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File: 1647973101824.png (2.2 MB, 1242x1229, 27EB8C53-661B-4FCC-8030-6BC414…)

No. 870969

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>867006
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co, peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:
>>Officially opens pre-booking for her unregistered photo studio, requires you to not only include instagram/social media handles as an obvious way to screen for clout, but also to upload a picture of a valid driver’s license/government ID which is not only incredibly suspicious, but also illegal.
>>Lots of strange charges and “add-on’s” in regards to pricing, from a $20 membership fee to book, to a $500 fee if she thinks you’re drunk/high. Very obvious cash grab as a last ditch attempt to make money before she fades into obscurity. Site is unclear and looks like it was designed and written by a fifth grader.
>>Continues to upload half baked porn on her OnlyFans. Filters and Photoshop working overtime to hide her deep set wrinkles and overall complexion that ages her 20+ years, but no amount of photo editing can get rid of her 30k nose job that makes her look like a burn victim.
>>Candids from LvlUp Expo surface, looks like you’d expect. Proceeds to delete/remove any tagged photos from LvlUp off her main account, coincidentally after they get posted on lolcow.
>>Bunny’s (and consequentially Susu’s) dirty laundry gets aired on Twitter revealing, to the surprise of no one, that they are shitty people. Mariah, being the leech that she is, jumps on this golden opportunity to try clear her name on her “secret” Twitter.
>>Goes back on her shit ass apologies in regards to the sexual assault/general harassment claims and revives old milk from years ago, claims that she never did anything wrong and that she was “bullied” into apologizing because Bunny and Co. were being mean to her.
>>Spins everything to make it seem like she was the victim the entire time for everything bad she did in the past.
>>After ranting and raving for hours on Instagram, says she’s deleting all evidence of
her talking about Bunny because she’s “healed”. Tells everyone bringing up valid criticism and receipt’s regarding her shitty behavior to “touch grass”.
>>After she deletes her rant on Instagram, proceeds to spend the next two days lurking on lolcow and her Twitter mentions, fighting with everyone she can who isn’t trying to defend her.
>>Tries to provide the illusion that she is an unbothered queen using spirituality as a (shitty) cover up.
>>Posts lots of random and unclear screenshots as evidence for her claims, most
notable is her posting messages Etika sent her, effectively using a dead man to push her victim narrative.
>>Doesn’t address any other allegations outside of everything Bunny had a direct effect on (stealing art/character designs, being racist, harassing others, lying about lypo, charity fraud, etc.)
>>None of her “friends” come to her rescue publicly, tries to insert herself into conversations with other cosplayers on Twitter and gets ratio’d.
>>Hints that she might get back into streaming by showing off her set up. Will probably get tired and quit in a few weeks when the dopamine wears off.
>>Finished remodeling her garage, now she can workout in peace without all the guys with girlfriends coming up to talk to her and interrupting her waddling on the elliptical.

No. 870971

Nice, thank you anon for the quick thread.

No. 870972

She deleted that post from her second account that showed the bike. Def not hers, if she had a licensed that allowed bikes she’d brag about it like her gun permit. Maybe it’s that cousin that was living with her.

No. 870978

File: 1647976984026.jpeg (756.46 KB, 1070x1764, 8C36555D-3BFD-47FA-ADB0-8FA312…)

It’s so super secret that they even gave it a generic name lol. Also, who the fuck is "Kate"? Was moo too chickenshit to list this herself?

No. 870979

File: 1647977056494.jpeg (430.29 KB, 1070x1489, 9802EBB1-2EF3-4FDE-A83F-B97FC8…)

Also, convenient funeral home nearby. Just saying.

No. 870981

File: 1647977406572.png (1.32 MB, 1800x1446, 01A5C2EC-B2BF-4155-ABDD-4F9250…)

This reads in "engrish" to me, especially the last paragraph.

No. 870982

it's in the middle of nowhere.

No. 870983

File: 1647977584620.jpeg (42.55 KB, 1053x436, 479AEF23-819F-405F-B412-9718EA…)

Lol who is going to stop people from taking pics of the building, seriously? What is Mariah going to do? Tack on a penalty fee arbitrarily after the fact if she sees the building on social media?

No. 870986

Yes. You can bet for a fact moo will use whatever she can to charge anyone for anything, especially if at some time later someone calls her out. I rent space, do my shoot with a new idea. She steals that idea. I call her out on it. All the sudden I’m “violating the rules of her shithole studio” and getting charged on my card. That’s why I think there are as many stupid arbitrary rules listed- she wants as many angles to fuck someone over as she can.

No. 870987

Sorry for doublepost but paradise is a slum. Figured she’d put it in an unsafe ghetto.

No. 870988

those rules will just get her into trouble if she tries to actually charge people instead of going to court. she's not a hotel, she can't charge for incidentals or something.

No. 870995

Suggestion for next thread is moving her onlyfans account closer to the top of her links. I don't even think she uses her Patreon anymore? OF is what she makes her living off of now so it should be one of the first links.

The post anon shared last thread with the bike in it is still up. It's from last month though, not recent.

No. 871000

As an editor, this hurts me so fucking much.

No. 871001

>I don't even think she uses her Patreon anymore?
She's still ripping people off on patreon by not doing anything.
Yeah, Kate H is a fake name so no one could search her up and find it, but it was found anyway. Too bad mooriah, now what? Gonna move an entire building?

No. 871002

Samefag but I’m going to go ahead and guess that “Peachy Collective” is already trademarked by someone else so she couldn’t have it advertised which makes this place look even more sketchy than it already is lol.

No. 871003

File: 1647987743473.png (1.52 MB, 1892x717, Peachy.png)

There's a few out there, including some small project by 2 groups with some pretty decent looking merch.

No. 871004

Can’t wait to see this shot go under. Guarantee she doesn’t make a year

No. 871005

yeah she definitely can't advertise with it. she definitely doesn't have a business license.

No. 871006

I love how she tries to make it some super secret shit and it took how long to find it?

No. 871008

i wonder if she added offsite booking with a fake name to try to get people who wouldn't normally book with her, rather than trying to hide.

No. 871009

I hope a customer finds her thread here and posts the building out of spite. She will never know who it was kek.

No. 871010

Looking through the costhot thread some of the post about Susu are def moo hahah

No. 871012

File: 1647991514164.png (1.13 MB, 1245x460, shopping center kek.PNG)

I checked street view and it's one of those shopping centers with the outlet stores. Looks pretty industrial too. She's in one of those vacant shops.

No. 871013

this is definitely a shitty old industrial office then. moo must be shitting herself seeing all this.

No. 871014

No. 871015

It's public property lol

No. 871017

this is hilarious. You would think a proud business woman who isn't doing anything illegal would use… ya know the studio's name and not list it as something else kek

No. 871018

When her fire hazard goes under watch her blame Bunny and Susu for it
and not the literal hundreds of people who have personal beef with her. Or hell, just a random city inspection

No. 871019

i think she means that you can't rent it, tards.

No. 871020

I think random city inspection is where I’d put my money. Figure- she has some weird idea of a super secret clubhouse. People that own businesses around her are bound to be a little curious and she will of course be moo- rude. And piss off her neighbors. They may think she’s running some illegal shit or something. Sides it’s a slum with like 77% higher than national average crime. 111% higher for violent crime. Yep great neighborhood to be in

No. 871022

I don’t think anyone immediately assumes you could or would want to pay to shoot your cosplay in front of an ugly, run down business park… It’s absolutely Moo being paranoid, anon.

No. 871023

So… once again the nearby funeral home comes into play lol
But seriously. I will never understand her reasoning for setting up there other than it was probably dirt cheap compared to the arts district or somewhere around Summerlin. I can already hear peoples cars getting broken into over where it’s at.

No. 871024

File: 1647998532543.jpeg (295.54 KB, 1284x2655, 5A40A3CA-E427-4472-A408-F3B6F0…)

The shopping strip seems to be used by a bmw place, other auto places like tinting and car wrapping (watch her try to flex to get a weeby carhead) , a dj/audio shop and a 24hr ox bar kek. I tried to find where her spot is and this part kept coming up as blurry for some reason. The windows are all huge as well, so good luck shooting your nudity!

No. 871025

File: 1647998750781.jpeg (725.9 KB, 1284x2475, DDAB7985-EABA-43F4-894D-4CC306…)

Imagine thinking anyone would want to rent a shoot out there. Also you have to ask first before you use any outlets and the electrical box is not accessible per the ad, so I wonder if they ditched the fire hazard idea

No. 871027

the fact she uses the term "luxury" multiple times while having her run down, fire hazard, office building in a ghetto part of Vegas is what really gets me. Nothing about this experience is luxury
If you don't get harassed, ripped off or doxxed by Moo you have the chance to get mugged or your car getting broken into.

No. 871028

Nah, it’s still there. Just waiting to set a cosplayer’s wig on fire.
I seriously can’t wait for it to open now just to see the reviews. Hopefully from people outside her circle. I have a feeling her friends will bombard sites with fake glowing reviews because Moo pressured them or forked over cash.

No. 871029

File: 1647999689519.jpeg (970.5 KB, 1009x1818, DF5FDF7E-1DCC-40A2-9ECC-27DD4F…)

Forgot pic.

No. 871032

File: 1648008276778.jpeg (315.83 KB, 1651x1126, 2D4ED339-6B15-43C8-96E8-CF17ED…)

Regarding the drama of last thread. Looks like Moo deleted 22 tweets (or they were reported, who knows). That would be more than just the Etika and Nana/KBBQ ones.

No. 871034


She sperged over 100 tweets in two days but told someone on Twitter to stop their “belligerent screaming” when they told her to not bring up Etika to defend herself

No. 871041

All that shit in one tiny space you can't fit it all in one shot because panning out will ruin the effect. This is hilariously bad.

No. 871047

Some dumb nigger was spamming the last thread regarding the pic in this thread.

You guys need to fix that.(retard spammer)

No. 871050

File: 1648036449623.jpg (147.44 KB, 937x596, studio.jpg)

Man, it sure is good she didn't shoot porn in her gym set that has huge windows during the day.

looks like she already got some "clients"

No. 871051

File: 1648036650237.jpg (121 KB, 935x604, studio2.jpg)


If the brochures I could find are correct, this place is costing her somewhere between $2000 to $2500 a month. This place is already beyond unprofitable at that rate, considering how long she's been using it for and how much she's spent on sets.

No. 871053

File: 1648037416032.jpg (253.12 KB, 766x621, price.jpg)

No. 871054

File: 1648037883074.jpeg (346.17 KB, 1242x1733, 76FEB677-AF7B-4D51-83A8-88B49F…)

Booking is password protected now?

No. 871055

probably the same "katelyn" that's listed on the site for booking/ General Questions
I might be over analyzing, but I don't think this is the location. None of the photos with windows match any of the buildings at that commerce center. None of the corner windows match what we've been able to see, and the few that might be the studio are either too big or too far apart. Also none quite line up with her gym set.

No. 871056

File: 1648040151111.jpg (51.49 KB, 600x392, untitled.jpg)

studios got a twitter now

No. 871062

I think a good comparison could be used with any front lobby pictures. That’s the area that will have those windows in front, while all the sets will be in the back/ warehouse area

No. 871063

I’m honestly interested to see the kind of photos that come out of these sets since they seem so limited. Like this set has a huge tree in it that seems like can’t even be in the frame much since if you do a zoomer out shot you could get the other sets in it.

No. 871064

It’s a big complex so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one that’s a bit different.

No. 871069

she had to enter the address for that site, anon. also there are buildings farther back we can't see the windows for.

No. 871070

You know you can just plug the address into Google earth and see the buildings in 3D

No. 871071

she had to provide the address though. it's part of the ToS for the booking site. she can't lie about it either because the site uses the address to give to clients. google earth doesn't have the updated pics after moo gutted out the building now does it?

No. 871072

Yes, because the company she's renting from is totally going to let you put in/remove windows

No. 871073

anon, we've never even seen the building or the layout other than attempting to piece it together with moo's pics and stories. you're not some architect sleuth. quit tinfoiling and sit down.

No. 871074

Google has a lot of outdated images, I plugged in my old address to see (as a hunch on how often they may update) and it's showing shit I know has been gone for awhile, for example my neighbors car was the one they had in middle of 2020 and has since gotten a new one and we no longer have a banana tree.
You're paying significantly more to renovate something you lease. You realize if you lease an old Mcdonalds place you're not going to leave it looking like a mcdonalds..right?

No. 871077

I think that always was pw protected since you have to be a “member” to get access to booking.

No. 871081

File: 1648049794974.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x1328, Screenshot_20220323-083600_Fir…)

You can still bypass membership stuff after the name and email though kek

No. 871084

She would've been begging about building the exterior because it would make her look like a big boss lady. The tinfoil is bad. Eventually it'll have to leak.

No. 871087

This is like any decent photographer's nightmare, you can only do front facing shots with minimal angles. Any other shot reviews how cramped the sets are.

No. 871090

the lighting looks awful. this is supposed to be an "outdoor set. oh well. moo is mediocre as usual.

No. 871091

if you don't know what you're talking about, don't contribute.

No. 871092

That's what I don't get with this whole project, the sets are so small basically all shoots will look the same besides models swapped out.
I've seen bigger photobooths at weddings

No. 871099

It feels like she's posting more about her sussy studio because she's feeling insecure about what anons said and about Bunny and Susu
"Look! I'm a strong buisness woman! I didn't pay these people to shoot in my studio and made them keep quiet about it! I do more than porn gaiz"

No. 871104

the photos look so bad too. lighting is bad and you literally need to be in other sets to take the shots you need.

No. 871113

She designed it solely with herself in mind. She knows she can only look ""good"" from the front, plus it makes shooping easier if you can't get a bad angle without accidentally taking a photo with other sets and cosplayers in the back, ruining the shot. She likely planned each set around her preconceived ideas for her own photos and porn then realized she could rent it to gullible retards.

No. 871114

she's just stupid. she has no idea how to take photos, so of course she can't design around doing so. she clearly didn't even consider that you could only take the photos head on, the ""japanese"" set along with have so many pieces you can't even photograph, it's obvious she didn't realize that. plus she can't even fit in the utility closet.

No. 871120

saged for ot but didn’t moo say she was planning on getting a breast reduction in march? was that confirmed or was she just in the middle of a manic episode, i remember she was getting tons of lypo working out so she could loose weight for the surgery

No. 871121

she did mention a breast lift, but who knows. anons could have scared her out of it by pointing out that she will have really proportionally small breasts afterwards since most of her breasts are just the saggy skin.

No. 871122

Moo has both stated she wants to get a boobjob to get the bimbo anime look and also that she wants to completely cut her boobs off. Honestly I think both were just times she was manic. She's also probably scared to do invasive procedures (barring the nosejob since that was minimally invasive) considering how badly botched her first lipo went.

No. 871127

maybe those are the "two sides" moo's been going on about.

No. 871131

Yureta just got her tits lifted and they look good. She's friends with moo. More likely she will take her advice

No. 871137

File: 1648093501545.png (148.36 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20220323-232855~3.p…)

Just to back this up here is her official registry page from the Nevada government website's business search with the address at the bottom. It matches the one listed on her bookings site. The other address listed on the page is just a random address she uses for her LLC

No. 871139

File: 1648095899773.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1353x2048, F1171565-2A37-4D76-838C-8F3B85…)

So luxurious…

No. 871141

File: 1648096832774.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2149, Screenshot_20220324-003455~2.p…)

I think it's actually this one since the address is listed as 1C and Google maps for some reason pulls up unit 2C. Still awful either way

No. 871142

File: 1648096878936.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20220324-003423~2.p…)

No. 871143

My bad, thanks anon! It’s still an ugly as sin area in any case.

No. 871145

kek. i knew she didn't have the rights to the name.

No. 871148

She can still claim peachy because her excuse of peach means momo in Japanese

No. 871149

too bad peachy is a different word, but moo barely knows english so she definitely doesn't know japanese.

No. 871151

Looking at this building setup I’m thinking it makes a great horror movie setup. Also she should totally get some signage for the pylon out front. She can put it next to Bobs AC repair and Blue Ox Central Bar. Very Sophisticated.

No. 871169

I’m placing bets on something totally nondescript like "STUDIO" or some shit to keep it as vague as possible.

No. 871172

File: 1648140084751.jpg (587.95 KB, 1080x1971, Screenshot_20220324-094015_Ins…)

Her site is garbage and isn't mobile friendly. The overlay makes it hard to read. This is a stationary code! Its fucking easy, Moo!

No. 871186

not only that she definitely could have used something like a squarespace template to build out her website to have it translate well both on web and mobile, and yet

No. 871189

To be fair her intention for the website is to collect data and probably do shady shit with it too. Why do you think indian scammer sites all look alike and all are shitty 5 minute build-a-website sites liker her's?

No. 871197

File: 1648171603682.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1083x1927, 5D138A13-2F2D-49DD-B0F8-F5CA10…)

No. 871204

So I’ve been thinking about this since she “dissolved” her fillers but I’m pretty sure she’s had some surgery in her lips recently to reconstruct si they don’t look like huge sausage lips

No. 871205

It looks like she refilled them. The mania is in full effect.

No. 871206

I bet she put the filler back in after seeing how her nose was settling and realizing how big of a gap there is now. News flash, moo, the filler isn't going to fix the balance of your face. You've ruined that permanently doing dumb shit you absolutely did not need to do.

No. 871207

File: 1648176771663.jpg (118.3 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_20220324-195232_Ins…)

Good damn, her sister had just as many accounts as moo

No. 871209

And we care about this because…?

No. 871211

This bitch is driving on the road and had to snap a picture of her pig nose and monkey lips kek

No. 871213

File: 1648183932730.jpg (253.98 KB, 1080x2143, Screenshot_20220324-214915_Chr…)

Yeah you can tell she got them redone since this was her face 11 days ago

No. 871214

Looking at the rash on her upper lip and the swelling, she definitely got them refilled.

No. 871223

Jesus, another bimbo lip filler arc. Tell us you lurk without telling us you lurk. Too bad your nose, body, and personality is a lost cause.

No. 871238

Also kind of proves that when she’s spiraling her go to is to somehow fuck up her body, whether it’s tattoos or plastic surgery

No. 871239

a lot of people with both tattoos and plastic surgery get addicted to it if they have addictive or impulsive tendencies. this is definitely the case for moo.

No. 871241

He manic hyper spergs and really, really bad impulse control (tattoos, food binging, surgeries, lies constantly) and coupled with how quick she is to fixate or stick with things (douma, the fate obsession, weed, drinking), I don't doubt she has legit ADHD. Definitely the case for Moo and one of the only true things she ever said lol

No. 871251

I think they gave her advice to dissolve everything because there was too much migration going on and Moo had to wait for her lips and skin to heal. It's too bad because Moo has no self control and they're going to look like inflated sausages

No. 871252

she's just going to make it worse. she already has permanent ring around her lips from the last time. she's not going to be able to stop getting them now. it's pathetic she got any to begin with, it was clearly all us, weeb dudes don't care about lips or any of her other instathot shit she's late to the party on.

No. 871255

I forgot what it’s called but I know there is a procedure to reconstruct the lips do when they have fillers it looks more natural, that way you don’t get the clear filler line she had. I’m
Pretty sure this is what she got and why she dissolved tne fillers in the first place

No. 871257

It's a piece of barbed flexible plastic they implant.

No. 871259

She’s got ADHD and a personality disorder kek.

No. 871293

don't fillers cost like $700-$1000 a session? I know she's bad with money but I'm always surprised at just HOW bad she is with money.

No. 871304

most of her expenses goes to plastic surgery
then booze and food
then the drugs
It's hard to guess how much she spends to buy friends

No. 871305

don't forget she paid a premium for her shitbox in the middle of nowhere. she acts like a billionaire with tons of investments but i'm sure her spending always lowers her net worth. moo is too cheap to hire someone competent to set up her business, she has no stocks or investments and probably keeps her money in a standard savings account rather than a cd.

No. 871311

I casually checked moo's twitch page and she has a countdown timer for her next stream in sub 2 days from now

No. 871313

her subreddits been banned. Seven days ago for being "unmoderated"

No. 871321

File: 1648278648510.jpeg (488.19 KB, 828x1611, 4E0B7132-1CA5-4C2B-B333-79A892…)

Sorry to bring this back up but correct me if I’m wrong- these huge ass fees seem to be a bit much. $150 fee for not leaving the room clean after use? What is clean to this chic or will she scan anyone if it comes down to a napkin being left on a counter and suddenly your getting fined $150. And the $500 drug use and alcohol fee?? With the amount of weed she and all her “buddies” smoke and the alcohol they drink, how are they gonna fine others when their constant high off their asses or doing said things not to do in the rules. This is ridiculous.

No. 871322

They also aren't the police. She can't prove someone is under the influence and charging someone without proof could result in a lawsuit because it's such a big fine if someone wants to contest it. Especially if they ever see Moo posting or toting around her pen. Everyone already knows Moo smokes 24/7. She would show up high and it's either everyone follows the rules or no one follows the rules.

No. 871338

you can't even charge fees like this yourself, you need to go to court. the only way she can charge this legally is if she takes it as a deposit upfront. if she just decides to do so after the fact she'll be in hot water for unauthorized charges.

No. 871343

And I doubt the front end people will know as Moo is definitely not there 24/7. Calling her up after check in, without proof, could result in a discrimination and defamation of character suits. I hope to God she does.

No. 871348

She won’t even define what a major cleaning entails. So if you do OF stuff do you automatically get slapped with a $150 fee, are clients expected to clean adequately themselves, or do they not consider getting naked all over the sets to require significant cleaning? None of these options are good.

No. 871352

File: 1648312676967.jpeg (24.43 KB, 219x214, 770B4288-F832-4888-A209-F4C9FC…)

Lmaooo Babbys first business venture and she’s already a slimy foreign boss type. Her next thing should be a ho-tel or a brothel she’s not that far off.

“You jerk off on my floor?? No soup for you!!$500 charge!!” While dressed like Carl from aqua teen hunger force.

No. 871354

File: 1648312844434.jpg (71.85 KB, 960x540, FB_IMG_1648312754486.jpg)

Stella Chuu in Vegas with Moo

No. 871356

Oh man Umbran is looking UNFORTUNATE. Those fillers and those teeth just make her mouth look massive. Knock off farquadd looking ass. Poor girl let momo get to her.

No. 871365


No. 871366

File: 1648316333697.jpg (421.63 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20220326-122735_Ins…)

Is moo seriously going to anime expo or is she cosplaying a character from a game?!(namefag)

No. 871367

She teased something about Ankha a while ago

No. 871368

You forgot the caption that they put "guys we touched grass!!"

No. 871376

File: 1648319766793.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1085x1814, 69CD6CA5-B31E-45E8-86E8-891CE6…)

Here ya go!
she should have touched that grass instead of popping off on Twitter when it wasn’t warranted. Leave it to Moo to reignite the hate against her because she’s afraid of becoming irrelevant. Which is too late because she already is.

No. 871398

It’s been months since that meme died. She’s late to everything.

No. 871399

she'll just use the same excuse she used for her squid game stuff lol. the "i don't cosplay things bc they're popular, i do it because i like them guys!!1!11"

No. 871406

I'm just so ready for all her friends to turn on her like creepshowart's friends and spill all the dirt. I know Moo is crazy, I just want the receipts

No. 871407

Moo is probably deliberately insisting on making her uglier too and she just goes with it like the lapdog she is.

No. 871409

umbran serving Adam Sandler-in-a-wig REALNESS.

No. 871421

umbran is too fucking retarded for that. i wouldn't put it past anyone else, but umbran was a trustfund baby in boston and gave up her cushy life to fuck around in the desert with moo. she's really head empty.

No. 871424

god every time i see an updated picture of umbran there’s always a new thing she’s done to herself to accentuate the wrong features, those bangs aren’t doing anything for that forehead sis

No. 871427

File: 1648338429721.jpg (357.76 KB, 517x904, 2837V9S.jpg)

Moo masquerading as ~not Moo~ in a new tiktok account for her studio

No. 871428

File: 1648338588391.jpg (670.62 KB, 517x918, EhfQjhq.jpg)

Stellachu interviewing Moo

No. 871433

File: 1648339228273.png (259.13 KB, 496x747, kek.PNG)

Weird seeing her next to a regular sized person. She really looks like RCDart drawings these days.

No. 871435

File: 1648339338733.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1085x1864, 2F06156E-67BC-4E02-B6A8-3C39F2…)

Since nothing notable happened at Lvl Up, of course now she feels comfortable waddling into cons again.

No. 871437

Holy shit she just spreads out when sitting. So much for all that "training".

No. 871441

the fuck happened to her upper lip
They over filled it

No. 871442

Pinocchio nose…

No. 871443

Is she making people take their shoes off in the building?

No. 871444

Of course nonnie, she’s trying to rip off anything and everything japanese so of course she’s gonna make you take your shoes off when you come in and wear slippers like they do in Japan. But don’t expect those slipper to be cleaned so be wary of the nastiness that will be left once their thrown back on the rack!

No. 871445

they look like the cheap spa slippers they give you for free. So if she charges people or re uses them for others thats nasty

No. 871450

Nose seriously looks like a micro penis and balls. But totally worth it you guyz! Best plastic surgeon evar!

No. 871451

but what if she got them at muji? so japanese my dude!

No. 871454

File: 1648346325504.jpeg (820.14 KB, 2452x1821, 316E1258-D6D1-422F-B508-7C9C1B…)

I wouldn’t trust a single one of those girls with anything.

No. 871458


Don't put your email in the email field dumbass, I already found your FB

No. 871459

File: 1648348924850.jpg (434.25 KB, 1079x1651, Screenshot_20220326-194110_Ama…)

>polaroid film, pack 8 $34

Jfc. Find out what camera she uses and buy your own film. This is$24. What a ripoff.

No. 871460

is she really that desperate for money? we already know she's a cheapskate, but damn.

No. 871463

I brought this up in a previous thread but yeah, she charges more than double what a Polaroid 8 pack costs on Amazon. It’s fucking ridiculous how she’ll gouge people for money any chance she gets. Even her prop rental prices are pretty fucked up considering most of her props are inaccurate garbage.

No. 871465

Hopefully she's made to feel uncomfortable once again. Fuck her retarded ass.

No. 871466

I mean this is photo paper for Mini printers, not poloroid film. She’s ripping people off but at least get the right example so we don’t all look retarded.

No. 871469

File: 1648351561609.jpeg (606.32 KB, 1899x851, EA64367E-7549-4487-9DCA-6F43EC…)

nta but this is the type of film she showed in stories previously just so other anons know. The double pack is even less on Amazon than what she’s charging for one lol

No. 871474

moo didn't even specify what it's for. she could be using the mini printer for all we know.

No. 871482

Dude… caps were posted in previous threads of the Polaroid cameras/film she had in the studio from her IG stories. Lurk moar dumbass.

No. 871491

This Woman has got to be the biggest opportunist out there. The very moment her enemies screw up she barges in and discredit anyone who dares to call her out on her bullshit and attempt to rewrite history despite her admitting doing the things she was accused of. And now she has the balls to be smug about it and claims that she'll be going to more cons now that she manipulated the audience into following her narrative as the victims. This isn't personal growth at all, it's what malignant narcissistic people do. Also didn't Stella Chuuu called out Mariah in 2018 for her actions as well and now is all buddy buddy with her?

No. 871492

Kek her affiliations are terrible. All she did was hire her friends, no one with actual talent.

No. 871494

Funny thing is that for the same money and maybe a little more you get a professional photographer, professional lighting, and nice spaces to shoot in. Not this cheap strip mall low effort bullshit. In Vegas luxury boudoir studios are a dime a dozen. And aren’t located at the corner of crackhead and ghetto streets.

No. 871495

File: 1648367435213.jpeg (512.65 KB, 1284x1869, 44F37B6C-48E7-4D3E-ABD4-4E7C9B…)

The best thing about her tiktok is the fact that she won’t follow her “secret” account or umbrawigs on it.

No. 871499

File: 1648369719874.jpeg (220.61 KB, 750x1128, C365127B-436C-4A29-867C-AA03D8…)

Krissy response to Momos rape bullshit 1/?

No. 871500

File: 1648369742631.jpeg (153.92 KB, 750x1147, DF1E3656-945C-41F5-94DB-18E653…)

No. 871501

File: 1648369884408.jpeg (694.11 KB, 750x1223, A84166C7-D51B-4CA6-A83D-54C9BE…)

No. 871503

File: 1648370010729.jpeg (679.8 KB, 750x1096, 58DEE40D-FDBD-4C1A-B08B-E76179…)

No. 871504

File: 1648370118768.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 0FCD6FBD-7BB8-4B5C-B0BC-4729AD…)

No. 871505

File: 1648370266251.jpeg (432.79 KB, 750x1217, 21936B71-11DB-45F7-BF1A-26E3E3…)

No. 871506

File: 1648370373075.jpeg (498.29 KB, 750x1109, 62FC6AF9-F247-47AC-83A0-AE2DB8…)

No. 871507

File: 1648370409317.jpeg (315.19 KB, 750x774, 2BAD546D-4CF0-43AF-A53A-19DA32…)

Last one

No. 871508

I love this cow collision. Gotta love that she posted screenshots too. It's a shame that it wasn't posted sooner but it's here now and it's great.

No. 871511

And here it is

No. 871512

So the one that leaked Krissy’s messages is one of the ones that works for the studio?

No. 871522

Isn't Moo's new tiktok actually xmomokunx?

No. 871527


OMG, video of her fat ass trying to ride that bike would make my whole fucking year. Please, zombie baby jesus, make it real.

No. 871528

i knew she was lying. thank fuck she's an idiot and doesn't know when to shut up.

No. 871531

God Mariah is going to explode when she sees this. Also puts credit to the stories of her just being insanely manipulative and threatening behind the scenes. It’s a shame this community has no problem putting people like bunny and susu on blast got mediocre drama but Mariah gets to keep going like nothing. Hopefully this opens the doors for others to come forward

No. 871532

Wow Moo big difference between rape and "it was the wrong time Uwu"

No. 871533

i love how the caps prove she lied about both of them.

No. 871534

She already did. Posted a couple stories about "exposing haturz".


No. 871536

can you post caps? this is an imageboard.

No. 871539

Go to old threads. They aren't talking about right now and it's all vague posting Moo does. Anon is referring to her usual lowkey steamrolling she does without naming people.

No. 871540

that's what i thought. she hasn't posted anything new then, got it.

No. 871541

She had to have gotten them refilled. She's getting back up to anus lip status again.

No. 871543

It’s most likely Vamp then, which I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 871545

Or one of the ones who called hey out then went back to her. I don't think it was Vamp, but she might also be the only person Moo trusted to keep it a secret, but I'm being in Sabrina. She was outted posting here, so it might be her again.

No. 871547

It astounds me that there are people out there like Kinpatsu would come to her defense even though she obviously done other hurtful things to others that isn’t just SA related. If she was the victim then why did she try to hide from people at cons and blamed her actions on ADHD? That’s what guilty people do! They knew they screwed up and they don’t want to face people and the consequences. But even with her reputation it doesn’t stop her from her trying to stay relevant in the spotlight as she wants to be the star! Her true colors popped out as soon as people started calling out susu and bunny since she had to make this all about her and dragged other people into it by rubbing it into their faces about how she’s the victim and all the other claims that’s not even related to SA are bullshit since they are nothing but petty bettys who has the agenda to drag a person down for no reason.

I think the reason why all of the accusations started is because it was during the time where Mariah publicly bullied a foreign cosplayer for her opinions on sex work and the girls had enough of her getting away with murder. Although bunny didn’t even start the whole calling out since a rando was commenting on Twitter about mariah touching people without consent and the people sponsoring her at the time wanted people to come forward about their stories. Thus the girls took the opportunity and did what they did.

Honestly people still need to call out on her for being an abusive pos for trying to silence others and gaslighting others to forget everything she’s done to people. And for the people who still defend her to this day are just nothing but idiots who are only in it for the money and nothing more.

No. 871548

File: 1648395672140.jpg (260.73 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20220327-083913_Twi…)

Haven't seen Moo's unrecognized lackies in a while, thought Mugen was banned. Guaranteed she will still defend Moo in all things holy. I feel like the PoC scene is way quicker to call Moo out usually and that's because she is a white girl, not as poc as she thinks her Lebanese gets her.

No. 871549

File: 1648395989819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.14 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20220327-084554_Fir…)

New OF releases

No. 871550

File: 1648396080282.jpg (215.14 KB, 1053x1274, Screenshot_20220327-084606_Fir…)

Omg I can't delete it and I meant to spoil but hit the "new reply" since the box was right next to it after I loaded in the image. Mod, please spoil it for me. Here's the second part.

No. 871552

It was in the cap that they do shoots at the studio. Sabrina isn’t listed as a photographer at the studio, Vamp is though.

No. 871553

Literally said I can't.

And learn2sage if you're giving advice.

No. 871554

She meant who she shoots with cosplayer wise but you're right, it means someone she actively works with. Maybe it's Kat.

No. 871555

Oh good I see that although she is now “grrlboss uwu!” She took time out of her busy life to remember to post low effort behind the times shit to her OF. She really seems to think she can walk it back from porn to just cosplay I do hope that doesn’t happen.

No. 871556

It's been happening. The past 2 years, as this studio was getting out together, you don't see how many mutual cosplayers have come crawling back to her? Yureta being the biggest cow besides Vamp. None of them have sounded and it's clear they want to use Moo, but it sucks how these people have completely destroyed what cosplay is. It's not a safe place for anyone. When you have people like Leon and Moo allowed to still invest time at conventions and in the communities, influencing them,those S4S groups and everything become detrimental to other people's hard work being seen because those main people have their little circle that they only reblog and those are the people that get seen and get the attention only.

No. 871565

File: 1648401259745.png (859.92 KB, 1440x2612, Screenshot_20220327-005842~2.p…)

Stella Chuu shoots in Moo's studio and shares a video. Several girls are actually interested in going, and wtf a collab with another studio?

No. 871568

mariah posted a bunch of random video clips of oprah on her insta story talking about self reflection as an obvious jab towards krissy, without actually taking the time to confront her because lord knows she’s a coward through and through who sustains herself off of the disillusionment that she’s smarter and better than everyone because she uses self help books as a way to justify her shitty behavior instead of doing any sort of self reflection.

No. 871572

File: 1648405314370.jpeg (1018.84 KB, 1081x1803, F398329A-BDF2-4692-A4B2-41EB92…)

The irony of posting those clips while also sharing her bookshelf with the book "letting go" proves how she never and will never "let go" of what happened lol. Mariah will always seethe over being (rightfully) ostracized from the cosplay community.

No. 871573

Almost every single one of these people called her out and is now running back so they can get photos. Disgusting.

No. 871581

Jesus fucking Christ bitch no matter what you do to try and make yourself hot you come out even more busted and ugly. I sincerely hope you lose all sensation in your face from all this plastic surgery . You’re such a fat fucking piece of shit, Moo

No. 871583

It's weird. Her studio isn't the best and it's over priced. Is it really because Moo is letting all these people shoot for free? Moo spent an absurd amount of money to have some control over people again.
Honestly no amount of free shit is worth being in claws length of a dangerous narcissist like Moo

No. 871585

She is letting people she knows or is friends with shoot for free right now. It’s why they’re really the only ones who have used it so far.

No. 871587

she's lying dude. do you believe anything that she says?

No. 871589

We already knew Moo was claiming rape on regret sex, glad to see there is proof now. But come on, Moo is getting away with so much. False rape allegations is on the top 10 list of shitty things you can do. I hope this blows up

No. 871594

It's not as astounding anymore when you just accept they will overlook a lot of shit so long as they can benefit off the social media numbers and resources of someone else. Moo is a useful idiot to these people and they have no shame or integrity about it.

No. 871596

Funny. Mugen was licking Moo's ass about not caring what she did she's supporting her etc etc

No. 871599

She hasn’t been open but for a month and has only had a few clients but she’s already thinking about expanding? What a buisness woman. I seriously find it hard to believe people are paying these kind of prices for this.

No. 871600

they're not. no one has been there other than friends and people she's trying to buy back.

No. 871603

So basically “you can totally shoot here for free and I’ll boost your signal if you advertise my studio and hopefully unknowns will come here and THEN I’ll overcharge them for bullshit cause they are nobodies! Win win!

No. 871611

File: 1648426462717.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1649, 5ECB0C13-EA51-4935-8ADB-53284A…)

Never has there been a more punchable face

No. 871615

our girl is out here rocking two sets of jowls.

No. 871623

Her rape claims are against Nathan Deluca, right? Is he still around or has he "left"? It's just crazy she literally hasn't spoken about this traumatizing rape she went through for like 4 years until now.

No. 871633

she did post about it, but she was kind of pushed into it because the convo got leaked(and it was made up)and blamed krissy for leaking caps(which were of moo sheepishly mentioning it to her), when it was one of moo's underlings who posted it. krissy just sent caps to whichever girl it was, presumably to ask her to help moo out, since from the caps it seemed like moo was asking for help confronting nathan. in reality moo is just mad that her sleeping with nathan was leaked at all since she and david(kbbq) were in all likelihood dating and she essentially cheated on him with nathan. that's probably what led to the falling out the two of them had that made moo manipulate the situation in the same way because she doesn't want to own up to her actions. now she's vying for sympathy and rehashed all that shit herself because she can't read and thought kaybear was coming at her when she was actually defending her.

No. 871651

File: 1648450540696.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1085x1933, ECEEE254-0A58-4E3D-998D-C557AA…)

Was going to make a joke but her brows speak for themselves.

No. 871658

She has purple discoloration near her fake lashes. The glue may be irritating her eyes. Imagine if she went blind

No. 871668

At least it’s confirmed that Momo likes to pay for her friends since in reality nobody wants to deal with an ugly narcissist like herself. She can make a studio to earn back her leeches and to throw money and expensive dinners at them to keep their mouth shut but in the end it will not last forever as it will flat in a short while since she doesn’t have that much people in her circle and with that attitude of hers she’s gonna piss of the wrong person and shit will hit the fan. She thinks being canceled is bad? Just wait until the lawsuits.

No. 871673

File: 1648477840581.jpg (26.39 KB, 200x200, IMG_0224.jpg)

No. 871674

File: 1648478251961.jpg (147.1 KB, 713x1267, 20220328_093532.jpg)

I keep asking myself, "why would you post pictures like this? why would she just expose herself like that?" Then I forget that's one of the reasons we love our cow. Each eye has their own orbit. Love her stroke face

No. 871678

is this because anons keep making fun of her cheap yard?

No. 871681

she's not a pro at anything, the people around her are just dumb as bricks or don't care about anything other than money. plus people are never truly canceled, they just shift audiences.

No. 871682

it always happens sooner or later. "friends" will get sick of their narcissistic influencer buddies and spill all the tea. It's just with Moo, her dirt is so obvious, she's just a pro at gas lighting.
During her final downfall you'll still have people saying "Wow I never saw it coming. She seemed nice. She was my comfort cosplayer" and other parasocial bs
In the future she'll become even more irrelevant with no friends. But she'll always have cuckbucks to beg for as she slips deeper into gross fetish porn before only fans implodes on itself or bans her for being too nasty

No. 871683

She'll end up just like Farrah Abraham, she used to have it all before ending up having to do Scat and Rape Fantasy Porn.

No. 871684

At this point I feel like someone can come out with Moo murdering someone and people still wont give a fuck
"Well they were in the way when she was doing target practice. Wasn't her fault"

I know her claims happened forever ago. But the fact that she recently used it as a defense as to why she would never assault someone (that doesn't make any sense anyway) I think her false rape claims should be used against her

No. 871685

reminding people you're a victim is a typical narc tactic. but the reality is the cosplay "community" just wants to fan the flames of any drama. that's why people picked sides over this rehashed drama.

No. 871707

Holy shit her titties end where her thong begins. I didn't even notice the thong at first because her ass is completely blurred out (as per usual).

Should've done a breast lift before ever messing around with her face.

No. 871708

Random sperg but Letting Go was written by an old doctor with a fake PhD who thought you could tell truth from lies by pushing peoples' arms. Truly bizarre stuff. Had a cult following in the early 2000s.

No. 871710

Also see Carlos Castañeda on her scam shelf. What a sucker.

No. 871714

is it the same cult that believes you can determine things like allergies with that method?

No. 871716

Wasn't she supposed to get a reduction? I could've sworn she talked about it

No. 871724

She did, pretty sure she says it was going to happen in March

No. 871725

She wasnt getting a reduction. It turned into lift + implants.

No. 871727

File: 1648521324029.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x1931, Screenshot_20220328-193454_Fir…)

Then got a free shoot.

No. 871728

File: 1648521401854.jpg (359.71 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20220328-193600_Fir…)

But won't tell pigs where she shot, its for her hamster lol Moo, they only care about you when they can use you

No. 871730

I see she is also using Moo’s shitty and inaccurate spear of Longinus prop. The only time it’s even been seen since Moo’s manic Eva phase died out.

No. 871731

After she made it clear she hated Eva after someone paid $500 for her to do a cosplay on Patreon. That and another cosplay are the only two she ever did for that pay tier lol

No. 871732

Even then, $500 wasn’t even a guarantee that she’d do it. It had to be two payments of $500 if I remember. So you had to be subbed to that tier for multiple months lol
Mariah sure is an artist all right, a scam artist.

No. 871735

Maybe it's just me, but Stella gives off the vibe she hates Moo but will stab her in the back and say their "friendship" was all business

No. 871736

i got that vibe too. the pics she posted from the con with the comparisons from the last few cons looked like she was throwing mad shade at her.

No. 871737

And this picture just looks bad. It’s as if the only set anyone is showing off is this and this is just an airlock. A dull boring hallway with lights.

No. 871740

That lighting is so bad, her face and body are so dark compared to everything else.

No. 871742

No, could pay $500 and she did do it, she did the black haired chick, the aunt or whatever, but she was saying on Twitter and stuff at the time that she doesn't even like Eva and then she did the yellow bitch from RUBY . Those are the only two slots she ever did even though more than those two people ever paid. The gimmick was that they had to wait a while before requesting again even if they were subbed to the teir monthly. It was a massive scam.

No. 871743

When this pic >>871029 was shared I thought, surely they’ll set up actual nice light sources for shoots, there’s no WAY they’re gonna just use the shitty warehouse lighting. Ha, nope. I don’t even know much about photography but she’s completely in shadow and it looks like shit.

Now that I think about it, the idea of an airlock with air vents is pretty funny. Nice touch.

No. 871744

it looks terrible. you can get better shots yourself with ringlight and green screen or pic backdrop. $30 at home gets you better shots.

No. 871745

THE Stellachu e-begging for a Petco haul? I couldn't have predicted this. Definitely leeching off Moo

No. 871746

I'm laughing about your comment only because I know that she is hoping Jessica will want to shoot here, for sure. I wonder if that will ever happen or if Jessica is smart enough to keep her out of her life because Moo does come with controversy and everyone knows they will jump on Jessica about it moreso than someone like Stellchu.

No. 871747

Can't even be bothered to do theater lighting. Lol

No. 871748

jessica basically cut her off already though. has she had any meaningful contact with her recently that i'm missing? honestly that whole saga was the best. moo wanted to be her so hard and now has to resort to gross porn while jessica just keeps doing what she has been.

No. 871754

Jessica is working with amouranth, who literally owns her own gas station. I don’t think she needs to work with mariah or needs her “studio”

No. 871755

this, Jessica doesn't need Moo and doesn't need lower tier cosplay drama
her silence and distance from Moo says enough about how she feels about Moo.
That and Moo's skinwalking phase was concerning. She was even thinking of moving to the same city as Jessica before she cut her off.
Now Moo is skin walking sssniperwolf. Though Moo can't really follow her everywhere since ssniper keeps everyone at arms length

No. 871763

it's so pathetic because moo ruined her own chances for herself. jessica is more of a business woman than moo could even imagine being, and i don't even like her.

No. 871784

This is so bad, like where is the lighting? It’s not even been filtered or abutting to bring up the brightness. You can tell the other photo that was done in this set had to be insanely brightened to make it look halfway decent. And again it’s only one angle, the same shot. Are people really want basically the same photos as other cosplayers? Isn’t the whole point is to stand out

No. 871798

from a business pov, she ain't wrong, tho

No. 871815

>the idea of an airlock with air vents is pretty funny.
I didn't even notice that before. She's such an idiot.

No. 871820

Most of these “sets” seem to have literally only one angle and one direction to shoot from. This airlock set it’s ALWAYS going to have to come from this exact pose and direction. Shoot the other way you get to see the rest of her “sets”. Going low to aim up probably shows the warehouse ceiling or blinded by light.
She would have had better luck getting those carnival things with the holes for your head. Now every picture from her joke of a studio will be about the exact same.

No. 871822

File: 1648585494824.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1075x1957, DA8A2FAA-6869-4089-8EC0-9EF75E…)

You’re right. And that stupid ass tree she was bragging about is never going to be seen in full since she has to shoot zoomed in to the fake flowers so you don’t see the adjoining sets.
I was thinking about this yesterday and laughing because not one of her friends saw the absurdity in it. "High concept" my ass.

No. 871829

she meant high as in high off her ass, clearly.
also i love how her "japanese house" facade looks extremely european. did she even look up what they look like? probably not.

No. 871838

it’s even funnier when you realize it’s not just an oversight, she was definitely looking for a way to incorporate them into a set. Oh I know, how about a sealed room.

No. 871839

she could have just put the school room set there. since you know, schools have vents and stuff.

No. 871849

Hobby lobby challenge

No. 871930

File: 1648653333483.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.87 KB, 2000x1333, 2000x1333_e7284649a7ae9937efab…)

New post from her OF

No. 871932

I think you’re confused. This is clearly Michael Jackson, anon.

No. 871948

the only way she can get someone to touch her
But seriously, I've seen men with more feminine charm. And can someone tell Moo to focus on the other person? She ALWAYS stares at the camera and pulls the same face

No. 871950

i can only focus on her grubby hand. who the fuck thinks the bloated corpse of mj sexy?
is that cosplayer even a man?

No. 871951

Its akemi

No. 871954

nta but I can’t remember the last time she shot with a guy for these types of shoots, it’s only been Akemi since around the time they did the Zelda sets. I guess the money isn’t worth faking intimacy with her for the camera lol

No. 871955

I think the last time she shot anything with a guy was either that escort with the limo, or the tri-force tat man who pumped and dumped her for onlyfans

No. 871957

I love that she can’t get a guy to even IMPLY sex with her

No. 871959

lel. good to know she can still only pay people to touch her.

No. 871962

File: 1648663412076.png (544.51 KB, 1440x2160, Screenshot_20220330-103103.png)

Jessie Pridemore posts about Moo's studio. Stella Chuu tries to defend Moo and gets ripped in the replies.

No. 871963

File: 1648663495460.png (451.12 KB, 1440x2759, Screenshot_20220330-102621~2.p…)

No. 871964

How does she know it's illegal though?

No. 871965

what the hell is she talking about? Did she not see:
?? And that was just RECENTLY posted by krissy. There are so many people still very upset and angry about how moo behaved. I'm willing to bet she spoke to maybe like, ONE PERSON, and is using that as a blanket statement that 'All the victims are fine now!1!!1'

No. 871966

she's probably lurking. there's a lot of things moo did that were illegal that we spoke about in the thread. such as her wiring the circuit breaker (which is both illegal on a commercial premises and done without a permit or licensed electrician), not getting permits to add walls/shelving, requiring ID through an insecure site. or little things like not having the rights to use the business name and her ToS fines that will be unconscionable in court. am i missing anything?

No. 871968

File: 1648664368007.jpeg (530.61 KB, 837x1266, 11BA2EF1-3E29-4327-818E-623296…)

The "whataboutism" she is spouting is pure cringe. Moo is absolutely paying her off lol

No. 871969

File: 1648664530368.jpeg (543.58 KB, 824x1257, 2DE672DF-4B16-4A9C-A62A-6BC988…)

B-but clean floors!!!

No. 871970

>some people are evil and some aren't
>but like stop black and white thinking!
>uh, unless it benefits me/moo/whoever i am defending teehee
if jessie is here please use your brain to call this shit out.

No. 871972

File: 1648664877073.jpeg (422.27 KB, 770x848, E20091E6-BADC-4404-8E81-4FB985…)

Finally someone said it.

No. 871973

Its a private shared dressing room. She's talking as if women can't be predators.. Like Moo.

No. 871974

What a POS. How much is she getting paid to be an attack dog and is it really worth it to defend Moo of all people?

No. 871976

also she's forgetting the fact that moo's arbitrary system is based on her own personal feelings, she's not hiring these people to pay to use the studio, she has no authority to properly do bg checks to find out if people are legit. and in the same breath she's forcing photogs to apply separately from their models which could lead to models not being able to work with people they're comfortable with. moo has no idea how to run a business, she doesn't understand her limitations as a business owner towards her paying customers. this isn't just her little project, it's a legal entity that has real life consequences.

No. 871977

Stella talks about Moo wanting to "prevent that photographer model shit from happening" but conveniently has her head up her own ass since this studio is also run by a sexual predator who never took responsibility for her actions. Moo never attempted to make amends in the years since and jumped at the first opportunity she saw to bandwagon someone else’s drama in a failed attempt to clear her name, while STILL never addressing the fact that she hurt people. Why doesn’t Stella bring up "the agenda" to Moo and see how her demeanor changes.
I hope someone mentions the fact Moo used a dead man to virtue signal.

No. 871978

She's definitely just checking online public listing profiles for predators. She doesn't have a right to do real BG checks and needs to have signed permission to do so legally [as with any job, but she wouldn't know because she's never had a real job except for the 2 months at Starbucks]

No. 871979

File: 1648665913621.jpeg (213.31 KB, 773x509, 712627B7-7DE2-47B7-A2F5-C2FAC1…)

Samefag but I spoke too soon, someone did just mention it lol good to know it wasn’t just contained to here and Twitter.

No. 871980

i will look it up but i'm pretty sure unless moo has them as legal employees of some kind she can't do bg checks on them in nevada. businesses can refuse service to patrons and require a membership and application, but most states require a valid reason for anyone besides an employer to even ask for the kinds of details you need to bg check someone(like SSN).

No. 871981

FINALLY people are speaking up. Like fuck Stella for even wking this piece of scum talking about redemption when just last week she was pushing blame and gaslighting people think it never happened. Fuck her, how much is Mariah throwing down for her, Jesus Christ.

No. 871982

File: 1648668206509.jpg (253.83 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20220330-122317_Fac…)

This is rich

No. 871983

I mean you can look at this way. Even cows like Lori and others are appalled by Mariah’s behavior. That says a lot.

No. 871984

I say the more people calling out Moo the better. Not a fan of loonie though kek.

No. 871985

It’s so good to know that some people are wising up to Moo’s "SUPER SECRET" studio. Wish more people would call it out for the fire hazard/inspection+zoning nightmare it is but I’ll accept this.

No. 871986

lori isn't 'appalled' by her behavior. She's twisting facts to make herself seem like a victim. She IS racist, specifically towards asians, you can be racist and be hispanic it doesn't cancel it out. She got doxxed because KEVIN accidentally leaked their address, it had nothing to do with moo or anything.

Don't get me wrong moo is a terrible person but don't accept anything lori says, lest we all forget how she forced kevin to slash his leg open to prove his love for her, lol.

No. 871987

me too. maybe someone will find the address anon posted from the nevada business board site and call her in. it's not even cowtipping, it's literally a legal issue and fire hazard. and now that it's obvious she's in that complex, the whole place could catch fire because of her…wait maybe that'd be better milk lmao.

No. 871988

lori adding fuel to the fire is fine though, she never shuts the hell up. we should take what we can get.

No. 871991

One of them will hopefully note that even if she didn’t dox Lori she DID dox kbbq and now she wants everyone’s dox given to her? The insecure server, her history of stealing others shit, the arbitrary bullshit charges she’s going to try autopaying from peoples accounts if she ever gets their CC info ( and you know if it’s moo that is exactly what the plan was. Without warning “oh you left the place a mess”- charged”) the dubious safety. All of that plus every damn month, every thread, she’s talking shit about someone or trying to flex to own us.
Just cause someone calling her out is also a cow doesn’t make it less accurate though and still fun to watch happen.

No. 871993

that's what it is, now lurk moar and grab popcorn.

No. 871994

Wasnt Stellachu one of many thots screaming "cosplay is not consent" years ago? I'm not shocked that Moo paying for her hamster enclosure would trade for common sense. I'm sure if she was assaulted by Moo that she would drag Moo just as bad as the other thots did.

No. 871996

she basically just started talking to moo again.

No. 871997

If time forgave crimes there wouldn't be people spending life sentences or years in prison. There isn't a predator chair that someone has to sit in until a new predator takes its place. She sounds fucking retarded and should just shut her mouth until she comes up with an excuse that sounds convincing or don't open it at all.

No. 871998

stella just fueled the fire for people to call moo out more. she's so braindead it's almost sad. only the best for moo tho.

No. 872001

I wonder why Stella didn't have this conversation with Moo. She instead joked about dragging Bunny on Twitter with Moo and Umbran. If time healed all wounds then Moo should have been mature enough to look away? These girls are two-faced and immature.

Once people on the FB post ganged up on Stella she btfo and said she needed time to communicate what she needed to say correctly etc, as if she didn't say how she really felt about Moo already.

No. 872002

hey friend there’s a rules page you can read that can answer all your questions so you don’t have to make a retarded post every couple minutes

>I work hard, to this day, despite it being 12 years ago, to make up for what I did
Sorry but what a fucking exhausting way to live and fuck this culture that demands it.

No. 872003

File: 1648672101742.jpeg (452.61 KB, 764x960, 68609735-CCF6-4745-97A9-F981CB…)

God this is such a retarded take… Just because she’s taking steps to vet photographers doesn’t mean she’s learned shit. Moo herself is a predator AND a self proclaimed "photographer" who will no doubt be shooting her friends at the studio. I swear some of these girls are braindead.

No. 872004

How the hell can a sexual predator make a place feel "safe'? Explain that to me. Cause as long as the sexual predator is there, it isn't safe, it's an illusion of safety. Neither this idiot nor Stella would set a foot in that place if Mariah was a male predator. Just because it has saggy tits, does not mean it's safe to be around. She doesn't get a get out of jail free card because of time and clean floors.

No. 872005

Stella thinks a squirted on gym set is clean lol

No. 872009

it's a shitty business, it's not a safe space. period.

No. 872011

Wasn't the last guy the escort dude that Moo took pics of their hands having dinner and tried to make it seem like they were dating? The guy was completely soft and soon after rumors popped up that Moo is blacklisted from buying escorts due to her behavior.

As for cosplay dudes, she's clearly aggressive with them to the point it's just physical and sexual assault outside the shoot. But in her head, since their guys it's okay to do it.

No. 872019

I hope people start calling Stella out for being bought by Moo. She has no opinion on the matter, she's just counting the collars and freebies Moo sent her way. Good to know that you can buy Stella's opinion

No. 872020

Because it's not a man running it, therefore it's 100% safe even if Moomoo does the same shit. Clearly!

No. 872024

Realistically I can see Moo denying “membership” to peoples photographers just to use her or vamps as photographers. Then charging the models for that. THEN any photos moo sees as better than anything she makes (my 5 year old niece is better at it than moo so not a high hurdle) all the sudden either disappear/get deleted or she claims a copywrite on anything she takes. It’s scams all the way down. Or she sees something she hadn’t thought of and has “computer issues” with someone’s work and all the sudden rushes to beat (whatever cosplay it was by the model). She’s scum and I hope these concepts catch traction because the only people that would use her studio without being paid are new cosplayers without a lot of money/knowledge. And she will screw them over I’m betting

No. 872025

good thing new cosplayers with little money can't afford the 1k/session. it'd be cheaper for them to fly to cali to take photos.

No. 872029

File: 1648678423759.png (8.27 MB, 2732x2048, 67FA35FF-94C8-4DB0-AEAF-F899EF…)

No. 872030

Momokun is obviously a deranged cow but I find it highly ironic that some of american cosplay’s best known insane people (Jessie “blackface” Pridemore and Lori the OG lunatic) are out here with their unsolicited high horse opinions when we all know they are just as bad if not worse than momokun.

No. 872031

Sage your sperging. Doesn’t matter if it’s unwarranted, people can still have opinions on a sketchy ass business run by a literal sexual predator.

No. 872032

Moo not being on panels… why would they? Iirc she tends to ghost her own tables at cons and from the embarrassing lack of attention she got in Brazil she isn’t a draw of any kind. Her time for any proposed cosplay fame came and went. And her trying to walk back from being a disgusting low tier OF thot isn’t really working out either.

No. 872033

Can you imagine a Moo run panel though? It’d honestly be a fucking hilarious mess.

No. 872034

everyone is defending her for "giving back to the community" with her overpriced shit studio. steff is just asking why moo didn't do anything other than something that makes her $$.

No. 872035

Nah that era of cosplay and white people bending over backwards to explain why it was fine AKSHUALLY to poorly paint themselves brown should be atoned for, it was fucked up and it used to be virtually impossible to speak up about it without being dogpiled and subject to racist abuse. Jessie sucks too but glad she's using her platform to call out this cow.

No. 872039

lol I’m not saying it was great, but imagine expecting people to still be ‘atoning’ for cosplay shit they did at 18 by the time they’re 30. So grateful to live out of the public eye.

No. 872042

nta but she's part of the problem allowing people to do that kind of shit.

No. 872043

That and Steff brings up a valid point. The only people using the studio are either Moo's friends or really popular people she bribed to boost her studio.
On the plus side, the studio is going to close before Moo makes any sort of profit on it. Cherry on top is if Moo gets into legal trouble

No. 872044

You must be high as Moo herself if you think they're worse than her. Lori is on the same level as Moo and blackface isn't anywhere close to sexual assault and abuse. Sage your dumb ass opinion.

When she did do panels, she spoke over the women who she thought were competition. They spoke up too when the sexual assault stuff happened.

No. 872045

Can people please just point out to these idiots and post screens of moo just a week ago taking back any sort of apology about the sexual assaults. She denounced every single claim saying it was character assassination and soo made up. How the fuvk cab anyone say she’s changed or attoned for what she did? The amount of kool aid is insane, I had no idea her gaslighting and manipulation had gotten so bad

No. 872046

Because she's wants to be in the studio too not to mention she's friends with moo orbiters

No. 872047

File: 1648681733542.jpeg (276.24 KB, 960x849, E7A50EB5-8BDE-4282-99BE-E65C8A…)

Loonie’s other comment kek

No. 872049

They all keep acting like these costhots, like moo and bunny, CANT ALSO TOUCH PEOPLE

No. 872050

The only rumor was one anon coming here, unsaged, and claiming that with no proof other than "Im in the scene". I would love if she was blacklisted, but I doubt its true at all. You gotta stop believing every rando anon when they can't even post proof of it.

No. 872051

Wouldn’t be hard to do this- I know we have them all in one of the threads. I mean everything back to her originally denying she did anything to anyone at any time. Would be funny if someone unloaded them on whatever FB group this was posted. Stella would just go with “people change uwu” but whatever

No. 872052

hopefully some thots lurking will share all the caps.

No. 872055

Stella: "Cosplay is NOT consent!"
Also Stella: Pay her under the table "People change"

No. 872059

I’d say there’s some truth to it since she hasn’t posted anything with unknown men since.

No. 872063

and Moo has been rabid since. From saying real men are just scared of her and garbage, to only 2D men being worthy of her. When really Moo can't handle rejection.
That's honestly the only reason why her "studio" is female only, including the clients. If she can't fuck the guy she hates them
Watch her policies change about women only if the guy is popular or Moo thinks she has a chance

No. 872064

or known men kek.

No. 872075

We all know she’s catfishing dating sites and I’m sure once in a while some desperate guy swipes her only to find out she’s way bigger than they are. And annoying. Can’t rule out that she’s getting some once in a while. I’m sure some 40 year old balding worked at Walmart would think she’s alright…

No. 872078

Because both times the filming was garbage.

No. 872085

File: 1648695323620.jpeg (882.3 KB, 1242x1655, AB6F8C4C-970A-4A63-B35D-5B699F…)

Who even is this? Am I missing something?

No. 872086

Someone Moo probably paid off. There is already a clear lie
He could not have been in ANY events where Moo was assaulting people because one was in the womans bathroom, another was a closed photoshoot, and there was video of a couple events and he was clearly not in any

If you're going to pay people to lie, at least make it believable
Moo really is throwing money at the problem and hoping it goes away
or this is a burner account

No. 872087

afaik people still call her a creep

No. 872088

That guy’s account literally has no activity on it since Election Day 2020 either. It’s definitely suspicious that this dude just happens to show up out of nowhere to defend Moo’s honor.

No. 872089

Moo larping as a rich handsome man who respects her isn't beneath her seeing as how she attempted to use a dead man as a puppet. this is just a new level of pathetic

She could have avoided all this stress if she just kept her mouth shut in the first place. Now people are reminded why they hate her, and they have a new list of shit to use against her

No. 872090

this is clearly just her look at how it's typed out.

No. 872091

>I've become much closer to her lately
That just makes you a biased piece of shit that we shouldn't listen to because we already know that you're going to be a mouthpiece.

No. 872093

File: 1648699215105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.15 KB, 1333x2000, 1333x2000_62f02ce91e1d95a6368f…)

Her tits look awful. I can't imagine them cutting the nipples off a 2nd time to replace after her lift. They already look shredded on the corners of the areola. This'll look awful like trisha's

No. 872095

sean is the head of the elite cosplay group behind the s class fiasco during katsucon. a bunch of cosfamous whores looking out for each other.

No. 872096

At least we know this douche is reading here since I’m pretty sure we as a whole are the only ones pointing out how illegal and probably below code her studio is

No. 872097

Love how it's obvious She's talking about Heavenly still being allowed to be relevant as if moos "cancellation" stopped her from being around still
A hypocrite for pointing out other "cancelled" people are still around when She's one of the reasons Mariah still thrives

No. 872098

I mean the studio itself is a ripped off idea from someone else AND she hasn't even attoned for her actions
What is this bitch even on?

No. 872099

There are just so many sketchy things with the studio
I also just notice Moo insistence with using her own "photographers" (I barely count her and her friends as professional photogs)
If shit hits the fan Moo's going to try and claim the photos, saying that since her "employees" took the photos they belong to her

No. 872100

While I know this is something Moo would definitely do, her friends are listed as "affiliates" and are not actually employed by the studio. (Which I think is a lie but whatevs) And clients are supposed to contact them separately on their own social media to arrange appointments and I’m assuming payment. But damn, anyone choosing Moo to shoot their sets is begging to be taken advantage of.

No. 872101

I think they are listed as associates for plausible deniability. That way moo has someone else to blame or just a way to say “oh your photos are still with vamps! Wait she says they are here! Oops My computer crashed!” Something.

No. 872102

File: 1648704372471.jpeg (566.7 KB, 903x1169, EB40E202-D43D-49E7-AFE4-DE338C…)

No. 872103

File: 1648704474820.jpeg (385.52 KB, 808x1288, B7269B02-E63E-4BB8-9216-3E4BEC…)

This "Sean" guy is such a tool.

No. 872104

File: 1648704607175.jpeg (364.19 KB, 851x1061, 4588CE5A-214D-4947-B3D4-1B45E1…)

No. 872105

File: 1648704826500.jpeg (328.97 KB, 850x1155, F9A52DB6-9CD8-405D-8AB6-5C4BBC…)

Wow indeed.

No. 872109

what a fucking cocksucker. walking away because he know he doesn't have an argument. I truly love how many of these people and mariah herself just keep saying she's changed when it's so fucking clear that she hasn't even one bit. just saying she's grown doesn't make it true. they can all keep saying it until they're blue in the face and it won't make it reality.

No. 872110

The biggest issue with Moo's business isn't the ID thing, it's that it's a sexual predator's place. You have to give that sexual predator information on where you live, your phone number, your social media, your money, but most of all, your trust. Mariah is a sexual predator well known for being untrustworthy, handsy, and using personal information against people. There are many videos of her harassing people on their social media, attacking them for having a difference in opinion. She'll most likely be there any time someone uses her place, which means getting undressed around her. This whole argument is centered around her molesting people and undressing them in public. Make it make sense.

Again, if she was a man, this would all be a ton of red flags. It should still be a ton of red flags despite her gender.

No. 872111

But anon, what they said is true, Mariah has grown as a person! But I guess it technically doesn’t count anymore since she gets it lipo’d away each month lol
But seriously, each and every one of her toadies (and herself) has spouted the "change and growth" bullshit ad nauseam. It’s like if they lie enough about it, it’ll come true!

No. 872112

That's the only growth she's truly done. They all keep spouting that she's changed but won't say what changed besides time itself.

No. 872113

can you fuck off with the "If ShE wAs A mAn" reddit sperg? idk if youre a sccrote or a pickme, but there are a TON of male sexual predators working in cosplay and all industries. The problem is she has the money and following to silence critics, not that she's a woman.

No. 872114

I'm neither. This argument came up years ago when the stuff first came to light and people were saying she doesn't deserve a pass because of her gender. I'm saying the same thing so fucking chill.

No. 872115

That's the argument people even make about Amber Heard. This isn't something that people only say about Moo or women and yes, it is a shitty double standard, but the only person I can think that was run out of the community is Vic completely. Even Leon, so it's about money, influence, and what you look like. Moo has tits and that's all that matters and scrotes like Leon have looks that gross women ignore so they keep supporting. Its fully of garbage people at this point.

No. 872117

anon, they're saying the women wouldn't trust her to do make a nude photography safe space as a man, which is true.

No. 872119

Stella has been quoted several times that she “would do anything to be cosfamou”. Including backing people like Moo I guess.

No. 872121

she clearly backed the wrong horse in this one. she's dumb enough to actually believe moo as well.

No. 872122

Stella has been irrelevant for years now too

No. 872123

So, she can shoot her nudes and make her low tier porn in the studio but nobody else can?

No. 872138

The problem with Moo's friends saying she's changed is, she ALWAYS does something shitty sooner or later. It is a non stop flow of bs from Moo. They are pretending all she ever did was grab one guy. She has a damn impressive list of things that should be covered in three hour long specials. Hell, even most oldie farmers can't name every single shitty thing she has done because we simply can't keep up

No. 872140

She looks like hell. Dry, crusty, unmoisturized. If you're going to show your body like this, get your skin right, at least. Take advantage of Umbran's horniness and have her use your dusty bottles of skin care on you. Or maybe Umbran lost her affection for Moo lmao.

No. 872143

File: 1648747000960.jpeg (490.64 KB, 739x1261, F812EC59-1074-4109-92DC-B3E636…)

I knew it wasn’t a waste of time to record her stories lol

No. 872147

File: 1648748606433.jpg (549.85 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20220321-094157_Twi…)

So sneaky, right Moo?

No. 872152

The point being Moo
You can't blame ALL your shit behavior on them. She's pulling all the narc moves here
Just because some girls aren't saints doesn't give you a pass to be a POS.
There is no narrative or agenda. You're just a dangerous asshole

No. 872155

She's saying the same thing about Su that her minions are doing for her. She's braindead.

No. 872157

I'm sure Moo is big mad that the only people who are defending her are the people she paid to be around. Normies and everyone who is neutral are pointing out she's a POS
Though Moo is incapable of accepting blame or fault because she's pretty up there when it comes to narcissism
No wonder she changes friends annually. It must be exhausting to defend her weekly

No. 872158

Why can’t both being shitty people. She’s once again just using this whole thing has an excuse to sweep everything away and NOT take ownership of it. What a joke.

No. 872161

They are. I'm calling her a hypocrite.

No. 872162

she's saying that in reference to what moo said, dumbass.

No. 872166

It reminds me of when multiple victims of rape accuse the rapist. If just one of the victims land in hot water for something unrelated or was once in trouble, the rapist will shout it from the rooftops to get people to not believe the entire group of victims. This is pretty much the same thing that Mariah and her paid friends are doing. Onion did it too.

No. 872169

File: 1648756629421.jpeg (104.05 KB, 753x314, 02C734A1-B5F2-4868-B342-C4C807…)

So after fucking off last night because he wasn’t getting his way in the thread, now he wants other people to "educate him" on Moo’s misdeeds. Just like the scrotes that wander into here demanding to be spoon fed. Fucking pathetic.

No. 872170

File: 1648756806989.jpeg (245.8 KB, 776x765, 75500566-6832-4B46-A2A1-7ACB50…)

No. 872171

Kinda confirms this is either moomoo herself or some scrote that normally posts here.

No. 872176

this dude is a dumbass
It is illegal for a BUISNESS to be asking for these things unless you're employing them
you can't just copy people's ID's

No. 872178

Someone can literally just post what Krissy put out on her Twitter THE OTHER DAY where stands by her claims and that she never even got an apology from Mariah.

This dude has to be moo. Or some weird friend of a friend orbiter that thinks she’ll open her legs for him if he defends her.

No. 872180

He's Bindi Smalls husband. He runs that "S-class" event at the casino during Katsucon and keeps his circle full of famous cosplayers. From what I've heard he's a pretty shitty person and was cheating on Bindi a lot

No. 872181

so Moo's defenders are either paid off croonies or abusers. Really paints a picture

No. 872182

Birds of a feather… Moo only keeps the "best" company.

No. 872189

File: 1648761632213.jpeg (461.62 KB, 819x1294, CE6DF97A-B8AF-4A0A-BC96-0F20A4…)

Stella is now blocking people in the thread for speaking out against Moo. Typical.

No. 872191

Honestly it’s really cringey and braindead for this girl to compare Moo’s autistic groping to her own rape and molestation by a male pedo rapist. Moo is a retard but her actions are in no way comparable to grown men preying on young girls, and it’s so annoying when these women think sexual assault is the same no matter who does it and what’s done. Moo rightfully shouldn’t be allowed back at any cons because she’s a shitty person and likely won’t be able to contain herself, but to compare her to males who prey on preteen girls is so disgusting and pickme behavior

No. 872192

Well it seems jasmin is self posting so it’s hilarious reading so is Lexi >>872143(hi cow)

No. 872194

Someone give this man that detailed fuck up list from years ago. I'll update it later in PS if anyone has a high res one to post ITT. I haven't updated it in years and no longer have that OG file.

No. 872195

Not illegal. Wtf do you think tattoo shopsdo?

No. 872196

They’re saying it’s illegal if you don’t have the proper licensing to do it. Which people are assuming she doesn’t since it was so briefly/quickly added

Idk if there’s a way to further look into this

No. 872197

what a hill to die on for an only fans thot who is hanging onto cosplay by a breaking thread

No. 872198

I think people are still getting confused over the ID. What the uproar was initially was that she was demanding copies of photo ID over an UNSECURED website which opens it up to the possibility of identity theft if someone were to get access to her piss poor website to apply for membership.
I can’t speak to the legality of her collecting said info for the business since I’m not versed in that. I know it’s standard operations to require a photo ID when checking into places to verify age and whatnot. But her keeping copies and having ZERO info about what she intends to do with it is extremely shady. She didn’t even have a privacy policy last I checked!

No. 872199

They don't store your ID information, which is illegal unless you're licensed to do so as it's related to laws FOR running businesses needing identification (18 or 21+ if its membership related), in all states and probably even Puerto Rico too. Mooriah is 100% not licensed to do anything, her spelling and grammar alone would get her tossed into the same category as indian scammers trying to get a legit license.

No. 872202

The other thing that’s sus is that she’s asking for photo ID before she even considers allowing you to even know where this “studio” is- it isn’t an age check for smokes or a bar- she wants the info over insecure website before you can even apply. This seems very very suspicious. Tattoo artists, store clerks, bars police can ask for ID for age verification but if your local seven eleven clerk started making a copy of it you’d freak out because it’s not acceptable. Anyone stanning for this from her is a moron.

No. 872203

it's perfectly legal for bars to look at your ID for age verification, but they can't take a photo or go in the back and make a copy. If a fake ID is suspected you can just ask the person to leave or call the proper authorities who can take a copy

No. 872204

She's also listing this buisness/building is for the use of porn as well. Which needs it's own permits and things as well and needs to go under porn studio. She thinks she can duck under it by not allowing penetrative sex between a guy or girl unless people ask

No. 872205

moo doesn't need to age verify people period, let alone before they come in. it's a photo studio.

No. 872206

She listed it as a place for porn though. Which is just another issue all together

No. 872207

still, she doesn't need id beforehand even if she wants to run an illegal porn studio.

No. 872209

Maybe she wants to be a porn director and starting her own porn label kek.

No. 872221

I’m just honestly happy that people are confronting Stella about Momos recent behavior that happened about a week ago and gave her valid reasons why not to trust her. Like cmon why is she getting IDs online rather than having people showing it to her once they arrived in person and give it back to them once she looks at them? She doesn’t have any employees who would do that for her. She obviously have history of doxxing people and who knows what she’ll do if things go sour between her and the person who gave her the id. What she’s doing is creating a criminal enterprise in disguise of her vanity project (which she admits that it was after going off on contractors who dares not to give in to her entitlement). She’s only doing it so she can Social climb on cosfamous people and destroy them in a ways that we’ve probably never seen before while making money in the progress. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen for various reasons.

Also for Stella to publicly defend Momo regards of everything that goes on around her shows people how much of a sellout she is and she’s gonna look stupid once shit hits the fans. I can’t wait for them to come up with some BS excuse once they got fucked.

No. 872222

stella is a huge piece of shit and always has been.

No. 872227

File: 1648789656773.jpeg (551.13 KB, 754x1269, 11F50E57-5809-43BD-AC96-B2F48B…)

>No one indulges him on his stupid bullshit so he comes back to whine when he’s rightfully ignored.

I’m with the other anons in thinking Moo is just hijacking the account to stir shit. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time since the AX drama when Vamp was behaving suspiciously like Moo on Twitter to defend her.

No. 872229

It may not be illegal to him but it’s definitely in the making of running an illegal business. All we know that there’s good chances that Mariah would use the IDs she collects to use them as blackmail in order to get her clients to do what she wants such as giving her more clout or even money. She done something similar before with KBBQ. Even without the sexual assault I wouldn’t trust her to go to her business, especially if she demands to give her your ID immediately online.

No. 872230

Yes Lori, making fun of asian eyes and their "flat faces" is indeed racist, ~latina~ or not. kek

Love that she still thinks the cowtipper was moo or vamps herself tho. Pure autism.

That lacefront is completely busted.

No. 872231

fuck off back to her thread.

No. 872232

of course this idiot thinks any negative opinion is defamation of some kind.

No. 872234

this guy is such a fucking shit stain of a human being lmao

No. 872238

they keep saying she's changed but don't say how she has. Has moo stopped being a hobgoblin and actually buckled down in doing her own cosplay work or stopped bribing friends with "gifts" to then use them as leverage later in arguments? Not at all, she's just gotten better at manipulating people like most people with sociopathic tendencies. Read up on "guru" shit or self-help scam artist pseudo psych books so you learn more tactics to dupe less informed people which is what these new "friends" are

No. 872240

I’m super late to this so I apologize for bringing this up later but- Stella will kiss anyones ass that gives her any attention. She did it for leon when man when on a childish ass temper tantrum during the Black Lives Matter movement because it was more of a focus than his fucking birthday which people got on his ass about and Stella defended him saying “ oh we should Seperate racial/political issues from the cosplay community because we cosplay to have fun and forget about the real world! Keep that stuff out, it has nothing to do with cosplay.” Because someone had mentioned Leon’s statement and she said this and stuck up for him. So honestly either she’s very very easily manipulated or she’s just the dumbest fucking person like all these other big name cosplayers and just bends over for anyone wanting to give her a pat on the butt.

No. 872244

i'm so sick of people saying this. she's not good at manipulating anyone. that's why she needs to bribe people and why the only ones defending her are being bribed or are just as shitty as her. and why she has to pick weak targets. hell she bought her way to where she is now. she wasn't even able to keep her relationship with jessica, who is smart enough to have dropped her long ago. also, being canceled doesn't do shit, and her moid fanbase doesn't care about this "women drama" happening to their fap material. she's past the point of having a wk fanbase, especially when most of them are too busy bitching about her plastic surgery. she's going to cons as a paying customer, no longer a guest. she has to do really awful porn now, unlike most costhots. who did she manipulate without tossing them cash? nobody.

No. 872251

I mean bribing and offering gifts/ trips for doing stuff for her is a manipulation tactic. She has always been good at somehow making people think she’s a bigger deal than she is abd if you go along with her you’ll reap the benefits of money and fame. That’s grade A narc and manipulator. If she wasn’t good at it she wouldn’t still have people on the cos scene defend her or be up her ass all the time.

Of course the quality of her army has gone gone down the tubes the last few years. It’s clear people are wising up to her, but also obvious some aren’t and have no problem backing someone like her up if it means $$$ in their pocket.

No. 872252

If he's friends with victims AND Moo and can't do a simple google search maybe it was right to ignore him. What a dunce

No. 872253

I think it’s safe ti say he’s not actually a friend to any of these people, he’s clearly just trying to name drop

No. 872256

It is libel though. We can say its unregistered or illega and it might lose her customers because just saying it through an anonymous forum might be safe, Jessie has no idea if its true at all even if we can see fire code issues and don't think she should be taking IDs. If Moo THINKS it's costing her money, she will have to prove it, but Jessie could get slapped with something to STFU. I sure hope Moo tries because it'll show she hasn't changed.

No. 872264

She would have to get her legendary team of lawyers to prove what she's saying is untrue and libel. Hard to prove this business is on the level when it looks like a fire code death trap from just casual photos and there's no privacy policy on a site that asks for sensitive information and a building that is used for porn but not exclusively porn.

No. 872268

They also fail to ignore that moo is well known to moids, specifically moids who would be butthurt fag enough to hack into her shit for information. They’re employing mostly cosplay thots, which brings In more moids. And since they know moo is a retard it’s more reason they’ll want to target her business for an easy in and get all their info.

No. 872273

no, it's only libel if it's known to be untrue.

No. 872280

The other thing to consider is that in her own site she’s talking about “if you are using sex toys/planning on penetration “ etc etc she expects you to clear it with the front desk. Hmm. Wonder exactly who’s manning the desk? More than likely moo herself at all times, because she wants to lord over/ass kiss/moderate everything. I don’t know about you but someone of ANY gender with a track record like hers discussing what you plan to do in a space you rented with the illusion of privacy? Seems awkward if not outright horrid. I mean sure it’s reasonable she doesn’t have license to shoot full on porns but even THAT rule seems arbitrary depending on who it is. Maybe she’s a voyeuristic bitch or tries to self insert into someone’s shoot.

No. 872291

makes you wonder how Moo would react if a client wants to do a sexual/porno shoot but ask if she not watch. Which is reasonable. Studio owners shouldn't be watching anyways. Moo seems like the power playing weirdo who will say shit like "I HAVE to supervise all shoots, including porn" then proceed to slap your pussy.
God forbid a client brings a male partner

No. 872297

I don’t know how anyone could do porn in that studio if other people are booked at the same time anyway, there is zero privacy

No. 872299

File: 1648847926160.jpeg (253.76 KB, 1095x1955, 5EAFB12D-99DB-4D91-A17A-40C0E2…)

Major self own, Moo. Only the first part applies to you.

No. 872302

She most likely won’t allow male cosplayers… unless they’re attractive, Asian, are taken and have massive clout she can exploit.

No. 872303

She just called herself weak and stupid kek

No. 872304

Well they do say a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 872307

kbbq was a fat fuck.(not that moo can do any better) yellow fever makes you blind.

No. 872323


Weak people *seek revenge. Illiterate drop out loser.

No. 872324


The twitter sperg out was literally last week. She didn’t ignore so there goes being intelligent. She didn’t forgive so there goes strong. She did get revenge (or thought she was) by attacking everyone so I guess that makes her weak according to her post lol idiot

No. 872377

i'm still not convinced these aren't posted out of subconscious awareness of some kind, even if it's projection to the highest degree.

No. 872423

People are not allowed to walk away and grow from sexual assault. that's not how it fucking works. Sean is a piece of shit, but not even surprised a man thinks SA is not a big deal.

No. 872427

that and it's stupid to think thousands of people are upset just because of SA. She has a list of 100 other shitty things. There is no growth. Moo is just a shit person, she always will be

No. 872502

File: 1649007537824.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, 945C685C-EE40-4051-9630-CCB7DA…)

No. 872506

File: 1649007813585.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9385679D-933B-4093-A475-BFF119…)

Any time she says “shadow self/people” she comes off as some weird cult member.

No. 872508


Lol I wonder if she’s going to offer sex and cuddles for an electrician to come over like she did thirstposting for carpenters. Seriously though I am wondering wtf this is on about- all Breaker boxes are labeled how the hell would she accidentally anything? Oh I know it’s moo and she can’t do real life.
Pick a lane- bad ass knowitall gurlboss or this whatever it is.

No. 872513

she's learned all of this unironically whitewashed zen bullshit from some stupid books and doesn't actually know what it means.

No. 872514

Ooohhhhh will we get a pixielocks-esque DID larp?

No. 872542

I’m betting on her unironically spewing Jordan Peterson rhetoric soon

No. 872543

Watch her blame her shitty behavior on her shadow self now
Then it'll creep on down to her "alters"

No. 872552

what is a shadow self?

No. 872556

A cop-out for her abhorrent behavior.

No. 872568

like your 'inner' personality that makes the bad decisions for you that you dont show anyone. Basically a cope for making bad decisions because you cant control yourself properly

No. 872569

literally this. if you look it up it's some garble about the unconscious mind.

No. 872570

Even if she did turn off the wrong breaker, she can just unplug stuff and turn it back on. She acts like she's gonna kill someone if she turns off the wrong one.

No. 872572

If it were her studio, then yeah, I’d be afraid too after what she did to it lol

No. 872574

Ah, well that explains why she thought turning the one at the studio into a "set"

No. 872577

she's just doing this to bait a guy or something i'm sure.

No. 872644

Can any nonnies guesstimate how much she's paying for rent for the studio? I looked up the address a nonna posted hoping the owners might have other offices for rent as comparison but no dice. I'm so curious how many memberships she would need to keep the place in the green kek

No. 872645

assuming that is correct, probably somewhere in that range. Depends if that includes power, water, internet though. Could be more in that case.
Tinfoil, but assuming shes paying just $2500 a month she's already nearly $10k down (not including construction fees) with presumably no return on investment.
When this inevitably fails, we're going to be in for a great poor saga

No. 872647

Thinking about this some more, I realised it's likely double that, so maybe $20k, since she'll have been paying rent whilst she was building the sets and that started, something like six months ago

No. 872653

i'm inclined to believe this. that's probably why she's priced it so high. i don't know why she didn't just make a home studio in her house that she totally actually designed and didn't just buy and put cheap marble in.

No. 872704

File: 1649175086766.jpg (288.53 KB, 1080x1519, 1649168775947.jpg)

reposting from the usagi kou/lori lewd thread. moo desperately cries for a insta page dedicated to posting lori's candids/unshooped photos to be taken down, likely in case someone decides to do this for her. i wonder if this is why moo's been so cautious about her own candids, she's arguably more haggard at her age than a 30+ year old.

No. 872705

She's using Lori for PR! OMG this is hilarious

No. 872706

Shes so embarrassing. She’s posting these around d the same time she went on her Twitter meltdown too.

No. 872714

I don't know why she cares? No one gives a fuck about her. Her scrotes just wank off to her edits. Though it is funny showing them Moo's candids and saying shit like "that haggard whale isn't Momo"

But yeah it's pretty transparent she only wants to help because she wants something in return. It must be rough to look like a 45+ mother of three in your 20's

No. 872715

She’s so performative

No. 872717

Lori hates her fucking guts, why the fuck would Mariah use her for clout? Is she gonna negotiate to work together as the Internets most hated and proud of it group? Or is she gonna try and sleep with kevin under loris nose? It’s not gonna work.

No. 872718

she has a huge, fragile ego.

No. 872719

Mariah’s main IG is “down” again. Still vying for that elusive check mark, Moo? lol

No. 872722

File: 1649197787047.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, BA3C6027-7FDE-4B72-9865-6BF9C0…)

Checking insta saw this. Funny moo- I don’t think you read the poem either. She’s salty lol

No. 872726

This was posted before the takedown

No. 872727

File: 1649201402468.jpeg (525.03 KB, 1091x1587, A4A29B30-AAC5-4E74-9FEB-7D6006…)

Sure, Mariah… "verification".

No. 872728

that's not even how you get verified. why does she even lie, does she think anyone cares?

No. 872730

She is wording this weird. This is the wording from someone who thinks their account isn't going to come back.

No. 872734

You probably shouldn’t have posted that but at least there’s proof she’s lying her ass off each time she panic posts on her side account about "the verification process" and starts begging for shares and follows whenever it gets taken down.
I’m sure her crack team of lawyers are working double time on this lol

No. 872736

At least one of you saw before I removed it. Just wanted to prove she's lying.

For anyone not sure, it was a post confirming her account was removed for harassment, not for verification.

No. 872742

dw babe i saved it.

No. 872749

which video? i can't find any

No. 872756

Then post it? If that’s true then I want to see it

No. 872759

Reposting it could result in her using it as leverage against instagram to reinstate, but also it was removed for harassment.

No. 872765

basically what >>872759 said. it was a report against her acc and insta confirmed it was taken down for violating community guidelines.

No. 872795

Was it something another user posted then saying they reported her for harassing? If so, that makes sense. I assumed you meant Mariah herself posted about it being banned.

No. 872796

Really wish momo wasn't so insecure, she keeps using makeup and filters and has gotten surgery but she honestly looks gorgeous without it. Wish she'd get herself onto a dedicated workout routine, it's a lot better than liposuction and she's already got pretty great genes which you can tell from the god-tier fat distribution she's got that was a lot more apparent back a few years ago. Really hope she takes the self improvement pill.

No. 872798

You're not even trying to hide it lol, fuck outta here.

No. 872812

I come here for the leaks, bro, but it's sad to see how Momo tends to make excuses instead of progress whole still trying to always cover herself with filters. Feel like she needs to actually focus on a disciplined routine since it doesn't seem like she's got one, and if I were to bet it'd probably help her both physically and mentally. I don't know many people who haven't gotten a better mindset once they start grinding in the gym 4-6 times a week, and with how much she drops on the studio she's definitely got the resources for it. Hoping she improves since she can still definitely turn things around since she's still a pretty fine woman.

No. 872813

Get out, scrote.

No. 872814

That's what it was. An anon confirmed Insta took it down for harassment. The way she's even wording her other post though makes it kinda sound like she doesn't even think she's getting it back.

No. 872815

I wouldn't be surprised if it was taken down for harassment. Moo has a manic episode bi weekly. But I'm not holding my breath about it being permanently gone
though it is funny she claims her page is down due to verification. That isn't how that works.
Though I'm still waiting for the freak out if/when Moo loses her onlyfans. Slim chance I know. But people can finally tell her "But Moo, you said you earn money with just cosplay. You don't need porn"

No. 872816

File: 1649260605510.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x2061, Screenshot_20220406-085526_Ins…)

Looks like Stella removed her photos she took in Moo's studio. At least on the Instagram side of things. I also haven't seen anyone promoting Moo's page.

No. 872818

(Samefag) Looked really quick: Nowhere to be seen on Twitter too. LOL Wtf Stella, didn't like people hating you in the community so you chicken out? Gone from FB too.

No. 872821

How quickly she bails once the faintest amount of heat gets on her for defending Mariah. The money/free studio shoots must not have been that great to have ditched her this quickly. What a coward lol

No. 872823

bitch fake as fuck. she go the money, what else does she need? she obviously hates moo. moo may be an ATM but it comes at such a high cost.

No. 872824

She got so pissy when people threw proof in her face that Moo was and still is a POS. At one point didn't she say that everything Moo did wasn't that bad?
Wonder if the money was worth it because she can't use the photos Moo took now

Tinfoil but I don't think Moo is angry at all or else we would see a bunch of angry sub tweeting or Moo talking about snakes again. Moo still got a weeks worth of promotion and Moo can still say Stella is a client.

Though funny that Moo had no real customers and she had to pay people. Funnier that this place was suppose to support her if onlyfans went down. I'm all here for Moo continuing to waste her money, trying and failing to buy her way into the cosplay community

No. 872827

maybe she was just waiting for moo to fork over the cash. honestly though she was probably pressured through DMs by more popular cosplayers and silently decided to slink away again. this isn't the first time she's done this with moo. she's about clout and nothing else and moo is probably too damaging even if she's a waterfall of cash.

No. 872828

She only follows the Peachy insta and thats it lol no backups for moo either

No. 872829

Don't know if it was worth it. If people are mad at Stella they can bring up all the shit she said when defending Moo. Like how crimes should be forgiven if time passes. Her opinion means shit seeing as how she has no values. Just money and clout.

No. 872830

it probably wasn't. stella clearly has no brain. she sees things in a vacuum just like moo. i wonder if she realizes how stupid she sounded defending moo's new grift.

No. 872831

File: 1649263122476.jpg (60.01 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20220406-093808_Ins…)

Guys. Is this glitched or am I crazy that this is gone too

No. 872834

She also defended Moo's actions saying it's been years and we should forgive her and she said sorry. Ignoring the fact that Moo was clearly chimping out and took her apology back and blamed all her disgusting behavior on Bunny and Susu. Yeah she looked beyond stupid

It's like defending a molester because they're sorry but the molester is in the background saying they were not sorry and it was the victims fault for being slutty teases… Oh wait… that's exactly what happened

No. 872835

she changed her handle to momo_kun.co it looks like.

No. 872836

Stella pulled the “it was a long time ago, forgive and forget!” bullshit and that really set people in that thread off.

What’s funny is if you check the studio’s tagged posts on IG, there’s one little group of nobodies using the studio. That’s Moo’s customer base right there. This studio will fold in no time.

No. 872837

and what's worse, she was defending her sexual harassment in the context of why moo's qualified to run a woman only safe space studio? it's insane.

No. 872839

That looks like a fake page anon… there’s a lot of accounts that repost her stuff pretending to be her.

It’s down for me as well. Maybe she finally got that device ban kek

No. 872840

File: 1649263818751.jpg (483.83 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20220406-095017_Ins…)

I don't think so, this is a scam page

No. 872841

I hope Moo stays true to her rotten behavior, charges them for breathing and we hear horror stories from this group

Because women can't be molesters so it's okay. She also ignored the fact it wasn't an "agenda" of a few big names who hate Moo. Plenty of other regular cosplayers have horror stories about Moo as well. But she completely ignored them and blocked.

It's clear Moo hates everyone, especially women. She sees them as competition to her existence so she has to either make a comment about their body or pull her power play shit and touch them without permission. Push boundaries, bullying, gaslight them, steal from them. Whatever it takes to break them down.

No. 872852

the real one is definitely gone then. good riddance.

No. 872856

Stella still has her studio posts and video on her FB but they're now friend locked.

No. 872861

So people who likely won't call her or again

No. 872871

currently mmallad.jpeg is the only insta of her’s that is still up other than her cat insta, and she’s been ranting on her story about how she got locked out of her account for “verification reasons”

No. 872874

File: 1649276788096.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1082x1799, D754EB4E-92FE-49AE-BDBC-D16607…)

She’s mad lol

No. 872875

File: 1649276849286.jpeg (458.05 KB, 1076x1878, DD9E1C07-77CA-4D36-9629-7FE413…)

No. 872876

File: 1649276905255.jpeg (873.71 KB, 1074x1796, 7A74A039-CEE9-4A5F-B7A0-580F55…)

No. 872878

File: 1649277022143.jpeg (793.27 KB, 1079x1725, 4645AAD6-EAAE-4E83-873F-D52079…)

Only Moo would equate losing her IG to literally "fighting for her life".

No. 872879

It’s really obvious this is the process IG does when it’s evaluating a ban. She has to wait and provide info everytime because it’s a ban for a different reason/ post each time.

No. 872881

Jesus, with how often she gets reported, you’d think IG would just fucking shut her down permanently. But no. She’ll be back within the week.

No. 872882

If you can't log into your insta the page is still public and others are able to view it.
She doesn't want to admit she's problematic and got temp banned

No. 872890

this is so pathetic. no1curr moo. your insta got reported and blocked for valid reasons. the only reason she's even using insta is because she got btfo'd off of twitter. they're trying to pivot insta into a selling marketplace like etsy anyway, this shit can't fly.

No. 872908

>posts ass shots onto second account
>"WhY iS InStA dOiNg ThIs 2 Me!!!"

rocks for brains

No. 872917

Her insta gets "removed" when there's a shit show surrounding her. Every. Single. Time.

No. 872919

it's only her main when that happens
it's most of her accounts which means she's device banned
Which, about time. She was peddling her low grade porn on insta and constantly broke TOS

No. 872922

This time she actually got reported, so it wasn't her disabling it.

No. 872923

this isn't that. last time when she deactivated her account and pretended it needed to be verified she showed caps with the account with no content. plus she's pretending to be locked out.

No. 872962

Agreedicant. That’s how I feel about her and the southern Papsis. Cantapelaux people, papa YEAHyuh. Banaenaes.

She can really turn this around. Slavidicus.

No. 872972

Am I having a stroke right now?

No. 872988

File: 1649340168463.gif (1.45 MB, 233x291, Nanidafuq.gif)

Nonny, are you alright?

No. 872991

No. 872994

How much money you all wanna bet that she was using her insta to harass the girls she perved on? And she got reported

No. 873000

I think what happened was a lot of people were pissed about her last chimp out and Moo got massed reported for abuse/bullying and sexual content
"the consequence of my own actions" is a phrase Moo needs to learn but she will never apply to herself.
Oh to be a fly on the wall. I'm surprised she isn't on her twitter art account freaking out
But wow, banned on Twitter and Insta. The two main sources of new paypigs

No. 873002

does anyone else find it a lil weird that Stella removed all the photos and videos she took in the studio and unfollowed Moo on all her accounts except for the Peachy collective, the one account that's still up?

Pushing tinfoil aside. If these accounts stay down Moo is on her way to irrelevancy. Any new accounts wont have the same followers unless she buys them to help her ego.

No. 873004

Not just Stella, but Martin Wong has still refused to pay any shots he's done with her and that's like 5 now, right? Moo, no one actually likes you. They don't want to publicly say they involve themselves. Imagine that existence but you still can yourself famous kek

No. 873005

Meant *post but it won't let me delete my post to edit it.

No. 873008

It's like treating people like shit and calling them your friend doesn't mean they think the feeling is mutual. It's like her "friends" saw this shit coming and told her nothing and are watching her burn from a distance with marshmallows.

If these accounts stay gone she loses a lot of "fame" and attention which was one of her two goals.
Not like she was going to become a famous cosplayer anyway. She dug herself deep in that onlyfans porn hole

On the plus side, now Moo can't defend herself on Insta or Twitter. Hope people drop some juicy receipts now that Moo can't do shit

No. 873009

this. i hope all the popular costhots lurking here go in on here. we're here for it.

No. 873010

sorry for my dirty phoneposting

No. 873015

She can kinda yell on twitter on her art account. But she deleted her last manic episode and now she's pretending it's all for Douma sperging and not spying on the accounts of people she hates.

Don't think she'll say anything on twitter however. Think she's scared of losing that account as well

No. 873017

I'm more inclined to think she got reported for showing her nudes…

No. 873020

Someone shown proof she was reported for harassment.

No. 873022

Someone prayed proof with an hour ago report saying it was taken down for harassment. They deleted it before they could get banned for interacting.

No. 873023

File: 1649358152133.jpg (146.36 KB, 1070x785, Screenshot_20220407-150132_Gal…)

anon who grabbed the cap here. i edited it to censor her name.

No. 873025

File: 1649358285079.jpg (15.38 KB, 412x107, Screenshot_3.jpg)

this is the part i censored. i didn't report it, just grabbed it from here. (just don't want her trying to use this to reinstate it)

No. 873026

File: 1649358695963.jpg (141.11 KB, 952x804, Screenshot_4.jpg)

also sharing a cap i sent to my friend on discord to laugh at her (please don't ban me i didn't report her)

No. 873035

It just says "goes against community guidelines". That could be nudes or bullying.

No. 873037

Either or Moo violated both terms

No. 873047

Again, passing this she could use these photos on a forum like this to garner sympathy to get her account reinstated. Why can't you guys just fucking believe the anons who saw it??

No. 873050

This is exactly why that anon was told they shouldn’t have posted it to begin with. I guess several anons seeing it before it was removed just wasn’t good enough for the "cAPS Or iT DiDNt hAPPeN" crowd.
This absolutely did not need to be reiterated three times… way to give Moo ammo, morons.

No. 873051

calm down, you guys are retarded.

No. 873052

I'm sure Moo is spouting some nonsense about "agendas" to whoever will listen to her and that's why her accounts are down. Has nothing to do that she's a cunt

No. 873053

>the "cAPS Or iT DiDNt hAPPeN" crowd
So like this entire board? Calm tf down. If someone gets banned for a few days they will survive.

No. 873056

you guys are seriously retarded. if insta took it down because someone ITT, it's still down. who tf is she going to tell? sit down.

No. 873057

You can tell who is and isn't a newfag because we've been through this before when an anon has posted that they were the reason who account was removed, posted the photo of it as proof [dozens of threads ago] and her account for reinstated. Multiple thots do this shit when it's become obvious they were taken down. When you brag about it, they can take that shit to Twitter to complain about how they were attacked and it's all bullshit. Doesn't matter if it was taken down due to clear ToS violations, she's done this before.

dear god, fucking listen to anons when we say DONT POST IT.

No. 873058

we're talking about insta. and no, this hasn't happened before.

No. 873060

Learn to read. I said they go to twitter to complain that a big bad forum took them down. This HAS happened before and it was back when the threads were under 25. Fucking look them up and scrounge for it, newfag. They got banned for forcing milk by reporting her account to go down and they posted to brag about it. It's clear you have no idea about how Moo works or how she's bypassed this shit in the past. I'm talking about Instagram.

No. 873061

the spergs in the thread are concerned moo will throw a shit fit about how we're harassing her by reporting her, as if she can't do that already, anon's were talking about the report already. she'd just be yelling into the aether anyway.

No. 873062

>you look for the proof of the point i'm trying to make!
if you're insinuating moo got any accounts reinstated because she whined to SM about posts an anon made, you're just as retarded as i initially thought.

No. 873063

What don't you get that it's happened before? How many anons need to tell you that?

No. 873064

if it's happened before, it should be easy to find proof for me now shouldn't it?

No. 873065

Newfags are the worst. Stop begging for spoonfeeding when anons have told you to check the threads yourself and even gave you a number to work down from.

No. 873067

okay babe. again if you really think it happened it's your responsibility to prove it, not mine to find it when i don't give a fuck. who even cares if her account goes back up, this thread is for laughing at her, not for moralfaggotry. you sound like those anons who hate that she's rich, i'm here for a show, bitch will ruin herself.

No. 873069

>makes claim
>anon requests proof
>sToP BegGInG tO BE sPOoNfED!!!111!!!1
r u bein serious, nona? I get if it's an obvious fact about the cow but this one was pretty out there

No. 873071

it's probably just some stupid speculation anyway, like when moo takes down her insta during cons to avoid being tagged in candids and everyone speculates it was taken down.

No. 873072

How is all this speculation??

No. 873073

File: 1649376022810.png (Spoiler Image, 367.24 KB, 720x1134, ew.png)

Considering she wants to make this a safe space for women, does anyone remember when Moo basically pulled a Shane Dawson in the way she used a gross title for a video she filmed with a kid? Like wtf? How do people like Stella Chu ignore all this shit and pretend like everything Moo has ever done has been self-serving and manipulation?

No. 873074

nta but you’re really starting to sound like the jackasses that defend Moo (ex: >>872169)
No one else needs to go out of their way to spoonfeed shit to you when all you need to do is look though the past threads.

No. 873075

i mean whatever >>873074 is claiming about moo using our caps previously to reinstate her account. she still refuses to post it.

No. 873076

It's been posted before. Learn how to google threads and use the damn crtl+f function and do it yourself. Anons have talked about this before, we have multiple anons saying that it has happened before, maybe do your part and actually look it up. An anon posted that she successfully got Moo's insta removed before, another even posted getting her second Twitter account removed, but feel free to beg and seethe than no one wants to spoonfeed you. We said she COULD use it to reinstate, not that she HAS because we don't know she's done that to get Instagram back before, but the last time it was posted, she got her account back.

So please, fuck off and look it up yourself.

No. 873080

File: 1649377692807.png (39.53 KB, 585x459, 1522907216314.png)

At least found the Twitter one in the over 100 threads we have.

No. 873082

We don’t have any real evidence she could even use anything we say as a defense. Being neutral perhaps she accumulated enough strikes to just get it shut down. While it isn’t a good idea to give her ammo I dunno if having ammo would help her in any way. Didn’t with her Twitter. I’m sure she yelled harassment when she got banned from there.

No. 873083


God I remember this. Been a long time and she hasn’t really changed. She’s pathetic and creepy

No. 873084

see >>873063 dumbass.

No. 873091

I've been following this thread for an embarrassing amount of time and have even started a few threads. Can someone link a time when her sm has been reinstated after a cap of a van was posted here? Because I have zero recollection of that happening in all of the times her IG has disappeared and reappeared and I'm not even close to a newfag. It's bizarre to get so heated and cry newfag but make zero effort to pull up an old thread which is allegedly as easy as a Google search and ctrl+f. She always comes back to her platforms no matter what, I doubt whining about lolcow is the specific reason for it.

No. 873093

it didn't happen. i have been following the thread forever because i am someone who moo personally slighted. anon is being dumb and obtuse on purpose and tinfoiling that she got her accounts reinstated simply because the caps of reports were posted at any point.

No. 873094

For now her main and back up are gone and Moo is def twitching from lack of attention and not being able to open her big mouth. If it doesn't come back within a week she will make a new one, buy a couple thousand followers and beg people to follow it

No. 873112

It hasn’t. I think what that anon is talking about is an instance where her account was mass reported on, and then suspended due to IGs auto suspension at the time. So if an account gets x amount of reports in x amount of time it goes down automatically and then under review. I think some anons did post they reported it, can’t remember if there were caps, but the account was reinstated. HOWEVER, this is a totally different situation. At the time they were just reporting to report, she wasn’t doing anything to actually qualify for a ban so obviously it got reinstated. This time she has been reported for actually breaking TOS and multiple accounts have gone down. If IG finds this to be true they will keep the ban even if anons post caps, so those other anons are either just stupid, trolling, or in Mariah’s camp trying to not get those images posted.

No. 873113

She has 4 Instagram accounts, she'll just sperg on one of them untill her main is either reinstated, or permabanned.

No. 873120

She still has her mmallad.jpeg and ragdoll ranch ones. She'll be back within a week anyway, she never stays gone for long

No. 873121

File: 1649421586316.png (327 KB, 516x916, No, Momo.png)

This, she's sperging about loving/grooming her cats and people "sleeping on Naruto", which I don't blame her for thinking, since she's not into actual anime and just seen popular characters people like/with big tits and "cosplayed" them. Like, how do you literally miss the early 2000s Naruto obsession to the point people wore headbands to school?

No. 873125

you're again missing the fact that she got permabanned. all the other times she was deactivating on purpose or autobanned. and this time two of her accounts were banned, not just the main one, pay attention. after all her Twitter was permabanned before and she had to wait unt she moved and got a new IP to make a new one.

No. 873128

„Sleeping on Naruto” and u know she is a fake anime/manga fan.

No. 873136

What shadow work?? This is like the whole "people don't understand DBZ" thing again lol

No. 873137

>sleeping on naruto
>shadow work, not shading
>posts the most "quality shot" anyone's ever seen
>naruto out here looking like he's got pit stains
well, we already know what a pathetic definition of quality she has, and how much of a fake fan she was but i can barely believe what she's saying. naruto was ultra popular when she was in high school.

No. 873138

That's what I'm saying. I don't mind saying I was a narutard in school and even after (it went on that long…) but holy shit, there's no deep mystical meaning or impressive techniques displayed that "went over people's heads", people literally analyzed Naruto frame by frame by frame for lore, art and "hidden messages" to explain shippuden and boruto shit. Mooriah is just coping IG finally clapped those cheeks.

No. 873140

Legit baffling.
Naruto is probably the most surface level nothing anime. The overall quality (characters, story, world, etc) is so shallow but I'm not surprised that Moo thinks it's this deep masterpiece.

No. 873142

She cosplayed the dog guy in high school

No. 873143

File: 1649434369474.jpeg (831.17 KB, 1087x1730, 60C282CA-AF94-41B7-9258-91B2AC…)

Mariah is all about parroting those retarded woo woo buzzwords now to the point it makes her look legit retarded.

No. 873145

Damn she probably thinks she’s so smart but she looks like a fucking idiot talking like this.

No. 873147

Does she maybe mean “shadow work” as in all the shit she’s been spouting lately about “shadow selves?” She thinks that’s represented in the show?

No. 873149

I could be wrong, but when she says "shadow work" I think she's talking in terms of this dumb ass "shadow self" bullshit she's been on for a couple weeks now, not the quality of the art and animation. She's trying to make Naruto sound deeper than it is because she's the only one who actually slept on it and is only just watching it now with her current perspective of woo woo nonsense coloring everything.

No. 873152

File: 1649437020631.jpg (762.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-115545_Ins…)

Such skill. This us a hack job at best. And the reason "you don't trust groomers" is because she's most likely never been desensitized to one. I know jaeda is old but the picture she's shown is just sad. Matted and half shorn.

No. 873155

she's using makeup filters and improperly applying a product that goes on your entire face. great job.

No. 873156

I want to say it's something to do with shadow clone jutsu, because the actual "shadow work" is terrible. It's just dark color next to light color, no transition or gradient. Surely an artist like herself would realise that. >>873143
To be fair, with the amount of weed she smokes, I wouldn't be surprised if she was seeing shadow people.
Shouldn't be a surprise. Why would she know how to groom a cat when she barely grooms herself

No. 873158

She's been obsessed with the concept of "Shadow selfs". When people wouldn't let her get away with pinning all her shit behavior on Bunny and Susu she started pinning ALL her shitty behavior on her shadow self. What she's basically saying is she loves and embraces the shitty side of her and wont change but accept it.

MooMoo's cop out list:
"My ADHD made me do it"
"Bunny and Susu"
"It was my victims fault for acting slutty and grooming me"
"It was my shadow self!"

Never takes responsibility personally

No. 873159

This is not true. She's been using groomers for years and still does/will
She brushed her cat once and now she thinks she's a groomer.
That or she's manic and fought with her groomer and they had a falling out. She only talks shit when a professional calls her stupid.

No. 873166

File: 1649441038790.jpg (582.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-115539_Ins…)

"I won't put effort into her stomach because she whines"
So like. Instead of brushing the rest she just let's it mat there?

No. 873167

I know most cats don't like their bellies touched. But if she's screaming like a banshee she could have some minor matting and it's punching her skin. But of course she has to groom her cat one time and now she thinks she's better than a professional. It already sucks she has to shave the cat in the first place. And judging from the uneven patches Moo had no idea what she was doing

You know who's a professional with grooming old matted cats? A groomer

No. 873169

Has Jaeda not been through enough, let this cat live out her retirement in PEACE.

No. 873170

Why is it so uneven? I've never heard of having to shave cats but is it a hot burger state thing?

No. 873171

it is, but she got shaved because her fur was matted to shit. oh well, joke's on moo tho, her fur will never look the same again.

No. 873172

You only have to shave a cat if it's matted. It is not recommended because cat hair is so different than dog fur
Here's what happened
Moo's groomer came in, groomed the cats and saw Jaeda and told Moo that the cat is matted and needs to be shaved down and she should brush her animals in between grooming sessions. Moo took offense to this, told the groomer to get out
And now we have a patchy, matted cat with irritated skin

Though it's sad that Moo was preaching how she doesn't let the groomer touch her poor elderly baby because the groomer MIGHT hurt her. But also admits in the same breath the cat is screaming it's head off while Momo is shaving her down. The cats in pain Moo. You're not a professional

No. 873173

speaking of pets what ever happen to her reptile hoard?

No. 873174

Dead of course.

No. 873175

The way she openly admits she's shit to her pets like this is so nuts. Poor cat.

No. 873179

she's such a shit pet owner. my pet didnt like her nails clipped, but you gotta do it. wtf Moo. stop owning animals

No. 873186

this sounds like DID nonsense

No. 873190

actually ragdolls have different fur than other cats. it's okay to shave them, but it grows back a darker, duller color which kind of defeats the point.

No. 873201

Her elderly cat isn't a ragdoll though?

No. 873206

File: 1649461754173.jpeg (983.19 KB, 1092x1729, E9FF5628-2F67-4C88-8594-BED037…)

>or stalking their Twitter for drama I can insert myself into

No. 873207

Is she high?
Also love the fake positivity when she has a weekly bitch fit
Not going to talk about using a dead man to prove you're nice Moo?

No. 873214

Moo deleted her grooming sperge. Figures since she was likely lurking and got pissed that anons weren’t impressed with her high tier grooming skillz lol

No. 873237

The whole thing didn't make sense. You're not going to trust a professional that has the experience and equipment to handle the grooming, but yourself and your Whal shaver? Dafuq?
And I'm sorry, but why did your cat need shaved? How the fuck did it get matted if you're taking them to groomers? Not to mention I have Maine Coons that CLEAN THEMSELVES. You just need to brush them once a week or more frequently during the spring shed to make them feel comfortable.. cats clean themselves.

No. 873238

You don’t wrong but jaeda is an earlier cat si they do tend to mat more since they may not clean themselves as much anymore. But baby professional groomer would know to handle a senior cat and take care of their fur to avoid that. She used to brag that the groomer would come to her house and groom all her cats so I don’t understand why all of a sudden she was trying to act like she knew what she was doing.

No. 873239

Mine have bonded and groom eachother, hers must not get along. Even so. Weekly brushing would.have prevented this.

No. 873242

I don't even think Moo knows you can actually kill the cat by stressing it out with a shave. I don't know how common it is but I've definitely heard of it happening, especially to older cats. If it was to the point of a complete shave it must have been severe matting. Poor cat.

No. 873243

she's probably just being cheap. after all moo sunk a ton of cash into her failing studio recently, gotta cutback somewhere(but not for herself)

No. 873244

Literally. Why is her cat so matted if she says she does such a good job grooming her? She wouldn't have mats like that in the first place if you took care of her regularly. It's hilarious how bad she tells on herself like this by boasting about how good she is at something and immediately after she shows proof she has no idea what she's doing. Girl brushed her cat for the first time in a year and thinks she's a groomer now.

No. 873245

File: 1649511988009.jpg (593.57 KB, 1078x1899, Screenshot_20220409-064622_Ins…)

No wonder she got her lips resone lol

No. 873246

File: 1649512025296.jpg (693 KB, 1079x1891, Screenshot_20220409-064606_Ins…)

The wig is so bad too

No. 873247

File: 1649513748451.png (1.94 MB, 1800x1233, 9C7BFB7B-6575-4195-94ED-0F1CE8…)

Imagine being so manic that you post these within an hour of each other.

No. 873252

umbran is a hack. only the best for moo.

No. 873253

File: 1649519584895.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x2041, BFCC2571-DF51-45DC-82D0-541DB6…)

>262k followers on side account
>14 comments on new post that’s been up several hours
>shares on studio account in an attempt for more attention

She doesn’t typically share her cosplay photos to the studio IG so having both her other accounts down is eating her alive lol

No. 873254

This. Even with Jaeda's age and behavior if Moo didn't trust a professional groomer, she could have taken Jaeda to her vet to get groomed. But Moo literally thinks like a child and would rather play pet salon than take proper care of her animals

No. 873255

File: 1649521985953.jpeg (35 KB, 540x540, 0E5293B0-87F4-4923-89FD-F8D3F7…)

The ultra crimped, crunchy wigs are getting so old. I wish this trend would die out already because they always look weird and off on a human head. The bangs remind me of these things

No. 873256

Unfortunately, it will never die because it's thots excuse for "cosplay" while they get naked for money. People who seriously partake in cosplay avoid its like the plague.

No. 873259

Just proves she buys followers
14 comments is pathetic and something you would eect of someone with less than 1k followers with low engagement.
She doesn't want to admit no one gives a shit about her cosplays and she's beyond irrelevant
The only people who cared were her scrotes, and that was for porn, not cosplay

Wonder if Moo will get so desperate for validation she'll start buying likes

No. 873262

File: 1649525764153.jpg (196.95 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220409-103511_Chr…)

I've checked multiple sites and they each come up saying she has about 50% bots. Social blade isn't the only place people can check, Moo.

No. 873263

File: 1649525805475.jpg (143.35 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20220409-103538_Chr…)

No. 873265

Anons in the past kept railing on anyone who brought up Moo’s bought following because "IG cracks down on bot accounts and accounts that are boosted by them". Apparently not since it’s still very prevalent and proves Moo’s following is mostly bought and paid for. Maybe she should have paid for more engagement (spam from horny Indian men) to make it believable lol but I’m sure all that money is sunk in her money pit studio.

No. 873266

Ew, her nose looks so weird and unsuited for her face. Did they also dissolve her philtrum when she undid her lip injections? She looks like a muppet for real

No. 873270

Hate to burst your bubble anon but that doesn't mean she bought them. It means she attracts accounts that use her to make them look legit. That's how these bypassable ones work. They aren't from buying sites. Its just scammers.

No. 873271

Nah my friend, you do not "attract bots", you do not get "fake followers" just naturally or else EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. would have hundreds of thousands of followers just flashing some skin. You have to actively buy followers, engagement and likes (or subs etc on twitch/youtube.) The "bots" she attracts would be COMMENTS or DMs. None of the "attracted bots" do anything, she has a 1% engagement.

No. 873275

File: 1649532315614.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1795x2048, 1A45727B-8482-4A1A-BA3B-E8EF61…)

Jesus she’s so full of shit.

No. 873276

You do though… Have you literally never gotten bots following you before? Its common as hell and super annoying. Tiktok has them rampant, Twitter just as bad too. Instagram isn't a lone wolf in the fact that this is how scam accounts stay up. They mass follow people to look legit and usually have a profile photo, but the names are always fucking weird.

No. 873277

“I showed up to my money pit to take selfies and listen to the reassuring sounds of silence. I’m so alone”
Bitch please you aren’t “famous” for anything- you’re a less than Z tier porn thot for feeder fetishists and not a cosplayer at all.

No. 873285

it looks like cotton candy but in a bad way

No. 873288

anon is trying to say she wouldn't have 100k+ only bots. and bots on insta engage a lot.

No. 873293

Bots on insta spam you with DMs and put you into group chats. Please learn how the modern ones work to go undetected

No. 873294

Yeah but half her followers being bots?
Highly unlikely
I don't know why people are white knighting this
Moo's engagement alone is pathetic
The other anon brought up a good point. If Bots followed people like that, we would all have 200k+ followers

No. 873297

So she thinks she's going to make money at this and not from shoeing her filtered crotch to scrotes with a feeder fetish? Kek, the delusion.

No. 873299

The reaction on that FB thread alone should have clued Moo in to the fact that nearly everyone local hates her and won’t have anything to do with her studio. Her only hope are the small time nobodies who either don’t know her reputation or don’t care and think shooting there will give them some clout. She can’t make a living on the few thots with larger followings that she panders to. How did she really think this was a successful career move?

No. 873300

Why'd she delete the ones except for the last story?

No. 873302

Probably because a) the weed wore off or b) her manic episode came to an end

No. 873303

I'm sure she has not calculated how much money she wasted in this
But knowing our lying cow she'll boast how successful and famous her studio is. She's on her way to becoming irrelevant and she can't stand it since she's a raging attention whore

No. 873304

So she has her larger IG accounts taken down at least once a month for days at a time (until they eventually get taken down for good lol) and her sad studio that has so far only seen her friends, people she used to promote it (both of which used it for free) and one group of nobodies (judging from the studio’s tagged posts).
Just counting down the days until her eventual 2am weed fueled IG manic rage stories.

No. 873306

anon, they're down for good. before it was just her lying about it being removed because she deactivated it so she wouldn't get tagged after cons, or it was autobanned and got reinstated in a day. that's why she's posting all this stuff now and started posting more like >>872727

No. 873308

Is this going to be something where she tries to poke into a profession she has no idea about and gets called out for looking like a dumbass for not knowing what she's talking about or what she's doing?

No. 873309

So basically what she's already doing?

No. 873333

That's rich coming off her own harassment

No. 873335

File: 1649564315569.jpeg (50.31 KB, 503x504, 47AFAF5E-D024-48A5-B88B-7A2DC5…)

Goofysona looking bitch.

No. 873339

I legit thought this was just a pic of Maddie at first glance.

No. 873373

trix yogurt lookin bitch

No. 873384

This carries the same energy as a middle aged woman selling some MLM garbage, insisting they're 200% they're own boss and that they love what they do, when in reality they're miserable and burning through money at a rapid rate. Just like the MLM scenario, a few friends come to support Moo in hopes of getting free shit, but after her friends are done using her, she'll be left sitting in an empty studio she's dumped too much money into to simply just bail on.

No. 873389

i bet she thought people would be flocking to her shitty studio. not sure why, but she seemed really confident for some reason.

No. 873397

That is the thing of being unlisted too, Moo you dumbass, normal people can't even go, can't attend without a membership which people visiting LV for won't want, so there are dozens of other studios they can go to for quick photoshoots. She's an idiot if she thinks cosplayers across the globe want to flock to her ugly studio.

No. 873401


I’m betting you are correct she thought/thinks she’s so smart because up til now she’s failed but gotten very little consequence. Granted the only monetary success shes had is flopping her udders out for thirsty idiots online, her cosplay is shit, her “art” which she spend all that money on supplies was shit, and this studio is just her trying to be anything else than a joke OF thot.
I wonder though how long even that’s going to last if her insta and Twitter went away permanently?

No. 873408

File: 1649608210141.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1948, 2517EF90-8259-4FFE-85B7-357FA8…)

I smell another bandwagon

No. 873411

No bandwagon, she's the BIGGEST Sonic fan and her next dream cosplay will be a tits out Knuckles.

No. 873415

And Idris Elba was terrible as him, but Moo will ride any hype train.

No. 873417

Not only is it ugly but it's expensive. She charged a fee for everything but the air itself.

No. 873419

exactly. plenty of nicer studios are close enough to hers the travel would be worth it.

No. 873422

File: 1649617375407.jpg (692.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220410-140245_Ins…)

Is this hers or did she really just put someone's license plate on the internet?

No. 873423

CA plate, she literally just doxxed someone.

No. 873425

She didn't intend to sell her 'art' did she?

No. 873428

Probably not- but her flex was buying all this top end supply which is now gathering dust at her “studio”. If people hadn’t laughed at her tracings she might have tried.

Wow moo you would think you’ve never seen a personalized licence plate before. Fucking idiot.

No. 873432

Yes, so funny. She needs to stop going out high.

No. 873435

Ok I don’t like her either but this isn’t doxxing

There’s no info of who this is attached to. She’s not saying this is a certain person’s plate. It’s just a random personalized plate that anyone can see walking down the street

No. 873436

My thought too. Anyone could drive by this car.

No. 873437

>There’s no info of who this is attached to.
>Anyone could drive by this car.
Posting someone's license plate online to strangers is quite a different situation. It took me all of 3 minutes to pull up who owns this car as of the 2019 purchase. Post your license plate if you feel it's "no big deal" then. See what I mean? It's not a wise decision on her part to do that.

No. 873438

File: 1649633467903.jpeg (980.12 KB, 1074x1646, A0C173A9-74E6-43EF-AA17-DDB487…)

>muh OC donut steel

Umbran drew on the chalkboard before anyone asks, even though we all know Moo’s art is shit lol

No. 873440


No. 873441

File: 1649640266043.jpeg (938.7 KB, 1064x1443, 53FAF53A-AF45-4164-802C-C75CFC…)

>What's wrong, Ronald-kun? Could it be you're craving my McNuggies?

No. 873442

It's not. It's not illegal.

No. 873443

File: 1649640465124.jpg (83.77 KB, 453x443, Screenshot_20220410-182748_Ins…)

She looks like nickado!

No. 873444

File: 1649640588631.png (319 KB, 680x1067, BC693F12-E105-4DC5-8D51-B79AC4…)

Why not cosplay the character you ripped off???

No. 873445


No. 873446

is anyone going to call her out about the stolen OC? Or does the 20 non bot followers not care or know where this is from and is just waiting for the porn?

No. 873448

not 2 derail but the fact that you were able to do all that should tell you its not illegal, just makes you weird for going out of your way to do it tho

No. 873449

>idk what doxxing is!

No. 873450

honestly googling the plate brings up photos the owner has posted himself on car forums. maybe posting strangers plates isn't the smartest but owners of custom plates have likely already put them out there on the internet

No. 873453

You know, it’s weird she never posted this “OC” on her main where she had more attention. Now that she has less eyes on her I bet she feels safer posting this rip off and thinks no one will call her out.

No. 873455

MOO, you cannot blend the two characters and call it an OC. they are from existing properties that already have IPs. Just because you fuse them together doesn't make them your own design. Thats like saying you did a cosplay of Eevee mixed with Pikachu and now you claim it as you're own Pokemon. That's not how that works. Jesus fucking christ. She cant go a year without stealing someone's IP to claim as her own because she has no inkling of creativity in her.

No. 873457

is that actually what she did? i thought she was just using kemono because it's used for furshit in japan(it literally just means animal) though, the term for anthro is kemonomimi.

No. 873458

Read her description. She even admits to combining the characters.

No. 873459

again, that's furfag lingo. it's hard to tell with moo if she's pretending not to steal or just pretending to be a furry.

No. 873460

go back a few threads. She specifically states that she was working on a kemono friends "OC"

No. 873461

File: 1649657633465.png (1.24 MB, 962x1400, tiger.png)

Anon, it has nothing to do with furfags. This is about an existing property called Kemono Friends.

No. 873462

if it was in the thread where she first posted this she didn't explicitly say kemono friends, she's using kemono on purpose though and omitting the word friends for some reason.

No. 873463

i know what kemono friends is, retard, moo is being obtuse by just using the word kemono though. get it through your head.

No. 873464

File: 1649660524082.jpeg (2.52 MB, 2709x2048, 11D75F9D-E544-4287-8416-C298E8…)

No. 873465

She looks dumb as hell and constipated.

No. 873466

File: 1649660920977.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1076x1932, 980082A7-8F00-4AD5-9438-571030…)

Whatever is going on with her nose is creeping me out.

No. 873467

Am I crazy for thinking that's not a vanity plate and if it is, it definitely doesn't say "seafoam"

No. 873468

I don't think anyone was thinking "who let this child in here" Moo
I'm sure they're wondering why someone walked in dressed as a clown or if you're legit just retarded

No. 873469


Maybe the wait staff was referring to how they act? Cause we all know she’s a moron. And she doesn’t seem to have matured past her “let’s trash JoAnns for fun” phase.

No. 873470


Idk why you guys rag on her, she doesn’t look a day over 40.

No. 873472


Yeah it doesn't, especially not in ascii(where 3 is E, 5 is S, and 8 is B). This says SSSFBOM in ascii and the O is before the A… which isn't present. She's just driving while high and thought something said something it didn't; this is not even a personalized plate, just a generated one.

No. 873474

I'm surprised Moo hasn't went on an angry 3am drug induced rant yet
Guess her "friends" took her phone away and are sedating her with midnight munchies instead
I'm ready for Moo to slip up and freak out or promote her porn and for this account to go down as well

No. 873475

Nothing about this looks remotely good, and I'd probably leave from second hand embarrassment of I was in that restaurant. Also, idk who is beside her or what they're cosplaying, but I'd probably put on some sort of cover up before going to a public place in a thong, js.

No. 873477

It all seems so performative honestly. I get that she was doing a photoshoot. But for her to go out and eat ramen in cosplay seems to desperately scream "See guys? I'm just a cosplayer. This is how I make my living. I only do porn because I want to, not because I have to!"

No. 873479

Those cankles tho

No. 873482

Dear god she’s never looked more like Dahvie Vanity

No. 873484

File: 1649693133342.png (751.8 KB, 1079x936, Screenshot_20220411-120208_Chr…)

Sorry to sperg but unfortunately for her the owner did intend for it to have meaning, presumably seafoam since that's a bmw engine technique or something. A broken (high) clock is right twice a day, I guess

No. 873485

The furfag lingo is straight up "kemonomimi". Kemono is for Kemono Friends. Its abbreviated for a reason. She's not being vague when she's announcing where she got the fuse from in the same post.

No. 873486

kemono is the word for fursuits, anon. kemonomimi is for anthro because it literally means animal ears. it's not surprising that she would be obtuse about it.

No. 873487

the irony the choose that word because the fat in her legs make them look like fur suit legs
That and she was obtuse on purpose. She didn't use the full name because she's hoping most people wont look it up and see it isn't an OC, she just stole a character… again

No. 873489

exactly. she definitely stole the characters but she's trying to skirt around just saying that.

No. 873497

Yeah almost, nonny. It has nothing to do with seafoam. S55 is the engine name, F80 is the model and M because it's the sports line. "M" for motorsport. Apologies for absolute autism. As expected, Moo is just too dumb and high too read.

No. 873504

moo was probably thinking they meant the color anyway, which she's also wrong about. who is she after now that likes cars? someone probably.

No. 873508

It's a general thing she picked up and has no idea what she's talking about. She thinks if she acts like a bro someone will finally fuck her. It hasn't been working for her at all. But I guess she has to try something since she has no feminine charm

No. 873513

File: 1649709020786.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1089x1843, 91723FF4-8B9A-4B7B-AA6E-344B5D…)

Moo would be dumb enough to join a cult.

No. 873514

bitch really needs to stop the weed. for real.

No. 873516

File: 1649709554872.png (3.23 MB, 900x1800, 5E49E344-772D-4EE4-8C8C-0FB2EE…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 873517

why is she even cosplaying a guy? her fans don't want this, it just showcases how ugly and bad at makeup she is.

No. 873518

File: 1649709877470.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1171x1499, 6CF1F03A-7050-4F14-98C0-8FDD5C…)

someone posted this gem on twitter. honestly “spare clout” would honestly be more accurate

No. 873519

AGP smirk

No. 873520

File: 1649710312502.jpeg (107 KB, 1242x585, 6C339508-4E44-4E42-B354-8B9B2E…)

You’re not wrong. (Some comments from the Rengoku post.)

No. 873521

kek. she's trying so fucking hard to dig herself out of the fetish porn hole she dug herself into. she can't go back, ever. good thing she never thinks things through.

No. 873530

tl;dr: "narcissism good"

No. 873531

>Secrets of Pronoia
>How The World Is Conspiring To Shower You With Blessings

No. 873533

And she makes it obvious. I mean I’m sure she wants to try to prove us wrong but well… moo doesn’t seem to get that message that cosplay isn’t gonna pay her. She missed any chance of being on that boat. Nah I’d bet she’s losing some subs for this bullshit, unless she’s selling HC porn behind her paywall

No. 873536

it's honestly pathetic. i can't believe she's trying this again, especially after the disgusting content she's been peddling. she really doesn't understand how she's pigeon holed herself, does she? even years ago when she was doing lewd PoV stuff with kbbq, her fans were just waiting for clothes to come off. once they did, she can't put them back on and expect the same results. she thinks just because stella came crawling back at the con, she's suddenly big name cosplayer again. she was already trying to peddle her awkward nude selfies as "artsy", even though the reality is she has to be nude now. it would be sad if she wasn't so terrible.

No. 873538

File: 1649714457237.jpeg (259.62 KB, 1152x2048, F9BAC812-CD7C-4F45-A4EA-B2C867…)

Stella chuu posted more photos from her visit at moos photo studio and i cant believe how incredibly cheap the backdrop looks, why would anyone ever pay for this?

No. 873539

what the fuck is that background painted onto? an hvac filter?

No. 873540

I love how that's supposed to represent a balcony, but it so clearly looks like a painted wall

No. 873544

The lighting is god awful. They couldn’t even do the bare minimum

No. 873545

is it supposed to be a balcony? why is it green? why didn't she just spring for a backdrop instead of this crude drawing with visible hinges.

No. 873546

It's all very performative. Anyone who isn't in denial or chasing clout knows Moo doesn't give a shit about cosplay and only wants money and attention. But porn is only giving her money, not the attention she wants.
To seem more relatable she thought of the most weeb-ish thing she could think of "I'm going to eat ramen in a cringe cosplay… IN PUBLIC!"

You can get a better result by just snapping a pic of your own living room. No travel, and it's free.
Wonder if Stella is posting more pics now that Moo is using one of her spare accounts and is yelling at her

No. 873547

right, when she's CLEARLY not a child. She's 26 going on 40. I bet she's one of those "adults" that still thinks of themselves as a teenager (hence the immaturity/stunted growth).

No. 873548

Her “corpse of Michael Jackson in weird ill-fitting costumes” cosplay is coming along really well.

No. 873549

It's supposed to look like a japanese apartments balcony. Why it's green is beyond me.

No. 873551

it definitely doesn't look like a balcony, or japanese apartment. looks more like when kids draw grass attached to the sky without knowing how draw perspective. god it's just pathetic.

No. 873552

She's trying to get people sharing her again

No. 873553

Straight up just looks like the Windows '97 wallpaper

No. 873554

Her reasoning for painting it green was to represent grass. But she just wanted an excuse to paint over the wall socket, which she wasn't suppose to do

No. 873555

You'd think she'd just quietly erase those photos and pretend like she was never there, but nope.

I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would look at these and say "Wow, I can't believe this isn't actually in Japan!! I just gotta shoot there!"

No. 873556

I'm sure Moo messaged her saying "Bitch I'm not gone yet! Don't forget our deal"

No. 873560

It's totally what I thought. You have to zoom in to avoid the other sets crammed in right next to eachother so it loses the effect

No. 873564

right? not that the set really reads as Japanese apartment even when it's pulled all the way out, but when it's so zoomed in it just loses any and all effect she was trying to go for. it's honestly fucking hilarious how bad this is.

No. 873565

Ironically, this is one of the few sets in the tiny ass rooms by the lobby. It’s still incredibly cramped with all the IKEA crap she thought looked totally Japanese.

She said it was a "balcony" for a "Tokyo apartment building" before while painted gypsy was working on it… and omitted a cityscape background entirely, hence the childlike cloud fingerpaints lol. I swear to god the only people she can get to work for her are absolute hacks. You can’t even see the stupid sliding door frame she had installed because it’s hidden by the curtains. The whole concept of it is a failure like the rest of the sets.

No. 873568

you'd get a better effect just green screening in a photo behind real curtains at home.

No. 873569

File: 1649720934541.jpeg (61.76 KB, 960x720, 1BBD845A-435E-4548-BC37-0986C5…)

why the fuck does she look like that?

No. 873571

She looks like fucking Johnny Test lol

No. 873572

File: 1649721178087.jpeg (115.5 KB, 810x1080, FD3547A9-6943-4F5F-921A-9ED911…)

fuckin cabbage patch lookin ass

No. 873573

File: 1649721256151.jpg (36.49 KB, 338x566, moo.jpg)

It could have been cool as hell.

Make it look like a grey basic concrete balcony.
Have a few sky scrapers and power lines over the top at different heights.

Have a few power lines.

Beautiful orange/red sunset outside.

Could have been dope.

instead she did the windows 98 wallpaper.

No. 873574

moo can't produce anything "cool as hell" lmao. the garbage she made was always going to be garbage because it came from her garbage brain.

No. 873577

You guys reminded me
What ever happened to that ugly flesh colored flower wall she was so proud of?

No. 873578

the one with the flowers? probably trashed somewhere around the studio

No. 873579

The flower wall was in the dressing room area. I can only imagine the dust it’s gathering right now.

No. 873580

is it even a feature? tons of shops have them and a lot of people just have them in their houses.

No. 873581

This is in an enclosed room. Not with the sets in the hall.

No. 873584

To Moo, everything is a feature there… including the bathroom and breaker closet. She said it was for selfies and that’s why it also has a big garish mirror on the flower wall.

No. 873586

The studio has a tiktok account too now

No. 873587

moo's really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, huh. she's never figured out how tiktok works.

No. 873588

You either gotta be attractive, funny, entertaining or all around likable. Moo has none of these
That and some really good tiktoks have good edits, which Moo can't do for shit. Her Talent is looking like a bloated corpse

No. 873601

Dude I just want to take an air compressor to the flower wall and see the dust fly.

No. 873613

anon don't worry, she has that air purifier that her company is runned by! nevar4get

No. 873638

File: 1649799311695.jpg (554.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220412-163524_Ins…)

No. 873639

Those plants are as droopy as her tits. She has so many living things in her house that need proper care but she only takes care of herself. She needs to spend more time taking care of them and less time on her phone.

No. 873647

Lol she doesn’t even take care of herself.

No. 873661

she covered the lewd bits on her pochaco thing lmao. she's scared of the ban hammer. also >>873647

No. 873663

That head to body ratio is so fucked, she looks like a turtle kek

No. 873665

It doesn't help she edits her head smaller for some odd reason. The fact she's 300 pounds doesn't help either

No. 873667

This just screams 'smiling on the outside, dead on the inside'. It's such a forced looking smile.
She needs to stop inflating her ego and start inflating her head.

No. 873668

File: 1649812436702.jpg (990.23 KB, 1079x2009, Screenshot_20220412-201356_Ins…)

Slimming app is working overtime for this shit

No. 873669

those chinese apps she uses usually make your head smaller by default. it's definitely not helping her at all.

No. 873672

File: 1649816407692.jpg (646.53 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20220412-191938_Ins…)

She also got embarrassed by how many hate comments she got about her crossplay. She deleted the video and ramen post lol Moo you're an ugly ugly dude.

No. 873674

She's in denial that people care about her interests or cosplay. People only care about the porn.

No. 873675

Her neck and face are giving troon vibes. She looks like an ugly burly male

No. 873676

It just reminds me of the photographer who kept telling her to TRY to be more feminine
And the fact no guy wants to fuck her irl. She looks and acts like an incel. No one of any gender wants her

No. 873677

Nah, not burly at all. She looks like the fat bastard trope but one who shaved.

No. 873679

She’s an ugly ugly woman too. Rotten from the inside out

No. 873682

File: 1649837766695.png (Spoiler Image, 974.89 KB, 1080x1045, f1necc.png)

formula neck

No. 873683

I agree her fans don't care about her non lewd content perse, but i think her keeping up the guise of a cosplayer makes her porn a bit more exciting to them.
Whether its "cosplayer living a double life" or "idiot woman turned porn actor because she cant do anything else" im sure it helps them fantasize.

No. 873686

No that isn’t it but can you imagine how much MORE dull her OF would be without that? “Gramma fell down oops” “gramma forgot her clothes” “gramma bates with a watermelon on the kitchen floor” and so on.

No. 873687


I just realized what looks so different about her. The massive stacks of eyelashes removed is giving her bug eyes

No. 873693

File: 1649857139054.png (1.64 MB, 1792x998, B4DF00E0-1F6B-4705-8A58-61DCB4…)

This is cringe on an entirely new level

No. 873695

What is she even going on about?
>masculine teaching the feminine
>dark masculine energy
tf does that even mean??

No. 873700

she's sperging about some kind of yin-yang chinese inspired shit in relation to this awful movie.

No. 873702

It's because she's getting shares (when she can). The dudes see other actual sexy girls share her, they check out her page, they see tits. That's it. Having a pfp that's anime already incites scrotes to check the page.

No. 873704

guys just want to fap to gross versions of characters they like. moos cosplay nudes and her gross porn does better than her regular stuff because of that.

No. 873708

File: 1649864724587.jpeg (638.26 KB, 1090x1707, A94749AA-6413-4E16-9F32-C1A0EE…)

Say you’re delusional without saying you’re delusional.

No. 873709

is this bitch trying to make tulpas now? i fucking hope so.

No. 873714

Just read some fanfiction, you weird bitch

No. 873719

You know what, between this and her kemono friends "oc", I believe the tinfoil that she's trying to insert herself into the furry fandom.
I don't understand why, but I believe it.
No other woman embodies incel better than her and its becoming rather unsettling

No. 873722

She's trying to get into any fandom that will accept her. She's hoping they forgot she hates furries and told one of them to kill themselves.

No. 873725

I fucking despise furries and everything relating to them but even I know they don't take shit lightly, she'll never be accepted into that community.

No. 873726

that and furries only give a shit about fursuit makers and artists they can commission
She's in the shitter again since she's an art thief. She has nothing to offer furries

No. 873728

bitch is such a grifter. i wonder if her career is finally tanking. she seems awfully desperate to make money other ways.

No. 873731

File: 1649873813768.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1080x1764, 6623D475-AB98-4450-A97A-9DB85A…)

Her lips are legit disgusting.

No. 873733


>>builds gym in garage, still has to fake going to a real gym

Yea I can believe your knee locked up as you drive and take selfies.

No. 873737

File: 1649876479436.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1050x1409, A49A3014-0046-48F2-ABD8-C04A23…)

Every time she pulls a dumbass face like this, I feel like her lips will burst.

No. 873745

For those that don't know: The first screenshot is taken from a scene where Beast berates Belle for enjoying Romeo and Juliet, calling it something like "romantic drivel" and then goes to show her his own book selection that is sO mUcH bEtTer ie telling her her taste is bad and she should feel bad.

Amazing how much Momo hates women

No. 873746

Danny Thicc
But could be worse if her new lips look like Max his froggy smile

No. 873748

she always relates to the villain or the obvious asshole before they gain positive personality traits or reform. The irony is always beyond her

No. 873750

File: 1649892960792.jpg (1.22 MB, 1193x1036, OpPg5M6.jpg)

No. 873751

File: 1649893054376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1012.04 KB, 1278x943, n9lNUAh.jpg)

No. 873752

I see we are at the point where she can’t even be bothered to slap a filter on her porn. That sad, deflated, stained, acne-ridden ass should not be viewed by human eyes.

No. 873753

honestly shocked if she decided to post these to the public.

No. 873754

This REALLY shows just how flat and non existent her ass is.

No. 873755

Yikes, it looks like her thigh is bigger than most costhots’ waists

No. 873757

That’s because it IS. We’ve seen her with other more normal bodied cosplayers and she’s huge.

No. 873760

It's because she keeps getting lipo on her stomach so the fat goes to her thighs. She thinks it makes her look thicc. She'll also tell you the rippling fat on her legs are muscles cuz she "power lifts"
The lies she tells herself is something else

No. 873762

That's because Martin doesn't edit shit like that lol. She's not going to make moo a fake ass

No. 873768

File: 1649903221807.jpeg (627 KB, 1284x1450, D459711B-FE13-43B0-95E1-250F0C…)


good lord

No. 873769

Damn, anyone with chunky legs knows certain fabric will just cling to the cellulite but she never got the memo. Girl…needs to lose weight and try and grow some hammies, maybe dry brush or suction cup therapy. You can even pay people to do it for you.

There’s some free advice for you moo.

No. 873772

File: 1649909013723.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1090x1814, 9A87166A-0D6D-4B24-BACD-E7793C…)

Her home looks like the inside of a store that went out of business…

No. 873773

File: 1649909706863.jpg (764.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220413-231500_Ins…)

She's just out here openly admitted she lives like this

No. 873776

File: 1649910214133.png (91.17 KB, 229x374, image_2022-04-14_142345634.png)

where the face gone tho

No. 873778

Gross, bet her cats go in there and lay over everything. How long has she been in this mcmansion and she still has it this way? Should have fixed her home life before trying to start a “business”

No. 873780

I’ll bet nothing in this closet fits her

No. 873781

Her house still looks empty. She did no decorating other than the cheap Ikea shit she got forever ago. Throwing trash and clothes isn't decorating

She spent all her money on the house, surgeries and her studio she has nothing left to buy furniture

No. 873785

just hang it up, cheap cunt. i thought moo designed this house herself? is that why it's so shit?

No. 873789

File: 1649921286767.jpg (173.74 KB, 595x559, attention seeker.jpg)

tell me you're an attention seeker without telling me your an attention seeker

No. 873791

I can’t get over how her legs look like posts in the second shot. This looks like “bag lady paid to pump gas”

No. 873802

No, she bought it already premade. People in SOCAL and LV have gaudy white everything.

No. 873803

she claims to have designed it herself. did you forget?

No. 873804

File: 1649945453496.jpeg (48.21 KB, 268x500, FC9F9F8D-BE04-4ECD-A5CA-61CEE8…)

You know I was wondering for a while what her bloated face reminded me of. Then it hit me.

No. 873805

Please learn what a loofa is and scrub your ass.

No. 873806

Momo hates herself and women so much she wants to be a man ?

No. 873808

I'm dying, anon
that's a perfect analogy

No. 873811

Yes she “designed” her house which is why it’s almost all fake marble. I’m betting she thought “lux and easy to clean” and then just leaves piles of crap everywhere anyway

No. 873812

for values of “designed” that are equivalent to “checked off the ‘marble veneer’ box for every room from the builder’s sheet of options,” yeah.

No. 873815

She didn't though. Those weren't because of her.

No. 873817

how tf do you get such a rough-textured ass she needs to sandblast that thing

No. 873818

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 873820

What is going on with her lips, aside from the dryness? Were these before or after she had her filler dissolved?

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case just three.
Imagine The Smell

No. 873821

I think anon means that the house is just a copy-paste mcmansion design that she had no say in designing and that she only picked marlbe design and probably over-paid some workers to plaster that shit all over in-between legit projects they were working on.

No. 873822

that's definitely not what she means because she's replying to someone who's saying exactly that.

No. 873823

She lied obviously. The house is pre made. The only thing she had a say in was the final cosmetic features. Which was fake marble everywhere

No. 873825

oh, you're autistic sorry.

No. 873826

Anon, maybe you weren't here when she bought her house, but most of it was already finished. She bought it towards the end where everything is cosmetic, I don't think the marble was her thing though. I don't remember her saying she wanted marble or requested it. It literally came mostly as is.

No. 873827

since you're autistic you probably didn't get that no one was actually being serious and are instead taking jabs at her.

No. 873829

NTA. I don't know why you're even posting if you're just trying to be obtuse and the joke clearly didn't land.

>what the fuck are you talking about

Seriously. If you think this sounds like a joke and not an anon who just sounds stupid AF, you might be the autistic one.

No. 873830

that's not even the post anon was replying to. autistic and stupid? i feel sorry for you.

No. 873834

File: 1649955540850.png (3.29 MB, 1242x2208, E0F399AA-3F46-427D-AA9E-FCF6AD…)

No. 873835

Ahaha, no Moo. You got a legit ban . It's not just because of photos, it's because of how shitty of a human being you are. Maybe don't bring up Etika ever again.

No. 873841

Gotta love how she played it off so confidently every other time it went down but now she’s visibly panicking after not having access to it for over a week. Maybe she blew her “lawyer” expenses on new unnecessary shit for the studio.

No. 873843

This legit made my morning 1% better. About fuckin time someone actually gives her another ban. The fact she’s still ban evading elsewhere and on insta doesn’t really change the impact
As for all the house sperging- she “designed” the house (she said) and she had to have picked mostly marble (at an increased cost). Iirc her house was being constructed along with 70 others at the same time so yea- nothing special just a preference of materials and costs.

No. 873844

She’s already deleted this lol

No. 873861

File: 1649972612413.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2029, FDC8ADF1-4C09-4E34-B0C7-C01314…)

lol at Moo posting this despite Stella taking down everything mentioning the studio after getting assblasted on Facebook for defending her. She has one post up with the garbage “grunge” set in the background but neither the studio or Moo are tagged.
How’s that working out for you Mariah?

No. 873865

That's exactly why she posted it. She's reminding the people who later tried to disappear "you're apart of this now"

No. 873867

we know that, she just keeps claiming she designed the entire thing, it's a lie, like everything else. stop sperging about the house and learn to read sarcasm.

No. 873873

Two people who don't like her, and didn't Martin in the past clearly say he didn't like Martin?
Also already bending the "Women only" business when most photos are taken by him
Anyway, I guess Moo believes in "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"
I hope it bites her in the ass

No. 873884

Kek did she really just put regular 87 gas into her Benz?

No. 873886

she's a pro car expert

No. 873888

File: 1649982754132.jpeg (985.8 KB, 1079x1788, 2F477EFB-2DF0-440A-89F6-63B087…)

Sure Moo. If that were the case, the studio’s breaker closet wouldn’t be filled with useless crap and painted over.

No. 873889

What even got her banned from Insta? I know she was reported, but what was it she posted that was worse than her usual shit?

No. 873891


No. 873892

Technically she just put her friend in danger by painting over that set which wasn't even worth it. It came out so ugly.
Her trying to make every square inch into a photobooth is sad. She even advertised the bathroom as a possible set area

No. 873898

no one can even use the circuit breaker set because it's too small.

No. 873911

File: 1650000664367.jpeg (430.33 KB, 1089x1546, D26CBF79-6002-448A-9A77-3B3BF6…)

>Only immature people insert themselves into drama to keep themselves relevant

No. 873912

leave it to moo to constantly be relating to the only toxic main character in the series

No. 873913

Who on earth parks that far from the pump? Didn’t really consider that she’d be a shit driver too.

No. 873916

I don't get it.. is the door panel on her breaker box not labeled? I've never came across one that wasn't.

No. 873922

Studio is a blackmail trap.

No. 873926

Someone who is fat and needs the room.

No. 873927

it sounds more like she's trying to act like an uwu dumb woman for some reason. man maybe?

No. 873934

The thousands of driving selfies over the years wasn’t a small clue?

No. 873945

don't watch/read this, can you explain why this character is toxic and why moo seems to relate to them for the non weeb farmers? Did some googling and still didn't get it

No. 873946

She likes the character because it's frequently shipped with douma, despite shinobu hating douma. As for why she's "toxic", you're guess is as good as mine. I think that anon just doesn't like her.

No. 873948

yeah that's what I was confused by, I understand douma and why he's toxic and her weird obsession but I don't understand her obsession with shinobu and how she's toxic outside of the fact she… Gets shipped with him. Doesn't make sense.

No. 873949

honestly the entire series is toxic. it has pedoshit, incest and polygamy in it.

No. 873964

Tell me you haven't read the manga without telling me you haven't read the manga

No. 873971

File: 1650057128479.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1077x1790, BCC7A5A5-0E34-419B-B35D-A27B0B…)


No. 873973

Looks like she's found a new costhot to try clout chase. Watch her suddenly get offered a slot at the studio.
I know it's likely just the filter, but is it me or does one of her eyes look like it's lazy?

No. 873974

She's always had a wonky eye. She's rocking the homeless couture with that shirt, I see.

No. 873976

Those shitty lashes aren’t helping her lazy eye look either. I’ve also never heard of this thot until now so I guess Moo needs to leech clout from someone since her accounts are gone.

When doesn’t she look like a bum? lol She flexes money like nobody’s business but still can’t manage to put herself together like a normal person.

No. 873981

ayrt, the first impression of her given by the show is her shitting on another character for no discernable reason and she never has any scenes that justify her being that way. she comes off really cunty in every scene I've seen her in. but I'm just a casual, maybe I'm missing something. from that perspective it made sense to me that moo would find her relatable.

No. 873982

i get you now, she is a bit cunty sometimes and makes sense for moo to find that relatable. she is very sassy and 'in your face' and moo thinks she is that too

No. 873993

Is she shipping her with someone she just met?

No. 873999

File: 1650075126735.jpeg (837.04 KB, 1086x1925, 4264E8B7-E766-4AF2-B1BD-0C1BB4…)

And so it begins.

No. 874001

Pretty sure it's a joke because her weapon is poison.

No. 874005

File: 1650077606792.jpg (2.05 MB, 2560x1963, thataraarauaskedfor.jpg)

The lack of sage smells of self promo but I almost feel bad for baby cosplayers trying to get clout from Moo.

No. 874008

Yeesh, they share cosplays and nose surgeons.

There's enough general knowledge about Moo out there and her past antics that I don't feel bad for anyone who gets shit thrown at them for interacting with her.

No. 874019

She seems just as immature and ego as moo. I don’t know her but looking through her Twitter is cringe inducing. I think I see some similarities ….

No. 874024

Imagine meeting moo in person and then still wanting to put on something she wore, that is likely unwashed..

No. 874034

the photos are probably shooped but she's quite pretty

No. 874038

Actually look her up and her 2 boob jobs and 2 BBLs will change your mind. She's more fucked up looking than Bishoujomom..

No. 874039

you must be ugly jfc.

No. 874040

Where? Her weird horribly contoured Michael Jackson corpse nose or her crispy bacon lips?

No. 874041

I won't call a spade a spade..but

No. 874042

File: 1650116497769.jpg (471.81 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20220416-064040_Ins…)

Got such pushback about her ugly Douma, she's resorted to only leaving it up in Twitter and removed her bio and the last Douma photo on insta lol You make an extremely ugly guy Moo. Don't know why you tried crossdressing.

No. 874048

anon plz stop being retarded.

No. 874051

Lol I’m pretty sure this is her self promoting and thinking we’re just gonna talk her up above moo when she’s just as busted. Lol. please, look where you’re posting.

No. 874053

This lol, it doesn't take a rocket scientist.

No. 874054

probably but i doubt she'd accuse anons of samefagging unless she's been lurking here a while.

No. 874066


Agree. I have a question about this other thot though- are her photos massive shoop or did she inject enough crap into her tits and ass to make that ? Either way she’s just as stupid as moo, and just as pandering.

No. 874067

go ask in costhot general. the only relation she has to moo is that she's fallen into her honey trap.

No. 874071

Imagine what Mariah Mallad looks like when she has an orgasm. Like, that's probably the ugliest thing you ever fucking see. Imagine what her orgasm looks like, with her eyes popping out of her head before she passes out, yooo… That bitch probably unscrews her head and soaks it in a jar at night.
No shade, what the fuck is going on with Moo's nose? Like, you ever seen a cartoon drawing of a frog, and how the frog don't really got a nose, it just got holes on his face? She deadass just got holes on her face, do you think when she comes she leans her head back and you just see her whole nostril?
Nostrils just blown out from years of heavy coke use, raw… You probably see the bitch's brain when she leans her head back.
How do you really look like a toad, like a warty toad just sitting inside a hole in a rotting log? Damn, how the bitch's eyes really on the sides of her head like a toad too?
Like damn, that bitch really was a toad in her past life, that's crazy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874072

please nona stop, you're going to make me sick

No. 874075

I can smell the ball sweat all over your typing style. Gtfo scrote.

No. 874076

Nta but anon is quoting Azealia Banks

No. 874114

File: 1650157633458.png (273.82 KB, 468x834, stfu.png)

You stole your "OC" from a hentai

No. 874117

File: 1650161334050.jpeg (548.02 KB, 1170x2402, 0593E00E-7DDE-45AA-9885-0D9467…)

She deleted this quickly. Weird screenshot of a “family friend”

No. 874120

People have been wearing cow print long before you moo. Only thing bigger than her waist is her ego
Of course the "family friend" we've never heard about till now would live in Japan, lol

No. 874125

…how long until she figures out she's missing Ramadan again from reading it here and how it's 1 of the 5 pillars that are the basis for being Muslim/Arab

No. 874127


Just Muslim. Yeah she’s never fasted, it’s been thrown in her face, esp when she pulls out her Muslim card for the diversity points when she’s being dragged for something

No. 874133

kek moo must've forgotten she was a Japanese translator, must be the reason she had to use fb translate to google what her Japanese "family friend" was saying

No. 874158

Moo is stupid AF. She thinks being Muslim is all race and zero religion. Why she celebrates Christmas and wore crosses n shit.
An anon pointed out threads ago Moo's family is part of the Christian Mediterranean Lebanese who migrated over a century ago due to religious differences. Most of them were white and oddly enough married into Italian Christian families. Moo is mostly Italian but she can't flash her POC card for that
Yes, she's PART Lebanese because of her ancestors. But more accurately She's Italian and looks like it.

She spouted in school how Italian she was, wore golden crosses and all that shit. But I think her parents were like "Oh, our ancestors were Lebanese" and Moo saw a golden opportunity to be more racist and flash her POC card

No. 874162

She gets uglier the longer she stays alive. It’ll be hilarious what she’ll look like once she can’t afford shit and her lips sag and her face droops because all her cells have been permanently damaged from Botox and her hair turns into those matted messes filled with filth and bugs.

No. 874177

that’s literally not true on her father’s side, at least
this lady is her great-aunt, for example

No. 874178

this. her father is the lebeanse one.

No. 874189

…Did you even read that? Her great aunt was second generation. So like her grandparents' generation grew up in America and her great aunt was a practicing Muslim. You're not really helping the narrative that she's like, totally repressed hijabi "Lebeanse" based on her distant relatives who integrated enough to get involved in local politics.

No. 874194

So around 100 years ago maybe Moo coulda said she was middle eastern or Lebanese. But she's def more Italian than anything else

No. 874206

her being part lebanese doesn't make her muslim and her dad is a body builder so everyone knows she's not anyway. but that doesn't mean her dad isn't actually lebanese.

No. 874210

Moo’s family must be so proud of her for lying about voting.

No. 874211

Ok? So her dad is 3rd gen Lebanese and her mom is Italian. She looks like a white person with a formerly strong nose and dark hair because she is one. She might as well be claiming muh Italian oppression with how far removed she is from any kind of immigrant experience in the US. It's not even like "when my grandparents came from the old country they worked 3 jobs and lived in a shithole" they owned restaurants, real estate, got involved in politics, etc. She acts like a delusional and entitled brat because she comes from privileged white and white passing people, literal generations of them.

No. 874212

Moo is exactly like those bored white people who bitch about their great grandparents being oppressed and somehow that means they're oppressed as well

No. 874226

File: 1650283575399.jpg (481.34 KB, 1188x788, moo.jpg)

looks like she's trying to worm her way into more circles.
Side note, that bunny chick needs to really lay of the doll filters. Its uncanny valley territory

No. 874227

File: 1650283906372.jpg (52.73 KB, 596x508, mooalt.jpg)

also found her alt twitter. Guess she's getting ready for more bans

No. 874228

bitch, learn to read. no one is asserting that moo is muslim or otherwise oppressed other than her, but being retard and acting like she isn't half lebanese is just cringe. you're spouting sjw nonsense.

No. 874233

White bitch is white, has grown up white, and has always been seen as white. Stating that doesn't make me an sjw. Cry about it more. Are you also part Lebeanse on your grandparents side or something and feeling personally attacked?

No. 874236

I alreasy said it upthread,she's trying to be a vtuber.

No. 874240

ethnicity doesn't equal race, nor does it equal culture. stop being more retarded than moo. it's pathetic.

No. 874242

Wtf is she even talking about? Glamorizing a line?
Moo thinks people hate her because she’s fat. No, everyone hates her because she’s a terrible person, and they’re horrified by her horrible botched body. She could lose all the weight and she’d still be hated, but she’s too self obsessed to see it.

No. 874243

And this global agenda bs she's talking about when thin isn't a global beauty standard. She's a moron.

No. 874250

Also note the subtle racism that “Europeans” are the evil behind this fucking imaginary line. It’s fucking stupid she spouts this shit when she’s gotten numerous plastic surgery procedures to look a certain way.

No. 874251

File: 1650305070679.png (1.78 MB, 1800x1301, 064302C1-E3C5-41B2-86B4-0C5E9F…)

No. 874254

File: 1650310280990.jpeg (235.37 KB, 1242x850, 98666D71-F791-41AF-AFF7-00B5C5…)

>“private pages”
Sure Moo

No. 874257

>"Private Pages"
>This fat bitch that literally pays for attention.
She really is in full copium mode.

No. 874259

lol i love how often her fans remind her on posts like this that they literally do not give a shit about what she's up to or who she is as a person, they just want to jack off and get annoyed when she isn't posting nudes/lewds.

No. 874263

File: 1650315490716.jpeg (429.88 KB, 1284x2524, 65DEB6CB-1C54-4BA6-B6A8-3CC07E…)

She’s unhinged on tiktok.

No. 874264

File: 1650315587620.png (12.16 MB, 1284x2778, BD2268F6-5E82-4DE2-8F0D-F4E366…)

Really “apologetic” for what she’s done right? Where’s Stella fucking chu with her “people can get better” bullshit, someone go throw this in her face

No. 874265

File: 1650315661105.jpeg (359.81 KB, 1284x2491, 8EDF769E-DA82-4DA3-842C-86AFF7…)

This comment here is PRECISELY why people would flag her friends and tell them they should know better because they’re enabling & validating her.

No. 874266

File: 1650317428058.png (50.17 KB, 669x288, nocurr.png)

She's obviously extremely unbothered by everything you guys lol

No. 874267

but everything people say are true
I guess it sucks to be such a raging narc that you believe every shitty thing you do isn't wrong unless someone else does it
Moo is lucky she's a girl, she would be in jail otherwise

No. 874268

Samefagging to say that I absolutely love how she is now doubling down on just like… trying to wipe everything away and pretend like she didn't admit to harassing and assaulting people. Like… nobody is making shit up about you, Mariah. We don't have to, you do shitty things unprompted all by yourself lol.

No. 874269

File: 1650317822844.jpeg (98.43 KB, 828x348, 58027CA1-0A3F-4F6F-84EA-23401D…)

no fucking way this white woman promoting eating unwashed rice

No. 874270

She's acting like her main account getting deleted also deleted her history and now she's playing victim and taking zero accountability for the long ass list of shitty things she has done

People can't say she changed, because she clearly hasn't. I wonder how long she held onto Etika's obvious please for mental help for to use as ammunition.

Be honest Moo. You rarely wash any part of yourself

No. 874271

god the fact that she side steps any criticism and flips the narrative to make
herself look like the victim is insane i can’t believe the people close to her still “openly” support her

No. 874273

nah bitch, some types of rice need to be washed in order to not be a sticky mess. we already know she doesn't know how tf to cook though.

No. 874277

>as europeans spread their word the thin look was adopted

Europeans always glamorized heavier bodies though? Literally any history class will tell you that, it was a sign of royalty. She's so stupid.

No. 874278

she's conflating east asian beauty standards with european. the "line" she's talking about is S line anyway. she's such an idiot.

No. 874279

File: 1650320504751.jpeg (145.72 KB, 1069x600, 900AFA51-F964-479F-995E-7B5D77…)

It’s all right tho because she’s feeding her unwashed, overcooked rice to her cats. Jesus she’s pathetic.

She probably washed that rice as many times as she has showered in the past year lol

No. 874280

Rice should definitely not be a regular food for cats…..

No. 874281

rice cooker warmed rice is only good for 12 hours, then it becomes riddled with bacteria. yes, even high end ones.

No. 874283

Jar_oh_me would have a field day but Id hate for her to actually get clout

No. 874284

Of course she doesn’t wash rice, lol. Everything about her screams DIRTY.

No. 874286

File: 1650325249979.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1089x1793, 5A0A8B1D-7D77-4783-95A4-A0DC12…)

I’m curious how "busy" the studio actually is since Moo has only shared two posts from Stella that have no mention of her or the business. I don’t see anything noteworthy in the tagged posts either that isn’t her buddies. It just screams of desperation at this point.

Along with this and her unhinged TikTok/Twitter posts, I guess we’re just counting down until her next manic episode.

No. 874287

Samefag but I do find it extremely cringy that she’s going out of her way to remind people that she took these photos at her studio. I would be really creeped out if a business owner found photos I took of a product or shop on social media and shared it in the manner Moo did. Stella made it clear from these posts and deleting the video that she’s distancing herself from Moo but Mariah never could take a hint.

No. 874288

Try some cardio, you wheezing, waddling bitch.

The most thin-skinned whiny baby on the internet.

Rice that sits outside of a fridge is actually pretty dangerous to eat and you can die from it. So go ahead and kill more of your pets, Moo. She's so fucking stupid to tell on herself like this.

No. 874289

Rice is not food for cats, especially knowing she doesn't fucking wash it. So good fucking job mooriah, no wonder you kill so many of your pets.

No. 874290

her rice cooker probably has a warming mode, but it's only safe for 12 hours, both cuckoo and zojirushi say that in their manuals. she's just a dumb cunt.

No. 874291

Even if it does, she left it in there for 24 hours and we both know she didn't read a manual.

No. 874292

File: 1650327076339.jpeg (417.84 KB, 1125x1399, D065F10B-00BA-496B-A264-0E73EB…)

Already circumventing those bans I see. This is now linked from her personal account.

No. 874294

File: 1650327235399.jpeg (148.39 KB, 1072x552, 8156271D-FD33-467B-97BE-BE3D45…)

Guess she can’t afford her crack team of lawyers to bring them back. So this >>874254 was a lie lol. Bitch would never set up "private" cosplay accounts, who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 874296

>it's expensive
what is she on about? why does she lie so much?

No. 874300

at the expense of her mental health
She seems to be scared of promoting her only fans on any account. Has she posted on there since then?
I guess she's planning on ripping off her scrotes and just not updating it just like her paetron

No. 874301

File: 1650335784735.jpeg (621.53 KB, 1076x1923, 0DB25873-2E44-442A-B670-7FBCFE…)

>I totally only share my cosplay stuff on private accounts now my dudes… please follow my new public account!

No. 874303

File: 1650335949735.jpeg (337.57 KB, 847x1185, 48E9C0F4-A5C9-4BEE-87FA-647F8B…)

No. 874304

What a long way to say "I only care about money and attention"

No. 874306

File: 1650336186392.jpg (113.14 KB, 600x600, Untitled.jpg)

>media personality
lol. the insta bans must really be getting to her now. New twitter and a new insta, i wonder where her first manic episode will be now?

No. 874307

You mean the private IG called doumaswifee?

No. 874308

Not having her "art account" suspended for ban evading really made her arrogant enough to restart a cosplay account on Twitter. Nobody cared when she posted her dumbass anime husbando bullshit and tried to grab attention for drama that didn’t involve her, she’s so fucking desperate for relevancy it’s honestly hilarious.

No. 874310

Isn't her sketchy Peachyfans account linked to her onlyfans account? Either way I would love to see this one get banned as well

No. 874311

File: 1650339814767.jpeg (591.38 KB, 828x1122, 37ADAA48-703C-49BB-83DD-87161A…)

She truly never changes

No. 874313

doesn't she realize people hate her? especially on tiktok.

No. 874314

0 remorse

No. 874315

I know another anon brought it up earlier but I hope Stella lurks and sees these caps showing how Moo hasn’t changed AT ALL. She’s still the self centered, antagonistic cunt she always has been. No amount of "zen" bullshit will change that.

No. 874316

This brings in the mean girls moment where Janice confronts Catie. Like how can she not get that most people in the cosplay community hates her and anyone who is in her inner circle only wants her money and gifts. Do we have to keep reminding her until she steps down? If so then fine we shall do so even if it takes a long ass time since she keeps delivering the milk.

If she thinks that we’re gonna forget what she did while she keeps coming up with more vanity project then she got another thing coming. She’s a walking pariah as people don’t want to associate with her including her recent tailcoat rider Stella who had decided to not tag her and her business after being called out by her fans. Even if she buys her own damn gas station people are gonna talk and spread awareness of her existence so people won’t fall for her scams.

Btw nice attitude there Mariah, as a business owner who keeps telling people that she wants customers or keep the positive energy vibe going on, that’s not a good way to represent yourself as you make yourself look like a Karen who don’t give a damn about people but rather than your rank.

No. 874317

Stella doesn’t give a fuck. She’s always been a sellout and would jump on the bandwagon when it only suits her.

No. 874318

File: 1650347325891.jpeg (771.14 KB, 1079x1874, 5E4B39E7-590E-48E5-99B4-A4F72B…)

Ah, a new place to scam people from asides from OF and Patreon.

No. 874319

File: 1650347715458.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2486x1873, DCC73EE0-BAC2-4B09-99F4-CA92A0…)

She finally got her "checkmark". She’s just been spamming this site with old sets for the past hour. Seems she’s been busy trying to salvage shit today knowing her main isn’t coming back. It’s probably the most work she’s done, ever lol.

No. 874320

File: 1650349350970.jpg (2.08 MB, 1671x3264, rice.jpg)

Can't believe you didn't post the accompanying photos to these comments because she looks insane in them. She seems to think these prposefully ugly photos make her look cool and quirky and not like other girls when in reality they just make her look like the type of person you'd cross the street to avoid

No. 874323

>numbers don't really mean much

Maniacally makes new accounts in a desperate attempt to gain back what little audience she had left amongst the bots.

No. 874324

but moo, I thought you'd said you'd made your money and could retire lol

No. 874325

File: 1650353888186.jpg (985.08 KB, 1439x2555, Screenshot_20220418-201725_mh1…)

Stella Chuu made this post today on IG. She tagged everyone except Moo/her studio.

No. 874327

This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Her main insta is all she had for clout and now she has nothing. Should’ve pinched those pennies, moo.

No. 874328

I love how the reflection on the ovens show she's in a shitty prefab mcmansion suburb with 0 yard.

No. 874331

I don’t know who that Bunny girl is, but her tittehs emit a powerful aura. It’s no wonder why Moon is trying to get closer with her.

She wants to siphon that aura to save her pathetic tittehs.

No. 874333

she's not an official fansly partner, they verify in under 25 hours (it says on their site) more lies again.

No. 874338

These hoes need to stop self posting here.

No. 874340

I never seen such a boring ass kitchen in my life. Why’s this bitch afraid of color so much.

No. 874341

Ah yes the nutrients like dust and dirt and and bugs.

No. 874342

you don't wash rice because it's dirty lmao, it's to remove excess starch which fixes the texture. unless you buy cheap as fuck jasmine rice from the dankest asian grocery store it's not going to be literally dirty. did you read the first google result or something? moo is just an idiot because the extra starch has no nutrition at all.

No. 874345

You’d think with as much as she fetishizes Japanese culture that she’d be able to prepare basic rice properly lol

No. 874346

She is permanently stuck in her 13-year-old weeb phase. Disrespectful, stinky, has no idea how to actually do anything herself, shows up to restaurants in cosplay for no discernable reason. In fact, I would say kids probably have more cosplay-related skills than she does. The only difference is she has money.

No. 874347

yes, but she can't escape her crazy white girl behaviors. i wonder if moo knows you can use the leftover starch water as a beauty product for your hair. probably not, but that rat's nest could use it for sure.

No. 874348

the most pathetic thing about her cosplaying outside is it's just her trying to be hip with the kids for tiktok but instead she just gets hate on tiktok and called cringe by her scrote fans. that and her trying to act like a car nerd wewb with her boring ass bmw. she should itasha that shit like a real weeb.

No. 874350

It is because it's dirty. It's not about the starch. Micro metals are also in rice manufacturing. That's one of the big reasons to wash it. Moo is a fucking idiot.

No. 874351

>you don't wash rice because it's dirty lmao, it's to remove excess starch which fixes the texture.
NTA but you do wash it because dirt is also a reason, especially if you're buying rice in the sacks like you should be, which you know she is not. So yes, it's not JUST to make less sticky/gummy rice.

No. 874353

no, it's not. look it up. jfc you guys are embarrassing talking about muh chemicals.

No. 874354

This will certainly will trigger Moo.

No. 874355

Nonnie, it depends on the rice type. It's almost like one of Moos defenders stumbled upon this thread to defend her actions as usual lol.

No. 874356

excuse me? i'm saying it's necessary to wash it but not for the dumb white bitch reasons you retards are saying. sit the fuck down.

No. 874357

I'm expecting her to get thousands of followers in a week as she buys followers but forgets to buy engagement. Basically pulling a Lilly Jean

No. 874358

You said it had to do with starch and you're wrong.

No. 874359

can we not argue about rice?

No. 874360

It's twitter. Of course she will. Now there are more people to call her out though

No. 874365

Please shut up and use the internet to learn something.

No. 874368

File: 1650402066008.jpeg (987.49 KB, 1270x1651, 7965BEBA-EBC5-421B-9A1D-95DD76…)

She’s buying followers. No one just gets 5k+ in a day especially since her new IG is nowhere near that even after sharing it from her personal. Plus. Every time you refresh, the numbers go up steadily. A lot of the accounts following her were made this year as well.

No. 874369

File: 1650402290221.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1082x1926, 3800B95E-0D1A-432E-8E6F-AF9262…)

No. 874370

She barely had 200 followers today. Kek, miss "numbers don't count"
I never seen someone so desperate to be relevant.

No. 874372

She means Tattoo Sensei
poor bastard. how many times has he told her to get out of his shop and leave him alone?

No. 874373

It’s funny because she’s not attempting this on IG since she’s already on thin ice with her other accounts gone but buying followers while ban evading on Twitter is all good in her head. Twitter makes it notoriously hard to report ban evasion and she’s counting on this, the plus side is that she can’t hide on there and it’s easier to get called out… which I’m sure is only a matter of time at this point.
She also forgot to buy engagement again, her posts still have only 1-3 comments.

No. 874374

If she actually had a professional therapist, she wouldn't be doing any of the shit that she's been doing the past two weeks.

No. 874375

She's gaining 90-110 followers a minute. Thankfully Twitter WILL slap her for it but that's about it.

No. 874380

she is also ban evading but who knows what will happen with that.

No. 874382

Mimsy and others have already been resharing and her name is probably going around on discord. Following these thots on twitter is way more attainable for them. It means they will probably see more NSFW.

No. 874384

If that were the case, she would have had just as many or more on IG since she was shared by the same thots as well. She’s nearly at 8k now on Twitter while the new IG is still stagnating at around 1,600. Moo even openly admitted in a cap above that it was getting "expensive" starting over. It’s not that hard to believe that she’ll buy followers when she’s been doing it for years.

No. 874399

Titty Chakra.

No. 874411

I'm surprised she didn't try buying them on her "art" account honestly.
Looking forward to her inevitable twitter callout/meltdown now

No. 874413

It was me. did it. I’m the one who reported her account. I know lolcow has a thing against cow tipping, but I’m just sick and tired of Momo’s shit.

Momokun needs this. I can’t stand her. We’re all fat, left-leaning girls around here, and a lot of us would kill to be just in her position. Most of us would like nothing more than to sit down, eat, and do nothing all day while making a fuck ton of money just by playing with our titties.

Unlike Moo, I would use my money to help marginalized people and my community, and not just for selfish reasons.

I graduated from Uni with a double major. I worked hard to get through school. Now I’m slaving my ass off working as a barista just to pay off my student loans while Moo just eats all day, bends over and makes more money in a month than I’ll make all year.

Let’s be honest, we’re jealous. We wouldn’t be following these threads for years if we weren’t. I’m just tired of seeing bad people like Moo win all the time. It’s just so frustrating.(Mercy ban. Go outside. Also, cow tipping.)

No. 874415

speak for yourself

No. 874418

sage your pathetic ramblings at least.

No. 874420

I mean if her accounts getting deleted was no big deal then why does she need a therapy session for it.

The level of denial is insane.

No. 874421

I'm sorry you don't have any self respect or forward thought nonny. I don't hate telling you, if she did infact receive a perma ban, it was due to multiple reports. So congrats on outing yourself as a massive faggot.

No. 874425

This reeks of Moo or one of her pathetic cronies.

No. 874426

File: 1650459209151.jpg (25.38 KB, 600x375, Cp_rX93UkAAz03s[1].jpg)


imagine being so fat and pathetic that you're jealous of moo of all people

No. 874427

i hate people like you itt. i am not jealous of this hag, i'm here for the show. it's funny watching her ruin her friendships and relationships and partnerships with everyone all by herself. and seeing her impulses shovel money into useless pet projects. being bitter about anyone having more money than you is pathetic, especially in your position. and especially someone like moo who has an expiry date.
i definitely believe them. moo and her gandg wouldn't even know what a double major is lmao. whenever money is involved we're bound to get jelly anons who think we feel the same way because they fail to realize the money is part of the milk production. more money means cows can make more major fuck ups like spending 30k+ on a failed business. anon probably did report her, but likely all the thots moo was attacking did as well. she just wants credit because she doesn't understand moo.

No. 874428

It does, because apart from being unsaged, it’s the exact perfect kind of post for Moo and her ilk to point at and say, “See, these hate sites are full of jealous bullies who wish they could be me, they’ve admitted to damaging my business by reporting my social media just because they’re jealous! My crack team of lawyers will be hearing about this!” It even claims everyone else on this thread is the same as them.

Could also be genuine, but who the fuck knows, we’re all anons.

No. 874429

>Being jealous of an obese onlyfans ho because she can sit on her ass all day and eat while pandering to degenerated scrotes with degradation fetishes


No. 874432

this is bait

No. 874436

A barista huh… sortaaa like moooo? [thinking emoji] hmmm HMMMMMM. Take your passive aggressive bragging elsewhere fatass.

No. 874440

> barista
> "double major like Moo wishes she was"
> self hating fat girl

Leave it to Moo to assume everyone who hates her are just angry fatties. There is one fatty who hates her the most, at that's herself

No. 874441

i actually don't think it's bait. the anon who originally posted about reporting her didn't sage either. there are people who genuinely hate moo because they're retarded.(and not because she's a fat stupid cow who assaults people)

No. 874448

Kek this is easily the most pathetic thing I've ever read here.
>left-leaning fat gals
You must be terminally retarded because this site is mostly GC/radfem anachans.

No. 874449

You're not gonna get any fans from here, moo.

No. 874450

Chonkina, you're such a hero. I bet you're gonna daydream about that brave moment when you're blending up frappes for minimum wage. Fight the power!

No. 874455

They didn't sage because it was a new update, not because the anon didn't know how to sage.

No. 874456

they didn't sage because they're retarded. they didn't sage any of the posts saying they deleted the post either. it's not hard to believe some farmers are actually that retarded and jealous of moo's dirty money as if they can't do it themselves.

No. 874471

File: 1650483060080.gif (85.43 KB, 220x220, radar-check-radar-for-someone-…)

No. 874472

Anon, can you take your bad tinfoiling and just stop? You're wrong, first off, because >>872734 is staged which is the anon who posted the image to begin with
When you post updates, you don't sage. That's how lolcow works. This anon and the one who posted it most likely aren't the same person.

No. 874478

Yeah, no. I’m the anon whose post you tagged. I didn’t share that cap because I’m not dumb enough to post (and brag about) obvious cowtipping. The state of this thread is fucking ridiculous.

No. 874479