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File: 1570926932340.jpg (386.26 KB, 2896x2896, lilleejean.jpg)

No. 718259

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has 1.1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (who knows?) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and sends her PR.

>Laur gets Lauren Elyse banned from Twitter by reporting her with multiple sock accounts. Somehow her twitter page stays up.
>Laur also manages to get a variety of Lillee Jean callout accounts banned, only one or two remain
>Laur buys Lillee Jean and herself tickets to New York Fashion Week in an auction and acts like they were invited because they were so important! Takes photos with Patricia Hartman and constantly tags her in random photos and talks to her like they’re friends.
>Laur also tweets that Lillee is size 2, which shows her level of delusion
>Unsurprising to everyone, alwayslooking4talent and jeaniezmanagement have been outed as more of Laur’s accounts, even though Laur tried to pretend they weren’t her.
>More and more sock puppets continuously comment on Lillee Jean’s instagram posts to drive her engagement up
>Lillee Jean uses an Instagram audit in order to prove that she has a lot of real followers. It comes back saying that at least 45% of them are fake, which she considers a massive success and shares on Twitter. However no one believes that she has 678k real followers.
>Laur obsessively messages POC muas with low follower accounts praising their work in a desperate bid to counteract her previous blatant racism
>Laur changes her twitter handle to avoid accountability for her actions. She continues to write complete nonsense when harassing people and tag brands in random pictures to try to get free stuff.

>Her mom creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.

Previous threads:

>>>/snow/833840 1
>>>/snow/847048 2
>>>/698862 3
>>>/707075 4

Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (inactive)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:


Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)

Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)


Jeaniez Management Inc:





Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change


Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli



No. 718263

Sorry, I am so bad at making new threads but panicked because the last one was going to be locked. The picture is horrific enough if you know anything about applying makeup.

Prev thread is at >>>/snow/707075

Latest news

> The Arpanet to interview Laur on Skype tomorrow?

> LJ and Laur supposed to be at "exclusive" (see: free with purchase) launch event tonight

> Laur using her sockpuppets to bully brands that have dropped LJ from their PR list

No. 718264

File: 1570927167512.png (466.94 KB, 982x2295, stirthatpot.png)

Laur and her orbiters have been trying to get the callouts to engage with them all day by circlejerking in the replies of a dead tweet thread from days ago

No. 718268

File: 1570927339036.png (122.04 KB, 903x806, arealjeaniez.png)

she's also been telling herself pleasant fairytales via sockpuppet security blanket

No. 718269

FFS I forgot this wasn't in /snow anymore!

last thread is in >>>/pt/707075

Many apologies!!

No. 718271

File: 1570927427889.png (453.79 KB, 908x1391, pheepyscompetition.png)

meanwhile, Lillee is cucking Pheepy in public.

No. 718272

Thanks, anon, for putting this new thread together.

No. 718273

Ah, yes. Her many supportive 'jeaniez', who never comment, like, share, or engage with any of her content on any platform. They're all behind her 100%.

No. 718274

File: 1570928153939.jpeg (138.42 KB, 640x873, 577957D0-282F-43C4-8263-4A4509…)

Laur is tagging both the employers of the 19 year old girl she threatened to call CPS on in her tweets. Looking at the girl’s profile, she only turned 19 a week ago. She’s harassing someone the same age as her daughter.

No. 718292

File: 1570933525596.jpg (221.06 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20191012-221818_Sam…)

Sarah seems like she might be getting sick of this shit finally.

No. 718304

And Laur only plays nice with everyone instead of taking a hard stand against ole donny boy. They do that shit with everything tho

No. 718305

Is Laur delusional? “We stan you” when she just basically called Laur out?

No. 718306

File: 1570935601269.jpg (71.79 KB, 919x622, 303imgmf0349.jpg)

I guess they are back home from their VIP Red Carpet free-with-purchase meet & greet.

Laur still stewing on this bullshit and demanding attention, even though the callouts have been ignoring them all day.

Also, nope sea-lion, people would and will continue to notify brands of the scamming for as long as it goes on, whether Laur has a public shit fit about it or not, because it was never about jealousy or haters or making Lillee feel bad. The calling out was always about mediocre people with a bad attitude feeling so entitled to success without hard work that they are willing to cheat and defraud, and try in their own weird way to lift Lillee up by making a mockery of other people.

That Laur is such a fascinating trainwreck of a person is just a bonus.

No. 718312

File: 1570936775877.png (593.37 KB, 1255x606, Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 10.15…)

I didn't see this posted so ignore if old news. I was browsing one of those dime a dozen talent sites and I found LJ. Her resume is meager but compared to some of the other people out there hustling, its pathetic at best. One of the credits she lists is Main/Lead Role in something called UnderDogs Collective –which she is exaggerating. The site exists to feature stories of people who were bullied, and she got on there. Not a big or special role. What was new for me was the prediabetic story https://underdogscollective.com/2019/05/31/lillee-jean-i-was-pre-diabetic-people-would-call-me-fat/

No. 718316

Jesus, she doesn’t even try hard to not make it obvious that this is her. Like true narc fashion.

Why is nearly every narc a total moron who thinks they’re the smartest person ever? Only a few narcs are smart enough to actually be a successful narc. Laur and Vicky should be BFFs. No joke.

No. 718320

File: 1570938838068.jpeg (276.68 KB, 750x896, 2CEC8BFA-11C1-4D89-A588-A1C8D5…)

Other than a few tweets by HarperStanley around 6pm, nothing has happened tonight. I wouldn’t put it past Laur to manufacture some fake bullying DMs before Arpanet’s livestream Tuesday.

No. 718325


Laur talks like Trump.

No. 718326

File: 1570940398828.png (119.03 KB, 891x755, actingbrandnew.png)


This man is a complete moron, even by pseudo-intellectual sealion standards. How did he get invited into the debate club?

No. 718333

File: 1570941851576.jpeg (276.18 KB, 640x771, 3E040D45-69F9-4DF1-96DA-DF6911…)

She keeps repeating the same disgusting behavior. It’s getting boring at this point. Threaten people, contact employers, and harass.

No. 718336

File: 1570942384943.png (221.3 KB, 1920x640, klj39r83yh290i3ri.png)

Arpanet giving an update over at KF: Laur is doing what Laur do. Of course.

No. 718337

arpanet is a poop touching retard, tbh

No. 718344

ultra autism at its finest

No. 718373

File: 1570968819962.jpg (303.29 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20191013-080933_Sam…)

This guy sounds as annoying to argue with as Laur

No. 718374

File: 1570968909172.jpg (357.52 KB, 1080x1023, 20191013_081004.jpg)

No. 718376

File: 1570968978586.jpg (487.32 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20191013-081136_Sam…)

Sorry I'm trying to squeeze this all in 3 screenshots.

No. 718384

Oh how the tides are turning… I wonder if they will join our cause?

No. 718400

File: 1570977300403.jpeg (438.9 KB, 750x968, A9E24628-9FB5-456F-9B26-D511DB…)

Laur’s pet sea-lions have spent 2 days pursuing someone they feel inappropriately used Youtube’s DMCA claims. I’ll be interested in seeing how they feel about Laur doing the exact same thing.

No. 718404

Of course she put a privacy complaint. She did the same thing on Racket’s stream just because he showed their public pictures from google images and for saying their last names. She admitted to it in her appeal to the ethics board. She tried using her striking it as evidence that he was “harassing” her even though YT denied it.

We don’t have a cause except to enjoy the milk. This sounds just as pathetic Laur trying to get people to join her “cause” against people talking about them.

No. 718405

Well, out of the cult members:
-Stuart is so far up Laur's ass I don't see that ever happening.
-Steve, the master sealion, couldn't quit talking about how great and perfectly executed Lillee's hate comments video was, so I think it's safe to say his opinion doesn't matter. It does seem like he's been talking to L&L less though.
-Chesh is more smug and self-righteous than any of them. I think she'd just silently disappear if she had to, she just follows whatever Steve does. (By the way, how old is she? I saw her tweeting about being 17 but I couldn't tell if it was a joke.)
-That guy with the pipe (Mark?) and Donbo just want to fuck Laur and/or Lillee so they'll stick around.
I dunno, personally I think Sarah's really the only one with hope.

They've shown that their own logic doesn't apply to Laur, so they'll just ignore it. Or, if directly confronted, justify it. I kinda was wondering if this was gonna happen because during the podcast Laur tweeted something about Aparnet using "stolen photos off a corporate website" and said it was unauthorized information.

No. 718406

File: 1570979193653.jpg (3.27 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20191013_11013480…)

You can tell Laur doesn't put any thought into replies if it's not about anything that could directly benefit her or Lillee. This was about Patreon, when she was trying to act like she didn't know what it was.

No. 718426

He should reach out to Rekieta who managed to avoid Laurs copyright claiming.

No. 718428

Is…that a dick?

No. 718429


It seems to me that Stuart thinks Lillee is gonna bang him, too.
Chesh orginally went super-hard in the paint for Laur's cause, going back and forth for hours with the callouts. She's backed off significantly, now; only addresses Laur's pleas for validation once or twice a day, usually by telling her to ignore/mute/block. She's loud, but she's a follower, and Steve has been taking a break from twitter for a week, so she's probably waiting to see if he still wants her vanquish Laur's foes when he gets back.


Lillee definitely knows what Patreon is, already. She's been using the internet like a genius pro since age three! Anything Lillee knows, Laur knows, at least when it comes to scamming money from dummies online. They haven't set up a Patreon because it would immediately highlight that they have zero following. No real jeaniez.

Not even the handful of sex pests wk-ing and hovering around would give them actual coin unless they thought they were gonna get nudes out of the deal.

No. 718431


a dick with whiskery pubes

No. 718438

File: 1570985894303.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, DE615FD0-93CC-4891-B25E-471D9E…)

Lillee included Karity sending her “goodies” but reading between the lines of Laur’s tweets I think she bought it at cvs?

No. 718439

File: 1570986419503.png (904.85 KB, 1574x1705, ow2i3eruh293yhrinbed.png)

LJ's new video still has the misleading disclaimer. She only has that one "ambassador" code from ColourPop left, and it doesn't work for newly released products.

She did the same old look as usual, of course. I don't know why she calls these videos "tutorials." The only thing she's demonstrating is to how to make four eyeshadow shades disappear into one mottled color.

No. 718440

File: 1570987187995.jpeg (294.43 KB, 750x594, 86CEC7E8-1373-4F46-B72A-FCF3DA…)

Chesh has her own sock account she uses to interact with herself. No wonder she’s defending Laur.

No. 718441

File: 1570987239917.jpeg (455.44 KB, 750x1051, 663A44E4-A638-4757-9B19-123B31…)

Chesh using her sock to interact with herself

No. 718445


LOL what a herd of cows they all are.

No. 718446

File: 1570989519488.jpeg (299.84 KB, 750x1292, 2C7B829E-7830-4CBA-963C-001C52…)

They have been replacing the followers that were lost. I did some googling and it looks like it costs $10 per thousand followers which means that they spent around $150 to replace these followers. It actually makes me feel kind of bad that they are making such terrible financial decisions. They won’t make this money back through LJ’s YouTube and are basically tossing cash in the trash in the pursuit of fame.

No. 718448


They seem to be just savvy enough to realize that all it takes to get a foot in the door is one video on YT going viral, especially if people think everyone else knows about this person and there is also some kind of controversy attached.

But they're too thick to realize that going viral requires more than dumb luck and fake followers: it requires timing, and the person going viral has to have a personality that draws people in, either in empathy or hatred.

Lillee has a bland, manufactured personality, she's not compelling. She's not even phony in an interesting way. If one of them were gonna go viral, it would probably actually be Laur, because she's a villain that people would enjoy mocking.

No. 718449


Being called fat by other kids because you were so chubby you were pre-diabetic is hardly horrendous bullying.

We've covered the pre-diabetes before here, it's part of Laur's "LJ is so special and clever" narrative because she looked it up herself and realised it could be related to developing diabetes. They'e never talked about seeing a doctor or anything though.

No. 718450

There is no cause. All we do here is watch the insanity.

No. 718451

Why is she still doing this? Everyone can see through it and it's not bringing her any fame or real engagement and the amount of companies willing to give her PR only gets smaller.

No. 718452

>But they're too thick to realize that going viral requires more than dumb luck and fake followers: it requires timing, and the person going viral has to have a personality that draws people in, either in empathy or hatred.

There's no content that will launch them to this viral fame pipe dream. As many have noted, her videos are the same. fucking. look. done a thousand times in that teeth grinding shrill, stupid voice.

No. 718454


Faggot has multiple meanings. A meatball, a bundle of twigs, but overwhelming used here in the UK as a derogatory term against gay men. This guy's just playing dumb on purpose.

No. 718458

Fag is also UK slang for cigarettes but everyone knows what someone means when they shout that word at someone.

No. 718459

File: 1570992805255.jpeg (400.58 KB, 1242x2688, B219EDF3-65DB-4EEF-9EF4-CD50E6…)

I actually believe that they didn’t know what Patreon was before this. I posted this photo on the last thread, but this was taken Thursday the 10th. It seems they found out what it was and immediately wanted to run with the idea. You can hide the amount of people that support you and the dollar amount, so if they knew about it before they for sure would of had one up to pretend they are someone important and to scam the internet. People in the beauty world really don’t use Patreon so I can definitely see them not knowing about it. I also think they don’t know you can hide the patrons, or it would be up by now.

No. 718461

if she got even 5 patrons, I'd be amazed

No. 718465

File: 1570995505273.jpeg (234.19 KB, 750x450, 954E8EF3-F6E9-49EE-B5EC-467C8D…)

She’s going to freak out exactly like she did before the buzzfeed article

No. 718467


I am guessing she means Arpanet. He told her on the last stream "if you contact me I will record everything and share it with my viewers."

She set herself up.

No. 718478

File: 1570999016988.jpg (189.19 KB, 1080x596, 20191013_162816.jpg)

I think I've mentioned this before but I truly believe they thought Lillee would take off once they got their foot in the door and the world would just fall in love and they wouldn't have to buy another follower after that, they'd just come pouring in. Since they really think Lillee is the greatest. I guarantee Laur didn't anticipate having to do this for even a fraction of how long they have been.

Before I forget, did they actually move? I know they kept saying they had to because "stalkers" but I see no signs that they did.

No. 718479

File: 1570999091551.jpg (586.79 KB, 1078x1767, Screenshot_20191013-162327_Ins…)

Samefag but this was from a few days ago. It's obviously still an attic but I can't tell if it's the same one.

No. 718482

File: 1571001493141.png (790.31 KB, 1273x672, 17093tnhh982432.png)


Looks like a different attic. The old one had naked hardwood floors and wall panels, the new one has what looks like dry wall panels or maybe painted pine panels and dingy-looking berber carpet (don't think it's newly-installed.) Also the filming corner in the new place is near the stairs, but in the old attic, there's no recessed alcove at the top of the staircase.

Of course, there's always the chance that the attic was always bigger than it looked and has two staircases in different areas?

No. 718483

jfc clean up the trash on the floor or crop it out. you nasty, lilleejean

No. 718484

Now I'm even more confused about their living situation. So Diamond Earl is still in the picture, or they at least see him, but do these two just continually hop dusty attics?

No. 718487

File: 1571003492979.jpg (747.87 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191013-171033_Ins…)

That's a big bowl of pasta even if its chickpea.

No. 718488


I'm guessing Earl is on disability or retired, given his age and his recent medical issues. Laur claims they had to file for bankruptcy because of hospital bills related to some surgery Earl underwent. If they sunk whatever savings they had into keeping Truetiques running until it all went under, they are probably on a very fixed income and can only afford to do a house-share situation in a single-family home, which are usually attics or basements.

No. 718489


that's a ton of carbs to be eating in one meal for someone prone to developing diabetes. lillee better watch out.

No. 718491

File: 1571003860130.png (429.91 KB, 750x1334, 321D30DF-0E96-4EC6-B89A-55D2F3…)

I don’t know what this Cheshire cow is up to or what her other weird beefs are (she speaks in nonsense most of the time) but this tweet is intense

No. 718495


the more i see of these sealions the more i think they're milky outside of their interactions with laur/lj.

No. 718496

File: 1571004273942.png (25.84 KB, 687x338, Threat-Unredacted.png)

Laur is threatening Arpanet. From kiwifarms.

No. 718497

It doesn't read like something she'd write, but she is crazy enough to write this.

No. 718498


This has it's own kind of nonsensical qualities, but doesn't have Laur's signature oddball speech patterns. Could be one of her orbiters; I'm somehow getting the impression that it was written by a dude.

No. 718499

Either that or Laur is trying to play 4D chess and will try to pin this on Harper or whatever that callout account Laur hates so much is named

No. 718500

The milk is always all over so not sure if I missed it but could it be Laur's husband? They're all just so… mentally disturbed. Laur, LJ, and their few orbiters. Arpanet should report this threat to the police.

No. 718506

File: 1571005953273.jpg (160.14 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20191013-183101_Chr…)

This absolute and complete dumbass using his real email address. This is from the website that comes up when you search his email, he's a boxing manager named Sonny Shapiro.

No. 718508

File: 1571006777437.jpg (92.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_20191013_184249.jpg)


And big surprise Arpanet found the guy. He is friends with Laur on Facebook.

No. 718513

File: 1571007595108.png (371.12 KB, 740x1711, iWQUHYG9784YG32MK.png)


chesh seems mentally unstable and waaaaay to personally invested in internet drama. laur at the bottom trying hard to be relevant to these people who barely care about her.

No. 718516

File: 1571008252608.png (91.66 KB, 504x623, D8002064-5116-407E-959F-366F8E…)

Laur discusses sending this guy after Arpanet publicly on Facebook.

No. 718517

File: 1571008342385.png (92.18 KB, 479x626, 7401D64E-52CF-4599-9A7C-0DF8A8…)

“We should talk in PM”

fuckin boomers

No. 718526

This Arpanet dork made his own bed because he just couldn’t resist signing up on KF to boast about a potential Skype with Laur. If he’d just kept it in his pants for a few days he could probably have gotten a real glimpse of the true crazy and bathed us all in the milky goodness. Now he himself is going into victim mode over some roided out boomer playing internet tough guy. Why does every single person who interacts with these two ding dongs turn out to be a cow themselves?

No. 718527

>his name is Joshua Conner moon
Jesus Christ

No. 718534

C'mon Laur, it's obvious this Arpanet guy is Josh Moon. He's tricking you into talking with him so he can create a sound board from your voice and use it for his nefarious deeds.

No. 718565

Imagine if she's the one to finally bring Josh down but it happens though sheer accident/stupidity.

No. 718567

>All I need is their correct name and I have them by the you know what.

Someone just renewed his subscription to spokeo and thinks he’s hot shit.

Are we sure it isn’t Joe?

No. 718585

File: 1571016655293.jpeg (299.4 KB, 745x773, 3EA9ED6D-61C9-4EA4-871E-7528A4…)

Laur has to remind LJ of her fake boyfriends name. Whoops

No. 718589

File: 1571016788711.jpg (263 KB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20191013_212824.jpg)

Lol, Laur's Facebook is pretty great, I always forget she's active on there.

>baby boi

No. 718598

It sounds like bible study is slang for buy drugs lol ~by this weekend

No. 718603

>some roided out boomer playing internet tough guy
If he's really 28, he's a millenial, tho. Then again, boomer mentality transcends generations.

I was gonna come up with some joke about who else Null could be, but this shit writes itself.

No. 718622

File: 1571021911374.png (2.73 MB, 2048x1536, 2A9D924A-CEDD-4A47-A38D-BDEE6B…)

looking good, Lilz

No. 718623

File: 1571022147958.jpg (63.81 KB, 576x705, 9734592646430-0.jpg)

How does she consistently manage to make what should be standard poses in an instamodel's repertoire look so off-putting and weird? This pic looks like multiple shots awkwardly cobbled together in PS.

I don't fucking get it.

No. 718630

Holy fuck. What's wrong with her…neck? Spine? Shoulders? What kind of pathology is this mess?
This is the first time her eyes or mouth aren't the most off putting things in her photos.

No. 718631

This shit is how you know the beauty influencer schtick is just a get rich quick scheme. had LJ any real passion for make up, she'd be taking classes and trying to learn her craft and not doing crap like whatever the hell this is supposed to be.

No. 718643

I know this is ot and already discussed but this kid is so much alike lillee but you know, she still could be something.

No. 718648

I looked at the tweet and the lipstick shade name is Prince Phillips. So lillee was saying that Philippe’s shade would be Prince Phillips.

No. 718673

File: 1571029858638.jpeg (452.97 KB, 750x1033, 9182DC9A-FD39-49E2-95A5-4344EA…)

Laur’s fucked. The callout accounts aren’t going to let this go.

No. 718695

Well considering that this Shapiro guys sister is around 65-70 years old based on her facebook pictures I would think he is older than 28. He is definately a boomer.

No. 718705

Someone get this poor kid enrolled in community college stat. The lack of education is painfully obvious

No. 718710


The boxer he manages is 28.

No. 718714

File: 1571041662576.jpeg (148.79 KB, 640x739, lillee.jpeg)


Good find. Useful for comparison - kids with Williams Syndrome look uncannily similar, facial features can change as they grow though so the phenotype is harder to spot (unlike say, Down syndrome).

One feature of Williams Syndrome without major mental retardation is proficiency in superficial level conversation - such as making statements without the retained knowledge or critical thinking to back them up or relying on parroting others' views. Jury's out on this one.

Young Lillee Jean:

No. 718725

How is he playing victim? I hope he really does pursue this legally, however I have little faith in Laur seeing any actual consequences. What could they even charge her with, something conspiracy related? She didn't make the threats herself. At least he can get a PFA or something and get a report filed, I'm sure she has previous ones (both reports and PFAs against her) so it can only help.

I still would love to be able to access NY's criminal records but it costs money.

No. 718729

He inserted himself into the drama apparently knowing full well the levels that Laur is willing to stoop to. He presented as having some journalistic distance and restraint but the second he went searching for butt pats from the boys over at KF he compromised any potential he had to squeeze some decent milk out of his contact with Laur. Just another cowtipper. And tbh kind of deserves to be playing down there with Laur and the trolls.

No. 718743


That's exactly what Laur wants though to threaten and scare off people so they won't talk about the situation and she and Lillee can continue to live in their little fantasy land without having to face the reality/consequences of any of their actions

not to mention any legal repercussions she'll almost without a doubt throw that Shapiro guy under the bus

No. 718746

good luck, she'll succeed where the nation of new zealand could not? x to doubt.

definitely joe. definitely.

whoever arpanet is, they need to catch a ban for all the shit touching they do.

No. 718748

File: 1571064591575.jpg (436.38 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20191014-104829_Sam…)

Someone's up early.
She's not reading what she's replying to again. Or just not thinking about her responses.

No. 718764

File: 1571068715674.jpeg (112.8 KB, 750x336, 16CBC759-A1F0-43ED-9EA0-97B10F…)

Poor Laur

No. 718772

The people that know you hate you, Laur. Not the world. You’re too insignificant for the whole world to hate you.

No. 718773


Yeah he cow tipped but someone had to expose her for the bullshit going on. Buzzfeed glosses over a lot of information and a lot of people brushed it off as stupid beauty guru gossip. Arpanet is willing to deep dive into the details. Someone needs to show what a monster Laur is. She is psycho and someone needs to stop her.

No. 718776

Lol wtf she’s some nutter in an attic not Osama Bin Ladin. No one is on some noble crusade to stop her from scamming HUNDREDS of dollars worth of free samples off poor defenceless cosmetic companies… just a bunch of dorks poking shit and trying to justify it. Anything other than sitting back and enjoying/cataloging the milk is just as pathetic as whatever Laur and Lillee “Oral Stonehenge” Jean are up to.

No. 718779


nta but she literally called peoples jobs and tried to get them fired for even mentioning her daughters name online and threatened people with cps she's not Osama but she's still a massive destructive cunt, not justifying that Arpanet guy but I can see why some people feel so strongly about it she's legitimately trying to ruin other peoples lives bc they were curious about the drama

No. 718780

This milk turned sour once Laur started harassing uninvolved people’s employers and threatening kids. Lillee will still pump out kek-worthy content once her batshit insane mom’s access to innocent bystanders is removed.

No. 718789

had to expose her? you are confusing cow watching with activism, fren. arpa is weak and you're not some person who loves justice. dude is a loser and getting involved with the cow makes you a cow, too.

No. 718790

we can all decide for ourselves whether or not the milk is sour, how about you don't speak for other anons.

No. 718791

All this bickering is stupid. Laur and Lillee did not become especially milky until they were pitted against people calling them out and they both flipped out in hilarious ways. The two of them without an enemy are just going to talk amongst themselves about "Pheepy" and produce endless identical photos and YT "tutorials." That shit is boring.

If you're here for entertainment, you're getting it in spades. Stop bitching.

No. 718811

File: 1571084555532.png (992.18 KB, 1280x678, jeanie.png)


No. 718814

i often wonder what she sees when she looks at these videos. surely she knows she's not attractive and looks like an insane 12 year old with bad skin.

No. 718815

File: 1571085537114.jpeg (319.75 KB, 750x856, EF4D7EEE-7C99-4E9E-B69E-840804…)

Just post screenshots of the death threats & slurs you received, Laur

No. 718818

File: 1571086301753.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 214A7FA7-3EFA-404A-93F2-6716DF…)

I thought MUG was…nonexistent to Lillee anymore. Baloney that they are sending her “goodies” when MUG deleted photos of LJ from their social media after Marlena saw all the harassment.

I am suspecting that she perhaps filmed this months ago before LJ burned bridges…

No. 718821

or she is just using PR she got from before Marlena kicked her off the list. I assume she still have to disclose that she didn't pay for the product.

No. 718822

That’s possible as well. It just seems odd to use so many MUG products after her little spoiled brat comment about them.

No. 718823

I think the same. She also states she doesn’t have a purple palette when she received Colourpop’s Lilac palette 3 weeks ago. So it was filmed before she received the CP palette or she sold the CP pr.

No. 718833

File: 1571089082983.png (124.33 KB, 1546x840, Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 2.35…)

idk if this has been mentioned but this is misleading. i know for a fact when you're a part of colourpop's PR you're required to post what they send you on your social media. pic related is their "ambassador" (aka pr list) agreement.

No. 718841

File: 1571089723309.jpeg (256.92 KB, 750x1163, 5D71F036-BA92-4439-8CB1-FC4941…)

Someone call this Cheshire scat a cab, she’s drunk. Kind of makes all here pseudo intellectual posturing a little redundant.

> Threated

> Threeated
> Etc

No. 718847

File: 1571090358450.jpg (267.76 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20191014-175545_Sam…)

Hahaha, I actually have suspected Laur of popping pills. Especially because at night she really doesn't make sense, like her Ambien kicks in.

No. 718853

> at night she really doesn't make sense
Ok, show me evidence of ONE tweet in which she has EVER made any sense…. I’ll wait.

No. 718858

File: 1571091234706.jpeg (247.73 KB, 750x597, 14220CA3-ED00-49C6-ACB3-F3B91F…)

Laur is still keeping this unrelated Jenny’s name in the convo.

No. 718861

File: 1571091575816.jpeg (276.91 KB, 750x656, F7930A40-622B-441B-9D94-BC5181…)

I know it wasn’t Laur’s intention but it looks like she’s actually admitting to having no proof that her claims are real. Honestly though the onus is on her to prove that these threats are actually happening and that these people are actually real (I want a James Dee and Pheepy do my makeup video!)

No. 718863

Laur, last time you threw around the wrong name responding to you, it caused you endless grief and the loss of at least one brand relationship. So of course, keep doing it. Genius.

No. 718866

This is the same guy that had to show his ID to Twitter to get his account back right? So he's clearly not Jenny. Laur, you dumb bitch.

No. 718874

File: 1571096091432.jpg (467.69 KB, 1071x1678, Screenshot_20191014-191742_Sam…)

I think the callouts should just ignore the sea-lions unless completely necessary, especially Chesh "Just Passin On Rape Threats" Trash Goblin. She only cares about being right and is delusional and unstable enough to convince herself of being so regardless of any facts or evidence presented. Anyone past 4th grade with the ability to think critically will take one look at everything and know what's really going on. The sea-lions can sit there and think they've won and that they have a million invisible Jeaniez on their side, who cares, they just look really stupid to everyone else who isn't trying to fuck Laur or Lillee.

No. 718875

File: 1571096543399.jpeg (402.91 KB, 750x1093, 8EF154C9-2B38-4DB2-AA82-652C67…)

Laur, “do better” is a pretty common phrase. Bytw, g8 and lmaof, on the other hand, not so much.

No. 718881

I’ve seen all of the callout accounts use it. I think they have a cut & paste message they use for tweets at brands.

No. 718883

File: 1571098945179.jpeg (345.44 KB, 750x874, CE1DC747-20F1-4D27-B391-0B723C…)

Callout accounts provide tons of evidence to backup their claims. Some is a bit more reading between the lines (eg. Connecting the dots on sock accounts), while others are directly from the source (messages to QoB & The Arpanet, voice mails etc.) Laur has not provided a single shred of evidence when it comes to threats, bullying, the existence of these supposed friends and fans, yet this Cheshire person only asks for evidence from those providing it, not the one who dances around the question. I suspect that she cannot handle being proven wrong so doesn’t care to see that there is no proof from Laur.

No. 718886

It's because she goes out of her way to look freakishly wide-eyed all the time because she thinks it's cute or whatever the fuck. Muh "Eyeball Queen" just looks psychotic, but at least her outsides match her insides.

No. 718891

That's exactly it, none of them can but especially her. So they act like they think anonymous accounts = fake accounts so they have a "reason" to avoid having to comment on all the evidence provided. And if it's sent directly to them they either change the subject, ignore it, or say they need more context. It's just not worth it, Laur herself doesn't even listen to them.

No. 718893

File: 1571101054222.jpg (428.99 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20191014-205610_Sam…)

Okay Laur, which is it, does she get PR or not? No shame when it comes to making everything about her or LJ.

No. 718894

File: 1571101058643.jpeg (403.87 KB, 750x919, 3DBF65C8-6041-4784-B08B-569BC9…)

Laur turns a comment about intellectual property into a whining post about people being the morality police bringing attention to Laur and LJ’s scam to get free makeup.

No. 718896

I think the callouts had at some point thought that the sea-lions could be reasoned with, but these are not reasonable people who were duped because they are naive. They are trolls who do the bidding of a moron who apparently has a hankering for Laur's matzoh ball soup.

They waste a lot of time going in circles with these fools, and it's not even particularly funny to watch anymore, because the sea-lions only ever say "muh context" over and over.

No. 718902

File: 1571104153070.jpg (59.09 KB, 511x512, 7913424_orig.jpg)

Really makes you wanna "Hmm…"

No. 718906

File: 1571105074126.jpeg (287.04 KB, 750x705, F5100483-C21D-41C5-ADE1-D67A7A…)

Such spicy language Laur lol

No. 718907

File: 1571105107357.jpeg (144.11 KB, 750x1078, 2C913E4B-D5DC-40E7-9AD1-2DE724…)

No. 718908

File: 1571105235838.jpeg (335.62 KB, 750x1076, 23F70D84-3267-48CC-816C-9B5B52…)

No. 718912

File: 1571106204887.jpg (124.21 KB, 707x706, 9734592646430-10.jpg)

When is Lils gonna do some proper upkeep on this nappy shake-n-go, since she insists on wearing it every third photo shoot? Also, those ill-fitting gloves make her look like she's getting ready to scrub some dirty dishes, and her bicep looks the same size as her head.

She needs to let this Jessica Rabbit delusion go.

No. 718915

Gluing your eyebrows and redrawing them higher up wouldn’t be particularly difficult. She could’ve overdrawn the lips as well.
Unfortunately Lilz can’t do more than one look

No. 718920

File: 1571107800901.jpeg (325.5 KB, 750x774, A77955C9-6318-4E5B-81AA-1EC6D4…)

Laur’s back at it again with the tagging of unrelated Jenny’s workplace.

No. 718932

File: 1571110362428.jpeg (343.24 KB, 750x1008, 3299975D-483E-43E7-B42C-7B2326…)

Wtf Laur? Being a savant doesn’t necessarily also mean being intellectually challenged or being neurodiverse.

No. 718934

File: 1571110517432.png (695.13 KB, 750x1661, EC9FFF0B-1885-4BAC-B623-7BD746…)

top kek

No. 718935

Yet Laur’s sock accounts tend to comment minutes apart I very specific order. Cause that’s believable. Meanwhile the callout accounts may have minutes, hours or days in between comments and don’t work in a specific order or have any sort of pattern. Perhaps Chesh should set a timer between Lillee’s Instagram fans if she’s really into sticking it to fake accounts.

No. 718936

File: 1571111056938.jpg (322.27 KB, 1072x894, Screenshot_20191014-233952_Sam…)

Wow, great analysis Lillee.


No. 718937

File: 1571111154329.jpeg (232.98 KB, 742x598, D4DA61DE-EE25-4332-9A69-FD718A…)

But all context was provided to you in tweets about Laur, Chesh, so???

No. 718938

File: 1571111282499.jpg (486.57 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20191014-234635_Sam…)

These geniuses should just write psychology books

No. 718940

So Lillee is trying to insult them by calling them one person and can’t even keep that straight by calling them, them/they in the plural sense. Ok Then, you just keep avoiding the questions and spouting nonsense because that totally makes you look truthful.

No. 718942

File: 1571111836508.jpeg (150.12 KB, 750x593, C1C0649E-996B-4FE4-B4A7-209BED…)

Lilz Instagram is restricted again. She’s using the Ljeanfp & Whatsyourvibez accounts to post content under the lilleejean hashtag.

No. 718943

File: 1571111935205.jpeg (180.94 KB, 750x399, D5F1DAC4-7707-4856-8D40-FBB71B…)

Using mental health as an insult again

No. 718944

File: 1571112094264.jpg (566.71 KB, 1078x1549, Screenshot_20191014-235255_Sam…)

Anytime Lillee says more than 5 words I remember she's just as delusional as Laur, just more passive aggressive and with better grammar. Nothing she says makes sense yet the sealions will be going on for days about how well thought out her replies here were.

No. 718951

File: 1571113602878.jpeg (390.85 KB, 750x1112, 4A443B3B-9368-488D-93F2-9AA749…)

Another one of Chesh’s socks. She should stop bragging.

No. 718953

File: 1571114251151.jpeg (185.65 KB, 1242x791, 2E0B9223-B327-4BF1-884F-155CE3…)

>it takes a while for my mom to buy followers and then I keep losing them so she has to keep buying more!!!

No. 718957

>They grasp at anything to make their inner beings seem real
I just can't get over their obliviousness. It's so obvious they read these threads and obsess over it. All of their "insults" for other people seem to come from what's been said about Laur and LJ before, like the sheer number of socks Laur's made or the mental health issues.

These two make a fuckton of sock accounts, give them all intricate backstories, pretend they're all buddies in real life, but anyone who calls out this weird behavior is actually the mentally disturbed one looking for validation? The delusion is exhausting.

No. 718961

File: 1571116149821.jpeg (332.99 KB, 1237x2058, 6A8E3D72-8F38-47F2-80A5-1D7956…)

From her IG stories… except it just shows that her looks are all basically the same. Hiding shoddy eyeshadow with giant lashes and lipstick

No. 718981

You can have multiple incognito windows open to different accounts and simply alt+tab through the windows, multiple devices, or even have a bunch of social accounts you can tab through set up in one browser. The fact that they’re playing dumb is just ridiculous. It doesn’t take a genius to know Laur’s full of shit.

No. 718986


This is such a stupid tack. They've run out of ways to ignore the clear fucking context they keep asking for, so now they are going to pretend like it's somehow suspicious that…a group of several people on the internet aren't all interacting with them simultaneously when they demand it.

I guess time zones aren't a thing. Or having something more interesting to do than to drop everything and argue with idiots on twitter at any given moment.

Nope. Every enemy is just HarperJennyJoeJoshJames.

No. 719024

Her makeup always looks so good in still images. But on camera it always looks so blotchy and muddy?

No. 719038

File: 1571144788310.jpg (323.97 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20191015-090345_Twi…)

Does anyone know what this is about? He tweeted her again after this and said "let's talk" with a link to a YouTube video, but it's been made private.

No. 719055

File: 1571148568953.jpeg (183.08 KB, 750x774, D5D47601-6E18-4BB6-BCDA-726295…)

No. 719062

All her previous blogs got zero comments. It's so strange that they have been posting content into the void for a decade. Has anybody ever found proof anywhere of this chick interacting with real people outside of her own YT\insta comments?

No. 719064

Go to college, Lillie. Googlefu isn't going to lead to any intelligent answers.

No. 719065

We need to start backing up videos about Lillie Jean on Youtube because they get taken down

No. 719081

File: 1571157179861.jpeg (161.68 KB, 1152x2048, FD7C2A97-F372-42A6-9477-2FBC82…)

Why does she look surprised? Why are her fingers so dirty? Is being held captive and forced to produce content? How does her hair manage to look greasy & crispy at the same time? What were the other shots like if this is the best you could post?

No. 719083

File: 1571157642928.jpeg (383.34 KB, 750x904, 47DA39C3-AD1F-43D9-AC51-151E01…)

Laur is trying to say that she and LJ didn’t report that wildcat video. Um ok.

No. 719084

File: 1571157827173.jpeg (362.07 KB, 750x856, 5D74C42F-C7F6-4D23-BCB1-4B79FA…)

It’s unfortunate that video is private. Also, Laur cannot put together a coherent sentence half the time in this 4 tweet thread.

No. 719103

File: 1571161611027.jpg (297.77 KB, 1078x1009, Screenshot_20191015-134611_Sam…)

No. 719105

The mafia? Dudes nicely asking them to remove their strike & he’ll never speak of them again. That is WAY more than they deserve. Fuck both of them.

No. 719107


Wow. I thought it was just her ends that were all raggedy and chewed-up, but it's fully half of her length that is dead and frayed. That looks like chemical/bleach damage, to me. What is she even doing to it? She needs to chop it all off and start over.

No. 719108

File: 1571162252830.jpg (575.84 KB, 1079x1515, Screenshot_20191015-135701_Sam…)

Lillee, please, shut the fuck up. Nothing you say makes sense.

No. 719112

File: 1571163121252.jpeg (422.76 KB, 750x940, 6AC307FF-4E4E-459B-867E-5CCFAB…)

Laur thinks she being cute but twitter takes this shit very serious. He’s told her numerous time he’s a man and Laur keeps calling James “she” or “it”.

No. 719114

>udder my name

It would be hilarious if this is what gets Laur banned from Twitter. How is she going to convince anyone that this James Dee isn’t really James Dee without admitting that she invented James Dee?

No. 719120

File: 1571166787152.jpeg (430.82 KB, 750x1085, 4BD3DFA5-FFC5-402A-92D8-B93452…)

Laur said that her and LJ didn’t initiate the strike and that it was automatic. She added a screenshot as proof that she can’t cancel the strike that shows it was a removal request. Laur literally sent proof that she was lying

No. 719121


Laur lies about literally everything. What is even the point of denying that she did this?

No. 719138

File: 1571173305051.jpeg (376.21 KB, 750x1004, AD9807AD-4053-4750-A26D-EB5A8A…)

Why have LJ and Laur all of a sudden picked up the word “psychologically” and why can’t they use it correctly in a sentence?

No. 719139

File: 1571173491326.jpeg (245.3 KB, 750x721, C7417F10-A6B2-40D4-8685-5B8DA8…)

Seriously Laur, I don’t think you know what that word means?

No. 719140

Gaslighting attempts from a loony, gurning, attic ghoul really fall flat. Her tweets are so hard to read… I wonder if she ever graduated high school.

No. 719141

She projects so hard in every single tweet, its insane. The only one who is all of these different people inside and genuinely seems to believe it is you Laur.

No. 719145

It would be rich if this misgendering is what gets her account suspended.

No. 719151

>who gave you authority?
Pretty sure twitter did.

>psychologically why do you have multiple tweets(…)

Is she pulling a Vic and using a thesaurus in an attempt to sound smart? Rofl.

>that’s the definition of spastic

Actually Laur, spastic is “an incompetent or uncoordinated person”. So uh, no.

>I feel sad you are all these people inside

Fresh coming from a woman who makes accounts of black women, and has conversations with herself about her army of Jeaniez.

No. 719155

File: 1571176987751.jpeg (369.11 KB, 750x1004, 0B1331E0-D87C-4B77-9120-641026…)

You know how they keep asking the context of the “I play lower” tweet? I had to relook it up because it was so long ago (they could have done that too) but it was in response to doolores showing proof that the whole bankruptcy stuff was public record. So Laur was literally threatening Lauren Elyse/QoB (because that’s who she thought doolores was then) because she posted a screenshot and link to publicly available info. Sorry I know this is old but the whiny friend of Laur’s was annoying me so much that I had to check what it was in response to.

No. 719162

She says Lauren in the tweet. She absolutely thought she was threatening Lauren Elyse/QoB not an anon acct.

No. 719163

File: 1571178488746.jpeg (444.77 KB, 1242x1690, 3A3B0734-E58D-4168-B29D-1C1301…)

I don’t blame ya, bud.

No. 719172

Arpaderp is streaming about Laur again tonight. I hope she tooooootally looses her shit or he bottles it and totally backtracks.

Side note of tinfoil: I would wager a small bet that Laur and Lillee’s story ends in a murder suicide. They’re almost completely cut off from society, they have nothing to loose and while Laur is absolutely all over the place, one of her consistent refrains is that “three girls killed themselves because of Joshua Moon bytw”…. It strikes me as ominous foreshadowing…. lmaof

No. 719182

File: 1571180362338.jpeg (373.55 KB, 750x925, 35D1191A-902F-4107-AB74-B5A9D6…)

No. 719195

i don't know that it would explode that badly, but I agree the situation is not sustainable. the symbiotic relationship can't keep reality out of the attic and eventually someone has to get a job.

No. 719209


If it turns out to be a hilarious shit show, someone preserve it for posterity

No. 719225

File: 1571185545994.jpeg (197.01 KB, 750x957, AF5E8492-3D64-42C7-85DA-0832E0…)

Fucking lmaof at Lexitard Laur calling someone out for improper English. Laur can barely get through a sentence without stumbling all over her tenses, completely misusing words or just being plain incomprehensible. AND it is perfectly proper English to begin a sentence with the word ‘and’ bytw!

No. 719236

Only watched a few minutes, pretty dull. Any anon who wants to post any highlights, pls do.

No. 719240


>admitted that it was a dumb move to announce his plans for speaking with Laur on KF

>used a codename for Laur for the entirety of the stream, so as to avoid further strikes

>gave some highlights from his correspondence with Laur prior to and after the privacy strike

>confirmed that he has indeed filed a police report for the terroristic threats made by Laur's FB buddy

>had Wildcat on as a guest to commiserate about his false copyright strike feud with Laur that began yesterday

>announced that he will be doing an info dump on KF of the full correspondence he's had w/Laur since last Thursday

That's about the gist of things.

No. 719242

Thank you. Will be interested to see Laur inadvertently self incriminates in those emails to Arp.

No. 719244

They're likely leeching off Diamomd Earl or on some kind of disability. Didn't Laur have a car accident and complain Geico wasn't giving her money?

I really wonder what LJ's mindset is like. Laur acts like an angry, senile old bag who's been coddling her daughter since birth so she has a friend. I'm surprised LJ hasn't shown any signs of sentience and not wanting to be paraded around like mommy's perfect angel. She parrots everything Laur says without question. These two are probably never more than 2 feet away from each other.

Tinfoil, but what if LJ is just going along with Laur's psychosis to prevent a further breakdown? If LJ said she actually wanted to leave or get a job, Laur might've threatened to call her future employer and cause trouble, or threaten to self-harm. Maybe it's easier to go along with the act.

No. 719249

It's certainly possibly, but I'm inclined to believe LJ is just as nasty and vindictive as her mother and shares the delusions. there's nothing in her vids or elsewhere to indicate she has any interest in bettering herself– how many damned tutorials has she done and she still can't demonstrate basic hygiene?

I will give her this, LJ seems slightly more cognizant of her public persona than Laur, who doesn't care how psychotic she comes across.

No. 719252

It isn't. It's discouraged in grade school because students might abuse it. I was even told that IN grade school. What a shitty nitpick when her lies, reasoning and awkward changes of subject when it comes to buying followers are far more illogical and wrong than using "and" in the the beginning of a sentence. Who fucking cares if you began a sentence with a preposition if you can get your idea across in a god damn tweet. Something Laur or Lillie can't do.

No. 719254

Sorry anon. I was agreeing with you and responding to Laur.

No. 719263

File: 1571197304860.jpeg (293.55 KB, 750x752, 65C97E70-3CED-439A-9C7F-0D5319…)

Laur tried to throw another (very young) influencer under the bus for allegedly buying followers.

No. 719270

It's just so hard to believe a teenager would see nothing wrong with this arrangement. Your mom is BUYING followers for you and posting as your "friends" online. I feel so much secondhand embarrassment reading these threads. Doesn't LJ want to do things on her own, or have a semblance of her own life? I feel like there has to be more to the story, besides the obvious social isolation that Laur's been inflicting.

These two are so bizarre and nothing they do makes sense. I want to find some reason for it all.

No. 719273


Laur has spent the past 18 years filling Lillee's head with the lie that she is the most beautiful, talented, wonderful, amazing, lovely, petite, genius princess queen. Not only is Lillee's sense of self tied up in this lie, but so is Laur's. It's so obvious that Laur has tied her own identity and self worth to the notion that she somehow produced something remarkable from her very own loins. If Lillee doesn't become this internet star and make millions $$$ and become beloved worldwide, the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

When Lillee was in middle school (the age where the gloves come off and your peers tell you in no uncertain terms what they really think about you,) and was confronted with the reality that the world isn't nearly as impressed with her as her mother is, Laur snatched her up to wrap her in cotton wool and homeschool her, so they could both live uncontested in their bubble of delusion.

This is why they both react so extremely to relatively mild criticism that they ought to have expected, given the fields Lillee chose for her "career." If you do beauty content, people talk about your appearance; if you sing, act, or paint, people comment on whether or not they think you do those things well. If you brag nonstop about your 1 million fans, but no one ever sees any of these fans, people are going to ask questions. All of that goes without saying, but the cognitive dissonance caused by people in reality not finding any redeeming qualities in the "most amazing, beautiful, talented queen uwu" is more than they can cope with.

Lillee doesn't want to interact with anyone who doesn't tell her she's the best thing ever, but under all the fake cheer, she absolutely knows that people don't actually like her. This is why she's perfectly fine hiding in the attic, surrounded by dolls and fake sockpuppet friends that tell her that they wish they had her white skin and big blue eyes and whatever the fuck other lies Laur has filled her head with. It's why she's backed off on the ass-kissing of the other MUAs since last month; real people who want real interactions don't like it when you make every conversation about you and your needs/problems/interests 24-7.

No. 719278

File: 1571200565533.jpeg (45.87 KB, 1217x307, 0D317993-FD8C-4F2F-A15B-8067B9…)

My fav part of the Arpanet conversation is this sentence.
>You do not get to in business defame non stop someone

No. 719280


Is Laur dyslexic? She rambles in run-on sentences and gets number sequences wrong, too.

No. 719281

Tinfoil Medfagging:
I mean if Lilee does have William's Syndrome is that they are superficial in their thoughts and dont really retain things. It might be easy for Lilee to just parrot what mommy says because she literally cant contemplate things past what's in front of her in the moment. It could also explain why her mom didn't spend money on getting her braces because it might come off as "fixing" her disabled child. I think Laur is just so broken down that she cant say or di anything right, not even the baby she made came out as beautiful and wonderful as she had hoped and now she lives in a world of delusion to keep her ego safe.
Okay tinfoil hat off. Sorry if this was a dumb post tho.

No. 719296

lol she’s claiming to be friends with Johnny depp

No. 719299

File: 1571203074152.jpg (104.05 KB, 871x860, 9734592646430-10.jpg)


Will Smith, too. Also, she's gone from having provided "some" of the props on one MIB movie to having done "all the prop work" for three of them.

Why can't she even just let Lillee be great? She always has to insert herself and one-up everyone, including her own kid.

No. 719301


It's also completely bizarre to me that she will screech about people not give her sister's murder any attention, and the moment someone with any sort of platform is giving her that offer, she chooses instead to brag about herself.

No. 719304

She's so self-absorbed that I'd be inclined to say she doesn't care about it at all, at least not anymore. I mean when has she brought it up other than to brazenly add to her victim narrative? All her emotional stock is in LJ and herself, and only LJ because she's an extension of Laur.

I really like Arpanet's podcasts and I understand his approach, but there's sadly no way to give someone as delusional as Laur a "fair shake". It's like that saying about not being able to play chess with a pigeon because they'll just knock over all the pieces and shit everywhere.

No. 719334

>but I'm inclined to believe LJ is just as nasty and vindictive as her mother and shares the delusions.
Her videos give me the sneaky bitch version of douche chills. It's like there's an undercurrent of something unpleasant in all of them, which is probably why her channel does as well as CraftyBeautyDiva and Lip Balm Queen. Her mom should have taken her to some community college public speaking class and a 101 studio media production one.

No. 719340

File: 1571229004515.jpeg (259.85 KB, 750x1148, E976635F-0DCD-415D-A0B7-67EC42…)

We’ve all seen how you “tell it like it is” Sonny. Laur still hasn’t retained counsel. If she had, they’d advise her to stop communicating with this guy asap.

No. 719344

I think for me it's the combination of her voice, her snooty mannerisms, how disingenuous she is, and how condescending she is. She's what a 3rd grader thinks an accomplished adult acts like. She even has the same vibe as that tattletale in elementary school who would remind the teacher you guys had homework over the weekend. She has no concept of social norms. All this alone is really off-putting and makes her extremely unlikable almost immediately, but combined with her level of sneakiness, her lack of life experience, her ignorance, how vengeful she is, and her inflated sense of self, even the kindest people in the world can't find it in them to pity like her. I think that's why I'm so thrown off by the sealions and continually question their motives, it's just impossible for me to see how she'd be able to find even one person to accept her with all the information on her there is available, let alone a group.

And all that isn't even counting the psycho-mom-waiting-to-destroy-your-livelihood factor constantly looming. She should have at least gotten a few pity fans out of all those reddit posts but she didn't and that speaks volumes.

It's all so unsettling. I constantly have this feeling that something big is going to happen.

No. 719349

Sorry for double posting but does anyone have a link to her old IG story when she was talking about Revlon and/or Bite Beauty and being more well known than them? I can't find it anywhere.

No. 719350

She was smart enough to delete it. It wasn't a story but an IG live

No. 719353


I can't save this video to upload anywhere since I'm on mobile but this is great, I'd love to see the full version.

No. 719383


backup version of the clip. I don’t think the full thing was ever posted anywhere

No. 719391


LOL that dumb ass filter on her face, exaggeratedly patting away non-existent tears. Lillee Jean: master of farcical comedy.

No. 719397

File: 1571241926725.jpeg (458.08 KB, 750x910, 00BBCDEA-E79B-411B-B212-894D18…)

Being extorted through email mailing lists.

No. 719398

File: 1571242857941.jpg (898.32 KB, 1577x2323, 20191016_115237.jpg)

#activist #humanrights #equality

Thank you. I wish we had more context, it sounds like she's suggesting he use bleaching cream at the end?

No. 719399

File: 1571242929403.jpg (584.28 KB, 1080x1751, 20191016_112644.jpg)

This too

No. 719405

does this retard literally think the nazi's put jewish people in a big oven? they were gassed ffs not burnt. saged for nitpick but god it's frustrating

No. 719409

File: 1571244212605.jpg (429.91 KB, 1080x1143, 20191016_124158.jpg)

Another one of Laur's socks. So she's gotten banned from Uber, eBay, and PayPal? I know there was something else too. What the fuck does she do?

No. 719417

Somewhere in the first thread, there was a link to a vintage junk forum that called out her ebay listings for >$2000 items as complete scam auctions made with stolen pictures.
She's a gigantic piece of shit even without her Lillee drama. She deliberately put a 1-month handling time on all her auctions so that she could drag shit out until it was too late for the buyers to file a claim with PayPal, then PP globally extended the chargeback window to 180 days. She's mad about the 180 days because that's how she was scamming people.

No. 719420

Iirc, she was a cunt to the people at Uber. Not swearing to it, but I remember reading that she harassed a driver-might have been posted in an old thread?

No. 719421


>"seeing my mom stay up working until 7 in the morning having no contacts in Hollywood"

But, Lillee, your mom is Laur "Prop Master" Trueman, confidant and close personal friend of Hollywood royalty Johnny Depp and The Pinkett-Smiths.

No. 719422

it's as if an alien studied humans by watching broadway plays then tried to live life like a human

No. 719423

File: 1571247418867.jpeg (375.5 KB, 750x955, 2E5FED00-55A4-4F8C-8F84-B2E666…)

She was banned from Etsy too

No. 719424

File: 1571247431668.jpeg (374.66 KB, 750x816, C6373C44-7E83-48BB-80D1-C2849A…)

Shock me shock me, YT has confirmed that Lille and Laur were lying their faces off and did indeed issue the strike against Wildcat and are able to retract the claim.

No. 719427

Wow, I remember reading this now. She's so vile. No wonder she changes her "business" name every fucking month. I'm gonna do some digging later, more people need to know about her scamming. She was probably banned off Etsy for that too.

I'm sorry this is really awful he has to deal with the psycho's wrath, but
>Copyright School

No. 719431

Found the info in the first thread. Anon provided some screenshots about why she was banned from Uber starting from >>>/snow/834950

No. 719432

It really shows she's not quite as stupid and crazy as she acts. She knows how to lie, play dumb, and hit people with a barrage of bullshit. The manipulation techniques work IRL on low level customer-facing employees, and people who just want her to STFU so they can escape.

No. 719451

Has any one ever had a positive interaction with Laur? Hell, has any one had even a mediocre, not good or bad, with her? Everything she comes into contact with turns into a shitstorm.

No. 719461

File: 1571254133062.jpeg (101.75 KB, 1242x1444, 4C45FCA6-0D49-404E-8EB0-45AE0A…)

I didn’t see this Twitter listed anywhere but the one for Laur’s current antiques business is suspended.

No. 719462

File: 1571254265054.jpeg (525.5 KB, 1242x2137, 202559C8-DCB1-4D9E-8015-8A3658…)

She’s apparently doing business on Poshmark. Is it not suspect that none of the attached photos were taken at the same time/place??

No. 719464


I think the leitiques on poshmark is someone else. Or, at least, it's someone with a black lady in their profile pic and their location listed in MI, not NY.

The person in the poshmark pfp also appears to be the same as an eBay store under the same "leitiques" name, same location.

No. 719469

File: 1571256120682.jpeg (257.48 KB, 750x671, 5D04EBD0-053C-4D3A-AEEE-D9A4B6…)

Laur’s account is locked for misgendering James Dee lololololol

No. 719474

File: 1571257059135.png (111.99 KB, 607x641, pos.png)

whoever is running the @notlilleejean account is really making Laur angry today lol. maybe because her account got locked.

No. 719476

No. 719478

>Hitler having a girl fit against the Jews
So articulate, such nuance! She should be narrating history documentaries.

No. 719497

Damn, my bad anon. I guess the name is not that unique after all. The leitiques website is still up and has a New York address that is publicly available. Wonder if Laur would flip out if someone posted it

No. 719521

File: 1571268859898.jpg (279.35 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20191016-193130_Sam…)

This account is killing me

No. 719604

This is a good explanation. LJ's fan accounts just talk about how perfect and amazing she is, and how they wish they had her ~snow white beauty uwu~ instead of their brown skin. She doesn't seem to want friends as much as adoring fans who idolize her every move. Friends hold you accountable, ask favors, and give constructive criticism. They certainly haven't shown signs of wanting anything to do with that.

I think both Laur and LJ are satisfied with playing pretend to some extent. There's no pressure to create interesting content, they can just rehash the same tired makeup looks that LJ does, and they don't need to apologize for any of their racist/homophobic rants because their adoring Iranian bots will always supply the likes.

No. 719611

Even if they can’t figure out how to retract the copyright claim from their account, LJ can actually email YouTube with a statement that they redact the claim, including the URL of the video and an electronic signature. It’s not that they can’t do it; it’s that they don’t want to do it.

No. 719646

File: 1571287623365.jpeg (336.61 KB, 750x931, 9D678673-243C-4EB1-B89D-06CB09…)

Laur’s losing her shit as her socks tonight

No. 719647

Sorry but wtf is “ped”? I enjoy this thread but I can’t understand half of what Laur and her sea lions are spewing.

No. 719652


She means "pedophile." Her daughter is an adult, but Laur has spent so long soft-courting pervs because sex pests have been Lillee's only non-bot audience, that her mind just goes there automatically whenever they get any push-back on their scamming.

No. 719654

File: 1571292083316.jpeg (561.84 KB, 1242x1917, 75DE30DE-7D5D-456F-A08C-6F3C28…)

Deep dive on the antiques businesses has been interesting. Here is an article where someone interviewed Laur about ebay.


No. 719655

File: 1571292145277.jpeg (253.16 KB, 1242x1448, F04810CC-5BDA-4661-8154-9451FF…)

This is a review for Truetiques by a customer

No. 719656

File: 1571292782060.jpeg (62.56 KB, 1242x635, 867235E1-84CD-40D1-B11C-042658…)

This has to be a troll, right?? Comment on a blog about buying followers. Someone even commented about doing it and getting creepy likes from random men.


No. 719657

So anyone mocking 18-year-old Lillee is a pedophile but it’s perfectly okay for Laur to mock and threaten a 19-year-old.

No. 719659

And by Laur's logic, wouldn't anyone with a LJ fan account also be a "ped"?

No. 719670

her latest catwoman video is absurd. she uses a rimmel eyeliner to draw and COLOR IN the mask. i dont mean to nitpick, but a mask could be bought for a dollar, whereas using eyeliner to draw it in seems like such a waste of makeup. and of course, the final result photo on instagram is photoshopped to look like a real mask.

No. 719674

File: 1571297244152.jpg (262.16 KB, 1405x787, uhyiu7yt857.jpg)


The photos of this lewk have been up on instagram for more than half a day, and it has 168 likes. The bots literally had ONE job, and they're blowing it.

(note Lillee's oily, ropey hair. does the new attic not have a shower?)

No. 719691

Omg it looks like she did the early 2000s volume mousse crunchy thing with her hair

No. 719692

File: 1571313204460.png (1.44 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot.png)

look at how fucking shitty this look in her video kek

>I don't edit my pictures

All right lills

No. 719696

File: 1571315372246.jpeg (326.45 KB, 750x747, C7452741-C1E6-45E5-9A40-37358B…)

totally didn’t photoshop this fucking trainwreck guys

No. 719698

File: 1571317007846.png (2.64 MB, 1334x750, 58CEADA4-1455-4A34-9BA4-E00D4F…)

While she isn’t lying that she darkened the mask, the finished product in the video still didn’t look like that.

No. 719699

it's pretty obvious that she's using a filter when she shows her final look as well .. look at the texture of her skin and the colour saturation of the mask.

No. 719703

I know. That mask looks like a real mask after the filter. She’s pulling the “I don’t photoshop” line while omitting she uses filters and face tune. Even the line in her cheeks looks edited in.

No. 719704

Pretty sure this has been posted. The first thread goes in deep into Laur’s eBay scams.

No. 719736

File: 1571331788678.jpeg (88.92 KB, 640x422, 4776D0E5-65A5-4D4B-AC02-63D882…)

Laurs account was just suspended for a few hours, she’s really lost it if she thinks the fbi are interested

No. 719740

File: 1571333045884.jpg (482.67 KB, 1200x770, mdigstK.jpg)

I'm sure the "cyber bullying" of an IG MUA is at the top of the FBI's priority list

No. 719741

File: 1571333222944.png (96.53 KB, 902x449, fbiopenup.png)

Uh oh. I'm sure the callouts are really scared that Twitter and the FBI might now take a closer look at their twitter accounts and…

see proof of Laur:

-inciting terroristic threats
-using multiple sockpuppets to evade user blocks and suspension for TOS violations
-multiple incidents of stalking (cyber and irl) and harassment of completely uninvolved strangers
-gloating over false copyright strikes
-scamming/defrauding beauty brands for contracts with falsely inflated SM analytics
-generally stirring the pot and actively participating in a shitshow of her own making

No. 719742

File: 1571333376682.jpeg (112.3 KB, 640x306, EC6DC754-7876-4962-B432-2973EC…)

She’s trying to get Kiwifarms taken down by outright lying

No. 719744

why is walt disney in parentheses before KF? is she implying they host movies or something? i can't even understand what she's driving at.

No. 719745


The Article made very little sense and it reads like Laur wrote it.

No. 719747

Maybe she thinks Disney owns the Christ Church shooting video and is trying to get KF taken down because of copyright?? Lmao.

Also, if the government didn’t take down KF immediately after the shooting when they were sharing the link to the video, they aren’t gonna give a shit now.

No. 719748

File: 1571336132148.png (50.85 KB, 492x305, Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 1.12.…)

Laur, nothing will happen, no one is afraid of your attempt at threats. there's a lot of legal reasons this would fall flat but the easiest to explain to you is that you cannot defame any one by posting or sharing their own content. No one has to 'sabotage' your dim witted daughter when she posts shit about 'blacks need to get over it' on her own podcast.

No. 719749

File: 1571336253959.jpeg (561.04 KB, 750x1076, 617C307A-FD6D-4565-9B68-FB3987…)

They seem terrified

No. 719750

File: 1571336296433.png (779.04 KB, 1242x2208, EAA10C09-D43A-4B18-93F8-E54059…)

This is such a load of shit.

So, because KF and Disney both appear on Google searches, and KF posted some things that hurt her feelings, she wants to call for big brands like Disney to boycott Google.

Imagine calling to boycott all the websites that hurt your feelings. Should probably boycott FB too while you’re at it because people are meen.

No. 719752

Lol every photo is shooped, filtered, facetuned and it's so easy to tell when you watch a video. I recently found out about her because of a makeup palette I bought and at the time she was one of the only people with a video. It was seriously disturbing to watch her facial expressions! She always looks like she's about to murder someone.
Also I'm sure it's been mentioned probably a few times but it's fucking hilarious that she has 1M IG followers and less than 3k on YT. But they're totally all real.

No. 719755

>you have received a complete report with case number from #fbi

Jesus Laura, learn how to english

No. 719761

And it's like okay Laur. What's the case number?

No. 719762


Okay, but in order to participate in this takedown, Laur and Lillee would have to boycott Disney and apple. They can't put their phones down to stop tweeting about how much Lillee looks like Rapunzel for more than a few hours at a time.

No. 719764

Does she think she's the first one ever to contact every form of law enforcement, including the FBI, on the ~hate sites~? I mean the Ostrenga's do exist so I mean…. we can see how far their efforts went.

No. 719781

Didn’t Laur already contact police and the FBI about Moon and got upset that they did nothing?

No. 719787

Laur litterly calls peoples jobs trying to get them fired because of a hate comment which is a infringment, I dont know usa law but I am sure in any western law that is a treat or forbidden. So why is she the one to call the fbi lol.
If she can't handle all of this with a (real) follower and engagement count of this low, how does she think she could manage if it would go higher.

No. 719790

File: 1571347487651.jpeg (165.27 KB, 750x834, E5E1BA16-DEB6-47DD-A895-6B843E…)

9 hours after a skincare video was posted on Instagram and LJ has 26 comments. 3 are from whatsyourvibez, a page that LJ states is hers, and 3 more are Lillee Jean replying to herself.

There are also 4 replies to the ljeanfp account. I have that page blocked but assume it means they posted 4 times from that account.

No. 719793

File: 1571348361402.jpg (71.31 KB, 400x702, masterpiece.jpg)

Lilz is feeling inspired by recent events to do an art

No. 719795

I honestly think they believe they can just make up for all the purged bot followers by commenting themselves a bunch of times. Honestly maybe they can, Instagram obviously doesn't give a shit about their spamming or they would've been gone a while ago so…

No. 719798

File: 1571348867603.jpg (240.63 KB, 594x2180, 83w9rybniewut.jpg)

Laur is really having a tough day today.

No. 719801

File: 1571349501667.jpg (212.38 KB, 868x1378, aujkdfu83e4r.jpg)

No. 719810

i too would like to know who an extension.

No. 719845

I don't think Arpanet is talking about Laur and Lillee tonight, but just incase he does, he's live right now.

I would die laughing if he started the podcast by wildly throwing his arms up and going "HI JEANIEZ!!!" but I'm a dreamer.

No. 719851

As always, cliffs appreciated if there's LJ/Laur info involved. Personally, can't stand him or the way he talks…

No. 719853

I do believe that Wildcat is doing a live stream about Laur tonight though.

No. 719855

File: 1571358916519.jpeg (276.65 KB, 750x800, 0A92C23E-4546-494B-BF8E-15FCA4…)

No. 719856

File: 1571359148086.jpeg (501.47 KB, 1242x1995, EC153016-2655-468D-B11B-A5AC73…)

When you buy the likes before you buy the views

No. 719866

Starting to suspect Laur regularly drunk tweets

No. 719869

…are the eyes and lips copy pasted? Even the sleeves look pasted in

No. 719871

Used to teach ESL and sometimes the only way I can understand her writing is by speaking it out loud.
That plus your observations makes me think Laur is a wine-mom troll trash-talk2texting on social media.

Not to thirst-post but I think his autism is kinda cute, even though he touches the poo.

No. 719882

File: 1571363036657.jpg (106.57 KB, 1078x358, Screenshot_20191017-214322_Sam…)


No. 719887

File: 1571363374200.jpg (227.77 KB, 1073x815, Screenshot_20191017-214835_Sam…)

Wasn't her Twitter verified?

No. 719889

File: 1571363720256.jpg (321.82 KB, 720x685, 20191017_205256.jpg)

I think it was,yea.
Unrelated, but Laur is spree posting a bunch of two and three year old posts LJ did. I would sure hate to see the unedited version of this, oof.

No. 719891

she's probably trying to clean up the #lilleejean tag

No. 719894

The eye shoop makes the rest of her face look greasier and bumpier.

Not doing this girl any favors by posting this nasty shit.

No. 719896

Is this real? She actually posted a picture of a school bus for disabled children to insult someone? In the midst of her anti-bullying crusade?

She also seems to care about education a lot for someone who went out of her way to make sure her daughter didn't have one.

No. 719903

She forgot to add that the “defamation” must also be UNTRUE, and not matters of opinion, or any statement that would infringe on someone’s 1A rights.
I can’t find it now but I know 1000% that Laur has claimed multiple times she “just got off the phone with Twitter.”

Lmao. I think the anon added that, not Laur.

No. 719904


Only her Instagram was/is, which is why they made a big hoot of it when it got verified around the time of the 2nd or 3rd thread.

No. 719907

File: 1571369156005.jpg (543.78 KB, 1440x1260, Screenshot_20191017-223428.jpg)

Laurs trying to cop a sponsorship

No. 719911

File: 1571370192610.jpg (257.07 KB, 1027x1200, lol_no.jpg)

No. 719913

Lord, why. I feel like I'm going nuts not figuring out what the fuck is the point. They know their followers and engagement are fake, they've spent thousands maintaining it, all so they can get a, what, $30 bottle of shampoo for free?

Madness. I especially love how Laur hashtags #FBI as if anyone uses or checks it.

No. 719917

File: 1571370782880.jpeg (309.24 KB, 750x959, 3E0CAEBB-D54C-4DB5-A63B-8785A0…)

Capcomm2020 showed up just in time for another mass reporting campaign. Any bets on WCT_Wildcat & JamesDee’s accounts surviving the night?

No. 719920

File: 1571371271344.png (2.74 MB, 1334x750, 90A3FA07-84B1-4FE6-8C5F-71CE9D…)

This is just sloppy application

No. 719926

yeah no, if that's what they use i'd like to stay far away from it

No. 719928

File: 1571374652253.jpeg (161.62 KB, 1242x755, ECC7F293-0F25-40A8-B815-EC027C…)

She is just parroting what is said when someone points out her sock accounts, but with terrible grammar. It’s obvious that she home schooled LJ, because they form sentences the same way

No. 719929

File: 1571374744043.jpeg (207.36 KB, 1242x1601, 8BF04FAB-17F9-4818-891D-F26A1B…)

This sock is also protected but it has no followers kek

No. 719964

This happened a month or two ago but, while they're asleep… Does anyone remember when Lillee said something about someone on KF named "lamp shade"? I can't remember what it was but it was hilarious. It was along the lines of "it's sad someone has to hide behind furniture to feel comfortable with themselves" lmao.

No. 719967

Yea they were pretty active on the thread at the time.

No. 719971

That’s me. I said in a post that she didn’t have friends and that hurt her feelings so she tried to tweet a clever comeback to her mom’s sock accounts.

No. 719973

File: 1571404202635.jpeg (177.14 KB, 750x554, 4E85E728-0815-47CE-9C59-960CE6…)

I actually found it. Sorry, I was looking for her reply.

No. 719986

File: 1571410427606.jpeg (304.33 KB, 2048x2048, AEEACD89-8615-4BEB-8AC0-3EFD22…)

She’s deleting tweets and privated both of the sock accounts she used to harass other JamesDee. His comments about contacting twitter scared her.

No. 719991

File: 1571411576939.jpeg (190.08 KB, 750x485, A13416A2-509E-4F99-816B-C7A582…)

This tweet actually seems to apply to Laur. Keep burning your lies Laur, because what she can’t back up is that it was YT that took down wildcats video when their own proof shows it was requested by them. They can’t back up the threats, the people showing up at their house etc because it never actually happened

No. 720002

File: 1571415852064.png (77.3 KB, 483x420, Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 11.22…)

You mean like insisting they never called any one's job until the recording came out showing they did?
Or the numerous lies about partnership with brands, pretending to be guests at public events or purchasing tickets to attend?
The sock puppets, the buying followers, the ebay fraud…Yea, Laur is a beacon of truth…

No. 720007

Except that people keep providing the evidence? This lady just wants to believe Laur so bad rather than admitting she’s wrong and got duped too.

No. 720009

There was also the screenshot that Laur and Lillee provided as proof that YT automatically took down the WCT video and they had nothing to do with it…which showed that they made the removal request.

No. 720012

Of all the people you could support in an armchair warrior sense, who in their right mind would pick Laur and Lillee? Even if you believe that they are being truthful, they are not compelling or clever or friendly people, they only show interest in others to help themselves and LJ's content is at best mediocre and not really worth saving.
These idiots can ask for receipts all they like, but it's weird that none of them can even acknowledge Lillee's complete lack of engagement for an account with 1 million followers, combined with the fact that a good 50% plus of comments on her account come from the exact same set of weirdly similar accounts that seem to exist only to send low effort heart emojis to LJ.
It's genuinely so baffling that anyone would give a fuck to protect either of them that I can only put it down to them being equally insane and pathetic too.

No. 720016


Captcomm/EdFokker I can see really vibing with Laur and Lillee, especially since that dude is super horny for anime and cartoon boobs, so Lillee's content is right up his alley.

The sealions, though…I am convinced that if their Debate King hadn't latched onto Laur and demanded that all his trolls fall into line, I think Lils and Laur would be the exact type of people they would normally target as low hanging fruit for troll fodder.

No. 720050

File: 1571428459185.jpg (235.8 KB, 1406x726, uhf823b ev099.jpg)

Runway Rogue is using LJ's "barbie" photo with the wonky eyes. I can't tell if the right lash is drooping because it was applied badly, or if Lillee goofed and used two totally different styles of falsie on each eye.

Either way, it makes her left eye look like it's bigger/wider open than her right.

No. 720051

File: 1571428499630.jpeg (122.7 KB, 962x725, ED262962-DEC1-4D94-816C-CACB98…)


No. 720053

That photo of Lillee is fucking terrifying.

No. 720064

File: 1571434587141.jpg (536.21 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20191018-171517_You…)

In her new video on Milk makeup, at about 5:25 when she's referring to using their foundation stick, she says
>You guys know with my ABH, I add oil all the time, that's what you have to do when you have dry skin. But I did want to show you pro bono what it looks like.
Does she not know what "pro bono" means…? Kek.
I guess Milk sent her "goodies". Which probably technically is true, but they ordered them off their website.

Side note, I can't stand how she pats certain product into her skin really lightly to the point where it's not even blending, yet pulls really hard with other stuff. She also put blush and bronzer on her upper lip, and blush in her eye crease. Nothing she does or says makes sense.

No. 720067


>Does she not know what "pro bono" means…?

She and Laur have this strange verbal tick where they get, like, stuck on a particular word (often each of them will fixate on the same word at the same time.) You can tell, because they will insert said word in just about everything they say for a few days at a time, even when the word doesn't make sense to use in the sentence.

Recently, they got stuck on "psychologically." I guarantee that Laur has been frantically googling legal terms and cheap lawyers to try to find a way to threaten people into silence, and she probably got stuck on "Pro Bono."

No. 720082


That's definitely not the definition of spastic. Is she trying to say "schizophrenic"? No wonder LJ is book dumb if Laur homeschooled her.

No. 720084


This is hilarious. I have friends who do things in movies to do with the sound production, and unless it's a very small production overall they rarely ever get to meet the cast. Laur is just pretending to be important again, like how Patricia Hartmann PERSONALLY INVITED them to a show….that they bid on tickets for…

No. 720090

File: 1571442835268.jpeg (252.2 KB, 828x1162, 50005EEC-A3C0-4A41-9928-137FC5…)

Ut oh has the manworm turned? First bit of chief sea lion couldn’t suspend his disbelief long enough to go along with her misunderstanding of fair use… I can’t imagine she’s going to react well. She’s also calling him “the king” and riding his dick to keep him on side. But will it last? Stay tuned for impending überchimpout

No. 720110

So creepshow art is making a video?

No. 720117

File: 1571448229521.jpeg (286.79 KB, 750x797, B17C2C57-923C-4807-8AC0-E781E4…)

They are now saying it was accidental and that they hit the wrong button. Mmmmhmmm.

Hopefully once this is fixed wildcat leaves up the stream.

No. 720122

But they never contacted anyone, Youtube did it on their own!!!
This is why everyone calls you a liar, Laur. Because you lie. Constantly.

No. 720124

File: 1571449223406.jpeg (353.73 KB, 750x797, 08685E41-DADC-45FE-A324-260F6E…)

Very convenient that Steve offered up the possibility of the report being accidental before Laur publicly stated that…

No. 720125

File: 1571449301624.jpeg (300.82 KB, 750x872, E4838C3C-DF79-4381-B9FF-6712ED…)

But Lillee previously tweeted that she took action. People need to keep their stories straight if heard going to make stuff up.

No. 720131

File: 1571450873281.jpeg (407.57 KB, 746x1090, C37C40B7-1554-4BE3-9109-76B6A9…)

Why is this Steve guy just glossing over the fact that Laur outright lies about webcast downloading and reuploading Lillee’s video? Like they are totally ok with her lies because conveniently they just are “mistakes”.

No. 720133

File: 1571451551411.jpeg (288.61 KB, 750x816, 867FF076-8CF1-467A-8FCF-E81C21…)

Time to get the victim narrative going again.

No. 720134

File: 1571451818962.jpg (447.61 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20191018-221645_Sam…)

This is like the fifth thing the sea-lions criticized her "haters" for that applies directly to them and only them.

We can think critically, we can read between the lines. We can add two and two together, but we also aren't trying to gain fans for our debate podcast or fuck anyone, so we can apply logic to both sides.

These people are such fucking losers, it's honestly painful. I guess when you exist in an echo chamber of censorship long enough this is what happens.

No. 720136

Truly a nitpick, but these cows have no concept of how to use a comma correctly. I’ve seen them both make the same mistake multiple times. Commas don’t just get thrown in before an “and.” Somebody needs a new grammar and syntax lesson in the attic.

No. 720145

File: 1571454256935.jpg (230.35 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20191018-224801_Sam…)

Hahaha! They really can convince themselves of anything. They'd seriously cape for a pedo and give some shitty excuse like "well I didn't see any context to when he said he fucked kids, maybe someone was holding a gun to his head and forcing him to say that". Or if there was video proof they'd say it must've been a mistake and maybe he was acting for a movie. Must be pretty cozy, never being wrong about anything.

No. 720146


>infiinitie wiseman

Laur's pills kicking in mid-tweet

No. 720147


So when she says "Milk sent me goodies" she means "I bought stuff off the internet". Is she doing that faux-influencer thing where people pretend brands have sent them products??

No. 720150

Honestly the way they write and speak is awful.

I really hope that Megan answers “Why yes, I will quit speaking with you on Twitter. Once you apologize to Lauren Elyse, QoB, Arpanet, delete your racist sock accounts and block all of your purchased followers.”

No. 720197

File: 1571476552280.jpeg (899.04 KB, 1242x2688, F6EE7C85-A9EB-418A-9DCD-1D232E…)

The moment she gets an slight criticism from a REAL viewer she flips and has to send in her mommy’s sock accounts to assist. This is why their deluded plan of buying fakes to get real followers will never work, because these 2 choose to live in their own fantasy world where they can’t accept any criticism or admit they may be wrong.

No. 720198

File: 1571476780307.jpeg (548.71 KB, 1228x2688, 11DFE383-4BEA-469A-B616-4266E2…)

Again, can’t even admit she’s wrong. I don’t think I get the joke..

No. 720211

ah, there goes that backhanded little "im so pale teehee" complimenting herself again. so gross.

No. 720223

File: 1571489586333.jpg (191.74 KB, 1080x618, Screenshot_20191019-080321_Sam…)

LOL the beginning of her videos gets me everytime.

Chesh fucking irritates me to no end. Because she's a ~nErDy gUrL~ she can say anything and her clan of autists will back her up. To them, some homely asylum escapee with crazy eyes who looks like she models for Seroquel and sits there all day referencing an infographic of babbys first logical fallacies is nothing short of a dream.
Scrolling through her Tweets is a trip. She uses the same defenses and rebuttals over and over.
>Explain how I'm incorrect?
>Logical fallacy!
>Not my job to find evidence
>subject change
>BLOCKT! Looks like I won!
>You didn't answer my question.
>I'm a trash goblin, what do you expect?
>Nuance! Discourse! Mass flagging! Bullies! Trolls! (And other buzzwords)
Repeat ad nauseam. All day every day. You wonder how someone gets to this point.

No. 720228

File: 1571490360645.png (89.65 KB, 800x434, 1564642666638.png)

Samefag sorry, and this is old milk but I forgot Laur tried to pretty much extort the University of Georgia and get someone kicked out because they criticized LJ. This should be added onto the list of peoples livelihoods she tried to come for.

No. 720232

Pure GOTIS. There are no words for the level of disdain I have for men who help create GOTIS, when they would have busted another guy's balls for the exact same shit.

No. 720239

File: 1571493964944.jpg (460.35 KB, 1080x1319, 20191019_094131.jpg)

I think that's exactly why they all get under my skin so bad. And I'm sure she thinks she's "one of the guys".

Sweet Heathen is Steve's girlfriend who is now jumping in. It's really irritating that people think LJ is immune to criticism because of her age. You can still be a liar and running a scam at 18, since to them things like racism and homophobia aren't bad. The reason she's the way she is in the first place is precisely FROM lack of criticism, Laur just told her she was perfect her whole life and look at the result. The sea-lions frame the situation to make it look like we're all jealous of free makeup and that we're chasing around some sweet innocent young girl whose worst sin is mAyBe buying a few followers. It just goes to show how willfully uninformed and ignorant they are.

Monday this Creepshow person is supposed to come out with a video on LJ. Seems she has a pretty decent following, so I'm excited.

No. 720258

File: 1571498887990.jpeg (440.71 KB, 750x1129, 1F612A1E-1259-44E9-90C1-78F700…)

Love watching these idiots struggle when confronted with their own tactics.

No. 720268

File: 1571501325403.jpeg (353.19 KB, 1125x1866, 24DA39B9-4605-414E-B6F7-4E0F3C…)

Bullying 15 year olds isn’t a good look, Laur.

No. 720272

It's like somebody dredged up a bunch of boomers straight off facebook. Lillee and her mom act like a pair of butthurt 12 year olds experiencing DeviantArt for the first time, and these people encourage it. They are treating two adults with the kid gloves that people didn't even use on actual kids until smartphones turned the whole internet into a daycare.

No. 720273


> who looks like she models for Seroquel

you killed me anon, ily.

Do we even know why these people are defending Laur and Lillee ? Like how did it come to that? Ive been following this saga since the first thread but somehow one day trash goblin & co just came and where defending them out of nowhere.

No. 720274

iirc, a character named Without a Crystal Ball was about to do an “expose” on LJ and Skeptic Steve and the Sealions swooped in because Crystal Ball and Steve have some past issues. Laur gave Steve her “We’re victims of cyber bullying too” that Steve and co. ate right up.

No. 720275

The video appears to have been removed. Caught in the act there, Laur.

No. 720289

File: 1571509185999.jpeg (281.96 KB, 750x733, 5D7320D9-D23A-4A17-BEA9-37E3FF…)

Grabbed this from one of the callout accounts. Screenshot from a recording of messages sent by CaptComm2020. He talks about sending Laur & Lillee after his perceived internet foes twice. How mature.

No. 720295

File: 1571514279120.jpeg (88.72 KB, 828x345, 10063398-5B3D-4D4E-B2B5-DDE94C…)

Laur takes a moment to look up her DSM 5 diagnosis in the dictionary.

No. 720298

Currently doing a deep dive attempt but it's SO. HARD. These people honestly have no life besides arguing day in and day out about low hanging fruit to make them feel smart so it's almost impossible to dig out anything of substance, especially when I have to sift through a million tweets about whether an "a" infront of "theist" means "without belief in gods".

From what I'm gathering, there was a falling out between Steve and his "Non-Sequitur Show" co-host a few months ago that resulted in Steve going solo on his own YouTube channel. Now there's some lawsuit and the two dislike each other. It seems like he's trying to build his channel up now. My theory is he's trying to grow it to spite his old co-host. But, I can't understand why he thinks 1 million Jeaniez is the right audience to try to grab at. Going against all logic and assuming they were real, what makes him think a bunch of girls interested in makeup (presumably preteens with a name like "Jeaniez") would have any interest overlap with a bunch of older men who debate semantics on atheism and flat earth theory? Unless maybe they really are just that disconnected and think any "publicity" is good.

No. 720308

This is so disgusting. Laur insults anyone who asks perfectly reasonable questions, even if they're kids. They can't handle anyone commenting who isn't a sock/bot, because that means they have to deal with real opinions and not just a string of heart emojis. They're probably gonna call this kid's principal and ask for her to be expelled for "cyberbullying" poor defenseless Lillee uwu.

No idea how anyone defends these self-serving cows when they are so quick to demean and abuse everyone to protect their fragile ego.

No. 720309

File: 1571519773976.jpg (293.43 KB, 810x1393, Screenshot_20191017-154132_Ins…)

No. 720310

File: 1571520161449.jpg (513.99 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20191019-163418_Sam…)

The callout accounts have been trolling Chesh and she doesn't realize it and it's nothing short of hilarious.

No. 720313

File: 1571520196243.jpg (131.45 KB, 1080x405, 20191019_172027.jpg)

Also, this gem came outta the whole thing.

No. 720319

File: 1571521991268.jpeg (371.5 KB, 750x860, F2CF6618-E25D-40EB-9885-D67972…)

JamesDee blocked Cheshire because he was informed she was 17 (wtf). None of these idiots can understand why a grown man wouldn’t want to talk to minor on twitter.

No. 720324


Is she using her own sock as an enemy now? Who the fuck is Sonia if not her own sock.

No. 720325


LOLOLOL King Steve's most loyal troll is a literal child. No wonder her rhetoric is middle-school tier. All these old ass men propping her up as some kind of twitter debate assassin have got to be losers who got laughed at by the popular kids in gym class back in 1991 and formed their whole personality around that rejection like the world's most pathetic pearl.

No. 720327


Sonia is also the name of the 19 y.o. pregnant callout who Laur threatened with CPS.

No. 720332

File: 1571523889070.jpeg (368.39 KB, 750x905, 966CE355-BF19-41E2-9338-639884…)

Laur is trying to trick James into unblocking Cheshire by stating she said she wasn’t a minor. This is super fucked up. An adult set clear boundaries of not wanting to deal with kids on twitter and Laur just completely ignores it and lies.

No. 720335

Ahh. Hard to keep track of all her “enemies”.

>clearly an adult
Wow. So apparently Laur can tell if someone is a minor or not just by looking at them. James was smart to block her if she is a minor.

No. 720336

I'm the anon who originally posted that I thought Chesh could be a minor. It came from her tweet replies to someone but I couldn't tell if it was a joke or not, I'm not sure if anyone else saw. I'm gonna look for the screenshot I got. It seems like I was correct however because I have no doubt in my mind she'd post 16 different forms of proof if it wasn't the case. She hasn't even denied it.

No. 720343

File: 1571526131637.jpg (307.12 KB, 1080x1284, 20191019_190053.jpg)

Okay here, sorry.

No. 720344

File: 1571526307504.jpg (187.26 KB, 1080x868, 20191019_190038.jpg)

Also there is a long ass livestream on her YouTube called "Happy birthday Chesh" that is what the other person was referring to if anyone feels like digging into it. So I'm guessing she just turned 17 too. Bunch of fucking creeps.

No. 720353

File: 1571527527864.jpeg (279.44 KB, 750x630, 32E24B57-2BD6-4309-9347-DB4316…)

Laur sure can pick those friends

No. 720362

File: 1571528641902.jpg (74.05 KB, 907x781, uyh91784yg.jpg)

I can't tell if Lillee is trying to pass off a pleated chiffon skirt as a dress or if it's just a poorly-cut dress that doesn't fit her.

No. 720364

File: 1571528814439.jpg (81.34 KB, 904x761, 899827364863.jpg)


Me again. I was right, it's a fucking skirt.

"I altered it" LOL Lils

No. 720372

>>720362 she looks like a fat and short pretty pastel please kek

No. 720376

I like that color on her, but yea, that looks so cheap and sloppy. Might be passable as a swimsuit wrap but not a dress.

No. 720378

File: 1571532410823.jpeg (252.03 KB, 640x702, 884959E6-412E-4F2B-83A0-2C921D…)

It looks like Laur and one of the sealions have been tweeting and bullying Sonya for hours.

No. 720379


anyone know where she could be going tonight? also, what happened to that "red carpet event" she and laur were meant to be attending last week? they never posted any pics or spoke of it again.

No. 720380

That is 100% a wrap skirt. I’m almost positive I have the same one and it’s from forever 21. I have to disagree and say the color does not flatter her. She’s way too pale to pull of a pale pink. It just washes her out.

No. 720381

She legit pulled the bodice of the dress above her chest to make it a malformed babydoll-cut dress. Some “alterations” there.

No. 720383

Ummm it’s fucking late October and getting pretty darn chilly. Has it been so long since she left the attic that she has no idea what weather is?

No. 720384

File: 1571533383486.png (497.75 KB, 590x774, hobbitbutmakeitfashion.png)


I actually see it now, I think you're right. The bodice was probably simultaneously too tight around her waist and sagging/flapping open at the bust, given the proportions of her torso.

Looking at where the hem is falling after her "alteration," I'm thinking the bottom of the dress was probably also dragging on the floor, like so.

No. 720386

File: 1571533441681.jpeg (133.91 KB, 640x343, 6968E8B3-633D-4342-BE57-9D2710…)

I’m stalking Laur’s tweets and replies. Looks like Lilz is going on a date.

No. 720388

If Laur really wanted Lillee to look like an "influencer" or celebrity, she should really get her clothes tailored or buy petite and get the right fucking size.

No. 720389


Ah, so she's not actually leaving the attic after all.

No. 720390

File: 1571533714538.jpeg (200.7 KB, 640x692, 1D497129-9F5B-4444-9A33-8BC957…)

Laur is getting confused.

No. 720394

It looks like she wrapped herself up in a curtain.

No. 720396

File: 1571534330972.jpeg (324.46 KB, 750x989, D478520A-6D32-43E9-B767-1E8B53…)

Laur makes more transphobic comments

No. 720399

File: 1571534970851.jpeg (279.33 KB, 750x684, 022B8712-5711-4426-A51E-BC9AC7…)

Lauren Elyse never said she set Laur up though?

No. 720404

File: 1571535938156.jpeg (102.95 KB, 750x409, 0A74E8CB-1A69-4163-830C-A1220C…)

Oh we may get to see Pheepy in a week (as if)

No. 720414

File: 1571537472674.png (546.48 KB, 1618x1365, 129845656320-883.png)

Laur tried to baleet the evidence, but I think I managed to catch all of it before she purged her transphobia.

No. 720418

File: 1571537742004.jpeg (347.39 KB, 2048x2048, 8DCBC781-6D09-4DCA-9041-DBF6F7…)


(thx KF)

No. 720421

This juxtaposed next to screenshots from raycarl10's page could really be the nail in the coffin for her once woke Twitter gets a whiff of it. I say this, but deep down I know somehow she'll slither out unscathed.

I swear on my life, the other day I was on one of Lillee's "fan" pages and one of the related accounts was a Danzig tribute page.

No. 720424

Why they gotta drag Danzig like that, lol..

I feel like they do lurk here and at least paid some attention to when they got heaps of crap for the last couple 'events' where LJ showed up in stuff like this >>720384
there were plenty of constructive comments about how poorly she looks in unflattering/ill fitting clothes. So she decided to mutilate a skirt into a better outfit for her.
Ladies, learn to sew or hire someone. Your daughter is short and she's got some weird proportions but if youre trying to make her a beauty influencer, you can't be doing shit like this. Skip buying followers for one month or two and put that towards tailoring some pieces for Lj.

No. 720425

File: 1571538265245.jpeg (72.42 KB, 960x960, gross.jpeg)

outside reflects the inside

No. 720427

>why did the chicken cross the road

She is completely incapable of admitting when she is wrong and literally retorts to 3rd grade antics. Her troll game is pathetic and sad for a grown ass woman.

No. 720428

File: 1571538676666.jpg (82.53 KB, 750x725, EHSUmCzWsAE-VWS.jpg)

Laur is calling a 19-year-old working two jobs for a tragedy when her own goblin of a child hasn't earned even a single dollar for herself.

No. 720432

>attacking a pregnant young woman working multiple jobs to provide for her child

Jesus Laur.

No. 720436

File: 1571540036855.jpeg (357.78 KB, 750x1007, DE2924A4-FFA2-4211-8389-00B911…)

Who tweets on a date? Note my time is 2 hours difference than NY so it would be just before 11 pm there when this was posted.

No. 720437

File: 1571540081676.jpeg (113.42 KB, 578x319, download.jpeg)

The attic-dweller, jobless nut calling a hardworking mother "pathetically sad"

No. 720440

Built like a pink brick
I truly can't fathom why Laur would claim, L is a size 2 when any picture of her could prove otherwise

No. 720444

File: 1571540499991.jpeg (343.77 KB, 1242x1668, F11D8566-7D7B-48D1-BD92-C63ECB…)

Steve threatening a 19 y/o pregnant woman. Good look right there

No. 720445

It’s pathetically sad that this grown woman is harassing this 19 year old. She should re-evaluate herself.

No. 720446

I love this. Peak Laur tweet. Insults, sexist jabs at a soon-to-be mother, and blatant lack of self-awareness. She trash-talks a person only a year older than her daughter (who she seems to think is still just a kid) who is working multiple jobs, while her and LJ continue to run their instagram scam out of an attic with their multiple personalities and Disney dolls.

She sounds so bitter and angry. I guess the years of social isolation will do that to you.

No. 720447

File: 1571540622128.png (698.37 KB, 1814x1628, rtr.png)


Found the dress. She definitely wore it like that because it didn't fit her, but crammed up under her armpits like that, she looks like she got out of the shower and couldn't find a towel.


No. 720449

File: 1571540910379.jpeg (152.58 KB, 1242x564, ADD83525-500D-4E91-831E-B3E200…)

Also she thinks she is well known. Ok sure maybe a bit infamous now but I agree with other anons, she is living vicariously through LJ and wants attention for herself

No. 720455

File: 1571541291562.jpeg (184.71 KB, 1242x787, EC98AAF9-249C-4774-8F20-293CFA…)

Wait… so Laur says teenagers should be out partying with their friends, yet LJ has no friends irl and doesn’t leave the attic?? I know it’s been said before, but it does seem like she would rather LJ have bots and fake friends than real ones that might steal her away

No. 720457

File: 1571541468012.jpeg (238.79 KB, 1242x1136, 8CB1473C-025F-4D12-BCB5-5F8D60…)

The last sentence lmaof

No. 720458


keep up, anon. Laur is super famous in hollywood circles because she once sold a rusty can of chewing tobacco from 1957 that was used as a prop in a movie.

No. 720459

File: 1571541809647.jpeg (217.83 KB, 640x711, 259A44B8-1986-4719-B5AC-CD3A06…)

Sonia has said herself she didn’t even know what Lolcow was. Why is Laur saying she’s a member?

No. 720461


Of course they are, Laur. That's why Lillee has lost all her "ambassador" codes and is resorting to buying used, months-old PR and begging for scraps from brands who will send anyone with an instagram account a free sample if they ask.

No. 720462

This is so bizarre. Why not just find a length that suits you instead of taking a mid-length dress and wrapping it around yourself? She looks like she's wearing a sack.

>18/19 year olds should just party with their friends!
>no mention of job/education
She really cannot accept her daughter is an adult and should be doing something other than commenting heart emojis to sock accounts.

No. 720467

File: 1571543657758.png (863.8 KB, 912x2902, 10487564563023.png)

I think I'm probably tinfoiling, but this account popped up in the followers of a lot of the callouts in the last day or so. It showed up right around the time that CaptComm2020 resurfaced frantically trying to get Laur's attention.

No tweets, no likes, and the profile pic isn't sourced from the usual callout AI face generator.

No. 720472

File: 1571546151319.jpeg (212.23 KB, 750x611, 787274B3-FB84-476E-BB9E-D184D5…)

Hasn’t Laur done this plenty? Is that how she knows?

No. 720474


lolololo no it's fucking not. laur is like a simple minded child.

>"if you turn off the lights in the bathroom, turn around twice, and tweet at the fbi three times, special agents will appear and arrest you for doing a cybercrime"

No. 720475

File: 1571546981298.jpg (98.23 KB, 658x813, 9048476652-22-4459.jpg)

Laur is on a roll tonight

No. 720476

File: 1571547318732.jpg (134.5 KB, 907x807, 0302482.jpg)

No. 720477

File: 1571547473354.jpeg (221.87 KB, 750x450, A942D387-9979-428B-B544-C1DD8C…)

No. 720478

File: 1571547574388.jpeg (208.89 KB, 750x389, 71274285-7B13-468B-80CB-843DD1…)

No. 720481

File: 1571548121967.jpeg (336.94 KB, 750x714, D46A40D4-FC46-4BE2-B521-932CB0…)

She’s claiming she walked around all night on a date with her fucking shoes unstrapped?!?! No way. The straps would be all over the place and her feet would be slipping out.

No. 720483

it looks like she took them out of the little loops at the back? why though? just wear some strappy open toes or something.

No. 720484

Her husband Alexis Ohanian left reddit (again) last year, Laur.

No. 720486


She has thick ankles, relative to the size of her feet. Just like the rest of what she wears, she's probably in denial about the size of her feet and buys standard or narrow shoes, instead of wide or plus size with straps large enough to accommodate the girth of her ankles.

No. 720487

Why would they rent a dress for a fake date? Laur claimed last week they had an event coming up. It was suspected they were trying to pass the Natasha Denona meet & greet off as a VIP event. Did they cancel the plan after being mocked by us & the callout accounts but still had a dress for it? Was there another event and they got uninvited? No way Laur would spend money on renting a dress so Lillee could prance around the attic with her Ken doll pretending it was Pheepy.

No. 720489

Is there any signs that there is actually a boyfriend?

No. 720490

File: 1571551088046.jpeg (311.38 KB, 1242x1633, 9085B67C-4459-4A27-8EAC-C478ED…)

I don’t remember anyone bringing this up, but the agreement included this dude taking down the video and never talking about them again. So he has no strike, but his fair use video was removed. No wonder Laur keeps pulling this shit, because they keep winning with these bullshit tactics. That actually infuriates me. This is why the YouTube copyright system sucks (oh and companies stealing ad revenue from content creators, that too)

No. 720518

And cue a new fake sockpuppet account of the “boyfriend”. Maybe he’ll be a black Muslim transman for them extra points. He’ll like all her tweets, have nothing on his profile about himself or his family, just shilling LJ with 1000 heart emoji’s.

Let’s be honest, the only way laur would ever let LJ date (and the only ones who would be insane enough to date LJ) is if it was some creepy, moderately wealthy, middle aged, white, sugar daddy. She wouldn’t share the attention at all, unless she got paid for it. ESP bc she sexualizes her daughter constantly, like >>720436 having her push her dress over her tits. The top parts of dresses usually have thicker/more opaque material so your nips don’t shine through, with the bottom being more thinner/translucent. Weird af.

No. 720528

File: 1571557461376.jpg (206.96 KB, 720x735, Screenshot_20191020-003029_You…)

Saw this in my feed. I haven't seen any videos on Lillie, atleast not that I know of. The youtuber has a decent amount of subscribers, so I think It'll get attention. They can't take any critisism, so I'm curious to see how this goes.

No. 720530

File: 1571558277170.jpg (788.04 KB, 1080x1669, 20191020_035603.jpg)

No. 720531


This has literally been talked about extensively in the two most recent threads. There have been two other youtubers (Arpanet and Wildcat) who did videos on Lillee in the past few weeks.

Creepshow has a much bigger (legit) following, so if Lillee pulls her usual fake copyright/privacy strike shenanigans I don't know if things will go her way this time.

No. 720533


None unless you count a note that "came with flowers" (usually written by florists themselves from dictation by client).

No. 720534


At least 6 of the commenters on that post are LJ or her mom. Does she not have any sense of how embarrassing that is? It would look better to have no comments!

No. 720540

File: 1571560156085.jpg (63.78 KB, 892x373, 4847500243.jpg)


So, she's got the rented dress on the right way, and sure enough the neckline is drooping. I'm surprised she didn't just go ahead and take the fake date photo with her boobs nearly falling out, anyway. That's her go-to tactic to up her engagement.

Look is same-face again, hair looking oily/crispy.

She already did a video using the Fairy Lights palette like a month ago, and I can't find anyone else talking about it anywhere, this time of year beautubers usually have a big deal, over the top holiday release PR bonanza, so Lillee revisiting this $20 cardboard palette no one cares about is pretty sad. She also posted that Poison Ivy tutorial on twitter yet again.

Recycling content that no one wanted the first time around. Lillee is so good at this.

No. 720555

My tinfoil is that they did go to the free meet and greet event for ND, but they're going to wait until there's another one scheduled then post all the pictures and play it off like they were exclusively invited. I wouldn't put it past her at all to put on a dress to sit in the attic and pretend it was a date. The language they use actually says a lot, so we'll need to look for that. Like how on Lillee's website there are like 30 brands listed she's "worked with", which technically is true in the loosest sense of the word- she has bought and applied their makeup. You know if it was anything real we'd never hear the end of it. Honestly, I'd be surprised if there weren't more cease and desists, I find it hard to believe they only got ONE when they so blatantly misrepresent any semblance of a relationship with any brand. Brands can't be that stupid for this long, one look at LJ's page usually takes you to Laur's, and Laur's five most recent tweets at any given time should be more than enough to turn any brand off.

No. 720556

Lol er IG is about to get spammed by alwayslookin4talent and her youtube by Sonia Gianelli

No. 720559

If you check out the comments on Creepshow's coming soon post they are absolutely dragging her to filth based on little more than a screengrab of LJ's face. Laur probably doesn't realise how gentle the vast majority of criticism has been of them so far.

No. 720561

The socks Laur use always crack me up. If it's not a minority it's a middle aged woman using her "real" name who would have nothing to do with LJ. "Sonia Gianelli" sounds like some older Italian woman who volunteers at her church's food drive. "Ryanna White" just sounds like white trash. They always sound like they'd be friends with Laur.

No. 720562

Care to screenshot some? I don't see it anywhere.

No. 720565

File: 1571571096978.jpg (80.75 KB, 613x490, LabT31i.jpg)

Here you go

No. 720566

File: 1571571130600.jpg (89.92 KB, 588x495, QFtKG12.jpg)

She can't go after all these people now surely

No. 720571

Is Lillee ever going to fucking realise how terrible her teeth are? I know she thinks they're "cute gap teeth" now but damn. She is still a bad actor/singer but if she ever wanted to be considered for anything her crazy mom needs to spend the money that she spends on fake followers on fucking veneers. Her teeth aren't considered "cute" to anyone, and certainly not any agent, and in the American entertainment industry, having normal-sized, adult teeth is the bare minimum standard. I know the answer is no but Laur I know you're reading this…

No. 720583

Is she really watching this thread? I knew she was watching kiwi farms but I didn’t think here.

No. 720588

laur def watches over this thread

No. 720599

File: 1571582623135.jpeg (346.6 KB, 750x1248, B303D64A-77FA-4C2B-90DC-74C00A…)

After losing 30k followers, this isn’t suspicious at all. The fact that Laur continues to throw away her money like this really bothers me. She’s an adult who has gone through bankruptcy and regardless of the reason, you would think that afterwards she would make responsible financial decisions. When Instagram does another big bot sweep this will be money that she received nothing in return for.

No. 720601

So how is this not actual bullying? Laur and her cronies are the only ones actually doing any real threatening. "We'll remove the DMCA, but only if you never talk about our scam again."

Besides all of the threats she's given to people's jobs and schools. How many people have had their jobs contacted by Laur because they mentioned Lillee? There was the anon who had her college contacted, voicemail anon, Lauren, Sonia. How is what they're doing not harassment?

No. 720602

All that money renting dresses and buying followers could have fixed her kids dental problems easily by now. Kinda sad 'cept LJ is fine with it.

No. 720606

I really, really wish people would stop giving into her demands. Look, I get it, they just want the crazy to go away and fast, but that's exactly WHY Laur continues to act the way she does. Because she not only completely gets away with it, she gets what she wants. I wish QoB would have handled things differently, same with Wildcat. Fuck an agreement, Laur deserves no respect. Anyone who gives into her demands is hurting the community.

No. 720608

It's maximum irony to see somebody as regressive as Laur bitching about an employed 19 year old having a baby. In a few years, that lady will have a family and employment history, Laur and Lillee will still be rotting in an attic, wasting Diamond Earl's disability payments on fake social media followers.
Literally a "milady" post.
Chesh is a dumbass child who will grow into a dumbass adult.

No. 720610

It's been said before but its gonna take Laur pissing off someone with the money to make her life hell.

I fully agree with the Laur deserves no respect or courtesy.THis is an idiot who goes after unrelated people just because their name is similar to a person she doesn't like.

No. 720614

Event?!? She said on Twitter that she was going on a date with Pheepy. Can’t even keep her lies straight across platforms.

No. 720621

Oh Lilz. Not to mention that dress makes 0 sense this time of year…
Probably got it at a discount since it's put of season.

No. 720623

she rented it kek

No. 720636

Rented a $128 dollar dress yikes

No. 720644

File: 1571595428966.jpeg (192.26 KB, 750x574, 123B2DAB-24E6-4796-9F42-FF12AF…)

Lillee is oddly specific about her date.

No. 720647

Going by the time at which she posted and Laur talking about her "going on a date" she had lunch at 11 p.m??

No. 720650

File: 1571596569509.jpeg (180.12 KB, 750x1059, E463E318-A3AA-4496-9DFB-E7F100…)

No I think she’s claiming they went to this Augustine place. Then she later recommends Sarabethnyc if this person is ever in New York. Looking at the menu it looks like the porterhouse is only available on Monday? And what kind of 18 year old (assuming Pheepy is the same age as Lillee) is eating a $150 dinner?

No. 720652

eating a $150 dinner while his gf is wearing an ill-fitted rented dress pulled up to her tits LOL

No. 720655

You don't need to write anon, that's namefagging and may get you slapped on the wrist by mods. just write sage in the email field if you have no milk.

No. 720657

Obviously lying, being oddly specific when she’s so afraid of the DOXXING FROM THE BLACK WEBS , fugly bitch she makes me rage , this milk is giving me brucellosis man

No. 720659

So they rented an ugly dress that didn't fit to pretend to go to a place that can't afford with a date that doesn't exist.


No. 720662

File: 1571600875527.jpg (169.5 KB, 1080x563, 20191020_151946.jpg)

Sonia, if you read here, it's really not worth arguing with the sea-lions, especially this head one. This is a smug 40 or 50 something year old man who sits around arguing with people all day on Twitter with his 17 year old "friend" (and has the nerve to call that his "legacy" lol). It's pretty obvious why he's choosing to fall on his sword for Lillee. I mean he's absolutely L I V I N G for this, arguing with a 19 year old, about an 18 year old, with his 17 year old friend by his side. His girlfriend looked really young too. Anyone outside looking in will see this situation for what it is, he's a creep getting butthurt over teenagers and inserted himself into beauty community drama. That alone is weird enough. He acts like because someone's 18 they're untouchable, yet he's hurling personal insults at you who has proven to be 19. Most men of his age would laugh and not respond, he's out here doing the absolute most and getting genuinely riled up. He literally argues for fun, he gets joy out of being smarter than people half his age or less when he's not even, he focuses on high school style debate tactics when no one except their small pathetic group cares. No one is gonna sit there and give a 300 page document to them like they want so they can pick it apart, and no it's not because we're "dishonest" (kek) it's because you guys don't matter, despite what you think. Anyone in the world can be given 1/40th of the information they've seen and still read between the lines, the few that need to be read between, that is. And that's what matters at the end of the day. Their dishonest inability to do so isn't going to stop other people from doing so. Plus even if there was some better form of "PROOOF! CONTEXT!!" than what we have compiled here which most of the callouts have also posted, they'd still try to justify it. Like they did with the DMCA claim, suddenly when they were given something they couldn't spin it became an accident anyone could've done haha.

It's really not worth it, they are just going to make you mad and frustrate you.

No. 720668

Agreed. The sad old man is an insecure weirdo who gets his kicks by only picking battles he can ‘win’ by holding his opponents to an impossibly high standard whilst simultaneously demanding nothing of LJ and Laur, the simpletons who hang on his every word. It’s beyond pathetic but I imagine he’s gonna become a small fish in this story soon

No. 720677

File: 1571603418317.jpeg (444.9 KB, 750x983, 1F55728D-7BFA-4F35-8C19-76194E…)

Laur can’t block a 19yo pregnant woman because she may threaten Laur with a gun.

No. 720682

File: 1571604743134.jpeg (165.25 KB, 640x343, 3AEFDB4E-4E20-4813-AACF-8F4C56…)

Laur loves playing victim.

No. 720683

File: 1571604906331.jpeg (260.63 KB, 640x762, 9F563E0A-D0FC-4CDC-A829-AFAFE8…)

No. 720684

File: 1571605085840.jpeg (206.85 KB, 640x785, 9BBA98C2-2E86-4B8F-8128-0AEB04…)

Laur is making threats it appears.

No. 720691

Hope her video on Lillee is gonna be properly researched. I’ve seen her videos before and sometimes she puts out videos with little to no research.

No. 720693

File: 1571606697228.jpeg (50.13 KB, 640x640, 9921357C-D0D7-4B86-BBFD-1DD987…)

1 vote for next op

No. 720700

No. 720702

Wonder why someone who takes a million selfies every day didn't take any pictures on her date night to an upscale restaurant? No pics of the food, the restaurant, the drive to Manhattan, night skyline, etc.? Not even a restaurant bathroom mirror selfie? Shocking.

>her face torn apart by a 45
Who the fuck talks like this about a dead family member? Does Laur even care about her deceased sister, or is it all a ploy for sympathy and attention?

No. 720705

File: 1571608263822.jpg (363.7 KB, 1080x1164, 20191020_174709.jpg)

I know Laur says or does something hypocritical 500 times a day but does she not see how bad this is in particular? She's talking TO STEVE about Arpanet. Don't forget, this whole thing is Steve and his 17 year old sidekick, arguing about an 18 year old, to a 19 year old. It really doesn't get creepier than that if she wants to point fingers about this kinda stuff.

No. 720706


No. 720708

>Who the fuck talks like this about a dead family member?
It's just like how she describes her supposed Jewish family members being "burnt to a crisp" in the concentration camps.
I doubt they exist and I doubt she ever had a sister. It's another way for her to manipulate people into being sympathetic for her. Don't fall for it.

No. 720712

Although I agree with your sentiment, there are several articles online about the death of her sister and the investigation into it being a possible murder. It's all incredibly sad, but I think she uses it for extra sympathy points, which is completely disgusting.

Laur is a chronic liar, making up complete falsehoods and spinning smaller lies into real situations to make her and LJ seem more interesting. I wouldn't believe anything that comes from them. All the lies are self-serving to better their "image."

No. 720719

File: 1571611248023.jpg (297.44 KB, 1080x1167, 20191020_183920.jpg)

Bullshit. I don't think it was Laur herself, but obviously someone in cahoots with her considering those are the only people buying this whole "bullying since 2016" narrative.

No. 720722

I have been doing a deep dive into Laur via ancestry and other sites. Brenda was her sister who died at 31 in 1995. She seems to be the prettier sister and the parents favorite. George their father died in 2012 and Laur has family pictures referring to relatives bar mitzvahs. She's a jew, just a bad one. People grieve in strange ways so Im not judging her for the lack of pics of Brenda, but it is worth noting Brenda is rarely shown or referred to on her 'private' pages. Laur is a narcissist, and other people are props to narcs, as is her sister's tragedy.

What's kinda weird is laur parents in census records identify as middle eastern

No. 720723

I’m guessing it might be CaptComm EdFokker TheImmortalVK because he has done this for Laur in the past and she can say she didn’t do it. That Sonny guy is another one of her attack dogs, but the messages read like Capt Comm whatever.

No. 720732

File: 1571615169197.jpg (384.92 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20191020-194344_Sam…)

Ugh I want to watch now.

No. 720743

I think her Paetreon is only a (US) dollar. Smart releasing it there first, makes $ and gets a viewership that Laur can't affect before releasing it publicly.

No. 720744

File: 1571616280454.gif (1.65 MB, 600x319, i can't wait.gif)


Creepshow has a very loyal following that is 100x the size of King Steve's and way less moralistic than the callouts. The sealions won't attack them because they will absolutely be trolled into oblivion. I predict it will be a wall of silence from Steve's crew after Monday's video, and Laur's only ally will be Captcomm, who can't come anywhere close to mass reporting all of Creepshow's fans into silence.

Laur and Lillee 'bout to have a bad time.

No. 720748

File: 1571616753910.png (109.79 KB, 886x738, pp.png)

Petty Paige has rejoined the chat

No. 720751

I might do it, I'm extremely bored and if it's only a dollar why not. I probably will actually. I'll post the breakdown shortly.

I know nothing about Patreon, can I cancel afterwards? And can other people see if I pledged or whatever?

No. 720773


Sorry if I've stolen your spotlight, anon, but I was excited to post a summary.

I, too, shelled out the dollar to watch the video. I will say that it is the most thorough video coverage yet of the whole situation. She covered the fake followers, the bigoted sockpuppetry, the lies about brand collabs, the false copyright/privacy strikes against Arpanet and Wildcat, what she did to Lauren Elyse (including a full statement from Lauren, I'm so glad she got to say her piece.)

She also references without naming names (a good idea, I think,) the death threats sent to Arpanet and the trolling done by Steve's Sealions and encourages people to check out Lauren Elyse and get more information directly from one of Laur's victims.

Video description box has links to the reddit threads, the four articles written about her suspicious follower accounts and what she did to Lauren Elyse, some stuff from Kiwi Farms related to that time back in 2016 when people made fun of Lillee's shitty art and Laur flipped out, and a list of Laur/LJ's known sockpuppets.

No. 720787

Lol it's okay, I had a payment issue. I'll just post my summary too.

>starts off with disclaimer about why she's playing it safe with clips and that she's linking everything in description box (has links to all the articles written, lauren elyse's socials, reddit threads, images from KF, laur and LJ's twitters, and the sock puppets socials. Also says she had a lot of people come forward but couldn't use their names in the video since they wanted to remain anonymous)

>explains why with current services you can't fake having a real following
>brings up socks, how they only post about lillee
>brings up fan pages, the minority socks, how someone called out "lenny tradere" for stolen pic
>talks about CG billboard and bite "collab" and what really happened
>was blocked by LJ and Laur, she thought this stuff wasn't amusing anymore after she found out they were scummy people
>Brings up how LJ and Laur brag about DMCA takedowns
>puts up statement from LE describing the situation
>in statement LE talks about the misgendering of her and how they said something about playing with her balls, how they tag different people every week like clockwork and how everyone is targeted who criticizes them and she wants to see them held accountable
>at end of video, shannon asked for any real fans of LJ to comment and say why they support her
>video is mostly audio over drawing, and mostly focused on transphobic comments and the botting

Pretty good introduction in my opinion. Glad I gave her my dollar.

No. 720798

I believe some Jewish Americans did identify as Middle Eastern on the 2000 census.

What I don't get is Laur sperging about Jesus and praying to saints. There's a few screencaps in one of these threads with her going on about god like some kind of unhinged fundie. I guess she brings out the Jewish prop when she wants to seem like a poor oppressed minority (that means she can't be racist, guys!!).

I think some people are skeptical because we already know she's willing to pretend to be black/gay/trans/Muslim/Indian/younameit for likes, so it follows that she'd lie about being Jewish too. Race/nationality only matters to Laur if she can exploit it for her own gain.

No. 720801

Genuinely surprised at how well this video covers everything. Didn’t know who Shannon was before but I like her now

No. 720803

File: 1571624774054.jpg (166.27 KB, 1018x1662, EHXhUsOUYAA-6cC.jpeg.jpg)

Shannon (creepshow) posted this LOL

No. 720806


LOL Laur still operating like everyone calling her out is the same person and that they all have to fall in line with any agreement she makes with a single individual. She's so dumb. Now she's got the attention of even more people who are watching her bully in real time.

I just found out about Shannon yesterday, but I've watched some of her videos, and she seems the type to laugh in Laur's face rather than cave to her ridiculous strong-arm tactics.

No. 720807

File: 1571625387215.jpg (381.05 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20191020-223104_Sam…)

It's so nice to see someone finally not fall for her antics. And Lauren Elyse, she's done a really good job of standing her ground through this whole thing. Laur's attempts at getting pity are terrible.

Also, wtf is this? They really have no idea what "psychologically" means.

No. 720809

Same thing as last time 'We came to terms with QoB, so that means every one has to stop criticizing us! lemme tag QoB 17 times after we promised to stop"

No. 720815

File: 1571627028957.jpg (123.11 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_20191020-230107_Sam…)

Shannon is my new favorite person.

Currently Laur is tweeting her doing her "why can't we just all come together" bullshit, and she's not having it. She's desperately trying to manipulate her before the video becomes public.

No. 720818

File: 1571628172330.jpg (450.58 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20191020-232154_Sam…)


No. 720820

File: 1571629904305.jpeg (407.82 KB, 2048x2048, 2741AF17-1A73-48A6-A927-5F2F21…)

If all of LJ’s fans are real, why can’t she get more than 21 people to like her whatsyourvibez page on Instagram? And of those 21, three admit to being Laur and one admits to being Lillee. And the others, well, half of them are such g8 fans to follow her new page.

No. 720822

File: 1571630029763.jpg (334.36 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20191020-235243_Sam…)

This is better and milkier than I could have ever dreamed.

No. 720825

Her engagement rates are actually pretty good, 130 patreons for only 130k subs is great. Of course, Laur wouldn't have any idea what a normal level of engagement is because all of her followers are either bought or a sockpuppet of hers.

No. 720826

I hope she does make a video, think about how hilarious that would be.

No. 720827

I hope she does make a video, think about how hilarious that would be.

No. 720828

File: 1571630484377.png (435.08 KB, 1879x793, somuchforwhiteknights.png)

Laur has been going back and forth all evening with Shannon all alone, and she looks crazy. Everyone is laughing at her.

Her sea-lions made a half-hearted attempt to go at Shan yesterday when she announced that she was doing the video, but retreated with the quickness when they realized they couldn't match her follower support. They ganged up on Sonia/Joshua CONNOR Moon for a while to try to save face before telling Laur point blank that they were bowing out and not dealing with callouts anymore, several hours ago.

No. 720847

I looked into the retweet on in that screenshot. It looks Stuart tried to frame Sonia and make it appear she’s behind a fake account but it was proven to be Stuart. These are older men bullying a young lady and trying to get her attacked.
Laur is losing it. She did not expect this to backfire on her. This is the beginning of some fresh milk.

No. 720849

Wait, so if she claims their engagement has to be bought with the numbers she just dropped, then she’s just exposing herself because LJ’s engagement is practically nothing. Please be this stupid Laur. I can’t wait.

No. 720864

JamesDee & Bffdees were the ones who figured out it was Stuart for Sonia. Bffdees said this piqued his interest and he’s still digging. Sealion twitter is about to have all their sock accounts exposed kek

No. 720866

Also Stuart is apparently a flat-earther, so him screaming PRIMARY PROOF PLEASE at everyone and anything is hilarious in its own way.

No. 720868

Also Stuart is apparently a flat-earther, so him screaming PRIMARY PROOF PLEASE at everyone and anything is hilarious in its own way.

No. 720872

File: 1571654395505.jpeg (185.83 KB, 750x439, 43A5BA55-AAD7-41D6-9A28-E76FAB…)

So deep Lilz

No. 720881


At the end of Tangled, Mother Gothel (who kept her imprisoned for years) dies. Maybe Lillee secretly hopes that Laur is going to die?

No. 720886


What would Lillee even do without Laur, at this point? She is poorly educated, has delusions of grandeur, expects everyone else to fight her battles for her while she sits on her ass and plays with dolls, and has been conditioned to never, ever accept criticism or correction. She can't function on her own.

There are already several sketchy middle-aged men lurking about, even with her mom looming at all times; if Laur weren't there to orchestrate every interaction she has with any other person, Lillee would probably skip right into the clutches of the first pathetic old perv who told her she looked like a pretty princess and offered her a trip to Disney.

No. 720888

Creepshow is a farmer from the artist salt threads , so at least she’s read the threads before making the vid. I’m more excited for the shit tornado that laur will flip when she REEE’s about it.

No. 720891

Laur has a very predictable cycle when it comes to fighting off criticism. She’ll go apeshit first, contact employers, make threats, fling bullshit back and send her sealions charging. Then if that doesn’t work she’ll play the “why are you so full of hate uwu” card just like she did with Lauren Elyse. Except now nobody is going to back down to her narc antics because she’s let this all blow up in her face by dealing with everything so utterly horrible. Great managing, mom!

No. 720895

Kris Jenner is shaking

No. 720897

Stuart is too? Wow, so they're a bunch of flat earthers. This is rich. They're so deep in delusion that now it makes sense why they'd stand up for Laur and LJ, they can convince themselves of literally anything. Flat earthers and a child. Jesus.

I think she'd need a shit ton of mental help before she even tried to get a McJob or anything. Her working would be a disaster. Her manager would ask her to wipe a table down and she'd huff, smack her lips, and go on a tangent on her IG stories in the bathroom about McDonald's not being as well known as her.
Sometimes I think she honestly might be beyond saving unless someone she viewed as "worthy" stepped in Laur's place. She'd likely have to find a boyfriend who could ease her into changing her mindset, but that'd be impossible too considering she feels she's too good for anyone. Anyone except this mystical French prince who swoops her out of the attic to eat $150 not-available-on-Monday Porterhouses. (Like she'd even go to a restaurant and get anything other than macaroni and cheese off the kid's menu.) How do you fix that? You'd be going up against 18 years of hard conditioning of someone who isn't open to anything short of absolute praise. Her thought processes are so disjointed too, she draws connections where none exist. I've honestly never experienced someone like her, even mentally ill people have a better grasp on reality. It's deep delusion, it really is.

No. 720904

File: 1571666958724.jpg (479.19 KB, 1080x2144, 20191021_100637.jpg)

Keep it up, Laur.

No. 720905

Saged cause opinionated

For the anmount of money used to get Lillee these folowers, Laur instead could have funded her some sort of a beauty school if she really wants to do make up. It's in my opinion close to child abuse how she is enabling Lillee and feeding her to be more delusional. Her art is horrible as well, and not the webshop level they think it is. But if its something Lillee likes she could go to some mediocre graphic design course, or practice a lot more and then apply to some local collage.

Lillee is just the result of Laurs brainwashing and the least she could do is encouraging Lillee to practice her interests, instead of spending all the money on a play pretend that could actually help Lillee in any other way

No. 720921

File: 1571668808145.jpeg (339.15 KB, 1218x1229, 9BF6019C-D185-4C4E-84D9-45A6A2…)

Lillee’s Ashley O look is nothing like what I’m finding for images of the character. Why do a costume if you aren’t going to actually make it look correct? Lillee didn’t style the wig, didn’t darken/fill in her brows, used the wrong eye and cheek colours, and used the incorrect lip product (gloss instead of matte). She doesn’t even try and i think just slaps a name on it in hopes her video will turn up in someone’s search.

No. 720923

File: 1571669253516.jpg (44.86 KB, 636x421, ashley-o-on-a-roll-vid-2019-b-…)

No clue who Ashley O was so found this image. Not a hard look to replicate and she still failed.

No. 720924

Yeah that makeup sucks. Meanwhile most talented beautubers are literally sculpting their faces with makeup to look as close to the characters as possible facially as well as the correct hair/makeup. Then here’s LJ with this low effort splat of purple and be done with it. She couldn’t even sweep the fringe to the side, FFS

No. 720925

She probably vibes a lot with Ashley O seeing as her family member also uses her like a puppet and fucks up her whole life

No. 720927

Highly doubt LJ has ever seen an episode of Black Mirror. It’s not animated & lacks super heroes.

No. 720928

File: 1571671044724.jpeg (342.38 KB, 750x763, C934E053-5A73-4568-B1DA-3D0833…)

Creepshow’s releasing her video publicly today and Laur’s main is in twitter jail.

No. 720929

In this obviously staged obnoxious video, Lillee's cat apparently got into her eyeshadow and she's shoving the camera with the flash on in the cat's face, right in his eyes, and tries like feeding him some? Saying "you want some of this"? Poor cat, this video is exactly how I would've imagined her acting with her pets. If they really do only rent out an attic which I'm 99.9% sure is the case then it's really fucked up to keep two cats up there in the first place.

No. 720944

today of all days lol. Put your bids now on which sockpuppet accounts that will come our of the woodworks.

No. 720949

I'm actually confused by Twitter's TOS. It seems like you only get dinged for a single tweet being against their TOS, whereas they don't seem to take into account a pattern of harassment. Does anyone know what got her account locked this time? And how long does it stick around for? Do you ever lose your account for getting locked too many times? So many questions!

No. 720950

I know jamesdee5310 was calling for Laur’s tweet referring to Arpanet as a pedophile to be reported as targeted harassment. However, Laur also made several extremely transphobic comments relating to menstruation (“what kind of man gets a period?” Type of comments).

No. 720955

She now has posted the video. Basically Lillee took a look that Buxom Cosmetics created and half assed it:

No. 720964

Twitter actually claims they more so look at a pattern of behavior vs. a single tweet when suspending accounts, but twitter really just does what they want in that moment. But, it would depend on what they locked it for to determine how long. And yes if the offense is bad enough or if they continue to break TOS they will either suspend you or outright ban you. What I can’t wait for is her pity party when she comes back and her stories about how she’s contacted Twitters law dept and has the FBI helping her over her twitter account.

I’m sure she will just tweet on her “alwayslookin4talent or jeaniezmgmt” twitter accounts. Are those also twitter accounts or just insta and YouTube accounts? I can’t keep up anymore with where all the accounts are…

No. 720969

File: 1571682721454.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x8758, Screenshot_20191021_142140.jpg)

Bored and sifting through "fan pages". These caught my eye.

No. 720970

File: 1571682754021.jpg (927 KB, 1080x5334, Screenshot_20191021_143017.jpg)

These too

No. 720971

I honestly can’t believe this is a tweet from an 18 year old who wants to be a beauty influencer. I wonder if she really does have developmental issues and Laur gets a check off of her.

honestly LJ would be lucky to even find a middle aged perv to take her in. They usually want attractive girls. I don’t think baby teeth are exactly the kind of child like features they are searching for.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Laur is behind this herself. Last night Shannon mentioned using Laur’s tweets which are still up in her video here >>720818. Plus, her spat with a much larger YTer would give her the perfect chance to try to play victim and act like Shan got her account suspended. Look what happened when LE’s account got suspended. Laur has a habit of accusing others of the actions she takes and is too dumb to realize why LE got so much attention when it happened to her. She can also use this as a chance to claim Shan was “trying to silence her” or why she couldn’t respond to the video. She gets reported everyday and she doesn’t really say anything that Twitter would care about.

No. 720974

Obvious delusion aside, it’s hilarious that James Dee responded to a fan account as if it was Lillee. And it looks like we finally know what started the issue with Revlon!

No. 720976

It's funny until you think about how much time and how long they've been trying to force this bullshit. Remember how for months they were tweeting how she had movie auditions and she was up for avengers role ? They really think they can make LJ a star by forcing it

No. 720978

He did it with all the accounts. I don’t know if these specific ones have been posted, but I know Laur and LJ have now tried to claim that it was the fan accounts that made these edits and they never claimed she was at these events or on these magazines after they got called out for similar photos posted here and KF.

No. 720980

There are a TON more, it's just these were the most obvious. It would take forever to go through everything. Most of the Revlon ones had the captions edited too, so they probably had even more incriminating language before they got called out. It is insane. Lots of suggestions that Lillee has "another" photoshoot, "another" collaboration, "another" movie role, insider information, modeling gigs, etc.

No. 720985


It's all written just like the dialog small children make up for their dolls when playing Barbie. Both of them are emotionally stunted and completely detached from reality.

No. 720986

No. 720987

Holy shit it's up, let the madness begin

No. 720988

creepshow art is on twitter telling her fans to download the video and saying if it gets taken down to reupload it and saying she's going to spam the video everywhere.

No. 720991

hahaha based

No. 720993

File: 1571685993612.jpeg (154.62 KB, 750x594, 1BE4D54F-C462-49DE-AFAD-334D7D…)

Lj’s Poor grammar is the best. Response to Jess “everyone is a fake profile from twitter”. And she’s back at it again with the psychologically.

No. 720994

File: 1571686100059.gif (10.44 MB, 480x381, B56DC00B-75B5-45C8-8912-E4D0F4…)

Let the laur & LJ twitter meltdown begin, in …3…..2….1……

No. 720995

Laur has gotten her twitter locked. Knowing that she can't sperg out on her main account makes this even better tbh

No. 720999


No. 721002

File: 1571686971603.jpeg (53.05 KB, 827x408, 8378E642-C9CF-48BA-BE71-2D5EEA…)

Couldn’t resist

No. 721007

Why yes Lillee, “the one with tons of fake accounts spreading lies” is ruining your career. Do head on over to her side of the attic and ask her to cut that shit out.

No. 721025

Creepshow's video is good and I'm grateful someone with a following has finally put their skin in the game. I think now hopefully others will follow suit with a few more receipts and a bit more explanation and deep dive to really tell the full story because Laur and LJ are SO INSANE that Creepshow only really scratched the surface

No. 721043

How convenient that every single one of the totally not sock puppets that always comment on Lillee's posts, sometimes multiple times with a couple of emoticons or some meaningless platitudes, are now private accounts. That's:

all conveniently privated so you can't take notes.

If these people were real at least ONE of them would have taken a punt on proving their identity just to back up their precious Lillee Jean, but we all know why that hasn't happened. None of them even mention the controversy and fight to back her up like real people would, they just quietly post their heart emojis because they think they're being subtle. It's CRINGE

No. 721050

File: 1571694055144.jpg (49.53 KB, 743x250, l6HmXUX.jpg)

LMAOF is back! Laur's had her Twitter suspended so has kicked Lillee off her own account and is popping off on her behalf! You love to see it

No. 721054

Is this the most real engagement she’s ever had on her IG?
Most of the comments are from bots or fake accounts but she’s got some real interaction going on for once.

No. 721059

Is Laur retarded? That's a normal level of engagement for one, and all she's doing is highlighting how terrible Lillee's is. God, this woman has no self awareness whatsoever.
I bet Laur is going extra crazy right now because Lillee's video only has 200 views while Creepshow has 13k, and she's stuck in twitter jail. I can't wait until the twitter sockpuppets come out.
Nope, still fake. Her likes on instagram jumped from 600 likes per post to 10k overnight. She's obviously buying followers from a new source. I feel bad for Laur's poor bank account. How much debt you think she's in? Buying likes and comments has got to be expensive.

No. 721062

Tinfoiling but I wonder if something like schizophrenia runs in the family. This could possibly explain why after her ThaEyeballQueen era, the quality of her looks went downhill and she seems to have stopped brushing her hair. She’s around the age something like the early stages of something like schizophrenia could be setting in. This could also explain Laur’s craziness. Maybe they are seriously delusional and believe James and Mario are real people, and Joshua Moon is out to get them.

No. 721063

Tinfoiling but I wonder if something like schizophrenia runs in the family. This could possibly explain why after her ThaEyeballQueen era, the quality of her looks went downhill and she seems to have stopped brushing her hair. She’s around the age something like the early stages of something like schizophrenia could be setting in. This could also explain Laur’s craziness. Maybe they are seriously delusional and believe James and Mario are real people, and Joshua Moon is out to get them.

No. 721065

Sorry, had to delete that screenshot cos I’m an idiot and new to this and didn’t crop my profile out. Last thing I need is for Laur or any anons tbh to come after me. I don’t have the time of day to entertain their shit.

Sage cos I’m a dumbass.

No. 721066

That is some shit tinfoil. Learn just the tiniest bit about schizophrenia before you start making your diagnoses, Dr. A. Non.

No. 721067

Psst, your avatar is still showing in the other picture. You should probably delete that for your safety.
Eh I don't think Lillee schizophrenic. I think she is being manipulated and emotionally abused by her river kappa of a mother. Besides that I have no idea what's going on with her.
I do wonder what happened between ThaEyeballQueen era to now. Her posts were a lot more normal back then. I have a feeling Laur's bankruptcy is related somehow.

No. 721068

Thank you! What a dumb ass.

I’m also cackling how she responds to every single comment to boost her interaction.

No. 721070

My fave is when a sockpuppet account and LJ comment hearts back and forth to each other like insane misfiring bots

No. 721072

I also like when her and her mum have conversations with each other in comments while they’re both sitting in their stinky, dusty attic right next to each other.

No. 721075

It’s a shit tinfoil for sure but anon is right, something must have happened for Lillee to go downhill so drastically. I think it’s more likely this is around the time Laur started buying followers and pushing Lillee into living life as a fake influencer and it had an effect on her.

No. 721079

File: 1571698236959.jpeg (431.34 KB, 750x936, D44B6BC5-67E5-4853-A4A8-D14183…)

After being called out with a video clip from one of her live-streams, Chesh is now a victim of cyber bullying.

No. 721084

File: 1571699816969.jpg (77.4 KB, 1074x369, Screenshot_20191021-191554_You…)

Here comes Laur

No. 721086

File: 1571700101879.jpeg (96.68 KB, 750x392, 80A4AD1D-5678-4234-A89C-9CF4C3…)

No. 721087


It's "arbiters" not "arbitrators." She is forever misspelling words, misusing words, making up words, mangling syntax, cobbling unrelated sentence fragments together and going off on tangents.

If she's not a wannabe edgy kid trying to use a vocabulary too big for her britches, then she's a perpetually-drunk moron. Either way, it's not a good look.

No. 721089

Oh em gee, she will never recover from this sperging, on a wannabe influencer's MAIN, VERIFIED account! will she?

No. 721090

She argues like she’s on a high school debate team, trying to wow everyone with her forced big words and learned terminology. She’s obviously as dim-witted as her pals.

No. 721096

File: 1571701196592.jpg (378.61 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20191021-193827_You…)

This is obviously a threat under the guise of concern.

Laur is using another sock now, with zingers such as this. She really couldn't come up with a name that sounds like someone under 50 if she tried.

No. 721099

File: 1571702226138.gif (1.43 MB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

>The comments the video, laur's socks and Lillee's replies to all the comments

No. 721104

Call me a jerk, but I love seeing how now they're getting all the down-right malicious comments about her appearance that they've always complained about back when people were legit just pointing out shitty behavior. Life lessons are needed.

No. 721105

Laur is raging and has created a new sock and doxxed the 19-year-old pregnant girl.


No. 721107

It's like the "fake till you make it" finally worked, only not for her e-fame but for the I'm being bullied by 29151250 accounts narrative.

Not a drop of pity here.

No. 721108

I'm still banking on the William's Syndrome. She's superficial mentally and has the tiny teeth and malformed facial features. But that's my personal tinfoil on Lilee. Lmao

No. 721116

Laur is attacking every person in the comment section with her two sockpuppets Jade Montero and Ellenna Doronto. Zero activity on both accounts besides Lillee's comment section.
So this means that Laur is posting on Lillee's account, while defending herself with incoherent gibberish using two freshly-made sockpuppets. This is beyond pathetic.
Does she really believe this is helping? Does she actually think anyone is falling for this?

No. 721118

Theres a 3rd sock puppet called Anastasia too.

No. 721120

File: 1571706379047.png (15.47 KB, 1072x113, fear.png)

Now Lillee/Laur is claiming the REAL reason they don't get any comments is because people are "afraid" to comment. You can't make this shit up.
Apparently, they must be sooo scared of the haters that they don't even want to watch her videos.

Also, I'm pretty sure she just accidentally admitted to using socks, guess she forgot to count them as her fans too?

No. 721126

She’s doxxing again? Why is she not permabanned from Twitter at this point?

No. 721129

File: 1571707802281.png (67.97 KB, 1115x612, proofofsockpuppetry.png)

In case anyone needed extra proof of them using sockpuppets

The comment section is a goldmine, I'm also going to compile all evidence of Lillee being an asshole to people for future reference

No. 721131

I have been doing research on this since the first thread and I don’t think Lillee’s got it. Her facial features match up but not her personality. Most people with William’s Syndrome are super friendly and way too trustworthy, to the point that they get into trouble. They’re also honest and usually incapable of lying. Even if Laur was behind Lillee’s social media, Lillee speaks for herself in videos and podcasts and contradicts all of these things. I remember a few anons thinking maybe she trusts her mom way too much and that’s why she’s in this mess, but if she really had WS she would trust pretty much everyone (from my understanding). Meaning, someone could tell her that her mom is manipulating her and rather than get defensive she’d probably believe them and freak out. Saged & feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Long story short, she’s just an unfortunate-looking jerk lmao

No. 721134

File: 1571709035897.png (151.03 KB, 1280x1080, lilleebeingacunt.png)

I'm breaking this up into two parts. These are the comments where she's being a bitch. Lots of insulting people on their appearance and their names, telling people nobody cares about them, etc.
She also admits to giving that guy a false strike. Then goes on to say she shouldn't have removed it, even though he has nothing to do with this situation. What the fuck?

I'm making a separate compilation of her comments that were completely nonsensical, and further adventures in sockpuppetry. I feel like they wouldn't fit here.

No. 721136

>gets called out for using obvious fake accounts with no history other than being obsessed with LJ
>again uses said fake accounts with no post history to vehemently defend the princess queen

If they had maybe bought like 100k followers and chilled with the obviously fake fan pages, it would be so much more believable, and I'm sure she'd still get free products. The video did a good job of painting the picture. What blogger gets dozens of fan pages who repost all of her content constantly, and have zero interest in anything else? She's not Beyonce. These people devout hours of their time a day into a mediocre makeup blogger who clearly gives no fucks about makeup because they're sooo obsessed with her for some ungodly reason, but they're too ~scared uwu~ to comment as fans?

LJ isn't happy with being anything short of an internet sensation, so they kept on buying followers and making socks. It's like she wants to be some universally beloved Princess Diana type that everyone worships. They will never admit to this scam.

No. 721137

These comments must be coming from Laur.

No. 721140

File: 1571710247097.png (404.88 KB, 1184x3432, nonsense.png)

I think you're right. The LMAOF is definitely coming from Laur, we know that for sure. If this is all Laur, that means she has been posting on Lillee's account all day. I wonder what's going on in that attic right now?

Here's the second part. A few of my favorite parts:
>Laur implying service workers are lesser
>"Better to bite you my dear"
>Sick. Kate. Stone.
>You're 3k of crap

And the best one of all, in my opinion
>you're career as a perpetual albatross on people's necks

No. 721142

File: 1571710659129.png (196.7 KB, 461x581, Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 9.16.…)

Laur's sock acct harassing/doxxing the pregnant girl. We need these documented for posterity (1)

No. 721143

File: 1571710714776.png (85.7 KB, 460x556, Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 9.16.…)

Bad move, Laur. these always come back to bite you in the fat ass.

No. 721145

File: 1571711026627.jpeg (193.34 KB, 640x724, CCDA5701-E54E-4FD0-A0D4-005D10…)

Laur is using one of Sonia’s family members as the cover photo on the new sock.

No. 721150

Wow what the fuck. Why is she saying it’s her buddy Ed? What is with this crazy intent on “destroying” people?

No. 721153

How sure are we this is Laur? Yes, there's a "bytw", but the rest seems a little different from her normal style of typing. Are we sure it's not one of the sea-lions? It did show up around the time Chesh was bowing out of a fight. Plus Laur seems incapable of even finding someone on Facebook, she literally just screeches on Twitter.

Regardless, whoever it is is doing this for her, and it's a bad look either way.

No. 721154

They're so rude. Honestly if someone had no idea who LJ was and read her comments to others that would be a huge turn-off. Fame (or infamy) will always come with haters, a real professional rises above, roll with the punches, and doesn't give too much attention to their haters.

But Laur, keep pouring the milk. I'm thirsty.

No. 721156

Yeah, I don't think it's Laur. The "gr8t" gives it away

No. 721158

I can believe that as well. Not much convincing needed haha.
I was going to tinfoil and say laur hasn't directly denied it when a previous YouTube comment directly asked if she has WS and mommy Laur simply said "she doesn't have the nose bridge feature! Dont armchair diagnose"

No. 721161

Just a sea lion making things worse for Laur. Not sure why. Laur isn’t cleaver enough to hide her typing style or understand why she’s so easily detected.

No. 721162

File: 1571713395126.jpg (74.19 KB, 900x415, EHckDuwUcAA1cD9.jpeg.jpg)

Lol, no one wants to come on your shitty Koffee Kidz Klub or whatever. I knew he was going to do this, he just wants views for his little show. He deems someone "exposed" after merely insulting them so I really can't wait to see how this goes. His main defense is saying someone is "spinning a narrative", which can be applied to anything. And is he actually a flat earther or does he just "debate" flat earthers? Debating them is actually more pathetic somehow, that's like debating someone who believes in magic tricks and acting superior for it. He could expose every single bot as a real person and it wouldn't matter, the humor is in how ridiculous he is for acting like this is a fucking courtroom and him not being able to see things for what they are.

No. 721163

he's getting memed to death on his twitter, it's fucking funny

No. 721166

File: 1571713584388.png (1.04 MB, 918x4367, McBoomer.png)

King Sealion is losing his grip and spewing fake legal jargon all over his timeline to his audience of a baker's dozen.

Threatening to "expose" and "take down" Creepshow on his little podcast a whole week from now when everyone will have already 1)seen Shannon's video and gone down the Reddit/KF/LCF rabbithole to get all the gossip and/or 2)moved on to the next thing and forgotten all about this. No one gives a shit about "convincing" him of anything with "empirical evidence" or whatever nonsense, and no one is gonna watch his little coffee chat except his usual circle jerk.

Also, he's such a boomer that he doesn't even realize that no one cares what year he was actually born because this isn't the 2020 US Census and in casual modern vernacular, being a boomer is a state of mind, not a rigid demographic. He's an old man yelling into his webcam. He's a fucking boomer.

No. 721173

imageboard. post some links or screens.

No. 721181

Doesn’t have bank statements lol wut?!?! Yes, Steve McBoomer, some random stranger bought Lillee 1mil fucking subs. Case dismissed. We can all go home.

No. 721194

File: 1571717064863.jpeg (228.85 KB, 750x653, 1AA27E55-D4E7-457A-8944-C7BD25…)

File this under bullshit that never happened. Lillee and Laur directly referred to Lauren in the tweet she made to doolores. Calling LE it and talking about someone playing with her balls is transphobic.

Sonia never said anything about shooting anyone. That is one heap of bull.

No. 721196

File: 1571717107223.jpg (127.22 KB, 1080x452, 20191022_000301.jpg)

He's not a flat earther, so anons can stop with that already.

No. 721199


I think it's Laur trying to appear like it's not Laur. The account still uses BYTW instead of btw and whoever is behind the account is as bad at English as Laur is.

No. 721201

File: 1571717741175.jpeg (334.75 KB, 750x1012, 71E98D28-8E4F-4F84-B063-E2C645…)

She was absolutely calling Lauren “it”. She may not have understood why it was offensive but when informed she doubled down and said stop playing the Lgbtq card. She’s lying.

No. 721202

File: 1571717811549.jpg (204.68 KB, 1583x948, flatearth.jpg)


Nah, he just devotes a whole podcast to pretending that shooting down ridiculous woo-woo is proof of his "superior skeptic's brain" and wank himself.

Not really that much better.

No. 721204

Lilz to remind you these are some samples of misgendering and transphobic comments you made:

In this tweet she directly refers to the screenshot of Lauren Elyse’s tweet asking if anyone heard of LJ. This is transphobic.

No. 721205

The funny part is, even if for some reason someone DID have their fucking bank statements, he'd still pick it apart and say "okay and how do you know that was for Lillee's account? How do you know it was specifically bots? How do you know it wasn't other services? I need direct evidence."

There's literally nothing you can say or show that would convince him, and he's living for all of this thinking it'll bring people to his little show. He'd be best left to just scream in the abyss. This is real life, not his little corner of the internet. Everyone else who knows about this situation can look at any of Lillee's pages and immediately figure things out. He's either extremely out of touch or just being dishonest. Regardless, not worth it.

Also I have a feeling Chesh might not actually be 17 and they're going to "expose us for hurling accusations" or something on their show, like we give a fuck about any of these people. If she's not 17 then it's even weirder that she's been pretending to be for months, so wow Chesh you're really putting the cyberbullies in their place.

Sonia was talking about hypothetical situations with Laur, but of course Steve will just take Lillee's word for it so it doesn't matter anyway. It had nothing to do with Lillee. Sonia said most mothers would slap the shit out of someone for bringing their kid up, and the gun thing was her saying if Laur ever tried to come on her property she's in Texas where guns are legal. Both things to Laur, about Laur.

No. 721214

I Hope one of the callout accounts replies to Lillee Jean with the screenshot and links. They sea lions would still demand more of course because they seem to be too illiterate to see the blatant racism and homophobia that Laur and Lillee constantly spew.

No. 721222

Steve only has a few tactics to "win" arguments in his arsenal:
1) "You're incapable of critical thinking"
2) "You're spinning a narrative/ running a smear campaign"
3) "You're a cyberbully"
4) Tagging Lillee and/or Laur and carefully phrasing his question to absolve them of guilt regardless of their answer, or phrasing it so there is no wrong answer
5) "You make this too easy"
6) Blocking
7) "Troll"
8) Ignoring anything he can't shoot down quickly
9) The Chesh approach, "faxxx" "prooof" "evidence" etc.

People "lose" against him because he holds them to ridiculously high standards he knows can't be realistically met and they get fatigued from going in circles with him.

He'd be really easy to make a bingo card of.

No. 721224

File: 1571720541306.jpeg (703.93 KB, 750x1090, C755EB76-E1CB-4FC9-8CA0-62750C…)

Lilz made a new Barbie Instagram account. Still hashtagging every post with LilleeJean trying to bury some of the Lauren Elyse/Creepshow spam from the callout accounts.

No. 721225

Right. This is where she told LE to stop playing the LGBTQ card.


Nope. No evidence of transphobic comments at all there Lillee and Stevie boy.

No. 721232

File: 1571721360412.png (64.46 KB, 1173x607, moresockpuppets.png)

Laur woke up from her nap and is going back into the comments for a second round of insults.
All brand new accounts with zero activity on them, and all of these comments were made with in minutes of each other. Definitely not suspicious at all.

No. 721234

File: 1571721671176.jpg (161.66 KB, 1080x540, 20191022_011352.jpg)

"You serious? You don't know who I am? I made the 2014 top 300 list on Blogspot of 'White Men in Their 40s or Above With Little to No Religious Beliefs Who Have Between 5,000 and 7,000 Followers and Friends From Australia Who Debate Flat Earthers'. We hate cyberbullies."

No. 721240

File: 1571722225889.png (86.55 KB, 600x968, moresockpuppets2.png)

More of Laur being batshit. Same grammar, same gibberish insults.

I'm surprised she hasn't gotten her IP flagged by Google or Youtube yet. Aren't they usually strict about spam and having multiple accounts?
I haven't made an account in a long time, but last time I did they had you link your gmail account. And to make a gmail account you have to link your phone. Has it changed or is Laur going through this process for each account?

No. 721246

Anon you don't need a to link your phone # to a gmail account. They offer the option, but it's not a must. Google won't do shit about spam.

No. 721249

File: 1571722732867.jpeg (109.73 KB, 750x656, 3FE143C2-E424-493D-B5C7-A09367…)

Kori is new on the scene. Of course according to LJ’s very small following, facts are only needed from our side and Lillee totally doesn’t need to answer her question asking for proof.

No. 721259

I sense a cleanup is in action?
Most of the sock comments are gone now, Sue’s are gone, can’t find the others you’ve posted.
I’ve taken a screen recording of what’s left.

No. 721261

File: 1571724287399.png (12.72 KB, 1200x98, saladandtrisha.png)

I knew that was going to happen.
I wanted to archive all the incriminating comments so if anyone ever needs solid proof of her using socks, they have it all right here.
You can't sealion your way out of this, Laur. Your use of made-up phrases, the timing between posts, and consistent mistakes in grammar prove it's you.

Oh yeah, and here's one last comment. I think it speaks for itself.

No. 721263

did this ignorant bint literally name her sockpuppet "MACHIATTO"
one would think she'd improve at this given her dedication and consistency

No. 721267

Wow, they are gone. Wonder if it was Laur or YouTube?

No. 721296

Seacow-lion twitter doesn't care about evidence. They will back Laur and Lillee no matter what.

No. 721305

The comments are still there for me. Only Moskowitz is missing.

No. 721316

Boomer McBoomerface is such a bad faith cretin. Nobody is trying to get LJ and Laur arrested for their Instagram scam, so nobody needs to provide receipts that would fly in a court of law. The slipperiness of their scam would prevent anyone from doing that anyway unless they could somehow link IP addresses to the socks, which I assume would be a more a police power.
What we do have is evidence of a pattern of severe platform manipulation and major inconsistencies in following and engagement that Occam's Razor would suggest means a purchased following, or at the very least a non-genuine one.
It's not bullying to highlight these inconsistencies seeing as it would be at best unethical to use a fake following to take products/money from brands.
Why these sealions can't see that is beyond me.

No. 721327

File: 1571748365199.jpg (124.58 KB, 675x489, JWi7BFO.jpg)

Leaving this here because it is absolutely spot on. I think this is the direction the call-outs need to take with Steve the Sealion

No. 721331

File: 1571749624538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.8 KB, 750x849, 91E4807D-80FE-4E62-AAF0-F5F663…)

Cheshire is still using ambiguous language instead of a flat out denial regarding her age. How anyone can take Steve McBoomer serious after learning the Captain of his self anointed “troll army” is a child is beyond me.

No. 721334

I wish creepshow would have covered Lille’s failed drawing and the other tries at acting and singing too, I hope she makes another episode lol, but I guess it’s harder since they’d screech hard if creepshow were to use whatever lillee’s media.

No. 721335

So basically he Gish gallops everyday into silence. If he is a debate master like he claims then he should know that is a copout and frowned upon in debate for being a dick move.

No. 721339

File: 1571752657417.png (176.77 KB, 596x543, In this moment i am euphoric.p…)

Steve is an absolute cow lmao. He could make r/atheism cringe

No. 721342

Meanwhile Steve McBoomer is totally fine with his prize pigs making unsubstantiated claims/ lies like that they were threatened with a gun and that their DMCA take down was STILL totally fine and legit

No. 721347


"Prized pigs" is accurate. He has convinced himself that Lillee is on the verge of huge internet fame and that she will take him and his rag-tag group of twitter champions along with her.

He's so stupid. Lillee will never be anything but a joke at this point, and even if she ever magically failed her way into success, as soon as their new status afforded Laur more options, she'd find a bigger, more famous shield to hide behind and McBoomer & Pals would be tossed aside immediately.

No. 721348

After the past few days, especially yesterday, I have come to think he's actually delusional and/or not well, and the sheer amount of time he's committed to this is, frankly, frightening and excessive. He's been going at this non-stop across platforms, and he's still going right now. He fires off a tweet every minute, and if he's not on there arguing he's on YouTube arguing. And if it's not about LJ it's about someone or something else, I mean look through his Twitter. Maybe his friends just go along with it because of how exhausting arguing with him is, I know I would at this point. I think the best thing would be to let him fade away, he's a little too invested in this and it's starting to become unsettling. He's like a robot.

Steve, okay, sure, you're right about everything. This has been one big conspiracy to cyberbully the fuckin Truemans and you're the only one smart enough to able to see through the mountains of doctored evidence we've been compiling to get this random girl to stop getting free lipstick. Everything we've pointed out is completely baseless and has a totally innocent explanation. Lillee is a perfect angel with a bright future and Laur is a normal, caring mom, and their relationship is a beacon of health and wellness. You are the king of critical thinking and arguing with flat earthers. There, now please go to sleep and take care of yourself.

No. 721350

File: 1571758010938.jpg (280.5 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20191022-112506_Sam…)

WeLL sTeVe, hOw dO wE kNoW tHe FoLLoWeRs aRe fAke?

No. 721352


"If you have no way to counter any of your opponent's arguments with reason, and they inconveniently keep providing the evidence and context you demand until you can no longer ignore it without looking foolish, cut off any further opposition at the pass by claiming that it's logical to dismiss anyone's argument if you don't like their profile picture or their friends."

-Dr. Professor Critical Thinking, phD

No. 721353

Does Steve seriously think LJ and Laur's relationship is normal? LJ can't even tweet a single insignificant thing without her mom right there behind her 30 seconds later to obsessively reply, retweet and generally stick her oar in. Does he think that is normal behavior for the mother of an underage child, let alone an adult one? Would most kids want their parents to be looming over them that heavily? Most normal kids would at least find it embarrassing from the age of 10 onwards

No. 721362

Lillee the jig is up. Time to make your grey hoodie, snot flying, truth video where you admit to buying followers, admit to creating fan accounts that are caricatures of POC and LGBTQ2+ people, apologize to QoB, LE, voice mail anon, Jenny and webfx, Sonia, WCT and the Arpanet (am I forgetting anyone?), delete your racist, transphobic and victim shaming podcasts, block the bots and delete your offensive tweets. Who knows, maybe eventually you can come back from this and build an organic following. But you have been caught in lies so many times and eventually you will get to a point where you won’t be able to rebuild.

No. 721364

These people really can’t go ten minutes without dragging themselves. I bet Laur is vigorously nodding her head to this comment without recognising the irony.

No. 721366

Steve, Laur&co: post behind your real name or you are invalid

Also Steve, Laur&co: harasses, stalks, and tries to interfere with employment of anyone who posts their real name

No. 721367

I thought Laur didn’t like people that don’t believe in god? She made an insult awhile back along the lines of “they need to find god” or something like that. But hey, the sea lion crew is excused from that I guess.

No. 721370

There are a lot of references she's made to people being atheists. She seemed to have stopped recently once the Atheist Dream Team came around. Lillee has done it too, like implying people are satanic. One thing that stands out to me, and I don't remember specifically what it was, but she was arguing with two people who had pet snakes and she said something like "I'm just saying, you guys both have snakes, the Leviathan comes in many forms". It's in one of the old threads.

They don't actually like the sea-lions and the sea-lions don't actually like them. They all have ulterior motives.

No. 721371

File: 1571764378146.png (119.77 KB, 496x643, Evil tarot card readers.png)


Laur: Did you know that all these harrassers on twitter, lolcow and kiwifarms are evil atheists and satanists??? Truly the end times

Also Laur: Becomes bbfs with an edgy atheist crew because she can benefit from their shields

No. 721382

Laur's poured too much $ into this, they're just gonna double down and keep pretending this kid has a beauty career. That and Laur is a narc and she can never be wrong.

No. 721387

File: 1571767521030.png (465.96 KB, 1125x2436, E00E226F-FEDC-49B7-9F10-0AC803…)

Laur’s awake again, doubling up on posts on insta.

No. 721390

She’s doing another round on Lillee’s YouTube as well under the name Stacey Matza.

You know, I was wondering what their days look like? Are they having mental breakdowns and crying themselves to sleep? I wish I could be a fly on the wall for all of this because I just can’t imagine them doing anything besides sitting on social media all day while flipping out in comments. Most of us have lives and jobs to go to, watching this train wreck is just our spare time and entertainment.

I saw a comment from Lillee on another video from a couple years ago where she says she’s been working since she was a young girl? Bitch, where?

No. 721396

File: 1571770175733.png (708.54 KB, 1125x2436, 12E491A4-2E6A-4D5A-ADC1-47E814…)

LJ is now freaking out that a smaller channel is thinking about doing another video. Also, the whole “.io” thing is such bullshit. Tell that to Pantheon, Gleam, or Angular. Developers and marketers have utilized that tld for years because so many domains are available for low cost. Literally anyone can purchase a url with any tld if you have the cash. God forbid if she knew you could customize tlds to .wedding or .pizza.

No. 721397

Does she not understand that patreons are harder to get? It's one thing to just click follow or subscribe to someone, it's a whole other thing to get people to commit to actually giving you their own hard earned money (no matter how little) every month. Shannon's raking in an easy $124 a month through patreon, how much is LJ bringing in?

No. 721402

Exactly. Patreon is a poor way to prove someone has bought followers.

>only 100 people love you

Rofl. She sounds so salty. 100 more than you and your attic monster of a mom.

No. 721411

I don’t think Lillee understands that having support through Patreon shows that not only are people willing to support you, but they’re willing to pay for your content.
Or she does understand that and she’s grasping at straws by only focusing on numbers without understanding what they mean..

No. 721427

File: 1571777396908.jpeg (499.47 KB, 750x1100, 84B7A92B-6DAC-4E83-BA61-A8019D…)

Steve: Lillee would never willfully misgender someone:

Lillee: literally calls Lauren Elyse “it” and doubled down after being corrected and told it was offensive. Then comments puke emojis when Laur states that “moon is probably playing with Lauren’s balls”.

Ok Stevie boy, Lillee’s actions demonstrate exactly the opposite of what you just stated.

No. 721441

If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. It's nobody's business to babysit a dumb child on the internet.
"You can't have any real criticism unless you hand over all your personal information to Laur, so she can call your employer and harass your family."
He needs to eat a dick. The "skeptic" community online ten years ago would have roasted his ass on a spit.

No. 721451

File: 1571782456337.png (367.75 KB, 887x786, 382876356.png)

This fucking victim complex. Now Lillee thinks she's the new Monica Lewinski, poor baby.

What brand rep looking for the next instagrammer to add to their PR list is gonna see this whiny, defensive shit in a story and say "oh, this definitely looks like someone who's serious about being a beauty influencer!"

No. 721455

she might still snag some tiny indie brands like that September Rose crap but big name companies with PR teams do research so she's fucked. Lol Revlon. And since Laur can't resist making a jackass of herself and harassing well connected influencers, any brand with a decent online following will be promptly warned away from the Trueman clan. Pack it in, ladies, it's time to move on to the next grift.

No. 721461

File: 1571785304047.jpg (516.19 KB, 1080x1440, 20191022_190011.jpg)

Lol, oh my sweet innocent child…

Did Creepshow delete his comment? If she did, good. He was getting way too much attention from that.

No. 721463


maybe just tinfoil, but that reads like it was written by a shill trying to drum up views for Uncle Boomer.

No. 721471

File: 1571786796896.jpeg (664.67 KB, 750x1180, 6EBE51A4-F3FB-4A0E-8E8B-22CE55…)

Lillee Jean states that they never called the Bite Beauty lipstick a collab.

Laur, forgets to edit caption referring to a collab.

No. 721472

I just looked through the history and it's apparently some Taylor Swift obsessed high schooler. It does seem a little fishy. Steve is the type to self post.

No. 721473

File: 1571787216289.jpg (84.99 KB, 899x647, 92838217.jpg)

Arpanet doing a live tutorial on how to subbot?

No. 721481

I don’t think it was Boomer McBoomer, tbh it’s too neutral. I can’t see Steve being able to contain his rage writing about cyberbullies.

No. 721482

He also seems physically unable to write a sentence without writing "spin", "narrative" or "critical thinking".

No. 721505

Hey guys, did you know Steve and Co.are doing a show on Monday about this? On Monday we'll learn what they really think. That show on Monday is gonna be a real eye opener, I think we should all watch it 'cause on Monday's show they are gonna give us all the details.

Can they make it more obvious this is a play for engagement/views and NOT about protecting LJ?

No. 721507

the thing is mcboomer is so thick…ultimately, arpanet, WCT and lauren, heck even james dee and bffdees have gained legitimate followers in the form of Creepshow's fans. Had Mcboomer used his brain, he would have realized a lot sooner that LJ is a lost cause. She's basically over, now that bigger channels will catch wind of this too and his clan of idiots with go down the drain just like laur and LJ

No. 721519

File: 1571797597597.jpeg (238.39 KB, 1242x1712, 89C5FE28-AB21-48E0-8F00-CDED36…)

The Sonia Gianelli twitter account Laur sock puppet has been updated with a new name but it is still currently protected.

No. 721521

File: 1571797761715.jpg (236.08 KB, 1080x1765, 20191022_222839.jpg)

No. 721525

I really wish people would move on. Arguing with the old man on Twitter was fun for the first few hours, but it's been DAYS now. Things would be a lot more entertaining if people were going after LJ and the ogre lady with posts/screenshots/tweets instead of wasting time on the weird old man who literally lives on Twitter.

No. 721526

No. 721527

Laur has been silent for a day now. I have been looking for Twitter socks in use but no luck yet. She must be busy with her 3+ YouTube socks that are responding to all comments on Creepshow’s video. The insults are all very juvenile. She must be real upset

No. 721528

I’m surprised Laur has not hopped onto her Twitter socks. Maybe at this point she finally has figured out she’s not slick, that could also be why she changed Sonia Gianelli’s account name. I wonder when she’s going to be unbanned, I have a feeling she is going to explode after going a whole day without screaming into the Twitter void.

No. 721530

File: 1571799624865.png (106.47 KB, 498x526, selena.png)

>comparing someone saying they will defend themselves in a potential home invasion to the murder of Selena
Glad to know they are perfectly fine invoking any unrelated murder victim's name for pity points. Classy.

No. 721531

"interpreted threat"

Lillee is an idiot

No. 721534

File: 1571799986522.jpeg (292.84 KB, 1242x1879, 73911EAE-4785-47C9-9865-3D8D15…)

Laur is either out of money or too busy with the video aftermath to keep buying bots

No. 721539

That's fucking hilarious.

No. 721585

File: 1571813325078.jpeg (449.48 KB, 640x874, 4EFEB600-676B-403A-B730-7CF062…)

The makeup in all of these look exactly the same, just different colors.

No. 721592

lmao how cant she see how silly this looks when lining them up side by side? ive never seen a 'MUA' so resistant to trying new looks. she doesnt even darken her brows or wear blush/contour to change it up a bit

No. 721599


she needs to find out what works for her face/eyeshape if she actually wants to be a "MUA" and stop doing the same look over and over again but her chances of becoming anyone legitimate or respected is shot to hell now bc of her and her mothers behaviour

No. 721600

I'm pretty sure she said that she does not want to be a MUA and thus see no need to work hard on improving her skills.

she just wants to be famous

No. 721602

For someone who must surely have more makeup than the average person, she sure does make it look like she's got a dusty makeup bag with three dried up eyeliner pencils and her mom's 7 year old Lancome lipstick in it

No. 721604


runs a beauty channel that does the same look constantly

"I don't see the need to improve my skills!"

No. 721620

File: 1571837088071.png (340.68 KB, 782x258, Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 8.22.…)

Then you got MUAs like Lauren Elyse over her showcasing variety of looks and styles and changing the mood each pic. She does a simple backdrop shot like LJ but she makes them feel different.
LJ just put on the one look she knows,purses her lips with that stupid expression and widens her eyes and thinks shes really doing something

No. 721623

It's always that brown background with sheer rose gold eyeshadow. Even when she's wearing bright green it still looks the same somehow.

No. 721626

File: 1571839430443.png (22.17 KB, 512x489, fb-post.png)

Here's a sample of how Steve really thinks.

No. 721627


God he really is one of those tryhard edgy "being atheist just makes me more intelligent than everyone else hur dur"

No. 721630


"If I say I'm not using this logical fallacy right after I've used this logical fallacy, then the fallacy is nullified by my magical lack of irony……….. PhD's!"

No. 721632

Wow. This is a way of being that I previously thought was humiliated out of people by the age of 14

No. 721633

I wish she would close her damn mouth instead of doing this stupid slightly open mouth thing in every picture.

No. 721646

I almost feel bad that the kid has been lied to her entire life about being beautiful. She probably honestly believes it at this point. What a harsh reality to wake up to.

Laur is disgusting.

No. 721650

holy cringe

No. 721654


No. 721657

so when does he get to become a cow himself and his “smob” of smarties? seems like they are also producing milk

No. 721658

File: 1571848161811.jpeg (344.41 KB, 750x861, 2A9E3BC9-FC71-40FB-B907-93A2C6…)

Doolores321 has created an Instagram with purchased followers. So far she has found one that also follows LJ. It will be interesting to see how the patterns of engagement mirror Lillee’s.

No. 721659

Lets see how long until Laur lurks and instabans her

No. 721663

File: 1571849206480.jpeg (361.82 KB, 750x878, 602C9D55-A6B8-402F-A3A8-06BB1F…)

Laur and LJ must be bitter that they have not experienced increased views since the Creepshow video dropped (not only that but Creepshow has 50x more views than LJ).

No. 721664

File: 1571849233375.jpeg (269.83 KB, 2048x2048, 40E9BC99-734A-40F3-9A2C-C7AB49…)

Oh Laur, you and your socks are just getting more desperate.

No. 721665


Arpanet is also doing this experiment, and as of last night, at least one of his obvious bot followers is also following LJ's account. I can't remember the name of the shared bot account and I don't have the time to re-watch the podcast (if any anon knows, grab a screen shot for posterity,) but his fake insta is here: https://www.instagram.com/radiancewithinme/

He's trying to keep the following just paid bots and whatever unwitting real person comes along, so as not to taint the results.

No. 721671

The names absolutely sound made up too. I noticed that for a while all of them sounded to my (non-US) mind like New York Italian names. Wonder what McBoomerson is going to make of all this new intel.
Someone should probably start watching Lillee’s next Instagram post, maybe screenshot every hour to watch the bought followers in real time. There might even be some clever way to do this with software but I’m not sure.

No. 721681

Kek at MMA Fighter and DJ…I’m entranced by this idiot.

No. 721682

>professions who enjoy my arguments


No. 721683

It almost seems like we need a Junior Jeaniez or maybe just a sea-lion thread now. Their milk is so like, involved though, but it would be nice to have everything separated since this thread moves so fast as it is.

Lol yet he's unemployed.

No. 721684


I definitely think McBoom and Kids would provide enough milk for their own thread, especially since I think I caught some mention that Steve was scamming money, somehow? It was in the middle of one of Laur's shit-fits, so I got distracted, but I'm sure a particularly autistic anon could dig around and find all kinds of ridiculous shit.

No. 721696

They honestly don't deserve the attention.

No. 721697

File: 1571859131295.jpg (342.62 KB, 1512x2016, EHiTRKtXUAAjWTr.jpg)

tips fedora

No. 721698

Anyone find out why he was allegedly honorably discharged from the military? He's probably mentally ill.

No. 721699

Lol the boomer Onision

No. 721700

File: 1571859354766.jpeg (466.94 KB, 750x1130, 2AF3EB3F-B473-4B6F-B8A2-3B7984…)

I decided to check LJ’s Facebook fan page. The engagement from her nearly 18k fans is something. On this post, LJ gets 2 likes and 4 comments. And 3 are from Ed and Laur.

No. 721702

She had an influx of engagement about 6-8 weeks back when she started getting all the attention—got as much as 5 reactions on a facebook post!! what a star!

No. 721703

File: 1571859885473.jpeg (286.05 KB, 750x547, 45B11E4E-8B43-446C-AAB0-625719…)

Mr Ed thinks that Lauren Elyse is jealous of LJ (for what reason, who knows? A small, yet accomplished influencer, jealous of a literal nobody? Ok there bud) He also still claims that LE is the originator of the reddit post and that the fact that this blew up was due to the thread. Any attention given to Laur and LJ would have completely disappeared months ago had it not been for Laur’s rants, her false flags on videos, her threats, her contacting workplaces, her and LJ’s continued use of transphobic language and her regular stirring up of old posts. If Laur truly wanted this to die down, she would apologize to the people that she wronged and delete her racist and transphobic podcasts, videos and tweets. I am certain that Laur believes that even bad press is good press.

No. 721706

File: 1571861422566.png (234.34 KB, 1487x630, ask 1.PNG)

Don't expect sea lion Monday stream to be much fun. Unliked comments are silenced in seconds.

No. 721709

So I’ve figured out how to get “proof” that Laur is behind the sock accounts but I don’t reeeally want to get involved and do it myself - it’s nothing illegal, I just don’t have the time and really, it’s none of my business really.

Messaged Creep on how to do it but didn’t hear back.

It’s so frustrating, but knowing Steve, he’d still be like “THAT PROOBS NOTHING”

No. 721710

You can message bffdees as well. They seem to be the most involved callout account.

No. 721711

Contact Bffdees or InfluencersE

No. 721713

He thinks it’s Lauren Elyse because Laur lied to him and told him she LE’s IP proving it. Laur told TiredOldLady the same lie. This is probably why Edward Falcon helped Laur mass report LE’s twitter account. Now Laur has tossed him out like yesterday’s garbage because she’s got sea-lion twitter defending her.

No. 721714


Done. Thank you!

No. 721728

I may have also heard Laur use the word collab in the Bite Beauty video on YouTube but it’s really hard to tell as Lillee has really loud music which has made it difficult to hear some of what Laur is talking about.

No. 721732

File: 1571866636334.jpeg (364.51 KB, 2048x2048, 5F214E12-8B9D-431A-B22B-73B112…)

I don’t feel like this basic look needed a tutorial?

Like, she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about but her application sucks.

No. 721736


I'm kind of getting Stell Bell/tradthot vibes from the bottom one.

No. 721738

Yeah the stream that LJ and Laur were on before was full of this. McBoomer has made all 10 of his regular viewer weirdos moderators and they just block out anyone new. Lauren Elyse got banned in seconds. Anyone that asked a question, who wasn’t part of the Boomers and Babies Weirdo Clique got a time out or banned instantly for innocuous shit.

No. 721739

Did she shoop her teeth in the second one?

No. 721740

File: 1571868071851.jpeg (326.43 KB, 1541x2039, 1571866636334 (1).jpeg)

No. 721743

I think you're on to something anon. The teeth are blurry and are actually close together.

No. 721744

I really don't understand why Laur decided LJ should be a beauty influencer. It's almost like a cruel joke. The girl is hideous. Why would you stand by and encourage this for your daughter, knowing what most people's reaction to her would be?

When LJ was blonde, she kept her mouth closed in all of her pictures and was actually trying to be legitimate. When Laur took over, she convinced LJ to make those bug-eyed faces and stop dying/styling her hair.

Don't you see that your mother is not on your side, LJ? Think about it.

No. 721745

i think her way of coping is pretending to have what she doesn't. LJ doesn't have legit followers so she just buys them and pretends her kid is popular, and screams cyberbullying when forced to face her goblin's inadequacy and ugliness

No. 721747

File: 1571869404731.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191024-002106.png)

Wtf its such a mess, is that snot under her nose, also the fallout all of her fase. She looks like a overstereotyped nerd in childrens movies but then shes a mental mess

No. 721750

File: 1571869624599.jpg (476.72 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20191023-182246_Sam…)

Omg hahaha

No. 721756

File: 1571872611429.jpg (185.04 KB, 1080x825, 20191023_191637.jpg)

Guess who's back

No. 721757

File: 1571872632937.jpg (264.91 KB, 1078x1644, Screenshot_20191023-191559_Sam…)

No. 721759

I mean, are they friends with someone working support there? because this shit defies logic.

No. 721760

repzion and creepshow have tweeted at each other before about onision and other people, so it's not surprising. I hope he does a deep dive and really blows the lid off of this

No. 721766

File: 1571876489619.png (17.11 KB, 583x160, 1.PNG)

No. 721767

File: 1571876520071.png (375.51 KB, 582x461, 2.PNG)

No. 721768

File: 1571876544547.png (349.79 KB, 571x397, 3.PNG)

No. 721769

File: 1571876576792.png (254.67 KB, 579x447, 4.PNG)

No. 721771

File: 1571876602280.png (14.91 KB, 577x143, 5.PNG)

No. 721772

No. 721775

File: 1571877133744.jpeg (719.39 KB, 750x1202, 7BC2EFFF-E600-496C-B8A2-7B3F99…)

LJ claims that the person who created the met gala pic was properly credited on Instagram. The only person tagged on the jeaniezmgt photo is LJ so it looks like she’s telling the truth for once lol

No. 721776

Some small youtuber ex military debate community guy talks about Steve the sea-lion, calls out lies, talks about bans, taking over channels, all sort of boring stuff. It's one and half hour long, be warned.(make your own thread)

No. 721777


Whew, that guy's timeline is a wild ride.


All kinds of kooks and weirdoes are getting dragged into this glorious dumpster fire, I wonder how long it will be before Lillee and Laur actually get drowned out and forgotten.

No. 721784

File: 1571877644166.png (78.32 KB, 592x395, pulls out katana.png)

Steve's fans are absolutely amazing

No. 721787

Nobody would really care about another random, unfortunate looking girl posting poorly done makeup on IG if not for the bizarre caricature sock accounts, 1m fake followers (this is ludicrous), and Laur's unhinged threats. They've been trying to get attention from the start.

Norvina only has 1.5m followers. Michelle Phan has about 2m. They've been active in the beauty community for years, work with major brands, and their content is worlds beyond whatever LJ is doing. 1m followers (who seem to mostly be Russian and Iranian) is a fucking lot for a beauty blogger who only does one look. Even Promise Tamang only has slightly more followers than LJ, and her work has been reposted on several non-beauty sites.

>Laur actually threatens people
>twitter apologizes for inconveniencing her uwu
Are they just not looking at what she's said at all? No wonder Laur is so enabled, she's never held accountable.

No. 721794

Is that person extreme case of Dunning–Kruger or is that what happens to peoples brain when they become fans of someone / something? Also, the whole point about professionals is sort of funny, coming from direction of chronically unemployed know-it-all nobody. Maybe the sea-lion himself thinks that rubbing against supposedly smart people will get some smarts stuck on him? Or is it all just a lame try to claim the internet fame? Well, whatever the cow thinks, milk's the same.

No. 721798


I couldn't make it through the whole thing because too boring, but does Steve McBoom have a drinking problem? This guy seems to imply that he drinks and gets paranoid and makes up conspiracies in his drunk mind.

No wonder he and Laur get along so well.

No. 721800

File: 1571879928795.jpeg (547.51 KB, 750x1198, 429D3E1C-4C8E-41A2-A5BF-B7414C…)

BFFDees1 is discussing the Shaniqua account again to the new people who have entered the chat. Laur eventually admitted to meeting her at some events after they previously said she was a fake account to trick LJ. But who calls someone over that they barely know to play dolls? Not that Shaniqua was real but they can’t keep any lies straight

No. 721802

I could not find that one sea-lion stream. There are so many of them and they all are at least hour long. Well, he does have series called "Rum and coke night" and he himself has said he was living on government funds, so there sure is good soil for that behavior. I noticed another claim from the guy though - he mentioned something about aggression towards roommates or something to that tune. Would be quite a gold material, if some Anon would dig that shit out.

No. 721804

This was just shared on twitter by literallylillee. Looks like they’re going to have a nicely compiled page of all the evidence.

No. 721806

Another interesting moment is his ex-wife and daughter. He had stated before something along lines of daughter being in his parental control, but stayed with mother because it's for unknown reasons better for daughter. So I wonder, if that is true and if it is, what happened there - if alcohol issues and aggression is in play, there might be some sob story behind all that. Again - no idea where to dig for that.

No. 721811

Laur previously said it was a fake account to trick LJ?

No. 721816

File: 1571882422469.jpeg (351.89 KB, 2048x2048, 84F201C2-5197-4A4E-8216-ADF233…)

sounds legit, Lillee.

No. 721819

File: 1571882606905.png (45.63 KB, 293x333, 1562761524775.png)

After someone insinuated the Shaniqua account was fake, LJ expressed surprise and said she thought Shaniqua was just a fan, but then said it could be a fake account made to trick her.

But Shaniqua's posts say they met several times, and LJ did her "auntie's" makeup because she's sooo kind and doesn't care what anyone's color is.

The Shaniqua account is very telling on how they view minorities. They want brownie points for being friends with people darker than them. Everything Shaniqua says expresses her awe for LJ, and she "pees herself in excitement" when asked to come over and play dolls with her. LJ sees herself as a gorgeous blonde queen, and any ugly black person should be grateful to be in her presence. Disgusting.

No. 721828

>Woah dude look at context.
The sealions are really rubbing off on her.

No. 721829

File: 1571883523274.jpeg (332.03 KB, 2048x989, E507D150-E399-47CF-9E8A-14F778…)

I also made a grid of the three comments she made in the first thread. I wish I had the Instagram pic that these were from. If LJ is calling this girl to play dolls then why does she all of a sudden believe that someone created a fake account?

No. 721835

Did she lose her verified acct checkmark

No. 721838


Laur's signature "g8" is in there.

No. 721839


This was before she got verified.

No. 721854

File: 1571888009424.jpeg (311.28 KB, 1242x1775, 56958A56-EF5C-470E-9FA0-BCF832…)

Since we are revisiting the socks, though this may have already been posted, the very first post on myworldlilleejean has comments about meeting her

No. 721855

File: 1571888228557.jpeg (473.98 KB, 750x1189, E8F13E51-275C-4607-8767-F76A66…)

Let’s not forget that they Shaniqua was such a part of the group that she was invited to the wedding of the century.

No. 721856

File: 1571888824316.jpg (90.75 KB, 605x807, jdhi238.jpg)

Look at these thirsties struggling to find something nice to say about Lillee's "creativity" with makeup.

She's not gonna send you nudez, boys.

No. 721857

Same guy talking about bunch of boring shit for hour and a half, and the at 1:32:10 someone at chat asks something about condom picking and he spits out some story about Steve the sea lion living in same apartment with some whore and picking up condoms after her many boyfrends use her as a part of deal, because he could not pay the rent. Something about their "relationship" and something about it being somewhere on youtube.. If that's true, there's a golden nugget to be found.

No. 721861

File: 1571890859179.png (516.35 KB, 1450x781, pickupmycondomssteve.png)


I couldn't quite make out the name he said, but I think it was "Lyrical Orion."

I found a lady whispering into her camera about religion/science on youtube…could be her?


No. 721862

Same guy again - this one is actually a bit interesting, if watched on 1.5 speed.
Talks about sea-lion minion wars on twitter, channel stealing, monetizing other peoples stuff, claims he has chat logs, laughs about talking to people with PhDs, more story time.
If this guy actually has all the logs and dirt he's claiming he has, there should be enough for separate thread od on the sea-lion.

No. 721864

Sounded like that, yes. And she does look in those thumbnails like a person to "fit the description". Then again some confirmation would be needed.

No. 721866

He also mentions at some point, that sea-lion uses drama and misfortunes to hype up his internet fame. He mentions two interesting things.
First - sea-lion did have brooken glasses for a while and told everyone after his NSS (NonSequitor Show" Kyle kicked him out, that he has no money to buy new ones and at the same time he told everyone that he has ex-military healthcare. This Dragnauct guy tells that his own glasses are payed by the same healthcare, so he does not get new ones or does not show them just so he can make people feel sorry for him. No idea about US ex-mil healthcare, someone better informed may elaborate.
Other thing he mentions is that sea-lion tried to use someone picking on hos daughter as pity-party fuel. It would be too much milk for one day if LJ actually turns out to be his daughter.

No. 721870

Here is Lyrical Orion talking about The Great Debate Community and about how there are people in the community who only attack information. She doesn't name Steve specifically, but he considers himself the "owner" of the Great Debate Community, and she seems to be talking about the kind of tactics he uses, so I think I might be onto something.

She has a few dozen videos, but none of them are particularly long. I might mine them for more clues.


Is he estranged from his daughter? I keep hearing that his living situation is shaky (going from roommate to roommate, or living in a studio/efficiency apartment,) so maybe he doesn't have custody or access to his own kid and is trying to use Lillee as a surrogate.

No. 721873

File: 1571894092977.jpeg (429.34 KB, 750x1091, 34038516-FDCA-4CB4-9ABA-BF9B46…)

Steve still believes that it’s ok to make up lies to defend transphobic comments about someone. Get it through your thick skull, Lauren Elyse is not an anonymous account. When corrected and told calling her an “it” was offensive, Lillee doubled down. Laur has repeatedly called James D. “She” despite him asking her politely to stop misgendering him. There is ample proof of Laur and Lillee being transphobic and racists. Just because you don’t want to believe it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

No. 721876

File: 1571894400362.jpeg (478.76 KB, 750x1064, BDD076EC-817B-4699-9722-009671…)

Lillee didn’t apologize to anyone in Steve’s video. I sat through that thing and there was zero substance. No apology to LE, QoB, voice mail anon (who we hadn’t heard of until then), nobody. Steve is lying through his teeth to save face.

No. 721881

Steve “demand evidence” McBoomer refusing to provide evidence. Surprise, surprise.

No. 721885

"so maybe he doesn't have custody or access to his own kid and is trying to use Lillee as a surrogate."

Well, couple of days ago I would agree that it's a possibility, but looking deeper into his deeds and ways of getting to things, I am getting more convinced that he is doing it for internet fame and relevancy. It seems that he has tried to get big on YouTube for years now, using all kinds of tricks and scams, and still his success is very limited.

About the daughter, he has said that himself that he has the custody but she lives with mother "because that is better for her" - it might as well be a lie. It is very rare to father to get custody, specially if he's unemployed and borderline homeless for years. I would generally give my doubt and find a legit reasoning behind something, but I can't bring myself to do so in this case.

Also, he invoked Laur because one of his bully targets Katy (without a crystal ball) has attacked Laur and he found his "ally in enemy of his enemy". At least that's how he introduced her before and at his Lillee stream.
After that stream his twitter went private for a while. And after that, I bet, he saw an opportunity to get fame piggybacking on their saga.
Well, that's my opinion anyway.
Still, would be interesting to know more about his daughter and wife and the situation now and when they separated.

No. 721886

Yes, that seems to be too much for coincidence. Perhaps the Dragnauct has some credibility. I might put together a list of names he mentions in his videos at some point. Will be a bit of pain to re-watch them though.

No. 721887

File: 1571895909439.png (2.14 MB, 1271x1246, Capture.PNG)

One more thing that came into my mind. His profile picture from his "vacation", when he went to visit the girl in the picture with him. Is it me, or does he in that picture looks like predator creeping on a sheep to anyone else?

No. 721889

File: 1571896108287.png (844.59 KB, 2296x1039, heathen.PNG)

She looks older in the profile pic, but I think it's her. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 721892

Or I'm wrong and this is his daughter perhaps?

No. 721895

File: 1571896621719.png (1.86 MB, 1785x1066, vac1.PNG)

Here are the "vacation" pics and that is the Sweat Heathen person. So the one in profile pic might be the daughter instead. Even more creepy then.

No. 721898

At 1:03:00 there's something about liveleeks having video of a guy sea-lion Steve defended drilling holes in dywalls to watch naked kids while being police auditor.

No. 721902

Minutes later they mention something about collecting data on him or Steve, I could not make out.

No. 721908

Yes Steve Mcrae would have access to the VA hospital and they do give free eye exams and glasses. They even do lasik eye surgery for $6 as a copay. So him saying he couldn't afford glasses was him trying to scam people for donations.

No. 721951


Wow, it really is just a parade of scumbags that Laur ropes in to defend her and Lillee.

No. 721954

Of course it's scumbags. No sane or decent person would defend Laur and Lillee nor have anything to do with them, and especially would not stake their reputation on trying to defend then publicly.

It's guaranteed that the only voices defending them will have ulterior motives, guaranteed.

From what's been said, it definitely looks like the black guy in these videos has dirt on this moron.

I absolutely hate that Laur and LJ were able to deflect some of the attention onto this creepy old pedophile instead of themselves.

No. 721963

File: 1571934467256.jpeg (309.73 KB, 750x1292, BC0914B1-9707-4059-8EA6-E82416…)

I really am curious how Steve is going to explain this as organic growth…

No. 721964

File: 1571934804946.png (299.18 KB, 1410x778, theg8de8community.png)

Steve misspells "Naval" and has an unnecessary apostrophe in "Knolls" in his channel description.

Is he faking his "I'm a Very Smart Guy" credentials, or is he just a moron who can't spell and doesn't know the actual name of the school he attended?

No. 721966

Also agreed.
And I think he might deserve his own thread. That would solve it.

No. 721968

I imagine a person, who claims to have worked on nuclear subs would have had at the very least his employment agencies name drilled into his head. Perhaps he's lying about having worked on subs?

No. 721969


I would definitely follow a separate thread on Steve/The Sea-lions. The callouts are compiling a single blog to track the Truemans' shenanigans, so they can just direct people to a link and not go round-and-round debating brick walls. Steve has been making noise for the past few days that he is blocking any of Lillee's detractors, and after their little video fails to blow up with 100K views, I suspect the sea-lions will move on to the next fight.

No. 721970

I agree too. That way we could look into Steve without clogging up this thread. Their whole cult is a milk-fest.

No. 721972

That would be considered “stolen valor” and could get him in hot legal water. But I had a feeling that what he says isn’t 100% true but was hoping another anon brought it up first. Sub personnel tend to be extremely intelligent and definitely know how to spell everything that apples to their job.

No. 721981

"Sub personnel tend to be extremely intelligent"
as an ex submariner you have no idea how wrong you are

No. 721982

i wonder who this could be

No. 721989

File: 1571941485659.jpg (169.34 KB, 640x1136, quSSnpU.jpg)


No. 721990

File: 1571941534997.jpg (118.12 KB, 640x1136, WgePWim.jpg)

No. 721993

I am severely triggered by the way he puts *'s around his I's as if to emphasize how much of a hero he is.

>I explained to them the DMCA was wrong and got them to reverse them

Conveniently ignoring that you only got them to reverse them by forcing WCT to take the video down and never talk about Laur and Lillee again.

No. 722004

File: 1571945013564.jpeg (192.45 KB, 750x435, D212E78D-E182-4531-B49E-94F0ED…)

Laur tagging the totally real James Dee to confirm that people do say girrrl all the time. Not that it is the issue with the James Dee character; it’s the over the top flamboyance and bitch fights that make their character offensive.

No. 722014

Creepshow briefly hit on it but I’m surprised no one else has spoken about how bizarre and creepy it would be for 2 middle aged men to be “bff gurrrls” w/a 16 year old child. Laur seems to be the only person who doesn’t cringe at this.

No. 722016

As if JS is an accurate representation of all gay men.

No. 722018


Middle-aged, fighting with supposed teenage children online for the title of biggest fan of another child. Inviting said child to their house.

If these were truly real people, we'd all be hearing about the whole thing on some 1-hour documentary about how an obscure youtuber was murdered by the creepy adult man who fixated on her and became obsessed.

No. 722036

Don’t you know that all gay men are flamboyant and flaaaaaminggggggg?!?!

Just shows how incredibly ignorant she is when it comes to the LGBT community.

No. 722045

Laur is also totally fine with a different unemployed creepy old man championing her child, even though he's dating someone the same age as her.

No. 722046

File: 1571954573883.jpg (136.8 KB, 820x824, 9320746676.jpg)

Has the well run dry? Lillee is now posting herself mopping the floor in ratty slippers and teasing a look using an old, dusty palette from 2016.

(Funny that she chose a brand known for its racist founder who tried to sue beauty bloggers for criticizing her after she got caught scamming.)

No. 722047

Xenia is also known for “flaunting” her Jewish heritage and bringing up her super Jewish grandmother or some shit. It’s a match made In heaven.

No. 722049

Prior to the first reddit post in July, Lils posted content to youtube often and to instagram nearly every day; sometimes multiple posts in a day.

It's really slowed down over the past few months, and now she's posting once every few days. I wonder if it's because she's been removed from a lot of PR lists and can't afford to buy stuff for new posts every day, or if she's become disillusioned now that her fairy disney internet star bubble has been burst.

No. 722050

she has deleted tons of shit as well

No. 722058

Well I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I worked will naval nukes, although not one myself or on subs because honestly I’m not smart enough. Imo, the sailors I did work with were pretty smart. Maybe the ones you worked with were the ones that thought they worked for a belly button.

No. 722061

She deleted her lowest performing IG posts to boost her engagement rate. Before she cleaned out around 600 posts, her engagement rate was 0.01% after it’s between 0.80-1.0% which is still on the low side for PR/brand partners

No. 722064

File: 1571960556156.jpeg (131 KB, 1331x714, 5DED72D4-C1FD-46D6-B05B-175AEA…)

They’re desperately trying to keep her engagement rate around 1%. You can track it on IGBlade. She waits until her engagement rate is at 1% to post new content. It’ll drop down to .70-.80% for a few days until Laur buys enough likes and they have enough spammed comments from sock accounts to bring it back up and the cycle repeats.

No. 722067


all this effort, time, and money spent on fakery that's not even working. wouldn't it be easier to just work hard on not being so mediocre?

No. 722068

File: 1571961380263.jpeg (315.77 KB, 1242x1748, 93820D83-A61F-4576-8610-917481…)

New sock puppet fan Twitter account. I think Laur lost the password to the old ones.

No. 722070

Laur trying to take back the Lilleejean tag on twitter lol

No. 722071


of fucking course she included pronouns in the bio

No. 722072

File: 1571961827124.jpeg (123.12 KB, 1242x1021, 5C8E4113-6EC8-4AB3-B9B9-104E1A…)

New Instagram fan account but it’s misspelled??

No. 722078

I want to believe these are just trolls, however, Laur is absolutely insane and I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't.

No. 722081

File: 1571967206921.png (38.31 KB, 609x406, uglywoman.PNG)

Zero self-awareness.

No. 722083

I can’t understand what Laur is trying to say here. There are words, but they don’t make sense.

No. 722084

This is how I feel about every single LJ thread. I don't know how anons interpret LJ and her mom's posts into anything meaningful, let alone uncover the sockpuppets. It's so mangled and weird.

No. 722098

File: 1571975856829.png (1.86 MB, 750x3742, D58CE764-0402-4138-A017-4DEACA…)

No. 722099

File: 1571975976664.jpeg (414.42 KB, 750x843, 26CF47D0-AFB4-49BE-AB3F-408272…)

Steve thinks he can get a makeup company to go on his show lol. I think it’s only fair if first they see all of the evidence - the racist and transphobic podcasts and sock accounts.

No. 722100

He conveniently left out that Sonia was retweeting a clip from the racist podcast that Steve & Co refuse to address. Get a rep for Colour Pop on your show and watch them awkwardly try to defend Lillee telling African Americans to shut the fuck up about slavery. Please let this happen.

No. 722101

Tinfoil: McBoomer knows Diamond Earl irl. They kinda look the same and have the same taste in women. Was Earl ever in the military? Could he be getting some kind of veteran’s benefits (idk if those exist) that LJ and Laur use for socks/used makeup? Drunk spitballing, apologies.

No. 722102

Guess Creepshow’s fanbase was too much so now Boomer is back to attacking a 19 year old pregnant girl. I can’t wait until defending Laur & Lillee ruin this stupid motherfucker’s life.

No. 722103

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on McBoomer and I don’t think he’s related to LJ in any way. He’s just a leech who likes to attach himself to anyone who can bring in the views to his pathetic debate channel.

No. 722108

So many typos…is he drunk?? Not something I’d usually judge someone for but he seems to think he’s The Chosen One and he can’t even spell or use proper punctuation

No. 722109


Laur's saying that even though LJ's "career" is based on social media, Laur has a hard time "patrolling" all of the troll accounts made to bully LJ.

The ugly hag is claiming there are too many troll socks to keep up with them. This is hilarious, because one, she has no job, no life, and plenty of time to patrol accounts. And two, she constantly patrols her own 30 or 40 socks no problem.

No. 722110

Is Boomer dating his cohost that he traveled to see? People in her Facebook comments seem to think so. So this freak is dating a self-admitted 19-year-old girl. No one is weirded out by this? No wonder he's "helping" Lillee.

No. 722111

File: 1571980353961.png (44.66 KB, 593x450, l1.PNG)

1 million legit followers but no friends until the sealions.

No. 722112

File: 1571980419390.png (28.59 KB, 521x328, l2.PNG)

Laur searching for people talking about bullying, feigning support, grooming them to pull them into LJ drama.

No. 722113

File: 1571980518372.png (24.13 KB, 553x303, boomer.PNG)


No. 722114

File: 1571980572866.png (279.47 KB, 586x447, boom.PNG)

Perfect comparison for LJ.

No. 722117

File: 1571981892875.png (323.43 KB, 811x437, bite.PNG)

more proof they forgot to delete about the bite "collab"

No. 722118

Lillee and Laur are being called out on their racism, homophobia, transphobia, threats, stalking, harassment and lies. But Lillee’s being bullied for her appearance. Ok

Also this is the 2nd defender to call Lillee ugly & I’ve yet to see the active callout accounts (Bffdees, InfluencerSE, JamesDee5310 etc) ever address her appearance.

No. 722120

No, that's not true. He went to date or something this Sweet Heathen girl , see >>721895
CheshireViq has told herself that she has no date candidates. Well, being so far up her own ass, that's no wonder though.

No. 722121

Yes, Anon, I have wondered about that too for quite a while. How comes that from those 1M subs nobody comes to defend them if they are real.

No. 722122

Sweet Heathen and Cheshire are not the same person?

No. 722123

Good. Larger pasture, more cows, more milk. I hope she finds many like-minded people and drags them neck deep in this glorious ordeal.

No. 722125

File: 1571982748751.png (59.84 KB, 265x464, stmc.PNG)

Here are Boomer's real jobs - cashier at Circuit City and supervisor at Kohl's. LMAO.

No. 722126

File: 1571982811752.jpg (143.97 KB, 1096x1096, wtf.jpg)

No. 722127

File: 1571983760298.png (3.03 MB, 1914x2172, vac1.PNG)

No, I am quite sure they are two different persons.

In pic - upper two are from Steve's Twitter from his vacation. Bottom is CheshireViq from her YT birthday stream.

Futhermore, I'm qute sure Cheshire is in her early 20s. Sweet Heathen looks much too young for him either way. No idea about her age actual though.

Their web presence:


https://www.amazon.ca/hz/wishlist/ls/2TMNPFK7BBIWX <- e-begging for treat for her dog

Sweet Heathen (Ashley ?)


No. 722129

I hope someone somehow gets him to vouch for Yaniv next.

No. 722132

File: 1571984453413.jpg (328.72 KB, 1064x961, 20191025_022001.jpg)

I'm not exactly sure who this Agrippa character is, but I thought this was interesting considering the speculation about Steve lying about his schooling.

No. 722133

LOL, so that's why the obsession with peoples professions >>721626

No. 722134

I hope one of the callout account @'s Kohl's and Circuit City and ask their opinion on his behavior, lmao

No. 722135

No. 722136

Sweet Heathen also claims to be a software and we designer and has some examples of actual product design in her folio: http://www.sweetheathen.com/index.php/about

In all the beauty of this hot mess that Steve and the Magic Sea Lions is, she looks like only one who's not a complete weirdo. I wonder how Steve got her groomed.

No. 722137

She says on FB that she met him in an online discussion group, but doesn't specify which.

No. 722146

File: 1571991307508.png (432.36 KB, 636x1311, kf.PNG)

Kiwi Farms is like 4chan but for Alex Jones

No. 722152

The KF thread is basically just screenshots of things Laur/Lillee/sockpuppets have said on social media though. I thought boomer crew was supposed to be logical and not emotional? Fact-based, not dramatic? Idiots.

No. 722162

Yeah, the more I read his Twitter, the more I see why Dragnauct Sylvas in his videos calls them Steve's cocksuckers. They just agree on anything. Steve uses phrases like "just believe me on this" as evidence quite often and they do - clap like seals and agree. And when someone tries to ask more questions and actually be skeptical - they label them as troll and ban them. I would argue that most if not all so-called skeptic community consists of people like that.

No. 722168

File: 1572006973298.jpeg (372.22 KB, 750x831, 81F45F3A-0C80-4499-BF59-EF8992…)

Laur still claiming Null lives in Pensacola with his rapist granny.

No. 722181

Did not Nulls relatives sold that property and moved somewhere else long time ago? Or was that something else? Anyhow,effectively she is trying to send FBI to random peoples home?

No. 722186


If Laur had her way, she'd be sending the FBI to the homes of everyone who has ever said Lillee's followers are fake in public. She and McBoom are constantly trying to get people to give her their real names/occupations/locations.

No. 722189

File: 1572013496410.png (2.53 MB, 1920x2064, 48905134678.png)

Lillee proves once again that she can't do anything but single-color pastel eyeshadow without looking like someone punched her in the face. She used several bright colors, but then smudged them all together into this mottled brown.

At the end of the video, she mentions that she's apparently been answering ads from Backstage, and got caught up in a scam. Duh, Lillee. You can't act, of course no one legit is gonna be interested in casting you in anything.


No. 722190

I’m almost positive McBoomer didn’t go to the Naval Nuclear Power program. There’s no way he enlisted at 18 and graduated at 19. He would have had to finish his undergrad, basic training, A school and the program in a year. That’s not possible. Also- Graduates of that program don’t end up working at Circuit City and Kohl’s. He’s lying.

No. 722192

why is she even doing the eyes first? there's no point she can't do makeup properly.

No. 722193

Any of the brands sending her stuff would immediately cut off their PR if they saw how badly she displays and presents their products.

No. 722195

File: 1572014150523.png (522.43 KB, 761x393, Capture.PNG)

She says stuff in this video like, "I like the effect of this, that's why I do it in most looks." LMAO. She's acknowledging that she's reading the criticism about how she has no talent and only does the same look over and over. The "look" she came up with today is so ugly. This is supposed to show us we're wrong? lmao.

No. 722196


She always does her eyes first, probably because she always gets so much fallout everywhere that she'd have to wipe off all her foundation/concealer to clean it up after.

A little fallout is normal, but Lillee gets so much all over her face that it looks like she smeared it there on purpose. She must be super heavy-handed, digging into the pans to load the brush to compensate for her poor application skills, and wasting product.

No. 722197

File: 1572014219130.png (522.77 KB, 765x396, lol.PNG)

You're all just jealous.

No. 722198

Thanks Lilz. Now I can follow your jaundiced make-up tutorial just in time for Halloween

No. 722199

eight. teen.

No. 722204

File: 1572015429197.jpg (123.84 KB, 1542x781, 309802302-kk89.jpg)

Steve sure is handling this whole situation like a reasonable intellectual.

No. 722208

that's an excuse people give for everyday makeup looks, not fucking special occasion/ costume/ whatever the fuck she's trying to do looks
what makes this hilarious- and sad- is that Circuit City hasn't operated under that name since 2012 (they started using it again for their online stores in 2016 but they were bought out by TigerDirect) and they haven't had a brick and mortar store since 2009.
Also on the off chance he IS telling the truth, how would one fall from working in a nuclear laboratory to hosting a shitty youtube channel and whiteknighting for a girl who could be his daughter all the way across the country.
Again, if he is in fact telling the truth, he's the one veteran who doesn't flaunt the fact that he's a veteran, so I'm banking on him either not being in the military at all, or getting a dishonorable discharge.

No. 722211

File: 1572016643501.jpeg (318.08 KB, 750x978, AA637594-5AFB-4A8F-BFD6-1FE7AA…)

Great idea, Jody. Steve should make a KF account and demand primary evidence for all their accusations. Surely that psychopath Josh Moon and his rapist granny will see the error of their ways and leave Lilz alone finally. You’re their only hope, be a man and defend your ladies.

No. 722212

>wah wah I'm a vet stop bullying!

No. 722213

I bet Mr. Circuit City is so excited imagining that he'll have LJ's million viewers for his little show on Monday.

No. 722215

tinfoil, but I think he knows that Lillee has no fans but think he can bank in on Creepshows fans hate-watching. That's why he's still there in the commentsection of her video 3 days later >>722204

No. 722216

Can we please move this Steve stuff to a thread in /snow/ or something?

That first picture is horrifying. She looks sickly and diseased with all that fallout under her eyes.

No. 722217

That makes sense. Do you think they will actually watch? It looks like anyone who tries to argue with him on his show gets blocked immediately, so there doesn't seem to be any reason to watch.

No. 722218

Maybe a couple, but I don't think most will.

No. 722219

I agree with him getting his own thread but he is kind of relevant to lulz’s story somewhat. Maybe bring everything else over there because he has proved to be farm worthy. I doubt the thread will run dry.

No. 722231

File: 1572023984322.jpeg (302.78 KB, 2018x1005, 10D191DD-C1B2-4047-9529-06E71C…)

The many faces of Rachel M (and yes, I attempted to draw LJ a top. I don’t know what kind of parent let’s their underage child post videos of themselves in a sports bra).

No. 722232


rachel/ronald/lonny/ryan Jesus, Laur. I guess she's trying to mask the fact that Lillee is only getting comments from the same 5 accounts over and over, but she's too dumb to realize that every name change applies to the old comments, too. Now Lillee looks crazy.

No. 722242

File: 1572026690556.jpeg (437.72 KB, 2048x2048, 7861768E-7104-42CE-8958-A35D7A…)

Claims not to photoshop her looks. Posts this as the same look on Twitter. This is more than just lighting differences.

No. 722243


and they both look different from what she looked like at the end of her tutorial video.

No. 722246

There is a Instagram post of Laur helping LJ legit put on a bra as a minor. There is nothing normal about them. It’s fucking disturbing.

No. 722248

If only she could've just stuck to posting very photoshopped eye looks on instagram, she might've been able to garner a decent following without ever having to open her mouth or show her unfortunate teeth and brick body. She's still a one trick pony with abysmal skills, but I think the average person scrolling through their explore page might enjoy/not be too critical of it and would mindlessly give her a follow.

No. 722250

Two new fakes popped up on YouTube within the last day: Mary Jannes and Guinvere Rios both have account made dates of 10/24.

No. 722251


This was exactly what I was thinking, also it seems like she looks more unhygienic in her newer videos. There is a bunch of white stuff in her hair, and this girl needs some hairoil and mousse. She looks like she just came from her bed, has no running water, and never cleans her brushes.

No. 722252

doesn't seem to brush her hair either or brush her teeth

No. 722253

Next thread pic

No. 722258

File: 1572029518016.jpg (73.34 KB, 960x960, evil.jpg)

Agreed. She honestly looked fine when she was blonde. She seemed to keep up with the beauty community then, and kept her mouth closed in all pictures. She had potential to gain a real following.

It looks like Laur got involved in Lillee's "career" after she lost her nth antiques job. Laur started "managing" LJ and that's when "tha eyeball queen" branding started, Lillee's hair stopped being dyed and styled, and Lillee started bizarrely opening her eyes as wide as possible. You can see in videos that Laur does the bizarre eye thing regularly. Lillee started making bizarre faces in videos and in pictures, frequently opening her eyes and smiling as wide as possible. No sane human being would ever advise someone to do that.

Lillee might have made it on her own. But her mother's influence made damn sure she turned into a laughing stock instead.

Did Laur have good intentions? Did she believe in LJ and think she could help her succeed?

OR was Laur truly just jealous, and engineered her daughter's downfall because she's a fat little troll with a horrible face, no talent, no friends, and a non-existent husband?

You decide.

No. 722263


That hairstyle looks straight out of the 70s. This is the last person who should be giving anyone under the age of 60 aesthetic advice.

No. 722278

I think because he has everything registered to a mailing address in FL at one of those mailbox stores. She’s literally talking about the address that Null himself puts on KF for people to send their legal complaints to. I bet she googled “Joshua Connor Moon address” and thinks she found classified information. Also, the fact that she thinks her and LJ are so important that they are the reason the FBI would be after KF after everything else is pure delusion. Christchurch shooting video? All good. Laughing at a social media attic dweller with meth teeth and her psycho momager? You’ve gone too far this time Moon.

No. 722329

File: 1572052062020.jpeg (486.83 KB, 1242x1719, B79BF071-D890-4F6A-B023-8B1DAD…)

They are all real busy on Twitter

No. 722330


Didn't Laur and Lillee promise just yesterday that they weren't going to misgender anyone again?

No. 722333

File: 1572052342755.jpeg (78.78 KB, 1242x347, F9D49E32-85F3-4CF2-9787-D8C0C6…)