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File: 1602711898857.jpg (11.78 KB, 180x240, EkF7ko5XsAAKd9h.jpg)

No. 1058880

Tsundebolt "Tessa" is such a delusional cow with a shitshow of a twitter that she needs her own thread.
>30 something fat goth egirl that used to shoop herself into pics of Amy Lee
>transitioning into smol uwu anime egirl who looks so young because of her asian genes and now shoops herself into Tifa Lockhart
>makes new online persona to avoid anyone IRL
>extreme body shoops without understanding proportions
>filters to hide troon face and massive nose
>insists her youthful beauty is all natural and everyone saying otherwise is just jealous
>fishes for compliments and QRTs or subtweets replies if they aren't complimenting her ridiculous photoshops in hopes her followers bully people
>begged for cash donations with bizarrely specific sob stories, though she seems to be getting on just fine
>posts blurry nudes and bait posts whenever bitching about losing followers
>wears multiple bras and padding to push up her totally natural tits, unlike those other Tifa cosplayers
>skinwalking Tifa just like Usagi Kou/Lori in her Sailormoon heyday
>wears the same cheap wigs in all her photos, her real hair is damaged and frizzy just like Lori
>claims to be martial arts instructor, just like Tifa
>everything she says and does just happens to be exactly like Tifa by coincidence, Tifa was based on her
>pretends to be part asian since Tifa is said to look asian
>posted fake DNA test results to prove it, then got called out because only somebody insane would instantly post fake DNA results over a twitter random calling her white trash
>fetishizes asians like the average smalltown weeaboo who has never interacted with anyone asian before and will date the first one they can get so they can "be asian" through them
>stole photos of famous asian cosplayers, photoshopped them uglier, then reposted them with her name on top and said it was her
>photoshopped her eyes on a few occasions to have a rainbow effect "I don't know what colour my eyes are!" just like Lori
>puts filters over semi-famous photographs or art pieces then says she painted them, even though they can probably be found via reverse google image, search since the photos weren't even distorted or rotated
>fake feminist efriends with other popular Tifa cosplayers so she can get their followers, had drama with another Tifa cosplayer who was doing exactly what she is doing

Some gems:
>"I kicked my rapist in the jaw with a spinning-hook kick. Instead of being traumatized I feel elated."
>"I just really don't know how to explain it but I was born looking kinda like an anime character"
>"I'm considered vain by a lot of people just based on my looks. As if a person kind to the gaze isn't allowed to take selfies."
>"I'm Hasian so the mix is definitely probably the reason idk. Anime characters kinda look both white and Asian and this is my only logic behind it."

No. 1058883

File: 1602712132169.jpg (152.1 KB, 1080x1440, EkF7ko5XsAAKd9h (1).jpg)

No. 1058884

File: 1602712180663.png (290.46 KB, 362x560, eyess.png)

"I don't use filters or photoshop. some people just look anime and you just have to get used to that"

girl your left eye is slipping

No. 1058886

I came here from the frontpage because I thought this was momokun lmao

No. 1058959

File: 1602718070560.png (109.57 KB, 1190x536, coolstorybro.png)

This cow has an unoriginal mix of everyone in her and it's great.

>The smug posts about how hot she is with homebrew shoop videos of Dakota

>The attraction to abusive men of Kiki
>The potato shoops of Victoria Murder
>The skinwalking with inaccurate aliexpress cosplays of Usagi Kou
>The asian chasing or pretending to be asian of every other jvlogger or klogger weeb
>The farming of an army of defenders like Belle Delphine
>The excercise lines of PT
>The stolen artwork and pics like many cows before her

I'm not if any cows have ever posted so many fake conversations like this though.

No. 1059104


>I'm not if any cows have ever posted so many fake conversations like this though.

Erin, Stef, Soren, Ariana…


Girl same

No. 1059186

File: 1602752542113.jpg (173.87 KB, 1627x703, EaZ_xr7WoAENCLt.jpg)

what happened to her huge lips

No. 1059205

Oh hell yeah, I love a good skinwalker cow. Are there any photos of what she actually looks like?

No. 1059215

File: 1602757653180.png (1.26 MB, 1193x1276, stillfiltered.png)

>'asian features'

This is probably the closest you'd get to her real hair and face.

She looks like a victim of cheap fillers and implants but if her paypigs believe it's real, so it must be!

No. 1059218

File: 1602757999243.jpg (480.1 KB, 1552x866, fakeart.jpg)

Here is some of her artcow content.

No. 1059220

why is it so common for girls to lie about being half asian?
she's from ireland. I think from Cork. I'd love to see how white her parents are kek

No. 1059222

File: 1602758176411.jpg (58.94 KB, 474x663, 26e48073fca30610cde0cd371f9efb…)

I feel like she put a filter over this picture and blurred certain areas to look like a painting.
might be why she cropped the top of the head off. because it would have looked weird in the hair

No. 1059224

File: 1602758658916.png (64.99 KB, 567x691, skinwalk.png)

Because it fits into the skinwalking persona.

She has nothing interesting to offer nor any talents, might as well make them all up!

No. 1059226

File: 1602758922611.jpg (274.3 KB, 1080x1149, EbhT0fXXgAETRHG.jpg)

What happened to the 4pack and thigh gap. Don't even know if it's her own edited photos though.

No. 1059232

File: 1602759445440.jpg (54.7 KB, 660x676, Ee8bjStWAAUDdE1.jpg)

this is horrifying.
how could anyone think this isn't shooped?

No. 1059235

I have asked a scrote about this. "Do you not realize that all these thots are filtered and photoshopped to hell?" and it has been explained to me that scrotes simply don't care as long as it makes their dick hard.

No. 1059287

File: 1602769323915.jpg (162.31 KB, 1080x521, 20201015_104244.jpg)

Sure jan

No. 1059303

This thing has a penis, I am sure of it. It reeks of delusional tranny.

No. 1059311

Just read the thread description and this sounds just like Looni in her hey day. Much excitement for this thread.

This is my personal favourite
>"I kicked my rapist in the jaw with a spinning-hook kick. Instead of being traumatized I feel elated."

No. 1059369

She could not defend herself but after getting raped?

No. 1059380

File: 1602780460014.jpg (120.24 KB, 661x1356, EkKCJKSWoAAjR63.jpg)

She really can't decide on her waistline. There's no way she has Tifa's proportions.

>>1058384 is filtered and there's a long goth wig on but you can tell she's average short and stubby with bad posture.

No. 1059384

Big "i'm not a model the camera went off by itself" energy

No. 1059394

File: 1602782244040.jpg (126.77 KB, 600x838, asiandna.jpg)

Just realized "Hasian" wasn't a typo. She literally is calling herself a "hot asian".

I've never heard of that slang before and I doubt other real asians have ever used it, especially not when referring to themselves.

No. 1059473

My favourite thing is that she lurks here but says on Twitter that people are sending her these messages directly because she knows if she tells her followers about her thread they'll be able to see themselves how fake she is

No. 1059483

This can't pass can it? And if she's shooping herself into Tifa at least mimic her most defining feature which is her eyes. Her eyes are beady and even small than average while Tifa's are giant.

No. 1059487

File: 1602793507688.jpg (264.01 KB, 578x850, nobodyasked.jpg)

She's been keeping her eyes small with tons of widening eyeliner on the sides because to her those "chinky" eyes are her asian features, duh.

She keeps saying it's just makeup and contouring but no amount of makeup can shorten the midlength of a face or turn a wide jaw into a sharp triangle.

No. 1059515

I was wondering that, too. She looks older, like 35+, or it's a guy with strong features which would explain the mega blur either way.

Came here thinking it was moo but am not disappointed, good thread.

No. 1059526

"You guys kept asking me to"
Literally who was asking you to do that??

No. 1059531

File: 1602799296039.jpeg (128.74 KB, 1058x528, 1600734069165.jpeg)

lets not forget that she stole arurinh’s picture. edited herself into it and claimed it was her cosplay from Samurai Warriors.

tessa is deranged

No. 1059534

File: 1602799476731.png (1.39 MB, 1080x608, shadowshoop.png)

No. 1059546

It looks like someone used the oval tool and cut out a face then posted it on someone else's body. I can't unsee it now.

No. 1059547

File: 1602800778853.jpg (183.25 KB, 481x726, spooky.jpg)

No. 1059548

Okay this has GOT to be a man or something
Looking at her twitter the way she talks about herself is so weird? And every single picture looks like its been through 87 filters and compressed to shit

No. 1059549

File: 1602800945949.png (592.66 KB, 1119x1020, doubleeyelidstho.png)

So much sperging over what she percieves to be asian.


No. 1059551

File: 1602801096129.png (327.86 KB, 613x872, moresperging.png)


Compared herself to being hot and ageless like Keanu.

He's probably the template of why she chose to skinwalk a 1/4 asian Tifa when even 1/2 white asians also age like milk.

No. 1059552

File: 1602801341755.jpg (134.58 KB, 709x1200, EZtDvohWsAEg2eY.jpg)

can't forget to show off her tits even when supporting blm

No. 1059563

File: 1602802422448.png (440.43 KB, 566x845, skinwalkthebf.png)

Tinfoil but it reminds me of how Belle Delphine's accounts have posts made by a scrote with content they think works to get followers and money out of other scrotes.

It makes me wonder if the bf is real. Why would a woman who is taken post >>1042073 and >>1042074 if she's unavailable?

She has paypigs keeping her afloat and private twitter accounts yet posts nudes and begs for RTs every now and then on the public account.

No. 1059571

So she has just been irish too online? Epicanthic folds are so common even with double eyelids too, why are tf are people like this.

No. 1059574


No. 1059576

File: 1602803756624.png (112.12 KB, 380x801, imarealtroon.png)

>some people are born with anime faces & proportions and you just have to learn to live with that fact

No. 1059603

File: 1602808277933.png (641.45 KB, 967x935, 44645684.png)

>I'm pretty strong for a girl
is she even flexing? also that's not very smoll of her.

No. 1059630


That's exactly what she did. The "painting" is identical to the photo in every way.

No. 1059648

this is legit funny

No. 1059666

yup, speaking as an artist, that's a photo edit. no discernable brush strokes and, i'm too lazy to do it right now, but overlaying the two photos is sure to reveal zero anatomical differences. experienced artists typically have variations in their works vs the reference photo even just as a product of their stylistic lens

No. 1059668

it kills me that she posts these short and often weirdly cropped videos proving how real she is while definitely making it clear that she's capable of editing her face in video footage in other posts. this person's ego must be fucked

No. 1059684

File: 1602820143977.jpeg (232.98 KB, 567x567, video_image.jpeg)

Just reminding everyone again that she's not like the other girls.

No. 1059720

File: 1602825438266.jpg (343.67 KB, 1080x1165, 20201016_021554.jpg)

I think she means half asian?

This bitch is insufferable, she is the "not like other girls" in it's more pure form. This cow has some potential milk.


No. 1059721

File: 1602825459217.jpg (367.58 KB, 1080x1261, 20201016_021541.jpg)

No. 1059723

File: 1602826323719.png (89.31 KB, 569x800, topkek.png)

If she actually spoke this many languages she wouldn't need the paypigs to shop at Forever21 like Looni.

No. 1059725

And then in gym class, a popular girl takes a liking to her and they give her a make over, she becomes the most popular girl in school but realizes her friends are bullies and in the end she decides it's better to be a pale, natural black haired girl into art, history and broody music then being a mean girl?

No. 1059727

oh man she is really a fabrication. holy shit

No. 1059729

File: 1602827376064.png (721.89 KB, 1132x882, fakepainting.png)

Someone has to know where this painting, or rather photo, is originally from.

Bless you anon, even her new backstory is unoriginal.

No. 1059730


She just applied a bunch of filters in a literal screenshot of a Liziqi video, hard to know which one because she uses that table in almost all her videos when she's cooking things.

No. 1059732

File: 1602828788960.png (88.79 KB, 530x883, googletranslate.png)

Found her pretending to have a job where she speaks French.

Make that 6 languages.

No. 1059737

File: 1602830179622.jpg (457.72 KB, 810x2374, 20201016_033444.jpg)

Beautiful anon

This is her artstation description. PARIS, FRANCE.

No. 1059740

File: 1602831029283.png (45.03 KB, 587x512, chinadoll.png)

Posts like this make her read like some retarded m2f fantasy.

Does anyone under 60 even use the phrase chinadoll?

No. 1059750

>i also have a metal shoulder (it's why it juts out a bit more) as my shoulder bones were replaced with metal.
this is legit Stef levels of retarded self-fanfiction kek

No. 1059762

If she grew up in Ireland like me then its not rare at all to be pale with black hair and like art. She didn't get picked on at all for that. Its probably because everyone knew she's a pathological liar

No. 1059763

Now it got personal, how dares she pull Jenni into this. I would pay to see her speak finnish, give us a video queen.

No. 1059776

I'm confused.
Why would she say its a self portrait if she used Liziq to model?
Lizi is Chinese. Tsundebolt is supposed to be Korean..does she think all Asian people look the same?

No. 1059779

File: 1602840863296.png (54.85 KB, 588x668, didntplayff7remake.png)

She posted that statement yet doesn't have a PS4 and never played FF7 remake.

No. 1059783

File: 1602841638249.png (415.33 KB, 1848x861, fakedna.png)

Found the fake DNA test results. Numbers were rounded out and they still don't add up. Shooping the map was probably too hard.

No. 1059788

there's no way she payed €49‎ for this

No. 1059790

File: 1602843806057.png (24.42 KB, 750x245, skinwalking.png)

I've never come across someone so delusional that they fully think they're a fictional character

No. 1059798

File: 1602845496062.png (459.12 KB, 731x678, no photot.png)

>I have live fuckin' videos on my twitch channel where I show my face and figure. Please explain to the jury how Photoshop is possible. I'll wait.

>proceeds to show a screenshot of her with a butterfly filter

No. 1059800

That picture is 480p at most.

No. 1059801

I love Victoria v. 2.0, now with more delusions.

No. 1059803

File: 1602846956909.jpg (285.56 KB, 1153x1558, EcLSZMAXsAEnRCz.jpg)

her boyfriend.
why does her face look copy and pasted in

No. 1059808

The bf looks like the typical scrawny sea bboy, also clock the eyeliner and warped individual hairs. Why do all this? For a drop of weeb clout?

No. 1059813

Is this a troon? She has the blow up doll ft Michael Jackson look down really well.

No. 1059821

Sage for autism, but she’s retarded. Epicanthic fold and typical east asian eyes aren’t even synonymous. One can have double eyelids and epicanthic folds, which she doesn’t even have. Even if she had epicanthic folds she wouldn’t even look asian lmao.

So cringe. She doesn’t even look one bit asian. But even 1/8. She just looks like those crazy white people that do surgery to look asian.

No. 1059889

File: 1602861299688.png (97.11 KB, 603x804, barbiecomestoreal.png)

She stealing Dakota's backstory here?

No. 1059929

File: 1602864776938.jpg (491.28 KB, 1076x1519, 20201016_131205.jpg)

She doesn't lie, she twists truths.

Is this the guy she says is rufus shinra or her ex?

No. 1059935

Its her current boyfriend.
Apparently her ex broke her arm but she's also said the only person she's ever been with is her current boyfriend. Its hard to keep up with her lies

No. 1059945

Only posts awful shoops; No full body angles; awkward hand pose in photos to hide the sixe; zero-curve proportions of bolt on tits to zero-hips while sitting; gamer; the relentless defence on 'her' anime body. Ffs and FaceTunetroon can't hide the eyes of a man without going full Lepore

No. 1059957

File: 1602868616941.png (2.7 MB, 1859x1186, 90DF39B6-61EA-485C-B999-61D295…)

She’s from Cheticamp, NS.
Lots of similar geography between cape breton highlands/Cabot Trail and Scotland/Ireland.

Blog anecdote but, having lots of family on CBI, this kind of insanity is pretty on-brand and definitely a cultural problem.

No. 1059986

File: 1602872490506.png (632.99 KB, 577x826, rufuskek.png)

Is this the same guy?

No. 1060041

He has sharper chin and eyebrows. Maybe it's not the same guy.

No. 1060090

File: 1602882884114.jpg (389.57 KB, 701x1440, Screenshot_20201017_001547.jpg)

Maybe she's secretly some man in a rubber doll suit with breastforms. She sure does look like it.

No. 1060092

I thought this was shayna oh my god anon

No. 1060093

Shayna might look like a fat Bulgarian housewife but at least she looks human.

No. 1060097

File: 1602883912603.png (3.26 MB, 4000x5000, milk.png)

More milky skinwalking.

No. 1060098

lmao they look like Mother and child.

It's really funny that she's lying about being Irish on top of being Korean. I didn't even consider she wasn't Irish.

No. 1060100

How old is this plastic faced freak? I could forgive her if she was 15. Now she's saying that she has a gene where she doesn't age past 20. Are you telling me that she's older than 20?

No. 1060102

File: 1602884466509.jpg (360.09 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-17_00-41-23.JPG)

Is this Jefree Starr's kboo not like the other girls alter ego?

No. 1060118

Shes 30 and still behaving like this

No. 1060125

File: 1602887030934.png (20.69 KB, 741x162, 889838383.png)

any idea if she really had 300k followers on her "modeling instagram"

No. 1060126

This apparent person is one of the scariest catfishes I have ever seen. She literally looks like a a latex Lolita costume. The way she moves is so rigid and creepy, like a doll and her face and body looks completely synthetic even in the video clips she posts. I find it hard to believe that this thing is alive.

Almost everything she claims sounds like a lie and she's so positive and cheerful about it.

She gives Lillie Jean a run for her money.

No. 1060128

File: 1602887220273.png (128.73 KB, 684x667, cosplay.png)

wonder who'll she photoshop herself into next

No. 1060148

File: 1602889855681.png (967.3 KB, 1887x1446, camera.png)

Bots and that's why the account got banned then deleted. Instagram has strict policies over that.

Kek she can't tell us her camera was at fault when it's capable of taking photos just fine.

No. 1060150

she owns a Huawei P30. it literally has one of the best cameras out there. she blames twitters compression for her shitty quality selfies. weirdly enough I don't see anyone else with that same compression problem.

No. 1060153

You can tell she's ugly and old irl and there's nothing wrong with that but the fact she's so narcissistic over these pictures kills me

No. 1060172

this has got to be a troon, the only people that regularly use NDS quality photos with photoshops are 9/10 mtf's.
They are like if someone drew Blaire White from memory

No. 1060282

File: 1602909212806.jpg (387.1 KB, 1080x1224, 20201017_012230.jpg)

She tried really hard to pretend she knows what she is talking about, but it just shows how she is playing a made up character.
Legit reads like something a teenager at school would say, what even is dated art prose? Some Shakespearean play? Is monet really the best she could think of? Ffs

No. 1060290

File: 1602910970836.png (67.45 KB, 600x641, artadvice.png)

Doubt she's ever taken any art classes beyond a required one in HS, and the teacher told her to stop copying other, better, artist's work so she's been bitter ever since.

No. 1060301

super obscure artist Monet that only true art fans know about

It's funny she wants to act so smart and above everyone but she can't even use the correct its/it's.

Also, I just realized she uses American spelling (color) so yeah she's not from Ireland but Nova Scotia like the other anon pointed out. Is there anything genuine about this crazy bitch?

No. 1060306

Does anyone else think she or an orbiter of hers may have made >>1060188?
Shitty newfag thread about a rival “IRL Tifa” who OP accuses of all the things farmers have been saying about Tessa, made very shortly after her own thread, possibly to get the attention off her. Of course we get costhot vendetta threads all the time but the timing on this one is suspicious.

No. 1060308

That was my first thought, yes.

No. 1060309

>super obscure artist Monet that only true art fans know about
It's not like highschool artfags go on school excursions to see Monet everytime it's showing at the local gallery or anything kek.

No. 1060311

File: 1602917388339.png (441.46 KB, 534x887, imkorean.png)

Canadians use "colour".

Didn't even try to integrate. Might have been herself because the thread went up as soon as her twitter went private.

She could have sent her paypig army but like other anons said, she knows they'd read and realize how fake she is.

No. 1060313

yeah it's probably her. She's accusing the girl of being a tranny, same shit being said here.

No. 1060315

File: 1602918183628.jpg (119.39 KB, 1080x349, 20201017_035749.jpg)

I was about to post this. I hate tinfoiling, but that shit was way too obvious. She should just drop the lies. Even with retarded amounts of editing over potato quality photos I can tell she isn't hideous, she doesn't need to live this delusional mentally unstable way.

No. 1060351

File: 1602924557633.jpg (112.34 KB, 502x432, lol.jpg)

This girl has got to be seriously mentally ill. She's literally sitting there with her square ass chin a few inches away from her photoshopped dorito chin on her stream.

Also she keeps bragging about high cheekbones but you can see she has a foot shaped face because her filter isn't strong enough. Why expose yourself like this?

No. 1060357

What does her voice sound like? Cause I am still not convinced this thing doesn't have a penis.

No. 1060358

I made the thread here because we were talking about tessa on the personal lolcow thread and I saw she was lurking there because she took a screenshot I posted there and put in on her twitter saying that "people are accusing me of photoshopping my body"

now she's gone and locked her twitter page kek

No. 1060363

File: 1602926913217.png (301.73 KB, 590x874, skinwalkingtifa.png)

She's now a bartender! Just like Tifa!
Was totally keeping it quiet until now!
Didn't want to overwhelm the creepy scrotes complimenting her because she's IRL Tifa!

If any of this was true, she would have real girlfriends.

The only women this bot interacts with online are people she will never meet and conversations are always on a superficial level of either clout chasing or physical beauty compliment fishing.

This cow really delivers. Don't worry farmers, I'll share some caps from before this thing went private.

No. 1060365

Even in the apparent real image she looks very uncanny Valley.

No. 1060366

Maybe she genuinely doesn't know what FaceTune is. Maybe that thing on her face is a latex mask.

No. 1060367

I'm 80% sure this is a troon.

No. 1060372

File: 1602928158102.png (26.29 KB, 748x217, pic.png)

so now she's a trained MUA

No. 1060377

00:10:41 here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/632107497

she definitely isnt irish. It almost sounds like she's faking an aussIe accent at times

No. 1060384

File: 1602930821883.png (179.89 KB, 569x702, weebstarterpack.png)

Interesting that she always uses the specific term plastic surgery, as if people can't see the sloppy lip filler.

Her use of dated terms, even referring to well known asian countries, people and their foods as simply 'Asian' is very lazy, even for someone skinwalking.

>keeps her face still without any expression
>not even a smile when she finally won
>constantly checking to make sure filter doesn't slip
>getting the party wiped because staring at herself more than the game kek

Only watched the beginning and the end but she was terrible at such a basic game and doesn't say anything witty.

Barely could hear a thing but there weren't any Irish verbal tics or slang from what I saw.

No. 1060388

not to racesperg. But she doesn't look even slightly Asian. Her face is shaped like a typical European/white person, very long and pronounced. (East) Asians usually have round, flat faces. Why is she using that tacky ass filter, aren't there Snapchat filters that don't have butterflies or hearts? Does her boyfriend post anything about her?

No. 1060390

File: 1602931621341.png (605.6 KB, 1114x848, eyesperg.png)

She keeps sperging about her small beady eyes being a unique colour. There are even posts about how her pupils are also a ~unique teardrop~ shape. Literally everything is a YA fiction MC with her.

Nobody IRL knows about her online personas. She talks shit about everyone, from landlords to coworkers and supposed friends. Especially other women in her family who just can't handle how she's naturally a barbie doll, such as her own mother! Wouldn't a mother be proud that her genes made a beautiful daughter? She's so retarded.

No. 1060391

Irish person here and thats definitely not a cork accent. Not even close.
Thats not even an Irish accent. It sounds like she's from New Zealand

No. 1060392

"Upside down raindrop"
Pretentious bitch. Her eyes are blue. Thats it. If she liked them so much she wouldn't have to put insane filters over them all the time

No. 1060393

File: 1602932210744.png (118.64 KB, 588x856, wha.png)

Agreed. She probably was claiming Irish so as to play into her previous gaelic fae goth demon persona.

She seems to be shifting away from the Irish persona and focusing on Korea now. She removed some of the bullshit descriptors on her twitter. She kept the Irish flag but removed that she plays the harp, something impossible to do with the tacky nails she is always showing off.

No. 1060396

doesn't sound like a typical troon voice but maybe he just took HRT really early like NikkiTutorials or Kim Petras, also wouldn't surprise me if this person doesn't just filter their face but also their voice

I really don't see why a woman would ever go to these extremes. I guess extreme mental illness, but being obsessed with big boob videogame woman and asians seems like a troon thing, not a woman thing.

No. 1060397

Her complete lack of cheekbones in the picture on the left kek

No. 1060414

File: 1602933950903.gif (1012.84 KB, 500x235, C676C617-77E4-44F6-A078-F208E0…)


>”the pupil itself can sometimes turn into the shape of an upsidedown raindrop while dilating”

is she trying to say her pupils turn catlike when they dilate like sephiroth/cloud’s eyes in ffvii? this moron is deluded beyond words

No. 1060436

Can confirm, whatever she's attempting to fake she sounds like she has a typical Australian accent. Also kek at that tiny cam juxtaposed with the shooped to shit selfie. Really makes her look like a man larping as a dainty animmu gf.

No. 1060446

File: 1602940549764.png (216.39 KB, 518x882, soaccurate.png)

This video explains how and why she says she's contouring with makeup.

No. 1060460

File: 1602943269767.jpg (318.86 KB, 810x981, 20201017_110056.jpg)

Men who buys into her delusion deserve to be catfished.

Is there a possibility her bf doesnt know any what she says about him there?

No. 1060485

she deleted all of her tweets.

No. 1060491

This person makes me cringe so hard, it's like a teenager lying about their girlfriend who totally exists and lives in Canada. I just can't with pathological liars like this, they really think they go everyone fooled but really everyone knows they just can't stop lying for some reason. So unlikable.

No. 1060499

i cannot believe this is real it sounds like the kind of shit 13 year olds would tell their friends to sound cool
how tf does anyone take her seriously

No. 1060508

Literally no girl talks about themselves this way??? Even actors and models and people whos job it is to be hot don't talk like this. This is legit so weird and alien lol. It's like if a teenage boy tried to make a catfish hot girl twitter account. It's that detached and fake seeming

No. 1060511

Cause its a troon LARPing as a "hot" woman.

No. 1060520

It has to be because this is legit unhinged lol

No. 1060556

File: 1602955924351.jpeg (3.92 KB, 162x311, images.jpeg)

Not even the cleavage of this android makes sense, most photos it looks like pic attached, in the twitch stream it looks like a straight black line and in the blue top there is none at all. not saying that that means it's not a woman because we come in all sizes but the entire persona seems like the messed up fantasies a guy would have about what women should act and be like

No. 1060613

what fucking decade are these pictures even taken in

No. 1060627

I know that the tron theory is a simple tinfoil, but honest to god I wouldn't be at all surprised if it came out that this person was actually a guy. She does look like if you removed all the photoshop, she would have a very manly face.

No. 1060633

Ausfag here, it sounds Australian. She sounds+looks a lot like Emily Browning based on her Twitch Tsundebolt. I have no idea why she shoops to be a Final Fantasy character and claims to be Irish.

No. 1060634

2004 on a motorola

No. 1060715

File: 1602969715851.jpg (173.4 KB, 1919x1080, 9b728f0c.jpg)

No. 1060752

this is the most interesting thread in a long while, i can't wait for more

No. 1060757

File: 1602975543709.png (281.43 KB, 605x895, fakelaw.png)

Erased the fake bio and pfp, she does this every month.

Today's lie is that she got hacked and that's how so many people are getting unfollowed and very specific tweets deleted. The pathological lying never ends.

She's totally was >>1060188 since she uses similar terms.

No. 1060760

File: 1602975833872.png (262.31 KB, 1011x832, orbiterpayments.png)

The unnamed company she hired to 'unhack' her twitter didn't mistakenly unfollow any of the orbiters she considers valuable. Just a coincidence.

No. 1060771

that thread was really weird to me. the fighting in the comments was bizarre too, it's almost like the tifa skinwalkers are LARPing on lolcow for some reason

No. 1060804

File: 1602981354699.png (316 KB, 589x719, 2bifas.png)

After I saw >>1060188, out of curiosity I checked that drella's twitter. When I saw this as her pinned tweet, tessa's random 2b tweet made a lot more sense. I bet not a single person has ever asked for that.

No. 1060809

File: 1602982510441.png (279.56 KB, 583x650, noIRLFEMALEfriends.png)

They're both potentially milky together since they must have been subtweeting each other for a long time.

I have yet see the other girl claiming her chinese filters and contour makeup abs were natural or lying as much, so she's not as interesting.

Pic related another popular Tifa cosplayer she clout chased for followers. Imagine calling women on the internet your "female friends" and thinking that sounds normal.

No. 1060828

File: 1602985013056.jpg (175.04 KB, 1080x551, 20201017_223649.jpg)

>I'm so luck to be blessed
She can't even fake compliment others without inserting something about her in the same tweet.

I wouldn't be surprised if this drella girl seflposted for attention, but honestly I don't care either cause tessa is a far more ridiculous and entertaining cow.

Pic related just amazes me how she comes up with the most weird ass stories. Why would you want to lie about that?

No. 1060873

I just got around to watching her stream. Her accent is definitely the kind you hear from St Neots/Cambridgeshire.

My theory is that she pretends to be Irish/Korean/whatever because she hates being a boring British girl.

No. 1060879

File: 1602994658900.png (249.44 KB, 563x770, totallyrandomcandid.png)

The stories are part of a very deliberate spooky gawth persona construct.

No. 1060882

everything is candid here?? you randomly took your fucking pants off with your friend in the forest and were like. hey im going to sexually pose on this tree and your friend just randomly candidly took pictures of it?? what the fuck drugs is this freak on. what kind of abuse did this girl deal with as a child to have this kind of lying problem. sorry anons im just fucking losing it over here

No. 1060887

No way, no British people sound like that. She's Aus/NZ imo. Though it probably depends what part of the stream you hit with what accent you get.

No. 1060892

Faking Irish ancestors is a yank thing. No British person considers being Irish interesting or exotic you sperg

No. 1060901

You haven't met many then. But trust me, that's a British accent lol.

No. 1060908

File: 1603000988197.png (68.98 KB, 590x617, wherearethetrolls.png)

Kek it's just like every other ethot, they are desperate for male validation.

No. 1060909

this might be nitpicking, but if she is supposed to be from Ireland then why is she spelling 'colour' the American way?

No. 1060916


I found her deviantart and it says she's from Canada here

No. 1060917

File: 1603004099852.jpg (304.84 KB, 1080x2100, 20201018_075615.jpg)

forgot image mb

No. 1060920

File: 1603004680294.jpg (699.67 KB, 1080x2194, 20201018_080535.jpg)


And this is her other old deviantart acct. This is her with no filters.

No. 1060924

File: 1603005945552.png (263.29 KB, 876x838, vintageeyesperg.png)

Better get to farming, she's going to nuke this goldmine.

No. 1060925

File: 1603006062660.jpg (354.83 KB, 1080x1977, 20201018_080549.jpg)

No. 1060927

File: 1603006438369.png (143.78 KB, 480x480, d5bjr3k-3a29a809-6e60-4813-ac0…)

"""Highly seductive"""

No. 1060929

File: 1603006877168.jpg (629.28 KB, 1080x1998, 20201018_084218.jpg)

The band her DA was named after was her boyfriend's band. Her name is Tessa O'Neill.

No. 1060932

File: 1603007414784.jpg (520.95 KB, 1080x2001, 20201018_085136.jpg)

The boyfriend's DA has this there. So she could be Finnish.

No. 1060933


Tessa Johanna Sävelmaa
Born 11 August 1991

No. 1060934

Jesus Christ, in the YouTube video she’s got one square ass head, a very manly jaw line. Cap it all, because she’s going to try an nuke anything old. No wonder she’s so delusional, an filtered to hell an back. She’s a normie plan jane, manly featured women. Looks like she’s been abusing contrast on max for a few years aswell. Reading the description on the YT video also reviels she moved at some point, into a house, with a boyfriend. Time to go digging..

No. 1060936

In her channel description, it says this is her other acct on youtube. So here is Tessa singing.

No. 1060938

She has another account under the name Aries Väinämöinen here

No. 1060941

File: 1603009701737.png (833.38 KB, 1343x592, kek.png)

is this her actual bf?

Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Galdrond/

Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/galdrond

No. 1060942

Googling Has yielded his name to be Sebastian Emir Llapur Gandulfo, and he has a fb, can see but can’t see friends, might be friends with Tessa. He’s from Canada though, guitar pages show he’s in Canada aswell. So very confusing, also found she could be in Finland from some comment interactions she’s had with people on DA.

No. 1060945

File: 1603010470948.jpg (56.51 KB, 960x720, 62952_10153893620740045_968929…)

From the facebook, clearest pic?

No. 1060947

I think that she possibly had a long distance relationship with him (her in Finland, he in Canada). This is just a guess from reading over old interactions etc. If they have broken up since then it's possible she has relocated to Ireland

No. 1060948

File: 1603010502598.jpg (169.45 KB, 1080x1356, blursandbends.jpg)

Like others said, she's not completely ugly. She has some features she could work with if she had some IRL girlfriends to help but she's simply not even in the same galaxy as the anime girl persona she's currently aiming for. Instead she's going for whatever she thinks scrotes want.

No. 1060952

what's up with these decent looking, borderline cute girls doing all this weird shit?
She could be in a lifetime movie playing the crazy goth best friend who kills her blonde best friend in a jealous rage and tries to hide it until the geeky girl who was friends with the Blonde solves the crime.
Instead, she's doing all this dumb anime shit.

No. 1060953

Anon wtf is this dumb story shit.

No. 1060955

She's not even ugly, I expected something horrific. I'm surprised.

No. 1060956

File: 1603011439095.jpg (38.17 KB, 480x640, 1780741_10153893598115045_1919…)

No. 1060957

Could you link the facebook?

The guy seems to be her ex since he has pics of a new gf on his fb/instagram.

No. 1060959

She looks super Finnish.

No. 1060961


the difference between chins in these two photos kek

She's not ugly but she's not pretty at all. I could easily see her being ignored irl for being plain and that leading to her trying to larp as a hot girl online.

No. 1060963

File: 1603013498243.png (261.95 KB, 728x880, supermodel.png)

More of the fake vampire stuff.

As if that wasn't a recent photo and edit at the time.

No. 1060965

holy shit the milk is flowing >>1060963

so she lurks here. she deleted all of her tweets, pictures and said it was because a stalker was using her page since feb and uploading edited pictures of her.

which means going forward she shouldn't have any filters or facetune on any of her pictures otherwise everyone will know she's lying

No. 1060967

File: 1603013789095.jpg (154.83 KB, 1201x601, 1602712132169.jpg)

she really gave herself a new face
>some people just look anime
yeah right

No. 1060968

The ex mentions a wife multiple times the same time/years he seems to be with Tessa. They lived in London, Ontario.

No. 1060973

File: 1603014310417.jpg (49.65 KB, 720x960, d56upw2-ebb2960c-5ecd-44f8-8b5…)

her aunt is very white.
anyone have any idea about her parents?
anyone korean in the family?

No. 1060974

File: 1603014574534.png (73.54 KB, 605x528, thosedarnasians.png)

I think it's safe to say her asian fixation was simply that.

No. 1060975

File: 1603014823207.png (138.91 KB, 590x771, wherearetheclearpics.png)

She expects orbiters to believe that a stalker had the motive to do a massive catfish scheme on all her accounts?

The stalker knew all of her exact speech patterns since that DA account, took all the selfie photos and videos, does all her cooking, posted all those videos with her voice, and even invested in all her furniture in order to… what?

No. 1060976

How does she buy a fucking 700 euro mirror?

No. 1060978

File: 1603015382893.png (245.24 KB, 854x860, nophotoshop.png)

>I don't photoshop

At least she's been consistent in that lie.

No. 1060988

I know girls can be born with some unfortunately manly looking faces, but I'm still not convinced this isn't a tranny.

No. 1060997

is her name Tessa Johanna Sävelmaa or Tessa O Neill? are we sure these are all the same person?

No. 1061000

File: 1603018634156.jpg (37.63 KB, 596x947, EaqMhwnXgAMUBYQ.jpg)

Don't know what her name is it's the same person, voice and face everywhere.

She reposted that old keyboard clip on her Tifa skinwalk twitter in the past, but with her face clipped off for obvious reasons.

No. 1061006

so she's probably Finnish, moved to canada (she confirms this on twitter that she lived in canada for a while)
but is trying to pass as an irish fae and korean.

changes her name several times, claims to have worked several different places.

I need someone to crack the case on this girl kek
none of this adds up

No. 1061010

excellent farming anons! this is some grade A full-fat milk

suddenly this post is making a LOT more sense >>1060102

No. 1061014

File: 1603021802531.jpg (45.55 KB, 605x1076, Edk9nGlWoAEAZqS.jpg)

I can't place why she would pick Korean of all things.

Maybe she really took a TKD class in her youth, saw that kpop and kbeauty is a mainstream thing and decided to run with it.

No. 1061022

We can't even find out her name because of her crazy lies, incredible.

Legit one the best cows in a while,I hope some anons still have access to her Twitter and keep us updated.

No. 1061033

That has to be a troon. That's way too uncanny Valley to be an actual woman. Even filters alone don't make people look that fake. The shape of the skull is also kind of a giveaway and the tits are fake.

Troons are the biggest show offs and liars. It's a bloke with a fetish.

No. 1061035

File: 1603026942518.png (187.34 KB, 582x683, csb.png)

She hasn't seen that her real face was posted here yet. Give it a few hours, she's likely on west coast time.

No. 1061036

File: 1603026949737.jpg (211.16 KB, 1496x821, 1603010470948.jpg)

I know she uses filters and facetune but do you think she had work done too?
the Doritos chin and Michael Jackson nose looks more like a botched job than a slimming tool in photoshop

No. 1061037

Jesus, from the first few pics in this thread I thought she was one of those fake sim influencers like lil miquela.

No. 1061039

File: 1603027502243.jpg (118.79 KB, 575x725, wig.jpg)

The chin is every asian app filter ever or liquify tool in PS. She must be running double or triple filters for that chin to look dorito. This is why it's so compressed.

I think her nose never had work, pic related she has a hard time consistently editing it,so she often layers filters that are both obscuring it and narrowing her chin.

The only work she's likely had done is lip filler because of the wonky ducklips in all her newer edits, unlike in >>1060963.

No. 1061045

>am dating a Rufus Shinra lookalike (this was before FFVIIR so I think they are spying on us)
is this bitch of a FFVII psychofan really pretending that Rufus' CGI design wasn't known since like 2005 when Advent Children has been released?
I love her, she's so delusional and tripping up on her on bullshit.

No. 1061048

File: 1603028694655.png (904.99 KB, 594x576, bf.png)

in what world does her bf look like Rufus?
I wonder if he knows that she's pretending to be Asian and what he would think of that.

they both have huge square chins so at least they have that in common

No. 1061052

Omg is that her real face? Ahhh she's so basic and unremarkable looking lmao

No. 1061053

File: 1603029046497.png (74.27 KB, 596x671, truemartialartist.png)

If she really was right up against someone assaulting her, adrenaline and fighting ability won't magically be like Tifa in the videogame cutscenes.

No. 1061057

File: 1603029286763.png (68.43 KB, 584x572, koreaboononsense.png)

>totally natural for a woman to say things like this

In the same world where she's a korean waifu..

No. 1061058

File: 1603029404924.jpg (167.74 KB, 946x2048, EkUZ8giWoAIOrRo.jpg)

she's even being called out on facebook

No. 1061059

I don't think that's actually her boyfriend. The other photo she posted with her apparent bf looks like a different man. He was wearing sunglasses but it was obvious that he had softer features than this guy.

Tinfoil ahead

I have a friend who used to go up to random people in public places and take photographs posing with them to post on fb in order to look more popular than they actually were. I wonder if that's what she's doing.

No. 1061066

File: 1603030317283.png (2.59 MB, 2048x1536, arms.png)

Different bodies in these two pics. Don't tell me she photoshopped a guy..

No. 1061067

Does that comment ok Facebook not realize you can edit videos. If he doesn’t oh my my my.

No. 1061068

Robby Stark is a massive simp for her on twitter.
he thinks it's impossible that she ever facetunes.

I'd love to send him a picture of her real face and see how he responds

No. 1061069


That's a serious shoop. These are obviously different guys and the shirtless guy looks like he has been inserted in there.

No. 1061073

File: 1603030982728.jpeg (66.14 KB, 567x527, 1602799296039.jpeg)

now that we know she's a basic white bitch can we talk about how racist this photoshop is

No. 1061074

File: 1603031089191.png (1.52 MB, 1902x1228, diffdudes.png)

I wonder if she took unidentifiable pics of random guys in the same pose without realizing they have different phones and ways of holding them.

The sweater one looks a bit close to the SEA dude she was pictured with though.

No. 1061077

Finns are not white. Stop calling them white, nobody ones to associate with the cave dwellers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1061080

File: 1603031397302.png (60.21 KB, 535x502, hercasualracismjumpsout.png)

Nobody sane would say half the uncomfortable shit she does about ~her asian self~ or about others.


She was supposedly in Vancouver. There's no way anyone there ever said that or would even give a shit enough to talk to her.

No. 1061081

Extremely fucked up. Asian fishing Weeb. Does she realize people get criticized for being Asian.

Now she’s done being Asian for the day She can go back to white privilege after washing off the makeup and editing her eyes smaller

No. 1061082

She’s literally pretending to be a different race for clicks, why defend that ?

No. 1061084

I’m from the area and no one would say that, what is she talking about imo everyone is to pc here

No. 1061085


These men are holding different phones.

There is a Chinese calendar on the wall. Isn't her boyfriend apparently Korean?

That's likely an American door and an American bathroom. Where does this person say they live?

No. 1061086

File: 1603031599419.jpg (213.63 KB, 971x2048, doesntevenknowtheshoopisher.jp…)

>Nicknaming an asian person after asian food and putting an asian emoji to remind those watching that he's asian

If this is really a conversation with her bf, he didn't realize that she was pictured on the shitty shoop. Seems like a LDR if you can't even recognize your own gf's shoops.

No. 1061089

File: 1603031914743.png (618.85 KB, 819x841, aboose.png)

It's a part of her victim of aboose so please donate routine.

No. 1061093

Dude her whole life is full of lies. It’s because every story she tells goes to the extreme with no base. Clearly those aren’t the same boyfriend, her photos are all shooped to hell and back, she changes her race, what is happening.

No. 1061097

Is "she" claiming that all of these are of her boyfriend? That picture with the candles and the meal is obviously something she stole off pinterest or something like that. You can tell cause it wasn't taken with a 2004 motorola like all her other pictures.

In a long distance relationship its also a lot easier for her to hide the fact she has a penis. I can't even imagine a partner who sends you such crazy shoops when you know what they actually look like… like how do you even respond to that lmao. "Who's that? Cause that sure as hell doesn't look like you"

No. 1061101

Wait is she saying Irish people possess the same traits as Asian people? She is 100% not Irish.
Such lies! I can't believe she gets away with this.

No. 1061123

File: 1603034740736.jpg (383.25 KB, 599x695, d6aovg3-b9c3fb41-e1f6-4a6d-bdf…)

she got married when she was 22?
but according to her twitter she's only been with K.

she also said her ex broke her arm…I wonder if that was her ex husband.
ex husband also worked with photoshop so now we know where she got it from kek

No. 1061128

She looks like a Finnish girl from like idk kittilä who listened to HIM and 69 eyes so vampires and shit were cool. This is so bizarre, she has blocked a sizable amount of random Finnish people on Twitter just for liking her tweets.

No. 1061132

File: 1603035555549.png (25.33 KB, 601x195, remain.png)

her husband ebegging back in 2015 so they could stay in her birth country Canada.
she said she was born in ireland

No. 1061137

File: 1603035706298.png (180.88 KB, 566x769, cataboose.png)

The please donate schtick never ended.

No. 1061144

anon how do you have these tweets when she deleted everything?

No. 1061148

File: 1603036720078.png (282.87 KB, 580x482, itstwitternotme.png)

She erases her tweets regularly, knew to farm screens so we'd have receipts.

No. 1061213

File: 1603043169800.jpg (294.64 KB, 1080x1796, 20201018_184659.jpg)

Her Finnish goth/metalhead look was really nice. Why would she wanna fake being Korean suddenly as she nears 30yo.

No. 1061291

>as she nears 30yo

Got your answer right there, it's your regular crisis

No. 1061323

she broke her arm in an accident when she was younger, her ex husband was not even yet in the picture at that point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1061326

me either. I think this is a tranny that passes better than what we usually see, probably because he started young. The chin is a huge clue.

There is not a bit of her face she leaves alone. her eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, lips, all shooped. This girlguy must really hate themselves.


this isn't twitter

No. 1061327

anon wtf are you talking about. I don't know a single 30-year-old having a crisis like this. This is just a crazy bitch that's been doing this since 2012 at least.

No. 1061330


I know you two are probably retarded but she is female. I advise you looking up Finnish women (i.e. makeup artist Ida Ekman who looks similar), because they usually have this square jaw and short nose.

No. 1061346


No. 1061349

read the rules, you just put sage in the email field, no name, nothing else. do you know her irl? is she really finnish?

No. 1061354

No one is calling her a tranny because she has a square jaw and a short nose, retard. it's because her face shape is masculine and she hides her body. She reads like a textbook tranny, shooping her pics to high hell and then claiming she's soooo much hotter than all the other women. Keep up.

No. 1061356

Proof? Or are you just mad you share features with this girl so look like a tranny, too.

No. 1061360

NTA she does remind me of a troon but she also reminds me of bunch of finnish northener girls into metal. The thing is that I haven't hear her speak enough to make up my mind on where the hell she is from, the finnish names she went by are real names but very "mystical" and it could be just her skinwalking finnish shit. The thing that strikes me as odd is how she has mentioned jenni vartiainen in her previous tweets, a singer who is very much known and has that kinda faux mystical image these days. Her earlier photos did just look like an ugly Nightwish fan, wannabe Tarja Turunen.

No. 1061362

I've never heard a finn speak english and for it to sound like an aussie accent, but maybe someone who knows more about finns and their accent can weight in. You can hear her here: >>1060377

I agree though I legit can't tell if she's finnish or it's another larp. This girls lies are so multi-leveled lmao

No. 1061365

See this is what the fuck is throwing me off, that is clearly an aussie-ish accent not many finnish people could just pull out of their asses. Wish we had a longer clip but for what it's worth: I think she larped being finnish, maybe she had a finn bf who was into heavier music, that level of larping would just be seen as kinda far right stuff rn.

No. 1061392

I'm Finnish and this is definitely not a Finnish person.

No. 1061396

There are clips of her on twitch & youtube vids above of her singing and playing piano. I'm concerned you really think that looks like a man. Do you think girls only look like anime girls or something?

No. 1061400

Is this her whiteknight Robby Stark from >>1061058

No. 1061401

No, I'm the one that found her DAs and youtube. Lol

No. 1061404

she looks like a tranny idk why this personally offends you

No. 1061412

File: 1603063486940.jpg (42.14 KB, 480x640, d58i0c8-b1c0a618-b702-498b-a19…)

It doesn't personally offend me, I just genuinely don't see a tranny. Even w. masculine features it looks like a square jaw female. Her old accounts have only a few body shots, but even from that I don't see a man. /shrug

No. 1061413

>not personally offended
>calls anons retarded
sure jan.

No. 1061417

File: 1603064005815.jpg (32.18 KB, 480x640, d56pu5q-56b6d344-2eea-439c-9de…)

Why would it personally offend me when I don't have any of those features?
It is retarded to call out tranny to every woman because you sound like a man or one of the conspiracy youtubers that call Michelle Obama and other women trannies. Lol

You can tell when someone is trans because he's going to have man hands and larger arms.

No. 1061419

nta but she photoshops every inch of her so i dont understand how you can conclude that…

No. 1061420

this picture is so funny lol even if she's not a man she looks like one in this pic because it's so heavily shooped

No. 1061436

File: 1603066282882.png (477.91 KB, 770x742, kek.png)

She changed her pfp to >>1060948 as soon as she started losing followers today.

We're not the first to point out her massive shoops though. This is how she reacted to being called out before.

No. 1061440

There's no way she'll be private for long. She needs attention way too badly.

No. 1061450

File: 1603068474518.jpg (637.11 KB, 1080x1155, 20201019_014602.jpg)

The "Hydra Studios" place that posted her art is from Finland

No. 1061502

File: 1603079016390.jpg (294.08 KB, 1080x1788, 20201019_044219.jpg)

Uh..and a 3rd deviantart. Now she's from Iceland. What a shame, I would've enjoyed the scandiboo phase!

No. 1061513

File: 1603081983247.png (79.43 KB, 564x755, helppretend.png)

Wonder where the Paris phase factored in.

No. 1061514

No one (especially a Canadian such as herself) has ever said speak "Quebecois" God this is cringe, can't imagine being 30 and doing all this shit.
t. Quebecoise.

No. 1061516

File: 1603082639944.jpg (73.92 KB, 593x900, bendingwig.jpg)

She reposts old shooped pics and videos pretty often but with a new caption. This one will probably be back soon since she's trying to post things that aren't Tifa now.

No. 1061517

File: 1603082773504.jpg (552.38 KB, 1080x1333, 20201019_054714.jpg)

Tessa and her ex used to get tagged in some posts which can still be found. So maybe she was born in Ireland, Tessa Anne O'Neill?

No. 1061518

File: 1603082845820.jpg (456.35 KB, 1080x1426, 20201019_054701.jpg)

No. 1061520

File: 1603083171304.jpg (214.43 KB, 1080x1189, 20201019_055318.jpg)

All pics of Tessa on the ex's account have been deleted, and so have a few pics from Tessa's accounts. So they are definitely lurking.

No. 1061522

I'm sorry but I think this is a troon or a woman with just manly features. Look at that bad and the absolute size of her head.

No. 1061525

File: 1603084577980.jpg (161.88 KB, 588x769, imnotvainimjusthot.jpg)

Oof, explains why she'd spend years larping as a hot model that people hate for her hotness.

No. 1061526

She talks so weirdly. Like she's trying to sound super smart and mystical but ends up sounding cheesey as fuck, especially because she keeps misusing words and making basic grammar errors.

No. 1061527

File: 1603084868780.jpg (24.48 KB, 960x639, 63054_390930841006121_79342412…)

No. 1061528

Omg the COPE of it all

No. 1061530

File: 1603085080716.png (60.64 KB, 595x537, whotalkslikethis.png)

It's like namedropping Monet for art. She wants to seem cultured or well versed but it backfires.

No. 1061535

File: 1603088884226.jpg (471.29 KB, 1080x2107, 20201019_072756.jpg)

I know it's completely obvious someone of Tessa's standards would be an art thief too, but for evidence if she denies it here is a piece she cropped and stole.

No. 1061537

File: 1603088905758.jpg (441.32 KB, 1080x2038, 20201019_072737.jpg)

Claiming her friend took the pic.

No. 1061538

File: 1603088931216.jpg (735.89 KB, 1080x1761, 20201019_044230.jpg)

The real woman who took this photo

No. 1061544

Shes actually pretty
She could have just cosplayed Tifa looking like herself and it still would have looked nice.
The photoshop she uses makes her look worse in comparison

No. 1061547

Ehh I mean I guess s(he)'s not a total dumpster fire but I don't think it could cosplay tifa or even pull off the anime girl ff character aesthetic hence the awful shoop. She looked better when doing the black metal thing if anything.

No. 1061551

the boobs look too womanly in my opinion. i just think it's a mannish looking finnish chick. really not getting tranny vibes here

No. 1061554

Just FYI the tranny in this thread is in /meta/ trying to get mods to ban anyone calling her a tranny lmao. I don't buy she's a tranny but it's majorly suspect someone is super bitthurt about anyone tinfoiling it

No. 1061555

File: 1603094154191.png (378.29 KB, 727x875, ancientfakeart.png)

This looks like more stolen art as well, any idea what it's from?

No. 1061563

File: 1603099015560.gif (2.63 MB, 500x250, kimpetras.gif)

Those tits look fake as hell to me, check out all the other pictures. Plus trannies can have very feminine bodies when they start HRT young and are still young. Once they hit 30ish the manly features start coming out, estrogen or not. "Her" body in that pic looks just like Kim Petras (tranny) in one of her music videos.

That huge chin and the big manhands >>1061527 are a giveaway. There's absolutely nothing feminine about the features without the photoshop and the lip fillers. It looks like a young boy in drag.

This bitch looks exactly like a metalhead boyfriend I had in high school if you put some eyeliner and bangs on him.

Or maybe she just has a long history of lying about her heritage, changed her name and origin story on social media a million times and is neither finish, irish nor korean, but just a boring yank (maybe canadian). Pathological liars start lying early on in their life and then never stop.

No. 1061565

Since none speaks here finnish. Hi. Tessa Savelmaa sounds fake name, but if BF can't write Ä's then it makes sence (sävelmää). Anyway last name would be"melody". Väinämöinen is legit last name still, but its also charcter. Demigod actually in finnish mytology.

No. 1061571

Sorry for idiotic Finnish infighting, but "Savelmaa" is obviously Sävelmaa, not Sävelmää, as seen in multiple pics in this thread. Also, I really don't think Väinämöinen is a real last name.

She does look very Finnish in some of the older pictures, but whatever her accent is in >>1060377 it doesn't sound like a Finn faking an Australian/NZ accent.

No. 1061572

Your English is cringe.

No. 1061573

I really think she's Canadian and lied to the metalhead boyfriend and said she was Finnish, spinning the lie here >>1061132 when he got too close.

According to a finnish immaigation site all you need to move your spouse to Finland with you is a minimum income, which is 1700 euro a month/20k a year which is like 2k USD so pretty fair since the median income in Finalnd is 30k+ a year.

They even have a visa a couple can apply for if they just want to date and not marry, you just need 1k euro in your account a month you stay. So idk what giant hurdle she's lied to him about, unless she's just never had a job.

Link to site: https://migri.fi/en/income-requirement-for-family-members-of-a-person-who-has-been-granted-a-residence-permit-in-finland

shut up you nasty bitch.

No. 1061575

there's plenty of Finnish speakers in this thread, anon.

according to nimipalvelu 'Väinämöinen' has been the real last name of 7 people and all of them are dead by now, it's clearly just a made up pen name. i think Sävelmaa could be a legit name but there's also a chance she and/or her BF were fans of viking metal or some shit and she just thought these sounded like cool names.

No. 1061577

The obsession with finland is very common in people who are into metal, cause a lot of metal bands are from there.

No. 1061578

I love all the regional infighting ITT

Not from Finland but appreciating the context about her fake name(s)

Gonna say she isn't from Finland, Ireland, or Korea, and is either Aus or her attempts to put an Irish accent over whatever her real accent is turned into an Aus accent.
Imagine having as many double lives and false identities as this girl.

No. 1061584

I can't remember the last time we had someone so milky.
I'm going to say she's Canadian.
Moved to Finland to get married and after her divorce moved back to Canada and met K.
Tessa O Neill is an Irish name though so that does throw me off

No. 1061587

Lmao imagine if her aussie accent is just her trying to put on an Irish accent

Her husband is Canadian and said he was having issues moving to her country though.

No. 1061590

I won't deny the possibility of her being a man, but holy shit some anons are absolutely obsessed with that theory ITT

No. 1061596

Somebody hasn't read the goddamn thread, there's at least 3 different finns here, dummy. Shit english, do better but you are right, the names are bullshit. Wish someone could tweet at her in any of the languages she claims to know without any cow tipping.

No. 1061599

They could easily just say "wow, you can speak x language? Greetings from x country! (Insert emoji)" in their native language, or something inocuous like that. Proof would be her giving a google translate tier response or not even bothering to respond.

No. 1061600

You crack me up anon

No. 1061601

this would be fun to try especially because google translate is notoriously bad at Finnish

if this anon >>1061128 is correct about her blocking several Finnish ppl on twitter it could be because she doesn't speak any Finnish aside from translating Jenni Vartiainen lyrics on google translate or something

No. 1061605

File: 1603106684041.jpg (810.05 KB, 1080x1919, 20201018_081910.jpg)

I don't know why but one of the pics she quickly deleted from DA was this one, where she calls herself Arianna. On one of the metal band's pages they call her Arianna too. Any possibility it could be her real name?

No. 1061612

Don't know if her Twitter is private but I lurked it when the thread first came up and she posted about a tea she got from McDonald's with a caption that said "Canadian McDonald's" or some shit.

I realize now I should have capped it but I assumed everyone knew she was Canadian.

No. 1061626

why so many tranny spergs in this thread? go to radblr or something, tinfoiling about troonerism is not milk

No. 1061631

And now the band's Facebook page has been deleted. Does she have access still to his accounts or he is reading this thread, I wonder.

No. 1061633


Why are spergs derailing over this constantly? I just read this whole thread and anons are just tinfoiling about her being male like with everything else about her.

I think some anons are sensitive about this because they share features with this girl. Same anons thst are insisting she's pretty kek

No. 1061634

not everything posted has to be milk as long as it is saged, newfag. go back to twitter

No. 1061636

Yeah its been confirmed that she lurks. I think she's a cow herself because she also lurked the bad photoshop thread.
Theres not going to be much milk anymore now that she deleted everything

No. 1061637

99% sure she's posting here too

No. 1061644

sure rad-chan everyone who doesn't want to read your troonspergs is a twitterfag

No. 1061646

Derailing and infights are fucking up the thread, sage is not a pass to post whatever you want, this isn't ot. We get it, you think she is a tranny, but there isn't any proof besides tinfoil commentary.

This kind of cow usually can't control their desire for attention. She may delete stuff and hide, but eventually they create a new IG and start the lies all over again.

No. 1061653

Nta but all the buttmad posts over something so trivial by LC standards is just as annoying to read. And this is coming from an anon not even invested in this discussion either way.

No. 1061655

File: 1603116337322.jpg (42.01 KB, 680x462, EYt-qIfXYAAAtl6.jpg)


She'll be back, she might change her instagram and twitter handles but those are the only two places she has followers and she's not going to let that attention go. She is losing twitter followers atm.

Pic is supposedly her at taekwondo.

No. 1061657

This could basically be anyone since the face isn't very visible

No. 1061661

Did she post it on twitter?

Still curious where these 2 are from as well, ex husband doesn't have them on his page

No. 1061663

File: 1603117452951.png (819.39 KB, 1140x880, luxuryforever21.png)

She posted it on twitter before deletion with a caption around social distancing.

It was around the time she was bragging again about working at a castle or something.

No. 1061671

File: 1603118538222.jpg (365.99 KB, 1080x1050, 20201019_114211.jpg)

She fluctuates a lot between being strong "kicked my rapist" tifa wannabe and smoll girl doesn't she?

Idc either, I really just want it to end so we can get back to the cow.

I lurked his FB yesterday and the photos were there. He may have deleted by her request or doesn't want to be associated to her.
He is at least blonde so I thought that maybe she was referring to him when she said her bf was rufus, but then she mentioned her bf was Chinese, so clearly K is supposed to be >>1061048. I know it's not supposed to make sense, because pretty much all she says is a lie, but is there a possibility K doesn't even exists?

No. 1061676

File: 1603118884987.jpg (552.24 KB, 1080x1519, 20201019_154822.jpg)

The guy from this screenshot has tried to @ her on twitter so I guess some of her friends/exes are aware of the thread

No. 1061677

File: 1603118901832.png (457.43 KB, 768x884, okay.png)

It's highly possible K doesn't exist but she might have a male friend or hookup who is being used as a prop without her knowing.

She did post a Kiki in Japan tier video about being in a 'luxury' airbnb with him, where there was an open bathroom beside the door to the room kek.

No. 1061678

Anon are you actually tessa? Kek
How do you keep finding these pictures? Your detective skills are incredible

No. 1061680

File: 1603119211857.jpg (84.12 KB, 660x912, EagsWGnXQAIXq17.jpg)

I'm the anon who posted her as a personal cow. I farmed better after losing various milk due to not capping.

Another awkward pic she posted of 'Kelvin', he looks tiny here. All her pics with him seem stealth, it has some Kiki and Taco vibes.

No. 1061689

lol is this dude's twitter handle mikkohrkin as in Mikko Härkin, the keyboard player from Finnish metal band Sonata Arctica? what's with these people and the obsession with Finland.

he seems to be "Welsh but born in New Zealand" which makes me feel the theory about Tessa being from NZ is likely

No. 1061694

File: 1603119999625.jpg (144.13 KB, 592x849, 20201019_120705.jpg)

Her pointy finger from the edit kills me.
>my entire wardrobe is nothing but luxurious fashion
I love how she brags and makes up a whole fanfic tier stories about herself. It really brings me back memories from early deviantart days.

Bless you for bringing us this cow, anon

No. 1061706

File: 1603121121071.png (44.49 KB, 585x313, weirdflex.png)

Huge thanks to the anons who went and found the real milk tbh.

All I did was make caps and take pics from a discord where others were entertained by her constant flexes.

No. 1061707

please link the discord anon.

No. 1061719

I wonder why someone who seemed pretty big as a metalhead would suddenly change and be all about anime and being Asian.
she said she never played Final Fantasy 7 Remake so I have to wonder why she spent money on the cosplay and wants so bad to be Tifa.
what happened in her life to make this shift.

No. 1061721

She's probably one of those girls that changes interests based on the guy she's into. Ex was a metalhead so she became Finnish metal girl. Currently guy is asian so she's Korean now? Who knows what was in between

No. 1061722

File: 1603123222925.jpg (689.3 KB, 1080x1683, 20201019_125839.jpg)

Probably nothing happened,she is just jumping from one trend to the other to appeal to people. Like pic related was probably the gamer gurl phase, now we have cosplay uwu anime girl. She knows she can't be a mainstream influence model,so she caters to alternative/not like other girl stuff.

No. 1061732

File: 1603124267392.jpg (547.64 KB, 1080x1485, 20201019_171907.jpg)


No. 1061739

Stop modding the thread

No. 1061744

New tinfoil theory: this account is actually run by a man with a realdoll, Ashley Coffin style.

Just kidding, but holy shit, why would a woman ever want to look like that? Mental illness to the extreme if not a troon.

No. 1061758

>i am fashion forward
>i am an eloquent tomboy
>my wardrobe is all luxurious fashion

IS THIS EVEN REAL? Reading this thread, it's like every single cow characteristic is present, and magnified to never-before-seen levels! Like a genetically engineered Supercow, for our entertainment!

No. 1061770

I still can't get past the way she compliments herself being so alien and strange

No. 1061789

NTA, but when you end up calling every slightly mannish looking woman a "tranny" it denigrates cis women. Kind of the opposite of what radfems are all about.

No. 1061791

File: 1603131435280.png (1.1 MB, 1232x1224, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.19…)

sage for no milk but I was running the deviantart pics through yandex last night and the only image that looked even remotely like this girl was a real doll lmao

No. 1061799


>Korea (South)

Does she not known that the two koreas have only been seperated officially for like 75 years? How could one be able to tell? This girl is so stupid.

No. 1061808

File: 1603132936805.jpg (147.68 KB, 1536x2048, EhFa2gOXcAI4Rsb.jpg)

She wears ill fitting Lulus tier stuff and reposts it for compliments. She reposted a dated pink suit with a cape with entertaining captions but I can't find it.

No. 1061817

Girl, wipe that mirror jfc.

No. 1061818

File: 1603133742888.png (238.23 KB, 1506x930, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 1.48…)

just found this reddit post by her… CAFC is a US govt agency

No. 1061828

File: 1603134473467.png (570.62 KB, 1846x1606, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 2.02…)

For some reason it wouldn't archive for me, but I found this blogspot account that I'm fairly sure belongs to her. I've been looking up variations of all of the usernames she uses- I noticed that both her alternate YouTube account (CorruptedSushi) and one of the deviant art accounts (CorruptedSauron) had "corrupted" in the name. I decided to google "CorruptedTessa" and found this page. I wasn't sure if it was her or not but the chin in the PFP looks exactly like this image >>1060945



No. 1061837

she mentions in the blogpost from 2010 that she lives with an 8 year old boy.

"i tend to live a quiet life, (well as quiet as possible with an 8 year old boy who is also an Aries lol). though only 28, my partner 39, we live a fairly 'old fashioned' way of life in that he works"

No. 1061841

File: 1603135051817.png (592.98 KB, 1820x1462, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 2.14…)

sorry for samefagging but when you click "Bangor, Northern Wales," it brought up yet another "Tessa" blogspot account lmao. I highly doubt she ever lived in Wales



No. 1061854

That chin does look like it belongs to our girl*

gonna bet that she lies to creditors and banks just about as much as on twitter

No. 1061855

If this is even accurate in the slightest, she is wwaayy too old now to be doing what she does all over the internet, and it's actually both scary and sad.

No. 1061856

CAFC is Canadian in this context.

No. 1061859

What kind of woman refers to themself as "I am a 28 year old female"?

No. 1061870

Sorry to medfag but this person seems schizotypal.

People with this personality disorder claim to be 101 different special things because they are often grandiose and don't have a grasp on reality.

She's a martial artist, a freelance photographer and an occult practitioner with a metal shoulder and a hot Chinese boyfriend who looks different in every photograph. She's Irish and Korean with an American accent but has no nationality and she lives in North Wales on a beautiful mountain. She also claims to look like a wax mannequin without the help of shooping.

She won't get better with age in that case. She will have to take medication.

No. 1061873

File: 1603137180523.png (23.43 KB, 413x230, lads.png)

Was she 28 years ago and she has a kid? This is like an unsolved mysteries episode.


Maybe that's where the one time use of lads came from.

No. 1061895

this confirms that she was born in canada, right?
her husband was an illegal immigrant and earlier there was a screenshot of him ebegging so he could afford legal help to stay in her country of birth. so she must have been born in canada right?
listening back on her twitch videos she still sounds like she's from NZ or England but maybe she picked up the english accent when she moved there.
she also could be faking because her accent seems like a mix up of several accents

No. 1061904

File: 1603140644987.png (96.69 KB, 434x248, cow.png)

I tried reading the blogs. They're kind of in her voice, if she was a typical Karen who just shat out a baby and wants to be antivax to be close to mother earth.

She puts forward the exact same stuff she always wants to be seen as, like being an eloquent deep thinker with unique perspectives.

More importantly she spergs about her accent and being from so many countries in the blogs, so that adds up.

The grammar is horrible though.

No. 1061908

>you guys have no idea how fashion forward I am

I feel like if she was untreated schizo she'd be alot more unstable? Or can there be quite minor cases? idk i'm just going by the one person I know that is schizo and who turns into a mess when he stops meds.

yes i think they're both in canada. THere's no way she's finnish the dots just aren't connecting. That's defintely not an english accent on her stream though. I (think) she was faking an Irish accent maybe and it came out aussie? lmao

But where's the baby? Is it dead and that's why she's insane now? It's really fucking weird to say "I have a baby" and "I don't like babies" less than a setence later.

who fucking cares if a few anons think she's trans. Grow up. Sick of every cows thread I go to being derailed by mini-modding moral fags. The fact one of you ran to /meta/ to cry about this lmao

No. 1061910

File: 1603141543215.png (19.55 KB, 385x151, animator.png)

she says she's an animator on her twitch channel

No. 1061922

Nta but whose to say she didn't lie about having a kid back then?

No. 1061925

File: 1603142682358.png (86.59 KB, 581x365, plotthickens.png)

The blogs mention that she likes road trips and this matches how she often reposted vague potato footage of roadtrips on twitter without saying where it was.

Her instagram had some as well. It's private but a fake Tifa pfp is still there with a bit of the old humblebrag
>I don't know why so many people follow me, it's a mystery to me.

No. 1061927

she lied about being married for about 4 years so she could have a kid too

No. 1061931

Totally tinfoiling but if the kid was 8 then, it would be around 18 now?

This is a small head with a teenager haircut, combined with the very strange pose of secretly taking a pic. Maybe the K in all the headless pics was her son!?

No. 1061944

good tinfoil but that looks like asian hair and if she was married to the guy with long hair in the profile pic they could have adopted or it's his child perhaps

No. 1061957

File: 1603144626571.png (204.79 KB, 1276x652, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 4.54…)

So I looked up "Tessa Valfar" and found this website http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/members/stoker.23645/

She would've been about 19 (per her bio) and she posts about the relatively obscure band that her cat is named after. This "Stoker" person signs their posts -Tessa

Sorry for sperging out about this all day but she is so shamelessly fake that there's no way people haven't taken notice of her when she was part of other communities

No. 1061965

File: 1603145154644.png (190.9 KB, 1774x518, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 5.07…)


maybe the schizoid anon was onto something

No. 1061972

File: 1603145647402.png (450.33 KB, 747x565, idk.png)

anon idk this cow is so confusing lmao she stacks lies on top of each other. She's like an arrpg

>May 17, 1984 (Age: 36)

starting to make sense

No. 1061974

File: 1603145739010.png (38.49 KB, 868x263, idk.png)

>english is my first language
>learning Norwegian

lmao she's not Finnish it was just another skinwalk

No. 1061976

File: 1603145906986.png (34.42 KB, 867x253, toronto.png)

>got tickets to see a band in toronto

she's Canadian.

No. 1061978


i'm the anon who posted the blog pages and the forum profile. i'm not sure if the blog pages are her's now. They could be her in another elaborate lie but I'm not certain at this point.
That said, I'm pretty sure the forum user is her. The big bulbous nose tip >>1061972 is the exact same as >>1060945 and the bald spot on the eyebrows in pic 2 looks like the outline of the brows from the forum pic.
i could be losing my mind though

No. 1061979

I wonder if she ever went by the name Kristina online, because man her story/m.o. is giving me airg de ja vous

No. 1061982

The forum posts have to be her. Too many conicidences. Into Scandanvians, metal, lives in Canada, face is foot shaped. She's always humble bragging all over her posts.

I really can't see this girl with a kid, she seems so unstable, but maybe that's just wishful thinking for the kids sake.

The fact she's actually 36 was unexpected.

No. 1061993

Ntayrt but this site isn't a site specifically for radfems.
>Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology

>>May 17, 1984 (Age: 36)
She's more like Looni than we could have ever suspected. I want a cow crossover where they inevitably try to destroy each other's fabricated image for out entertainment.

No. 1062113

File: 1603156275134.png (28.27 KB, 542x206, psychic.png)

TBH anon the blog posts match her interests and voice, as well as the occult/psychic phase which went on its way out as she realized FF7r "Tiddy cosplay" was the way to get attention online.

The blog posts also have her talking about how she's "totally not insane/crazy" which is similar to the forum posts.

No. 1062151

File: 1603160146680.png (348.72 KB, 569x599, milk.png)

Another one of her usernames is vakarian.

>Tessa (@_vakarian_) • Instagram

>Tessa. INTJ-A model who enjoys nature, studies plant biochemistry, paints, writes, and is a fashionista with a penchant for martial arts.

She uses INTJ like a badge of accomplishment and I wondered what the reason is. Turns out it's because the descriptor sounds like what she wishes she was, the keks go deeper

No. 1062166

It's because INTJ is supposedly the rarest type for women to be typed as, since it's an introverted thinking/detective type. Half of the women on lolcow are probably INTJ. Tessa just wants to be rare and unique.

I see that one of her posts on that metal forum say she is "Irish/Latvian" heritage so we can tick another country off

No. 1062172

Was the IG up when you posted it? It's gone now

No. 1062180

File: 1603165452730.png (48.74 KB, 576x473, koreansknowimkorean.png)

It was cached on google when I tried searching vakarian and tessa.

No. 1062227

Her skin must be dry as fuck if she's masking every other day.

No. 1062228

I think she may have hair loss, she's constantly in that helmet hair old, dry, heavy wig. Even the pics not showing her face have her in that wig, it's easy to spot because the hair looks clearly old/ratted like that of old used human hair wig/weave. In her old pictures she wears that beanie very often in real life, probably to cover a wig that doesn't look natural in person.

No. 1062230

File: 1603182524349.jpg (224.84 KB, 1536x2048, EijOpYaX0AAvZGr.jpg)

Good catch anon, I was wondering why she would wear the wigs everywhere with the forehead pulled too low. She forgot what a real hairline looked like.

No. 1062237

Hmm.. wonder what kind of human being starts to experience hairloss in their 30s. I know it's not usually women.

No. 1062242

You know what? I'm one of the people who was defending her not being trans. But after seeing her shoulders in this, I'm thinking it's a possibility. That upper body is boxy.

No. 1062253


These two pics have me convinced this is a tranny. I didn't buy it yesterday. Makes me think the user sperging in here and meta about the Trans tinfoiling is tessa trying to shut down the one secret he really doesn't want out

No. 1062373

File: 1603211837542.png (320.49 KB, 583x461, lookatsomeothertifa.png)

Says that her account was "refreshed" even though she just deleted any history of cosplaying Tifa and bragging that was captured here.

No. 1062403


our beloved Vicky also claims to be INTJ. I think MBTI is worthless but I don't think any of these people actually are INTJ, I think they just pick the answers that they think muh logical genius astrophysicist virtuosos would pick.

No. 1062469

File: 1603222900113.png (1.09 MB, 1182x1274, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 2.40…)

reverse image searched one of her pics she has on twitch and I'm pretty sure it's Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. can any canadafags confirm

No. 1062537

File: 1603229846656.png (49.07 KB, 515x599, accentpractice.png)

It's from NS and some of her more recent posts had pics of places from somewhere in BC because the pics looked familiar.

I'm starting to think her family is from >>1059957 as she is very on brand with alternative or weeb types from the area.

No. 1062542

File: 1603230187652.png (46.66 KB, 584x374, surejan.png)

Just noticed the waist edit, kek.

Today she's pretending that she's grieving over a pet. Totally nothing to do with her real face being out on the internet.

She can't go a day without eliciting comments of support from people, even over fake stories. All the responses are "what happened" because there are no fake accounts or ~sweet messages~. She's trying to get some out of her orbiters for her ego.

No. 1062570

>personal accounts outside of twitter
What accounts? She's deleting everything and when she mentioned being "hacked" before no one knew what she was talking about. Would she not mention that?
I'm almost certain she has a discord though.

No. 1062578


Yeah I saw her ex husband had Cheticamp tagged on his blog. I hadn't seen this post then

No. 1062588

File: 1603234486898.jpg (92.26 KB, 548x680, waistedited.jpg)

She has a discord linked at her twitch but I don't think she's said a thing there because even her most engaged orbiters are confused on twitter as to what she's moaning about.

First it was a hack from a stalker who had been posting as her replying. Next it was a "company she hired" that erased her twitter and totally not a free app. Today it's grieving over a pet. Tomorrow it will be another story. Just like her 8ball ethnicity.

No. 1062611

>>THE user, singular
>>hi, cow

man, can we have one thread without tranny obsessed anons

No. 1062615


I posted >>1059957 and, as I said in the post, I have no doubt that it was taken on the Cabot Trail.

No. 1062625

Lmao sorry hou look like a tranny anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1062630

File: 1603236540658.jpg (197.54 KB, 714x757, tessa.jpg)

She looks SO manly here but I zoomed in and it's edited so heavily I can't tell if she's just accidently photoshopping herself into a tranny? Her hands are huge too, but again she's shooping them because when you zoom in you can see they're all deformed.

stop shitting up the thread sperging about the tranny tinfoiling. You were already told to shut the fuck when you complained to the farmhnds about it.

No. 1062633

File: 1603236749628.jpg (32.1 KB, 621x614, EYs6AmxXYAELCvU.jpg)

Whenever she slims her jaw, she forgets her her hands often get stretched into her face as well.

See >>1058504 and pic related, her finger's shape or length get messed.

No. 1062646

File: 1603237140016.png (547.32 KB, 2146x1460, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.38…)

searched "Tessa London Ontario" which seemed to be the last place she lived with her ex husband and this came up kek

No. 1062648

>>every anon who disagrees with me is the same person

why don't you stop sperging? as if this cow would be able to keep her mouth shut if she was somehow gender special. she looks and sounds like the average ~to0 dEep 4 u~ 2000s goth chick. except that she never grew out of it.

No. 1062650

please stop derailing this thread, this is an actually interesting cow. Just hide it if it upsets you this much.

No. 1062653

She's being doing this for years how is she still this bad at photoshop

kek she looks like one of those heads with the long necks beauty students practice on.

I think only one person is sperging here newfriend, and it wasn't who who replied to.

No. 1062722

File: 1603244407082.jpg (202.48 KB, 2048x1536, signwalkingfordollars.jpg)

>British professor

She offered to teach her superior English by pretending to have British heritage? Without any qualifications?

Teaching explains the gradeschool tier penmanship at her age though.

No. 1062776

File: 1603250048451.png (16.92 KB, 539x174, POETIC.png)

I love her made up stories, she can't create a single genuine profile in the internet.

No. 1062788

File: 1603251026290.jpg (152.58 KB, 480x640, d54a4ue-bf666c03-a2ad-4282-b3f…)


how many deviantart accounts did this girl have

No. 1062789

File: 1603251175271.jpg (428.07 KB, 900x1355, d52wd1v-9a01d04b-8888-4d13-8c3…)

samefag, this shop is killing me

No. 1062792

File: 1603251877132.png (1.1 MB, 1004x1064, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 10.4…)

No. 1062801

File: 1603253253094.jpg (83.25 KB, 896x892, texting_at_the_table__tsk__by_…)

Did she shop herself into a cheesecake factory?

No. 1062807

File: 1603254683920.jpg (70.04 KB, 504x208, Nötragaldr.jpg)

Another one of her bands, this one mentions playing live in a bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

No. 1062813

File: 1603256293606.png (190.81 KB, 776x875, yikes.png)

Have some poetry.

Pic looks like it was taken in the 90s but it's hella shooped. The arm is crooked as is her jawline.

Amazing finds anons, this cow has so many layers. I wonder if we will ever make it to the origin story milk…

No. 1062816

File: 1603256352031.jpg (254.82 KB, 504x840, Nötragaldr2.jpg)

Samefag, the only people who seem to interact with her like they know her are from sparse fake facebook profiles. Like this band member, using a picture of Godfrey Gao. Last band page also had someone calling her Tessa, sparse profile, using standard viking metal guy picture, located in Nova Scotia.

No. 1062819

Not sure that I believe English is her first language. Content aside, it just sounds really weird. Like something that was put through Google translate.

No. 1062820

File: 1603257341655.png (426.04 KB, 835x865, no1caredkek.png)

I think her intentional word salad is probably to look more ESL and foreign than she really is. Bringing in that subtle 'i am a pen' energy.

No. 1062823

the rabbit hole goes so deep with this one. why would band members not interact with her on main?

were you able to find any pictures of the band actually performing?

what i'm trying to understand is if there actually was a band or was this woman (+maybe her bf?) making up all the other profiles to talk to herself

No. 1062824

File: 1603257587390.png (404.41 KB, 797x863, sansmakeup.png)

The DA is glorious, I can't believe she's been reposting photos for what is maybe decades with the same captions.

No. 1062827

File: 1603258210254.jpg (162.91 KB, 1285x1600, britishprofessorglasses.jpg)

This same wig has been in pics for years it seems. It's a lot rattier now.

She always hides the top of her head with a hat like another anon said. The wig is barely holding shape now so you'll notice pins that visible in pics like >>1058883 or how it's all unstyled like >>1059576.

Her real hair is ironed here >>1059803 but it's bending around her face due to shoop and now that you look at it, she shooped in the bangs. Literally nothing is real on that pic.

No. 1062832

Idk anon I think she might just be extremely lonely and isolated and severely online. She's not vile like some of the other cows on here but damn is she insanely entertaining lol. Reminds me of the eunuch sisters.

No. 1062833

File: 1603259761874.jpg (9.97 KB, 187x270, somethingstrange.jpg)

Excuse the shitty screen but we just realized that she created shell accounts on twitter that weren't capped properly.

Hope a better detective anon can can find a clear history on this

>she creates an onlyfans account

>she plugs it on other twitter accounts
>she calls out the 'fake' onlyfans account on her real account to see if it gets subs
>no subs happened
>twitter argument with her fake account calling him thirsty and getting her orbiters to fight with it
>then her decrying the account as fake, but if she made one you'd know

This happened more than once possibly.

No. 1062834

File: 1603259932202.jpg (199.24 KB, 720x459, d569d7g-d8f0e66d-4b26-47f0-acf…)

>Pokemon [Finnish]

No. 1062835

File: 1603260155867.jpg (225.62 KB, 1080x1386, 20201021_070351.jpg)

Oh, she was claiming to be asian before then.

No. 1062836

File: 1603260324065.jpg (21.35 KB, 236x355, 8a4dfac9197c1b0797d22bf486bdab…)

No. 1062838

File: 1603260405808.png (859.81 KB, 990x914, Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 11.35…)

sorry for going on about this but do you think this is the same thing as the fake band member profiles? i went through the band page and at one point came across picrel, but a reverse google image search tells me it's related to a restaurant chain in ontario, canada. upon further googling it seems it's an artwork by George Grie and she's just claiming someone else made it for their band album cover.
i'm so confused lol

No. 1062839

File: 1603260727779.jpg (273.6 KB, 1080x1559, 20201021_071324.jpg)

Hilarious stuff in the comments

No. 1062840

File: 1603261022281.jpg (115.58 KB, 1080x962, 20201021_071335.jpg)

No. 1062843

File: 1603262431535.png (243.23 KB, 759x862, ooof.png)

Most likely. The accounts she fought with and posts seem to have been deleted as well and had no other conversation. Posts from other people replying to her callout posts are still on twitter.

She expects everyone to believe that somebody out there made an onlyfans and put the effort into promoting them on her behalf.

It's like her "people always ask me" and "people always tell me" stories. She's faking her way into being an e-celeb.

What a nutter.

No. 1062849

File: 1603263244108.png (372.63 KB, 480x480, d53uixp-34addafe-1e3a-4a00-877…)

No. 1062855

This one is a total mystery. I'm from NZ and I swear she sounds Kiwi in those twitch videos. Is that what Canadians think Irish people sound like??

No. 1062857

No, no pics of the band or any mention of them outside of that Facebook. I assume that band was fake and I think the band members she interacted with were just her talking to herself. It seems the band with the ex husband was real but with only a facebook presence.

No. 1062858

File: 1603266061511.jpg (33.71 KB, 898x985, EjWptQYWkAAN0n6.jpg)

Was the real band from before or after the fake band where she talked to herself? We need a timeline anon..

No. 1062864

File: 1603268090894.jpg (76.84 KB, 742x742, 1205_911637338977322_101022669…)

The Cloaked, 2012. Galdrǫnd (with ex) 2013/14. I think she was talking to herself on both. See standard viking man with empty profile who called her Tessa on the Galdrǫnd plage.

No. 1062869

File: 1603269375830.png (169.24 KB, 480x480, d4zw5ka-7a8c2e31-f2ae-4eef-b2e…)

when I made this thread I thought we would just laugh at her bad shoop

I never thought the rabbit hole went this deep

detective anon who keeps finding her pages.
you're doing amazing work

No. 1062871

File: 1603269660485.jpg (29.35 KB, 500x500, EdjWYMHX0AEWYEk.jpg)

If this was over ten years ago she must be well into her 30s for sure.

No. 1062873

File: 1603269895839.jpg (48.86 KB, 717x348, d5149hd-08ca977a-5924-4b5f-831…)

sorry for the bad quality but she must really hate her chin and nose. for someone who thinks she's so gorgeous she sure does have a lot of issues
I can't believe she's still wearing the same wig 8 years later

No. 1062875

File: 1603271219183.jpg (138.07 KB, 1080x1098, 20201021_071844.jpg)

Could any Finns have a look at her Notragaldr DA? Does it read like google translate?

No. 1062886

No. 1062890

File: 1603274169732.png (32.57 KB, 896x381, sdgsgswre.png)

the one you posted might pass as just weirdly stiff wording but attached's 100% google translate

No. 1062892

File: 1603274296440.png (46.31 KB, 925x612, alhtethsethsdggndfm.png)

i wouldn't normally laugh at ppl learning a new language but kek

No. 1062896

Can confirm. This reads like someone translated from English to Finnish word for word which makes it look weird.

No. 1062903

My theory is that her boyfriend has a child from a previous relationship, and that she took advantage of them being a kid and not paying attention to take the weird stealth Amal back of head photo(s).

No. 1062927

on her blogpost she said she is 28 in 2010 that would make her 38 now but this person is lying about everything so who knows

No. 1062930

If she's almost 40 and skin walking a video game character and catering to incels then she's more pathetic than I thought.
Then you put the Mountain of lies on top of everything else and she comes across mentally ill

No. 1062953

File: 1603287570798.jpg (25.75 KB, 400x400, NUiViX9K_400x400.jpg)

I'm the anon who thinks >>1061680 and the person on the right on >>1061066 looked like possibly an asian kid playing videogames and having dinner with her because her head and hands are so much bigger and the pics awkward.

I think the food is real. She lied about being a gourmet chef and bartender (kek) but her food is very mom cooking tier. The blogs at >>1061828 and >>1061841 both mentioned being proud of being able to cook and garden just like her twitter.

She lost a lot of followers on twitter so she's back to being shoop Tifa starting with her pfp atm.

No. 1062964

Her finnish is 10000% google translated, so is the other poor bastards. Why the fuck do coes always fake knowing languages?

No. 1062974

The food in >>1061066 is definitely not hers. The camera quality is a lot better than any picture she ever posted that was not stolen. It's some kind of stock photo. She has no photographic talent whatsoever.

No. 1062988

File: 1603292266071.png (1.26 MB, 1939x847, samecam.png)

She often posted food on the same counter and posted pics of a cookbook with her handwriting.

Her camera is fine at taking pics straight on. She just filters the hell out of the selfies and videos to reshape herself. Pic related, her one pair of pants that keep getting reposted kek.

It still would be on brand for her if she actually sourced a slew of food photos from elsewhere though..

No. 1063138

So why is she pretending some Asian kid who looks like 10 years old at most is her boyfriend?!

No. 1063163

File: 1603310302539.jpg (308.41 KB, 764x844, thelegendoftessa.jpg)

Another account. Here she's an artist based in Paris.

No. 1063169

File: 1603310481561.jpg (212.05 KB, 1024x2044, thelegendoftessa_by_salarity_d…)

Samefag, her thelegendoftessa reddit account where she asked to be drawn with her ever present smelly wig/beanie.


No. 1063228

On twitter she said that someone drew fanart of her but she had to go on reddit and actually ask people to draw her.

No. 1065438

File: 1603331257083.jpg (132.49 KB, 1080x1905, 20201022_024843.jpg)

She's back to being @_vakarian_

No. 1065485

File: 1603339209555.jpg (112.79 KB, 1080x1066, soshooped.jpg)

There's no way she would delete the accounts with orbiters she spent years farming. Her instagram still had a lot of old followers from the finnish and irish username phases because their replies to her tagged the old names.

The "I had 300k followers" probably never was a thing and she just made it up as part of the current Tifa skinwalk ecelebrity construct.

No. 1065487

File: 1603339348314.png (222.01 KB, 1900x656, plzdraw.png)

She's lurking here and deleted her posts just now. Here's a screencap from archive.

No. 1065549

That whole thigh is just the brush tool with color eyedropped from her ass

No. 1065550

File: 1603356156159.png (39.58 KB, 597x350, whichyorkshire.png)

Even her e-friends don't know where she is supposed to be.

No. 1065596

It's not grammatically incorrect per se but still clunky and awkward sounding.

Just to put the autism into rest once and for all: She's definitely not Finnish, like mentioned upthread her name is fake, she doesn't have any Finnish speech patterns embedded in her English like most Finns do, her Finnish is not native level and her old DA photos don't look at all like traditional Finnish interior. My guess is that she's from NZ (due to the kiwi accent) but has various ___aboo phases where she lies about being the nationality she's currently obsessed with. Maybe she dated a Finnish guy or something when she was obsessed with nordic metal but that's about it.

No. 1065638

Does she have nothing else to do all day but make a billion fake profiles of herself? This is fascinating.

No. 1065711

File: 1603379611582.png (32.13 KB, 604x272, kdoesntexist.png)

Tinfoil here but her ex seems to be with someone new that's a model and it's possible she made this fake persona to cope by skinwalking as her and Tifa.

Likely made up the extreme aboose stories on >>1061089 too. Tsundebolt's ridiculous self descriptions and insistence on being an all natural model on every post can't be coincidence.

No. 1065908


i won't because it's cowtipping but there's nothing i want more than to ask the ex-husband (or his friends) what her origin story is

No. 1065936

I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything, but I highly doubt she's schizo in any way. She just seems very insecure and unhappy with herself. It seems like Tessa is actively trying to fake her 500 different special skills because she knows they're not true, contrary to what a delusional schizo would do. For example, an actual schizo, when shown proof of the falsity of their claims, would still stubbornly believe it due to sheer delusion. In the exact same scenario, Tessa wouldn't continue to believe her falsehoods, in fact, she knows they're untrue, she would just make more of an effort to hide them.

No. 1065985

i'm not convinced she ever met this guy and wasn't just catfishing him. His "we can't be together in her home country" post makes no sense if she's Canadian, too.

No. 1066023

File: 1603409410647.png (88.42 KB, 587x692, pathological.png)

I think they were married or trying to. She mentioned "hormones and marriage and house buying" in >>1060933 Pregnant?

He's removing photos of her and this post was probably him >>1061323 because the deletions on his Facebook and DA started at the same time.

Pic related she hasn't stopped making up lies on twitter. Still trying to act like people totally want her to open an OF and that men catcall her IRL.

No. 1066052

There's a picture >>1060956 of them together and he took other pics of her.

No. 1066059

my bad, missed that. Yeah his current gf is a huge upgrade I get why it would drive her insane, especially with how obsessed she is about being considered attractive.

No. 1066072

Are we sure this pic isn't photoshopped too? It's a bit inky around her head

No. 1066082

File: 1603417155145.jpeg (273.26 KB, 1229x388, E8BDB1E2-7F98-4EBE-BE9A-E4C5B3…)

Kek this comment he left on a video 2 years ago

No. 1066090

It seems like it's just the filter on the photo. He seems like a real person too, especially because this comment >>1066082 kek.

No. 1066099

He posted it on his FB, there were other pics that showed they lived in the same place. Didn't cap before he deleted them though.

No. 1066104

Omfg this is hilarious. This literally sounds like an excerpt from My Immortal.

Also, she's 36??? Why does that make so much sense

No. 1066109

"wow thanks for the info" lmfao this cringy bitch. this is rich

No. 1066294

File: 1603462698489.jpg (135.08 KB, 744x1520, totallycandid.jpg)

It seems possible she lied to him about her origins before they met IRL in Canada though.

kek he had a few comments on that video that sound like how he probably had to deal with someone insane like her.

>"Makes me wonder if you're capable of having your beliefs questioned. Unfortunately, this time you only showed how defensive you are about them by going on an incessant and unwarranted "attack" mode.

Whenever proven wrong she doubles down on lies like >>1060908 and >>1061436

No. 1066576

File: 1603489246364.png (41.69 KB, 611x329, feelsorryforme.png)

The milk just keeps flowing. Each day she slips in a new lie for more sympathy because the previous lie didn't bring enough.

No. 1066597

"there's too many people out there with hate in their hearts"
Tessa you have lied over and over again to your followers. being called out doesn't mean people have hate in their hearts. it just means everyone is tired of you being fake

No. 1066608

File: 1603492017811.png (233.23 KB, 744x845, oof.png)

Her orbiters and followers exist only because of her shoops and she's realizing that without those nobody cares to interact with her.

Her cats are just fine otherwise she'd at least post constant updates with specifics for help and advice, like most pet owners on twitter who are truly worried do.

I wonder which of her grandparents is supposed to randomly be dead out of nowhere, maybe the fake Korean one for maximum effect.

No. 1066614

File: 1603492315571.png (409.44 KB, 553x505, 1603292266071.png)

look at the size of her hand compared to the tiny face she shooped kek

No. 1066616

same anon
I'm just noticing that the bad shoop gave her webbed fingers

I need to know who is falling for these pictures

No. 1066622


Either it was her partners child, she did mention he was older or she is making it up.

I don't think she's ever given birth.

No. 1066634

File: 1603494609825.png (1.06 MB, 600x600, B4997EEB-BA0E-4357-8C5B-60783D…)


I don’t think that’s her, just a weird name coincidence. Could be a stolen image for larp. I was able to get this bigger one by editing the URL of the image itself.

No. 1066636

Where did this image come from? I can’t find it for some reason

No. 1066677

It's from this >>1061841

No. 1066690

File: 1603498874489.png (508.11 KB, 805x882, visualkeiera.png)

Yeah that confirms the blogger was a different person.

Wonder what the mystery asian kid is then.

No. 1066811

File: 1603512251557.png (653.85 KB, 2170x842, Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 11.0…)

just googled "cautiouslypessimistic tessa" and I found a steam account. she also used to have a twitch account under that name


No. 1066821

File: 1603514773222.jpg (57.37 KB, 350x512, unnamed.jpg)

whoevever it is is obviously either cosplaying or skinwalking this guy from a japanese band thats not even popular anymore

No. 1066822


it also looks like she created a fake irish boyfriend for herself named "Jack Cosgrave" and his sister "abigail". they both are level 0 on steam but apparently he uses it as a medium to talk to his girlfriend?

No. 1066824

File: 1603515178820.png (66 KB, 615x513, thelieskeepcoming.png)

I wonder whose photo she stole since that face is not hers.

Right after seeing this post >>1066608 she quickly made another post about her cat.

I like how the dead relative is no big deal. She can't keep up with her own bs.

No. 1066829

File: 1603515949578.png (350.86 KB, 1363x1250, wtf.png)

God's work anon.

She poorly Irish roleplayed as two, possibly three or more people on her steam comments. They all have pfps similar to her style and talk just like her.

>My Girlfriend, The Vampire

>Tell men to talk to your man directly
>I bought you a copy of NS4

I don't have the screencaps but she recently claimed that "K" bought her a switch so they can play games together. She sure recycles her storylines.

No. 1066842

>for the love of Éire

so many banners can come out of this cow if we can just figure the mystery out

No. 1066851

File: 1603523215695.png (345.56 KB, 854x860, ancienteyesperg.png)

Just realized when she roleplayed as the sister she signed "xoxo" like on >>1062722

Hoping a based timeline anon can make sense of all the countries, eye colours, talents and personalities this cow has claimed.

I don't think she learnt how to really play any instruments or even owns any. It was probably part of the Finnish phase because she reposted that ancient clip instead of making a new and presumably better one.

No. 1066889

>for the love of eire (nobody in ireland says that)
>Ó Dálaigh (the last name of the previous president of ireland)
>Galleck (possibly trying to spell gaelic?)

No. 1066938

Not to be a total sperg tinfoil fag but it seems like she creates alot, ALOT, of accounts. Some just to praise her, some to converse with, and some to give continuity to her current culture/talent skinwalking phase. So, could her ex husband be fake? Could it all be fake and she's some do nothing loser in bumfuck Canada on a forever larp loop?

She's this glorious Vicky/Stephany hybrid and I wonder if anyone will ever get to the truth of who or what the fuck she really is.

No. 1066951

File: 1603547226794.png (498.66 KB, 1180x2191, unnamed.png)

I took a quick look at one of the suspect twitters with no followers that exist to do nothing but compliment or defend her exactly the way she wants and instantly found one.

Also found a previous account that was tagged on posts while looking

There are probably dozens more at this rate.

No. 1067310

File: 1603580325688.png (521.7 KB, 747x833, unnamed.png)

She lost like 50 followers so she spent all week on this new shoop.

No. 1067351

File: 1603585543136.png (68.43 KB, 998x332, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 7.24…)

trying to compile a list of all of her aliases and usernames that have been discovered so far. please add if i've missed any! i just think it's worth documenting since there are so many of them

Tessa Savelmaa, Tessa Johanna Savelmaa, Tessa O'Neill, Tessa Ann O'Neill, "Tessa Ui" (on Steam), Tessa Debolt, Aries Väinämöinen

Tsundebolt or _tsundebolt_ used on instagram, twitch, twitter, etc.

"StarlitSeeker" on facebook; "CautiouslyPessimistic" on Steam; "kasumii" on artseeker; possibly "Stoker" on a metal forum

Youtube usernames: ShadowOfSalem, Galdrond, CorruptedSushi
Deviantart usernames: Galdrond, Notragaldr, CorruptedSauron, SensualSilence

Instagram usernames: queen_of_sidhe, thelegendoftessa, vakarian17, tsundebolt, _tsundebolt_.

Her display name is usually Ɛηιgmα. She has a lot of fake birthdays but I think the real birthday is May 21 based on this post by her ex husband

No. 1067368

Damn I should have screenshot it but there is another post by her ex husband where he mentions her birthday around August time. I don't understand why she says her birthday is August 11 if on the metal forums it's most likely in May. This makes me think she gaslighted, lied to, or manipulated him a lot into believing her lies

No. 1067373

File: 1603588294096.jpg (265.8 KB, 1080x904, 20201025_011318.jpg)

Ah here it is

No. 1067376

This sounds like she wrote it, that or her "husband" are both dumb enough to google translate eng into finnish. Cheers = kippis, but only when drinking, never as a greeting. Bizarre.

No. 1067379

So a rough timeline would be:

Early 2000s: Tessa Valfar / Stoker. Possibly the most normal of the Tessas, claims to be of Irish/Latvian descent; lives in Canada, works in a bank; would be 36 years old as of today.

Mid 2000s: Tessa Johanna Sävelmaa, Tessa Anne O'Neill. Claiming to be Finnish and then on other occasions Irish. Goes as far as larping on 4-5 DA and YT accounts that she's a Finnish metalhead that plays piano, harp, an artist, and has magical icy blue eyes. Marries Sebastian during this era.

Current day: Tsundebolt, Tessa DeBolt, Vakarian, etc. Is Irish and lives in Cork but buys from Canadian websites, never mentions Finnish again but speaks fluent Finnish. Can speak French also but talks on stream in a NZ/British accent and now apparently lives in the UK again. Also is now half Korean with a Chinese boyfriend.

I'm getting so lost with this girl. I want to find her real name/bday to see if a birth cert. is available, then the mystery is solved (kind of)

No. 1067380

File: 1603590261766.png (110.5 KB, 605x765, afterlarpingonlolcow.png)

She posted on twitter as though her birthday was on August 11 which matches >>1060933 Twitter search brings up people responding to her deleted posts that were fishing for happy birthday replies.

For someone who brags about her luxury lifestyle and luxury fashion it's sad to see she couldn't even save enough for a busride as part of purchasing tickets "in advance".

No. 1067385

File: 1603590940029.png (85.45 KB, 588x774, totallygetscatcalled.png)

Mid 2000s: Occasionally tosses in "Asian" as part of her heritage. Claimed she's British and can teach to scam people online sometime around the marriage.

Current day: Lives in Canada possibly with a relative from NS. Doesn't have an Irish accent, doesn't speak French and her inconsistent accent is faked for scrotes in short awkward videos where she barely says anything clearly. Never seen with anyone IRL anymore and is sneakily posting pics of what's likely friends or random hookups from dating apps since the dudes are different each time.

Still claims she's a totally natural real life Tifa and super hot and this is why her life is soo hard.

No. 1067430

I’m the anon from >>1067351 and the anon from >>1067373 is correct. The post made in May was referring to the August 11 concert so August 11 is probably her birthday

No. 1067499

File: 1603605218321.png (752.62 KB, 1330x992, Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 12.4…)

i can't get over how demented these fake conversations are. her ex husband seems like an actually real person so why is she making so many sockpuppet friends

No. 1067578


Bless anons for taking on the headache to make sense of this girl.

No. 1067584

This part is kinda missing from the summary that anon was kind enough to compile

where would you say this fits? This is clearly before the IRL Tifa phase, but she's already larping as Irish, has a pretend Irish bf + bf's sister + someone called Co'in who is "suffocating her" apparently (friend? relative? who is this person in the chronology of accounts)
are there any more posts on her steam account, i wonder
also might be worth checking if she has accounts on other websites with the username "CautiouslyPessimistic"

No. 1067586

she needs to stop calling herself hot especially when we all know what she really looks like.
it's fine to be confident but she comes across as being so full of herself.

by the way. Cid was a hot lady in Final Fantasy 15

No. 1067628

can't you read? she's calling her friend hot, a female Cid etc. Not herself.

No. 1067689

File: 1603640405385.png (103.6 KB, 1178x378, unnamed.png)

They're both Tifa skinwalkers but Tessa is pretending to be friends with the other one after this thread >>1060188 where they were probably fighting.

What's weird is Tessa thinks it's appropriate to compliment another person the way she wants to be complimented, and it comes off sounding like a troon again.

Meanwhile she's now claiming to be in Yorkshire which doesn't match any of the recent posts.

No. 1067708

Why is she in the UK? I wonder if she was there to begin with or is still in Canada. Highly doubt she has ever stepped foot in Ireland

No. 1067719


Depending on when this is it could be solidifying her Irish heritage (ironic as only NI is part of the UK) or she got bored with her current identity or situation she claims to be and wanted to add something else. She might have a friend or someone of interest that’s from there or even some fictional interest like Tifa.

No. 1067749

File: 1603645588059.jpg (20.84 KB, 224x224, images1.jpg)

She posted to brag about how much she spent on a mirror >>1060975 and she used it for the filtered videos and overdone shoops in >>1060363 so she's still in Canada.

She also posted that she needed help "speaking Quebecois" in >>1061513 most likely lied about French fluency on a job application. I should have capped all the humblebrag posts she did but >>1061663 was at her work and that's not UK by any stretch.

No. 1067841

File: 1603657086368.jpg (318.27 KB, 1080x1258, 20201025_201840.jpg)

Good point. I have lived in both Ireland and UK and have never seen most homes (unless really modern and personalised) have those kind of layouts.

I'm reading through all her old posts on the metal forum. Guess it was a Norway obsession before Finland

No. 1068051

File: 1603677598252.jpg (273.81 KB, 2048x1152, oldpicthatsnotUK.jpg)

>I can't wait to get out of Toronto
>I hate busy cities

She was never in Toronto >>1067373 proves she had to take bus rides and she couldn't even afford to visit regularly. She probably wanted to sound like she's from a city to look impressive and described it as though it's NY.

No. 1068069

Hmm not really. The screenshot saying she's from Toronto is when she was 19. The screenshot with her husband is years later

No. 1068212

Why is it always got to be moving to these obsessions with her? Girl knows she can visit places she likes right? Don’t know if it’s sad that she wants to be anywhere but Toronto but can’t make up her mind where.

No. 1068637

File: 1603769903702.png (39.88 KB, 582x341, larping.png)

She likely was in Nova Scotia at that time >>1059957 since that's where she grew up. All her pics prior to ex husband were in NS. She recently she showed videos of dealing with tornadoes during June before moving to wherever she is in September.

She's still unable to hold a conversation without talking about fuckability, as though her shoops make her an authority on the subject.

Found the Ko-fi which was mentioned in >>1061137 https://ko-fi.com/tsundebolt

No. 1070248

File: 1603978488941.png (180.05 KB, 1230x745, newfakeart.png)

Wonder if any anons know the source of this pic she's saying she painted.

No. 1070257

I'm sure it was painted, just not by her.

No. 1070265

The face looks like red velvet's wendy and the hair painted on hhnghg

No. 1070280

File: 1603982168768.png (210.27 KB, 599x869, totallyhappened.png)

She loves her fake conversations.. if she's moving countries each month, how does she still have a stylist? Does her stylist work on her wig?

Thanks anon, the hair looked straight up MS Paint on top of an image.

No. 1070284

Anyone who follows hairdressers, or does hair themselves knows how much bullshit this is. Hairdressers mock "dyed black to blonde" requests/clients relentlessly, and they are considered nightmare clients. It's likely to take many hours and have patchy, orange results = bad review for the stylist despite it being inevitable, so best avoided.

No. 1070291


Sure, Jan. I’m pretty sure that’s not how real people talk.

No. 1070309

Yeah any hairdresser worth their salt will turn you down if you ask to go from black (or even very dark brown) to blonde.

No. 1070325

File: 1603987761975.jpg (88.4 KB, 805x1054, whypostthis.jpg)

A hairstylist wouldn't someone call out of the blue and happen to suggest the same hair damaging idea posted on ko-fi and about 50 times on twitter in hopes of a response.

She probably bought a Rikku cosplay and is sitting on it since she has a blonde wig seen in >>1061039

No. 1071111

File: 1604082462373.jpeg (113.06 KB, 1242x1027, 2B85AA9A-F7B3-466B-B8FB-A8DAF9…)

I think she found the thread kek

No. 1071123

File: 1604083364074.jpg (231.71 KB, 1080x1919, 20201030_114109.jpg)

You weren't kidding lol this is so bait-y. Why does she need $500 to dye her hair? And why is it a NSFW cosplay? Did anyone even ask for that??

No. 1071196


rikku is 15 in ffx and 17 in ffx-2, and this weirdo in her 30s is doing a nsfw cosplay of her? she’s such a fucking creep

No. 1071303

File: 1604101990172.png (185.29 KB, 567x866, potatofilter.png)

Things were getting pretty milky.

She was posting something about having tons of stalkers wanting her affections and that one of the stalkers was "put away". Replies to her account show people talking to her about it, though most are perplexed.

She thirsts for attention so she'll be back soon enough.

No. 1071307

Looks like this youtuber again >>1059729

No. 1071653


obviously she just looks that anime irl and we're all jealous, but did she really post this video alongside her 'natural' pics with plump lips?

ot but she looks more like Orochimaru here, its more accurate than tifa

No. 1071717

File: 1604158989023.png (518.53 KB, 480x480, d51fva9-d25962b1-e72c-4989-8d9…)

She posted it just before hiding the account. She also started this account for her VIP orbiters but it didn't take off so it's gone, too.

No. 1075787

File: 1604614534627.png (286.55 KB, 1032x1220, Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 3.42…)


I just checked the profile of the guy she tagged on the Notragaldr page and i'm pretty sure she faked this entire conversation and that both accounts are hers

No. 1076143

File: 1604645081123.png (274.81 KB, 692x636, Sister.png)

A gofundme for her ex-husband

No. 1076145

Samefag. Looks like Theresa O'neill is her legal/birth name.

No. 1076158

File: 1604647717816.png (119.08 KB, 424x200, shoop.png)

Good find, even the face is shooped the way she does her own. Vakarian is also one of her old usernames, so she wasn't even subtle.

She will probably mass DM her VIP orbiters who defended her shoops and videos with whatever her new accounts are soon.

No. 1076264

File: 1604666712549.png (25.82 KB, 629x133, tessa.png)

that is 100% her!
she posted on that account just yesterday too

this post refers to her as Tessa too.

I've never seen anyone with as many throw away accounts as her

No. 1076266

Tessa's been gone from twitter for a week now and no one has noticed kek
she'll come back and pretend she had a lot of support from her made up fans

No. 1076272

File: 1604669380509.jpg (137.7 KB, 1080x1161, 20201106_132907.jpg)


Not Finnish?

No. 1076273

File: 1604669471193.jpg (151.5 KB, 1080x1377, 20201025_201639.jpg)

There is a 36yo Theresa O'Neill, since that would be her real age according to the older profiles

No. 1076285

She's definitely not Finnish nor does she speak it, just a metalfag Finnboo. Heavy metal fans usually have a huge boner for Finland and Norway for some reason.

No. 1076423

Good work on exposing this slag, boys.

No. 1076444

This is a female imageboard.

No. 1076449

Correction then, good job girls!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1076509

File: 1604692149512.jpg (47.78 KB, 720x720, EdjWYmQWoAEgnsO.jpg)

There's an old dude from NS commenting on this fbook >>1075787 and he also commented on her instagram posts about NS. Probably knows her IRL since he stopped keeping up with all her fake newer accounts..

There are like only 3-5 orbiters that really actively commented back at her, and a few clout chasing girls who thought she's legit because she had so many followers.

Not Finnish and I think while she may have Irish ancestry because she's white af, the fake accent put on for the streams and videos on twitter proves she wasn't from Ireland at all.

No. 1076531

What kind of damage would cause this thot to put on a fake Irish accent 24/7?

No. 1077203

Her hatred of her mom and sister is really sad when they seem so supportive of her. Her sister is actually artsy and social in ways Tessa likes to pretend to be online through all her fake accounts.

No. 1077212

She forgot she was supposed to be half Asian didn't she.

No. 1077217

She just wasn't Asian yet.

No. 1077493

File: 1604789851377.png (47.07 KB, 575x349, imanelf.png)

Sauce on this? The only thing I've seen of her family is her stolen Dakota Rose backstory here >>1059889

No. 1077726

I know who the sister is, but out of respect, I will not post her identity. I don't think anybody would want to be knowingly or openly associated with this cow.

No. 1077770

Do you think you can give a little tip for us to be able to find out on our own then? I think it's against the rules to post family here anyway but it might open some doors for some anons to know a family name.

She's deleted the Selkie facebook as well it seems.

No. 1077878

do you know Tessa too?
is she actually part Asian?

No. 1077888

ntayrt but no, tessa has no asian blood. Sage your comment next time if there’s no milk please.

No. 1077983

File: 1604855801257.jpg (26.01 KB, 466x350, 253348_10152880068465045_24928…)

Do you know what her background really is and why she kept faking it for like decades?

No. 1078027


I'd rather not ruin someone else's life by posting their identity - but I think we can all agree that Theresa O'Neill is a certifiable nutter.

No. 1078032

Info from her now deleted FB. Tessa O'Neill comes from a nice happy two parent household, her mom and sis are both sociable and liked by many. Tessa's profiles are always devoid of natural real-life human interaction. That along with her multiple posts about how jealous her mom and sis are of her for being an IRL perfect Barbie just paint a sad picture.

No. 1078036

File: 1604862102348.jpg (22.2 KB, 480x480, Ea091zbWkAcddC8.jpg)

Huh so she just chose the cow life, it didn't choose her.

Guess the reason she is so messed up is the dangerous combination having a huge ego that needs to be satisfied with compliments whilst looking like a foot and having zero talents.

No. 1078042

Holy shit, just found the sister and she's cute. No wonder Tessa hates her.

No. 1078043

whoops forgot to sage. O'Neill is 100% the real last name.

No. 1078118

Found yet another account from the scandiboo phase https://instagram.com/savelmaa/

I wonder if she faked being scandi with all these profiles and that was a dealbreaker for the ex husband on top of being catfished.

No. 1078131

File: 1604873416778.png (453.6 KB, 1196x1076, Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 4.07…)

another name she went by was "Card Pirate" and "Tessa Uí" as seen on the edits made to her steam account. I found this twitter profile that is obviously her's, and I wonder if https://twitter.com/Kiratze is the secret boyfriend. if you scroll through the liked tweets on this https://twitter.com/_cardpirate_ account you'll see that she liked a ton of his posts

No. 1078142

Does Uí mean something in some language she claims to know? Ui would be finnish but she is way passed that and it makes no sense.

No. 1078143

File: 1604875002295.png (2.5 MB, 1742x986, Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 4.34…)

ok they absolutely dated at some point, at least in 2018. you can see her "cautiouslypessimistic" watermark on the top left of his stream

No. 1078149

I don't think that streamer is the "current" K, because she mentioned he's not much of a gamer. She might have repurposed this guy's name and heritage for her fake asian Rufus bf larp in >>1059986

Plus these convos here >>1059563 >>1061086 don't sound like his tweets. Now that I look at it, these screens are most likely of her talking to herself.

So he's another guy who got catfished?

No. 1078156

File: 1604875646520.jpg (258.22 KB, 1413x2061, yetanotherdifferentdude.jpg)

They replied to each other on this post, sounds like it was another distance catfish relationship.

He has a tat and looks totally different from all the other asian guys she posted that were supposed to also be "K" this is wild.

No. 1078183

File: 1604877439525.png (34.23 KB, 621x427, teessa.png)

she seems to be talking to herself on this Swedish death metal page too

No. 1078193

File: 1604878683556.png (475.54 KB, 1082x848, sister.png)

is her sister called Imogen or is she lying about having a twin

No. 1078194

Imogen is a girl on facebook she was friends with from the UK, her sister's name is Alice

No. 1078200

any real pictures of Tessa on Alice's social media?
you seem to know them
can you spill any milk without it seeming obvious who you are?

No. 1078203

No one here knows her. This is all from FB. Stop doxing her family.

No. 1078211

Often skinwalkers pretend people who look a certain way or have similar interests are their relatives or whatever. It adds an intended layer of confusion for normalfags trying to make sense of their personas.

Seems she followed a bunch of asian streamers probably looking for marks. I guess the part-asian lies and sudden obsession with Tifa started around that same time.

No. 1078215

I don't know them, it's just stuff from her FB accounts. I think it's ok to mention her family's first names because they all have very un-obvious & private accounts so they're not easily found. Alice doesn't have any pics of Tessa on her account, but her mother had an edit of her and the dad and in the comments she wrote "photography by Alice, edited by Tessa". I noticed after that everyone was praising Alice for her photography and no one praised Tessa for her editing skills lol. That must had hurt her

No. 1078251

pictures aren't doxing kek

No. 1078266

The intersesting thing here, is that the mother and family seem to be enabling this crazy girl. They refer to her by the alias accounts and names.

No. 1078322

I think they kind of have to because she's refusing to use a real name on there anymore. They probably wonder why she can't just be normal.

I find it funny how Tessa paints herself as this bigshot INTJ efficient woman who is talented at everything and extremely intelligent, while her sister has actual photography and gaming skills, and she's got a successful job… kek

No. 1078399

>bigshot INTJ efficient woman

This was the origin of this jowly fraud becoming a personal lolcow.

She was on a discord talking about having a masters in plant biochem while also a model and a fashion designer, and somehow also works as a "concierge for rich bois in rich cars" while also being THE REAL Tifa.

No. 1078737


Apologies for late+tinfoil but I'm betting she's just a regular Canadian with a British Isles and/or mixed European ancestry like a lot of white North Americans. It's pretty common for North American cows to assume a distant ancestry as their "ethnicity" or flat-out fake it to seem more interesting or fit the narrative they made up for themselves in their head or a number of other reasons. See our own Mariah Mallad who claims to be "an arab" while growing up in a US household within the US culture, Ayla Chisler/Gutterface/Joji Biernot who claims to be japanese/dutch/german/whatever to forget that she's the daughter of an addict from Ohio and Micky Moon who's mixed but claims she's "part Japanese" to fit in with her weeb fantasy better, and fellow Canadians Vicky Shingles who actively fakes being British, Kanadajin who claimed she could become Japanese and is now latched on to muslim-Arab identity and Stefany Lauren who claims to be a different ethnicity according to the character/actor she skinwalks.

All of this looks like it's just a white girl identity/speshulness crisis blown out of proportion by whatever mental illness or complexes she has (or whatever it is that makes her a cow). That would explain the weird accent, because she was faking it just like everything else.

No. 1078742

File: 1604948064004.png (78.07 KB, 753x380, supercow.png)

For posterity.

No. 1078860

So to recap tessa has claimed to be
Am I missing anything?
I feel sort of sorry for her.
Shes definitely one of those white girl Canadians who can't stand where they come from.
O'Neill is an Irish name but she's still Canadian. If there's one thing Irish people hate it's Americans/Canadians trying to call themselves Irish kek

No. 1078864

Yeah you forgot Latvian LOL

Tbh I do think it's possible she is actually Irish/her sis or herself were born in Ireland. Looking at the parents fb they have a lot of relatives from Ireland, things in the background I recognise as Irish (I am). If there's one lie to believe that's probably the only one close to truth. But she still is putting on that accent which is cringe

No. 1078875

I've never met an Irish person who refers to themselves as fae or relies on it so heavily to seem different. She seems like the kind thats into the culture but has no idea what its like to be an actual Irish person.

No. 1078891

You also forgot she's supposed to be British.

With poetic English.


and French

Hoping someone can solve the mystery on her many distance catfish streamer bfs.

No. 1078989

Yeah thats what I mean she is basically fetishizing it instead of being normal and accepting you have some heritage lol

I remember as well when she posted those (obviously fake) DNA results where it said she had Scandinavian in her, but I'm pretty sure if you are of Finnish heritage it doesn't show as Scandinavian (since it's not even a scandi country?) and it will just say Finnish

No. 1078998

This thread got so interesting. I'm kinda amazed she just deleted her accounts. At least she's not delusional enough to double down? Lol

No. 1079012

finland isn't generally a scandi country but geographically it's seen as one, yes it's retarded

She is atm my fave cow, a traditional skinwalker. I wonder how long she usually goes without social media, like how long till the milk flows again?

No. 1079051

File: 1604975760227.png (74.29 KB, 527x542, kingorkelvin.png)

I wonder if she might still be in Nova Scotia. The videos she put up of "the castle" she works in looked like the average Victorian for sale in Amherst that nobody ever wants to buy.

Tinfoil but it sounds like a real estate admin assistant job because of the talk of cars and pricing that nobody asked for.

She doubled down at the start which made for amazing posts like >>1060908 She's probably active under new accounts but not even her closest orbiters noticed because her only value to them was looking like an efamous thot.

No. 1079349

Link to her discord?

No. 1079637

She is describing her sister's job here.

Unless Tessa works there as well, Alice basically does that (sells expensive cars to relatively wealthy people). On their website is a portrait of Alice who is one of the managers. There is no portrait of Tessa which means if Tessa is working with her sister then she literally works under her haha

No. 1079644

Adding to this, I double checked and all their staff is listed. No Tessa. So she either works at a different location or she's claiming to have her sister's job

No. 1079663

Her sister just sells mid-range cars. Stop exaggerating.

No. 1079818

That's even more demented than the sockpuppeting, why would she larp her own sister? I doubt she really is working if she is busy doing this all day.

No. 1079848

I think she's just a compulsive liar and stealing her sister's experiences is as good as anything else

No. 1079889

I don't know where Ui comes from but she used this name on many online profiles and posts. Even had a facebook account with it to audition for this

>Stop exaggerating.

ntayrt but it's Tessa herself who was exagerrating in >>1078742 and >>1079051

No. 1079917

Uí is what a woman puts before the husband's last name I think, it's like old trad Irish. So she is doing the ol' Irish larp with putting it there so as to say her husband's last name will go after idk

No. 1079963

>Fierce feminine warriors
This is exactly the kind of embarrassing stuff tessa would love.
Wonder how much she lied in her application.

No. 1080047

Her sister works for a car dealership, and not a luxury one. It's a stretch to say she's larping as her own sister in this instance.

No. 1080131

Any idea what the castle job she kept crowing about was? It sounded like remote concierge work for online car dealerships like Clutch.

I tried but maybe another anon can try looking through the photographer's page to find her, it's likely she didn't make the cut

No. 1080685

File: 1605165040773.png (12.75 KB, 300x323, scion.png)

I know it's proven that this is her, but I looked for other scathscion accounts and could only find this empty pinterest account, but there could be more.
Also there was another fake account called Austin Sinclair that seemed to be another of her sockpuppets that only interacted with her.
This is beyond what I thought anyone would ever do, I swear this woman made up at least 50 emails for all her delusions and stories.
She made at least 2 fake accounts on steam to make up some random comments too, makes me wonder if she spends so much time talking to herself that this is the reason why she can't talk properly with others and say shit like >>1077493

If K is real I think he may be a gamer tho, she posted some text messages she had with him when she was playing BoTW and he was giving her tips and all that, but at this point I don't even believe he exists.

No. 1080830

File: 1605182905530.jpg (30.24 KB, 261x275, 1600611833449.jpg)

K aka Kelvin aka King is not real. It's easy to fake whatsapp conversations and we know she's not above that.

She said K looks like Rufus from FF7 which she had yet to play but then he's an asian of varying appearance and size.

She said K wasn't a gamer and has no idea about Tifa, but then later K supposedly bought them BOTW and Switch on her anniversary.

There was some dramu when orbiters pointed out that "K's gift" was cheap and were wondering why a guy would buy himself a pink switch instead of a PS4 so she can play FF7.

She posted several times lambasting orbiters like these for not referring to her sockpuppet as a very wealthy perfect boyfriend that they should be jealous of.

Her larping about "K" was to show scrotes that she's the perfect girlfriend while inciting jealousy that she gets off on.

I still think it's possible she reused the initial and being asian from this guy >>1078131

No. 1081695

Castle jobs sounds like more of her lies. It seems likely she lives in London, Ontario and works at a small business that specializes in making coating for car interiors.

No. 1082140

File: 1605360196617.png (47.5 KB, 1061x762, muhbrand.png)

Tsundebolt is taking legal action against lolcow and made up lies on that as well.


No. 1082151

She's so delusional that she thinks she's a brand and copyrighted. "People posted things that I myself posted online and I'm mad." DMCA doesn't even apply in Canada. What a cow.

No. 1082152

File: 1605361952987.gif (848.67 KB, 800x600, 643198891e8efa01b12c550f2740b4…)

That cow is a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1082164

File: 1605365445124.png (30.71 KB, 591x274, hidingcatfish.png)

Even in her fake request she pretends to be a celebrity that people were checking for. She herself posted all the catfishing while sockpuppeting as her friends and fans for a decade.

Best part is the date of the request. It proves she made this thread against an ther Tifa cosplayer >>1060188

No. 1082179

do you think she has a case considering we're only posting the images that she posted and none have been edited by us?
has anyone been contacting her family?

No. 1082225

No. Also lol.

No. 1082296

File: 1605386121987.png (55.18 KB, 1244x246, cow.png)

This still shows up on the Google search results. What will this cow Tsundebolt do now?

No. 1082315

Obviously not. Otherwise we'd have seen more things go private due to cowtippers.

No. 1082318

If you read this in her phony accent it's even more hilarious.

No. 1082503

File: 1605403276077.png (2.14 MB, 1463x2859, foot240px.png)

It reads like a Karen shrieking at the Google manager even though she was the one caught lying, scamming and stealing.

She's been busy nuking accounts but there are hundreds of replies to all the lies and fake pics on twitter.

No. 1082635

File: 1605412809025.gif (31.89 KB, 153x246, faultyfilter.gif)

>legal team
Oh my, a whole team, Tessa? ofc they will believe that, no doubt. Butterfly filters are her brand and when they act faulty is defamatory to her brand too?

No. 1082710

File: 1605419335808.png (131.29 KB, 1652x650, loristyle.png)

Might be old milk but she was very active selfposting on twitter, reddit and gaming streamer discords with her reface shoops to get followers. Most of her posts got rightfully deleted but I found an example.

Like UsagiKou, she went out of her way to seek other Tifa cosplayers and say she's better.

No. 1082729

she admits she's trying to become a streamer which makes her a public person and changes the rules. Also you don't get to decide how the public perceives your brand. Sorry you want everyone to think you're rl tifa and they instead think you look like a foot but a judge cant force people to see you as pretty lmao.

This is so embaressing for her.

No. 1082748

File: 1605423705810.png (332.99 KB, 1179x1225, jealousofbarbiesister.png)

Also embarrassing that she is pretending these screenshots of her consistently retarded larps and shoops aren't her own undoing. Many people were watching this cow do this to herself, on top of her junk being cached.

She forgot she was lying to real people and not just larping.

No. 1082787

She streamed only a handful of times. She wasn't a streamer and she wasn't doing a very good job of making "tsundebolt" her public image if she only had 4000 followers on twitter.
If she wanted to take her court case further she would have to prove that we were the ones photoshopping her images

No. 1082799

it doesn't matter if she was successful or not. A streamer is a streamer, 2 viewers or 2 million. A public persona is a public persona and normal privacy laws don't count in the same way as it would to the users here for example.

No. 1082850

File: 1605445239677.png (25.9 KB, 579x225, fakeTKDweeb.png)

>Court case

But she can't afford a PS4 or luxurious fashion(tm). Literally nobody would give pro bono help to a pathological liar when evidence is stacked against her.

She's just doing the Karen move of trying to scaremonger people from reposting her bullshit so she can resume catfishing under 50 different "brand" names.

No. 1082987

She would also have to prove damages, which is nearly impossible even in real defamation cases. Please stop engaging this bullshit as if it will ever actually happen. She had no legal team and she has no case. Don't be fucking ridiculous.

No. 1083163

This skank is so crazy, she'll say she has a case for punitive damages.

No. 1083200

Holy shit this is good milk

No. 1083257

File: 1605483423366.png (240.26 KB, 588x1110, senseikek.png)

Still can't believe how long this skinwalker pretended to be a part asian martial artist but didn't know the difference between Taekwondo and Karate.

She could never answer what school, how long, or what she even did. Only posted retarded fanfics of fighting off men who wanted her and how that somehow makes her irl Tifa.

No. 1083274

If she went to a legitimate dojang and it was owned by a Korean, they would be majorly pissed being referred to with Japanese honorifics. There's plenty of "Mcdojo/Mcdojang's" around that are taught by fat old white dudes who will hand a black belt to anyone who spends money there. What a dumbass.

No. 1083431

Doubt she ever went anywhere. This is likely more of her unresearched self-aggrandizement that falls apart at basic scrutiny.

She posted eating mcdonalds and carbs, never from a gym or school and from what we see has no discipline. The fact that she fanfic bragged about being an instructor is rich.

No. 1083553

She probably can't even cook a basic meal, and all the photos posted of food were ordered from your run-of-the-mill service like Uber Eats or DoorDash.

No. 1083666

File: 1605524936092.png (507.49 KB, 717x670, 09099.png)

I know she has a filter on here but she doesn't look like she's ugly. the over the top shoop and lies aren't necessary. she could just be herself and she would have still had an army of simps behind her.

No. 1083685

It's not that she thinks she's ugly (though that's part of it, I suppose), but she's just deeply upset about who she is: uninteresting and generic. It's why she makes up these fantastical stories of beating up her rapist and having 10 different ethnicities, plus being born with blue/brown/green/black eyes. Her face is completely fine looking, but everything else about her is uninspiring and… average.

No. 1083700

tessa is like moo and shoe in that they're desperate to be the hot girl while being completely plain.

No. 1083753

File: 1605539977730.png (202.08 KB, 472x482, chin.png)

Even the filters and over contrast couldn't hide her. This photo is from when she was much younger, and was still completely shooped.

She's not totally horrifying but her personality is shit.

No. 1114002

File: 1608795853299.png (74.49 KB, 256x256, bd140d6c81df0e709515f306291f7e…)

Decided to check on my favorite skinwalker cow and she's once again using someone else's photo on discord.

No. 1122470

What's the discord?

No. 1124363

From what I know, it's the discord of a streamer guy she was catfishing. He's mentioned here >>1060908

According to someone on the server, she deleted all posts like >>1079051 and left the server within hours of >>1114002 being posted.

I want to find out what her new identity is, she's my favorite cow.

No. 1131318

Her twitter account is back but not active yet and her new discord username is Espeon.

She has yet to put up a milky troon edit for the pfp but it's only a matter of time. I bet she has a huge pile of over-filtered edits that she's been waiting to share.

No. 1142977

Changed her username to Artemicion but still no posts on https://twitter.com/tsundebolt

She is all over this thread though, she changes her username each time a post goes up.

No. 1187113

Yeah, dude's not even close to looking like Rufus Shinra. With her delusional ass we can assume she's imagining herself in a relationship with said character and trying to portray that onto the poor dude plus bragging about it to show the world this videogame character is her mans

No. 1187119

Fuck you so much, I thought this bitch had some fresh milk on her and it was just you not knowing how to sage? Do better, anon.

No. 1187326

File: 1616067798276.png (11.06 KB, 246x206, stoletheoil.png)

She's still catfishing through DMs on discord. Pic related is her current username. She changed the pfp right after >>1114002 was posted.

Her twitter is private but she's back on instagram because she'll never let go of the followers she gained by posting copied art and thot content

She never had 300k followers as claimed in >>1060125

No. 1204225

File: 1617920866910.jpg (82.98 KB, 594x629, screen1.jpg)

They are missing her on Twitter.

No. 1204231

sage your non-milk.

No. 1549835

File: 1654424504776.jpg (12.57 KB, 400x400, 0M_85GOe_400x400.jpg)

Dropping an update on this cow because the skinwalking never stopped. She's been posting shooped pics on this account since last year https://twitter.com/Gloomi_Cat

She only lets in people who feed her ego and simps who donate. Now that the link was dropped, she'll move to another account within the hour with a new fictitious story as to why.

No. 1549968

I miss this cow ngl

No. 1552739

File: 1654658857711.jpeg (270.94 KB, 1080x1901, FUoBlOKXsAAfRH8.jpeg)

>Oyo, here's an unpublished amateur cosplay photo of my Tifa FF7R. I remember I had a lot of fun playing around with different styles of makeup, but I wish the fabric of the outfit didn't crease so easily

>Be nice, I was a noob at this.

She's back on her bullshit.

No. 1552741

Omg this is even more egregiously edited than before

No. 1552745

File: 1654659381529.png (2.06 MB, 988x1458, bendingapt.png)

Lori Cerda skinwalking vibes with the sliders maxed out on chinese apps.

Hope another anon can go capture the pics that are still up, she is deleting posts right now.

No. 1552749

File: 1654659882899.png (1014.68 KB, 1002x1036, wth.png)

Still pretending the strategic videos are just random candids.

No. 1552750

File: 1654659955851.jpeg (170.35 KB, 1638x2048, FTTCRQxWIAErUh1.jpeg)

Even scrotes aren't buying this anymore.

No. 1552865

Another raging uggo fatass. .using Sims filters to try to draw attention from the fact shes not even mildly pretty. Girl needs some melanin .pasty is not sexy. She shld touch grass

No. 1552867

File: 1654676959084.jpg (1002.53 KB, 2296x1440, 20220530_130641.jpg)

She shld be skinny like me. Too bad shes not.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1552871

> rib flare
Get that in order

No. 1552882

this is what happens when you spend all your time on edtwt, you convince yourself you're a skinny queen and omg thinspiration when in reality you're a healthy bmi 21 or whatever, just hardcore sucking in kek

No. 1552883

u make no sense. tessa isnt as skinny as anon. legit. she shoops herself a size 2 when shes like a 8 AL LEAST. gotta do better than than whiteknight

No. 1552884


the only one sucking her is Tessa the troon fatty. some ppl have naturally broad ribs small tits and small waist. dont be a hater. hit a gym if it triggers u.

No. 1552890

lol you are my favourite unhinged samefag

No. 1552921

File: 1654686945206.jpg (142.64 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20220608-120512_Chr…)

No. 1552922

File: 1654686974462.jpg (96.04 KB, 1080x532, Screenshot_20220608-120721_Chr…)

No. 1552923

File: 1654686999260.jpg (213.85 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20220608-120959_Chr…)

No. 1552925

File: 1654687039127.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x2048, SquarePic_20220608_12171049.jp…)

She claims to have made this outfit herself

No. 1552977

The size of her nose changes in every single picture lmfao

No. 1552990

The curved furniture and pixelated background are amazing kek

No. 1553073

Kek wow this is such amazing original art. My fav cow is back!
(I mean, my favorite artist, model, and popular person with so many friends)

No. 1553563

No. 1553686

File: 1654732803169.jpg (232.01 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20220609-005826_Chr…)

isn't she nearly 30 now? still recreating personas online?

No. 1553746

File: 1654737420117.jpg (149.28 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20220609-014818_Chr…)

No. 1553749

File: 1654737523435.png (1.13 MB, 1180x1346, gloomi.png)

No. 1553986

She doesn't even look anything like Tifa

No. 1554293

File: 1654772299047.jpg (122.88 KB, 1080x867, Screenshot_20220609-014935_Chr…)

she's a pro gamer now kek

No. 1554440

I can't believe she's back.
She's had this twitter account since November 2021 and now she's comfortable enough to start posting her photoshopped pics again.
I'm laughing at the potato quality of all her pictures and videos. some things never change.
I missed this cow kek

No. 1555087

File: 1654814055659.png (839.58 KB, 1170x868, art.png)

I forgot how pretentious this cow is. She desperately wants to sound super impressive when she's just a NEET who impresses moids.

She puts filters on other people's art and calls it her own, only knows Monet, therefore her new persona is art related. Also she's getting a masters in astronomy. What happened to the "plant biochem masters"? >>1078399 fucking kek she keeps making new personas but this time she's doing it to the same audience and hoping they don't pay attention.

No. 1555145

I seriously think she's autistic or something.

No. 1555754

How does Tessa convince these men to pretend to be her brother and to call her fake names?
He looks like her boyfriend from those old photos but why would he go along with this autism too

No. 1555780

She makes herself look like a sim from Sims 3 after a lot of mod mixing, or a Second Life/Imvu. I can't imagine following her for real bc she doesn't look like a real person. Even those scrotes who follow her for one reason, they pretty much get excited for a fucking Sim/Second Life avatar

No. 1555924

File: 1654875022858.png (328.11 KB, 616x532, lol model.png)


She only hits up smalltime streamer scrotes. Anyone bigger wouldn't give a bratz doll avatar the time of day. She's now pretending to be into fighting games, problem is she doesn't actually play any videogames so this will fall apart faster than her personas that were into Zelda and FF7.

She still refers to all her alt accounts as "celeb accounts" when nobody has ever heard of these fake profiles.

No. 1555932

This moid maybe isn't even real?
Remember her old set of international "friends" like the group that included the super real Irish guy who typed so naturally >>1066829 >>1067499

No. 1556012

He's real and she posted a cringe video

No. 1556139

This 'speed paint' was done with an AI which makes art based on a prompt the user gives. She just entered 'gloomy city and cat' waited 2 minutes and claims to have painted it.

No. 1556197

could you post the link with that typed in? (for proof)

No. 1556307

Yep the AI site is called DALLE Mini.
Its going to be so easy for her to fake artwork now

No. 1556343

File: 1654892401642.png (388.62 KB, 712x520, gloomycitycat.png)

tried making it on nightcafe art generator and looks pretty similar, definitely not her art lol

No. 1556785

File: 1654917428711.png (1.62 MB, 1192x1184, ridiculous.png)

I'm convinced she is far below average intelligence. With all the effort spent skinwalking she could have got surgery to fix her IRL footface.

No. 1559255

File: 1655134295985.png (1.57 MB, 1042x1150, imvu.png)

Her latest edits blurrier than before. New app?

This is one of those mass made costumes you can buy online for cheap. That's why it fits so poorly, the skirt is too small for her so it's riding up on the right side, serving Moo energy.

No. 1559691

It's supposed to ride up like that, it's the character's design

No. 1559854

File: 1655175004353.png (638.76 KB, 1206x1066, surejan.png)

She is pretending to be in a big city now. Wonder what surprises we'll get from this new persona.

No. 1561103

File: 1655265802725.png (288.58 KB, 1182x488, imtotallyreal.png)

"Silena" arguing with randoms who point out that she's posting heavily edited pics and doubling down that she's just a naturally unreal beauty uwu

It's cringe with her RTing other egirls and ethots in hopes of their scrote followers to come to her but then this happens instead.

No. 1561456

Wylona v 2.0

No. 1561806

File: 1655323473137.png (1.52 MB, 1495x732, gloomi_cat.png)

How far is Tessa willing to go for her lies?
she made a fake access card with intense photoshop

No. 1561831

Lol this is beyond. I feel like she only said it was a cartoon filter because she realized she pushed the shoop too far on this one

No. 1562283

This is embarrassing, doubt she's employed if she has all day to do this. She is going by "Lenna" now.

She's also trying to hit up lesser-known artists to make fanart of her and fake being a real person that randomly gets fanart made of them, again. >>1063228 >>1065487

No. 1563378

File: 1655437723476.png (1.2 MB, 996x1180, fakepicfakelikes.png)

She dropped some cash to get exactly 1000 bot likes out of nowhere today.

No. 1563565

File: 1655457473668.png (482.22 KB, 727x514, gloomi_cat twitter.png)

Tessa has no opinion on all the Final Fantasy 7 news from yesterday. It's almost as if she doesn't play the games.
She can tweet out pretentious garbage like this though

No. 1566490

File: 1655700101556.png (251.99 KB, 1268x374, gloomi_cat.png)

Tessa is active on instagram account Gloomi_Cat, going by Silena and S. Aragan. Unsure what Aragan is a reference of.

No. 1568201

File: 1655847944629.jpeg (206.66 KB, 800x2000, FVvWf7iXoAAR31i.jpeg)

Tessa knows what it means to be a super special INTJ woman who is smarter than other women and smarter than MBTI itself. So she made and posted this silly infographic to remind us.

No. 1570060

File: 1656016426812.jpg (648.09 KB, 1536x2048, FV9ey1sXkAE2Ysc.jpg)

Now she's posting bizarre photos of her, posing facing away from the camera, taken at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto. Guess she didn't have the Photoshop skills for her face on these.

No. 1570091

File: 1656018810024.jpg (92.74 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20220623-221237_Goo…)

That artwork is from stock photos. Just in case she tries to claim it as her own art. The entire thing looks like it was made by someone else

No. 1570096

File: 1656018986120.jpg (250.51 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20220623-221409_Twi…)

It looks like she photoshopped herself at an aquarium. She uploaded a video but it's so dark it could be anyone

No. 1570200

File: 1656023489428.jpeg (626.77 KB, 1490x2048, backrolls.jpeg)

She's in the Toronto Ripley Aquarium, but she shooped her body in every pic.

For some reason she even painted on long hair, maybe because the face app doesn't do hair from behind?

No. 1570204

File: 1656023646738.png (124.49 KB, 950x322, gloomi_cat_twitch.png)

She's now following smalltime streamers again to be a mod. Her pattern is become a mod for small streamers, gain a scrote army from their following by showing off her IMVU pics and being a successful smart INTJ on their discords.

No. 1570486

Was going to add that she's dressed wrong for Toronto's weather when it turns out >>1570060 was likely taken several months ago.

She wore the same outfit here >>1552923 on pics she shooped and uploaded in April.

No. 1574105

File: 1656374263601.jpeg (521.18 KB, 709x1550, B8DB82E1-6E03-491C-B9BA-A94D21…)

she really is a social climber clout chaser. That explains how she got big the last time like anon said >>1555924

No. 1574354

File: 1656394515650.png (111.69 KB, 690x288, cloutchase_overfiltered.png)

She wants their audience to follow her so she posts shallow compliments to other thots until they respond. She isn't subtle when QRTing edited pics meant for scrote validation.

Picrel she only does this with women who heavily filter and edit their pics because their audiences are blind and won't say anything out of fear of retaliation.

No. 1578008

File: 1656709034984.png (338.4 KB, 1190x638, thot.png)

She's at the top of her game at being a failed photoshopped ethot.

No. 1578127

Anyone got pics of her real face?

No. 1578315


Top in her field of skinwalking and pretending to be asian? She's pretending to be a bigshot living in Toronto but has no signs or proof of having a life. No trendy restaurants with friends or going to events, she didn't attend the Final Fantasy concert every big city had.

She's likely living somewhere outside the city and barely affords to commute like in >>1067373 She was probably in Toronto for a family trip to the aquarium months ago, and she's latergramming that one day several times.

No. 1578387

i dont even care about her photoshop, her narcissism is off the charts. She hasn't even got the decency to be subtle about it lol

No. 1578463

Her real face is here >>1060920 >>1060933
and here >>1060956 >>1060967

No. 1578860

Lol she's ugly as shit like Himeahri. What's up with all these ugly white girls pretending to be uwu part/hafu Asian?

No. 1580275

File: 1656954560967.jpg (11.88 KB, 400x400, oipd9PSK_400x400.jpg)

Her new pfp and she's starting a new twitch account.

Wonder what face filters she will use to stream considering >>1060933 is what she is on camera


No. 1580317

Kek she can't be serious with that Michael Jackson nose.
Her twitter followers is still at 137 after all this time because most people know she's fake. I know someone who talked to her a lot before finding out she was a catfish. She would brag about all her jobs and skills all the time.
No wonder she's moving to twitch simps where she's not known yet.

No. 1580359

File: 1656963662916.png (351.43 KB, 1184x604, catfish.png)

She's now an art curator with PhD in Art History, working on her Masters in Astronomy >>1555087

For someone larping as an artist "top in their field", she doesn't get basic proportions when shooping nor has an eye for design. She thinks she can fake it with the AI generators, apps and filters.

I'm starting to wonder if the reason the band guy broke up with her is because he found out she can't compose, sing or play instruments beyond mimicry. Everything she did looks self taught.

No. 1580619

Her filter face is so obviously, everyone literally uses the same app kek

No. 1582351

File: 1657160474868.png (113.94 KB, 968x204, keanukek.png)

Her current IG is pretty milky.

She's still comparing herself to mixed asians and pretending people compare her to Keanu Reeves, something she did before >>1059551

No. 1584952

File: 1657472092936.jpg (187.06 KB, 1080x2054, Screenshot_20220710-175107_Ins…)

Just noticed on insta she follows #lawyerhumor and some public defender accounts.

No. 1585195

Probably to skinwalk being a super duper smart female lawyer next. Too bad her Shein fashions, lack of luxury hobbies and stalking streamer chats all night out her as a poorfag with all the free time in the world.

Took a look and she's also following Toronto photography accounts, probably to keep up the new lie of living there.

No. 1585243

File: 1657509148087.png (1.75 MB, 1608x1026, oldvideos.png)

She reposted >>1060933 for the third time with the head cut off.

It's lazy of her to repost 10 year old videos but with her footface cropped out. The other dark videos seem to be her faking being able to play instruments.


No. 1585298

File: 1657515964115.png (135.52 KB, 1036x334, kelvin.png)

Excuse the samefag but this cow is the gift that keeps on giving.

In this video she says it's her playing Cait Sith's theme "without training"


>@damian.lirette I took from the tips you gave me at the beginning of my attempt at this one and went with it, so the success of it's completion is all thanks to you! Though I'm slightly pissed that I can't control how fast I get with my right hand, I feel I should have gone slower after the second repetition.

The first Google search result for Cait Sith piano brings up the exact recording she stole from and is pretending is her own

She also a sockpuppet account for "Kelvin" to compliment herself on her mad skillz.

No. 1585454

File: 1657542769477.jpg (142.85 KB, 1080x826, Screenshot_20220711-133106_Ins…)

Holy shit good find LOL

For anyone who doesn't understand, this vid on her insta has some other youtuber's audio put over because Tessa/Silena/gloomi_cat is talentless as fuck

No. 1585595

File: 1657555623040.jpg (268.37 KB, 1200x480, 1657555494606.jpg)

Are we even surprised that Tessa is stealing other people's hard work?
Shes meant to be a top artist too but her entire twitch banner is made up of stolen art

No. 1585597

This is approaching some genuine pathological levels of delusion and lying. Like this isn't mundane cow behavior anymore. Is she believing her own con?

No. 1585692

She deleted the piano post already lmao

No. 1585766

File: 1657565285393.jpg (444.79 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20220711-194640_Ins…)

No. 1585811

remember when she larped as a finn because what the fuck, when did the korean and serbi larp appear?

No. 1585844

She made the IG private before we could find out who she stole the Mononoke Hime harp song from.

>manfingers getting stretched and fattened with the jaw edit again
Korean larp was at the start of this thread, when she called herself a 'taekwondo sensei' >>1083257 and faked a DNA test like HimeAhri >>1059783


Kek, another one to add to the list of larps


No. 1585874

She larps korean to justify her made up east asian identity and shooped "asian features" but why she's now suddenly serbian is a mystery to me. Out of all nationalities to larp why serbian kek

No. 1585875

File: 1657569590279.jpg (396.49 KB, 2000x2999, Best-Beauty-Cannes-Film-Festiv…)

Those fingers are disgusting.
Imagine photoshopping yourself that much and still having the neck to compare yourself to one of the most beautiful women on earth.
Her Instagram is private all of a sudden so she's lurking here again.

No. 1586032

File: 1657579991262.jpg (318.38 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20220711-235042_Ins…)

Looks like she's having beef with her sister. Pretty sure she never gave out Tessa's number to anyone in this thread.

No. 1586045

Extreme cringe, especially from someone attempting a "sophisticated" larp. It's middle school tier and trashy. However, I would really love to know more about what happened kek

No. 1586149

File: 1657592599611.png (127.15 KB, 1198x472, badbitch_surejan.png)

>liquifying her waist to be uwu azn smol and made her sister look huge

Coming from someone who makes sockpuppet accounts for her sister and fake boyfriend.

It's not the first time she pretended to have stalkers because she's sooo hot and famous and desired by men. For a grown woman she has no idea what it's like to be attractive or how awful it really is to be stalked. Women who are attractive and stalked do not spend their time begging scrotes for attention online with fake pics, or pay for 1000 botted likes on said pics.

>my mom hates that I'm a barbie doll
>my sister has a lemming brain

An anon pointed out that her sister is all the things Tessa larps as >>1078322

No. 1586278

File: 1657613839001.jpg (120.76 KB, 750x768, 1657579991262~3.jpg)

There's something oddly unsettling about this picture. Uncanny valley like. I wouldn't be surprised if Tessa photoshopped someone hugging her.
If anything Tessa says in the caption is true then It sounds like her own family are fed up with her lies just as much as everyone else is

No. 1586639

There's nothing weird in this picture, you're spending too much time here nonna

No. 1586780

The entire beam is warped where Tessa famously shoops her waist kek

No. 1586889

Serbian might be her choosing it based on who Adriana Lima is married to. Adriana actually has a personality and speaks multiple languages, another thing Tessa will never do.

It's just a bad shoop because she's heavyset. She shrunk her head, waist and shoulders from the right side but look at how enormous and bent her arm still is on the left.

No. 1597982

File: 1658841217066.jpg (18.92 KB, 400x400, eGynEdyk_400x400.jpg)

This is her newest Adriana Lima larp edit.

No. 1610947

File: 1660025500312.jpg (20.17 KB, 320x320, 297490412_3577158462511442_728…)

Seems she found this thread and deleted her twitter. Cow was great while it lasted.

Her IG is still cycling through heavily edited pics with hair painted on and a shrunken waist. The outfits look like something from over 10 years ago all the time, if it is even her.

No. 1750258

Hello Sven and welcome to Lolcow.farm! I highly recommend you include your full name - just enter it in the Name field. A full name is necessary to distinguish respected users among anonymous users, so if you aspire to be respected among lolcow.farm it's a good idea to include a full name. Don't forget to add a payment option as well; our admin will appreciate the donations.

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