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File: 1693239827907.jpeg (395.08 KB, 1456x2048, 1690707830991.jpeg)

No. 918599

New PT Thread since old thread is about to lock after hitting the posting limit.

PT's tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sora_ashton

Old thread: >>>/pt/804526

Noteable developments:


- Lost a bunch of weight
- Gets into religion and gets baptized
- Got hired at Great American Cookies, but lost the job shortly after.
- Swears hate on Japan and Anime
- Deb tries to kick PT out of the house for refusing to shave her legs
- PT was arrested and charged with injury of elderly, but non serious injury and resisting arrest. She allegedly pushed her father in front of a cop and spent 24 hrs in jail.


- Gained lost weight back
- Comes out as trans
- Shaves her head


- Still Unemployed and gathering credit card debt
- Claims to have a penis inside her/in her stomach?
- Gives herself the name Ashton
- Begins cosplaying/skinwalking Sora
- Claims a ghost is haunting her and doing such things pining her down and getting "sexually aggressive"
- Begins Posting on Tiktok
-Posts tiktoks of her drunk in her car
-Gets into painting and selling her paintings
-Multiple ER trips for minor issues
-Claims gays and drag queens at pride misgendered her and insulted her. Even they don't buy it.
-Starts LARPing
-Sells binder of pokemon cards on ebay and then drives to the buyers house without permission.
-Turns 38 alone
-Begins making cosplay "fanservice" with baby fetish tones

No. 918608

File: 1693260265620.png (129.56 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20230828-180521~2.p…)

Thank you for the thread OP!

More of the same freak outs over being misgendered, I will never understand the rocking thing she keeps talking about. And threatening to hurt people who don't believe she's intersex.

No. 918609

File: 1693260343582.png (77.61 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_20230828-180750~2.p…)

Also she imagined the feeling of a ring on her finger and got upset?

No. 918611

this "I am what I say I am, believe it and don't question it" trend is so disastrous for everyone especially mentally ill people like her. We are watching her lose her mind in real time because she's larping as something she can never become (again) and no one outside her hugbox is giving in to her delusions. Every day she sinks further and further. Idk if she'll wake up from this one.

No. 918612

Does anyone else find the trans thing to be out of left field? like i have nothing against trans people but somehow I wonder if this is related to her traumatic past.(learn to sage)

No. 918613

i would love a video of her rocking and shaking. probably even thrusting. if you just look at her body and how she’s holding her gut clearly man behavior

but seriously.. wtf

No. 918629

That's literally the reason for most ftms; statistically most young females have gotten assaulted at some point and so find safety in trying to align with the oppressor demographic, (while males socialized to fetishize femininity so then you have mtfs and their euphoria boners for wearing thongs in public).
The "I'm not a girl, you won't hurt me", "I'm a smart prince not a stupid sex toy woman" stuff Sarah rambles about non stop is more of that equating femaleness with femininity/being seen as a sex object for males/weakness/being humiliated. She sadly is very mentally stunted, hallucinating rings and forced tattoos and now a penis coming out of her stomach. Clinging to the delusion that makes she think she's not weak and vulnerable is the only sense of control she can get on her life at the moment, as is for so many women in vulnerable positions.

No. 918631

she is either having or claiming to have a lot of somatic hallucinations (this, being raped by ghosts, feeling a penis inside her abdomen)
either way she is seriously fucked up mentally and needs professional help

No. 918641

File: 1693346481073.png (651.04 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20230829-150157.png)

Post from First Friday FB. Was not aware of her discord or IG. Also surprised she used her real name for IG.

No. 918653

Im dying to see what the rocking and thrusting (that she apparently does in polite company because the measure of a man is masturbating in public) looks like, or even just see her explain it coherently, but she seems to just get evasive and euphemistic when people ask about it

No. 918657

I don't think she hallucinates anything, I think she's a chronic attention seeker that's grasping at straws to keep eyes on her. She knows that if she says unhinged shit people will keep paying attention to her. I deffo think the tranny arc is the typical hurt TIF shit but it's generously mixed in with it being the highest value social currency of our time. She's got such obnoxious narc tendencies idk how anyone still roots for her at this stage.

No. 918659


I don’t believe for a second that she’s intersex, there a battery of tests performed to determine it and we all know she can’t afford shit. Nobody forced her to be feminine growing up, she did all that shit on her own, including the vomit-inducting nude series. 100% jumped on the tranny train because it is the popular thing right now and it’ll gain her all the struggle attention she craves.

Separately, I knew/know her irl. She applied for a job with my company and listed me as the person who recommended her (I didn’t, I can’t stand her). Told the hiring manager it would be a mistake to hire her because she can’t show up on time and would be a menace in the office. Here’s wondering if she shows up for an interview.

No. 918667

if she is making this shit up that is also very very crazy

No. 918670

File: 1693413903941.jpeg (60.16 KB, 640x317, IMG_8160.jpeg)

No. 918671

File: 1693413939830.jpeg (27.35 KB, 640x172, IMG_8161.jpeg)

No. 918672

File: 1693413966383.jpeg (110.73 KB, 640x563, IMG_8162.jpeg)

No. 918673

File: 1693413990553.jpeg (72.57 KB, 640x292, IMG_8163.jpeg)

No. 918674

File: 1693414039949.jpeg (35.93 KB, 640x283, IMG_8164.jpeg)

No. 918675

File: 1693414067210.jpeg (25.34 KB, 640x139, IMG_8165.jpeg)

No. 918676


Curious to see how long this spiral lasts and how many post’s she’ll make before someone steps in.

No. 918681

I came here just to post all these screenshots, too! She has a "panic attack" about thinking she's going to die at least once a month on FB now.

No. 918682

lmao i hope no one responds. shes too far gone

No. 918685

File: 1693420426686.jpeg (113.76 KB, 487x640, IMG_8167.jpeg)

No. 918686

File: 1693420491998.jpeg (127.27 KB, 640x565, IMG_8169.jpeg)

No. 918689

Genuinely where does she get the money for this shit after she's constantly boo hooing that she just HAD to use her credit card that she can't pay for? But she can buy cosplays? I try to understand why she thinks her hobbies are a wise investment. Is she STILL waiting to get internet famous? Like does she think she's going to be one of those cosplayers that live off of other people's gimmebucks? I know I'll never understand her but my mind still tries to figure her out kek she's an enigma

No. 918695

File: 1693428029841.jpeg (36.22 KB, 640x178, IMG_8170.jpeg)

No. 918696

File: 1693428050689.jpeg (16.92 KB, 640x137, IMG_8172.jpeg)

No. 918697

File: 1693428071575.jpeg (19.3 KB, 640x184, IMG_8173.jpeg)

No. 918698

File: 1693428102149.jpeg (27.83 KB, 640x173, IMG_8174.jpeg)

No. 918700

"My own home" that she doesn's pay bills, pay for food, pay rent, contribute to, clean, etc… basically just squatting and at almost 40 years old leeches off of her parents. Sad.

No. 918702

Is she even capable of holding down a job? I feel like at her level of mental instability, if she actually got tested and had doctors on her side, she might qualify for disability instead of just complaining she has no money and credit card debt all the time. Also might take some of the stress off her parents. I find it so odd that her family is friends with her on Facebook and sees all these meltdowns and does nothing to intervene. Or maybe she hides these statuses from certain people. I also find it odd that she goes on and on about being a man and wanting surgery, but does absolutely nothing to pursue that goal. No therapy or doctor. Not that I want her to go through with something so life changing, but it's just crazy watching her complain and freak out day after day and not change a single damn thing about her life to try and fix it.(sage your shit)

No. 918709

File: 1693451979007.png (786.38 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_20230830-230846~2.p…)

first thing i see when i open instagram.

No. 918713

File: 1693460966973.png (71.26 KB, 1073x448, Screenshot_20230831-015122~2.p…)

This made me laugh because who the hell is Fran

No. 918714

File: 1693461014956.png (143.49 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20230831-015012~2.p…)

Also this: the word "stuff" is traumatizing?

No. 918715

File: 1693462854292.jpg (60.98 KB, 736x1041, 41f52a339562394e2c2018196e5dde…)

Since she likes final fantasy, she could be talking about Fran from FF12 (see attached image), but no one is retarded enough to compare PT to Fran.

No. 918716

Because if you spoke to her in real life, especially as an assessor for benefits you'd see that she's perfectly capable of holding down a job. Being a brat and choosing to LARP being an unhinged gender special isn't a disability. >>918696
Pretty sure this is about her parents but lol talk a about no concept of long term consequences! If they die, where will she squat?

No. 918721

File: 1693493965598.png (105.33 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20230831-110159~2.p…)

No. 918724

Love this, thanks for posting updates facebook anon. Can't wait to see the "workout lines" tier mental gymnastics she posts

No. 918728

I disagree with people saying this is the reason she became trans because I genuinely don't think she thinks about or notices other people enough to take advantage of that. Look at all her facebook posts just now realizing that discrimination against LGBT people exists and going "durr but that's illegal right??" she is incapable of caring about things that don't have anything to do with her

No. 918729


I fully subscribe to the idea that she did it because that’s what’s in the news right now, people talking about trans people. She’s been a hyper feminine weeb her whole life, and she decides she’s intersex and trans out of the blue. It’s all an attention grab and she has no idea what it means other than being able to bitch about not getting what she wants.

No. 918730

Notice how she keeps her suppose dead name on some of her social media accounts. I mean she can always change her name anytime on Facebook. It’s like she wants to be oppressed and for people to feel sorry for her since the LGBTQ community is usually full of compassionate people where they mean well but they are easily taken advantage of by manipulators like Sarah.

No. 918732


Also she joined the lgbt+ cult because it really is a cult and works in the same way as all cults. You get love and acceptance instantly even from people you don't know but are "like you" or are your "allies". You get to virtue signal your moral superiority when things are going your way and have righteous indignation when someone opposes you. It gives you a purpose and something to contribute to, even if it's very low effort shit. To this day she spams lgbt shit between every post and she still gets a snack handful of likes for it, of course she trooned out.

No. 918733

And the whole intersex thing is because she HAS to be THE MOST male a trans person could possibly be. Just like when she was pretending to be japanese she would shit on other classes of Asian people calling some "mongrels" if I remember right and acted superior because clearly sarah was the most japanese person to ever be japanese. It's a repetitive cycle. She has to be the most everything: the most sexy woman, the best Yuna cosplayer, the best Rukia, to the point of being both irl, now she has to be the best Sora and therefore the best male. If that all makes sense.

No. 918735

God has been having doubts about you, Sarah.
Follower just posts that picture of her in that horrific lycra one-piece from a few months ago.

No. 918774

She keeps her name as Sarah for her family because they won’t “let her” be a man. Basically it’s so she can have a Sarah Facebook where her family can follow that looks normal but as >>918702 described I think she just hides most of her posts from family. I don’t know why she doesn’t just have two accounts or something.

No. 918776

>her(unsaged retard)

No. 918791

(you’re the unsaved retard mod fuck)(another unsaged retard)

No. 918794

File: 1693699349999.jpeg (520.44 KB, 1290x1339, IMG_3807.jpeg)

What fucking diatribe mantra bullshit is this?!

No. 918795

File: 1693699452054.jpeg (128.67 KB, 1290x498, IMG_3808.jpeg)

Because people age and infantilize yourself. The ugly on the inside is coming out, that shitty haircut and colored contacts don’t help.

No. 918796

Pixy I am praying to all gods I know, please post a video of you rocking. I have no idea what she means by "rocking" and I'm absolutely terrified that it's probably as horrible as we all imagine. Is she pretend thrusting??? She does that in public!??

No. 918798


I’ve popped into the bar that she hocks her paintings at. She’s only sold one painting at those events. I’ve never seen her do the thrusting thing at one of them, I’m pretty sure she posted that shit for an attention grab. A friend went to her little booth and walked away saying her shit is way overpriced. $30 for. 5”x7” print when everyone else is charging $10 for an 11”x18”.

No. 918801

Sometimes she’s so pitiful because of the horrible relationships she had that gave her sexual trauma but her mind is so far gone to reason with her . Her threatening self harm to get what she wants (and admitting it) is a one way ticket to being 51-50’d

No. 918802

My thought was that she references the rocking thing so people think she's crazy and won't want to try and get too close or stop her from doing what she wants. Seems like it could be some tactic to put people off maybe?

No. 918806

No, she is saying "i will continue rocking!" Like "you rock!" Or "rocking and rolling". Coming from the saying "rock and roll". I hella over explained but im going with the possibility you are not from america.

No. 918807

Not those anons, but that makes sense…in this one particular context.

In this post >>918608 she says

>>they never see me rock and shake and put my hand to my gut

I’m just going to go with the explanation that she’s completely fucking nuts, and you can’t apply normal logic to anything she says or does.

No. 918809

She's not fucking nuts, she's a spoiled brat pretending to be nuts for asspats and attention. Stop falling for it, you're being played by a retard.

No. 918810

No, she is referring to a rocking, thrusting motion she has mentioned before

No. 918813

Imagine being so confidently wrong and then calling out another anon for not being American kek

No. 918814

Rocking back and forth is a common thing autistic people do, and Sarah definitely has some form of autism.

No. 918817

File: 1693794114420.gif (2.75 MB, 498x498, 1F069C1C-39A9-44D6-A296-249146…)

By the way she constantly talks about auto-stimulation, it makes me think that maybe she’s not autistic but something else.
Idk, most autists don’t even notice what they’re doing until someone tells them to stop or until it’s too late and they’ve been doing the same movements for a few minutes or hours.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the queen was just a munchie that’s too permanently online, and that she probably read some retarded shit like
>girls stim by shaking their hands ugüu
>boys stim by rocking and thrusting ogüo
I just can’t stop feeling like she’s just trying too hard, like she stands anywhere she has to wait for some time to pass like pic related and moves like a fucking cartoon.

No. 918823

File: 1693798033563.png (134.55 KB, 1080x1062, 1680198109302.png)

She is definitely talking about the phantom penis. Lots of examples of her going into more detail about it in the previous thread. I, too, would love to see a video of what she is actually doing in front of people.

No. 918824

I unfortunately think that when she says she’s rocking she’s talking about air humping and thinks that’s a naturally masculine thing because she has a phantom penis even though it’s not a normal thing to do in public regardless of genitalia. It strikes me as kind of a boy discovering his body during puberty type thing though which she is channeling with her teen boy cosplays, so it kind of adds up.

No. 918825

what if the inseam of her pants are stimulating her clit and thats why she's playing it up and saying "clearly im a man (thrusting and rocking) and theres a dick growing near/inside my stomach". wouldnt be a stretch for her to then get extra defensive about how its manly and not femenine at all

No. 918838

She's finally snapped.

No. 918853

My God it's time to have her committed because this is full-blown retarded.

No. 918867

She thinks it's in her stomach though, she's probably felt her cervix while fingering herself and thinks it's the cockhead. She's so far gone holy shit.

No. 918873


I know someone has to be gathering the screenshots to take to a magistrate/judge.

No. 918892

I just…where does she get this absolute bs from? Where is she seeing men behave like this?? Because I’m guessing Sora doesn’t do any of these things in the game, so I wanna know what she’s modeling herself on to get this result.

Her Instagram is weird af, but her writing on there is a lot more coherent and a lot less ranty and weird. I think she’s just putting on an act for her Facebook friends.

No. 918893

she has a history of STDs and infections because of her poor hygiene and sex with disgusting scrotes, so it was speculated when the stomach penis saga began (when she thought it was "growing") that she was feeling some kind of swelling or vaginismus

No. 918895

last thread we also talked about the realistic possibility that she’s taking some kind of OTC “testosterone” so add that to the pile

No. 918896


She’s definitely on that bullshit. I looked up one of the cheapest “testosterone boosters” at Walmart. Side effects of the ingredients include: headaches, shaking, nausea, Damage to blood vessels, dizziness, irritability, allergy, insomnia, and chest pain. This fake shit she’s describing as “taking T” literally explains all of the “illnesses” she whined about having for the past year.

No. 918906

This image made me laugh so much for some reason. All I can see is her doing this in the Winnie the Pooh outfit.

No. 918913

File: 1694091239199.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1179x1841, 7829AB65-34F7-460E-9C8F-395578…)

In which pixy wears an outfit no grown man would be caught dead in to the circus, then reminds us of how straight she is

No. 918917

>noticed I wasn't turned on by the woman dancers and I am a man
Fucking kek

No. 918918


I won’t ever understand why she feels the need to share every stupid fucking thought in her head. Cool, you didn’t sexualize women while they’re at work, you want a fucking medal? No gay man in that town would touch her with a 10 ft pole.

No. 918929

File: 1694106104452.jpeg (121.47 KB, 588x640, IMG_8215.jpeg)

She’s making new friends

No. 918930

File: 1694106300297.jpeg (52.55 KB, 640x324, IMG_8216.jpeg)

This was commented on the post. Sound like she is seeing someone.

No. 918936

>couldn’t ride the elephant
Good, poor animal having to carry fatass fuckers like her.

No. 918937

damn, I didn't know there were still backwater circuses that let you abuse animals for $25

No. 918938

she's really insufferable lately

No. 918939

LARPing sure is becoming important to her. LARPing as a man, LARPing as a toddler, LARPing as a schizo…

No. 918941

Idk, she looks really, genuinely happy there (what are those weird gloves, though??).

And I’m even happy to see she’s making friends! She’s a complete nutcase, but even she can find someone who wants to spend time with her…it’s kinda heartwarming. Probably too much to expect that they’ll have any kind of healthy influence on her, but oh well.

No. 918942

I genuinely hope Pixy meets some spergy "he's just like me frfr" weeb at her larp meet-up and they can pretend to be fictional characters far away from society together

No. 918947

File: 1694125574035.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1179x1943, 15CB7477-3299-48A6-8737-3AB736…)

Hormones in the coffee!!!!!!

No. 918949

she's a PRINCE. I'm about to remove her off at FB at this point because she's so grating.

No. 918952

Isn’t there hormones in everything now?? That’s why zoomers are taller right? Also they call coffee poop juice for a reason Sarah..

No. 918957

She has a point, I hate auto correct too

No. 918962

Is she insinuating that her dad gave her coffee to counterattack her over the counter testosterone gummies?

No. 918966

File: 1694153813954.jpg (549.22 KB, 991x765, no i am sora you will not hurt…)

>couldn't afford to ride the elephant
>huge white bear
Wtf I didn't expect to get angry and sad about animal abuse in a fucking Pixy thread.

She tried to style her hair after Sora I see. She should just stick to that and burn that godawful wig. While she's wearing it she looks like this Rölli character from a Finnish childrens show. Picrel. Also that woman's face in the background while she accidentally spills something is pretty much my face every time PT talks about thrusting and fisting her gut kek.

No. 918967

File: 1694154842708.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2006, 54F9F9F8-8E57-4C74-A71B-97F79C…)

I was getting ready to a-log, but it seems like they don’t actually have a real polar bear, just someone in a polar bear costume. the elephants are unfortunately real, though.

No. 918968

Thank you for relieving my pain a little bit, nonny dear. I do hope those elephants get saved. I'd attach a pic that shows what happens to elephants that people ride but I don't want to make nonas cry.

No. 918980

File: 1694193915863.jpeg (507.93 KB, 1290x1414, IMG_3830.jpeg)

Fellow anons, this crazy bitch needs to be put on a fucking hold.

No. 918985

The ghost is trying to marry her? What?

No. 918987

I know it’s disturbing that she’s so clearly gone off the deep end but these spergouts make me kek so hard I can’t. Between this and the goblins tightening her stockings in the night or whatever I’m crying

No. 918990

Reminds me of Heather Sparkles. Except Heather actually wants to date a ghost kek.

No. 918992

Does she put a bandaid over her vag to prevent rape?

No. 918994

Kek what the fuck does any of this mean let alone the autocorrect part?

No. 919000

No, she wears it around her finger to prevent the ghost from putting a ring on it and marrying her (not that this makes any more sense than a vag bandaid kek)

No. 919002

File: 1694237577784.jpg (887.74 KB, 1037x1801, Screenshot_20230909_003419_Ins…)

How is her parents okay with this?

No. 919007

>hey buddy it’s me
Lmfao her male LARP is beyond comical

No. 919014

She acted like a middle school girl in her 30s, she's still going to be a middle school girl when she's in her 40s as a "man."

Yikes. I remember when people said she looked like a guy back during Pixy's peak on /cgl/ with her Japanese school girl larp. When they heard her voice and saw her move around they recognize that she sounds and acts hyper-feminine. Funny how things come round where she's still trying to be something that she isn't. All she's down is up'd the delusion. I wish ugly woman wouldn't be called manly. They don't look like men, they're just ugly.

No. 919019

At least she voluntarily washes her hair now

No. 919025

File: 1694300455193.jpeg (256.8 KB, 1290x795, IMG_3836.jpeg)

Why do people need to hear about this shit?

No. 919026

File: 1694300534784.jpeg (187.01 KB, 1290x533, IMG_3837.jpeg)


Doing it to herself, keks all around

No. 919087

they arent. they wasted 40 years of their life on a fb sperging retard

No. 919225

File: 1694574868988.jpeg (135.68 KB, 1170x449, IMG_2895.jpeg)

She’s having a meltdown right now

No. 919226

File: 1694576170669.jpeg (788.83 KB, 1179x1664, 80E2032A-8239-467B-AF38-9DE070…)

ITS MAAM moment at the whataburger

No. 919231

This just in - women never wear polo shirts and board shorts.
The fixation on hormones is also really funny and something I more see from right leaning individuals, mostly about soy, but still…

No. 919234

a waste of pretty eyes on an insane woman larping as a man. Her eyes are actually nice though, too bad about everything else

No. 919248


Someone replied in her comments, letting her know she’s not actually on hormones, that you can only get them from a doctor. She larps as a man but doesn’t know anything about transitioning, almost like she’s doing it for attention. The attention seeking never ends

No. 919281

She doesn't know anything about transitioning because she is both not very bright and a schizo. She is as legitimately trans as every other autistic tif

No. 919288

If she isn't on testosterone, then why does she have a moustache? I got some dark peach fuzz on my lip but nowhere near as much as her, it can't be natural

No. 919289

It could be PCOS

No. 919290

File: 1694640663931.jpeg (367.5 KB, 1080x1062, B831202F-0356-49F4-899A-93896C…)

So not only her parents are putting female hormones in her coffee, random burger joints are also putting female hormones in her burgers.
>it tasted like hormonal.
Of course it tasted hormonal, such a normal flavor that can totally be easily identified in a burger specifically, that’s amazing.
She needs a psychiatrist or some shit kek, why is she assuming they’re all after hell to turn her into a woman when she’s 100% truly a man? Why aren’t they putting man hormones to help her? Kek, this is almost depressing to witness. I hope someone records her someday while she asks some poor underpaid worker why are there female hormones in her processed food.

No. 919293

File: 1694645500015.jpeg (231.69 KB, 1290x497, IMG_3848.jpeg)

Who the fuck is this shambling retard going to sue?!

No. 919294

I guess she will sue japanese idols and japan itself for giving her the unattainable dream of becoming a kawaii Japanese idol, why? Because not becoming a Japanese idol made her have to become a tranny.

No. 919295

she is so funny , all of her facebook posts should be compiled into a book

No. 919297

She wants to sue AND she wants to be sued, covering all her bases

No. 919307

if you currently or previously have done hair removal long term (like waxing), you’ve likely damaged those follicles and have inhibited growth or as another nonnie said, she has PCOS.

whataburger is fucking delicious.

No. 919308

File: 1694659991173.jpeg (284.94 KB, 1232x2048, 59F682BA-4DD2-45EB-A36D-E16D07…)

Something bizarre to me is how she actually seems to be getting better w her paints and then her animu shit looks literally exactly like it did when she was 18

Like these hands?!?

No. 919309

5-10% of women have hirsutism, most just wax it but she probably sees her stache as a ~sign she a man~

No. 919313

When she was younger, they were like painted glass. You could tell she was fucked up, but she had these pretty blue eyes. Now they're like hard, unemotive marbles with nothing behind them.

No. 919314

Theres always transcendent poetry in the pixyteri lc thread

No. 919315

>inducing my body is ILLEGAL
Please I need a translation

No. 919330

i don’t mean to simp for pixy but i want the best for her, and i feel like she would seriously thrive in a group home with other people like her

No. 919331

Are you insane? PT plus more PTs would only encourage her negative behavior, she needs adult foster care

No. 919332

I think a lot of us have grown weirdly fond of her over the years and do want the best for her, but I’m not even sure if that would work. Sarah refuses to let herself be happy and constantly pushes everyone away. She has to work on her poisoned soul and get away from her parents (sadly not super possible w the economy and the wage at the only jobs she can get), but I firmly believe she’s not autistic or even that mentally ill, she’s just the most ego-obsessive/anime-sick person I’ve ever seen.

She needs a roommate situation with other people her age. There would be lots of whining and reality checks but she literally needs to be forced to grow up so she snaps out of “I am a 14 year old boy” mode. Being babied in a group home would not do her any good.

No. 919344

File: 1694715621417.png (304.11 KB, 896x689, 1692372434046.png)

There are "testosterone boosters," like ashwagandha extract, you can buy off the shelf, no prescription needed. That's probably what she's taking.

No. 919345

File: 1694716583018.jpg (203.3 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20230914_203402_Fac…)

yeah shes taking some supplements or shit.
its baffling how she has no idea about transitioning. 5 seconds on Google would tell her everything. Im sure she knows people who could actually tell her how it works

No. 919347

File: 1694717872971.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20230914-115908.png)

>37 years young

No. 919348

File: 1694717978037.png (5.83 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1511.png)

Guys she still has the wind chime

No. 919350


Kek , she’s 30-fucking-8.

I I’m a year younger than her but she looks over 10 years older than me.

No. 919352

Jfc she’s insanely obsessed with being young, I know this isn’t new but it’s still kind of crazy to see.

No. 919360

kek. great catch. As if she’d ever get rid of her tie to her Japanese heritiji.

No. 919361

shes been obsessed with youth since her teens or some shit. its common with terminal weebs who cant accept themselves. all those years wasted being something she’ll never be.

No. 919371

Ah, simpler times.

No. 919385

>>919347 canvasses are expensive… Where?? They are cheaper than a fucking hotel stay. You can get massive canvasses from bargain stores where I am. You can probably get them for fuck all on ebay.

No. 919387


i brought this up in the last thread and i’m a bit baffled at being right.
not sure how bumblefuck victoria is but at a bare minimum she’d have to get herself to a planned parenthood and they’d have do some kind of exam before getting her on HRT.
i understand no cowtipping but jfc somebody needs to get her in the right direction before she really does irreparable damage.

No. 919389

planned parenthood was mentioned on the same post. sounded like she didnt even know it existed.

No. 919391

File: 1694798120310.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x4411, Screenshot_20230915-121459_Fac…)

No one better offer her a ride to Houston. Loving that if she actually really did care about trying to transition she would be busting her ass to get her car fixed so she can take the trip to Houston to start her transition but like everything in her life she gives up the moment it isn't handed to her on a silver platter

No. 919393

tinfoiling, leaning in to the PCOS theories floating around at the mention of needing to wear pads to feel 'clean and safe', maybe she has prolonged episodes of bleeding or unpredictable cycle that she finds distressing, and because her brain is mashed potato this is why she must urgently become a man. that could be off since i'm sure she would discuss medical issues like that in revolting detail at every opportunity

No. 919394


Even planned parenthood requires a letter from a shrink or a LPC. With her brain looking like Swiss Cheese, I don’t think planned parenthood would write the Rx. They pull medical records, and they’ll find a plethora of unexplained hospital visits and hypochondriac behavior. Her inability to stick with something will be her downfall if some doctor actually writes her a prescription. That shit is weekly, for life.. she’s scared of tattoos, what makes her think she’ll be able to stick a needle in her thigh every 7 days. All the supplies are relatively inexpensive, but she literally has zero money for the testosterone and all the syringes, needles, band-aids, alcohol wipes, etc.

I don’t want to cowtip, but I’d enjoy seeing the discord fawning over her troon insanity.

No. 919399

pretty sure she could go to corpus christi which is like…. right there compared to houston.
$5 walmart testosterone boosters probably aren’t helping and god knows what other stis.
i wonder how much of her swiss cheese brain is a result of other untreated shit

No. 919400

>i wonder how much of her swiss cheese brain is a result of other untreated shit
I wonder if PT has untreated syphilis that is causing her to go even more insane, although it would have probably been caught during one her weekly ER trips. PT Napoleon era

No. 919408

I think syphilis has to be specifically tested for, I believe it's a blood test vs the typical swab you get at the gyno to test for STDs but someone correct me if I'm wrong

No. 919410

Tertiary syphilis does require a blood test to diagnose, but I'm surprised one wouldn't be ordered if Pixy went to the ER complaining about vaginal irritation. Assuming that's actually what she told the doctors, and not "It hurts! Itai… I don't want to die". They probably took one look at her and told her to take fucking shower if she's itchy. Tertiary syphilis also presents with sores and a rash, so it possible, but primarily a tinfoil. Maybe if she dragged her ass to Planned Parenthood they would also give her a full STD blood panel

No. 919417

An acquaintance messaged her on discord and asked if she had an actual diagnosis for intersex. She said no, but she knows her “bodily symptoms and motions.”

No. 919420

Imagine the descriptions of her symptoms
>feeling of a phantom penis in stomach
>the feeling of a phantom ring on the fingers
>distinct hormonal flavor in foods

No. 919432

How do you know this?

No. 919441

File: 1694873618316.jpeg (382.85 KB, 1290x1513, IMG_3853.jpeg)


Have a fb friend who lurks here, but is too chickenshit to post. I think they went to school together.

No. 919448

File: 1694881069317.png (654 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20230915-232554.png)

She got excited about having one her paintings placing not long ago. Now she's complaining it didn't win a cash prize.

No. 919454


No. 919462

Poor baby is going to starve. While living at her parents house rent free. My heart goes out to her.

No. 919464

Delete the image or you’re going to lose your friend as a source nony(learn to sage)

No. 919466

>they gave me chick fil a cards
>I'm poor I'm going to starve
kek'd more than I probably should've

No. 919547

File: 1694999375540.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1179x1842, 0D962AFE-121F-4C0B-93E3-939C99…)

DID ARC INCOMING?!? truly she is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 919555

"I will be my own husbando"

No. 919560

DID saga?
She wouldn't be the first weebo who decided to troon out because they feel ugly.

No. 919561

File: 1695010048868.jpg (91.93 KB, 1287x459, 1693481126698.jpg)

I have to include this gem of a take from one of our own

No. 919566

File: 1695031072971.jpg (339.01 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20230918_120047_Gal…)

Wanting to become her own husbando
Obvious af
Absolute refusal to get her life together
Daily if not hourly seething on social media
Formerly towards japanese women and redheads, currently towards younger and attractive people
Selfish and alone as ever
Mostly separate instances of grandeur, but you could say her social presence as a whole is one big demonstration of pride and morbid lack of shame.

Perhaps she never was sacred… but instead something much more sinister…

No. 919567


She wasn’t completely awful looking as a woman but the tranny part of this story is ugly as fuck.. what the Fuck is that haircut, look like a toddler’s hair cut, the lady mustache, the wearing cosplay as men’s clothes. I don’t think anybody would want to hit that.

No. 919570

Three distinct personalities and all of them related to kingdom fucking hearts.

No. 919571

pt x pixylocks crossover when

No. 919572

File: 1695055173398.jpeg (356.25 KB, 1168x2113, 6109336A-8310-4612-8C7C-CF31A1…)

If you’re in here, please don’t cowtip. It ruins it for everyone.

No. 919573


I’ve know her a long time, think grade school, friends on fb for years, it takes everything in me to not comment on her shit show life. I offered help once a long time ago and I was inundated with messages about panic attacks and being scared. Had to mute messages from her.

No. 919575

So………do we think she actually has some kind of cancer? Would not be a shock if she had HPV related cervical cancer at this point.

No. 919576

>doctor tells her she doesn't have cancer
>"I don't want cancer!"

No. 919580

She has fucking cancer? What the fuck?

No. 919582

From what I’m seeing, the receptionist at her doctor said the word “cancelled” but her retard brain decided to do its mental gymnastics to hear “cancer”.
The only cancer she has is being a cancer to the internet.

No. 919592

wow. she went full retard karen, just for more fb attention

No. 919611

reads like voice-to-text to me

No. 919630

File: 1695152304950.jpeg (389.59 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_3877.jpeg)

What the shit? I had to look up this lunatics antics

No. 919632

is she talking about the "ghost" thats "raping her"

No. 919650

I think she might be talking about her period

No. 919658

Does she think if she declares that she doesn't want it, it'll stop?

Reminds me of Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.

No. 919679

File: 1695217999688.jpeg (204.42 KB, 1290x576, IMG_3880.jpeg)

The baptism/Christian storyline has run out.

No. 919681

>feels "discrimination" as a "gay man"
>God mustn't exist then
Pixie wtf we should be doing active scans of her brain for science. The bizarre leaps she makes kek.

No. 919689

Pretty sure she just wants to feel discriminated against by anybody and everybody up to and including god just so she can validate her identity as a “gay man”.

No. 919702

File: 1695258629968.png (3.39 MB, 2189x1494, 3CFA7BCF-CCFB-4C81-A045-600977…)

New awful images dropped

No. 919708

I admire her consistency

No. 919709

Men poop too.

No. 919711

I’m not familiar with cosplay characters , who is she imitating ?

Regardless it’s so juvenile and out right creepy. If she wants to go around saying she’s a man , the least she could do is not dress up like child like characters and attempt to “be” a man.

It really is such a shame that her family has written her off. Clearly she’s very mentally ill and it needs to be addressed.

No. 919713

Ness from EarthBound, so another video game preteen boy, as is her current M.O.

No. 919730

what's even more fucked up, is that she takes these photos at some sort of schoolyard.

No. 919733

Her obsession with child characters is beyond gross. Continuous cosplays of character that are 14 and younger, and the obsession with youth is starting to border on, well let’s not say.

No. 919734

File: 1695311480344.png (96.7 KB, 261x382, 38F9CDE5-6302-4F6D-9055-4A265B…)

I really hate the fact that she’s picking even younger looking characters, what’s next? Baby mario cosplay?

No. 919744

Her boobs and period trigger her, but she can blast her cellulite covered ham hock thighs all over the internet

No. 919748

File: 1695330466211.png (2.14 MB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20230921-140324.png)

She changed her IG name.
DID arc sounds about right.

No. 919751

She is so dumb she probably doesnt realize that cellulite is predominately a female trait and that men only get cellulite at extreme obesity sizes. Kek but thats fine. Theres alot she doesnt seem to know, like how she will never be a man.

No. 919762

is she basically good as dead now, or are there any chances she might snap out of it and get better? this is so bleak. i can't think of a "happy ending" for her the way things are

No. 919763

I'm not a fan of her as some ppl here are so honestly I think no. She doesn't want to face herself or take accountability for her own unhappiness. So she'll always be stuck in her escapism ways and be miserable when the world doesn't bend to her delusions.
Like looking back a few years ago when she stopped believing she was Japanese and was somewhat sorting out her life, she proclaimed she actually hated Japan, anime and disneyland and didnt care about them anymore. She never once reflected on why she was so obsessed with being Japanese or an idol , nor admitted she was wrong or delusional because of xyz. All she's done is slowly replaced her delusion with another , teen boys from video games and not being a woman. Its unlikely for her to truly improve and heal because she won't face herself and accept she has been the reason her life hasn't gone the way she wanted it to.
Best (or worse?) case scenario, she gets a group of lgbt friends and she hangs out with them to live a little and enjoy life outside of her head.

No. 919765

File: 1695344528103.jpg (390.17 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20230921-210046_Ins…)

Interesting to get some insight of how she sees herself.
Also, a gofundme for paints? Kek, be for real Sarah

No. 919771

I've never really noticed it before now, but why does Sarah get triggered so badly by being told no? Like she gets so fucking worked up over people either telling her no or shaking their heads no. Like even my 2 year old nephew is grasping and learning to accept being told no, and here she is almost 40 and chimps out when she's told no. Idgi.

No. 919775

this is the closest thing we have to a visual of how she holds her spiritual penis and thrusts

No. 919779

File: 1695357525613.jpeg (45.39 KB, 540x239, IMG_0576.jpeg)

That seatbelt pic gives me Stuart vibes. Truly the only alter she could possibly have is him.

No. 919783

File: 1695358683649.webm (7.91 MB, 576x1024, 4ab8c10d89b5c9ed7159388c2182e3…)

Speech therapy? And more talk about "people editing her voice"

No. 919784

File: 1695358790968.webm (5.27 MB, 576x1024, 14b330bded17cfdb5adde662ccbf8f…)

More sperging

No. 919785

File: 1695358870687.webm (9.6 MB, 576x1024, ebcf6a7e4b2d11f448af5d782fc2c0…)

Last one for now

No. 919786

File: 1695362491016.webm (4.87 MB, 576x1024, d68e3e952e6a26df86eceeb0354010…)

No. 919788

Wow. I haven't checked in on PT in years. I was not expecting this, but I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 919792


I hope that wasn't part of the rocking motion at the end. Also was the lisp that prominent before? Overall, this shit is getting out of hand.

No. 919794

Yeah, I think she was jerking off her invisible stomach penis. Didn't catch it at first but…

No. 919799

Really, you would think that someone with supposedly very strict parents would accept being told “no”.

No. 919802

OMG! She's jacking off her phantom dick at the end!

No. 919803

>Also was the lisp that prominent before?
Anon, didn't you know she is a GAY man?

No. 919809

Who takes pictures for pt? Tripod? I wonder about this sometimes

No. 919810

Little did anon know what was to soon befall us.. >>919786

No. 919814

File: 1695413633122.jpeg (208.29 KB, 1290x568, IMG_3894.jpeg)

Out it could be the fake testosterone you’re taking, side effects include itching and rashes…

No. 919819


No. 919824

clobetasol is gonna do fuck all for an overgrown womenchild who doesnt take showers and is stupid to realize her stupid fake testosterone is causing her problems. hopfully it isnt killing her kidneys or something

No. 919843

welp, in the preceding video she vowed to "prove" that she's a man "with the way my body works and the way I move", so i guess this is a part of that new campaign

No. 919847

I have no words.
Psoriatic arthritis arc incoming if she's not poisoning herself with Walmart testosterone supplements kek.

No. 919848

The eye contact with the robot hand movements killed me. This is kino.

No. 919855

File: 1695506588537.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20230923-145637.png)

No. 919857

>my cat misgendered me
she's totally lost the plot. she probably just is bothering the cat when shes trying to sleep or something.

No. 919858

File: 1695508603782.jpg (329.16 KB, 1440x1086, Screenshot_20230923_173549.jpg)

Walmart saga soon. How long will she last before she gets fired from this one?

No. 919863

This is gonna be like the Target saga. Why couldn’t she just do DoorDash so she doesn’t have to deal with people too much and she can work on her own time?

No. 919864

>why can’t they just honor me

No. 919866

File: 1695517309266.png (901.51 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20230923-145529.png)

No. 919867

She's gonna get 'misgendered' on day 1.

No. 919868

Tbh she wouldn’t need to worry about starving for at least a few months, so that’s enough time for her to gather some pennies for her burgers. I can’t help but think that they’re just asking for her to stop snacking all day long or something like that.

No. 919879

I'm sure that earthbound cosplay could have gotten her a few whattaburger meals. Or she could… EAT AT HOME where her leech ass exists for free.

No. 919880

Yeah, cats will typically go to you when they're ready. You can't just grab them for fucking tiktoks. Maybe next she could cosplay Lennie from Of Mice and Men, since she's a retard who doesn't know how to handle small animals.

No. 919881

Maybe she was grabbing at it and the cat turned around and called her "MISSSSSSSSSS"

No. 919886

Kek god bless you anon, thank you for the laugh.

No. 919898

File: 1695619492023.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20230925-012357.png)

'Brainwashing' is right.

No. 919902

why do i genuinely suspect "YES I AM" and "i do have a choice" are directed at the ghost

No. 919905

even autocorrect is targeting her, lol

some of the blacked out stuff but i couldn't make it all out:
>I hate my ? name or Guilbeaux
>I've never done anything wrong my whole life my ? (LOL)
>Aroma (WHAT!?)
>? of penis ?
>? hand

No. 919917

>why can't they just honor me
Fucking kek she sounds like she wants to be an old Chinese man

No. 919918


ashton egg with the egg crossed out gave me a good laugh

No. 919923

File: 1695666405728.jpg (610.78 KB, 1080x1762, MTXX_MH20230925_094519211.jpg)

thanks nonnie! I tried to do some editting to see it more clearly but I cant get rid of the darker stuff.
I wonder what she wrote about her "penis"

No. 919924

Bottom right looks like “ive never wrong my whole life (“except ____”). She really doesn’t have the capacity to learn, and she’s approaching 40. Jesuschrist.

No. 919933

First off, is she trying to imitate the insane tranny moid Hunter whatever? Second, aroma? Maybe she’s trying to say she hates her “female aroma”?
In this one, in the part where she’s talking about how she has never done anything wrong in her life, it seems like she’s mentioning her family, so she thinks she’s never done anything wrong her entire life, specially not to her family?

No. 919941

File: 1695692870255.webm (9.03 MB, 576x1024, 33a0bfced16ce64058119adbd93aeb…)

>Ashton Rex
So, I remember that a little while back there was some discussion about whether or not her "rex" was her stomach penis. Using context clues, it certainly seemed as if Rex could be her imaginary stomach penis' name.
I saved this tiktok a few weeks ago, but it leads me to think that Rex is indeed the name of her stomach penis (god, typing that out so many times is just…)
>"How would they even know about my Rexy?? They don't know about my Rexy!"
Anyway, since Ashton Rex is one of the names she starred, there's a decent chance her new artist name will be Ashton Imaginary Stomach Penis. That is all.

No. 919950

I wonder how her interview went and if she wore cosplay to it.

No. 919952

KEK this is beautiful

No. 919959

File: 1695745449915.jpeg (76.3 KB, 640x415, IMG_8357.jpeg)

No. 919966



>..not a morning person

in what world is that early?

No. 919972

Why is every freakin fake boi named Ashton?!

No. 919973

$14 in texas is so crazy underpaid, but I suppose it is PT. We'll see how long she lasts.

No. 919975

To be fair her middle name is Ashley and she just made it the masculine version

No. 920032

File: 1695884542350.jpg (404.78 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20230928-030103_Ins…)

I know very little about art, but $200 for a painting from an amateur nobody artist insane, right?

No. 920036

Kek this is the most rorschach shit Ive ever seen.
Biowoman rendered damsel to pregnant robot, giant phallic structure in bg, etc. I think this every time I'm in this thread but what could she possibly MEAN?

No. 920037

also just to add, if the art is very good you can generally charge what you want. There are "standard prices" but not like in any other field, with amateur art you really can just set a price and wait it out.
I think PT actually could sell this for 500 to the right rich schizo, and be lucky to even get 50 from normies

No. 920042

im very suspicious of her claim it costs $40 to mail her schizo paintings. if her painting can fit in a USPS priority mail box its way cheaper. shes overpricing her art and shipping

No. 920055

$200 isn't that much depending on the size of the painting. if you think about it by time spent at $20 an hour that's 10 hours of work, not even counting supply costs. so it's not an insane price even if an artist isn't "known." I would expect to see a larger piece (like 20x20) at an art fair or farmers market for that much.

doesn't mean it will sell, but $200 for a painting is reasonable in some cases. not sure about here, though. $40 for shipping makes me think it's a big piece because otherwise that's insane.

No. 920061

If she had a brain, she could understand that sometimes you have to lower your prices, and also, the importance of themes.
Like, have you ever visited any regular normie friend of yours and seen in their houses paintings of pregnant robots?
At least the surrealist frogs could sell for 200$ or the portraits of random artists even, but more surreal shit with randomized themes should be sold for less unless you notice a clear interest from a client that really really loves a painting you made, then she could aspire to sell her pregnant robot boyfriend painting for 200$.

No. 920110

File: 1696012381496.jpeg (416.59 KB, 1179x1124, 989C9430-00EB-4BB7-9D67-288D6D…)


No. 920112

Poor thing. She needs to drink some cranberry juice and talk to a professional. It's not going to fix anything but it'll help.

No. 920113

She wishes to die but whines and begs not to die. Confused retard.

No. 920127

All that fucking itching is coming from the “testosterone “ she’s taking. The #1 side effect is itching and rash. This retard makes my brain hurt.

No. 920183

File: 1696130827957.png (267.82 KB, 1080x892, Screenshot_20230930-161933.png)

No. 920193

File: 1696154972673.jpeg (344.69 KB, 1290x921, IMG_3918.jpeg)

If she doesn’t want to be old, there’s a solution for that.

No. 920200

whats the rest of the post say? i wanna see the sperg about the STD….

No. 920201

Well at least she’ll prob have rendered herself totally infertile by having untreated STD(s), that should make her happy, right? Also god ew the odor…

No. 920203

File: 1696176038571.jpeg (93.97 KB, 640x488, IMG_8400.jpeg)

No. 920207

Really sad how in the same post she tells what her problem is (being an aging woman) and then denies she's a woman at all.

No. 920218

File: 1696191533390.png (357.07 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20231001-131818.png)

No. 920223

I'm surprised she hasn't changed her fb name

No. 920226

Did the obsession with youth stem from anime or have any other reasons been given?

No. 920227

she has to be mentally retarded. She acts like a child

No. 920228

I’m confused on how she could have an STD since she posts constant incel statuses about how she hasn’t had sex in a decade… unless it’s been brewing that long.

No. 920230

File: 1696201714215.png (196.56 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20230930-161927~2.p…)

The replies. She doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

No. 920231

File: 1696201782259.png (196.49 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20231001-160936.png)

No. 920235

>and someone said something online that upset me.
Kek, what could it have been? But also
>Sighs why is life always pain. I hate this
Being terminally online should be a valid reason to put people in psychiatric hospitals.

No. 920236


Yeah I don't get that either. She has multiple posts bitching about people misgendering her yet it's a simple fix to change her name on Facebook. She complains just to complain.

No. 920249

This just further proves that she has undianosed autism.

No. 920259

Tbh, it’s not like either an early or late autism diagnosis would’ve done anything to help her. She surely would’ve been like “I don’t have AUTISM!!!”.

No. 920269

File: 1696273415159.jpeg (338.95 KB, 1290x950, IMG_3921.jpeg)

I promise, nobody is looking at her obviously fake “bulge.” She looks and sounds like a girl with a horrible mustache that needs waxing.

No. 920271

File: 1696276903327.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3024x4032, 3B5803E5-C6AA-46D4-9327-CAA6E2…)

I guess that if you see someone with pic related level of bulge, you will assume that that person is either a moid or a retarded woman that will chimp out if you don’t refer to her as a sir.

No. 920279

File: 1696287566636.jpeg (208.96 KB, 1179x487, 39898502-4803-49AA-A936-D9904E…)

My sister in Christ, this did not “happen” to you, you literally assaulted someone and then surprised pikachued at the results

No. 920283

everyone looks at the confused retard dressing like a boy and she wonders why she gets stares

No. 920328

File: 1696403559200.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20231004-001130.png)

No. 920329

She’s really going to project onto every teen/shota anime boy now.

No. 920340

Literally who is asking her to be any of these characters. No one cares about her enough to suggest it.

No. 920341

File: 1696434509438.jpeg (63.19 KB, 640x290, IMG_8408.jpeg)

No. 920342


Ah, so she was forced to do all that shitty Yuna and Tifa cosplay that she was super proud of? Uh-huh… she’s so full of shit.

No. 920345

this is literally the internal monologue of a fucking six year old when their parent isn't paying attention to them because they're doing the dishes or something lol. i just cannot believe a 40 year old woman would post something like this publically

No. 920347


Was talking on reddit with someone who Pixy was basically nonstop using as a therapist. When they said Sarah might have NPD because she told them she was writing kiddyporn "to cope with everything that happened" and she felt no remorse or guilt for it, she flipped shit and blocked them. It's funny that she complains no one pays attention to her, yet the person that did got blocked the second they did more than suck her ass

No. 920350

Good info, Anon. Back when the other site was run by a cgl cow, it was shut down because said cow got spooked by fake cp allegations. It was believed because Sarah is a freak. We all want the best for her but that’s out guilt. Sarah is a selfish entitled person. She is pretty fucked up too. Anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass, validated her and walk on eggshells will be blocked. She easily uses people and judges people harshly. She cannnot compete with women she’s jealous of so she’s on her male larp.

No. 920352


I knew/know her irl, and have been used as a therapist. I got with another friend to get her into housing and a therapist, and a bunch of other shit. She lost her mind because neither of us would hold her hand through going to a shrink and the interviews for assistance (we have jobs on rotating schedules, fuck me if I have to work). She accused us of being selfish assholes and blocked the both of us. Watching her spiral into troon larping has been a gift that keeps on giving, no recognition in girl world so she goes to where she’ll get attention positive or negative. Textbook NPD.

No. 920355

Kek. Remember the go fund me stuff for Sarah to go to Japan organized by cgl? She finally ended it because anons told her she had to use it for her Japan trip and she was angry should couldn’t buy junk food with the money or stupid kawaii garbage. I wish I could read about her saying she deserves to treat herself. Same bullshit different gender. Helping Sarah has been attempted by several anons, her former sister in law etc. some people never wonder why neither of her brothers are even mentioned by her? I think one of them suggested Debbie throw her out. She is truly a lost cause who goes out of her way to fail.

No. 920358

Yes, exactly. I know at the time ppl made fun of that admin but Sarah is and always has done this type of shit. I remember when she was a substitute teacher and was fired for "dressing inappropriately" around the kids. And that's just what Sarah posted herself, god knows what really happened

No. 920363

Jfc how has she not had the FBI at her house at this point? It's been well over a decade of this bullshit, you'd think SOMEONE would report it, right? Kek weird bitch

No. 920366

What did she say she went through?

No. 920370


Kek. She's alluded to her father molesting her, she even posted about it online. I wouldn't be surprised if someone prints it and sends it to Debbie. That shit is defamation, might actually force her to leave if she doesn't want to be sued.

No. 920379

Please pretty please can you try to get screncaps from that person? I want to believe but not without proof. It would be so juicy of you could, and if they've been blocked already is not like she's going to suddenly change her mind, unblock them, and then gets pissed.

No. 920386

File: 1696467553300.jpg (404.61 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20231004_121520_Fac…)


Its hard to tell if she's saying her father molested her, she's blaming her for father for not protecting her when she was molested, or if she's just using extreme language to get attention.

No. 920392

At this point idk, I just don’t trust her, for how long has she been insane? Maybe it was the ghost that molested her, maybe the ghost is the memory of one of her brothers molesting her, maybe it was something entirely different. It’s hard to know what’s true, what’s a delusion and what’s a lie with her. She just needs psychiatric help.

No. 920401

By "writing kiddyporn" I assume she was writing kingdom hearts shota fanfics? Id be so curious to see what her fanfics look like considering she has a college degree in English but has since become borderline incoherent

No. 920417

File: 1696539514423.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2436x1282, IMG_4461.jpeg)

begging for money and then posting about new cosplay accessories in literal minutes?

No. 920419

File: 1696541869235.jpeg (927.68 KB, 620x2132, F109204B-4532-42D2-B742-FF2514…)

NTAYRT but is it really so hard to believe she writes shota fic, considering she does fan service of “Primary School Sora”?

No. 920420

she seriously wrote this? wow shes an insufferable cunt.

No. 920421

I don’t interpret this as her saying her father molested her. She’s saying that she cannot be “the bad guy” because she’s allegedly been “traumatized and molested and harmed”.

She wants revenge and to punish her parents for letting her get “traumatized and molested and harmed” and ESPECIALLY because of something that happened to her as a child, although she doesn’t specify if the thing that happened was molestation.

No. 920426

Lolcows like her and Stephanie cianfraligia (womb wizard) make me so scared of having children holy shit. Imagine giving birth to a mentally retarded child that grows up to be an ungrateful 40 yo freeloader? I feel so bad for pixy's parents.

No. 920441

I thought she said she had the job? Now she's waiting for them to call her back?(learn to sage)

No. 920444

When I was friends with Pixy(online) she mentioned once that her mom use to put baby powder in her vagina because it stank. And that her mom was an abuser.

No. 920453

File: 1696577724890.jpg (865.66 KB, 1080x3331, Screenshot_20230930_220455_Mes…)

1/4 I got them to send them to me, but they asked me not to post them on here so I have a feeling Ill get blocked after this

No. 920454

File: 1696577800899.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x3324, Screenshot_20230930_220503_Mes…)


No. 920455

File: 1696577899578.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x4236, Screenshot_20230930_220511_Mes…)

3 actually that was the last one I just can't count

No. 920460

She used to use the same justifications and post Little Twin Stars (yes the Sanrio child characters) drawn hentai or whatever on her livejournal. So even though she isn't outright stating what she's writing I believe it's exactly what is assumed

No. 920463


If she's posting warnings, that means she's posting her fanfic online somewhere…

No. 920466

File: 1696600119221.png (462.62 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231006-094645.png)


Samefag, didn't take long to find, but haven't had time to read. Looks like there are diary-type writings about this shit.


No. 920467

it’s not letting me post, but I went through the Sora (Kingdom Hearts) tag with the Underage warning on… look up user Rice_Krispie. Maybe some other nona can post the screenshot of their profile?

> Another quick drabble I’m really depressed. Lonely. And tired of being ignored.

This sounds like her? Kek. The author is tired of being ignored… Hmm, where have we heard that before?

No. 920468

It definitely is her. in the fic lonely heart she's posted, she references not being kissed for 8 years, which links up with what she's saying here >>920455

How depressing.

No. 920474

> Why did my family and bullies and trolls and horrible people take away 31 years of my life from me and make me into something I never wanted to be?
Once again , taking no responsibility for anything that happened to her . As if she didn’t choose to be obsessed with Japan, anime and idol culture. She ruined any good relationships and opportunities to chase impossible dreams. Even when people tried to help her , she sabotaged over and over again.

No. 920476


Read one, and nearly barfed. It's just like her facebook attention seeking rants, but in a longer form. FFS

No. 920477

>hashtag Please Don't Hate Me
definitely her

No. 920489

File: 1696637153959.jpg (910.94 KB, 1440x2520, Screenshot_20231006_190519.jpg)

Lmao why does she hump her chair

No. 920492

She's so lucky to never have heard Sam Smith

No. 920497

>love is love
>earth is overpopulated, why do humans need to reproduce
>implying that if she, a female LARPing as a gay man, and a man had sex there wouldn’t be the risk of pregnancy

No. 920500

File: 1696649254236.jpeg (424.52 KB, 828x1880, IMG_3222.jpeg)

These are so disturbing

No. 920501

File: 1696649302702.jpeg (409.25 KB, 1587x1080, IMG_3219.jpeg)

No. 920503

How do you even begin to help someone like this…

No. 920504

You don't

No. 920507

5150, after that there's little that can be done for her

No. 920510

Ultra KEK, I wonder though, do you think we could find more accounts of hers if we copied and pasted some lines of her rants? Something tells me that all she does is grab the larger rant she posts on archive of our own (of all places) and reduces them to shorter sentences for Facebook. Maybe she has a Wattpad too or even a DeviantArt.

No. 920516

File: 1696698116864.png (564.57 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20231007-100111.png)

No. 920517

my heart kinda breaks for her honestly

No. 920518

File: 1696699902620.jpeg (231.39 KB, 720x872, IMG_3225.jpeg)

Remember she’s posting these rants in between her shota rape fantasies

No. 920519

“ I could have been famous.” Oh, Sarah…

No. 920522


Genuinely, like what the fuck is wrong with him, it's sick.

From all he's said, it's pretty clear he's trans, and really suffering in Texas, but it's also a matter of, like… you can't just decide at nearly 40 that it's okay for you to write child rape fics… no wonder he's worried about going to jail. Fucking gross

No. 920523

> “he” is “trans”
That’s a mentally ill woman. A bull can’t be a cow no matter how he behaves, a female human can’t be a male just because she has self esteem issues and troubles navigating society as a woman, that’s literally the default within a patriarchy. She wasn’t “born in the wrong body”, she’s a healthy female like any other female mammal. Go back.

No. 920524

>“I’m forced to itch in misery”
I would feel worse if she hasn’t been thinking she was old and that her life was over since she was like 20. She’s mad she doesn’t look like she wants to, and she’s always been mad about pretty much only that even since she was young. But every time, it’s something different. Years ago she was sad she wasn’t Japanese, then she was sad she wasn’t a young hot woman when she gave up on her delusions about being Japanese, and she was sad about being fat and old when she was 30, and now she’s sad about not being a young anime boy. At no point did she do anything to try to look better aside from a time when she lost a lot of weight a few years ago. Now she’s blaming everyone but herself. It’s her parents’ fault even though they let her live for free in their house. It’s our (the internet’s) fault even though no one asked for her to cosplay lolis and write shota fic. All she had to do was get offline/stop talking to internet people and take any one of her jobs seriously and she would be lost to time as far as the internet us concerned. At this point she’s just hoping for some magical shooting star to grant her wish and take her back to her childhood which is pathetic and at her age she knows better.

No. 920525

Friend, pal, buddy, the fucking queen isn’t a tranny, she’s retarded and using being a tranny as another crutch to justify her failure as a person. Trannies aren’t real btw, just a social illness that makes lonely people pretend to want to be the other sex for the sake of being part of any community.

No. 920527

I can’t believe she hasn’t tried to kill herself based on how she writes about being old. You would think that someone that has hated being alive since her 20’s would’ve done it before hitting the mid 20’s mark, which is when people love to start telling women that the time’s ticking and that we should better get married and have children or else we will never be loved by anyone ever.

No. 920528

She is still on probation…..so I wonder how this unhinged online shit would affect that if officials were to find out about it? Does she have an actual probation officer that she has to check in with?

No. 920530

If it’s pretty clear to you that she’s trans it must also have been pretty clear to you that she’s a Japanese princess, since you buy into her identity crises. It’s the same shit with a new angle, she couldn’t be the Japanese idols she was obsessed with so now she's losing her shit over being a “man” (let’s face it, she wants to be a little boy) like Sora and her other shota fantasies

No. 920534

She's too vain to kill herself. Have you not seen her tiktoks? All she does is complain while she eye fucks herself. People like her don't kill themselves because if they're dead, how will they ever get attention?

No. 920535

Probation officers don’t really do anything beyond making sure you do your community service/drug test you. They aren’t going to probe about your private life or do a psych evaluation unless you volunteer that information (or I guess if someone volunteered it to them but I hope no one is planning to do that)

No. 920536

File: 1696710033509.jpeg (45.18 KB, 640x302, IMG_8431.jpeg)

She finally changed her name on fb

No. 920538

File: 1696710581346.jpeg (717.17 KB, 750x1125, 44E5F763-2D8B-4A8F-B1F2-F43A0B…)

Sage for not milk, but…this photo is terrifying.

No. 920540

I legit gaffawed. What the everloving fuck in a truck is this? How has she not been screened for schizophrenia?

No. 920541

Her skin looks so dirty, she's gaining weight, she's not shaving her fuzz stache , and the contacts make her look insane.

No. 920544

I love how she still looks like a woman instead of looking like the dirty moid she wants to look like. It’s just so funny, at least some aidens can look like moids with little to no photoshop (just don’t look at them next to real moids and normal women, it will be obvious that the aidens are women too) PT is like the white and woman version of Terry Hall.

No. 920549

File: 1696719263148.png (68.46 KB, 300x300, Chocobo.png)

I think she's cute. Like a chocobo.

But I'm actually super scared for her, because this kind of thing tends to worsen with age? Her parents were not fit to raise a special needs child, and they won't be around forever to mitigate the results of that fact.

No. 920550


You CAN hate on Pixy without being transphobic, you know(retarded newfag)

No. 920551

I know you’re new because bait would still sage.

No. 920552

File: 1696722437255.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, C4A0BE81-2E10-49A3-9AE4-8254E4…)

No. 920553

File: 1696723229270.gif (262.65 KB, 220x91, A07053B7-AC94-43EB-ABCA-FBB2F1…)

No. 920558

He? This is a girl you retard

No. 920574

The constant talk of internal burning and itching is everywhere. PT knows she's a man because of the daily burning, her fanfic characters are constantly itching and burning, she always thinks she's going to die because of unspecified burning. Does Pixy just have a raging infection?

No. 920576

File: 1696735879969.png (10.72 KB, 1469x59, if this isn't a videogame refe…)

So is there a part of Earthbound or Kingdom Hearts where someone's yanked dramatically under a bed, or is this copied from some child abuse memoir she might've read at some point, or… is there a possibility she was actually abused? (deranged rant posted as original fiction is here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/49280704/chapters/124382833 )

No. 920597

File: 1696770464810.jpeg (257.55 KB, 1179x652, 45B59913-CAAB-4A9E-8A66-D72D94…)

Not to my memory, but there’s a whole set of borderline fetishistic YouTube videos about ghosts dragging someone under the bed. I am sure she watched one and got aroused and incorporated it into her personal mythos.

This is not how abused people remember their real trauma. This is pure fetishism and wholly based on some YouTube video combined with taking a selfie of some kind of ahegao face or something that further aroused her.

No. 920604

She doesn’t know you can open your mouth and snore when you sleep? Specially when you’re a deep sleeper drooly child?

No. 920641

Pixy in her fucking Soren era

No. 920650

I just hope PT never gets the meat sock because that will surely kill her.

No. 920676

Kek I was thinking this last night too

No. 920695

Oh god I hope Deb makes her knock that shit off

No. 920709

File: 1696949028184.jpeg (70.17 KB, 315x640, IMG_8440.jpeg)

She didn’t get the job at walmart

No. 920710

File: 1696950069458.jpg (310.53 KB, 1440x1172, Screenshot_20231010_095944.jpg)

Doesn't think to turn inward why fucking Walmart of all places wouldn't hire her and skips immediately to demanding money

No. 920711

She really is out there doxxing herself like an absolute idiot. Anyways, I didn’t know that could happen, I mean, it’s surely some basic ass job like, idk putting stuff on shelves or some shit, I wonder if they didn’t hire her because she clearly looks mentally ill.

No. 920713

I'm guessing there was an in-person interview and i can only imagine what she wore claiming shes a guy. someone like should not be put on the floor and speak to customers. its not like she wouldve lasted since she'd just end up sperging over being called a guy.
she doesnt deserve any sympathy tho because shes an unbearable cunt who refuses to grow up.

No. 920715

Damn if walmart of all fucking places won't hire you then you need to do some serious self reflection. Your ass is hopeless.

No. 920716

I wouldn't hire her either, she probably showed up to the interview in a ratty tangled wig and kept randomly humping the air

No. 920721


Could've also found that Elder Abuse/Assault felony, that might've turned them off of hiring her.

No. 920722

this, it's probably the felony and the inability to do customer service

No. 920743

idk nonnies, this reeks of "we can't work with your hours"

You can put your availability on your application, and lord knows I've turned down applications based on availability alone

and you know PT isn't being generous with her hours kek

No. 920745

elder abuse + Walmart is not a great combo

No. 920747

if this is true, has she reached the 'genuinely unemployable' stage of lolcow?

No. 920753

File: 1696997969474.jpg (832.38 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20231011_001052_Fac…)

Someone must have told her writing kiddie porn is wrong kek but of course she isn't admitting that part on FB to get as many ass pats as she can. I think it's time to admit that Sarah has pedophilic tendencies, she used to dress like a little girl and take her softcore porn shots, now she dresses like young boys and takes suggestive pics and says it's "her right" to sexualize children because… she has needs? Put her behavior and words to that of a middle aged man instead of middle aged Sarah and you've got an episode of Law and Order SVU. She needs to be put in a home. Repost because typos.

No. 920754

She really thinks that writing sexual fantasies about kids is somehow her right. The internet was a mistake, for real, back then she would’ve been told that it was sick as fuck, or maybe she wouldn’t have rotted her brain with porn and who knows what else bullshit she’s exposing her disabled brain to. Now we have retards like her actually thinking she has any right to write fucked up fantasies about anime children getting raped and shit, and that she should expose those nasty things for the world to see.
At what point is her brain just rotten like Soren’s and at what point is she just really retarded?

No. 920756

Idk about her having pedophilic tendencies. She's a whole weirdo but I presume she would hate actual children because they'll be brutally honest (calling her, 'ma'am' or miss) or she'll be envious of their youth. She just refuses to grow up and only wants to relate/project onto young characters.

No. 920757

Pedos don't "like" children, they like to ruin them. She gets off on the idea of children being raped, she doesn't like anything else about them, and if you get off on hurting and raping children then… yeah that's a pedo. A sexual attraction to children.

No. 920759

I am 100% serious when I say she should genuinely just kill herself. I know that is horrible but …this is almost a middle aged woman at this point. She is never going to be happy and will probably never turn her life around at this stage(a-logging)

No. 920765

I think she identifies with the little boys themselves, her Sora is trans.

No. 920766

I don’t think she should kill herself tbh, she just needs help and to /do/ something other than using the internet as a venting space because it really isn’t unless you use it anonymously.
If she could have a few months of therapy with zero phone policy she could get better and maybe she could reflect on the shit she has been thinking about nonstop.
The issue isn’t even the fact that she’s almost 40 years old, the issue is that maybe she has never gotten the help she specifically needs to stop hating the natural course of life (growing up and growing old) and that help could be literally anything but we will never know what she needs because writing rape fanfics about little boys, pretending to be a little boy and humping, rocking and thrusting is what she thinks she needs in order to feel better about herself.

No. 920779

That's really the whole problem though Nona, unless she is forcibly institutionalized (which let's face it, if it hasn't happened by now, what's really the likelihood of it happening ever at this point?) PT is hellbent on the downward spiral to the depths past rock bottom. She either does not have the capacity or the desire to self reflect and do anything to better herself or her situation. Unless her family actually does something meaningful, PT is and will continue to be a bonafide capital B burden on herself, her family, and the state.

No. 920784

genuine question, what do you think an institution will do for her?

No. 920786

Aryt. First and foremost, it gets her off the internet. Two, it gets her out of the home where clearly the tension between her/her parents are not conducive to her state of mind. Three, it places her in an environment where the focus is treatment without distractions or escapism. PT is essentially being enabled and there is nothing compelling her to change or seek any sort of meaningful medical care. Forcing her into an institution means professionals can actually treat her vaginal health issues and address her mental batshittery. Best case scenario, she is capable of learning better coping mechanisms for natural life events, social skills, and gets formal diagnoses/treatment (therapy/medication) for whatever is going on in her head to dispel the delusional/disordered/selfish thinking so she can be discharged and actually attempt to live a happy, productive and independent life. If she isn't forced into treatment, let's be real, she isn't going to get better.

No. 920789

Institutions in the US are glorified daycares with drugs. Realistically if she were institutionalized she would be put on heavy sedation, monitored medically and dumped back on to Debbie's doorstep. Mental institutions with caring doctors who get to the root of your problems are a Hollywood fantasy.

No. 920791

Effective treatment also requires people to commit and adequately participate, which I do not see her ever doing. Her entire life is misery by her own hand. She must get tired of it, surely.

No. 920811

This. Look at Chris-chan, he was in jail for a year and (despite what some idiots may claim) was getting perfectly adequate mental health care and drugs the entire time and is the completely same with the added bonus of getting to molest another tard in his group home now.

Pixy's best bet is her parents dying. The slap in the face of reality that will happen after that is about the only thing that will wake her up, and even then she might skate by for a while on whatever money they leave her.

No. 920813


Any money will likely be left to the oldest brother, I know the middle brother doesn’t want anything from them because they were shitty about him being gay. If they leave her the house or money, she can’t afford the house. Even if the house is paid for, that retard can’t budget or pay the property taxes. Any money, she’ll blow through either buying more awful teenage cosplay or (doubtfully) pay off her credit card debt.

No. 920819

This actually happened years ago. I mean a lot of anons no longer know of PT (I mean only oldfags do). She went on hiatus after one her of former lolita meet up friends called the police on her for suicide baiting on twitter. Her then sister in law came into the thread saying she was forced to stay at the hospital for 24 hour observation and it burden her already overwhelming medical debt. Her entire family had an intervention and Sarah wasn't allowed online at all. She did sneak in access, but it was restricted and her sister in law was her internet tard wrangler. She still sending gross nudes, was chatting and whatever else, but it was done via DM and she had no social media presence other than photobucket. For awhile she did do sort of better. She lost a lot of weight (eating disorder tho), was going out fishing with her dad, cut her super long greasy hair, dyed it blonde and got tanned. It seemed like progress because she stopped thinking she was a real Japanese school girl. However during that time, she had tons of vaginal problems and maybe some of the stds or infections made her paranoid enough to think she was growing a penis inside her stomach. She seemed to deteriorate with her complex about aging and slowly trooned out. I'm still thinking she was groomed into it because she's the female chris chan, who can be trolled into any bad idea on the planet but ignore any good advice. Anyways, anons, stop hoping for the best and watch the dumpster fire. She's slowly getting into her old online habits, but with more mental illness.

No. 920822

File: 1697158303876.jpeg (155.79 KB, 1179x482, 95F74D98-F314-4068-A32C-2B3835…)


No. 920823

Yeah, see there's no way she's not going to end up being one of those hideous unkempt borderline-vagrant people who just make nuisances of themselves wherever they go. She has support now but once her parents die I wouldn't be surprised if she was abandoned by the rest of her family.

No. 920828

her vaginal problems are so fucking gross. like bitch why tf do you think your parents keeping telling you to take a bath you fucking stink. id go crazy like her parents if i had to deal with that

No. 920829

I think even chris chan might have better hygiene than she does

No. 920830

Wtf? Even if you hate her or think that she will never be happy, it doesn't give you the right to decide if someone should live or die. Seek help.

No. 920833

ghosts weren’t enough, we got phantom vampires now, folks!

No. 920837

Are there any kingdom hearts’ characters that are Vampires?

No. 920842

File: 1697232702149.jpeg (878.29 KB, 828x1433, IMG_3385.jpeg)

She shook her head and looked offended by all of these like it didn’t nail the 1st and 3rd kek

No. 920858

File: 1697252170070.jpeg (243.88 KB, 1179x623, 4914AD94-BD42-4477-B0C0-377842…)

our queen is now on antipsychotics, blessed be

No. 920870


I’ve been telling a friend who also knows her irl that I thought she’s schizophrenic and/or bipolar for a couple years. Maybe this drive the troon voice out.

No. 920874


Glad she’s getting help, but the fuck is she according all of this medical care? The psychiatric help is probably through the state, but all the doctor visits for random shit? Hospital appointments for voice training? That shit isn’t covered by state insurance or Medicaid…

No. 920883

Good, I hope they help. Many FTMs are anti-psychotherapy unfortunately

No. 920885

They're not gonna help lol

No. 920889

Probably not, but it would be interesting if they did and she was able to coherently explain some of her more unhinged outbursts lately

No. 920890

File: 1697331741386.jpeg (465.99 KB, 1407x1975, 26896918-6F4E-43CE-B3E4-7458BC…)

No. 920893

I thought this was Chris Farley for a minute.

No. 920894

Fat pre-school teacher gets a candid taken while trying to guide the kids so they do the choreography that everyone practiced for months for the celebration of thanksgiving’s day.

No. 920895

Instead of claiming to be transgender she should pivot to being one of those transspecies furries, her transforming into a frog is more believable than her tummy penis.

No. 920899

she’s poopin

No. 920909

Still poopin after all these years…

No. 920910

She isn't going to take those pills and you know it

No. 920916

not to mention its only a sample. if her doctor sent a prescription to pharmacy shes not gonna get it

No. 920925

File: 1697406362397.jpg (90.29 KB, 832x446, Screenshot_20231015_163854.jpg)

Shes like an obsessive ex trying to get back into contact with me on every platform. I haven't spoken to her in years and don't plan on breaking my streak. But if she's on snapchat I'm wondering if she's aware of it's screenshot notification. Also wondering if she's using this to spread her nudes to her orbiters

No. 920936

File: 1697425645259.jpg (211.53 KB, 450x796, Screenshot (26)-fotor-20231015…)

Hi, here's a never before seen picture of our one and only queen. I hope she doesn't see this lmao, I'm trying to understand what her rants are about. We've been talking for a couple days now. Feel free to reverse search the image, this is straight from my discord.

No. 920938

Screenshots of chat?

No. 920939

File: 1697426713396.png (503.39 KB, 444x789, Screenshot (25)-fotor-20231015…)

Here's another one. But yeah, a discord call. She's been telling me a lot about the ghost and such. I asked her if she thought it was real and she said ''No.'' And then I asked her if she thought it might be anxiety and she said yes. So idk, I feel like she's just begging for trolls at this point. I felt bad at first but she obviously doesn't want to be helped. I don't really care about posting and talking about it here now.
I don't think I'm using the post thing correctly, not familiar with this site. Apologies

No. 920940

She mostly wants to talk over discord call so I don't really have anything to post but I promise as soon as I do I will.

No. 920941

Are there any other details you can just tell us from memory?

No. 920943

She's been saying that she's constantly horny because she's been celibate for 8 years apparently.
(Didn't know she dated before lmao)
She has ageplay fantasies with Sora and all those KH characters she's obsessed with.She says she never got to be a kid so it's not weird (KEK). She doesn't understand why people call her fanfictions disgusting and STUFF.
Uhm, what else..
For now I don't have anything that people don't already know about. But she trusts me A LOT. So I'm curious to see where this goes.
I'll be posting as much as I can about it.

Do you guys know if she looks at this forum?
It would be a shame if she blocked me.

No. 920945

Also, just to clarify, those are photoshoot pictures for her fanservice. I told her to post them because she asked for my opinion so there will be more coming if anyone keeps tabs of that website or wtv it is.

No. 920946

Pink bikini underwear? How very male.

No. 920947

Right? She tells me she wants to be a manly man but does all this shit, smh.

No. 920948

Oh god, is that her bare ass and pussy in the thumbnails at the top? Why is PT sending you nudes?

No. 920949

I was in a discord call and she was telling me about her fan service stuff. She never sent me nudes, but she did show me those two pictures that I just posted.

No. 920954

Clarification number dos, she was showing me the pictures from her computer with her phone. I know how to windows prtscrn kek, I wouldn't have took the pictures from my phone. So yeah, she has no self preservation whatsoever, didn't even realize she flashed the thumbnail nudes.
But yeah can't wait (I'm terrified, send help) to talk to her tomorrow and shitpost more for y'alls lulz.

No. 920956

Holy shit I just remembered something from our convo earlier.
She was telling me that today after LARPing she had to pee and decided to go in the woods… And then apparently she felt something go inside of her and that upset PT a lot. She was like "thAt's s0o wEird BeCauSe NoBodY WAs ThEre".
Yeah no shit, rape ghosts or fucking ghosts period aren't a thing.
Smh, Jesus I need sleep.(do not touch the poop)

No. 920960

Weird for sure but genuinely: how is this even milk?
She isnt acting weird in public or anything, she shared smth with you in private cause she thinks youre her friend or whatever. Do you not feel bad at all?

No. 920962

Isn't that cowtipping?

No. 920965

you're cowtipping and sharing nude images of a mentally ill woman. go get professional help. this is no better than posting revenge porn.

No. 920970

This is cringe as fuck lol. Stop spending your time spreading the nudes of a mentally ill woman without consent. It's not even that funny, just sad and pathetic on both of your parts. We don't want or need an insider talking to her on discord, she makes a show of herself enough on fb.

No. 920971

I don't appreciate cowtipping, but at the same time I don't feel sorry for her because of her pedo habits.

No. 920972

Welp, idk. She told me gross fucking shit and her fantasies about kid shit so I don't really feel bad for sharing this. I wasn't gonna do shit about it to be honest, but when she bring up her pedo fantasies so openly it really made me lose all the empathy I felt for her.
Anyways, I'm done here.

No. 920976

did you initiate the convo? or did she just start oversharing? asking because I'm just confirming shes incapable of ever holding a normal convo, so she shouldnt ever be around others, especially kids

No. 920985

>But yeah can't wait (I'm terrified, send help) to talk to her tomorrow and shitpost more for y'alls lulz.
>But she trusts me A LOT. So I'm curious to see where this goes.
are you 13 or 45?

No. 921006

File: 1697485165950.png (615.91 KB, 1080x1991, Screenshot_20231016-123430.png)

New post from her fanfic page

No. 921007

File: 1697485191047.png (333.27 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20231016-123445.png)

No. 921014

What if she’s going to some gendercult therapist that’s giving her weird implanted memories of abuse?

No. 921033

kek, no. Pixy has allllllways been like this. Always always. She hangs on to meaningless shit constantly, down to a damn windchime convincing her she was half Japanese. No one is putting shit in her head or grooming her to be a tran, she just believes her life is a tragic anime so she invents symbols for herself to obsess about.

No. 921050

We need to go back in time and stop kingdom hearts from happening.

No. 921058

if she didn't get into kingdom hearts, she wouldve sperged about something else tbh

No. 921069

File: 1697572825763.jpg (251.82 KB, 1048x1442, Screenshot1017.jpg)

No. 921070

Not that we didn't know it before, but is this the first time she's actually admitted to being schizo?

No. 921075

File: 1697575692806.jpg (181.55 KB, 828x1179, 393135366_10160590188361144_31…)

she posted these old photos the other day from a few years ago where she had lost a TON of weight. Honestly, she actually looks decent here….it is shocking.

No. 921076

File: 1697575764689.jpg (85.12 KB, 660x960, 391593056_10160590186596144_88…)

even the photography and setting is nicely thought out. I Am wondering if this was back when she was being medicated correctly.

No. 921082

She only looks decent because you can't see her massive chin

No. 921085

File: 1697581897440.jpeg (282.92 KB, 1245x1316, IMG_3969.jpeg)

So she hates people in the medical field but desperately wants them to indulge in her troon fantasies and mutilate her body.

No. 921091

This was posted 3 hours ago

No. 921092

File: 1697583814618.mp4 (14.9 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000ckne5ejc77u9f41541…)

Plasma meltdown

No. 921095

What does she say at the end. She trailed off

No. 921097

"sleeping the rest of my day away" I think

No. 921098

This is such a weird thing to lie about. Why would schizophrenia even come up when donating plasma? She must've not even gone and made up this story to fake cry about for attention.

No. 921100


tbh it’s more likely they couldn’t find the vein..

No. 921102

I wonder if she was behaving in such a way that they questioned if she was mentally stable enough to consent or something? Like I bet she told them all about her stomach penis when they asked her sex at birth, then maybe when medications came up they deemed her mentally unfit at this time to donate. Who truly knows, but could have had to do with how she presented herself.

No. 921106

It would have to do with the medication, not the disease, no? She just spoke about her Vraylar samples, so I'm thinking that was the issue.

No. 921114

File: 1697605166685.jpg (110.95 KB, 1200x675, 9e28216b222e1c7ec319e6aa7780e4…)

the anon who posted stuart really nailed it

No. 921117

File: 1697609679985.mp4 (14.31 MB, 576x1024, 2f5fd6ba003584df4ee1004ecc730f…)

3 hours after posting her plasma rejection meltdown, this was posted. So I guess somehow she magically had money to buy crap from Spirit Halloween even though she sooooooo needed that $100 and was going to zomg die without it kek

No. 921118

I just did a quick google search, and it is in fact something that they ask before you donate. If you are being treated for a mental condition such as schizophrenia and are not experiencing any active symptoms, you are allowed to donate. If you are experiencing symptoms, then they do not allow it. I think it has something to do with if the person is in the correct state of mind to consent to the donation.

I am honestly questioning if she is in fact experiencing anything at all. It seems a bit like attention seeking behavior on her part.

No. 921120

It seems like attention seeking to me, at least in part. Remember how a little bit ago she was hinting at DID? Well, in her post about not being able to donate plasma, she says it was because of schizophrenia and MPD. Well, MPD stands for multiple personality disorder, aka the outdated term for DID. No doctor would be diagnosing anyone with that, since the term is no longer used blah blah blah. I think she may have been bringing up the "voices" to her doctor to hint at DID/multiple personalities. Attention seeking or not, she's genuinely kind of retarded and may not be too eloquent or methodical in her faking (assuming that's what's going on). So her idea of multiple personalities might come across closer to schizophrenia, if that makes sense? Just my thoughts.

No. 921124

Has she tried to draw on freckles or are those just massive blackheads on her cheeks?

No. 921125

It's sun damage. She lives in Texas and has never seemed that big into skin care or looking after herself well and I can imagine in her state it gets hot af and homegirl has neglected the sunscreen.

No. 921126

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but what does she need money for so badly that she'd react like this? Does she pay any bills/rent?

No. 921131

File: 1697639190803.png (219.95 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20231018-072520.png)

Comments on her video

No. 921132

I am at least glad she's trusting the concept of medication and is willing to take the whole course of it. it would be really interesting to see if this actually helps her

No. 921135


She’s said that she has a crazy amount of credit card debt. Probably from all the stupid hospital visits for nothing and buying dumbfuck cosplay items. She shits on her parents so much, yeah Debbie is batshit insane, but her dad is a nice dude. She has zero rent, zero food costs beyond stuffing her fat face with trash, and they probably even pay for her phone and car insurance.

She’s a educated person, but her asinine need to be this person she thinks will give her the most attention is insane.

No. 921139

yessss we are on the verge of a whole DID phase with signing her Facebook posts with emojis to indicate if Sora or Vanitas is currently fronting.

First trooning out, now a DID phase. Cannot wait. This will be so fun.

No. 921144

File: 1697651497852.png (352.8 KB, 1290x2796, IMG_3970.png)

Wow someone actually said something. How long before this dude gets blocked for having the audacity to disagree with the sob story.(males can't post here "caleb")

No. 921146

ope…. remember to trim your screenshots next time lest you reveal yourself.

That guy seems to have a good attitude and a lot of patience for her. 10 bucks says he’s unfriended within the day.

No. 921147

It will be interesting to see how she will respond, this guy is from her LARP group and she never claps back at him when he says shit "against" her. This is the most real thing anyone has ever said to her, coming from an irl acquaintance.

No. 921178

File: 1697690119262.png (1.28 MB, 1080x7182, Screenshot_20231019-003426.png)

In which our heroine thinks she wrote the song 'Torn'.

No. 921181

What is with the obsession with gaslighting herself into believing she was molested as a child? This is insane, you can like a song without relating every single lyric to your life?

No. 921182

If you think that’s what she was actually saying, get some reading comprehension skills.

It’s because she wants an excuse for not doing anything with herself. If she can pin it on some unknowable trauma then she thinks it will absolve herself of everything. Other cows do the same thing and try to pin all their shortcomings on mental illness or autism. It really just seems like she’s throwing things at the wall to see what sticks as a good explanation for her actions instead of actually doing something about it.

No. 921193

File: 1697723439506.jpeg (81.79 KB, 640x453, IMG_8515.jpeg)

Nonners, she is no longer a prince. She is now a priest.

No. 921202

Is this post still up or did she delete it and hide?

No. 921207

The way she talks about heterosexual sex is so odd, is "inserted into" used for some Texan modesty reasons?

No. 921208

The irony of this red text is that "Caleb" is just another run of the mill self-hating lesbian, aka tif. Top kek

No. 921213

I don’t mean to blogpost but this reminds me of how I was during psychosis- Constantly thinking I’m the main character, thinking everything, even random songs and commercials, were directed at me/about me, and trying to find a deeper meaning in everything no matter how insignificant

Hoping her Vraylar kicks in soon.

No. 921220

no, literally no one says this in TX. It’s just another artifact of her fujoshi shit.

No. 921246

File: 1697763548955.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1179x1517, BAE3F3CB-CD86-436D-9507-6A40FA…)

Things normal people definitely do when they have $10 in their bank account and they can’t find a job

No. 921249


No. 921251

File: 1697769390040.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 2160x2160, pixyskin.jpg)

I don't think it's just sun damage

No. 921257

Between her and Luna Slater I just can't figure out how the two of them can afford meaningless shit but then in the next instant cry about being poor. Sarah can buy hair bleach, dye, more cosplay shit, and Chinese food but allegedly can't pay her credit card bill. I just can't figure it out.

No. 921261

File: 1697784465453.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20231019-234705.png)

No. 921269

File: 1697812903450.jpeg (139.12 KB, 1179x484, 1ED5EFFC-888A-485C-8FD9-E1ECE0…)

Literally any scrote I know would be jumping for joy to be called gorgeous but she can’t even accept buttpats from her blind ass followers

No. 921278

>I'm obviously a man not Aqua or Miku
o I am laffin

No. 921279

File: 1697823877652.jpg (267.86 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20231020_124226_Chr…)

What's the tea about Kris? What is this heifer going on about?

No. 921280

I can’t with this haircut. It’s giving the same level of “autistic kid left alone with safety scissors” whether it’s blue or bleach. She really is living in an alternate reality where this is some hot bishonen shit.

No. 921296

I forgot that Pixy had 2 brothers because Kris is hardly ever mentioned. Scott's a cuck and Pixy is crazy, my tinfoil is that Kris is the only sane one.
>if he isn't praised he hides
sounds like some reddit narcmom post. Maybe he went no contact with her and she's lashing out kek

No. 921297

File: 1697845344969.jpeg (363.25 KB, 1169x1874, 4F99AA3A-A112-44CB-8B36-130EE6…)

No. 921301

there goes any chance of getting a job before it all fades or gets grown out.

No. 921310

They just dyed it darker. I know more businesses have become more lenient about this kind of stuff, but maybe this would have been a better idea….I dunno, if they already had a job?(learn to sage)

No. 921311

No. 921312

Who is ‘they’, newfag? That’s a female. You can’t tell whether your cat is male or female either unless it wears a pronoun pin? Pretty worrying, don’t you think?

No. 921315

>I want my bum inserted into
>I'm a priest

No. 921319

At this point I don’t actually know what it is.
I’ve followed Sarah since she cosplayed at ushicon when I met her. Back during her lj days.(sage your shit)

No. 921326

Ah, yes. I can't wait for her to bleach over the blue. The result will be… interesting.

No. 921328

Idk about “masc”, but add chest hair and a medallion, and it’s “very washed up 70s porn star”.

No. 921331

A woman. Her name is literally Sarah.

No. 921332

File: 1697892381500.jpg (602.6 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20231021_144141_Ins…)

New cosplay pics ft. her roadkill-looking wig. In the description she credited a Yagure Lycan for "pj edits", whatever that means.

>what's the tea
Go the fuck back

No. 921333

A retarded woman*

No. 921337

I thought that was Max's brother from Stranger things. lmao

No. 921345

I'm surprised she didn't hold one of the stuffies up to her crotch like a dick to remind us she's a dude.

No. 921346

Is it always a tripod or does someone else have to take these photos for her?

No. 921352

Are you new here???(ironic this is unsaged)

No. 921367

tripod-san is a beloved character in pixy lore

No. 921413

File: 1698056165732.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1215x1321, IMG_6407.jpeg)

She’s using the mask upside down. How does she not notice?

No. 921416

She’s just using it upside down to hide her double chin.

No. 921428

Kek she looks like jack black

No. 921455

cp in pt bump

No. 921531

File: 1698190647139.jpeg (462.89 KB, 1080x1106, IMG_3582.jpeg)

More attempts at convincing herself her dad molested her.

> If something happened to me, I really would like the guilty party to be punished. It’s only right. I also remember a lot of wet towels and dad yelling at me about leaving the wet towels there. He always yells but I can’t shake the feeling he did something wrong; very wrong

Other than to avoid responsibility for her own failed life this has to be an attempt at coping with her pedo tendencies. She’s probably bought into the whole “I’m using it to cope with my childhood so it’s fine” bs. I don’t know why else someone would be so desperate to believe they were molested

No. 921532

I feel like she is trying to convince herself that her dad molested her because he's constantly "hurting" her when he yells at her for being an incompetent retard, like leaving their windows open in the cold and getting paint on their carpets. She has to keep digging the hole of why he's such a bad person, and she's just a forever victim in every way possible, that she's now manifesting her pedo fetish into her own lore. And it's sick because she probably gets off on the thought of being molested or abused as a child. And all of this because she's likely schizophrenic, if she is to be believed about the voices and being put on medication for schizophrenia, and has been for a long time, it just wasn't caught until recently. Hoping the meds actually improve her life, although I know the ship has long sailed for her to become a productive member of society. She's been nuts for decades.

No. 921534

This is genuinely deranged, what a fucking retard. Bring back the wind chime era any day.

No. 921536

File: 1698205758575.jpg (489.17 KB, 1079x1500, Screenshot_20231024_201900_Fac…)

I don't get her. she says she's celibate and never wanted to be naked or sexualized, yet here she is, dressed like a little boy doing poop shots.

No. 921537

Unfortunately she’s retarded, anon. There isn’t much to comprehend here

No. 921538

File: 1698206769117.jpg (58.03 KB, 1080x1516, FB_IMG_1698206340373.jpg)

No. 921539

Is there something wrong with my eyes/screen or are her fucking underwear browner near the… crevice?

No. 921540

File: 1698207030097.jpg (67.54 KB, 1080x1514, FB_IMG_1698206305963.jpg)

I wish she'd cosplay an older character. I had to Google Roxas and he's a kid. She's giving off creeper vibes and she's going to scare off her LARPING friends.

No. 921541

Holy shit you're right! It looks kinda yellow/brown to me. Like she hasn't changed them in days. Maybe discharge from her untreated STDs?

No. 921542

File: 1698208280247.jpg (592.16 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20231024_212814_Fac…)

Last one, this is the group that took PT in. I give it a few weeks before they kick her out for sperging out on them. I really don't see how this could work out, she's incapable of having friends. She's already hounding one of them to buy her stupid fucking paintings.

No. 921543

File: 1698210773330.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 297C813F-64B8-47E3-8FC5-5835CA…)

she will never not look like a pedo creep posting this fan service shit, but this comment is killing me

No. 921545

I was just about to post this kek it's too good

No. 921548

Holy fucking shit. Not to derail but the commenter is a known creep who’s been caught taking pictures of cosplayers’ feet, selling photos to other creeps online without their knowledge, and trying to date and take BDSM fetish photos of girls who just turned 18.
No wonder he’s linked to Pixy, birds of a feather.

No. 921551

File: 1698222133370.jpg (196.2 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20231025_212131_Fac…)

Complete with fake penis. What do you think she's stuffed down there?

No. 921555

She just feels bad about being sexualized as a woman because being a woman = being ashamed of everything you do and you are, that’s what most people believe in. Now that she’s 100% totally a true an honest moid, she feels bold and like it’s okay to do anything you want because moids usually do whatever they want with little to no consequences, compared to what happens to the average woman who dares to say anything about sex and the sorts.
And like, she always has been a pedo, it’s just that back then she wanted to fuck herself, now she wants to fuck herself as a little boy, these “fanservice” shots are for herself so she can use her mental filter and imagine a moid telling her that she’s a sexy girl or the sorts.
She’s just what happens when you’re completely poisoned by internalized misogyny.

No. 921559

Who is she dressed up as? The outfit looks familiar, but I can't place it.

No. 921561

>She's already hounding one of them to buy her stupid fucking paintings.

You got screenshots of this? Is it on their profile or hers?
That's her schoolboy Sora/Roxas

No. 921562

The post about being hungover. Dude was probably being nice and now she'll be asking him about it in every interaction

No. 921563

File: 1698256003577.jpg (200.49 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20231025_103643_Fac…)


Forgot the screenshot

No. 921566

Um, so that means this guy is absolutely collecting her "fan service" pics? Does he have a thread here or mentioned elsewhere?

No. 921580

File: 1698266383674.jpeg (154.86 KB, 1169x797, 47DC1D5D-F74F-44E4-812B-9BA7E7…)

This is getting gross lol

No. 921583

She's so obsessed with trying to find an instance of rape or molestation in her past. Acting like she has repressed memories is fucking annoying.

PT you feel shame for the stuff you consented to. You initiated gang bangs in your earlier days under the guise of watching anime. You weren't drugged and you didn't even drink during these romps. You didn't care if these scrotes wore condoms (most didn't and raw dogged her), you caught STDs and to this day we don't know if you ever got treated for them because "DoCTorS hUrT muH FeELinGs"
Did these men take advantage of you? Yeah. Did you desperately want male validation and subjected yourself to that disgusting shit with your own free will? Yeah, because two things can be true at the same time.

She'd rather retcon her entire past than be held accountable and will never heal from the trauma she welcomed into her life

No. 921584

When was that? The idea that she has a crusty unicorn costume with stains on the crotch just laying around her room sounds disgusting.

No. 921586

Literally desperately trying to find anything to claim she was raped instead of the harsh, glaring fact that she was a big ol slut in the past. The stain is either from her period or infected discharge from her untreated STDs and God knows what. She's NEVER been known for her hygiene, she still to this day cries about it when her parents tell her she needs a shower. Like that's not abuse that's people not wishing to be subjected to human filth and stink. I know she's retarded but God damn even normal human things "traumatize" her.

No. 921604

File: 1698299070791.jpg (240.95 KB, 1440x930, MTXX_MH20231026_014414488.jpg)

Now her LARPing friends are abusing her. Poor Sarah.

No. 921607

>I got locked in the Taco Bell restroom?

I'm so much more interested in that than the raving delusions wtf

No. 921609

Fucking kek, I called it.

I wouldn't put it past her to rub her own spit on her face to win the argument. "I got spit on somehow" fucking bullshit.

She's sad and disappointed? Not: enraged, disgusted, or humilated? LOL OK PT. Miss iT's AgaINsT ThE LaW tO oPpWeSs mE

No. 921615

He's mentioned countless times in ancient /CGL/ threads. Was a household name in the Toronto cosplay comm. Took him about ten years to actually get called out on his degeneracy. Went as Tom Savage, Savage Bandito, and Everage Photography. Dude has a glue fetish, a foot fetish, and a fox girl fetish. Loved to offer minors and cosplay newbies "free shoots". When cows collide. Tbh I'm surprised Sarah is his type tho.

No. 921618

File: 1698336281136.jpg (299.51 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20231026_090001_Fac…)


Comments on the larping saga

No. 921636

File: 1698353342028.jpg (175.99 KB, 1268x534, Screenshot_20231026_154848.jpg)

$10 says she screams she's allowed to do it because she was abused as a child

No. 921637

She's allowed to express herself sexually nona! Don't you know she's been celibate for 8 years! And she had a lot of trauma, she has the right!

No. 921645

File: 1698362345045.jpg (319.84 KB, 1440x901, MTXX_MH20231026_191741686.jpg)

And then… she has an absolute meltdown when someone tells her the truth, what most people are thinking. She sounds like a fucking toddler, can't handle being opposed in any way. Sorry about your pedo tendencies, Sarah. The general public doesn't want to see you sexualize minors and it makes normal people uncomfortable.

No. 921646

I want to know what the difference between a standard unicorn costume and a MALE UNICORN costume is.

No. 921647

What is this crazy bitch gonna do once her parents get sick of her shit or pass away? She is going to end up couch surfing for the rest of her life.

No. 921648

Did she…. Did she shit herself?

No. 921649

That's what I read it as too.

No. 921654


Did she delete the comment? I can't find it under her fan service shots

No. 921655


Honestly anon? She's going to be homeless. She's in Texas, it's a pretty brutal state to be in if she needs social services, welfare, housing etc. She'd need to have kids to even be taken into consideration there. I'm sure some people will take pity on her here and there, but in the end they won't be able to handle her tantrums and ungratefulness. She might end up in jail as well (probably for petty shit).

Her future looks very bleak, I almost feel sorry for her, almost.

No. 921657

PT certainly deleted it and blocked the person as she does with all criticism

No. 921716

Wtf lol. If you shit yourself just… Don't tell anyone? And who calls themselves a prince in earnest. What a fucking narc.

No. 921739

I haven’t looked at PT threads in years and I don’t know what I expected. This is a terrible timeline for her, this feels like someone’s bad joke prediction from years ago come true. All of this is so bad but you can’t look away. She’s truly the only cow who can rival Chris-chan. Unbelievable. Godspeed. Or godslow maybe. This is not going anywhere good.

No. 921758


I think she bleeped out "kill", like "I (should/will) just kill myself" but the first thing anyone's ever gonna see is "I just shit myself" and I'm kekarooni about it. Or she shit her pants, it's PT I guess I'm not surprised either way lol.

No. 921759


Sad but true. It's a bunch of weeby adult nerds, probably one of the most accepting groups you could try to weasel into and she still will fuck it all up and end up without any friends shortly. Along with all of this "what will she do after her parents die?" talk, her life is so fkn bleak and it 100% won't change bc she's too self absorbed to do any better. And that's a damn shame… I guess? For her, at least. It's draining af to see her year after year, nothing changes except to get worse. Wonder what her life would be like if the internet didn't exist.

No. 921763

Was this in response to this? >>921636

I'm glad she's finally getting called out for it. It's fucking concerning and gross. I feel she really is a pedophile. Like who even would be the audience for her "fan service" pictures? I'm assuming it's just for herself to get off on. The Kingdom Hearts characters could at least pass for teenagers at least (it's still gross because all she does is sexualize them) but then she goes and cosplays Ness and I think she cosplayed Lucas too.

No. 921808

> Like who even would be the audience for her "fan service" pictures?
Kek certainly not pedos either. Isn’t she on the road to 40? Her body is the furthest from child-like ants that’s something she always complains about. She’s far from having a “pretty boy” appeal like she wishes she had so bad.

No. 921812

File: 1698617895933.png (382.76 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20231029-151700.png)


No. 921814

File: 1698618150094.png (398.93 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20231029-151815.png)

No. 921820

File: 1698623130557.png (3.45 MB, 1179x2556, 479CA577-B992-43B2-8522-0A4805…)

She fried her hair off!

No. 921821

File: 1698623989875.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20231029-193702~2.p…)

I'm confused. Did she dye her hair blonde again? It was just dark blue not too long ago. Her hair looks so fried, it looks like it would snap off immediately from touching it.

No. 921822

No. 921824

seeing this now thank you, i guess i was right. her hair really did just snap right off. she honestly is better off shaving it at this point… there is no saving that.

No. 921826

File: 1698626471477.png (792.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231029-203917.png)

Posting two of Sarah's journal pages she just posted. This one disgusted me, because why the hell would anyone publicly admit that they won't clean their toilet.

No. 921827

File: 1698626548085.jpg (99.89 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1698626409806.jpg)

And this one just confused me and kind of made me laugh, that the Barbie movie would trigger her. I'm guessing it's because she would have to face the facts that she isn't a "Ken"?

No. 921829

But surely balding is such a gender affirming male experience kek

No. 921830

File: 1698627658118.jpeg (575.46 KB, 1170x2203, 78480495-93E1-400F-BAC0-B8CAC5…)

Seriously just purchased another $100 cosplay. Appears to be coming from China. Told them measurements “slightly bigger” and “10 lbs heavier” than her actual size but given the tight polyester material that tends to be used in these mass produced costumes, I highly doubt it will fit. Prepare for meltdown.

She’s also disappointed it won’t be coming by Halloween. Sarah you dress up almost every day, how is Halloween even special in this regard?

No. 921831

File: 1698628051993.jpeg (177.78 KB, 1170x568, 28C1BFF8-DF09-4160-8787-7B2AA6…)

Yes you “allowed” to go trick or treating, but why in the hell would you? Most KIDS stop going trick or treating at 12, and they go with their parents. You, an adult, showing up to a random person’s house to get candy alone is not going to be interpreted well. Granted yes, most people will just give her the candy and shrug it off, but there’s bound to be one or two people that are going to be like “What the hell?” or flat out insult her. She might even run into people she went to school with or know of her in the community. This will inevitably turn out badly.

No. 921832

She just drew and posted kingdom hearts yaoi and both pictures feature a naked kid character in the arms of a naked older man. I would post here with a spoiler but I don't even wanna save that to my phone for a second. It's on her insta if anyone has morbid curiosity. She needs to not post that shit unless she's trying to get put on a list

No. 921833

File: 1698630460467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1179x1798, 1E8D30D9-112D-4B78-8E8B-273C8A…)


warning for the above (naked from the waist up axel/roxas at least, idk who the other pairing is)

Yeah, this is… pretty disgusting. Fortunately the bits aren’t showing, but it’s not good. Note the top surgery scars kek

I guess this is a tracing site? The mangled hands. I can’t deal

No. 921836

File: 1698633687827.jpeg (164.79 KB, 498x593, IMG_3690.jpeg)

What’s up with the tits on the other page behind the bird kek

No. 921837

File: 1698635049036.png (20.41 KB, 341x300, drunkfuck.png)

Yikes. If you look at the page again, it';s a male torso and a female torso with music notes and a speech bubble that says "drunk fuck" when flipped.

No. 921840

Oh jesus christ. Hopefully people recognize she's retarded and don't get aggressive with her.

No. 921841

File: 1698637281893.png (1.7 MB, 1079x1434, Screenshot_20231029-203830.png)

She's using that poor cat as a prop. It's trying to escape.

No. 921843

File: 1698640402060.jpg (88.15 KB, 697x562, Image.jpg)

Jfc, I really hope she doesn't try to. Imagine opening the door and seeing Pixy standing there expecting candy in a shitty cosplay. No thanks.
Sara, stop grabbing animals.

No. 921845

How is she relatively good at drawing and painting ( >>921826 the toilet doodle shows that she can at least portray depth and somewhat draw hands) and yet be so bad at drawing in an anime style?

I’ve seen people that haven’t even mastered fundamental art techniques that draw better yaoi than she does.

No. 921846

> don't even wanna save that to my phone for a second
>trigger warning
>pretty disgusting

>posts the most generic looking pg-13 DeviantArt shit imaginable

go back to twitter. it’s cringe, and not half as depraved as the shit seen in the tim threads. or even the tif threads, for that matter.

No. 921851

Kek I was thinking the same thing the description made me scared and then I opened it and it was like my middle school friends’ drawings

No. 921862

File: 1698686360553.jpeg (597.54 KB, 828x1438, IMG_3694.jpeg)

No. 921864

KEK the barbie movie would trigger her because the ken are men without dicks????

No. 921867

if there's one thing, she loves about herself, its her own ass

No. 921878

This is going to lead to a massive breakdown.

No. 921879

I figured she meant it’d remind her of her reality? But who know with our queen.

No. 921891

File: 1698762305069.png (294.54 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20231031-072446.png)

No. 921905

I love that she put "sarcasm", and I also love how she thinks calling her Ashton magically makes her male. I've met girls named Ashton.

No. 921922

File: 1698781774963.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20231031-124650.png)

>mad cuz the trim is like a cheap cowboy fabric. Kinda traumatizes me

Wtf doesn't traumatize you Sarah?

No. 921927

Technically she gets lots of attention lol. Threads on her been going back years, people take note of her social media posts. For not doing anything notable, she gets plenty. If she really focused on her art she'd get lots of sympathetic followers. Luna shits out a middle school level picture once in a blue moon and she even finds a buyer for it now and then.

No. 921932

File: 1698789362302.png (701.58 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20231031-145535.png)

No. 921934

File: 1698789466600.jpg (1017.13 KB, 1080x5177, Screenshot_20231031-082435_Bra…)

New post from her AO3

No. 921939

Pretty impressive stache for a woman i gotta hand it to her

No. 921940

I mean, she's not totally wrong here. She probably does get treated like shit by doctors for being a woman and being visibly mentally unwell. But her credit score is bad for a lot more reasons that medical bills, kek

No. 921941

File: 1698798859754.jpeg (245.12 KB, 1170x702, 2D56EDAA-8DF4-4E4D-BC2E-1CC233…)

Today’s episode of “this definitely didn’t happen”

No. 921943

File: 1698799917568.png (89.17 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20231031-175214.png)

No. 921947

'I can't afford to go to the doctor when I have a cold waaaah' yeah normal people deal with that without seeking medical intervention and a prescription for Beechams, which might explain why doctors treat her with disdain when she comes in with the sniffles. Also wtf, she can afford cosplays but can't go to the dentist or optometrist for a checkup? I know USA healthcare is fucked up but surely these basic checks can't cost that much more than her multiple shitty cosplays and endless supplies of Walmart testosterone and hair dye?
Perhaps one day the wind chime and workout lines and phantom dick will align and at last Pixy will be able to shine. Perhaps one day she might even be able to stop posting passive aggressive suicide baiting shit like this.

No. 921948

she probably doesn't have health insurance given her age, state, and lack of job, so going to a doctor would cost upwards of $300. if she can find one, anyway. if she goes to the ER instead it's probably a similar ballpark.

No. 921949

She literally admits in >>921934 she has blue cross blue shield. Even if she didn't she's literally blown 400+ dollars in the past 2-3 weeks on cosplay and hair dye. She's a shameless parasite coddled by her stupid parents.

No. 921951


This retarded cow complaining about sex and gender on actual medical paperwork might be the most stupid thing I’ve heard her complain about. Are you for fucking real? If she really wants to play into her delusional fantasies of being a dude she’d stop complaining about everything little thing wrong and do something about it. I guess in her mind nearly all 40 year old men go to the er for the sniffles

No. 921953

Oh I 100% think Pixy is primed for an “it’s maam” viral moment. I hope someone films it

No. 921955

File: 1698807874218.jpeg (622.73 KB, 828x1309, IMG_3760.jpeg)

Yes, people only get into drawing when they’re young because trauma

No. 921959

it's creepy that she posts this using so many tags on ao3. those are used for people looking for that kind of content - so for example she tagged this one with "Terminal illness" (lolwut?) so if someone was looking for fiction with that as a trope they'd come across her insane journal entry here. AO3 is meant for fanfic, not whatever the hell this is.

No. 921960

File: 1698822753197.png (264.43 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20231031-212412~2.p…)


No. 921964

lmao she doesnt want friends, she wants an emotional mule

No. 921968

File: 1698843815756.jpg (1.65 MB, 1439x3408, Screenshot_20231101_080234.jpg)

More suicide baiting and then she wishes for the death of her parents. If she got exactly what she wished for she would see just how good she has it with her parents coddling her

No. 921969

File: 1698843970139.jpg (150.99 KB, 1440x734, Screenshot_20231101_080504.jpg)

Jesus I can't stand how often she complains she wants to die and then 5 mins later complains she doesn't want to die. Which one is it Sarah?

No. 921973

I’ve been wondering that too. Maybe she traces everything else?

No. 921974


Prime 5150 material

No. 922003

>I'm disgusting
>I'm handsome
Is the kingdom key her version of the chris-chan medallion?

No. 922006

I'm surprised no one has sent these caps to her mother yet. She has the posts hidden from family it looks like.

No. 922007

Not urging to cowtip here, but I'm surprised no one has sent a wellness check on her. I have a family friend who was doing this kinda shit and multiple people called the police to go check on her and magically, she stopped posting that kind of stuff.

No. 922013

Kek that's never stopped pt, she just ends up with another medical bill and her parents even more disappointed in her.

No. 922015

She may have had them called enough on her before that there may be some note on file to not bother with a check unless it's a genuine emergency or submitted by someone who knows her irl. I imagine this goes for a lot of online cows with obsessive trolls as well

No. 922024

Back before StaminaRose deleted fucking everything, someone that knew PT irl went to StaminaRose and after seeing PT's posts, she got worried and called police to do a wellness check on PT. Surprise, surprise, it did nothing.

No. 922033

>implying that anything happens for mental wellness checks in the state of Texas, which has some of the lowest fund allocation for mental health.

your heart is in the right place though, nonnie.

No. 922035

it's cute how many anons in this thread think that there is institutional care out there that would actually help someone like her.

No. 922038

oh my christ anons is this group of people she just met irl allowed to see her cosplay thirst photos?!

No. 922046

It's what happens when mental illness is commodified. People with mild anxiety "go to therapy" and assume it's just as simple to fix someone like Sarah. When she's a screaming bag lady on the street people with Better Help accounts will say "she should just go to therapy"

No. 922055

the people who are all “she’s just pretending for attention”
the people who are all “it’s just that her mum’s a bitch”

No. 922066


She needs extensive in-patient therapy that you can't find in Texas. Individual and group and a fuckload of meds that might possibly reign in the crazy amount of crazy. She's broke and I doubt that Debbie would pay for something like that.

No. 922076

It would be a waste of money. She is unfixable, and if she was normal she could maybe hope to hold down a job at Walmart and make slightly less shitty paintings. Why bother.

No. 922077

except you can't help someone who doesn't want help

anons get so caught up in how to cure her. it's not the point, none of you actually care. just like you don't actually care about the homeless person at the bus stop who also cannot be helped without them taking the steps to get there because of the way services are set up in this world. no one is going to swoop in and "fix" Sarah just because she made some whiny post on facebook. the calls to 5150 her don't even know what 5150 means or what the result of it is, and how much worse it can be for someone like her to be subjected to.

just enjoy the milk. stop trying to hem and haw about all the ways we could totes fix her if only she found the perfect therapist or whatever

No. 922079

she's too retarded to know the extent of the help she needs.

once again, we can blame ronald regan for the reason amerifags live in a shit-hole. we need to bring back asylums. they obviously had their issues, but it's better than the lack of anything we do nowadays.

but nona is right. currently, in the world we live in now, there is nothing that can be done for pt. her getting 5150'd (which can only happen in california, btw, not texas kek) would only give her a new narrative to feel victimized over

No. 922090

File: 1698979888951.png (408.34 KB, 647x361, 2311027P2AfGSboV.png)

>we need to bring back asylums

you're so right anon, that would be great and i'm sure in your utopia we can have them again to hide away all the ugly and mentally unwell of the world and electrocute them to death

No. 922091

File: 1698980561317.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1848, IMG_4380.jpeg)


you’re correct we need asylums but incorrect that people can’t be involuntarily committed in texas. it’s just easier to call it a 5150 unless you’re the same kind of person who corrects anyone who asks for a kleenex that they really want a tissue.

tbh the whole process seems like a pain in the ass and i’m sure debbie cba’d either.

No. 922121


True about the 5150, but they do have an involuntary hold. It's not gonna help because she doesn't want help, she just wants to whine and complain for butt pats from people that don't actually know her.

I went to high school with her and moved away. The being Japanese thing was brought up in nearly every class and when people stopped engaging in the bullshit she shut the fuck up.

No. 922139

scrambling her brain might actually help tbh, fry away the transfaggotry and "fan service"

No. 922146

File: 1699069750176.jpeg (339.96 KB, 1179x828, FB9284D5-996E-4160-851F-301331…)

oh honey, literally no gay man’s ever gonna “yaoi” with you. Only other deluded fujoshi.

No. 922147

Uhhh yeah? Would you rather they die from exposure and violence on the streets? People like PT and Chris Chan can't be saved, they're a danger to themselves and others. PT wants to mutilate her body now that she trooned out and she's been giving out "Ima murder my parents" vibe for a while now. I legit wouldn't be surprised to see her on national news at this point. Like, shit is getting scary for her parents.

No. 922148

Why do people feel the need to post their diary entries like this? It just publicly outs their psychosis

No. 922166

I can see some man calling himself gay to hook up with her, even if she's pushing 40 and obese. Tammy Slaton had a husband, there's always a man out there willing to stick dick in crazy.

No. 922167

I'm not that worried for PT's parents. She would try to beat them to death with her kingdom key, and her short flabby arms don't have the strength to do that much damage

No. 922203

File: 1699128377284.jpeg (515.93 KB, 1170x1230, DEFAD4F8-A9B3-48D7-A6C4-8CB0DF…)

Why is she still focused on Wal-Mart and using that as a pity chip? She knew she didn’t have the job 3 weeks ago, move on. That’s when you KEEP applying for jobs…
Also the “about to vanish” thing… Guessing she’s s**cide baiting again. Probably going to get a lot more of that in the near future out of desperation to gain sympathy, attention and funds. But I get the impression even her most committed asspatters are exhausted with her at this point.

No. 922204

File: 1699129291098.png (274.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1EE84631-CE75-4173-A4CF-B074CE…)

I recently watched a documentary about Boogie2988 (another notorious cow) and there was mention of him having Covert Narcissism. As they described the symptoms, I thought wow, this sounds so much like Pixy.

- Insecure yet grandiose.
- Chronically envious - can’t stand seeing handsome young men
- Disregards others needs - incapable of caring about anything other than herself
- Blaming others for behavior - her parents, people online for not giving her enough attention, people “misgendering” her
- Going above and beyond - Not just cosplaying occasionally, practically every day.. getting REALLY into painting overnight. If she put that energy into finding a job she’d be set.
- Manipulative for personal gain - send me money or I’ll kill myself arch. Constant baiting for attention.
- Puts self down, “I’m old and fat”
- Anxiety/Depression. Though throw in a little bipolar because I believe she occasionally has these occasional manic episodes which is when she does her photo shoots and tiktoks eye f*ing herself. The irony of Pixy is that despite her continual self loathing, she posts more pictures and videos of herself than practically anyone I know. It’s that Leo in her.

Literally every bullet in this list describes her to a T.(armchairing)

No. 922205

File: 1699129724612.jpeg (105.66 KB, 1170x405, 797B7A93-F6E1-409F-90AD-244FE1…)

Good god. Just STOP. Stop laying there feeling sorry for yourself and get your ass up, take a shower, get on your computer and look for jobs, take a walk, clean your room, help your Mom, paint, lower the cost of your paintings so you can clear out some inventory and at least get SOMETHING .. There’s so much you can do. I understand what it’s like being depressed and feeling stuck but nothing is going to change if you don’t make change.

No. 922210

She has zero interest in changing. She just wants a free ride…but one where she can do whatever she wants.

No. 922211

Insightful reddit-tier analysis. It's really convenient that people with the exact opposite behaviors of narcissists can also be diagnosed as narcissists

No. 922213

sarah reminds me a lot of adam/chibi, the 'i would really prefer it if you would be quiet' guy from the infamous GDQ video. they're both severe autists with a refusal to change any of their behavior, have a victim complex, and were raised by parents who know their kid is an internet-addicted sperg but have no idea how to cope with it. neither of them have friends or romantic prospects (with the exception of people who feel pity for them and obvious catfish), and neither of them can hold down a job. they're two sides of the exact same retard coin and neither of them will ever, ever change. obviously a lot of cows have those traits but their behavior is nearly identical.

No. 922217

God I'm sorry but these are so funny. I'm THIS close to dying. Perfectly fine I just am soooooo dying. I want to yaoi with someone. Great stuff

No. 922221

File: 1699150099336.jpeg (438.35 KB, 1179x1254, DD9C73DF-CABA-4CFE-B3F8-E624D3…)

i JuSt DoNt KnOw

No. 922223

why is she so obsessed with trying to meme herself into thinking she was raped? Seems like she's still talking about >>921580. How long ago was that event?

No. 922224

File: 1699152599744.jpeg (404.99 KB, 1194x977, IMG_0020.jpeg)

Here we go again with the self diagnosis of MPD. DID hasn’t been called that since the 80s, at least by doctors. Who’s putting money on her begging for a ride there or subsequently begging for money afterwards because a psych stay isn’t cheap even with insurance. We know Debbie is shitty and yells a lot, but this cow has never been abused by here family. Unless you consider abuse as them telling her to clean her free room, shower her nasty ass, and to get a job

No. 922226

This whole thing of her trying to find a reason why she is mentally unstable is weird. Some people just aren’t perfectly fine, some people need help and others just can cope with being alive on their own ways and they help them a lot.
Like, she could just admit she’s not okay and just find a psych hospital to get herself registered or whatever since she’s a grown ass adult and she literally can do whatever the fuck she wants, like how she has been doing so far tbh, if she was a slave to her parents she wouldn’t have those weird tranny sex toys and cosplay shit, she wouldn’t even dream of having any hobbies. Most parents of the age of her parents would’ve kicked her ass out the moment she turned 16 or 18 and didn’t seem to do anything remarkable or decent enough to help at home, yet there she is just painting and larping in many ways.

No. 922231

File: 1699158899028.mp4 (9.73 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cl3g7mvog65rm6ljlf…)

>oh and another thing, I’m about to die. I mean, I figured this out mostly, I’m about to die

No. 922243

>s**cide baiting
go back

No. 922245

File: 1699211929953.jpg (288.78 KB, 1440x968, Screenshot_20231105_131724.jpg)

>178-180 lbs which isn't big
It's just her workout lines lol

No. 922253

If she was a man she would be taller and that weight wouldn’t be a big deal, but she is a woman, she’s short as fuck and she doesn’t even try to actually workout or eat a fucking vegetable to be healthy.
Is anyone else getting bored of the format of her Facebook posts? They all begin and end the same way:
>I am NOT this NOT that, I’m a HUMAN.

No. 922257

File: 1699226254258.png (142.77 KB, 1288x554, Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 5.59.…)

AYRT, no, I meant it. One of the lolcows I keep up with is Eugenia Cooney, and she got 5150'd in California and moved back to Connecticut specifically because they don't have a 5150. I assumed that since Texas is more conservative and all about muh personal freedoms, that their involuntary commitment clause is trickier.

Yeah, because being out on the streets, without food and shelter, and treated by the general populace with disgust/derision or like they're invisible is sooooo much better.

She has a rape fetish and obviously there's a stigma attached to that in most fandom communities unless you have the "right reason" to have a rape fetish, which is something along the lines of "regaining a sense of control in response to being sexually assaulted in the past", or whatever.

Offline, it's a common fantasy for women for a few reasons:
>mentioned above, but "regaining a sense of control"
>just straight-up being a degenerate
>catering to the male gaze and deluding themselves into being the perfect pickme
>sexual repression/gender roles and believing that women wanting any sex whatsoever is a sin, so it takes the guilt away
>the same thing as above, but about sexuality, i.e. "wanting gay sex is okay if it's forced on me"
>validation and wanting to feel that their desirability has the power to make men lose decency and self-control
>intrusive thoughts that women can't recognize, but have been brainwashed by libfems to think all sex is uwu valid
>along the same lines, but confusing physiologic response/arousal to rape with what they actually want (women have registered physiologic arousal when looking at images of men with women, women with women, men with men, a woman exercising, and even bonobo chimps mating. This split between women’s minds and bodies has been confirmed by at least one hundred thirty other scientific studies.)
>issues with control and wanting to "let go" of that control

etc. etc.

in PT's case, she's probably just has fujo coombrain from consuming vast quantities of yaoi

No. 922259

File: 1699227923418.png (171.96 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20231105-154537.png)

No. 922265

File: 1699230731748.jpg (103.93 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20231105_163120_Fac…)

Jesus she's so fucking lazy. She said not too long ago that she was going to DoorDash, but said her car was in a bad state. Absolute horse shit. It's already been established that PT can't handle any job that requires human interaction, and she doesn't have the degrees to WFH.
DoorDashing is the only job I can see her doing, but she's an idiot who can't stop spending on cosplays and useless shit instead of investing in her car.
I honestly believe that if she sat her parents down, explained that she's too retarded to have a real job; that she'll be doordashing to help out around the house, they would help fix her car.
BUT, I'm sure PT would fuck it up somehow and get her account banned for having a meltdown with every other customer.

Like Chris Chan, she won't do anything while they're still some-what able bodied. Chris ignored his dad and let him get eaten half to death by pests. They had to quarantine that old geezer in the ICU from all the bug bites (then he died there).
Then he raped his mom when she detiorated mentally and physically (on top of stealing from her and medically neglecting her)
Her and CC have a parallels, should her parents get too old to care for themselves (which could be soon), I hope her brother steps in because PT will do something horrific to them.

No. 922267

I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to try and kill them, just look at this
She’s a “no” away from killing her parents.

No. 922271

File: 1699233080077.jpg (81.04 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20231105_165737_Fac…)

No. 922273

File: 1699233209538.jpg (503.07 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20231105_162356_Fac…)

Same fag, but she fucking looks like CWC here, kek

No. 922275

File: 1699236309762.jpg (932.82 KB, 1436x3596, Screenshot_20231105_200310.jpg)

Wondering if she would actually go through with a hospital stay if she was able to get the transportation, but again, bc its not served to her on a silver platter she will do nothing within her own power to try and get there

No. 922276

File: 1699236579990.jpg (94.21 KB, 1440x1252, Screenshot_20231105_200630.jpg)

Comments on her second post

No. 922277

Many moons ago I actually was trying to help her apply for some wfh jobs that would actually utilize her degree (basic writing gigs, copywriting, etc.) But she basically told me that it would interfere with her "hobbies". I then got blocked when I replied to one of her posts about contemplating going to a psych ward. I told her it was OK if she did go….but apparently she was wanting people to tell her not to go. I am wondering how many she has blocked in the past 24 hours.(cowtipping)

No. 922279

Stop cowtipping. Whichever one of you this is.

No. 922281

This person is also posting on her tiktok

No. 922283

I can't find her Tiktok, did she delete it?

No. 922286

No. 922287

and it looks like she has turned off all comments on her tiktok videos. But there was a troll account posting on a lot of her videos about her being a pedo and a disappointment.

No. 922290

This year marks year 14 of me being completely and utterly shocked she has not been involuntarily hospitalized and fed high doses of schizo pills

No. 922300

can't even take accountability for a couple keys on her keyboard sticking. always someone out to get her

No. 922312

This is prime jumpscare material. She is so unfortunate looking, and that tard haircut doesn’t help.

No. 922313

Of course not. She's a spoiled brat who wants to lay in her room doing shitty cosplay and painting. She's not crazy, and no, she won't go to a psych hospital, she's just saying that to generate attention and asspats.

No. 922318

File: 1699304854409.jpg (348.02 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20231106_125254_Fac…)

Well she pretty much confirmed what we've all suspected, an untreated STD. She's fucked if she has had syphilis for this long. That's something a round of antibiotics would have fixed ages ago before her brain starts to truly rot. I'll never understand how she had easy access to treatments and she refused to see a gyno because ???
(She's extra fucked if she has aids/hiv).
Planned Parenthood would have done it for free (exam and medication), She's so disgusting and obsessed with sex.

Not saying she has syphilis. She complains a lot about issues with her skin, with her vag, ear and throat infections etc. Family doctors can't find shit because she hasn't taken std tests (and she refuses to take any type of blood/specimen work done because she wants the doctors to find the issue NOW NOW NOW).

No. 922320

She says she's dying constantly and finally blames it on an STD after trying to convince everyone she was raped for weeks. Why are you taking this as truth?

No. 922321

Doesn't Pixy get nasty UTIs all the time? She has had problems with her vagina for years and you can't trust her self-diagnoses. The likelihood of Pixy having syphilis is about the same as Pixy having grown a penis.

No. 922328

PT has been rawdogged and gang banged by strange men the entire time she was sexually active. She was also a fan of double penetration. It's always been suspected she's had an untreated STD because she refuses to go to a doctor when it came to her sexual health (or ask men to wear condoms)

Regarding the syphilis comment, I wasn't diagnosing her, just saying how fucked up it would be if she had it and let it go untreated for years when all she needed was antibiotics.

No. 922332

File: 1699320258486.jpg (597.2 KB, 1439x2854, Screenshot_20231106_192308.jpg)


No. 922333

File: 1699320727935.mp4 (18.6 MB, 1080x1920, scared and MALE.mp4)

> Im scared and MALE.
Posted on her TikTok 2h ago.

No. 922334

With how often she goes to the ER I can guarantee she has been given enough antibiotics to kill basically any lurking std, unless it’s a virus.

No. 922336

>I am a man. I am NOT POOT (poor), I am a man.

What does poorness and maleness have to do with each other? Is she writing nonsensical things on purpose just to seem unhinged?

No. 922348

Hi, I'm the person who commented on her fb . I didn't know this motherfucker was pixyteri Jesus Christ she went downhill. I thought this was a genuine random motherfucker I found in a kh group. I don't plan to interact anymore knowing it's her weird ass.(cowtipping retard)

No. 922367

no one is going to give you money mam.

No. 922380

begone scrote

No. 922384

File: 1699373539842.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20231107-080905.png)

She's severely scared and triggered over a digital diary.

No. 922386

my tinfoil is that things that remind of her of the past, when she was younger, 'trigger and scare her' since she has such intense anxiety about growing old. not to say she necessarily had one of these specifically, but its clearly something she would've known about back in the day.

No. 922390

File: 1699380062867.jpg (116.48 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20231107_095931_Fac…)

Oh no, Anyway.

No. 922395

What’s trying to harm her now? “Vagina”? “Parents”…?

No. 922396


I thought it was Mother/Father, but who knows with this dumb dramatic brat

No. 922402

This is straight up schizo behavior.

No. 922403

oh my god do her LARPing friends have her added? she doesn’t feel any sort of embarrassment by posting these kind of things that they can see?

No. 922406

I'm guessing her sample of vrylar ran out and she didn't bother to pick up the prescription from the pharmacy. shes always been a raging retard but something is def more schizo with her

No. 922411

should be a banner lmao

No. 922426

File: 1699419908086.mp4 (15.13 MB, 576x1024, 2be6536156282a6be9c8349bc16de4…)

She says here she once again dyed her hair. Even though laat time chunks were frying off and I think that was only a week ago. Blames it on her parents as usual.

No. 922431

File: 1699433326499.jpg (106.36 KB, 1080x336, Screenshot_20231108_024540_Chr…)

She's written a new fanfic and it is truly a literary masterpiece.

No. 922435

Pixyteri is mentally 14 years old I can only handle this thread in small glances because it feels like dogpiling the special needs

No. 922436

jeez. also isn't a man hole a sewer hole ?

No. 922453


God forbid her parents want her to look and act like she's a nearly 40 year old woman, not a 12 boy who found moms scissors.

No. 922455

File: 1699479154705.jpeg (617.25 KB, 1179x1805, A6BB77CE-BD23-44A6-9B3B-FBBEBF…)

I like how she posts the definition here as if it’s not a common word, even though it’s clear she just learned it

No. 922463

File: 1699488326494.png (436.6 KB, 790x1040, Screenshot_20231108-160343.png)

She once called her vagina a "man hole". pic rel grabbed from the other farms sometime ago

No. 922464

Jesus she's insufferable. Why is she going to her parents room? There's absolutely no fucking reason to be bothering them. Take a fucking shower, GET A FUCKING JOB, and leave your elderly parents alone.

No. 922467

File: 1699491412059.jpg (928.39 KB, 1080x4547, Screenshot_20231108-171720_Bra…)

New AO3 entry

No. 922471

File: 1699493293488.jpeg (66.24 KB, 500x490, 1670296391681.jpeg)

Holy shit thank you anon!

Jfc you guys remember that screenshot of Debbie losing her shit at a psychiatrist on FB and said Sarah shit in their neighbors yard or something?
Sarah just admitted she shits/pisses in her yard, oh what a timeline

No. 922481

> I can't walk around wearing whatever I want
That's correct, Sarah. You're in your parents house, and they probably would rather you not lounge around in the common spaces in your weird pedo-esque cosplay get ups.

No. 922485

I've noticed in a lot of her tiktoks she would just be wearing a t shirt and looks like either panties or nothing because you can't see shorts or boxers so I guarantee you they tell her to put pants on, too, besides the obvious weird ass cosplays and contacts. They probably tell her that's why she doesn't have a job too. If she wasn't so retarded I would be more annoyed at how ungrateful and spoiled this 38 year old twat is, at least your parents let your jobless psychotic ass live in their home despite you posting wishing for their death and using their yard as a toilet.
Yall remember the bath tub videos form the old days? That's her parents bathroom connected to their bedroom, that's probably why she goes into their bedroom. Because she likes to loiter in their bathroom instead of the main bathroom.

No. 922486

File: 1699513332789.png (197.76 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20231108-230055.png)

No. 922495

shes bitches and whines like an angsty 16 yrs old, but is instead pushing 40 trying to erase her slutty past. now instead shes a retarded horny nerd pretending shes a man wondering why her life is miserable. she will really regret the day her parents go to a retirement home or pass away. the fact they havent kicked her out and let her rot on the streets show they do care for her. that doesnt mean they have to put up with her body odor nor spastic ways

No. 922500

I just realized that maybe she also hangs around her home with the fake dick in her underwear while “rocking a thrusting”, which is probably what would make her parents extremely uncomfortable.

No. 922501

There's no reason at this point they cant kick her out. she's insane and might hurt them in their sleep

No. 922505

It’s so interesting how Pixyteri and Chris-chan, the OG male and female lolcows of the internet (and namesakes of us and the other farms), have both trooned out (and revealed themselves to have more deep-seated psychological issues than just “weeaboo attention whore” and “muh autism”). I wonder what this bodes for all of the current chronically online teen and twenty somethings with massive internet followings? Chris and PT were internet famous in the early 2000s, when social media wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is now - nowadays way more mentally disturbed young people are oversharing on the internet and garnering large followings (with followers who are both earnest and trolls).

I feel like Chris and PT both embody the phrase “too weird to live, too rare to die.”

No. 922514


Even if she wasn't a trooned out fuckwit, showing up to interviews in ill-fitting cosplays and a Stuart from MarCH haircut would make me not want to hire her.I

She's probably filling out apps with her regard name and no records of employment are pulling up and potential jobs are throwing it out.

No. 922515


She's disabled comments on all the whiney drivel she been posting there

No. 922516

Her parents need to evict her for her own good. She wants them dead. She feels like she’s entitled to their house and money. Bitch is capable and able bodied. If her real safety was in question she’d probably get her shit together instead of crying about mommy and daddy like the strong man she is. They’re just enabling her psychotic behavior. Her parents should think about their own peace of mind. Who would live with an adult who ruins your day

No. 922518


Kek hoollyyy shit I didn't even think about that and it's absolutely something she would do. I wonder where she got the idea that men do this? Maybe from gangbangs where guys were hunched over furiously jacking off on her face?
I know her larping friends can see this, wonder what they think.

No. 922522

File: 1699567613290.jpg (519.01 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20231109_140216_Fac…)

Now she's blaming larping for her headaches. At least she's not blaming ghosts this time. (Though really shitty of her to blame larping, they use foam swords fucking idiot)

No. 922545

It's actually kami-sama trying to knock sense into her walnut brain.

No. 922548

File: 1699580294759.png (375.01 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20231109-173245~2.p…)

Commenter tells her to knock off the troon shit for a bit for the sake of getting a job. Sarah refuses.

No. 922551

File: 1699580780484.png (647 KB, 1082x5275, chrome_screenshot_Nov 9, 2023 …)

New AO3 entry. She's trying to write songs now

No. 922553

Where can I read more about the gangbang era? Do the threads here go back far enough?

No. 922555

>tone death

No. 922556


I think a lot of it was lost i the previous imageboard StaminaRose (the admin freaked out when an anon posted something about PT molesting kids she was babysitting and deleted everything)

I remember some stuff, like PT would invite a bunch of guys to watch anime at one of their houses and would initiate sex with them. Some fat fuck came forward on stamina rose and said he was one of those guys and that they didn't wear condoms.

Maybe someone has a better memory than me?

No. 922557

And now've you've depressed me. Thanks, now I want to kill myself.

No. 922562

I'd be interested too. And not just about what she was doing, but also how people online were reacting to it, kek. I wasn't around then and hearing only bits and pieces of all the classic happenings is kind of sad… I want to know the lore.

No. 922563


Oh man, so much was lost, off the top of my head, some people that new her irl came forward, one story that stands out is that when she was in college she went up to a Chinese American math professor and started talking to him in broken Japanese, he was completely mortified and walked away

No. 922565

Oh my god. I know anons like to say she's not that dumb, she's just pretending, but how else do you explain doing something like that?

No. 922566

>neither of them can hold down a job
Late but this isn't true. In fact one of Chibi's coworkers posts on his KF thread. He actually makes stupid bank and recently spent over $10,000 on an escorted Japan trip. He's an AT&T salesman but wants to abandon a full salary to become a JET teacher in glorious Nippon, which is even funnier. Finished being off-topic, I just had to defend my favourite cow.

No. 922570

Praying that some musically gifted bored anon shows up and actually records PT songs

No. 922580

File: 1699623469827.jpeg (62.9 KB, 540x303, IMG_0218.jpeg)

I’m hearing this sung by Dafid, the only Gay in the Village.

No. 922594

>always x5

No. 922614

File: 1699653866733.jpg (434.61 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20231110_140052_Fac…)

She wants bottom surgery now.

And she's absolutely rocking/thrusting and doing jerking off motions in front of her parents

I wish there was a candid video of her doing this kek

No. 922619


In what fucking world does someone's body language say they're intersex? A friend was legit diagnosed after over a year of testing. She looks and acts like a girl, Sarah is in need of someone telling her harsh truths to her face.

No. 922620

Not that it ever would happen, but I don't want to live in a world where PT gets bottom surgery. She would sit and wave her dick around on her parents couch, probably end up getting arrested for indecent exposure at some point.

No. 922627

The closest video we have of the thrusting is >>919786
Not sure if you saw this already nonnie

No. 922629


Ehhh don't wanna link photos, but it's just a micropenis and it looks ugly as shit (thats saying a lot since normal penises are already ugly). And more often than not it rots off (even with diligent care), it's also an incredibly painful procedure (she'd need lots of aftercare and help), and I believe they lose the ability to orgasm as well (especially if it necros off).

Unless someone donates her the money, it's never going to happen because it's so expensive. She's also in Texas where they don't play around with that gender woo shit and give you insurance for it.

I'm more worried about Sarah getting on Testosterone (the real kind), because her aggression and pent up sexual frustration would be off the charts.
It would be hilarious seeing her go bald though

No. 922631

It sounds more like she wants a hysterectomy.

No. 922633

Don't worry, Sarah, I don't think you have to worry about any sort of matrimony any time soon.

No. 922644

This is not me cowtipping at all, I never reach out to her. But PT often reaches out to me just to chat. I entertain her and I am polite in my responses. I never push her to do something or feel a certain way about anything. I'm just posting this here to say, just chatting with her one on one, she's actually very nice and easy to get along with. It's so bizarre to me that her online personality that she posts for the world to see is so different than the personable one I get from her privately kek. It's like she's putting on a whole show for attention, but she is obviously aware of what it's like to have a normal conversation and be a normal person.

No. 922653

you're still cowtipping even if you aren't the one starting the interaction by coming here and bragging about it.

No. 922655

It's a bit odd anon, she hates women in general and will always see them as competition for the male gaze.
There's lots of accounts of her using women for various reasons from being an emotional leach, to women spending days upon days helping her find a job only to be told she didn't want one (this one in particular goes back to her /cgl/ days when well meaning people tried to get her to Japan), and blocking people for not agreeing with her delusions (or blocking attractive women out of spite).
The only way I can see her being nice/charming is if:
1) you're a dude/troon
2) you kiss her ass non stop. Does that make her personable if you have to do all the leg work? And more importantly, why is she a bitch to everyone but cordial to you?

No. 922657

NTA but I've been chatting with Sarah off and on for a year or so (didn't lurk here or know about cowtipping at the time). I wouldn't call her charming, but she's always nice to me. I know all about how rude she can be to others, though. Maybe she decides whether or not she likes someone based on something arbitrary? I am sort of ugly so maybe she doesn't feel threatened by me kek

No. 922662

I have old chat transcripts from as far back as like…2012. I used to casually chat with her as well. I would talk to her about random cosplay stuff. She was level headed back then but slowly started spiraling. I will see if I can grab some of them later.

No. 922667

File: 1699746990629.jpeg (170.72 KB, 1160x865, 909C304B-8D17-4AB0-935C-23374A…)

I love this painting she just finished. It always surprises me that despite drawing nothing but anime characters for her entire life, she comes out a few years ago and starts doing this stuff

No. 922677

File: 1699789093343.jpg (267.58 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20231112_053421_Fac…)

A while back she was complaining about her parents being mad that she got paint on the carpet. She is literally painting on the carpet without placing anything down to protect it. You can see some of the stains in the most recent video she posted. No wonder her parents are pissed.

No. 922680

Jesus Christ what a lazy retard. She needs to stop buying shit cosplay junk and buy an easel and a painter's tarp instead.

No. 922690

I talked with her twice around the take a bath era (I think I was in the video chat for that? So that was one of them). Both times she came across as self-centered, every attempt at conversation was redirected to something she hated or wanted or ranting in the guise of asking for advice (only to rant more and be really negative about it). The only personal thing she asked me about was my ethnicity. She wasn't overtly rude, but the pleasantries were very superficial. Normally you'd share something relevant about yourself or something you've experienced second hand and follow up with a question, but it was like pulling teeth. To me it didn't come across as her simply being oblivious or unaware.(sage)

No. 922691

She uses odd choices for color palette and placement that's not always the best, but honestly, she's a better painter than anyone would have guessed for an amateur. Did she ever take classes outside of highschool? I never got the impression that she drew much back in the day.(sage + you can delete and repost instead of stacking comments)

No. 922702

as for her drawings, she has drawn in the same exact anime style since high school; her recent anime style stuff and her old drawings of, like, teriyaki yoko from her UJL fandom days look EXACTLY the same. She has not taken classes.

No. 922731

File: 1699920476155.jpg (92.24 KB, 1080x492, Screenshot_20231113_160220_Fac…)

She's such an incel.

Now that she's in the troon cult it's not going to happen. So many of them claim to be intersex. The trans movement attracts people like her and CWC. I remember when news blew up about him raping his mom and these people were so worried about his pronouns and being VALID. There's no saving her now

No. 922753

File: 1699972304890.png (728.61 KB, 1080x2516, 1000007060.png)

Fucking cowtippers.

No. 922758

Well, I will not be surprised if she gets cut off from the internet again.

No. 922772


Maybe things will be different this time around since she has her phone (unless they take it away from her, but I doubt it).
Worst case scenario she'll keep journaling on wattpad or wherever that one anon screengrabs her diary entries.

No. 922781

File: 1700004800994.jpeg (1018.25 KB, 1242x2058, BBAF8450-15B7-4529-A6CD-C8FC91…)

Well, today she posted some weird ass fanfic, check out the tags, kek.

No. 922783

She’s also writing more retarded “songs”. Posted like this because it’s too long:

Another day goes by

Walking into the bar at half past twelve
Everything feels so stilted, so unexpressive
People talk but don’t really talk together
Yet I know tomorrow will return again

A familiar stranger, a danger of warnings
Feeling so alone and yet so trapped
Unable to make friends or find love
Afterall you must pay for those dating apps

Another day goes by
Unwarranted and sad
Another day goes by
Confused and cold

Help never finds it’s way to me, help escapes
Fleeting is the touch of a hand or smile
Unable to kiss unable to hug how long has
It been since I’ve even cuddled someone

Another day goes by
Untouched and unneeded
Another day goes by
Scared of what lies ahead

Can’t be true to myself can’t be seen
The bar gently cries and sits listlessly
As if in a cocktail dream, a maroon wine
Flows to the man across the bar

As the wine takes effect, the man moves
Swaying alone, alone, unseen by the strangers
Laughter escapes his lips but revelation
Insists I will stay another day, another moon

Another day goes by
Another day goes by


Another day goes by

No. 922784

File: 1700006051488.jpeg (125.53 KB, 1242x765, A0BFE0A9-3564-4E21-80B6-CB184E…)

Chapter 4: Such a Drag


If only I could rhyme these better the concepts are really nice and express how I feel about modern issues.
Chapter Text
Such a drag

Don’t you know you’re such a drag

Wildly poofy styled hair in crimson red
Modeling outrageous heels on your feet
You strut your identity in vivid rainbow
It’s amazing your confidence in yourself
Yet why do some authorities seem to say

Such a drag
Such a drag
Really, you’re such a drag

Wonderfully bound chest and compression
A cane at your side and such decadence
Comfortable this way in your own skin
Light mustache tickling your pale face
Drag artists light up the city streets downtown

Such a drag
Such a drag
Why do they
seem to say
Such a drag

Jump into the parade and seize the moment
Yet the city frowns and won’t support the
Cause of identity and expression and love
A shy boy wanders home to cry, unloved,
Misunderstood and held back from himself

Such a drag
Such a drag
Really, you’re such a drag

Love one another embrace their colors
Love their identity and who they are!
Drag artists are human just as you
Rainbow flags flutter and sparkle
No longer inhuman or hidden from sight


No. 922785

File: 1700006154498.jpeg (137.9 KB, 1242x836, FF0530AC-B9A2-443E-B574-742073…)


Have you been to the museum today?
Do you even know where one is located?
Nestled away in the city, building unseen
Stone walls lonesome and unwanted
But within is magical; a chance to learn

Step in
Don’t ignore me

The museum has bones of times long ago
It has game consoles people loved each
Other together and felt a new experience
Game consoles that are nothing like the
Modern thin games; bones millions years old

Museum of times long gone
Museum of our love

Paintings line the humble museum walls
Fine work glossed in acrylic and oil paints
All sending a message of creativity to
The world and being a silent teacher
Silent beauty of items, art, and science

Don’t stay on the internet
Experience the past


Yeah, yeah Never forget the past.

No. 922786

File: 1700006212694.jpeg (144.33 KB, 1242x780, 3FDF59F7-5C28-4006-BF73-5F369E…)

Why is my love a crime

Another day the earth turns
And as I turn on my radio
I hear songs of lovers unlike
What I truly want: of course
It’s a prince and a princess

Why is my love a crime?
I wonder, oh I wonder,
Why is my love a crime?

If I’m a man who loves another
Man who is to say I’m bad?
But there are never fairy tales
Of my kind of love: for some
Reason it is seen as criminal

Why is my love a crime?
So I wonder, oh and I wonder
Why is my love a crime?
A criminal of love…..

People are born to love whom
They love and to experience all
The passion together. Man, woman,
Or inbetween, it can’t be criminal
To love your one and only partner

They would jail us if they could
For daring to love one another
As gay partners. Lovers. Friends.
Husbands. Wifes. Homosexual.
Yet completely homo sapien

Why is my love a crime?
So I wonder, oh and I wonder
Why is my love a crime?
A criminal of love…..

Criminal…..of love….ohhohhhhhhhhh….

Ohhhhhhhh nnnn.

No. 922787

File: 1700006276136.jpeg (76.38 KB, 1242x633, A33DC893-52F5-46FF-A0E6-B2B48D…)


Ohhh yeah you know that store
The one downtown in vivid neon
You can find a present to complete
Yourself and to find that part of you
That you are without and have within

Strap it on
Strap it

How does it fit is it pinching at you
It’s ok to find freedom in your body
To play with yourself and express
Your need and passion don’t be
Alone, it’s your body, your life

Oh baby strap
Strap it on

How does it fit is it pinching at you
It’s ok to find freedom in your body
To play with yourself and express
Your need and passion don’t be
Alone, it’s your body, your life

Don’t feel scared don’t feel afraid
Playing isn’t a sin it’s human nature
How big is it how small is it is it
Soft or squishy? It’s your own
Find yourself and rock your body

And on and on

Oh baby strap
Strap it on

No. 922789

I can't even imagine how this would sound. I would pay her to sing it

No. 922790

so now we know the "rocking" is her rubbing herself against her strap. ew.

No. 922799

File: 1700015898366.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20231114-183724.png)

She went out to see FNAF… In her Roxas cosplay

No. 922802

Is…is she censoring the word home?(sage)

No. 922804

File: 1700026987724.jpg (600.51 KB, 1079x1385, Screenshot_20231114_212642_Fac…)


Fucking kek, Sarah looks homeless and deranged.
No wonder her parents scream at her constantly, she's just hanging out in the living areas rocking and thrusting, jerking off the strap on, dressed as a cartoon character complete with the shittiest wig; it must be glorious
Shine on PT, shine on.

It looks like she's staying at a hotel based on this screenshot. Clean and uncluttered desk with a landline. Jfc she doesn't even have money, just sleep in your damn car you fucking idiot. And she could have waited for the movie to come out on streaming networks/pirated it.

No. 922805

>kami not real

No. 922806

I read it as "scared to go hole" kek

No. 922808

She's like a mentally ill toddler

No. 922816

you sound jealous and bitter, get a life femcel idiot(lost)

No. 922817

Jealous? Of Pixy???? Fucking kek, NTA but enjoy your ban retard

No. 922819

she didn't even have to wait at all, fnaf was released on streaming the day it was released in theatres, and was available to pirate day of release too.

No. 922827

i wonder if that’s why she’s in a hotel. looks like her mom deleted the post

No. 922837

Probably so. I mean she can’t really escape the fact that her 38 year old daughter is behaving that way on social media behind her back. There shouldn’t be any cowtipping involved but shes most likely gonna find out what’s been happening eventually even without the help of the trolls as one of these days someone is gonna report her ass and she’ll be arrested for either having a meltdown or indecent exposure.

I honestly hope they will make her homeless and stick with their guns since she needs a wake up call so badly and they don’t need to take care of an ungrateful 38 year old who refuses to grow up and actually take of themselves. She can go to a homeless shelter and take whatever shit that she can get. She needs to hit rock bottom.

No. 922841

She had just posted a new photoshoot with a new cosplay. She’s not poor. She has money. She just spends it on bad costumes that she thinks is good. She can’t manage money. She and Chris are the same. Both blow their money on toys and then e-beg that they are poor. Like Chris, don’t give her money.

No. 922848

she has a lot of credit card debt and unlike cwc she isnt popular with deranged moids hence the credit card debt.

No. 922850


You are correct, her mom would have found out eventually considering how unhinged she is. Her larping pals are kinda keeping their distance, but what's to stop one of them from screenshotting her suicide baiting and sending it to her mom/brother/father. (I noticed PT isn't friends with her mom on FB but her brother still is). She's also made vague threats to her parents about wanting them dead. It probably concerns people that barely know her like we do.

Sarah needs to hit rock bottom. I suspect that even if she were kicked out and forced to live out of her car for two weeks, and let back in by her parents after, she'd go back to her old ungrateful self as soon as she set foot in that house. She's too narcissistic and stupid.

No. 922865

>Find yourself and rock your body on and on and on
This part made me lost my shit

No. 922906

I can only imagine it as Amanda Palmer style faux-vaudeville, but if I had the time, most vocaloids can sort of be made to sing in English….

No. 922920

With all of those “mmmmmmms” and “yeahs” I can’t help but imagine the songs being country songs but really badly sang by a very drunk man who is also high and tone deaf.

No. 922926

File: 1700190308806.mp4 (2.68 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clafvqnog65qujs0cu…)

Tiktok meltdown 1/2

No. 922927

File: 1700190367220.mp4 (3.51 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clag2pnog65kkmtmgd…)

No. 922929

Aside from the old looking face she is completely indistinguishable from an emo 13 yr old. Bleak!

No. 922932

There’s barely any tears coming out of her. Like nobody’s gonna rescue her so she can stop with the fake crying.

No. 922935


posting on tiktok is surely the answer desu

No. 922936

What does she want? She is constantly asking for help. What if someone swooped down to save her from her evil parents and offered a job, a car, a place to crash. Would she even take it? I highly doubt it. What is all the complaining and crying and stressing for? I don't understand what she wants.

No. 922937


I don't think she knows what the word hyperventilating means

No. 922942

I know what she wants. Things to drop from the sky and everything to go exactly as she wants it.

No. 922943

Instead of tiktok tantrums i wish we got a recording of this validating ballad

No. 922960

My tinfoil that I have tightly wrapped on my head is that she’s trying to troonout because there’s always stories about trannies finding new homes and shit with other degenerates like her. The issue is that for the other trannies, either moids or TiFs, she’s too old and not cute enough to be accepted in a weird “found family” (Also known as polycule disguised as a “family” so kids can get groomed easily).
Just look at the tranny llama killers farm, it’s only trannies, they all just stink together the place and pretend to do something while tweeting all day, that’s PT’s dream life.
She could have all of that if she wasn’t over 16 years old, or if she was attractive enough for the tranny cultists to “rescue” her from her aboosive home.
That’s why I think she has been particularly desperate, posting these weird songs, these bunch of “I’M a MAN I’M a PERSON!!!” Messages and thirst traps accompanied with her “I don’t have a job and no one wants to hire me… BECAUSE I’M a TRANNY” messages.

No. 922962

I’d say that’s a solid tinfoil.

No. 922964

File: 1700237510096.jpeg (224.06 KB, 1242x1120, CE904D62-FFDC-4522-8857-B57DE4…)

She keeps writing and publishing random fanfics on archive of our own, daily, which would be honestly pretty admirable if it wasn’t mostly degenerate shit and schizo ramblings, they’re not really milk tbh, I’m mostly hoping to see more of her really cool songs kek. But this was something.

No. 922968

File: 1700242613828.jpg (548.02 KB, 1079x2601, Screenshot_20231117_093436_Fac…)

Ffuuuccckkkk, I feel so bad for her dad, she's straight up accusing him of drugging and molesting/raping her. That's so damn low of her, like who the fuck is going to take her in knowing that she'll lie about SA to get her way?

No. 922975

Jesus Christ. That is so, so, fucked up. I think pixy is probably bad enough to be considered a bonafide horrorcow at this point, right?

No. 922982

Lol she is speedrunning her own eventual homeless saga. It may be “her room” but it’s his house. She doesn’t pay a dime to live there at near 40 years old so he can dictate what he wants. Patience is wearing thin for the once more patient parent.

No. 922983

I can't wait for them to finally kick her out. She needs the reality check so bad lol. I assume she will suicide bait and e-beg but after awhile she will have to accept that she needs to grow the fuck up, get a job, and learn how to budget instead of blowing money on ugly little boy cosplays.

Then again, it's quite possible that she would just find a man who is desperate enough to let her live with him and mooch in exchange for sex. That's what most useless arrested development type women do after their parents cut them off. My bet is on that or a psych hospital for the future.

No. 922984

This is 100% gonna be the last straw for her father. Parents will tolerate a lot of shit behavior from their kids but I don't know any dad who would just allow his adult daughter to publicly claim she's being raped by him. How humiliating for him, hope no one he knows in real life catches wind of it.

No. 922994

It seems like anyone that knows her/knows of her in town knows she's not right in the head, so I highly doubt anyone would believe her even if she literally said "my dad is assaulting me"

No. 923015

File: 1700287744414.jpeg (501.57 KB, 1234x1080, IMG_3963.jpeg)

More childhood memories she’s trying to twist into potential rape allegations

No. 923022

PT’s Soren era is so weird, I really hope she doesn’t try to get the rottdog installed too.

No. 923035

If she's been hypothetically raped at home for decades, what does she hope to gain by complaining? Stop the lifetime of rape and have everything be good and still live at home? In what world is someone present enough to write these wild speculations, but at 40 is too incompetent to leave such a deadly situation? Abused children manage to run away and tell neighbors, you would think any rocking thrusting real MAN would have left ages ago.

No. 923036

she got caught being a disgusting degenerate and is trying to blame her father. shes still as slutty as her past but now no one wants to fuck her

No. 923040

Idk if you’re joking, but it’s very difficult to get people involuntarily hospitalized in America. That’s why crazy homeless people on the street don’t even get hospitalized.

No. 923043

its because theyre sheltered and don't know what the fuck theyre talking about.

No. 923046

File: 1700329461976.mp4 (8.68 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clbped7og65i4fpi2g…)

>I don’t want to be homeless I’m having a panic attack

No. 923048

File: 1700329626653.mp4 (2.15 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clbpcvnog65p8tsrg5…)

>help me help me help me help me help me

No. 923049

The whole time she kept touching her hair I thought oh no that wig's gonna move any second now if she doesn't stop fiddling with it but unfortunately it's just her hair. It seriously looks like a bad wig and whoever compared her to mad tvs stewart was spot on

No. 923050

She took the time to pop in those scary ass blue contacts before her meltdown or is the assumption here that she sleeps wearing them?

No. 923051

anon, you're really unhinged in these messages.

long time ago the pixyteri saga crossed boundaries with people messaging her. this is one of those times of crossed boundaries. you do seem like you have a personality disorder.

No. 923052

File: 1700331932925.jpeg (554.11 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_8688.jpeg)

>Me from today….I don’t know how I’m still alive if i’ll be honest.

No. 923055

Didnt Soren die because of the rotdog lol

No. 923056

Okay this is actually crazy. She seems to be recalling otherwise positive childhood memories of going to a water park with her family and trying her hardest to twist them into something bad

No. 923058

Exactly because of that I worry about PT tbh, what if she dies for the sake of getting a crumb of attention?

No. 923059

Context? Is she dropping the troon thing?

No. 923062

File: 1700339236780.jpeg (493.28 KB, 828x1441, IMG_3966.jpeg)

It’s a male character

No. 923063

File: 1700339839127.gif (34.39 KB, 320x274, Rgfggfggr5r.gif)

she sounds like Sakura-chan from Sugoi Quest for Kokoro when whining. I'm deceased

No. 923065

Looks like she shaved her stache.

No. 923073

seriously. she remembers crying and sitting on a bench. she was a child - what child doesn't cry?? it's so disturbing to see her trying so hard to make her dad out to be a pedophile by framing him as "leering" at her because she's wearing a bathing suit

No. 923076

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to imply she was abused in the same way DIDiots on Tiktok are doing with fake stories of a Satanic cult called Ramcoa or something, this reads very similarly, when the reality is that some people just struggle to clearly recall memories from childhood beyond bits and pieces. I’m sure Debbie and her dad bickered in public and the kids picked up on it, Debbie is mental as well and plenty of Texas dads relax with a beer at this water park, but I doubt it was anything as dark and dramatic as Pixy is trying to make it out to be.

No. 923077


I think this will finally get her kicked out as well. She already humiliated him when she was doing all those gangbangs and his coworkers found out she was the town bicycle. He was a few years from retirement and had to work through those final years with his co-workers knowing and telling him his daughter was a disgusting slut. Now she's accusing him of incest/rape/molestation/whatever. She's going to kill what little patience and love her parents have for her.
It's only a matter of time before a cowtipper messages them that shit and the homeless saga will begin. (

I don't trust her to take care of her parents when they get too old, wouldn't surprise me if she tries poisoned them.

No. 923080

>40 year old retard doesn't remember her childhood photographically
>the only explanation can be child abuse

No. 923085

How did you know that his coworkers was the one who told him about his daughters sexual escapades? This is new to me.

No. 923087

It was on Stamina Rose, or maybe the board before/after that one? I don't know if there's an older anon that can help out (or correct me)

I think maybe it was around the time her mom found her sex journal

Also, they weren't harassing him or calling his daughter a disgusting slut to his face from my knowledge, but he knew they knew.
I'm may be wrong, but PT may have said this in one of her fb posts. No screenshots unfortunately as all was lost with SR and my memory is hazy.

No. 923089

Wrong, her dad was never informed/contacted about her, and anytime the beans were spilled to her parents it was always through Deb on her facebook/email. Also the few times people went to her brother and his wife, and the wife begged people to stop harassing the famliy cause it made everything worse for PT.

No. 923091

she really is a horror cow now. fucking disgusting.

No. 923094

As someone who has a panic disorder this is not what a panic attack looks like lol. She's not hyperventilating, she's able to speak clearly and make a TikTok. She's just crying like a toddler not having a fucking panic attack lol. So overdramatic and pathetic

No. 923098

>when she was doing all those gangbangs
Oh my god I'm really not versed on the lore here

No. 923109

is it just me or does this read like fetish content? at this point i wouldn't be surprised if making up all these fake scenarios of her dad molesting her also gets her off. we already know she's into pedo and rape stuff, what's a little incest on top?

No. 923111

File: 1700417440553.jpg (262.25 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20231119_100940_Fac…)

Wtf is she sperging on about? Lol

No. 923116

She probably lurks here or someone commented on her page even though she turned off her comments on Tiktok.

No. 923117

File: 1700423403342.jpeg (46.96 KB, 610x343, 7605F198-8E14-4AD5-8BFF-1877A9…)

Maybe she’s sperging about her cosplay of this character in which all she managed to do was look like a cozy granny witch who sells lavender.
Someone probably told her something very mild on some platform and she’s malding.

No. 923134

she really does look like a granny you’d see in a Sunspot that reeks of unwashed feet, tuna crotch, and patchouli, not a sexy feminine man gd

No. 923139

the only thing she knows about csa is through yaoi/shota and slash fic, so this is the best she can come up with to convince everyone she was molested

No. 923141

That look honestly fit her better than the teen boy steward larp.

No. 923142

File: 1700466964013.jpeg (786.95 KB, 828x1338, IMG_3977.jpeg)

No. 923144

I've been reading through this thread and it's clear what PT wants. Everyone to pander to their every wish and demand. They clearly believe if their a victim everyone show just give them stuff and money. If that’s the case them her parents are due a shot tonne from her for being an insufferable cunt. This am going to die garbage is annoying. Die of what lack of nonstop attention?(you can say "she", nobody is going to arrest you)

No. 923146

Seriously at this point, the whole “I’m going to die/ I don’t want to die” shit has turned into her catchphrase kek, like a fucking Pokémon.

No. 923148

It's like a sign-off, everything ends with "I am a man" or "btw I'm going to die"

No. 923172

File: 1700525118507.jpeg (167.8 KB, 1169x734, 923AE061-7870-4080-B2B0-0678DD…)

Don’t you have to put your legal name on an application for tax purposes?

No. 923174

Not on the application. You can put anything on that part.

No. 923184

The middle-aged Karen really comes out in the "it is my RIGHT, I have RIGHTS" wording she always goes with

No. 923200

For a resume or application you're usually allowed to use whatever nickname you like, but yeah there will eventually be times you'd need to provide your legal name like by proving your ID, or giving bank details so you can get paid properly. And it could cause issues with referencing her past experience if the recruiters find that there was no "Ashton" at her old employer.
Overall she's perfectly entitled to let them know her preferred name, but it's childish and unwise to totally ignore her legal name just because she doesn't like it anymore.

No. 923204

File: 1700577180033.jpg (263.78 KB, 1080x2145, Screenshot_20231121-093144_Chr…)

This "Tara Ashley" really needs to give it up and fuck off. Leave Debbie alone before you ruin it for the rest of us you retarded rotten cunt. Cowtippers need to rope NOW

No. 923205

I don't visit this thread often, but I'm pretty sure Debbie hates PT and doesn't really want to help her. She's just trying to look like a good person in front of acquaintances.

No. 923208

Willing to seek help?

Christ in a bucket, how stupid and oblivious could you be. No amount of gay ops are gonna help PT, and with the bullshit she’s been subjecting everyone in her life to for almost 20 years, she doesn’t even deserve it. There is no fixing extreme adult tards like her and cwc.

Quit cow tipping “Tara”, you’re wasting your time.

No. 923221

File: 1700594948616.mp4 (2.44 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clda5hvog65vr4cg9i…)

Just lettin everyone know she’s about to die

No. 923222

Shaved the mustache finally, kek.

No. 923224

Thanks for the daily reminder that you are, in fact, about to die! I don’t know how I’d remember this very important fact if she didn’t tell us every. single. fucking. day. Is it some kind of verbal tic or something???

No. 923231

File: 1700615489782.jpeg (Spoiler Image,581.11 KB, 1170x1765, EDC306DC-9C5A-46E2-A034-8FAA12…)

This random profile sent me a message “informing” me that Sarah was sending his 14 year old nephew hentai and that she was “grooming him.” I immediately called bullshit on this because I got the impression he was just another cowtipper egging her on to send stuff. I asked him some basic questions like sending me any kind of proof of grooming or knowledge that she was talking to an 14 y/o and of course he didn’t reply.

That being said, Pixy really needs to be more careful in who she’s having these explicit exchanges with. I checked out this guy’s profile and it would be as clear as day to anyone it’s a sock account especially for this purpose(the only photos are Kingdom hearts ). You would think she would see this profile void of any personal identity and ignore it. But instead she engaged and sent anime porn.

She needs to realize there are people out there— the Bella Janke’s of the world, who would LOVE to see get arrested, labeled as a sex offender, whatever.. And might try to entrap her into incriminating herself. And I hope this doesn’t happen because I don’t think she’s a pedophile. Her obsession w teenage anime boys is gross but I don’t think she’s sexually turned on by real people in general. Everyone and everything in real life is too triggering for her.

Okay rant over.(emoji, potential cowtipping, unspoilered nsfw)

No. 923233

File: 1700616776903.jpeg (572.33 KB, 1170x1705, 1A364065-653F-42FA-91B5-A899D7…)

Then again, if she did incriminate herself it would be his own fault for deliberately engaging with a minor.

I don’t think she would do that but it also can’t help but feel there’s a sliver of possibility that if a 16 year old Sora cosplayer or some sh*t were to message her at just the right time and feed her ego in all the right ways, she could do something stupid. Again I hope that’s not the case, but still felt concerned when I saw this.(***** *** **** *** *** ** *******)

No. 923234

File: 1700616792321.jpg (556.35 KB, 1078x4144, Screenshot_20231121_172712_Fac…)

Her therapist is tired of her shit kek

No. 923235

File: 1700617025501.jpg (288.88 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20231121_173614_Fac…)

More dying posts and I guess someone tipped her off to us, fucking cowtippers.

No. 923236

>the cops need to be involved
>makes sure to get victim points for being “abused” by a mentally retarded woman instead of actually contacting the cops

No. 923237

File: 1700617657063.jpg (131.08 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20231121_174550_Fac…)

She already worked at Target, if she was fired or she didn't put in her 2 weeks then they won't hire her. It's pretty telling that target won't hire her for the holidays.
Also, employers can't get your employment history from other places because you're submitting an application with a completely different name and sex. Fucking idiot.

No. 923238

Why would some random message YOU about what PT is doing with his nephew? I call bullshit

No. 923239

It's like that grandma trope where every time she says goodbye after visiting she goes "who knows, I'll probably die soon" but she's been saying that for 30 years now.

No. 923240


PT wouldn't do this, PT wouldn't do that, Sarah doesn't give a shit. I wouldn't put it past her. She's 38 and larping as a boy ffs. The only thing I believe is that no boy would cyber with her because she's extremely unattractive and looks like an old lesbian, not a thin young kawaii gai boi.

No. 923241

She’s just hoping someone gives her money so she can get her breasts and reproductive organs removed, that’s why she’s always posting the same shit already.

No. 923243

i wish she'd get on with it sometimes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923251


His???(learn to sage)

No. 923252

File: 1700625836678.jpg (123.82 KB, 640x521, 23-11-21-22-04-01-067_deco.jpg)

No. 923253

Good question. I think it’s that I know PT pretty personally, show her unconditional support and she trusts me. So maybe it was an attempt to get me to turn on her publicly and “expose” her for the “lols”? Very stupid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923255

Can this be the next thread image PLS(sage)

No. 923259

Same, gave me a good laugh

She’s had a therapist this whole time? And she’s still this crazy?? What a waste of money.

No. 923260


Kek are you whiteknighting her? I can't tell who's the bigger retard her or you for getting this involved with her.

No. 923261

Doubt its a therapist. Im guessing some community/church thing. A person pt probably knew already and did not have to search for herself

No. 923263

i gonna have to agree. shes throwing a tantrum like a teenager not getting their way because shes mentally retarded and terminally online oversharing. the funny thing is even if someone gave her money she would just blow it on stupid cosplay shit.
also tinfoil but i cant help but thing people from her larping/cosplay group thing are cowtipping tbh

No. 923264

By now she must have a large collection of cosplays, why doesn't she sell some of her shit to get more money? Not that I'd personally want to buy something pt owned but it would still do her good. Decluttering her room and getting some money too. Debbie would be happy too I'm sure.

No. 923265

This sent me nonna. We all get older but she stays the same. Wild shit.

No. 923271

You might be onto something there - she hasn’t mentioned larping in a while, probably not since she thought someone from there spat on her…

No. 923281

More like she has been asked not to come back after insinuating that someone had sexualy assaulted her and the whole spitting thing.

No. 923288

Debbie's as nasty as PT, but she does a better job of keeping her crazy under wraps, she definitely thought she could make PT appear normal to outsiders as well. She's tried to make PT seem normal for decades- she had to tell her to wash because she stank so bad, and she got worse as PT started on the retarded sperging about the windchime, and constantly wearing ill-fitting inappropriate cosplays around town, and discussing her sex life and associated diseases in public under her real name, and more. Now we're in the impending death troon phase when she's going on 40. Of course Debbie's fucking done with her at this point.

No. 923289

File: 1700684075535.jpg (298.56 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20231122_120946_Fac…)

We barely know anything about her first boyfriend aside from them living together and he was black. I didn't even know he cosplayed with her. I think she mentioned he was abusive, but everyone that doesn't lick Sarah's asshole is abusive. Pretty sure I heard he married a while back and has a kid.

Good on him, I hope he knows he dodged a bullet and is living his best life

No. 923299

She’ll be okay?? I thought she was sure she was going to die soon?

No. 923306

File: 1700697016618.jpg (184.96 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20231122_154505_Fac…)

More whining

No. 923308

File: 1700697252008.jpg (783.51 KB, 1080x3972, Screenshot_20231122_155253_Fac…)

Counsler ain't fucking around

No. 923311

I don't think the counselor told her she's "not worthy of love" lol. That commenter was probably right and Pixy just misinterpreted what the counselor said. Maybe he said something like, having a partner or friends shouldn't be her priority rn.

No. 923312

File: 1700698778312.mp4 (7.55 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clf2blvog65m880t5n…)

>MAD i hate people

No. 923313

File: 1700698819199.mp4 (7.37 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000clf2af7og65nfgdl6l…)

>stressed and poor and scared

No. 923314

>”even though I’m fucking amazing and I know I am”
kek Pixy never really changes

No. 923315

She’s trying so hard to be like the other troons grifting on tiktok. I know she’s mentally ill but god what a spoiled brat she still is after all these years.

No. 923319

>coffee shop job
Tinfoil but is she angling for starbucks to get her ftm transition stuff covered?

No. 923324

God… can you imagine the worst-case scenario where Sarah got a sex change with her hygiene track record? She'd probably die from sepsis. I don't think she'll wake up from this trans delusion, but I don't see it ending any remotely positive way. She either gets surgeries and doesn't take care of them, resulting in complications, or she doesn't get anything and eat herself up in the inside (not that she hasn't been doing a fantastic job so far).

No. 923325

Is Pixyteri on T?


Bro get a job and then sell her art.

No. 923329

I think Pixy is not mentally well enough to get surgeries. It's very obvious she's not all there and it'd be very unethical to operate on her. If by some miracle a doctor does agree to butcher her then.. well I honestly don't know. The system is already rotten to the core but letting a woman this mentally ill get surgeries would be going miles through the already broken bottom of the barrel.

No. 923333

File: 1700718474663.jpg (713.48 KB, 1078x3150, Screenshot_20231122_214642_Fac…)

Someone's getting blocked

(this comment is from PT complaining about her counsler)

No. 923335

File: 1700726299977.jpeg (48.72 KB, 1080x328, IMG_9070.jpeg)

seems like more “Tara” posting, as she is still trying to interact and save this omega autist by using a censored name.

I highly doubt this is a legitimate therapist replying here. No professional mental health worker would be doing shit like this on Facebook with an active client. This reads as cow tipping and I don’t know how these posts aren’t getting flagged.

Whoever is new to the thread, you cannot fix or “save” PT. Stop trying and or wasting your time to convince this mess of sentience that she’s a functional human. Unless PT is sent to live in group home for fellow retards, she will never improve or change, nor receive whatever therapy is needed to help people like her.

Many of us are struggling to keep up with inflation & housing costs while PT goes on Tiktok and claims she doesn’t have access to water/food (while she’s fat as fuck and living off her elderly parents + clearly has access to both).

Regardless of how shitty Deb is a person, most families would have given up on their MIDDLE AGED CHILD way before this point. She is lucky she has had all this borrowed time.

Let her crash & burn like she deserves. This is the hardest cow besides Shay to not alog on.

No. 923336


It's crazy, there was a time we were all rooting for her when she got off the internet, spent time with her family, lost weight, (possible medicated?). She was doing OK. Her thead even died.

She regressed so badly and is the horrible person she's always been deep down. Fuck her Karen dumbass.

No. 923337

Hahaha her saying she's amazing and she knows she is. God. Like that's a nice thing to be supportive of yourself but she's profoundly boring, making herself uglier by the day and has no skills to bring to any kind of table. Her interests are shallow and pedestrian and all she cares about is getting attention. The only thing interesting about her is how good she is at fucking up her own life.

No. 923347

No, she mentioned in another post that she had an interview at a New Orleans coffee company place.

No. 923353

I remember when she cut down on snacks and did loads of weeb dances to lose weight, it looked like the Queen's reign had finally ended. It's incredible how she's managed to fall even further than where she started. She's really that determined to ruin her life.

No. 923367

pt is a genuine retard with a clinically shitty personality, and thats her biggest problem and why shes a cow

No. 923416

Bless you anon

No. 923470

File: 1700953862852.jpeg (427.25 KB, 1170x2264, IMG_9091.jpeg)

not milk, but an update as to why she isn’t larping lately, besides annoying the fuck out of any breathing being in her vicinity. in a walking boot you could get from any medical supply store or goodwill while acting like she’s gonna die (but what else is new). can’t imagine being so useless to society and so boring that one personality trait you have. her parents need to give her a metaphorical boot to match this one and save their money from her making up problems to keep from working.

No. 923473

So are we gonna get the Munchausen syndrome saga soon if we haven’t already?

No. 923478

Usually j just lurk here but witnessing her new trans phase made me think about something

It’s off-topic and probably been already mentionned. Most of us don’t believe ahe truly thinks she’s a man and her transitionning is not sincere. But to me is just another spoiled brat move like "if I can’t be and look like the girl I want to be, (aka a kawaii japanese idol) then I won’t be a female at all"

It’s kind of sad actually how her situation went downhill. As another nonna said I remember when lots of people rooted for her and were happy when she seemed to get ger life back together… and yes her home environnement is far from great but still.
Social media, zoomers ideology can destroy you in so many ways…

No. 923479

File: 1700965392229.jpg (818.43 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20231125_181524_Fac…)


She added some blubbering on FB. She's such a retard and can't follow basic medical advice Ms Muh bone spurrsss hurt and why won't it get better?! :(
Like what excuse can she have for not wearing it? She literally doesn't do anything but lay around and paint.(:()

No. 923480

File: 1700965521602.jpg (149.84 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20231125_181848_Fac…)

Anon might be on to something regarding her faking her injury. All jobs are traumatic and the mention of a job triggers her to epic proportions

No. 923481

File: 1700965607270.jpg (357.74 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20231125_181638_Fac…)

Last one, Sarah being a dramatic, horny, and bitter incel

No. 923485

I just don’t get it, dick is abundant and of low value, she can just, idk, create a tinder or something and snatch a moid who wants to fuck, I don’t think that would be so difficult since moids will fuck anything, from a burger to the elderly.
Specially since she’s talking about fucking, not about getting a boyfriend, it shouldn’t be that hard to get a one night stand even in Texas, I don’t live there but I’m sure there’s horny moids living there, I really doubt there’s literally zero none cero men willing to fuck, who are 100% super religious and not ready to call her a boy or some shit, degeneracy can’t be all condensed in a few states of a whole ass country.

No. 923488

Usually when she goes on these rants, she's mad because someone told her off about her pedo fetish but she never puts that part in her FB statuses, just that she's an incel and she has freedom to express her desires blah blah blah. When the only time she's ever accosted for her sexuality is when it involves children/minor characters. Lest we forget being an incel is an excuse to be attracted to minors at her big age of almost 40.

No. 923491

File: 1700979321395.jpg (454.15 KB, 1079x1977, Screenshot_20231125_220830_Fac…)

Sarah thinks she's a twink fucking kek

No. 923492

File: 1700979462808.jpg (654.33 KB, 1054x1941, Screenshot_20231125_221446_Fac…)


She posted this today. I don't understand the appeal and I do suspect she likes younger teens (didn't she go after James when he was a teen and then stalked him when he was done fucking her?)

No. 923494

File: 1700979575786.jpg (285.88 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20231125_220854_Fac…)

Sarah sperging out at the suicide hotline. Pretty sure they have her blacklisted

No. 923495

File: 1700979994209.jpg (187.31 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20231125_220954_Fac…)

I wonder if this is what she calls the crisis line for.
"I'm dying and I don't want to work and I'm poor and I hate my parents and I want dick NOW! NOW! NOW!"

Those poor counslers.

No. 923502

>I don't want to work.
Ftfy, PT.

No. 923531

File: 1701059073722.jpg (46.04 KB, 600x450, tumblr_mh7q7xsRyY1rbvxhyo1_640…)

What happened?

No. 923532


She actually used to be pretty, it’s such a shame.

No. 923559

File: 1701103700062.jpg (239.54 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20231127_084812_Fac…)

I don't get it, no one forced her to do anything. Her parents didn't force her to buy all those girlie cosplays

No. 923583

her strong victim complex is so unbearable.

No. 923585

I really miss 2021 PT… This is just so awful…

No. 923589

File: 1701138956497.jpg (208.85 KB, 1079x1112, Screenshot_20231127_182948_Fac…)

It's a UTI ya nasty moron

No. 923590

File: 1701139934053.jpeg (435.08 KB, 2076x1016, 6862DE44-1481-48B7-9FF9-A5C3E6…)

No. 923600

Why does she not just go to the fucking doctor already

No. 923603

she can't afford to because what little money she has left goes towards cosplay and larping

No. 923614

File: 1701198033766.jpeg (229.02 KB, 1207x608, IMG_5504.jpeg)

Begging her parents to die? Classy

No. 923615

File: 1701199488753.jpg (372.71 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20231128_112333_Fac…)


Jesus, I hope this arc doesn't get any darker.
Her mom loses her shit a lot, like who the hell wouldn't? Most parents would have kicked her out a long ass time ago. She cares a lot for Sarah, it's tragic all around

No. 923616

Sage for non milk. But I fully believe she will kill her parents or try to get someone to kill them. Half of what she writes looks like hidden threats. They need to kick her out.

No. 923617


She does not have the balls to do so, she will sit and complain on Facebook like she usually does, but nothing will come out of it.

No. 923619

god PT does sound unhinged enough to kill them both in their own damn house atp, I don’t know how these posts don’t terrify them or make it hard to sleep soundly. Deb sucks but my heart does break at the idea of raising your tard spawn, giving her whatever she wants even as an adult, and this is all you end up with. There is no way she isn’t yelling back at them or screaming insults in broken Japanese when they ask her to do the bare minimum like clean her room or shower. We really are in the worst timeline nonas

No. 923620

I hope debbie knows how kindly her daughter speaks of her and her father. They should throw her out. And if Pixy feels so unsafe in the house why doesn't she just go to a homeless shelter. Does she think she can just keep squatting at her parent's house after they die?

No. 923622

I don't think Debbie can see Pixys posts, someone (not us farmers but someone on pixys facebook) should definitely show her these 'wish my parents were dead' posts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923623

It's the same song and dance she's always preformed. She wants attention and sympathy, not help or results. Some of you are taking her too seriously, she isn't murder her parents tier - though I'm sure she'd like you to think that if it got her attention.

She's like someone with Munchausens, who will lie and fake anything if it gets them sympathy and asspats (note - not trying to armchair she has that or any other disorder, just trying to relate it in a way anons might understand). She's definitely a stunted tard but she puts on dramatics because she's constantly enabled both offline and online. I honestly think it's amazing people can have followed her for all these years and still feel any kind of empathy for her. Even her level of tardum is played up hard, note how she held steady work in the past just fine prior to her internet infamey that gained her a slew of enablers and easy access sympathy asspats.

No. 923628

She actually talks privately to some next level scrotes who like to encourage her antics. Someone on kiwifarms a while back mentioned how they purposefully manipulate her for milk. I wouldn't be surprised if one would ever talk her into trying to hurt her parents. She needs her internet cutoff from her asap.

No. 923629

She goes to the doctor constantly, but exclusively through the ER. Some burnt out doctor who just got done triaging some dude who just ran over his foot with a lawnmower is going to take one look at this munchie frequent flyer, write a script for antibiotics and move on to people who actually need help. If she actually had a PCP she might get the help she needs for the antibiotic resistant megaSTD rotting her insides but she might have to step on a scale, so that's not an option.

No. 923630

I think you mean look younger.(sage your shit)

No. 923631

lmao @ you thinking this. all she does is whine on fb because her stinky ass wont go to the ER

No. 923636

File: 1701215295989.png (77.14 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20231128-154729.png)

What/who is making her jealous this time?

No. 923638

File: 1701216156639.jpeg (256.89 KB, 828x1480, IMG_4040.jpeg)

No. 923639

File: 1701216252510.jpeg (743.31 KB, 828x1292, IMG_4038.jpeg)

No. 923640

File: 1701216349661.jpeg (553.45 KB, 828x1252, IMG_4039.jpeg)

No. 923641

File: 1701216784412.jpg (204.45 KB, 651x626, lookwhaticando.jpg)

I need her to get help. Or at the very least, dye her hair back to its natural color.

No. 923642

Why the fuck is she wearing cosplay contacts and a pronoun pin to a job interview? No wonder she never gets hired.

No. 923644

For someone who was totally being forced to wear skirts and shit, she seemed way too happy to do the pooping pose she always does.

No. 923656

File: 1701233291243.jpg (116.93 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20231128_203744_Fac…)

Looks like she bombed the interview (to no one's surprise)

No. 923657

File: 1701233537358.jpg (314.21 KB, 1080x1300, Screenshot_20231128_204035_Fac…)

More bitching about being misgendered. She's going to destroy that larping group with her troon antics.

I am curious though, she says she doesn't have money, but she's eating at Olive Garden? I'm positive her parents took her, what an ungrateful hag.

No. 923658


Y'all are underestimating Sarah just like ChrisChan. Lots of people said he'd rape someone, and most people said the same thing; he's too weak, he's a coward, he'd get his ass kicked etc.
Then he raped his mother who's riddled with dementia (while stealing from her and neglecting her medically).

I don't expect Sarah to outright stab her parents, but like CWC, she'll wait for the perfect opportunity (when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable) to strike. I'm pretty sure if her dad
had a preally bad fall and was unconscious Sarah would just go to her room and claim she didn't see anything.

No. 923662

No she threw glass at her dad.

No. 923663

Can you imagine this hulking beast in her dirty and low quality cosplay waddling her way into the Olive Garden KEKKK those poor workers.

No. 923666

on top of that, having the audacity to want to be called a man. like everyone can see how bonkers you are sarah, and no one sane wants to encourage it

No. 923682

She doesn’t realize her height and voice are dead giveaways of her femaleness. She doesn’t even try to deepen her voice. Just a crazy ass woman with a bad hair cut

No. 923698

File: 1701298437393.png (84.14 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20231129-145447.png)

No. 923699

tbh relatable kek

No. 923700

File: 1701299899613.jpg (127.44 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_20231129_151618_Fac…)

I swear she's got brain parasites

No. 923701

I'm not trying to cowtip, but she is going off on messenger right now when all I wanted to do was talk about cosplay stuff. Like, she is saying her left arm hurts, and wants to know if someone is making her get a tattoo. This is some sort of psychosis. Also straight up told me she was molested as a small child. like, didn't hint at it, just straight up told me. I didn't ask who did it though, because that is fucked up to ask anyone in any situation. She also got rid of her counselor because he was trying to help her find a job, and the ones he was suggesting, she did not like. I did tell her she needs to seek out help from someone with an actual medical degree to help sort her issues. She probably won't though.(for the last time, don't post interactions with cows)

No. 923712

File: 1701305487951.mp4 (3.81 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cljob5nog65omrupip…)

>Worried as usual (emoji)

No. 923713

Geez. I don’t know how anyone can stand by her for so long. Try not to piss her off anon otherwise she’ll block you.

No. 923714

Jealous of…
- Young and attractive men because she feels she “deserves” to be one
- People with money esp wealthy people, as she feels she deserves to be rich for doing nothing.
- People who are better than her at art.
- People in relationships

It really just depends on the day. She’ll rarely if ever mention anyone specific unless she’s talking about her parents. She’s never mentioned the people she larps with by name.

No. 923718


Omg no it's not a psychosis, she throws shit at the wall and sees what sticks. Just like the ghost that was trying to put a ring on her and fuck her. When you watch the tiktok she's clearly trying to hide a smile.
I believe women when they say they've been assaulted, with the exception of PT. If you're going to be cowtipping by contacting her, the least you could've done was ask who did it you useless shithead.

No. 923721

You're the cowtipper, aren't you? Please stop. Your weird parasitic relationship with cows may seem entertaining with your little butt buddies on KF but we have no interest in it.

No. 923722

The forced deep voice

No. 923729

She really is into the whole suing stuff, I wonder if she will fake being in an accident to get some money.

No. 923737

File: 1701365876674.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20231130-093734.png)

Yes, Sarah. Your parents won't kick you out of their house if you did this.

Sage for non milk

No. 923741

Well you're WORKSHY and UGLY. So yeah.

No. 923746

I really don't get why anons are so insistent that PT could be normal if she just tried. Like yeah she's a spoiled idiot and is definitely lying at least sometimes, but the things she's constantly freaking out over are clearly not real to anyone but her, are all-consumingly consistent, and are really reminiscent of the kinds of body control delusions that people in psychosis/with schizophrenia have. I obviously can't know what she actually has, but the idea that she is just ~pretending~ to be an unemployable bag-lady who jerks off an imaginary penis in public and thinks ghosts in her house are forcing her to get tattoos is almost delusional in itself, imo.

No. 923755

>Maybe I'll sell something and be OK for a while.
She says as she sits bill-free in her bed, in her parent's house.

No. 923764

They should just section her… but too bad she isnt that crazy. But she needs to be in a psych ward with no internet and intensive therapy. I feel bad for her family.

No. 923767

The sad thing is how extremely difficult it is to get someone involuntarily committed, especially to the level that she needs. At least in my state it's like that. I've seen a psych patient who literally had to be chemically sedated to the point of intubation in the ICU, more than once, for how dangerous she was to herself and others, and it STILL took a long, long time to get her thrown into a state psych facility (an asylum, if you will). So I don't have hopes too high that Sarah will be forced to get the intensive help she needs to get her psychosis under control.

No. 923771

Texas fag here, and yeah, it's almost impossible to get someone committed if they're not willing to be helped. PT, while has obvious issues, isn't close to what the state would be considered a danger to herself or others. A group home would be probably the best enviroment, but she still would just pout and complain about the same meaningless shit while there like muh pronons, how shes old, and that yaoi boys don't want her. Even if she was on meds to help her, PT is PT.

No. 923773

File: 1701402339563.jpeg (228.18 KB, 1170x845, 9070E63E-043A-4952-8194-A2CEA9…)

Freaking Felipe, man adding fuel right to her delusions. Enter the “I think I have diabetes and I’m dying” era. Also, age? Human beings are still pretty resilient at 37, dude. Sarah is perfectly healthy (physically anyway).. yes she’s entering middle age but she’s by no means “old” enough to be having some rapidly deteriorating eye condition.

This was in response to her post saying she was seeing “flashing lights” or something from earlier today but strangely enough she actually deleted it. I’m wondering why.(emoji)

No. 923805

great job at leaving your pfp.

You interact with Pixy a lot in comments and even got a commission from her? Fucking cowtipper

No. 923812


Kek recognized her right away

I suspect that Felipe dude is a cowtipper as well

No. 923814

File: 1701454953581.jpeg (487.85 KB, 828x1054, IMG_4063.jpeg)

The cowtippers Facebook. She interacts with PT quite a bit, she’s almost certainly the one coming here to brag about interactions, seems like a cow herself

No. 923816

File: 1701456289397.png (2.95 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_5575.png)

Emily has been talking to Pixy for months, and you can tell Pixy thinks of her as a friend because Pixy comments and likes on all of Emily’s posts.

You can also tell on this thread what posts are from Emily, as Emily leaked her pfp with a dark theme, and the typing style of posts with a dark theme is the same typing style. Emily, what do you get out of cowtipping? It’s weird and we can clearly tell you have an obsession for Pixy.

No. 923819

I think Felipe is from the local larping group

No. 923820

Emily does this with other cows too. I've seen her interacting with some minor cows in Tiktok. This is her thing. Must be some weird complex where she feels soooooo good about herself for being s00per nice to the lolcows unlike the meanie cyberboolies on here. She's been giving me a gross feeling for months kek

No. 923821

someone from the larping group? it sounds like some of them cant stand her

No. 923822

File: 1701463361448.jpeg (161.1 KB, 978x424, IMG_5578.jpeg)

Emily is still cowtipping as of an hour ago

No. 923827

Kek, you'd think she'd go into crisis mode and lock down her profile, what a fucking idiot. Emily, sometimes this is how cowtippers become milky cows, keep it up!

No. 923829

the way she immediately came here in the middle of a conversation with PT to report the details like everyone here is her buddy makes it pretty obvious she has no normal friends.

there is something wrong with anybody who spends this much time chasing down personal relationships with lolcows. for god's sake emily get some self-respect

No. 923831

I do feel bad for Sarah cause I want her life to get better too. But I have my doubts that it will since the "misgendering" is probably not going to stop. There's nothing really to do to change your gender or to control how people perceive you. And that makes hiring her so difficult. People don't want to hire people like Sarah. Especially in the service industry.
I hope every day that Sarah can wake up from the nightmare she's in but that's not up to me. Its all up to her.

No. 923836

File: 1701474245888.mp4 (2.9 MB, 648x576, v12044gd0000cgnm753c77u7sd1g99…)

This woman is unhinged, what the fuck Emily. This goes so beyond your average cowtipping behavior, giving her money, pretending to be her friend, sucking her imaginary dick all the while posting here almost daily, get a fucking life of your own. I hope this is a wake up call but you seem like you’re in too deep at this point to get help

No. 923841


Goddamn anon, I thought you made this compilation I just checked her tiktok and she fucking made it herself! I fucking can't kek

No. 923842

File: 1701480309622.jpg (16.41 KB, 302x299, fasd-adult.jpg)

she has one of those faces

No. 923844

File: 1701483717724.jpg (37.41 KB, 934x211, Untitled.jpg)

incredibly funny

No. 923845

Hi, it’s Emily.

Welp, looks like I’m busted and open for attack. I get it. I found PixyTeri about a year ago and fell into the lore, engaged with her because I found it incredibly fascinating, then came here to discuss and now it’s biting me in the ass.


Yes, I’ve posted here a few times, but I will say there are a lot of sceenshots in “dark mode” and the majority of them are not me. I was not the one who said “I didn’t know it was Pixy” like Kiwi is stating. obviously there’s no way to prove what I have and haven’t said, so think what you want, but I think my involvement here is being blown out of proportion a bit.


Mid-conversation? Reporting on what was said? Where? I brought up a comment. I haven’t posted anything regarding conversations we’ve had.

It’s also pretty presumptuous to assume I have no friends/life because I followed and talked to an eccentric individual on the internet. Yes, I bought some of her art because I like it. Was it wrong and two faced of me to come on here and discuss the drama unfolding on a daily basis? Admittedly. But I have a pretty solid, enjoyable and dare I say it “normal” life. Definitely not interesting or engaging enough online to be “lol cow” status.


Does this really constitute a crisis, though? Yeah, I’ll probably lose my friendship with Pixy for this, and she’s going to see me as someone who betrayed her for engaging with “trolls.” Which is unfortunate because I genuinely do want the best for her and for her to get over these delusions, make peace and live some semblance of a normal life and liked being someone who was there for her when I could. Did I come here and vent when the behavior got laughably wacky? Guilty.

Having a bunch of anonymous strangers psychoanalyzing and criticizing me for something I can acknowledge was a mistake to get involved with in the first place isn’t really a crisis in my eyes.

I’m a pretty transparent person and enjoy constructive criticism, so if any of you anons want to reach out to me on FB directly to tell me what a weird and shitty person I am, feel free.:)

I’ll obviously be on here for a bit to answer any responses to this, but afterwards I’ll get out of your hair. I won’t be engaging with Pixy’s posts anymore because she’s going to inevitably find out and block me anyways. So yeah, mission success guys, nice work.(cowtipping retard)

No. 923846

Did you find anything disturbing from the interactions you had with her? Was there something we don’t know about?

No. 923847

I hate you, Emily. I hate all these YouTubers who make lolcow documentaries because it’s people like you who watch them who think they’re the next big “troll” like Janke. Hope karma comes for you because you’re interacting with a mentally unstable woman who obviously got traumatized by countless years of undeserved trolling. I’ll take the ban for saying “hi, cow” I don’t care.

No. 923849

She looks more unhinged than PT and that's saying something

No. 923851

Least u can do is post the wildest DMs you’ve gathered since u put in so much effort here, make it worth something

No. 923854

Did she ever say anything about being molested as a kid?

No. 923856

Nah, I’m not going to do that.

Like I said, I do care about her as a person and even if I made the mistake of coming here I’m not going to betray her further for the amusement of bunch of people who’ve been sh*tting on me for hours, haha.

And there wouldn’t be anything “juicy” to share anyway. She communicates her struggles about the same things she battles on a daily basis and I just provide a listening ear and reassure her that she’s fine and isn’t going to die anytime soon. If that makes me a bad person and warrants bad karma in your eyes, that’s your prerogative.

Lol that’s great, I’m dead xD(xD)

No. 923858

Thought this was a before and after photo of Sarah. Emily will look a lot like Pixy in a few years. It's giving Single White Female

No. 923861

Does Pixy ever tell you what they’re going to die from?(sage your shit)

No. 923864

nta but Pixy messages me too randomly and once I asked her why she thinks she's dying when she told me she was. She said it's because her parents hit her and yell at her. I feel bad saying she's lying about something like that, but it seems probable that she is. I pretty much just tell her I'm sorry to hear that and to stay safe. Then she stops replying kek

No. 923865


are you kidding me? This is your weak ass response?

no wonder you’ve wasted so many hours talking to PT. You’re both just as delusional and retarded as each other. It’s hysterical how you’re trying to martyr yourself for why you have been posting here when not a single person supports you or cares because you were dumb enough to expose your personal profile on the site.

you wasted server space and people’s time by shit posting here, so either spill what you have or leave.(unintegrated posting style)