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No. 624765

Thread Image Credit: >>623285 (honorable mentions: >>623191, >>623232, >>623166)
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/622174
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg started livestreaming, discussing the current allegations against Him and Lainey. Admits to Sarah having feelings for Lainey and Lainey being hesitant to date her. He admits to Sarah seeing Lainey topless “as an adult.” He also admits to treating Sarah like shit until she was 18. (Mirror: >>622401)

>Claims that it was okay to kiss Maya because his wife had already kissed her. >>622208
>Ayalla calls out Greg’s allegations about her asking Sarah to sleep with her as a diversion tactic. >>622349
>Sarah states that she’s doing a livestream only to drop it 3 hours later, most likely because Greg threw her and Lainey under the bus. >>622363
>Greg leaks a message that was sent to Lainey to prove that he’s totally not a creep who sexually harassed a 19-20 year old girl. >>622406 >>622428
>Sarah posts an itinerary that states that she was 16 when the Avaroes flew her out. >>622542 People still aren’t convinced that she hasn’t been groomed.
>DMs with a girl planned on flying out were released. Her twitter is now deleted. >>622582
>DMs about a mother deleting her daughters’ twitter for interacting with Greg were posted. >>622607
>Sarah now claims that Lainey was not a legal guardian but only a medical power of attorney, contradicting her and Lainey’s claims. >>622637
>Greg makes yet another video about Maya and how she totally wanted him, despite us having proof that she, in fact, did not want him. >>623149 (Mirror: >>623158)
>Sarah’s 41 second statement trying to cover for Lainey and Greg is posted on Greg’s speaks channel. Still, no one with a brain is buying it. >>623994
>Lainey has definitely cuddled with Sarah. >>624162
>Greg releases a video of “objective facts” which does nothing but slander Ayalla and Madison. >>624186
>Greg persists on being fake positive after claiming that Ayalla is a pervert who enabled Sarah’s ED. (When in fact it was Lainey encouraging Sarah’s ED. >>624235) >>624411

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- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
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No. 624769


Greg needs Billy the Fridge around so he makes Greg look slim, handsome and more desirable to his (teen) audience.

No. 624771


Nothing will make Greg even remotely handsome. I get what you're saying though lol

No. 624776

Sorry for OT, but who's Keith? At the end of last thread someone asked to use a "normal" pic of onion for this thread, and now they're redtexted "bye, Keith". I looked it up on life of onion and got no results.

No. 624780

d0ntstandsoclosetome on tumblr, an anti onision blog run by keith who is a lolcow in his own right

No. 624784

The retard also said to have super secret Pierce County insider info that Greg was getting a 1K fine and they were in the process of lowering it. Meanwhile, the application fee for damage assessment alone was twice that.

No. 624792

Is anyone going to record Luxy's livestream? I think I won't be able to watch it live

No. 624805

The fine could be separate from the application (and restoration) fees. Though you can't trust that guy as far as you can throw him.

No. 624806

Keith is an old man into onion drama that is a bit of a cow himself. He is a bit of an A-log and thinks the best way to discredit is to take everything he says seriously. He is convinced Greg has super sekrut ties to the police and to Youtube, which is why he will never go away. He believes that due to some conspiracy, IRS will forgive Gregs tax fraud and that tractorgate would have cost him 1k in total. This is some examples, among other funny beliefs he has.

No. 624809

Let's move on from the Keith discussion and focus back on Greg and Lainey.

No. 624821

No. 624822

Billy's Gregs "Duff" (Designated Ugly Fat Friend).

Fun Fact: If you search "Laineybot" you have ten videos detailing the recent abuse allegations until you reach her actual content. Bye Beech, your done.

No. 624826

File: 1547236237059.png (14.65 KB, 568x245, nomorelikes.png)

was it brought up in the last thread he hid his likes? guess he doesnt want people going after the fans who defend him, have to make sure they stay untainted and ~pure~

No. 624827

Idk anon I can still see his liked tweets on mobile.

No. 624829

He hid his subs on one of his channels and probably likes on a few videos, but he never his likes on his twitter.

No. 624830

File: 1547236892579.jpeg (243.65 KB, 1242x823, A49C6EDC-7B0C-49DE-AEF7-942506…)

Well I was on desktop when I took that checked on my mobile and I can see them now? Guess it was just for the computer which is odd, oh well ignore it then

No. 624831

File: 1547237922295.jpg (85.4 KB, 1852x834, twitter.jpg)

I'm on my desktop and I can see them alright.

No. 624832

> making this joke in 2019

No. 624833

File: 1547238091186.jpg (60.98 KB, 586x456, onisionprime.jpg)

Sorry for the double post but since I'm at it I decided to check what's going on with his prime account.
He seems to be upset.

No. 624834

how his fans blindly eat up his bullshit is beyond me

No. 624835

I think you’re just looking in the wrong spot anon, you can clearly see the likes tab even in the first pic.

To stay on topic: I’m wondering if anybody has thought of making a compilation video of every girl who has come forward on the onions grooming/abuse. Or if any of them were to collectively join up in video and make a “me too” style video of each of them giving their own accounts. I’m surprised more of them haven’t come forward together yet like ayalla and lane, rather than just individually trying to fight greg and Lainey. The last nail in the coffin is maya imo

No. 624836

Like I said probably just for my computer, sorry

No. 624837

File: 1547238426592.png (267.18 KB, 576x458, Screenshot_15.png)

He posted his messages to "Ayala" on his super secret twitter.

No. 624838

He put those in that dumb video of his too. they just make him look bad. that entire video does. not sure how he and his blind teen fans cant see that

No. 624839

Luxy is live on Younow - username Luxymoo

No. 624840

No. 624841

I've thought about making one before, but I don't know how to edit and I'm not sure where to start learning about those things.

No. 624844

I'm kind of blown away that onion is trying to make this seem like some kind of "brain damage" thing. I really feel bad for Ayalla that she's dealing with that, but I don't think there are forms of brain damage that work that way. My place of employment actually hires some people who have had closed head injuries to help them learn job skills and earn some extra money. They have problems like struggling to remember names of other people, but they're all grounded in reality.

I don't see how claiming she just has brain damage would make him "win." He loves FAAAX and, in terms of her brain issues, Ayalla has the upper hand in that regard and could prove him wrong.

No. 624845

Is there anyway to watch younow on mobile without having to download the app? Every time I try to tap play, it immediately takes me to the playstore, which no. I don't want to download it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 624846

nope, but i'm sure someone's recording

No. 624850

She's really upfront and clear about the whole thing, I'm glad she's speaking up again.

No. 624851


I have been considering it since he made the "documentary" on Shane. I've been thinking about making an actual, long-ass video on him starting from the beginning, with his old websites/high school classmates that have come forward.

I've kind of held back because I'm not sure about the morality of attaching these womens' names to him again. I don't know.

No. 624852

File: 1547240367674.png (171.02 KB, 344x328, Capture2.PNG)

New upload on Taylor's channel, timed perfectly during Luxy's stream. I assume they're making veggie burgers to imitate the success of Jenna and Julien's adorable vegan cooking videos…but badly.

No. 624853

wow that looks bad. But that she can't even cook isn't anything new.
What a sad way of trying to distract from the girls who are out there telling the truth about her.

No. 624854

Let the fucking banana go. This is so sad, like watching a band play their one hit, thirty years later, at the state fair.

No. 624856

greg really out here saying he wants a third person to watch anime with him at night while Lainey is asleep. we all know its code for fucking without Lainey.

No. 624857

It's also like watching an embarrassing grandfather talk about how they won at a state fair 30 years ago.

How long ago was the banana video? (Really) Like all viral things, they get 15 minutes of fame and then that's it. Everyone forgets within a few months. He's still going on about it many years later.

No. 624858

right? his fans probably were just a few years old when he made this video. I wonder if anyone of them actually goes to youtube and watches it when he's rehashing

No. 624861

stream is just luxy reading texts where greg hounds her for a 3 way relationship. saying she can visit as a friend but then says if she won't consider being poly more than 25% then don't come at all. she basically says ok then i shouldn't come, then he tries to use tactics like she's given up on lainey, wanting monogamy means she is selfish, etc.

notice how this is lainey's relationship but greg is the one talking lol

No. 624862

>notice how this is lainey's relationship but greg is the one talking lol

And how it's always Greg making the videos about Complainey's ex-girlfriends but never her.

No. 624864

jesus christ lainey. how many times is going to be brought to your attention that your husband has zero respect for you before you open your eyes.

No. 624866

And Greg's sperging like mad, he's basically vomiting rainbows. lmao

No. 624867

“I want a threesome” is not actually interesting content to anybody but the coterie of troubled teens who still follow Gurgles. Yep, lots of gross suburban dads want threesomes, not exactly breaking news there.

No. 624868

And making videos with the girls instead of Lainey. She made 1 or 2 with Billie and he made like 20 with Billie

No. 624869

The stream.. you can tell Luxy was struggling to talk about all of this as she’d get very emotional. There was this part near the end where she talked about Sarah’s feelings for Lainey, and said she doesn’t know if she still likes her, but that they did something. She took a pause and said “nevermind, I shouldn’t say anything.” Wonder what it was.

No. 624870

Wow, it takes a special sort of skill to fuck up a pre-cookie veggie burger. For god's sake, I get she has no shame, but she should feel actual embarrassment for uploading that and putting her own incompetence on blast.

No. 624871

Best bit was when onion told Luxy that if she did a video with lainey then they could write the trip off as a business expense

No. 624872

It isn't surprising at all though. How often do perpetrators try to discredit their accusers by throwing out whatever they can? It's desperate straw pulling. He tried to do the same thing with Kati/Joy by bringing up her "brain fog" but even the foggiest of brains can see he's a disgusting creep and his actions to prove his innocence back that up.

You can always use letters and not name them or blur out faces to respect the privacy. He needs to have his R. Kelly moment already.

Hope someone recorded it for us. It's awful the way he tried to manipulate girls into relationships with Lainey when it was really all for him because he's bored of his footwife's aging sour pussy.

No. 624873

Luxy was so sweet, polite and respectful despite everything Gerg put her trough. She's really lucky that she did not let him manipulate her into flying out to them.

No. 624874

That was good. My favorite parts were when he talked about how wonderful his and Lainey’s relationship was and how he acted like he was some sort of relationship guru who discovered that the key to a successful relationship was one dad and two mommies.

No. 624875

He called monogamous relationships "love prisons" lol twin flames uwu

He threw every tactic at H during 1-2 texting sessions. That shit was disturbing!! He was aggressive, then sweet, then neutral cycled over and over and over again. Jesus christ I know there was no doubt, but he 100% has a cluster B. No one without a pathology interacts like that. Regardless of the fact it was a tantrum because he didnt get the fuck toy his ugly wife promised him, even(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624876

Good catch, anon.
So he practically admitted to committ6ing tax fraud. He wanted Luxy in WA for private matters but would have put her in a video to seal the deal and label it "a business expense".
Well, he's lucky the IRS doesn't know that.

No. 624877

She said she wasn't interested in a three way relationship like 40 times but he still kept pushing her. This guy doesn't accept no as an answer, he's incredibly creepy and rapey

No. 624878

It was incredibly aggressive in its own but then when you factor in that he was acting this way with someone they knew for a week and a half and never even met in person, it amps the crazy up by about five thousand notches.

No. 624879

The fact that he kept saying, “do it for Lainey! Lainey would want you to.”

No. 624880

it was so disgusting when he wrote her that she can fly out to them "as a friend" but only if her interest in being poly was at least 25%
he 100% had in mind to lure her out and try some fucked up shit à la picking the girl up and kissing her suddenly, to try to get her into liking him.
He's so desperate and gross, how can Taylor not see this

No. 624882

The conversation lux showed basically cements the fact the only one interested in having a relationship with her is gronk lame never pursued anything further but onion kept harrassing lux for potential succ mi which is expected

No. 624883

File: 1547243562761.jpeg (128.08 KB, 1223x635, BDE9EEAA-27C3-4383-A873-E9DAE5…)

Shut the fuck up. There are people calling him out in the replies regarding Luxy’s stream, and he’s (as always) ignoring them.. but liking all of the “it’s never too late for a fresh start!” Tweets.

No. 624885

And its straight up gaslighting. "You're remembering wrong because of your brain damage" is a textbook example.

No. 624886

He flat out told her in the messages that why would he have friends he cant fuck if his family provides the same thing friends do therefore theres no need for regular friends

No. 624887

what's really fucked up, in my opinion, is that he said "I have to be in the relationship as well. I mean what should I do when Lambo and you are making love? I have to be 100% in Lambos life"
like? fucking spend time with your children? what even do they do when daddy and momdad are busy having "threesomes" with random girls?

No. 624888


She says something and his response to her is “do you know you’re wrong or do you need me to explain to you why you’re wrong,” absolutely dripping with condescension.

Such goals ammiright?

No. 624889

Jeez, I swear he made Lainey have a lobotomy at one time in their relationship. Who would willingly endure so much emotional abuse?

Eh, well, I keep forgetting that Lainey loves being the victim.

No. 624890

How can someone be this desperate to get laid?

No. 624891

At this point I'm afraid that as soon as Sarah will have been kicked to the curb, there will be Sarah 2.0 and Sarah 3.0.

No. 624893

Lmao it's so obvious she didn't wanna make this video and anus is forcing her to do it, gotta get that revenue. I bet she wants to abandon that channel altogether but anus won't let her

No. 624894

I wonder how much regret Lainey must feel after this stream. Assuming she really is into girls (which I'm not sure of), she sees that H was really interested in her and she could have had a chance of having a relationship with her. But of course Greg ruined everything and she's still stuck with him.

No. 624895

It's more about control I think. He is definitely a sexual predator and obviously obssessed with sex (he has nothing else that gives him satisfaction because he's a hollow monster of a person), but there's also the thrill of being manipulative and controlling people.

No. 624897

She isn;t interested in girls sexually. She had M out there, and Greg abused her, and Kailor couldn't have cared less despite knowing about it (and actually threw her under the bus to Greg, to boot. This alone should be enough of a warning as to what Taylor Elaine Avaroe is actually like, fwiw. So much for Kailor being the sweetest person Sarah know.Taylor is a fucking snake, so I guess Sarah has chosen well as to the form of her destructor. ). It was pretty clear M came out there to be with Kailor, and yet it seemed like a great deal of her interaction was with Greg.

No. 624898

File: 1547244579125.jpeg (156.16 KB, 1251x750, 833A7EB0-FB07-4519-9398-CF9451…)

The intro is so fucked. He's like 'this is your video Kai get the ingredients…" and she gives him her smug fucking face and says "it's your idea".

And the idiot actually wears one of her AirPods throughout the video because she's a fucking fake rich twat.

No. 624900

>it seemed like a great deal of her interaction was with Greg.

Same as Billie's was. None of the girls they've tried to get out to them spend time with Lame, it's always Greg and he probably plans for it to be this way. I bet there was a lot of coaching on his part to get Lame to ask Billie to be her gf.

No. 624903

Holy shit. Reupload-chan get on this shit bc I wanna see the thousand yard stare on the foot's face

No. 624904


In the end she didn't even cook everything, either. Her husband cooked the burger poorly to completion. Lainey didn't even know where the oil/grease was (even though the real answer to where the grease was is that it was behind the camera).

No. 624905

File: 1547245466890.gif (687.61 KB, 458x260, 1538187342653.gif)

Damn, anon.

She should do a "How I clean dishes" video cause that's the only way they will ever get clean.

No. 624906

The whole video is such a trainwreck, as is their relationship. Greg is basically degrading Lainey the entire time ("Now we throw this away, which Kai doesn't quite grasp the concept of. We're throwing something away Kai!", "Laziness!", "Do you know you're wrong or do I need to explain to you why you're wrong?"). They can't even pretend to be a loving couple for 10 minutes for the camera and it's sad and hilarious at the same time.

No. 624907

Yet he constantly ignored her to go "play video games" and "watch anime" with Billie. He's 100% in her life only when it suits him

No. 624908

File: 1547246064156.jpg (31.5 KB, 585x232, twitterbomb.jpg)

Is he lovebombing Lainey or is he trying to suck up to his few remaining fans?

No. 624909

That is a seriously twisted way to think.

No. 624911

He’s been regurgitating this “be happy love yourself” shit since this all began to blow up. He’s trying to make it seem like the accusations aren’t bothering him and it’s pretty obvious it is

A normal person would just stay off their twitter and contact a lawyer about defamation/slander if it wasn’t true

No. 624913

File: 1547246871253.gif (917.08 KB, 338x208, tenor.gif)

No. 624915

First of all, wtf kind of "how to" is this? They could have at least made one from scratch… second of all, do they ever make anything for their kids? Jeez

No. 624917

I think Luxy mentioned those messages were from november 2016, that means footbot had just given birth to bandaid. So instead of giving his new baby love and attention and helping his wife take of her, anus was manipulating another girl into sucking his hooded half hot dog

No. 624919

In my opinion… Plainey is as straight as uncooked spaghetti. That's why she latched on the trans thing, because that's something easier to pretend. She's never shown actual interest in girls, when she "kissed" Billie she looked like she wanted to die. When you act like this people are going to figure out sooner or later that you're lying about your sexuality, and she needed some kind of "special" label for herself to have an audience since she's too boring.

No. 624920

I couldn't agree more. Imagine a video that compiled all the live stream clips that stated in a straight-forward manner the exact instances of abuse from either Greg or Lainey, as well as inclusion of tweets/text messages/emails/etc that show proof of their abuse towards numerous young women.

This is the video we NEED right now. It would back up Ayalla's claims and prove that all of these accusations have serious merit, that this is not a joking matter and it is not some silly "witch hunt from the h8erz" which Greg loves to preach and sperg on about. Seeing him attempt to laugh this away as if it is one giant prank makes me sick.

Repzion for once could put his sizable audience to good use and compile the evidence shown on the LC and KF threads as well as from numerous videos easily found on YT. I'm not personally a fan of his, but he’s indisputably been raking in massive viewership on his Onion topics lately. If Repzion actually did research and provided an informative compilation, I don't think Onion would have a chance in hell of discounting any of it. It would destroy him. Greg thinks he can discount one accusation at a time, but no way would he be able to play it off as if all of these accusations combined have zero merit. Absolutely no way in hell.

I know this is extremely unlikely to happen… partly because any youtubers with a large audience NEVER seem to do the necessary research.. but damn would it finally, once in for all, prove how this is an ON-GOING abusive predatorial situation.

…I guess I can keep dreaming because this is so unlikely to happen. But man, if only..

No. 624921

If she'd just given birth, she'd still be recovering from it … You aren't supposed to have sex for around a month and a half at the very least. The recovery process can be very difficult on the body, not to mention what the mind goes through normally after birth (without factoring in PPD.)

Gurgle pressing the subject of a Trinity and how he ~Just Can't~ not be 100% a part of Lainey's life while she's going through the recovery process of literally having a child is all sorts of extra gross.

He's so disconnected from the reality of his spouse/family. I guess it's easier to ignore if your head is so far up your own ass the only thing you can think about is the next move in your predatory Trinity fantasy.

No. 624922

Did anybody record the Luxymoo stream? I want to see/hear these extended caps of Greg’s bullshit, I hope I don’t have to resort to giving RSN views.

Whenever Greg is trembling with fear on the inside he does the fake nice shtick because it makes the people “attacking” aka asking him for a fucking explanation seem like they’re rude and crazy. Such low-level strategy, Greg thinks he’s a great manipulator but really his IQ is too low to try anything above something that a 16 year old might fall for.

That’s why he needs to keep contacting 16 year olds even though he’s 30+ now - no one above that comprehension level will fall for his bullshit.

No. 624923

They probably microwave the children some shitty Quorn nuggets and put it in the room they are playing in to fight over and toss them packets of gummies.

No. 624925

Is someone planning to record Ayalla’s too?

No. 624926

I don't think this has been pointed out much, but, onion uses the same tactics as the alt-right to "argue at" people. Although, they're at least literate &/ smart enough to hire editors.

Although, he somehow achieves this with an even worse grasp of the English language.

No. 624927

Threesomes, threesomes, threesomes. It’s unbelievably gross and his attempt to dress it up with the word “trinity” is embarrassing.

No. 624928

Yikes. Gurg is gonna have a hard time using Lainey to lure in new cute girls when she is lookin like this.
Dyke looking girls usually attract other dykes

No. 624929


ive found in my experience lipstick lesbians are usually more attracted to masculine lesbians. They prefer to be the pretty, feminine one in the relationship. I actually thought that turning hyper masculine was another way to lure girls in.

No. 624930

very true. it's always been like that–femmes go for studs and studs go for femmes
though foot doesn't even fit into the soft stud category so i have no fucking clue what kind of dyke she's trying to attract with that haggard look. maya was the rare latest exception but back then, she actually attempted to make it look like she put in effort into her appearance rather than look like socially incompetent repose

No. 624931

The way he says Kai in every damn sentence is so irritating. Stop trying to make Kai happen, it's not going to happen.

No. 624932

in every relationship they had or will have, Taylor will always be the ugly one.
Gurg also always uses pictures of Taylor with longer and colored hair in his videos. He hates how she looks now so he has to hold onto her looking better than she now does.
Calling her "Kai" all the time just seems like he has to convince himself that that's her new name now and that she's now a guy, but if she actually would try to be masculine and get some testosteron he'd drop her in a heartbeat.
He also said "we're good guy friends" a lot in the past weeks, inb4 he's divorcing her aswell because they're just friends and not lovers like with Skye.

No. 624934


A lot of “lipstick lesbians” and feminine bisexual women are more attracted to masculinity, so they go for men or butch lesbians—also, daddy issues.

You can find plenty of super hot women who are attracted to other hot women because they are actually attracted to femininity. Unfortunately, they’re more rare because they don’t talk about their gayness constantly and tend to not have serious emotional damage.

Of course, this is all just my opinion. Just felt the need to say that as a bisexual woman who is very much attracted to women and femininity.

No. 624935


Billie is already inserting herself in this drama by retweeting/liking Ayalla tweets about it and today she was in Haylee's stream encouraging her, so why doesn't she just speak up already? If she wants to distance herself from onision then she should just stay away from anything related to him and that's it. She's starting to resemble Madison the attention whore who keeps dropping hints but never reveals anything concrete and of importance

No. 624936

Yeah Grug probably has some serious dirt on her which is why she's so quiet.

No. 624937

Billie even addressing them would give both Onion and Lainey so much gratification. It's better she continues to ignore their existence. She can like and retweet whatever she wants lol

No. 624938

She's not ignoring their existence when she's liking and retweeting tweets about them lmao

No. 624939

The Blargh showed up in the chat after Luxy said something about its okay to record it. I'm guessing they'll have it uploaded soon, hopefully.

No. 624940


She could be genuinely not wanting to feel his wrath or be drug in again. Also she knows how bad he wants her to acknowledge him.

But I feel like at this point with all the girls speaking out and being praised and loved and encouraged that this would be the time. At least to show support and comradery to the others… So I feel like he must have something on her. I can't see why else she wouldn't when all the others are and why they are.

No. 624941

The dirt he had on before had to do with exposing her being raped then having an abortion and having an eating disorder. That's pretty fucking gross to out about anyone. I don't see how anyone would think that Billie's a bad person for something like that. If that's his idea of dirt to spill he's going to look like a serious ass for exposing someone's personal trauma told in confidence.

No. 624942

I meant he might (might not) have something more than what he's already exposed about her. One anon mentioned in the previous thread, it could be revenge porn.

No. 624943

What if he has sex videos and pictures of her tho

No. 624944


And releasing them would be illegal. If he's in them, or Billie can somehow prove they were only sent to him, he'd be fucked. I can't see them making a sex tape with how Lainey was. I know it's still awful but, if it's just fucking tits? Help bring him down.

No. 624945

How does revenge porn not make him look like a villain though? Not to mention it's illegal in WA. Just saying whatever he would have on her would and should make him look worse than the person he's trying to smear. It's up to Billie how involved she wants to get in this anyway and I can't blame her for not wanting the Onions in her life in any way.

No. 624946

Did Luxy just read the texts out loud or did she show screencaps?

No. 624947

It's possible, but I'm wondering if even Greg would go this far. It's clearly illegal and while he gets away with a lot, I think if he sent out revenge porn his career would be over for good. It would destroy himself more than anything Billie could say about him.

No. 624948


both anon

No. 624949

Releasing that would just be the icing on the cake when it comes to him destroying his career. He's being outed as a sexual predator, throwing revenge porn into the mix would just add to the accusations piling up against him. Anybody who is sitting on the fence would hop off it and onto the side that is against him.

No. 624950

she read them out

No. 624951

I doubt Greg has anything on Billie. If that was the case, he would have spat it out by now when he was chimping out over her "stinky armpits". Anything Greg has to say about her now would be one hundred percent be fabricated. Billie already said her piece to him years ago. If she wants to be there to support her friends and sit on the sidelines or raise her voice, either one is fine.

No. 624955

I am so fucking over this positivity bullshit. It comes off so passive aggressive and fake and insincere. It is seriously wearing on me to the point where I can't even lurk on his twitter for laughs anymore because if I see another smiley/heart emoji I'm going to vomit.
Please God make it stop

No. 624957

They need a 4th girl to nanny the kids during the fuck sessions. Sarah what a pathetic bunch of teenage years being the nanny while the adults have threesomes lol go enjoy college wtf

No. 624959

At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that Greg is not just some run of the mill asshole. He’s an actual abuser. Which means the people coming forward are victims. That includes Billie.

IMO, a victim gets to share their story however much or little, in the way that they want, if at all. If she wants to like/retweet tweets, then let her. Let’s keep the blame for this shit where it belongs. That’s with Greg and Lainey.

No. 624960

Stay pressed Taylor, I hope Billie never addresses them. Ayalla can speak on her behalf and Onion can keep bleating about BILLAY!!!

No. 624961

fuck that, i want billie to do a complete exposé of everything thats fucked up in the onion house

No. 624962

Ayalla was there and Billie's her best friend. If Onion can speak for Sarah Billie can stay on the sidelines.

We already know the facts. Greg is using his platform to entice teenage girls to come fuck him at his creepy compound.

No. 624963

Yes, they would make him look bad. But B's nudes would still be on the Internet. "In the right and dead is still dead"

No. 624964

I'm sure this was already addressed somewhere in these numerous threads, but what exactly is up with the allegations against Ayalla saying that she attempted to have SEX with Sarah when she was 16? Where the fuck did this come from this is so out of left field and makes ZERO SENSE. Did Sarah simply make this up to try and counter Ayalla's allegations? That is insane

No. 624965

Onion did after Ayalla spoke out about Sarah

No. 624966

I don’t think we know if it is something Greg made up or something that Sarah told him.

Hopefully Ayalla will address tonight.

At this point, I’m inclined to think it’s completely made up, either way.

No. 624967

Right and Greg makes sure in his "Subjective Facts" video to state multiple times that Sarah "backed up these allegations". So I can only assume Sarah actually is going with this. Who the hell could believe something like that? Ayalla as far as I know has never once stated to be bisexual.. how does he think people will believe this?
(Loving the likes/dislikes ratio on that video btw)

No. 624968

Ayalla’s about to go live in 3 minutes, everyone.

No. 624969

I have reason to believe that Ayalla and Billie may have been lovers at some point.(Don’t ban evade, Keith )

No. 624970

I thought Ayalla was bisexual. I’m going to see if I can find it somewhere. I still don’t think she said it.

No. 624971

even if it's true, it's not gross for a 17-18 yo to hit on a 16 yo. it's age appropriate and their business

No. 624974

Really..? What makes you think so? Even if she is bisexual, Sarah was not very… appealing during that period, to say it in the kindest way possible.
I suppose it is possible but I have a feeling it might have been said in a joking manner and now Greg and Sarah are going with "she tried to fuck me" in order to fire back at Ayalla.

I hope she talks about these allegations while she's live today.

No. 624975

You’re right. I guess I was just thinking for Ayalla’s sake it would keep people from coming after her. I didn’t think it through all the way.

No. 624976

Ayalla likes a lot of LGBT things and how gay she is, so safe to say she's bi.
There's a three year age difference between them. Even if it is true, it's less creepy, than if Grug tried to hit on her with a whooping 15 year difference.

No. 624977

I hope she steps on the Onion.

No. 624978

isnt ayalla supposed to be live rn?

No. 624979


She is. 7 min past the time and no tweets/nothing on her YouNow account

No. 624980


Sarah had to drive Greg's pregnant, laboring wife to the hospital to give birth because homeboy was too busy fucking Billie to give a shit, and now all of a sudden he has to be in Lainey's life 100% or else "it would literally divide us all"? [thinking emoji]

No. 624981


I assumed that if that were true, it would have been a joke since Anus, Laundry, and B were off fucking in the other room, leaving just Sarah, Ayalla, and the kids.

No. 624982

Guess Greg or thot got to her.

No. 624984

Didn't she recently come out as a lesbian? It was mentioned last thread that the timing of Gurg's "she tried to fuck Sarah" lie was convenient since she had just come out as gay. Her Twittter has a lot of stuff about liking girls on it. I always thought she and Billie dated too.

No. 624985

i dont know who this guy is but hes making a great job at exposing onion's creepiness.

i hope more youtubers pick this up

No. 624986

Fuck off

No. 624987

Yeah I don’t take that accusation seriously at all. It’s either a joke or something blown way out of proportion (such as when Gurg tried to say Shane threatened his family when he really just said he didn’t want to hurt his family by suing him)

Unless I see screenshots I am going to assume that entire this is false.
I mean, it would hold up in court and we all know how loyal Gurg is to the law, riiiight?

No. 624988


>deep literature

What are my sides even

Seriously though, how long is he going to stick with this “I’m so positive uwu” charade? Surely he must be on the verge of breaking and sperging in an unprecedented manner. Ngl, kind of impressed he has lasted this long

No. 624989

File: 1547255669445.png (825.94 KB, 644x1138, 371E02B1-86B9-48B4-AE84-09933F…)


I could be wrong about the timeline, but I think from the screen caps shared from Sarah a few days ago Lainey was due on 2/2/2015? Their first would have been born around 2013ish. Billie didn’t come until summer 2016

No. 624990

Same fag - I meant it wouldn’t hold up obvi

No. 624992

I think it was when Sarah told her cousin to call her baby Lainey. That is actually not Lainey in the picture

No. 624994


Ahhh thank you anon I was confused

No. 624995


Wellp. Seems that was too good to be true.

No. 624996

Baby #2 was born 11/16, I remember because her daughter was born a month after I gave birth

No. 624998

IIRC Sarah suggested to call her baby niece(?) Lainey. Lame has only had Trot in Jan 2014 and Clot in Nov 2016. The rest is basic maths.

No. 624999


That's because he doesn't need to be 100% a part of her life, he just needs his dick wet 100% of the time. That's all it boils down to. If there is sex happening anywhere, he needs to be a part of it, and using the reasoning of having to be "100% a part of Lainey's life" or however he phrased it is his way of shoehorning himself in to any relationship Lainey could have with another woman.

No. 625000

I think he might have some kind of compromising nudes. Especially when you think of the bdsm dungeon

No. 625001

So… no Ayalla Live? Great. I was actually looking forward to hearing her take on supposedly trying to fuck Sarah and her response to the ridiculous livestreams and videos Onion has made the past few days.
Just as we always say here…
Thou doth protest too much, Onion boy. If these allegations were completely unsubstantiated, why sperg out in multiple livestreams/tweets/videos? You would laugh it off and say "that is bullshit end of story."

Damn this girl better get on, we need the milk already..

No. 625003

yeah i really hope she'll get on. i hate to think how happy gurg must be to see she's not going live

No. 625006


I really hope she's not being gotten to. its weird that she hasn't even tweeted

No. 625007



How though? What could they be using as ammunition? It’s a known fact that Grug’s NDAs are bullshit, plus what with the grooming allegations being a hot topic he would have to be even more retarded than we think he is to go making threats.

No. 625008

He certainly doesn’t want to be part of the responsibility-laden parts of Lainey’s life. He’s happy to let her be on her own for huge stretches while she cleans and looks after the kids.

I think he’s trying to find a romantic angle by saying he doesn’t want any part of their lives to be exclusive to each other but it comes off as creepy and controlling. The funny thing is his stances on love used to be way creepier and more extreme. I know in one of his like 2013 videos he says that he thinks you should want to be with your partner 24/7 excluding the time when they’re going to the bathroom or else you don’t really love them.


No. 625009

they brought in an underage girl that wasn't related to them at all into their house with a bunch of other teenagers they were having threesomes with…to care for two very very small children, and without pay too bc they're fucking cheapstakes. and they still have the fucking AUDACITY to b like "welp this is normal!!"

i scrolled through the archives back to when clot was born and greg spends ALL his time on social media and on his videos with these two very young, very attractive skinny alt girls while his wife, who JUST gave birth and is very vulnerable, subtweets about feeling ugly and alone. my opinions on lainey aside, negging your wife during such a sensitive moment of her life is a dick move if i've ever seen one, and i can't believe how none of this is the biggest DAMNING fucking evidence to anyone with half a braincell that onion is a piece of shit human being. stop hanging around your harem and go spend time with your LITERAL NEWBORN CHILD

No. 625011


I really hope that’s not the case too. I hope that if they decide not to come forward and do the stream that they at least say why.

It could be maybe they got Sarah to reach out to them to appeal to them? Rather than threatening to sue, they might try to use her to guilt them into not saying anything? Idk.

No. 625012

I don’t think it’s a matter of Grot and Thot getting to her, given the allegations against them they’d have to be completely out of their minds to even attempt to intimidate anyone else. Ayalla basically has the entire internet in her corner.

No. 625013

It is extremely out of character for Ayalla thus far. She's been very vocal about everything up until now, and she must know hundreds of people are waiting for the announced stream.. if she's busy a tweet would take 10 seconds. Very odd.
I am inclined to agree, anon. I can't understand the lengths Billie goes to in order to never speak for herself, she is always doing it passively. I don't know if it is her personality or what. She has made old videos prior to Greg and Lainey about all kinds of personal things, even talking about her experience being put into a psych ward… Greg might have nudes, but to me that still doesn't explain anything. She seems extremely confident in herself and she must know that if he released them, it would destroy him. I truly am dumbfounded by what exactly Greg is blackmailing her with. None of it really makes sense.

No. 625014

But why would Ayalla be inclined to do anything Sarah says?? Sarah has publicly stated Ayalla attempted STATUTORY RAPE. I'm pretty sure at this point Ayalla would tell Sarah to fuck off if she even so much as DM'd her.

No. 625016

But the newborn couldnt speak, what would the point be? Waste of time. And his ugly husband's vagina was torn to her butthole, another worthless person to him. Plus that alone time probably taught her never to fuck up her genitalia again, or no attention.

Hyperbole, but I'd wager not far off from the truth, given how Greasenstein described friendships as worthless because the person cant offer what he can get from his family or fuckholes.

No. 625018

Because Ayalla understands that Sarah has been groomed by the Onions to be as manipulative and bitter as they are. Ayalla sounds like she still might have some compassion left for Sarah, even if it's not mutual. It's all pure speculation rn why Ayalla hasn't said anything. It could just be a lousy internet connection or something more pressing came up that required her attention.

No. 625022

Eh, but when you make an accusation like Sarah did, all bets should be off. At that point, you're not only trying to defend your reputation but a serious crime as well.

No. 625024

Ayalla is a thousand times more mature than Sarah will ever be. She stayed silent for so long after the mental and emotional hoops SR put her through, and she only came out about in solidarity with Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 625025

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625027

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625028

Luxymoo Mirror

No. 625030

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625032

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625033

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625034

I'm the one who you're replying to and fully agree. But not addressing that kind of accusation isn't going to help her. She's protecting a girl who's calling her the potential pedo. Ayalla needs to protect herself as well, not just everyone else.

No. 625035

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625036

I completely agree with this. Also she can see through Greg. She knows that just because Greg said that Sarah accused Ayalla of coming on to her, it doesn’t mean Sarah actually said it.

Whatever is going on, I just hope everything is alright. Who knows, maybe she’s just ready to be done with it all and doesn’t feel like explaining.

No. 625037

not sure how mature. she just left 100s of people hanging because she was dicking around with friends

No. 625039

File: 1547260359422.jpeg (85.03 KB, 638x547, 8C7D7C00-0496-4ECF-9D41-210126…)

No. 625040

File: 1547260398821.jpeg (42.61 KB, 639x436, DCB70AFB-7D24-4616-8D46-9D98FF…)

Maybe they’re planning something????

No. 625047

lmao bruh it's not like she's a celebrity, she said she was going to stream and then didn't, because she has friends irl. no one had to hang around, it's not like you bought tickets to her stream lol

y'all are very demanding of these girls who have lives outside of the internet to live, i can't imagine finding the nerve to come out against onion and then being expected to perform the ultimate takedown of some abusive old asshole.

No. 625053

Its almost cultish, maybe a secret Sicescan belief of his lol.

Its fucking deranged and twisted with the vile shit that's being said about him right now. I wish he was committed and actually sat down with someone who could
get inside his head. Like I don't want to give him the satisfaction of him thinking he's the Joker, because he's not that twisted. He's just sickeningly narcissistic with such a destructive path and so much cognitive dissonance.

No. 625054

Grug can't relate
picture the swamp king seated on his garage sperging waiting for the stream and then reading he's not her top priority kek

No. 625055

File: 1547261104967.png (442.47 KB, 631x536, best cook.png)

No. 625062

>>625037 wow how freaking immature,she didn t please you?that s so weird…oh wait,does she owe you something? Don t think so,so move on,you sound like gregbarf

No. 625065

im really thankful to her for doing this stream, you can see how shy and nervous she is so it was very brave of her.
she is right, there is strenght in numbers!

No. 625069

Oof even kaylor looks done with her best "buddy" here, things are obviously rocky at the swamp kingdom
Serves you right bitch

No. 625070

File: 1547262965503.png (626.19 KB, 724x474, lump.png)

She really needs to have that lump on her chin checked out. I can't wrap my head around how it makes any anatomical sense.

This isn't a nitpick, it's a genuine CONCERN.(Nitpicking)

No. 625071

The shots of their fridge and freezer is telling. It's full of processed garbage and nothing actually fresh or prepared by them. They have all the time in the world but can't even be bothered cooking from scratch.

It's no wonder Grug is packing on weight and Kainey's skin is constantly broken out and looking ragged. Eating nothing but those high salt, high saturated fat fake meats will do that to you

No. 625072


I can't believe the made a video about heating up a frozen patty. Holy hell.

Lainey's channel is one of their few sources of income. It's mindblowing how little effort and care they put into the easy ass job they have. You people need to work, like why would you make each video shittier than the last so you end up losing the little fans you still have. The kids are raised by Ipads and TV, what the hell are they doing all day??

And we know they eat crap, but seeing a freezer full of it was still jarring.

No. 625073

i just noticed in the full livestream lainey did she mentioned around twenty minutes in that billie’s “boyfriend at the time” aka drew talked about her kids crying. if she hadn’t kept up with what billie was doing since they broke up then surely she wouldn’t even know that billie and drew split up? the only proof they broke up was drew’s video about it right? this is such a nitpick but it’s funny how she obviously does keep up with billie’s new relationships just like gregma, totally pathetic

No. 625074

Sad we didn't get Ayalla's stream but that's life. Proud of Luxymoo for sure, though.
lmao holy hell Gaylor's hair looks like such shit. She looks like the most miserable human on the planet. Just annoyed the entire time. I cannot imagine having a spouse who makes every single thing about themselves and constantly makes the worst jokes, thinking they are hilarious and a "comedian", when everything they says is just cringe and painful.

I genuinely do not know how Lainey hasn't offed herself yet.

No. 625075

I rarely watch their videos anymore (like never) and is this how they typically are? actually fighting on the camera, greg's very off sounding voice (like he's trying to sound younger?) what the fuck is going on

No. 625076

also isnt this lainey's video? I dont understand im so disturbed

No. 625078

The most half assed attempt at content. Pathetic. They didn't even know if they had the damn frozen patties. Lainey was not at all interested and Greg landed up doing most of the video.

And damn, Greg looks terrible. His skin is wrecked, the wrinkles seem deep set and his hair looks retarded. Gross.

No. 625081

File: 1547264346795.png (11.66 KB, 527x101, madisonftshilohpleasegod.png)

How mad would Onionboy be if Madison's single features Shiloh? Doubt Shiloh's manager would allow her to reinsert her into Onion drama, but it would be absolutely amazing if it happened.

No. 625082

Their fridge is just filled with processed bulk foods from either Target or Costco. Jesus, seeing all the clutter makes me anxious

No. 625084

With everything that has come out recently, we’re talking about the contents of their fridge? They’ve always eaten terribly!!

There is hard evidence of the abuse, manipulation, and grooming of vulnerable girls and young women, that we have always suspected of the Avaroes. Let’s not be disrespectful of the people that have come forward by talking about shitty food and greasy hair.

No. 625087

Agreed. Thats exactly why they're putting out asinine shit like veggie burger video. they want people to talk abt that and drown the important information.

No. 625088

now we have an explanation as to why madison the diaper wearing attention whore suddenly wants to piggyback on the ayalla clout without actually adding anything relevant.

No. 625091

Major tinfoil but I sometimes wonder if when Greg divorced Skye if part of it was because he proposed the idea of having a threesome or a trinity. He started talking to Shiloh at the end of their marriage and that is right when he started saying Skye was "boring and depressed" and that she was "just a friend he married." Skye's condition seemed to deteriorate rather quickly in the end. But he made that image of her with all those life goals, and I am sure he had intended her to be in his future, but I think there were things she just simply didn't want to go along with anymore and it was making her miserable. And he wanted his way only and wasn't willing to compromise. Shiloh was openly bisexual and would talk about it often, however she was overly cautious from the beginning about any girls threatening their relationship to the point that she wouldn't let Greg watch porn or any movies with nudity. I think she wanted Greg at any cost and was willing to join him and Skye, and hopefully get him to leave her. But since he ended up leaving Skye, it was just him and Shiloh in the end.

No. 625093

That loud “learn numbers!” around 7:30 as they ignore clot and trot along with all the kids music when Greg was eating. Make it more obvious that you rely on a screen to teach your kids, Taylor.

No. 625097

Holy fuck, I don't usually watch even the reuploads, but wow are they normally this lazy and hateful? The disdain and anger they feel for eachother is palpable…was this a punishment video for Kai/Lainey? It almost makes me feel bad for her tbh

Not to mention the fly cameos, there were like 3 instances where flies were buzzing about while Gergenstein berated his "husband" who obviously wanted nothing to do with this video

Guys this was some Discovery ID shit, like I wouldnt be surprised if this was the last video we saw before they were found murder-suicided.

Lainey, if you lurk, GET OUT. You need some work but telling your story can help you and your kids more than you can even imagine right now.

Wow I need a shower and to hug my fiance rn

No. 625099

doubtful, greg made a video around that time where he critized/denounced poly relationships. the idea of being poly only came into play when he realized he could trick lainey into providing a girlfriend for him as he had grown so bored of her at this point and is not willing to go through another divorce

No. 625101

Has Luxy always ever been Luxy? I swear I've heard her go by a different name.

No. 625102

I know, which is why I wonder about it, because he often criticizes things that he is interested in. For example, his videos about being grossed out by minors, or his videos against pornography.

No. 625104

Luxury did a great job, I’m glad she did that!!

I really hope that means we’re getting some kind of group stream tomorrow. I’m still split on if it’s better for Billie to be on or not though. I think she has a LOT to give to something like that but it does stoke his fire. It’s not like she doesn’t have overwhelming support but I could still see it feeling scary.

Random but can someone ask Ayalla to clarify what she said in her last stream about confirming that Greg is different in real life than he is online. I can’t see any real evidence of that from the texts we’ve been seeing from girls or even the certain live-streams. I always chalked Sarah or Lainey saying that to them covering for him.

No. 625105

Maybe Hailey/Hailee her real name?

No. 625107

He really is pushing the new name Kai to the point of being uncomfortable.

It must be confusing for the kids…

No. 625113

It is so obvious that Taylor doesn't even like the name, too. It is hilarious. Taylor will never put her foot down, but I don't think she wants to get her face dirty.
With the timing of all of this, maybe the new name and him putting out an announcement was some sort of punishment and humiliation technique. It is happening right now as shit it getting so much worse for the both of them.

No. 625115

>Taylor will never put her foot down, but I don't think she wants to get her face dirty.

Holy shit, best laugh all day. Thank you anon

No. 625117

I heard about Greg when he killed Reptar. When I saw him, I recognized him from Tosh.0. He was also in Tosh's Knife or Banana skit. Weird how he never mentions that.
Let's not forget the Fox News article Greg was in….

No. 625118

Let’s not forget about the young women and girls he has abused.

No. 625119

Nonnie, this is the woman who couldn't figure out how to cut cucumbers lengthwise.

No. 625124

Boy, it's a good thing the IRS has social media and can be linked that.

No. 625126

Well Gronk has admitted that one of his turn offs is the word "no". Jesus, just think about that.

No. 625127

If her interest in poly was 25%… what the fuck does that even mean.

No. 625129

Very low but can be persuaded with a large enough incentive.

No. 625135

Nope, Sarah has been out as a lesbian since the beginning of the billie era. Rewatch old gaming videos for reference.

No. 625138

The word “no” is supposed to be a turn-off! Why is he so incredibly disgusting?

No. 625139

They weren’t talking about Sarah being a lesbian or bisexual. They were talking about Ayalla.

No. 625149


So if he sees other people as transactions and he either gets subs, money or sex then what was Madison? In his own words what could she give him that he couldn't get from family?

No. 625150


So if he sees other people as transactions and he either gets subs, money or sex then what was Madison? In his own words what could she give him that he couldn't get from family?

No. 625151


So if he sees other people as transactions and he either gets subs, money or sex then what was Madison? In his own words what could she give him that he couldn't get from family?

No. 625152

Luxy admitted that she thought she might be bi when she was younger but is straight now. It’s not uncommon for young people to try on different identies growing up. Especially when being gay or trans is popularized by media right now. I don’t think she would be there if Greg didn’t think of her as a viable option.

No. 625154

I think he's overusing the name in hopes that she'll get sick of it and stop with the transtrending nonsense.

I'm glad they annoy each other so much. They deserve their shitty marriage.

No. 625155

The amount of snark and sarcasm used would be cute for a normal couple but for them, it's awfully cringey.

Also, his haircut is atrocious.

No. 625157

this makes me think it won't be Onion related honestly

No. 625160

File: 1547281522073.png (4.87 KB, 307x138, unknown (3).png)

Sarah deleted her instagram.

No. 625161

File: 1547281948166.jpeg (519.32 KB, 1242x1571, 8D404107-9339-4BB1-BB4A-71CC32…)

No. 625162

File: 1547282061363.jpg (460.5 KB, 960x752, onisionembarassing.jpg)


The look you give when your manwife won't go along with your shitty shenanigans to gain funds from her monetised channel

No. 625163

File: 1547282456018.jpg (6.99 KB, 225x225, meh.jpg)


how else is she going to rid of personal and sexualized DM's with Lamey and rid of proof in screenshots that might surface of her professing her love of Lamey to others, as well as overtly sexual photo comments, yikes

Obviously some shady things going on in that account

No. 625164

It’s just another form of isolation to be honest.
They don’t want her to reach out to Billie or Ayalla or anyone who may be trying to wake her up.

No. 625173

Holy shit he looks like Gary glitter lmao


Onion did in fact at one point attempt to have both Sh and Sk live under the same roof with him so idk I'm not that doubtful, he's always been a greasy perv

Lainey is an absolute cunt.
I have no fucking sympathy for someone who, when sent a heartfelt message, fucking ignores it and runs off to Greg and shows him. She always does that to these girls. She's two faced and traitorous.
People trust her with their feelings and she basically shits all over it.
This is just further proof of how she's literally just a malevolent catfish trying to lure in vulnerable individuals to manipulate into fucking her disgusting pork faced husband.
It reminds me of Karla Homolka, Fred and Rose west, all of those creepy disgusting predator couples in a way. They are a creepy disgusting predator couple.

I just think its really fucked up to lead someone into thinking it was a private convo with them, and then to go show it to your gross husband and let him take over the convo.

No. 625175

more plausible is that people messaged her on insta about it constantly, some anon said sarah's blocked her, easy to imagine how flooded her DMs were. Few weeks and she'll reemerge for sure.
I think the important thing is to not let it all slide, to not get deconcentrated by some minor milk and keeo pushing their buttons about it. Onion is already starting to fuck up and when (if?) Madison drops her vid, he'll go crazy

No. 625176

At the 3:50 mark she's giving the tip to use foil instead of lids so you don't have to wash them! Such environmentalists!

Also holy shit all these veggie brands are expensive af and their fridge is overfilled with that shit. Imagine feeding a family of four with fake meat and ready meals. The fact that they haven't changed this part of their lifestyle is telling me that they still have enough money to throw out the window despite all their IRS and wetland bills.

No. 625180

It's probably because they're such failures at being actual, functioning adults that neither of them knows how to cook fresh ingredients (or how much cheaper and better non-processed food is) I bet they honestly don't know any better, so it doesn't even occur to them they could save money that way.

No. 625183

This is SO DISTURBING. You shouldn't have to basically be raped by someone's husband to "prove your love to them".
He says no is a turn off for him, so why was he pressuring Luxy so much, KNOWING she didn't want him, to "do it for laimey"?
He's literally trying to coerce and guilt and manipulate her into sex with him and that makes me feel so sick.
Whether laimey knew about this before (can't go by her word since she's such a fucking liar about everything else) she knows now. "lainey would want you to" laimey has a lot to answer for too.

No. 625185

I see alot of anons with the theory that Onions tossed away trinity members are scared of him having dirt on them. Nah, they're scared of his fan base. It's small, but they are rabid. You ever notice how the only ones that are very vocal never really fell for the trap and went to the house? It could be that Billie, Madison, etc all saw that he sends his fans out to attack people that have dirt on him. You would have to be an emotionally fucked up individual capable of stalking and relentlessly harassing someone to be a fan of Onions. Just a theory, but more likely than teen girls being scared of nudes getting out these days.

No. 625186

werent the conversations between luxymoo and onion on lame's phone? she absolutely did know about it. seems unthinkable to me to hand your phone to someone else to text your romantic interest and not read the texts afterwards

No. 625187


If there are flies then there are maggots somewhere in the house undisturbed

No. 625188

Firstly, it's clear that Onion wanted her to make the video after he's seen the success of J&J's Kitchen. She isn't interested in making it and she's not even hungry, so it's clearly an "idea" he came up with himself for her channel. He berates her for absolutely everything she does (putting tinfoil on the pan, not using a glove, asking him to use a chopping board etc etc etc) even though he's aware that her fans hate it.

Also, the thing about this video that made me sad was that he sat and ate his dinner by himself while the kids' toys were going off in the bg. So the family didn't even eat together, why am I not surprised?

No. 625189

There's a giant one and his name is Grug.

No. 625193

File: 1547301665132.jpg (57.01 KB, 345x344, gary-glitter-famous-pictures.j…)

Had to google gary glitter and he does that wide eye thing too.
Is that something psychopaths think make them look younger or innocent?

No. 625199

This new video of them "cooking" is too much. There is filth literally EVERYWHERE. Every single frame has shit thrown all over.
I gagged when he was fixing up the burger directly on top of the kitchen counter. And omg the pre-cut old and brown lettuce. How lazy can you be seriously?
Even when he put his dish on the table outside, he puts it down right next to some dried bird poop.
10/10 rustled my jimmies hard.

No. 625202

File: 1547306950233.png (Spoiler Image, 712.92 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20190112-162343.png)

I had to rewatch to see what you meant, gross! Can you believe they film all this and think they come off as cool and quirky because they are messy? Maybe if they were college students but they're fucking parents! Get your shit together. Also use cutting boards and plates ffs.

No. 625203

Is he actually eating next to bird shit? Please tell me I'm wrong.

No. 625204

That certainly looks like bird shit. Imagine being such slobs that cutting boards don't exist to you, you sit on kitchen counters (looking at you uglybot), and you eat on dirty tables with bird shit on them.

No. 625205

He went back inside to eat, I'm still wondering why he thought this shot was a good idea, even ironically.

No. 625206

Knowing how gross his kitchen is, I wouldn't put past them to have never cleaned that outside table.

No. 625209

File: 1547307941638.jpg (139.97 KB, 624x669, sanpaku.jpg)


No. 625210

Gary Glitter was also a Pedo. Let that sink in.

No. 625211

I love that thought!
I'm even going as far as saying that if this was an intended move, she did a really good job. topkek

No. 625212

>the rain cleans it for me, spraying it with a hose would waste water. I was the president of my earth club in high school.

No. 625214


sounds like this post >>625037

No. 625215

Do you think Greg will ever change his behavior towards teens and young women?

Listening to Luxxy read those texts was scary. She only knew him for a week and a half and had never seen him in person. Plus any real personal or romantic talk happened between Luxxy and Lainey at the very beginning and never between Luxxy and Greg. It was so aggressive.

His tactics remain the same and seem so compulsive. How he treated Luxxy seemed very similar to how he treated AJ. I think because although Luxxy was younger and by to her own admission clearly unknowingly manipulated at the time, Luxxy was more confident and sure of herself than many of the people Greg goes after. She was very adamant that a poly relationship was not for her. Greg gets especially aggressive when he is rejected, ie…Luxxy and AJ.

Do you think Greg will ever stop this pattern of abuse and uncontrolled emotions, short of jail time or another drastic measure?

Do you think it’s even possible for Greg to change?

No. 625216

>Do you think Greg will ever change his behavior towards teens and young women?

I don't think he sees anything wrong with his behavior. So no. (IT'S LEGAL!! EPHEBOPHILA IS NOT ILLEGAL!!! FAAAXXX!!!!)

It's like Jurassic Park: He spends so much time wondering if he could, rather than wondering if he should. (Raven Sparks also suffers from this problem.)

No. 625218

He’ll be saving money for teenage sex tours in Thailand soon.

No. 625219


Too bad that travelling anywhere between states/countries to have sex with minors is illegal and can land him in prison for up to 30 years. Even if he didn't travel somewhere with the intent of having sex with a minor, he can still be arrested and charged of he ends up diddling one.

No. 625223

And spending five months convincing Plainey that she never wanted to go to Fiji, she always wanted to go to Thailand.

No. 625224

Right! It is winter, we only have flies around in the summer. But IT IS WINTER.
They don't really show their house as much, but I wonder if they still have a million giant trash barrels.

No. 625227

Grugly hasn't changed in the last decade. Why would he start now? He throws every tactic he possibly can at these young, naive girls in order to poke around inside of their pussies, but nothing sticks. Most of them escape his mindgames when he's stepped over the line, and then there's Kunt, who only stays with him out of spite for their collective hAtUrZ.

No. 625229

One thing I thought was a bit weird (or maybe I'm reading too much into it) is that at the end when Luxy asked if there were any questions, someone asked "do you genuinely believe that Lainey is interested in a relationship with a woman" several times. I know that she saw it, because the screen stopped scrolling and she was reading it, but ignored it each time.

No. 625231

I noticed that too, plus she avoided reading any texts between her and Lainey. Not sure what her thought process was.

No. 625232

He even made fun of the way she was getting down the stairs, what an annoying cunt. Living with him must be absolute hell, I'd feel sorry for Foot but she's a cunt too so she deserves it

No. 625233

Same. She kind of wouldn’t talk shit on Lainey and even said she messaged her after the video she made about being assaulted as a child.

Honestly it’s infuriating because Lainey plays “nice guy” up front but is just as sinister behind the scenes. Her priority will always be Greg and therefore she allows other women to be subjected to his abuse. She should be called out.

Luxy said something like she doesn’t want to believe her and Lainey’s relationship was fake because it would hurt her or something so she seemed to avoid questions about her

No. 625235

Well she did swing on the door frame like an eight year old and judging from Gurg's reaction, she never usually does it and only did it to look "cool" on camera. She's unbearable, did you see her dancing? Fucking retard. She thinks she's soooo speshul.

No. 625239

Thanks Luxymoo, I am so happy she came out and as much as I wish she'd talk about Lainey and her ways, we did get to see some of her real colours. Lainey showing her texts to Greg is disgusting.

I hope Luxymoo is able to get through this, and she doesn't get harrassed by Greg, Lainey, and their armies of underage(and somehow middle aged) followers.

I'm excited to hear Onision's damage control video.

No. 625242

File: 1547321859155.jpeg (330.31 KB, 1242x1700, 085EAAAC-22AE-4857-8981-F48C47…)

>Gee, I wonder what clickbait this will be
>related to being a banana (predictable)

Nice to know he’s using serious pedophilia allegations as clickbait.

No. 625244

File: 1547321999619.jpeg (638.09 KB, 1242x1665, 162F319F-B85A-4C37-B602-2E0EF9…)

No. 625245

File: 1547322170637.jpeg (334.2 KB, 1242x1526, AC7E917F-4117-4646-B5EB-F2808D…)

Except you haven’t owned up to anything.

No. 625246

He thinks it’s all going to go away again. He’s wrong. He’s not getting away with it ever again. Nobody is going to let up on them.

No. 625248

Iirc she said she doesn't want to read them because she was genuinely happy during her chats with Lamp and doesn't want to bring anything negative to it, or something like that

No. 625249

I’m down with this tinfoil

No. 625250

File: 1547322623617.jpeg (371.32 KB, 1185x1800, 6B859F63-19C9-4AC2-B7F6-FD8798…)


People are really hammering him. He turned off his video comments like the pussy he is.



No. 625254

File: 1547324072368.jpeg (59.17 KB, 630x490, 24BB6E61-BE57-4392-AA2F-5DB418…)

Lane is on talking Onion stuff

No. 625255

Lane is live again if anybody hasn’t noticed

No. 625269

>Luxy said something like she doesn’t want to believe her and Lainey’s relationship was fake because it would hurt her or something so she seemed to avoid questions about her

It is probably very painful for her to think about someone she cared about being such a garbage person. It will get better with time and processing, but seems she isn't there yet. I feel bad for her still being affected by this shit, and I think she was very strong to have come forward when she clearly still has a lot of thoughts about it.

No. 625277

File: 1547327657399.jpg (22.54 KB, 474x355, thepedopope.jpg)

>I learned yesterday that microwaves operate through the vibration of liquid and so it may or may not be cancerous after all

So the Greasemeister and his homely house frau aren't terrified of using microwaves anymore? They haven't used them till now beause of his mommy-instilled paranoia and manly Kai just followed his lead. He thinks he's so smart for researching this when it really confirms low IQ. A mid-30s man just finding out yeserday microwaves can't put "nucular" ethers into food. Also why was he going on about burning the patty because he hates the inner pink? WTF, it's not meat, or even pink. All that black char CAUSES cancer. What an absolute tard.

Also I think "trinity" comes from the Borgias. Season 2, ep 2, the trinity happens: Pope Borgia has been cheating on his wife with a younger, more attractive mistress he's now getting bored with. He runs into a very young looking boy and wants to diddle him, he's such a hedonist by now he's lusting for more meat and the mistress is desperate to keep him. So they have a threesome (young boy turns out is a teen girl in disguse) and he wakes up asking the mistress if last night they became "a trinity."

No. 625278

Lane mentioned that Lainey had a friend that would contact and recruit girls on Lainey’s behalf.

She wasn’t going to name names but someone guessed in the chat. I was listening so I didn’t read the name.

Lane asked that people don’t go after this person.

She said she used to feel bad for Lainey until Lainey became a predator.

She stated that she hasn’t talked to Sarah but wishes Sarah the best and aknowleged Sarah is very vulnerable because she has a rough home life and as sad as it sounds Greg and Lainey are her support.

She said we should not go after Sarah, call her names, criticize her when she handles things wrong. She said to just keep letting Sarah know that we’re there for her and to do it without criticizing Greg and Lainey.

No. 625279

>Also I think "trinity" comes from the Borgias.

I think it comes from the religious context, but I am sure Greg doesn't know what that is. He just has heard the word and thinks it means a threesome.

In the case of "The Borgias" it's definitely a religious context. The dude was the Pope, so he was making a bad joke.

Basically, I think Greg is an ignorant fuck and doesn't know any better, and is saying it because he thinks it sounds "cool" or "super-intelligent" whatever.

No. 625280

Regina got Lainey and Sarah to interact. Wonder if its Regina.

No. 625288

I don't think it's so much that 'nobody noticed' it's more that nobody cares. Those tangential to the pedonions are as irrelevant now as they were then, nothing their once thirsty orbiters can say is either interesting nor productive, they're people who had vague interactions with z list uchoobers who deem themselves worthy of whatever it is they're now trying to gain? Onionflakes will always be onionflakes sadly. They detract from the REAL victims intentionally and for reasons only know to cringeclout gods. I mean it's good that they've created a weird support network for the girls truly wronged but still kinda sorta attention seeking at the behest of those actively hurt in the real world.

(Throwback imaginary sage for no milk).

No. 625289

Right, the show called the threesome a trinity as a blasphemous reference. But I'm saying Gurg probably got it from the show not his own wit, because I agree that Gurg doesn't even know what it means, he's too ignorant to make a play on a religious thing. He also watches a lot of tv and even if I'm wrong the creepy underage context and god complex reminded me of him. You even have a girl dressing as a guy.

No. 625292

Crazy Tami is doing online tarot readings and other mystical stuff, and she mentions "twin flames" on her online profile. Maybe Gurg got "trinity" from his mom?

No. 625294

If I didn't know any better I would think she is a Lesbro.

No. 625299

File: 1547330040966.png (358.88 KB, 693x705, newyearnewjessie.PNG)

still tweeting Jessie though

No. 625301

Lane actually had good things to say about things that happened with Greg and Lainey. I don’t think they’re thirsty orbiters at all.

That’s being super dismissive and accusatory. What they’re doing is important. No matter how long or short their interactions with the Avaroes were.

No. 625302

I know that kids have a lot more autonomy thrse days but I honestly wish they would keep their sexualities to themselves. Flouting that just lets predators know what you're about and it gives them an in.

No. 625303

>apologizing isn't about the person i'm apologizing to, it's about ME.

No. 625304

>to do it without criticizing Greg and Lainey
Sorry Lane, we are here to criticize the shit out of them. Lol

No. 625305

Good things to say as in pertinent. As long as the stories are credible, who cares? I don’t think it’s up to you to decide what constitutes a REAL victim.

No. 625306

Lets not forget her age of interaction with lainey either, Lane was 14.

No. 625307

She meant when talking to Sarah. She agreed Greg and Lainey should be heavily criticized.

No. 625310

Yes. I just want to be clear that when I said she had good things to say about Greg and Lainey, I didn’t mean she had nice things to say.

I meant she had good information

No. 625312

File: 1547332416984.jpg (82.28 KB, 576x768, IMG_20190111_145315.jpg)

No. 625318

He went from talking to her like a pet, then like a dad, and now empty praise.

He's trying every angle possible to get her to notice him.

No. 625321

I am guessing she has him on mute, or she is laughing at him.

No. 625323

Honestly Jessie looks awfully skinny. I always wondered why doesn't Grug show concern for her and make videos off of that?

No. 625324

I was thinking the same anon. I wonder if she continues to ignore him and piss him off if that will be the next angle he uses to get her to notice him.

No. 625327

how does he not know how crepy he sounds lol

No. 625328

Honestly I would rather he make fun of anyone right now I am so damn tired of this patronizing positivity bs

No. 625329

Honestly I would rather he make fun of anyone right now I am so damn tired of this patronizing positivity bs

No. 625332


Something that hasn't been mentioned was that in Luxys stream, she says that Lame asked Billie if she would stay with her if things with Greggles didn't work out. I wonder what Gurg would do if he found out about that considering he's obsessed with being the one to dump people and takes pride on "never" being dumped.

No. 625334

File: 1547338448617.jpeg (104.45 KB, 1144x392, 1184E637-4A0F-47AC-AF53-A14441…)

Take away the emoji and he’s already “breaking character”

No. 625335

File: 1547338505922.jpg (496.51 KB, 1248x1000, ydcNdcZ.jpg)

Agree, she's also gone from skinwalking Taylor to skinwalking Billie.
She's "leaked" deets on the original lolcow discord before. No proof or caps, sure the claims are interesting but nothing new can be said. Let me repeat, no shred of evidence.
There are plenty of victims, legit victims, with evidence and proof.

No. 625336

She's a victim too, you know. She was attacked just like the other girls by them. She may not have been a trinity victim, but she was still attacked and was Sarah's confidant. She can speak up if she wants to.

No. 625339

She was also 14 or 15 when all this was going on.

No. 625342

No one cares lol
Sorry, there’s absolutely no point on reeing about a teen girl emulating people she admires. Stay on topic, we’re talking about Lainey and Greg grooming Sarah and abusing the other girls.

No. 625344

Why are people always so quick to scare away the fucking milk jfc she was a kid obsessed with a YouTuber and got publicly dragged into the drama of a 30yo man when she was like 15 I think she can talk about it if she wants to.

No. 625345

agreed, she was attacked and harassed by gregma just like the others. she sided with billie when gregma started exposing her and they have interacted with each other ever since. OT but that was pretty decent of billie to do tbh considering lane was rinsing her during cuddlegate 1.0 with those "homewrecker starter packs". anyone associated with the onions always come to realise how toxic they both are.

No. 625346

is lane's stream uploader somewhere? i'd like to know what she has to say and make up my mind abt her

No. 625348

File: 1547339608277.gif (6.84 MB, 300x300, putn.gif)

TIL any farmer that's been roasted by greg or taylor online is a victim.(Derailing)

No. 625350

Stop being dumb. She shared a lot of stuff about Sarah and confirmed stuff about Sarah wanting to be a part of the trinity. It must have been truth to it since greasy microdick went after her for it and was forced to fake apologize about it. She's not a regular ol' farmer, Grease and Sarah blew up her phone when all that stuff came out and tried to cover their asses. It failed. If Luxy can talk about her brief interaction with them repeatedly, then Lane should be able to as well.

No. 625355

>You always take creative photos

Lol she's wearing a plain black outfit but okay, creative.

No. 625356

Just when we thought Ogreg couldn’t get any more thirsty. Any excuse to @ Jessie. She is probably kicking herself for the one solitary word of acknowledgement she gave him.

No. 625358

i wonder if he's sent her any DMs

No. 625359

At least haylee had dms to read and dms that were posted 2 years ago.
I wonder if Jaclyn has spoken to her about greg

No. 625360

Yes. She has milk, even if she wasn’t targeted for the gross threesome, and she got flak from the idiot Onion fans.

No. 625361

Give her a break. She was clearly a kid who was going through her own stuff. Lainey pretended to be her friend and then threw her to the curb the minute she stopped sucking her fakeboi dick and stuck up for what she though was right. She now stands up for the victims, so I think she's done a lot of growing and doesn't deserve shit talking.

No. 625362

I thinks it’s almost certain that he has. Tinfoil deluxe, but he has probably asked her is she wants to collaborate with him in making a ~sUpEr PoSiTiVe UwU~ video about how great “LGBT” is

No. 625363


>I wonder if Jaclyn has spoken to her about greg

I don’t think there’s any doubt that she has. As much as I dislike Jaclyn she obviously really cares about Jessie, Jaclyn probably gave her a huge debrief after she sent that first and only response to him. Maybe even before that, seeing as Thot had been thirsting after acknowledgement from Jessie for months (and counting) to no avail

No. 625364

Why is he being so nice to Jessie, I thought he said he doesn't want to fuck her. In one of his livestreams he said he's nice only to the people he's sexually attracted to and that he's rude to everyone else…

No. 625365

File: 1547342517642.jpeg (124.16 KB, 750x533, 38C7CCF0-48CC-4E8E-BD9A-641CD6…)

Watch you don’t cut yourself on that edge, fam

No. 625367

File: 1547342576110.jpeg (140.68 KB, 750x500, 973063C9-B1E5-4E5C-99AE-286B43…)

Wow, a true 3edge5me comedic genius

No. 625369

File: 1547342780339.gif (440.9 KB, 275x140, F599CE17-6C77-4972-B728-390F1E…)


No. 625370

Stop trying to bait and derail the thread about how you feel about Lane.
Don't respond to the bait.

No. 625372

I've always found it bizarre and childish how she tries to emphasize how GROSS and ICKY something is if he is accused of being a creeper. He acts like little kids are annoying and shit (even though he's a parent) because he tries to deflect and he exaggerates how much he 'doesn't' want to fuck them.
Same thing with Jessie.
Hilariously hypocritical considering he was the one who said guilty people go on and on about it constantly if they are guilty.

I reckon if Jessie blocked him on Twitter it would be enough to stop his phony positive charade. OR he'd keep doing it and be like 'someone I thought was a great human blocked me on Twitter today, ah well such is life'
(insert emojis and 4 more passive aggressive statuses)

No. 625373

I haven’t seen this posted yet, but it’s super on point, if a bit rambling.

No. 625379

Didn’t Jaclyn also forgive Onion recently, and even did a video with him or them like having a conversation and forgiving each other. Jaclyn wanted to befriend Greg to get back at Richie it seems. Even after all the videos she made about his predatory treatment of teen girls. None of that mattered when she wanted to show up her ex. Can’t count on her to have any morals really.

No. 625380

Yeah I was very disappointed in Jaclyn, I thought she was better than what she ended up doing with Greg. Both her and Blaire publicly forgave him, and Jaclyn even went a bit farther and uploaded a conversation they had together onto her second channel, giving him what amounts to free publicity. Since then I've realized Jaclyn is a sad dumbass. No one would give this idiot a platform unless they themselves weren't particularly intelligent.

No. 625382


Anus is terrified of other cultures. He’s openly mocked other languages and accents and said his dream vacation is on the couch, not in another beautiful, scenic country

No. 625385

File: 1547347947682.png (292.06 KB, 978x671, gfm.PNG)

His gofundme is back up.
wonder if it got taken down and he appealed
hasnt had any new donations which is a good thing

No. 625386

File: 1547348112077.jpeg (286.33 KB, 750x561, F73960A5-B18C-4BFF-8C0E-1A5D74…)

a) lurking confirmed and b) this has to be shade re: Thot’s ineptitude in the kitchen

No. 625388

That doesn't make any sense, it was always very clear that Billie was there for Greg, not for Lainey. Was Lainey really dumb enough to believe Billie was there for her?

No. 625391

File: 1547349869626.png (776.77 KB, 710x965, Capture _2019-01-13-01-21-09.p…)

This fucker claims he cares about the environment but uses disposable cups, probably because regular cups require to be washed after use and he's too fucking lazy to do that

No. 625393

File: 1547349950216.jpg (247.9 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20190112-212446_Twi…)

Wonder what he could be reeing about on his prime acc lol

No. 625394

A kind anon who has access has already given us the low down here >>624837

No. 625397

When Greg was in California for those failed collabs he was in the hotel bathtub while streaming on YN and people were giving him shit for taking a bath instead of shower and wasting water. He got really angry and started naming off all the thing he does to help the environment, like recycling and having solar panels on his home.
He seems like the type of person who does good so that he can do bad later. They type of person who buys carbon offsets so they can shit on the Earth with a clean conscience.

No. 625430

Greg's need for constant sexual attention and lack of patience is the one thing that's holding him back from having the little harem he so desperately wants. It's hilarious how fast he tries to move through relationships. Ivan guarantee that if he had just been willing to play the long con and let Lainey ~explore herself~ on her own terms and not cheat on her they'd have a long-term trinity member by now. For a predator Greg sure sucks at frog boiling

No. 625431

I think Luxy misunderstood the info Lainey was digging for by asking Billie this. I think Lainey asked if Billie would stay if Greg was out of the picture because she wanted to know if Billie was there for her or was only into Greg.

No. 625435


I totally missed that. Thank you!

No. 625451

what ur cooking right now: some dumb shit
what I'm cooking right now: some raw vegetables with no seasoning whatsoever placed temporarily in a pan
me:"I call it pan salad!"

No. 625468

No, it was confirmed Lainey was willing to run away with Billie and the kids. Luxy knew what she said. All will come to the light.
- Qanon

No. 625471

File: 1547355052740.png (330.67 KB, 587x796, madison-1.png)

He also posted Madison's texts to him.

No. 625486

they cant even get a couple of cute glasses from the thrift store for $0.99c to take a decent photo, what does it take to suck this much? they probably ate them in silence in opposite rooms too.

No. 625487

not seasoned at all, weird fucking combination of vegetables, and by the time those carrots are tender the rest of the veggies will be mush. way to confirm you never eat anything but precooked, prepackaged shit.

No. 625488

not seasoned at all, weird fucking combination of vegetables, and by the time those carrots are tender the rest of the veggies will be mush. way to confirm you never eat anything but precooked, prepackaged shit.

No. 625494

So, uhh… thoughts on the "okay… i admit it" video on Onisionspeaks?

I don't know if I should be happy he broke the positivity bullshit or scared that he's about to perform a mass murder.

No. 625513

Greg’s new “I admit it” video my god could he be more exhausting! He brings up Shane yet again acting like actual collabs and children who had parental consent and supervision to be with him is the equivalent or worse than the allegations he and lainey are dealing with right now. sry had to vent he just makes me feel like I’m the crazy one sometimes ^_^(^_^)

No. 625517

They don't wash/clean anything. They need to have disposable dishes and utensils.

No. 625518

why the fuck is he pushing this ayallah trying to sleep with Sarah thing? deflecting much

No. 625523

ps he also is now saying ayallah offered Sarah drugs lol didn’t mention it before

No. 625524

i guess "gaslighting" is the new strawman and logical fallacy. as usual he has no idea what it means and uses it incorrectly.

"you guys gaslighted the core key example of what your argument was against my spouse."

for someone who loves Google definitions so much he sure has no fucking idea what his favourite buzzwords mean and seems incapable of putting them into a coherent sentence.

No. 625525

He has some nerve to bring up Shane again. He's threatening to send a cease and dessist to Ayalla, but he doesn't seem at all self-aware that things that have been said and backed up with receipts makes him look like a big, fat hypocrite.

No. 625528

that’s what’s so spectacularly infuriating about him, it’s almost comical how much he lacks in self-awareness.

No. 625534

Madison, of you read here: he doesnt have two pennies to run together. He doesn't have the funds to sustain a lawsuit. Tell him to stop contacting you, and I'd be doesn't, get a no contact order. It's super easy.

Or just block him, and ignore any letters you receive. Seriously, he can't do shit. He doesn't have a case.

No. 625535

Jesus, typos. You get what i meant.

No. 625540

ffs, can we please stop talking about that useless attention whore? She has nothing, she will do nothing, it's all just fucking bait. She'll never go against him and is probably thrilled he shared the texts.

No. 625546


Dude, calm down. If madi wants, she'll make a video. She doesn't owe anyone anything. Remember that. Be thankful for ayalla & haylee

No. 625548

He seemed to be using gaslighting exclusively speaking about Sarah.
I wonder if Sarah is starting to agree with whats being said about Lainey and Greg.
What I mean is, I got the feeling he was saying that the haters had turned Sarah and she was starting to accept all the things the other girls have said as truth.

No. 625552


I agree that talking about Madison is kind of useless if she won't at least give us a taste of any real tea. It's been one, big cocktease with that woman, and it seems like she'll never really gnad up against Obesion. But I also agree she doesn't owe us anything.

No. 625557

It's just time to stop pretending all animals are equal because they're not. Madi is a well known attention whore who dismissed sam, met up with shiloh to take selfies in a petty rage, ended up hurting shilohs name when she admitted to "embelishing" stories.
Giving attention to people with the wrong motives will hurt actual victim's stories.

Nobody ever owes anyone anything here.
I'll be expecting another muh begforjay spergout while she cries over onionboy poking fun at her ddlg degeneracy because really, that's the only reason they aren't friends anymore. Let's not pretend she ever gave a fuck about the shit he did to sam and maya.

No. 625561

He was clearly talking about lainey not sarah. All he said was that sarah "that girl" said we're all full of shit.

No. 625571

File: 1547363847564.png (59.08 KB, 588x251, fuckhead.png)


This video is shit and he outs another person's sexual assault out of spite.

No. 625578

Not trying to derail but does anyone have news about how the wetland restoration is going? It's been really quiet lately

No. 625581

File: 1547365389770.png (409.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-13-02-33-08…)


Comments on the vid are heavily filtered. Found this response from Grundle, though. Always justifying dating females not in their 20s.

No. 625584

Their != there, Grug. That alternative HS education shines through.

No. 625585

I went two minutes before getting nauseous.

Yet, somehow his normal grating, smug tone is tolerable than the positive one he’s even basically acknowledged is completely fake.

Whose sexual assault did he unnecessarily bring up?

No. 625586

File: 1547365779412.jpeg (341.46 KB, 750x1014, A7EDF605-4D0A-4DBE-ABAA-553019…)

Holy fuck, the self-congratulating narc delusion is positively palpable. Bonus pitbull Lucidia in the comments. As much as the lulzy anti-Grot accounts are top kek, her unrelenting savagery, along with Ayalla’s tea spill, will be the collective straw that breaks the autistic pedo camel’s back

No. 625588

He mentioned a person who E-mailed Lainey, so if you connect the dots you’ll see who he was talking about. Lainey didn’t want Greg to our her sexual abuse but she’s absolutely fine with him outing another girls’ sexual abuse and trauma to Greg so he can hurt people. They’re scum.

No. 625591

What the fuck is he doing with his voice? Does he think this makes him sound young? He sounds retarded.

No. 625595

Lucidia’s becoming the new Stevie Wolfe

No. 625597

He's breaking. You can tell his positivity is going to end for good soon. He's also really pissed that Shane wasn't heavily attacked like he is. Brings up how he's not attracted to 15-17yr olds, and his ideal age to be with someone is like 26-40yrs. I always hate it when he mentions he isn't attracted to prepubescent people like "11yr olds" but it still confirms that he's attracted to someone as long as they hit puberty. Does he not understand this

No. 625598

Gotta give her credit where it's due, she did kind of reignite and throw gas on this dumpster fire. Had she not shit on Onion on the angry peasants, as someone who was very visibly in Onion's fold (ew), it's probably what sparked Ayalla to speak out again as well as the others. Unless I've gotten the timeline mixed up and Ayalla spoke out before the Angry Peasants Madison event. It's been a wild past couple months with the Onion's so the timeline is a little muddy for me, but blessed be the milk.

No. 625604

>his ideal age to be with someone is like 26-40yrs

Lmao that doesn't even make any sense since his wife is 24. Does that means she's not ideal for him then?

No. 625605


Lmao she obviously isn't his ideal, but for entirely different reasons. He's just full of shit as usual.

No. 625606

We all know how Greg is with ages. Hes forgotten his own age a few times so he probably thinks Taylor is 26 this week.

No. 625607


kek, that was probably more shade thrown at Kaineythot to complement his less than subtle critique of her cooking (in)ability.

No. 625609

I dont get why hes spelling out S-E-X-Y, but still sayin "fuck you mother fuckers"

No. 625610

He goes on this long ass rant (sounding like a psychopath while doing so) and then makes arguments about how all pedos should die (agreed but not my point), he's making sure everyone knows he is disgusted by pedophiles, but then he literally refers to pedos as "If you're a predator of prepubescent children."and "if you find children 11 year old attractive" so in a sense he only makes sure ppl dont think he is into prepubescent children but he doesn't once deny in this video he is into underage teen girls.. hmmm..

No. 625611

Typical Onion bullshit. He probably thinks he's being clever by separating himself from people who fit the technical definition of pedophile, like that absolves him or Taylor of their predatory actions.

If he has to resort to mental gymnastics like this to justify why what they've done isn't "as bad," that's just more evidence that he's done something wrong.

No. 625614

File: 1547372058454.png (912.1 KB, 1168x657, Positivity 2019 ends.png)

This is the video Ive been waiting weeks for Onision to make.

I can sleep well knowing that his mask cracked tonight.

No. 625616

Especially because in his video titled, Don’t Quit, he said people throughout history have done bad things. Some bad things that are sexy. Very sexy, actually.

No. 625620

Did anyone notice how he said he wouldn't give a shit if someone was joking about an eight year old being sexy? Funny that; isn't that the reason Shane is a pedo?

No. 625623

But ~pOsItIvItY~! He's so mad that he has no control over the situation anymore. Girls are not intimidated by him, his Shane documentary was a flop and official documents about his yardwork are made public and there is nothing he can do about it. And it's getting even worse for him because people stopped sparing Lainey.

No. 625624

Fuck lainey for that. She is just as spiteful and manipulative as him, and is 100% complicit in his bullshit

I think it's hilarious how in this vid he has basically exposed his zen act as bullshit, and now we all know that the whole time he's been tweeting fake positivity he's probably been ruddy faced and raging and calling footkainey a cunt more than ever

No. 625625

Yeah but he continued it with his usual "as long as they don't say it in their normal voice" hinting at Shane because he keeps insisting Shane used a non-joking tone and so it must be him having told the truth and not a joke.

No. 625628

Transcript of “ok… i admit it”:

>Hey guys. I just wanted to drop a little common sense on you. Some of the people in the comments of my last video said that they wished that what my video was was a confession, which was funny. Um, they were acting like it was, it was an honorable outcome if I were to have admitted to being predatorial towards innocent human beings, but instead of me saying that I was that way I instead said that (whispers) I'm a banana. A lot of people didn't get the joke (giggles), but I just, I just want to drop my whole positive thing for 2019 for a second and ask, how fucking stupid are you? (Giggles) You guys comment saying it would be honorable for someone to admit that they're a pedophile? No, sweetheart, pedophiles should be shot in the head, okay? I'm just saying it, all right. If I was president of the United States I would have pedophiles immediately killed. And the reason I say that is because there are many people like this out there. My father is one of them and I want my father to not be alive. It's just a personal opinion, I'm not gonna do anything about it, I’m just saying, in an ideal world my dad would be dead. Okay? So when you guys tell me, “Oh, wouldn't it be great if Onision just admitted ‘the truth’, and said what he ‘is’?” I look at that I go, first of all, you don't know fucking head from toe when it comes to me. And secondly, the fact that you would think it was honorable for a pedophile…? The fact that you think that they could do anything honorable, being a pedophile, it just blows my mind. M’kay? And people are like, “Man, I wish you'd just admit it so we could all, like, just chill and be happy” or something. Like, you would just be chill and happy with me if, if—or anyone who would admit or be such a terrible thing? Let me tell you something, the reason I haven't admitted something like that, is because it's not fucking true. (Grins) Like… (laughs) people, people have been like, “No… your spouse… texted a meme.” (laugh) Look up Shannon, I forget her last name, but she was trying to say that my spouse tried to groom Shannon—Shannon was an adult—but even so, she tried to say that my spouse tried to groom Shannon, and other adults have said that my spouse has tried to groom them, and then later on they'll send my spouse an apology letter or whatever. Like in October, someone sent my spouse an apology letter for how terrible they are, and also talked about how they were violated by their boyfriend—but other than that, they apologized, right, and then months later they're on some drama channel talking about how bad they think the same person that they just apologized to is, and I'm seeing these people who are so… dishonest, and, and so fraudulent in their behavior, and it's so obvious that these people are desperate for attention. They want fame so badly that they will make up anything. ’cause here's the thing, okay, you have my spouse, right, and then you have the one person that people are using [as an] example of being groomed, because my spouse happened to associate with this person before they turned 18, so like, you know, big YouTubers associating with JoJo Siwa, I guess that's fine? Big YouTubers talking about how they met an eight-year-old and they think that that eight-year-old is “S-E-X-Y”—you guys know who I'm talking about—that's apparently fine? That person saying all these nasty things about prepubescent kids constantly, those guys are fine? But if my spouse texts a meme, or what the fuck ever to someone who later on says, “By the way, nobody ever said they would sleep with me, nobody ever implied that or suggested that or whatever”, you guys in response gaslight that person? I don't get this. Okay? You guys gaslighted the core, key example of what your argument was against my spouse. Let me break it down, okay? But before I break it down I'll finish the Shannon thought. Shannon tweeted that my spouse groomed her. She’s like, “Oh yeah, she said that I could get VIP tickets”—“she” being my spouse at the time. My spouse is actually male, or a guy, based on their own gender identity. But they said that Kai said that they would get them VIP tickets, right? Okay, and then they showed the actual screenshots and it was literally like: “Hey Shannon, you wanna go to a Twenty One Pilots concert with me and we can collab?” (Dramatic pause and shrug) Like, the internet doesn't need proof, it just needs opinions. And that's what's ridiculous. Like, we have done so, so little. Like, people say, “Oh, you rate people.” What did I rate them? Show me a bonafide prepubescent person who I rated… anything, you know? What, I tell them they need to lose weight? Lock me up, sergeant. (Laughs and shakes head) The internet's so ridiculous. It’s, it makes me uncomfortable how ridiculous the internet is. Your guys' double standards are crazy. Just nuts. Anyway, so as I was saying. So you got this girl who's an adult, right? And you say she was groomed by Kai, my husband, right? That girl comes forward as an adult and says, “Y’all are full of shit”—I’m paraphrasing, that's the gist of it. So you guys gaslight the fuck out of her because I guess you don't even care about “the victim” (air quotes). All you care about is being right about this issue, about hurting my spouse, who’s a great human being. I’m really confused about it, guys. What is your agenda? ‘Cuz right now you have Shannon who said that she was a victim of grooming, showed the texts and it turns out that she was just invited to a concert and blew it way out of proportion. And you have this other girl who says that she wasn't a victim at all and that you guys are full of shit, so you gaslight her. And then you have this other girl who's the friend of my spouse's ex-girlfriend, who asked this girl to have sex with her. M’kay? So you have this girl, who made this big vlog—channel gets almost no views, now it's getting views because she made a video about us, all right? She makes a video about this girl, leaves out the fact that she asked this girl if she wanted to have sex with her, offered that girl drugs—illegally, a 16 year old—offered her drugs, okay? We're talking, like, the, the type that you need to be 21 plus to use, and federally is still illegal, right? (Scoffs) So, (counting on fingers) offering illegal drugs, asking if she wants to have sex with her or whatever, and you guys side with that person over my spouse, who I don't even think could kill a fly, I really don’t. I’m just really confused by you guys. It's really illogical, you know? Like, my spouse has never done anything to anyone as far as I know, like, any terrible deed. My spouse has never preyed on children or anything like that, and the only child that you have as an example, that you guys are using to sum us up as people, is an adult who says you’re full of shit. (frowns) I’m really confused here, internet. And then you come to me and you go, “Just admit it, just admit what you are and then I’ll respect you”. It's like, what the fuck is wrong with you? You would respect somebody who would be into preying on children, just for admitting it? Fuck you. Put you outside right next to the other person when they fucking do a lineup shooting of all the pedophiles. Fuck you if you think that pedophilia is okay if you admit it? Fuck you. Pedophilia is never okay. And I do mean this from the bottom my heart: if you are a predator of prepubescent children, if you think that 11-year-olds are attractive, if you're a person who would describe an eight-year-old as “S-E-X-Y”, like in a serious context, not joking, that's important—if you're jokin’, fuck it, whatever, I don't give a shit, but if you say in your own voice repeatedly? I view you the same as I would view a murderer. (sniffs) Seriously. Actually, I'd probably hate you more than I’d hate a murderer because maybe he had a good excuse. There's no excuse for pedophilia. There's no excuse for being attracted to prepubescent kids. Now, some people say I'm an ephebophile and I guess that's maybe what they wanted me to “admit”. But here's the thing: I’m attracted to adults, I’ll admit that, because it's true. I'm not attracted to 15 year olds, 16 year olds or even 17 year olds, ’kay? And what I mean by this is, when I was 24 I dated a 17 year old and when I was 26 I wound up marrying someone who was 18 who I first started dating when they were 17, okay? But I'm much older now. People change as they grow, and I personally was lied to. Y’all know the story: I was lied to about the person's age who I'm now married to and quite frankly, I'm glad they lied to me because I wouldn't have such an awesome life with such an awesome person now if they didn't lie to me. It's really sad they lied to me, it's really sad that it had to be that way, but my spouse knew that if they told me the truth about their age—that they were 17 and a half and not just about to be 18—I would have left them. I would have been, “nope, sorry, I'm out.” But they said they're just about to turn 18 and I was like, “Well, that's legal in both our states anyway, fuck it. I’ll marry you when you turn 18 and all that shit.” So, I don't know… pfft, I don't know what you want me to tell you. I’m not interested. Like, I even see tweets from 17 year olds these days and I'm like, fuck (sigh). I mute most everyone that I ever see who’s, like, saying they're 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or whatever in my tweets. Like, the moment I see that: mute. Because I just don't want to be associated with that drama and I'm not hunting for that. If I had to be blunt about my preferred age, it would be… like, 26 to… 40? Maybe 39? 26 to… yeah. I've dated a lot of 20-year-olds and, uh, that's something that people don't like to acknowledge. Fact of the matter is my primary demographic is 18 to 24, which is awesome. Some people lie about their age but I dunno, most people are honest, so I'd hope…? Not even relevant. Long story short, a lot of idiots say a lot of stupid shit and I'm not going to admit to something that I have nothing to fucking do with, ’kay? So y'all can go on thinking Onision is this, Onision is that. I got plenty of death threats, got plenty of people actually, like… (laughs) seriously, death threats. But, it's what the fuck ever. I ain't going to tell you guys some fuckin’ lie just to make you like me, which is fucking weird! Why would you like someone just for admitting that they're a fucking pervert? Anyway. If you think I am one thing or whatever, take your evidence, go to the cops. Do it. Do it! Enough of this internet bullshit, let's stop playing around. Throw your cards down. ’cause I keep seeing shit— people talk shit and it's always people who, like, I fucking kicked out of my life like, six years ago, five years ago, four years ago. I kicked you out of my life, and people are just trying to get back at me. It would have made sense if you kicked me out of your life. (Shakes head, smiles, scoffs) So fucking stupid. Do I need to scream, “I’m not a fucking pedo!” like Shane did? Like that other guy did? Is that how you get people to back off? Cuz I never described any eight-year-old that way, I never said I looked up naked babies or anything that way, I never did half the shit Shane did. Yet you guys just ate that shit up. I don't get it, I don't fucking get it. (pause) Alright, um, yeah, as far as comments go though, you guys aren’t gonna be able to say shit anymore in my comments cuz we're about that positivity in 2019. So you know, fuck the haters, you can suck a dick, I don't really care. I say I don't really care because I'm literally making sure that you guys cannot comment on my future videos. (laughs) If I cared, if I wanted to hear what you have to say, I'd let you say it, but no. Well stop, shit… (incoherent mumbling) just fucking done, it's done, I'm done with you, I'm breaking up with you, it's over. This has gotten too out of control, it's affecting my life too much and I'm sick of playing games with you dumbass motherfuckers. So take a Glock to the mouth, pa-pow, you're dead. Just in the comment section, I'm just being… (laughs) just the comments section. You live on and be happy and have wonderful days ahead of you and focus on more positive things but (smacks lips) bye. You're done, I’m breaking up with you. And I look forward to you talking shit about me too because you got rejected. That's what so many fucking people do and it's sickening. Makes me not want to have anyone in my life, like you can't tell anyone to fuck off without them later on making a video going, “You know, I knew he was a piece of shit the whole time, (inaudible mock whining) when he said he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore I just knew that he raped goats! I just knew it. I don't have any evidence, it's all hearsay, but if enough people hate the same guy and say the same opinion based on nothing, that's it! It's game over!” Fucking morons. All right, back to positivity 2019, that's all I have to say about it. Obviously I am not this person, obviously it is a bunch of bullshit that people are trying to drag me through, and clickbait and so forth, but what I will admit to is what is for a fact something I did: I did fucking cut down a tree, okay? I definitely cut down a tree, and I definitely fucking cleared some blackberry bushes and disgusting plants, weeds, and so forth out of my yard. I did that, that's real, and I admit to it because it's fucking real, that's something I really did. I also speed on the highway sometimes, I do that as well, ’kay? What else do I do… I haven't downloaded any illegal mp3s in a very long time, illegal movies no, not a very long time. In South Korea that was the norm but… no. Anything else? I can't think of anything else that I've done that breaks any laws, or is gross, or whatever. I think the grossest thing I've done online is let myself read your shitty fucking horrible comments (smiles). All the garbage human beings who come here and just, “uhh you fuck, I want you dead”. Get the fuck off my channel, you dumb shit. What are you doing here? Bye guys.

No. 625631

Yikes. Onion boy sounds really triggered.

Countdown to the meltdown.

No. 625635

File: 1547377804749.jpg (68.88 KB, 1076x902, Du0BnzwVAAIMZeJ.jpg)

Isn't supposed to be "Kai and me"?
So much for your high IQ.

No. 625636

Say goodbye to your fanbase then.

No. 625637

Underrated comment I love you transcription anon thank you for for not making me hear his voice…

No. 625638

Yikes. Onion boy sounds really triggered.

Countdown to the meltdown.

No. 625639

File: 1547379010639.jpeg (302.44 KB, 750x1054, 45326FED-2592-4A71-A7C9-1248C4…)


Blessed be thine house, transcript-anon.

Ayalla gearing up to drag these predatory pieces of shit, I hope she comes through. Not just for the milk but for the sake of all the girls the Pedonions have abused and manipulated.

No. 625642

>I'm going to drop the whole positive thing for a minute

So he basically admitted it's all a facade and he's a salty liar who pretends to be happy and positive uwu.

Also…that fucking hairline. I cannot wait till he goes bald. He has that giant triangle thing that Pedobot has.

Also his laughter is so forced and I get triggered everytime that asshole laughs at his own jokes or for no reason. It's such a pussy laugh.

No. 625643

>you guys side with that person over my spouse, who I don't even think could kill a fly

Oh, we know she can’t kill flies. You’ve provided evidence of this.

No. 625646

Agreed. Thankyou transcript anon. I tried to watch said video and lasted 15 seconds before his horrible voice just made me angry

No. 625647

They always wear jackets inside. Don’t they turn on their heat?

No. 625648

If I owed $600,000 I think I would jump off a bridge. Do you think he is going crazy in private?

No. 625649

I mean, it is creative when you compare it to any shots from his videos. You know, like the one of the burger next to bird shit.

No. 625651

Oh no, anon!
That would mean that Lainey isn't useful to him anymore and you know what happens to people who are not useful to him…
Inb4 he >can't stand all the negativity Lainey subjects the family to anymore.

No. 625652


I think he's going crazy publicly. And it's only going to get worse.

No. 625653

I mean yes, but my point is that it was a weak attempt at a 'safe' compliment. There are numerous pictures of Jessie wearing crazy outfits or wearing glitter and rhinestones and shit on her face and a picture of her wearing a black top he calls 'creative'
He knows people already know he wants to fuck her and would call him out if he said she looked hot, so he tries to weakly compliment her with the most basic neutral shit like this. Too bad it just makes him appear more thirsty and that it simply just looks like he's trying to hide it.

Also, he prob sticks to saying shit like that because foot would get fucking jealous, so he's stuck with compliments like 'you are great at being a human!' or whatever the fuck he normally says.

No. 625655

He's so fucking dumb. Does he really think nobody is going to notice what he's doing, especially with the recent drama and after he admitted he's only nice to people he's attracted to?

I'd feel bad for Taylor, if she wasn't deplorable in her own right. She knows exactly what he's doing too, I'm sure.

No. 625657

Some time ago someone mentioned that onion is always sweaty even in cold environments. My tinfoil is that whatever caused him to have a gigantic head and an IQ of 10 also causes his body to not regulate temperature properly so he's always overheating. Since he doesn't really care about Lainey, he doesn't let her turn the heating on so she's always freezing. I have no evidence for any of this though

No. 625658

Oh pedonision, that whole sperg is just sooooo Ravenesque it's almost beautiful.
How do they all fit so neatly into a predefined lolcow mould so perfectly? They're a whole new species that the internet has uncovered. It's fascinating.
I pray to godbear routinely for ravey or icky to join the unholy trinity, I mean they almost fit the revised age requirements…

No. 625662

I’m curious anons, do we believe Lainey when she claims not to read here? Part of me believes she doesn’t (bc we know she loves to plug her ears to the truth and hum) but part of me thinks she can’t resist.
And on that same note, I do think she still stalks Greg’s twitter regularly. Even though I’m not sure if she watches his videos because how can she truly not be bothered over him salivating over teens on TikTok? She said on YouNow that it doesn’t bother her anymore. I guess she’s just given up trying to keep him loyal.

No. 625665

It's been confirmed that she gets Sarah to read it and report back to her

No. 625667

I remember that, but I just can’t help but think she has to come here on her own occasionally. But then again we all “misgender” her so that might be her fake excuse to not read other eye opening perspectives about her pedo husband

No. 625669

A little late to the party, but whilst watching I had the impression that a dad made his totally too cool and misbehaved kid help out in the kitchen and film it for grandma as a "cute, little" video message for her.

It's incredible to watch their horrible relationship continue just because neither of those two morons wants to be the one to end it.

No. 625671


right? i feel so awful for their kids, if it’s too cold for two adults to handle i dread to think of how the babies handle it. the pedonions really are such useless parents, they’re so out of touch with reality that they think internet drama and how they look online is more important than providing their children with the bare minimum (healthy food, heat, love, etc)

No. 625672

It seems to me that Shannon coming forward was a mistake. I feel like they did just want her to come out for collabs or whatnot. Her acting like it was some kind of predatory behaviour was a mistake, however Shannon is psychotic so who knows.

No. 625674

She never said they did anything like they did to they others. All she got was weird messages. If Greg and his fans are retarded enough to throw out everything over the treatment of the other then…

No. 625675

I think on its own I can see your point but in conjunction with everything else we know it does kind of help in forming the bigger picture even in a small way. Also not to go too much off topic so just a TL;DR how is Shannon psychotic? Literally know nothing about her so just interested

No. 625676


I definitely see your point, but I think it adds to the claim that these people really do contact fans with expensive gifts/prizes. No one can say for sure what their motive was when asking Shannon to fly out for a concert, but based on other things that we did know happened, I feel like it's not a huge leap to assume they didn't have good intentions in asking her.

Has there ever been a situation where they've been involved with a fan they've found online that didn't end up seriously creepy and fucked up eventually?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 625677

narty, but yeah I think she just wanted to give more evidence that this is a pattern in behavior, that they think flying people out and giving lots of expensive gifts isn’t manipulative and weird. We know that Lainey and greg would claim that they’ve only ever did it like “once!” had people not come forward to show how often they try this shit.

To quickly reply without derailing, she has bipolar and struggles with it but she hasn’t had any dramatic relationships/issues online. She keeps her illness to herself

No. 625682

Currently watching this. She's so genuine hope this gains more traction. She is 100% right Onion acts predatory towards women.

He is harassing her for sex and dumbfounded she doesn't find him sexually attractive.

Maybe it's cause I'm high,but I feel like Greg wants Taylor to be a they/them so when he uses their grooming phone he can jack off reading it to himself and forgetting Plainey's existence. Which leads me to tinfoil and conclude, Greg is so turned off by Lainey and complex grammar he's renamed her Kai and him/he for his masturbating pleasure.

Taylor is a freak going along with her husband searching for someone to have threesomes with. Are these 2 losers too scared of craigslist? Or evidently Greg is such a narc he can only fuck fans.

Fucking losers

No. 625683

Here is Lane's stream from yesterday if you're interested.

No. 625686

Ayalla tweeted that she's going live 2 PM EST

No. 625687

thank you for coming through anon!

No. 625692

File: 1547399489994.jpg (19.22 KB, 576x109, burnlel.JPG)

This must really rustle gurgle's jimmies, not to mention that it's a good way of reminding his fans that they're just stragglers to the rest who have carried on from his childish content.

No. 625700

I think it’s important to remember that Greg and Lainey are not above letting their fans do the dirty work for them.

They send people to here, YouTube, Twitter etc and try to discredit whoever they are up against.

That’s why we’re seeing things saying that the people who are coming forward are looking for attention or are psychotic.

It’s a favorite tactic of Greg’s to point out mental illness and he over estimates his fame. Remember how he told Maya that she must be so star struck ( or something along this lines ) to meet him?

I’ve seen fans call the young women weak for not coming forward sooner or going to the police.

Just because something isn’t illegal, doesn’t mean it’s right.

No. 625705

so is ayalla not streaming again or what?

No. 625706


It's only 10 mins past 2, so just hold yer horses. Lol

No. 625707

No stream?

No. 625710

Fucking hell Ayalla, don't let the Shreg intimidate you

No. 625712

Do you think it’s beciase she’s intimidated? She seems like she can stand up okay on her own two feet and she missed the last stream because she wanted to go out and have fun which she’s more than entitled to do and doesn’t owe us anything really. I think it’s either she doesn’t really care about this that much or my tinfoil would be the stream is supposed to feature Billie and she’s the one who is nervous or scared to do it.

No. 625714

>my tinfoil would be the stream is supposed to feature Billie and she’s the one who is nervous or scared to do it.
This is what I was thinking as well. I hope they'll be okay.

No. 625715

That’s an interesting thought actually

I kinda feel like she’s just doing other things though. She’s obviously entitled to have a life but a quick tweet would be nice just to let us know what’s going on. I don’t thibk she realises that there are a lot of people just sitting around waiting. Not just for milk, but to actually support her.

No. 625716

I agree, it does not look good especially considering the situation.

No. 625717

File: 1547408807020.png (35.84 KB, 637x279, Opera Momentaufnahme_2019-01-1…)

she tweeted this three hours ago, so it's not even 2pm where she lives.

No. 625718


Yes it is for her. Shes EST

No. 625719

I live in the same time zone as her, it is 2:49 PM.

No. 625720

I mean, when you say you're going to stream (and about such a delicate situation) at said time, people will expect you to… do it. She could've just cancelled with a quick tweet.

No. 625722

She doesn't seem to be the type of person to be afraid of Gurg, so she probably tried to get Billie on and she is afraid lol

No. 625723

Yeah, wasnt it implied that other people were going to join in? Maybe waiting on some others. I don't know. I don't think we should be getting our hopes up about these things, she doesn't owe us shit. But it does suck that once again, no notification on what is going on.

No. 625724


Fuck off, anon.
If you couldn’t deduce the weird predatory shit being said to her then you’re the problem.

No. 625725

File: 1547409662875.jpeg (737.49 KB, 1242x1404, 1B3CA515-A582-4079-B12F-5F2358…)

He’s still trying to milk the situation as much as possible…

Mirror/transcript/summary anon out there?

No. 625726

Also she was very clear to say she wasn’t a victim like the girls who actually visited the grease mansion. She was just adding additional context and wasn’t overreaching and saying she was groomed or w/e.

No. 625728


He's just reeing about the one commented who made a really shitty comment about his son any why da haturs no longer can comment on his videos. So much for positivity.

No. 625729

He tries to deflect by saying how while people are calling him a predator there's a real predator on youtube (pretty sure he's talking about Shana again) and says that people have to wake up and see who the real predators are.

No. 625730

Yes, she could have but she didn’t.

She doesn’t owe anyone shit.

No. 625731


If course she doesn't. But it's twice now she said she would stream, she knows people are waiting, a tweet takes 2 seconds. People watch and support her and give her money. If she's not going to show up, I'd be nice if she'd just say it so people don't wait

No. 625732

He was just looking for an excuse to start deleting hatur comments again. He doesn't give a shit about his son, he wouldn't have signed him away for a teenager girl he barely knew at the time if he did

No. 625735

Tinfoil but maybe he wrote that comment himself with a sock puppet account or photoshopped it to make it seem like a hater wrote it

No. 625736

Jesus there is so much to unpack here.

>that outfit

>the disheveled hair
>the gigaweeb background

This looks like something CWC would've excreted upon the internet in defense of himself. Not a married father of two.

No. 625737

He probably did tbf. He's tried to slander Madi, Ayalla, Billie, Lane, Luxy etc. to protect him and Taylor and it's not working. So he's got to slander what he thinks the source of all this is "the haters".


Wouldn't be surprised some of the anons annoyed about lack of streams from Ayalla are Onion fans stalking the thread. Hope the anxiety is eating Taylor alive uwu

No. 625738

You mean like you did with shane? How's your own medicine taste?
Only this time there's truth to it.

No. 625740

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Onion fans who are complaining because Ayalla said she was going to stream but didn’t. Saying that she could have taken 2 seconds to tweet that she wasn’t going to stream and then bringing up the fact that people pay her, sounds suspiciously like something Greg would say. He probably told his minions exactly what to say. Anything to get the heat off of him and focused on someone else instead.

No. 625741

Even the title card makes me want to cringe all the way into the next century. "Get Woke." You're not in your twenties anymore, Pedophile. You can't fit in with the finna woke generation, unlike your YouTube peers who actively change with the times. You just come off as crusty and cringey. Get fucked, Anus.

No. 625745

Missing the point again? It's not a matter of "owing" us something, it's a matter of being vocal about a certain something, making plans to talk about it more and not following through, twice. Nobody's forcing anybody to stream.

No. 625747

I wonder how long it will be before he turns comments back on his videos? He is going to get significantly less views if people can’t comment.

No. 625748

File: 1547413438577.png (690.21 KB, 841x488, screencap64301.png)

This isnt the first time hes attempted to use hate or ridicule towards his children to demonize his critics.
In the screencap to the left is a YouNow stream where hes making fun of a child with Downs Syndrome. Ive also included a link to the YouNow clip.

During the "dat booty doe" controversy. Greg made a video describing exactly what happened when he made that comment to Sarah. Some eagle eyed anons noticed that his wallpaper on his phone looked like a photo of a child. The wallpaper on Gregs phone was actually a cropped photo of that "Im Downing" meme. Greg "accidentally" left his phones wallpaper in the video hoping that the haters would comment on it and say his child had downs and ridicule him. But no one took the bait. It wasnt a photo of his boy, it was his attempt to bait people and make him look like the victim.

No. 625751

Or it's just anons that wasted their time waiting for it? I can't watch the stream so I don't care either way but it is kind of rude to announce a stream twice and not deliver both times.

No. 625754


The kid in his wallpaper picture appears to be looking slightly more towards the camera, maybe his kid just resembles that kid slightly?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 625755

She's not a streamer though and doesn't just live online like Greg tho. It's the weekend she probably has other plans and I don't blame her not revolving her weekend around streaming about Greg. I'm sure she'll stream was she has free time.

No. 625756

its the angle of the phone

No. 625758

She was on mobile twitter so she may be out and underestimated the time she’d be available. I’m just hoping she’s not getting harassed by Greg and Taylor.

No. 625759


This. She said she's not backing down and I think we should take her word for it. It's the weekend, she has a life, and I imagine she's copping a lot of abuse/harassment from the Pedonions and their army of flakes so she probably wants to get away from the toxicity of the internet for a bit. Let the girl live. She's spill the milk when she's ready.

No. 625760

Then she shouldn't promise it if she knows she might be busy

Didn't Lamey say that their son had a high chance of having downs when she was pregnant? Weird that he would make fun of a child with downs when their kid could've had it

No. 625762

>maybe his kid just resembles that kid slightly?
Anyone that's seen Laineys video "OUR POWER GOT SHUT OFF" where the power goes out so they eat out then drive around and find the downed power line have seen what Trot looks like. You get a glimpse of him for 2 seconds in the back seat staring at an iPad, he doesn't look like the boy on the phone.

No. 625764


This is Grug we are talking about, he's a fucking hypocrite, and he only virtue signals when there's something in it for him (i.e. potential teen poon). He's not desperate enough to fuck someone with DS (yet) so they're fair game.

No. 625765

Wait…..what????? Who said anything about Greg fucking someone with Down Syndrome. You don’t need to have Down Syndrome to have a kid that does.

Back to the current topic. Do you think he’s going to start blocking people on Twitter, again?

No. 625766

Why should he block when he can mute?

No. 625767

The bangs fall differently. The child in the meme's hair is swept to the left, while the child on his phone's hair lays between the eyebrows. The mouth is turned up more, and the eyes are in a different direction. The child just highly resembles that meme.

No. 625768

Anon (>>625764) is saying that Greg only defends stuff to make teens want to hop on his dick, if he doesn't want to fuck DS chicks he's got no reason to be PC about DS.

No. 625771

You have a point. I was thinking he would start blocking on Twitter, again because he’s afraid his few remaining fans are going to finally see the truth and he will have no one.

No. 625772

So apparently I’ve lost my reading comprehension skills. Holy shit. I’m an idiot. Thanks for explaining.

No. 625773

You obviously didnt see the video or maybe cant judge the age of children. C is a toddler, T is much older and the child seen in the back seat is 5 years old or so.

No. 625775

I think he wrote it himself to justify disabling critical comments, most of his “hate comments” are valid arguments or pointing out his hypocrisy

No. 625778

She doesn't "owe" anyone anything, but it's a dick move to blue-ball hundreds (thousands?) of people by suggesting that you're going to do a saucy tell-all and then just not show up without any sort of explanation. Either do what you said you were going to do or don't claim that you're going to do it at all. I don't think anybody would really care if she wasn't 'coming forward'; she probably doesn't have much more info to share anyway.
It's hard to get over just how creepy he looks in his profile pic.

No. 625779

File: 1547416455120.png (380.42 KB, 490x356, Patreon videoWRH.PNG)

Those arent bangs. Its the tips of the wig Greg is wearing so the sweeping to the left or laying between the eyebrows doesnt mean anything, its strands of the wig he played the part of Sarah wearing a blond wig. If the photo was mirrored or skewed a bit it would explain the eyes and mouth being slightly different.
All that aside, if that was really Troy in on Gregs phone and his own child had DS, do you think he would make such brutal jokes about a child with downs syndrome on that YNstream
or in other streams Ive been present for.

Having the wallpaper of his phone in full view was just a convenient accident to bait the haterz.

No. 625780

>It's hard to get over just how creepy he looks in his profile pic.

Pretty sure he thinks he's utterly ~kawaiiiiiii~ He has a pattern of picking these wide-eyed down angled picks that he thinks make him look like some animu schoolboy or something. When actually he has the white-around-the-eyes serial killer eye thing going on.

No. 625782

But muting doesn't prevent all the other people seeing the comments under his tweets. It gives him even less control what people say. Only he doesn't see them when he mutes someone.

No. 625785

If his kid had DS, we'd probably know by now. The Avaroes have been getting increasingly sloppy about disguising the presence of the kids, and Troy's voice has even been heard a few times iirc. Even people with partial DS have a very distinctive type of accent that we would have been able to hear when we heard him speak. Plus there's a good chance he would probably still be non-verbal at this point (though I imagine his speaking skills are lagging behind his peers' due to his unfortunate parent situation).

No. 625786

Exactly. I didnt want this to turn into "talking about his kids" and end up getting banned.

My main point is that Greg will use his children as shields to criticism. Hes attempted it before with the wallpaper picture of that unknown child hoping people would talk shit. Now hes using his child as an excuse to disable comments. Either he used a sockpuppet account to make that comment, or he cherry picked it from hundreds that were giving valid criticism of his predatory ways.

No. 625788

Thank you anon. In the “dat booty” saga there is a livestream where Grease is designing a t-shirt and you can here Trot say “I love you daddy” three times in a row of course Grease doesn’t pay Trot no mind. But Trot doesn’t have the distinctive Downs voice while he bags for Daddy’s attention. Trot probably is behind developmentally with his peers, but not due to Downs. In that same stream after Trot says “I love you daddy” on the third time Grease asks why…… but he may be talking to Lamey

No. 625789

Lainey wasnt happy that he was making Tshirts with phrases like "lol be mad" or "dat booty tho" and Greg says "why" Her response was something like "because then its immortalized"

No. 625790

it boggles my mind that as a father he sees no problem laughing about a random baby having downs syndrome. whats the joke here? downs syndrome? its not funny and cruel to this child

No. 625795

god, he really goes all out to make himself look like an ass, doesn't he? i don't think i've ever seen someone be so openly inconsiderate and degrading to their own spouse, wanting to make t-shirts out of the very inappropiate comment you made to someone who was not your wife and also underage at the time.

No. 625797

File: 1547419569382.png (62.43 KB, 720x492, IMG_20190113_234537.png)

No. 625799

Not gonna lie I think that's a bit of a shitty excuse, next time I'll just wait to see if a stream is uploaded to youtube.

No. 625800

Makes you feel like Greg was chomping at the bit all day and now that she didnt stream hes pissed.

No. 625801

Do we think he would make fun of Down’s syndrome if his child had it?
Where have you been? Of course he would!

No. 625802

Do we think he would make fun of Down’s syndrome if his child had it?
Where have you been? Of course he would!

No. 625805

I think the streams are overt tbh. Maybe she will reschedule it but maybe not and Madison’s isn’t going to be a substantial contribution because she’s still up their asses even if she pretends she’s over them.

I wouldn’t get any hopes up over the possibility of new streams. We got some good further confirmation of their weird behavior from Lucy and they whole gang’s tweets have been something at least.

No. 625806

He makes fun of anything to get a reaction but can’t take it himself. It’s the same with rape. He thinks rape jokes aren’t off the table and that rape can be funny but only when it doesn’t apply to him or when he wants to use his kid as an excuse to filter out comments calling him creepy, old, or fat.

No. 625808

Someone in Ayallas comments said that parents are coming forward now. Did I miss this?

No. 625809

whose parents?

No. 625810

Agreed. Ayalla came out swinging and determined, did some good stuff, and now she's just … not trying. It's like she feels a sense of obligation but just can't be fucked or doesn't want to anymore. Madison will probably do another twenty streams to try and milk it and get Greg's attention.

No. 625811

I was just about to mention that! I hope there are screen shots

No. 625813

It's just been one excuse after the other. Hope she streams again someday like the first one she did on Onion.

No. 625814

In the woke video he made, he's lying through the entire thing. He can barely keep eye contact with the camera and constantly blinking. No wonder his fans are all twelve year olds who can't see through his bullshit.

No. 625816

File: 1547423678737.png (169.57 KB, 485x242, upload_2016-10-18_20-12-33.png)

He was 100% overtly including his unlocked cellphone screen in the video for "haters" to find. Just like when everyone found out Cloey's name and so he "accidentally" showed wall decals with 'Lisa' and 'Claire' in their videos.

No. 625817

I think they are talking about the screen shot of the parent saying their 11 year old and 13 (?) year old were obsessed with onision so she took away their access

No. 625819

Wasn't there more evidence though of them wanting to name her Claire and then changed it because people saw her name on the banner? I think Crazy Tami had written Claire on Facebook, as well.

No. 625821

File: 1547424284973.png (8.15 MB, 1242x2688, 386CBBD0-FB60-40D4-A9D3-769E3D…)

I can’t watch the livestream and honestly don’t want to if I could, but what does this title mean??

No. 625822

You might want to cover your face anon

No. 625823

>I dated a 17 year old and when I was 26 I wound up marrying someone who was 18 who I first started dating when they were 17, okay? But I'm much older now. People change as they grow, and I personally was lied to. Y’all know the story: I was lied to about the person's age who I'm now married to and quite frankly, I'm glad they lied to me because I wouldn't have such an awesome life with such an awesome person now if they didn't lie to me. It's really sad they lied to me, it's really sad that it had to be that way, but my spouse knew that if they told me the truth about their age—that they were 17 and a half and not just about to be 18—I would have left them. I would have been, “nope, sorry, I'm out.” But they said they're just about to turn 18 and I was like, “Well, that's legal in both our states anyway, fuck it. I’ll marry you when you turn 18 and all that shit.”

this is so… telling. first of all, what’s the difference between being 17 and a half and almost 18? second, why would gerg marry someone soooooo dishonest. third, he’s basically saying “yes i dated a minor but she lied and im glad she lied because i got to date a minor!!!!” i think this is the closest he’s come to admitting he straight up dated a minor. before he stressed a million times how it was legal, and this time he fully blamed taylor and even said he was GLAD she lied.

No. 625824

Yeah this was a massive "you hate liars but okay" moment for me too. He can't keep track of his own hypocrisy and his mental gymnastics are fucking olympic gold medal tier.

No. 625826

File: 1547424621269.png (482 KB, 766x430, Untitled.png)

Nah they showed the same banner and the same "L I S A !" wall decal multiple times in several videos. They tried very obviously to create doubt as to Cloey's real name and assumed 'the haters' were idiots and would take the bait. Crazy Tammi was instructed to help with the 'cover up'. He always does weird shit when the onion tots are accidentally exposed. The downy phone background is case-in-point.

No. 625827

File: 1547424654665.jpg (16.13 KB, 355x117, a.jpg)

This stream has going on for awhile and I missed like the first hour so I'm not sure if that has actually been confirmed or is a twitter rumor. However Ayalla has showed up in that chat. Real Stream asked how old she was when she met Sarah since there was some confusion and she said she was 19 and never tried anything with her witch we already knew.

No. 625829


ofc the fellow rapist has to stream about it, I hope some downlowd/transcript anons are on hand ready to do god's work so we don't have to give that autist more views

No. 625830

File: 1547424742612.png (5.32 KB, 345x51, 56.PNG)

No. 625831

also, what business does a 26 year old having someone that JUST turned the legal age to marry? that's marrying a teenager, even if they're 18. and if he was SOO ready to marry lainey by the time she turned eighteen, it still looks bad for him bc he either:
a) married her after having known her for an incredibly short time (if he ever wanted to warp the story and say he met lainey when she was 17, he'd still have married her after knowing her for A YEAR).
b) married her after having talked to her (see also: grooming her) since SHE was 14 years old, which is actually the case here.

if you're a decent person who finds it weird and predatory for a 26yo to marry a barely legal tween they met on twitter, this does not look good no matter how much he tries to twist it

No. 625832


Grot using someone's abuse against them is the lowest of the low and makes him look like even more of a cunt (if that's even possible)

No. 625834

I saw it, lol. It’s actually not even me so I’m good with it. Thanks though!

No. 625835

Poor Ayalla, it must be terrible to have this sick creep zero in on you. He does nothing all day and has nothing but time to figure out ways to subtly fuck with her. We stand with you man.

No. 625836

Do not make the mistake of thinking Greg cannot go lower than he has already. He made fun of her brain damage in a stream too. Absolute scum.

No. 625837


Not that it would have a made a difference because a teenager is a teenager, period, but she wasn't even a mature/experienced 17/18 year old, she's a coddled, spoilt white girl from bumfuck nowhere with no common sense or life experience

No. 625838

Let's not forget rapestreamnews fell over himself to rush out fake tweets / screenshots because he is both dumb as fuck and desperately thirsty. What I'm trying to say is, the title and the stream won't mean shit.

No. 625839

File: 1547425045484.jpg (37.13 KB, 360x219, a2.jpg)

And some more Ayalla comments…the next to the last one was a response to Real Stream asking if Billie will be speaking out about this.

No. 625840

He's also admitting Lame is a liar

No. 625841

he's an opportunistic piece of shit, don't give him views, fam. If Ayalla sticks to her word she'll be live in 40 minutes, just hold on to your knickers

No. 625842

File: 1547425258427.jpg (496.04 KB, 1080x1702, 20190114_001950.jpg)

Lucidia and this other girl have been going in on Greg hard on Twitter. I'm glad people aren't letting this die.

No. 625844

File: 1547425367019.jpg (9.97 KB, 359x75, a2a.jpg)

Sorry, here is that first part I cut off. If you were reading here when cuddlegate was happening you already know Gurg mocked her job and had her quit to be more accessible to him.

No. 625845


Lucidia has pitched a tent in his feed, she's a savage. I hope more people come to the party knowing that they're supported in speaking out against the swamp family and refuse to be bullied into silence

No. 625846

We can get plenty of info from Ayalla without Billie speaking out. I know anons are desperate for the milk, but as long as we get good info from an approved source and Billie continues to ignore them, I think it's really a win/win.

No. 625847

>I think she just does whatever she can to please him
That's referring to Sarah and her motive for making the video defending Lainey to appease Greg.

No. 625848

I think Billie has already said all there is to say on her part, and I think her silence is indicative of how much she has grown up. She's letting the other girls reclaim their time.

No. 625849

Lainey's grandmother wrote in her Facebook bio "Claire is due in November"

No. 625850

I second this. Billie's attention, no matter in what respect, is Greg's ultimate prize. They would do well to keep Ayalla as her spokesperson, as we all know she's credible enough.

No. 625851

It's been interesting watching all of this stuff come up again. Of course Lainey denying everything (as always) and Onision turning it into a joke like the sick fuck he is.

I understand she has a life and this is probably not #1 priority to her right now but it's probably best not to schedule stream times if you're one of those people that is flaky about stuff like this. Just let people know an hour or so beforehand if you're absolutely sure cause otherwise it's annoying.

No. 625852

It’s referencing what Chris Henson says on , To Catch a Predator, when they bust someone.

No. 625853

I'm thinking they maybe told their family to refer to her as Claire to throw people off the scent?

No. 625855

Billie doesn't need to say anything if she doesn't want too but I do think it's kind of weird how she hasn't addressed this at all.. Wasn't she in Hailees stream the other day? And her best friend is bringing all this up again defending her. I'm assuming Billie is in the group chat they are always talking about too.

Maybe she just doesn't have any new information to bring to the table or something.

No. 625857

They were asking about the title that says “parents file reports against Onision” anon, not the quote in the thumbnail

No. 625858

This has already been mentioned, but Greg will only release certain things to make people look bad so he still has ammo for later. I wouldn't be surprised if he had more on Billie. In NO WAY does that mean Billie deserved any of his abuse, but we all know she wasn't perfect and he could definitely further humiliate her.

No. 625860

This is reminding me of the Eli/Kai thing. I'm sure someone here said awhile back that Cloey with that spelling had some connection to Sh, maybe Claire was Laineys name choice and then Gurg being who he is forced the new name for his own sick reasons.

Agreed, she's had an abusive couple obsess about her for this long and she shouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her in distress over detailing the horrible things they've done to her. Besides having Billie come forward in person will just set him off and he'll make more videos full of lies about her and who needs that after 2 years of this shit?

No. 625862

Gurg is ramping up the PoSiTiVe UwU shit on Twitter, fam we are on the verge of seeing a full blown meltdown in the wake of Ayalla going live in (hopefully) one minute…

No. 625864

ayalla's live

No. 625865

No. 625866

you are the real MVP. let's hope for good things.

No. 625867

File: 1547427789843.jpg (66.32 KB, 640x960, B7braCsCYAU6pr7.jpg)

I'm struggling to see how Lainey could be mature for her age according to Greg

>stole sister's clothes because she is too lazy to wash her own

>doesn't wash clothes to this day
>can't cook anything that isn't frozen
>had never had a job when they got together and still has never had one (sponging off your husbands 15 minutes of fame isn't a job)
>too scared to make phone calls or order food because muh anxiety
>met a guy off the internet at a hotel and fucked him
>married a guy as a teenager after knowing him for 9 months
>house is always a mess, flies everywhere and leaves trash around. Queen of trash according to onion
>let her kids teeth rot because of poor dental hygiene
>only seems to make friends with girls several years younger than her
>magma cum laude

Where is this mature woman who was wise beyond her years at 17? Getting decent grades in school does not maturity make. In fact, with her upbringing she was destined to become way more successful but instead became a damaged fucked up who ruined it all for a d-list internet has-been.

Pic related. The mature 17 year old he got married to texting her 16 year old friend for dating advice.

No. 625870

File: 1547428209969.png (396.73 KB, 630x730, neweryearnewergreg.PNG)

even still tweeting Jessie.

No. 625873

so apparently greg threatened to send billie and Sarah home for not watching their kids.

No. 625875

and he cornered her in the garage to convince her to get a tattoo and the only thing that saved her was ayalla coming in stopping the situation

No. 625876

Greg is such a creep with the fucking tattoos. Imagine dating a guy for like 5 months and he tries to convince you to get matching tattoos

No. 625879

imo Billie should never say anything else about Greg. he is hardcore obsessed with her to the point of mental illness and still hasn't exited her life completely. the safest and smartest thing to do with people like Greg is to act as though they never existed.

No. 625880

He's still emailing billie, Called ayalla once to say that lainey still dreams about him but towards the end it was about how he couldn't get billie out of his head.

No. 625881

I wonder if he messed up Billie's taxes like he did his own.

No. 625882

Ayalla said Gurg wrote off her visit on his taxes. When he filmed a video with her said he out loud that he paid for her plane ticket and thought that was good enough lol.

No. 625884

File: 1547430217917.jpeg (320.22 KB, 1800x1031, C6CB2CE8-725B-4DE6-BB5A-39C43F…)

Fake positivity sperging as Ayalla streams.

No. 625885

I totally agree with you, anon.
Greg will be a thousand times more furious about B not acknowledging him than having to deal with her for outing deets about the Avaroes.

I hope Ayalla stays her spokesperson, I really hope she's strong enough to withstand all of Greg 's bs and the girls help each other. I also hope that Greg gets nervous enough and will make mistakes that finally lead to his demise.

No. 625886

I legit do not understand how anyone finds (or ever found) this miserable excuse for a human being remotely amusing/likable. Even amidst everything that has come out recently he still has people defending him. Just. Why?

No. 625887

well the stream wasn't very milky, most of the same stuff as before. she did say she is going to the police about gregma lol which should be interesting if true. she also said that greg once called her for an hour about how much he missed billie and couldn't get her out of his head, trying to get her back.

No. 625888

according to ayalla lainey is exactly as she presents herself online, nothing would surprise you about her.

No. 625889

So a miserable, manipulative, passive-aggressive asshole then, I guess.

No. 625890

Ayalla also completely denies hitting on Sarah, offering her drugs, or encouraging an eating disorder.

No. 625891

i was a little disappointed that she dodged a lot of the heavier questions. that one person was hard hitting news and she pretty much ignored the questions the entire time

No. 625892

Lmao who the fuck thinks flies are "cute"? They are dirty and can spread diseases, he's such a dumbass

No. 625893

In her defense, she did say she didn't know the answer to some of the questions, and she apparently told Sarah she wouldn't discuss her. I mean, I think that was foolish, esp since Sarah is apparently accusing her of stuff, but it seems like Ayalla is trying to be kind to her. (I don;t think she deserves to have people be kind to her, I think she is pretty clearly a snake, but I guess Ayalla is nicer than I am)

No. 625896

Confirmed lainey has the charisma of boiled cauliflower

No. 625898

Imagine putting up with that confused self centered boring voice all day everyday.

No. 625902

Ayalla and Luxy really do paint a picture that we speculated. Greg clearly regrets his marriage with Taylor. Shocking. The foundations he made with her at 17 for a few months then a month after turning 18 doesn't bode well for a marriage. But onion has a plan to beat the statistics!! PAWLY! HE'S PAWLY GUISZ

Deluded Taylor is helping her husband fish for girls to nanny their kids and fuck her man to stop his tantrums. Her 5 year old must be so bewildered by life, no wonder they've delayed his schooling imagine the shit he'd say in class lol.

I bet there's loads of milk on those discord servers. I really do think there's credence to nudes being used for blackmail. Lt. Lassie already showed his hand there and Greg only likes guys that are as creepy as him.

No. 625906

Mirror of Ayalla's stream for today.

No. 625907

File: 1547432249997.jpg (73.54 KB, 665x465, trapped in the swamp.jpg)

Ive heard to many R. Kelly comparisons so I had to do it.

No. 625909

What? He doesn't even know how to interact with her. Everything he tweets is random.
The suit is very professional. Good work!

No. 625910

File: 1547432307452.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, LIfq5NV.png)


No. 625935

Foot disabled the likes/dislikes on her newest video. Someone is triggered

No. 625936

Why does she need to address it? That gives Greg an excuse to openly set her sights on her, and unlike Greg's other orbiters, she had an actual traumatic experience at the hands of Greg and his gay husband.
There's absolutely nothing about her that's mature aside from the fact that she popped out some kids. She's a teen trapped in a mother's body, just like Greg. She does seem to have stopped crying less over the past year or so tho.
So she was the nanny after all! She and Taylor were so insistent that this wasn't the case.
What specifically is she going to go to the police for?

No. 625942

It’s a technicality. None of the girls were nannies because they weren’t hired/paid.

No. 625943

I think we can expect another clothing haul again, next video maybe. She is wearing a new shirt and couldn't be bothered to take the size sticker off the pocket.

No. 625947

She knows that Greg does a very good job of covering his tracks and making sure everything is technically legal, so she feels there's not much that can be legally done there. However, she wants to take all the evidence to the police, and the accusations he made towards her to see if there is anything that can be done.

No. 625948

Can someone give another link for Ayalla's stream?DLs never work for me(and maybe other people too),I ve tried many times,it just doesn t work.

No. 625950


I was the one many threads back who found the connection of the name Cloey with Sh.

Grug named Sh character on Haters United that God awful name. Has since been taken down by Grug but SS in old threads exist.

No. 625951

dont click the [DL]
click the thumbnail

No. 625953

god he speaks like an uncle on facebook talking to a niece they don't see very often.

No. 625958

Couldn't him and his ugly wife take care of their own fucking kids? They are so lazy they had to force young girls to do that for them, wow. More proof they are shitty parents

No. 625959


Did she elaborate on the emails Greg has sent B post-break up?

No. 625963

The pic is too small to really see, but…. Roxxanne?!

No. 625964

No but she confirmed that he reached out to her more recently than ten months ago like Greg said.

No. 625966

File: 1547440466187.png (71.53 KB, 1106x508, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.3…)

Just wanted to point out that when you look up Onion and Taylor's personal info, it shows that their net worth is over 1 million. So could it be that they have the money to cover all of their fines right now, but they just want to milk it to get other people to pay it instead? I remember a year or so ago Onion claimed he was a millionaire in a tweet.

No. 625969

"Net Worth" =/ bank account
Also those youtuber lookup sites are notoriously inaccurate.

No. 625970

Remember how he used o have two house and two teslas? it probably hasn't taken the loss of those into account.

No. 625971

Not a youtuber look up site, just mylife. I am just referring to it because he claimed to be a millionaire a year ago

No. 625972

True. It does show lower for Onion than it does for Taylor also. Onion is around 500k

No. 625974

>>625970 >>625972
Greg is cash poor. All the money he earned over the years has been spent on electronics, stupid costumes, and anything that lower-middle class people think makes them look rich. Id bet his savings account (if he actually has one) is triple digits at best.

No. 625975

This could be boring info, but he has been ACTIVELY selling stuff frequently on his ebay account


No. 625976

I know that people want to believe that he is going bankrupt because it would be perfect karma but unfortunately people underestimate just how much money youtuber make. Greg is low on views and never really did any sponsorships but lainey does. Look at trisha paytas and the lifestyle she is able to maintain. One sponsorship could easily bring in a couple of thousand dollar, multiply that by how many times a month she uploads and that's a nice stack of dough.

No. 625977

Agree, but also wouldn't be surprised if he did actually have more money squirreled away than what he leads people to believe. Why pay for your own fuck ups when you have a perfectly good army of teen fans with access to their parent's credit cards to help pick up the tab?
I am also shocked that he hasn't yet resorted to exploiting his own kids on video as a final desperate cash grab.

No. 625979


Tinfoil, but I’m thinking Plain wanted to name her Claire, but Anus wanted Cloey spelled in a ridiculous way since that was a character he liked (didn’t it have something to do with Shiloh? Or anime) and of course he got his way.

No. 625981

I like to think that Lainey didn't realize the name was associated with Shiloh until after she was born

No. 625984

Turbotax better remind him to pay taxes on the money he makes on Ebay

No. 625987

Unless whatever happened is a local thing, hopefully she takes the evidence to the FBI or whoever deals with crimes that happen across state lines.
iirc anyone can edit mylife, which is why trolls flood it with disinfo and take screenshots whenever someone with the same ideology commits a very public crime. There's no way they're currently worth anywhere near 1MM+.
They are not making REMOTELY enough at the moment to live the lifestyle that they used to, let alone pay off a 600k debt. This is naive. There's a reason why all but the biggest "influencers" live in apartments and have roommates or work day jobs. The Avaroes have the benefit of not living in an extremely expensive area, but Greg pissed away his money as quickly as he made it, and now their income stream has slowed to a trickle. Patreon is probably their biggest source of income rather than YT.

No. 625988

Unless whatever happened is a local thing, hopefully she takes the evidence to the FBI or whoever deals with crimes that happen across state lines.
iirc anyone can edit mylife, which is why trolls flood it with disinfo and take screenshots whenever someone with the same ideology commits a very public crime. There's no way they're currently worth anywhere near 1MM+.
They are not making REMOTELY enough at the moment to live the lifestyle that they used to, let alone pay off a 600k debt. This is naive. There's a reason why all but the biggest "influencers" live in apartments and have roommates or work day jobs. The Avaroes have the benefit of not living in an extremely expensive area, but Greg pissed away his money as quickly as he made it, and now their income stream has slowed to a trickle. Patreon is probably their biggest source of income rather than YT.

No. 625991

No. 625993

Here's the (relevant parts of) the transcript.

>Are we going to finish him?
He's on his last leg. So, to be honest, I feel like with everybody he's speaking out about their own stories it's pretty much already finished, and clearly we all know he tried to go on that crazy smear campaign essentially turning all the accusations against him against me, which, I mean, was pretty nuts but if you watch it it's pretty obvious what he was trying to do, so.

>He outed someone’s sexual assault after she came out.

Yup! Well, Greg actually made sort of an underhanded joke in a video about something that he very vaguely knows about me and it seemed like he was just trying to let me know that there was more about me that he knew that he could talk about, which he, you know, has brought up before over email asking me about the abuse that I suffered in my past, and I told him that it all wasn't true because he, you know, was clearly doing it to try to use it against me, and I am not going to be blackmailed by the things that I've already been through my life. Like, that's pretty… pretty nuts to assume that that would silence me. I mean, I've never been quiet about what I've been through in my life so it's just a little nutty but he does very clearly dig up people's pasts and look for abuse to try to use it against them because a lot of people aren't comfortable with having their abuse stories public. I'm not really afraid of stuff like that I feel like I've always been pretty open with my following so that does not scare me.
[Playing video games]

>If you come out with your trauma, he’s got nothing against you.

Yeah, I actually spoke to my mom about it because I didn't really know what to do if he does ever decide to try to like publicly smear me for getting abused as a child. I don't really know what the right course of action is. My mom just said, “have you ever seen Eight Mile?” You know, if there's anything you think he's gonna throw at you just throw it out first and he's got nothing, and I feel like in a lot of ways she's right. Though, I was never really quiet about it before.

>What happened when you were caught sneaking out?

He just tried to convince us to stay but it was pretty evident at the time that that was not a situation we needed to be in.

>He thinks because he shares way too much that no one else should have boundaries.

I believe that he over shares about himself because he gets some sort of validation from me but he is very aware that people have boundaries, and I think that that's why he does it. So he can say that he thinks that everybody should be open but it's not typical for everybody to put, you know—everything that's ever happened to them on the internet. I mean, I haven't talked about every single thing that's ever happened to me my whole life. I talk about important things. I've talked about, you know, mental health issues. I've talked about fear. I’ve talked about a lot of different things, so…

>He needs to have basic respect in the first place.

That is true. I mean, he has gone out of his way to try to out a lot of people for things that they didn't want public so that they would stop coming out and speaking about the things that he has done, and clearly it's not working. I've been in contact with a lot of the girls who suffered from some of these situations and it's not really working on them either. I'm so glad for that because I can tell you from the first time that he went on a crazy smear campaign about me it was terrifying. I had no idea what to do. I mean, I posted a video crying on the internet because I had asked him so many times privately to stop speaking about me, and stop using my name, and my face, and everything like that. He does not respect boundaries. He does not respect people's privacy. He will post your deepest darkest secrets if he has to to try to make you look bad, and for me, you know, my deepest, darkest secrets aren’t even bad things that I’ve done. They’re bad things that have happened to me. I really feel like I might be, you know—it might be a better idea to just come out and speak about what happened to me as a kid before he tries to use it against me, which I don't even know how he would try to do that or how he would try to spin it to make me look bad because I don't think that you should ever blame a child for being abused. It’s clearly not their fault, but…

>He's quite the sunshine, isn’t he?


>Did he ever use publicity as a threat?

So, he doesn't ever say specifically that he’s going to do things like that. I think that he just does it and it's typically whenever he feels that he is losing power in the situation or he does not have control over a situation. He will do things like that.

Yeah, he talks a lot about how he's getting death threats now because of everything that's going on, and it's actually a classic manipulation tactic to try to play the victim and deflect blame whenever you are caught up in something.

>He wants to manipulate you so you’ll stop talking about him.

Yeah, I understand that. I mean, I was very aware what he was doing even the first time when him and my best friend didn't work out. Well, and then Lainey and my best friend didn't work out, and he went on this crazy campaign to try to make us look awful because he knew that we were very aware of all of the crazy things that he did and requested.

>What did you mean last time you said he very different online as when he’s offline?

In person, I would say he's he's very charismatic, which is, I think, very different from how he is online. It's a little more, I think, cold online. It's a little more calculated. If he does post things for a purpose online whereas in person he just uses a specific way of speaking to get what he wants. So, it doesn't take as much effort
in real life to do the things that he does.

>Has he verbally and psychologically abused these girls?

Yes, absolutely. It's actually pretty scary to see the
way that he goes about things because he does pretty much all looks a typical manipulation tactics where he starts off with very positive reinforcement and love bombing and slowly but surely he will sort of take away those things or he will sort of mistreat you if you're not acting the way that he wants. He’ll threaten to send you home or take things away or a lot of different things. He will insult you if you are not acting the way that he wants. He will clearly publicly humiliate you if you're not behaving in a way that he finds acceptable.

>Do you think that the judicial system is going

to be able to make a case against him?
From what I can see, Greg is very careful to make sure that he skims that legal line so that he will not get in trouble. He's very tactical about the way that he does these things so that legally there's nothing you can do. I can tell you times a day that he's morally corrupt and, you know, he gets into people's heads and it's scary to be honest, but he works very very hard to make sure that he will get away with these things, and that's why I felt like saying something publicly is really one of the best things that I could do because even if everything he's doing is not against the law per se, that doesn't mean that it's morally right or that people should not know that he's doing these things to young women and it's not, you know— Young women out there should have access to the information that you will manipulate his way into getting you to do things that you would have never done or say things that you would have never said before and… yeah.

>How do you feel about him—

Ok, so. I didn't ever try to sleep with that young woman. I think I've made that pretty clear. It was clearly a defence tactic to try to sort of deflect blame onto someone else. I was 19 years old at the time. I was also a teenager and he clearly tried to paint me as this horrible pervert, and I didn't ever try anything with her but I was also a teenager at the time, which has no comparison to a 33 year old man or a 25 year old woman doing similar things. I know he tried really really hard to make it look like I was this awful person and I'm sure it's pretty obvious, like, how he did it and why he did it and I'm actually very glad that people can understand that I'm not that kind of person.

>He tries to punish these girls for acting ways he deems disrespectful

That's true. He once threatened to send the young woman that was discussed before and also Billie home because they wouldn't babysit his children. So, it's pretty crazy.

>Does he restrict everyone from seeing their family?

He did ask one of these girls to not contact her family for an entire year and move in with him and have no contact with anybody from where she lived including myself. So he does go through and use isolation as another tactic to keep these girls, you know, within his grasp. All of its kind of messed up it's just I know that they skim the legal line. Everybody says go to the police but I plan on talking to the police and bringing them all of this information but they are very careful about whether or not they break the law so that even if this all comes out one day and people realize what he's been doing to these women that he can't actually go to jail it would just ruin his YouTube, but it's pretty… [sigh]. Just the whole thing's messy.

>Let the police decide what to do.

Right, and I do plan that. I'm actually not in my hometown right now, which is the only reason they haven't gone to the police yet, but I will be going back tomorrow but I plan on going to the police and sort of giving them all of the information that I have and ask them what I should do about it. About the videos he's made about me painting me as a pervert and about all of these things that he's doing to these young women because he's clearly got a pattern. There's clearly a very evident way that he goes about things, but I’ve been doing research to try to understand a little better how he does these things because it's scary and it's important that you can recognize the things that he does, or the things that anybody like that will do.

>Can you go into detail about him getting mad at the two girls not wanting to babysit?

Those are the details that I have, that they were not doing an adequate enough job to babysit so he threatened to send them both home.

>Has Greg tried to contact you since the last e-mail?

Other than the text that he posted in his video trying to smear me he has not contacted me since then, no. I know it’s not their job. [As in, not the girls job to babysit]

>Did Lainey genuine want a relationship with a female?

I have no idea what Lainey really wanted.

It was a deflection tactic very clearly. I was 19 at the time, like, it's just crazy to be painted as a pervert when, first of all you didn't do anything, but also, like, a teenager talking to a teenager. I don't know it just doesn't make any sense see why he was under the impression that that would work, and I'm sure that it was just an intimidation tactic to be like, hey, you know I can make you look bad, too, but it's not just me coming out and speaking about the things that they've done. I think that me being able to come out and say anything at all has inspired a lot of young women who have suffered through this to come forward and tell their stories and share what happened.

>Greg is scared of you.

I don't think he should be scared of me. I think he should be scared of the truth. I have never done anything to Greg. I have never really been rude to him him. I have never really done anything to him other than being vocal about the abuse that he so clearly associates himself with. I mean, the first time he went on a smear campaign it was because I was public about some of the things that he did to my best friend even when she wasn't because he was trying so hard to make her look awful, and I tweeted about how he tried to chain her up in the basement for a week, and make her shave her head, and dye her moss hair, or get I'm a liar tattooed on her. Even cornered her in the garage once to try to convince her to get a tattoo, and I came in shortly after and I was like, this is not okay, and that's actually the day that we left.

>What was the last straw?

So, for a long time I really was just too scared to say anything because after I said anything about what he had done to my best friend he went on this horrible smear campaign about how I’m a criminal and a degenerate and all of these things and I was scared. I mean, he made videos about me for over a year after I had even seen him. I only met him one time. So it took a long time. I mean, it's been two years since this situation happened—two years in a month, I think. For a year and a half of that I was still on the front page of his YouTube, or I was in his videos, or he was referencing me in a lot of different ways, and I was scared because I don't know what he's capable of.

>Why was Sarah under the [inaudible]?

I have no idea. Because that’s what they said.

>Standing up to Greg was very brave of you.

It took a lot. I mean, to this day it still takes a lot. It's only been a short time since I came out and I haven't really been sleeping because I know some of the girls that he's trying to blackmail and use information against to keep their silence and it's scary. That's just, like, I don't want him to try to ruin my life because I think that it's important that people know what he does young women and what he tries to do the young women, though not always as successful as he’d like to be.

>Do you think he sees himself as a normal guy?

Well, maybe he does. I feel like it would be scarier if he didn't realize what he was doing. I feel like it's pretty impossible to be so good at manipulating and doing it to so many people without even realizing. I don't even really think that that’s a thing.

>How does he think any of this is ok?

I really don't know. I feel like for somebody who comes off as honest and moral and some white knight it's pretty insane. I mean, he once posted an email he got from an ex-friend of mine on Twitter, like, trying to paint me as this awful person. I had to email him and have him take it down because the e-mail was from somebody who I knew in real life but I had had to threaten to call the police on that person before for showing up at my house and it was pretty clear then that if he has anything from anyone that could put you in a bad light, whether or not that person is dangerous to you, he will use it, and he acted like he was my hero for even taking down that post. Also whenever he e-mailed me about—asking me about the abuse that I suffered as a child he insinuated that I should be thankful that he hasn't said anything about that publicly online, and I know that that was just another tactic to get me to not say anything but it's pretty scary. He goes through a lot of effort to make sure these people are too scared to come forward and a lot of them are. I'm sure that there's many people who won't even say anything about it because they're worried about what he's going to do, and I knew going into that it would be really really hard to do this and that he would go out of his way to try to make me look bad, and make videos like the one that he posted, trying to paint me as this awful person, and I knew that from experience. He's done it to me before but I realized that it was more important to come out to speak about this so people will know what's going on instead of avoiding it to try to save himself. I would rather you know go down in a blaze then let two, or three, or four more people go through this. It's not right and it's not ok.

>Did you help Billie out of the manipulation and help her leave?

Yeah, I did because I noticed it a lot sooner than she did, and for a long time she was too deep it in to do anything about it, so she needed some assistance, which I feel like is pretty typical for a lot of these girls because you don't even realize how deep in it you are until it's too late.

>It's weird he uses Richie to attach you and then attacks you himself.

Yeah, I do think it's pretty crazy that whenever he was attacking Richie, he says that he defended me from blackmail from Richie, and that—Richie was gonna come out and say all these bad things about me, and though Richie did threaten to blackmail me so I wouldn't speak out about the fact that he had cheated on me so many times and he was looking for 18 year old girls, you know, Richie was trying to keep me quiet, too, using the same tactics that Greg used because he's got such a large following. He tried to defend me when Ritchie was trying to blackmail me, but now he himself is trying to blackmail all of these other girls. I think it's so twisted and crazy that he acts like he’s such this, you know, righteous person for defending me at any point but he goes around and does the same thing to not only me, but to so many other people.

I didn't offer anybody drugs. I smoke marijuana. We've been over that, but I don't go around handing people drugs. I don't even have any drugs. I mean how was I even gonna get these drugs if I was locked in his house. That’s what I want to know. Well, I wasn’t locked in. Clearly I could have left because I did.

Yeah, no. I didn’t. Not a thing. I never hit on Sarah.

She [Billie] has very much separated herself from this situation and she's got no interest in diving back into it because clearly they will never leave her alone.

>What other red flags did you notice?

It's pretty—it’s, like, typical language. I mean, he will offer financial gain or financial loss. He will insult you, or make fun of you, or try to make you feel like you're doing something wrong if you're not acting the way he wants you to. It's a lot of different things. If you look up just manipulation tactics, which I was earlier today actually, it's pretty point-blank everything that he does. Victim-blaming, deflection, all of those sorts of things. It's pretty cut and

>Did he write your visit off for taxes?

I believe he did. I know that he made a video with me and that's normally all he needs to write off stuff in taxes, so even in his vide he said that he paid for my tickets. It’s pretty typical for him to write things like that off on those taxes. So, again, just another way to try to make me look like I was doing something that was wrong, I guess.

>Question about how Billie is doing

She's good. Billie’s actually great. She's really happy now. She's been working a lot on YouTube channel and trying out new things and she's really a lot happier than she was. It's actually kind of great to see her doing so well because for a long time she wasn't for obvious reasons.

>Billie’s flourishing.

She is! She’s living her best life these days. Her best life.

>Are you and Billie working?

Actually, I have an interview on Tuesday for a new job, which is very exciting and hopefully they don't Google me right now because clearly Greg’s off the handle. I’d be pretty upset.

The last time that he contacted her [Billie] was not ten months ago. It was much more recent than that but, you know. Whatever.

>Why does he keep contacting her?

He's obsessed. He says things like he has dreams that won't go away, and, you know, things like that. He once called me and essentially spoke to me non-stop for about an hour just about how—what started off, oh, Lainey misses Billie, and Lainey needs closure, and then he pretty quickly went into, like, Lainey has dreams about her all the time. Pretty quickly into, oh, I have dreams about her and I can't get her out of my head. So, he was using Lainey to try to say she's the one who needed something but yeah. It's clearly him because he only talked about himself in the end.

>Do you know more women will be coming forward?

Truthfully, I hope that they do but I know that not everybody is willing to go through what I'm already going through to try and take him down. It's pretty scary especially when you are a young woman to have you know a 33 year old man trying to essentially defame you. I mean, it's terrifying for me and I'm a lot older now than I was the first time.

Greg said a lot about my best friend cheating but that never happened. Not a real thing.

>Has Lainey ever talked bad about Greg?

Yes? Though not publicly.

Yes, I was in contact with that young woman. And she contacted me, so it was direct.

I don’t think that they claimed her on their taxes.

I am going to go to the police and bring them all of the information that I have but they are very careful about skimming that legal line so I don't know that they will do anything about it but I will be giving them all of that information just to make sure that they are aware.

>He's the Youtube version of R. Kelly

I feel like I've seen it a lot. That's funny.

We never encouraged anybody to starve themselves. Billie and I have never had an eating disorder. We've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder or treated for an eating disorder. I'm 130 pounds right now at 5’6”. I mean, by no means underweight I've been essentially this weight since high school, so, you know. It was pretty much just a part of the initial smear campaign him saying that we starve ourselves and we've got all of these issues, but it was never a real thing, which my mom tweets about a lot actually. Every time my mom sees me eating she'll tweet a picture of it because there have been so many rumors about me having an eating disorder because of Greg.

>Is there anything you haven’t said because you’re scared?

There are things that I am not going to share because it has been requested of me not to share but, no. There's no information that I have about them pertaining to me specifically that I have not at least tried to share.

>It can mentally screw with you.

Right. Well, it was pretty crazy for a couple months having my whole feed just being like, oh, stop starving yourself…

[irrelevant talk]

I don't mind you asking any specific questions. There are just some questions that I don't really have a clear answer to. I do not know every inner working of their marriage or what they talk about in private, so there's only so much I can speak about truthfully, and I never have any intention of misrepresenting myself or them.

>Is there anything about Lainey that would surprise us and that we should be aware of?

I don't really know that there's anything that would surprise you about her. She is pretty similar to her online personality in real life.

No. 625994

I know Gofundme-gate seems like years ago at this point, but I was letting youtube autoplay drama vids in the background while doing some work and I was startled to hear Petty Paige shoutout lolcow by name (several times) in her Onision wetlands vid. I've been on this site for years and I've never heard anyone directly admit to lurking like that. Even Edwin didn't in his Dasha vids, he just sourced the screenshots right?

Is this odd or am I overthinking it? Anyways, hi Paige. At least she likes our work.
>"Personally speaking when it comes to gathering the receipts and doing work over a prolonged period of time lolcow and Kiwifarms, they have that shit on lock."

Hope we don't get flooded with newfags now.

No. 625996


Thanks so much anon! Seriously appreciate it.

No. 625999

Blessings upon you, Nonny.

No. 626009

It's been out for a little bit. She uses the KF-anons fine calculations so who knows if the numbers add up, but it's yet another fun takedown.

No. 626011

he's live on onisionspeaks

No. 626014

oh my god he said hes about to do social experiments good lord

No. 626015

For now he's just calling people faggots and telling them to suck a dick.

No. 626019

does he really think it makes him look good to say he was very rude to sarah until she was 18? he said "once sarah turned 18 it was like, alright i can be nice to you now. i'm sorry for calling you a cunt so many times" then defends his actions by saying he did it to avoid drama

No. 626021

wow he is really sperging
he was just talking about how he "regrets being mean to sarah" and then started doing his hyena cackle while talking about all of the accusations against him. he just said that he "loves deleting hater comments" and it satisfies him to block people kek

he also just said that if he ever says anything nice to a girl like giving a compliment on a dress, the girl always tries to fuck him and he has to pry her off of him wew lad

he keeps saying faggot and just referred to it as his "power word" there goes his support for "LGBT" lmao, he will not stop talking about how much he loves to say faggot

this is honestly incredibly embarrassing, he has nothing interesting to say whatsoever, he's clearly just manic and trying to distract people. it's just a bunch of his fans jerking him off and a few people asking him actual questions that he either ignores or deliberately misinterprets.

No. 626023

His stream is super boring but he again emphasizes how mean he was to Sarah "because I didn't want her to like me", calling her stupid and a cunt and whatever. This is definitely not normal. This is him pretty much saying that he would not have been able to control himself if she had shown interest in him. He doesn't even realize that no normal person would have this way of thinking, why would you be so scared of a teenager falling in love with you?

No. 626024

I thought Sarah was a lesbian ? Onision said he was worried Sarah would be into him because “she was a girl”… lol what the fuck??

When someone asked if Sarah had feelings for Kai he said “you would have to ask Sarah that…”

Also saying he had to be mean to Sarah so she wouldn’t “make a move on him”…

This dude is fucked lol

No. 626025

petty paige already made it obvious during her extended back and forth with Joy Sparkles. RSN has been called out for it and admitted it. There are others but I can't recall.
Also, it's a bit late to hope for that.

No. 626026

He was asked why he's not mean to male friends or people he's not attracted to and he didn't even understand the question. He said he'd be mean to boys if they were underage but funny how he never hangs out with underage boys? Only underage girls?

He said he doesn't assume men will be attracted to him either, proving that he assumes all men are straight.

No. 626027

It's because he is desperate for any action, he doesn't want them to show their interest because he might not be able to stop himself because he's a gross greasy creep. He always acts like he can't help it. Look at how he got with lainey, "s… She said she was a couple months older but by the time (less than two weeks) I found out she lied it was TOO LATE!!"

No. 626028

So its finished and just wanted to post some of the pearls:

- He treated Sarah bad because he didn’t want her to like him (and she was a fan of him so he wanted to be sure she didn’t like him ). Supposedly Skye’s sister tried to kiss him and he dodged it so since then he knows he needs to treat minors bad so they don’t end up liking him.
- Most of his haters are red necks
- Talked about Dahvie Vanity . He said he invited him to a concert but he said no cause he’s a pedo
- “RSN is a faggot” (and he loves that word)
- “ People that hate me repeatedly flirt with me. Like Blaire White”
- It doesn't matter that Jessie Page doesnt like him.
- Same complaints about Madison and Ayalla (knew they were shady from the beginning but still hung out with them )
- He said he's an investor, investing in stock.

Someone said he has a sexual dynamic with Sarah and he said "you don't know that.". So he didn't deny it.

-He gets triggered everytime someone says "theres proof you groomed young girls"
- Someone asked "So Sarah saw lainey/Kai naked? Or topless? Do you still stand by that?" and he said "As an adult." then he tried to excuse it as something normal and not-sexual.
- He's full of "positivity" but only in twitter.

No. 626029

File: 1547459563611.png (Spoiler Image, 623.07 KB, 580x486, holy fuck.PNG)

No. 626030

fuck there RSN is. Surprise everyone. He is a fucking retard rapist loser. Realize that he cannot speak coherent sentences without repeating the same line three times. The dude is mentally (and oh god physically) destroyed from heroin.

The end.

No. 626032

The most sickening part of this stream was how much he kissed sarah's ass. Like he talked about her almost the same way he talks about lame, how much of an amazing person she is, how she is so strong and so so so intelligent.

No. 626033

damn thats a psychotic look lol i feel like he's trying to do kpop boy hair. wouldn't be surprised since a lot of teen girls are into that now days instead of emo creeps.

No. 626034


What I see at the foot of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

No. 626035

Right? What the fuck is he doing? Trying to be cute?

Shit you're right, anon. I was wondering what the fuck is up with his new haircut. This makes sense.

No. 626036

I don’t think this is a conscious choice, he’s just a fucking styleless tard who has no idea how to style or shape his hair and it’s grown out into an Adam Lanza level autist cut

No. 626037

Fucking lol someone asked him on the stream why he tries to open his eyes so wide in photos and he got all defensive and said 'why not? Why does it matter?'

Also noticed a few times the question was asked about how lainey denied the sarah interest on stream while he he said there was potential on HIS stream. He avoided this question everytime but when someone asked if 'kai' was into sarah, he just said you should ask kai.

No. 626038

geez this dude literally has chucky doll eyes

No. 626039

>Investments during a government shutdown

Sure. He knows nothing about money at all so if he's trying to lie and get us to believe he day trades, good luck. If he's retarded enough to attempt it and threw a huge portion of his dwindling money into something he'll be even more shit broke when this current economic clusterfuck bottoms out lol.

Gerg you don't know how to make money, you only know how to lose it.

No. 626040

File: 1547461650772.jpeg (164.35 KB, 1500x1443, 34708129-A4D5-4A00-BAC7-7AB29B…)

No. 626041

this guy thinks he's light yagami and L from death note though so he probably calculates everything like its some big anime plot to defeat ~the haterz~

No. 626052

Hilarious in his stream how he tries to make haters into retarded rednecks. Keep dreaming Greg, you're the fucking retard. You have 1000s of hours of videos of you giving numerous statements and can't even keep it straight. You record fucking near everything and still have the memory of someone with dementia. I know you're depressed and pathetic but fuck, at least use your videos to try and keep track.

You threw Taylor under the bus 40 minutes after her denying anything suspicious with Sarah. Then along comes Swaggy Onion "Oh ya fo sho Sarah has seen Lainey naked as an adult. Sarah was into the trinity. The trinity is it chief."

Then this stream "I HAD TO BE A CUNT TO SARAH BECAUSE IF SHE CAME ON TO ME I WOULD BE POWERLESS LIKE THE FAGGOT I AM! Sarah got out of this situation without me coercing her for suk mi, my methods altho unconventional work. Your laws and morals are to simple for my complex mind. I could melt a therapists brain with my logic you cunt! BE MEAN TO MINORS IT'S THE EASIEST WAY TO BREAK THEM WHEN THEY HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO."

No. 626059

his haters are rednecks but it's him who lives in a swamp and knocked up a teenager, so…

No. 626061

File: 1547476778379.jpg (123.62 KB, 600x602, Capture.JPG)

Looks like he's turned to scamming on ebay instead.

No. 626064

This is basically exactly what Jimmy Saville did and he wasn't a massive paedo at all.

No. 626065

>This could be boring info, but he has been ACTIVELY selling stuff frequently on his ebay account

I wonder if he sells stuff that his fans / patrons send him there… Hmmmmmmmmmm

No. 626066

Considering Lainey sells shit she has been sent by fans all the time, yeah most likely

No. 626067

We can only hope Onion does what Saville didn't in that he'll get busted and publicized for what he's done prior to his death.

No. 626068

First he throws Lainey under the bus and calls out her lies, confirming Sarah was indeed pursuing her romantically and saw her naked/ topless and now he's throwing Sarah under the bus, branding her a liar because super secretly she wasn't a lesbian at all but she was into Greg the whole time!

Just so he has his five minutes of superiority of being the most honest chick-magnet in the world.

My sides, anons, my sides.

Sarah, girl, he's already throwing you under the bus and destroying all your credibility, you deserve better.

No. 626069

I thought it was interesting to note during ayallas live stream the questions she didn’t answer but was clearly reading. She was asked multiple times if Greg cheats on lainey and also if Greg was planning to leave with Billie which she didn’t answer, instead of saying “no” or “not that I’m aware”, she did however say there was some information she had been asked not to share (presumably from Billie to prevent the wrath of onion coming down on her or so as not to be seen as a home wrecker again)

No. 626071

I died when he read out the Neanderthal comment. "Doesn't stop the chicks loving me!!"

From that point the stream continued with Greg blowing smoke up his ass and talking about being insatiable to minors. "I have to be mean u guys otherwise they'd rape me!!!"

Towards the end there was a long delay between comments appearing after him reading them, the way he abruptly ended the stream I bet he read something triggering. He had filters on and started blocking people.

No. 626074

>and also if Greg was planning to leave with Billie which she didn’t answer

I mean, we already know the answer to that, so seems kind of a dumb question to ask

No. 626075

And that, kids, is what happens if you move too much during a botox injection. Legend has it that the more girls you groom the more your brow slides into your eyes and the more botox you will need.

I get Daddy o' Five vibes from RSN, can't exactly say why, though.

The thing is, I'd like to find proof of this. Maybe at least one patron might snap out of it if they saw their expensive gift being sold. I mean we all know how little he values hand-crafted things because they're not worth anything and therefore trash (how did he phrase it? "ugly drawings and cheap glue"? Something around these lines.)

No. 626077

leave her secretly after cuddlegate, like in addition to what we already know about (e.g the airport kiss social repose talked about)

No. 626080

tbh either end of grugly/kainey’s story is gross, either sarah has been sexually abused through grooming and been taken advantage of due to previously being abused by other older figures in her life, or sarah has been verbally abused all the way into adulthood for what? so she doesn’t get a perfectly innocent crush on an older dude that shouldn’t feel threatened over it to begin with? i mean we all know it’s actually both unfortunately but due to his own sperging now he has to pick one to stick to. i hope ayalla gets some kind of positive outcome with the police even if they just stop them being allowed to see or contact sarah, that would stop this shit from going on any longer

No. 626081

Ugh I couldn’t make it through more than a few minutes of that stream.

Its kind of terrifying how completely he believes his own lies.

No. 626082

Wait are we for sure this is his account?? This is a big deal if he’s actuakky scamming people out money?? Judging from the feedback he’s taking money, then resisting items.

No. 626083

yeah teenagers get crushes on older people all the time and it's perfectly natural. a decent person would keep on being a kind, dependable figure in the teen's life and have a talk with them about boundaries, not shit on them constantly until they turn 18

gurg is trying to make himself look better but unfortunately even the story he made up just shows he has no idea how to act in a decent manner with underage girls. he has no notion of appropriate boundaries at all

No. 626084

His self mythology that he’s irresistible to teen girls is fucking ridiculous. Dude, my dude, you’re gross as hell. Sure, there are probably chicks with terminal daddy issues who want your gross dad bod, but that’s nothing to brag about.

No. 626086

Vighkel is his secret name for other accounts, also he buys and sells SO MUCH CAMERA EQUIPMENT

No. 626090

File: 1547484003484.jpg (46.36 KB, 617x488, vighkel.jpg)

Yes, here's proof. It's still up on his twitter.
Let's see for how long.)

No. 626092

His aliases and domains (A lot are taken down)

Last Names: Daniel, Jackson, Sicesca, Aravoe, Latsha

Aliases: Onision, Vighkel, Mr. Odd, Niqmo, Sheister27, Acid Duke, Oddikaun, Oni, Oddsend, Webmaster Edge, The Power

Current domains:






Previous sites, use wayback machine:

mrodd.com general

messagehoard.com message board

DeathReaper.com general

eghq.com gaming site

HybridEye.com general one of the earliest sites I’ve found

evoPsyche.com message board

GoSERE.com about SERE training

OnlineForums.biz web design

RapePrevention.info really bad advice

Sicesca.com cult shit

AmericasAirfoce.com military life

OneMandBand.com shitty music

niqmo.com web design and lulzy message board

NewbiesHost.com web hosting

evoSAGA.com shitty writing

tardout.com not really sure wtf this is

idesigns.ws web design

nevamore.com general

gamersshadow.com games

GregoryJDaniel.com general

No. 626093

No. 626094

"If you are to learn of a rape, and you have information on the rapist, you must report it to the police immediately for the sake of our society. Whether it be your brother, father, best-friend or otherwise, you have the given duty to report them, as by not doing so, you are also condoning such acts, in that, you are just as unforgivable as they are."

No. 626095

This is just another excellent example of how Greg is an expert on most everything.

Seriously though, holy shit. He clearly thoughts he was Batman or some damn thing. I wonder how old he was when he set that up.

No. 626096

" Opportunity 2: If the rapist is unintelligent enough to attempt having you giving him oral sex, than don't resist, but as soon as you are given the opportunity, latch on to is genitals by crushing your teeth down as hard as you can. In reaction, the man will attempt to hit you, this does not matter, you can take as many hits as you like, but the sure thing is, he won't have a penis when it is done, and this is what you want so you can escape. Make sure it is entirely off, he must not rape again."


No. 626097

File: 1547484732104.jpg (221.06 KB, 1886x587, rapeprevention_info.jpg)

>Feeling sorry for rapists since 2004.

No. 626099

File: 1547484808571.png (382.15 KB, 2888x706, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 11.5…)

No. 626100

File: 1547484923777.png (93.61 KB, 676x773, nosleepforpedos.png)

He's awake and already going at it.

No. 626103

Creepy. His quote about seeing people as either potential hostile or potential victims says a lot about his mentality.

No. 626104

>I get Daddy o' Five vibes from RSN, can't exactly say why, though
Their attitudes are pretty much the same and they look a lot like each other, maybe that's why.

>ugly drawings and cheap glue

Welp, Trot and Clot are going to have a hard time making little presents for their parents.
"Look Trot, your macaroni picture is worth nothing and I can't use it either. How about you save some money and buy me a real present?"

No. 626107



Found some old posts he made about losing AdSense. It's crazy how much shit he posts if you just Google one of aliases.

No. 626108

Doing God's work anons thank you. I don't think Grugly understands that picking on minors only makes him look more guilty. If you're soooooo grossed out by them wouldn't you be able to resist any possible advances with ease? And hell, you call your straight wife a cunt and tear her down all the time, so what is really going on Grug? Nothing you or Taylor say at this point has any consistency or solidarity, you both know you love some some underage poon and you really don't have a problem with it. What you actually have a problem with is when people tell you how fucked up it is. You both believe you are great people and any young girl that has the misfortune to be lured into your sick home life is really "lucky" to experience your mind games and emotional manipulation. I look forward to the day Sarah finally gets free of your clutches and realizes what you both truly are. What are you going to do then? Say she was always problematic and you never trusted her? Kek. Rinse, wash, repeat. Nothing ever changes with this idiot.

No. 626109

He has the banana emoji in his sig now? LET IT GO. This is just embarrassing.

No. 626110

>Say she was always problematic and you never trusted her?

Kailor already has kind of said this, presumably about Sarah (it was around the time both of them stopped following each other– although perhaps that was a ~ruse~), so I am not sure why Sarah would return to be around someone who thinks that of her.

No. 626114

Maybe the reason he keeps insisting he is not a pedo and has done nothing predatory is because he literally believes in his fucked up brain that he is still a teen boy.

No. 626116

With all this focus on abusing and manipulating young girls do you think Sarah is out of the picture? It seems like he would be onboard but unsurprisingly Lainey is the one holding things up. If they tried to peruse a relationship they could hide it but then they couldn’t write off her trips if they don’t put her in a video and it would be a lot more sus once the public inevitably catches on.

I don’t see how they’re going to pull a new unrelated girl from their shriveling fan base with no money and all the girls coming forward but does anyone believe he’s going to be satisfied with just Taylor for the rest of their lives?

No. 626117

Fuck, he looks like he shoved his head in boiling hot water.
I can see the forced á la Jessie Paege positivity is dying out a bit.

No. 626120

File: 1547489089663.png (114.94 KB, 532x726, a.png)

Found this on tumblr.
Holy fuck if this is true. No proof as of now, but it has the stench of the onion all over it.

No. 626121

File: 1547489122894.png (110.32 KB, 512x793, b.png)

No. 626122

i think sarah is definitely going to be poly with them, greg has a history of being super persistent with women who arent even interested in him and him and lainey have been been grooming her for so long i doubt they would give up now and i would not be suprised if greg is going to be very open about it since it's "legal" though still morally wrong

No. 626123

I don't see why they don't post the dms he sent her?

No. 626124

as much as i cant wait for greg to finally get wasted for abusing young girls and the legal system for his own pleasure, this just reads like tragedy porn. itd be bittersweet if it were true and someone else to add to the group of women stepping forward but without the dms there is nothing to make this credible. its all written around info that has been circulating for years

No. 626126

Yeah. While I'm grateful for texts / info being posted here, I'll take this with a grain of salt.

No. 626127

No. 626128

I’ve omitted the irrelevant parts like intro, thanking people for super chats, etc. Only made it to 22:00 if anyone else wants to take over.

I have 223 people watching. I don’t know why. Probably because of the catchy title. I’m actually going to do what the title says: spill the beans, based on your questions. If you guys ask me a question, I will hopefully be reasonable in answering it.

>Don’t spill the beans. Let more girls cry on camera first.

Who cried on cam? Tell me. Who cried on cam? I’m confused about that.

So, I guess I just have bunch of people from the UK. And what’s funny—crazy story—my books are well reviewed in the UK.

Your name is Onicyr? Really? Alright, I’ll follow you. That’s kind of funny that your name is Onicyr.

>Are you in a relationship?

I’m in a relationship with my spouse, yeah. Did you come here to date me? Why did you ask that?

>You don’t deserve money.

Ok. Can you imagine being someone who actually goes to, like, a stream and just says something hateful in it? Such a weird life to live.

>Do you know RSN?

I heard that guy’s a rapist, but you know that’s all heresy. That, and the girl I talked to said she got a rape kit and everything done. So, I’m pretty sure he’s a rapist but whatever. I don’t like RSN. He’s very—he’s just in and out a really bad preson. He’s had numerous—like, he did a picture of my spouse on the head of someone with saggy boobs. Like, a cartoon of someone with saggy boobs, and he did that to degrade them or something. It’s like, it’s pretty bad to do that to such an innocent, awesome human being like my spouse. Anyway. So yeah, I really hate RSN. I think he’s the scum of the earth.

>How’s Kai holding up?

Kai’s ok.

>Are you really gay? You made a few videos, now Jake Paul is following by saying he’s gay for a month.

Ok, so, let me explain the gay thing, alright? Blaire White is in a straight relatiopnship, right? Blaire White is with a guy, and she’s a girl. So, they’re straight, right? So, if my spouse is a guy and I’m a guy, then that means I’m gay. And I know a lot of you guys are transphobic and you don’t, like, respect people’s pronouns; what they identify, etc, and that’s because you’re shitty people. But most people, I think, are pretty cool. So, you will respect people’s pronouns and so forth, and as a result you look at me and you say: yeah, you’re gay. Or bi at the very least. Unless you wanna say that Blaire White isn’t in a straight relationship, then you’re just a transphobic shit to me. So, that’s just how hit is.

>Why do you open your eyes wide in pictures like the stream picture?

Why not? I don’t understand why not.

>When Kai was in labor did you watch the birth?

Yes, I did. That’s a really weird question.

>Tell Kai to slang a follow my way.

I don’t think Kai’s really using Twitter much.

>What do you see as the future of your channels?

Uh, awesome. I think they’re all going to be very cool. A lot of people quit. Like, Nathan Barnatt. He was getting like, you know, 1000-10,000 views per video and he quit. And then there’s What the Buck show,
Who also quit, who was getting about the same views. And I’m looking at these guys and I’m like, maybe they just—this is what I don’t get. Why don’t you get a job and still make videos, you know? Like, they still quit videos. Like, well, if I’m not going to make X amount of dollars, I’m done. And it’s just like, well, when I started out YouTube, I was doing that shit for free. You know? I never knew you could make videos when you first started making videos, so why the fuck are these guys quitting? Did I just slip up? Did I say something wrong? I never knew you could make money for making videos on YouTube when I first started making them. And then I found out and I’m like, oh, what a cool bonus,. I can get paid for this shit. But when I saw these people, like, quitting. I’m just like, what the fuck are you doing? Get a job and keep making videos. What the fuck? That’s what I’d do. I’d go out and become, like, a fucking dishwasher or something. Yeah, I know work is hard, but, like—ok, I was full time in the Air Force, right? I was working like a mother fucke run the Air Force. Panama schedule; 16 hours on a couple videos and—

>Why do you talk about yourself in third person?

So you know who the fucking I’m talking about. It’s a lot easier to understand if you say, Onision did this, Onision did that than I did this, I did that when you’re talking about multiple people in the situation. When you give everyone a name, it’s a lot easier to keep track of.

>Why are you such a hypocritical, rude person?

I think that’s a really rude thing to say. And if you’re implying that you’re not hypocritical, then that’s hypocritical because you’re being rude, too. Or if you’re not rude, then that’s hypocritical.

>Found a commentary channel that always looks at your drama fairly and looks at all sides.

I don’t really care. It’s-it’s all, like— you guys, this is all, like, bullshit. Like, seriously. I walk talking to Repzilla on Discord, and even he’s obviously—he’s telling me, like—I was like, I asked him, what is your ideal video type to make? And he said, oh, ghost hunting. And it’s like, well, then why the fuck aren’t you making ghost hunting videos, dude? You’re doing this for money. This is all for money. Everyone’s doing this for money. Nobody fucking cares. It’s so stupid.

>Greg gave you always been a worthless predator.

Learn how to speak, ok?

[There’s a jump cut in the video at 10:28]

Nobody give a shit about that. It’s all about what their friends tell them to think, you know? Like, I notice—you’ll see with my social experiment coming up.

>What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Lots of fun shit. Lots of low key shit. L-O-K-I shit. I love Loki even though he’s a piece of shit, I know.

>You were full time in the military before you were dishonourable discharged because you’re a quitter.

Dude. The haters actually released my discharge papers. Do you guys like being proven wrong?
Do you guys like being proven wrong because you say I’m wrong about shit and then I dox whatever is involved. Like, I release the documents proving you wrong. Like, do you like—but you guys get proven wrong again and again, and then you’re like, do you like this, do you like that. Like, how many times do you guys gotta be fucking proven wrong before you’re like, oh yeah, we’re stupid as shit and we don’t pay attention to facts?

>RSN invited me to his stream tomorrow. [commented from someone called “Jessie beau Vlogs” on YouTube. She seems slow tbh]

Yeah, that guy’s desperate to work with anybody. He literally put on a chick that I’ve never ever fucking met in my life. I think he’s put on multiple chicks. I don’t keep track. But I saw a thumbnail popping up and I was like, who the fuck is that? It was like this girl who we never even fucking dated. We never even fucking met in person, and she’s like, mehhh. How many fucking things can I make of this text conversation? You know?

>Are you like the new format of your videos?

I’m gonna make them better. I wanna make my videos better. It’s just a matter of self esteem and shit.

>Why do you still talk about people who have asked you to stop?

Who have asked me to stop that I still talk about because he’s the problem, like, you have this one person who says that asked me to stop and then they’re fucking making bank off me right now talking about me. If you’re gonna ask someone to stop talking about you, you shouldn’t talk about them, too, you know? Duh. So, I’m wondering who you’re asking that I’m talking about that asked me to stop. And honest—whatever. That’s a different topic.

>People literally deny facts that are in their face.

I know! Because people believe what they want to. That’s just how it goes.

[RSN joins the chat]
>I’m making bank, lol.
Oh, RSN. God, you’re such a faggot dude. Seriously. Like, not the good faggot. You’re a bad faggot. Like, you should—nuhhh. I cannot discuss how much of a piece of shit you are. And you’re ugly as fuck. … And that’s what’s funny about a lot of these guys, is like, Repzion, RSN, all of these guys. They only care about money and everybody falls for it. So, they’ll say anything they can to get views and that’s it. So they’ll say anything they can to get views, and that’s it. They’ll literally use everybody’s name that they can. They’ll say whatever stupid, half baked shit they can, and people eat it up because those people are probably shitty too, y’know?

Yeah, so I said the F word because I’m gay and I can do that. Suck a dick. I don’t care. I think I can earn it if I say I’ll suck a dick and I don’t care. Give me good dick. Maybe a good, good dick.

>Why do you receive so much hate?

Because people are fucking cock suckers. I don’t know.

I can’t wait for that to be a headline. That’s gonna be a headline in a upcoming hater video and they’ll get like fucking a half a million views. Greg said faggot? Sorry, Greg won’t get any views. Onision said faggot? Chill your shit. Fucking outrage culture pieces of shit. God, seriously. I’m so sick—if anyone else sick of outrage culture? It is so ridiculous. Like, seriously. People are getting pissed at fucking—I don’t know anything about the Logan Paul situation, but I saw how people described it. They said Logan Paul said that he was gonna be gay for a month and apparently he is the reason that gay people are being killed now, is because he said that. Like, he’s the reason for all that shit. Like, he’s the reason for all the horrible shit in the world because Logan Paul said that he’s going to be gay for a month. Outrage culture. Seriously, you guys. I’m outraged by outrage culture.

>Is it possible for a pedo to decide to never target children although having that desire? I’m confused. What do you think?

Listen. Somebody brought this up to me. First of all, a certain Youtuber, you know who I’m talking about, thinks it’s ok for pedos to exist. Thinks it’s ok for them to look up child porn or whatever and he feels sorry for them. He’s repeatedly expressed this. I haven’t heard him express otherwise. If I hear him express otherwise, cool. I’ll listen and I’ll respect it. But he said that. I have a different position on pedophiles. I think that they should die. And you could also offer an alternative of, like, chopping off their balls and maybe that’ll get rid of those desires of whatever. But if I felt attraction for that kind of thing, I would definitely kill myself or get a surgery. Just because of the fact that I would feel like I was living in a tortured life. You know, who wants to be attracted to kids? Your marriage would be a lie. Every person you’ve ever been with would be a lie because you’re not really attracted to them, you know? Like, how do you do that? So, what I’m saying is: if you’re a pedo and you never target children, that’s great. Don’t target children, but you also need to get your balls chopped off so you don’t have to suffer the torment, which it could help. It might not always help, but it could help, you chopping off your balls so you’re no longer attracted to kids or whatever. But yeah, that’s what I’d recommend for that YouTuber. Cut off your fucking balls and stop saying shit about kids.

>We could all just die, wouldn’t it just be easier.

That would be a simple solution I guess.

>When the army kills you, it’s slow. Who says that?

I don’t know. Makes sense though. The army’s—I was really a bitch about the Air Force, but the army’s worse. And I say I’m a bitch about it because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I did SWAT training. I did every gun you could probably imagine training. I did so much. And then I just lost it somewhere along the line. I just lost my fucking mind.

>You’re into 14 year-olds though.

Yeah, prove it. I’m not at all into 14 year-olds. When I was 18, I wouldn’t kiss a 14 year-old, ok? Like, backtrack that fucking thing. I was dating—or, no. I wasn’t dating. I think I had just broken up with my girlfriend at the time, who I later married, and her sister tried to kiss me and I refused to kiss her. So, when people say I’m attracted to that, it’s just fucking hilarious. People think they know the truth about me and they’re fucking ridiculous. Like, can you imagine being me and just having all this shit constantly talked to about you?

[super chats]
Just a heads up. If I find out you are not an adult and I’m following you, I’m unfollowing you. So, if someone says, hey, so-and-so isn’t an adult, I’m unfollowing you because I don’t want to follow people who aren’t adults. I just don’t want fucking drama, and I just don’t really wanna deal with that.

>Honesty must be so exhausting.

It is. Here’s the thing with honesty, right? So—why am I so blurry? [tries to fix camera] My favourite song is probably NIN - We’re in This Together. Favourite movie of 2018 is—I don’t wanna say Venom but that’s the only one I can think of.

>You seem so sad.

No, it’s just midnight.

>I’m pregnant.

Well, I hope you’re happy about it.

>He says he’s here to spill the beans. He just wants attention and not actually answer the tea spill questions.

What didn’t I answer? You just came here, didn’t you because I’ve spilled a lot of beans so far. This is the thing. You guys accused me of shit so much and I literally just drop the facts. If you actually paid attention to this entire stream, you’ll know that I’ve spilled plenty of beans. People are just talk. They don’t give a shit about truth.

>Wipe your camera lens, dude.

I don’t think it work. Oh, did it work? How about that. See, I’ve been doing this forever and I still don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I think it’s because along the way, I was like, wait. Does any of this matter? Does quality matter? Does any of this shit matter and then I realized it doesn’t. Like, you can have a total shit camera, be totally, like, zero effort into your videos and be viral. It’s kind of fucking crazy. So, I just, like, you know, make the videos I want to and don’t really care anymore.

>How do you deal with lying hypocrites in real life?

Lying hypocrites. Seems a little redundant. Lying hypocrites. Well, everyone believes them and they call me shit in society. That’s how it works. If someone has anything bad to say about me, everyone’s like, oh, you’re the fucking spokesperson of truth now. Ok.

>What music do you listen to on a. Regular basis?

NIN a lot. Marilyn Manson. You know, Marilyn Manson, I’m pretty sure he’s been sleeping with the wrong people. He implied it in a recent interview and I was like, god damnit, Manson. Are you a perv? Like, seriously. There’s nothing wrong with adult women. Why don’t you sleep with them, you know? He’s like 40 something. It’s time to stop.

No. 626129

I rewatched this old stream with Sam yesterday because I was curious what she had to say back then. Her story has been swept under the rug a bit or forgotten because she didn't come forward now that the grooming/abuse topic was brought up by different girls. She was in the chat in Ayalla's first stream though if I remember correctly so I wanted to hear it again.
What stood out for me was how she described how he completely devalued their friendship and called her visit pointless and a waste of money because it didn't lead to a poly relationship. This is such an extreme similarity to what Haylee said: that Onion sees friendships as pointless when he doesn't get romantically involved with the person. She was genuinely hurt by the way he talked about her after they sent her home. In my opinion he was really abusive towards her cause he was nice enough that she considered him a good friend as long as she stayed with them and once she expressed that she had no interest in him and all this shit went down he treated her like she was nothing to him and completely devalued her as a person and friend (also talked a lot of shit about her as usual). Just found this worth mentioning because it confirms his pattern once again even if it's nothing new.

No. 626130

Based anon thank you for this

No. 626132

she wrote in that post that she deleted her sister's twitter to keep her from talking to him so IF IT'S TRUE.. that's why she didn't post the dms.. everything was wiped in 2014

No. 626133

His bitterness about other people making money off his name gives me life

No. 626136

Sounds like Lainey put the kabash on dating Sam and that's why he sent her home. If Lainey would have been into her, none of the drama would have occurred, at least then.

No. 626137

Sam gets largely ignored since it was pretty evident she was into Greg and there for a relationship. Taylor didn't like her because she didn't love bomb her.

No. 626140

if she had wanted greg she probably could have had him. he's desperate to get away from footface

No. 626141

Also Sam wasn't her 'type'
Now in no way am I even remotely implying that Lainey likes girls, it's obvious she just does it for attention and is scared to even touch a vagina, it's just that she always spergs over the ones with colored hair eg- Billie and Jessie Paege.
She wants a trophy alt gf for cool tumblr edgepoints on the internet and also one that will give her constant attention and compliments…oh and do her makeup and take 'cute' photos with her.
I don't know if anyone remembers, but she always turned down all the cuteish but normie looking girls in those videos with Shreg asking who they would date.
She just kept saying 'Not my type'
Sam is too normal and not tumblr enough for her.

That's why she wants to be with Sarah. She can be the Billie that she always wanted but with more attention and ass kissing because she's had an influence on her since she was 14. The only reason she's 'hesitant' like Shreg said is because-

1-She doesn't like pussy.
2-If she does go through with a relationship and makes it public, she'll be outed as a liar and won't be able to play a sweet little victim anymore
3-She's scared Greg will get obsessed with the new teen puss and replace her or wreck her friendship with her only friend/slave/babysitter.

No. 626142

It was obvious that she wanted him and was willing to join the trinity and Gurg was down for it. He got rid of her because Lainey didnt want her around nor was she attracted and screeched at Greg to kick her out.
Then he turned it all into "Oh Sam just wanted my peen and wiggled on my lap and tried to kiss me but I didnt realise because I'm innocent honest Onision"

There was no chance that Lainey was gonna cave to fucking Sam so he ditched that idea.
He probably would have fought Lainey on it and called her paranoid and kept Sam around longer if she was more Billie like.

No. 626144

File: 1547494314504.png (124.06 KB, 1197x831, fakespot1.png)


Shut the fuck up about your shitty books, GREG.

No. 626145

Yeah the weird way Onion keeps talking about the whole Sarah thing leads me to believe he Is 100% open to Sarah being part of their lame trinity. Even the way he is referring to her with the same words he uses for Lainey ("great human", etc…)
just kind of stinks of his real intentions.

Of course, at this point, he'd be an idiot to actually go through with it. It would look really bad on all of them.

I don't really think Lainey wants sarah in a romantic way at all. I think she wanted sarah to worship her.

Who the hell knows what sarah wants because she has lied about everything so many times.

No. 626146

Has anyone watched the josh show video? I have no idea how to post here. He contacted parents and blew the whistle.

No. 626148

If he does ol her into the trinity it’s great for him because Lainey can’t complain about him to her anymore and be a support to her when he’s doing shitty stuff because he’s involved too now. There’s nothing abusive people love more than isolating people and separating them from friends.

No. 626150

>Who the hell knows what sarah wants because she has lied about everything so many times.

Which is going to fuck her over in the long run when they undoubtedly and inevitably betray her. She won't have many people believing her story because she has lied about so much for them. She's going to end up isolating herself because she's losing support, and won't have anyone to turn to in the end. She better learn the damn lesson that Taylor refused to learn and abandon that damn ship before it sinks with her on it.

No. 626154

>She better learn the damn lesson that Taylor refused to learn and abandon that damn ship before it sinks with her on it.

She won't, because she is one of those people who knows everything, and she knows everything will be different for her. She is absolutely not like all those other girls!

No. 626155

Sarah wants to be a cooler edgier 2.0 of Billie.

I don't blame her, she's been around youtube 'celebs' (using that word loosely) since she was 15 and from what I can tell from the company she keeps she isn't very intelligent. (That retarded Ellie they/them creature in her stream with Joy Sparkles)
She was already enamored with Lainey as a kid, god knows why she's fucking boring. Along comes, Billie and she would have had feelings of jealousy and feelings of admiration also since Billie is attractive and exciting and fun.

No. 626158

>Doesn't stop the chicks loving me!!

Ya sure anus, Maya and Luxymoo rejected you and one of them even said you look like a monster with a Frankstein head

No. 626159

Oh, God. Josh is a nut job so hopefully he didn't ruin everything,

No. 626160

Exactly. Greg and Lainey will chew her up and spit her out and repeat the cycle with some other teen.

The only alternative I can see to this is Lainey will leave Greg and run off with Sarah and basically become the next Greg.
She'll justify her relationship with Sarah and make Greg out to be the bad guy despite all her years defending and turning a blind eye to his behaviour. I can't see her getting offline so she'll just make shit videos with Sarah or whatever boring shit she does now.

Buttttt….we all know that won't happen because Lainey has no spine and just wants Sarah as a fan because she isn't actually a lesbo so I'm just tinfoiling at this point.

No. 626163

I posted the link here but just deleted it because after watching it's clear he's just clickbaiting. The "interview" is fake.

No. 626165

File: 1547499114217.jpg (13.66 KB, 374x141, oldvideo.jpg)

The Josh has just been reuploading old videos from what I can see. This is from 2017 and isn't about the newest allegation.

No. 626168

Oh god I commented something about his neanderthal appearance on my way to uni this morning. I didn't watch the stream but quickly sent out some hate comments in hopes that he sees them lmao.

No. 626170

He denied he knew who Luxy was in steam. She came thru with screenshots and reading his texts out. He'll try to avoid this like the Maya stuff because there's actual proof being provided. When someone said Haylee he then sperged how she was never at the house. Doesn't disprove the texts you wrote to her Greg.

He's also removed the Metal song he made with Ayalla and Billie. He's trying to push he never interacted much with Ayalla and the whole time she was there she was crying about SR and being psychotic in his words.

He's just back to deflecting and trying to fudge the time line and details. He's such an idiot. He also looks short as fuck in that video.

No. 626181

File: 1547503081512.jpg (194.88 KB, 1080x1383, IMG_20190114_215536.jpg)

Yeah of course you'd love to fuck Billie again and you probably can't belive your luck you have a complicit retard helping you fish for young girls, sorry happiness.

Skye may have been responsible for his viral hit I'm a Banana but Taylor best waifu let's him fuck teens and young adults if he buys her a new phone or smart watch.

No. 626190

I hate saying this but I think Luxy needs to show the texts in video form of her scrolling through them. That is always the only way Onion will acknowledge that it happened. She probably won't do this either because it is scary and I don't blame her.

But really he won't admit how much he attempted to bully and manipulate Luxy for sex until the messages are proven real. The shit heel will keep laughing her off as a joke begging for 5 minutes of fame.

No. 626191

Take anything Maurice says with a grain of salt, if even that. The dude actually had to make up stuff about Greg to depict him as the bad guy, when anyone with half a brain already knows that Greg is a dumpster fire incarnate.

No. 626195

I agree. Showing evidence will always be strong ammo against an Onion.

No. 626202

File: 1547506798236.jpeg (85.02 KB, 640x387, 1B2A5990-4987-4B33-B866-75811C…)

This is hilarious after his homophobic spergout last night.

No. 626203

He's talking about Kailor.

No. 626206

It's hilarious how he lacks self-awareness. It's impressive actually how he manages to be massively transphobic and homophobic at the same time he's trying to act like an ally. It's so transparent and insincere

No. 626207


No. 626209

This is a little hard to watch because she's clearly obsessed with him. I don't get it, she's legitimately pretty, and he's a repulsive, sociopathic sperg.

No. 626210

File: 1547510831541.jpg (50.19 KB, 895x186, again.jpg)

He's live again, I wonder how many more fail attempts at damage control we're going to get?

No. 626211

File: 1547510839691.jpg (330.33 KB, 1061x1525, IMG_20190114_232958.jpg)

>Lainey is crying

No. 626212

She's probably got some personal issues that would lead her to being into someone like him. Even on the off chance someone found him visually attractive (yuck lol), his personality and actions would put off a well adjusted, normal person.

No. 626214

He's just deflecting. Using him supporting one of his followers with a rape case to distract everyone and make him look like a good person.

No. 626215

you know what would cheer her up??

- childcare
- affection
- stability
- financial responsibility

not donuts… the poor they hasn't tweeted since the 4th, all this shit has been terrible.

No. 626216

Because onion logic. My wife is gay and is a fakeboi so I can't be homophobic or transphobic. That's why I push my wife to be a predator to pick up young teens to put my little vienna sausage in their puss.

No. 626218

He's incapable of providing any of that shit because he's a massive narcissistic moron totally out of touch with normal human behavior.

But he can buy donuts.

No. 626221

She still hasn’t even bothered to update her twitter bio to reflect her speshul new fakeboi name

No. 626222

Because she obviously HATES it.

No. 626223

LMAO the stream was him showing DMs he had with Amber in April 2018 when that rape shit with RSN happened. Didn't Greg ban Amber from patron and call her gross several 1000 times and he was on stream calling her his friend.

He's trying to justify using faggot as a slander by using drama that happened last year between one of his deranged fans and RSN. Anything to deflect

No. 626224

Let's all feel sorry for the child groomer and abuse accomplice, boo hoo. Shut the fuck up anus

No. 626226

22:00 - 55:00

>If you guys wanna bring me up to Washington [Greg smirks], I’ll be part of a threesome—thrice with you. Can you hit me up? I’m 22.

Yeah, that’s not how it works. We don’t just, like, look at people say, hey, I wanna come be with you, and we’re like, sure, we’ll take anyone. That’s not how it works. Right now Kai and I are monogamous, and what I mean by that is it’s just Kai and I. We have friends, but we don’t do things with those friends, y’know?

>I’ve been supporting you forever. Love you

Thank you for supporting me forever. That’s really nice. This is what’s funny. People say no one likes me, and then you guys exist and then what do they say then? Nothing. It’s just, they never stop getting proven wrong. Yeah, these are all made up, right? This is all bullshit, right? You guys don’t exist, right?

>Do you have any plans to come to Vegas soon?

No, I don’t. Let me be frank about Vegas. I think it’s a shithole. I don’t know why it exist. It smells terrible. The water’s terrible. It’s the middle the desert, no one’s supposed to live there. I would move there they could grow some god damn grass and keep it. Maybe. Some day.

>Narcissists are whack.

Yeah, people use that word a lot with me. Everyone’s a fucking PhD now. They can all diagnose.

>Bro, I’ve been watching like five years. I love you, dude.

Thanks for saying you love me. That’s cool. It’s weird that I’m here right now. It’s weird that you guys are commenting on this and I’m sitting here talking to you. It’s weird that anyone gives a fuck about me.

>Have you played Fallout 76?

Yes, I have that I have played Fallout 76. People shit on it but I like it.

>Onision, why do you have big changes in your background?

Who’s big chungus? Big boss? Is that who you’re talking about?

>Come to New Jersey

New Jersey’s like Washington, only industrial and that’s not pretty.

>How are the wetlands, Greg?

You guy don’t even know what—this is funny. You guys don’t even know what my yard looks like, yet you guys say it’s destroyed. That’s how fucking oblivious you guys are. It’s so funny. This is why it’s so funny being me and seeing you guys act the way you do. Oh, and RSN, if you take this clip I will go after you. Just so you know. Stop stealing people’s content, kay? Thanks. When I say stop stealing people’s content, I mean you have, like, transform it. It has to be totally different than originally it was distributed. Otherwise it’s just straight up stealing and you get shut down for a good reason. But nobody’s actually seen my yard. My yard looks great. Literally nobody has seen my yard. My yard looks fantastic. I would show it to you guys but there’s this whole thing with, like, fucking people using everything I show them and trying to turn it into something horrible. I’ve learned not to show you guys shit.

>Greg telling lies? No, Papa.

That’s funny. This is what’s funny. How do you know that anything is a lie if you’re not there. Like, with Onion it’s guilty until proven innocent, right? That’s how it works.

>A pado deciding to never live their desire is like a catholic priest that has to keep away from women his whole life. Most times it won‘t work.

That—I don’t think English is your—yeah, English is not your first language. I don’t know what that means, what you just said.

>Y’all have no proof about him being a predator so wtf

Yeah. I know.

>Australia doesn’t want you

You can’t speak for Australia, you ego maniac. If I was USA doesn’t want you, how fucking ego maniac—like, what would you call me? You’d say I was a fucking ego maniac saying that. What a dumb ass.

>Exactly. Innocent until proven guilty.

Yeah, exactly. Innocent until proven guilty. What the fuck, internet. Everyone—you know what I see a lot? I see a lot of people going “enjoy prison” to me. For what? That’s what I’m confused about. What the—who’s going to prison and for what? I’d really like to know cuz all the shit you’re accusing me of, except for the wetland thing—the wetlands things apparently wasn’t very legal as I learned the hard way. I thought you could cut down a tree, my bad. I fucking didn’t know. But, no, like—all the shit you’re accusing me of isn’t, that I know of—like, I mean, obviously the 14 year-old shit isn’t true. I don’t even—they’re saying that my spouse groomed a 14 year-old. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Especially when we made it clear to them repeatedly that it wasn’t a thing and that new were just hanging out. Like, their parents trusted us. I don’t know why the internet thinks that they’re smarter than the person’s parents, cuz the parents were right. We didn’t do shit with them. And that chick who made the live stream, and her little friend, they both know nothing happened. So, it’s fucking just a giant fucking joke.

>You’re just a good guy with different opinions.

I haven’t been called that in awhile. And also someone said tax evasion. Again, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. And the reason you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about is cuz you don’t, like, you haven’t seen the documents. You haven’t seen reports. You haven’t seen jack shit, yet you guys just literally say, “guilty” without any trial, without any anything. Just fucking guilty. Like, ok, so there’s this guy Austin Jones. He actually went to jail for being a pedo, right? Or, I don’t know what he is. He was with a 14 year-old. That’s probably a pedo? I don’t know. I say I don’t know because it depends on when they hit puberty or some shit like that. But, he actually went to jail. Be mad at him, kay? Be mad at him cuz that’s real. The shit that people say about Kai, that’s not real. Nobody’s calling the cops on Kai cuz Kai didn’t do shit.

>Nobody cares what your 13—

See, that’s what you guys always do. You refer to my fans as 13 year-olds because it’s all part of your gas lighting strategy. You know, you have to say my fans are stupid. That way, you can distract from the actual issue and you can automatically say whatever they say is dumb so their opinion doesn’t count anymore, and then you somehow feel better.

>Was your dad found guilty in court?

You guys really shouldn’t talk about my dad. That’s like another thing that you don’t know shit, okay? So, a child, right? A child described him in a way that a child should not know him, ok? To a therapist. A child described my father as a therapist and new things about things they should not have known about, ok? … When a child of, like, I think they were nine, describes a man in detail, things they should not know about him and then you have multiple adults coming forward saying that, yeah, he groped me, or yeah, he did whatever. And it’s all people who are connected who have no incentive to say, like, his—we’re talking about people who have no incentive to say these things. They all come forward and they all say this shit. You know, it’s fucking—it’s obvious to me whenI know all these people. It’s funny that people will, like, literally try to defend my dad and they don’t know—they don’t know the case. They haven’t met anyone involved. They just know they hate me, so they’re going to defend an actual pedophile just because they hate me. It’s fucking crazy.

>Innocent until proven guilty. If anyone has proof, go to the authorities.

That’s what I’ve been saying, but apparently it’s not enough. It’s weird, right? All these double standards.

>Sorry about the hate.

Yeah, it’s no big deal though. I mean, I’m not crying here.

>You have our support. Innocent until proven guilty.

Yeah, I get it, guys. Innocent until proven guilty. Not one to shit on support or anything.

>By the way, people actually go to prison for tax evasion. But cool, let’s all just not pay taxes.

Yeah, I didn’t evade taxes. Tax evasion is—[scratches head] and I genuinely do have an itch on my head—but tax evasion is where, like, let’s say—or even—let’s use divorce as an example. You’re going through a divorce, right? And so, you take all of your assets and you bury them, right? That’s evading your debt to your spouse. Tax evasion is where you know that you owe the government money and so you hide the money from the government or you otherwise don’t report the money, etcetera. So, I didn’t do that. And when I say I didn’t do that, I mean I didn’t fucking do it. There was eBay shit that I didn’t know I needed to report, but the IRS has already looked at that and gave me the thumbs up cuz it was personal shit. When you sell shit on eBay and you’re not selling as a business and stuff it’s typically viewed as personal but what the fuck do I know. Anyway, the point is it wasn’t enough or big enough deal for the IRS to care to much as far as I know. We’re still dealing with that but like I said, not tax evasion. People like to say I’m a tax evader because that sounds good to the agenda, but I wish that you guys would, like, call me the wetlands assholes, right? I did that. I got rid of blackberry bushes. I’m a fucking dick for getting rid of blackberry bushes. Invasive weeds, the things that could hurt children. I got rid of them. Dickhead, okay? So say that because that’s true, but when you go through all this other muddy shit that you don’t know about, you should probably shut the fuck up cuz you don’t know.

>Everyone knows you’re bullshit. Stop posting on the bullshit.

Everyone knows your bullshit, like, everyone knows me story? Or, Everyone knows that I’m literal poo poo that comes out of a cow’s butt?

>How annoying is it to have to explain yourself all the time? I don’t have to explain myself all of the time. I just want to cuz I’m just sadistic, or masochistic, I mean.

>Thank you and Kai for helping me help my self out of my depression

I’m happy that we helped you. That’s so fucking cool.

>Let them make fools out of themselves.

Yeah, they’re fucking stupid. I cannot emphasize enough how fucking dumb—like, I released a video that is, like, this girl saying, hey. I wasn’t a victim, or whatever, and everyone gaslit the fuck out of her. And I’m confused because they’re saying that this person is the victim, and the victim says, you know, you guys are wrong. They did the same thing to Kai. So, Kai—when Kai started dating me, everyone treated Kai like a victim, right? Aka, Laineybot. So they treated Laineybot like they’re a victim until Laineybot straight up says, no. I love this guy and you guys are full of shit. I’m paraphrasing. So, now people turned it into: oh, well, Kai’s a piece of shit, too. And now let’s figure out how we can Kai look like shit. So, then they have this agenda, like, they think that Kai and I are um… some fucking duo. You guys got a famous duo? Bonnie and Clyde or some shit. They think they we’re fucking Bonnie and Clyde now.
… People think that we’re Bonnie and Clyde now, so now Kai is officially, in their opinion, guilty of everything they think that I’ve ever done. You know, guilty until proven innocent. That’s the internet mentality. So, you got all these dumb fucking hating on an innocent, amazing human being that they used to treat like a victim. And they do this again—
… Anyway, so now Kai’s a piece of shit to the internet because Kai defended me. And that’s the thing, like, I fear for some of my friends because of my friends defend me on twitter and they immediately become the enemy too, and they immediately become pieces of shit. And everybody who is, like, the most moraless—and I say morals as in they’re regularly committing crimes, or they’re otherwise neglecting their children, or they’re doing otherwise horrible things—these fucking pieces of shit—or they’re cheating on their boyfriend or whatever. These pieces of shit, they’ll say things because I did not want their toxic ass in my life. They’ll start saying shit and suddenly they’re the heroes. And it’s weird to me because I know that people in my like are primo human beings, you know? Like, these are the people I want to be around. Like, Billy the Fridge is a really nice guy. I haven’t had any problem with Billy the fridge so far, and I think that’s an incredible thing. I was talking about it—I mentioned this before. I’ll mention it again. Sorry, I gotta follow this twitter real quick.
… Billy the Fridge and I, and other guys are sitting around the table and they’re like, yeah. Whatever happened to Cyr? And acting like what happened to Cyr was somehow valid. Like, I was somehow, in some way evil. And I was like, guys. If I’m so fucking evil, right? Why is our friendship working out, yet it didn’t work out with Cyr? And I thought that was a really cool thing to say. That was a really good point. I’m so smart [sarcasm]. No, but, like, Billy the Fridge had a thing about it, and the other guys had a thing about it. I am not the maniac that Cyr has described me to and other people have described me to be. And these people are looking at me, and they’re like, Oh my god. The internet is actually full of shit because this person sitting across from me is being totally chill, being totally awesome. So, what the fuck do you do at that point?

Where are all the haters? I haven’t seen that many haters.

>If Billy smoked weed though, you wouldn’t be so cool, huh?

I was on Drunken Peasants, dude. People were smoking weed in front of me. Wake the fuck up. It’s so easy just to debunk you guys. Why are you guys so fucking stupid all the time? All the time you’re saying shit that I could instantly prove wrong. Look up all the time I was on Drunken Peasants. People were smoking pot right tin front of me and I’m chill. What you think I am, verse what the internet says I am, are polar opposites more often than not.

>Crazy people are doxing you.

Doxing me how? What’s funny is how bad the photoshop is on some of these [air quotes] doxes. Like, some shit is real obviously. But, yeah.

>Did you hear Cyr’s girlfriend cheated on her?

Cyr’s girlfriend cheated on her? Who’s her?

>Have you ever listened to K-pop?
Yeah, I love K-pop. I got really mad… I didn’t get mad. People got mad at me for listening to K-pop. I got in a lot of fucking trouble. I was like, “I love K-pop,” and they’re like, “you’re a piece of shit. Don’t you dare say you love K-pop. I fucking hate you.” And I was like, can’t Onision do anything without getting hate?

>Was Sarah ever into Kai?

That is not a question for me to answer. You should talk to Sarah about what Sarah feels, and Sarah doesn’t want to fucking talk to you, so… I think Sarah already made her piece. I don’t think she needs to be part of the internet anymore. But, no. If you told me, like, my biggest fucking enemy had this situation going on with their spouse and a friend I would say, “go suck a dick.” Because this is so fucking stupid. Like, give me a real issue. Like, give me some shit, like, fucking what’s his name. The lead singer of Blood on the Dance Floor. That guy disappearing into trailers with 14 year-old girls or whatever. I’m not saying he did that. I’m just saying that’s what the rumour is. Give me that, and I’ll be like, yeah that’s really shitty, but Kai never did that shit, so. I mean, Kai didn’t even meet Sarah till she was, like, 16. So what the fuck are you guys talking about? Like, in person. Never met Sarah in person until she was 16.

And they never did anything, obviously. Sarah as a minor never even fucking—anything. It was very awkward, really, cuz we were actually—I was very rude to Sarah for a long time. And, like, once when Sarah turned 18, it was like, “Ok. I can be nice to you now. I’m sorry for calling you a cunt so many times.” And I did that because I didn’t want this drama that we have now. But, you know, it’s funny. Even though I was totally appropriate and I did everything right, but I actually did it a little but too right. {the narcissism, y’all.} I was mean to her, so I was the opposite of grooming. But even though we did all that shit, we’re still—it’s like, we didn’t do anything right, you know? You play the rules. Nice guys finish last, right? Not that I would wanna do anything anyway because it’s fucking not in my palette. It’s not something I want. We did date a—we didn’t date her. There was a 27 year-old that we almost dated, but that shit—that’s a whole other story and I’m not talking about her because she’s actually a really cool chick, and we talked about it already. I’m not talking about her, but she’s a cool chick.

>Why do you think you cheated on some of your past relationships?

I haven’t. You did you hear that from?

>Why do you think you cheated instead of leaving the relationship?

Yeah, I didn’t cheat on anybody. I cuddled with somebody. We were, like, talking about being in a poly relationship with this person. I think we already were in a poly relationship with them, and I cuddled with them cuz I said that [mocking tone with air quotes] we wouldn’t do anything that friends wouldn’t do, and I’ve cuddled with friends before. So I cuddled with them and I gave them a full body massage exactly the same way my mom gave me a body massage I gave this other person a body massage, which is manipulative on my point because females and males are different and I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I’m a sneaky bastard, but the point is that I didn’t cheat on anybody, because, you know, that person was the poly dynamic with us. I was very sneaky, though, and I made up for that.

>Greg, you’re a sweet person.

Am I? After whatI just said?

>How does being cruel to Sarah make you look good?

No, it doesn’t m make me look good. I was very mean to Sarah. I didn’t so much insult, like, you know, anything that would be, like, crippling but when we played video games and shit, I’d talk about how dumb she is and it was just—I was mean. [trying to stop a smirk] Actually, I feel really bad about that.

Most of my haters are American. You guys know that, right? Most my haters are fucking shitty, rednecked mother fucking [laugh]—I’m pretty treacherous to my own country. What can I say?

>Why were you mean to Sarah when she was younger?

Because I didn’t want her to like me. Like, that’s exactly what you do when you don’t want someone to like you is you’re mean to them. I didn’t want—there was this girl, you know, under the same roof as me and I didn’t want her to feel likeI was even remotely interested in her so I treated her like shit. And it was really mean of me, and I didn’t like being mean to her, but that’s what you do. I think that a person in my position should be doing pretty much exactly that. It doesn’t feel nice, but it makes sure that everyone’s in the right place.

>You never gave evidence against the allegations.

What allegations? You guys gotta be specific, because there’s, like, a lot. There’s, like, yard. There’s the yard work.

>So you were verbally and mentally abusive to an underage minor.

[eye roll and laughs] You guys are fucking stupid. Ok, so, first you say I’m grooming people, right? [laughs] but I go and I say actually what happened was I very mean to them, so now you’re saying that I’m a horrible abuser. I’ll take it. I would rather a guy who’s verbally abusive to a minor than a guy who’s being a perv to a minor. So, I’ll take it.

>You can be nice without abusing her.
Right. Here’s the thing though. If somebody—I don’t think you can. Let’s agree to disagree, ok? If somebody—cuz this girl is an awesome human being. She’s really great. She deserves better, you know, than me calling her names. Mean names. But at the same time, if you’re not mean to somebody, and they’re already a fan of you or whatever, they’re not gonna get the message unless you’re mean. And I was able to be very clear that way. That’s exactly how I’d want someone to treat me if they’re trying to avoid an inappropriate relationship is they would be mean to me, and I’d just be like, whatever.

>Are you attracted to overweight people, too, or are they a complete turn off?

So, my ex-girlfriend [Shiloh] was the same weight as me and she was 11 inches shorter than me, so. Yeah, we had a great time together. And what I mean by that is we had a perfectly health relationship. {Uhhhh. In what world?}

I went through a lot of comments recently, and I deleted the fuck out of hater comments cuz I love doing that. It satisfies me to kick people off my channel. And people, you know, act like that’s a terrible thing but they can go suck a dick. I don’t care.

>You could have been like a father, brother figure to her.

[sarcasm] Yeah, that works. And then one day you’re sitting next to somebody and, oh no. You know, they make a move on you or something. Now you gotta be mean. You have to be mean to minors. [chuckle] Quote me on that. Not, like, your own children or anything. Be nice to your own children because the connection to your own children is obvious. You’re never going to be weird to your own children. If you’re talking about somebody who, you know, could potentially misunderstand anything. You know, like, you saying, “Oh, was your day good?” And “Oh, that dress looks nice on you.” And suddenly they’re trying shit with you, and you’re like, “Fuck! Get the fuck off me!” You know, like, you just can’t be nice. We disagree, but, you know, I got out of that situation without any inappropriate shit happening so I stand by what I said.

>Oh, Greg. RSN is going to have a field day with that.

That guy’s a faggot. [laughs] He can suck a dick. [laughs] I just love that people hate that word so much cuz it’s such a power word for me. Like, I love that word. I love being called it. I love calling other people it. It’s great. Go ahead. Be mad. Sue me. [laughs] That guys beneath—so there’s—let me show you. There’s gay people, alright? [gestures top tier], and then there’s straight people—straight people are down here [tier slightly below top tier], gay people are up here. And then there’s RSN [gestures lowest tier]. Piece of shit human being. What an ugly fucking mug that guy has. Sorry. I’m live. This is how I am live. [laughs] He’s so fucking ugly.

>Never been mean to anyone. Don’t let the world kill kindness.

Yeah, I’m kind of twitter.

Someone said I’m a faggot. Thank you. [laughs] It got censored but thank you for calling me a faggot. I’ll take it as a compliment. [laughs]. Faggot is like a good word, or a bad word depending on how you handle it, you know? Like, if you call Kai a faggot, Kai’s gonna be like, “Thanks.” [strokes hair/face].

>That’s hate speech, Gregory.

Suck a dick. [laughs] I’m gay. Shut up. I’m married to someone who identifies as male, and unless you’re transphobic you’ll recognize that, which means I’m gay.

>Greg loves Dahvie Vanity.

No, actually I was invited to a concert by Dahvie Vanity and I fucking said he was a pedo. I said he was a pedo in a video prior and he’s like, “Come to my concert and I’ll clarify things with you.” And I’m like, “No.” So, no. I don’t.

Someone asked what my skincare routine is. It’s not good. I wash my skin daily but it’s fucked.

>Why are we concerned about Sarah finding you attractive.

When was I concerned about her finding me attractive? You gotta be specific. Like, say, when you ask stuff you have to be like, “Oh this day…” or, “you said specifically, and I quote…” You can’t just be vague.

>Why would you assume Sarah would be attractive to you? There are relationships that exist beyond romantic/sexual.

Yeah, but I’ve had a lot issues in the past. Like, ok. When I was 18, there was a 15 year-old. I already said this. There was a 15 year-old who tried to fucking kiss me and I dodged their kiss. I was 15—no, sorry. They were 15, I was 18. It was my sister—my soon-to-be sister-in-law or whatever. She tried to kiss me and I dodged the kiss. So, people have been attracted to me in the past that I didn’t want them to be attracted to me, right?

Like, ok. So, I’ll give you another story, right? These two—I think they were 14 or 15 at the time—but I went to this park … I went to this playground because you know how teenagers like hanging out on playgrounds. I was like 18, or I think I was 18 or 17. Maybe I was 17? I was probably 18. So, we went to this playground and we were just hanging out there. Myself, my girlfriend, who I think was also 18, and her sister and her sister’s friend. They decided that they would wanna try and take off my pants. And so I was running away from them to try and keep my pants on, and then I ran up to the top of the basketball hoop and they were unable to take off my pants. These are two 14 or 15 year-old people who tried to do this and I had, like, a four year age gap with them. So, they tried to take off my pants and that’s what I’m talking about, alright? So, yeah. They didn’t get my pants off, and I was able to run away from them. If I did that to somebody at that age people would call me a sexual predator, but it was these girls doing it to me. And, you know, I forgive them because they’re girl. It’s just how sexism works. I’m sexist as fuck.

Seriously, when I was 11, a 15 year-old, four years older than me, came across—we were all going to sleep, right? And she crawled across when everyone went to sleep and started making out with me when I was 11. I forgive her for that, but if a guy did that, he’d be a sexual predator to me, ok? So I have a history with a lot of girls being attracted to me, ok? And so I know I gotta be fucking mean to them in order for them to not do this shit, ok? So I hope you guys see where I’m coming from. This is the real world.

>That doesn’t really explain why you think that she would find you attractive.

Because she’s a girl. And a lot of girls find me attractive. Not all girls. Let me give you an example, ok? Someone who hates me. Ok, like, Blaire White in her last stream openly flirted with me. {HAHAHAHA. YA OK.} She’s a girl. And fucking, like, people repeatedly hit on me that hate me and it’s ridiculous. So many people hate on me. Not everybody thinks I’m attractive, obviously, but if you wanna be sure that someone’s not going to be attracted to you, you gotta be shitty to them. That’s just how it is.

>Some girls like being treated like that, though.

Well, not most girls, probably. And it wasn’t in a kinky way. You know, saying you’re a fucking dumb ass is not going to turn someone one. Like, even if you’re having sex with someone. If you’re having sex with someone and they’re like, “say something mean to me,” and you’re like, “Alright. You’re a fucking dumbs.” The girl’s not gonna be like, “Oh, yeah!” No, she’s going to be fucking offended because that’s a really mean thing to say. When a girl says that she wants you to say something mean to her that’s, like, in that context, you say, “Oh, you’re a dirty bitch.” Something like that. That might be a turn on. This is like basic social skills, guys.

>What would you rate yourself out of ten.

Um. On a good day? Let’s just rate myself on an average day. On an average day, a 7.2/10.

>No, not many girls find sociopath beta males…

Is that your statement? “No, not many girls find sociopath beta males…” were you gonna say attractive after that? Because you’re not a therapist. You cannot diagnose people. And I’m pretty sure I’d win in a dick sucking contest with you. So, I’m probably an alpha male compared to you.

>When are you going to do another video about Dahvie Vanity raping 10-11 year-old girls?

10-11 year-old girls? [looks disgusted] That’s what Dahvie Vanity went after? That’s just heresy, right? That’s no true, is it?

>You mentioned in a video that you only like people who were AFAB. So by that logic would you not be really cruel to people who were AMAB? Why are you not extra mean to male friends?

Because I don’t think that they’re going to be attracted to me? I don’t—what? Yeah, I don’t think that they’re gonna be attracted to me and if they were attracted to me, it wouldn’t be a problem. If there’s this, like, gay 16 year-old kid, I’m probably going to be mean to him, too, because he’d probably be into me, right? If there’s a gay 18 year-old guy and he’s—I wouldn’t be mean to him because it doesn’t fucking matter if he’s attracted to me. But when someone’s younger, you don’t want them to be attracted to you because you don’t want to create a problem. You don’t want there to be an awkward situation or anything. {But I thought 16 was legal in Washington, Greg?}

>Are you going to respond to Repzilla?

What am I supposed to respond to? He told me that he’s unbiased and he’s just addressing everything as he perceives it, or without—how did he say it? He said he handles everything without bias, or something. And then Repzilla said that Repzion is actually just somebody who’s really childish.

>You’re obviously suffering from narcissism.

Thanks, doctor. Why do you guys all think you’re doctors?

No. 626227

What the fuck, who would compare New Jersey to Washington, state or DC? Washington state is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and Washington, DC is one of the best cities in the country (as is Seattle, going back to Washington state). Greg confirmed for literally retarded.

No. 626228

Greg confirmed for literally retarded. FFS

No. 626232

File: 1547513136453.jpg (62.93 KB, 581x455, meanboy.jpg)

The young women coming forward are being mean girls. That Ayalla got enough views to get paid a little is just salt in the wound to poor cheerful Greg.

No. 626233

>I’m 22.
>Yeah, that’s not how it works.
Yeah, we know.

Anyway, the number of times he criticizes the "haters" for doing shit he's done is amazing. He calls people ego maniacs, says he's innocent until proven guilty despite his smear campaign on Shane Dawson, accuses people of gaslighting…

No. 626234

If he actually cared about cheering her up he wouldn't feel the need to post about it on twitter. Is this his method of damage control?

No. 626236

It's always been his method of damage control and distracting people from the real issue.


No. 626237

I love how what Sarah’s parents think is important but when Shane collabs or works with kids with parental supervision and consent he’s a creep. His logic kills me.

No. 626238

i want him to burn. its unfair. gregory has been at this for 10 plus years now. nothing will ever happen to him. lainey will never leave him. he will continue to groom vunerable people and get away with it. he will mewl to this teenager audience and a find a way to take their money and live a life.

if i were someone victimized by him i wouldn't come forward. look what it gets you. no one believes you. greg continues on with his greasy life like nothing happened. you are discredited by a narcissist.

wetlands. taxes. the promise of milk.

no. face it guys.

greg wins. greg just always gets to win.

please boot me for whining. i couldn't help myself. i am an unworthy pleb.

No. 626239

Maybe Greg should ask why he throws his dirty laundry in his front world for all the world to see. He's giving people the information and people pay to see fucked up shit. His life is a modern freakshow since we know better than to laugh at disabled people who can't help their condition. Greg has all the tools to disconnect from the internet but he refuses to.

No. 626240

Thank you for the transcription I know it’s nitpicking but the sound of his mouth when he laughs and smiles is absolutely repulsive

No. 626241

Greg kisses his cousins in their sleep at night time away from prying eyes.
Shane films a video with his cousin in her parent's kitchen, with the parents visibly in the background supervising.

Greg has a 16 year old live in his house that according to him has a crush on his wife and himself. So to discourage it he would verbally abuse her and invalidate her around the 19 year old Billie and 18 year old Ayalla, who she became resentful of.
Shane hired a child actor and his mom for a couple of hours, spread over a weekend, to film a video that generates hundreds of thousands in income. The child actor and mother are given gifts on top of whatever agreed upon figure.

Greg and his wife coerce young girls (mostly teens!) to his creepy Swamp Compound (neé McMansion) to entice them for kinky 3somes and childrearing.

No. 626244

wrong. his downward spiral hasnt hit rock bottom yet…but the end is nigh.

No. 626245

In what world is he winning? His youtube is tanking, Nobody believes him bar some of the same shitty fans I see hovering around. Don't give up. This isn't the end, He's not getting away with shit. For christ sake the guy admitted on two livestreams to negging and abusing sarah, Which is grooming and child abuse.

No. 626246

When has Greg ever won? Look at the state of his personal, home and work life. Also all his friends revolve around his work because he can't have genuine interpersonal relationships because he's a freak

No. 626247

How is Greg "winning"? He's widely reviled, he has a tiny fraction of the fans he used to, YouTube has demonetized him and his income has plummeted, he's over half a million dollars in debt (that can't be wiped via bankruptcy), his wife is the exact opposite of 'his type', he has two kids that are nothing but a bother to him, and he will never, ever date a woman who's 'his type' again unless he manages to hook someone who's batshit insane. Even if he never steps foot in prison, his life is doomed to be miserable here on out. He has nothing left but a gay husband, two doomed kids, a handful of nutter fans, and a swamp.

No. 626250


Jesus, his black and white thinking about rape,self defence and how the justice system works is so fucked up. Coming forward can sometimes be worse than the rape. Dr Blaisey Ford STILL can't go home & gets death threats. In India,some police will see you as used goods and rape you all over again. Girls who DID report Jimmy Saville were laughed at by police. Saudi girls can get charged with adultery. The statue of limitations can run out if you were a child at the time and only as an adult realise you were raped. The list of why someone doesn't report is endless and often VERY valid.
Also :oral sex is STILL rape, Gurg, whether you bite or not.
Men CAN kill smaller men/women with punches & kicks. Way to enrage a violent guy by biting his dick.
Also: badgering a girl to sleep with you by fake crying or saying 'I guess Lainey isn't worth it' ISN'T getting consent. It's manipulation & blackmail. Learn what ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT is Gurgles, where all parties happily want to do it. But then he wouldn't get that sweet DRY vagina of an unaroused women he digs so much.
God, he makes me sick. His madonna/whorecomplex is off the freakin' charts.

No. 626251

When and where did Gergamel say he prefers dry pussy?

No. 626253

He expressed absolute disgust one time about wet slimy pussies so it's been a running joke ever since.

No. 626254

I think the thing that enrages me most about his Shane pedo accusations is he conveniently leaves out the fact that Shane was parodying those pageant moms who deliberately dress their kids in skimpy costumes & coach them to act precociously sexy/flirty. (Think that kid in the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman hooker costume a few years ago) The WHOLE POINT of the joke is that asking your kid to be 'sexy' is fucked up. THAT IS LITERALLY THE FREAKIN' JOKE GREG. But of course, he leaves that out. A lie by omission is still a lie. Most honest youtuber, my ass.

No. 626257

His argument would lose any credibility he thinks it has if he told the whole truth. He thinks people are stupid enough not to look into his claims and take the accusations at face value.

No. 626259

>>Was your dad found guilty in court?
>You guys really shouldn’t talk about my dad. That’s like another thing that you don’t know shit, okay? So, a child, right? A child described him in a way that a child should not know him, ok? To a therapist. A child described my father as a therapist and new things about things they should not have known about, ok? … When a child of, like, I think they were nine, describes a man in detail, things they should not know about him and then you have multiple adults coming forward saying that, yeah, he groped me, or yeah, he did whatever. And it’s all people who are connected who have no incentive to say, like, his—we’re talking about people who have no incentive to say these things. They all come forward and they all say this shit. You know, it’s fucking—it’s obvious to me whenI know all these people. It’s funny that people will, like, literally try to defend my dad and they don’t know—they don’t know the case. They haven’t met anyone involved. They just know they hate me, so they’re going to defend an actual pedophile just because they hate me. It’s fucking crazy.

>>Innocent until proven guilty. If anyone has proof, go to the authorities.

>That’s what I’ve been saying, but apparently it’s not enough. It’s weird, right? All these double standards.

He is indescribably stupid, he doesnt even register what he's talking about.

No. 626264

>Why do you think you cheated instead of leaving the relationship?

>Yeah, I didn’t cheat on anybody. I cuddled with somebody. We were, like, talking about being in a poly relationship with this person. I think we already were in a poly relationship with them, and I cuddled with them cuz I said that [mocking tone with air quotes] we wouldn’t do anything that friends wouldn’t do, and I’ve cuddled with friends before. So I cuddled with them and I gave them a full body massage exactly the same way my mom gave me a body massage I gave this other person a body massage, which is manipulative on my point because females and males are different and I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I’m a sneaky bastard, but the point is that I didn’t cheat on anybody, because, you know, that person was the poly dynamic with us. I was very sneaky, though, and I made up for that.

they were NOT in a poly relationship, this was during the first visit? it was their first time together and lainey almost left him because he did cheat on her but basically got away with it. jeez he's such a fucking liar.

No. 626265

The only reason people defended his father is because literally no evidence exists that proves anything he says about him.

No. 626266

What the fuck is Gross droning on about? He's claimed for years that his father is a pedophile, but he's the only person who's ever alleged that. And even if that wasn't the case, his father is still a free man. No proof exists anywhere that he diddled any kiddies, unlike him. Someone show Grugly a mirror.

No. 626271

>leaves out he fact that they fucked multiple times, just the two of them

No. 626272

>if you’re not mean to somebody, and they’re already a fan of you or whatever, they’re not gonna get the message unless you’re mean.

How to deal with a underage fan having a crush on you and not have them misunderstand:

Option 1: Act immature, call them mean insults and ugly and hurt their self esteem. Meanwhile allow your wife to flirt with them, have a poly relationship with another teenager while the underage girl is living there who you also insult as well as your own wife, have her witness you saying you love these people you have also insulted many times, have the internet call you out on grooming young girl, and send her home only to invite her back at adult age where you leave it open on what may happen in the future.

Option 2: Tell her you are flattered she has a crush on you, but you are much older than her and it wouldn't be appropriate and it will never happen. Assure her she is beautiful and a great person and she will find someone her own age who will make her happy one day. Both you and your wife dont flirt with her, make "dat booty tho" comments or dump your marriage/relationship problems on her. Ideally, don't have her living in your house at all, but if she is, keep a guardian-child type of relationship. If they continue to have a crush, it's okay! Don't do anything sexual with them. People have crushes on adults in their life all the time and dont end up in relationships with them!

I mean clearly option one is the only way to handle this!

No. 626273

He explained once that Shi was so wet once that he 'accidentally' slipped up her bum. He said something along the lines of her vagina was wet like waaay too wet it was kinda gross actually and that she didn't notice it went up her ass.

When wet and relaxed the vagina can loosen up a tiny bit, but honestly only small dicked teenage boys complain about wet vaginas being gross. He makes it extremely obvious that he has a small dick.
A normal dude wouldn't complain about that.

It's also extremely obvious that he outed himself as having a small weiner because let's face it, even if you are used to anal and like it, there is no way you wouldn't feel it.

No. 626276

Aren't they vegetarian? Most donuts are full of beef tallow …

No. 626277

er, no? vegetable shortening is more commonly used.

No. 626279

Which he also used as an underhanded diss to Shiloh about her being a loose whore, but if you can feel a finger in your ass what does it say about Onion that his dick is able to slip into her ass without her noticing. You can feel a finger up your ass so unless her asshole is numb that means he's got a tiny dick. He's like a little boy who tries to insult someone but ends up insulting himself.

No. 626282

It's so hypocritical how he puts down people for not going to the police if they knew something illegal took place. My question is why did he never report his father? Also aren't therapist/psychologist legally bound to report a situation where the client is endangered. They certainly would have to report the sexual abuse of a child. Something does not add up about his story.>>626266

No. 626287

>>626253 no,but actually where? In what video? It s a running joke but some of us are new anons

No. 626289

This was actually a great sum up of the Sarah situation.

No. 626290

It was probably crazy Tami who put that idea in his head and he went along with it because he HATES his father

No. 626291

I can't remember if it was a video but I faintly remember it was when he was talking to his underaged patrons about anal sex. I think it was the same conversation when he was teasing big bruiser Becca about liking anal or some shit.
I'm going to go look through some older threads and see if I can find it. It was around the time Becca was one of his paypigs.

No. 626292

Same reason for why didn't he go to the police when Ayalla solicited sex from Sarah, or when she tried to get her into drugs.

No. 626295

>He's like a little boy who tries to insult someone but ends up insulting himself.

This is so fucking true.
His immaturity also often ends up exposing his lies or bad behaviour.
He will say something to push a certain agenda but does it so far that it just shows he's abusive.

When he claimed to be a camp counselor/leader or whatever and said he ran way from the little girls trying to pull his shirt off near the lake.
In his head he thinks 'omg I ran AWAY, because I don't want them to think I like them!' when all it reveals is that he is immature and sexualises kids by thinking that shit in the first place. All he had to do was say 'Stop this please' and act like an adult in charge, but he has to exaggerate that he HATES kids.

Which brings me to another point.
I fucking hate it when people who have children say they hate kids in general.
Like sure, everyone likes their own kid over other children, but people like Greg that complain that kids are shit and annoying just make me think of accidental parents.
Like obviously if you fucking hate kids then you should have either worn a condom or made your 18 year old wife take birth control you fucking creep.
Kids aren't just something you have to ensure your partner can't leave….that's fucking psycho.

No. 626297

Same way that he shit talks his dogs all the time and calls them irritating and neglects them, but lets Lainey get another dog.

No. 626298

it really is and the sad music is cracking me up

No. 626299

But how can he prove he is a man if he can't get afab bitches pregnant. That's all he gets out of unloading splunk. Too bad he's a caveman out of time and can't go around clubbing teen girls over the head to impregnate and dump them.

No. 626301

She's probably been sobbing all day after she heard Ayalla tell everyone about the time her husband called her and spent an hour on the phone with her talking about how much he misses Billie and even dreams about her. Sure just throw some donuts at her, that might help a bit.

No. 626303

I wish I had a million dollars to give the anon that made this video. I love videos like this because they show the hypocrisy in their comments. It's hard to debate or even explain this shit to Lainey or Greg because they always screech about reciepts and worm their way out and deny certain things they said. This video roasted the shit out of Pedobot.
The only thing I would have emphasized more was the fact that Greg said that Sarah HAD shown interest in Lainey.(Shortly after he said that 'Kai' was hesitant to cover his ass) It was from the same stream that many of these clips were from, not sure why they didn't include it as that was Greg giving evidence that relationship talk had been discussed between the two in his own words from his own mouth.

No. 626309

>”He was with a 14-year-old. That’s probably a pedo?”

PROBABLY? Jesus, dude, there should be absolutely no question in your mind about that.

No. 626310

When he mentioned the camp story I was immediately grossed out. It sounded exactly like the way the men in some pedo documentary described their young victims.

The behavior he described sounds just like how kids wrap themselves around their parents legs to prevent them from leaving. He should not be around kids especially with him using barbie dolls to mimic sex acts in front of minors too. I believe that was what he did to Skye's sister.

No. 626312

Underrated and well explained.

No. 626313

Didn't he say it was a drug for 21-year-olds? I can't think of one besides alcohol. Explains why they always sound trashed in their live streams.

No. 626316

>You guy don’t even know what—this is funny. You guys don’t even know what my yard looks like, yet you guys say it’s destroyed

Maybe because you recorded videos of you destroying it and posted them online yourself? Not to mention there's your neighbour's video showing you destroying it as well

No. 626317

No this is more of Onion being autistic and taking literal definitions of things. Onion, when people are saying destroyed they're being a bit superfluous, but your yard certainly destroyed your fucking life.

No. 626322

Washington is a legal state but restricts sale to people under 21, so this is referring to weed.

No. 626325

Having a baby carrot is the only way his convoluted, bullshit story makes sense at all. Wow.

No. 626327

File: 1547535917268.png (148.57 KB, 2518x468, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 3.01…)

The accidentally anal thing was gold but the actual dry vagina thing is much older. It was a speaks video or whatever where he talked about eating pussy and it being fucking gross cause wet pussy is so slimy. YUCK.

Can't really google "onision pussy" right now tho to figure out which video that he has probably already taken down. But here have a screen shot of some anons talking about it two years back.

No. 626328

That's already been confirmed through vids he's posted in skin tight costumes without any padding down there and wearing sheer ladies underwear for skits.

No. 626329

I was creeped out by the camp story too and just could not understand what his point was.

Well I could, but I would have personally thought that kids pushing and pulling at his clothes, namely a t-shirt near a lake would have meant they would have just wanted him to jump in or go swimming. I would have thought they were being playfully rough or something like when you go swimming at the family pool and your little brother or cousin grabs you by the shirt and tries to pull you in as a joke.

The fact that he focuses on them being little girls and not little kids as a whole is very telling.

If a bunch of little male kids were doing the same to me as a female adult or teen counsellor, I would have just thought they were kids being playful and probably wouldn't have noticed that 'omfg they are pulling at my shirt, they wanna rape me, these little boys wanna fuck me'

Plus if they did say things of a sexual or flirty manner, it's not hard to reprimand them and tell them that it's not acceptable behaviour. Many teachers that work at special needs schools deal with kids that are extremely sexual in public, eg- rubbing themselves against other people/objects and exposing themselves and they simply help the child get dressed back up and or move them away from the issue with a kind no or an explanation as to why they shouldn't do this because it's private. Can you imagine if teachers or daycare workers just ran away from little kids that started doing inappropriate things?
They'd be sacked for duty of care.

The mere thought that running away is the correct thing to do baffles me. Didn't he say they were near a lake? Running away from a bunch of kids that YOU were meant to be supervising near a body of water is extremely irresponsible and all it shows is that you are focused on nothing but their sexuality.

What a sick pervert.

No. 626331

I find it incredibly disturbing that his exapmle for how unattracted he is to 14 year olds is skys little sister. Pretty sure he would scream her name during sex, so probably not the best example..

No. 626335

Wasn't she also his example of why larger nipples can be beautiful?
Wow, really not into her at all, just remembers how her nipples looked like a decade later

No. 626339

I instantly thought of that too.

He's so weird about boundaries and changes his ideas when it suits him.

For example Skye's sister and the camp kids and Billie crowd surfing on some dude's shoulders at a music festival were FUCKED UP scenarios to him, but he justifies shady shit in the past such as having Sam sit in his lap for more 'convenient' gaming, Billie's topless massage because his mother did it apparently, his constant justifications for 'hugging' his friends everyday they stay over and his weirdo requests for 'camera people' even though later he says he doesn't need a camera person.
Oh and getting mad at Lainey because some random musician retweeted her or whatever and that person didn't like him so he sees it as 'betrayal' on Lainey's part, even though he messages Billie and random girls all the time pretending it's innocent.

He's such a horrible hypocrite and terrible at hiding his true intentions. When Vix didn't want to fly out and play video games or watch anime (or whatever creepy past time that usually his chance for advancing sexually), instead of being like 'ah that's cool, I get it, long term relationships. My spouse doesn't like me to go away from the house for too long either'
he turns it into an angry sperg about how her boyfriend must be a controlling asshole and doesn't trust her.

Not letting your girlfriend visit a friend is controlling.

Not letting your girlfriend visit a much older adult man with a questionable internet history who've you've only spoken to online who you literally have to FLY over to see, is not controlling, it's loving concern.

No. 626342

Um how the fuck did he see Skye's underaged sister's nipples anyway? That's concerning.

No. 626346

omg lainey is so disgusting for making those sexual comments to a minor! homophobic people always associate the lgbt with perverts/pedophiles and people like her just propagate that stereotype. ugh she's just so awful!

No. 626349

Both Greg and Lainey are extremely damaging and transphobic/homophobic in their own way and don't even realise it.

By Greg's virtue signalling and treating gays/trans as a magical different species that are better than cis people instead of treating them like normal citizens like they want to be, he comes across as extremely condescending and pandering, while Lainey's flippant attitude to her sexuality and gender in general and larping as a teen boy, diminishes the seriousness of trans people who actually struggle with their bodies.

Neither of them have a goddamn clue, yet they call everyone haters or gatekeepers.

No. 626357

File: 1547540541927.jpeg (309.51 KB, 750x987, 6F1555FF-5D3A-4C7B-8D97-E41D7E…)

I hope this child’s parents take away her internet privileges

No. 626358

I think she was a suicide girl

No. 626362

unfortunately for onion she's 19, so they'll
probably bypass her fo sho

No. 626363

Pretty sure its titled "Why won't my boyfriend go down on me" around the 3:10 mark he mentions basically if your guy doesn't wanna go down there it's because theres a bunch of goo and it doesn't taste good. I'm at work so I'm going off auto generated captions cause forgot my headphones.

No. 626369

Forgot to mention him kissing Maya and carrying her without her consent when she was clearly uncomfortable and coming inside AJ when she said no.

Some boundaries.

No. 626376

With the amount of times he repeats the new name "Kai" and her almost embarrassed and dismissive response when people asked her if it was her new name, I'm starting to get suspicious that maybe it's not her new name at all, but a diversion that Greg cooked up to throw off all the haturz. Like how he left all those fake baby names "accidentally" in his videos so we wouldn't know Clot's real name

No. 626377

I'm with the crowd that thinks Onion named her Kai, and probably shit all over every name she liked.

No. 626379

Not just finishing inside AJ, having sex with her at all. She kept saying no so he kissed her to make her shut up and carried on doing what he wanted, she knew there wasn't much she could do so she gave up on fighting. He raped her but I guess he can't see that in his twisted world view because he wasn't violent and she had multiple previous partners. He is a disgusting sack of shit rapist.

I'm genuinely surprised more girls haven't come out about his coercive attitude towards sex, especially since he's clearly very aggressive when he wants it (picking up Maya when she's uncomfortable, pushing Luxy over text to fuck him, etc.) but, saying that, didn't Ayalla say that Billie was made to do things and that she was just expected to be okay with? I really don't know what else that sort of phrasing could allude to

No. 626382

I'm not surprised especially since I kinda remember AJ defending Greg.

>(I’ve already said this on my Google+, but I want to reiterate that he did not rape me – but there is a fine line between being forced to do something and being pressured to do something. I just felt rushed is all.)

People aren't very understanding of rape by coercion either and often tend to blame the victim.

No. 626384


Pretty funny considering he wanted Billie to sit on his face, but Lainey bitched in their water park video that he never, ever, goes down on her.

No. 626385

Probably because his two kids came out of there and in his bizarre mind he'd think something stupid involving how gross it is to eat out a place a baby has been.

No. 626386

Something that always amazes me, is just how much we know about Greg’s sex life. Is there any other YouTuber that shares the detailed accounts of their sexual encounters and sexual desires?

I don’t even know this much about my best friend of 20 years sex life.

It’s so unbelievably inappropriate when you think of how young his fan base is and then adding to the fact that he now dates exclusively from his fan base.

No. 626387

I've been wondering if he's so obviously not attracted to Taylor anymore because she had kids. I know some people suspect it's because she's presenting as "masculine" but I get the feeling he began to lose interest after their first, and after the second he was totally over her.

No. 626389

Oh god you are right. I can imagine it now.

So a baby comes out of a vagina m'kay? And I'm touching and kissing and placing my mouth on a vagina and by default it would make me a pedophile because I am kissing a baby's home.
It's kinda like if I went into a baby's room and started kissing and licking it's bed sheets in it's bed and making out with it's toys. So by default licking it's former home would be creepy of me.
continues sperging about Shane

He'd use some weird Greg logic about it.

No. 626392

It's not that even that he overshares about his sex life. There's plenty of youtubers that storytime about awkward sexual encounters and whatever.

It's the way he does it.

He mentions them all by name so everyone fucking knows who these poor women are and he doesn't just make one video, he proceeds to mention it everytime he can.
He goes into extreme details about their bodies, how they looked,smelled, like every little detail with a face to the name.
And of course there's the problem that you have just mentioned, his fanbase is predominantly children and unexperienced teenagers…completely inappropriate subjects for an audience like that. He acts like an authority on sex and doesn't provide any education on safe sex or healthy relationships and just spouts shit like how vaginas are filled with disgusting goo and graphic weird details that they really don't need to know.
It's so fucking weird.

No. 626393

Still weird. If I found out my brother's gf was a porn star or something I wouldn't go and look at that shit.
Curiosity would probably make me wonder what she did, but out of respect because it's someone I know I wouldn't go looking it up or talking about her body to millions of randoms on the internet.
Makes sense she was a suicide girl though and he called out her name during sex. He's obsessed with the younger more alternative version of whoever he's dating. What an absolute creep.

No. 626394

The Madonna / Whore Complex? I can see that but it's also probably a case where he's a dumb shit and thinks having a kid makes Plainey looser so it'd be even less appealing to his Vienna sausage.

Actually got a laugh out of that. It's a testament to how absurd Greg is that someone can post something like this and it be so over the top that you can think "Greg would definitely say this."

No. 626399

Lainey did a video discussing her post birthing experience; and she had to be stitched up and was in pain. so as you can imagine Onion probably berated her after having Troy for not being optimal for him. He probably caused her damage forcing her to be physical before being medically safe to do so.

No wonder she was utterly miserable during her second pregnancy with Cloey while Billie and Sarah were there. No wonder Onion found so many times to fuck Billie away from Lainey. I'm pretty sure Lainey wanted to name her daughter Claire, but I think in a sick Onion mind game he chose Cloey who was a character Skye made and Shiloh played. And this time Greg had Billie to fuck after Cloey's birth. No wonder Lainey hates the circumstances surrounding her daughter's birth. We've already heard Greg say how hard her pregnancies were on him. He's just an egotistical arrogant selfish wanker who fucking should be sterile because he's a fucking burden to have on this planet.

No. 626401

Sam was actually likely groomed as well. IIRC Greg had been chatting with her since she was 16/17 and even bought her gifts like a laptop back in 2016.

No. 626402

Based on the fact that she complained about something being wrong with the stitching for months after the birth its very likely Greg ignored the Dr's advice because Greg knows best and made Lainey fuck him before she was fully healed. I bet he talked about bringing in another trinity member because his needs weren't being met or even guilted her by saying she wasn't loving him enough or some shit because he's a manipulative greasy asscrack.

No. 626405

Yeah he would have called her 'cold' and gone on about his needs as a biological male ect.
Just how Adrienne told him to fuck off when she was trying to sleep and he couldn't get suk mi or a cuddle so he waited till she woke up and was getting ready to have breakfast with him and he started pouting like a kid and screeched that she's selfish and cold and unloving.
I actually do feel sorry for Lainey during that whole pregnancy stitches thing and I get pangs of sympathy when I hear about certain things, and I know she was groomed, and then I remember that she laughed at those trying to help and is a predator herself and the sympathy goes away pretty quickly.
Before Sarah or Billie, she definitely could have come out of this as a victim and I guess to some degree she kind of still is a victim to emotional manipulation, but she's repeating Greg's abuse on other people and it's fucked.

No. 626407

Sam kept dropping in and out of Ayalla's first stream numerous times waiting for someone to bring her up. She would leave chat and enter again if a commenter mentioned her. If she wants to speak up she can, but she came across petty and jealous. Especially all the shit with posting about going to bars and getting hit on by married men to make Onion jealous.

It's evident Greg offers gifts, money, whatever to girls. We all know Sam was not there to be a camera person. She was loving the attention and being put on camera by Onion in streams just as a silent prop.

No wonder Lainey kicked her out. She even joined in with trolling Lainey online whilst there and joking with 'haters'. Sam was dumb af.

Wbk Taylor is not the endgoal for these girls, she is the annoying baby mama that won't fuck off.

Sam has platforms to come out and she's clearly aware of what is going on. Either post about it or stop fishing for relevancy

No. 626408

I still hope for the children's sake that she gets away from Greg, moves home with the kids, and get major major MAJOR therapy, and is then able to have a fresh start to a healthy adulthood. She's still pretty young and there are people older than her that are starting life over with radical career changes/moves.

No. 626409

Agreed. I felt sorry for Sam in some ways because her home life sounded shitty and it was fucked how Greg painted her out to be some homewrecking skank when it was obvious he was the one initiating it all, but Sam was and probably still is just salty she didn't last there. I get desperate PoopBeck vibes from her. Even Luxy read out and admitted her most embarrassing ass-kissy text replies to Greg, but she explained that she was scared at the time. Sam lurks around to see what is said about her and never speaks the full story on anything. And when she DID spill the news, she went to RSN, like the worst person.
See with Luxy and Billie and almost all of the others… (almost) I get the vibe they were just young and dumb and naive, but with Sam I get off vibes. Something isn't quite right about her and I don't mean to diagnose but she seems really autistic or something.
And something tells me that if Grease asked her back, she'd fly over in a heartbeat.

No. 626410

I agree she can start over, but she has to start putting her children's needs above her own selfishness to do that, and so far she has shown zero signs of doing that. His saying he wasn't going to talk to his daughter because she couldn't talk back would have been the last straw for me in terms of Greg's chances, but not for Kailor (who as someone who took her much-vaunted college psych courses should know exactly how shitty that is). She is just as disgusting as Greg.

No. 626412

Exactly. Sam doesn't have to speak out and can ignore all the drama like Billie is doing, it's her choice. But hanging around streams and stuff is petty and weird and makes me think she's still weirdly obsessed with Shreg.

No. 626413

I hope the same. She can fuck up her own life as much as he wants, but the kids don't have a choice and it isn't fair. Honestly, neither Greg or Taylor should have the kids, but it's unlikely that will change. Their best chance is Taylor leaving him and getting her shit together. But I don't know if I actually see this happening, at least not before the kids are really damaged by their upbringing so far.

No. 626415

it's on Kailor if she stayed with this piece of shit after he literally told her "i'm not speaking to my child bc they can't talk back to me". she should've packed her bags, loaded up the car and left his sorry ass right then and there, no second chances. that's psycho-levels of shitty. she took psych, she KNOWS how much not communicating with your kids or talking to them during those formative years fucks them up. i feel sorry that she got gaslit to hell in her teen years, but i stopped that "sorry" shit reeeeal soon after finding that out. greg is a psychopathic piece of shit and i hope to god those children get taken away from him and kailor soon, to a better place.

No. 626416

I always assumed, especially after her personal video detailing her family situation, that she had some kind of learning disability or was just delayed.

No. 626418

File: 1547567815173.png (344.09 KB, 986x754, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 9.55…)

So I coincidentally stumbled on her youtube from a comment she made under his upload of Sarah's video. She's obsessed, like he likes 'em.

No. 626420

Yes. What is his content anymore besides his obsession with threesomes, his discussions of his sexual partners, his rating children’s bodies on how sexy he finds them, and his obsessing about his financial problems? Oh, right, the fucking banana callbacks.

No. 626421

File: 1547569439724.jpg (811.15 KB, 1230x1920, tumblr_pjri96mCla1rwsan9o1_128…)

I know she just loves saying that she looks like a kpop boy when she gets shitty haircuts while knowing nothing about it, but every time I see him use the name Kai, I can't help but think of pic related. It's clear he named her after Evan Peters' character on AHS, but damn if I don't think of k-pop Kai instead

No. 626422

also he admitted in the cuddlegate video that he massaged billie's butt. with lotion. and admitted that his mother did NOT to that to him during his full body massage.

No. 626423

I actually liked the post Sam period, mainly because once she saw him for what he really was she was absolutely dismissive of his bullshit and disgusted by his behavior. I hope she'll speak up again tbh, if she knows anything more. If he made her sign an NDA, she clearly knew it was bullshit and didn't care.

Fuck, she even complimented their cooking, lol.

No. 626427

Honestly she really should've left after he was willing to sign away rights to T and divorce her because he wanted to be with Billie instead, that should have been major for her and something you can't write over with enough empty apologies. And then a few months or so after that when the house was crawling with young girls she should've gathered up and ounce of sense and self esteem and left, I don't even care that she was pregnant with C then because Greg sure didn't care. She's really fucked now because the paperwork for the massive tax bill has her name on it too, if her gross husband goes really crazy and gets arrested or commits suicide because of the pressure of the financial disaster she's going to inherit that bill, possibly the wetlands fine as well. I also occasionally feel just a smidge of sympathy for her because her life with him has been so messed up for so long that it doesn't even seem to register with her how fucked up everything is. For some reason she doesn't appear to give a thought about how their lifestyle impacts the kids. The neglect, the revolving door of girls that they must feel some attachment to and Gurg said in a video once that he calls Lainey bitch and cunt. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done that in front of the kids. It's like she thinks if she's affectionate enough their dads awful behavior won't affect them and if so she is dead wrong. Yes the best bet is for her to leave, get intensive therapy and have her family help raise those kids to give them a more normal life but that's been said around here for ages.

No. 626428

Wasn't just her butt, it was her breasts too. And he admitted he was aroused prior to this so the cuddling wasn't innocent either(refer to his texts to lainey)

No. 626433

It's funny how he keeps saying that 'Sarah will only ever be there for Lainey, that's Lainey's friend', etc. when everyone knows that Sarah would never be able to just 'be there for Lainey'. That's never been his m.o. at all. When has anyone in that house ever been allowed to show interest in Lainey only? It's the Luxy situation all over again.

The day will come, and probably soon, when he decides that, clearly, Sarah wants him to fuck her (after all, on an average day he's a 7.2 out of 10 /eyeroll) and he'll do it. His ego cannot allow for the fact that someone might not want to have sex with him. He's also hyper aggressive with women, as proven over and over again, and if Sarah has expressed an interest in poly in any way, directly to him or not, then that's a go sign for Greg. The only question is how long he'll be able to keep quiet about it, but again, with his ego, my guess is not long.

Sarah's only real hope is to stay away from them (never gonna happen) because now that she's of legal age, all of the niggling concerns that they may have had about her are gone. He's saying as much in these vids. I'm also sure Greg's amassed a nice dossier of shit to blackmail Sarah with, if she were to eventually step out of line.

It is weird to me that he's never gotten his ass kicked by someone's dad or brother or feisty dyke aunt, though. He always manages to skate. At least he's fucked financially.

No. 626434

Great video! It points out all of those hypocritical statements made by Taylor Elaine Avaroe / Lainey Avaroe / Kai and Gregory Avaroe / Gregory Daniel Jackson regarding their relationship with Sarah / SarahBear.

If the original creator ever reads this - which I hope - please don't take this as criticism or being ungrateful because you've put so much work and research into the video! But would it be possible to state the sources on screen next time, like the video title and dates (of the streams)? Viewers being doubtful could actually go to the source material and check back for its credibility and Gregory wouldn't be able to shrug it off as fake or conveniently edited etc.

Again, really great job on calling out the Avaroe's horrible behavior towards Sarah.

No. 626436

>It is weird to me that he's never gotten his ass kicked by someone's dad or brother or feisty dyke aunt, though.
It's also weird to me that with as many people that hate him, there hasn't been anyone that has tried to set him up Chris Hansen style to get actual proof to expose his pedo ways.

No. 626437

Well, Vix kind of has, even though her intentions were different iirc.
Since then the Avaroes have become even more careful, plus Greg is known to interrogate anyone and everyone so that he has enough dirt on them when things go downhill.

No. 626438

tinfoil: Sarah is keith in a wig doing just that

No. 626439

Someone needs to mirror Onion boys new video. He's decided the haters have accused him of sleeping with Sarah and that he's putting this all behind him by branding his body with a tattoo against us haters!!! LOL THAT'LL SHOW US GREG. wonder if this is a punishment from Taylor she's had enough, she wasn't aware about the constant Billie emails. He also attacks Billie in the video and calls her psycho lol, Taylor has been scorned. And it's all our fault not his actions lmao

No. 626440

Is he actually clinically insane? Because that is so crazy for a mid-30s father of two to do.

No. 626442

I think part of the reason he's never gotten his ass kicked is that he kept a lot of this shit on the downlow, or it was happening in the earlier days of the internet and people weren't sure what he was up to. He also goes after girls with fucked up families or girls who are probably neglected to some degree, which is a classic tactic.

Now that he's old, uglier than ever, and losing the ability to draw hot young alt girls, he's unable to keep his mouth shut about how great he is and how girls are throwing themselves at him constantly, which is causing him to fuck up on a large scale. Every single one of these vids he's done, he's implicated himself pretty heavily in one way or another.

I think there's still hope for an asskicking and also for an offer to have a seat.

No. 626444

Starts off the video using an analogy comparing teen puss to a piece of pie on the table.
No pedo here folks.

No. 626446

Critique and thoughts are definitely welcome.
I'm considering making a second part this weekend- a more detailed one (with dates, like you mentioned) and with some stuff that I missed, like the texts from Sarah's cousin for example.
I am just one person though, I wish there was an onion discord or something where I could ask for input and thoughts without being distracting to the overall discussion.
One person can only retain (and dig up) so much info about this mess on their own.

No. 626450

Laineys dad threatened physical harm to Greg. Id love to have seen it because Im not sure how much Greg has embellished it, and the story changes each time Greg tells it. If Gregs trying to play the victim that day then the story is Dad tried to kill him for dating his daughter. If Greg is trying to make it seem like Laineys family is ok with him he tells the story as if Dad was just palling around and joking.

No. 626451

man this sounds just like laineybot's tweets towards him when she was a teen and trying to make him notice her

No. 626455

After she left shreg's house she made that creepy video begging people for money and implying she and her brother would commit suicide if they didn't get the money. There's definetely something wrong with her

No. 626456

>He also attacks Billie in the video and calls her psycho

Jokes on him because he almost left his wife and young son for that "psycho" and he's still contacting her begging her to go back

No. 626458


He says at 2:51 "whatever we do with our future is our business", and says soon after that that grooming requires sleeping with someone right after they turn 18. He's so obviously saying things that will make it "okay" when they have a public relationship in the future.

No. 626459

Can you imagine getting a tattoo to show the haterzzzz? In what world does he think this doesn’t make him a bigger joke than he already is??

No. 626460

Same fag but Lainey covers her body in tattoos to symbolize her love for Greg. Greg gets a tattoo to symbolize his disdain for the haters.

No. 626461

>he's putting this all behind him by branding his body with a tattoo against us haters

No. 626462

lol greg doesn't believe in the concept of haters.


He calls them "shadow fans" and stuff.

No. 626464

File: 1547581331451.jpg (401.3 KB, 810x1321, Screenshot_20190115-204144_Twi…)

No. 626465

File: 1547581367511.jpg (349.49 KB, 809x1335, Screenshot_20190115-204201_Twi…)

No. 626467

>says soon after that that grooming requires sleeping with someone right after they turn 18

Yeah, he doesn’t do that. He fucks them before they’re 18 and marries them right after they turn 18.

No. 626469


it's exactly what Woodie Allen did and people are ok with it so I highly doubt that there will be any repercussions when he decides to make Sarah part of the trinity.

That's also exactly why he is more dangerous than let's say, a straight up pedophile: he does it out in the open but always according to the law. that's why he is so confident sperging because he KNOWS apart from slander online, he will never face any consequences.

No. 626471

Ayalla is correct that you don't have to be a child in order to be groomed, but he's already fucked two seventeen year-olds, so Greg has already broken the law twice. Just because he's not behind bars means very little.

No. 626472


I actually don't believe that only because greg KNOWS that if Lainey would ever find out he contacted Billie behind her back, he would be in serious trouble. I think that's just something ayalla said to piss him off..

If he truly not only contact Billie less than 10 months ago but also begged her to be with him, they would have leaked that shit ages ago. they both know it would cause serious issues for greg

No. 626473

i actually dont think this is true, when ayalla first mentioned that gregma still emails billie every few months she was bombarded with more questions but didnt give much more detail because she did not want to focus on billie and greg, as requested by billie.

No. 626475

I don't think Billie wants to be the one to stir up any trouble after her traumatic experience with getting her reputation and dignity pissed on just for smoking pot. I think she's probably content with people know Greg continues to contact her, but not the contents of the emails. Lainey would be pissed off, but there's nothing she can do. Greg has always done whatever he pleased and Lainey's only mental defense has always been to transtrend harder.

No. 626476

I don’t think this is true. Ayalla has stated numerous times she was afraid of the backlash, regarding coming forward. After that watching her first live stream, it definitely affirmed that for me because she got to the point of tears a few times. I am glad she is continuing to tweet and speak up about this matter.

No. 626477


55:00 - 1:16:00

I’ve got to go soon, guys. I’ve managed to keep a steady 400 this whole time. I don’t know how, but I did. I wanna thank you guys for absolutely being interested in listening because this is kind of—

>Hi. I’m the asian Onision, apparently.
Oh, is that you? Baby, I love you. You’re so handsome. Please tell me you’re actually like—[laughs] You’re an adult, right, guy? This is the dude that’s, like, the asian version of me? I don’t know how old he is. Don’t take that seriously, guys. He’s probably 20-something. Fuck! [laughs] You can’t even joke around anymore. … When I say you can’t joke around anymore, I mean he’s obviously not an eight year-old. He looks like an adult. And I don’t know why you’re the asian Onion, but that’s really fucking funny. I immediately saw that and was like—I immediately saw the thumbnail, like, “The Asian Onision” and I’m like, “Well, at least he’s handsome.”

>You need professional help. You can still redeem yourself. Won’t be easy but it’s not too late. By the way, pedophiles are lame. Especially for an onion.

See, you started out seeming like you gave a shit, and then you turned into a fucking 12 year-old. So, fuck you. [laughs] And you’re not doctors, you guys. You gotta remember that.

>Jessie Paege doesn’t like you.

It’s important for Jessie Paege to like me, ok? I defended Jessie Paege from Social Repose a while back and then I followed her on Twitter. And now I occasionally say something in response to her tweets. Like, “Nice suit.” This is what’s fucking crazy is people think like, “Oh. Onision’s talking to a girl. That must mean that—“ No. I can talk to people and it mean nothing, you fucking cave men dumb shits.

>Sorry you have to deal with all the hate.

Hey, what can I say? This is what I get for fucking talking to the most fucking annoying human beings on earth. [laughs] Have you ever had that thing like you should cut ties with somebody but—like, there’s this girl that I worked with quite a bit and I never wanted to hang out with her ever since I found out that she cheated on her boyfriend with his boss. I was like, “I’m done.” You literally—and then she got pregnant with his baby. The boss’s baby. So, I was like, “I’m done working with this chick.” And my spouse is like, [mocking tone] “No, I wanna hang out with her. We’re friends.” And I was like, “Fine. It’s fine.” But then that girl’s like, “Oh, when are we gonna work together?” And stuff, and it just became a thing where I just slowly not caring about it as much because it was a long time ago. And I was like, “Ok, you fucked your boyfriend’s boss. Whatever. Do you wanna be in this video? Do you wanna be in this video? Do you wanna be in this video? I started inviting her to videos again. And then I slowly started to realize, I don’t—why do I fucking work with this chick? And it would be—and then, like, last time that she showed up she got like all up in my face and she’s like, “Why—why haven’t you worked with me in awhile?” And I’m like, [shrugs] and I’m thinking “cuz I don’t fucking like you. You’re a bad person.” But I didn’t say that because I’m trying to be polite and shit. And now look at it. You should trust in your gut. When you have a gut feeling about someone who’s in your physical life, who’s talking to you, you gotta trust your gut.

Like, I fucking hated—my ex-girlfriend’s friend , or our ex-girlfriend’s friend [Ayalla] was such a piece of shit. Like, she was so—she was like going through our whole house crying like crazy, being a psycho, and stuff like that. And like, I felt bad for her at the time but I slowly realized that she’s actually just fucking psycho. And so, I was like complaining about that friend all the time to our ex. I was like, “Yo. You’re friend. I don’t like your friend. We should just detach from your friend.” She was like, “Yeah. Everybody complains about my friend. Every guy I’ve ever dated complains about my friend.” It’s like, well when are you going to wake up and realize your friend’s shit? But anyway, that person wound up being shitty, too. It’s like, you gotta go with your gut. If somebody’s fucking toxic, you gotta cut them out cuz otherwise later on they’re going to be making fucking live streams and going [mocking feminine voice] “Oh. That person’s actually shitty.” It’s like, bitch. You knew me for a week. You don’t know shit about me.

>Being honest gets you hated and attached. You suffer because you have decent morals.

Let me talk about my morals, ok? A long time ago I intentionally was sneaky. Alright? It’s back to that cuddling incident, where I was cuddling with somebody, ok? We were in a trinity. I felt we were in a trinity. We were—like, the night before or whatever, we all tried to get together and stuff. But we were in a trinity but I knew my spouse didn’t want me to cuddle with her. But I still said, “I won’t do anything that a friend wouldn’t do,” so I could get this kind of passive permission to cuddle her. And that’s manipulate and that’s sneaky, ok? So my morals are not perfect, is what I’m saying. So when you say I have a good morals, it’s like, Yeah. I have good morals in some areas, but I fucked up there. That was bad.

>Hell yeah. Cut out all the toxic humans.

Yeah. Cut them out before it gets too much. Like, [shrug]. Shit gets cray. I feel like this stream is done. [laughs] Like we jumped the shark.

>He hates on people for no reason. He has terrible morals.

Ok. Get the fuck off my channel. What are you doing here? I don’t understand these people. I’m not going on people’s livestream going, “Mehhhh. You’re a fucking dickhead.” You know?

>Yeah, toxic people can be brutal.

Yeah, I agree.

>Can you admit that you can be toxic?

I can be toxic. Yes, I can. And that’s why I gotta reflect and grow as a person.

>Why do you resemble a neanderthal so much?

I don’t know but it hasn’t stopped women from being into me.

>Get a real job, faggot.

Thank you. I’m an investor. I invest in stock. [laughs]

>Everyone can be toxic.

I would guess that’s true. Everyone can be. Well, there was this girl I knew and she wasn’t toxic. She was—she had—I mean, I guess she had her own type of toxic stuff but she was for the most part always professional with me.

>Does your tranny wife peg you?

That’s very transphobic and not cool, but no. They do not. I don’t like being pegged. That’s another rumour, you guys. I don’t like being pegged. I made this whole video, like, how I tried that. Like, I tried a prostate massager or something and I thought it was terrible and threw the prostate massager away. And here’s the thing. You could criticize me for that, but how do you know if you don’t like something if you don’t try it? So I tried it. And now I know. I know more about my sexuality than guys who haven’t tried it, you know?

>You’re using bullying Sarah as a scapegoat for having a sexual dynamic with her
See, here’s the thing. You don’t know that. And you’re using people who are fucking people that I kicked out of my life that weren’t ever even my friend or whatever. You should not—you should get proof. Get proof of what you’re saying because right now you have Sarah saying you’re full of shit, you’re having Kai saying you’re full of shit, you’re having me saying you’re full of shit. All the three people. And what you guys do is you go and gaslight Sarah and you act like Sarah is now a fucking evil piece of shit because she doesn’t agree with you. Have you ever thought that maybe Sarah’s actually this great person that you guys described and you’re shitty because you’re now trying to make this great person that you previously described as great like they’re a piece of shit and a liar. You know? You guys are shitty.

>You don’t give evidence against Ayalla’s allegations.

I mean, I have the fucking person she’s talking about saying she’s full of shit. Three witnesses, alright? Three witnesses, ok? If you have three witnesses of something, all people who know way more than Ayalla about what happened, saying that Ayalla is full of shit, and that’s including the alleged victim, how do you not see how full of shit Ayalla is? That’s what makes me crazy. And you guys say, “Oh. Well, she’s groomed.” Or whatever. That’s just gaslighting her. That’s just taking this victim and treating her like she’s a dumb person who can’t think for herself and she’s an adult. And by the way, that video she made was all the way across the country. So, like, that person’s across the country right now. So, Jesus fucking christ.

>Sarah doesn’t know any better cuz she’s brainwashed by you two.

You have no proof of that, and that makes no fucking sense. I don’t know how to brainwash someone. I barely even know what brainwashing is. It’s like where you—you like, convince some—[clearly faking struggle to describe brainwashing] manipulate someone into thinking a certain way, I guess? But how do I do that if I’m calling her stupid all the time? Like saying—when I say I call her stupid all the time, I’m like, “Oh, wow. You really suck at that video game.” Oh wow, this and that. And I spent this whole stream explaining what the fuck I’m talking about. So… if I wanted to brainwash somebody I would suck up to them and I’d say, “Join my cult!” And all that shit. If I wanted to like really get them I would be the nicest guy to them and I would do everything I could to make them obsess over me. But instead, I acted like a dickish guy at school that’s secretly gay and doesn’t wanna come out as gay. You know? He treats all these girls like shit when he’s really just trying to cover up the fact that he’s gay by being dickish to chicks or something. You know, cuz, “Oh, I don’t talk to dudes, but I’m dicks to girls.” It doesn’t make too much sense, but I’m trying to go somewhere with that. There’s a lot of social norms where people try to [laughs] Honestly, it’s so late. Like, it’s so late at night. [laughs] it’s really rough right now. It’s like 1 am, guys.

>Can you do a shout out to my boyfriend for being a hater?

Your boyfriend’s a hater? Tell your boyfriend to get a life. [laughs] Tell your boyfriend to get a life. Seriously. What’s—you’re hating on—here’s the thing. I know you guys are wrong. I do because I have all the info. People are like, “What about all these people who come forward?” Who the fuck are you talking about? That’s what I wanna know. Who the fuck are you talking about coming forward? You have one girl [Lane] I’ve never fucking met in my life, nor have I ever had a conversation with her. I think I wrote her saying, like “You’re shitty for backstabbing Kai,” at one point via e-mail. I said, “You’re shitty for backstabbing Kai,” cuz they were talking shit about Kai.

And then there’s another person [Luxymoo] we never even dated or anything. We never even met, and she’s like, so soaking it up. Every second of fame she can get, she gets. I didn’t even recognize her in a thumbnail of a video. I was like—I saw the title, and I’m like, “Oh, that’s that bitch? A chick that we barely talked to from forever ago?” Like, we didn’t say anything that was like terrible or whatever. Like, she just said that she wanted to be with just Kai. And I’m like, “Oh, ok. That’s weird.”

And then, who else? And then there’s Ayalla, who was never even our friend or anything and has decided that she was just gonna sit on this super terrible information for over a year or whatever, and just now comes out with it when people are getting millions of views off my name. And then Sarah comes forward and says, “Y’all are full of shit!” The only person—the literal only person who actually was physically around us and allegedly a subject of any affection… it’s very confusing.

>People at my school absolutely hate you.

Yes, at your school. [claps] Kids hate me. [sarcastic] Oh, fuck. What am I gonna do?

>Luxy said you’re scary.

I don’t know who Luxy is.

>Brainwash definition: pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

How do I do that? How does one systematically and often forcible—oh, you’re talking about tying someone in a chair and, like, putting on, um… screens. Like, TVs. “You will obey me!” Yeah.

>Sarah is young and naive and impressionable.

You need to stop talking down to Sarah. Sarah’s a very smart girl. She’s smarter than fucking Ayalla. Ayalla’s a fucking idiot. Seriously. Oh my god.

>You’re a married dad of two in this thirties. Grow up.

Tell that to, like, Rush Limbaugh. Tell that to Donald Trump. Guys, we are who we are. You gotta stop acting like age equate to who you are, ok? Like, for instance, Sarah is more mature and smarter than every other person I’ve met. And she’s fucking strong. You guys have no idea how strong she is. She could break my fucking fingers if she wanted to. She’s—that girl is not a victim type person. She’s fucking—she’s could kick the shit out of me. In fact, she has kicked the shit out of men before. Just dropping it. Tell you the fucking facts.

>Why do you have a 12 year-olds hair cut?

I don’t. This is an adult’s haircut.

>You’re not forcibly brainwashing anyone.


I’m sorry, you guys. This is addictive I just like doing it. I like talking to you guys.

>So what if his following at kids? He’s funny, we grow up and a new audience comes in… at least he’s still getting subs?

It’s 18-24 according to analytics, but apparently everyone lies or some shit like that.

>JFC You’re so out of touch.

Well, Kaylee. You’re on someone’s live stream that you hate. You’re a useless cunt. Like, seriously. Think about where you are right now, ok? You are spending your time on the live stream of someone you hate. What a fucking wasted human life. And you know what? Most everyone in the world agrees with me. Ask most anyone: what kind of person spends time on the live stream of someone they hate, and most everyone’s gonna say, or check off, “useless waste of human life”.

>Do you find Sarah attractive now?

Let me answer your question with a question. Is it any of your fucking business? Is it inappropriate? Is it anything who finds anyone attractive for any reason? I’m not saying I’m attracted to this person, but if I’m attracted to a fucking shoe, it’s perfectly fine. You know? If I’m attracted to my fucking microphone. If I wanna stick this down my throat, and I wanna shit my pants with excitement, that’s my business. You know? No victims, ok?

>The burns are real

I just can’t with these scumbags, guys. It’s all these people going, like [mocking voice] “Uhhh, you’re a fucking pedo.” And it’s like, you don’t even know what a pedo is. You don’t have any evidence. You’re talking about prison time for something that never even happened and isn’t even a crime. You guys are so fucking stupid, it blows my mind. And we all have to see this every day. We see these fucking inbred assholes who are just keyboard warrioring the fuck out of their shit because some dumb bitch is across the country talking shit about us for views. And she got her views, and everybody fucking falls for it because they can’t see the fact that this person’s just getting profit off of it. Like, the literal alleged victim says that you guys are full of shit, and yet they keep going. How fucking braindead do you have to be to say, “Oh. This person victimizes people” and you have one example of an actual alleged victim, and that alleged victim straight up says—I’m paraphrasing—y’all are fucking stupid.

>Thanks for paying Repzion’s tuition.

And that’s exactly what I’m talking about. These people who have made videos about me—like, Repzion literally had his girlfriend tweet me a picture going, “Thanks for buying my lingerie.” Or whatever, and Repzion thanked me for paying his tuition. All these fuckers care about is money. Don’t you think it’s fucking hilarious how duped you guys are? Like, you don’t get it. If you think any of these people have even the slightest bit of credible, try to take away all incentive for them to say this other than just backbone moral integrity. Like, why are all of these people monetizing their content? Why are all of these people posting their content with ads running using my name in the title. Did I have to use my name in the title? No. Did they know it would get them views? Absolutely.

No. 626478


1:16:00 - END

>[Greg read this in a very mocking tone]Again there’s PROOF that Sarah and Lainey had sexual convos while Sarah was a MINOR

Are you talking about the fucking meme? Oh, I’m sorry. I see you’re—that person’s—that looks like a fucking ten year-old. The girl who just said that is like a ten year-old. I can’t talk to you, dude. You’re fucking gross. Not like in a gross insulting way. Gross as in I don’t want to talk to a fucking ten year-old. Can an adult please say something? I’ll respond to that statement, ok? That’s stupid. And the reason I say it’s stupid is because, just go through any YouTubers tweets or whatever, and they joke all the time. Like, I haven’t seen their texts or anything. I haven’t looked at them. But I did see a meme, and it was fucking stupid.

>Why do you do this to yourself? Plenty of people love you. You’re a sucker for pain, Greg.

[smirks] I am. I’m a hopeless something. I don’t know. What’s the opposite of a romantic. I’m a hopeless… hopeless guy.

>There’s proof of you manipulating young young women for almost a decade now.

[mocking] Young, young. Oh, we need two youngs up in here. It’s not just one young, it’s two young. Why don’t you just fucking say the age, dumb shit?
Who? The 20 year-olds that I dated? What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t get that. That doesn’t make any sense.

>What happened to positivity, Greg? Are you finally cracking?

No. It’s on Twitter. I’m positive on Twitter. What are you talking about? [purposely mumbling] I said I was gonna be positive on my Twitter. Was I not positive on Twitter? I’m so positive on Twitter. [laughs]

>Oh no he’s the 69 of YouTube

Thanks, bitch. {clearly doesn’t get the reference}

>People still coming for you in 2019? Sheesh, Greg.

I kind of do this to myself because I keep addressing it, you know? Eventually you just gotta let this shit die.

>There’s solid proof of you grooming a 14-15 year-old.

Me? Reference it, bitch! Fucking reference it!

>You’re getting angry because you’re caught lying.

Point out the lie. You guys, you’re saying so much vague shit. Like, I could say that you only commented that because a guy’s actively fucking you in the ass. That doesn’t make it true, ok? You can say shit, but that doesn’t make it valid.

>“An adult”. Is this broadcast only focused upon responding to allegations or are you willing to discuss future interests or goals?

What are you talking about? I’m responding to comments. There’s nothing wrong with responding to comments that you see.

>It will never die. You are a putrid onion.

Are you also 12 because gro—oh, wait. Your thumbnail. It’s like of a little kid. Sorry. I shouldn’t respond to stupid kids. When you guys go into, like, Greggles and Honey Boy or whatever you use, when you start using nicknames and shit, that’s like—it’s very revealing. You know, you’re just having fun. When you actually address something that’s real… yeah. Then we’ll talk about it without insults and shit.

>Are you looking forward to Repzion’s book review?

Repzion only cares about money, guys. I’m glad that you’re falling for it. It’s so fucking great, seeing you guys hail someone as a hero, when really they’re just using you. You guys are like a fucking cheap condom to these YouTubers. They’re gonna fill you full of cum and throw you to the side. So you enjoy that.

>You should react to hate comments.

I am literally reacting to hate comments right now.

>Same reason they add villains to reality TV shows. People love watching train wrecks.

I don’t know. I think it’s like—if you wanna watch a train wreck, go watch a bunch of homeless people. That’s like as low as it gets. That’s really sad. But I guess you gotta feel like you’re better—like, if you feel like you’re better than homeless people, you don’t really feel good about yourself because they haven’t pissed you off. So, the people that you wanna feel better than are the people that piss you off, like, a lot of people feel like they’re better than Donald Trump, so they go and watch everything about Donald Trump. It’s like something you can’t escape. It’s like a human thing, you know?

>So Sarah saw Lainey/Kai naked or topless? Do you stand by that?

As an adult. Alright, so… I don’t know if you guys have ever met an AFAB, but when someone’s assigned female at birth, and they’re around other people who are assigned female at birth, they are often comfortable in the same room with one person not wearing a top. You know, we in this country have over sexualized women to the point where it’s, like, allegedly shameful for a woman to take off her top. And I don’t think that someone who just got out of the shower who has a towel around their waist, who is, you know, brushing their teeth or whatever. I don’t think that’s like a really sexual thing. Around another AFAB. But people are trying to sexual this because they fucked their sister and they’re also the product of their dad and their mom, who are also brother and sister, producing them.

>Greg, why do you hate on people’s appearances and people for no reason like Drew and Lady Gaga, etc?

We’re still on Drew? That was forever ago. God damn. I told a joke about how ugly Drew is [laughs] and you guys are still stuck on that? Jesus Christ. Is that what this is about? See this is what’s fucked up, kay? People called me the most honest YouTuber for a long time. You know, when I was liked or whatever. And I would just state my opinion without filters, you know? And the problem with that is I’ve built a lot of enemies. A lot. Like, every other person on YouTube fucking hates me who’s, you know, anyone because I fucking made a video about them at one point or another just cracking jokes. And so you got all these people who fucking hate me and then eventually they all get really excited when I start getting hit with some bullshit, you know? I’m just fucking around! And it turned into this big, you know, fuck you for telling honest jokes that were just like—didn’t really care about shit.

>Drew Manson. Is that who you mean? He’s cutely ugly.

[Covers mouth and laughs] You know someone’s struggling when you gotta call them cutely ugly.

>You were the only one calling yourself that.

Cutely ugly? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

>Greg do you really love all of your fans?

I really like the people who treat me nice. It’s very nice to be treated that way.

>So, by your logic, you still Kai as a woman?

AFAB. Assigned female at birth. I was very clear about that, you fucking retard. Oh my god. If you’re AFAB, that doesn’t make you male or female, or a boy or a girl.

>Doesn’t this guy like underage girls?

No, I don’t. That’s just what dumb shits believe. Like, seriously. What’s the last time I dated an underage girl? Oh, the person I’m married to for seven years? Wow. You guys can’t fucking move on. Fucking ridiculous [smirking]

>Is that waterproof mascara?

[Stares at camera momentarily and laughs] I have really long black eyelashes, so…
Oh, someone said Billie was underage. And no, I’m not wearing mascara. Billie was 19, you fucking inbred piece of shit. Get your facts straight before you spread accusations. By the way, I’m saying this with a smile because I’m amused how fucking dumb you are. Like, it’s so easy to shut you guys down. They also say Ayalla was 17 when she was hanging out with us. Do you know how fucking old she was? Look at the dates that these videos were uploaded, alright? Look at the dates that these videos were uploaded and also look up their birth dates and you’re gonna realize, “Holy shit. Onion boy has been right this whole time, and we’re full of shit.” You guys cannot get people’s ages right. That’s like that fucking chick, who I’m so glad I ended the friendship of, I’m so glad she’s not in my videos anymore, who went on Drunken Peasants, drunk mind you, talking shit about me. She thought I dated my Canadian ex when she was 16. What a fucking idiot. And she followed through with that, like [mocking] “Oh, yeah. He dated her when he was 16. I know things.” And then, uh oh! Turns out timestamps are wrong. She wasn’t 16. Her birthday, if you match the time she was actually known, like, I made it very clear that we were together, she was no where near 16.

>You’re really out here snatching those people’s wigs. Go off, boo.

Yeah I fucking hate so many people. Raise your hand if you hate people. I hate you guys so much.

>Wait. So, she was underaged?

Who was underaged? What the fuck are you talking about?

>Why don’t you get a job and pay your IRS bill.

I do have a job. I have two jobs. One of jobs isn’t going so well. [laughs inauthentically] We make enough to survive and you do, too, I’m sure. I hope you have a job.

>Literally everyone needs to chill.

It’d be nice but it’s too much of a roller coaster. Like, it’s too much of a high. I’m at a peak of drama relevance. I’m not at a peak of my channel relevance, but I’m at a peak of my name relevance. You make a video about me, and all of these channels that don’t get views otherwise are really just banking right now. So they’re right at this peak, so that’s why they can’t chill because they’re all so excited because everyone’s getting off on this shitting on Onision thing. So they’re right up here, and they’re like, “Oh fuck, just keep busting it. Keep busting it. Keep busting it,” until it fucking tanks and then I’m officially irrelevant. Not quite yet. That or maybe I can, like, ride a dinosaur in real life … maybe I’ll get a little boost because I rode a real dinosaur.

>You said you’d never stop YouTube. Will you?

I don’t know. If Facebook pays. [laughs] I mean, I’m gonna be on Patreon for a good while. I just don’t wanna, you know, say definitively what I’m gonna do, but I love making videos. It’s fun.

>You remind me of Leonardo DiCaprio

Are you guys trying to sleep with me? Oh, Isis said that. Isis, the terrorist group, says that I remind them of Leonardo DiCaprio, so I don’t know what to say about that.

>$20 Onion boy is gonna get audited again this year.

I don’t know. You guys are fucking—

>I’m legal. [kissy face]

That’s cool. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sleep with you. I’m very paranoid of people in general.

>You guys literally take anyone’s word and believe whatever you see on YouTube. Form an original opinion. God.

Yeah. I mean, this may as well be a bunch of, “bahhhhh”.

>Leave Ayalla alone.

Here’s the thing. When you make slanderous livestream implying that a bunch of people are something they’re not, you do not get deserve peace. What you deserve is to get sued. Yeah. You know? [laughs] So, it’d be like if I talk shit about somebody and I was like, “Leave me alone!” right after I talked shit about them. Fuck me, right? It was stupid.

>Are you struggling with Kai’s gender change? It’s really weird since you’re into girls.

No. Have you watched any of my Andy Biersack videos? Don’t be stupid. Do a little bit of research before you start talking shit. You think I’m not ok with Kai transitioning, yet I constantly used to talk about wanting to suck Andy Biersack’s dick. You guys are dumb as fuck. I was a certain YouTuber’s first gay kiss, ok? I clearly am not a phobe. By the way, guys. A “nonce” I think is somebody who’s been convicted of predatorial stuff, and I have never been convicted of shit. So, you guys really need to open the dictionary and slam your head against it till you’re dead. Not literally. I’m joking of course, but—[laughs]

>Why do people hate you so much?

They hate me cuz they ain’t me. [laughs]

>You’re putting your kids in danger by exposing them to your violent relationships.

How are they violent?

>Haylee was underage.

Haylee was not in our lives and she was 21 I think. She wasn’t even in our lives though. She texted Kai and I about how she wanted to be in a relationship with us, and then she decided she didn’t want to, so we were like, Ok. Bye. Literally Haylee is like the most over—ok. Imagine not knowing what the fuck someone looks like. Not knowing much about them whatsoever, and then they text you saying they wanna be in a relationship with you, or whatever. And then they change their minds, and then you’re like, ok. Fuck off. Let’s both fuck off. And we both fuck off. And then later on they send you an apology letter, and this was to my spouse. Haylee sent an apology letter in October to my spouse. And then later on they’re on some shitty drama channel talking about how this is all a traumatic things because of course you’re relevant. And when I say you’re relevant, I mean if they put your name in the title, they’ll get views, and all of you dumb fucks know this. All y’all. You know this damn well. That’s right. They hate us cuz they ain’t us. They hate us cuz they ain’t us. Hatahs wish they were us, but they ain’t us.

I’m only half joking when I say that because, like, when I was in a poly relationship people were like, “Oh. Greg just wants to fuck two chicks at the same time.” Cuz Kai wasn’t quite—I don’t think Kai was non-binary then. [mocking tone] “Oh, you wanna fuck two chicks at the same time, you piece of shit.” And I’m thinking here, who doesn’t wanna sleep with two people at the same time? Like, for real. If, let’s say, you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or whatever and you could clone them, right? You could turn them into another version of themselves. You’re telling me you wouldn’t fuck both of them at the same time? You hate us cuz you ain’t us.

>Yeah, like you wouldn’t tie up Billie in the cellar and tattoo liar on her?

Yeah, that was one of the many reasons. Ok, so, Billie fucked up so bad. You guys brought it up, not me. Billie fucked up so bad that she was trying to find a way back with us, and I was like, alright. In order for you to get back with us, you have to do something. And so I gave her a bunch of lists, a big list of things that she could do to make up for her lying, ok? Do you guys process this in your heads? Somebody got dumped, right? And they obviously want to get back with you because you’re so fucking great… how are you guys this stupid? I really wanna know. How are you this fucking dumb, okay? So, somebody wants to get back with me, alright? This girl wanted to get back with us, and she’s complaining that one of the things that one of the things we said that she had to do to get back with us is tattoo that she’s a liar on her. Because she’s a fucking liar. And then you go and you’re like, oh. You trust every word she says. It’s fucking crazy, you guys.

>You’re disgusting.

Then go suck your boyfriend’s dick and get off my feed. Like, I don’t understand why these lowlife losers are on my stream when they don’t like me. You gotta be a pretty sad fuck to be on that. Anyway.

>You are targeting young mentally ill women.

Get the fuck off my channel. [forced laugh]. I’m not targeting. How am I targeting? Do I say, Dear Young Women? Dear Young Women, come to my channel.

>Sociopath definition: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

So, like. So, did you get that from you PhD, or do you just Google that because being a sociopath is like a wide spectrum of data and you have to be professionally diagnosed.

>Your logic is so flawed, wtf.

Actually elaborate. Like, I could say, “Your logic is so flawed, wtf.” I could say that you’re actively fucking a goat. Words don’t mean much unless you’re actually specific.

>Keep up the positivity, man. All this will blow away like all the other controversies about you do.

No. Ok, so this is why it’s different, right? So, YouTube currently promotes videos that have a lot of likes, ok? So before … you could be controversial and still be popular. Now you can’t really be controversial and popular. And by controversial I mean hated. So, shit won’t blow over until I’m not longer profitable. You know what I mean? And, that’s it. So long as people are pissed at me, it won’t blow over. It’s something that’s gonna drag out forever. Anyway, I gotta go.

No. 626480

>It’s important for Jessie Paege to like me, ok?
mistype or is there an actual clip of Greg saying this?

No. 626481

>It's not important for Jessie Paege to like me, ok?

No. 626482

>greg KNOWS that if Lainey would ever find out he contacted Billie behind her back, he would be in serious trouble.

Not at all? She will make up an excuse for him and believe whatever his excuse is so she can continue believing he loves her.

I believe Ayalla because everything she has said has been true. When she came out with saying he tried to make billie dye her hair green, get an ugly tan, shave her eyebrows, etc it all ended up being true and not exaggerated at all despite how crazy it sounded. She obviously leaked it now because she came forward with stuff. They were trying to ignore him before so didn't.

No. 626487

File: 1547583764211.png (84.43 KB, 892x166, Screenshot_16.png)

No. 626488

Greg you fucking idiot. Grooming doesn't REQUIRE you to sleep with the person you're grooming in order for it to be considered such.

No. 626489

sarah and lainey in bed at the end of the video(do not link onision/laineybot videos)

No. 626490

Kek at him trying to say that B is jealous and thinks him and Kai are in a relationship, so she has Ayalla trash him. No, honey, YOU'RE the one who can't accept that B has moved on.

No. 626491


I'm not sure she would make an excuse for greg only because Billie is SUCH a sore topic in their relationship. Maybe Greg contacted Billie but I don't think it was "every couple of months" and I don't think greg was "begging her to come back". Onion is certified retarded but not that stupid. He KNOWS that Billie wants nothing to do with him anymore and could easily use those emails against him.

No. 626493

Tbf Ayalla never said he begged for her back just that he said he couldn't stop thinking about her and is obviously still obsessed and made a half hearted attempt to make out it was Lainey feeling that way

No. 626494

>So Sarah saw Lainey/Kai naked or topless? Do you stand by that?
As an adult. Alright, so… I don’t know if you guys have ever met an AFAB, but when someone’s assigned female at birth, and they’re around other people who are assigned female at birth, they are often comfortable in the same room with one person not wearing a top. You know, we in this country have over sexualized women to the point where it’s, like, allegedly shameful for a woman to take off her top. And I don’t think that someone who just got out of the shower who has a towel around their waist, who is, you know, brushing their teeth or whatever. I don’t think that’s like a really sexual thing. Around another AFAB. But people are trying to sexual this because they fucked their sister and they’re also the product of their dad and their mom, who are also brother and sister, producing them

But Lainey DENIED Sarah ever saw her topless, that's confirmation that Lainey lied

No. 626495

Anyone remember what thread has Sam's drawings of the events that took place in the grease mansion that she talked about in a discord??

No. 626498

Even if he didn't outright beg her back, that was obviously his intention. Why would he call her best friend and say those things to her in the first place if he didn't want her back?

No. 626499

File: 1547585642035.jpeg (247.71 KB, 750x658, 8C68542F-EDB0-48AD-A863-5DC5AA…)

Speaking of, at least one of the 30 people Taylor follows on her sooper sekrit twitter account has to be a farmer, I hope we’re due for a screen cap dump of pedogate spergout tweets

No. 626501

You would think that with all of the pedo allegations that the idiot would change her banner, but nah. It's much smarter to not put distance between the victim and the pedo!

No. 626503

This video basically confirms he wants to fuck sarah but is waiting so people can't claim its grooming. He doesn't get what grooming is. They are likely gonna try to keep it under wraps when he starts sleeping with her. I dont even think lainey wants to date sarah though, so greg has to convince her first. Hopefully sarah wises up and rejects this shit.

No. 626504

File: 1547586189424.png (81.68 KB, 444x617, 1521972101934.png)

Found it here.

No. 626505

File: 1547586306387.png (181.58 KB, 640x1136, 1518762679216.png)

While I was looking for Sams pics I found this from February of last year lol.

No. 626507

Lmao a married woman mother of two getting excited because a teenager liked her tweet and followed her, that's beyond pathetic and embarassing

No. 626508

I love how he says he could sleep with his uncle and no one should say anything but then tries to insult his haterz by saying they can fuck their sisters. Lol kissing-kissing idiot.

This does sound like he’s teasing the idea of a future relationship with Sarah. He seems to think it’s not grooming if you don’t sleep with the victim at 12:00:01 AM on their 18th birthday or whatever.

If Lainey proves too weak to stop him from trying to involve Sarah, that’s horrible.

No. 626509


No. 626511

File: 1547587761615.png (103.95 KB, 496x673, 1521972120287.png)

Lainey is the biggest dumbass for staying with him. I can't believe what kinds of things he plays down as "what friends do". She was also describing how he picked her up (like he did with Maya). Fucking weirdo with his autistic flirting behavior.

No. 626512

Sounds like he set her up to make it look like they were doing something gross just to make Plainey livid enough to leave him.

But the idiot didn't and now she gets to be forever unhappy until she does.

No. 626513

He probably looked up the definition of "grooming", picked one that included having to have sex with the person and went with it.

No. 626514

Kek. Onion should cuddle to Billy the Fridge then and give him a full body massage since that's what he'd do with his friends.

No. 626516

at this point Onion's game is just "how much shit can I get away with before my gay husband leaves me". he can't leave her bc he'd look like the bad guy here, it's always the other who has to leave HIM so HE'S a victim. but the joke's on him bc Kailor loooOoOooOoves being a victim and she's already laughed at people assuming she's a victim of Onion, so to prove him and the haturz wrong now she'll never leave, ever, even if he brings back Billie and has a threesome with Billie and Sarah in front of her and both the kids, she STILL wouldn't leave him. bc she'd rather have the last word than be told by the entire universe "i told you so". smegma really done fucked himself over now. the only way he'll ever be free now is if he kills her or gets her to commit suicide. lainey will never leave him.

No. 626517

Well now, that would actually be a comedic video I'd watch. I'd even be inclined to give him a view for it!

No. 626519

File: 1547588543546.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 500x281, greggypie.gif)

No. 626520

He straight up outed Plainey's chest dysphoria as bullshit with this argument. He can call her AFAB but that doesn't change the fact that she was comfortable exposing her very female breasts to another female. She wouldn't do that if she had a problem with them.

No. 626525

I know, right?
dude i'm a straight female and I am not comfortable exposing my breasts around my other straight female friends.

No. 626526

It's kinda tragic: At this point he needs to stream to rake in cash, but since he can't keep all of his twisted narratives and lies straight, he messes up more and more when he streams.
He's a ranter and really poor orator.

No. 626531

Oh god thanks for making me vomit

No. 626532

File: 1547590327942.jpg (26.67 KB, 581x125, tatt.jpg)

Such a shame I was hoping he would go the edgelord route with his ridiculous fuck the haters tattoo.

No. 626533

I love how he's always "breaking up" with everyone.
Tbh, I always took him for the type of creep that thinks he's in a relationship as soon as girl says "Thank you" and smiles politely.