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File: 1580833549616.jpeg (282.3 KB, 800x450, 1580529056412.jpeg)

No. 755271

Previous Thread: >>752485
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
Greg and family where spotted in lows purchasing a new window and a garage opener. >>752672
Chris Hansen does an interview with Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriffs Department. It was confirmed that PCSD has an open investigation and an e-mail has been set up for anyone victimized by the Onions.>>753590
Greg decides to tell his side of the story. This results in over 30 videos in 3 days which made him look extremely unhinged and guilty. He is sticking to the Sarah blackmailed us into sleeping with her. Some more highlights are that while Lainey was away, she forbid Sarah and Greg to have genital to genital contact so Greg was forced to have sex with Sarah anally. Also Onion did not take Sarah's virginity because she was raped previously. Mirrors >>753904
Sarah is seeking legal advice after Greg publicly shares Sarah's very personal and sensitive information via his youtube channel. >>754184
Greg doubles down on his narrative that Lainey didn't mean to send Sarah pictures of her breast and vagina. >>754838
In one of his newest videos he admits to still being in love with Billie and plugs her only fans account. >>755164

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No. 755273

File: 1580835333910.jpg (115.04 KB, 978x424, Screenshot_20200204-115410.jpg)

-Greg's threatens to speak to anyone's manager who DARE attempts to take his photo
-Youtubers are all fakes and phoneys who don't actually care about their fans
-Greg wouldn't care if you died
-Officially retiring his face
-No longer considers himself to be a Youtuber

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 755278

He keeps touching his face and hair constantly in these videos.
No wonder his skin is terrible.
I bet he smells like a greasy scalp.

No. 755280

File: 1580837470174.png (164.57 KB, 448x428, tumblr_inline_pkxak4feo31uaatm…)

>Officially retiring his face

NOOOOOOOO! What will we do without the beauty that graced us all these years? The world wasn't ready to witness the beauty and grace of James Grep Onionson's face.

No. 755283

No wedding ring. Interesting, considering even when he was flashing those fake divorce papers he was still wearing it….

No. 755287

he mentioned in one of many rambling videos in the last few days that he broke his rubber ring and krai is getting him a new one

No. 755288

Yeah I'm sure THAT was an accident. He's probably seething that kai has decided he still hasn't grown a spine or a decent set of balls, and is STILL not leaving him

No. 755291

>>755287 Ah, I must have missed that - I don't watch any of his inane ramblings unless it's mirrored or being reviewed by someone. His voice makes me want to vomit.

No. 755293


No longer a youtuber? What kind of lame ass 4d Chess move is this

No. 755300

Sheesh, no wonder Kai won't leave him. He physically can't. That large ass head has its on gravitational pull!

No. 755302

I'm accepting that he will not face legal punishment and have to be satisfied that he will no longer have views, no longer have an easy cushy Youtube job, and won't be able to attract young women to his hentai lair. That's gonna kill him.

No. 755304

I still cant believe Greg admitted to forcing a threesome between himself, Kai and Sarah. On camera.

SURELY this admission can finally nail him right?! Am I just too hopeful?

No. 755305

Shout out to OP. I just died at the thread pic that's fucking amazing.

No. 755308


*She, anon.


Too hopeful, sadly. All we can really hope for is that the FBI and Pierce County give each other all the dirt imaginable on the Grease couple so they can get charged with multiple offenses. Hopefully Sarah’s laptop is heading their way.

No. 755313

Kek, how does one break a rubber ring? He must've cut it apart.

No. 755314

in which one of his deranged videos was this? i had to stop watching his recent sperg bc they were so awful

No. 755316


Same. Prison and deplatformed would be an A-tier scenario but too optimistic, but if his slimyness got even more public recognition and deplatformed that would also be a good outcome after years of his shit

No. 755317

>Onion for 35 videos: An innocent person wouldn't want to draw attention to their abuse. Sarah is a liar and if she suffered a crime she would go to the police or to court.

>Onion on video 36: Someone told me that Sarah has been in touch with a lawyer, which is confusing. Really she could just make a video explaining her side of the story.

This is one of my favorite onision breakdowns so far tbh

No. 755318

unfortunately, I don't know which one it was in. I've been watching clips people post on twitter only. I could never watch one of these videos the entire way through.

No. 755319


As creepy and twisted as a mid 30s male fucking a barely-legal 18 year old, it is unfortunately legal and he will most likely get away with it.

Make no mistake, though; a 33 year old having sex with an 18 year old girl is morally ridiculous. Gotta think about why people in his age range aren't interested.

No. 755320

I was more thinking along the lines that forcing someone into a sexual act is most definitely rape. He admitted it was forced. That is most definitely illegal.

No. 755322

I wouldn’t be surprised if he did cut it as some kind of manipulative stunt to keep Lainey. But she’s clearly settling for a session of useless therapy so I doubt he would need to. I wonder if another part of their agreement was for him to get a normal job out of the public eye and only have YouTube as a hobby.

How long do people think he will be offline? Normally I would guess a week but outside of this series of videos, Lainey’s done an unnervingly good job of reigning him in when it comes to spilling their drama online. We haven’t heard of one real fight and I’m sure there are a lot and she almost got him to shut up with the that booty though. He obviously can’t help himself so some stuff comes out but in comparison with all past partners, Lainey’s been the most successful in tamping down which is bad for documentation sake.

No. 755324

I think he’s being cocky with this. He admitted that Lainey could do something about it but she knows she won’t. It’s a weird power flex, I think.

No. 755325

File: 1580847296358.jpg (204.18 KB, 620x4037, lies.jpg)

Saw this on twitter so I can't verify the validity of it, but if this is real, he just admitted he lied when saying he never asked Shiloh to get his name tattooed on her.

No. 755326

try again

No. 755327

I don't need to "try again" cause I didn't make it?
And how do you know it is fake?

No. 755328

Let's be real here, that muddy pond story definitely sounds like something out of Greg's mind.

No. 755337

There was a video actually of Shiloh and Anus, one of them together and he does jump into a puddle and swims around like an idiot. I doubt she told him to do it more likely it was just him thinking it would be funny.

No. 755339

>posts 30+ youtube videos in 2 days
>"I'm no longer a YouTuber"

No. 755346

I still dont understand how Greg can still use the whole "Onision is a character!!" excuse. Like no one is talking about your youtube videos anymore Greg - you managed to skirt any kind of consequences from those fiascos. People are talking about you taking a teenage girl into your home, acting as if you were her guardian and then proceeding to have sex with her when she was 18.

Was that just the "Onision" character who had sex with a barely legal teen? At this point his defenses have become so unhinged and nonsensical he might try and claim Onision is his ~multiple personality~ and he didnt do anything wrong because the name Onision is not JAMES rite guys?? "People still call me Greg when my name isn't even Greg anymore".

Kek youd think someone who worshipped cringey anime try hards like Light would have a little more tact when trying to mimick their anime "badass" manipulation tactics.

No. 755347

It looks fake, it's got spelling errors not like Onion's usual ones. Do you have the source for which twitter you got it from or who sent the dms?

No. 755350

I bet he’s so pissed that he might not get to see a world where deep fakes are 99% indistinguishable from the real ones.

The videos are what are screw-in g him over because even if he deletes them he can’t yet gaslight his broader audience like he can with tweet or texts that he can try to say are fake.

No. 755355

>I am a real fan, I trust your word
Hangs on every word and extremely gullible. That about sums them up.

No. 755356

Don't forget his neighbors and surrounding community are watching him like hawks. I still get a kick out of that neighbor lady who called 911 for a wellness check on Lainey because she hadn't been seen picking up the kids at school for well over a month. Those two can't go anywhere without being watched or recorded by someone.

No. 755357

This god damned picture never fails to absolutely make me lose my shit, especially when it catches me by surprise like in this instance.

The greased back hair. The boil looking thing on his cheek. The redness of his complexion. The eyebrows. That grin. The fucking twirl of hair sticking out by his ear. This should be the official logo of all creepy predators everywhere.

Whoever the Anon was that originally captured this screen grab- I salute you and would absolutely buy you the beverage of your choice.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 755385

please, show some respect to the Lord's name.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 755394

Can confirm have also seen this video but can’t seem to find on his channel now. They are on a bike ride and she jokingly asks him to jump in a huge muddy puddle for her birthday, which he does, it’s all very goofy and by no means demanding lol.

No. 755412

Dang why were they banned for? They just asked not to use the lord’s name in vain, that’s all.

God bless(Derailing)

No. 755418

Has he ever made that threat about no longer showing his face in a video ever again?
He leaves twitter every other month but I dont think Ive ever heard him say hes going to hide his face from now on. He likes looking at himself too much to stay away from the camera.

No. 755419

I don't remember if he ever made an excuse for when he only wore a mask on camera for awhile.

No. 755421

Gregs explanation for that was it was during the worst period of his "skin disease" and he heard/read somewhere that the camera lights he used could be adding to the damage so he started wearing masks to shield his skin. Now this is Gregs excuse so you have to take a huge grain of salt with it.

No. 755430

Can you speg about Shiloh in the anti o thread??? This is so old and irrelevant to anything on here

No. 755447


Most likely he just did a chemical peel on himself and was even more red than before.

No. 755451

Sorry, not asking to be spoon-fed; I've unfortunately sat through all of the videos (mirrors), with them playing in the background with headphones on.. I missed this part..

Could some kind anon tell me the title of which video he admits this in? I can't find it. He discusses Sarah in multiple videos, some where Sarah was trying to force him into having sex via the NDA by "black-mailing" him (again, over and over again). If anyone else wants to see it as well, I'll share a mirror of where he says this. Thank you!

No. 755458

Yeah, I don't believe that shit he said especially considering I vaguely remember him making fucking weird videos of him splashing in mud when he first married Kai or around that time.
Is he gonna say Kai forced him to do that to prove his love too? Makes no fucking sense.

No. 755466

File: 1580882095115.png (456.92 KB, 821x750, onisionsarahyahoo.PNG)

I dont know why but seeing this just randomly pop up on yahoo was weird.


No. 755474

sage for no milk - i appreciate the sudden flood of videos has been a clusterfuck of bizarre information and i have unfortunately been absurdly fascinated by this particular onion meltdown. i'm planning to rewatch and write recaps later.

No. 755485


If anyone is curious, the OnisionDrama blog on Tumblr is doing a fantastic job of summarizing all of Greg Avaroe/James Jackson/Onision's sperg-outs on YouTube.

Link: https://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/

Specific link to their last video summary: https://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/190647412261

No. 755487


It's great to see it published more but Yahoo is pretty bad in their writings and left out a lot of details so it makes it seem like Sara just regretted getting with then instead of addressing thing's such as Lainy sending nudes to Sarah and others when they were underage. It's almost like they believe Gurg and are victim blaming.

No. 755489


Yeah, there are 700+ comments, mostly from guys saying she was 18 and there's no story there

No. 755497

>there's no story there
Everyone who doesn't know the full backstory says that. What Sarah experienced is beyond fucked up, from start to finish, and it all began when she was 14/15 talking to Lainey, a mother preying on other people's children.

No. 755503

File: 1580894308844.jpg (200.26 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20200205_091611.jpg)

He's "moved his Twitter" to his YouTube announcements

No. 755518

oh yea just like last time he permanently "left" twitter for a hot 3 seconds.

No. 755519

I wanna see it posted on the trash rag DailyMail now that would really make my day.

No. 755521

lol he's going to get blasted in the comments there just like he was on twitter. He's left and come back to twitter countless times in the last 6 months. Ultimately, he'll do whatever's the most profitable.

No. 755523


Anon, not even the lowest of the low, Daily Fail, would stoop low enough to cover this pustule

No. 755529

am anon above this post - the write-up on the tumblr is huge and my recap would be beating a dead horse i think

No. 755530

The wand remark was really weird from Greg in his one video. I'm thinking shit happened with Sarah before she was of age and that even Lainey didn't know, because he would pretend to "hate Sarah", just for that reason.
I think that this is also the bombshell Sarah hasn't talked about publicly yet.
The wand remarks are creepy and weird.

No. 755536


Which one was it? I can't sit through his videos but this made me curious

No. 755541

I wish I could tell you to make it easier on you, and I don't mean that cynically, but I just don't know. I only watched the entire fucking thing on Deadwing Dork and they noticed it. I do remember that it was somewhere in the last Deadwing Dork stream but where or specifically what video it was I don't know.
Maybe someone else here knows?

No. 755542

What wand? Could you give more context pls? Not asking to be spoon fed just confused

No. 755543

He’s very careful about not breaking the law so I doubt they ever did anything together before she was of age even I he was thinking about it for a long time.

If anything you could maybe make the case that a lot of the sex toys were not hidden and maybe they all talked very openly about sex and sex toys around her when she was a minor (part of the grooming). I mean she was brought into the conversation where Lainey asked Billie not to have sex with Greg. That’s not normal for a minor to experience and more, act like the emotional support for Lainey. I could be wrong but that’s my impression.

No. 755544

The remark was something along the lines of "I wouldn't use the wand on you anymore" something along those lines. It was really weird, really creepy, and both Deadwing Dork and the guy he had on F-something noticed it too and where like wtf does he mean with that? The whole chat was in an uproar too.
I mean obviously he means something with it, a friend of mine speculated it coulda been one of those Harry Potter vibrating wands thingies they pulled out of the stores because it was used sexually by kids.
Thats just a theory though, what he means by that remark exactly your guess is as good as mine, but he mentioned it about 2 or 3 times in total.

Here's the thing about that: Do you honestly think that a man as addicted to sex and wanting to fuck every hole he comes across is able to keep his composure for four years straight around one thats in his house? And that with his proclivities for control, sadism and underage girls?
I'm not saying he did, but yes I am insinuating it.

No. 755546

File: 1580915696651.jpg (468.25 KB, 2704x2810, magicwand.jpg)

I'm assuming they're talking about a sex toy like this and Sarah had asked "Can we use the wand?" which its kinda weird for a freshly 18 year old to know about the adults who have been caring for her's sex toys.

No. 755547

because they were cheap amazon crap and they don't have much of a shelf life.

No. 755549

And Greg was talking about using this "magic wand" during the time Sarah was still underage.

No. 755553

Maybe it was Gail's magic wand.

No. 755555

It is that. You can see Billie putting it away in a draw of presumably more toys/collars/etc.

He was saying she was upset that he promised and then didn’t. It’s not clear that he promised her a long time ago and that probably isn’t the case. He’s just using this to try to give out embarrassing details.

No. 755558

What kind of sick asshole promises a 12 year old girl that?
Also, nice quads btw.

No. 755559


Anus is despicable, but where are you getting 12 from? She lived with them on and off from ages 16-18. Still, a man in his mid 30s promising a teen girl he'd use a sex toy on her? Of course he wouldn't actually follow through with pleasing his partners, since that doesn't get his baby carrot wet.

No. 755560

What kind of a sick asshole promises a 9 year old girl to use a magic dildo on her?
Regardless if he did or not, thats just fucking sick.

No. 755562

9??? gurg is disgusting but there's never been discussion of 9 or 12 year olds involved. what are you referencing?

No. 755563

What kind of sick asshole promises a 79 year old woman to use a diesel powered vibrator on her?
Thats just fucking sick.

No. 755567

I think they’re just trolling. Greg does the same thing where he justifies wanting to sleep with teens by bringing up the extremes.

No. 755569

Shit, sorry, for a second there I forgot that jokes where forbidden here. Specially in the Anti-O community, you joke, that means you're Greg.
All joking asides, using a dildo on an underage girl is wrong.

No. 755571

It is a common practice amongst pedo's to use different sizes dildo on an underage girl from small going up to big where the biggest dildo is roughly the size of their cock, in order to make the hole big enough for fucking.
This is done mostly anally, but also vaginally, it stretches the hole out over a period of months.
Greg could have been practicing Sarah this way, or encouraging her to do it. However, his exact words where that she was upset over him not "using the wand on her anymore."
Make of that what you will.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PRISON)

No. 755572

The wand talk is in his video titled "its time" (part 31) and starts at about 1:38.

No. 755574

He's not that careful about not breaking the laws. If he was he wouldn't have scammed the IRS for years and wouldn't have destroyed protected wetlands

No. 755575

Both of those things were due to his stupidity. I don’t believe he did either of those things to intentionally break the law. He really is just so stupid he thought it was fine to write off his entire house cause it appeared in a video one time.

No. 755582

You know that a magic wand is a vibrator and not a dildo right? Not sure where all the dildo talk came from

No. 755585

Even when he is careful about the law (googling age of consent in each state, contacting a lawyer) he still breaks the law. Crossing over state lines to have sex with someone falls under the federal age of consent which is 18. He had sex with both Shiloh and Foot across state lines when they were minors

No. 755587

He treats it the same way as he treats his agreements with Lainey. When she tells him not to do something he finds some bizarre loophole in order to justify it in his mind and proudly proclaims he did not break the agreement. Doesn't matter that to everyone else in the universe, anal sex is still sex.

He has this same line of thinking with the law. So it's pretty likely that one day he will attempt to loophole something and get caught. He's probably done it already and just hasnt been caught.

No. 755591

I found Greg’s Comment on speaking out very ironic since he claims that it victims are really Victims then they shouldn’t talk about their experience publicly But he did all those videos to Let everyone know that he is a true victim. This makes all of his statements going to shit.

No. 755597

Ah yes of course. Using a vibrator on a kid is less bad.
Thank you for clearing that up.

No. 755598

Apparently the first time S was going to be with Lainey, she asked if it was okay and Lainey just told her not to ask her questions.

Yikes can you imagine the level of care and respect sarah tried to put into everything after being primed as a minor for a relationship by both Greg and Lainey, only to have them accuse her of rape?

She deserves so much better than what life’s given her so far. Luckily she seems like a great girl with a great head on her shoulders.

No. 755599

this is fucking disgusting can we not jesus

No. 755601

Which is a very convenient turn around from when he said victims were bad people for not speaking out and reporting their rapes.

Funny Taylor is terrible and protecting her rapist with her silence, but now Sarah and Co. are bad because they are speaking up. Which is it?

Either way, I'm sure Gurgles just wanted to do what was right and it absolutely had nothing to do with the desire to humiliate and control anyone at all

No. 755602

So you're gonna go into gross detail about pedos and dildos but im stupid for saying its actually a vibrator? Of course using any sex toy is bad on a minor is bad, are you retarded?

No. 755604

Not only that apparently JJ has proof of Sarah committing crimes and yet guess who hasn't going down to the police station to report the crimes?

"Officer, I was raped. I wanted this 6739 day old adult to sign an NDA, side note she has BPD so they lie all the time and they can't be trusted and I thought she was going to murder me so I had to lock my garage door, anyway she said she wouldn't sign it unless she got what she wanted and so my doormat and I were forced to have sex with this crazy person just to get her to sign the NDA because all we wanted was to have sex with her and throw her out without worrying about the repercussions."

No. 755606

p gross but also not true. ain’t even how vaginas work anon is a fuckin moron

No. 755607

If what that anon said has an ounce of truth it's more than likely mental preparation in regards to penetration more so than dilating the orifice the way transwomen who have had bottom surgery need to dilate to accommodate penetration.

They are grooming and desensitizing the victim from being uncomfortable with penetration.

No. 755614

I don’t know if you’re trying to be helpful with this or just gross but this has nothing to do with what’s on the thread and is, again, super gross and fucked up.

Can we please move on from talking about this??

Exactly. It’s his stupidity and thinking he’s always the smartest guy in the room.

No. 755625

That is actually how vaginas work

For some women it's not an issue though

Not that it's is relevant to this thread really. It's just not good to spread false information

No. 755626

it's a dumb tinfoil. dont you think Sarah would have tweetet something like that out ages ago?

No. 755636


This is some fucking Greg level of logic. That wasn't at all what anon was saying, and you know it. Don't be obtuse.

No. 755638

File: 1580945975063.jpg (282.11 KB, 531x471, absolutelyhalal.jpg)

No I don't actually, since its a very shameful thing for her. She wouldn't exactly tell people this.
Remember: She said there was more and that that more was definitely illegal and that she was gonna tell the cops about it.
"Everybody I don't like is absolutely Greg."

No. 755639

lol, how convenient for her. Wonder why the cops haven't been told 6 months ago? I'm sure Sarah has a good reason.

No. 755641


You need to work on your reading comprehension skills, anon, because no, it says "This is Greg levels of logic". Apparently proving yourself to be fundamentally obtuse, and not just being transiently retarded.

No. 755643

They really did a disservice to this whole thing with this poorly written article. The comments are brutal. There's no mention of Lainey's role in all of this either ( and that's important info that should be included ).

Agreed, I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 755644

just because you utilize a thesaurus for your replications does not automatically betokens you can postulate to be even remotely more astute than I am, my friend.(infighting, derailing)

No. 755647


imagine going this hard to try and convince people that you are, in fact, retarded

No. 755652

Live now

No. 755665

File: 1580953715071.png (53.62 KB, 524x341, onionkeem.png)

Keemstar has been tweeting about getting interviewing him

No. 755670

might be milkier than shiloh's pointless session with Hansen.

No. 755671


It makes no sense why keemstar would interview him when he just put 30+ videos out on his "side"

No. 755673

Lmfao oh shit this wasn’t expected


No. 755676

Keemstar giving a platform to predators who upload 20+ videos not having a chance "defend himself"

No. 755678

Well, Keemstar is just as big of a piece of shit as onion is, so it makes sense. I'm sure he will just stroke Onion's ego like Billy the Fridge did.

No. 755681

shiloh did great. she's really well spoken. im proud of her

No. 755683

The only reason onion would go on Keemstar's show is the same reason he talked to Billy. He thinks he can control Keemstar, or he knows Keemstar is on his side.

No. 755691

Wonder if Onion will ask for $10,000?

No. 755695

He'll wave his fee if he can mount keem like he mounted billy.

No. 755698

He blocked keem so nevermind

No. 755699

File: 1580955652894.jpg (43.01 KB, 604x385, lol.jpg)

Maybe not.

Jeez anon, this is a really scary mental image you painted there for us, lol.

No. 755700


You're welcome.

No. 755702

She really did a great job.

I think he already deleted his tweet but if he did it it might be good? If Greg feels comfortable and thinks someone’s on his side he might be more brazen and expose himself further. The more he talks the better. Lainey hasn’t totally gotten away with her involvement but keeping her mouth shut has helped her.

No. 755704

Greg will totally hang himself if he doesn't have highly edited videos to hide behind.

No. 755707

Props to Shiloh questioning if Foot really is trans. She also said directly to Foot (42:40) that she would never bring another girl into the relationship and sleep with a minor so I wonder if she accidentally revealed that Onion and Foot actually did fuck either Sarah or some other girl that was a minor or if she misspoke.

No. 755711

File: 1580959247248.png (71.18 KB, 549x603, keemtard.png)

Keemstar is now FINALLY, after several months of seeing the MASSIVE amount of news coverage this topic has gotten (after choosing to pass up on it originally because "There isn't a story here"), trying to get into contact with Greg. How exactly is this fucking clown going to go so hard on Romeo Lacoste, but not on Greg? Has the gnome ever Googled anything in his entire life, ever?

Could you imagine being Greg, and the only people on this entire planet who believe you are a combination of about half a dozen 17-year-old girls with fetal alcohol syndrome and 31-year-old women with severe cluster B personality disorders, and fucking Keemstar (who is somehow, admittedly, all of those things himself)?

No. 755712

It's "impossible to believe" gerg has done all that he's been accused of, even though it's been thoroughly documented and on the record for years?
Fucking clown.

No. 755714

lmao biggest bit of milk is that Onion called the sheriff's dept last week to complain about the guy they had on and how apparently the sheriff who did the interview violated policy.

No. 755715

greg doesn't have "people" lmao what a gullible idiot

No. 755717

He might have recently hired people to deal with this shit storm, and contrary to him acting like he's breaking his silence, they've told him he should speak.

But more likely the gnome man is taking Onion's "management" email address at face value.

Or he has onionfans.com tiers that include answering emails.

No. 755718

>Or he has onionfans.com tiers that include answering emails.

I love imagining Keem having an email conversation with TamaraK9.>>755717

No. 755719

Did this fucking retard miss the part where Chris Hansen gave Greg the opportunity to come on the stream and speak for himself? But the gargantuan faggot that he is demanded extravagant sums of money he knew he wouldn't get because no one is being paid to have a seat. He was given the opportunity to speak for himself and he basically declined but sure, claim he wasn't given a chance to defend himself you droopy nutsack.

He's such a whiny little pussy.

No. 755720

Honestly, Keem should fuck off. He doesn't want to take the time to do any background research. He literally just wants to invite Onion on and let Onion take him on his Onion saga and then get paid for it. It's a bad look and he'd get shit for it again.

No. 755723

Keem probably just wants thousands of donations or whatever the fuck and Greg probably asked for a million dollars to be interviewed.

The objective truth is that Greg and his straight cis wife are scumbags and they're getting cancelled.

No. 755724

I bet Onision's people are Joe and Billy the two virgin/rapist/predator of TDP. If they do a stream were the superchat gets read out I implore farmers not to participate. They made a lot that night they turned up to the house. And they lurk here so we can mug them off for free.

No. 755736

Didn't Onision already "defend" himself on Billy's livestream? And in those dozens of sperg vids he's apparently still shitting out. Keem's just chasing clout with Chris. If he loses his Have a Seat channel too, he can always make a "Chasing Clout With Chris" channel lol.
No, it's going to be just as pointless.

No. 755739

He probably saw the money Rep got from donations and just assumed he could get those kinds of donation bucks for covering Greg.

No. 755748

Christ wtf is this thumbnail supposed to be? It's potato quality, Shiloh looks like she nodding off on heroin and Hansen's expression makes him look like he's about to clean up a wet shart. 10/10 optics.

No. 755749

Wait, Greg actually called the PD to tell them their PR guy had violated policy by doing an interview? I hope there's a recording of this so I can laugh more.

No. 755752

>the only people on this entire planet who believe Onision are people like Keemstar
I seriously doubt Keem's thought it through that far to where he actually cares one way or the other about who's telling the truth and who's not. He (like so many actively involved in this circus) see a shekel opportunity and are striking while the iron is hot.

No. 755757

File: 1580973695171.png (28.38 KB, 542x415, keem2.png)


I've just been tweeting off and on with Keem for several hours, and it's pretty clear to me from our interactions that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about when it comes to Greg. He didn't know who Sarah was. He wasn't aware that DeFranco and Hansen have both tried to interview him before, and that he demanded >10k from both of them. He's operating under the impression that the media is being one-sided, and just hasn't given Greg a platform yet. I sent him the screenshot of Greg and Kai arguing over Sarah's virginity, and he was SHOCKED because he'd never seen it before. He JUST found out two hours ago that the FBI is involved. This clown fr has absolutely no fucking idea what's been going on for the past six months.

And now he's trying to act like he's doing all of this to coax an interview out of Greg.(cowtipping)

No. 755758


The quality of those sorts of things have gone down by a lot since Vince left, since Have A Seat With Boomer Hansen has no idea how to use computers. That's why they've been re-interviewing people like Regina and Shiloh over and over again since Vince got shit-canned instead of finding new people/things to talk about.

No. 755761

no professional 'people' are going to say 'put out another 10 videos and hey, go on keem's show too'. they'd advise him to say nothing at all.

No. 755772

I actually want this to happen now. It'd be funny in an annoying way.
Clueless Keem and rambling Greg going at it for an hour or so with the comments section popping off at the both of them and all two of Greg's remaining fans trying to do damage control while secretly hating eachother.
It'd be a break from the boring Hansen interviews, anyway.

No. 755789

Oh God I hope someone can get the call recording and leak it. I'm dying to hear him sperging about how the sheriff spokesperson "violated policy"

No. 755795


I wonder which of his four fans told him about the interview, since you know he totally doesn't care to keep up with what's going on himself

No. 755804

File: 1580992963694.jpg (121.44 KB, 430x863, Kraitwitter.jpg)

taken from twitter… wonder if onion will address this or if its just another way to gain sympathy?

No. 755805

For once I can believe it.
Trot was an accident, Clot was to fix a broken marriage, and now this one is to fix a broken marriage AGAIN.

Between Greggles' need to vent all his recent frustrations through frequent sex sessions and Krai thinking kids solve her problems, I can easily tinfoil this.

No. 755818

If she is she's officially the dumbest cunt and a fucking terrible mother, which the latter is nothing new. I hope she trips down some stairs. Even if Onion was never in this potential new spawns life just knowing who your parents are and what they've done is probably traumatizing. Like if I found out my parents had a threesome with me sleeping in the very same bed I would feel disgusting.

No. 755821

I wouldn't doubt, Taylor the dumb bitch got pregnant on purpose with a bandaid before, I can totally see that cunt doing it again

No. 755828

Doesn't she have an IUD though? They protect you from pregnancy for a good 5 yrs.

No. 755830

Greg also would have used that for pity points in court.

No. 755831

an IUD can fail pretty easily, though. i know a few people who got pregnant while on it and they all have different reasons as to how.

nexplanon aka the implant is the most effective form of birth control because it's like 99.99999% effective when it comes to working, which is essentially flawless. on the other hand, IUDs can have a lot of issues depending on the material (i.e. copper), the amount of hormones, being displaced or suddenly rejecting without noticing, etc.

plus i can easily imagine her fucking something up with the IUD and how you're supposed to check the strings or whatever and getting pregnant again because of it

No. 755833


If Kai is really in the crosshairs for going to jail then getting knocked up is probably a smart move.

No. 755840

Some prisons let you keep your baby for a year, since she's a predator I doubt she would get in the program. It may sway a jury in some other types of crimes, but I think people would not want a predator to have a kid anyway. They have one child with anger/behavioral issues, another neglected by the father until she could talk and probably has a TBI now from falling out a window.

I seriously wonder if Onion does have frontal lobe damage because he has impulse control issues and we already know god hates him and allowed him to fall off a pew in church and not to mention when god tried to strangle the abomination
that would become Onion inutero with Onion's umbilical cord.(lawfagging)

No. 755841

But muh dysphoria

No. 755852

You can’t purposely get pregnant with an IUD unless you literally pull it out. Most women are only at risk when they first get it in because of rejection. An IUD is still one of the most effective BCs. If she’s pregnant, she got it removed. (Not to mention having a baby with one in is very dangerous.)

No. 755855


Well spoken and using her fame only to do good, like showing everyone she doesn't believe those lying whores who accused Mike Morse of sexual assault. /s

No. 755860

Kek, God really hates Greg.

No. 755861

Yeah just finished up the interview and it's weird to think she's 27 now. I'm only 2 years older but I remember at 20 being horrified about the Shiloh stuff. Really happy to see her now and how well she looks and seems. It's good to hear she's going to therapy for this, and wanting to raise awareness against toxic predators.

Maybe you guys should start a thread about Hansen and Morse? Cause it sure is boring af reading about it itt

No. 755863

IUD can fail but it isn't "easy". IUD are like 99.7% efficient without back up if I recall correctly. That's 3 out of 1000 people per year. It's a chance event. If you do happen to get pregnant you're way more likely to miscarry or have other complications and medical emergencies like ectopic pregnancy. If she's pregnant she had it removed. I wouldn't be surprised if Grease talked her in to it to fulfill his twisted fetish.

No. 755865

there's already a thread in snow that used to be anti-o's #3 but is now general onion orbiters shitshow after farmhand told anons to take discussion of sarah and the other egirls there.

No. 755866

I think anons should take this with a grain of salt as there were rumors of her being pregnant even in 2017. If we see actual proof and not retards tinfoiling, then we can speculate further. Otherwise, it's stupid.

No. 755867

Lord, part of me does not want to be someone could not be so dumb as to get pregnant with another bandaid amidst all the grooming allegations and public attention, and after their husband just cheated on them with an 18 year old yet again. I can unfortunately see it happening but not gonna believe it till we see some undeniable proof

No. 755875

So I know nothing about iud’s, but I just looked up how to self remove and all I can say is holy crap. It would definitely be very deliberate.
I hope she doesn’t think a baby will keep her out of jail. It won’t. I have heard of jailed women having their babies alone in their cells. And they weren’t considered a predator.

No. 755884

Pregnancy rumors are spread all the time. Taylor said in the future board video that she doesn't want to get pregnant again. But even if she is pregnant there's no way of verifying it since she's only using facebook.

No. 755885

File: 1581016951612.png (420.22 KB, 653x465, cromag.PNG)

So instead of his real face can we expect this fucking nightmare CGI facsimile of Greg from now on? He uploaded this shit video of Chibi encouraging him to kill himself to his Onision channel. Wouldn't he try and make himself look less caveman like?

No. 755886


She's truly fucking stupid if she thinks being pregnant will sway anyone when she's going to be charged for CHILD PORN AND SEXUAL GROOMING. Any jury wouldn't be dumb enough to think she's a good mother. Her son's baby teeth rotted out of his mouth and her daughter cracked her fucking skull open, she's already put them in danger. Anus doesn't give a single fuck about his kids, especially his daughter, what makes her think the third time will be the charm?

Not only that, but if she's gonna try and do a 180 and say "I'm not a man who got teenage nudes, I'm a delicate fragile mommy uwu", she's basically admitting to her transtrending.

Saged since pregnancy is not confirmed obviously, it's just rage inducing.(lawfagging)

No. 755894


Good lord, spoiler this nightmare, anon.

No. 755898

greg and lainey are huge pieces of shit, but they are never going to go to jail. If you ever watched to catch a predator, we had actual men doing actual solicitation of minors in person and the vast majority of them never saw a day in jail and had their cases dismissed. It is incredibly hard to prove this stuff, and especially with lainey the chain of custody on the hardware is going to ruin any legal case against her. Greg as fucked up as he is may not have actually committed any crimes, though perhaps one could make an argument for sexual harassment, and sexual abuse and possibly rape. But these are all uphill fights.(lawfagging)

No. 755901

Hit the nail on the head. How does he not realize that this is more about morals than the law?? He keeps pandering on about the legality of his actions, but like???? You are emotionally manipulative. No, it's not illegal, but it doesn't make you any less of a piece of shit. You have ruined people's lives.

No. 755910

to me it shows he has no moral code, or any empathy for that matter. So the best way he is able to "orient" himself in society is just going by the law. onision is incapable of empathy or understanding what is right or wrong, so he falls back on the law because it's the only objective thing he can point to, as he isn't able to actually rationalize morality in any meaningful way . This is also why he flips out over "illegal drug use" - he never has presented any sort of moral argument against drug use, because again, he is incapable of rationalizing morality as he has no internal compass.

No. 755913

not to mention an overwhelming amount of pregnancies with an IUD in place are ectopic aka unviable so it’s unlikely

No. 755922

How old is To Catch a Predator. We definitely can't law fag. There's instances of harsh penalties and people getting away without a slap on the wrist. I mean the public ridicule and normie media outlets that call him out are some kind of accountability. At least he's not making millions and has Chris Hansen, FBI and local police looming. That's gotta be fucking with him and Lainey on the daily.

No. 755929


We can always hope they at least have to register as sex offenders. Knowing Anus, he wouldn't comply with what's required, i.e. informing neighbors of your registration, and thus being fined or arrested for that.

No. 755943

This is a deep cut but in their 9/17/15 live-stream he is talking about how a daddy kink isnt about having sex with your literal father and his order of concern is 1) genetically inferior offspring 2) illegal and then kind of mentions the taboo of it.

His priorities basically follow his breeding fetish and staying out of legal trouble but otherwise he doesn’t see anything morally wrong with almost anything (unless it’s something that hurts him even a little).

No. 755947

The vast majority of them DID go to jail, and one even offed himself because he knew how badly he was fucked. What are you talking about.

No. 755949

Are you retarded? Do you even know what you're talking about when it comes to chain of custody? They have digital forensics people who see actual dates of everything in the raw data of the computer and on they get info from apple themselves, it's not like they just hit command h or go into the trash can kek(lawfagging)

No. 755951


That evidence will be claimed to be tainted. Calling people retarded is not an argument…

No. 755958

Some people are too caught up their bias and wishful thinking to see reality, anon. I'd love to be wrong but unless the feds find something really damning like cp, I can't realistically see Greg going to jail for anything. I think he'll face other consequences though, just not jail time.

No. 755960

Other than getting a PO or whatever legal action he's planning on, I don't believe he cares about Hansen one way or the other since his investigation is practically a running joke to anyone who's been paying attention >>755855. If he's going to be losing sleep over anything I imagine it's the feds. He did start his marathon spergs right after the interview with Pierce County PD's PR guy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 755965

"The biggest risk of breaking chain of custody is holding evidence that is inadmissible in court. If the chain of custody is broken, vital evidence could be deemed legally worthless."


From everything I heard, the laptop has been floating around for years now. Lets say a certain picture shows a creation date of 2 years ago. Now prove who had the computer and when. Oh, you might not be able to? K good luck with that in court. The judge will throw it out.

This also ignores the fact that you CAN digitally alter registry data and create even more reasonable doubt. It's not like if a picture shows a creation date on your laptop that that is the be all end all.(lawfagging)

No. 755972


Let’s not forget that a lot of things have changed legally due to the internet and predators. Austin Jones went to prison for over ten years and the evidence was Facebook messages, pictures and texts. They investigated him for well over a year before he was even arrested.(lawfagging)

No. 755978

I really don't think they're gonna charge Kainey.

No. 755980

too bad because she's the only one who i think can be charged with something and then actually found guilty. she's a creep.

No. 755987

They probably won't suffer any real repercussions for crimes committed so far.

They might wise up and stop being creeps to avoid their lives becoming any worse and to focus on their own family. Haha jk that'll never happen.

They might've run out of opportunities to keep doing this shit due to their reputation being complete trash now, but there seems to be no lack of morons wanting to volunteer as tribute so long as the Onions keep their standards low.

The only feasible option left is that they keep going repeating the same shit until they fuck up so bad that they're finally done. If you don't believe me, consider how the reaction to Onion has escalated a little bit every time, and how bad he is at covering his tracks even after all his experience. There will be more milkmases, but it won't be forever.

No. 755989

the important thing is we don't need to put greg and lainey in jail to make their lives effectively over, which is pretty much the case as it stands.

Greg makes zero money off of youtube. He gets almost no views at all. He has been banned from patreon. He has a dwindling number of 14 year old e-girls willing to swipe their parents credit cards to pay for his potato dinners. Each year, greg gets older and uglier, and I don't see a future for a 40 year old man that is no longer culturally relevant, with no youtube clout, living in a swamp shack, being unable to pull the teen crowd.

Greg will never be able to get a normal job unless it's mcdonalds. He has nothing to put on his resume. If he didn't abuse women, he could have pivoted after the adpocolypse and got some type of job in media editing videos. He can't do that now, because as soon as he adds "youtuber with 6 million subs" and they look him up, they are going to see all the grooming allegations, the chris hansen interviews, etc.

Truly think about that. He has another 40+ years of life, and he is completely and irrefutably unemployable. Where is he going to get his money from?

Lainey isn't much better off. She also has never had a job, she's also been labeled a pedophile and a predator.

Pinning our hopes on these two going to jail is going to set us all up for disappointment. Yet, that doesn't mean the victims will have lost. They have ruined him, he's finished. He's lost everything he ever held dear, and will unlikely be able to pull victims in the future as he becomes more and more irrelevant.

One day, his kids will be older. They will google him, they will remember sarah, the girl that helped raise them for the first few years of their life, they will be told lies all their life why she left, but one day they'll find out the truth.

His kids will eventually have friends. That means greg and lainey will have to interact with his friends parents, after school sports and extra curricular activities. They wont be able to hide behind their computers. Their social circles will shun them, his kids friends parents wont allow their children to go over to his house to hang out with his kids. T and C will resent him for this. They will be embarrassed by him. It's honestly sad for the children, that they will have to unfairly pay for their parents crimes, but the ultimate point is, greg and lainey will never escape these accusations for the rest of their life. They destroy everyone around them, and they have destroyed themselves.

So cheer up!

No. 755998

No. 756001

he gets his money from the videos he strikes. Youtubers that talk about him are cancer and are why he's been able to live like this.

No. 756003

He sees this bootleg #metoo shit has gone downhill so he's banking on fake spergouts to generate relevancy.

No. 756009


In the meantime, said children are still young and impressionable, have little contact with other children, and have parents who neglect them to the point of hospitalization, i.e. rotting teeth and cracked skulls.

No. 756017

Are any other anons bummed out with how things are going right now? It was unfortunate enough that the things we discussed actually came to light about the girls and Sara, (and we learned about even much worse stuff) but now it's just a dragged out Internet exposé about Onision and his wife Taylor. And it feels like we can't really trust what people say about getting authorities involved because look where that went previously with Chris Hansen and Vincent.

No. 756019

Same here, Anon.
This whole thing has turned into three ring circus, the chances of either Kainey or Gurg being criminally charged/incarcerated are slim to none.

No. 756023

this video explains his "business model".

No. 756029

Greg (and now Lainey's) life has always been a three-ringed circus, what are you talking about.

No. 756032

The first part of his video should basically be stickied. The money Greg earns this way no doubt outstrips his front-facing, recordable earnings. It's why Ethan pulled their video until it was reviewed rather than let Greg take a cent through Content ID.

No. 756036

I was referring to the investigation/Hansen

No. 756044

I'm surprised it's accurate and he didn't try to make it look like a pretty boy with normal eyebrows and 15 years younger than he really is. I think this is the most "honest" thing he ever did

No. 756053

File: 1581083225214.jpg (393.05 KB, 1056x1111, Screenshot_20200207-084704.jpg)

>And it feels like we can't really trust what people say about getting authorities involved because look where that went previously with Chris Hansen and Vincent.

I'm sorry, what? Ed Troyer, who is the Public Information Officer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, went on Hansen's show to confirm that there is a literal taskforce comprised of the Sheriff's Department, Washington State Police and the FBI investigating Greg and Lainey. He said it is the most prolific case of its kind ever seen in their county. The interview with Troyer revealed the investigation to be so serious that Greg called the Sheriff's Department and whined. As a result, the Sheriff's Department did an internal investigation and of course found that there were no violations in Troyer doing the interview.

Unrelated, but what do y'all think about this person, who claims to be with a network, having heard rumors in his field about Grugly looking for a network for Lainey? From what I can tell, the post is now deleted. Which for me, kinda increases the chances of it being legit. Perhaps the OP became sketched out and didn't want Greg (or anyone else) to see it and figure out which network he's with. Maybe the post isn't gone at all and I'm just dumb. I don't know how to look up users on reddit cause I was gonna look for the post that way. They answered a few questions in the comments as well, so if anyone can find it it's worth the read. It was posted within the last few days.

(sorry for the quality of the screenshot, it's the only one I could find.)

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 756054

File: 1581083707320.png (170.96 KB, 1916x868, lolcow.png)


Found it. This doesn't make me feel like it's any more legitimate, but who knows?

No. 756055

Since Hansen came on the scene some farmers or newfags gave gotten very giddy over the fact Onion and his straight ugly dull wife might get arrested. Let's remember this thread before Hansen, how we use to just laugh at what an absolute ugly unfunny dumb as fuck retard Onion and his wife is. He lives his life online so that means everything online affects this man. If anything, he's confirmed lately with all his sperging that he most definitely does lurk here and reads everything about him. His ugly ugly wife is no longer on the Internet. Farmers can't help ugly cunts will donate money to these cunts still, that's what the other thread should be about, like the patron flakes thread; essentially running his fans down into the ground until they get bored of him and his associations. I'd love for Hansen to interview Fat Becca. She'd know a lot and she dated that cunt Sylar too who was another predator using Onion's connections to date and swap nudes with young girls.

Onion stans and law fags can pretend they're so much more highbrow than us bitchy anons, but end of the day, Greg and his wife are massive jokes and they're never getting a break from this. Greg's dream of being famous as an actor is fucked. It's never happening. He can enjoy infamy for being a greasy pedo and his wife can enjoy her shite marriage to the man that's been trying to get laid by anyone else since saying "I do."

No. 756060

Just when I think the tit is going to go dry this lolcow produces more milk. Astounding.

No. 756061

I really doubt that coward will ever have the courage to show her foot face publicly in videos again. She's a legitimate pussy

No. 756065

>I'd love for Hansen to interview Fat Becca. She'd know a lot and she dated that cunt Sylar too who was another predator using Onion's connections to date and swap nudes with young girls.

This reminded me of what Shiloh said in the second stream abt this being bigger than just onion. I think Hansen is just scratching the surface by focusing so much of his attacks on what grugly did directly to his victims. If this case evolves, which it most likely will due to the heavy police involvement now, it would be a much bigger case surrounding how onion has created online safe spaces for pedophiles through his own degenerate behavior. Hansen didn’t go hard enough on Rags in his interview, imo, since I think there is a greater case to be made irt him ignoring the shady stuff that went on in his forums that was actively encouraged by him because of his proclivity towards young, vulnerable women.

No. 756068


FatBecca, really? The gross Onion stan who said your vag should be spraying like a busted fire hydrant during sex? The one who only stop supporting Anus when he was a dick to her, but ignored all of his other predatory behaviors? The one who supported that sick fuck Sylar?

And yeah, the Avahoes family's reputation might never recover, but it's still not enough when two young kids still live with them and are subjected to their neglect and endangerment.

No. 756069

>If this case evolves, which it most likely will due to the heavy police involvement now

Don't believe the hype

No. 756071

I almost shat myself laughing when he condoned Billie and Ayallah doing n00dz on the web in a video.
OF COURSE that sick fuck condones that shit, I bet he peels his autistic tiny potato to that shit 10 times a day.
Wax on wax off, you greasy bastard

No. 756072

File: 1581093478903.png (494.64 KB, 2160x1620, CCA9BB55-64F8-4DE3-BA9F-498A3B…)

Teemo not in the end image anymore? Used to see her name enlarged in red

No. 756073

It's also probably a way to make them both uncomfortable tbh. Neither Billie or Ayalla want anything to do with Greg and I'm pretty sure they'd be happier if he forgot they even existed. Greg knows this and is trying to flaunt that he can still readily see them naked whenever he wants because he knows neither of them are comfortable with him and by proxy probably not comfortable with him looking at them naked (especially with the vitriol he spewed at both). Both put out videos publically begging and crying for Greg to just leave them alone.

He knows this in some way probably violates their boundaries and makes them second guess if Greg is actually subscribed/looking at their photos.

Hes trying to control them still through subtle digs and pushing the exact buttons/boundaries that he learned they had when they stayed with him at the McMansion. He doesnt care that it makes him look like a disgusting middle aged creep desperate for Billie still because all he cares about it making Billie uncomfortable to control her even if it's in that small of a way.

No. 756077

Damn. Good eye, Anon. I know she used to have an IG. It was like, teglo_ or something but within the last couple months or so has been deleted. With talks of another woman being at the swamp shack, I sorta believed it to be her since her IG went missing around the same time. It seemed likely to me that Grugly would make her delete it to keep her from accidently revealing that she was there. Tinfoil, but maybe she was there. And maybe there was a falling out of sorts, with her being kicked out or leaving. And then not subscribing to his gay fansite anymore.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 756079

Absolutely. I think you have Greg pegged down pretty well. Its all about control. Greg always talks about love and relationships but to him people are just objects for his own satisfaction. He's so far away from love it isn't even funny.

No. 756080

Don't believe anything you read on the onision subreddit. That place is the pinnacle of anti-o autism and the tinfoils that come from there are always ridiculous and never backed up by evidence.

No. 756081

I checked that place out yesterday, and as soon as I tried to correct them on some massive mistakes about Greg they just banned me and deleted my posts.
That place is heavily condensed autism.

No. 756083

He looked up Alicia's boudoir pics when he was with Shiloh, I have no doubt he is on Billie's onlyfans account rage fapping to his lost unicorn even if he has to pay for it. One of my favorite cow qualities of Onion is that he is a cheap bastard unless it has to do with gratifying himself in some way. He will dump thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat just for the opportunity to creep on some young, dumb thot before he turns on the heat in the winter time so his family doesn't freeze their asses off or goes to a barber that will fix his mangled, greasy mop of autism.

Alimony is slavery but buying everybody's meal at the Olive Garden so you can feel like a big shot is perfectly reasonable even when your income is being supplemented by donations. Grug is the guy at the bar buying everybody's drinks with his unemployment check kek.

No. 756084

Exactly and he tries to mask the harassment under the false guise of positivity.

It’s the same approach he used with harassing EC. After he said he would stop making videos finally but when he started up again and said his new ones were fine because they were “positive” or “supportive”.

Or like he was harassing Dan Howell and saying how hot he was while graphically detailing how he wanted to have sex with him or asking his fans to submit photoshopped pictures of them being together. It was gross and not a compliment.

None of these people want you unsolicited commenting on their bodies and you talking about them, no matter how “positive” you try to be, is harassing them.

No. 756086

His priorities with money is weird.
Like how he donated money to Eugenia on her live stream and boasted about it afterwards.
Even though he screeched continually in videos about his taxes and alimony, plus continually bitching at Lainey to turn all the lights off and refuses to use the indoor heating.

No. 756087

Thats his whole reason for doing anything he sees as "good." I mean most of us just donate to a cause and don't give it a second thought, we don't feel the need to tell anyone about it. But for him its self serving and he needs to show the world how "good" he is.
Meanwhile people like Brad Pitt just get caught donating entire houses after the New Orleans flood because a reporter happened to see him doing it. People like that just do it and don't talk about it. There's a difference.

No. 756089

This. Why do you think he went on rants where he screamed "Don't vocode me!" and "Stop making videos about me!"That was the most transparent bait ever.
It's clear the dude WANTED those videos made & to go viral so he could claim the ad revenue.Seriously,he must have claimed HUNDREDS, possibly thousands, of other creator's videos by now that continue to get views & make money.If he's claimed say, at least 500 videos in the lst 12 months, many of them with more than a half million views, that shit has to add up to some decent liveable income. How the fuck else is he feeding his family & buying his iphones & shit? The fact that he moved into the swamp shack means his savings can't be that substantial. He must be getting some regular income from somewhere.It must be the stolen adsense.

No. 756090

> he needs to show the world how "good" he is

It’s literally worse than that. He needs to show people how better/morally superior than them he is.

No. 756100

Like I've been saying Youtubers are literal cancer and are the reason why he still has an income. I think it's time to stop making videos because the news is out and the cops are working on a case. But I highly doubt people would stop making videos, someone I know is friends with deadwingdork and he only covers onision to be popular on YouTube. Its obvious others are capitalizing on it too.

No. 756104

I noticed she's not participating in his discord voice chats for a while either

No. 756105

Teemo's name is still in the credits in his recent video with his 3D rendered monstrosity. It just flashes by quickly

No. 756116

Regarding the waterheaded manlet trying to claim other people's revenue, I have a question. Does a video have to be monetized for him to be able to claim revenue? Because from what I've heard, it's super hard to even get Onision content monetized. So I question how all of these people are getting their revenue taken on their Onision content when it's difficult to get that content monetized in the first place. Perhaps Grugly can still theoretically claim revenue with his copyright claims even if the video is making no revenue? Like maybe the feature is still accessible by Grugly regardless if it's monetized or not?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 756117

Another day, another autistic freak out. I wonder if something happened today that just triggered him to make random tweets then delete it two seconds later.

No. 756118

File: 1581113583234.jpeg (214.81 KB, 821x1126, 7C4B6F85-8D37-48B4-9757-556A82…)

No. 756119

that's rich coming from the guy who made several videos obsessing over skye, her sister, billie, ayalla, shane, and even eugenia cooney. someone put a mirror in front of this wrecked creature's face.

No. 756120

Its like he forgot that they tried and he sent his preteen army after them and told the world their personal secrets lol

No. 756121


Shi and Sarah both really got under his skin. In his 'imperfect' video rant, he says he wished he'd never met them, but goes on to rant about how he's glad he met B. Anyone who stands up to him really knocks him off balance. Shiloh saying she never loved him triggered him so badly, I think he had a narc breakdown over it. At the time he said that was a shame bc he loved her, but now he's saying he never loved her or Sarah

No. 756125

Someone (didn’t care who the username was) made a somewhat in depth video on Onion and Crazy Tami’s relationship, it’s a little biased on Tami’s part and didn’t really talk about the naked body massages but whatev

No. 756126

File: 1581116094017.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1877x1125, 4C8FC683-A29F-46F3-B2CD-2A811B…)

Pic related

No. 756128

Poor Greg. We simply can't stop talking about how much of a retard he is. Guess he has to leave the Internet so we can't talk about him. After you Greggles.

No. 756130

He is also rage fapping to Sky's younger sister. Greg never is going to get over not being able to get with her.

No. 756131

>love is not molesting your child or their family
>love is not repeatedly putting yourself before your child

Umm, ok child groomer. I guess you can go off about what's right and what's wrong despite coercing, assaulting, and abusing women

No. 756133

whats needed now is an emotional blow (pardon the pun) from Billie.

No. 756134

File: 1581120289155.jpeg (141.23 KB, 970x2048, 083696E7-E5C8-41EC-A29B-8D401D…)

Some of his other tweets were particularly heinous.

No. 756135

File: 1581120391944.jpeg (186.61 KB, 750x677, FA5FCE96-0192-4947-A592-4858D6…)

Comparing his victims to herpes when his wife undoubtedly spread her coldsores to one or two of them. Classy.

No. 756138

I'm sure if there was a more flattering 3D model of him out there he would have used it, unfortunately for onion the artist that created this model did so accurately and gerg himself doesnt have the skill to fix it himself.

No. 756140

So uh, I take it he’s mad at Shiloh for doing another Hansen interview?

K e k

No. 756141

Is this about Lainey?

No. 756145

Does he even recognize his own blatant hypocrisy? Because up until Sarah came forward in August, HE was alone in constantly discussing Shiloh and Billie while frequently mentioning Skye and Adrienne as well. After poor Hannah Minx ghosted him then left the internet, he posted a video asking his retarded fanbase to violate her privacy by literally tracking her down for him.

Beyond all that, he fucking talking about "girlfriends" he had in god damned second grade like that's even a fucking thing.

He is just about the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO when it comes to the type of ex a girl can end up with. Yet he wants to snivel, pretending once again that HE'S the victim just wanting to move on.

I'm sure you do wanna move on you ugly fucking waterheaded ape…now that you can't even leave your swamp trailer without encountering the consequences of more than a decade's worth of creating victims.

Too fucking bad.

It's only going to get worse from here as law enforcement gets ever closer to throwing your dumbass in jail to further rot.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 756149

don’t get too caught up in this. it’s just part of the cycle. love bombing -> sad boy -> going offline -> manic, angry tweets -> love bombing. the cycle repeated itself a couple months ago so its about time. just let him yell into the echo chamber.

No. 756156

>he is on Billie's onlyfans account rage fapping to his lost unicorn even if he has to pay for it.
Of course he is. This after making fun of how "rough" she looked, how she aged. Shows the size of his ego and delusions that he genuinely thinks he has room to talk.

No. 756157

File: 1581125513605.png (49.86 KB, 744x169, gigh.PNG)

I'm semi-local-ish and have been a memeber of this group for quite a while now. Would anyone want to see posts about grug and krai?

Would I have to back out all the posters names to not get banned?

No. 756158

sure just censor out the names.

No. 756159

I don't blame her but going strictly by precedent, all this yakking on sm isn't going to help her situation in the long run, legally speaking.
The oldfags have seen it all before.

No. 756160

You can censor the names in MSPaint, thanks in advance for the screencaps.

No. 756161

B-but anon, the internet is bullying him, why can't you see that you heartless monster? Greg deserves better then to be treated the same way he treated others.

No. 756162

>love is not repeatedly putting yourself before your child
Wow he was writing about himself and Lainey back then?

No. 756163

I'm not. I wasn't caught off guard by what a clusterfuck the whole thing turned into. When you also take into account the history and patterns of behavior of some of the people who're supposed to be professionals, none of this is surprising.

No. 756164

File: 1581126805576.png (905.74 KB, 740x1671, oni1.PNG)

Got it. Okay I will try to do this chronologically. This and the following is the first post I've seen about him.

No. 756165

File: 1581126828864.png (375.91 KB, 705x1303, oni2.PNG)

No. 756167

File: 1581127008602.png (257.99 KB, 708x1254, oni3.PNG)

No. 756169

File: 1581127194002.png (342.34 KB, 728x1678, oni4.PNG)


No. 756171

File: 1581127342209.png (195.94 KB, 686x875, oni5.PNG)

No. 756172


No. 756174

File: 1581127578240.png (223.18 KB, 713x1314, 2oni2.PNG)

No. 756175

Well no wonder he's afraid to go outside and Krainey is hiding away. The locals want to beat the shit out of them.

No. 756176

File: 1581127702128.png (101.81 KB, 724x668, 2oni3.PNG)


No. 756177

It is. So many people have so little understanding of how the legal system actually works, the anti-o's are a perfect example.

No. 756179

File: 1581128115896.png (662.15 KB, 739x1674, 3oni1.PNG)

I'm going to start cherry picking because the more recent they get, the more comments they are. Mostly locals asking for a back story and others posting the same stuff.

No. 756180

No. 756181

He never did write that autistic novel he said all those failed horny tweets were for.

No. 756182

Most of these it looks like are from last year. This one's >>756173 dated Nov. I'm sure his entire neighborhood wants him gone. Bad press is not good for property values.

No. 756184

Really sounds like he's now the official town creep. Can't wait until he's too paranoid to even leave his house and forces Krai to do it.

No. 756188

You missed a name.

No. 756189

With lurkers here, PLEASE make sure you actually obfuscate all names, especially where locals are involved.

No. 756192

Missed it again, anon. Bottom in the first column and right under the photo.

No. 756194

File: 1581130303580.png (1.74 MB, 3084x1695, 4oni1.png)

sorry. Too many damn comments on these things.

No. 756195

File: 1581130352318.png (590.18 KB, 712x1705, 5oni.PNG)

No. 756196

I was going to say, but it's beating a dead horse - thank you for sharing the screenshots, don't feel bad, but please make sure you completely black-out their names and icons.

In MS-Paint, there's the shape tools, make both your first and secondary color black, select the square or rectangle shape, select fill, click solid, and then put black squares/rectangles over their names so it's completely blacked out. With the squiggles, you can still make some names out even though you did your best to cover it up.

Just so you know for next time, if there is a next time - it's faster than using the brush tool as well, and more accurate.

No. 756198


Your icon is showing.

No. 756200

Yeah. Hell. I noticed some other mistakes. Live and learn. I can't delete a post now either. Maybe a mod will deletethese and someone reposts them correctly censored.

Sorry guys. I tried.

No. 756201

File: 1581133318479.jpg (211.64 KB, 748x1236, vAFdzKi.jpg)

Thank you for the screencaps anon. OT, but I kinda felt but for this (seemingly very religious) old lady lol, she made an innocent statement based on her personal religious beliefs that in no way supported Onion's actions (she stated she didn't support him or his behavior in any way), but because it was a radically different comment from the typical comments (and somewhat positive towards to him in a way), people automatically assumed she was an Onion Supporter and ganged up on her and were kinda harsh lol.

She looked like an old lady tbh, and from her responses back to everyone else, sounds like she could have been someone's sweet, good intentioned grandma lmao.

No. 756224

Bottom comment in the second column mentions that they are onion's neighbour, and that they live in an HOA community. Huh, wonder why they haven't been kicked out yet?? I feel sorry for their neighbours, dear lord

No. 756225

It's the best comment on there cause we all know how Greg feels about thoughts and prayers.

No. 756235

File: 1581148661525.jpeg (586.54 KB, 828x1311, 56D9CF73-37EF-411D-BD45-99367B…)

saged for not really milk, but there’s an instagram account for an ARG (as far as I know), with 17.6k followers, and they just posted this today.

Seriously, it’s bottom feeders like this that give him attention and it makes me want to smash my head into a wall. Also most of “her” followers seem to be younger in age and female, and she calls them her “mommies”. Match made in heaven I guess.

No. 756240

Yeah, he worshipped Cloey so much she fell out the window and almost saw Heaven.He worshipped Troy so much he was willing to sign over his parental rights to him.
Father of the Year Yeet.

No. 756246

Also who the fuck talks to their kid unless they know how to talk? Loser parents do that. Not father of the year, War Hero, Military Cop and Veteran James Jackson. I mean what's the point if your kid can't stroke your ego? And JJ's so articulate that he can represent himself in court, so don't even waste his time half-pint.

No. 756261

He talks positively about Billie because he knows Sarah was jealous of her (and she probably still is, lbr)

No. 756268


Samefagging on this to add that her Instagram story is now full of pictures of onion. Kind of wondering if he made contact.

If anything else comes up I’ll just post in onion flakes. Just thought it was kind of strange that she suddenly started onion posting.

No. 756280


Greg definitely made these videos as a way to try to manipulate some sort of fight between all the girls.

No. 756288

File: 1581180095025.jpeg (474.77 KB, 1125x2209, AA11F2D1-53E9-4892-8F3A-F2BA3C…)

Teens Mcfly has scrubbed her Instagram of any mention of Greg .. trouble in paradise?

Every second photo used to be onision related, whether it being showing off her banana tattoo, or posting photos from a fan meet and greet.

Something went down.

No. 756291

Maybe he junk to rear'd her then "dumped" her. Seriously though, when Hansen visited Grogs house he said there was an unknown female there, I wonder if it was her

No. 756293

spill the tea, mcfly! join the right side of history

No. 756294


I dont think so. Lainey is in a symbiotic, perpetual relationship with her herpes.

No. 756299

I would fucking love to see Chris interview Mcfly just to see what kind of meltdown Grog would have

No. 756309

Wasn't she one of his biggest donators? Kek if she's not buying his potatoes anymore.

No. 756311

She's still in the credits as his supporter. She probably just doesn't want to get hate from people.
I doubt Grugly is attracted to her. He's a superficial ass. I mean if he thought Ayalla was ugly he must think this girl is a troll.

No. 756313

>>"my mom would never date a man who ever had sex with another man"

how DARE she, Kek, love how in all this horrible abuse he adds that in.

People can deny anyone sex or relationships for ANY reason Greg, i know thats news to you tho.

No. 756315

>bottom feeders like this that give him attention
Maybe stop giving them free advertising then?

No. 756317

He's kind of desperate though. It's why he messed up with Sarah. Being with someone like Billie made him delusional for awhile, and he chased clones like Maya and Luxy, but maybe he's realized that was a once in a lifetime thing, and he was lucky enough Billie hated herself at the time to let him stick it in, but it'll never happen with someone like her again (which is why he lovebombs her so much), and he's lowering his standards to be more down the earth kek

No. 756318

how many times does he claim he's privating his twitter or deleting his youtube only to re open his accounts a day later? its really weird

No. 756320

>I mean if he thought Ayalla was ugly he must think this girl is a troll.
You don't seriously think he believes it when calls Ayalla or Regina ugly, do you? He's just throwing a fit 'cause they won't fuck him

No. 756324

File: 1581199221522.jpeg (183.18 KB, 1024x2048, 923BF13C-EB3F-4F30-B768-00EF2C…)

Greg’s new, um…disguise, yeah

No. 756325


I'm sure he goes especially hard on Ayalla's appearance because she quickly caught on to his manipulative tactics early on and helped Billie get out of that clusterfuck before Onion could fully ensare her in the web

No. 756326

the other one was more accurate. he's probably gonna start making them "prettier" slowly to try to trick people into thinking he's attractive. new form of photoshop for him.

No. 756328

It's not like he can attract pretty girls anymore, all his remaining fans are fugly. For example Blasian looks like a dude, Tamara is an old fat cat lady. McFly is the least ugly of them

No. 756329


I have to laugh at her removing the tattoo pic. Must be hard being an Onion stan after his reputation has rightfully and publicly gone down the shitter

No. 756330

File: 1581200228536.png (1.93 MB, 1456x849, gregSTAHHHP.png)


That pointed chin and hollowed out cheeks are pure square enix fantasy. He needs to take a long look in the mirror, accept that he has a square shaped face and understand he will never be a bishi ffx character

No. 756333

File: 1581201109929.jpg (52.32 KB, 500x750, popcorn.jpg)


What are you talking about? McFly is going to pupate into a stunning brave butterfly and a GoFundMe for the tattoo is a shoe-in.

No. 756338

At this point, anyone that can be a fan of his after his 40 video confession where he outs himself as a misogynist that thinks sleeping with teens is part of biology and getting upset at abuse makes you an SJW, they deserve all the hate they get.
Those dumb bitches have been clinging to the "It's not ILLEGAL! He's not in JAIL!" defense but who the hell cares when they support a now self admitted human trashbag. He just laid out what kind of person he is infront of the entire world. I can't imagine any sane person looking at that and being like "Yup. That's a cool dude who deserves my money"

No. 756341

Kek. At least that shitty tat will be easier to cover or remove than Shiloh's if she decides to do that.

No. 756348

She should just turn that tattoo into a baby carrot, or half a hotdog in a turtle neck sweater.

No. 756352

Yup. She stole Billie away from him and was the reason why he severs connections from his victims. Ayalla stole a lot of manic panic pixie poon from him. She's a god damn hero.

No. 756355

File: 1581207708383.jpg (1.28 MB, 3000x2000, HansenvsGreg.jpg)

I wonder if he was inspired by that cgi anon. Gregs are not nearly that quality but keep trying, Greggy

No. 756358

I have no idea why but I have this funny feeling Greg just got arrested.

No. 756359


We don't post about our feelings here anon

No. 756360

Oh I know people get banned after each post here, and I don't really care.

No. 756362

Any particular reason or just throwing random shit out there to stir up some tinfoils?

No. 756366

File: 1581213547213.png (107.56 KB, 599x488, affiliate link.png)

Onion is trying to pull in some bucks with an affiliate link. His fans aren't old enough to own homes, so his advertising of solar panels is pretty much pointless.

No. 756367

Imagine some angsty teen whining at their parents about getting solar panels because
Onision has a coupon…

No. 756371

He had more of a resemblance to the one on the right when he was in his teens/early 20s. I don't know what happened to his face but I've never seen someone his age age as horribly as he has.
The first one was funny. After that they became gay and cringey. Good technical skill though.

No. 756373

Of course he didn't think she was ugly. He called Sarah Meg and Drew Carey and look what he ended up doing? He hated Ayalla for cockblocking him and Billie. He hated that Billie had a strong friend supporting her and looking out for her best interests, preventing him from doing whatever it was he'd had planned. I'm sure he still hates her for it lmao.

No. 756375

Poor lady. People need to take a step back from their emotions. I can't stand Greg but he still vaguely resembles something human and he's entitled to due process regardless of what he's done. Some brainlets campaign to take away the rights of others, too dumb to realize this creates a slippery slope for everyone else.

No. 756377

Where do you get that from? Sarah said Billie was the only one who stuck up for her when Greg was bullying her. There are some spergs who come through here every now and then saying Shiloh's still jealous of Skye or vice versa. It's stupid and there's no merit to it.

No. 756380

kek what are you even talking about nobody was talking about rights or due process in that comment section. they said he didn't deserve prayers and why tf would he?

No. 756382

I've seen comments on sm either alluding to or saying outright that someone like Greg doesn't deserve a trial, or anyone who thinks he does supports him or anything he's done. That's top tier retardation.

This >>756201 is a similar situation where people get triggered by anyone who's either being remotely neutral, or not following in lock step with the horde. Things like "you're going to end up in your fictional hell" if you say a prayer for him just makes it look like a pitchfork mob of brainlets railing on some random old lady because she dared say a hail Mary for the scum du jour. Circus gonna circus.

No. 756384

>how can anyone be a fan of his
There are some people dumb enough to, despite all the evidence, throw their support behind someone who's obviously misrepresenting themselves and their intentions. These supporters are motivated (much like the frauds they adore) by their own self interest, thinking they'll personally get something out of it, when all they're getting is duped and scammed. Happens all the time..

Never meet your idols.

No. 756385

File: 1581225696706.png (263.31 KB, 529x473, onisioncameo.PNG)

I dont know when he changed the price but now hes trying to get a grand for every Cameo.
Im sure the reason is because he was getting troll requests asking him to say some stupid shit.

No. 756387

I hope this means idiots will stop giving him money just to have him say dumb shit. He says enough dumb shit on his own.

No. 756388

File: 1581227757495.jpg (595.41 KB, 1618x1800, oniondays.jpg)

my gf egged me on. enjoy and thanks

No. 756390

File: 1581228274901.jpeg (38.97 KB, 410x308, 04FFFBBE-17CB-42C3-81F9-F6CB17…)

Sweet Jesus I got flashbacks from that

No. 756391

I don’t think jealous is the right word but he probably teased her in relation to Billie and he treated her like a kid in comparison to her to make Sarah more desperate to prove she could be “grown up” like Billie. I do think that was a component of the grooming.

Does anyone understand the video circulating twitter right now with the livestream of Lainey and sarah when sarah got the laptop back? It proves that Greg was linked to the account potentially which is big but sarah mentions that pictures are still on there and people seem to think it means something. Wouldn’t it potentially play into Greg’s narrative that sarah obtained the pictures without consent? Idk I think I’m missing something.

No. 756394

File: 1581229313971.gif (2.47 MB, 500x255, oxh9juNGk41snusg4o5.gif)

lol hope someone in his neighborhood starts a prayer circle for him and makes it public so he knows about it. If he ever came in contact with holy water dude probably go Linda Blair and his skin would get even more crispy than it already is.

No. 756398

Honestly tho that could trigger another sperg fest lol

No. 756399

he looks unhinged wtf

No. 756403

File: 1581234181134.png (13.29 MB, 9047x1891, hr_mz420.png)


That's not even his final form.

No. 756407

Good god. With a few little extras this could be a banner.

No. 756410

It's an old as fuck picture too. I don't think he has had his hair like that since he was in the McMansion or just moved out of the McMansion.

I went to check for reference pictures but he has scrubbed his instagram of his real face from now and until just before Kai entered the picture ~2012.

No. 756412

I tried to upload a video directly of me scrolling through his IG but it was too large so here it is on drive


No. 756414

When Anus exposed Billie's secrets Sarah was laughing about it and posting memes on Twitter. She also gave Anus ammunition to slander Ayalla when she made up that story that Ayalla wanted to have sex with her when she was 16,she obviously hated both of them.

No. 756415

Or you know waving her loyalty flag because she knows exactly how Onion treats people who are even just courteous to people he doesn't like. If she sucked up to and defended Billie and Ayalla she would be sent packing to Michigan.

No. 756420


You can all relax because it was totes not Greg's CP riddled laptop, you guyz.
Notice Lainey's panicked reaction.(subjectfag)

No. 756421


On top of all the other bullshit in his video spam, Onion lied through his teeth about the laptop belonging to someone else. Oh wait, Gregory is not even his name

No. 756429

No. 756435

big tinfoil but there has been a lot of speculation about grug using his company and high paying tiers (the 1000 dollar ones) to distribute child porn. would probably explain the ridiculous amount of cameras they have set up around the house, caught a lot of action between grug and his victims. also no teen is going to pay 1000 for a cameo which is weird considering thats literally all of his audience

No. 756444

sara: "i'm actually on your account right now."
lainey: "that's probably…better. i have less stuff on there."

No. 756450

I think the point is that it has pictures that Kai has saved on there of Sarah and Regina as well as pictures that were sent to them. Plus, it might have pictures that Greg had.

No. 756458


this is cringe, looks like antz

No. 756461

On the livestream Sarah had a few years ago when she "refuted cuddling claims" when Billie was in the chat Greg stormed into the room like a military sergeant to tell Sarah how she better block and remove Billie because "she was obssessed" and "LAINEY IS CRYING RIGHT NOW!!"

Farmers here were talking about how rattled Sarah seemed almost as if she was scared of Greg. It's not far fetched to believe Onions intense guilt tripping spergs used to frighten Sarah as a teenage girl and she would happily be on the offense with Greg rather than a target for his shame/abuse while living under the same roof as he.

Greg has admitted to being unrelentingly mean to Sarah before she turned 18. Those kind of mind games are not healthy for teenagers who are already insecure and prone to listen to "authority figures". Plus I'm sure Sarah had already confided in Lainey about her sexual assault which means Greg got an earful of it since we know Lainey tells him everything so I'm sure she was also very aware Greg would sperg out on the internet about how *~ a black man raped her ~* just like hes doing now. Sarah was simply trying to survive mentally under Onions iron fist - Shiloh did the same thing to A and Skye only she was older. The mental toll Greg must take in a teenagers vulnerable mind when he has them between his greasy fingers is probably not short of torturous imo.

I wouldn't be surprised if he publically shames his own daughter for disobeying/disrespecting him when shes a teen. If hes not already banned from the entire internet by then kek.

No. 756484

Oh, I remember that. I wish I could find it again, but when Sarah said something that was remotely defensive of Billie, Greg "jokingly" (he used emojis, you see) told Sarah she was free to sleep outside. Sarah didn't seem to think he was joking.

No. 756497

The only reason that he mentions Billie being intelligent & "not mentally ill"(and her supposed IQ) is so that he can refer back to Billie's livestream comment claiming Sarah wasn't groomed

No. 756499


Oh right. TRO did a good job demonstrating that Onion can be very calculating and giving things particular forethought when it comes to coming out 'in the right' in the future

No. 756520

In one of his recent sperg videos I thought he said that the IQ test they took was basically bullshit from what commenters said, and because he took it on some random fucking website and didnt take an actual IQ test.

No. 756521


He kept trying to brag that he scored 140 on a 10 question fake ass IQ test. He also said in his many raging FAX machine videos the month after the final Billie breakup that there's "a reason she scored the lowest of us" between him, her, and Sarah. True, Billie's grammar and spelling isn't exactly impressive, and she got some high school equivalency certificate eventually, but she is miles more intelligent than someone who: thinks Puerto Rico is spelled "Porto Rico", thinks Vermont is a city, thinks "Los Vegas" is in California (sorry STEVE said that), thinks women don't have urethras, and is massively retarded enough to think if he writes off anything that appears in two frames of a video will = 100% refund on his taxes. Oh, and it's mommy's fault, and his school's fault, and turbo tax's fault he got audited four years in a row.

No. 756557

Greg use to make the girls play queer games like never have I ever and other inappropriate questions to ask teen girls when you're in your 30s. I'm pretty sure there was a video up of Billie, Ayalla, Sarah and Greg doing one of the gay videos and he was putting on his "alpha male" deep voice and asking if they'd have 3somes etc etc. I'm 100% certain the context of Ayalla sleeping with Sarah was during one of those queer games were they are all dumb teenage girls trying to impress the adult groomer. Ayalla was more discussing SR to score sexual prowess points. Half the shit they discussed was embellished or straight up shite. Like when Onion talks about satisfying sexual partners. They're not being serious.

Sarah skin walked Billie at a time too. It's obvious Billie is Greg's It Girl, look at how much of a spastic Lainey looked trying to be her. If it wasn't for Billie we would never have got the cringe that was BeautyBot or Livestreams of Lainey badly applying make up. She packed it all in and now identifies as a gayboy because she can't compete with the girls Greg desires so she's made her own niche. It's Lainey everyone hates everyone loves Billie lol

No. 756563

There's also emotional intelligence that Onion lacks entirely which is why he cannot function outside of his online echo chamber. Even inside of his echo chamber he struggles it's just that he attracts people who are just looking for anywhere to belong that they put up with his abuse and pay him for it.

No. 756615

File: 1581345543355.jpeg (824.89 KB, 3840x2160, 2E877FDE-0A2F-474E-BBF0-8DA87D…)

No. 756620

File: 1581349690405.png (151.08 KB, 506x577, twitter.png)

No. 756625

It's interesting how Greg always compares himself and pretends to be someone else… as if he was unhappy about his life and didn't have any desirable personality at all.

Oh, wait…
k e k

No. 756635

Loki attention whored on twitter?

No. 756643

I'll take face herpes over putting up with someone like Greg anyday. Face herpes is manageable with the right meds and supplements.

No. 756647

Sage for potential armchairing, but after watching some of those videos he uploaded recently, I'm convinced this is one of Greg's last attempts to recruit.

I.e Trying to build an illusion of individual connection with the viewer, using every strawman and manipulation technique he can and building on it each video, essentially brainwashing new or vulnerable people interested in the drama.

No. 756648

Fuck Greg, maybe you should never have started your queer OnionSpeaks channel. Soon as anyone with a brain heard your rat bastard opinions it all went downhill. He's such a faggot omg

No. 756655


As long as he has internet access I think he will try again and again to recruit. He really cannot handle being alone. I imagine if he ends up in prison there are women who will be drawn to him as there are already such people who are drawn to murderers and rapists.

"my life has kinda just improved" gave me flashbacks to when he was talking about how he and Kai were the happiest they ever been (I think just as Sarah was coming forward with her story)

No. 756661

Hail Sicesca!

No. 756663

File: 1581365816281.png (360.89 KB, 820x537, test.PNG)

>which is why he cannot function outside of his online echo chamber

Just hours after that post was made Greg uploaded a video to UhOhBro called "test" where a CGI clown sings "I dont care that you say that I am not functional,I am functional, I am functional." over and over for 30 seconds.

Coincidence? I think its more proof he watches this thread like a hawk.

No. 756665


Is that Pennywise? TRO made an apt comparison between Onion and Pennywise as well. But we know Onion doesn't lurk, Jeff probably told him kek

No. 756670

> Coincidence? I think its more proof he watches this thread like a hawk.
Oh rly?

Dear Greg/James/Cucky McFucky;

You are not functional, everyone hates you, you suck at life and we all want you to go away. You are also a sick fuck that needs to be put behind bars or the looney bin but we can all dream, right?

Oh, and did I mention you suck?(implicit hi cow)

No. 756691

That Jeff is one busy guy, keeping up with any mention of Grug.

No. 756695

can we let the trend of people referring to cows directly die? greg is evil but this is cringe and always has been

No. 756696


Do any anons know which program he is using to create these monstrocities?

No. 756713

Maybe an asset kit from the Unity store? The kind asset flippers like Digital Homicide use? Of course Greg would probably use a free one, cheapskate that he is.

No. 756714


Has anyone else observed that boomers find it suspicious when people have many aliases? And specifically that all the boomers involved with gurgles (Hansen & co) find it shady as fuck that he has so many aliases?

Like - Hansen, his lawyer associate Mike(?), the Pierce County officer who was interviewed - they always make a point of listing the many aliases of Greg and Lainey, and I specifically recall during the Pierce County police interview with Hansen that the officer being interviewed reacted in a way that showed he finds it strange/suspicious that Greg and Kai have so many aliases.

Is it because serious criminal types like serial killers and fraudsters tend to be drifters, the kind of person who's changing their identity (both name and appearance) often, to escape law enforcement, or to estrange themselves from family/ex romantic partners/employers…?

Just a small observation, any thoughts?

No. 756717

don't think it's exclusively a boomer thing, it's just weird for most people. most people don't have a long list of AKAs and it reads as evasive and purposefully confusing. even lolcow and KF make a point of listing all known names, for clarity and SEO - nobody can google any of onion's names without coming across his history.

No. 756722

Agree it's not just a boomer thing. For most normal people,changing your birth name is a serious life-changing event like transitioning,being adopted or escaping abusive parents or for professional reasons(no actor in the SAG can have the same name as another actor). People tend to do only once or at most twice in their life & put a lot of thought into it.A load of aliases is one of the red flags that law enforcement look for as an indicator of shady behaviour. You know, like a certain groomer called Gregory/James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe aka Onision.

No. 756730

File: 1581392747623.webm (1.93 MB, 321x180, Onisions name changes.webm)

He's had 5 names.
Gregory James Daniel Birth name
Gregory James Latcha For a short time went by his stepfathers last name
Gregory James Jackson He didnt want any connection to his father so he used his mothers last name when he started his YT career
Gregory James Avaroe Legally changed last name when he married Lainey
James ? Jackson Legally changed 5/2/2019

I agree with this anon >>756625 that he has no real personality or understanding of who he is so he tries to mimic people or characters he wishes he was and along with that he changes his name in hopes that it will launch some kind of identity.

No. 756731


kek i hope his middle name is Gregory

No. 756742

The entire family dropped their middle names when they changed their last name to Jackson. Clot's middle name used to be Abbigale which is fucking weird. So no his middle name isnt Gregory which is why when he called the cops on Hansen he fatuously complained to the dispatcher "My name isnt even Greg!".

No. 756747

Not sure about this one but in his "hi again" video he used Unreal and the free village pack.

No. 756748

File: 1581403820475.png (1.08 MB, 1035x633, i'm gone.PNG)

He stretched out "Im quitting Twitter" into a rambling 12 minute video.
Maybe he can become a YouTube artist and make fanart stills for Madame.
I swear this drawing looks like something I saw in a documentary about children who murder. Part of the kids therapy was to draw what was going on in their head.

No. 756751

>A load of aliases is one of the red flags that law enforcement look for as an indicator of shady behaviour.
Is this true?

I agree with your assessment that changing names is a serious event. The other acceptable reason to have an alias is a pen name or stage name, for writers, musicians, performers etc. Which I guess also includes youtubers nowadays.
Still, you don't see performers like Lady Gaga or Eminem having 5 changes to their legal/birth name. It IS odd.

You forgot his 6th alias: Onision!

Isn't it also really fucking strange that Greg managed to find his soulmate, who also has just as many name changes and aliases?? What are the chances of two people getting married who both have such a penchant for shady name changing.

>Taylor Elaine "Lainey" Avaroe/Kai Jackson/KoolGuyKai/LaineyBot

Did I miss any?

I guess it's kinda weird that Grug also forced a further name change on his own family. Including his kids like >>756742 pointed out, which doesn't make any sense at all. A child's middle name is usually a homage to a godparent, grandparent, or a religious thing - a parent changing their kids middle name is beyond peculiar although I can't put my finger on why it gives me the creeps

No. 756753

Jesus christ, that drawing is terrifying. It is like a sociopathic 5 year olds drawing.

>I would love to make this a long, blahblahblah, thing, but I need to get to the point because I have a 1-on-1 I have to get to.

Then rambles for 12 minutes ….

He's using that "soft" voice now. The narc cycle continues. I think the narc rage stage has subsided, after his 8 hours of freakout videos, now he's in his contemplative redemptive arc…
what's the next stage? kek

No. 756758

It's sketchy to me because there's really no reason for someone to be legally changing their name the way he has, except maybe when he married Foot. If you don't like your given name just adopt a pseudonym until you have a life event (like marriage) that you might want to change your name for. Your name is linked to your social so all the cops need is his SSN and they can find all of his aliases and I'm sure it's the same with background checks done by employers.

Other farmers can attest that the association with Abbigale and his daughter is incredibly creepy. I couldn't bear his mind numbing novels but in Stones to Abbigale his stand in's love interest is named Abbigale and apparently Shiloh used to play a character named Abbigale in his videos.

No. 756765


Taylor Elaine Anderson, Taylor Elaine Avaroe, and Kai Jackson have been her legal names. She briefly went by Lainey Jackson on Poshmark and Patreon, and of course has gone by other dumbass online names.


Yeah, as if his poor daughter didn’t have it rough enough already. Anus has used both Cloey and Abbigale (dumb spellings included) in skits with Shiloh that he sexualizes, not to mention the character of Abbigale in his atrocious book. Poor Clot. Her brother gets to be Troy Alexander (named after Alexander, Prince of Troy, a Greek mythological hero), and she gets to be Cloey Abbigale after her own father’s fetishes. Just goes to show what women amount to for Anus. It’s speculated that Lainey wanted her name to be Claire, since she grew up a rich white girl and probably wanted a rich white girl name (no offense to any farmers named Claire), and her family would post on her FaceBook when she was pregnant with Clot and call the baby Claire. Somewhere between then and her birth Anus must have insisted that she be Cloey and Doormat of course let him have his way.

No. 756768

I think people also speculated they named him Troy because High School Musical was pretty popular for her age group growing up. Which makes sense because Taylor was a basic ass cheerleading bitch in high school not the emo scene queen she tries to convince everyone she was.

No. 756773

File: 1581415906227.jpeg (678.91 KB, 2048x2048, F6996C43-C325-4D65-A1F3-891352…)


It’s a wonder Clot didn’t end up with Gabriella then. The whole insisting she was a special damaged emo also really began after Billie finally left/the skinwalking era. Billie was a proper fully all out cringe fest emo in high school, and Lainey is stupid enough to think she can erase history if she just keeps lying.

No. 756774

didn't she also use her maiden name, anderson, on facebook? i think it was taylor anderson at least for a time.

No. 756775

Good god, he actually drew that? Way to look totally normal, gerg.
Also, what is that in the top right, a floating man holding magnets? Lol

No. 756776

Lmao you think Taylor is his soulmate? She's his doormat. She changes her names at the bequest of Faggoty Greg.

And Troy was named after the Brad Pitt character not highschool musical lol. Again, Onion picks the names. He named his daughter after characters he made up. Cloey was a haters United character he made up with Skye, not Shiloh. And Abbigale was the character from his first book his self insert was fucking.

No. 756777

Pretty sure they named him after that Troy movie from like 2004 that no one remembers because it’s one of Greg’s favorite movies. Remember everything in his life revolves only around his own shit taste.

No. 756779

If you showed someone this drawing and what he wrote on his legal reports, people would think either a child or a severely mentally handicapped person had done it.

Greg just happens to be a combination of the two in the worst ways.

No. 756784


Sage for no real input but I'm the farmer that discovered her name to be cloey and it is in fact a haters United character but its 100% Shiloh. Skyes character was named Sunny.

No. 756787

"Lainey" and "Kai" are Taylor's slave names, tbh.

No. 756789

Gross so his daughter is named after a character based on a hater turned lover and his wet dreams book. He's such a greasy bastard.

No. 756790

File: 1581432724079.png (198.37 KB, 502x744, twitter regrets.png)

Apparently it's Twitters fault that he vented all his shit on their platform. This man child has no desire to take responsibility for his own actions.

No. 756791

and how is this any different greg u moron? because it's on facebook it's safe???

No. 756805

He's just mad cause him and pedokrai got outed for grooming Sarah on twitter, and it trended, and now more people are aware how much of a dirt bag he is. so somehow that's twitters fault not his for being a groomer
And now his gross creepy twitter posts are biting him in the ass because, surprise, he actually is a gross creep

No. 756815

lmao he quit twitter and now hes just posting elsewhere about twitter

it's a little sad how addicted he is to the internet. he probably should just disconnect forever but then he'd really have nothing. he doesn't know how to exist without it.

No. 756831

lmao fuck i didn't know that troy is one of his favorite movies. i would have expected this tryhard to pick fight club since he's in the right age range of late-90s jadedness. he's definitely the type that would have written 'you are not a unique and special snowflake' and 'we are the all singing all dancing crap of the world' quotes on notebook covers and thought he was deep and edgy.

this might be a little too out there for gurg but has he ever considered just not posting every thought and idea he's ever had on the internet for echo chamber approval? maybe he should try communicating with his family once in a while. he needs to look at the way other internet personalities manage their social media, the ones that aren't total dicks, and follow their example but that's too hard for him because he has an all-consuming need to fulfill his narc cycle somehow. not that it would help anyways, he's dug himself way too deep in his shithole to climb out and he can rot in it.

i love it. he'll never truly be gone because he has built his whole life around the internet. we'll still be laughing at his disgusting melted face when he's in his 60s.

No. 756842

File: 1581448121197.png (2.3 MB, 2073x1693, demoreel.PNG)

His IMDB is still listed as Gregory which includes among other gems a "demo reel."

Someone has also listed the Hanson vs. Predator show under Greg's acting credits as Alleged Predator in the self section


No. 756843

Tinfoil but maybe the gross sex tweets he wrote in the hospital with Cloey put him in trouble with CPS

No. 756844

Greg doesn't want people to talk with - he wants people to talk at. Talking to family members/close friends privately would mean Greg would have to run the risk of having to listen to someone else's opinion for once rather than his own echo chamber. As we know his galaxy brain cant handle that at all even when people pay him actual money. He'd rather just make ridiculous facebook/Twitter polls instead because that's totally how you get statistical evidence of the opinion of the majority.

I also think Greg is probably migrating back towards Facebook because it's his "safe space" or at least a space where fans once flocked to tell him how right and amazing he was and how all his exes were evil obsessed freaks. Facebook is the platform he successfully harassed Skye and Shiloh into hiding on. Greg never received that kind of reception on twitter, by then he was just an OG laughing stock of YouTube and he got blasted pretty unrelentingly about the whole Christina Grimmy's "you prayed and she still died" nonsense. In Greg's caveman brain he probably does actually blame Twitter for his "downfall" and not the bullshit he spews from his face on a constant basis. Hes reverting back to what he was doing at his "peak" in like 2009 and he cant fathom why it wont work this time just like he cant fathom why writing your entire house off as a business expense and then sending a video of yourself sperging to the IRS isnt evidence that you "didnt do anything wrong!".

No. 756847

So the manlet crybaby called the police because of that Lowe's employee who took his picture lmfao. This is the same guy who defended taking pictures of young girls in swimsuits at the beach and pools, just let that sink in

No. 756848

I don't remember anything about the employee ''admitting'' to coming to his house. Is he just exaggerating as usual, or did that actually happen? Either way, those 911 operators must be so sick of him calling every other week over non emergencies…

No. 756849


yes alleged he did

>i work at lowes in washington, after helping a customer i returned back to my desk to see him, his wife, and his youngest child there talking to my manger. my manger told me to help them and i recognized him as a friend and i went to go shit post him since we found out he lived so close to us. he ordered a new window, garage door opener and fence. i wanted to ask him how his visit with Chris Hansen was but lowes would fire for not being professional and i was scared he would sue (since that's all he's been doing) the child looked fine nothing i could see, his wife was in sweats and a hoodie with her hair down to her forehead. he tried to use a p.o. box but since my friend and i went to his house i knew the address and put it in instead. he saw this and said 'thank you, we'll come back in when you call' and bought his stuff and left (i combined a bunch of comments on the old thread so they don't get asked again)

No. 756850

File: 1581450433464.jpg (382.63 KB, 1051x1108, bulletproofvest.jpg)


Here's the post in question. The employee wasn't smart to say he was an employee rather than just say he saw him pass by at Lowe's. Greg's reaction is over the top though. Driving by someone's house and just looking at it isn't against the law unless there's more context involved like it's an abusive ex etc

No. 756852

Jesus christ 3 phone calls? im surprised the police havent found any reason to arrest him just for being annoying and wasting people's time.

No. 756854


Really odd that he just knew the address to the swamp hut and just put it in without asking. They did not think this one through but kek at at Onion scouring the internet for any and all mentions of himself.

No. 756855

I bet that's Lainey's job now, especially since she recently deleted her Facebook within an hour of it being posted here and on Twitter.

No. 756858

that employee is an idiot, but lol at Greg thinking his No Trespassing sign stops people from driving past his house. He has no evidence the person went into his yard. I'll bet that police visit amounted to nothing. They probably said he has to actually see the person in his yard to do anything and to call if he did.

But as usual, Greg is reading the law the way he wants to. After doing a little research on Washington's trespassing laws, it seems the sign does nothing other than give the person more legal recourse if they choose to press charges on a person for trespassing, BUT it is not a guarantee that the person will be charged, as the intent of the person trespassing matters most. For instance, all his sperging about the government employees trespassing during the wetlands debacle would amount to absolutely nothing, and their intent was not criminal.
If this Lowes employee actually went into his yard and was caught doing so, they could likely be charged, but just posting vaguely online is not gonna be enough.

No. 756919

File: 1581470610789.png (292.05 KB, 639x599, Feb112020.PNG)

Why am I not surprised.

No. 756920

He really doesn't give a shit about anyone else does he? 911 is for emergencies and on top of that he seems to be getting upset they aren't coming out fast enough. Fuck anyone who really needs the police, poor Greg had his picture taken in a public space! Is he aware that all his 911 calls are public? If not, when he finds out there will be another 911 call but this time complaining how the recordings of his previous calls where released.

No. 756923

who wants to bet he got the idea from that weird harley quinn video he doesn't shut up about? i thought he might have been using garysmod or sfm. apparently that was too much credit.

No. 756924

>when he finds out there will be another 911 call but this time complaining how the recordings of his previous calls where released.

lol its going to be a vicious cycle
Operator-"911 what are you reporting?"
Onision-"uh yeah, Im calling to report that my last 911 call was illegally put on the internet without my legal written consent. I need a sheriff out here in the next 5 minutes to take my complaint."

Now he doesn't need to search for his specific Hentai fetish porn. We all know that hes making his own CGI porn with that program. I wonder how scary and potentially illegal the shit hes creating and jerking off to is. My guess is it involves very young looking girls with blue hair, dogs, and rape.

No. 756941

what an asshole. take your lazy, unwashed ass to the police station and file a report you fucking troglogdyte.

No. 756949

File: 1581481068607.png (6.63 MB, 1125x2436, A7D0E864-2319-47BA-BBE3-BF9D56…)

From his latest (idk how recent) cameo response

No. 756951

"Hi cow" is bannable, actually, but usually it's on posts that aren't as sarcastic.

He thinks he's all these "cool" villains like Loki and the Joker, but he's more like Jared from Subway.

No. 756954

I just remembered something kai said that hinted sarah was gonna be a future third few years back. some one asked kai on twitter or tumblr if sarah was a lesbian and kainey replied saying she was 'heteroflexible' meaning she could compromise taking dick if it meant getting with lainey. since then i fully knew sarah was gonna be the next victim eventually. im 99% sure she was underaged when lainey said this. can anyone find the screenshot? i saw it on lolcow maybe 2 years back

No. 756955


Are you sure you're not confusing Luxy with Sarah? >>324533

No. 756957

File: 1581485351946.jpg (59 KB, 497x249, Capture.JPG)

Only similar thing I could find, but it isn't about Sarah

No. 756974

I find it hilarious that he uses pr0n-software to make that shit.
I mean its great he's finally doing something that requires an actual talent, but then he doesn't want to take the effort to learn that actual skill so he uses easy baby software in order to try and look like he has acquired said skill.

No. 756977


Imagine being 34 and describing politics as "kinda mean" kek

No. 756980

Wow he's got so much botox. Why bother when your features are so gd ugly anyways

No. 756981

Thats his whole shtick though, he thinks he's knowledgeable, heck fancies himself an intellectual even; while the truth of the matter is that he's a dumbass that doesn't know shit from shinola.
He has a lot in common with Chris-chan, with the main difference being that Chris is more likable.

No. 756985



Note that Onision explicitly stated time and time again that, people with BPD don't remember things/events properly and twist it… yet again Onision was proven right and here's how (I will explain since most of you anti-o morons have the IQ of a piece of shit, to actually comprehend):

1: Sarah says Kai sent nudes and the evidence is on the laptop…

2: In the clip up above Sarah mentions (before making false accusations otherwise) to Kai that when she received the laptop it wasn't reset (so she saw pictures) and Kai thought it was reset.


Btw, fyi, the 'blooper video of Sarah crying about admitting that nothing inappropriate happened: its super obvious that she faked it:

1. Her hat was on a different way.
2. There's a slight difference in background such as the black blanket on the left

More evidence exposing Sarah: https://youtu.be/nRqwpYvu0b4

To everyone who shit all over Onision and ruined his life… do what's right and spread the truth. You helped create this problem, now fix it…

Spread this information everywhere: youtube, tumblr, reddit, pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, younow and including all of your hating Onision sites.

Call the fbi: 855-835-5324

Call the police: 911

Email the sherrif (also complain about their association with a criminal/felon): PCSHERIFF@piercecountywa.gov

Explain to all of them how Sarah lied and Onision is innocent. If you have any integrity you will publicly do so since you helped ruin Onision life and career.

apologize to Onision and everyone you lied to publicly about him. You Should all be ashamed for trusting proven liar drug addicts with bpd (Sarah, Billie, Ayalla, Shiloh,
etc) and a criminal/felon (Chris Hansen) over someone who literally did nothing wrong and has been nothing but consistent with the facts.

I don't know how many times he has to prove you all wrong but hopefully you learned something new this time.

More evidence:


Get out and stay out of Onision's life forever and never talk about him again. Goodbye.


No. 756986


It must be hard being this retarded.

No. 756987

Samefag. And I forgot to sage my post… It is definitely hard being retarded. I feel for the poster above me now.

No. 756988



No. 756989

not replying with 'hi cow' is getting extremely difficult here.

No. 756990

Lol Sarah has work ethic and works jobs,goes to school and has her own place. Unlike Greasy's ugly wife. Also your 'proof ' doesn't prove shit. Imagine being a fan of a guy that constantly endangers his children, is dumb af, illiterate, unfunny and ugly af.

No. 756991

lol whatever you say "john"

No. 756993

How can you tell it’s botox?

No. 756995

I feel you. I think Greg is the only one stupid enough to encourage his fans to call 911 instead of the non-emergency line just so he can hopefully get out of trouble.

No. 756998

Botox is so common and Onion has been regularly uploading for like a decade, we're women, we're very perceptive. He's got botox. Funny thing is it does nothing for him and is only going to add to the oversized face shape he was born with. Botox speeds up aging and this greasy bastard doesn't maintain his skin thru diet, hygiene or exercise. He looks awful for his age.

No. 757001

that collapsed brow thing can be a botox side effect, and his goes up and down over time.

No. 757003

John is literally the most generic name in the world. Could you be more creative with your fake names so they’re at least somewhat believable?

No. 757005

the vocabulary and flavor of stupidity is exactly like him

No. 757006


maybe he just spelled jeff wrong , things get wild los vegas

for real tho its probably a "super epic get rekt" troll by his stupid discord server or some anti-o on twitter that wants to spice things up for a fake "hi cow" moment

No. 757007

File: 1581521385830.jpg (583.66 KB, 810x2303, jeff.jpg)

I was thinking this sounded like the mystical Jeff Smith who tried to start a change.org in order to get Onion's patreon back. The thing got 5 signatures and that's just because people wanted to bash him for being such an idiot.

No. 757012

Someone needs to tell John to lurk more, cause we have already discussed and debunked all of his “evidence”.

No. 757013

No. 757014

Only good point he makes is about the blooper video. The rest can be dismissed

No. 757015

The blooper video “discrepancies” have been debunked so many times. On the video that was actually posted for Gregma she used a snap chat filter to hide her crying, which is why her eyes look massive, lighting is different, camera is flipped making her hair and beanie appear different.

No. 757016

She also isn't in another room in the blooper video. She was just filming from a different angle so that's why there's a "slight difference in the background".

No. 757017

I can’t believe we have to say it again, but if she recorded that blooper video 6+ Months after the first one, her hair was a completely different color at that point. Not to mention someone already flipped the videos and overlayed them on top of eachother - her hair is laying the exact same way. Flipping out in the same direction. I can’t find that image now, but it’s easy enough to do yourself

No. 757018

Stop responding to trolls
Why do all these boomers act this way ffs

No. 757031

Wrong, little Onion stan. If anything, this clip shows Onision for the big fat liar he is.
"Oh, I never touch Kai's devices." Yet his name was literally on the Log-in screen. Apart from the fact that loads of texts exist where Greg hops on Kai's phone to talk to the unicorn of the month, this shows Greg & Kai share device access. Shiloh can confirm Greg demanded to know all her media passwords & I doubt that's changed.
It will be very easy for police to trace when the nudes were sent,and from which of Kai's accounts.And if they were sent before Sarah got the laptop,Greggles & Foot are fucked. I'd also wager their love of Apple products will bite them in the ass as it's likely evidence saved in the cloud.
If Greg really wants to save himself, he'd be better off keeping his fucking mouth shut and getting a lawyer."I don't have to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me" is an oldie but a goodie, Gurg. Use it.
No one is going to defend Onision on the internet apart from his handful of ex-patrons who want his greasy dick. He's the most hated man on Youtube and his career is finished. It'll end in prison, penury, or suicide by cop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757041

Even IF Sarah got the nudes from the laptop, that would only prove Lame's innocence, not Gurgles. But it still wouldn't make them innocent of all the other shit they've pulled.
And the fucking blooper theory has been debunked time and time again but nice try, "John".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757049

Hey onion boy! We knew that It’s you based on the way you type in having to say goodbye at the end Of the sentence. How about you leave Sarah alone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757058

>>756985 LOOOL fuck off you greasy caveman. In what world is it okay for a 35 year old man to sleep with what is essentially his foster child? There is no way to twist it to make yourself look better, everyone knows you're trash. Rot in jail.(taking bait)

No. 757060

pretty sure Sarah specifically said the nudes were texted directly to her, and I am inclined to believe her.

Plus, Greg's own words of whether or not Lainey sent those nudes to Sarah have been so wishy washy and vague (saying things like "Lainey would never WANT TO send them" instead of just saying she didn't send them) doesn't really lend confidence that Lainey is innocent. We know Greg. If Lainey told him "Sarah stole those photos from the laptop I gave her" he would come out and say that. But instead he keeps dancing around the topic, never actually giving a proper denial.

No. 757082

Who's going on Hansen's show tonight?

No. 757085

It’s a psychologist and attorney, Dr. Lisa Strohman.

I’m just really glad he didn’t get that YouTube pop psychologist Kati on because that would have undermined the legitimacy of it all. Idk it could be good but we’ll see. I’m hopeful.

No. 757099

File: 1581541960330.jpg (47.17 KB, 630x1200, DrLisaStrohman.jpg)

So he is going to have Dr. Strawman on, thats just great. Thats just dandy.
I'm sorry to sound so blunt here but what good is that supposed to do? Is she gonna e-diagnose him based on her 2 hour research? Because i'm sure the good doctor is going in to this fresh as a daisy just like Chris did a few months back. And then tell us Greg is a narcissist with psychopathic traits. I mean even if you got a profiler to talk about Greg what good would that do? No really? We already know who Greg is, have known what he is for many years now. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but what exactly is the end goal here? To drag it out till they finally pick the greasy couple from the swamp trailer? The wheels of justice move slow to be sure but these particular wheels in washington are moving slower than a turd trough a funnel at -10 degrees Fahrenheit.
Why not get Skye and her sister Alicia on the show? Or Cyr? Or any of the other 10.000 people that knew Greg?
And why won't the cops just pick him up? oh thats right because they still have no evidence. My God, I mean I am enjoying myself at this shitshow but I am utterly lost at what Chris Hansen is doing right now. Its like a very bad soap where the plot just drags on and on between commercials.

No. 757101

Isnt that Lisa Kudrow?

No. 757104

Well, at least he didn't refer to himself as James this time

No. 757121


Well first of all there's a better thread for this and second Chris's show is not really intended for us farmers who already know onion's history and what he's about. I would hope they don't do something ill-advised like diagnose but we'll see

No. 757128

In that case I think it misses the mark even more, considering the only people who watch are Anti-O's and us.
I really don't think that anyone who doesn't know the story of Greg would be even remotely interested. It would be very hard for them to keep their attention to it.
Plus I heard the TCAP community hates what Chris is doing right now. (From what I gather from the baked salmon videos etc)

No. 757132

File: 1581544713377.jpeg (68.92 KB, 425x270, 540254C0-B7A0-41C6-88CD-740FD6…)

Jebus she looks like Dave’s wife!

No. 757136


Lol, this will trigger the shit out of Anus, you know he can’t stand a woman calling him out on his BS. The first thing he’ll do is call her old and ugly, since that’s what matters most to him, how erect his baby carrot gets.

No. 757142

Strohman is a popular talking head on broadcast TV on the topic of children’s and teens’ safety and privacy online. She heads some kind of advocacy/resource group called Digital Citizens Academy. More likely that she will be talking about the issue of online predators and groomers in general than trying to dx Greg.

No. 757144

File: 1581546698075.jpg (2.97 MB, 2400x3000, Lisa Strohman High Res.jpg)

Not only a woman, but an attractive woman talking shit about him is going to make his head explode.
Im sure he'll find some thing about her appearance to harp on when he goes on discord with his fans. Like maybe shes too tall and we all know tall women are disgusting.

No. 757164


yes and how dare they

No. 757175

File: 1581553876133.gif (736.35 KB, 275x216, 1454446631925.gif)

4 years ago (almost to the day) an anon made this as a joke. look how far we've come

No. 757190

So uh, any milk from Dr. Strawman?

No. 757197

Footface's hair color and cut in the clip vs in the photos shows she sent the nudes to Sarah AFTER she sold the laptop to her, so no they didn't exist before. Your ugly wife sent the nudes in May 2018, the clip is from around December 2017 or shortly after judging by her hair color and cut. Nice try though, greasy ogre(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757200

All the anti-o losers keep saying that but even if that was true a repetition of the same stories over and over again is not going to drive things forward. Being desperate enough to invite random youtubers won't either. Don't even get me started on the legal mess.

No. 757202

No nothing much came out of that interview.

She noted that he thrives on attention (no surprise) but wasn’t familiar enough with him to make any definitive calls.

It’s good he’s keeping the attention and pressure on him by having these interviews but if you personally skipped watching it you wouldn’t miss anything.

No. 757203

Ah, thank you. Yeah, I missed it

No. 757205

File: 1581559661984.jpg (108.45 KB, 429x207, nope.jpg)

You're right anon. People are always so quick with the "GOTCHA!" they think they have that they don't bother to actually fact check.
Lainey had this blue hair around January of 2018. SHe was still dressing feminine and wore lots of makeup and had thinner brows.

She dyed her hair blonde, wore less makeup, had thicker brows around April 2018.
So sarah already had the laptop in her possession when that nude photo of Lainey was taken.

So suck it, Onion stans.

No. 757236

"Call the police: 911" LMAO
yeah hello police emergency line? I just wanted to chat with you about some mean things I said on lolcow and onision is totally cool, not creepy and totes innocent. What do you mean you don't know onision? He's literally THE most honest youtuber, BE HOOMAN.

I know it's bait but I cried laughing at that

It reads awfully similar to his retarded ramblings, also he's been proven to call 911 instead of non-emergency for stupid shit as we saw with >>756847

No. 757243

>Stop talking about Onision
>Make sure you tell everyone how innocent he is
Sounds like him.

No. 757245

>what exactly is the end goal here? To drag it out till they finally pick the greasy couple from the swamp trailer?
You being serious or is this a rhetorical question? Obviously he's going to milk this for all it's worth, it's his easy cash/career cow, no point pretending otherwise. And if nothing comes of it - what he's primed his audience of young gullible's to expect - a disappearing act (happened before) will ensue.

If Skye and her sister wanted to be on they would've done so by now. I'd avoid the carnival too if I were them.

No. 757254

>he can’t stand a woman calling him out
True that is a decided plus, but imo she didn't add anything new or noteworthy to the discussion so it's just another pointless rehashing of the same ol' info, pointless unless you're milking this cow dry that is. There's only so much someone in her position can say about him having never spoken to him in person - Grease would demand a hefty sum for that though.

I'm still wondering how much $$ he has to shell out to the county for the wetlands shit (whatever barrier/buffer he's supposed to be erecting) and how much he still owes the IRS. He likes to talk shit about Hansen when they're BOTH wading in copious amounts of debt. Grease should be happy to know he has a few things in common with the sad old pseudo-professional whose dick he wishes he could ride. kek

No. 757265

File: 1581581808269.png (498.57 KB, 1240x1008, The Life of the Onions.png)

I'll take the ban but I miss all the fun we had on tempcow a couple years back. Also rip saint leelu

No. 757271

Anon, we'll always have Tony and Jon Bon Jabi.

>but imo she didn't add anything new or noteworthy to the discussion
She didn't, no. It was overall a boring stream. Wondering how Jimmy and Foot are dealing with all of this right now. If they just got used to it, or if they're both crying at this point, lol.

No. 757272

She didn't add anything new but she was a hell of a lot more professional than that Kati Morton lady. I thought it was going to be boring armchair shit but she just answered Chris's questions and didn't sensationalise everything.

No. 757275

I disagree, I think she was an interesting person to have on. Of course she didn’t spill anything new because she has never met the Onions herself - and like all psychologists they cannot start throwing out diagnoses without assessing someone because that would be extremely unprofessional as well as potentially inaccurate.
The most interesting things she did talk about was how Grug thrives on attention and about how she hasn’t seen any genuine emotion from him in any videos, she called him out on his narcissism, and talking about how he’s losing his grip on reality and has no social or familial support. I wish she’d talked about Kai tho.

No. 757277

Ah this is beautiful.

No. 757279

When did leelu die?

No. 757280

She didn't. Anyways, tempfags and vix were the worst.

No. 757289

You must have been one of the slow typers. I only wish some of the tempcow threads got saved, it was tempfags that started to put forward the child porn distribution claims after the likes of lt lassie, sylar and the 13 yo trump/Onion stan liked to self post. Also Vixmas was a blessing.

No. 757293

She didn't die. Taylor and Greg gave her away (they claim they rehomed her, but they as do minimal effort as possible with everything so I am pressing X to doubt).I think they gave another dog away as well, but I can't recall which one.

No. 757295

He still has a lot of familial support; I think she said he didn’t because she was a little unfamiliar with him. His mom seems to adore him and they even took sarah to their family party. You could make a case that he doesn’t value them and doesn’t feel like he has any emotional support from them because of that but it’s not the same as him not having friends where he literally doesn’t have any.

No. 757296

Pretty sure he doesn't. His sisters want nothing to do with him and I don't believe he and Crazy Tammy have made up since the house thing.

No. 757299

I think Caterpie was the other one they gave away. Sometime around then they stopped showing the dogs because Onion said they were getting visited for suspected animal abuse after that video he posted of Leelu struggling in the destroyed wetlands. I think he got rid of Leelu because Lainey liked her and she would piss herself whenever he was around. They shouldn't be allowed pets.

No. 757317

Footface hated Leelu, she constantly talked about how much she hated her

No. 757330

She didn’t hate Lelu until Greg told her she did.

No. 757333

tomato can tony? fuck tempcow was hilarious, bring it back

No. 757435


I don’t think foot hated any of the dogs, I actually believe her affection for the animals was very genuine, I just also think that her being such a lazy person in general meant she put up little to no fight to get rid of the dogs that only required basic training that she didn’t teach, healthy meals she didn’t provide, and exercise she’s never done.

The poor kids, especially Trot. They loved their doggies and guinea pigs and they were promptly dumped since their two lazy stay at home parents have no time to take care of them outside of sticking them behind a dog fence or in the yard, letting them eat whatever shit’s on the floor.

No. 757448

Is it common for people from Las Vegas to mispell their own town? ie: "Los Vegas"

No. 757458

>they cannot start throwing out diagnoses
Uh, isn't that what she did though? Tried psycho analyzing someone she never met? I know farmers like to throw around words like narc and sociopath but we're not doctors so it's okay. For her, a proFesSioNaL to describe him using those terms it looks careless and irresponsible. A real doctor wouldn't do that without having met the person first to obtain a proper diagnosis. That woman is just another tv/reality show doctor, like Dr. Phil, that's why CH had her on. It's just infotainment, or at least treading a very fine line between that and malpractice/slander. Must be why she's also a lawyer kek.

No. 757468

i really hope i dont catch a ban for this but absolutely not. most locals would call it vegas anyway. "vegas" is a household name, no need to say NV.

No. 757470

Well they also put the state as California… and as far as I can tell there's no Los Vegas, CA.

No. 757475


AYRT, I can tell he's had botox because in that pic he's frowning yet the outer part of his eyebrows are frozen. His eyes are frozen wide during this frown? yet the inner part of his eyebrows are dropped very low which shows that part of the brow doesn't have botox.

imo looks like the internet comments about his low caveman brow got to him, he asked for a botox "brow lift" and got the classic thing women ask for, a bit of botox in the arch.

The lift in the brow arch has turned his eyebrows into diagonal lines permanently and makes him look worse and way more evil. Not young like he wishes.

sage for ripping on onions ugly mug instead of his even uglier actions

No. 757515

Haha, oh shit it has to be deliberate.

No. 757573

She never diagnosed him with antisocial personality disorder nor narcissistic personality disorder. She said he had narcissistic traits which is just a descriptive term for someone’s personality. Not a diagnosis.

She worked for the FBI, she’s not just a TV doctor lol.

No. 757575

Everyone has narc, bpd, ocpd traits. This is why trying to armchair Greg is a waste of time.

No. 757578

Imho I'm glad Chris got an actual professional for this instead of inviting Regina again. Lisa didn't say anything new but answering those questions for the normies watching the Onion saga is always beneficial.

No. 757583

Why do we need to pathologize Greg? His behavior is shit anyways.

No. 757587

I actually enjoyed the interview with the psychologist and appreciated her insight on the situation. She didn't attempt to diagnose him at all and mentioned several times that she's only known of Grugly's existence since being made aware by Hansen a short time ago. I'm glad they did the interview and I'm glad Hansen is staying on it even during periods where it slows down. The Onions deserve no peace and no hope that things will blow over. I want them to feel the intensity of just how final this is. Of course, I question if Grugly is capable of that as part of me believes he's deluded himself into believing he's done nothing wrong to such a degree that the universe is going to present him with a way to redeem himself and prove his iNnOcEnCe at any moment.

OT, but since the ridiculous Lowes 911 call has been released, it made me wonder how that record was provided so quickly. When I requested the welfare report (the one which indicates Lainey was home and Greg was at the hospital with Clot) it took weeks for it to be released. I want to say it was around 20 days or so from the date I requested it. The Lowes call was released just a few days after the incident occurred.

Beyond how fast it was released, how did whoever requested it know of such an incident (the 911 call) in the first place? I can again refer back to when I put in the request for the welfare check record, I knew law enforcement was there on 9/15 because Grug mentioned it in a livestream. Basically, I knew there was a record to request. How did whoever put in this request know there was a record to request at all?
(I apologize if I'm making no sense, I'm working with a couple days of no sleep.)

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 757589

I assume maybe Shreg calling the cops was mentioned in his discord and the person who has been posting might have connections to the department through the other department they have been posting videos from. Just my tinfoil.

No. 757613

wonder if it was a punishment for T to lose a pet. even if it wasn't (i think madison said the onion pair is just fucking lazy) it must have felt like that.

No. 757626


If I’m not mistake, the guinea pigs were a present for Trot, but his brilliant parents decided that their then 4 year old should be responsible for taking care of live pets instead of them, so their living conditions were appalling. Madison’s one good deed was to rescue them, and Trot was so sad that Anus and Foot got him a new puppy — Caterpie, that they then also proceeded to neglect when they weren’t fitting her with shock collars and filming her being humped by random dogs in the yard. Then they sent her back to the pound.

I feel so bad for those kids and puppers.

No. 757647

if you can find the CAD report or know the incident number, you can also request the 911 call. i'm guessing that people saw on the south sound archive page the report about greg calling the cops on the lowes guy and so they requested all other records associated with that call. i requested the 911 audio from the window incident in september off the site using the CAD report as reference, but recordings are deleted after 90 days. i think the more greg calls the cops/gets the cops called on him, the faster people will be with finding those CAD reports and using them to obtain all the 911 audio to come.

No. 757651

If I remember correctly didn't Madison say Troy was crying as well and Greg said he would get him a puppy to make him stop crying. So he had to watch his dad give away his guinea pigs and later give away the new puppy. Feels bad man.

No. 757734

File: 1581729072099.png (1.98 MB, 1278x716, one art please.png)

New video on Onision Speaks that isn't worth the watch. He talks to his haters about youtube channels dying and laments that YouTube doesn't promote his videos like they use to in the past.. He gloats about getting views and clicks from all his freak out videos and he thinks everyone believes his awful acting. Of course Lainey is staying, according to him "It looks like my marriage is going to work out". He goes on again about how it's unfair that drama channels get views instead of people who deserve them (aka, himself). He is in that reflective stage of his narc cycle and claims that now he's going to do what he likes instead of selling out but of course he's not a sell out because when he made all those freak out videos he had fun doing them. Just so everyone knows he's not as bad as those drama channels.

No. 757745

I can't wait until 10 or so years from now when the Onision kids start telling all (videos, interviews) about their experiences living with their demon dad.
The internet is forever, I guarantee people will still be interested.

No. 757761

Working out? No Lainey? Bitch got knocked up again.

No. 757775

Of course the doormat is staying, he could literally rape and kill their kids in front of her and she still wouldn't leave

No. 757776

He will use Cloey's fall to claim she has brain damage to discredit her

No. 757781

I thought it was worth watching the video to hear Greg say "I could become successful on Youtube if I wanted to"

No. 757800

He managed to indirectly compare himself not only to Ghandi and MLK, but to Jesus Christ himself. TWICE.

No. 757838

Imagine the shock his kids will get when they find out there will probably be decades worth of embarrassment documents online explaining on how daddy onion really was before he just went to jail. Must be an awful sensation.

No. 757844

Lol he really is a delusional bitch

No. 757848

I wonder if he’s ever even considered attempting to make high quality captivating content, in order to achieve GENUINE views.
Like Shane.
Greg has only ever gotten views for fake meltdowns, insulting other people, being abusive, oversharing his life and the shitty things he does, creating drama with other people and etc.

The one time he managed to get viral without those things was from the banana song, because tosh.0.

I know he could never actually make decent content. I’m just surprised it never even crossed his pea brain when he talks about the fact he could get heaps of views if he wanted to, but he doesn’t want it to affect his life by people reporting stuff to the police.

I guess there was that time he made that “documentary” on Shane, that was so poorly made and pathetic.

God, if he wasn’t such a lazy shit and put weeks/months into planning video ideas instead of just picking up the camera and filming whatever is in front of him at that time, maybe some people would still watch him.

Looks like Keem isn’t interviewing him anymore, judged by his bitching about being angry people reporting on people are the ones who gets the money and the views, not him. I bet he demanded a pathetically high sum from keem. He really is an idiot. Keem actually may have brought him a ton of views. Keems recent video on nik avocado made me sick. Truly think he’s trying to show Greg that he will stick up for the hated YouTuber,

No. 757850

So, I was just re-watching Blaire White's second ever response video to Onision, and he said something in it that somewhat troubles me.

In part of the video - after Blaire White calls him a cuck - Greg mentioned that he, quote, "Lost his virginity at age 14, and has had sex literally thousands of times since." Yet more recently, Greg said that he lost his virginity at 11 to a 15-year-old girl.

With Greg's penchant for projection, does anyone think it's possible that it was the other way around, and that it was actually he who fucked an 11-year-old when he was 14/15?

No. 757853

Greg doesn't really lie. His lies are really just overexagerations and delusions of reality. He's most likely not lying about this.
When he said Sarah raped Kai he was really admitting to talking Lainey and Sarah into an uncomfortable threesome. Hence "raping kai". Billie cheating on Lainey was him completely eliminating himself from the equation. Him saving Eugenia was really just him believing that his harassment led to her quasi recovery.

No. 757854


I agree with you generally, but he definitely does also lie, and one of the ways that he lies is by reversing his role with the role of his victims. For example - the time that he kissed Alicia when she was drunk, even though he was 18 and she was 15; but then later tried to claim that it was SHE who had kissed HIM.

No. 757855

He always thought quantity is better than quality. He thinks shitting out dozens of terrible lazily made videos in a short amount of time makes him better than people who post less because they actually put time and effort into their videos

No. 757856

He also talked about how he kissed his cousin in her sleep but then later talks about how he actually chickened out and didn't end up kissing her.

No. 757860

Right he definitely lies, they’re just all based on some amount of truth, just twisted to fit whatever agenda he has at the moment. Kind of like all his beliefs and convictions. He’s always flipping the script.

No. 757868

Sorry for semi-armchairing but what you have to understand about narcissists is that they don’t tell lies in the same way as you or I. Their memory of events from the past actually shifts according to their emotion, primarily how it reflects on their image of themselves. That’s why they are such gaslighters, and why you can record a conversation with a narcissist where they say something shitty, even play it back to them, and they’ll still insist they never said it. If making that admission would be damaging to their ego, their entire reality, memories, etc will shift to accommodate what protects their ego, Because their perception of reality is coloured so much by their narcissism.
So narcissists don’t really tell lies in the same way you or I might. They aren’t even trying to be deceiving. Their fragile ego must be protected at all costs so their mind distorts reality. It’s very frustrating for outsiders. I’m not familiar enough with Greg to be able to point out examples where he’s changed his story multiple times. But the anon who explained Sarah “raping” Foot as a half truth is bang on. He isn’t trying to be deceptive. His psyche is protecting his ego in two ways. 1) by lashing out at Sarah, as if somehow damaging her reputation will make him look good and 2) by distorting is reality so he doesn’t have to admit he’s a rapist and abuser. He genuinely does not believe he is an abuser and will never admit it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757874


I hate that I know this, but he didn’t lose his virginity at 11, he made out with and fingered some 15 year old. So 1st base for him, sort of 3rd for her? I don’t know why he’s so proud of that, that girl is just as fucked up as he is.

No. 757876

Some of the stuff Greg did when he was with Skye was genuinely entertaining in a silly way. Don’t know how much of that was her.

No. 757877


A lot of it was her. His style dramatically changed from her influence. When Shiloh came around, his “comedy” became pure cringe. I’m not saying it’s her fault, I just think he suffered without Skye’s clever twist.

No. 757914

Greg is such a douche. I firmly believe he is retarded, autistic or some type of learning disability which is why he lacks self awareness and hasn't went into hiding. How is he not constantly cringing at himself, are all his showers to wash the shame away. Idk!

No. 757921

Has there been any further mention on Keemstars's interview with Jimmy?

No. 757922

Greg blocked him on twitter. The interview was never going to happen.

No. 757949

I wonder if he knows this? To this day Greg thinks he’s the genius behind it all and thinks Skye is still a greedy money-grubbing bitch in his eyes.

Reminds me of the Billy Corgan/D’Arcy drama where Billy admitted you her that she was the sole reason for the Smashing Pumpkins success

No. 757973

This post is really spot on. He really believes his own bullshit. It's fascinating the way his perception of the truth is so flexible

No. 758018

^^^ 42 channels so far.

No. 758043

what is this?

No. 758046


Probably an attempt to dox farmers.

No. 758054

Bunch of youtube channel links, some are Onision, some are obviously not Onision (like this one gaming channel anti-os tinfoil about, some green haired dude who has similar channel names to Onision's). Nothing interesting.

No. 758085

File: 1581868345137.jpg (6.05 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

Yeah I think Gene the wannabe hacker wannabe anonymous clown wants us to report all those i seen him attempt to say some time ago, which will never ever work since youtube doesn't give a shit and susan is as useless as gene is.
I mean just an example: I reported a video (not Greg, someone elses) for actual child abuse a few days ago and its still up, Youtube literally couldn't care less.
Nice try though Gene, but you need to get with the program if you wanna appear to be clever.
Greg, unfortunately, isn't going anywhere unless he's convicted of actual crimes like shooting up youtube HQ like that weird Tamil lady some years back.
Thats the only way to get youtubes attention somewhat these days.
So maybe if you went there, held the staff hostage right, then maybe they would consider taking Gregs channel down, MAYBE. But even that would be a big stretch and like, don't do it.
It would be a bad idea.

No. 758086


just a dumb tinfoil-infused list of onision’s possible side-channels including that unrelated gaming dude and my favorite onision side channel, BenShapiroXXXGaming

it’s by “anonymous gene”, so it’s either that dude who posted BBC and scat porn in the previous thread or some retarded anon

No. 758088

File: 1581869324773.jpg (68.92 KB, 600x929, the-goyim-know-shut-it-down-je…)

Yeah they left a positive comment or a like on a greg video 12 years ago so those channels are definitely Greg. Take em down.

No. 758240

>mentioned several times that she's only known of Grugly's existence since being made aware by Hansen a short time ago.
Which is why she added nothing of value. The good doctor made a bunch of guesses based on her scarce and incomplete knowledge of a subject (greg) she's never even spoken to. How very professional. kek

No. 758241

>it’s either that dude who posted BBC and scat porn in the previous thread or some retard
It's anonymous gene. The very same one who released ss of Vince's text messages with Chris wherein Vince referred to a black man as the n-word. Nice to know Chris let's dick pic scat lover Gene peek at his phone every so often.

No. 758242

Skye was definitely the brains in that relationship.

Greg is someone who likes to pretend he's highly intelligent while he's busy memorizing age of consent laws nationally and globally, writing in barely intelligible English for his dried up, cringe, self insert scribblings about child fornication. Meanwhile, Skye's busy getting a masters degree and is in a long term committed relationship with someone who's not a pedophile. It's true that the best revenge is living well.

No. 758252

File: 1581936735446.jpg (43.99 KB, 577x320, Image1.jpg)

Oh yes totally she has a huge brain and she actually found another guy, she's super duper successful and mensa type smart.
Being the brains in a relationship with Greg isn't saying much. I mean even Greg's blowup doll was the brains in that relationship.
Needs moar weeb.

No. 758257

Insulting Skye doesn't take away from the fact that Onision only viral content that wasn't slating someone was the banana song which Skye edited. His most popular and non problematic piece of work came off the back of his ex wife and the only way he stayed relevant on YouTube after she dumped him was to publicise his messy life and expose us all to the madness of what goes on in his head. He literally thinks he's good looking, smart and funny, when he's one of the ugliest men u have ever seen and he only talks to teenagers or mentally handicapped 30yos because anyone with a bit of sense can not stand to interact with him for very long.

Gene/Vince and Chris Hansen are more boring old boomers, and Hansen would have been better off getting a farmer to brief him on Onion than an attention whore like Regina. Vince/Gene is obviously an alcoholic with a low iq as evidenced by his spergouts.

No. 758260

I wasn't insulting her, I'm simply stating she isn't a brain surgeon nor spectacularly successful. Some might say she just found a new guy and got her shit together, sorta. Who cares? Greg certainly doesn't.
If anything she's still talking about Gregory Poo might indicate that she hasn't truly moved on..
And no, I'm not pro-Greg nor Greg he can go suck a dick and rot in prison for all I care.
Lets just not like, make heroes and saints out of these dumbasses or claim they're running Fortune 500 companies, or some shit.
Its funny though how you see what I said earlier as an insult.

No. 758261

>And no, I'm not pro-Greg nor Greg

I like when you have to do a preemptive strike before someone outs you. You seemed to get irked that ppl were complimenting Skye.

No. 758263

And I find it adorable how you now insinuate that I must be Greg, or one of his fans. (and are now pretending to be somebody else) That'd kinda be like me saying you must be Skye, considering how you just sucked her cock unironically, twice.
However, this is counter productive and the mods do not like that, so you should definitely knock it off.
I'm done here, this house is clear.

No. 758266

>this is counter productive and the mods do not like that, so you should definitely knock it off
Thanks for the advice mini-mod.

I never said you were Greg. I just laugh every time you post and have to add your little disclaimer "btw Im not Greg or a fan"
And Im not those anons who said Skye was the only reason Greg got his jumpstart with Im a Banana. You really seem to have it in for her, I wonder why?

No. 758268


People feel the need to pre-emptively say that, because usually the retort to anything disagreeable is 'okay groomer gurg'

It's frequent, it's in this thread, and the last, and so on and so on..

No. 758269

I don't have it in for her, I'm just sick and tired of listening to people prattle on about how saintly, good and wholesome gregs exes are.
I don't even know her, why would I have anything against her?

No. 758274

"people can't say nice things about Skye because it bothers ME."

Literally, what has she done? She's not out here with gofundme accounts or shilling her onlyfansaccount. She made her stand so Sarah wouldn't be alone in making hers. She gave us a brief update of her life since she was asked, contributed to the narrative (which was a very commendable thing to do when you consider how private and removed from the need for internet relevancey she is) and went back to her life. She had nothing to gain from dredging all of this back up but did so anyway.

I'm not saying she's a saint or anything, I just don't get why you feel the need to chime in with such disdain for a figure like her anytime she's mentioned in a positive way.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 758275

There's one anon that calls Greg, Greggy Poo and I don't think youre Greg anon. From how you post in the anti flakes thread I'd say you either Vince or his alter ego Gene. But then who really gives a fuck? This thread is about Grease, not his ex wife that has successfully moved on from him and has her shit together. She was also the only Onion wife that was capable of even keeping their household together. How's doormat Lainey look to ya?

No. 758277

There is someone, likely Shiloh, who Chimes in to say Skye said mean things about Shiloh therefore she's bad.
Even though everything you just said is why people like Skye, she's the only one in the group who isn't a raging attention whore.

No. 758278

The person who says 'Greggy Poo' also slanders Shiloh so no it's not Shiloh. They turned up after Vince was getting outed and then ultimately fired. The groupies term also didn't show up until the old men boomers found out about lolcow and think they've hit a stroke of genius referring to the victims as groupies. Aye, cuz Grease is a rock star… It's embarrassing to read honestly. There's been a lot of dudes posting on these threads lately and I wish the bans were handed out quicker for male posters because I'm sick of reading insecure anons slating the exes.

Like how Billy The Fridge is jealous Greg actually beds the young girls. Vince was getting too cosy with a Regina and being cringe on the Livestreams. Now he's cringe with the Hansen websites and social medias.

What we are witnessing lately is a bunch of male predatory cunts all infighting against each other and trying to shift the blame onto the female victims. Sick of the sexist shite. Wish all these small dicked men would fuck off back to twitter.

No. 758281

Why do people here insist on Skye and Shiloh hating on each other here?
Their "beef" was 10+ years ago and I genuinely doubt Skye holds a grudge against her since she understood that Shiloh was just a dumb kid back then.
They're all in the same boat now, so I don't see why they should be hating on each other.
Skye always seemed kind and Shiloh grew up and matured a lot.

No. 758284

Thats a lot of autism for a monday morning. Keep it up, I'm loving all the tinfoil theories with menstrual man-hating toppings.

No. 758289


as if on cue…

No. 758290

Usually its only once a month, but I reckon for you guys its more often than that, amirite?

No. 758294


please stop proving their point for them. it's embarrassing to watch.

No. 758308

….She said while responding to me again, all this over a simple remark about Skye
….And me advising her to stop doing this way early in the game:
Embarrassing, you say?
I'm glad you are clearly the wisest of us, hon.

No. 758317


We're all one person and that person is the person you were originally talking to, obviously.

Go back to Twitter. More your speed.

No. 758323

Same as what you said about everybody being Vincent Nicotra, you mean?
Goose, meet gander.

No. 758369

Not “Greggy-poo/Onion groupie” anon but I just don’t trust Skye, she’s too perfect. I mean yeah, she’s not a greedy resentful ex-wife like Onionson would like everyone to believe and in the beginning was just some innocent teenage girl entrapped by a greasy sociopathic kid with mommy issues…but that’s just it, a “perfect victim” in all of this is too good to be true.

A former friend of theirs from high school came during the Billie saga and after to reveal that she and Greg would feed off of each other regarding their own issues as well as abuse each other and if she ever went on Hansen, she wouldn’t say much other than what we know on the surface

No one ever thinks clear when with Onion boy but that may be her only flaw, what do I know?(derailing )

No. 758372

nobody says shes perfect though

she keeps her life private and privately dealt with her divorce ordeal regarding her ex-husband. he may have put it on blast.. but thats him, putting her on blast

she helped a victim of her ex-husband and then returned to being private.

why the fuck do you care beyond that?

No. 758374

Well she hasn’t helped shit because Sarah hasn’t learned her lesson.(Ban evasion)

No. 758380

I thought this was Twitter?

No. You are doing it wrong. When dealing with Anti-O's there are a few rules you need to keep in mind:
1. Never disagree with the group, ever. They are a hivemind. Disagree and you are Greg.
2. The VICTIMS, and I stress the word VICTIM here, are just & Holy. They are sanctified by the Holy sea of Rome as being Saints. With high morals, pure and absolved of all their sin. There is talks of opening a Lourdes 2.0 in their honor, where you can buy their bath water.
3. Chris is the Patron Saint of the victims and can do no wrong. He does this for free and is a warrior for the cause. Again, disagreement is a most grievous sin and it is recommended you confess to Regina, who is the boss of all of this and a high priestess in the order of the victim hood. Even if you are a victim of Greg, she will decide if you are or aren't.

I sincerely hope this clarifies things for you.
Amen & Halleluja.
God bless the Victims

No. 758381

Oh one more rule:
4. NEVER EVER doubt ANY of Kai's many genders. In fact never doubt ANYONE'S gender, you will be burned at the stake for it!

No. 758382

I forgot that ayalla and regina are also as fakeboi as lainey is

No. 758385

imagine getting >>758380 bent out of shape over this. lol.

No. 758402

nobody is saying they're saints! stop derailing the thread to talk about how you/others feel about his victims. this thread isnt for that. we can talk about what greg did to them but theres no reason to pick apart peoples personal lives just because greg roped them into this mess. thats why people are accusing you of being someone with a vendetta, because youre acting like it. nobody is perfect. youre obsessing over outing the victims as un-perfect victims when anybody who isnt an idiot knows that. if you have so many issues with them then start a new thread on them ffs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758411

Move on.

No. 758469

Can't we talk about how Onion definitely had an inappropriate relationship with his mother instead of all this derailing? Video related(direct link)

No. 758481

File: 1582029645980.jpg (206.48 KB, 1079x556, Screenshot_20200218-072013.jpg)

The hideous manlet full of genetic defects made another garbage video last night, it's full of nothing noteworthy.

He's SO sick of YouTube culture. He mentions how it's gross that YouTubers want their face all over everything (he's super duper enlightened now and better than every other creator since "retiring" his face) and he thinks they're all narcassitic and superficial. He acts like he didn't JUST upload more than 8 hours worth of him looking into the camera talking over the course of 3 days. Nope, Greg is too dEeP to care about things like vanity. Sure Jan.

He complains that YouTubers are completely disingenuous about every single topic they discuss (that's what he meant, only he put it in his own autistic Greg words) because if they actually gave a shit about curbing eating disorders, for example, they'd bring up some random girl with anorexia in Wyoming instead of Eugenia. Of course, he excuses himself for making 70+ videos about Eugenia. It's okay if he does it, because he actually cares about Eugenia. He's seriously so dumb.

More sperging how everyone on YouTube are clout chasers, who are only concerned with clicks and money. It isn't FAIR that drama channels are so successful, blah blah blah. He compares himself and his situation to Johnny Depp for the billionth time.

Basically, in Greg's water-logged brain: he is a celebrity so of course drama channels are going to cover him and make things up about him because all they care about is $$$. Nobody is genuine in the way that they feel, everyone is lying. If anyone was actually concerned with victims of abuse, they'd talk about random cases that nobody knows about. And he's literally Johnny Depp.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 758485


It's so transparent what he's doing in these videos calling out other people or 'cancel-culture', he is desperate to get people focused on something else other than the allegations he's facing. If he can get people outraged over him talking about Eugenia for the nth time it is still more beneficial to him as it distracts from what happened with Sarah and the others

No. 758486

Looks like old Greg has an Oedipus complex.

No. 758490

Any bets on how long he makes it before showing his ugly mug again?
I give it 1 month tops. And that’s only because he seems to be riding his content of the month cycle pretty hard lately.

No. 758491

A month? Wow you're being very liberal there. I give it a few days.

No. 758511

He does sometimes manage to hold out for longer than a few days but honestly he’ll miss the sight of his own face after a while when editing so he’ll likely show his face again before the middle of March.

Tinfoil, but I think he’s doing the same as what he did when he wore all those dumb masks a while back and is trying to hide any work he got done to his Neanderthal mug.

No. 758514

What he’s doing now is certainly working though. These new videos are so boring and bad that it will kill any attention he was getting since everything with sarah came out.

He will be starving for attention but I think he’s going to try to keep a low profile until he thinks the cops are off his back. Then he’ll be back on his bullshit. Although then again he may actually keep his face off the internet to try to trick more girls into visiting the swamp. Now that he’s aging more rapidly and so many girls have rejected him he might need to rely on deception more than usual.

I’m surprised he hasn’t been able to force Lainey back online yet. He needs someone who’s young to be the face of one of his channels to get actual views/money and lure in new teens.

No. 758523

What do we actually know about his mother? I keep seeing people talking about abuse, but I can't find real sources beyond Greg's word of mouth.

No. 758557

i mean tbf most of what we've seen of her is extremely, extremely creepy so it's not out of the question that it's all true.

No. 758560

has the hansen stream guest for tonight been mentioned anywhere yet?

No. 758574


Shows are on Wednesday, anon,

No. 758576

oh, i am a waterbrain, apologies

No. 758577


It's Stevie again…he just tweeted. Can't post video since I'm not home.

No. 758589

Yawn. This shit is so boring now and the fact that he is repeating guests isn't helping. Soon people will lose interest especially after they realize nothing will come out of this.

No. 758595

Anyways just a thought.. I noticed that he keeps uploading those weird-ass avatar videos on his main Onision channel. Maybe he is trying to re-create the viral "Billion Surprise Toys" videos.. To get commentators to talk about him to "improve his relevancy"..

As long as people keep talking about him.. His name is in people's lips. Im just hoping all they ever talk about are the allegations and not the weirdness he exudes..

No. 758599


Are you fucking kidding me Chris? Stevie talks way too much about Onision like he was there.. And it makes him come off as an obsessed stalker.. I think he should try to reach out to Skye or Alicia..

No. 758601

I am sure they've already reached out. If they wanted to be on the show, they'd have done it by now.

No, Chris needs to move on to another topic. If there's an update on Onion's story, he can have another Onion episode. But this seems like running it into the ground. There are plenty of other online predators that could be featured.

No. 758615

I think if Chris hansen moves on with Dahvie, Greg might get mad the spotlight isn't on him anymore.

No. 758616

Skye and Alicia want nothing to do with that show and honestly I don't blame them

No. 758626

I never bothered to watch any of Onion's recent videos where he incriminates himself and contradicts every statement he makes from video to video, but Edwin did a pretty decent job of pointing out specific lies and particular stupid things he said during this tirade.

I particularly like that at the beginning he goes off about how "It's all about context!" when responding to the texts of him and Kai arguing over Sarah's viginity (though he never actually says what the context was) but then later he attempts to discredit Sarah by claiming she made threatening tweets towards him, ALL of which he took completely out of context.

Yeah I know, he'll claim he never saw the actual tweets because he's too good to follow his haters, but that's even worse. Claiming Sarah tweeted she wanted to burn down his house (she didn't) as fact if you never even saw the tweet is ridiculous. Anyone who saw that tweet would know that is 100% not what she said.

These videos may be old news by now, but it's the first time I am seeing a lot of the things he said as I couldn't bear to watch them in full.

No. 758654

That tweet obviously wasn't serious and it wasn't even tweeted by her, it was tweeted by another person and she just responded to it. I find it interesting that gargoyle talks so much about this tweet but never shows a screenshot of it, I wonder why

No. 758674

File: 1582119348926.jpg (140.05 KB, 640x1136, 20200219_053515.jpg)

This isn't my screenshot but his insta is gone

No. 758677

They've both said their piece and did so to show their support for Sarah. That it encouraged Shiloh, Billie and Hayley to speak up is enough for them.

No. 758683

File: 1582120492090.jpg (37.65 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20200219-084927.jpg)

Just searched for his IG, it's confirmed GONE. Fucking KEK. Hopefully he can't get it back. He had over 350,000 followers like holy shit he's going to rage when he finds out.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 758687

Does anyone know what kind a 'spam' it was deleted for? Tried to google it but to no avail.
I love how these things often happen close to the next Hansen show.Wasn't his Patreon deleted like a day or so before a Wednesday show? The smirk Hansen will have over this will give me life. Greg will pop a blood vessel over this. LOL.

No. 758691


Kek. Wasn't expecting instagram to do anything about his shit

No. 758692

Sperging in 3, 2, 1…

No. 758698

Amazing. Do you think it was taken down or he’s going into deeper hiding? How many fillers does he have on his onision prime account?

No. 758699

seems like instagram removed his account according to >>758674

No. 758700

He still had his OnisionPrime account

But I wonder what sort of spamming he was doing?

No. 758706


He hardly ever posted from what I saw. Recently it was just screenshots of those creepy 3D models he's been making.

No. 758713

File: 1582128982609.jpg (78.53 KB, 546x649, supernatural.jpg)

Someone on Twitter said something about pissing off Supernatural stans with a parody,but can't confirm.

No. 758722

I seriously doubt instagram cares what a bunch of spergy fangirls think about onision

No. 758732


This probably means his account was taken down automatically due to mass reporting. Which means it will be back up in no time.

Just another thing Greg can use to whine about how he is an innocent victim of bullying.

No. 758736

Probably mass reports triggering an automatic ban.

No. 758737

He can whine all he wants to his whole collective audience of people who care about Greg bring bullied - the 5 people in his discord server and occasionally Keemstar

No. 758746

File: 1582142077616.jpg (225.77 KB, 1634x1080, Screenshot_20200219_205159.jpg)

Gurg's latest video is another animated monstrosity where he is having a "heart to heart" with Pewdiepie and he's moved to the narrative that he is sick and it was probably his depression that drove him to be the way he is. Also goes on about how when you're famous, people don't see you as a person anymore, he cared about his fans, but they didn't care about him. Ending with his animates self shooting himself in the head. All this with "feel sorry for me music" playing in the background.

No. 758753


Holy crap, I know people commented on how Dreg kept making a point of mentioning the skin colour of the guy who assaulted Sarah, but wtf? Did NOT expect it to be that much. Why?? What is his underlying point there??

No. 758757

He's racist, what a big surprise. I bet if the guy was white he wouldn't have mentioned his skin color.

No. 758758


lol this sob story. must burn to know that Felix can at least maintain a loyal fanbase despite the numerous controveries (that don't involve grooming)

No. 758760


Oh for sure. Idk, I guess I just feel like he was trying to get in some sort of jab or creepy message or something by mentioning it over and over.

No. 758767

He hates anything and everything different than his narrow world view of things, including skin color and culture.

Before (or maybe it was after) Billiegate Onision made a video claiming black women were all dirty and disgusting for not washing their hair claiming with 100% genuine honesty that because HIS hair needed to be washed frequently it meant everyone else's did too (conveniently ignoring the actual science behind hair texture and type) and then he offered to teach black women to wash their hair. It was a pretty outwardly racist and offensive video even if you were used to Gruggle's inflammatory content.

If it's not "Greg approved" is automatically undesirable and gross. I think it's also the only "insult" his tiny defective mind can come up with since he doesnt know the person. I would bet a million dollars if he had any other ammunition like "criminal" or "druggie" he would throw that in the mix too. Being black is the only thing Greg probably knows about this man.

No. 758769

Not asking to be spoofed but has Greg ever talked about "projecting"?
Every time he learns some new sociological or psychological term he loves to overuse (and misuse) it, so just wondering if there's any evidence that he knows what projecting is.

No. 758771

File: 1582150384108.jpeg (609.35 KB, 1242x1701, 52DD37AE-3E5C-471F-BC50-3591B4…)

No. 758772

The thing is he shouldn’t be washing his hair so frequently. That’s why it looks so fucking greasy all the time. Also over washing and hot water is terrible for rosacea.

No. 758774


No. 758775

In before Onions inevitable "She's in it for the money!! This proves she's a liar!!" sperg

But good for her. I hope she gets enough money for 3 laptops and that something actually comes out of the old one.

No. 758782


Might donate when I get paid because she has been a premium milker. I hope she gets more money than a laptop is worth so she can spend it on herself, she deserves it.

No. 758786

Donating to Sarah is gonna piss Greg the hell off so I'd say go for it

No. 758789


Im glad. She shouldn't have gone through that shit with the Onions but it's about time they finally fucked with the wrong person

No. 758792

File: 1582152965856.jpeg (89.55 KB, 828x778, again.jpeg)


This would be the third time now you dropped that thing off at the authorities?

No. 758793

isn't it technically the second?
she sent it to chris the first time and they fucked up, so now she's "turning it in" a second time?

No. 758794

Actually no, this is the THIRD time she "delivered the laptop to the cops / fbi".
Also, if you donate to her consider donating to charities that could better use your money like cancer (and cancerkids), AIDS, burn victims, save the tiger you name it.. just my 2 cts.

No. 758796

Not believing this until there's proof. I bet in a few months she will confess she didn't actually deliver the laptop to the authorities but she totally plans on doing it someday maybe if she feels like it

No. 758798

She won't see a single cent from me. Maybe I would have donated if she did this 6 months ago like she was supposed to. Now all the evidence in that laptop is probably useless.

No. 758813

She's getting a fair share of criticism for asking for money. I personally think she should've left that bit out.
People are pointing out that she hadn't had the laptop for months while Vince had it, so why does she suddenly need one so badly?

No. 758814

Maybe she should do like Billie and Ayallah, selling their amateur porn pictures, they work hard for the money.

No. 758815

…are those recent posts literally one person pretending to have a conversation shitting on Sarah with themselves?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 758820

AmazingAtheist is doing a good job on the live stream

No. 758821

Out of all the non-victim guests, he's probably been the most informative tbh

No. 758826

>People are pointing out that she hadn't had the laptop for months while Vince had it, so why does she suddenly need one so badly?

That's a very good point. She better provide proof she's not lying asap

No. 758829

Regardless if police take a computer (from a possible perp) or receive it willingly, or in example from a repair shop that found something, the police always gives a receipt.
So she could just show us the receipt.

No. 758830

l m a o
now who would say some shit like this hmm??

No. 758832

thought the exact same thing, its probably discord fags or smegma himself trying to piss and moan like always

No. 758833

He's a pedophile and rape apologist so im not sure why his opinion on any of this matters.

No. 758834

I think he was actually attempting to make Sarah look racist but obviously it just made him look weird

No. 758836

File: 1582164430918.jpeg (53.17 KB, 828x260, 63791CFB-B402-4F3F-99B2-18D1EA…)

He made a new Instagram account, and it got deleted

No. 758837

Sarah is on her path to becoming a cow since she's clearly trying to scam people. What a shitshow.

No. 758840

oh come on. I wouldnt say that she is scamming. Asking for money before anything has actually happened is a bit short sighted, but she's already proven she's a bit impulsive and more than a little naieve

No. 758844

I've donated a few bucks to her, and I honestly don't give a shit what she spends that money on. She has provided so much milk at the expense of her mental health and personal life, I feel like it's the least I could do

No. 758845

Thats Mr.Atheist who’s a different person.

It’s gonna get deleted soon since he’s gonna post the same thing and get himself banned again.

No. 758846

Not to mention the attention on her and Greg has likely passed it's peak, if this is just a scam she has really poor timing

No. 758848

Anon did you misunderstand, it has already been deleted

No. 758852

If you truly believe that Greg and Lainey groomed Sarah then why is this a big milky drama exposé to some of you? She isn't entitled to any money for doing the right thing she should have done months ago. I guess she was too busy trying to get the validation she wanted.

No. 758856


Probably. He probably realized how crazy he looked talking to himself in the flakes thread over and over so he decided to go trawling here.

We can safely ignore him; he brings nothing to the table.

No. 758880

She ignored the woman on Twitter who offered her new laptop she doesn't need anymore for free and she's ignoring the people who are asking her to show proof she delivered the laptop to the FBI, but we're not supposed to think she's scamming, ok.

No. 758889

File: 1582173323510.jpeg (146.29 KB, 750x748, 9283331C-0B6A-4E9B-93D4-FC8D16…)

She’s offering refunds and asking people to stop donating. Flakes can stop complaining now

No. 758894


I wouldn't hold it against Sarah AT ALL for not wanting to accept some random's secondhand laptop. Come on.

No. 758896

Exactly. Imagine how easy it would be for Greg's fans to try and get her address or other personal info in this kind of way.

No. 758897


seems like sarah reads here–i honestly think she should take a break from social media, it might make her life easier for the time being. attention like that isn't always what you want/need after trauma and abuse.

No. 758905

File: 1582175515885.png (191.66 KB, 1884x454, download.png)

Kinda ot and sorry if already mentioned but there is a laughable thread going on in /x/ right now if anyones interested. Most are claiming hes self posting, given some of the cringy thirsty posts im inclined to agree http://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/24324408

No. 758906

File: 1582175661187.jpg (100.11 KB, 1876x143, bitch please.jpg)

No. 758909

She doesn't need to read here. People on twitter are ripping her apart.

No. 758917

I would want to buy new hard drives and reimage any secondhand laptop because who knows what someone could install on it beforehand. Even if it looked brand new, right out of the box and never opened I would not trust it. People are creeps.

No. 758918

That and a chromebook aint gonna fly depending on what kind of school work you need done.

No. 758928

It's Mr Atheist not AmazingAtheist who was on have a seat with Chris Hansen.
Just to clarify it wasn't AmazingAtheist who was on the live stream, it was Mr. Atheist, who isn't a rape apologist or pedo as far as I'm aware

No. 758969


As far as I know, she's pretty weird herself, but I don't know much; She's posted this on facebook a few months ago, and I can't help wondering who the narcissist she's talking about is… Is it Greg? Greg's father?>>758523

No. 758970

File: 1582207128079.jpg (723.95 KB, 1882x1012, CTKIfVz.jpg)

Sorry, tried again; I'm appearantly a fucking boomer

No. 758973

seems like? she's openly posted here. you need to read some old threads, anon.

No. 758980

People that disagree with you are always all the same person.
It makes it easier in your own head to cope with the criticism, after all; its only one person disagreeing with you.

Don't worry, they're obviously all the same person doing it.
Probably Vince, right?
That bastard.

No. 758985

She definetely lurks. Some of the other "queens" do too and since they're all in a group chat together they probably keep themselves very informed of everything posted here

No. 758986

I'm just saying if Shiloh can get funds to get Greg's tattoo off her then Sarah can get herself a laptop.

She's just a kid who's trying to balance school, work, and her own place with essentially no family to turn to. It's not like she can ask her mom for help getting one considering the old lady shipped her off to Greg and then blamed her in the end for what happened to her.

It just surprises me that while there was some complaints about the luxury tattoo funding, there's suddenly a massive out pouring of hate towards Sarah for needing something that's essential towards her schooling when the issues with the laptop weren't even her fault. How is a barely legal teen supposed to know what to do, especially when 'experts' step in offering to handle it for her.

It's just a liiiiittle suspicious.

No. 758990

Don't worry anon, it's pretty clear to farmers who turns up to post and when. We're not a hive mind here but to keep ourselves anonymous the board rules do enforce integration, something Onion fans and boomers constantly fail to do.

Sarah and Shiloh didn't hold anyone at ransom to donate to them. It's hilarious that they both can monetise the situation better than Grease

No. 758999

I thought that was retarded too, but its easy to take a fools money.
>It's just a liiiiittle suspicious.
Like Sarah telling us for the third time she took that laptop to the cops, you mean? It also means she's been using the laptop the whole time, then the chain of custody was all fucked by it going to Vince and God only knows who else, so any lawyer will very easily discredit that damn laptop by now.
In other words: Same shit, different day, and Greg ain't going anywhere.
I bet he's laughing his ass off at all of us.

No. 759002

File: 1582213771938.jpg (7.6 KB, 235x251, thunk.jpg)


If Onision, Kai and Sarah recorded any of their threesomes with the toddler in the bed, and if a video of it was on the holy laptop would that count as CP and be logged as such by the FBI?

No. 759007

eh not to derail but a chromebook can be perfectly fine for schoolwork, my friend uses one for college because it is so cheap. might be different if you are studying something that requires a lot of tech programs though.

No. 759008

This is just silly. The local police and the FBI are investigating him already without Sarah. The authorities have already revealed there are multiple victims involved and devices that aren't Sarah's laptop.

Sarah is just one piece of the puzzle out of many. She's just the one Greg got the most brazen with.

No. 759009

File: 1582214983277.png (Spoiler Image,123.88 KB, 274x250, DE042AC5-277A-4B19-BC88-0E3F92…)

>I bet he's laughing his ass off at all of us.

No. 759010

Oh DO tell what they have on old Greg in regards to actual evidence and not just rumor and hearsay.
Because all I'm seeing is salty exes demonizing the guy, some a decade after he's been with them, because you know they're so happy and successful in life no post-Greg.
Hey, i think Greg is a stupid douchebag as much as the next guy and absolutely would I like for him to lose all his platforms, but in regards of any conviction what do you have?(ban evasion)

No. 759011

Oh, it's you again. To no one's surprise.

No. 759012

People just got tired of Sarah's shit. She kept promising she'd take the laptop to authorities for months but never did and now all the evidence in it is useless

No. 759018

Lol the only people who have decided the evidence is fucked are Greg's gay little fans or anyone that has had their content strikes by Hansen under big gay Vince. The chain of custody shite hasn't even be put into affect since no authorities have saw the evidence on the laptop Sarah has yet. And then they can determine what's been tampered with and what hasn't. It's very simple for the federal investigations bureau to see who sent files, who communicated what etc. This is like how Billy the Fridge and Joe miscommunicated on the Livestream in front of Greg's house about evidence etc and Greg ran with it in his slanderous videos afterwards.

If Sarah's laptop has proof that Greg and Lainey were using their online presence to search and lure girls to their actual home and soliciting nudes etc they're both fucked, not just Lainey.

This is a lolcow thread about Greg, will his queer fans fuck off and stop being surprised when people openly fucking hate him. He's a fucking faggot no one here is on his side. He's been doing the same shit for over a decade now and he's learnt nothing about discretion or how to carry himself. Will all you autists fuck off

No. 759021

It is not useless. This is not television. The FBI doesn't give a fuck about contamination and civil liberties anymore. If they find evidence they will use it regardless.

No. 759026


The thing about this is, Greg and his fans are all sperging about the trustworthiness of his victims and asking for proofs!! When we've seen proof.

Lainey sent a topless pic to Sarah "to edit", Lainey had her tits out in a video she filmed with Sarah.

Greg has solicited photos from underaged girls on his forums. Known pedophiles were on his forums.

Greg exposed underaged fans to bestility porn and filmed it.

I'm missing a ton of stuff but this is just off the top of my head.

Then there's the IRS and the Wetlands issues. Not to mention CPS may be investigating them as well after Clot fell from a second story window under their watch.

If the Police/FBI don't get them then a combination of financial ruin and reputation ruin from Chris Hansen will be the end of the Onion Family.

Greg's entire area knows who he is and what he's done. Him and Lainey can barely leave their house and in a bit they probably won't even have a home because he owes back taxes and the Wetlands found him in violation of never complying with their orders so he has to pay MORE MONEY.

At this point being put in prison might be the best outcome for Greg. Homelessness being the worst.

No. 759032

In regards to the laptop, I'm pretty sure they never bother to do this because it's too much work, but couldn't they get the logs from the company the chats were sent through regardless of whether the laptop was tampered with? Like, when you chat with someone on anything the logs are stored on some server.

Also just because you continued using a computer doesn't mean the evidence on it is inadmissible, as someone speculated earlier. It's all a matter of negotiation and "reasonable doubt" does not mean "any possible doubt whatsoever", although some defenders manage to spin it that way.

No. 759033

Accepting a laptop from a complete stranger on the internet is a good way to get key logged

No. 759057

This video is disturbing on so many levels. And I don't mean that in a clutching my pearls sort of way.

It's just insane how he can be this obviously obsessed and jealous of another youtuber that he has never had any real interactions with. He's been doing this sort of thing since he started youtube. (obviously with Shane and then early in his career he was obsessed with Cute with Chris who was popular at the time)
He's never been able to just focus on himself and his own work. How much time does he spend thinking about how much he hates those that are more successful than him that he thinks making an entire video mocking them is a good idea?

Then of course there's the idiotic high school shooter persona he's putting on. He's sooooo deep and sooooo misunderstood. Wearing all black and speaking in that soft voice. Is this supposed to be comedy? Cause honestly I can never tell with him. His sense of humor is shit.

No. 759062

I tried watching the video and as a woman approaching her 30s the cringe was unbearable and I had to turn it off. To think the man that made this video is older than me and is being very serious making this.

He's literally scripted out a make believe conversation with PewdiePie and is acting it out for people to see. He's even doing his faux alpha male voice. Did he design his animation too? Is this what he thinks he looks like in his head? What I don't understand about Grease is that he did have money at one point. This gay sims character he has made of himself he cares about how it looks and dresses. Yet IRL he always looks like shit. Even when he would buy a suit (or tux ffs) he would look like shit in it. For being so vain he looks so fucking ugly all the time!!! It blows my mind the amount of money he had and not once in his quest to be hot did he ever buy expensive lasting decent clothes. He truly is such an immature retard.

He completely lives his life online. Whenever he has to do real life shit he fucks up and gets investigated for tax fraud or an environmental agency or the police for being a nonce. He sperges about his haters but the truth is, no one spends the amount of time that Greg does online. No one puts as much energy into online as Greg does. He needs a psychiatrist.

No. 759072

What evidence?

Yet all of that is based on rumors and hearsay.
It isn't as much what you know, its what you can prove. Thats how the law works.
Mind you, I hope you guys are right, I hope I'm wrong and that Greg and Kai will go to prison. I hope they do have some sort of smoking gun to put them away, but I doubt it.

No. 759073


I didn't say all, I said THAT SPECIFIC person.

I bet you're not even following that thread and have no idea who I'm even referring to. lol.

No. 759074

Sarah has implied there is more than we know about on the devices. We likely won't know the details until there's a conviction. IF there is one.
I don't know why Sarah would go through the trouble of taking the laptop/phones to an FBI Office if she didnt think there was damning evidence on them. But all she has said is that there is stuff, she has not been specific.
So really at this point its a matter of - do you believe Sarah's word? I could see why someone might, but I also see why they might not. In any case, there isn't any use arguing about it. We just have to wait and see if something comes of it.

No. 759075

In the context of all the naysayers that say the laptop can't even be looked at because of the 'chain of custody'.

Rumours and hearsay, perhaps your just new to this, but Greg has the delightful habit of incriminating himself by the content he uploads and words he says and shit he posts. Lurk more.

No. 759078

Who put the paprika in your Vagisil?

No. 759081

Chain of custody starts when it enters law enforcement's hands and is deemed potential evidence. Why don't anons fucking get this. It's mentioned every thread. Whether an expert might have faked evidence is an entirely different issue. No matter how many hands the laptop has been in doesn't affect it's admissibility as long as it doesn't happen after it's been given to law enforcement.(lawfagging)

No. 759082

>all of that is based on rumors and hearsay

I'm sorry, what? How is having video proof and Greg's own word recorded suddenly rumors and hearsay?

Lainey admitted in a tweet she sent a topless pic to Sarah to edit.
Lainey recorded herself with a gaping robe and put it on Youtube.
Lainey admitted she brought Sarah into the bathroom when she was nude.

Greg has a video showing he showed doggy porn to his followers which included underaged fangirls.
Greg has posts and videos both asking for fans photos, some of them underaged by their own admission.

None of that is rumor or hearsay. It's digital record and there forever.

No. 759084

Greg's fans are actual retards and seem to think lolcow is Haters HQ and if they sperg enough inaccurate shite here it will be true.

No. 759089

Wtf is going on with Shiloh and Sarah right now?(Derailing )

No. 759091

File: 1582233775672.bmp (1.26 MB, 738x595, Untitled 1.bmp)

No. 759092

File: 1582233814856.bmp (2.87 MB, 750x1334, Untitled 2.bmp)

No. 759094

File: 1582234063774.bmp (1.5 MB, 742x708, Untitled 3.bmp)

Apparently it was fixed pretty quick though.(Derailing)

No. 759099


After Sarah requested donations for a new laptop, some people a) tried to find where she lived in Michigan, including the city and college, and b) were dicks to her in general, even after she apologized and closed closed the venmo, and shiloh’s just been calling out people for it.

I bet Grot is seething that both of them were able to receive more donations than he ever had for anything, and Thot is crying because her dumbass sent a laptop that wasn’t wiped and full of years’ worth of iMessages and photos. Grot’s probably been screaming at her for being so stupid, and undoubtably will try and throw her under the bus for “iLLeGaL activity” when he’s also said he always checks her messages and no doubt has seen the nudes himself. Even if he didn’t encourage them, which he probably did, he knew about them for years and didn’t do shit, he could still be incriminated if Lainey grows a spine and throws him under the bus, too.

No. 759103

File: 1582237804756.png (53.94 KB, 772x526, bdhHaxdNoP.png)

No. 759107

Fuck off with this tinfoil

No. 759108

I'm still really skeptical of Let's Game it Out being Greg. imo they dont really act/sound like him at all.

No. 759110

I don't think "Let's game it out" is greg. The most evidence they had was "it kinda sorta sounds like him" even though the sense of humor is completely different and LGIO is legit funny occasionally.
There's also another channel on there that updated its description to say it wasn't greg but just some old archived onion vids from wayback.
Sounds like the people who made this list did very little research beyond surface level.

No. 759111

Dang, Onion boi’s gone schizo on all of us!


No. 759114

yeah i am really confused by this tinfoil. I personally don't think he sounds anything like Greg vocally. And you're right, the sense of humor is totally different. How likely is it that Greg has has an actual real sense of humor this entire time and not just resort to violence and sexism?
Other than the voice maybe kind of sounding like him but only if you assume it's been digitally altered, why do people think it's him?

No. 759115

Dude what do you expect, its by wannabe anonymous wannabe hacker "Gene".

No. 759117


Yeah, if the only connection is the voice similarity, that's weak. I'm not into "let's play" type videos or whatever, but the Let's Game It Out guy is clearly pretty creative, and I don't see how anyone could give Greg that kind of credit. Plus I haven't noticed any weird off-putting violent/sexual comments/jokes in the few videos I've seen, and I don't think Greg has that kind of self-control.

No. 759121

The root problem of all the infighting is, Greg fucking lies so what is the truth. I don't expect a cow to be honest, but he lies even when he is aware that you know he's lying. Call it ballzy or retarded, it just is.

It almost is getting to the point where I don't care anymore. He doesn't perform well, let his ass be obscure.

No. 759125

Let's Game It Out KIND OF sounds like him with the lispyness so I could believe it was him modifying his voice, but LGIO's videos are dway too funny and creative to be him.(Tinfoil)

No. 759243

That's some bs.

Why are his sister's and Respit's channels listed? And there's no proof that every channel that contains "onision" is his.

No. 759246

If you go to his known channels and look at his subscriptions he is subscribed to some of these contentless channels such as Jo Tracker, Respit Talk, Sings, Farts etc, Nyannyan Cosplay.

No. 759252

Let's game it out plays way too many games that requires big brain stuff. Cant picture him learning how to setup resource ratios etc.

No. 759256

Off topic, but what's the thread image referring to?

No. 759258

And? Jo is his sister, Respit his patreon.
Respit pays him a lot of money, the least Jimmy can do is subscribe to him.
Nyannyan cosplay is some instagram thot with the same style as Billie, so ofc Jimmy likes her.

No. 759261

Yeah true, greg is pretty bad at gaming. I personally don't even think the voices sound that similar.

No. 759269

He must be shit if he can't even carry Trot and then at Trot because he's salty that they lost. Sucks to suck JJ.

No. 759287

What is going on with onions twitter account right now? Seems to be all emo music stuff and a lot of Kurt Kobain (who Grug obviously thinks to be a kindred spirit).

Will Grug really shoot himself like in the animated video he made?

No. 759289


Lurk moar, anon, it’s a reference to his hobo-esque picture in the elevator at the courthouse, as well as his manlet size.

No. 759292

If god is good anon

(No he is just begging for asspats from his harem of gross rejects and literal children)

No. 759294

JJ has too much left to give us in the world. So many more teen girls to save from cutting and suicide, anorexia, not washing their hair everyday and they are still out there unenlightened by their Sicesca master. Too much good work is left undone, he must touch more teens.

No. 759296

Kurt Cobain was a hardcore heroin user. Doesn't "straight edge" Gargoyle hate drug users? Why is he idolizing one so much?

No. 759298

That's actually a really good point, anon. He was wishing people who smoke weed could OD.
Then again, it might just be one of his "special exceptions" - like how he was constantly dissing everyone who mourned the death of a celebrity on Twitter for years, then posted a sad tweet about Chester from LP dying.

No. 759347

Onion's complaint call about the sheriff's interview with Hansen

No. 759351

Yeah, I about lost it at "Jackson stated that Det. Troyer was trying to destroy his life". Lmao, Jimmy.

No. 759354

"A guy just doing his job is trying to destroy my life waaaaah"

No. 759358

Some drama happening with Shiloh on Twitter, I know we can't discuss it in this thread but is there a thread where it can be?

No. 759359

No. 759361

I RL screamed at “your police department is being trolled” HOLY fuck this dude legitimately lives online, not reality. This is sad and hilarious.

No. 759362

The guy never even commented on any specific accusations, only that there were many calls about his residence and it was being investigated. Gurg is completely delusional.
I also love his very confident declaration of “you’re not supposed to comment on open investigations”
Where’d he learn that? TV?

No. 759380

I meant the sentence and image of a kid on a bike.

No. 759383

His: "You're not supposed to comment on an open investigation!" Confirms for us that there is an open investigation that he's well aware of. It's great.

No. 759390

Yeah but anon the police and FBI are obviously being trolled by us masterminds. Don't you remember when he said he was a military cop and he knows how investigations work?

No. 759391

Right, and they will elect me as the new pope tomorrow.
Its a great day, really.

No. 759395

Sage for non contribution, I'm not a USAFag so I wondered if old mate James would even be able to have a 'fair trial' (aka shit not getting thrown out due to bias) if things got to that point with the amount of knowledge his community has around his Fritzl-foolery?

No. 759396

I remember looking up the website he set up awhile back where he'd put up doxxed info of Greg's family. He included a long list of yt channels he claimed were greg's. I checked one out, I don't remember the name now but it was a gaming channel that obviously wasn't Greg and had nothing to do with him. Gene's a fraud just like the con-man he works for.

No. 759397

File: 1582338896886.jpeg (110.55 KB, 972x1142, EQtc98jUwAAAr4_.jpeg)

>It blows my mind the amount of money he had and not once in his quest to be hot did he ever buy expensive lasting decent clothes.
You're forgetting about all that botched plastic surgery that made him look even more horrific than he already did. If he bought expensive clothes it would most likely backfire on him in some equally lulzy way.

No. 759398

>this seems like running it into the ground
He's been doing this for weeks, since at least January and I expect this trend to continue. I don't know why anyone's still surprised.

>Sarah telling us for the third time she took that laptop to the cops
That's not true. She never said that SHE herself took it to LE until now >>758771. Before this, she repeated what Hansen/Vince told her THEY did/were doing. She admitted putting faith in the wrong people and that she made a mistake. Using other people's lies - people she's distanced herself from - to discredit her is ridiculous.

No. 759400

That might be true but they're not a courtroom, which is where the evidence will end up going through first before anything's decided. Whether the evidence gets tossed out (inadmissible) or not remains to be seen.

No. 759402

File: 1582340392829.jpg (12.86 KB, 620x364, 7899.jpg)


The anti-o's have put so much effort into deplatforming him when the platforms he's lost (Patreon and IG) are gone now only because of what he did. If they just sit and wait and stop putting in so much wasted autistic effort, Gurg will deplatform himself entirely.

No. 759403

Did we ever find out what he actually did on Instagram? Every screenshots I've seen says something different, so it seems everyone who reported him for anything just got a form letter saying he was removed, but not why.

No. 759406

If he's just hinting at shit and not making overt threats, it's just another of his narc cycles. I'd say he's as suicidal now as he was "sick" before the court date with Repzion and Hansen. It's theatre, "poor me", "I'm soul sick" blah blah.

No. 759412

He thought lumpy suits made him look expensive

No. 759418

Or that phase when he only wore dress shirts and suits thinking he looked dominant, but really he just looked like a fat headed loser going to prom.

No. 759428

File: 1582350301850.jpg (39.42 KB, 639x639, DcdERxxX4AAofDs.jpg_large.jpg.…)

it's called fashion sweaty look it up

No. 759430

File: 1582351156773.jpg (77.56 KB, 509x800, goblin.jpg)

No. 759431

the last thing he sees

No. 759435

File: 1582354250557.gif (488.07 KB, 403x232, giphy.gif)

I hate to say it but I give kudos to the obsessive anti-o's. They're the ones who reported over and over that he had doxxed Billie and got Patreon to take notice. They're also the ones who probably reported Greg for doing some "against TOS" shit on his IG.
Greg used to think he could do what ever he wanted without consequences. The chickens have come home to roost. I really hope his YouTube channels get banned one by one over a 12 month period, the smaller insignificant channels first and then move on to the bigger ones. I want to slowly savor each one as its dumped.

No. 759438

wasn't it was the Supernatural fandom who brigaded his insta? >>758713

No. 759444

File: 1582365924236.png (484.7 KB, 1000x1000, Whydididothis.png)

I didn't put a lot of time and effort into this, but it had to be done.

No. 759445

>They're the ones who reported over and over that he had doxxed Billie and got Patreon to take notice.
I thought only the person doxxed can report it and have action taken? Maybe I'm thinking of twitter. Still, Greg's idiocy got the ball rolling in the first place, otherwise he'd still have a patreon. We don't know who reported him on IG but I'm sure he did something equally stupid to get kicked from there too.

If the anti's "methods" worked so well greg would be long gone from twitter, yt and twitch, and yt 100% will not boot him unless there's a conviction. The anti's furious wheel spinning will never outmatch Greg's incredible intellect.

No. 759446

I don't know what's funnier. His eyebrows, his gigantic melon head or his tiny T-Rex arms. This image is comedy gold. It's even funnier cause he actually thought he looked good.

No. 759457

How could you ignore his cute forehead dimple?

No. 759459

File: 1582380098915.jpg (29.04 KB, 400x400, Vpq7wp5s_400x400.jpg)

Shiloh is a black ghetto sista now.
She's the new WoaVicky and she'll kick your ass if you talk flack about any of her professional victim sista's, yo.(wrong thread, autism)

No. 759462


This isn't a Shiloh thread, fam.

No. 759463

Yeah but she wouldn't care.
She's hardcore like that.

No. 759493

I wonder if he still puts tampons in his ass, at least he already know what prison feel like

No. 759520

so onision apparently has turned comments back on his videos. I made a comment that he was a child groomer and within literally.. seconds my comment was deleted. So greg is literally watching his comments like a hawk

No. 759521

He probably has his orbiters moderating his comments.

No. 759523


Lord knows he, Kai, and their remaining sycophants work hard to moderate their social medias

No. 759530

i wonder if that shirt came with the suit he wore to court

No. 759563

Can someone transcribe his newest video “The Proof” which has text screenshots apparently? At work, and don’t wanna sneak away to listen for fear of catching ear cancer.

No. 759566

I thought about posting screenshots from the receipts video but there's like 20 of them, seems a bit overkill. There were posted in the Facebook group Kai is crying

No. 759574

Im sure someone took over for that fan of his that looked like a female version of Chris Chan, I forget her name but she was doing the janitor work on one of his channels and there were messages between her and Onision where shes overwhelmed by all the negative comments and the wave of hate never stops. Which ever fan got roped into being the new comments janitor, I hope you enjoy working for free.
Is it also possible to disable the ability to leave a dislike on any comment or reply, but allow a like? If you look at all the comments they're all positive and none have a thumbs down. I did notice that he disabled the ability to like/dislike the video.

No. 759584

That group is private though

No. 759585

Yeah and apparently keemstar said he’s going to be doing an interview. He’s making his comeback. Pat yourselves and the other speds in the antio thread all on the back for that. Congrats

No. 759595

What does keemstar "making a comeback" have to do with the anti-o thread? Most of the thread is shitting on Hansen or criticizing Shiloh for acting ridiculous. The rest are a smattering of trolls.

No. 759596

>The rest are a smattering of trolls.
The rest? You make is sound like its a large group. Read the posts in that shit thread and you realize its just 4 ppl (probably men) jerking each other off and testing out ways of posting in this thread without getting banned.

>Most of the thread is shitting on Hansen or criticizing Shiloh and Regina.

>Most of the thread is shitting on Hansen or criticizing Shiloh for acting ridiculous.
lol, that edit. Test test.

No. 759597

He wouldn't have turned comments back on if he wasn't confident he couldn't create his own safe little hugbox/echo chamber. Can't be challenged on even ground for all of his lies.
Yeah, I think he's got some of them lurking in the anti-o thread too.

No. 759598

File: 1582435467445.png (2.19 MB, 2026x1174, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.0…)

screenshots taken from kai is crying
1 - kainey emotional manipulating b and playing hardcore victim then trying to rope her back in in the final message saying shed actually be OK with smoking on new years if b just ASKED
2- trying to force b to stop smoking/drinking and saying its for the kids. telling her she has to make huge sacrifices if youre with someone with kids lol. b asks her to clarify kai gives attitude.
3 - kai trying to rope back b and trying to play both victim and soft understanding hurt partner willing to do anything uwu. b expresses she doesnt like greg kai switches topic onto her and tries to earn sympathy points.

No. 759599

Well thanks for keeping track, but Shiloh is acting ridiculous. I edited the other comment with Regina because there are pointless comments digging at her for her looks more than anything, a small group of trolls. If you think there's only 4 people justifiably criticizing Hansen then you haven't seen twitter either.

No. 759600

File: 1582435503076.png (1.15 MB, 2024x1076, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.0…)


No. 759601

File: 1582435538311.png (1.13 MB, 2026x1026, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.0…)


No. 759602

File: 1582435762212.png (1.2 MB, 2034x1116, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.2…)

4 - b admits she actually likes kainey and would date her if james wasnt in the picture, and admits there WAS tension between kai and b cause kai was fucking pissed the whole time so she gravitated towards greg cause he was more welcoming

No. 759603

File: 1582435848756.png (1.12 MB, 2034x1118, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.2…)

5 - l o l kai pissed about cuddlegate and shifting all blame towards b cause she has no balls to tell it to greg and forces all guilt on b

No. 759604

>If you think there's only 4 people justifiably criticizing Hansen then you haven't seen twitter either.
Your reading comprehension is as bad as your ability to make a post without having to re-edit it over and over. I said there's probably only 4 men in that (properly labeled by the mods) shit thread stroking each others thumbcocks.

No. 759605

if anything these texts are incriminating on how manipulative and abusive these 2 fucks are. god greg is stupid af if he thinks he can turn this around to kai being the victim yet again
the rest were about sarah defending them when she was 17. more proof how desperate she was to prove her undying loyalty.

No. 759607

So I watched someone’s reaction to Greg’s receipts video cause I couldn’t find a mirror( on mute, just wanted to see the screenshots) so I don’t actually know what Greg’s commentary to go along with the screen was

all the ones regarding Billie were dumb and reaching for anything to make her look bad (she admitted she holds grudges! What an evil whore!)

There are many screenshots of Sarah defending the Onions, which isn’t very surprising considering we all knew she loved them at one point (she’s never denied that). If taken at face value, yeah.. it looks kinda bad for Sarah to say over and over she wasn’t groomed, but I think we also have to take into consideration that people in abusive relationships defend that relationship for a whole number of reasons while they are in the thick of it/still in love with the abuser, but it doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t abusive.

One thing I do wanna point out is how in Greg’s accompanying text, he keeps saying thing like “she’s obviously doing such and such” when it’s not obvious at all. He also tries to say these screenshots prove Kai was raped by Sarah, but to me they prove the opposite. Sarah and kai clearly had multiple conversations about their relationship moving in a more serious direction and never once do we see Kai clearly state that she does not want it. Instead, Kai is her usual ambivalent self, not really saying much of anything. You’d think, if Sarah says something like “our relationship has progressed naturally, no one thought it would turn out this way” Kai would say “what relationship?” But yet she never denies that their relationship is developing nor does she shut it down.

No. 759608

>being in a relationship with people with kids requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice & selflessness
Like that time she thought it was ok to fuck with her own child on the same bed. How very selfless and considerate.
>Billie admitting to Kai that she holds grudges and has it "out" for Greg
It's not stated or implied that she has it "out" for anyone. She said she holds grudges, she didn't say she'd take any particular action. Greg's waterbrain is really working over time on this one.

No. 759609

>I said there's probably only 4 men
Yes, and I corrected you. Maybe read more carefully next time. The mods outed the twitterfags over a month ago, who btw were all female if I remember correctly.

No. 759610

lol he's trying the "homewrecker" narrative for the umpteenth time? He emailed Billie countless times well after they broke up begging for her to come back, she posted those emails. If Billie "wrecked" his precious home so badly he wouldn't have kept inviting her back, unless of course he never gave af about his family in the first place, which is exactly what it was.

No. 759611

>There are many screenshots of Sarah defending the Onions
Wasn't she still underage when she made those comments? All Greg's doing is pushing the same lies and false narratives he always has, lies that were debunked. If he's criticizing Sarah for contradicting herself, he's done it just as much if not more so.

No. 759612

No, you misread again and are trying to spin it and failing miserably. I didn't mention Twitter or the twitterfags in my post. I was talking specifically about the shit thread in snow and how its a small group of men who regularly get banned from this thread and have to retreat and lick their wounds in the Anti-O thread. Funny that your stressed about this. Its like you're taking this personally hmmmmm.(Derailing )

No. 759614

File: 1582437521487.png (334.94 KB, 1043x526, Capture2222020.PNG)

Is this the same man Sarah said she went to court over and got sent to jail?
Did Sarah ever explain what the story was with Ayallah supposedly trying to fuck her when she was underage?

No. 759615

There were a group of people who were banned from there and outed by the mods, they were anti-o twitterfags, all female. Your "muh male" trolling is stale dude. The most recent anti-o thread wasn't even labeled by the mods.

No. 759616

Again, I wasn't talking about the twitterfags and I get you cant admit to it without looking stupid. It is funny that the Anti'O thread had that glaring red "shit thread" greeting you every time you'd visit. Dont burst a blood vessel trying to defend it dude. Just scoot on back with your tail between your legs and lube up which ever hand you use.(Derailing )

No. 759617

Greg legit has the balls to attempt to villainize sarah for attempting to break off her friendship with Kai after getting rejected romantically when kai did the exact same thing to sarah (we saw the texts of greg yelling at kai for doing that very thing)

No. 759618

File: 1582439555263.jpg (92.52 KB, 1247x810, wat.JPG)

This is apparently proof Sarah admitted to grooming Lainey. Bitch where?
if I am correct that this conversation happened right before they actually had sex, (likely during the time they were putting out fires about the first grooming accusations, Lainey did the livestream, sarah made the coerced defense video), then what this screenshot really tell us is that Sarah was having a conversation to Lainey talking about their relationship, implying that it wasn't sexual before but it IS sexual now, and Lainey is not denying it. She is not telling Sarah she isn't interested. She can only talk about how uwu anxious she is.

No. 759624

Lol what the fuck. These texts don't make Lainey look good at all. She sounds like she's using the kids against Billie to get what she wants. She's like 'oh I know they aren't your kids but there is still a responsibility'

Billie never smoked or drank around the kids, she always just got lectured when she would go back home and did it, when she wasn't even AROUND THEM.

Lainey is trying to act so responsible like she's doing the best for them, but has a hugbox of teenage girls she and Greg are happy to import into their home at the drop of a hat. Plus she smoked weed with Sarah, I am assuming at her and Greg's house, so she's so full of shit.

She's just like Greg, so called parent of the fucking year until they use them as shields. Happy to have their teenage fuck toys baby sit their kids and clean their house but God forbid one of them smoke the devil's lettuce when they go home.

No. 759626

They’re willing to have sex in front of their kids but drinking is abhorrent? Nah. They just needed an excuse to make Billie into the bad guy and try to control her.

No. 759627

no chance greg asked for kai's permission to post these texts, lmao. if anything, just told her he's gonna "expose billie" or something and needs her phone

No. 759639


Pretty much. These receipts don't prove anything other than the fact that with distance from them Sarah came to realise that she was manipulated and groomed. These texts are just her former naive mindset before the penny dropped. Grug doesn't understand that people can grow mentally and change their minds.

No. 759641

The cynic in me thinks greg is throwing kai to the FBI to save himself. Maybe he has a hot new side piece younger then kai?

No. 759642

File: 1582458893213.jpg (80.55 KB, 1824x1079, 87024953_791922584627827_17264…)

Onion smugly trying to convince us he and Kai are good parents cuz Sarah said they were in an old text message is so maddening. Doesn't matter if Sarah was desperately trying to be in their good graces, apparently good parenting means having sex while your child is at the foot of the bed, refusing to talk to them, and generally just neglecting them.
And as someone who consistently overshares their life online, he cannot believe that Onision is just a character, he doesn't know where James ends or Onion begins

No. 759647

But having sex while your daughter is sleeping in the same bed and your son is in the same room playing on his tablet is perfectly fine

No. 759651

Of course she never explained it and now that they're "friends" they swept that subject under the rug and act like Sarah never said that. Ayalla said in a livestream back in 2019 she never hit on Sarah though, so that story was just a lie Sarah made up.

No. 759655

JJ, you fucking waterbrain. It was James Jackson and his fake boi wife that had a threesome with an 18 year old and a sleeping toddler in the bed. The sleeping toddler who JJ thought it was fucking dumb to talk to her before she could speak because she can't stroke his fucking ego and tell him how amazing he is. The sleeping toddler who he filmed during a medical emergency, while she was severely injured and probably in immense pain and terror instead of comforting her. And also in front of the boy that he yells at for losing in a game. James Jackson did all those things. I don't give a fuck about Onision.

No. 759663

Thank god the idiot is going back into self defense mode by releasing more stuff. It looks like he doesn’t have any actual ammo to bait sarah into an online mud slinging contest, which is what he ultimately wants over legal action because he knows he can bend things and potentially come out relatively unscathed like he normally does.

I don’t know if he was heavily involved with the drafting process or if lainey’s just absorbed so much of his shitty behavior but this sound exactly like Greg.

It’s the weird thing he does where he ends something with “Goodbye.” only to keep ranting.

I wouldn’t say it is him behind the texts but it’s one of those weird parallels.

Lmao he’s just bitter that Billie didn’t love just him and only him. He probably sees this as rejection and can’t handle it.

No. 759665

More people are claiming Greg James Jackson is somehow not going to jail but most of these people forget Greg's books exist and from the reviews and the free versions out there anyone can see the dude basically wrote child porn.

That's enough evidence right there.

No. 759666

This makes no sense. So Billie in all his videos was painted as a homewrecker who only liked him not Lainey, but when she tries to say she'll only date Lainey he calls her a homewrecker still? And then not only that he sent her that creepy email ages ago begging for her back and said that none of would have happened if she's only dated Lainey and not him. He can't make up his mind.

No. 759668

Thats not illegal though.
Specially not the way that he wrote it.
If it was a lot of big writers would be in major trouble, not the least of which Stephen King (Go read the ending of IT)

No. 759713

so now he's showing us all these text messages without a sender and receiver info so they could well be fabricated , and expects us to believe it ..but im sure his cult suckers and some other gullible retards are gonna fall for it

No. 759720

File: 1582493788226.jpg (22.88 KB, 489x87, Screenshot_20200223-161843.jpg)

From the caveman faced manlet's new video. Is he seriously dumb enough to have missed this, Sarah referencing crying in front of Lainey in the shower? This exchange is from 10/01/2018, not even two months beyond Sarah turning 18 on 08/05. What are the odds that this event happened in that small amount of time? Perhaps it was before her 18th birthday?

Sarah shared a timeline at one point, if anyone has that handy I believe it would be pretty easy to decipher when this referenced event was likely to have happened. Or at least we can tell whether Sarah was 18 or not

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 759733

These texts he’s providing are very milky and really implicate him more and more.

Particular highlight is when he reads a text from Sarah to Kai saying how she “broke down in the shower infront of you, before all this started” (before her being 18?) and despite Gregma reading everything else perfectly on this particular sentence he starts mumbling and doesn’t say “when I broke down in the shower infront of you” and just skips past it.

Also rages about Sarah’s hair changing length in the “blooper clip” despite it already being proved it was because the camera is flipped, desperately pushing his own narrative and occasionally throwing Kai under the bus.

No. 759737

Samefag but feel I need to repeat it for any anons watching the new trash and his csi investigation of Sarah’s video

Her hair isn’t lighter, it’s a Snapchat filter which is why her eyes are also fucking massive

Her hair hasn’t changed length, the video is flipped because it’s using the filter (which she stated she used to hide the fact she had been crying) obvious because the label on the beanie has switched sides

It really fucking bothers me at least some people are going to watch his video and buy it

No. 759739

I wonder if he will ever admit to asking Sarah to be his girlfriend.

No. 759747

Both Onision and Sarah are liars so it would be impossible to know who said the truth or not.

No. 759749


Greg is a known liar, been documented lying for most of his life trying to manipulate people to suit his ego and disgusting fetishes

Sarah is a teen girl breaking away from being groomed by two experienced liars and has minimal life experience; cut her a little slack

No. 759751

This. He lies and twists everything. The only time Sarah 'lied' was to cover her groomer's asses because she was a kid trying to impress her idols. Plus they made her make that video she didn't want to.

Also….>>759747 referring to Greg as 'onision' is a very Greg minion like thing to do. At least hide your biased boner for Jimmy geez

No. 759752

It doesn't seem like anything illegal happened from what Sarah said. But fucking your foster daughter at 18 and a half is definitely immoral and yikes.

The grooming feels unclear now. Is she saying they both groomed her or only Greg did, or only lainey did? Bullying Sarah up until she was 18 seems like Greg's mo but it isn't grooming. Now I would like to believe Sarah about lainey, and we saw some of it throughout the years but was it grooming or a grown as 25 year old trying to connect with girls around her own mental capacity?
Either way, that's for the FBI to determine, if there really is evidence of this.

No. 759753


If you continue licking her ass that hard you might find the remainings of Onision's cum that are still inside there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 759757

>Now I would like to believe Sarah about lainey, and we saw some of it throughout the years but was it grooming or a grown as 25 year old trying to connect with girls around her own mental capacity?

This is a weak excuse. Yeah Lainey is stunted as fuck mentally because she's been living in the grease shack for years but that's no excuse for her to be exclusively chatting with children and having come live with her.
Michael Jackson chilling with all those little boys in his bed is still wrong even if he was 'a child at heart'.

Lainey had Madison, and probably could have easily connected with women her own age but chose to be a creep and wanted to be adored by little teenage girls. What was to stop her making friends with her friend's parents at school, or even if she wanted to take the social anxiety route, why couldn't she interact with adults online?
Sick of people making excuses for this bitch.

No. 759758

How is pointing out the age difference and power at play licking Sarah's ass? None of these 'receipts' that Greg has released have proven anything. One of them in his last video was a message from Sarah talking about being molested and he tried to say it was 'evidence' because she said lmao in the text exchange shortly after.
He's releasing shit purely out of spite to humiliate her and then tries to call it evidence somehow with a flimsy excuse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 759766

This thread is getting ridiculous. Farmhands, can someone clean up the infighters pls?

No. 759772

Hate to break it to you but Sarah has been caught lying numerous times herself.
This doesn't absolve Greg from being a scumbag, but she has lied, a lot.

Actually his posted receipts proved a lot of things, had you been paying attention, not in the least place it re-confirmed Sarah's many lies.

No. 759778

get outta here Greg fan. Greg's video proved nothing, if anything it incriminated him further(Hi cow)

No. 759780

Ah right, having a different opinion automatically means you're a fan and / or Greg.
Why don't you go ahead and dox me? Sent all the rabid yas queens after me.
Anti-O logic, gotta love it.
Believe it or not but some of us are just in it for the shit show. We don't care what happens to Greg or Krainy and we like to weigh in from time to time.
They're all scumbags imho they go to prison, great, they don't go to prison, more lulz for us.

No. 759781

This isn't the place to come to if you expect an egregore. If you are offended by differing opinions regarding recent events then don't bother posting.
If you're a reasonable anon then you won't feel the need to infight against anyone who disagrees with you. This also needs to be said; responding to bait and trolls will earn you the exact same ban as the former.
We will continue to issue bans against anons to continuously legalfag and derail with anti-o drama. Anons implicitly stating that Greg or a fan is posting is subject to a "hi cow" ban as well.

No. 759782

I wasn't able to watch this until now, and holy shit every time I think he couldn't be any more despicable, he actually claims Sarah was lying about her mom hitting her

No. 759785

Genuine question because I'm confused about missing gaps in the timeline. What made Ayalla speak out against the onion's on grooming Sarah? Ayalla said they knew about the stuff going on when they were there but she didn't say anything until years later because she said she was scared. I'm just wondering why she came out at that particular time, that was shortly after the relationship started right? Did she know more or did she just take a guess, and Billie never said anything about the grooming herself. I never saw any mention of grooming from either of them after basementgate.

No. 759789

File: 1582504925834.jpeg (142.08 KB, 750x1248, 1945922D-BBB4-4948-97DD-027D51…)

Timeline for reference. She visited from early July (17) to late August (18). So, Taylor showered with her either right before or right after she turned 18. Thats the only visit that happened before, unless this happened in 2017.

No. 759800

File: 1582506589810.jpg (269.78 KB, 939x185, Det. Moss.jpg)

>The sleeping toddler who he filmed during a medical emergency, while she was severely injured and probably in immense pain
And lest we forget the detective who interviewed Greg about this found his explanation "strange". But the cops love Greg and are always on his side according to him.

No. 759802

>this sound exactly like Greg.
I thought the same thing when I read it. He does access all her sm so it's not out of the question. I think it was Luxy who also said she thought Greg was using Lainey's sm to talk to her because it sounded so much like him.

No. 759804

It is strange to anyone remotely normal, but there's also no darker motive to it. Jimmy was probably just really paranoid about people finding this out and blaming him.
Since he records everything I still find it odd he didn't record Sarah threatening him, though ( or whatever was going on ).

No. 759809

Yikes so he outted another instance of sexual abuse. Woof what a scumbag.

He didn’t even ask. He told her that she was his girlfriend. I can’t remember the exact phrasing he used but it was something along the lines of “well you’re my girlfriend now”.

> fucking your foster daughter at 18 and a half is definitely immoral and yikes.

The other thing that I don’t think has been brought up is he apparently was fucking a young girl who he thought was severely mentally ill.

As far as we know, she doesn’t actually have BPD but he apparently thought she did at the time and still says he does. Like how fucked up is that? Oh and not to mention how much she’s been sexually abused I’ve the years. She was clearly extremely vulnerable.

Not that it matters but I don’t think he actually thinks she has bpd and is just using it to discredit her perspective but from all he’s shared, his public view is that he thought she was mentally ill.

No. 759811

>He didn’t even ask. He told her that she was his girlfriend. I can’t remember the exact phrasing he used but it was something along the lines of “well you’re my girlfriend now”.
Source this? I'm pretty sure it was discussed collectively because Sarah initially wanted to be with footface.

No. 759812

Yep, it's the same with "loli hentai". Greg's admitted to fapping to it, obviously anyone who does is a pedophile, but fapping to images of fictional children isn't illegal.

No. 759813

>she was a kid trying to impress her idols.
I think she thought she loved them and was trying to protect them. Most of the criticism I see of Sarah completely disregards the fact that the Onion's groomed her as a child (how can anyone forget Lainey's "I'm grooming you nicely"?), and primed her for a sexual relationship the minute she was legal. They've all but admitted to this in text messages.

No. 759815

As it stands, it looks like a civil suit could be in his future. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting in any case. I just come here to slag him off from time to time when his clown car antics reach a certain level, like human shit being siphoned into a bucket.

No. 759820

>Sarah has been caught lying numerous times herself.
If you're referring to her lying on Greg's and Lainey's behalf, then yes she did, that happened more than once. If you have other examples outside of that then please share. I can't fault her for what she said and did when she was living in the insane asylum known as the Grease Mansion. You can make a blanket statement like "she's a liar" but it doesn't mean anything unless you qualify it with examples.

As someone who's been around since Sarah was living with the Grease's, I personally haven't found reason to doubt her but I wouldn't jump down the throat of anyone asking reasonable questions. Despite everything, I think she's done the best she could and has tried to be level headed throughout. I hope there will come a time when she'll finally rise above and beyond the circus, graduate from school and leave Grub in the dirt where he belongs.

No. 759823

He made a new video, showing more footage of Hansen, lol. It's not really that interesting, but he did call Chris an "old creepy man".

No. 759826

File: 1582511635385.png (70.13 KB, 640x456, Screenshot_2020-02-24 Repzilla…)

I wonder what made Gerg suddenly change his mind (hint: it starts with an Shi)

No. 759829

denying that you are being groomed while in the process of being groomed does not make someone a liar and it is not proof you weren't groomed.
Not sure how anyone has a hard time understanding this, Its the literal definition of grooming. The groomed never realize it until its too late.

No. 759832

File: 1582512883704.jpg (61.74 KB, 383x665, ss2.JPG)

Absolutely NONE of the screenshots in his "Even More Proof" video help his case. If anything, they show that Sarah was open and honest with Lainey about her feelings, was willing to talk it out, and apologized for hurting Lainey's feelings.
All Lainey ever did was play victim. She never apologized or took responsibility for anything.

Apparently, Mr "Fight for LOVE" thinks Sarah is a terrible person for falling in love with Lainey and being upset when Lainey strung her along.

Attached screenshot that he CHOSE to share - proving that Greg was playing puppetmaster behind the scenes the entire time, while telling Lainey something completely different.

All these dumbass screenshots have told me is that Greg is the reason why Lainey is miserable and he is the reason for fights between her and nearly everyone she comes into contact with.

No. 759836

File: 1582513156227.jpg (58.7 KB, 487x669, ss3.JPG)

Seriously these just prove Sarah was getting strung along by both of them and they were not communicating with each other.
What the hell was she supposed to do when one person tells her one thing and the other person says the opposite?
I didn't listen to Greg's commentary and I am certain it does not matter, but these screens on their own make them look BAD

No. 759839

File: 1582513351833.jpg (44.2 KB, 457x615, ss4.JPG)


No. 759841

File: 1582513676540.jpg (49.4 KB, 1249x481, ss5.JPG)

So let's get this straight.
Billie is a horrible monster because she refused to leave the relationship when it was causing problems in Lainey and Greg's marriage.

However when Sarah does the same thing, she is now a horrible monster who never loved anyone.

Greg can not make up his fucking mind.

No. 759842

File: 1582513681674.png (1.59 MB, 1223x688, fall.png)

Actually there was something interesting. In the new video, the new footage he showed of Hansen is from is CCTV and the angle he shows is pretty much exactly where his daughter fell from the window, and shows the driveway! Yet apparently there was no footage of her fall?? Did he coincidentally have just that camera switched off when she fell?!

No. 759845

He probably didn't really think about that and went straight into paranoid mode by pulling out his phone. Weird, yes, but I don't think there's more to the story.
Just him thinking of himself first, as usual.

No. 759847

But I thought he had said somewhere in the police report that he didnt have any footage of the fall? all he had was his ring doorbell showing him running back and forth apparently. And yet this CTTV camera he has would of captured it?

No. 759848

FFS greg, actually spend a moment to READ about trespassing laws you fucking stuffed moron.

Just having the sign means absolutely NOTHING. All that sign does is give you more leverage if you press charges on someone for trespassing. Only then, do they take the sign into account. But you know what matters the most? The intent of the "trespasser". There is such a thing a criminal and non criminal trespassing. If you try to press charges on a trespasser for their first offense, when they had no criminal intent, it will get dismissed.

Greg is just so, so stupid.

No. 759869

The typing style from "Kai" sounds suspiciously like Greg's characteristic typing style; the excessive amount of ellipses, the dramatic "Goodbye." at the end, the capitalization of words for emphasis, the ampersands instead of "and", spelling okay as "ok."

No. 759871


I've seen Krai's texts before, she never uses punctuation, and says "lmao", "tbh" and "sksksks" excessively like a teen like in these texts

i bet my left boob that greg typed as krai for 99.9% of billie and krai's interactions.

No. 759873

Saying that Foot and JJ weren't intentionally grooming someone doesn't justify anything. The fact is they acted in a manner that resulted in the manipulation and grooming of a vulnerable person.

No. 759878

It was intentional on Greg's part.
This text he shared proves that:

He was clearly telling Sarah behind Lainey's back that they were gonna be together.

Though the comment Sarah makes where she says "then getting a text that you've been feeling the same the entire time" indicates that Lainey WAS telling Sarah she wanted something more with her. Lainey does not deny this. She just admits to being wishy washy and giving Sarah mixed signals.

No. 759884

Anonymous now No. 759883

What these screenshots DO prove is that Greg was very aware that Sarah had hopes for a relationship with Lainey and took advantage of that,fucking Sarah multiple times under the guise of 'this is part of working towards the poly relationship'
He is admitting he coerced her into sex.
And the grooming.. lets not overlook the grooming.

No. 759885

Exactly. At the time she thought she was so smart and was not being groomed, so she said she wasn't. As she got older, she realized, she indeed was. That doesn't mean she's lying now for shits and giggles. It just means she's had a lot of time to reflect about what she feels really happened. Now I don't think the victims are saints themselves but it's obvious greg treated these women like shit and abused them. A group of random women don't just decide to "smear" someone for no reason. His proof videos are ridiculous. Also the video of Sarah having "shorter hair" was literally mirrored. So obviously her long strand was on the other side and the other side appeared shorter. She did not "get a haircut between filming". Is he that dumb? Or does he think other people are that dumb?

No. 759887

File: 1582521416284.jpeg (73.8 KB, 750x1334, D6464276-31C4-4C8D-9963-27CADB…)

Sarah shared a screenshot from her phone showing the date of the blooper video that onion says we are “SO STUPID” for believing.
I think it’s pretty obvious he’s the stupid one who doesn’t know how to mirror a video.

No. 759889

No fucking way are those messages not composed by Greg. It's funny the shit that seemingly different cows do the same, like Raven and Onision both texting on behalf of their less verbose spouses.

I can believe some of the other texts, and boy do they reveal exactly how bad Lainey is. No wonder these flings wind up in drama every time. I don't even get how or why Onion can stand her bullshit.

No. 759894

what the actual fuck? >some prize for you to have when youre 18
bitch youre not some rare commodity youre an ugly narc with saggy tits and a herp filled face. seriously all those texts are mentally draining to read and it makes me want to fucking sock her. only 'kai' can make a newly turned 18 year old feel like SHES the predator.
Also was quick to jump to gregs defence and correct sar cause WE HAVE PERFECT COMMUNICATION IDK WHAT WENT WRONG!!1!

No. 759896

File: 1582523554451.jpg (30.92 KB, 450x338, 819B8B17-02D5-404A-BEEB-CEFC5F…)

>signs mean nothing

No. 759900


Isnt there a younow clip of Krai saying the same shit? That "someone" was only friends with her to hopefully be with them one day like she was a "prize" and was acting super offended. I cant find it but I swear I have seen the clip before.

No. 759905



It may have been a Patreon stream.

No. 759907

if not a clip or stream there were tweets because i definitely remember her saying this in some form. she was pissed someone was only her friend because they hoped to date her some day.

No. 759921

That was the last patreon stream that got shared here.
I watched it and remember that too.

No. 759924

The daughter falling happened several months before Chris Hansen's visit, we just found out about it through the police reports afterward.
It is possible that he added more camera/changed the angle after the fall. Maybe in case it happens again..

No. 759929

It was mainly a blanket statement addressing what I've seen a couple people saying in various online spaces. "he's no criminal mastermind" "there's no way he's sophisticated enough to formulate a plan to groom someone"

Even if Foot and Jimmy aren't sitting at their kitchen table plotting out step by step plan on how to get Sarah under their wing, they're still acting on learned manipulative behavior. JJ has learned how to manipulate people to get what he wants, and Foot learned it from him.

No. 759930

File: 1582534688804.jpg (741.6 KB, 1048x1832, mother of the year.jpg)

>Foot and JJ weren't intentionally grooming someone
Yeah. It amuses me how Jimbo's brain intentionally blocks out inconvenient truths.

No. 759931

Isn't it obvious? He's trying to take more digs at Sarah by continuing to out her abuse and trauma. Such a big man he is. His children will be so proud when they grow up (hopefully not in that hellhole with their dad).

No. 759932

>denying that you are being groomed while in the process of being groomed does not make someone a liar
Except she did lie for Lainey and Greg by denying she had a sexual relationship with them, of course this was at Greg's prompting, but the point is she lied for them. I understand why she did this and I feel for her. I'm not criticizing her for what she did then but I won't pretend it didn't happen.

No. 759933

Its funny though one look at that picture and you can clearly see Kai's shirt is actually hanging over said genitalia.
Go ahead, take a gander, it would be impossible to see her muff in that picture.

No. 759940

I mean you can see that it opens up. I get that the “queens” have been annoying but this is getting onision fans level of retarded conspiracy. The shirt isn’t that low and it is open, a peak or not it’s still a nude. Had it been a guy with his little penis tip hanging out there wouldn’t be any debate about it. Check your fucking photos before you send them to minors, life really isn’t harder than that. Plus I very very very highly doubt that Sarah is out of no where so much a vengeful cow that she would specifically lie about getting images like that.

No. 759941

File: 1582538726806.png (594.91 KB, 867x865, ERhXgWyXUAMAHGh.png)

Took from anti-o flakes thread. Not my screenshot.

No. 759942


It's going to be a good shitshow.

No. 759944

I hope he shows up dressed up like his beloved Joker. He's not getting out of this interview without looking like a clown anyway.

No. 759947

$5 says Keem tries his best to make Waternoggin look good and he still manages to incriminate himself.

Also $20 on him getting pissy and either disconnecting mid-interview or going off on a tirade including the words 'criminals' and 'facts'.

No. 759949

I knew the greasy cunt would have a camera over his driveway. Completely suspect he didn't give the authorities ccrv footage and only the doorbell camera of Onion staging his reaction.

No. 759950


I thought he wouldn't do interviews because he didn't want people making money from him.

No. 759951

I really hope someone re-uploads it because I'd hate to give either knobhead a view.

No. 759954

Doubtful. Greg has home security and cameras in his house as well. Tinfoil, but he's probably the faggot that keeps going on that all the law can prosecute you on is evidence available and blah blah blah. Something dubious happened with Cloey falling out the window. It happened in Troys room. Idk whether Troy pushed her or she was on the driveway motionless for longer but the fact nothing more came of it probably has him feeling confident as long as he hides evidence he's going to get away anything illegal/immoral that he does. This is all a game to him since all he knows in life is playing video games and sitting on the Internet. He hasn't had any semblance of a normal social life in over a decade and was even bullied in highschool. We are witnessing what happens when an incel miraculously gets laid. He's so in over his head he thinks he can start cults and is more than Internet famous. It would be hilarious if it also wasn't very sad.

No. 759956

It's really interesting when you realise that men will support Onision because they also do dodgy shit in regards to females. A lot of men that stick up for Onion do so because they've got history of being inappropriate towards minors and not conducting themselves normally around women. The way rapey Joe from TDP or large and creepy Billy The Fridge that gets turned on by inebriated vulnerable chicks have time for James and help him defend himself.

Men will be autists over shit like this and will stick very closely to if anything was illegal or not. They never focus on character testimonies or why certain men only interact with certain demographics. It's so fucking tiring as a grown women to see this play out all the fucking time.

I'm not watching the interview until there's a mirror of it because I know it's going to be infuriating and a waste of time.

No. 759961

I sincerely doubt that, since the left flap specially is hanging over her muff and the shirt is pretty closed. Until we see the uncensored version of that image there's no way we can tell.
For all we know she had some panties under that, who even says she was nude under that shirt?
The shirt is that low btw, specially since she's bending forward slightly, you can see it hanging lower than the mirror.
Her pussy would also have to be way high up when you look at what was censored. Thats some top level tier anatomy censorship.
Either its huge, or they way exaggerated the censoring just to prove a point.
Wouldn't be the first time Sarah lied, and certainly wouldn't be the last.

No. 759962

I'm sorry but I seen very little men defend Greg. In fact in all my years following this drama I have only ever seen one, and he looks slightly retarded (that fan)

No. 759963

Also look at his Patrons, they're pretty much all women.

No. 759964

You should lurk more newfag. Greg always attracts creepy men too. He doesn't advertise the men that pledge to him but we've had plenty come to lolcow and post and even had a retarded 13 year old Jewish one try to harvest our ips
Not to mention Sylar who another 30+ yo man that was using the Onion discord to find a teenage gf. Most of them are on fetlife being cringe. Even Rag was a fat little faggot that used the Onion community to be a creep. Yeah it attracts older creepy socially inept women too that's why we had the patron flakes thread altho it's easy to not know that if you're newfag and think shaming the victims is part of making fun on the anti os.

When men come to post oh lolcow the thread quality dips too. There are plenty of incel orbiters that buzz around any Onion shit and they've been posting here a lot too. It's sooo embarassant

No. 759965

And yet.. I haven't seen any of that. And I been following Greg for many years, ever since Shiloh's mental breakdown, in fact.
lol be mad.

No. 759966

Why would anyone be mad that you're blind and dyslexic?

No. 759967

Oh come on now, my pretty little wallflower, you don't have to work that hard to get a ban here.
But continue infighting if you like, you'll have to do it without me though.
See how angry Anti-O's get over another opinion or view point?
I have yet to see these so-called male jerks defending Greg. I've only seen one.
But carry on, work for that ban, m'lady.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 759970

Idk if your blind or know how women’s anatomy work and with the fact you call a vagina a “muff” I highly doubt you have even seen one in real life. The shirt is open and she very clearly could have her vagina out. It almost seems like you’re obsessed with seeing the uncensored version and want to bait your way to that which is really weird. To all it’s onision tier logic to assume a teen from a broken family lying to please two adults that are playing with her in hopes of not having to go home to a bad family situation is the same as a pathological and evil liar. That’s onision’s to go to excuse when it comes to everybody : oh this person lied once so they are always lying!! Like you’re truly showing that you don’t belong here, onion fan.

No. 759971

The woman's vagina is in her belly button?
Thank you for enlightening us, I have never seen one in real life.

No. 759976

File: 1582551328903.png (632.31 KB, 1048x831, lolawkward.png)

lol I was looking at Onions flickr account and found this gem

No. 759977

File: 1582551493805.png (537.69 KB, 1053x818, vaginaneck.png)

and here's foot with her fucking vagina on the back on onions neck

No. 759978


I guess it's not uncommon for Kai's whole pussy to be out and about at the grease mansion. Their hip/thigh area is tripping me out

No. 759985

Keem is friends with Shane Dawson which gives me hope

No. 759990

Listen im not a keem stan but i have seen interviews he took of other predators and victims like the whole ray diaz scandle. he is gregs age and goes for even younger teens (16) and that's illegal in california where they reside. first interview he gave ray benefit of the doubt when he was commenting creepy things on teens ig posts saying hes just doing what his manager tells him but when the whole thing got worse and worse keem ripped him a new asshole. if it werent for the interview we wouldnt get the full story of how his teen girlfriend was crazy, emotionally and physically abused and sexually intimate with ray underaged. I really doubt he'll go easy on greg but I just hope he does his research and doesnt fall for gregs mental gynastics/

No. 759991

And of course here we see the sucking of Daniel Keem's cock. So now he's the new patron saint (or rather, patrEon saint) of all things Greg.
Listen bubele, I would not put ANY faith in Keem, he didn't want to even do the story at first until he learned theres more shekels in it for him.
When it comes down to Keem, Shane or Greg I honestly couldn't tell you which of those is the most awful.
Like someone mentioned before hopefully either the IRS or the Wetlands will take down Greg, but asides from that I wouldn't hold my breath.
Keem is just as narcissistic and greedy as Greg, so lets not make saints out of complete asshole douchebags.
But, you know, cue the Anti-O's collective dicksucking of Keem until something goes wrong and they vilify him too. That last part would be nice to see as well.

No. 759992

lmao yikes
never said hes a saint, i dont doubt hes doing it for clout hes gotta keep relavent. my point was that I DONT THINK HE IS GOING TO BE CARELESS. he's expressed views with hebephiles and would go hard against anyone even accused with them like when jakes pauls dad sextape got leaked. idk how its gonna be with leafy, hes probably gonna be a bit quiet and awks and just laugh at the whole thing but keem isnt a passive personality for greg to manipulate. all im saying is that hes gonna try his hardest to ask about all the pressing issues with child porn, greg will deflect saying that wasnt him and keem would say yeah but thats still fucked for your SPOUSE to do it. hell be forced to answer.

No. 760003

Expecting anything good from Daniel Keem is like expecting Brandy to come from a cows tit.

No. 760004

As annoying as it is that Keemstar is even interviewing him, there's no way Greg won't fuck this up. Even in his own videos where he has complete control over the narrative with script writing and editing, he still manages to contradict and incriminate himself. He's just so fantastically stupid.

When it comes to actually interacting with people - friends, dating, "colleagues" and all those past debates - Greg tries to align himself with passive personalities or people he considers dumber than him so he still feels like has control. Excluding Blaire White, but that debate or interview or whatever the hell it was, was a total train wreck. He admitted to being attracted to underdeveloped girls without being prompted.

Keem and Greg have made it clear through the years that they don't like each other. I doubt Keem will go easy or hard on him. After some stupid questions, he'll probably get annoyed or bored with dealing with Greg's incoherent ramblings and start making jokes. Greg will not understand them and get pissy and probably bring up Keem being a Trump supporter and saying the n-word in the past. And if Keem brings up the accusations and evidence against Lainey, Greg will probably start throwing a tantrum and accuse Keem of being the real sex predator because he once "threatened" to rape his wife on Twitter.

No. 760009

I think you're absolutely wrong if you think Greg doesn't know exactly what he's doing.
It will be fun to see the end of Keem's career. I mean so far Greg's been responsible for ruining most people's careers, hopefully he'll be the end of Keem too.

No. 760010

I have to assume Greg and Keem made some kind of agreement that is to Greg's liking. Whether its money, whether it's that Greg is allowed to decide which topics are covered, whatever… I just don't see any other reason why Greg would agree to this. Especially considering he has expressed his hatred for Keem in the past.

Now, I'll admit I've never watched a Keemstar interview so I don't know how he normally does things, but based upon his tweets it sounds like he's going to baby Greg.

No. 760012

just wanna make sure this anon gets the recognition she deserves

No. 760019

Yeah, it's going to end up being one big, fat manbaby-size of nothing.

No. 760033

Did Onion delete all his proof videos or am i crazy?

No. 760036

Either that or privated them, they're not showing up for me either.

No. 760037

OF COURSE they did. I mean for the past year or so Greg has been asking money for interviews around the 350.000. Thats a drop in the bucket for Keem not to mention a tax write off since its work related. And Greg always makes sure theres some sort of contract, so no doubt is he in full control of the questions Keem is allowed to ask him. We won't hear anything new, same old defense and Greg coming out on top. Both money wise as well as his defense to the audience.
Trust me there will be enough morons believing what he says as well as even new fans and more people subscribing to him and viewing his videos. So for Greg its a win, and for Keem its a win cashing in on this charade.

No. 760038

Oh and not to mention the fact that Greg has did this exact same thing before as collabs. He's even asked some major youtubers to go on TV shows with him, like the Amazing Atheist. Telling them "oh it will look so good blabla"
Don't be at all surprised if after this they pretend to be at war or whatever, just to cause more fake drama and get more views.
"I told Keem to not ask me that question!" blablabla
I can already see it, can you? It will ALL be fake as fuck.

No. 760040

I really want to believe that Keemstar isn't dumb enough to pay him money or let him choose which topics they can discuss.
I really don't get why Jimmy would do an interview now all of a sudden. But on the other hand he's been sperging about Sarah and the other girls for a while now.

No. 760041

Greg had been planning this to happen And thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so as soon as Shiloh broke down on the Internet. Now that the majority of his fans Wised up he is willing to get more Naïve people to join in his personal army as a way to punish these girls for dare speaking against him. Thus cue In Keemstar although he previously blocked him. He’s currently is at his last resort And is doing desperate measures to have his cult staying alive by manipulating Keemstar fans into believing him although they knew about his bullshit ahead of time. I don’t know if this will damage the credibility’s of his victim or it will give more ammo to Chris and the FBI but we do know this is gonna be a shit show just like The live-streams of billy the fridge and will ruin Keems career even more.

No. 760042

OF COURSE Greg thought this true. You ever seen him do otherwise? Like Billy the Fridge in example he KNEW he could best him in an argument, since Billy is weak in his eyes. Greg has been asking for 350.000 dollars for an interview from everybody. Newspapers, Chris Hansen, you name it. You really think he'll change his tune for Keemstar? Why? Because they're the best of pals? They aren't.
And for Keem 350.000 dollars is nothing, its a drop in the bucket, and its already made back the first hour that interview is up, maybe even less. After that it will churn in a big profit for Keemstar. And Greg will tell Keemstar exactly what he can ask, it will be pretty much a script. Questions Greg has a defense to. Sure there will be in a shocker here and there just so Keem can pretend its spontaneous but it will all be fake.
Keemstar is as big a douchebag as Greg is, and he's greedy. Its all about money for him, he's even declined to cover Onision before but now that he learned theres more money in it for him, and now that some OTHER major youtubers covered Greg, he's willing to take the dive, pay Greg and make some money off of it.
There is no way either of them will take anything BUT the safe route.
This is a win / win situation for both Keemstar and Greg. Both are getting paid, and Greg can defend himself against a line of questions he himself set up.
I'm positive Keem will deny that, but theres no way Greg would fuck himself over one stupid little interview.
"Lets make it look good!" "yeah! yeah!"

No. 760045

it's like foot's chin lump wtf is that lol

tinfoil: she's a bag of rats in a human skin costume

No. 760046

lmao anon nobody would make >350.000 dollars off an onision interview, you're nuts

No. 760066

An anon posted this channel in the anti o thread, since they're still banned from this one. Sharing it here because these videos are really fucking old and I've never seen them before.
To say these are cringy would be a severe, severe understatement, lol.

No. 760070

If you think he doesn't, you're terribly naive.

No. 760074

Onion has now reuploaded all his receipts videos into one longer video, but this time removed all the stuff where he ranted about how stupid everyone was for not realizing sarah's blooper video was made 6 months after the original one. Probably because he saw Sarah's timestamp screenshot. What a moron.

Doesn't matter, the screenshots are still garbage and prove nothing other than that Sarah was clearly jerked around by these two weirdos.

I'm pretty surprised he kept in the one that mentioned sarah and lainey in the shower and the one that proves lainey texted sarah saying she "felt the same way" whilst also proving Greg told Sarah lainey wanted a relationship with her. Those are incriminating as fuck. For them. not sarah.

No. 760084

jfc. i can't believe any of us found this dimwit to be entertaining back in the day. Am I the only one that wishes my parents would've monitored my internet usage? Unfortunately kids today are still being exposed to this idiot.

The average is 1-2 dollars per thousand views. That'd be equal to 350m views… for a Keem vid w Onion boy?!? Realistically he'll probably make grand and that's if he doesn't get demonetized considering it's not an "advertiser" friendly subject.

This is probably why Onision picked such an outrageous number, because nobody would make their money back on it… hence, he's not technically "declining" interviews

No. 760085

Why are you surprised? I bet, in his mind, it is a great way to set the stage to throw Kai under the bus and pin it all on Kai

No. 760091


No. 760098

File: 1582599693503.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1437x4697, Pedo Guy Kai.jpeg)

We could pointlessly nitpic about where her vag is in the photo all day, it won't matter because it can't be seen uncensored. If Sarah said it's visible I'll take her word for it until there's proof otherwise. Apparently there were more than a few nude/semi-nude photos Lainey sent to Sarah.

Aside from admitting to grooming a child, Lainey also admitted to sending nudes to Regina as well, who like Sarah was underage at the time. It's really not that difficult to put the pieces together. And this is the reason Lainey's been MIA from the internet.

No. 760100

I doubt the uncensored version will be released because it's probably only legal Kai to distribute that nude uncensored, and that's only going to happen to clear her name, which she can't do if it really is a nude.

If the accusation was false, why provide a censored photo and risk her entire credibility for something so easily debunked? Why not just make the accusation without releasing any photo? Anyone with a brain can figure this one out.

Kai done fucked up.

No. 760101

Yeah if that photo was not a nude, they would have already posted the real photo showing it was not nude. Greg has not denied that photo is a nude, just made really really vague comments implying that Kai "did not intend" to send them to Sarah.

No. 760102

It’s pretty clear that Anus only agreed to an interview with Keemfaggot for money. I doubt he’s getting $350,000 out of it, but the two delusional fools think they’re gonna get bank out of this somehow. Even if he smugly smirks and won’t admit it, deep down Jimmy knows he’s fucked. He knows he’ll be going up against serious legal battles and probably will end up shilling out the Benjamins for whatever lawyer would take his case. Not to mention that ongoing wetlands fines and the accumulating debt the IRS hasn’t forgotten.

No. 760104

I remember when someone who sounded a lot like Onision posted on /b hoping to rally anons from that board and for the most part, he was roasted alive. Even the most hardcore MRA's and incels are hard pressed to support a pedophile.

No. 760105

>shaming the victims is part of making fun on the anti os.
Have you seen the last anti-o thread? Hansen's face is the thread pic. The obvious troll comments there aside, I wouldn't call fair criticism of recent insane behavior "shaming the victims", referring to Shiloh in particular.

No. 760114

Regina says she got nudes but she's made no effort to turn in her devices. Nobody has mentioned this for whatever reason.

No. 760115

Wasnt the excuse given for foot sending her pictures of herself nude to Sarah was so that Sarah could edit them for foot? What the fuck.

No. 760117

No it's been mentioned before. Regina hasn't said anything about her devices, or what she plans on doing with them if anything.

No. 760118

I don't think she's said anything on them. For all we know, they've been turned in.

No. 760121

So isn't it weird that she didn't hand them over to Hansen and Vincent like Sarah did? With their credibility tanked I'd rather wait for whatever the feds find at this point. I'm tired of this lol

No. 760122

That wasn't a nude, it was a stupid photo with a censored bar. Lurk more newfag.

No. 760124

I vaguely remember something about Regina not being able to get into her old devices to get to the messages/pictures.

No. 760125

Are you slow anon? It wouldn't matter if the devices were locked or not if the FBI had access to it.

No. 760128

It's possible they've agreed on pre-selected questions like what Vince did for Hansen. I suppose Keem would have the answer to that, whether or not he'd be honest about it is anyone's guess.

No. 760130

I'm dying, in his newer video Jimmy claimed he's now "horrifically disgusted by the idea of polyamory" and that if his marriage doesn't work out he's just going to stay single forever. cough

It's basically a PSA ( also titled just psa ) to all the girls who think they can steal him from his husband Kai. ( Only 2 minutes in )

No. 760131

Regina was also very close with Vincent. I really couldn't tell you what was going on there other than from an outsiders perspective, it looked like Vincent was using Regina as his PA.

No. 760132

yeah yeah. he's said this shit before. He's sooo monogamous now… he learned after evil homewrecker billie that poly isn't for him… blah blah blaaaah

then he went and forced his wet blanket wife to have sex with him and sarah.
and admitted to doing so.

No. 760134

He also just said women in his opinion are more evil than men. He's saying all of this in an angry tone while also angrily finger painting.
It's fucking hilarious.

No. 760135

Keem clearly didn't know anything about the story when he went off (I think in Jan) saying the topic was boring, same ol' same ol', no new info, and because of that he refused to cover it. It's possible Keem gave Greg money for an interview, but unless it was negotiated last minute I highly doubt it. Greg had Keem blocked, then immediately after Shiloh's very deliberate and public chimpout, Greg suddenly changes his mind and agrees to do an interview. The timing here should be obvious.

I would hope Keem would take this a bit more seriously since he has a young daughter but I won't be holding my breath. He said all he wants to do is give people a platform to speak, because it's not like Onision hasn't already been speaking on his own platform lol. Hansen turned this into infotainment and Keem could very easily continue the trend. Will it end his career? He's a drama youtuber, not a journalist.

No. 760140

oh what happened to his feminist "women are superior to men in every way" attitude? pretty sure he tweeted that exact thing once.

No. 760141

entirely depends where he's at in the lovebombing cycle

No. 760142

this timing just tells me Greg is going to spend the entire interview listing off all the things his accusers have ever done wrong in their life, whether it involves him or not. none of the things about sarah's drug use, or Shiloh getting money for her tattoo has anything to do with the accusations against him.
Anything to keep the topic off him and onto someone else.
If Keemstar allows this to happen, then he is a really shitty interviewer and should retire from youtube and become a plumber.

No. 760144

He said that he used to be a feminist and a white knight, but now finds it that women are often more evil than men.
This whole video…Women in their 20s and 30s are apparently just "throwing themselves at him", trying to rope him in with zodiac signs and heart emojis and messages. Sure, totally believable.

How is he such an embarrassing loser, it still amazes me after all of this time.

No. 760145

I mean I wouldn't doubt the 30 something trolls in his discord aren't licking his asshole, but I mean look at them? They're like the bottom of the barrel. Even the incels don't want girls like that. it's nothing to brag about.

No. 760146

Also, why does Greg keep bringing up the story about Ayalla hitting on Sarah when she was 16? Doesn't he always go on and on about how the legal age of consent is 16 and if he wanted to sleep with a 16 year old he totally could but he doesn't because "teenagers are icky"?
So Ayalla did nothing wrong, by his own logic.

No. 760151

Well either Ayalla did hit on Sarah, or Sarah lied 100% on her own. It's not relevant but it's a lie that will be brought up.

No. 760156

>He's so in over his head he thinks he can start cults
He plagiarized the plot of a video game, tried to make a religion out of it and it became little more than a failed idea. Granted his mental capacity is about the same as it was when he was a teen but I refuse to get into pseudo-journalism levels of reaching. There's enough legitimate shit to deal with where Greg is concerned without going off the deep end.

No. 760157

It was FF7 to be exact.

No. 760158

I don't have an opinion on Keem one way or the other. He's a drama youtuber and it's pretty obvious he's doing this for views, but if he wants views he should probably get another person on with Greg because all Greg does is talk in circles and I'm bored of his Nosferatu face.

No. 760160

I mean if Keem actually cared about getting both sides of the story out there like he initially claimed, he'd interview Greg AND Sarah. But we all know he doesn't care.

No. 760161

On the brightside, you know JJ is going to massively dig his hole a little deeper. He's unironically made himself look bad without Sarah or any other anti-o retardation.

No. 760162

If she still believes she has a legal case (I don't know what her lawyer's told her), I think her best bet is to avoid the internet as much as possible. If she has no hopes of a legal case, she could talk to Keem but I don't know what she could say that hasn't already been said. We can easily guess what Greg is going to talk about.

No. 760163

Whatever happens Anus is going to stay cancelled regardless. If the interview goes in his favour it just will be more milk for us to watch him continuously fuck up or get himself into more grooming allegations which hopefully then will make everyone realize how dumb they were for believing him.

No. 760167

Keem is just gonna say “she was 18, so what?” and dismiss it all. He and Leafy are both creeps who also have shitty attitudes towards women so they’re aren’t going to care about domestic abuse and taking advantage of naïve fans. of course they won’t see anything wrong with a 35 year old sleeping with a girl who used to be under his care cause “iT’s NoT iLlEgAL”

No. 760179

Surprised that it took him this long to spill Sarah’s texts, taunt her by telling her trauma to the world… it took him what, a few days? to do the same thing when Billie left for good.

So what gives? Did he realize kai won’t leave him no matter what? Or did he get contacted by police finally and is he freaking out?

No. 760185

File: 1582617872496.jpg (1.86 MB, 1440x2398, Screenshot_20200225-030413_Ins…)

While foot is more than likely crying and her greasy husband furiously masturbates to hentai in the basement foot's sister got a job at Hulu. Lol(RULE 3)

No. 760193

Man, I have no idea what I'm going to do after Onion goes to prison. This is a legitimate hobby of mine at this point.(no1curr)

No. 760194

Greg's hoping to make money from this too, obviously, the exposure. That's why he mentioned in one of his stupid rant videos that he didn't think Sarah should consult a lawyer, that she should instead be making response videos to his autism. Engagement = $$.

No. 760195


I would like to see the duo hauled off from their swamp in cuffs but I think prison might be too high of an expectation (at least for JJ). It would be cool if instead he had to pay thousands in damages to the girls in a civil lawsuit and finally deplatformed from YouTube.

No. 760196

Fear not, hobby anon.

No. 760197

File: 1582628913689.jpg (619.51 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20200225-120648_Ins…)

Well he's back. Very up to date, accurate picture

No. 760200

What the fuck is up with the weird editing choice of Greg and Lainey's eye colors in the thumbnail though?

No. 760203

I never realized how cute he was.

No. 760204

File: 1582632716448.png (1.42 MB, 1600x1600, CCCCD265-DC0C-47F6-80E9-D1A647…)

I am also really cute when you can’t see my pores, I use the MySpace angle, and use a black and white filter to hide my uneven skin tones and wrinkles. Good thing reality doesn’t matter on the internet !

No. 760206

Even if he looked like anything close to a mix of Hercules and Adonis, and be the last man on earth, I wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole because of his incredibly shitty personality.

It's also very telling that he tries to filter said personality away, just to get with any poor, barely legal soul.

No. 760208

File: 1582633968689.gif (637.99 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

What >>760204 said. Look at this gif, he was always ugly and you can tell that, he just was able to hide it better as he was younger. The emo style was a godsend for him. Not only it attracted underage girls but it also allowed him to hide under long hair and eyesliner. It's the how he got underage fangirls obsessed over ~vulnerable emo boi onion~

No. 760210