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File: 1572572320262.jpeg (17.32 KB, 275x275, LAUR.jpeg)

No. 724333

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has 1.1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (who knows?) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and sends her PR.

>Laur creates a new momangager account, possibly to hide all the racist comments she left on things in the past >>732896 . Old Twitter is now on private
>Deleted a bunch of socks overnight. Old Insta posts now show Lillee commenting to herself >>723862
>Laur found an ally in a YouTube debater, Steve McCrae "McBoomer", who enjoys "debates" while all he really does is talk in circles and demands "evidence"
>He had a 3 hour long YT stream talking about cyberbullying and CreepShow's video of Lillee's situation. Provides a link to one of Lillee's blogs that leads to a spam site >>722718
>Laur goes after CreepShow for having "only" 135 Patreon donors, comparing that to Lillee's follower count >>720822
>Makeup skills are getting increasingly worse >>723822 . Videos and pics are heavily
(obviously) edited
>Laur also manages to get a variety of Lillee Jean callout accounts banned, only one or two remain
>More and more sock puppets continuously comment on Lillee Jean’s instagram posts to drive her engagement up (deleted as of 30/10)
>Lillee Jean uses an Instagram audit in order to prove that she has a lot of real followers. Goes after auditing websites because she thinks they're associates with India >>722786
>Laur obsessively messages POC muas with low follower accounts praising their work in a desperate bid to counteract her previous blatant racism
>Laur changes her twitter handle (now privated) to avoid accountability for her actions. She continues to write complete nonsense when harassing people and tag brands in random pictures to try to get free stuff.

>Her mom creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palates for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago

Previous threads:

>>>/snow/833840 1
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>>>/698862 3
>>>/707075 4
>>>/718259 5

Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (inactive)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:


Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)
https://www.twitter.com/iamlaur67 (now private)
Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)


Jeaniez Management Inc:





Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change


Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli

CreepShow's Vid:



No. 724337

My first attempt at a thread. Hope it's alright.

No. 724353


Thank you for making the thread!

No. 724355

File: 1572574128494.png (225.92 KB, 353x605, psycho.PNG)

So this IG story means that:
LJ/Laur decide to promote this weeks-old picture
LJ/Laur create the image of her and catwoman
LJ/Laur sign into a sockaccount fake fan account and post this.
LJ/Laur sign into the actual LJ account, like the post and comment on the post.
LJ/Laur use the real account to share the post they just made on the fake fan account, thanking and tagging the account they just posted it on.

No. 724369

File: 1572575055276.jpeg (177.9 KB, 750x1092, 777655A2-1564-48F2-A532-D05FBF…)

The mayor cow changed her Twitter name

No. 724377

File: 1572575967635.png (164.24 KB, 464x544, meow.png)

The right pic isn't even Catwoman, it's Batgirl. They can't even keep their bullshit straight. Why are they still doing these weird comparison pics of LJ next to a princess/superhero?

There's also a tweet of Laur writing something that needs a Laur translator, seemingly praising Halle Berry's portrayal of Catwoman. No one likes that movie, especially not someone claiming to be a DC nerd. Even Berry herself said it was terrible. But they like a black actress, so they're totally not racist guys.

No. 724392

File: 1572577679379.jpeg (506.13 KB, 750x1027, AE65FDF1-87DE-4F9D-96E6-231720…)

Someone is making a new video about the Lillee Jean and Laur saga. Laur is offering a reward to someone who doxxes them.

No. 724403

File: 1572578109711.jpeg (143.42 KB, 750x534, 346C529A-9191-4AFB-B8D4-2BB2BF…)

They’re either insinuating it’s Arpanet or WCT_Wildcat

No. 724417

File: 1572581111233.jpeg (410.96 KB, 750x1084, AA28C493-D115-4508-B74A-A94085…)

No. 724421

Did anyone make a thread for Steve and Sea Lions? I agree they are awful people, but it really ruined the last two-thirds of the last thread. Please keep them away!

Plus I give it a week tops before they circle around and get bored of each other, just like that other guy Laur was Twitter-dependant on 3-4 weeks ago that we have barely seen as of late.

No. 724437

File: 1572587972431.png (155.91 KB, 891x774, FranziaFreakout1.png)

Laur has emptied the wine box, tonight. Several screenshots incoming.


No. 724442

File: 1572589571786.png (2.41 MB, 2839x1782, FranziaFreakout2.png)


I'm not going to link directly to the posts where Laur is stalking this woman's babies, but I'm trying to catch everything before she deletes

No. 724446

File: 1572590681401.png (1.22 MB, 1487x1574, FranziaFreakout3.png)

No. 724447

File: 1572590821319.png (292.93 KB, 897x879, FranziaFreakout4.png)

No. 724457

aaaaaaaand IncJeaniez are gone

No. 724458


The account is still there, she just changed the name to JeaniezInc.

No. 724528


How can you tell what she changes the name to?

No. 724531


She kept the same profile pic, so I just searched LJ's followers until I found it. Since the account is new, it was fairly close to the top of the list.

Looks like she deleted a lot of her shenanigans from last night. I tried to archive the tweets, but the archive site was acting up.

No. 724535

File: 1572618727614.jpeg (335.7 KB, 750x780, C54C8B2E-2DF9-4980-8764-C5A49C…)

Laur’s deleted tweets from last night

No. 724536

File: 1572618781828.jpeg (271.7 KB, 750x599, 96F81EAB-E06F-4A99-85CC-C06966…)

No. 724537

File: 1572618911446.jpeg (225.84 KB, 750x694, 0DC98AA0-3B70-4D29-AE79-985079…)

No. 724538

File: 1572619019460.jpeg (288.55 KB, 750x605, DEFBB134-9146-486D-A2E5-52A173…)


No. 724541

be careful, we dont want to help them deceive better. fairly, sure mom reads this thread.

if the daughter hopes to have a slight chance she has to get a regular coach and a regular agent. cause the mom doesnt play to her strengths. she looks like she is auditioning to be a פלגש -mistress.

No. 724543

File: 1572620481047.jpeg (179.1 KB, 729x425, E53321BE-0873-4965-AFB2-471437…)

Here’s a tip, Lillee. Reasoning won’t work. Why not try apologizing to those you wronged and deleting all of your fake friend accounts, transphobic/racist comments and podcasts? That is the end goal of the callout accounts. Why keep dragging it out?

No. 724550

I'm not worried about that. There are other ways to figure out what her new account name is. The only way she'd be able to stop some people from finding her is if she and Lillee both made their accounts private, which would be a dumb thing to do for peoplee who have social media "careers."

Even then, that doesn't keep them safe if the call is coming from inside the house. Even a couple of the callouts have access to Laur's "personal" twitter account, because she apparently followed some decoy accounts and can't figure out who they are.

No. 724558

I SPIT OUT MY WATER. Hahaha I think InfluencersE said this before but it never gets old.
This seems like a pretty tough thing to get through. Goatses, those are pretty easy to hack into but a reverse goatse? That must be pretty damn small.

Laur's that grandma who just got Facebook and comments on all of her granddaughter's friends pictures. There's nothing intimidating about commenting on someone's public Tweets. The account she is commenting on Tweeted at Laur and Lillee within the past 3 days.
If she was adding in their names and locations, yeah, that'd be worrisome. But commenting about filters and the ages of children isn't threatening. Just creepy

No. 724560


The account she's tweeting at there is one of the callouts, anon. Look at her followers/following. Laur's not being a twitter grandma, she's definitely trying to intimidate this woman who was asking for Lillee's makeup advice as a joke.

No. 724563

I didn't see it as threatening because it looks like it's her real account which she actively posts pictures of her children on and she directly tweeted at Laur and LJ, so Laur clicking on her public profile and commenting on her Tweets falls flat, at least to me.

No. 724564


It's definitely intended to be threatening, it's just that Laur is ridiculous and thinks she's an internet badass. The one with the kids is "katie" a callout that I think has a second, anonymous account that she uses just for Lillee Jean-related activity. She's definitely one of the ones Laur zeroed in on a few weeks/months back, as I think I remember that Laur really thought she was some kind of sleuth for figuring out the main account for one of the anonymous callouts.

No. 724565


laur thinks she's making some kind of point like "you go after my kid I go after yours" except LJ is an adult and laur always targets people's toddlers and fetuses and shit.

No. 724566

I see. Kek at Laur for thinking she's a badass for "doxxing" someone who already posts this info publicly.
But as you said, Laur looks like the creep for commenting on pictures of actual children

No. 724567


If you don't know how Laur operates, you should probably lurk more. She doesn't comment nice things to anyone without an ulterior motive, because she's a narc. People are either her useful tools or her enemies, that's it.

She certainly doesn't comment nice things to people she sees as her enemies, except as a way to either manipulate or threaten them into doing what she wants (mainly to stop talking about her and Lils.)

No. 724568

File: 1572629674723.png (952.55 KB, 1080x1751, IMG_20191101_161956.png)

No. 724569

File: 1572629706559.png (349.67 KB, 1080x1867, IMG_20191101_161920.png)

No. 724570

File: 1572629727262.png (806.4 KB, 1080x1840, IMG_20191101_161856.png)

No. 724571

File: 1572629748700.png (475.06 KB, 1080x1708, IMG_20191101_081552.png)

No. 724572

File: 1572629769848.png (322.11 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_20191101_081529.png)

No. 724573

File: 1572629797083.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1821, IMG_20191031_005611.png)

No. 724574

File: 1572629829974.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1837, IMG_20191031_005550.png)

Wonder what her relationship with him is

No. 724575

File: 1572629856281.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1796, IMG_20191030_000952.png)

No. 724576

File: 1572629895860.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1610, IMG_20191030_000934.png)

No. 724577

File: 1572629921437.png (1015.59 KB, 1080x1860, IMG_20191030_000813.png)

No. 724578

File: 1572629963201.png (980.6 KB, 1079x1417, IMG_20191030_000738.png)

No. 724579

File: 1572629999003.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1729, IMG_20191030_000754.png)


No. 724581

y i k e s

No. 724582

This caption pretty much sums it up.

Also, anon, these aren't particularly milky and Lilz is like 12 years old in all of these. Don't wanna moralfag but I don't think these really add anything

No. 724584

Jesus Christ, possession? This really explains a lot about the mother/ daughter relationship between Laur and LJ.

I also noticed that Laur has recently made her FB posts private so hopefully you have all the interesting stuff saved.

No. 724585

Laur is so weirdly obsessed with Lillee's appearance. Like, of course it's normal for a parent to find their kids beautiful (no matter what the kid looks like,) but Laur is like hyper-focused on Lillee looking like a barbie and a model and a princess and demanding that everyone else agree with her about that.

Also, Lillee has stated multiple times that she was bleaching her hair blonde, her hair looks fuckin fried and brittle in that one pic, but Laur keeps insisting that Lillee's hair is blonde when she's actually somewhere between sandy brown and auburn.

No. 724586

she looks like she's been crying.

No. 724587

All of these picture give off massive creep feels. What the fuck? She couldn't look any more uncomfortable. Wow. It's always interesting how families with fucked up dynamics always share photos that make this instantly obvious.

No. 724602

she looks so intensely uncomfortable in these photos. these were the best shots laur got? yikes

No. 724603

In Lillee’s latest YT video she tells people to “avoid spf altogether” but they could use mineral sunscreen under their foundation. Lillee is not a dr and should, under no circumstances, be recommending not using sunscreen. Thankfully she doesn’t have an audience to hear this irresponsible comment.

No. 724604

Lillee, the beauty guru, suggests that people "just avoid SPF" in her newest video. Brilliant.

No. 724605

File: 1572635270041.jpeg (528.33 KB, 750x1202, 7D1690B2-883C-4F16-8E90-93C005…)

I noticed the new Jeaniezinc twitter was following FanLillee, a new Lillee Jean fanpage, creates in October. Laur is the only follower. Not obvious at all…

No. 724607


I wanted to share them mostly because of the creepy vibe and how laur manipulated her child so much its sad, i know its not really milk or recent but this really shows why she became like this.

I screenshoted all weird photos and comments I could find, thats why i spammend and archived all in one shot

No. 724610

>Tells people not to use sunscreen
>Never leaves attic

No. 724612

File: 1572636641140.jpeg (373 KB, 750x806, 816D74E3-8092-4A20-B6A5-656A5A…)

Lillee doesn’t realize Beckie is short for Rebecca. It’s not 2 different names, Lilz. No ones trying to trick you.

No. 724640

File: 1572642869345.jpg (656.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191101-152320_Ins…)

No. 724645

Thousands of dermatologists felt that irritation.

No. 724648

File: 1572643955709.jpeg (437.27 KB, 750x1058, E9ECACA9-F4F8-4F9D-AA9B-1F38B5…)

One step above shilling diarrhea tea

No. 724649

Younger people? Isn’t this girl like 18? Lmao

No. 724651

I don’t believe for a second that she weighs anything under 140.

No. 724669

File: 1572652285745.jpeg (446.18 KB, 750x994, 3CB64F5C-D6D7-4A8C-A7A7-1D3DA6…)

Laur, we’re all glad that you now know what you’ve been doing is illegal

No. 724675

That's an exercise website, nothing to nitpick about there. That weight is a huge damn lie, though. She's too fat to be 123lbs.

Fucking this.

No. 724677

Let's not forget - the goblin is 5'0" or under.

No. 724716

File: 1572662603500.jpeg (421 KB, 750x927, C313DC93-DDFF-4967-AAB2-DC6594…)

I find Laur’s choice of words to Marlena interesting…”when you’ve done nothing else wrong”. Marlena literally did nothing wrong. She was going to ask her legal team about the fact that Lauren (can’t recall if it was QoB or Elyse) was being stalked and harassed.

No. 724718

>angular model
Hahaha she wishes >>724568

No. 724755

File: 1572672630470.jpeg (418.08 KB, 750x778, 214CD682-DCDC-47BD-A121-5B6A75…)

Wonder what this is all about? I don’t believe cap is from Aus/NZ, is he? This must be someone else?

No. 724763

File: 1572675444099.jpg (592.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191101-163038_Ins…)

LJ had a run in with skinheads ?

No. 724764

Pretty sure she just saw an artist's rendition of Hitler and is trying to cause drama because she's no longer getting any attention.

No. 724766

You know that NZ and Australia aren’t the only ones that say “mum”, right? We got it off British English.

No. 724808

This is the same person who described the holocaust as “Hitler [throwing] a girl fit” and people being “crisped”, “roasted”, etc. Just stop talking, Lilllee.

No. 724830


Looks to me like Lillee went and found some neo-nazis to fight with so she and Laur can now accuse any naysayers of being in league with wp nutjobs.

No. 724833

File: 1572702484877.jpeg (138.87 KB, 750x431, 659947E1-DE34-4F89-8899-C3DE34…)

It’s definitely CaptComm2020

No. 724853

Wow, he hasn’t realized that Laur tossed him aside for the next white knight. She seems to do this with a lot of people on social media- engage obsessively with them for a while and drop them once the next person comes along (I have noticed this recently with the aspiring MUA’s too). It’s no wonder Lillee has zero social skills.

No. 724854


Yep, she and Lillee inserted themselves all the way up NikkiGlam's butt immediately after the callouts started posting those trans/non-binary excerpts from Lillee's podcast all over twitter. It was "you're amazing, we adore you, no hate, only positivity and love and uplifting each other uwu" 24/7 until they found King McBoomer.

A month later, neither of them talk to her at all.

No. 724886

File: 1572717762845.jpg (104.43 KB, 907x767, kookylils.jpg)

Why did she decide to make this her profile pic? She looks like she's about to murder you with an eyelash curler.

No. 724891

She looks exactly like her mother here. The twinning of her mother kinda disproved the whole Williams Syndrome tinfoil for me, those two looks exactly the same- like demented penguins.

No. 724896

File: 1572720023773.png (449.49 KB, 909x728, 9323847965.png)

What the hell have Lils and Laur been doing with their time recently? The posts to IG and YT have slowed way down and they're both just retweeting old shit from weeks ago.

Laur mentioned some super secret VIP event that she can't name-drop because of "internet stalkers," but the last time she said that, they never went anywhere and instead we got those fake date photos of Lils in the mangled rented dress wearing her strappy heels like flip-flops.

There's an Ulta/Dermalogica thing in Manhattan tonight. If they're going to that, I can't wait to see what ill-fitting ball gown Lillee puts on to attend a free event that anyone can walk into off the street. They're giving out a free gift, too, so we can expect her to do a skincare tutorial with "PR goodies sent to me by Dermalogica" soon. She can put it on her mouth hives.

No. 724903

Lillee is a fuckup and her (lack of) personality is garbage tier, but I do think she looks dead-eyed in almost every picture mommy takes of her. it's kind of a Venus situation, with added sockpuppets.

Those pictures of little kid Lil were creepy as hell.

No. 724907

File: 1572722628749.jpg (188.97 KB, 620x270, smile620b.jpg)

She's a walking advertisement for the exact opposite of a Duchenne smile.

No. 724920

File: 1572725485462.jpeg (118.92 KB, 750x651, 5E9124F3-A0E5-4C0F-80CB-5FD101…)

Bffdees1 shared this. Ouch.

No. 724931

File: 1572728019116.jpg (149.34 KB, 1669x595, denial.jpg)


Aw, poor bub.

No. 724934

>I call her the body.
For god’s sake Laur she was in 7th grade. Also, just admit you let her bleach her hair. God now that I see how Diamond Earl looked back then LJ never stood a chance. I guess there really is somebody for everybody.

No. 724951


How the fuck did I miss that part when I first looked? Jesus, Laur is gross. It puts all those exploitative photos of Lillee half dressed/faking nudity/almost busting out of her clothes into an even more damning light.

No wonder she was on twitter advocating for literal child Danielle Cohn doing suggestive ads for Bang energy. If Lillee had a crumb of acting talent and "Hollywood" good looks to get her foot in the door, Laur would probably be the kind of stage mom who would look the other way when Lils got caught up in some kind of casting couch situation.

No. 724956

File: 1572734611395.jpeg (86.29 KB, 750x290, 10D258FB-B4EA-4001-AD13-3696C0…)

Actually Lillee, they saw the racist views that you and your mother spew and the harassment of QoB and Lauren Elyse. They don’t support hate and cyber bullying. That’s why they dropped you.

No. 724958

File: 1572734742820.jpeg (283.43 KB, 750x882, 6E05FB6B-3249-4BEB-8E75-3C1B99…)

And lillee is back to using mental illness as an insult…

No. 724961

That new Twitter profile pic is just tragic. Neither of those goblins have any self-awareness at all, nor can they see anything objectively.

No. 724964

Basically the whole Instagram thread is these brands (that still send pr to Lillee) are anti bullying, but these brands (who rightfully ended their relationships with Lillee due to her and Laur’s actions) support bullying. Ok Lillee, it’s actually the opposite but whatevs.

No. 724967

File: 1572735336405.jpeg (270.61 KB, 750x607, 53FDA7F5-AE58-47EA-9EFF-255DD8…)

If you have no beef then why did LJ say they support bullying?

No. 724976

File: 1572735973617.jpeg (76.31 KB, 750x223, 8A59C15F-2541-4112-A41A-D69CC4…)

Lillee’s talking mad shit on Instagram about brands.

No. 724978

File: 1572736203517.jpeg (378.02 KB, 750x757, B1DF9A59-5404-46AA-9BDF-A19447…)

Leave it to Laur to share a tweet with brands of Lillee badmouthing two that rightfully dropped her from their PR lists.

No. 724980

The way that they treat the pregnant woman is disgusting. They keep shaming her for being pregnant and attacking her based on the fact that she's pregnant.

No. 724986

File: 1572736730005.jpeg (513.73 KB, 750x1062, 9478257E-1B84-40D1-8714-9D8E1D…)

Lillee’s IG caption. She still offers zero proof that she was doxxed or stalked. Still thinks people are jealous of her fake followers and mediocre skills.

How dare a legal adult who lives with her boyfriend and has a job procreate!

No. 725001

Oooh, hurry up and support Lillee Jean, brands! If you do, she'll showcase you more to her exactly zero actual followers.

No. 725002

No. 725005

>complains everyone is just a big hater and cyberbullying her
>brags about how she still doesn't hate anyone, and feels bad for the haters because she's such a sweet, amazing person
>still bullying a woman for being pregnant after doxxing her and harassing her on twitter
Laur/LJ are too predictable at this point.

Ouch. What did this guy do to get thrown under the bus?

No. 725011

„None of it is sane. How else do you justify having over 40 twitter accounts …“
Girl are you talking about ur damn self? Not sure what baffles me more: the irony, lack of self-awareness about how crazy she looks or the audacity trying to pull a uno reverse card after harrassing a bunch of people with her 40+ sockpuppets

No. 725015

Creepshow did a video on Mcboomer and is talking a lot about laur and lillee as well

No. 725018

LovelyDeathxx has also posted a video on LJ, Laur, CreepShow, McBoomer and Chesh.

No. 725030

File: 1572741831496.jpeg (492.81 KB, 750x1121, F50F999E-8465-48C8-AEC3-4DB379…)

It’s not bullying to drop a faux influencer who has repeatedly engaged in awful behaviour online. Companies have every right to be made aware of the transgressions of someone who publicly represents them.

No. 725031

File: 1572742153687.jpeg (581.79 KB, 750x1093, B5ADB0E5-1002-4C4E-907A-2407AA…)

63 of 102 comments are made by Lillee, Laur and accounts they admit to running. 12 by sock accounts. 3 from some creep looking for her what’s app info. That’s real engagement y’all.

No. 725032

File: 1572742165660.jpg (53.45 KB, 895x259, 4043-835493.jpg)


Anyone who doesn't give Lillee free shit is cancelled for cyberbullying.

No. 725035

File: 1572742396164.jpeg (35.59 KB, 750x192, 3F5FA967-8C91-43A4-A65A-2859EE…)

”Buzzfeed is just a big ol meany too, humph.”

No. 725040

Imagine the plot twist if Ed Falcon comes clean on what he knows! Laur would absolutely lose her poo.

No. 725042

File: 1572743838078.jpeg (348.65 KB, 750x611, 54BE5639-F585-484C-B161-316F2A…)

Speaking of Edward Falcon… I actually kind of feel bad that he was misled and used by Laur. I don’t know his situation outside of the LJ drama but I can say in this case, Laur once again showed her true colours.

No. 725043

Now that Creepshow's focus has shifted from Lillee to Mcrea, it's only a matter of time before she will throw him under the bus as well.

No. 725060

File: 1572745920006.jpeg (354.9 KB, 750x1090, CCB4F11A-D334-4A56-B172-6B1D9F…)

Reading comprehension is hard for Laur. Saying “you’re like” does not mean “you are”. It’s called a comparison. It’s also NOT “proper” to assume someone is married.

No. 725061


He stole her spotlight, barely mentioned her or LJ in the video, wound up looking foolish, and ultimately failed to vanquish her foes. Right now Laur is hedging her bets, but as soon as she finds someone else to take up her fight, she'll disavow Steve.

No. 725063

File: 1572746591574.jpeg (438.89 KB, 2048x2048, 313D71CA-200B-426D-87E3-D029E2…)

Looks like they are starting to buy likes on Facebook. A whole 24 likes from nearly 18k followers. Typically she gets 1-8 likes so this is huge!

No. 725076

File: 1572749197336.jpeg (346.88 KB, 750x865, 9FF45F19-C101-4BEB-A8CF-2D93FD…)

Lillee’s talking to herself again…

No. 725077

File: 1572749281864.jpeg (245.57 KB, 750x480, 70CF5348-1902-465D-AB10-F869A7…)

The “fan” account has been locked but apparently Laur is going to contact buzz feed and YouTube for some reason?

No. 725078

File: 1572749399286.jpeg (285.92 KB, 750x724, 7F379B32-CA5D-4D5E-995E-2E8BE8…)

Actually, Laur, The Arpanet has pulled together a list of Lillee’s fake followers.

No. 725080


Who is Lillee's target audience? Does anyone besides old people use Facebook anymore?

No. 725082

File: 1572749875333.jpeg (310.05 KB, 750x962, 38CAF3F0-29F0-49AB-B981-48B6CD…)

Sure Jan.

No. 725084

File: 1572749991864.jpeg (474.3 KB, 750x1018, 759D3C87-BA75-481D-9BFB-9B86C4…)

I wonder if they’re going to start making fake screenshots now?

No. 725085

File: 1572750077639.jpeg (194.61 KB, 750x423, E2A44775-94E6-4D2C-95A2-E6B601…)

Buzzfeed is reddit is Joshua CONNOR Moon.

No. 725086

File: 1572750166829.jpeg (254.9 KB, 750x756, 3246AE54-FCD6-41EF-B342-8B055F…)

They’re also trying to drag Lauren Elyse back into this.

No. 725090

File: 1572750497830.jpeg (96.78 KB, 750x770, 7DC7D157-5B0C-42FB-8E70-B59869…)

The only people mentioned in the buzzfeed article were Laur and Lillee. Oh, and I guess the list of fake accounts that laur and Lillee manage.

No. 725092

File: 1572751102136.jpeg (738.71 KB, 750x1185, B40796E4-6BD4-45CD-98E6-ED040B…)

If this person is supposed to be foreign, why do they use the word “wonky” on Instagram? People who use English as an additional language don’t typically use slang type words.

No. 725099

File: 1572752947705.jpeg (394.65 KB, 750x1105, 45E2DEA1-31CE-45DB-96ED-4900DF…)

No. 725103

File: 1572754011816.jpeg (358.99 KB, 750x1024, 90542791-68E9-494B-A4B2-3A015F…)

Laur works her scam 18 hours a day!

No. 725108

File: 1572754341943.jpeg (415.94 KB, 750x926, 7A491CD7-A71A-4F67-A2C9-59EE53…)

I’m not sure how this will end tonight unless Lillee and Laur right their wrongs.
And next, Laur needs to stop bringing this woman’s kid into the discussion. It borders on threatening behaviour (similar to Lillee commenting on “Instagram likers” photo of her kids.

No. 725109

File: 1572754524662.jpeg (293.19 KB, 750x890, 419D4E6C-9099-453D-A894-6ADE4A…)

No. 725110

File: 1572754560616.jpeg (242.65 KB, 750x607, D61B4612-D46A-4E8B-8B46-5B0B4E…)

This better not end tomorrow, or else.

No. 725112

File: 1572754688101.jpeg (420.46 KB, 750x1104, 710074D6-404F-45E9-ACD7-D5260B…)

No. 725115

File: 1572755035849.jpeg (297.97 KB, 750x806, AA14711A-65AC-4191-AD91-D84A0D…)

The fact that Katie has her real info out there makes comments like these sound really sinister.

No. 725117

File: 1572755888505.jpeg (306.91 KB, 750x813, B89A5970-71F7-480E-9F75-E2C1B3…)

I actually find this kind of heartwarming that Cap got added to the apology list.

No. 725118

Same actually lol. The kid’s obviously not right in the head and thought he found a genuine ally.

No. 725120

>This ends tonight

>This ends tomorrow


How many times has Laur gone through this psychotic break where she starts shrieking about "this is over" or "this ends now" with vague threats like "you're all gonna get to see how funny I can be :)" and it's forgotten a week later? What happened to "enjoy your little cow site while you can, it's going down tomorrow :)" that she was yapping about 2 months ago?

She's really trying to get away with her scam by threatening people. She's hoping if she makes enough empty threats, people will get spooked and just drop it.

No. 725121

File: 1572756939516.jpeg (278.24 KB, 750x869, B09176D1-442E-404C-87AA-AFC3EC…)

Laur deletes all her tweets then pins a tweet that makes herself look like a sweet, innocent, concerned individual. I think that’s her new angle - go beserk and delete all the evidence.

No. 725122



Who is she talking to? Other than herself and Lillee, she has 6 followers.

No. 725123

Isn't this guy actually pretty weird though? I remember his ED page said he was banned from some group for looking for underage girls online, or something like that. The page was listed under another name and I can't find it now.

Anyone willing to defend these two is crazy anyway. Why would some random guy (including McBoomer) on the internet care about the backlash for a girl on instagram buying followers? He obviously wanted something for whiteknighting.

No. 725124

I don’t really know the background of Cap, Ed, immortalvk, et al. If he’s a creep then it’s actually kind of gross that Laur got Lillee tangled up with him.

As for Steve, I think he honestly thought that those million Jeaniez would start watching his channel. There hasn’t been a lot of interaction between him and Laur/Lillee recently so I think either he realizes that their drama gets him nowhere or Laur is done with him.

No. 725125

File: 1572758825365.jpeg (130.06 KB, 750x489, 7B543E84-3371-453C-A706-A63E92…)

Another sea-lion has turned

No. 725126


This is one of the two trans women from Steve's crowd that Laur and Lillee were ass-kissing and trying to use as a shields/mascots against criticism, so cue Laur calling her "it" and claiming not to know her as soon as she finds out about this…

I also think this was the woman who had Chesh pass along those threats on her behalf when she was in twitter jail, so we know she can get real nasty when she has internet beef. I'm stocking up on popcorn, just in case.

No. 725128

Where on YouTube did you find the comment? Was it on a specific video?

No. 725129

It’s on Creepshow art’s Lillee video

No. 725131

I was going to say…she says this every week. “This ends tomorrow”. “I’m done with you!” “You’ll be hearing from the FBI and Homeland Security!”
I think she truly thinks something WILL happen to end it and then it doesn’t happen. She expects to contact twitter’s legal team on Monday and thinks they will take her demands seriously.

No. 725132

Honestly Lillee should go on Dr Phil already and get some proper exposure

No. 725133

Thanks! That’s interesting- I wonder if she’s no longer following Steve’s lead on this? Is she gasp thinking critically instead of following Steve blindly?

No. 725134

Cash me in the attic, how bout dah

No. 725137

File: 1572761653947.png (68.58 KB, 1770x351, ed.png)

Looks like someone tried to make an ED page for Lillee? There's nothing actually on it when you click, but still showing up in google search results.


No. 725139

File: 1572764134673.jpg (967.85 KB, 1580x1980, Screenshot_2019-11-03-15-53-20…)

Boomer McBoomer tried to play the Met Gala PS off as a joke, however both Lillie and Luar originally claimed it was made by a fan.
So which is it Boomer?

No. 725177

File: 1572782873988.gif (894.69 KB, 320x240, tenor.gif)


No. 725199


No. 725206

File: 1572797194845.jpg (51.79 KB, 895x230, 304mjjlid84.jpg)

After putting this through a Laur-Bullshitting-to-English translator, what I'm getting is:

"We are no longer getting PR from anyone after we showed our asses yesterday, so instead of the big holiday releases from the most anticipated brands, you guys are getting whatever drugstore content we can afford."

No. 725208

File: 1572799097767.jpeg (109.14 KB, 750x371, E292028C-8A37-45AF-ADDA-137CBC…)

Also from the comments of the Creepshow video. I hope she’s genuine about this.

No. 725213

File: 1572801711833.png (572.18 KB, 772x351, lilimeme.png)

srrry for bad cropping job though

No. 725214

File: 1572801714690.jpeg (231.31 KB, 750x492, 0FE848B3-6B44-4B85-8DF6-8F23D5…)

No. 725215

File: 1572802276536.jpeg (244.56 KB, 750x664, 3AC672CE-63F1-4D27-976D-394793…)

Fred Lusk is an attorney in Mississippi. Laur thinks she found Bffdees’ employer.

No. 725218


Ohhhhh man, this is gonna be good.

No. 725225

File: 1572804785922.jpeg (146.82 KB, 750x765, 972ADE88-CC01-4C26-B50B-EA7370…)

Lillee’s lost all her PR because of slander. Not the racism, transphobia, lying, threats, harassment or even subpar content. Slander.

No. 725241

File: 1572811586423.png (561.41 KB, 677x392, 289289722.PNG)

Today's beauty tip from Lillee:
She cocktails her foundation with oil because her skin doesn't migrate anywhere.

No. 725244

File: 1572813449337.jpeg (296.51 KB, 750x692, 5B2EF484-AA72-4B4D-B959-5E49B4…)

Laur is back at it with the threats.

No. 725245

File: 1572813491445.jpeg (386.38 KB, 750x910, D833B14F-E34F-40D8-B45F-1C7443…)

No. 725246

File: 1572813525965.jpeg (367.44 KB, 750x805, C611E565-C9CF-46F8-9917-E5156C…)

No. 725247

File: 1572813561602.jpeg (305.62 KB, 750x721, 69413956-3E3A-48B6-B104-6612C1…)

No. 725248

File: 1572813690741.jpeg (163.81 KB, 750x431, 1A845A1E-FF8C-4F5C-832F-C8B7A4…)

Now instead of employers, Laur is going after family members. Hope Katie documents any messages and calls in case she needs to take legal action.

No. 725250

she's so fucking crazy I cannot with her anymore
Why is she so hell-bent on making her goblin a celebrity by dropping so much cash into this scam and acting so unhinged when she can't stomach any legitimate criticism that is to be expected when one's in the spotlight?
Like we're sorry your kid is ugly and has a garbage personality now go find a real job

No. 725251

trying to archive Laur's twitter timeline, but I keep getting an error. Anyone else able to get a snapshot saved?

No. 725276

Is it me or this cow is the most unhinged we've ever had when it comes to threats? Can't believe she's using the professional account she JUST created to say "you're not safe, enjoy this week".

No. 725290

File: 1572826955531.jpeg (83.14 KB, 750x206, 84CC6102-936C-4857-BA16-E5FAF8…)

Laur’s sending her fake lawyer to take care of the fake fan’s nonexistent threats y’all.

No. 725293

Lawyers just LOVE helping people that try to get other lawyers disbarred for what she perceives as “crossing her”. Unless Diamond Earl really is loaded any lawyer would run for the hills because one wrong word and she’s trying to ruin their career. It’s actually easier for someone to get disciplinary action against a lawyer if that lawyer represents them. So, unless someone is just that desperate no lawyer would even take her calls if they know about her reputation.

I know this is all meaningless anyways because the threat of “wait until Monday” has been looming for months now. Somehow Monday never comes.

No. 725297

File: 1572829612168.jpeg (357.01 KB, 750x736, 4A24384B-A807-4116-A7C0-52F01B…)

The account that went private was a personal account. The lady left her callout account public. She isn’t afraid of Laur despite Laur’s low key threats to her family.

No. 725308

I'm super late to this but

>>God doesn't like ugly.

What kind of a fucked up thing to say is that? Gotta be beautiful or God will hate ya.
She'll defend it by saying she meant INSIDE but the way she worded it + some other shit she's said in the past makes this super gross.

No. 725311


"God doesn't like ugly" is a well-known- if old-fashioned -American idiom. It's just a catch-all chastisement for unacceptable social behavior: pettiness, jealousy, spreading malicious rumors, being hateful. Stuff like that.

No. 725317

File: 1572833330039.jpeg (335.3 KB, 736x820, BEDE21E0-9565-4BF8-A283-01E9DC…)

File this under shit that never happened

No. 725329

She also thought that every spam email she received was personally sent by a hater when they got angry.

No. 725332

I have to wonder what would happen if the "trolls" went silent for a couple of days. I feel like they would self-combust from the lack of engagement or make shit up. They are feeding off this drama so much for interaction. If they have no feed, wtf to they do?

No. 725338

File: 1572838271682.jpeg (240.14 KB, 750x623, 481BDF3E-40F2-4635-BECD-FE7597…)

If what Demi says is genuine I don’t think LJ will be missing her for long

No. 725339

I bet they saw what she said about doing a video and are trying to hurry up and kiss her ass even more now. I hope she doesn’t fall for it.

No. 725345

Lillee should post a screenshot- that’ll show em! Oh wait…probably won’t share because it doesn’t exist.

No. 725353

File: 1572841208941.jpeg (157.39 KB, 750x662, 045F11FC-B616-4A24-A8A5-11AE33…)

Demi commented on Laur’s Instagram yesterday. Either she turned after this or they are laying one of their “traps” so Steve can look oh so superior. I’m interested to see how this all plays out now too…

No. 725356

File: 1572842389887.jpeg (247.34 KB, 750x543, F4E5A13C-FD53-466F-B6B4-ABE35C…)

Um what? I need a Laur to English dictionary for translation please.

No. 725357

I saw that too and I’m a little suspicious. She also says she’s still friends with Steve, which is suspicious enough in and of itself without all his drama. She’s good friends with Cheshire too. She was defending Laur and LJ this whole time despite everything they did then now she suddenly wants to make a video? She either is just hopping on the Creepshow fame train for views since she’s tangentially involved, it’s some sort of trap, or it was the fastest turn on someone in history. The people involved with Steve don’t dare disagree with him as we’ve seen. Hopefully I’m wrong but I would urge the callout accounts to exercise caution when dealing with her (if that happens) just to be safe.

No. 725358

File: 1572842488271.jpeg (224.13 KB, 750x461, F0AEE0C4-72E0-4707-9386-590F94…)

Show us the receipts!

No. 725363

>Welcome to hell

>Let's see how you're (lol) husband and grandma and mom feel

What the fuck my guy.

This is beyond unhinged. She is gleefully stating on twitter that she's about to harass this woman's family (her grandma ffs?). Combined with all of the times she's contacted employers, is none of this against twitter's rules? She is literally using the platform to threaten and harass people, as well as attempt to get them fired/expelled/disbarred (all while complaining that she is the victim of course).

Laur is off her rocker and has nothing to lose. No job, no family/friends that we've seen, probably not a lot of money, already filed for bankruptcy, and her fame scam has been exposed. Wouldn't twitter kinda want to put a stop to this before it escalates even further?

No. 725369

File: 1572846024607.jpeg (164.04 KB, 828x1792, FD9C8E90-B0EF-4780-8BC0-73F625…)

1. Is this the yahoo account lillee mentioned? Cause you know that site is totally known for their security.
2. Oh yes the callout accounts MUST be behind the same type of phishing scam that literally every person receives daily through their email and/or text messages.

No. 725373

File: 1572846653693.jpeg (324.71 KB, 750x972, 6DCD5931-B007-4AF6-91DD-B005B2…)

Laur gets asked for evidence. Dodges question.

No. 725374

File: 1572846743408.jpeg (239.76 KB, 750x575, 159C316B-B117-4CDE-A0DF-9D4BCD…)

please tell me she didn’t contact Verizon to confirm if an email was a phishing attempt.

No. 725378

File: 1572846975166.jpeg (253.93 KB, 750x651, 528EFE16-70C9-4CC3-A5FE-C1E1BB…)

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hack their devices and email?

No. 725381

File: 1572847372548.jpeg (229.04 KB, 750x544, 3709E49C-9A07-43CC-B387-6003C7…)

This is the hill Steve wishes to die on. Lauren Elyse is not a fake account. Lillee Jean repeatedly called her it and doubled down when told it was offensive. Laur jokes that Moon was playing with Lauren’s balls and LJ responded in puke emojis. Just because Lauren Elyse isn’t transgender, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t transphobic to use this type of language as an insult.

No. 725394

File: 1572854728377.jpeg (438.81 KB, 1242x1824, BE7B8460-C226-479C-AC39-EADD40…)


No. 725395

Wait, this is the first I’ve heard of her having Aspergers and either I’ve missed something while watching this unfold from the beginning or this never happened.

No. 725396

Sorry boomer, I'm gonna need a CREDIBLE, LEGITIMATE, PUBLIC confirmation of all that.

No. 725397

If it's true, Laur is quite literally one of the nastiest types of cows. That milk is puss yellow and green, chunky AF. Sure Laur, pimp out your daughter and hope some "Dubai Prince" wants a piece of that.

If it's not, or not a narrative Laur wants to follow, I'd like to dedicate a song to ol` McBoomer. "Bye Bye Bye"

No. 725398

File: 1572856260071.jpeg (164.65 KB, 1242x697, EC3D1BD8-1432-4949-AEFA-B3F72A…)

I really don’t believe this. I mean… maybe? She has always just struck me as really naïve and immature. I couldn’t see Laur allowing anyone to think LJ is “less than perfect” in any way. But this is all weird because Steve posted this earlier and then now it seems like he’s trying to backtrack.

No. 725399

What the fuck is he talking about?

LAUR is the one going around saying random people are mentally ill and have substance abuse problems. God, they are so dumb.

Does he really not realize that the things he says are DIRECTLY applicable to Laur? I bet LJ retweets that too. Completely insane.

No. 725423

I would be more inclined to believe that Laur is the one with Aspergers.

No. 725426

File: 1572868471913.jpeg (242.6 KB, 1242x955, A86366A8-C051-4654-9115-C15284…)

This absolute dumbass. I can’t see Laur’s replies but it’s pretty obvious what she said.
makes unqualified diagnosis and blasts it to Twitter
“Oh… she was never diagnosed?”
blames other people for making an unqualified diagnosis

When is he getting his own thread?

No. 725427


McBoomer is out here thinking that the ED article on Lillee is 100% serious and that every single person who's calling her out thinks exactly like that. kek


No. 725428

…if Laur chooses this narrative, she opening up a whole new can of worms.

No. 725437

File: 1572871278551.jpeg (471.52 KB, 1242x1645, C785EB30-615A-4561-A99E-FC12F3…)

Another sealion exiting

No. 725445

File: 1572872229211.jpeg (137.15 KB, 750x450, 58836454-5CEC-43CA-9607-76C9D5…)

Lillee supports cyber bullying

No. 725451

File: 1572874231326.jpeg (186.6 KB, 750x658, 392A7A60-3EEF-4013-B5FF-6E6216…)

Laur was on a tweet and dirty delete last night with Katie. I hope someone got the shots. In the meantime, LJ posted proof of hacking (that was missing the info she said she had).

No. 725456

tinfoil here but I think that one of the sea lions may have written this (Chesh?). literally not a single callout account knew about the article before Steve started tweeting about it

No. 725474

File: 1572877653935.jpeg (81.24 KB, 750x1333, E342D4F5-CDCA-4C8B-95CC-BEEDB4…)

No. 725475

File: 1572877783090.jpeg (578.26 KB, 750x1080, AFE3A77E-1E20-4ACE-9CC8-E00D7A…)

BFFDees1 posted some of Laur’s dirty deletes. Stating that you have enough money to engage in legal action is not a death threat, Laur.

No. 725476

File: 1572877801936.jpeg (196.08 KB, 750x973, D951FFE0-BF42-4E00-A2F0-F21F8E…)

Of course she failed PE

No. 725479


the article was mentioned earlier ITT, but the link had her name spelled as "Lillie" and not as "Lillee"

No. 725480

File: 1572878106035.jpeg (279.79 KB, 828x1792, 81171DFB-05EE-4220-A855-335E2E…)

Any lawyer who sees the proof of these threats will laugh Laur out of their office.

No. 725482

File: 1572878850611.jpeg (259.89 KB, 750x594, BD999487-D057-47A9-977E-68C996…)

I have been following this whole thing since July. None of this ever happened. Steve puts this out here with no prooooof.

No. 725486

I thought this same thing anon. Sure, the entry itself was posted here sometime within the last maybe two weeks, but it was blank. Then Steve brings it up before any of us see it? Seems fishy to me. They’ve done weird stuff like that before too, like when they made that account that doxxed Sonia but was designed to look like Laur. I could see them doing this to further the victim narrative.

No. 725493

Don’t forget the shit they tried to pull last week before the livestream.

Highly suspicious

No. 725496

File: 1572881982950.jpeg (172.67 KB, 750x814, 0D82A206-D482-4608-A8F0-AD82A5…)

No. 725498

File: 1572882183334.jpeg (529.5 KB, 750x1099, 89395159-AAF5-4584-AD60-A5D53C…)

How about instead of deleting, Laur and Lillee just delete the sock accounts, block the bots and apologize for their wrongs? That’s all anyone is asking for.

No. 725502

File: 1572882671836.jpeg (316.11 KB, 750x809, DB89A7C0-92E2-4942-B636-CC7C2A…)

Laur is going to go off the rails…

No. 725530

HAHHAHA they claimed she had a 4.0, what happened to that? These are pretty average grades as none of her courses are accelerated and they're mostly fine arts/typically easier classes.

High school isn't difficult in most areas unless you go out of your way to make it difficult, which she clearly didn't.
I could've sworn I've heard Laur claim lj had a 4.0 0r over

No. 725533


LOL, no one outside of doting parents cares about high school GPAs in the real world. These scores mean next to nothing, given the disparate educational standards across the country; most especially because Lillee was homeschooled. Literal morons graduate from high school every year.

Notice that, if she's taken any kind of standardized testing (SAT/ACT) at all, she doesn't ever bring up those scores.

No. 725540


congratulations on getting b's and low a's in remedial, bare minimum high school courses lillee. this is the transcript equivalent of an "i attended the science fair" ribbon.

No. 725548

Wow, these grades are literally given to her by Laur and she still managed to fail two “classes”. What does gym consist of in an attic? And wow, consumer math? If it’s anything similar to the one in my high school, it was lower than remedial math and the tests were honestly questions like “if you have 33 sticks of gum and give 8 to your friends, how many are left?”

No. 725550


It's been a while since I was in HS, but back in my day, normal-to-advanced students had gotten to trig/pre-calc by their senior year.

"Consumer Math" was the class people took when geometry or algebra proved too challenging. They taught stuff like how to file your taxes, balance your check book, and do a monthly budget so you don't fuck up and spend too much money on dumb shit instead of groceries.

Lillee doesn't seem to have learned the lessons of Consumer Math very well.

No. 725551

File: 1572897801254.jpeg (330.88 KB, 1242x1235, 97B93EC4-0158-4391-B9EC-E3993A…)

No. 725552

kek that's because Laur was the one teaching her.

No. 725553

Those tweets must be coming from Laur. This reads like her. Also
>double space after the periods

No. 725554

File: 1572898532844.jpeg (73.89 KB, 750x399, 8BB8531A-591E-4640-9F59-D8424A…)

No. 725556


sooooo…a diverse group of people from several walks of life (most of whom are not likely to give enough of a shit about free ColourPop lipgloss to be motivated by petty jealousy,) can see through Laur's grift.

No. 725557

File: 1572898795442.jpeg (97.75 KB, 741x481, F6BA97FB-4FDF-436B-9C29-F7CA1A…)

Laur: “you can totally tell by looking at someone if they’re neurodiverse and have other issues.” First of all by stating “other issues”, she means that Aspergers is an “issue” Second you cannot “tell” if someone has a condition - heck many people do not get diagnosed until well into adulthood if at all.

No. 725560

Lillee: “learning disabilities are no joke.”
Also Lillee and Laur: use the “r” word in their podcast and idolize their white knight who frequently uses the “r” word as an insult.

No. 725561

Quoting pretty woman how ironic

No. 725566


Uh, Laur's a stay at home mom to a fucking 18-year-old.

No. 725570

saged post

Anyone ever deconstruced Laur's mental illness? She for sure is a maternal narcissist

No. 725581

File: 1572905551030.jpg (239.52 KB, 1380x827, 9834ybhfguyi3e2.jpg)

Just try to deplatform this cute, tiny genius, you insane haters.

No. 725582

Cute and tiny? If I looked like her I would be alternating between weeklong fasts and 1500 calorie days until I had a BMI of 20 or so. I can't stand fat people who are in denial.

No. 725592

File: 1572908651524.jpeg (164.75 KB, 827x1030, F11B67DC-7464-48F5-A7E6-6B2175…)

Verysmart important man has nothing better to do with his time but play 7 year old vidya and whack it while taking a break from white knighting crazy bag ladies for clout.

No. 725599

File: 1572910129531.png (100.1 KB, 794x769, 463486-76t52.png)


Prodigy. Superstar. Talent. Fame.

No. 725601

File: 1572910636536.jpeg (121.39 KB, 750x617, B645A801-5AAF-449A-8C78-5D89AE…)

Can’t even accept constructive criticism without acting like a brat.

No. 725604

Did she… like her own bratty comment?

No. 725606

Gotta keep that engagement up until Sonia, Diana, Rachel et al like it too.

No. 725608

Come on, cut her some slack. It's hard to keep track of 50 sock accounts. It's even harder when you have to switch between being Laur and Lillee in your head. It's harder still when you work 18 hour days.

In other news, no one on this planet besides Laur thinks LJ is cute, tiny, small, or beautiful.

Tiny? Seriously? She's short and fat. She ate her way into prediabetes. She's 5'0" and 123 - that's more than 20 pounds overweight. And she's proud of that. Gross.

No. 725632

File: 1572918615588.jpeg (259.73 KB, 750x949, 5C561F29-916A-47CB-A8B7-A1638E…)

Laur really needs a hobby.

No. 725638

rattle rattle.
she was prediabetic as a teen which is unusual considering she's not and hasn't been obese. diabetes is a feature of williams syndrome btw.

No. 725639

She's very clearly stated it was due to her weight. She's made a huge deal out of losing weight to avoid full-on diabetes.

No. 725642


I don’t think she even had an actual diagnosis. She just decided for herself that she was prediabetic.

No. 725676

Laur, you just described yourself.
You are an unemployed stay at home Mother. You dumb bitch lol

No. 725691

File: 1572935491447.jpeg (439.32 KB, 1242x2042, D34F845B-8844-4B45-8A8E-AB4D64…)

Here we go with acting like PTR sent her PR.

No. 725700

File: 1572937832463.png (138.36 KB, 906x820, 505-24885.png)

I've tried multiple times to try to summarize the gordian knot of nonsense that is this series of tweets.

Laur is responding to the apology she made…to herself, in order to apologize back to…herself, for having been notified by…herself that some twitter people were being mean to…herself.

I'm going to give myself an aneurysm.

No. 725702


Could Laur be any more transparent? That account has literally only interacted with Laur, Lillee, Boomer Steve, Obama, and Hilary Clinton. Everyone totally believes that's a real person. She needs to be sectioned.

No. 725703

File: 1572939766121.png (174.4 KB, 473x346, EIlXjz-X0AIjOAZ.png)

Laur and LJ keep tweeting and retweeting this screenshot. It's not real. That stuff about LJ being a fighter is a direct quote from Laur.

No. 725704

File: 1572939788485.png (125.2 KB, 313x312, actual.PNG)

This is what actually comes up when searching for LJ. The other one is faked.

No. 725710

File: 1572940944509.jpeg (608.63 KB, 828x826, 80EC65B6-987C-4009-82FF-972381…)

I know it’s all makeup and angles but she used to look so much better/more normal? In all her recent pics she’s wild eyed and looks psychotic. I don’t agree with any of her behaviour but how has a ‘beauty guru’ gotten this much worse at working makeup and angles over a few years?

No. 725712

I think it all stems from isolation. LJ had peers before that she had to worry about the opinion of and could model her behavior after. The longer she was in the attic with Laur having her delusions reinforced, the less she felt she needed to practice makeup or do anything at all since they fully believe she’s perfect. The last time she had to actually use her brain was probably 6th grade or whenever it was they pulled her out of school. So that’s why she’s stunted at that level, in my opinion. Think of it as brainwashing.

No. 725729

>says the fat person using yoga
Damn Laura, why you're dissing Lillie like that?

No. 725801

File: 1572970183854.png (1.35 MB, 640x1895, 3061B9D8-A4D6-4184-99BA-1E3A1C…)

I’ve been following since the first thread and don’t think anyone has caught this yet. Lillee posted sexualized photos in 2017 when she was a minor, right? Plus, Laur tries getting more free flowers even though the ones in the photo don’t look dead. And Pheepy is/was Lillee’s fiancé??

No. 725802

File: 1572970230842.jpeg (376.65 KB, 750x1048, 92A8BC86-4FE0-4454-8B5C-4C3941…)

It’s not fake. They’ve somehow manipulated the search results to show this exact quote from Laur. If you click on it, it take you to the direct quote from Laur. Anyone know how they may have done this?

No. 725803

It shows the Beauty Guru Chatter one still for me.

No. 725804

Same. Maybe it’s a geographical thing? Also, I never googled her much to begin with or that whmn article so maybe it’s not cached or something. Also I can’t post an image because mobile format is different.

No. 725807


You've been following since the first thread and you somehow didn't notice the several times that the topic of Laur either condoning, instructing, or was actively helping Lillee to take and post alarmingly suggestive photos while she was still a minor has been discussed?

No. 725815

Duh I know - this is just more evidence that hasn’t been posted yet since they tend to delete anything that makes them look bad. The bigger point in my post was also the fact that Laur basically admitted to buying those flowers for Lillee, not “Pheepy.” Thanks tho

No. 725816

There have been a lot of the not quite appropriate for a teenager photos but I don’t recall seeing them mention that she was engaged to Pheepy at 16. If that was legit (obviously since we all know Pheepy is…nonexistent), what kind of child is even thinking of marriage at 16 and why the heck is 18 year old Lillee still holed up in her mon’s attic instead of shacked up with her fiancé?

No. 725817

i still can't get over how dumb the nickname pheep is

No. 725819

It’s called a featured snippet. Google just picks content on a page that roughly describes whatever the query is. You can optimize for them. In this case an optimized paragraph on a higher authority domain could overtake what is displayed there. Whimm has decent authority, but I’ve also seen IMDB and Reddit appear, meaning the ownership of the snippet is volatile. If Buzzfeed optimized a chunk of content they could take it over, but the writing style doesn’t match what Google is looking for. Google appears to want a section containing “Lillee Jean is…”.

No. 725824

Why does it show different snippets for different people when they search for Lillee Jean?

No. 725825

Search history, geolocation, general browser history, perspective age of the viewer all factor into features snippets. Incognito still has variations of those baked in, but it is less varying, but they could also be click-testing. Google may click-test snippets to determine which gets the most traffic. The general goal is to provide a quick answer, not to necessarily click through to the site displaying the information. Although, how Google uses that information of course varies by whatever their snippet algorithm (which is totally different than the normal result page algorithm) wants. Do they want someone to have the answer and never leave the result page, then they don’t want a high-click-thru snippet. Do they find the content super helpful and want the user to get solid further information? Then they may include less information to have people learn more. In this case, Google showing multiple snippets for the same query means Google doesn’t entirely trust one source from another. If Laur gets the Wiki up that will 100% overtake the current snippet, which is strictly an SEO move.

No. 725827

File: 1572980708213.jpeg (463.55 KB, 742x1085, E8707829-5703-43AF-BAF6-5075CC…)

somehow a significant amount of LJ’s followers have moved in the last month. Hypeauditor now thinks that more of her followers are legit - I really question the accuracy of this analytics tool.

No. 725829

Also in the facebook screenshots somewhere above in the topic, lillee is a actual child in 7th grade or whatever and she calls her "the body",tagging modelagencys and already objectiving her since she was a child

No. 725843

File: 1572985861186.jpeg (128.28 KB, 750x620, 8401A6EA-5C5E-43FA-B93B-E3D305…)

It’s been two weeks- we want us some Pheepy in a video! Pheepy does my makeup?

No. 725854

File: 1572988337188.png (2.11 MB, 1334x750, C29E19BD-39F8-42F7-9083-B328D2…)

Probably a fake follower.

No. 725864


Here we have Lillee slapping lopsided tapes to her face in a technique she doesn't seem to practiced off camera before trying to use it for this look. (It didn't work)

She is using an assortment of years-old and/or bargain bin drugstore products and re-used lashes that look little chewed with crust of old glue. I think the only thing she uses new PR is the moisturizer.

She also talks twice to her twitter callouts drama that makes no sense to anyone who isn't already Laur or a twitter callouts. She sounding like a crazy person talking paranoid gibberish.

No. 725872

Did anyone see in Boomer's first livestream where Laur/Lillee were on camera??

Lillee was talking by herself but then all of a sudden Laur popped into frame and admitted she had been hiding by sitting on the floor right beneath the frame the whole time, listening to what was happening. LJ is a prisioner.

No. 725874

File: 1572996642297.jpg (369.13 KB, 2048x2048, EIlfZBnXUAEop_w.jpg)

It is so weird that they keep doing this. They're constantly posting splits of Lillee and Disney or other characters pretending that Lillee looks similar. It's so bizarre. It goes back years and they're posted on all the main accounts and fake fan pages. Common sense would tell you that you can't possibly look like every Disney princess.

In this one she posted on Twitter yesterday she says, "If my face was squishy I’d be a miny Elsa lol! Can’t waiiit to post this tutorial tomorrow." Wtf? Why would she be "miny"? She looks nothing like Elsa or any other princess, and the makeup looks aren't similar eiter.

No. 725877

This is old news, you need to lurk more before posting

No. 725928

It’s extremely weird, and you can tell they put time into trying to find the same angle and “expression” as whoever they’re comparing it to.

No. 725960

File: 1573011161784.jpeg (378.34 KB, 750x852, 179E3363-934D-4140-A9D5-EE2C3F…)

Skynewspodcast wants to get Laur’s side of the story. Laur will only cooperate if she gives up her real name. No one is dumb enough to do that as Laur has proven time and again that she gets her jollies out of trying to get random uninvolved people fired from their jobs.

No. 725968

I think they believe LJ is really just that gorgeous that she can pull off any "look," including any Disney princess/superhero. The older ones had a lot of comparisons with Batgirl, and had socks posting about what a great Batgirl she would make. I think the idea was to post as many comparisons as possible, keep lots of content on her IG tag, make lots of socks talking about her, and somehow a casting agent would get word of this huge influencer taking the internet by storm and offer her a big movie deal.

No. 725975

Funny how Laur requests personal information of absolutely everyone but only vaguely says "we" when claiming there's a team behind the management account.

No. 725977

Unfortunately for her not many casting agents live in Iran.

No. 725982

>no more games
>it ends here
>it’s done

How many times does she say this?? I suspect her phone call to Twitter’s Legal team did jack shit.

No. 725990

File: 1573013617682.jpeg (334.02 KB, 750x675, 3345DDE4-9DF8-4AD3-B742-F343FF…)

Reading comprehension is hard. Laur, that is the exact opposite of what she said.

No. 725993

Laur's twitter is like the trailer for the third installation of an action/thriller trilogy.

>it ends here

>no more hiding
>now you'll see what i'm really capable of
>your game is over
>you should have stopped when you had the chance

No. 725997

File: 1573015425662.jpeg (440.86 KB, 750x1091, F4086344-80F4-4F9C-ABAC-0B94B2…)

The Laur crazy is now coming out. Stay tuned for screenshots

No. 725998

File: 1573015457217.jpeg (448.02 KB, 750x1095, 9BB9719E-AFE7-4C82-8967-2747C2…)

No. 725999

File: 1573015581216.jpeg (379.98 KB, 750x798, 1413F43D-A062-4041-8FDA-E66861…)

No. 726001

File: 1573015688397.jpeg (412.39 KB, 750x1087, FAC084D8-6103-4B4E-92DD-F0EB89…)

No. 726002

File: 1573015809917.jpeg (406.86 KB, 750x1102, CE7B44B6-35F1-43DA-A7AB-07373A…)

No. 726003

File: 1573015925498.jpeg (367.38 KB, 750x1109, AD804354-A12D-4B28-9FBB-D3CA1F…)

No. 726004

File: 1573015998151.jpeg (480.89 KB, 750x1024, 67623A73-607F-4EFE-8B52-105A7D…)

Why is Laur referring to herself in the third person all of a sudden?

No. 726006

File: 1573016105168.jpeg (531.76 KB, 750x1089, C1A028D7-99AF-4A30-BB4D-A4981C…)

No. 726007

File: 1573016180691.jpeg (493.67 KB, 750x1085, 0D270B70-FAD4-42FD-9258-4B21AD…)

No. 726008

File: 1573016209532.jpeg (496.56 KB, 750x1091, 7D55D463-9FA0-4366-9670-8230B0…)

No. 726009

File: 1573016298403.jpeg (202.7 KB, 750x457, 9B4DE535-D364-4319-84CF-2C8589…)

Laur doesn’t understand what hacking is in the above tweet, nor does she understand what threat means.

No. 726010

File: 1573016589952.jpeg (243.77 KB, 750x626, 7A5A782B-C853-4A52-A643-B45F75…)

Laur, nobody hacked or logged into your account. That’s not how social media works. You can thank your 19k adoring fans.

No. 726011

File: 1573016645003.jpeg (192.9 KB, 750x490, 096C078A-AA17-4D24-B6DD-F99B36…)

Laur once again uses mental illness as an insult.

No. 726012

I don’t understand how Laur goes from normal conversation to meltdown mode in two seconds flat.

No. 726013

Laur is now on a deletion rampage. Glad I was on twitter when it started to capture what I did.

No. 726014

File: 1573017301769.jpeg (305.32 KB, 750x796, 4166BF7E-5C1D-464D-9A55-5F5BF8…)

Lillee ain’t that special, Laur.

No. 726015

File: 1573017434360.jpeg (251.3 KB, 750x647, 06CDC540-D00C-45DE-9148-3A5CC7…)

JamesDee5310 recently resurrected the Kyle Jenner podcast clip - where they crap on her for two minutes straight claiming she has no involvement in her company. I’m shocked they are hash tagging the company now.

No. 726016

File: 1573017510987.jpeg (538.07 KB, 750x978, 1096AA0B-089E-4A36-BAF6-128E7C…)

A Barbie event. Cause that’s a normal thing that 18 year olds do.

No. 726032

Is she asking this person to prove they don’t own 45 sock puppet accounts? Lmao. She’s trying out McBoomer’s terrible debate tactics but how does one even prove they don’t own 45 accounts? Give out their full name and SSN? Bitch is dumb.

>hacked in
Hacked into what?? She literally has NO idea how to use the internet or how it works. Must have been that reverse goatse.

No. 726049

File: 1573027197184.jpeg (681.75 KB, 750x1225, 2A68DF7F-4234-472D-8B08-A66079…)

Colourpop works with both Laurens. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they finally caught onto Laur & Lillee’s online behavior. Lillee even comments in her IG story about buying product the latest release from them.

No. 726059

Don’t forget
>I am inevitable
>soon my love

It’s like they get all their socialisation from movies.

Back to pretending there’s a management team and it isn’t all just Laur.

No. 726063

Sage your comments. You need to lurk more before posting.

No. 726079

no offense but who do you think a barbie themed ulta event is for? kids?

No. 726095

I honestly thought she was talking about two different things - not a Barbie event at ulta, but buying product from Ulta to eat to a Barbie event at toys r us or something.

No. 726096

Tori/skynetnews showed Laur a screenshot of the two accounts she has on Twitter - that one and her research account. She also stated she had a personal account. That’s about as much proof as someone is going to get and Laur hasn’t even provided that much when it comes to her socks

No. 726142

File: 1573052619172.jpeg (284.25 KB, 750x709, 162BB68A-939F-4772-9565-658E38…)

Laur’s back to begging brands for attention with nonsensical tweets

No. 726146

BH cosmetics is really inexpensive too. They seem to purchase a lot with after pay (I have seen some tweets from LJ stating so) which is a really bad idea considering their history. Anyway, given the low price point, I can’t figure out why they’re begging for free product.

No. 726173


What child/minor is being referenced here? LJ is definitely not 13, and presumably Skynet isn't either.

No. 726175


Because the selection of BH makeup at their local Ross is either trashed or expired lmao.

No. 726178

There’s 2 people involved with SkyNews podcast. One is a minor & one is an adult. They discuss it on the first episode of their podcast.

No. 726182


Yeah, I think that's how SkyNews got involved in the first place: the kid had asked Lillee a question on IG and got a nasty response, so the adult stepped in to try to keep things civil and see if they could have a talk with LJ and/or Laur about everything for their podcast.

Of course, Laur just escalated, because Laur.

No. 726196

"Remember she does the content on her channel so we have to preplan accordingly"

Um, what? As opposed to what? All influencers do the content on their channels, Laur. What the fuck are you talking about?

Also, newsflash - Lillee doesn't need a new palette for every look. Try being CREATIVE with the palettes you already have.

No. 726203

Yes she doesn’t need a million palettes just like the rest of us don’t. If Lillee was really interested in “one change for change” she would follow the current beauty vlogging trend of getting off PR lists, no/low buys, anti hauls, project pan and “5 looks, 1 palette” content.

No. 726210

File: 1573067688660.jpeg (417.79 KB, 750x1000, BBAF6E83-869A-4CD5-8EDB-BA73A1…)

No. 726211

File: 1573067796182.jpeg (473.08 KB, 750x1100, 066372BE-88FA-472B-B2A5-CCB5AC…)

No. 726212

File: 1573067827638.jpeg (473.52 KB, 750x1096, A8A15773-0758-449E-ABAA-C827BB…)

No. 726213

File: 1573067853687.jpeg (398.46 KB, 750x964, 7578AB76-4BC4-4CE5-9591-08D3C3…)

No. 726214

File: 1573067932311.jpeg (252.09 KB, 738x811, E9FB06CE-B759-454E-868B-6AB7F3…)

No. 726215

File: 1573068002642.jpeg (344.21 KB, 750x915, A3635E8C-0F8B-4318-80D2-897BFC…)

No. 726216

File: 1573068060180.jpeg (459.33 KB, 750x1026, 8C4AB20B-4B8F-440B-9E8D-2C5411…)

No. 726217

File: 1573068120202.jpeg (428.9 KB, 750x1026, A7686F4A-983A-46B3-9417-70A9CC…)

No. 726218

File: 1573068144095.jpeg (370.08 KB, 750x928, 02F6EF39-37BB-4AE0-B62C-2E7480…)

No. 726219

File: 1573068316957.jpeg (429.45 KB, 750x1007, 5C044234-05D4-46D6-B645-522586…)

No. 726220

Isn’t this textbook libel? If I was Katie I’d find myself a lawyer ASAP.
Laur is going to harass and claim Katie is doing XYZ with absolutely zero proof. Or accusing her of trying to hack into her email?
Literally everyone has had an attempt on their email address. A reasonable and sound mind wouldn’t think it was an “enemy”. It’s the territory of using the internet.

No. 726221

File: 1573068484688.jpeg (331.68 KB, 750x1012, 315CEE0D-8B96-488B-A222-A5C2CD…)

The dm Laur sent is coming next

No. 726222

File: 1573068511193.jpeg (147.38 KB, 750x1094, 09FC0ADD-10CB-4A6C-AF95-05B52E…)

No. 726223

File: 1573068680884.jpeg (261.6 KB, 750x674, D0FAB080-5575-4781-B62B-8100DB…)

It has been many years since I took a law class and I am no lawyer but do believe it could be considered libel.

Also the threatening by Laur is out of control.

No. 726226

I honestly think that Laur and LJ are now at the point of no return. If they would have righted their wrongs, apologized to the right people and removed all of the offensive content, LJ could have potentially done something on YouTube if also given a proper education in makeup. Now, they will forever be known as the girl with no skills and fake followers and her incoherent, threatening, offensive mother.

No. 726227

File: 1573069214925.jpeg (200.79 KB, 750x422, 642A43F3-521D-4B0A-A3E5-FBF53E…)

“Tapped our systems”
Oh boy, Laur. That really makes you sound rational.

No. 726229

File: 1573069362388.jpeg (354.65 KB, 750x805, 87CA9652-239B-4682-BAF4-C2797B…)

Four DM’s will be coming in next. I’m on my phone so making a grid makes them difficult to read.

No. 726230

File: 1573069458405.png (72.65 KB, 581x610, 31BD510A-D8E6-4E11-BAC9-503111…)

Between threats against children and mocking mental health issues once again, theseDMs really don’t help Laur’s case.

No. 726231

File: 1573069495791.png (66.8 KB, 597x603, 892088D3-4EF3-48FE-BEEF-78BDDC…)

No. 726232

File: 1573069517420.png (86.98 KB, 603x574, A8DCA02F-A03E-4290-B255-9596A3…)

No. 726234

File: 1573069551603.png (48.43 KB, 588x406, 0D2E4505-9C3E-41E4-AC4E-4192C0…)

No. 726236

>threatening to have children removed from their home

Keep going Laur. You’re doing great, sweetie.

No. 726237

I feel like I’m having a fever dream whenever I read Laur’s freak out tweets. I honestly think she’s the craziest person on this website.

No. 726238

I’m literally only here because of Laur. She has given lolcow so many hits because of people who heard of it from her on Twitter.

She has also once again done a dirty delete of the majority of these tweets. So my word of advice to anyone who reads her tweets is to screenshot quickly!

No. 726239

The craziest part of this is that troll account was being helpful. Other than a swipe at Laur’s ambien use it was giving them good advice. Lol

No. 726240

I misspoke. She didn’t delete anything yet.

All of the callout accounts have given her advice on how to stop the situation (apologize and remove offensive content) and how to move forward (get Lillee a post-secondary education). The problem is that Laur and Lillee plug their ears to ignore the advice and don’t want to acknowledge that they aren’t perfect. Then call bullying because people are calling out their bad deeds.

No. 726242

File: 1573071531529.jpeg (261.26 KB, 750x693, 3368B440-D027-4588-A16F-75637A…)

Bffdees1 are you honestly shocked that Laur posted dms of her with threats of the police taking away someone’s children? Also no children will be apprehended due to tweets.

No. 726243

File: 1573071809571.gif (1013.61 KB, 500x211, 07tkxu8.gif)

God bless whoever is running the Crisis Management Department account. Gave me a hearty chuckle. Soldier on, brave soul! Soldier on!

No. 726256

File: 1573075614586.png (165.87 KB, 1440x848, Screenshot_20191106-162501~2.p…)

And now we're threatening murder!

No. 726259

File: 1573076159743.png (70 KB, 600x566, pmKdDzb.png)

a new challenger appears

No. 726262

File: 1573076974885.jpeg (261.99 KB, 1238x952, 96582F77-D953-4777-AB3A-48D206…)

No. 726263

File: 1573077240024.jpeg (304.97 KB, 1293x1285, 5059167F-9B3A-40AC-BF3E-5A0B77…)

She’s totally with the desk sergeant now whilst using twitter to ask her daughter the details of death threats they received kek

No. 726265

My sides

No. 726267

They live in a cramped attic together, who do they think they're fooling? This looks cringey at best, and extremely unprofessional at worst.

No. 726269


She is hyper-zoomed in on this piece of paper so that nothing is really visible. I'd bet money that it's actually just the paperwork the cops gave her to get her to go away when she filed some other bogus incident report.

Didn't she try to go to the cops when that Uber driver stopped for gas and she flipped out and got herself banned from the whole app?

No. 726270

Uh, she's pretending to be at the police station in her tweets, but the inch of paperwork she uploaded says it was reported by phone, so …

No. 726273

File: 1573078560845.jpeg (69.23 KB, 750x192, 58B4E3AF-A581-4CD9-84FC-B59967…)

Lillee was the OP in this thread. So Laur is reporting her to the police?

No. 726275

File: 1573078653183.jpeg (200.48 KB, 731x475, 8AD9FA5A-60A8-4CBE-B0C5-DEC5AA…)

Didn’t they cancel Revlon?

No. 726276

File: 1573078810599.jpeg (185.8 KB, 750x416, 2027D416-E5C5-4053-B4FA-C2C340…)

Marlena actually didn’t turn a blind eye. She deleted the photo of the harasser from MUG’s twitter feed.

No. 726277

File: 1573078950390.jpeg (395.08 KB, 750x1069, 5F1985C9-AFE3-4983-8A09-0922CF…)

Laur still hasn’t learned a lesson about making light of mental illness.

No. 726282

KEK THIS ACCOUNTS HAVE ME DYING, laur must be losing her shit ahahaha oh god

No. 726285

Laur just deleted the tweet with the pic of her "police report"

No. 726286

I could be wrong but PO = police officer?

So.. even the police officer is doubting her BS? Laur is probably going to end up believing she’s being gangstalked.

No. 726287

File: 1573081432380.png (365.28 KB, 828x1792, 93D05774-B15C-4D82-B1FD-F670AA…)

No. 726288

File: 1573081470411.jpeg (637.33 KB, 1242x1148, 4D16E54D-3C1B-464D-9B84-C3EE5A…)

Oop. Dropped my cap.

No. 726290

Ok so she highkey forged death threats and took them to the police.

At this point I'm 100% sure we'll end up having a mugshot thread pic soon.

No. 726292


Isn't that woman a recovering alcoholic? Laur is a real piece of shit.

No. 726293

File: 1573082485165.png (119.52 KB, 593x432, katie.png)

This is Katie, the woman Laur said she called the sheriff on.

el oh el

No. 726294

"In New York, making a false report is a criminal offense under NY PL 240.50, 240.55, and 240.60. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony and is punishable by up to one year in jail and as much as up to seven years in state prison. … Therefore, you should speak with a criminal lawyer before making any statements."

-Jeaniez Legal Department

No. 726295

File: 1573082707372.png (288.13 KB, 601x506, katie 2.png)

No. 726296

File: 1573082906870.gif (427.27 KB, 226x309, 6FF40F4E-39E9-4A2D-888E-A6F787…)

Not all hero’s wear capes.

No. 726297


No. 726298

Meanwhile Cheshire is in twitter jail and Steve is giving 0 fucks.

No. 726305

File: 1573083935629.jpeg (153.05 KB, 828x652, 52572E15-F3C9-4BE2-AA99-F10891…)

Absolute mega kek when Laur’s abysmal grasp of basic grammar actually accidentally makes this tweet say Katie is going to get shot tomorrow.

No. 726306

Of course he’s no where to be seen. He thought he hit the jackpot and LJ’s millions of jeaniez were going to flock to his channel.

Which is weird to think about, considering if you believe she has a million adoring fans, they would likely be young women who are into makeup. So I’m not really sure what his angle was.

No. 726308

Boomer has a thing for young women.

No. 726311

Or Iranian dudes.

No. 726313

File: 1573084244860.jpeg (376.34 KB, 717x1036, 8D33BCBA-0651-49BB-847D-2C71B3…)

No. 726314

File: 1573084270981.jpeg (376.64 KB, 750x1076, 12CA1B1C-C47A-4BC2-9CDE-8056CA…)

No. 726316

File: 1573084438112.jpeg (297.32 KB, 750x899, 557B3F46-E0DC-44D9-87AA-9AA00F…)

No. 726317

Tbh this Katie character seems almost as unhinged as Laur. They’ll destroy each other.

No. 726319

File: 1573084479486.jpeg (392.07 KB, 750x1086, 607A3B2E-EA11-49FD-B21C-7AE8A9…)

No. 726321

She’s just learned how to get Laur going and is pushing her buttons.

No. 726322

File: 1573084642530.jpeg (396.82 KB, 750x1091, 39470AC5-C22A-4F43-BC86-B268B9…)

No. 726326

File: 1573084782841.jpeg (173.1 KB, 828x1054, F5075477-A993-4053-BB87-00F2A5…)

case in point.

Nah she went on a pretty spooky out of control rant about her ex or something yesterday. She’s also way too free and easy with her personal info, even if Laur is too incompetent to do anything with it

No. 726327

File: 1573084792261.jpeg (365.01 KB, 746x1068, FF2C546D-6390-4A76-A905-61BF90…)

No. 726328

File: 1573084825372.jpeg (174.71 KB, 750x395, 8EAC5CAC-3982-4104-8885-395D4E…)

No. 726329

Anon, she seems like a person with actual brain and aware of/preparer for the consequences of what she's doing (which is, by the way, defendnng herself and her unborn child)
She could do that in private but Laur is so full of bullshit and undefensable that Katie probably said fuck it, let's put up a show

appreciate it

No. 726330

God, Laur is so nuts. She read the joke someone made about her inch of paperwork actually being from a car accident, and just fucking ran with it. Someone made that joke about HER. Now she's said it about Katie 15 times and believes it to be true. Holy shit.

No. 726331


No. 726333

Katie isn’t the ween with the unborn child that was Sonia. Lurk more

No. 726334

7 PST, but TOMORROW!!!

Aw fuck me
Anyway I wouldn't consider someone unhinged just for rightfully dragging Laur down the mud with a legal case.

No. 726335

File: 1573085579551.jpeg (166.9 KB, 828x874, 0C73253E-A4D4-489A-83D9-2E7C7C…)

LMAOF Laur… she really is a scum bag huh?

No. 726338

File: 1573085819912.jpeg (329.83 KB, 750x761, B5B9699B-8151-41DC-B700-3DDC9C…)

No police officer is going to tell you personal info about someone. There are privacy laws.

So now she’s going to start using autoimmune diseases as an insult?

No. 726339

Yet she would never namedrop this sheriff if asked to.

No. 726345

>you have MS?

Lmao. Omg. Laur…you’re such an idiot.
She’s abbreviating her state…Mississippi. Which is MS.

This bitch seriously homeschooled LJ?

No. 726347

File: 1573088970776.png (22.53 KB, 470x208, ii.PNG)

This bitch making fun of a recovering alcoholic again.

Now she's @ing the police precinct with her threats.

No. 726353

File: 1573090683176.jpeg (202.56 KB, 750x495, F7B8EADF-536A-4A8B-8454-44872C…)

No. 726360

I’m surprised Katie hasn’t brought to Laur’s attention that Laur has now threatened Katie with a gun.

No. 726366

If Katie really is taking legal action, Laur is absolutely fucked. Large law firms will charge that much for a cease and desist consultation.

No. 726387

This is literally a christmas gift

No. 726389

Where the fuck is she getting 4k from? The total was 400, a perfectly normal amount (pretty inexpensive actually) for beginning court proceedings.


No. 726400

Laur has already done her cleaning spree.

Fortunately I got a screen recording (not caps, cos I’m lazy) scrolling through her shitty replies.

No. 726402

If you look at the pictured document, the total charge was about 4K. It seems like she got her law firm to draft a C&D letter. It’s unclear whether or not she actually got a C&D order, which is actually given by a judge. Usually the letter is the first step.

No. 726406

$4,000 for a cease and desist letter is ridiculously overpriced.

And it means literally nothing except a threat of future legal action. Nobody has to be bound by a threat from someone’s attorney; only actual court orders can restrain someone’s actions.

No. 726412

1000% she is just as cringy. I also hate to break it to everyone, but >>726313
Is not from anything to do with Laur. That is a bill for services already rendered because he’s charging hourly. You can tell because he’s giving an hour break down so he doesn’t charge on a retainer basis.

It clearly list that he is already filed for a continuance on the case, and for a court appearance on this bill. She also purposely tried to blur out the word “Geico” on the line that says the lawyer “reviewed letter from Grissom and conferred with Geico”

This is seriously just as embarrassing as Laur.

No. 726415

It also says on the first line of billing that they reviewed all pleading and conferred with “atty for P” which mean they spoke with the plaintiffs attorney.

This is really sad.

No. 726431

Funny you're taking this so seriously and calling it "sad". She's just flinging the same poo back at Laur to get her riled up.

No. 726432

Lovely batch of rotten milk.

Way to give Laur some merit to her crazy, Katie. Maybe you should just stop embarrassing yourself, and either hire a lawyer for real or get off Twitter. You’re ruining everything.

No. 726458

Go back and read what Katie said. She never ever said she went to talk to her lawyer today about a C&D for Laur.

What she did was say that she had enough money to take Laur to court, and then posted that receipt and said, "here's where I was all day." Of course Laur narced it up and thought Katie had spent all day and 4k to send her a letter, but that isn't what Katie said.

Katie just said she had the funds, was going to go after Laur, and "here's where I was today."

No. 726471

She made a whole new twitter account about sending a C&D to Laur…complete with a google maps screenshot. She ain’t right,, but fire fights fire, eh?

No. 726473


>your C&D is on the way

Followed by a ton of heavily implied tweets. So uh yea.

No. 726480

It's pretty obvious she was fucking with Laur, guys.

No. 726485

It kind of seems like she's just mocking her with the shit Laur always says. Fake lawyer threats, contacting the cops, "shit just got real," etc.

Either way, it's kind of funny for someone to actually get on Laur's dumbass level, but this just gives her credibility for muh cyberbullying. I'm sure they will spin it to how they were "so afraid" and had to go into witness protection, but it's not like they listen to valid criticism anyway.

No. 726527

This document is also from April 2017

No. 726614

File: 1573138583726.jpeg (312.47 KB, 750x938, 1044130E-5B36-49BB-BB1D-473434…)

Laur’s still accusing SkyNewsPodcast of being Arpanet. Even though they’re clearly young women. Screenshot from SkyNews’ Instagram account.

No. 726616

File: 1573138862568.jpeg (335.25 KB, 750x1075, 38B152D5-E671-44C2-A747-A9D57F…)

I don’t know what Laur and Steve are yapping about but he is also ok with using mental illness as an insult. They belong together.

No. 726617

File: 1573139085223.jpeg (367.54 KB, 750x885, 3BB95B16-6750-47EC-B36E-C937B5…)

Because Steve, criticism is not cyber bullying. The troll accounts are new - like as in starter tweeting yesterday. The callout accounts are not advocating or encouraging bullying. Laur and Lillee could just own up to their mistakes and the whole thing ends. But I am certain that this is now a part of their “make Lillee famous” campaign. Trying to get sympathy fans…

No. 726622

File: 1573139269577.jpeg (401.88 KB, 750x805, F5C19A45-A978-4005-8C31-538BED…)

Companies that have recognized cyber bullying and taken action:
- Makeup Geek
- Verb
- Drunk Elephant

No. 726625

File: 1573139462074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.27 KB, 389x569, 4jwj5-34jhj498.jpg)

I feel like she's doing this deliberately to get our attention, now. After the sealions stole her limelight and continue to make it all about Steve, and her mom making a spectacle of herself with the callouts every day, literally no one else is paying much attention to her, her engagement is dead, so now she's pandering.

There's just no reason for her to be posting images like this to social media. It doesn't read as candid or even silly and relatable, it's too try-hard for either.

No. 726629

File: 1573139815081.jpeg (307.75 KB, 750x715, 468660C0-8553-449E-8049-638205…)

1. I thought they filed the report in the afternoon?
B. How do you get a restraining order vis twitter?
Next, the image shown in Laur’s tweet is hilarious as it shows that Lauren is the one who needs a restraining order.

No. 726653

It's not possible or necessary to get a "restraining order via twitter". Any court would laugh and say "get off Twitter". Scared of someone tweeting at you? Get off Twitter.

I'm sure her rebuttal would be "I conduct business on twitter" which is hilarious because of how unprofessional and toxic her Twitter is. Any real opportunity for either of them has long fled their grasp.

No. 726656

File: 1573145879680.jpg (68.53 KB, 750x907, EIyKpT2WkAEV2AB.jpg)

Laur accidentally posted a screenshot where she is logged into the Gwen Guidicea account.
That's the account that harrassed Marlena Stell btw.

She exposed herself again lol

No. 726657


Twitter has a built-in "restraining order." The mute and block features are essentially that. Someone bothering you? Block them and keep it pushing.

No. 726665

She's getting even more sloppy than before because she's a fucking manic psycho.

No. 726666

Here from the land of New Zealand birds to say KF doesn’t even have Arpanet on its radar. We told him he was dumb for contacting Laur, but have otherwise not had issue with him. Love that Laur is speaking for us now in her threats.

Also, huge shout out to you guys. I try to keep up with Laur’s psychotic breakdowns but she deletes so quick. Y’all are ON IT.

No. 726671

We know, haha. She’s incapable of reading comprehension so she read a few older posts critical of him contacting her and now thinks she speaks for all of KF.

And yes, we are really on it. It helps that we have so many dedicated callout accounts taking some of the work load. Laur is a full time job.

No. 726678

>this ends now
>restraining order via twitter

I can’t anymore lmao

No. 726679

Holy shit, I knew it was only a matter of time before we got a smoking gun. I'm amazed it even took this long given she is such a moron, but there we have it.

No. 726689

Laur is just getting sloppy. Waiting for Steve to say “screenshots are not proof!”

No. 726707

Ah yes, the old “I was only pretending to be retarded” works every time.

This is beautiful. Has she protected that account yet? If not it’s coming. She will probably just claim that she got the screenshot sent to her from that totally real account. If she’s really friends with these real accounts she should show us DMs with the accounts that start before sept of 2019.

No. 726709

File: 1573154238362.jpeg (325.51 KB, 750x995, 67044383-8EFD-48C5-B122-F87C19…)

Bffdees posted this in case she claims it was a screenshot sent from the account. The phone screens are exactly the same as previous screenshots posted by Laur & LJ.

No. 726712

It could be argued that a lot of people use Verizon however, the orientation lock is the giveaway. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard of anyone using it.

No. 726714

Not to be a spoil sport, but I keep orientation lock on my phone always.

Hopefully she will keep accidentally screenshotting herself using the socks.

No. 726744

File: 1573161745508.jpeg (446.68 KB, 750x1105, 8720C9F8-6825-485B-A582-570AB0…)

I really don’t understand how she manages to put together sentences in which all of the words are completely out of order.

No. 726745

File: 1573161862037.jpg (391.34 KB, 1388x990, 7scda3A.jpg)

No. 726750

File: 1573163088257.jpeg (432.2 KB, 1242x1835, DB0C2F79-735A-456A-97C9-2F1970…)

Katie tweeted this

No. 726751

File: 1573163327824.jpeg (142.65 KB, 1234x1136, EC488A99-A912-4056-9646-D52A66…)

No. 726752

Hopefully the misspelling of Trueman doesn't mean anything.

No. 726764

File: 1573165949822.gif (7.55 MB, 600x337, 2E691D9D-C66E-4855-B5A5-099A4B…)

Lol crusty bitch should be cast as the fiona’s ugly sister in a shrek live action.
This is from this video https://youtu.be/phx-_Aq0fv0
Where she says she’s been made fun of her light skin and been told she needs melanin. Sure Jan.

No. 726768

Damn. Bet her phone is blowing up with calls from Laur.

The dumb bitch doxxed herself.

No. 726771

File: 1573166710073.png (1.43 MB, 1334x750, 7F4352FE-390E-4DBB-831A-15BF8E…)

This is disgusting. Lillee did acknowledge the filth on the cap. Also, she mentioned that she cleaned her brushes in cleansing balm. So she put on makeup with oily brushes. Ew.

No. 726772

She forgot to scratch out the top portion. On the bright side if Laur blows up her phone, she can record it and have more evidence for the police.

No. 726774

She looks deranged. How the heck did they think they were going to pull this scam off when LJ looks like an asylum patient. Laur and LJ actually scare me, they both are unhinged, delusional and narcs.

No. 726779

Sorry that was me, she posted it uncensored. I uploaded the wrong photo and can’t delete it now.

No. 726783

"Better Than Love Mascara"
Bitch, what?

She's down to Karity since that's the only brand that hasn't shafted her, lol.

No. 726793

File: 1573169752490.jpeg (117.94 KB, 828x636, 2C0A69D4-F214-409E-AF10-A240E4…)

LMAOF yes Lillee you’re just like Liliana Segre… the narc is strong with this one

No. 726795

File: 1573169980179.png (4.1 MB, 1915x2606, literalgeniuslillee.png)

From today's dirty, oily brush tutorial.

>Not to brag but I graduated at the top of my class at Remedial Attic Homeschool High

No. 726801

File: 1573171236044.jpeg (475.2 KB, 750x985, 8E00204C-7C60-4814-8762-3753ED…)

Lillee didn’t use runway rogue in this video. It makes me wonder if maybe Colour Pop dropped her affiliate code?

No. 726807

File: 1573172112556.jpeg (242.26 KB, 750x712, F7D30373-6533-4FEE-A09B-C962F4…)

Rolling my eyes here. No one told Lillee to delete her profiles. They’re asking her to apologize to the people her and Laur have wronged, delete their fake accounts, delete their racists/transphobic/victim shaming tweets and podcasts, and admit to purchasing followers. By all means, continue developing content after, but it would be a good idea to take some classes if you want to be in the beauty blogger world. Why not do a “doll” channel? People make a fortune playing with dolls on YouTube.

No. 726811

File: 1573172878978.png (151.73 KB, 474x347, 1107427.PNG)

What is an MTA?

No. 726812

File: 1573172914302.png (109.99 KB, 330x584, 1107428.PNG)

No. 726818


What is the point of posting this on twitter, other than as some Woe is Me theatre? Even if it's true that someone is entering Lillee's email address into random request forms, or whatever, it's not like those places are then going to go check Lillee's twitter account for more information.

Certainly big cosmetic brands aren't following her on social media to get the latest news on what's happening with Tha Eyeball Queen, so who is even going to see this?

No. 726819

Not sure but I call shenanigans. Why did she block out the company info? This looks like an email that Laur or Lillee sent.

No. 726826

Same. MTA has a twitter acct. Why didn’t she @ them? She @‘ed UNICEF & Serena Williams to cry about cyberbullies before. This seems fishy.

No. 726835

File: 1573175484242.jpeg (244.24 KB, 828x1320, E1C7B208-D69F-4ECF-ACA1-5508FD…)

This Katie Howell ween has poop up to her elbows. Like, she’s not even that funny and seems to really want Laur and LJ’s attention.

No. 726845

She seems just as crazy as the Truemans.

No. 726860

File: 1573177947735.jpeg (670.56 KB, 750x1207, 49D9AD97-6C7B-4F20-8786-77C9E9…)

Since Katie filed a police report, Laur and Lillee have moved over to Instagram to accuse her of hacking, threatening murder & general fuckery.


No. 726861

File: 1573177980220.jpeg (786.73 KB, 750x1229, AC894AB1-DF2F-4D02-802B-D5C944…)

No. 726863

Man, I missed a lot. This is fucking wild. Cows really do attract other cows

No. 726871


Can you imagine you represent a beauty brand and you're scrolling IG looking for a new face; you come across a halfway decent pic of Lillee Jean and decide to check out her story and it's that horrifying Nosferatu pic followed by all of this cuckoo paranoid nonsense?

She's gonna find herself shilling Dollar Tree cosmetics.

No. 726891

File: 1573182612140.jpeg (567.98 KB, 750x1238, B25F9380-5205-4CF9-A81E-6AA5B2…)

Lillee is losing her shit on her Instagram stories. Even though the stories disappear after a day, her spergfest is being documented by the callout accounts. She’s accusing Katie of sending her spam emails as she previously did to WCT_Wildcat.

No. 726894

File: 1573182913922.jpeg (531.37 KB, 750x1185, 56E9048E-6C75-4206-ABAF-162C05…)

Tagging anti-bullying accounts demanding they look into the haterz

No. 726900

I love how she tags the website and acts like they should know who she is, and have instant sympathy. And demands that who ever sees her rambling stories, RESPOND. Like a dog? Hahah. This woman is a total narc.

I liked Katie until she turned into a cow.

No. 726906


Apparently, schadenfreude and obsessively following of or participating in drama can be addictive.

If Katie is really only 9 months sober from a drug problem, the sudden flood of feel-good neurotransmitters she gets from poking at Laur could be triggering her.

No. 726909

File: 1573184973492.jpeg (225.78 KB, 1152x2048, 760B1EAF-7E1A-4FF8-94A2-1E2A31…)

Katie should stop now. It was funny a week ago but her comments are giving credence to their narrative, even as a joke. I don’t know why she’s actually getting so mad at Laur anyway, no one takes her seriously.

No. 726912

File: 1573185696058.jpeg (471.74 KB, 750x1014, BF22C537-2A54-40A2-8D61-7BA146…)

Lillee and Laur are now contacting because Katie used sarcasm.

No. 726913

File: 1573185812738.jpeg (525.13 KB, 750x986, B363236D-1DDC-4D20-817D-5CCC53…)

So does this mean you guys are apologizing Laur? And deleting your offensive podcasts, tweets and sock accounts? Cause that is “winning”

No. 726915

File: 1573185960841.jpeg (306.12 KB, 750x727, 2A48FD80-54C6-46FE-94AB-6667E4…)

Who on Sam Hill is this that Laur’s tagging now? Some marketing and media consultant from France. Strange.

No. 726916

File: 1573186026209.jpeg (312.29 KB, 750x741, DD9717A5-F34A-4575-95F5-ABCD04…)

Buzz feed is a cyber bully.

No. 726917

File: 1573186164808.jpeg (170.41 KB, 750x456, 32C85667-AD9E-4382-BD9E-2D4971…)

People don’t care if you make videos and post on Instagram. They just want apologies for the people you wronged and for you to take down your offensive content. It’s not that hard to admit you and your mother screwed up, apologize and move forward.

No. 726918

File: 1573186242626.jpeg (247.72 KB, 750x1000, F2178FE3-A041-4155-9419-E0722D…)

Why blank out the content of it wasn’t you?

No. 726919


lmaof. A random French publicist?

No. 726922

I'm only a law student so I can't say I'm the best authority, but I can't imagine she could realistically bring a libel suit unless she was able to show that damages resulted due to Laur's defamation (which is highly unlikely considering its just some schizo yelling to her sock accounts on Twitter). Libel is a civil tort, not a crime, and that requires that a harm occurs that was actually be caused by the lies; it's not enough that the lies were intended to be harmful.

Without clear damages, not only would you probably be dismissed, even if you weren't the cost of filing alone would probably be more than its worth, much less lawyering up.

No. 726923

File: 1573186627406.jpeg (383.69 KB, 750x1031, 1BE1094B-B84C-4F64-A6D6-F332E0…)

Oh ffs Laur.

No. 726925

File: 1573186718139.jpeg (313.99 KB, 750x712, 2AE51943-E199-4C2D-B604-A5DDAB…)

She added more to this. Still makes no sense

No. 726926

File: 1573186879220.jpeg (160.29 KB, 750x563, 13468A0B-D128-4F71-A6AF-274FEA…)

Ok it appears he wrote an article on fake influencers. So I guess that’s how he got brought into this.

No. 726928

File: 1573187438640.jpeg (128.1 KB, 476x845, 58E2D442-5578-4F25-9D62-D08D1E…)

Lillee apparently also doesn’t know what “framing” someone is.

No. 726929


This is such a transparent bid for someone famous to notice them. Does this dummy think that J* and Shane Dawson are both personally handling the customer complaints sent to Jeffree Star cosmetics, a $50 million dollar company?

No. 726930

File: 1573187862948.jpeg (326.82 KB, 750x743, 25487458-CE3E-4607-8E3B-34DB97…)

No. 726934

File: 1573189663731.jpeg (362.19 KB, 750x770, 1B5D32C7-7FA7-40ED-96C1-B53BE0…)

Laur don’t lie. That’s absolutely not what you said about cPS. There are screenshots

No. 726935

File: 1573189720483.jpeg (291.72 KB, 750x716, EFAD3B1C-4A25-4A46-B565-EE0BCB…)

What about QoB, Lauren Elyse and voicemail anon? Unrelated Jenny?

No. 726936

File: 1573189791490.jpeg (365.87 KB, 750x786, 5669269E-373A-4C0F-AACA-4F3BEC…)

I highly doubt one can get served on twitter.

No. 726937

File: 1573189919214.jpeg (368.03 KB, 750x795, 4892EBEB-578C-4F8C-B36A-71B35F…)

She didn’t threaten you. There is no proof of that. You have no proof that she started the petition and what does a sick kid have to do with anything? If her kid has been sick for 5 minutes why would you take them to a doctor?

No. 726938

File: 1573189979584.jpeg (278.29 KB, 750x678, E623C1A1-5439-4C94-A225-5E2129…)

No. 726939

File: 1573190037763.jpeg (260.08 KB, 750x675, E71F3AA3-357D-449E-9405-9CF587…)

Excuse me, pot? Please meet kettle.

No. 726940

File: 1573190096792.jpeg (300.43 KB, 750x727, 6A7E926C-5921-4C45-8A92-F6BF0C…)

Don’t forget the FBI and homeland security!

No. 726941

File: 1573190191729.jpeg (184.61 KB, 750x393, 5B7575D4-9168-41DD-8ABA-104513…)

Jesus, Laur. No one is trying to take you off the internet. Just apologize and remove your offensive content and move on. Simple.

No. 726942

File: 1573190282241.jpeg (275.71 KB, 750x477, EE95D6ED-3318-45F8-9C19-15B92A…)

These companies may still be sending PR. Or they might have liked a comment one time.

No. 726943

File: 1573190356614.jpeg (287.62 KB, 750x472, A1D76BBF-2B7E-4582-9C6A-DE3768…)

Ok these companies are obviously not all companies that send PR. MAC commented once on a photo.

No. 726945

File: 1573190512146.jpeg (227.3 KB, 750x397, F5B40B62-837A-4C7D-9DC4-176FF1…)

I guarantee that most of these companies have zero clue who LJ even is.

No. 726946

File: 1573190602512.jpeg (281.56 KB, 750x683, 74B83D3E-CEFA-46D2-B4BC-40BECC…)

But it never actually happened so maybe don’t file a false report with your bank.

No. 726947

File: 1573190734940.jpeg (333.57 KB, 746x728, 62143557-488D-495A-AB87-1F6AE7…)

Tags a company that hasn’t tweeted in over two years asking for advice

No. 726949

File: 1573190856245.jpeg (497.06 KB, 2048x2048, DA4F91D4-94A1-48F0-A35E-D497FC…)

More companies that have probably never heard of LJ for the most part.

No. 726950

The Kylie, Becca, OFRA & BH products she received from the Ulta event 2 months ago. She’s not on their PR lists.

No. 726952

These Steve cultists are dangerous and add to why Lillee is so delusional. How hard is it to say “hey I’m not sure that makes sense, but I support you anyway” or something similar?

No. 726953

File: 1573191086732.jpeg (180.15 KB, 750x454, 608AB50F-63A2-4F9A-A1C7-4B16A4…)

Sorry to say Grandma, but Laur and LJ will not listen to your sound advice.

No. 726954

No doubt.

“Sure we don’t need any proof of your batshit claims. It all sounds so bizarre, but obviously you couldn’t possibly be lying about people hacking, showing up at your house, compromising your bank account etc etc etc.”

No. 726956


No. 726958

Laur’s tweets are pure panic mode. Sea-lions have exited, screenshots are out confirming Laur posts as sock accounts, Katie called Laur’s bluff and has the police involved. It’s finally dawning on her how fucked they are. No more free makeup ladies. Get a job, like the peasants.

No. 726959

File: 1573191866618.jpeg (72.26 KB, 640x350, 844D398F-C8E0-4B80-80E0-825C4F…)

Laur’s actual words. Very different sounding and very much had a threatening undertone. Laur must forget that we keep the receipts.

No. 726971

holy fuck ive never seen a parent dig their heels in so hard and absolutely demolish whatever chance of a career their child had. laur is a menace to everyone, including LJ, who for a little while seemed to have some idea of keeping it civil.

No. 726983

File: 1573214951553.jpeg (103.88 KB, 841x841, 931C87DA-992E-4C4E-BD76-8CAAE4…)

No. 726985

>These people have effectively ruined my daughters career
This statement is pure 18-karat gold.

Also I love how her "professional" account alternates between calling LJ "my daughter" and "our client", kek.

No. 726997

File: 1573218583406.jpeg (271.84 KB, 750x602, C1F3664C-8E0F-4571-AC20-D8C65A…)

While normal people were sleeping it appears that Laur was up all night.
Bashing buzz feed

No. 726998

File: 1573218642842.jpeg (197.47 KB, 750x393, 3B5DBB97-F15A-450A-9975-AD2D4F…)

Telling someone who was tagged (and DGAF) who tagged them.

No. 726999

File: 1573218701186.jpeg (497.03 KB, 746x1028, 66D2A489-0BCD-4BB4-AC07-AD20C1…)

Sucking up to a brand in the middle of the night…

No. 727001

File: 1573218810532.jpeg (178.76 KB, 750x344, 34680253-5D7E-4EF3-8AA1-98EC1D…)

And also sucking up to colour pop bright and early in the morning.

I really wonder if Laur’s problem is sleep deprivation. That really does a number to someone’s personality.

No. 727014

She sleeps. She sleeps a lot usually. She tweets from the time she’s up to the time she falls asleep, which is usually the exact same times as LJ. It’s pretty easy to see sometimes if you look at her timeline.

I saw someone say Colourpop is ignoring them and that’s why they’re sucking up, are we sure? Who is left that they’re actually working with?

No. 727017

>>Laur and Lillee could just own up to their mistakes and the whole thing ends.

Let's be honest here, people keep saying this but we all know it's not true. They're too far gone, they've pissed off far too many people and destroyed their reputation way too much, not to mention the slander and countless threats.
People saying over and over "just apologize and this will all go away" sound disingenuous at best and idiotic at worst. It may have been true a couple months ago but at this point no. An apology is absolutely not going to make everyone magically drop it and move on, not at this point. Too much damage has been done.

No. 727020

It hasn’t been confirmed that CP is dropping them but Lillee had to purchase the latest release >>726049
And Laur tweeted that they weren’t responding to Lillee >>726014

They pulled this same shit with that last Colourpop Disney release. They tweeted for weeks they were receiving it, it was on the way, they were waiting for the mail and instead Lillee got a beat up box of Safiya’s lipstick collab.

No. 727025

So this could mean two things, either she’s realized she’s in too deep and it’s getting addictive and she needs to step back OR it’s actually a legal case and her lawyer wants her off Twitter to keep it under wraps. Either way, Katie was getting obnoxious.

No. 727038

File: 1573232135325.jpeg (270.34 KB, 750x750, AA2AB998-4016-438D-8310-638CD6…)

Laur has woken up. She now speaks for Katie.

No. 727039

File: 1573232221868.jpeg (287.08 KB, 750x680, A2913F3B-6907-4AE8-BD83-1160AA…)

All Tori Skynet said was that Laur reported Lauren Elyse. Duh. We know that, no one is being pitted against each other.

No. 727050

File: 1573234735077.jpeg (466.73 KB, 750x1289, 62CFD052-DB98-49B7-AB09-154695…)

There’s a new parody account

No. 727055

File: 1573235513509.jpeg (376.06 KB, 750x755, 2496F02D-F882-42ED-AB1A-55FE8D…)

Laur’s such a fucking liar. I doubt these new troll accounts even know Katie. They’re most likely Creepshow or Arpanet fans.

No. 727059

File: 1573235927422.jpeg (364.46 KB, 750x1112, 1322311B-298D-4DAF-B997-8FBD10…)

James Dee callout account tweeted he received his restraining order via twitter. Changed his name to Dames Jee and added glasses and a mustache to his profile picture kek

No. 727061

File: 1573236352863.jpeg (191.36 KB, 750x1333, 76D3932A-3E42-4F27-AE0F-D175BF…)

Or the 3rd option…Laur reported her accounts until they were suspended, then posted screenshots and Lillee bragged about it.

No. 727062


At this point, between multiple reddit posts about them, threads on both farms about them, handfuls of YT gossip and "anti-cyberbullying" videos about them, the dedicated tumblr callout page, Lillee's ED page, and the combined social media reach of everyone defending them and calling them out, literally hundreds of thousands of people have now been introduced to the Nutty World of Lillee and Laur. Any troll accounts springing up now could be anyone who found out about them from anywhere.

All of their crazy behavior is permanently documented in several places online. Even if they did a complete 180° re-brand and never stepped another foot out of line, They will never be free from ridicule ever again. Jeffracial Slur is the closest thing to Booty Guru teflon, and there are still millions of people who will forever scrutinize his every move for evidence of his continued racism and misogyny and never let him sweep his past under the rug.

No. 727063

>laur&twitter vs the real James dee
>name: Twitter
>address: twitter.com
>city state zip: The world wide web
>additional comments: "says very mean things on the internet. Use caution. Has been known to hurt people intentionally.
>phone number: dms only

>Press x to doubt

My. Sides.

No. 727065


It's thin evidence, but whoever this troll is uses "coz" instead of "cuz" which makes me think they are probably not American. Don't think that's Katie.

No. 727067

>other address(family, friends, relatives): None, he has no friends or family
I'm keking so fucking hard. This hilarious, bitter bitch haha

No. 727108

The addresses belong to the South Hampton Sanitation Department & a Burger King.

Cue Laur screeching about James posting FAKED legal documents and she worked as a law office janitor so she KNOWS the law. lololol

No. 727133

File: 1573248248737.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.8 KB, 828x1387, 520A23CD-8B0C-4368-97F9-CAD1D3…)

This should go in some kind of guidebook on the difference between a cow and a farmer. Props for coming to your senses, even if it was a bit late. Hope we still get updates on the situation now that Katie is officially part of the Jeanieverse (tm) 1/2

No. 727134

File: 1573248300346.jpeg (292.92 KB, 828x1373, 78A76A3C-0151-4AFD-B8BC-87E5EB…)

2/2 (sorry accidentally spoilered the last one.

No. 727136

These idiots weren't bullied, but called out, now they went so insane with their narrative they made it true. They've got genuine trolling. Katie was cringe, but some of the Jeaniez Inc. troll accounts crack me up. They begged to be bullied and here we are. sigh

No. 727146

File: 1573251006192.jpeg (219.58 KB, 750x827, 66383556-E59D-42FA-BA37-0EA870…)

I can’t see her tweets but it looks like Laur said something about Katie’s cease & desist. Laur should call that totally real lawyer she has on call instead of taking legal advice from Cheshire.

No. 727149

Christ, it takes some delusion to be this snobby when her own channel only gets the same base amount of real interaction as absolutely any other yt channel of the same age with roughly the same number of videos. Her real sub count is almost certainly around ~100. Anybody can dump some shit vids on yt and get 100 subs over the course of several years.

No. 727151

File: 1573252275805.jpeg (72.31 KB, 828x503, 8D38A378-DE7D-40E4-9736-4DA349…)

It’s nail biting stuff with only 4 hours to go on Lillee’s little social experiment. Also, is this the most genuine engagement she’s ever had?

No. 727157

I’ve questioned the legitimacy of her polls before, the results are normally pretty skewed in her “favor”. I’ve noticed on YouTube when she posts one asking what look she should do, the burgundy look always wins and she obviously thinks that’s her best color when we’re all crying to the heavens for her to do a different look. Even with the help of the sea-lions I don’t think she’d get as many votes as she usually does.

No. 727167


It was never going to be a legit poll, as she's specifically asked for the "evil" callout accounts to weigh in, but she's blocked most if not all of them so they can't actually vote.

Those 34 results are made up of however many sealions are still kissing Lillee's ass, all the socks Laur can remember the login credentials for, and whatever randoms have been lurking and watching the drama but so far haven't publicly touched the poop.

No. 727190

Haha must admit I had a tiny poke in the dung and voted no. Why would we want her to pack up her milk engorged udders and go home?

No. 727200

File: 1573261408841.png (817.94 KB, 750x1334, 6335549D-3626-4E92-997A-26E2FD…)

Here’s the full exchange. Katie’s a SAHM so I’m not sure how she sent it from her workplace unless the attorney’s office emailed it and Laur’s just jumping to conclusions again.

No. 727202

I’m sure in her deranged mind she came up with the idea to say it’s from Katie’s work email so she could further her narrative of everyone being at work cyberbullying LJ and therefore have justification for trying to get people fired.

No. 727204


It could also be Laur telling the same lie she always tells. When this all first started, she repeatedly used the excuse that "they are sending death threats using their employers' email/stealing company time" to justify her stalking and doxing.

No. 727212

File: 1573264511223.png (696.1 KB, 715x813, 0120994.png)


You're right, anon. I was wrong, this is the one I was thinking of. I got the username wrong. 2-week old sock


No. 727213

File: 1573264588704.jpeg (544.08 KB, 744x1182, 9735ADE1-CECE-4952-8214-FC68A7…)

This one follows Lillee.

No. 727214

File: 1573264612034.jpeg (329.19 KB, 750x870, 21569126-860E-4FCE-9C61-AF01A4…)

Callout accounts are starting post Laur’s protected tweets from yesterday. Shortly before she went on this brand tagging spree:

she was tweeting that Katie had ended LJ’s career and no brands will work with them

No. 727217

Kek they deserve it

No. 727230

Won't even take responsibility after all of this. If anything, Marlena spread the word about Laur and Lillee's abusive behavior and crying wolf 24/7 and brands won't even touch the poop now. They did this to themselves and they deserve it. Laur ruined her own daughter's career and life thus far.

No. 727234

What career?? She clearly was making no money doing this.

And if she really had a million followers, they would help support her through a Patreon or start watching her YT channel so she could get money through ad rev.
The fact that she’s saying LJs career is ruined says A LOT.

No. 727250

File: 1573270171648.jpg (418.14 KB, 1238x2331, inevitable.jpg)


From "you can't deplatform a verified" to "her career is ruined" in 5 days. Whew, what a ride.

No. 727252

File: 1573270300264.jpeg (142.42 KB, 750x502, D41C4160-055F-4E92-802F-39B134…)

Womp womp

No. 727257

Probably the only true interaction her Twitter has ever really received lmao.

No. 727261

I lurk this thread every so often. Its difficult because I hate her face with a passion. She is so hideous it makes me angry to look at her. The shape of her face, the way her face wrinkles up in her cheeks and eye area when she does that gross smile. She brings out this primal rage and I just want to punch her for being so ugly…and it's one thing to be pretty on the outside and ugly on the inside like a good portion of the cows here but shes just ugly inside and out. Imagine growing a child for nine months, giving birth, raising it for decades and it turns out to look and act like her. I'd bet she was an ugly baby too(calm down)

No. 727282

File: 1573275809905.jpeg (111.89 KB, 750x231, B79742DC-FEBB-4E25-A541-D75C59…)

Once again involving non related people.

No. 727283

File: 1573275854781.jpeg (417.93 KB, 750x937, 95849491-1CC3-4AD6-9307-D00301…)

No one broke into your account, Laur.

No. 727285

File: 1573275928218.jpeg (293.52 KB, 750x765, BC6B14BA-8B11-4D70-BFB2-DC62D3…)

It’s not defamation to speak about something that actually happened.

No. 727310

File: 1573281689738.jpg (91.54 KB, 750x1008, EI49S5RWkAAshBu.jpg)

This level of stupidity hahahaha

No. 727315

First it was the reverse Goatse and now these monsters are hacking with Comic San?!
I wonder if her bank account was hacked using a shoop da whoop.

No. 727325

File: 1573284837059.png (198.37 KB, 432x241, eek.PNG)

In today's video Lillee admits that her ABH palette is "grainy" and "expired". She then makes sure she puts it on her waterline. She tells us her lashes are "a little dirty". She creates her own eyeliner by combining black shadow and concealer for some reason. She tells us she doesn't like balls. Real classy.

No. 727355

The amount of times she dips her fingers in and around the cactus water moisturiser triggers me.
We get that it's a 'gel consistency' you don't need to finger it so much. Imagine all her potted products and how filthy they are from having her ranga fingers in them all the time. Probably teeming with bacteria.

No. 727357

File: 1573293665939.png (5.81 MB, 1920x4673, bottomofthebarrel.png)


Lillee's newest tutorial is really fun. She's using a bunch of old products we've seen repeatedly in several of her last few videos, so I'm pretty sure she's trying to squeeze out some kind of content with the last dregs of her PR. So sad, when all the real gurus and influencers are getting huge boxes of holiday releases to review.

Some of my favorite bits:

- even though beauty is her one-and-only "job," she has raggedy, chipped nails again.

- concealer glopped all up into her eyebrow hairs

- finding creative new ways to jam expired makeup directly into her eyeball, because she's apparently run out of eyeliner?

- close-up of crusty, used lashes again (I'm sure Karity is thrilled to have their product featured in a high-quality promo like this)

- apparently thought the eye masks would…catch the fallout she always has smeared all over the place? help her do a different kind of look?? i dunno. even after all of that, she still winds up with…

- fuckin' sameface forever

No. 727383

Using an eye mask as an eyeshadow template is fucking gross. Just imagine the eye products and the skincare goo mixing together and coagulating under your eye 🤢

No. 727426

What the fuck. It’s bad enough that it’s that same look as always with the same brown backdrop but holy shit, what is she doing? She tries to come up with new creative ways to do things but they make no sense whatsoever. And her eye masks are on backwards and barely covering the area they’re supposed to treat. These videos really showcase how weird and disconnected she is, even with her having time to plan and being in control of what goes out.

No. 727440

I doubt the palette is expired as it’s only 1.5 years old (I have it, purchased as soon as it was released, and checked Noir and no issues at all) My guess is that she wrecked the shadow after putting her cleansing balm filled brushes into it.

No. 727449

File: 1573312587236.jpeg (99.27 KB, 750x1009, 3946EC36-82EE-4198-96AA-AF4B23…)

Lillee has psoriasis now

No. 727457

yea wtf just use fucking tape or something at that point.

No. 727459

I think ABH palettes have a date of 12 months after opening for expiration, if not less. Too lazy to check on mine atm but still you might be right, she must be getting hard pan on her shadows after smearing oily brushes on them. She’s nasty.

No. 727463

Greasy bitch should try nizoral and washing more often instead. Dandruff is not psoriasis, holy shit. Lillee is the only cow that makes me rage.

No. 727481

File: 1573317662205.jpeg (168.52 KB, 750x569, 0C237C0C-3DBA-4E84-87B9-FFA2AA…)

This comment made me go back & check Lillee’s Instagram and Twitter. The last time she posted anything from outside the attic was 9/7. That’s concerning. Laur, take your daughter out for fucking lunch or to the movies you psycho. She needs to see sunlight.

No. 727499

she will do drugstore stuff because she has been dropped from all her PR and has to buy shit her mom can afford on benefits.

No. 727508

Does this retarded fugmo mean dandruff, or dry scalp? As a beauty inflencer she should know the difference and not spread potentially harmful misinformation. Oh wait, it's ReeRee. Nevermind.

No. 727526


Is Lillee one of those nutty essential oil woo-woos? She's mentioned using them multiple times in the "customized" cosmetics she slops together in her kitchen, now she's using peppermint oil for her "psoriasis." What?

A lot of essential oils can only be used topically if they've been properly diluted in the correct kind of carrier oil, and some not at all because they'll cause severe skin irritation/chemical burns. There are training courses out there to learn how to properly do that shit; she could take one if she were really serious about making her own cosmetics and skincare, but I'm sure Lils just googles recipes from GOOP or some anti-vax mommy blog because she's fucking lazy and always doing her best to stay just under the bar for bare minimum effort.

If she actually had mild psoriasis, a doctor would give her a topical steroid and tell her to get out of the fucking attic and get some sunlight because she's probably Vitamin D deficient. Wtf is peppermint supposed to do?

No. 727532

File: 1573332510447.jpeg (116.01 KB, 750x381, E2D16D84-6BC2-4BF7-991A-1BEA9C…)

I am shocked jamming concealer & expired eyeshadow with a dirty brush directly in your eyeball would cause an eye infection.

No. 727533

File: 1573333238815.jpg (228.52 KB, 1278x1580, 199465302480-97.jpg)


awww…all the jeaniez will be disappointed. maybe you can do a toot on how to cure your pink eye with essential oils lillee

No. 727576

>>727261 i think you would find solace in that weird thread about those fucked up monkey hurting videos, ngl anon.

No. 727605

File: 1573352514477.jpeg (635.06 KB, 2048x2048, 35237138-9E9E-4A27-B2E9-573B11…)

Bffdees documented LJ’s latest Youtube video gaining 500 video views in an hour. It was originally at 98 views after 17 hours.

No. 727606

File: 1573353907996.png (313.69 KB, 750x1334, 448F9655-8A7C-428C-B85D-53ACC6…)

It looks like she is still an ambassador for colour pop. I had some suspicion that they dropped her…

No. 727621


Honestly, the fact that she was offered the ambassador program, rather than the affiliate program (where she would have access to all of the coveted PR and actually earn a commission,) makes me believe that whatever brand rep reached out to her was already fully aware that her following is mostly fake.

As far as I can tell, the ColourPop ambassador program is something they offer to micro-influencers with low following/engagement. I found a YouTuber on the ambassador program who has fewer than 400 subscribers. It's basically the digital equivalent of shoving a "$5 off" coupon insert into a magazine. I don't think anyone at ColourPop/Ignite OPM actually gives a shit about quality of content produced by their ambassadors, much less their personal behavior.

No. 727622

File: 1573356051521.jpeg (721.7 KB, 750x1238, 038F08AF-0F2C-40F1-AD8B-041DB9…)

She used to get every CP release for the month and since September she’s only getting an item or 2.

No. 727627

File: 1573357380604.jpeg (399.84 KB, 750x1099, F48F7A46-645A-4E00-B3E6-4B514A…)

“I just butted in on this post I’m which I wasn’t tagged to tell you to stop tagging us. Oh and I won’t apologize. You’re making throngs worse for this person who you’ve never met.”

No. 727630

File: 1573357487522.jpeg (330.01 KB, 750x715, 4B0A9AE6-B0F4-40CA-9E87-5AD0EE…)

“I suggest you stop finding evidence that we purchase views on YouTube.”

No. 727631

File: 1573357549439.jpeg (324.35 KB, 750x824, 9BDC65EB-67E3-40BF-9BA7-D2B14E…)

Once again, “stop tagging me in this post I was never tagged in”.

No. 727633

File: 1573357654590.jpeg (238.81 KB, 750x538, 35786B44-1D1F-40D7-8945-F0FCFA…)

Every time someone tries to have a rational conversation with Laur she says they’re being irrational and unreasonable.

No. 727639

That +5 day. She probably bought 500-1000, and barely came out ahead of what instagram deleted.

No. 727645

File: 1573358798098.jpeg (434.2 KB, 750x924, 672CAAA4-A039-46A2-802B-EC4AE6…)

um, Laur, you’re the one bringing Katie back into this.

No. 727649

File: 1573359387498.jpeg (378.69 KB, 750x810, 1378E8E2-286E-4972-9C65-F461CA…)

Laur posted that she was offering a reward for SkyNews’ identity. Laur definitely owes them an apology.

No. 727695

So, according to Laur, harassing QoB (and her workplace), voicemail anon, unrelated Jenny and falsely copyright stroking people’s videos is not deserving of an apology, because people have called out Laur and Lillee’s misdeeds.

No. 727703

File: 1573362865662.jpeg (302.34 KB, 750x819, FEF78A44-896B-4DF2-BEAD-F554FC…)

Tori/skynews is calling Laur on her “stop tagging me” comment on a post that she inserted herself into.

No. 727704

File: 1573362987647.jpeg (439.79 KB, 750x1027, 5172CFE2-DBC9-4EE1-8E3F-B6A3AE…)

Replying to someone’s tweet does not break Twitter’s terms of service. It’s literally called social media because the purpose is to interact.

No. 727705

File: 1573363009134.jpeg (357.44 KB, 750x1176, 828E5B08-0211-415A-BED9-7EFE5C…)

She still getting a box a month. Her language is always ambiguous. So they used to send her a bunch of stuff and now they’re throwing one release in her monthly box. Probably to keep Laur from annoying the living shit out of them

No. 727725


since there's a contract involved with ambassador participation, maybe the number of items she gets per month is based upon the number of customers using her ambassador code?

No. 727743


In what universe would anyone "use her code"? Hi, Laur.

No. 727756


Laur may lurk, but she doesn't post here. It would be very obvious if she did, just like it's obvious when she's behind a sock.

Why do the tards accusing random anons of being Laur somehow never know how to sage their tardery? This is the third time I've seen it.

No. 727777

File: 1573371439692.jpeg (165.74 KB, 1242x509, B76109D4-5DDE-4CC0-8192-6820C7…)

No. 727801

It's so fucking funny to me that Laur is such a horrendous narc that she can't even think of trying anything different for the sake of her kid.
Her daughter is losing every opportunity she ever had before her very eyes, and the callouts are slowly pooling together more and more and more evidence to ensure no reputable brand will touch her again.
But sure, keep going off Laur, I'm sure the thousandth threat and "muh cyberbullying" will work.

No. 727865

>brands are ignoring us because we've been HACKED
Does she legit believe that

No. 727876

This makes no sense. If there was a message sent through Colour Pop’s website, how would Laur know? Wouldn’t she have had to receive an automatic email? But she can’t receive emails from them? How would a hacked email prevent them from receiving emails back from colour pop? I suspect that CP is ignoring Laur’s emails, so she tried using the contact us form to see if she if she would get a response and is now weaving it into her cyber bullying narrative.

No. 727878

File: 1573400561958.jpeg (435.82 KB, 750x815, 2C666E22-F77F-4189-A484-92D0DD…)

As usual, bffdees1 is on it.

No. 727900

File: 1573405817329.jpeg (273.72 KB, 750x536, 74658BD0-2890-461B-B361-A49FF9…)

Ed believes that the screenshot of Laur stating he isn’t her friend is doctored. I think a screenshot of that conversation (that unfortunately I deleted from my phone), but I can’t recall if I was the one who posted it here and of course I haven’t found it to confirm if it was my writing. I can however guarantee that I didn’t make up a fake tweet and considering my illiteracy in that department, actually find it laughable.

No. 727901

File: 1573405919228.jpeg (369.99 KB, 750x909, B365F944-22BD-42D6-BB98-28215C…)

No. 727902

File: 1573405970986.jpeg (318.65 KB, 750x1071, 8713F29A-4461-4295-A165-5E0E81…)

No. 727904

File: 1573406077112.jpeg (315.05 KB, 750x1136, BFFB29F5-34A3-415F-9034-1BBE62…)

Honestly I would rather not have this guy on the side of the callouts, as from what I understand he is quite sketchy himself. Yet, I feel a little bit bad that he’s so gullible.

No. 727905

File: 1573406138771.jpeg (275.38 KB, 750x1139, FE8E0493-EE72-4E9D-B97D-44A311…)

Omg Laur, can you believe that all be callouts want you to do is apologize and remove your offensive content? The nerve!

No. 727906

File: 1573406274867.jpeg (543.39 KB, 750x863, E8E6B4EB-A702-436F-9087-DFEB70…)

Yeah BFFDees1, Laur totally doesn’t need to apologize for harassing Lauren Elyse for literally doing nothing or for trying to affect Nick Rekieta’s career!

No. 727907

File: 1573406444750.jpeg (380.21 KB, 750x851, 6B4100D0-A3D8-41C9-9EFA-3FA8B7…)

JamesDee5310 is attempting to correct Theimmortalvk. This should go well.

No. 727913

Does this confirm the theories that Steve & the sea-lions have exited? Capt is so stupid & easily manipulated. The callout accounts can probably get him to admit Laur mass reported Lauren Elyse’s account with a little needling. Laur continues to make the stupidest decision available at every turn.

No. 727921

File: 1573410018563.jpeg (369.12 KB, 750x994, 98ED82E2-86B7-4E8C-A20F-71141C…)

I always forget Laur is on Facebook.

Lillee works 18 hours a day but doesn’t wake up until noon. Lillee’s being forced to attend VIP events by demanding brands but hasn’t left the attic in 8 weeks. These pushy brands are are hounding Lillee for content but Laur can’t get an email back from a PR rep. Everyone’s jealous of their lavish lifestyle but Laur’s bankruptcy records have been posted and everyone laughs at their rented attic apartment.

No. 727927

I'm convinced this guy is big retarded.

No. 727936

Who in their right mind thinks Lillee lives a lavish lifestyle? There is no jealousy. People are rightfully offended by Laur’s actions after the whole “buying followers” thing came up and want apologies for the people who were wronged.

No. 727937

This makes me feel so damn uncomfortable.

I’m wishing I took a screenshot too, now. I remember when that screenshot was posted, I wtf’d then checked the Twitter for context and saw the tweet as well.

He deserves to be lead on for being so gullible. Sleep with dogs, you’ll get fleas.

No. 727938

Imagine working 18 hours a day and still being so shit at makeup.

No. 727942

File: 1573414027227.jpeg (304.05 KB, 750x644, 44ECBB1C-E654-4B44-9FA4-78E0FD…)

Is this the tweet in question?

No. 727944

Yep that’s the one. I guess I didn’t take a screenshot direct from Laur as it was after Laur locker her profile. There is no reason why someone would create a fake tweet to get anyone riled up - Laur does enough of that herself.

No. 727958

Oh wow I forgot he was a stalker. No wonder he was desperately leaving comments and DMs trying to get back into their lives. He's obsessed with her. Did he just forget that they ghosted him and ignored him all month?

No. 727963

Laur has no more friends, so she goes back to her original WK who’s clearly retarded and has boundary issues. And is apparently super gullible and easily manipulated.

I don’t know the guy, so I don’t personally feel sorry for him. I just think it’s gross that Laur is taking advantage of a person who’s clearly mentally slow and probably lonely.

No. 727981

Her new MO is going to tell anyone she's talked shit about that her account was hacked and that she never said it.

No. 727985

File: 1573424194705.jpg (101.68 KB, 675x808, thankyou.jpg)

Lillee never misses an opportunity to insert herself into drama that has nothing to do with her, that isn't even comparable, and try to make it about herself.

Lils, this doesn't even make sense.

No. 727989

File: 1573425348197.jpeg (178.78 KB, 828x817, BF48F15F-2EEF-412F-AAA0-1A5572…)

Lillee didn’t write that tweet, she just retweeted it. Why deliberately misrepresent her actions when she does plenty of nutty shit without your help anon?

What’s with the influx of extra angry weirdos on this thread lately?

No. 727990

Now that IG plans to hide likes from public view, I wonder whether Laur and LJ will back off from purchasing engagement or go ham, thinking that they can fool the analytics without there being publicly visible evidence of a suspicious increase in activity.

The general consensus is that IG is doing this so they can get their hands on the advertisement money that is currently being paid directly to individual influencers for sponsored content. Up until now, I doubt IG cared overmuch whether or not a user was falsely inflating their following with bots, but once it might affect their earning potential on ad sales, they may start cracking down even more on fake accounts.

No. 727991


I was talking about Lillee's response down below, anon. I cut off the top because it wouldn't all fit on my screen to get a screenshot, but there's nothing about the image that looks like I'm trying to misrepresent what's in it.

WTF is wrong with you?

No. 727997

Fair enough. Soz I think I just had a boomer moment

No. 728005

Then what would stop brands from sending pr to a smaller amount of people and instead paying for Instagram ads? LJ doesn’t benefit either way

No. 728010

File: 1573428057935.gif (604.69 KB, 500x271, giphy.gif)

I see Edward is back and desperate for attention and validation. I hope laur gave him a milk bone for his hard work. sorry to do a good doggo so dirty with this gif

No. 728011


>Then what would stop brands from sending pr to a smaller amount of people and instead paying for Instagram ads?

Absolutely nothing, and I don't doubt that some brands will wind up scaling back on the courting of micro-influencers, although giving PR to the big names with millions of legit followers will always be a sound advertising investment.

But Laur and Lillee have put all of their fake eggs in the IG basket, and we know that, when given the opportunity to either adapt and do the right thing or double down on the wrong thing, Laur and Lillee will take it a step further and triple or quadruple down on the wrong thing.

They're already broke with no future prospects; things can only get more desperate and therefore more entertaining from here.

No. 728022

They actually rolled this out in Canada a while ago. We can’t see the total number of likes but we can click on it and see who has actually liked a photo. Any company doing their due diligence should review the names, making it actually backfire in Laur more than if they were just to look at numbers.

No. 728034

This is such a wild ride. This guy thinks there's a CIA-level conspiracy against Laur and LJ, and that people are faking screenshots and trying to "turn sides." If it's a fake screenshot, why didn't Laur say so right away? She's on twitter all day looking at the call out accounts. Why didn't she contact her buddy Ed when he was crying all over twitter and facebook for attention? Where is McBoomer?

There is no conspiracy against LJ. There is no hate club. They only have this infamy because of the fake followers, and because of THEIR reaction to people calling out how obviously fake it is. Anyone who grew a million followers organically would be well-known in the MUA circles, and wouldn't obsessively stalk/threaten random reddit users because someone made a thread about them.

No. 728044

File: 1573436253894.png (587.59 KB, 750x1107, 1151F5AF-10E4-40AE-A34F-E80665…)

Chesh is such a dumb cow

No. 728052

The CEO of Hypeauditor is a man, so nice try Laur. Also, Chesh, BFFDees1 can read quite well. She was trying to figure out why all the Iranian followers suddenly became Turkish.

No. 728058

Looks like Chesh forgot the marching orders from King Steve. None of the sealions have been directly interacting with Laur or Lillee much for days- even the ones like Stuart and Flaffenbaum who were firmly lodged up Lillee's ass, pretending to care about makeup and cyberbullying. The only time any of them talk to Laur at all is when she butts into their conversations to ask what they're talking about.

I'm sure it's a complete coincidence that Laur started acknowledging CaptComm's existence again a few days ago.

No. 728069

File: 1573442375001.jpeg (297.88 KB, 750x915, 4442E01B-41D7-4BCC-B7D8-AA7B54…)

I don’t know what it pertains to but Steve still talks to Laur, at least a little bit. I assume he’s asking why she bothers with the callouts.

No. 728072

>why bother with these idiots

Cause she’s an over protective Jewish???? Mother and all Jew moms do this! Also cause she’s a boomer and is also a total moron.
Use your brain, McBoomer. I know it’s shrinking due to age, but you’ll get there.

No. 728073

Also, I know it was probably new and scary for McBoomer when he first got on a smart phone or tablet (all those bright icons and strange shapes), but to suggest one can’t simply use their finger to press an icon and access the internet, is hilarious and an insult equivalent to a toddler calling someone a big doo doo head.

No. 728077

File: 1573445232209.jpeg (498.89 KB, 750x1001, C2C09041-44D5-4C1A-A67C-AA6EB3…)

Laur can badmouth the callout accounts all she wants but none of them have attacked Lillee Jean and in this case influencers_e is actually being quite kind.

No. 728084

I don't think anyone really hates her, despite how easy she makes it by constantly praising herself via racist sock accounts and accepting zero criticism. It's just hard to look at this whole situation and not feel a bit of sympathy. The only real influence in LJ's life seems to be her batshit insane mother, who took her out of school and encourages some weird delusion of e-fame when she could enroll her into a real makeup class or trade school.

No. 728103


I can only speak for myself, but Lillee and Laur are like heel characters. They're not good people, which should make me angry, but they're also cartoonish and ridiculous, so I enjoy when their own dumbass schemes to fake their way to fame result in 100% predictable negative consequences.

But I do have a certain sort of fondness for them, in that they provide me with entertainment and I don't want them to stop doing that.

No. 728104

Seriously though, what’s with the sudden shift in skipping beauty school all together? You’d think, if you were making a living with make-up, you’d go to school and get all your credentials. And then continue your education with CE classes.

No. 728142

File: 1573469220290.png (418.02 KB, 645x415, ggggggggggg.PNG)

New video by LJ, playing the victim and comparing online criticism to being hanged from a tree and attacked by sharked and then turning into paper mache.

No. 728143

File: 1573469242975.png (402.99 KB, 599x429, hiuhi.PNG)

No. 728151

Brush your fucking teeth girl

No. 728180

The more from LJ and Laur I listen to and read the more I start to realise that arguing with them like the call outs do is futile. They genuinely seem to have such poor language comprehension and understanding of the way the world works that reasoning with them is wasted effort. It’s kinda like that idea of trying to play chess with a pigeon, you can make all your best moves but at the end of the day the pigeon is just going to knock all the pieces over and then shit on the board. LJ and Laur are that pigeon.

No. 728182

File: 1573483941547.jpeg (289.96 KB, 1225x1942, FE30D72B-0459-438A-B630-21342B…)

Where it all began

No. 728184

Fucking hell, imagine asking the cinema to turn it down a bit. I’ve never heard of anything like it. What planet is Laur on?

No. 728194

In her latest video, Lillee claims that people are sending things through Colour Pop’s email form pretending to be Laur. I really doubt this has happened and she offers no proof.

Lillee also states that people have signed her up for schools. That is a lie that makes zero sense - they would need copies of her transcripts and payment?
She once again claims that her viewers were dm’d and harassed. Again no proof provided but the only “fans” tagged in posts were those that are operated by Laur. It wasn’t harassment; it was drawing attention to the fact that they are sock accounts and use problematic language and are stereotypes.

Lillee states that she hopes people won’t be judgement towards her and Laur. I doubt it but I really hope it means that they will come clean, apologize and delete their offensive content.

She calls the anon callout accounts sock accounts and talks about them hiding. as we all know they are anon because Laur has a habit of doxxing and contacting employers.

She once again says that brands like Verb didn’t look at all the facts. They did and that’s why they dropped her (they were directed to Lillee’s podcasts)

She mentions that influencers got into the mix and we’re going at her. The only ones I recall were brought into this mess by Laur (calling QoB’s employer, insulting Lauren Elyse by offensively insinuating she is transgender).

I realize this is a petty comment but Laur really needs to explain to Lillee that “rimming” is not an appropriate word to describe applying eyeliner.

After watching the video it really makes me think that Lillee is very naive- like Laur has really convinced her that all this stuff is happening that hasn’t as she really seems to believe that people are being doxxed and harassed. At the very least she is extremely immature. She’s 18, she should be in post secondary or working and living on her own. If she actually believes that she’s being bullied, I cannot understand why Laur doesn’t step up and admit to the fake followers, admit to the stereotypical sock accounts and delete them, delete Lillee’s offensive podcasts and apologize to all the people who Laur has attacked - QoB, Lauren Elyse, voicemail anon, unrelated Jenny, Arpanet, Wildcat, Nick Rickieta, etc. If Laur actually cared about Lillee Jean building a career, she would get the girl the education she needs and stop trying to build a false following. It does nothing but paint Lillee in a negative light. Laur just doesn’t get that SHE is the one hurting Lillee.

No. 728197

That explains an awful lot. Rather than get help for Lillee’s anxiety, Laur just locks her up in the attic and keeps her helpless and overinflates her ego. Laur really needs to take a step back and put her daughter’s needs ahead of her own.

No. 728221

She is so bad at articulating herself. So bad. And this is one of her more “chatty” videos. I’ve actually never seen such a severe case at her age without the person having a disability. She always ends her sentences with “okay, so it’s like… um… yeah”. It’s painful. I want to get her a vocabulary workbook. You can tell they really banked on her getting by with just her looks in life.

Not to be petty either, but that sneeze in the middle of the video triggered a deep rage inside me. It was so fake, it was a normal sneeze then a ~cute~ mouse-like squeak.

No. 728223

She really struggles with putting together full sentences, word pronunciation and vocabulary. Laur really did Lillee a disservice by taking her out of school to homeschool her. I am sure that Laur meant well by trying to protect her from bullying but she definitely stunted her development and social skills.

No. 728224


This happens more than you think it does, especially if it is an older person

No. 728258

New video? I honestly couldn’t even tell because all her bloody makeup looks the same.

No. 728260

Yep. One colour smeared all the way around the perimeter of her eye, wonky liner and crusty fake lashes, pale ass foundation and pink or red lips. Think of how many different, unique and creative ideas any popular BG does (shock horror, even leaving the house!) and then here comes LJ with her YouTube straight out of 2012 content

No. 728261

File: 1573496386206.jpeg (763.16 KB, 2048x2048, 167CA7DB-CFC0-42BB-BBDC-DACEBC…)

May, July, Nov

The EXACT same look.

No. 728263

Kek, are these really three "different" looks?
Lillie really has no creative bone in her body.

No. 728265


Wow, this really throws it into stark relief how same-facey she is.

No. 728269

File: 1573498892432.jpeg (312.27 KB, 750x870, 802C4E7E-CAF9-4E85-8865-8A77A3…)

Laur is upset the callout accounts are still able to see her protected tweets. Cheshire is going to help her go through her 19k followers and find the mole.The callout accounts most likely followered Laur with a nondescript account before she went private. Cheshire is going to tell Laur to block every follower that looks suspicious, including the purchased followers. This isn’t going to end well.

No. 728271

File: 1573499021459.jpeg (234.51 KB, 750x691, 9E4BB423-C229-4FAD-A4DD-DC56C6…)

First part of the tweet

Backdoors? lol

No. 728272

>assuming a boomer knows how to manage their friends list


No. 728275


backdoors?! is she a moron or is she trolling laur, now?

No. 728300

Did anyone else get blocked from Lillee's IG just for watching her story? It happened to people on Reddit, but I still see her stories posted here. Either she doesn't want to be seen by real nonfollowers or she didn't like my account lol

No. 728303

I’m not blocked from viewing her insta but I still avoid it, I use this site to see her stuff and creep on people I know irl but don’t want them to notice I see their stuff


No. 728307

im constantly seeing people say this… does she just block anyone that views her story that she knows isnt one of her fake accounts? bc than she isnt interacting with any real people, she has to know that. seriously whats the point of all of this than

No. 728316

I have viewed her stories several times and haven’t been blocked. I don’t follow her either.

No. 728318


I viewed her account, including her stories, for a long time before I found myself suddenly blocked. Never engaged with her content at all, I think she just blocks anyone who isn't someone she knows. Do sub bots bother with viewing stories?

I don't know what she thinks she's preventing by blocking anyone. I was never going to like or comment on her shit anyway. I can still see her content when I sign out of IG, and there are third-party sites where you can view her stories and download them if you want.

No. 728328

File: 1573509783358.png (380.16 KB, 993x748, 39frnohj39.png)

Oop. Cue Laur's next Franzia Freakout in 3…2…1…


No. 728329

This was a good read. Laur is going to explode when she reads it. I’m glad this is getting more exposure.

No. 728331

Can you imagine being in the house when they see this? I'm imagining Laur screaming at the wind, running to the bathroom to rip open the medicine cabinet for her happy pills and sitting down, cracking her fingers as she takes a long swig of wine from her pint glass. Menthol clutched between her tightly pressed lips as she prepares to go into battle against the world- one misspelled, grammar problem ridden, incoherent tweet at a time.

Also, the cats are hiding under anything they fit under and the people who own the house are reviewing the terms of the lease for a way out.

No. 728333


Diamond Earl heaving a tremendous sigh and shuffling off to lock himself in the bedroom with his beer and headphones to hide in some Monday Night Football.

No. 728340

Not a bad article but doesn't really go over anything particularly new and I'm not sure how well received or understood it would be by someone who doesn't already know everything about this whole mess.

Although I do fully expect Laur to lose her shit over it anyway of course

No. 728343

I’m glad this is getting more exposure, but the more people who think LJ is some innocent victim clueless to what’s going on, the more people are going to white knight for her and enable her and Laur’s delusions.

The article briefly described her in a positive light then immediately switched to Laur. I’m not really complaining though, any light being brought to all this works for me.

No. 728344

The same thing happened with Venus Angelic. It wouldn't be a surprise if Lillee mostly acts the way that she does because her mother is glued to her side and in her ear 24/7. Venus changed completely after running away, but Lillee's a bit too fucked in the head to have the same results. She's like a mix between Gypsy Rose and Venus.

In the end, Laur is the one who's harassing and stalking people.

No. 728345


It does serve the purpose of de-clawing any arguments that the author is cyberbullying an "innocent 18-year-old girl," which is the tale of woe Laur is always pushing.

No. 728346

It was a good cliff notes version of the happenings. I am just waiting for Laur to start phoning Medium to get Jackson fired lol

No. 728350

File: 1573512970544.png (292.29 KB, 900x628, whatstheskinnywhatsthepoop.png)


psh. she'll never figure out that jackson is the top investigative journo for the gazette.

No. 728353

File: 1573513346647.jpg (22.89 KB, 926x116, 2019-11-11_18-01-35.jpg)

Kek she's going to lose her fucking mind when she sees this.

No. 728354

File: 1573513286309.jpg (22.89 KB, 926x116, 2019-11-11_18-01-35.jpg)

Kek she's going to lose her fucking mind when she sees this.

No. 728356

File: 1573513743415.jpg (25.21 KB, 874x162, 84843.jpg)

Laur always thinks these people are going to jump to respond to her crazy nonsense. That man doesn't care about Lillee Jean's fake followers.

No. 728357

File: 1573513767837.jpg (41.63 KB, 890x186, 84844.jpg)

Aaaand, here we go.

No. 728364


Can't basically anyone make an article on Medium?

No. 728365

File: 1573514284388.jpeg (743.79 KB, 750x1234, 4FAB5A51-B746-4016-B0C3-59715E…)

Lillee (or Laur pretending to be Lillee) posted ig stories proving she has a life outside of the attic.

No. 728367

File: 1573514344596.jpeg (709.33 KB, 750x1135, B6F147F7-21A4-4700-AA16-18A62B…)

Totally normal social life for an 18 year old.

No. 728368

From elementary school… She's 18 now. If they thought this was proof, it isn't.

No. 728370

File: 1573514584452.png (568.25 KB, 1188x817, 903493784.png)

What is she doing? These tweets have nothing to do with Ashley Graham, Gal Godot, or the #liveboldly campaign from nearly two years ago.

Revlon is not going to notice you, Laur, and no one is going to see this and believe that you are in any way affiliated with Revlon, Gal Godot, or Ashley Graham. It's so fucking pathetic.

No. 728371

Indeed they can. That’s why it’s hilarious that she’s going to get in touch with medium to get the guy fired.

No. 728372

She reports people's accounts if she doesn't like their content and they view her story. She's gotten some of my posts taken down

No. 728373

I actually feel bad for this girl being brought into LJ’s Instagram stories. A picture from how many years ago isn’t evidence that Laur let’s LJ out of the attic.

No. 728375

So inclusive, even back then!!11

No. 728376

How fucking sad is it that you have to post a screenshot of your club penguin to prove that you have "friends"

No. 728378

File: 1573515476956.jpg (340.15 KB, 2336x857, 9488756-4334.jpg)

What are the chances of this being even remotely true?

No. 728379

It's probably a lie Laur told her and she believes it.

No. 728389

File: 1573516941259.png (114.45 KB, 941x955, 8483027847.png)

What is going on in the comments of Lillee's most recent video? This shilling is so awkward and obvious. Most of it is probably Laur using sock accounts, but Patricia Hartmann plugging her own shit on a video with 600 views…whew chile, the GHETTO. Her brand must be going under, because that is beyond desperate.

No. 728391

File: 1573516989418.jpeg (588.54 KB, 750x892, 05931194-69A9-4730-A88B-30CA67…)

There’s a name on the lapel. It doesn’t match any on that list.

No. 728394


Looks like Marks, which is Laur's maiden name. Possibly a brother or uncle? The jacket looks old, but not too old…maybe 20 years, or so.

No. 728396

Their family members could have personally executed Hitler for all I care, Laur is still trash.
What is it about narcissistic morons and the armed forces? They can't resist making it all about themselves. It couldn't be more obvious what they're trying to do with the oh-so-subtle "two generals" bullshit.
Laur's narc energy makes it literally impossible for her to do anything without there being a motive of self-aggrandizement or one-upmanship. She's just unlucky that she happens to be too stupid to successfully manipulate any non-morons with it.

No. 728401

File: 1573518314066.png (537.9 KB, 895x780, nneuf.png)


Laur is saying it's her father's jacket. I'm not familiar enough with National Guard uniforms to know whether or not this looks like a Sergeant's jacket from the 1950s or 1960s.

No. 728422


She tweeted last night she had already spoken to the owner of Hypeauditor. >>728044

Why does the CEO need to check their DMs again? Just delete the fucking tweet and pretend like you didn’t get caught in another lie by bffdees1 Laur.

No. 728426


By no means an expert but it does look almost identical to one I have that belonged to my grandpa, who served in Korea so it’s about that age. One time Laur might not be lying.

No. 728442

File: 1573520330567.jpeg (367.01 KB, 744x775, 9119A857-D44A-4D43-8F15-8404AF…)

No. 728452

This has to be the biggest nonsense that Laur has engaged in to date. What the heck is someone from hypeauditor supposed to do for her? Hide how fake her followers are?

No. 728468

I wonder which part Laur believes to be untrue. Because this article is a direct summary of things that have happened with Laur so far (albeit a toned down, sanitized version). Instead of crying to medium why wouldn’t she identify, with evidence, the parts that didn’t happen? Obviously because she can’t because evidence exists that the story is truthful.

No. 728494

File: 1573522391675.jpeg (147.7 KB, 655x900, 0459B4CE-4691-4863-984F-7DE987…)

Laur @s people who cannot see her tweets. Also how does she know that this isn’t a screenshot from Lillee’s video?

No. 728496

File: 1573522493373.jpeg (180.37 KB, 1152x2048, 8CE167B3-DE8A-41FB-85F9-CDAA50…)

This is so completely traced.

No. 728497

Good article tbf
He wasn’t offensive and made a pretty good summary of the shit they pull

No. 728513

File: 1573523944690.jpeg (386.39 KB, 750x788, 6578DDD8-4D24-4D35-93AE-3E49D5…)

No. 728514

File: 1573523965594.jpeg (118.44 KB, 750x687, BA9ADDED-5269-4C2B-B6C8-2E5FED…)

No. 728515

File: 1573523999957.jpeg (116.38 KB, 709x660, 4DB00A73-78E3-4DB0-BE8E-8554D1…)

No. 728536

File: 1573525964368.jpeg (130.14 KB, 576x1024, C14497A3-BD1F-403B-867A-27DE61…)

No. 728537

File: 1573526026386.jpeg (320.84 KB, 750x958, F7B19C6F-A419-47D2-AE07-317025…)

No. 728538

File: 1573526208333.jpeg (451.56 KB, 750x1071, 7FE655D9-1DD1-4E32-9D2E-23414B…)

No. 728539

File: 1573526275717.png (645.4 KB, 750x1195, 0A2B0E2E-D34F-45C9-AFC7-18293B…)

She’s just talking to herself

No. 728540

File: 1573526344434.png (90.47 KB, 343x360, D6C87F96-000E-4FDB-991A-A50580…)

It appears that this is Princess Rapunzel asking LJ about the fact that Laur said she is Gwen Guiducea. Looks like that is a lie (which we already knew)

No. 728544

File: 1573527146858.jpeg (370.58 KB, 750x878, C2D4BD72-3E1E-4A32-B2F6-D76AE3…)

Ha! Valuable company time!

No. 728545

File: 1573527199122.png (676.35 KB, 750x1334, 3F93B8D0-32FA-47BC-BC84-EE03F9…)

Yes & Laur posted a screenshot of Jody’s “harassing” DM and it’s super polite. She even says “sorry to bother you” lol

No. 728546

File: 1573527221170.jpeg (355.3 KB, 750x976, C8EA9689-1B5F-410E-8C6D-9795F0…)

No. 728547

File: 1573527368762.jpeg (340.99 KB, 750x752, D2D9ABAE-DB9C-4F7D-91AB-30CBFC…)

Calling out bad behaviour is not cyber bullying. Phoning and emailing workplaces, issuing false copyright claims and referring to people in offensive ways is harassment and bullying.

No. 728552

Jesus, Laur. Just own up to your shit. She is so stubborn and bull headed that she cannot admit she did things that were wrong and apologize. She would rather continue jeopardizing her child’s future than admit she screwed up.

No. 728558

File: 1573529132174.jpeg (89.49 KB, 750x505, 9CF8E898-E856-409C-8228-5B55E2…)

No. 728561

File: 1573529484907.jpeg (327.92 KB, 750x751, 628E52CA-E6B8-4C89-BA3C-41EF96…)

No. 728563

"Why won't you just let me harass you without you speaking negatively about it?!"

She hasn't learned a single thing from that article, only proving everyone right as always.

No. 728568

File: 1573530371431.jpeg (611.48 KB, 750x1199, 7AE1AF0E-BD2F-45DF-A325-44721A…)

Actually Laur, Lauren Elyse didn’t deserve what you did to her. YOU. The callout accounts have helped her since day one.

No. 728569

File: 1573530545732.jpeg (298.74 KB, 750x1182, 99DDA7AF-5EA2-4EF0-A958-DFDA78…)

Laur has now started posting on Instagram. This explains why her Twitter has been somewhat quiet. I really hope that skynetpodcast does a video containing Laur’s side. I would really like to hear how she justifies the abuse that she has hurled at so many people.

No. 728571

I honestly cannot figure out why it is so tough for her to apologize, remove offensive content and move in. There must be a whole psychologically behind it.

No. 728573

File: 1573531069857.jpeg (528.31 KB, 750x1099, 4F98B649-404B-41C9-807F-B12F47…)

The Arpanet did a deep dive into the 1 million Jeaniez. Laur is going to freak when this stream is up - what’s the saying? Itendstomorrow

No. 728574


It would break her brain to recognize that she was wrong. Even when King Steve took her and Lillee to task over the false DMCA strike against Wildcat, she still maintained that she and Lils were within their rights to silence anyone saying things about them that they didn't like.

No. 728575

Because she’s a narc. And in true narc fashion, narcs are never wrong. It’s everyone else’s fault and there is no reason for an apology. If she apologizes, she’s admitting she made a mistake. And narcs never make mistakes (in their minds)

No. 728576

File: 1573531319477.jpeg (251.97 KB, 750x602, 398F3A45-BA69-4591-8107-0B5A00…)

No. 728583

File: 1573533326204.jpeg (144.58 KB, 750x774, 650CF766-BA5F-4A4F-9AD2-3061F3…)

No. 728585

>This ends
>You are done
It never stops kek.

Even the non-emergency line would tell her to stop calling after her 416th report of someone talking about her adult daughter on the internet. Another well-articulated critique of this bullshit scam falls on deaf ears and sends Laur reaching for the cyber police yet again.

I hope LJ actually reads the Medium article and wakes up at some point. Laur has been fostering a sheltered environment where LJ only has mommy dearest as her one and only friend and protector. It's clearly about controlling her daughter and making sure she can't leave her psycho ass.

No. 728587

File: 1573534405636.jpeg (342.13 KB, 750x767, 86CFB028-FA37-4571-A409-B5CC48…)

No. 728597


>It's clearly about controlling her daughter and making sure she can't leave her psycho ass.

Exactly. Any parent who really wanted to see their child thrive and succeed in life would encourage and facilitate their kid getting access to as much education and experience as they possibly could in their chosen field; whether that means saving money in a college fund, helping with applications for scholarships, enrollment in community college or a trade school, internships, on-the-job training in the right industry…whatever they could manage. Not only that, but they would also encourage said child to have a short-term gig and/or a back-up plan, in case the big dream doesn't come to fruition right away or at all.

She is literally hobbling Lillee.

No. 728602

At this point, I bet the NYPD wishes they could block her number.

No. 728603

File: 1573535821644.jpeg (149.91 KB, 726x330, 3BDDADF4-1416-4D1A-8D03-8219C4…)

But she said they don’t care unless she’s being physically threatened. Hurting your feelings doesn’t count, Laur. She’s admitting that she’s just harassing the police at this point.

No. 728611

Damn Pocahontas how can u use one without hands?

No. 728622

Laur is so delusional. One of her most interesting delusions is that Lillee continues to be everyone's focus, and not her. She won't come out and say "I'm being bullied and it's upsetting" since she's not a victim who would arouse sympathy like Lillee has (not from me). I bet she feels that way though and that's why she stays impassioned.

No. 728640

I actually have a weird experience with this because when I was a teenager my mom managed my career in the entertainment industry.

I wasn't super famous or anything, but it was enough to be in the national press and receive a mix of praise and criticism like happens to anyone who chooses this kind of career.

The way Laur "manages" her daughter is like a 101 of everything not to do. Guess what my mom did when people said nasty things about me online? Absolutely nothing but console me, because those things were said and then quickly forgotten about in the grand scheme of things, and bringing any light to them would only serve to make them louder and worse.

Laur is such a narc that it's obvious that she has to make an overbearing and public display of "managing" to the point where she is almost as "famous" as her own daughter. I always thought how completely weird it was that LJ's podcast was ALSO with her mom. Does Lillee not know anybody her own age? Someone she's met through her 'work'? Why is her mom who MANAGES HER also the best option for being in a podcast with her and sounding off?

When my mom had to deal with a negative scenario or something getting out of hand, it was always done privately and my mom accepted that she would have to deal with all the crap to keep it smooth for me. Laur does the opposite- she wants all the glory all the time and if she's going to have to deal with something negative the whole fucking world has to know about it too.

It's just patently obvious that she only manages her daughter in so far as she can control her and play out her fantasies of power and relevancy. If she had her daughter's best interests in mind, she would shut the fuck up and manage her daughter like, oh I don't know, an ACTUAL MANAGER would.(nobody cares)

No. 728643

File: 1573562332503.jpeg (329.28 KB, 750x992, 41A9F537-94A2-4D85-82A5-B41B02…)

I wish I could see the comments by Laur. I suspect she realized that reacting through her management account causes issues for Lillee so she tries to keep it to her personal account but just can’t help herself once in a while as she wants us all to see her flip out.

No. 728645

File: 1573564517187.jpeg (342 KB, 1242x1703, DAB90E6D-41C2-4A57-9E24-778734…)

So she’s trying to say she went through almost 20k followers within a few hours and found the moles? She’s talking about that 66EVE66 account, I assume. I don’t know who the other is.

No. 728647

File: 1573566368360.jpeg (157.45 KB, 750x869, 1A2B70D4-4142-494C-89DC-1EE5AF…)

She’s been texting the detective all night

No. 728650

Have you guys noticed Laur has been changing her profile picture every few hours so she knows when screenshots were taken as if that will solve the mystery.

No. 728651

Laur knows 19k people?

No. 728656

File: 1573569832298.jpeg (368.08 KB, 750x741, 17D8882B-2DF9-4123-BE73-353A03…)

Bffdees1 still has access to Laur’s protected tweets. Good job, Lillee.

No. 728668

File: 1573573508739.jpeg (280.06 KB, 750x784, 9D43D4BF-0797-472D-935A-ADE814…)

This makes no sense. Of course the understand analytics. That’s their whole purpose. Did they maybe explain to Laur how all of Lillee’s fake followers suddenly changed countries?

No. 728671

You can get one free report a month on HypeAuditor which I assume is what BFFdees is getting. Laur translation - BFFdees reports are not accurate because he’s not paying for them. But he’s posted screenshots comparing what Lillee posted and they’re the same report.

No. 728693

File: 1573576565913.jpeg (175.63 KB, 750x359, 303DCCBE-4090-4DE6-A44A-08800B…)

Laur thinks Medium should be upset 3 anonymous twitter accounts tagged them. Because companies hate free marketing & web traffic?

No. 728724

File: 1573582358713.png (86.96 KB, 902x512, 01294094.png)

Is Laur having a stroke?

No. 728725

Welp there it is folks. The Laur show has fully jumped the shark

No. 728727

File: 1573582710655.png (171.96 KB, 868x735, 90239540.png)

More comparing Lillee to people who have actually accomplished something and don't live in a dingy rented attic.

No. 728730

File: 1573583077629.png (85.27 KB, 890x540, 04836256.png)

"One day," she says, as she uses her sock accounts to stalk and screenshot the timelines of people who have her blocked on twitter, doxxes innocent people left and right, and tries to get people arrested for talking about her on the internet.

Staying anonymous is the smartest thing the callouts ever did.

No. 728731

I guess this is a shoutout to Rekieta "Cheese" and Kiwi Farms but what about the "letter D"?

No. 728734


ohhhh, I think the "cheeses" would be @nonotthecheese and D could be @bffDees1 or @JamesDee3510

but why the fuck is she talking like that?

No. 728735

There was a callout account that was called Dolores for a while I think. Maybe them?

No. 728738


In Laur's mind, they all the same person who is simultaneously old and childless, young and pregnant, bitter women, pervy men, mentally-ill transfolk, unemployed, employed and using company email addresses to send death threats, sex workers, stay-at-home moms, broke and jealous, the owners of "black web" sites, lawyers, haters, journalists, MUAs, podcasters.

Her one enemy must be exhausted.

No. 728740

File: 1573584009793.jpeg (39.46 KB, 656x181, BDA9BC16-B2B8-497C-B267-6B5275…)

People have been reporting her account for harassing Jody, nonotthecheese & Bffdees. So she’s speaking in code now.

No. 728741

File: 1573584074049.jpeg (103.44 KB, 1400x785, DF9ED9F6-A3A9-478F-BBE0-1DCB79…)

Clearly she is trying to blend in with her millions of jeaniez.

This is either a hilarious lie, or she found some boomer detective about to retire who is also confused about the scary black web.

No. 728747

File: 1573584807205.jpeg (156.86 KB, 750x489, CC0156C0-7EBE-489F-A6EE-1A3536…)

Laur must be using her fake police report to either get the author’s info or the article taken down.

No. 728751


Joke's on Laur, the article has already been archived and I think a few of the callouts also have copies that they will no doubt post in several places if Medium deletes.

No. 728754

File: 1573585251358.png (748.49 KB, 750x1334, F280F65B-F339-41CD-AA69-3A6624…)

No. 728755

File: 1573585312182.jpeg (153.67 KB, 750x477, 2A5CC370-CFBD-40EF-87D4-3979C4…)

No. 728757

File: 1573585371189.jpeg (166.53 KB, 750x561, 0F86887C-DC3C-4FB3-BFB0-FB20D9…)

Why do they keep lying and saying that people have threatened their lives?

No. 728762

File: 1573586882939.jpeg (248.57 KB, 750x605, D1169D44-BB4D-4CEA-A78F-330F7F…)

Why would she publicly tweet this out if she dm’d them? Laur craves attention and we all know that there are no actual reports.

No. 728773

File: 1573589319335.gif (996.87 KB, 498x278, B22C2B95-3552-4D87-8BC8-4705D5…)

>She is coming

It’s been like 4 months. When is shit really gonna pop off? When is “tomorrow” happening?
And when is LJ “coming” ? Is laur suggesting she’s suddenly going to go viral? And take down lolcow? I don’t get it.

No. 728774

File: 1573589740180.jpeg (190.52 KB, 750x535, 57509177-8225-425B-8355-F01144…)

No. 728794

File: 1573595498159.jpeg (330.8 KB, 735x772, 1F0F85CA-4F2A-4F7F-A563-4E3AE4…)

Laur replied sweetly. Lillee is verified so it’s tough for fake accounts to make comments pretending to be her.

No. 728795

File: 1573595917658.jpeg (385.74 KB, 750x967, A27D0256-B2CB-46FB-88C2-81ADA3…)

Lillee admits to blocking her. I would love to see what the questions and comments were.

No. 728796

Fucking called it.


No. 728799

File: 1573596753611.jpeg (99.63 KB, 828x1522, 6433F63D-74C3-49FF-9A40-F59775…)

Medium article down already… I hate it when Laur gets to feel like she’s winning. Ugh she’s my favourite supervillain!

No. 728800

Catja said they harassed her on Instagram. There are no “fake accounts” over there. Laur is still actively harassing people on Instagram as Alwayslookin4Talent.

No. 728803


there's an archived copy.

No. 728806

File: 1573597418278.jpeg (549.12 KB, 1242x1581, 1449882E-FF83-4D8C-BC85-CE0435…)

I dug and found this in the very first thread.

No. 728821

File: 1573599233845.jpeg (293.7 KB, 750x893, DA70FFEB-87B0-40DB-958C-26A861…)

Now Lillee is accusing Catja of creating fake profiles pretending to be Laur.

No. 728830

File: 1573599979012.jpeg (322.93 KB, 750x1096, F50AF681-1BCD-4989-8655-420AC3…)

The comments were back in July so Laur was still using the rvt01 name.

No. 728833

File: 1573600105416.png (629.42 KB, 1251x798, ksneito.png)


Lillee's nasty friend dropped an x from their username, possibly to escape consequences after bullying this girl for asking a perfectly reasonable question.


No. 728854

File: 1573605093191.jpeg (248.22 KB, 745x643, 76DE999B-7908-4780-AA90-AB59EF…)

Catja is not falling for Laur’s DM trap.

No. 728867

File: 1573606946320.png (741.31 KB, 750x1334, EEF07DB6-31B9-486D-A707-0C114D…)

Laur posted some proof of comments Lillee made to Catja (but didn’t post Catja’s actual comments). I just wanted to post this one to draw attention to LJ’s comment about having no clue if she’s fully white. Um what in the actual?

No. 728869

File: 1573607093816.jpeg (334.46 KB, 750x770, 0E81D8B7-5F92-40A0-9359-8EFB8E…)

Bffdees1 is an anon account not a scam account. I also think Catja is under her real name. I hope she continues to demand her apology.

No. 728870

File: 1573607285419.jpeg (370.93 KB, 750x1017, 79957CF6-6FFD-4518-9B40-827CF6…)

Wait, is Catja the new Joe, Joshua CONNOR Moon, Lauren, Jenny?

No. 728876

The short party before this all ends … TOMORROW!

No. 728878

File: 1573609069768.png (222.75 KB, 695x444, fire.PNG)

Ah, Unique is a Lillee-caliber MUA.

No. 728879

File: 1573609096282.png (257.11 KB, 687x440, unique.PNG)

No. 728885

File: 1573610274053.jpeg (455.6 KB, 741x1081, 6459FEB8-6ADF-485A-8AFB-919168…)

I wish I had the screenshots to see what Catja said other than her original question about engagement (which wasn’t rude at all).

No. 728887

File: 1573610320468.jpeg (235.2 KB, 745x525, 07495EF4-A640-4B1E-A0B3-F1DA8E…)

Laur never owns up to anything when caught red handed. This is laughable.

No. 728889

File: 1573610613212.jpeg (315.53 KB, 750x766, 310D7A2A-D8CD-43E4-9AD9-BA0610…)

So…this is going to have wider distribution. Laur’s plan backfired.

No. 728890

File: 1573610893363.jpeg (428.51 KB, 750x937, 55CF31F6-FF90-4ED6-9C62-B8766E…)

No. 728892

File: 1573611004886.jpeg (429.29 KB, 750x960, DCA0BEC9-6BB7-43CB-B9A9-C72551…)

The truth has been documented in screenshots Laur.

No. 728893

File: 1573611144236.jpeg (321.89 KB, 750x935, 3883E641-7A27-41F7-A088-84FB50…)

I think Catja likely commented now because she’s sick of Laur’s bullshit narrative and is no longer afraid as the info becomes more public, she assumes Laur will be less likely to dox her.

No. 728896

How does Laur keep getting away with this? It takes nothing more than a cursory glance to see that no one is bullying LJ, while her crazy mom is out here legitimately bullying pregnant women and contacting people's jobs because they said an influencer's followers are fake. How does discussing a shady influencer who is trying to be a public figure equal bullying? She is quite literally vying for public attention.

Laur's entire twitter is now just talking about the holy crusade they're fighting against the death threats, cyberbullying, hacking, and visits to their house, none of which they have ever provided proof of. They are effectively censoring discussion of their scam by claiming everyone is cyberbullying them, and nobody wants to deal with this crazy so they let it go.

Good on this writer for defending their factual article. Laur is the definition of a bully and entitled boomer who wants to speak to the manager.

No. 728926

Since we call Stwve Boomer, should Laur now be Karen?

No. 728930

File: 1573619674950.jpeg (53.95 KB, 750x286, 975891CF-6839-4F86-AD13-887C48…)

Laur has watched the Arpanet’s latest Podcast.

No. 728932

Lillee has a new speaking video out.

Spoiler: She's not an ethnician, but she has a default when she uses certain products in succession.

No. 728933

Uh, the whole idea behind the video is listing off problematic skin care/makeup ingredients and she had the bright idea of actually showcasing products she owns that has the offending ingredients in them. What the fuck?

No. 728934

Uh, the whole idea behind the video is listing off problematic skin care/makeup ingredients and she had the bright idea of actually showcasing products she owns that has the offending ingredients in them. What the fuck?

No. 728935

Uh, the whole idea behind the video is listing off problematic skin care/makeup ingredients and she had the bright idea of actually showcasing products she owns that has the offending ingredients in them. What the fuck?

No. 728938

Also claims she doesn’t tan because Laur put sunscreen on her as a child. Doesn’t realize “freckles” are sun damage.

This video makes me feel bad for her. Thankfully all her views are purchased so people won’t actually see this embarrassment

No. 728939

Clever placement of things she noped… looks liked she noped herself too. Nice.

No. 728947


This thumbnail is terrible, and I'm trying to put my finger on why it looks so weird. She looks almost masculine because she's doing something strange with her jaw that makes it look like she has an underbite. I think she's making that fake, toddler pout that she thinks looks cute.

The opening "I'm so goofy and whimsical" bit is very sloppy. Her set-up looks janky af, like it's about to all come crashing down. And that ugly velvet rag full of attic dust looks dingy and cheap. Not very Disney, Lils.

Also, I guess she's going for a "clean face" look because she's discussing skincare, but she just looks washed out with chapped/irritated skin around her nose and upper lip. Hair is greasy and unkempt, as usual. Her hygiene seems to be deteriorating, and her mental health too. She's visibly flustered and uncertain, and she keeps starting off with declarative statements, and then immediately backtracking and waffling about. It doesn't seem like she prepared ahead of time or did any research at all; just hopped in front of the camera and started rambling nonsense.

The whole video is like a portrait of a girl coming apart at the seams.

No. 728955


I am pretty sure she has an underbite, I have noticed that the structure of jaw gives her one

No. 728960

>I assume that you are white because you look white, but you cannot asume that I am fully white even if I look white

Lillee logic 2019

No. 728964

This thumbnail would be very exploitable as a new thread pic.

No. 728966

File: 1573634727929.jpeg (397.52 KB, 2048x2048, C2ABD6A6-01B6-4C74-8F55-D805EB…)


I couldn’t resist

No. 728969

Wow, compiling publicly available instagram names, so illegal, much assassin hit list. How can anyone be this dumb?

No. 729009

Is she saying that sunscreen is a bad thing?!? Girl, you are neither a dermatologist or an oncologist. That is dangerous advice to give. Admittedly I haven’t watched the video but the thumbnail alone makes me thankful that her videos are not watched by real people.

No. 729012

Too Faced BTW foundation is oil-free. It has coconut water not coconut oil. She honestly did zero research before spouting off a bunch of nonsense.

No. 729021

I didn’t watch the video, but I assume she’s saying chemical sunscreen is bad, not all sunscreen. Some people believe physical sunscreen is better (might be an environmental thing, idk), but physical sunscreen leaves a white cast that’s unsuitable for anyone who isn’t pale. But that’s not a problem for our pale skinned princess that dark skinned minorities worship

No. 729022

She claims that BHA causes cancer. Jesus Christ, it has been approved by the fda in certain levels to reduce skin irritation. There is also no evidence that parabens increase cancer risk or act as an estrogen. She is completely unqualified to make claims such as that and my guess is her research came from the likes of Dr Mercola.

No. 729024

Jesus. She’s wrong about everything she said in this. How hard is it to do basic research? This is terrible, once again she’s trying to get by with under the bare minimum.

At least she dropped a “ba-douche”.

No. 729025

“You will show risks of death”


No. 729026

I have now watched the video and yep, that’s what she said. She actually blames sunscreen with spf for giving her oily patches when she was younger. Yeah, that’s called puberty Lillee. She also speaks on phthalates, stating that if you use them daily, there is a risk of death (I mean, death is a side effect of living so…) She doesn’t seem to understand that the dose creates the poison. In the amounts allowed as a solvent in skincare,there isn’t a risk to human health or the environment.

No. 729030

File: 1573656225532.jpeg (343.36 KB, 1242x1961, CA67B29B-9443-4784-93FE-1901E8…)

Always striving to be the best. But only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We don’t want to exhaust ourselves now.

No. 729037


This is a running theme with Lillee: "I care about the environment enough to call myself an activist…but not too much, like those tree-huggers."

"I care about social justice for minorites…but not too much, so shut up about oppression, black and trans people."

"I am Jewish, and will talk about the Holocaust to shut down any criticism…but not too Jewish, so Hail Mary full of grace…"

No. 729082

File: 1573667752176.jpeg (190.64 KB, 750x796, 29B0BB30-1BC5-4093-92FF-A816AB…)

Well that’s rude, Lillee. This person asks a question and you tell them to stop spamming. Two comments on a public forum isn’t spam.

No. 729085


What a great way to get new (real) fans. I'm sure that person will come back for more amazing content and pleasant interaction.

No. 729093

File: 1573669042874.jpeg (101.8 KB, 750x687, 8FD535A4-5F6E-4375-8DAA-FBE026…)

Laur keeps reporting tweets. That’s totally going to silence her critics. Jackson asks how it’s possible if he has her and her management accounts blocked. My guess is that the fan accounts are not blocked so she’s using those.

No. 729102

So…is the idea to have NO genuine engagement, buy bots to make LJ seem famous, and scam companies for free stuff?

I don’t get it. You’d think they’d want some real followers to boost their engagement stats. But these two rarely make any sense.

No. 729122

File: 1573674481955.jpeg (293.55 KB, 750x531, 04C1E3CC-0704-4EA4-AC75-C50A80…)

This is honestly bizarre. Why does this guy post comments like these on a page that no one is going to see?

No. 729146

File: 1573680235200.jpeg (166.23 KB, 1231x1956, 1B541381-51E4-4689-A057-3A618E…)

No. 729148

A Laur fan club account started tweeting and shortly after Lillee posted these pictures. Thought the fan club was a troll but it doesn’t seem like Lillee or Laur have blocked it. I’m honestly confused lol Are they trying to cash in on Laur’s infamy now?

No. 729154

File: 1573681254826.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 9E47DFA7-EBD8-4DE1-947D-9618CE…)

Is Lillee trolling her mother lololol

No. 729155

File: 1573681299524.jpeg (749.2 KB, 750x1204, 1539F36A-64B6-4562-B759-734D7F…)

No. 729157


good lord. could she look any more quintessentially evil disney step-mother?

No. 729160

Aren't these people tired I'm fucking exhausted just reading their garbage. The way Laur tries to win her arguments.. are just sad.

No. 729163

I think the average, normal person would get tired and move on with their life by now, but Laur and LJ stay cooped up in their attic 24/7. This is their only source of mental stimulation, it's no wonder they can go at it for hours on a daily basis over the span of months.

No. 729164

File: 1573683413828.jpeg (16.12 KB, 225x225, 8A800BB4-297E-46FA-B81F-F92271…)

No. 729181

She has interesting taste in which real people she allows to be jeaniez. ie tiredladyinpinkrobe

No. 729189

File: 1573688430059.jpg (62.87 KB, 500x561, DkUMt-tW4AAIFa9.jpg)

Laur reminds me of this soooo much

No. 729190

It does fit but this fucking image needs to be permabanned from this hellhole due to overusage.

No. 729191


Yeah, Laur definitely has "vindictive dullard" written all over her face and in her body language. She looks like a mean, exhausting person.

I imagine every retail worker within a 10-mile radius of their attic knows Laur on sight and dreads when she comes stomping through the store entrance, ready to ruin some poor cashier's.

No. 729198

File: 1573690966931.jpeg (90.94 KB, 608x817, B2DC74FC-AA93-467F-8A5E-B85EC4…)

paparazzi shot of Laur leaving the grocery store

No. 729200


kek. She screamed at the manager until they caved and gave her 50% off the kitty litter, even though her coupon expired 2 years ago.

No. 729226

i dont understand how a woman who looks like THIS has the audacity to call anyone else fat, ugly or middle-aged. She is very objectively ugly and deplorable looking. No wonder Lillee looks so unfortunate too…
What baffles me is the absolute delusion of these women

No. 729327

File: 1573700954053.jpg (62.42 KB, 886x423, 9043949.jpg)

Whatever poor detective had to hand over their contact info to Laur has got to be regretting their choice of career, by now. She has already been told that, unless someone has made a clear threat of violence, there's nothing the police can do about tweets and blog posts.

Laur is gonna show up to the station with 3 reams' worth of blurry photocopies of screenshots of tweets, scribbled with sharpie nonsense.

No. 729335

It sounds like she’s trying to get Tumblr to turn over BFFdees info. I’m sure he signed up with his real information & not using a VPN.

No. 729357

Cause any company will give up someone’s personal info just like that. Smh at the Laur logic here.

No. 729364

I was interested at first because they are just so bizarre and live the weirdest life, but they're honestly pretty exhausting. Any legitimate criticism is deflected and reported for cYbErBUlLYiNg. They consistently take no responsibility for the threats and bullying. LJ doesn't even want a real following, evidenced by blocking anyone who views her story or being a shrill snob to any real person who comments.

Laur posts the same "this ends now" every week and tags some random brand like in >>729327 about some vague, mysterious bullshit legal proceeding that she needs them to DM her about.

No. 729372

File: 1573704034701.png (48.81 KB, 896x338, 090453050.png)

Fokker is having some kind of breakdown. Laur better stop toying with him.

No. 729379

That's not how it works, Laur. there not sharing info and discussing legal claims with you over twitter dms. You'll have to get a court order for them to release info and that's only if you can make a case for criminal charges, which you can't.

No. 729383

She’s probably just desperate to get the Tumblr removed before she meets with the cyber police so there’s no record of her threats and criminal harassment of QoB & VM anon

No. 729395

File: 1573705928078.jpeg (122.89 KB, 750x264, FECDCE9C-4395-4CA9-85FB-7635EA…)

Who accused Catja of being behind the Laur Logic account? Laur has thankfully debunked that. I’m guessing that means Laur knows who it is (her?)

No. 729396

File: 1573706025245.jpeg (326.06 KB, 750x854, 26B95591-56B5-4C84-A691-7AE251…)

Companies are not going to break privacy regulations for you, Laur.

No. 729400

The Laur’s logic account clearly says that he or she is in Britain and is a Gen Xer. Catja lives in Denmark and is 25. So good thing Laur debunks them being the same person haha

No. 729404


Why is she always pulling this "we've backtraced it and now know who you are" shit in the middle of the night?

No one believes that tumblr, medium, and the NYPD are all working together to help you get to the bottom of the JamesDee mystery at fucking 11:45 PM, Laur.

No. 729426

She’s already deleted the tweets.

The callout accounts were all pretty quiet today. Laur really can’t go a day without starting something. She loves the attention.

No. 729482

File: 1573721851637.jpeg (206.7 KB, 750x388, 7ADED908-E5BA-442F-8023-1558A8…)

Laur has changed the management company’s pfp but is still tweeting the same ridiculous threats.

No. 729512

bro freedom of speech covers lies…

No. 729513

Someone needs to pass Laur a dictionary. Lies mean untrue, but everything in JO’s article has evidence to back it up.

No. 729515

File: 1573733923391.jpeg (372.54 KB, 750x724, B188A624-9BC9-4C83-B779-10BAA7…)

No. 729541

They’ve been caught doing this before with the Indian teen fanpage. They’re getting sloppy and desperate.

No. 729549

No. 729560

File: 1573744546123.jpeg (387.47 KB, 750x1087, B381B59D-7A83-4E45-BA96-41D399…)

Is this a troll or Laur! I’m so confused.

The last time they quickly put the pic up on Twitter to try to hide their screw up.

No. 729561

File: 1573744643103.jpeg (350.04 KB, 750x1090, FEBA2671-93A7-4AE8-AB91-B75A15…)

No. 729562

File: 1573744680369.jpeg (220.69 KB, 750x462, B70A5067-7B82-4331-B11A-A0BD04…)

No. 729564

File: 1573745242047.jpeg (293.2 KB, 1233x910, BCFD8C96-2169-43B5-8488-1EDCF1…)

It’s a troll. Laur is just doing her faux nice act.

No. 729582

I'm certain that she got all of her info on Parabens from a single Elle article written last year. She even quotes some of it almost directly. Even so, the article states that parabens have not been directly linked to breast cancer.

No. 729602

File: 1573752636010.jpg (106.82 KB, 692x835, IMG_20191114_102740.jpg)

Other blogs by LJ. It looks like she used to have at least one friend.

No. 729603

File: 1573752708809.jpg (187.9 KB, 614x1095, IMG_20191114_102820.jpg)

Her makeup skills have…improved?

No. 729606

File: 1573753002142.jpg (109.95 KB, 397x880, IMG_20191114_102933.jpg)

She uses the exact same phrasing as she does now. Arrested development for sure.

Also it's really sad that she actually expressed interest in working as MUA at one point, that was a (possibly) achievable goal she set for herself that her mother never gave her the chance to try because they both are so afraid of criticism.

No. 729649

File: 1573762554628.jpeg (208.86 KB, 750x535, 0E083128-8402-49A5-B991-850A60…)

Laur’s boomer Fan Page is cracking me the fuck up. Lol

No. 729662

File: 1573764055243.png (3.11 MB, 1334x750, 47343C64-8FB8-445E-A48E-023F28…)

No. 729663

File: 1573764153900.png (2.97 MB, 1334x750, FE8CBA2A-9E99-4316-BA15-DFDD42…)

Do you ever wonder if this is some sort of social experiment?

No. 729664

File: 1573764249001.png (2.89 MB, 1334x750, 642B8E3B-CE3C-4DF4-A132-A0CFC0…)

No. 729667

File: 1573764517213.jpg (157.52 KB, 1654x1032, mym.jpg)


Is she getting worse?!

No. 729669

File: 1573764812751.jpeg (216.74 KB, 662x928, B9E6DA42-768E-498A-8E4E-CC9624…)

This one cracked me up

No. 729673


These birches for real - for real -tryna pass off a filter as a sketch. Bruhhhh.

No. 729674

File: 1573765572943.png (807.16 KB, 711x1572, shoopinpoop.png)


At this point, she should just stop doing the "tutorial" videos altogether, since she's just going to fabricate an entirely different look in photoshop before posting to IG.

Just shoop this shit onto pics of your bare face, Lillee. You'd save time.

No. 729675

File: 1573765583165.jpeg (392.66 KB, 1242x1232, 5FD68CBE-09BF-4202-BD7A-2B75AC…)

Definitely getting worse.

In this video though, she stated that she plans out her looks on facetune first. That could explain why the looks don’t look at all the same as her thumbnail.

No. 729678

Dumb question but isn't shimmer up in the crease like a no no?

No. 729684


Yes, it defeats the purpose of creating depth with a transition shade, accentuates and draws attention to the wrinkles and folds in the skin, and can make it look like you've got oily eye lids.

No. 729699

They haven’t posted anything on IG in 10 days. This is the 3rd or 4th look they haven’t that’s strictly on YouTube.They can’t afford to keep up with likes and it’s pointless since IG is hiding likes soon. It’s much easier put it & YouTube pay $5 for 1000 views

No. 729719

File: 1573772122492.png (22.74 KB, 1377x444, 02937593898573.png)


If they back off from the IG charade and try to concentrate their fakery on YT, they might as well close up shop. The algorithm is going to ignore her videos even with the botting, because all her views/comments always come within the first 24 hours, and then no one ever interacts with the content ever again. If they try to go ham with too many fake views/subscribers, YT analytics will notice for sure.

If you look at Lillee's socialblade for YT, you can see where they tried to buy a bunch of subs all at once and got swatted down right away.

No. 729731

File: 1573774250110.jpeg (106.23 KB, 1164x1164, 1A1CDADE-2629-4D70-B798-DD3CE8…)

Laur is finally telling the truth

No. 729737

File: 1573775415707.jpeg (558.34 KB, 750x1202, AE07687F-93C7-4930-B528-4036AD…)

Of the 70 comments on this Instagram post, 54 are by accounts that Lillee and Laur admit to running.

No. 729744

File: 1573776562055.png (2.49 MB, 1872x1200, for you a pittance.png)

jesus, i thought you were exaggerating. don't they realize spamming comments from their 1000 accounts legit makes them look even more psychotic?

i fell down a rabbit hole looking through the leitiques ig and found this gem of laur getting a little flirty with herself. kek

No. 729745

File: 1573776685390.png (1.98 MB, 1231x1956, 0239580327489.png)

When this whole influencer thing fully falls apart, at least Lillee could have a career at a nice portrait studio in Staten Island.


No. 729749

File: 1573777798858.jpg (205.53 KB, 707x973, IMG_20191114_172501.jpg)

We know LJ always has the weird bare shoulders/topless thing going on all the time, even as a minor. Well after I saw this >>729146 and attached screenshot from her 2013 blog, it is obvious they are just using blankets/curtains/fabric to look luxurious? Fancy? But they really look like kids playing dress up in Mommy's Attic.

No. 729750

It’s honestly pathetic to look at. There are a couple of comments that aren’t them but most are from LJ, LRT, alwayslookin4talent, jeaniezmanagement, whatsyourvibez, letiques, 1change4change… the number of 54 didn’t include the ljeanfp account as they don’t admit to that one.

No. 729766

At that time, the jeaniezmanagement account was ThaEyeballQueen which was LJ’s. They purchased an account with several thousand followers for LJ at some point.

No. 729808


Lol, I added that in, anon. I couldn't resist, with Laur doing that pose with the one bare shoulder.

Sorry for the bamboozle

No. 729814

File: 1573790140573.png (453.22 KB, 683x796, kkfyeo.png)

I can already guess what this "hug" announcement is: washed-up former model collabs with fake influencer on a limited-edition shade of underwhelming pink/nude lipstick for her struggling brand.

This is it, jeaniez! Lillee's big break!

No. 729824

File: 1573791982809.jpeg (96.63 KB, 430x750, F29C0C97-BEC5-4EC2-A96D-375484…)

callout account tweeted a screenshot showing only 44 followers watched LJ’s IG story. I’ve heard people say LJ blocks them after they watch her stories so I expected the number to be low…but only 44 in 23 hours?

No. 729874

Nice. 44 out of 1 million.

She's doing a poll where color pop loses so she can trash them for taking her off of their PR list.

Jesus Christ will she stop calling them CP though?! Does she not know what CP generally stands for on the internet?

Nitpick but it's pretty gross to leave your opened lipstick on your dirty, fart covered blanket.

No. 729901

it’s an old poll from June.

No. 729914

File: 1573830124520.jpeg (257.11 KB, 828x1272, 3F3FAAAF-1DD9-4E44-AAF5-821260…)

No. 729915

File: 1573830231568.jpeg (171.61 KB, 828x1188, C302AC73-E4A7-441E-BD1D-AE8F02…)

No. 729930


The ribbon on the nose has me weak

No. 729939

Did she confirm Colourpop took her off their PR list? I know she said something about getting “less” from them, whatever that meant.

No. 729944


Her ambassador code still works for select items from ColourPop, so they haven't terminated their relationship with her yet.

No. 729960

File: 1573843252630.jpeg (337.78 KB, 828x1558, 73D52AF0-9767-4972-A63A-6EB589…)

The Lauriez fan club is giving me so much joy

No. 729961

File: 1573843437528.jpeg (73.76 KB, 750x780, 174B397F-0B5E-42C9-8664-BC912F…)

Diamond Earl has a TikTok account and follows Lillee

No. 729962

File: 1573843907513.jpeg (258.21 KB, 750x1098, 86E093C3-A607-4B4E-BE99-BFE767…)

Laur’s TikTok account

No. 729976

File: 1573847922732.jpeg (565.96 KB, 750x999, BCACC69B-E628-41BC-8A4B-0DD7B8…)

Lauriez Fan Club already said Lillee blocked her. So Lillee is yelling at this sweet, confused old lady and she can’t even see it. And what lolcow dupes? I’ve only seen the fan club’s tweets posted not the original edits.

No. 729982


Lauriez minimum effort fanart = unhealthy obsession

Lillee badly photoshopping her own face onto Captain Marvel's body, then pretending to be her own fan and posting it as "art" while gushing about how perfect and amazing she is and Marvel should cast her in a movie, and then responding to herself as herself with fake bashfulness and appreciation = perfectly 100% normal and not at all weird

No. 730061

File: 1573863616352.jpeg (283.81 KB, 750x1081, 1836F56C-CA25-4DE8-9649-ED1255…)

Lillee’s huge in Turkey kek