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No. 799829

Previous thread: >>792323
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 from one viral video and he's been beating that horse's corpse ever since. His peak milk came from his grooming of successive underaged and borerline-underaged girls, as well as his grooming of the local landscape and too many crossover episodes with other lolcows to list here.

Wishing there were some whores in his house edition

Last time on Shrek:
> nothing
> not much at all
> Onion tweeted about abortion, so business as usual: >>792759 >>792765 >>792778 >>792802 >>792814 >>792830
> Onision has been arguing with some chick with an onlyfans, what's new: >>792832
> """James""" has been emailing bullshit at people again, this time Edwin, dodging a livestream with him because he's too broke to donate a Benjamin to charity >>792842 and then sets up a whole other No-Edwins-Allowed livestream for other people to donate money to charity while taking all the credit >>792915
> Bitched about about Repzion again >>792926 and had some more email heart-to-hearts with him >>793143, purely complaining about Daniel having a healthier income stream than him
> More highly scientific twitter polls: >>793056 >>793057 >>793058 >>793059 >>
> Good news everyone, Leafy is back and he's butt buddies with Onision now, what a high quality duo >>
> Onision says he has no plans for Christmas. Outcast from the family or sympathy seeking? You decide: >>796480
> More onlyfans releases. No fuck you, I'm not linking that AIDS.
> Greg, James, whatever his name is, said that his sister exposed herself to him, when he was 2 and she was maybe 5 tops. Big whoop. >>798700
> Really not a lot going on besides speculation and constant unnecessary twitter reposts
> Despite the deadline passing till waiting for the state environmental department to come home to roost because Onision hasn't put the fence up as part of his deal for destroying wetlands >>792388

Warning: do not click spoilers unless you're mentally prepared to see Greg's vegetarian body and face, probs from his onlyfans

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No. 799834

I just have to say this is the best OP in a while, you can really feel the sarcasm and resignation, and it really represents the current state of Onion watching

No. 799835


You're right, I don't even come to his threads often anymore, I just read the ops and shake my head. He seems to sink lower every time I think he's hit rock bottom.

No. 799845

Greg showed his asshole in full-view this time. No, I’m not displaying that because ew.

No. 799847

File: 1602616006565.jpg (348.68 KB, 1080x2184, 20201011_204010.jpg)

Tried to post this days ago but the other thread was maxed out. Tiktok is starting to wise up to old man Greg trying to prey on teenaged girls. Wonder how long before he gets riled up that multiple women have gone viral on there by warning others about him

No. 799852

His dick is starting to get an egg shape like Epstein's. That's what you get for pumping it to death.

No. 799854

File: 1602617833076.png (Spoiler Image,6.08 MB, 1742x1880, 1602563107829.png)

Samefag. I wasn't gonna post a picture because it's disgusting, but this shit is too funny. "Egg dick" should become his new nickname

No. 799856


That's actually smart. They don't tag him or use his name so he can't search for these videos and feed his need for attention.

No. 799857

Gonna go kms now, thanks.

No. 799859

Thnx for the new thread. Do you guys think the wetlands thing is delayed because of covid?

No. 799863

It really is. I saw it on my FYP and was about to scroll past it before I saw it opened with "there's another pedophile on Tiktok" and imagine my surprise when it was Greg she was talking about.

No. 799874

The jerkoff vids are hard to watch because Grug has such a death grip on his ugly baby carrot that he's liable to deglove it one day.

No. 799877

Beautiful OP. Thanks!

No. 799878

File: 1602638236024.jpg (34.45 KB, 640x480, 1554969619319.jpg)

I've been looking for a last straw, what with the election and pandemic and everything, and now, I'm finally ready to end it all, thank you

No. 799882

I wonder. It really better not fizzle out to nothing. It was set up to be like getting Al Capone on tax evasion, but he survived that too. He's a cock-a-roach.

No. 799897


I just wonder if Greg has been actually trying to speak to teens on TikTok? Do the warnings come from anti-o's who know Greg or do they come from teens who he has tried to lure to his swamp?

No. 799899

File: 1602668218757.png (49.83 KB, 748x394, Capture.PNG)

From what I can tell it's a mixture of teens warning each other and actual TikTok 'famous' accounts warning people in general, but I don't think many of them knew about Greg before.

He's also making the rounds in the Twitch community.

No. 799900


If you look at it from the point of view of the county employees, it's in their interest for it to drag on and be work for them.

No. 799903

Well Greg just bought bots to get partner quick. And apparently its another one of these many, many things he just gets away with scott free.
Unbannable on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and just happily making money no matter what he does.
Meanwhile anyone else signs up on youtube, says fuck once and gets the banhammer.
I don't know how Greg does it.

No. 799907

He's dumb, but he's lucky!
Going back to his birth even, it's kinda true. Doctors said he shouldn't be birthed, however, his mom decided he should.

Greg doesn't have anything going for him, but he's always had a modicum of luck.

No. 799908


he's like a cockroach that's allowed to survive because he stays in the one room in the basement and the house owners are lazy

easy enough to thwart any attempt the roach makes to go anywhere other than that one room, so eh good enough

No. 799911

It proves that old saying that luck is with the dumb.

No. 799915

Greg embodies all of the scummy, undeserving people who are somehow always able to barely skate by.
Every time he has a setback, people think THIS has to be the fatal blow, but it never really is. I think he’s destined to very slowly burn out in an anticlimactic, unsatisfying way.

No. 799918

oh absolutely. Logan Paul, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, James Charles, Jaystation, I could give you a whole laundry list of people that for no apparent reason achieved fame and are completely undeserving since they never worked for it and have zero talent.
Today you can just be rich, open up an instagram and hire a fuckton of bots. Run those for a year and suddenly you are famous and getting interviewed by TMZ. Its ludicrous and I wish this trend would stop, but given the amount of stupid people in the world I don't think that that will ever happen.

No. 799928


is the one light actually Lillee Jean? for whom this totally fucking failed lmfao

No. 799933

The only consolation is that he inevitably ruins every good thing that comes his way. He's the type to win the lottery and somehow end up broke.
He's also aging out of the young demographic that made him relevant in the first place. Slowly becoming irrelevant would probably hurt him more than going out with a dramatic bang like some influencers

No. 799939

Well, in my country we have a saying that goes "an exception confirms the rule".
That's why I wish everyone would just ignore him. You can't make something like that happen though, people will always make videos about him, reply and such giving him his narcissistic supply.
I really wish all platforms would just ban his ass.

No. 799941

In the 'Is Onision a Dad?" video Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there. Also it sounds like he has no love left for Lainey whatsoever because he says what keeps them together is their mutual love of the children. Aside from that it's the same old hero complex stories where he calls himself 'Dr. James', childhood abuse stories, and being oh so much better than his family. He out right blames one of his relatives for their child's death because the had the baby on a feeding schedule. The cause was SIDS but he pretty much accused her of starving the child to death.

No. 799944

File: 1602709265919.png (274.59 KB, 585x491, 1 sad.png)

What a pathetic victory and the saddest part is that he's still beating this dead horse.

No. 799945

As Gurg continues his descent to the bottom, he tops himself yet again.

No. 799946

File: 1602709467178.jpg (322.06 KB, 809x1311, 2.jpg)

No. 799947

File: 1602709666005.jpg (378.7 KB, 1077x1535, 3.jpg)

No. 799948

Does he get financial gain from this? Or is it all just an ego boost? If hes getting money for all this r/t shit I'll be pissed.

No. 799949

>Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there.
He finally stopped lying saying it was just to record his shitty videos. We all knew it was much more than that

>Also it sounds like he has no love left for Lainey whatsoever because he says what keeps them together is their mutual love of the children.

None of them love those children, and what keeps them together is his fear of paying child support. At least he finally admitted he doesn't love Footface, it took him only 7 years to do that

>He out right blames one of his relatives for their child's death because the had the baby on a feeding schedule. The cause was SIDS but he pretty much accused her of starving the child to death.

Didn't his daughter almost die after falling from a second story window while he was in the basement ignoring and neglecting her?

No. 799950

File: 1602712463770.png (613.98 KB, 694x554, Laineydoormat.PNG)

Two parts of that video stood out to me.

He throws Lainey under the bus again. He basically says if it wasn't for him "MY kid" would have been killed because Lainey is a shitty parent and pushover. Notice how its "his/my" child, not "our" child.
>i'm so grateful i'm there because my spouse isn't the type of person to throw down like i am if i wasn't there my spouse might have gotten that needle punched in and potentially killing my kid if i wasn't there my spouse probably would have been walked all over by dr tully who works in the tacoma area and potentially let the explorative surgery happen

And then he makes fun of his kid for being in pain. Can you imagine be a little kid coming home after spending hours in pain at the ER and your dad calling you a drama queen and belittling you?
>now full disclosure my kid from that point on i looked at him and i'm like you're a little bit of a drama queen because you almost got someone doing surgery on you because you were screaming like a maniac over a rash i know rashes aren't great but come on man i'm like we were in the er for you man and and you're freaking out over this rash

He also mentions the doctors name and location more than once. I wonder if this dr. would appreciate Greg slandering him? His father tried to sue him for something similar.

No. 799951

yeah you turning off the retweet option on all those bought bots of yours while pretending to telling them to stop retweeting you sure is a victory, old man.
..what fans?

No. 799952


No. 799953

European yes, norwegian, no. Cool that you guys also have that expression though.
>Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there.
Thats telling. He loves the swamp trailer he has mentioned that a lot. I'm almost starting to believe Taylor and him are separated.

No. 799957

Well everyone knows Taylor is a massive doormat so he didn't say anything surprising lol. It's funny how he's throwing his wife under the bus over a hypothetical situation that never even happened. He's just looking for excuses to talk shit about her, huh?

No. 799976

File: 1602734447958.png (24.32 KB, 595x211, hmmm.PNG)

He's been tweeting nonsense all night. Im not talking about the "don't R/T me" shit. Just random manic babble. I don't feel the need to ss it. But here's examples-
>I won an emmy!!!
>Dog collars were made for bottoms
>Bitches are losers Don't be a bitch
>Jack off to me daddy

I did ss this last one. All this frenzied tweeting and then he says he's going away for a while. Did something happen at the swamp?

No. 799985

File: 1602741272573.gif (3.32 MB, 594x487, daddy bad.gif)

Now he's going after his dad for some reason. I really hope something major happened in the Onionsphere and this is his way of coping.

And just a reminder Greg. It would be a boxing match. I know you like to act like a badass telling the story of when you bloodied your fathers nose. But what you did when you were a teenager was lay on your back and kick at your dad like a little boy having a tantrum.

No. 799990

He's really grasping at straws at this point.. Desperate for some sort of drama to have an ounce of relevancy

No. 799991

This is embarrassing. What a virtue signalling douche as well.
Acting like he's some hero for challenging his father to a boxing match for 'ChArItY'
He knows his dad would never agree and I'm pretty sure his dad doesn't even have Twitter. All it does is make him look like a sperg. What a loser.

No. 799995

isn't his dad reaching his 70s by now?

No. 799997

I know its an unfair fight but come on now, I think Greg would last at least 13 seconds in that fight before crying and running out the ring.
Greg ain't THAT big of a wuss. After all, he's an airforce tool of death!!

No. 800007


No. 800013


It would be funnier if he challenged Lowtax to a boxing match, except people remember that cunt even less than they do greg.

No. 800015

Does anyone have a mirror of this? I don’t want to give views but it sounds interesting.

No. 800018

No. 800024

Seconding this.
I'm not up to date with his kiwi drama but the way Lowtax constantly begs for pity and snaps at his own fans in Gaming Garbage streams this year is fucking unbearable.
They're both deadbeat fathers who think their ancient short-lived internet clout means they still deserve asspats so it would be a fair match compared to his old ones tbh.

No. 800025

Its his own fault really. In the early 2000's SA was great but he let it go to shit.

No. 800035

File: 1602796937696.jpeg (442.49 KB, 1125x619, A886CCB7-CF30-4A9C-8361-6E3035…)

Kek, excuse the bad formatting of the auto generated subtitles, but the highlight was the rare spark of self awareness when he admitted people think he’s stupid in day-to-day life

No. 800038

B-but anon, some random online IQ test that is set up to give good results so people will feel more inclined to share it with others told him his IQ is high, that means those people who know him in real life are obviously wrong and probably just jealous of how amazingly smart Gregoyle is. He's basically the Einstein of our generation.

No. 800163

Wow. He pretty much called himself more competent than a doctor because Greg had an inkling his sons testical pain was just a rash.
Of course Greg would be an expert on ballsack rashes. He’s greasy and flaky with an incurable skin disease and excessively masturbating with a 5 finger death grip, paired with bad hygiene. Greg probably always has some sort of a dick rash at any given time.
So it’s not surprising he could identify one better than a doctor, even though he’s pretty much clinically retarded.

No. 800175

No Greg you have that wrong. We don't question your intelligence, we pretty much know you're a dumb piece of shit. Its a well established fact.
I don't believe that story for a second. What doctor in their right mind would choose to operate on a child, mistaking a simple rash?
That did not happen, and Greg is full of shit.
Its just one of the many claims Greg makes that never happened except inside his own big fat watermelon head.

No. 800176

File: 1602854991889.jpeg (129.31 KB, 1200x900, mengele-1556733155.jpeg)

I mean think about it right: A doctor choosing surgery over a simple rash. Doctors always look for the most simple and most non-intrusive solution, they don't immediately amputate fucking balls as a first resort. Specially not on a toddler.
Who is this supposed doctor hack-em-off supposed to be? Doctor Josef fucking Mengele?
Its just so implausible its laughable really and just one of the many cockamamie stories Greg likes to make up, acting all dramatic while telling them, having all these insane little details only a liar would make up.
But oh no you know here is Greg to save the day, knowing it better than a doctor. Its also easy to see his hate for doctors comes from his dishrag whore crazy mother Tami. Oh they know it better than any doctor. Herpes? Oh just put some asparagus oil on that and you'll feel right as rain. Cancer in the tit? Just built a wooden pyramid and put it over your breast and it will all go away trough the rays of the Goddess Isis.
A doctor wanting to amputate toddlers balls over a simple rash.
Sure Greg.
I'm sure that happens where you live, I mean, fucking Washington man, am i right?

No. 800178

File: 1602855682529.jpg (7.46 KB, 103x108, images.jpg)

why does greg still go to a doctor? dr. greg MD is in the house. with all these crazy doctors hacking off kids balls i wouldn't want to go anymore. he's such a specialist, save some money too. lord knows he works very hard for those dimes, shoving dildo's up his ass just to make ends meet.

No. 800242

This is the same guy who accuses a girl him and his wife groomed for years of "raping" them, so it's safe to assume the doctor story never happened or in the very least was extremely twisted and exaggerated to make the doctor look bad and Grease look like the hero

No. 800245

He mentioned he filed a complaint against the doctor but the hospital said he didn't do anything wrong, then watermelon head implied they lied to protect the doctor. That sounds like slander against the doctor and hospital, and there's proof on video. Gregoyle better be careful.

No. 800246

I don't believe that story for a second. I mean to make the mistake between a simple cream against a rash or literal testicle amputation is a tad extreme, don't you think?
What else would such a doctor amputate? Pain in your leg? Lets amputate. Pain in your arm? Lets get rid of it. Oh you suffer headaches? Lets amputate your head.

No. 800267

it's similar to the military story where they supposedly tried to force him to shoot a bunny

No. 800278

When Cloey fell instead of taking her to the hospital he should have mended her broken skull himself since he knows more than doctors lmao

No. 800347

He has so many complete bullshit stories its hard to even keep track of them.
yeah he coulda glued her little skull together, that fucking retard.

No. 800507

lol he made a weird video reply to jaclyn glenn's tweet about getting married

No. 800510

Kek smug cunt can't resist turning all the attention to himself

No. 800532

he's been trying to get the attention of other youtubers for days now. i bet he feels he really lucked out Margdal did some videos about his asshole behavior about Robbie Blaire

No. 800556

I love how he tells others to "move on" and then does shit like this. Keep proving everyone what a massive hypocrite you are, Gregoyle.

No. 800567

now he’s banging the SAVE EUGENIA COONEY drum again

yer a banana, Greg

No. 800571

Greg is the absolute champion at never letting anything go. He talks about shit that happened 40 years ago back when he was like 5. Hell he even did that recently accusing his 2 year old sister of raping him when she was like 3 years old.

No. 800577

And he just showed he still stalks Jaclyn's Twitter after all this time, he's doing a great job at showing what a creep he is by stalking and harassing women who want nothing to do with him anymore. I swear this retard has zero self awareness.

No. 800578

He posted a video on Twitter telling people to "stop being transphobic". That's ironic coming from a guy who tells Taylor she can't be a real man because she cries too much. Peep that transphobia (and sexism)(do you know where you are)

No. 800592

he does it on purpose, specially now. he's at his most irrelevant right now he's probably EVER been in his ENTIRE "career".
He knows they are disgusted at him trying to reach out at them or commenting on them, so he does it. kinda like poking them with a little prick. pun totally intended.
hoping he'll get a reaction.
its quite pathetic really. i hope people will continue to ignore him, because its awesome.

No. 800617

File: 1603077154176.jpeg (142.93 KB, 1080x1241, EkfwXRIVcAEepkQ.jpeg)

Footface is still there, he posted this the day of her birthday.

No. 800619

Tinfoil, but that sad ass walmart bought pie he posted barely proves she's there. He might as well have bought it to make it seem like she is, I don't buy it personally tho

No. 800620

I need something else there for scale. What a cheap pathetic attempt for your loved ones birthday. I would be single if I dropped that in front of my partner.

No. 800629

File: 1603083711014.jpg (549.48 KB, 1564x1564, Love.jpg)

Foot is worth $6.

No. 800636

Foot is worth 6 bucks but he donated to Eugenia and Billie got 10 grand

No. 800766

File: 1603099979858.jpg (45.74 KB, 597x631, taylor_charmed_life.jpg)

Christ, that cake is the perfect representation of their life.

No. 800774

I bet that's all she got too. Not even a proper birthday cake, just some shitty generic pumpkin pie with two candles shoved into it. She probably had to clean up after they ate it too while Greg wandered back off to the Fap Cave.

I don't feel bad for Lainey though. This is who she threw her pride away for and probably still thinks she's 'won' by staying with him despite the fact that he'd throw her under the court bus as a pedophile to save himself.

No. 800792

File: 1603115340438.jpg (65.38 KB, 1280x720, muh_abuse.jpg)

considering how little of a shit he cares about her or their broken little skull-crotch droppings she's lucky she even got that.
she should treasure it, cradle that pie in her arms, while she cries in the other room while greg RRRRRREEEEEEEEEE's on the internet in his comfy basement while shoving dildo's up his ass to make an honest buck. and then she should realize how lucky she is to have greg, how much she wanted him, how she would always reply to each and every one of her tweets.
he's her soulmate, you know?

No. 800793

priorities. any other piece of pussy is way more important than the mother of his children, whats-her-face/gender.

No. 800795

I still don't know how they're paying the bills. That pie and candles probably are worth an entire day's work on OnlyFans.

No. 800800

a very considerate gift, its a HUMBLE PIE.
it lets Lainey know where she stands.
now fucking eat it, you dumb bitch! (that last one is a direct quote of Greg)

No. 800804

File: 1603118473051.jpg (120.54 KB, 595x842, cucklord_supreme.jpg)

That cake is also Lainey and the kids dinner for tonight.

Meanwhile Greg himself is going out to eat. They better eat all of it too before Greg gets back or there will be hell to pay.

No. 800840


Lainey would've got a better birthday (and life in general) if she did go to fucking jail.

No. 800845

hey if Rose West can find a beautiful girlfriend like Myra Hindley then so can Lainey.

No. 800909

anon, myra hindley literally helped murder children

No. 800916


And he’s surprised by this? He looks like a god damn Neanderthal that fell down a mountain and hit every single boulder on the way down. Then he opens his mouth and there’s not denying that he’s got too much air between the ears.


He’s truly a special breed of stupid that he doesn’t realize he had to pay a barely legal alt girl just to hang out with him. Kainey threw herself at him and latched on for life, but the much more attractive girl needed thousands to fuck him (and cry about it afterwards).

No. 800918

No, you're wrong. Myra actually also killed kids herself, as did Rose West.

No. 800922

Rose West was also a murderer, anon was being facetious

No. 800934

More over, Myra Hindley and Rose West had a lesbian relationship in prison. Blew my socks off when I heard about it.

No. 800951

Wow. We're talking about pie. Wow.

It really goes to show Greg isn't even half as interesting without someone else around him. It isn't just Skye or Shiloh or even Footface. Greg is just that flat and boring on his own.

No. 800960

I don't even think money is a matter here, it's a matter of effort lmao. A pumpkin pie with candles in it is a big "fuck you", not a cute "I love you".

Even if you're low on money, a nice Cupcake from a bakery will run you the same, is for that one person and is more special (better tasting and prettier too), than a pumpkin pie lol.

That's how much effort he's willing to put into celebrating his "loved one's day of birth" and into making her feel loved.

No. 800983

File: 1603170066682.jpeg (85.61 KB, 856x550, 39EACDF1-B776-4CAA-A803-EB3D60…)

Greg’s autistic dupers delight grin when he reveals on stream that “mcfly knows he works out”
Looks up to left which is an obvious sign of lying.
“Because… she saw me do push-ups as of recent”.

Wow. His standards got low.

No. 800984

File: 1603170131136.jpeg (98.05 KB, 951x599, 8BF067A0-CED7-41A9-BFA1-15E0AB…)

No. 801012


>Looks up to left which is an obvious sign of lying.

Youtube folk knowledge, like how a coin dropped from a height will go straight through someone's skull…

No. 801013

File: 1603195933811.jpg (173.04 KB, 1310x866, topgregory.jpg)

top greg

he's actually defending the now infamous pumpkin Kai-pie on kiwifarms.

No. 801016

Kek though it is silly how things have slowed down to the point of talking about pumpkin pie (Greg giving little to no effort for Kai is not news and it only confirms that doormat is still there) I love the greg logic in making arguments with half assed and selective copy and paste research

No. 801017

Yeah, arguing that its healthy. Hey Greg a carrot is healthy too and she can also stick it up her pussy. And yet most girls still prefer a diamond ring, know what i'm saying?
Go figure, right?

No. 801018

>Pumpkins are actually rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it is incredibly healthy. What's more, its low calorie content makes it a weight-loss-friendly food.

Whether it's Greg or a (really dumb) fan, I don't know if I should laugh or cringe about the lack of knowldge regarding the comparison of a pumpkin and a pumpkin pie. Who doesn't know that store bought pies are loaded with sugar, the crust is usually calorie-rich but has no nutrients because it's made from basic flour, and if he's very lucky, it's also loaded with preservatives?

I don't have anything against store bought pies, they're convinient if you don't have the time to bake or if you just want to get something cheap quickly, but getting all defensive about a pumpkin pie really makes me lol.

No. 801019

"Yes Troy I know you wanted to go out trick or treating for Halloween but I got you a fruit bowl instead. Because its healthy and good for you, now go play."

No. 801020

"It's all the leftovers from what mommy-daddy didn't like and spat out earlier, now be a good role model for mommy-daddy and finish your fruit bowl."

No. 801021

top tier sock puppeteering work there, greg. instead of the joker you went for batman and now no one will ever suspect it was you.
"you either become the hero or live long enough to become the villain!" ©™ Gregory Jackson 2020
Yeah "Now eat it your little shit or you're next to get flying lessons from the second story window"

No. 801027

>>801012 Or how people who use ellipsis aren’t retarded.

No. 801034

File: 1603204974979.png (5.33 KB, 262x193, you sure showed them.png)

No. 801035

File: 1603205135991.jpg (48.97 KB, 515x341, prize.jpg)

Congradulations, champ!

No. 801051

File: 1603210192615.jpg (126.19 KB, 1340x758, ew.JPG)

this is how he chooses to display his stream. His greasy face huge front and center. game tiny off to the side. He's a twitch thot confirmed.

No. 801054

Obviously can’t confirm if it’s him or not but it’s funny that this post does accurately reflect their dynamic.
> Onision decided pie was a better choice and kai agreed.

Greg will make decisions and lainey will go along with it but Greg presents it as her choice or her idea.

We’ve seen it with her being gay/needing to have a girlfriend/sharing the girlfriend with greg. As if she’s choosing it because she wants to because she’s so ~gay~ and ~poly~ not because she’s driven by a fear of greg leaving her if she says no.

Obviously it isn’t a big deal when it comes to pie vs cake for a birthday but it can quickly become problematic when it comes to something like with what happened with Sarah.

I’m sure saying no to him directly does come with consequences but there’s no way they outweigh the consequences of continuing to go along at this point. It’s only going to get worse from here on out and he’s not going to reward her for her loyalty. She’s just as much at risk of getting left as any point before. He doesn’t make rational decisions around stuff like that.

No. 801057

also in the 10 minutes i watched his stream he:
- Complained that people get mad when 20 somethings date teenagers
- Called Lucidia hot like 5 times (she really has fallen hard)
- Said he and Kai fight on her birthday every year

No. 801059

File: 1603211704970.jpg (30.6 KB, 306x434, raid.JPG)

he raided some random girl and she was sooooo awkward when she saw who it was, she refused to say his name out loud. And the girl's mods were not happy. it was pretty hilarious

No. 801061

wait what? Lucidia is a fan of gargamels now? i haven't been following the onions thread here lately, but I feel like I missed something, or misinterpreted your bullet point.

No. 801062

File: 1603211923188.jpg (22.29 KB, 330x232, lucidia.JPG)

Yes she is now a super fan of his.

No. 801066


Using his retarded logic he could have bought her a chocolate cake since cocoa is rich in antioxidants, helps with blood pressure, improves symptoms of depression, etc. Because you know, if a cake has ONE healthy ingredient it becomes instantly healthy and all the unhealthy ingredients in it don't count

No. 801071

>Obviously can’t confirm if it’s him or not
Sorry for bringing dog fucker up and I hope this doesn't make her show up and clog the thread with self posts, but she did confirm Grease has a sock puppet account in kiwifarms. That's about the only useful information she revealed.

No. 801080

well… that's pathetic and disappointing.

No. 801092

Sorry Gregoyle, but doing 10 half assed push ups once in a while won't get rid of your swollen dad gut and won't make your small feminine shoulders and arms look any strong.

No. 801103

File: 1603218981107.jpg (56.18 KB, 720x480, L5yzxs1.jpg)

This actually made me laugh, one of the few times he genuinely has made me laugh. The thought of doing this to a partner lol..

>"If you took the time to research, you'd see most people want pie instead of cakes on their birthday"

Orly? What research Greg? They must be pooling A LOT of money into peer-reviewed research studies to discover why all of the sudden people nationwide want pies instead of cakes! What a phenomenon! Orrrr you just didn't give a fuck/forgot Kai's birthday and bought that shit last second lmao.

And I love how he's using the review rating system on food (which is a very subjective thing, especially since these are prepared in different batches), as proof that the pie is good; it comes from a fucking pseudo bakery within a dpt/grocery store. No, the pie looks like shit, you're a cheap bastard, and a cupcake would have been a nicer, more thoughtful gesture than what you provided lol.

You couldn't get Kai a pumpkin cupcake?

No. 801123

I recently decided to view an episode of Have a seat with Grift Scamsen, and he had this Scottish rapper on or something who knew Greg from BEFORE the "I'm a banana"-thing and he told that Greg pretty much is the uncrowned king of sock puppets. He has MANY, so probably most claims of people having ran in to them are true.

No. 801138

Did he say why they fight on her birthday?

I wondered why he signed up for Twitch. Probably was hoping to get the attention of any attractive female streamers like this.

No. 801148

Greg can't vegetables without them being frozen or steeped in sugar and corn syrup first

No. 801149

>"I wondered why he signed up for Twitch. Probably was hoping to get the attention of any attractive female streamers like this."

Around the same exact time he signed up on Twitch, was when Leafy was on Twitch and he started sucking Leafy's cock really hard, Leafy even interview Onion on Twitch where he low-key made fun of him and called him a pedo straight to his face.

Ever since that interview, Onion's been on Leafy's dick. My thinking here is, he was hoping to take some of Leafy's audience away and become successful on Twitch, as he's been talking about how Cyr is successful on Twitch (and how much he hates that).

So he's basically copying Cyr in attempt to get money and hoping to get big on a different platform, Twitch, while also attempting to leach off of Leafy and his already established fan-base.

No. 801151

>>801013 This is far from the first time he's done this on there. Earlier this year he was shitting up his thread under the name Mr. Purple Carrot (account has since been deleted after he finished defending his baby carrot).

It's so easy to tell when its Gurg. He legit cannot resist defending himself over anything. Even fuckin' Walmart bakery pie lmao.

No. 801191

Maybe he thinks the glasses will help him give good brain.

No. 801193

He went from copying Shane Dawson to copying Cyr, lmao. This bitch can't be original and is always copying others more successful than him in hopes of becoming like them, how pathetic.

No. 801198

File: 1603238504855.png (152.9 KB, 718x246, popular.PNG)

This right here makes me laugh. A party of 20, holy fuck that's sad. Right now Cyr is playing Amnesia: Rebirth and he has over 1,500 viewers. If Greg wants to compete with his old BFF then he's going to need to up his game.

No. 801202

It’s typical narc behaviour particularly on holidays/birthdays they cause drama or fights so that the attention is focused on them.

No. 801218

File: 1603243539416.jpg (97.76 KB, 480x599, AT-cm_797270482-preview.jpg)

I assumed he was just imitating Cyr with those fake non-prescription glasses. Everything about his Twitch streams is mimicking his ex-bestfriend. He doesn't bring it up much now but during his first streams he would mention what he had seen Cyr do the day before. People commented on him copying Cyr so he had to double down and parody it with his next stream titled "Copying Cyr Because He Did A Funny Thing And I Wanna Crash Cars" in some weird attempt to make the cribbing claims invalid like with the baby carrot thing. He tried to laugh (through the tears) with everyone by making a bunch of 3D porn of him with a tiny orange cock. He spends 4 hours a day streaming, does he spend the rest of the day watching Cry to get ideas? I hope he gets a crazy Russian girlfriend next.

No. 801220

File: 1603244100805.png (721.73 KB, 954x518, DONT.PNG)

First his fake meltdowns about the retweet ratio he was getting slammed with. Now these stream names. Did he just learn about reverse psychology?

No. 801232

File: 1603247140505.png (34.88 KB, 1606x134, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.2…)

He also said this (pic attached). Nice way of talking about your "twin flame", onionboy. Guess she didn't think a 5 dollar walmart pie was a good birthday cake lel

No. 801238

the desperate flailing for attention on twitter is so hilariously pathetic and transparent.

daily developments are so banal (fucking pie??) but zooming out just a bit you realize greg's life is finally circling the drain of his own making at a rapidly increasing pace.

sit back continue ignoring and watch this ignored child lash out harder and harder to an audience that cares less and less for his tired antics, til he finally has a full-on narc collapse and offs himself inside 5 years. couldn't happen to a more deserving guy and the world will be a better place for it

No. 801243


Because it’s a day about someone other than him.

No. 801246

He’s perpetually circling the drain but never goes down. His depravity hit a new high when he reaped his years of grooming sarah but even that hasn’t sunk him yet. I thought it would finally be the thing that brought him down but even Lainey has gotten out without any real consequences.

No. 801248

It looks like Cyr is his new obsession. Poor guy.

No. 801250

Pretty sure that was real though, that is if he actually was part of SERE training - it's a required part of training. What always makes me lol about that retards story is he acts like he didn't know he'd have to kill things in the military, which tbf he is genuinely stupid enough not to understand.
Not enough evidence she's there imo. And who tf eats a pumpkin pie on their bday? Looks like he bought it just to create more rumors.

No. 801252

I caught a stream snipe of this months ago. That Scottish faggot never met Greg and barely knew who he was. He literally sat there for an hour reminiscing about MySpace.

No. 801253

>Ungrateful scumbags like…Kai deserve to be thrown against a wall
RIP uwu twimflame. Guess this means he won't be disingenuously lovebombing his wife anymore until he gets really desperate to make himself look like a semi-decent human being again. Not that it ever worked in the first place but still.

No. 801254

Damn Cyr still looks good for however old he is now lol. Meanwhile the tard trying to copy him >>801051, >>800983 looks sicklier than usual. JJ really did get the shallow end of the gene pool.

No. 801262

What's the evidence she isn't there?

No. 801276

So this pretty much confirms that Greg abuses Lainey.
>greg's life is finally circling the drain of his own making at a rapidly increasing pace.
His 15 minutes are up. You know it, I know it and he knows it.
I think thats probably the only thing that could make him semi-relevant again for a few months, if he were to leave Lainey for McFly or some shit.
Cyr training.
apologies for such a lame joke, but its been on my mind for a while now.
When it comes down to Grift Scamsen and Greggy Poo its really a competition of who's more desperate for money and views.
I don't have the answer, do you?

No. 801309

there's plenty of consequences, just not the final storybook ending some people crave. I'm not holding my breath for those especially since the desire for that seems to rest on the assumption that greg would have to finally admit the monumental failure that is his life, when that time comes.

this is a misunderstanding of npd, he has never admitted fault or remorse even this far 99% into his 100% life collapse, the next 1% will go no differently. his conscious ego can't allow him to introspect, regret, or learn, because he never developed the ability to view a person (incl himself) as any nuanced mix of strengths and flaws. can't fix a flaw you're pathologically incapable of acknowledging, which is how we got to this point in the first place.

the moment his brain finally reckons with who he actually is and what he's actually done instead of the sad facade he frantically devotes his waking hours to maintaining will be the moment he kills himself. even then he will leave some cowardly greg-ish note attempting to paint it as an uwu delicate soul ground down by an uncaring and inferior society who couldn't recognize his brilliance. delusional, childish ego preservation to the bitter end.

so i'm not waiting or pining for the ending, it will end with a pitiable narc whimper. i'm enjoying the ride

No. 801313


Reason #432,201 why he shouldn't be allowed guns is the off chance he ever gains any self-awareness.

No. 801323

That sounds kind of specific… I wonder if he already did that to her. He sure did it to Shiloh.

No. 801328

File: 1603308387305.jpg (81.11 KB, 1866x333, cleverruse.JPG)

not-greg posts another galaxy brain bamboozle on the other farms.

this cements for me personally that lainey is still married, but separated and living elsewhere. greg is very careful with his choice of words and you know he would've called out that they still live together if he could do it fax-ually.

not surprising, just nice for the waterbrain to once again confirm through expectedly unintentional self-own.

which leaves the question of what the house is being used for now. my money is on: sad attempt at subletting for income, avoiding altogether to save on utilities, or the darkest possibility I consider realistic which is that lainey has moved out but left the kids behind and greg lives in the garage while hiring horrendously inadequate childcare to tend the house with the children inside.

No. 801330

ps for anyone on the fence for whether these are a troll vs greg, the fact that most of the posts happen within seconds to minutes of an onision tweet and that the sock account closely monitors related threads (eugenia cooney etc) which get reflected in subsequent onision video sharts cements it for me.

No. 801333

We have nothing proving she's there other than her twinflame child groomer purposely vague posting about it. I don't see that as being enough to go on.

No. 801337

It's weird how not-onision knew Footface loves pumpkin pie. She never mentioned loving pumpkin pie in any of her videos, so only someone who knows her personality would know that

No. 801338

This is one of the worst arguments I've ever heard anon. He can literally say anything about Lainey, it doesn't make it true. Talking shit is a lifelong hobby for him.
It could be him but I'd wager it's an orbiter. His last remaining handful of stans are so low IQ I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him or them in a blind post. Also remember he has super desperate ass kissers like Heezy around who monitor shit for him constantly.

No. 801339

>the moment his brain finally reckons with who he actually is and what he's actually done
I honestly don't see that ever happening, unless somehow LE gets involved in his life, and by involved I mean an arrest.

No. 801342

>Complained that people get mad when 20 somethings date teenagers
Funny he always fails to mention how he called her "just a friend"/"foster daughter" until the moment she turned 18. He literally fucked his self proclaimed foster daughter the second she was legal.

He won't be "taking Leafy's audience" because Leafy's audience doesn't like pedos. For most of that stream the chat were calling Onision a pedo. Even they knew he's a child groomer. It's just Leafy that was in the dark.

No. 801344

LE is already involved (as in he knows their eyes are on him), but that won't affect his narc brain because a) he doesn't get Nsupply from LE validating him, and b) being in disfavour with LE is too easy to integrate in his delusional narrative of being L/the joker/etc, the guy who is "just too smart and too much of a threat to be accepted by sheeple". any attention from LE up to a point is supply for greg, which is a plus.

recalling the past episodes which really shook him, you can see they all defeated one of those two options.

option a exemplified by rejection by billie, madison, sam, etc - obv these were grooming targets he thought he 'loved' so he really had to scramble to reshape his inner narrative when they rejected him.

option b exemplified by the few interviewers who were informed and focused enough to deflate the front he puts up and expose the true gregory daniel beneath the blustering and blame-shifting - a broken, spineless individual who needs to feel externally validated at all times. and it was done in a way that greg felt was public and undeniable. in those situations he retreats into his meek, feminine voice and his body language screams that he's trying to curl into a ball and disappear, or placate his interlocutor with empty fawning compliments. see the drunken peasants podcast, the blaire white interview, and his total refusal to confront chris hansen when it wasn't on a platform he could control or shout over.

LE will become a problem for him if/when he is arrested and imprisoned, that part I agree with. prison will be the ultimate cutoff from supply for him, and he's too much of a charisma-less physical coward to gain any sort of respect in the clink. He'd off himself faster than epstein didn't.

No. 801345

>this cements for me personally that lainey is still married, but separated and living elsewhere
I'm convinced she's been gone for months. I don't see her leaving the kids there, not because she actually gives a fuck about the poor things but because whichever family member she's definitely living with now would have the sense to never relinquish them to a sped who leaves jizz, vomit and whatever else lying on the floor, waiting for the dog to clean it up.

Greg's family's disowned him and Lainey's family's always hated him. They're both living proof that the downy gene can skip generations. Hopefully it skipped their kids.

No. 801353

Just because she's hiding like a rat from the public due to being ashamed of having been exposed as a predator doesn't mean she isn't there.

No. 801355

Counterpoint: Greg very carefully dances around outright saying "she lives here" when he tries to own the haters. It's only "we are not divorced", "we are still married". Never "we are still in love", "we still live together", "we still do things together".

Given how deeply he's scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything to crow about, you know he'd be playing that card if he had it

No. 801358

File: 1603317898461.jpg (98.25 KB, 1527x507, rich.JPG)

the self-own continues. greg confirmed for:
>>buys his spouse a $6 pie for their birthday
>>defends this on KF with yet another transparent sock
>>can't keep his lies and half-truths together on whether he bought or baked this (hint: he did whichever option was cheapest and lowest effort)

No. 801369

It's like when he bought her a shitty silicone ring instead of a real hypoallergenic one. He had plenty of money to throw at Billie to fuck her, but not to buy his wife a real ring that didn't make her finger green.

No. 801376

Sure, there's just not enough evidence to prove that she's there definitively.

No. 801395

I honestly think Kai is gone. Yes, she is a doormat, but every single human has their breaking point - every one. While she's trying to raise children, her husband is shoving dildos up his ass and taking photos of it in an attempt to get money, while jerking off on the carpet.

There's just no way. His own blood disowned him; there's no way Kai can take this and not break. Her husband is supposed to make her feel comfortable and safe. He is the cause of all of her stress, and this year is stressful enough as it is. I just don't believe it's humanly possible for Kai to still be with him, and how he angry he gets when people question it, or the effort her puts into her (such as for her birthday), he comes out of the woodworks and makes sure everyone knows him and Kai are still together and Kai loves pie and Kai is doing this. He's Kai's handler. It's insane to think someone could go through everything Kai has been through and not snap.

No. 801399


Lainey is the ultimate doormat and has been for day one. She also is extraordinarily lazy and would and does stick around because she prefers her husband making chump change from buttfucking himself to actually getting a job. She’s 26 and has never had one, prospects are not looking good for her future, useless bachelor’s in psych included.

No. 801400


That's exactly my belief if nothing comes of the allegations. I wonder if Kai ponders on the possibility of this happening too. My fear is that he would try to take all the evidence against him along with him aka Kai.

A police report disclosed that as recently as 2019 they had a lethal gun in their house. It wouldn't surprise me if Greg offing her someday is apart of Kai's chronic anxiety too.

Counterpoint to your counterpoint: I believe this is his way of proving the haters wrong about his marriage like he's always done over the years while still "respecting" Kai's demands of not being spoken about online. He finds nonsensical loopholes around her demands. He's done it in cuddlegate w/ Billie, his affair with Sarah while Kai was in NM. Having Sam stay at the house. All those instances she forbade so it's no different now. He's gonna try to find a loophole through what she wants always and she'll never do anything about it, always. His cryptic wording doesn't necessarily mean she's gone.

I think his postings on the other farms solidifes the misery that is their new life being stuck with only each other.

No. 801413

I have reason to believe this is Greg posing as an Anti-O.

I assumed you were gonna stay on point with reasons why Kai's gone in the first half but you were so contradictory and inconsistent in the other:

"While she's trying to raise children, her husband is shoving dildos up his ass and taking photos of it in an attempt to get money, while jerking off on the carpet."
This (self) disparaging is very robotic and disingenuous. Of all the shit you can diss him about you pick his onlyfans? The least immoral thing he's done/doing? You can't even larp as an Anti-O properly.

"every single human has their breaking point - every one."
Nitpicking but "human" is a term Greg uses to describe people consistently. I find it odd that "person" or "individual" didn't roll off your typing tongue better.

"There's just no way. His own blood disowned him; there's no way Kai can take this and not break."
Why the emphasis on Kai caring about Greg's family? Why would Greg's family disowning Greg be Kai's breaking point? I assume you're talking about Greg because you use she pronouns for Kai and she's not disowned by her family. That reason sounds very nonsensical and ignores the real reasons she'd break ie psychological, verbal and physical abuse at the hands of Greg. Sounds like reasoning that'd pander to Greg's self inserts and omissions of abuse.

"Her husband is supposed to make her feel comfortable and safe. He is the cause of all of her stress, and this year is stressful enough as it is."
Still downplaying what he does to Kai as "stressful" and "not making her feel comfortable and safe". There's no way in hell his narc ego would let him admit the abuse he puts Kai through. Never in her defense. Even on anon. Greg doesn't stress her out. He destroyed her in every way possible.

"I just don't believe it's humanly possible for Kai to still be with him, and how he angry he gets when people question it, or the effort her puts into her (such as for her birthday)"
Again with the "angry". Very much downplaying his actions. Kai can very well still be in the house. Greg getting angry when people question his marriage is not a clear indicator she's left him at all. It's not a reason she would leave either. He's always been trying to prove the "haters" wrong about his marriage since day one. He never expressed anger about the effort he put into her birthday on his public social medias so I'm assuming you saw his NotGreg™ kiwifarm posts where he does just that. I find it odd you're not mentioning that outright.

"he comes out of the woodworks and makes sure everyone knows him and Kai are still together and Kai loves pie and Kai is doing this."
Again, Kai loving pie was only mentioned by NotGreg™ on the other farms. I asumme by now you agree its him. If you saw his posts there then you saw him calling Kai an ungrateful scumbag who deserves to be thrown to a wall then bodyslamed. Why would you imply she definitely gone if they most likely had an argument about her being ungrateful about her birthday pie just days ago? You seem to be omitting other information surrounding the NotGreg™ kiwi posts.

"He's Kai's handler."
Could be an observation or another telling self insert but that would be a reason why she's not gone. Aren't you trying to convince us she's gone?

"It's insane to think someone could go through everything Kai has been through and not snap."
And this is your conclusion without giving much basis to it?

You seem to be pushing the idea that she's definitely gone siting nonsensical, vauge and bare minimum reasons. Seems like you got the same stellar consistency as Greg.

Also noticed you never once say "Greg" but you use Kai's name throughout. The kiwis NotGreg™ was obviously Pro-O but his posts never used James or Greg. Neither do you.

"Her husband"
"His own blood"
"Him and Kai"
"He's Kai's handler"

No one calls him "James" here. Using James would be a dead give away but not saying Greg while using Kai's name throughout looks suspicious too. You didn't use Greg once.


Is it because you wanna fool us but your narc ego won't let you "deadname" yourself? When you're exposed and dragged for shitting on Kai in one forum you resort saying she's left in another?

For everybody else I do believe Greg would try to peddle the speculations of Kai being gone because it'd be a great win to him if Kai ever shows her face again.
"SEE GUYS! You speculated so much shit about Kai being gone when all I did was respect her privacy! Y'all were saying shit like Kai finally left me! But look! We're still married! She's still here! Proved you haters wrong again!1!11!"(idiot, tinfoiling)

No. 801415

bro you sound autistic

No. 801417

Not the same anon but I agree with them. Anyone that calls Lainey 'kAi' unironically is suss.

No. 801423

"Kai" and "Lainey" are Taylor's slave names.

No. 801427

He didnt fuck her right after her 18th birthday, he had the decency to wait until she was 18 and a half like a normal person /s. Only pointing that out because he has screeched about people falsely accusing him of fucking her right after she turned 18, still doesn't matter when he confirmed fucking someone he adamantly referred to as his sister and foster daughter

No. 801437

>Hopefully it skipped their kids.
Sadly both Trot and Clot aren't developmentally normal children. Trot has anger issues that were encouraged by Greg that's turned into physical violence and for years he was fed solely on breastmilk and cereals until his baby teeth rotted and he required a procedure. Even now his body health is probably fucked up due to poor diet. There's also the fact that he's had no experience with other children up until they were forced to enroll him in school so you can imagine how well that must've gone.

Clot is the more tragic of the two. She was nonverbal for the longest time (might still be) and Greg refused to even speak to her because she "couldn't talk, so what's the point?" and then she sustained a fall and a serious head injury that's probably fucked her over even more. If she wasn't already in the special-ed class then she will be now.

No. 801447

Not to tinfoil or anything, but is it possible Lainey is preggo again? I mean why not just make a smug video with her in it like he usually does when people are claiming she left. I'm on board with the majority that she probably is still there, but it's not like Greg to hide her unless she's preggo. Pretty sure when she was preg with Clot she was hidden away. Do the states give baby bonus checks? they could aim for another child for more income. I know households that squirt out babies to collect checks.

No. 801453

/s is redditspeak to indicate sarcasm you autist mong

fuck off

No. 801454

Thanks for the clarification. Autistic posted deleted for autism.

No. 801458

Wow, what a considerate uwu twin flame lover. A 5 bucks pie. /sarcasm

Can't he show consideration to his supposed wife by idk, making one from scratch for her? Or is that too much effort to do? He can't barely take care of his kiddos cause he can't be bothered to while fucking the nannies.

That pie picture doesn't certify me at all doormat wife is still there. He could have just baked a pie and put 1$ candles on it just so to take a picture to post online as some sort of emotional jab at lainey if she is indeed gone but that is all tinfoiling. Not even showing up on a picture for your birthday when the focus is supposed to be on you is weird as fuck.

Also, side note, onion really likes to associate to the dark knight batman, down to even in his sock accounts. I'd bet he probably monologues to himself in real life about how a tragic hero he is unironically.

No. 801464


Highly unlike. She disappeared exactly when she was exposed for sending and soliciting nudes to and from minors. If I had to tinfoil about her dissappearance. I'd say it's part of her plan to save herself and double cross Greg in the long run. Defending herself or appearing online is the one thing she's not doing despite the likelihood of Greg demanding it. The doormat quite literally groomed minors and solicited child porn for him but won't stand bravely at his side now that she exposed as just as sick as Greg. That's very telling.

I'm lead to believe they've openly discussed Kai taking the blame for everything legally since she's the one who got them caught but if Greg's protégé is anything like himself, well. Kai's throwing him under the bus for sure. Greg doesn't have the skill to truly brainwash anyone as we've seen through his plethora of rougue ex's. Her loyalty is an act. What I think Greg fails to realize is Kai has always been amoral and fucked up in her own way. Even as a teen. That's coupled with only knowing abusive relationships at age 13 through 26 (dont forget her high school bf David). She's desensitized. Being abused is normal. So I don't think Kai going through with the stuff Greg "forced her" to do is a clear indication of undying loyalty. She was okay with doing fucked up things because fucked up people do fucked up things. And she's fucked up. Her loyalty to Greg is only cemented under the notion it comes with benefits (no need to work, needless extravagant spending, twin flame fame, nice materialistic things, proving her family wrong about their eloping, living her fakeboi fantasy, never having to "grow up" despite having kids and indulging in the sick interests they share without consequence).

If she's arrested and all that's gone. When the reality of knowing nothing but a jail cell for years sets in. You best believe were gonna hear how this poor manson girl went through years of psychological indoctrination by her manson king. What's even funnier is the real life Charles Manson got the longest jail time out of all the Manson members even though he physically committed no crimes. As will Greg.

No. 801467

Gurg was Unpartnered on twitch and streamed himself finding out about it and it is hilarious

I hope it’s okay to link directly to him since he makes no money on it

No. 801468

Same for Greg, if he ever gets in a jail cell for a long time, once reality sets in about how he cannot be on the internet anymore and never being able to stir drama or whore himself for attention, his mind will break and we probably won't be able to see the absolute temper tantrum he will throw next to Big Bubba.

No. 801476

he's whining that he didn't "do anything wrong" but he clearly doesn't realize that it's simply that no one wants to be associated with him.
If he had broken TOS they'd have banned him completely. All they did was remove their endorsement of him. They have every right to do that.

No. 801478

it's because he was streaming on youtube too which is a big no when you're partnered lul

No. 801483

>unpartenered on Twitch
About time. He didn't even meet the basic qualifications and bigger streamers than him were on Twitter wanting to know why Twitch allowed it.

No. 801487


lmfao same fag, you're retarded. seriously. tell me more how I'm onion.

No. 801488

In Onisions most recent livestream he said that Crai went on antidepressants because of Sarah and was suicidal after the whole thing. lmao

No. 801490

Greg bragged in the stream that he has shares in amazon, and then went on to say “well only fractions”.
And then mentioned the app that invests money into tons of different fractions of shares for you.

This absolute retard was gloating about day trading and stocks like all the way back early this year, saying he’s making a living from it and this and that, and all he was doing was auto investing in fractions of shares he didn’t even choose himself? I’m fucking crying.

My god he is retarded. I can’t believe I almost took him seriously earlier in the year when he talked about day trading. Did he try and day trade with fractions of shares? Dear fucking lord. He truly is a water brain cave man. I’m letting this be a remainder to always take what he says with a grain of salt, I mean, I already knew that from when he calls himself a writer and musician and director and actor and comedian and whatever else, when we have all seen his material. How can someone have their hands in all these different pots yet never actually be good at any of them? How embarrassing.

No. 801496

It's apparently because he was tricked into following a troll* MAP account on Twitter und someone sent Twitch screenshots of it.
It's being discussed on the sister farms.

No. 801498

I don't buy that. Twitch isn't that quick to act on anything. Other partners with large followings have been posting about him for weeks and mass reporting. It's more likely they finally got tired of it.

No. 801499

I honestly hope it's not because of the troll since he might be given another chance then. It would definitely be better to see him get unpartnered for him going after Eugenia, reeeing at people on twitter, belittling people in his so called "debates" and trying to fish for barely legal teens. And for streaming on Youtube, of course.

No. 801500

Despite that, I still partially lean towards her being preggo. Maybe I'm just losing faith in the legal system ever doing anything. Greg seems cocky and confident again which makes me think Lainey probably is too. At the beginning for sure, they both seemed incredibly nervous and quiet but now he's back to being his usual. I don't think for a minute she'd ever throw him under the bus or be against him. Greg fucked 2 girls behind Lainey's back and yet she defended him and trashed the two girls. Even if she got arrested I doubt she'd drag him with. She's a doormat till the end. With their financial problems and his impregnation fetish, it'd surprise me more for him not to.

No. 801515

I was thinking about this the other day. I wouldn't put it past her to get pregnant with another bandaid. She got pregnant with Cloey right after Grease cheated on her with Billie the first time, then Grease cheated on her AGAIN and this time it was even worse because it was with her own "best friend". Footface seems to think adding children to her failed marriage is going to save it.

No. 801516

What happened to "Kai is so happy" and "the internet isn't real"? Also is he sure she didn't become suicidal due to feeling guilty for being a neglectful mother and letting her 2 year old daughter almost die from falling off a second story window?

No. 801521

File: 1603410797444.png (323.55 KB, 800x450, 03AD6158-95C5-4289-8D4D-8A238C…)

Stole this from the other farms

No. 801523

Nope. But I'm sure that's what they tell CPS.

No. 801528

Boohoo, who cares if a predator was suicidal after being exposed by her victim, maybe she should have thought about that before being a groomer and sending pictures of her rancid pussy and saggy tits to minors. It wasn't Sarah's fault she was suicidal, it was her own fault for being a creep.

No. 801531

File: 1603412118560.png (1.16 MB, 1792x828, A18F3AE1-4092-4D1F-BA78-66E334…)

Further proof that he buys bots for his Twitch. This is from his livestream about being unpartnered from Twitch where he shows us his creator profile. A pitiful seven views on his video before he could sic the bots onto it to boost that view.

No. 801550

File: 1603414151477.png (349.31 KB, 595x486, Onisionenstein.PNG)

Now that Twitch is out the door is he just going to be REEEEing at random people he had past beef with with these little Twitter vids? He's looking more and more like Frankenstein. That forehead and drooping eye holy shit.

No. 801555

File: 1603414891608.webm (9.75 MB, 320x180, y9wrze7ZVw2XMds4.webm)

I wonder if he will make 2 dozen fake meltdown videos to make up for the money that "Twitch stole"
Watch the video closely. This is what an angry Greg looks like. Not screaming and pouring Kombucha over his head. He's clenching his fists off camera, trying to sound calm but you can see the volcano top about to blow. He says the ban or unpartnering was all because of him following some fake pedo/MAP twitter. I really doubt this. What was the real reason Twitch dumped him? If it was because of this MAP twitter troll then Twitch was just itching to get rid of him and found an easy out.

No. 801567

I don't think that's the reason either, Twitch's was doing a great job at ignoring his vile behaviour like Twitter and YouTube do so why would they care if he followed a pedophile. As someone else said it was probably because he was streaming on Youtube at the same time and that's against Twitch's rules.

No. 801574

His dreams of becoming Cyr on Twitch are gone lmao. I wonder what other super infallible plan he has for the future.

No. 801576

File: 1603420849161.png (269.81 KB, 453x358, viewercount.PNG)

His last video on Twitch has been up for over 12 hours. Usually it takes 4 hours for him to swarm his bots and hype the view count up to 2 or 4K. I think he's abandoned Twitch since being unpartnered and hes not even bothering to make his view count look good anymore. We are now getting a realistic idea of what his Twitch streams views are (under 300.) You'd think the views would be higher since its a big deal with who ever keeps up with Onision drama and people would want to see what all the crying is about.

No. 801583

I don’t understand how anyone can listen to him go on and on like he has been and not see what a huge narc he is. It’s always everyone else’s fault and how much of a victim he is. His ass kissers certainly were doing double time in that live stream with Heezy at one point saying that if she had a billion dollars she would give it to Shreg. Unbelievable how dumb these people are believing his bs.

No. 801591

He's definitely reading the farms because of course he comes out with a "someone told me" right after the theory was posted here and on Kiwi.
Of course he would LOVE to run with this as the reason he got banned because it makes him the victim and allows him to REEE at the haturz.
But as I said before, twitch does not act that fast about anything. That fake twitter account nonsense happened late yesterday/today. There is no way this is the reason.

No. 801592

File: 1603426080589.webm (2.22 MB, 480x480, Heezy the British Cow.webm)

That was Heezy? I thought that old lady voice was Cat. I remember people saying that FatBecca sounded like she had a loaf of bread shoved down her throat when she spoke. WHeezy sounds like she has a small biscuit (or Gregs cock) lodged in her esophagus. I dont know why I imagined Heezy having a younger more feminine voice instead of some old British cow. Can you imagine being so much of simp that you'd throw your two kids into the gutter and give your grocery money to Onision? Also he said Twitch didnt pay him for 2 months. He never got a nickel from any of those 4 hour streams. He did all that shit for free lol. His fans pressed for how much he lost and he said one thousand. Four hours a day, 6 days a week for 2 months and all he would of gotten is $1000.

No. 801594

I call bullshit. Twitch doesnt just forget to send you your money. If twitch didn't pay him for 2 months then that means he didnt meet the minimum requirements for a payout which is definitely not anywhere close to $1000.

No. 801601

Does this dumb cow have a young daughter? She could send her to Grease since he would like that even more than money.

No. 801606


If leafys screenshots taught us anything. It's that Twitch will email you notifying a termination. I'm assuming whether it be a suspension, semi-ban, perma-ban or unpartnership and likewise, what would have been the cause.

I'm sure he would have no problem releasing emails like he's done in the past. Heck he begrudgingly released Patreon emails even, so why no Twitch emails? Answer:He's lying.

Whichever way you swing it.

Like if he didn't recieve an email detailing the reason, then he just doesn't have the FAXX™ about why he's unpartnered. He just listened to someone else's FALSE narrative because its the one where he lost livelihood through "a malicious set up" and was "wronged".

I believe he lost partnership for streaming on YouTube. Plain and simple. That's strictly prohibited doing Twitch and there's proof he was double streaming. He wasn't banned so he must not have done something immoral or unethical based on Twitch's basic streaming standards.

I'm sure Greg knew this, probably even got a warning or two for double streaming, but still went a head and did what he wanted like he always does because streaming on two platforms is not "breaking the law" according to his ironic law stricken logic. Although he's a criminal.

Wetlands for example. They were cited in his "housing contract" as protected by the government, not to be altered or touched. Even his neighbors warned him against doing it yet he still committed the crime of destroying protected government property. That's why he changed his name 20 days after documents were released on the fines he was convicted of.

To parallel similar occurrences. He still insists he "accidentally" doxxed Billie causing him to lose his Patreon. He did that to himself yet still thinks he was banned unfairly. As if releasing PRIVATE cropped text messages between you and an ex you abused was okay in the first place.

That Anti-O lie is to mask taking blame for another loss he caused. I'm sure he didn't even reach out to Twitch for a "fair trial" after learning the true reason behind the unpartnering because he knows whatever he's done is his own fault.

No. 801607

File: 1603437750774.png (734.79 KB, 1049x670, Sorry Rape Stream News.PNG)

He's apologizing to Rape Stream News. I thought he was always right? He warned us about Social Repose, Hansen and Shane "But we didn't listen!" I couldn't figure out why he'd be swallowing his pride about this but its obvious he wants to push the narrative that women always lie so that means Sarah and the other girls must have lied too. The last few sentences of the video he talks about his Twitch ban and you can hear the bitterness in his voice. I bet this Twitch thing will be rehashed in every stream and video he does for the next couple of months.

No. 801609

Twitch partner here, minimum layout is 100 and twitch issues payment 15 days after it checks at the end of the month if you met the minimum threshold. Twitch is always on time for payment.

Tbh since hes retarded he probably didn't set up his payout method correctly.

No. 801613

he was just starting to get a minor following on twitch, maybe losing this will finally break him and he'll an hero

No. 801614

File: 1603442851383.jpg (134.54 KB, 720x932, IMG_20201023_043642.jpg)

He outright hinted that HE KNEW why he was unpartnered at the very beginning of his cry baby livestream.

At 1:30 he says, "I just wanted to livestream here (YouTube) because apparently… I um… Can't livestream anywhere else. I mean not- not for any monetary gain…"

When you're a Twitch partner, you can't get any monetary gain if you livestream elsewhere. If you do. You get unpartnered. Your "monetary contract" with them is cancelled.

Greg was streaming on two platforms.

So he's basically saying, "I just wanted to livestream here (YouTube) because apparently… I um… Can't livestream on Twitch. I mean not- not for any monetary gain…"

Funny how you talk about his law logic when it comes to doing what he wants. His video description literally says "I didn't violate any policies, I was never taken to court, I broke no laws, I was never arrested…"

Conclusion: You guessed it! He's a fucking liar. He did violate Twitch policies. He livestream on two platforms regardless of the rules. Got the boot for it. And is now blaming everything on others because he's malicious and can't admit to causing his own problems.

Mystery solved.

No. 801623

Oh right, thank you, forgot about that for a sec.
Anyway Greg made a video "apologizing" to real stream news for calling him a rapist. Then continues to call RSN gross, ugly and disgusting. After that he does what Greg always does, which is try to use this to his own benefit like "see this guy was sorta innocent (even though RSN wasn't, no is still no and stockholm syndrome) and so was johnny depp and so i must be too, right?"
Greg is again as transparent as a glass of water.

No. 801650

File: 1603468670210.png (197.5 KB, 652x343, Screenshot_2020-10-23 stockhol…)

>>801623 Stockholm syndrome??? are you fucking serious?? Amber is in LA he is in Rhode Island. Stockholm syndrome is people held captive..You are literally retarded. Who is this HC? She is not a captive and Amber admitted it was all a lie. She even asked him if he would promise not to press charges. Its over she lied.(rapestream news)

No. 801676

Am I retarded? No, why you ask? This is also why I noticed that RSN has been stalking Amber ever since the rape. Just the fact that he managed to make her feel so unsafe that she figures might as well give him what he wants (again, metaphorically speaking) doesn't do jack shit to convince anyone.
And Greg, well clearly he made that video to serve himself, same as he always does. Might as well ask you that same question back: Are you retarded that you did not notice the motives behind Greg's little apology video to RSN there?
You must be if you didn't.
You must be if you are out here defending a rapist junkie that stole 4500 dollars from a cancer victim, as well as more money from other former fans.
You must be if you defend a sleazeball like that.
I'm glad we cleared this up.

No. 801677

Jesus. I hope all the people still paying for his OF feel proud of themselves, especially his negative IQ orbiters kek.

No. 801678

>because he was streaming on Youtube at the same time and that's against Twitch's rules
That would make the most sense. I mean it wouldn't surprise me if he were actually following a MAP account (birds of a feather) but Twitch wouldn't unpartner someone over that.

No. 801679

No not the most honest youtuber using deception to artificially inflate his view count. Say it ain't so.

No. 801680

Even his sycophants warned him that he wasn't supposed to stream on YouTube, but he did it anyway. But sure it was the "anti-o" fault he got unpartnered, cause nothing ever is Grease's fault.

No. 801686

Ew he posted a really old video with him and Lainey’s childhood friend from like 2016 on twitter where they’re in an old skit about being pregnant. I’m sure that was somewhat embarrassing to film at the time but could you imagine being her and having him post that after he’s been repeatedly outed as a creep?

It’s so weird how he recycled old clips forever. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t shamelessly tried to reuse clips of Billie and Ayalla or anyone who used to bring him a lot of views.

No. 801700

File: 1603492334442.png (409.7 KB, 596x1166, onisionhansen.png)

Greg didnt know what to do with himself this morning. No more 4 hours streams since getting dumped by Twitch. So he spent half an hour replying to Chris Hansen's old tweets. No new information he's just begging for Hansens attention asking for a charity debate so they can discuss Hansens arrest and him cheating on his wife.

No. 801707

>his postings on the other farms
That's not been proven. The most recent spergouts on KF sounds like an orbiter >>801592 to me.
"Kai" and "Lainey" have been used interchangeably for awhile here, newfags.

No. 801708

actually the evidence of those being him is overwhelming.
just ask around.

No. 801716


oh ffs i think it's him too, but don't act like there's been any 'evidence'. we don't have ip confirmation. we don't have someone like sara (aka a person living in the house) confirming.

we have suspicion based off of the fact that greg regularly behaves and talks like the poster, but that's not fucking waterproof evidence.

No. 801717

>oh ffs i think it's him too, but don't act like there's been any 'evidence'.
Are you kidding me? There is literal evidence both here even in this very thread and on kiwifarms that its him.
Null even fucking confirmed it.
What are you even talking about?

No. 801718

That's what I'm saying, there's nothing solid linking him to that account, and we know he has a few orbiter tards like Heezy running around doing his bidding.

No. 801719

Null confirmed an old account that got banned, not the most recent one.

No. 801720

well then prove me wrong and link the evidence directly, oh great mother cow brain.

No. 801721

>She disappeared exactly when she was exposed
Greg's been trying to convince anyone without a functioning brain stem that Lainey would never send nudes to minors while she's been MIA the entire time. If the allegations were untrue she would've defended herself but she never tried even once because the screen shots more than speak for themselves. Her retard husband's been speaking for her all this time (while throwing her under the bus) because she knows she's guilty and is too embarrassed and ashamed to show her face. Greg on the other hand doesn't have a conscience so he can stand up, lie and gaslight anyone without a second thought.

>Kai has always been amoral and fucked up in her own way.

Just like Shiloh. Shiloh was already wacked out before she met Greg - their meeting amplified both of their psychotic tendencies.

No. 801722

spoonfeeding request.
I don't know what you guys are talking about but i very recently even saw mods calling Greg out on kiwifarms saying why not just post as yourself since we already confirmed its you.
That is all I know.

No. 801723

This is an imageboard.

No. 801724

So? Look it up, its very recent I'm talking hell just a day or so ago. Shouldn't be too hard for you to do.

No. 801725

why the fuck would I so that? You got proof, post it or shut the fuck up. You were the one who started this argument by claiming the evidence was already posted here, now you tell us to go look for it somewhere else?

> There is literal evidence both here even in this very thread

No. 801726

>it's not like Greg to hide her unless she's preggo
Weak tinfoil. The pregnancy rumors have been circulating for awhile. The little bit we saw of her after the allegations surfaced, she looked like total unwashed shit. She's not going to be willingly submitting to Greg's disgusting preg fetish with all the pressure she's under.

No. 801727

> willingly

I agree with you, but I also wanna point out that this is a pretty big 'if' factor.

No. 801730

When Ayalla did a livestream exposing her in the beginning of 2019 Footface was very quick to do her own livestream denying anything Ayalla said was true (and she lied a lot in it, for example saying Sarah never watched her bathe and that she never cuddled with Sarah in bed), because there was no solid evidence at the time and Sarah was still on her side. This time she knows there's no way anyone will believe she's innocent or else she would have made another smug livestream denying the truth again, but she didn't.

No. 801731

>I’m letting this be a remainder to always take what he says with a grain of salt
99% of what he says at any given time is bullshit, only his orbiters trust and believe everything he says. "Lainey's on anti-depressants because of Sarah", "Sarah raped us", "I love my husband".

Greg knows that Lainey's hiding in shame because the internet knows she and her husband are pedos. Greg doesn't hide because he has no shame. He did OF for shock value just like all the other retarded shit he does. As much of a mong as he is even he knew he wasn't going to make real money shoving dildos in his ass for a video.

No. 801732

yeah. i've personally always thought there's a possibility she just… got tired of it. like, greg's a narc, of course this is his life, but regardless of what lainey has going on mentally she's still like… a ''normal'' person under it all.

maybe this was just the straw that made her go "right, i'm pulling the fuck out" at least in regards to the public thing.

bc nobody can deny that whatever her boundaries were, greg has stuck to them. if she's there or not, preggers or no, whatever, he still is not showing pics of her or showing… fucking anything that has any actual connection to her except bland words.

No. 801733

samefag: That came off an awful lot as defending one/both of them, and i didn't mean it like that. just meant it in a "pure" (ie a shitty armchair attempt lmao) analysis of the situation kinda way.

No. 801734

i think lainey's still living with him - in his most recent tiktok (https://www.tiktok.com/@onisionprime/video/6886581354801204486) you can see in the background what looks like children's toys and the dog.

No. 801740

Ahh yea she was Ghislainey’s best friend, they grew up together and she was their ‘nanny’.

So weird she was never heard of again except for a very awkward video Ghislainey did a few years ago of them meeting up in NM.

It’s hard not to assume that Anus tried to get her into a threesome considering everything.

No. 801743

File: 1603507845828.png (270.64 KB, 695x475, i fucked her..PNG)

Greg commented under the video "10 Things I Hate About Teens"
>i fucked her
which featured Selena. He quickly deleted it but someone screencapped it and confronted him about it. I dont think he actually had sex with her, but wanted to start the rumor. And even though he talked shit about Selenas forehead and weight he really wanted to fuck her. He wants to fuck anything other than his ugly man-wife, but Selena thought he was gross.

No. 801752

I remember this. I think it was another rumor Greg tried to start for attention. Selena was the only one of Lainey's friends who had any sense.

No. 801754

Speaking of friends, whatever happened to Mercedes Danielle? She used to be in their videos and was taking queerbait pics with Ghislaine Maxwell on Instagram

No. 801755


She moved to CA for some modeling shit I believe and wised up enough to not keep in touch with either of them.

No. 801757

Kek it's kind of crazy he left that comment up for at least 11 minutes before deleting

No. 801762

File: 1603541712817.png (546.43 KB, 1280x720, orbiters.png)

HC Is a Junkie…Not a cancer patient Ive actually heard the recording. Shes a junkie and again RSN was cleared get over it.I swear you RSN orbiters are fucking seriously brain dead. He didn't want to fuck your gross ass sorry. You smell like cat piss and adderall. Get over it and get a life. All you do is lurk on lc n twitter talking about RSN while you rub your gross ass pussy.(rapestream news)

No. 801763

File: 1603541893512.jpg (15.87 KB, 197x256, 1603540695935.jpg)

>HC Is a Junkie…Not a cancer patient
So that makes it alright for him to not pay her back the 4500 she loaned him, you mean?
Funny that you mention junkie, she isn't one, RSN actually is. Also, you're in the wrong thread, friendo. Fuck off defending that RAPIST JUNKIE here.

No. 801764

Trust me on this, nobody wants to fuck RSN, hell thats the whole reason he resorts to feeding girls liquor and raping them.

No. 801766

oh excuse me I meant to say nobody wants to fuck RSN, hell thats the whole reason he resorts to feeding girls that are under the legal drinking age liquor and then raping them.

No. 801767

Excuse me but I have NEVER seen a junkie loan another junkie money. Ever.
Wouldn't she then need that to score her own smack?
Yeah, so you fucked up your stories again there, RSN.

No. 801771


>RSN was cleared

Post evidence of this.

No. 801772

All he did was stalk Amber for years after the rape, until she finally just gave in and said "ok fine it was 'not rape'."

Doesn't change the fact that she said NO twice, no = no. He even admitted to that in the stream the next day "yes she said no twice", and yet he raped her anyway. It doesn't matter that he coached and threatened Amber in to now claiming it "wasn't rape" and that he has her blaming her mother. Doesn't change a thing. In fact when you watch that stream you can clearly hear her mother trying to calm down the situation, if anything she tried to coach Amber in to saying the opposite.

No. 801776


I meant about him ripping off HC, which is how it read to me. Regardless of how her lolsuit ever turned/turns out, most people know he's someone who exploits vulnerable people for money, fact.

No. 801777

He always claims that: Oh they cleared me, the cops cleared me, blablabla but its funny how all this shit, and i do mean ALL this shit keeps finding him, innit?
And by ALL this shit I mean theres so fucking many of it. Just look at Repzilla's videos, Masked babes videos, Creepshow art's videos, Ragreynolds videos, tons and tons of shit keeps piling on to him. Strange how they keep accusing such an innocent man of all this horse shit. Weird how that happens to nobody else here or anywhere.
Then again we aren't addicted to meth and a whole cornucopia of other drugs. Nor do we try to fuck literally anybody, even married people, in more ways than one.
But please, keep spergin' out here about how RSN is super duper innocent.
I'm telling you this right now and right here, one day the excuses are gonna run out and our potato headed boy will be hauled off to a slam-me-up-the-ass prison for a whole bunch of years, and by then you can quote me on that.
Shit is always hitting the fan with this ugly fucking idiot, and will continue to do so. He keeps fucking up, raping people and fucking them over for drugs and money and the shit will come to rain down on him real, REAL hard one of these days.

No. 801778

God fucking damnit, sorry to the mods I got fucking suckered in to this reply and its the onision thread. please ban that fucker that keeps bringing up that ugly greasy junky asshole RSN here. I'm sorry, and I won't be suckered in to this debate here anymore.

No. 801779

>Can't he show consideration to his supposed wife by idk, making one from scratch for her? Or is that too much effort to do?

Considering that making a pie from scratch (especially a pumpkin pie) is literally one of the easiest desserts to make: of course it's way too much effort for him. The difference between homemade vs frozen is miles a part in flavor but to waterhead pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie and WE are the morons for believing otherwise kek

>He could have just baked a pie and put 1$ candles on it just so to take a picture to post online as some sort of emotional jab

Thats the vibe I got from that picture. It doesnt even look like he baked it judging by the reflective pool in the center and pale crust, it looks like it's still defrosting. Which would make sense if he just wanted to take some uwu miss you pic to guilt trip Lame.

No. 801783

He’s such a pos. The live stream he did with Selena and Ghislaine I can remember him reading off the comments from the viewers and of course he chose the sexual ones asking if they were bi etc. You can clearly see how uncomfortable Selena was plus she is a year younger than Ghislainey which made her 17 in the ls.

And he has idiots who say he’s not a predator when he consistently acts like one.

No. 801805

To be fair, I would be skeptical of anything Onion made from scratch. His hygiene and inability to follow basic instructions are a recipe for disaster (forgive me).
I would eat a defrosted pumpkin pie over anything he put his unwashed hands on in their filthy kitchen

No. 801806

I believe he fucked her or in the very least he tried. He can't keep his deformed vienna sausage inside his pants when there's a young girl in the house and he's the king of creating retarded loopholes to fuck them without it being considered cheating (in his mind at least)

No. 801825

File: 1603584076250.png (1.31 MB, 1032x657, 2 year difference.PNG)

Lainey and Selena have a 2 year age difference. In the video RECONNECTING WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL BEST FRIEND they're talking about how they met and it was because their moms were best friends.
Selena: I was probably like 2
Lainey: I was like 4
And they were two grades apart.

I remember videos with Selena and Lainey in that apartment Greg had in Albuquerque. This was when Lainey was pretending to be living in a dorm but was really living with Greg. She was 17? Does that mean Selena was 15 and visiting them? Im with the Anon who said Greg probably tried to fuck Selena. Who knows how far he got but it doesn't matter because Lainey wouldn't leave him no matter how many of her friends he had sex with.

No. 801827

I guess she would have been 15/16 in that live stream, that’s insane and gross if true.

No. 801869

You know what? I'm perfectly ok with Taylor getting a lame, ugly frozen pie for her birthday. She got all kinds of presents from her underage fans.

One time, Taylor complained that one 14 year old's mom caught them talking and didn't like what she saw, so she wouldn't allow her daughter to talk to Taylor anymore. The only thing Taylor was upset about was that she wasn't going to get the expensive gift rhe 14 year old was going to send her.

For years, Taylor made kids pay her tribute like she was the Queen of Hot Shit. Fuck her.

No. 801874

Greg actually posted in a comment that he did fuck Selena.
It's common knowledge.

No. 801892

She begged for gifts from her tween fans and would guilt people on live streams who didn't send her what she wanted. She's greedy af and I think her 3.00 pie is a fitting gift

No. 801894

File: 1603650398661.jpg (226.59 KB, 512x700, 1_ElHoBTHUcAAFcXr.jpg)

When I saw this this morning I just skimmed it and seriously thought it was a suicide note.
Turns out to be another one of Gregs
>Im leaving the internet forever because of the haters
I hope "forever" lasts a least a week this time.

No. 801895

File: 1603650421758.jpg (179.64 KB, 517x609, 2_ElHoB3eUwAAxFlq.jpg)

No. 801896

Omg he’s so still buttmad about billy and I absolutely love it. Billie lives rent fucking free in his greasy mind.

His “do not engage” tattoo is the best thing that he’s done.

No. 801897

I give it four days.

No. 801899

File: 1603652141801.png (202.18 KB, 986x474, onision twitch unpartnered.png)

Twitch finally emailed him about losing his partnership. They didnt give him a definite reason for it which Im happy about. This way he cant correct it and he will never really know what caused his ban. I still think its because he was streaming simultaneously on YT and Periscope while streaming on Twitch. A big no-no with their TOS.

No. 801900

File: 1603652479243.png (97.76 KB, 992x475, begging_onision.png)

"Twitch stole from me"
him and Heezy hatched up a plan to get his fans to donate directly to him.

No. 801901

He does realize he probably hadn't made over $100 and that's why twitch didn't pay him right? It's written all in the agreement.

Sage for speculation

No. 801904

File: 1603654891723.png (26.82 KB, 769x204, Capture75671233.PNG)

During the stream on the day he lost his partnership his fans asked how much he made in total and Greg said $1000. Now we all know he lies but it sounded possible. 4 hours a day, 6 days a week for two months. He also admitted in a following stream that he hadn't set up the payment plan. I think that's the real reason. How are they suppose to give him money if they don't have his information on where to send it. Yet again its him twisting the truth.

A little something interesting I found while scrolling through discord chat. It looks like Heezy is paying for random people to get subscriptions. I guess she's doing this to artificially boost his subs numbers. She's using her own money so Greg looks more popular than he really is. In that audio clip Heezy said if she had a million dollars she'd give it to him >>801592 I seriously think she would. How fucking crazy is that?

No. 801905

As if he still wasn't sending her a ton of creepy emails basically begging her back just a few weeks before the Sarah shit started. She's such a dishonest liar yet he couldn't stop running after her over 2 years after he "dumped" her

No. 801906

Fucking Sarah's ass behind your wife's back wasn't very honest of you, "James"

No. 801908

File: 1603656753448.jpg (573.8 KB, 810x1657, twitter1.jpg)

Another "Goodbye" letter.

No. 801909

File: 1603656833484.jpg (471.19 KB, 782x1409, twitter2.jpg)

No. 801912

Major tinfoil, but I wonder if Twitch sent him a warning prior to that mail. It seems odd to me that he made such a ruckus about Leafy getting banned on Twitch, almost as if he already knew what was coming.
Might just be a really weird coincidence, or Greg trying to make friends that stand up for him. kek I also like that he's still addressed as Gregory Avaroe, even though he legally had his name changed.

No. 801913


this whole thing is amazing. i don't know if he's delusional or actually believes that he's still in the right somehow. i really enjoyed the increasing use of capslock

>she danced to my fake meltdown videos and had a drinking party, yes, a drinking party

oh heavens to betsy, a drinking party?!? good thing i was on my fainting couch when i read that how scandalous

No. 801915

Does that mean he's finally going to get a real job? Who would hire him with his reputation though, not even McDonald's would hire him to clean their toilets since they would be afraid he would sexually assault young girls in the bathroom.

No. 801916

Didn't he give her alcohol when she was at his house?

No. 801917

What's wrong with two consensual adults having sex? You people sound like Christian evangelists, lmfao. What next, video games cause violence and we need to ban video games? Raise the age of consent to 21?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801918

Lol there are more reactions to this than people who actually watched his twitch streams

No. 801922

It’s so sad how much he lives in the past and defines his life so much by all the people he feels screwed him over.

It is funny though how little the stuff he says makes no sense when you think about it for half a second. He frames Billie as this no good lying criminal who endangered his kids by doing illegal drugs and that he doesn’t want her in his life at all…so why would he want to reflect on all the good times and long for a “civil” relationship with her. Why email her incessantly? Could it be because he secretly is so frustrated with his inability to manipulate or even pay his way back into her life because he misses her so much?

It feels more and more that he’s writing posts like these for himself than anyone else. His kids fans will believe him of course and his ~haters~ won’t. So why keep telling these same warped stories and blubbering in his woe is me self-pity all the time? Who is this for?

No. 801925

Get a job you fucking Nonce.

No. 801927

Lol he's too dumb to understand that once you're banned from Patreon you can't join again by making another account

No. 801932

Apparently Grease unfollowed Heezy on Twitter. She's such a loyal fan who would give him 3 billion dollars if she could, and he unfollows her? That's gotta hurt.

No. 801935

File: 1603681484745.png (47.15 KB, 600x429, following.PNG)

but hes still trying to suck Leafys dick and following Spookycoo and Kaitlind? That has to be a slap in the face for the woman who was using her own money to buy people subs to Onision so he looked more popular than he actually is.

No. 801936

He paints Sarah as a sadistic freak for her little party when he basically did the same with JG. He even mentions her & that situation but doesn't bring up calling her JG a 'dumb bitch/cunt' and laughing at her crying. Only difference is JG never groomed greg into having sex with her like he did Sarah.

Poor wittle innocent greg could never imagine being so sadistic

No. 801969

He's still posting shit on twitter so that didn't last even a day. So typical of Grease to write huge goodbye letters for attention and then continue posting like nothing happened, so much for being "honest"

No. 801985

Doesn't he realize that leafy is as much a has been assclown as he is? If he's thinking leafy can revitalize his career he's dead wrong.
He might as well ask Shane Dawson, at this point.

No. 802016

I doubt it matters to her tbh the supporters he has left seem to enjoy being shit on by him. He grooms them into his personal punching bags then exposes their secrets and gaslights them when they can’t take anymore, same as it always was and it continues to this day

No. 802038

Yeah. John Coffey said she would continue giving him money even after he publicly accused her of sexually harassing him and his ugly wife.

No. 802062

>For years, Taylor made kids pay her tribute like she was the Queen of Hot Shit
And she was probably taking the nudes they sent to her and gave them to her husband who pretends not to know anything she was doing despite admitting to having access to her sm accounts.

No. 802067

>My ex or her friend intentionally doxxed me
Uh no they didn't. The only person that I know for a fact that doxxed him and his immediate family was Hansen's little retard Anonymous Gene (documented in /snow), and that was only after Hansen showed up at Greg's house for his Cirque du Soleil for mouth breathers.

No. 802068

This entire thing is him playing the victim while lying to the reader by saying that that's not what he's doing. Typical.

Maybe if he didn't take advantage of a vulnerable 16 year old girl, bring her into his home, publicly call her his foster daughter/little sister right up until she turned 18 and fuck her immediately, his life wouldn't be in shambles right now.

No. 802070

Sarah said they gave her alcohol when she was underage. Greg admitted on one of his rambling sperg vids that he knew she drank in his house when she was underage and he didn't try to stop her. Edwin Generations covered it.

No. 802072

These pity posts are for anyone dumb enough to fall for his manipulations or ignorant of his history and the reality of what's gone down.

The guy who for years abused his platform by taking the personal trauma people shared with him in confidence and blasting it publicly in videos as a petty retaliation tactic, is perpetually malding over what a victim he is. So tragic that his children have this pathetic nonce for a parent.
Hopefully Lainey's permanent disappearance from the internet (so innocent uwu) means the kids are finally living with people who aren't pedophiles (excluding Lainey of course).

No. 802081

File: 1603782532418.jpg (182.01 KB, 614x797, ElRItB9VkAkVyzr (1).jpg)

>all of you collectively have donated $33 - $30 of that was Heezy.

>thanks to Heezy & the other kind donor

In yesterday's Twitter/Discord goodbye messages he made it sound like his throng of fans donated hundreds of dollars to him that was stolen by the dastardly villains at Twitch. Turns out it was just 2 fans donating a pathetic 33 bucks. I'm not even surprised that Heezy tried to buy his love once again. You know all those Amazon wishlist gifts he boasts about on Twitter and his streams, guess whos buying them.

No. 802090

but anon, he waited 5 whole months!

No. 802092

Never understood his fans like Booty, Becca, Tamara, Blasian… I could go on, that accept his abuse with a smile and come back for more.

No. 802095

I think it’s a mixture of both, if that makes sense.
He’s incredibly stupid, and he twists narratives as he sees fit; he knows he’s full of shit (like Sarah raping him lmao) but he also thinks that /TECHNICALLY/ that happened, and it can’t be disproven, and how dare you for not believing a thing that could’ve happened. I truly want to know how he dismisses his emails to Sarah (I loved pleasuring you both etc etc) as him just being nice to a rapist, but takes Sarah’s totally-not-coerced video as fact.

He’s too fucking dumb to realize even with his retarded scenarios being “true”, if you apply his same logic CONSISTENTLY to Sarah/Billie/etc, what Greg says still doesn’t add up. I feel like most people don’t know how to approach arguments with him bc he’s so far into the stratosphere of wrongness, it melts their brain trying to comprehend his genuine delusional idiocy.

No. 802153

File: 1603823703229.jpg (120.26 KB, 815x754, things will surely be differen…)

the same tired hamster wheel spins once more

can someone please compile a .txt of all greg's EPIC FINAL GOODBYE MESSAGE word salads? there's at least like 5 in the last few months alone.

you know the ones, they all hit the same beats:
>things used to be so great
>>then (something that has nothing to do with my own faults) happened
>>now (carefully selective acknowledgment of current troubles) is happening
>>i will fix this by being better/doing my own thing/(vague promise of improvement pivot with zero material commitments or insight into why things fucked up to begin with)
>>see you in a while, it will surely be a LONG LONG WHILE and things will become MUCH MUCH BETTER
>>return within days, doing the same shit

No. 802154

the more time he spends alone….

kai leaving confirmed

No. 802160

No one's talking about the fight Greg and Mcfly had during a livestream? It was pretty hilarious, Mcfly started crying and screaming cause Greg called her an idiot for liking a videogame, then Greg started verbally abusing her even more and gaslighting her and everyone else in the livestream (what's new?), it went on for like 20 minutes lol. Countdown until he makes a 30 minute long video calling her a drug dealer, accusing her of "sexual harassment" and talking about what a horrible person she is.

No. 802168


why does he still have people who want to hang out with him? and even pay him money to do so? they can just exchange info or set up their own discord or whatever. he's so fucking gross

No. 802178

Because they're idiots, that's why.

No. 802193


She will never leave. She’s had a million chances and smugly ignored them all. Kainey would genuinely rather be poor and stuck with him over having to actually be an adult and get a job and stop sitting on her lazy ass pretending to be special. She’s a spineless loser who peaked in high school.

No. 802197

That's how much of a fucking imbecile he is. In his syphilitic, swiss cheese brain he actually believes he's making some kind of point by saying that. Pedos have to be the stupidest people on earth.

No. 802198

>I truly want to know how he dismisses his emails to Sarah (I loved pleasuring you both etc etc)
He never dismissed it, he's never addressed it, he just acts like it never happened. When a truth or reality is too inconvenient for his cum brain narrative he ignores it completely.

No. 802200

I'm not convinced she's there. She was Greg's little cash cow. Now she holds no monetary value for him and is a total liability because she can never show her so innocent face online again. If he didn't hardcore manipulate her into leaving him, I'm willing to bet he'd let her family intervene (this once) to take her.

No. 802204

They will never get separated for 2 simple reasons: 1 she's a doormat who will never leave him and 2 he doesn't want to pay child support for 2 kids for 10+ years and possibly alimony to Footface since I doubt the prenup he made her sign was valid. Remember all the tantrums he threw and all the suicide threats over having to pay alimony to Skye for 5 years?

No. 802205

>Greg started verbally abusing her even more and gaslighting her
These people are pathetic enough to actually pay a pedophile for "entertainment" so my expectations were already below sea level. He treats his wife the same way he treats his stans. He pressured Lainey into the three some with Sarah which is why Lainey cried afterwards, but Greg being the "sooper honest dood" that he is scapegoated the teenager for it.

No. 802206

The smirk he has on his face while Mcfly is crying says it all. Can't say I feel sorry for her though, anyone who still supports him and gives him money after everything he's done deserves to get shit on.

No. 802207

Disappointed to hear Lucidia sitting in the stream too soaking all his narcissistic abuse up. These idiots just go from one dumpster fire to the next.

No. 802210

File: 1603852433014.jpeg (133.9 KB, 697x1200, 3B904376-6A07-4A0A-850F-88BC97…)

Lmao, Greg is the Mary Lou Retton of mental gymnastics. He groveled for Billie to come back on more than one occasion. It wasn’t even close to “him forcing her out of his life”

No. 802211

What makes you think Lainey would consider taking him to court for child support?

There's no arguing she's a doormat, there's just not enough evidence to say for sure whether or not she's living in the swamp shack. She's too ashamed to publicly show her face after what she's done. Her husband does more than enough shit to embarrass the both of them 1000x over and doesn't care, which clearly has worked out so well for him.

No. 802214

Transparently manipulative and beta at the same time. Notice how he put "us" in there, pretending Lainey was actually into Billie when he knows it's not true and he just wanted Billie all to himself. He must be so miserable now that everyone knows he's a child groomer and he couldn't get another Billie if he tried.

No. 802218

File: 1603855825995.jpeg (148.88 KB, 750x1334, EFFSyJGXsAAvqCE.jpeg)

There's also this gem
>If Billie decides to give Lainey closure, she can call MY number
Kek. Didn't Footface have her own phone???

No. 802222

"Lainey is the innocent victim" lmao Sorry. I know that's not the point of the post, but never fails to get a good laugh

No. 802225

The best part of that clip is where he criticizes "professional victims" when this entire autistic manifesto of his >>801909 is nothing but him being a professional victim. Peak Onion.

Now that his own family's disowned him for grooming an underage girl, his human interaction is limited entirely to other cows like Tamara, who he admitted McFly wasn't quite as stupid as. kek

No. 802226

>I am the only one trying to heal Lainey uwu
He was definitely trying to heal Lainey by cheating on her with Sarah and lying about it. And wasn't he planning to run off with Billie and sign custody of his kid over to Lainey before Billie ditched him?

No. 802228

File: 1603859366358.png (10.39 MB, 1242x2688, 73E38250-B4D7-49D1-B1C8-457986…)

That shit eating smirk is disgusting. His nose is also super oily and his skin looks like shit. I wanted to gag when he touched his face then his mouth. I wish he fell out of that window and now the baby

No. 802229

File: 1603859464621.gif (1.03 MB, 300x100, 6DEBFE4E-DE50-4C59-8E2B-F568E6…)


Also I love when this banner comes up, especially knowing that she is all he thinks about still.

No. 802234

File: 1603861117967.png (75.51 KB, 404x788, onisionfollowing.PNG)

I've always thought McFly was the last online friend that he trusted. Yes theres Heezy. He'll take her money and gifts but he's made little passive aggressive cracks about her rabid Anti-O past so he doesn't truly let his guard down around her because hes not positive Heezy wont flip sides again and tell his neighbors and Pierce County Sheriff's that he and Lainey are grooming predators.

Could this spat with McFly be the reason for his goodbye messages >>801894 >>801895 >>801908 >>801909 where he says he's no longer going to be socially active online? No more online friendships just churning out his top grade comedy skits. I know another anon mentioned he dumped Heezy on Twitter but I dont see McFly or any other alt usernames (Teemo,Teglo etc.) on his following list.

No. 802237

He has the most bizarre writing style. No wonder everyone can spot his sock puppet accounts from a mile away.

No. 802238

He unfollowed a few of his followers and I do think his ‘oh woe is me’ tweets were to do with mcfly. He callously shits on them and then retreats to a pity party so they ultimately feel bad for him.

No. 802240

I cannot understand why some people (in the other farm) are feeling sorry for mcfly? WHY? She's a dumb cunt who has always been on onion's side, after all the shit that came to light, still on his side and even worse, giving him money! I am sure she will still be sticking by his side after this video came out. God shes such a dumb bitch. (hopefully she won't and then she'll spill out all the secrets ofc)

No. 802246

File: 1603871192241.jpg (59.93 KB, 796x544, ryan_lainey.jpg)

>and then she'll spill out all the secrets

I hope for that every time he loses a paypig. But I'm disappointed each time. Blasian had zero info and seemed like she wanted to go back into Gregs loving arms if he'd take her back. The Dog-Fucker had no juicy backstage secrets and made 10 streams crying that Greg said she fucked dogs and made fun of her in League. I could go down the list of his ex-Patrons, none had any real info that the farms didn't already know. The last time we got any real milk was from Sarah. Only time we get secrets is from someone who has lived there or visited often. I would never want another girl to experience that kind of abuse just so we get information. What I hope for is that Lainey and her fakeboi-friend Ryan have a falling-out and spills everything she knows. I think Ryan has some fucked up stories to tell.

No. 802248

Remember AJ you guys? I read her letter again from way back and to remind myself what a sick fuck greg was

>"maybe we should get to know each other in person a day or two before we jump

into having sex. He asks me “Why?” as he continues kissing me. Eventually I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it.
(I’ve already said this o n my Google+, but I want to reiterate that he did
not rape me – but there is a fine line between being forced to do something and being pressured to do something. I just felt rushed is all.)"


One first day of meeting her:

>"During sex, he’s looking me in the eye, petting my hair, and asking me if I want him to cum in me. I told him only if we can get Plan B in the morning. He looks at me with these disappointed and frustrated eyes, and says “Don’t you want to be pregnant with my child? Come on, let's make babies together!”, I told him absolutely not. And he still came in me anyway."


>"Basically the first 2 days of him being in Austin was him repeatedly trying to have sex with me, cutting off everything I was saying to ask me a sexual question or to >make a sexual innuendo. It got to the point that we got into an argument about it, because it was legitimately starting to hurt my feelings. For some reason or another, he would take me being frustrated and argumentative as a sexual challenge, and would pin me to the bed and basically try to fuck me (or, as he says, “make love”) into submission. It became pointless to try and fight it, so I let him do whatever he wanted – which resulted in him cumming in me countless times after the Plan B had worn off. With him citing: “If you get pregnant, I will immediately marry you and will step up as the role of the father for our child”. What a turn on."


I know this woman claims it wasn't rape, but it sure sounds like it was. Greg straight up raped this woman. Full on criminally felony style no joke rape.

No. 802259

THAT's mcfly? my God look at those two assholes. oh my fuck.

No. 802260

that's Lainey's trans friend from highschool, Ryan

No. 802267

I’m sure Greg enjoyed feeding his Patrons just enough to make them feel special while also telling them almost nothing of actual importance. He gets his kicks from lying and the only people stupid enough to believe him are the ones paying to get duped.
I still think it’s hilarious ReadyToGlare was a Patron. The only thing she came away with was a salty email exchange and a bruised ego.

No. 802268

File: 1603893443830.png (362.15 KB, 500x1433, BUZNESS.png)

No. 802269

File: 1603896124049.jpeg (41.1 KB, 413x395, A4DFC944-A428-4694-9115-179995…)

Kek, the nose, rosacea, and caveman brow are on the money

No. 802273

Don't forget the crocodile teeth

No. 802274

but its the little details that had me rolling
$5 pumpkin pie, dildo, camera, vomit on carpet

Im still not sure what the picture is on the wall.

No. 802276

It's his death note poster. I just didn't care enough to go back in and actually draw it since it's just bg and doesn't really add to the joke.

No. 802290

File: 1603906961017.png (80.3 KB, 561x652, gregsock.PNG)

Greg is making sock accounts to start a disinformation campaign. Couldn't he come up with a better twitter name? Joined October 2020. Lets see if he quotes this twitter account in one of his next videos.
>look at those disgusting Anti-O's I cant believe they want children to die.

No. 802298

>only tweets about kai

No. 802300

So this is what Gurg jerks off to when doing his Onlyfans…

No. 802303

It’s actually hilarious the account suspected of being a Greg sock on the other farms posted these screenshots saying it was “in his inbox”. From a brand new account that didn’t tag anyone? Sure Jan.

No. 802304

it's so obvious he thinks this is his 2000IQ way to post what he's too chickenshit to say out loud on his non-sock accounts

tell us how you really feel, greg. your daughter deserves to die for making you look bad, kai is a piece of shit for being complicit in your grooming, damn ima be so happy the day i read you've killed yourself after leaving one final ellipses-filled uwu note of professional deflection and self-victimisation.

ps as if it wasn't already a dead enough giveaway, "busted open her skull TO" lmao pUbLIShEd AuThoR

No. 802305

Just goes to show you how much he truly hates his wife.
A 2008 show he's still obsessed with, much like Batman.
Ah, so she stole the whole tranny thing from her. She's just as original as Greg.

No. 802306

It's like that time Chris Chan tried to go undercover ops on da trolls. His writing style is immediately recognizable.

Even if it wasn't him, it's too late to turn the narrative by scapegoating his manwife and kids.

No. 802307

really looking forward to completing ignoring this pitiful coward's upcoming birthday and watching him once again flail for attention of any sort from a world that has by now long learned he has nothing to offer anyone

No. 802310

Will we get more suicide bait? Will he sperg about Sarah/Billie/Jaquelin/Eugenia/Hanson? Or will we get LIVING MY BEST ONION LIFE?
Maybe he'll get his own pumpkin tart?
I can't imagine things will go well now that his entire family has pretty much disowned him

No. 802313

I've never seen such a disgusting and inhumane move. Shame on you, Greg, shame on you.
Imagine your children seeing this on the internet one day and reading that their own father made a sock account hoping that his own children will get raped. Rock bottom. You've absolutely hit rock bottom. Your kids deserve so much better.

No matter whether he keeps suicide baiting, an heros or dies all alone by himself at an old age, whether he'll go to jail or continue to shove dildos up his butt, there's one thing that'll always haunt him. His name won't be remembered and he didn't accomplish anything in life. The world has never revolved around him, he's just this tiny blip in the universe that will be forgotten instantly.

Sorry for spamming, didn't want to double post and then forgot to sage.

No. 802333

>last online friend

No. 802334

Tamara shit on Sarah A LOT. Surprised Greg hasn't taken her back just for that alone.
>cutting off everything I was saying to ask me a sexual question or to make a sexual innuendo.
Corroborating what Shiloh said about him pathologically sexualizing everything.

No. 802336

There used to be a ban on tinfoiling about socks here because it's pretty pointless.

Greg's IQ is equal to all the anti's combined (in the negative integers), so it's rich when he slags them off like he's somehow more intelligent.

No. 802338

Tamara apologized to Sarah, though. Time to move on, anon.(Tamara)

No. 802340

a genuine apology is when you apologize for something and not do it since said apology. Haven't seen Tamara attack any of the girls anywhere. She's probably one of the only paypigs from Greg's circle to initiate or form an apology publicly to them (the others have trashed the girls to please Greg, especially Heezy) who went on other streams just to bash Sarah.

No. 802347

Deadwing Dork made a new video and it happens to be about Onision, also talking about a "new gf?"
and before you start no i'm not deadwing dork, the guy is pretty big on youtube

No. 802349

Seen the video but this "new gf" he's talking about I think is poop-Beck, but i'm not entirely sure. I think Greg has posted old sketches on twitch or tiktok or something.
Correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 802350

The clips from tiktok are old and took place when the Onions still lived in the McMansion and the blond girl is Sam the 'cameraman', a potential third that Greg moved in with out even asking Lainey before doing so.

No. 802351

ah right, yeah i recognized it since it has the infamous shot of lainey looking like shit and just exhausted in it. wasn't too sure who that was though, i thought it was poop-beck but i was wrong.

No. 802354

The joke is that Tamara's sincere anon, just like all the other orbiters. Much like their favorite pedo they say whatever's convenient in the moment. Saying something when it's convenient doesn't = sincerity.
>Haven't seen Tamara attack any of the girls anywhere.
She doesn't need to now that Pedo won't allow her back into their little tard circle.

No. 802356

why are we even still talking about former paypigs instead of focusing on the ones who are still openly sucking his dick? like heezy, trisha etc…?

No. 802357

the girl hes referring to in the video is Sam, remember the former "camera-man"? that's an old video from when Sam was staying there and left because Greg realized they "couldn't be a third" with her

No. 802362

Anon, I love you so much

No. 802363

I will never get over the DO NoT enGaGE tattoo. Out of everything he's done and dumb shit he's said, it's legitimately the most laughable decision he's ever made.

No. 802364

>focusing on the ones who are still openly sucking his dick
By all means do. I just think it's funny how they're all essentially carbon copies of each other, willing to back stab and deliver lip service at a moments notice.

No. 802365

the file is too big to upload here but


there's Gregory James Daniel Avaroe Jackson riding a dildo for pennies to feed his husband and family uwu

No. 802376

Early vote for next thread pic

No. 802394

Religious idiots should use that footage to cure gays.

No. 802411

File: 1603992414939.png (200.35 KB, 1488x878, SockySpergs.PNG)

Absolute madness happening at KF. Grease attempted to infiltrate his own thread as a white knight, got called out after he couldn't help but shit up the Eugenia thread, and then decided to create a fake Anti-O account on Twitter for ass pats from farmers.

No. 802428

Jesus, again? That's at least the third or fourth sock he's made on there this year. It's like he wants to get caught. He cannot resist defending himself and it is so fucking hilarious to me that he thinks he's convincing.

No. 802433

File: 1604003520477.jpg (130.16 KB, 1080x787, 20201029_163015.jpg)

Onion made another shit music video about how dark and twisted he is but it sounds like what Owl City would sound like if they were being molested by Onion during the performance.

No. 802435

I been here on lolcow many years and sure, I know how the rules work but please, for the love of God, somebody here tell me that he's shitting us with this.
I mean he has to be, right?
Just for my sanity, I beg you.
Tell me that he's shitting us with this, because there is no way anybody is that stupid.

No. 802436

high iq 4d chess move obviously. us simpletons just wouldn't understand the God Onion's mind.

Has null or a mod confirmed these are onion though?

No. 802437

Until we get confirmation that it's him I'm kind of inclined to believe it's a troll who's got Greg's mannerisms and shitty logic 500 iq mental gymnastics down to a T

No. 802438

We had to swallow a lot of shit from the king of bullshit over the years but this is just a tad too much. I just can't imagine compLainey staying with him for all this time, is she a robot or some shit?
She has to be. Either that or she's secretly doing prescription dope, or some shit. And even then I'd imagine it being the hardest life ever, a gulag must look appealing to spaceboi at this point.
If that is true, and that person imitating him is reading here right now, I have to INSIST they apply to become a writer for Netflix. Maybe then we will finally get some great TV.

No. 802439

I lurk specifically to see if he does, and I think he only ever confirmed a general location once during the wetland saga.
But the way he writes is so distinctive that I highly doubt most of these are just some other retard replicating it.

No. 802449

Maybe she went to a shrink to finely try to chop her tits off and got some prozac or some shit since she's not breastfeeding anymore right?

Maybe she's gotten some good benzos because uwu anxious space prince.

No. 802463

If it is him and I think it is then we're heading towards some very interesting times..
Does he have the gal though to kick Lainey out of his life? And / or does she have the balls to leave him?

No. 802464

>he writes is so distinctive
Imagine being a hopelessly brain damaged retard that writes distinctively.

No. 802465

File: 1604014536999.jpg (57.06 KB, 1272x242, cuckfuckertrucker.jpg)

he's trying to backtrack now.
i also tend to think this is greg

No. 802466

I thought I recognized this from upthread but it was just the top half for some reason >>801328.

I'm still not convinced it's him. He and his orbiters share a hivemind of autism, it's most likely one of them.

No. 802473

This would be 100% on brand for Onion if it was him.

No. 802492

He posted a screenshot that showed the top of Gurg’s twitter profile pic on it so I really do think this time it is him.

No. 802494

it's him or one of his followers having a "troll" raid most likely

No. 802518


The cut off icon on the screencaps is damning. It's possible he spread it around to his fans who posted it on KF but there's no doubt the Anti-O Twitter account is a sock.

Using a batman avatar as a smokescreen for "the joker of Youtube" is the height of water brain logic. It's a little too on the nose so bravo if that's a troll account.

No. 802555

File: 1604065318729.jpg (282.74 KB, 1502x1601, greggy_poo_greggy_poo_sing_me_…)

It could be a very great troll, could be, yes.
That being said, dictionary definitions?
dictionary definitions?
Now who do we know that LOVES to refer to dictionary definitions of a word to "prove a point"?

No. 802556

I love how all this started over a pathetic frozen pie.

No. 802557

All we need is mod confirmation and milksmas will have come early

But I'm pretty convinced that it's him based on syntax and the way he's arguing

No. 802560

I like how all these “totally not Greg” accounts seem to know what kind of dessert Lainey wanted for her birthday.

Also some idiot is claiming they were a “deluded anti-o” that was mad enough to create a fake account that posted death threats, but a single day later they’re on the farms defending Greg and calling all the haters stupid cunts?
This story makes about as much sense as Greg’s sex extortion story. Which is another clue that it is him.

No. 802566

Its beautiful isn't it? i'm almost afraid to look at it it's so beautiful, like staring directly in to the sun.
its the lulz melange we deserve after this dryness and resorting to bad banana holding us over till the new milk.
but its here now.
all is right again.
exactly, someone on KF actually put this algorithm over it you can do online, to see similarities and it came out at a whopping 90% sure it was the same person.

No. 802567


Lainey was lucky it wasn't a squat cobbler situation.

No. 802596

so, he lost blasian, tamara, and dev. who else? he's been sucking mcfly's ass so hard lately probably because shes the only one left and oh so ~loyal~, i wouldn't be surprised if she replaces plain at some point, seeing as krai is "gay" now lmao

No. 802597

He still has that crazy Heezy chick

No. 802598

>he's been sucking mcfly's ass so hard lately probably because shes the only one left and oh so ~loyal~, i wouldn't be surprised if she replaces plain at some point
Thats what i'm hoping, it would be fucking amazing if he did.
We'd be in for mass quantities of lulz.

No. 802642

No. 802647

>he's been sucking mcfly's ass so hard lately

Wasn't he calling her dumb and mentally unstable while she cried during a livestream just a few days ago?

No. 802648

This is still tangential, not empirical evidence. We won't know for sure unless Null confirms it which he hasn't yet.

No. 802649

>they seem to know what kind of dessert Lainey wanted for her birthday

Greg could say Lainey wanted a diamond encrusted butt plug for her birthday, post it to his IG and that still wouldn't make what he said a fact. Farmers of all people should know that Greg saying something is a fact is never enough to go on. The same goes for some random troll account on KF saying they know Lainey's favorite pie or whatever. I know the milk is dry but holy shit.

If it IS him (which only a mod could confirm) it's the most pathetic, desperate ploy for attention yet.

No. 802662

Sometimes I think Onion-boi is morphing into Chris-Chan

No. 802672

Uh. I think it is more to do with the fact that multiple different accounts (who claimed to be different people) all said the same thing. that they know "kai prefers pie" or whatever. It's a super weird thing for someone who is not greg to say. No one is claiming it's believable. But some random Greg fan wouldnt know this information. much less mulitple greg stans.

No. 802676

How is that fact though? I could make a bunch of accounts on KF too claiming that ice cream is her favorite just because Onion posted something about Kai getting ice cream.

No. 802679

>multiple different accounts
>all said that they know "kai prefers pie"
>some random Greg fan wouldnt know this

This is such anti-o/Onision sped tier logic.

Only a mod can confirm whether that KF poster is the Pedo or not. No amount of tinfoiling "buh it sounds like him doh" is going to change that.

No. 802728

File: 1604165045792.jpg (159.49 KB, 1033x815, Screenshot_20201031-091224_You…)

Blaire I can understand with recent events but what was the reason of dragging Billie into this (other than the fact that Greg has been so nice as to let her live rent free in his head for years)

No. 802729

It's the
>your accusations, as always = destroyed
as well as the dictionary definitions that seals the deal for me that it's either an onion or a troll that mimics his retarded style perfectly.

No. 802736

samefag but wanted to add that it's funny how recently he keeps saying 'I warned ya'll about Blaire, ya didn't listen' as if Blaire hasn't already had lots of criticism, critics, and threads focused on her for years

No. 802745

>(other than the fact that Greg has been so nice as to let her live rent free in his head for years)
He's obsessed with her, always has been. Even more so now that he can't get young teenage pussy anymore, so to him its like reminiscing about the "good old days."

No. 802749

what witch hunt? everybody and their mother seems to have moved on. hansen rarely mentions grugly anymore and not even steveree rants about him anymore since everybody dun goof'd.
if anything it looks more like greg is attempting to re-ignite the fires desperately trying to be relevant again.
i would seriously recommend greg stfu, before he does get his wish and it all does go terribly wrong. count your blessings, get off the internet and move the fuck on.

No. 802769

He must still be mad that she didn't answer his creepy ass emails begging her back

No. 802777

hes raging because people have moved on. He clearly doesn't want them to which is why he keeps dredging up old videos.

No. 802798

Why does he think other people fucking up absolves him of all the creepy shit he's done? Also for someone who uses the "I'm not in jail" card to "prove" he's innocent he shouldn't criticize anyone who isn't in jail too since that means they're all innocent of any wrong doing according to his own logic.

No. 802799

If I were him i'd do the same and get out the dodge while he still can. He should just go offline forever, take his ugly foot-wife and the shallots and live a quiet life somewhere.
If he doesn't something tells me he will live to regret it. He basically got away with it scot-free. he can reminisce about that at his old age from time to time and just enjoy how he never got convicted for any of it.
PS nice trips
>Why does he think other people fucking up absolves him of all the creepy shit he's done?
Because he basically did get away with all of his shenanigans. If he starts up all the horseshit again though, it might still come to bite him in the ass.
So i'd like to tell him Greg, by all means, continue to sperge. Make sure you piss off the wrong person, i'm sure he or she is out there somewhere, just gotta find them and make them mad at you.

No. 802804

>Because he basically did get away with all of his shenanigans.
He got away legally for now, but generally he's pretty screwed up. He has to shove dildos up his ass for money and apparently not even that is working very well judging by how desperate he is, and his space prince disappeared from the internet so they can't count on her making money either. Also his entire family hates him and no one wants to associate with him besides some losers online who have no life and pay him to feel like they belong in his little circle.

No. 802807


it's really weird because if the entire world thought i was a predator and groomer, I wouldn't want to constantly remind people of that. I would try to move past it and run from it as much as I could. Greg perpetuates the conversation. He's so retarded

No. 802817

I completely agree.

No. 802819

yeah but greg always verbally abuses the fuck out of his patrons and yet they keep coming back.
i don't think that would stop mcfly from being greg's new meathole.

No. 802829

It’s even better than that; on his recent discord with paypigs some of his followers even pointed out that logic when he was accusing mike Morse of being a sexual predator..

He explained its /different/ if someone was brought to court because it’s much more credible. The mental gymnastics of this moron are incredible kek

No. 802835

>so nice as to let her live rent free in his head for years
All of them do but Billie most of all. She has zero to do with the old forums where he collected underwear pics of minors, but I'm sure he'll use some weak nonsensical rationale for including her in his tard rant.

He can drag Blaire all he wants but she's far from being the only one to bring up his old pedo forums.

No. 802837

>everybody dun goof'd
The fuck ups of Hansen and the anti-o's isn't "everyone" anon. Other than that I agree with you, it's another desperate attention grab.
Despite all the L's he's taken, he still believes all publicity is good publicity. That definitely worked out for Hansen whose reputation and "career" is hanging on by a fucking thread, and he wasn't even outed as a pedo kek.

No. 802862

File: 1604215914047.jpeg (401.9 KB, 826x1252, C995A38C-A7B3-498E-8D0D-8FB1D4…)


Pfft, someone’s mad that during his daily Billie IG fap, a photo of her out having fun with her boyfriend popped up and deflated his baby carrot.

No. 802866

I noticed that everytime Billie posts a photo with a boyfriend Grease starts sperging about her. That can't be just a coincidence…

No. 802871


No. 802872

She looks her age anon

No. 802873

File: 1604227509739.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.84 KB, 1026x544, Onision Lainey blumpkin.jpg)

I'm sure Greg will try to top her somehow.

No. 802876

which boyfriend is this? no 178 or 179? I lost track. wasn't she with that junkie drewissharing?
dog years is about 7 years, whore years is about 17 years per year.
instead of sunflowers she should be giving away flyers with directions to the local free clinic.

No. 802877

File: 1604230532941.png (192.5 KB, 621x889, oof.png)


No. 802878


I wonder if leafy stuffs his face mask.

No. 802886

oh definitely, he has to otherwise the mask won't stay on. he learned it from greg, how greg stuffs his underwear.
and then when leafy goes outside he has that same death grip on that mask as greg does his baby carrot. just to hold that shit in place.

No. 802903

He’s back to obsessively posting on his “encore” channel. Jesus. Like 20 uploads in the last hour.

No. 802907

Two more years and she'll look beat, with 3 kids from 4 different dads.

No. 802918

Imagine slut shaming in 2020

No. 802921


Can’t tell if you’re Greg, a Greg Stan (of whichever 2 are left), or just have a hate boner for Billie, but you’re in the wrong place, dude. This is her 4th or 5th after Onion I think, they broke up a few months ago but got back together.

No. 802926

When's the dictionary.com definitions going to show up?

No. 802928

We never called her a slut. You did.
Everybody here is Greg, we already established that. And I now have a vagina, so i must be a female greg right? and a totes fan.
I always do that too, everybody I don't like is automatically greg. So you are now Greg.

No. 802929

Greg rarely ever slut shames, and never like that. He was absolutely ecstatic about Billie slutting it up on onlyfans, which is also a very not-slut thing to do.

No. 802932

File: 1604263158338.png (44.28 KB, 869x608, 675837565.PNG)

I was going to ask when the frantic deleting and editing was going to happen. Didn't have to wait that long this time.

No. 802933

You are absolutely wrong. We can't slut shame anymore in 2020. They're called vaginal philanthropists.
Just because Billie has threeways and fucks a lot of guys does not make her a slut, at all.

No. 802934

Yes, and? Its not that i'm embarrassed about those posts, I stand behind them fully. Its just that I came up with a better response.

No. 802935

Anyway I'm done talking about sluts, I'm not about to get myself banned just because you can't handle people using a word.
So good luck with whatever you're about to respond further about it, i'm sure it will be fascinating and we'll all have a good laugh.

No. 802936

Implying she won't have more abortions

No. 802937

Careful now. Its 2020 and we can't slut shame anymore, according to that other anon.

No. 802938

File: 1604264342967.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.78 KB, 527x681, 2020greg.jpg)

Remember people.
Don't do it.
Don't be a Greg.
Don't slut-shame.

No. 802939

Billie's vagina is like an old folks home.
only live things go in and dead things come out.

No. 802940

spoiler that anon…

No. 802941

File: 1604264747577.jpg (97.28 KB, 612x344, blackmail.jpg)

You got blackmail!

No. 802942

don't slut-shame!

No. 802943

File: 1604264932229.jpg (48.55 KB, 495x327, ht57P.jpg)

This reminds me of when Heezy and Trisha start feeding off each other during one of their back and forth Twitter spergs.

No. 802944

Yes you cracked the case, although its also Greg. And his fans. They're all doing this.

No. 802945

Great job on posting their ugly mugs here by the way, that really helps a lot.

No. 802950

This isn't a thread for Billie, Heezy, or fat Trisha. Further derailing will lead to longer bans.

No. 802968

File: 1604275978949.png (349.47 KB, 1080x938, 1604264860359.png)

Greg's house taxes are overdue.
Good times.
If only Twitch let him keep those 40 bucks, he worked so hard for them.

No. 802970

This is great and I regret that it probably can't be a thread pic. Big sad.
I'm glad you capped those anon. Those posts give valuable insight into the tragic effects of inbreeding.

No. 802975

Nice burn but I've seen Leafy very halfheartedly suck him off before. He needs to make up his mind.

And why does that background look like a drug den? It most definitely smells like one, what with all the dried, encrusted vomit and jizz trapped in the carpet and upholstery. Isn't he just livin' the life? He sure showed all his ugly whore exes didn't he. kek

No. 802979

File: 1604278435650.jpg (474.24 KB, 1701x957, Kektacular.jpg)

Awww. I'm surprised it's not more tbh. Where's this from? This should be included in the next thread pic.

No. 802989

How long until they end up homeless? Not that I wish that on anyone

No. 802990

File: 1604285839290.jpg (77.67 KB, 1194x856, Screenshot 2020-11-01 185647.j…)

He's doing twitter polls now and they're not working in his favor

No. 802996

The Kiwi Farms spergs are top kek. He really doesn't have anything better to do than refresh the haturz forums and make multiple socks that all reveal the same basement dweller coomer syntax, all while being a full time degenerate on OnlyFans and in the real. It's even lulzier considering he really thinks he works hard for his poorfag bucks kek.

No. 802999

>I'm surprised it's not more tbh

I wonder if he's committing tax fraud again. He's so dumb and full of himself I wouldn't put it past him to do it again even after getting caught twice.

No. 803009

hello, been a while since i visited. has he fucked himself yet?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 803013

Oh yes, and whoever saw it is traumatised for life.

No. 803015

He's been doing that since the start of his career.

No. 803037

File: 1604312570554.jpg (17.81 KB, 230x345, 4greg.jpg)

No. 803122

File: 1604345887577.jpeg (2.83 MB, 4032x3024, CB7E37C6-67EA-4E18-A5E7-9A83D8…)


No. 803129

That's some interesting information, but why not just take a screenshot?

No. 803140

I was browsing kf while I was supposed to be doing homework and I was too lazy to search past pages when I already was there, plus I needed to charge my phone so I had to make it quick.

No. 803143

File: 1604354223610.jpg (38.12 KB, 600x400, prnt.jpg)


No. 803144

>I was informed recently that Twitch is investigating him
Heatboss is an anti-o. These are the same tards who think a troll posting on KF about Kai liking pie is Greg. I take everything those speds say with a giant grain of salt.

If Twitch were to investigate Greg, I would think it's related to botting. I'll wait until there's actual evidence of an investigation.

No. 803193

twitch already departnered Greg, so why would they bother to investigate him?

No. 803201

I mean his dads a pedo apparently but no in jail. What’s the logic there?

No. 803205

tbh I don't believe he's a pedo. Greg likes to throw sexual accusations around as we have seen with Sarah.

No. 803218

100%. I don’t believe it either. But how can he argue that he himself isn’t a child predator because he isn’t in jail. Greg thinks being a free man (jail free) is proof enough he doesn’t groom teenage kids, He brings up the claim constantly his father Randy is a predator but Randy doesn’t sit in jail

No. 803226

Grease's retarded logic only applies to himself. He's a massive hypocrite.

No. 803228

its shit his dishrag whore of a mother made up and greg takes it as gospel.

No. 803238

I always wonder if Greg even ever has bothered to look in to it. I do know the internet has, and found NOTHING. Why not investigate, hell and why not just TALK to the man. Tell him whats on your mind, what crazy Tami has been saying about him. And least of all don't make fucking videos about your father being a pedophile. If its true or untrue is irrelevant, you could put your own dad in to serious danger doing that silly shit. And in Greg's case he doesn't even know for sure, despite him claiming he does.

No. 803260

He doesn't care if it's true or not, he only cares about slandering him like he does to everyone else in his life. There's also the fact that he's a vindictive little bitch who hates his father for something that happened 20 years ago.

No. 803285

he claims to "quit youtube" again..

because of the anti-o's
top greg

No. 803286

He's been quitting every other week lately kek

No. 803288

oh totally. he's desperate for attention and he's trying everything now.

No. 803289

He whines about people sending meat lovers pizzas to his house. The poor man has suffered so much. Stay strong Jim.

No. 803291

He's manic as hell. Fake laughing, ranting like usual. But a highlight is him admitting that he spammed bots to change an online dictionary's definition of "Onision" away from cuck

No. 803296

i fucking hate how he always talks in the turd person. "onision this", "onision that", "onision with a dildo in his ass in a party hat."

No. 803308

He was demanding Jaclyn to debate him the other day because of a video she posted calling him creepy. I knew he was harassing her on Twitter to get a reaction from her and use her for attention.

No. 803309

This retard goes on a "hiatus" like 5 times per week but never actually leaves

No. 803313

I just know Onion is going to be spending his birthday (and the ensuing holidays) alone in his mudhut so he's gotta do everything in his power to get attention

No. 803316

With all due respect I think Jaclyn has a tendency to pick douchebags. I don't know what it is but her new hubby also looks like a fuckboi she will one day I dunno find laying in the marital bed with another guy, or something, is what I predict.
If that dude would like to try and prove he isn't, he should just tell Greg to back off or he'll re-arrange his teeth. I'm afraid they'd end up fucking instead, though. Specially with Gregs proclivities for putting shit up his ass instead of just letting shit out like normal people tend to do.

No. 803337

So is he using third person for his OF? lol Because if so that’s hilarious just goes to show he’s more of a narcissistic moron than I thought

No. 803338

There’s only so much manufactured drama he can squeeze out of his life right now.

Without cheating on Lainey again with some new camera-ready girl or forcing Lainey back into the dimming limelight, he’s going to rapid cycle through his old tricks before petering out.

I don’t know something he could do all by himself that would bring back views. Even his move to only fans has brought back a muted uptick in attention. It’s his relationship with others that drive attention.

No. 803345

Thats the irony in all of this:

-If Greg where to dump Lainey and the kids tomorrow, and just shit talk Lainey in a couple of 100 videos, he'd have millions of views again.

No. 803355

Exactly, relationship drama is the thing that gives him views, it's been like that since Shiloh.

No. 803356

In a sense really Lainey has been hurting his "career" from the get go. She's the one that got him in to trouble and she's the one holding him down.
He needs to kick her out.

No. 803357

I wasn't sure at first but after Greg's entire family disowned him and never backed him about his dad, I think it's safe to assume Greg's lying (again).

No. 803358

But anon, Greg said he spoke to one of the alleged victims that he made up in his head.

No. 803361

One of his sisters was the victim of the sexual abuse as his mother tells the story. Greg says he asked his sister and she just changed the topic. He took that as a yes. He's said he needs concrete evidence about abuse since he's been accused and all the stories he sites like Depp and a couple other celebs. But he's willing to take "she avoided the question and changed the topic" as absolute evidence his father is a sexual predator.
And he's taking his mothers word on this. This is the same woman that Greg has told us lied to his face when he asked her if she does drugs (weed.) He asked because he was worried about her taking care of his kids while under the influence. She assured him that she doesn't do drugs then told her daughters that she lied to Greg. One of the sisters immediately snitched about it and Greg raged then limited mothers access to her grandkids.

No. 803365

File: 1604447813672.png (181.74 KB, 798x740, Twitch.png)

He's still using the platform so IF an investigation happened, their findings could be grounds to remove him entirely. Some twitterfag said pedo got unpartnered (not banned) over his autistic beta ranting at Mcfly.

No. 803370

>How can Greg call his dad a predator when his dad isn't in jail? Jail being the only yardstick he uses in his hopelessly vacuous waterhead to determine guilt or innocence.
Your guess is as good as mine anon.
Your just not high IQ enough to understand, sorry.

No. 803372

>he should just tell Greg to back off
That's just giving him more attention.He's an attention starved narc, especially now that Lainey's presumably left him and not around for him to verbally abuse anymore. All he has are his 4 remaining orbiters to shit on in her place.

Jaclyn and her husband are smart to ignore him.

No. 803374

Honestly I'm dubious that many people give that much of a fuck anymore. His brain dead circle jerk rants are boring. I might maybe get a TLDR elsewhere, that's as far as I'd go.

No. 803384

I can't wait to see whatever sperge he has about the election when the results are in. It'll probably be stupid as fuck, but it'll be something at least.

No. 803396

File: 1604460336872.jpg (960.58 KB, 2030x2707, El8eO0uUYAEZTWV.jpg)

His newest Twitter Hot or Not poll gives me Bundy vibes.

No. 803425

oh but Greg LOVES Ted Bundy, same as he loves the characters Patrick Bateman and the Joker. Heath Ledgers joker to be precise, whom even FBI profilers have said was the best portrayal of a psychopath they ever seen in the movies.
Greg feels kin to these psychopaths, because guess what? he is one!

No. 803434

When's Greggy boy going to learn no one gives a shit about him except his various shitty relationships he's made entertainment out of for years. If he wants views show him and Lamey together talking abort all the shit that's happen. Unless they're scared of the authorities of course…

No. 803457

its the only way he can be relevant again at this point. he needs to kick lainey and the kids out and then vilify her in a million videos.
then he'd be on top of his game again.
I'd like to tell him you know what to do, Greg.
Sooner rather than later.
Good luck.

No. 803484

He’ll take this as a compliment since he tries to say he looks like Zac Efron who played Bundy.

His weird obsession with these characters is very Luka Magnotta. We all know he’s an animal abuser too.

No. 803492

He’s already been trying. He won’t leave Lainey, he doesn’t want to look like a bad guy, despite the fact that everything else he’s done he’s clearly shown that he is.
Plus, alimoney and child support will be the end of him, his self printed BFA won’t stand up in any court, plus you can’t just refuse a spouse from those things, or the house. If she’s contributing and they have kids together, he’s fucked either way.

He’s been trying to start drama by cheating and shit, he’s known a long time ago that drama is what brings in the coin, and launch can’t handle living like that.
He knows the only possible way is getting lainwy to agree to a third, but she won’t, which just leads to his childish tantrums about it. He’s so fucked. He made his bed, now he can lay in it.
Just feel sad that Lainey has to suffer by living with this madchild, but she realises too that she wouldn’t be able to afford a place on her own, if they split the house, they will have money to live off for a few years but they’d both piss it away pretty quickly and then have nothing. At least together they have a house, but Jesus Christ what a miserable existence it must be. Still, she would end up better off than him, probably snag half the house and get alimony and child support, she could possibly use the money to put a deposit on a home and then use the rest in an offset bank account to pay the mortgage as its due, and live off alimony and child support and or gov benefits for day to day living.
At least she would be away from that psycho. She’s already grown up a ton, she hates him now. She will eventually grow a backbone and dump him. Mark my words. And he will do it before he leaves her because he is so traumatised and angry about paying alimony to skye, he would rather stay in a miserable relationship where they hate each other and lose his career because he can’t stand new dramas to get money on YouTube anymore.

Imagine if the dipshit didn’t dox Billie and still had his 3k or so in monthly Patreon coming in. What a fucking idiot. He’s the only one to blame for all the downfalls.

Lainey was not at fault because she befriended a minor, Greg was for deciding to fuck her.

No. 803502

But Footface has rich parents and a rich stepdad, and I'm pretty sure they would help her. Her father was still sending her expensive birthday gifts and shit even after she was complicit with Grease slandering him online… Money wouldn't be a problem for her. She won't leave Grease because she's just as bad as he is, simple.

No. 803510

I definitely think Lainey is still there and won't leave because she's stubborn and won't admit years of her life to be with Greasy. Those years she should have actually been going to college on her parents' dime, dating around, forming her own identity instead of being coerced into dating girls and forming polyamorous relationships. She's embarrassed and hiding from the internet cuz almost everyone knows she's sent nudes to a minor but I'm fairly certain she blames Sarah for it al just like she blamed Billie (and herself) during cuddlegate instead of just admitting Greg is an asshole who's orchestrated most if not all of their drama

No. 803534

>Lainey was not at fault because she befriended a minor, Greg was for deciding to fuck her.

She was sending that minor nudes and was having inappropriate conversations with her like talking about her husband's dick size for example, so she's definitely at fault.

No. 803538

She must feel super humiliated . When she married him she thought she was the shit for sure, marrying a "hot , rich and famous " YouTuber right after finishing highschool . But where are they now? Getting poorer by the second , with the dude fucking his own ass with a suction dildo. There's no way her parents , sister and rest of family and friends don't know this . If I was in her place I would probably kms

No. 803545

He made his bed, you said a mouth full. They both did, really. She wanted him so much, replying to each and every one of his tweets. I honestly wonder what is going trough her mind right now. I also speculate fear has a lot to do with it. Both of them, I think both of them are afraid to leave eachother so now they're stuck with one another. But thats no way to live, like you say they must be fucking miserable.
Agree with this one too, lainey was complicit, theres no other way around that.

No. 803553

>Unless they're scared of the authorities of course…
Even if LE is keeping track of him (which is doubtful), obviously Greg doesn't care one way or the other. Lainey I'm not so sure about. I doubt they're living in the same house.

No. 803555

Lainey was always a cow in her own right.

Like >>803502 said, money's not a problem for her but obviously her husband's having money issues >>802968. That's another reason I tinfoil she'd leave, he can't support her or the kids anymore. If nothing would make her leave, that would, because she sure as fuck won't be getting a job.

No. 803556

>When she married him she thought she was the shit for sure, marrying a "hot , rich and famous " YouTuber right after finishing highschool .

Lol I remember the leaked conversations she had with a friend, she was talking about going on trips and events with her "famous" youtuber husband (but apparently Skye is the golddigger one?). It's hilarious how different things went than she imagined.

No. 803557

>almost everyone knows she's sent nudes to a minor
>Greg orchestrated most if not all of their drama
He did, but she was still complicit and went along willingly, even if she regretted it afterwards.

No. 803560

>then he'd be on top of his game again.
On top of what game, the retard game? I never even watched the endless sperg vids he made reee'ing about the girl he groomed and the rest of his exes, i watched synopses from people willing to lose a few brain cells in my place.

I don't believe him shit talking Lainey's going to magically "revive" his "career" kek.

No. 803561

Slagging off Lainey will get him attention and a shit load of fangirls I reckon. Greg would be admitting defeat and more desperate than ever. He may as well for the shits and giggles cause this shit is stale.

No. 803563

Greg and Lainey both groomed a minor. We have ss from Lainey literally admitting to grooming Sarah when she was 14-15. Sarah said Lainey told her about the size gerg's dick when she was underage, among other things. They're both equally guilty.

No. 803574

Does anyone know how much money his YouTube channels are bringing in including Laineys channel? I’m curious to know because I’m wagering to bet that he’s still making enough to live off that

No. 803591

I think you may have to come to terms with the inevitable end of a cow.
Check his social blade. I'm sure he's not making much his views are shit.

No. 803613

I love that you guys all feel the same way that he should shitcan compLainey. See, things like this have me coming here every day. I fucking love this place and I don't care who knows it.

No. 803692

Sarah was 14, and Lainey was mid 20s. Why the ever-living FUCK, would you see that a fangirl was 14, and give her your number? How can you excuse this? Even if she didn't steep as low as sending pictures of her saggy milk udders, it's still really fuckin' weird.

No. 803694

File: 1604626270778.png (641.88 KB, 815x571, Capture1152020.PNG)

So he's recent "hiatus" is because CPS showed up at the swamp this week inquiring about those tweets people said Onision made using a sockpuppet account stating he wanted his children and wife raped and murdered.
What I don't understand is in this final video he starts to explain about CPS talking to him about the tweets and then goes off on a tangent about VPN's and hiding your IP address. Is his defense that if he had made those tweets they shouldn't be able to be traced back to him?
>you can't prove I stabbed that man, I wiped my fingerprints and DNA off the knife.

No. 803697

If we can go by his previous tax debacle with TurboTax, we can assume he probably just pays for a VPN extension on his browser and that's it kek

No. 803698

I'm surprised that Greg hasn't flipped on Lainey yet to bring views and drama to his channel. Even his "haters" are losing interest, and that must drive his ego wild. I know that he won't do that because then he has no back up plan, but he's done worse things out of desperation before.

No. 803705

>CPS showed up
It's safe to assume he said nothing about his kids or Lainey actually being there.
>inquiring about those tweets people said Onision made using a sockpuppet account
"people said", I'm guessing those people were anti-o's. Where's the evidence he made those tweets? Someone LARPING as a retard on the internet isn't enough to go on. LE would have to subpoena twitter to get their records. The anti's are just pointlessly speculating in the meantime. I know some people are bored with dry milk but trying to manufacture shit doesn't work.

No. 803715

Didn't mention that Lainey or the kids were there when CPS showed up. I did find that odd. Wouldn't he say something like "CPS shows up because I've murdered my family and my husband and kids are right there in the living room."
I agree with you about CPS being called. Having his house egged, or pizzas sent to his house are sort of funny and don't really hurt anyone. But abusing the limited resources of child protection agencies is shitty.

My main point in that post was that its a strange defense. I'm not saying he made the tweets but instead of just denying it he goes off about how even if he did they shouldn't have been able to track it back to him. That's a weird thing to say. But then again this is the same man who took video of his injured daughter after she cracked her skull open so the cops wouldn't think he did it.

No. 803718

I definitely don’t think anyone should have called CPS, but the screenshot of the posts in question DID have his profile pic on them. He is 100% the one that shared those screenshots on kiwi. The anti-o account Was brand new so it’s fishy that he just happened to find the tweets. But it’s possible he found them just by searching his name in twitter.
In any case, we know for sure he was posting on kiwi, i wouldn’t put it past him to make a fake account to make the haters look bad

No. 803746

File: 1604666488655.jpg (771.13 KB, 1078x813, Shiloh-police report.jpg)

>this is the same man who took video of his injured daughter after she cracked her skull open so the cops wouldn't think he did it.
The explanation he used was in reference to the "friend" (Shiloh) who'd threatened to kill herself, but yeah he was obviously connecting that to what happened with his daughter for some bizarre reason. It was always sus to me that C's fall happened literally the day after Shiloh came out on twitter.
>we know for sure he was posting on kiwi
He posted on kiwi months ago, was outed by Null and banned. The most recent sperg hasn't been officially identified.

No. 803748

File: 1604669398548.gif (650.46 KB, 320x180, Buffalo Narc.gif)

>he is one
See, he thinks he's this big brain intellectual, Anthony Hopkins Hannibal type, when really he's the spastic dancing in the mirror enraptured by his own reflection with his dick tucked between his legs who ends up getting cucked by a woman.

No. 803757

He was more worried about himself and about "proving his innocence" than about his own daughter. What a selfish piece of shit, and so is Taylor for staying with him instead of giving her kids a better life away from that psychopath.

No. 803759

I don't understand what he thought would happen if he didn't record the video. Did he think his 2 year old would wake up and tell the cops daddy pushed off the window? Poor James totally needed that video to defend himself against a child who probably couldn't even speak yet, if he didn't take the video no one would believe poor James was innocent and the cops would take his dishonest liar daughter's side lol

No. 803769

File: 1604683852111.jpeg (347.32 KB, 1440x1690, BE804C05-00D2-49E7-88D3-55B15C…)

He may not have been officially outed by Null but he kind of outed himself

No. 803771

Did BrockBrockley delete itself or did they get terminated

No. 803772

deleted itself IIRC
pretty much as soon as those screenshots got called out

No. 803779

I think Taylor is in hiding because her motherhood constantly gets questioned for staying with an abusive piece of shit and endangering her children's lives by staying with him. They're both neglectful, they're already being watched by the authorities that is fact. Like we don't know the work environment of those institutions that deal with these cases, there's obviously a triage base department where they just handle calls and do clerical upkeep of their filing whether paper or electronic. I worked in an office that investigated fraud and I know from my experience (not to blog post) some workers can get emotive over cases and keep personal tabs. Anyone could be watching his socials and following his antics. I know our workplace had sockpuppet accounts on fb so we could access that database and fb posts have been used as evidence before at least in my line of work. To sum up this sperg, we'll never know who is reporting him but the blame and accusations are all the fault of James Greasy Jackson. If he wasn't so retarded he wouldn't constantly being feeling heat

No. 803781

Greg's back on his bullshit wanting to debate people than just speak over them on Twitter and discord and getting mad no one wants to feed into it.

No. 803789

That Holly chick had an uphill struggle. There was one point where he raced through all the usual stories in 15 minutes straight. Speaking so fast and loud that I swear he was on speed or coke (no tinfoil, I know he's not) and she was only able to say "uh huh - yeah - ok" every few minutes. The only thing that seemed to make him pause was bringing up how he destroyed Laineys life. Maybe I was seeing something not there but Greg looked like he was going to cry. I think Holly noticed it too and her last parting shot was calling him a groomer, pedophile and reiterating that he ruined Laineys life then peacing out. He tried the whole "I win!" and turned to his fans who he had muted near the end. He tried to rally them and all he got was crickets. Greg wanted them to tear her apart now that she was gone or praise his debate skills and all he got was some guy trying to poach people to play video games and mumbling from the girls. And remember that through the whole "debate" he only had 17 viewers on pscp.

No. 803792

Caught the end and they were discussing if it's possible for a guy with a circumcised dick to jerk off without lube. Since he lurks, yes James it is possible. Many women have also been able to jerk off their circumcised boyfriends off without lube, shows how stunted your fans are that not one person could verify this. There was even a spastic trying to discuss precum lol. Baffling. What a bizarre hugbox.

No. 803816

I’ve never understood what the point is to these debates lol it’s not like they’re debating politics or religion he’s admitted to the Sarah stuff and everyone knows what a shit person he is.

No. 803817

File: 1604703397822.png (6.19 MB, 1125x2436, 886955E0-FFB7-4251-81D1-6FA8CD…)

Because you always look like an angry Neanderthal?

No. 803822

he's on his way to fight someone…online behind numerous sock puppet accounts

No. 803824

File: 1604704777365.png (99.91 KB, 600x672, F4E3B5A7-8001-4F75-B467-D1154F…)

>totally not Greg u guiz

No. 803825

File: 1604704852908.png (224.71 KB, 1080x1347, 00E49605-6A54-4124-A327-A8DAA5…)

Cry moar faggot

No. 803826

File: 1604704907842.jpeg (54.08 KB, 1953x376, 99B705CA-ED50-44AB-B59F-17AA5B…)

No. 803829

File: 1604706111457.gif (110.51 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

Dude couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag.
I would seriously advice against picking a fight with KiwiFarms. Or this place, for that matter.
Because you're up against severe autism, and you're gonna lose.

No. 803836

File: 1604710431513.png (236.17 KB, 613x459, 48363422.PNG)

Was it Vincent's sister "FrannieLaw"? Isn't she in jail with her bro for stalking and terroristic threats?

No. 803842

If he's such a big criminal then why isn't he in jail right now?

No. 803843

The real question is if its such a crime to walk past a "No Trespassing" sign and knock on someone's door why did the Pierce County Sheriffs show up and not arrest Hansen right then and there? The Sheriffs literally chatted up Hansen and his crew then shook hands.

No. 803849

File: 1604712643478.jpg (126.66 KB, 767x602, edtroyersheriff.jpg)

Instead of calling random lawyers he should go to local law enforcement. Call up PCS and ask to speak to the top dog. Troyer won the Sheriff's seat this week. The same Ed Troyer that went on Hansen talking about the investigation against Greg. I'm sure Ed is sympathetic to Greg's grievances.

No. 803852

He’s probably a Trump-supporting republican too

No. 803858

File: 1604714864879.webm (12.74 MB, 320x180, c53GK9RSuZhApm4c (1) (1).webm)

So Heezy and fat Trisha are finished. Greg tweeted out this video just now. Who does he have left? I didn't hear McFlys retarded laugh in any of the discord debates today. Did she get fed up with him treating her like Tamara the Dog Fucker and leave? The Irish lady is still there so that's one hanger on.

No. 803860

he's still got at least one British cunt to make up for the loss over Heezy.

stop beating the horse over a dead meme.(Tamara)

No. 803866

Exactly. Don't get me wrong I think Hansen is a desperate loser but Grease is either lying about talking to a "top-level prosecutor" which is very likely since I don't think he even has the money to pay to talk to one, or he twisted everything that really happened to get the answer he wanted. Either way since Hansen is not in jail right now he's 100% innocent according to Grease's logic.

No. 803869

It looks like the ss cut off the reply at the bottom, or am I missing something? His account pfp being possibly partially visible isn't the same as LE subpoenaing twitter. Only they would know.

No. 803873

>they're already being watched by the authorities that is fact.
They were. I don't know if there's an officially active investigation but I feel it's very likely he's on the radar of someone who sees things aren't quite right, particularly where his children are concerned.
tbf they ruined each other's lives.
>he only had 17 viewers on pscp.
It's because no1curr, he's unwatchable.

No. 803874

>who sees things aren't quite right, particularly where his children are concerned.
There's also those most unfortunate back taxes lol >>802968

No. 803875

Xanax Holly? The same girl that told Hansen Onision literally killed people? Was she sober this time?
Getting attention, that's it.

No. 803876

Cows have come to kiwi before to try and get threads taken down, they never succeed.

I don't like the anti's but how much money did he realistically lose by them "pirating" his OF, 2 cents? He's desperate for money and thinks he's going to get it by suing some anti-o's lol.

No. 803877

File: 1604728838279.png (91.39 KB, 3756x494, 385BC38B-E421-4C10-BCE3-5C872D…)


No. 803879

File: 1604729214285.png (440.67 KB, 1193x587, Frannielaw.png)

>Isn't she in jail
Lemme guess, you heard that from Hansen? Hers and Vincent's yt channels are still up. Frannielaw uploaded a week ago. I won't believe what Onion says either until I see proof. You know it's really not that difficult to catch these people in lies.

No. 803882

No, this Holly is not the Xanax Holly

No. 803883

Most people don't even look at his disgusting "pirated nudes" anyway since they're literally vomit inducing

No. 803886

File: 1604735729672.jpeg (42.97 KB, 761x728, EldDn5iW0AAcUKx.jpeg)

>i'M oN mY wAy tO FiGhT SoMeOnE

No. 803887

>Did he think his 2 year old would wake up and tell the cops daddy pushed her off the window?
lol ikr. The whole thing looks so bad on top of the detective using the word "strange" to describe his words and actions then. He lies saying the police are always on his side but it's clear the detective wasn't totally buying his story.

No. 803888

>I'm sure Ed is sympathetic to Greg's grievances.
His 19 y/o son got community service for statutory rape with a 14 y/o.It was reported in the local news in 2012.

No. 803892

File: 1604744326449.jpg (6.06 KB, 251x201, download.jpg)

don't trust anyone!
that's right greg, keep poking that bear.
dude would lose a fight to a toddler.

No. 803894

>dude would lose a fight to a toddler.
His arms look like noodles and he has weak ass little girl shoulders. No wonder even Trot can beat him up.

No. 803895

File: 1604744797337.jpg (620.16 KB, 1340x710, youeitherlivelongenoughtobecom…)

oh you mean those limp wristed twigs of his?
i seriously don't get why lainey fears him because if she were to hit him real hard just once, he'd be the one scared of her.
he's all talk
also, i feel like a lame ass posting this but it had to be done, someone had to do it.

No. 803897

File: 1604745361048.jpg (36.58 KB, 1213x156, greglefunnytrolololo.jpg)

You honestly think that Null, of all people, who told the Australian police to fuck off after they told him to please remove the Christchurch shooting footage will give a singular fuck about your shitty nudes?

No. 803898

File: 1604745525054.jpg (68.7 KB, 610x690, legreglelululul.jpg)

the results may end up disappointing you, gregory poo.

No. 803905

File: 1604752437754.jpg (43.01 KB, 510x582, TIzNzI1ODQwMg.jpg)

whenever he tries to play tough guy this is all I see

No. 803906

File: 1604755100458.jpg (2.18 MB, 2969x3631, donnyjepp.jpg)

I love how Grugly keeps bringing up Johnny Depp, as if to say "WELL HE WAS FOUND INNOCENT, SO I MUST BE TOO, RIGHT?"
I'm really fucking sorry but I don't feel that that drunk asshole Johnny Depp was truly vindicated. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that both he and Amber Heard are complete drunk and abusive jackasses. And it doesn't absolve any of them.

No. 803908


I see them as both assholes but Depp is a fucking guy he could've just stopped being a pussy or leave instead of getting all Sean Connery.

No. 803909

Honestly, thank you Heezy and Trisha for trying to keep as many people away from Greg as possible. Those are 600 people less he can insutlt and extort!

Even if you did it for selfish reasons, well played, girls, well played.

No. 803915

heh- i didn't think of it that way, that indeed is brilliant if its true.

No. 803923

Of course Grease has a guy who married a woman over 20 years younger than him as a role model lol

No. 803924

Vince turned himself into LE for being a spastic and harassing people online. When he was being questioned funny enough the flakes thread was less active as where the boomer type posts they frequented itt and the flakes. Not sure if Vinces sister has had police attention but she's just another spastic too. Flakes thread has also uncovered that the bad banana anti o twitter cunt is a boomer, wouldn't be surprised if he's the old man that would post his dick and grey pubes a few weeks ago when he thought lolcow had a personal vendetta against him. Boomers can't handle being online

No. 803943

The manlet was scared of Sarah because she could move furniture hahaha, he's a pussy.

No. 803972

That cringy ass profile pic is the real kicker here. Looks like something straight out of 2008.

No. 803982

Whoever they are they're obviously desperate for attention and I see the anti's are falling for it again.

No. 803983

This was posted already >>803824.

No. 803984

File: 1604803972557.png (70.09 KB, 512x250, Keks.png)

No. 803996

File: 1604810393331.png (237.4 KB, 589x320, troonygreg.PNG)

When he first shoved that dildo up his ass for OnlyFans people have been speculating when he would eventually troon out. I think this is him dipping his toe in the water to see if people accept it.

No. 803999

File: 1604810673729.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.76 KB, 1602x369, yikes.jpg)

No. 804002

WHO is this for?! Who could this possibly appeal to??? I-

No. 804003

I thought the same thing. He admitted to one of his male fans on discord that the majority of of his OF subscribers were gay men. So hes not deluding himself on what his true fanbase is. Gay men dont want to see a guy dressed up as a woman. He's either slinging shit against the wall to see what sticks and maybe he will get new pervs to subscribe or its just a way for him to cross dress and say "its just for my OF." Like some closeted trannies who dress up as female celebrities for Halloween because they wont be judged.

No. 804010

He's probably trying to be Belle Delphine or some other famous onlyfans thot, he always copied people more successful than him thinking it's gonna make him successful too. He was trying to be Cyr on Twitch before Twitch ended his partnership.

No. 804012

This made me laugh it’s so true. I was thinking he’s copying Billie. He’s such a talentless hack even with his shitty OF

No. 804014

File: 1604822811845.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.26 KB, 598x843, prophecy fulfilled.jpg)

When Anon made the last threads pic someone said they couldn't tell if it was real or fake because it was something Greg would probably do. The similarities of the Delphine shoop and his gender-bender pics are uncanny.

No. 804023

Jesus Christ I don’t know why we are speculating or tinfoling. Even if he isn’t subsribed to billies OF he definitely lurking here. This is just to throw shade and mud at Billie. Nothing more. Billie is a talentless bottom feeder and so is Greg. He’s just trying to either piss off Billie or alert us he’s lurking

No. 804025

File: 1604832237637.png (13.41 KB, 300x197, jesus.png)

Christ almighty. I speculate that he's so narcissistic he also thinks he looks good as a chick. Like he feels that he's SO GOOD LOOKING that it just totally works.
Plus he's toyed with the idea for the longest time, I always felt that he was cross dressing for "funny skits" way, way too much.
On the plus side we finally found an uglier looking chick than Regina, so that must mean something.

No. 804026

File: 1604832568761.jpg (550.25 KB, 1288x905, le_top_gregory.jpg)

>he actually posted this thread on kiwifarms.
>my sides.

No. 804028


When he mentions 'deceptively photoshopping screenshots from some anti-o twitter to make it seem like onision' was he referring to these? >>803769

No. 804030

Hit send too soon, meant to add why does he blame heatboss when it was different twitter user who pointed that out

No. 804031

File: 1604835180609.png (204.75 KB, 422x273, 1182020.png)

Belles arms are more muscular than his. Just look at the forearms.

No. 804032

File: 1604835735245.jpg (54.48 KB, 449x382, jamiefinal5.jpg)

No. 804035

I never subject myself to these cancerous spoilered pics unless I know some intrepid anon has shooped them for keks.

No. 804037

Ok if this isn't him they're doing a good imitation lol.

Does he want to suck Null's dick or something? It's such desperate attention seeking. I'm inclined to believe it is him just because he's uselessly running his mouth, repeating the same shit over and over and backing it up with no action as per usual. Waste of time.

No. 804044

That's the man who made fun of Royal Black because she was "stupid and messed with the kiwis, everyone knows it's a horrible idea".
Yet here he is, doing the same exact shit.

Why does Greg not have a handler at this point?

No. 804047

Billie got a new skin walker then

No. 804048

I fear Greg is coming down with the much dreaded troon affliction, like so many lolcows before him. (Chris-chan, ADF, coppercab)
Its the illness where a lolcow is trolled so much, it turns them trans.
I mean he calls his wife a husband, hes sticking dildos up his asshole and hes making pictures in a wig and a negligee, i think its pretty safe to say what direction this is going in.
I hold the internet responsible, you guys fucked him up.
nothing of value was lost.

No. 804049

Theres a whole ED page regarding this phenomena:


Now Greg will join the illustrious list

No. 804060

Greg's just a manipulative bastard. He made Lainey be gay so he could fuck her 'girlfriends' and to make sure the trinity was never two dudes and Lainey. Then Lainey was the trend hopper and needed to bond with her younger peers so she jumped on the trans bandwagon that would have been full of emos back in her day. The transition isn't gender its fad related, the emo, scene kids and social retards all thought being trans would make them fit in. They're just a bunch of anti culture retards.

I don't think Onion is trooning out. Even the bralette thing he's wearing looks like shit Billie has worn in her OF. Maybe Taylor is still there and she's been buying lingerie since Billie wears it for photoshoots. Sure she made BeautyBot to try and emulate Billie's make up and style.

The onions are two freaks that are still obsessed with the girl that used them for money. And fair play to Billie for doing that, Greg and Lamey are not emotionally a available to date. He probably thinks he's winning by showing Billie he lurks her stuff too, just makes him look desperate and retarded but that's not new

No. 804061

File: 1604848727193.png (710.58 KB, 2207x1983, buffaloGURG.png)

I'm sorry if y'all are hate these

No. 804063

he's shoving dildo's in his ass, wearing womens clothes and doing all this in front of a camera.
what else would you call it but trooning out?
a pickle onion sandwich?

No. 804065

I have been predicting this saga for years now. Greg hates teenage girls because he wants to be one. Thats why he's been able to relate to them so well when he was younger.
I predict he will troon out and get a boyfriend / husband. Not a fake Lainey one, because he'll soon shitcan here, no i'm talking the real deal. An older man, I predict, to be his daddy and pay his way and dote on him.
You may quote me on all this in a few years when I'm proven to be right.

No. 804066

Because he’s an idiot that is desperate to cover up his own carelessness.
Some spergy “onision defender” posted the screenshots on kiwi. That was the first time anyone had seen them. Then “Brock” on twitter posted them.
THEN after someone pointed out Greg’s profile pic was visible, some NEW sock account appeared claiming they were the one that photoshopped the screenshot to make Greg look bad and… I guess…sent it directly to the other sock account so he could post them on kiwi? For some reason?

Anyways I know people here never support speculations about Greg socks, but if there ever was an instance where I am on board with those theories it’s this one.

No. 804071

I feel like it's more to do with him being such a narc. He thinks he's his own perfect sexy womin.

No. 804072

This is so bad. He is aging up in a few days, stuck in a house with people he doesn't want to be around kek, so he's gotta be losing his mind and grasping at whatever he can to bring attention to himself

No. 804092

Am I the only one who’s weirded out by the smile in the last pic? He looks happy, I 100% believe he’s gonna go full troon. I bet he’s been lurking the troon threads and have seen how much shit they were able to get away with and thought he’d join in and can be as degenerate as possible with no backlash/have the safety of the fellow troons

No. 804094

I think so too. Only a matter of time before he goes full troon. Hell he's been playing with the idea for many years.

No. 804102

Definitely will quote you on that anon. He isn’t trooning out. He’s dressed like Billie (best he could find), poses like Billie pink hair like Billie. He’s only doing this to throw shade at the useless, do-nothing-bitch he was had as a girlfriend but is still obsessed over and stalks/harasses endlessly. It’s no trooninh his just trying to get under her greasy shinny skin.

No. 804110


ggs on this, but can you make the wall green pls

No. 804112

File: 1604875148857.jpg (114.92 KB, 1463x823, sideeyechloe.jpg)

>He’s only doing this to throw shade at the useless, do-nothing-bitch he was had as a girlfriend

No. 804119

Foot crying in the background with her saggy tits hanging out was the perfect detail.

No. 804124

that's julia, gregs fuckdoll. that body is WAY too flattering, voluptuous, feminine and tanned to be footjob-spaceboi-whatever.

No. 804126

No anon I'm talking about Foot crying behind the window, you might need to zoom in to see it well.

No. 804128

Link doesn't work. ED's been down for over a year now I think.
He's been doing this most of his adult life. He was trooning back when he still had Patreon. He's more desperate than he's ever been and it's obvious he's out of ideas. A rational person would've gotten a regular job by now instead of relying on a failed career in sex work. I just hope a responsible adult is taking care of his kids.

No. 804129

lol. Farmers have been amazingly prescient before, I'll give them that.

No. 804131

>have the safety of the fellow troons
You reminded me of a vid he did defending Jessica Yaniv. I think it's deleted now though. Only pedo troons like Yaniv would accept Jimmy. I don't think the non pedo troons would want anything to do with him.

No. 804145

Exactly. Greg's still only motivated by teenage or teenaged looking girls. If he was to fully Troon out he won't be able to 'dom' some spastic with his deformed dick. Like all the bragging about fucking Sarah in the ass etc, I don't think he'd get the same pleasure out of some man for one they'd be able to smack the shit out of him when he's being a cunt

No. 804155

File: 1604902147099.jpg (148.52 KB, 1199x445, Wq0AAEldDn5icUKx.jpg)

Heezy and Trisha are starting to tell what they know. Gregs discords were rampant with CP links and underage kids. I have the feeling they have more behind the scenes info than blasian or the dogfucker ever spilled.

No. 804160

Had to look around to find the video mentioned in the twitter but here it is.

No. 804163

Are these attention whores gonna take it to LE or just vie for more attention?
Onision wasn't mentioned once in this.

No. 804164

I think she masked her voice and never mentioned it was Onision's discord because she was still in Greg's good graces at that time. The video was uploaded Oct 12th. That's some sneaky shit tho. She's an Onision fan & mod yet she's going on SL's channel telling people that the discord she mods (Onision's) is full of CP-animal torture links, and underage kids. Some of them selling their own nudes. Sounds like she was setting up a exit strategy in case Greg threw her under the bus.

No. 804166

File: 1604912250558.png (72.68 KB, 686x330, 765321345.png)

Lol these bitches are pathetic

No. 804167

Is there anyone in Greg’s circle that isn’t a complete degenerate. They stay knowing this stuff is going on and only say something when he throws them under the bus. Typical.

No. 804169

File: 1604920531203.jpg (399.2 KB, 764x772, fatreynolds.jpg)

oh you mean like boring fat-ass fat reynolds and how he moderated since he was 16 up until just a few years ago when Greg deleted his forums? all the while seeing how nudes from regina and shiloh were leaked and spreaded and never did anything like the fanboi he is?
and then holding a whole song and dance on grift scamsen how really HE was the victim since he was groomed and didn't know any better, despite him being well in to his adulthood the last years he was moderating there?
they're a fucking JOKE and they only ever seem to vilify greg and realize the truth after they're kicked out of gregs precious inner-circle..

No. 804180

I agree - except for the part where he gets with an older man. Greg would be the typical raging transbian that harrasses young lesbians and bi girls until they accept his "girl"penis, guaranteed.

No. 804184

He genuinely thinks he makes a beautiful woman
Despite his disgusting waterhead caveman brow and the tragic underbite that accentuates his insult of a top lip kek
He looks like a more repulsive crazy Tami

The sex dolls didn't provide a worthy replacement for teenage girls so thus begins the saga of him trying to become one
Or become his mother
We know his carrot gets fat and purple for both so it's hard to tell

No. 804187

>pls reply
>le scary red text "I'll sue you, teehee." the FBI is on my side uwu
>repeated listing of people that came in his life and hurls the same bile almost word for word for each at every chance he has.
>being this assmad about Heatboss that he probably lurks just for what he will post next.
>somehow, he thinks he can plead his case in the lion's den of internet trolls.

How does he think he fools anyone by speaking of himself in the first person? It's clearly gurg.

No. 804188

Samefagging, I meant to say speaking in the THIRD person, not first.

That's another pattern I noticed with him. He tends to talk about his Onision schtick as a seperate entity from him when it's convenient when he gets called out for stupid shit he does. I'm paraphrasing but he often sets it as something like :
>"Oh no, I'm just a character. I'm James Jackson, okay? Onision is just a character and you stupid people always fall for it. Haters are so stupid faggoty teehee he always does I'm just THAT GOOD of an actor. I got you all fooled. I was just pretending to be retarded".

No. 804191

The cycle where Gregnablers are outraged when he turns on them is always delightful.

No. 804192

Yea his third person and pretending Onision is a separate entity is a thing, but honestly. With people going into his servers becoming mods and then stirring up drama there's a lot of people happy to instigate and stir up shit.

Like it doesn't take a mastermind to larp as Greg. He's been very online for over a decade and made thousands of videos. It's not hard. I'd take everything with a grain of salt from those 'sockpuppets' on kiwi. Funny how you never get onion self posting on lc when you don't need to make an account or exert any effort. Kiwi farms is inaudated with retards all over its site, the onion thread always has a load of misinformation in it, I hate when here and kf are conflated as the farms. Lc is essentially the of fact checker. The posters at kf will lament and post endless blog posts and a load of emotive shit and most of its not even funny lol. What I'm getting at is that it makes more sense for trolls to go to kf because members there for some reason engage with spastics where they'd be put out to pasture here.

Onion lurks both forums but I wouldn't suspect he'd actually post. He has his own platforms more likely deranged fangirls or people trying to instigate and cow tip

No. 804195

I get what you're saying. Maybe it's a personal preference but I like the more message board anonymous format than the forum format and the unavoidable "in-groups" that forms over time.

I take things with a grain of salt when it comes to internet drama as I am more of a spectator and I have followed on and off gurg for a while. I never really was involved aside from commenting on thread about Onion on other boards. As much as it pains me to accept it, I lost all hope Chris Hansen would pull through on his "promise" to do anything about the goblin king Gurg. I fell for it like many other have. I don't even bother to read the video titles of his stuff on his channel as he jumped on the Dahvie Vanity bandwagon. There's probably more people for him to leech on than a couple of girls around a niche Youtuber that ended up devouring each other anyway.

I could call it a gut feeling but I have the impression that he can't help himself to sock his way into anything that talks about him because he thrives on gossip. He likes attention and everything has to be about him and him alone. His children and doormat of a wife were mere props for whatever he intended to do with them in terms of virtue signaling points. He's way too much of a narc to not lurk the net about himself outside of his streams or whatever he does besides not taking care of the children.(blogging)

No. 804200

Nah Greg displays all the hallmarks of a transbian. Like declaring women superior one minute, then calling them prostitutes and cunts the next. He's envious of their power over him and also resents it.

No. 804213

I'm 90% sure he's gonna try to use this to feed his 'turning lesbians straight' fetish he obviously has. His second "book" made it pretty obvious.

No. 804219

>I lost all hope Chris Hansen would pull through on his "promise"
Was it when he lied to Sarah or after he lied to all the other girls too?
He hates his mother and all women by extension, that's obvious. The fact that Lainey cried when C was born because she knew Greg's toxic attitude towards women/girls says it all.

No. 804222

So the implication is that someone using a voice changer lol modded for Onision, but he's not mentioned once in the vid and correct me if I'm wrong, there's nothing linking him directly to anything in the vid? Yeah great "strategy" kek.

One of these two >>804155 tweeted about threats to greg's children in the discord but they never mentioned reporting it to LE. If they never reported it to authorities they're just attention seeking. All of greg's tard circle does this because HE does it. Like attracts like.

No. 804229

>>804219 Lainey whines and cries over every little thing. Her crying when finding out Clot was a girl isn't that profound. She couldn't care less about her kids. She's all about attention for herself. Shes a crappy neglectful mom.

No. 804238

I agree she doesn't give a fuck about her kids. She probably cried for selfish reasons like being jealous of the little girl and being afraid of her becoming "competition". She knows her husband loves them young.

No. 804258

It was Sarah who said Lainey cried in front her upset about C being a girl because she knew how Greg treats women. Whether or not she was sincere, the statement itself is more than warranted. Lainey's known all this time but stayed because Stockholm Syndrome and/or just pure laziness.

No. 804261

I thought it was Billie?

I don’t think it’s fair to say she doesn’t care about her kids but it is fair to say she has shown though her choices that she values her relationship with Greg over them. She might try and say that Greg is hurting her repeatedly but not the kids but it’s naive to think the kids are untouched by all of his choices.

The ducked up thing is he might be a good dad with the kids one on one but that doesn’t mean he’s not creating a toxic and unstable environment for them to grow up in overall.

No. 804262

Everyone calls Lainey lazy but I don’t get it, she’s working overtime to do mental gymnastics to stay in the relationship while doing all the household and childhood management. She may have started off living a cushy life when she was 17 and freshly in the relationship but that’s not the case anymore. I don’t blame the 17 year old version of her for buying into greg’s fantasy (ultimately the manipulation) but do for so much of what she’s participated in and enabled since then.

No. 804268

Careful, your Gurg is showing.

No. 804274

>The ducked up thing is he might be a good dad with the kids one on one
He doesn't even interact with his daughter and he barely interacts with his son, it has been confirmed by Madison and Jessica.

No. 804280

Their house was always dirty with trash and clothes everywhere. She stays at home all day and doesn't have a job so there was no excuse for their house to be that disgusting. Also Troy having all his teeth destroyed by cavities and Cloey breaking her skull on the concrete says a lot about her childhood management, not to mention she had Selena and Sarah taking care of the kids for her for many years. Yes she is lazy.

No. 804281

T's teeth were rotten by age 3. This is coming from Taylor herself.
C fell out of a second story window and no one even noticed for a while.She still has issues from her brain injury.
They had threesomes with their toddler daughter in the same bed.
Greg being a POS dad is a given, but Taylor is a trash mom. It is very justified to call her a horrible mother.

No. 804292

So these two dumb cunts, heezy and trisha, are finally releasing all the caps showing there are in fact pedos in gorg's discord (who knew!??) but why is nobody giving shit to them about doing that NOW that gorg told them to fuck off? Why not before? They were more than fine not saying shit to anyone about it while onion was letting them suck his king-oyster-dick but now? Also I wonder what onion told mcfly so she would be ok going back to help him with the discord. what a pathetic girl, oh god I -can't- with any of these bitches. Gorg definitely know how to pick them .

Despite all my bitching about these dumbasses, I do hope something comes out of this, like discord finally shutting his shit down.

No. 804312

Any woman who values a man over her own children is a terrible mother and shouldn't have reproduced, end of story.

No. 804313

Discord will only act if LE gets involved. As far as I'm aware none of them contacted LE, they're just busy attention whoring on twitter.
>Lainey's a terrible mother and shouldn't have reproduced
I was gonna say that goes without saying but apparently some anons need periodic reminders kek.

No. 804314

These bitches are already milking this for attention doing livestreams and whatnot instead of going to the cops like they should. Soon they will be making GoFundMes begging people for money, just watch. That's a pattern that always repeats itself with these so called Onision's victims.

No. 804318

And then they'll open an OF

No. 804325

Well, if youre trying to compare two adult women (one of whom I'm pretty sure is a mother) to a teenage girl Lainey started grooming when she was 14, the same girl that Onision called a sister/foster daughter right up until she was legal to have sex with, you're comparing apples and oranges and you must be new here.

I still want to know if Ed Troyer was lying about that task force he said was set up between the local PD and the FBI to investigate Onision. If he lied he shouldn't have been elected >>803849.

No. 804327

File: 1605013130450.jpg (3.6 KB, 125x126, biged.jpg)

thats just great big Ed, thats just great! so when is Greg going to prison?
sarcasm, in case you missed it.
a lot of people will probably give me an array of hate for saying this, but I actually agree with that statement. why don't any of them go to the fucking police? im having sarah laptop flashbacks. this shit is retarded.
if someone robs you or steals your car, would you go to the cops or do a live stream about it?
oh go ahead and say it, accuse me of sounding like greg. i can already see that one coming.
shit don't make any god damn sense.

No. 804331

Heezy is a huge cow herself, so this ought to be funny. I remember her spamming all over Twitter that she found the 'REAL JULIA' back when Sarah had first come out. Immediately teamed up with a Youtuber to try to get the attention from it just like she did when she made the post to the Facebook police group.

No. 804334

Nah you’re not the only one who agrees. I think the majority of us who’ve followed this for so long are just too disenchanted to care. Nothing comes of it except him and his paypigs being exposed for the shit stains they are.

I honestly don’t understand why anyone feels sympathetic towards them at this point.

I did see on Twitter that Trisha mentioned going to authorities but I highly doubt anything will come from it.

No. 804335

File: 1605018887478.jpeg (239.52 KB, 828x778, melel.jpeg)

>I did see on Twitter that Trisha mentioned going to authorities

Oh same as Sarah went to the court house to deliver that now infamous laptop? I knew right away back then that she lied since hardware never is delivered to a court house and you get receipts of exactly what you give them. Usually cops come to take that shit away after its locked up with forensic detectives. I mean I hate to again sound Gregish but you'll just have to forgive me for that, but she lied back then and so did her buddy tweeting out that nonsense about her giving the laptop to the cops.

No. 804338

Ed better hurry the fuck up, because yet another year has passed.
"but these things take time!" tm & (c) Grift Scamsen.

No. 804378

I hate to sound like Greg and I know someone not being in jail is not proof of innocence, but if the FBI found CP in that laptop Taylor would in the very least have some charges pressed against her by now. Yeah I know these things "take time" but it's been almost a year since Sarah handed the laptop to the FBI and so far nothing has been done. That doesn't make any sense unless the FBI is protecting Greg and Taylor for some reason.

No. 804379

File: 1605045074194.jpg (67.49 KB, 570x844, dumbshitcuckold.jpg)

Does he REALLY think he looks like that? That fucking dumbshit man I swear to God

No. 804380

>it's been almost a year since Sarah handed the laptop to the FBI
Sarah gave the laptop to Hansen and Vincent first. She got it back a couple months ago iirc and then gave it to the feds herself

No. 804381

did she now? i'll believe it when i see it.
did she show a receipt? they always give you one. even when they come to your home and take all your shit over shit like kiddie porn, they ALWAYS give you a receipt of what they took, or what you gave them.

No. 804385

>im having sarah laptop flashbacks.
Hansen lied to her about taking her devices to the FBI, that's an undisputed fact. Sarah ended up taking her devices to the feds herself. If she showed receipts for that I can't recall. Will anything ever come of it? Most likely not. But it's ridiculous comparing someone like Heezy with Sarah and what she went through with those two parents of the year. Heezy's never even met greg in person.

No. 804387

She's always been a cow. She's constantly switching sides between the anti-o's and greg stan's.

No. 804388

But Sarah and her friend Dylan lied too! They claimed they gave the laptop to the cops on twitter. They never did, they gave it to Vince apparently.

No. 804391

I'll need ss for that because I dont remember either of them saying they took the laptop to the cops before meeting Hansen.

No. 804392

Sarah didn't go to the court house to "deliver" her laptop, she went there for legal advice (I can't remember if this was before or after Hansen lied to her). Your ss doesn't support anything you said.

Do you know for sure if Troyer lied about the taskforce? I haven't seen solid evidence one way or the other. There was that email tipline they set up that was memed into oblivion because most of the respondents were 2 IQ anti-o's linking to leafy videos lol.

No. 804395

>as if I wasn't one of the people she told this too
lol ok.

I literally don't remember her ever saying she took her devices to the cops before she met Hansen. If you want to go back through the archives be my guest.

No. 804396

>Sarah went to the court house to deliver the laptop to the police today.
Not before she met Hansen, no, but if you have ss saying otherwise you're welcome to post them.

No. 804404

I remember Sarah and her friend going to the courthouse for legal advice, not to deliver the laptop.
All this proves is that they went to the courthouse lol. I see nothing saying they delivered her devices to the courthouse for them to keep. She gave testimony at the courthouse, that's very different from handing over her devices. And if she DID bring her devices with her, you do realize they don't do investigations at the courthouse right? That's why she went to the FBI. Think a little.

No. 804406

No where in those tweets does it say the laptop was given to the cops. She went to the courthouse to get legal instruction on how to proceed.
How could she have given Hansen the laptop if she gave it to the cops on Sept 17.
If I remember the ownership of that LT went like this.

>Lainey & Onision buy and own LT

>sold to Sarah and in her possession for a year or less.
>mailed to Vincent and sat on Vinnys desk for months
>mailed back to Sarah
>Sarah walked it to her local LE office. Im not sure if it was local police or federal.

No. 804408

File: 1605050042289.jpeg (483.38 KB, 1125x3675, Laptop Sarah.jpeg)

>How could she have given Hansen the laptop if she gave it to the cops on Sept 17.

Sarah was led to believe her devices were with the FBI. When she found out she was lied to she took them to the FBI herself. Bottom pic is from around the middle of Feb. 2020.

No. 804410

>as if I wasn't one of the people she told this too
Looks like our little revisionist deleted their posts. I cri every time.

No. 804411

oh yeah, but i dont wanna look like an asshole. then again i probably already do.
maybe its the mandela effect but i swear to you guys i remember them telling us that vividly. but i'm probably wrong. one anon agreed with me though, or maybe they where trolling.
or they have the same mandela effect.

No. 804412

Ah so it was the her local FBI field office, I couldn't remember if it was local PD or FBI. So the feds have it. Now we wait. How long did it take for them to finally arrest Epstein? I watched a documentary last month and I think the feds started an investigation on him in 2002 or 2005. Slow grind, but eventually justice prevails. I don't think Greg understands that saying
>why am I not in jail, why isnt Kai in jail?
means nothing. It will make that early morning knock on his door that much more expected.

>Nine one one, what are you reporting?

>Hi… uh, the FBI is knocking on my door and they're trespassing.

No. 804413

Because they're literal retards. One of them is on the farms claiming the reason they didn't alert proper authorities is because they're Canadian

Like there aren't multiple authorities you can report child porn and exploitation to online regardless of what country or state you're in

No. 804416

File: 1605054274573.jpg (97.92 KB, 765x440, 23W0AAcEldDn5iUKx.jpg)

Are you talking about Trisha? Because Tamara the Doggy Diddler is using that same excuse for why she never said anything about the illegal shit she saw on Onisions discord. Don't these girls understand that something as illegal as what they're claiming they saw and have receipts of can be brought to the federal authorities, not their local Barney Fife.

No. 804419

I hope you're right.The last thing I remember Troyer saying in his only interview on this was they were having trouble finding victims, but they put a task force together? Why would they waste time and money putting a "task force" together if they didn't think there was anything worth investigating i.e. having trouble finding victims? Seems like a contradiction imo.

Regardless, I can't pretend that Troyer's 19 year old son getting away with the statutory rape of a 14 year old and walking with COMMUNITY SERVICE isn't a red flag for me.


No. 804420

The fact of the matter is that none of this was specific to Anus, unfortunately. From what I’ve gathered by all of this it was a group of people who would go into various servers and spread their shit and apparently Anus knew but instead of banning them he kicked his mods who banned these people.

Idk it doesn’t seem like anything illegal can be pointed at him except maybe him being aware and not doing anything. I could be wrong tho.

No. 804441

File: 1605079845184.png (157.43 KB, 898x427, tards.png)

I expect nothing less from a flip flopping Greg stan/anti-o cow.

If these brainlets had contacted authorities FIRST instead of going to their yt fren to make a video about it I would've taken them seriously. Heezy especially knew what had to be done and didn't do it. I know she's been around for at least a year, saw the interviews with Onision's former mods (Rag, Erica), knew the history of his little cp forum, and saw the trashfire that became of Hansen.

No. 804442

Why does his stomach look like a bloated toddler's? I wonder if Foot has to sleep with Troony Greg and pretend she's into it to keep him from cheating. Kek It won't stop him, she's retarded on her best day.

No. 804489

For someone who is so obsessed with weight and who wouldn't even buy his wife a cake for her birthday because "cake has too many calories" (as if store bought pies don't), his stomach should be smaller? Like a lot smaller. But even when he's sucking in really hard like in those photos you can see he has a big gut. He looks like a bloated cadaver that stayed under water for 2 weeks.

No. 804511

File: 1605136948304.jpeg (140.08 KB, 923x1118, 3BF55F6F-D946-4EEC-8389-1D5185…)

Happy Birthday, Anus! Congrats on getting older, but not wiser, uglier and unfuckable, poorer and completely unsuccessful.

No. 804513

Why even acknowledge this cunts birth

No. 804514


Because he loves being reminded that he keeps getting farther and farther away from his preferred teenage age group.

No. 804523

Crazy Tami must kick herself everyday for not aborting him, especially now that he's persona non grata in his family for being a child predator/owner of pedo forums. The best part is, he wants to stay the way he is lol.

No. 804527

I wonder if Lainey baked him a pie with recycled candles on it kek

No. 804560

File: 1605166775026.webm (934.81 KB, 640x360, Onision@Twitter.webm)

We were hoping for a spergout on his birthday but all we got was sad Greg.

No. 804564

fucking don't abuse jim morisson for cuck-related material.
thank you.

No. 804573

lol he really looking for sympathy? Shame he had none for the girl he groomed and used the trauma she told him in confidence and blasted it publicly in his videos like a vindictive cunt. How shocking that someone who's taken no responsibility for the shit they've done over the last 8 years is all alone now and fading into obscurity where he belongs. Never saw that coming.

No. 804578

Yea I'm gonna need a compilation of all the times he's said goodbye this year kek

No. 804587

It's like those TV tropes where someone fakes their own death to see who cares and comes to their funeral. He pretends to leave the internet to see who cares and if anyone begs for him to come back.

Let me save you the trouble again Onion: no one cares.

Even if it was his actual funeral, Lainey, the kids and his mom would probably be the only ones to show.

No. 804590

seconding this. a 2020 new year's compilation to remember all the times this cum rug has said goodbye and left the internet only to come back a day or two later.

No. 804609

He's probably sad because he received just 2 gifts from his sycophants this year. Not even McRetard sent him something kek.

No. 804621

I just want to say, everyone is talking about how he slept with Sarah and basically made an NDA so he thought he could use and abuse her with no repercussions.
Which is grotesque in its own right.

But what about when he admitted that Kai didn’t want to sleep with Sarah; and that Kai almost vomited afterwards because Kai was so disgusted. Yet Greg pushes it to happen again and again.

Is that rape/coercion?

I just haven’t heard anyone rally mentioning it, but to me it’s always stuck out as one of the worst things he’s done, that he’s actually admitted to. A lot of the time he skirts around things and says “Sarah raped me” while at the same time, with him admitting how Kai felt about all of this, sounds more like rape than his supposed reason for why Sarah “raped” him.

Maybe no one cares because they know Kai would never press charges?

No. 804622

I think that counts as sexual assault, yeah.

No. 804623

Well like it's pretty obvious to everyone especially Taylor that they're whole trinity bullshit including grooming Sarah is for the sole reason of Taylor and Grease tag teaming a girl. Taylor ultimately didn't have to do shit but she has always went along with it because she's accustomed to her bullshit lifestyle of not having to do anything except be a live in sex doll. She does that and she gets free roam and board. She had kids to trap Grease into their miserable existence. When she felt icky about fucking Sarah she let her and Onion have their own relationship which Grease has bragged about endlessly. Taylor hates Billie because Grease shown that he will leave Taylor when a good enough replacement comes along. That's why Taylor is a bitch to anyone she thinks has it in them to 'steal her man'. She couldn't give a fuck about all the autismos clearly

No. 804627

There's also that screenshot of him telling Sarah how much he loved watching her "satisfying Kai", so if Foot was raped in anyway Grease not only was an accomplice but he also got aroused by watching it go down. I hope he realizes that makes him 100 times more disgusting than he tries to portray Sarah as (he probably won't because he has zero self awareness though).

No. 804628

In his own videos he describes it as "I was kissing Kai, then pulled sarah over to swap with me."
He stupidly admitted he was the initiator yet somehow thinks people are going to believe HE was raped? If anyone believes that, it's because they WANT to believe it.

No. 804633

Taylor is a predator not a poor uwu victim. She is the one who groomed Sarah. Sarah has screen shots where those two pukes argued over who actually took Sarah's virginity. Taylor cries and vomits from guilt….sure jan. She does if for attention and because she once again got cucked after she tries to be a self proclaimed fuckboi.

No. 804643

This. I 1000% DOUBT Kai felt forced and vomited or whatever the fuck. Esp since gorg said that he loved watching Sara "satisfying Kai" so that means the pedo-cunt was enjoying it too

No. 804648

Kai's problem is very simple in that she isn't gay / bi. Greg tried to talk her in to being that.
I think being forced to be gay with someone is probably about as traumatizing as getting raped.

No. 804651

I agree. KiwiFarms is a shithole. I doubt Onision would waste that much time on kiwifarms. He is constantly working. People want to believe everyone is Onision and some go as far as to deliberately lie…
As for the screenshot showing a snippet of his profile picture - it really is extremely easy to photoshop and hide the evidence that it has been photoshopped. Hollywood does it all the time on magazine covers. All you have to do is mess around with the contrast and make it brighter to hide any traces.

We also know that Onision openly stated a long time ago that he can can't look at lolcow or he'll get triggered… so why would he look at kiwifarms? Another problem with the sock puppet theory is that Onision is not afraid to openly challenge Blaire White, Jaclyn Glenn, Repzion, Chris Hansen, Billie, Ayalla, Shiloh, Sarah, and pretty much every anti-o; so why would he be scared to openly call out KiwiFarms and come on here himself? If he says he can take on all those people at once then why would everyone here be any different?

Just some food for thought. Feel free to disagree but what I just said seems to be the more logical and factual point of view since there's more evidence for what I'm saying.(namefag)

No. 804652

File: 1605227835431.png (725.17 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_d50d6989ee710653a7491e7…)

wow tell us more

No. 804654

Well, it's a good thing Gurgles is too boring to be on the front page.

No. 804656

A grown ass mother of two with a college degree and a very supportive family of origin was forcedinto exactly jack shit. She lapped up the attention from under aged girls. She abused them and threw them under the bus. She is trash and as bad as Greg. Only one forced into this hell they've created is their two children.

No. 804657

File: 1605228725418.jpg (106.25 KB, 577x928, 2020-11-13 01.51.58 kiwifarms.…)

Just a heads up for the mods / owners and users here, they seem to think Greg is trying to start a war between Kiwifarms and this place.


Don't know if its true / tinfoil, but figured i'd help make people aware.
attached image was captured here, posted there, and they think its greg or his 2 remaining fans.

No. 804659

File: 1605229136873.jpg (69.4 KB, 904x282, 2020-11-13 01.57.53 kiwifarms.…)

one more example. i mean we all know that this is not the sentiment here about kiwifarms.
could be greg sloshing around the water in his big fat watermelon head again.

No. 804663

This is so retarded, I'm anon that wrote this and mods can confirm I am not Grease

No. 804665

Lolcow is not a hive mind and this is what I meant in the post you've screen capped that I hate people conflating kf and lc as the 'farms'. KF users are so fucking retarded, your posters have been sperging out for pages on the onision thread about fuck all. I think the bottom line is that there are so many scrotes that post there the autism levels are extremely high and men are thick

No. 804667

>they seem to think Greg is trying to start a war between Kiwifarms and this place.
The only thing Greg's proven capable of starting are forums with his name on them infested with cp.

>KF is inundated with retards

>the onion thread always has loads of misinfo
>LC is essentially the fact checker
>It makes more sense for trolls to go to KF because members there engage with spastics

No. 804668

I can tell you why the Onision thread at KF is a cesspool: Anti-o's. They're all over that thread and I suspect at least one has self posted here >>803122, >>803895, >>803877. They can get away with their low IQ circle jerk over there but not here.

No. 804671

If Sarah is a rapist then so is he. Also looking at this ugly fucker's red melty face I will never understand how someone could ever find him attractive, he looks like an even more fucked up Quasimodo.

No. 804707

fuck off greg(hi cow)

No. 804708

File: 1605255364724.jpeg (880.63 KB, 1002x5135, groomers.jpeg)

If Lainey had such a big fucking problem she shouldn't have gone along with it in the first place. She started grooming Sarah when Sarah was 14. Pic related is all from 2015. Lainey was 20-21, too old to be BFF's with a goddamn middle schooler, and she was a mother.

She and Greg are both equally to blame. He can play stupid and act like he didn't know what Lainey was up to despite admitting at least once to having access to Lainey's sm - he even had access to her Patreon pretending to be her (after he got suspended) until Patreon suspended that account too for promoting him.

No. 804710

Coercion requires physical force. If Lainey's a victim of anything it's of her own stupidity and spinelessness. Having sex with your kid in the bed or kids in the room and subjecting them to a revolving door of teenage nannies isn't being a good mother. The only victims are her kids and the kids she groomed.

No. 804727

File: 1605273778475.png (638.61 KB, 707x588, unknown.png)

Greg spends so much time trying to hide his flaws, you'd think he'd at least attempt not to show his massive balding spot to the teens.

No. 804743

File: 1605285243771.jpeg (38.43 KB, 643x413, 85EA2455-2C84-4914-9ACF-8CEAB2…)

Anyone else notice he painted the fucking cursor

No. 804744

Yep, noticed that too. Oh, the irony when he always gloats about how much time and effort he puts into his work.
I've never seen a person being so bad at so many things.

No. 804761

What a retard!

No. 804764

Its funny how Greg tries everything to try and become relevant again, I mean he has tried:
- Make music, the same song over and over again "I'm a insert word here", no one gives a shit.
>in b4 greg is a shit musician.
- Writing a book, nobody cared.
>in b4 greg can't write for shit.
- Make sub par CGI in a porn program, nobody gave a shit.
>in b4 greg can't cgi for shit.
- Do an onlyfans, possibly inspired by Billie etc., no one gave a shit.
>in b4 greg is an ugly hobbit
- Stream on Twitch advertising himself as the "i'm a banana"-guy, absolutely no one gave a flying fuck. Tried to up his stats with bots, failed.
>in b4 greg is a shit gamer.
And now he's trying to do a kid thing. Did I leave anything out? I'm sure I did, I don't doubt it. Its incredibly hilarious to see him try everything. Whats next I wonder? A DIY channel? Oh wait he already did that on onlyfans.. (pun intended)

No. 804783

Lol I remember when he played a clown in a kid's channel video but the father took the video down after people informed him Grease is a nonce. It's not the first time he tries to be relevant by being involved in content for children.

No. 804786

if his youtube career doesn't work out, he'll need to go on welfare. I really don't see any other way. If he had just stuck to being a failed youtuber it wouldn't have been a problem. Hell a company might even enjoy the novelty of having a former "famous youtuber" as a receptionist at the front desk. But now, with the onlyfans and sticking dildo's up his ass he can forget about that. I don't even think a mcdonalds would want him flipping burgers.
I think he really fucked himself over with that.

No. 804787

Sexual coercion does not "require" physical force, blackmail or money are other possible factors. It's not relevant here but that's a dangerous sentiment to assert when it comes to rape

No. 804788

thats true someone can also hypnotize you in to having sex.

No. 804791

If you're insinuating that grug used hypnosis to make her groom underage girls then there's a bridge I'm interested in selling you.

Lainey might've been raped, she might've not, but she still groomed and exchanged nudes with underage girls. At this point arguing whether she was raped or not is just semantics.

No. 804796

I mean, if we use Greaseball's logic here the fact that Sarah is not in jail right now is proof Taylor was never raped by her.

No. 804797

File: 1605320033840.png (858.83 KB, 1061x458, kidstv.png)

Never understood how that happened. Was he advertising online or somewhere locally to be in children's videos? Or did the parents ask him to do it. Either way its fucking creepy.

No. 804800

That video was beyond bizarre. Be was trying to make it a "how to video" and use his psychotic calm voice and he failed yet at something else..not to mention, the ick factor that a grown ass 35 year old man is painting Pikachu on his wall no matter how bad it was

No. 804801

Where are these anons coming from lately who are pretty much playing into Taylor's 'muh victimhood' ?
Do you not know where you are?
She's garbage. She wasn't forced into doing a damn thing with Sarah. She is the one who started it with Sarah. She is as bad as Greg.

No. 804832

No, Greg just used Kombucha.

No. 804839

Iirc, that was around the time when he uploaded "audition videos" to vimeo, trying to become a full-time actor. They were incredibly bad.
I faintly remember that he auditioned for the role somewhere but take it with a grain of salt.

No. 804848

No one here absolves Lainey but we don't have short term memory only, Grease orchastrated all the shit and she went along with it. The same if he did some other crime and she also partook in it. Let's not think Lainey actually wants to fuck girls, she's never maintained any romantic relationships with them apart from texting or whatever. When they meet in person it's Greg that pushes all the sex acts. They're both in too deep with their antics to leave each other freely without backlash so they're stuck in a gay limbo

No. 804865

LameBot is right where her smug ass wants to be. She orchestrated meeting Greg in the first place & being a grown man he could've said no like a non-pedo but obvi that's not gonna happen. She is as manipulative as he is and gets off on seeing her twin flame Greek god use and smear the girls while she cries and plays the victim. The video where Sarah and Pedobot played Connect Four was vile and it was 100% pedobots doing. I'm glad people are getting called out for giving her the slightest bit of slack

No. 804869

Heiney has always been a shitwhore and will always be a shitwhore. I remember back in the day people used to feel sorry for her but I was on to her ratchet shenanigans and misdealings from the get go. If you were to tell me that she tossed poor little Cloey from the second story window for not eating her broccoli i'd believe you no questions asked.
FUCK Lamebrainy.

No. 804879

Man, this video did not age well lmaooo

Sorry, I’m still a little drunk from last night

No. 804881

Two of the posts are mine and I’m not an anti-o, I just thought the not-Greg posts were funny and sound just like him (if it’s really him). This witch hunt is stupid tbh.

Btw I saw heatboss get into trouble a little because of me lol

No. 804882

Well, the way I see it is, the one thing Greg is able to harp on about lately is that he was raped by Sarah.
It would piss him off majorly if everyone realised he technically raped Lainey. So he’s a rapist too.
That would piss him off SO much and probably shut him up about Sarah raping him.

And these are things he straight up admitted to in a video. How could you keep forcing your spouse to do that when you knew how they felt? It’s pretty disgusting.
But this isn’t about Lainey being a victim, it’s simply about being able to pin something on Greg that he literally admitted to. When rsn coerced someone, the whole internet called him a rapist for years.
And here we have Greg admitting how much lainey didn’t want to do it and how he kept pushing for it anyway. Greg has straight up admitted to coercion so it’d be nice to get under his skin by screaming that he’s a rapist, just like he’s doing to Sarah, where his version of raping/coercing Lainey is far more solid than Sarah’s version of “raping” him.

No. 804885

People have already realized it. I've seen people replying to his tweets with video of him saying these things. He will never stop with his story because if he backtracked he could no longer claim to be the fax machine that OnLy HaS ThE tRuTh!!!!

No. 804892

It just feeds into the 'lainey is crying' narrative. Lainey loved messing around with Sarah until she got cucked yet again and then thrown under the bus. She didn't care about Sarah being used and abused until Greg started giving her more attention that he gave his man wife. In true Lainey and Greg fashion she was whining and throwing a fit so Greg made up some bullshit about her almost vomiting after fucking Sarah. Sure. She sure as hell wasn't vomiting from disgust from having threesomes with Clot sleeping in the bed next to them. She's only "disgusted" because the attention was no longer on her.

No. 804904

I'd pay to see that smug cunt trying to justify her husband doing "junk to rear" with Sarah behind her back. She put all the blame on Billie the first time he cheated on her, but this time there's no bullshit excuse to justify him fucking Sarah in the ass after she told him they were not supposed to have sex. Anal sex still counts as sex despite Grease's retarded logic saying it doesn't somehow.

No. 804909

Me too. I wish she did live streams again for that reason alone kek. You know she would spin it to where it was aLl sArAh'S fAuLt.

No. 804913


>Greg has straight up admitted to coercion so it’d be nice to get under his skin by screaming that he’s a rapist.

He was a rapist ever since Adrienne. She showed him in every way she didn't want to have sex through physical and verbal protests. He ignored each response. He overpowered her. She gave up and he forced himself on her. What's even sicker? The fucker tried to get her pregnant even though she didn't want that.

That's rape.

Lainey is a peice of shit who I desperately hope goes to prison just as much as Greg. But I believe she is also a victim of marital rape in the same way. I don't and won't give Greg the benefit of the doubt after what he did to Adrienne given that his abusiveness only grew over the years and Lainey was and is much MUCH more vulnerable to his abuse being married to him as a fresh vulnerable 18 year old.

Plus their marriage wasn't LOOONG after he raped Adrienne.

It's a fucked up tinfoil but if Lainey was raped or sexually abused by Greg it would explain why she never "put up a fight" with the threesomes because drunk or sober she knew putting up a fight failed her before and would fail her again. Greg's probably told her this too.

My blood crawls thinking he did/does Lainey what he did to Adrienne.

Sarah's recount on their first time was looking over and seeing the two having sex randomly and them "making" her join. Greg could've taken Lainey by surprise the same way Sarah was by the pair. That would explain Lainey breaking down in tears after the coercion. It was spontaneous. She was unaware, unprepared, unwilling and could do nothing about it. Crying could very well be her regular response to similar situations that were all too familiar.

No. 804922

You'd have to go back through the threads to when that happened. I think the uploader said something about finding his name (he didn't use Onision/Greg) in a roster of available "talent" but I don't remember where this roster was located. Either the name of the vid or the clown's name was "Patty Mayo".

No. 804923

lmao. I felt sorry for her until I found out she groomed Regina, Sarah and who knows how many other minors she strung along for attention.
Witch hunt? No one's hunting anti's. It's a fact that they've posted here before and some of them like the one you mentioned, likes getting attention.

No. 804926

She goes along with the threesomes because she's a doormat and is afraid Grease will be mad at her if she says no. Such a healthy marriage uwu.

No. 804927

>So he’s a rapist too.
Sarah's said this and of course onion never responded to it because there's nothing he can say without making himself look even stupider than he already does.
AJ's said she doesn't see it as rape even though she did tell him NO several times. He kept pressing her so she gave up and went along. Regardless, if she didn't call it rape and doesn't look at it that way then I won't be putting words in her mouth, which is something Onision would definitely do.

No. 804930

He'll never backtrack from his deluded, fabricated narrative because all he has now are his delusions. If he gave those up he'd have nothing.

No. 804932

>if his youtube career doesn't work out
>implying his yt "career" isn't over
kek. He and his wife will forever be known for grooming kids. They won't be making any real money online anymore, their e-begging days are over.

No. 804933

He also keeps trying to get attention from other big youtubers like Repzion and Jaclyn Glenn hoping for an ounce of clout. He's so desperate he's still begging for an interview with fellow cow Chris Hansen. I guess the "Onision documentary" Hansen sold must've fallen through because no one worth a fuck wanted to participate in it, just Onision, Regina and Shiloh.

No. 804934

Exactly. It’s been a consistent story with him and sex. Shiloh even said that he started trying to have sex the second they first met and same with Lainey. Billie said the same thing that it wasn’t even a day that he was pushing her and Lainey to do sexual acts. Plus the similarities in him getting mad at Lainey when she didn’t want to have the first threesome with Billie, he admits to repeating the same pos behaviour getting upset with Lainey again for not wanting to be with Sarah.

I can totally see him doing the same shit when the first sexual encounter happened with Sarah.

He’s a pos.

No. 804937

The point is had Lainey been an unwilling participant in the threesome she could've backed out at any time. Sarah felt uneasy about what happened that night too but she never once even tried to imply that she was raped. Yes Greg orchestrated the threesome but we have the ss showing Lainey was already having sexual convos with Sarah when Sarah was underage, long before Sarah met Greg. Lainey essentially primed Sarah for the eventual "relationship", all while publicly insisting that their interactions with Sarah were strictly platonic.

No. 804939

It doesn’t make it right, but my theory has always been, after a while, lainey figures out his game and that he was never going to stop his waterheadsd tantrums if she wasn’t “exploring her bisexuality” and that’s when lainey started only flirting with people who she knew Greg wouldn’t touch.

Whether they be minors or just people she knew Greg wouldn’t be attracted to.
It wasn’t AS bad for lainey to be flirting with people like regina when there were only a few years age gap.
Even the whole Sarah thing, I truly believe was just a way for lainey to try to keep Greg away from pushing a third for a while. Lainey would pretend she’s into Sarah, Greg wouldn’t break the law, and lainey had a few years of freedom without Greg screaming like an infant for not getting his baby carrot wet by some new teens.

But then push came to shove, and Sarah turned legal, lainey tried to stop it by saying “i can’t now, I was Sarah’s guardian” to try to weasel out of it but water head wouldn’t stop. Once his over pumped deformed baby carrot is hard, it’s game over.

& The thing is, lainey DID put her foot down and put a stop to it. That’s why Greg was dating Sarah alone at one point.
I dont care how shit lainey is, I’m just saying, she was coerced by Greg to sleep with Sarah otherwise he would threaten divorce, which is exactly what she said that he said during the billie saga.

So lainey felt like she had no choice but to be included. I actually believe that lainey did complain afterwards and say she was disgusted because she didn’t see Sarah in that way, but Greg didn’t care and kept pushing it, until lainey finally stepped back and said, well you just date her, I’m out.

That’s fucking rape and coercion.

Greg is a rapist.

No. 804942

It is astonishing how some of you are still making the piece of shit Taylor into a helpless victim. Talking about "Kai is crying" like it's real. That bitch is a predator. What tf is wrong with some of you. Are you completely blanking out on all the gross shit Taylor willingly did to these girls? No-Its not because she's abused and Greg forced her ffs She used to go on live streams babbling on that everyone was jealous of her relationship with her twin flame. She's a manipulator abuser just like her shit stain husband.

No. 804943

Have you not seen the SS between Greg and Lame arguing over who took Sarah's virginity. Lainey is a rapist/predator just like Greg. She is repulsive

No. 804944

Even back then, he was making up fake sock puppet comments. Nobody said that to him. Kek He wrote that himself

No. 804946


I like this theory but I remember the sexual stuff Greg tried to do with Samantha and Greg telling her in the end, she was supposed to be a third but was "a huge expense" instead because she didn't make the cut. Greg wanted to be balls deep but Lainey hated her outright.

Then I remember Maya who Greg, on Christmas Day, spontaneously and forcefully kissed immediately after she "agreed" to being in a poly relationship with them. She went to them with the idea that it was supposed to be a "v" relationship where her and Greg would be with Lainey because she liked Lainey and Lainey only. But Maya was supposed to know Greg was a part of it without any incling of them mentioning that to her, same as they did in the screenshots Billie showed where it was only supposed to be her Lainey.

I agree she learned his game, I disagree that her plans to work around it "worked". She fails the same way Greg does. It only "worked" because their dating pool was getting smaller and smaller the worse their online presence got, no one else seemed to have her doormat Laineybrain to stay with Greg. Lainey's prey didn't want Greg, only her.

Maya wasn't interested in Greg.

Greg wasn't in interested in Regina or Adam because Billie set the standard.

Sam I believe was used by Greg to fuck with Lainey for fucking with his poontang chase and soaking up all the girls attention. Sam was willing to try a poly relationship with Greg and I think that made Lainey hate her the most because she didn't "reel her in". Greg did. On his own accord, without her help. Sam was young and way prettier than Lainey too. Then there's the fact that Greg disrespected Lainey by having Sam stay at the house even though she REALLY didnt want that. They had a fight about it. Lainey was all round pissed.

He taunted her with the idea that he can always be desired by some younger, prettier thing. That he doesnt really need her but of course he did.

Because how else was he gonna live out the fantasy of fucking a child he had under his care five months after they were no longer deemed "a minor" by law. Sarah was still very close to a minor then than she'd ever be again. Lainey was the key to Sarah because Greg HAD to treat her poorly for the sake of not seeming like a groomer. And Sam wasn't worth losing out on that pseudo-pedo-family incest fest. Never forget their daughter was in the bed more than once in their sex sessionS according to Sarah.

Remember, Greg likes doing sick things while skirting the law like most twisted criminals and fucking Sarah was the sickest thing he'd 'get away with' after saying she was like a Foster daughter to him and saying "she's like a sister to me." He got off on that big time.

Going off track but Greg never stopped trying to get his dick wet. Sarah stopped nothing. Lainey stopped nothing. Lainey got luckily the girls weren't originally attracted to Greg each time except for Sam and Sarah.

No. 804947

>Lainey started only flirting with people who she knew Greg wouldn’t touch.
Lainey invited the underage girl she'd been grooming for the last 2 years to live with them. Lainey was telling Sarah about greg's dick when she was 14, so your tinfoil doesn't hold water.

Greg lied publicly saying everything between them and Sarah was platonic, if that were true he never would've had sex with Sarah. He lied publicly because privately he'd been planning to have sex with Sarah pretty much the entire time she'd been living there underage.

No. 804948

>It wasn’t AS bad for lainey to be flirting with people like regina when there were only a few years age gap
If I'm not mistaken Regina, like Sarah, was also 14 when she and Lainey started talking, and if Regina is the same age as Sarah now, that means Lainey was in her 20s and also a mother when she started having sexual convos with literal middle schoolers.
>she was coerced by Greg to sleep with Sarah otherwise he would threaten divorce
This still doesn't negate the fact that Lainey was having sexual convos with Sarah well before Greg was in the picture.

No. 804964

Why are we still going over this ‘Sarah x Lainey x Onion + Onion the rapist + Kai is totes innocent’ shit anyway? We’ve been through this over 9,000 times, can’t we talk about something else?!

For cripes sake, man…

No. 804969

I started the discussion this time and I wasn’t saying lainey is innocent. I’m saying there’s more solid evidence that Greg is a rapist then there is against Sarah.

No. 804982

I don’t think anyone is saying Ghislainey is innocent. She’s just as terrible but just debunking some of his blatant lies.

In some ways I think she may be worse.

No. 804985

The reason so many of us are jumping on it is because a few anons are back on the 2016 train of thinking Taylor is some sort a victim. "Greg made her do it. She was crying and vomiting" kek x 10000000
I'm waiting for posts of outrage telling us to use her correct pronouns because she's a mannnnn youuuuuu guisssssssee kek

No. 804986

>it is because a few anons are back on the 2016 train of thinking Taylor is some sort a victim
I remember those days well and it always annoyed the shit out of me. I think this sympathy also came from the Anti-O's tbh. (not sure though)
People used to talk to Taylor endlessly trying to get her to leave Greg, saying how he abused her and such. She would always reply : "You guys do not know Greg like I do." Yeah, I bet we don't. I also bet we don't know Taylor or the depth of her own depravity.

No. 804995

She would bask in the sympathy too. She was so smug defending Greg with her neck covered in hickies. The best though is always smugly showing off her engagement/wedding ring and people caught on it was turning her finger green and bringing it up during life streams. That was hilarious

No. 804996

File: 1605464386886.jpeg (151.65 KB, 820x1775, 114CF290-3B4F-491E-AFD1-C38FDD…)

Yeah but, it’s been documented that people who stay in relationships with narcs are often to become a mini narc version of their abuser.
Lainey is a victim of Greg’s, but then she became someone who also made shitty decisions so I’m definitely not saying she’s innocent. I’m just saying, living with Greg for all those years, especially as a teenager, would have seriously stunted her emotional intelligence. We know she is codependent with Greg and will probably never leave him because that’s the common model with abusive relationships.
But I also wonder the type of affect having the whole internet and world hate you and call you pedos would do to a person.
I know a lot of people see her as smug and condescending. But I think she was putting on a front to pretend she wasn’t absolutely wrecked by everything, like billiegate and even vixmas, the sam stuff.
I would be ropable if my partner just invited someone he wanted to bang to come and live with us in the family home.
Living with Greg would truly make anyone crazy. And when the whole world hates her thats only ever going to make her stick to Greg like glue because he self esteem ends up so shot, that she would think he’s the only one truly there for her that stuck by her thick and thin, when actually, he caused her all those horrible situations by wanting to get his deformed carrot wet.

As for the texts about arguing who took Sarah’s virginity. I don’t think it was in the context that it was implied.
I just looked up the text again and yeah, lainey was just responding to Greg’s manipulation, I can’t see the full context but to me it appears like Greg was throwing a hissy fit because launch didn’t want to get coerced into sex with Sarah anymore. And this was probably around the time where lainey decided to just let Greg date Sarah and stay out of it.
Greg was seemingly trying to manipulate lainey into continuing to date Sarah because Greg was trying to say since they took her virginity and virginity is so important. They shouldn’t possibly let the fact that lainey doesn’t want to have sex with her get in the way of their awesome threesomes.
(typical Greg logic..) and lainey saying actually you took her virginity not me, and then went on to say that 7 years of a relationship is also important, but you threatened that.

So yeah. I don’t see lainey arguing over Sarah’s virginity disrespectful here at all, if anything she was trying to stop Greg’s manipulation where he was clearly just trying to get pained to shut up about being disgusted and repulsed by having sex with Sarah and to be a good sex doll and to continue or, like the message says, their 7 year relationship would be threatened.

Things really aren’t looking good for Greg.
That’s pretty decent evidence to support the fact that he absolutely did rape/coerce lainey.

No. 804997

Yikes. Taylor is the one who groomed Sarah from the beginning. I hate Greg, but this was all on uwu victim Taylor. Taylor was sending underage Sarah (and several other girls nudes) all by her uwu victim self without Greg. This ss was not taken out of context. How could this convo be in an okay context with your foster daughter. Stop defending this puke of person and lessening her guilt. She is trash. No way around it.

No. 805003

Honestly you sound retarded and >>804996 anon explains how a lot of anons feel. Also why does Regina's name still get brought up she was a victim of fuck all lol

No. 805013

Nah, I agree with other anons who refuse to give Kaimolulka one ounce of sympathy. Those of you writing missives describing her being an unaccountable victim is where the true retardation is shining brightly. She brought this on herself.

No. 805015

Bruh not a lot of anons feel this way. What are u even talking about?
It's like u same 2 retards white knighting for Lainey still

No. 805028

File: 1605484936684.jpeg (117.68 KB, 800x870, 5A5F2C01-C8BE-4B2E-B2BF-83E257…)

Sorry for non-contribution, just too much like Greg.

No. 805034

She already was fucked up even before she met Grease. She dated that rapist in New Mexico for 4 years and probably would still be with him if Grease never paid attention to her desperate tweets.

No. 805045

You’re the retard for still sticking up for her just because she was with Grease. All you’re doing is letting her believe we still feel sorry for her (lol we don’t) because Onion man bad and muh vagina

Let me repeat: Taylor, Kai, Lainey, manwhore, ugly cunt, pancake tits, etc.;

No one, I repeat; NO ONE feels sorry for you and whatever sympathy we might’ve had in the past is GONE. You are nothing but a Walmart brand of Ghislaine Maxwell and a fucking coward. Have fun taking down accounts cuz the farms and spectators will never forget and we are watching.

No. 805046

File: 1605500187102.png (1.11 MB, 783x594, OHMYGOODNES.png)

This faggot absolutely loses it when the DMCA claims don't work, but lately he's taken most of his shit off the web with some success. Whoever has all his onlyfags files, I recommend you upload his miseries in anonfiles/volafile/MEGA/etc and upload everything to make sure he hemorrhages any kind of potential following by keeping his shit free.

No. 805054

Imagine defending this pedo and blaming her being a predator on everyone else. Are you dense? Must be

No. 805149

That's a lot of word salad anon. Also >>804708.

No. 805150

>You are nothing but a Walmart brand of Ghislaine Maxwell and a fucking coward.
She's had her UwU pedo twinflame speaking for her for the last year, she's so innocent she's had nothing to say in her own defense. Onision does it for her because he's been bullshitting on the internet for much longer than she has and he's still fucking shit at it.

No. 805151

File: 1605598455057.jpeg (79.08 KB, 585x1054, REGINA Onision forums.jpeg)

Regina's name gets brought up because she was yet another minor Lainey was having sexual/romantic convos with who Onision also denies ever knowing about despite the fact that Regina modded his forums too.

No. 805152

File: 1605598647869.jpeg (285.72 KB, 801x1993, Pedobot Regina.jpeg)

No. 805168

File: 1605626374154.jpg (216.42 KB, 534x812, yikes.jpg)

>So much shit was happening with underage people, doxing etc. I had someone leak my underage nudes on there as well.
So why the fuck did you never go to the police you ugly skankosaurus?
it was rag who leaked your nudes by the way, he also leaked shiloh's nudes, and spread them like a motherfucker.

No. 805169

File: 1605627527734.jpg (82.78 KB, 720x512, ReginaIsWorkingOnIt.jpg)

>So why the fuck did you never go to the police you ugly skankosaurus?

Oh but Regina is doing exactly that. She never gave up on #deplatformpredators and just can't talk about what going on behind the scenes.

Not to tinfoil but this unnecessary hate towards Regina and odd mentionings of her and Shiloh's nudes reek of VPN secured NotGreg-posting. Funny how the Anon knows EXACTLY who leaked Regina's nudes. Just so happen to be someone else Greg loathes for speaking up against him on Chris Hansen YT channel. Hmmmm

No. 805180

A day late, a dollar short. All this bullshit about "oh behind the scenes" yeah and meanwhile we're almost 2 years further down the line. When are these spectacular arrests supposed to happen? And do I really need to tell you that I'm not Greg? No I don't, since you're too stupid anyway.
Yeah it was Rag, your big buddy, that leaked yours and shiloh's nudes. He was spreading them like a motherfucker when they just got out. How do you feel about that, you ugly toad?

No. 805181

Go suck Grift Scamsens old scrotum some more you big ugly dumb dyke

No. 805184

File: 1605632251498.jpg (35.08 KB, 568x748, diemad.jpg)

No. 805194

File: 1605636639638.jpg (122.11 KB, 720x665, GregCollectsCP.jpg)

>meanwhile we're almost 2 years further down the line.
The allegations first came out last August. A year and three months does not round off to "almost two years".

>When are these spectacular arrests supposed to happen?

In 2015 there was all the proof in the world that Austin Jones groomed and solicited child porn from his minor fans. There was even a video of him showing his victims how to twerk for him. He went to jail in 2019. That's four years. Investigations take time Greg.

>And do I really need to tell you that I'm not Greg?

You don't have to, Greg.

>Yeah it was Rag, your big buddy, that leaked yours and shiloh's nudes.

As if this sudden hate boner for Rag and Reg doesn't reek of NotGreg™. No one else EVER accused Rag of doing that. Keep in mind, Regina's UNDERAGED nudes were leaked on GREGORY'S (YOUR) FORUM. The same forum that was rampant with pedophiles. The same forum Greg would collect pics of UNDERAGED GIRLS on to put in his videos. The same forum GREGORY DELETED almost immediately after the grooming and child porn allegations came out against him.

>How do you feel about that, you ugly toad?

>Go suck Grift Scamsens old scrotum some more you big ugly dumb dyke

Lmao I am not Regina, Greg. I just know your bullshit when I see it. Greg deems Regina to be the ugliest of his and Kai's victims. He always brings up how unattractive he finds Reg to be. This thread is for shitting on Groomer and Fakeboi yet here you are shitting on their victim. No one else cares to shit on her or her looks but Greg, NotGreg.

Greg hates the fact that Regina never met the TwinFlame Groomers, was barely paid attention to, they were never "third material" but still they have INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE over them through nudes solicited from a MINOR Regina by an ADULT Kai.

Even if you force Kai to take the wrap for everything you are still connected to it all and the authorities will see through the bullshit scapegoat. Accessory to the crime and accomplice. There's Kai the solicitor of cp and you the seller of said cp. Must suck knowing Regina has the best leverage to get you and fakeboi locked the fuck up huh Greg?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805195

Oh really? So its just me being salty and mad? Tell me, what has happened? what have you guys done? Tell me what great things the Anti-O's achieved in this investigation?
Is Greg in prison yet? Is Lainey? What wins do you guys have on your repertoire? Do tell, I'm sure everybody would love to hear.
I mean you talk about all these great things happening behind the scenes, and well, we're all waiting anxiously, so do tell us what achievements you guys have made?
Oh yes the all great THESE THINGS TAKE TIME, again I am not Greg, not-Regina, but hey keep calling me Greg. Its hilarious, it kinda really proves my point how you guys suck ass at investigating. I mean if this is the kind of "evidence" you kids work with I won't hold my breath for an arrest.
Have a wonderful day, ugly.

No. 805196

You posted that shit twice, but thats what happens when you use a proxy. Long waiting times and shit, thinking it didn't go trough. Stellar work, definitely-not-fuck-ugly-Regina.

No. 805197

Why do you retards always think everybody is Greg?

No. 805198


I "edited" it to make sure to mention how you're connected to Kai's crime of soliciting cp. We know you plan to put all the blame on her but you're the pimp and she's the bottom bitch. She's the solicitor. You're the seller. All there is to it really. No proxy problems here.

No. 805199

You are kind of talking to me as if I didn't see two posts that where exactly identical except for that screenshot from droopy the dogfaced cowboy.
If Greg and foot collected and distributed CP why aren't they in prison yet? oh right "these things take time"

you guys are like Grift Scamsens parrots, just repeating his excuses. Again, I won't hold my breath for any shit to happen in the great big "gregory poo investigation" because Corona will be gone before it does, and so shall we. We'll all be dead and buried before anything happens, or rather, won't happen because it won't.
If Greg ever goes to prison for anything it will be due to one of his own fuckups, and not because of you guys. But i'm sure you and Grift will try and take credit for it. Thank fuck by then nobody cares about you, not that they do today mind you. How many viewers does Grift have per stream now? 2 or 3?

No. 805200

Anybody who is critical is Greg, right? Am I Greg too? Or maybe I'm Kai, can I be Kai? I always wanted to have a foot shaped head.

No. 805201

>If Greg ever goes to prison for anything it will be due to one of his own fuckups

Lmao this IS his fuck up. He been fucking up my guy.

Or do you think Kai's the only one out of these two child porn pedophile criminals to blame for their mess?

Why won't Greg leave Kai since you know- Greg hates criminals. I mean she did get exposed for soliciting child porn after all so why won't he leave Kai? Oh wait! I know why! Greg's a fucking hypocrite AND a fucking criminal too!

No. 805203

So you guys are sitting on all this evidence right, mountains of it, and do tell what are the cops doing with all this evidence?
Ah forget it, you guys are fucking retards. You haven't got shit, you just keep promising and promising same as Grift Scamsen at the end of every stream.
The Regina streams where hilarious though, man I never laughed so hard. Crying over an e-fling and unrealistic expectations. It was hysterical.
But hey, keep believing, i'm sure if you wish it hard enough, it will actually happen! In fact, I hope you guys are right and he will go to prison. However, again, won't hold my breath. Might as well expect the blue fairy to appear and make Lainey a real boy.
I know you guys are pretty damn dense but I'm done with this conversation now, but I'm sure you gotta put that last word in so go right ahead. I mean its not like I'm gonna care any day soon..

No. 805208

>If Greg ever goes to prison for anything it will be due to one of his own fuckups
>Lmao this IS his fuck up. He been fucking up my guy.
Laughing and then agreeing with anon, Anti-O's, keeping it MENSA.
I think you guys might actually be stupider than Greg, which is.. amazing, really.

No. 805210

File: 1605639092870.jpg (51.7 KB, 720x296, SarahDidSomething.jpg)

>So you guys are sitting on all this evidence right, mountains of it, and do tell what are the cops doing with all this evidence?

See Austin Jones for more information.

>You haven't got shit, you just keep promising and promising same as Grift Scamsen at the end of every stream.

Who ain't got shit: Anti-Os

Who got shit: Sarah, Regina and Adam.

No. 805211

What the fuck does Austin Jones even have to do with anything. You keep bringing him up he has NOTHING to do with this. NOTHING.
Oh right Sarah has shit, like how she brought that laptop to the courthouse and then it magically sat inside Vince's basement for months.
Look kiddo, i'll believe you when I see it. Until then you are just a maggot, you are full of shit, and you need to learn how to sage your fucking autistic posts.

No. 805213


See >>805184 for more information.

No. 805217

ah, yes i understand your strange lingo, i have translated it, it means : "we have nothing"

Thank you for being so frank. It really explains a lot.

No. 805219

File: 1605643283220.jpg (275.8 KB, 1591x626, case.jpg)

No. 805220

Why does it matter what "we" have Anon? Why so much emphasis on that?
Even the Anon you're yelling at isn't claiming to have anything on Greg and referenced the people who do (Sarah etc). Not everyone here is an Anti-O and I think this hateful sperg out is more about your hatred for Antis and the victims than it is for Greg. If so, the new Onision forum is free. Should probably take your grievances there.

No. 805221

Did you seriously just post that?
No really, did you? Because I kinda feel like i'm in some sort of weird fever dream.
Well I don't know you tell me. I don't give a flying fuck what you guys have but you people are claiming Gregory poo is going to prison for 8 million years. Of course thats going to peak some peoples curiosity. Should I link you to the title of this thread?
Also for the love of everything that doesn't suck, learn to fucking god damn sage your posts.

No. 805223

>Did you seriously just post that?

Well, you tell us how long this investigation should be taking since you claim to be the expert.

No. 805226

>Did you seriously just post that?

You're acting like >>805219 isn't legitimate information. It is and would explain why the groomers aren't in jail. Yet. How is that possibility so unfounded to you? You're giving no explanation for that but damn what a fever dream it's causing you to have. Dumbass.

Forgive the austist reference but you know that montage in Deadpool 1 where Deadpool was killing up the food chain of henchmen to get to Francis/Ajax?

The investigation could very well be like that as Greg is a distributor of Child Pornography. There are other pedos involved in this. They could be rounding up all the pedos linked to the Jacksons through the metadata on Sarah's phones, Kai's laptop which she gave to Sarah (Greg controlled and had access to all Kai's devices) and the metadata from Greg's deleted (but archived) forums.

To reference another happening. The FBI once left a cp site up after privately arresting the kingpin. Why? To get to the other predators that were accessing the site. Likewise Kai and Greg don't run an actual cp site. They're covert so arresting them right away would serve no purpose. Plus they're well known. If arrests were to happen now, the news would get out due to their infamy and that'll give their pedo clientèle time to double down and get away scot free.

>I don't give a flying fuck what you guys have

You're spergouts prove otherwise buddy. I'll press x for doubt.

>you people are claiming Gregory poo is going to prison for 8 million years

There's enough reason for anyone to believe or be hopeful that he will go to jail. Hopefully Trisha and Heezy's tip off to the authorities about Greg's cp/pedo riddled discord speeds the process up. Fingers crossed.

No. 805227

this shit again everyone knows nothing will ever happen its just a big fat nothing burger piss off

No. 805229

Ok groomer.(hi cow)

No. 805230


So, you don’t know how long it should take. Do you even know the steps of an investigation just leading up to indictment?

Come on “destroyer”.

No. 805232

You have to seriously be retarded to still believe in any investigation. Did you Anti-O assholes also help Chris sell "Corona Cures" from the trunk of his car in that car-lot listed as the Nano Vapor Biotech companies address?
And did he give you free Escobar phones?
Or how about those neato pyramid schemes? I bet you guys are making mad dough.

No. 805234

But Austin Jones was arrested immediately after the cops found CP in his computer and he waited for his trial in jail?

No. 805235

>Or how about those neato pyramid schemes? I bet you guys are making mad dough.

Even in that ruse we would still be making more dough than Greg is making right now.

>you Anti-O assholes

Are all of us considered Anti-Os to you? Because you're posting in here too. Are you the exception? Do you believe Greg did nothing illegal? Do you believe he's not a criminal? Do you believe he should get arrested? Can you answer those questions? Not that I'm trying to see something, I'm just intrigued by your presence is all.

The allegations first came out in 2015. On June 12, 2017, Austin Jones was arrested at O'Hare International Airport by agents of U.S. Immigration and Customs Homeland Security Investigations on two counts of producing child pornography. On June 15th he was released from federal custody to house arrest in his mother's custody after posting a $100,000 bond, but was ordered to abstain from using the Internet while he awaited trial. Jones was given permission to remain under house arrest until he reported to prison on June 28, 2019. Theoretically it took two years for him to get arrested even though he was only a recipient of cp. Greg is a recipient and distributor. Distributors are harder to tackle than simple recipients and Greg is both. Likewise, it was still four years before Jones saw a jail cell.

Google shit before spewing a false narrative. Yeah?

No. 805236

>Even in that ruse we would still be making more dough than Greg is making right now.
So? You keep deluding yourself that anyone critical of the anti-O's is gregory poo and / or pro-Greg. Thats a YP, not an MP.
>Are all of us considered Anti-Os to you?
Thats exactly what you guys are doing thinking we are all Greg!
I still don't see the correlation between Gregory poo and Austin Jones, then again, I'm not autistic.
If you guys still believe the uwu victims, and that Greg is going to prison: fine, dandy. Hell to answer your other question I would even enjoy it highly if Greg were to go to prison. Just don't expect anyone else to believe that non sense.
We live in this world, I don't know what world you guys are living in. (or what drugs you're taking to still believe in it)

No. 805237

>If you guys still believe the uwu victims

So you don't believe the victims witness testimonies? Do you believe they're all lying on Greg? If so, How come?

>I still don't see the correlation between Gregory poo and Austin Jones

Really? How come? I thought you only believed Greg won't go to jail but it seems like you also believe he did nothing along the lines of what Austin Jones did, which was collecting images and videos of minors for a sexual purpose.

Do you see a correlation between Kai and Austin Jones? Sarah showed proof of being sent nudes by Kai, there's pictures of the two cuddling wheen she was 17, and screenshots of sexualized convos the two had. All while Sarah was underaged. Some while Kai AND Greg still had power of attorney over Sarah. What's your thoughts on Kai's involvement in the Onision grooming/cp scandal? Do you think she got both of them into trouble that Greg doesn't deserve?

No. 805239

>So you don't believe the victims witness testimonies? Do you believe they're all lying on Greg? If so, How come?
Yes and no. I mean when Shiloh first gave her interview I genuinely believed she had changed. I even watched it with a friend and it was powerful, then later on of course well we all know what happened. She fucked up her credibility.
In terms of Sarah I'm glad you asked, I wanna know if she ever responded to Greg's supposed blackmail stuff, that she refused to sign the NDA blabla.
I absolutely believe Greg is a bastard. I believe he is an abuser and that we have no idea the depth of his depravity. But in terms of believing everything, I don't know. There have been several interviews that sort of hurt the credibility. There was this one stoned girl who told that Greg actually "killed people", then you had Rag Reynolds I believe him about as far as I could throw him and then theres the infamous Sarah laptop thing. Let me put it this way: I want to believe. I really do. I want to believe Greg and Lainey are going to prison. However, can you blame me for being very skeptic?
>Really? How come? I thought you only believed Greg won't go to jail but it seems like you also believe he did nothing along the lines of what Austin Jones did, which was collecting images and videos of minors for a sexual purpose.
Now we're getting somewhere, I'm glad we're now having this debate: Austin Jones his case was more clear cut. He asked underage girls for twerking videos, they had him on film demonstrating how to do it. All that was a smoking gun. Again, I wanna believe but also I wanna see the Greg smoking gun. Thats why I asked. Where is it? I want to see this smoking gun, and I wanna see him go to prison. But I don't see it happening any day soon.
About Kai's involvement, boy thats a rough one. Of course I believe she's guilty but in court and with any criminal case its not about what you know, its about what you can prove.
In terms of any court case or Greg and Lainey going to prison I just don't believe in it anymore. When this thing started specially with Hansen I was there every wednesday listening to it all. I have all related videos, interviews, screenshots I have everything on my hard disk thats how involved I have been and still am. But believe anything will happen? I've been demoralized. Can you blame me?
IF however we get this news item all over the news and we see the swamp trailer get raided by cops and we see Greg and Lainey being hauled away in cuffs believe you me I will be there dancing and partying with the rest of us.
I hope that answers your questions. And sorry about sort of blogging, hope the mods can forgive me, if not I'll gladly take my ban and wait it out.

No. 805242


Dodging the question of how long it should be taking and what the steps of an investigation are that lead up to an indictment.

So, basically, you don’t know.

No. 805243

Are you a cop? Are you the sheriff in Washington? Are you with the FBI?

You don't even know if there is (still) an investigation at all. They don't exactly announce it when they drop an investigation. Nor do they really announce it when there is. The fact that the sheriff did claim there was one is odd, to say the least. What could be the goal? All they did was tip off Greg.
So unless you are with law enforcement, you don't know if there is an investigation just as much as we know if there isn't.
So since you put it this way the entire argument is moot.
I however don't believe there is. Maybe there was one at one time, but I doubt there still is.
"these things take tiiiiime"- TM and (C) Chris Hansen original character do not steal
You know what else takes time? Bullshitting people.

No. 805244


But we do know there is an investigation. It’s on the record. End of story.

I don’t claim to know. You were the one making the claim nothing is being investigated which you just disproved yourself

No. 805245

Footface did stuff very similar to Austin Jones. Austin Jones investigation actually took a few years. I think foot is in more trouble than Greg despite Greg being an equal POS

No. 805246

Yes and you said that its now based on that laptop and phone right? Have you seen the OJ Simpson case? What they basically did in that trial was discredit evidence. Even if the Greg-thing does make it to court and thats a pretty huge if it will be very easy to discredit the laptop and phone. Since its been trough more hands than Billie has. Chain of custody much?
But hey, keep dreaming.
I hate do be your Debbie Downer, but wheres the evidence Nancy Drew?
Because that laptop isn't gonna cut it. And I already said I hope it does. I hope you're right. Its really up to the justice department here to prove me wrong. I'm actually right with you there hoping you are right, but I doubt it very much.
If, from a year or so from now, you can get to say me you were right I'll buy you an ice cream cone. Hold me to it, really.

No. 805251

o rly?
show me this record.

No. 805253

>About Kai's involvement, boy thats a rough one. Of course I believe she's guilty.

>I still don't see the correlation between Gregory poo and Austin Jones

So somehow, in the grand scheme of things. Kai is guilty but not Greg? As if the couple don't live and co-exist and even share similar behavioral patterns. Greg was just completely oblivious to Kai wrongdoings although they live in the same house and he had access to her devices and what not. Greg's innocent in all this.

People like you and Greg seem to forget that witness testimonies also hold up in court and all you need is 1 witness for a case. Greg and Kai have 3+ plus there's enough proof to show that none of his victims, even Shiloh, is lying about what occurred in their relationships/interactions with Greg.

>I have all related videos, interviews, screenshots I have everything on my hard disk thats how involved I have been and still am.

Gee for someone who's been so involved you seem to be leaving out Greg collecting pictures of underaged girls on his forums, the couples power of attorney over Sarah as a minor,calling her a Foster daughter/sister, saying their relation to her was only platonic, only trying to her her out of a bad home situation only to fuck her 5 months after she turned 18. Sarah's witness testimony of Greg and Kai fucking with their kids in the room, sometimes even in their bed. Just the general sketchiness of it all.

>If Greg and foot collected and distributed CP why aren't they in prison yet?

At first I thought you just didn't believe Greg would go to jail. But after reading that shite explanation it's like you believe he shouldn't while Kai should. Kinda like what Greg believes as well. What he hopes for actually. You know Greg and Kai are criminals but you're just deflecting, denying and ommiting information. You're way of trying to seem like you want them to go to jail while bullying the victims, blaming Kai and quite literally defending Greg on the basis that you can't physically see evidence against him is such fucking horse shit. If you're not Greg you might as well had been because it seems like you share the same retardation as the fucker. Nevertheless if you are Greg then I'd say congrats, you're finally learning how to anon-larp a bit better. Still needs some work though.

No. 805254

>If, from a year or so from now, you can get to say me you were right I'll buy you an ice cream cone. Hold me to it, really.

You can't buy us ice cream while in jail Greg.(hi cow)

No. 805256

>laptop and phone.

I never said it was solely based on that. It’s a good starting point to investigate (which is what investigations do, if you were unaware).

But do keep trying. Your flailing amuses me

No. 805257

Grugly doesn’t clean his asshole and there are pictures of it. Would go to kf, steal some then upload them here myself but I don’t want to lose what remaining eyesight I still have.

Another piece of hypocrisy from mr. bootalleh hanest

No. 805258

The interview with the now Sheriff, dipshit.
The one you referred to yourself

No. 805260

Chain of custody doesn't begin until the item being used for evidence is processed by law enforcement.

No. 805261

I didn't really read your reply since i'm pretty busy right now (no offense) but why are you so angry at me? I mean I keep telling you i want you to be right.
I mean what part of that do you keep reading over, you're angry at me for having doubt? why?

I never said Gregory poo is innocent, I keep agreeing with you, but you keep raging at me. You're reminding me of a very bad ex who used to do that.

No. 805263

File: 1605660676600.gif (1.93 MB, 177x177, trisha2.gif)

Gorg, how does it feel that even though you HATE your useless wife and your kids, you'll have to pay support for them for the next what, 15 years or so? and alimony to Lame for the next few years too? how does that feel? What about the fact that you will never ever find a good REAL job because every time you want to apply to one people will be doxxing you to your employers? Even if you never get charged/arrested your life is pretty much ruined at 35 and it has been no one's fault but your own. And we are all happy about it. Merry Xmas everybody!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805265

Why do you dumbass Anti-O's always assume everyone is Greg?

No. 805266

>it was rag who leaked your nudes by the way, he also leaked shiloh's nudes, and spread them like a motherfucker.
I know he and Erica backed up what Regina said as far as what happened when she was modding Greg's pedo forums. If you have sauce for your claim post it. I never heard anyone else point at Rag for this.

No. 805267

>Sarah brought that laptop to the courthouse and then it magically sat inside Vince's basement for months.
This again lol. We already put this to rest up thread >>804404, >>804408.

No. 805268

That's exactly why I think this dumbass is Greg. The tangents this "Anon" is going on is kinda unique to Greg's behavior.

No. 805270

I'm not so sure, there's not enough ellipses.

No. 805271

Did Trisha and Heezy actually show receipts that they contacted LE?

No. 805275

Some anon in the flakes thread had a giant hateboner for Regina too, saying the same thing about her looks. Same pic too >>805168. I will say Onision does like to ad hominem about other people's appearance despite looking like he fell asleep in a deep fryer.
Again, post sauce for your claims about Rag. No one else pointed at Rag before, this is the first I'm hearing it. Rag and Erica (former mods) helped corroborate Regina's experience in Onision's pedo forums.

No. 805278

>Regina's UNDERAGED nudes were leaked on GREGORY'S FORUM. The same forum that was rampant with pedophiles. The same forum Greg would collect pics of UNDERAGED GIRLS on to put in his videos. The same forum GREGORY DELETED almost immediately after the grooming and child porn allegations came out against him.
This (or most of it at least) and the vids he deleted are archived.

No. 805279

>If you guys still believe the uwu victims

I think the best person to answer some of your doubts/questions here would be this guy >>803849. He's the one who (for some unknown reason) publicly confirmed an investigation was happening. Was he lying? I have no idea lol. If anyone has questions such as "how long will this take", "is this legit" etc. GO ASK HIM >>803849, and tell us what he says.

Also, anti-o's aren't welcome here sorry but my god they're dumb and Hansen's a massive irrelevant shitstain. Thanks.

No. 805285

File: 1605671293736.jpg (165.34 KB, 720x863, GregIsStarfire.jpg)


I know I'm risking a tinfoil ban but I do believe that Greg did somewhat improve on his Anon-larping since he's been doing it so much. Don't mean to reference the kiwis but on his StarFire account he was able to shit on his own content pretending to be not Pro-Greg but soon enough he went into his NotGreg spergouts.

I do believe this Anon is him. All that we've pointed out in his words, ellipses and sentencing he just corrects and switches it up after each sock is banned. It's not impossible for him to "learn".

Only thing is, he always leaves a trace of his personality ie this brand new accusation against Rag. Nobody else but him would think to throw such nonsense out there with no proof. Mind you the same Starfire account accused heatboss of trying to hack their twitter account. That's right on cue with his "Regina is Adam" conspiracy and the "Sarah raped me" accusations. The one thing he can't hide is maliciously being an outlandish dumbass.

No. 805288

File: 1605672178293.jpg (142.24 KB, 720x697, GregIsStarfire2.jpg)

>And do I really need to tell you that I'm not Greg? No I don't, since you're too stupid anyway.

>Anybody who is critical is Greg, right? Am I Greg too? Or maybe I'm Kai, can I be Kai? I always wanted to have a foot shaped head.

>So? You keep deluding yourself that anyone critical of the anti-O's is gregory poo and / or pro-Greg. Thats a YP, not an MP.
>Thats exactly what you guys are doing thinking we are all Greg!

No. 805290

File: 1605673305735.jpg (159.83 KB, 720x920, GregIsStarfire3.jpg)

No. 805291

File: 1605673565832.jpg (80.96 KB, 720x451, GregIsStarfire4.jpg)

And here we have "StarFire's" anti-greg facade cracking into militantly defending the Greg they were soooo not in support of. He's cracking less it appears.(tinfoil)

No. 805293

Tbh it sounds exactly like one of Anus’ incel Twitter orbiters. I wouldn’t respond to it anymore it just mucks up the thread.

No. 805294

File: 1605675220000.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1704, B252EE77-5F82-4C61-AD72-3CBEA0…)

Our favorite Onion ex is possibly getting married!

Btw we need a new anti-o thread(wrong thread)

No. 805297

>greg is a distributor of cp
>greg receives cp
>kai sent sarah nudes
I have yet to see evidence of either but it's hilarious how some anons expect Greg to go to jail over something Lainey allegedly did.

No. 805299

This isn't milk newfags. Whoever's sperging at kiwi says the same shit over and over >>804026. Once was enough, stop posting these milkless faggots in here shitting up the thread with it.

No. 805302

>assumes Regina's selfposting
lol Regina has a twitter if you have questions for her anon. I agree with >>805275. You sound so sure of yourself but have no sauce. Regina spoke about her time modding in Greg's pedo forums and she has witnesses to back her up, does this upset you for some reason?

No. 805303

File: 1605682734847.png (91.04 KB, 540x405, ca17119eeb65464e0e4ac1786e22fe…)

>there's pictures of Kai and Sarah cuddling when Sarah was 17
Why would Lainey/Kai and Greg go through all the trouble of trying to cover their tracks, publicly lie about what was going on, and try to hide Sarah if they weren't doing anything wrong?

Greg likes to bullshit about how Sarah actually apologized and defended them while he conveniently leaves out the fact that she lied FOR THEM. Greg coached her on what to say. Having been groomed by Lainey since the age of 14 and then by Greg at 16, she didn't know any better at the time.

No. 805306

anti-O's have been scatting up this thread with their tinfoil, horseshit "investigation"-bullshit and thinking everybody is greg since last night. Must be that time of the month..
i'm sure i'm greg now, go ahead and say it, anti-o's. don't let me down on this.
kek'd hard at you dumbasses thinking i was greg about 3 times
now if you'll excuse me i gotta go put dildos up my ass for onlyfans, i guess.

No. 805307

File: 1605695585388.jpeg (221.35 KB, 705x1431, Pedo trap.jpeg)

>kai sent sarah nudes
>I have yet to see evidence
nta. Are you insisting on seeing foot's disgusting crotch and sagging udders anon? If so why? There are caps showing her posing with the gross bits censored, these were sent to Sarah. And let's not forget the pic related thirst trap. Kai claims she had Sarah put up the censor bar with the gross shit already painted over, but with the kind of convos she'd been having with Sarah before >>805152, >>804708 I have no reason to believe Kai didn't send nudes to her, Regina and who knows whoever else.

Explain the kind of 20-21 y/o mother that sends a 14 y/o pics of themselves in their fucking underwear? For Greg this is normal seeing as how minors in his old forums sent him pics of themselves (at his request) in their underwear and he used those pics in his vids.

Explain why anyone who's NOT a pedophile would do this?

No. 805308

>horseshit "investigation"
If you're another person with questions and are eager to have your questions answered why not take this >>805279 advice?

I have my doubts too, anyone's free to agree or disagree with that but for those with actual questions, they finally know who to take them to. You're welcome.

No. 805309

I'm welcome? Welcome for what? More Chris Hansen propaganda?

No. 805310

File: 1605698853638.jpg (14.1 KB, 300x360, grin.jpg)

>people still believing there is an investigation.

No. 805311

i get your frustration and you wanting it all to be true but lets face facts people have been fucking up in the greg investigation from day one and the evidence is flimsy at best
i want nothing more than to see that hyperactive freak get hauled off to jail kicking and screaming, but i am also a realist.

No. 805313


Ok, you said that about 43 times now. Good for you. We're all happy for you.

No. 805315

I am not who you think I am. But I admire your investigative technique.

No. 805323

Aren't you Greg? We are all Greg. Everybody who has anything remotely negative to say is part of Greg's hive-mind.

No. 805324

File: 1605712517379.gif (1.51 MB, 720x390, hV2O7SH.gif)

No. 805344

It's pretty much been known Rag was behind a lot of the leaks since he was a mod and had access to everything. Him going on Chris Hansen was to cover his own tracks because he's been involved in the revenge porn etc. Wonder why Hansen never tried to interview fat becca or any of those ones. They would have had more interesting things to say than retards like the dogfucker. When fatbecca was active there were other males like Sylar grooming young girls too and all that fetlife bullshit. I want to know what happened to the high paying German paypig that flew out? Why hasn't he been about? The onision discord were rampant with underage nudes and men swarmed round them too like flies to shit. Most of the leaks from girls like amber etc came from the men in those servers so they had to distance themselves since revenge porn is actually a crime.

No. 805345

Eh, I think suspecting Greg behind every other post is just a reaction to KF banning his possible socks, and since Greg doesn't know what to do with his time, except for combing the internet for his name and writing whiney, hateful messages, it doesn't take too much to figure out that he needs another outlet. Which might be LC.
But ever since the thread over at KF got shat up, this thread started infighting as well, so I do understand why anons start pointing fingers.
Anyway, it's a moot point.

Whether or not Greg will end up in jail, we don't know. But what we do know is that he has ruined his life and has permanently damaged his and Lainey's reputation beyond repair. For a narc like him that might be worse than sharing a cell with Big Bubba.
He will never be successful again and he will never be able to rope in any beautiful or moderately intelligent girl with any redeeming qualities. All he has left are his orbiters of whom he wants none.

No. 805346

With the amount of sockpuppeting Tamara had done in the othe rthrsad and pretending to be Null. Plus spastics like bad banana that self post. Not to mention gene/Vince and various other retards plus commentary channels etc etc, there are a lot of people that would have motives to sockpuppet as Greg. Greg doesn't need to come on to forums to self post and argue against himself he'd upload a video or mention it on a stream etc etc. I wish the KF posters would all fuck off and keep to KF, when it's dead over there or LC has laughed at them for entertaining spastics they get less active and come over here. I've even saw heatboss screen cap a post I made previously about how obvious it is other people are pretending to be Greg and saying hoes mad or some shit. Like no one is anti o on lolcow. We have always hated the twitter cunts that come and shit up threads or take our posts to fuel a fight between other retards. Like it's not my fault that starfire used my poet calling KF a place of retards to stir up trouble. KF is full of easily trolled faggots. Again I think it's because of men posting there freely and men are retards

No. 805347

I just did a very quick check on Respit since I've also found it weird that he was the only guy who stuck with Greg for so long and then simply vanished.
While I don't want to allege that he was there for the girls / pictures, his channels seem to be a copy of Greg's.
He has three YT channels (Respit, RespitTalks, RespitSings) but neither of them have any content anymore. He also has a Patreon but is only following a cosplayer (?) called Nikki Nevermore.

I would have been really interested in Dev's point of view after they had a fallout at the meet-up. Maybe Hansen reached out to all of them and they just didn't want to be part of the whole chaos, maybe Hansen doesn't even know they exist in the first place.

It would still be interesting to actually see some proof that incriminates Rag since you seem to be so adamant about it. It's always difficult to go by "Someone anonymous on the internet said that XYZ, so it must be true."

No. 805349

There'd be people in the servers or were in the servers that can clarify about Rag but he was always suspect. He went on Hansen and he was full of shit. He downplayed his role on the forums to Hansen too he was modding forums and discords. He's just a big fat ugly cunt with a superiority complex because some middle aged fat fuck gave him some online attention when that all went to shit he started outting other girls nudes.

Respit was a creepy cunt too. All the men that hang around Greg are using him for one thing, access to young girls. It's pretty fucking obvious if you're not an inexperience naive fuck.

No. 805350

Your view on the world is too black and white for me tbh.
I don't understand your hatred for man, but I really hope you heal from whatever happened to you, and I really mean it. <3

I'm suspicious of everyone who hangs with Greg, no matter whether they're men or women.
I'll shut up now since I don't want to derail the thread.

No. 805357

Maybe Greg was the friends we made along the way

No. 805364

File: 1605730487886.gif (4.62 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

No. 805399

File: 1605755674015.jpg (57.94 KB, 819x500, ztgc7.jpg)

>I know you guys are pretty damn dense but I'm done with this conversation now, but I'm sure you gotta put that last word in so go right ahead. I mean its not like I'm gonna care any day soon..

No. 805404

i miss leelu

No. 805405

I hope the dogs went to good homes and don't have to live in filth anymore. Leelu and Dobbs deserved better.

No. 805408

This is Greg’s asshole, curtesy of kiwi farms! https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/oni-san-chunky-butthole-png.1736822/(imageboard)

No. 805411

This reminds me if one of his other long time "friends" Tomato Bisquette, did he ever come out with the vid exposing Greg? The one of which a screen shot was posted in one of the older threads and the vid was said to be released in 2020 of I remember correctly.

No. 805413

File: 1605768942022.jpg (23 KB, 400x400, A7qj5DLR_400x400.jpg)

his youtube channel has been wiped. I looked him up and found his twitter. I guess he does twitch now? His girlfriend is apparently famous on tik tok and twitch now. Also dude got ripped.

No. 805420

I remember he told a story of Grease disrespecting his wife in front of him at a restaurant and he didn't even defend her. That guy is a massive pussy.

No. 805423

anyone else getting tired of these stupid reaction images? is this place turning in to twitter?

No. 805434

File: 1605797303173.jpg (103.36 KB, 720x1175, 20201118_160155.jpg)

Way to be a fucking junkie rapist scumbag, RSN..(nobody cares)

No. 805436

Two peas in a pod… three if you include footface.

No. 805452

File: 1605808086200.jpg (22.08 KB, 350x268, nrn8x.jpg)


No. 805458

File: 1605811867890.jpg (29.88 KB, 720x185, itisnotallegedtheresproof.jpg)

>it's hilarious how some anons expect Greg to go to jail over something Lainey allegedly did.
Are you really saying Kai is the only one of the two that committed sexual crimes against minors? That Greg really had nothing to do with any of it?

>something Lainey allegedly did.

Saying allegedly implies Sarah did not show screenshot and timestamps of Kai sending sexual/romantic texts to her, with Kai also acknowledging the risk of sending those texts if they were ever exposed in some texts. It implies Sarah did not show pictures of the two cuddling in bed. It implies that she did not show video evidence that Greg actually coerced her into making that video defending Kai when the grooming allegations first came out. It implies Sarah did not show proof of an adult Kai sending her nudes when she was underaged.

A minor is classified any person under the age of 18. It is federally illegal to send or solicit nudes to or from anyone under the age of 18 across all States. No exceptions. There is no "alleged". Kai did these things. It happened. 

>expect Greg to go to jail over something Lainey allegedly did.

As yes, the classic WhErE's tHe eViDeNcE AgAiNsT Greg tactic. Well if you must know. In the law, testimony is a form of evidence. It is obtained from a witness who makes a solemn statement or declaration of fact. Testimonies may be oral or written.

>"one time when I was 16 greg made me feel so bad about being a virgin that I started crying. interesting.."

- Sarah on Twitter Sep, 4, 2019.

>"You're so mature for your age. I feel like I'm hanging around a 20 year old." - Greg @16 year old me the first time we met

- Sarah on Twitter Sep, 4, 2019.

>"talk of a poly relationship with them (again) started when I was 17."

- Sarah on Twitter Oct, 19, 2019.

>"in Feb of 2016. Kai got upset one night about Billie and Greg reassured him that nothing… Greg reassured him that it would be okay because they could just date me when I was 18."

- Sarah in the very first livestream she did talking about the "allegations".
Sarah was 15 in Feb of 2016.

All of that's excluding the fact that Kai and Greg had minor power of attorney over the underaged/minor Sarah during all these events. They were practically her care givers in place of her parents. Guardians.

Sarah's witness testimonies showed that Greg is guilty as sin. He was an orchestrator, accomplice and accessory. He covertly groomed Sarah on his own accord but with Kai's non-covert help. Procecutors aren't dumbasses who look at everything black and white like Greg does. If Kai's going down Greg is too.

So I agree with you anon. It is hilarious how some anons expect Greg to go to jail over something Lainey allegedly did but that's simply not true. It's just you. You're projecting. Everyone expects Greg to go to jail for what HE did.

Which was groom the 15 year old minor he and Kai had power of attorney over into having sex with them once she turned 18.

>"G started talking about wanting to do things with K in front of me 4 days after my 18 birthday."

- Sarah on Twitter Oct, 14, 2019.
They had sex with her 5 months after that.

Not to mention GREG is also under the radar for running a mini child pornography ring. As the main solicitor, recipient and distributor of Child Pornography via his forums/discord/Kai's devices. All Greg's  doings. So shut the fuck up anon. I'm getting really fucking tired of these retarded Greg defenses/Kai is worse reasonings.

No. 805459

File: 1605812021530.jpg (50.78 KB, 720x297, MPOA.jpg)

No. 805500

What Chris Hansen propaganda? Forget that faggot. Either ask the Sheriff who confirmed the investigation or STFU about it. If you come back I'll repeat this same sentence lol.

No. 805506

>since Greg doesn't know what to do with his time, except for combing the internet for his name and writing whiney, hateful messages
He's definitely someone who loves spinning his wheels, that's most of his life actually.
>the KF posters
>heatboss screen cap a post I made previously
Anti-o's, that's the majority I've seen in greg's kf thread. They come here and are too fucking retarded to integrate.

No. 805511

File: 1605846828902.png (251.78 KB, 598x482, onision IDblackfin.PNG)

Looks like the Investigation Discovery documentary on Onision is really happening. They contacted Greg and Lainey for an interview or comment.

No. 805512

File: 1605846886391.png (399.84 KB, 1231x759, 6844322.png)

No. 805513

That's weird, i thought he already agreed to participate? I clearly remember his jimmies were all rustled over the fact that big youtuber's like Repzion refused to be part of it. From what I've gathered, the production company doesn't have that much material (or as much as they'd hoped for) because so many youtuber's turned them down, and because of this the doc won't focus solely on greg. I could be wrong but that's what i heard.

No. 805514

>money is the root of all evil
Nice virtue signalling, guy who used all his relationship drama for shekels and shoved dildos in his ass for the same reason. Either they offered him no money or the amount wasn't to his liking.

No. 805515

kek. They contacted Repzion in September. I know they contacted several other youtuber's around that time because they publicly mentioned turning it down as well. Why would the professional retards at this production company contact the subject of their documentary last?

No. 805516

To determine if they have the information to go through with it??

No. 805518

By the way, it actually looks like ID passed it on to Blackfin Inc. Either way, if they go through with it, the story will still likely reach ID's airs.

No. 805521

>i thought he already agreed to participate?
That's what I thought too.
By information do you mean interviews? The information itself isn't difficult to find. Even if a bunch of ancillary characters agreed, I don't see how that would matter if the subject chose not to do it. Their process here looks very low IQ. If this gets produced I expect a trashfire.

No. 805522

>actually has integrity
Topkek. The delicious irony of a predator praising another predator. RSN has as much respect and clout in the youtube community as Onision, which is to say zero. Bottom feeder of bottom feeders.