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File: 1596949124740.png (42.12 KB, 829x169, chipotle.png)

No. 1020155

In recent news:

>Hansen jumped the shark harder with dubious interviews and twitter slapfights with teenaged "commentary channels" that criticize him, has lost support of most interview guests including the major players in the Onision and Dahvie Vanity """investigation"""

>a true crime documentary about the Onision saga is in the works by a company named Blackfin to be aired on Investigation Discovery
>almost everyone declined to be on it and claims they want to move on
>except for Regina, who shot her part in secret after telling everyone she wouldn't do it, causing them to call her out on twitter (pic related)
>Shiloh is also possibly involved, yelled at Sarah during a phone call in which she pressured her to sign on
>Shiloh continues to protest too much and frantically message everyone who dares criticize, then deactivates twitter

Shiloh's social media:
https://twitter.com/patient47245143 (deactivated)

More social media links:
https://twitter.com/chrishansen Chris Hansen
https://twitter.com/madisondecambra Madison
https://twitter.com/notsolillioness Sarah
https://twitter.com/luxymoo Haylee
https://twitter.com/ayallakarina Ayalla
https://twitter.com/billiedawnwebb Billie
https://twitter.com/hahan0bye Regina
https://twitter.com/drowsylane Lane

No. 1020160

last thread >>>/snow/941512

No. 1020164

>she didn't mention her smoking weed
>She left out a lot of things that made her look bad
>not like smoking weed makes her look bad
Anon i think you got confused mid-sentence.

If anyone would feel embarrassment I thought it would be Regina for working with Hansen this entire time, openly modding his streams for some strange reason, and now she thinks doing the tv show is a good idea? I expect the hypocrisy and deception from Shiloh.

No. 1020168

Manassas Anon was outed as an elaborate troll in the same fucking thread that you linked >>>/pt/304447

And Shiloh left our her assorted craziness, and Regina left out that she was prostituting herself to fund her drug addiction while trying to get with Lainey. Everything was sanitized and Hansen never did any research even just to weed out blatant liars like Kell.

No. 1020232

Shit OP
But I guess we can get back to Regina and Shiloh being lumpy weirdos sperging over Hansen's """Show"""

No. 1020237

I know that shiloh is dumb as fuck but I'm still amazed by how she threw regina under the bus after being the person that kept forcing hansen the most (not wking regina, because she was also a redundant shill). Did this bitch
really think that no one would spot her contradictions and question her?

No. 1020241

I just tried to reply but yeah I heard that Lainey told Billie to stay away, yet she came back, and that thats why some people call Billie a homewrecker.

No. 1020252

If there was an onion victim competition, I'd nominate Skye for highest iq award

No. 1020265

File: 1596969158594.png (62.38 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-08-09-11-32-11…)

Looks like Shiloh can't handle the heat. Easier to just hide until it all blows over I guess

No. 1020270

Not only that but if anyone should be the mother goose uber-victimqueen Shiloh attempted to be, it should be Skye. After all, she was the first.
Skye would truly be "patient zero" so Shiloh is a pretender to the throne.

No. 1020334

Skye is the one with the most between her ears by far.

Pic unrelated, I was looking for Ayalla's recent rant on Chris Hansen but it's gone and found this instead.

No. 1020335

File: 1596984306199.png (23.9 KB, 598x203, ayallalol.PNG)

Sorry, dropped pic

No. 1020392

If the girls could stop being
either completely fucking greedy or completely fucking dramatic that'd be great.
Like, fuck, why do so many of these people end up being massive cows themselves??
Having said that you have to have some degree of retardation to associate with onion in the first place considering his long history of being a cunt. Flies and shit, yadda yadda.
Doing themselves a great disservice. Onion is probably absolutely drooling, thinking that all of the infighting with his victims and also commentators will mean he can pull a big brain I TOLD YOU SO and suddenly everyone will give a shit about his outdated cringey shitty sketches and eye wateringly repulsive nudes

No. 1020417

Yeah idk how the whole "patient zero" thing was glossed over in the beginning. It was extremely weird of Shiloh to consider herself the first when she literally met Greg when he was married to Skye. Did she think Skye didn't have it bad because it wasn't documented or put on the internet like it was with other exes?

Just seems so pathologicaly weird to come out as like the voice of gregs victims while simultaneously painting yourself as the first when youre relationship started off as Greg cheating on his actual wife. Thats a pretty slap in the face. I would have been completely turned off to Shiloh if I was Skye and saw that she was trying to push the "patient zero" bullshit. It was a very self serving move on Shilohs part.

No. 1020448

that ain't the only thing on her that's deviated.
yeah let me just get right on that, paying you money for your nose, Ayalla.
i'm sure you meant to say deviated septum by the way, but they don't give a whole nose job for that i reckon.
guess you better get back to making sleazy pics for onlyfans.

No. 1020510


Chronic nasal inhalation of either cocaine or methamphetamine (meth) can lead to the misalignment of the nasal septum

No. 1020513


jfc. so can trauma.

No. 1020517

Yeah? You think one of her many boyfriends punched her nose a tad too hard one time?
tbh I don't think Social Repose can hit that hard, but then again maybe on PCP he can?

No. 1020527

Skye only came out to support Sarah. Wasn't long after Shiloh appeared on the scene that she dipped.
She'll be back when she thinks the coast is clear. This isn't her first time slinking off in shame and embarrassment. That's been her last 12 months lol.

No. 1020532

>Hansen never did any research
Yet another reason why i don't understand how anyone thinks this ID show is going to be anything worth watching. Maybe they'll feature the Xanax girl Holly.

No. 1020538

I've tinfoiled before that Skye left because of Shiloh. I don't have any background info there obviously, just a gut feeling. I wouldn't be surprised if Skye saw this shit with Shiloh coming miles away. A lot of farmers definitely did.

No. 1020547


Exactly this. The moment Shiloh made her appearance, claiming to be his patient zero and wearing it like a big victim badge was a massive red flag. That's literally Skye. Ffs. Skye probably isn't valid to her bc she isn't an insta thot who posts about it constantly, and she actually seems like a reasonable person. She never had any major intersection with Shiloh, even in the Hansen interview, Shiloh herself was like ~we respect eachother we don't talk but we bow out heads to eachother~ which essentially means Skye was smart enough to keep her distance and dip.


No. 1020585

File: 1597024885022.jpg (854.99 KB, 1080x4400, Regina.jpg)

Regina's statement.

No mention of how none of this went down the way "well known JoUrNaLiSt" Hansen told them it would. No shit your stories are public Regina, that's not the point. idk why the other girls chose to ignore her but I'm sure they had a good reason.

No. 1020586

File: 1597024937323.jpg (237.56 KB, 380x1475, Regina2.jpg)

No. 1020587

File: 1597025092484.jpg (144.33 KB, 996x2048, Ee1u2sJWsAAkflH.jpg)

No. 1020591

File: 1597025690894.jpg (307.38 KB, 660x1219, Ashlee.jpg)

Ashlee (one of Dahvie's victims).

No. 1020685

She wasnt abused tho, he just left her for a teen.
Shiloh and Lainey are argueably the only actual pedophilia and domestic violence victims of his. (also Adrienne with the rape)
Funny how they are hates for the exact damage he actually has inflicted on them, pro trauma and mental illness support until its actual REAL trauma and illness ofcourse

No. 1020687

Skye always hated Shiloh (for obvious reasons, she did steal her husband)

Her and her sister(Alicia) have actually been outed by farmhands for self posting and shitting on Shiloh, so this doesnt suprise me at all

No. 1020690

He did a lot of shit to skye, it just wasn't as massively documented. Cyr talked about it iirc and she also had ptsd and to have a lot therapy

No. 1020691

Well my bad then, she still wasnt a victim of grooming and pedophilia though and when the shit-storm started it was about pedophilia alligations so it made sense that Shiloh would be considered the first kid he abused, because she was (that we know of)

No. 1020692

Except she has actual court papers citing therapy she received for PTSD, and he didn't just leave her for Shiloh, he tried to get her to continue to live in the same house with him and Shiloh, no doubt an early attempt at a trinity with a minor.

No. 1020696

Refer to

And even so, if that were the criteria Skye would still not be “patient zero” since Onion had Girlfriends before

No. 1020703

She was still pissed at Gregma leaving her when she threw “snarky” insults at his appearance for asspats and lied about him having a (debatable) microdick.

I bet Skye knew all along about Greaselord’s infatuation with Alicia and probably blamed it on her for “provoking” him during their relationship. Alicia on her part passively showed resentment in one of tweets towards her sister staying with Greg.

She didn’t want to share him with another woman and left. Otherwise, she would’ve stayed if he didn’t declare separation. She took their bed, remember? Same bed they fucked in.

No. 1020704

Come to think of it, Skye never complained about having bad sex/rape with Frankenstein, just the verbal and mental abuse and that was it.

No juicy details at all.

No. 1020713

That is too good. Can any anon remember around which thread the selfposts were?

No. 1020728

None of this is surprising. You have to be a cow to live in the Onion household and all of them except Skye were clout chasing/trying to be famous before being with him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if many of them went in with the intention of coming out on the other end with horror stories to tell. Not to say they deserved it but I do get the feeling that they wanted to be victimized and then got cold feet when they realized they had bitten off more than they could chew.

No. 1020729

File: 1597048846059.jpg (389.26 KB, 1964x632, regina_reacting.jpg)



No. 1020740

Dude look at the shape of his dick and how red it is, I think it's a microdick that he's pumped like crazy to become a slightly below average length


Pretty sure it was only Alicia outed for self posting

No. 1020751

wasn't this shit debunked a million times already?

No. 1020771

I’ve been here for years and i remember when they were outed, i bet there is atleast a few oldfags that can vouch for that

No. 1020772


god regina is one ugly bitch

No. 1020782

Alicia applied to be a farmhand so she could moderate the Onion thread. I can't remember if there was a usual announcement with the posts Id'd but remember admin atm or a farmhand confirming Alicia tried to be a farmhand.

No. 1020784

Nah, she just wants a nosejob and is using the old as fuck excuse of having a "deviated septum".

No. 1020791

Why the hell would anyone wanna pay for her nosejob without at least getting a lay (m or f) out of the deal? Why do these victim queens expect everything to be handed to them? first shiloh's droopy eyed mustard tiger on her back, now Ayatollah's nose, whats next full facial reconstructive surgery for Regina? the entire team of ER couldn't save that mug.
Its called a job, sign up for a job agency, become a waitress. trust me the tips are great and you have better luck finding some rich guy there than the broke ass simps on onlyfans!

No. 1020797

Thats pretty milky, probably to make sure no one was critical of her and Skye

No. 1020832

I remember it too. It was on tempcow. I don't remember if it was only Alicia or Skye as well, though.
A farmhand would have to chime in on this one.

No. 1020854

File: 1597084924390.jpeg (355 KB, 1125x667, FE2EB9AD-B98B-4297-8F23-5F79C2…)

It was confirmed by admin


No. 1020856

Thanks, anon! I remembered we briefly had this talk on tempcow and that the farmhands were very surprised, but didn't remember the details.

No. 1020860

File: 1597085356431.jpeg (753.54 KB, 839x2131, 7448ECD2-38EE-4A57-BC03-356999…)

Alicia requested to have her shit removed and to stop talking about the Altamirano sisters while envious of melanin qween having her privacy after people were comparing her to Shiloh.

More caps to follow, link is above.

No. 1020865

File: 1597085675433.jpeg (372.3 KB, 1125x866, 39D8CA08-DD6B-45B2-9749-655368…)

No. 1020869

File: 1597085869674.jpeg (935.09 KB, 866x2153, CC156512-0902-4603-8793-8957D2…)

She confirmed how the affair went down as early as 2017, Shihoe “forgot” to mention to Hansen about the texts.

No. 1020872

File: 1597086120830.jpeg (536.72 KB, 1027x1362, FC82C93C-79A2-41FC-B72D-4D9C54…)

>b-but I’m the OG victim!!!

No. 1020890

Shiloh was 16 when Greg started videochatting her and sending her gifts so they could always chat. He also printed out and showed the bogus divorce papers and was essentially telling Shiloh the marriage with his wife was over. Yet then Onion was clearly trying to pull some trinity shit then so Shiloh must have been semi area of the bullshit since she tried to befriend Skye. Onion's always been at the grooming. Sending Shiloh gifts, making himself always available to her, then spending thousands on Billie and giving him all her attention, and saving Sarah from her home life and letting her live with him. He can't win anyone's affection on merit alone, except his doormat wife who he hates. Although he also offered her a home out of her parents house and college tuition.

No. 1020910

How embarrasing, im gonna go out on a limb and say she/they are probably still posting

No. 1020991

>the only actual pedophilia and domestic violence victims of his.
Except Lainey started grooming Sarah at 14 telling her how big Greg's dick was, then Sarah moved in at 16 saw them fucking on more than one occasion, not to mention Greg repeatedly referred to Sarah as "like a sister/foster daughter" only to fuck her shortly after she turned 18.

No. 1020999

>he had it where Skye could live there with Shiloh as long as they all got along
>Skye felt it was odd Greg was pushing her to be friends with Shiloh

kek he's been trying and failing to start a harem all these years. Lainey never wanted a 3 some or a gf, it was all Greg's idea that he pushed on her and she let him push her around. No one with a spine stays with Greg for long.

No. 1021004

True. I've wondered about that myself. Since she somehow got fucking PTSD there might've been some things that happened that she put out of her mind, but i'm just speculating.

No. 1021006

>they wanted to be victimized
LOL wtf lmao. If you actually mean they wanted to get their lives fucked over by this, I think you're reaching my dude.
I had suspicions about Regina when she continued modding Chris's stream after he lied about giving Sarah's laptop to the FBI. Had Sarah been my friend, I would've dropped Chris immediately.

No. 1021007

I just think Skye is a tad more intelligent than the other victim queens. Or rather, she is intelligent, and the others don't even have a full comprehension of the english language.
I think that somehow she saw this shit show coming a mile away and thought to herself "i'ma stay out of this as much as I can, except for a few snarky posts on twitter here and there."
Remember she must have dealt with those rabid Greg fans back in the day, when he lied about her having taken all his shit, etc.
I also think she's way too happy to be rid of Greg, where the others still seem to have some feelings for either Krai or the kids, or even the cuck supreme.
I say good for her, considering the shit show it is now, I mean good grief. Heavens to betsy. Just look at all that shit with Hansen too, its just. Wow.

No. 1021009

Skye really was there for them in the beginning, especially for Sarah, which makes me think her dipping out had to do with Shiloh. Shiloh took on the mantle of victim kween, pretending she was trying to protect "her girls", when really she'd been planning to stab them in the back this entire time. If anything, she's even worse now then when she was with Greg. A lot of people saw this coming and kept sounding the alarm bells, to no avail. I do feel for Sarah.

No. 1021044

Lainey was young herself and didnt want to fuck Sarah(even called it rape) she was just once again cucked by her husband who also fucked Sarah as an adult, which Sarah wanted

No. 1021046

If she was such a 200 iq big brain she wouldnt have MARRIED him, bullied the 16 year old girl he molested and stalked his threads to white knight herself till this day.
Shes a bitch.

No. 1021049

Shiloh was the one he absued the most, he molested her, had her laying in a bed to be used as a sex toy, was mentally AND physically abusive towards her to suchh an extent that she miscarried, she also wasnt even allowed a bed to sleep in at 17 and pregnant in a different county than her parents.
She is obviously gonna have some trauma, mental illness and trauma isnt pretty.

I hate Skye though, ever since the self posting, shes fake as fuck and is 100% still self posting instead of posting on twitter which is even more obnoxious to me.

No. 1021054

You are absolutely retarded. It wasn't skye.

No. 1021055

Can you elaborate? What is this milk about Skye bullying a diddled minor? What in the hell???

No. 1021056

You type like Alicia(hi cow)

No. 1021170

you guys act like skye was informed like the girls after shiloh

at her point in time, greg hadnt created a repeated history of hareming girls and creating drama between them, they were the prototype of this behavior (since i dont think greg really pulled girls before the fame).
she liked shiloh in the beginning, but things went sour when she started appearing at the home right? how the fuck do you continue like someone who you thought was friendly coming onto your husband? who starts talking shit about you? THEN add in greg who probably said "yeah shiloh wanted this and tried doing this all along please dont make pay you divorce money"
who does she fully take the word of? the 16 year old being snotty and trying to get her husband OR the husband whos been abusive but has a longer personal history with her?

the self posting was literally always alicia

No. 1021177

Lainey was graduated and in her 20s when she fucked Sarah. I know everyone likes to make Lainey out as some retarded cunt that can't do anything but again, she was semi popular on highschool even tho she had to opt for a mixed gymnastics class cause she couldn't make cheerleading. She went to University, and on campus for a while before transferring to Washington. She still had to do some classes in a classroom. Even if she had edubirdie cowrite her assignments she still had to take some of her further education in. She's more educated than Onision and her parents are well off, her dad has a decent career she's had their help. Her dad and Onision have both kept her financially secure which is why she's a lazy bitch that refuses to work. Even Onion use to bitch about her zero work ethic and she wouldn't even do videos with him organically (which is something he loved about Billie and Ayalla).

Lainey is not a victim. She's a victim of the circumstances she's allowed. She's two children now. She's better off than a lot of people. A lot of mothers her age wouldn't have nearly the same amount of financial support or opportunities to get university educated. She's a bitch.

No. 1021240

Billie did the same thing.
Also Shiloh was 16 for gods sake, she was a kid, if Skye was blaming a kid for her disgusting pedo husbands actions shes fucked up herself.

No. 1021244

She was only 23 and not interested in Sarah sexually, its was her pedo husband who was.
Also Lainey is a victim, like it or not, hate her or love her, its what she fucking is. He groomed her from 14?-15-17 to marry him, she was a kid like Shiloh, he also instantly knocked her up, trapping her, forcing her to have sex right after birth, several times a day(like he did Shiloh), verbally abusing her and probably physically

No. 1021269

I said she has some intelligence, contrary to the other girls. I never said she's a member of Mensa, let me clarify that right now.
And yeah I have heard these things before also that she's a weeb and such. Hey, I never meant to say she's like brain surgery smart or a good person. In the end I always call it "Greg's douchebag aura", meaning literally everyone involved is a douchebag one way or the other. I would never.. EVER.. take it upon myself to white knight ANY of these assholes.

No. 1021317

She was underage herself when she started dating shreg. She didn't bully Shiloh as far as we know, the posts that Alicia made is basically how the story went. We don't have the proof that she was behind those posts.

No. 1021329

They are literally the same fucking age lol, what a reach.
We 100% know her sister was posting a LOT so its not a stretch to assume Skye knew and participated or was doing it from her sisters address since i imagine she is more invested in this than her sister

No. 1021331

Personally if I had been her or any of the other victim queens I wouldn't have gotten involved at all. No posts online, no involvement what so ever. I mean think about it; I'm just guessing that about 99.9% of the people on this forum have at least one douchy ex. Would you really go back to talking about that online, years later? really?
I sure as fuck wouldn't. Have some dignity, I say. Keep the honor with yourself.

No. 1021334

The tinfoiling about Skye selfposting is retarded. It was always Alicia, I was in the thread when it happened and when admin talked about Alicia applying as farmhand. They have really different ways of writing and I doubt Admin would have outed only one of them if she was already outing Alicia. Onion exes selfposting always makes for good milk. I'm honestly surprised we haven't had Shiloh sperging out in threads yet.

She's always been a lot more private, I think she just doesn't want to talk about the intimate details.

No. 1021339

I agree. Farmhands and admin never mentioned Skye posting. The only ones that they've outed that I know of is Alicia and Sarah and they were both banned. Luxy was posting but wasn't banned because she was spilling milk. Not sure if the others were caught, but I don't think it was Skye doing it as Alicia, I do think she knew about it.

No. 1021376

Skye is 2 years younger, but it wasn't what I meant. As some anons said previously, she wasn't aware of onion's antics, unlike other girls. They also married in 2005 and it would make skye about 18 at the time of their marriage. Teenagers are fucking stupid, and it's understandable that she could marry him back then, especially when he probably wasn't that much of a pain in the ass pre-fame.
I don't understand why some shiloh whiteknights keep excusing her because of her age, but they keep reaching to skye although she was also a teen.

No. 1021377

File: 1597176735524.png (16.36 KB, 576x199, Namnlös.png)

Not really a sex detail but she did say this about his baby carrot. When I was looking for this tweet I realized we haven't heard from Jeff from Los Vegas in a while, RIP

No. 1021429

Because they were the same age, thats what changes it, he had no power over her like he would a much younger child, he was 20? so no power imbalance there. Even him and Lainey are further away in age, yet no one defends her.

Literally everyone in this thread has been shitting on Shiloh and kissing Skye's ass up until this point.
I dont care about twitter bullshit, i do care about abuse victims though and Shiloh has suffered severe abuse, she was molested at 16, used like a sex toy, impregnated, verbally and physically abused both online and offline, then finally left for dead(Literally, her dead fetus made her body septic and Onion refused to help her) at the ripe age of 17.
Ofcourse im gonna sympathize with her and be a bit pissed when other "victims" have only been through "abuse" like getting shat on on twitter, have an uncomfortable facebook convo with him shit on her when she arguably has been the most victimized and most severly except for maybe Lainey, i cant imagine the horror she has gone through.

No. 1021467

She used that term only after we started using it, she at least lurks here and is probably laughing at Shiloh as we speak while content of keeping her record clean among us.

I don’t trust her.

No. 1021482

Nice catch!
Glad more anons are seeing thru her bs

No. 1021495

Not to mention she follows problematic people like Shane Dawson and Jeff The Killer, the other fags like somefaggot, Repzion and the other losers giving Gregma his money for content just to spite her ex-husband; who the fuck does that? A disgruntled ex, that’s what.

So much for “deplatforming predators”, huh? You just wanted to get back at Greg whenever possible, too bad Shiloh took your glory once again.

No. 1021571

All of them were lurking here, saying it on Twitter, and you had Lane clone going back and telling them everything that we were saying and most likely posting here. It's not a huge surprise that she said it. She's not to be trusted (none of them are), but this is grasping at straws when there's better proof.

No. 1021583

>Lainey was young herself
She was 20-21 when she started talking to Sarah, on top of being a mother and a youtuber Sarah watched - the unhealthy power dynamic is significant. She had no business befriending a 14 year old, telling her how big her husbands dick was and whatever other nasty shit she said to a literal child. I'll admit i think Lainey was prompted mostly under Greg's influence, but that doesn't totally absolve her.

No. 1021589

>Shiloh was the one he abused the most
Shiloh's been caught in so many lies at this point that without receipts there's realistically not a whole lot to go on. She singled herself out as being #1 speshul victim, playing mother hen to the other girls, and what did she end up doing to them? Shiloh is two faced and a back stabber. She pulled this exact same shit years ago with AJ, pretending to be her friend.

Was Shiloh abused? I'm sure she was. Has she been entirely truthful? Going by her repeated lying and manipulative behavior just in the last 6 months alone, I'm certain she's made a lot of shit up and exaggerated plenty. She hasn't exactly made herself a credible, trustworthy source. It would make sense for Shiloh to want Skye out of the picture, this made it much easier for her to play the other girls the way she wanted.

No. 1021599

Right, didn't Skye meet Greg in highschool? idk why some people here act like teenagers are supposed to have such stellar judgement.
>She used that term only after we started using it
>she lurks here
Why does anyone try to make this into a valid argument? Of course if someone's being talked about they're going to lurk the thread mentioning them lol.

No. 1021632

File: 1597210314324.jpeg (115.22 KB, 640x480, 5BCC9E38-DBBC-4EC9-B199-450318…)

>inb4 banned for hi cow

No. 1021634

Hmmm lmao, where theres smoke

No. 1021635

So now shes lying? You know Onion boy filmed a lot of her abuse right? Throwing shit at her, her having a meltdown, filming her naked in the shower without her consent, making her pee on a stick on skype(AJs letter) and many other things but sure anon, she made it all up

I’m sure she was out to get Skye all along! Thats why she dissapeared from the internet and didnt come back for years untill it was safe to do so.
Lmao, its only in Skyes deranged head that that competition exists.

No. 1021637

Onion was also a retarded teen when they got together, literally only 2 years older. They were a match in power balance and age. Only healthy adult relationship he was ever in, but he didnt want that because hes a pedophile.

I’ll bet my right tit Skye lurks and posts, shes probably behind the out of nowhere cringy “Skai is sooo much prettier and smarter and cooler and maturer and ladyliker than the other victims! Shes also sooooo funny”
But thats just a hunch lol(sage your tinfoil)

No. 1021645

I bet Skye misses having Greg’s nasty fucked up body on top of her and his ~baby carrot~ pounding her eight times a day.

If Greg didn’t ask for a divorce and just brought Shiloh over, Skye wouldn’t have minded one bit and would’ve treated her like shit the same way Lainey did with the girls. Like the other anon said, she would believe her creepy pedo husband over some bratty 16-17 yr old in a hot minute, even if he’s the one starting shit.

Remember, she still talked to Greg after the video leaked. All she could have said was “hey, the divorce is finalized” and hang up right away, but she didn’t.

These bitches are nothing but two-faced hoes, the lot of them.

No. 1021666

>He groomed her from 14?-15-17 to marry him
Fuck off to twitter and stop making shit up.
It's pretty obvious that there is a bias towards simping for people like Billie, Ayalla, lane, Regina, [insert any other 1 month e-relationship] are from twitter. Even if little is known about Skye we at least know the court awarded her alimony and backed up her case against Greg. Shiloh is a compulsive lair and erratic but her experiences have been documented to an extent, even things with Lainey since the age of 17. Nobody discusses why Lainey feels she was raped in the situation between grease and Sarah when those two were in a literal relationship with one another.

No. 1021668

>you know onion boy filmed a lot of her abuse right ?
What you mean her fake seizures ~I wanna make a rainbowwww~ performance and the clip of him throwing pieces of candy corn at her ?(which could have been scripted for all we know)

What is with all of the Shiloh wk’ing in this thread? She’s fucking batshit and has an extensive history of lying/other manipulative behavior. There are countless examples.
It’s obvious that greg is an emotionally abusive narc but given who Shiloh is and always has been, it’s impossible to take a majority of her allegations at face value (especially the more serious ones that she levied in the in initial Hansen video )

To this day she’s still embellishing shit, in order to further victimize herself solely for attention. over the years she’s moved the goal post and upped the severity of her claims.
Shiloh’s actions in present day and how much she reveled in the praise and her victim status really speak for themselves

No. 1021728

>What you mean her fake seizures ~I wanna make a rainbowwww~ performance
o god don´t remind me. here´s the thing about that little performance of hers
if it was real, she´s insane.
if it was fake, she´s insane.

No. 1021748

Not to wk Skye, but didn't she get a younger boyfriend?

Also Shilohs abuse has been heavily documented. This doesn't negate the fact she has a bad attitude a lot and rubs people up the wrong way. It's easy to spot which anons only came into this after all the twitter fags sharing screenshots from here proclaiming it the Holy gospel.

No. 1021750

I dont even have a twitter newfag, Onion did start talking with Lainey when she was super young

>>Skye we at least know the court awarded her alimony and backed up her case against Greg.

No one denied that, just that she wasnt a victim of molestation and as far as we know physical abuse or verbal abuse to the extent of other victims, we dont know that though, just that shes kinda toxic if it is her self posting along with Alicia which i suspect.

We actually have no idea how Lainey feels, we just hsve Onions word which is worth nothing

No. 1021752

This is honestly just disgusting to read, you should honestly be ashamed of yourself.
We know hes very capable of being insanely abusive, we have heard testemonies and everything, its more unlikely that it didnt happen.
Type Shiloh Onision on youtube, there you will find a sea of evidence.

No. 1021770

Now am I crazy or is somebody actually white knighting Shiloh here?

No. 1021772

Yeah. It's bizarre to observe.
There was a reason none of us liked her even back then, I'll leave it at that.

No. 1021784

Shiloh sensationalised and embellished some incidents that were video recorded because most of these girls psychological trauma and torment and harassment verbally from onision without even taking I to the physical and sexual assault constantly gets diminished. Shiloh at her worst was when she was heavily involved with onision and acting out for him as well as the general public. She hasn't exactly handled herself brilliantly during Hansen, but Onision did abuse her. He abused Lainey, Billie and Sarah. He's harassed others by airing out their personal lives for monetised content.

I don't know why people have such a hate boner for Shiloh unless their the tards that constantly poke the shit and have had direct altercations over twitter or some shit. Not to mention the amount of commentary fags that self post or some of the girls themselves

No. 1021800

She did, she’s in a long-term relationship with some dude 5 or 6 years younger than her. It was on that fake Skye page if anyone remembers that.

No. 1021815

Allow me to clarify for you why we have a "hate-boner" for Shiloh:

She's an asshole.

I hope that clears things up for you.

No. 1021819

They ALL are lol, shes not more attention whorey or cringy than the others, the cringy ones are those that werent even with him to begin with (Ayalla, Luxy, Lane, Regina and whoever else) that have literaææy hijacked the narrative and made them all look retarded and dramatic because they “were abooooosed on twitter uwu”

No. 1021820

“Us”? Speak for yourself, i always just thought she was an annoying mentally ill teenager who needed help, not to be used as a fuck doll by a grown ass man

No. 1021823

>>unless their the tards that constantly poke the shit and have had direct altercations over twitter or some shit. Not to mention the amount of commentary fags that self post or some of the girls themselves

Ding ding ding
Add to that Edwin(ew), Sometard and Repzion

No. 1021828

File: 1597250352283.jpg (34.64 KB, 515x341, mongoyou_win_prize_downs.jpg)

Yeah but she really takes the cake. She's the queen of assholes. Which in reality should make her glad, she always wants to be queen and now she's queen of the crapper.
So congratulations go out to Shiloh for winning that much coveted prize.

No. 1021841

Where have you been?
Yeah they’re all fucking dumb asses and attention whores but Shiloh has always been the worst of that lot, and by a fucking longshot.
I shouldn’t even have explain and cite why.
Her whole (melanated ) qwueen victim act was/is both nauseating and hilarious.
I’m convinced that the Shiloh wk’ing comes from the same anon (probably a Twitterfag)
There has always been a general consensus here that she is looney.

It’s less likely and
I don’t want to ~hi cow~ but some of it could very well be Shiloh herself because we know she’s aware of the threads. she mentioned lolcow on Instagram irrc).
Either way it’s bizarre to see anyone take up for that crazy bitch and parrot whatever overdramatized of made up claims she’s put out there .

No. 1021856

To me this video will always signify exactly everything that Shiloh is. I cringe every time i see it.

No. 1021869

Why are you putting the burden of proof on us? Explain to us what she did that isn't horrible?
She's a cunt, end of conversation pretty much. Its not like you can convince pretty much the entire internet that she isn't a cunt. She burned every bridge she ever had with anyone. Now all her fellow victim queens hate her, as does everybody else.
Just like back in the day when she was with the cuck supreme. I don't see how she ever left him, they're like two peas in a pod. Oh thats right, Greg dumped her too..

No. 1021873

How? What did she do that was so ~horrible~ uwu?
Appear in a documentary about herself when the other gurls said no? HOW DARE SHE lol, have box braids? OH NO

She literally is a victim of Onion whether you like her or not, and yes she is mentally ill, that has always been apparent to anyone with a brain. That excuses her behaviour to some level and to my knowledge she hasnt really done anything except talk to Chris Hansen by her own accord, have braids and call her self patient zero much to Skye’s dismay, what am i missing?

we are also ALTEAST two anons because i know i havent been the only one posting,
Heck if you wanna go there how am i to know if you arent Skye/Lane/Luxy etc since they have all posted here and have a hateboner for Shiloh because she dared to something they demanded she not do

Oh and i have never used twitter in my life, its SJW cancer and porn, no thanks

No. 1021875

Because you are the one making claims that she: Did something horrible, what was that? Lie about her abuse, proof please? Tried to be black, how? Try to control what the other ~victims~ said or do?

And so on, im the one asking for proof because YOU are making claims.

Also Gregma didnt dump her, he pulled a Billie on her and tried to get er back but her mum hid her passport and she started fucking some other guy (much like Billie), also no one is excusing her bad behaviour(AJ fx) but she was like 16-17? Back then? And Grug did everything to make them hate each other (like Billie and Lainey) I mean come on

No. 1021878

What the hell are you talking about "where is the proof"? its literally everywhere on the internet, just google Shiloh and you're beaten to death with all the evidence. Youtube videos, posts here, posts on kiwifarms, posts everywhere, twitter, you name it.
Edwins Generation, John Swan, Repzion even Steveree has barfed her out. Like I said: bridges, she burned all of them.
Like the other person said go and try and white knight her on twitter or whatever, this is my last response to your dumb-fuckery.

No. 1021886

She wasn’t 16. She was over 17 when they met and began their relationship. The truth is already bad enough on its own.

No. 1021889

oh and nicolas deoreo i should mention him too on the count of shiloh trying to cancel the dude with false lies and shit.
most these people tried to help her, some even white knighted her, and then got shat on by the queen of assholes.
i guess thats what an asshole does though, right? shit on people?
oh and by the by, shiloh dumping greg directly contradicts her own words on how her mother had to hide her passport on the count of her wanting to come back. gregs side of the story is that he didn't even want her back. i reckon the truth is somewhere in thee middle, much like an ass-crack.

No. 1021892

See it's shit like autisically calling the girls queens that let's me know you're a Twitter fag.

No. 1021899

No, its what they call them HERE, victim queens. they don't call em that over on twitter.
besides which i thought u didnt go there?
i gave you all your proof, wheres your retort? try and disprove the complete listing i just gave you.

No. 1021910

I wasn't the same anon you spastic.

No. 1021911

sure, neither am i!
i am somebody completely different, in fact, i'm Shiloh!

No. 1021952

Its funny when samefags think everyone else are samefags

No. 1021962

It is, isn't it? And it's even funnier when they're trying to deny it.

No. 1021964

Oh definitely, because logic would dictate that a LOT of people will come here to defend Shiloh. It happens all the time.
She is so well loved!

No. 1021969

hm, SIMPing for Shiloh..

No. 1021975

If you are going to simp a chubby little midget have it at least be someone semi-relevant and half decent looking like Idubbbz his girlfriend.

No. 1021976

No one is doing that, the only thing people are saying is that she was a victim of Onision and that the other ~victims~ trying to out-victim her and dictate what she can and cant say/do and who she can or cant talk to are fucking cringe, especially since they have never even been abused by him or been in a relationship with him themselves, yet crowned themselves as lords over Pedogate and what direction it should take.

Also that i personally think Skye self posts becauase of the random out of nowhere “Skye is so pretty u guise!” posts when no one was talking about her and she had been away for months, im allowed to tinfoil lol

No. 1021977

Begone males

No. 1021980

yes thats great could you please fuck off with your shiloh ass licking now? because you've been bawling about her being a victim all night now, and its getting rather tedious.
you made your point, no1currs, but you made your stupid point.

No. 1021984

One more thing, just a piece of advice, if you try to pretend to be ten thousand people defending shiloh, you might want to not type exactly the same and use tildes whilst pretending to be other people.
but thats just my little wisdom nugget for you there.
now kindly fuck off, you're scatting up this thread.
that, and your obsessive hatred for skye shines trough a lot. we get it, we all hate her, we all hate all the professional victims. except for maybe sarah who is slightly more liked.
they had a shitty boyfriend, shiloh had a scumbag boyfriend. just because its greg doesn't entitle you to shit. we've all been there, we've all had shit boyfriends. you ditch them and move the fuck on.
which is what you should do.
stop defending people who themselves treat people like shit.

No. 1021989

At least three different anons have been replying to you recently. Look forward to your ban.

No. 1021990

o rly? how would you know?
they all fucking type the same, so they must have hivemind. and the only way you could know is if you were a moderator.

No. 1021991

What would they get banned for? Accusing others of being samefags or samefagging? Just curious

No. 1021992

And how does she herself think that all the people telling her that Shiloh sucks ass are all the same people?
Unlike her I spot different typing styles, theres at least that. So maybe a moderator could clue us in here.
She's been jammering on with one agenda: somehow magically vindicate all of Shiloh's shenanigans and raise her back on her pedestal as victim queen.
Yet she claims she's all these different people.
Schizo, perhaps?

No. 1021994

I never accused anybody of anything, just read the thread. I just assumed that it was one person since I find it very hard to believe that people would defend Shiloh. And even less believable that it would be several people defending her, all in the same hours on the same day.

No. 1022000

Well, that answers my question if you are a mod or not, you are definitely not a mod. Those posts are all posts that were not posted by me.
Also, ban you say? Yeah, I'm not gonna fight with you with the name calling because that my friend actually IS a bannable offense.
I think we're done here. You won't have to wonder if its me replying to you anymore, since I won't be.

No. 1022001

I tagged the wrong posts on mobile. I literally don't care your samefagging is obvious to people that have actually integrated. I've wrote 4 posts to you but you've been arguing for hours with different anons. Get a life.

No. 1022002

I’m >>1021991 and i myself have been critical of Skye and made some of those posts, as well as posts “defending” Shiloh, i think you misunderstood my question.
I was asking anon what you would theoretically be banned for since i dont think accusing others of samefagging is a bannable offence, i might be wrong though and was too lazy to check.

Well i can confirm it is since i know for a fact there is atleast one other anon since i didnt make all the posts, i think its more likely people have been thinking the same thing but hadnt vocalized it untill now that someone else also did.
Also most LC users are American(im not though) and tend to be active in daytime there, so it makes sense that the threads would be more active, its also easy to flip that around on you and accuse you of samefagging since it looks like you have been samefagging yourself, but alas

Can anon from yesterday that posted the caps of Alicia posting on a thread and WKing Skye and demanding they take down her nudes send me a link to that thread or tell me which one it was?

No. 1022011

>Lainey didn't groom anyone
Yes, yes she did. Educate yourself you sound ignorant.
Also I never said Lainey planned on marrying Sarah lmao no need to put words in my mouth.

No. 1022015

I was talking about how Greg groomed Lainey and started fucking her at 16?-17, not about Sarah.
Also honestly, Lainey was never interested in Sarah(or any women) sexually, they were friends untill she got cucked by her and her husband.

No. 1022020

Here you go! Scroll up if you wanna read prior posts


No. 1022021

Oh shit sorry I tagged the wrong comment. I meant to reply to >>1021244.

No. 1022022

Has Shiloh not been caught in numerous lies? You can't honestly say she hasn't anon. I didn't say she wasn't abused either, good lord lol. She did the same thing to her "girls" that she did to AJ, back stab, that's a fact. At least Skye wasn't pretending to care about the other girls only to throw them all under the fucking bus. I'm not trying to wk Skye either, I'm stating the facts.
>I’m sure she was out to get Skye all along
That's not what I said or implied. With Skye out of the way, Shiloh was free to manipulate the other girls, which is exactly what she did.

No. 1022024


>>With Skye out of the way, Shiloh was free to manipulate the other girls, which is exactly what she did.
To do what exactly? Whine on twitter? How very dangerous and calculated
And what would Skye have done to stop her evil ways?

No. 1022025

>she dared to something they demanded she not do
They're angry because the tv show was sprung on them out of the blue. Shiloh knew what Hansen was doing/planning the entire time while telling her SISTAZ to their faces that she was looking out for them. surprise Shiloh's a liar

No. 1022028

>its literally everywhere on the internet
All they have to do is look through the last couple snow threads lol it's all there.

No. 1022031

>Shiloh at her worst was when she was heavily involved with onision
imo she's far worse now, she's just somewhat better at concealing it underneath whatever pretension she happens to be wearing at the moment, like the "I'm a dyke" show she's doing right now. As for "muh self posting" some of you might want to remove your tinfoil hats. I think the self posting happens a lot less than you think, and the mods aren't stupid. I've been accused of being at least a dozen different people now.
Thank you.
Only a special few get the coveted downs prize.

No. 1022032

So shes not allowed to go on a tv show and give her own personal story because they dont want to do the same?
And how does it ~damage~ them to have their story put on a tv show when its already online? How is it more ~traumatizing~?

I’m defending Shiloh on this because that is so fucking stupid and ridiculous

Dont get me wrong she has done and said shitty things but my point is more that i think the gurls are even bigger dramaqueens and cows(Lane, Ayalla, Billie, Regina etc) and they are just given a pass

No. 1022043

Shiloh can do whatever she likes. The point is that she put on this act of solidarity with the other girls, acted like she was their protector and then she turned around and fucked them all. Typical Shiloh.

How does it damage them to have a tv show aired against their will when they specifically asked not to be a part of it? I heard that both Hansen and Shiloh have pressured them to sign wavers too. When they consented to the interviews with Hansen they didn't know he'd been planning to sell their stories to tv network, to pull the rug out from under them. Only Shiloh knew. Speaking for myself, I give the other girls a bigger break because really, what have they done that's in any way equal to what Shiloh's pulled?

No. 1022051

Uh think Shiloh pretending go have that stillborn trumps her getting a TV deal when she's a has been pop star. If Shiloh has the balls to go on TV and say her side and deal with the criticism what the fuck ever. The other victims are just sour because they don't want to take any further action.

In the last thread before it was even confirmed there was a TV show it was speculated Hansen and shiloh would have enough 'milk' alone to have a show. Shiloh has a tangible link to celebrity having a few singles released, music videos, done tours etc. It's hardly Shiloh calling all the shots regarding what Hansen has done with ID. He's giving them his content from his YouTube and two of the girls have agreed to do the show. I'm sure the other girls are more than welcome to do it if they want, but if they don't that doesn't make Shiloh a monster.

Imo Shiloh showed greed when she made a few different GFMs. I never felt the need to donate or understand why others did but that is her perogative. She's not the only victim to have done that. She's not the only person to get money from this entire shit show. Even Billy the fridge got loads the night he turned up at Onion's house to talk about Hansen showing up.

It's just extremely petty for anons to pit the girls against each other. That is what people find bizarre to witness in this thread. Call shiloh a lunatic, but why compare her to Skye? Why compare the girls against each other as if they all had a character flaw that justified Onion treating them all like shit. That's the bottom line at the end of the day. Everything is is so disingenuous.

No. 1022061

>pretending to have that stillborn
But seriously, who knows what Shiloh gets up to that she DOESN'T post on sm? The level of crazy that we see only skims the surface, a deeper look would most likely reveal the most unspeakable trainwreck existence.

I think Shiloh was aware of what Hansen was planning and hid it from the other girls. Her pretending to be one thing to their faces while doing something else entirely behind their backs is what makes her a pos. I'm not trying to pit the girls against each other, I'm calling shit like I see it. Farmers were calling out Hansen and Shiloh MONTHS ago and look what's happened? Regina's gotten a lot shit too. Yeah I've slagged her off a few times and I'm not surprised at what she's done, but she's nowhere close to being Shiloh.

>Why compare the girls against each other as if they all had a character flaw that justified Onion treating them all like shit.

I never said what Greg did to them was justified. What I've said is that Shiloh's gotten worse since being with Greg, and I think it shows. The nicest thing I can say about her is maybe she's gotten better at scheming.

No. 1022139

The "us" part went for the FB groups a lot of us were in at the time that this was happening.
If you liked her you definitely were in the minority. AJ on the other hand was very liked and I'm sure still is.
I also don't understand how disliking her translates into "her abuse was justified" for some of you. She's a cunt and her abuse wasn't justified.

No. 1022145

>>No one denied that, just that she wasnt a victim of molestation and as far as we know physical abuse or verbal abuse to the extent of other victims
so did you conveniently skip over the trauma and ptsd part of the court case where she stated she went to therapy because of onion?
why are shilohfags always so hellbent on saying skyes never been abused and shes secretly a huge bitch?

you can just tell whos here from onision part 5: billie bougaloo vs who was here before. shiloh was never a ""Bad"" person but she was acting fucking crazy because of onision. she played his games with him and the only reason she lost at being abusive is because gregs underage fans didnt like her after the head shave shit.

the miscarriage and heavy abuse really was a shame and thats why her respect on this website was calling her Sh and never bringing up her name with gregma, but surprise, theres a time to profit off of being an onision victim and she crawls back out with a music career and holier-than-thou attitude over all the victims.

to us, she looks like the same crazy bitch but without the onision.
to billiefags, she looks like shes lashing out from emotional trauma.

No. 1022148

>Nicholas DeOrio
The only thing I don't like about Nic is that he's 23, looks 15 and talks like someone over a decade older. It's jarring to the psyche. His drama with Shiloh was pretty lulzy, even better that it's what got her to fuck off for awhile. The vids he did on it are worth watching imo.

No. 1022210

File: 1597310262561.jpg (127.18 KB, 386x502, too_far.jpg)

some people just take shit way too far. this isn't some sort of a joke, you know?
shiloh is a victim.

No. 1022218

All the interviews are still online and consensual, if they were soooo concerned about privacy etc they shouldnt have done them, Shiloh is not their mommy or responsible for their own actions, if she wants to do a show shes well with in her right, they are just mad because they arent getting paid

Good point

I literally made the first Omision thread on LC, but sure, pretend im a newfag because i didnt join the hivemind of shitting on mentally ill abuse/grooming victims because of petty twitter drama

Oh look, its her baby that died young, hilarious anon.

No. 1022219

Wow that's fucked up. Don't matter how much of an asshole she's been, that's fucked. I assume whoever made it isn't aware that was her daughter and she's dead. Or they are aware and they're an omegacunt

No. 1022229

File: 1597313714745.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.93 KB, 800x1200, 0F4A8D9A-E03E-4213-80F6-906979…)

How old was Alicia here?

No. 1022231

File: 1597314158819.jpg (152.49 KB, 600x398, SuicideGirl02.jpg)

THATS the infamous alicia? god what is it with greg and tatted up ho's?
i'm amazed she didn't just sleep with greg to satisfy his curiosity.

No. 1022246

File: 1597316238988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.86 KB, 462x471, shiloh_fat_ass.jpg)

They are taking things way too far imho. You can't just make fun of an innocent dead baby like that.
You can't make fun of that. Its just awful.

No. 1022251

Feels like Greg or some of his mates if you can call them that are itt. Remember when Onion teamed up with Vince and his thick cunt of a legal professional sister? Anyone else think anonymous gene was Vince? Anyone else get boomer vibes when some of the Shiloh trolls keep calling her out of date insults, Queen and using dated insults about shiloh being a wigga and whatever the fuck else.

Just seems weird that this thread that was made to contain all the infighting between the twitter fags and commentary channels has turned into a Vendetta thread against Hansen and onision victims. Take it Vince doesn't slag Regina since she probably would have sucked him off for a bit of clout but don't Think Shiloh liked him at all lol

No. 1022252

File: 1597318195719.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.15 KB, 800x1200, 940B1299-B6FE-407F-92E2-B3AE5C…)

Lmao i just think it was the fact that she was 14? 15? And didnt fuck him so it hurt his ego

No. 1022253

File: 1597318227044.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.27 KB, 1920x1280, 967E4B38-4FA4-43F1-BBDB-0B985D…)

No. 1022254

File: 1597318274311.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.48 KB, 800x1200, BC4BC6FA-9516-4073-A575-F588E8…)

There you go Alicia/Skye?(tinfoil)
Maybe dont make fun of dead babies in the future

No. 1022255

HAH! nice attempt at spinning the narrative. Of course none o fthis was over Hansens scams or Shiloh literally making enemies with everyone..

What you're saying you might as well claim that people hating on Greg is some sort of conspiracy.

No. 1022256

Also the gay stick figure video Onion did the other day where he claimed he lost his extended family, funny thing was the day he uploaded that he went live. I was 1 of 3 people in the periscope chat. The garage where he records was empty and all the usual clutter and shite you see was gone. He also seemed more sad than usual. I wouldn't be surprised that Lainey had been spooked with this TV deal thst is officially in the works and left. A few people in chat asked did Lainey move out and speculated about the emptiness of his home and he ended the live a few short minutes later.

Wouldn't be surprised if Onion's been left on his own and he's no Cyr anymore uwu. His only friends are retards on his discord or people like Vince that are senile immature cunts clearly too our of their depth fighting with women.

No. 1022257

Thats one meaty fucking hole man.

Might be some sort of copyright problem there with Lainey's arby's.

No. 1022258

I'm spinning the narrative but you're derailing a thread with suicide girl photos of the sistrwr of Onision's first ex wife? Oh the irony

No. 1022259

Yep, thats why i think its some boomer Alicia, Skye, Somefag or someone else related, i mean no one would sperg so hard about Alicias nudes otherwise lol

No. 1022260

Thats not me posting them. Like I mentioned her many times before, never assume people to be who you think they are and never think that people are same fagging. It will only make you look retarded.

No. 1022261

>They ALL are lol
yet none of them posted a photo of someone's deceased baby and claimed it as her own.

No. 1022263

Well that was why I was saying it was going too far when I posted it. You don't just make fun of the dead Shiloh baby. Its wrong.

No. 1022264

Alicia wanted to be a farmhand to remove her and her sister from this thread and to delete the suicide girl photos from back then. Guess Vince had to directly ask for the link to that precious thread to Google alciias details to get the photos or Greg sent them over to him. Where was all the in depth research and face checking when Vince was on the Hansen show lmao.

At least alicia showed her cute bag in a legal way. Ugly Lainey showed hers to minors because only mentally underdeveloped people would be interested in that shit.

No. 1022268

Greg is a brave man to fap to that gunt.

No. 1022270

These photos are over a decade old, this was Greg's dream girl. Have toy saw his current wife? She's so mentally retarded she thinks because her first son tore up her vagina and sagged her tits she's better off as a man now. Onion sure knows how to pick girls. That's why when he tells us stories about his life they're always happened fairly recently to him. It's not like it's an almost 35 year old man talking about the girls he dated in middles hook and highschool… Oh wait… It is…

No. 1022272

Thats why you should never have babies, your tits will try to leave you.
True story, thats why I'm a lesbian.

No. 1022274

Her gutcunt kinda reminds me of shawarma. Still looking better than that pudgy hobbit Shiloh though I mean god damn.

No. 1022281

Can we please just stop shitting this thread up and focus on posting milk?
Skye fucked off from twitter a long time ago and yet there's a bunch of assblasted Shiloh wks at the fact that Alicia was angrily selfposting years ago that her noods and private stuff are continously brought up.
We really don't know what happened between Skye and Shreg. If Alicia was correct with saying that Shiloh slandered her, it's sort of understandable to me that she'd try to call it out somewhere.
And it seems believable since Shiloh made fun of AJ and laughed with Shreg when he claimed that AJ had STDs. So much for the supportive unproblematic queen.
I do have a sneaky suspicion that the main Shiloh wk is someone that might've interacted with her, so here's some fun facts;
- Shiloh was a homewrecker
- mocked AJ, as mentioned previously
- she also would've stayed with shreg if it wasn't for her mother
- lied and exaggerated stories multiple times
- posted someone's dead/sick child and claimed it as her own, denied all of the responsibility after getting messaged by the parents and allowing shreg to attack the mother
- sucked up to gregma and krai when they got together
- lashed out and threatened people trying to support her when girls started to come out with their stories
- was the biggest hansen shill with regina
She's not an innocent angel who just blackfished a little bit. She has a huge backlog of being a toxic raging cunt. Yes, the other victims are annoying as fuck too, but nobody takes the cake like Shiloh does.

No. 1022285

>posted someone's dead/sick child and claimed it as her own
Sheesj what is it with Shiloh and dead babies?

No. 1022286

File: 1597320958445.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.85 KB, 800x1200, 58417D6E-1BED-46F5-B6C1-D9F9D3…)

Literally no one is wk’ing Shiloh, we’re just saying the other ~victims~ are just as bad and speculating if Alicia/Skye (me atleast) post here and are the ones who have directed all the attention om Shiloh since they have an obvious vendetta against her

No. 1022288

>Literally no one is wk’ing Shiloh, we’re just saying the other ~victims~ are just as bad
Thats kinda like saying AIDS is just as bad as cancer.
We were already aware of this. Although I personally feel Shiloh is King Cunt.
Alicia would be King Gutcunt, I guess.

No. 1022291

File: 1597321367620.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.11 KB, 500x667, shilohnude4.jpg)

oh shit i'm sorry no, Shiloh got Alicia beat by a massive landslide in the gutcunt department too. I'm sorry Alicia, you lose. And this one has scepsis in it and dead babies crawling out of it.
Anyway, hows you guys day going so far, is it good?(hi cow)

No. 1022292

Looking at the things I've mentioned in the previous post, they're clearly nowhere near as bad. And it seems like you have some sort of a vendetta if you think they're the ones who post here making fun of Shiloh's deceased child.
With that out of the way, stop this autistic victim olympic infighting and focus on current milk.

No. 1022295

I have an idea, we need to go with the honor system here:

Will the person who makes fun of the dead Shiloh babby please stand up?
There, that should settle this once and for all, now we just wait.
Remember kids, dead babies are never funny.

No. 1022303

File: 1597322545183.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.45 KB, 800x1200, 2B6E75BF-5BC6-49D7-A4A7-550995…)

>>omw(vendetta chan)

No. 1022304

File: 1597322563899.jpg (59.88 KB, 554x352, shilohdad.jpg)

Don't look at me, I certainly never would. I mean that would be like posting her dad and saying "oh he sleeps with the trout now" just because he's dead and she once claimed he was in the canadian mafia.
No man, its in poor taste and I would never do that.

No. 1022307

File: 1597322720518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.4 KB, 500x667, shilohnude3.jpg)

Or like posting her nude and then painting an arrow on it with "dead baby storage", those jokes would be in very bad taste and I won't ever be a part of that.(spoiler)

No. 1022311

She was 16 when they first started skyping I believe but she was 17 by the time they met up

No. 1022322

At least Sh did not get raped by a nigger, you asshole.
You make me sick

No. 1022327

>my personal favorite
>literally the first thread!
>nobody would sperg so hard about Alicia's nudes right?
>would never whiteknight shiloh

Christ this is fucking embarrassing levels of samefagging and whiteknighting. Don't make us post the rest.

No. 1022330


You do realize doing this kind of gutter shit makes people feel sympathy for shiloh, right?

No. 1022332

I aim to please.
I'm a people person.(ban evasion)

No. 1022334

No. 1022666

What just happened here? Who's the retarded cunt who posted this disgusting shit exactly?

No. 1022749

Looking at those pictures of Alicia and just comparing her face to Shiloh's, it's no wonder Greg snapped her up. She's a dead ringer for Alicia, at least in her face.

I've said it before, I think Shiloh was unhinged at a younger age due to early fame and then Greg, but her dad's suicide and then the loss of her baby daughter just tipped her over. Which is understandable but doesn't excuse how shitty she is to other people. Girl needs to get off social media and get some real help.

No. 1022753

If she’s gone for good, I hope Greg loses it and starts talking or else he’ll be entirely at fault (which he is). I hope those two disgusting cunts burn.

>Looking at those pictures of Alicia and just comparing her face to Shiloh's, it's no wonder Greg snapped her up. She's a dead ringer for Alicia, at least in her face.
Stfu unless you wanna summon her again just to bitch about this thread and her pics again, then by all means.

No. 1022758

Went to kf to see the hullabaloo since the main thread is a little slow, and of course dog-fucker and somefaggot are still there and respected (lol).

No. 1022778

File: 1597396879762.jpeg (85.44 KB, 828x870, EBD024E6-340C-4642-A3FB-BFFBEE…)

Sometimes I look at the onision subreddit for the lulz and it looks like a lot of the autists there have made there way to kf and here unfortunately. Could explain something of the wk’ing and the unhinged sperging in the /pt/ thread and the kf thread.

No. 1022827

File: 1597412618929.png (367.38 KB, 480x800, 0E3D24EF-6B45-4DA9-BE8F-294238…)

When these tricks whine about “muh consent”, remember, little trot didn’t consent to have his picture taken.

No. 1022940


This photo always makes me feel so sad for that little boy. Sat there all alone while his parents's girlfriend and her friend thot around the house, while mommy and daddy are nowhere to be seen.

No. 1023021

It’s seems likely they didn’t even notice him in the background ffs you people like to reach

No. 1023054

the words "cheap" and "tawdry" come to mind.

No. 1023060

They look like two dead hookers, found in the trunk of a car.

No. 1023063

well it is very likely they see babies crawling over the floor at friends houses all the time.

No. 1023075

It's the back of his head, he's hardly being doxxed lmao

No. 1023084

Well its not like its little Baby Blanket Jackson, its the crotch dropping of some pretty obscure youtubers people barely give a shit about.

No. 1023087

You could be sitting in a restaurant with Greg, Krai and the kids, yell it out like in the movie Jurassic park: "Look everybody its Onision and his family" and no one would care.
No one knows him, except the people online that hate the shit out of him.

No. 1023115

oh no they accidentally captured the back of his head so that he's not even almost personally identifiable. lol anon if you reach any further you'll break your arms.

No. 1023129

Holy shit the ancient Alicia nudes are one thing but this is a whole other level. I can't stand Shiloh but including her dad and her kid is unhinged.

No. 1023130

>Of course none o fthis was over Hansens scams or Shiloh literally making enemies with everyone..
shhh, stop telling the truth anon.

No. 1023136

File: 1597453100288.jpg (26.69 KB, 960x932, Try.jpg)

>they are just mad because they arent getting paid
They're angry because Hansen's been lying to their faces for the last 6 months and they just recently found out about what he was doing. YA TRIED.

>- lashed out and threatened people trying to support her when girls started to come out with their stories
>- was the biggest hansen shill with regina
Not long after Sarah came out with her story and it blew up on sm, Shiloh made a post (archived in an older thread) about how she didn't want anything to do with this, she wasn't going to tell her story/go public with it, etc. Within days of that post, she made a sudden about face and i was super suspicious about what made her change her mind so quickly. When she dropped her album the same week as her Hansen interview, I had my answer.

No. 1023145

>The garage where he records was empty and all the usual clutter and shite you see was gone. He also seemed more sad than usual.
If Lainey and the kids are hopefully finally out of there I'm sure he'll reveal it at some point since he can't help but sperg about his trainwreck private life.
A few of the anti-o speds like Heatboss post over at kf.I'm sure they've shit up LC too.

No. 1023281

You can easily look back in the threads to see Ayalla posted the censored version on twitter before purposely posting the uncensored version on Instagram. Keep making excuses.

No. 1023408

File: 1597511291048.jpg (42.37 KB, 400x325, thisthreadisaliteraldumpsterfi…)

This thread has reached cancerous levels of autism holy shit

No. 1023436

not to white knight, but damn do i feel bad for these girls. makes me wish i had a time machine to make greg never be born so they could live normal ass happy lives without ever having met him.

No. 1023440

And kill all the fun we're having at their expense?

No. 1023501

Most of them would've been cows either way, anon. Billie, Ayalla and Shiloh are attention whores even without Greg, and Sarah had a shitty home life so she wouldn't have had an easy life even without getting involved with the Onions.

No. 1023504

Most people only "care about them" out of hate for Greg.

No. 1023513

"Hi I'm a victim of a sex weirdo, by the way sign up to my onlyfans account to see my pussy."
Maybe its because i'm a prude but the whole thing just seems so silly to me.
Out of all the things they could have done, couldn't they have started like a youtube cooking show, or something? I dunno.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1023585

File: 1597544549646.png (31.97 KB, 546x238, tamara3.png)

Tamara has completely rebranded to be all about that ~tea~. She's the exact epitome of the kind of person people accuse the actual victims of being - she wasn't coerced into being by his side, she paid for the privilege and turned into a drama-mongering attention whore only once every last person on earth had dogpiled on him. She is now constantly announcing new streams in which she says nothing of value whatsoever, collects donations "for her rescue chinchilla" but actually buys streaming equipment because she's clearly aiming to milk this for all its worth.

No. 1023586

File: 1597544567249.png (252.97 KB, 594x540, tamara1.png)

No. 1023599

File: 1597547064945.png (441.37 KB, 1141x762, chin.png)

This bitch is mental lol, her webcam in the photo was around $60 and now she wants $1000 for an ill-tempered chinchilla. Judging by her other tweets, the chinchilla is from your average shitty pet store that houses rats in a glass tank, feeds them shit-tier food mix and lets customers feed them treats they brought to the store…? No wonder the chinchilla isn't tame– this isn't an act of animal rescue, it's just enabling. She's somehow trying to frame this as a volunteer job, but she's also expecting to pay up to a grand for the privilege of getting to boast about her animal care. This woman is in her mid-30s.

No. 1023600

File: 1597547081729.png (111.05 KB, 593x496, chin2.png)

No. 1023601

File: 1597547119370.png (266.01 KB, 592x577, tamara5.png)

No. 1023605

why are you following her then? and how shitty do you have to be to complain about someone trying to help an animal? ur life must be pretty dull

No. 1023607

baited you fast huh

No. 1023608

so because someone disagrees with u theyre automatically tamara? lol

No. 1023609

File: 1597548253379.png (29.14 KB, 590x102, tamara8.png)

I don't know, you tell me since you're clearly lurking right now

No. 1023610

Tamara needs to stfu she is no milk,just butthurt because onion didnt like her for being an old bitch if she wants to be an uwu ethot average streamer better hurry up and start OF like she said and no this gofundme bs

No. 1023625

File: 1597550994666.png (941.5 KB, 2048x1471, tamara9.png)

>so because someone disagrees with u theyre automatically tamara? lol

and because someone disagrees with u its automatically greg (or someone close to him)? lol

Face it, you've been orbiting Greg for years and now that you're ashamed and trying to redeem yourself by catering to anti-os you keep grasping at straws because you have nothing to show for all the time you've wasted. You were never interesting enough and now that you're clamoring for attention you still have nothing interesting to share. "Greg big meanie to randos on discord" wow yeah, thanks for your exclusive insight. We wouldn't have known without you.

Signed, Onision

No. 1023669

Just don’t fuck the critters Tammy and we’re Gucci. (tinfoil)

No. 1023691

File: 1597574522938.jpeg (293.94 KB, 1125x1105, Fap.jpeg)


The spoilered images of Alicia reminded me of this comment from Skye. Billie also tweeted about how Alicia's SSG pics was one of the first things Greg showed her when they met. He's had those images on his computer all these fucking years.

No. 1023694

Hey "Lil Sis", most sisters don't put their meaty cunt on the internet for all the world to see.

No. 1023695

>completely rebranded
>she says nothing of value whatsoever
If she's not involved with Greg or his orbiters anymore (including Hansen) I don't think she's relevant here. I'm pretty sure most people who private their sm aren't looking for attention lol.

I doubt her live streams will be relevant either. Tamara never had milk.

Just make a different account, feed your chinchilla and move on with your life girl.

No. 1023697

True, not everyone does nudes for money. The point is Greg's admitted to fapping to pics of a girl he's called a sister. No man I know would seek out nudes of their female relatives to fap to. I feel gross just typing that out.

No. 1023699



Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!


No. 1023725

If people don't wanna be called whores or if some other sluts feel offended by that since they can relate, maybe not be a whore?
I hear it helps.

No. 1023730

>hahahaha skai is so funneh lololol she owned him
No comment further.

No. 1023741

Skrai is about as funny as cerebral palsy.

No. 1023745

she complains like this but I doubt Gurg even thinks twice about her

No. 1023750

The funny thing is that in Gregs mind all his exes do is "complain because he does not want to fuck them anymore".
And hell, maybe if this were happening to any of us we'd think the same thing like "wow they must be obsessed with me".
In Greg's case thats absolutely not true and he's an abusive asshole, but its what he thinks. Then they fight among eachother I bet he breaks the popcorn and kombucha out quite often. I wish they would stop fucking up, but judging by what has been going on so far thats an impossible request.

No. 1023781

File: 1597593813734.jpeg (314.64 KB, 1125x558, 62EE47BC-C91C-41E3-8BCE-CF0C9D…)

Not to instigate any further but this feels more like a jab at Greg and Shiloh.

No. 1023783

wrong anon.
He takes jabs at her every other live-stream he does or tries to in a recent one he let one of his moderators have a go at her so he's probably gonna do to her like he does his ex's the last what 7 years?

this. She's got no milk, she's not really that entertaining, if she has nothing of value whatsoever she doesn't need to be talked about here it's clearly vendetta posting at this rate

No. 1023834

Sure, that's why he obsessively messaged both of them for years and years non-stop.

No. 1023895

he likes upturned noses, alt fashion, and "cute" essences with bubbly/loud/quirky personalities aka the opposite of krai and the epitome of shiloh and alicia, and billie facially

No. 1023898

Krai herself gave a full shot of his face in a video once lmfao, he was on some sort of handheld device in the back of the car

No. 1023950

I'm talking about tamara anon. She has nothing to provide greg other than a few views for the ex mod confronts me video he made. Outside of having someone to shit on and bully he probably pays her no mind yet she acts like he's absolutely obsessed with her

No. 1023953

we know what you meant, but he really do be stalking all her socials though from a post he made on twitter

No. 1024039

It is true though that Greg's made enemies of practically his entire family, not just Lainey's - I think both sides may have entirely disowned him at this point. Shockingly not even his own biological blood relatives can stand him or think he's trustworthy around minors/children. I never saw it coming.

No. 1024041

>maybe if this were happening to any of us we'd think the same thing
No, most people don't think that way because they're not waterheaded retards incapable of self reflection.

No. 1024046

>He takes jabs at her every other live-stream
So he's obsessed with Tamara in other words? Part of me feels bad because now she's going to have this stumpy, deformed manchild shambling after her for who knows how long (just like he did with Skye, Alicia, Sarah etc.), but at the same time Tamara had plenty forewarning. Her best bet is to go dark imo.

No. 1024097

he obsesses about everyone he "kicks out" of his life regardless of whether he was sexually involved with them or not. The fact that she obtained a small following of supporters through this probably sent our jizz-master over the edge he's even still reeing about Billy The Fridge whenever he can(persistent whiteknight)

No. 1024142

File: 1597649075038.jpg (312.35 KB, 725x1248, World AIDS Day.jpg)

Hansen's little cancer ridden camel jockey anonymous gene is back doxxing people's families again and now some of them are threatening legal action.

No. 1024145

File: 1597649221132.jpg (226.37 KB, 721x1042, SH.jpg)

No. 1024147

File: 1597649340906.jpg (477.87 KB, 946x3684, baha gey.jpg)

No. 1024148

lol he keeps this shit up he's gonna get his ass arrested. and then we'll all know who he is, too.
i can totally imagine him being stupid enough to get caught. can you?

No. 1024150

File: 1597649660637.jpg (279.01 KB, 724x1926, oh hi more aids.jpg)

>fucking Moran
At least we know Gene and whoever he may be working with share the same literacy level.

I couldn't be more bored to death of this remedial fag. My hopes aren't high but I'll kek myself into the sunset if this ends with Hansen or any of his "volunteers" going to jail. What a raging aids dumpsterfire. I don't believe the girls Hansen's lied to and betrayed are going to pull any punches either.

No. 1024266

I personally think Hansen will. He's running up so much debt and scams its inevitable. In fact it would amaze me if he got away with it.

No. 1024308

I don't even like Creepshow, but it's wild how many cows have come after her. Holly, now these tools.

No. 1025113

Did the gay discord brotherhood get back together and are pretending to dox people again? Did Onision invite Vincent into the brotherhood? Onision seems to be on a doxxing rampage at the minute, even with outting his own sister for having abortions. It's all very embarrassing.

No. 1025393

This guy looks like he injects caffeine directly into his ballsack every morning but the vid is pretty good. I found the part where he talks about Hansen's last Q&A interesting - Hansen obviously knows about Gene and what he's doing.

No. 1025396

It's not officially been confirmed but I've heard he's up to 3 million in debt now. It's a real shame that such a gigantic brainlet duped so many people. I guess that's what happens when you have name recognition combined with people who don't want to think critically.

No. 1025426

He also looks like a sleep paralysis demon or one of those wooden ventriloquist dummies. It wouldn't be surprised if he's not allowed within 50 yards of playgrounds, and especially any homes for boys.

No. 1025486

I'd engage with this but it's a 20 minute video and you haven't timestamped where the onision stuff is in the video. This isn't a Chris Hansen thread. Honest to God what the absolute fuck do Chris Hansen side projects have to do with Onision? You are all so damn autistic. Commentary channels stop self posting your absolute shite itt challenge.

No. 1025785


Who the fuck would loan 1.5 million to Hansen after he got jailed over the mugs? Can I get their number?

No. 1025875

I'm willing to believe it. I mean last time i heard about his debt was about a year ago and it was about 1 and a half then. He keeps running scams and running up bills, also probably trying to impress his new gf. (who also happens to be attacking the victims of Dahvie Vanity now.)
I still remember Hansen once saying : "Greg, I was a reporter since before you were born, and i'll be a reporter long after you go to prison."
Are you absolutely sure about that, Chris? I don't want to sound like a complete asshole here but I fear Greg might win this one. Greg will fucking shit himself when Hansen goes to jail, and go in to complete narcissistic overload.
Why can't we have a good guy up against Greg, someone who knows what the hell it is they're doing?

No. 1026178

They probably shouldn't even bother going up against Greg since he most likely isn't gonna see jail time, unless he manages to fuck with the wetlands or IRS even more. He likes to make sure whatever he does in his relationships is legal, and he's impossible to have a normal conversation with which is on purpose so that it's impossible to get him in a 'gotcha' moment. The best people can do is make sure he remains best remembered for being a creepy asshole

No. 1026213

I posted in the Greg thread too about how I feel like none of the victims, Hansen or even the Anti-O's or youtubers seem truly committed in bringing Greg down. Their efforts just seem lack luster. I feel the victims somehow still have feelings for Greg, Lainey and / or the kids and don't really want to bring him down.
If they where they would have taken this thing to the police and lawyered up a long time ago.
At this rate nothing will happen.

No. 1026345

File: 1597968048333.png (533.09 KB, 720x1184, Capture.png)

Sure Shitloh. If this is even true maybe she angered her drug dealer and he's the one who banged on her door, sounds more likely than it being because she shared muh abuse story

No. 1026347

File: 1597968150940.png (368.72 KB, 720x1184, Capture 2.png)

No one would bang on her door and threaten her just because she sold rights to a shitty TV show. I know some antios are retard but I think not even them care about it THAT much

No. 1026401

>sleep paralysis demon
>wooden ventriloquist dummies
kek. I couldn't quite articulate what it was about him that was so artificial aside from the muh journalist pretense, but he really does look like an old worn out department store mannequin. The last Q&A vid he did where he basically gaslit for an hour, his entire demeanor was bizarre, especially his facial expressions.
lol @10:41

No. 1026416

File: 1597975544374.png (478.73 KB, 722x406, Stevie you're a retard.png)

The whole attitude of "bringing him down" is misguided. It's why most of the anti's are looked down on by farmers because they acted like judge, jury and executioner, some going as far as to admit they would commit crimes just to "get" Onion.

The internet isn't a courtroom. The best anyone can do is archive, ridicule, point, laugh and meme. Retards like Stevie Wolfe went into autistic fits of rage at pretty much anyone who criticized Hansen because he was so attached to the idea that Hansen was the only hope "they" had of putting Onision away. Hansen's just another failed youtuber.

Maybe had people like Stevie taken the Hansen criticism seriously and spoke up in support of it months ago instead of constantly shutting it down or ignoring it, things would look a bit different now. He rolled with the cognitive dissonance, and now he's making vids like "Addressing this Chris Hansen situation" (like anyone who's been paying attention didn't see this coming miles away) because he couldn't be fucking honest about shit back when it would've made a difference.

No. 1026431

>because they lied about me
>Regina gave them permission, not me
Uh huh. The timing here is sus and I'd have to have bricks for brains to believe anything Shiloh says, she's literally always scheming. She knew Hansen was planning to sell the story all along but puts all the blame on Regina, who as far as I can tell found out the same way all the other girls did. Sounds more like she's trying to scapegoat Regina so she can dodge any of the potential legal fallout. SISTAZ FOREVAH.

No. 1026450

It’s hilarious how Stevereee
Said something along the lines of ‘you guys wonder why I wouldn’t address any of this shit’, when it’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t have a room temperature IQ why he didn’t.
Just like years ago, he embarrassed himself with his pervasive autism and subsequently went dark on yt hoping for the drama to die down.

He was so adamant about the ‘three separate’ investigations on greg (which we all know, never existed) and was still trying to claim that it was guaranteed that he would end up In prison, long after most people knew it wasn’t going to happen.

He tried to insinuate that the chain of custody of the laptop wasn’t fucked and that Hansen was a reputable journalist with connections and only had a few hiccups because he’s a ~boomer~, again…he was still shrieking about all of this when most people already caught on to Hansen being a fraud/grifter.

He Is only now talking about it because it’s inarguable that Chris is a scumbag with everything that has unfolded. the vast majority , most of Hansen’s audience and beyond is aware of this entire thing being a fucking joke thanks to the influx of commentary videos surrounding this topic (that all have pretty substantial view counts).

What a fucking coward.

No. 1026497

File: 1597992203860.jpg (563.94 KB, 867x3558, Gee Boomer.jpg)

>his new gf. (who also happens to be attacking the victims of Dahvie Vanity now.)
Yeah apparently Hansen's old lady Gabrielle >>1012811 is just as mentally sound as he is. Repzilla and I think Edwin Generations made a vid on some of her interactions with victims.

Interesting side note: Ashlee (one of Dahvie's victims) confirmed on video with Edwin that Hansen does in fact, NOT have FBI connections. In her initial contact with the FBI she said they wanted nothing to do with Hansen - lol I wonder why. Ashlee said it was two youtubers - Teh mimi and Creeepshow Art - that helped her get in contact with FBI. Hansen had nothing to do with it, which adds further confirmation to the fact that he'd been lying to Sarah the entire time about her laptop and sending it over to his connections in LE. He very calmly and pathologically shifted all the blame for that disaster on to his low IQ assistant Vince Nicotra.

No. 1026499


No. 1026502

File: 1597992667766.jpg (378.07 KB, 804x2395, "daughters".jpg)

No. 1026539

I'm feeling second hand embarrassment after reading this.
Yeah, sure. That happened, Shiloh.

No. 1026542


Future ex mrs hansen enters into the 'who is anonymous gene' sweepstake.

No. 1026594

File: 1598020613244.png (445.17 KB, 1071x1768, Screenshot_20200821-162658~2.p…)

No. 1026595

File: 1598020644731.jpg (274.7 KB, 946x2048, 20200821_162702.jpg)

No. 1026596

File: 1598020668776.jpg (373.62 KB, 1536x2048, 20200821_162704.jpg)

No. 1026598

do yall think she made a police report or any recording of the three men who yelled, kicked, and banged on her door

No. 1026602

I see no knife carvings, chief. And indeed, why would you not take a video of this? Full of shit, little miss Shiloh.

No. 1026617

Call my cynical, but I think she did this herself.
It's Shiloh, after all.

No. 1026625

Given her history with posting fake dead babies, videos of fake memory loss which Greg actually admitted was fake and made up by her, I think we have a clear cut case of the boy who cried wolf here.
I am however amazed she didn't make this a hate crime "against lesbians".
She's improving, in her own little way.

No. 1026626

Its also not something someone else would write on the door "dead bitch"? really, Shitho Smollett? That's the best you can come up with? No wonder you're not very famous or good as an artist if your creativity is on par with that of Greg. It just sounds like something she would use "dead bitch" also the way its written just screams Shitlow.
She made one crucial mistake however, since everyone now expects her to report this to the police, or someone will do that for her.
And cops tend to figure this shit out.

No. 1026632

File: 1598025853081.jpg (102.08 KB, 555x344, Screenshot_20200821_190337.jpg)

The 'dead bitch' message on Shiloh's door is obviously written in makeup. I don't know if anyone else noticed this. Apparently 3 really bad guys had an eyeliner pencil on hand.

No. 1026640

The wording and weird circular writing seems off to me. Like someone trying to disguise their handwriting.
Also, anyone from the internet would have at least drawn a cock on there.

No. 1026641

Yeah, the whole thing is completely off.
In a sense I almost don't want the police involved because the cringe would be unbearable, lol.
Next you know she's going to be running around Chicago with a noose around her neck.

No. 1026650

Ok, in theory, this question goes for everybody on here reading this: If you were standing in front of Shiloh's door and you knew it was her house and you had to for some strange reason write something on her door; Maybe you're drunk, maybe someone is holding a gun to your head, would "DEAD BITCH" out of all things you could write on there be your choice of words?
If anything, say that this was absolutely 100% real, i'd say it isn't from the internet but someone she fucked over personally. And considering how she isn't making this an "anti-lesbian hate-crime" and doesn't mention her brand new girlfriend in her post i'd say that IF this is real (pretty big IF) she absolutely knows who did it and decided to run with it. For attention, because Shiloh is as Shiloh does..
And THREE men, three men Shiloh? Come on now. Guess they had nothing better to do on a tuesday night, huh? They where all liquored up sitting in their car going "hey i got a really good idea, lets fuck with Shiloh!" I mean who in the hell knows where Shiloh lives anyway? I sure as hell don't.

No. 1026653

Shiloh is just as autistic as Greg is. Had she written this differently and made it up with less details it would have seemed more plausible to people. An overkill to details is often a sign of lying. Had I made this shit up I would have written something along the lines of:
"I came home from shopping and saw this written on my door (picture), should I be scared?"
Then she would have had the entire internet worried over her, and far more believers.
I guess Shiloh is aspiring to be the new Zoe Quinn, maybe she should blame this on #GamerGate

No. 1026738


Notice how the first thing she does is put the blame on Billie and Sarah for her getting "attacked". Also the men stayed outside her door terrorizing her for 30 minutes but she didn't call the police, and neither did a neighbor? Sounds legit.

No. 1026760

I also think that the message would be much bigger, instead of it being a small, easy to clean up text before the landlord comes for a check up

No. 1026771

At a closer look it seems she spelled it 'Deed' but changed it into an A. Could just be me.

No. 1026779

Kek where are the Shiloh wk’s now?
I’ve always knows she was batshit but this …..she’s crazier/more autistic than I originally thought.

No. 1026785

File: 1598045454806.jpg (206.76 KB, 1080x810, 93647939_227108611974042_32795…)

Couldn't shake the feeling that this seemed to be an inside of a door. Did some digging, the outside to her apartment door is pink. You may also notice in other pictures that its her inside walls that are painted that color blue.

No. 1026787

File: 1598045576178.jpg (45.15 KB, 730x573, 95344237_530229671218940_16482…)

No. 1026789

See thats the problem with being an attention whore and dumping your entire life on the internet. Some autists may come along and prove you to be a liar.

No. 1026791

The key holes would be on the wrong side if this is inside.

No. 1026793

Actually no, the keyholes are on the right side when you're inside. On the left when you're on the outside. Go check your own front door and find out for yourself.
Either that or thats a European thing, because with my house it is and i'm in Europe.

No. 1026794

File: 1598046149229.jpg (370.91 KB, 1944x2592, american.jpg)

Just did a google search specifically for American front door and heres a door from Ohio. See? Left side keyhole is outside, right side is in. Unless they have it in reverse in Canada

No. 1026795

File: 1598046257367.jpg (10.88 KB, 250x333, canada.jpg)

Nope! Front door in Canada, Toronto to be exact, googled for it, same thing. Left side is outside.

No. 1026797

File: 1598046469449.jpg (8.96 KB, 117x250, 1598045454806.jpg)

Definitive answer: As you can see by the picture here >>1026785 that keyhole on the outside is on the left side. Plus the door is bright pink on the outside.

No. 1026798

> Unless they have it in reverse in Canada

She's in Los Angeles

No. 1026799

The proof of shiloh's own front door is here:


In these apartments they're all on the left side outside.

No. 1026802

I'm talking about how you stick your key in the hole from the outside, not the inside. You were implying that this is the inside of her door. If this were inside instead of outside, there would be a latch you flip, not a hole where you put your key.

Speaking of the position of the door handle: mine is indeed on the right from the outside. I use my right hand to open it.

No. 1026804

I don't know what you mean, I only ever see those latches you speak of on the inside of shower or toilet doors. I have a keyhole on the inside of my door just like that, and have had that in previous houses too.

No. 1026806

Ignore the handle type and look at the lock only. You put your key in the door outside. On the inside, there is a latch. Hope this helps.

I'm just pointing out that the picture is of the outside of a door, not the inside like someone was tinfoiling.

No. 1026807

File: 1598047770184.jpg (19.49 KB, 312x480, 70780CR-835_large.jpg)

Dropped image, sorry.

No. 1026808

I'm that tinfoil, and I don't see it as a tinfoil since you can clearly see by the pictures of her apartment complex that all the keyholes are on the left side on the outside.
The picture she posted the keyhole is on the right side, and her front door magically changed color and the outside wall has the same color as her inside walls.
I don't mean to be rude, but latches aside, prove me wrong.

No. 1026811

oh and as you can tell her outside walls are sorta yellow, her inside walls are baby blue.
hence, I don't see it as tinfoil but just noticing that in the pictures she posted.
don't get me wrong i don't have to be right, but like I said prove my observations wrong i'm open to it.

No. 1026814

Right, tinfoil here I get what you mean now I had an American explain it to me. Your doors seem to be a lot different from European ones.

No. 1026936

You're right. This >>1026596 is definitely the outside of the door.
This looks more like a motel to me. The pics Shiloh posted of her supposed front door >>1026632 could literally belong to anyone.

No. 1026938

lol no.
>i'd say it isn't from the internet but someone she fucked over personally.
If this was real she'd have filed a police report and I've seen zero evidence for that.

No. 1026940

Sorry this reads like the biggest fucking boloney ass story. Maybe I'd be more inclined to believe her if she didn't constantly make shit up to deflect criticism and go out of her way to destroy her own credibility for the last several months.
>Notice how the first thing she does is put the blame on Billie and Sarah for her getting "attacked".
On the nose anon. This really looks like either she's trying to distract from the bad pr she's getting (along with Hansen and his awful gf who shit on Hansen's "daughters") by making up a feel bad 4 me story, and/or should something actually happen (she's capable of faking lots of things as we've seen) she'll try to pin her misfortune onto the other girls somehow. Tinfoil af but can't put anything past kween Shiloh.

No. 1026966

File: 1598080572904.jpg (1.1 MB, 1162x7480, kween of bullshit.jpg)

Hey Shiloh remember these little gems? Classic Shiloh! Never change hon.

Shiloh was so desperate for a drop of clout that she hopped on the dick of a creepy boomer whose relevance is fading faster than his hairline. A man who wouldn't know journalism if it paid off his 7 figure debt yesterday. I wonder what ever happened with those "multiple active FBI investigations" she sperged about on video?

Curious how Ashlee >>1026497 found out Hansen was lying to her about his contacts but somehow Shiloh, who also met Hansen in person, has been in the dark this entire time. Curious indeed.

No. 1026969

File: 1598081342379.jpeg (131.56 KB, 750x1075, Hansen texts-Gene.jpeg)

Speaking of, does anyone remember when Vince's texts to Chris Hansen were leaked? The ones where Vince called a black guy the n-word? Gene was the one who leaked those texts. I'm pretty sure he first showed those messages to the guy Vince insulted, then that same guy made a video about it. Gene somehow magically gained access to Hansen's text messages yet according to Hansen, he doesn't know who Gene is. Big thunk.

No. 1026980

samefag. Vince himself never denied writing those texts. Vince and the guy he sperged about here spoke directly about these texts in dm's. That was also recorded on video.

No. 1027075

Sure, Gene is suddenly black. O.K.
Fucking prove it, snap a picture of your dumbass face.
What I remember from Gene, as im sure everyone here does, is that when Chris went to visit Greg's house he was the first to post footage of it.
There is no way in hell he could have obtained that footage unless he was buddies with Chris, in the least. There's no other way for him to have gotten that footage.

No. 1027345

Since Leafy has been banned and a big topic of conversation, I was reminded of how James Jackson THIRSTED for Leafy on Twitter. We saw the tweets, one can only wonder what the emails looked like. If Leafy was looking to ride his sudden wave of interest to get publicity for a new venture, maybe having a seat and sharing some emails with Chris Hansen might be of interest. Not to worry if they aren't that milky, I mean, obviously Hansen isn't super picky with who he brings on his shoe. Because, after all, it "keeps the story alive."

No. 1027350

He also made 10.000 videos about Leafy, to which Leafy once made a video with all the mentions of him in it, being severely creeped out by it. And on Keem's interview he said he'd like to have Leafy on his lap, whatever that means. Greg truly is a closet NAMBLA member.
He'll also just attach himself to whatever is relevant at the time, specially to the kids, trying to appeal to larger crowds.

No. 1027365

If it came out that Greg gave Hansen money to intentionally fuck up any legal hopes the girls (minus Shiloh) had, it wouldn't surprise me at all. There was a lot of speculation that Ice Poseidon paid Hansen off and that this was why Hansen dropped the story despite the ss from i think discord showing Ice made sexual comments to an underage girl.

No. 1027494

I find it interesting that Leafy was terminated despite having no prior strikes on his channel, yet a girl who's visibly starving herself to death on their platform Eugenia Cooney somehow isn't an issue lol. I can't say I'm surprised considering the company that owns youtube.

No. 1027496

File: 1598171896580.png (327.73 KB, 592x513, derpamous gene.png)

There's decent circumstantial evidence connecting them.

Gene had a few accounts some months back supposedly showing his face, one was pic related. idk if that's really him but the guy in the pic does appear terminally retarded so you know, if the shoe fits.

That most of hansen's volunteers look like they're either related to potatoes or are otherwise missing chromosomes is no coincidence, his picks are deliberate. It's pretty funny watching a run of the mill parasitic deadbeat try to play 4D chess. I'd say he definitely has more of a hand in his failing operation here than he let's on because the truth is everything he touches inevitably goes to shit, that's been his last 10 years at least. I'd almost feel sorry for him if he didn't consciously grift/exploit some abuse victims and seem so proud of it.

No. 1027570

Naw theres no way thats him. Don't worry though eventually this retard will get exposed. Its inevitable.

No. 1028162

Oh how fucking convenient, is she going to start sperging about being gang stalked too? Kek. What crazy antics will she come up with next to get out of taking responsibility for being a two faced cunt? The only person Shiloh cares about is Shiloh. How could she survive in LA any other way? She's not an influencer and her dead music career has yet to be revived despite her lame efforts to be another soundclout thot, pretty sure she has been coasting on dick to support her lifestyle for years (how do you afford weed, grinders, bongs, acrylics, wardrobe, wigs, weave AND cost of living with no stable source of income?) and now it's her current girlfriend who is stuck supporting a ticking time bomb. She must be crazy good in the sack because I don't know how anybody could put up with her bullshit otherwise.

At this point I believe she just saw $$$ with Hansen. She decided to be "patient0" and put on the face of being "warriuh sista kween" so she could use people's sympathy to support her ridiculous lifestyle. Funny how she could afford various new tattoos over the years but could never get "Gregory" on the back of her neck covered until somebody starts a gofundme. Then she gets a huge ass sad panther instead of something simple that would be more reasonable in price, but then she would have to explain where the rest of the money went that could have been put to better use. Fuck that! She was abused don't you remember? You wouldn't want her to an hero because you dare raise an eyebrow at the things she says and does right??? What a tragic cow.

No. 1028254

Ironically she did her Grift Scamsen interview very good. She even had me fooled. I thought to myself "wow, she has really matured over the years."
Right up until the point where she started being her old self again, like you said, a CUNT.

No. 1028278

File: 1598305978256.jpeg (184.03 KB, 1059x1600, 2240F722-ED42-44F6-AE27-CC69F3…)

When the tv show comes and interviews, she’s going to look like pic related, Mark my words. And like us dumbasses, the nation will eat it up

In her mind, the dateline-esque show will help her “revive” her career for the third or fourth time so she wouldn’t go from John to John if (big if) successful.

No. 1028420

File: 1598335322355.jpg (225.02 KB, 483x1683, Shiloh the clout chaser.jpg)

When this started blowing up Shiloh initially said she wasn't going public about her experiences with Greg, then for no apparent reason changed her mind only a few days later and started posting to twitter. Her interview with Hansen was uploaded within a week of her last album drop. A lot of farmers called her out back then saying how obvious it was she was only in it for herself. Shame they were proven right.

No. 1028424

File: 1598336376509.jpg (289.16 KB, 845x1475, chris shiloh private.jpg)

Shiloh admitted to having Hansen's ear, "I'll deal with him privately". None of the other girls spoke that way. There's no way Shiloh didn't know Hansen had been planning this tv deal all along. Meanwhile the other girls were deliberately kept out of the loop. This was why Shiloh took it upon herself to play personal spokesperson and den mother to the other girls.

After Shiloh went off the rails the first time trying to deplatform people who were asking questions, it became obvious what her real motives were. This cow was telling on herself the ENTIRE time lol.

No. 1028433

File: 1598341511089.png (55.59 KB, 655x224, BILLIE2020-08-09.png)

No. 1028446

who is chris hansen dating? i tried to find her name but couldn't.

No. 1028625

Close. She's going to look exactly like this: >>>/snow/1012823

No. 1028673

File: 1598389388402.jpg (58.74 KB, 640x640, turd.jpg)

She's gonna look like this, same as she always does.
You can't polish her.

No. 1028904

I'd be more inclined to agree with you if he weren't legitimately autistic enough to take his real face and real first name and attach a stupid moniker to it. tldr: there's mouth breathers, and then there's Gene.
check up thread.

No. 1028912


I meant her legal name, not her online nym or whatever.

No. 1029061

File: 1598447374687.jpg (37.19 KB, 480x720, fuckerofdogs.jpg)

So how about that dog fucker Tamara eh?

No. 1029103

lol you got yelled at from the other thread so you came here to shit this one up. there's a reason people are telling you that joke's not funny anymore kek can an admin please do something about this vendetta poster? she's not even a fan of Onision anymore and hasn't done anything overly milky in a while worth talking about

No. 1029121

How do you know all this about her?

No. 1029137

File: 1598457687673.jpeg (258.98 KB, 1280x853, C3711900-E2F9-4EDA-BF7B-4380D9…)

Not sure if white knight or dogfucker

No. 1029152

sup dog fucker(hi cow)

No. 1029231


some vendetta idiot was shitting up the Onision thread.

No. 1029241

That does not answer the question. Are you stalking Tamara and her dog?

No. 1029281

lol she doesn't even have a dog, wtf? can we go back to talking about shiloh or something relevant this shit is repetitive and old

No. 1029288

How do you know that? Did she kill her dog?
You will need to answer this question before we move along to any other subject.
Also you need to learn2sage
And answer the question

How do you know so much about Tamara the dog fucker?

No. 1029290


I'm a friend of hers. She has 3 animals, and none of them she fucks and or is a dog. She's only ever lived in apartments where dogs are not permitted anyway, and her current place has a no dog policy too.
She doesn't fuck any animals. That bestiality comment was started by Greg on an alt he used on Kiwi Farms to piss her off. I know because I used to be in the discord with them.

Now answer my questions: what's your fascination with someone fucking dogs? and why can't you accept that she isn't a dog fucker? does it not fit your head canon? how can you continue to try to trigger someone who's already had a terrible experience when people started this rumor about her? what do you gain attacking someone on the internet you'll never meet who isn't even a friend of Onision's anymore???

No. 1029293

I'm Null's mother and Null told me that Tamara fucks dogs. Its not my words, its hers. And Joshua Conner Moon would never ever lie to his mother, ever. So there must be some truth to it. I've been fascinated by the story since I am writing a book about people that abuse animals. Since you are her friend I also once heard from someone else that Tamara shoved a whole burrito up her pussy, is that true? And that she once had to get an ant trap since she had an ant problem in there.
I will meet Tamara one day since I called Miss Cleo's hotline and she told me that I would.

No. 1029294


lady you are one fucked up person can we please get a farmhand to put a stop to this nonsense and have this dumb bitch find tamara off forum and talk to her personally im not a god damn messenger to someone who's as dumb as a fucking rock that can't see past their own demented headcanon

No. 1029297

I'm glad you didn't get angry though, tell your dogfucker BFF I said hi.
I've been having a lot of fun with you the past few days. You are just too much. Are you really this hungry that you keep taking the bait?

No. 1029304

i still think you need some help though to think people do that shit irl and are too much of a coward to talk to her personally and reveal who you really are

No. 1029306

I need some help, this is great. Here's the deal, reading back in the Greg thread everyone can see:

- I explained to you fully why you should not respond, yet even just someone posting the word dogfucker is enough for you.
- You keep falling for it.

And how do you feel that Tamara will be known as the dogfucker till the end of days, till ragnarok? It doesn't even matter if I tried to help you for her to get rid of that, thats who she is, the dogfucker. The dogfucker Tamara.
You Onision fans are really something else, you're not the sharpest pencils in the set. And its hilarious.

No. 1029312


I think it's sad you have to keep spreading false information ab out people just because you don't like them and i'm not an onision fan lmao i left the discord and was one of the few who encouraged her to leave it too

theres a reason why theres no photo evidence other even with a dog on the internet aside from one piss-poorly edited in above an old ass image of hers that someone stole and that clearly edited "wolfbitch" stolen photo where they cat fished her.

and you seem to think everyone who responds to you is the same person you must be superman being able to see from behind an anonymous username

you still didnt answer my question about why youre so infatuated with dogfucking. maybe you're the dog fucker projecting your insecurities onto someone else… hm.

No. 1029315

"Spreading false information"? You seriously think that THAT is what I'm doing here? Let me tell you something, you told me several times that my posts aren't funny. And you know what? I agree, my posts aren't funny at all. I could be sitting here literally spamming this thread with just the word "dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker" over and over again and it wouldn't be funny.
But let me tell you what is though, you know what IS funny? Its your responses. You keep making it funny. And you're probably right, if Greg made it up its probably not true at all, and Tamara doesn't fuck dogs. But at what point did you ever see the internet care about the truth? Specially these places?

But let me ask you though: How does Tamara feel about giving lots and lots of money to a guy, Greg, who would start this god awful rumor about her? Is she happy about that? And who pray tell is she supporting right now? Is she sure its not some other douchebag like that?

I already gave you my answer as to why I am so infatuated with Tamara the dogfucker, its YOU, its you that makes it so funny. Even after I tried my best to explain to you why you shouldn't respond to my obvious bait, but for some autistic reason you keep doing it. And look! LOOK! here you are, at it again, hell you are probably already fuming at the ears and typing ANOTHER response to me right now!
You're like the little engine that could, its charming in a way, no really!

No. 1029318

I have doubts, myself. Shiloh was readily recording that encounter with her ex-boyfriend (where he had allegedly hit her and she started screaming at him) that was posted in either a previous Anti-O or Onision thread. If something had actually happened, you'd think she'd do the same here.

No. 1029320

you got so angry its not necessarily them taking the bait right now i'm done watching you two children shit up the thread shut up this isn't twitter

No. 1029324

GOOD! Good for you! I was already going to suggest you take a break from the internet. Because you are not doing your friend Tamara any favors if you keep responding to this obvious bait!
Go take a break, get yourself pampered in a nice spa, DON'T take your phone leave it at home, don't get any internet and take a nice long break.
And when you come back: don't come back here, don't respond to anyone calling Tamara a dogfucker. Trust me, you'll feel better and it will all die out. Pinky swear.
I wish you all the best. I sincerely do.
Don't stan any more douchebags, go for nice celebs instead like I dunno Martha Stewart or something, she sure as hell can use the money with that IRS thing she had in the past. She's great at decorating, I'm sure you'll love her.

No. 1029335

File: 1598483024666.jpeg (44.94 KB, 612x612, no.jpeg)

She can stan me as long as she keeps her bestie the hell away from my Pomeranian. I ain't playing about that shit neither.
Then I can buy my mom something nice for Christmas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1029337

Dogfucker anon's samefagging and Tamara's transparent selfposting are equally annoying. There's no pride in baiting an absolute fucking retard who will respond to anything. Congrats, now please for the love of god just fight on twitter or discord instead of here before you get our thread locked.

No. 1029339

Pride? You are talking to me about pride? You're talking to a woman here that just found her first grey pubic hair and hasn't gotten laid since Lost aired on TV.
Pride! Hah- thats a good one. I'm just here to entertain myself.
I lost my pride many many years ago along with my figure.(ban evasion)

No. 1029346

well we know that we see it on ur onlyfans kek sucking it in =/= weight loss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1029468

Thank you for banning this autistic anon, farmhands.
It was bad enough that the main thread was completely shat up by them.
I don't get the weird Tamara obsession. She's pathetic, but did nothing interesting. No milk there.

No. 1029575


thats why a lot of us keep saying it's a sock account or one of Greasion's orbiters he asked to do this or him himself. You know how he obsesses
over everyone and she tried to leave on her own before he had to get the upper hand like she said on many streams. It's what he does. He kinda confirmed it himself that he visits here & KF(ban evasion)

No. 1029584

Only one person believes Greg would come here to sperg obsessively about Tamara of all people. Stop.

No. 1029718

No. 1029729

>He lives with her, as he is too broke to have his own place (he was evicted by police last year from his NY apartment.)
So he´s using her too. I bet he´s telling her all the time how `the onision story will break big` and it will make him tons of money..
Nice one, nice find!

No. 1029736

File: 1598569843016.jpg (23.38 KB, 480x360, scammymcscamscam.jpg)

Why doesn´t Hansen simply ask his buddy buddy John Crestani for help? I mean he´s making money by the buckets and Chris has promoted his pyramid scheme. I´m sure he can help!

No. 1029738

File: 1598569927073.jpg (7.41 KB, 256x197, fakey.jpg)

John Crestani swimming in it, right?

No. 1029752


I think in this situation, they are both sharks. She's been married at least 3 times already. 2 of them in rapid succession. I haven't looked too far into it but it seems they were all affluent. Wonder if that alimony check is running out or she's concerned that her kids are about to age out of child support.

Did you follow the link in the first post? "Gene" is one of the comments.

No. 1029917

File: 1598604676582.jpg (49.24 KB, 668x551, tamarathedogfucker.jpg)

Tamara the dogfucker made a video "her bestie" posted here, scatting up the Greg-thread:


She talks about being called the dogfucker 10 minutes in:


She thinks she will be the next keem..

No. 1030165

stop trying to bait her into posting here so a farm hand can ban her or whatever, she's not that stupid

your tamara obsession is unhealthy

No. 1030233

No. 1030283

Request to the mods:
Can I nominate this post as the shittiest most cringe post of 2020?

No. 1030287

not Tamara, nice try though :=>(tamara)

No. 1030318


can we nominate revealing who the dog-fucker anon is & put an end to this shit?(tamara)

No. 1030399

So we had a persistent Shiloh wk samefagging all over the thread which was totally embarrassing, and now Tamara herself.

No. 1030429

watching you guys fight among yourselves has been kind of entertaining but… I'm the real Tamara ;)

No. 1030430

Watching you get reamed (yes we heard from McFly you're into extreme anal) and all your posts revealed was entertaining to us. Take the L, go suck your dogs cock and lick your wounds back at kiwi.

No. 1030437

i dont hav ea dog but whatever you say weirdo lol

why wouldn't I reveal myself on the other posts but on this one? I'm so sure McFly said that because it doesn't even sound like something she'd say. Keep me out of your weird ass headcanons.

Her too. I'm the coward but I'm not the one hiding on an anonymous username.

No. 1030440

File: 1598680575234.png (159.92 KB, 609x473, tamara twitter.PNG)

but you are the scared little bitch behind a privated twitter. Go back to kiwi, you're not wanted here.

No. 1030442

Tamara, this is an honest question. Why are you wasting your time here? No one here likes you.
The dogfucker anon is having her personal fun with you, yes, but apart from that you're completely irrelevant.
You have no milk, you have "no tea to spill" and you're a very messed up person for supporting the dumpsterfire called Onision.
I concur with >>1030440. Go back to the other farms.

No. 1030444


My DM's are visible? doesn't make me a coward. You're still the one not revealing your name.


I don't support Onision anymore so you're holding onto ridiculous anger over something that no longer matters. I haven't supported him for a long time now. There was a reason you never saw me openly defending him on twitter in the last year. Everyone on this board was probably a fan of his at some point, don't act any better.

I'm not relevant but you guys can't keep me out of your mouths every other post? if I bother you so much, ignore me then? I don't care if nobody likes me here. I'm not here to impress people. I'm tired of people accusing other people of being me So I came forward. You guys sure bitch & moan about me a fair bunch.

Stop following me so closely then if you think I have no tea to spill? obviously you think I have something if you're doing it this much. Just because you dislike someone though doesn't give you the right to make up stories about them

No. 1030448

File: 1598682082491.webm (475.49 KB, Recording (21).webm)

>I'm so sure McFly said that because it doesn't even sound like something she'd say

No. 1030449

>Everyone on this board was probably a fan of his at some point, don't act any better.
Oh please. I'm sure quite a few of us watched his videos back in 2009, yes. Then we realised the dude is a fucking horror show and only continued to enjoy the train wreck.
You on the other hand went the extra mile, and not only financially supported him, but defended the abuser and a literal rapist. Saying you haven't done it in "the last year" is meaningless.
If he weren't mean to you, you'd still be licking his deformed balls, don't pretend otherwise.

>I'm not relevant but you guys can't keep me out of your mouths every other post?

That's the thing. No one's talking about you. There's only one anon messing with you.
The rest of us don't give a crap about your "tea." Get b&.

No. 1030450

Oh ffs, I was joking. I made a lot of butt-jokes, don't take life so seriously. I also made many "any hole is a goal" jokes too. It's not my fault none of you can take a joke


That's another reason I'm here. I'm calling out the one anon. If they can't talk to me directly, (which they should) then they should just STFU & leave me be

That's also funny because I'm one of the few people who was there who didn't want to get with him and OR Kai. And I was planning to leave when my sub ran out, it has nothing to do with whether or not he was "mean to me" he's a fucking dick to everybody that's why he can't hold friendships down.

I'm done. I came to call out the other anon anon & so other people could stop being told they were me. I was informed my payments went to videos, nothing more. If I had known he was using it for other than intended, I'd be out. Don't dictate me or tell me how I'm feeling or what my intentions were. At the end of the day you're nobody.

No. 1030451


also I wanna mention it's disgusting for me to make jokes about it, but Greg's the one literally shoving shit in his ass…. gotcha

No. 1030452

>There was a reason you never saw me openly defending him on twitter in the last year

It was last than a year ago when you were calling Sarah a liar and saying the girls he abused were not pretty enough to be victims though

No. 1030453

I also publicly apologized to them on Hansen and took accountability for it. I said Regina was vetting people for going on the show based on their looks, the "not pretty enough" thing got misconstrued and only one person was decent enough to come and ask me what I meant by it instead of forming their own lies.

I never said they weren't pretty enough. Even in the screenshot capped, I said something about how Regina was vetting people to go on and her methods were questionable. Don't put words into my mouth, please.

No. 1030455


It was a friend of hers that told me how she was vetting people at the time too.

No. 1030456

File: 1598683191542.png (130.24 KB, 595x358, 8292020.PNG)

These are just 2 of thee sock accounts that Tamara used to talk shit about Sarah and Lizard.
Scroll through the tweets and you get a taste of what she will say when she thinks no one has figured out its her.

She was stupid enough to follow herself with the sock accounts.

No. 1030457


That wasn't me? I followed nodrama because at the time I was pissed at lizard and thought their comments were funny we still don't know who nodrama is and people even thought it was mcfly because they didn't like lizard either.

The account I used at the time had my cat on it, and another Yuumi from League. I would not be stupid enough to follow myself with a sock. Did you ever stop to think it was GREG? we followed each other back on a lot of accounts then too. He had just banned Liz.

No. 1030458

>I'm calling out the one anon.
Im pretty sure its more than just one person calling you a dogfucker. Having a one on one with all the people saying you fuck dogs isnt going to change anything. Im sorry to tell you this but you will always and forever be known as a dog fucker. Just be thankful that you havent been fully doxxed with your last name or address revealed. Can you imagine if people in your real life like neighbors and people you seen around town knew you fuck dogs?

No. 1030460


gee I wonder why there's no physical evidence of me fucking an actual dog? oh OH could it be because I don't do bestiality shit? Greg started that rumor to take the heat off himself on KF under purple carrot.

the fact that you guys get off on that though is a little disturbing not gonna lie. I post every animal I have proudly, if I had a dog there would be actual (not shitty edited in) pictures of me with one on some form of social media.

I have a cat, hamster & recently rescued a chinchilla. None of which I fuck, though I bet you wish I would because you're pretty sick. I have no attraction to animals. That's Greg's department.

No. 1030463

File: 1598684280424.gif (490.62 KB, 176x200, a4f180366bd05802a238531b89f134…)

Ok dog fucker. Goodnight.

No. 1030465

File: 1598684501504.gif (128.08 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)


it's okay we all know you're only acting like this because you found your first grey hair in your pubic region and you haven't gotten laid since Lost aired ;)

There, there.

No. 1030468

File: 1598685334334.jpg (60.38 KB, 683x405, ban_evasion.jpg)

The joke was funnier the first time you told it. >>1029339 Or was that your mysterious "friend" who comes her to defend you and gets banned over and over?
Seriously… stop shoving your antidepressants into your mouth by the handful. You're losing your memory and your sanity.

No. 1030469


if it were me why didnt a farmhand go "Tamara" like they've been doing accusatory every other post?

i dont control my friends and i take my depressants as I should. I've also never been to rehab, which is another rumor I may as well address since you're on about it.

I wish i could take credit for that joke though, it was a good one. Sadly not that creative.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1030474

File: 1598688360864.jpg (22.38 KB, 1073x153, new.jpg)

>i dont control my friends and i take my depressants as I should.
Looks like the tagline of a new lolcow farms banner to me?

No. 1030476

whatever makes your rosy little hearts glow

No. 1030478

I was talking to the mods. But sure, you spergin' out on the farms kills some time while we wait for Greg or the actual relevant people around him to do something spergalicious again.

No. 1030481

surprised you aren't accusing me of being him to be honest

No. 1030483

File: 1598689026800.jpg (350.02 KB, 1166x792, relevance.jpg)

Who are you even talking about? WHAT are you even talking about?

Allow me to ask you something;
1.9 million views vs your shared-with-heatboss measly 32.000 views.. how does it feel to be even less relevant than Shiloh?..

No. 1030484

She really is a sperg, isn't she?
Try not giving your money to piece of shit abusive predators in the future, Tamara, okay?
It's bad karma and leads to people calling you a dogfucker.

No. 1030485

File: 1598689223481.jpg (157.16 KB, 1300x1854, lede-fritzl-1300x1854.jpg)

Honestly you might as well be supporting Joseph Fritzell and sending him cigarettes, soap and tooth paste in prison accompanied with love letters.
Although i'm sure fritzell is nice enough to not call someone a dogfucker

No. 1030487


if I cared about views all my videos on my channel would be PUBLIC. I didn't go on Hansen for views. I didn't even want it to be live. He asked me to come onto talk about my experience in the discord, and how Greg manipulated us it was a different show than the others.

I really couldn't care less about views. Agreed to go on when Greg had a fucking alleged pedophile as a mod in his discord and I wanted to expose his ass as I had receipts from said minor who was being targeted. He's still allowing minors in there, so yes. I said something. It wasn't for views. It was to spread awareness.


oh look another dogfucker joke yawn I guess it's hard to come up with something wittier when you're a basement dweller.

No. 1030488

>if I cared about views all my videos on my channel would be PUBLIC. I didn't go on Hansen for views.
Christ you are tied to the tracks and that train just keeps running over you, keeps running over you, doesn't it? Autism is killing you. You're just not getting it, nothing is registering with you. Its like your pictures, you see you looking dumb in to the camera, the lights on but there is absolutely no one home.
Its the kinda stupid stare you see in bullfrogs. But yeah, you just missed the point in that entirely. You were just a paypig and literally nobody cared. You are lower on the victim scale than regina, and regina is like the bottom of the barrel. She spoke to Lainey, whoopty-fucking-doo.

>oh look another dogfucker joke yawn I guess it's hard to come up with something wittier when you're a basement dweller.
Even if that kid talking to you is a fat neckbeard linux user, drinking mountain dew all day, rubber woman in his bed or a realdoll, typing to you with cheetoh stained fingers than he's still a champion compared to you, a dogfucker that used to pay actual real shekels to a child molestor online.

you really are in no position to talk shit about anybody except maybe hitler, although one could debate that at least hitler was motivated and going places.

No. 1030490


I made a mistake supporting someone once and it seems ridiculous to keep hating on that person even after they've stopped. Do not dictate why I stopped supporting him, it was deeper than "he bullied me".

You're bitter and angry over someone you're never going to meet, who made a mistake (because you've never made them before I'm sure) and throwing a tantrum like an autistic child who just wants to be heard. I hear you, child. Calling someone a dogfucker because they supported someone you don't like is ridiculous.

Keep hiding behind your anonymous username because it's easy to hide behind one and talk shit to someone behind it as opposed to someone's face with your real name, ain't it? you feel all powerful doing that eh? but I bet if we were debating over VC, or IRL, you'd schribble up like Greg's penis.

Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Thanks. I'm aware of my mistakes, at least I can hold accountability for them.

No. 1030491

File: 1598690372083.jpg (55.81 KB, 416x412, bullfrog.jpg)

>Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Thanks.
I'm not trying to, hon, but heres the thing:

You saw Greg online, and thought "oh hey this guy is cool, this guy is awesome, i am going to support him" right? and then you took out your credit card with probably that same stupid stare you have in all your pictures and told your dog something like "here watch, mommy is gonna have some fun" you filled in your credit card information right, and then paid this asshole actual real money.


just wow.

i mean i bought some stupid ass shit online, most of it from china, i don't give a rats ass about anymore and thought would be cool at the time, like an underwater drone, but you.. boy oh boy, you took the cake.

to me you kind of look and act like Milo Stewart if she lost all motivation in life to do anything, let alone make SJW videos, and went on a 3 week long adderall and ritalin binge. it doesn't matter what you are trying to say to us here, someone here could be a meth head tweaker and still have a lot more going on in life than you.
i sincerely just pity you, i feel sorry for you, and i apologize.

No. 1030494

File: 1598690868265.webm (1.68 MB, 320x180, crybaby tamara.webm)

Speaking of Hansen. I have to thank you for some of the biggest laughs Ive ever had while listening to you blubber and suck up your snot during your interview.

No. 1030498

I think we broke her. Maybe it is now finally settling in what she did.
Getting called a Milo Stewart on Adderall was a tad too much for her.
Looks like she has some thinking to do. This shit isn't trolling, it was an intervention.

No. 1030691

Oh my sweet lord, you people are like 12 year olds crying who didn't get their way shut the fuck up. For people who claim they don't care about this chick you sure whine about her tons take it to fucking twitter or discord. Such a big accomplishment for you.

No. 1030696

o but we do care, who ever said we dont care?
you keep bringing us more and more kek &you are well on your way to getting a Kiwifarms page.

No. 1030698

shes not milky enough for a KF page – mcfly on the other hand has some potential there. She met Onision IRL not once but twice (?) ppl even say she supposedly slept with him

generally when you say someone's irrelevant its not caring about them sorry to say

No. 1030701

the only reason she seems not milky enough is because autists have to yet truly look in to her and her internet presence.
the way she is behaving is definitely lolcow behavior
rue the day that some autist notices her. she is working very hard to make that happen
then she truly got something to complain about

No. 1030704

I'm convinced if you ask the Aaron Carter and Gregs communities nicely they could tell you stories about dogfucker Tamara.
Both communities hate the shit out of her and she strikes me as the type of gal to way overshare once she feels comfortable.

No. 1030708

And I’m Nick Rekieta

No. 1030709

oh hey RB, thanks for posting & confirming that Gregs fans post here but I highly doubt she's concerned about what ten remaining die-hard fans think about her let alone a drugged out has-been like Aaron Carter lol

maybe we'll get lucky & gurgles will flip out and delete his new discord fingers crossed

btw how's Jared from Subway?

No. 1030711

as always you completely missing the point, sweetheart. the point is to look in to facts about you, as these autists do, and then figure out and post your entire pathetic hollow life.
you are working very hard for that.
funny how you keep shitting on both greg and aaron carter and yet you gave these people money.
what did you do for work to earn that money? was it hard work? good job giving them it for absolutely nothing.

No. 1030712

im the one in the aaron carter community, not tamera lol
only an autist would believe those stories

No. 1030714

oh right. well right now if you really are royal black its happening to you. tell tamara the dogfucker here if you are enjoying it.
if she keeps posting here some autist will eventually get annoyed and dox her, her workplace, loved ones, post each and every social media link, etc.
how would you like to get fired from work for fucking dogs, or having them call your family and telling them you do? shit like that will happen if you keep this shit up.
thats not a threat, thats just fact, i mean im not treathening you here this is fair warning.
keep posting here and it won't be me, but some autists will actually take the effort to put you everywhere. royalblack is already what, 15 pages she has now on kiwifarms, going very strong? would you like that too?
then keep this up.
either you let it go and stop arguing with retards, or you continue. its a two way crossroad for you here.
so take a step back and do some actual thinking.

No. 1030723

Tamara should really stop double spacing when she posts as Anonymous here, its a dead give away. Scroll up and check the posts Tamara put her own name on, the posts the Farmhands revealed as her and the current posts that are white knighting her. Painfully obvious.

No. 1030740

>her workplace
Tamara is on disability and has not had a job for years. The closest thing to employment is her volunteering to care for a chinchilla recently. She made a GoFundMe for a $1000 and everyone shit on her for it. She shut it down and dumped the poor animal because she wasn't going to get asspats or money for doing it.
I do agree that someone is eventually going to doxx her. My bet is that one of the regulars at KiwiFarms will weaponize their autism and make what happened to RoyalBlack Jodee look like child's play.
But tbh I don't see how doxxing could change her life. She has no job to get fired from, she has no friends irl to lose, she doesn't leave her apartment except for grocery shopping. Her days consist of waking up in the early afternoon, getting online and checking up on Onision, searching for anything being said about her and taking the bait from people calling her a dog fucker. She goes to bed in the early morning and starts the cycle all over again. The only way a doxxing could affect her is if her immediate family are informed of what shes doing online and her neighbors are contacted about her bestiality history and warned to keep their pets away from her.

No. 1030741

Judging by this >>1030740 it is probably already too late. I tried to warn her, but she keeps on sperging out. The good news is that there is probably a lot of lulz to find on her.

No. 1030743

you claim you know so much about tamara but on all her profiles she has adopted the chinchilla. She has him home with her now. She put it on her visa to rescue the chinchilla right now the only people sperging about her are you guys how about you all just stop and go back to something relevent? she'll just debunk everything with evidence from her end like she's been doing.
Stop. you can't handle being wrong and this is why you're sperging. A Farmhand has already banned her so you're talking to air

No. 1030753

File: 1598747152036.jpg (54.16 KB, 484x278, banevasion.JPG)

You know what credit card she used to rescue the chinchilla? That's very specific and not something a friend or supporter would know. You should make the information more vague if you want us to believe you're that "mysterious friend" who shows up to defend Tamara when the words dog fucker are uttered.

>A Farmhand has already banned her so you're talking to air

Tamaras been banned multiple times and keeps coming back. Thats why you see all the ban evasions. Tamara watches this thread like a hawk.

Tamara should stop being a scared little bitch and unprivate her Twitter so we can all have a nice conversation. And dont try to keep it in DM's like a coward, let the public see you being dragged.

No. 1030755

the first one isn't her it's dog fucker anon that the farmhand for some reason seems to be protecting, idk about the other person under it
shes mentioned adopting the chinchilla on her twitter, and on discord

No. 1030762

File: 1598748649766.gif (6.3 MB, 360x360, shtisgonnagetrealhot.gif)

Anon double dares Tamara (who's not watching this thread because shes banned) to unprivate her Twitter. Minutes later her Twitter goes public… hmmmmm.
The best part of this tweet is the empty threat and imagining Tamara and Onision on Judge Judy trying to argue that shes not into dog cock. The second best part is the 1 like. Where are all those white knight friends who come here to defend her. Cant they be bothered to like her tweet? These friends couldn't just be figments of someones imagination could they?

No. 1030770

File: 1598749357669.png (196.31 KB, 619x449, bullfrog threatened.png)

>A Farmhand has already banned her so you're talking to air.
Yeah Tams is TOTALLY not clocking this thread right now. Does she really think EVERY SINGLE person talking shit about her is Greg? That's some wacky paranoia. Those meds shes abusing are messing with her head. Time for ANOTHER rehab visit.

No. 1030790

File: 1598751369019.jpg (99.51 KB, 610x545, busted.jpg)

when you accidentally use the same tired joke while selfposting and pretending to be a friend who wants to defend Tamara from the dog fucker accusations.

No. 1030796

she was making fun of them

No. 1030797

Do you know when Tamara last got laid since you have insider knowledge or is she an almost 40 year old virgin? Not counting dogs obviously.

No. 1030801

Tamara was just pretending to be retarded too huh?

No. 1030809

for all we know it was a troll someone came in claiming to be royal black too

No. 1030831

File: 1598757563596.jpg (125.24 KB, 536x850, whosdatedwhotamara.jpg)


Dog count is 6.

No. 1030851

File: 1598763834280.png (11.66 KB, 614x368, Capture8292020.PNG)

>Tamara should stop being a scared little bitch and unprivate her Twitter so we can all have a nice conversation. https://twitter.com/TamCaresLesser
kek she just got banned probably for sharing dog porn

No. 1030855

accounts say that when a person deletes them too

No. 1030862

You have to wonder what she did to get her twitter suspended.

No. 1030944

I think she's panic deleting everything, which with wayback machine and so forth won't work. people tried to warn her god knows how many times, same as that she thinks its just one person that has a "vendetta" against her. no lady theres just a flurry of retards pointing and laughing at you.
we tried to warn you but you won't listen, you keep on posting and trying to defend yourself like the four eyed mongoloid that you are.

No. 1030991


>which with wayback machine and so forth won't work.

It would work if she stfu from now on

No. 1031001

if at this point she doesn't get her own kiwifarms thread someone should give her the "luckiest girl of 2020"-award.

No. 1031030

File: 1598815845881.png (90.56 KB, 423x707, LOL.png)

in other news, RB is still sperging all over her KF page and Sierra is still simping for our swamp king.

No. 1031033

File: 1598816117215.png (56.77 KB, 482x395, yikes.png)


No. 1031044

stupid dumb shits, don't fucking cow tip

No. 1031175

dogfuckers twitter is back up
she also posted a video of her chinchilla

No. 1031186

File: 1598832739553.jpg (21.56 KB, 583x109, royal_black12.jpg)

No. 1031191

Why do none of her YouTube videos show even a small glimpse of her face? Not even that video of her mother dyeing her hair. It just shows the floor or a wall as Tamara laughs at her own unfunny jokes and her mom hacks and coughs with that gross old lady smokers voice. Even her Hansen interview was just a pfp. All 5 photos Ive seen of her are from years ago, maybe even a decade. And in each photo shes doing that up high Myspace angle to help lessen her mongoloid look and shrink her nose. She was proudly announcing she got a new cam for her "Tea Time with Tamara" videos but Ive yet to see her face.

How much more fat and ugly could Tamara have gotten that she hides her face to this day?

No. 1031225

can we talk about someone else? tamera topic is old repeatedly bringing up someone because you hate them is not gonna make this thread come back to life it's already dead it's the same 2 or 3 old & bitter onision stans talking about the same shit over and their hate boner for her over and over 'cause she insulted their swamp king #no1cur

No. 1031236

File: 1598840764728.png (38.82 KB, 605x254, sperg.png)

more whining about everyone's favorite royal black

No. 1031257

File: 1598847077327.jpg (16.84 KB, 606x579, rip.jpg)

she deleted her account too

No. 1031260

File: 1598847969537.png (357.35 KB, 625x498, royal black.PNG)

Still on Twitter she just changed it. Jodee's doing what DogFucker Tamara is attempting. Both hope that deleting and changing names will stop anyone from finding out about their history. Don't these dumb bitches know the internet never forgets?

No. 1031280

>can we talk about someone else?
To answer your question: No, we can't.
You do not get to dictate who we do or do not talk about.

No. 1031281

File: 1598860305346.jpg (92.72 KB, 866x854, dogfucker.jpg)

Found her patreon, looks like dogfucker has also been stanning cruelguykrai


No. 1031285

File: 1598861222725.jpg (116.71 KB, 667x754, dogfucker.jpg)

No. 1031294

File: 1598866027179.jpg (47.99 KB, 1267x239, stevereesockree.jpg)

Love your sockpuppet on KiwiFarms, steveree

No. 1031309

At the end of the day it's nice that he has one supporter less, but as we have already established ( >>1030494 ), she would still be there had he not kicked her out.
I felt a bit of empathy listening to that clip, but then I wondered what kind of a person do you have to be to feel like the only place you fit in is with a delusional narc and his paypigs.
So, fuck Tamara.

No. 1031476

I honestly wonder about the intelligence level of his fans. I wish we could measure their IQ. Some top level Mensa there..

No. 1031483

most of them are probably stoners like mcfly in every stream he does with her she sounds high as a kite

No. 1031501

What sort of dope do you need to enjoy that spastic mongoloid?

No. 1031508

Only the strongest kind available

No. 1031511

You'd think when someone you look up to and give money to has had a overwhelmingly negative reputation on the internet for years and is widely hated across popular sites and forums you might want to reconsider who you're stanning. But not these dumbasses. It's advanced stupidity

No. 1031520

File: 1598909406223.jpeg (251.41 KB, 1100x619, 170731042613-india-heroin-drug…)

>not these dumbasses. It's advanced stupidity
Made me kek hard. It truly is a whole new level of autism.
Percocet, in combination with Tylenol and some Qualudes? I wouldn't know I've never done any of that shit. Just theorizing.

No. 1031656

Lmao so pathetic

No. 1031665

Anyone else catch the stories Shiloh posted just before going on an incredibly short social media "break"? She typed as if she's quitting social media for good then came back a week later.
It was a few weeks ago so I might take a while to track down my screenccaps on my phone but she claimed multiple men found her address because of "past trauma" (clearly Onion or Chris Chansen bullshit) and carved derogatory threats into her front door and banged on it so she had to stay somewhere else.
It sounded like absolute bullshit but at the same time I don't want to attract more samefags or Shiloh to shit this up further from bringing it up.

No. 1031667

nevermind, ignore this. I'm just late.
saw a cap earlier in the thread and just missed it the other times I read it due to the amount of pure horseshit that destroyed this thread and I'm blind apparently.

No. 1031721

File: 1598946091034.png (434.82 KB, 620x1086, tamarajaysilentbob.png)

Noticed that Tamara the dogfucker has plastered Jay & Silent Bob all over her twitter recently. Couldn't figure out why the sudden interest in Kevin Smiths movies.

No. 1031722

File: 1598946246473.png (302.19 KB, 604x726, SierraJayMewes.png)

Then I remembered that Sierra the stripper would vague tweet about having some kind of weird on going relationship with Jason (Jay) Mewes since she was a teenager. She travels to all his shows and was a merch girl for him at conventions. I guess Dog Fucker is trying to poke at Sierra for some reason. They never liked each other when Tamara was still part of Onisions discord and now that shes talking shit about Greg I'm sure Sierra wants to beat her ass. Here's hoping for a hair pulling twitter fight.

No. 1031846

while id love to get this thread flowing as it used to before instead of talking about this irrelevant bitch over and over, everytime someone tries to change the subject these like three or four vendetta fags keep shitting it up we get it, you dont like tamara

No. 1031849

Legitimate question:

- Why does it matter to you who we talk about?

I mean what, you got stocks in this thread? You have a bar bet running? Maybe your mouse wheel is broken and you need to scroll by hand? Tell us all about it, I'm sure we'd love to hear your reason.

No. 1031852

because youre gonna end up getting this thread locked

No. 1031854

Actually no, we won't. Allow me to explain this to you: Tamara used to be a moderator for Greg until she was kicked out. Now she is fanny flustered about that and is talking shit about Greg, and thus she became an Anti-O.
Now look at the very top of your browser, you see the title there? "Anti-O flakes". Tamara now is that.
There will be no locking of the thread. I'm glad we had this talk.

No. 1031855

except he didnt kick her out he even admitted she left whya re you so upset about her talking shit about Greg? kek

No. 1031857

Some real brain power there, champ.
I just explained to you the entire situation here: >>1031854
Feel free to have someone explain my post to you.

No. 1031858

ur a greg stan its obvious ur getting ur feefees hurt that another person is talking shit about your swamp man

No. 1031859

Like I said we have a real winner on our hands here.
Allow me to explain this to you for the final time:
This thread is about Anti-O's. Tamara is an anti-O. Hence forth there will be no closing of the thread when people discuss her.
In answer to your enquiry about some sort of affinity for Greg (?), no, I think he's a pedophile retard.

No. 1031862

finally something we agree on

No. 1031863

Consider this though: Using your logic every single person in here debating any of the Anti-O flakes would thus be Greg stans.. what?

No. 1031865

people will think ur a stan for greg because youre making a big deal about people talking shit about him he's a scumbag therefore deserves it dont care who its from

No. 1031866

So by that right every one in here talking about the Anti-O flakes in a negative manner is a Greg stan. Is that what you are saying?
I'm very sorry but I don't think that is true. I'm certainly not a Greg stan, I think he's a stupid dumbass.

If time has proven us anything its that the loudest anti-o's are also the biggest lolcows. Just look at Steveree, or Chris Hansen, or Repzion. They're all a bunch of lolcows. It is by that right that the Anti-O flakes thread was born. Does that mean that everybody posting here loves Greg? No, we all think he's a pedophile rat bastard.
I'm glad I got to clear this up for you.

No. 1031874

dont forget about repzilla, joy sparkles & mikeenactor

No. 1031876

Thats right, they're all a bunch of jackasses. And if tomorrow I, god forbid, became a very vocal anti-o and acted a fool online i'd end up in this thread and people would talk about me. Does that mean they would suddenly love Greg? No, it doesn't. It would just mean that i just became another jackass anti-o.

No. 1031880

The only Anti-O's that aren't jackassy as far as I know of are Strange Aeons and Chaos Untold. Before you accuse me no I have no affiliation with them, nor do they have any with eachother, they are however both lesbians.
Maybe being a lesbian makes you impervious to being an Anti-O lolcow. Although I wouldn't necessarily call them anti-o's per se, they also do a ton of other videos.
If one of them, or both do display lolcow type behavior you are welcome to correct me and I then stand corrected, I suppose.

No. 1031896

people will always talk about greg in a negative light whether its a fan or anti some of his own supporters within the discord used to talk shit about him too there are even recordings on this site of them doing it

No. 1031898

Then why in the name of Greek buggery to they keep supporting him, paying him and staying there?

Because they're STUPID, perhaps?

No. 1031909

what is this bullshit i keep seeing about not being allowed to bring up tamara? thats not how that shit works around here, bitch. its not. YOU supported Greg AND Lainey, YOU are one of the people that gave him his lavish lifestyle, YOU paid for him to fly in underage pussy and to sit on the internet all day and harass people like Eugenia Cooney. YOU DID. YOU also moderated for him so whenever someone would bring up those issues, YOU would BAN and BLOCK them for your waifu Greg.
YOU deserve to SUFFER and if it were up to me you would be featured here every day as the dogfucker of the day.

No. 1031914

no1cur you lil whiny cunt. Go cry to her about it as she's not even actively giving him money anymore but people like sierra & mcfly are still are paying top dollar not only for his only-fans, but to possibly help him bring in a new potential third to emotionally destroy youre over here whining about some bitch who isn't even trying to get back into his good graces(infighting )

No. 1031915

No one care? so what the fuck are you doing here then?
If people keep paying Greg money, you keep enabling him.

No. 1031917

right so what good is it to do to focus on someone who isnt paying him money? more people need to be aware of his current supporters still doing it like mcfly, mackey and that british bitch
im here to point out that there are still actively others giving him money while ur complaining about someone who isnt makes no sense to me

No. 1031919

Cool story, sis. Now heres the bad news:
We will keep talking about the dogfucker Tamara, even if you cry real tears about that.
In other words lol be mad

No. 1031920

We will keep talking about her, keep crying real tears about it.
Your tears give us our sustenance.

No. 1031921

i dont give a shit who you talk about im just saying there are current fans of his still actively giving him top dollar dumb

No. 1031922

No I want you to keep objecting, and keep wining about it.
Your tears are delicious and salty.

No. 1031923

only salt i see is urs kek

No. 1031924

Thats good because I love to give back to the community.
People paying him top dollar now will suffer in the future.
But right now its Tamara the dogfuckers turn.

No. 1031927

did she ban you is that why you have such a hardon for her lol

No. 1031928

top greg she still believes its just one person. no, she never banned me, because unlike her i'm not a complete and utter moron paying a scumbag like greg actual money.
tell me something else, tell me how much your dogfucker bff paid greg in total? i'm sure we would all love to hear that story.
you mention top dollar. what is top dollar? how much did the dogfucker pay greg to pay4mod?

No. 1031929

take some weed man & chill out maybe go fuck a dog, fuck two

No. 1031931

Speaking of salt how do you feel about being the one that keeps Tamara relevant here. I mean its not like people haven't explained to how you shouldn't respond so it will die out about 10.000 times?
Is the dogfucker grateful that you are keeping her relevant here?

No. 1031932

No thank you, we will keep the dogfucking for Tamara.

No. 1031933

we don't do drugs, dogfuckers bff, for you see we don't wanna end up like you and your friend. we don't wanna end up lolcows on the internet because we supported a pederast and his husbando waifu.

No. 1031935


Speaking of JoySparkleBS, there have been some interesting developments in her thread on snow.

No. 1031936

how much weed does your dogfucker friend Tamara toke before fucking her pooch?

No. 1031937

Boy I guess Tamara really screwed the pooch, eh?

TM & (c) bad pun by anon - do not steal.

No. 1031939

Guess we broke Tamara's the dogfuckers BFF again for the rest of the day.
Oh well, i'm sure she will be back to salt and pepper this thread with more autism tomorrow.

No. 1031940

go to kiwifarms beauty parlor and complain why they are talking about greg there. makes just as much sense. they will laugh you out of there just as quickly

No. 1031988

This is the dogfuckers Kiwifarms account:

No. 1031993

File: 1598994997263.png (8.69 KB, 456x324, boom.PNG)

another account bites the dust. She posted a picture of that rescue chinchilla licking her nipples (her shirt was on but its still weird and gross) and 20 minutes later her Twitter is suspended.

No. 1031997

Actually she keeps closing it and re-opening it herself, thinking she's clever. I just seen her get in to an argument on kiwifarms, but i think she sucked the right dick there since they started defending her. some men are pretty desperate, i suppose.
kinda amazed it wasn't a dog this time she sucked off.

No. 1031999

she claims to not have a dog yet i seen her chinchilla climb in to a dog's basket

No. 1032002

people use them for cats too shes posted all of her other pets dont you feel better knowing she isnt fucking dogs

No. 1032003

Not the anon you are responding to but truthfully I am starting to believe Tamara does, in fact, fuck dogs.
Usually when someone is as defensive there is some truth to the rumor. Someone on Skype also told me she once told someone on discord that she fucks dogs, and that that person told Greg, and that Greg then just told everybody.

No. 1032004

right and im john cena
greg also admitted in a live stream that it wasn't true

No. 1032005

i heard that same story, that she felt bad about fucking her dog and told somebody

No. 1032006

Why do you keep defending her?

No. 1032008

Thats a pretty big fucking cat then, one would almost say dog-sized

No. 1032012

File: 1598996615855.png (132.67 KB, 385x432, catdog.PNG)

It is a big cat, definitely not a dog.

No. 1032013

John Cena does not fuck dogs.

No. 1032014

because you wouldnt like people who hated you making up shit about you and tying it to your name would you? simply because they hated you for supporting someone you didn't like some time ago? i feel sorry for her if you have personal issues with her then you really should dm her spreading lies about someone because you hate them doesn't make whatever they did magically vanish

No. 1032015

Good luck with that, I suppose.
She will be forever known as the dogfucker though.

No. 1032022

sure he did, Greg lies a lot, he probably retracted that Tamara fucks dogs because it reflects bad on him. After all she was his moderator. When that came out, that one of his moderators fucks dogs, he had to quickly issue a statement how "he made it up."
I bet its why he fired her as his moderator, because she fucks dogs and he can't have that.
He's in enough shit already as it is!

No. 1032026



This is like the Streisand Effect. The more you try and refute a rumor, and I use that word "rumor" lightly because Im seriously starting to think its true the way Tamara constantly brings it up in any interview or video she does and comes on the farms selfposting and samefagging
pretending to be "a friend" or "some random anon who feels sorry for her" to defend herself against the dog fucker title she will forever have branded on her forehead. I think Barbara learned her lesson and stopped trying to remove the photos of her house from the internet. Tamara should learn Babs lesson.

No. 1032027

Its the same as with Royal Black, when he found out she had her kids be molested by her pedophile boyfriend and then didn't believe her kids, Greg had to let her go right away.
Its the same with Tamara, after he found out she fucks dogs, he had to get rid of her.

No. 1032029

to me this makes a lot of sense >>1032022
it came out that tamara fucks her dog and so greg let her go and quickly claim he made that story up to protect himself

No. 1032030

File: 1598998685273.png (197.57 KB, 770x1254, tamarakf.png)

>i think she sucked the right dick there since they started defending her.

The scrotes on KF just put up with her. There's a few who play nice like that autist Heatboss who gives money to Onision each month to view Greg's cock and asshole on OF. But the majority of the people don't like her. Any post she makes gets no reaction or they tag it with trashcans and autism ratings. I think she thought the farms would welcome her with open arms after Onision banned her. LC calls her a dog fucker to her face, KF do it behind her back.

No. 1032034

your post made me kek hard. men are pretty desperate, aren't they? when they will even welcome a woman who fucks her dog.

No. 1032035

he demodded her because she got more attention than he did in the chat. People have been calling her a dogfucker long before he demodded her though makes no sense
even if they did talk about her behind her back, at least they aren't hiding behind an anonymous username

No. 1032036

File: 1598999082868.jpg (21.87 KB, 1119x114, toptamara.jpg)

>he demodded her because she got more attention than he did in the chat.
wow you really decided to go with that, and post that huh? too bad it is a well documented fact that everybody and their uncle always hated the shit out of tamara. she was one of his most hardcore fans and even stanned krai.
>even if they did talk about her behind her back, at least they aren't hiding behind an anonymous username
really? you believe theres a difference between some name like heatboss or multiverse and anonymous? ah thats right in your head that must make a lot of sense.
you might wonder why i screencapped your post, its because usually you remove your most cringiest posts and i wanted it to stay up for prosperity.

No. 1032037

lol sure jan

No. 1032039

well just posting a meme instead of your own cringy words like "uwu people liked me better than gregory" is a huge improvement for you.
that, and defending your dogfucker bff tamara, of course. but that shit is just hilarious.
do you really believe your own words, or are you just play acting?
just curious

No. 1032041

Oh I bet they did pay more attention to her because she fucks dogs and people wanted to know all about that..

No. 1032043

woof woof

No. 1032045

you have been sitting there for weeks now defending your dogfucker bff and now you are posting "lol" and "sure jan" as if this is NOT bothering you?
sure jan indeed

No. 1032048

File: 1598999966505.jpg (43.03 KB, 555x501, MAIN._95610057_.jpg)

Its a pattern. Look how quickly he disavowed Royalblack when it came out she was complicit in her husband sexually abusing her children. He banned Jodee from all his sites, make a long post on his forum about her then make 3 videos addressing the situation that same day. He did that to protect himself from any of that pedo shit sticking to him. Im guessing thats why he banned Tamara and talks shit about her now after the bestiality accusations became more than baseless claims.

>at least they aren't hiding behind an anonymous username
Like you are Miss Friend of Tamara's? How many more posts until Tamara miraculously shows up in the thread like she did 4 days ago >>1030469 to say these people defending her are not her but she some how heard what was being posted about her and decided to turn up and start flapping her dogcock sucker.

Take the farmhands advice.

No. 1032052

>and decided to turn up and start flapping her dogcock sucker.
You are butchering me with laughter in this thread, you really are. my compliments.
you are right it is a pattern with greg, but look at what type of audience he attracts. one person is worse than the next. and look at his mods. there is evidence that rag catered to the pedophile and i don't give a rats ass what people say to defend him, just look it up on youtube they have receipts. then you have royalblack and tamara well we know what they did, the list goes on i don't feel like listing them all here but they're a bunch of depraved misfits.
maybe they attract eachother i dont know but they're deranged lunatics
each time greg finds out about their kink he boots them, he sorta has to. you are absolutely 100% right in this

No. 1032055

thats the funny thing about it, they got kicked out by greg. they didn't leave out of their own accord or some sort of mental revelation about how wrong being an onision fan is.
and then right at that moment they start bad mouthing him on other platforms. suddenly greg is no good anymore, he's the root of all evil. yeah you jackasses we've been saying that for over 10 blooming years.
rag who fresh off the boat went on hansen to say how wrong is all is, while he had no problem helping pedophiles come and go on gregs forums (with gregs knowledge) or spreading shiloh's nudes as well as spreading kiddie porn
oh how quickly the world seems to forget, but the internet does not forget

No. 1032105

File: 1599004416142.png (282.47 KB, 709x383, rules.png)

>at least they aren't hiding behind an anonymous username

Tamara uses the same argument on Twitter, discord and here-
>I'm the coward but I'm not the one hiding on an anonymous username.
but Im sure its just a coincidence lol.

If you want people to put their name in the field then go to /meta/ and speak to the Admins about changing the rules. But just like this anon said >>1032036 I don't understand how a name on a post will stop people from calling Tamara a dog fucker. Ive seen users on kiwi call her that and she doesn't confront them in the thread. She DM's them and wants to cry about it behind closed doors out of public view like a scared lil' bitch. The names people use on most sites are fake anyways. Do you think "Scratch This Nut" and "Poop Merchant" are their legal names?

Anonymity on the internet in this day and age is a good thing. We aren't as stupid as Tamara, who uploaded a photo of her Canadian welfare medical card to Onisions discord to prove Slugfag was wrong about her age.

No. 1032113

File: 1599006401513.png (119.02 KB, 1232x772, discord1.png)

These are the kind of fans Onision attracts now. McFly to have evolved to garbled mush.

No. 1032118

File: 1599006882954.png (97.75 KB, 1155x763, discord2.png)

discord member brings up what the point of that debate was when he dodges all the hard questions, one of his mods covers for him

No. 1032136

File: 1599010809296.webm (18.32 MB, 320x180, tamarapetsandhousetour.webm)

She just uploaded a video to YET AGAIN address the dog fucking controversy. She shows all her pets, and then goes through the whole apartment to show she doesn't have a dog hiding under a bed or stashed in a closet. Then calls out "here doggy doggy" to prove everyone wrong because obviously a dog would come running if called. This is fucking hilarious LOL! Its just like when Chris Chan got tricked into doing that house tour video for Julie & Ivy.
This thought has never crossed my mind before but Im really starting to think there might be something wrong with Tamara. Like she might literally have some kind of retardation. And now the fun has been ruined because I feel bad making fun of a bona fide retard.

No. 1032154

File: 1599014940905.jpg (121.68 KB, 698x754, royalblackemailonision.jpg)

No. 1032175

File: 1599018790348.png (200.69 KB, 320x570, capture912020.png)

pretty sure i saw something when she did a quick pan from bathroom to living room

No. 1032209

TamTams, calling your cat a "fatty" isn't cute.
Feed him better and make sure he gets proper exercise. Obese animals point to neglectful owners.

>Like she might literally have some kind of retardation.

She might, considering she was a paypig for 3 whopping years.

No. 1032241

Oh my fucking god, I almost died laughing there. this isn't good for my heart. I am not convinced though I mean she could have just put the dog in the yard before making that video.

No. 1032243

tamara does have a lot in common with a dog regarding both looks as well as intellect.
man's best friend is doubtful though.
i mean who would wanna be her friend?

No. 1032249

How do we even know thats Tamara? She never shows her face. She could have just asked that friend who keeps defending her here to record that video for her, maybe its not even Tamara's house.

No. 1032254

I agree. If she wants us to believe she doesn't own a dog she needs to make another video. And at the start of it she needs to show her face and hold up a government-issued photo ID along with a copy of her apartment rental agreement. Only then will I personally believe its her and that's her home.

No. 1032255

Something like that yes, she needs to show her face in the very least. Her friend always says about us being anonymous but we don't have a facebook or instagram of her either so we can't even check there to see if she does or doesn't have a dog.

No. 1032371

Did she upload this on twitter? How bizarre. Her life really does revolve around this shit.

No. 1032430

I know, right? The "here doggy doggy" killed me.
I said that she's not interesting enough to talk about, but I take that back now.
She's clearly a highly exceptional individual and I hope she brings more milk. Woof woof.

No. 1032457

>I said that she's not interesting enough to talk about, but I take that back now.
Thats really awesome, I just I dunno since she kept defending herself or should I say "her friend" I had my suspicions we had someone truly special on our hands.

No. 1032518

File: 1599083414793.jpg (57.05 KB, 1506x317, a639fe.jpg)

Look at the dogfucker go on kiwi farms. Typing that, yet had she not been kicked out by Greg she would still be paying for both Greg's and Lainey's Patreon, Onlyfans and probably now twitch too had she still been allowed in Greg's little hugbox.
Who are you trying to fool, Tamara?

No. 1032530

File: 1599085090567.jpg (210 KB, 900x600, LOSTDOG.jpg)

Why do ppl think she needs to own a dog to practice her degeneracy? There's no need to dox Tamara to find where she lives, just look for the neighborhood with the most lost dog flyers.

Can you imagine the conversations Tamara's downstairs neighbors have with each other?
>I heard that crazy lady stomping around upstairs talking to herself about how she doesn't fuck her cat and saying shes not hiding dogs in her bathroom… we need to move.

No. 1032534

Legit question: Where did you get the full version of that picture of Tamara on the right? This info could really help a lot in finding her social media

No. 1032542

File: 1599086006805.png (446.11 KB, 379x510, tamara quirky gemini2.PNG)

Im sorry I cant remember where I found it at. But here's the original if you think you can do some reverse image search that will bring results.

No. 1032543

Found a whole lot of similar looking mutants which was quite an experience, none of them as ugly as her though.

No. 1032547

Boy the scrotes are defending Tamara the dogfucker to the teeth down at Kiwifarms, quite an experience posting about her there.
Specially this one guy I forgot his name but he was trying to act all tough like it meant something, shit was hilarious.

No. 1032549

File: 1599086726453.jpg (20.61 KB, 399x263, tamaraACynicalBitch.JPG)

Speaking of social media.
Why does she keep changing names on an almost daily basis? Doesn't she understand that some of her followers are not really her friends and leaking shit even though its private. Whats the bet on how long this one stays active?

I just put two and two together. This photo with the hair looking lighter near the scalp and that video of her mother dyeing tamaras hair. Is she going gray? That would explain that lame joke she uses all the time
>just found a gray pubic hair

No. 1032550

File: 1599086882364.jpg (114.18 KB, 1501x356, topgregory.jpg)

They are legit white knighting her, shits hysterical!

m'lady tip

No. 1032553

File: 1599087155890.jpg (42.62 KB, 1502x249, 8247557343b.jpg)

You stan Greg for years but you claim to have standards?
As you yourself put it so elegantly last night:

"Sure Jan"

I bet you haven't had your pipes cleaned by anything non-k9 in many years, last time was probably in the 9th grade by some creepy uncle

No. 1032554

you nda? cus no one is defending her, just want to keep the thread getting clogged up with shit that has already been hashed over. because you seem obviously new to all of this both here and on otherfarms, its not defending, tamara integrated and is tolerated. shes not the first and wont be the last. im sure royal black could have been the same way if she werent dumpy retarded white trash who cant keep her mouth shut.

whatever vendetta you have is fake and gay and frankly is staler than gregs coom soaked soxx

No. 1032555

Standards? What would those be for you, Tamara? They gotta have a pulse?

No. 1032559

Who the hell are you talking to, dogfucker bff? I posted that, since its hilarious

No. 1032560

lol she still thinks its just one person hahaha
newsflash: everybody hates you, except for the people on KF, apparently
they are hoping that you make a nice break from fucking their fleshlight

No. 1032562

>they are hoping that you make a nice break from fucking their fleshlight
Desperation is one helluva drug.

No. 1032563

If I am perfectly honest with you I don't even grasp how she can get a dog to fuck her. She must use peanut butter, or something.

No. 1032571

So now Tamara has Stockholm syndrome? She was a paypig of Greg for years, then she got kicked out. End of story. What is she going to do a Chris Hansen interview next?
"I WAS MOLESTED BOOHOO" No, you fucking retard you paid this sperge your welfare check and you got fucked over. Deal with it, stop trying to be a snowflake.

No. 1032572

>you wanna fuck her?? you don't have a knot, so tough shit.

I dont think Tamara realized that I Want To Peg Bill Hader took a passive aggressive swipe at her lol. Dog penises have knots. He basically said "you dont have a chance to fuck Tamara unless you're a dog."

>newsflash: everybody hates you, except for the people on KF

I said this earlier in the thread. The scrotes at kiwi aren't her friends nor do they like her. They just put up with her and enjoy fucking with her because she doesn't understand when they're making fun of her.

No. 1032573

>What is she going to do a Chris Hansen interview next?
eh i have some bad news for you, anon

No. 1032574

>The scrotes at kiwi aren't her friends nor do they like her. They just put up with her and enjoy fucking with her because she doesn't understand when they're making fun of her.
Well one would certainly hope so! For sanity's sake!
no. oh no. you're fucking with me, right?

No. 1032579

>you're fucking with me, right?
fraid not, shit was even more pathetic than the regina interview. at least regina had a sort-of -e-fling with krai. the dogfucker was nothing more than a paypiggy.
judging by that face her mother also fucked dogs, and tamara is the result of the first ever successful cross-species breeding.
or rather unsuccessful, depending how you look at it.

No. 1032581

lol apparently Greg went after her on kiwifarms, or so she thinks.
Both scenarios are hilarious. Kudo's to whoever did.

No. 1032585

I'm so happy for all the newfags who finally found someone more retarded than them to circlejerk over, but please stop shitting up the thread by stating the obvious and beating a dead meme horse. The only thing more annoying than reading about this wall-eyed mongoloid's paranoid delusions is having it drag on and on because of y'all gorging yourselves on the lowest hanging fruit of all time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032587

Who died and made you queen of this thread? If you don't like what we are talking about go fuck off to Disneyland.

No. 1032590

yeah really fuck her and the horse she rode in on.
or should i say dog?
fuck her and the dog who rode in on her?

No. 1032591

>fuck her and the dog who rode in on her?
Works for me. In any case she needs to fuck off.

No. 1032592

The only person that would come in here and complain about us talking about the infamous dogfucker is the dogfuckers supposed best friend.(derailing)

No. 1032597

File: 1599089554860.jpg (905.6 KB, 756x284, Inked392745_LI.jpg)

I've heard her say this many times. When pressed about how exactly Onision was harassing her during the Chris Hansen interview she says that he made multiple sock accounts and was intimidating her. Ive also seen her tweet that the people who say anything negative on Twitter to her are also Greg on sock accounts. And of course you can scroll up and see posts by "Not-Tamara" insinuating that all the posts talking shit are one person, and that person is Greg. Her willingness to make a video to prove she doesnt own a dog along with these paranoid delusions that everyone that hates her is Greg makes me think she might actually have some kind of mental illness. It could be her prescription abuse too. Celexa when misused can cause confusion, hallucinations and hostile/aggressive behavior.

No. 1032600

Which pretty much proves she still has a fascination and feelings for Greg. Otherwise she wouldn't obsess over him like that. She rather tells herself its Greg stalking her than to admit to herself that a lot of people just plain not like her and / or make fun of her.

No. 1032604

just because you tards want to cream yourselves over calling her a dogfucker doesn't mean the rest of us want to read half a thread of it jfc

No. 1032606

"Sure, Jan"(ban evasion)

No. 1032611

ill take my ban for this but youre embarrassing. im sure your mom would have swallowed the load if she knew what a fucking retard you turned out to be

No. 1032613

Ive seen people "go to her twitter" many times. She quickly DM's them to continue the conversation because she knows they're going to drag her and make her look like a clown and she doesn't want her followers or the public see her looking like an idiot.
This bullshit about "say it to my face" or "you're so brave as an Anon" is Tamaras go to. When confronted she runs like a bitch.

No. 1032614

How does that take balls, to go on Twitter and talk to her? None of the people here on lolcow are twitter fags. Like we told you a million times stop defending her here, and it will all die out.
Personally I'm tired with the subject too, so if you were to just drop it and stop defending her here all this will stop.
Get that trough your autistic brain for the love of God.

No. 1032617

I wish that NDA person would have linked Tamaras "I dont have a dog + house tour" video so her new kiwifriends can see what kind of crazy they've welcomed into their testosterone fueled home.
Its like sitting next to someone on the bus, having a nice conversation and thinking you've made a new friend and then this person starts telling you about how they're a victim of gang-stalking by alien/reptile hybrids and starts pointing out white vehicles on the road that are following them.

No. 1032627

File: 1599091555090.jpg (238.62 KB, 1336x1434, whiteknightuwu220.jpg)

whoever is white knighting her doesn't seem all that bright either

No. 1032669

File: 1599097012881.webm (2.08 MB, 640x360, the same story again.webm)

No. 1032680

She made the house tour video private. Oh well, its still available for viewing here. >>1032136

Good thing we can still laugh at her Tamara's Tea Time "podcast."
Guess how long it takes for her to cry about the dog fucking accusations.

No. 1032689

lol cow is forum which means people can do what they want. Don’t like it? Leave(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032815

Why are KF whiteknighting her and accommodating? It's not like she's spilling any tea, she knows less than farmers. She really wants people to feel bad for her for paying to be Greg's friend and putting up with his bullshit because she had fake empty friendships with the people she would bother on the voice channels. We've lurked the Livestreams when Tamara was still in them. She was loud and obnoxious. Greg always told her to shut up and others would laugh. She stayed in a community she shoe horned herself into with money. It's not like when LC has had Vix spilling milk or other girls bring actual receipts. Tamara needs to get a life

No. 1032842

Just wait till KiwiFarms one day shits her out as well. I mean its not like she's likable.
She's bound to fuck up one way or the other.

No. 1032884

LanYappy, shut up and take the L. (Yes, we know who you are) Go cry about it to your zero twitter followers. You're late to the party & bringing up old drama she's already addressed. Keep doing it and you're gonna get lynched. Just some friendly advice. Tamara won't talk to you? you go in circles with the same shit why would anyone.(Tamara)

No. 1032887

Yes Tamara its just one person and not the entire world sans KiwiFarms that hate you.
You solved the rubics cube.
My compliments.

No. 1032893

Oh and also you definitely do not own a dog nor ever fuck dogs. You would never do that, thats just ludicrous.
It was made up by Greg, who wants to fuck you and still stalks you to this day.
Here, there you go. Its all solved now, all is right again in the world.
Can you now please fuck off?

No. 1032921

we have a real dog fucker over here lmao(Tamara)

No. 1032924

I do yes. I love to fuck dogs, specially the little dogs. But not tamara. never tamara. she would never ever fuck a dog, not in a million years. and i would appreciate it if everyone here would never call her a dogfucker ever again. just call me a dogfucker thats fine, i take great pride in fucking dogs, just not her. do not call tamara a dogfucker. ok?
thank you.
i dug the lmao in your post btw very professional, since it shows you are in no way shape or form bothered by any of this. very expert.

No. 1032925

dead meme(Tamara)

No. 1032928

EXACTLY. So lets put this to rest, Tamara does not fuck dogs, its OVER. alright?
Thank you.(ban evasion)

No. 1032997

10000% positive Tamara has aspergers

No. 1033023

dog cum is rotting her brain.

No. 1033119

File: 1599183378542.png (90.42 KB, 344x231, lastest.PNG)

That moment she called out "HERE DOGGIE DOGGIE!" in her sad little apartment was the moment I realized she may have a touch of the "Chris-Chan ailment." And that's why its not as fun to poke at her now. My mom would beat my ass if she knew I was mocking a true mental defective.

No. 1033143

File: 1599186238736.png (33.69 KB, 594x166, mommas boy consoling dog fucke…)

Did kiwi finally get sick of her and doxx her?

No. 1033151

>lowest hanging fruit of all time.
All Onision orbiters are low hanging fruit with the exception of maybe people like Chris Hansen but even that's a bit of a stretch. Chris will go back to orbiting Onision >>1032573 when he gets desperate enough for attention after he gets tired of making up stories about russian spies ruining his "career".

No. 1033175

File: 1599190809475.png (170.27 KB, 764x540, mayasage.png)

If you don't know the basic facts about Onision's predatorial history then please shut the fuck up. Maya was 20 when she visited Greg & Lainey, not 17. Saying shit like this gives Greg more ammunition to push the narrative that his critics lie and fudge with the girls ages to make him look bad.

I'm having flashbacks to when Tamara was a paypig and would defend Greg with such hubris even though the facts she tried to argue must have come directly out of her gaped asshole.

Learn a little more about the man you gave hundreds of dollars to for over 3 years. Read up at http://www.lifeofonion.com and after you finish, read it again. Or better yet just stay with your usual stories of "Greg was mean to me, called me a dog fucker and it made me really really sad so I ate handfuls of Celexa to cope." You have those anecdotes down pat.

No. 1033198

obsession is as disturbing as onision's obsession towards his ex's(Tamara)

No. 1033202

at least she was right about maya not wanting him(Tamara)

No. 1033283

File: 1599209533937.png (107.7 KB, 422x268, twitter.PNG)

No. 1033317

Learn to grammar Tamara, none of the exes belong to Onision, use the plural.

This is what I mean about Tamara knowing nothing of interest. She paid 100s to get close to Onision and she's less informed than a self proclaimed hated. She was willfully ignorant when she was in his little gay fanclub, now that she's been ousted she wants to be friends with the people that hate Onion. So confused how she spends her time

No. 1033326

We have her full name now?

No. 1033511

so you're buttmad that tamara has no milk to offer and thats why youre on a wannabe greg sperg-out? thats kind of petty. Did she ban you while she was a mod? (in that case you paid him too). Did she call YOU out somewhere? is that why you have this unhealthy vendetta with someone you're never gonna meet who has no platform who's just someone that made a mistake they regret?
if youre not greg, youre acting like him. Constantly whining about how she has no milk is not going to make milk magically appear in fact when you do this, it makes people less inclined to wanna spill milk. She hasn't "been outted" you're late, she's been gone from the discord for months now and has been taking accountibility for her actions. If you've seen any of her streams instead of having selective hearing, hear what was actually said. She gave him only around 180.00 in a 3 year span as she only ever paid the lowest tier to be there. For a Tamara stan, you should know this. Regardless, she's not paying him anymore–so this is a personal vendetta in which case you're breaking a rule and a farmhand should stop assuming everyone else is Tamara and ban you for shitting up the thread.

No. 1033531

I have never gave Onision a cent of any money and Tamara is a retard who can't backchat anyone.
I have no personal vendetta against a mentally handicapped person I think she should seek therapy.

No. 1033543

NO vendetta? you sure about that? you keep whining as if she gives a damn about what some testy little troll on the internet has to say regarding their so-called "tin-foil" you've been at this since AUGUST for someone who doesnt have a vendetta, youre laying it on thick
maybe its you who should seek therapy just a thought especially if you can let someones previous actions have a hold on your life this badly

No. 1033561

im sorry youre not getting the reaction from her you want (and you wont) so its time to move on to someone who hasnt played this game before

No. 1033565

I think you guys are missing the point, Tamara is responding here every time someone says the word "dogfucker" BECAUSE she doesn't care and its not the reaction we want.
Its not like we're sitting here laughing at her and her neckbearded flock of white knights at kiwifarms.

No. 1033577

We're all Greg, every single one of us.

No. 1033579

File: 1599243595188.jpg (30.42 KB, 379x510, 1599086006805.jpg)

Oh I forgot about that, we are all Greg. We are all one person, and Greg is stalking her since he's obsessed. He's never seen a lovelier lady.
Greg can't get her out of his mind. I'm sorry, Laineytrain

No. 1033581

She won't fuck him though. She would never fuck him in a million years.
Because this pretty little wallflower has standards.
Which is why she paid him on his patreon and his wife for a bunch of years.

No. 1033585

how come its always the big exceptional dog-faced girls that claim to have standards and feel like they need to mention that?

No. 1033589

I’m tired of hearing about dogfucker, any milk on Shiloh or the other bitches?

No. 1033595

Maybe learn2sage before making demands?

No. 1033628

agreed surprise the farmhands arent doing anything about it besides assuming everyone who comes to tamaras defense is tamara instead of doing something constructive like the people making obvious vendetta posts. Canw e focus more on people who are actually STILL apart of Onision's inner circle AND giving him money instead of someone who isn't? sorry but it clearly is vendetta at this point posting the same image of tamara over and over again is getting monotonous too

No. 1033629

I'm sure that if you put a little more effort in to all this, Tamara will fuck you.
I mean the whole "i'm tired of it can we talk about shiloh / something else" thing is working, its working for you and i'm sure the farmhands are just about to buy in to it.

No. 1033631

File: 1599250227415.jpg (24.63 KB, 640x480, gZ9bc.jpg)

i'm not so sure anon, does he live up to tamara's high standards?

No. 1033636

File: 1599250543262.jpg (157.82 KB, 1280x1024, collie-raza-lasie.jpg)

Does he live up to Tamara's standards? Well I dunno, maybe he's like Lassie and just a very smart dog, defending her.

No. 1033644

honestly hoping the farmhands make her a banned topic here because its just like a handful of anons at this point pissing and moaning about how theyre not getting any milk meanwhile shes probably laughing at how much riling she's doing over here good job

No. 1033647

Spoiler: That won't work. If you keep doing this, trust me when I say things will get worse for her.
Your choice.

No. 1033649

oh hey, if you want to take this to the rest of the internet instead of just here, thats just fine by us.
Would Tamara like her own ED page?

No. 1033656

Is Tamara a virgin fan her whiteknight confirm?

No. 1033661

what makes you think its the same one person? have you seen her twitter? she has over 100 followers

No. 1033663

here are your options: say that you do NOT wish the subject of Tamara banned here, remove those posts if you still can, and that you take it back.
you can choose to not believe there will be an ED page of her, which we will (when its there) only take down if Tamara makes a video saying that she fucks dogs. for our amusement.
you can choose to accept this, simply do not defend Tamara here anymore, and all this will go away.
i'm talking her, and all her flunkies. never ever contradict or defend here ever again. then it will go away, and people will shut up about the dogfucker.
your choice.
but before you decide: contradict all this, and tamara will NOT thank or fuck you after all this is over.
this is a two way street. choose wisely. and before you decide to stupidly laugh this away i can tell you that there are at least 15 people that can confirm to you that there WILL be an ED page, about 4 of them I warned just like this before hand.
go ahead..

No. 1033670

you type a lot like anonymous gene
PS: they cant take them down it's been too long
but tamara has told her friends and followers to stop posting in her defense

No. 1033672

I am not anonymous gene, since I'm not an autistic retard. You are dealing with the real macoy here. if you or your neckbeard friends think you can EVER figure out who the fuck I am, you won't. We are a group of people that don't even have social media, we just like to troll the everlasting fuck out of stupid people just like yourself.
I am waiting for that apology, as well as the line that you take it back that you do NOT want Tamara as a subject banned here.
Do not insult us by comparing us by fucking morons again, we are not flexible on this.
Even those dumbasses at kiwifarms might think they're smart, they ain't got shit on us. Trust me on this.

No. 1033676

anonymous gene pretends. he isn't anonymous he isn't even a stupid skiddie.
us, we are different.

we get the god damn job done.
but hey, if you don't believe us its all the same to us, you wouldn't be the first to regret that, and you certainly won't be the last. me personally i've been called a psychopath by my victims more times than i care to count.
hey fiero how you doing buddy, good?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033677

i do apologize
i personally don't care if she's a banned subject here or not, i just dont understand the need to talk about someone all day when they no longer support greg but if i was out of line for saying that then i apologize(no one cares tamara)

No. 1033680

in return we won't bring tamara up anymore, but we can't control the rest here. she might be brought up again by somebody else.
if thats the case, don't be stupid and as greg says "do not engage".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033813

File: 1599270152819.png (23.02 KB, 596x206, MedwingSong.PNG)

MedwingSong (AKA rxBootySlayer/XerinaNova) is counseling Tamara. Taking a hiatus from social media and "noping out" is a good plan. I would listen to Megan's wise words because her sad tale mirrors Tamara's.

Megan had her anonymity removed by Farmhands back in 2018 which blew up in her face.
Tamara's selfposting/samefagging pushed the Farmhands to expose all her posts. She continues to selfpost to this day.

Megan's mental illness got the best of her after being unmasked on LC and she had an outburst at work, was escorted from the premises and told to go home. Her father put her in a psychiatric hospital where she learned the joys of pastel painting.
Tamara abused her antidepressant medication, tried self medicating with alcohol and ended up in the hospital. Tamara told Greg the reason for her absence hoping for sympathy and got none.

Megan learned a valuable lesson being in Onision's orbit. Tamara should heed her warning and take a break.

No. 1033829

link to taamaras encyclopedia dramatica page please and thank you

No. 1033936

File: 1599311315196.png (107.98 KB, 561x591, Capture942020_.png)

I think she took booty slayers advice and is stepping away. Or shes going cloak and dagger and making a super secret twitter and will start vetting her followers so she can figure out which of her "friends" are leaking her shit.

No. 1033956

I'm sure her vetting process will be more thorough than the time she paid a pedo for years to be friends. She'll probably just ask if you're Greg or not

No. 1034142

>directly out of her gaped asshole.
You mean Greg's lol. All his orbiters do is parrot his talking points. Who would've thought his "fans" couldn't think for themselves?
But it's true that he has been obsessive about her, non-stop talking about her. He does that with a lot of former paypigs. You know he has to shit talk everyone he "kicks out" of his life for an eternity. Rent free!

No. 1034143

>sounds perfectly sane.jpg

Agreed. Would like some actual milk for a change. I knew where that redundant circle jerk autism was heading. vendetta

No. 1034197

File: 1599360722426.webm (474.23 KB, tamara the anal queen (mp3cut.…)

I think anon was touching on a point Greg, McFly and Blasian made in her one and only "debate" with Onision that Tamara enjoys things up her ass. And if you constantly put things up your ass it eventually gets gaped or prolapsed. If I remember correctly McFly said that her and 2 other mods (these are the mods/friends that Tamara considered her community) would play a drinking game where they'd take a shot every time Tamara mentioned wanting something in her ass or anything dealing with her butt in general. How can Tamara say she stayed in Onisions discord because of the "community" and the friends she made, when those same friends were laughing behind her back and making games about her weird obsession with assplay? But you are right, Onision and Tamara do have a weird thing about playing with their own ass, birds of a feather I guess. Im assuming her anal fetish is not well known because the dog fucking thing takes precedence in the list of Tamaras degeneracy.

No. 1034216

over-played milk, read the thread before you post thats been talked about and posted already(tamara)

No. 1034219

dude give it a rest, shes gone now
agreeing with this anon. Obvious vendetta sperg is obvious.(tamara)

No. 1034234

File: 1599367478591.png (78.63 KB, 672x708, yappy.png)

these anti-os just love screaming about irrelevant shit yo late.gif

No. 1034236

File: 1599367713729.png (36.1 KB, 644x340, heezy.png)

talking about Heezy(tamara)

No. 1034238

File: 1599368486649.png (213.88 KB, 400x521, tamara gone.png)

>shes gone now
Getting shit on by everyone and exposed by the farmhands seems to have done the job. Her twitter is deleted again https://twitter.com/ChangedxForever
I hope she stays gone but Im sure we'll get a Tamara's Tea Time: Episode Two before the end of the month and she'll pour the same curdled milk about Greg calling her a dog fucker and making fun of her.

No. 1034243

File: 1599369982420.png (69.09 KB, 612x435, 3267667137929.png)


Its odd that you only censored blasians twitter but left everyone elses. We already know everything we need to know about Gerianne from over 2 years ago in an old Onision Flakes thread here
Just scroll down to post >>400528 and you get to know our girl blasian Gerianne very well.

No. 1034248

File: 1599372519998.png (19.52 KB, 652x191, mcbitch.png)

mcfly doesnt get a pass either she's proven to be just as shitty, shallow, and scummy as the rest of the paypigs. She willingly PAYS to see Greg's penis.(tamara)

No. 1034269

farmhands really have a big hard on for tamara eh? if youre illegally using other methods to track someone's information aside from their IP, youre probably breaking US law.

No. 1034297

File: 1599390020378.png (121.33 KB, 971x598, dasha-megan posts.png)

sounds like someones upset and a little scared that whatever method they're using to hide their identity is about as effective as a pulling a fishnet stocking over their head. this sounds like an admission of guilt to me.

correct me if im wrong but ive counted over 33 posts that the farmhands have revealed as tamaras this is not counting the handful of posts they tagged in /pt/ what the fuck is wrong with this lady? if she keeps this pace up shes going to surpass booty slayer and maybe even dasha

No. 1034299

Farmhands get details of the devices you use, it really isn't difficult to notice a pattern of posts from the same devices even if the ip location has been changed.

No. 1034387

trust me honey she aint scared, this is all amusing to her im sure and you keep taking the bait.
Surprised a farm hand didn't think this post was her too >>1034143 with how paranoid they are
youd think theyd be thrilled with someone trying to bring in new anti-o milk

No. 1034410

File: 1599409816463.png (377.08 KB, 836x364, 7656.png)

I hope Hansen got a nice paycheck out of his cameo in The Boys, that huge debt he's in sure won't pay itself, lmao.

No. 1034488

yeah and no, cloudflare does change the ips so the farmhands can't see your real ip.

No. 1034634

File: 1599441425799.jpg (482.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200907-021713.jpg)

No. 1034680

So when his case is under investigation he can't comment on it, but when its effecting someone else he can make hours and hours of video revealing every last detail?

No. 1034700

Legally, yeah

No. 1034737

Hansen can't make a case to the authorities on behalf of Onion's victims they would actually have to take his contacts and meet directly with authorities to get the ball rolling. Vince turned himself in since he's a stupid boomer that can't handle the Internet lol.

Like I feel bad for Sarah etc but why didn't they report by now.

No. 1034767

all reporters are like that. thats why he didn't do a special on how he cheated on his wife.

No. 1039575

File: 1600219480832.jpeg (600.45 KB, 1125x1966, 5D4C1DB7-9C7A-467D-9925-371557…)

Shiloh thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe


No. 1039586

Haha….she fucking wishes

No. 1039972

File: 1600283978052.png (488.91 KB, 603x1251, New Project (5).png)

>I'm a 94 pound frail anorexic woman who can't defend herself and I'm scared for my life
>My boss fired me for being too fat
>I punched him in the face
>Authorities won't help me

I bet 50 bucks that this never happened and if it did, she never called authorities in the first place because she can't legally work in the USA. She's just so obsessed with being a victim while also being the most badass empowered fighter but also please feel bad for me

No. 1040116

File: 1600301516844.jpg (19.11 KB, 400x300, 912366584_small.jpg)

If that was true, there'd be a lawsuit for assault charges. I'll take shit that never happened for 500,- alex.

I think she means Marilyn Manson.
Yeah I can see that, she does sorta look like Marilyn Manson, only fatter.

No. 1040156

File: 1600305748376.jpg (210.03 KB, 983x1132, Hansen subs to Vince's sister.…)

Supposedly Vince turned himself in, why tf would he do that? The timing is funny to me considering Hansen's quickly fading relevance. imo it looks like another stunt for attention - Vince told MistaGG there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Hansen's been subbed to Vince's sister since January. Why would he be subbed to and promote the same woman that's legally representing the guy allegedly harassing him and his family? Vince still hosts some of Hansen's vids on his yt channel too. These people are all massive brainlets. I hope that JohnSwan dude gets his day in court so Gene and his bff who can't even succeed as a yellow journalist, go suck on a fat one.

No. 1040170

>Another bottle service company hired me
Welp I guess she's not singing anymore. Did her connections with Hansen not pull through or does he not return her calls either?

Whatever happened to those guys who were banging on her door, threatening her? Did the cops also fail to call her back for that one? She never did file a police report which is strange considering how big of a deal she made out of it at the time.

No. 1040181

File: 1600308705645.jpg (299.79 KB, 849x1389, Ratio'd.jpg)

This is almost a month old now but it's fucking embarrassing seeing a 60+ elderly man get into an internet spat with a 19 year old. Loser got ratio'd in his own comments section. kek

No. 1043246

Shiloh is sharing someones phonenumber on her instastory, who has been leaving her "thretaning voicemails". For obvious reasons won't be sharing the story.

No. 1043249

File: 1600802425247.png (374.67 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200922-221950~2.p…)

No. 1043350

Yeah because that's a great and sensible way to handle it.
Tbqh shiloh's comeback surprised me to begin with because I was always surprised and mildly impressed that she consistently kept her head down all these years. It's so lame to see she's still the exact same attention seeking martyr complex bitch when there was ample time to develop better ways to act. She hasn't changed like, at all. Only gotten more insufferable bc Muh Victimhood/ patiEnT ZeRo!

I at least appreciate that Skye and her sister dipped and seemed to see this shit coming. Her commentary was funny and insightful and she left like she should have because the whole thing went to shit, though I don't doubt they still visit the farms.

No. 1043361

Remember when she said in that interview with Grift Scamsen how bad it was that Greg would sent his fans after her?
I'm sure she did something to piss someone off. Just like she always does.

No. 1044333

Shiloh privatized her main Instagram account, she must hav an open tab on us kek

No. 1044351

No one wants to see her crazy ugly head anyway.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

No. 1045094

File: 1601042252268.jpg (38.96 KB, 600x600, droopy_eyed_mustard_tiger.jpg)

hmm droopy eyed back mustard tigers must be all the rage now because of Shiloh

No. 1045185

The reason she's not calling authorities no matter which terrible, terrible fate befalls her is because she's illegally in the US, which is also why she has no recourse even if she got fired for shady reasons.

No. 1045238

Plus she's lying.

She KNOWS who wrote that dumb shit on the inside of her door (she probably did that herself) and she KNOWS damn well who keeps calling her. Yet another person she pissed off.

No. 1045356

File: 1601077936224.jpg (371.31 KB, 368x2248, imageonline-co-merged-image.jp…)

Didn't think the RSN/Amber drama would continue in [current year] yet here we are: Amber and RSN made up.

No. 1045359

File: 1601077977136.png (69.61 KB, 896x792, New Project (6).png)

The reason: Amber and her on/off crackhead "girlfriend" Raven broke up for the millionth time and RSN immediately contacted her asking for milk, so Amber came running to RSN to make up with him in order to save face.
If that doesn't make sense to you then congrats, you have a functional brain.

No. 1045360

File: 1601078166669.png (236.57 KB, 893x1170, New Project (7).png)

The whole peanut gallery is chiming in, including a certain youtuber who went by Masked Babe before she fully went off the deep end, remember her?

No. 1045363

File: 1601078472215.png (482.89 KB, 1203x590, New Project (8).png)

Those two were perfect for each other, love is officially dead

No. 1045368

File: 1601079420223.png (62.79 KB, 661x404, rsn.png)

She insists on her curious cat that she didn’t lie, she only “made peace”, but RSN of course continues to present this as evidence that it was all made up (despite both of them giving the same details that he got her drunk and she refused to have sex with him until he steamrolled her into it). It's incredible how much Amber has fucked herself over with that.

No. 1045472

Theres also that recording of her on the phone with her mom saying "but it's not rape!" Kinda…iffy. Idk man it's weird n shit.

No. 1045574

Cool. Is he gonna rape her again?

No. 1045605

File: 1601129966595.png (56.85 KB, 797x255, n=and.png)

No. 1045606


No. 1045609

Yeah Amber is not saying Rape Stream News didnt violate her. This sounds more like when a victim is able to stand up in court and tell her rapist that she forgives him and wants to move on. Craig really thought he got a pass on that lol. If she said she lied and it never happened then he'd be golden, but shes basically confirming he raped her and wants to move on and "drop the drama" whatever the fuck that means.

No. 1045627

File: 1601132593211.png (223.71 KB, 642x962, Heezy the arbiter.png)

Awww, look at Heezy trying to be the peacemaker. This wacko is such a fucking snake. She mods for RealStreamNews, is prominent in his discord, but also simps for Onision, his mortal enemy. I wouldnt be surprised if shes part of Repzions discord.

>Like the shit between James & I. We're fine but people keep using it to try and split our friendship.

Im glad to know that Heezys past as a rabid Anti-O still gnaws at her and causes her grief. I hope people continue to bring it up to Greg that she tried to get his neighbors and parents from the T's school to lynch him by posting on Gig Harbor Facebook groups that he and Lainey were grooming underage girls. When Greg eventually tells Heezy to fuck off Im sure it'll come out of the blue like with Blasian. And Heezy seems unbalanced, so when Greg does "dump her" she'll go full psycho.

If you think Tamara the Dog-fucker was funny to watch Im betting Heezy will be twice the entertainment.

No. 1045635

Ugh No RSN was Contacted By Pixie as well as Amber, Not the Other way around. He posted SS Realstream told Amber how much shit he has been through because of her lie and she asked him to call her. Anyone trying to say he raped her now…well you clearly arent bright. You don't reach out to your "Rapist" You don't give them your number. No sorry. She called Rape "drama" If you morons still think RSN did something you need your fucking head checked. Amber is even calling RSN her X bf….Big Fucking Yikes. Shes trying to act like they dated. Ughh Gross. This Pixie girl even was accused by her now of forcing herself on Amber. Do your homework its all on Pixies Curies Cats/Twitter and On Ambers. RSN is not a Rapist however he is Dumb but she is a Psycho.

No. 1045643

Lol Tinfoil much…No one in the history of the world ever used n as and..Kek Dumbfuck Oh an again you guys are retarded if you think reaching out to your "rapist" is acceptable ughhh No. If he really did that and I don't care who was talking to him you don't give him your number n talk to him for a few hours. She follows him on IG as well as Twitter now. Likes his pictures and everything. Sorry She is a liar an clearly that Pixie girl has something much worse on good ol Amber so she Ran to RSN to cover it up. Im shocked that any of you still are even entertaining if he raped her. Its a fuckin no brainier. YOU DO NOT REACH OUT AN SPEAK TO AND MAKE PEACE WITH SOMEONE YOU CLAIMED RAPED YOU.

No. 1045644

Amber said no twice, this is all we know.
and yet CS proceeded to rape her.

No. 1045646


LOL does Craig really think that people are going to stop calling him a rapist now? That shit is branded on his forehead, its not going away.
Maybe he should get pointers from Onision on how to change peoples mind and stop them from calling him a predator by uploading a few dozen rant videos every month. It worked for Onision right?

No. 1045650

>>1045644 you miss the part when she said YES twice right after. Do your homework you sound like an asshole.

No. 1045655

Did you miss the part where you need to learn2sage?

No. 1045660

File: 1601134938279.png (31.55 KB, 479x635, 11111111111111.png)

Leaked ScreenShot. Shes no victum. I know you guys love calling RSN a rapist but its bullshit get over it.

No. 1045663

Saying no over and over then being pressured to say yes because you're alone with man you hardly know and are afraid of what he may do sounds like coercion. If someone says no to sex you drop it. You dont intimidate them until they say yes.

RealStream News/Craig James Silva is a rapist.

No. 1045664

File: 1601135070172.png (31.93 KB, 479x605, 44444444444444.png)

yea no saying no then yes is consent.

No. 1045667

This is cute. You really think just saying things makes it real. Do you wanna fuck him or something is that the real problem?

No. 1045671

is this like the dogfucker thing where she has a best friend here to defend her honor?
are you here to try and tell us that Rape Stream News is NOT a rapist, is that it?
Because let me tell you, between Tamara, Royal Black and Rape Stream News this hasn't truly panned out too well for the other people attempting it.

No. 1045673

It's funny because RSN literally released Amber On the phone with her mom saying "No its not rape! It wasn't Rape!" And that wasn't good enough face it you just want it to be true so that's the real problem. Its people like you Nothing is ever enough.

No. 1045674

oh and no, no one wants to fuck that mister potato head. he looks like a great white turd that has a vagina for a mouth, with crooked teeth in it. no one wants to fuck that junkie, hence why he resorts to raping girls after feeding them drunk.

No. 1045675

First off, learn to fucking sage.
Second off you won't convince anybody here that that retarded mongoloid looking junkie motherfucker is not a rapist.
So kindly fuck off and sperge out somewhere else. This is a Greg snowflake thread, leave.

No. 1045676

awww so that is it you wanna taste of rapestream news.

No. 1045677

yeah cool story, bropic.
i ain't gonna debate you anymore. i'm just reporting your bullshit so you can get a nice ban.

No. 1045678

ok April cool shit. Sorry RSN didnt wanna fuck yo gross ass.

No. 1045679

I read both screenshots twice. Did I miss where Amber says Craig didn't rape her? Where's the part where she says she lied, did I miss that too?

If a girl says no to sex TWICE you dont keep pushing until she says yes.

>Do you wanna fuck him or something is that the real problem
Did you mean to say do I want him to rape me? No I don't want Craig James Silva the rapist to rape me. do I have to say no THREE TIMES or will he still rape me?

No. 1045684

Wow Geisell this is sad a new low for you really. Tryna cloud the threads with bullshit so you don't look like a peace of shit for making vids on RSN. You def wanted to fuck him everyone already knew that anyways.

No. 1045689

Concerning the "Leaked ScreenShots" >>1045660 >>1045664 you provided as proof Amber is not a victim, can you underline where Amber states she wasn't raped or she lied about being raped. Thank you.

No. 1045690


No. 1045692

I'm literally just a lazy bitch,not rsn. Like that tard would sage his posts.

No. 1045695


thats the real stream news thread, go sperge out there, autist. no one cares about that rapist junkie here.

No. 1045702

>You def wanted to fuck him

The problem is that no one sober ever has, which leads to consent issues.

No. 1045707

It's not even a tinfoil, he's been redtexted in his own thread multiple times and this is exactly how he talks. He's still too dumb to learn normal English spelling and grammar so he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Again showing that she only reached out because she wanted to keep him from getting dirt from the vengeful ex and he immediately twists it into "say I'm not a rapist reeee!"

Not WKing for anyone here. They're both idiots. Amber is a scamming low-IQ slut and Craig is a junkie low-IQ rapist. End of story.

No. 1045710


Here are files that Rape Stream News loves to DMCA. Just download all 5 parts, use WinRAR to unrar them, and enjoy.
They sat patiently on my hard drive and will continue to do so, I love to archive stuff on lolcows to enjoy at my own leasure as well as post from time to time, like right now.
Feel free to post them anywhere else, of course. The reason I did it like this is because it will be much harder for Craig to DMCA 10 different file hosting companies.
And no, I won't explain to you how winRar works, or how to download, it should be self explanatory (its quite easy actually)
I noticed RapeStream News his ED page was gone, I might put some effort in to bringing that back. Musta been due to the move of ED.
This is what spergin' out about being a lolcow and having a bad rep, trying to correct it will get you.

No. 1045714

Feel free to dump them there.

No. 1045715

Nice workaround and all but just post them on Liveleak. Not gonna shit up my HDD with whatever this is. At least post a description.

No. 1045716

I am not about to have a debate with ungrateful lazy zoomers. Sorry.

No. 1045720

>And no, I won't explain to you how winRar works, or how to download, it should be self explanatory (its quite easy actually)

kek please tell us more about what a tech genius you are because you can use winrar unlike these z00mer n00bs, please explain to me how to download more RAM too bc I don't think my computer can handle it right now, I have too many instagrams and facetunes installed

No. 1045722

Congratulations of missing the point entirely.
Terribly sorry about posting these files, and we all care very deeply about you not downloading them. In fact i'm fighting back the tears right now.
Also thank you for scatting up this thread with your opinions.

No. 1045726

>kek please tell us more about what a tech genius you are because you can use winrar unlike these z00mer n00bs,
>it should be self explanatory (its quite easy actually)
Anon actually said its easy and self explanatory. Do you know what a shitposter is?

No. 1045731

at least they're posting content and not sitting back being a cunt to people that do contribute.

No. 1045751

>saying no then yes is consent.

This is bullshit logic, it's established that she said no multiple times and he kept pestering her until she said "do whatever". That's just resignation and him reading it as consent says a lot about how much of a brainlet he is. Just think about it, if a girl said no multiple times then why would she suddenly change her mind just because you kept asking? Did it make you more attractive and desirable, especially when she's drunk and stuck in a hotel room with you? All it means is that she doesn't think you'll stop pushing her, so she might as well give up. You can argue about the definition of rape until you're blue in the face but it doesn't change the fact that anyone with a brain would have known that she didn't want it. Even if she did blow it out of proportion, he knew exactly what he was getting into. So did she judging by the DMs between them where he made it clear that he had ulterior motives before inviting her.

>It's funny because RSN literally released Amber On the phone with her mom saying "No its not rape! It wasn't Rape!"
It's almost as if people rationalize bad things and often spend a long time going about their lives until they realize something wasn't right because it's easier than to acknowledge you had something bad happen to you

That poster should have just lurked more and been aware that if you post milk here, you have to a) make it instantly accessible (Dasha's leaked videos being put on Liveleak) and b) tell people what you're sharing so they know if it's worth their time (transcripts, for example, are a given for longer videos). Somehow the poster wrote a whole paragraph patting themselves on the back for their methods and archival yet didn't spend one moment to describe why we should care. We already know CJ is a creep and a loser and the files have been uploaded and taken down multiple times, making them old news. If it's fresh, never-seen-before info, feel free to clarify the content anytime.

No. 1045755

You are absolutely right, we should crucify that poster. How dare they post content here.
And yes, they constantly were telling how great they where and how we should bow down to them for posting all that, they're motivations where clear from the get go. What a complete scumbag. I never want to see their posts here ever again. I don't want to do any effort to see or hear anything, I need it to be a singular click. I think crucifying them is the best option although kind of light, 40 lashes before hand would work maybe. MAYBE.

No. 1045757

I just reported my post, please mods delete it since i am really tired of the nagging about it.

No. 1045780

don't man. i enjoyed it, some good shit in there. don't worry about the naggers there will always be people bawling in here, just don't give a fuck.

No. 1046211

Are you retarded?? She said it on recording 2 times back when it originally happened. "Its not rape. It wasn't rape" If you don't know the lore don't talk on a topic shithead.

No. 1046303

Stop derailing, this isn't a rapestream thread.

No. 1049145

File: 1601550834090.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1695, C6E93E39-E3A6-4468-93D4-A1AC65…)

Is she escorting again or is it just another party?

No. 1049227

Judging how 2020 is right now, and given the Corona virus, it looks like it already has, Shiloh.

No. 1049281

So anorexic and smol, lol

No. 1049964

File: 1601636587570.jpg (205.55 KB, 2419x1048, its_a_hard_knock_life.jpg)

No. 1049968

I think Shiloh is pretty and has an amazing body from what I’ve seen in videos (I never trust a picture)… but WTF IS HER OBSESSION w these goddamn eyelashes jfc.
Like bitch
Can you just????? Not???? Ugh.

No. 1049992

yeah but in her defense Shiloh knows how to sage.

No. 1050650

No. 1050701

Shiloh looks like a chubby Neanderthal.

No. 1050776

This needs to be a banner…

No. 1052766

i've always thought she was prettier than Billie tbh
at least in her face/ after losing weight
her style choices remind me of lady gaga, though, kek

No. 1052809

File: 1601975261360.jpg (47.55 KB, 393x663, miss_america_2020_covid.jpg)

Regina is prettier than all of Greg's victims.
Just sayin'.

No. 1054059

File: 1602121931392.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1800, F0ADAE24-BC97-4AFE-8D37-52D5D0…)

Not sure if new apartment or hotel for the night…

No person working in a bottle factory could even live this nice - in California, no doubt. Something’s wrong here…

No. 1054076

That's a hotel room as evidenced by the door lock to the far left.

No. 1054102

Not a fan of Billie but Shiloh looks like if Billie was made into a shrunken head trophy. It's the sour face and scrunched up features. Even Greg wasn't into Shiloh until he learned that she was famous, while with Billie he was instantly obsessed.

Bottle service isn't "a bottle factory", anon. It's working at a night club to sell expensive alcohol to rich patrons. Knowing her, it might be her cover-up story for actually being an escort (again).

No. 1054509

I think Shiloh looks exactly the way she is. She just oozes craziness.

No. 1054779

Probs hooking again. All the Insta-goes I've seen always take pics from different hotel rooms . Once a prostitute always a prostitute. And let's be real here, she doesn't have the voice NOR the looks to be famous.

No. 1054931

well she definitely looks the part, with all those tattoos and that droopy eyed mustard daddy tiger on her back.
cheap and tawdry. and gross. imagine all the gross losers that had sex with her just for a few bucks.

No. 1055670

File: 1602332085801.jpg (17.32 KB, 603x134, rapebanana.jpg)

Well lookie at who joined RSN's crowd in defending CS and saying it was "definitely not rape" >>>/snow/589468

It's our old pal, bad banana!

No. 1055860

File: 1602356506043.jpg (81.22 KB, 618x466, ss.jpg)

OedipusBanana took time away from sucking his mommies tit to lurk LC. If this weirdo hates this place so much why is he monitoring the threads more than the farmhands?

>Lolcow must have missed me

How can we miss you when you never leave you lil sissy?

No. 1055879

File: 1602357826021.png (862.37 KB, 828x1792, 26E1028F-1E6C-4A14-88AA-3203BD…)

Our little Oedipus is buying followers too. How much does 1k followers go for nowadays?

No. 1055910

1. We sincerely don't care who you are friends with.
2. We are just pointing at you and laughing, same as any other lolcow here.
3. RSN did in fact rape her. No means no, he admitted to her having said no twice in the morning after stream. You can't change history.
RSN did rape her.
I don't even get why he does that, he never posts anything interesting nor does he create any actual content. He must do that to "prove the anti-o's wrong", look you guyz tons of people follow me because i'm so popular.
I'd sooner say he missed us than vise versa.

No. 1055920

He’s some loser living with his parents still. The fact that two other Anti-O lolcows watches the thread for him and takes screenshots anytime someone is mentioning him is even more pathetic than him watching the thread himself. The fact that these hoes are both grown women possibly with little crotch goblins running around is even more pathetic.

No. 1055925

what other anti-o's? no one is watching the thread for him, the other anti-o's all hate him.

No. 1055927

Oh right, one of them switched sides and started kissing his ass. That crazy Heezy chick watches this thread and apparently the RSN thread.

No. 1055935

File: 1602364271728.jpg (109.22 KB, 990x654, CPG57P.jpg)

I think that Anon's talking about Heezy and Trisha who used to be Anti-O's.
And Im sure he watches the threads himself. He whines on Twitter about anything said on LC within minutes of the post.

No. 1055942

Yeah, those two. Your thing makes more sense anyway, so that’s probably it. Either way, however he obsesses over lc, it’s pathetic either way.

No. 1055954

File: 1602365138456.jpeg (87.28 KB, 768x1024, 7D36548D-12BB-442E-97C2-D18DDD…)

Too bad Heezy’s “acting/modeling” profile went private. But going from the heavily filtered pfp, you can just imagine the cringe.

No. 1055961

Since bad banana now believes RSN was totes innocent of rape does he believe RSN is also totes innocent of all the other crap he did?
Like steal a cancer patients money and all that other shit?
after all RSN also says hes innocent of that.

No. 1055966

Banana’s obviously retarded. Must be the main reason why he’s banging his mom. So, most likely he’s defending RSN against all his haters

No. 1055989

fat girl angle shot needs moar fat girl angle shot.
and put those tits in even more, maybe crop out that face. and that gross tattoo really finishes the cheap fatty with daddy issues motif.

No. 1056011

lol dumb shit nad banana closed his twitter again.

good. hang your head in shame, you dumb shit.

No. 1056015

File: 1602372465554.gif (3.4 MB, 360x240, badbananaprivate.gif)


No. 1056016

He does that every time. The only reason he's agreeing with RSN is because he hates women. The anti-O's shunned him over that long ago.

No. 1056030

File: 1602373833910.jpg (13.36 KB, 594x110, award.jpg)

And the award for picking the wrongest side ever goes to.. BAD BANANA!

No. 1056649

File: 1602458890981.jpeg (180.75 KB, 828x794, 53362F27-3FE7-427F-802A-7191E0…)

We’re all apparently obsessed with him now. For a guy with so many “followers”, he gets shit when it comes to likes and retweets.

No. 1056662

File: 1602459714718.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, tenor.gif)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1056665


Shut up man, you only got your dumb 'channel' off the ground from scouring this site for milk for you to report on. And by report I mean, walking down the street whilst streaming with passers-by trying to avoid the methhead barking at his phone.

No. 1056666

For a guy obsessed with Onion boy, he has no room to talk. Let’s be honest, his whole personality is “trolling” Greggy Poo. That’s his whole account besides defending rapists and him inserting himself into random threads trying and failing to look intelligent.

No. 1056674

Also, if you guys would allow me to tinfoil for a sec. Doesn’t he come off as a boomer trying to act like he’s still young? Certain things that I remember from his profile don’t add up….

No. 1056679

File: 1602460871096.jpg (59.36 KB, 684x515, sarahdearmond.jpg)

I have no idea, I do think that that married woman Sarah DeArmond is suspiciously absent from his twitter these days. Is the love over? Did she find another e-cock to hop on?
I also don't believe she would enjoy him defending RapeStream News much. I seem to remember her hating CS back in the day just as much as everybody else.

No. 1056688

From what I remember, his two hooker friends Heezy and the dog fucker, and that retarded tagalong Gayzar or Layzar ran her off the site.

No. 1056708

>using winrar in the year 2020 and not winzip
>using a site no ones heard of to host it so it could be malware or an ip grabber
Holy shit hahaha ha

No. 1056876

not surprised, she had the most serious case of GOTIS I have ever seen in 25 years of being online. And thats saying something.

No. 1056903

Amber Has Admitted she wasn't telling the truth and you retards still go at RSN's community. She literally went on his channel for an interview an said "It wasn't rape or coercion" I have never seen people so brain dead. No wonder you clowns put your faith in Hansen for taking Onision down. You cannot think critically and cant keep your fabricated stories straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXZrPn5JCUg>>1056666

No. 1056910

File: 1602499496080.jpg (100.23 KB, 527x512, junkie.jpg)

omfg this is hilarious. so.. you follow a junkie rapist that scams his own fans out of their money and then not pays them back and drags them to court, yet we're the braindead ones?
Here are some highlights of RSN's "career", and I use this phrase very lightly here:
Harvard chicky, his own fan whom he stole money from had to hold a FUNDRAISER just to be able to still pay for her cancer medication:
and then of course he tricks his own users out of nudes just so he can later blackmail them when they inevitably fall out with him. oh and he also has girls sign an NDA (thats right just like Greg) before he flies them in and rapes them.
but by all means, tell us again how we are braindead for not believing the words of your glorious leader, oh wise one.
oh and realize all these are just highlights, as im sure i left tons out.

No. 1056921

What, are you retarded? That's not me trying to be a bitch or clever, its a genuine question: Do you have downs syndrome, aspergers? autism? You'd sorta have to have that to be his fan and defend him at this point.
Whats wrong with you mentally, with your brain? Come on, spit it out. You can be honest with us.

No. 1056923

>and you retards still go at RSN's community.
nice sneaky, underhanded way to make this "about his community", what is he trying to gather up his own little personal army of fat old autistic spinsters to come harass us?
the dude is a fucking rapist, fuck off you spastic mongoloid cunt.
you'll get no sympathy nor mercy here, you spastic creepy claw meth-head.

No. 1056935

File: 1602503100092.jpg (156.51 KB, 1500x1026, 91UT GvFg6L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I would sooner stick an umbrella in my pussy and open it on the inside than to ever let that blowfish anywhere near it. Thats the only think I ever felt bad about, that this dope addict has actually been inside her. Amber, girl, I sincerely hope you had yourself checked thoroughly and that the gynecologist had on a full hazmat suit after.
You just know she had a yeast infection after, just saying, vagisil girl. Use that shit. Smear diligently because junkies tend to have lots of fungal infections from using, re-using and sharing needles and laying passed out on greasy mattresses. Hope you can still have kids one day.

No. 1056936

File: 1602503485295.gif (58.79 KB, 276x340, David_15-276x340.gif)

And, much like Greg, he went in bare and came inside her.
ew ew ew ew
Just how drunk was she?!

No. 1057092


Give it a few months and this BPDfag whiteknight for potato boy will be making their own videos complaining about him. It's a pipeline.

No. 1057158

I can't even explain how lulzy I find people like Greg and now Banana boy going "OH YOU CARE AND OBSESS OVER ME BECAUSE YOU'RE WATCHING."
Eh, yeah, we care because you are our source of entertainment, we're laughing at your misfortune.

Its kinda like getting trolled and then reacting like Sally Field at the oscars while people are trolling you. (Video related)
These people have blinders on to the world, and it makes it all the more funnier.
Never change.

No. 1058972

File: 1602719357527.jpeg (358.89 KB, 828x988, 724416A6-FB5D-4B1D-BEE4-3226DA…)

Our favorite Banana is going full on sperg rage about lolcow and the RSN thread talking shit. Here’s a taste of the tantrum.

No. 1058974

Absolute autisim

No. 1058981

File: 1602719944425.jpeg (586.77 KB, 828x1339, FF28B1C3-5723-4D7B-A8C9-45E8ED…)

We should be careful. His daddy’s a general.

No. 1059016

Oh shit! Is he gonna nuke us?! I’m so scared lmao

Cry harder, faggot!

No. 1059195

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bad Banana just went there. He is both a high IQ claimer as well as a navy seal copypasta internet tough guy.
I disagree that Bad Banana just has autism on the count of his parents being old, personally I theorize his parents are also brother and sister.

No. 1059333


Just imagine the disappointment his Generalissimo dad feels ever moment of every day.

No. 1059355

Daddy probably wishes he wore a rubber.

No. 1059366

I wonder it he’s related to Chris-Chan and Barb just gave him away because the ‘tism was too much?

Or if he’s Cole Smithey in disguise?

No. 1059385

File: 1602780728138.jpg (15.34 KB, 178x254, Md.jpg)

Is our bad young yellow banana bent shaped dang near 7 inches friend aware of the oncoming dimensional merge? He best prepare because all his fantasy island OC's will come to life on that glorious day!

No. 1059555

File: 1602801465364.jpg (68.04 KB, 608x550, keke.jpg)

hilarious how bad banana is so butthurt about the autism thing. i bet he is autistic himself or at least has asperges. that being said..
in answer to your first inquiry in this capture here: yes thats right. it is the correct assumption.
in answer to your second post in this capture: no, personally I think this anon is right >>1059195
if its any consolation to you, you manage to kill some of the dryness and wet our beaks a little while Greg is being boring. Thank you for playing the game, you autistic retard.

No. 1059611



No. 1059792

The fact that this sperg has to go out of his way to tell people about his over 9000 IQ and his generalissimo old man is kekworthy. Like we already know that you’re banging your mom in some trailer park somewhere, dude.

No. 1059836

File: 1602853974176.jpg (77.19 KB, 731x168, muh_over_9000_iq.jpg)

We've all seen guys like that before on the internet, well Greg for one thing, who also claims to have that and who also has the strangest claims about his dad. Must be daddy issues..
So Bad Banana.. no racist General's. how is that over 9000 IQ working out for you, champ?

No. 1059947

The milk that’s been coming from him lately is just chef’s kiss. Ever since Greg got boring, he’s been bringing in the lulz.

No. 1060046

File: 1602878520861.jpeg (314.37 KB, 828x691, 80A2D290-A114-4BFF-8B0F-4F77C5…)

Almost a week of sperging. He’s still going on and on about how his dad can’t be racist because of his now suddenly half black/half Korean stepbrother and because the military doesn’t allow racism because quotas need to be met. He can’t truly be this naive?

No. 1060088

Well I can't speak for the rest of you but I don't give a rats ass about any of his make believe family of racist generals and blasian half brothers.
I do however believe that Bad Banana is literally retarded.
Pretty profoundly so.
And he has a pretty wild imagination, he should write a book. Stones to the General dad, or Blasian Creek or something.

No. 1060199

File: 1602897925568.jpeg (70.18 KB, 460x613, E97E95BE-DCE0-4677-A08B-B80E0D…)

No. 1060261

I need this in my house

No. 1060298

In other news, Shiloh took down her hotel pics on Instagram. She’s on to us lol

No. 1060407

File: 1602933141447.png (199.84 KB, 614x584, BadBananaMisophonia.png)

We can check one more box.

No. 1060466

he's only an asshair away from making a custom sonic OC recolor.

No. 1060475

File: 1602945675745.png (38.4 KB, 750x249, MadBanana.PNG)

I think you angered him.

No. 1060534

For a guy pretending that he’s so unbothered, he’s definitely getting bothered.

No. 1060577

His comments are borderline sexist.

No. 1060582

File: 1602958615073.png (343.79 KB, 529x599, butwhy.PNG)

I totally agree, he hates women, and twins for some reason. I am starting to think he is actually an autist.

No. 1060592

We passed borderline long ago. He’s definitely sexist. Probably an incel. Kinda like that other irrelevant Anti-O

No. 1060636

I dont get why, is he really that stupid? he made up this adopted brother who is half black / half korean, eh yeah, that would be half BLACK and half ASIAN, hence why I used the word BLASIAN. thats the proper term for that.
christ this kid man, he's truly retarded. if you're gonna make shit up at least get your facts straight.
>>1060582 >>1060577 >>1060592
oh definitely, he's a top incel. and its funny how he chooses to get offended by one thing, yet not the next. if its someone he hates saying something, in other words everyone here, he will get offended. however he's fine with being a huge racist bigot on his own twitter.
the child doesn't know how to pick his battles. much like his made up fantasy life he is not very consistent. hey bad banana, how is sarah dearmond? aren't you supposed to be buddy buddies?
ah right, another somewhat friendship on that shithole twitter with an anti-o you fucked up..
there are times in life where you gotta ask yourself : "well golly, maybe its me, maybe i'm being an asshole."
thats impossible to do for an autist though, just look at greg. or pretty much any influencer, really.

No. 1060684

File: 1602966668192.jpg (103.02 KB, 750x209, dumshit.jpg)

No. 1060687

File: 1602966967579.jpeg (309.07 KB, 828x971, 16331797-5591-4C6A-8528-BAF2DE…)

Of course, he can’t see racism. He IS racist.

No. 1060690

File: 1602967145150.jpeg (284.13 KB, 828x655, 7BF19B02-D31F-4AB3-A48B-B9D3D8…)

For not being a boomer, he sure loves this boomer gif. He’s fucking obsessed with it. It’s usually his go to when he’s getting fucked up in the comments.

No. 1060691

File: 1602967157248.gif (4.72 MB, 320x240, tenor.gif)

his dad would be so mad.

No. 1060706

File: 1602968762424.jpeg (212.87 KB, 828x756, DD0913E0-F59F-4C7E-9E71-2A3F57…)

Is he really trying to threaten us? “I’ve seen one of your admins.” Yeah, ok.

No. 1060709

considering his other autistic claims i sincerely doubt he seen one. but even if he has, i repeat : So?

No. 1060723

File: 1602970763753.jpeg (120.34 KB, 914x892, 417CB309-9D8A-4E86-B9B3-0A0AB7…)

He’s definitely talking shit. Bet you if we even allude to doing something, he’ll piss his pants and cry to his generalissimo daddy like the bitch he is.

No. 1060726

It isn't working. Someone could tell me Bad Banana is on his way to my house now and I wouldn't be worried. At all.
In fact I'd put on some coffee.
Come @ me, Bad Banana, you sperg. Really. I encourage you.

No. 1060745

Careful now. The big bad banana might take your challenge and do absolutely nothing. Waiting for the incoming sperg storm.

No. 1060748

I would give him my full address if I had twitter. Then again he'd prolly pussy out and just drop my dox hoping someone else would do it.
I'm still mystified as to what the mods on here have to do with anything according to him. They only mod this forum and have nothing to do with what is said here.(powerleveling)

No. 1060758

Who knows? Probably thought it made him sound tough. Like alluding that he doxxed someone on here before.

No. 1060766

ah right, like that poser anonymous Gene you mean?

No. 1060800


Speaking of which, Gene has been DESPERATELY to get the attention of Paris Hilton. Somehow, he got her to follow him but can't seem to get her to read his messages as evidenced by the 100 times he's spammed her over the last FIVE HOURS. (Not even exaggerating, go check for yourself https://twitter.com/_AnonymousGene_/with_replies)

My guess is he's trying to get her attention to pitch her being on Hansen so Hansen can exploit the #breakingcodesilence movement. But if Hansen wanted her on his shoe, why wouldn't he, the guy with the name recognition, approach her instead or having some fucking rando lunatic try to spam her?

Why is Gene trying to cozy up to Jack (Twitter guy) and Jack's mom and whoever else I'm probably forgetting when Chris has the name recognition?

The only motive I can hypothesize about is money. Is Chris Hansen paying Gene? This is tinfoil, obviously.

No. 1060876

File: 1602993862202.png (35.39 KB, 591x294, yikes.PNG)

Looks like Blasian has found someone to fill that Onision shaped hole in her heart.
Who the fuck has dreams and aspirations of being friends with a YouTuber? Low expectations.

No. 1061050

File: 1603028890367.jpg (161.6 KB, 768x1024, EQOWXo5VUAEzTEi.jpg)

I doubt Paris Hilton even knows who Hansen is, she'd have no reason to know him. He's an absolute nobody.
Jesus Christ she sure goes for the low hanging fruit, doesn't she? I mean a kid thats good at Guitar Hero? My God, man. Get a fucking god damn life. Do something with your life, go out there and fucking do something for the love of God.
Stop trying to live vicariously trough these youtube nobodies.

No. 1061054

File: 1603029113497.jpg (32.65 KB, 601x253, definitely_not_racist.jpg)

I would like to remind everyone that Bad Banana is definitely not racist.

No. 1061223

File: 1603043905453.jpeg (521.21 KB, 828x1231, A7D38A7A-A3C0-4EA5-AE87-67B3C2…)

He’s getting paranoid now. Lol. Blaming accounts of stalking him and posting here because he has to plop his racist opinions on every post he can find. This is just chef’s kiss

No. 1061284

File: 1603050053695.jpg (217.63 KB, 1080x1350, 2019-12-14 19.53.17 2198902252…)

Hating your own race? To fit in? Fit in where exactly? Who's he even talking about? Is he talking about Nuka Zeus?
I swear to God the boy is making less sense every day.
And who are these SJW's he keeps talking about?
Sorry I'm asking so many questions but i'm SO confused right now. I don't know what the hell is going on anymore! His autism is ruining my zen.

No. 1061293

File: 1603050996060.jpeg (498.57 KB, 828x1339, 44D66E68-5109-4616-A5F8-72FD43…)

He got called out for being racist in some random thread and has been sperging for all to see. Subtweeting like a little teenage girl and threatening to block people. TL;DR BANANA BOY BUTTHURT

No. 1061296


>Stop trying to live vicariously

She might just want to get fucked. Maybe homeboy is into studs and Blasian finally gets a happy ending to her Muriel's Wedding life.

No. 1061425

I agree, these are totally the kind of jerk dicks she's in to. she's hoping one of them will come to clean the pipes, anyone who's even remotely semi-relevant.
PRO-TIP: When numerous people in your life call you out on anything, be it "you're a racist", "you're a bigot, or "you're a woman hater" its probably true.

No. 1061453

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and shits like a duck……..(ban evasion)

No. 1061857

I wonder what old man Keith’s been up to

No. 1061934

File: 1603143238760.jpeg (219.79 KB, 828x448, 7B95B3C8-5028-467D-89CC-9ACE13…)

What 19 year old knows who the hell Ruth Buzzi is?

No. 1061968

Jesus H. Trump, I thought people saying Bad Banana is an old NEET basement dweller where a far stretch at first but I'm starting to think they're right.
He must be at least 50.
I wonder if he's a pedo, usually pedo's pretend to be real young, and they also tend to make up exotic stories about their lives. Like "being rich" etc.

No. 1062015

File: 1603148822636.jpeg (529.29 KB, 828x1116, 247DE612-A23A-4FEA-BD79-A3C360…)

>claims to be 19
>has boomer opinions and retweets boomer shit
>posts about Tiny Tim
>tweets at Ruth Buzzi
>claims father is a general, is well traveled, super genius, and going to West Point
Sounds legit

No. 1062018

I have no idea who those people are, also is he trying to say that him marrying an underage girl is normal?

No. 1062025

Banana might be saying it’s fine. And he’s some obscure singer with a oddly high pitched voice.
Dude has been coming up with some outlandish shit about himself lately. Tinfoil time.

No. 1062028

Considering his opinions on women, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s one of those incel types who wants an underage virgin waifu. Maybe he’s been mad at Grog this entire time because of some weird jealousy.

No. 1062034

File: 1603149952229.jpg (378.93 KB, 1140x588, this_will_make_us_believe_you_…)

His parents house, where Bad Banana definitely does NOT live anymore, and whom he was VISITING has a spooky ghost in it you guyz.

No. 1062037

Notice how he mentions the "game room", oh yeah thats definitely not his basement with all the consoles and computer crap in it at all.
Then he's mentioning the blasian pretend brother playing in it. top kek.

No. 1062050

About Bad Banana, he started to backtrack about it but misspoke several times on his twitter. He tries to claim he's in VA and has dual citizenship with the UK (lol, sure jan) but he is definitely living in the UK.
He's trying to claim he's young and I bet he does that because he's a pedophile but also so he doesn't look like the NEET basement dweller living with his parents that he is.
I think people are right that he's old and he's living with his parents. I also think he has autism, since he keeps defending autism and RRRREEEEing when people MEME about it. This is what I could find out about Bad Banana, feel free to correct me.
Only a matter of time before we find out who this neckbeard linux pedo is.

No. 1062072

File: 1603152036699.jpg (45.33 KB, 286x636, bs.jpg)

This is what his profile used to say and what he used to claim, its easy to see how this guy is absolutely full of shit.
When you reverse image search his user image you get this youtube:
But I doubt very much it has anything to do with him.

No. 1062074

>blonde hair/blue eyes
What a perfect little Hitler baby!!!

No. 1062075

"@neglectedbanana" for a goldmine. he chats with a lot of extreme far right racists.
unfortunately I need to sleep now, but good hunting.
try to find his email for me, please(not your personal army)

No. 1062095

That Spyke Silver account that he seems to be extremely friendly with looks like a extremist who jacks off to Shapiro. He looks familiar somehow.

No. 1062181

File: 1603165492001.png (171.78 KB, 622x446, knewitwascoming.PNG)

Okay so which post here struck a nerve?
I don't understand why he goes private. He spends all day replying to random tweets with his misogyny & racism or interjecting himself into threads where he isnt welcomed. If he's private no one sees his shitty take except for fellow incel Spyke Silver.

No. 1062186

File: 1603166819380.jpeg (184.79 KB, 828x848, A42F2411-09AF-4CA1-9A3F-78567D…)

Last tweet right before he went private. He seemed more serious in this one. Maybe we were on to something?

No. 1062189

File: 1603167684419.gif (406.98 KB, 267x200, 200 (1).gif)

He'll have to go public eventually.

Being able to spew out his daily bile of-
>All lives matter.
>This is what happens when you let immigrants in.
>Most women Ive met are two faced.
is an itch he cant help but scratch.

No. 1062231

File: 1603183875221.jpeg (351.95 KB, 828x1167, D39A44E0-9FBB-49C5-9D58-B88FCE…)

Of course. He needs the attention that he gets while arguing with POC because the other Anti-Os don’t really interact with him anymore. Besides, all those followers he keeps buying will be an even bigger waste if he stays on private.

No. 1062280

and so he pretty much confirmed the other anons here absolutely right about who he is irl. living in great britain, old and fat NEET, in his parents basement.
good job, lolcow farm. proud of you.

No. 1062282

If you go to search.twitter.com and search on @neglectedbanana you can still see everyone that replies to him and pretty much tell what the conversations are about. (racism, hating women, general bigotry)
so that full on covid lockdown on his twitter ain't doing him much good.

No. 1062381

While it’s not 100% confirmed, Banana Boy does look guilty.

No. 1062470

Oh to be sure he does!

No. 1062775

File: 1603250037903.png (32.42 KB, 598x327, Capture204667.PNG)

Saoirse is slowly trying to lure OedipusBanana out. GG

No. 1062893

It’s hard keeping up with all the Anti-O stuff. Who’s Saoirse?

No. 1062902

A Bad Banana sock puppet by the looks of it.

No. 1062951

Makes sense

No. 1062989

File: 1603292287364.jpg (28.37 KB, 724x234, definitelynotbadbanana.jpg)


pretty interesting little account. talking about english actors and doing choirs "for a friend" (a claim most basement dwellers will make when they need to do choirs for their parents), hating SJW's and smoking weed. and old, according to their own claims.
the mask on bad banana is slipping. please, by all means, slip up some more my yellow sonichu colored autist.

No. 1063043

Banana must be losing his shit. Also, hi Banana!!!! Since we all know that you’re watching this thread trying to look for any kind of mention of you.

No. 1063200

File: 1603314585962.jpeg (182.08 KB, 1080x1080, F8D7F1C5-4B9D-4B45-B083-EAA77F…)

Oh God lmao

No. 1063231

Well then, since we already established Hansen too will do ANYTHING for money, how long before he starts shoving dildo's up his ass for onlyfans as well?

No. 1063323

File: 1603322163418.jpg (85.88 KB, 596x708, bad_banana_roleplaying.jpg)

lol this little role play with yourself will totally prove bad banana is definitely not @Saoirse86657971

No. 1063326

File: 1603322250954.jpg (16.82 KB, 610x108, lolsure.jpg)

super convincing

No. 1063343

File: 1603323354483.jpg (44.31 KB, 609x362, okbommer.jpg)

eh yeah its called auto-correct you absolute boomer.
but by all means, continue. give us moar.

No. 1063346

Pay special attention to how Saoirse and Bad Banana's way of typing and grammar are identical, including the use of very common British words and phrases.

No. 1063352

File: 1603324383465.jpg (20.18 KB, 602x190, yumad.jpg)

why u mad though, "bro"?

No. 1065561

File: 1603358179974.jpeg (259.39 KB, 828x889, C5BFEAB4-5CC7-4E38-A7A3-50F966…)

Oh no, we made “Saoirse” mad

No. 1065563

No, if you really look at it. The grammar mistakes and horrible spelling matches one of Banana twat’s friends. Remember Dhark Layzar? I think he’s more prominent on another board.

No. 1065676

File: 1603375577395.jpg (74.25 KB, 575x548, fatleggo.jpg)

>I can put the joint down for a hot minute
Are you sure about that, champ? What about all the fatty foods, and the x-box controller?
What the hell is a leggo by the way, is that someone who doesn't use a mobility scooter to move around?
You angry at all us gosh darn walking people?

No. 1065677

>assuming bad banana has friends

No. 1065683

LEGGO is short for "lets go", I know, its retarded. It only saves you typing 2 extra letters. I think its easier for his fat unemployed cheetos and smokers tar stained sausage fingers to just sorta roll one finger over the G for a while.
he's probably exhausted now and winded, short of breath from all that effort.

No. 1065714

Well, to a lonely NEET like him, internet friends are IRL friends. And he is always talking with 3 accounts.

No. 1065747

3 sock puppets.

No. 1065768

Well, one is known on the Mikenactor thread and has shown their face. Another was brought up on here before, and the third one is some crazy boomer chick living in some trailer park in the US.

No. 1065804

File: 1603388239597.jpeg (362.19 KB, 828x1061, 0919E517-C448-454C-9187-D9C5ED…)

First off, you mad, bro? Second, no one doxxed Banana fag unless he’s admitting that he’s a 50 year old NEET living in his parents basement in the UK. Third, Banana isn’t milky enough to have his own personal thread. He’s just some pathetic loser. Lol

No. 1065811

yes we're all extremely mad because we're talking about you on lolcow. good call there, sport.
its not lulzy yet but something tells me when we figure out who these faggots are we're in for a real lollercoaster.

No. 1065843

When is one newfag asking us to find Banana Tard’s email address and getting yeeted doxxing?

No. 1065851

File: 1603391092008.png (477.41 KB, 828x1792, DBBE5C09-965D-471E-9D75-6AD1E7…)

Well, seeing as this Saoirse sock is stalking the thread, I have to agree. We’re getting lulzworthy responses right after we make them. Also, this is a general Anti-O thread “Saoirse”, Banana isn’t big enough for his only personal thread yet.

No. 1065885

mad, no.
unbalanced, yes.

No. 1065893

File: 1603395743595.jpg (23.54 KB, 588x158, notbadbaaawlnanana.jpg)

Nobody asked for doxx, only his real name and face. His backstory. We want to laugh at it.

No. 1065894

Newfag wanted us to personally find him Banana’s email address. We’re not anyone’s personal army.

No. 1065906

File: 1603397061705.png (323.81 KB, 828x1792, 1E2BC0F4-E56D-45C3-ADF6-57F330…)

These dipshits apparently don’t know internet terminology. Because apparently us all joking about Banana is a 50 year old NEET means we already attempted to doxx him.

No. 1065938

File: 1603402106451.jpeg (309.72 KB, 828x929, 67024DC0-B3AA-4335-A194-912851…)

For someone totally not mad, this person seems to be stalking the thread quite a bit. 5 new tweets talking shit.

No. 1065949

File: 1603403380727.jpeg (106.77 KB, 1338x716, A4F9FB58-A0D0-491D-BEDC-C08EE6…)

Imagine getting this worked up over a bunch of people trolling on the internet? They must be new to all this.

No. 1065953

File: 1603403645610.png (406.62 KB, 828x1792, 580D292E-8EB1-4C57-9B9E-28E26D…)

IT’S SPERG HOURS!!!!! She’s fucking demented.