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File: 1626564685461.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, D80A5921-EA57-4221-8015-DE4561…)

No. 844586

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>838781
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://andtwitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

In the last thread:
>>ipad pro, drawing tools, and sketchbooks nowhere to be seen and have either become the world's most expensive paperweights or have been ceremoniously passed down to maddie
>>vacation hops between several different states in the span of a few weeks, first portland, then LA, then hawaii. suspected for her to get more work done but nothing confirmed as of yet
>>announces she's opening a cosplay photoshoot studio just like the ones she visits in glorious nippon, continues her tradition of having totally original ideas by commissioning a wall painting for the receptionist area that looks awkwardly similar to the brand "justpeachy", the rooms are tiny, and the flooring is cheap bamboo
>>comments on her selfie posts are full of people telling her how bad her lips look now, moo shows off how unbothered she is by clapping back to own the haters but deletes and limits comments anyway
>>gymposting is back, lipo procedures inbound
>>getting closer and closer to pixyteri as she releases photos of her spreading her asshole in the poopin' pose
>>sold her sweaty gucci fannypack on depop
>>peace warrior mariah believes that books are "free therapy"
>>moo, fluent in japanese and always happy to share her wealth of knowledge, shares on instagram that "futamomo" means thighs in japanese and she feels a special connection with this word. spoiler: it does not mean thighs.
>>next we head to new york city, where moo is getting a nose job! she traveled all the way from vegas (and brought her parents too!) to get a minimally invasive, bruise-free, $30k surgery so she can finally look like the anime character of her dreams!
>>anon sleuths discover that the doctor performing her surgery has a lawsuit (and other shady shit) in regards to- you guessed it-botched nose jobs.
>>moo wakes up from her completely bruise-free procedure with a face to rival a beaten housewife. immediately after being told to not move around a lot so it can heal she hops around her hotel room. 5 days later she shares videos of her doing lifts at the gym, something you shouldn't do until it's been 30 days after surgery
>>nose job saga is still ongoing as the shape will evolve for around a year. despite wanting to fix her nose so she can look "natural" and not use filters she is still abusing the amrezy filter as much as ever
>>planning breast reduction surgery for the future
>>her favorite hentai categories include classics such as monster rape, cucking, and milfs
>>health guru moo gives trisha paytas weight loss advice and says she isn't being "realistic"
>>her latest set gives us a good look at her discolored asshole complete with blackheads, acne, and a large mystery mark. the first half of the video is her fully clothed chatting about her nose job and the second half is her riding a dildo looking like a rotting raw chicken on spin cycle. this video cost $60.
>>patreon gone, onlyfans moving away from porn, what pasture will our cow graze into next? find out next time on momokun Z!

No. 844588

File: 1626565496249.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2200, 2962CA91-35DE-4CEF-9E9E-75397C…)

I'm sure I missed a lot in between threads but I did catch this, SssSniperwolf hooked her on cotton candy grapes covered in Jello powder, aka an absolute sugar bomb

Sorry if thread pic is shit. Graphic design is not my passion

No. 844595

Thread pic is good thank you for setting up the new thread. Also that just sounds like gross and diabetes inducing.

No. 844596

File: 1626568217602.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, E055ECE1-6138-459E-A740-16C1D5…)


She went on a body shaming rant literally right after the thread locked. This presumably happened because some fans, probably like… two people, commented about her looks in an AoT pic she posted recently (I’ll post it after this). So here it is in all her annoying ghetto-speak glory. Bitch can barely move her lips when talking.

No. 844598

File: 1626568573435.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2208, E97415C6-BEE0-462B-9547-44A095…)


No. 844599

File: 1626568684967.png (2.69 MB, 983x1800, EB93E9F4-1727-4985-91F1-8D75F8…)


No. 844600

File: 1626568888377.png (4.33 MB, 1026x1800, 321B8893-94DD-432E-AE67-8C4C90…)


No. 844601

File: 1626569045774.png (3.04 MB, 1037x1800, 9CC6ACF7-BC4B-40FA-BC95-7679A6…)

The AoT post is what sparked the rant I’m guessing. It took literally one or two people not kissing her ass to whine that she’s being body shamed.

No. 844602

I thought her thighs were her exposed gut for way too long.

No. 844603

File: 1626569310308.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1544, 9FB516A8-63C9-4C85-93D2-04B851…)

Posting the close up because I can’t get over how god fucking ugly this picture is and she genuinely thinks she looks like the character in the manga. Lagoon (the hack behind her other AoT and Demon Slayer shoop jobs) is responsible for making her look even more haggard than usual so… that’s an achievement I guess?

No. 844606

File: 1626569644077.jpeg (704.04 KB, 1241x2319, 01F79B67-C4F1-4F8C-AD51-1CF30A…)

Lagoon does an awful job at shooping her and made her look like a corpse in this shoot. Her face looks like it's melting off in this one

No. 844608

them slimming her face that much with those overfilled lips is not doing her face any favors.

No. 844615

Bruh her nose in the bottom left picture. Looks terrible.

No. 844616


i thought this was a still from a video game, it looks so unlifelike

No. 844617

File: 1626571961437.jpeg (497.13 KB, 2038x1574, 8F2FE019-4660-4A35-B04F-3D9F96…)

It’s giving me hardcore Twilight Zone vibes lol

No. 844621

lmao what the fuck she literaly looks like a retard

No. 844628

File: 1626578489717.jpg (12.44 KB, 256x225, momokun.jpg)

No. 844629

File: 1626579371111.jpg (751.14 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20210717-203515_Ins…)

She looks so terrible and this is before the surgery. I thought the ones last thread were bad but damn, these really amplify the MJ look.

No. 844631

absolutely nightmare-inducing

No. 844633

Usually farmers take it upon themselves to make unflattering edits poking fun at Moo but she literally pays Lagoon and Squarecuck to do that for us lol, amazing.

No. 844635

Kailyn is that you?

this honest to god looks like ps2 graphics

No. 844637

Lol exactly. Then she thinks all the surgeries are to make her look better, when it’s the complete opposite. She was never a looker but her face is just ridiculous looking now.

No. 844638

File: 1626584898284.png (1.67 MB, 1716x2048, Screenshot_20210717-220730.png)

Oh my god more than ever she looks like a pig. She really just destroyed her nose.

No. 844640


Is her English getting worse? Lol wtf is that first sentence even. Oh and this looks like total shit. This is the kind of edit you get from someone that personally hates you but loves your money.

No. 844647

File: 1626591279891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,835 KB, 828x1559, E5FB288A-89BA-440E-B83C-57496E…)

Have her eyes always been that puffy? Damn she is messing up her face horrendously. Spoiler for her close up face!

No. 844651

she looks so freakish and misshapen here. Everything about her screams uncanny valley.

No. 844653

Her natural nose suited her face way more. She is officially botched.. Like more than ever

No. 844654

dude, not only did she botch her face but… that voice is so nasally now…

No. 844655

File: 1626599499786.jpg (55.25 KB, 506x652, 678822_v9_bb.jpg)

same energy

No. 844659

The phrase "take it with a grain of salt" means that one should be suspicious of what was just said, Mooriah. So when you say "take that with as much salt as possible" about something YOU just said, you're basically calling yourself full of shit, you illiterate bitch.

No. 844661

File: 1626608063645.jpg (160.55 KB, 1710x960, christina-ricci-penelope-scree…)

Holy Shit, her new looks looks horrible. Reminds me so much of Christina Ricci as Penelope (Ricci is way prettier of course).

It's sad, I once find Mariah somewhat cute wth her "Girl next door Face".

No. 844662

No. 844668

File: 1626614478664.jpg (14.99 KB, 640x617, 1626613767905.jpg)

She looks like Stingy from LazyTown and the puppet from the Dolmio ads. I knew I seen her somewhere!

No. 844669

File: 1626614533553.jpg (28.28 KB, 175x264, 20210718_141844.jpg)


No. 844670


you can really see how mutch fillers have fucked her face even with the editing, looking more and more turtle like every day


dont do Sophia like that anon she's a natual beauty unlike Mariah

No. 844672


I have an upturned nose and I have no fucking clue why anyone would want a nose like that. I thought she was proud of her big lebeanse nose? It's so ironic she's trying her best to erase her "Arab" features yet preached/s about muh culture.

I wonder if she feels sad about her transformation at the end of the day, when all the Photoshop and Amrezy isn't around - she genuinely has become a marvel of body horror.

No. 844673

File: 1626617446314.jpeg (341.49 KB, 1242x841, DEA2F867-B562-4816-B861-8AF8F5…)

With every procedure she gets closer and closer to muppet tier

No. 844676

Jesus with the swelling going down now you can really get an idea for the proportions of the nose. It’s going to be way too tiny for her filler filled face. She ruined her face, what a moron.

No. 844677

Yooo this doctor FUCKED her nose up. This is not just a cute little button nose, this doctor clearly has no idea what he’s doing, or at least didn’t know how to give what moo wanted with what she was working with and just says yes anyway abd realky fucked up her nose.

Serves the bitch right trying to flex on her friends and act like she had the better nose job

No. 844683

Her nostrils are literally pointing straight out from her face. How horrific

No. 844685

If you told me this was a 3 day old bloated corpse I would believe you.

Jfc that nose tho.

No. 844687

File: 1626626362405.jpeg (145.33 KB, 599x1235, 30EB92F9-0087-4F0B-817A-475FD0…)


Jesus. She makes her old face look amazing.

No. 844693

The pig nose is suiting

No. 844694

And here I thought her nose wasn't botched. This is a horrific profile. She's also dressed like special needs Dad.

No. 844704

nooo that is unfortunate! her friends must all be laughing at her piggy nose behind her back, i bet it looks even grosser in person.

looking forward to the inevitable corrective rhinoplasty, and then the one after that, and the one after that. she’s going to keep messing with her nose like she does with her lips, i guarantee it.

No. 844708

Great! I'm really enjoying watching her destroy herself.

No. 844710

File: 1626640704406.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.09 KB, 884x884, pixlr_20210718173440332.jpg)

Tell me about it. All she had to do was stop stuffing herself and going for a daily walk. Literally just that. She was never thin as a cosplayer, but at least she was not offensive to look at.
Now the outside matches the inside, I guess.

No. 844716

Damn in that picture she honestly looked gorgeous compared to how she looks now. Mental illness.

No. 844719

the bridge of her nose looks collasped and the rest just looks like a piggy nose. And she's happy with the results, not because they're good but because she spent money. Moo would be happy if someone punched her face as long as she pad 20k for it.

No. 844720

We used to think she was obese in these pictures, too. We predicted she would only get worse then but her current form is almost beyond comprehension now.

No. 844723

This was when women still followed her. I thought this was a really good picture. Her best one. You can see natural fat rolls, it's retouched nicely and someone gave her a believable ass. Mariah sold herself to women as body positive and that's why she hid lipo. After she revealed the lipo she felt free enough to get it done constantly, ruining her body more and more.

Was it when she got outed as a predator (she was a huge lardass at that point) when she just went full plastic monster?

No. 844726

it's sad but the first case of lipo was around the time korean BBQ said she was too fat for him. She started fucking with her face when Sensei said he wasn't looking for a girlfriend but then got that cute young looking girl friend.
Moo is just an insecure mess because she can trick men online but she's repulsive irl. No amount of surgery can fix that.

No. 844731


I understand healing takes a while but god damn why does it look like it's broken upwards lol. Like a whole ass chunk missing, no blending from the bridge to the nose tip.

No. 844741

OH NO. THIS IS BAD. Why did she think this was a good idea?

No. 844746

Had she ever gotten aeygo sal fillers? Kind of looks like it. If not then I think a lower blepharoplasty would have been a better use of her money than using it to mess her nose which never looked bad to begin with.

No. 844751

No, her mom also has horrific butthole eyes like that, it's definitely genetic. The only difference is that she's a mother of two and Moo is in her mid 20s and still looks older than her.

No. 844752

she might have been technically obese in BMI then, but more likely on the high end of the overweight BMI
she is likely approaching the morbid obesity range now
great job, Mariah, you’re killing it

No. 844753

Keep in mind that this pic was after a few rounds of lipo. Bitch has been properly obese for a long while.

No. 844761

File: 1626666653191.jpg (561.59 KB, 926x1155, Screenshot_20210718-205005_Ins…)

Her nose is fucked without filters and special lighting

No. 844766

Why does it look like it’s caving in? I hope it’s the lighting on her oily ass face.

No. 844769

Post op care on a nose is really important, shit inside can shift really easily. She has doomed herself.

No. 844770

File: 1626670836192.png (438.6 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20210718-215902-703…)

Because it is

No. 844771

Moo jumping around and ignoring aftercare didn't help the healing either.
To be honest her nose could fall off and she will still brag because she got a "designer" nose job. The guy really did just collapse the bridge and called it a day

No. 844772

The botched face, those harpy talons (and her misshapen, putty-like body)… are we sure they didn’t just work her into the art installation for people to gawk at? lol

No. 844779

Literally becoming the momo sculpture

No. 844781

Her tits are so flat it looks like she's wearing a binder.

No. 844821

why she's getting a "reduction"
What I think they're actually doing is a breast lift with implants. She will call it a reduction because her titts wont sag down to her belly anymore. But they already look so hard and misshapen it's just another botched surgery waiting to happen. Her whole body is over worked.

No. 844828

Idk, I think she would opt for a fat transfer in lieu of smaller implants. Two birds, one procedure. Mini lipo that adds natural looking weight and shape to your chest. Imo it's the better option. If she does just get bolt ons they're going to shift and likely be repeatedly swapped since she's never happy. Although, wouldn't be surprised if she was retarded enough to believe she could just get away with tons of silicone and lipo til' she's a flawless 150lb slim thick gawdess. She's in denial deep enough to like her face. I'm excited to see another Junji Ito level body horror regardless.

No. 844832

I doubt that. Fat transfer to breasts need to be done a few times over for it to stick properly, if she had that done only once her pancakes would go back to normal in a short time.

No. 844835

They dont look hard at all. Bishojos tits look hard. Moo has flabby old lady tits

No. 844836

The fat in boobs are different than other fat in the body. It lasts hardly a few years. Its not worth it and if you lose weight, the tits decrease still. Moo yoyos. She will fuck them up. I can't imagine getting another procedure and risking a second round of nipple desensitization due to relocation of the areola.

No. 844838

File: 1626715197494.jpg (2.01 MB, 2400x1920, SonOfMomo.jpg)

Thought id seen her on netflix before.

No. 844860


That smile is so heavily photoshopped holy shit, wax museum is more realistic than her

No. 844866

File: 1626728591690.jpg (39.45 KB, 640x603, C5fLviXXMAAktjX.jpg)

No. 844867

File: 1626728883779.jpg (146.26 KB, 1214x602, 1YliGPR.jpg)

Surprised no one mentioned her ~peace warrior~ sperge yet. Yes, her mom liked it

No. 844868

File: 1626728954372.jpg (18.35 KB, 906x186, Uct18n0.jpg)

No. 844870

File: 1626729240500.jpg (18.86 KB, 315x376, jljR3y8.jpg)

comment about her looks are coming up. alot of her actual, non-bot simps don't like it.

No. 844873

File: 1626729380351.jpg (9.99 KB, 317x241, svp8VVD.jpg)

Someone made a rebuttal that this study she's speaking of was not what she was talking about at all.
She's been posting the same crusty books she's read once, I'm sure, on her accounts. I wonder who told her "no" this time

No. 844880

What the fuck kind of woowoo shit is this? She must have lypoed her brain out.

No. 844882

She's made it clear time and time again that she could read the book and interpret it the way SHE wants. No wonder she didn't complete college.

No. 844883

File: 1626731532181.jpeg (797.04 KB, 1242x1979, 61A3605D-B463-4A13-BC42-853E2E…)

Which one of these three books are responsible for Mariah “you either die fit or die fat” Mallad’s nuggets of wisdom lol. Someone is having a hard time reconciling her wasted $30k and busted nose!

If you guys didn’t see the video posted upthread about the supposed “body shaming”, you probably should because she’s losing it. And it only took a small handful of comments to completely set her off.

No. 844887

the top of her arms are fucking huge. Tess Holiday vibes

No. 844889

The same woman who claims to shed negativity is the same woman who feeds into it every single day. She reads and responds to us directly. Maybe she should just delete social media and start over if all she wants is peace. She is physically and mentally incapable of doing so.

Anon you're looking at true gains from working out and never bending to the will of sweets and meat!

No. 844905

File: 1626738156854.jpeg (434.61 KB, 1242x997, 53000EF5-112D-4268-867C-EA3974…)

I’m genuinely shocked she hasn’t clapped back or deleted this yet lol. How dare someone question Moo’s infallible logic!
But seriously, Moo needs to shove those “therapy books” up her flat ass.

No. 844908

>I am rich because I am happy

Last time I checked, you’re rich because you sell sloppy amateur porn to men with a slob (and/or bimbofication) fetish.
A “happy” person wouldn’t spent all their time telling everyone online how happy they are while getting thousands of dollars worth of work done because they’re unhappy with their body. The denial is staggering.

No. 844910

People who talk about how happy they are all the time on social media tend to be miserable, or at least over compensating.

I find Moo most insufferable when she spews pseudo-intellectual bullshit so I tend to ignore.

I did notice she got quite a few negative comments, including vomit emojis lol. Not sure if they have since been deleted. The scrotes aren’t pleased it seems.

It’s okay Moo, nothing another surgery couldn’t fix.

No. 844911

but this person didn't even say anything negative though? That and Moo herself said she loved the plastic look. This is like calling someone toxic for stating the sky is blue

No. 844915

She likes it but not when other people point it out I guess, must be insecure

No. 844925

File: 1626742170693.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.53 KB, 660x880, TAbtyur.jpg)

Not sure if this is her fault or what but her face and tits look like they're going through necrosis..
She is still shooping out her obvious stretchmarks

No. 844926

File: 1626742204663.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.91 KB, 660x880, jtckJ1f.jpg)

No. 844927

File: 1626742308488.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.39 KB, 660x880, z5frWlu.jpg)

No. 844928

she used a nude for her “so deep” Instagram caption lmao kill me

No. 844929

File: 1626742351814.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.66 KB, 660x880, 2316x3088_762cf7b3400036d1d52e…)

What in the FUCK

No. 844930

she def got more lipo but she's still editing like 80 pounds off her body. I'm guessing Moo freaked out when the scale finally read 300 pounds and traveled around to get lipo from sketchy plastic surgeons. The nose job was just the one thing she couldn't cover up.

No. 844931

File: 1626742498193.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.05 KB, 660x880, MoJIerz.jpg)

No. 844932

>25 years old…
Moo’s body is beyond repair and her thirties are going to be ROUGH. I’m here for it lol

No. 844933

Thank you anon for the spoilers but I still wasn’t prepared! How is she so proud of this? Her body literally looks like a melting candle! Plus the texture of her skin is just nauseating to look at. Where is Amrezy when we need it?

No. 844934

lookin ROUGH

No. 844935

girl it’s time to pack up any remaining dignity you have and retire. the money surely can’t be worth showing yourself like this…

No. 844936

File: 1626743424941.jpeg (557.96 KB, 750x1253, 5F083A3A-C9DD-4EEC-8E64-187B83…)

pure sex appeal

No. 844938

Her skin looks TRASHEDDDDD and so gray. She needs a total body exfoliating scrub. Her face is jacked up, especially here >>844931 her jaw looks so stiff as she smiles. I wonder if she still has sensation in her lips and jaw since they did also do chin lipo before, could’ve fucked with the nerves.
She just looks so grotesque fully nude and with the face that looks like a mask.

No. 844939


This woman needs to get out of cosplay/modelling immediately, for her own good. She should probably also get some professional help for what seems to be a body modification addiction.

No. 844941

File: 1626744730550.jpg (23.93 KB, 924x259, 8VaUGcI.jpg)


Moo's using her old ass peachy icon for her new studio page lmao

No. 844942

her whole skin is discolored, gray and has these weird patches. she legit looks like a bloated corpse

No. 844943

she needs to stop using that peach logo. It just seems cursed for her at this point. Like if you use that specific peach your business is sure to fail… that or anything attached to Moo will fail.

No. 844946

Flat ass, flat titties, and those big meaty arms. She looks nuts.

No. 844948

those linebacker shoulders holy shit

No. 844949

if you ask her why the fuck she aged 30 years in 5 she will yell at you "Umn it's called aging? This is what a REAL woman looks like!" but she legit has the body and face of a grandma who is addicted to plastic surgery.

No. 844953

File: 1626749144293.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2035, 476F60C0-95AA-4219-B935-505884…)

Oh god, I hope she’s not going to be renting her stretched out, sweat stained outfits in that “studio”…

No. 844955

They are! Theres even the Beast coat! She wants to be japanese so bad

No. 844956

so how is she going to cater to all people coming in to pose in her studio? Not everyone is going to fit into her clothes?? what about male cosplayers?

No. 844961


Shes gunna be renting out umbran wigs too. She posted about it on her story last week

No. 844963

I already know what Moo will say "Well my studio is really meant for PROFESSIONAL cosplayers who already have costumes. These are just spares just in case for unprepared people."
She might even go as far as to say people should bring their own props to her bare rooms. Basically, you may as well do your own photoshoots and sets for a quarter of what Moo is going to charge.

No. 844965

I await some turn of event, "Peachy Collective isnt size inclusive~" event

No. 844968

Call it a hunch but I have a feeling Moo has no idea what the logistics of running a business like this is actually like, bitch is way over her head. Mariah is gonna find out real quick that she can’t keep using her friends for cheap/free labor either. Her being the sole owner of a place like this means taking responsibility for a host of shit and she’s proven she can’t work to save her life. She can’t even run her own con booth without her friends doing all the work, what makes her think throwing money into a project like this is going to turn out “just peachy”?
It’ll tank soon after it opens for business.

No. 844971

At least Akemi and her staff made it "safe", so to speak, with just creating backgrounds. I feel like keeping up with costumes and trends with costumes would be overwhelming.

No. 844974

Cant this bitch exfoliate? Thaw fact she says she never showers THATS just dried sweat and dead skin build up. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 844981

File: 1626757848476.png (2.16 MB, 1242x2208, C0231CF4-AAF4-48E4-8A54-09461B…)

How much do you guys wanna bet she won’t sanitize these sets when she’s done shooting in them? The only cleanser strong enough to banish Moo’s funk would be fire though…

No. 844983

File: 1626758728199.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.87 KB, 660x880, 7B6FDA14-E5F1-4F63-862F-862372…)

I’m speculating that the black circles are all lipo scars. And the red circle appears to be a giant bruise

No. 844985

jesus her face and tits are both so busted

No. 844987

Thousands of dollars on skin care and her skin still looks like rotting bologna.
>muh $90 sunscreen

Honestly, a tan would probably benefit her. The bloated-corpse grey isn’t really appealing.

No. 844988

Her fucking arms, god that is a huge slab of meat.

No. 844989

File: 1626761524073.jpg (256.61 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20210719-200956_Chr…)


No. 844990

Sorry forgot to spoiler this. Sorry.

No. 844995

Did she also get cheek filler? Legit looks like she's about to burst. I'm predicting a blepharoplasty, boob job and butt job next. Maybe a lip lift and brow lift too.

No. 845002

seriously whats the point in trying to have a flat stomach if her back and arms still look like that? also pretty sure the big "bruise" is just the same type of weird skin discoloration that she has on her cursed asscrack

No. 845007

It's surreal that these are the same person

No. 845012

satan's version of big ang

No. 845015

I think she’s been getting cheek and chin fillers for awhile now, as long as she started doing her lips.

Mariah is just proof that no matter how much money you spend on “self care” it doesn’t make you beautiful. All she cares about is spending money, and I cannot wait for the day when it dries up. And it will.

No. 845016


My fucking god, Moo. You're rich from selling your unfortunate hyper-pigmented ass play dough body to NEET scrotes.

But seriously, what new age crap did she buy her way into this time?
This is peak mental illness.
She thinks she's a ~curvy Lebanese lady~ but she's an unkempt uneducated, uncultured, unintelligent, grotesquely obese neo-hoe with a collapsed nose bridge and lips she can't even move.

No. 845017

OH I'm sure she has had cheek filler. And if not it's all the fat pooling up or the lip filler migrating.

I have to keep reminding myself that she's only 26.

No. 845018

No. 845023

Yeah my first thought was that it’s probably just fat, she’s had so much lipo so the food she keeps shoveling to her face must go somewhere. Her face looks really busted.

No. 845025

i’m p sure she’s only 24 or so

No. 845028

What if Moo thinks lypo will eventually take all her fat cells so she can eat as much as she wants without gaining weight?

No. 845030

She is using lipo as a means of weight loss. She will bitch that you can't lose weight with lipo, but she would be over 300 pounds if it wasn't for the shady doctors who decide to suck the fat out of her.

No. 845032

You can't delete fat cells, anon. They regrow and not at any other rate. Thats why she always fucks up and ruins her lipo and we can see it in her arms and back fat rolls and when she is wider. It took a massive chunk from her abdomin, so she will gain weight the same rate as her arms and back, but will still be the 'skinnier' part of her because lipo was done. Just like when you lose weight, you 'lose' fat cells.

No. 845034

Her eyes are constantly puffy. I've seen heavy drug addicts with less damage.

No. 845040

Thank you, so her ultimate donkey kong cosplay is well underhand.

No. 845050

I think the "bruise" in the red circle is just similar darkened skin she has on her butt

No. 845053

the goatee made me think this was gabriel iglesias

No. 845058

File: 1626819976196.png (1.93 MB, 1242x2208, 66F220EE-78FB-450F-BDB9-45D9E1…)

She posted this same video with the same text in her stories while the thread was locked. Mariah, you’re not convincing anyone that you’re actually “working out”. Jesus she’s pathetic.

No. 845070


Mariah was born September of 1995 so she’s 25

No. 845083

ugh shes so discoloured here she looks like a bloated fucking corpse

No. 845104

nta but
>What if Moo thinks
try reading the comment first maybe

No. 845107

Her face it's a fucking disaster, my god.

No. 845109

Good godz, this girl's in my age group and she already looks twice that. Almost kinda feel sorry for her.

No. 845118

File: 1626877497163.png (3.29 MB, 1782x1444, 0D02724C-9B8D-4F25-8232-B90036…)

She’s continuing her time honored tradition (since her “Fit Tea” days) of posting gym selfies after lipo and trying to pass it off as hard work. She probably worked up a sweat picking up the phone.

No. 845119

File: 1626877904330.png (31.59 KB, 114x117, Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 10.3…)

god, this shows you how weird her nose looks now.

No. 845120

I’m the same age as her but she looks at least 20 years older lol. I don’t feel sorry for her, she has done that to herself and even paid for that.

No. 845121

i'm not sure what's more confusing, that face she's making or her misshapen legs

No. 845122

What in the michael jackson.. almost looks like that’s the look moomoo was going for.

No. 845124

Right!? Like how do they curve OUT and forward like that??!!?!

No. 845127

File: 1626880582302.png (67.31 KB, 245x242, Bosseyed.png)

is she using a filter that's fucking with her eyes? she looks Bosseyed, Also seeing her full face like this really shows how much this dose does not at all fit her, It makes her face look so wide by comparison

Botched saga when?

No. 845128

Are her legs like that because she sits so much? The back of her legs are flat but then the front they’re bulging out more than her saggy tits do. Like she has a front ass. It’s so fucking weird to look at.

No. 845130

File: 1626881805867.jpg (82.93 KB, 853x1024, 10b375aeee246d375103ef73ffe7a8…)

Moo's legs look like a poorly stuffed fur suit. I will never feel bad for Moo. I think it's hilarious she developed dysmorphia and a plastic surgery addiction

No. 845133

File: 1626881965239.png (Spoiler Image,512.11 KB, 569x763, 79AFEEEA-21BE-45DE-B60B-03F2AF…)


No. 845134

to add on, it looks weird that her upper arms are almost the same size as her legs. She really does have the body of a morbidly obese person. She thinks it doesn't count because she doesn't have an over hanging belly thanks to monthly lipo sessions.

No. 845135

It's because you don't really gain weight in the back of your legs. It's mostly the front of the thighs or sides. Your calves get fat as fuck though.

No. 845136

what koreaboo editing is happening on her face?

No. 845137


oh dear… I've been following Momokun's path into abyss since the second or third thread six years ago. Crazy to see where she now is.

No. 845138


Her things go out far far further than her “ass”. Which is nonexistent.

No. 845139

That's legit some shay-tier type of horror.

No. 845141

"I don't have to get naked or ever show my pussy to anyone."

God how was that only a couple of years ago.

No. 845142

File: 1626884258416.jpg (12.42 KB, 300x168, IMG_20210103_112158.jpg)

i was not prepared to look into that abyss

No. 845144

File: 1626886040411.gif (838.35 KB, 220x220, 6A8B65F3-B320-43EB-A96D-8B4559…)


No. 845146

This gave me clinical depression.

No. 845149

File: 1626887293067.jpeg (44.84 KB, 680x535, F1D3FF09-9946-4939-91E9-DA785F…)

i fucking hate it here, man

No. 845153

If she does the stair climber, she probably does it the fat chick way where she puts all of her weight into supporting herself on the panel and not utilizing her leg and glute muscles at all.

No. 845154

A lesbian and this is prossibly the nastiest looking puss I ever seen. Like this literally looks like an infected sore.

No. 845155

>Botched saga when?

It's going on already. Have been for a while.

No. 845156

This is a genuine question, but are there men who actively think this is attractive? this excluding 4chan tier porn sick guys. Like just your regular run of mill joe blow buying groceries at walmart? like i just don't know how someone could like this

No. 845163

Ahh without looking the face first, almost thought i was in a shayna thread.

No. 845164

Wasn't she recently trying to claim her misshapen legs are from lifting?

This is the same person who thinks it's impressive that her "warm up" on the leg press was super heavy but I'd expect any gym novice to be able to leg press their own body weight and hers was well below that.

Also, if you're gaining that much muscle from working out, there would be some definition/separation going on at that size and there isn't any at all.

No. 845165

she's confusing fat for muscle because she doesn't have an over hanging gut

No. 845168

Fleshy pit of Hell

No. 845169

File: 1626892566526.jpeg (38.38 KB, 407x612, istockphoto-503147349-612x612.…)


I'm sure she did, but even body builders don't have legs that look like hers. If it was really from that she would look way more ripped.

No. 845177

File: 1626896227573.jpg (70.17 KB, 525x932, hVRl42l.jpg)

Mariah stop

No. 845182


Ah right on time- we get a thread noting that she has given up her “art” and within a week she has to sperg. Wow it’s Christmas come early for Maddie. However I feel it is something like
Maddie- wow I need to get more supplies. I’m out of everything
Moo- I’ll get you what you need! Just gonna use it all first cause reasons!
Maddie- Um ok well I’m gonna go change the cat box then

No. 845185

Why the fuck does her vagina look so… raw? It looks like her pussy hurts. Is this an obese person thing? I can be railed for an hour and not look this beat up, someone please tell me what the shit is happening

No. 845186

Only think I can think of is it’s probably from those nails clawing her insides.

No. 845187

File: 1626903307123.png (3.54 MB, 1800x1519, E48A3E99-7740-43B8-8132-7A6E69…)

I think it would physically kill Mariah to try showing any kind of emotion in her “recreations”. Like, her range of emotion is probably as dead as the feeling in her vag.

No. 845188


No. 845189

File: 1626904397243.jpg (Spoiler Image,663.17 KB, 1436x1068, trauma.jpg)

It really does live up to the term 'axe wound'.
Anon pls.

No. 845191

File: 1626907114679.jpg (624.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-07-21-17-37-57…)

Oh look more work. She's binging it at this point.

No. 845194

File: 1626907977893.jpg (Spoiler Image,223.56 KB, 569x763, FIH_20210721_23513576726012754…)


No. 845195

Gets another procedure done… still couldn’t resist using filters on top of it. I thought the point of all this was to rely less on them, Mariah?

No. 845196

Kek and usually I save that term for the troons. God it’s like irritation from urine burns or fungus or something

No. 845198

guess it explains why her skin is saggin and floppy. Her body and skin are over worked. Anything she gets done basically deflates in a month

No. 845199

A huge improvement tbh

No. 845208

you can't really trust anything Moo posts. You can only trust candids

No. 845210

Moo is too fat to lie in the same position that Pieck is in; her gargantuan Cronenbergian thighs are preventing it. Nothing to do with making it “more glamour” by sticking her flat arse up in the air.
Wow, yeah, that looks a lot healthier now.

No. 845215

I love how she still gives characters who don’t have long hair, long hair. Because short hair is for lesbians right, moo?

No. 845216

Been a lurker here for a while- since #94. The downward spiral was insane, wtaf is wrong with moo oml. She looks god awful please get her a therapist and the doctors from botched lmao

No. 845223

Literally a bearded wolf cookie.

No. 845226

Her posing is so weird. The character is laying on her side, not doggie style.

No. 845227

File: 1626934104672.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2208, B3DD665B-D108-4B36-B1FF-A017AF…)

Cheap plastic bracelets match well with Cartier right?

No. 845231

Why does she speak half hood half stupid child? Is that a thing in America atm or is she just that cringe?

No. 845232

I assure you, my dear, it's just cringe. Only genuinely insane people like our dear Mariah speak like that.

No. 845248

>Why does she speak half hood half stupid child?
She's so Jersey she could be Snooki's sister.

No. 845249

File: 1626942222292.jpg (50.75 KB, 800x708, FB_IMG_1606516339386.jpg)

No. 845250

Yo that thing is BLEEDING. Not dark menstrual blood, either. It looks like she snagged one of her dirty claws on her inner labia, or she has skin breakdown from being such a stagnant ogre.

No. 845252

Whatever she has going on, it's absolutely infected for sure.

No. 845253

Considering how she brags about being rich, she couldn't find a similar looking couch or at least try with the cup miss famous set designer >>845187

why that retard trying to get stalked? Even if it's blurred some nut could try to find her flat ass irl

No. 845254

Didn't even notice the stupid gps. What a moron! She's gonna get stalked so bad.

No. 845259


Honestly finding her ya don’t even need her gps. She randomly outs herself anyway.

No. 845274

She wants to be stalked, mooriah is stupid but she does things for a reason, its the only way she'll get a guy after her.

And even then I guarantee no guy will bother lmao.

No. 845285

This is getting just as bad as a Shayna thread. Have these women never seen another vagina before, to realize that what they're showcasing looks raw as hell and infected? Home girl needs a course of canesten

No. 845294

File: 1626968517199.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.11 KB, 568x763, image (1).jpg)

I laid awake last night thinking about this collapsing meat tunnel and the horrors that lie within. Put that old thing out to pasture, mamas. She's beat.

No. 845297

This is an old-ish photo right? Either way wtf Mariah who is this for??? I like women but this is so fucking foul to me. Are there people out there that are into this?

No. 845299

NO ONE is into it, its just what SHE decides to offer her paypigs. Lets put it this way, you buy a big mac because the item menu says: "big mac" (in this case, nudes/masturbation/fucking yourself etc.) and get a triple cheeseburger, you paid for the big back but got something else instead (in this case, infected destroyed vagina.)

No. 845302

File: 1626971457906.png (735.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210722-112550.png)

Here we go again nobody wants to see this shit again its just gonna be the same shit as last time but her being fatter

No. 845303

degenerate scrotes like Momo because they will legit tell you she's a real woman. 80 percent are so brain dead they think she's all natural when even Moo will state she isn't. They think because she's so gross she's on their level, thus fuckable.
However they're still incels and will not fuck her irl because not even neck beards will fuck Moo at this point.

No. 845305

Its because the show has a new season. She really needs to fuck off lol

No. 845306

I can’t wait lmfao. I wanna see the huge yugioh wig sculpture Maddie Manchin will create for this. I hope there’s like of crimping texture!!!

I hope momo cunt also graces us with the contact lense layering technique with the character off eye colors. Or maybe she’ll have her eye closed because muh accuracy. Lmao could you imagine if she does a porn shoot and she’s laying there eye closed but mouth agape on a fuck machine?? Lmfao!!

No. 845309

Oh joy, The same thing yet again. Any bets on her just reusing the previous set?
Speaking of coming soon, Where's albedo? Or the "fixed" tamaomao disaster? Or any of the others you've promised and have yet never seen the light of day?

No. 845316

File: 1626978908448.jpg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-22-01.34.11.jpg)

She might as well just cosplay her titan form because I see no difference

No. 845325

File: 1626982884968.jpg (86.83 KB, 1850x363, just sayin.jpg)

Not accusing you anon, but your eagerness and voice remind me of someone else who sucks at shit-talking and despises Moo. I don't see a lot of people calling her that, especially not lowercase and spaced weird. You lost?

No. 845327

File: 1626983617374.jpeg (669.57 KB, 1114x1783, 8CEEFE2A-8579-430D-BDD7-92AA17…)

It’s Kevin. He had a Mariah rage boner two hours ago. Time stamps align. Go home Kevin.

No. 845328

nta, but I've called momo momokunt for a long time in previous threads, I don't think it's that uncommon to call her that.

HOWEVER, it's hard to say because it's very obvious both lori and kevin come to momo's thread to trash talk her all the time since they hate her so it's very plausible.

No. 845333

The farms have always called her momokunt. But with a K, rarely it was ever used with a C. So it is very sus. >>845327
Also he gave us more “bits and pieces” he’s such a stupid, piss-yellow haired, faggot.

No. 845336

Same thing that happened to all of the other cosplays she splashed cash on but never wore: Bitch got too fat to wear them. She only trotted out Howl finally because the jacket was draped off her shoulders.

No. 845337

File: 1626991158471.gif (3.35 MB, 320x176, 7EP5GEw.gif)

Get out of here snail!

No. 845338


She's done more damage to her body in the last 5 threads than in the previous 116 leading up to it.

No. 845341

that's pretty common with plastic surgery addictions. it just snowballs and clinic visits become more frequent. I've heard of some people who go in weekly

No. 845348

File: 1627002877797.png (2.96 MB, 1056x1800, B7C9A4B9-3A85-4DD9-BC7E-978AB1…)

No. 845349

Her idea of a “studio” reminds me of that area of some day care centers where they have clothes for kids to play dress up in. That seems the level of planning she’s put into this travesty

No. 845350

the last time she forced someone to cook pre made meals for her she ate these meals WITH her take out before eventually doing full take out. What a waste of food

No. 845356


What is her plan when no one goes to this studio and it bankrupts her?

No. 845359

same as every other things she starts.
She'll forget about it/lose interest in it within a week to a month, max. Just like her: Art, "Real Estate", Cosplay, University (whatever she was studying), Japanese study, Cosplay making, etc etc.
Chances are that she'll pile all the work on to square since a studio seems like something he'd want to run

No. 845360

I don’t think it will bankrupt her per se- because tbh I doubt she’s gonna put that much money into it in the first place. It will be funny to watch when nobody but her asskissers show up.

No. 845371

She's always been called momokunt or momo cunt. Lurk harder, retard. She wore a fucking shirt saying it.

No. 845372

We already know it's Kevin so anon was right anyway. Just drop it. Only autists with a vendetta or no life have time to comb hundreds of threads on this irrelevant, sentient tub of lard. Chill.

No. 845373

Photo studios like this are a good idea. There aren't many, tons of people go to Vegas and want photos, renting spaces like these are getting more popular the more digital the world gets.

No. 845374

We don't have proof to prove its Kevin. It's convenient if it is, but its not proud at all that he had a rant. Moo's thread is popular, anon. The comment in thread is literally something anons say constantly and point out.

No. 845376

Meant proof at all*

No. 845377

Sure. But this is Momo we are talking about and she puts in garbage tier effort no matter. And because of the rep she has in con communities, and the idea she will charge some stupid insane prices because “she’s famous or something” I don’t see it being super successful or drama free. I stand by it not bankrupting her but otoh I don’t see her profiting much either. Already that lobby wall is horrible imo

No. 845378

Yes, Vegas gets a lot of tourism but no tourist is going to go out of their way to Moo’s place specifically to get photos taken lol. You know people just take a majority of their photos on the strip right, not some musty small studio with cheap sets and an owner who will most likely ignore her customers.
Exactly. If anything, Moo will abandon it like all her other passion projects and hobbies. At best, Maddie or another toadie will be there picking up the slack because god knows Mariah won’t put in the work.

No. 845379

knowing Moo even if it bleeds money she will keep paying for the building for vanity sake. She has no value for money at all. She will keep it to take people to a dusty building so she can say "yup, this is mine"

But here's another thing. Is she going to do the right thing with her employees? Is she going to actually give out checks? Make em fill out tax paper work? Or is she going to be shady and give out cash?

No. 845380

No one is going to know who Moo is, anon. It's not going to travel far and wide for as much traffic Vegas gets. People spend bank to shoot at the Ice Cream Museum as an example even though they only have like 2 sets for photos and that's in San Francisco across from a mall. I think you are underestimating the amount of people who don't give a fuck who Moo is and who don't do cosplay at all. It's not just going to be used for a cosplay studio most likely and I easily see drunken dumbass bachelorette's renting that shit out. Even ugly fucks like Trisha would if Moo hadn't trashed her already. The best bet is someone LIKE Trisha calling Moo out for her shit and trying to ruin this business.

No. 845381

File: 1627015963089.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1358, 9ACE36FE-8FFE-4249-9BF5-1E3EC6…)

The MOIC can charge bank because it’s an actual professionally run establishment, not a place that looks like some pedophile’s basement. Of course Moo is a nobody, I never said people would flock to her studio for her name recognition lol. She would be lucky if bachelorettes happened to crash at her studio for photos but knowing Moo, she will get increasingly irritated and bitchy about it not being her preferred clientele and rage quit.

No. 845382

Ugh, really? The fucking randoseru? Mariah please you're too old and lumpy for that shit. Grow up and stop with the pedobaiting.

No. 845383

I doubt very highly she’s gonna have “employees” and more like “friends “helping”” and I really really doubt she would go through all the trouble of doing a payroll, or taxes, or any one of 50 other things required for her to run this shit. No this is a vanity project and not a real business; I think we all agree it will be pathetic and hilarious.

No. 845384

inb4 only a handful of e-thots show up to have ~lewd~ photoshoots and this turns into a porn studio.

No. 845386

You really think the average tourist is going to a photostudio themed as a bootleg jp cosplay rent a room? Momo is gonna attract budget cosplayers with the ‘tisms and costhots who cant be bothered to clean up their pigsty homes. The average tourist isnt looking to take pictures in places that genuinely look like bad porn sets, the classroom you can already tell with the lack of windows is truly giving it the casting couch vibes moo has been exuding since day one and the progression of the studio is only going downhill. Currently got 5$ that shes gonna make a really bad fake subway set that will make her porn classroom seem passable by comparison kekw.

No. 845387

Are you new? Lol momokunt has always been a nickname used here on this threads for literal years. Early threads have her wearing a t-shirt that says it in an attempt own “the haters”. Educate yourself before grasping at straws and looking like an idiot. I know, it’s hard to do on this site but I implore you to try.

No. 845389

Bold of you to assume she’ll pay anyone with money rather than food, second hand art supplies and IG shoutouts.

No. 845392

I wonder, just blue skying here- we all know she hates it when someone upstages her and does just a better job in a cosplay than she ever could. I wonder what will happen if some unknown cosplayer DOES rent her hovel space and just owns one of moos “irl cosplay girl” cosplays? The drama might shake the earth. All it would take I think is someone showing up as “thicc samus “ and doing it vastly better.

No. 845393

What if her filthy neckbeard followers show up to drool over her?

No. 845401

wait, that's it? that's the size of the room? this is so cramped if you think about a professional photographer and their lights/equipment being added into the room as well.

No. 845402

no drama, she will just re post it and slap her logo all over the other cosplayers set and scream how it was HER set and HER vision and low key take credit for the whole shoot… okay that might cause a lot of drama thinking about it.

No. 845427

lmao her ass is too big to fucking lay down on the couch. And how come any time she wears a long haired wig she can't run a fucking comb through it?

No. 845430


Or sniff that rack of clothes. Seriously though I thought it interesting that you have to dm her for a code to get to a page for her “studio”? That seems odd.

No. 845433

When you start a photo studio like this will she need to register it as an official business? I know anyone can take photos and have a private studio but what about taxes on the income she earns. I'd imagine she'd have staff since she likes to travel so much I can't imagine her doing it all on her own.
That also has me wondering, is she gonna provide photographers and/or lighting or do you just walk into a prop room and have at it.

sage for no contribute, it just seems really unlikely this is gonna work out but we already knew that

No. 845439

If she wants to collect taxes and earn credit towards SS and other benefits as she gets older, she will have to register this. I don't think she realizes how fucked she is if she has no credits towards work [I highly doubt she did proper taxes maybe the first year of her Patreon because she would justify it as not making enough to file], but I don't know how much goes towards SS and medi if she's only collected 1022s and stuff.

No. 845440

File: 1627061742478.jpg (238.33 KB, 1002x613, 2021-07-23 13_35_06-Floral Haw…)

why is she wearing tacky aliexpress bargain bin clothes? i thought she was so wEaltHY

No. 845441

Is the bitch blind too? Jesus fuck that is ugly.

No. 845443

File: 1627062877661.png (32.66 KB, 675x712, mariahs 800 calorie meal plan …)


eating less than 800 calories a day? Sure, Jan

No. 845444

How is she cooking this food? If she’s only steaming her food then this makes sense I guess (gross). But I don’t see anything where she adds cooking oil/butter. Which would add around 100-120ish(maybe more idk) cals on top of the meal.

No. 845446

I´m really surprised no one really commented on this yet. She probebly needs a minimum of 2500 calories and eats in a 1000+ calorie deficit. No wonder she´s so fucking fat. Peaple who follow starvation diets usually end up with massive bingeeating disorders. Also pretty bold to post this considering that, not too long ago, she felt the need to sperg about how trishas weight loss is unhealthy and not maintainable.

No. 845450

Well you just explained it. She binges with eating out/ junk mostly because she’s legit starving herself when going through her workout phases. So she gains whatever she lost back (and then some) and the sucks it all out and starts all over again. It’s crazy people enable her so much.

No. 845451

800 calories per snack maybe. with the way she gains weight she eats more than Trisha

No. 845452

Moo belongs on that show "Secret eaters."
Eating under 1k calories a day is not recommended and it's shitty she's promoting this shit and not being honest that she just gets lipo every month. Anyone with a brain cell knows Moo isn't eating like an ana chan

No. 845453

she's just doing her typical "Wow I lost weight super fast you guys, but no no not because of lipo, it's because my food deficit is in the malnurtrion levels." She wants to pass off her rapid weight loss as actual food and working out, when we all know it's more lipo because of the surgery binge she went on. She shows what she can't hide, which is her nose, and calls it just that.

No. 845454

Guess luxury brands don't cater to deathfats kek.

No. 845457


Lmao what utter shite she spouts, we all know she's not keeping a deficit that big.

No. 845459


I did consider adding +/- 400 calories for butter and oil when I logged her "diet", but I didn't want to sperg that hard and figured we would assume she's using cooking fats. She was so specific about the weight of everything, you would think she would specify the weight of her butter/oil. Even 1200 cal (esp for a 250 lb momo sized person) is toeing the line of a crash diet and she'd be better off to start at a lower deficit and work her way up as she loses weight.

No. 845463

I doubt she actually went out and bought a scale for her food. Even if she did she's doing what every other fatty does "Well I FEEL like this is 90 grams" but it's really triple the amount.
I also highly doubt Moo is just drinking water. She isn't counting beverages in her totals. But I'm going to stop with the weight sperging. We all know she binge eats

No. 845464

Who even eats only 2 stalks of asparagus?

No. 845465

File: 1627079966350.jpg (57.34 KB, 524x932, DN7Mh1P.jpg)

Moo's third trainer has appeared.

No. 845466

It really fucking disgusts me that she’d put a randoseru as a prop for her photography set. They’re only used by elementary school students (1-6th grade)… what the fuck was she thinking? With her history and type of ‘cosplay’ it just comes off as inappropriate.

No. 845467

No they aren't. These are expensive as fuck and through 12 they are expected to use them. Please don't follow anime logic

No. 845471

Hey friend, I live in Japan and have lived here since I was quite young. I know how long kids here use randoseru. Yes, they’re expensive as fuck, because it’s expected that you’ll use -one- throughout your entire elementary school life, basically. You retire it after graduating elementary school. Never have I ever seen a junior high or high school student use a randoseru. Sage for ot/sperg

No. 845472

Any bets on how long this one will last? Moo hates being told what to do by dudes she's not trying to fuck.

No. 845473

less than a month. her last trainer she didn't even show up to his boot camp. the trainer before that Moo got mad at listening to him and brought a high calorie boba drink and did nothing but take pictures and brag how she was getting lipo.
After a week she will tell the dude she knows more than he does, insult his profession and himself as a person.

No. 845474


The pink just makes it so much more childlike too.

No. 845476

the rooms are just too small. no teachers desk, the room is still empty and undecorated. You can't really do anything. Please tell me there are different sized rooms and they aren't all like this. The childs backpack is such a weird touch

No. 845481

File: 1627091374845.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1D6ECEFD-EA8E-4858-A792-E97C0F…)

>we’re doin’ it, we’re making a studio

Every room is small as fuck I take it.

No. 845486

File: 1627094238327.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, FA20DFDE-31F4-4B98-900C-C7B510…)

It doesn’t matter how much IKEA furniture she gets for this studio, it’s still feels and looks cheap. A Japanese living room? Really?

No. 845493

Whatever happened to her previous set shit? I thought she wanted to be as authentic as possible?

No. 845495

The fact that she is trying to create it as a japanese version of a photography studio vs an Americanized photo studio, is really fucking stupid.

No. 845496

She really is limiting her clientele.

No. 845498

Only with the themed rooms that are explicitly Japanese, but the school one could easily be a bad school girl porn set, but it's the Japanese rooms she is trying to recreate that is just so cringey and straight up fetishizing.

No. 845505

Tinfoil but I wonder if a little of this isn’t her trying to keep tabs on other cosplayers/steal or get ideas? I mean if anyone shows up. Or she’s gonna try buying her way back to good graces by offering “discounted” prices to use her “studio”. I dunno aside from the shit tier effort something about this all feels sus

No. 845506

File: 1627100734549.png (3.96 MB, 1800x1628, A955954E-DF65-45DB-B422-694BF4…)

It’s totally a Japanese classroom! See the posters guys??? Legit. /s
It gets sadder the more she posts about it lol

No. 845507


Wow so much space! I’m sure trying to navigate around this room in cosplay, with cameras lights maybe sound stuff will be super easy.

No. 845509

Don't want to leave too much space for hidden camera blindspots!

No. 845516

Where is the teacher supposed to sit here?

No. 845518

This whole endeavour just feels like she's trying to recreate her Japanese fantasies, given the current travel restrictions. I'm surprised she didn't try "build" her mcmansion as a japanese style house at this point tbh.
There is one positive side to this studio though and that is that getting moo candids just became significantly easier

No. 845520

File: 1627112370927.jpg (58.69 KB, 356x500, 27f1a6221f61d3cd0c483fe0dd1136…)

Where is she going to place the teacher's desk? Nitpick but that Kanji poster specifically says it is for first grade students, looks kinda stupid if she's mainly going for a highschool setting kek

No. 845522

Am I missing what is specifically "Japanese" about this living room set up? I know it's a work in progress, but still. This whole thing is really weird and niche and fetishize-y.

No. 845540

Signs are starting to point to shotacon era moo.

No. 845542

I would say it's just because she can't read Japanese/Kanji, but its more because she really is a shotacon and pedophile.

No. 845544

This is so fucking fetishy. Like how is this okay, this bitch is clearly just throwing money to recreate her weird Japanese fetishized porn

No. 845548

This studio saga feels like the kind of thing someone who watched a slice of life anime once thinks Japan is like and has decided to base their ente house decor around it. It's very embarrassing to watch, but still highly entertaining. I wonder what she'll do with all this stuff in a year when the studio goes under?
Tinfoil, but I wonder if this is her way of dealing with being unable to go to Japan currently. Gives me Chris-chan and dimensional merge vibes.
Oh, a gym set too? Now she doesn't even have to go to the gym to take workout selfies.

That is the most tragic looking "classroom" I've ever seen. The arbitrarily placed shelves, the clock just chilling on said shelves, nothing you'd actually see in a classroom aside from two random posters and a whiteboard in front of the chalkboard.

At first I thought that was a tatami mat, but then I realised it was just a green rug. Couldn't even put the effort in to get a kotatsu.
As much as I want to believe it, she likely just went into a dollar store and brought whatever felt like it belonged in a classroom.
On the other hand, I am completely here for the shotacon and subsequent drama arc.

No. 845550

No. 845551

Ya know I don't know the full story here and Moo is 100% a total bitch but judging by this post and Kevin and/or Lori posting here MAYBE she wasn't totally wrong. Because I don't even know what's going on but that sounds like a dumpster fire of a relationship.

Congrats Moo, a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 845564

She was absolutely hoping to snatch up Kevin for dick/prop slave work, Moo NEVER does anything unless it benefits HER after all, but she was also right that Lori is fucking insane.

I am here for this low effort train wreck. I can't wait to see what other tacky props she throws into this closet.

No. 845565

Ikr nothing screams 'wealthy en vouge trend setter' like a too-small, button down polyester/spandex blend, fuck boi satan, child slave-labor made, men's shirt.

No. 845572


No, you’re not. It’s like Target mid-century modern. Doesn’t strike me as Japanese whatsoever.

No. 845577

As someone who went to school in Japan..no you're missing not a god damn thing. She's going based on anime.

No. 845584

File: 1627150371226.jpeg (124.23 KB, 1000x714, family-kotatsu.jpeg)

If she was going for stereotypical idk why she didn't get a Kotatsu since they're in a lot of anime. This just screams lazy and cheap

No. 845587

The same reason she went for a shitty fleecey carpet instead of a tatami mat

she's fuckin retarded

No. 845594

File: 1627152849388.png (3.21 MB, 1242x2208, ABB00695-D7C9-464F-9340-4C7208…)

No. 845596

>almost passed away
from not stuffing her face every 5 seconds

No. 845599

Thanks nonnies, just making sure I'm not crazy lol. I've definitely been in classrooms and living rooms that look just like that and have never been to Japan so… lol. Seems like really weird choices for Japanese inspired rooms from the get go. Why not do a tea room or small rock garden or anything else more stereotypically Japanese, if that's what she's going for? Who wants to go somewhere and pay money just to take pictures in a living room?

No. 845605

I know she's doing this to hide her recent lipo but I have a jabbing feeling she's doing this to 1 up Trisha Paytas weight loss. I'm sure after 7 days she's going to claim she lost more weight than Trisha did.

No. 845612

She's doing it based on hentai LA porn, hentai manga/videos, and her trips to only 2 (being gracious about the geisha place counting as 1) real Japanese film/photo studios. Its all fetishism.

No. 845628

File: 1627171453039.png (2.62 MB, 1032x1800, 09AA1832-7A24-4740-8DDE-65C82D…)

Man, lipo must really be a drug to her. She gets all showy like this every time after she has a recent procedure, because you don’t go from those tennis pics to this in a matter of a couple months on diet/exercise alone (especially since everyone knows all she did was go on vacations) I can’t wait for OF to fizzle out and she goes into debt with her surgery addiction.

No. 845629

File: 1627171610188.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 369A8EC2-A0A7-4E8C-B9B3-A558AC…)

No. 845632

Imagine living in a delusion, wrecking your body in a few short years with cosmetic procedures you once claimed you were too good for, destroying your reputation and future opportunities, all for money and a sense of superiority.

No. 845636

File: 1627181683419.jpg (34.75 KB, 426x295, 9sq0187.jpg)

Havent been on her facebook in a while

No. 845637

Imagine biting your bottom lip all the time trying to hide the fact it’s fucking huge.

No. 845638

What an absolute mess… it's like she's never seen an actual Japanese living room or classroom before. All she has to do is use Google translate and then paste those words into Google images for some accurate examples. But as usual, she can't even be assed to do the bare minimum.

No. 845642

File: 1627183420583.png (747.77 KB, 2048x2000, Screenshot_20210724-201429.png)

Context: Stella Chuu makes a status about wanting a ragdoll cat.

How many animals is this cow hoarding, again?

She does more ragdoll sperging in the replies. Didn't cap because due to non milk.

No. 845643

That filter is working fuckin overtime, oh man.
Knuckles, never heard of her

No. 845650

>I cosplayed this better than most men

lol just because you’re built like a linebacker doesn’t mean you did that character any justice, Moo. Last I recall, Howl wasn’t an overweight cunt in a reused AoT wig whose leggings threatened to explode at the slightest movement.

No. 845654

She totally nailed the witch of the waste cosplay though. She’s the IRL witch of the waste.

No. 845668

>Keep your opinions to yourself.

the same way you keep your hands to yourself??

No. 845683

It's weird she says she did it better. Last time I checked good cosplayers don't need to spread their asshole to stay relevant.

Moo knows she's washed up, that's why she gives these salty replies. She knows that if she made a new account that was porn free and was just cosplay she would lose everything in a slow burn.

No. 845684

if only she took her own advice.

No. 845687

File: 1627222688355.jpg (355.41 KB, 900x505, Moo The Ring.jpg)

Going by one of the pics posted of that set, I think I found a better role suited for her. You're welcome!

No. 845688

Ugh she would breed kittens knowing there are tons of cats probably even middle aged rag dolls that need a good home and are being euthanized so her and her costhot homies can post about it on the gram for another .005 seconds of attention then put them in the corner to be forgotten like the rest of her pets. She’s so irredeemable, I would say I can’t wait for her to hit the wall but she already has.

No. 845704

I wonder if her reptiles died from starvation or became cat toys.

No. 845705


No. 845708

File: 1627243517089.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2208, 9F7B48DB-1587-470C-BF64-AD7341…)

Why waste money on this book when all she needs to know about the “masculine psyche” resides in her comments section.

No. 845711

Moo read this and now we're either going to see a half dead reptile that is "healthy" or she's buying one right now as a replacement.

No. 845715

File: 1627247437386.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1816, 10219C97-A300-4CC1-BF73-70F92D…)

That shit lip is so bad… Also, what “original concepts” will she be ripping off this time?

No. 845716

Holy fuck. I’m not one to sperg about adopting vs buying but at this point it’s blatantly obvious she’s only interested in having kittens. She can’t even claim muh big heart saving cats.

She already has 5 right? Plus her gecko and snake, or was it 3 reptiles? Haven’t seen a photo of any of them in ages, even the pic she used when someone asked how it was doing weeks ago was a reused pic from the day she got it.

No. 845717


It will only continue to make her even more insufferable thinking she can now speak on behalf of all men and thinks she “has them all figured out now”. Any knowledge she attempts to gain has always been for the sole purpose of one upping someone in an argument she is losing or to be used as an immediate refutation to whatever retarded point she is trying make so that the person can’t respond anymore. Knowledge only exists as a weapon to use against someone else for her.

Imagine if someone read some shitty self-help book on the behaviors of women and used it in an argument against her. She’d sperg out so hard she’d practically be trying to drag them through the phone screen.

No. 845719

I keep forgetting this bitch 100 percent supports breeders. She is truly disgusting

No. 845720

Most Howl cosplayers are women, so i'm not sure where she is coming from with that too. rofl

No. 845734

Unless she’s implying she did it better than Twin Cosplay (who she ripped the specific coat design from) then she’s insane. I’m not thrilled with TC supporting her after seeing them in her comments showing support..

No. 845736

What in the femcel hell

No. 845738

All that and still can’t get a second date.

No. 845761

Her lips look like they got punched with a shit-caked fist. What the fuck is going on, Mariah? Coprophagia your hot new kink?

No. 845766

Just proving how dumb she is. What kind of idiot needs a self-help book to understand other people? I know the opposite gender can be a bit confusing, but good lord…

No. 845777


She hasn't even had a first date in 2 years. The few times she's pretended to were escorts I know personally.

No. 845816

kek it looks like someone took a dookie on her lip

No. 845821

File: 1627328760829.jpeg (757.35 KB, 828x1409, DB8E4859-3036-4BD9-8793-298F14…)

The fact that she talks like “her body changing” had anything to do with her having a healthier diet/routine is extremely laughable. She’s acting like this shoot was taken so long ago but it was literally in June, just to try and put on the illusion she’s “worked so long and hard” for this new body, when in reality she just did more rounds of lipo and now looks more deformed than ever. Getting surgery isn’t an issue as long as you’re being transparent about the how you got the body you have. She couldn’t be more harmful to herself and to anyone impressionable in her audience. I literally cannot wait until this all backfires on her because she either runs out of money to splurg on surgeries every month, or her body breaks down past the point of no return because she puts it through so much and does so little to actually take care of it lol.

No. 845840

"Oh what a dream come true it was to flounce around as Howl"

>>is a whale


No. 845843

File: 1627342620495.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1906, 38B619CB-E4F3-4987-8D13-9A7DB6…)

Of course the soft opening is friends only. None of her friends are capable of being honest with her so she’s only going to get her yes men to tell her how perfect it is. Getting critical feedback from people outside her circle in a soft opening is what she really needs but her ego is too fucking fragile. Jesus, she can’t even handle one negative comment on her posts, just wait until people flock to Yelp to post about any negative experiences on her vanity project. This shitshow has “Purr Cat Cafe” written all over it lol

No. 845850

1. How does that mural look worse than the last time I saw it?
2. What kind of changes are they going to make that require months, possibly until next year? Is the Ikea furniture they want out of stock or…? Maybe don't invite people to use the space at all if it potentially needs months of changes? Jfc she loves a good money pit.

No. 845851

This just looks so “meh” I assume the classroom and the living room (kek) are behind those two doors. This place looks really small. She doesn’t need a booking computer and all that since I’ll bet right now it’s ONLY her “friends” that ever use this place. If it’s used at all. And they all live with her. Her “business woman” LARP is gonna be expensive.

No. 845869

Can't wait to see those yelp reviews. This is going to be a dumpster fire waste of money, but at least we'll get some keks out of it until it eventually closes.

No. 845870


I gotta wonder who she’s gonna get to man the front desk there. She certainly won’t. And I’m sure she won’t get someone who actually has the experience to do so and actually pay them (if she does I’ll bet she’s a bitch to actually work for) You’re right- no matter what happens this is gonna be a great trainwreck.

No. 845879

I wonder how much she’s invested in the studio so far.. rent, utilities, all those set dressings, an artist to do the wall plus all of the new electronics like a Mac. And no potential income to start breaking even until January kek. Unless she’s planning to charge them all hundreds per hour.

No. 845881

Weird, I figured the front desk would be where the mural is? So the mural is just some random wall she put in the middle of the entrance, I’m assuming hoping people will want to take selfie’s there.

This whole thing is so embarrassing.

No. 845882

You’re probably spot on about the furniture. There’s a lot of furniture places that have stuff back ordered until December/ January because of distribution issues due to covid. Bad time to open a studio completely reliant on sets/ furniture

No. 845890

This whole "studio" thing is just another expensive vanity project for her. The soft opening is friends only so you can't actually book an appointment.
when it does open you can't even call the studio to get a spot, you have to directly contact Momo. It means Momo doesn't want this to be a buisness in the first place. But she will lie and say she's booked for months. Kind of like how she lied and said her clothing line was sold out when she didn't sell shit.

No. 845893

assuming she isn't charging her friends (and i highly doubt she is) to use the place, it's just going to be a money pit until she opens it to the public and even then she'll have sunk so much into the place that, chances are, it'll never be profitable for her

No. 845895

Sometimes I wonder how many boxes of her shitty hoodies the Creative Guild is still saddled with lol

I’ve encountered quite a few people a lot like Moo in Vegas who think they can pull these businesses out of their ass just because they have some money and an idea only for them to flounder several months into launching it and end up closing or going bankrupt. Can’t wait for the oncoming financial struggle saga because OF can only last so long with Moo’s deteriorating body.

No. 845898


>>directly contact moo

This. Right here was what I was saying is Sus upthread. We all know this is a vanity project; what are the odds SHE knows this? That being said how long until someone that doesn’t kiss her ass tries to rent this space and she refuses them based on (insert stupid reason here)? And when she does that she opens herself up to discrimination accusations. Of course this will probably not happen since the only people that will know about it are her followers I suppose, and since they are hand picked for a “code” this isn’t a solid business model this is her trying for whatever- clout, power, or a way into others circles. This is gonna be hilariously bad.

No. 845899

I will cringe if she decides to sell her old merch in store because the site doesn't sell them

No. 845900

if this is her trying to worm her way into circles it's not going to work. Her lil closet sized "sets" are useless. All the pros I know either go to locations they book for or have legit professional studios.

I'm still baffled she didn't do what every start out photographer does and place a bunch of fabric, silks, fake plants and asian inspired props everywhere. It's the easiest set to do and she was too cheap even for that.

No. 845905

File: 1627361239432.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 17DCFAB6-96E7-496D-820B-DD5918…)

She always looked like a smug asshole before but her fucking sausage lips make it even more pronounced.

No. 845907

her new nose just does not suit her at all

No. 845908

Oh god that new nose is atrocious

No. 845910

File: 1627364001517.jpg (133.95 KB, 1080x1298, cindylouwhoheadass.jpg)


Her nose looks soooo bad. I know it's still healing, but I doubt she's following proper aftercare so its only going to look worse. She's gonna end up looking like Wendy Williams before the year is up. I guarantee it.

No. 845911

File: 1627364601026.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.06 KB, 367x500, 014D2A6F-FD68-454E-A381-7B1FB4…)

she looks like a less corpselike sahar tabar photoshop with every procedure anymore

No. 845913

File: 1627366003551.jpg (157.68 KB, 598x515, moo.jpg)

looks like we're getting lucoa…again

No. 845917

Her flat ass is never going to be able to pull that off, especially with those saggy tits. If anything, that new nose is gonna make it look worse.

No. 845918

The colors in this are horrid and remind me of baby poop and vomit, at least it matches her aesthetic.

No. 845919


Did she get a tummy tuck or something? I haven't seen her since 2019, looks way less fat but I don't think it's natural. (Or she's back to tricking my dumbass with Photoshop)

No. 845920

Lurk more. She’s been getting a shitton of lipo done in the last couple months and is trying again to pass it off as diet/exercise. That and she’s using an excessive amount of filters.

She’s threatened to do her again for ages now. Especially since she fucked up her previous wig by not dying it correctly and messed up the color order.

No. 845926

Most likely the only person using this studio often will be Moo herself. We've seen how many times she's reused that shitty bamboo screen for shoots, now she's building herself sets for any cosplays that will at least remotely fit. Once the studio is finished I'm sure we'll see the same few rooms dozens of times in all her upcoming content. She already wants to do a Dropout shoot in the classroom set, we all know she isn't gonna stop at one.

No. 845936

Why is the wig so dark? I thought that character was a paler blonde? Looks muddy

No. 845940

File: 1627393674659.jpg (75.42 KB, 768x1024, DBVuRt1VoAAgYcQ.jpg)


At least she isn't trying to make her own wigs anymore. Remember when she got the order of the blue and the green wrong?

No. 845942

I miss her trying to make her own cosplays tbh. They were always such a fucking trainqreck

No. 845946

Her old version of this will be a great way to compare her self-inflicted hideous deformities. Thanks, Moomoo.

No. 845950

god same, this is the worst part of her having money. I miss her crafting attempts so much, they were fucking hilarious every time.

No. 845951

I am loving how terrible her nose turned out. When she first revealed it I was disappointed it was so subtle. Glad to know Moo never does subtle and it was just swollen. This is purely deformed. It's going to look worse too. Love it.

No. 845957

It’s so weird too?? The nostrils are so much higher up than the septum? part of her nose. Sheesh, and moo is probably very hsppy with it because in her world expensive=good.

No. 845958

File: 1627398744213.png (2.65 MB, 2376x2208, botchedaf.png)

same. I think a lot of us were a little disappointed it didn't seem botched at first, but it really looks like shit now. I love it. it's way too small and looks flat and collapsed, she looks like a fucking pug lol.

No. 845959

Wow take a look at that snout! Oink oink

No. 845963

looking awful

No. 845965

Wow! It did look like the doctor did a good job in left. Instead of having a slightly downturned nose it looks slightly upturned. It looks slightly thinned out, while still being a tiny bit wide. I just can't believe it healed this way. I mean the whole thing just said "fuck you, gravity." Her profile is ruined. Her nostrils are sitting lower than the rest of her nose while still being elongated. Wtf? I thought pig noses had rounded nostrils? Her doctor is a butcher.

No. 845966

she looks like fucking charo but thinks she got a perfect anime nose

No. 845967

Now just imagine a year from now. You could plug appliances into her nostrils.

No. 845968

File: 1627400758145.png (218.34 KB, 236x320, who.PNG)

Looking like a whole ass Who now

No. 845974

I can see a future where this joins the collective of failed and abandoned businesses. The kind you peer into in a walk through a city and wonder “huh wonder what that was” and its all chipped and rough and dusty and there’s dead birds and a family of rats in the window. Lol

No. 845979

Moo will never admit her new botched pig snout is bad because she thinks expensive is good. Even if she legit looks like a pig now. She can't even sue because there is photo and video evidence of Moo not doing proper post care. No matter what she does she's fucked

No. 845985

File: 1627407295831.png (838.02 KB, 750x1334, 6ABD6684-D09F-4189-A4BC-4BA0B8…)

No. 845986

File: 1627407368585.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, F7B40F9B-0317-429D-92DA-06CFDD…)

No. 845992

Aw, that must suck for Squarecuck then since it’s an all girls club, er… “business”. And lol at it being by McCarran, I knew she wouldn’t be able to afford anything in Summerlin, the ritzy side of Vegas where she probably wanted to do this stupid venture. And I assumed at first this would be either downtown or near the arts district, which would make sense, but Moo being Moo, she doesn’t think for shit. Everything about being close to McCarran and the shuttle service just feels tacky to me but mostly having it near the fucking airport where no sane Vegas resident or tourist wants to travel near is fucking hilarious. It was probably the cheapest option for her stupid vanity project and she went with it. Love how she held back on adding “Japanese everything” in the themed set descriptions.

Then make your “soft opening” open to the public you fucking coward lol

No. 845994

Her tip SHOULD drop over the next year, but if it doesn’t yikes. It takes about 3-6 months for the tip to soften up, and a full year for it to totally settle. They tend to bring the tip higher to account for the natural drop so fresh rhinos can look a little wonk for a while.

It still looks like they way over shaved her bridge, and went very extreme on the upturn. Curious to see it unfiltered from the front, because if they overthinned there as well it will look even pointier as the swelling goes down. Will laugh my ass off if it still looks like this in a few months. Either way she overpaid for a Turkish ass lookin nosejob.

No. 846007


Lol any idea what insane price she will charge for all of this bullshit? Which means of course that her “bread and butter” customers (young or unknown cosplayers) will most likely not be able to afford it. Ya know, the ones who are least likely to know everything about her.
Poor Squarecuck- years of servitude rewarded by “yea no GURLPOWA”. Which really shows how moo rewards her “friends”. We all know she hates anyone who she perceives as a threat, I wonder who she’s enslaved to take these pictures.

No. 846008

File: 1627415888400.jpg (91.17 KB, 900x900, unnamed (1).jpg)

Go in for an anime nose job, come out looking like picrel.
The workshop space sounds creepy tbh. Like ripe for taking advantage of people with limited resources, but then again does she even associate with poors?
Imagine waiting for your 3D print or trying to work on a costume while trapped in a building with Moo flailing around screeching and binging takeout. And good luck to any male brave enough to set foot in there.

No. 846013

Not defending momo as she really is a surgery addict but to the spergs that keep talking shit about her nose, such surgery takes up to a year to look the final form, it’s normal for a nose to be upturned after surgery but it will go down and settle after some time and look very normal, from what I see her dr did make a good job.

No. 846014

How come squarecuck haven’t done her shoots in a while? Or has anyone else noticed that too? And now he’s not included in moo’s vanity project.

No. 846015

Most cosplayers stay at a hotel close to the convention center. It makes no sense to drop their luggage there either. What a tard who’s going to shoot there?

No. 846017

oh nooo I think I understand Moo's dumb logic. she thinks people who have been traveling on a plane for god knows how long will stop at her studio first. Ya know, instead of checking into their hotel, taking a shower, all that. Normal people shower and sleep Moo.
Also nit pick but… is she suggesting shared make up tools? No one is going to be cleaning them, pink eye for everyone.

No. 846018

She's going to see this and take it as a compliment and be like "uwu wook at my pwecious Steven universe shaped nose"

No. 846021

But… what if.. your cosplay … isn’t Japanese. like these “sets” only caters to maybe like three genres of shows. How the fuck

No. 846031

cute that she's using girlonthemoon to model the wig for her!

No. 846032

So, nonnies… any timeframe guesses before she has a second nose job/revision surgery (but probably goes to the same guy)? We know she’s hooked on messing with her body, surgery is no big deal to her + nose is botched.

No. 846035

File: 1627436611347.png (2.61 MB, 1037x1800, 3F8BC207-F0AE-4EE3-BA9A-039E83…)

Oh boy, renting out Moo’s sweaty old props. Goody. Literally everything being suggested is “totally in the works my dudes!” I honestly can’t wait for this shitshow to open.

No. 846036

File: 1627436777539.png (2.26 MB, 1037x1800, 728FE6F3-1032-435A-A643-B64E3A…)

There’s no possible way she has the space/money for all the shit she’s cramming into those tiny ass rooms. Is she going to be the one changing them out herself? I’m betting on this being how Maddie earns her keep now instead of just cleaning after Moo’s animal hoard.

No. 846038

File: 1627437113857.png (2.6 MB, 1800x1037, 41D98687-3F6B-4013-A9F3-ABA3D8…)

Classic Moo being “inspired” by other people’s intellectual property lol. Don’t photographers get pissy about cheap knockoffs of their work?
Moo, you’re not a “girlboss” of anything and to say that prematurely is laughable.

No. 846041

I mean Momokun is a girlboss like those MLM moms are. Shilling out nothing but poor products and meaningless promises.

No. 846042

Whew. There is just no way logistically this could work. Storage and staging rooms requires too much labor for it to be free Maddie slave work. And just general cleaning and facility maintenance. Labor is easily a business' biggest cost.

In order to pay people, she would need an extremely steady customer base for cash flow….but wants to do all the booking through her? She would also have to do scheduling, of the staff and the customers, and payroll,etc. Unless she hired someone else to do that who she would also have to regularly pay.

Normal photo studios aren't even constantly booked like that. She doesn't have a website. Like an IG with "progress" stories is not a professional online business presence.
She just wants attention. It's like the countless cosplays she has had planned that never happened. I'm stressed out just imaging getting rid of gigantic set pieces and all of that furniture when this inevitably falls apart.

No. 846043

Manic obsessions shouldn't cloud your original vision, Mariah. Maybe do something everyone will like? Not just sets you have the stuff for already?

No. 846044

Can't wait for the employees' dirt once she inevitably fires a round of them

No. 846045

This could of been a well thought out plan from anyone else, but it’s gonna be sad to see her try to run a prop shop when she doesn’t even know how to do her own. What is she going to do when the 3D printer needs more maintenance? Heaven forbid anyone have any questions about it. I feel like this was a poor attempt to cater to “real cosplayers” since she still considers herself one.

No. 846046

It also seems like a great way to steal ideas and concepts while also coat riding anything that comes out of it too shady cunt

No. 846052

File: 1627441070348.jpg (59.66 KB, 522x935, 0uLQr1n.jpg)

i can't

No. 846053

Her and that fucking tacky fake marble shit. Both are just unpleasant to look at.

No. 846054

You can tell it's those peel and stick tile because its not level.

No. 846055

So who wants to bet after it flops as a cosplay studio it becomes a place for her to shoot cheap porn.

Since like half the sets are porn niche fetish stuff anyways. Everything she is into or has done in the past. This is just a thinly veiled porno studio where she can prey on other people via candid shots of customers or inappropriately interact with “clients”

No. 846057

This all reminds me when Moo got high and manic and said she was going to do 120 cosplays in a month and did 2, both of the same character. It's also night time as well.

No. 846058

I, what?? I feel like she’s just pulling shit out thin air to make it seem more legit. There is no way even half this shit is getting done.

No. 846059

Just her porn to be more specific too. She will just be extra annoying and babble about it being HER studio. Also because she's "the boss" she's going to make her friends clean up her cheese discharge and whatever bodily fluid that comes out of her.
This isn't a studio, this is a glorified storage unit for props and shit she doesn't want in her house.

No. 846060

File: 1627444701197.jpg (62.06 KB, 528x937, US1AJpv.jpg)

>She has more painting to be done
>Ordered the wisteria forest frames, tatami mats, etc.

No. 846061

File: 1627444733555.jpg (77 KB, 525x934, EnYE2rb.jpg)

>gay baby jail for scrotes

No. 846063

I can see that “girlboss “ post coming back to bite her in the ass when this shit fails as badly as it’s going to. And I second the idea she’s just gonna use this to steal peoples ideas if anyone bothers to show up. And doesn’t 3D printing take hours? Who’s waiting around for that shit?

No. 846066

How LuXUrIouS. Moo, you're a fucking hack and so are the people you're paying to shit this out for you.

I'm cackling at the fact that all of the shit for rent is the crap she doesn't use or fit into anymore. Such a girlboss, yass kween.

No. 846068

already mentioning other girls boyfriends. If it was anyone but Moo I wouldn't bat an eye. But seeing as how Moo was already thinking about them, haha. Oh no

No. 846071

The amount of time for a print usually depends on the size. Hours for the smaller ones, sometimes even days for bigger ones. No one's gonna want to hang around her dingy little "Studio" for that long.

No. 846072

Lmfao she wants to gather all the “bfs” like some kind of fucked up salad bar to try to put the moves on, and then whine in the internet how how these guys harassed her when they don’t return her affections.

No. 846075

File: 1627453010389.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1979, 88DED641-BACC-4018-A40F-8D35CC…)

Go back to reading your shitty self help therapy books, Mariah.

No. 846076

Funny how she thinks she's relevant, yet none of the cosplayers I follow on IG ever talk about her. lol

No. 846080

Really does give off the "I argued with someone online and they stopped responding so I won" vibes

No. 846083

what a depressing cope. I’ve never heard of her outside the farms.

No. 846084

I like how she found an image of an extra wide skeleton with a small head. It's like subliminal, the same botched anatomy as herself.

No. 846085


Posts like these is exactly why I never bought that self healing posts, apologies bullshit. No one likes her because of how many people she’s hurt and how much she’s lied and been straight up dishonest in every fucking way. You literally sexually harassed people Mariah and bullied people that quit the community because of YOU. That’s why people don’t like your no ass having self.

No. 846089

Next thread pic, please

No. 846090

I’ve seen her mentioned a few times by the cosplayers i follow over the years. The mentions are always disclaimers to staying away from her because she is known to be a predator and sexual offender.

No. 846101

literally the only times I've seen anyone mention her outside of here was that "body positive" FB post she made after photos of her at Colossalcon were circulating around, and then cancellation posts and memes after the ADHD scandal.

No. 846105

I don't like pedophiles, you see their name and picture everywhere as a warning lol. Just because you're shown everywhere moomoo doesn't mean it's people liking you, no one likes you. You can't even toss money at male escorts, your existence is sad.

No. 846106

I’ve seen her once outside the farms … someone posted her to a botched surgeries subreddit. That’s it.
Ken, too true!

No. 846108

Any time I’ve seen moo posted by normies the comments are flooded with people saying she’s a sex offender. Kek

No. 846110

This is epic. I do wonder if this studio, which is one of the few ideas she's gone through with is:
A) trying to lure cosplayers and take pics with new besties to get back in the scene
B) actually thinks this will be a real studio that makes profit

The money she's going to lose is insane! I just can't believe all the friends who must be hyping this idea up when it's clearly going to be a failure. Also, the amount of cleaning that's needed these days because of the pandemic is costly. Cosplay has been slow with lack of cons.

No. 846112

likely both.
I wouldn't call them friends. They hang around her because she showers them in money and gifts. Take that away and they won't stay. Maddie might, but I feel even she will get sick of moo sooner or later

No. 846114

It must be hell worrying so much about strangers not liking you that you have to commit to coping mechanisms like this. lol

No. 846115

not just her, but her friends who are going to run this place for her. Moo isn't going to give them real pay checks, but for the first few weeks you know Moo will expect them to give up their lives and time to stay in this building.
She's going to chase away a "friend" or two going on her usual power trips.

No. 846122

What a time for her to do this…right when the COVID numbers are starting to rise again. With another possible lockdown on the horizon. Brilliant move.

No. 846123


Looks like someone forgot to take their copium today.

She is such a fucking loser that she has to delude herself into thinking that it’s only a small subsection of “basement dwelling incels” hate her and that she is soooo beloved elsewhere. She knows damn well she is utterly despised no matter what corner of the internet she tries to run and hide to. Her name is dogshit in every community she pathetically tried to worm her way into after getting kicked out of the last one once she was outed as a bullying, sexually abusive, femcel creep. But sure Moo, keep telling yourself that you are “winning”, it’ll only make it even funnier when you fall flat on your face yet again for what seems like the umpteenth time.

I’m sure she is seething on the inside because she knows deep down that this retarded “studio” idea of hers is going to fall flat on its face no matter how much she tries to gas it up. This isn’t something she can just fake the numbers on and pretend like she is a huge success. Once this fails, everyone will be able to see and there isn’t anywhere she will be able to run where she won’t be absolutely clowned on.

No. 846137

Exactly. Probably even furries would kick her out of the community.

No. 846139


Didn’t she try to dip a toe into the furry thing only to get btfo almost immediately?

No. 846143

No, I think that was the fighting game community. I don't think she's ever done anything furry related but who knows, after 122 threads it's hard to keep track. Feels like we need a spreadsheet to keep track of cosplays, pets, hobbies, business ventures, surgeries, etc, at this point

No. 846148


She tried clowning a furry who criticized one of her shitty “cosplays”. It’s the sperg out that started her whole “I’m actually in school and total crushing it with my grades so hard that I completed a semesters worth of classes in just two weeks” delusion she tried to get her simps to believe.

No. 846149

She was oinking about getting a cow fursuit at one point but I guess whatever artist she tried to get for it wised up or fell through.

No. 846151


I'm noticing a theme with those questions… they all sound like they're written by the same person who's trying to mix it up a bit to sound like other people. They're all capitalized at the beginning, despite chances being high of a question being featured by someone who begins their sentences with no uppercase, a lot of them have (more or less) "correct" punctuation, one even uses a long dash between words, which I'm pretty sure I've seen her use multiple times. Only one used an emoji, but you'd expect more than one to use an emoji.

I have a suspicion she either heavily cherry picked the featured questions, or just made up her own since she deemed the real ones she received (if she received any real ones at all lmao) as not being good enough for her.

No. 846152


Same anon, forgot to link this one as well >>846038 as another prime example of my suspicions.

No. 846153


I MEANT THIS ONE >>846035 I'm going to bed

No. 846154


Wonder if she'd ever actually join one? Maybe when she's all dried out and can't get simpbucks anymore

No. 846156


And this reminds me of that time she had a manic episode and tried to become an artist… which was conveniently just before this manic episode.

No. 846157


Does she not expect any of the cosplayers to be the guys themselves? What happens when one brings their girlfriend along to sit in the waiting room? That poor girl.

No. 846159

I'd say yes, but she does have a million on that Insta unfortunately. Seems unrealistic its the same person unless she is answering ones she sends herself only (bots are scrubbed very quick by Facebook's AI).

No. 846160


There was a also her “Totally original OC, do not steal” that just so happened to be a cow girl that she tried pushing for a bit. Probably dropped it since it hit a little too close to home for her.


I wouldn’t put it past her to astroturf her own questions to drum up interest in a shitty project that literally no one but her cares about.

No. 846162

Yeah she insulted one furry and told another to go kill themselves. Also a lot of furries are lgbt. They also didn't appreciate the art theft. There is a lot to hate about Moo.

She also dipped her toe in the mlp community a few years ago and she hinted at an undertale cosplay. Both communities told her to fuck off. She's not welcomed in any community. Not even the cosplay one. She's stuck being a porn thot

No. 846163


I wouldn't be surprised if it's just because she came here and couldn't take the criticism of her totally legit studio

No. 846164

It really wouldn’t surprise me either considering all her answers were convenient to features she was apparently already offering lol she just wanted to show off.

No. 846166

>that literally no one but her cares about.
That's not entirely true. We care, just not for the reason she wants us to.

No. 846167

I doubt highly she’s gonna have to worry about peoples “boyfriends” waiting in the lobby because I doubt this business will ever have more than her friends (or her doing her Z list porn there). also have to wonder what insane price she’s gonna charge for all this?

No. 846168

>>846160 she had to drop her "OC" because it was a character she was cosplaying. She then decided to pull a "I made this" and claim the character as her own original creation. tbh hentai cow girls are not very original in the first place and is just a basic bitch genre of porn.

She did try to make a new OC however. But Moo is dumb and posted a tiger girl another Japanese artist made and said she was going to "tweak" it to be her new OC. aka just steal a character and claim it as hers. Thankfully she pussied out when everyone jumped down her throat.

No. 846169

tbh with the way she botched herself I don't think she will be "stealing" her friends boyfriends anytime soon.
But she's going to try anyway when she tells her friends to bring their boyfriends along. She's going to lose a friend or two by the end of this endeavor

No. 846170

this is probably just a wig from amazon. kind of a weird nitpick.

No. 846175

she tried to get a furry suit but we never heard any more of it

No. 846177


Like everything she does in life, all she really is looking for is validation and compliments. She has no interest at all in actually putting in the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed.

You can practically set you’re watch to her routine and this “business” will go the same way that everything else she does:

- Flex her wallet for an initial “I belong in this community/I’m serious about this” post. Usually means buying a bunch of expensive shit that even hobbyists will tell her she doesn’t need that are the obvious signs of a poser (For art it was a bunch of materials and books she had no intention of using, for dieting/workout she shows off her fridge and workout gear)

- Then comes the lecturing of actual fans/pros as if she has been there all along and then bitch and whine about “gatekeeping” whenever she gets the simplest facts/details wrong

- Then the “You go girl” comments come, which is all she was looking for in the first place. She doesn’t actually plan on following through on any of her endeavors she claims she will do. All she is looking for is those compliments and validating comments that tell her how great she is and how she isn’t just some Z-list port thot.

- After that, she’ll occasionally post a few updates when she gets reminded here of whatever facade of success she was supposed to be keeping up

This “business” will do much of the same. She isn’t going to want to wait the 6 months to a year it will take for even small interest to generate. She wants high profile customers and companies working with her practically yesterday. She has no idea how running a business actually works and thinks because a bunch gross neckbeards pay her money to see her mangled pussy that she is a “businesswoman”.

Guarantee that after two weeks of being bored with no clients she’ll be looking for the next thing to try to flex on her “haters” to show she has any actual “talent”.

No. 846178

classic case of bad at everything, master of nothing
reminds me when she claimed up and down she was a movie director and actress because she took fake skype theater lessons

No. 846179

Lol of course it was a cheap wig but you probably missed her making a big deal out of dying it in the wrong color order. She can’t even do the simplest things correctly for her “job” unless she throws money at it.

No. 846180

File: 1627517568806.png (4.42 MB, 1242x2208, 53AAE817-8E27-4FDB-978B-FA11B0…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 846186

Jesus Christ her nails keep getting bigger and bigger. Fucking rat claws on a stubby baby hands.

No. 846191

Seems like Moo would run it more like a one station salon more than one with a receptionist

No. 846192

Another design she stole and just replaced a word. Just like when she stole that one succubus bitches tagline, etc. more useless garbage she can gift to her friends as a “joke” like those momokunt shirts.

No. 846193

I bet she’d hire her mom.

No. 846196

If she's rebranding and using this as her logo wont only fans do something? especially since there is rumors they are booting off all sex workers soon?

No. 846199

How does she not die of embarrassment typing "LEWD emotional support sippie cup"

No. 846200


It looks like someone pissed in that cup

No. 846201


Honestly correct me if I'm wrong, but this just looks like a customizable cup you can get from Etsy or something

No. 846202


I mean… it's Mooriah lol

I think we're all so desensitized to the awful porn she posts that when it comes to dumb things like this, we're just not prepared enough sometimes.

No. 846205

"Sex work is totally below me"
Sure, Moo. Sure.

No. 846206

she's forever salty that she was basically forced to do sex work to stay relevant

No. 846218

I have a question for the ladies here.

How the fuck is it possible to masturbate with the talons that momo has and not hurt yourself? She's literally shoving sharp claws inside her vagina, I can't imagine this is very safe.

No. 846219

it's not safe, she may hurt her insides with them. maybe she uses a glove or something, i've heard that helps sometimes.

No. 846224

Honestly, there's nothing worse than a girl with hooks for nails where your can see her natural nails growing out underneath them… So unhygienic and gross

No. 846229

They've had blood under them when she's pulled them out of her snatch before, draw your own conclusions from that.

No. 846235

This is called a “sycophant”
She cannot have friends bc friends will criticize out of caring. Her sycophants let her do whatever in fear of losing their clout/money cow

No. 846241

I’m surprised nobody else mentioned her cat/fox ear phase. She collected them for a while, bragged about owning rare exclusive ones, IIRC she harassed at least one creator and one of her toadies was encouraged to start her own cat ear business. She was obsessed with them for a few weeks and like with all her other obsessions, we haven’t heard anything about it since.

No. 846244

She sold them on her depop

No. 846246

Did she ever manage to make/sell her custom momo fleshlights

No. 846248

File: 1627570654100.jpg (Spoiler Image,236.52 KB, 1605x1629, 1010111.jpg)

Graphic Design.

No. 846250

Oh yeah lol, i almost had forgotten about those! Idk if she even made or sold those after all? She kept talking about those for a while and then no mentions or anything.
Tbh, it’s no surprise, she keeps planning unrealistic and stupid shit when she’s high and manic and nothing ever happens.

No. 846251

The lopsided tits! The lazy eye! The decaying look of the skin! It’s brilliant!

No. 846258

She’s beautiful! Nice work, anon!!!
Next thread pic plz

No. 846264

This is the same lady who brings plushies of her anime crush everywhere. She has no shame.

No. 846265

Like all her phases her Douma phase was short lived. Even when she was pretending to be into her art tracing I could tell she was over the character. She did it to annoy someone, or everyone.
Funny enough she seemed to get bored right after she got the tattoo. All her tattoos were mistakes, but she will never admit to that because they all give her fake weeb points.

No. 846267


I've had nails not even anywhere near half as long as hers start to hurt me, so she must be suffering. Probably thinks she's a better person for suffering for her profession or whatever.

No. 846268


PLEASE let this be the next thread pic omg

No. 846274

it's been proven a high percentage of obese people can't enjoy sex or can't feel it the same pleasure as other people. Seeing as how Moo is the perfect picture of health it must feel numb to her. I say this cuz the girl keeps cutting her insides with those claws and can't feel it

No. 846299

fucking KEK anon this is beautiful, really captured her image
did you draw the art in thread pic too?

No. 846316


Same anon you were responding to here. At my highest weight of 270 pounds is when I had my nails at that length, which was nothing compared to hers, and it hurt. I can only imagine what she's going through with those claws… but maybe she is desensitized in some way? The blood we've seen though means she's either just in pain and going with it anyways, or is desensitized. I guess we won't ever really know.

No. 846317

Or she was ending her period because that shit was dark. That image is burned in my head and I hate it. Either way, she’s fucking disgusting and/or a masochist getting those harpy talons near her snatch.

No. 846318

She's said she likes the pain so she's fine lol
Do you think she cares about self care

No. 846323

File: 1627619111865.jpg (34.41 KB, 495x872, hPDEelV.jpg)

shes a skinny kween oh god please dont listen to her sing

No. 846329

I didn't expect her to be able to sing well but I didn't expect it to be this bad.

No. 846334

I got morbidly curious and listened. It’s so cringe I had to record it for posterity lol not sure if I should subject other anons to that though. But I’m sure Mariah, in her head, thinks she’s fucking amazing.

No. 846344

please post it lol

No. 846346

Aly deleted this, for some reason. I guess the time to post is now

No. 846349

was just gonna say that,

please post it, i realllly wanna know how low she can go.

No. 846351

File: 1627640571266.jpeg (Spoiler Image,565.78 KB, 2448x2446, B7F4CEF7-1E2C-4129-B232-CEECEA…)

No. 846371

Yes, she’s a great warm up for what it’s worth. It’s fun to let loose and draw her.

No. 846386

These caricatures are autistic as fuck

No. 846390

File: 1627673225915.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, 3F58B0AE-7715-40BA-B3A8-0DFAA6…)


Ask and you shall receive! Just don’t turn up the volume unless you want her blowing out your eardrums.

No. 846405

Holy fucking shit I thought the other anons were just being a bit dramatic, but this is absolutely horrible jfc.

No. 846409

Oh Jesus why would she out herself like this/allow this to be posted. I know karaoke is supposed to be goofy but this is a LOT to put on the internet.

No. 846410

I bet Aly/tenderbroembrace thought it was okay since Moo posted her singing. She was wrong

No. 846422

KEK tone deaf and her pronunciation is fucking abysmal. I've heard 13 year old weebs using Duolingo on YT do better japanese covers. Also fitting she would pick one of the 3 city pop songs that everyone gets recommended at some point. I hope we get a singing arc so we can watch her blow money on gear and single handedly kill music.

No. 846423

File: 1627678765339.png (1.41 MB, 2046x1182, PicsArt_07-30-01.58.30.png)

her face is ruined forever

No. 846424

>How bad can it be?
Well now I regret asking.
I'm genuinely impressed you can tell what she's trying to sing. It sounds like she's gargling marbles to me

No. 846426

Queen of learning Japanese literally slurred all the way lol this is so embarrassing

No. 846488

Funny, when you said it was city pop, I knew it in my bones that it was gonna be Stay With Me. And the chorus, too.
She sounds vidrel

No. 846522

File: 1627700367253.jpeg (358.7 KB, 750x1045, AC9DC1B3-9F7E-4260-AC06-CA8F5E…)

Nitpicking rn but since we’re on the topic of her face… She always makes this side mouth face when she’s humble bragging or shit talking and it’s so annoying to look at.

No. 846523

It's an anime weeb thing.

No. 846559

File: 1627712457936.jpeg (56.2 KB, 1467x793, F423EE77-25C2-4816-9E71-E694A6…)

God she looks like a low-budget disney sequel character

No. 846715

lol there is no chance she is weighing her food. Who tf eats 60g of grilled chicken? Also this totally doesn't account for the fat used to grill the chicken, unless she's using an oil spray or whatever. Or like 60g of egg whites? No wonder she's so fat, she has no clue how to count calories.

No. 846784

judging by the video Moo hasn't lost any weight other than the lipo. Her face still looks swollen, her back fat and upper arm fat is still shocking. I think she fully accepted she has to photoshop herself until the day she dies

No. 846811

File: 1627760502311.png (11.14 MB, 1284x2778, F16891CB-7ABA-4C41-A4F7-5E30DA…)

Thai side profile is absolutely horrifying
She’s starting to look like the horror momo from YouTube

No. 846816

This is going to age so badly. It's the face old people try to get to look young when it's not even a young face to begin with. She's a fucking idiot. Can't wait until nose job#2.

No. 846819

She doesn't look anything like it. She's bloated and looks like a pig.

No. 846826

You mean that cute little button nose?


No. 846841

Her face paired with that particular shirt is fucking nightmare fuel. I would ask “how does she sleep at night knowing she’s a botched monster” but we already know she doesn’t sleep.

No. 846846

She looks like an evil villain frfr

No. 846857

Her forehead is so damn flat, then the nose and lips stick awkwardly out. It's just bizarre looking. We all know this downward spiral is going to start happening more quickly and OTT, now. I'm sure a year from now she's going to be an even worse mess.

No. 846865

Wtf about this is anime-like

No. 846870

Just think about it, this is the face she’ll be greeting customers with at the studio. That alone should scare anyone away.

No. 846876

this is a terrifying profile. the nose is so, so wrong for her face. she can’t have wanted that, it must be a botch. right? right?

No. 846878

It’s a ski slope pig nose. People with nostrils that show like hers do get that shit fixed. Incredible.

No. 846897

File: 1627777230842.jpg (47.38 KB, 524x934, uYUoqM6.jpg)

No. 846915

Literal Bogdanoff

No. 846939

It’s hilarious that everything sticks out unnaturally in the front but her ass is still saggy in the back.

No. 846941

Those light fixtures used to be part of her “gamer setup”. So it’s confirmed this studio is pretty much like a storage unit to her since it’s got all her old/unused outfits and props she doesn’t want crowding the white void she calls home.

No. 846944

Its the ideal nose for women though, because its more feminine and neotonous. Sorry about your beak anon.

No. 846946

kek, get out of here with your biotruths shit, scrote

No. 846949

No one cares for your preference for pigs. Her nose is fucked and doesn’t add any “femininity” to her face.

No. 846950

Another white knight who stalks this page for her gross excuses for porn.

No. 846959

Even if that botched nose was ideal (it's not), it doesn't fit her bloated face. Classically beautiful women and even the current beauty ideal, Bella Hadid have noses that are neither upturned nor downturned. They're small noses with a moderate straight bridge, narrow with no emphasis on the nostrils.

No. 846962

it dawned on me, that this was one of her patreon goals once upon a time. Speaking of which, its been removed now

No. 846967

Man, only a couple years too late now that she’s got her foothold in OF, thanks patreon. If OF does drop SWs eventually (I doubt it will) i wonder how Moo will cope lol

No. 846969

If OF drops SWs another format/site will show up to capitalize on the vacuum. And most likely she will migrate there. But if such a thing doesn’t happen she will freak the fuck out when the money runs out.

No. 846970

there already are sites that fill that niche, but none have gained the mainstream popularity that OF has garnered.

No. 846980

nah man it doesnt face at all, she already looked like miss piggy now she's a full fucking hog

small button noses are fine, large pronounced are fine as well, just depends on what suits your face really, there's not a "perfect nose" overall

No. 846981

oink oink piggy nose

No. 846983

OF was a sex worker site for ages before all the costhots ect jumped on it. All it would take for those other sites to take off like OF would be for a big name to move to it.

No. 847003

File: 1627814799313.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1953, DF7621DE-A313-41AC-9980-D435B3…)

You’re not fooling anyone, Moo. The “also me” is your default.

No. 847004

Kek, she wishes she were the one on the left.

No. 847009

She is, only fatter and from behind her phone screen. Otherwise she’s a shitty little chihuahua that pisses herself the moment she’s confronted.

No. 847041


wow, everything she does with surgery and stuff keeps making her uglier.

No. 847059

I don't like how it looks at all. It's… what? One month old? Less than a month? And it's already caving in. At this healing stage noses tend to be the opposite, aka swollen, big and some even look "one" with the forehead. But hers is so small and too upturned, the nose-lip angle is fucked, the bridge looks like it's caving in. I already saw that surgeon on IG, even thought he was decent, but I had no idea he could do this bad of a job.

No. 847066

There already are other sites. Subscribestar, she could try Manyvids.. SS does the same 20% cut too.

No. 847145

I don't understand why she doesn't get a bbl with all the other surgeries she gets. Is it maybe because she is delusional in thinking she does have an ass?

No. 847151

she’s getting her tragic tits done next, which is honestly more urgent

No. 847193

File: 1627859565419.jpeg (326.3 KB, 1242x865, F99A4582-4F58-4224-A159-FCDDFE…)

I found this comment on one of her posts a few weeks ago and according to her she's not getting one and instead wants to work on it naturally. So either that's a coverup or she really is too lazy for it.

Also when has she ever cared about recovery lmao

No. 847203

so photoshop and butt pads when she goes back to cons.
Also if she did get a BBL we would know. It's painful and the recovery is pretty obvious. Unless she wants to do it the dumb way and get her butt injected in an alley.

No. 847220

Bishoujomom made up a lie about a rash aaaaallll over her body for months and only showed her face until she did the same thing and was like "wow, boobs and bbl.. whered these natural working out weight loss assets come from?" Moo knows she's never get away with that

No. 847365

I mean we'll see what happens down the line but this is honestly smart of her. BBL's have the highest mortality rate of any plastic surgery and knowing her track record of doctors she picks plus her ignoring recovery procedures might not end well for her.

No. 847462

a huge portion of the complications come from people ignoring the recovery process and considering you can’t even sit down normally for a while, she’d definitely fuck it up. i’m glad she recognizes that she could actually risk serious injury or death if she went for a BBL.

No. 847473

File: 1627909668050.jpg (952.8 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210801-191855__01…)

I know it's not moo but I thought(sage your shit)

No. 847477

Nah. They got too much ass to be Moo, plus no gross saggy tits. Just fat.(sage your shit)

No. 847490

The right has extremely saggy tits. Worse than moo.

No. 847508


To be fair they are both fat, bloated looking messes. Easy mistake to make.(sage your shit)

No. 847510

If you're going to post, sage your posts.

No. 847599

They're just regular tits scrote. Moo has them down to her smelly belly button

No. 847612

File: 1627936936432.png (3.2 MB, 2914x855, 6191852.png)

Mariah wants to do a Kuroinu collab with another cosplayer. Wonder if she'll also cosplay Melony to go with this girls Nessa.

No. 847614

File: 1627937166573.png (610.87 KB, 483x863, lipomagic.png)

No. 847615

All are gross with too much plastic surgery

No. 847619

More like “doesn’t fit” amirite

No. 847629

So she wants to whitewash herself when its convenient not to call herself Lebanese

No. 847658

Likes to look white irl, will throw her POC card online to "win" internet slap fights

No. 847672

Another thing she's copying from Bishoujo who shot with Izzy several times for this same reason. She has zero originality.

No. 847673

File: 1627950825004.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2208, 68ABFF0A-10B4-4550-AFA7-E1884E…)

No. 847678

holy shit i didnt even recognize bitchute mom or whatever her name is… shes got a whole new face

No. 847683

would help if she didn't wear winter wear in a dessert climate to hide her fat. idk Moo, simple solutions if you just accepted your body

No. 847689


Zooming in on her skin is a mistake. She has really really bad skin lol

No. 847703

OT but what lash extensions are those? Siberian 2D?

No. 847706

File: 1627961383595.jpg (37.29 KB, 496x879, 8AC4P7N.jpg)

No. 847709

Lol and where the fuck is that going to go? Is she doing fucking prom photos now lol I swear she chooses the tackiest shit and thinks it’s LUXURIOUS

No. 847710

Of COURSE it is luxurious, anon! It is all white!!!

Not that Moo ever shoots with non-calves, but man this chick's shots look as much of a hyper-edited mess as Moo's does.

No. 847711

If the rooms we've seen are anything to go by, that's going to take up at least 90% of it.
I am soo looking forward to seeing this disaster of a studio completed

No. 847714

If its positioned for depth, as long as you can get a camera and lights in, unless pre-unstalled and moveable, it wouldn't be bad for an almost 360 shoot layout. I dont think anons realize that this studio thing isn't that bad an idea. The milk will come from how she runs it and longevity

No. 847715

Exactly, those rooms are extremely small to fit anything like that. Not to mention all the other shit she supposedly has planned. Unless she sets it up in the lobby, I don’t see it happening. Is there even on site storage for the sheer overflow of crap she’s cramming in there?

No. 847719

I mean, of course it's not a bad idea. A photo studio dedicated to cosplayers is a really good idea. But the way Moo is setting things up already, plus the cheap "authentic Japanese" sets that she has, it's already a shit show. I'd love to see a proper photo studio that caters to cosplayers. But what we've seen already, this ain't it. It's not even close. Just a few half-formed ideas and some cheap pieces of furniture.

No. 847727

she isn't thinking about what the public wants. She is only making sets for cosplays she's currently doing. Bet cha this throw away set will be used once for her Celestine redo

No. 847768

That's my question. She would need x amount of sizes of the same costume and accessories.. unless you are supposed to bring your own and her people set a room up to your specs?

No. 847774

File: 1627985834569.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2208, DCF63EA6-78ED-4FE9-B38E-EEDF30…)

We get it, you’re alone.

No. 847795

This looks like some straight up alibaba shit, but also, she's in Vegas; If someone is looking for a Greek/Roman-esque vibe, they could probably go around Ceasar's Palace and find something similar if not better looking. The only benefit of shooting at Moo's Ikea Emporium is the general comfort of shooting indoors/away from the public, I guess.

No. 847798

yeah, but you can guarantee she'll be trying to involve herself in the shoot somehow

No. 847826

yeah, caesars security isn't going to let you flop your pepperoni pizzas out in property, they have enough literal whores to kick out who aren't even that OTT. besides, her father works security for the company, so he's probably banned her from all their properties so he doesn't come in to an email from surveillance of his daughter tryna climb the statue of david with her ass out.

No. 847861


God she is such a fucking loser. She really is trying to convince herself that her retarded simping for anime boys is completely normal that everyone does and not an obvious sign that she is so god damn gross and toxic to be around that the only “relationships” she can form are with completely fictional characters.

How is is this not a wake up call for her? She is out here talking as if these literal 2d characters are in a relationship with her and that no real person will ever be good enough for her. How far gone from reality do you have to be to say shit like this and honestly think “Yep, this is completely normal to be this obsessed about these characters”

No. 847867

This just comes off as salty because another date rejected her. Maybe stop catfishing and you will like boys irl too Moo.
She wants a perfect 12/10 guy when she's a 2 on a good day. Money isn't enough to get a boyfriend.

No. 847885


Not to mention super hypocritical. Imagine if some guy told her “Guys prefer anime girls over real women”. She’d be practically tripping over herself, sperging out to call him a “miserable, basement dwelling, neckbeard, incel who’s never even talked to a real woman”. Yet when she does it, it’s “Sorry boys, us girls have decided you won’t ever be good enough, deal with it”.

This wreaks of another potential fuck buddy/arm caddy kicked her ass to the curb and now she’s trying to heal her wounded pride by saying practically no man will ever compare to the anime characters she stupidly simps for.

No. 847894

I willl disagree. She would agree with them because she's a fucking pick me.

She's a strange case of a female that has to pay for sex.

No. 847896


Except she always likes to try to play the “super feminist bitch who will put pathetic man babies who try to come at her in her comments in their place” card. Anyone who doesn’t capitulate to her opinions immediately gets labeled a “creepy, incel, virgin, basement dwelling loser who has problems with women and doesn’t like that a strong opinionated woman isn’t taking their shit”.

Although yes, she will act like a total neckbeard and comment on how hot anime girls are for attention, the second someone implies she isn’t good enough as them or that given the choice they would choose a fictional character over her she immediately has to clap back and let them know what a sexless loser they are.(sage your shit)

No. 847904

File: 1628030710891.png (2.23 MB, 1800x1642, 65FEEC7D-7FE0-4222-99A4-8BF1F5…)

>not me about to cry because I’m throwing what’s left of my money into a shithole business in hopes it’ll succeed before OF implodes on sex workers, surrounded by all the people I pay to tolerate my presence.

No. 847929

File: 1628039566452.png (2.09 MB, 1242x2208, 489DC4F8-0194-4BA8-BD64-176308…)

Jfc give the weeb shit a rest, Mariah

No. 847930

And still looks like total shit. What tf she do to that food? Run it over in the driveway?

No. 847931


Burnt asparagus and raw tomatoes?Are we supposed to believe she ate this and was satisfied with her meal?

No. 847933

Complains it's hot with the sun roof open

No. 847937

You’d have to be stupid to want anything long or short term with this woman.
She very clearly and cleanly admitted she’s into cucking her bfs and you’ll never be able to meet her standards Bc her only examples of men shes into are from anime.

No. 847938

she's still eating out, no doubt about that. We just have to wait a week or two before she takes pictures of the fast food she's eating. She likes to over share and it's killing her she can't share ALL her meals

No. 847958

>entire container filled to the brim with rice
>throw less than a handful of burnt asparagus and three cherry tomatoes ontop
>muh healthi meul prepp

She cant even pretend to tolerate veggies in equal amounts to her rice so no wonder she keeps binging on the side when her meal preps consist of mostly empty calories.

No. 847995

looks like it's half rice half cooked ground beef or chopped steak. I figure this is Moo's sad attempt to prove she can cook. The sad thing is, I don't think she even cooked this meal.
I think while her slaves were doing her meal prep Moo waddled in and threw this mess together.

No. 847997

It look like it has some type of sauce on the meat. Maybe teriyaki or gravy since it so dark. This could just be takeout she threw in a bento box

No. 848006

File: 1628099397197.png (994.18 KB, 1242x2208, 5B5E1D14-920B-4BC7-8678-2CE0E9…)

Says the woman that shat on every Covid precaution before she eventually got vaccinated before it was open to the general public.

No. 848007

Lmao she only got j&j.

No. 848009

Wtf numbers is she looking at?? US vax rates are nowhere near 70%. The rate for people being fully vaccinated is 58% while those with just one dose is 50%. We also need a rate of 80% to be anywhere close to herd immunity.

What a fucking idiot.

No. 848010

Her trainer is antimask and she acts like this lmao

No. 848012

Those are the state’s percentages and she got it confused with the entirety of the US because she’s a fucking idiot.

A fucking idiot with a less effective one shot vaccine.

No. 848017

File: 1628104204954.jpeg (367.77 KB, 1242x1172, A664A7F1-7962-4775-8BCB-7F0ACA…)

Samefag but according to google we ain’t lol. Is her parents giving her this information? Because I sure as hell know she doesn’t watch the news.

No. 848025


Honestly my knee-jerk reaction was that it looks like dog food. Maybe that's why she posted the crying dog before that lol >>847904

No. 848028


She gets all her news from teenagers on tiktok

No. 848038


Nevada, last I checked, was only 44% fully vaxxed. Maybe 57% with at least one dose. And it doesn’t matter much as Vegas and Reno are both going through a serious second wave of infections with delta. I do wonder where she dug this dumbass number but I agree- prolly kids on tiktok

No. 848044

spreading false information during these times is dangerous. she needs to sit down and shut up

No. 848047

File: 1628118749884.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, 3E4284A0-2D85-4130-9CDB-2835E3…)

Sure Jan

No. 848048

who the fuck drew her eyebrows on today?

No. 848052

US just passed 70% vaccinated among adults, which is an extremely important distinction from 70% of the entire population, and the sort of nuance she’d never grasp.

No. 848083

File: 1628132020162.jpeg (734.03 KB, 1242x1867, 9E3E8DA4-362A-4608-B430-ECC483…)

Is she snorting her adderall again?

No. 848084

File: 1628132273872.png (4.76 MB, 1800x1658, DF83BD72-545D-4698-8203-6D2C4A…)

It must really be eating at her lately that no guy (besides her basement dwelling base) wants to touch her much less be in the same vicinity as her. Keep getting those procedures done, Moo, you’ll get one eventually lol

No. 848087

y'know moo, you'll never find a guy to love and respect you, because you're a fucking nightmare of a person. but if you at least actually lost weight and quit fucking with your face and body so much, you might at least find a guy shallow enough to fuck you for free on the reg. at least until you scare him away with your clinginess and autistic weebery.

No. 848094

File: 1628136135668.jpeg (251.9 KB, 750x617, 2C595BEB-87BD-4CC2-9B3F-E4BC51…)

you guys this indent is wild

No. 848095

She looks like a literal clown. If she chose that as her next cosplay, half the work would already be done.

No. 848096

Her left cheek, good lord. Her face is fuller than her ass.

No. 848100

File: 1628138468854.png (28.53 KB, 250x246, 232E0850-176B-417F-8846-8A94FD…)

Every time she makes that stupid face I’m reminded of picrel

No. 848104


So what happened to “Anime boys is all I need, sorry guys, you’ll never be good enough” Moo?

She must have really missed out some dick that she was sure she had in the bag to be acting like this again. No guy with a functional brain stem or self respect wants to be even remotely seen with her or even give the impression that he is hitting “that”. And any that have that momentary lapse in judgement and actually consider kicking the tires on her runs for the hills when they see how immediately clingy she gets and her constant autistic sperging about anime.

She is a nightmare of a person that even guys desperate for pussy wouldn’t want to put up with for any extended period of time.

And now that she sees how much of a desperate loser she comes across as, she’ll go right back to her “Boss bitch who is too busy making moves for relationships and I need a partner who can keep up/I’m happy just being by myself and am not looking for any kind of relationship” facade.

No. 848108

Anyone else hate that she only seems to know how to wear those gross leggings halfway down her feet instead of at the ankle, where they should be, or just me?

Funny that she keeps flexing on her wardrobe when she seems to only wear one type of pants and maybe three shirts on rotation. All those shoes in the background and I've never seen her wear anything out except slides and Birkenstocks.

No. 848111

File: 1628147640641.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 2D48AB9D-7619-4CAA-8274-83B468…)

No wonder she’s all pissy about men again, she’s still fishing for Sensei’s dick (this is his new tattoo parlor) by buying him more gifts. How much money and trips to Japan has she dumped on him by now with him not ever putting out for her? lol

No. 848112

It could just be that her legs are disproportionately short compared to normal human people, and she thinks that wearing them around her ankles like that looks better than them being bunched up or folded to sit properly. It doesn't, but that could be her line of thought.

No. 848113

doesn't he have a gf already anyway?
Watch her try and get a free tattoo out of him now because of this

No. 848114

Am I misremembering or did they not have a falling out?

No. 848115

Moo passive aggressive posted about how butthurt she was that he got a girlfriend.

Kinda strange how she is morphing into the foreveralone.jpg face. What does she expect? She's a fat/feeder fetish OF thot, no person wanting a serious relationship will want to touch her. She is the unicorn female that has to actually pay a scrote to have sex with her. She can't even get a fuck buddy, she has to pay escorts, kek.

No. 848127


She is going to hold this against him next time he refuses to give her awful tattoos

No. 848130

It really seemed like it for a moment, but obviously Mariah slithered in with a massive gift. Her circle have no pride.

Also the fact sensei is opening his own business too… makes me wonder if her whole studio thing was just a way to once again one up her friends and prove she can do it better.

No. 848132

I know his name is supposed to be a mix of tattoo and doodle, but it really just looks like "toddler" which isn't the most comforting name for someone who will permanently mark your body

No. 848139

yes, he got a gf right after he told Moo he's not looking for a relationship. So she tried love bombing him with gifts and wouldn't stop mentioning him in stories. To stop the BS he had his gf with him constantly so when she took pictures it was him and his gf snuggling while Moo was the obvious third wheel looking miserable.
It was also around this time she went on a plastic surgery binge. His GF is naturally youthful and adorable.

I don't doubt it. It could also be a "Look! I'm a boss babe too! We have sooo much in common"
except he already has a customer base and isn't forcing his friends to come down to a studio that will close in a couple months. Sensei even mentioned he thinks Moo is dumb for having these quick fad sessions. She isn't impressing him

No. 848142


Yeah. Definitely feels like another “Look at what you’re missing out on” hail mary attempt. She can’t ever take no for an answer and is probably seething that nothing she does seems to be able to upstage this bitch and convince him to leave her. The showering of expensive gifts and dinners didn’t seem to work, the usually trashy photos didn’t get his attention, now she’ll try to show “I’m a girl boss making tons of money with own business, just like you. What has that bitch ever done for besides leech off of you?”

No. 848143


Holy shit yeah she's the spit of Fatov

No. 848148

Christ she’s on a big manic spree. I wonder how much money she’s spent in the last 60 days when you count travel, gifts for everyone around her, decor for the studio..

This is a bigger hit to her bank account than her art phase, at least that was sub 5000$. I’m tempted to do the math on how much she’s showed off spending since the 30k nose job

Tattoo beds run 300-500 each btw

No. 848150


Nitpicky correction, that particular tattoo bed runs for close to $900 with tax applied, a little under $800 without. In the most recent video we've seen of them, he was adamant on making it known that he thought the tattoo she wanted was bad (but still did it anyway) and seemed passive aggressive. If she's shelling out gifts like this, it's pretty clear he keeps letting her come back around for one reason.

No. 848152

ugh, the whole situation is so gross
her buying his friendship with expensive gifts
him being cool with that
I pity his girlfriend tbh, imagine your boyfriend having a gross sugar mama

No. 848172

There is no friendship. They use to hang outside constantly but it's been a long time since he made an effort to hang out with her. Moo usually just delivers stuff to his house or place of work. The rare moments their out in public she has to pay A LOT of money for him to show up.

More power to the guy. He gets thousands of dollars a month in gifts and cash and he doesn't even have to give dick. Hell he doesn't even have to be nice to her. I feel like the only reason Moo is so obsessed with this guy is cuz he fucked Vamps once upon a time and it's her mission to fuck him as well.

I hope Moo gets so desperate he buys this guy a new house. The girlfriend must be laughing her ass off.

No. 848217

File: 1628196145844.jpeg (388.47 KB, 1242x1990, 1905BDFB-A4E8-4135-977B-7CE875…)

Still so salty

No. 848230


The fact that she keeps having this same tired ass conversation practically every other week should tell her that the people she is constantly cutting out of her life aren’t the problem. It’s her.

She must be an absolute nightmare to be around with all these constant purity tests where at a moments notice you’re always having to prove your loyalty to her otherwise you’re not “her true friend”. Quite honestly, she is probably doing these people a favor by cutting them out since they don’t have to deal with her constant autistic sperging anymore.

No. 848232

Sage your shit, also anyone scummy enough to publicly associate with her in any capacity probably isn't a great person themselves. Like what kind of douchey circles do you have to run in to even be adjacent to Mariah's new money tacky flexing and even tackier personality? Is groping and scamming nbd in your friend groups?

No. 848241

File: 1628203702774.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2208, E770C163-6D6C-4692-9714-5A042F…)

I’m sure that just breaks sensei’s heart.

No. 848243

Lol not even a full day and she's already at the "your loss" stage of trying to get someone's dick again when they don't bite.

No. 848245

Run Chris run

No. 848246

you guys think she will spend 10k on figures just to impress this guy?

No. 848248

She has… she tried to also say she was going to make a "fake figure buying/figure 101" guide but never did.

No. 848250

File: 1628208631234.jpg (210.92 KB, 1566x932, RxB2H9I.jpg)

No. 848251

wait, so she's asking others to make her business for her? What a lazy bitch

No. 848252

She has been all week. Seems like she's begging for more ideas even though she could just go to her garage and take her moldy sets into her office space??

No. 848254

>All female affiliated!
That means nothing when the woman running it has a history of sexual harassment toward women…

No. 848255

File: 1628209573365.png (2.22 MB, 1242x2208, 27371D3B-C089-4B37-9069-E6D874…)

No. 848256

From the look of that guy’s account, he’s got a girlfriend already, which means he’s ripe for the picking according to the rules of Moo

So she’s already disregarding chunks of the cosplay community by excluding male cosplayers from becoming affiliates (not that any would) and god forbid a trans person apply, we all know her shitty track record for inclusion (b-b-but she totally dated a trans once! lol)
We know all she wants is other thots putting in the work on boosting exposure for this shit endeavor. The fact she’s still asking for advice shows she has no clue what she’s doing. And her friends only “soft opening” is going to be devoid of any meaningful suggestions, just one giant circlejerk.

No. 848257

Respecting one man for his collection of plastic women (some children, prisma Illya is gross lolibait) in bunny waitress costumes. Mariah could respect herself but she would rather put a coomer on a pedestal.

No. 848264

wasn't that just an embarrassing cover up because she bought totally real figures but people told her every one she had was fake? And when she did try figure unboxing she broke every single one like a gorilla? She's a collectors worse nightmare

No. 848266

Nta but are you autistic or something? Even if they didn't sage, nothing they said was defending Moo or people like her and yet you sperged the fuck out.

No. 848268

File: 1628218432918.jpeg (7.48 KB, 186x161, BD764725-8B0D-43F1-BC9E-7AA122…)

Shit it’s even weirder when you straighten out the photo.

No. 848270

File: 1628219062099.jpg (12.58 KB, 400x267, frenchfriedpotatersmhm.jpg)

Wow, she's really crushing that Karl Childers cosplay. Kween.

No. 848273

if he still has the gf I'm sure she's just like "fuck it, get what you can out of her". I remember her being cute and normal, moo is no threat to her. especially because back when they hung out now often there were tons of stories where you could tell sensei thought moo was annoying and a bit dumb.

No. 848274

Stop getting plastic surgery, Mariah.

No. 848277

oh Moo is still salty about the GF. I remember Moo got Sensei a golden Buddha that cost a couple thousand and she gave his girlfriend a few trinkets she picked up at the dollar store, one of em was this plastic cup. When the three hung out Moo never directly spoke to her. She's so transparent.

No. 848292

Does she have cheek fillers as well? Damn she looks awful, imagine she spent money to look like that.

No. 848363

oh anon if I was the gf I would laugh my ass off at Moo like I'm sure he doesnt even start some casual dm on her let alone gave her a dick and yet this dumb cow still wasting her money on him
Moo actually more pathetic than twitch simp

No. 848382

off topic but I'm still baffled an obese person is so proud and happy a plastic surgeon gave them a pig nose. She's only second to Gabby Hanna's rat nose.

No. 848399

It did seem like sensai gave her the D when he dragged her along to that wedding a while ago. Probably why she’s so up in his ass now. Iirc didn’t he get that GF like right after returning to Vegas? It would explain her bullshit now if he did pity fuck her then.

No. 848402

He didn't pity fuck her..no guy did or would. The only time she's seen fucking a guy, on video, the dude wasn't even fully erect.

No. 848404

I'm in the boat of thinking they hooked up once or twice when they first met and that's why Moo is so obsessed with him. Then not long after he realized she was nuts and cut it out but she just can't let go

No. 848405

Taking her to a wedding isn't the same as fucking. She's obsessed because Vamp fucked him and now he has a girlfriend so she has to have him. That and like many other guys he's a firm believer of "no fat chicks"

No. 848410

Honestly I think the same same. Guys will put their dick in anything.

No. 848414

maybe, but can we not assume every guy that breaths near Moo fucked her?

No. 848415

Especially when there's NOTHING attractive about her? Like literally, EVEN MONEY can't keep a guy around.


Imagine how fucked up you have to be if tossing thousands at a dude STILL pushes him away.

No. 848418

All it’s going to take is one article or post connecting her past behaviors to this “all female” studio for people to realize this business isn’t worth their time or money

No. 848430


I vividly remember her "unboxing" video where she was literally ripping pieces out like a child and straight up broke 3 of her 200+ dollar toys right out of the box. It was fucking hilarious, she has zero impulse control or delicacy.

No. 848441

File: 1628280655192.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 4B40C20F-E92B-432B-9F7A-DE33C0…)

The same one that taught her “futamomo”? lol

No. 848445

by tutor does she mean google translate or her high school text book? Moo tries so desperately to prove she's more than just a thot who only knows how to show her asshole.

No. 848446

File: 1628283032837.jpeg (160.87 KB, 828x850, 1E86E78A-4FE4-49A1-8C45-03139D…)

Never gonna happen kek

No. 848449

But she will lie about it. Remember when she lied and said she had a collage degree in linguistics. But being the dumbass she is, she thought that meant she was bi lingual

No. 848457

She's gonna fail hard. She can't even write in her native language.

No. 848460

There are big possibilities of her business failing because of her reputation and how she doesn’t really plan things. Not even over a year ago people have been talking about her on Tiktok Over her bullying and sexual harassment towards others. No matter where she goes or what she does, it’s going to haunt her for the rest of her life as a cosplayer and no amount of money or studios will change their views on her. It’s like a pedophile trying to run a daycare center, nobody wants to deal with a bully who likes to touch people without consent.

What’s gonna happen if she decided to have male photographers to take the photos but turns out to be creeps who does sketchy shit towards women? That would be a liability on her part for not keeping the models safe by not doing background checks. Female photographers can also be creeps as well.

And what about all the payments such as employees, taxes, as well as financial bills? If it’s only for her friends then there is no way that she’ll be able to pay for all that since it’s only limited to a few people who are willing to put up with her bullshit. And with her reputation going on people are going to talk about this and let others know that it’s a scam and is being runned by a sexual predator who goes after peoples boyfriends and couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Based on her history she wants to take the easy route and not do any hard work to maintain the business. She thinks that throwing money left and right will fix problems even though it’s not the case. Even zoomer‘s know who the fuck she is and they even despise her.

So yeah she’s pretty fucked.(sage your shit)

No. 848461

It's not milk, not about defending the cow, you sage if you have nothing milky to share

No. 848471

DigitalNex is a minor cow in his own right. He's been letting SSSniperwolf leech off of him for years just for some clout. He's probably fine with Moo fawning over him, if it grows his following.

No. 848491

File: 1628302130108.png (1.51 MB, 1242x2208, 0CFC2B10-57CF-4689-8BBB-0CDC87…)

Shame this “spiritual growth” shit didn’t kick in when she was harassing and bullying people.

No. 848533

must be killing her to not be able to visit japan rn

No. 848540

File: 1628321683707.png (4.76 MB, 1242x2208, F03BC1D3-3EF2-424A-9E0E-079D02…)

No. 848541

That shit is gonna get so dusty and brown. What a cesspool for allergens gross

No. 848550

Not to mention all the CV crap still going on. That wall's gonna get so dirty it'll become it's own little micro universe with all the crap on it.

No. 848562

I think she looks nicer with her hair back like that

No. 848568

I thought I was missing something about this dude so checked his IG and he's a fat Indian loser. Why are we even talking about him? Lol

No. 848573

Are you both retarded? Those aren't real flowers

No. 848577

Of course they're not real. Still gonna get filthy. Bacteria and other shit can still spread on fake flowers, hun.

No. 848578

As someone who used to work in a craft store where the floral stock never fucking moved I vouch for this.

They collect dust and cob webs like a mf.

No. 848589

she’s filtered to hell and back, which is why she looks human
but agree that her hair back looks better than it flopping stringily all over as usual

No. 848593

Fake flowers don't turn brown, hun and sage your shit next time

No. 848594

They mean they're going to get dusty and shit from sitting there and people rubbing up against them etc

No. 848598

Stfu, businesses have these walls all the time. Moo would hire a cleaning staff. Who cares.

No. 848600

Do you honestly think she's going to hire someone to clean? She's just going to make one of her goons (probably maddie) do all of that.

No. 848603

thinking Moo cares about cleanliness. I'm more worried about the shared make up brushes and products she claims she will have. Though make up is too expensive and I have a feeling she was just talking shit on that one… thank goodness

No. 848615

dumbest low iq retard on this board, gtfo with your spergy non-contributions

No. 848616

Hey anon please tell Moo she looks sexy with her hair pushed back

No. 848621

yeah that's why I only mentioned her hair, looks less like a rats nest.

I can fix her…

No. 848648

File: 1628398947559.png (4.76 MB, 1800x1565, D25971D6-4EC6-48E8-A3DA-29B75A…)

Good to know where her impulse art supply haul went. Of course the fucking poser got the wooden figures from Ikea lol

No. 848650

she really is just using this as a glorified storage unit isn't she?

No. 848656

File: 1628400310051.jpg (32.01 KB, 600x315, 2fac9d6049e7e947f53bd5796de21a…)

she needs to stop getting the fat sucked out of just the top of her body. She's starting to look like Squidward

No. 848688

the fuck is that, a stripper closet?

No. 848702

You can tell she’s self conscious of her drumstick flamingo legs because she always keeps one quirked to say ‘I have knees still’ . Also are those granny panty body shapers she’s passing off as shorts? They’re really short for bike shorts.

No. 848706

They are short for bike shorts because her fat legs don't allow them to pull down. I've seen fat people in bike shorts. She looks like a fat person in bike shorts. Those aren't lingerie, anon.

No. 848708

She is still gaining weight. She just thinks she's clever with those slimming video apps. I can't wait for one of her friends to release candids again. But she's been careful ever since the tennis shoot.

No. 848781

File: 1628464320230.jpg (43.06 KB, 525x935, tC8VJGF.jpg)

>goes on a weird flex rant about her veneers
>said she had a temp on because she cracked her porcelain from grinding her teeth. Hence is why she has to also get ~special fillers~ into her jaw to prevent grinding her teeth
>this is all prompted due to her watching a documentary about how good teeth are a luxury for the rich
>says if you have to grind your teeth to pegs to get veneers it should be a "last resort", you should just have perfect teeth. She says you can get them slightly shaved down and get custom veneers but the porcelain is so thin so it breaks easily, makes your teeth sensitive ((honestly the way she tries to explain shit in this rant is so confusing she should just stop))
>shows her TV screen and it says "good teeth are a luxury only the rich can afford" then says she agrees. She says she's never thought of teeth as a "faux luxury" and jokes how she "bought into the problem"

No. 848782

TMJ injections are for people who have severe jaw pain. Jfc she just spews shit she knows nothing about.

No. 848783

this is a long winded way of saying she has buyers remorse and she fucked up her mouth.

No. 848785

She ruined her mouth by getting veneers. Her teeth weren't destroyed and grounded down without veneers. She just wanted pretty comsetic surgery to upstage vamps. Now, hilariously, if she does actually grind because your brain sometimes does this with braces too after the fact, is that she will have to get implants if the veneers no longer have any tooth left, after being replaced so often if she's cracking them. She will absolutely hate having implants. She should never have gotten veneers. Also "perfect teeth" aren't a luxury for the rich unless you are counting having straight teeth. This was a thing that was said back when toothpaste was seen as a commodity for rich people. Having straight or white teeth aren't even relevant to what she is referencing except to what sounds good to sell to idiots like Moo. She interprets and falls for the dumbest shit.

No. 848786

All this. Veneers on young people is a stupid trend and looks just as ridiculous and fake. Natural teeth that are taken care of will always look 10x better and healthier.

No. 848787

Exactly. Even if they aren't white, there is a difference between actual healthy teeth and "healthy" teeth by society/vapid standards. People say yellow teeth are also "unhealthy" but thats just what happens over time because of what people eat, but idiots like Moo see it as being 'unlcean' and 'dirty/poor'. Complete idiocy.

No. 848789

I can always spot Veneers and I always wonder why people want the denture look. That and most will need dentures by the time their in their 40's, sometimes 30 if they're stupid.
But hey, I'm sure Vamps is laughing her ass off. Vamps got a decent nose job and a better smile.

No. 848790

>see it as unclean/dirty
Yet she won't shower or wash her face to appear even close to clean

No. 848791

She loves quick fixes. She wore her invisalign for less than a week and got the veneers soon after. She's a walking botched disaster because she wants results but wont even consider post op care.

No. 848792

I honestly wonder if she straightened her teeth out so it would be easier to grind, so that insurance would cover the veneers for "medical purposes".

No. 848793

I don't think her teeth would have gotten straighter in just a week.
Either way, Moo likes wasting money. She's just been going crazy lately because she's bored

No. 848794

It makes sense.

No. 848795

Especially bundled with her telling the botox people she needs it for TMJ which Stephanie Michelle has.

No. 848805

Sigh. When people talk about perfect teeth being a luxury they are talking about access to dentists and education regarding oral hygiene. People in poorer areas have less access because dentists don't want to service poorer areas, at least the good ones. And if your parents have bad oral hygiene they are likely to pass it onto you meaning it becomes a systemic problem. People barely have doctor money in America so yeah, the dentist is seen as a luxury. I know plenty of Americans who have pulled their own teeth.
But you guys keep sperging because you want to a-log over everything this fat retard does

No. 848806

People are bitching at Moo because she wasn't talking about the class issues in America. She was bragging about her money like she always does. You think Moo has enough sympathy to give a shit about others?

No. 848807

Anon you know very well Moo isn't reading into that and is looking at the cosmetic side as she does with everything. Everything is surface-level vanity for her. Calm down.

No. 848810

Not sure why she wouldn't just get a custom mouth guard like most people who grind their teeth, other than she just wants an excuse to put more Botox in her face.

No. 848811

Nah fam, I'm not surprised to see she's grinding (you could tell even pre-veneers) especially if she's still abusing meds like Adderall, etc. Veneers are highly not recommended if you're a grinder. That said, the botox is a common fix for bruxism (and is a dumb flex since you have to shell out a couple hundred every few months). I wouldn't be surprised if she was using it as a cover for more cosmetic reasons though

No. 848812

i feel like she did have one and showed it off. either way, i don’t recall her having bad teeth in the first place and getting veneers was beyond stupid for someone her age with no tooth issues.

No. 848814

Itll be very easy to tell if she’s using it as a front for actual cosmetic surgery. Medical botox procedures don’t change how you look because of where they’re injected, so if she’s going “oh I look different because of TMJ botox!” then it’s a giant lie

No. 848832

She wasted her time and money on Invisalign to begin with when she decided to just get veneers. It makes me wonder if she gave up on Invisalign and just had them remove the buttons. The aligners are supposed to be worn for 22 hours a day and let’s be real, the bitch spends more than 2 hours eating every day. The aligners (and retainers if she actually did keep up with that) would help with the grinding. Not to mention veneers/dentures are cheap compared to actually getting implants and crowns done. TMJ injections don’t make you not grind, it just relaxes the muscles but your mouth still tries to grind to an extent.

No. 848850

File: 1628544970346.jpg (124.61 KB, 1074x1074, 20210809_173425.jpg)

Sage incase I missed the post, but her patreon has been removed

No. 848855


I hope all those Patreon contributors got their money back. Does Patreon auto refund the buyers? A massive refund would be funny on her account.

No. 848856

If a patreon is closed, yes.

No. 848859

File: 1628553931763.jpeg (323.85 KB, 1640x1340, 104957c742d8.jpeg)

Her art supplies have finally reappeared. Looks like she's trying to get rid of them by using them as background props for shoots.

Hey Mariah, just make an "art studio" setup that the books can go in. Would make more sense. Get some history and math books or something for the classroom.

No. 848861

File: 1628556191699.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.01 KB, 1284x718, 7tkoc3P.jpg)

No. 848862

there’s gotta be a stronger word than bleak.

No. 848863

no wonder she never ever posts without a filter. Her skin is degusting. Doesnt she spend insane amounts on skincare? How lmao

No. 848864

I regret opening this…

25, going on 26 this year folks and already looking a hard 40. Did she put all her money into the studio this month and couldn’t afford her usual hacks to photoshop this abomination? On that note, she hadn’t shot with/mentioned Squarecuck in some time unless I’m mistaken. Ever since that modeling agency thing he started, I’ve barely seen them interact.

No. 848865


Desolate like a nuclear wasteland

No. 848867

here's an idea, she can use her old textbooks from all the classes she took kek

No. 848868

How can you look so pleased with yourself when you look like a bloated corpse? I guess how ugly she is on the inside really is showing on the outside.

No. 848869

she paid money to look that bad

No. 848871

Her nose. Bruh.

For someone who goes on about spending $90 on sunscreen, she has terrible skin.

No. 848879

No. 848881

Has she completely given up on maintaining her lie that she understands Japanese and used to translate manga or whatever?
N5 is the lowest level of the test. Anyone who can read hiragana and katakana can pass it. That being said, it's not worth anything. It's so low it's not accredited or recognized anywhere. Whether she passes or fails, she's basically throwing $60 down the toilet. I guess that's nothing new for her.

No. 848884

Her patreon being taken away makes me wonder if she is aware of how precarious her income is. She did her investment flex, but then proceeds to dump what has to be a massive amount into not only the studio, but her house, her never ending plastic surgeries, her vacations, her "gifts".. it all adds up and no amount of smart investments has this quick of a profit return.

No. 848887

Fillers don't stop teeth grinding anyways, botox in the jaw does. What a dumbass

No. 848899

She's definitely making more on onlyfans. The funny thing us, no one on onlyfans gives a fuuuck about her "artistic lewd cosplay". So now wtf is she supposed to do?

No. 848901

she doesn't give a shit about paetron. In fact she HATED that she had to do the bare minimum. Now she doesn't have to do prints or promised cosplay sets. Now she can snap a quick selfie.

I don't think she understands the value of money and isn't worried at all Even if onlyfans kicks out all thots Moo will pretend everything is fine.
If Moo is forced to start over she wont see the same success. She had so many paetrons just from luck because of the body positivity movement and thicc samus. She got so many only fans because she told her scrotes she will do porn sets on her only fans.

People have seen her naked and Moo refuses to do more than lay naked on the sofa or her poopin pose. She played all her cards. We all know Moo is aware her photo studio isn't going to make money, it's just a vanity project/storage unit

No. 848902

How will she pretend everything is ok when she's hemorrhaging money and cannot afford to upkeep her constant rounds of lypo she needs to pretend to have a shape?

No. 848905

I don’t know why she’s posting without a filter or at least make up. It’s a struggle to beat it to her recent videos.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848908

stfu coomer

No. 848909

We'll see her "hanging around" the Vegas strip. You know, for fun.

No. 848911

Well time for her to update her website now

Watch them hang out know that it's been mentioned

>wonder if she is aware of how precarious her income is.
She is not. If she was, she wouldn't have wasted who knows how much on this studio venture, the tattoo beds, the nose procedure, the travel etc.
What she has yet to realise, is that doing the bare minimum on OF won't cut it in the long run, but she'll learn the hard way.

No. 848912

i haven't looked at momos threads since she was barely showing nipple and this is what i encounter, kek. her nudes are actually more repelling than pnp's and shaytard's, i didn't know that was possible

No. 848913

File: 1628622472767.jpg (50.96 KB, 1075x224, 20210811_070310.jpg)

This comment on her "gym/dance studio" set got a little laugh out of me. Obviously it's for personal use, now she doesn't have to larp at an actual gym. Once it's all up and running it'll be interesting (to me at least) to go through and work out roughly how much she's sunk into this project.

No. 848918


Seeing vamps working af to get his abs and then this lazy cow can't even lose some weight is just …

No. 848921


Utterly grotesque.

No. 849019

Jesus christ, her face is an amalgamation between inflating her face and the tiny face meme

No. 849025

File: 1628724532451.jpg (38.07 KB, 539x689, oGj9AaQ.jpg)

No. 849032

YOU KNOW…. I was going to say somthing but I’m sure out there there are a few sick scrotes who get off to fucking girls while they’re bleeding (BUT WHY THO????)

No. 849033

First off, I hate that expression she makes every time she posts dumb shit like that to her OF, it’s repulsive. Secondly, do men seriously get off on her talking about masturbating while on her period?? She will sink to whatever depths it takes to make a buck. Disgusting.

No. 849036

Moomoo’s entire career has been her sinking deeper and deeper into more depraved niches. Don’t forget at the very beginning, the goal was to just be a model. But she went:

Model > cosplay model > chubby cosplay model > lewd chubby cosplay model > lewd bbw cosplay model > full nude bbw cosplay model > full nude bbw + body modification porn model that sometimes does cosplay > blood/discomfort fetish bbw + body modification porn model that sometimes does cosplay

No. 849043

lmao it's endlessly funny to me she has no clue how to be sexy

No. 849047

You sound young or like a virgin. Some women enjoy having sex on their period and some don't. What's disgusting about this is that its Mariah.(infighting about period sex)

No. 849050

I’m neither and it’s still gross but kudos if having stained bedsheets is your ish.

No. 849052

She never ceases to disgust me. >>849036
I'm curious to know exactly how low she's going to be willing to go to keep money flowing in at this point
They have a term for period sex called 'getting your red wings', so that should tell you all you need to know.

No. 849054

File: 1628747587036.png (4.47 MB, 1800x1568, 37A5CD90-2EE2-43B7-A6C9-7770C4…)

I don’t know why she’s still pretending this’ll ever be used for anything other than herself or friends.

No. 849058

Most people are smart enough to put old clothes or towels underneath during period sex but for the most part it doesn’t get THAT messy. Usually can just wipe both partners with some wet wipes or clean up in the shower and you’re good to go. It really depends on flow too but people aren’t bleeding out of their vag like a faucet especially during sex. Period sex isn’t uncommon at all, some women have a higher sex drive while menstruating in addition to enjoying the “extra lubrication”. Maybe don’t try to kinkshame people for something that is actually fairly normal?

No. 849059

File: 1628754330639.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, 6344A61D-F116-4C02-82EE-9E9D24…)

Her droopy bottom lip is killing me. I’m shocked she isn’t constantly mopping up drool.

Can we also stop with the period sex arguing since it’s getting ot.

No. 849062

File: 1628755912642.jpeg (175.23 KB, 828x1472, F3C49885-97B0-4FFC-9C64-4CE20F…)

Her wanting her studio to be a “luxury experience” she really should clean up the pile of mess on the floor.

No. 849063


"don't kinkshame" lmao honey are you lost? Even without the absolutely vile context of Mariah's hygiene and habit of leaving period blood under her gross nails, candidly discussing period sex to your followers is fucking gross. Being sex-positive doesn't need to also mean shedding any semblance of dignity.

No. 849072

But did she lose like a ton of weight recently? Looks much thinner here than the last time I saw her

No. 849073

Yeah it’s called liposuction.

No. 849074

Yeah she's probably gotten some lipo. The weight loss was too sudden and we have a suspicious lack of full body nudes recently meaning she's probably trying to hide the marks.

No. 849077

No. Not even a little.

No. 849080

File: 1628779715296.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-08-12-09-46-56…)

Spoiler for being a screenshot of the new video but God her fucking face. If I had a dick it would've shriveled off.

No. 849081

oh man…that's…that's rough looking.
I don't even know where to begin

No. 849082

She looks like she is super hangover and is about to cry in a really ugly way.

No. 849086

File: 1628783024774.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.71 KB, 1380x745, 3fYpG5v.jpg)

"Teehee, I'm on my pwewiod" video:


>starts with >>849080 where she's on her bed with her cat
>alot of "uhh fuck" and other weird porno noises
>I shit you not, the rest of the video is shitty angles where you see maybe like a shank, the side of her tit or the side of her stomach like she set the phone down next to her (see attached photo for a idea of shitty angle)
>puts her phone next to her stubbly snatch to let her simp hear the pulses of the toy (and their money draining down the toilet). Again, the shots are not central and see maybe a snippet of her vag in the far corner of the screen
>thankfully no blood

No. 849087

If Zelda from Pet Sematary went ham at the buffet.

No. 849088

File: 1628783124139.jpg (91.76 KB, 1157x499, 5nJzzPg.jpg)

The face of a woman who works out. Take notes, losers

No. 849089

The amount of lipo so still has a chin must be astounding. What a demented body.

No. 849090

File: 1628783925593.jpeg (311.18 KB, 750x813, CD3B1D9A-4BB7-4476-B32F-43FAEE…)

What do you mean? Look, she’s so skinny she literally has 0 chins: her face is smooth into her neck. This is ideal female beauty, deal w/ it

No. 849093

Her fucking nose, yikes. Her profile is absolutely fucked between the nose job, her duck bill lips and her chin liposuction.

No. 849099

File: 1628785080168.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 33FFC9DE-DDA6-4333-88CD-BC0430…)

No. 849102

Yes that luxurious day before the con panic with garbage on the floor. What she really means is she's going to sexually harass and rub against and grope anyone she can get her hands on under the guise of showing them around or how something works because she lowkey thinks she lives in a hentai and can be a hot sempai figure instead of an opportunistic predator.
>The image of all of this occuring in her all white void of a home

No. 849105

I wonder how much she paid Martin Wong to take these photos

No. 849106


He's put a bad taste in a lot of thot's mouths after condemming sex work and cosplay and how they shouldn't mix, but then always shooting Jessica Nigri. Even she called him out about it. He's as shitty as Moo, imo, regardless of the good work he puts out. he honestly needs trash like her to shoot now.

No. 849107

Momo is fucking disgusting but when that anon talked about it you called period sex gross and reduced it down to “stained bed sheets”. That’s very much kinkshaming? Admit you’re wrong and drop the topic, this infighting is stupid.

No. 849108

I thought you didn't need filters anymore, Moo? Wasn't that the whole point of the nosejob?

No. 849109

Lmao kink shaming, fuck off to your safe space you retarded snowflake loser.(infighting)

No. 849110

>perfect anime profile uwu

No. 849112

File: 1628791770187.png (520.6 KB, 506x566, 57FB9154-685A-4231-A38E-BB07CA…)

I think her face looks very anime-like!

No. 849113

Oh now i know why she gets the stupidly long nails done, her hands look like a fat toddlers.

No. 849114

Spend all that money on a studio with themed sets just to shoot in front of a Olson background.


Good way for all of us to know the shitty cosplayers that still associate with her.

No. 849115

>has bitch fits if she doesn’t get her way
>overly possessive about food
>arrogant about her abilities
>naive and dumb
Yeah sounds like our girl

No. 849120


I’d cry nonstop if that were my nose post-rhinoplasty. Ffs, the Twilight Zone Eye of the Beholder comparison is spot on.

No. 849121


Don’t do shigechi like that

No. 849122


Why are her nostrils so big..? This nose job is so bad holy fuck

No. 849123

These should be advertised as "what not to do with your life or you'll look like this." This should definitely be the next OP image cause holy shit she has a terrifying face now.

No. 849124

I knew my comparison would be appreciated in time, thanks anon! But yeah, I know it’s supposed to take “a year” to fully heal but at the rate it’s going, I doubt it’ll actually look any better. And she’s constantly fucking with the rest of her face so I can’t wait to see her cosplay of The Bride of Wildenstein by the time con’s comes around next year.

No. 849125

I want to know what’s going on with her eyes jfc

No. 849127

her face is absolutely ruined
she really looks like fucking Angelyne now
I mean, Angelyne now, at age 70

No. 849128

I find it hard to believe that I'm the same age as her. It's absolutely astounding how much she has managed to completely fuck up her face.

No. 849129

Bruh she looks like trisha paytas

No. 849130

This is filtered to hell and back.

No. 849132


The girl has a huge amount of pockmarks and healthy people who keep up with their fitness habits and have good skin care do not look 10 years older than their actual age.

No. 849134

I really need someone to fucking explain to me WHY she hasn’t gotten under eye fillers yet. Is it not trendy enough? It’s like the one cosmetic procedure she hasn’t gotten and it would drastically help her droopy face

No. 849135


she spent like 30k or something to look like miss piggy?? can anyone here put her face on miss piggy lmao

No. 849138

Miss Piggy is an icon and doesn't deserve that comparison.
She probably thinks her eyebags are uwu cute aegyosal or some shit. Who knows why she makes half the choices she does. Why not get arm lipo to look less like donkey kong or stop getting ugly and tacky highly visible tattoos? If she loves sushi so much, why not hire a chef who can make seafood and rice centered meals or literal sushi instead of takeout every five minutes?
The cook could even be an fit Asian guy delivered to her home to harass! If she has the money for this studio flex, she could hire a guy she considers hot to cook her whatever whenever for probably way less than she currently spends on impulse binge takeout. Who knows what the thought process is there.

No. 849142

Her tattooed eyebrows are god awful on top of everything else. I would probably kms if I looked like this at her age. Especially with that nose job.

No. 849143

File: 1628826172227.jpg (202.52 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20210812-204219_Ins…)

Here we go

No. 849145

What about this is gyaru? The boring blonde wig?

No. 849147

Ofcourse she doesn’t know what gyaru is or does the least amount of effort possible

No. 849149

"gyaru" momo??? i think i'm gonna be sick…

No. 849150


Not even close to “gyaru”. But I’m sure that she thinks the shitty blonde wig is enough. Bitch couldn’t even be bothered to at least get a tan, but I’m sure her dumbass will try to claim that “her skin is naturally dark enough”.

It’s crazy. A “trashy, dark skinned, ditzy, blonde, bimbo” character should have been a walk in the park for her and she couldn’t even be bothered to put in the effort to even get that right. Holy fuck balls is she bad at this.

No. 849151

>kid’s backpack
A pale gyaru in elementary school?

No. 849153

the literal bare minimum and she couldn't even be bothered to do that. just wow. i never cease to be impressed by her shear laziness.
Watch her edit her skin darker like her wicke shoots back in the day.

No. 849157

Her usual self is a more accurate portrayal of gyaru than whatever this is supposed to be. what the actual fuck

No. 849158

Maybe a super toned down knock off of hime gyaru?

No. 849159

File: 1628849903247.png (3.15 MB, 1800x1081, 36900A7D-B55E-4925-89F8-CEE5FC…)

She’s still as wide as ever. If she even bends her arms, those sausage casings covering them are gonna blow!

No. 849160

Squarecuck actually escaped this monster, sadly after having to see her dirty ass and vag and saggy to the floor tits for the mass amounts of photoshoots they did together. I truly wonder if moo is completely done with him. Like maybe they had a falling out over something cause it seems like that happens for all moo’s past friendships is she pushes them past their limit or if he’s just taking a break and letting martin do it for the time being (which I can’t see happening cause photography is a competitive business so for one to just give up a client and take a break to let another photographer take their spot just doesn’t sit right or make sense)

No. 849162

Just waiting for her to justify it by saying it’s supposed to be kogyaru or some shit but even then it’s just so bad.

I might be wrong here but aren’t those clothes entirely recycled older cosplays of her? I stg the blouse and skirt look so familiar. (Then again they are as generic as they could be, so there’s that.)

No. 849163

theres something off-putting about her face in that middle, can't quite put my finger on why.
Gotta love how we're being proven right about her just using the studio for herself and 'friends'
not sure about the skirt, but the blouse looks like the one from her lala shoot. Then again that was also plain white one, so who knows at this point.

No. 849164

It’s possible, she can throw $30k on a botched nose job but scrimps when it actually comes to outfits. And judging by how she’s squeezed into it, it most likely is something she dug out of her hoard.

I wonder if him starting that modeling agency thing was what caused it? Though, tbh, maybe he got tired of constantly kissing her flat ass. Anytime he sung her praises it sounded forced and fake. That and you can only stand the smell of fish so much until it becomes sickening, be it Moo’s constant sushi take out or her vag.

No. 849166

Gyaru was a rebellion of what was considered beautiful by Japanese standards. Big curled blonde hair instead of sleek straight black hair. Dark foundation on tanned skin instead of pale skin. Tight bright clothes and wearing uniforms improperly. The only thing gyaru that Moo does right is acting like a loudmouth ape.

No. 849171

Undereye fillers REALLY don't work too well. They migrate super easily, even to inside the eyeball cavity, due to how thin the skin and membranes are there. And even when they stay in the right place, they don't do much long-term because there's usually a small ligament causing the undereye shape.

That being said, with how stupid Moo is, she'll probably end up getting them lmao

No. 849172

That middle face looks like a blow up doll and I can't unsee it now.

No. 849173

File: 1628864450148.jpg (22.05 KB, 395x399, New Project (4).jpg)

My apologies anons, the self righteous attitudes are a bit similar.
we know she was previously trying to grab an audience on tiktok and the gyaru subculture seems to be coming back so it's most likely just a poor attempt and doing something that she sees the younger kids are starting to do again so of course there will be a minimum amount of effort done just to gain attention.

Has she announced any foreseeable date of the studio being open to the public?

No. 849174


>> stocks all her old unwearable clothes at her shit tier studio, proceeds to wear them badly, again.

I would say these photos show how small the rooms are, but it’s really hard to tell- she looks like a gorilla

No. 849175

I wish she has put in more effort because she would have fucked up like usual and instead of tanned look she would have ended up with brownface

No. 849176

File: 1628866236813.jpg (96.52 KB, 1080x390, 20210814_024952.jpg)

September, apparently

No. 849178

Shotacon era Moo? She really is Pixy's successor.

No. 849180

She doesn’t actually know what a guyru is does she. She just slaps on a blonde wig. “Just like in my favorite hentai animes!”

No. 849187

I thought it was called “Just Peachy” like the giant ugly sign?

No. 849188

File: 1628872001137.jpg (10.02 KB, 418x352, cICQKQW.jpg)

sorry for the piss poor screen shot but why is her tattoo crusty?
I thought it looked weird in her recent OF release. She posted a instastory with the same arm and it confirmed what I saw but it's been deleted? I can't find it. She was ranting about Douma being animated then showed the symbols tattoo on that arm.

What is going on?

No. 849189

its sad cause this is actually pretty good like 'foreigner character usually from Russia of the US' shows up in the school comedy anime and they comically stand out for having an overly tight costume.

It's not a terrible costume if she was going for 'stupid foreigner' but there's literally nothing gyaru about this at all. I do also wonder if she's allergic to presenting gyaru properly since she had a completely inaccurate costume for the gyaru from that workout anime too.

No. 849190

She's had the tattoo for years now so I don't think it's crusty/peeling. When you don't follow aftercare procedures for a new tattoo or pick at it when it's healing it can end up looking like that. You can see it in the parts where the color looks like it's come up. Either that or the person doing the tattoo (did Sensei do this one?) fucked it up.

No. 849191

I wish I had saved the picture faster. It was definitely peeling like something happened.

No. 849192

She may have gotten it touched up recently and it's peeling because of that. Or Moo just has dry skin and doesn't bother moisturizing. If Moo had gotten it touched up she would've posted about it so it's more likely she's just not taking care of herself… because when has she ever.

No. 849195

I thought it was a take on the Western bimbo aesthetic? At least Momo could have untucked her shirt and put on obnoxious accessories. Bright pink sweater or fucking something. She really doesn't try.

No. 849197

Listen, all Mariah cares about is clout. She saw the chance of working with Martin and she jumped ship ASAP with square.

Mariah demands loyalty from her followers but does not return it. Why do you think square started his own agency? Why do you think Mariah isn’t included in it? She was going to be, but then she all of a sudden started up her own studio and started working with Martin more and more.

I can’t make it more obvious for you guys.

No. 849198

For people wonderin why she looks thinner I place my money on lipo and her abusing drugs again to lose weight. Also I love how her skin, especially her chest is sagging more. Doesn't matter how much weight she loses she will always be fucked

No. 849203

She looks like off-brand Trisha Paytas making school girl inspired porn.
I think she half-assed this so badly because she can't live up to the hyperfemme aesthetic of gyaru and came out looking like an idiot. Not like her neckbeards will really care I guess.

No. 849207

Can't be too dark, would be ashamed if someone mistook her for a POC or somethin. Moo is so transparent

No. 849208

Gyaru takes inspiration from 1990s American girl fashion. I don't know where this bimbo idea came from as it has nothing to do with scrote porn.

No. 849213


At least until she gets called out for it. Then she’ll be all “Muh naturally dark Arab skin. Totally a poc my dude”. She only claims it whenever she wants to dunk on someone calling her out in her comments or when there is story in the news she is hoping to leech off of. Otherwise she is more than happy to be as white passing as possible.

No. 849225

File: 1628897847840.jpeg (98.6 KB, 1100x825, 580B0C7F-1857-4025-9131-B75258…)

it’s sad that Trisha did a better Gyaru than moo and Trish doesn’t even pretend to be into Japanese culture

No. 849228

File: 1628899718475.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2049, D5D88513-1130-47BE-B495-82D8CC…)

That lip color ain’t helping the prolapsed anus look she has going on.

No. 849238


bless you for making this, anon

No. 849240

There's no goddamn way this is what they think gyaru looks like. I know we've all said it but these look like completely generic anime girl "cosplays." Imagine this being your job and putting that little effort in.

No. 849244

It isn’t her job anymore lol- she’s a less than Z list porn thot now. And even that’s winding down. Why do I say that? Because she has no creative streak- nothing to separate her from the rest of the OF crowd. And I would bet she isn’t attracting new fans on the regular that will pay to see the same shit over and over. And she’s getting desperate- and disgusting trying to what, sell bathwater to simps? She’s pushing the cosplay thing so hard and nobody will care.

No. 849245

File: 1628915697728.png (3.38 MB, 1800x1073, D6158B7D-7263-4E82-A62E-D7FCA9…)

This must be the “new OC” she was oinking about a little while ago. Any guesses where she ripped this off from? Even if Maddie “designed” it I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past Moo to show her images of other IP she wanted ripped.

And are those the Kanna horns?

No. 849250

I know a lot of thots have a succubus as their OC but I wouldn't put it past Moo to make it a jab against SSS since she started her career ripping off her slogan and it's been proven she holds grudges for years kek

No. 849253

Yeah sorry, when I say it's her job, I mean "content creation" whether it be porn, cosplay, whatever trainwreck she decides to pump out that month. She doesn't put effort into any of it and turns around and boasts about how hard she works on her "craft." As if everyone who follows her doesn't have eyes.

No. 849255

for someone who harps their POC card she sure does loves the blonde basic white bimbo look. Sorry for the white passing sperge but I hate how she only pulls it out to prove she isn't racist

No. 849264

And some anons said she lost weight kek

No. 849271

Who's willing to bet she made Maddie add sleeves to this design to hide her fat linebacker shoulders and arms?

No. 849272

Right? She’s just outing herself at this point.

No. 849274


she already did 2 succubus attempts and i believe at the time it was theorized that she was ripping off sss because she doesn't have an original thought in her head

No. 849275

Isn’t that the exact same wig as for the ‘gyaru’ look?

No. 849278

File: 1628950288788.png (24.54 KB, 122x89, Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 10.1…)


God damn it Moo, why can't you ever buy something that fits you? You look like a marshmallow with a rubber band wrapped around it.

No. 849279

can't tell if the seamstress fucked up creating the panty area or moo hiked them all the way up herself. I wouldn't put it past her to ruin her own design because she thinks she knows better

No. 849281

>moo hiked them all the way up herself
This, she does it all the time.

No. 849283

Lol, She used the blur extra hard on her thighs but then stands in front of a mirror.
And that barcode tattoo is stupid and just looks out of place.
I think she's going for that thicc look but is too fat to pull it off.
Mix of both. It should be much lower down and the waist band should be thinner on the sides. She might as well not bother with the crotch straps if she's going to do that, not to mention it'll cover the womb tattoo but that's probably a good thing considering how incorrect the last one was.

No. 849284

Looks like she's reusing kannas horns, the "gyaru" wig and the elf ears

No. 849286

that looks like complete shit
at least we were spared the uterus tattoo on the gunt that’s in the original design

No. 849290

Good lord, not the uterus tattoo… I’m having the worst flashbacks

No. 849310

Tbh it would’ve been hilarious if she had gotten an actual uterus tattoo.

No. 849315

you know she's thinking about it now. That and it gets Sensei closer to her lower region as well

No. 849323

File: 1628973040815.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.94 KB, 615x409, 8675389743094.jpg)

What's with the stiff body and open mouth, is she trying to make herself look like a blow up doll or what?

No. 849324

her clothes don't fit so she can't move. If she relaxes she's going to tear the outfit

No. 849332

File: 1628976025864.jpeg (35.1 KB, 828x265, 8A8BD595-6F38-4A4E-B01E-3EE5E1…)


No. 849342


looking like she's one procedure away from being farrah abraham's fat twin

No. 849343

File: 1628986020645.png (223.69 KB, 681x539, 563401D0-3599-41A4-B63E-85F65A…)

How much would this braphog charge for a braided necklace out of her butt hair?


No. 849344

File: 1628987437212.jpg (44.78 KB, 524x933, XEyz2FB.jpg)

No. 849348

Ewww she looks too old to cosplay cute characters

No. 849350

So she's cosplaying lesbians now? After years of dyke bashing? Like not even a male gazey fan service lesbian?

No. 849351

Not sure if she's necessarily ripping anybody off since lots of thots have succubus OCs but alot of her ex-calves are focusing on succubus content rn

This one does look like Juliette Michele's Blanc but she only made Blanc to match Midna's Noir, and someone else is working on a succubus game

No. 849352

She's reaching Venus Angelic mom levels of cringe. I know she's in her 20's but she looks like a 50 year old mom larping

No. 849353

File: 1628992098044.jpeg (16.65 KB, 297x322, 2073AA9A-5B0D-44CB-B38A-9EA646…)

Oh dear, that clamp is holding on to dear life.

I also like how the costume design is made to have a flimsy attempt at hiding her sausage arms and to make them look slim. The straps can’t be thinner than that too, else they’ll snap due to the sheer power of her fat. There’s a lot that I want to point out but damn, this is a mess waiting to happen. Then again, that’s nothing new.

No. 849354

File: 1628992535551.png (414.17 KB, 491x600, F55BF8B0-057E-454A-94B2-56DB0E…)

Yeah I see no difference.

No. 849355

File: 1628993205071.png (956.92 KB, 1889x2048, Screenshot_20210814-190417.png)


No. 849356

File: 1628993317344.png (1.03 MB, 2048x1774, Screenshot_20210814-190316.png)

No. 849360

lol, love how this bitch is telling on herself without taking responsibility.

No. 849361


Man she’s just in manic overdrive isn’t she? It’s almost like she realized how much quicksand her finances are built on and is trying to rush everything she’s ever wanted to change before she’s broke. Short sighted and hilarious

No. 849363


Are these the type of people you really want to pander to, moo? I mean they're probably all she'll ever get at this point, but it's sad to think about. I don't feel bad for her, but damn lol

No. 849364

what awful advice for a thot. boobs all the way. and she's one to talk, she couldn't even do Invisalign for a week
Also lil miss plastic surgery addict needs to sit down. Didn't she say she wants to do her boobs soon?

No. 849365

Well, she isn't wrong. Way more people should care about their teeth than their stupid saggy boobs.

No. 849366

Mariah forgets she barely has teeth anymore because she paid thousands of dollars for a dentist to turn them into weird little dolphin nubs. I'm sorry but she can't talk like she has nice teeth when she has porcelain in her mouth that stains/cracks constantly. My dentist was bitching about how people pay him to do veneers then go and drink coffee/wine constantly because they dont understand porcelain stains. Mariah's diet is foul so I imagine she's also going to need them replaced often.

No. 849367

File: 1629002843542.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, 09137D41-9FB1-4202-BE4B-FBB307…)

All that fat getting pushed up on her side… it’s more horrifying in motion.

No. 849371

File: 1629014017180.jpeg (657.56 KB, 828x1450, 6012DBE2-8335-42AC-B8E9-272813…)

moo trying to make rounds on tiktok again i see

No. 849373

File: 1629020328909.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, 52D3B149-7379-4FE8-9062-AB1663…)

Are those the same shorts she wore during that atrocious Cindy shoot where it rode all the way up her asscrack?

No. 849374

File: 1629020481843.png (2.58 MB, 1800x1089, 67FF4301-A2D8-4411-89CA-DBA30A…)

Her backfat and tits have formed the tire around her torso again…

No. 849379

File: 1629032109208.jpg (172 KB, 720x1238, 20210815_075457.jpg)

Another nice focus on her back tits.

No. 849385

File: 1629034019481.jpg (84.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


janice from muppets vibes again

No. 849388

Ah yes, the Jontron in drag angle.

No. 849389

What’s with her sperging about teeth all of a sudden? Lol is she that bothered we can tell she’s basically wearing dentures.

No. 849398

She's so mad they look obviously fake

No. 849406

she should feel bad, that and her nose just show how addicted she is to pointless altering shit
both her teeth AND her nose were fine, and now she's fucked them up because she can't control her compulsive behavior that I'm sure she justifies with all this "research" she does beforehand that totals maybe about an hour's worth
and now she thinks she can preach because she spent a whole hour looking things up lmao

girl you fucked up, but her entire body is a roadmap of bad decisions so what else is new

No. 849407

File: 1629047793268.jpeg (937.42 KB, 1170x1989, E32F4060-A1B6-4B40-84E7-E5B29F…)

she looks like cousin it from the adams family because she’s hiding her entire body with her hair and hiding her arms instead of putting them on her hips.

No. 849410

I take back everything I said about this studio. Here’s hoping it stays in business for a long time so we can continue to see what Mariah really looks like without her filters and edits.

No. 849413

File: 1629052139990.png (2.53 MB, 1800x1356, CA8979BF-403B-4934-96C4-4FB0C7…)

Each day she gets closer to becoming a living meme.

No. 849414

File: 1629052526613.jpeg (817.59 KB, 918x2208, 870C3A50-01DA-4F68-ACAF-663448…)

Diet and exercise my dudes

No. 849415

the difference between her foot and CALVES are messing me UP

this bitch is MASSIVE

No. 849416

even with the recent lipo she still looks huge. I'm with the other anon, I hope Moo keeps using this studio. Girl is ROUND

No. 849419

Lebanon is currently in a heavy crisis and she’s said nothing about it. Despite having Lebanese in her bio. Proof that she touts a PoC card, and doesn’t give half a shit.

No. 849420


Her neck is fucking wide holy shit

No. 849421

You mean she isn't already?
That face is straight busted at this point
Now that you've mentioned it, I can't unsee it and I can't stop how long it looks too.

No. 849424

File: 1629057322575.png (59.65 KB, 732x383, mcmilkies.PNG)


she's always had the shape

No. 849430

Making a social media post doesnt mean shit. What you said is retarded

No. 849431

Nah for how terminally online she is it means everything. Her stop asain hate went so hard. Let’s not even talk about the BLM. If she cared(wanted people to think she does) she’d make a post. Anon is right she loves her poc card and this would be the perfect time. I’d honestly bet money she didn’t even know about it. We might see a post soon.

No. 849432

I can get over her fucking with her nose etc, but the fact she paid a dentist to whittle down perfectly healthy teeth into little shards of bone is terrifying to me. She literally doesn't have teeth anymore
holy shit kek thank you for this gift

No. 849433

I guess you missed that week where Moo went full racist and terrorist for Lebanon. She attacked BLM people, supported a terrorist group and all together was a total idiot. She even went as far as waving around her guns and telling people she will show them how Muslim she really is… ya know, the worst stereotype ever.
She deleted everything and hasn't talked about it since. Pretty sure she came down from her high. She hasn't flashed her guns since as well.

No. 849434

File: 1629070170536.png (428.05 KB, 607x633, ERFEEFDEZDF.png)

These are 28 days apart

No. 849435

keep in mind Moo uses those slimming video filters. Moo hasn't seen herself in years. She doesn't stare at the mirror, she will only look at herself through a phone's filter.

No. 849436

File: 1629070987391.jpeg (328.87 KB, 1800x1800, DF0CC82C-CAC2-40D3-8582-B61412…)

Top kek.

No. 849437

During BLM she complained that Arab Lives Matter more.

No. 849439

File: 1629074111479.jpg (81.8 KB, 345x490, original (4).jpg)

Modern anime and manga has completely ruined the term "gyaru" for weebs nowadays, anyone blonde with school uniform is considered gyaru now.

No. 849440

Incorrect. Gyaru literally died out in Japan, the only thing you see labeled as such is by the fan community. No Japanese mangaka misuses terms like that.

No. 849441

She should be posting about it now, again, then. Thanks for proving my point.

No. 849442

These don't even look like the same people.

No. 849444

I mean even that character has flashy nails, accessories, and the gyaru personality
Moo's cosplay is just a uniform 3 sizes too small and a bad wig, just like all her other cosplays

No. 849446


damn. i think i'm actually tapping out on following momo. this is actually fucked

No. 849447

How is she legitimately getting WORSE at this ? I know- she doesn’t gaf. But then she should stop pretending she gaf cause the only one that believes that is her

No. 849448

File: 1629091663595.png (6.64 MB, 1800x1565, D9387B55-07A7-49FA-B0BB-9B34B8…)

Both her and that wall look cheap.

No. 849449

Oh wow, that looks just awful. I can not for the life of me figure out what you'd shoot in front of a backdrop like that.

No. 849450

She looks more like she's wincing in pain than smiling.

No. 849454

Her droopy eyes I can’t! She’s the only person in the world who needs the fox eye surgery

No. 849456

Her head is shrunk down so much that it doesn't even look remotely natural.

No. 849458

Holy shit it is so bad. The actual rose blossoms are so sparsely placed that it looks like cheap petals or other.. roughage.. were placed in the spaces between. Looks like old layers of paint peeling off the wall

No. 849459

It looks like she was poorly edited in front of this bc the lighting and repetitive wall texture.

No. 849461

They could have staggered the roses more. The “lines” are driving me nuts. It looks like a terrible clone-tool mishap. And the color is awful. They will look grey in a matter of months.

No. 849462

This screams Pinterest diy with no critical thinking and buying like 1000 of the exact same fake flower and realizing too late how unnatural that looks. But you know the zoomers will be all yaaaas beautiful shoujo bg yaaaaas

No. 849468

It kinda looks like cheap shitty "photorealistic" wallpaper. Or a sims mod. She did not do a good job putting that up all.

No. 849471

Thus has been so badly hung that you can see it's panels that have been thrown on a wall quickly as possible

No. 849472

File: 1629111370865.jpeg (123.64 KB, 640x640, 7B47760D-0345-4486-8A71-160F20…)

Absolutely horrendous. At this size the details are completely lost and it looks like a weird musty wall with relief.

She should have used a mix of sizes and colors to keep it interesting, pic related. What a waste.
Same as her all white McMansion, she has 0 taste and tries to look boujee but fails spectacularly

No. 849473

very junior prom ca. 1992 look

No. 849474

File: 1629114843598.jpg (216.07 KB, 1280x1766, 1111.jpg)

The design looks like a random DeviantArt adoptable thing

No. 849479


The green giant.

No. 849480

From far away it looks like she’s sitting in front of a wall of ground meat.

No. 849481

>wall of ground meat
I guess now we know why she choose those awful look lol

No. 849483

this exactly. some variation in size, color, texture, type of flower etc. would have made this much better looking. even just adding in some leaves so the contrasting green could help break up the monotony a bit. there's absolutely no dimension to it at all. mariah is proof time and again that money can't buy taste, creativity, or talent. but at least she has such unwavering confidence in her lack of taste and skill that she continues to post shit like this for us to laugh at lol.

No. 849488

There’s literally tutorial videos on how to diy a flower wall.

No. 849491

It's fascinating how she wants to be skinny so bad but just decides to do poor photoshop. She wont even admit she's obese, hell she's currently bordering on morbidly obese. I use to be concerned for this cows health but at this point I'm just waiting on news of her first heart attack or her being hospitalized for her untreated diabetes

No. 849493

Sage cause no milk, but I just got one of her banners and it is amazing and sad how she looks a thousand times worse in every aspect now.

No. 849494

Oh noooo why is it all the same color?! Some different colors of roses would make it look way more like roses. Now it just looks like a weird textured wall

No. 849497

What’s funny is that if you look closer, some of the petals have a gross yellow hue to them. It’s like she got these discounted after they sat in the sun and got discolored by it lol. Which honestly I wouldn’t put it past her to do. But damn that wall is as much (or worse) of an eyesore as the lobby mural. Literally every room exudes “cheap” despite the amount of money she blew on it.

No. 849499

So fast in fact, all the roses are still squished from the packaging and look deformed. There was no care put into this at all… just like Moo’s hamfisted attempts at cosplay.

No. 849501

File: 1629130836885.jpeg (306.95 KB, 963x316, 2D70DCD9-F272-42C2-89BC-F445F5…)

Her hand looks so stubby. Looks like a capybara paw

(Forgive the bad formatting)

No. 849502

File: 1629131327472.jpg (29.2 KB, 600x505, 1627229746044.jpg)

No. 849504

Can’t wait for this monstrosity to open for the public and LV anons come through with the candids.

No. 849507

File: 1629134602627.jpg (295.99 KB, 930x1415, Melt.jpg)

Seconding what >>849458 said about it looking like paint peeling off a wall, it immediately made me think of photos of abandoned hospitals. Give it another month or so and with all the dust and shed skin cells and so on that'll have built up on the roses she'll be able to use it as a background for TLOU cosplay or a Silent Hill photoshoot.
I guess it's only fitting it already looks like it's been abandoned for 30 years since she will 100% abandon the whole project and never visit the place again in a month tops.

No. 849516


The wall looks like a close-up of human skin cells kek

No. 849520

The fact that wall just does not go with the flooring really doesn't help the situation. Nor does the fact that it just looks like she's using a random wall.
Between this, the gym and the "japanese" living room I cannot wait to see what other trainwrecks she designs

Why you gotta do the capybara dirty like that?

No. 849522

File: 1629142505693.jpg (166.99 KB, 472x576, 20210816_203436.jpg)

No. 849528

I don't even think airbrushing pops of color to bring out some dimension would help. The flowers look squished and create weird artificial lines from the way they're placed that almost look like seams. You can see she pulled the flowers apart to create filler pieces out of the petals instead of buying smaller flowers >>848540. Assuming she spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars if a bundle of 10 decent fake roses cost somewhere around 15USD, this entire wall was not only a timesink but a moneysink as well.

No. 849531

I thought this wall was just one of those tacky photo wallpapers.

No. 849533

File: 1629155851573.jpg (672.38 KB, 1036x1901, Screenshot_20210816-161525_Ama…)

Of course they are garbage. She's doing everything dollar store cheap for this "luxurious experience". Kek can't even buy real silk or custom order a wall for installation. She's like a slumlord. Got them off Amazon for $19.99 a pop

>Blush Blooms Flower Panel for Flower Wall Decor | 16 Inch by 12 Inch Flower Panel | Flower Wall, Backdrop, Weddings, Event Decor, Bridal & Baby Shower, and Photography Decor (Gradient Pink)

No. 849538

It's wild that she could easily pay for a college education or study a trade or do literally anything else to better herself and have a safety net outside of her horrible "sex work" and this is what she chooses to do. Like if she was a legitimate student of something she could study abroad in glorious Nippon and live there for an extended chunk of time after the plague.
She really thinks she's going to be welcomed back into the cosplay community with open arms and that there enough weebs around with more money than sense to keep bankrolling her extravagant takeout binge and plastic surgery lifestyle. I don't understand her choices.

No. 849558

File: 1629177977123.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, F79B3503-F50D-4F20-98ED-A57FCF…)

Sure Jan.

No. 849563

sage for dumb question, but im not from america so im not sure how it works over there compared to here. But whenever anything is located near the aiport its always industrial or factories of some kind. Barely anything exists worth value near the aiports other than maybe a hotel and maybe some cheap takeway places. Is being near the aiport somehow 'cool'?

No. 849564

What a sad bitch.

“Hmm should I just lie about Whole Foods in this sushi parking lot? Hmmm. NAAAAAH first, I’ll push down my shirt so my sad clacker-like tits can spill out for attention, add some filter to hide the fact my flesh is rejecting my body. Finally, adjust the camera so it’s the POV of my love boat to go sushi platter before I unhinge my maw and swallow it whole aaaaand done”

No. 849565

If those cost $20, and her wall is about 10x10 of those (judging from the lines between all of them you can count about 10 x 10 in that picture) that means that wall cost at least $2000 to look like that

No. 849568

Not really “cool” per say, since it’s usually loud near airports. The convenience is definitely the reason ppl like it, not having to drive too far from the airport (since traffic is usually heavy around)

No. 849571

But like another anon pointed out, that doesn't make logistical sense with how cosplayers travel. Generally people stay as close to the convention center as possible. If they are flying in from out of town, their first stop is going to be their hotel, not a photoshoot. And no one is going to want to go after the con after packing up their hotel room, unpacking for the shoot, and then repacking before flying out. If they are local, some random industrial compound by the airport is not super appealing. Like everything she does, the location was poorly thought out if it wasn't just an impulse purchase.

No. 849572

This. I said it before in these threads that she could have set up shop in Summerlin (which is ritzy and close to her home) or the Arts District (it just makes more sense). She chose the location by the airport because it was likely the cheapest she could afford. The “shuttle service” she proposed is her bullshit way of trying to rationalize her shitty decision. She knows full well she herself wouldn’t do what she’s saying other cosplayers will with going straight to a studio after a flight (because we assume by now Moo’s itinerary consists of getting off the plane, food, hotel, more food, Adderall fueled manic episode, sleep)

No. 849578

That’s assuming there’s no leftover materials too. I imagine she blew over 2k rather than doing the math.

No. 849586

File: 1629211231338.jpg (512.98 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20210817-073536_Ins…)

This is just God awful.

No. 849589

File: 1629212559492.jpg (243.42 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20210817-110125_Ins…)

Nitpick, but Moo really put foundation on her armpit to hide her diabetes discoloration.

No. 849593

Crazy how her fat folds are just travelling up to her face. The discoloration must be really really bad if she's using high coverage on her pits. Disgusting.

No. 849601

Her baboon anus lips are deflating. MOAR FILLER, STAT!
Side note, didn't she get that nosejob so she didn't have to contour her nose anymore? Then why is she contouring it?

No. 849605

It’s a little different in Vegas too, airport (although noisy and traffic ridden) is a prime location due to convenience and it being such a heavy tourist town. If this were Denver or Chicago it would be significantly… grosser.

No. 849606

lol, no it isn't. the area immediately around the airport is a nightmare constantly full of taxis and tourists who don't know where they're going. the area immediately outside that is pretty ghetto cheap apartment complexes. she's close to UNLV, but that's not even a draw because most of the students are rich cali kids who couldnt get into their first choice school. the areas around the art district and strip like anons said earlier are the hot tourist parts of town, and this would have gone best near the convention centers or in downtown where it's all gentrified artsy bullshit. those are expensive rent though, and a bunch of corporate buildings off the airport highways just shuttered up in the pandemic, so you bet she picked one of those while it was cheap. it's obvious from the rooms in the place that it's meant to be small offices.

No. 849610

I’m assuming once this shit show is open to the public we’ll be able to view it on google street view. That’s assuming she’s actually “opening” it

No. 849626

This looks more like her just using the dodge tool to lighten her hyperpigmentation from being a chubber. You can even see the outline of where she lightened.

No. 849632

File: 1629233386292.jpeg (1.32 MB, 943x1307, 78E87B07-DE99-4AA4-A60E-275B4D…)


She did the Wal mart version of oc wonderland studios. What a joke lol, she literally has no taste, can’t even copy things lol

No. 849634

That actually looks pretty cool. So that's an artistic backdrop done right.

No. 849635

You can see the caked on foundation over her razor burn

No. 849638

This is the first thing I thought of too. She's taking ideas from wonderland studios via Akemi

No. 849646

Sorry I just have to get this off from my chest but the further away photo somehow reminded me of that vagina wall thing thanks to the fleshy colored squished roses

No. 849663

Oh my lord, that wig is deep fried for sure from top to bottom. Further proof she doesn't take cosplay seriously. Moo can't even get her wigs to not look crispy.

No. 849667

most Chinese Amazon listings are more expensive than their identical aliexpress listings. I am willing to bet she paid way less and got those on another site.

No. 849673

Oh yes, we all know Bargain Huntress Mariah has been refreshing taobao for weeks, if not months trying to save on her human flesh looking wall which is going to collect dust like she collects cosmetic procedures.

No. 849690

That’s because her live in wig slave, umbranwitch, is all about those crimped and crispy wigs. On a normal person they’re supposed to be uwu anime but on moo they just exaggerate how big she’s gotten and how sloppy she is

No. 849739

File: 1629312708052.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.65 KB, 1023x708, goWtva4.jpg)

New video:


>has a blaring filter on so every darkened part of her body (stained ass, dirty feet) look clean
>masturbates in the living room, has cat hair in her toes, proceeds to yell in her living room where I assume her roomies are not home
>Crammed alot of fetishes into this video: feet, extreme closeups of her pastrami flaps, "flexing" her asshole, showing off the inside of her vagoo (where she's made organic cottage cheese), folding laundry while masturbating with a dildo, showing off anal beads (didn't even pop them in?)
>LOTS of jump cuts. You watch it expecting her to finish out one scene but then she just cuts to her spreading her stained ass
>has acquired new bruises and ass pimples. Enjoy

No. 849740

File: 1629312751189.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.15 KB, 438x527, XcuAaJJ.jpg)

No. 849743

File: 1629312894784.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.56 KB, 836x466, v6N77Z4.jpg)

No. 849751

I’m assuming these are bruises from lipo?

No. 849753

she looks like a bloated corpse

No. 849754

its so weird not seeing it look red and inflamed for once.
fitting that it looks like a pigs tail

No. 849758

NTA but seriously what are those? Are they injection marks? If they are, are they just so huge and red because her whole face is still swollen after the nose job or are they infected or something?
You can see them here too if you look closely. They look scabbed over or covered by her cakey foundation.

No. 849759

File: 1629318201812.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.6 KB, 1080x1043, IMG_20210818_152247.jpg)

How unfortunate

No. 849760

Oh those are for sure lipo marks. You can see the puncture spot. Way to out yourself AGAIN

No. 849761


You can’t even meme how bad that tit looks. Sometimes truth is more horrid than fiction. Either this is a REALLY bad angle or her tits are REALLY off

No. 849763

Her tits look like they’re resting on her fupa from that angle

No. 849770

She's starting to look like those sex toys that are like fake vaginas with boobs attached to the top. Oh my god. I'm going to go workout now, goodbye.

No. 849777

She's what, 23? and her tits are hanging below her belly button. Should have had that breast lift and implants BEFORE the nose job.

She's such a botched freak show.

No. 849778

jfc her whole body is COVERED in fresh lipo scars. Who's the reckless butcher sucking all the fat out of her?
Also I haven't seen titts that saggy and flat on someone in their 20's with no kids. No wonder she's cheap with everything she does, she's addicted to bad plastic surgery