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File: 1503803559596.jpg (85.5 KB, 640x431, onionalone.jpg)

No. 429098

Previous thread >>>/pt/426045

Last time on our favorite trainwreck:

- Gargamel drinks water out of a barely rinsed out bottle of Clorox only to throw up on YouNow while our space prince cries begging him to call poison control
(of course Onion was annoyed by her concerns)

- our favorite space prince cries after finding out her totally platonic friend has a boyfriend after spending her beta buxx on a plane ticket

- macandcheesefairy, a Billie clone, emerges on Twitter and YouNow and starts to get the attention of Lame and Greg despite previously being a Social Repose and Billie fan and has only recently started following both Onion and Lame on twitter.
She has caught the eyes of Onion himself, still yearning for Billbong, while Lainey aggresively ignores her generic manic pixie comment spam on YouNow.

- Doormat admits on stream that Greg often breaks up with her during arguments and she doesn't allow him to leave the relationship lol

- Faxx Machine blatantly lies on Twitter calling his beloved Patron and donator $$$$ Becca "thick" and not "fat" despite of how contradictory this is.
He has after all called much thinner women, and underaged girls fat on his videos.

- Eugenia Cooney is offline for a day which causes Greg to speculate about her death, because spending a day away from the internet is incomprehensible to him, and he announces the callout videos he'll make after she dies.

- several of the people who pay Greg to do his own job on discord (lol) have posted on the previous thread confirming they lurk as previously suspected

- Cap Anon or perhaps our toiletclogger herself has posted a dank screenshot of a very high Gingerbeck

Will Cap Anon return? Or is it just more bait? You decide.





No. 429107

He disabled his likes and dislikes on the Shane video called Farewell.

Wasn't his point that because he and two people (probably Lainey and Beck) called Drew ugly, that it was indisputable truth? So is he rejecting the fact that more people disliked his video than liked it, so it means his OPINION is shit?

Thousands of dissenting dislikes makes his poll moot. But onion boy can't accept it.

No. 429110

File: 1503809795889.png (42.65 KB, 595x348, SrVrK15.png)

From the previous thread, just to highlight what a piece of shit he is. He probably can't wait for Eugenia to die so lainey can be top grill on younow and he can moralfag it up for months.

No. 429111

daily reminder onion made a video mocking eugenia cooney and made himself barf and faint for comedy and profited from it

he doesn't actually care

No. 429116

What is this, a screenshot for ants?

No. 429117

File: 1503812231007.png (28.86 KB, 169x301, greg1.png)

No. 429118

File: 1503812247292.png (26.78 KB, 169x301, greg2.png)

No. 429119

File: 1503812262782.png (30.23 KB, 169x301, greg3.png)

No. 429120

File: 1503812276858.png (28.76 KB, 169x301, greg4.png)

No. 429121

File: 1503812287522.png (32.14 KB, 169x301, greg5.png)

No. 429122

File: 1503812297334.png (32.86 KB, 169x301, greg6.png)

No. 429123

Jesus, where did these caps come from? Are they legit? If so, man I love good milk on the weekends.

No. 429124

No. 429125

texts between gingerbeck and Greg

No. 429130

Gee, it's almost like everything we warned her about. Her begging for forgiveness probably gives Gregma a massive hard on. She's an idiot.

No. 429131

By weed smokers? Does he mean Billie? A weed smokers?

Or has there been other weed smokers that """hurt""" them? Sorry if I missed something.

No. 429132

That is probably from before poop-chan visited grease.

I still want a kill confirmation on liartenant

No. 429138

File: 1503814077970.png (1.4 MB, 3693x2673, zoomediliedaboutdrugs.v2.png)

All before the flight to Washington

She apparently lied about the drugs yet jokes about smoking on her snap and tried to sound innocent about it with Gregory

No. 429140

Lassie baby ❤️ If you have anything else to dump we're definitely all ears.

It's nice to see that beck had to pretty much get on her knees and beg for a flight to Washington yet I could probably guarantee Ashlyn has already been promised her free jet around the world. Kek, it kinda makes me feel bad for grease's throwaways.

No. 429141

File: 1503814663783.jpg (63.86 KB, 818x503, rAjS71g.jpg)



No. 429143

>Please give me a chance
>Please dont punish me for being honest

It boggles my mind when these people PLEAD and BEG to be in Onion boys life, I just dont understand it.
I know Grugly likes using analogies, so Ill use one one so he'll understand.

Its like walking into a room and theres a bunch of people fighting over this huge piece of shit, and they're all trying to stuff it in their mouth, and Im like- "what the fuck is wrong with all of you?" and their response is- "this shit is delicious, you dont know what you're missing, you just dont understand how tasty this shit is, you'll never get it."

No. 429144

>no future visits
so she flew out there knowing it was just going to be for show and greg and lainey already didn't trust her
okay so if this is before she flew out this means she literally leaked her texts with lameo while she was there? what a fucking idiot

I have to believe this girl is a troll. No way she let herself get caught smoking weed AND leaking doormats texts if she wasn't

No. 429145

File: 1503815177042.png (301.59 KB, 843x665, gingerplumb.png)

Wait namefag is back? Namefag was plumbergirl all along?

Why am I not surprised…
> Daddy Donald(that describes him perfectly, no need for details)
> Lieutenant "jawohl , alt-right is alright meine kommandant" Lassie
>Obese deerdrag sugarmumma

What a fine team Smegmory has established around himself to guard the treasury of pocketmoney mansion! Nice picks!

No. 429147

>so she flew out there knowing it was just going to be for show and greg and lainey already didn't trust her

Exactly, she knew she blew her chance to hook up with Lainey and Greg, but still went out in hopes of schmoozing her way back into their hearts.

And how does she charm her way back into the trinity? Takes a huge shit in their toilet, clogs it up, and ends up crying to Greg to get him to help shove that huge shit log down the pipe.

How fucking romantic.

No. 429148

you forgot most recently Tomato Assliquette

No. 429150

Yeah, more proof Gerg and Lamey have associated with an immature crowd that happens to also smoke weed vs a crowd that smoked weed in their younger years, grew up in their late 20s-early 30s (according to neuroscience), and accordingly matured when they acquired stable jobs, marriage, and started to raise children, no longer putting weed or any indulgent activities ahead of their spousal, financial, or parental obligations (i.e. being less self-centered). Fuck, Gerg. Just like you to think because you're one way means young adults as a majority need to meet your expectations.

Neurologically/biologically-speaking, they don't. Don't throw the societal expectations in to justify yourself (like you have in the past) because they currently don't work in favor of trans individuals like your spouse who is trying to defy those roles. Isn't 18, the age set by our society, adulthood, like male and female or man and woman also the set genders and sex by our society, Gerg? Study the history of our education system and your bias. You might find you're hebaphile af, latching onto the idea that 18 = adult without understanding what that means to not appear creepy.

Grow the fuck up and talk to fucking adults who don't pander to you. The majority tried weed, had their time with it during college, and grew up by the time of their mid and later 20s because it's not a big deal in the long run. You associate with those in their late teens and later-mid 20s.

You're looking for reasons to dump people or have power over them. Be honest. It's not about weed. It's about what it subjectively represents to you.

No. 429152

File: 1503816840746.gif (1.7 MB, 500x282, lettuce.gif)

toiletclogger also really hates billie, really fucking hates billie

Constantly whines about how stupid billie is and how much better and smarter she is kek
>billie is a highschool dropout and I'm in college I'm soo smart
Want a gold star? Your androgynous hero has a fucking pysch degree and can't tell the difference between BPD and bi-polar stdu
>billie spent over [exagerrated] dollars on makeup and weed blah blah blah she's so dumb

Honey, one you are spending your money on two scumbags, and two, you smoked too and don't pretend you didn't broadcast it to the world on snapchat

Keep lurking and keep crying about the consequences of your actions on discord. Keep pretending you never conspired against other patreons.

No. 429154

It's so desperately pathetic this begging it makes me want to vomit that Grease has these type of girls to literally prey on for attention just imagining the rush this gives him makes me not want to have children in the off chance some one they adore like this will be online.
Going as far as to make songs for them saying 'sorry' in hopes your honesty that Grease PRIDES himself on and how he wants everyone to be truthful.
Kinda long post.

No. 429163

File: 1503818500768.jpg (173.42 KB, 764x631, laineyandbillie.jpg)

I got bored, but Taylor really inspired me to draw.

No. 429164


Gingerplumber would be able to fix the toilet herself

Lassie is a gay immigrant so probably not alt-right

spot on aside from those

No. 429171

Milo is gay, and british, and hes alt-right

No. 429172

File: 1503819297443.png (309.13 KB, 750x1334, daddydonald.png)

>xenophobic posts on reddit
>flirts with patreons as young as 14 sexually
>posts becks lewds on seperate servers

Questionable with lassie but another mod daddydonald is alt-right for sure, both reek of 4chan afterall
I guess if you pay enough shekels to Greg he'll keep you as a mod (yikes) and lie to you and call you "thicc"

No. 429174

Unpopular opinion: lassie actually seems like a pretty decent guy who just fell into the grease trap. Most of the stuff ive seen about him in here is bullshit. Im glad he got out of the shitshow and hope he can clear his head of gregma enough to leak some good milk

No. 429175

wait, Lassie has Becks nudes?

No. 429176

I feel like Poopbitch gave Greg a blowjob.
I feel like Greg didn't want to fuck her after The Shit Heard Round the World because it made his dick shrivel but he would still put his dick in her mouth and she looks like the type to suck him off, because airfare and whatnot.

*Sage for feelings

No. 429180

Oh you definitely know it, with all his money issues Greg won't fly out a reject for free. Probably anything to get away from "call me daddy too, Greg" type sex

No. 429181

lol, that never crossed my mind until now. Lainey likes saying shes a "daddy" for some reason, and of course she calls Grugly "daddy"
How fucking weird would that sound, her screaming "DADDY!" and at the same time Greg doing the same thing.
Poor kids having to hear that shit

No. 429182


Sage goes on the email portion of the post. Don't be a newfag.

No. 429183

what the fuck is happening, why would lassie have screenshots of beck talking to grease

No. 429184

she probably shared them with a bunch of her confidants in Gregs super secret onion club

No. 429185

cmon lassie let us suckle on your teat

No. 429186

Wait, when does ToiletClogger complain about Billie?

No. 429187

File: 1503823622581.png (1.01 MB, 663x531, 75460000017.png)

maybe his mom is part of that. she's a big pothead, met cheech and chong at some event not long ago.

No. 429192

>You guys are more important than being able to walk without pain
What the fuck am I reading? This is some pathetic bullshit, what can greasetron possibly offer that makes it worth begging for his affection?

No. 429193

>>429152 is a patreon im guessing? there are so many in the thread now, and talking to each other.. can y'all provide some context for your milk

No. 429194

>implying Greg would be able to make anyone scream except in terror

No. 429195

I feel the same confusion. I guess its like those preteens who fall deeply in love with some moviestar or boyband member they've never met, but know deep in their heart that they are meant to be with that celebrity forever and ever. And they have Laineys stalker story to bolster that fantasy. She got her claws in him and never let go, and probably never will.

No. 429196

I would like to know this also.

No. 429199

The image is hilarious since he has such disdain for his father and to have to say daddy while having sex with lameo must disgust him because he is a homophobe with traditional values and probably doesn't see lameo's gender as valid anyway, so he will never see her in a fathers role. He's thinking of his dad during the sex

No. 429201

LMAO gingerbeck crawling up greg's ass is the most pathetic thing ive read in months

No. 429203

My question is why did she straight up pry and ask to be involved in their relationship knowing she's not a manic pixie girl ready to cosplay death note gargling gregs balls like apples

No. 429207

please let the answer to this be conspiracy, i'm still holding out for the discord mods gathering dirt on onion theory

No. 429208


Oh my fucking god, this is beyond pathetic.
Also after those messages she made them a song!


>hey gregory and lainey please know that i'm more than how i've dewlt with pain

jesus tittysucking christ, from 0 to GingerBeck, how hard is she trying to become the next trinity member?

No. 429210


Old milk, read the threads, thanks.

No. 429215

File: 1503833325294.jpg (25.95 KB, 415x544, 20e.jpg)

all of this is so freaking cringy
I'm not even talking about Bex. Just in general. Look at it from wider perspective: his patrons are mostly thirsty girls who scheme against each other like women from harems in turkish dramas. They all pay money to Greg to basically fulfill their teenage fantasy of getting close to a "celeb", and since he's "approachable" if you have money, they flock to his Patreon/Discord. Every one of them wants to be his closest. They are willing to completely throw away their dignity just to get acknowledged, praised, liked. And tbh, I think even those right-alt idiots are there for real. Not to troll, but because Onision is the only approachable "star" (uh I know…, but you get what I mean) they know and they find some sick pleasure from interacting with him.
tldr; they all have issues

No. 429221

haha, gingerbeck confirmed as the one always overboard trashing lainey here.

girl has a rage boner for lainey.

> greg plz date me!!!111111 i've never been so comfortable clogging someone's toilet before!!

No. 429222


100% cringey and that lame shit tomato posted here and then humbles bragged about it is just so upsetting

he must have some type of funds behind him to pay to be onion's friend, go invest in a hobby mate. did he really call him his best friend too
does onion get a freebie on your wife bisqueef?

like why are these 30 yr old men hanging out all day talking to hormonal teenage girls, get a life. y'all will never get your own thread here

onision is above yall you pay for his shite, we just can't believe he exists

No. 429225

File: 1503840335435.jpg (120.87 KB, 750x1334, Gingemingewhinge1.jpg)

Not even just here, Poopbeck doesn't even hide the fact she dislikes lainey.
Lainey is a fucking idiot.

No. 429226

File: 1503840345295.jpg (102.43 KB, 750x1334, Gingemingewhinge2.jpg)

No. 429227

File: 1503840358316.jpg (123.57 KB, 750x1334, Gingemingewhinge3.jpg)

No. 429228

File: 1503840370612.jpg (12.96 KB, 236x419, Gingemingewhinge4.jpg)

No. 429229

okay but that was posted before, don't clog up the new thread with reposts.

No. 429233

File: 1503841489362.gif (556.64 KB, 586x734, wife of onion.gif)

No. 429234

oh lol that's quality, anon

No. 429236


You attract similar minds .. And all Greg attracts are a bunch of snakes that would either bite their own tail or bite each other. This is delicious watching them all turn on one another.

All of his so called biggest fans are just trying to use him either to grow their social media accounts or be his sugar baby.

Maybe PooBeck heard that Greg paid for Lainey's education, so she thinks if they hooked up he'd pay her college debt off.


You did a beautiful job emphasizing her horse face. I hope this is the new OP pic once this one fills.

No. 429239

File: 1503844621671.png (391.87 KB, 489x595, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 12.3…)

bitch was literally throwing bars at Lainey during her stream on the 26th, she was her #4 fan (when I last saw, I didn't stay for long) what a twisted unit… Lainey flat out rejected her and makes it obvious she doesn't like her yet is still throwing $$ at her like it will make any fucking difference.

No. 429241

File: 1503845298882.png (43.79 KB, 509x366, younowbars.png)


how hard is it to google and lurk more?

No. 429242

sometimes trolls will go on Lainey's YouNow and tip bars with usernames like "lolcow" or "Troy&Cloey" bars don't cost that much so it's easy to do but that being said people like Beck maintain their #fan status and that is dependant on who tips the most..
As for Patreon, initially there were quite a few "spies" as you could sign up with a prepaid Visa card with nothing on it, they'd have full access to the perks right until the end of the month when it would decline.. that's why Onion and Plain require you to be a Patreon for at least one paid month before redeeming their Discord perks and what not.

No. 429243

That's actually really impressive, anon

No. 429245

Its so early in the thread. I hope it doesnt get forgotten and its used for the next one.
Great job

No. 429248

File: 1503846544611.jpg (18.4 KB, 475x238, IMG_4781.JPG)

It's like the onion discord is quickly becoming lord of the flies. moar milk incoming I sense. hopefully they all spill. That tall kid spilled too, on YouTube.
>"…And it was often because of weed"
I thought it was bc Billie was a cheating homewrecker? Gurl plz

No. 429256

She's a cheating home wrecker who also smoked weed! Get it right anon

No. 429258


Are they buying Lainey things? Tarte makeup is so expensive. Lainey is such scum, she knows they think that buying her things will bring them closer to her.

Sage for rage.

No. 429259


Also no point buying expensive makeup for someone has no eye for colour or skill in applying it. It'll look just as shitty

No. 429261

Can this be reported on Patreon as a scam? Lmao. They're already paying them on Patreon for their attention and not even for better and quality content.

No. 429262

Pretty sure at this point patreon just ignores the reports for grease & company because of people on here reporting them for doing literally anything.

No. 429264

File: 1503850981037.png (195.1 KB, 1031x335, 20170827_102003.png)

Dollar Tree makeup is more her speed.

Also, I was watching some of onions Andy Biersack vids to try and see his height compared to onions and came across pic related.

It becomes super hilarious if you replace Andy's part with Billie. It's basically what happened during cuddlegate. If someone made a video swapping Andy out for Billie, it would be so hilarious and accurate.

No. 429270

This is amazing, changing hair colour and all. Thank you.

No. 429283

Yeah…maybe you shouldn't feel inspired to ever draw again…

No. 429310

A mid 20's army vet shot himself last night near where lassie said he lived. That would explain "lieutenant" so I'll come back with an obituary if confirmed him.(Poor Quality Bait)

No. 429314

File: 1503858786260.jpg (1.65 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_6109.jpg)

I am soo enjoying him getting catfished,trolled and losing Pussy either because they smoke weed or Lainey doesn't like them.

You can see his frustration oozing in all his whiney bithcy tweets about other Youtubers doing better then he is. I hope Lainey never divorces him so he stays miserable forever.

( I felt just like others up thread… Inspired .. Sorry its shit )


If it is him, was Gregma's involved ? Like the last straw on the camels back sort of thing ?


No. 429320

Incoming onion video
>"My fan just killed himself the other day. If you also are struggling with mental health and want to look yourself, don't go to a medical professional, don't you know that sick people who go to doctors sometimes die? Fax. Instead listen to me and my advice, don't do it. Listen to me. Fax."
>Look at all the people I have now saved from killing themselves
>Twitter fax

No. 429326


Dont know about grease but a few of the discord cows were pretty horrible to him last week, guess gregma's patrons have a kill count now.

No. 429329

It's all bait. Can confirm lassie is fine. There was allegedly a fan that did kill themselves and their family magically told onion but it seems fishy.

Anyways don't take bait from the discord morons trying to distract us from what happened at the mcmansion

No. 429331


How do you know hes alive? He hasnt posted anywhere in a few days.

No. 429335

Nice try. Learn to sage if you guys are going to keep desperately lurking.

No. 429336

Reporting anything on Patreon is pretty much pointless in general. They don't care.

Gotta wonder why she's so desperate to be a part of their lives. She had to beg to visit, talks shit about one of the people living there, has to buy things for them just to get them to talk to her…. but wants to be in a relationship with Onion, I mean them? She really needs to move the fuck on and find a healthier relationship to be in. They don't want you, girl.

No. 429341


> Gotta wonder why she's so desperate to be a part of their lives.

Money… Gifts.. Free ride.
Same reasons why Billy,Sarah went there and stayed despite what was going down. She got money for literally doing nothing and free makeup. To some its worth it, probably because they think they can stay on his good side.

idiots everywhere.

No. 429343


hes probably fine but wait for an update before shutting down the theory greg's patrons killed someone. he isnt quite dumb enough to make a vid about bex getting someone shot, so fan "suicide" probably isnt lassie

No. 429345

The fan suicide is old news and they were never in the discord.

Secondly it isn't lassie. The people that posted it was him are discord idiots.

No. 429349


I'm a discord idiot but im actually worried about him. Nobody has heard from him since last night, even on his new server.(Discord Idiot)

No. 429352

Lainey's streaming on younow rn
Keeping an eye out

No. 429361

And gingerplumber is policing it still
Such a suck up

No. 429363


I feel she's more intense than usual? God, she's pathetic. You can tell Lainey is annoyed by her policing and stupid questions.

No. 429373

Heads up sophs, Harley or lassie, beck and sylar

Posting makes your IP trackable to mods and admins. Better stop derailing now.


No. 429374

File: 1503865869238.png (89.44 KB, 590x149, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new OnisionSpeaks vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 429376


"I write books, I don't read… things"

what a tool.

No. 429377

yep, and it shows in your writing you complete moron.
every good writer loves reading and ready lots of other authors' books. it's part of the profession - for research, inspiration, etc.
this fucking cro-magnon actually thinks that not having read a book since grade school is an accomplishment, and that it isn't obvious in his own writing that he doesn't actually know how to use words because of it. congrats, fuckwit, you can't read or write. what an achievement.

sage for getting way too mad about classic gurgles narc shit.

No. 429378

Am I the only one that feels that Gregma is trying to cover his teeth? And to be honest I noticed that just after an anon here pointed how fucked up they are..
Sage for conspiracy.

No. 429379

She's one of those girls you have to break up with 10x before she finally gets the message. I mean, onion straight up told her she blew it and she's never coming back to the mcmansion.

The ship has sailed and Lainey doesn't even seem interested in her friendwise or even mimic worthy. Billie had a body and makeup skills she envied. Beck can only shit up a toilet.

Her looks are definitely below past standards so Lainey was given an out (again lol) that Beck smoked. Onion is on the prowl and plungerbeck is old news and tolerated only for shekels.

No. 429380

>"I would be friends who, you know, used drugs like marijuana. ..recreationally."

poor Shitterbex

No. 429385


just judging from the whole Ashlynn situation onion is obviously very much on the prowl. who knows how many victims he's stringing along in the DM's in private.

i think we should expect a new trinity member sooner rather than later.

No. 429390

I thought those texts between Clogs and Onion were prior to her flying out.

No. 429394

File: 1503868270388.png (732.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8086.PNG)

Why is he such a fucking asshole

No. 429397

Isn't tomato from Texas? What a great friend

No. 429402

Someone compiled a bunch of onions edgy rants. He hasnt changed in a decade

No. 429414

Not only is tomato from texas, tomato is IN Houston, lives in a lakefront house and is himself a devout christian. And is still probably going to continue to lick greg's ass after this.

No. 429417

Greg has passed the point of redeemable to me. I can't wait until he has NO presence online and kids are no longer subjected to his disgusting cynical bitter attitude. We get it Greg- you didn't become famous, you lost all your friends, you lost Billie due to your unattractive delusional wife, and you're about to lose any sort of "fame" you have left on YouTube. Then he can shout all his insensitive ramblings to no one.

Grease you deserve this downfall more than anyone I know.

If tomato doesn't say anything, he's got no backbone. But we already know he doesn't so it's not going to surprise me.

Side note, how does Onion not get that posts like this are the very reason Shane and the rest of the world hate him? Glad he has no self awareness or he might have been able to save his dead career.

No. 429418


Fuck you Gregma, that's why you'll never get none other then your saggy tittied-wife and even that's fucking gross.


Saged for rage

No. 429420

>smokes weed
>party girl
>typical college girl
>dumbass who believes onion is a high profile celebrity who needs more than 2 factor authentication to protect himself
>modded because of and I quote "recon work"
>plays csgo all day and vapes all day
>pro anorexic and follows thinspo on her Instagram
>edgy emo who is probably just as good as a mom as lainey is (sadly)
>pro lgtbq
>dislikes onions offensive humor
>pretends onion isn't anti lgbtq
>wears a makeup in crazy amounts
Sophs and spooks
>probably overweight too
Daddy donald
>probably voted for Trump
Remember onion sperged at cyr for voting independent ?
Notice how all of his mods are people problematic in onions own logic and faxx.

No. 429424


One great thing about Grease is that his threads move so quickly and produce great content, unlike his failing channels :''') We rip him new ones every day. And he's so pathetic he's even tweeted farmer art.

No. 429427

File: 1503874457564.jpg (51.91 KB, 587x414, IMG082617.jpg)

Onion kept giving special attention to another girl who isn't Lainey in chat on younow has this been milked yet?

No. 429431

I originally commented saying she's pretty and looks really young. Greg follows her too. But further investigating seems to show that she photoshops heavily. Very heavily. Especially her nose? Some of her pics don't even look like the same person.

I was fooled at first, so I'm betting Grease is deceived.

We all know he wouldn't give attention to or follow an ugly fat chick. Unless she paid him. (looking at you Becca)

No. 429433

File: 1503875344872.png (Spoiler Image, 196.42 KB, 1440x1047, 20170827_160425.png)

The strange thing is that most the things mentioned in >>429420 are things Greg has actually bullied people about.

Nobody gives a fuck if you're overweight. Greg does, he body shames people all the fucking time. Greg has harassed Eugenia for her medical condition despite never promoting it and glamorizing it UNLIKE his own patreons. Nobody cares if you smoke but Greg certainly does.
You can't even claim to be pro lgbt and support a man that stated all bi sexuals are cheaters or want threesomes. This guy said Jaclyn was manly and didn't even realize he was being a transphobe towards his own space prince.
Looks like his patreons completely miss the point.

No. 429438


Spread this shit around.

No. 429439

How can anyone who is a patreon/supporter of his type that up? Makes sense. They only care when they are the ones being "attacked". Totally 100% okay with whatever gerg does to other people. And visiting gerg/starring in his videos physically or through discord/guesting on younow is all putting themselves in the spotlight.

Also i dont even know half these discord dweebs because i dont pay attention to it at all outside this thread. And its obvious this thread is full of his discord people posting along with some regular farmers. No wonder its been so active. I still dont get why gerg and everyone around him are so obsessed with every little thing lolcow says about them. Kinda sad.

No. 429440

we are the pulse on everything grease, anon

No. 429441

I happen to know this person and the mod team attacked two other ex mods and forced them out, Hypocrite.

ANYONE who facilitates the grease is frankly a cow in their own right.

No. 429448

anyone able to explain the flood of shrek neckbeard replies to this tweet?

No. 429451

I'm guessing they're making fun of his contrarian, edgy atheism. Someone put the word out that he's being a particular pos today and are bombing his Twitter.

No. 429452

looks like he is going on the "Drunken Peasants" podcast. wonder if he will spill some spaghetti about their name

No. 429465

I think this is about beck finding a way to get mikey demodded like she's done to others

No. 429466

That wouldn't surprise me, I lurk and becks managed to get most of the OG mod/admin team demodded or kicked lol they're eating each other alive just for some of that greasy attention, how pathetic.

No. 429471

File: 1503883317434.png (679.96 KB, 618x911, tyrone2.png)

>Its like walking into a room and theres a bunch of people fighting over this huge piece of shit, and they're all trying to stuff it in their mouth, and Im like- "what the fuck is wrong with all of you?" and their response is- "this shit is delicious, you dont know what you're missing, you just dont understand how tasty this shit is, you'll never get it."

No. 429475

>If God is real, why do bad things happen?
0/10 apply yourself next time

No. 429477

File: 1503884247367.gif (610.2 KB, 586x734, onion.gif)

Poor SMOL space prince can't live without her Onion.

No. 429478

we existed before their discord group, and we'll exist after it.

No. 429479

This sums up all of them perfectly.
Underrated post/5

Onion attention is like fighting over who gets to employ Jared the Subway Guy as a babysitter for browniepoints.

Greg's group of stooges in a nutshell, just so they get why they're a laughingstock.


Is a twofaced who sperged about safe spaces in laineycord when ginger got btfoed by an autist. She then claims that onion is a gud boi, because freedom of speech. Hypocrite.

>Bambi who ate away the PTSD caused by mums death, aka FatBecca

Is everything onion hates but throws money somehow, somehow thinks her makeup skills are good. Tries to be "Savage" and on "fleek", shittalks everyone to get with onion. A walking obese cringefest.


Irrelevant and a Pathetic teenager who is convinced she is a genius, but is in reality a retard. Will butt in to self-project. Apparently her parents cook for her and she doesn't get to pick the groceries, overshares the shit out of her life. Begged and pleaded to suck the greasestick. Harasses Plainey and whines that Taylor doesnt like her, even though ginger shittalks taylor all day.

>Kool Pro-Ana Momma, Harley

An anorexic pro ana edgefuck who has a kid and somehow finds the time to sit on onioncord all day. Must bring her experiences into every Conversation that exists, your friend died? Fuck that, Harleys dog died 10 years ago.

>Irrelevant Vegetable Fuck

He picked Tomato as an accurate representation alright, because the dude is a vegetable. Types like a kid in 2007 and probably idolises Tosh.0 and Carrot Top. Saved up his Maccas nightshift bucks for a collab, just to get blown the fuck out by the first desperate teenager. His wife isn't in it for his brains or looks, hopefully.

Please you fat fucks who pay to moderate, at least our janitors DO IT FOR FREE. YOU PAY TO VOLUNTEER.



No. 429480

File: 1503884630825.png (245.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170828-024043.png)

So apparently he's trash talking Deefizzy again, too bad he doesn't care lol

No. 429481

I just realized Gregma looks like Perez Hilton in an Emo Dad costume.

Thanks for these, anon!

No. 429484

"Has a kid but manages to sit onion cord all day" god that is such a stretch at an insult it's laughable. Clearly my mod position on a discord means I'm a terrible mother, what a fucking reach, My personal experiences that aren't shallow chit chat haven't been shared via discord in any respect ever. My ass is not pro ana you absolute retards.

-Edgy Emo Fuck(Ana-chan, relax)

No. 429487

Wow. I find Becca as annoying as the next person but the mother comment was completely uncalled for.

No. 429496

File: 1503886087982.gif (897.18 KB, 500x278, giphy.gif)

No. 429497

Welcome mod from onision's discord. How long have you been lurking?

No. 429498

Question, does she really claim that "body dysmorphia" is why she's "trans"? Or do people on lolcow just not know what dysphoria is? Not saying she's actually trans, just new to Onion drama and want to know how stupid she actually is if she doesn't know that it's dysphoria, not dysmorphia.

No. 429500

You took that bait like a fucking pro. Thanks for showing how thin-skinned you are.

No. 429501

File: 1503886478043.jpg (68.53 KB, 625x626, YdOvV32.jpg)


Smfh can these discord fags get fucking banned, they don't bring any milk and just clog up the thread with their retarded ass comments

sage for discordfag whining

No. 429502

I'm >>429487 and not everyone who points out when other posters are being too much of a dickhead even for here is part of the onion clan. The mother thing was absolutely irrelevant and unwarranted. It just makes us all look bad when people pull shit like that.

No. 429503

I'm really not trying to be rude, but you are on a site where worse shit has been said.

No. 429504


report no sage and move on.

No. 429505

If it is relevant to the drama that's understandable but what does beccas mother have to do with this?
Sorry, thought I had saged, fixed it now

No. 429507


Aww, are your feefees hurt? Are you gonna sick Daddy Onion on us? Oh no!

Stop wasting your money on a washed up loser and spend it on something meaningful, like your fucking kid. Stupid bitch.

Sage your moralfagging please.

No. 429509

Mmm, nah, anyone that is pro-ana with a kid hanging around deserves to be dragged. we do the same thing to plaino, the shitty discord mods aren't magically exempt. Thicken your skin or go back to Stevies blog.

No. 429510

yeah, lolcow ain't exactly a moral highground…let's just fucking move on already

No. 429511

I thought onion preached that you can judge peoples online persona and claim your assumptions as truths. And that you aren't allowed to get mad at these truths.

Ask Eugenia, Shane, all the Youtubers' looks he insulted without provocation, everyone on Twitter he accused of caring about tragedies because they are, quote, "interesting" and get them likes and retweets.

Oh yeah, remember how he used Christina Grimmies murder as an excuse to act righteous and insult religion and people who were saddened? How he attacked her brother DAYS after he saw his sister get shot to death?

It's so cute how offended his asslickers get given that the man they financially support attacks others looks, beliefs, and politics in the name of MUH BROOTAL HONESTY. As he says, this is the real world! Get used to it!

No. 429512

Becca is not the pro ana one, she's the opposite of pro ana

No. 429514

Look, point is, I couldn't give a fuck what you say about the way I look or act, it's hillarious to me as it shows how incredibly shallow and judgemental you all are whilst calling out Greg for doing the same, it's absolute gold! However bringing my parenting into question twice, is completely unreasonable and I couldn't help but point out how ridiculous that reads, but hey ho, you guys know me and my friends better than anybody ;)

No. 429515

Maybe you should actually eat some eggs instead of talking about them harley, You need the protein because its obvious you lack any sort of brainpower.
well done you stupid ugly cunt

No. 429516

If you don't care then why are you here? you obviously care enough to correct the info

No. 429517


you're a bad mother. you look like a used up cumrag stuck in the sceneqeen phase of 2008 and none of the other moms will ever take you seriously. gurrgles would probably have no problem going a round with your kid if he had the chance. he's a disgusting pervert and you spend your time with him.

now sage your derailing please or get out.

No. 429518

Hun, we existed before you started spending money to make Greg talk to you. We talk about whatever we want; you crop of losers circling him and the things you publicly post about yourselves are fair game.

No. 429519


Lol your friends? Greg is not your friend but hey, keep throwing money at him; not our loss.

Don't you have a kid to raise anyway? Fuck off.

No. 429521

You obviously do you emaciated harley quinn wannabe twatbag edgy shit mom, If you didn't care then you wouldn't post. Now fuck off and go feed your kid or something, Spend money on them instead of some predator online you desperately wish would dick you.

No. 429522

your art is amazing. great job anon, 10/10

No. 429523

The anger you guys have is pretty cray ? Bullied at school?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429524

File: 1503887994404.jpg (12.82 KB, 400x242, imnotproanaguys.jpg)

Were you?

No. 429527

File: 1503888217172.jpg (14.78 KB, 361x420, Thehulksfatsister.jpg)

gg outing yourself for hating on your own "friend" harley, Say hi to the monster truck!

No. 429528


Were you bullied at school for being a fatass, Harley? Getting any flashbacks? Kek

No. 429531


Oh it's the alt-right bitch

Your makeup skills are shit, fatty!

No. 429532

File: 1503888531432.jpg (25.69 KB, 300x300, 2012F03F02813849422.jpg)

Sigh Harley just go back to grease's discord where you can brag about how you showed up all us ebul farmers; at this point you're just proving how right we are about all of onion's discorders being pathetic faggots

No. 429533

Thank you for proving my point, you truly have the ability and urge to always reply and get attention.

Everything is about you Harley, you are a sad excuse for a mother. Tell me, when your kid has a bruise, do you also tell them about the bruise you had in 2010?

You beg and plead for people to discuss you. You're not pro-ana? What the fuck are your tags and ana posts then? Your hair is burnt and the color is faded, just shave your head already. That is an embarassing look and you might wanna do this whole parenting thing different. Do you still reminiscence of high school? Are you that bitter at pregnancy and become pro-ana to get to live your high school fantasies back to back?

Your edge is stuck in 2000's and they are not your friends. You are people with things in common at best, that thing is being mentally slow. Extremely slow.

Ps. Being a farmer isn't a bannable offense in your retarded rules, yet you ban for it. Put two and two together, ask Greg sometimes about Dictionary suggestions, so you can finally figure what the fuck RULES mean.

No. 429534

I'm all of those anons but I'm not Harley, I'm from the UK. I wasn't trying to stand up for Becca and say we shouldn't criticise her, we should. My only point was that bringing her mother into it was irrelevant and even then I just wanted to open up discussion- Happy to be proved wrong.

No. 429535

Becca why do you feel the need to look like a rejected contestant of Rupaul's Drag Race?

No. 429537


Just how old is this bitch anyway? I thought people in their mid to late 20's left that emo shit alone like, 5-6 years ago.

No. 429538

File: 1503888956620.jpg (47.24 KB, 1016x419, Imscaredofbeingfatlikebecca.jp…)

Can a lovely farmhand confirm if harley posted these both? How shitty to crap on someone you say is your own friend. :^)
Tut tut, doing illegal drugs, I'm sure grease would love being your friend now.

Hey dickhead nobody mentioned beccas mother, They mentioned harley being a mother so stop shitting up the thread.

No. 429539


Go back and re-read it. Becca's mom was mentioned. You prob should've checked before calling someone else stupid because now you look dumb AF.

No. 429540

Yeah, I've just noticed the mother thing was in relation to her being nicknamed bambi. My bad guys, sorry.

No. 429541

File: 1503889191759.png (56.7 KB, 559x444, Screenshot 2017-08-27 at 10.58…)


hey gingerbeck.

No. 429542


Well ain't that fucking sad, we're attacking some poor Ana-chan; this being orchestrated by a life-size pg with bad makeup skills.

Eating their own indeed.

No. 429543

I guess narcissists of a feather flock together. How did these people even find this site? Googling their own names?

No. 429544

Its a reference to becca wearing deer makeup in younow, Frankly I think she looks more like she ate bambis mother rather than ate for her feelings. Cry more fatty, or rather, thinny in this case :^)

No. 429545

Y'know Gingerbeck, you really proved how accurate anon's description of you is: >>429541

Now, when are you gonna go and brag about your epic reading comprehension skillz to the other faggots?

No. 429547


New England isn't part of the U.K. dumbass.

What's their purpose being here anyway? Trying to silence us talking about Grease? Lol k

No. 429549

File: 1503889775864.png (165.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170827-200701.png)

>not pro ana
>brags about low low intakes on discord
>follows accounts glamorizing EDs on her insta
Which is now private since she was called out on younow. There's a difference between being mentally ill and glamorizing mental illness while idolizing a man who exploits said mental illness

No. 429551

Billie got paid 1200 to be a mod, these people have to pay for be mods. Some people are born to be ass lickers because of there lack of self identity.

No. 429553


Billie, you mean "Billy" right? The fatass who's constantly in Onion's videos nowadays?

How sad, they're basically surfs to a nobody.

No. 429555

Why are so many discord idiots here anyway? They're only giving us more to talk about. If you're a parent and support Grease, that makes it ten times worse in my opinion. He's the kind of man you teach your children to stay away from, so yeah I'd say she's lacking in the parenting department. Hopefully she wises up soon.

And kek at Beck trying so hard to stay relevant. Maybe she just wants the heat off herself for her cringe worthy texts being leaked. Now everyone knows she had to beg super hard to get to the McMansion for a trip. Billie never had to beg.

No. 429556

no, actual billie. it was part of the cover for why she was out there.

No. 429557

who is this supposed to be? why the fuck are the mods talking to each other here fucking message each other

No. 429559

I think they're trying to take over the thread so we can't talk about Gruggles but they don't realize how entertaining it is watching their weird cult implode.

No. 429562

unlike grease fizz actually tries protecting kids from predators while grease is the predator

No. 429563


Oh from back in the day, right? Iirc she got paid $1800 a month for moding and sexy time with Onion, not 12 Benjamins.

No. 429564

lol any anons know how much money he wasted on billie/any other girl who stayed over at the grease trap they call a home?

No. 429565

i was going to point that out as well, as a pysch major she should know the difference

Being gender dysphoria is a medical condition trans folks are treated for by…. transitioning. Lame is not transgender for IDENTIFYING as no gender or wanting to play with clothes and hair.

No. 429569

All that money dumped on Billie could of been used to take Taylor to Fiji. He constantly bought her stuff like piercings and hair dye but you see Taylor always buying her own dywe and paying the vet with her own money. He don't love Taylor like he loved Billie, ouch.

No. 429573


Fucking beautiful, anon. It captures her haggard soccer mom look to a tee. And so garish, like the way she uses color when she attempts to apply makeup.


No. 429574


I thought the same thing!

His teeth are disgusting. He needs a deep whitening and Invisalign. His mouth is so foul looking.

No. 429576

They're so fucking pointy and gross, He tends to cover them often when he's laughing with his limp wrist on younow these days.

No. 429578


You guys are gonna love me for this,

Onision was on drunken peasants on their private show, it was fucking crazy. He answered to a bunch of stuff. They held his feet to the fire:


No. 429579

The Onionfans are shitting up this thread, please make a new thread in /snow/ to discuss these mini-cows.

If you don't know how to link a new thread for them from /snow/ to /pt/, see https://lolcow.farm/info for details.

No. 429581

any particular points? I don't want to sit through 3 hours of what's probably nothing much.

No. 429582

The song at the beginning oh my gosh, yessss

No. 429585


40 minutes in they start talking about shiloh and they start calling out his BS

No. 429586

File: 1503895314860.jpg (24.74 KB, 600x449, IMG_0422.JPG)


I kno rite, sexy!!

No. 429588


40 minutes in ITS JUICY AS FUCK they start calling him out on all his shit! YES!!!

No. 429591

watched it
At 60min now

they did, but not much is coming of it it seems

No. 429592


I love how uncomfortable he must be with the girl smoking next to him, but shes pretty decent looking so he could let it slide I'm sure.

Sage for bullshit.

No. 429594


BEST Juiciest points: A bit near the first 20 minutes they question him a bit

They get a bit harsher around 40 minutes for about half an hour and really grill him for a while.

Then they watch some videos and then 2 hours 17 minutes in he sings "You Hurt Me" And admits he was just fucking around a lot back then he also mentioned earlier about how his religion was just him being young and they call it dumb (lol) THEN at 2 hours and 48 minutes they call him cringy and call him out for fake crying and finally at around 3 hours and 3 minutes they say they got criticism for being too soft on him before but they say well he was nice so they're decent back and then they say fuck it they can hate some of the shit he's done but in person he's ok.

Paul treated him the worst though (Thankfully)

No. 429595


Thank you based anon. Some juicy moments where they did go a bit hard at him. They didn't kiss his ass and it was entertaining. At the end they say even if he's a sociopath at least he's okay in person. Basically just plays a character online for views. It was neat.

No. 429596


PLEASE MIRROR SOMEONE, sometimes it gets privated!

No. 429601

For those wanting there’s a fresh snow thread for them


No. 429605


I don't know man, I think the stream sucked and I also think he cucked them all.

No. 429608


I saw that, and my thought was "he's trying to discredit her from speaking against him" and painting her like the crazy stalker chick for everyone to see. I hope the guys don't buy into it and give her a chance to speak.

No. 429609

shiloh contacted someone from DP but they are keeping it under wraps (whatever was discussed)

No. 429615

Fuck I hope she does I'm so salty that hes still shitting all over her. She needs to speak up.

No. 429619

Watching DP feels like my brain is eating itself. Can someone with a stronger stomach transcript the milk? The hype seems unwarranted so far.

No. 429620

Way too overhyped. Not much milk other than everyone calling out Gerg at about 40 mins.

No. 429621

Working on it.

No. 429622

Onion says across all channels he is 20-30% himself, the rest is a character.

No. 429624


So it's the same regurgitated shit over and over again? Because it sure felt like it when watching; nothing to see here, folks.

No. 429625

Does he refer to Shiloh as "that person" all the time as a depersonalisation tactic, or has he been told to not mention her by name? Like, legally told?

No. 429627

I hate myself so let me watch further to confirm that this is a waste of time.

I hate you so much.

No. 429636

Most likely to cover his ass from getting sued

FFS I spent 30 minutes downloading it for no reason

No. 429639

He fucking leaves at 35 minutes. Someone permaban anyone who said this was milky. THERES NO MILK HERE

No. 429646


??? Are you watching the PRIVATE SHOW

Because the private show that I linked hes there for 3 hours and there is some milk, he gets called out at 40 minutes and a few other times

No. 429647

Give specifics of what "calling him out" means then, I can't watch these ugly fat dudes again to extract milk

No. 429649


I think he's using the depersonalization tactic, Shiloh once tried to sue but failed because she was in Canada at the time.


Yeah, and some of us spent three fucking hours watching a bunch of fat fucks and Onion regurgitating the same old shit we already know, which was only for forty minutes of "milk" along with Gregma's remarks on wanting to see people getting killed or injured.

It was a waste of our fucking time, I hope you're happy. Idiot.

Are you happy now? Idiot.

No. 429650

Yeah next time alleged milk is wedged inside in 3 hours of unfunny neckbeards, it needs to be extracted and transcripted before posting. Have mercy on us all.

No. 429652

It is like an endurance test.

Are there timestamps or anything for the real drama? I don't want to watch that shit, and see the DP crew in my recommended.

No. 429656

sorry for bringing up discord fags as they have their own thread now but it's relevant to Onision I guess:
Since Bex outed her IP here, maybe the Farmhands could check if she's the one who was spilling milk before? I don't think she's bad enough to give her posts a sticker or something, but just a simple answer if she posted bashing Lainey or not. Whad do yall think?

No. 429657

Id love if her posts were stickered; I suspect it would be a laugh riot. It'd also be interesting to see how long she's lurked here.

What are the chances she's dumb enough not to proxy/vpn?

No. 429659


Go ahead, ask 'em.

No. 429660

Yes yes yes. Let's have her post stickered if the farmhands will do it. That would be some sweet milk. Even better because we know it will definitely get back to Lainey if she is proven to be posting talking crap. Stellar idea anon!

No. 429662

admin isn't your personal leak sniffer, fuck off back to gergle's discord.

No. 429664

we don't need every random timewaster who self-posts here to have their posts ID-ed.

No. 429667

yeah I'm reluctant to this either. That's why I proposed just a simple answer to a question if she was the leaker. Considering they all lurk, it would create lotsa milk especially from Lainey, I think.
But it's mods' decision.

No. 429673

We are looking into it. However, please stop clogging up this thread with these side cows, and take the discussion of these cows to their thread in /snow/. There's enough crap here already.

No. 429677

Yes please trash the thread up with snarky little insults like this one.
There's not any good milk right now anyway, so simmer down.

No. 429678

Hey now, just wanted some milk I didn't have to wade through hours of autism for, which definitely rules out ever touching that discord with a fifty foot pole either.

Hurry the fuck up and go full Waco, Gerg. We're bored.

No. 429686

This is actually fucking great. I fell asleep just around 2 hours though. Their fat man humor irked me but it is pretty great to see Greg's stammering and repeating the same phrase over and over bc he doesn't know how to answer his scandals face to face bc he can't script, control, or orchestrate what he says. Onion shit on Shiloh hard even going deeply personal. But as un-up-to-date DP is they do confront him about a good few fuckups and fuck with him a bit throughout. I def recommend anons to watch to see how onion reacts in this face cam live podcast setting, esp when addressing scandals it's quite an insight into how uneducated and full of shit he really is.

>is cool with hot alternative tattoo chick (one of DP gfs) sitting an inch from him smoking weed literally in his fucking face

>basically flirts with this girl throughout
>almost became billie 4.0

Why do greggles discord cronies keep posting in here? I wonder how mad onion is that his "friends" and patrons read and post in el-oh-el cow and talk shit about him and his wife. I wonder if he'll just Kirk out and mass block them all for betraying him and chaos insues. (Plz do)

No. 429702

File: 1503932600031.png (185.57 KB, 708x386, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.4…)


Onion :

>When I'm single I'll take the first person who comes my way, most times.

Lol Lainey..

>Sometimes they end up being haters too… Like I've dated someone where they ended up being a hater of me rather then a supporter.. Like I've had sex with a hater.. like shit.

Who is this "hater" he speaks of that he dated and was intimate with ? Like he talks about how people were sending him essays about what they person wrote prior to him dating them ??

This is around 53:51

No. 429704

Supposedly, Adrienne was a "hater" on his forums, because she disagreed with few opinions of his there and he didn't see it before he started dating her.

No. 429717

so i just removed my pledge from patreon after lurking for a while.. and the onion king himself messaged me on patreon to ask me if everything was okay

No. 429718

You are on an image board? post screen caps?

No. 429720

File: 1503934773873.png (45.35 KB, 1626x479, patreon.png)

removed my account name

No. 429722


kek nice anon.

i love how he had to specify (really me) as if anyone he is private messaging would find this completely unbelievable and would need reassurance to cope with something so crazy and outlandish.

you hide on the computer all day onion we believe it's you

No. 429723

Tell him to stop being a pedo edgelord faggot and get a job. Hes got plenty of money to live comfy with his wife and kids. He DOESNT need a patreon.

No. 429724


if you really wanted to set him off on a narc rage twitter rant you could tell him it's because of his comments on the whole texas hurricane thing.

he would go crazy.

No. 429725

are the exit surveys on patreon anonymous?
because i didn't exactly leave him a nice message in mine.. which would make it even weirder if he then went on to message me anyway?

No. 429726


I don't think so, pretty sure thats why Onion doxxed that girl on twitter.

No. 429727

File: 1503935716543.png (285.6 KB, 1145x503, patreon2.png)

well thats awkward.
my exit survey featured on his latest patreon video, posted a day after he messaged me.
in response he basically said "well you cant mean that, you gave me a dollar! that must mean you want to make love to me and have my babies".
sure onion.

No. 429729

File: 1503935962989.jpg (63.68 KB, 804x549, ew.JPG)

here comes his narc rage over a hurricane

No. 429730


I wouldn't worry about it anon. if he harasses any of you at all it'll just make for a funny post here.

No. 429731


kek, like a clockwork

No. 429734

He's an idiot. They're labeled that to imply that they're random disasters that no one plans for that can have huge damage. Why are they called acts if God? Probably because our country is so ingrained in Christianity. Same reason "in God we trust" us in our money IR why we say "under God" in the pledge of allegiance.

No. 429736

Couldn't that be reported to Patreon as harassment? He's trying to guilt people into giving him money again. What a prick.

No. 429740

I'm laughing so hard about that message

No. 429747

for someone being so obsessed about definitions he has absolutely no idea how language works

No. 429749

Well that's the problem, he takes everything literal abd doesn't understand that figurative language is a thing, abd that it's considered lying to him.

No. 429754

I haven't checked if this girl's vids have been posted in any threads here before, but it's not the first time he's done this. He got mad triggered when she told him she removed her pledge because of his comments on the Manchester shooting.

sage for old milk

No. 429756

What the absolutely fuck these thot assholes pay to be mods? How much?

No. 429763

No. 429766

I feel like the best way to not get harassed by him is to just lie. Just say you're switching banks for the pledge because you're not happy with X bank services, and will be back in X amount of time once the new accounts are set up.

Btw. Does it literally send him a notification every time someone leaves ? And why does he care so much about a singular dollar ?

No. 429770

yeah but then he would go on a twitter rant about bank services and harass you for more information on the issue

No. 429778

The best way to get to him is to say nothing at all. You don't owe him an explanation.

No. 429784

God, why is he so predictable KEK.

No. 429788

File: 1503945397485.png (92.3 KB, 611x150, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new LaineyBot vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 429789


Is he Mr Krabbs? It's just a dollar, sheesh

No. 429791

Lainey admitted she's never been to a bar. kek
Must be very exciting being married to onion boy and never leaving the house.


No. 429795

I like how the character she was gushing over the most is the polar opposite of onion boy.

No. 429796

Can onion see your email? Or just your name?

No. 429800

File: 1503947016854.png (31.74 KB, 690x365, received_1430035613748044.png)

(Ban evading is a no-no ;))

No. 429802

i don't know if he could see my email but he messaged me directly on patreon. i'm not sure whether he could see that my exit survey was linked to my account either.

No. 429803

Complaining about a ban evading a ban
You're smart.

No. 429816

ugh can we just ban any of these fags that pay greg real money, do they not understand their opinion's and thoughts are worthless and literally have to pay a man just to compliment him 'in person'

someone tell Beck she does a massive disservice to the name Rebecca and is more pathetic than Lainey

the other ones who i will never bother to learn their fucking names are dull fat and ugly and no one is going to care if your character gets taken out next episode NO ONE HERE CARES ABOUT PATRON RELATED POSTS UNLESS GREG HAS OPENLY HIT ON SOMEONE.

No. 429829


Not a patron fag.

No. 429830

no one cares who you are this in an anon board, and the title of thread is about onion, not his fucking twat patrons that pay for him to spread evil in the world / sit down

No. 429836

File: 1503948439706.jpg (27.81 KB, 711x271, Capture.JPG)

onion's attempt at being DEEP

No. 429843

1. That doesn't even make any sense, "should be the enemy" to who? what?
2. The first thing that came to mind was the blaire white debate where he disagreed with every single little thing despite them being true

No. 429848

File: 1503948754258.jpg (37.11 KB, 546x595, Capture.JPG)

Did anyone see the reply thread for his Texas flooding Tweet btw?
Majority of replies are tips fedora reaction pics kek


No. 429859

living with greg really does stunt your growth as an adult, i bet lainey would love to get lit at a bar and dance

No. 429863

File: 1503949139992.png (68.25 KB, 609x155, Untitled.png)

No. 429870

I feel like I saw a tweet reply when Grease was sperging out about going to drink where lainey was sitting with a friend or something with booze near her and the person was saying how he wouldn't let her do that. I assumed he was passive aggressively doing that twitter thing he constantly does when he gets mad at some choice space prince made. Unfortunately didn't save it.

No. 429875

lol even greg knows his patrons are obsessive to some level about him to pay the dollar in the first place. that's gotta hurt some butthurt patronfag.

No. 429894

File: 1503950552085.png (379.78 KB, 867x461, Untitled.png)


looks like the patreon exit surveys are anonymous, anons you should be in the clear.

he most likely gets a notification saying "yournamehere deleted their pledge of X$" but I don't think he can see who wrote what exit surveys.

No. 429911

Lainey listens to Rob Zombie?

No. 429915

you should def try and contact patreon over this, shit's creepy as hell. He shouldn't be able to harass a former patreon over pulling pledges and publicize their exit info like this.
let us know if anything comes of it!

No. 429921

No, she said on stream that it's greg's shirt but doesn't fit him anymore. I doubt that any of them actually listen to rob zombie… but it's an edgy shirt to wear

No. 429924

its from hot topic, i used to work there and remember selling that one kek

sage for nitpick

No. 429932

It would be one thing if he was this upset about a pledge of $50 or more, but freaking out over $1-$2 pledges is just fucking psycho of him.

No. 429952


Nah he does listen to Rob Zombie, he's mentioned or referenced him throughout his yt career.

No. 429969

Onion doesn't make sense. His mom is a pothead, and he gave her a house (probably tax purposes, but still a house), and is close with her. He sits in a stuffy room for close to 3 hours with people smoking weed during the DP Podcast, one of which was next to him. Doesn't go on a shitfit about it. They even eat meat in front of him. Billy the Fridge smokes pot and eats meat. Onion doesn't openly bitch him out in vids or social media. Onion takes Billy out for food in exchange for appearing in videos, and Billy orders food with meat in it, as seen in videos. Onion's family members eat meat, too.

But Onion's known for dumping Billie because she smoked weed (though he said it was because it's illegal in VA and she could smoke it when she was of age for it to be legal in WA, and he was pissed she lied about it). He goes on rants about how weed smokers are weak-minded people, etc. All the shit about meat eaters. He briefly mentioned that he recently got into an argument with his mom about her openly discussing her weed use to him (or maybe his children were also present). He tells Cloggette that he can't be friends with someone who smokes weed, but he's obviously friends with people who do (unless that was all staged).

He's said he likes to confuse everyone's perception of himself, more or less. But he prides himself on honesty, too, supposedly.

That DP Podcast, Onion in that podcast, doesn't add up to who he claims to be. Who can riddle this? He can't be serious about the shit he says, regarding his black-and-white morals, can he?

No. 429974

The main difference here is that when he got on Billie about this, it was all via text/email/IM. He can't say shit to someone's face and plays it off as "it's just a character.." but he's all high and mighty behind a computer screen.

No. 429978

File: 1503961650634.jpg (85.2 KB, 540x538, IMG_0423.JPG)

From his new video…


No. 429979


Barf.. pestilence personified into onions back.

No. 429980

He also tried to suck up to leafy who made no mystery about using drugs. With women it's more about control for him, at least with girlfriends and possible trinity members.

No. 429981


watched about two seconds of the DP podcast which was all i could bear although the song at the beginning was great, but:

who WERE those chicks with him on the couch? the purple haired fatty and the pot smoker?

i have to say it really fucks me off that anyone buys this bullshit 'it's just a character' crap. the anons on the joy thread have actually bought into this.

greg is not some poor tragic soul playing a part and getting unfairly fucked with; he's an asshole. i loathe this idea that some people have that this is some storyline or whatever. i have a feeling that skye, shiloh, adrienne and billie would all be very clear on the point that he's not playing around. he's a nasty fuckup and people need to stop cutting him any slack at all.

No. 429984

Lol because Skye, Adrienne,
Shiloh, Billie, and Ayalla speaking out about him totally verifies his "I just play a character!" claim. Same for Cyr, Dasha, Shane, Drew, Jaclyn and Social Repose. SR said onion is the same online as he is in real life. So.

No. 429986

>besides the obvious food or whatever on his back, is that a ton of bleeding acne?
>why are they all bleeding at once?
>is he flexing? why are his traps sticking out when his arms aren't really defined?
>is he trying to work angles to seem ripped/have a wide lat spread?
>doesn't he roast people for doing fat/ana equivalents?

well he got my attention at least

No. 429987

He said he was pelted by something so the redness or bleeding would be from that. Nothing exciting.

No. 429988


most likely the sharp egg shells cut up his back a bit and the forceful impact irritated his skin.

he does have aggressive bacne though.

No. 429989

?? anon was saying that those people would verify it's not a character

No. 429991


Is English your first language?

No. 429995

I was being sarcastic about onion trying to play like he isn't a dick all the time. Wasn't trying to direct it at the posters but at onion for thinking we were born yesterday.

No. 429996


He doesn't have traps…all I'm seeing are his flabby, undefined shoulders and back. The sad part is that he probably was trying to flex for this picture but he has no muscle tone at all.

Anyway, it's probably a combination of bacne and abrasions/bruises from whatever he was hit with.

No. 429997

So Gergamel has different standards for women he wants to date than friends, which isn't unusual.
The problem is with friends it's inconsistent. He's open about being "straight-edge" but inconsistent on when those things he doesn't do are problems in his friendships or in general. One moment he understands different lifestyle choices. The next someone who happens to eat meat or smoke weed does something he dislikes and he spergeralizations. It's not about the person to Gerg. It's about what they can do for him. He'll overlook his convinctions. The moment they fuck up in his eyes the difference in those convinctions are used against them.
Hell, even with Billie it was inconsistent. He would've let her smoke when she was of legal age but then he spergs about stoners. It's about his butthurt, knocking others to raise himself up when butthurt, and power.
Gerg is hungry for collabs. Of course he'll overlook things the DP crew does but he'll talk about not wanting to kiss ass to get ahead.

No. 429999

I take it you're new to Onion drama?

No. 430019

Lain is using the Onision tactic of blocking people whenever they say anything she doesn't like lol. I got blocked on Instagram for saying she's copying Billie.

No. 430028

Lainey got super triggered on stream and wouldn't shut up about her ex, Apparently he messaged her after her rage and it triggered her to shit lol

No. 430029


Today's stream clips

Lainey sperging HARD about her ex bf and how everyone she ever dated has cheated on her.
Someone tells her she's not to blame for being cheated on, she says she is the only common denominator and so there has to be something about her that makes people cheat.
Starts ~dissociating~, eventually causing her to gtfo.

No. 430031

>she is the only common denominator, has to be something about her
I don't feel sorry for her but I do have empathy. she is in a really dark place with how she sees the world. the common denominator is actually that she gravitates to scumbags, not some personal flaw. As much as I think she is awful she should certainly wake up and get out.

No. 430037

i honestly think she's telling the truth about her ex being crazy ):

sad she can't see greg is just as toxic

No. 430060


Actual retards with no knowledge of onion bothering to weigh in with their learned knowledge; read some past threads idiot.

No. 430064

Out of sheer boredom I've been watching his twitter followers drop like one does with the minutes to seconds before new years … I've noticed that literally seconds after it drops it always regain 4 followers, and often drops up and down 4 followers till more then four unfollow. This isn't the first time i've watched someones followers drop, and its never been such an even loss vs regain.

Is there some sort of app that replenishes loss of followers ? Like he realized how obvious and stupid he was when he outright bought 3k in a losing streak of -200.

No. 430068

the more weight lainey loses the more will be starved from her face/cheeks and she will look so much older sooooo fast. the only really noticeable thing about her aging is facial fat, thats it besides a bad eyebrows shape.

sucks how her manipulation about weight won't work and shell have to find a new way to express herself or just keep shooting herself in the foot

No. 430073


She'll look closer and closer to being a horse faced crack whore. Fried hair, over drawn brows,thin lips and a concave cheeks with cheap makeup. Gross.

However, I'm doubtful in her losing that much weight. She doesn't look frail or super thin/tiny/smol .. Just normal + stretch marks. Matter of fact doesn't look like she's lost any weight, just aged from stress.

Also, sage your post next time.

No. 430100

File: 1503981268937.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, why.jpg)

No. 430102

File: 1503981892517.png (80.85 KB, 678x576, desperation.png)

The difference in having a "Daddy" lifestyle with Lainey is that Onision has had a history of jerking off too his mom fucking and pushing boundaries with wincest and receiving pedo images on his forums.

I feel sorry for his daughters future.

No. 430105

I do think laineys ex was a shithead at the time but it just really shows what greg promised her. I actually feel really bad for what she's become.

No. 430121

Jfc. Bitch you have a degree, yes, the common denominator is you.

Step outside of yourself. Look at the jackasses you gravitate to. Look at how they treat their partner. Look at how you, being that partner, literally gives them permission to treat their partner like shit. Notice how they also treat everyone around them like shit, and how those people walk away when they decide they don't want to be treated like that. Now look at you, not walking away.

Lamp. People like your ex and your husband never leave. They will keep treating you like shit until you stop letting them. You stop letting them by walking away. You can lower your standards and lower your expectations till you're dead, and they still won't stop. They will use you until you're all used up, throw you away and run off with someone new and they will still use you for what they can. It is literally all your fault because you won't stop them. Because deep down you love the turmoil and the chaos and feeling sorry for yourself.

Have fun with that you sad little codependent victim.

No. 430124


I think we're all baffled as to how Lainey could "have a psychology degree" and still be so inept.

The cold hard facts are that unless you're a CNA and changing bedpans for living an online degree is a participation certificate. It signifies nothing.

Lainey knows less than the average amateur studying psychology as a hobby.

No. 430141

She was with the ex for 3 and a half years until she was 17? Yet i remember she claims to have kissed like 42 people? That all happened before she was 14/15 years old or was she kissing during the relationship? Sounds like they both cheated on each other multiple times and the relationship sucked, just like her and onion. But at that point it was a dumb high school relationship. She decided to marry the next abuser straight away and birth his kids. Moron.

And now shes become an abusive bitch too. She wants her own girlfriend she can control and manipulate like onion boy gets to do with her, then attack her online/defame her. She did exactly what onion does to his ex's with billie. She can fuck off with her professional victim act.

No. 430142

>I guess I'm really easy to cheat on

you are, because you're a codependent doormat

No. 430155

File: 1504002009845.jpg (26.99 KB, 500x202, 2Y8hv.jpg)

So instead of leaving the fucktard who is currently cheating on her, Plainey's train of thought goes like this:
>Be sad
>Post emo shit on social media
>Forgive immediately
>Pretend you "won"

David cheated on her multiple times but he only left him because she got a chance with an ~e-celebrity~. If Onion chose another childbride, she would still be with David.

No. 430162

Not only that but i think she sets guys up to cheat on her, look at Onision and Billie situation, i think she is a master manipulator just as much as gurgle.

She sets guys up to "cheat" if you know what i mean, "open relationships" "poly" "setting up special rules that are hard to live by" etc like get real i see right through her.

No. 430163

Ummm is nobody going to address the fact that his "aunt in law" found a 13yr old boy "hot"???
Brrrrr… There is so much wrong with this "family"..

No. 430164


Read it again, anon. He clearly says HE found her hot, not the other way around.

No. 430165

Oops.. I has no excuse.
I is potato. I skimmed the post, will read thoroughly in future!

No. 430167

Peel yourself.

No. 430169


My god… just how badly was Onion boy molested/sexually abused to think shit like this was normal?

No. 430180

Stop shitting up the thread and take care of your child you absolute shit of a parent

No. 430196

Can't post the webm but it's 90% people posting fedora shrek or laughing at Gregs shitty bait.
So what does he do?
>y-y-you are just t-triggered stupid Christfags lmao atheism wins again

No. 430200

File: 1504017591566.png (51.64 KB, 230x419, 1504010991980.png)

> from the thread on snow

wonder how grease is going to feel once he finds out Harley is causing his longtime mods to withdraw their pledges.

oh bitch!

No. 430201

All the patron drama stems from Beck.

she was prob the one trying to call out Vix on the snow thread (fyi retards, Vix wasn't a farmer, she isn't a mod on CC either)
i reckon she can't believe she fucked up meeting greg, had him showcase her disgusting body to the interwebs, be known for clogging up toilets with her unsightly shits… i think she's sperging out

i reckon lainey posted her bikini haul to showcase her smol body in comparison to beck, she's been ignoring her since. beck spurges here and on onion's discord about lainey

beck you're a mess go home

No. 430203

I bet Beck released Harley's nudes to expose her doughbody before onion replaces her lol

then playing coy on twitter, i swear beck is behind all the bitching

No. 430213

These two are both word for word from the snow thread. I'm getting kinda suspicious about this sudden need to throw beck under the bus and divert attention from Harley. Not saying it couldn't be her but Harley is the one who was sperging out on here and caused all this.
You afraid daddy gurgles will be mad? No fixing it by passing the blame now, you started the shitstorm now face the consequences. Kek
Sage for no contribute other than to call out these discord fags

No. 430214

Agreed, I've been lurking on the discord from the beginning and all the super drama didn't start until she was made admin. Uh oh beck, Games up.

No. 430219

yeah, and they were both posted by me in both threads, since the lil discord faggots have had to be contained in another thread, some stuff might get missed.

No. 430221

someone tell greg lolcow farmers did the hard work his patron moomoo mods pay to do and figured out why he's losing patrons. home girl Beck is weeding out any threats to your attention onion. It's going to be a cold winter.

No. 430232

Please take discussion of Onion's patrons to their thread in snow and stop clogging it up here.

No. 430262

File: 1504029562203.jpg (20.49 KB, 818x116, capcap.JPG)

Now we enter depressed onion mode. He always seems to do this after he makes a fool of himself after a tragic event that he bashes.

No. 430269


Lainey ?
Pretty sure neither of them one each other. She probably only loves the free ride (money), and he in his own words will cling to anything because he can't handle being alone.

Poor Greg can't attract anymore teen pussy anymore that isn't fat or a catfish.

No. 430275

Can agree, it pissed me off back when Grease made that video saying he was putting his foot down about how they are poly and the jealousy shit has to stop, then Doormat took upon herself to whisper into Billies ear "I don't feel comfortable." after she agreed to it, it's like you wanna keep this realtionship after ya'll got married young and now understand he really has 0 attraction to your androgness you have no common likes/interests but you still want to have your cake and eat it too.

No. 430280

Lol Anon, he does not love her in any sense of the word. He can't wait to get rid of her.

No. 430301

Who's that tweet about? I doubt lainey is meant

No. 430304

Ashlyn? Vix? He has no emotional attachment to lainey at this point anyway.

No. 430309

This anon is so suspicious. I have never seen any other farmer use "moomoo" outside of referencing Mariah or reading retarded cows who try to use it like Tomato and that hick raven is dating.

No. 430310

Maybe he is trying to pretend unloved by Lainey so he can initiate divorce?

No. 430323


I was thinking the same thing. Harley has been using it on her twitter spergs.

No. 430324

I really think it's Harly doing damage control and trying to pass the blame onto beck to save her own ass with onion. Don't see why it matters he's never gonna fuck either of them anyway.
We should try to just move on from the topic though and back onto onion and Lainey they have their own thread now. I'm gonna assume any more comments like those or attempts to drag them into the spotlight on this thread are either plumberbeck or harley

No. 430325

we can only hope

but nah, let's be real

No. 430326

He definitely has or had a huge crush on Vix so that would be possible. With Ashlyn it's still in the beginning it seems. He's reading out her messages on stream but it's not that far yet that even onion would speak of love at this point.
Kek he surely needs to do something about the fact that she won't let him leave her

No. 430328

Chances are he's most likely trying to guilt trip Lainey about something. Just wait for her incoming pity me tweets

No. 430329

File: 1504037718310.png (274.8 KB, 1503x1842, IMG_0547.PNG)

Looks like he still sperging over the hurricane. Also is he possibly sucking up to deefizzy???? Or is he just trolling??

No. 430347

File: 1504040144335.jpg (81.91 KB, 720x367, IMG_20170829_225742.JPG)

No. 430349


Dat eggplant and peach …

He wants people to call him gay so he can rage about how it was a joke in a video, and about the FAXXXXX !! This is the cheapest attempt at starting rumours and drama I've seen from him.

Try again Gregma.

No. 430354

I find the hurricane speech extremely hypocritical coming from someone whose life philosophy is 'I am whatever I wish to be'.
Yes, a hurricane is a hurricane ( like he's just a shitty human being ), but people can assign additional meaning to it.
Does he…not…ever see how weird he is?

No. 430363

It's just attention whoring. He craves attention on a pathological level that it doesn't matter if it's negative attention or if it ruins his life.

Shit, he probably got an angry boner from all the IRS attention.

No. 430373

onion is on younow and talking about how he caused lainey to lose a sponsorship

No. 430374


it was a sponsorship with an animal conservation group. during the video onion made a joke about the sponsor and they decided to pull her sponsorship because of it.

No. 430377

He's purposely sabotaging her career. He'd rather they both me in the shit than have her be more successful than her.

No. 430378

IRS house tour is September 11th

No. 430380


well now we have an explanation as to why they've been scrambling to rearrange their house in weird ways.

No. 430388

>macncheese is hilarious, they're saying funny things all the time

not trying to flirt at all!

No. 430391

File: 1504048302798.png (470.16 KB, 1080x1920, 20170829_235049.png)

Billie's skin walker is getting more and more desperate for daddy gergs attention

No. 430394

Do Lainey and Sarah even talk much anymore/did they fall out?

No. 430396

yep that's the behavior of someone fighting for their family's "survival". kys, grease

No. 430407

I'm sure they still talk plenty, but I love that Sarah is irrelevant.

No. 430415

File: 1504054967757.jpg (11.09 KB, 716x239, sadsarah.jpg)

this is how irrelevant sarah is, wishing she was drawn by haters

No. 430416

File: 1504055070314.jpg (28.33 KB, 704x455, sarahsad2.jpg)

this is what she came out of fucking nowhere to ask about kek

No. 430417

Lainey said she wants mac n cheese for dinner on younow, watch onion boy be sleek and fly in that chick with the username macncheese

No. 430421

File: 1504056896499.png (229.35 KB, 600x671, oh boi this sassy child.png)

No. 430431

i don't understand?

No. 430432

So, I don't know if this matters but TallVideos is live now in case anyone cares.
Sage for OT

No. 430438


I don't think anyone cares about that dramawhore.

He claimed to have so much milk and that he was so ready to spill it and yet he has given us absolutely nothing.

Just another nobody trying to use lolcow for notoriety.

No. 430441

Quit self posting, you tool. No one cares about you.

No. 430442

From Lainey's YouNow:
>Did you have to convince Greg to let you date other girls?
>Um, no, it was kind of more his idea than mine.

>Do you date men?

>I currently do not date men, no. I don't plan on ever dating a man because I have a husband. But… I will date a girl. Just sayinnnng.

Someone called her rude on her stream and she read it lol.
She also says she doesn't have depression.

No. 430444

File: 1504060048884.jpg (17.49 KB, 300x300, main-prof-pic-300x300.jpg)

wish she'd at least go for a tranny
greg would fucking lose it because he would HAVE to accept it as a "girl"

No. 430452

That is actually genius, Sarah if you're lurking here for Lainey let her know about this loophole

No. 430456

File: 1504062088758.jpg (75.54 KB, 550x354, 545771821.jpg)

In a perfect world, Doormat would hook up with Blaire White.
Blaire would do what every third member of the trinity does and ignore Doormat after the first day and spend the rest of the time raping Onion boy in the ass as Lameo pouts in the corner.

No. 430460

File: 1504062538034.png (235.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1189.PNG)

As Gerg has been spamming deefizzy, while getting zero replies from him! Hilarious!

No. 430468

artist anon very clearly said this is consensual, just to be clear lol.

No. 430469


Nah, that is Greg's fantasy. It should be some tranny that doesn't intend to transition in any way or form other than slapping on some lipstick. That would really fuck him up.

No. 430471

oh sorry

>…and spend the rest of the time having consensual anal rape-play with Onion boy as Lameo pouts in the corner.

No. 430488

File: 1504069094466.png (139.94 KB, 501x310, Untitled.png)

How appropriate.

No. 430494

hahaha implying he watches any of her streams

No. 430502

File: 1504073449049.png (752.38 KB, 893x636, IMG_0424.PNG)

I stole this from EO's Tumblr.

Should I delete it or nah?

No. 430503

Do people believe Beck actually shit in the toilet? Come on!!,

No. 430504


Beck, I could smell the steamy chunky shit from here gtfo!

No. 430505

I think you meant to say
"Do people believe Beck actually clogged up the toilet?

Because the answer to your original question is - Yes.
I do believe that the toilet is where Greg and Lainey asked her to deposit her feces that week she stayed at their home.

p.s. Greg said it smelled "stewy"

No. 430507

W-where else would she shit…

Don't namefag

No. 430510

what kind of retard would lie about something so embarrassing? actually nvm she's a grugly stan so I take it back

No. 430521

sage for complete personal and irrelevant but i read your comment when i low-key needed to hear that myself and it helped me understand things i was repressing. so thank you.
happy spending any time reading onion's garbage life actually helped my own

No. 430545


Someone asked if she takes antidepressants, she said "no I don't have depression" Antidepressants are used to treat a lot of things not just clinical depression. Nitpicing but she was snarky about the question and her answer made her sound stupid

No. 430548

Hmm I don't think she clogged the toilet either. What teenage girl in 2017 would take pics of her about to scoop shit for a chat room of online friends?? Grease prob planned that so she could make a splash online for her big debut at the McMansion.

I'm fine calling her cloggergirl still though kek.

No. 430551

she posted photos of her shit anon and is still embarrassed by it she's an immature irrational mess

No. 430553

Why are there suddenly a bunch of new fags thinking she never clogged the toilet?
She clearly took pics and iirc a video to either her snap chat or some other place to stream, it was discussed a few threads back, also who the hell would think that clogging up the grease toilet a funny way to debut for an online presence?

This isn't even dry milk at this point even if she did fake it…

No. 430555

File: 1504096071533.png (84.45 KB, 647x1021, IMG_5774.PNG)

Whether it was poop or wipes, or a combination of both, one of the first things she did upon arriving way clog the toilet. Greg and Lainey both ignored her private messages, as well as messages sent by Becks friends in Lainey's livestream chat.

I mean I don't know what to tell you. I think about two threads ago this and other screenshots were posted, including beck live blogging (in the discord) putting a plastic bag on her hand to removed the clog because Lainey and Greg were actively ignoring her. Apparently she also posted a pic of the actual poop that was removed by mods.

As embarrassing as this is for Beck, the whole Beck situation says so much about Greg and Lainey.

No. 430557

Some anon reverse image searched that and it wasn't her pic

No. 430561


She must get so ragey that no one uses her ~*~SPECIAL PRONOUNS~*~


No. 430563

I believe it was a bad attempt to prank Greg/Lainey and "bond" with them.

No. 430568

The pic with shit was from a meme, the anon said they wouldn't post the actual one though, the rest were not reversed and found

No. 430571

she clogged the toilet, unless it was a 'prank' but why did she act embarrassed on stream when people would bring it up

or is beck going to come on here next and tell us it was a punishment for smoking weed

No. 430574

My thought is that she realized it was a fucking dumb idea.

No. 430576

I don't even care who Beck is I'm angry Gerg gets to fuck with yet another dumb girl's life. She's dumb as hell but how old is she? She's still more mature than he will ever be.

Can we just stop talking about her all together? She's probably self posting, she's boring, and she really should just disappear for her own health. I'd rather clear her name so Onion gets nothing out of this but she doesn't belong here.

No. 430580

Hi Beck

No. 430581

File: 1504100584758.png (677.73 KB, 1080x1067, 20170830_074242.png)

This article made me think of Gerg and his childbride.


No. 430582


??? didn't Beck pay to interject herself in his life. didn't he also tell her upfront he didn't like her type (weeeeeeeed users). shut up beck

No. 430583

Honestly I feel like anyone who likes onion after the whole Billie situation is either burying their head in the sand or just as fucked up as him. I started disliking onision round about the Shiloh era and I was 17 at that time, so Beck should know better as she knows about the Billie shit.

I could some what give people some benefit of the doubt before the Billie situation as they may not have known what he did to Shiloh as it was years ago, but after what he did to Billie they should be able to see how fucking evil he is.

sage for autistic rant.

No. 430588

Yea I don't get why she would think it was her when it shows someone with a "B" on a police hat like Becca wore whilst making a statement based on a video Greg made with her in it.. wishful thinking much lmao.

No. 430593

File: 1504104320190.jpg (327.77 KB, 1280x744, gregdoc1.jpg)

So it seems Greg has officially sold his set house for $250k, these documents show that not long after selling the set house he fully paid the mortgage to his main house (there is also speculation that he was given the set house from a late uncle, was there any proof of purchase? I think someone a few threads back showed the property documents on those) anyway, turns out he only pays around $600 per month in property taxes.. this all would have been correct as of the 1st of August yet in the mean time he has still persisted that he is struggling to cope and has not yet retracted his statements regarding having a mortgage to pay, which he stated was a few thousand a month… not sure how much of the set sale house he pocketed and how much he put on the main house, if any at all, but considering he no longer has a mortgage what bills could he possibly have now that exceeds the $5k Patreon? he is living in luxury yet still cries poor to his teenage fans.. disgusting.
Also, notice how he has he and Laim listed as a "married couple" whilst the people he sold his set house to were listed as "wife and husband" lol!

No. 430594

File: 1504104371571.jpg (365.5 KB, 1280x757, gregdoc3.jpg)

No. 430595

File: 1504104392896.jpg (301.03 KB, 1280x829, gregdoc4.jpg)

No. 430596

File: 1504104410274.jpg (156.16 KB, 1075x823, gregdoc5.jpg)

No. 430597

File: 1504104435332.jpg (367.1 KB, 1183x894, greghouse.jpg)

No. 430599

File: 1504104456514.jpg (263.51 KB, 904x760, gregtax.jpg)

No. 430606

Just thinking about the best part of a bunch of his mods dropping their pledges is that now that his main channel is paid, he is so much less likely to gain new fans. His pool of possible patrons is shrinking and shrinking.

No. 430609


so onion kissed a 14 year old on a plane?

No. 430627

> Derek Anderson
> Katie Duncan

how have i never heard about these people

onion tracked down the first and beat him up lol?

idk who the second girl is, is she the 14 yr old he kissed? the guy in the video is hinting he's since spoke to the girl who is now 18 and might be ready to talk

oh! some possible upcoming milk, i hope so

No. 430629

onion is live on younow rn
watching but its not particularly interesting

No. 430637

wonder how long til someone spills this new info in his chat

No. 430638

already happened but i didn't see how he replied (player was disabled)

No. 430641

File: 1504110121705.png (6.29 KB, 176x65, Screenshot.png)

im kekkin already tbh

No. 430644

he purposefully isn't answering about the girl

No. 430646

File: 1504110686110.png (133.6 KB, 750x910, IMG_9535.PNG)

isn't this giving onion boy more attention, replying to his dumbass remarks

No. 430647

he got real quiet and stern when some girl kept asking who Katie Duncan was

No. 430654

he started listening to "i love little girls" and went on to clarify what a "little" girl is.

No. 430655

by his own definition, that includes both Lainey and Billie

No. 430657

is he seriously sharing porn with minors on his discord?

No. 430658

No. 430659

I just came here to drop a sage and say wow… those kids on his younow that are talking are soo cringy, geez…

No. 430661

They are literally talking about porn… the edge is sharp.

No. 430662

Gotta love a man in his 30s sitting around all morning talking about porn and little girls with a bunch of preteens on the internet.

No. 430663

it's only a quick hop, skip & a jump from kissing 14 year olds to sharing hentai and hardcore pornography with 14 year olds

No. 430665

File: 1504112383194.png (11.11 KB, 373x70, Screenshot.png)

sorry for the samefag but looks like the seed has been sewn

No. 430668

he says its just a rumour and its not true and he said "show the proof"

No. 430669

"as far as relocating, figure out how to use a camera"

jesus its happening so fast

No. 430670

well hopefully this girl will be coming out to tell her side of the story, as hinted at the end of Josh's vid

No. 430672

Did onion say that? Like in a nice way or a condescending way about her shit photos?

No. 430674

no he literally said
find out how to use a camera, i need a cameraman

No. 430675

the way he came off, and the way I perceived it as he was offering to invite her to 'relocate' if she could use a camera because he needs someone to 'do camera work'

No. 430681

His camerawork is using a tripod, why does he need someone to help with thst? And even if he did it's not like his shit is complicated it would literally be point and shoot.

No. 430684

Any excuse to get some new pork buns

No. 430691

File: 1504116631830.jpg (95.5 KB, 1196x615, 1477676910651.jpg)

o shit
it's happening bois

bex and lainey on suicide watch

No. 430692

Post pic of new trinity member tho

No. 430694

Any milk on what sort of interaction Onion had with Katie Duncan?

No. 430696

just the usual pls gib fax response. he wants "pictures"

No. 430697

u right anon, I need to stop trying to apply logic to onion boy.

No. 430698

File: 1504117907355.png (96.33 KB, 679x162, Untitled.png)

No. 430701

Isn't this an old tweet??

Saged for confusion

No. 430704

You need to actually elaborate on what he said. Was he saying that Lainey and Billie are "little"?

No. 430705

He means littles like in the kink, and he sees himself as dominant daddy

No. 430707

It's an old parody fanart made during cuddlegate

No. 430708

That must be old, she has silver hair on her profile picture now.

No. 430709


She literally just admitted that she makes these types of videos just to find a relationship. Ew

No. 430712

Ty anon!

Could the the man also mentioned on the Josh show/whatever "Derek Anderson" be related in some way to plainey?
The Katie thing would have happened post shiloh/Adrienne but pre taylor??

No. 430719

She's depressed that she's with grease. I would be to

No. 430722

A few threads back this was said:

>I watched that painfully obnoxious former onion fan's stream.

> He said the name “Katie Duncan” would make Greg "quiver". idk the spelling. Then later said a clue about her was, "No, no, no. Please, stop."

> Said Greg kissed a 14 year-old fan on a plane when he was 29 and there’s apparently video evidence. Said the 14 year-old isn't Katie Duncan.
> Derrick Anderson (spelling?) is a “hater” that Greg doxxed and then went to his house?

No. 430725

god i hope greg has never raped someone

No. 430726


Has anyone straight up asked Greg about this Katie Duncan?

No. 430727

he was clarifying which ages he means when he refers to girls - something like 0-17
then he said little girls refers to prepubescents ie 0-10
thats all he said, there was no referral to kinks.

No. 430728

he's never going to talk about this stuff in a younow he needs pressure one on one or a podcast since that's his new thing

No. 430729

people asked on stream and he wouldnt even acknowledge the question.

No. 430731


I mean, what he did to Adrianne can be considered rape. From what I've read, she now views the situation as a rape.

I honestly wouldn't put it past him. And I know he's all about "legality", but I don't think he can fathom someone not wanting him.

No. 430734

sounds very similar to adriene come to think of it, he's a slimy grease manlet

i hope this all comes out soon

No. 430735

I found something of Katie’s

Can we just get greg to rage if he goes on Younow today? Commenting about Katie and having Katie usernames?

No. 430736

File: 1504120838972.png (258.69 KB, 824x803, ikghlb.png)

Same Girl??

No. 430737


AJ has ~never~ said rape. She said it was a shit situation but she went into it with her eyes open. Since when did she start saying rape?

Calling something rape when the person who experienced it doesn't call it rape is a shit thing to do to them. Don't.

No. 430739


No, self poster, that's you. Fuck off, seriously.

No. 430740



From 2015?

No. 430741

What's going on with all the weird derails and disinfo in this thread right now?

No. 430742


>From what I've read, she now views the situation as a rape.

Link or cap please.

No. 430754

She might say it wasn't but rape by coercion is a thing many women aren't informed on.


No. 430756


So you've decided for AJ that she was raped. Got it.

No. 430760

either way my dude, onion initial did force himself on to adrienne and she claims she asked him to stop and cool off, but then she just let him

she hasn't pressed charges so irrelevant. some people will view it as a rape, others will be more lenient because adrienne stated she eventually allowed it

either way you sound like you're defending a rapist

No. 430765

File: 1504123799613.jpg (463.48 KB, 1000x1500, pt2017_08_31_04_08_19.jpg)

Pic related.

Excerpts from Adriennes letter and the definition of coercion.

No. 430779

There's plenty of evidence that he did indeed rape people in the past. See Adrienne, Shiloh.

No. 430780

sage & old milk but I need clarification; was there ever a time gurgle went after Leda Muir with romantic intent?

No. 430781

leda smokes weed and drinks and did so in her youth so i doubt it.

No. 430782


I have a feeling he committed marital rape as well tbh

No. 430789

Not from what I recall? She's definitely made cameo in his scene emo videos throughout years, I even think he has a video just about her? But no he never tried to go after her bc of her age (but now she is 23)

No. 430790

File: 1504126571574.jpg (26.74 KB, 889x345, Capture.JPG)

Dunno, but there is an old post from 2012 on gurugossiper, something about him making her delete her instagram

No. 430807

he probs fucked lainey on the 1st date

No. 430810

That has been confirmed already.

No. 430811


Yeah, they spent the night at some hotel together the first day he went to New Mexico to meet his new bride. Lainey showed a pic from it in one of her videos.

No. 430820


Yes and shiloh. Billie was only one he did't have sex with om the first night.

No. 430822


Either way my dude, you remove her agency. AJ makes the decision as to whether she feels she was raped. Not you.

No. 430824

yeah exactly, case in point, she didn't press charges. people can still have their opinions on coercing, she put the info out there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 430827

I'll just leave this here


"It is common for survivors of sexual assault to initially deny they were abused."

Not definitively saying she was. Merely pointing out that her description of events is consistent with someone who was.

No. 430836


Are you Onision or something? The situation is rapey. There are movies where rape happens and it isn't implicitly stated by the victim to be rape but we as the audience are to assume it is. If A comes out and says specifically that it WASNT rape then I get your point. But the reason she gave us the info that she did abt the situation is to certainly at the least IMPLY that it was rape by coercion. That may be a gray area for some but your argument that we're taking away her agency is lame AF.

No. 430840

Onion Raped AJ. Okay? She didn't say no, but she wa pressured into sex. Greg probably forces all the girls he dates into having sex with him, even when they don't want to. Because unless you're a fucking onion fan who thinks the sun shines out his ass, you know he is a manipulative POS. So Assume that he has in his life, raped someone via coercion by pressuring them into it.

Lets get the fuck over this derailing topi and focus on this Katie Duncan situation because if its legit it's milky AF.

No. 430843

She did say no

No. 430844

Okay cool, but who gives a shit what happened between the two 26 year olds, That milk is stale. We should focus on katie duncan milk.

No. 430845

What does the A of their last name? I thought he was Gregory Jackson. Am I missing something?

No. 430848


No. 430849

When he and Taylor married they changed their last names to Avaroe. Probably an entirely made up name to be unique.

No. 430861

Katie Duncan milk seems stale af & there's literally no proof other than "OMG GREG IGNORED IT ON YOUNOW!"

Tall if you have proof, post it. If not can we please stop chasing terrible tinfoil theories like 14 year old girls, love childs & whatever else has been running amok in these threads.

No. 430865


If i recall correctly, "Avaroe" was the name of the street Onion's apartment in New Mexico was on

No. 430866

Did he change his middle name to James? If so there's all kinds of court records in Washington state for him.

No. 430868

He's been Gregory James, Jackson and Avaroe, IIRC.

No. 430878

Anyone know who Madison DeCambra
Is, and why she's at the grease mansion? If you look on her twitter she has posted a video of her in their basement

No. 430879

post screenshots or fuck off newfag

No. 430880

sage your shitpost son

No. 430885

She seems to be a small nobody youtuber who collabed with gregma once. Not very milky at all.

No. 430886

Getting kindof sick of these joy esque types wanting us to watch their longass self promo videos with no concrete proof rather than milk beong spilled in the form of actual receipts like caps, tweets, younow clips etc.

No. 430890

https://youtu.be/ub_otnRMsmE 19:40 to around 24:30

No. 430891

this is a relevant post. the amount of derailing that has happened in the last 18-24 hours is extra.

what we do know is something this "joey show" or whatever he calls himself seems to have something that irks grease. it got under his skin enough he briefly addressed it by responding that he had nothing to say and until there was "faxx" and pictures provided he was not going to speak on the topic. there is something there. let's not get derailed on pontificating whether or not someone feels raped or not. that is her personal experience, we weren't there and unless she came out and said it, it's become a moot point and serves nothing more than to derail. we need to focus on this girl, every time she was brought up grease froze in stream and got extra stern or otherwise short with his discord group. the name means something to him. we need to find out what. saged for blogpost

No. 430892


Wrong. His former name was Gregory James Daniel, not Jackson.

No. 430893

he has filed legal documents under Gregory James Daniel, Gregory J Jackson, Gregory Avaroe. the post isn't necessarily false, just missing a narrative as to why he took plaineys last name temporarily other than "that was x relatives name"

No. 430896

>dfizzy streams
>greg asks to be guested
>gets roasted
>calls dfizzy rude
>gets roasted again

i mean i always enjoy people going in on greg, but sadly this will just mean he'll make 5+ videos about it

No. 430897


I've never seen any documents with "Jackson" on them, just Daniel and Avaroe. Unless I have yet to see proof of this

No. 430900

Daniel is his father's last name, Jackson is I believe his mother's maiden name. At least it's what she's been using since the divorce. If you haven't found any documents with Jackson then you aren't looking properly.

No. 430902


No, I've seen his mom's name in documents, but not "Gregory Jackson" but that was only on social media platforms. He has/had the Daniel name on military, first-home and divorce documents, along with his Air Force uniforms.

No. 430908


There are plenty of court documents filed under Gregory Jackson that I wouldn't doubt some are his. He's got dozens of court files under multiple names. Has anyone ever requested copies?

No. 430910

lainey with a girl on younow flirting HARD, the girl is not in the chat or guesting she is litteraly in the mcmansion. they have more chemistry together than greg and lainey ever had i hope they escape gurg together

No. 430912

not american so I'm not familiar, how far reaching is FOIA?

No. 430915

According to the Washington state court record site, anyone can purchase copies because its all public record. But you do have to contact each individual court for records and pay for copies. I'm curious because all the cases where he's a defendant so they're cases that someone else filed against him.

No. 430916

Actually pretty entertaining, to be honest. I wish I could have read Greg's sperggage as he was laying into him.

No. 430918

na she was talking about being bi and poly earlier. she does have a boyfriend and kids tho

No. 430919

File: 1504144647550.png (358.5 KB, 488x563, neverblue.png)

I'm convinced Lainey and Greg are manipulative liars that say anything for views.

No. 430920


I'm going to summarize this video in a second.

Lainey avoids 90% of the viewers because they are underage.

Also Lainey only chooses girls who look like Billie.

No. 430922

lmao her dyehands

No. 430923


They are not romantically involved, that is their mutual friend who has a kid and was in Gregs shitty Jake Paul video with her baby in a stroller, all while lainey was at home.

Also who takes their baby to go make shitty cringe video with 3 grown men.

No. 430925


I like how Madison looks uncomfortable with Lame next to her.

She must've recently dyed it. Her hair looks nasty and dead! Lmao


I take it baby-daddy's not around much.

No. 430926

It's always the ppl with colorful hair that have this. Do certain colors leak through gloves or do they forget their gloves or intentionally not wear them to have kewl rainbow hands? i dye my hair black and it gets everywhere but my hands bc of gloves

No. 430933

This girl is at least more in space prince's league.
>unfortunate face and body and personality
>will only talk to 10/10 insta girrrlllsss
Lainey is a female neckbeard.

No. 430941

Honestly, they seem very comfortable around each other. Just the screengrab I got at that moment. That girl was promoting herself a little on the stream too. "Networking", I suppose.

No. 430943


His name is Jackson on almost all the wiki articles, which is why I said he had gone by that name. Haven't looked for any documents in that name, but still think it's relevant since he's probably written some wiki articles himself.

No. 430944

That Madison chick said OVER AND OVER on Laineys younow how she was starstruck by Gerg at some improv workshop and how she was dying to be in his videos, she really emphasized how desperately she wanted his time and attention.

I felt secondhand embarrassment that she is telling onion wife how she "fangirled" so much over onion. I wouldn't want anyone fangirling over my partner. Then Lainey said "someone said they ship us" and Madison in a completely disinterested tone was like, "oh. Me too." It was like night and day.

Lainey must be so used to girls thirsting for Gerg, its sad. I hope she realized the only chicks that want to truly be her girlfriend dont want gregma dick and the ones who want gregma dick are only using her to get it.

No. 430945

Blue is hell. It stains your hands when you wash your hair. It stains my pillows and clothes after 10 washes. It still runs blue in the shower now even, and I haven't dyed it in two months. Had about all colors, but the "crazy" ones def bleeds the most. Sage for hair talk.

No. 430951


oh shit i SWEAR i thought it was beck for a sec, i thought i was tripping

Then i remembered it's that girl from gurgle's videos, the one who has a kid

too cute for both of them the them imo

No. 430952


He's probably doing that so his real name won't be found on anything web-related. If you look at his old sites before he became ~famous~; he had his original name plastered all over the place, pretty much begging for dat e-fame.

No. 430961


No. 430966

Oh OK! That does explain it thanks. I get stains on my hairline etc but once I wash out my hair it's usually fine and i don't get it anywhere new. I won't nitpick mol prince's hands then.

No. 430968

Maybe Katie Duncan is the girl he creeped on during his military service which led to his discharge?

No. 430969

Greg was just on The drunken peasants podcast and I'm really curious how it played out. It's funny because TJ the amazing atheist(on DP)is just as manipulative as Greg and tried to get his ex in a snuff film. Left wife for tranny but now Dating someone super young. Ben (also from DP) fucks tons of fangirls (also like Greg) and tries to hide his wife. He tried creeping on Greg's blue haired girl(I forgot her name)They're all manipulative neckbeards so I want to see how that stream played out.

No. 430972

Lurk moar. This was discussed days ago.

No. 430974

Onion and TAA have been mortal enemies from years back. They even almost went on Steve Wilkos but TJ chickened out. So I was shocked when I saw TAA and DP say they like Greg now. The reason they don't believe Billie is because TAA has done just as fucked up shit (the entire tranny situation) and Ben(one of the hosts) is a sociopath and tried to fuck Billie after she contacted him. I'm not shocked they took a liking to onion, they all are of the same ilk.

Either way what's done is done. I just think it's hilarious TAA has to move to his parent's basement after losing his YouTube ad money and DP is ending. I wonder before how long Greg has to move back with his mom as well and Lainey leaves him. This YouTube Ad-pocalypse is great.

No. 430981

YT has always been an outlet for scumbags like these (onion inclusive ofc) to skate by in life by sounding mildly intelligent to 12 year olds. I'm so glad for the ad-pocalypse, it's like natural selection for youtubers. Only the fucking retarded ones are still struggling badly.

No. 430985

File: 1504164103904.png (363.68 KB, 580x504, WhIa38S.png)

is he gonna take the bait

No. 430988

Of course, his two favorite ladies in one picture thinking about him, he will ejaculate instantly

No. 430989

File: 1504164338971.jpg (13.15 KB, 298x284, mIX66r4.jpg)

when did he put his speaks channel on his twitter? interesting how he didn't put the paid channel link..

No. 430994

all that silicone must be making him firm

No. 430996

a lot firmer than his wives sloppy udders

No. 431000

Looks like they've both got dye on their hands so Plainey probably made a video for Youtube because she's incapable of dyeing her hair by herself.

No. 431001

We all know how much gurg loves fake boobs.

No. 431003

File: 1504181989316.jpg (131.03 KB, 675x691, unfiltered_lainybot.jpg)

The sloppy udders sure don't help when they're connected to the lifeless hag that is lainey. Didn't gerg divorce skye for being depressed and depressing? he sure has a way of getting bubbly girls and turning them into depressing wash cloths. No wonder he's been sad-posting on twitter so much.

No. 431004

is that a huge bruise on her boob or a shadow? jesus.

either way, i know lainey was going for a grungey artsy look here but really this just painfully highlights her flaws.

No. 431005

File: 1504184355201.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, haggardplain.png)

Idk about then but she looked extra scuffed in one of her semi-recent videos. Pic related.

No. 431007

>>431003 (that looked like a bruise)

Maybe Grease is into some kinky shit after all.

No. 431010

He has a wife?

No. 431014

laineys hands are that green because she dyed her hair using spray dye. it washes out in one wash and colours everything it touches

saged for hair talk

No. 431019

do they think theyre being ironic too or something? it's just as embarrassing that they're desperate for his attention like this even if they think theyre trolling

No. 431024

They are trolling though. Just as we are. We all know that it's fun to troll Onion. I kek'ed.

What are the social media sites of the girl?

No. 431027

Madison DeCambra she has various social media accts all using derivatives of her name.

No. 431028

You can be the proud owner of pictures of her feet for 25 dollars a month.

No. 431032

File: 1504194650924.png (178.97 KB, 792x467, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.2…)

So what do we make of this then?

No. 431045

File: 1504197513271.gif (4.51 MB, 600x404, mariah-carey-i-dont-know-her-0…)

No. 431048

File: 1504198559767.png (379.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1254.PNG)

…even though her hair was only that color for like 2 days.

No. 431049

File: 1504198702762.png (809.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1253.PNG)

No. 431051

Did perhaps a fan draw this again without her paying them or at least acknowledging the artist behind the design?
Is it perhaps a patreon who is paying her, so she can profit off the merch?

I would rather kill myself than wear that shit.

No. 431053

lmfao her lips are rail fucking thin, what a delusional bitch she is.

No. 431054

how narcissistic and self absorbed can you be honestly. It would be one thing if that was a recognizable image but 1. nobody knows who she is outside of a few tumblrites and Onision dickriders. 2. That shirt is stupid af, not funny, the drawing could literally be anyone and doesn't even resemble her whatsoever except the hair colour. People who live entirely on the internet are so fucking deluded.

No. 431061

Looks more like Billie than Laimey.
Is the artist trolling?

No. 431063

>long face (aka the footface)
>small eyes that she constantly makes even smaller by squinting
>longish nose
>paper thin lips
Shirt design
>cute heart shaped face
>big doe eyes
>tiny button nose
>voluminous, plump lips
Nailed it.
Shirt design looks more like Billie tbh.

No. 431065

File: 1504202568351.jpg (261.16 KB, 750x1346, 1504198702762_mr1504202482810.…)

fix'd kek

No. 431066


Perfect, anon. Would tweet it to her but blocked. Anyone up for it?

No. 431067

Amazing!! Looks like a miserable old witchy lady.

No. 431069


The accuracy hurts

No. 431070

this made me laugh out loud, holy shit

No. 431081

Now that looks more like the lamo I know. She even looks like she's been sad tweeting and crying.

No. 431083

that is PERFECTION~*~

No. 431085

Amazing. This is actually accurate. Next thread pic

No. 431086


it's literally you vs the girl he tells you not to worry about

impressive work anon

No. 431088


Thank you farmers <3!
I just used warp features on my Meitu phone up, it turned up easier than expected

No. 431090


I really hope she sees this and it sours her mood and she starts emo tweeting x2.

btw I'm still laughing about this an hour after seeing it initially. Too accurate.

No. 431091

File: 1504208117491.png (129.01 KB, 750x1062, IMG_4878.PNG)

I think it might be. Found the same thing but the last name had been changed to Eaton now.

No. 431093

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh thats just fantastic, Thank you.

No. 431094

It could just be someone completely random who has the same name (or at least used to go by it). Just the comment alone isn't milky enough.

No. 431095

File: 1504209676177.jpg (37.45 KB, 375x513, TNjlUah.jpg)

Sage for more Katie Duncan speculation and possibly unrelated… That girl from previous screenshots (Katie Duncan/Eaton) has a completely empty Google+ account save for two posts. Somebody commented on a post from 2012 a day ago though. Seems random as hell, right? Onision or someone digging around who's trying to contact her from a throwaway account? Whoever this Farrell is, that profile picture is a stockphoto type picture.

No. 431096

It does sound like onion.

No. 431100

File: 1504210303367.png (75.67 KB, 602x659, 11221435354.png)

Once again sage for possibly OT
NOT the same YT account as Katie Eaton's obviously. Screenshots are from archived copies that's why the comments show up as "1 hour ago". For the record, the Onision video is about Joy. Since they are a month apart, this particular Katie Duncan (no proof it's the relevant one) seems to be somewhat invested in Onion drama.

No. 431101

I thought the same but it seems so far-fetched. You can find that comment from 2015 by googling "Katie Duncan" Onision and click through to her profile. Why would he be googling that? Or did he get to her profile in another way? Surely if he actually knew her, he'd have a better way of contacting her than a G+ post from 2012.

The fake throwaway account seems suspicious and he's known to use those. But I just feel it's a lot more likely it's some random person digging around for information.

No. 431113


> Katie… we need to talk

> …
Yep, it's Onion!

No. 431115

hi all
ive been away for a while, not bothered paying any attention to for a month or so at least. i just go and check his channel and see you have to pay for his videos? hahaha this is a new low. cant even see his views.
an hero when?

No. 431117

File: 1504214634408.png (971.11 KB, 1078x1839, 20170831_152227.png)

It seems as though he has been taking videos that were pay to watch and manually making them free after a certain period. His subs are getting scammed. Paying to watch his old shit and his new shit ends up being viewable eventually. His patreon people who are paid subs are paying for videos twice that end up being free LOL

No. 431118

No one cares, sage your shit

No. 431120

File: 1504215068858.jpg (168.46 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170831_152853.jpg)

His "Crying in the shower" video is paid and seems to not have gotten much traffic kek

No. 431126

That he tried to divorce Skye and change his last name to Siccsca in December 2010.

No. 431128

Could also just be TallVids just trying to get in touch with her.

No. 431129

Siccsca is the name of his religion, right?
and Ive read somewhere that he came up with his current last Avaroe because his mother or him said a "spirt" said to change his name to that.

No. 431148

Did you see deefizzy freak out on onion? lol @ 19:40

No. 431154


Stop samefagging, you spelled Sicesca wrong twice, idiot.

No. 431156



omg dying

No. 431157


Holy shit. Next thread pic, please? If someone can shoop Gerg's head on the body that would be amazing.

Top kek drawfaganon, skills are top notch.

No. 431160

It's back !! Someone transport the milk

No. 431161

No. 431168

The main tea momentarily is that Sarah might be back at the mcmansion after a broadcast done by Lainey was interrupted by Greg and some "mysterious girl" in their kitchen. Lainey gets a new dog despite the IRS tailing her family, later for us to find out it was a trade off for their hamsters. A YouTuber called thejosh or something is starting to come after onision but who isn't at this point. Discord mod nudes were leaked, tomato has met onion and they hung out irl at his house and all. Onion went to PAX and ran into our very own cow moomoo Mariah mallard, which he is now actively kissing her ass on twitter.

No. 431171

Macandcheesw says she's 18 barely legal to try and stir controversy, Lainey dyes her hair again to some jade blue ass color, we dig up an old queued thing about lainey reaching out on Reddit during cuddlegate, exposed that onision did call drew monson (Shane Dawson's best friend) ugly

No. 431180

Can someone reupload Onisions latest video, please?

No. 431184

Also stop bringing up the 3rd kid thing as many anons agreed it's pointless because it's always the same thing with no proof. As well as his ex's details since we have now become a place for him to stalk his ex's like he's been doing just way easier. Unless his ex's make an appearance and hangout with him just leave the private details alone. It's clogging up the thread with discord idiots pushing shit to distract from his real problems. Farmhand even said drop the 3rd kid unless there's solid proof sent to them about it. Just refreshing what was said on temp. As said a million times before Onion has always said "kids" to throw people off from day 1 and that's why Billie said it too was to go with what they said and so he wouldn't back fire at her for releasing his personal info. That's all on that now let's please focus on the real milk and not rumors. I think temp bans should happen for the 3rd kid stuff if it keeps clogging up the thread.

No. 431185

Let's not leave out that while Greg did indeed go to PAX, he seems to have been kicked out of it, along with his "buddy" Billy the Fridge. Billy at least seems to have been kicked out for harassing a female cosplayer.

Also he produced a ~dramatic~ and "tear-filled" black and white video, in which he "sobbed" and complained about those mean poopyheads at the IRS, who Did not teach him how to do his taxes.

No. 431186


yeah i'm on it

No. 431190

All recent Onision/Laineybot videos can be found reuploaded here in case you missed them:


No. 431194

File: 1504984892135.png (3.36 MB, 1334x3754, IMG_0463.PNG)

Never forget.

No. 431197

File: 1504985001972.png (96.63 KB, 604x158, Untitled.png)

No. 431200


they both always reek of desperation. perfect for each other.

No. 431221

File: 1504985989075.jpg (149.06 KB, 1080x1920, z6tdUfS.jpg)

I think we can put macandcheesefairy to rest, she went live on ig some hours ago and looks nothing like the girl in Greg's kitchen.

No. 431235

That means it is most likely Sarah

No. 431236

File: 1504986746385.jpg (25.21 KB, 798x291, ohboy.JPG)


No. 431239

she can't even do normal make up, this would be the biggest mess she's ever created

No. 431246

can someone link the reddit thing?

No. 431247

File: 1504988179735.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 677x691, 112717001.png)

Yep and just for reference here's the screencap from it. Spoiler because his face will give you nightmares.

No. 431254

That def has to be Sarah because it was kinda would make sense why her and Lainey had the same hair color for a bit. You can even see it is the same ugly purple /silver tone Lainey had also.

No. 431256

File: 1504989018491.png (51.3 KB, 270x322, Patreon.png)

To bring this over to the main thread, onion has made his patreon income invisible which shows once again what a shady bastard he is. I also checked plainey's site but her's is still showing the amount.

No. 431266

No. 431267

How much is she making?

No. 431270

About 1,556 of some fandom number close to 2,000$

No. 431271


Guys it IS Sarah. Without a doubt.

No. 431273

The more I think on it the more I believe that anon in the temp thread who said they think Lainey flew Sarah out as retaliation for the whole Beck thing and Onion purposely showed her on cam so people would find out and she'd have to be sent home again (for whatever reason they rushed her out last time)

No. 431276

That makes so much sense. She absolutely was upset about Beck and if she does have a separate bank account like they claim she may have used her own money to get Sarah there so he couldn't say no.

No. 431279


Shouldn't Sarah be starting school right now?

No. 431281

Wow, this ~tit for tat~ marital relationship is certainly healthy for everyone involved (especially for the only innocent bystanders there, the two little kids no one in the Hall of Grease seems to think about as they procure teenagers to enlist in their degeneracy) and is certainly worth hanging onto by your fingernails. Twin flames, indeed.

No. 431284

she's taking online classes

No. 431288

jesus if theses posts are really from lainey im actually feeling bad for her

No. 431289

File: 1504997333666.jpeg (122.46 KB, 1260x499, B985FE49-29BE-45A7-AB43-58D3B7…)

I'm bringing this over from the temp thread.

No. 431290

Does anyone have the full post from the thread about onion oversharing on social media?

No. 431291


this explains sarah's spite visit.

gregma never even thinks to consult lainey his wife before sending out McMansion invites.

No. 431292

I didn't catch that, thanks for posting it here. The temp threads were such a hassle to keep up with.

I'm so happy we're back to normal, and 100% ready for the fall of onion.

No. 431294

Kinda pointless. Why post this if the person said they won't show proof, seems really fake. Don't come on here saying this stuff and expect people to believe you without proof. Waist of time and no one cares.

No. 431295


i think it's okay to consider this true without proof because the anon didn't want to reveal their identity.

it's relevant information and you should sage meta posts

No. 431296

How do you know that?

No. 431300

You must be new…. it's why she was able to be there before.

No. 431302

I'm not new. I was wondering if you were speculating or not. Now I know.

No. 431304

lol, same exact situation as last year - sarah was living with them when she should've been in school.

No. 431306

God, he is so dumb. Has his own definition of raw vegan.

No. 431307

copying jenna marbles again. get ur own ideas, lameo

No. 431309

File: 1505002886523.png (4.65 MB, 1946x2370, Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 8.20…)

So fucking lazy. He said he went "raw vegan" before because he didn't feel like reading labels and "learning the lingo," but still wanted to be able to say he was vegan. But half the processed garbage in his "what vegetarians eat" video (aka the MY VEGETARIAN BOOOODEEEEEEH video) wasn't even vegetarian.

From the Freelee video, here's his "food log": https://www.instagram.com/onisionfood/

No. 431312

I only skipped through the video because I can't stand Freelee or Greg but she told him what kinds of food he should be eating and he said he wanted to eat less processed shit. There are no veggies or fruit here at all. Vegan or not, eat freaking produce

No. 431313

File: 1505003229026.png (126.93 KB, 1310x336, Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 8.24…)

No. 431315


I'm no vegan, but I'd guess that bread might not be.
If he doesn't give full details, people can't even "check" him like he asked.

No. 431316

Tfw I want to spam Lainey's most damning testimony to Grease on Twitter…

>I at first wanted to explore being bi, but my husband wanted a threesome out of the deal, fine.

Instead he fell in love with the third. Sometimes I feel OK with it, sometimes I don’t. I feel like if he ever loved me, he wouldn’t have opened his heart up to her. I don’t feel as though I love her, but he does. So I feel like a third wheel.
He kinda warned me that it might happen and I was OK with it. I was so dumb. I’m not OK with it. But I feel like it was my fault for going along with such a stupid idea.
Now she has to come over every month or he locks himself in his office and “works” and won’t help out with our son.

How dare you call yourself a feminist, Grease. You're just like every other lowlife dad, jerking yourself off while making women do all the heavy lifting. Wtf I'm triggered

No. 431318


The first picture is supposed to be a pb&j burrito, who the fuck eats a tortilla like that?!

No. 431319

No. 431320

This just reminded me that it was around the same time last year when she first stayed at the McMansion because everyone was wondering the same shit. I wonder if its a coincidence or it has something to do with the time of the year

No. 431322


My guess is that the bread has whey and/or honey in it, and that flour tortilla is made with lard (so, not even vegetarian), since he refuses to check labels.

It's practically impossible to be vegan if you're unwilling to check ingredients and learn what is and isn't vegan.

I love that Gregma remains on his high horse about his diet and VEGETARIAN BOOOODEEEEEH, but in actuality, has a shitty diet and shitty body, and won't even put in minimal effort to improve them.

No. 431323

he isnt even vegetarian…in his skin problems video he said he is taking fish oil pills to try to cure his skin

No. 431325


Animal lives are important, but not as important as Gregma.

No. 431329

Plainey was on YouNow earlier and someone asked if she knows BinkiePrincess. She said yes, BinkiePrincess is her faaave.

No. 431334

Great. Now she is going to come out as a diaper lover.

No. 431335

it's blatantly Sarah

No. 431336

Sarah told us herself

No. 431337

oooold news, she always calls her her gf and shit

No. 431338

He's trying to cure a genetic condition with fish oil?

No. 431340

It is so beyond me why this girl wants to live with them so badly. Gregma and Plainey and 24/7 crying children? No thank you.

No. 431341

She's in love with Taylor for some reason– apparently she's able to rationalize Taylor's objectively shitty behavior to her and to others– and she's willing to put up with living with someone who openly despises her if it means she can have a shot at Taylor's spaxeprinxe puss.

No. 431343

File: 1505011624946.jpg (67.4 KB, 1435x395, 1482884021057.jpg)

It's also suspected she developed a crush on Onion at some point too.

No. 431345


What does that even mean?

No. 431346

does this girl have friends that arent gurg and lamey? hopefully this is about another boy and not onion

but ik it probably isnt

No. 431347

File: 1505012231739.jpeg (135.63 KB, 701x551, 1483052317706.jpeg)

She likes to vague tweet/tumblr post just like Lainey. Here's another one from her tumblr from last year.

No. 431348

I remember when she posted this and it was def while in their house… so gross thinking about it. Ew.

No. 431350

Isn't she suppose to be a lesbian?

No. 431353

it's kinda old news by now but i just watched social repose's vid (from Aug. 17th) on onion and his failures and he said something along the lines of, "no other youtuber has failed this much, going from a million subs to this"

is that actually the case lmao? is gurg the failure of youtube? cause i can't think of anyone else rly who has stooped to his level for money and lost subs/ followers, etc

No. 431354

I don't get it either, especially because it's the WORST time Sarah could visit. The IRS house tour is this Monday.

I honestly don't think Greg can get away with saying she's a nanny or is helping with video production.

>is gurg the failure of youtube?


No. 431355


Is it possible at all that these could be referring to Lainey? Since she uses "he" pronouns sometimes?

No. 431356

Sarah always refers to Lainey as they/them, she's never used he/him (inb4 she suddenly starts).

She's mentioned before she's not 100% gay. It's in one of the older threads somewhere.

No. 431357


Doubtful. Remember Lame lets all friends and family call her "she." It's only internet strangers she demands they/them from. To my knowledge she has never gone by "he" beyond calling herself "daddy." And Sarah calls her she/her and they/them, not he. This is when she was in the grease mansion with the ~trinity~, so it's probably in reference to Gerg and wanting to be a part of it.

No. 431358

Ooh, gotcha, thanks anons.

It's Saturday night… I wonder what they're all up to. It makes me kind of glad that Gurk doesn't drink. I feel like he would be a violent drunk.

No. 431362

Sarah's teenage stupidity is amazing, Jesus Christ. I was 17 not so long ago (became 18 this August) and I don't remember 16-17 year olds being this fucking angsty or careless about their future.

No. 431367

Taylor's been reeling her in since age 14, and her family life is apparently bleak. She feels like they treat her as an adult plus they have also given her stuff, paid her etc. She's too young to see how they are exploiting her vulnerableness and thinks they are really her friends.

No. 431368

You're just in denial, wait a few years and you'll realise you're an idiot right now too.

No. 431369

I was that bad at that age. It had to do with the home life I had just got out of. She's too young and too easy for them to exploit. They are going to ruin a good five years of her life (already several years in).

No. 431370


I'm 28. Haven't teenagers always been stupid and careless about their future? I've seen much worse than Sarah, and exact copies of Sarah, all over the damn place. It takes a good parent to help them stay on path and a good head on your shoulders to stay on it yourself. Sarahs' behaviour is not surprising or amazing. It's the behaviour of her ex-adopted parents which is most stupid, careless, and amazing.

No. 431371


Lol I guess you're right, I can be an immature piece of shit sometimes but I don't get how Sarah is unable to see how creepy the onions are and how much it's going to damage her.


I guess I'm lucky that I have good parents. Sorry if it offended anyone!

No. 431373

I think Sarah does see how creepy they are but that she for whatever reason cares a lot about Lainey. I think on some level she feels really bad for this person who has fucked their life up immensely. Yeah, a bit naive and foolish but Sarahs not a bad kid. Wish Lainey was being a better role model for her though…

No. 431374

Dumbass Onion brought her (and the new dog) thinking he could probably make the IRS people feel bad " Hey look at AAAALL the lives i have to substain with my measly salary, please have compassion on me!". Which wont work, Im sure of it.

No. 431376

Laimey was on YouNow a few days ago talking about having to buy the new iPhone because she has to even though her phone is good. She says she will buy all new apple products because she's a fan and collector of the brand. Oh but Onion has the nerve to "cry" about being broke.

No. 431377

where did she say
>Instead he fell in love with the third. Sometimes I feel OK with it, sometimes I don’t. I feel like if he ever loved me, he wouldn’t have opened his heart up to her. I don’t feel as though I love her, but he does. So I feel like a third wheel.
He kinda warned me that it might happen and I was OK with it. I was so dumb. I’m not OK with it. But I feel like it was my fault for going along with such a stupid idea.
Now she has to come over every month or he locks himself in his office and “works” and won’t help out with our son.

I hope this isn't from the suspicious reddit post

No. 431378

well you could bring up that lainey has a separate bank account.
I think greg literally pays for everything in the house and Lainey prob just pays for her phone bills and things she was at the moment. She even said she has no fucking idea how bad the money issues are or whats going on with the IRS

No. 431379

They filmed that tattoo video together maybe they'll do that more often because Sarah the babysitter is back

No. 431380

File: 1505017199209.png (59.63 KB, 719x450, 20170909_231917.png)

No. 431383

Anyone finding onion licking momos ass hilarious? She couldnt be more different than plainey. Fat, loud personality, normie clothes and makeup instead of uwu tumblr spaceprince wear

Im calling plain trying to shift her brand into a nonbinary uwu cosplayer in future.

No. 431385

Trisha Paytas is on YouNow and said Onision emailed her and told her he was in LA and if she wanted to collab.

No. 431386

kek does he have a secret fatty fetish?

No. 431389

did she say if she was gonna collab with him?

No. 431390


lol like that'd happen. Onision insulted Drew and Trisha is really good friends w/ him.

No. 431391

Tinfoiling: gerg allows Sarah to stay in the hopes that she will hook up with plainey. He can then use this to his advantage in a divorce and to make himself look good to the interweb ("she hooked up without my approval" "she knew Sarah since she was 14! Disgusting! ")

No. 431392


i like your theory because onion is the type of narc that would pull this hypocritical shit on their spouse.

No. 431394

She said NO and that she thought it was creepy that he would suggest it since he's made meqm videos about her, she also said he's scary lol

No. 431398

Haha shit, Trisha is my favorite YouTube cow besides onion. I would pay to see them interact, that would be a shitshow

No. 431399

I think that is his intention, anon

No. 431403


also makes sense since she considers shane her best friend and speaks so highly of him (and seems v genuine of it always). onion calling drew ugly and shane fat and now trying to collab with trisha? what a mess…

she's just a troll, lowkey i'm convinced she's some kind of genius bc she's rich af off the content she makes

No. 431411

I feel like she did post this about gerg because at that point, he was still suggesting she could be added to their trinity, and she was hoping to edge in once billie was gone. I feel like she didn't actually like him, but is so far up lameo's ass she really wanted to be part of their trinity, and be the second lameo and stay with her forever. She has a creepy ass obsession with lainey for some reason. She is basically to lameo what lameo is to gerg, but started at an even younger age.

She seems like those people who think being loyal to your friends is above all morality. She ignores everything that lameo and gerg do wrong, because lameo is her best friend, and she thinks she has to stick by her no matter what. Its a juvenile way of thinking. You could also tell she was a whiney baby in the joy broadcast where she acted like what lane did to her was more terrible than anything onion has ever done to anyone. Typical selfish teenager thinking only about herself and her own feelings. Whining about how she had to leave the house where she was free to do whatever she wants and get paid money for doing nothing. And that was the WORST THING EVER, whereas what they did to billie did not even come close, or what onion has done to his other ex's. Middle school/high school age kiddos are the most selfish self-absorbed gremlins there are.

Hopefully she does a selena and gets a life, meets other people, gets into a relationship, and moves on from lameo. But this girl has 100% lost it in this lameo fantasy like lameo lost it in the onion fantasy and is planning her life around her. Shes most likely back to establish residency in washington or so she can get cheaper college there, which was her plan before. Or is using staying with them as an excuse as "just visiting the colleges". Then instead of enjoying college life, shes going to spend all her time on lameo and continuing to be her babysitter. Hopefully she develops some friendships and gets a gf/bf outside of the nutso space prince, and moves on. Shits looking grim ever year she spends sucking lameo's ass. Just how every year lameo has been far up onion's ass has cemented her being a hopeless loser and awful human.

Another reason why he prob wanted to collab with her. To get to shane. Didnt he just make a mean video with freelee shit talking her? Lol.

No. 431412

Well I wouldn't pay HIM

No. 431416

ha, good work

No. 431418

All I see are 7 pictures of refined sugar. This is a truly shit diet. No wonder Onion and Lamey are such grumpy cunts, eating like this.

No. 431433

File: 1505039475478.jpg (170.89 KB, 1042x889, theunfortunatetaleofplaineyboi…)

sage for old milk but here's troy walking into laineys broadcast from the temp board


No. 431434

File: 1505039927514.png (16.95 KB, 482x256, NyTksin.png)

you gotta wonder how many people hate-follow his twitter

No. 431436

Whats the loud bang that can be heard before Troy speaks? Screen door slamming?

No. 431444

>putting your food straight on the counter
With how nasty the rest of their house looks who knows what germs are creeping into his food. Why the fuck would you do that.

No. 431452

I'm pretty sure he insulted her in one of the videos he made recently. Can't remember which one.

No. 431461


Savage. I still can't believe he boasted about calling her a faggot during sex. Lainey is so broken, it's pitiful.


No. 431465

This fucking video always kills my soul. His sweet little voice sounds so innocent.
I am praying that those children aren't as neglected as it seems like they are.

No. 431467

Wait, when did he say that? That is too hilarious!

No. 431473

File: 1505054757311.png (1.69 MB, 1202x1184, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 10.3…)

Who in the FUCK orders mashed potatoes with a side of French fries? I'm triggered. No wonder his body is such shit.

He said he didn't know the mashed potatoes came with meat gravy, and the next picture he posted is green beans with bacon in them. He said he couldn't eat either of them. How hard is it to ask if something is vegan/has meat in it? Mashed potatoes from a non-veg restaurant usually have dairy in them, too, and sometimes fries are fried in animal fat. If he couldn't be bothered to ask if there's meat, I doubt he thought to ask what kind of oil they use.

THEN the next photo is a picture of a burger, which looks like a Gardenburger, on a white bread bun. Gardenburgers contain dairy, and the bun probably has dairy or honey in it.

Why does he suck so much at literally everything he does?

No. 431474

Lets be honest. He probably ate the shit with meat on it kek. Hasnt he been a vegeitarian for how many years now and he doesnt know what foods contain what? Literally easy as shit to be vegan these days, apps and diet trackers. A whole aisle at the grocery store kek. He just pretends for the moral high ground

No. 431475

Sage for blogposting - I feel for his troubles cause I'm currently trying to go vegan and it's so much harder than just cutting out meat, especially in my country and on a limited budget.

But holy SHIT what pisses me off is that he is so goddamn braggy about "going vegan". If you don't bother to put in the effort, then you don't get the moral bragging rights! Don't log your food on a fucking instagram (without ingredients or anything) and expect people to call you out, check the labels BEFORE you eat it. And if the word 'vegan' isn't anywhere on the menu you can't expect your food to be vegan. Shouldn't he know already to exclusively order from a vegetarian menu OR ask waitstaff to make sure it's vegetarian anyway?

No. 431477

They're eating at Black Bear Diner and according to their menu, it is a Gardenburger. Those have mozzarella & cheddar cheese in them, as well as whey. Also, their fries have cholesterol, which means there is some kind of animal product in them.

No. 431479

not to defend onion but any oil has cholesterol not just animal based.

No. 431480

I'm pretty sure you're wrong there. Where's the fax

No. 431482

The ridiculous thing is that he couldn't have eaton those as a vegetarien either which he supposedly was for years before that??

I feel as if he made this instagram to show everyone how "hard" it is to be vegan and that he has to give up because of that. There's basically no easier place to be vegan than the US. Fast food places like Taco Bell, Chipotle, Dominos, etc. all have vegan options.

Good for you, anon. You'll get the hang of it, but it can definitely be harder in some countries! Just remember that you don't need expensive fake meats and cheeses. But I feel you when eating with family or going out sometimes.

No, dietary cholestoral comes only from animal sources. Doesn't mean that vegans always have good cholestoral levels, though.

Black Bear Diner is definitely a bad choice for a vegan, but they said that they welcome special requests.

No. 431483

Every vegetable oil is cholesterol-free. Animal products are the only source of dietary cholesterol.

No. 431484

coconut oil bitch

No. 431486

Cholesterol-free, bitch.

It can raise cholesterol because it's high in saturated fats. But it's cholesterol-free.

No. 431488

lol triggered vegans/vegetarians

No. 431489

Where? There's just one or two people who don't know a lot about cholesterol. That's all.

No. 431491

File: 1505060425009.png (167.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0464.PNG)


Yeah but there's no need to call each other names or just fucking fight because cholesterol, we're no longer in the temp thread remember?

Anyway, Shitgurl gets ganged up on over a DC character (or Heath Ledger)

No. 431496

File: 1505060591112.png (321.71 KB, 423x750, IMG_0465.PNG)


And Gregma telling us go much he loves Metal Gear

No. 431497


He dressed himself up as Jared verson before. I remover him wear that purple jacket

No. 431500

Laineys swimsuit video got demonetized heheh.

No. 431502

peep that transphobia!!1!

No. 431503


this is like the driest convo ever. i can't imagine liking a dude who is so stucked in seven years ago or so.

No. 431504


The Joker always had a purple jacket, it's canon.

No. 431505

So shooped it looks like CGI.

No. 431506

Pretty sure he just decided to "cosplay" something that would allow him to wear a bulletproof vest at Pax. I cant believe he loves himself that much he wears a bulletproof vest on the offchance someone cares enough about him to throw their life away by shooting him.

No. 431511

I wonder if he made this because we make fun of his terrible eating habits so much. He's only proving us right.

That gross ass sandwich tho. :(

No. 431513

File: 1505065518989.jpeg (102.33 KB, 1200x675, image.jpeg)

He's looking more and more like his dad every year
>peep that forehead dent tho

No. 431514

Ew lol I'm smacked as fuck and if you squint your eyes his forehead dent looks like a tit cleavage

No. 431515

This may be kind of weird but semi related to tomato did anybody see tomato talk to euginea cooneys middle aged fan zorkmid? He visited his younow and was talking about onion highly and all https://youtu.be/KviUcmVZpcU warning tho zorkmid can be a bit cringe

No. 431525

If you want to talk about onions ass lickers go to their thread! This isnt temp cow. They have their own fucking thread again so fuck off with these faggots.

No. 431532


Well, he was bitching at Billie (who is vegan) for making her zucchini noodle casserole because "it's nasty ew don't eat it!" so there's that.

No. 431540

He probably thought it was nasty because he has never eaten actual healthy vegan/vegetarian food before.

No. 431542


She's not vegan. She started eating meat just before the break up around Christmas time, she went vegan when she started dating Greg and Taylor to impress them.

She might still be veggie though since drew is one.

No. 431543


No one cares

No. 431545


I mean the leather one

No. 431547


Remember you Pervert

No. 431560

File: 1505072580240.jpg (37.84 KB, 592x192, onion.jpg)

Its obvious this is about the onion

No. 431563

stop derailing

No. 431569

The Youtuber Tommy C did a song on Onision in his show.

Outstanding performance.

No. 431574

It was shit.

No. 431576

File: 1505073944590.png (783.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0466.PNG)


No. 431582


Trisha Paytas, an actual confirmed mess on her youtuber persona and her personal life, calling out onision? its so beautiful. like that bitch has a million mental problems herself and even HER knows that onion is fucked. and she's right too. like she's a wreck and an attention whore and all but she's not married or has kids, so the only person she's hurting is herself. onion destroys everyone around him >>431194

she reads gurugossiper, so i wonder if she's been on lolcow too (since she seems to be obssesed with yt drama).

No. 431584

Why doesn't he just eat bananas? That looks shitty as fuck.

No. 431588

Does he ever eat vegetables or fruit?

No. 431589

At least Trisha knows she's to fucked up to be raising kids. She hasn't popped any of them out.

No. 431593


Wait, who reads gurugossiper again? Trisha or one of the exes? I'm confused.


Shane Dawson and the rest of the Dawson squad are quite mental too, nobody's really innocent here.

He's a banana, remember? That's like, cannibalism!

No. 431594


Trisha reads gurogossiper, she's made references to it before in videos

No. 431596

I'd still rather have trisha as a mom than onion and the trans-trending abomination.

Speaking of the abomination, she officially made her new beauty channel "beauty bot". she announced it in her new video while she wore a rugrats shirt and overalls along with her fucked up billie-wanna be hair and ugly glasses. Its a good thing her kids arent old enough to be embarrassed by their mom's stuck in middle school fashion sense.

How is shane dawson even comparable to onion? He has some body issues and typical youtuber attention whoreyness that comes with the job, but otherwise hes pretty normal and well-adjusted. I dont even think trisha is on the same level of sociopath narcissist horrible human being as onion is, let alone shane.

No. 431606


What? No, I never meant Shane, Trisha and co. were Onion-level crazy just somewhat autistic in a sense; everyone's flawed but let's not give something for Gregma to jack off to. Lord knows he loves it when we badmouth his enemies and use said insults against them.

No. 431607


I can see Trisha reading Lolcow tbh

No. 431609

iirc she has alluded to it before in the video she made after cuddlegate v2 about Onion

No. 431614

File: 1505078774969.jpg (28.26 KB, 489x306, ew.JPG)

I was watching freelee's vid with onion and ew?? is that water damage on his wall??

No. 431615

either that or a shutter blind

No. 431617

Just wondering, how often does Lamy stream on YouNow and about how much bars dose she pull each session?

No. 431618

Don't get upset anon, Onision has always been a condescending piece of shit about everything he does despite being extremely bad at it. Going vegan is a process but his diet is so shit that he's most likely already suffering from malnutrition anyway.

No. 431628


She streams every day/night, and gets anywhere from 3,000 - 50,000 bars. The latter is extreme, though. I'd say she averages at 6-7,000 bars a day.

The kicker is that she's partnered with Younow and has her own subscribe-button, but claims she doesn't know how you buy bars, how much they cost or how much of a percentage she gets when people tip her.

She also started really sucking dick for bars right after CuddleGate 2.0, and thanks everyone for their bars and likes.

No. 431629

i have never seen a shop this obvious that was intended to be taken seriously

No. 431632

She's so fucking money hungry lately, at first she was begging for a volcano just to because she ""wanted to see one". She already got one she saw it and she's still begging for one every stream.

No. 431637


>A volcano a day keeps Lainey gay

she and her idiot stans keep begging for likes, volcanoes (55,000 bars I think) and helicopters (35,000 bars).

>If I get a helicopter, I'll show you guys the puppy!

We've already seen it, you dumb cunt, it's just a fucking puppy. She has a fan that keeps doing her bidding for her, and she spams the chat with "guysss, we need to get to 100,000 likesssss".

The first time she got a volcano, she left the stream after 5 minutes anyway because Greg was probably done looking after his kidlets.

No. 431641

Lol shes mastered the playing dumb shtick. She probably knows exactly how much each thing on younow is to the penny. But shes lying out of her asshole to make it sound like she doesn't care about money that much.

Her "fame" is getting to her head and shes becoming greedy. She becomes more like onion boy by the day. Shes even making a second channel like onion does for the extra money. I hate her and onion boy both. I cant wait until their marriage implodes and they start attacking each other/trying to defame each other. Lameo will act like a professional victim while onion boy rages on and tries to claim her channel as his.

No. 431643


Absolutely. She pretends she doesn't know what stuff costs or how much she makes on her channels and streams, but we all know she's rubbing her hands and smiling with her gremlin face and strong underbite when the money rolls in. She knows how much the bars are. It's her god damn job.

And she e-begs so much on Younow, not only for bars and likes but for makeup and vain shit. On a stream this summer someone said they'd get her a Morphe pallet (they didn't, tho), and she yelled to her sister that she was getting free stuff with the smuggest look.

Lainey is a two faced, sketchy bitch.

No. 431644

File: 1505082963964.png (1.77 MB, 1742x1070, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 00.3…)

KEK at his fans noticing he's only eating processed food and refined sugars.

No. 431645

How does he deal with eating all that processed stuff and sugar? I always feel so sluggish when I eat to much of it.

No. 431646

File: 1505083069110.png (547.78 KB, 1118x512, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 00.3…)


>This is vegan, yeah?

It's literally a can of water, you dumbass.

>It is but you want to stop the process food. That would include carbonated water. Drink juice, vegan milk, smoothie and water

No. 431657

tomorrow is the day the irs comes to his house, right?

i cannot wait for them to go on younow afterwards

No. 431658

she bugs me more than onion boy at this point She thinks she can ignore and play dumb about her husband guilt tripping people for money and lying about their situation. However, she NEVER says the opposite of it, and just opened up her patreon conveniently at the same time to benefit from her husband's e-begging and pretending like they are in a super financial crisis. She thinks since ~she~ isn't saying it, then its not her fault if people donate to her assuming all those things. She flat out parades all the gifts she gets, the new puppy, talks about getting new tattoos, etc. And doesn't once say anything about onion boy fake crying on camera for donations. Instead, she acts dumb like oh i just bought all this shit since i dont really know whats going on oopsie~~ let me continue to buy more shit anyway but im not going to say we are not in a financial crisis, daddy onion knows best~ donate to me!!!! She is so scummy.

Every single one of his ex's is much more talented than her, but this footface is the one who is the actual manipulative evil bitch who will make money off his fame, and ignore any morality, but she acts like shes better than them. Yeah you stuck with onion boy longest because you are also a dumb evil cunt like him, whereas they had some dignity and some basic human emotions.

Also this narcissist cunt had to go and breed with her narcissistic husband. I have no hope those children wont grow up with severe mental problems.

No. 431660


She's going to be a sad smol bean, that needs a helicopter and a volcano to cheer up

No. 431662

Interesting. Lainey announced she will be uploading more, coincidentally now that Sarah is there. Basically confirms they have a 17 year old nanny

No. 431663


I fucking can't wait. She'll probably suck on her pink essential oil-vape and be really salty. Snarky lainey is hilarious.


Isn't her makeup channel soon going to launch, too? lmao that'll be a wild ride.

No. 431664

About a week ago on Younow Lainey said she love attention and feels bad for her future girlfriend because she needs attention all the time. That ideally she wants a girlfriend because Greg works a lot and would love someone to hang out with when he's busy. Thats not love that you being an attention whore, that would also mean her girlfriend would have to be with her kids all the time as well. I feel this is why Billie gravitated towards Greg who wants to chill with crying kids all day, unless they are your own.

No. 431665

File: 1505084432697.jpg (62.03 KB, 567x498, onionn.jpg)

I wish Cyr would take Dasha to the grease mansion so she could just terrorize him.

No. 431666

File: 1505084436145.png (79.3 KB, 1145x793, onion bucks.png)

Sorry for long post but here you go. I wanted to lay out how much the make so you guys can truly understand how much financial suffering the Onions are going through.

Youtube bux (Claims about 1,000 per month but of course you would be stupid to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. For all calculations, I'll be using the lowest Social Blade numbers)

Social Blade Figures:
$377 - $6K Estimated Monthly Earnings

$1.1K - $16.9K Estimated Monthly Earnings

$1.1K - $18.1K Estimated Monthly Earnings

Onichan, OnisionEncore
$81 - $1,318 Estimated Monthly Earnings

Totaled Social Blade Earnings:
$2,658 - $42,318 Estimated Monthly Earnings

(Patreon takes 5% of successfully-processed payments.)
$4,500 per month ($4,275 with the 5% taken out)

Onison Paid Subscribers
Book Sales
Merch Sales (Shirts/Phone Cases) (Remember they don't pay for any art they use)
Younow and Twitch
Abandoned Youtube channels

$6,933 per month

LaineyBot, Youtube
$249 - $4K Estimated Monthly Earnings

$1,509 per month ($1,433 with the 5% taken out)

3,000 - 50,000 bars daily (she averages at 6,000-7,000 bars a day) (6,500 Bars cost $49.99)
90,000 - 1,500,000 bars monthly
Based on her average I would estimate she pulls about 1,500 a month

Reselling Clothing/Sponsor provided items

$3,182 per month

The Onion's Estimated Monthly Earnings: $10,115
Again this is based on the lowest numbers and dose not include miscellaneous earnings.

Saying this was Gregma's full time job, that would put him being paid roughly about 35 dollars per hour.
Lamy would be paid about 15 dollars an hour, of course this doesn't count miscellaneous. That very well put Lainey's earnings much closer her husbands.

No wonder she scoffs and the idea of getting a real job.

If I missed something just let me know.

No. 431667


This is actually upsetting to read, lol. That's a good chunk of cash, but imagine how much they used to make if this is a decreased sum.

No. 431668


About 20,000 a month, Keemstar implied thats what he made and when Onion made his response video he agreed.

No. 431671

wow…now if greaseboi had just paid his fuckin taxes instead of being a greedy cunt, set aside a saving account for his lil greasestains, they could be set for a longwhile.

No. 431674

They don't even spoil their kids its all about them, sad

No. 431675

They don't even spoil themselves really except for Onions tech stuff. That amount of money is really wasted on them. If anyone was making that amount of money, they wouldn't be sat in the house all the time that's for sure.

No. 431679

Thank you kind anon, it helped a lot with my calculations.

No. 431680

who wants to make the Onion vs IRS drinking game rules?

No. 431681

Lainey uploaded a new video if anyone wants to reupload.

In it she announces that her all of her makeup, skincare, and beauty videos will be on 'Beautybot' and that she's changing her schedule to twice a week on Laineybot and twice a week on Beautybot.

Promos her younow, patreon, merch etc.

Nothing interesting or worth watching.

No. 431683

Delivery was meh, but I still think it's funny how obvious this is to everyone but Onision.

No. 431684

Onion vs. IRS Drinking Game
Sip every time…
- Greg implies he's punished for being honest
- makes a reference to having all the FAXXXXX
- says Plainey is so upset, without Plainey actually being in the room
- says "family" without any mention of children
- blames Pewdiepie or makes a reference to another YouTuber
- mentions his Tesla
- mentions accomdating other YouTubers
- talks about his debt
- face gets all red and angry

Shot every time
- Greg blames TurboTax
- makes a reference to this whole thing being on 9/11
- fake tearz

Bonus Version:
Plainey vs. IRS

Shot every time
- Plainey denies knowing what's going on
- plays with fidget spinner

No. 431686

Because he likes them green, apparently. (Or so he says in that latest video) Weird fucking dude.

No. 431690

File: 1505087314701.jpg (6.67 KB, 275x183, djhkflg.jpg)

No. 431693

That's 10k too much for those spoiled greedy cunts.

IRS can't come and take away their money soon enough.

Is Sarah being a nanny for free?

No. 431717


>>431680 here

I'll do it. I'll report back with my liver failure.

No. 431726

Is there a chance that the IRS won't do anything at this house visit? Are we getting our hopes up for no milk to flow?

No. 431727

he has already admitted to claiming shit like his car as a deduction, something will happen

No. 431735

It seems to me like Gregma also claimed the majority of his house as a deduction too. In his IRS house tour video, he doesn't explicitly state this, but he does make a point to say he uses basically every little space in his videos. Hallway, stairs, closets, pantry, etc. When you're filing taxes as someone who is self-employed, it's possible to write off part of your rent/mortgage based on the percentage of your home used exclusively for business, like a home office. Realistically he could probably write off his editing/green screen room, since that's all the room would be used for, but that's probably it. However, it sounds like he wrote off basically his entire house just because he used it in a video at some point. It seemed like he even wrote off the kids' rooms, since he points out that that's where guest collaborators stay.

He's fucked.

No. 431737

He heavily implied his entire house was "for business". Makes no sense. He could make his videos in a trailer house or a public park.
I love that karma is biting his privileged ass in the form of the IRS.

No. 431741

I just can't believe someone is so dumb to think that he can claim bedrooms and areas of his house, that he lives in and uses as a personal space, as a business expense just because he films there. It's amazing.

No. 431743


imagine being this dumb.

No. 431746

File: 1505092800175.png (1.17 MB, 1240x598, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.18…)

Gregma finally ate a fruit! And then followed up with… more white bread and some drab-looking ramen.


No. 431747

he's so dumb, writing off part of your house like that is only for -extra- rooms you wouldn't otherwise use. like if you got a 3 bedroom and use 1 room exclusively, that's all.

No. 431748

B-but the IRS never taught him how to do his taxes!

No. 431757


Yup. Not just that but there's fucking fires, flooding and hurricanes happening right now. People in real and obvious struggles to get by that could really do with some help and instead she's begging for people to fund her makeup, tattoos and neglected pets? What a selfish bitch

No. 431759

File: 1505093767000.png (496.02 KB, 1180x1684, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.33…)

Gregma going in on PewDiePie for saying 'nigger.' Desperately clawing for relevancy.

No. 431762

As someone with an actual degree that gets paid 20,000 a year this legit made me very upset.

No. 431766

File: 1505093870362.png (814.63 KB, 1176x1726, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.37…)

No. 431771

lmao can you imagine him saying it irl? jfc it would sound so unnatural

No. 431772

Anon, don't feel bad. Gregma squandered his riches and now the IRS is coming for what's left, due entirely to his own stupidity.

No. 431779


I'm sorry, I'm going to sound like an idiot, but what is this volcano she keeps asking for? I googled "Younow volcano" but nothing useful pops up.

No. 431780

Projection much? He almost called his viewers faggots on Younow when they called him a narcissist which does prove his point that he does it a lot in private. Plus he calls Lainey one in bed.

But Greg and Taylor are so LGBT friendly! Lainey is like a black girl married to a white guy calling her a n*gger in bed lol. But she doesnt see it

No. 431781


Man that fruit does look tasty! Then I remembered its on a dirty counter. Ew.

Microwaved ramen noodles with more bread?? Sigh

No. 431784

File: 1505096142347.png (50.42 KB, 774x516, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.15…)

it's one of the rewards that you can be gifted on younow

also lainey is streaming rn with someone

No. 431788

Thank you anon lol I was really confused
Also the girl she's streaming with is wearing a foundation 2 shades darker than her skin, wtf

No. 431789

a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

No. 431791

holy shit ok
lainey has a crush and she said she has slid into the girl's dms and mentioned doing the chapstick challenge with her and the girl said she was interested in it

the person she's doing the stream w is madison decambra or w/e, the same one that has been doing vids with onion

No. 431793


someone in the chat "it's beck"
lainey: no it's not beck

no hope for toilet

No. 431794

is that all she talks about??? seriously??? she has the personality of a dirty sock

No. 431795

it's that and asking for volcanos. the chat is talking about how a volcano is over $100 and she's not saying anything about it (but will talk about her crush)

No. 431797

she called herself emo

onion sent her 10 likes, he's watching the stream

No. 431803

Lainey is trying to act sassy again with the trolls

"I give a fuuuuck."

What happened to her anxiety?

No. 431804

File: 1505098079819.png (170.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1479.PNG)


God, she and her Stans are fucking insufferable. SHe just talked about how her grandma passed away, and this Logan-person has been begging for bars on lainey's behalf

Worst part is if someone confronted Lainey about how pathetic it is to have someone beg for her, she'd just say "i don't control them, idk what to do". Absolutely pathetic, Taylor.

No. 431805

She's asking her fans to make an outro song for her videos. Fucking pay for it if you want one so bad wtf

No. 431806


Seriously. Between that Logan kid begging on her behalf for that volcano thing, there's kids talking about DD/lg and spamming "hi daddy" in there.

No. 431807


Lol at Madison plugging her maxim-entry when she looks like a thumb dipped in foundation.

No. 431808


The nude lipstick doesn't help, she looks like a dead thumb.

No. 431809


She was so fucking smug it's unbearable! I only stuck around because Evanescence was playing (unironically that song matches Onion)

No. 431810


Also kek at Madison's double chin!

No. 431811

I always feel such intense secondhand embarrassment watching Taylor's younow. Like fuck.

No. 431812

So Onion is watching his kids and Madison's daughter… IDC he's not a pedophile but I wouldn't trust that dude

No. 431813

Madison isn't into Lainey its obvious

No. 431814


Come to Uncle Greggy's playhouse!

No. 431815

>I need to eat but I have to get to 20k!
Manipulative and gross.

No. 431816

>Peep that transphobia
>I'll broadcast on girls because guys are always on here. IDGAF!

No. 431817


Hey guyss pls vote for me on maxim!!!
>looks like a fucking swamp monster

Hey guyss pls support me on patreon!
>nobody has ever seen her in anything other than onion videos where she pushed a stroller and let her kid hang out with Billy the Degenerate Fridge

No. 431818


these two bitches are so painfully ugly. i get why onion is suicidal now.

No. 431819

Madison has a hot bod but she looks like she smells like pickles.

No. 431820

Gurg is probably making her get as much $$ she can get before the irs buttfucks the both of them. It would make sense why gurg is even watching when he never did before really.

No. 431821

File: 1505099107161.png (331.01 KB, 478x621, Untitled.png)

>Why are you broadcasting under girls?

~muh poor smol delicate bean prxnce & she damn surprise beaver frond~

No. 431822

Why pay for pics of Madison's feet when Lainey displays herself nightly for free?

No. 431823

This smug look right here dried up my last bit of sympathy for her.

No. 431824

File: 1505099292850.jpg (73.18 KB, 750x465, IMG_1481.JPG)

she's been trying to ride off of the Onions' coattails for some time, it seems.

Also she has a video of an ultrasound on YouTube called "our diagnosis", real classy to make money on your botched kid, ya moron. This Madison can't be right in the head, she looks awful and could probably outshine the beaverest beaver with those teeth.

No. 431825


Her reasoning for streaming under #girls always change, too. She's said it's because they don't have an agender tag, because she's "allowed" to be feminine sometimes, because it's easier to trend (make money), and now because ermehgerd, cis males do it.

Fuck you, you greedy transtrender.

No. 431826

Lainey is really just mocking the transgender community, she should be fucking ashamed of herself. There are people that are actually struggling, her only problem is not liking her floppy utters because her husband would rather suck on a flat chest.

No. 431827

File: 1505099565557.png (11.32 KB, 585x128, cismale.png)

>Says the white cis male
Lol OK gurg

No. 431830

File: 1505100185027.png (111.1 KB, 1116x492, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.2…)

lolllllll this hypocrite

No. 431831

takes juan 2 kno juan

No. 431832

File: 1505100315757.png (178.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9555.PNG)

420 lol be mad

No. 431833

File: 1505100363383.png (202.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9556.PNG)

No. 431834

File: 1505100440735.png (292.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9557.PNG)

Becca keeping the peace, i hope onion texted Tomato about supporting a ~racist~ and posts their private convo like he does with everyone

No. 431835

File: 1505100576959.png (194.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9559.PNG)

white person vs another white person, its like that double spider-man meme

No. 431836

File: 1505100628114.png (100.06 KB, 1094x404, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.2…)

No. 431837

Why do some white people like Onision gatekeep for poc? It's gross and not their place to do so.

No. 431838

The amount of projecting. Kek. Onion is the bighest hypocrite ive ever seen. Edgy when its safe, completely offended when he could have some leverage.

No. 431840

File: 1505100904346.png (124.29 KB, 1142x582, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.3…)

No. 431841

tbh i feel like he's only doing it because it's pewdiepie and needs a friends to "dump"

No. 431843

Didn't he just decide it wasn't okay for Felix to say the N word and now he's saying "whypipo don't get to decide!1!1!!" I think this is an ultimate new record on his hypocrisy.

No. 431845

Did he just… describe himself?

No. 431848

Lol, exactly. If white people don't get to decide if it's okay - they shouldn't be able to decide when it's NOT ok either.

This gatekeeping piece of shit.

No. 431849

File: 1505101995757.jpg (39.66 KB, 710x309, white-saviour-2015.jpg)

God this SJW shit just enrages me.
Cognitive dissonance is THICK in this one.

No. 431850

File: 1505102068283.png (1.34 MB, 1152x4907, onion.png)

No. 431851

File: 1505102619324.png (192.03 KB, 420x268, caspers.png)

spot da difference

No. 431853

fucktard on the right is better at makeup

and that's saying something

No. 431854


And now he's at the mercy of the general public and celebrities.

No. 431855

James has more lips than plainey ever will

No. 431856

other than the lips…there's no difference kek

No. 431857

Will Madison join the trinity?

No. 431860

She used to be cute in an average, girl next door kind of way. I dont say this about many people but she looked so busted. How can onion even try to be condescending when she looks so shitty?

Squinty eyes, bad haircut, color doesnt suit, pallid skin, thin and cracked lips, pointy chin, skinnyfat, tacky fashion sense, clownish makeup.

He should never judge another girl again.

No. 431861

>friendship ended with curtis. Now crippling debt is my best friend.

No. 431862

greg better not bite the hand that feeds him

No. 431864

why is he censoring jews? does he think jews is a slur? am i missing something here? help me

No. 431865

Weren't him and Tomato just MOCKING us for saying they will eventually have a fall out? LOL where's that "I told you so" I need to give it to Onion and 'Mato immediately.

No. 431867

that would be the second time (i think) gregma ended a friendship bc of a difference of opinion

No. 431869

In Gergamel's latest speaks videos, he mentions having "-1 dog" as a reason why they got another puppy. What happened? Did they get rid of it?

No. 431870

Does anyone have that angry video he did about iDubbbz and PewDiePie a while back? He took it down and I wanna see it again for the manchild rage

No. 431879

Lainey showed they still have leelu and dobbs. Apparently they gave away the guinea pigs, he probably meant that.

No. 431884

I'm wondering, will the IRS say/do anything about Sarah being at the Mcmansion as their personal babysitter instead of at school, and if they do what'll Lameo and Gurugamesh's excuse be?

No. 431889

Nothing. It's not their purview, and they can easily show that she has permission to be there and is attending online school, if questioned. It's weird that she's there, but not illegal (that we've seen any proof of, anyway).

No. 431892

jesus christ, all he eats is fucking carbs. no wonder his body and skin look like shit. he has the palette of a picky child.

No. 431894

Yeah what >>431879 said. Hes an idiot and equates giving up 2 guinea pigs to the cost/effort of care of buying a new, unvancinated puppy. I wonder how he'll try to explain that to the auditor.

No. 431895

File: 1505112476213.png (61.64 KB, 719x379, 20170911_014519.png)

He says Faggot when he's angry, he was laughing about saying that to Lainey while they were having sex. Shows that he hates her so much he's even angry that he's fucking her, probably wishes it was Billie.

No. 431896

Good for him, people who use the n word should have their necks snapped.

No. 431897

He probably does say it. He usually gets self-righteous about things that he's guilty of.

No. 431898

Why would he have to explain that to the IRS? His pets don't have anything to do with his taxes, or am I missing something?

No. 431899

I wish you'd say the n word in front of a black person. You don't get to decide whether it's ok, cunt.

No. 431900

Maybe the constant ramen is because he's getting shafted so hard by the IRS?

No. 431903

File: 1505114094558.png (89.9 KB, 640x494, IMG_1888.PNG)

These are definitely those microwave noodles from a pouch, but it's good that he finally figured out he needs to eat a vegetable every once in a while, whether he's vegan or not.

No. 431904

Considering the amount of money he may end up having to pay them it reflects badly he's spending frivolously (i.e. buying pets).

No. 431912

To quote the IRS on paying them back on a balance,
>To determine if the taxpayer can full pay, the calculation must be based on the balance due of all outstanding liabilities, inclusive of penalties and interest, at the time the offer is received. Since the balance due at the time of the offer submission is used to determine ability to fully pay the liability, the taxpayer’s income and equity in asset should also coincide to the offer submission date.

>Exception: If the taxpayer acquires an asset during the offer investigation, the equity in the asset may be included in the determination of the ability to full pay the liability.

In laymans terms, if you claim to be broke or in financial problems, any weird acquisitions during an investigation will be regarded in the means of your ability to pay. Getting a dog implicates that Onion has extra income, since he can afford the maintenance of a new dog. Thus a smaller sum for him to pay might not become an option, as he has shown that he has the extra income to buy another dog and take care of it.

Aka if you are investigated, do not buy anything you dumb fuck as you are providing IRS ammunition to slap you with as big of a fine as they want.

No. 431916

lol yeah right, like Gregma would ever even consider living within his means.

No. 431924

File: 1505121532675.png (16.1 KB, 400x75, Capture.PNG)

sage for OT but I unlocked this playing Killing Floor with my gf earlier and fucking lost my shit on discord voice for a solid five mins

No. 431926


Those broccoli look brown…

No. 431927

I'm assuming it's been grilled

No. 431930

File: 1505122595098.png (17.77 KB, 506x86, Capture.PNG)

I edited to be more relevant to my interests

No. 431932

The left is a foot that accidentally stepped in some makeup that was on the floor and the right is James Charles

No. 431933


i wish someone could make a grease mcmansion horror survival game.

maybe when I get free time I'll play around with some visual novel maker

>You've been invited to your favorite Youtuber house

>Get out without getting confined in the basement

No. 431934

pretty easy to make games with the Unity engine, or buying RPG maker you can make games in next to no time with little to no experience

No. 431937

That hair color is awful on her. It makes her footface pop out. And then you notice those awful brows, tiny lips, and giant chin. But of course she had to go blue to be billie.

No. 431948

>missing the point

No. 431955

For real, we know how bad Putinka is, and for this exact reason a Dasha vs Onion confrontation would be gold. Even more if we can see it. I want a Younow catfight between them so bad, imagine how Dasha would completely destroy him. Joy and Blaire got nothing on her.

Wow, and he doesn't even turn the heat on during winter. Scroogenision.

No. 431975


damn anon spoiler that shit i almost died. this shit scary!

at least james charles is super young and still hasn't figured out his style yet (ergo him copying every insta trend). but lainey is grown, a mother of two, with no real style of her own. the haircut and color doesn't suit her, the hat is all wrong, the glasses doesn't suit her, the makeup doesn't suit her, etc etc etc. like she should know better what works for her now. but she just copies shit at random. its so bad. theres no excuse

No. 431982

No. 431993

Onision doesn't give a single fuck about POC, he just wants more reasons to feel morally superior to someone.

No. 431998

and that he was even dumb enough to make a whole video about thinking he can claim his private rooms and furniture as business expenses. then later going on a twitter rant about the irs requesting proof for every single expense. it's so satisfying to watch. he's a complete idiot and showing it to the world in every detail. runs a business but doesn't inform himself how to do his taxes right, but then acts like other people should have told him, although he never went to a tax counselor which is the first thing you do when you are not familiar with these things. of course he's above those things. the stupidity is so mindblowing and entertaining.

No. 432000

I think he's just buttmad to see successful Youtubers thriving while he's failing. He is insanely jealous and wants them all to fail like he is.

No. 432002

Does anyone know which video is is that onion says "fagg- ooh that's a homophobic word" or something like that?

No. 432004

happy IRS day to one and all

No. 432007

This one

No. 432009

Well I was going to tweet it to him but I just got freshly blocked :(

No. 432012

It happens at around 11:10.

And I feel you, I got blocked a month ago lol. His ego is so low he can only handle asskissers replying to him

No. 432018

File: 1505144000096.png (Spoiler Image, 981.89 KB, 1280x711, 67e0b3c9-9769-41a1-9a1e-f8649c…)

Actual image of Plainy (left) and Gerg (right) welcoming Macncheesefaggot to the compound

No. 432022

File: 1505144641419.png (183.85 KB, 1038x742, patreonsturning.png)

Anybody see this?
Patreons turning?

No. 432024

This is hilarious to sit and watch, the dude is his own undoing.

No. 432025

Wooooow. I guess slurs are ok if the origins dont come from slavery. He can never admit fault. It shouldnt surprise me but it does

No. 432029

No. 432030

File: 1505145035241.png (24.1 KB, 510x308, patreonsturning2.png)

No. 432032

I know right? I don't understand what his point is?

No. 432033

Someone should ask his mentally ill and gay wife what she thinks of this

No. 432034

emphasis on mentally ill

No. 432035

Also, to my knowledge trans people haven't been singled out for slavery? Peep dat transphobia tho

No. 432038

She will say that she is totally okay that her husband calls her a "faggot retard" and that she gave him permission so everyone should stop attacking him.

No. 432039

No. 432042

Sure Lainey gets turned on by being called a faggot by Onision in the bedroom. They're just so kinky.

God it's like, Onion and Lainey are the sexiest people on the planet. They keep rubbing it in our faces. I mean imagine all the grease stains afterwards and the loathing…

Does this giant cuck not realise he has built a 'career' on giving advice and critiquing others while living the most fucked up dysfunctional lives.

Here's a tip Onions, most people don't feel the need to share every aspect of their relationships online for them to be valid, heck, most couples can experiment without the whole fucking internet having to know.

You're going to be remembered as a fucking joke.

No. 432043

Happy IRS to all farmers. Lets enjoy the show and enjoy some wine. Good luck to all those playing the drinking game.

No. 432044

File: 1505146447576.png (847.37 KB, 583x4235, retard.png)

No. 432046

File: 1505146666537.png (52.37 KB, 1132x276, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.1…)

I think he's talking about the IRS.

UGH, I'm so thirsty for this milk.

No. 432051

File: 1505146948007.png (2.32 MB, 1818x1594, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.2…)

From the video in which Onision defends blackface.

No. 432055

File: 1505147304319.gif (1.38 MB, 480x270, onision-blackface.gif)

No. 432057

In regards to Onisionfood instagram, he doesn't appear to eat with the rest of his family.


No. 432062

Does anyone have the video to this uploaded? he's probably going to delete it if he hasn't

No. 432063

Shit wrong mention. I mean the black face vid

No. 432065

Ohhh my god that's every bit as cringy as I thought it would be

No. 432067

File: 1505147893498.jpg (30.54 KB, 592x293, DJc6P7YUMAEIWWk.jpg)

lol, he deleted all instances of the word "faggot" on his Twitter.

No. 432070

'Blackface' Comedy Controversy

No. 432072

File: 1505148515738.png (147.34 KB, 1194x550, Xj2FjDT.png)

I noticed that too.
Here's Lainey being equally guilty of throwing slurs around.

No. 432074

he's all about FAX but hardly ever checks the stuff he's talking about. how can you have this little knowledge of history?

No. 432080

File: 1505149261058.png (112.28 KB, 1144x466, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.5…)

I would love for him to go up to a group of black people while he's in blackface.

No. 432084

This person was talking about Gregma's LOGIC & FAXXXX, which is that 'n**' is only bad because black people were once "enslaved, collectively rounded up, tortured etc," and the other slurs are fine, because those groups apparently weren't.

No. 432089

File: 1505149967551.jpg (35.28 KB, 865x263, Capture.JPG)

He is being full of shit again

No. 432090

Which video is this?

No. 432094

the newest one about idubbbz

No. 432095

File: 1505150222308.png (72.66 KB, 2020x318, Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 1.15…)

LMAO what is he talking about? Ratings are still enabled on YouTube, including seeing the ratio.

Maybe YouTube disabled them just for him?

No. 432105


>Brags about being more educated

>Has not used "literally" correctly even once


No. 432108

Please, based IRS Gods, wreck Grease's asshole on this blessed day… (And maybe let this be the final straw for divorce saga to begin desu)

No. 432110


oh jeez i didnt realize the censoring before but yeah he probably thinks jews is a slur

he's so fucking stupid

No. 432113

anon, look at the screenshot again and read carefully
he means you can't disable ratings, you can only hide the ratio

No. 432114

Lainey's new channel "Beautybot" is launching tomorrow I think, and she's getting a lot of backlash on her announcement video on her main channel, lol.

so many people are saying "but why are you making a makeup channel when you cam't even apply it correctly?"


No. 432121

Lainey and Gerg are such con artists.

>lainey claims her sudden channel activity has nothing to do with their money problems or Greg telling her to make more videos

>claims she doesnt know how bad their money situation is
>is constantly on younow recently, begging for bars and recently, volcanoes


>Greg previously made several videos on their situation and said they may end up oweing 300k to the IRS

>lainey keeps increasing the frequency of her uploads and is opening another channel after Greg tried opening other channels, reuploading old videos, making a patreon, and making his main channel a paid sub
>his old schemes are failing and her videos dont get demonetized as much as his
>coincidentally made a video yesterday advertising all the ways in which you can give them money

Bitch is in the loop. She fucking knows. Everything she has done in the last 5-6 months indicates Greg is trying to get more cash flow through her. For the past 3 years she was content sitting on her ass tumbling and tweeting all day and barely doing anything on her channel

No. 432123

Onion feeling superior for knowing more about youtube settings although youtube is his job and therefore basic everyday stuff for him. Also he's trying to argue with people who are more educated on subjects all the time kek

No. 432139

>Pretending gay people were never persecuted or killed
He's so messy. Not surprised some of the patrons are turning, any adult even remotely capable of rational thought has to catch onto his bullshit.

No. 432143

Without context I'd swear that these are the tweets of a 14 year old going through a rough puberty, not a 30+ year old man.

No. 432145

her vids are gonna be used in "what NOT to do" examples on actual makeup channels

No. 432149

I can't wait for the beauty drama channels to start covering her, it'll be a riot.

No. 432153

at least she'll get noticed somehow. for the onions all publicity is good publicity

No. 432156


Her presence should be almost nonexistent like before, it should be kept that way.

No. 432162

God I hope NO ONE sends her PR packages just because she's putting on makeup please god. Sometimes I think she just bandwagons for free shit and money.

She is going to show people how she does her horrible makeup and give people bad advice because they only watch her or someshit.

No. 432165

>at least 150k in debt
>will make a Kickstarter
>"I worked so hard for ten years"
>blames Turbo Tax
>tried to deduct 100% of his purchases

Transcript incoming

No. 432167

Just saw this too.

It's amazing that he is low-key blaming turbo tax for everything.

Also, if he and lainey are making, what, about 10K a month, or 120K a year? They can pay off that debt pretty fast. But of course, he is just going to make a gofundme for it like the piece of shit he is.

No. 432168

he's such an idiot lmao he's so transparent
"apparently there are rules"

welcome to the world gurg

No. 432169

Good thing he bought a puppy for views!

No. 432171

he keeps saying "I wasnt educated on these taxes" instead of saying "I didnt know about these taxes" or something like. they both shift the blame from himself onto other people
you're in your 30s you dumbass, you should know about taxes by now.

"i wish i had gotten audited last year" again putting the blame on them. why didnt you get me sooner!!!! oh gosh if i had known!!!!

you really thought you could write off a whole entire house as a business expense? you're either a liar or you're stupid and i guess he's taking the route that he's stupid, but it's not his fault he's stupid. no one came into his home and talked to his insufferable ass about how taxes work

No. 432173

He owes so much less than i expected well maybe the'll audit him from 2012 onward too ? and this us the beguining

No. 432175


What a fucking moron. What kind of fucking idiot gets the idea in their head that they can buy a whole fucking house, TWO Teslas, and all of the other stupid shit he wrote off, that they clearly also use for non-business purposes, and write them off as business expenses? Laws are very clear that a business expense is ONLY a business expens. He's trying to play dumb and innocent and while he's very dumb I'm so sure he knew what he was doing was wrong. In what world do people get to live the life he and his family do and write it all off as business?

Newsflash Gertrude: your existence is not a business expense just because you have a (dwindeling) YouTube channel.

No. 432176


Damn, I thought he was going to cry again and I am disappoint.


No. 432178

When I hear beautybot in my head I think of a bot fly

No. 432179

Yet he went off on Billie for smoking pot because ~laws are supposed to be obeyed~ yet… scamming the irs…. is totally alright? Of course he will say 'fuck the laws' when it is happening to him. I'm glad he's 100k in debt.

No. 432181

Part 1/2

Hey guys, I talked to the IRS today, and a representative of taxaudit.com, and I got some really bad news. And the bad news is that there's certain tax laws that… I did not know about. And one of these tax laws is telling you that you can not deduct more than 1/29th of a business property acquisition each year. Wow. I wish anyone told me this. So I deducted 100% of a property I bought the first year, thinking, so I spent this amount of money on a property, so I can deduct that full amount on my taxes because all that money went to business. It made sense in the way that you would be able to pay for something in full right away and not have to deplete yourself with interest over time. So when you pay in full, you save money. It's a good business move. Well, to the IRS, you just did something that contradicts what their behavior is. You're now going to have to stretch out what you just paid off over 30 years. It doesn't really make a lot of sense, a lot of you are probably lost as to what I'm talking about right now. But the point I'm getting to is that I have made large purchases for business reasons exclusively, or at least divided down the middle business, and I have counted those on my taxes right away when apparently there are rules, you have to stretch things out over years, and that is generally horrifying because it means that after Adpocalypse, after I lost so much money and now that I'm making not even a tenth of what I used to, now that I'm making so much less, and I even told them I wish they had audited me last year because then I would've known this before I had a financial plummet, so uh, at least 150000 is what I probably owe at this point, or I will owe, but that's what it's looking like, and this is generally [jumpcut]
So I will start a Kickstarter to have you guys help me pay for this, but I don't … this is my screw up. I screwed up hard. I was not educated on those taxes, and I used Turbo Tax. And I hoped that they would educate me on those, but Turbo Tax didn't have a pop-up dialog that said "Hey, when you claim this property, you can only claim 1/29th of it". Never got a pop-up dialog saying that. So it's a tough one. I do have a Patreon, you guys keep me going, especially now that we know I have at least 150k in debt to the IRS. 150-300k I'm guessing.

No. 432182

Oh my god he is a fucking idiot. If he wasn't such a fucking do it myself penny pinching moron he could have avoided all of this by hiring an accountant. When you make that much money there is no excuse not to. Glad he didn't though.

No. 432185

He says he owes "at least $150k," but that it could be anywhere between $100k–$300k. But he's just guessing on all of these figures.

Putting financial details out there like this is so tacky.

No. 432186

File: 1505159993952.png (507.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170911-155839.png)

has Greg finally lost his marble?

his house is in fact conveniently in Puyallup

No. 432189


>one of these tax laws is telling you that you cannot deduct more than 1/29th of a business property acquisition each year.

Is this true? I've never heard of this, and I can't find anything about it.

No. 432190

File: 1505160437155.png (46.93 KB, 621x111, 989.png)

it was a hoax, apparently

No. 432195

tinfoiling, greg called it in so he could stall the IRS on the way to their house

No. 432201

They say it was a 29 y.o. woman who called.

No. 432204

File: 1505161767659.gif (467.77 KB, 480x270, beautybot.gif)

Plainey's ~everyday makeup routine~

No. 432207

I don't think I'm going to lose my house for sure because they have payment plans for the IRS and while the interest rate is killer, uhm… it could be possible. I don't know. The saddest thing is that you work so hard and you think you're doing things the right way. I have ten years of working every single day or almost every day, sometimes I would take a day off like once every few months or something… but you work so hard for so long to achieve a goal and you think you're successful, you just, you think that you're wealthy, you think that everything's good… and you think that in America you worked really hard to achieve something awesome. When in fact you haven't achieved much at all. And it's all a lie. That's what's pretty difficult about this, I thought that my hard work actually got me something and that me investing in all these repairs and all these business expenses etc just in that moment was a tax break to me that I was going to be able to keep a certain amount of money so that I could grow my business… that's not how America works. There are so many laws designed to keep us from getting to where we live up to be. And the laws have explanations. There are two sides, but the problem is that one side isn't explained to the average person, a lot of you guys didn't know that you have to explain to the IRS the conversations you have with people you have business meals with. Anyway, long story short, it is confirmed. I am over a hundred thousand dollars in debt to the IRS, maybe more. And I mean, that is what over means. And this is going to be one of the hardest moments ever in my family. And it's my fault. It's my fault for not doing more research, for trusting Turbo Tax to have pop-up dialogs that warn me about these things. But it just considered that high amount I submitted to the IRS as part of what was supposed to happen. They'd even show me a little green ticker, and it went to green as for chances of me getting audited, every single year it was in the green, Turbo Tax told me there was a very low chance to me getting audited. So never trusting Turbo Tax again. And surviving this is going to be rough, it's going to be heartbreaking, but this is the country we live in and this is the government we're dealing with. Where you pay off a house you can't claim more than 1/29th of what you paid off in the first year, second year, third year, fourth year, 1/29th every year. So. Thank you for watching, thank you for supporting my Patreon. I really wish they'd audited me last year. That would've saved a lot of tears.

No. 432212

gif kinda looks like kiki.

No. 432213


me neither. i'm trying to find it, i'm sure he's mis-stating a percentage or something with the "1/29th"

No. 432215

These are way worse than pewdiepie too. Imagine if after that slip up, pewdiepie went on a ten hour twitter rant about how saying the n word is not a big deal and people are just sensitive, and making jokes out of it.

I thought she was scummy then, but young and would grow out of it. Now I prefer her young teenage self saying inappropriate shit than what she has become now acting offended by things but only when it applies to her and being a manipulative bitch. For someone who loves to scream how she is ~trans~ she really has nothing to ever say about real world trans issues, but screams bloody murder when someone calls her "she", while acting like that makes her oppressed.

i feel like hes trying to act extra dumb to make it appear like he wasnt completely scamming the system on purpose. I think hes an idiot, but also knew what he was doing was wrong but since he never got caught for it, thought he wouldn't get caught and kept doing it since hes greedy af. His Tax frauder ass should go to jail.

No. 432216

Doing God's work, Anon.

>So never trusting Turbo Tax again.

I guess it's schadenfreude, but this made me laugh pretty hard. And also, that out of all his sperging, that was his takeaway from all this: It's my fault, but really it's the IRS' and TurboTax's fault.

No. 432217


storytime: pop up blockers ruined my life

No. 432218

i'm dying over how CRUSTY those makeup brushes looked. her ten mile long wonky winged liner. help.

No. 432229

Is a gin and tonic okay? I'm so excited for this impending break down. Part of me is scared for the kids though as I'm fairly certain he could rate set the house on fire.

No. 432230

File: 1505164001248.jpg (47.39 KB, 810x330, Capture.JPG)

he bought a shirt with Cyr's face on it what a fucking creep

No. 432231

Lainey's beauty channel video debut

>doesn't know the name of the first bit of makeup she's using

>doesn't bother to try and find out what it is online, based on what it looks

Such work ethic. I can tell she is trying really hard at being a beauty guru.

Seriously thought, the point of makeup routine videos is for people to buy the products you use because they want to emulate your look. This bitch sucks so hard at everything and gets given like 3k a month for it.

I'm glad the IRS is pillaging their undeserved pile of riches. I'm dying to see this bitch selling emo t-shirts at hot topic. She thinks shes above it but that's where she deserves to end up

No. 432233

Her ring light (or whatever she uses) is also so bright to the point you can barely see what she is doing face makeup wise.

No. 432234

I know everyone looks dumb as fuck putting on mascara, but that gif is incredible.

No. 432236

>Who knew taxes could be so complicated?
What the fuck Greg, taxes are complex and have a lot of rules in every country, maybe read a legal document or something…oh right, you don't read.

No. 432237

The thinness of her liner and the length to which she pulls the wing out really enhances that 'evil stepmother' look (if anyone has that comparison photo it should never die)
Also a bit triggered by the fact she didn't know her primer. Such lit beauty guru.

No. 432239

File: 1505165373067.jpg (565.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170905_222600.jpg)

No. 432240

Will never not laugh at this.

No. 432241

YALL should be careful not to give her critique, I really want her shitty channel to flop

No. 432242

Her crusty-ass brush and beauty blender are so gross, she's going to break out so bad eventually.

Otherwise I probably wouldn't think anything of this video if it wasn't Lainey, it's annoying that she clearly just zoomed the footage for close-ups instead of adjusting the camera or using a second one though.

No. 432246

As if this smug cunt would actually take any advice

No. 432248

File: 1505166272818.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0467.PNG)

Today's dindin

No. 432249

That looks SO unappetizing

No. 432250

File: 1505166496370.png (712.84 KB, 1080x1340, 20170911_154713.png)

Was comparing Laineys makeup routine to Billie's and this made me kek

No. 432252

this makes me wonder how frequently has he been eating out, surely no one in that household could put something together even if it looks like what an old lady that farted piss smells like

No. 432253

Why does he keep typing like that on his food posts?

No. 432254

so he is for all intents and purposes eating what most of the civilized world would consider to be samosa, except he skipped the deepfry step because ~muh oil~

No. 432255

Probably because he has no intention of actually staying vegan and he's gonna quit but explain that he will give them brownie points for their lifestyle so they can still like him and he can still have his shitty fast food. He knows he needs cheese and probably even does consume meat secretly. He doesn't want to put effort into it, so he's trying to be as miserable as possible.

No. 432256

She always looks like she's storing something in those pouches on either side of her lower lip. I keep seeing them all the time. Maybe they're filled with jellybeans. I hope so. That would be nice.

No. 432260

onion on younow asking for volcanos

No. 432262

Hes also wearing a cyr shirt and being creepy as hell

No. 432265

Tarte - Rainforest of the Sea foundation = $39
Oval Brush = $5 (according to her, at TJ Maxx)
Urban Decay - Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid = $29
Beauty Blender - $20
Tarte - Rainforest of the Sea concealer = $26
Small Oval Brush - (Unclear if it came with the bigger one for $5 as well or separate, will count it as a set since they usually come together)
Two Faced - Prime and Poreless Powder = $30
Two Faced - Sun Bunny Bronzer = $30
Unicorn Brush - (Unsure what brand this even is, there are multiple "unicorn brushes" on the market right now)
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz Pencil = $21
Tarte - Maneater Liquid Eyeliner = $20
Tarte - Maneater Mascara = $23
Bareminerals - Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick = $19
Two Faced - Love Light Highlighter = $30
Baby Oval Brush - (Most likely in the set with the other two)
Urban Decay - De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray = $32
Shown but not used:
Two Faced - The Chocolate Bar Eye Pallete = $49

Total = $373

Basic bitch brands, but I wonder if she claimed it all on her taxes kek

No. 432266

how hard is it to properly fill in a brow, god knows she has the time

No. 432274

her mouth triggers me

i bet she sits jaw clenched all day

No. 432276

The lighting makes it so fucking hard to even see what she's doing

>redoes her eyeliner

>it's STILL practically touching her eyebrow
>does an entire full face of makeup but NO eyeshadow

No. 432287

She sends her minions to read what we say. They report back. Since it's a game of telephone, she probably doesn't see it as direct advice.

No. 432288

$373 to still look like shit.
That's depressing.
Onion talked about Billie wasting 12k on makeup when she actually has some skills and wants to be a cosmetologist. Lainey probably spends around the same amount each year and doesnt look any better or go anywhere but to the grocery store, the mall, or to olive garden.

No. 432290

Is this the grandma who kept calling her while she was making videos? She seemed to be getting a lot of calls from her recently, do you think she's left her non-binary space prince grandchild a lot of money because she kept in contact with her towards the end of her life?

No. 432291

Too Faced has such shit bronzer. I'm so triggered looking at this list of products.

No. 432292

I think it was her great grandmother who died

No. 432300

This motherfucker wants people to donate to him on Patreon, pay to watch his videos and pay for his fuck up through a kickstarter? Way to love your fans. They'll be going to school without lunch money for a long ass time. I don't get how he thinks these young kids can pay for all three of those and that it'll come out to $150,000 in the end. That's fucking retarded.

He's not holding himself responsible whatsoever and is pretty much handing his debt over to his fans. I hope they're too broke to pay for much and that he barely gets $100. I also hope that his fans will draw a line in how much he can fuck them over.

No. 432301

it looks like one of thefitveganginger's recipes

No. 432302

>I will start a Kickstarter to have you guys help me pay for this

god luck getting $150k out of pre-teens, ugly grugly

No. 432305

She uses Anastasia Beverly Hills on her brows and they still look like that?

I guess it's really less about the equipment you use and more about the talent of the artist.

No. 432308

Should someone inform the IRS about Grease hiding money? (Like his Patreon account)

No. 432314


god damn it anon, this shit always cracks me up KEK

No. 432316


right?! gregma was saying shit like "criminal scum should die smh" when he's the biggest scammer of em all.

No. 432328

File: 1505174012290.png (28.84 KB, 480x480, 2qNqF2Y.png)

>30 dollar powder
>30 dollar bronzer
Plainey seems to be the type that buys whatever her favorite youtube says is good, instead of actually researching and testing at the store, but we all know she doesn't leave the greasy mcmansion. She could buy so much better quality makeup with all that money, though.

No. 432345

"Greg kind of helped me come out". No bitch he brain washed you into thinking you like females, I highly doubt she even likes girls.

No. 432347


She said she would probably be straight and be dating guys, if she hadn't met Greg.

No. 432348

Lainey is in an emotionally starved relationship and confuses friendly affection for sexual attraction. Part of this has to do with her being unable to form healthy relationships, the other part is Greg put the thoughts in her head in order to gain something from it. He convinced her she doesn't like guys except for him as well. Lainey is completely retarded, but also a psychopath which is a most dangerous combination. She is a Karla Homolka skin walker.

No. 432349

File: 1505175996379.jpg (147.18 KB, 822x462, MAC18_HOMOLKAQUEBEC_POST-1.jpg)

>She is a Karla Homolka skin walker.

So fucking true. Didnt Karla have a sister that her psycho husband manipulated her into helping him rape and murder?

Taylor better rethink letting her sis visit.

No. 432350

I wish the IRS would ream him for trying to get teenagers to pay his fucking debt to the IRS.

No. 432356

I dont know how someone can act so entitled to his fan's money and still have people donate to him. His fans all must hate themselves a lot.

LOL. Because shes not into girls. She wants a friend she can hang out with but thats not speshul snowflake enough so she needs a girlfriend to torture with her whining about anxiety and force her into her dying marriage, then get mad at her since onion pays more attention to the girlfriend, then act like a bitch and cry over the girl not loving you. Rinse and repeat.

Onion kept telling her since she finds girls pretty she must be gay!!!! Because no straight girl thinks girls are pretty or cool! And lameo decided that was trendy enough to tack onto her bullshit list of speshul snowflake terms. She was probably overjoyed to make a coming out as bi video immediately after shane did it.

Shes pathetically the fakest human being alive with no ounce of personality. She copies anyone she thinks is ~cool~. Shane came out as bi? I am bi now! Ruby Rose is trendy and gender fluid? I am gender fluid now! It literally happened immediately after both things.

No. 432384



Plainey has no desire to fingerbang anyone, let's be real.. She prefers to take that micropeen on the daily whilst being called a FAGGOT.

No. 432386

File: 1505179183085.png (538.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0469.PNG)

Does this dude ever stop eating? Oh and dessert should be saved for last!

No. 432388

File: 1505179198866.png (923.2 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0468.PNG)

No. 432389

Greg probably LOVES thinking that he is so hot that a "gay girl" made an exception for him. I bet their sexy talk revolves around that. Although with Laineys monotone ass voice, its probably not that good. Hence his desperation for a 3rd.

No. 432390

can only imagine what we sound like filtered through her teenage bff lul

"Now they're just talking about how you look like the stepmother from Cinderella. Hahahahaha! Well her hair definitely slays! Hahahahahaha. Now they're just going on and on and on about your burritos like, God, do these people have lives? Hahaha it's just a burrito hahaha" and then the sound of rapid scrolling past any real criticism.

No. 432404

sure hope that slice of cheese is ~vegan~

No. 432407

Tart and a bunch of the other brands on her wishlist test on animals.

People should start dragging her for supporting animal cruelty.

No. 432409

Jesus christ are all the photos on the onisionfood instagram taken on fucking ridiculous angles like the ones posted here?

No. 432413

afaik the only one that definitively doesn't ins too faced