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File: 1693239827907.jpeg (395.08 KB, 1456x2048, 1690707830991.jpeg)

No. 918599

New PT Thread since old thread is about to lock after hitting the posting limit.

PT's tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sora_ashton

Old thread: >>>/pt/804526

Noteable developments:


- Lost a bunch of weight
- Gets into religion and gets baptized
- Got hired at Great American Cookies, but lost the job shortly after.
- Swears hate on Japan and Anime
- Deb tries to kick PT out of the house for refusing to shave her legs
- PT was arrested and charged with injury of elderly, but non serious injury and resisting arrest. She allegedly pushed her father in front of a cop and spent 24 hrs in jail.


- Gained lost weight back
- Comes out as trans
- Shaves her head


- Still Unemployed and gathering credit card debt
- Claims to have a penis inside her/in her stomach?
- Gives herself the name Ashton
- Begins cosplaying/skinwalking Sora
- Claims a ghost is haunting her and doing such things pining her down and getting "sexually aggressive"
- Begins Posting on Tiktok
-Posts tiktoks of her drunk in her car
-Gets into painting and selling her paintings
-Multiple ER trips for minor issues
-Claims gays and drag queens at pride misgendered her and insulted her. Even they don't buy it.
-Starts LARPing
-Sells binder of pokemon cards on ebay and then drives to the buyers house without permission.
-Turns 38 alone
-Begins making cosplay "fanservice" with baby fetish tones

No. 918608

File: 1693260265620.png (129.56 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20230828-180521~2.p…)

Thank you for the thread OP!

More of the same freak outs over being misgendered, I will never understand the rocking thing she keeps talking about. And threatening to hurt people who don't believe she's intersex.

No. 918609

File: 1693260343582.png (77.61 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_20230828-180750~2.p…)

Also she imagined the feeling of a ring on her finger and got upset?

No. 918611

this "I am what I say I am, believe it and don't question it" trend is so disastrous for everyone especially mentally ill people like her. We are watching her lose her mind in real time because she's larping as something she can never become (again) and no one outside her hugbox is giving in to her delusions. Every day she sinks further and further. Idk if she'll wake up from this one.

No. 918612

Does anyone else find the trans thing to be out of left field? like i have nothing against trans people but somehow I wonder if this is related to her traumatic past.(learn to sage)

No. 918613

i would love a video of her rocking and shaking. probably even thrusting. if you just look at her body and how she’s holding her gut clearly man behavior

but seriously.. wtf

No. 918629

That's literally the reason for most ftms; statistically most young females have gotten assaulted at some point and so find safety in trying to align with the oppressor demographic, (while males socialized to fetishize femininity so then you have mtfs and their euphoria boners for wearing thongs in public).
The "I'm not a girl, you won't hurt me", "I'm a smart prince not a stupid sex toy woman" stuff Sarah rambles about non stop is more of that equating femaleness with femininity/being seen as a sex object for males/weakness/being humiliated. She sadly is very mentally stunted, hallucinating rings and forced tattoos and now a penis coming out of her stomach. Clinging to the delusion that makes she think she's not weak and vulnerable is the only sense of control she can get on her life at the moment, as is for so many women in vulnerable positions.

No. 918631

she is either having or claiming to have a lot of somatic hallucinations (this, being raped by ghosts, feeling a penis inside her abdomen)
either way she is seriously fucked up mentally and needs professional help

No. 918641

File: 1693346481073.png (651.04 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20230829-150157.png)

Post from First Friday FB. Was not aware of her discord or IG. Also surprised she used her real name for IG.

No. 918653

Im dying to see what the rocking and thrusting (that she apparently does in polite company because the measure of a man is masturbating in public) looks like, or even just see her explain it coherently, but she seems to just get evasive and euphemistic when people ask about it

No. 918657

I don't think she hallucinates anything, I think she's a chronic attention seeker that's grasping at straws to keep eyes on her. She knows that if she says unhinged shit people will keep paying attention to her. I deffo think the tranny arc is the typical hurt TIF shit but it's generously mixed in with it being the highest value social currency of our time. She's got such obnoxious narc tendencies idk how anyone still roots for her at this stage.

No. 918659


I don’t believe for a second that she’s intersex, there a battery of tests performed to determine it and we all know she can’t afford shit. Nobody forced her to be feminine growing up, she did all that shit on her own, including the vomit-inducting nude series. 100% jumped on the tranny train because it is the popular thing right now and it’ll gain her all the struggle attention she craves.

Separately, I knew/know her irl. She applied for a job with my company and listed me as the person who recommended her (I didn’t, I can’t stand her). Told the hiring manager it would be a mistake to hire her because she can’t show up on time and would be a menace in the office. Here’s wondering if she shows up for an interview.

No. 918667

if she is making this shit up that is also very very crazy

No. 918670

File: 1693413903941.jpeg (60.16 KB, 640x317, IMG_8160.jpeg)

No. 918671

File: 1693413939830.jpeg (27.35 KB, 640x172, IMG_8161.jpeg)

No. 918672

File: 1693413966383.jpeg (110.73 KB, 640x563, IMG_8162.jpeg)

No. 918673

File: 1693413990553.jpeg (72.57 KB, 640x292, IMG_8163.jpeg)

No. 918674

File: 1693414039949.jpeg (35.93 KB, 640x283, IMG_8164.jpeg)

No. 918675

File: 1693414067210.jpeg (25.34 KB, 640x139, IMG_8165.jpeg)

No. 918676


Curious to see how long this spiral lasts and how many post’s she’ll make before someone steps in.

No. 918681

I came here just to post all these screenshots, too! She has a "panic attack" about thinking she's going to die at least once a month on FB now.

No. 918682

lmao i hope no one responds. shes too far gone

No. 918685

File: 1693420426686.jpeg (113.76 KB, 487x640, IMG_8167.jpeg)

No. 918686

File: 1693420491998.jpeg (127.27 KB, 640x565, IMG_8169.jpeg)

No. 918689

Genuinely where does she get the money for this shit after she's constantly boo hooing that she just HAD to use her credit card that she can't pay for? But she can buy cosplays? I try to understand why she thinks her hobbies are a wise investment. Is she STILL waiting to get internet famous? Like does she think she's going to be one of those cosplayers that live off of other people's gimmebucks? I know I'll never understand her but my mind still tries to figure her out kek she's an enigma

No. 918695

File: 1693428029841.jpeg (36.22 KB, 640x178, IMG_8170.jpeg)

No. 918696

File: 1693428050689.jpeg (16.92 KB, 640x137, IMG_8172.jpeg)

No. 918697

File: 1693428071575.jpeg (19.3 KB, 640x184, IMG_8173.jpeg)

No. 918698

File: 1693428102149.jpeg (27.83 KB, 640x173, IMG_8174.jpeg)

No. 918700

"My own home" that she doesn's pay bills, pay for food, pay rent, contribute to, clean, etc… basically just squatting and at almost 40 years old leeches off of her parents. Sad.

No. 918702

Is she even capable of holding down a job? I feel like at her level of mental instability, if she actually got tested and had doctors on her side, she might qualify for disability instead of just complaining she has no money and credit card debt all the time. Also might take some of the stress off her parents. I find it so odd that her family is friends with her on Facebook and sees all these meltdowns and does nothing to intervene. Or maybe she hides these statuses from certain people. I also find it odd that she goes on and on about being a man and wanting surgery, but does absolutely nothing to pursue that goal. No therapy or doctor. Not that I want her to go through with something so life changing, but it's just crazy watching her complain and freak out day after day and not change a single damn thing about her life to try and fix it.(sage your shit)

No. 918709

File: 1693451979007.png (786.38 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_20230830-230846~2.p…)

first thing i see when i open instagram.

No. 918713

File: 1693460966973.png (71.26 KB, 1073x448, Screenshot_20230831-015122~2.p…)

This made me laugh because who the hell is Fran

No. 918714

File: 1693461014956.png (143.49 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20230831-015012~2.p…)

Also this: the word "stuff" is traumatizing?

No. 918715

File: 1693462854292.jpg (60.98 KB, 736x1041, 41f52a339562394e2c2018196e5dde…)

Since she likes final fantasy, she could be talking about Fran from FF12 (see attached image), but no one is retarded enough to compare PT to Fran.

No. 918716

Because if you spoke to her in real life, especially as an assessor for benefits you'd see that she's perfectly capable of holding down a job. Being a brat and choosing to LARP being an unhinged gender special isn't a disability. >>918696
Pretty sure this is about her parents but lol talk a about no concept of long term consequences! If they die, where will she squat?

No. 918721

File: 1693493965598.png (105.33 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20230831-110159~2.p…)

No. 918724

Love this, thanks for posting updates facebook anon. Can't wait to see the "workout lines" tier mental gymnastics she posts

No. 918728

I disagree with people saying this is the reason she became trans because I genuinely don't think she thinks about or notices other people enough to take advantage of that. Look at all her facebook posts just now realizing that discrimination against LGBT people exists and going "durr but that's illegal right??" she is incapable of caring about things that don't have anything to do with her

No. 918729


I fully subscribe to the idea that she did it because that’s what’s in the news right now, people talking about trans people. She’s been a hyper feminine weeb her whole life, and she decides she’s intersex and trans out of the blue. It’s all an attention grab and she has no idea what it means other than being able to bitch about not getting what she wants.

No. 918730

Notice how she keeps her suppose dead name on some of her social media accounts. I mean she can always change her name anytime on Facebook. It’s like she wants to be oppressed and for people to feel sorry for her since the LGBTQ community is usually full of compassionate people where they mean well but they are easily taken advantage of by manipulators like Sarah.

No. 918732


Also she joined the lgbt+ cult because it really is a cult and works in the same way as all cults. You get love and acceptance instantly even from people you don't know but are "like you" or are your "allies". You get to virtue signal your moral superiority when things are going your way and have righteous indignation when someone opposes you. It gives you a purpose and something to contribute to, even if it's very low effort shit. To this day she spams lgbt shit between every post and she still gets a snack handful of likes for it, of course she trooned out.

No. 918733

And the whole intersex thing is because she HAS to be THE MOST male a trans person could possibly be. Just like when she was pretending to be japanese she would shit on other classes of Asian people calling some "mongrels" if I remember right and acted superior because clearly sarah was the most japanese person to ever be japanese. It's a repetitive cycle. She has to be the most everything: the most sexy woman, the best Yuna cosplayer, the best Rukia, to the point of being both irl, now she has to be the best Sora and therefore the best male. If that all makes sense.

No. 918735

God has been having doubts about you, Sarah.
Follower just posts that picture of her in that horrific lycra one-piece from a few months ago.

No. 918774

She keeps her name as Sarah for her family because they won’t “let her” be a man. Basically it’s so she can have a Sarah Facebook where her family can follow that looks normal but as >>918702 described I think she just hides most of her posts from family. I don’t know why she doesn’t just have two accounts or something.

No. 918776

>her(unsaged retard)

No. 918791

(you’re the unsaved retard mod fuck)(another unsaged retard)

No. 918794

File: 1693699349999.jpeg (520.44 KB, 1290x1339, IMG_3807.jpeg)

What fucking diatribe mantra bullshit is this?!

No. 918795

File: 1693699452054.jpeg (128.67 KB, 1290x498, IMG_3808.jpeg)

Because people age and infantilize yourself. The ugly on the inside is coming out, that shitty haircut and colored contacts don’t help.

No. 918796

Pixy I am praying to all gods I know, please post a video of you rocking. I have no idea what she means by "rocking" and I'm absolutely terrified that it's probably as horrible as we all imagine. Is she pretend thrusting??? She does that in public!??

No. 918798


I’ve popped into the bar that she hocks her paintings at. She’s only sold one painting at those events. I’ve never seen her do the thrusting thing at one of them, I’m pretty sure she posted that shit for an attention grab. A friend went to her little booth and walked away saying her shit is way overpriced. $30 for. 5”x7” print when everyone else is charging $10 for an 11”x18”.

No. 918801

Sometimes she’s so pitiful because of the horrible relationships she had that gave her sexual trauma but her mind is so far gone to reason with her . Her threatening self harm to get what she wants (and admitting it) is a one way ticket to being 51-50’d

No. 918802

My thought was that she references the rocking thing so people think she's crazy and won't want to try and get too close or stop her from doing what she wants. Seems like it could be some tactic to put people off maybe?

No. 918806

No, she is saying "i will continue rocking!" Like "you rock!" Or "rocking and rolling". Coming from the saying "rock and roll". I hella over explained but im going with the possibility you are not from america.

No. 918807

Not those anons, but that makes sense…in this one particular context.

In this post >>918608 she says

>>they never see me rock and shake and put my hand to my gut

I’m just going to go with the explanation that she’s completely fucking nuts, and you can’t apply normal logic to anything she says or does.

No. 918809

She's not fucking nuts, she's a spoiled brat pretending to be nuts for asspats and attention. Stop falling for it, you're being played by a retard.

No. 918810

No, she is referring to a rocking, thrusting motion she has mentioned before

No. 918813

Imagine being so confidently wrong and then calling out another anon for not being American kek

No. 918814

Rocking back and forth is a common thing autistic people do, and Sarah definitely has some form of autism.

No. 918817

File: 1693794114420.gif (2.75 MB, 498x498, 1F069C1C-39A9-44D6-A296-249146…)

By the way she constantly talks about auto-stimulation, it makes me think that maybe she’s not autistic but something else.
Idk, most autists don’t even notice what they’re doing until someone tells them to stop or until it’s too late and they’ve been doing the same movements for a few minutes or hours.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the queen was just a munchie that’s too permanently online, and that she probably read some retarded shit like
>girls stim by shaking their hands ugüu
>boys stim by rocking and thrusting ogüo
I just can’t stop feeling like she’s just trying too hard, like she stands anywhere she has to wait for some time to pass like pic related and moves like a fucking cartoon.

No. 918823

File: 1693798033563.png (134.55 KB, 1080x1062, 1680198109302.png)

She is definitely talking about the phantom penis. Lots of examples of her going into more detail about it in the previous thread. I, too, would love to see a video of what she is actually doing in front of people.

No. 918824

I unfortunately think that when she says she’s rocking she’s talking about air humping and thinks that’s a naturally masculine thing because she has a phantom penis even though it’s not a normal thing to do in public regardless of genitalia. It strikes me as kind of a boy discovering his body during puberty type thing though which she is channeling with her teen boy cosplays, so it kind of adds up.

No. 918825

what if the inseam of her pants are stimulating her clit and thats why she's playing it up and saying "clearly im a man (thrusting and rocking) and theres a dick growing near/inside my stomach". wouldnt be a stretch for her to then get extra defensive about how its manly and not femenine at all

No. 918838

She's finally snapped.

No. 918853

My God it's time to have her committed because this is full-blown retarded.

No. 918867

She thinks it's in her stomach though, she's probably felt her cervix while fingering herself and thinks it's the cockhead. She's so far gone holy shit.

No. 918873


I know someone has to be gathering the screenshots to take to a magistrate/judge.

No. 918892

I just…where does she get this absolute bs from? Where is she seeing men behave like this?? Because I’m guessing Sora doesn’t do any of these things in the game, so I wanna know what she’s modeling herself on to get this result.

Her Instagram is weird af, but her writing on there is a lot more coherent and a lot less ranty and weird. I think she’s just putting on an act for her Facebook friends.

No. 918893

she has a history of STDs and infections because of her poor hygiene and sex with disgusting scrotes, so it was speculated when the stomach penis saga began (when she thought it was "growing") that she was feeling some kind of swelling or vaginismus

No. 918895

last thread we also talked about the realistic possibility that she’s taking some kind of OTC “testosterone” so add that to the pile

No. 918896


She’s definitely on that bullshit. I looked up one of the cheapest “testosterone boosters” at Walmart. Side effects of the ingredients include: headaches, shaking, nausea, Damage to blood vessels, dizziness, irritability, allergy, insomnia, and chest pain. This fake shit she’s describing as “taking T” literally explains all of the “illnesses” she whined about having for the past year.

No. 918906

This image made me laugh so much for some reason. All I can see is her doing this in the Winnie the Pooh outfit.

No. 918913

File: 1694091239199.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1179x1841, 7829AB65-34F7-460E-9C8F-395578…)

In which pixy wears an outfit no grown man would be caught dead in to the circus, then reminds us of how straight she is

No. 918917

>noticed I wasn't turned on by the woman dancers and I am a man
Fucking kek

No. 918918


I won’t ever understand why she feels the need to share every stupid fucking thought in her head. Cool, you didn’t sexualize women while they’re at work, you want a fucking medal? No gay man in that town would touch her with a 10 ft pole.

No. 918929

File: 1694106104452.jpeg (121.47 KB, 588x640, IMG_8215.jpeg)

She’s making new friends

No. 918930

File: 1694106300297.jpeg (52.55 KB, 640x324, IMG_8216.jpeg)

This was commented on the post. Sound like she is seeing someone.

No. 918936

>couldn’t ride the elephant
Good, poor animal having to carry fatass fuckers like her.

No. 918937

damn, I didn't know there were still backwater circuses that let you abuse animals for $25

No. 918938

she's really insufferable lately

No. 918939

LARPing sure is becoming important to her. LARPing as a man, LARPing as a toddler, LARPing as a schizo…

No. 918941

Idk, she looks really, genuinely happy there (what are those weird gloves, though??).

And I’m even happy to see she’s making friends! She’s a complete nutcase, but even she can find someone who wants to spend time with her…it’s kinda heartwarming. Probably too much to expect that they’ll have any kind of healthy influence on her, but oh well.

No. 918942

I genuinely hope Pixy meets some spergy "he's just like me frfr" weeb at her larp meet-up and they can pretend to be fictional characters far away from society together

No. 918947

File: 1694125574035.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1179x1943, 15CB7477-3299-48A6-8737-3AB736…)

Hormones in the coffee!!!!!!

No. 918949

she's a PRINCE. I'm about to remove her off at FB at this point because she's so grating.

No. 918952

Isn’t there hormones in everything now?? That’s why zoomers are taller right? Also they call coffee poop juice for a reason Sarah..

No. 918957

She has a point, I hate auto correct too

No. 918962

Is she insinuating that her dad gave her coffee to counterattack her over the counter testosterone gummies?

No. 918966

File: 1694153813954.jpg (549.22 KB, 991x765, no i am sora you will not hurt…)

>couldn't afford to ride the elephant
>huge white bear
Wtf I didn't expect to get angry and sad about animal abuse in a fucking Pixy thread.

She tried to style her hair after Sora I see. She should just stick to that and burn that godawful wig. While she's wearing it she looks like this Rölli character from a Finnish childrens show. Picrel. Also that woman's face in the background while she accidentally spills something is pretty much my face every time PT talks about thrusting and fisting her gut kek.

No. 918967

File: 1694154842708.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2006, 54F9F9F8-8E57-4C74-A71B-97F79C…)

I was getting ready to a-log, but it seems like they don’t actually have a real polar bear, just someone in a polar bear costume. the elephants are unfortunately real, though.

No. 918968

Thank you for relieving my pain a little bit, nonny dear. I do hope those elephants get saved. I'd attach a pic that shows what happens to elephants that people ride but I don't want to make nonas cry.

No. 918980

File: 1694193915863.jpeg (507.93 KB, 1290x1414, IMG_3830.jpeg)

Fellow anons, this crazy bitch needs to be put on a fucking hold.

No. 918985

The ghost is trying to marry her? What?

No. 918987

I know it’s disturbing that she’s so clearly gone off the deep end but these spergouts make me kek so hard I can’t. Between this and the goblins tightening her stockings in the night or whatever I’m crying

No. 918990

Reminds me of Heather Sparkles. Except Heather actually wants to date a ghost kek.

No. 918992

Does she put a bandaid over her vag to prevent rape?

No. 918994

Kek what the fuck does any of this mean let alone the autocorrect part?

No. 919000

No, she wears it around her finger to prevent the ghost from putting a ring on it and marrying her (not that this makes any more sense than a vag bandaid kek)

No. 919002

File: 1694237577784.jpg (887.74 KB, 1037x1801, Screenshot_20230909_003419_Ins…)

How is her parents okay with this?

No. 919007

>hey buddy it’s me
Lmfao her male LARP is beyond comical

No. 919014

She acted like a middle school girl in her 30s, she's still going to be a middle school girl when she's in her 40s as a "man."

Yikes. I remember when people said she looked like a guy back during Pixy's peak on /cgl/ with her Japanese school girl larp. When they heard her voice and saw her move around they recognize that she sounds and acts hyper-feminine. Funny how things come round where she's still trying to be something that she isn't. All she's down is up'd the delusion. I wish ugly woman wouldn't be called manly. They don't look like men, they're just ugly.

No. 919019

At least she voluntarily washes her hair now

No. 919025

File: 1694300455193.jpeg (256.8 KB, 1290x795, IMG_3836.jpeg)

Why do people need to hear about this shit?

No. 919026

File: 1694300534784.jpeg (187.01 KB, 1290x533, IMG_3837.jpeg)


Doing it to herself, keks all around

No. 919087

they arent. they wasted 40 years of their life on a fb sperging retard

No. 919225

File: 1694574868988.jpeg (135.68 KB, 1170x449, IMG_2895.jpeg)

She’s having a meltdown right now

No. 919226

File: 1694576170669.jpeg (788.83 KB, 1179x1664, 80E2032A-8239-467B-AF38-9DE070…)

ITS MAAM moment at the whataburger

No. 919231

This just in - women never wear polo shirts and board shorts.
The fixation on hormones is also really funny and something I more see from right leaning individuals, mostly about soy, but still…

No. 919234

a waste of pretty eyes on an insane woman larping as a man. Her eyes are actually nice though, too bad about everything else

No. 919248


Someone replied in her comments, letting her know she’s not actually on hormones, that you can only get them from a doctor. She larps as a man but doesn’t know anything about transitioning, almost like she’s doing it for attention. The attention seeking never ends

No. 919281

She doesn't know anything about transitioning because she is both not very bright and a schizo. She is as legitimately trans as every other autistic tif

No. 919288

If she isn't on testosterone, then why does she have a moustache? I got some dark peach fuzz on my lip but nowhere near as much as her, it can't be natural

No. 919289

It could be PCOS

No. 919290

File: 1694640663931.jpeg (367.5 KB, 1080x1062, B831202F-0356-49F4-899A-93896C…)

So not only her parents are putting female hormones in her coffee, random burger joints are also putting female hormones in her burgers.
>it tasted like hormonal.
Of course it tasted hormonal, such a normal flavor that can totally be easily identified in a burger specifically, that’s amazing.
She needs a psychiatrist or some shit kek, why is she assuming they’re all after hell to turn her into a woman when she’s 100% truly a man? Why aren’t they putting man hormones to help her? Kek, this is almost depressing to witness. I hope someone records her someday while she asks some poor underpaid worker why are there female hormones in her processed food.

No. 919293

File: 1694645500015.jpeg (231.69 KB, 1290x497, IMG_3848.jpeg)

Who the fuck is this shambling retard going to sue?!

No. 919294

I guess she will sue japanese idols and japan itself for giving her the unattainable dream of becoming a kawaii Japanese idol, why? Because not becoming a Japanese idol made her have to become a tranny.

No. 919295

she is so funny , all of her facebook posts should be compiled into a book

No. 919297

She wants to sue AND she wants to be sued, covering all her bases

No. 919307

if you currently or previously have done hair removal long term (like waxing), you’ve likely damaged those follicles and have inhibited growth or as another nonnie said, she has PCOS.

whataburger is fucking delicious.

No. 919308

File: 1694659991173.jpeg (284.94 KB, 1232x2048, 59F682BA-4DD2-45EB-A36D-E16D07…)

Something bizarre to me is how she actually seems to be getting better w her paints and then her animu shit looks literally exactly like it did when she was 18

Like these hands?!?

No. 919309

5-10% of women have hirsutism, most just wax it but she probably sees her stache as a ~sign she a man~

No. 919313

When she was younger, they were like painted glass. You could tell she was fucked up, but she had these pretty blue eyes. Now they're like hard, unemotive marbles with nothing behind them.

No. 919314

Theres always transcendent poetry in the pixyteri lc thread

No. 919315

>inducing my body is ILLEGAL
Please I need a translation

No. 919330

i don’t mean to simp for pixy but i want the best for her, and i feel like she would seriously thrive in a group home with other people like her

No. 919331

Are you insane? PT plus more PTs would only encourage her negative behavior, she needs adult foster care

No. 919332

I think a lot of us have grown weirdly fond of her over the years and do want the best for her, but I’m not even sure if that would work. Sarah refuses to let herself be happy and constantly pushes everyone away. She has to work on her poisoned soul and get away from her parents (sadly not super possible w the economy and the wage at the only jobs she can get), but I firmly believe she’s not autistic or even that mentally ill, she’s just the most ego-obsessive/anime-sick person I’ve ever seen.

She needs a roommate situation with other people her age. There would be lots of whining and reality checks but she literally needs to be forced to grow up so she snaps out of “I am a 14 year old boy” mode. Being babied in a group home would not do her any good.

No. 919344

File: 1694715621417.png (304.11 KB, 896x689, 1692372434046.png)

There are "testosterone boosters," like ashwagandha extract, you can buy off the shelf, no prescription needed. That's probably what she's taking.

No. 919345

File: 1694716583018.jpg (203.3 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20230914_203402_Fac…)

yeah shes taking some supplements or shit.
its baffling how she has no idea about transitioning. 5 seconds on Google would tell her everything. Im sure she knows people who could actually tell her how it works

No. 919347

File: 1694717872971.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20230914-115908.png)

>37 years young

No. 919348

File: 1694717978037.png (5.83 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1511.png)

Guys she still has the wind chime

No. 919350


Kek , she’s 30-fucking-8.

I I’m a year younger than her but she looks over 10 years older than me.

No. 919352

Jfc she’s insanely obsessed with being young, I know this isn’t new but it’s still kind of crazy to see.

No. 919360

kek. great catch. As if she’d ever get rid of her tie to her Japanese heritiji.

No. 919361

shes been obsessed with youth since her teens or some shit. its common with terminal weebs who cant accept themselves. all those years wasted being something she’ll never be.

No. 919371

Ah, simpler times.

No. 919385

>>919347 canvasses are expensive… Where?? They are cheaper than a fucking hotel stay. You can get massive canvasses from bargain stores where I am. You can probably get them for fuck all on ebay.

No. 919387


i brought this up in the last thread and i’m a bit baffled at being right.
not sure how bumblefuck victoria is but at a bare minimum she’d have to get herself to a planned parenthood and they’d have do some kind of exam before getting her on HRT.
i understand no cowtipping but jfc somebody needs to get her in the right direction before she really does irreparable damage.

No. 919389

planned parenthood was mentioned on the same post. sounded like she didnt even know it existed.

No. 919391

File: 1694798120310.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x4411, Screenshot_20230915-121459_Fac…)

No one better offer her a ride to Houston. Loving that if she actually really did care about trying to transition she would be busting her ass to get her car fixed so she can take the trip to Houston to start her transition but like everything in her life she gives up the moment it isn't handed to her on a silver platter

No. 919393

tinfoiling, leaning in to the PCOS theories floating around at the mention of needing to wear pads to feel 'clean and safe', maybe she has prolonged episodes of bleeding or unpredictable cycle that she finds distressing, and because her brain is mashed potato this is why she must urgently become a man. that could be off since i'm sure she would discuss medical issues like that in revolting detail at every opportunity

No. 919394


Even planned parenthood requires a letter from a shrink or a LPC. With her brain looking like Swiss Cheese, I don’t think planned parenthood would write the Rx. They pull medical records, and they’ll find a plethora of unexplained hospital visits and hypochondriac behavior. Her inability to stick with something will be her downfall if some doctor actually writes her a prescription. That shit is weekly, for life.. she’s scared of tattoos, what makes her think she’ll be able to stick a needle in her thigh every 7 days. All the supplies are relatively inexpensive, but she literally has zero money for the testosterone and all the syringes, needles, band-aids, alcohol wipes, etc.

I don’t want to cowtip, but I’d enjoy seeing the discord fawning over her troon insanity.

No. 919399

pretty sure she could go to corpus christi which is like…. right there compared to houston.
$5 walmart testosterone boosters probably aren’t helping and god knows what other stis.
i wonder how much of her swiss cheese brain is a result of other untreated shit

No. 919400

>i wonder how much of her swiss cheese brain is a result of other untreated shit
I wonder if PT has untreated syphilis that is causing her to go even more insane, although it would have probably been caught during one her weekly ER trips. PT Napoleon era

No. 919408

I think syphilis has to be specifically tested for, I believe it's a blood test vs the typical swab you get at the gyno to test for STDs but someone correct me if I'm wrong

No. 919410

Tertiary syphilis does require a blood test to diagnose, but I'm surprised one wouldn't be ordered if Pixy went to the ER complaining about vaginal irritation. Assuming that's actually what she told the doctors, and not "It hurts! Itai… I don't want to die". They probably took one look at her and told her to take fucking shower if she's itchy. Tertiary syphilis also presents with sores and a rash, so it possible, but primarily a tinfoil. Maybe if she dragged her ass to Planned Parenthood they would also give her a full STD blood panel

No. 919417

An acquaintance messaged her on discord and asked if she had an actual diagnosis for intersex. She said no, but she knows her “bodily symptoms and motions.”

No. 919420

Imagine the descriptions of her symptoms
>feeling of a phantom penis in stomach
>the feeling of a phantom ring on the fingers
>distinct hormonal flavor in foods

No. 919432

How do you know this?

No. 919441

File: 1694873618316.jpeg (382.85 KB, 1290x1513, IMG_3853.jpeg)


Have a fb friend who lurks here, but is too chickenshit to post. I think they went to school together.

No. 919448

File: 1694881069317.png (654 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20230915-232554.png)

She got excited about having one her paintings placing not long ago. Now she's complaining it didn't win a cash prize.

No. 919454


No. 919462

Poor baby is going to starve. While living at her parents house rent free. My heart goes out to her.

No. 919464

Delete the image or you’re going to lose your friend as a source nony(learn to sage)

No. 919466

>they gave me chick fil a cards
>I'm poor I'm going to starve
kek'd more than I probably should've

No. 919547

File: 1694999375540.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1179x1842, 0D962AFE-121F-4C0B-93E3-939C99…)

DID ARC INCOMING?!? truly she is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 919555

"I will be my own husbando"

No. 919560

DID saga?
She wouldn't be the first weebo who decided to troon out because they feel ugly.

No. 919561

File: 1695010048868.jpg (91.93 KB, 1287x459, 1693481126698.jpg)

I have to include this gem of a take from one of our own

No. 919566

File: 1695031072971.jpg (339.01 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20230918_120047_Gal…)

Wanting to become her own husbando
Obvious af
Absolute refusal to get her life together
Daily if not hourly seething on social media
Formerly towards japanese women and redheads, currently towards younger and attractive people
Selfish and alone as ever
Mostly separate instances of grandeur, but you could say her social presence as a whole is one big demonstration of pride and morbid lack of shame.

Perhaps she never was sacred… but instead something much more sinister…

No. 919567


She wasn’t completely awful looking as a woman but the tranny part of this story is ugly as fuck.. what the Fuck is that haircut, look like a toddler’s hair cut, the lady mustache, the wearing cosplay as men’s clothes. I don’t think anybody would want to hit that.

No. 919570

Three distinct personalities and all of them related to kingdom fucking hearts.

No. 919571

pt x pixylocks crossover when

No. 919572

File: 1695055173398.jpeg (356.25 KB, 1168x2113, 6109336A-8310-4612-8C7C-CF31A1…)

If you’re in here, please don’t cowtip. It ruins it for everyone.

No. 919573


I’ve know her a long time, think grade school, friends on fb for years, it takes everything in me to not comment on her shit show life. I offered help once a long time ago and I was inundated with messages about panic attacks and being scared. Had to mute messages from her.

No. 919575

So………do we think she actually has some kind of cancer? Would not be a shock if she had HPV related cervical cancer at this point.

No. 919576

>doctor tells her she doesn't have cancer
>"I don't want cancer!"

No. 919580

She has fucking cancer? What the fuck?

No. 919582

From what I’m seeing, the receptionist at her doctor said the word “cancelled” but her retard brain decided to do its mental gymnastics to hear “cancer”.
The only cancer she has is being a cancer to the internet.

No. 919592

wow. she went full retard karen, just for more fb attention

No. 919611

reads like voice-to-text to me

No. 919630

File: 1695152304950.jpeg (389.59 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_3877.jpeg)

What the shit? I had to look up this lunatics antics

No. 919632

is she talking about the "ghost" thats "raping her"

No. 919650

I think she might be talking about her period

No. 919658

Does she think if she declares that she doesn't want it, it'll stop?

Reminds me of Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.

No. 919679

File: 1695217999688.jpeg (204.42 KB, 1290x576, IMG_3880.jpeg)

The baptism/Christian storyline has run out.

No. 919681

>feels "discrimination" as a "gay man"
>God mustn't exist then
Pixie wtf we should be doing active scans of her brain for science. The bizarre leaps she makes kek.

No. 919689

Pretty sure she just wants to feel discriminated against by anybody and everybody up to and including god just so she can validate her identity as a “gay man”.

No. 919702

File: 1695258629968.png (3.39 MB, 2189x1494, 3CFA7BCF-CCFB-4C81-A045-600977…)

New awful images dropped

No. 919708

I admire her consistency

No. 919709

Men poop too.

No. 919711

I’m not familiar with cosplay characters , who is she imitating ?

Regardless it’s so juvenile and out right creepy. If she wants to go around saying she’s a man , the least she could do is not dress up like child like characters and attempt to “be” a man.

It really is such a shame that her family has written her off. Clearly she’s very mentally ill and it needs to be addressed.

No. 919713

Ness from EarthBound, so another video game preteen boy, as is her current M.O.

No. 919730

what's even more fucked up, is that she takes these photos at some sort of schoolyard.

No. 919733

Her obsession with child characters is beyond gross. Continuous cosplays of character that are 14 and younger, and the obsession with youth is starting to border on, well let’s not say.

No. 919734

File: 1695311480344.png (96.7 KB, 261x382, 38F9CDE5-6302-4F6D-9055-4A265B…)

I really hate the fact that she’s picking even younger looking characters, what’s next? Baby mario cosplay?

No. 919744

Her boobs and period trigger her, but she can blast her cellulite covered ham hock thighs all over the internet

No. 919748

File: 1695330466211.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20230921-140324.png)

She changed her IG name.
DID arc sounds about right.

No. 919751

She is so dumb she probably doesnt realize that cellulite is predominately a female trait and that men only get cellulite at extreme obesity sizes. Kek but thats fine. Theres alot she doesnt seem to know, like how she will never be a man.

No. 919762

is she basically good as dead now, or are there any chances she might snap out of it and get better? this is so bleak. i can't think of a "happy ending" for her the way things are

No. 919763

I'm not a fan of her as some ppl here are so honestly I think no. She doesn't want to face herself or take accountability for her own unhappiness. So she'll always be stuck in her escapism ways and be miserable when the world doesn't bend to her delusions.
Like looking back a few years ago when she stopped believing she was Japanese and was somewhat sorting out her life, she proclaimed she actually hated Japan, anime and disneyland and didnt care about them anymore. She never once reflected on why she was so obsessed with being Japanese or an idol , nor admitted she was wrong or delusional because of xyz. All she's done is slowly replaced her delusion with another , teen boys from video games and not being a woman. Its unlikely for her to truly improve and heal because she won't face herself and accept she has been the reason her life hasn't gone the way she wanted it to.
Best (or worse?) case scenario, she gets a group of lgbt friends and she hangs out with them to live a little and enjoy life outside of her head.

No. 919765

File: 1695344528103.jpg (390.17 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20230921-210046_Ins…)

Interesting to get some insight of how she sees herself.
Also, a gofundme for paints? Kek, be for real Sarah

No. 919771

I've never really noticed it before now, but why does Sarah get triggered so badly by being told no? Like she gets so fucking worked up over people either telling her no or shaking their heads no. Like even my 2 year old nephew is grasping and learning to accept being told no, and here she is almost 40 and chimps out when she's told no. Idgi.

No. 919775

this is the closest thing we have to a visual of how she holds her spiritual penis and thrusts

No. 919779

File: 1695357525613.jpeg (45.39 KB, 540x239, IMG_0576.jpeg)

That seatbelt pic gives me Stuart vibes. Truly the only alter she could possibly have is him.

No. 919783

File: 1695358683649.webm (7.91 MB, 576x1024, 4ab8c10d89b5c9ed7159388c2182e3…)

Speech therapy? And more talk about "people editing her voice"

No. 919784

File: 1695358790968.webm (5.27 MB, 576x1024, 14b330bded17cfdb5adde662ccbf8f…)

More sperging

No. 919785

File: 1695358870687.webm (9.6 MB, 576x1024, ebcf6a7e4b2d11f448af5d782fc2c0…)

Last one for now

No. 919786

File: 1695362491016.webm (4.87 MB, 576x1024, d68e3e952e6a26df86eceeb0354010…)

No. 919788

Wow. I haven't checked in on PT in years. I was not expecting this, but I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 919792


I hope that wasn't part of the rocking motion at the end. Also was the lisp that prominent before? Overall, this shit is getting out of hand.

No. 919794

Yeah, I think she was jerking off her invisible stomach penis. Didn't catch it at first but…

No. 919799

Really, you would think that someone with supposedly very strict parents would accept being told “no”.

No. 919802

OMG! She's jacking off her phantom dick at the end!

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