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File: 1579859094839.jpeg (61.16 KB, 207x275, 1D604CE8-DF91-48CF-9998-043934…)

No. 751569

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Is against anything to do with China at all costs.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Is always most holier than thou, everyone else is haram.

> Has a number of “thriving” social media accounts that “stockers” haven’t found yet.

> Is still absolutely obsessed with Naruru

> Saudi Arabia is now too haram to move to.

> Claiming someone who is suicidal was in a haram relationship and harassing them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim):

Twitter (japanese): https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Youtube #3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous thread: >>>/pt/718918

No. 751570

Sorry for the huge delay guys, bushfires be rough!

No. 751580

File: 1579866061598.jpeg (398.39 KB, 1438x1713, 2CF20E73-8159-48D5-8A99-B05081…)

This is what happened, she accused a suicidal person of being in a haram relationship rather than offering support. Y’know, it’s okay to not be okay or any words of encouragement

No. 751581

File: 1579866102765.jpeg (138.21 KB, 619x713, 03286273-3A1C-4683-93F4-3DEECD…)

No. 751582

File: 1579866167902.jpeg (371.08 KB, 750x1110, 31CA5D45-3B0B-4AF2-A172-AE57FE…)

She then made a video response on her isis youtube channel

No. 751586

>49 seconds

No. 751593

File: 1579872429861.jpg (791.93 KB, 1242x1336, RQY8nxQ.jpg)

I don’t know why but this made me laugh out loud.

No. 751673

Bless up y'all…..we got air conditioners. So it only makes sense to marry someone without dating, no matter what!

No. 751685

File: 1579897897670.jpeg (314.89 KB, 750x770, A61CCBD7-298D-4C2D-BA2A-729B9C…)

Bish you ain’t filmed shit cause you live in your mum’s basement in Canada.

No. 751689

I honestly think she's trying to convince HERSELF that she's still in Japan at this point

No. 751697


Her fake Saudi husband appears to have moved on. No more potato chip stuffing and bed pounding.

Hasn't appeared or even been mentioned in ages.

No. 752011

I’m surprised she’s gone back to saying that she is moving to Saudi Arabia

No. 752040

File: 1579916699604.png (1.55 MB, 1876x854, スクリーンショット 2020-01-25 10.44.51.…)

This channel has nothing except islam islam islam…and Miranda's picture everywhere…even islam is all about her

No. 752070


Interesting. It’s become “when I go to SA”. No longer “when WE go”. Like the other anon said, husband isn’t even mentioned any more

No. 752101

You have no idea how happy I am that you used this image for the thread!

No. 752111

I don't know why, but this video disgusts me on a visceral level more than almost any of her other stuff. She's saying if you love someone you should marry them as soon as you meet them. She even calls dating "hateful." That's so disgustingly backwards. According to her, you shouldn't get to know someone and find out if you're compatible, because that isn't love and it's hateful. Makes no fucking sense. There's definitely something wrong with her brain.

No. 752162

>"Societies have thrived on cultural and moral preservation."

Why does Mira sound exactly like a fascist these days?

No. 752278

File: 1579957983240.jpeg (95.77 KB, 750x737, 18C62514-2BB2-45CA-87F5-586EC8…)

I think you’re right. Fajr in Sudbury:

No. 752279

File: 1579958021178.jpeg (282.32 KB, 750x799, 560D1CF1-F459-4EEC-862E-7E1830…)

And the time she started tweeting (7:30am Canada)

No. 752283

If she's so devout, why is she getting all her information from you tube videos and not her religious leader? Miranda, someone will start asking you, Who is your imam, Where are you getting your Qur'an interpretations, and telling them "You Tube.. I-I mean my totally real saudi prince husband" isn't going to work.

P.S. Middle Eastern men do not have the white fetish that Japs have. Are you really this uninformed?

No. 752308

File: 1579964731623.jpeg (157.02 KB, 640x894, A0B6F595-683D-4E7F-9CE5-8F85AC…)

The first mention of her “husband” for a while. But of course, it’s to prove her point which everyone can tell she’s lying through her teeth.

No. 752309

File: 1579964782276.jpeg (184.16 KB, 640x913, 49CAAB35-7FAA-41AB-99F1-AFDEED…)

What she was replying to

No. 752314

Holy shit, she's calling people who know more about Saudi Arabia than she does, with photographic evidence and REAL family ties, "ignorant" and "know nothings" for disagreeing with her. How little self-awareness can she have? How fucking shameless can she be? Isn't she embarrassed?

No. 752324

File: 1579966607881.jpg (351.29 KB, 1377x1586, Lolhoe.jpg)

According to Tokyo Ham, Miranda once had a Tinder account

Of course she denies it

No. 752389

I sort of get why Islam seemed like a good idea to Mira when she joined.

She must feel like she has no control. When she moved to Japan she had very little education and no real skills. There was a little YouTube income and I'm sure her family was helping a bit, but aside from that she was working these hostessing jobs that sound grueling. After giving that up, her survival seemed to be based on mooching off of any guys she could sucker into a relationship. She wants a sense of control, since her life seems so out-of-control.

Then all the drama between her, Rachel, and a couple of her fans went down, and she had tons of people telling her she's a terrible person. When you're met with that much opposition, you need a way to rationalize it. The healthy response is to investigate and reflect until you determine if what you did was right or wrong, and if you are clearly in the wrong, the healthy thing is to try to make amends and improve. Mira didn't take that route and just made excuses, which left a moral tension and probable cognitive dissonance.

Then she got a crush on Rody. It's a natural reaction to become very interested in the subject of an infatuation's life, interests, etc. So, it's understandable that Mira developed an interest in Pakistani culture.

By converting to Islam, Mira must have been trying to appeal to Rody, even if that wasn't completely conscious (though I'm sure it was, moreso than she's willing to admit). But it was also the perfect rationalization for Mira being in the right, and dismissing all the haters. They're all sinful, and she's morally superior because she understands Islam better than anyone.

Another thing is that people insult her intelligence often, because she speaks so poorly, and has such a weak grasp on politics and reality. Islam gives her absolute certainty over questions of morality, but it's also given her a way to engage in discussions of politics and international relations in a way she was previously too inept to, giving her an air of intellectualism, if only to herself. So, she can also feel intellectually superior to the people she argues with. She's adopted an extremely conservative, pro-Saudi ideology, with an extreme level of xenophobia toward liberalism, Shia Islam, feminism, and random countries from China to Sweden. She's mindlessly bought into this reprehensible ideology, but I can't call her brainwashed because it's the first time she's actually held a comprehensive political ideology.

In other words, Islam has been a comprehensive solution for her to many problems - it was a way to try to get closer to Rody, it was a way to feel morally superior to her detractors, it was a way to feel intellectual, and it gave her more control over her own life. It must have given her some level of confidence.

However, I also don't think it's sustainable. Her fundamentalist, Salafist form of Islam is very demanding and high-effort. Even if she's lying about her commitment to the religion, ostracism and the effort it takes to dress the way she does comes at a heavy cost, and without a nearby Muslim community to engage in, I can't imagine how she can keep it up. She's also received plenty of pushback from the Muslim world - she gets in arguments daily with actual Saudi youths on Twitter, Rody seems to hate her, and we speculate she's been denied entry to Saudi Arabia. Her Islamic fantasy is falling apart, which is why it's only a matter of time before she abandons it.

We've talked, often jokingly, about her becoming a "tradthot wignat" and things to that effect. That outcome now seems like an inevitability. The way she's talking is already essentially fascistic - she despises the LGBT community, she's against liberal attitudes toward everything from art to entertainment, she's extremely xenophobic, and if I were to describe her political-military views, she's a disturbingly extreme neocon, if only because she lacks the political comprehension to understand the gravity and consequences of military intervention. She's also the definition of a reactionary - she wants to return to an imagined earlier time, when law was much more oppressive. So, once she loses all the superficial Muslim clothes and fascination with Arab culture, what's going to be left is the extreme-right political ideology. It's what her identity and self-esteem are built on.(you really expect me to read all this shitl)

No. 752470

Wow, isn’t this what her beloved China is doing with Uyghur and other cultural minorities? And those anti-niqab bans in Western countries that she compared to Nazism? After all, they are just preserving their culture! Yet she supports Islamic countries actually KILLING people who challenge their societal morals.

>You don’t know anything about Saudi Arabia

She’s actually saying this to people who spent their entire lives there when she has never stepped foot in the Middle East…

That’s a great summary of Mira’s psychology. When the inevitable tradthot era happens, I think she will also latch on hardcore to gun culture and anti-government stance.

No. 752576

This is so stupid that I’m starting to wonder if Miranda isn’t a giant troll who hates Muslims and uses this form of propaganda to shed a bad light on everything that has to do with Islam. Like destroying the enemy from the inside. I mean she can’t possibly be serious when making such videos…

No. 752688

File: 1580084997538.png (217.7 KB, 1194x1092, スクリーンショット 2020-01-27 9.29.36.p…)

Miranda still can't understand why people would ever be concerned about basic human rights for women in saudi

No. 752788


This bitch is braindead. It's not even funny anymore making fun of her stupidity.

No. 752794

Who is ENABLING this crap? Is it her family in Canada who are letting her leech off them? Is she getting Canadian welfare? Who is paying for this moron to sit in front of a sheet in Muslim cosplay, wearing big black gloves and spewing toxic, ignorant crap? WTF??

No. 752798

Wtf is she talking about?? This woman got more HARAM cock in her life than most real Muslim women and yet preaches like she matter

No. 752812

What she says has literally 0 to do with what the guy is saying.
She is so deluded, I really wish Saudi would let her in so she can experience it first hand.
Oh yeah she’s in a haram relationship and poor baby hands can’t afford the fine.
I can imagine her walking around telling women to cover themselves, telling shopkeepers to turn their haram music off?
I think her ‘husband’ left her extremist ass ages ago.

No. 752813

my guess it's parents. i doubt they check each thing this troll does on the internet. she probably just sits there all day, posting delusional crap, getting fat and wasting away. everyone around her must have already given up on her case. personally i don't understand why anyone online would bother debating with this troll or take anything she says seriously… or get annoyed even for that matter. when they're clearly just ramblings of an insane person.

No. 752825

Agree. The parents are probably used to her tapping away on the computer without knowing wtf she is doing.

And freaking YEAH. Imagine if this idiot actually tried spewing this crap in Saudi Arabia. A white Canadian girl telling local people how to behave as Muslims. Idiotic much? Let's hope she actually goes there. Popcorn ready.

No. 752829

imagine her trying to islam-splain a local saudi dude when she goes. she'll get beheaded

No. 752839

File: 1580127394279.jpg (705.88 KB, 1411x2811, Canada.jpg)

Miranda spazzed out at some Twitter user yesterday during EST daylight and made this video to further fuel our "She's in Canada narrative"

Peep the time, I'm in her hometown timezone

No. 752840

File: 1580127963975.png (41.79 KB, 1541x139, kkkanajin.png)

found a wild kanadajin on serpentza's live, anyone knows what time was the live ?(namefag)

No. 752869

The description under the video seems to have been written before the stream went live and refers to 1pm pacific time. If it went ahead at that time, it would have been 6am in tokyo and 3pm-ish in canada.

minor weeb cow crossover, I watched most of that stream and saw vexxed in the chat as well.

No. 752915

>I watched most of that stream and saw vexxed in the chat as well

I'm not sure that he is still in Japan

No. 752972

Since moving back (or being moved back) to Canada, all she has produced has old vid from Japan (called out because the seasons were mismatched), gaming shite, and now gimp porn indoors in front of a sheet. The whole "I'm still in Japan, really!" thang is pathetic at best.

No. 753051

Her visa had to have been revoked it makes no sense for her to move back. If she was allowed in I think she would have at least try to come in on tourist visa just to prove people wrong.

Do you guys know of tourist visas can be revoked if your passport is flagged?

No. 753075

if you get given a Departure Order for some reason (overstaying or other violation), it blocks you coming back even on a tourist visa for 12 months
Question is did she get tis or something more permanent.

No. 753082

She just blatantly LIES about having PR. If she had ever been granted it, she would have made a huge song and dance about it. The bells! The bells! Besides, nothing she has ever done in Japan would quality her for PR.

She won't go back even on a tourist visa. She has no money, and Japan is not a cheap country. Her usual sources have all but dried up.

Now she will become even more bitter and twisted as her world gets smaller and smaller. Watch how she takes it out on Muslims she thinks do not meet her high and mighty standards. Sickening to witness.

No. 753085

File: 1580214459491.jpg (493.06 KB, 1422x1740, Hell.jpg)

I'd imagine Allah doesn't approve of your backbiting, lying, speaking I'll and wishing death upon those who do not subscribe to your religion and it's Sharia Law

You use Islam to be a bad person and then hide behind it's teachings. You're not Muslim, Miranda. You're a pretender and your silly child husband left you because he saw it too

No. 753087

File: 1580215435591.jpeg (141.4 KB, 750x424, 3F05076F-9A79-438C-A2B8-137828…)

Oh Miranda, what about your 13 social media accounts that are flourishing??
You can’t remember all the lies you tell can you?

No. 753101

Sad how that works. I recently reconnected with a high school friend who basically attacked me for living life the wrong way. I didn't understand the aggression until I put it together - he dropped out of a shit university, I graduated from a top one. I traveled the world, he's spent his entire life between two tiny towns. So to feel okay, he has to attack anyone doing better.

Of course Mira will have the exact same reaction - she has to rationalize why she's better than all the people with better, happier, more successful, and more interesting lives. We saw it when she tried to tear down Rachel's business, and now we see it as she attacks people for doing things like dating, socializing, and listening to music.

No. 753115

I flip flop between believing it's her parents, or she really did become a green card spouse for some teenager who doesn't give her anything more than a sofa to sleep on and a case of ramen to eat.

If she was going anywhere at all in Canada with her "rich" ""Saudi"" """husband""", she would find a way to rewrite her life story so she could brag about it. Safe to assume she's in her own dungeon all day.

No. 753116

Yes this is exactly what she is doing, weirdly I understand why some people would get frustrated and maybe lash out in jealousy, it’s a human reaction. Most people get over it and make the change and do what they gotta do to be where they want to be.
Unfortunately Miranda is always correct 100% of the time so she is unable to change anything about herself… except her ‘identity’.
To think this extremism stemmed from wanting to be with Rody…

No. 753118

>So to feel okay, he has to attack anyone doing better.
Don't get me wrong, I agree with the second half of your post about Miranda 100%. But do you know where the fuck you are? What I just greentexted is rampant on this board when it comes to certain snowflakes that are really only hated on because some bitches are raging jealous of them. Jus sayinnnnnnn, you sound out of place.

No. 753136

File: 1580230398661.jpg (171.16 KB, 1385x570, Screenshot_20200128-115342_Twi…)

More like "Can't sleep because I just woke up"

No. 753163

Still using your iPhone that was assembled in China I see Miranda.

No. 753245

Did she not make a multi-course potato chip banquet for her and husband that night? Falling behind on her wifely duties. It’s almost like…. she doesn’t actually cook wholesome meals 3 times a day since she is glued to Twitter at all hours. Or there is no food in her refrigerator again. Why would she feel the need to announce this state of poverty anyway?

No. 753382

That involves immigration court. She probably didn’t show up to court and tried to leave Japan while still in the process to prove her marriage valid. Or she went to court and lost the case but I doubt this because she didn’t even have stable address so her coming to court would have been suicide. This would explain the story I heard about her getting stopped at the airport by immigration.

No. 753669

File: 1580361274679.png (94.04 KB, 948x659, Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.1…)

I just randomly came across this on a news report about an American ISIS bride who's trying to return to the US.

Of course Mira, being her usual thorough, careful self, overlooked the fact that this girl's attempts to return were denied.

No. 753671

File: 1580362265230.png (49.39 KB, 599x241, Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.2…)

Mira's masterfully-worded analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I am critical of the Natanyahu administration's actions in Palestine, but given that Mira has gone far right wing on every issue except this one, I can't help but wonder if this indicates Mira is one step closer to going fascist.

No. 753766

File: 1580396646615.jpeg (152.95 KB, 750x410, DE96E827-8BFC-4BA6-ADE7-D3222B…)

But your relationship is haram Miranda, haram enough that you won’t get into Saudi without a hefty fine. But your husband isn’t real so it doesn’t matter.
I love how she tries to make herself feel powerful by telling Muslims accusations are huge sins.
By her own admission she is headed straight to hell lol

No. 753767

"Indeed I will meet you on the day of judgement"
"Indeed you are misguided"

She's completely changed her speaking style from Japanese English to quranic English?

No. 753787

File: 1580403763612.jpeg (290.78 KB, 750x731, 3FD9FB64-B0D1-4D09-8125-80D1EB…)

She’s so deluded she thinks she is better than everyone for being a slave to Allah.
I’m not sure I understand what life she has other than spewing shit on twitter tbh.

No. 753794

"Indeed I will meet you on the day of judgement"?

She's not a God

No. 753795

File: 1580406119038.jpeg (64.93 KB, 546x596, a.jpeg)

just going to leave this here

No. 753798

she was talking about what the girl expects, not about what the country decided.

No. 753806

Nice try, Mira, but she literally said "[w]elcome to 2019[, w]here you can literally go against your country, join a terrorist organization, and just expect to come back to civilization."

That implies that in 2019 the country will let you back in. Work on your reading comprehension.

No. 753811

I think you need to. Read the last part. Sometimes I think a lot of people on lolcow need reading comprehension classes.

No. 753835

Literally the only part I didn't quote is "when you're just not feeling it." Are you a moron?

No. 753877

Good to see I’m not the only one who saw how this was phrased. Fucking unreal! She has gained the ultimate God complex through Islam. She consistently uses words or phrases that demonstrate personal ownership over Islamic principles. “OUR religion.” “MY religion.” “WE don’t like this.” “WE do this.” I have never seen a female Muslim talk in this dictatorial manner. In fact, on YouTube, I have never seen conservative Saudi niqabis behave that way. They always have lifestyle channels or positive affirmations from Quran. The only time you see irate Muslima shouting at the camera about sin and judgement is in ISIS videos.

Maybe Mira was telling the truth about “almost being transed” as a kid. Lol. She acts like she really wants to be a man.

No. 754292

File: 1580507855719.jpeg (361.02 KB, 750x1055, 56445E5F-8AE0-4C23-9F74-23BE61…)

Miranda stop lying, you do not live in japan. Allah can see your lies, it’s not some elaborate cover up to hide your location from stalkers.

No. 754305

Sorry how did she really comes to the abstract idea that JAPAN will be a muslim country? She lived there! Japanese people simply dont care and are freindly to everyone. Also thay have strikt immigrations, a traditional culture and own religious backround. How did someone can really come to the idea that JAPAn will be a muslim country?

Well maybe after Somalia will be a peacefull place for vacation

No. 754361

What a dumb fucking idiot. Japan will never be a Muslim country. They just tolerated your dumbass because you were a stupid weebo. No one wants you in their country. I'm not talking about Muslims, I'm talking about specifically you. You whore cosplaying as a trash bag.

No. 754384

>The country with the most open attitude to sexual deviancy in the world.
>will be the greatest Muslim country in the world

Not really surprising tbh. Miranda is a delusional retard who lives in a fantasy world where everything she wishes was true is real.

No. 754386

File: 1580530785532.png (1.29 MB, 1184x1066, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.18.44.…)

She is on a long rant about how Japan is "pure" since it has women only cars in trains, etc. while saudi is removing women only sections in restaurants

No. 754387

File: 1580530902320.png (1.06 MB, 1176x824, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.21.19.…)

Eating in a restaurant with other men present is the root of all evil

No. 754388

File: 1580530927610.png (376.76 KB, 1186x1166, スクリーンショット 2020-02-01 13.21.56.…)

Miranda gets called out on her bullshit

No. 754436

Showing she's never been in Saudi. Men and women mix there. Or else women wild never leave the house…

No. 754438


No. 754441

She contradicts herself, she'll miss women's only areas that's not 100% of the time like trains for a non mixing Saudi, in her mind which doesn't exist in Saudi because men and women go out together in malls and others places. She's in for a big shock when she gets there and then gets stoned for asserting herself.(samefagging)

No. 754461

And there we go again… "Islam is the true religion"… anything else dont matter,….she is so deep into the dark now…..

No. 754475

It's amazing how fast she went from weeaboo to saudiboo…Just look at the definition for weeaboo and change "Japan" to "Saudi Arabia" and you have the perfect description of her.

A person who retains an unhealthy obsession with Saudi Arabia and Saudi culture, typically ignoring or even shunning their own racial and cultural identity. Many saudiboos talk in butchered Arabic with the 8 or so words they know (i.e. alhamdulillah, haram). While saudiboos claim to love and support Saudi culture, counterintuitively, they tend to stereotype Saudi culture by how it appears in their favorite fundamentalist propaganda, which can be safely assumed to be offensive to the Saudis.

No. 754520

File: 1580569977499.jpg (34.87 KB, 628x341, wmMMXGA.jpg)

>My country

Is that the country that only exists in her demented mind?

Hell, no! Japan will never be a Muslim country! She’s calling for the complete destruction of Japanese culture, despite simultaneously saying stuff like above and here >>752162 Remember how terrible she was to other foreigners, who she gawked at like a predator, when they spoke their native language to their own family, used the English language option on service machines or even when a native Japanese gave their son a Christian name? When she bashed Hakone for not being Japanese enough because they had international architecture style or restaurants? She is always going on about keeping societies pure and free from foreign influence, yet pretends Japan isn’t as opposite as you can get from a conservative Muslim country. If Christianity has not convinced more than 1% of Japanese to convert despite a longer history in Japan, Islam surely won’t fare better. All these Muslim accommodations in Japan are for tourists and international students making Japan money, not for the infinitesimal percent of Muslim Japanese citizens.

She was making those posts at least from midnight to 5 am Japan time. She doesn’t work, so what kind of story can she create for apparently never sleeping through the night?

No. 754548

Does Adrianna realize Miranda's attacking her because of different faith?

No. 754558

File: 1580578900040.png (25.82 KB, 611x181, unknown.png)

No. 754559

File: 1580578995537.png (412.02 KB, 593x903, unknown-2.png)

No. 754572

It was only a couple weeks ago she was accusing that suicidal girl of being in a "haram relationship", even when she said she wasn't… hello?? She is so confused in the head.

No. 754664

Remember, when she criticizes another person, it is "enjoining good and forbidding evil", but when someone criticizes her, it is "vile slandar"

No. 754693

She also believes that accusing someone of being a bad Muslim is a huge sin, unless she is the one making the accusation!

No. 754708

It's a sin for anyone to question her muslimness but ok for her to say that shias, liberal muslims, sufis, etc. (basically anyone who is not a radical) are not real muslims

No. 754755

Haram, she's speaking to a single male.

No. 754759

File: 1580640402356.png (121.43 KB, 500x465, absolutely-haram-34687867.png)

Talking to other men online is…

No. 754765

Remember when she bragged about continuously accepting money from a man who was obviously smitten with her, despite cycling through TWO marriages while she had contact with him? Then, traveled with this non-mahram sugar daddy alone after she came back from arranging the Islamic marriage in Canada?

No. 754785

This is so weird. Why would she be making this information public?

No. 754792

lovely pure japan which only has these carriages in the first place because men keep groping women and girls . this bitch is dumb

No. 754817

Yeah like she said in the past that japan is a Niquab culture because woman use diffenrent caps and stuff to protect there skin from sunlight, and wearing masks.

No. 754861

In this video Miranda says "The only garment that Saudi Arabia has ever enforced was the abaya which is a gown that we wear here".
A gown that we wear here.

Sooo, she's pretending she moved to Saudi Arabia now?

@9:11 in the video

No. 754866

File: 1580685356528.png (1.42 MB, 1348x1224, スクリーンショット 2020-02-03 8.16.11.p…)

"My response as a Muslim to what I have seen"

What has she seen since she's never actually been to saudi?

No. 754875

She's just mad that an Italian American got to go to Saudi A. and she's stuck at home making response videos that no one cares about. What a loser.

No. 754942

lol Mira looks especially retarded in that get up.

Iran has plenty of human rights abuses, but what that Italian guy experienced seems pretty representative. People who go to Iran often come back talking about how hospitable Iranians are, and people who go to Saudi Arabia often come back talking about how repressive it is.

Women who don't appreciate religious oppression, and want to move forward to a more liberal, free society ARE more progressive, Mira, you fucking idiot. And they're better than you, because they believe in individual agency. Fuck Salafism, fuck Saudi Arabia, and fuck Miranda Constable.

No. 754946

File: 1580708271361.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_2020-02-03-14-37-34…)

Vogue cover in Saudi, she's going to flip a lid.

No. 754951

Also, women were free to wear whatever they wanted in the 60s and 70s. This bs about covering up physically is bullshit. It's metaphorically. But idiots changed it saying it meant to literally cover to all the time and sunnahs and hadith's were changed to push men's control over women who couldn't control their sexual urges. The same religion who thinks sucking on a little boys tongue and having sex with them is okay. It's BARBARIC.

No. 754952

No. 754965

All of this is 100% true too. I had to write a paper about it in school and it completely blind-sighted me. Horrific how a privileged person like mira sees the taliban as protagonists.

No. 754989

These type of articles are spread around by Islamaphobic shills who try to send the message that people in other countries were all wearing bikinis and civilized till islam spread. Fact of the matter is, yes in Iran & Saudi Arabia there was no mandatory Hijab laws but this doesn’t mean everyone who was Muslim walked around in belly shirts and mini skirts like westerners did in the 60s. A lot of people in these pictures are non Muslims, foreigners or people on compounds. People have to remember that not everyone in these countries are Muslim. You must have seen those pictures spread online “Before and after shariah” showing pictures of normally dressed women vs completely covered. These pictures are only trying to push propaganda.

No. 754995

Enough of the "islamophobia" nonsense, back to Miranda

No. 755022

"Akchually, these countries were always repressive hellholes."
That's not exactly the defense I was expecting from somebody whining about "islamaphobia" or shills.

No. 755051

File: 1580742685861.jpeg (72.86 KB, 750x200, 598C9CF3-F5A9-4DC6-9065-F2B833…)

Why would she retweet this

No. 755079

Women jogging? Haram!
Exercising is haram!

No. 755092

Even for most "radical" muslims questioning anyone's muslimness is a major taboo. She is simply confused and majority of her knowledge is derived from western stereotypes (currently very heavily influenced by ISIS and their beliefs) and what she thinks "real" muslims believe. It is pretty clear that her contact with practicing muslims is very limited and she is mostly making up her beliefs herself.

You sound like Miranda in the way that you are talking about idealized versions of countries which only exist in your minds.

No. 755256

File: 1580821257677.jpg (517.3 KB, 1440x1639, 20200204_080046.jpg)

Miranda's Saudi fat hands isn't available to be at her beck and call 24 hours a day!

That's Miranda's way of saying he saw through her shit, left, and she's holed up in her own self made ISIS bunker in Canada ie her mother's house

No. 755260

Why do you keep saying he left? He’s probably sticking around for the Canadian visa deal but stays away from this NEET as much as possible. It’s probably like the last two marriages of convenience that she had. But this time, she can leech off social assistance benefits.

No. 755274

There is zero proof he's still around and triggers Miranda. What's it to you what MY opinion is on this cow?

No. 755285


my favorite part about this is she freaks out about stuff like prayer rooms or places to buy halal meat finally being added in Japan… which have existed in far greater quantities and far earlier in so called "haram liberal feminist" countries like Canada.

No. 755289

Fuck that im muslim and the last thing id want is for japan to be a muslim country. Miranda needs to fuck off with her muslim superiority bullshit.

No. 755297

NiqabQUEEN on Peter Sentenello's video: he's not an expert on this subject, he doesn't live there [Saudi Arabia].

Me: errr…girl. Stop it. Please.

No. 755311

They were never legally married as per Miranda's own admission. She showed a certificate of an "Islamic marriage" from a local mosque in bumfuck Canada where she lives.

I'm thinking the guy was either desperate for sex or brand new to Canada and clueless, they banged for a hot minute (all very halal due to printing out the "Islamic marriage certificate", without the guy having to get legally tied to her) and he's probably long gone by now.

I bet in her mind she rationalizes it either as "My religion doesn't allow divorce so I am still married no matter what" OR she knows she is single but thinks it's okay to falsely present herself as married online to "protect herself from haram men and stockers"

No. 755378

Even though lying is clearly a sin in islam, she has admitted to lying multiple times to "protect herself from haram men and stockers" so who knows if anything she says is true

No. 755381

she's just cosplaying as a muslim, she doesn't have to follow any of that stuff in her real life. She stays up playing theme park simulator games.

No. 755514

That’s what she keeps telling herself lol, it’s not a lie because stokers.
She of all people should know that Allah can see everything so this is the main reason I think she is just cosplaying this muslima thing for attention and a sense of power.

No. 755760

Bitching about makeup sloggers not wearing hijab. This girl can't wait to join Isis.

No. 755815

Is this a bait?

No. 755850

If it isn't, then I'd say that she is in the midst of a psychotic break with reality.

No. 756010

Even compared to her other videos, this is really off the deep end…..is she honestly trying to imply it's sinful for a muslim girl, hijab or not, to want to look "cute"? What are they supposed to look like, Imam Mira?

Also I'm not a Muslim and my knowledge of the Quran is limited, but I know in the bible it says basically that women shouldn't teach on spiritual/religious matters. Is there anything similar in the Quran? It seems odd that according to Mira, it's not okay to wear "cute" hijab but it's okay for a woman to lecture on how everyone should live according to hyper-traditionalist Islamic principles.

No. 756020

oh my god her fucking voice "accent", I never in a million years thought this shit would get this far. it's hilarious, but i keep having to pause the video to regain composure bc i can't deal w it. What a fucking lunatic lmao

No. 756034


Probably it's just sinful to look better than Randa.
Which makes 99% living organisms on this planet sinful (including animals, plants, bacteria and fungi)

No. 756041

Oh yes this is absolutely why, she knows she’s fugly so everyone else is not allowed to look prettier than her.
I really can’t wait to find out when her husband finally got away from her.
Wonder what her next lie will be

No. 756047

That accent is all over the place! It’s like all her previous personas are fighting for control of her mouth. It seems her ability to enunciate words in general has deteriorated as well.

What she is doing is very untraditional as men are historically the religious authority and leaders. She also copies the distinct speaking style of an Arabic male. Do you know where there is more encouragement for women’s participation in religious proselytizing and lecture? Shia Islam! Mira was “dirty vile Feminist Shia filth” the whole time.

No. 756127

I’ve just caught up on all the drama over the past few years and this is hilarious.

She went from making soy milk tasting videos with sharla in Japan to a Muslim convert living in her mums basement in Canada?

She had so much opportunity to achieve something and it looks like she’s just pissed it all away.

No. 756129

File: 1581118097526.png (1.24 MB, 1184x1178, スクリーンショット 2020-02-08 8.28.20.p…)

Miranda isn't a fan of Canada since it is such a haram country now

No. 756137

lol I totally forgot Miranda hates the LGBTQ community. All she does is hate. Tolerance must suck huh Miranda.

No. 756153

She's on record showing hate for the LGBTQ community…and shias, sufis, ahmadis, Chinese, Iranians, Quebecois, feminists, liberals, moderates, women who wear makeup, uncovered women, singers…the list is too long

No. 756197

So I guess Islam is basically loving only people who act and think like you and hate everyone else.

No. 756209

Miranda doesn't even try to pretend that islam is a religion of peace and love and her version of islam is the ultimate truth that cannot be deviated from on punishment of death/corporal punishment

No. 756212

One of her most recent targets is Hindu Indians. It just never stops with her. However, she keeps praising Japan as the next Saudi Arabia despite Japanese culture, society and native religion being completely haram to extremists. It’s totally crazy how she bashes every single country for things that are totally normal for Japan and no Japanese, not even Muslim people, want her nightmare vision of the country.

Just how would these drastic changes be implemented in Japan and what things would be allowed to stay? Destroy every temple and forbid Shinto and Buddhist rituals, all historical art and instruments destroyed, every Japanese woman in black niqab so the distinctive fashion and beauty industries are dead, no more youth subcultures or creativity, take away the second biggest music industry in the world, ban production of all manga and animation, bomb every late night district and music hall, euthanize all pet dogs and take a sledgehammer to Hachiko statue, no more Tonkatsu or ramen restaurants, forbid train station melodies and ride in miserable silence, figure out how to sex-segregate 126 million people even in densely populated Tokyo… the list goes on. She just wants to kill all Japan.

No. 756216

File: 1581140833930.png (91.56 KB, 1184x302, スクリーンショット 2020-02-08 14.46.44.…)

Since intermixing of the sexes is normal in Japan, wouldn't this mean that every single restaurant in Japan is full of haram and should be shut down?

No. 756218

It's even more dusturbing when you know, this woman who preach her own extreme BS way of islam, was/is is the personification of haram!
- She claimed to be bi-sexual
- she drunk, a lot!
- she smoked weed
- she had lot of male friends (intermix)
- she definitly had sexial contact to lot of these men
- her clothing style was slutty

So just because you wear a black trashbag now, all this is gone Miranda?????

I think she really believe that, because she "revert".

No. 756223

Yes, just like the restaurant she said she worked at for years. And let’s not forget all those non-segregated Internet cafes that saved her when she was too impoverished to afford a basic hotel. She used all of these services and made YouTube money with videos about these places of intermixing.

Touching upon previous talk about her preaching being untraditional and un-womanly in Islam, remember when she said she personally wanted to open up Islamic schools in Japan? Why did she have the audacity to think she was suited for that? Not only is she a woman, but one that has always showed distain for formal education and had no respect for teachers.

Now that she had her fun and exhausted out every vice she could think of, nobody else can enjoy these things!

No. 756234

Remember, she is a graduate of Bayyinah, an online islamic "univercity" and is currently furthering her salafi studies under saudi clerics (via youtube videos since she is unable to actually step foot in saudi arabia)

No. 756270

I don’t think she graduated from there, or even “attended”. She talked about it but never followed through (as usual)

No. 756277

To be honest, I'm enjoying these new videos, as well as her newer tweets. What she's saying is so repulsive that sometimes it makes me a little mad how hateful she is, but really she's a great embodiment of how to live the wrong way. She's literally the opposite of everything good in the world, in terms of lifestyle.

I value things like creativity, experience, and community. I believe in being open, in seeing others' perspectives, and in exploring both the world and the arts, including music and literature.

Mira is the embodiment of the opposite of these values. She hates the arts and finds them sinful, especially music. Her hatred of anything she deems sinful allows her to close herself off from important parts of life, from romantic relationships to exploring the cultures of people unlike her, ranging from Hindu Indians, to Chinese, to LGBT Muslims. She fantasizes about these groups burning in hell. She's also for the complete subjugation of women.

She's afraid of life, and by shutting so much of life out, she demonstrates that she and her personal take on her Salafi ideology are fundamentally anti-human.

But she was the same way before she was Muslim, in some ways. Our one point of agreement is that we're both anti-drugs. Before she consumed heavily. She also used to sabotage her relationships by doing things like smearing Rachel's company, manipulating Unrested's sympathy, and taking advantage of her boyfriends and fans for their finances.

My only guess for why her attitude has always been so destructive is that it's some kind of defense mechanism. But what is she trying to protect herself from?

No. 756284

Wait.. you actually think she is really anti everything fun? She only does this ultra conservative muslim shit for you tube. She doesn't live the pious life. She's been a lying dumb bitch for the past 7+ years, it isn't changing.

No. 756289


Yes, all this is definitly too much then just for the drama.
Also she gain simply no money from this, and also the attention is way behind her old "fame"

No. 756331

Stop sharing her "Niqab videos"
Stop clicking on her videos
Her Kanadajin3 channel is dying but her Niqab videos are getting loads of views because people keep sharing. She can't monetize those videos till she reaches certain amount of views. By promoting her stupid videos we are only allowing her channel to grow.

No. 756347

Never underestimate the power of tard rage.

No. 756350

I am convinced that what this bag of potatoes wrapped in black has been doing is nothing but a very convenient cosplay. It brings her (some) attention - she cannot offer any useful information for content, so she chooses hate speech and controversy. Conveniently covered by the authority of religion, and conveniently covering her unfortunate appearance. Also in her fantasy land in her head, muslim women don't work, so she has her lazyness covered as well.
It is just a character to play while she's probably laughing at how people lose their shit over her trolling.
I've said this before, but I'll say it again; she absolutely should not be taken seriously.

No. 756361

She is so dense….she's shaming native english speakers for using "low end slang"…are you kidding me??? She's a native english speaker that has diminished her own speaking ability to that of a mentally challenged person. She even makes obvious grammatical in this very video to come off as more Middle Eastern, but it just makes her seem slow.

No. 756379

>It is just a character to play while she's probably laughing at how people lose their shit over her trolling.

This is where you lose me. I can totally believe that her real life doesn't correspond at all with how she presents herself in these videos. But I also don't believe she's intelligent enough to play her audience like that. If it's all an act, I don't think she'd be honest enough with herself to admit it's some kind of a cynical put on. I'm sure she rationalizes why she says one thing and does another. Like that she understands Islam better than anyone, she's one of the TRUE Muslims, and she's better than all the sinners out there, so God will forgive her for her constant stream of little sins, because she's one of his true followers.

No. 756408

a handful of users here make no difference.

No. 756453

They add up quickly.

No. 756474

Then go get her channel taken down if you're so concerned. If not, then stop preventing us from getting our milk.

No. 756478

The last video posted here currently has 218 views TOTAL. That's nothing. Stop being ridiculous.

No. 756501

Her videos were not even taking in more than 100, and now they all easily have over 200. Every single click on her stupid videos is engagement and the more people share links the more it tells youtube algorithm to recommend her videos or pump them out. No, 200 is not a little amount considering she is making a video almost daily. Look at her other stupid channel? The video game one. Nobody shares that shit and it’s literally gone nowhere.

No. 756504

geez stfu. We share them to highlight her stupidity, and hopefully one day someone who actually takes her videos seriously will also see our reactions on them as well. The way you're pushing for this makes me think you're Miranda. Either way, stfu.

No. 756551

The dumb, evil cunt says that the coronavirus is God's punishment for China's treatment of Muslims. Apparently she can't make the distinction between China's oppressive government and the innocent people who've actually died from the coronavirus. You know, many of the same people who actually experience oppression under that government.

No. 756558

I don't think we can expect too much critical thinking from Miranda

No. 756580


She's brainwashed thinking everything has to do with religion against non-Muslims. Ebola virus epidemic happened in Guinea, a Muslim majority country. Even bad things happen to innocent Muslims who doesn't sin.

No. 756586

so the 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan must've been Allah punishing her beloved Japan huh?

No. 756590

You share her and she gets the views she wants. No attention is bad attention in similar public jobs in the entertainment industry. More people talk, the more people go to see the videos. You kill a channel by using links that use downloads over watching on YouTube because you're playing into her hands. Little to no views are death to YouTube channels. She may just come on here when her views go down to trash talk herself to get more views. I wouldn't be surprised. She's a narcissist who needs attention, and we feed it to her.

No. 756591

She lives rent free in your heads, and that attention she gets, good or bad is still attention.

No. 756598

Wow, we’re such nice people! Since a pillar of Islam is charity, we surely must be superior Muslims to be this kind to someone so unfortunate! Maybe one day, Mira will join us all in Jannah.

No. 756607


"Living rent free in our heads", Jesus she's not an abusive ex we all need to get over, she's a ridiculous nutjob who we laugh at on the internet. It ain't that deep.

No. 756611

It's true that "she's a narcissist who needs attention, and we feed it to her", but she is a ridiculous nutjob cow who supplies us with tons of milk, so who cares

No. 756617

Agreed. Even if she does need the attention, by giving it to her we're only encouraging her self-destruction.

Holy shit, shut the fuck up and stop derailing this thread. Get back on topic or leave, we've all heard your perspective now.

No. 756638

It's probably Miranda herself .

No. 756685

No sage, low level english, and trying to revert attention from herself by talking about herself lol. Sounds like typical randa

No. 756816

The paranoia is so deep you call out everyone for being Randa without any evidence. She doesn't have that great of a vocabulary comparing anyone commenting on here that you think is her, her's is shit level retard that sounds like a foreigner depending on the fad.

No. 756817

Her channels on life support, just want her channels to tank and die so there's more better things to waste time on. When she was a wean she was funny, now she's just pathetic.

No. 756818

No. 756821

File: 1581443476285.jpeg (43.96 KB, 275x223, 1574681392155.jpeg)

Dude literally shut the fuck up you imbecile.

No. 756827

This idiot has to be Miranda.

No. 756832

That's hilarious lol
Good advice for everyone

No. 756888


"more better things to waste time on" lmao is somebody forcing you to come here and read the thread and fucking post in it? Or watch her shitty channel? Otherwise you know you can just go and do something else whenever you want, right?

No. 756892

How many subscribers does she have on her new channel it doesn’t say

No. 756899

File: 1581464954568.jpg (60.08 KB, 988x344, Screenshot_20200211-184952_Chr…)

Tho she may hide her shame, I can still find it!
32 subs

No. 756901

Yup, her channels are sure "thriving"

No. 756902

I just watched a couple of vids on Miranda's NiqabQUEEN channel. OMG what complete horseshit! A real SHIT SHOW. The dull ravings of a low-IQ moron on highly sensitive topics she has no clue about. Sewage pouring from her ignorant pie hole.

And the quality is absolute shite. Practically zero editing, effects, etc. Of course won't go beyond the sheet she put up 'cause then the whole "I still live in Japan" lie will become obvious.

The Internet is FOREVER. Doesn't this twat realize she might be pissing on her future, every time she gets gimped up, opens her fool mouth, then hits upload?

No. 756906

File: 1581466882799.png (152.83 KB, 1186x880, スクリーンショット 2020-02-12 9.21.45.p…)

Miranda tries to give more reasons why shy can't move to saudi

No. 756907

File: 1581466919193.png (320.5 KB, 1192x1124, スクリーンショット 2020-02-12 9.22.49.p…)

No. 756909

uh oh. I thought KSA was perfect in every way Miranda. Dont worry, Allah will provide all the soda and potato chips your evil heart desires.

No. 756910

She can't move to saudi because saudi won't recognize her "marriage" and grant her permission to visit, there are no jobs, saudi money isn't worth Japanese money, it's now full of haram intermixing of the sexes…but it's still the best country in the world?

No. 756912

Imagine defending a country that wouldn't even let you visit. LOL what a looney!

No. 756916

Miranda, how can we leave you alone when you are putting out nonstop hilarious bullshit on twitter everyday?

No. 756918

>”Foreigners taking all the jobs from Saudis!”
>Claims to be living in Japan, where her husband would be the foreigner taking jobs from Japanese.

She wouldn’t claim that both she and her husband don’t work, would she? How does Mr. Mira provide for them without a job taken from a Japanese?

No. 756925

Where do you even see that? I went to her profile there is nothing there?

No. 756960

That's from SocialBlade, but it doesn't update anymore. It'll stay stuck at 32 until the sub count isn't private anymore.

No. 756968

To her everything is political in Saudi, and life of the people it's political always. His videos goes against her romanticised views ISIS version of Saudi so she attacks with full force because it is going against her cognitive dissonance. As he said, more people are younger and aren't having the old suffocating ways anymore. They yarn for freedom, whereas she yearns for total imprisonment.

No. 756976

File: 1581510994779.jpeg (519.03 KB, 750x1050, F8DD5B48-4EDF-4128-9468-D7D458…)


No. 757024

File: 1581530032349.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

No. 757077

>Japanese money is worth more than Saudi money
Generally I have no issues understanding what she is trying to say even if those things are stupid but I have absolutely no clue what she means by this. Is she implying 1 JPY is worth more than 1 SAR? Or that Japanese purchasing power is significantly better than the Saudi one? Or that Japanese economy and salaries somehow provide a better economic outlook?

No. 757154

It means "I need more bullshit excuses to explain why I will never live in saudi while continuing to be a saudiboo online"

No. 757222

File: 1581565381597.png (137.62 KB, 1186x534, スクリーンショット 2020-02-13 12.42.38.…)

Miranda, please reread your own words and think about them regarding your life: "Science shows that hate is unhealthy for us. An unhealthy hatred for something is corruption of your mind. The happiest people in the world are free from hate."

No. 757273

The hypocrisy in Randa, she hates everyone who doesn't agree with her. She hates gays, anyone who holds her accountable for her actions, and anyone who actually used their brains and speaks out about oppression especially within Islam. Her new fad.

No. 757307

File: 1581610221708.png (71.21 KB, 599x285, Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.1…)

She's such a gross bitch.

No. 757309

It is NOT a social norm in Canada for 12 year olds to have children. Give your head a shake Miranda, you have to vilify the country you live in to make it seem like you're somehow far away and against Canada

No. 757314

Okay Miranda, please provide the world with the evidence to back up your claim or shut the fuck up and get back to making your fake husband a chip sandwich.

No. 757319

Classic Miranda. Using an rare extreme case with no backup to justify pedophilia amongst a culture.

No. 757497

File: 1581654167847.png (95.55 KB, 595x408, Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.2…)

Doesn't believe any Muslima is forced into Hijab/Niqab/Burka but… agrees that Muslims are forced into prayer by stupid ass measures?

"Physically forced to pray" is okay but don't you dare say anyone is physically forced into a trash bag.

No. 757508

Beeing an atheist is a "lifestyle"? o.O

You go i circels miranda not because you believed in nothing.,.. is because you are a pig that shit in his through and complain that the food taste shitty.(o.O)

No. 757523

So…. Sitting on your ass in your mother's house in Canada, lying about where you live, fetishizing a religion, fantasizing about a country you have never been to, not having any gainful employment, not getting a proper education or raising a family isn't "going in circles"?

Are you genuinely insane or are you just taking the piss?

No. 757835

She ditched her Planet Japan and Planet Saudi

No. 757843

She deleted them?

No. 757864

They're still around, no uploads for a few months

No. 757941

That's normal for her. She has a huge number of abandoned projects and she admits herself that she is lazy. The only thing that she regularly does now is tweet bullshit on her Alkanadiya account.

No. 757948

Another rant defending a country that will she will never be allowed in. YAWN

No. 757955

File: 1581817328334.png (848.82 KB, 1194x1090, スクリーンショット 2020-02-16 10.41.49.…)

Just in case you forgot, Valentine's Day is haram as it involves Cupid as taught in "athiest" Canadian schools

No. 757956

File: 1581817397086.png (758.34 KB, 1192x874, スクリーンショット 2020-02-16 10.43.46.…)

Therefore, judgement day is coming soon

No. 757961

Isn't this what suicide cults push?

No. 757968

She probably would have already joined ISIS if she weren't so lazy

No. 758010

Is she gonna die or what? We all get to have that when we die

No. 758107

Pick a lane, Miranda. Are Canadian schools “athiest” or do they teach belief in Roman deities?

Also, dude in the right image could be Jontron’s brother.

No. 758143

Miranda doesn't want people celebrating v-day because all it does is remind her of her loveless existence.

No. 758155

File: 1581887397895.jpeg (268.8 KB, 750x785, C0AD9E29-3BA7-4287-AD3A-988832…)

Miranda, if your husband were a real Saudi you would not need to ask Twitter for verification because he would know..
It’s so obvious she’s trying to find her boyfriend a job in Saudi so she can try getting in as his wife. Laughable.

No. 758162

Thought her husband was rich. Got a lifetime worth of chips.

No. 758258

Mira's "Husband" went to Potato University in Riyadh. He majored in bed pounding. Didn't graduate because he kept failing Basic Hygiene 101.

He tried for a sports scholarship, but rejected due to his small, soft hands.

No. 758270

Why she need this info?
Many people get jobs in KSA without been on any university I think.

No. 758280

so is Saudi the magical land of plenty, or a hellhole where only the rich and well-connected can find work?

meanwhile in the real world, the unemployment rate in Saudi is just under 6%, similar to Canada’s

No. 758337

She wouldn't know since she never been there and just watch videos about on youtube.

No. 758430

She truly doesnt have any self awareness

No. 758451

File: 1582009691113.png (743.89 KB, 1190x850, スクリーンショット 2020-02-18 16.07.09.…)

Apparently, she still dreams of escaping to the desert, riding a camel, and doing falconry?

No. 758470

Miranda what fantasy world do you live in? Women don’t go off galavanting with their husbands, they stay at home cleaning and looking after children. How dare you have such haram fantasy thoughts.

No. 758476

B-b-but Miranda, women shouldn't work you haram slut.

No. 758513

File: 1582045487998.png (272.01 KB, 593x539, 1.png)

Imam Miranda aka Niqabqueen shames the uneducated Muslims as she knows everything.

No. 758516

Falconry is really a family thing anyway that a father teaches their son. Her delusions are high… or maybe that is why she hasn't moved there yet. She doesn't want to face the reality of being under house arrest being beaten/screamed at by the whole family about how she's a useless woman

No. 758547

It's just mental illness. She was slutty in her youth, and spent her 20s running around Japan sleeping with anything that had a pulse. Now she feels guilt and shame so she goes full circle.

No weeaboo or koreaboo well into their 20s let alone 30s is sane. Just click on the catalog and see.

No. 758549

fucking lurk moar you fag.

No. 758550

What? It's well known Miranda was a massive slut in both Canada and Japan. She had an unhappy childhood.

No. 758551

her being muslim has fuckall to do with her slutting it up, dumbass. ffs she did it to try to get someone to fuck her. go somewhere else if you want to peddle this "muh daddy issues" tinfoil.

No. 758555

The hell?

I'm saying she's got an elastic personality. If you don't think the disorder and chaos of her previous life led her to want something dogmatic and overbearing like Islam, then I suggest you read more about the character of those who convert.

No. 758556

are you that new? she only converted to try to get rodi. the rest of it is just her digging her heels like with everything else she's ever done because her being muslim gets her attention. she was also clearly slutting it up for a long time after she was muslim because she posted tons of pics of her and guys up until her manbaby hubby came into the picture.

No. 758562

So her Saudi "husband", if he does exist, has been unemployed for 2 years lol

Saudi has a lot of foreign workers, but those jobs are difficult (housekeeper, construction worker, etc). No way Miranda does one of those jobs.


Falconry is STRONGLY associated with men in that part of the world. A handful of women may participate but they would be the dreaded "feminists" Randa hates so much. She can't even get her stereotyped gender roles right.

No. 758630

I think she is way beyong her typical crazyness….Her japan fetishw as ok-ish due to th fact she WAS there. But she will never be in KSA and live the princess live she dreamed about….

No. 758670

File: 1582118440886.jpeg (307.99 KB, 750x788, 434F780A-11BE-45B9-9029-3842D8…)

Sent from her iPhone - assembled in China

Miranda do the world a favour and shut up.

No. 758672

Those darn atheist feminist liberal nazi's.

No. 758705

File: 1582126868624.png (958.9 KB, 1166x1210, スクリーンショット 2020-02-20 0.37.44.p…)

We shouldn't overlook the fact that she says that she has studied under Bilal Philips, a noted extremist who has been banned from entering the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Kenya, banned from re-entering Germany, ordered to leave Bangladesh, and arrested in the Philippines for "inciting and recruiting people to conduct terrorist activities."


No. 758729

….I cant belive that somone use these word combination in pure seriousness…………..

No. 758730

So Miranda is basically now an Islamic neck beard Insta Thot . Her crazy has no limits.

No. 758765

Is she trying to sound like a non-native English speaker?? I've heard of cosplay, but this is crazy!

No. 758776

Yeah. She started that three weeks after she moved to Japan. Now she’s trying to affect an Arabic accent

No. 758901

The China stuff is a "broken clock is right twice a day" situation. They really are keeping Muslim minorities locked in concentration camps with poor living conditions. However that has nothing to do with her rant about "feminazis" or whatever

No. 758947

Bilal Philips
>Born in Kingston, Jamaica
>Grew up in Toronto, Canada
>Received M.A from King Saud University, Riyadh
>Proponent of “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”

Wow, move over Rodi! You’ve got competition for Mira’s heart.

Is his International Open University the “univercity” Mira wanted to go to?

No. 759013

Interesting. Leaf. She will be slipping into his dm,s next sending saucy photos of her ankles in exchange for Starbucks vouchers.

No. 759017

File: 1582216057034.png (129.84 KB, 1188x528, スクリーンショット 2020-02-21 1.27.19.p…)

Nah, she's already in love with just about any man in the Saudi royal family

No. 759024

isn't that just because religion is banned there? old women get arrested in china for doing vaguely buddhist related meditation exercises.

No. 759025

Miranda should watch Saudi Arabia Uncovered on Netflix. She can she what reality is like in that shithole country.

No. 759063

The Uighur situation is far more complex than that, in a way you are right but even if there weren't a religion involved they'd likely still be putting them in camps. China doesn't want another Taiwan or Tibet and with most of these people living in the same province, they're concerned they want independence since their culture isn't the same as the Han Chinese culture. The government is completely set on eradicating every part of these peoples culture right down to their children who went sent to live in 'kindergartens' when their parents are arrested, are made to shout indoctrination aimed chants. They want the kids to grow up wanting nothing to do with the culture they were born into and when the parents are arrested it's done in secrecy, in the middle of the night and then covered up with "Oh it was because of terrorism" rather than an honest arrest in daylight. Miranda thinks it's because of them being Muslim but rather it's because of them being different.

No. 759065

According to her, Japanese women wear niqab at the beach. She even posted a link on Twitter of what that niqab looks like. Miranda, if you are reading here, you have completely lost it.

No. 759079

The girl is mentally retarded and is scum. Don't take anything she posts seriously.

No. 759132

Agree. OBVIOUS mental retardation, and her opinions are often that of human scum. Mira has become an Internet ASS CLOWN of the highest order.

No. 759135

File: 1582247711537.png (122.5 KB, 595x589, Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 8.15…)

Nice racism, fuckface

No. 759157

I think she is like a slow release abby Brown and i want to see what's next. I never want this milk to end.

No. 759181

File: 1582259781062.jpg (26.15 KB, 640x480, NbkJEQE.jpg)

That didn’t take long! It was always obvious that a person that fetishizes and aggressively appropriates other cultures like this, going as far to say they are better at representing that culture than natives, is just a big fat racist. This is evident in how she laser-focused on the life of “White Japanese” and never cared about struggles of haafu or immigrants without a white parent. Remember how she was immediately dismissive of black and half black people that described their discrimination in Japan, so she thought she would cosplay a black person by slathering her unmistakably white face in dark paint and dressed in tacky clothes? But somehow, giving a Mira a fork for a damn salad or an employee answering her in English were basically hate crimes.

No. 759185

It's been known that Miranda is straight up racist for the longest. Black twitter should get on her pale uncooked chicken ass. "dirty filthy drug ridden rap village " " stay in harlem". Let us know how you really feel Miranda Constable.

No. 759247

The Saudi commentary on the music video is full of people saying the rapper isn’t actually Saudi because she is of African descent, people like her will NEVER be Saudi and ranting about immigrants ruining their culture. Mira is going along with these “keep Saudi pure!” racists despite calling regular Japanese people Nazis because they refused to acknowledge her ridiculous and baseless self-ID of “ethnic Japanese”.

No. 759250

File: 1582285542003.png (196.09 KB, 1188x642, スクリーンショット 2020-02-21 20.46.01.…)

Nothing is "racist" about Miranda

No. 759259

>Indeed a S**t has ZERO right to even open her mouth speaking about Mecca.

Then I guess it’s about time that the most popular 7-Eleven of Sudbury, Mira Constable, shut down her Twitter?

Anybody got a gif of Mira booty-shaking for money next to Tkyosam during his stream? For every Saudi woman she attacks, Mira has committed the same offense twofold.

No. 759276

File: 1582295102651.jpeg (348.98 KB, 750x875, 16812463-898D-427A-B82A-2F2ED0…)

Miranda accusing Quayden Bayles parents of using him for fame by posting their insta account on her Twitter.
Honestly this woman is full of hate.

No. 759278

'not a whor-y city' is the funniest phrase i think she's ever come out with. the capabilities of her mind astound me

No. 759279

Says the girl who flashed her husband's Saudi passport and money

No. 759282


Not to mention when she "modled~~~" her knock of LV shoes when she first found out what a hijab and sunglasses were. Pick a side, bitch.

No. 759283

File: 1582296439362.png (25.5 KB, 401x218, Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 9.46…)

Samefag. On her video about Louis Vuitton, she calls LV products her bae. THAT'S IDOL WORSHIP AND HARAM, ABSOLUTE HARAM MIRANDA!

No. 759285

File: 1582297688059.jpeg (138.51 KB, 750x536, 6E04D61F-CDE9-4ACC-820D-854C85…)

She made a video contradicting her LV is bae attitude. PRICELESS.

No. 759295

Okay, this is so confusing to me because this is the first time i saw this shit. How in the heck did miranda become suddenly a muslim? i remember her making those vids about Japan and travel and whatever, what even led to her becoming this? like, idc if people want to convert to islam, you do you but this just makes me question so much shit right now.

No. 759304

She fell in love with a Muslim dude in Japan, who didn't like her back. So she thought if she converted to Islam he would like her. He didn't, but she remained obsessed with him and his religion.

Now she's fetishizing Middle Eastern culture (specifically Saudi Arabian) and the Islamic religion the exact same fashion she fetishized Japanese culture. Everything is the same. She even thinks she knows more about Islam than other Islamic people. She now dreams of moving to Saudi Arabia.

Since Miranda is so simple-minded, the main reason for this obsession is because she's convinced that in Islam, men are obligated to financially support their women, so she will never have to work again and her husband will be forced to provide for her, protect her, and treat her like a "queen". It's really that simple and self-centered.

No. 759305

>she's convinced that in Islam, men are obligated to financially support their women, so she will never have to work again

this is basically why she liked japan too. japan is stuck in nuclear family mode and it's not a coincidence that she became a hostess and relied on flirting with men to make $$.

No. 759315

It's funny. she puts in so much of work and effort with the goal to just do nothing.

No. 759320

File: 1582309111958.jpeg (260.07 KB, 1524x942, YTMiranda.jpeg)

Hmm… I wonder…

No. 759324

Yeah but doesn't Canada have an eternal welfare state sub culture like uk and aus . I don't think she would have any problems getting dis ability bucks on the grounds of insanity. They would only have to read this thread. All the proof is here.

No. 759325

Shy is she dont mention that she "live" in japan?

No. 759332

Reading this tweet thread is hilarious. Getting mad a parent of a disabled child because of a instagram filter? This is what Islam is teaching you ?

No. 759381

Slight tinfoil but I think she is hot for a Canadian hate preacher who seems to get gigs around the world preaching love and peace. You may start to see her drop the Japan thing as I think she is going into pick me mode with this Moslem Chad.

No. 759399

Blal Phl*ps?

He combines two of Miranda’s interests, hate preaching and Jamaica.

No. 759401

>Bilal Philips
he's mentioned immediately upthread, why the retarded censorship

No. 759413

File: 1582344126900.png (1.06 MB, 1194x1030, スクリーンショット 2020-02-22 13.01.52.…)

Miranda's still masturbating to the saudi royal family

No. 759434

Didn’t want his idiot followers with Google Alerts on his name showing up here to type garbage but whatever, go off. Wasn’t for his sake, trust.

No. 759437

He's already been posted here

No. 759451

She's been following false rumors without proper research. Quayden is 9 years old while she believes he's 18 years old. That "white wine" he was holding is sparkling apple juice cropped out for entertainment on Twitter.

First the mentally ill, now the dwarfism. What's next, blind people?

No. 759479

File: 1582389594466.png (364.56 KB, 1198x1232, スクリーンショット 2020-02-23 1.38.51.p…)

When called out on attacking persons with dwarfism, Miranda's response is "You don't know about my life"

No. 759480

File: 1582390364424.jpg (30.61 KB, 361x416, miranda.jpg)

"I would NEVER allow my child to give the middle finger…."
Ok Miranda

No. 759489

She's 30 this year and has been spewing bullshit about "my child will be…", "my child will never.." since like 7 years ago when she was saying her child will never learn English and only speak Japanese.

Someone once made a very valid point, why hasn't Miranda fucked off with her Saudi husband and immediately started making kids? It's been about a year since the imaginary wedding right? That doesn't sound right at all for a good Muslim wife who's already wayyyy past due to give birth. Especially with Saudi Arabia's enormous value on having a large family.

She once made a bullshit comment "i will never reveal whether we already have kids or not", obviously to get us to believe that she does, when she doesn't. For someone of her age, with kids on her mind like this, whose only role is being a housewife, it's really weird that she hasn't already done it. I'm hoping this is a big sign that she's not very fertile and her window will close soon.

No. 759499

It's pretty obvious she's doing all this Saudi dick sucking to get the government's attention to hopefully give her a pass on entering their ass backward country. Hopefully the board has some sense to do some background check on her so that they know she's a complete hypocrite.

No. 759514

File: 1582406983661.jpeg (187.85 KB, 750x537, A6EAB333-FD7D-4A98-8B42-CAAE72…)

How can anyone take this woman seriously? Where did she get this from? Where’s the evidence? Why is it Ryanair in particular? I’m pretty sure this is a thing among every airline tbh and not a new thing either.
For the love of god shut up

No. 759515

All her outrage and outbursts are based on shit she reads online. She has the mental capacity of a 9 year old. That is why she she was attacking that dwarf kid because she saw so much of him in her and got jealous.

No. 759541

File: 1582415990180.jpeg (119.16 KB, 750x366, F7458671-C29B-4854-B678-9A6866…)

Good lord what is so haram about human desire?
She really does have the mental capacity and emotional intelligence of a toddler

No. 759543

File: 1582418443788.jpg (88.77 KB, 640x960, haraam-list.jpg)

If you really want to understand Miranda's version of islam, just remember

No. 759592

File: 1582433380680.png (256.47 KB, 588x501, Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 20.4…)

This bitch stays getting angry over dumb shit. Does she search this stuff out or is there like a Haram Daily newsletter.

No. 759593

File: 1582433490333.png (25.51 KB, 859x120, Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 20.4…)

She's even dropping dimes to the Saudi government. She's prep and ready for her morale police application. What a looney! Cant wait til she gets to Saudi and get beat in the streets.

No. 759620

LOL. Latest vid: "I live in Japan, and there were times where… and it felt great…"

Why the use of past tense? Obviously living in Canada and recalling her time in Japan. Liar.

No. 759622

If she had a spud or two by now, she would have wasted no time bragging about her superior status as a “Muslim mother of Muslim children”. She wouldn’t have been able to resist. I can’t even imagine her peeling herself away from the computer or her phone long enough to tend to a completely helpless and dependent little human. She is too selfish and dysfunctional.

Her boyfriend Bilal Philips warns against the great sin of April Fool’s Day. Watch her lose it on that day and post her nagging little comics.

No. 759630

yet she still watched both videos?? she's an idiot

No. 759690

She can't get her Haram boner without watching the actual video right.

No. 759888

File: 1582521719227.png (43.24 KB, 599x200, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 21.2…)

Islam is the religion for all of mankind ?

No. 759895


and she would gladly have you beheaded/flogged/stoned/crucified if you ever questioned that…at least Miranda admits it's not a religion of peace

No. 759898


everyday she's on twitter attacking someone or group that she does not deem pure in allah's eyes. No way is it a religion of peace. Funny thing is, everything she's attacking people for (being a slut, tricking people out of money, being unholydancing and listening to music), that was her before she started cosplaying. She hated herself so much that she adapted a new persona to hate on other people she thinks acts like how she use to. Without realizing these people just want freedom and happiness. But nope , not allowed in her holy imaginary Saudi Arabia. What the kingdom says is law. But then she goes against China for doing the exact same thing. Miranda Constable aka Niqabqueen aka Kanadajin3 aka Hypocrite Idiot.

No. 759908

Islam is so persuasive and universal that she killed her very successful and thriving @islamjapan7 account because Japanese enthusiasm was so overwhelming! Why not focus on promoting Islam in your “home” country, Mira? You know, the country which consistently ranks in the top 10 of all countries where religion is not a priority?

No. 759918

File: 1582529440510.png (575.97 KB, 1262x804, スクリーンショット 2020-02-24 16.30.23.…)

Miranda worships the saudi royal family and is back on curious cat

No. 759919

File: 1582529615250.png (198.83 KB, 1182x740, スクリーンショット 2020-02-24 16.33.16.…)

I became Muslim in 2017 when I was single (i.e., in a fake marriage)…in order to get a certain muslim guy

No. 759923

sage for off topic but what's Miranda view on Ahmadiyya Islam? cause its actually one of the fastest sects of Islam and its history and theology is quite bizarre

No. 759926

if you look through the thread or her tweets you can find plenty of examples of her saying that ahmaddiyas are not real muslims

No. 759943

I mean thier really not, its the core of Islam mixed with aspects of Sikhism and pagan Punjabi practices
hell they believe that the Punjab region was the Garden of eden

No. 759955

But according to Miranda, anyone who is not a salafi/wahhabist is not a real muslim

No. 759958

But Islam its self is the same, it was eastern Syriac Christianity mixed with Pagan Arab culture that mushed its self into a religion, I mean the fact the Quran specifies Arabic as the most important language and the language of heaven itself, even though only a handful of people ever spoke it at that is more then enough proof that Islam as a religion was made for Arabs by arabs

sage for rant

No. 760011

These extremists (Miranda) rant and lust to live in a time centuries ago, while doing it on a computer and Chinese iPhones.

No. 760256

File: 1582653054202.png (61.85 KB, 593x380, Miranda Constable Hates Women.…)

LOL So we typing like this now?

No. 760257

File: 1582653140847.png (59.07 KB, 594x339, Miranda Constable Hates Homose…)

In case people forgot, Miranda Mira Constable "Niqabqueen" hates homosexuals.

No. 760260

She probably believes that to be a fact though. I don't think it's proof she "hates them", but she obviously disagrees with the idea of homosexuality (which she has a right to).

No. 760266

>(which she has a right to)
Hi homophobe.

No. 760267

She just like the raves of a lunatic. So because women are biologically at as physically strong as me, they shouldn't be treated fairly.

I wonder how long more until this saudiboo phase will last. She's going to hit her 30s soon

No. 760283

you sound like you do too

No. 760289

File: 1582662344653.gif (1.63 MB, 268x180, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 760292

i think we're allowed to call out the homophobic bitch. you obviously don't give a shit about derailing either because you didn't sage your dumbass gif.(infighting)

No. 760296

Imagine defending someone who thinks all homosexuals should be killed.(infighting)

No. 760304

Imagine being unable to read.(infighting)

No. 760306

File: 1582665754875.png (468 KB, 1586x286, SIzzA6G.png)

Especially when that person is a total hypocrite. Miranda claimed she was bisexual, that's why she attended Tokyo Pride. She's also claimed to have had anal sex.

iirc it took her a while for the homophobia to jump out after she became Muslim, like she was holding back on it but then stopped caring. It started little by little until it became full-on retweeting hateful tweets on a regular basis.

No. 760314

i was talking to you, not about u but okay.

No. 760316

I'm pretty certain Miranda is trying to shed her Kanadajin3 persona so that the Saudi government doesn't link her Niqabqueen account with her past history while she applies for entry in the future.

No. 760317

She must think they're as dumb as her then.

No. 760355

she's gonna have to think up a way to fake the std test results too. baby steps.

No. 760395

Kanadajin3 is selfish, lazy, deluded, unintelligent, dishonest, pious, and is now becoming more and more bigoted and hateful.

What's not to like?

No. 760404

File: 1582698844369.png (228.55 KB, 1192x814, スクリーンショット 2020-02-26 15.33.11.…)

Just in case you forgot, Miranda hates liberals, sufis, pagans, and zionists

No. 760429

File: 1582719374842.jpg (731.18 KB, 1419x2276, Screenshot_20200226-071529_Twi…)

Miranda showing just how much of a slave she is to Chinese products

No. 760431

Can't she hear herself? Did she not know were Iphones were build?
Also Apple is shit.

No. 760461

I asked her on Twitter if her iPhone is assembled in China and guess what? She blocked me and hid my answer. Lol. She really doesn't like the truth(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760475

What kind of good conservative Muslim husband would let their wife talk to so many random men on twitter. NO shame.

No. 760572


I'm like 95% sure there is no "husband" or at least not anymore. She was never legally married, she just had an "Islamic marriage" certificate. The potato chip hand hasn't shown up for months now. Remember when she used to upload photos of herself with a stranger's hand?

When she married a Japanese guy the first time, they were only married for a month before she noped out and/or was kicked out. She was living with his parents and I imagine her then-MIL expected her to actually do housewife shit like keeping house, cooking etc. which she doesn't actually have interest in doing. Cosplaying as a Japanese housewife is very different from actually being one. I imagine being a Saudi housewife would be even harder.

From everything she posts it seems like she's back in Canada, probably living at her mom's house, and single. She's been posting a lot about various ways of getting a visa to KSA not through marriage – because she never was legally married anyway, and I suspect the guy has left by now.

"A holy city, not a whore-y city" is literally the most witty thing i've ever seen or heard her say, though. Got a genuine nose exhale out of me

No. 760641

Take off that tacky red lips phone cover(which is made in China) and read what is says on the front of your iPhone, Mira. : “Designed in California. Assembled in China” It has always been that way.

No. 760650

Someone needs to tell this….thing….how to wear niqab. Not sure why it’s always bagging off her face down to her cheekbones and up above her brows. Shit looks funny.

No. 760660

How dare you question the all-knowing imam Miranda! After studying for a few months at her islamic univercity under the direction of her terrorist professor, she is the master of all things related to islam.

No. 760690

Hello?? Anything is related to islam due to the FACT that islam is the religion of mankind…. So imam miranda know everything about everything, to know what is haram or even more haram…..
Dont question her holyness that will leeds her directly to be the new emperor of mecca!

And that kids, was sarcasm……

No. 760697

It looks like she bought a bunny. The poor thing. Also, in her last video, the voice of a man can be heard. I guess she's been reading comments about her

No. 760699

File: 1582797628932.png (78.75 KB, 1200x294, スクリーンショット 2020-02-27 18.59.58.…)

Don't worry, it won't be sacrificed on eid

No. 760700

File: 1582797756030.png (865.92 KB, 1192x940, スクリーンショット 2020-02-27 19.01.44.…)


We who practice haram will be changed into monkeys and pigs?

No. 760701

File: 1582797836692.png (90.06 KB, 1202x342, スクリーンショット 2020-02-27 19.02.55.…)

Miranda will send her kids to school to study the quran, cooking, and how to care for babies

No. 760707

Sweet, always wanted to come back as an animal

No. 760710

I wonder if we can choose to become a monkey or a pig?

No. 760714

File: 1582806255886.jpg (46.51 KB, 640x1129, rmQUj3Q.jpg)

The carpet the rabbit was on also covered in food or crumbs. Is eating off the floor like a toddler a regular thing for her?

Monkey and pigs, or life as a stone-hearted Wahhabist zombie who is allergic to joy? Hm, put me in the zoo already. It’s a more civilized existence.

No. 760724

Did she really put so much effort in putting japanese and arabic books into the shelf for the photo?

No. 760733

Absolutely, she’s trying to give tidbits of her life away so we can talk about her here. Then she can REEEE “stokers!” to deny she’s in Canada.

No. 760786

Scum people live in their own filth. Typical.

No. 760813

Good thing Miranda will never need the how to care for babies book!

No. 760893

It’s like she just throws it on messily right before filming, but doesn’t wear it off camera. I remember the weird comment she had made about currently disguising herself so well that haters would never be able to recognize her on the street. If she is always in niqab, why would it be necessary to go through an extreme image change? Nobody would see the new hair or clothing style unless she is lying about being a full time niqabi. Then with niqab, she would already stand out for being a short, pale niqabi with distinctive eyes and strange way of speaking.

No. 760970

Anyone else notice this little slip of the tongue in her latest video?


No. 760972

A few days ago some anon posted about a so called “slip up” but it was the same thing. She stalking about how she used to spend a lot of money on make up. In japan it costs a lot. There’s no slip up. She doesn’t wear make up anymore so she “used to” spend the money but doesn’t now.

No. 760975

Nothing about make-up here except yours

No. 760976

"I used to spend so much money in Japan"

Alright anon, whatever you say

No. 760982

Hilarious lol

But why does Miranda still flip out about the fact that we say that she is no longer living in Japan?

No. 760998

I caught that too. If you were still in the same place, you would say " i use to spend so much money here" or" I use to spend so much money" . Sure Miranda, we believe you are still in Japan keke

No. 761004

Because this tinfoil anon cut it too soon so you don’t see her finish the sentence. Watch the video from 4:23 onwards. She talks about face cream. Creams costing 150$ and more. Don’t you remember she made a stupid video about it? Maybe KM downloaded it.

No. 761006

She cold never afford a bunny in Japan, they're insanely expensive here and she's a ebegger. She is definitely in Canada.

No. 761009

don't landlords not like bunnies also?

No. 761011

Anyone can watch the rest of the video, I think they were just pointing out her use of language. Why would KM download it?
Miranda you give yourself away but it’s okay we get it, you need this attention to live.
I don’t know why anyone hasn’t picked up on the fact her ‘husband’ doesn't have the same accent or voice from the chip pounding insta video..

No. 761018

File: 1582919286283.png (46.61 KB, 599x194, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.47…)

Going through Miranda's likes on Twitter is always good for a laugh.

No. 761019

you sound deadass like Miranda. it's amazing how even without the misspellings you can still tell when it's her. Just little characteristic shit that you know no random anon would say in defense of her.

No. 761020

>In japan it costs a lot.
no it doesn't. i usually don't "hi randa" but damn if this isn't randa all over.

No. 761022

I’m quoting what she’s saying dumbass. I don’t know what the fuck Japan is like. Fuck if you are going to talk about someone at least quote what they are saying without adding in conspiracies or leaving out information to change the story.

No. 761024

nice backpedaling.

No. 761026

>I’m quoting what she’s saying dumbass.
>without adding in conspiracies
lmao another classic giveaway. Who the fuck believes anything Wranda says at face value? Nobody.

No. 761027

Okay, not Miranda. Calm your pasty pimply ass down and go bake some potato chip pies for your fat useless fake Saudi husband like a good Muslim wife.

No. 761028

besides the fact that there was literally no indication you were quoting someone, you sound awfully defensive.

No. 761029

File: 1582920707698.png (242.21 KB, 603x605, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.0…)

This idiot accuses other people of doing things that SHE DOES HERSELF. LOLLLL What was all that can't slander BS she was ranting about??

No. 761033

That anon posted about her "husbands" voice being heard in the video. Keep up

Here's the post for you since you're new >>760697

No. 761064

File: 1582937069405.png (22.23 KB, 630x242, dollar sign.PNG)



The infamous dollar sign after the numbers written by Miranda herself

No. 761066

File: 1582937304635.png (28.54 KB, 743x343, dollar sign 2.PNG)


Looks like she's still lurking LOLcow.

No. 761084

Didn't she also beg for money to take a trip to Canada to film drone shots and got no donations? Didn't see also con a sad simp fan for thousands of dollars with lies to get him to cough up for cash? Did she just forget all past crap that she's done or just not afraid of people calling her a hypocrite?

No. 761087

She's just shameless, and keeps finding excuses for why these things don't matter anymore. Excuses that only make sense in her neanderthal IQ head

No. 761098

File: 1582949091044.jpg (13.93 KB, 461x500, fUFeoAS.jpg)

This sure looks like a person who spends a lot on makeup…. from the ¥100 shop. Please, just give it up. One minute, you’re a high-class, name-brand only fashionista who exclusively shops in Ginza. The next minute, you’re claiming you’re so poor and desperately need money from a dude in Norway so you can turn your AC back on.

Yeah, the accent is not the same. It went from “show bobs and vagene” to Canadian-ME bro who works in a coffee shop. Also, why does “husband” sit on the floor in these videos?

Great catch! It’s amazing how she let’s these little things pass by without realizing they are not only distinctive to her own speech, but her Canadian culture. Remember that bizarre excuse for never getting a driver’s license in Japan was that she wouldn’t be able to get used to driving on the left side of the road, despite never driving in Canada anyway? Like, why would something like that be so deeply ingrained when you said you had no connection to Canada anymore?

No. 761104

this isn't even true, you can do either for both, certain things just stuck.

No. 761117

For gods sake! Censor this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O(o.O)

No. 761140

somehow i forgot how ugly she was.

No. 761143

File: 1582972855656.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720, miranda Why I don't wear make …)

archive of this new voice

No. 761238


That looks like Chris in niqab from the thumbnail.

No. 761245


Does the man child just lay on the floor all day? Or did she add in the "i don't care" afterwards.

No. 761253

He was down there praying duh

No. 761254

Thanks for the clarification Miranda

No. 761257

You're welcome Miranda

No. 761260

Samefagging just to clear up the obvious joke I was making because I know the 3 non native English speakers in this thread don't understand nuance: "real" muslims pray 5 times a day. They do it on the floor. Her husband is on the floor but she isn't because she's a fake Muslim. Get it? Get the joke?

Yeah Miranda is a super shitty person who is more than likely in Canada but the amount of people keeping this stupid thread alive can be counted on one hand. At this point you're either just personal victims or very offended that she's pretending to be a Muslim and pretending to be in Japan to an audience of no one. It's fucking boring and you just keep bumping the thread for a whole lot of nothing interesting.

No. 761261

why do you give a fuck about any of that?

No. 761262

If this thread is so boring for you, it's time for you to move on

No. 761264

File: 1583051778095.png (316.33 KB, 800x770, 1569099830550.png)

This was from a few threads back but I guess it needs to be posted again. Basically, I'm not sure if you knew this, but on lolcow you can actually hide a thread you don't like. Please let me know if you'd like for me to update this image for the current thread if that will be more helpful to you.

No. 761302

That's true, I don't know wether I come on here for setting wtf stupid shit she's saying now without any ounce of self-reflection or to see how much people worship and hate her with a passion. I fucking hate her but I come here every now and then. But it's seriously boring paranoia hating on someone when she's literally a wannabe Isis whabist who lives off of the haters and her half a dozen "fans" who probably posts here as a hater sharing her videos for those clicks – like we get she's a idiot, moron who's talking out of her ass like she's the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing new. Boring. Then anyone who points out this fact they just call them Miranda because the paranoia is real here. Miranda is a loser and at this point anything posted about her isn't doing anything to benefit anyone anyone. She's a well known piece of shit, and nothing added here is changing it. Only a waste of your life and time.

No. 761305

If this thread is so boring for you, it's time for you to move on

No. 761308

nothing is forcing you to stay dip shit. Leave. You won't be missed.

No. 761319

File: 1583086613754.png (32.55 KB, 592x111, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 1.17…)

First it was because Japan is more Islamic, that's why she'll never move. Now it's "Wuhan" Coronavirus. Keep finding excuses, Miranda. You're never going anywhere but your mother's Canadian basement. Just accept it.

No. 761327

File: 1583092650508.jpg (136.9 KB, 960x664, IMG_20200301_135533.jpg)

No. 761358

Aren’t you the same anon who comes here every other month to announce that Mira is lame and you hate her, but you think that we should all just ignore her even though she is at her most repugnant, shocking and most potentially dangerous phase of her life? I don’t feel like you’re her, but you’re just as ridiculous as her.

>she's literally a wannabe Isis whabist

Anon, that is a potential terrorist or terrorist-enabler. No matter how boring she seems to you, someone like her needs surveillance. Japan already had her on a watch list and she knows that.

No. 761359

File: 1583116600119.jpg (36.49 KB, 512x341, unnamed.jpg)

Hey guys! I'm just a random anon, but don't you think Mira is so boring? We should all leave her alone!

No. 761360

we're here to call her out on her bullshit. Imagine what she would be like if no one called her out on her bullshit. so yeah, kindly GTFO if you're bored.

No. 761370

File: 1583119003335.png (155.67 KB, 577x630, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.1…)

Miranda is so oppressed. But, hang on, wait… you're a niqabi… how would anyone know you're blonde and white? And you speak exclusively Japanese and Islam, so how would they know you're English? The Japanese stockers must have ripped her trashbag off when they "came up to her". How else would they know!?

No. 761375


This idiot always lives in definite. It's either black or white. Yes "nobody" does because you speak for all gaijins in Japan. Jump off a bridge.

No. 761467

I can imagine, doing the same bs just without much of an audience because people watch and think she's nuts and moves on. She thrives off of haters. And lives for it, lying that she is in fear for her life, she isn't, she loves the attention, good or bad.

No. 761483

I thought she was going to end with but us Muslim/Saudi and black people are looked down upon!

Not talk about being approached.

No. 761516

File: 1583196479601.png (1.31 MB, 2292x1278, スクリーンショット 2020-03-03 9.46.05.p…)


She thrives off any sort of attention (including hate), and I am enjoying her terrorist ninja phase, so it's all good

No. 761608

20 bucks randa says that she has COVD19 soon. It's about the only global angle she's not working

No. 761684

File: 1583285173324.png (1.14 MB, 1176x1268, スクリーンショット 2020-03-04 10.25.16.…)

Do NOT misrepresent Mirandas husbands ancestors land

No. 761685

File: 1583285341587.png (95.81 KB, 1190x298, スクリーンショット 2020-03-04 10.28.47.…)

Can’t get corona if you don’t go out!

No. 761692

any excuse to be a lazy fuck neet eh Mira?

No. 761703

File: 1583292837845.jpg (67.23 KB, 995x750, osaka-flu.jpg)

tfw the people who pack and deliver your groceries send coronavirus right to your paranoid door.

No. 761708

File: 1583298231617.jpg (115.26 KB, 1024x682, GWZHNxn.jpg)

Pink Panther and the Awesome Abdul mascot are all up in your loser husband’s ancestral land, Mira. I’m pretty sure these Saudi families would much rather hang out with them than have to deal with your black sheep emo husband.

It’s so funny how she is living vicariously through her husband to dictate to Saudis how they should think/act while making the distinction that she is not Saudi or plans to be. She wasted no time to claim Japanese culture, identity, ethnicity and even ANCESTORS as her own, despite zero family relationships or legal right to do so. Why didn’t she do the same with Saudi after being so hardcore Muslim and “Saudi Defender”? She likes to fight women about being the best Muslim but stops short of calling herself a better Saudi.

No. 761710

why does she sound like grtimes

No. 761737

Because Grimes is from Vancouver LMFAO.

No. 761846

So much freedoms, she a Saudi leaders daughter would have been murdered upon her return. Saudi is the chosen land for women.

No. 761847

File: 1583379101174.jpg (362.05 KB, 1242x1192, GRyQkp5.jpg)

Mira is truly the Confucius of our time.

What exactly, if anything, has Mira achieved that makes her “rock”? Simply having a vagina and choosing to sit on it all day?

No. 761851

She mentioned "work" twice. This monkey brain bitch thinks that's the whole premise of feminism. We get it Miranda, you hate working and want men to be religiously obligated to financially support you.

I'm surprised she never went the golddigger/sugar baby/camgirl route back when she was working as a hostess and still thought being a slut was ok. I know she would have never made since because she's too ugly, but I'm sure she would have tried anyway. I guess back then youtube was making her a comfortable income to not have to consider that.

No. 761875

What the hell is "throwing kids" ??

No. 761889

I hate to sound like an SJW because I almost never use these terms, but Mira’s post is so fucking classist and ableist! She really thinks that the majority of working women, especially those working in factories in third world countries, are doing so because of crazy feminist doctrine? It’s part of survival for most families. If a man is sole provider and working hard, his health risk and stress increase, then this creates a risk for the family that depends on him. What if he dies from a work place accident? What if he becomes too sick to work? A family could easily be without a father for many reasons and the mother may have no way to support herself if she does not have a backup plan.

This idiot has always depended on the kindness, and gullibility, of others. There was no point in time that she did everything on her own or with her own money. Always begging, lying and stealing. She has no idea what’s it’s like to struggle despite working hard or having your life turned upside down due to sickness or death.

No. 761891

Never take Miranda too seriously or your head will explode…After all she is saying nonsense bullshit like "Women empowerment does not mean throwing kids"

No. 761895

That’s true. But there is always a chance this woman will get pregnant and apply this all or nothing attitude on her innocent children. She’d be the type to sell her children before heading to the employment office.

No. 762009

>There was no point in time that she did everything on her own or with her own money. Always begging, lying and stealing.
Her comeuppance will arrive in a few years, once she hits 35 and looks like a haggard middle aged hobo. Plenty of women still look nice and attract men at 35+, but Miranda is aging like gas station sushi, and has a personality to match. Once whatever the hell she's doing right now ends, she will be single, visibly middle aged, no career, no money, no kids, no family, and truly used up.

No. 762068


I really think she must be infertile. No way someone like her wouldn't have tried to have children by now. Back in Japanese housewife phase you'd expect her to have had an anchor baby (yeah it doesn't really work that way in Japan but I doubt she would have known that at the time). Now in phase 2 Saudi housewife phase and still no baby? Something's up.

No. 762074

She’s married though lol

No. 762075

Technically speaking, she's "married islamically"

No. 762080

The same thing as a note with "do you like me? check yes or no"

No. 762082

Absolutely this. She's been constantly talking about "my kids" for 7-8 years now. Either she's infertile, or too obsessed with her kids being born in Saudi Arabia that she won't do it anywhere else. In which case, good news, she'll never be a mother.

No. 762092

Well if she sits alone in her moms basement there is no guy who wonna ride this trashbag…..

No. 762201

That's right, wasn't it last year or something it was revealed that she isn't legally married anywhere. It's just like when a 5 year old says they are married to one of their friends. They didn't even have a ceremony as far as I know.

No. 762221

Its more like two mentally challenged individuals get married because the parents feel bad for them. Throws them a real ceremony and everything.

No. 762263

That is one of the big questions. Is she really married? Is there an existing husband? It is all fake or just a realy plump contruct Miranda made to fake her live? Sure it's not all true. But even if there is a guys he is defenitly not at the same place like her.

No. 762371

She can’t be, if she was legit married to a Saudi man she would not be on Twitter all day. Al baby hands was probably someone she met at a mosque who was naive and stupid enough for her to manipulate - oh I have internet stalkers please pretend to be my husband?
He’s long gone I reckon. Probably tried to find these so called stalkers and found out what she’s really like.
She only mentions her husband when we start speculating his existence.

No. 762442

Just watched the latest gimp porn. Don't bother. Low IQ twisted moralizing. The usual "how to be a better Muslim just like me" BS. Sounding more and more pious and sanctimonious with every vid.

I can see why she produces this stuff holed up in her mother's house in Canada. Deep down she knows what would happen if she started her preaching in a real Islamic community. It would not end well.

No. 762447

File: 1583631265287.png (1.99 MB, 1566x964, スクリーンショット 2020-03-08 10.32.52.…)

Miranda tries to explain why buying (or scamming others to buy) lots of (fake) Louis Vuitton products doesn't make her materialistic

No. 762448

File: 1583631318718.png (160.58 KB, 1530x698, スクリーンショット 2020-03-08 10.35.04.…)

No. 762450

File: 1583631456594.png (125.67 KB, 1382x836, スクリーンショット 2020-03-08 10.36.42.…)

"Me and My husband will move to Saudi Arabia someday and at that time I will make better quality videos."

No. 762451

File: 1583631718307.jpg (27.43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Miranda is totally not materialistic

No. 762491

File: 1583656677879.jpg (93.57 KB, 621x725, nBplU3s.jpg)

I remember this post, screenshot from PULL, where she was playing that marriage-baiting game. This was before she tried to sexually assault Rodi and should have been the time she was still dating that Swedish guy. All while legally married to the Japanese guy, of course. Anyway, it’s especially creepy to look at this now, considering how she was planning to move on to the next man for marriage and new identity. I genuinely don’t know if the man she was eyeing was the Swedish bf or Rodi. But this type of manipulation tactic makes me think there actually was, or still is, a Muslim husband but it’s always part of an underlying scheme with her. He’s not meant to be permanent.

No. 762540

Yuh it's called "Monkey branching"
She holds onto one guy while reaching for the other. She never lived with her husbands, they are just around in the background while she looks for someone else. The problem is she kinda shot herself in the foot with this.
She lost all her subs (thus, potential suckers), all her male friends, and basically became a neet.

No. 762652

File: 1583761982525.png (672.56 KB, 1080x2508, Screenshot_2020-03-09-22-36-10…)

This persons comment in PULL is 110% correct. Everything she does, including the fake suicidal posts years ago is all for attention. She says I can't handle the attention, it's horrible to be a YouTuber, I'll quit, but goes right back at it because it's the attention she wants. That's why people say the worst thing you can do to someone like her is ignoring.

She'll then do more and more attention grabbing bullshit. She's literally a 4 year old who's doing anything and everything to get her parents attention but never grew out of it like normal people. So probably her parents were both emotionally unavailable growing up, so she still behaves like this for attention. The poster misses one point, she moved from her shitty small town to Toronto to get attention on how can she got to move to the biggest city in Canada from her unknown hick life to the big city. All for attention. She feeds off of this.

That's why I don't click her videos or anything that gives any views because we all know she's just pretending to now be a whole new person, a super religious, holier than thou Muslim because she wouldn't have got any attention choosing to become Christian.

No. 762816

Whoa! This comment and the post really NAILS IT. Her whole nutty life in a nutshell.

Used a subculture, a country, and then a religion to place herself at the center of attention. The growth of the Internet/social media enabled this behavior.

So when Islam no longer gets her the attention she so craves, what's next?

No. 762836

File: 1583805844171.png (102.46 KB, 600x665, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 10.0…)

"Get the stones". This bitch really doing her most to be an extremist, huh?

No. 762839

Well there's that one anon who always says she'll get into Jamaican/Rasta culture. I'm still hoping she moves to SA, drops off the map, and gets her long overdue karma.

No. 762861

Rasta? Hmm… Possibly. With moving to Saudi Arabia, I doubt it will ever happen. She doesn't have the balls. And if she did, she would freak when she realized that her attention whoring Internet addiction was severely restricted. Piss her pants and run away; on the plane concocting weird excuses as she prepares for her new attention getting persona, ready for the next vid….

No. 762907

Maybe they'll take her directly to chop chop square?

No. 762918

Shell never go to SA. She's actively avoiding it by trying to h8nk up excuses of why SA is beneath her now.
For her next stage, maybe she could go full extreme sasaeng in Korea or go full white national and then marry some muh birth rates white hick who lives in a trailer. There's a number of white nationalists in Canada.

No. 762959

File: 1583879739806.png (177.29 KB, 581x713, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 6.34…)

This cunt is yet again defending raping a 12 year old child because 12 year olds can get their periods. I hope she gets lashed to death.

No. 762960

File: 1583879820065.png (47.63 KB, 575x190, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 6.36…)

"Twelve year olds should get married".

No. 762961

File: 1583880168842.png (41.29 KB, 596x152, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 6.42…)

She's literally a retard.

No. 762970

Remember Miranda: The Internet is FOREVER you nasty little twat!

No. 762983

she should honestly be arrested at this point.

No. 762993

File: 1583889737062.png (184.83 KB, 598x878, MIRANDA CONSTABLE PEDOPHILE.pn…)

LOL at Miranda trying to sound like she is not a native English speaker again.
It's like talking to a retard with no critical thinking ability.
Oh yeah, she still thinks pedophile is good in the eyes of her so called god.

No. 762994

This bitch is just looking to anger and argue with people. While most people just ignore here and treats it as a fight with a child, Miranda thinks she won the fight, all smug and shit. When in reality, she's as dumb as a sack of donkey shit.

No. 762997

Wherein Miranda Constable, Salafi Canadian vlogger once based in Japan, admits she is a child molester. Miranda Constable is a child molester.

No. 763004


Honestly, at this point, I agree she is a child molester or at least a child rape apologist. Thank the gods her barren, wretched womb can't produce any children for her chip fisting fake husband 'cuz you know she'd pimp out any daughter to any vaguely "brown" looking man.

No. 763005

Sorry, do you mean Miranda Ann Constable, formerly Kanadajin3 on YouTube? That Miranda Ann Constable?

No. 763015

She thinks raping 12 year olds is ok? God this "woman"/ogre is putrid disgusting inside and out. Good thing she's an unloveable hick who men just want to use up until she becomes intolerable. That's all she's good for to them since she's useless in every other sense

No. 763016

Tinfoil - she's actually 1 of multiple wives and her saudi chip smasher just landed himself a new child bride. She's so conservative and desperate to prove how into Allah she is that she won't admit she fucked up

No. 763021

So let me get this straight…. If Miranda had a daughter, she would be more than happy to have her repeatedly f_cked by some fat, smelly, middle-aged dude in her very early teens?

Miranda Constable, you are an ASSHOLE. Go to the middle east, become a wife, and GO AWAY FOREVER. Good Riddance you toxic moron.

No. 763036

She would gladly sell off her daughter for a chance to prove how devout she is. Sad honestly.

No. 763037

So by this theory, her next identity flip will be preceded by rejection from the Saudi community she's trying to use to get attention. Interesting.

No. 763063

Yeah and since there’s no way she would actually go and live in Saudi, mainly because they won’t let her in, she will try moving to a country with sharia law or is at least Muslim by majority. (This is what her isis twitter is for, she’s hoping for someone to notice her)
When she gets rejected by this community or decides it’s not for her because her husband won’t let her do anything, she will change her identity again but the attention will come from she’s a non Muslim/apostate in a strict Muslim country.
That’s my tinfoil anyway

No. 763066

I don’t think so. Miranda accepting to live in any country other than Saudi Arabia is like Wapanese-era Miranda settling with living in China instead of Japan. She hyper-obsesses over specific things like that, her Saudi fetishism is the cornerstone of why she's Muslim at all. When it finally cracks into her empty skull that she's never going to step foot there, she'll probably change her identity to the next thing she can convince herself will give her an easy life.

No. 763089

Hmm yeah you’re probably right, she doesn’t have a high enough IQ to go that far. At best she would claim she is there much like she’s claiming to be in Japan right now lol.
I’m curious to know when she will stop, like will she still be doing this when she’s in her 40s?

No. 763113

Would be useful to report these stupid tweets? Retard is a nice word for what she actually is, she is just a cunt.

No. 763189

report to twitter? she should honestly be arrested for promoting marriages/sexual relations with underage girls.

No. 763200

File: 1583958796494.png (211.19 KB, 605x622, Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 4.32…)

I think we spooked her pedophile ass.

No. 763271

Out of all her antics, her support for pedophilia is by far the most disgusting and disturbing stance she has ever taken. She MUST be reported, just like all the other pedo and “MAP” accounts. Mira Ann Constable, aka alkanadiya aka kanadajin3, is a pedophile enabler and her scummy husband is most likely a potential pedophile himself.

At least when she is being a sexist and homophobic, capable adults can come right back at her and put her in her place. Innocent little girls have no way to defend themselves from her dehumanization.

No. 763273

She does not deserve to live in Japan. Or any part of the world that isn’t Saudi Arabia. I hope she actually moves there & gets a taste of her own medicine. & I never thought I’d say that in my life about anyone.

No. 763283

File: 1583988440304.png (73.95 KB, 1176x334, スクリーンショット 2020-03-12 13.47.08.…)

According to Miranda…

No. 763284

File: 1583988569583.png (425.82 KB, 1190x1234, スクリーンショット 2020-03-12 13.49.11.…)

That didn't last long before she had to rant again

No. 763290

Is there a way to report her to authorities?, pedophilia is a serious matter, I’m disturbed with the way this cunt justifies child rape because “some teens are getting pregnant”, as if it was all of the kids getting pregnant at 10, 11, 12, even if it’s true she’s living in Japan, someone with that mindset should be kicked out of the country ASAP.

No. 763299

"Pop on over" to Taiwan MY ASS. All part of the "I still live in Japan, really!" BS.

Miranda needs to stay in Canada. Pedophile enablers need to be kept in their own countries, and monitored.

No. 763303

I think all you can do is report her most blatant pro-pedo tweets, like saying 12 year old should get married and mocking visa victims, because they should meet the criteria for child sexual exploitation. I don’t have a Twitter account to do so myself but here is the online conduct policy: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/sexual-exploitation-policy

> sharing fantasies about or promoting engagement in child sexual exploitation

And if she says she is merely adding to conversation
> Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are permitted, provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.

She is 100% glorifying sexual abuse of young girls, so she is in violation of the rules. Also, any post where she is explicitly expressing support for violence and murder against LGBT people and women should be reported with the appropriate forms.(Cowtipping)

No. 763304

If she had kids, these tweets could definitely be used for a CPS / CAS case. She's such a stupid cunt, she's already paving a road to losing custody of any future kids she might have in Canada before even having any.

No. 763311

Same anon here. Sorry, I meant to type mocking CSA victims, not mocking visa victims.

She is definitely the type of woman who would expect numerous child welfare visits even without her current abhorrent views.

No. 763325

File: 1584014587919.jpg (561.48 KB, 1399x1626, Screenshot_20200312-080009_Twi…)

Miranda thinks Coronavirus is a good thing

No. 763326

All of you are fucking retarded. Her religion legally defines an adult as a person who reached puberty. I don’t understand why people try to argue with that and go out of their way to assume everyone who follows Islam is a pedophile enabler. If it’s legal in her religion then what the fuck is the problem? You guys are extra. Freaking out and spazzing over this just because you think it’s going to do you good in your journey to “lock Miranda up” and “deport her” or whatever the fuck it is now a days. The police don’t give a fuck about it. Don’t waste resources false flagging people for being pedophiles when they are only explaining what their religion believes. There are real perverted people out there who rape kids. Actually rape! And you e-police are ranting and raving about her encouraging child rape? Where? What the fuck is wrong with your reading comprehension skills!? From two consenting people getting married to rape? Holy shit you guys are thirsty for anything possible to go on and blow it up out of context. Not surprised really since last month it was “she’s about to join ISIS and blow shit up” just because she expresses her religious views. Are you not aware that they sell religious books in the west that talk about everything she does and says, nobody gets arrested. Preachers at the mosque I am sure also talk about the same types of things but nobody cares. Why? Because they have better things to focus on and actual criminals who go out and actually rape people. I know it’s hard as fuck to get it through your mind that she isn’t the only person on the planet that has these views. But Jesus Christ you are all dull.

Keep being dull or not..:learn to SAGE! I am tried of seeing this boring old cow pop back up with nothing even worth wasting time on!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763327

U ok hun?

We’re not fucking stupid we know that she means in Islam, she is just arguing the point because she’s that fucking extreme. No one is accusing Muslims of being child abusers.
Anyone who genuinely believes that it’s okay for children to get married and raped is a monster regardless if it is written in a religious text or not.
Stop telling people to sage and hide the thread if it triggers you this much.

No. 763330

Just because religion sees something as legal, does not mean any society deems their disgusting practices legal. A child cannot consent to marriage you triggered fuck

No. 763331


Today I learned it's okay to be a predator as long as you convert to Islam first. Thanks, Miranda!

No. 763334

Just because it's a religious law doesnt mean it isnt fuckin disgusting. I got my period at twelve so I guess was a fuckin okay for me to marry then? Eat a bowl of AIDS if you think any girl deserves that. Please fucking an hero.

No. 763335

All four of you are gullible as fuck. That's obviously Miranda's pedophile statutory rape encouraging ass posting. And so was this >>761260 They were already told to hide the fucking thread if they didn't like seeing it, yet they're still using the same lame excuse for why they're coming here all triggered that she's been talked about. What are the chances that now this person so happens to be a pedophilia larper too just like her?

She's been triggered and privateing her twitter since we started calling her out on it >>763200
I knew it was only a matter of time before she came here as usual to defend herself

No. 763344

LOL. Imagined being this triggered so much. If you're not Miranda, what kind of scum would go and defend someone who advocates for child brides?

And if you're Miranda, don't worry. All the stuff you say is being monitored and will serve as evidence when they eventually to prosecute you.

No. 763351

Are you dumb?! Do you think a 12 years old kid would give consent to marry an 80yo man? And what kind of pervert man would marry a kid? The only person who would defend such disturbing practices is Miranda, and if you’re not Miranda, you’re just as stupid as her.

No. 763353

"If it’s legal in her religion then what the fuck is the problem? "

- this got to be the dumbest argument I have ever read.

No. 763362


Bruh. Why did you call my comment out as being "gullible" when I literally said in that post that rape apologist is clearly Miranda? You okay, fam?

No. 763367

As soon as she referred to Islam as “her religion”, I knew it had to be our pedo-chan. No one else speaks like that.

She has really committed to creating this distinctive crass, masculine and incoherent character who claims to hate her while intensely defending her every word. Like an idealized edgy boyfriend. Funny how her amazing husband still hasn’t come to her defense after all this time.

A child having the maturity to consent to something as important as sex and raising a grown man’s baby but not have the right to sign legal documents, open a bank account, buy anything in her name, drive, vote, or anything else that an actual adult can. You’d think those Islamic countries would update all their laws to support the claim that puberty equals full adulthood.

No. 763392

muh religion Scientific evidence shows pedophilia is a mental disorder, not a cultural or religious preference. It just means that the people who are making this "legal" are a stock of sick pedos themselves, you brainless hick.

No. 763416

What does the corona virus has to do with realizing the "threat" that is the Chinese gov? Currently it's quite the opposite since the power (read : fear) of their government is what kept the virus from spreading too badly in all of China… As we see right now with Italy and soon USA what happen when they react too late and cannot control their citizen like they do in China.

She's mixing up like 4 or 5 unrelatable subject all in one post…. this is mind boggling to try to understand lol

No. 763430

This idiot doesn't even realize that the Chinese and South Korean are being praises for how they are treating the COVID19 outbreak. Because of how they treat their ethnic Muslim minority (which I think its awful), she does extensive mental gymnastics to blame everything on the government and its people. She started this racist crusade years before too when she wasn't even Muslim.

This is why I just treat her ramblings as delusions brought on by mental illness.

No. 763476

Hi Mira!
Looks as if you are shitting yourself. Bit worried about losing your Twitter, and being reported to government authorities, eh? Better not make a vid about this or you might lose Youtube too.

Keep going asshole. Keep digging that hole deeper and deeper. Our popcorn is extra large and smells of hot butter. Yum yum….

No. 763477

File: 1584060100728.jpg (57.74 KB, 675x1200, CfZLq2XWQAA9fgd.jpg)

Hi, "random anon" who occasionally pops up to say "Mira is so boring, we should leave her alone"

I won't SAGE this so you will be sure to remember that the rest of the civilized world condemns pedophilia

No. 763489

If a small girl is considered an adult “by science” just because she has begun to menstruate, why does her little body continue to grow and develop over the next several years, Mira? If her body is fully ready for sex and childbirth from the first cycle, what possible reason would nature maintain the production of growth hormones to lengthen and widen her bones, increase breast size, redistribute fat and build muscle, stimulate further brain development? There HAS to be a reason for such dramatic change in the body of a 9 year old and one of an 18 year old… Think, Mira, think!
Answer: The first period is just the beginning of a growth cycle that concludes in actually becoming an adult! These little kids are not finished growing, dipshit.

No. 763490

Well, Miras brain stopped continue growing at that age….. ans as we know everything that happens to her is universal.

No. 763494

I honestly think she is jealous of these little girls and likes to participate in their dehumanization because she’s pissed about her troubled reproductive health, failed relationships and overall undesirability. She knows they are suffering, as well as full grown women, and she doesn’t care as long as she gets praised by the most disgusting men.

No. 763631


fuck sake, she better not come to my country. Taiwanese people are too welcoming & polite, it'd be Japan all over again. If she pushed hard on pro independence she could get a group of followers, as it is any random white person who comes here and makes a YouTube gets famous.

Miranda: Taiwan is a very progressive country, we legalized same sex marriage and we have an unmarried childless woman as president because we don't think women's place is in the home. Trust me you will not like Taiwan.

No. 763650

File: 1584135540240.png (43.3 KB, 582x218, Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 5.38…)

Maybe Allah IS real! Get sick, bitch.

No. 763652

Why ask a bunch of random pedos (her following on twitter) when she can do easy research online??

No. 763659



No. 763670

She always does this with basic questions about arabic/life in saudi arabia…if she is really married to a saudi man, why not ask her husband?

No. 763678

Last time, she claimed he was suddenly so busy every day that she didn’t see him. As if she couldn’t simply text the dude while he’s downloading his daily 2GB of porn at “work”.

Also notice how she wrote “I passed someone on the train”, rather than “we passed someone on the train”. Wouldn’t her little mahram be glued to side and be experiencing the same symptoms?

No. 763680

Your late 20s/early 30s should be the best years of your life. Instead this clown spends most of it hiding at home, hiding behind a computer and a smartphone. Making garbage quality, idiotic videos that virtually nobody is interested in. Spewing out online hate and contempt for those who don't meet her standards. Pretending to be part of a religion and culture she is ignorant of and can never be truly part of. And now, the icing on the cake, enabling indeed promoting child rape.

What a sad life.

No. 763805

I dun gon got Coronavirus!
She made her twitter private too, wonder if nows the time she gives up completely

No. 763818

File: 1584228917298.jpg (17.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-1.jpg)

If Miranda the supporter of pedophilia actually got coronavirus, we should all say…

No. 764077

File: 1584379197864.png (51.58 KB, 602x292, COVID19 IS A BLESSING ACCORDIN…)

Coronavirus is a blessing according to pedophile Miranda Constable.

No. 764090

Easy to say for her, she just sits in her moms basement and has no job, no kids, no responsibilitys. Not like normal people whos life wenr crazy, due to closed kindergardens, and other shit….

No. 764091

Closed kindergartens and schools, rearranging jobs to home office, not allowed to go out (an dthere is nothing open anyways), no groceries oh and people suffering and dying because there are not enough medical conditions… Such a blessing!

No. 764114

File: 1584383588198.jpg (732.38 KB, 1440x1688, 20200316_143245.jpg)

I was hoping Coronachan would knock this dumb bitch out for good

No. 764151

What a filth of a pig.

No. 764207

EXACTLY! This butt-wipe doesn't have to deal with the real world. Everything is taken care of by her enablers. And she doesn't have the responsibility of caring for a child or an elderly person. If she ever had to look after another human being, she would refuse and run away like a squealing pig.

Mira needs to grow up. Her opinions and life advice are like sewage pouring from a broken pipe.

No. 764489

Mira Pedo Chan should get the coronavirus so she can embrace the blessing of her pedo fake prophet.

No. 764518

If she were the "real" muslim that she claimed, she should be drinking camel urine as medicine as indicated by the so-called prophet muhammad (pigs be upon him)


No. 764558

File: 1584584147430.png (27.34 KB, 785x147, Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.1…)


I mean… she might start.

No. 764573

It wouldn't be the first time, so it shouldn't be an issue for her.

No. 764589

Miranda Ann Constable regret something?
Something she has done?
Well it's nothing important or some of her scams or bad life decisions,.. but hey….

No. 764604

Come on Mira! You drink that camel piss girl! Glug glug! You go girl. Show 'em all how it's really done. Chug it down, biach!!

No. 764677

File: 1584650843847.jpeg (195.91 KB, 750x632, 77C9DD59-4BC2-4E2B-A784-1D8CF3…)

Miranda you wouldn’t last a week without the internet. Or living in a small isolated community for that matter.

No. 764683

File: 1584657087487.gif (5.28 MB, 480x270, giphy-7.gif)

Sharing resources… in a desert.

No. 764693

File: 1584662782851.png (76.39 KB, 589x313, Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.04…)

Atheist? You should be killed. Good job, Miranda "Pedophile Defender" Constable.

No. 764709

Why does she type like English is not her first language??

No. 764710

File: 1584667916250.png (1.13 MB, 1200x1042, スクリーンショット 2020-03-20 10.31.09.…)

Miranda has been ranting about the death penalty for atheists

No. 764711

File: 1584668041011.png (95.88 KB, 1170x290, スクリーンショット 2020-03-20 10.33.45.…)

She also hates closet atheists & degenerates who hide in the shadows

No. 764713

Is this even allowed on twitter? what a psycho

No. 764714

Since it’s the law of Saudi Arabia. Yes it is allowed on twitter. If she were to say directly “I want to kill them” then she could be banned. But talking about the death penalty isn’t against the rules.

No. 764719

I can't wait for the day she tries to pretend all of this NEVER HAPPENED while trying to suck up to some other group.

No. 764721

I didn't realize that. Twitter is a dumpster fire

No. 764722

File: 1584672717788.png (247.7 KB, 1188x914, スクリーンショット 2020-03-20 11.51.44.…)

Miranda does not believe in freedom

No. 764723

File: 1584672776571.png (262.2 KB, 1166x914, スクリーンショット 2020-03-20 11.52.38.…)

Miranda supports the death penalty for atheists/apostates

No. 764731

File: 1584677889782.png (279.91 KB, 1178x940, スクリーンショット 2020-03-20 13.17.55.…)

Miranda's husband also won't stand for atheists and will smash their cameras

No. 764739


ahh once again, this mystical ultra masculine protective violent husband. But he cant even defend her from stalkers or poverty. Only thing he's destroying is a bag of chips because he's a pussy bitch. LOL . Miranda we all know he and you won't ever do shit.

No. 764743

Hey everyone! Kanadajin-san here! Atheists, apostates, and homosexuals should be killed. Women should be subservient to men, and it is ok for very young teenage girls to be raped. YAY!!

No. 764769

Even if the husband is actually real, he's NOTHING like Miranda portrays him to be online. He's a pussy.

>very young teenage girls
You mean children, 12 year olds. Miranda Ann Constable Kanadajin3 encourages the rape of children.

No. 764786

File: 1584712426545.png (127.35 KB, 591x567, Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 9.51…)

Forced marriage? ABSOLUTELY HARAM! Raping a 10 year old child because she has her period and is therefore able to be married? ABSOLUTELY HALAL!

Can someone please fucking punch this chick's face? Maybe it'll straighten her fucking eyes out.

No. 764792

Welp, she's making me root for Russia to absolutely destroy Saudi Arabia's sick government

No. 764804

Why does she defend a country that she has no experience with other than her manchild husband?

No. 764933

File: 1584792844415.png (46.58 KB, 592x177, Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 8.11…)

Except Canadians are allowed to travel home, liar. Source: I am Canadian and three family members who were travelling abroad just came home a couple days ago.

No. 764935

Thats just BS… even IF someone can not be home due to travel issues, and someone knows that and broke into an empty home. He would definitly steel more valuable items, like the TV, jewelery, and so on. The fact that she focus on items that are rare these times, like toilet paper, just show how fake it is.

No. 764943

>…and they left potato chips all over the bed.

No. 764944

In this situation she is more the selfish maroon who rade the supermarket for toiletpaper and buys 20 packs and dont care about others.
Well theoreticly because she never left her moms basement.

No. 764965

hard kek. canada is the one place where the shelves arent being completely emptied, local politicians are straight up telling people that their panic shopping is so pointless that shelves will be filled again the next day. also food banks provide free food to anyone who shows up.

No. 764974

Stop it, this never happened Miranda.

No. 764979

Remember she stole a news story about a japanese idol stalker situation , and said it was her friend's story. This cunt is a compulsive liar.

No. 764982

No. 765033

If the pedophile enabler Miranda Constable is in Japan, then why aren't we getting info from her on the situation there: the general mood, the shops, the numbers of people on the street?

All we get is some Canadian news…. Hmmmmm……

After the Mt Takao fiasco (the fall was late in Japan and so she got busted showing old video) her little mind quickly realized how easy it is to screw up pretending to be in Japan when you sure as hell ain't.

You reading this, Mira? Give us some daily updates on the situation in Japan. People who actually live there would love to hear what you say.

And BTW I am a pround atheist and am against child rape. Go f_ck yourself, you nasty piece of crap.

No. 765461

File: 1585068107769.png (27.94 KB, 600x111, Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.4…)

Mira liked this tweet. But, uh oh Mira… shit's gonna get a little awkward in a second.

No. 765462

File: 1585068139625.png (103.66 KB, 985x356, Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 12.4…)

Oops. Miranda, you love your iPhone! Oh no!

No. 765477

File: 1585074692881.jpg (18.37 KB, 501x218, VTmkD89.jpg)


No. 765509

Idiot's guide to pretending you are a Youtuber still in Japan:
1. Use old footage. (fail)
2. Make gaming videos. (fail)
3. Film in a quiet room in front of a sheet. (fail)

No. 765513

randa can't even use old footage because of the quarantines there. she won't be able to pass anything off anymore.

No. 765522

File: 1585098692735.png (46.13 KB, 593x185, Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.10…)

Yes, Miranda Constable, pedophile supporter, the horrific pain and deaths of a virus are a blessing because it stops concerts.

No. 765536

either she's pure evil, or mentally retarded

No. 765543

¿Por qué no los dos?

No. 765554

I pray to Allah she gets coronavirus

No. 765558

File: 1585122375405.jpg (46.57 KB, 1230x386, CXR2mGN.jpg)

She rides the train till the end of all mental health.

No. 765562

STILL claiming she has PR?! If she had one due to the previous marriage with the Japanese man, she would not be allowed to keep it after marrying the dumb-as-a-pile-of-rocks tiny Muslim guy. Then, there is no way in Hell she earned a new one through him because he is just a foreign unskilled worker/student and she is a useless NEET with bad social standing and worse online reputation. Why couldn’t she just use a more believable lie and say she has a dependent visa because Mohammed is employed or enrolled in University?

No. 765574

File: 1585137246735.jpg (377.56 KB, 1389x1350, 20200325_074736.jpg)

Japan isn't on lockdown, Miranda…

No. 765590

Just in case people didn't catch it. Pedo-chan does a whole livestream pretending she's still in Japan.

No. 765608

Of all the cows here she'd be one of the less likely ones because she never goes outside, unfortunate

No. 765707

File: 1585214352891.jpg (111.87 KB, 1299x805, tkTfu1v.jpg)

Oh… is hidden from public? Well lolcow will remember….

No. 765715

Japan NEVER gives permanent residence to jobless Wahhabists with a foreign husband , especially a Saudi whose home country will never legally recognize their marriage. They only have a certificate from the terrorist-connected Canadian mosque. That means they could not have married couple status in Japan because they need certification from Saudi Arabia. She could only apply for a visa on her own, but she has had no job or income for more than two years!

Only two options exist for her to be in Japan: she is not legally divorced from the Japanese man and she continues to pay him OR she has been working the entire time, in the most haram fashion, to desperately keep her status. Again, it is impossible for foreign women married to foreign men to be granted permanent residence.

“Number 1 fastest route to PR” is only marriage to a Japanese man. There is no other way.

No. 765717

If MiranDUH is to be believed she got it either by her second ex husband, or by being so useful to Japan. She has claimed both.
Both are lies.

I'm just curious as to when she got outted. Was she denied a return from her last Canada visit? Was she booted? Honestly can't tell. All I do know is she isn't in Japan. Has not been for quite some time.

No. 765720

Mostly, we can ascertain when she was booted based on her panicked messages to KM about the paid husband moving and giving her a deadline when he would break off their deal, giving her until May 2019 to
change visa. She was going to attempt to enter a low-level “univercity” to transfer to a student visa, so that’s why she suddenly announces she got her GED despite her long anti-education stance.

That obviously fell through because she went back to Canada and married Mr. Potato Head, came back to Japan without him so she could attempt to squeeze more money out of KM on their vacation together. She abruptly cut off KM by November 2018, publicly announced the marriage and that seems to be the time Mr. Potato Head came to Japan. Soon after that time, Rodi said her crazy ass was calling him to try to get him to help her buy(or rent?) a car for the new husband. Strange how she says she has both magical PR and tons of Japanese friends around her, but she still harasses someone she claims was Satan. There is a reason she couldn’t do something that simple by herself. Why would she be in a place where she needs to reach out to man she hates if her visa is everlasting and her pure Japanese-ness and connections are solid?

No. 765753

File: 1585239783035.jpeg (175.08 KB, 750x417, 57291B01-22BB-44EC-B8FA-DE10DD…)

Are you talking about yourself dipshit?

Because this is exactly what everyone thinks of you.

No. 765762

This pedophile defender needs to be put down lol

No. 765772

Holy cow,…. this isn't even more on the Dunning-Kruger scale….

No. 765786

i love it when she adds those emojis. Shorthand for "i'm retarded"

No. 765796

Is that a joke? I mean seriously? Is that a fucking joke? From an imteligent person I would think its a nice joke,… Did she really complain about stuff she is doing by herself and not realizing it???

No. 765948

File: 1585345348782.png (45.07 KB, 603x124, Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.40…)

This bitch makes me laugh. She's all about supporting Hong Kong but on her Curious Cat when asked about her stance on the Hong Kong protests she said she will never stand with China… ?? (I tried to look for the cap but I think she's since deleted it) What a retard.

No. 765952

what are you trying to say anon??

No. 765954

That i noticed ever since that Curious Cat that she thought Hong Kong was China and blamed Hong Kong for so much shit until she was called out and now suddenly she's pro Hong Kong. She's such a dumb shit.

No. 765961

She's not pro Hong Kong. She's just anti China everything. She's been like this for years now. Yet still supports them by using an iPhone and wearing knockoff Louis Vuitton.

No. 766105

File: 1585421896816.png (145.24 KB, 594x656, MIRANDA CONSTABLE IS A PEDOPHI…)

Miranda you spelled Canada wrong.

No. 766239

The standart mask helps shit! There are lot of different typs of masks… sure they might help, but just if YOU cough. And to compare that with a piece of fabric like your niquab is bullshit!
Masks fullfill a duty for many things…you can pee on fabric and maybe it protecs you from clorine gas… shure… but we talk about Viruses. Fabric and Masks will be wet after some minutes due to breathing, and so there will be a way of transfere.
And comparing that to a niquab is like comparing a bench with a cactus…. you can sit on both…..

No. 766380

File: 1585575225104.jpeg (119.86 KB, 750x293, 4DD81A9F-D508-4163-A389-0821B2…)

Miranda, why do you support a country where it is legal for people of the same sex to get married? Shame on you

No. 766405


uh oh ! fake Muslim exposed! lol

No. 766727

File: 1585689142428.jpeg (207.86 KB, 750x493, 4EA2C971-F5C3-42BD-9607-30AA7E…)

Again, dipshit, why are you PRO Taiwan if it is legal to do this there?

No. 766729

File: 1585689602075.jpeg (182.13 KB, 750x569, 992CCFE8-91A3-4A66-B5B0-BC1FE0…)

Samefag but this made me laugh, who are you trying to kid miranda? You can’t use PayPal because you owe them $1000s. You need to get your ‘facts’ straight.

No. 766730


No. 766731

File: 1585690076498.png (143.02 KB, 604x705, Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 5.26…)

Samefag. My drunk quarantined ass forgot to sage, sorry. Also, kek.

No. 766738

File: 1585694580196.png (90.15 KB, 602x623, IRONY.png)


No. 766740

File: 1585694881563.png (121.11 KB, 603x552, HHAHAHA.png)

dumb cunt

No. 766741

For someone who lives in Japan, she sure cares a lot about Canada.

No. 766749

I mean, this is honestly the one and only thing i agree with her on, especially when it comes to women's sports

No. 766762

File: 1585704541684.png (230.9 KB, 586x497, Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.25…)

I'm just so glad that Miranda "Pedophile Protector" Constable has the cure for COVID-19. Scientists really need to turn to Islam!

The only problem is men will face the chop chop square for dressing like women so no trashbag for dudes. Sorry. What's the solution, Dr. al-Pedophelia?!

No. 766767

Is this cunt retarded? If she knew why we have a sudden rise of cases is because of spring breakers, but also because we put probable cases, and cases confirmed within hospital labs in as officially confirmed cases. Every Canadian thinks Quebec is handling this shit great. If Ontario and BC put their cases in together too, they be a lot higher than QC.

Miranda, get out of your bumfuck town in Ontario and knowledge yourself about shit.

No. 766768

no1cares but I am currently in Quebec battling covid-19, this unimaginably hateful bitch is disgusting. How dare she. Miranda if you see this I hope karma strikes you down for this.

No. 766772

How did Niqab ban Niqab??

No. 766798

File: 1585716714237.png (263.7 KB, 592x498, Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.4…)

Al-Pedophlia doesn't realize that when she says "foreign words that held no meaning to me", the author, who is Saudi native, means that the words felt fake and insincere. Not that she couldn't read the fucking language? The sinister meaning she learned later? Was that she grew up, was undoctrinated, and learned how gross the Qu'ran is. She can't seriously be this retarded, right?

No. 766820

File: 1585724458775.jpeg (317.13 KB, 750x1053, 79A01FD5-0F9D-46A8-BE1B-18E740…)

Hey MiranDUH, do you remember that poor girl you harassed on twitter because you assumed she was in a haram relationship? You’re 5/6 out of your own list, maybe it’s you that’s the infidel

No. 766823

Her lack of self aware a result of mental illness brought on by her mom drinking during pregnancy.

No. 766913

File: 1585764151132.png (84.65 KB, 583x370, Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 2.00…)

Yet again, al-Pedophelia is the expert of all things. Do any of you remember when she said being racist was anti-Islamic but now ALL CHINESE ARE TAUGHT TO HATE AND ARE BAD!

Not following the teachings of Mohammad (pedophile be upon him) very well anymore, are we? Also where the hell did theft come into the conversation?

No. 766918

Are you calling his friend a liar? Because that would be slander. Something that's illegal in Saudi Arabia and against your religion or so you say.

You wouldn't be slandering him now would you Miranda Pedo-chan?

No. 766930

Lashes for the pedophilic cow!

No. 766945

File: 1585771155999.png (54.46 KB, 594x229, a.png)

Tsk tsk tsk. Calling a muslim man a liar and assuming stuff about him. That's SLANDER! Don't you know your place? Are you even muslim? You are sounding pretty angry too. Shame on you!

No. 766948

In Miranda's case, that's SLANDAR!

No. 767004

If she ever sets foot in Saudi Arabia, her candy ass must be promptly WHIPPED for SLANDER. Pedo-chan's ASS IS GRASS !!

No. 767044

>feminism is cancer. Women should not talk back to men.

>gets into a twitter spat with a man she isn't supposed to talk to.

MiranDUH "absolute haram" Al Pedophile-Constable strikes again.

No. 767051

And how dare she slander a good Muslim man. Doesn't she know that his words are worth twice of hers? That's HARAM miranda.

No. 767118

How DARE she slander a Muslim man. And how DARE she even be in communication with a man who isn't her husband, brother, father, or uncle. SHAME ON HER. Her husband and the Muslim community must punish her at once!

No. 767139

I miss when she was just a derpy weeaboo. It was cringe but funny. Now that she's larping as a Saudi wife and spewing hatred it's just pure shit and not even entertaining milk, it just makes me angry as fuck. I hope she fucks off to Saudi Arabia and tries her bullshit there and gets stoned to death. Fuck you Miranda, you ugly piece of shit.

No. 767144

She was doing the same shit before, just with a country instead of religion, and she was hateful to different groups. Her muslim phase is more confusing to me though because there's no real source she could have gotten her insane ideas from. Atleast with japan obsessing, it's clear she got it from anime. AFAIK there's no entire medium of kawaii idealized muslim SA propaganda.

No. 767156

Well that is a true and valid point actually. The whole Islam schtick with her is just so tiring, imagine actively supporting an ideology that suppresses your genders rights along with other messed up shit like FGM etc.

No. 767163

I think ist so confusing that she contradics herself so often.. by saying and daming things that she do at the same time! And stuff she is saying and next page she tells soewmthing different,… ponly to say the stuff from the first time again.
Like going to SA, then not, then again….

No. 767190

Especially when she says a true muslim person should be/do like X , and then do the opposite of X in the next post. It has got to be some form of mental illness.

No. 767193

If you look at all her tweets and replies, they are all arguing against someone. What a SAD life ! LOL Lmao!!!!!

No. 767256

File: 1585880321135.png (236.9 KB, 577x684, Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.1…)

This googly-eyed little retard is angry that LCBO is still open in Canada and claims its not an essential service. Yes, because the last thing our health care providers need during a pandemic is an epidemic of alcoholics seizing/withdrawing and clogging up the hospital rooms. She really can't be this fucking retarded, right? Also wah-wah, passport. You don't need your passport, al-pedophile. You're already in Canada anyway.

No. 767257

Your passport is gone huh? LMAO !!!
You dont need that passport since you wanted to renounce your citizenship! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH
Asking yourself why you did go to SA earlier? BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T !! I hope you're put on every watch list and never allow to fly dumb bitch.

No. 767258

Is would be the perfect time for passport Canada to flag her passport.

No. 767302

Wow so many lies. What a life she must have keeping up with this facade.
Firstly, you definitely do not need to contact PayPal because you owe them the money KM managed to get back.. unless you are trying to contact them for this reason kek.
Secondly, you are not in Japan and the world is in lockdown so why does it matter if you have a passport RIGHT NOW?
Thirdly, you are not a sheikh and Canada is not an Islamic country, so therefore alcohol shops exist.
Your video is so self centred, full of negativity and hate.

No. 767338

If that pesky Canadian passport is giving her so much trouble, then it would have been more convenient for both her and her husband to have had applied for Japanese citizenship, right? She obviously could have applied at any time since she was gifted the never-before-seen “Permanent Residence visa for being a housewife to an impoverished, unskilled foreigner!

Seriously, though. Why is she freaking out over a passport now? Was she planning to head back to Japan to film videos since she is running out of old footage? She can’t keep up this act for much longer.

No. 767339

I call BS on her recent vid. From what I bothered to watch, she just filmed a piece of material up close, and then there was a blank screen. No showing of any Japanese furnishings, supermarket products, television, etc., just the dull tone of her moronic speech. Saying things from memory mixed with stuff you can get from the news and from actual residents.

Funny how when live, she drops all the jihadi screeching, the anti-gay, anti-women's rights, pro-pedophile spiel. In front of the keyboard super duper almighty hate machine, yet wimpy little victimized mouse when speaking.

No. 767422

File: 1585954455443.png (6.92 KB, 392x60, 1iBZrXn.png)

Miranda's out here having a field day in Serpentza's Live today.

No. 767549

I call bullshit on her entire existence.

At this point she isn't trolling, she's just retarded beyond intervention.

No. 767579

australia belongs to what now?
if she means China like she's partially right lmao

No. 767748

Mira is an intensely hateful person. Hatred has been a very destructive motivator in her life. She tried to sabotage Rachel's business out of hate and resentment. When Unrested reached out, she played him for a fool out of hate. She tried to be as Japanese as possible, in part through hate for Canada (which she later denied and reversed). She's become a Salafi Muslim fundamentalist out of hate for just about everyone - China, Iran, Sweden, liberals, Shia Muslims, etc.

Imagine her life without that hate. She would still have the support of the J-vlog community, and the fans she abused. Her past relationships might have lasted. She would be open to meeting Chinese people, Shia Muslims, etc., instead of promoting bigotry toward them. She wouldn't dress so ridiculously, and her YouTube career would probably still be on track. And frankly, without that hate, we wouldn't have nearly as much to talk about.

One thing I wonder: is Mira's hate motivated by fear and insecurity? Or does she get sadistic satisfaction from being so hateful?

What will her hatred lead her to next? Will it destroy her? Will she ever wake up to the error of her ways?

No. 767762

its pretty obvious she gets joy and satisfaction from her hate and need to be the "correct" one or the one with the last word.

Mostly with people who don't know who she is or even care about her point of views, because she's no one.

Such a pitiful and sad existence.

No. 767765

File: 1586137352749.png (42.38 KB, 610x182, MIRANDA IS NOT JAPANESE.png)

We? This filth still think she's Japanese. LOL ROFL!

Where are your children huh? Oh I forgot , you have none.

No. 767766

Does any one still have that thumbnail of that stupid retard grinning face she had used for the video of when she got rejected for Japanese citizenship?

No. 767777

Well according to her she never had a husband in japan, and obvoiusly no kids…. so yeah.. you are so grest Mira…. not…

No. 767791

This post screams mental illness.

Keep her the f_ck away from children and sharp objects.

No. 767794

I wonder what her ~bento~ looks like

No. 767797

Tinfoil: I think she got denied for permanent residence and not citizenship.

No. 767799

Supermarket job. Itoyokado or the like. Mira is far too lazy to actually create a decent obento. She would rather use her fingers to TYPE HATE AND PROFESS HER SUPERIORITY rather than work to learn a skill that may actually help another.

I think the technical term for her is: Lazy selfish c_nt.

No. 767801

Wouldn't surprise me. There was something seriously retarded about that video.

I once challenged her to post her gaijin card to show her PR, with all of her personal information covered. Of course she refused
. She even refused to film in a conbini showing a newspaper with the current date. Instead we get old video, sheets, gaming shite, and now a close-up of a piece of material. WTF? 2020 will be milk 'o plenty!

No. 767807

I highly doubt shes having a problem getting a new passport unless shes in canada at the moment…. Or shes having some sort of trouble because canadas trying to ship her back to canada due to covid 19 being in Asia or something. Otherwise im sure all embassy are open to citizens for emergency services only, lost or expired passport would be one. Maybe her "husband" is having issues getting permission to get to Canada, if he really exists.

No. 767816

File: 1586182186555.jpg (527.82 KB, 1191x1774, 7OapVBu.jpg)

Again with the hypothetical Japanese children, never once having legitimate marriage to base this “expertise” off of and showing how she never befriended actual Japanese mothers! Also doesn’t acknowledge how many schools provide freshly-made lunches(often breakfast as well) and you only make bento for field trips or school sports events. There is also an entire freezer wall at the supermarket for frozen bento treats and pre-made bento too!

This is the most believable theory, especially given how fixated she was on PR and telling everyone she had it when she was barely a newly divorced language school student. It also may explain that bizarre situation with depending on a Canadian bank this whole time. Something strange was up with her past employment status and I feel like she did not want the Japanese government to know how much she was really earning and where she was getting it from. I guarantee she was not legally allowed to work full time and she did never had the PR that would allow her to do so in the first place.

Yeah, she’s just badly lying again. There is no halt on Canadian passport and visa applications/processing in Japan. Only increased precautions and changing to mail-in procedures unless it is an emergency. She had said her “husband can’t work” and they’re “trapped”. Help is available 24hrs for Canadians in emergencies. Her Saudi husband’s work status and passport has nothing to do with the Canadian embassy. And how is Miss Soecial White Nihonjin trapped in “her country”?

No. 767961

File: 1586258779487.png (46.27 KB, 591x157, Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 7.25…)

Well which one is it, al-pedophilia? Did them evil, evil, bad Chinese make COVID-19 or did Allah? Whatever fits your narrative I guess?

No. 767989

I'm married to a Japanese husband and he loves when I make a Bento when he was working outside the home, but I only did it 2 it's 3 times in a week, and if I was too busy it was perfectly okay. T moron picks bad people because herself it's terrible and thinking all Japanese are the same. Now my husband works from home, he makes his own lunch because he's not needing a fancy lunch while we're a home in isolation.(this thread is not about ur yellow fever husband)

No. 768018

Her point here is actually religiously coherent - if God created everything, then he created the bad things as well.

The only issue is, she completely misses the point of life. She's so socially retarded and unempathetic that she doesn't care that she's telling people whose family members are dying, that her god wanted them to die. She's such a fucking idiot that she can't even understand how evil she is.

No. 768048

At this point, the best way to describe Miranda Constable is: BUTT-PLUG.

No. 768102

File: 1586338648835.jpeg (281.2 KB, 750x695, C2FEAB26-6046-4927-86C9-0F9464…)

I can’t read Arabic so I don’t know what she’s saying but that article is fake news, do you not read things before you post them MiranDUH.
I don’t know this but surely conspiracy theories are haram?

No. 768118

File: 1586351851860.png (164.96 KB, 598x624, Randa.png)

Seems a bit racist. You know if this pandemic had started in Saudi Arabia, she'd be downplaying and denying it. But it started in the country she likes to hate the most.

On the second post, she can't understand how much Trump botched this, so she's calling Trump the bEsT pReSiDeNt EvEr, and whining about "libtards"

Does she actively try to be awful all the time?

No. 768147

She's not trying to be awful, she's baiting people to get into an argument with her. Her whole twitter is about arguing with people.

No. 768149

Thecunt that's praising Trump when she never set foot in the US, is the same cunt who's defending a country that she never set foot in (SA). You cant make this up people.

No. 768220

native arabic speaker here ( gonna sage this one since there really isn't any new milk in the translated tweet)

'shocking news! please retweet

china sent corona virus test kits to britain and they (the kits) were contaminated with the virus inside. and for this reason, britain ended it's contract with huwawei'

she basically just copied what was in the english tweet and wrote it in arabic.

No. 768226

isn't she just using google translate

No. 768332


Look up Rody, she had the hots for this half Pakistani half Japanese guy and thought converting would impress him; it didn't but she stuck around to "prove people wrong" and also because religion is a great way to find people who will be nice to you if you convert and she can't make real friends otherwise.

No. 768347

File: 1586486276106.png (121.85 KB, 593x526, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.3…)

Oh, good! Medical doctor and pedophile lover Miranda Constable believes that social distancing isn't the answer! BUT MY FAMILY ARE SUFFERING!!! Yeah, because suffering having to sit on your fucking couch beats a lung infection that is killing so many people. I've said it before and I'll ask it again, she can't be this fucking retarded, right?

No. 768350

Samefag. Nope. Yet again I'm the retard because I can't understand how she fucking types. Her deleting all her other comments didn't help. Ignore me.

No. 768500

All you gotta do is listen to her voice: dopey, monotone, expressionless. Content: childish, self-centered, illogical. May have got away with it as the young, genki j-vlogger girl. Now it just reeks of life failure and mental illness.

No. 768502

This moron just unintentionally admitted that she's back in Canada, didn't she? Japan hasn't had to shut everything down, except schools.

No. 768518

It's a hell of a formula, how she combines her most idiotic comments with this unbearable tone of condescension and authority. Sets everybody off, and it seems like it might be deliberate.

No. 768561

File: 1586585774250.jpg (608.78 KB, 1242x2090, cj7j3D2.jpg)

Not only that, but here as well: >>766740

If you visit Government Of Canada website, you will see all services have been suspended except for emergencies. But this is not true for the Embassy of Canada to Japan. They will do mail-in process and support for anyone “trapped”.

I bet she’ll try to explain that her husband can’t work is because he’s professor or English teacher. Lol

No. 769020

I just watched Mira's new vid so you don't have to. It is about reducing waste (for Muslims??). About an upper-Elementary / Lower Junior High school level presentation. Not joking.

Does she know how retarded she sounds? Is anyone close to her letting her know?

No. 769021

File: 1586835065588.jpg (85.48 KB, 800x763, ultimate-mortal-kombat-3-morta…)

I like how she's cosplaying as Reptile.

No. 769026

Dear Miranda, no one else in this thread, your religion is bs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769031

Listened to about 30 seconds of her new vid, she sounds like she’s reading from a script. If I remember correctly in one of KMs old screenshots she mentioned she has poor eyesight but she refuses to wear glasses.
Fake language attrition coupled with poor eyesight and general retardation sure make her sound like a complete idiot.

No. 769078

File: 1586885351031.png (135.15 KB, 599x517, CANADIANS ARE IDIOTS.png)

Canadians are idiots, says the Canadian idiot.

No. 769121

This perfectly highlights what's wrong with Mira's thinking.

The people protesting the lockdown are stupid. But instead of saying those people are stupid, Mira insults and attacks everyone in her country. It's the same way she acts with everything else - instead of criticizing the Chinese government for its treatment of Uyghurs and Muslims, she criticizes all Chinese people. She doesn't care enough about actual individuals to distinguish between the two, all she can do is think in generalities. She's the perfect idiot to fall for fascism.

No. 769151

everything she says is always a generalization. Japanese people are like this. Chinese people are like this. Canadian people are like this. People who talk like that have little to zero life experience or exposure to the wider world.

No. 769167

Why continually using sheets as a backdrop with no props? Why not a wall in a Japanese home, with the odd Japanese furnishing/house item? That wouldn't give her location away. Why the videos that look like ISIS propaganda videos back in the day??

Let's face it. She has provided ZERO concrete evidence that she still lives in Japan. Lives at home in Canada. Oooooo I can lie because of my STALKER SITUATION. They won't do that to me when they follow me to Saudi Arabia. They LASH people for even speading rumors there. I will be safe. I will show them…. He he he….

What a freaking NUTCASE.

No. 769180

Wait… aren’t the majority of people protesting the lockdowns and mandatory masks or social distancing in the West very conservative and religious people? The type of people she claims to be aligned with? Being in favor of such measures is being labeled a quite liberal, even scary socialist, stance by many right-wingers. At least every Trumper page I’ve seen has been screeching about tyranny and socialist conspiracy. You’d think she’d be ranting along with those people.

No. 769194

she doest think out her alliances . She loves Trump for how he treats China and SA but forgot the Muslim travel ban

No. 769200

Doubt she cared about the travel ban, because it didn’t include Saudi.

No. 769204

Well said

No. 769450

File: 1587108465021.jpeg (216.34 KB, 750x689, B3B01A4A-DA4C-434D-B098-E6B44F…)

Miranda being the font of all knowledge despite having the IQ of drain sludge as per usual. Also some more proof this Twitter account is literally just to argue with everyone. Such haram behaviour

No. 769494

Yes, all Christians should know the Arabic name for Jesus because….? God, she’s stupid.

No. 769511

Can you imagine having a conversation with a person this stupid.

No. 769712

File: 1587220155658.png (930.24 KB, 750x1334, 8DA3E9C7-5F61-409E-9D27-4D080F…)

I haven’t watched her videos in a while so I don’t know her voice/eyes from her video's. But this isn’t her right? this person doesn’t seem too radical or extremist but I could imagine her making a secret nijabi tiktok even if music is haram.

No. 770102

File: 1587337851300.png (135.45 KB, 583x675, Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 7.10…)

Al-Pedophelia not only loves raping young girls, she supports murdering or imprisoning young girls for simple free speech.

No. 770156

Miranda is pure evil. Ironic that she hates the CCP the way she wants death on people who practice free speech.

No. 770157

lol wow, I know she's just an attentionwhore, but this is sociopathic.

No. 770158

not to tinfoil but this is clearly not a japanese house because of the vent system in the ceiling.

No. 770186

It isn't Miranda

No. 770230

You can see her ugly eyes guys.

No. 770242

File: 1587391895081.jpg (917.95 KB, 2048x2048, 1587391870719.jpg)

You're seeing what you want to see

No. 770247

That's not the same person.

No. 770253

Precisely my point. This is not Miranda on tiktok. Miranda wouldn't show more than a white wall if she did have a secret tik tok.

Two different people

No. 770283

Miranda had drooped eyes like Quasimodo. That person is obviously a beautiful woman even just seeing her eyes and brown shape.

No. 770303

File: 1587407331764.jpg (55.56 KB, 1024x553, MIRANDA.jpg)

As-Salam-u-Alaikum, We must kill all gypsies

No. 770334

That is totally why she chooses to be a niqabi, to hide her droopy Quasimodo face kek

No. 770415


This is disgustingly apt. Well done!

No. 770556

Does she ever out out anything positive on her Muslim twitter account? It seems like almost everything she writes is hateful, making fun of someone, attacking someone, or a combination of those. Is this what brings joy to her miserable life?

No. 770623

Well she went fully hardcore muslim.. in a wacky way, so quit everything is is bad, forbidden pr not avvaillable… that way noone can have any fun.

No. 770740

was #maga2020 always on your twitter profile? LOL

No. 770813

She's always been like this, but her holier than thou new bs religion allows that hate filled judgments to come out with backup.

No. 770850

File: 1587660685231.png (670.96 KB, 1863x1048, MIRANDA CONSTABLE.png)

Pedo-chan's new video

No. 770944

the best she's ever looked tbh. even her eyes are fucking ugly

No. 770999

You cant be serious?

Ok i had to check her channel for that and hmm…. is it a new new thing, she blurred her entire face on every single video where she appear… that's freaking next level lol!

No. 771159

File: 1587834027244.png (1.51 MB, 1836x860, スクリーンショット 2020-04-26 1.59.50.p…)

Yeah, just in case you are curious about what kind of videos she is making recently, here you go

No. 771177

I know she was crazy before Rodi but DAMN him rejecting her 100 times really fucked her up.
Dunno how she's going to explain herself in a few years when she's on her new persona. That is, if she doesn't die from this nutty adventure

No. 771186

she's going to pretend/deny this ever happened like the rest of her past.

No. 771197

She really is mentally stunted. She's like a 14 year old having a mental breakdown over getting rejected by her first big crush, only Miranda just keeps on going and going because she's so isolated she can't find anybody new to think about.

No. 771201

I just watched this vid and was pleasantly surprised by something- she seems to have dropped the put-on middle eastern accent. I noticed she sounded much more coherent, like the native English speaker she actually is. Not that that makes her seem that much less crazy that this point.

No. 771206

Wow, Saudi Arabia has abolished flogging as a punishment! Since Miranda has shown support for public flogging/amputations/executions in the past, she'll probably use this as another reason why Saudi is now a haram country and she should stay in Japan (Canada).


No. 771279

Thats what confuse me so much. Rody never was such a "hardcore" Muslim, I think. Why does she went full next level so fast? bad influence in the mosque?

No. 771283

She did the same thing when she was a weaboo: she became a right-wing "Japanese" that rejected Western society.

No. 771289

She's bringing the fake accent back out a bit in this one.

No. 771293

Showing her fingers? Shame!

No. 771294

I'm just glad she isn't claiming islam is feminist. Thank goodness for that.

No. 771295

She's always been honest that islam is not feminist and not a tolerant religion

No. 771341

why does she keep on this anti feminist shit? why does it bother her this much?

No. 771344

because she is unable to be a strong an independant woman.

No. 771382

Holy shit, something just occurred to me. She talks EXACTLY like Jon Kragen.

Kragen is an evangelical Christian and Neo-Nazi. He's also severely autistic.

I've known great autistic people, so not knocking them, but is it possible Mira is autistic?

No. 771385

well this is obvious, but out of all the negative aspects of islam, she chooses to hop on this part?

No. 771387

You ask like it isn't already known.

No. 771444

She can’t suck dick for free rent anymore so she has to make sure she can extort men by being a Muslim extremist.

I don’t think it’s working though as she’d be expected to bear children and she clearly doesn’t want to or can’t. I’ve never believed al baby hands was her husband, I don’t think she was ever married. Her no make up Muslim video kinda proves it, whoever she talks to isn’t chip smasher.

No. 771486

Her current anti china phase is hilarious!

No. 771570

I HATE CHINA posted from my iPhone


No. 771573

Reposting the same anti CCP comics on my twitter full of hate will show em!

No. 771637

100% like Miranda

No. 771644

Evil? Forget her narcissistic personality. Anyone who passionately supports pedophilia, public floggings/amputations/beheading, death penalty for apostasy, etc. should be considered evil.

No. 771660

File: 1588079655072.jpeg (263.58 KB, 750x672, D0A88ED6-D61A-4C02-ABD9-70D6B0…)

We must have triggered her again because she’s written a whole thread to herself about how gossip sites lie and make everything up.
Miranda this makes you look guilty, we don’t buy your Islam facade and we have screenshots for most of our claims yet you have no evidence to prove us wrong.
If you really don’t want the ‘fame’ then give up your online accounts and delicate your life to Allah. It shouldn’t be that hard for a ‘devout Muslim’ like yourself to understand!

No. 771670

Things she "never did"?
Let's see now, how many things has she claimed not to have done even though there is clear evidence showing that she did…working as a hostess, dressing up in blackface, using a number of sockpuppet accounts, having 2 or so visa-kun husbands, forcing herself on Rodi, scamming KM out of money…the list is too long.

No. 771682

she lies so much she probably believes those things never actually happened.

No. 771683

File: 1588088131116.png (54.24 KB, 598x247, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 08.3…)

Famous? famous for being exposed for hating on your friends. Famous for scamming and lying. Famous for being a whore.

No. 771684


Wait, this video isn't made about Miranda??

No. 771752

waste of time? didn't she harass Rody for MONTHS to take down their old vids together because it showed her haram lifestyle before she got saved?

No. 771756

Yep, but for some reason she’s okay with tkyoham having a haram thumbnail of her drinking.
I don’t know why she tries to deny everything, you can google any of her aliases and it’s all negative. Why would you want to keep that? She obviously feels no shame, she’s just a straight up sociopath

No. 771763


>famous youtuber

The delusion is strong in this one…

No. 771891

File: 1588206794688.png (118.57 KB, 600x513, 1.png)

Miranda doesn't realize that her Prince Minihands has been looking at porn on YouTube while she's asleep.

No. 771892

It was an advertisement for shampoo

No. 771908

Yep. Ads that are "adult-like" probably means hair porn for Miranda

No. 771940

Kek, what a way to let slip that you love a haram life.
Or just a weird thing for Miranda to lie about again

No. 771941

As soon as I read her complaint I automatically knew it was due to her husband! Goddamit, Mira. Your hubby is watching twerking rap videos and hentai compilations.

If she is actually living with her parents, then that would mean she at least has her brother and dad to blame for that as well. No matter who she is living with, it was definitely a man in the house that affected the YouTube algorithm. And now she announced this to all her followers.

No. 771960

YouTube ads are based on the account that’s logged in, not the entire household. I think she’s talking about dating ads because I had recently seen the same thing.

No. 771989

Who said she wasn’t still logged into her account(s) or they don’t regularly share a PC? If a grown man eats potato chips off the floor like a haram pig, he won’t care about logging into his own account, if he has one at all. Likewise, Mira may not be careful about which of her dozens of accounts she is still logged into when the littlest Sheikh gets up to browse at 3 am.

No. 771993

so what have you been looking at Miranda?

No. 772002

2011 to 2014, until people finding about her two timing shit. She was well known for Japanese bloggers, but the moment he backbiting came out, it went down hill from then. Sounds like a new reason to be a victim. I became a Muslim, therefore unpopular… Sure Randa.

No. 772116

I bet she was visiting Jamaican dating CaribbeanCupid to find her next husband.

She must get nostalgic for the good old days when she was talked about on multiple sites, so she starts whining about haters for no reason.

No. 772173

Back in the good old days in japan it seems that she can have FUN and enjoy something, even if her content was not that good, it was ok-ish and I watched it. I unsubed fast after I saw how dumb she is after anwering one of my comments. But still.
Now she just hate We dont knowexactly ehat she DO now, but being a muslin was simply a downgrade, even for her.

No. 772278

File: 1588359871179.jpeg (367.1 KB, 750x802, 07242C7A-20A3-4AF1-91FD-CAA96A…)

“I gave up my youtube fame for Islam, I wish I never started youtube”

Absolute fucking bullshit.

No. 772285

I guess she likes Trump so much because she makes no sense when she speaks, exactly like him. I watched a couple of her videos and I have no idea what she's saying. So many grammar mistakes, so incoherent…my religion is complete and perfected. Says who? You? Ok then

No. 772308

File: 1588371472972.gif (4.17 MB, 460x261, TiredLateIndianpangolin-size_r…)

Hey MiranDUH. You'll never be a cute idoru. Ha ha

No. 772325

File: 1588375082788.png (66.47 KB, 602x285, Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 7.18…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 772330

Her supposedly Saudi husband cannot get back into his native country? He's either a criminal or non existent.

No. 772340

It’s because their marriage is illegal in Saudi Arabia. That’s why she couldn’t legally register their marriage in Japan. IF they lived in Japan now, and she had that magical permanent residence visa that never ends, they still would not be registered as a married couple because they do not have certification from Saudi Arabia. To bypass that, they would have needed lots of money for a lawyer and you know she would never pay for anything like that. I believe a religious certificate of marriage, like the one she showed from ISNA, is considered valid in Canada. So that is the only place they can live as a married couple. Guess she can thank “evil” liberals for that!

No. 772343

Mira?Preforming marriage fraud? Never
But seriously, it's just another excuse not to go to Saudi and risk being stoned to death.

No. 772349

i must be looking at the wrong things, im unable to find anything about a "emergency evacuation TO saudi". There is a bunch that are for non-saudi te be evacuated back to their home country, but i have yet to find anything about going back to saudi… I'll keep looking, just in case.

No. 772375

File: 1588402238570.png (37.99 KB, 595x146, Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 23.5…)

Miranda retweets this yet advocates child marriage and rape…

No. 772435

could be corona related. When it first started most european countries were doing them out of asia and the US. I mainly see them sending out expats in SA and them retrieving Nationals from China. Nothing about Japan or other parts of China.

No. 772450

No. 772451

Most muslims think like her, they just hide their ideologies better,, Fucking pedo scum(nitpicking)

No. 772457

the weird thing is she herself hates sex and wont put out for her husband. But we have known for years she hates women and children. it's a good thing she can't be outside long enough to actually hurt someone

As for the refugee stuff I don't think the husband can't return for a number of reasons. And even if he did Mira can't go with him because they aren't legally married. In their eyes, she's just some random white chick

No. 772470

That level of goddamned retardation.

No. 772541

File: 1588472734245.jpeg (405.66 KB, 750x1083, D37A0BF6-7A3F-418E-9194-81BE88…)

Taken from the community tab, couldn’t get the whole essay as I’m on my phone but you get the jist.
You are a cow Miranda that’s why you have numerous threads here, you’re not an innocent victim.
How many times do we have to tell you, if you TRULY want to be forgotten, give up your social media accounts!
I have a slight tinfoil she is collecting footage of SA from her online husbands/Adrianna, then when she has enough she will put it on youtube and pass it off as her own. Can’t wait for the shit show!

No. 772569

Too bad, once she get to SA there is a good chance she wont be allowed on internet for very long once people over there find out what she's doing…

No. 772602

File: 1588495785054.jpg (219.33 KB, 1221x1153, dV06gym.jpg)

I can’t get over how often she announces “I don’t read Arabic at all!” Why not, Mira? If Islam is more important than Japan or even being a woman, why has she not dedicated herself to full-time study and become an expert of the language of the Quran by now? She would brag that she was completely fluent in Japanese after just a couple years, despite her constant mistakes, mistranslations and obvious Googling. Arabic is consistently ranked to be at the same level of difficulty to master as Japanese, so if she denied that Japanese was challenging for her, Arabic should have been just as easy for her. No job, no kids and no responsibilities with a Saudi husband at her side. What is going on?

It’s amazing how much trouble she goes through just to deny that she had to leave Japan. And stalkers found her? More like deconstructed every lie she told and rather than be truthful, she goes into hiding while acting like a bigger maniac than before.

She ended her post with a promise to made one final video about stalkers(who asked for that?) and then never talk about them again. Yeah, she will block every mention of her past or haters comments from now on, but will continue to follow these forums more religiously than Islam.

No. 772604

Can't be repatriated to a country you have no right to enter - or live in.

No. 772641

you worship a country and you dont even attempt to learn their language?? what a fraud !

No. 772679

>I don’t read Arabic or live with anyone who does or even know how to use Google Translate

No. 772692

She’s so desperate to be a ‘famous youtuber’, I think these recent stalker essays is because she linked her niqab queen channel on her twitter. She has to be a victim for extra pity points and the hope that they won’t google her name.
I just don’t understand why someone with such internet infamy would want to remain on the internet, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Muslim now Miranda - what you did will always be true.

No. 772792

Japan has less active numbers than Saudi. Saudi is soon going to hit 25k active cases (probably higher because we know they're hiding numbers a bit) with over 1.4k new cases. Canada is soon going to hit 55k active cases, and it's up over 1.6k cases with 200 deaths.

So that proves she's in Canada because Canada it's getting hit harder to want to say she wants to escape in an "Emergency Situation". Why go from a safer area like Japan is in where the numbers are soon at 15k of active cases.

She is in Canada.

No. 772827

File: 1588608633291.png (32.88 KB, 1181x238, Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 09.0…)

Miranda is striving to be the drama channel for Muslims. Ironic that she is judging other people for that hate while posting hate on the daily on her twitter.

No. 772849

You know what grinds my gears about that the most? Miranda is so ultra conservative I can’t see her agreeing with Mufti as by her own standards he would be too liberal.
So yeah, this is literally just for the attention or ‘fame’ that she’s craving. She’s such a hypocrite

No. 772863

Is it me or did she just become a Muslim to feel high and mighty, and have a reason to attack random people online that doesn't agree with her viewpoint?

No. 772866

She converted for Rodi at first hoping he would leave his wife for her. But she def continues to be one to be a ranging cunt and blame her antics on her religion.

She can't really back out of this phase however without claiming she was brainwashed but everyone will call BS on that. Internet silence is her only option when she's done playing terrorist.

No. 772885

When did Rodi ever have a wife?

No. 772902

he had a gf at the time who he's married to now.

No. 772937

Looks like Mira's husband might be on the market for some side chicks.

No. 772972

File: 1588691095926.png (865.05 KB, 1186x970, スクリーンショット 2020-05-06 0.04.49.p…)

Men and women intermixing leads to strippers at schools?

No. 772973

File: 1588691230229.png (581.52 KB, 1186x1080, スクリーンショット 2020-05-06 0.06.22.p…)

Someone is sharing pictures of Miranda BEFORE she wore niqab! He must be put to death!

No. 772977

File: 1588691645166.png (258.63 KB, 1194x806, スクリーンショット 2020-05-06 0.11.47.p…)

People who share pictures of Miranda will be accountable in this life and the afterlife

No. 772978

File: 1588691771638.png (650.15 KB, 1174x932, スクリーンショット 2020-05-06 0.16.07.p…)

This is what triggered Miranda

No. 772990

She literally posts hate 24/7, there are numerous videos of her on youtube pre niqab yet she has the audacity to shame a Muslim for posting PUBLIC content of her?
It’s because he knows about her shady past kek. Just delete your social media and listen to Adrianna, she ain’t wrong lol.

No. 772991

File: 1588694731840.png (64.45 KB, 600x299, Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 09.0…)

says the garbage that actually looks like a garbage bag.
The same garbage that posts hate everyday ! HAHAHAH LOL

No. 772994

File: 1588695069696.jpeg (290.78 KB, 750x906, E747845F-5BC7-4A39-9624-2491D7…)

I was a famous youtuber in Japan…
Waaah if you’re an actual Muslim you won’t search for my old pics, don’t find out the real me or you will feel the wrath of Allah!
Who the fuck does she think she is?
Also that tweet implies that means you’re no longer ‘famous’ OR in japan.
Miranda people only have to google your name to get this information, it isn’t against Islam.

No. 772996

Isn't this the same bitch that posts racist shit about Chinese?

No. 772998

Miranda on defense mode is always the funniest!
The level of stupidity that she writes when she feels attacked is always a 11.

No. 772999

File: 1588696230005.jpg (143.63 KB, 597x733, wah.jpg)

didn't Miranda harass a suicidal girl without knowing anything about her?

keke You sure are ignore the hater since you dedicated your whole day address them!

No. 773006

Miranda is obsessed with the stocker narrative. No one's heard from her 'stockers' in months. What the fuck is she on?

No. 773008

She keeps saying she was a popular youtuber like she was on Markiplier's level or something. I guess a part of her misses the glory days since she keeps bringing it up.
Not like she only got "popular" back in the day for leeching off other more likable youtubers, trying to destroy their careers and spreading racist information on Japan like it was fact.

I also wonder if it eats her alive that Rachel is still married to Jun who has a successful channel and didn't just marry him for a visa like she so desperately tried to push.

No. 773010

you know it burns her inside that all the people she alienated are happy and successful. That's why she wakes up everyone ready to argue with random people and post hate.

No. 773016

I'm actually laughing. Posting your stupid mug is now against the law? You are on Twitter, not in Saudia Arabia. You advocate for child marriages and murdering gay people and still you are allowed to speak on Twitter so that should tell you something about the "laws" there.

Certified nutso.

No. 773017

She’s referring to Saudi Arabia. You can’t post a Muslim woman’s face or hair without getting in trouble if she makes a complaint.

No. 773019

She doesn't live in Saudi Arabia. If anything, her constantly tagging SA authorities for her pitiful shit will get her banned from the country

No. 773020

if she lives in Canada, and the other people lives outside of SA, why would SA have any authority over twitter?
this is the same dumb shit she always brings up. In SA, blah blah blah. They obviously haven't done shit for you Miranda, so all those threats just sounds like a little dog barking.

What a looney!

No. 773022

Doesn’t matter. If a Saudi citizen breaks the law they are the one who gets in shit. She doesn’t have to be there to make a claim. It’s not like western countries. Those accounts were set up so citizens can flag people on Twitter. Miranda often re-tweets things from her other friends who report these people and brag about how their accounts were removed.

No. 773023

thanks for the explanation Miranda. Go post more useless hate.

No. 773028

except she's not a Saudi citizen? She isn't even legally married to one. So obviously nothing applies to her

No. 773029

Miranda Saudi don’t give a shit about non citizens like you. Your ‘husband’ is not over the age of 35 so technically HE is breaking the law for being married to you.
Do everyone a favour and shut up.

No. 773032

they aren't even married in any sense so they are breaking different saudi laws.
Though funny she can claim being a citizen by just cosplaying as one.
It's like when she wore a kimono once and thought she was Japanese or painted her face black, thus she became black.

No. 773035

well… good old times… at least she was funny back in the day,.. but its get boring how desperate she try to fake her life

No. 773076

File: 1588714306361.jpeg (462.48 KB, 750x1033, 86D90F3E-EB33-4C1E-B2EA-D125C8…)

The hypocrisy!

It’s almost like that fake Saudi passport/prop/printout gives her some kind of epenis or something

No. 773082

What's up with the saudi passport? What is she trying to prove?

No. 773083

She should spend less time harassing strangers online and more time making herself a better person

No. 773084

This is just as valid as her totally real permanent Japanese residence/citizenship!
Sarcasm aside, she clearly gets off of negative attention. In her fucked up head she's just as happy being a hated loser in another fake marriage than a popular one. It's all the same to her.
Waste of carbon. Glad she seems incapable of breeding.

No. 773115

i can tell by that photo she smells like rancid cheese.>>773076

No. 773120


I don't think that's entirely true. Like was said earlier, I think she misses her glory days of when the attention she received was really organic, and she had found a natural audience that gravitated to her based on her content.

That no longer happens anymore, so instead of taking the smart route and reconstituting her social media presence to be more welcoming, she instead goes with the backwards logic of "all press is good press, even bad press."

But because she has brain damage, the 95% of negative attention she receives is immediately outweighed by that one random on twitter that says she said something neat. She probably frames every positive Twitter comment on her wall next to her framed passport.

No. 773123

File: 1588726346372.png (101.39 KB, 1182x272, スクリーンショット 2020-05-06 9.50.54.p…)

Remember, Miranda's "husband" won't tolerate harassment…and he will pound the bed again to show you how serious he is

No. 773124


That feel when I'm reincarnated and am just vibing, and a monkey with potato chips sees me on a street corner, throws his chips on the ground, and says, "In this life and after!" before charging me like a rabid dog.

No. 773127

File: 1588727310326.jpg (137.25 KB, 1817x1077, K3_22.jpg.4ad8e910f5b66f57a23e…)

Here's an old Miranda hair porn pic. Will her husband track me down, pour potato chips on my bed, and pound it?

No. 773132

Bathing! HARAM!!

No. 773164

Yet this husband never shows his face or contacts any haters, instead letting his little woman do all the work. All day, for several hours at a time. Mira only paints a caricature of him. What exactly is his purpose and how could he possibly be a better man than others? Even a regular non-Muslim man would not hesitate to publicly defend his wife if he felt she was being threatened. Obviously this man doesn’t feel that strongly.

Mira, your husband is a useless bitch and emasculated coward. Congratulations on being his beard.

No. 773177

i thought a strong muslim man was suppose to protect his family. Looks like this weak Saudi reject cant even provide , protect , or produce a family with this toxic fake muslim. He needs his wife to speak for him and fight his battles. SAD

No. 773203

I am willing to be she still has sock puppets out there.

No. 773204

maybe he doesn't know how to download ram

No. 773222

File: 1588774325603.png (65.35 KB, 561x204, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.1…)

Al-Pedophelia just retweeted this. ABSOLUTE HARAM! IT IS RAMADAN!(nitpicking)

No. 773237

File: 1588785740880.jpg (170.64 KB, 1200x900, CaHGnuqUcAEqXcp.jpg)

No. 773271


I so wish I would have seen that video.

No. 773297

Pics or it didn’t happen Vanilla. Could be Miranda’s fake account. Post screenshots.

No. 773330


What are you talking about? Screenshots of what?

No. 773340

I think they mean vanillas post on pull, bambi is either doing her weird posting random crap with no screen caps or Miranda is asking her to post crap, or sockpuppeting for info

No. 773371

Just pearl attention seeking again. She always has no receipts.

No. 773385

Further nitpicking over islam and sperging about pedophilia will result in a lengthy ban. Take future grievances to PULL.

No. 773387

Whoa. Since when did LOLcow care about the feelings of Muslims?? Did Miranda take over?(hi cow)

No. 773402

File: 1588834116527.jpg (160.73 KB, 1140x1118, uCNb1Jh.jpg)

Do they mean a screenshot of Mira retweeting that nikka joke? It’s still on her Twitter.

Anyway, notice how Mira retweeted a liberal Arab girl from Toronto and many of her interactions and retweets have been with people based in Toronto? That doesn’t happen randomly and she never interacts with Japanese or mentions Japanese news anymore.

No. 773473

File: 1588875505668.jpeg (390.04 KB, 750x1249, 3D2408F8-0DC6-46BA-AB9C-D0F165…)

I think this is what vanilla was referring to.

This is the person that posted a pic of miranda pre niqab and she sent her Islam army after them apparently. I wonder if that’s what she meant by fear Allah..

He should have gone to PULL lol.

No. 773477


or just google her name or alias. there's tons of damning photos of her. I guess she's trying to hide her Kanadajin3 past from her "followers".

No. 773490

How did someone send a twitter message with that large green text? Did Bambi just make up a bunch of crap again to stoke the fire? If someone actually wanted to look up information about her it’s available online. Just googling it PULL comes up. I don’t understand why some random shmuck would come to Bambi of all people to get this.

No. 773500

Sorry, I took that screenshot from Kiwifarms. Someone else on pull mentioned it so I assumed this is what vanilla was talking about.
I think it’s just a miranda sock tbh, she’s been craving attention more than usual.

No. 773514

Haha oh damn just read it. They should have kept this crazy guy up there for entertainment because kiwifarms has been dead. “someone is paying her” lmao! That’s the funniest story I have read all day this guy must be trolling.

No. 773599

Well, Saudi Arabia does have networks of bots spreading pro-Saudi propaganda on Twitter and there are actually regular influxes of these accounts every time Saudi is in the news. Somebody has to be creating these accounts and being paid for it. Wouldn’t be surprised if lazy Mira receives some kind of compensation for her constant online activity.

The person who came to KF claimed he had over 200 accounts attack him within 48 hours of dealing with her. I think he is the one with the handle Sensei Yazeed Bin Faisal. We already know Mira has endless accounts and she interacts with an equally batshit insane crew of Twitter users who praise KSA nonstop. This week, that group of people were piling on this Yazeed guy for his criticism of somebody named Foud Alharbi. Foud, like Mira, is also threatening to call Saudi police on Yazeed and other critics.

What’s really crazy is that looking at those Twitter threads, I recognized names of users Mira used to be friendly with, who are now against her group and accusing them of being paid bots. Those people also found out about Mira’s online history and Mira is going into sock puppet overdrive. There have been other incidents of members of that pro-Saudi gang not passing their purity test and all the rest of the members dog piling on them. It’s beyond bizarre! This is something to consider when we wonder what motivates Mira and how she continues this charade. This is her version of the cool kids club.

No. 773607

Wow thanks for the info anon

No. 773620

There’s a strange web of the pro-Saudi people she interacts with. Way too complicated to fully explain here. They are constantly retweeting the same circle of Twitter users, sometimes several of them retweeting the same “friend” in the same day. When one of them descends on a “bad Muslim” or a Muslim critical of Saudi, the rest are sure to follow. Then Mira has the gall to post about haters stalking her when she and her buddies are objectively worse. They are legitimately dangerous since they would happy to see those wayward Saudis put to death.

No. 773630

It’s bizarre that a non Saudi Muslim convert/Saudi fetishist and her group of cronies/sock puppets even think they have any influence at all over Saudi law enforcement.
Definitely what she feels is the cool kid club for sure. If she carries on with this she might find herself in actual trouble or worse become a full on terrorist.
I think it’s hilarious that she thinks Saudi will repatriate her husband when their marriage is illegal, just a quick google search and any news of Saudi doing this is a few weeks old, he would have been contacted by now.
I still think she may be a second wife to an old man and chip smasher is his son. That can be the only plausible explanation, because she would be breaking the law and God forbid anyone who breaks the law kek.

No. 773655

Sorry to cut you off Bambi. But nobody cares about your weird conspiracy theories. Looking into it by searching his Twitter handle and seeing who is responding to that Yazeed guy…he is the one who posted Miranda’s picture (we don’t care) and called the other girl a prostitute (who cares) and when you translate what the accounts are saying (not 200) they are pissed off he shared her picture and want to report him for that. He sounds like a troll who discovered the world of PULL and wants to jump in mixing his dumb conspiracies about Miranda bringing Saudi girls back to Canada as refugees. If Bambi is getting all close to this weirdo and inviting him into our forums he’s not welcome. She’s not even welcome because she is nothing but a cowtip-ing low life who always comes back with some stupid theory and then vanishes. If these Saudi people are pissed off and want to defend her or report him for this thats their business and lolcow isn’t his personal shield.

No. 773667

I don’t write anything like that girl. But I’m someone else that you should know. And not Maguro!

> If Bambi is getting all close to this weirdo and inviting him into our forums he’s not welcome.

>nobody cares
>we don’t care
>who cares

The self-appointed president of lolcow farms, everyone!

No. 773685

Farmhands, can we get an IP check on this person? I wouldn't be shocked if it was within Canada.

No. 773699

>"our forums"
Are you retarded or something.

No. 773704

you went into his profile to try to dig up dirt? sounds like you DO CARE. You do not speak for lolcow so kindly stfu.

No. 773714

No dumbass he posted on kiwifarms and anyone who is following what she’s been tweeting she posted screenshots of it all on her Al isis twitter so what the heck!? Maybe if you looked into something you would know this. Anyone who wants to know what is being said about Miranda should punch in the user names of these people. Get more information that was potentially see if she has any fake accounts that’s attacking him. Duh.

No. 773715

fucking mudslim i hope they all die nyaaa~

No. 773737

we don't care

No. 773759

That’s probably Miranda is on kiwifarms, someone should check the IP to see if this really is a Saudi person or not.

No. 773773

File: 1588987029295.jpeg (469.04 KB, 750x1094, CE8EEEFE-8DDD-4673-B856-12D418…)

Can we just lol at the content she’s creating?
Victim blaming?? Pot fucking kettle black Miranda.

No. 773776

Her video of girls running away from SA is disgusting. She's saying all girls who escape do it because they want to drink and do drugs, and that all women in SA living like queens with people driving them around. What is this idiot smoking??

No. 773787

Ah yes, women not being to drive definitely means they're spoiled and chauffeured everywhere and not that their movement and entire daily lives are restricted by the desires of the men in their lives via oppressive laws. Thanks god Mira is here to educate us.

No. 773799

Rather angry in the defense of Gachapin, aren’t we “farmer”?

The guy on KF is https://mobile.twitter.com/MBSxYazeedx91

Kind of like how she ran away to Japan to become a party girl?

No. 773944

I am howling at how she makes videos wearing burqas (hijabs? I am not sure which one is which but too lazy to google) and still puts her "face" in the thumbnail. How narcissistic can you get?

No. 773963

Niqab. Burqas cover even more of the face. Hijabs cover only the hair.

No. 774097

Dear Miranda, your religion is imperfect and the Quaran had been changed.(derailing)

No. 774937

do you ever just think about how bizarre all this actually is, like she was always somewhat weird I guess but she went from being a semi-normal, functioning person who was working abroad to this. I find it so depressing and honestly scary that someone could change this drastically this quickly, like it makes me feel as if it's impossible to ever truly know someone. Or I guess maybe behind the scenes she was always more unhinged than she originally appeared?

No. 774940

It's not that surprising really. She's always taken all of her interests to the extreme before burning out after a few years.

No. 774941

I agree with you but would you still class this as an 'interest'? It's her entire moral system, world view, everything about her lifestyle that has completely changed in such an extreme way

No. 774947

Well it's now the most extreme of her "phases" actually, but the pattern is the same since back in the day when she was a Punk.
- Canadian Punk (better then other punks)
- Japanese Partygirl (slutty Kyabakura)
- Japanese Housewife (nice clothing style but superior white japanese additude)
- Ultra muslim (from wearing a scarf as hijab and smoking shisha to hardcore Niquabi that hates quiet anything, in just a few years,….) ALso she is better then other muslims.

And she still say she is in japan, wich she is simply not,.. and there is no sane reason why yshe should stay on that sharade…..

No. 774958

Remember her change from standard weaboo to all-knowing Japanese housewife to pure-blooded Japanese right winger?
After she found out she wasn't accepted in Japan, she changed to half-assed hookah-smoking muslim to holier-than-thou pious muslim to ISIS-wannabe ultra wahhabist/salafi saudi. When she realizes she won't actually be accepted in saudi either, it's off to her next phase…pseudo-rastafari Jamaican?

No. 775003

Like was mentioned, this is sadly typical for her. Some excerpts from her Canadian ex-bf’s public blog (https://web.archive.org/web/20160116133046/http://www.64digits.com/users/index.php?userid=firestormx&cmd=comments&id=500130) :
> She had both sides of her nose pierced, and a septum piercing, that she loved, and swore she would never remove - when she died, she told me to make sure no one ever removed it. She had recently removed piercings in her lip, eyebrow, and lost a few in her ear, and has growing her hair back from a bihawk. She wore tights, and patches, and had a syd vicious snarl when she took pictures.
> She was pro anarchy, had spent a few weeks living on the streets, and did minor vandalism and trespassing for fun. She'd been in fights, dropped out of school, and hated authority. She had her favourite boots, and had been to plenty of punk, rock, and metal shows.
>But back to the original divergence, about her changing style: by the end of 2007, she had gone full on raver. She had also taken out two of her nose piercings, and kept her prized septum piercing. She was into bright colours, bright hair, and hair extensions. She made almost all of her own stuff, including her hair. She was incredibly good at finding information, and learning DIY stuff when she wanted to. She has ADHD, so it was incredible that she could actually be sucked into learning for hours and hours on end, and then ACTUALLY GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN the next day. But it wasn't just her ADHD that made it impressive - it would be impressive even for a normal person.
> She began to abandon most punk stuff, in favour of the raver style. She eventually realized how anarchy won't work, and became a bit more conservative (in the sense that conservative = common sense, as opposed to liberally retarded). I always hated her hair extensions though. At first she made them out of wool, and whenever I would fall asleep holding her (both of our beds were singles, which made it very lovely for cuddling), I'd always ask her to pull her hair to the other side, away from me, so it wouldn't touch me.
> She stopped listening to punk music, in favour of happy hardcore. Whenever I would be driving, she always hated my music, and I wasn't allowed to listen to it. Instead, I got to listen to her talk - which I loved, by the way - or listen to happy hardcore - which I didn't like nearly as much.

My vote is for communist, pro-MOGAI “non-dysphoric” trans furry porn tumblr artist.

No. 775006


I definitely get what you're saying, but I feel like a teenager going through a punk phase is one thing, and actually pretty common (even though she probably took it further than most), but this is just completely something else. To end up ruining your somewhat successful youtube channel, losing all your friends, becoming a niqabi activist who's trying to move to Saudi, and changing your entire moral code and world view to the most strict interpretation of Islam is extreme, even for someone who gets deeply involved in hobbies and interests. I feel like something dramatic must have happened in someone's life for them to have this kind of complete 180 in their entire lifestyle but with her it seems to have just happened randomly

No. 775012

Wow! Interesting read…So Miranda went from a normalish bad student with ADHD to punk to anarchist to raver to weeaboo to saudi fetishist? You can't make this stuff up

No. 775013

She definitely thought she was the biggest punk in Sudbury

No. 775037

Mira, this Salafi/Saudi/Muslim stuff is bullshit, as are your hateful politics. Stop fucking around with that bullshit. People in their 20s can experiment and waste time, but in your 30s people are less sympathetic to that stuff. I'm the same age as you, and I'm experiencing that.

You love Japan. Here's a plan - go get your GED, or whatever the equivalent is in Canada. Most people can probably just take the test and pass it, it's so easy. For you, if you fail it no sweat, you can just study a little and pass.

Then, get your TEFL certification and consider taking a quick community college degree (or whatever the Canadian equivalent of that is).

With those credentials, go teach English in Japan. I doubt you'd get into the JET Programme, but any of the others should work fine. Interac has a good reputation.

You're actually decent with camera work. I recommend teaching English in Japan, while building up your video portfolio a little more, and then applying for videography jobs. Your ex-bf mentions your DIY crafts, so you could also try selling trinkets and things at conventions for side change.

That sounds like a decent life to me. It also seems like the good path you were on before. The education I mentioned shouldn't take more than a year. But with this whole Salafi Canadian thing, you're derailing it. Get back on track.

No. 775257

Nice sentiment, but unfortunately at this stage impossible. What you suggest requires hard work, commitment, selflessness and personal integrity. If Mira hasn't learned these things by now as a woman in her 30's, she never will. Expect her to carry on like a silly porkchop the rest of her life.

No. 775379

You think anyone, and randa of all people, actually cares about your patronizing blogpost, that is absolutely hilarious. You may as well talk to a wall you know.

No. 775517

this is true but she'll still passive agressively bitch about it.

No. 775520


Miranda has a long history of taking her interest of the moment to an extreme for a few years, burning out, and moving on to something else. The same will happen to her saudi fetish phase.
However, we all know that she craves attention, whether from fans or haterz, and will continue to "complain" about how she is persecuted while publicly shaming anyone who disagrees with her and actively continuing to stir up shit to create new negative attention.

No. 775524

Will be funny who she will shove her lazy ass out of this muslim dilemma,.. good for her that she is, as always, half ass and lazy so she never really do something over the point of no return. Like getting 5 kids or moving to Syria… She will never move to KSA, even if she get a visa (what will never happens), she has to base to live there. And its not like Japan were she simply can marry someone….

No. 775628

File: 1589834805511.jpeg (132.01 KB, 750x414, 82E013BF-BD1A-4783-90DE-AAD5F1…)

You’re only allowed to have low self esteem if you insult others kek.

Although if you go by what she actually means by that post she must have such low self esteem.

No. 775642


Does she not understand the concept of irony or is she just insanely dumb? Rhetorical question, I know.

No. 776027

It's like someone ranting about not to litter while dropping paper and cans….

No. 776291

This fits Miranda to a T(armchair)

No. 776293

She thrives off negative and positive attention.

No. 776686

File: 1590319123119.png (42.27 KB, 601x159, Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.18…)

What in the ever-loving fuck is this tweet?

No. 776687

File: 1590319996831.png (51.32 KB, 596x205, Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.33…)


I guess its just more typical casual racism from her.

No. 776690

She's preparing for her Jamaican phase after her wannabe saudi phase fizzles out

No. 776744

Oh I hape so! Maybe she will be funny again….

It is definitly haram to speak like that Miranda!

No. 776851


Because we all know Japan is full of Jamaicans for her to randomly come in contact with. Ew, the return of her Googled Jamaican patois.

So she ran out of other Muslims in Toronto to harass and is now going after mentally ill Jamaicans?
>”You should be locked up
>”You need to take responsibility for yourself“
>”Saudis don’t care about you”

Not even joking, making fun of the mentally disabled and encouraging her followers to laugh at them is Haram as fuck!

No. 777565

Mira's obviously making stuff up and these tweets seem deranged, but when I was in Japan, the African guys in Roppongi did all claim to be Jamaican, because I think they think tourists like Jamaicans. Most of them have French/African accents, though.

No. 777815

Oh my god yes, please. She'd be able to do a lot more as a fake Jamaican. There are so many things she could stereotype, get enraged about PLUS she'd have less restriction on her freedom and she could still pretend to be spiritual. It'd be a win win.

No. 778207

File: 1591050957772.png (46.45 KB, 606x208, Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 6.35…)

In response to the protests for George Floyd. She is literally a psychopath.

No. 778210

File: 1591051179011.jpeg (421.66 KB, 750x866, 769C4171-288E-45AF-B8EB-37E179…)

Miranda is tweeting about the current situation in America, but of course making it about her as per usual.
Who the fuck takes screenshots of random restaurants and bawws on social media at a time like this? Especially a devout Muslim, I mean I don’t see one post about how awful it is, just that the rioters are libtard terrorists.
I really wish she would just fuck off, there’s not one Muslim bone in that woman’s body.

No. 778293

Why quebecois? Wtf did we do

No. 778351

lots of Canadians hate Quebecois unfortunately. Sorry bro.

No. 778376

Not even halal resteraunts to boot kek

No. 778413

Jesus Christ, if you posted her to /pol/, the Neo-Nazis would literally call her "based and redpilled." The protesters are protesting police brutality, and she wants to kill them for it. Is she completely blind to irony, or how monstrous she sounds?

The Nashville trip doesn't even make sense. Like really, you were planning on a family trip on the one weekend with riots in the town? Really?

And isn't she still trying to pretend that she's in Japan? Your family was going to fly halfway across the planet to go to fucking Nashville? Really?

No. 778426

Yep. In Canada no question. It would be so easy to show that she is in Japan, yet her videos get more and more ISIS the longer she is in Canada.

No. 778436

I dont know why she really think someone would beliebe her BS…. She pretend to be in Japan, her Family is from Canada and they meet up in Nashville?
C'mon Randa…..

No. 778438

Nashville?! Lol. What happened to that cross-Canada trip with her disabled dad and husband that couldn’t seem to provide anything himself, or that multi-family planned meetup in glamorous Dubai?

It reminds me of that time that she lied about going to Okinawa on a whim, when Japan was actually in the middle of a big typhoon. Even when she did travel, she was living on pennies, getting bus schedules wrong, staying in Internet cafes like a hobo and depending on friends like Rodi for the transportation or travel fare she did not prepare.

No. 778479

Miranda - If you are reading this… PLEASE get the mental health assistance you so desperately need.

It can be really expensive, so start a Go Fund Me if a loved one or government assistance won't cover it. Heck! I'll even throw in a few shekels.

No. 778480

File: 1591187766031.png (138.81 KB, 594x463, Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.36…)

She is absolutely nauseating.

No. 778505

lesbians have the lowest aids rate, but go off, miranda

No. 778507

plus aids isn't even a big deal anymore, she is so behind on everything

No. 778755

LOL Nashville's not even open. She wouldn't be able to do shit.

No. 779018

I wonder how Mira's going to feel when she goes to a Trump/MAGA rally and sees how her fellow reactionaries react to her being dressed up like a Salafist, with her Arab "husband"

No. 779023

I doubt it will be a problem. Contrary to what the corporate media would have you believe, the overwhelming majority of President Trump's support base are not hostile bigots.

No. 779189

File: 1591568274375.png (324.61 KB, 612x613, Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 6.18…)

Aww, whitey is sad. And oh, surprise, still hating gay people. Also, all these likes about how these protests are racist against whites is hilarious because she's trying to force black people to shut up and at the same time crying for white lives. Did her mother drink with her in utero? Honest question.

No. 779205

File: 1591573528793.jpg (46.01 KB, 625x555, xsfcMVY.jpg)

She has a history of invalidating black peoples’ experiences and reducing them to nothing more than a costume or accessory for her. She has had a fixation on her whiteness being a defining feature. As soon as she came to Japan, it was all about “White Japanese”, which I have never seen another white Jvlogger do.

I vote white supremacist persona next.

No. 779206

She's really the lowest of the low to celebrate anti gay stuff. Especially in June

No. 779263

File: 1591619824983.jpeg (274.33 KB, 750x883, 6FFE0F32-6C6D-4892-8242-E62CB2…)

I don’t believe for a second she is still living in Japan so this would lead me to believe she is back in Canada living with her parents, and is more than likely claiming benefits to survive.
Miranda this facade is getting old now, you won’t be moving to Saudi so just start your next ultra conservative white supremacist phase already.

No. 779274

File: 1591625467962.jpg (264.22 KB, 600x1198, Screenshot-Twitter-MiriamAlFas…)

So who is calling Rodi? What the world is going on?

No. 779275

Miranda: Never been on welfare a single day of my life
From age 15+ working
I traveled to Japan
Made my own life
Was my own boss
And I never will be on welfare

Wait… you were allowed to work even if you are a woman? You were allowed to travel to Japan and made your own life? You were allowed to be your own boss? Guess why you were allowed to do all that: it's called feminism. And no, you were not on welfare because you were scamming people for money

No. 779323

Presumably her "husband" the potato chip assaulter

No. 779324

Oh, the irony.

No. 779330

What's great is she could really get some social status within that circle being.. you know.. white. I mean she sure as shit isn't getting anywhere with the ISIS dream. PLUS her inbred looks should also score some points with the white supremacists and their obsession with pure bloodlines. Only problem is I'm not sure that group is very active in Canada, so she might have to migrate South to bag a nice skinhead hubby to leech off.

No. 779337

There's a bajillion skinheads in Canada, you don't have to look far.

No. 779338

She could move to Alberta and get it done immediately.

No. 779365

File: 1591670335909.jpg (731.11 KB, 1242x1941, nyywWvh.jpg)

Mira the leech and scammer was going off in the thread about “lazy” people.

No. 779366

File: 1591670583669.jpg (682.53 KB, 1242x1825, C3EsQO7.jpg)

> Social pressure to….NOT BE lazy. Social pressure to….NOT BE rude.
Social pressure to….LIVE PROPER.

The absolute IRONY. This is exactly the reason this goblin was kicked out.

No. 779402

There are 2.1 million people receiving welfare (生活保護) in Japan. That's around 1.6% of the population, but sure, it's so rare.

No. 779421

The welfare systhen in Japan is a speacial thing, and a bit different than in other countrys. The guys from "Life were I'm from" made cool videos about that topic, but like always, Miranda just generalize and tried to sound superior…

No. 779499

Remember how Miranda was saying there's only one Quran and it's perfect… Well, that's wrong. Your perfect religion has more than one Quaran. Dying laughing.(derailing)

No. 779714

File: 1591894785611.png (310.48 KB, 634x523, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.5…)

Shocking. Blackface Miranda hates black people.

No. 779749

This works out, she can be rid of her shameful Canadian welfare dollars and maybe choke on a scone.

No. 779822

Unless they are muslims, of course.
By the way: Starbucks' logo shows an unveiled woman. Shouldn't that be a reason for holy Miranda to boycott Starbucks?

No. 779832

File: 1591962447204.jpg (669.35 KB, 1440x1877, Screenshot_20200612-074628_Twi…)

You mean, you stole all his money under the guise that you were his girlfriend and would pay him back

How would he get the idea Miranda? You told him you would be his girlfriend

No. 779834

Well-known money fraud story aside: Why do I get the feeling that the person asking this question to her (so she can answer like that) is no other but Miranda? :D (you also had to be insane like her to send HER MONEY just to TALK to her)(:D)

No. 779837

Yeah, very possible, but then again it has been shown that there are a lot of horny muslim (especially saudi) men who would like to hook up with a "halal" white woman
Hell, we all know that there were men like KM who wanted to hookup with a weeaboo like Miranda

No. 780162

She keeps retweeting Jack Posobeic. Does she know he's a literal white supremacist?

No. 780327

Why would that bother her? I think she’s getting to the end of the Saudibee shtick and transitioning into full tradthot.

No. 780444

i'm new to all this kanadajin shit fest. i read bits of her here and there on the internet cuz i got bored i guess.

i wasn't rly active during the j-vlogger bloom i guess but i can say that i'm really happy that this kanadajin girl is mostly hated.

after reading this thread i don't know what to say of her? can someone name a mental illness over her case? she's so bizarre and hateful towards everything.

i was even reading her threads on 2ch and boy do these kind of vloggers make white foreigner reputation in Japan worst.

As a canadian this shit is shameful. I don't even what to watch her vids.

No. 780523

File: 1592334090566.jpeg (259.93 KB, 750x669, 31EC85D2-855C-4CB6-9A24-D26338…)

I’m only posting this particular reply as she says ALL Muslims of any colour are equal..
Tell me your opinion of Shia Muslims again you fucking hypocrite.
Honestly someone delete this troglodyte from the internet once and for all.

No. 780589

File: 1592411796767.png (46.95 KB, 589x160, Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12.3…)

Man up? But Miranda… men cannot imitate women and women cannot imitate men. You telling this woman to "man up" is absolute haram. For shame!

No. 780600

File: 1592418761077.png (107.47 KB, 612x622, Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 2.31…)

Samefag. I think her fellow Canadian Saudi fetishist buddy is throwing shade.

No. 780667

she's really just your run-of-the-mill crazy bitch. she is her own worst enemy in many ways - her hateful/paranoid attitudes about other people has resulted in her being shunned from various social circles. religious fundamentalism offers her the opportunity to be "holier than thou" while spending her days endlessly criticizing others on twitter and shouting into the void.

No. 780736

For someone who was "once famous" and "hated it" she sure has to remind everyone all the time

No. 780739

File: 1592479301130.jpeg (80.63 KB, 827x754, EaycyLEXsAAuFdr.jpeg)

"Less drugs Rasta man". Yikes.

No. 780743

File: 1592482666377.jpg (430.09 KB, 1440x1532, 20200618_064640.jpg)

She swears a lot for a Muslim who tells others not to swear

No. 780778

Wow she is so hateful.
It’s almost astonishing just how narcissistic Miranda is, she thinks so highly of herself.
I really want to know what her narcissistic supply is, I mean we all know she thrives on attention but she doesn’t get much of it other than Twitter. Maybe that’s why she keeps saying she hates fame, because she actually does want people to google her name and learn about her past.
Ah I’d love to see her thrown in jail

No. 780793


Spends a lot of time reading Toronto news sites for someone supposedly living in Japan

No. 780917

Silly, that’s under her non-Muslim name! So it doesn’t count when she posts there. /s
Really funny how she will talk like that, and comes here cussing people out, but cries to her “brothers” as alkanadiya about people using swear words at her during arguments. Sometimes I think she really believes each new persona is a new individual person so she doesn’t have to be responsible for what her other self did. I half expect her to jump on the DID bandwagon. That community will bend over backwards to excuse racial stereotype and abusive “alters” and even borderline pedophilia!

Commenting on Toronto news, arguing with Toronto-based people, never talking about any Japanese current affairs or even sharing seasonal events from Japan. We don’t have mandatory lockdown in Japan, so there is nothing stopping her from going out and at least posing with a new Starbucks drink or something to show “haters” that she is still in Japan.

No. 780957

maybe her 2nd hand LV bags will make an appearance again!

No. 780962

File: 1592568957980.jpeg (453.82 KB, 542x866, A610ED4F-29B5-4730-84DA-9DE2D9…)

Remember when Miranda went travelling in Japan with KM (paid for by him)?
Travelling with a non mahram, absolutely haram.
Still can’t understand why ANYONE believes her stalker nonsense. You took advantage of him for your own personal gain Miranda, eve after you converted to Islam. I wish people would see how fake she is.

No. 781096

This was after she returned from being “married” in Canada to Al-Baby Hands, right?

No. 781139

SO obvious she is not in Japan. It really would be so easy to prove yet she won't. I wonder why… She knows that she can't get away with pretending to be, so makes pathetic ISIS propaganda style videos. Kanadajin3 hasn't been in Nippon for a long time, and it really shows. Doesn't have a clue about the vibe there. How long will this freakshow last?

No. 781160

File: 1592648813050.jpeg (222.81 KB, 750x478, BEAC00C3-0F4B-46F3-AEBB-F9CB74…)

Only takes 10 seconds to google ANY of your names and usernames to find out you’re a pathological lying narcissist.
Saudi will never accept you, your ‘marriage’ is against Saudi law. You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in that country.

No. 781714

She wants Trump to rally in Tokyo. Can't go to America because of lockdown. Sure honey. Also, you're Canadian.

No. 781755

Her fetish on Trump is so bizzar,… she was never in the US, nor does effect the US President her live in any way. He just has a (stupid) agenda she likes.

No. 781857

Also she fills her twitter account - made for promoting islam and how great Saudi Arabia is - with US and Trump related tweets now … Either her other twitter accounts are not good enough for the Trump ass kissing or muslim life (in "Japan" chuckle) is not that exciting to tweet about.

No. 782503

File: 1593305466562.png (272.58 KB, 607x491, Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.50…)

Armpits are porn now.

No. 782534

that hashtag is filled with milf boob pictures, so she might even be right for once

No. 782539

File: 1593323269481.jpg (335.86 KB, 1090x1768, EIkO0eN.jpg)

For some reason, Mira is digging up old Mia Khalifa tweets and controversies to tell HER that actions have consequences and how she deserves every punishment possible.
>You are sad, broken, everything destroyed


I wonder if she looked though her husband’s search history and found out he was a big fan of Ms. Khalifa.

No. 782556

File: 1593340561871.jpg (295.08 KB, 1080x1325, IMG_20200628_193351.jpg)

It took my literally 5 seconds to Google this but go off I guess

No. 782777

They have no policy because no refugee wants to seek refuge in a shithole theocratic islamic dictatorship. In fact, most refugees these days are coming from shithole theocratic islamic dictatorships. Foreigners only go to Saudi to make some quick cash and then get the hell out.

No. 782789

No policy doesn’t mean what you think it means btw. Just saying. There’s also no immigration policy in Saudi either. It’s not like normal counties they don’t even have official “law” written down.

No. 782793

File: 1593486319936.png (33.45 KB, 603x132, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.0…)

Yeah, just nuke an entire country because of their shitty government. But, Miranda, I thought racism didn't exist in Islam? It's haram? But you certainly love hating all Chinese people.

No. 782795

File: 1593486454978.png (35.13 KB, 599x133, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.0…)


No. 782883

> nuke China
> posted from my iPhone

No. 782904

Irony is lost on this dumb bitch.

No. 782933

So she likes the idea of nuking China?
But China still has the uyghurs, the muslim minority there, right?

No. 782956

Doesn't matter. It's all a chirade anyway. Her hateboner for all Chinese far outweighs her "support" for Muslims there. What else did anyone expect?

No. 782998

File: 1593608962460.jpeg (475.2 KB, 750x1064, 8819D41B-983D-41F2-9968-3657A6…)

You can’t speak for other people miranda because they are not you, are you really that narcissistic that you think everyone should behave and act exactly the same as you?
Why do people even follow her, look at this vile verbal puke

No. 783001

Jenna really didn't do anything wrong, Míra is right this time

No. 783057

No I know, that wasn’t my point sorry.

She just turns everything into ‘liberals ruin everything and make people chop their bits off reeeeeeee, you should be like me a pure Muslim because I’m better than you’

I swear she is being brainwashed by someone, I know she’s dumb and ignorant but surely someone influenced this amount of hate.

No. 783417

Hey Mira,

REAL Muslim women practice FGM. The only ones who don't are those sinful Shi'a, Sufi, Progressive, and Moderate "Muslims." The clitoris' only function is pleasure, or SINNING. The fact you haven't burnt/cut your clit off means you're a sinner and a non-Muslim. Just thought you should know ;)

No. 783598

File: 1593836552612.png (135.21 KB, 608x902, whiteprivilege.png)

No. 783601

File: 1593836992074.png (158.36 KB, 624x846, whiteprivilege2.png)

No. 783934

File: 1593958971742.jpg (206.76 KB, 1188x1051, WFDfAcH.jpg)

When she gets put on the spot, she inexplicably replies in Japanese. She has done this several times for no reason at all. Is it a last ditch effort to confuse them before she blocks them?

^This was funny. I don’t understand why she keeps intensifying her hatred for Sweden and worsening her descriptions of her time there. Maybe her ex-bf’s parents/friends hated her? So now, the story is that she almost DIED in Sweden.

No. 783937

Hm funny,…. as I know Sweden has many muslims.,…. so the muslims there are happy from Allah and ALSO depressed from the darkness? Schrödingers Muslim? Also comparing Sweden to Finland is just generalisation… Some parts of Sweden are at the same latitude as UK/Scottland,.. and people there dont suffer about the long dark winters,.. well maybe because they drink more… but also thats why the Finns drink so much so…..

No. 784029

LOL. What an IGNORAMUS. A non sequitur is a term we use in English. Her uneducated candy ass didn't understand, so she fired back in Nihongo as if to say 'see, I can use a foreign language too!" What a butt-head. Cheers for the milk uploader!

No. 784071

Wait, is that what was she was going for instead of just creating a distraction? She thought non sequitur was French and didn’t know what it really meant? Omg…

No. 784247

File: 1594074970271.png (59.38 KB, 586x273, Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 6.35…)

When this fuckhead was asked what would happen if her children expressed same sex attraction.

No. 784264

Sooooooooo… she has kids?

No. 784328

File: 1594104981969.jpg (29.61 KB, 386x312, cc-alkanadiya-kids.jpg)

Well, if not, prepare to have her 10 of them at least "to raise properly". (Taken from CuriousCat)

No. 784368

>turn them into the police

she'll change them into the police. problem solved.

No. 784376

Bitch if you were married with kids like you say you are why are you wasting your time on the internet?
Such a dirty haram little liar, get back in that kitchen and make al baby hands a chip sandwich

No. 784408

She wouldnt stand the pain of one birth….

No. 784438

If this mutant could get pregnant she is the type to sneak off and go get an abortion.

No. 784602

Wich she would deny totally even if there are so many evidences….

No. 784651

She’s too much of a narcissist to want children. She’d have to pay attention to something other than herself kek

No. 784791

if this retard has even ONE child i pray to allah that child protective services takes them away. of course if it makes it past the first term that is.

No. 784876

File: 1594271691857.jpg (326.07 KB, 1105x1628, AErTknE.jpg)

Some dude misattributes a video of robbery as happening in Japan in order to promote his belief that black people all over the world cause crimes. For some reason, Mira flips out not because the guy has racist motivation, but because “our country” of Japan does not have crime, vile liar! Guy doesn’t care for Mira’s screeching and blocks her. Mira freaks out more and invokes the wrath of Allah.

Damn. She still obsessed with Japan even after being kicked out.

No. 784885

File: 1594275974806.png (388.26 KB, 720x984, Screenshot_2020-07-08-11-07-01…)

Well, for allegedly living in a crime-less country she sure craves for public executions so that crimes won't happen anymore (yeah, because that totally works)

No. 784897

If they're going to start public executions, I suggest we start with Miranda for all of her crimes

No. 784921

File: 1594305489830.png (39.19 KB, 613x293, 8y7gftr5678.png)

No. 785056

>Who immigrated to Japan, so identified as Japanese

As if that is the normal thing to do when you barely move to a country where you have no roots or stable job. She can identify as Japanese despite having no Japanese ancestry, family, or legal permission to do so, yet she loses her shit at trans people or women not adhering to strict, culturally-defined gender roles. So she has no respect for other peoples’ laws or cultural standards but can shame people to Hell for not following her own? And unlike her, the worst passing gorilla of a trans woman can still get legal recognition in their preferred identity with some effort. Mira couldn’t do that in Japan during the several years she was given to straighten herself out.

No. 785325

File: 1594477536096.jpeg (186.68 KB, 750x557, DE993BFF-87C0-43AD-98A6-668990…)

Miranda really lives in a fantasy world, her whole life is a lie. This is a pretty big statement, I mean there must only be a few places in Canada that would have received aid from King Faisal. Also pretty sure your marriage certificate said ISNA - that place was never a church.
Gosh yet more lies Miranda

No. 785327

A lot of mosques in North America get funds from Saudi. It’s creepy imo, so figures that Miranda would brag about it.

No. 785329

Canada has lots of mosques though. We even have Sikh temples over 100 years old.

No. 785332

My bad I meant to write Mississauga (if she’s at either one of her parent’s houses)

No. 785895

File: 1594818742720.png (45.69 KB, 615x335, jh87t7y.png)

No. 786422

File: 1595123758261.png (176.77 KB, 617x724, Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 9.55…)


No. 786449

Did she just randomly comment to people on twitter about her bullshit???

No. 786522


Because the former Sinead O’Connor, whose personal instruction in Islam was from an internationally celebrated Irish imam, needs to be lectured about the fine points of Islam by some nobody chick sitting in her mom’s basement in Canada.

No. 786534

Now she is claiming her iPhone was used when she bought it, so she never gave money to China. How does she even come up with these excuses? She kept blocking all the people pointing this out, now she has an used iPhone. I can't.

No. 786577

File: 1595202179973.png (37.74 KB, 585x137, Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 7.42…)

Does that also include Koreans, Miranda?

No. 786624

she says that as if she ever makes any sense

No. 786663

File: 1595243295727.png (200.88 KB, 598x614, Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 7.07…)

This is fucking hilarious. She went out of her way to harass a seller for her LGBT flag on Etsy and the seller renamed her product the "Mira" in her honour.

Is there anyone she won't fucking harass out of nowhere? Rhetorical, I know.

No. 786664

File: 1595243784993.png (182.94 KB, 870x695, Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 7.15…)


No. 786690

Beautiful, just beautiful. Nicely done.

No. 786836

I think his a simp lmao

No. 786837

Her boobs did have a decent shape incase anyone is wondering

No. 786858


Stop trying so hard 'Randa. No one is looking at her saggy titties

No. 786872

wew anons, that is some high autism, ouch.

Does this girl even speak arabic? also did she yet improve her poor japanese at least?

No. 786931

>Does this girl even speak arabic? also did she yet improve her poor japanese at least?

No and no.

No. 787018

I have pretty conservative gender sensibilities, but what kind of a pathetic, insecure loser would ever want to be with an ambitionless, hateful girl in a burka, who wants other women to be oppressed? I like being a guy, and I like going for my goals. Because of that, I think it's only natural that I want an intelligent, independent, driven girl, with her own dreams and ambitions. Likes attract, who you're attracted to is a reflection of who you are. Even if I'm a little old-fashioned with my own gender preferences, frankly I want a girl who's closer to the liberal feminists 'Randa hates. Go read some Simone de Beauvoir or Naomi Wolf.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 787114

File: 1595420121656.jpg (1.92 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20200722_210523430.j…)

Here's why the bull of saying women need to conver in Islam to protect them. Nawh covering women don't protect them, it makes mrn want them MORE because they want to see what's underneath their robes. Which is why women are stoned to death after the men rape her because they make sure to rape her with a witness so that they'll lie and say it was consenting, making it the women's fault and they'll be stoned to death when it was the man's fault. This is the Islam Mira praises.

And yes this subject is on subject, Mira is a Muslim who choose it because she pointed on a map and converted for a husband.(off topic tism)

No. 787133

Back in 2015/2016 when I got into jvloggers, I stumbled upon Kanadjin3's channel and watched some of her videos. The drama with Rachel and others completely missed me, though. I only read up on it on the internet (mainly PULL). I haven't thought about her in years, but holy shit she's completely went off the deep end. What a sad life. On the other hand, it's also kind of fascinating to see someone becoming more and more unhinged as time passes. She should've gotten some psychological help a long time ago.

At least Rachel is doing well and I'm still subscribed to her channel(s).

No. 787419

File: 1595528506693.png (20.39 KB, 615x259, 7t7y8u2t4.png)

She's celebrating the end of PULL era

No. 787464

Lolcow always has better milk tbh, apart from the KM stuff.
I almost want to give her a pat on the back for keeping her mouth shut though

No. 787753

Nyx brought it back up for one more month for archiving purposes! Mira shouldn’t celebrate just yet. The banter here is much funnier, but PULL did do a good job of saving and organizing the information. I hope someone archives her section so we will have it on hand when she transforms into a Rastafarian White Supremacist with DID.

No. 787863

She’s taken her insta profile off private to buy followers/bait people into watching her story again!

No. 787868

File: 1595758252397.jpeg (412.4 KB, 750x1177, 9F018840-D3B2-4013-8710-D1357C…)

Samefag but should have included a screenshot

No. 788025

File: 1595833434554.jpg (57.9 KB, 332x309, screenshot-yt-alkndya.jpg)

Uploaded 5 days ago.
Am I the only one getting the feeling that she runs out of stuff to tell?

No. 788073

Did she hack into the PULL discord server?

No. 788283


tbf literally every single electronic device on the market uses parts and/or labor from China. As long as you're not literally buying a Chinese brand (Lenovo, Oppo, Huawei are big ones to avoid) then you're already doing the best you can unless you want to go full on Amish and not use any technology whatsoever.

No. 788356

That has nothing to do about the fact she lied about her iPhone

No. 788446

That retard couldn't hack into a loaf of bread.

No. 788960

File: 1596303387807.jpg (171.38 KB, 1080x935, 20200801_193250.jpg)

Rodi says she is still not done harassing him.
(A recent comment on one of his older videos on her)

No. 788967

Rodi you should record one of these convos, she will spew SLANDAR but it’s not slander if it’s the truth!
This bitch needs taking off her fucking pedestal

No. 788981

File: 1596317143923.jpg (221.9 KB, 1065x916, 20200801_232226.jpg)

Intelligence 9/10. Thrustworthiness 10/10.
I'm wheezing 20/10.

No. 788989

Intelligence = I need $20k for univercity so I can ditch my fraud visa-kun husbando.
Inner health = I spend all day on Twitter belittling people to make myself feel better, if anyone defends themselves I can reee slandar because I am Muslim
EMPATHY 10/10 fucking kek. She wouldn’t know empathy if it slapped her in the face repeatedly.
Ah I lold hard

No. 789007

Wait, she's STILL harassing Rodi? Poor guy
She's more than a r/nicegirl
All this cuz Rodi refused to sleep with her and be her visa kun. Damn the girl is spiteful

No. 789050

The only thing chip-pounder baby hands manchild could kill is a pizza.

No. 789196

I really can't understand why she and her husband (if he really exists or is just some guy playing the husband) harass Rody.
What are they mad for? For the fact that Rody refused to have sex with her?
I rate their logic -10/10 here.

If that hubby and islam really enriched her life so much as she claims, she should find many better things to do than harassing Rody. Or any other people.

No. 789215

File: 1596455908772.png (85.75 KB, 720x423, Screenshot_2020-08-03-10-05-37…)

Interesting for 2 things:
1. Miranda hates China with her guts. Disney has lots - if not most - of its merchandise stuff made there, opened a new Disneyland there…and Miranda's biggest problem seems to be that Disney ruined Star Wars? (since when does she care about SW and what adult stuff is she talking about?)
2. If she followed what she praises herself, she should completely stay away from Disney anyway.
Disney products have MUSIC, no female character is veiled (not even in "Aladdin") and nowhere is islam either mentioned or praised.

So what would she care about Disney now? It sends out "dangerously" unislamic messages to her imaginary kids anyway.

No. 789218

One thing she's been trying to do for a long timr is to force Rodi to delete his old videos of her with hair uncovered. Though he is not the only one who has uploaded such.

And since when can Mira be associated with logic lol of course Rodi has to pay for all eternity for resisting her charming advances.
And neither Saudi fatty hands nor Islam are anything else than another identity fetish of hers. Nothing will ever enrich a life filled with so much hate, fake and idioticy.

No. 789250

>physical health 1/10
Shes just 30, wtf is going with her that puts her at a 1

No. 789254

This ultra-haram world drains her perfect body. Every second she is not in praised KSA, the beautifull flower she is, wither. All day and night she has to fight against our filthy world because she is the only pure.

And now excuse me please, I need to drink a lot now, because that was even too sarcastic for myself….

No. 789379

Both pull and discord is gone? Is there any server still up? Twitter said it got shut down because someone shared CP

No. 789420

It's Mirah, you know she lied to her husband and spinned Rodi as this evil man who tempted her to a life of sin. He showed Mira the light of religion but found he wasn't as hard core as