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So, in 2006, this fad called "YouTube Poop" was pretty popular. YouTube was still developing, and the internet was full of dorks squeeing about cartoons, anime and video games. When you mash all of those things together into a weird, non sequitur internet stew, you get YTP. But I'm sure most of you knew that. But, would you have thought this stupid internet hobby had, and still has, a lot of drama attached to it?

Back in the mid '00s, this one forum called "YouChew" gained a lot of traffic, and it eventually became the number one spot for fellow YTPers to spit ball ideas and collaborate, or have "tennis matches". After YouTube removed their friend system, and later also removed private messaging, YouChew became the only place to talk to everyone in the community in one place. Lots of friendships were made, but as the years went by, lots of people "grew up" and burned bridges. Now when you see a dormant YTP channel, you may think to yourself "he probably got an office job and a family to take care of", but no, to put it bluntly, you can name any pooper from 2007-2010 and they're most likely a fat, psychopathic tranny with either dyed hair, or a Shmorky weev. There's tons and tons of cows to choose from, but the best example I can give you is Radock himself, the king of ironic YouTube Poops. In the comment section of (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crgUnJccE0A) his most recent video, he basically says in a really cunty, snarky tone, that his videos were simply irony poisoned garbage that he shit out when he was depressed.
(here's an archive since he usually disables comments; https://archive.is/P5wPP)
Now, of course a lot of people were supportive, except a few comments that called out his hypocrisy, which he has since deleted. Now this isn't bitter fanboyism, he does the exact same shtick on his twitter account which only a small clique know about (https://twitter.com/rf9weu8hjf78923). Pretty much the same content, except some of his new vids are really tasteless "fuck pigs" "fuck whitey" "trans folk are being slaughtered right now because of assholes like you" type of shit. Alright alright I wont stretch this anymore.
The KF already has a thread on YouChew. There's some good info on YTP lolcows sprinkled in between the thread, like Awful Fawful. You may know him as the guy that made "Deliver Us", but if you've known him for a long time, he's the guy that turned into a radical tranny, then started drawing fart/scat porn, then got dumped (IIRC) and became a radical /pol/fag and made poops like "spongebob and patrick go to the Ku Klux Krab" https://youtu.be/-yyjqydqI1I

So yeah, if you know any spergs in the YTP community but dont have enough info on them to make a full thread, go nuts here.

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I used to watch these kinds of videos when I was a little kid. Not surprised about it's community though.

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