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File: 1563414843261.jpg (911.84 KB, 1041x1289, JYTN.jpg)

No. 681844

Copied a few elements from KF'S thread because I can't make a thread for my life (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/jonathan-yaniv-jessica-yaniv-trustednerd-trustednerd-com-jy-knows-it-jy-british-columbia.49790/)

Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987) is a man from Surrey, BC, who says he is a tranny but makes no effort to look like anything other than a fat incel.

In March 2018 Jonathan contacted 18 female waxers who advertised bikini waxes to ask them to wax his she-penis and balls, saying that he was a woman. Most of the women declined due to him not actually having female genitalia. Due to their refusal, he decided to file lawsuits against said women under Canada's Human Rights law for 2.5k a piece.

However, one of the woman who he filed a lawsuit against decided to look into him, and outted him as Johnathan Yaniv.
They also found some of Jonathan's creepy social media caps, so they filed to cancel Jonathan's anonymity. In response, Jonathan dropped that one lolsuit, but left the other fourteen.

That aside, Johnathan is also known for being a racist, predatory, autistic creep.


People who follow JY knows that he has an issue against "certain type of people" (See: Muslims and Brown people) he has stated that one of the reasons he has joined an all-female gym is due to immigrants "who gawk, judge, and aren't the cleanest of people" and has stated that there will be no immigrant women in those female gyms because of the gym clothes they have to wear, and so he'll be safe there.
(Know that a lot of the people who refused to #waxhisballs are also brown women)
He has tweeted at cooperates complaining about immigrants not giving him proper service because he's trans (and totally not because he's a creepy weirdo in a prom dress)
>Has called Indians curryhead

>Being a creep

Being the man he is and thinking women are like how media portraits them, Johnathan was absolutely devastated when he entered a woman's changing room at the room and didn't see as many chicks with their tits and "pussy" out liked he has imagined.
He has messaged multiple women from the female oriented groups he is/was part in, asking them questions such as
>How many women would be changing freely with their tits and vaginas out?
>Can he get into any issues with other women if he changes out in the open ?
>So at the gym, do girls bare all?
and more.
>Has extremely weird/unhealthy obsession with vibrators and reviewing them


Under the guise of "bonding" with his fellow females, JY has also asked aforementioned women if it's okay to ask other women in public bathrooms/spaces for tampons if they have tampon strings coming out, or pads.
He believes that women freely change their tampons/pads in open

>Interaction with minors

Just when you thought Johnathan was creepy as it is, it just get worse.
>Has asked if it's okay for him to ask 10-12 year girls for pads
>Has asked if it's okay for him to instruct a minor on how to insert a tampon
>Believes he'll ever run into a scenario where he'll be asked how to apply a pad/insert a tampon
>Constantly harassed preteens on FM about menstruation related questions
>Posted his cellphone number so that he can text him


>Has gotten Meghan Murphy banned off twitter
>Recently got Lindsay Shepard banned off twitter for "Transphobia" despite him saying the most misogynistic shit and using her reproductive birth defect against
>Is know for having filing lawsuits against everyone including Kiwifarms' Null
>Has a batshit insane mum who supports this shit
>Slowly getting noticed by people IRL and by normie media such as the NationalPost

>Social medias

https://www.youtube.com/user/trustednerd (note that before he went out on a cleansing wave, he youtube had weird content with minors involved)
>Articles with JY involved
Sane tranny Miranda has also posted about this
Insane tranny politician who once defended JY has also wrote against him

No. 681846

File: 1563415171154.jpg (68.35 KB, 466x810, 1.jpg)

Image dump with texts

No. 681847

File: 1563415444120.jpg (203.29 KB, 2100x900, sticker.jpg)

No. 681849

>Has asked if it's okay for him to instruct a minor on how to insert a tampon

Get me off this planet.

Anyway, I love a good autistic tranny thread, they’re my favorite.

No. 681860

I was wondering if this creepy fuck would show up here. I need to find it, but he has an obsession with some Canadian all-girl music group or something. He ran a fan club at some point.

No. 681891


Was it Lillix?

No. 681898

Same, but only a matter of time until he tries another dmca takedown. All his shit is in like 500 pages of KF. This fucker is the only cow who genuinely makes me angry and I never understood why he never had a thread here, especially considering all the pinkpill threads. JY is the biggest piece of male, masculine, fat, ugly, scrote piece of shit to ever try and invade REAL women's spaces. I genuinely want him to fucking perish.

No. 681904

>Is know for having filing lawsuits against everyone including Kiwifarms' Null

Not precisely true. He doesn't have the funds for court fees let alone attorneys. He files DMCA complaints and sends toothless C & D's. The Human Rights Tribunal is not a true court of law; it can levy fines but has no power of enforcement. Respondents can appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.


Cimorelli. More info from one of the family members was dropped in the KF yesterday.

Null created


No. 681905


He's been discussed in the Gender Critical thread since the first articles appeared about his HRT complaints when he was still unnamed.

No. 681907


You should explain the back story of the sticker.

No. 682054

File: 1563487638328.png (641.72 KB, 810x641, pedoyaniv.PNG)

No. 682056

File: 1563488369470.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2072, 405CB4A3-4D73-485A-A6E4-327211…)

He lives in my town unfortunately. Just heard of him for the first time a few days ago (haven’t lived here long) when he complained on reddit that he adopted a street and the sign was vandalized, and now here he is on LC. Not shocked considering the reddit comments, just didn’t know he had cross over with KF.


No. 682059

>boohoo someone tagged my sign this is a hate crime

any toy with a pen will tag literally fucking anything, they don't know who you are Jonathan.

No. 682071


>he complained on reddit

Obviously a troll. Do you really think he would use yanivballwax as his user name?

> just didn’t know he had cross over with KF

When his name first came out, he quashed mention of himself by getting people banned from reddit, Wordpress, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms for "misgendering". Other groups on other platforms curtailed discussion out of fear or misapprehension of the publication ban. Thus KF was elevated as the leading refuge for free discussion.

>now here he is on LC

He has been a frequent topic in Gender Critical since before his name was known.

No. 682080

File: 1563496291475.jpg (74.29 KB, 640x885, 542554585.jpg)


No. 682093

these trannies are always stupid as fuck and dont know how real female anatomy works. fucking hell

No. 682099

How has this guy not killed himself yet lol it boggles my mind

I've never seen someone with so little shame.

No. 682140

File: 1563508208068.png (105.69 KB, 586x787, Capture.PNG)


His "10 pound baby" remark was directed at Lindsay Shepard.


A substantial portion of his website is devoted to reviewing women's sex toys.

No. 682171

File: 1563527993256.jpg (729.64 KB, 1080x2220, Disgust.jpg)

Ya boy made the news


" That prompted Yaniv to tell the tribunal that she was intersex and that she had female body parts. "

That was in response to being told that he should have searched for a service specifically for male genitalia.
Sorry if that had been mentioned before, but this is news to me. He even dared to call the lady a nazi.
The woman also apparently shut down her business after the whole ordeal with him??

His mere existence pisses me off to no end. Creeps like him should get the electric chair, FUCK, why is he not in prison already, is the pedo shit not enough??

No. 682179

ib4 mad on the internet, but there are no painful and slow enough ways to die for this beast that would ever be enough.

No. 682182

Also in the article
>Yaniv had used a fake Facebook profile of a pregnant woman when she initially sought out the waxing service

What the fuck?! How does sick man keep getting away with this? There is so much evidence of him being a predator, fetishist and full-on liar.

No. 682217

I always like reading about intersectionary cows from three sites. Lolcow, 8chan, and kiwifarms all have threads on this freak now. Yaniv is really…creepy, no doubt about it.

No. 682221

Even in the realm of Low-effort-I'm-actually-a-obese-man-in-a-wig-wearing-a-dress trannies Yaniv is special because he somehow has insane clout. For example, mentioning his real is a very fast way to get your twitter account instabanned.

No. 682222

Hell yes, I'm so glad that more people are learning about this gross asshole. He is literally a walking (or… scooting), talking example of everything radfems have been warning about for ages. I've been super pissed at this nasty tranny ever since he got GenderTrender and Meghan Murphy permanently suspended for daring to call him out on his pedo behavior. How is still allowed to get away with this shit?

The KF thread is blowing up because of the folks who were attending his Human Rights Tribunal trials the past few days. Primo milk, and hopefully he'll be taken down soon.

No. 682233

I can't stand him and I live close to him. He definitely deserves his own thread, but seeing him on /pt/ is now a constant reminder that this piece of shit exists.

No. 682250

not so long ago (maybe 6 months? idk) he was deadnaming himself on his twitter lmao

No. 682259

because men will always protect other men. what's worse is how he's allowed to get away with them without women calling him out consistently.

No. 682391


This should be in /snow/ unless Admin has changed the rules without notice.

No. 682394


You don't have to be a rad fem to be critical of TRA.


Because the tech companies involved operate in the woke San Francisco Bay area and employ a bunch of troons and handmaidens.

No. 682468


That's fucking ironic, since it's filled with nonces.

No. 682469

Tbf he does belong in /pt/, he's a despicable person.

No. 682479


Yes, he has claimed to be intersex on Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise he deflects comments and questions about his genitalia. "You don't know what I have, and it's none of your business." But it is now the Tribunal's business.

"A substantive question remained at the core of the raucous daylong hearing: should a business be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity?"

Of course, it's not on the basis of gender identity. But this is the result of sex and gender identity being conflated in self-ID: legally female cock and balls. Watching the media and the general public hit peak trans as a result if his antics will be glorious.

This article links to articles from August and September of last year about the first complaint to appear in the media which he quickly dropped. The aesthtician's boyfriend accused Jonathan of harassment which I suspect was the reason he withdrew.



No. 682488

File: 1563624542883.png (284.56 KB, 701x921, tol.png)

Looking forward to Monday! The timing couldn't be more perfect now that his exposure in the press and social media is snowballing. His racist statements on the Toronto radio show were unbelievable.

No. 682496

>permanently suspended for daring to call him out on his pedo behavior
A bunch of TRAs are working for possed so-called progressive companies, mostly google and twitter. There's not a doubt in my mind that they have incriminating evidence on Jack, the owner of twitter, which is why they can basically do whatever they want on there.

Feminists bad, Minor Attracted Persons who openly creep on kids A+++++++ . There is going to be a reckoning, and it can't come soon enough.

No. 682497

I want to confirm something I'm remembering, in case I'm either misremembering or it was misrepresented:
When the first blog posts on yaniv's dirt (pedo screenshots, prior frivolous law suits) emerged, did the blogging platform first redact his name from the blog post without any warning to the blogger, followed up by instating retroactively a rule that forbids deadnaming? I think this was specifically the gendertrender blog? Just want to confirm the connection between yaniv and the instatement of this rule on various platforms…
Also because I felt stupid asking that, is there a good point by point timeline of yaniv's exploits and the fallout from it anywhere?

No. 682513

No. 682519

Thanks kind anon!
What gets me most is how all these levers were set in motion to protect this individual who is clearly exploiting trans activism for publicity and monetary gain and is an obvious predatory pedo to boot. TRAs just know that if his story becomes public knowledge it's going to taint them forever because it's just so outrageous.

No. 682528

File: 1563642825913.png (283.41 KB, 800x908, Screenshot_2019-07-20-10-11-24…)

No. 682532

Jonathan will be trending by end of the weekend if not by end of day.


No. 682533

File: 1563643820043.png (358.36 KB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2019-07-20-10-25-00…)

"I'd like to solve the puzzle, Chuck. What is, WAX MY BALLS?"


No. 682535

File: 1563644038418.jpg (56 KB, 600x756, JY-Resized_POSTER-RED-600x756.…)

Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology

Women warned the media, politicians, activists, and the public about the repercussions of gender identity ideology and legislation, and now that those repercussions are being played out in real time, those warned remain silent.



No. 682536


Don't forget racist! Have you heard the second radio show?

No. 682545

File: 1563645672460.png (319.71 KB, 800x1181, Screenshot_2019-07-20-10-53-20…)

"Jessica Yaniv" has been elevated in Google results to warrant a Top News section. Eagerly awaiting the appearance of Daily Mail.

>woman with a trans background

No. 682549

File: 1563646706095.jpg (27.46 KB, 400x400, 5Q0KovQP_400x400.jpg)

No. 682561

Does anyone have the link to the twitter profile of the woman who attended the hearings and has been tweeting what was happening?

The link in the GenderCritical thread >>431609 isn't working anymore.

No. 682580

I've never heard of this local, jfc. It's one thing to be a crazy asshole and another to be so innapropriate to children. Even if he was actually trans, that's just being predatory. Go to one of the million trans friendly clinics we have for your insane questions.

No. 682596

File: 1563659559982.jpg (41.18 KB, 668x272, ss (2019-07-20 at 02.44.10).jp…)

I saw an article referring to JY's company Trustednerd sight unseen as a "tech giant"

I could understand that, given the domain name and a quick glance at amount of content on the site you'd think it were a decent gig. But I ran the numbers…

That's just 35 pageviews a DAY from Google rankings

It's a piss-poor affiliate marketing site with terribly written articles and no monetization strategy.

Allow yourself to browse a couple of JY's articles for which they gets top ranking on Google and you can imagine why the rest of the site isn't sticking


Lazy sob would be better working at 7/11

No. 682672



This transcript was taken at the Human Rights Tribunal Case #17587 , Jessiva Yaniv VS Marcia Da Silva on Wednesday July 17, 2019.

No. 682703

That was a ride from the top to the bottom. He isn't going to win.

No. 682739

Damn he had her pinned good with MD’s male waxing inexperience and vulva bit

She’s got nothing

No. 682756

This is absolutely ridiculous. What an utter joke.

No. 682769

3:45 Do you understand what a vulva is?

No. 682771

File: 1563715955036.png (1.66 MB, 1454x738, karrotz.png)

How he got his start, reviewing a different kind of rabbit toy.

Spot his graduation pic and diploma on the wall behind him. He submitted that pic to Wikipedia along with his self-authored entry that he persisted in rewriting every time it was struck until it was salted.

No. 682781

Wtf I love Ricky Gervais now

No. 682791

Oh, glorious kek

No. 682798

File: 1563728833218.png (263.94 KB, 800x1040, Screenshot_2019-07-21-10-04-18…)

No. 682800

File: 1563728939205.jpeg (102.98 KB, 1456x1366, D_0dfl5XYAA4PGr.jpeg)

No. 682802

File: 1563729032480.jpeg (52.88 KB, 1222x1042, D_0deN9XoAEBdWn.jpeg)

No. 682803

File: 1563729135032.jpeg (27.07 KB, 1162x594, D_0dglWXUAIg8Rs.jpeg)

No. 682804

File: 1563729246401.jpeg (42.24 KB, 1406x1036, D_0dig3WsAEVHNe.jpeg)

No. 682805

File: 1563729269505.png (159.51 KB, 800x890, Screenshot_2019-07-21-10-05-23…)

No. 682828

God this guy creeps me out so fucking bad

No. 682836

File: 1563738761054.png (358.69 KB, 800x687, Screenshot_2019-07-21-12-49-09…)


Reload every few minutes and watch the replies stack up.

And is he trolling us with choosing a gif of MJ?

No. 682838

File: 1563739285448.png (31.83 KB, 800x132, Screenshot_2019-07-21-12-59-45…)

No. 682845

I would love to see him and his mom out together in the wild. That one tribunal where the mom called the paramedics was ridiculous.

No. 682846

File: 1563743163998.jpeg (264.49 KB, 2048x1152, CttlUqeUEAAN3L1.jpeg)

He dressed ridiculously as a man in men's clothes, too. Was he wearing frillies underneath by then?


No. 682849


His neighbor's SO heard Jonathan coaching her for the next day's hearing on the balcony late at night.

KF has been debating whether she is being manipulated and abused, the extent of her infirmities (hearing loss, dementia?), or if she's in the grift with him.

No. 682858

File: 1563746243214.png (185.64 KB, 800x820, Screenshot_2019-07-21-14-54-51…)

Flailing and lying.

No. 682868

File: 1563748398669.png (424.79 KB, 800x1064, Screenshot_2019-07-21-15-31-38…)

His exponential munchiedom hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread. A massive brain tumor! Multiple seizures and strokes and heart attacks! Daily suicide threats! His neighbor reports that the ambulance and police are there several times a week.

At the same time he was posting on Facebook that he had been "punched in retaliation" after the articles and needs the publication ban (after earlier boastfully posting a couple of articles) he posted on Twitter that he was in the hospital after collapsing.


No. 682869

File: 1563748487386.png (150.5 KB, 800x851, Screenshot_2019-07-21-09-12-03…)

No. 682871

File: 1563748742087.png (118.17 KB, 798x700, Screenshot_2019-07-21-09-05-13…)


Soon after I archived all the expanded comment links the account that archive.today uses got locked for suspicious activity. Facebook cannot be archived at all.

No. 682877

File: 1563749362068.png (236.53 KB, 800x1149, Screenshot_2019-07-21-15-47-05…)

Another woman steps forward and has evidence of his lewd DM's.


No. 682882

File: 1563750519946.gif (1.58 MB, 410x410, ezgif-1-02eaeeb63785.gif)

No. 682909

File: 1563754492608.png (264.27 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-07-21-16-53-05…)

No. 682915

File: 1563755138044.png (128.99 KB, 800x669, Screenshot_2019-07-21-17-10-07…)

No. 682918

File: 1563755618965.png (182.7 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2019-07-21-17-30-56…)

Congrats on pulling ahead of what was formerly the top result, a popular article in GQ.

No. 682964

File: 1563763377654.png (228.32 KB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2019-07-21-19-37-33…)

No. 682966

File: 1563763416589.png (220.87 KB, 800x1032, Screenshot_2019-07-21-19-38-34…)

No. 682985

File: 1563765222701.png (228.99 KB, 800x947, Screenshot_2019-07-21-20-10-56…)


She was 14.

No. 683015

What kind of sick asshole would tell her to go to null with the info? If somebody is a victim of sexual assault then then need to contact the police and get a lawyer if at all possible, not spill the details to an attention whore on a gossip forum. Marigold-ink should be ashamed of herself; that advice could do a lot to damage amb_1's case if she actually goes through with seeking help.

No. 683016

samefag but if anyone who stumbles across this thread was victimized by Yaniv or anybody else and want to pursue it in court, TALK TO A LAWYER before sharing it online, and don't give the details to a fucking gossip site unless you get the explicit go-ahead from your lawyer to do so. This was a completely irresponsible thing to say.

No. 683027

>The complainant wanted to keep the hearing under wraps but the tribunal ruled she was so obsequious on social media there was no point.
Lmao, he can't back down now. It's all coming out.

No. 683028

File: 1563782999015.png (123.48 KB, 800x583, Screenshot_2019-07-22-01-02-48…)


Jess took down the Elmo recordings out of fear of Jonathan retaliating as he is known to do, but they have been uploaded to KF.


No. 683029


And someone made this.

No. 683034

File: 1563788497438.png (255.71 KB, 800x877, Screenshot_2019-07-22-02-38-21…)

And now for the angry newspaper bloggers and columnists!

Does anyone have a log-in to grab the text?


No. 683044

File: 1563794965358.png (144.07 KB, 800x470, Screenshot_2019-07-22-04-22-42…)


He spent hours engaging with people and plastered the tampongate collage in his replies to Yaniv WK's. Three of his tweets have over 30K likes.

No. 683045

Carpay is speaking out every chance he gets and to media at both ends of the conservative/liberal spectrum.

Women battle trans bully in genital waxing case | Ezra Levant

Rebel Media
1,250,703 subscribers
Published on Jul 21, 2019

Ezra Levant of The Rebel talks to John Carpay, lawyer defending women who were taken to "human rights" court for refusing to wax a trans man's genitals.

#Trans #Waxing #Feminism #Court #Canada #News #Salon #EzraLevant

No. 683048

File: 1563796974113.jpg (335.69 KB, 1061x1182, SmartSelect_20190719-084918_Br…)

Carpay and Yaniv both spoke on both Media Nation radio shows. In the first show Karlene knew nothing about Yaniv outside of the HRT hearings. She is a critic of the HRT's and approached the story from that angle while expressing her support for trans rights. Immediately after the show she was thoroughly Yaniv pilled on Twitter and decided to revisit the story the next day. She confronted Jonathan over the tampons and messages to young girls. As if that wasn't enough he was blatantly racist and doubled down on his racist Tweets.

Karlene's black.

Thursday (downloads)


Friday (embedded audio and downloads)



No. 683053

I liked Ricky Gervais even before this. Good to know he's fighting the good fight.

No. 683082

File: 1563806739916.png (174.65 KB, 800x935, Screenshot_2019-07-22-07-40-07…)


He's back at it this morning, bringing the irrefutable logic.


No. 683087

File: 1563807903706.png (495.94 KB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2019-07-22-07-59-15…)

No. 683089

File: 1563808352862.png (253.83 KB, 800x1033, Screenshot_2019-07-22-08-07-23…)

No. 683098

File: 1563810554373.png (743.38 KB, 799x1176, Screenshot_2019-07-22-08-47-48…)

Why we can’t ignore the case of Jessica Yaniv

Brendan O'Neill


No. 683099

File: 1563810911964.png (265.25 KB, 800x1174, Screenshot_2019-07-22-08-51-34…)


I expected donations to come in faster than this. Gervais, retweet this!

No. 683103

File: 1563811126289.png (314.69 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-07-22-08-56-39…)

The Yaniv scandal is the end-product of trans activism

Does inclusivity mean the Canadian state should compel women to handle a penis?

Meghan Murphy

July 22, 2019 11:18 AM


No. 683104

File: 1563811390293.png (178.49 KB, 800x943, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-01-54…)

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal May Foster Sexual Harassment

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

July 21, 2019


No. 683105

File: 1563811575220.png (329.91 KB, 800x981, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-04-35…)

Ricky Gervais Called ‘Transphobe’ For Defending Women Refusing To Wax Trans Woman’s Penis

By Gabriel Hays

July 22, 2019 11:42 AM EDT

[Warning: Coarse Language Throughout]


No. 683106

File: 1563811989003.png (622.83 KB, 800x1109, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-09-12…)

No. 683107

Someone needs to flip the same script to sex workers. "If you schedule a service…" and a sex worker schedules a service, and changes their mind, are you going to say they can't? You're gonna force them to do something against their will because they changed their mind? Shut them up real fast.

No. 683112

File: 1563812429114.png (810.45 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-19-15…)

Delingpole: Why I’m Supporting Trans Activist Jessica’s Waxed Balls Against Bigot Ricky Gervais…


22 Jul 2019


No. 683115

I can't wait for more peak trans

No. 683117

File: 1563813041696.png (358.52 KB, 800x979, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-28-10…)

Woman Forced To Close Business After Refusing To Wax Male Genitals Of Transgender Person


July 21, 2019


No. 683121

File: 1563813366057.png (226.68 KB, 800x921, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-34-38…)

Ricky Gervais catches woke heat for calling out trans ‘pervert’ who went after women — and he’s not having any of it

Posted at 9:32 am on July 22, 2019

by Sarah D.


No. 683122

File: 1563813654121.png (145.7 KB, 800x1092, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-39-27…)

No. 683125

File: 1563813849849.png (420.79 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2019-07-22-09-42-54…)

Every woman has a right to have her scrotum waxed

Jessica Yaniv must be going through Hell right now

Godfrey Elfwick

July 21, 201911:59 AM


No. 683126

Maybe we could slow down on sharing every news article that mentions yaniv unless it provides new info/milk?

No. 683128


This being talked about in the media is the milk.

No. 683139

File: 1563820538995.png (217.57 KB, 800x1040, Screenshot_2019-07-22-11-30-26…)

Are you woke enough to force women to wax testicles?

by Brad Polumbo

July 22, 2019 02:14 PM


No. 683140


Its international news. Unless an article adds something new or interesting there's no point in flooding the thread with every article out there

No. 683144

Agreed. Unless it has new milk I don't think we should post every article, it's just clogging shit up.

No. 683147

i'd appreciate a c/v on these if they're behind a paywall? ty anon.

No. 683169

File: 1563830911582.png (4.46 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_07-22-05.25.39.png)

Thread pic with context lol.



He is an amazing specimen of cow imo.

No. 683199

Jessica Yaniv TRIGGERED on Irish radio! Hangs up mid interview.

Published on Jul 22, 2019

Niall Boylan had Jessica Yaniv on the show to discuss her legal cases. She hung up in the middle of the interview and turned her phone off. Enjoy.

Niall: "It's very important to point out, in this story, you still have male genitalia."
Jonathan: "Yes."
Niall: "It's an important fact to point out because it's quite relevant to the story."
Jonathan: "Yeah."
Niall: "Ok."
Jonathan: "Like, I do, but I also have, uh, intersex genitalia. Which mean I was born with both parts-"
Niall, in the tone of someone explaining a basic fact to a re.tard: "Well, you don't have a vagina."
Jonathan: "It's complicated."
Niall: "No, no, no, it's not complicated, Jessica, you don't have a vagina, you have a penis-" "I do" "-and you have testicles, okay? And I'm not trying to insult you, cause I just think it's relevant to the story."

No. 683204

File: 1563835714968.png (37.06 KB, 595x221, 1563832872825.png)


Yaniv won't be presenting his proposal for the 12+ All Bodies Swim tonight.

Is the council more afraid of Yaniv or of a mob bearing torches and pitchforks?

No. 683266

File: 1563850208017.jpeg (74.36 KB, 574x382, 1465732024040_lc_galleryImage_…)


>>tagged under "Bizzare"

>>article author doesn't pander to his pronouns

>article mostly focuses on the female waxer because she's the actual victim here

>>final sentence notes that the troon also calls himself a "lesbian" despite being a man

Based and red-pilled CroBros.

No. 683268

Someone needs to tell Johnny-boy that true hermaphroditism is physiologically impossible in humans. If you're going to lie about having a medical condition, at least do some research on it first, jfc.

He claims to have periods and balls. Not possible. Literally no one in recorded medical history has both of those traits.

No. 683272


Changing sex from male to female is not possible, yet here we are.

No. 683273

I'm not looking to get into a GC debate, but all I have to say is I feel sorry for BC's trans community if this perv is actually seems as a representative/leader for them

No. 683281


Yup, it's actual perverts like him that ruin it for the regular trans folk who just want to be women and don't have fantasies involving 12 year old girls and tampons. This guy creeps me the hell out.

No. 683282

As for the waxing issue, I completely understand the salon's stance. If you call and book a Brazillian, then say you actually have a penis and balls not a vagina then they'll say nope we can't do that, try a back sack n crack (or at least a shop that caters to all genitals).

I'd understand his upset if he'd just wanted his legs waxed but asking for a procedure made for genitalia he doesn't have is just dumb.

No. 683287

>"regular trans folk who just want to be women"
>implying that other trannies are 'normal' in comparison kek

He may be the extreme example, but I don't exactly see many "regular" trans people speaking out against him either. And the ones who are decent enough to actually say something probably are scared to, because they'll be seen as a transtrender by their tranny friends for not supporting a fellow oppressed sistwer uwu

No. 683288

I think real transgender people are mostly concerned with going about their lives like normal folks and don't participate in online troonery or even activism in general, in my experience. Can't blame them.

The people getting involved in the trans "movement" are almost all entirely nutters.

No. 683289

It's like asking for a cake at a pizza store, sure they might have all the ingredients and equipment to bake it but if it's not on the fucking menu then go elsewhere. Very simple.

No. 683290

>"Real transgender"

Just like your age and race, no one can change their gender or sex. There are no "real" transgender people.

I agree that the worst of them come online to rant and make the most fuss, but most trannies claim the same struggles and benefit from the activism when it appears to work in their favor. Whether they actively and directly speak about it or not.

No. 683292

Gender isn't real, and I and anyone reasonable know you can't change your sex. It is a real mental illness, though, that differs from autogynephilia and overall special snowflake syndrome.
And my point was that many of these people don't speak out because they're living in stealth so to speak, no one except their family and intimate partners know about their true sex and they want to keep it that way, which is why they don't say anything.

No. 683293

Perverts like him ruin it for the True Scotsmen.

No. 683294

What I want to know is why the people involved in this All Bodies Swim thing aren't speaking out? Since this isn't his event, then who's is it? Why was this creep in particular chosen to speak at a town council and why are we hearing radio silence from anyone else involved?

I think that's far more relevant than what random trans people on the streets think of this dude.

No. 683311

Was this event originally all his idea?

No. 683318

Does anyone know what his connections are because it's absolutely insane that this pervert gets to keep going with no problems while flaunting his pedophilia out in the open, going to hearings dressed up like Trey Parker and Matt Stone after dropping acid at the oscars. It makes no sense.

Being silent about it might as well be allowing it to happen. The only tranny who has addressed him was that one AGP (I wanna say Zinnia Jones?) who was only blaming le evil terves for "not asking for their help nicely enough" and not at all concerned about him harassing 14-year olds, fantasizing about inserting a tampon into a 10-year old, getting women fired and silenced left and right and having a more than questionable history while doing all of this. He was only crying about how "he's making all of them look bad :(" and "TERFs are just using this as a way to justify killing us!!".

No. 683320


Except they don’t have the equipment nor training to bake cakes, and are morally opposed to baking cakes kek

No. 683323

I want to hate wax his nuts.

No. 683350

File: 1563891589902.png (270.73 KB, 755x839, 1.png)

No. 683351

File: 1563891618402.png (220.49 KB, 950x568, 2.png)

No. 683352

File: 1563891818439.png (125.41 KB, 574x585, Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 6.10…)

No. 683353

File: 1563892445411.jpg (60.88 KB, 338x415, OP2.jpg)


Meet Morgane Oger, nomination candidate for the NDP. He supported Yaniv until, for the sake of his career, he could no longer ignore the evidence of Yaniv's pedophilia.


No. 683354

File: 1563892922964.png (110.91 KB, 592x539, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 16.0…)


Morgane believes Yaniv's complaint of discrimination based on gender identity is justified, but Yaniv is too problematic for the "test".

No. 683356


For some of the women refusing Yaniv services is a matter of religious and cultural beliefs which dictate that they not touch a man other than their husbands. As such they are also protected by human rights statutes.

But troon "rights" are more right than those of any other minority.

No. 683358

Youth event for 12-24yos and parents not allowed for "safety reasons"??? This should be a huge fucking red flag. Yeah, for safety reasons concerning the safety of the pedos that are gonna ogle 12 year olds. How is this guy walking free and doing this shit out in the open? This fucker should be investigated by the FBI, not giving human rights speeches. The phrase "Jonathan Yaniv is the end product of current trans activism" is a perfect way to put it because this is exactly what TRAs were fighting for when they wanted self-IDng and more power to trannies. They were warned about this and they didn't care.

No. 683359

File: 1563894119479.jpg (281.54 KB, 1340x394, 20190523_JESSRUMPEL.jpg)


Jess deleted her tweets but is sharing her story on Facebook and with the media with a video of the screencaps and audio clips.


No. 683360

File: 1563894160491.jpeg (519.26 KB, 1488x987, 5D1706CC-1188-4C8B-8EF9-ACD288…)

No. 683363

File: 1563894728637.jpg (123.47 KB, 750x897, E6F9BF19-52B1-4573-B7CD-0C80B2…)

No. 683365

File: 1563895110958.png (180.88 KB, 800x1051, Screenshot_2019-07-23-08-16-04…)

Man who identifies as ‘female’ asks city to approve LGBT pool party for ‘topless’ 12-year-olds, no parents


No. 683368

File: 1563895660723.png (177.44 KB, 800x1012, Screenshot_2019-07-23-08-23-42…)

He claims to have been the victim of a hate crime. Another one in addition to >>682868.


No. 683377

File: 1563898203305.png (450.85 KB, 749x1041, Blockwatch Surrey.png)

He lost his admin position of the Blockwatch Surrey / Langley group on Facebook.

No. 683378

File: 1563898357095.png (114.94 KB, 745x797, Blockwatch Surrey10.png)


Miriam's account was outed as one of his socks.

Yesterday he created a new sock he used to praise himself as a brave trans woman and defend himself against the haters.

No. 683379

File: 1563898385403.png (123.08 KB, 749x899, Blockwatch Surrey17.png)

No. 683382

File: 1563898830468.png (331.85 KB, 800x1035, Screenshot_2019-07-23-09-15-03…)



The account was shit down a couple of hours ago.


No. 683383

File: 1563899031543.png (112.76 KB, 800x495, Screenshot_2019-07-23-09-16-27…)

Eagerly agreeing to another radio interview.

Because the last three went so well!


No. 683387

File: 1563899781445.jpg (300.08 KB, 1040x1274, SmartSelect_20190723-091509_Ch…)

No. 683389

Our boy’s going on Infowars LOL I can’t wait

No. 683394

Blaire White just posted a video on this mess. Sorry I dont know how to post vids(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 683395

Exposing Jessica Yaniv: Trans Predator

Blaire White
518,353 subscribers
Published on Jul 23, 2019

Exposing the truth about Jessica Yaniv, the trans predator. Share this far & wide.


Paste the link into the Youtube field.

No. 683396

File: 1563903134986.png (266.29 KB, 800x1180, Screenshot_2019-07-23-10-28-15…)

No. 683406

File: 1563906333458.png (706.9 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2019-07-23-11-22-18…)


EXCLUSIVE: 15-year-old alleged victim of Jessica Yaniv speaks out

Anna Slatz, 1 hour ago


No. 683409

File: 1563907590900.jpg (47.29 KB, 722x424, 01.JPG)

No. 683445

I just started watching. He's being ripped apart by Alex Jones.
Never thought I'd watch Infowars and I'm a conspiratard lol.

I'm taking notes!

No. 683448

File: 1563920518153.png (320.94 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20190723-182137~2.p…)

Nothing to interesting, wish I caught the beginning. I guess it was the "war room" show. He asked JY to come back at 4:30 (Pacific time?). I believe.

Here's my notes:

>Showing picture of ginger kid in Sandlot while JY is speaking.

>Johnathan: It's like if a cop goes into a donut shop and the shop opener says, 'I don't want to serve you'


>JY uses the wrong pronouns when referring to his ftm (TiF) friend. Calls her "her" and corrects himself.

>Alex Jones asks Johnathan to wax his butt.

>Plays "Dude Looks Like a Lady" song coming back from commercial break.

It was worth the keks.

No. 683456

No. 683458

File: 1563924183928.png (90.82 KB, 597x398, 1563918605832.png)

No. 683468

Interview starts at 1:03.

No. 683483

>can't feel my lower body
it's a goddamn miracle, hey johnthan?

No. 683548

I'm at 5:30 minutes and still no interview. Did you miss a figure out?

No. 683559

File: 1563948628124.gif (1.83 MB, 552x536, jonathan-yaniv-captcha.gif)


It's one hour in.

No. 683614

>The only tranny who has addressed him was that one AGP (I wanna say Zinnia Jones?) who was only blaming le evil terves for "not asking for their help nicely enough"
Wasn’t that Oger?
IIRC he also blamed the terves for not being nice and submissive enough in their call outs of Yaniv’s predatory behaviour. It wouldn’t surprise me if this turned into the official TRA party line, though. Distance themselves from the pariah while still blaming women for everything and focusing on the damage to the trans community’s image in lieu of the actual victims.

No. 683633


>I would hope that whenever you see a tweet using him against us […] They are 20-30 people responding that that's not us […] But I don't see that happening

Lol, Robert, pretty rich for you to say that. How many Muslims have you shut down who repeat the same rhetoric whenever Muslims do something bad? Far too many, I'd reckon, because apologetics are useless to convince anyone and no one gives a shit about them. The public, the right, GC or whatever don't care for your apologetics, sweet, you're still male and weird and misogynistic, like he is. So much cringe in this video.

No. 683634

The fucking audio clips of him going "Elmo loves pussy" and "Your boobies go up and down, up and down, up and down!" are disturbing.

No. 683673

File: 1563986958315.png (248.89 KB, 800x1082, Screenshot_2019-07-24-09-43-01…)



No. 683812

File: 1564003956694.png (489.77 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20190724-172135~2.p…)

He's really on his high horse.

No. 683863

Who is Robert?

No. 683903


No. 683904


No. 683923

I was curious too. It was Blaire White back when he was still Robert White. I don't know who either are tbh.

No. 683986

File: 1564026972506.png (130.37 KB, 800x605, Screenshot_2019-07-24-20-49-35…)

No. 684016


JY fucking loves suing people. There are details in the KF forum (the "medical" file), he sued 2 people for respiratory injuries for which he didn't go to hospital.

No. 684095

No. 684277


That too but in the medical/munchie one they share info about how he sued his mom's building owners and a theatre.

No. 684528

File: 1564117681893.jpg (82.73 KB, 750x1334, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg)

No. 684551

File: 1564124921882.jpg (379.56 KB, 1080x1228, 20190726_030648.jpg)

It seems like other people are catching on. I was just scrolling through facebook and saw this! The only other time I came across a cow as freely hated as her was Momokun.

No. 684561

There's a thread about his crazy mother on KF now, and apparently his grandparents fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and lived in Brazil, and eventually emigrated to the U.S.

Pedojon is an only child. Imagine going through all this effort to save your bloodline from the war and the holocaust, only to end up with: The last of your name becomes world famous as a fat, ugly, insane, tranny pedophile.

No. 684582

File: 1564138319602.png (100.33 KB, 760x584, Screenshot_20190726-055145.png)

He has said he was of Brazilian decent. Uhh, Johnathan, I don't think your Nazi grandfather hiding in Brazil counts as being Brasilian.

Pic unrelated to his Nazi heritage.

No. 684584

I am confused about Canada's right to refuse service. In the states if a cosmologist or esthetician doesn't want to wax someone or a specific area, they don't have to do that. I read that businesses cannot discriminate due to race, religion, gender, age.. yadda yadda..but unless a person outright says "I won't do the job because they are____".. it's kinda hard to prove intent.

How is such a case even getting traction?)I'd sort of get it if the plaintiff was sympathetic, but this dude is a creepy fuck. What prosecuting attorney would take his case?

No. 684586

But they fled in the 1930's, wouldn't that more likely lead to the conclusion that they were jewish rather than nazi's?

also, I love the nation of isreal

No. 684588


It's the Human Rights Tribunal, not a real court.

No. 684592

he doesn't have any "nazi grandfather", his family is jewish and his mother has relatives in israel

No. 684663

File: 1564164485349.jpg (153.75 KB, 1899x975, 2019-07-26_14-07-28.jpg)

Yaniv and his mom can't control themselves in a government building. There was at least four crimes in this small clip kek. Also funny how he can jump out of that scooter rather quickly when he's "so ill".


No. 684792

File: 1564180864809.jpg (101.59 KB, 805x603, 2019-07-26_18-40-27.jpg)

An update. It seems like things aren't going well for Johnathan.

No. 684897

No. 685311

He really called the police on reporters for asking a legitimate question in public. What an entitled little bitch.

No. 685343

File: 1564370813796.png (181.3 KB, 760x975, Screenshot_20190728-222620.png)

He's using a sockpuppet account to get money.

No. 685347

File: 1564374160975.jpg (100.11 KB, 828x759, j1DTDYf.jpg)

This is 1 of 5 he made!

Oh God, he’s online right now deleting some of his posts. “AmandaLisa”’s posts have been disappearing in the last hour.

No. 685389

That's like a literal pedo grooming account. He can't pull a Chloe Sagal fast enough, he's disgusting and lower than roaches.

According to KF and typical for clown world Canada, he and his mom showed up to some political thing with Rogaine "Austine Powers" Oger to yell abuse at him, but the ogre lost the nomination for his party anyway. Looks like tranny is no longer flavor of the month, people are getting fed up with insane, narcissistic mansplaining, and all around them their chickens are coming home to roost.

It's just a beautiful thing that after a whole month of getting pride shit shoved down our throats, we finally get Peak Trans Month.

No. 685423

goinglikeelsie's tweets from the BCHRT hearing on July 26th.


>JY says wants to clear something up and continues by saying:

>- a brazillian is not a genital waxing service
>- a brazillian has nothing to do with genitals
>- it is (merely) a wax from the belly button to the butt
>- a brazillian has nothing to do with male or female genitals

>Then JY begins to talk about females becoming "wet" while getting brazillians. Says is true for lesbians and others. It "just happens to them"

Waxing is the new foreplay!

No. 685505

File: 1564429515689.jpeg (22.31 KB, 225x225, 7F2FD47B-129C-4A3F-BDF2-2E243E…)

>hurr women get horny over waxing i totally can vouch for this
literally the fucking worst, please let this fuck be sent to jail

No. 685617

I get a feeling he only experienced "women" as subjects of horrible fanfics he read online.

No. 685745

File: 1564501290443.png (1.16 MB, 799x1176, Screenshot_2019-07-30-08-36-44…)

Miss Peak Trans International 2019

No. 685746

File: 1564501325156.jpeg (75.03 KB, 780x520, jymy.jpeg)

Have at it, anons!

No. 685788

ah yes, This right here is A True Wománe

No. 685920

File: 1564567386717.png (214.81 KB, 800x1159, Screenshot_2019-07-31-02-59-42…)

It's happening again. People calling out Yaniv are being deplatformed, but with a focus on journalists and blue checks.


No. 685921

This Jonathan Yaniv shit proves the radfems were right.

No. 685922

File: 1564569216557.jpg (127.79 KB, 1280x853, Dumb-and-Dumber-To.jpg)

This is all I see.

No. 685923

Good. Just ban all journalists from twitter for no reason, that is going to go well for them.

No. 685924

File: 1564570421527.png (99.62 KB, 760x390, Screenshot_20190731-065211.png)

Btw, is he cognitively disabled? Where did he got to school for comp sci or whatever?

No. 685925

File: 1564570465151.png (94.03 KB, 760x342, Screenshot_20190731-064837.png)

God he's weird.

No. 685926

You know what I rarely see? I rarely see women who don't get periods due to being on birth control, or having super bad PCOS or something, ever whinge about other women's access to period supplies, or act as if they have knowledge about something they don't experience or do themselves.

I hope we can all take a leaf out of JY's book and start aggressively tweeting his account with tips on how to run a really shitty tech blog.

No. 685928

File: 1564571237573.gif (639.67 KB, 245x137, officewtf.gif)

This guy talks about tampons more than any actual woman I've ever met.

No. 685929

File: 1564571624034.png (267.16 KB, 800x1036, Screenshot_2019-07-31-04-06-54…)


The contradictions are unbelievable. Just when you think he can't push the stupidity further…


Archive.is still cannot log in to Facebook.

No. 685932

File: 1564571786164.jpg (109.17 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2019-07-29 14_56_18.jp…)

Confirmed he shares mumus with mum.

No. 685935

File: 1564572409792.png (51.08 KB, 800x540, Screenshot_2019-07-31-04-25-55…)

No. 685951

"I believe women can choose what they want to do unless they're hired to do something."
So… if a prostitute picks up a John and refuses to do a service because of any reason, according to JY, said prostitute MUST service said John regardless of safety, morals, or interest. I wish Twitter would just twist this around back on him.

No. 685952


I'm not saying the mom is a good person or anything, she clearly loves her son a lot and will do anything to defend him even if he's wrong, it's how a lot of mothers are like, I just hate seeing people treat the mother as if she was also asking to teach little girls how to use tampons.

I personally believe the only sick individual is Jonathan not his mother, I want to say so much to explain why I say this.

No. 685957

Enabling your pedophile child is just as bad as being a pedophile yourself.

No. 685958


what is his issue with this exactly?

No. 685959

He's obsessed with pornography so like a lot of trannies he gets his ideas about women from there.

No. 685960

Wow so many straight men are calling themselves lesbians these days.

No. 685963

Trans twitter is awfully silent about him. I saw one of them say he was just a hoax made up by TERFs to make trans women look bad.

No. 685969

presumably it interferes with his fantasy of a girl approaching him for help with a tampon

No. 685970

Yeah I have no idea either anon, I guess maybe his point is that the metal could rust because of the water from the showers or some ridiculous shit like that..?
All these tranny men always make up the weirdest 'problems'.

No. 685992

File: 1564587467126.jpeg (97.68 KB, 650x650, 4449B00A-81B8-4DF2-A485-126A5E…)

Thanks for sharing anon. Just donated.

No. 685996

Mind boggling

No. 686006

Jon kind of is the walking embodiment of peak trans. He checks every single box for "why people don't like troons and identity politics" and I can't even blame people for getting tinfoil about him. Few people are so thoroughly bad in such a way specific to the same controversial political issue.

No. 686013

I also donated ten dollars. I’m happy to use my hard earned terf bucks for pissing off Jonathan Yaniv

No. 686017

mods can we make a banner out of that

God, what a fucking POS. Unpopular opinion here on LC: I'm all for trans rights. But not when they're concerning a pedophile sueing women for being uncomfortable with his scrote

>wanna see? lol jk

No. 686059

File: 1564611359962.jpeg (227.18 KB, 750x1102, 397B73AE-D505-481D-810E-D05ADF…)

The mindset of his (very few) handmaidens…still, after everything?

No. 686060

File: 1564611381154.jpeg (141.5 KB, 750x1156, 99A0C64C-13AB-45CC-B112-4D8286…)

No. 686061

File: 1564611414730.jpeg (287.62 KB, 1538x2048, 2789D4CF-AD9A-4C99-B778-367CAA…)

No. 686062

File: 1564611537106.jpeg (351.29 KB, 1538x2048, E126259F-632B-49E7-BF96-3EF768…)

No. 686065

File: 1564611793610.png (46.96 KB, 360x302, 1564589318072.png)

Introducing the Tampon Man song.

No. 686066

File: 1564611867601.png (45.1 KB, 273x360, 1564589336948.png)


He doesn't merely want to insert tampons into teen girls…he wants to be the tampon.

No. 686069


No. 686083

It’s such an easy loophole for straight men to assault lesbians. I feel like it used to be treated as a joke in the old television shows and movies where the straight guy would call himself a lesbian to try to flirt with a lesbian but now it’s happening everywhere in real life.

No. 686084

File: 1564615866052.png (116.98 KB, 444x440, 1374796030634.png)

No, Jessica. No.

No. 686089

That's just nasty. Explains a lot though.

No. 686138

He's definitely a fetishist if it wasn't obvious already.

No. 686148

File: 1564628663067.png (267.02 KB, 592x628, 28309220-9.PNG)

They're actually giving him a platform and defending him now.

No. 686172



No. 686176

They're letting him tell his "side" of the story and slandering the beauticians. It's Pink News so you just know it's trash.

No. 686190

Of course, because the tampons are a proxy for his penis. When he asked that one beautician if she could work around “a tampon string” he was really asking her if she could work around his penis and was planning to use that against her after she denied him service.

TRAs also argue that lesbians who don’t take dick are committing transphobic violence so I doubt this analogy will phase them much.

No. 686192

That's not how British Columbia is spelled.

No. 686196

It’s so obvious he wanted those women to touch his balls because he gets off by the idea of them touching him and him violating women’s boundaries.

No. 686204

So that's how they chose to spin "Straight man in bad drag demand women wax his genitals without caring for their right to refuse to touch male genitals."

No. 686210

Kat Blaq is going to make a video on him. The thing that sucks is that she's kinda a pivotal part in the argument. If a black trans woman openly disowns JY a lot of people in the community will follow suit especially since she's well known for being a huge SJW.
But on the other hand if she validates that vile creature so many people will jump on that band wagon.
Its all 50/50.

No. 686220

I'm not surprised Kat is doing one since he is of the more "normal" trans people out there, not like that's saying much. Not surprised by Blaire White being the first big tranny YouTuber to talk about it either since he's an alt-rightist Christian who needs to look like a "good minority" for his conservative audience in the game of respectability politics.

No. 686223

File: 1564664029521.png (18.55 KB, 596x142, Capture.PNG)

They are in denial.

No. 686230

File: 1564666290690.png (66.2 KB, 588x554, Capture.PNG)

At least Blaire was willing to bring attention to it which made Hontra mad

No. 686244


It was the Member, Devyn Cousineau, who introduced the concept of "gender-affirming" into the hearing and to Jonathan.


>a brazillian has nothing to do with male or female genitals

No. 686271

hontra's mad because he's an AGP incel like jonno.
blaire is the gay kind of tranny so he has an easier time calling AGP's out.

No. 686301

File: 1564696985564.png (359.59 KB, 780x520, wax-my-balls.png)

No. 686495

Legal Impact of the Yaniv Case | with Defense Lawyer John Carpay

Benjamin A Boyce
31,414 subscribers
Published on Aug 1, 2019

Exploring the legal origins and ramifications of Yaniv's human rights complaint against small business owners who refused him pubic service, with a lawyer who is working in the case (on the defense).

No. 686563


Sorry for no screenshots but the thread is very long with multiple images in each tweet. Please read - if you want to archive then of course go ahead.

No. 686578

Isn’t it interesting how Yaniv keeps targeting non-white immigrant women lol

No. 686581

Just another white man trying to harass the most disadvantaged minorities

No. 686594

I saved them all and will compile them later.

No. 686598

AGPs are nearly always middle-class white men and like a lot of whites they hate non-white people and like a lot of men they hate women. AGPS in particular hate women of color but then they constantly use woc as props in their feminism. If they want to shut down a white woman’s complaints about them then they just call her a “white feminist” or “cultural imperialist”. They go on about how feminism needs to be “intersectional” even though that term was invented to discuss how woc experience racialised sexual violence by being seen as inferior to and easier than white women yet they also HATE it when woc talk about how they are oppressed because they talk about biology. They even make up lies about trans women of color being responsible for the gay rights movement and take the state of murdered black gay men and TiM and they think are at the same risk of violence.

No. 686600

From being straight cis man, who are the most privileged group, they can now become a gay trans woman which suddenly makes them one of the most oppressed. This shit gives them huge oppression points in Clown World. Because a lot of them are white they also want to get oppression points by being a person of color but being transracial or transethnic is still seen as too goofy unlike transgenderism. A lot of people associated with tranny shit to like to dip their toes in being transracial on Internet spaces which is why we get so much racefaking now.

No. 686601

Many work in tech and/or like anime too.

No. 686702

Well yeah, classic staples of being a degenerate.

No. 686860

File: 1564843338600.png (2.05 MB, 871x6319, JY_ASKFM.png)

I hope this turned out okay. There was a lot of content. Google Glass one is my favorite.

Can someone share with the Twitter source so she has it all in one image.

No. 686867

File: 1564848505524.jpg (219.01 KB, 1080x1920, EBBQ4JgX4AAR2nZ.jpg)

He's deranged.

No. 686939


What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Why is he so obsessed with tampons/pads? Is this some kind of fetish for him? It can't be about the menstruation since he never talks about that.

No. 686999

anon if you can't tell this is 100% a fetish thing for him, you need your eyes checked.

Tinfoil I suppose, but I'd bet his entire reason for becoming "trans" (aside from attention in general) was so that he could try to make his fantasy of swapping tampons with 13 year olds and showing them how to insert it, a reality.

JY reminds me of guys who create anthro airplane porn or diaper pooping porn on deviantart… except instead of drawing or writing about his nasty fetish to other fetishists, he is trying to manifest his in real life.

No. 687022

No. 687054

File: 1564909123739.jpg (75.72 KB, 1036x998, 1564866863122.jpg)

Can't wait.

No. 687055

>there was a perv in there changing a kids diaper and then practically giving the baby a BJ
>I need pads cause I keep leaking cum all the time


No. 687066

>I'd bet his entire reason for becoming "trans" (aside from attention in general) was so that he could try to make his fantasy of swapping tampons with 13 year olds and showing them how to insert it, a reality.

~~that never happens!1~~
Dude is a sex crime waiting to happen.

No. 687068

File: 1564913228567.jpg (380.08 KB, 1538x2048, EBAvYgxVUAAv8H_.jpg)


No. 687069

File: 1564913546172.jpg (69.58 KB, 1280x720, tummy raspberry.jpg)

That dad was probably just giving the baby a raspberry (like pic related)? Leave it to Yaniv to immediately think of the most disgusting, pedophilic scenario.

No. 687081

File: 1564918372846.jpg (404.63 KB, 1536x2048, EBF7x7IUYAELokb.jpg)

Jesus fuck. Is his mom taking the picture?

No. 687088

File: 1564919325161.png (3.08 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-04-07.47.46.png)

He made some live video of him at the pool. No milk really. At the end he flips the camera around and records all the people. Then I'm pretty sure someone tells him to put it away. I'm an old millennial and have no idea what to do with that video. But here's the link:


No. 687089

“It’s good to like, have a break from the advocacy stuff”.

Had to turn it off. Couldn’t make it past that about ten seconds in.

No. 687145

Reminds me of the shit Soren has said about dads and their kids.

No. 687148

honestly I don't think this happened at all. Judging by his past actions >>684528
I'd wager he didn't go to a bathroom and see a dad and son doing anything… It's a "fantasy" that he made up and he pretended to be grossed out about it to see how the person he messaged would react.

No. 687187

Yeah, it sounds like bullshit that he made up to get the person he sent the question to to give him the okay to go into the girls' bathroom.

No. 687214


AYRT. God, that's so disgusting. The kink alone is bad enough, but isn't the first rule of anything kinky/BDSM not to involve people who aren't into it?


At this point it's most likely 100% projection because he's a straight-up wannabe kiddy diddler.

No. 687254

For people with actual respect, that is the main rule, but for some, forced voyeurism and sharing that kink with people who clearly aren't into it IS a kink in and of itself for them.
He definitely seems like one of these kind of people.

No. 687260

File: 1564964412000.jpeg (621.7 KB, 1185x1090, C9FFA1EE-3F76-4E90-8C0B-0C215F…)

Lol, so ready for this shitshow

No. 687306

It’s a fucking HSTS vs AGP throwdown lmao

No. 687336


Those people aren't kinky, they're predators under the guise of being kinksters. Predators do like their disguises…

No. 687355


this reminds me of that guy who collected pads on deviantart and had drawings of himself as a pad. his dream was to become a pad that a woman would use, and that’s the vibe i’m getting off this creep.

No. 687408

Imagine seeing this in a women's locker room.

Oh wait, you don't have to imagine, because that's probably where he is.

The chad HSTS vs. the virgin AGP

No. 687409

Did Blaire shoop himself into an IMVU avatar to look more legitimate next to Jonathan? His real shoulders aren’t nearly that narrow. Anyway same here, this will be interesting.

Being predatory and being into kink are not mutually exclusive.

No. 687411

you gave me a migraine.
when cows collide, live! in all honesty, blair will steam roll this predator

No. 687419

Both HSTS and AGP are shit but AGP are on a whole other level of shit.

No. 687467

Oh my god I can’t believe this shit is happening
https://youtu.be/L6iSfQLKE8Q(use the embed field for youtube links)

No. 687473

Too bad the guy who posted that video is a misogynist attention whore.

No. 687521

tiddies out lets go clubbing isn't the pic I would choose to promote a debate with a fucking pedophile but go off I guess

No. 687587

File: 1565042666870.png (4.59 MB, 3350x1870, taser.png)

oooh oh no shes soooo bad
also points out its illegal to have a taser, but apparently the law doesnt apply to her bc shes trans and if you dont let her break the law then youre transphobic and she will shut you down

No. 687590


So many wild moments but my favorite was Yaniv pulling out a pad and tampon as if they somehow prove he menstruates with his dick and balls

No. 687593


Jessica got all gussied up and got a new wig and everything in a failed attempt to look anywhere as passable as blair

No. 687595

He is a racist piece of garbage. His retarded rants about immigrants were painfully cringy.

No. 687601

File: 1565045066272.jpg (18.08 KB, 533x104, this.JPG)

So much wrong Yaniv said in this "debate". Blaire or somebody should tear it apart and break down the many falacies in it. Here are some…

Taking pictures of private persons is illegal under Canadian law, in restrooms should make that even worse. Said it was to celebrate being recognized as a female, but there are circulating two such a pictures on various dates, clearly a lie.

And there is no gender affirming thing in having balls waxed while identifying as a female. Having balls doesn't affirm being a female.

Compares being denied waxing it's balls with rape, false equivalent. (And forcing genitals being touched by somebody is even more rapey than being denied for it.)


No. 687607

File: 1565045925964.jpeg (842.6 KB, 1242x1292, FB3E9739-9C40-407D-B114-99D400…)

No. 687676

File: 1565055494207.gif (857.26 KB, 500x230, sure jan.gif)

No. 687677

even though his mother can barely speak coherently

the only reason Yaniv needs "protection" is because people rightfully want to let him know what they think of his predatory perversion.

No. 687680

Yaniv just wanted to get non-white women to touch his genitals to sexually assault them and then sue them if they didn’t.

No. 687730

This is the piece of shit that was the leading figure in the case to defund Canada's oldest rape crisis shelter, Vancouver Rape Relief. He did it on the grounds that the shelter was "transphobic" because it did not allow trans-identified males to be in the same building as the female rape victims who experienced trauma from being around men.

No. 687734

Samefagging here but this is why I can't see trannies as women. I never see trannies make a big fuss about male violence or expect men to make spaces for them. Instead they say it's the TERFs who are killing them, and they think women should always accommodate their feelings and it's okay to speak over women. They keep their male socialisation and ideas about female inferiority. Trans men don't pull any level of the same shit or demand men accommodate to their needs (hint: because they're women).

No. 687748

Trannies don't like to talk about sexual abuse or domestic violence unless it happens to them. They don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

What kills me is that like 90% of the trans victims of homicide are black, and a lot of them are sex workers. But do trannies talk about the dangers of sex work or the disproportionate violence black women face? No, they use it to lie that all trannies are being killed, when most trannies are suburban whites who are perfectly safe in their high-paying STEM jobs (which were easier for them to acquire because they're men).

No. 687766

I'm not sure anymore if he is delusional or just a really, really, really elaborate troll.

No. 687768

I think it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. He was a grifter long before he jumped on the trans bandwagon, but his overwhelming success and ability to live his fetish out in the open have made him think he’s untouchable.

No. 687771

>Claimed all screenshots of him harassing young girls are fake with no proof about it
>No proof over "muh menstruating vagina" yet still uses it as a debating tool
>Keeps interrupting the conversation by having his phone unmuted and getting calls
>"If I don't menstruate, then how come I have a pad right here?? CHECKMATE"
>"No it's not problematic that I go to the female bathroom fully presenting as a male and take pictures of myself with young women showing in the background! You go to the female bathroom too right???"
Yep, absolutely slaughtered Blaire. Cheers to peak transing people around the world. This deranged fuck needs to be locked up from the society.

No. 687802

It just reminds me of how they are obsessed w mentioning the number of trans women killed each day/month/year - nevermind that that number is almost certainty much higher for real women. But that doesn’t matter since the murders of real women are just kind of expected at this point. Like how many women have been murdered in contrast to TiMs this year?

No. 687840

Okay this was funny tho

No. 687984

the video is down for me

No. 687997

File: 1565137963664.jpg (315.45 KB, 1080x1042, 20190806_183139.jpg)

The RCMP raided him lol. I wonder what they'll find.

No. 687999

File: 1565138765429.jpeg (145.35 KB, 954x715, 6839E8DE-2EAB-4F88-94DA-1A9892…)

>tried to deny multiple allegations of sexual harassment of underage girls who have shown multiple screenshots
>posted multiple photos of himself in women’s spaces taking photos without permission
>waves around a taser on live stream even though possession is super illegal in maple leaf land
>gets raided
poetry in motion

No. 688002

Can’t wait for them to find all of his weird kiddie porn and throw him under the jail where he belongs.

No. 688005

File: 1565139347072.jpeg (220.64 KB, 1125x649, 366314AF-B31A-4D41-83ED-ED3E60…)


No. 688007

He’s legally a woman so they’re putting him in a female prison

No. 688010

Lmfao did Blaire White help Yaniv get arrested because he pulled out a taser during Blaire’s livestream?

No. 688013

And how many of the trannies that got murdered were prostitutes or crackheads..
It's as retarded as saying men get raped as much as women because you include the jail population in statistics. Like men get kidnapped off the street or sexually assaulted in alleys constantly too. Or people saying women get raped left and right at college all because they smoked a joint before having sex.

No. 688015

I just read the report and yep they filed a weapon arrest warrant. It’s a fucking shame that it took this long and they didn’t act when underage girls were being harassed.

No. 688018

File: 1565140399671.png (390.08 KB, 470x437, yaniv taser.png)


No. 688021

He looks like the lovechild of ForeverKailyn and Chris-chan.

No. 688026

I'm so excited/terrified to see what they find in his house. God, this man predator is disgusting.

No. 688028

Watching Blair's smug face when Yaniv told him he's "hotter than any cis girl" was pathetic. Get out your own ass Blair, you've got linebacker shoulders, no waist and a dick.

No. 688034

Did you see Blair and Yaniv’s twitter fight? They’re just arguing over who is hotter, like this is what they think being a woman is like.

No. 688045

They have a very shallow understanding of womanhood and think women have it easier. To them all women are ever concerned about is beauty and fashion, staying at home doing chores, and getting men to pay for everything.

No. 688053

it makes sense if they needed justification to actually get in his house; just arresting him, they may not have been able to get evidence of shit like cp without him having time to delete it all. hopefully this just opens the door for a mountain of criminal charges and countersuits that'll make him regret trying to become this generation's chris-chan

No. 688077

Kek, so when are people gonna admit that TERFs were right?

No. 688084

Never, cuz “nOt AlL tRaNnIeS”

No. 688155


It was the Member, Devyn Cousineau, who, in a preliminary hearing, established Brazilian waxing as "gender affirming".


The RCMP have been aware of his weapons since the HRT hearing on the 26th where he threatened to use them against a journalist and they were confiscated upon entering the hearing.

His neighbor WGKitty on KF reported that the federal RCMP occupied Jonathan's abode for 14 hours.


Were actionable complaints made to the RCMP prior to that made by Jessica Rumpel two weeks ago? How could law enforcement act if none of his victims reported him?


Also, social justice identity politics currently prevails which is wholely incompatible with traditional human rights. The defense lawyer explains this conflict well in >>686495.

No. 688169

I hope they seized his computer. You just know the first thing he did when he got home is try to delete all his cheese pizza. So if they didn't find it then, they're never going to find it.

Also yeah it's gross as hell that the fucking Canuckistan police cared more about a taser than about CSA. This is what happens when you let scrotes run the government.

No. 688172

>blaire defending non-white immigrants
There’s always a first time for everything

No. 688173

Yeah, you can't be this level of disgusting and not have cp on your computer. I wonder if they found anything weird like a Sam's Club size box of tampons.

No. 688174

I feel awful for the beauticians, not only have their livelihoods become a mess but they got turned down by 26 lawyers because they were afraid of offending the trans lobby.

No. 688186


As if we had any say? Don’t like the scrote in charge? Wait another four years and elect a different scrote. Great.

No. 688192

File: 1565177161468.png (108.64 KB, 760x589, Screenshot_20190807-072345.png)

No. 688214

Funny how you rarely/never see women arguing about who's the realest woman but you see men arguing who's the real man all the time…

No. 688233

File: 1565187035991.png (110.51 KB, 800x596, Screenshot_2019-08-07-07-07-18…)


Yaniv needs a new threat. Pic related from the thread in which he accused this account of being a sock of Lindsay Shepherd.


No. 688234

File: 1565187191111.png (204.73 KB, 800x837, Screenshot_2019-08-07-07-03-16…)

Twitter is getting around to responding to reports of Yaniv's account now that he is being investigated by law enforcement? You don't say!


No. 688238


Were actionable complaints made to the RCMP prior to the one made by Jessica Rumpel two weeks ago? How could law enforcement act if none of his victims reported him?

The raid likely involved far more than his weapons. Confiscating two stun guns and a canister of pepper spray does not require 14 hours of occupation by two detachments of RCMP.

Add to that Jonathan's post-raid claim of having been sent CP via Facebook Messenger as if to demonstrate his innocence, ie. a variation on "I've been hacked and those screenshots were faked!"

No. 688242


Jessica Yaniv, a transgender B.C. activist, says she was arrested for brandishing a Taser

'I have to carry pepper spray with me because people are so freaking violent over here,' Yaniv said during the debate

August 6, 2019
10:54 PM EDT

Last Updated
August 7, 2019
9:20 AM EDT

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender B.C. woman whose complaints over being refused intimate waxing services sparked wide controversy, was arrested Monday, apparently for brandishing a prohibited weapon during an online debate.

Yaniv said officers showed up at her apartment in Langley, B.C., shortly after the YouTube debate on transgender activism ended. The officers asked her about a stun gun, she said.

“About three minutes after (the broadcast ended), I have RCMP showing up at my door and putting me into cuffs saying I have a prohibited weapon,” she said in an interview.

She said that after her release from the holding cells and return to her apartment, she called the RCMP back Tuesday morning to report a child sexual exploitation photo that someone had sent her through Facebook messenger.

“It was a disturbing image,” Yaniv said. She urged the RCMP to return to her apartment to take her report and information about the message, she said.

The RCMP detachment in Langley confirmed an arrest and search of a home in the area but could not confirm specific details, charges, timelines or named individuals, said Cpl. Craig Van Herk.

He said the RCMP received information and based on it officers have “an open investigation, an active and ongoing investigation.”

Van Herk would not confirm or deny the charges or the circumstances behind them or what Yaniv said was the reason for the RCMP’s return to her apartment.

Neighbours of Yaniv confirmed seeing her being taken away in handcuffs Monday and Yaniv did appear that day, side-by-side in a YouTube conversation with Blaire White, a U.S.-based transgender woman whose videos often deal with transgender issues.

During the heated YouTube debate, viewed by the Post, White harshly criticized Yaniv’s tactics, actions and appearance and Yaniv said she faces harassment and threats because of the prominence of her trans activism.

“I have to carry pepper spray with me because people are so freaking violent over here,” Yaniv said during the debate.

She then stood up from her seat in front of her computer, rummaged around inside her apartment for a moment before returning.

“I should not have to literally have something like this,” she said. “I don’t need to be scared in my own house.” She then held up a stun gun and zapped it towards the camera, emitting a flash and a crackle.

“Which is illegal in Canada. Just sayin,” she added.

Conducted energy weapons, also known as stun guns or by the brand name Taser, as well as pepper spray are considered prohibited weapons in the hands of the public. She said officers took two stun guns, pepper spray and bear spray from her apartment.

Yaniv, however, said the charge is unfair because she has repeatedly told police about her stun guns and repellent sprays, saying they are for her personal protection.

She said that several times when the RCMP, which provides municipal policing in Langley, came to take her reports of harassment or threats, she warned them she had weapons in the home.

“I say: ‘Hey, you know what, for your safety and for my safety, I do have weapons in the house, I do have a Taser, it’s locked up, if you want to see it, I’ll show it to you.’

“They’ve all seen it, they’re all cool with it and now all of a sudden they are not cool with it.”

The RCMP could not confirm these alleged prior interactions.

Yaniv said that at the time of her arrest Monday, she had a seizure and was first taken to a hospital rather than the RCMP detachment. After tests and examination, she was taken to the detachment and locked in a cell.

Because of her sudden departure, she said, her apartment was left unsecured, requiring an RCMP officer to stand guard outside for about eight hours.

RCMP also could not confirm these events.

Some on social media believed the length of the RCMP presence at her apartment suggested a far-reaching search was underway.

Yaniv became a controversial public figure after she made numerous complaints to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against beauty salon owners who refused to provide her waxing services. She said she was refused waxing of arms, eyebrows as well as her genital area.

She still has male genitals, but earlier said she is on a wait list for genital surgery. She is taking female hormones and has legally changed her name and sex on official documents, she said.

Yaniv is the subject of several allegations of harassment, including claims she has a history of vulgar sexualized online communication with teenage girls, at least one of whom has contacted a national tip-line for reporting the sexual exploitation of children. Yaniv has denied these allegations.

No. 688244

No. 688251

Thank you anon, this is such a beautiful thing to wake up to.

They seized tasers and fucking bear spray and Yaniv claimed to have been sent CP thru facebook, which sounds like a backpedaling setup imo. Blame a fb message, maybe later blame a hacker for putting CP on your hard drive…definitely something he will try to do. Says the investigation is ongoing. Fucking finally.

Also good on them for actually mentioning Kiwifarms which is the biggest archive for this loser.

No. 688253

wild to see kiwifarms being quoted in the news

No. 688256


Brazilian waxing can be gender affirming, when done on the corresponding genitals for the gender as they identify with. Having a penis and testicles waxed while identifying as a woman doesn't affirm being a woman. Devyn Cousineau his brainfart smells very bad.

No. 688260

Not to WK but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually sent him cp, either in an attempt to simply make him the owner of cp or to mock him.

By which I‘m not saying I don’t believe he doesn’t own any cp that he‘s acquired himself, he’s obviously a predator. It’s just that people do do that sometimes. (Would still be a way too convenient coincidence though, I agree.)

No. 688269


Because women don't know that they are women without engaging in stereotypically female behaviors such as depilation?

Devyn is a woman.

No. 688278


Wack… Men do Brazilian waxes too you know, nothing stereotypical about that. When shaving started to be a thing in porn back in the 80's it were both men & women who got their junk shaved. Waxes/shaving is gender neutral, having balls and a penis isn't. In the era of the metrosexual man even make up isn't a female stereotype anymore.

Every men knows that hairy shoulders, three chest hairs and a unibrow are desired and attractive and don't do depilation, right?!

And ffs, there's nothing stereotypical female about having a penis and balls.

No. 688279

>Yaniv said that at the time of her arrest Monday, she had a seizure and was first taken to a hospital rather than the RCMP detachment. After tests and examination, she was taken to the detachment and locked in a cell.

Of fucking course he had to fake a medical episode. If it was real they wouldn't have put him straight in a cell.

No. 688293

KF is running a script to archive his Tweets.



You appear to have misread or misunderstood my comment which was in reply to the statement, "Brazilian waxing can be gender affirming".

The concept of a behavior being "gender affirming" is a fallacy. Women are women and know that they are women because they are human females. "Gender affirming" is another way of saying "behaviors stereotypically attributed to women" (or to men, as the case may be).

>Men do Brazilian waxes too you know

In the context of Yaniv's HRT hearings, Brazilian wax refers to a procedure performed on women only. That is why it is "gender affirming". Getting a women-only procedure proves that he is a woman.

>Waxes/shaving is gender neutral

Thus it is not gender affirming.

>And ffs, there's nothing stereotypical female about having a penis and balls.

Who said that there was?

No. 688298

No. 688307


>Waxes/shaving is gender neutral

Expresses myself badly, waxing on itself isn't gender affirming but waxing genitals that belong to ones gender identity are gender affirming. Watching ones own vagina or penis is affirming to be female or male. Watching ones own penis being handled and sweaty balls sticking to ones leg aren't affirming a female identity.

But agreed on your post.

No. 688329

this is the most pathetic thing i've ever read.

No. 688346


> Devyn is a woman.

Devyn Cousineau is a hack. In the hearing she allowed JY to interrupt the defense constantly while repeatedly asking not to be interrupted.


Could you elaborate your hollow statement

No. 688358

It’s The Post Millennial which is like right wing Buzzfeed News

No. 688385

>Yaniv is out on bail and now tweeting about being the Canadian Jazz Jennings


No. 688402

Depends. Most forensic computer analysts can recover files from computers even if they are deleted. PedoJon thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but he's just an insane pig. If they want to nail him, they will nail him. If he gets off scot free it's just proof that TRAs are pulling strings behind the scenes, and Canada is full of rot.

No. 688403

She's a sellout handmaiden, and she'll get hers eventually. Rolling over to accommodate crazy scrote's every feefee, no matter how entitled, no matter how many children it victimizes. I wish her every kind of suffering in the world before she dies.

No. 688404

lol. Poor Jazz is the victim of an abusive mother who has the dark triad of narcissism, Munchausen by proxy, and some weird kind of pedophilic obsession with cutting off her son's package. Because of this poor Jazz has never had a real sexual feeling in his life, and never will, while Yaniv does nothing but dig up his weenie from his fat rolls and jerk it to tweens. They're both delusional, but Jazz isn't actively evil and he's a victim of trans insanity, not a predator.

No. 688422

>the left-wing media still completely silent

I don't know why I was expecting any different when trannies are the most protected class. Left-wing media will sometimes shit on gays, non-whites and women but trannies are completely untouchable.

No. 688432

Unless there's an active effort behind the scenes to cover it up, they will find cheese pizza in Yaniv's files and search history going at least ten years back, if not more. It is high time to shame the woke media and for their investors to pull out.

No. 688445

No. 688446

Rebel Media have a video coming out and a podcast with another interview with John Carpay.


Jessica Swietoniowski of TheRebel.media reports: Who is Jessica Yaniv, the transgender bully making international headlines for demanding bikini waxes from women in British Columbia?

STAY TUNED for a full video with exclusive interviews with Yaniv and the female salon workers who have been personally involved!

No. 688449

A big side effect of this I’ve noticed in my circles is that since Yaniv has only really been covered by right-wing media and Kiwifarms (and gendercritical feminists but those are literally Hitler amirite?), bringing him up in liberal circles will taint you as a reader of/believer in right-wing ideology. How else would you even know about him? All the good little libs are supposed to pretend to either have never heard of him or that he’s not worthy of our attention. It’s cultish.

Imagine hating other women so much you use your power to actively strip away their rights and protections in favour of predatory men. I bet she thinks she’s special and that bad things will never happen to her.

No. 688451

File: 1565250816760.jpg (212.98 KB, 1050x1614, Screenshot_20190807-083440_Chr…)


Share with the rest of the class!


I haven't seen bail mentioned in any reports.

No. 688453

File: 1565250962383.png (56.44 KB, 800x269, Screenshot_2019-08-08-00-51-11…)


And he retweeted a troll reply. Is he taking it as genuine or taking the piss?

No. 688458

No. 688462

God, I fucking hate troons.

No. 688468

File: 1565257741954.png (238.97 KB, 800x935, Screenshot_2019-08-08-02-30-23…)

Edna and Mimi are relentless.

Meanwhile more and more users are receiving reports back >>688234. Will Twitter 3 strike Yaniv or allow him to continue burying himself and bringing the milk?


No. 688631

File: 1565300786624.jpg (24.42 KB, 530x180, snap.jpg)

> One of his victims gave a full statement to police today (at their request)…

Can't find more info except this comment tweet on JY latest twitter post.

Rebel Media made a spoiler video about an upcoming story on JY. Wonder if they are riding the wave or wait because they know JY is going down soon.

No. 688779

File: 1565332492786.jpg (211.98 KB, 1467x507, 2019-08-09_02-31-48.jpg)

Looks like Yaniv got caught making death threats and having having a period meltdown while spamming on KF. I wonder if he's been posting here too.

No. 688780

File: 1565333659299.png (Spoiler Image, 133.87 KB, 1057x512, omegalul.png)

spoiler because large but lmao this is great. yaniv is freaking the fuck out and its amazing


No. 688781

File: 1565334397580.png (62.54 KB, 1076x235, Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 3.03…)

His death threat got reported to the RCMP.

No. 688782

That user lives in his building, right? Yeesh
Did the police at least confiscate his Taser?

No. 688783

He had two stun guns, pepper spray and bear spray. I think they took them all away.

No. 688785

>>688458 im pretty sure the last one is johnathan, the clients initials are "JY" in the article

No. 688788

File: 1565338696756.jpg (107.4 KB, 1057x512, yaniv.jpg)

we have thumbnails for all pics automatically, no matter their size. hiding a pic behind a spoiler also hides it from google searches and makes backtracking through archives of threads harder. spoilers are for lewd material.

No. 688791

File: 1565340124453.jpeg (597.33 KB, 1107x941, A8820A1E-83BC-41A4-A737-C1B13A…)

Kek. What fucking drugs is he on?

No. 688793

This is truly exceptional.

No. 688794

File: 1565341250464.png (138.24 KB, 1044x617, yhn4.png)

this donkey knew he don goofed. the rcmp is going to love this massive sperg fest of death threats and pedotalk. here is hoping its his last to boast about being well connected and hiding under the umbrella of a protected class

No. 688796

No. 688799

File: 1565343045669.jpeg (144.67 KB, 750x864, 64DAD6CF-148B-4ABC-99E3-6DCD3E…)


I think four women have testified to the RCMP thus far.


No. 688800

File: 1565343553909.gif (354.65 KB, 318x175, ezgif.com-crop.gif)


>anon thinking Jonathan Jessica Yaniv is entitled to redaction when he's making death threats

Those email addresses are already public.

I believe [gif related] is the second documented assault on a journalist by his mum? They can share a jail cell.

No. 688801

File: 1565343611656.jpeg (91.22 KB, 1334x750, EBfa5xWXUAAcDa8.jpeg)

No. 688804

I can see where “Jessica” gets his violent tendencies from. If your trans son is in the news for using his identity to prey on children you can expect to have some people ask you questions and you aren’t allowed to assault journalists just because that upsets you.

No. 688805

>null sending a report to the police for death threats on the internet

Oh sweet irony.

No. 688811

File: 1565347823147.png (111.9 KB, 800x484, Screenshot_2019-08-09-03-46-21…)

Earlier in the evening WGkitty heard Jonathan and his mum arguing on the balcony and posted a short audio recording.

No. 688812

File: 1565348029378.png (85.4 KB, 800x521, Screenshot_2019-08-09-03-53-34…)

No. 688817

File: 1565349348633.png (530.65 KB, 991x355, MY pointing at cat.png)

No. 688831

I hope she does not let those lunatics know where she lives

No. 688843

I hope it's not a male larping as a lady to throw them off, and they attack a rando lady living close to them because "IT MUST BE HER". That's nightmare material for me…

No. 688845

Did WGkitty ever claim a gender? Going by KF posters, it seems they never did but JY just automatically assumed they were female. He also thinks there’s another female neighbor involved.

No. 688856

>Go away from my face before I slap you

She approached the journalist to act like a crazy bitch.

Again acting like a crazy cunt. She's too senile.

Yaniv and his mom probably won't be able to share muumuus in prison.

No. 688878

good god I can't stand mothers who obsess over their sons, thanks for raising monsters the rest of us women have to deal with.

No. 688907

i'm disgusted that those failed men in pathetic disguise of a woman are hailed as "real women" and we're downgraded to "cis"

No. 688921

It's only incel men like Jonathan and more advanced troons who think like that.

No. 688927

Jonathan Yaniv seems kinda dumb on the surface but I realise he is also quite cunning with how he tried to block out radfems such as Meghan Murphy


No. 688929

It sucks how he knows exactly who to target and what he could say to get the law on his side. Morality out the window, it's his words that correlate with what's on paper. A grade A narc, but too retarded to be a lawyer.

No. 688931

Is Jonathan one of those “miracle babies” that almost died at birth or one born after many miscarriages? The lengths this woman goes to support her defective son’s delusions is unreal.

No. 688932


That clip is from the Rebel Media exposé.

No. 688935

And here she is again assaulting yet another journalist.

No. 688936

Does he have boobs in that video?

No. 688940

File: 1565404365359.jpg (542.13 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20190709-074713_Twi…)


Kiwis have been referring to WGkitty as a female and she hasn't corrected them.

[pic related] from July 9th. Their strata and the police have been allowing him to be a threat to his neighbors for a month now!


No. 688941

File: 1565404567088.jpeg (51.62 KB, 517x622, D7qmj9LX4AInsPc.jpeg)

No. 688963

This is so scary and exactly like >>688843 was concerned about. As far as we know, Yaniv is picking two of his neighbors out of paranoia, and he's even calling out the children of one of them. "Prepare for the worst life ever living here," "Revenge is coming"? jfc

No. 689007

File: 1565439087214.gif (4.88 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-optimize(2).gif)


I'd be more afraid of Mama Yaniv. If eyes could shoot lasers…

No. 689008

File: 1565439533861.jpg (107.25 KB, 579x625, wordpress-automattic-deadnamin…)



In November 2018, WordPress.com censored popular long running lesbian feminist blog GenderTrender, taking the blog offline and preventing transfer of the site to another host. They did so to cover up #MeToo allegations against tech wizard Jonathan (now Jessica) Yaniv and his long history of sexual predation against minor females. WordPress also stealthily entered accounts which covered the censorship of GenderTrender and edited posts without notifying blog owners.

In order to censor women discussing Jonathan Yaniv on their platform WordPress cited a new, retroactively applied policy which forbid women from citing the history of men who later identified as transgender, which they called “dead naming”.

After WordPress targeted censorship of all material exposing alleged criminal activity conducted by Jonathan (Jessica) Yaniv under the retroactively applied “former name” directive designed to protect male predators, this policy appears to have been discarded from the WordPress TOS.

(continue reading at link)

No. 689010

File: 1565441833295.gif (4.44 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

He is as bad at being a munchie as he is at being a woman.


No. 689011

File: 1565442019334.gif (6.3 MB, 480x270, run tranny run.gif)

No. 689024

This needs to be a banner!

No. 689033

>greater impact
>next biggest thing
Pretty sure they're calling him a transfat.

Police better station someone in the building because this fat piece of shit might attack a random woman and her kids just because he assumes that's the farmer.

autopedophilia. I wish he'd just die.

No. 689034

Wordpress confirmed for being infiltrated and run by a bunch of child molesters.

No. 689036


The hand that moves to grab the phone after falling is hilarious. Fuck this asshole. It's assholes like this who make it hard for people who actually have seizures to find doctors who believe them.

No. 689047

I feel really bad for his mother, it's like in every video he leaves his mom behind to protect him while his coward ass runs away and calls someone on the phone.

Seeing his mom makes me sad, I hope she sees the evil that her son is and I hope people will understand that this is just a mother trying to protect her son that she clearly cares about alot.

She needs help and Jonathan needs prison.

No. 689049

So, he is a predator and a creep who get women's twitter accounts and blogs removed for pointing this out, and he is able to be taken seriously by a court. He is scheming and identifies as trans and disabled for sympathy points and appearing harmless.

But on the other hand he and his mom act like the worst moronic trainwreck clowns irl and online, stunning even kiwifarms.

So the question is, how has he succeeded with this bullshit so far, does he have friends in high places or what?

No. 689054

NTA but i hope Yaniv is the start of the downfall of the troon movement. Yaniv, please peak trans everyone as soon as possible before you inevitably get sent to jail. I can't wait until whenever we hear of self id TiMs people hear "creep"

No. 689067

He has personal connections to his local police and also some higher ups at Twitter

No. 689071

The problem is he is legally female and will be sent to a women’s prison

No. 689072

Except no mainstream media has picked up this story. The left refuses to touch it so it’s only conservative, religious right, and alt-right “journalists” which led to people thinking it was a TERF conspiracy. Even though radical feminism is a Marxist offshoot, people associate it with Nazis because trannies say so.

No. 689073

Jonathan Yaniv page and the waxing case on Wikipedia are constantly being deleted by troons. They are tying to cover it up.

No. 689075

Because of Yaniv being able to get anyone he wanted banned off twitter, and because they changed the clintonbodycount tag into trumpbodycount after the Epstein "suicide" I'm 100% sure Jack is a child molester and some tranny pedo has proof, and they can get him to do whatever they say.

No. 689192

Both #clintonbodycount and #trumpbodycount tags are up. Epstein was close with both.

No. 689223

File: 1565541326342.png (288.53 KB, 489x571, fdajfdkla.png)

From what I've seen, any trans or trans-friendly spaces that even address him try to denounce him as trans and separate themselves from him, as if the media is just assuming he is trans. But he identifies himself as trans, so they can't even deny it.
A good chunk of my friends list are from art school and mighty liberal and/or trans and I haven't seen a single one of them mention this predator. They're either pretending he doesn't exist,pretending to never have heard of him, or keeping themselves willfully ignorant.

No. 689258

trans people aren’t obligated to denounce every single fucking trans predator and it’s retarded to think they should. black people aren’t expected to denounce every black person who commits a crime. as women we are not expected to denounce every woman who makes a fake rape charge. and it goes on and on. your translib “friends” are actually not your friends and you’re a shitty friend if you expect them to fall over themselves exclaiming how this predator doesn’t represent them.

No. 689260

samefagging to add that what i said is doubly true if they never supported yaniv in the first place, which obviously most people who’d ever heard of him before this were kiwifarmer-types or those familiar with lolcows to begin with. he wasn’t some massively well known figure a la blaire white or some shit. and even if he was, that still doesn’t put the onus on completely random trans people who have 0% to do with it to have to tell everyone that this fucking degenerate isn’t claimed by them. it should be obvious especially to you since you unironically claim you have trans friends, unless that was just an unneeded dogwhistle or a lie to support your argument.

No. 689268

>They're either pretending he doesn't exist,pretending to never have heard of him, or keeping themselves willfully ignorant.

To be honest most people don't know who JY is. His cow tendencies only were mainstream (and I'm using that word lightly) on pretty trans-critical, anti-trans, and conservative sites. It's not suprising that a lot of trans people don't know who the fuck Johnathan "Jessica" Yaniv is.

No. 689270

That equation doesn’t really work though. If you wanted to compare it with being black your comparison should be more like:

>black people aren’t expected to denounce every person who commits a crime while in blackface

How many people are there who believe being black is a choice vs people who believe being a troon is a choice?
How many people paint their faces black and demand to be called Latifah/Jamal and perceived as the race they believe themselves to be vs people demanding to be called their new gendered/gender neutral name and only be addressed with their preferred pronouns etc.

No. 689281

troon lovers are convinced that trans people are ~born like thAt~ and not transitioning is violence

No. 689287


Because of C-16.

An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Bill C-16, 2016) is a law passed by the Parliament of Canada. The law adds gender expression and gender identity as protected grounds to the Canadian Human Rights Act, and also to the Criminal Code provisions dealing with hate propaganda, incitement to genocide, and aggravating factors in sentencing.



No. 689289

The Rose Pill - Ep. 7 | Blaire White on Yaniv and the Right

Rose of Dawn
11,424 subscribers
Streamed live on Aug 7, 2019

No. 689291

No. 689363

lol calm your tits anon.
>trans people aren't obligated to denounce every singe fucking trans predator
That's exactly the same point I was trying to make lol
Okay… maybe denounce was the wrong word. Disown? That's better? Sorry for my shit english use.

Not saying they are obligated to deny him, I'm saying it's funny that they seem to ignore or just are unaware of the situation, but when they DO talk about it finally, they make sure the difference between them and him is made clear, eventhough he claims to be one of them. They are basically giving the same type of argument as the 'men's rights' meme of "not all men!" which is ironic.

And they aren't my actual friends, they are just classmates that I added to my facebook. I observe them for shits and giggs.
They keep up with lgbt+ news, politics, social issues, etc pretty hardcore, so that's why it surprised me to not see them mention it, even after the debate. But that's true, JY is pretty small town news anyway.

No. 689411

This is an important point. He’s a voyeur and exhibitionist who clearly gets off on making women feel unsafe. It’s only a matter of time until he escalates to physical sexual assault if he hasn’t already. He’s going to enjoy being locked in with vulnerable women, many of whom will already have a history of being sexually assaulted. He may look goofy but he is a sexual predator. It will be like locking a fox into the henhouse.

The trans community lobbied to create an environment in which sexual predators like him can thrive and aggressively silenced anyone who raised doubts. They facilitated his actions. Every individual who advocated for self-ID, claimed that “this never happens” or denounced women worried about their safety as TERFs, carries some responsibility for Yaniv.

No. 689445

File: 1565627331711.png (607.85 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2019-08-12-08-18-23…)

Yaniv retweeted, replying, "It’s “her.” How can you be a leader of a party that represents the people when you, yourself, don’t respect the people @MaximeBernier #LGBTQ"

Bernier is a Member of Parliament.

No. 689447

File: 1565627649029.png (329.21 KB, 800x1040, Screenshot_2019-08-12-09-32-15…)

No. 689448

File: 1565627769444.png (456.18 KB, 800x798, Screenshot_2019-08-12-09-31-48…)

No. 689472

Reminder that Meghan Murphy was permanently banned from twitter for tweeting the words “that’s him” in reference to Yaniv. Will they permaban this member of parliament, too? If not, they’ll have to explain why her crime of ‘misgendering’ was so much worse than his.

No. 689475

File: 1565633857208.png (389.04 KB, 800x1182, Screenshot_2019-08-12-11-14-50…)

Jonathan has managed to outdo himself yet again! Are we living in a collective fever dream?! Yeah, I know, HONK HONK.


No. 689478

What is it with cows and pretending to be legal advisors? It's always so obvious.

No. 689485

File: 1565635417327.png (234.87 KB, 800x889, Screenshot_2019-08-12-11-34-54…)

Cow crossover! Laur thinks Null and his "nazi mom" own all the bullying sites and that every hater on Twitter is him.



Jonathan has not indicated that he is aware of his thread or of having been discussed in the GC threads. If he replies to her she will surely let him know.

No. 689488


"Hey there, this is Jessica Yaniv and this is a message for @WGkitty. Listen, you need to stop. I'm just going to make it really frank. You are harassing me. I have done nothing to you and this is now becoming criminal harassment. Um… Also, because you are tenant/owner of this building, the building now gets involved. I have already advised Strata council, I have advised Bob Adams as well, there will be legal action taken against this building due to your behavior. Now, this will happen. So I suggest you stop and delete all your posts, reason being, what can happen is they can do a court ordered sale of your building because of your behavior. I'm not instigating anything here. Now I want you think for a second, this whole building is going to be sued because of your behavior."

No. 689508

File: 1565643805866.png (175.05 KB, 440x1090, Screenshot_2019-08-12-13-59-07…)

Jonathan is bringing all the cows to the yard!


No. 689509

File: 1565643995370.png (204.97 KB, 460x1179, Screenshot_2019-08-12-14-06-07…)

No. 689518

Occam's razor is great for hairy balls, Kat.

No. 689551

This is really dangerous thinking. pedophiles are pf all political persuasions, and if you believe no such thing can come from someone as the same political (or religious) persuasion as you simply because you share a set of beliefs, you have your blinders on so badly that you shouldn't have children in your care.

No. 689558

Isn't Kat essentially denying her trans identity by calling her a plant? I can see her logic though. Johnathan is literally the poster child of how tranny haters paint trans women.

No. 689559

Its how a lot of trans women themselves act but Jessica is the only one to get a little more fame

No. 689568

I'd disagree to that but my personal feelings don't matter.

I don't believe Johnathan is a trans person, he's a man who is using trans identity and their politics as a way to shield himself from his predatory and his other horrorcow ways. There are predatory trans women but Yaniv is just a predatory man, not a tranny.

No. 689570

File: 1565664336929.png (331.53 KB, 625x662, Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 03.1…)


He's on a big bawleting spree.


No. 689585

>There are predatory trans women but Yaniv is just a predatory man
No difference.

No. 689599

>Delete your posts or they’ll sell the building!
excuse me, what

But what makes you the arbiter of who is and isn’t truly trans? Legally and by the greater trans community’s standards Jonathan is just as much of a True and Honest transwoman as anyone else. After all, a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. He’s even taking hormones, which is more than I can say for some self-professed transwomen.

You can’t make the category of “woman” inclusive to everyone and then go oh no wait but not that one, that one’s gross! When actual women try to do the same they get branded as TERFs, get rape and death threats, risk getting fired or even arrested. Women have been beaten up and one woman’s office door was covered in urine. If women don’t get to decide what a woman is, why should men?

No. 689620

File: 1565687966436.png (143.73 KB, 800x900, Screenshot_2019-08-13-02-12-36…)

He removed his pronouns when he went deleting.

No. 689621

File: 1565688322105.png (431.18 KB, 1080x1082, Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 10.1…)

He deleted the pinned proud lesbian tweet Bernier retweeted, and "Miriam" charged to his defense. And mislinked KF.

No. 689623

She and Laur would make a great team!

I wonder if those poor Japanese kiwi growers often get harassed by confused targets of KF.

No. 689627

>links to a japanese farm

No. 689633

>Agitate for the "right" of men to be allowed in female locker rooms and bathrooms because it really, really bothers them that they can't be there.
>Men with no boundaries act on their fetish of predating on women and little girls.

This is a feature, not a bug.

No. 689710

File: 1565731098109.jpeg (116.69 KB, 750x1081, 5D2E4A64-40A8-4262-A130-DEE40C…)

Blaire claims that JY was the one that doxxed her, and apparently JY is in chat on Blaire’s stream while Blaire discusses the doxxing.

No. 689716

All this shit about JY’s agent has me ROLLING

No. 689746

This is Blaire to Jonathan on Aug 5, 2019, right before she cut stream with him: "I'm letting you know that after today, your name, your face will never appear again on my channel. I will never again give you, your story, or anything like that a platform on my channel."

Even if he did dox Blaire, why host a live stream about it? All this creep wants is the attention. The more outrageous and provocative the better. Blaire basically just gave him exactly what he wants. Sigh whatever.

No. 689753


> why host a live stream about it?

To respond to collect all the superchat donations. (I think she didn't have a lot of live streams with 40K viewers until now. I respect the hustle tho.)

No. 689799

File: 1565764033887.jpg (459.12 KB, 1078x1183, SmartSelect_20190813-084148_Br…)


Yesterday he reinstated his pronouns and reasserted his activist status.

No. 689800

File: 1565764365704.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-08-13-14-08-33…)

He obnoxiously inserted himself into the observance for a teen who died at the local skate park after being bullied into taking MDMA. While the boy was overdosing Yaniv was tying up emergency services for his biweekly munchie complaints.


No. 689809

File: 1565766309009.png (599.33 KB, 1242x2208, BBF90ADD-EA14-4FAF-A618-8E0E44…)

inb4 I get called out, blaire deleted the video off of IG, but Jessica confirmed on a phone call that he was the one who posted blaire’s address publically on a sock puppet account after blaire’s number got posted on IG during the stream

No. 689810

Blaire is apparently donating the superchat donations to the gofundme for the girls who got terrorized by Jessica’s ballsack

No. 689869

File: 1565785499853.jpeg (250.7 KB, 1440x1789, F83FEB94-EB29-4703-83AB-0D4F9D…)

Jon really has some great troops rallying behind him.

No. 689878

Yeah, sure.
Because everyone runs around screaming publicly "I am a pedo!"
In what world does he live?

No. 689910

File: 1565798894786.png (486.83 KB, 800x845, Screenshot_2019-08-14-09-04-50…)


New profile pic. Let's download it to get a clearer look.

No. 689911

File: 1565798927156.jpg (28.12 KB, 399x399, S_YGJuTO_400x400.jpg)

No. 689912

File: 1565799539115.jpg (206.26 KB, 659x826, whateverhappened.jpg)

Making the inevitable troon shift to aging starlet already?

No. 689913

Never has a comment been so accurate, but also made me so uncomfortable.

This is some real r/iamverybadass shit.

No. 689914

File: 1565799864781.png (71.61 KB, 800x672, Screenshot_2019-08-14-09-21-15…)


Wow. Am I surprised? Sigh.


They need all the help they can get.

No. 689927

it seriously looks like someone taught chris chan to do make up topkek

No. 689943

lol greg, taking the opposing position to reality just to piss people off and garner attention hasn't been working for you for eons now, what makes you think jumping on the JY bandwagon is going to give your fake tranny wife any cred?

No. 690041

I love how he's so retarded about everything that people have gone to the police about Yaniv. Jesus Greg, get with the time before you comment on shit you don't know.

No. 690207

TheRebelMedia journalist David Menzies being physically attacked by Yaniv and his mother on public property

No. 690356

I wish people would stop making the "FAKE WOMAN" or other trans-centric comments at JY, they are embarrassing and useless because we all know that he knows this is just a gimmick and he's an autogynephile. I wish people would drop those insults and stick to the pedo ones because that's what really freaks him out.

Also kek at the cop already knowing exactly who "Jessica" is. Canadian local police really need to get fed up with this fuck quicker.

No. 690612

Blaire White: Jessica Yaniv has my address & says he's buying a gun |

Rebel Media
1,261,501 subscribers
Premiered 6 hours ago

http://bit.ly/2Hd8dx8 Not everyone in the trans community sees eye to eye. In fact, it would be difficult to find two transgender individuals who are more dissimilar than Blaire White and “Jessica Yaniv.”

No. 690650

File: 1566045377747.png (2.81 MB, 1600x2354, IMG_20190629_183339.png)


Throwback to June 29th.

No. 690651

File: 1566045516541.jpeg (186.56 KB, 1204x1134, ECC519-U4AYHEoJ.jpeg)

No. 690658

File: 1566047571495.png (475.22 KB, 800x1029, Screenshot_2019-08-17-06-11-12…)

No. 690762

Well you know what they say… Wild pigs of a sounder…
Or whatever the phrase is

No. 690887

I love how the cane matches the outfit. Even if it looks terrible and nothing a woman above the age of 10 would wear, he attempted to put some thought into it. Maybe.

No. 691113


lol Lindsey is a cow herself, alt-right trad but not hot enough to be a thot

No. 691224


Do you have a critique of or response to her piece, or is calling her a cow all you have to offer?

No. 691329


I don't disagree with this specific article anon, I'm referring to her behavior outside of that. Nonetheless this isn't a Lindsay Shepherd thread

No. 691747

File: 1566284443214.jpg (330.38 KB, 1033x1157, SmartSelect_20190819-230018_Br…)

Whew, today was…something. Blaire broadcasts Yaniv's call. The agent was played by a litigious gay porn star conspiring with Blaire. Claims of a pedo confession. Another victim comes forward with accusations of an arrangement for a golden shower at a hotel. Then by end of day all parties had locked down and delete delete deleted.

No. 691758

tinfoil but I bet blaire has lawyered up and took it down for evidence reasons & he misinterpreted that as him "winning" & is still trying to play the PR game

No. 691761

File: 1566291679636.png (393.66 KB, 582x619, screenshot-twitter.com-2019.08…)

No. 691764

File: 1566292243454.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 283FCC21-CD49-42A1-A27C-F96CA8…)

No. 691766

File: 1566292391672.png (469.78 KB, 640x1136, 74E4B70E-0E76-4753-9AC5-4316BC…)

"The Agent"

No. 691767

File: 1566292880818.png (448.56 KB, 770x1157, Screenshot_2019-08-20-02-18-22…)

No. 691768

File: 1566292930468.png (129.41 KB, 800x690, Screenshot_2019-08-20-02-19-27…)

No. 691772

File: 1566295943432.png (64.74 KB, 800x311, Screenshot_2019-08-20-03-09-32…)

No. 691779

File: 1566300147412.jpg (117.39 KB, 640x640, MeSpirithoods2.jpg)

I haven't seen these posted or archived yet.



No. 691781

File: 1566300252286.jpg (74.44 KB, 600x799, Bx2avvkCcAA-vU91.jpg)

>What I do to protect myself from cyber attacks at home and in public

Swing your cane and feign a seizure?


No. 691782

File: 1566300322286.jpeg (52.47 KB, 599x400, BTaQ_sZCYAAQEgn.jpeg)

No. 691891

File: 1566333060741.png (518.16 KB, 800x1033, Screenshot_2019-08-20-13-19-23…)


Jonathan is once again a proud lesbian. He's approaching 150k followers. No need to pad his numbers now. Hate followers are free!

No. 691892

File: 1566333139204.png (329.8 KB, 800x690, Screenshot_2019-08-20-13-20-24…)

Blocked by PFLAG!

No. 691896

File: 1566333384139.jpeg (107.8 KB, 946x2048, ECbXJzYUwAASQ3Y.jpeg)

No. 691900

File: 1566333552548.png (221.38 KB, 800x974, Screenshot_2019-08-20-13-22-13…)

About that pool party…


No. 691905

File: 1566333777393.png (219.57 KB, 800x678, Screenshot_2019-08-20-13-21-31…)

No. 691906

File: 1566333810586.jpeg (197.58 KB, 946x2048, ECbCkBSU8AEdA9P.jpeg)

No. 691908

File: 1566333898483.png (61.2 KB, 800x182, Screenshot_2019-08-20-13-19-44…)

>choking on my vomit

Sounds like a personal problem.


No. 691914

"Not even Sikhs and muslims deserve to be raped guys, that's how strongly I feel about this!"

Fucking honestly, what kind of point is this troon trying to make here?

No. 691916

File: 1566335976642.jpeg (31.2 KB, 1336x565, ECbHuCrVAAA5SCV.jpeg)

No. 692280

This profile makes it look like he produces gay porn?

No. 692299

He does.

No. 692495

File: 1566501948461.png (63.34 KB, 1063x350, jrumpel3.png)

Jessica Rumpel, a real girl who JY preyed on, joined KF and posted her story in a wall of text and some random screenshots with no context. I'll greentext her post so its readable:

>Rumpel met JY on Kik

>JY asks her pad/period/tampon questions
>Conversation moves to Facebook
>JY asks her how to get into women's bathrooms w/o getting caught
>"He started getting dirty with me, got sexual real quick."
>Sent her the infamous Elmo voice recordings
>JY asks her for pics of her tampons
>"He even told me on ask.fm through anonymous he prefers to fuck girls under 18 because they have tighter vaginas"
>Rumpel finds out that JY has been acting this way towards several young girls and lied to them about his age

Rumpel said she's left out a lot and there's "so much you guys don't know." Jessica, if you find lolcow, I'd recommend finding more incriminating screencaps and detailing every single thing in a complaint to Canadian police. Also her screenshots so far don't have anything interesting in them but she had a big spergfit about being asked to get verified by KF mods, lmfao. Yaniv really knows how to pick kiddies.

No. 692497

File: 1566502057699.png (152.41 KB, 1432x1216, Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 12.1…)

A cap of Johnathan Yaniv asking Rumpel on advice for asking out a 17-year-old. He should ask Onision.

btw the caps I downloaded straight from KF so it has her original phone file names, I'm not her.

No. 692499

File: 1566502351336.png (102.04 KB, 1380x888, Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.2…)

Johnathan Yaniv telling the same teenager about putting a tampon up his ass. I won't clog up with any more screenshots unless they're really terrible, but yeah that's the news.

No. 693604

File: 1566694978982.png (36.51 KB, 590x337, 54654.PNG)

This shitshow gets funnier by the minute.

No. 693610

File: 1566695615851.png (61.61 KB, 590x411, 65551.PNG)

Babysitting arc now?

No. 693620


She's power leveling way too much about her family. Despite being interviewed by the likes of the Mail she hasn't done anything beyond submitting an online tip with RCMP. Jonathan's invitation to pay for her airfare (revealed in her recent posts) is actionable.


Denton nicked those screenshots from KF.


No. 693628

Ewwww, What a sicko.

No. 693873

Who's sicker, the pedo advertising himself in a facebook babysitting group with no childcare experience or the parents who are actually picking people out of this facebook group to care for their kids? Ok the answer's always Yaniv, but you get what I mean.

No. 694042

File: 1566761573689.jpg (11.59 KB, 225x323, mjwrist1.JPG)

While there is an obvious difference in talent and glamour, Yaniv actually makes me think of Michael jackson.
>Would often walk around with a an arm in a sling and such to make people feel sorry for him
>Used a little boy voice on purpose to sound vulnerable
>Conveyed the image of just being a little boy who never grew up
>Groomed boys in "special friendships"
>Uses a cane and scooter in public to seem like a harmless victim
>Identifes as a woman
>Fake teenage girl voice
>Attempts special friendships with girls online

No. 694235

Jackson actually did have arthritis.

No. 694316

But you get what I'm saying right? There seem to be certain tactics pedos use to get close to targets and seem harmless and pitiable. The girls Yaniv chatted with felt sorry for him at first, wanting to help him with his trans woes about bathrooms. But now the all world can see him clearly for what he is, running around hitting annoying journalists in the head with his cane.

No. 694331

I’d still differ in their motivations for the (granted) similar behavior.
(Sorry for derailing and armchairing to some extent.)
I think Jackson actually had some mental health issues due to becoming famous at such a young age, that may have caused some developmental deficits. Like, he genuinely kept clinging on to his own child-like behavior/personality in general, not just to be more successful with grooming kids.

Yaniv just portrays herself as oh-so-vulnerable to get a free pass at anything. He’s just a vile psychopath that will knowingly choose the path that’s the most beneficial to him and only him. He tries to talk like a teenage girl because he figured that’s the best way to get to them, not because he genuinely mentally is a teenage girl.

No. 695323

Yaniv just went live on Instagram talkung about filing a human rights complaint because a beauty peagent wouldn't let him join.

It is obvious at this point that he just wants to get attention by pissing off other people.

The peagent is called "beauties of five continents"

No. 695349

someone needs to take away his right to complain or better yet his human rights /s
imagine abusing a court like this that serves you, too

No. 695475

File: 1567185300715.jpg (73.31 KB, 615x1027, 2019-08-30_13-15-31.jpg)

He was also on instagram live moaning while talking to a 17 year old. Flashed her his moob too.

No. 695476

I hope people record this shit now since he‘s gained so much negative popularity…

No. 695520

he's live right now saying that his racism (called someone a turban-fucker…) was a social experiment to demonstrate that some people get defended and others don't e.g. him. I think that is what he is trying to say honestly it's not making much sense. in WHAT world

No. 695715

does somebody have a recording of this? Just because some of us don't have instagram… and it'd be good info to send to the cops(Cowtipping)

No. 695847


Both instances of JY on the live are there. He has a whole subforum on KF for reference

No. 695862

>3:46: This is where I noticed that Yaniv starts…moaning(?) periodically…

Holy shit that’s disgusting.
Then again it makes so much sense he‘d have a degradation fetish too and purposefully brings himself in situations in which he‘s cussed out/called gross/etc by young women and trannies.

No. 695886

File: 1567355509607.png (626.63 KB, 750x1334, A9F97347-8FE2-4106-8A1C-42F4FA…)

Look who made it on to a popular Toronto based “news” IG page. He’s being shredded apart in the comments lmao

No. 698697

Yaniv is selling their bras on market place


They also are receiving an honourary degree


OH and I believe they're suing a hospital because broke a bed


No. 705120

File: 1568687265994.webm (6.53 MB, 720x1280, media.io_936074-de7690562c3bee…)

No. 705121

File: 1568687459058.webm (6.66 MB, 720x1280, 937972-a297058fce09dee2ab68767…)


No. 708581

No. 708681

jesus fucking christ


when will this guy go to prison?

No. 708778

Legit reminds me of those Chris-Chan Videos to "Julie"

No. 708962

File: 1569348502388.png (381.1 KB, 780x520, AUTISMINCARNATE.png)

mommy mommy i gotta go potty

No. 721456

File: 1571784307460.png (158.12 KB, 640x480, jessica-yaniv-2.png)

Apparently Jonathan "wax my balls" Yaniv loses human rights case; ordered by Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to pay 2000CAD each to salon owners.


No. 721501

No. 721560

That’s good, but when’s he getting done for pedophilia and why is he not in jail?

No. 721593

I think you ned to read the judgement though, see how good it is - he basically gets called a huge troll who has deliberately set out to harass these women, and who is clearly in possession of male genitalia that he cannot compel them to touch. It's a significant ruling where one's gender identity will not override one's genital reality. It's actually scathing.

Pedo stuff takes time to investigate, hopefully that will come down on his head in due time. He's been chased out of a babysitting group he joined and is being watched on the internet all the time, he's already having an uneasy time of things.

No. 721661

Fucking hilarious. I read the whole thing with coffee and pastries. A real treat of identifying Yaniv's predatory behavior of minority women. He's now in the hole for 6k.

No. 721931

That the tribunal even mention the You Tube upload in the document is hilarious. Thanks for the link.

No. 722095

My god, this is such a great read. Get fucked, Jonathan. Pay out and get fucked.

>After I issued this decision, Ms. Yaniv re‐submitted her application to lead expert evidence and I issued a second denial in a letter dated July 25, 2019. Ms. Yaniv raised the issue a third time at the beginning of the hearings on July 26, and I again denied the application. Ms. Yaniv attempted to give the proposed expert evidence herself during her testimony, but I have not given her opinion any weight because she is not an expert in the subject matter.

I gave a mighty kek at this, fucking Yaniv trying to say he was an aesthetician expert SO HARD that he tried to do it in court despite being rejected THREE TIMES. And then was ignored. I'm living.

No. 722706

The judge shutting this predator down was great but I feel awful for the women involved. He really went out of his way to target vulnerable women that struggled to articulate themselves and worked from home. He knew what he was doing and was purposely trying to trap them.

One of them apologised to Yaniv profusely and explained that she literally didn't know how/wasn't qualified to wax male genitals. Another straight up said her grandma had passed away and she wasn't taking appointments and this asshole said "you think I believe you?"

And the one that made me saddest was Mrs Hehar.
>She has disabilities which have made her life difficult and made her vulnerable to exploitation.
>In around 2017, Mrs. Hehar’s very young son was diagnosed with autism. She was worried about how to care for him.
>She was only willing to travel within a certain distance of her home because she gets easily lost.

No. 722713

This makes me sick to my stomach. I wish he could be thrown in a (male) prison.

No. 722887

>Ms. Yaniv then asked whether Ms. Benipal would provide the service while she was on her period, pressing her to agree to work around the string of a tampon. While I found her to be evasive on this issue, Ms. Yaniv acknowledged that she was not menstruating and would not have required Ms. Benipal to work around a tampon[…] In an unrelated Facebook post, Ms. Yaniv said publicly that “The funniest thing is asking an immigrant for a tampon they freak out lol [crying/laughing emoji]”. In my view, the most likely scenario is that Ms. Yaniv was trying to make Ms. Benipal feel uncomfortable or awkward for her own amusement or as a form of revenge.

And once again this racist freak uses his menstrual fetish to make people uncomfortable.

No. 723049

this was the same woman that made a whopping $500 in a year from her services and stopped after Yaniv. He's such a piece of shit. This woman was just trying to find a job she could do without leaving her son.

No. 723067

She was also Sikh which is coincidentally the same religion as the man Yaniv called a "turban fucker".

He selects his victims carefully.

Working around a tampon would be awkward if you weren't dealing with a predator like him, especially since most salons don't wax people on their periods due to increased sensitivity. Of course he wouldn't know that since this is just a fetish for him and the humiliation of immigrants and his victim complex get him off.

No. 723081

I'm not familiar with Canadian law, but the ruling doesn't seem to say that women can refuse services if they're uncomfortable, just that in this particular case, the lawsuit is unfounded because the plaintiff had a motive against immigrants from the start, which is definitely true.

If someone has bottom surgery, do women have to provide services to them? What if the service provider is just uncomfortable with that?

This made me sad too. The ruling says she "gets lost easily" and doesn't use maps. Way to pick on a disabled lady who has no idea about transgender issues for your non-issue.

No. 723114

the ruling says that male and female genital waxing are very different things, and that no matter what gender a person identifies as, their genital reality is what matters. as in, Yaniv can identify as a woman but he still has a dick so he has to see someone who will do male waxing, he cannot compel a female waxing specialist to do it.

the stuff about his motives for launching the cases is secondary.

No. 723172


No. 723184

Honestly I'm worried nothing will come of the CP on his PC thing but I hope to god it's just taking some time rather than being ignored.

Bottom surgery doesn't just magically give you a vulva lol

Quite literally it's still balls. They make their nasty caricature of a vulva out of testicles. Thus, it's still testicular skin and not miraculously the skin of a real woman's vulva. So, no?

No. 723338

Wrong they can make an actual honest to god vagina. Like you can’t tell. Source: work with transgender surgeons and you’d be shocked. Unless the water is rooting around inside the vaginal cavity they aren’t gonna know.

But it’s moot point because Jonathan Yankovic isn’t trans just a fucked up asshole taking advantage of trans people and new laws that aren’t perfected yet. Like this could all be easily solved if they brought in a therapist that was trans focused and diagnosed transgender individuals. They’d tell the court Jonathan is mentally ill and a peephole using the trans umbrella for protection. Pedos have done the same things with the gay/lesbian community. Happens a lot

No. 723426

Tranny pls stop lying to yourself. Your inverted penis wound isn't the same as an actual vagina that lubricates itself, cleans itself,
and muscles that can contract and relax.

Such delusions are not needed here.

No. 723532

Can’t believe I’m defending this kind of shit but the fact that it isn’t to the same extent self-lubricating doesn’t matter in that case as that’s not the part that’s gonna be waxed.
Hair usually only grows on your labia and as long as surgeons can model that kind of shit out of skin, it’s close enough that an aesthetician who’s trained to wax female genitalia could wax that, too. It’s not that complicated of a task.

Don’t get me wrong; they should still be allowed to refuse trans clients. But you act like waxing an actual vulva vs tranny is like rocket science vs linguistics. It’a waxing for god’s sake.

And, most importantly, it’s really not even that relevant since JY has a fucking dick, not a tanny vag.

No. 723727

stop tranny shilling, the material is exactly like the material of balls, not labia. also, hair still grows inside the canal and makes hairballs. it's literally disgusting, full of smegma, smells terrible and nobody should have to go through waxing it. /r/neovaginadisasters

No. 723828


Well that's put me right off my dinner…

No. 748689

No. 748722

He needs to be fucking expunged from society lol

No. 748808

Didn't he lose his lawsuits against the waxers and was forced to pay them money and is now trying to sue more waxers?

Yaniv is so mentally challenged.

No. 749220

>keeps waddling towards the reporter who's already walking backwards
Fucking KEK. Canada is fucked if they don't do something about this guy.

No. 749376

He's just falsely accused a woman of sexual assault, of taking a photo of him in the women's bathroom.
Huh sounds familiar

No. 749379

he is my favorite cow not talked about in this site. omfg what a fag. at this point his local police know so much about him but they are bigger cucks than the police around onision. yaniv is a fucking freak

No. 749502

No. 749506

He's like a broken record. He lost the other cases so he thinks if he sues more then he'll magically win?

I hope they refuse to hear the case until he pays off the rest of the waxers.

No. 749750

Will get jail time for this but not pedophillia?

No. 749758

whatever puts him in jail is a win for women and children. take what you can get.

No. 749763

Exactly. Though he'd probably be sent to a women's prison, tho I imagine he'd probably get absolutely battered in there

No. 751345

Looks like he's finally in jail! Dumb fuck thought he could keep on assaulting people on camera and get away with it.

No. 751438

He's not in jail, he was arrested. And he won't serve time on this but we can dream.

No. 776692

File: 1590323131293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.14 KB, 922x683, 20200520_115900.jpg)

stolen from KF: allegedly JY posted dick pics on a lesbian dating app https://jymeowmix.wordpress.com/2020/05/20/jy-lesbian-dick-pic-trader/

No. 776716

Of course he has a micropeen

No. 776759

This is what hell looks like..
So much for iNtErSeX and being born with both genitals.

No. 776760

Yikes. That dick could rival Onision's.
Why would he even think to put that on a lesbian dating site? He can't exactly pass it off as a giant clit..

No. 777024

why did i unspoiler. well, no time like the present to start fasting lmao

No. 822842

File: 1613772614265.jpg (399.44 KB, 2052x1270, firemen.jpg)

Who let this thread die when the milk is still hot, fresh and juicy? Shame on you, farmers.

Yaniv's latest: calling firemen out to get it out of the bath, where it's obviously, yknow, naked. It's now trying to sue them over this letter.

No. 822845

File: 1613772844354.png (419.99 KB, 770x627, gyno.PNG)

It also now apparently goes to a gynaecologist. Why? Who knows. Comments are suggesting it recently had SRS, but I'm still digging.

No. 822849

File: 1613773207701.png (59.64 KB, 753x723, so will they wax it.PNG)


Aaand confirmed. The picture has been deleted, but none of us wanted to see that shit anyway. So I guess now it has a frankenvag, it's switched over to sexually harassing men.

No. 822850

Oh no, I found it.

Click with extreme caution.


No. 822858

Holy kek, is there any more context to this?

No. 822863

Blaire White uploaded a video several days ago that’s a decent update. Also kiwifarms has everything detailed for anyone who wants to thoroughly catch up (or punish yourself for some reason).

No. 822870

So good to see our SJW Princess back on the front page! Last I heard he was on a lesbian dating app showing his dick off but now he's getting his exhibition kink by getting firefighters to get him out of the tub? Wow.

Wait.. so he officially got surgery? Here I thought he'd never get rid of his dick and balls.

No. 822881

I mean, to be fair there wasn't much to get rid of in the first place.

No. 822886

I was warned and I clicked it anyway

I have no one to blame but myself

No. 822900

The unspoiled pic of his botched genitals were posted in the mtf thread in snow a few days ago. I'm not saving that shit to repost here but for anyone curious his neovagina is horrendous.

No. 822901

File: 1613795719455.jpg (226.55 KB, 648x474, 1348550145913.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ I physically winced

No. 822907

File: 1613801671860.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1242x2021, C2679AD5-2DAB-485D-BE5C-E50548…)

CLICK WITH EXTREME CAUTION FARMERS. It appears JY is posting more bloody vagina pics

No. 822915

Still looks like a ballsack kek.

No. 822917

File: 1613811144800.png (206.82 KB, 727x720, muh mangina.PNG)

It has been calling firemen to get it out of the bath every day so they have to look at its fucked up manvag. Fire department said they're gonna start charging it for wasting their time, so now it's taking legal action.

According to 4chan /lgbt/, you shouldn't be having baths after SRS- you're not meant to submerge your lower body in water for something like 6 weeks, and it's been doing it every day so it can flash firemen and claiming this is 'on doctor's orders'. They are going to end up with the botch to end all botches.

No. 822920

this ugly fat man is too predictable, yawn. getting off by showing everyone this nonsense, he’s so transparent.

imagine this retard waking up, all ready to post pics of his am hole, getting cheery and psyched to show off his fat drippy ass and his diabeetus skin tags and @ in some gynecologists (women only, thank you) for good measure.

i hope they sue him. they have a case.

No. 822923

What the fuck, he's moved from harassing beauty salons to repeatedly calling firemen simply to expose them to his frankenvag? And suing them for not complying? This man is a fucking menace and a die-hard pervert who just can't stop his exhibitionist fetish. 30 goddamn calls. Jesus. Those poor rescue workers.

No. 822936

File: 1613824721577.gif (396.19 KB, 287x200, D78ECBB0-A3D0-4028-BAA4-8B2D91…)

No. 822949

File: 1613835654740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.48 KB, 900x678, 2021-02-15 17.01.55 twitter.co…)

At first I didn't want to believe because there's no way Yaniv would get his dick removed, not when he gets off sexually on forcing women to entertain him as a fake transwoman.

But I guess somewhere along the way he decided to show us all. Maybe he thinks he can have a clitoris and a vagina that works like the real thing (since he claims he's on his period) so he can just be sexually active and get pleasure like a real woman… but he can't. Apparently the doctor he's raving about is a butcher with multiple complaints for botching surgeries.

No. 822956

absolutely based anon, I had to go back and rewatch for the sake of 2008 feels and the comparison is incredible. scaly and scary

No. 822972

Downstairs mix-up

No. 822994

God in heaven there is no way that much blood can be okay
I was right, his ball bag is going to come un-stitched and the whole thing is going to fall apart in pieces

No. 823037


His weird period fetish finally overcame the exhibitionism

No. 823108

This is just an extension of the exhibitionism thing, he's moved on to forcing firefighters to stare at his perpetually bleeding stinkditch.

No. 823120

Which doc did he go to, anon?

No. 823127

this freaks period fetish is going to end with him bleeding out of his botched neovag.

we’re so far past horror cow at this point. he has to be doing something to keep it bleeding like that. i’m fucking horrified and disgusted.

No. 823346

File: 1613978237530.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1432x1152, Screenshot_20210211210444_copy…)

NSFL but here's some sexy euphoric pics of him RTing his doctor

kek canada anons you funded this mess

No. 823347

oh my fuck this is the worst neovag Ive ever seen

No. 823352

B-but anon it's his cute coin slot vagina!

i have sadly seen much much worse…

No. 823411

why does it look like he pulled a piece of beef jerky out his fakepussy?

No. 823426

well i really regret looking at that

No. 823444

Looks like the skin of an elephant

No. 823487

Well the good news is he now cant use his little penis on anyone and he probably fucked up his libido and ability to orgasm forever

The bad news is people will now have to look at this botched monstrosity whether they want to or not

No. 823542

only until it bleeds out or gets horribly infected.

cause you just know he’s not taking care of it.

No. 823543

I bet a million sheckles that he didn’t go for the hair removal first before getting this ….this. He’s gonna have hair balls and who knows what the fuck else he’ll stick up there and leave. He’d be the type to shove tampons in and then “forget” and just continue shoving them in. I want to die.

No. 823546

Don't die anon, you'll miss out on the sepsis saga

No. 823549

AGP's: the self solving problem

No. 823552

Thanks, that gave me a little hope to carry on. It’s like seeing Chris Chan’s taint all over again.
Good thing you don’t need ovaries to get TSS.

No. 823645

According to the other farms he went to Brasssard. Brassard makes all patients sign NDAs confirming they won't post any photos of their neovag online.

No. 823663

Well in that case, yaniv should be sued and have a taste of his own medicine

But it probably wont be long before yaniv sues the doctor for the botched surgery when things go south because he has no sense of hygiene

No. 823777

I wonder what's more horrifying. That or the fact that I was an hour away from where he got his dicked chopped up. I sincerely hope he had to pay out of pocket and it was not paid by the government. Although I wouldn't be surprised. He's already a litigious kike and an absolute pervert with no morals. He'd probably cry discrimination if he had to pay for it. Cause you know, something something oppression.

That is interesting. I wasn't aware of that NDA clause. What would be the consequences of that? Could they sue Yaniv for breach of NDA? They might like to get a notice about it.

One thing I found interesting is that he likes to proclaim he bleeds from his axe wound and therefore is totes a woman now. Not only that but he uses it as an argument to make whatever he wishes slide with the law to delay and avoid any repercussion for his actions. Canada is a liberal hellhole and will accommodate the left whenever they cry hard enough. I really wonder what's taking so long for the law to put him in a patty wagon after everything that came out about him "so far".

To paraphrase a KF member, he is willfully preventing for the gash to heal cause LOL SORRY CAN'T GO TO COURT, DOCTOR'S ORDERS. Wait till hair grows in his neo-vagina and sepsis kicks in. Then it will lead to more delay and whatever else. What was most baffling is that he thought he was the sexiest woman in town after getting his gash and thought that being lewd with firefighters would go the same way a porno flick would. Twice daily even. What the fuck is the RCMP doing about this freak?

No. 823905

That sounds like an onision-tier NDA. Like is that even really enforceable? Unless you're a pornstar with an exclusive contract to only show your asshole on brazzers or something, not being allowed to post photos of your body sounds illegal

No. 823944

Troons get their SRS surgery for free in Canada. My cousin was flown to Ontario, rode in a limo to the hospital and even got a stay at home nurse in the end.
Granted, this was in 2016 so who knows if it's changed since.

No. 823949

Yaniv probably feels so euphoric to be finally bleeding and collecting septic seepage w super maxi tampons to sniff, save and reuse. One must wonder if TSS numbers will be next female stat to spike in places like Canada were the tiddy pillths are plenty

No. 823951

File: 1614246546494.jpg (20.65 KB, 716x88, brassard.jpg)

I don't really know much about the law so I have no idea if it's actually enforceable, but this is apparently the clause wording.

No. 824005

I'd like to see the full agreement but this is very poorly worded and likely unenforceable. It's too general (antecedents can refer to anything from your childhood to your previous convictions in a courtoom) and you can't provide the necessary consideration to enter into a contract if the terms are intangible. You can't agree to something that doesn't have a beginning or an end, if that makes sense.

Plus these kind of clauses never really hold up because the intention behind them is to prevent law suits, bad reviews and publicised complaints. You can't really contract yourself out of complaints or accusations of negligence. Even people who sign explicit waivers can loophole their way out with a good lawyer if the other party has done something negligent.

And what >>823905 said is right, you can't really force someone to never take and publish photos of their own body.

I think it sounds like the surgeon relies a lot on the fact he likely has more money than most of his patients and can afford to pay a good lawyer. No matter how shitty your contract is, if you've got a good lawyer and they've got a bad one, they're fucked.

No. 827923

File: 1616307244065.jpeg (842.82 KB, 1166x1163, DF06D960-6625-4A82-8C77-E636CC…)

I guess now he’s moved on to hassling cops

No. 827924

File: 1616307280714.jpeg (725.36 KB, 1147x1687, 4020BE67-2FC9-4BEE-B3D7-3E5C33…)

No. 828002

it's so next level disgusting how much he loves talking about this. anything to do with his crotch rot bleeding and needing people to show up for it. he's so textbook

No. 828010

Wait if he didn't call the cops, why is he so sure they're there for his bleeding wound?

No. 829615

its starting to look like one of those ott cow threads that end with death. can't wait

No. 842112

File: 1624811974252.jpg (106.85 KB, 1022x768, yyy.jpg)

So his clit fell off and he couldn't find it. Relevant bump
Post in thread 'Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / trustednerd.com / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia' https://kiwifarms.net/threads/jonathan-yaniv-jessica-yaniv-trustednerd-trustednerd-com-jy-knows-it-jy-british-columbia.49790/post-9312685(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 842180

I thought it was a joke.. it was not. Well. Couldn't have happened to a better person.

No. 842215

File: 1624872426662.jpeg (60.11 KB, 960x540, mgid_arc_content_shared.southp…)

It's so ladylike when your frankenclit falls off. Happens everytime. One day my clit is here and then…poof! It's gone.
Am I rite ladies?

Seriously, a gross known pedo will never coom again and it's hilarious. 41% when?

No. 842241

You made my day, nonita!

No. 842248

File: 1624903000825.jpg (62.05 KB, 292x1024, wp-1624893129012.jpg)

did yall see this in meowmix?

No. 842261

>pornstar pussy
I'm pretty sure their clitoris don't fall off and theirs isn't rotting away.

Supposedly, the person JY went to had a ton of bad reviews.

No. 842262

How can somebody say that their downstairs mixup has split from one hole to the other in one sentence, then legit RIGHT after say it looks like a "pornstar pussy"??
Does he mean the pussy of a pornstar 30 days post mortem?

No. 842296

This retard is wearing pads to collect the blood and pus from the wound between his asshole and "pornstar pussy"

No. 844237

whos the girl in the twitter avatar? doesnt look like her at all

No. 844239

It's him he just has a wig on and facetuned it

No. 844295

I thought he was just a really deranged predator, but this is next level. I feel underqualified to even guess what the hell is going on in his mind.

No. 844330

This botched surgery changes the narrative in an interesting way. Before Yaniv was used as an example of the problem with the trans bathroom laws. It was assumed that Yaniv was a predator who was taking advantage of these laws by pretending to be trans, so that he would be able to harass, watch, and potentially assault women in bathrooms. However, the gender reassignment surgery seems to confirm that Yaniv truly is trans, at least potentially just as trans as many other trans people. That doesn't change the fact he's a predator, though, he just isn't faking being trans.

This doesn't actually mean no one else is taking advantage of these laws. It seems to me, if someone was going to take advantage of the trans bathroom laws, they would never be as public as Yaniv about it. They would try to be as discreet as possible. Of course, the issue I also see with this is the assumption that they would even bother with pretending to be trans in the first place. There are plenty of predators who skip all that theater.

It's obvious Yaniv is deeply, deeply mentally ill, this is self-mutilation. I'm not talking about the reassignment surgery, I'm talking about the gore. We already knew he was crazy, but this goes far beyond anything I'd expected before. It's stomach-churning.

No. 844349

With out a dick-clit, Yaniv is effectively a eunuch. I'm betting suicide. That's horrible, and while I'm disgusted with Yaniv's predatory behavior, I would never wish that on it, but if I had to make a guess, that seems like the most likely ending to all this.

No. 844354

I don't gogive a fuck if he considers himself the queen of Shiba. He asked minor children about changing infront of him and "not to tell their parents". Fuck Yaniv.

No. 844355

I agree, but I don't understand how this is a response to anything I said.

No. 844362

Nobody visiting these threads about him were worried about him TakInG aDvAnTAgE of troon laws all trannies foam at the mouth ready to expose their dried out wiener in the womens locker room, Yaniv got his own threads because rather than just tweet larping about exposing himself to innocents and diddling kiddos like most of the twitter trannies, he very publicly did so while playing the victim (his abundant & gross fetishes also made him a horror tier cow early on lol). A pervert neutered himself to pursue the ultimate vageen orgasm and can no longer experience physical pleasure from anything he does to himself or others. Rejoice and drink the milk which now has Yanivs lost dickclit in it.

No. 844445

>the gender reassignment surgery seems to confirm that Yaniv truly is trans
not necessarily. the way he and his mom both act about this whole thing, he seems like the kind of person who's so obsessed with being "right" that he would go this far.

No. 844506


I wholly agree. You don’t have to actually be trans to troon out, you just have to fetishize women to an obscene degree whilst also having a serious “grass is greener” delusion.

Do I believe that there are as many people born into the “wrong” body as people claim? No. Purely from an evolutionary perspective, it’s not advantageous in the least.

Do I think there’s enough incel / femcel morons willing to cut their junk off to try and feel something? Yes.

I’m 50 years we’ll have a stricter rules for this process, and a far less lenient and almost “pushy” medical infrastructure that just lets these folks in through a revolving door.

No. 848179

>In March 2018 Jonathan contacted 18 female waxers who advertised bikini waxes to ask them to wax his she-penis and balls, saying that he was a woman. Most of the women declined due to him not actually having female genitalia. Due to their refusal, he decided to file lawsuits against said women under Canada's Human Rights law for 2.5k a piece.

No. 849464


I guess I don't know for sure what's going on in his head, but he's intense and specific in his physiologic AGP, and he's an autist.

That's a recipe for being as "legitimately" trans as any other AGP TIM

No. 859200

1/10 is this even a women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 859292

No. Sage retard.

No. 883593

So glad others are calling this shit out instead of being like 'Hurrrdurrr seee all trannies are like that", while yaniv is anything but trans. Instead, just a disgusting creep mislead by the phobic presumption that being trans somehow means you'll get away with being a creep. This is why the trans community shouldn't be so afraid of gatekeeping, because the proper amount of it is needed to keep people like that out so it doesn't self destruct from the inside after being infiltrated by fake uncanny creeps putting up a mediocre act.

No. 883598

most of trannies are AGP hetero men looking to express their fetish in public, with a minority of gay trannies who just like makeup. therefore JY is quite representative of the community.
also, when you've got no milk, sage. you made the thread first page when you had nothing interesting to say.
i'm glad the supreme court told him to fuck himself.

No. 883607

Not the "fake trans" cope lmao

No. 883610

File: 1657980749531.jpeg (69.15 KB, 645x461, 9B34DC20-D776-4FD9-8506-93542B…)

yes all trannies are like that. go to any TRA circles and use « he/him » pronouns and u will see how much they will get defensive and tell u that its a woman no matter what. they did the same shit w Chris Chan. cope and cry

No. 883614

File: 1657984328188.png (31.55 KB, 390x390, 8e7.png)

No. 883740

I don't think he has a globally low IQ but he's definitely extremely socially impaired. I would heavily suspect high functioning autism in this individual and a low mental age socially and emotionally, probably 12-13 or so which would explain his obsession with teenage girls. He has the mind of a fucked up teenager.

You have to be a complete and total public shitshow for even the majority of the trans community to reject you like they have done with Yaniv.

Looking at his interviews with people and his public behavior he seems to have no social awareness at all and low cognitive empathy, plus a lack of personal boundaries and absolutely no idea about other people's motivations or desires.

Most pervert troons are smart and devious about it but Yaniv is way too impaired to hide his true motivations even if it harms him in the end.

No. 883752

>Most pervert troons are smart and devious about it
kek no they aren't they are just protected by other men so they don't have to be smart or devious. and yaniv is still protected to some extent, the trans cult isnt willing to write him off completely because they can't say anyone is invalid. they are stuck with him and they aren't any smarter than he is.

No. 883756


No. 883764

You sound like those armchair weirdos from KF who think they can read the cow's mind. I mean nothing you've said is wrong but you're weird as fuck.

No. 884873

Are you telling me that no one on this site does that anon?

No. 884876

They're smart and devious enough not to outright admit they are pedos. They'll make excuses like "I never had a girlhood and this is my puberty because I was born in the wrong body" and the gullible populace will buy it and feel sorry for them and think that's why they want to wear pigtails and put tampons in their asses. They'll drop red flags but they're emotionally manipulative enough to convince most dumbass simpletons that they don't have bad intentions. Yaniv literally showcases his fetishes for all to see. He might try to be manipulative but he's so autistic that he fails at it and the mask constantly slips. You can see clearly that other troons have quietly distanced themselves from him and he is barely active on social media now. He's already peaked a tonne of people on autogynephilia and they don't want that happening.

No. 888423

I honestly just want updates on the lost clit-dick, I find that fascinating.

I think you're right that the trans movement is afraid to not accept, or to "invalidate," anyone. However, I find it hard to believe anyone's really defending Yaniv, because even the people who would feel politically inclined to must be horrified at him and what he could mean for trans rights. I think at some point the existence of people like Yaniv and Chris-Chan is going to force the trans movement to either refine its conceptual framework, or they're going to bring the entire thing crashing down.

No. 911174

Feels bad to have Yaniv's Kiwifarms sub-forum consolidated into a single thread in Stink Ditch.
It's not the end of Yaniv's saga yet (now he's been banned from the university campus) - he's bound to cause more shitstorms as long as he lives.(sage your shit)

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