her son into it? he has NOTHING to do with that topic it's simply about Jonny's exs and abuse.
Also, WHAT THE FUCK? "oh you were raped and you're not happy that an innocent women who might get raped is dating said rapist, smh you're pathetic" Jennifer you have no idea how fucked up that is, I honestly hope you're just saying this to stir the pot because if you honestly believe this you are WELL beyond the right state of mind and you NEED help desperately.
Taylor is your daughter shouldn't you be fucking worried? the man these woman said raped them is dating your daughter and if all you can say is this it's no wonder she never reaches out to you. You probably just go "ooooh lol it's ok that's just the world"
This is a one way ticket to having her isolate you more if shit does hit the fan, you can't go saying you're there for her if you're spewing shit like this.

No. 604533

LOL I fucking knew she'd default to getting her little flying monkeys do a bit of griefing and trying to have the videos taken down via the report function. Very predictable and stupid as fuck… how very Jen.

No. 604538

File: 1543254859859.png (167.82 KB, 720x913, IMG_20181126_184848.png)

Lmao wtf is she saying?

No. 604541

Did Jonny get drugs for her or something? I know she's trying to be funny but this sounds like something a very dumb stoner would say while high.

No. 604542

I think she's making fun of people who sell merch or get sponsored, very strange

No. 604550


For animals you're not familiar with, save the image and search by image on Google. You'll find similar images and no doubt one will contain species info. As for Taylor's names and other details for her pets…who knows? She cares so little about them that she only sometimes shares details.

No. 604552

Jen is the epitome of a baby boomer and a narcissist. Fantastic combination.

No. 604555

Ironic since she literally just posted that she bought her own daughter's merch

No. 604559

File: 1543258166922.png (399.67 KB, 981x740, allisnotwell.png)

I searched for taylor's channel on a browser that I never use and anon's video is the 3rd suggested. If you look at the video there are 24k views as of now, yesterday it was around 14k. Great job Jen for going into berzerker mode in the comment section and pushing the video up to the top. lol

I don't have a full understanding on how youtube monetizes videos. I hope anon is making a little money for putting in all this work.

No. 604561


it has almost twice the views than it had yesterday. If you have the time, go watch it again and leave a comment or reply to the comments. It would be so great to have this information actually reach a large audience.

No. 604562

The merch tweet and crying over quitting YouTube makes me wonder if she ended up calling Taylor hysterically in a melt down and Taylor maybe told her to just quit YouTube if she can't cope with the "hate" and generally didn't throw a pity party along with her /came to her defense since Taylor pretty much ignores her existence online. Maybe she's been so exhausting to deal with for Taylor and that's why she is quiet on Twitter etc now? Would make sense anyway lmao. What an absolute psychopath of a mother. How do these people not realise people here aren't haters, and all they gotta do is admit to that they could and should do better, and make some effort into improving. Fuck they're so dense.

No. 604565

Sorry for double post, but I genuinely wish I could transfer all her subscribers to this guy, who gives his animals everything. Imagine what he would do with her money?

No. 604566

Monetization starts at 1k subs and 4k watch hours, I think. But it's ok, I wouldn't monetize them anyway. Right now I'd get like 5 Euros for it and just annoy people with ads lol

Right now 50% of the views are from searching "Taylor Nicole Dean" according to the analytics. Pretty dope

No. 604569

a movement is being MADE. if you search her name in twitter all the posts are negative. i’m so happy people are finally opening their eyes thanks to these videos!

No. 604570

Back to jonnys own video, what about including stuff Jen said in her videos about how Taylor disappeared and they had to call the police as Jonny wouldn’t let anyone talk to her, and the hotel they were found out so
Who claimed Jonny was yelling and grabbing at Taylor. Perhaps pick up on how 99% of the time he appears to be saying anything nice about Taylor he always mentions his exes and has to bring them into the text in some way.

No. 604574

Oh I'm sorry, I'm already done with it.
Thanks to the lovely evidence compilation docs anon I was way faster than expected.
You can write that in the comments maybe?

No. 604575

I think it would be smart to include that jonny is taylor's bf in the title

No. 604576

How would you incorporate it? Taylor has such a long name, any titles with her name in it makes it look like half a novel lol

No. 604577

good point, maybe just put it in the tags

No. 604580

I like what you're doing anon, but it would really help if you left the screenshots on the screen for longer, especially when they're followed by a blank screen and there's plenty of time to leave them up.

Also, really can't understand how Jen thinks you have bad English haha. It's actually mind blowing that she associates an accent with bad English. She's so dumb.

No. 604581

Oh, is it still too short? I'm a pretty fast reader and I know what I'm putting up so I always underestimate how long reading it takes. I'll do better the next video!

No. 604582

Great video, anon. Keep up the good work!

No. 604584

Great work, anon, I think we all appreciate the work and effort you’re putting into archiving and educating her very impressionable fans. Watching your video made me realize how much of Johnny’s abuse gets swept under the rug, even on these threads. You’re making it a lot harder to be ignorant of his public record of scamming and abuse. Thank you for all your hard work, and please keep it up.

No. 604585

File: 1543260983978.png (305.38 KB, 750x1334, 8A93C6E7-8578-466C-82B3-096738…)

She’s gone full on batshit crazy

No. 604587


I am genuinely concerned for Tanner

No. 604588

Jen seriously needs to be monitored while around Tanner until she is medicated and no longer psycho. She clearly can't deal with reality right now. I'm scared for him.

No. 604589

I really, really wish I could come up with a rational explanation as to why Jen is doing this, but I can't. This is just surreal christ.

No. 604590

Has she taken a break at all since >>603639 ? It's been 48 hours now and she's still on a bizarre rampage. I bet Taylor doesn't even notice though, much less comment on it.

No. 604592

OK I will be done updating formulas for a while because I do that on Excel, and every time you upload a new file onto google drive you have to re-share it, as opposed to the automatic updates when you change things within google. Some new things added;

>Added a date obtained (born, bought, rescued etc)

>Added 'date status change' (date rehomed/deceased) open to a better name for this section
>added a 'cost'; for now only adding things she has said she paid but will later put in marked estimations of other animals because i think that will be neat
>added a color morph section to make the above easier when it comes time, and to differentiate all the animals
>She stated back in a 2015 video that Kiara is her dog, so for now Kiara is staying
>haven't seen her mention anything about Target Mandarin at all, info needed
>her betta sorority is a shit show, as with seahorses… I put date acquired on random individuals because I didn't have enough info other than she got some at one time and got more at another time, same with deaths. Better info needed
>there's an unknown puffer fish that i can't find any info on, is it possible that puffer is actually Yoshi?
>Found info on one Maroon Clownfish, TND talks about one, in singular, but the Doc says two. Possible mistake?
>not finding anything on Marine Betta
>no known info on the dates Kovu and Piper were acquired, used dates that they were first mentioned
>can't find anything on this milksnake named Prada
>need more info on new croc skinks!
Last but not least I found a video from back in like 2015 where she mentions some animals she has now but also talks about animals that are not on the google document. Should I add them to the list or is that information negligible?
If I made a mistake or you can fill in some info by all means let me know.


No. 604593

KEK she’s gone full Onion, complete with manic narc tweets. At least Taylor escaped, albeit to do heroin with a rapist, but further proof that parenting isn’t for everyone.

No. 604594

This was a response to me (Senor Ria) where I actually gave her the benefit of the doubt and told her I respect her for having a kid with special needs and still being strong. I also told her I was done with Taylor as someone who was abused. I went through something rlly similar to Jonny's exes bc my ex's gf is a kinda known Youtuber that mocked me and another one of his exes (the man raped + beat us.) Her response is sick, and honestly the whole "as a woman you know better." And "women being mad at the girl their abuser got w after getting away makes no sense" is disgusting because it's almost like she is choosing to forget how her daughter treated those women. It just shows she wants to play it both ways, and not actually have any accountability. This is what gaslighting looks like, kids.

Sorry if this is considered blogging but holy fucking hell

No. 604595

Most of it was fine, it's just, as an example, at 1:27-1:30 several screenshots pop up and over lay each other, so it's not too clear what's going on and it's hard to read without pausing. imo, anyway. If you want her young fans to be exposed to this I feel like it'd help leaving them up for longer haha.

No. 604597


Her satanic's names are Hades, Mara, and Lillith.

I love the doc. Maybe add a date last seen column?

No. 604599

She’s a mom, rarely will a parent ever disagree with a child they pushed out, I kinda feel bad for her, she has to defend Taylor who’s obviously a terrible person, though Jen’s just as insane.

No. 604601

I’ve never clicked a YouTube link from these threads and the what ever video is number 2 when I searched “Taylor Nicole dean”

No. 604602

Video anon I wanted to message you on twitter but I cannot. Do you have it disabled?

No. 604603

original google doc anon,

Tay originally had 1 maroon, and then got another to have a pair, but quickly rehomed the new one because it was aggressive or something like that..

marine betta was mentioned in a tweet

Prada is also referred to as "Gucci 2," it's a snake tay got for jonny bc he really bonded with gucci or some bullshit

she mentioned in a tween that the betta sorority got "rehomed" to a friend

puffer fish was part of another list i created mine from, so it very well might be a duplicate

No. 604608

Nitpicky, but as a graphic designer it seems pathetic as shit to me that she’d ask her fans for art so she can make money selling merch, rather than hire an artist. The uh…the merch looks worse than I thought it would. If she’s going to make bank on t shirts and shit why not pay for quality designs?? For someone with so much cash she absolutely refuses to invest any of it in her brand or even her own animals.

No. 604617

I didn't know that had to be enabled, you can message me now

No. 604621

My favorite thing is all of her stans commenting on the video calling themselves animal educators and saying Taylor is doing fine. One kid swears he's an animal educator. I easily found his Twitter and hes 15. Dont you love Taylor's impact that let's these children think they're qualified to educate anyone about animals..

No. 604622

Include the part in that interview where taylor was like “I never get any alone time, he’s always there” she sounded so dead inside when she said that lol

No. 604623

as a parent you're SUPPOSED to disagree with your kids when they are doing problematic shit. I have no issue calling my kids out when they're being shitty people and it makes us closer. Like, that's the definition of being a parent, guiding your kids to being the best humans they can possibly be in life. Ugh

No. 604626

Thanks for the info, anon! I do think that would be a good idea; I'd like to fit that in with date status change. That way there will be a record if something hasn't shown up in 6 months.I might make it so that the column will keep checking the date, and after x amount of months the cell can turn orange. But right now the sheet is a bit of an utter mess.

Holy shit having so many Animal #2's is making this harder than it should. Prada will stay, with just some very limited info till I can find more. I'll keep puffer fish but I added a note that it may be a dupe. Thanks for the info!

No. 604628

No Jen, you wanna know what's actually evil? Saying that rape and abuse allegations that can be proven because there's a criminal record are "social media manipulation". You can go fuck yourself.

She actually made me close the tab when I was reading her comments on anon's video. How dare you say it's "manipulation" when several people besides Jonny's exes came forward about his abusive behavior?

He got arrested while your daughter was touring with him, you piece of shit.

But you and your daughter make it look like whatever valid criticism that comes your way is because Taylor is successful, or a girl, and we're all just haters who wish got subscribers. This coming from the same woman who decided to hop onto the YouTuber bandwagon to try to make it as a vlogger by using her daughter's name. I rarely like to abscribe to maliciousness what could easily be explained by stupidity, but in this case this woman is malicious and incredibly dense.

No. 604630

Something big like this that gets seen by a bunch of people is different, Jen is obviously gonna back Tay up even when it looks bad. She’s her spawn and Taylor probably wouldn’t listen to her if she went against her anyways lmao. The whole family is a mess.

No. 604632


Np! I also recommend switching the axis on your chart off to the side so deceased/live/rehomed runs along the top and animal type alone the side - I think it would be more coherent to read that way

No. 604635

i wonder if chelsea still reads these threads. i bet she has years of dirt on jonny. same with the other exes. we only know the allegations and information they have shared on social media. i can only imagine the milk we could really get on him.

No. 604643

Wonder if Taylor thinks that radio silence is going to make everyone calm down but it’s just making everyone more suspicious. She knows she’s been caught

No. 604644

Well she did delete all her social media, so there's no way of knowing what she's up to now.

Amanda has shared as much as she could about him. Liz has been the only one who hasn't said anything besides the Persicope where she talks about Jonny, but I'm sure she must have shit on him.

No. 604647

Im kind of surprised Taylor hasnt posted the cheese video in hopes of distracting everyone or tried playing a "im feeling sick and being attacked" yet

No. 604650

I wonder if Emma and Emilee are going to continue trying to play both sides of this. Emma is always like “idk about that sorry!” Whenever someone comments on Taylor’s husbandry, and never actually seems to defend Taylor outright. Emilee seems knowledgeable so I can’t imagine she genuinely supports Taylor’s husbandry either.

No. 604651

I don’t have access to the video for the morph because I’m on my way to work right now but Bindis species is a Northen Blue tongue Lizard (or skink)
As for her seahorses Misty and Nova were Kuda and her remaining 3 were erectus. Also I found out her target Mandarin was housed with the seahorses as a clean up crew, so it’s safe to say he was rehomed along with the seahorses.

No. 604652

I wonder if all pet tubers will support her after this, aside from emzotic who had it tweeted at her for a unrelated reason NO ONE has said anything about it.

No. 604658

I don’t think they’ll wanna say something when they’re using her for the views

No. 604659

Doesn’t look good that the person they’re trying to piggy back on is now on her fall from fame lol

No. 604660

I agree with this, my parents still give me hell if i were to act stupidly. Even friends are suppose to stop you from making horrible decisions if they were really friends. I’ve even had a friend, who was my coworker, pull me aside and tell me how stupid i am for things that could’ve messed my life up and helped me fix it. Did i throw pity parties on twitter or sleep 12 hours a day hiding from the problem? No because i’m not 12. Taylor needs better people in her life.

No. 604664

I hope jonny isn’t on some sort of abusive rampage right now and that’s why she hasn’t posted anything. It’s not just her reputation, it’s also his because his name has been included in these videos too, and all of the tweets that are popular about her right now are mentioning that he’s a rapist and abuser. I’m worried for her wellbeing. I want her to get out of that relationship because I know everything could go up from there when she’s not dedicating every moment to walking on eggshells to protect his feelings

No. 604665


Having better people in her life won't save her anymore. The narcissism she learned/inherited from her obviously NPD mother has taken over and she will never be able to deal with people disagreeing with her like a normal person. At this point we just have to hope that she never breeds so that at least the cycle of personality disorder can end.

No. 604667

I'm also concerned about both Taylor but also her pets. Hurting her pets would be what would damage her the most I think

No. 604668

I don't follow him on social media, so I don't know what his normal posting habits are like, but he hasn't made any new posts on Twitter nor Instagram for a few days.

No. 604670

I can imagine him being like, “look at what you’ve done! These haters saying bullshit and good thing i’m here to save you or else you’ll start having a panic attack due to these videos. Just don’t say shit. Listen to me.”

No. 604679

Both his and Taylor’s Instagram is silent, Taylor’s last post was 2 days ago, Jonny 3.
I’m not sure on their twitters though.

No. 604687

Tbh when they both go silent like this I always assume they’re on a drug binge

No. 604693

Oh no! You've definitely rustled some jimmies there, video nonny! These vicious middle schoolers are gonna pout at you!

No. 604695

File: 1543275385316.jpg (130.3 KB, 1000x600, spongebob.jpg)


i'M pReTtYyY sMaRt

No. 604698


Real talk, if you gotta pose like "I am very smart and also I know my stuff unlike you plebs, but suuuuuure" and that's the gist of what you've got to say, welp :D

Is there something in the water in San Antonio that turns people into particularly stupid children, mentally?

No. 604699

Oh, sorry guys. After I posted it I was like this dumbass doesn't deserve the attention and deleted lol

No. 604703


Plenty of pettubers have commented on the video itself, just none from Taylor’s inner circle.

No. 604710

What ever anon, you're an angel and doing such a wonderful job!

No. 604723

I feel like cataleah just advertised herself in that TND is an animal hoarder video lol

No. 604739

Excellent video again anon. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion, for some of the screen caps that are more important maybe read them aloud while the cap is on screen rather then just show the cap on screen of a moment. It's just sort of discombobulating pausing constantly. It's just a minor thing I've noticed and maybe it's just me.

No. 604744

I agree, not so much for the time on screen but for the fact a lot of people just don’t read. That way those who don’t will have it read aloud to them.

No. 604754

That feeling when debating with her stans was sort of exhilarating but now is just, draining.
I feel like I’ve become a broken record, the amount of times I’ve pretty much written a copy and paste fo something I told someone else.

I don’t think I’ll understand how they can say their idol is still learning but then act like they know everything about animals because of her.

No. 604756

File: 1543284600128.png (896.36 KB, 500x1405, thepettubequeen.png)

Enjoy folks

No. 604757

i wonder what taylor will do this weekend while jonny is on “tour”.

No. 604758

Because they're still really young. A lot of them still have a naive perception of the world and think it's all rainbows and sunshine where there's always room for learning uwu.

But when they're actually presented facts and valid arguments they take it as a personal attack when not really. To understand that this is not the case, you need actual perspective that you get with experience and (usually) age. I'm inclined to cut them some slack sometimes.

No. 604759

Next thread photo please, or at least feature it somewhere on the intro post I’m begging you.

No. 604760

Sadly aside from the cats I can’t provide any insight to her animal care cause I haven’t owned anything she has (though as an Aussie I’ve been super into the idea of either a blue tongue or water dragon for a few years now)
Unless she pulls a bird out of her arse I’m stuck using google and anons that I can quickly find that own what animals she does OTL

No. 604767

Video anon.. The way you say Goose is the cutest thing ever.

No. 604769

Omg, this is awesome, thank you!
Please make this the next thread picture!

No. 604770

I agree. around their age, I was stubborn and thought I was an adult who knew more than my own parents. Although I grew out of it, some of these stans are already in their 20s, which is pretty sad that they still think this way.

No. 604771

Taylor could be trying to pull a Happy Tails, staying completely silent in hoping the milk dries up.

No. 604775

I was just thinking that. She's probably sleeping through it until it goes away and she'll be back with a big pity party

No. 604779


when the tinfoil is wholesome

No. 604780

OK I'm at a computer, animal doc anon I have a few things to help you out.
> Larry was a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, his bright colours, size and punch are the dead give away there.
> I feel like I already said this somewhere but nova and Misty where Hippocampus kuda, or simply Kuda seahorse, spotted seahorse or yellow seahorse
> Mystery, Aurora and Maleficent were Hippocampus erectus, or simply erectus seahorse, northern seahorse or lined seahorse.
> Bindi is a Northern Blue Tongue Lizard (skink) and judging by her patterns she seems to just simply have the normal colours of one (aka no morph).
> Toast's specific species is Kenyan Sand Boa and his morph is anery
> Cersci is a Rose Hair Tarantula
> Celia's morph is red het albino. This is semi important because for a while Taylor had red lights in her enclosure which is something albinos should not have.

No. 604782

This might be relative to the scorpion thing, but while I was a reupload of the monitor video there's a bit while she's in the pet store she got the monitor from and she says to her friend "I think you should get me a scorpion, I would love a scorpion." Maybe this was around the time it was bought? The timestamp is 1:43. Donno if this is relevant at all.

No. 604784

Hey guys Senor Ria here. Does anyone know if Goose has been neutered yet? I can't find anything online.

Also does anyone have any more service dog/kia screenshots? I

No. 604786

No reptiles should have red lights regardless of if they're albino or not, especially nocturnal animals

No. 604787


Goose hasn't been neutered, despite Taylor originally claiming she would neuter him to live with the girls. Now in her rat video she says the girls are spayed, but there is no evidence of that happening - their bellies would have been shaved for surgery and of course there would be a wound site with stitches and/or staples. I find it hard to believe she got them spayed and didn't mention it anywhere except the video with a full belly of hair.

No. 604791

She’s been quiet for two days. Won’t be surprised if an animal has died and shes figuring out how to explain it.

No. 604794

She's actually stuck now. If she admits to poor care she will lose the fanbase that lets her take care of them at the level of poor care they are now. I wish there was a way to reach out privately and offer to rehome some of them for her. She will end up staying with bunghole and doing drugs because depression is a cycle and hoarding is a symptom.

No. 604806

Anyway we can get some shots of stan comments like "I'm getting a snake b/c of you." Kindof thing? There seem to be a lot.

No. 604807


I wonder if the rest of her 150 saltwater tank crashed. It's hard to predict what might have died though honestly she has so many disasters waiting to happen… monitor getting her other pets, cats getting the rats or monitor… the risks are endless.

No. 604811

Honestly waiting for either her animals that can’t go to California like mushu, to die or be “rehomed”. I feel like this death is probably mushu and if she can’t find a replacement this is going to be some big sob story.

No. 604816

Honestly, I can really feel the video anon’s videos shifting the tide. The amount of support its already gained? It’s amazing. Don’t stop. Everyone needs to know about this.

No. 604819

Agree’d. Searching through twitter, most of what pops up under Taylor’s name is negative. More and more people are spreading the video and those who are sensible see the writing on the walls. Sure there are 12 year olds in video anons comments but I feel like it is not the majority defending her.

No. 604826

Lmaoo tbh i might use it for the next header its fuckin gold

No. 604828

File: 1543293501362.png (696.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181126-233722.png)

No. 604834

Video is up to 41k views. Good job anon. Jen’s psychotic rampage boosted your vid a ton.

No. 604841

yes! it feels so good that other people are seeing the light finally. after months and months of reading these threads, i feel so much satisfaction knowing that all those people who complain about this site and how "terrible" it is are all realizing we're not crazy after all lmao

No. 604844

That could be a video audit though. Youtube takes samples of subcribers from channels often to make sure they're legit, and they put them back into the channel after verifying.

No. 604846

I'm just dumb lol, it would have been all at once. People are finally coming around, and that's pretty rad.

No. 604849

is this the longest we’ve seen tay tay disappear?

No. 604853

I wonder if the pettube clique os obligated to back each other up. When they were in Calofornia they were at meetings together. There has to be some kind of upper management of some sort that tells them to support each other

No. 604854

File: 1543300182315.jpg (559 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181126-232300.jpg)

I don't think this has been posted, if it has, sorry. But how in the world does she think it's sane to be making jokes like this about her fish that was soOooOOOooo important.

No. 604855

they just use her for views and tay knows it but doesn't care to do anything about it

also I worry about her right now. all her posts about how much she loves jonny, he makes her do them. she wanted to leave a long time ago but is trapped now.

No. 604856

i think she's just hiding atm and waiting until people start to feel bad for her because she's not on social media.

No. 604857

She's definitely pandering to her fans. They have a running joke Cheese was a God. So Cheese deserves to be cremated and all her other pets deserved to be baked alive or just forgotten about.
She loves all her pets though.

No. 604858

they have a chat group, it's peer pressure and aspirations.

No. 604859

I'm not sure they will, the @ taylorndean tage is now starting to fill with people notifying her of the video and calling her out.

No. 604861

Jen is private again I can’t with her neuroticism lmfao

No. 604862

Which one of you posted this lol


That subreddit isn't particularly big but I'm glad awareness of her shittiness is spreading

No. 604864

Thank you so much for the praise + memes lol nonnys! I really thought that my video would only get 1k views and then be forgotten about, I never expected something like this to happen. Seeing Taylors subscriber count slowly drop and having people tell me I helped them open their eyes makes me feel so happy.

No. 604865

I'm proud that you managed to break not only her fans, but her mother and most likely Taylor herself.

No. 604866

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen lion king, but I don’t get it

No. 604867

So now that that video has reached about 21k views I wonder if Tay Tay will address it and if so, how she’ll approach it. I envision her going one of two ways. Either she’s going to go into snarky bitch ass mode where she makes snotty remarks and once again tries to give BS excuses for her terrible husbandry OR she’s going to throw a pity party and say that “muh depression and muh anxiety” were sooooo triggered that she had to take a break from Twitter and YouTube (hence the lack of Cheese’s funeral video that she promised like two days ago).

No. 604868

i'm glad this information is coming to light, but I also really hope taylor is okay. She seems to have anxiety attacks when shit like this goes down, I just hope she can get through it and realize that it's really simple, she just needs to address the issues and move forward more honestly, and with better care… like if she could just take criticism and not get so offended or hurt by it, everyone's life would be easier.

No. 604869

its actually at 45k currently.

No. 604870

You’re right. Idk why it said 21k when I searched it up. I’m thinking the amount of views it’s gotten has her shaking in her boots.

No. 604872

i was thinking the same anon :/ this is probably nightmarish for her. she’s in a shitty relationship which isn’t helping her established mental health problems / anxiety and she is likely hoarding as a really bad coping mechanism. unfortunately because lives are on the line someone has to be the one to say she needs to take better care of herself and get the fuck out of this relationship so that she really can focus on herself and her animals. i really hope she dumps the dude.

No. 604878

I feel so sorry for her animals right now, if she's not posting anything on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube she's probably not looking after them. I can imagine there's a lot of bone dry water bowls, no food, and enclosures full of shit right about now.

No. 604879

I mean, it's so obvious that she's miserable and that Johnny is a piece of shit to her. Like, how intimate and romantic can you get with a man who has the maturity level of a twelve year old? And especially with his presumed abusive behavior towards her?

But at the same time, I do struggle sympathizing because she KNEW what kind of nasty person Johnny was. She knew his past, she knew what he'd done. He's a public figure so all his shit is out for people to find in a single google search. And then she had the audacity to reach out to his abuse victims for help and subsequently mock them later.

No. 604880

She's taking a depression nap.

No. 604883

When I search Taylor Nicole Dean on youtube, What Ever's video about her pets dying shows up first, then Nicole's channel, then the most recent video of her fish being dead

like lmfao

No. 604887

No. 604891

That's how I feel about this whole thing as well. On one hand yes, I empathize with her because her relationship is abusive. But I am not forgetting that she openly mocked Chelsea, and that both her and her mother have been saying it's all lies and manipulation. She got told several times that being in a relationship with him was an awful idea, and like a stubborn child she went ahead and did it anyway.

No. 604898


She could always pull a Brian whatever his name is. When critiques of him hit a breaking point he made a video about cyberbullying complete with crocodile tears, but then he promised to re-evaulate the things he does. Probably was an empty promise, but I like to think he might actually improve his reptile care.

I feel bad for Taylor, but I feel much worse for her animals. They never entered co-habiting with JC on purpose "for the experience," Taylor did.

I guess we know it's harder for her to leave her relationship with Jonny now that we know she's also probably escaping her crazy home life so moving home might not be good for her either, but she still has so many resources she could use to get out. With her funds she could move into a reasonable house and not tell JC or her family where exactly it is, or she could just change the locks on her apartment if it's safe for her to do that. If she got rid of him and actually made efforts to fix her pet care, maybe got herself some professional therapy, she could probably get some of her YT following back. Idk if she'd be smart enough to invest her resources or get any education or a real job from there, but it would be a start.

No. 604900

"For the experience," is that not the most privileged, sheltered thing you've ever heard?
"He's a rapist, drug addict abuser."
"Yeah but like, I want the experience."
There's more to experience than that Tay, but okay.
I remember being 15 and wanting to fix a bad boy too.
Those poor animals didn't ask to be collected and neglected by them.

No. 604901

File: 1543310836449.jpg (71.36 KB, 649x523, 20181127_012405.jpg)

What a special creature this one is..

No. 604902

And then the police laughed.

No. 604903

I keep trying to think of something to say, but I'm genuinely speechless. What do they expect you to do upon hearing that lmao

No. 604906

I don't even know what she's talking about lmao

No. 604907


If it was me and i was video anon….id say "yup cant wait to hear from"
Would probably shut her up for abit. Thats just me though.

There is no getting through to this one

No. 604910


If you're going to try to scare someone into silence, at least threaten them with something that's actually plausible. The police aren't going to dedicate their already low resources to investigating non-issues like this just because you're 12 and got upset on the internet.

No. 604915

The comment section for her last video is so fucking funny. People are just mass unstanning her

No. 604917

What ever, make sure you let them know what call cost will be from US to Germany, maybe ticket and hotel prices to.

No. 604918

lol there a some really harsh recent comments on that video. Never thought this day would come

No. 604922


No. 604923

No. 604924


I had to go have a look, and fucking hell, nonny, you are right! I never thought I'd see the day.

No. 604925

According to socialblade she's lost a few subs on her youtube and twitter.

No. 604926

I can't find Destry's comment thread omg I need to read it.

No. 604927

File: 1543315805532.png (56.49 KB, 942x242, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.49…)

this is probably one of the worst, most frustrating things i've ever read

No. 604928

show's you how much of the world and law their fans understand.

No. 604929

Doesn't heroin just make you spaced out if you smoke it? I thought only injecting makes you super high.

No. 604930

What ever anon you started the revolution

No. 604931


It makes me sad that one day she'll be allowed to vote.

No. 604932

Easiest way to find it is to sort by new and then search for her name, since it has no likes it's super buried

No. 604933

The hardcore stans aren't even attempting the defence on her own videos.
I kind of feel bad for her, she was just trying to do a thing that makes her happy. But at the same time she let it get way to out of hand and tried to hide the fact she possibly knew what she was doing was wrong behind countless woe is me stories and all those pretty exotics.

No. 604934

FOUND IT, autism aside, she should really be careful what she's saying because if she does in fact work at the store she says she does, all it takes is one anonymous email to the owner and she wont have a job anymore.

No. 604935

I can't say from experience, but yeah IV usage would make it a lot more potent, and I'm sure that smoking it/ snorting it would make it much more mild.
But the thing is, it's not like tv where they shoot up and instantly pass out. No one would use if it just made them sleep and not high.
My state is literally in a ridiculous crisis right now, and trust me these people are out and about and very capable.
That little girl is so stupid.

No. 604941


Yep - if it only put you to sleep, junkies would not bother with H. It ain't exactly a cheap habit, after all. Before they do flop down and nod off, H users can be quite energetic, geared up, jittery and paranoid and UNPREDICTABLE.

No. 604942


It's important to note that not all heroin comes in the same dosage, you can avoid an addiction if you take a very very small dose and then never look back at it, but it can leave someone down and out if their body isn't used to it.
However this is a double edge sword, you'll either manage to avoid an addiction or you'll want to do it again, and again, and again, and again. Each time you do it the more tolerant your body will become and the more extreme the side effects become.

Injections cause both super high and drowsiness depending on the time from when it was done. Directly afterward a users emotions can go all over the place, either super and weirdly happy, easily angered or just out of it, this effect can last for hours even a day or two if their dosage is high.
Drowsiness takes affect if their body is starting to grow accustomed to the amount being taken or they've gone a while without a hit. And when they get super tired, they get super fucking tired. Users can pass out for hours at a time. Most often or not nothing can wake them up even if you hit them.

I'm not sure when the real withdrawals start, but around a day and a half they can start going weird but any longer, jesus christ they can get desperate for a hit. They will get angry, upset and even physical over nothing or if someone stands between them and their hit.
Of course, the more they're injecting the more extreme the withdrawal symptoms become.

My father did heroin and ended up being arrested for robbery because he was desperate for a hit…

No. 604943

Sorry that happened to you, anon. Thank you for the information, it's gonna come in handy when dealing with her stans.

Do we think that Taylor still uses heroin? Her disappearing for hours because she was "sleeping" sounds like she is but I can't really imagine it Idk

No. 604947


Who knows - but she's living with someone who uses and is subject to his mood swings and erratic behaviour, so all bets are off on what their life is like in that apartment.

They also take kratom which also leads to nodding off.

No. 604948

Im sorry that happened, I wish I could say more but I'm left speechless about a lot of things like that. But for sure, different highs for different people, different usage, different batch, etc but in the case of Jonny being an active user at the time I don't think he would be in withdrawal, but definitely on a come down.
Like you said they can be energetic, jittery, paranoid, or tired and as they come down they can get violent, agressive, or sleepy.
I think people, especially younger people just have what they get from tv and movies, someone with whatever they can find wrapped around their arm, shooting up and immediately passing out. Sad when that becomes a defense as to why someone couldn't rape someone.

No. 604949

I wouldn't say heroin, it's not something you can go on off on. Though I do believe she's used it in the past.

Medication can cause drowsiness, if she's taking anti-depressants it's possible to miss a few days and become super dizzy and sleep longer and deeper.
Something else to take into consideration is weed. Jonny does smoke weed and since she's in the US I imagine it's stupidly easy to get a hold of and cheap at that, I wouldn't put it past her to be trying and doing that whenever she can.
Also she's kind of a sissy pushover so tbh weed can probably be enough to knock her out especially if she smokes it or inhales it from Jonny after taking medication.
Though, wow my family is just drugs sjkhad, my mum tried slowing down before eventually going cold turkey and during the slowing down time she found that her body was no longer used to it and she was getting higher much quicker than what she used to.

I have no idea what Kratom is about though so anon above is probably better for information on that.

No. 604951

I should say specifically, withdrawal where he does become physically weak, and starts shitting himself, but possibly a day or so without using, and the negatives that come with that are 100% a possibility.

No. 604952

Considering how much 'trust' Taylor has in him, I would imagine it would be super easy for him to lie and get money for a hit. So yeah I don't think he will start showing any real signs of a withdrawal unless Taylor puts her foot down or the police get involved.

Want to also mention I worked with a man who, although has been clean of heroin for 6 years, still struggles to this day of side effects and the dent to his depression it did.
So if any stan says that Jonny went to rehab and is now clean, it's bullshit. You can't go to rehab once for it and given how much of a user he is he would be in the very high dosage range and one trip to rehab and a social group will do NOTHING to stop his addiction.

No. 604954

I need some help on this, I don't know if this happened or not but I feel like it happened back when the twitter family beef was on going.
Jonny did hang on to one of his exs cats and got rid of them out of spite did he not? I faintly recall that he apparently waved them in front of her face only to just get rid of them to a place she'd never see them again.

No. 604956

Yes it happened, but I have no idea where you could find the screenshots. I think in the end the ex got the cat back though

I'm really excited to see HOW Taylor is going to come back from this. Acting like nothing happened won't work since it's so many people that realized she sucks. Addressing it would also not work because she would either have to lie or admit she can't care for her pets.

No. 604959


She's not had trouble lying before, though. And living with a junkie for a year can seriously shift your ideas about telling the truth, taking responsibility and acceptable behaviour.

No. 604960

File: 1543321028888.jpg (202.39 KB, 1536x1035, Screenshot_20181127-131040.jpg)

Woa how the tides have turned on her Cheese video. The comment section on it is crazy how many people are calling her out. There are so many especially calling her out on the comment "Zazu was just a fish" and a few days later after saying that, she makes this video. It's no surprise she's in hiding right now seeing the effect the nonny video had! I'm so happy and I genuinely hope this will push her into doing better. And admitting for once rather than make excuses.

Wonder if this has made her try and break up with Johnny and shit escalated?

No. 604961

File: 1543321165264.jpg (302.31 KB, 1536x1060, Screenshot_20181127-131830.jpg)

Nearly all top comments are calling her out.

No. 604963

File: 1543321312959.jpg (51.6 KB, 1038x404, tnd-crocodile-tears.JPG)

LMAO there's some grade A shade in those comments!

No. 604964

File: 1543321457847.png (7.59 KB, 462x116, 787897974867887878.png)

lmao holy shit

No. 604965

jesus these people are being kind of ruthless don't you think?

No. 604966

File: 1543321527064.jpg (179.63 KB, 1536x579, Screenshot_20181127-132327.jpg)

This is the 6th comment from top comments, and hopefully that'll bring many many more views to the video exposing her

I wonder now that her channel is actually suffering from it, if she is gonna now actually try break up with Johnny since its gonna threaten her Insta toth lifestyle

No. 604968


Bullshit. Taylor is boohooing throughout that video and not squeezing out one single tear. Enabling a manipulative fuckwit with ass pats ain't the thing either.

RUTHLESS is getting more and more animals like they're some Happy Meal toys and sticking them in small, bare enclosures. RUTHLESS is failing basic pet care because you're too strung out to care for them. RUTHLESS is frying your animals alive because you can't give a fuck about anything beyond yourself and pacifying your junkie boyfriend.

Grow up and stop mollycoddling eejits.

No. 604969

Personally I don't really think so, considering she has always replied to criticism with such a snarky and asshole attitude, mocking what people point out about her. So I don't think these are ruthless.

No. 604970

That's true actually.

No. 604975

Jonny replied to some fans over the night. Can't add an image at the moment but one of his replies includes "needed to see that right now as well". Taylor must really be freaking out and tension around their house must be thick.

Good, hopefully Taylor kicks him to the curb.

No. 604976


I think so too. More "civil" and gentle, non-confrontational messages from concerned viewers have been met with nothing but disdain and shitty schoolyard sarcasm from her. wake-up calls aren't always pleasant, and nothing "nice" seems to get through to her either, she just handwaves every criticism as internet haterz.

No. 604978

File: 1543325130154.png (558.54 KB, 750x1334, 6FE1E541-3BEE-470E-9EB0-E7BC26…)

We got em boys, video anon is officially the top video result when you search Taylor Nicole Dean on YouTube

No. 604980


Omg! And considering she barely uploads it might stick there for a while.

No. 604981

Updated, thanks!

Will take this into consideration when I get closer to the final product. Might put it on another sheet, too.

No. 604982

Yeah, or her favourite, sending her fans to attack the person.

I honestly won't be surprised if this is what is gonna push her to try and break up with Johnny, which will kick him off because "he came home for her when cheese died".

To think this entire thing could have been avoided had she just not been such a lying asshole, and be able to take some critisism and work with it. Wild.

But what do we know, since we are just HaTeRs

No. 604983


Yeah. I still have hope she'll snap out of it, take a good look at her life and choices, and get her shit together. It won't be easy (she has barely no job experience and no education to speak of), but I sincerely hope she'll turn to more productive things.

It's unlikely, but hey, it might happen. I hope it does, for her sake and her animals' too.

No. 604986

I love how the comments on the video are two types of people. Those who care about animals and those who care about Taylor. Those who care about Taylor are immediately jumping to, "You have no life u loser!!!" and "She takes care of her animals perfectly how would you know!!!!!" zero evidence or actual proof to back up anything they say lol.

No. 604994

Anyone else got a sneaking suspicion that she is no longer gonna upload the Cheese "viking" funeral video ? And instead a video of her crying about the backlash she is getting instead? With these comments she's getting right now I think she is scared to upload it.

No. 604996

There's a small chance she was going to but saw people commenting on how he died and realised that if she uploaded it she'd be in huge shit.
No doubt we'll get a crying video.

No. 604997

File: 1543327080589.jpg (59.3 KB, 1536x158, Screenshot_20181127-145738.jpg)

No. 604999

File: 1543327560100.jpg (524.74 KB, 1536x1511, Screenshot_20181127-150306.jpg)

Oh, here is the screenshot of Johnny his tweet reply from 8 hours ago that other nonny mentioned

No. 605000

I just realized that I'm SO GLAD that I didn't use any footage from her channel except for two 30 second clips. Emmas video about all her pets was so lucky.
We all know Taylor wouldn't be above copyright striking me, even if it's fair use.

No. 605001

Even if she wasn't she has a bunch of blind fans and her mother to send in the claim for her.

No. 605005

File: 1543328345039.jpg (488.37 KB, 1536x1390, 20181127_151828.jpg)

Oof. There are many many more like this, a lot of them linking the video!

No. 605006


i mean that one comment was spewing about copyright just for talking about tay so i wouldn't think they'd be beyond false claims

No. 605007

"baby im yours" by breakbot plays in the distance

No. 605012

that picture is art, what ever's video is 2 weeks ago and the subject is her being a hoarder and killing her pets, then the two recent videos of Taylor, one implying she has a fuck ton of snakes and the other being about Cheese dying which was only 1 week ago

No. 605013

At this rate the video anons are uploading more than she does, we could probably get another video up there if it gets enough engagement.
Also: what ever, your videos are amazing and the positive feedback is well deserved, thank you for all the time you've put into this.

No. 605019

File: 1543330720228.jpg (144.68 KB, 440x1244, Screenshot_20181127-155819_Sam…)


No. 605020

I’m really loving the unstan party in Twitter, best case scenario Taylor leaves Johnny, gets away safely and improves her care. Good job video Anons! We’ve finally made a difference and it feels so good.

No. 605022

I think that's why this is really gonna have a big impact on her channel, it's gonna be easy for people to unsubscribe because she rarely uploads anyways, so people won't even miss out that much VS when someone that has a consistent schedule of uploading a couple times a week.

No. 605023

And to add to that, I think we’ve all did great compiling up screenshots, thank you to every anon that’s ever added milk here! And most of all thank you Jen you really pushed Whatever’s video up with your little melt downand you sub tweeting about it has helped tremendously, thank you so much xox.

No. 605025

Maybe that was Jens plan all along. lol

No. 605027

That would be assuming Jen is smart enough to make a plan like that lol.

No. 605031

File: 1543331568933.jpeg (110.39 KB, 742x926, 1FC440EF-AB6D-4995-8052-9FA41C…)

This is a bit OT, I was trying to look in Taylor’s friends’ likes and such, see if anyone is acknowledging what’s happening even if they aren’t tweeting about it. Found out I’m blocked from LoeyBug even though I’ve never interacted with her, just used to call Taylor out on twitter (probably only a hand full of times, though). Wonder if any other anons have also been blocked by this cow?

No. 605035

Taylor has friends other than Betsy and her leeches?

No. 605036

can’t believe heroin is just advanced melatonin

No. 605037

Loey is an ex beauty youtuber turned paranormal storytime youtuber who recently posted a pic on Instagram with Brian Barczyk. She has many animals too and is cozied up with petubers like Tyler and maddie, and I'm assuming Taylor too. She once tweeted at Taylor I believe saying she would love to make pet videos but is scared bc she sees all the hate it brings Taylor - or smth like that. Used to like Loey but shes going down the drain imo.

No. 605038

File: 1543332761362.png (9.79 KB, 395x111, 729a2af80c97f311bebd4d26b890a6…)

The dudes name just makes this comment 100x funnier.

No. 605039

That's one special snowflake..

No. 605040

Oh is that who she is? That actually makes a lot of sense now :/
I'm extremely into the paranormal side of youtube and her videos have popped up every now and again and I gotta say, compared to some of the people i'm subbed to, they kinda suck.

No. 605043

>being kind of ruthless

It's well deserved and entirely spot on. How many times now has she 'rescued' or 'found' a pet with stories she can't keep straight? She's learned that buying so many was starting to get attention so now the pets are just falling into her arms or walking into her house.

No. 605044

File: 1543333236760.jpg (66.35 KB, 1536x168, Screenshot_20181127-163915.jpg)


No. 605046

This is so surreal I can’t believe its finally happening

No. 605047

The longer she will stay quiet, the worse it's gonna get for her and less likely to recover from this

No. 605048

The mob is fickle. She will lose an ass ton of fans and views over the next month because of this. The only way to get them back will be to break it off with Jonny and put the blame on him.

No. 605049

The thing is she has literally no defense, I don't think she capable of explaining a lot of this away to anyone who has listened. Maybe she just plans on dropping off the face of the earth and staying far, far away from this. I can't say I blame her.

No. 605050

That's the thing, nobody wants an excuse or an apology, people just want her to take care of her fucking animals

No. 605052

File: 1543334201417.jpg (116.25 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20181127-070638__01…)

I hope she can get help and I'm glad we finally got through to her stans and I hope she can change for the better but also I'm dying at this tweet

No. 605053

Next video: having an existential crisis because people no longer blindly believe and defend me

No. 605054

File: 1543334311791.jpg (962.58 KB, 1080x3307, Screenshot_20181127-075249_You…)

Lol this playlist was one of the top 10 results when you search her name on YouTube. No hiding all your shit you tried to sweep under the rug now, Tay Tay.

No. 605055

unironically all she would have to do is just make more content showing she actually does take care of her animals, it would be a win-win for her, a more active channel with more videos, and show everyone she's taking care of her pets

but that's not going to happen, she doesnt care about anything but money

No. 605056

If you wanna see a video of Taylor actually crying to compare to the cheese video go watch her tattoo tag on her other channel or the video where she says she’s never owning hedgehogs again. She used to care. She doesn’t give a shit anymore.

No. 605059

File: 1543334978456.gif (1.82 MB, 228x202, 1474602814385.gif)

Fuck that's spot on for her.

>using all her money for herself

>pretending to care about animals for money
>neglecting animals in her care
>staging videos/pictures for sensationalism
>hiding deceased pets from the public
>favoring certain species over others when it comes to level of care/attention provided
>tries to portray herself as humane despite proof to the contrary she slips up and admits (aka physically knocking mice unconscious)

No. 605060


This image is a thing of beauty.

No. 605071

File: 1543335873997.jpeg (267.99 KB, 1242x1225, 1539821433520.jpeg)

Don't forget that the whole story about Taylor 'cooking' her pacman frog & croc skinks is still dubious at best, as Jessica recieved texts that the frog supposedly died from malnutrition & that she was replacing her skinks (who might've died before then).

Which means that Taylor might've fabricated the story about the power surge/outage that lead to her somehow going back to sleep for 10+ hours & then waking up to discover them 'cooked' to death.

She probably thought it would be convenient to make it seem like they all died around the same time in the same 'freak accident', even though this story STILL made her look bad, if not worse than if she had just told people what really happened.

No. 605073

File: 1543335971392.png (90.07 KB, 750x1334, 1539821847574.png)

No. 605074

Didn't her last Pacman frog have a prolapse and health issues for the same thing?

No. 605075

Why are you bringing that up now?

No. 605078

She bought him sick and then expected the petstore to cover vet costs lol

No. 605081

Because we still don't know if the story about her 'cooking' her pets is entirely true. The frog & skinks MIGHT have died from other causes, but Taylor thought it would be more convenient to say that they died in a way that was 'beyond her control'.

No. 605082

If she and Jonny do break up, expect some real shit slinging. He's an asshole and will probably trip over himself to spill the beans and to invent more shit about her. After all, all his exes are "crazy bitches".

No. 605084


If that happens, I for one have no sympathy for her. The very reason she got into that relationship was 'for the experience', and getting dragged through the mud by him when things fall apart between them is a part of the experience she wanted. Let her enjoy it, she most certainly deserves it with the way she treated his rape victims.

No. 605089

Ah, Jen. Thank you for the Streisand effect. You clueless, enabling human being. Thank you for helping our cause by commenting on the video. Cheers to you!

No. 605092

HOW MANY comments did jen even leave?

No. 605096

I think she herself left like 60, but ofc many people reacted so it ended up being around 200 lmao

No. 605100

ooooof SAVAGE. I hope this makes her improve her care, but I do hope it's not doing too much damage.

No. 605101

Probably why she put her twitter on off private cause lol she just made it worse instead of ‘helping’

No. 605104


This is probably the funniest part of the whole thing. Her mother, in the throes of her narcissistic rage rushes in to defend her animal-abusing daughter - who she sees as an extension of herself rather than an individual - spends hours incoherently rambling, thinking she's helping her, only to end up playing right into the hands of the people she has decided are evil. It's beautiful.

No. 605120

Is this the longest Taylor has been silent on social media?

No. 605122

File: 1543339347665.png (163.73 KB, 750x1334, 1D3F3DAD-AF36-4CF0-AB6D-2CCBEF…)

No. 605123

File: 1543339362677.png (337.63 KB, 1312x2560, Screenshot_20181127-172216.png)

No. 605124

Well she’s finally come out of her hole. Should we expect her to be here “defending” herself all day? What a piss poor attempt after disappearing for half a week.

No. 605126

I feel like she's trying to set up the person she responded to so they get enough hate and delete it.

No. 605127

…..nevermind. No longer care how much damage it does. Grab the pitchforks.

No. 605129

File: 1543339558115.jpeg (153.09 KB, 750x801, 6A397DF6-9031-4EF5-887A-9ED14B…)

Good intentions don’t mean good actions taylor you animal murdering piece of shit

No. 605130

Looks like she has decided the route of digging her grave deeper

Gg Taylor.

No. 605132

Foolish of us to think she would even fake being humble and try to correct her mistakes

No. 605133

What a disappointing response. She loves to act like everyone is grasping at straws despite there being actual evidence that her care is shit..

No. 605134

I was right the tweet she quoted is already getting comments from stans. I can't believe she's alright with setting people up to be harassed by her braindead fanbase with all of her circumstances considered. At this stage, she deserves most of what she gets. I feel stupid for having a sliver of hope that perhaps she'd get her shit together in light of something this big, but of course, she's a victim.

No. 605135

“Shit on them pls” Jfc it’s nothing new but it’s sickening that her army of angsts children support her behavior of sending hate to the people that rightfully call her out. You’re a piece of shit Taylor. Keep showing your true self

No. 605136

File: 1543339753606.png (1.42 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20181127-182809.png)

Fucking delusional cow.

Guess the theory they were on a drug binge doesn't seem so crazy with her response.

No. 605137

Right? I was thinking if she just made an apology video referring to everyone's concerns and showed what shes doing to correct her care then she would have saved herself. But of course her ego and inability to take criticism and listen to concerns stands in the way

No. 605138

This is pure strategy. There are countless tweets calling her out that have hundreds and thousands of likes. She chooses one of the tweets that has little to no likes because there’s little to no defense.

No. 605139


Since you read here Taylor: intentions don't mean shit if your actions don't reflect them. You have no business talking about your "good intentions" until you start taking proper care of your existing animals, rehome some of them - REHOME, not neglect to death, Taylor - stop acquiring more and take responsibility for all of the horrible shit you've done.

No. 605141


She looked for the tweet with the least likes / retweets and chose to respond to that. No comment on the tweets with the video in the threads? HMMM

No. 605142

lol maybe we just need to flood the post she responded to with the video so her fans can't avoid it

No. 605143


can someone work out the actual percentage of animals in her care that are thriving as opposed to ones that have died or aren't getting proper care lmao

No. 605145


owning animals and working with them aren't the same thing? your animals should not be your job if its just you caring for them, they are your family and thats where your issue lies.

No. 605146

I think it'd be a little hard to do that given how few of them actually get a second post.

No. 605148

File: 1543340132724.png (320.9 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20181127-183507.png)

Fucking cunt with her typical arrogant and snarky replies

No. 605150

File: 1543340264863.jpg (170.82 KB, 1536x354, Screenshot_20181127-183726.jpg)

No. 605151

How does this correlate??? The person said she is making these mistakes bc she has too many pets. Then she brings up actual human children? Nobody has 50+ children Taylor. She can’t defend herself for shit and she knows it. SHE is the one grasping at straws.

No. 605152

ummmm whaaaaat

No. 605153

I'm placing bets on her deleting the rant in the next 24hrs. This is ridiculous, I didn't expect her to snap this hard.

No. 605154

Yeah Taylor, the point is a child can tell you when they hurt. Kind of hard to fry a child to death…

No. 605155


I was going to say that she's becoming her crazy mother, but at least Jen has the balls to stand by what she says instead of deleting. Taylor is just a coward.

No. 605156

That’s why you are supposed to be constantly checking on them Taylor. Not LEAVE them alone without seeing them for 10+ hours! She’s really reaching for some kind of excuse for people to blindly support her

No. 605158


I really don't think you should use your mother as an example to defend yourself, Taylor. I mean, look at how you turned out - I wouldn't call that successful parenting.

No. 605159

File: 1543340464367.png (104.53 KB, 640x455, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 18.4…)

No. 605164


is she really making this comparison? you also don't keep your child locked away in a closet in a cage too small for it

No. 605165

"Nearly home with them all day every day" in what world? She is away from home so often.

No. 605166


some days you dont even wake up hun, keep reaching

No. 605167

They clearly aren’t fine when 6 of them have died within the last month. They clearly aren’t fine when you go for MONTHS without mentioning if such animal is alive and doing well. When months later it turns into “oh, x animal died, I didn’t want to tell anyone until the time was right”. She is really spitting out dumb shit in her ball of anger. I’m with previous anon, all of this will probably be deleted within a day. Keep screenshotting, anons!

No. 605169

Home with them yet sleeps half the day away and then doesnt check on them for another 10 hours lmfao

No. 605171

File: 1543340747926.jpeg (191.59 KB, 750x1171, 95F8FBC5-E4ED-405D-99BC-2696A2…)

No. 605172

Kekkk she is absolutely delusional. The irony and hypocrisy…

No. 605173


like how shes watching mushu slowly suffer and die?

No. 605174

Four is a bit young to be letting your child play outside unsupervised, but go off.

No. 605175

I think the next video should be "Taylor Nicole Dean responds to constructive criticism", in which all of these screenshots are featured.

No. 605177

File: 1543341017721.png (124.5 KB, 621x516, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 18.4…)

No. 605178

She is so angry at people finally catching on to her being a piece of shit.

Wonder if Johnny boy is gonna go on a rampage too about him being a piece of shit rapist.

No. 605179

That sounds like a great idea. More people should she her typical response when she gets called out. Pulling things from her previous breakdowns could be used too. It’s the same every time. Also her incidents with sending her attack stans to blindly hate on those who call her out.

No. 605180

File: 1543341179871.jpg (120.51 KB, 1536x265, Screenshot_20181127-185201.jpg)

You can literally see she is getting her narcissistic fill from her blind fans and her anger going down from their praise. Gross.

No. 605181

Someone should comment on every retweet and response the video
Use her strategy against her

No. 605183

Her original reponse is filled with her stans saying shit like “omggg people are just jealous I’m sorry this is happening to you I love you”. They want her to give them praise for supporting her so bad, it’s sad!

No. 605184


And perhaps it would be a good idea to point out the pattern that occurs almost every time:

1.She goes quiet
2. She begins actively attacking people
3. She makes sarcastic jokes about the criticism, i.e. "oh I'm such an animal abuser lmao"

No. 605185

LOL bitch dragging them out of their subpar enclosures to take a pic for social media isn’t wOrKinG wItH aNiMaLs stop trying to make it sound like you’re an actual professional. They’re not zoo animals or sanctuary animals, hell they’re not even rescue animals. They’re pets you paid money for? Feeding and taking pictures of them isn’t working with them It’s providing the expected bare minimum of attention and care.

No. 605187


Competent FUCKING HOW? She was a cashier at Petco, not some lost scion of Ace Ventura.

No. 605188

Holy shit, she sounds like the comments her mother left on What Ever's videos,
>You're all just jealous of how many subscribers she has!

No. 605189

Sometimes I wonder if getting someone with a lot of followers who covers YT drama like Keemstar would be a good idea lmao. Imagine the amount of people that would find it and realize what a POS she is

No. 605191

> lose mind, blame being held accountable for actions on haters, pretend to be a martyr
> decide that people who watch your videos don't know your actions (unless they support you)
> 'I love animals, that means I could never mistreat them'
> Retort to hate tweets with crappy comebacks, whilst justifying your actions to those that praise you
> Go on a ramble about something completely unrelated until you hope people forget
> When people don't forget, say that it doesn't matter how many animals you have anyway, despite a majority of your views coming from videos about your horde
> Continue to toot your own horn on any and all positive posts, and try to pretend to apologize when really you're just talking your way away from accountability
> Block anyone that criticizes you so your stans can't see it after destroying them
I mean, this is virtually a Taylor apology right?

No. 605192

File: 1543341418820.png (45.13 KB, 593x149, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 18.5…)


No. 605193

"Everything's FINE!"

No. 605194


She probably DID leave some of the comments.

No. 605195

She's gonna have to admit to all this negativity sooner or later so it will be interesting to see what happens.

If she does rehome some of them I hope she doesn't just throw them to other petubers or animal shelters.

No. 605198

Considering the show she makes whenever she ACTUALLY goes to the vet…I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is a lie

No. 605199


Pics or it didn't happen

No. 605200


If you're gonna lie AT LEAST MAKE IT BELIEVABLE. If your pets need to see the vet every 4 months, there are some pretty serious issues. You don't take them in for check-ups, and because you have no idea what you're doing you have no idea how often you should take them to the vet.

No. 605201

Liar. She makes a huge deal when her cats go to the vet. Why should we take her word that all 50+ animals see a vet when she’s literally never once said/showed so??

No. 605202

The shit she is liking on Twitter right now is so telling about her.

Please Taylor, upload your Cheese funeral video like the true Paul brother you are.

No. 605205

She would at the very least have bragged already about her vet bill costs every 4 months. Lying piece of flaming garbage.

No. 605206

File: 1543341807277.png (2.77 MB, 1780x1188, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 17.5…)

has this been done?

No. 605207

Tbh I’m kindof thinking of making a video like that

No. 605208

If the next thread image hadn't been decided on already, I'd totally nominate this.

No. 605210


Awesome! Keep the pressure on her and she'll dig her own grave so deep she'll end up finding Jimmy Hoffa.

No. 605212

LOL she really is going full on DARVO here. She's the victim here you guise!!! People are just so jealous of her they have to be mean when all she's ever done is find herself a little corner of the internet to call her own!!! WITCH HUNT!!!

No. 605213

Great idea! And especially pointing out how she uses her crazy stans to attack the person that dares to critisize her

No. 605214

could possibly tweet him or defrancuck, they might cover the story alone just because it's animal abuse

No. 605216

Exactly Taylor, so don't own 50 of them. That is exactly why its easy to put them at risk.

No. 605218

Every four months…slight exaggeration! If they see a vet once a year I’d be shocked for a general health check!!

No. 605219

She is going on a full blocking spree. She blocked me for quoting her 'parent' tweet and replying that my baby wouldn't be left to cook to death while I slept for 12 hours. Must have hit a nerve because she blocked me not even 10 minutes after.

I'm so grateful for video anon for finally bringing to light just what an awful pet owner she is despite her 'best pet mama' persona.

No. 605224


And vet visits are stressful to all animals, and she has so many that are especially susceptible to stress-related illnesses. Every 4 months would be such an unnecessary risk.

Again she's trying to make herself look good with her lies, but unwittingly makes her look like a complete idiot.

No. 605226

im just waiting for the "BUT HES CHANGED!!!!" fight she about to make a fool of herself on hahaha

No. 605229

Are people falling for it? I'm not on Twitter so I can't see.

No. 605231

File: 1543342724235.jpg (564.85 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181127-191839_Twi…)

No. 605233

Throwing herself a pity party
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

No. 605234


Time to start spamming the link to what ever's video. Chances are that a good portion of these children hasn't even watched the video and are responding like this out of ignorance.

No. 605236

Yeah I dont feel bad for her anymore lol. Shes just awful.

No. 605237

They will probably just click dislike and comment some braindead shit

No. 605238

She can soak in this moment right now, these videos are gonna go around further and further, and the way she is responding right now isn't doing her any favours. She's only helping like her mother did. The people speaking up are gonna grow in numbers. Looking at the comments on her video speaks volumes and pretty sure the funeral video is gonna get called out to filth too with her monetizing his death even more.

No. 605241


Probably. But I'm willing to bet that some of them will watch the whole video and begin to think for the first time in their lives.

No. 605242

Honestly I'd DM them since Taylor is likely to just block you anyway

No. 605246

If this hasn't been done already, someone please do it

No. 605247


If I lock you in a tire-locked Lamborghini without any water or the keys, are you going to be happy? It doesn't matter that her enclosures look nicer, her animals are suffering in them all the same.

No. 605249

I mean if she had enclosures like that people would be calling her out way quicker, just because her enclosures look nice she's able to paint an illusion.

No. 605251

There's like…not even a way to give a snake a "checkup" like a cat or a dog. You can take them to the vet, but pretty much all they can do is x-ray them, do a fecal maybe, and tell you that your snakes body is "looking good!!" when in reality it's probably morbidly obese like most captive snakes. No one takes their snakes to the vet every four months, especially not this fucking cow.

No. 605252

This is the kid that claimed to be an animal educator in the comments of the video. He told me to show my face since I let him know I found his Twitter so I DMed him and asked why her care was so great. His only fucking answers were that mantis shrimps dont live long, shes raising awareness for coral reefs, and that Brian Barczyk is worse but he doesnt get hate…

No. 605254


Lmao there's an entire Facebook group dedicated to calling out Brian Barczyk and pretty much everyone in the reptile community who actually knows their shit despises him.

No. 605255


These people know shit all, can't even use google to doublecheck shit.

No. 605256

The little shit just barely stopped wearing diapers, "animal educator" pfft lmao

No. 605257

PS this kid is 15 please block out his pic or username

No. 605259

And also he lurks here lol

No. 605263

File: 1543344035692.jpg (785.42 KB, 1536x1590, 20181127_193859.jpg)


Taylor and her predictable "quirky" trying to "joke" about the situation

No. 605264

I have to say I'm shooks he 'defended' herself and just left her comments to run. Whoever shared the video in the replies is probably reaching a ton of people rn

No. 605266

There is one tweet in particular that mentions the video and got over a thousand likes

No. 605267

Fuck it I'm just gonna spam the link till she blocks me, whish me good luck

No. 605268


Good luck I've been spamming it in Megans tweet but she already blocked me so the rest is up to others.

No. 605269

Good luck nonny!

No. 605270

isn't that a photo of a puppy mill?

No. 605271

It'd be really helpful to knock together comparison pix of healthy pets and Taylor's pets and good enclosures just to show the difference. Plonk those on Twitter and see her squirm.

No. 605272

File: 1543344526356.jpg (13.29 KB, 318x223, hoarder_snakes-thumb.jpg)

not every hoarder has to be a messy ass place. My mom's a hoarder but she keeps things organized and it doesn't seem like she is a hoarder until she shows you all the clothes she's been collecting since I was born. Here's a photo of a place that hoarded a bunch of reptiles in tubs. Didn't her stans say she's not a hoarder because they all live in tubs

No. 605273

Yeah. Especially since the majority of her animals are reptiles and not many of her fans own them or have experience with them.

I wonder if we could also ask some people on reddit on how they feel about Taylor's enclosures/animal health by just giving a few images/videos to them and not mentioning the fact that they may be unwell.

No. 605274

Welp, I've spammed the link as much as I can without breaking my fingers off. Won't be long until sweet little Tay-tay blocks me, lol.

No. 605276

No wonder some of Taylor's stans love her. They all like to label themselves something. They just don't know how easily she can lie online. She can easily just say, "my animals are all healthy, and see their vets." it CAN be true in HER mind because she probably sees her Bindi the luckest reptile to even have an empty tank in the first place and seeing a vet once in their life is basically caring. She delusional and her all fans are delusional. It triggers me so much because at the end of the day, Taylor spends her money on drugs and her bf while her animals get thrown in despicable cages/tanks and she just laughs it off. Gotta remind myself that i'm almost done with college and once I get a stable job, Taylor's fame will go down the drain, have to let go of her animals, and go back to working a minimum wage job.

No. 605277

File: 1543344975260.png (77.58 KB, 1366x768, 2018-11-27.png)

No. 605278

This bothers me so much. She's shown so many times she does not understand animals body language or behaviour at all.

No. 605280

you should take this one step further and include all the actual tweets where she said this stuff

No. 605281


Right?! So many of her snakes are obviously scared of her. Hell, her rats are skittish as fuck, and you'd think someone as ~~competent~~ as her would at least understand scared mammal body language, but noooooo.

No. 605284

Let's take a moment to remind ourselves of good ol' DARVO, the best-beloved strategy of your garden variety narcissist when called out on anything.

Deny ("Everyone wants there to be a scandal!", tacky jokes about pets dying lmao, "I take good care of my pets, and if I make mistakes, well everyone does!!!")
Attack (sic middle schoolers on your critics)
Reverse Victim Order ("People are attacking meeee! I am the real victim here!")

No. 605286


this is art.

No. 605288


This definitely needs to be included if someone ends up making the video about Taylor's response

No. 605289

Taylor is so dumb lol the tweet she bashed now went from 8 to 65 likes. Her stans are stupid but even they will eventually realize that it's not popular to hate on someone this much unless they are controversial

No. 605302

Did she even check herself before she tweeted that she takes all her pets to the vet every 4 months? I don't even take my dog to the vet every 4 months. Maybe yearly check ups for small mammals, birds and vaccines for dogs and cats. Reptiles shouldn't require check ups unless they are ill or circumstances require it. Reptiles are easily stressed and you're going to tell me she took her very obviously deformed Pac man frog to the vet every 4 months and they said he was healthy? Or pulled the croc skinks out every 4 months for no reason but to stress them out? This is the most obvious lie I've ever seen

No. 605303

It's been mentioned before but if you guys wanna laugh look at her last video and sort the comments by new. Not a single positive comment in view

No. 605305

I think that idea for the next video is great. Could even go so far as to show the tweets and then point out what is so clearly a lie in them, like the "I'm home with my animals all the time they get so much care blah blah" with her saying that she slept for 12 hours and then didn't check on her animals for another 10, along with all of the traveling she does. These are just so easily discredited but people who only follow her on Twitter are just eating it up with no question. How frustrating.

No. 605306

Exactly this. If she took animals to the vet that often on a regular basis, why didn't her vet catch what almost killed Mushu? Or what almost killed her seahorses? Or what was wrong with Twisty's tail?

No. 605308

Hi idk how many of u have watched this but i uploaded it (SR)

I wanted to ask what other rat anons/ what ever had to say about this. someone in the comments already doesn't get it

No. 605312

Totally agree. What a ridiculous claim. She must have at least 40 non-aquatic species, right? To take them all to the vets every 4 months for no reason is such a waste of time and money, and unnecessarily stressful to her animals. If she ever did that she'd be taking 4-5 at a time if not more, and there is no way she wouldn't take photos of all the carriers and be like "just a normal check up at the vets lol". What total bullshit.
It's honestly crazy how much she overcompensates with her lying. They're not even realistic. It's embarrassing.

No. 605314

How do you even take 50+ pets to the vet every 4 months?

No. 605315

She doesn't even have a car.
Loads up 50 animals in various carriers and tanks into the Uber

No. 605316

I commented on it, that person is just dumb and thinks anyone talking about anything relating to Taylor is hate/using her for views

No. 605318

I think she has a car but imagine turning up at the vets with 50 fucking animals lmao.

No. 605319

She has a car but pretty sure she doesnt have a license

No. 605321

>found a special spot to share them

No, you found a place to flaunt them. You buy designer pets, the 'trendy' animal of the month, etc and then you ditch them when something new comes along.

Except you don't stick your baby in a crib on top of a furnace. You don't shut your kids up in a dark closet for days at a time. You don't leave your kids without food, water, or basic human interaction without CPS knocking on your door.

>would never watch any animal slowly suffer and die

Except we can all name at least three animals in your care right now doing that and the first one lives on your dishwasher.

No. 605322


LOL this is all so very Taylor.

Has a car… but has no license.
Worked at a Petsmart… for a few weeks as a cashier.
Has a BF she lives with… who's Jonny Craig.

Womp womp!

No. 605323

Her stans literally have no idea how to prove her care is good it's fucking embarrassing

No. 605324

Anon of course she didn't watch them suffer and die, she would've had to actually check on them throughout the day lmao!

No. 605330

Tay’s “fame” has gotten to her head and that’s the problem. She thinks she’s infallible and ANYONE who offers valid criticisms or concern is a #hater and is jealous.

Taylor, speaking as someone who was a former fan and had seen firsthand the change in her personality and care, I don’t want to see you destroyed. I don’t want you to lose your animals or feel like shit. What I, and most people I’d say, want is for you to leave that scumbag druggie—he’s using you for your money and as soon as that runs out (cause we all know youtube isn’t forever) he will leave you high and dry.

Most importantly, though, we want you to take care of your fucking animals! You’ve never received a formal education in animal care or science, you’ve never worked with animals in a professional setting—you’re not an expert! Swallow your fucking pride and accept that you aren’t an animal QUEEN. And that’s okay.

These snarky ass responses to legitimate concerns isn’t quirky and cute—it just proves how utterly immature and inexperienced you are.

No. 605332

I keep seeing people blaming Johnny as the problem.
The problem is Taylor's pet care was shit BEFORE she met Johnny. Her care has been shit for a long time. That is on her, not him.

No. 605333

I like how the easiest way for her to fix this problem is to just take care of her animals, and she couldn't even do that.

No. 605334

Not sure if this has been mentioned this time, but Jen's deleted her twitter AGAIN. How many times is this now?
When do you reckon she will be back, within 5 hours or 10?

No. 605337

maybe taylor yelled at her this time since it seems she's out of her druggie sleep, and jen deleted in panic

No. 605341

File: 1543351114561.jpg (288.92 KB, 1200x1600, pt2018_11_27_14_39_20.jpg)

A look at the change in her subscribers within the past 4 hours. Top row is her Twitter. Bottom row is her YouTube channel.

No. 605345

File: 1543352055746.jpeg (2.71 MB, 2654x1928, kidascreenshots.jpeg)

Here is a couple. I took them off her Instagram. I didn't want to make four posts, so I hope they're readable. All the dates are there so they should be easy enough to find if you want them individually.
Kida was the reason I stopped following Taylor. The only animals she had that I had experience with was hedgehogs. Her care wasn't great but was better compared to other care I've seen. But then she got Kida. I applied for a service dog around the same time she got her. I couldn't believe that a trainer would work with an older dog with abuse issues. She never said the name of the organization so I highly doubt that it's a reputable one.
I find it ironic that Taylor said Kirara was a family dog but she bonded with her mom, so she was happy to have a dog all of her own. Then about a year later she said she bonded more with her brother and he needed a service dog more so that's why she left her behind. Since then I haven't seen Mama Dean post anything about furthering Kida's training or even helping Tanner.

No. 605346

As another former fan, I will even go so far as to say that I don’t even care if she leaves Jonny. I think he’s a trash piece of shit, but if he’s genuinely trying to turn his life around and she believes in him, more power to them. I don’t think he really is though. I think he’s the same garbage human being he’s always been, but if she wants to keep fucking him, that’s her choice.

What I do want is to see her take full responsibility for her mistakes and stop making as many excuses as she can. I would like for her to stop referring to herself as an animal educator and be forthcoming about the fact that she’s still learning to care for some of these animals. I would also like her to do a better job of accepting criticism and suggestions and to stop condoning the attacking behavior of her stans.

No. 605348

Yikes good work video anons, and Taylor for being a compulsive liar. The numbers don’t lie, people are waking up to the evident and obvious abuse. It’s funny how many of you anons want her to own up and fix herself before it gets out of control, but Taylor has never owned up to her lies and manipulations. Thinking she’s just going to change overnight is foolish, the proof is in the years of subpar care, numerous animals killed senselessly, and self-centered entitlement.

No. 605349

File: 1543352942580.jpeg (167.74 KB, 1242x1075, E9E7DB60-A256-46AF-9CC4-4D4A45…)

not sure if she has a car cause of this tweet i found on his twitter awhile back. wouldn’t they just use their own car for that many groceries?

No. 605351

This honestly makes me mad. Taylor never needed a service dog. She wanted a dog, she got a dog, she wanted special treatment so she wanted it to be a “service dog”, she got bored with the dog, she moved out and has never mentioned the dog since except to say it “bonded with her brother more” complete bullshit. A dog will bond with you if you are caring for it and she obviously wasn’t. The way she just tossed that dog aside when she got bored with it is infuriating.

No. 605355

They have a carpet cleaning vacuum? They must never use it for their carpets to look the way they do.

No. 605356

File: 1543353245603.jpg (791.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181127-151602_Chr…)

No. 605358

Star has probably pissed everywhere and now they have to try to salvage what they can of the carpet

No. 605364

File: 1543354452116.jpeg (137.99 KB, 1242x346, 42AA0AB5-1F40-49E6-AEF5-17A5D5…)

No. 605365

File: 1543354607319.jpeg (771.32 KB, 1242x1221, ABEB9E1D-119D-4B0C-9E95-0E0C64…)

But sober and wants to stay clean.

No. 605367

File: 1543354629493.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

So she could dish it, but couldnt take it?

No. 605368

I wish someone would reply to them to tell them she does this on a regular basis, she'll be back.

No. 605375

Lmfao, no? She had to get off Twitter because she physically cannot stop herself from spewing bullshit and nonsense. Why do these morons act like the Dean family gets all this unwarranted hate and they're exempt from getting shit back. You can't just constantly say and do dumb shit without hearing about it. Stfu 13 year olds. It's getting old.

No. 605376

I think the only thing that makes it better is that she didn't get Kida from an actual organization. So she wasn't taking away a dog from someone that actually needs one. Still, I have to feel bad for Kida in this situation.

No. 605382

Just want to say thank you video anon
Things have finally kicked off.
Hopefully her animals care will improve but im not going to hold my breath based on her responses so far.

No. 605384

What absolutely baffles me about Taylor is that she's completely unable to see why we talk about her on here, make videos and leave criticism in her comment section and Twitter posts. I think I can safely say that most of us here don't want to destroy her or run her off Youtube or whatever; we just want her to be BETTER for the sake of the animals that depend on her. And improving her husbandry and general living situation wouldn't only benefit her animals but also Taylor herself. She'd actually gain credibility if she'd just admit that she hasn't been taking care of her animals as well as she should have and then actually took steps to fix things. But she's simply too self-absorbed to see that. The level of stupidity is mind-blowing.

No. 605386

Its not as much about subs as views and I doubt she'll have as many after this.

No. 605389

This is so embarrassing. Yet his stans keep saying He'S cHaNgEd.

No. 605391

They already suck, she only gets 250k views on average.
It's interesting that many people say that they stopped watching her because they felt like something was off, I usually thought that people lost interest because of her horrid uploading schedule.

No. 605393

I'm one of those people that just lost interest. At first, I watched because I never knew you can keep seahorses as pets and suddenly they got sick? and then she had a bunch of hedgehogs with problems, which were all in a closet. That was an immediate no from me because who calls themselves an educator that puts their animals in shitty environments? I don't care if your satanic geckos are in the largest tank possible, if you're smoking near them and placing a tv near them, that's just an idiotic move. So, here I am after googling to see if i'm not the only one who thinks this

No. 605396

Man, I feel like this thread is going to become much more active now that so many people are seeing Taylor for who she really is.

No. 605397

File: 1543359430538.png (359.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Idk if this has been mentioned yet but Jen changed her youtube name to Gone Forever, what kind of melodramatic bullshit

No. 605400

Should change it to “Gone for 6 Hours, Tops.”

No. 605401

lmao Jen we know you can't resist internet attention, but good try at getting people to care.

No. 605402

Of topic but this reminds me of what I used to do as a kid.
When I was little and wanted attention from my friends for whatever reason after they upset me (kids love sympathy) I’d change my profile picture and username to “quitting” in hopes that they’d message me and feel bad. They would and it’s kinda cringey thinking back lol.
Jen literally has the mind of a twelve year old yikes.

No. 605406

Well yes. At the beginning her videos were actually cool, and she seemed awkward yet grounded. But then again she was still living with her parents, so even if Jen's batshit, Taylor looked like she got her shit together.

But after she moved to that apartment with Jonny, everything went to shit. Her channel is only good for "all my pets" videos, and that's it. She's not like Brave Wilderness or even Emzotic (as batshit as she also is), because she doesn't KNOW animals. She wanted to "branch out" into Twitch or a second channel, but lacks the charisma other vloggers have. Tana Mongoose is trash yet she's entertaining. Taylor isn't because the only thing that makes her watchable are her animals. If you watch the videos where it's only her barely get views. She was bragging that she was gonna reach 2mil by the end of the year… but she's plateau'd.

Subscribers are fickle, and after a while her "all my pets" videos will also stop generating the revenue they do now.

She thinks that most of us are haterz who're jealous, when actually we used to be subscribers who liked her.

No. 605409

She's like a teenager being petty on snapchat or facebook, good lord.

No. 605412


Or for a more direct approach "Please pay attention to me"

No. 605413

Holy shit she really has issues

No. 605416

I thought she looked sad and young in her halloween vid to turn into cheese. i think she needs to just cut back on pets and be young for awhile.

No. 605419


Unless she rehomes the majority of her animals, that won't be possible. She's taken on a responsibility that doesn't leave room for "being young". Then again, I think we all know she's not going to rehome any of them due to her compulsion to hoard.

No. 605422

Also her ego would never allow that

No. 605433

File: 1543361578222.jpg (81.4 KB, 960x720, IMG_20181128_003220.jpg)

Just found this on Twitter. But yeah, Taylor totally doesn't show signs of hoarding.

No. 605435

My god, the amount of energy this woman spends on leaving then just coming back. Hey Jen, don't you have a special needs son to be taking care of? Isn't he more worthy of your time than your social media?

No. 605437

Can we start an anti taylor Nicole dean fan club on Facebook(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 605438

>>605437 sounds like a good way to get doxxed and harassed by her insane followers, which I'm sure she will passively encourage

No. 605440

Dang you right ^^

No. 605442

She had to opportunity to post updates on her animals to disprove everything but instead she just lols and goes “r u serious I take good care idk why I need to update y’all constantly”

Shit care aside at least other pet tubers maintain a constant communication with their fans about their fucking animals.

No. 605448

Show, don't tell.

No. 605450


this is so true, all she'd have to go is go live and do a tour of all her animals in their cages right now and it would shut all of us up

No. 605452

100k on the video tonight probably boyz 🤑

and TRUE. if tay’s apartment isn’t disgusting and her animals are cared for she could go live right now, show all of her care, and that would help her case so much. like we would have nothing to say for ourselves, she would feel like she won something (when in reality all we want is for her animals to be cared for), and that would be it. but we won’t, because she’s hiding something. several things probably. lmao

No. 605453

She can't because more of them died. We haven't seen some of her pets in months.
Imo all the animals that were on Emmas "lost" sd card are either dead or sick

No. 605454

Which just goes how to show how rough her enclosures/animals must look. Going live right now would probably prove us right.

No. 605456

Idk, I'm still in the group that her care only really went that bad after she moved in with Jonny.

No. 605457

File: 1543363704437.jpeg (117.76 KB, 1078x1120, AddText_11-27-06.04.18.JPEG)

No. 605459

video anons vid popped up right on top when I searched taylor Nicole dean

No. 605462

File: 1543364269685.jpeg (212.38 KB, 1242x304, 1F908B02-8E43-4365-8C75-DB8F82…)

this show up for anyone else who watched what ever’s video? good to see the algorithm really has picked up on these

No. 605465

File: 1543364727660.jpg (98.6 KB, 477x837, Screenshot_20181128-012456_Sam…)

She's losing subs in the 100s now

No. 605466

Anyone suspecting either one of her significant animals has died, or got hurt, or got a new pet again? Perhaps that's why she was so silent.

If not, I bet she will get something very very soon again to "cheer herself up" from this whole thing and Cheeses death

No. 605467

Or go on another 'much-needed' vacation

No. 605468


Should we start taking bets on what her newest animal will be?

My guess is a spider of some sort since she was talking about a Cobalt Blue or some other species of blue tarantula a while ago. That, or she will replace Cheese with another cowfish in an attempt to keep the meme of her talking fish alive.

No. 605471

Im worried she'll trade the roughneck for a tegu. Roughnecks need a tall enclosure, tegus could live in his and are more doglike.

No. 605474

I will actually loose it if she gets a tegu. I rescue and breed tegus. She cannot handle one. They can and will be aggressive without proper handling, and most never turn into the "dog like" lizards people think they are. I only have one who is like the typical tegu people see on the internet. Also, their tail whips can blister your skin, they can bite through your fingers, and cause a hospital trip easily. Plus they need at least 8x4x4 feet of space. I also feel like she wouldn't like the fact that they sleep for half of the year. For six months she wouldn't be able to manhandle the poor thing for pictures

No. 605480

Yeah won't be surprised if she is gonna get a P. Metallica (or cobalt blue since the viral video labelled it as such)

Definitely think she is gonna get hella tarantulas very soon because they're cheap in maintenance and also low maintenance. Plus she can pull a hundred excuses out of her ass when they die. Despite female T's having a long life span between 15 to 25 years. And I think that's because she has taken notice of Exotic Lair his fast channel growth. Her roaches video reminded me a lot of him though his was far more educational

No. 605481

It’d be ironic if she starts copying Dark den considering he stated he asked her if she’d be interested in a collab once and she gave him the cold shoulder.

No. 605482

Oh I wish, her animals need it lmao

No. 605483

Doesn't he have a video of why he doesn't like her?

No. 605485

Oh care wise yeah please for the love of god copy him. I just meant content wise.

No. 605486

He has a video on why he doesn’t believe her story regarding the monitor. He’s never actually made comments on Taylor as a person or her overall care, though he doesn’t make the effort to try and talk to her so that’s a plus.

No. 605490

Mine is a tame guy but I've also heard blues are tamer so idk.

No. 605491

I was going to watch her video about dubia roaches but after I saw a bunch of comments about how cool it is they dont fly and I just clicked off lol.

No. 605496

File: 1543367511840.jpeg (131.37 KB, 750x301, 8AF5348D-7685-40B1-9201-D99EDB…)

Y’all remember the years of shit 90% of youtubers get? No? Guess this dude doesn’t either.

No. 605498

The irony of what some of these people say.

No. 605500


I'd feel really worried for her cats tbh, since she doesn't seem to care about keeping them in separate rooms. I used to live in a place with wild tegus and one time one of them gave our brazilian mastiff a pretty bad injury. He was a big dog so just imagining what a tegu could do with a cat makes me feel bad.

No. 605502

File: 1543367838695.png (11.25 KB, 412x89, funeralnight.png)

Viking Funeral tonight, folks!

No. 605505

The thing is….Taylor could be successful without having to have a shit ton of animals that she inevitably neglects because it's impossible to spend enough QUALITY (being the key word…not a two second stop to check if they're breathing) time caring for them. She doesn't need to rely on "all my pets" videos or "OMG RARE NEW PET NEVER BEFORE SEEN" videos.

Look at all the animal channels that have a decent following and decent views and they focus on only a few animals (right off the top of my head I'm thinking Snake Discovery). Taylor could do educational videos and maintain a decent following….but the bitch doesn't know shit about her animals. A few minutes of googling doesn't count. Thus, she has to rely on the cliche "all my pets" shit.

No. 605506


god I can't wait for the comments to not go the way she wants

No. 605508

I hope someone will download the video, just in case she will delete it when it gets a bunch of backlash for her exploiting and moneziting his death. Cheese wasn't a cow fish, he was her little cash cow.

No. 605509

File: 1543368171027.png (67.66 KB, 605x433, emzotictotallydiditguys.png)

lmao people STILL think Emzotic made the video!

No. 605510

My god. Em has done a decent job of staying in her lane after her very public scandal. She's basically been ostracized by the pettuber clique and lost a fair amount of credibility with her followers. Like, leave her alone. She's doing her time for being an idiot.

No. 605513


Her wants ALWAYS come before her animals' needs. And when that causes problems, those are just "mistakes" that she could have never imagined or prepared for, despite all the red flags.

No. 605514

File: 1543368505695.jpg (191.56 KB, 1536x736, 20181128_022829.jpg)

The rat she saved, excuse me? These kids are wild

No. 605516

Perhaps we should just spam the video with
"It's a fish dude. Fish die all the time"(cowtipping)

No. 605517

Good idea lmao, I think there will be a lot of those comments regardless seeing how many there were on her last video already

No. 605521


at least Em admitted to what she did wrong and apologized(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 605524


"It was a fish dude. Fish pass all the time." ~Taylor Nicole Dean

No. 605525

I missed out I guess but what did Em do? Sorry if this is off topic.

No. 605526

There is, so much wrong with this I can name 5.

No. 605527

Nothing that’s just it, everyone supporting Taylor in her crusade to hell think what ever is emzotic with a voice changer.

No. 605528


kek, next thread photo nomination


Verbally shitted on TND hundreds of times (literally) on earlier threads; calling her ugly/generally shitting on her appearance, shitting on her pet care. Also Em was being a general psycho cunt even going as far as to shade HERSELF… Shit was mad

No. 605529

I thought it was gonna be >>604756 ?

No. 605530

File: 1543370138727.jpeg (137.96 KB, 1242x858, CA9686ED-29AC-4DB7-B8C6-308AAE…)

It’s our fave 15 year old “animal educator”! Ig retweeting and liking a bunch of tweets about animal care is what he considers being an “animal educator”. You can see where Taylor’s influenced him!

No. 605531

Was outed by lolcow mods after posting in the general pettubers thread identifying herself. She made several posts about Taylor where she acted super vicious about her appearance, mostly.

Which is kinda funny because I remember other people actually calling her out about that and saying it wasn't cool to shit so much on her appearance, before they knew it was her. For all the shit we get, we've actually been far more considerate at times than people who actually know her.

No. 605533

Emzotics comments can be found here btw https://lolcow.farm/emzotic.html

I'm just reading some of them back and my God, she is actually fucking off the deep end. How're you not only gonna talk about yourself in third person but actually shit on your own husbandry and appearance. I hope she gets mental help as she obviously is fucked in the head

No. 605534

Taylor needs a permit for her snakes if I'm reading this correctly…
Any owner, caretaker, or other person who keeps any non-poisonous snake over three (3) feet and/or fifteen (15) pounds, in addition to complying with all federal and state laws, regulations, and permit regulations affecting such snake, shall: …
Then there are a few requirements to be met in addition to a permit.

And animal control hasn't done anything about her?

No. 605535

Stop talking about Emzotic, she isnt even relevant rn

No. 605536

why do these teens act like showing who you really are on the internet is being cool? Ever since I was a teen, I knew never to show my real identity because first, pedophiles and crazy ass people exist and second, I don't want people to find me in real life. No wonder they blindly follow someone like Taylor, their parents don't give a crap what they're doing online.

No. 605540


The funny thing is, if we weren’t blocked and she’d actually talk to us about our concerns, many of us wouldn’t ‘hide’.

No. 605541

He lurks here bc he immediately DMed me again after he was mentioned here and I asked for his pic and username to be covered up. He kept saying stupid shit like "show my picture I dare you" and that hes been through so much worse shit than this and he wont let anyone get him down as if this whole thread was about him… these children are fuckin wild..

No. 605542

To your little lurker friend, ain’t no one stopping you from posting here~

No. 605544

Kid, you'll look back on this shit, and hopefully cringe.
I believe in you, son.

No. 605545

If he lurks here he is invited to post…and also read past threads showing why talking to her dirrectly does not work.

No. 605547


Yeppers. Back when she first got together with Jonny, I was one of the people who left concerned YouTube comments in her video because she was so obviously off her gourd and not coherent (as well as bunking with fucking Jonny) – and the volley of whining and bullshit that her little fans engaged in the comment section was beyond belief.

I don't get what sort of idiocy people are teaching their kids these days that they think a rapist junkie is in any way considered boyfriend material or someone you'd like to see with someone you care for. Blows my fucking mind. Lack of life experiences is one thing (these are little kids after all) but there's edgy and then there's WRONG.

No. 605548

Im pretty sure he's posting that "moo moo" reference shit on purpose bc he straight up told me he likes the attention, if we mention him we need to do it right, and he needs to get used to the hate bc he's going to start a channel soon (major yikes). So I vote we stop giving the little weirdo the attention he so craves from us. I'd post screenshots of the convo but 1. Dont want to derail any further and 2. Its very cringey and difficult to read bc he doesnt make any sense.

No. 605549

>So I vote we stop giving the little weirdo the attention he so craves from us.

For sure. I'm not gonna lie, I'll cut him some slack because he's 15, and giving him attention is honestly not wise overall. But y'know, I still hope he and Taylor's fans eventually grow out of that blind support. I like to think it's mostly age what makes them insufferable.

No. 605550

Oh so a jen 2.0 deal happening i take it.

On another note whens the cheese vid going up i dont want to miss the comments section on that

No. 605551

Tomorrow? Idk I’m in a different Timezone and it was posted several hours back so I have no real idea.

No. 605553

>I don't get what sort of idiocy people are teaching their kids these days that they think a rapist junkie is in any way considered boyfriend material

I mean, her mom is crazy as fuck and her dad seems absent?? She likes attention, she likes the self-esteem boost of "caring" for things and being uwu savior complex

No. 605554

File: 1543372757131.jpg (319.47 KB, 1080x928, 20181127_204010.jpg)

Here comes the oh so righteous petube clan with their defense. It's ironic she doesnt agree with supporting toxic behavior yet supports Taylor's?

No. 605555

Someone needs to tell her that what worked before won't work now. Once a mob starts all the scolding in the world won't work. It only pisses it off more.

No. 605556

File: 1543373180994.jpeg (29.86 KB, 954x162, likes.jpeg)

No. 605558

I haven't watched any of the anti-Taylor videos but I'm assuming they just use facts and aren't bullying or tearing down her appearance or anything. Nobody is even talking about Taylor's appearance anymore at this point. This argument is not even valid anymore.

No. 605560

I mean Taylor clearly doesn't think respectfully correcting mistakes is OK since she blocks anyone who tries but go off.

Also, being called out on your lies can be hurtful but is not inherently disrespectful

No. 605563

Sorry it’s a bit late, this thread moves fast. Kratom on its own will not cause the nods and to be honest I’ve taken it mixed with other substances and I still didn’t nod. I’m going to take a guess that if Taylor is really “sleeping” this much then there could be something else helping her along. Kratom however is fantastic to take while coming off h. As long as you are dedicated and willing to deal with some discomfort at least. It helps take the edge off in the early days of wd and then as needed for anxiety and pain later on. It can be a lifesaver.
If you nod out on h while the needle is still in then you could be in big trouble. The only time this happened to me in 7 years of use was when I had an od. This used to not be the norm but it’s becoming more common as fent is now everywhere and could be in any dose. It’s a crapshoot lately.
>>604927 this person is an idiot that probably has never left their parents basement. Everything they have said is wrong and being this naive they probably won’t survive until voting age.>>604931 Junkies do all sorts of different things while using. Clean, drive, cook, murder, rape.
TND and JC stans really aren’t even old enough to think for themselves.

No. 605564

File: 1543373714471.jpg (279.63 KB, 1080x829, 20181127_205604.jpg)

She acts like taylor doesn't immediately block anyone who questions her care.. how many times have ppl tried to be respectful about it and Taylor still didn't give a shit

No. 605565

Can someone list all the important mistakes Taylor has made

No. 605567

This girl LOL she probably knows what Taylor's ass taste like from the amount of kissing she does just to get more subscribers

No. 605568

Theres a lot, I'd suggest reading all the thread summaries, they're a pretty good cliff notes summary.

No. 605569

The whole holier than thou attitude smells lol

No. 605570

Tarantula keeper her
I hope she gets a pokie and gets bitten by it. These aren't Ts for inexperienced keepers. Theyre venom is no something to fuck with.

No. 605574


Lurk moar, this is thread number 23 of all of her mistakes.

No. 605577

Are her wildcaught pets rescues??

No. 605579


Not unless you count craigslist

No. 605580

No, the only one you could count as a rescue was cheese because he rescued her from realising her dumb arse caused several fish to be eaten.

No. 605582

File: 1543375934197.png (509.41 KB, 1440x2231, Screenshot_2018-11-27-19-30-35…)

From a biologist who stans taylor.
Sorry if posting incorrectly, LONG time lurker. First time cobtributing.

No. 605586


This shit is getting legitimately satirical.

No. 605587

Ha NONE of her wild-caught pets are rescues.

The only pets that are "rescues" are Nemo and MAYBE Star (though Star is doubtful).

No. 605588

Feels free to screen shot my post to use as a reply to this person.
- zazu was wild caught and was a gift from a family member.
- her Kudas were wild caught and all were bought from the same store.
- her moon crabs were possibly wild caught, the person who sold them to her don’t even know where they come from.
- Kronos and all her satanics are wild caught, she got them all through Reptile Pets Direct who confirmed the wild caught status.
- cheese was wild caught, she traded her snowflake eel for him at the same store she got said eel from.

No. 605590

>proper licensing
>accredited brands

Meanwhile, in Mushu's dangerously hot, dirty and scant tankwater: silence. Bindi makes her 99th loop of the day through the barren field of bedding in her habitat.

No. 605591

What licensing does she even have?

No. 605592

Enrichment is usually purchased AFTER she already bought them, not before when you're supposed to. Also the tank sizes are too small and wtf is she really a biologist or an "internet biologist"

No. 605593

Her pen license maybe.

No. 605594

Video anons I think you started world war 3.

No. 605596

File: 1543377221928.png (966.64 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20181127-205248~2.p…)

Any comments from rat anons on the new rat cage?

No. 605597

File: 1543377275598.png (87.74 KB, 601x554, fishdie.png)

No. 605598

New vid is up

No. 605600

Than what made cheese so special?

No. 605601


The kind of licensing that comes from her ample education and work experience with animals, naturally.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

No. 605602

No. 605603

Is that seriously the thumb na she used….

No. 605604

File: 1543377576845.jpg (2.95 MB, 1220x4570, ItsAFishDude.jpg)

seemed relevant

No. 605605

Can someone give us a rundown of the video so we don't all have to watch this dumpster fire?

No. 605608


She's legit filming a frozen dead fish carcass on a boat as content…

No. 605609

And I quote “please don’t demonetize me YouTube” - her only motivation for this video

No. 605611