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File: 1606948977057.png (469.73 KB, 1080x791, venndiagram.png)

No. 1097567

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism while simply being aging childless narcissists. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all. Many have gravitated toward MAGA election conspiracies now that Biden has won.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>Liz Bruenig gossip in Intelligencer, argues against cancel culture in internal NYT Slack >>>/snow/1079423
>Nick Mullen’s beard gets more and more disgusting as the year goes on >>>/snow/1079522
>Aimee Terese accusing Chapo Trap House of being Democratic Party lackeys >>>/snow/1079891
>Samememe claims to have a fiancé, has never posted photos of her or any proof >>>/snow/1080156
>Samememe’s fake fiancé is pregnant >>>/snow/1080215
>Is @alicefromqueens Wes Yang’s wife? >>>/snow/1080672
>Anna K impersonator and The Bellows contributor @leilamechoui says “MAGA is the coolest political brand available and totally not cringe” >>>/snow/1080709
>Aimee is mad that Trump lost, claims election is fraudulent and goes after True Anon >>>/snow/1081416
>Aimee responds to lolcow, claims she’s never been a corporate lawyer and is poor despite being a PMC lawyer >>>/snow/1082230
>Aimee Terese transition timeline >>>/snow/1082572
>Jack throws a fit and says he’s quitting twitter, comes back days later >>>/snow/1083021
>Anna K wore a bright red dress to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding >>>/snow/1083872
>Kantbot claims True Anon and Liz Franczak are feds >>>/snow/1083966
>new Dasha photo >>>/snow/1087813
>Aimee Terese tweeted 10,600 times from September through November >>>/snow/1087813
>Aimee possibly sold fake Chanel bags on ebay >>>/snow/1088308
>Anna will die on the hill that Aimee looks pretty >>>/snow/1090877
>Jack the Fragrance Fascist blames women at his job for his fat disgusting body >>>/snow/1091860
>Conversation about newly mentioned cow, @yesthatanna >>>/snow/1093781
>@juicepet, active watcher of these threads >>>/snow/1094212
>re-post of the custardl0af hairbrush pic, because it’s funny >>>/snow/1094263
>thread gets raided after Dasha and others on twitter were cow-tipped >>>/snow/1094854
>Dasha butthole eyes >>>/snow/1095543
>Samememe is sexually obsessed with black men >>>/snow/1095789
>Red Scare merch drop drums up controversy on twitter >>>/snow/1096117
>Ashley (@christlover2000) has burnt through yet another co-host. Who will be next? >>>/snow/1096825
>New cow @yesthatanna already suspended from twitter >>>/snow/1097492

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No. 1097646

What did Ben say about Aimee? I've always been interested why they split when they actually had pretty decent back and fourth on What's Left.

No. 1097647

File: 1606957757202.jpeg (490.07 KB, 750x1137, 1FE00752-ED39-4A57-B7C7-611038…)

Even ONTD is talking about the ISIS merch scandal


No. 1097675

File: 1606961406222.jpg (53.92 KB, 640x788, g14lw79lmu261.jpg)

dasha's look is wasted on a straight girl

No. 1097676

you're so right. I can't believe she literally went to an all women's college and is straight.

No. 1097728

Nooo god I slept through it. RIP yesthatanna. Deeply unpleasant person but I was fond of her shenanigans

No. 1097733

File: 1606965967150.png (19.29 KB, 1185x165, Screenshot_2020-12-03 Influenc…)

No. 1097775

Incredibly slow news day

No. 1097894

>this is a numero cover
Is this what passes for FESHUN these days?
>what a waste
Imo there's more to tomboy chic than looking unwashed and mildly autistic.

No. 1097927

Love the threadpic anon

No. 1098041

She's a Rebel News reporter, there's no way she won't come back reeing and trying to make this suspension into something she can grift off.

No. 1098046

File: 1607007954919.jpeg (768.61 KB, 966x4273, 8A473B1B-6556-41D7-A8AC-E3EC35…)

Ok sage because this is a little tinfoily and autistic - but I think samememe may have actually stalked @queasy_f_bby in the past?

Her and @bill_kezos have tweeted about Jack and samememe a lot before, including specific things from the thread. Specifically they’ve mentioned his ‘hate of a certain podcaster/hate of Adam Friedland’ and also ‘the cuckening’ with a pic of samememe’s avi and Adam.

@queasy_f_bby joked about being an e-girl getting murdered by a reply guy, @bill_kezos tweeted about the persons she’s talking about’s ‘mass shooter vibes’ and she references the person ‘hating a certain podcaster’ which they’ve already talked about directly in reference to samememe in the past.

@queasy_f_bby is known to have hooked up with Adam, so it would explain samememe’s hatred for him and the whole ‘cuckening’ thing. I also think this is where the thing about Adam hooking up with samememe’s ex came from - I don’t think he hooked up with his actual ex but this girl he was orbiting (stalking?)

No. 1098104

ok but can we also get a uwu smol bean thread sometime

No. 1098121

This actually adds up. Good work anon, seems like you're actually onto something. It's hilarious that Lexaprofessional is everything Samememe claims to hate.

Seconding this tbh, I think there's enough milk from those types. And the way they react to being posted always generates even more milk, it's endless. Sometimes Juicepet and the other countless Annie clones remind me of Erin with maybe one or two more IQ points

No. 1098132

Imagine samememe knowing your address…

No. 1098142

Why do these types never just go for actual trad women? I don’t get why someone with samememe’s values would pursue a Brooklyn feminist and lexaprofessional

No. 1098147

File: 1607019846672.jpeg (380.46 KB, 750x949, 7326729E-E2BC-4D7B-AF64-B8E2C2…)

Just Smallpeen and Paul Blart Fragrance Fascist discussing the inherent neoliberalism of cozy tea mugs. Bizarre!

No. 1098166

File: 1607021256430.jpeg (410.75 KB, 1242x930, EDAB0942-97B6-4BF6-8940-E78EC1…)

This isn’t particularly milky and the whole account is very boring but I was looking at samememe’s old Reddit account and he has literally been the exact same way for at least 5 years. What happens to someone to make them want to devote years to seething about women online.

No. 1098171

File: 1607021495976.png (1.38 MB, 808x1428, Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.5…)

sage for no1curr but i think this haircut (and whatever she did to her face) suits her

No. 1098176

Posting in TheRedPill and PurplePillDebate tells me all I need to know about him (if you've ever lurked the latter subreddit you'll know how absolutely braindead the men in there are). Also ironic that one of his few posts is complaining about the hospitality industry, still one of his favourite subjects to this day. Why does he keep using the same username everywhere? If he picked a different name for his twitter none of his badgame reputation would be following him now.

No. 1098179

I feel like she looks really different facially the past few months but I agree she looks better

No. 1098196

File: 1607022765155.jpeg (102.49 KB, 750x343, A78D8A85-CE96-4862-BD8D-B96D3A…)

looks like he’s been a bitter, pathetic loser for quite some time

No. 1098205

I can not believe a person this pathetic actually exists. Every single detail I learn about this man is funnier than the last.

No. 1098207

File: 1607023468227.jpeg (476.44 KB, 750x886, 27DA1DCB-6E81-45E6-9D94-6DCD17…)

What a completely insignificant thing to get annoyed by. Just log on to your fucking computer and it goes away

No. 1098217

File: 1607023861527.jpeg (386.67 KB, 1333x2045, 1AFEE102-E9DA-4332-A160-9DF01D…)

3 cow

No. 1098230

File: 1607024320051.jpeg (63.06 KB, 750x570, FF3BC5DE-C51F-4129-9916-A8F092…)

was this ever posted here?

No. 1098233

She looks better with this hair but damn her face is so masculine

No. 1098235

I think their politics mostly comes from sexual frustration, so it makes complete sense that they'd be obsessed with hating the politics of women that reject them.

No. 1098239

agreed, the mullet look made her feel unique and special so she never wanted to let go of it no matter how many people made fun of her for it. this haircut suits her very well and complements her sharp features and aging face. the mullet made everything about her face so much worse

No. 1098240

Might be a reach but "liberalism plantation" sounds like MGTOW talk to me, I wouldn't be surprised if he was also a part of that along with Red Pill.

No. 1098260

Huh, I thought for a minute this was fashion model Tamy Glauser. That's a really cool look.

No. 1098264

Looks a lot less saggy.

No. 1098314

the selfposting would be uncontrollable

oh no I sincerely feel like Anna's gotten hotter at like the same trajectory as her opinions have gotten worse. save me from the 'women you'd be ashamed to fuck' thread

No. 1098317

the nice people show is terrible in general but it was hilaious when she called her co-host a liar about his obviously fake vagina joke on the jake flores episode and he was so butthurt he silenced his mic to cry about it for half an hour. they are both insufferable self-pitying bores

No. 1098318

this convinces me that they're CIA funded because the only possible reason for a 4 hour recording of these two ghouls to exist would be for some MKULTRA/black site torture shit. why pay when you can simply ram an icepick into your frontal lobe

No. 1098352

As bad as it must be to have this shit stuck to you for years I think he's too much of a friendless failure to give up whatever shred of relevance and acquaintances, no matter how negative. Beats being entirely alone.

No. 1098376

I mean, I doubt samememe would have an actual real ex. To incels, an "ex" is exactly that - someone they used to orbit.

No. 1098380

Solid competitor to Aimee's "vibrators are neoliberal" spergout.

No. 1098394

Anna talking so prudishly about sex toys while also being someone who wrote a autofiction short story about anal sex in a public bathroom is a good bit.

No. 1098429


Holy shit can someone post both of these wtf

No. 1098433

Reminds me of that one screenshot from /pol/ about how cats are tools used by da jooz to brainwash women into not having families and how cats are responsible for white genocide.

No. 1098446

Fully on brand for her. Anal sex is useless for women and is mostly for pickmes looking to signal how fun they are in the bedroom while crying internally about their hemorrhoids. Sex toys make women cum and make men feel worthless.

The fact that it was some kind of a "casual anal" (roflmao) bathroom gloryhole story may also be because she wants to be a gay dude. Didn't she say that she would be an ayyyden if she was a zoomer?(no1curr)

No. 1098452

I can't find it anymore but I remember reading it. Would have been maybe from two years ago. Might have been at this. https://hardtoread.us/tagged/Anna%20Khachiyan
Some of her academic work is up if anyone wants to read that. https://nyu.academia.edu/AnnaKhachiyan

No. 1098461

I think Ben has been tight-lipped about aimee but she has thrown lots of shade since April. Oliver is a likeable normie although even he has dunked on Ben.

No. 1098466

The Aimee and Ashley 4 hour pod was horrendous. I couldn’t make it more than half way.

No. 1098472

File: 1607037312102.png (2.5 MB, 828x1792, 7CC81CB8-71E3-4C02-9CD4-2310B0…)

More Aimee foolishness. Even Malcom Kyeyune logs off and has a political project. These mad online provocateurs are very unwell.

No. 1098486

have to admit heji made them both look stunning, respect.

No. 1098501

Two hours of your life you'll never get back, anon.
If you wake up bald, 85 lbs and with a giant crucifix tattoo you'll know.

No. 1098508

this is vile. aimee keeps showing her racist ass day in and day out

No. 1098518

There are times where she looks alright and other times where I'm wondering what the fuck Adam was thinking making her his wife.
Anna looks great with longer hair. I get the edgy bald/pixie cut look but longer hair is a go-to for women for a reason.

No. 1098554

File: 1607044642294.jpeg (551.23 KB, 654x1147, 870CFCC0-E9BB-49E6-8542-A05E96…)

Anna bragging about her "big naturals" just because she's a D cup will never stop being funny. There are D cups that men would assume are A cups and B cups. Anna fell for the D=Big meme. It all depends on the band size. No clue how she's oblivious to this or why she decides to ignore it.

No. 1098566

File: 1607046266136.png (263.48 KB, 599x476, Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 11.4…)

That was just a reply she is not responsible for but she chose to like it, reply to it and quote tweet it too
Absolute fucking mess

No. 1098576

She looks like a more masculine Julian Casablancas here

No. 1098665

File: 1607055039528.jpeg (487.71 KB, 1242x1083, 1B7018F3-F70C-4E48-8C21-C250C3…)


No. 1098669

File: 1607055160680.jpeg (362.58 KB, 1242x706, D059FCB3-8D45-41DC-9B8C-E676F9…)

This could be asked for literally everything he’s ever tweeted. It’s so weird how sensitive he is about insults towards himself considering how hateful he is to everyone else.

No. 1098675

LMAO. This is so rich coming from the dude who endlessly talks about how ugly and stupid and evil and degenerate everyone but he is.
>Stop being such sensitive libtards over everything!
>Has mental breakdowns over being reminded he's morbidly obese

No. 1098677

File: 1607055692746.jpeg (479.71 KB, 1242x955, AFFDE558-D26E-4991-AB17-C88C88…)

Jack is currently having a meltdown on twitter and responding to every negative comment anyone has ever tweeted about him from months ago to say that it hurt his feelings and that they would love him in person which seems unlikely considering his previous tweets where he constantly talks about having absolutely no friends because of blm or feminism or whatever

No. 1098679

Why do fat jack and anna and others think people wouldn't dislike them if they met them? Or that their disgusting beliefs and opinions aren't enough to make people dislike them? Is this just them telling on themselves that they'll like anyone who throws positive attention their way no matter who they are or what they say/do?

No. 1098699

Sure, these hypothetical people would probably be even angrier with him for eating their lunch and bitterly tweeting about it later.

No. 1098722


British indie rock frontman on cover of spin magazine circa 2007

No. 1098743

Because in real life people politely tolerate them (or want to sleep with them, in Anna’s case) and they take that to mean they’re likable people. Jack’s first example of “if we were coworkers” really speaks to that, given that the workplace is the number 1 place you’re forced to publicly endure weirdos with a smile on your face for fear of losing your job.

No. 1098750

Does anyone know how old samememe is?

No. 1098760

I'm beginning to stan kantbot, I really love the history episodes on the pseudopod. I just finished listening to the first part of the new Iran-Contra series (after having enjoyed the one's on JFK and Nixon already) and it's amazing and super impressive. Also, I find KB has an endearingly good heart.
Ready to be banned me for this stanning cringery.

No. 1098764

Very curious as to how he compartmentalises Anna and Dasha’s anachan tendencies, or if he gets some kind of weird kicks out of it - ‘they hate fatties but like me so it must be proof of how special and great I am’?

No. 1098767

A + D have said many times, they only have an interest in ridiculing women's weights, they have no problem with dadbod men

No. 1098780

That they ridicule women's weights is a myth too tho. I have heard them make anachan self-references on the pod 2,3 times but honestly not in a "devaluing other body types"-way. They occasionally fawn over thicc beauties, and f.e. defended billie eilish's bod lol.

No. 1098787

He’s still doing it 9 hours later…

No. 1098790

had me kek, anon

No. 1098791

I think he’s just beginning to realise all his ‘haters’ are in fact not one deranged stan and is aware of how overwhelming negative his image has become and is trying to rebrand and rewrite history about the views he’s expressed

No. 1098800

>making her his wife.
Fiancee, anon.

No. 1098805

File: 1607076230780.jpg (35.83 KB, 609x410, the purring jew.jpg)

No. 1098808

I'm crying, wtf

No. 1098819

File: 1607077430802.jpeg (443.1 KB, 1242x824, 8A190F6C-984E-4B71-8E78-E9D1B5…)

He’s been responding to every tweet ever posted about him for going on 10 hours now and asking them why they cyberbullied him is having some kind of psychotic break

No. 1098821

File: 1607077473064.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1242x1634, D355071F-8734-4EBC-A466-BB5045…)

Also he very obviously has not lost weight considering this is what he looks like lying down

No. 1098861

spoiler this next time, jesus fucking christ

No. 1098863

>if we were coworkers
Jack you spend all your days insulting the nice women at work who bring in food because you're triggered by women existing and are schizo enough to think that their choices are deliberate attempts to fatten you up. Why you think that anyone on twitter would like you any better if you were coworkers is beyond me.

No. 1098873

Almost 40 probably, he was already posting about Brooklynite feminist ex "gfs" 10 years ago.

No. 1098876

File: 1607082849020.jpeg (306.99 KB, 1242x508, 44746C32-E43A-4B59-82FE-9860AE…)

No. 1098878

It's kind of remarkable just how old some of the figures in this scene are, where the audience is mostly younger millennials and zoomer. Matt Christman is 41 years old, he was born in the 70s

No. 1098903

File: 1607086616366.jpeg (212.36 KB, 1242x794, C9E22EF1-98D7-4924-A271-734FA4…)

No. 1098933

that’s what a fiancé is? someone you’d like to make your wife. i thought smart people were in this thread but i guess you guys just use big words.

No. 1098959

I think that anon just wants to point out that this woman isn’t going to be his wife

No. 1098967

By the way, Caroline as_a_woman was a stupidpol mod. Both the subreddit and the discord server.

No. 1098993

Yeah so were a bunch of former DSA leaders lol

No. 1098999

Not many DSA leaders, but some were involved with DSA.

No. 1099000

what was her username? did she post?

No. 1099001

Not gonna share her username because I don't want to out myself. But you can probably find it if you look hard enough. She was also a mod on r/redscare.

No. 1099045

File: 1607099848785.jpeg (199.32 KB, 1242x365, 9E5C6128-4313-45E2-9677-72D95E…)

If the samememe thing is real I’m curious about how recent it was? He only broke up with the Brooklyn feminist ex in 2018 and relatively recently (within this year) used to tweet about how awful dating was but now he’s suddenly engaged with a kid on the way.

No. 1099056

this whole thing is really weird to me. I cannot think of a more mismatched pairing than samememe and lexaprofessional. On his podcast episode with Jack he talks about dating a feminist gender studies major from 2008-2010 with a ‘cliche fragile and hypersensitive feminist’ personality type, then the Brooklyn feminist ex, now this twitter girl. Why does he target these kinds of women who he hates and has no shared values with, it genuinely seems like >>1098235 is right and he built his entire worldview around these women rejecting him.

No. 1099061

he should have enlisted tbh. would have been way more trad than becoming a failed internet philosopher who carries a manpurse and is now just starting a family in his late 30’s

No. 1099082

but now he makes a point of only associating with anti girlbosses/trad women. why the fuck didn’t the genius think of that 10-15 years ago, would have saved him a lot of grief

No. 1099106

who cares anon that was like two years ago when the sub was a lot different. grudge posting.

No. 1099109

File: 1607104220757.jpeg (84.38 KB, 750x262, F68045E7-61FD-46DD-A87C-F6F80D…)

looks like samememe has made a reputation of himself as an unhinged weirdo. this was said by someone who doesn’t even interact with his circle

No. 1099110

How is it grudgeposting lmao? Being a reddit mod is fucking embarassing

No. 1099114

Similar to how he thinks “blacks are city ruiners prone to violent crime” but moved to St. Louis

No. 1099122

File: 1607105129689.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1000x4528, 74C718AC-3F42-4FC6-B736-D3C53E…)

What is going on

No. 1099127

iirc he’s actually been accused of rape so maybe this is someone pointing that out

No. 1099128

the samememe is a rapist rumors are piling up, watch fatty jack and anna still defend him
no clue how samememe didn't nuke all his accounts when he was facedoxxed, there's no coming back from that

No. 1099129

i hope his arc comes to an end and it's revealed he's like some kind of half mexican freakazoid self hater.

i wouldn't be shocked if he's a rapist

No. 1099133

I don’t get why people don’t just post his first name already, it’s a known entity and maybe he’d fucking shut up

No. 1099134

I guess this confirms the cyberstalking thing? Very creepy that he found out where she lived.

No. 1099137

File: 1607105758400.jpg (167.05 KB, 960x720, 6dvjtx5uard11.jpg)

Is this accurate ?

No. 1099143


A bit dated I think.

No. 1099145

When will anons stop referring to his sex doll as a wife

Men literally don't know what they want, they tend to gravitate to lefty women because they have a high emotional impact on them, which increases attraction. Tradthots get comparatively no attention, men can't stand submissive women.

No. 1099153

idk how anyone can know about his posting…. career… and not assume straight up that he's at least an attempted rapist

haha that me. i lurk from my cave

No. 1099155

They forgot the femcel subreddits in their browser bookmarks.

No. 1099156

who is this? i see her around a lot

No. 1099162

Lexaprofessional or Default Friend?

No. 1099164

who is this? i see her around a lot>>1099162


No. 1099170

File: 1607107085309.png (121.08 KB, 673x274, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 1.01…)

His first name is Evan according to the anon who posted his picture here the first time and then deleted.

No. 1099181

So his name is Evan, he’s from St. Louis, and he was born circa 1983-1986

No. 1099187

It’s funny samememe ended up becoming such a focal point in these threads despite not being a leftist because of his and Anna’s initial spergout about how female autism doesn’t exist. I wonder if this is a belief he still holds after following these threads the past few months.

No. 1099204

Wrong. They called Jennifer Lawrence And Taylor Swift fat. Ironic because they’re more attractive than both of them

No. 1099207

They're very good at doublethink, they definitely still hold that women don't have autism while simultaneously shit talking women who are clearly autistic for being autistic.

No milk at all AFAIK, she just often tries to talk sense into retards who just keep strawmanning her to hell and back because Anna and her only-read-one-book-in-their-entire lives-(if that) clique of RW midwits are incapable of actually reading anything and just assume she's saying the same things as the girlboss feminists they hate

I'd believe he lost weight and was even bigger before tbh, when you're that size 20 lbs doesn't make much of a difference

No. 1099215

File: 1607109825345.jpeg (123.76 KB, 750x561, 75FB9AE5-A491-4BC5-997B-2AD647…)

Heather Habsburg's back on the sub making classist remarks

No. 1099229

sounds like she's confirming that samememe raped her

No. 1099232

I wonder if they’re still reeling from JLaw’s nude leak (her nudes blew up and she was unintentionally made a sex symbol to horny men everywhere). I think it’s funny they more or less called her fat but she is more sexually desirable than they will ever be

No. 1099241

Calling taylor swift fat is especially nasty. I hardly know anything about her but her weight gain seemed like a deliberate health decision.

No. 1099247

Calling either of those women fat is nasty. Like go to therapy for your eating disorders already

No. 1099248

Taylor Swift looks great! anyone saying she doesn't has an eating disorder. so uwu smol cute to be 35 and childless with an eating disorder.

No. 1099250

File: 1607111535538.jpg (101.28 KB, 1280x960, thomas.jpg)

uncanny how much this freak looks like an "ex" nazi redneck i know of tangentially who's now an anti idpol sex pest leftist (still a racist and woman beater). birds of a rapey feather, i guess. picrel and sage for blog

No. 1099252

File: 1607111628149.jpeg (676.16 KB, 1242x1542, BD1BB1D7-3A2F-4E88-8BD9-C7A4C5…)

“A kind and wonderful person”

No. 1099256

jack and samememe should just fuck already

No. 1099258

This is why the Anna pregnancy rumors are funny, like does she even get a period? No period = no ovulation. So tiny and fertile tho uwu

No. 1099271

File: 1607112484751.jpeg (882.5 KB, 1000x1977, 1E62250C-0F11-4D60-955A-F6804D…)

No. 1099273

File: 1607112562042.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2151, 65969E51-571B-4077-8199-706AA8…)

Didn’t he spend the first season being an open neo nazi

No. 1099288

no, they are not reading roth and pynchon. i dont think i've even heard A&D mention Pynchon. and I doubt they would get through infinite Jest.

No. 1099289

yes. and samememe is still an open white nationalist.

No. 1099292

File: 1607113398707.jpeg (650.44 KB, 1000x1273, 014E25B6-60F9-454A-86BD-A3B218…)

No. 1099294

For some reason I thought they were talking about online interactions, I didn’t think samememe actually interacted with this circle in person. Honestly it’s hard to imagine samememe existing and interacting with people irl at all. Anyway I feel sorry for these girls and whatever happened with them and samememe.

No. 1099296

File: 1607113563370.jpeg (337.74 KB, 1242x956, 863947A3-F5AF-4EDF-9171-794F98…)

No. 1099306

Samememe made ultra specific comments about women and attacked rando tiktok women but yes all “generalized”. Stop the mental gymnastics and get some exercise fatty

No. 1099307

a man made this, the only accurate books are kill all normies and the mark fisher, the others books are unrelated to the show
jack is so dim and disingenuous, and he and samememe just find random girls to shit on online and now saying negative things about them is too far?

No. 1099309

Yeah and a lot of them are about women he knows and pursued irl, and a lot of the extremely viscous and cruel attacks he’s directed on random girls have been like 15 year old tiktokers

No. 1099318

File: 1607114472043.jpeg (457.41 KB, 1242x892, D4DC97E3-6F62-4DA6-BB81-5DD90F…)

No. 1099319

Samememe has been consistently despised by seemingly everyone besides Jack who’s ever known him irl and online for 10 years straight, to the point even a race realist tolerant forum got sick of him.

No. 1099323

lmao Jack the Fat acting like a facebook mom and is @ing people to get whoever that Bill guy is and other twitter people to stop posting screenshots of him
Why do Jack and Evansameme think it's unfair for people to conclude that they are racist and sexist from their own words and who they are friends with. Do they think they can whine their ways out of people seeing who they are on some technicality? They should just delete their accounts and never bother people ever again.

No. 1099325

Huh? I don’t hate women, I just spend all my waking hours complaining about them on the internet and think it was a mistake to teach them how to read.

No. 1099327

I can’t believe he’s trying to frame spending like 16 hours every single day for 10 years attacking and degrading women in the most cruel and hateful way possible, often talking about literal teenage girls as a 40 year old, as just lighthearted ‘complaining’

No. 1099342

File: 1607116092707.jpeg (287.19 KB, 1242x535, 93AEBAE9-9ADD-403C-97C7-AA1438…)

You all really hate samememe because he’s just too smart and effective as a critic

No. 1099351

It’s so embarrassing, I know people joke about how he has schizophrenia and needs to log off but he literally has something extremely wrong with him and does need to log off. He’s been humiliating himself and acting completely demented for 24 hours or something.

No. 1099365

They've talked about Roth often, specifically Portnoy's Complaint

No. 1099375

File: 1607117289080.jpeg (308.43 KB, 1242x523, 17CA5F36-317A-47A3-9519-01C839…)

Someone getting criticised for being a white nationalist is literally the same as being a rape victim. Suggesting that people disliking you is an understandable reaction to being an open neo nazi is exactly like telling a rape victim they were asking for it.

No. 1099406

Anna-tier backtracking. These people are pathetic.

No. 1099424

He’s tweeting whining about the “vile treatment” he’s received. If he’s so bothered he can just delete his account, he’s a 40 year old man who’s about to have a child, he needs to grow up and should probably have other priorities and give up prioritising his decade long dream of being an influencer and trying to accumulate some kind of social media clout that means absolutely nothing irl. It’s very pathetic that he’s such an attention whore he’s more concerned about being able to continue to spend his entire day every day seething about women who rejected him or teenage girls on twitter than prioritising the safety of his family if he’s genuinely so worried.

No. 1099435

File: 1607119435103.jpeg (47.58 KB, 828x465, 9E0BB37D-73C5-471A-9FF2-A6DF44…)

the vile treatment of being called out for your unhinged misogyny and racism. he’s being incredibly paranoid because i have never seen anyone threaten him or his family because we hardly have any real information about him

No. 1099442

Holy shit, she's being incredibly kind and patient to him here and its still not good enough, he still can't let it go, absolutely psychotic

Jack has alluded to having a mental breakdown/possibly institutionalised years ago, does anyone have more details about what happened? does he go into depth about it on his show?

No. 1099451

what a dumbass, you can't bait people and complain when they react

No. 1099469

File: 1607121835376.jpeg (873.07 KB, 1242x1902, 615FBC04-21BF-4AAB-BDEB-BC9664…)

Wtf is wrong with him?

No. 1099476

Samememe currently deleting all his tweets

No. 1099479

It's useless to try to converse with them, Jack and Evan (samememe) will just keep avoiding taking responsibility and continue playing the victims. They remind me of how kids behaved in middle school whenever there was drama.

No. 1099485

aaaaand he’s private! he probably senses the rape accusation coming. RIP buddy

No. 1099487

File: 1607122907378.jpeg (82.61 KB, 1194x524, EobV3bRUYAAWDF8.jpeg)

I don't listen but he's definitely also antisemitic along with Jugs, stop trying to lie Jack

No. 1099504


No. 1099508

it's just a halfassed attempt to take black Republican "Democrat plantation" rhetoric out of context

No. 1099518

damn i wanted to witness the meltdown

No. 1099530

Something about this photo screams 'mouth-breathing'

No. 1099533

File: 1607125755399.jpeg (124.65 KB, 567x910, 69531A5E-B880-4721-BB03-682AAC…)


No. 1099586

what do you mean "was"? did she delete the account?

No. 1099591

this was very obviously made when the podcast was in its infancy, the "venmo feminist" meme was an early, early season 1 thing.

No. 1099625

lmao get rekt Tara

No. 1099629

It was really nasty since they said something like "wahh my piggy mother is dying of cancer" comment alongside it.

No. 1099655

These people so obviously didn't have friends in high school

Disagreeing with me is actual violence!!

No. 1099660

File: 1607132052352.jpeg (480.56 KB, 1242x909, 51442F8A-AC99-46A6-BA17-EC00BB…)

No. 1099679

File: 1607133447236.jpeg (243.61 KB, 750x709, E816B33D-9FDE-4D9F-A5D7-B523F2…)

No. 1099706

saw custardloaf on stream. i did not realize she looked like that. how are they so good at tricking people

No. 1099707

post a screencap

No. 1099718

big oof on custardloaf

No. 1099720

File: 1607136930353.jpg (280.76 KB, 1920x1080, as123412.jpg)

she's not ugly but she looks different than any of her photos

No. 1099729

bloated, and her hair's already falling out in her 20s…yikes!

No. 1099737

File: 1607138098739.jpg (256.74 KB, 900x1200, pic.jpg)

Where was this stream?

No. 1099740

>im a Communist tr@nny
bet this "myra glass" guy also has some milk tbh. not to distract from samememe

No. 1099742

post it in the containment thread, no one cares.

No. 1099746

her twitch

No. 1099750

Hope Lexaprofessional actually comes forward with the full story soon, milk aside he sounds like an actual psycho and everyone should know. Jesus Christ. Can't just say someone forces themselves on women and imply they stalked you and not say more, idk, I'm glad he doesn't know her address anymore.
Jack defending this retarded beta with a Napoleon complex is even worse now.

And here it comes. Watch him whine even more about how evil wammin are and how they make up rape accusations for clout.

No. 1099751

he probably would've developed agp in that case

No. 1099752

lexa i know you watch these threads. post your truth and end him once and for all.

No. 1099753

jack keeps tweeting every few minutes and replying to everyone who @s him but suddenly has nothing to saw in response to tweets like this

No. 1099754

File: 1607139590867.png (124.37 KB, 603x464, delete.png)

LMAOOOOO rapememe on suicide watch

No. 1099756

File: 1607140061030.jpg (31.67 KB, 1204x246, EobV3bNUYAECg3A.jpg)

wonder if Anna and Liz ever saw this or they don't mind people calling learning about the Holocaust "brainwashing"

No. 1099759

File: 1607140452666.png (99.58 KB, 600x494, jack tpn misogynist.png)

They know what he is, they just don't care / think it's funny

No. 1099761

the womb envy is fucking palpable if he were younger he wouldve become one of those shizoid trannies for sure

No. 1099763

not to medfag but what drugs is he on. it has to be amphetamines right? would explain his manic behavior, shame-fueled eating disorder, and chronic nastiness imo

No. 1099767

180 mutuals anon?

No. 1099768

What is this faglord trying to say? He didn't join the military because he was too worried what others would think of him? Not very nietzschean masculine ubermensch of him.
Most men's very deep and intellectual politics are based on some sort of sexual grievance, samefag just doesn't put a lot of effort into hiding it.
This thread clearly makes him suicidally butthurt, but he always comes back for more. He is lonely, so even being shat on by women beats not getting any female attention at all.

As much as jack, semenmeme and Anna try to deny it, they are entirely obsessed with being likeable and acknowledged - a trait they no doubt consider lowly and "feminine".

No. 1099774

he's scared lmao, he definitely raped women. But of course he'd try to say "buhh they were playing hard to get and I went along with it" or something.

No. 1099778

They talk about these books anon, it's not implied they actually read them

No. 1099785

File: 1607143219325.jpeg (174.13 KB, 1242x538, 1170CA7B-BDB9-44EB-A712-CD01A6…)

No. 1099789

let the milk and justice floweth
fuck samememe

No. 1099798

lots of mentions of an "evan" in her 2013 journal. how old was she when she dated samememe? was she underage? https://twitter.com/queasy_f_bby/status/1248063556551086080

No. 1099799

File: 1607143859856.jpeg (150.3 KB, 1242x774, 4C59959D-ECCC-4B3D-89B1-1D0EC3…)

No. 1099803

File: 1607143958862.jpeg (132.26 KB, 1242x753, 2EB40CF8-5D74-45D3-BD9F-1E04DD…)

No. 1099808

I think both jack/evan are just serious alcoholics rather than druggies

can't wait for samememe to be officially metoo'd!

No. 1099810

fuck samememe, rot in hell rapist. i hope his fake fiancé finds out and leaves him

No. 1099812

She's 27, so would have been 19-20 in 2013.

No. 1099815

Anti-metoo faggot is a rapist? Shocking!

I wonder if he's one of those shit creeps who pretend to be feminists to get close to said "brooklyn feminist college girls". He's a humanities parasite, isn't he? I don't see why they'd be interested in him otherwise.

No. 1099820

sorry but wtf kind of game was samememe running if he was able to get multiple lefty chicks to meet up with him irl? he’s ugly and a total antisocial sperg. all my sympathies, but it mystifies me that anyone fell for it.

No. 1099821

samememe deleted his account

No. 1099822


He's scared, he knows the accusations are coming, probably with texts and shit to back it up

No. 1099823

watch him resurface in a month or so
cant stay away from bad posts
permabans on twitter should be a thing tbh

No. 1099825

he's addicted to posting, he'll reactivate or be under a new name soon enough unless we all win and he's physically unable to one way or another

No. 1099826

that lexaprofessional girl seems a bit slow, possibly stunted. he took advantage of her.
sort of surprised he's not already banned

No. 1099831

>woman who faced abuse/rape/whatever else only had that happen to her because she was 'slow' or 'not smart enough' to avoid it
leave scrote

No. 1099836

that's not what i'm saying anon, are you slow? it's not her fault at all.

No. 1099839

whats the point of insulting a victim of rape who is only involuntarily implicated in the subject matter of this thread

No. 1099842

Why do you think she's slow?

No. 1099843

>involuntarily implicated
she's been in these threads for a while now, anon this isn't her first appearance.

No. 1099845

presumably, that person thinks her posts are kind of pickme-ish, but it's literally fine to act like that on your personal social media account where you casually chat with friends. needless disparagement

No. 1099846

in the context of being a cow / doing attention-seeking shit? (not going to check for myself, dont care)

No. 1099848

>personal media account
oh please she's a cloutmonster pick-me with 7000 followers. if we weren't allowed to make fun of people who've been raped at some point in their lives, half this board wouldn't exist.

No. 1099850

>if we weren't allowed to make fun of people who've been raped at some point in their lives, half this board wouldn't exist.
point taken
farms brainrot

No. 1099851

my bet is on fake feminist male ally creeping on traumatized/weak girls on tumlr

No. 1099855

Can you post a mega link or similar to all the episodes?

No. 1099873

Yeah I honestly agree, I like lexaprofessional but I don’t get how she were so keen to overlook him being an open white nationalist, but they did say these where irl interactions and we don’t know how long ago it was. I guess it’s possible he significantly changed his politics at some point. If >>1099798 is about him, late 2013 was around the time he started posting on badgame I think, so it’s possible she knew him before that.

No. 1099883

highly doubt the psychopath was honest with her

No. 1099894

Fat Jack has a rapist for a twitter pal and a torso that resembles a geriatric man's scrotum.
Hope he remembers this when it comes time to count his blessings.

No. 1099895

Because he doesn't look intimidating irl, see >>1099170
The only way I can see Evan getting through this is if he transed out, get some activists to cover his ass or something

No. 1099901

Yeah but if they’re meeting him from twitter they clearly are aware of his beliefs and chose to entertain him anyway

No. 1099909

Don’t deter her from publicly outing him. Who cares it’s not important right now

No. 1099922

people lose weight on amphetamines tho

No. 1099934

I'm confused why he would delete? If rape accusations do come out wouldn't the crowd he's courting find that "based"? Isn't that the kind of clout he wants?

Anyway Lexa or whoever it's ok if you don't want to tell us what he did just give us his real name and his position at whichever uni he's working at

No. 1099962

I mean he's a pseudointellectual with a PhD in literature, those kind of men seem to think theres like a highbrow and lowbrow way of being a demented woman hating freak and I think he would consider the crowd you're talking about beneath him even though they are the exact same thing. I think he's courting the 'it's simply a fact women are biologically, intellectually and socially inferior need to be tradwives for their own wellbeing. This is simply the facts no use getting upset over it maybe try thinking about it logically and rationally like me' kind of misogynist incels not like edgy groyper 'rape all women' types which he associates with violent uncivilised 'city ruiners'.

No. 1099964

File: 1607162088713.jpeg (110.29 KB, 1312x328, EDB30F5F-2018-4254-836A-4ACEF0…)

Even at the time I thought he phrased the ‘your women’ thing in a weird way but especially now. Like he’s clearly way more bothered about the fact he’s not the one doing the raping than the idea of women being raped.

No. 1099988

File: 1607166993706.jpg (234.94 KB, 1080x1165, 20201205_111553.jpg)

No. 1099989

She looks like Venus Angelic, same filter style and same round panface when not filtered

Girls actually met him? What the fuck? What demon is possessing these girls to actually go and talk to him privately?

No. 1099990

File: 1607167430120.jpeg (896.55 KB, 1125x1356, 20F8B753-6DC3-4CDA-A5BC-8E58FF…)

He genuinely looks like his entire diet is made up of kraft dinner and hamburger helper. How someone who autistically harps on and on about “aesthetics” can genuinely walk around looking SO unattractive on every level and still not want to end their own lives is beyond me. He just looks so poor and unwashed.

No. 1099994

He looks so old for early 30s

No. 1099995

I don't think saying someone is slow or vulnerable or naïve is particularly insulting tbh, don't know if it's true in this case but it's not a negative thing to say in this context

Kantbot is the only person in this circle who actually reads anything, treating common knowledge as obscure conspiracy aside he at least knows what "neoliberalism" means beyond "vague insult akin to consumerism". Not cringe or stan-y to acknowledge this.

No. 1099996

>his real name and his position at whichever uni he's working at

Cut that shit

No. 1099999

Damn, I kind of feel bad for him, I'm sorry anon but that picture makes me empathize, I think he looks friendly and nice. Jack doesn't seem to be that lost in a decade long rigid resentment and obsession like samememe either. He (like all of us) really should quit the abysmal social media hate machine for good, I bet his eating disorder would be easier to treat then too.

No. 1100005

are you kidding? he has serial killer eyes

No. 1100006

I'm inclined to agree, I have in-depth knowledge about german idealism, and kantbots sperg-out about it on red scare was impressive and a sign of earnest engagement. He also summarized an author who's so fringe that he's practically unknown outside of german speaking academia

No. 1100013

Agreed. It’s his eyes that make him look unattractive. They look mean and callous.

No. 1100014

he looks dirty and like his breath smells like hotdog water. Gross…

No. 1100067


thinking about white castle lol

No. 1100074

Inclined to agree a little bit. At least comparing him next to samememe makes him seem better. He seems like a mental adolescent while samememe seems like a future serial killer

No. 1100111

but doesn't he do that every few month so as to better recycle his tweets?

No. 1100112

yes but he usually doesn't go private and then delete his entire account

No. 1100113

>sage for no1curr
she just uses the SNOW app camera but to a crazy extent? it's bizarre since i usually see asian girls using it since the app was popularized by kpop. when i first saw her i thought that she was just a really white passing half asian girl or something. hearing scrotes complain about "muh filters muh dishonesty" is really annoying but she is pretty rough looking

No. 1100119

File: 1607182982540.png (1.9 MB, 1200x1380, Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 7.38…)

samefag then again i don't really feel that bad for her considering her whole schtick is pandering to 4chan /pol diaspora twitter users and making tasteless jokes

No. 1100121

File: 1607183046084.png (709.1 KB, 596x1296, Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 7.41…)

No. 1100124

I agree, she courted that audience so that's what she gets. No sympathy from me.

No. 1100127

I hate these manipulative, whiney posts by medical workers. It's not an argument for/against lockdown, we know a minority of people get very sick with it…

No. 1100128

I agree, I dislike custardloaf for being a loser who panders to /pol/ incels too but this isn't the best example of it

No. 1100144

File: 1607186495637.png (109.29 KB, 871x560, samememe.png)

What kind of freak makes a list of reasons why a woman is horrible after rejection? Oh right, Samememe.

No. 1100147

it's unhinged regardless but especially so considering he is nearly 40. this sounds like something someone does after a breakup in 8th grade.

No. 1100148

Anon should just have posted one of the many screenshots of custardloaf saying racist shit for clout.

No. 1100150

it will be interesting to see if samememe will rebrand after this or he’ll just stick with the same name he’s been using for almost a decade. he’s addicted to twitter so he’ll be back for sure

No. 1100159

i predict an aimee-style comeback where he pretends to be someone else at first but eventually can't resist the attention and gives up and acts like his usual self again

No. 1100163

File: 1607188249401.jpeg (201.95 KB, 750x905, 7C620CC3-CFDF-459A-A99E-3105C3…)

samememe fanboys mourning him

No. 1100168

Agreed, more info about him is good but that would just be asking for cowtipping from all the twitter lurkers in here

She uses Meitu style filters to get her insta face

No. 1100170

File: 1607188374174.jpeg (290.78 KB, 750x778, 660F13CC-C4F9-444C-BE91-F8292D…)

>samememe is the ideal best case good faith person to talk to

No. 1100179



These lefty orbiters are even more pathetic than the podcast squad. God forbid you have to formulate your own edgy takes.

No. 1100201

File: 1607190937398.png (61.5 KB, 858x405, samememe.png)

in reference to samememe defenses

No. 1100222

honestly i'm not shocked these kinds of people would stick up for him but it is genuinely surprising they decided to go with samememe being the "best case good faith person" who is a "kind and wonderful person" that has "never been cruel to anyone" which would be comical to say any time but especially to choose to say all this while he's in the midst of being accused of rape. It would have been better for them to just not say anything compared to what they're doing and go offline for a while (or forever)

No. 1100238

File: 1607193758225.jpeg (372.47 KB, 1242x751, 7E464528-F952-4F0B-B514-2177E7…)

No. 1100240

I’m glad literally no one seems to be falling for Jack and samememes pity party. You can’t spend years (a decade in samememes case) being the most antagonistic and hate filled person imaginable and then act surprised when people don’t like you or want to defend you.

No. 1100242

File: 1607194051698.jpeg (166.49 KB, 1242x350, 0A8E8D78-62A3-442D-A2E6-9B81BB…)

No. 1100243

Good for lexaprofessional for finally saying more about this. Wondering if these threads had a role in this at all, since so many farmers were able to dig up further dirt on Jack and Samememe kek

No. 1100246

Aren't Anna and Dasha "friends" (as meaningful as that word can possibly mean in Brooklyn) with Lexaprofessional? Do you think A&D will silently unfollow Jack for defending Samememe, or choose to ignore everything Lexaprofessional is posting?

No. 1100247

she's right, both him and jack are retweeting things claiming they're being threatened with violence when literally no one has done that and acting like people just reposting the stupid things they have willingly posted online is some kind of moral atrocity akin to raping them

No. 1100250

when jack was tagging dasha last night begging her to ask them to leave samememe and him alone she just ignored it, so i think they will probably continue to just ignore things. If they are friends with her irl and he was part of their circle at one point they likely already know about this.

No. 1100253

He was tagging Dasha for help? That's so pathetic, lmao, even worse since she ignored it. But I find it very hard to believe that Dasha and Anna had already known about Samememe being a rapist/stalker since they went ahead and became buddybuddy with him. Even if they would stoop that low in the face of a "friend" you'd think Lexaprofessional would tell them to stop or end the friendship.
Either way there's 0 chance they don't know Samememe is a psycho now so if they don't distance themselves it'll speak for itself

No. 1100260

my bad, i just searched up custardloaf on twitter and prev picrel was one of the first things that came up. i thought it was in pretty poor taste and didn't feel like going through a backlog of all of the other stupid shit she said

No. 1100276

File: 1607196495154.jpeg (1000.81 KB, 1000x1856, DE8D9600-4A17-4FBD-8692-44AF55…)

Yes he tagged every single mutual he has with that Bill_Kezos guy lmao

No. 1100278

this is infinitely more unhinged and creepy than anything bill_kezos did lmao. all the dude did was post jack's own tweets

No. 1100283

I honestly think this is the funniest and most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen someone do on twitter

No. 1100320

File: 1607198974936.png (128.67 KB, 1038x554, samememe.png)

Direct answer finally, hope she posts her story soon

No. 1100333

File: 1607199404834.jpeg (427.63 KB, 750x1008, F3053F18-788A-4971-B0FB-F22D73…)

Tryna think what level of loser you have to be to simp for samememe

No. 1100338

i think the laziest go-to defense these retards use is like, "wow that mustve taken you so much time, lmfao, get a life." as if it doesnt take under a minute to look up archives of someone's old tweets then post them

No. 1100342

File: 1607199676634.jpeg (332.57 KB, 750x851, BC2B9FB6-1D33-4B4A-9D3F-9FC1D4…)

No. 1100355

jack is a retarded racist and samememe is a future serial killer but bill kezos is an absolute fucking loser. just a lib in the garbage ape/carl beijer vein who thinks posting all day and screenshotting the same two trolls is activism

No. 1100356

Calling women holes is cool and good, calling Jack fat is cruel and unhinged.

Hey Jack, you should ask God to make heaven's gate more hamplanet-friendly. You don't want to get stuck and cause a traffic jam, do you?

No. 1100378

He definitely doesn’t think it’s activism

No. 1100384

He’s said himself he’s just terrorizing samememe because he thinks it’s funny. Where’s the liberalism

No. 1100408

He's even tagging nonsense accounts like wretched_worm and expecting help, what a dumbass

No. 1100426

File: 1607205823742.jpeg (648.99 KB, 1536x2048, EVILgrNXQAEDfCb.jpeg)


I don't think this is the right Evan. I heard it was a recent one-time meet up

No. 1100454

>likable wit

No. 1100472

skitzocommies see everything through the lens of ideology so they think making fun of some postleft cow is a cia neolib psyop

No. 1100473

File: 1607208491285.jpeg (233.22 KB, 1125x1536, 67C5AEB7-D3AD-4127-A982-CCB455…)

awwww someone’s triggered

No. 1100480

I don’t think Lexa knew samememe for a long time and I don’t think he was as outwardly psycho when she did. He didn’t always post on twitter the way he does now. It’s gotten like increasingly crazier since rejection

No. 1100487

BPDfags are truly scourges but I will never trust a man who accuses every woman he doesn't like of having BPD. They are even worse.
Samememe is more likely to have some personality disorder than the average woman.

No. 1100492

He also dresses like shit.

No. 1100494

File: 1607210102133.png (73.24 KB, 610x294, jack.png)

>spectral gang rapist
oh, word?

No. 1100496

Ah yes, calling jews evil insects and spamming women with tweets calling them holes, very non-controversial.

No. 1100499

custardloaf liked the bottom tweet btw

No. 1100500

Seriously, what is it with this scene and using the "uwu i'm a kind smol bean best person u could ever meet i'm just misunderstood" defense when called out on their shit? All of them do it, is it some weirdo attempt at trolling or are they genuinely that dumb that they think people will believe such bs?

No. 1100502

File: 1607210462395.png (541.94 KB, 630x777, 1596354032602.png)

Fat Jack and rapememe's orbiters always sound like they're coping really hard in their replies. Reminds me of when anons called Jack and Kantbot fat and one of them said this when Jack started livetweeting the thread.

No. 1100504

classic abuser tactic to portray yourself as the poor beleaguered victim in the abuse scenario. of course samememe and his army of simps would fall back on it

No. 1100521

File: 1607211183444.png (280.88 KB, 1084x1252, Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 6.31…)

No. 1100524

jeez, she's really trying to be judicious in all this. jack knows samememe is a rapist and he doesn't care because he thinks whoever he raped probably deserved it.

No. 1100526


It's definitely a form of backtracking, because it almost seems like they realise that they either overshare or are far too honest about what they think and believe online, and almost show enough self-awareness to think that this might actually be kind of off-putting to people (even beyond the "heh, i'm just telling it like it is, umad libs?" shit they try to excuse it as).
Anytime I see anyone using this "defence" to me it just translates as "I am much better at self-censorship IRL"

No. 1100528

men that choose to side with rapists cannot be dealt with kindly tbh. i get what this girl is trying to do but it will just make jack call her manipulative or something as he has another meltdown over women existing

No. 1100544

she needs to stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt. they obviously don’t give a shit if he’s a rapist and what’s scarier is that it’s probably a bonus to some of these people

No. 1100567

File: 1607214461269.png (34.95 KB, 594x522, 4565778.png)

She really thinks twitter scrotes and their handmaidens will listen to her if she acts really nice and civil and concedes that they are "right, but…"

No. 1100621

Oh god, Alex Kaschuta. She really belongs in the tradthots thread here, a true massive pickme cow.

No. 1100629

Complains about misogyny then endorses a misogynistic ideology. Retard

No. 1100641

File: 1607218679954.png (130.12 KB, 454x539, dont watch hot to with john wi…)

Roommate Leia coming to Jack's defense, what a scumbag.

No. 1100643

This J Francio guy is IRL friends with Dasha btw, he's part of the Brooklyn LeftCath Brunch Crew and was the one who filmed Dasha's Epstein investigation video last year.

No. 1100666

File: 1607221016318.jpeg (212.34 KB, 828x591, D35344AA-D6CD-484A-B5E5-05D042…)

No. 1100678

Oh damn, I didn't realize any of the brunch bunch had any Twitter presence.

No. 1100680

that jo girl with the miss piggy icon was a part of the brunch bunch and has a substantial twitter presence. she was also besties with samememe

No. 1100682

jo isn't in the brunch bunch (she's anglican, not catholic) but she's friends with some of them, including j francio.

No. 1100689

It is shitty and boring. I can go on instagram and find hundreds of accounts posting iPhone pictures of city street trash for free.

No. 1100690

File: 1607222226202.png (40.68 KB, 741x477, rtingmyself.png)

RTing my own post about wanting to smell a repulsive Jabba the Hutt creature's body odor in a powerful act of rape apologist solidarity.

No. 1100696

apparently she has over 400 subscribers. guess that's the power of clout, but or maybe just a bevy of pitying friends

No. 1100703

Never underestimate the undo attention any artist whose work's central theme is "I live in New York and want to tell everybody else about it" and nothing else will receive.

No. 1100718

I wonder how many of them actually pay for it, though. She probably gives a lot of free subscriptions to ‘friends’

No. 1100744

As if anyone could possibly capture quirky overdone city shots and ketchup in snow with a camera from over a decade ago. Cope harder.

No. 1100747


This is so obscure, i love that we have so many Brooklyn alt lit/art scene adjacent anons

No. 1100750

i don't get why she wants to fit in with these people half her tweets are about coinbase

No. 1100753


>BPDfags are truly scourges

this view is so retarded. Crazies are more likely to be abused than abuse others. Maybe if everyone stopped accusing every attention-seeking thot online of having BDP it wouldn't get such a bad rap from the smooth brains.

No. 1100758

File: 1607226811713.png (82.97 KB, 727x781, berto.png)

D-list podcasters in meltdown mode.

No. 1100761

found to bpd-chan, you guys are just slightly less worse narcs and deserve all of the bad rep you get. Its considered a mental illness for a reason.

No. 1100763

go back to redscare4girlsandgays

No. 1100768

This Berto guy is always seething about something

No. 1100789

has anything been going on with nyc transplant hanger on caroline as_a_woman lately? is she still hooking up with nick mullen because of late the two don't even follow each other anymore on insta

No. 1100791

File: 1607229235050.jpeg (163.82 KB, 1242x861, C9B43EC7-A1DA-45FF-8D77-9A77D8…)

can she explain this story and how any of this happened at all?

No. 1100795

samefag but not a cast of doubt i just think it would help to clarify the timeline of when this all occurred?

No. 1100802

File: 1607230059192.png (72.55 KB, 792x972, caroline.png)

Doing well as ever!

No. 1100803

caroline got fucked by nick mullen? lol when?

never forget 2 years ago this chick was a pussy hat lib protesting people like Kavanaugh, now she's traveling to new york in a pandemic just to get herpes from a fucking podcaster

No. 1100809

File: 1607230394513.jpeg (50.41 KB, 668x445, 1589299411043.jpeg)

No. 1100815


I don't know if they're boning or not I've been lurking here for a while and people would say they were in old threads. Honestly pre-beard Mullen could and has done way better than that braindead 6

No. 1100825

I have no idea why out of everything people give Caroline shit for it’s that she used to a semi legitimate activist

No. 1100833

Because the type of female activist she used to be is the type she now rags on and calls cringe. She's unprincipled and scared of being seen as idealogically out of trend.

No. 1100835

I think someone said the Mullen thing because of a random commenter on the cumtown boards. Not confirmed in any way.

No. 1100839

Lol thank god I can respect him again

No. 1100845

'Tommy Robinson' real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon is the main proponent of all that Muslims in the UK stuff R-pememe was posting too

No. 1100846

Men who want to "commit" tend to be substandard betas who are beginning to realize that they'll never have the virgin supermodel they think they're entitled to, so now they're ready for a pickme mommy bangmaid. Of course no one these men actually want will settle down with them.

It's the same idea behind rapememe ignoring redscare listener pickmes and choosing to obsess over glamorous girlbosses instead.

No. 1100849

>no sage

Mullen would be lucky to even lick Aimee's deformed feet, let alone fuck Caroline. You're either some cumtown front pole trying to "y-yes k-king" a fellow fuggo male, or a redscare girl who likes ugly "funny" men because Anna told her it's cool.

No. 1100851

File: 1607233982818.png (3.63 MB, 1972x1262, Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 11.5…)


Nick is currently repulsive but pre-beard he was a very basically attractive dude

No. 1100852

this point has been mentioned many times before but it needs repeating, nick is average at best, in most setting no one take notice of his appearance and consider them that attractive, but in the online leftosphere he's the closet thing they have to a Chad

No. 1100855

he's attainable attractive. good looking enough to be seen with but not so hot that he's out of your league. his face is def above average the only thing that lets him down is being a manlet

No. 1100856

because she ditched it the instant she realized she could get more clout as a reactionary

No. 1100860

File: 1607234407189.png (128.21 KB, 779x777, cringe.png)


No. 1100861

They all have no principles. Reminds me of how Ashley took back her accusation against that pedo author just because Anna criticized her on Twitter.

No. 1100862

Nick is hot but I don't want herpes

No. 1100863

File: 1607234657598.jpeg (589.48 KB, 1242x2089, 108AC85E-A97A-483C-A229-527660…)

Samememe date rape chronicles 1

No. 1100865

File: 1607234677993.png (81.95 KB, 729x771, richardpart2.png)

I don't remember this account, was he a big part of this clique?

No. 1100866

File: 1607234698642.jpeg (585.5 KB, 1242x2084, 5A2AB617-8FB8-486E-83A2-090B2E…)

No. 1100867

File: 1607234823671.jpeg (543.43 KB, 1242x2086, 240D3B7E-859A-47CD-870E-270934…)

No. 1100869

File: 1607234940684.jpeg (395.29 KB, 1242x2089, F3A147DE-238B-43C1-A40D-64C532…)

4 / fin

No. 1100870

Lolcow absolutely vindicated for pinging this guy for absolute loser fucking rapist dweeb vibes from day one of him and Anna interacting lmfao

No. 1100871

File: 1607235092456.png (59.92 KB, 737x633, dieonthehill.png)

big time loser shit

No. 1100872

Where is this from?

No. 1100875

At this point I really wish somebody would doxx him somewhere. He's a piece of shit who needs to be exposed. I wonder if Anna and Dasha are going to react.

It's from here. If she's reading this thread I recommend turning the comments off (if that's possible) because male imgur users are pieces of shit and will comment terrible things. https://imgur.com/gallery/UdcpDmB

No. 1100876

Damn, this is recent. I wonder if she's waiting until tomorrow to drop it on Twitter. Also I'd hope Dasha and Anna just unfollow him I don't think they need to make statements on this I doubt they know any of these people irl

No. 1100877

anna and dasha are retards, they're accidentally famous and are friends with random orbiters

No. 1100879

NTA but she linked the imgur album on her curiouscat, glowwerm1

Samememe is a fucking pig.

No. 1100882

zero percent chance lexa isn’t the one who posted his face doxx in these threads then insta deleted it. she’s been building up to this. it’s pretty sad to entrench yourself in the red scare twitter orbit enough in your mid twenties to vindictively fuck dashas ex and get raped by samememe in the same year….. sorry

No. 1100883

why would it be vindictive? dasha doesnt have ownership on him

No. 1100884

because she tweeted about it on multiple occasions referencing dasha? fuck adam all you want but keep it to yourself.

No. 1100885

She was at a party with Yung Chomsky, there might be something going on there…?

No. 1100887

he has a girlfriend

No. 1100888

he's way too Epic Gritty Chud Dunker for her anyways

No. 1100893

this has to be a jack orbiter

No. 1100897

me? no. i believe she was raped and samememe is a cockroach. she’s also a huge dumbass for meeting up with a racist because he told her it was a bit, seeing him again after he raped her, and sleeping with rando dudes in the red scare orbit.

No. 1100917

yeah no offence is lexa really 27?? I believe that samememe raped her and honestly should be in jail but her account feels like it was written by a 14 year old. which actually makes what samememe did even worse, he's taken advantage of someone who is clearly intellectually disabled. its also pretty creepy that she admits she's a red scare fan who only joined twitter to follow the hosts but then ends up pursuing and fucking the ex of one of the co-hosts months later?? the whole thing is really fucking creepy. the podcast groupie/male with an "online persona" intersection kinda freaks me out, like i actually feel for dasha/anna because so many of these "orbiters" are just deeply troubled, sick people with a lot of demented personal dramas(armchair)

No. 1100918

dasha and anna encourage this behavior

No. 1100922

Dasha and Anna are troubled themselves. Like attracts like

No. 1100925

they clearly want this in their lives, they seek out these people, invite them to group chats, look at who anna follows

No. 1100927

He does the same thing as samememe where he spergs about how evil women are all day, especially “““girlbosses””” but he is literally dating a New York feminist girl boss with a media job who works in the same circle and is close friends with the woman who wrote the Aziz Ansari metoo article

No. 1100936

Berto lives in Chicago so why is his girlfriend in NYC? I think you've got him confused with another member of Jack's extremely lame fag hag crew.

No. 1100939

>someone who is clearly intellectually disabled.
okay like all the sympathy to lexa for what that monster did to her but i'm glad im not the only one who thinks she seems a little slow or mentally disabled.

No. 1100940

jack & his cringe friends were all cryptically bitching about her as "discount dasha" around the time that rapememe was doing this too

No. 1100941

He moved to Chicago since but he used to live there with her, these are things he’s said himself that you can still find on his twitter

No. 1100942

I know I’m going to get banned for saying this but honestly it’s frustrating to see people in this thread be so eager to do the whole “these grown white women who chose to have a relationship with this open neo nazi were just naive and fragile and vulnerable and couldn’t have known” thing people always do based off nothing. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that lexaprofessional is ‘slow’ or ‘intellectually disabled’ and considering she met him on twitter she 100% would have known how he thinks. He tweets about how much he hates minorities daily. She clearly knew and just didn’t care. You don’t have to infantilise her and portray her as some helpless damsel, she can be a shitty person and it wouldn’t make what happened to her any less heinous, wouldn’t make samememe any less evil, and wouldn’t make her any less a victim.

No. 1100947

I don't see why you'd get banned for this post. You're completely right.

No. 1100950

who is his gf?

No. 1100958

File: 1607249056986.jpeg (7.01 KB, 300x168, images (8).jpeg)

>The girl who managed to let an autistic fug like rapememe close enough to actually nag her into pity fucking him is a redscare fan

Imagine being like this because some armenian autogynephile told you that having sexual boundaries and only wanting to fuck non-fug men is cringe

No. 1100960

File: 1607249495274.jpg (208.02 KB, 1080x1523, farm1.jpg)

Tinfoil time: remember our discussions on here in a previous thread about the uncanny twitter account of AliceFromQueens that used a portrait picture of a 20something activist girl that wasn't them, was rumoured to be some lefty blue check's wife OR a media bro LARPing as a girl due to their inauthentic style of writing, and was weirdly connected to all leftthots discussed ITT despite having a boring-ass and inauthentic seeming account?
Just stumbled her again in an interesting context, picrel 1/3

No. 1100961

File: 1607249528497.jpg (294.92 KB, 1080x1309, farm2.jpg)


No. 1100962

File: 1607249632612.jpg (288.58 KB, 1080x1478, farm3.jpg)

No. 1100976


I'm sorry but am I honestly the only one who's underwhelmed/ taken off by this a bit? The only description of the actual rape is "next thing I know it's happening again". She didn't describe a single coersive move? I don't want to say it's easy to write about rape but what she does here is mostly just describing samememe as a despicable person (which I don't doubt he is).

It does actually remind me of the mindblowingly stupid aziz ansari story and I can't but find it additionally weird that lexa supposedly is friends with the autor of that story like >>1100927 claims (or was that about someone else?)

No. 1100988

She doesn't seem intellectually disabled at all, just emotionally vulnerable as fuck.

No. 1101016

Claiming to be Jewish is interesting, I assume he was lying to disarm her because he’s been pretty constantly antisemitic since badgame.

No. 1101024

Rapist Evan samememe defiantly has gotten increasingly worse and more unhinged on his twitter, right? He was hiding his racism until more recently. I can buy that someone could think it was just an irony account since samerape has clearly been trying to worm into left twitter circles.
Anna's allegiance to this guy (who she obviously thought or thinks is gay) up to this point is so creepy. Too fat and in love with rapists for heaven Jack and Evan rapist samememe all obsessively check this thread so don't be surprised if they try to weasel a bunch of excuses here.

No. 1101032

Come on, she's not retarded, just socially stunted and very clearly someone sheltered and terminally online from a young age. Who would believe the "it's just an online persona" line except a twitter obsessed red scare fan excited to finally meet her twitter idols and finally make real life friends?

No. 1101046


>>1100927 is about some other twitter moron and his (alleged but maybe not him?) gf

No. 1101050

>Who would believe the "it's just an online persona" line
someone who doesn’t care whether or not it’s an online persona or doesn’t really have a problem with the kinds of things he thinks

What do you base her being ‘socially stunted’ and ‘sheltered’ on? She was a 26 year old grown woman who had gone through college with a full time job living independently in Brooklyn with a wide circle of irl friends. Samememe’s takes on twitter are not really that different currently than they were in late 2019.

No. 1101080

>he's jewish
of course

No. 1101081

File: 1607268762617.png (105.87 KB, 1204x432, Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 9.32…)

Dasha liked this tweet of lexaprofessional's so if she takes a side it's gonna be hers

No. 1101082

I don't know anon, not to blog but when I first realized the coercive sex I had was rape I was still too scared and confused to know which details were relevant. It sounds stupid but when you experience something like that there's still a lot of self-blame. But she clearly stated that rapememe tried to convince her to have sex for an hour straight, no one who needs an hour of convincing is having consensual sex IMO

No. 1101106

they smashed??

No. 1101112

yea she's clearly a massive faggot. i know this board is femcel radfem central but what a dumb bitch.
>omg i was "raped" but i went back because im stupid!!!

No. 1101117

I don't think she fully realized it was rape until later, maybe I'm giving her too much benefit of the doubt but I know women who have been coerced into sex, thought to themselves "is this rape? am I being raped? I hate this, I don't want this, but it's happening" during the act, and it wasn't until months later they felt traumatized and realized the full weight of what happened.
I'd assume that Samememe is manipulative enough to have instilled a ton of self-doubt in Lexa from the get-go

No. 1101127

right but how is the other person supposed to know? i'm not just talking about samememe, but a lot of women are very passive but that doesn't mean they don't want sex. plus women who hurl these accusations always say the same thing "but i went back to my "rapist". usually that makes sense if that's your boyfriend or there's something binding you together, not someone you've been dming because he's popular in certain twitter communities and went to hookup with. he's not what she wanted him to be, was turned off by him but because she wants the red scare extended universe clout (you cannot deny this) she wants to be around him no matter what.

No. 1101128

Call me an asshole, but it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her. She doesn’t mind raging misogynists until they harm her, lol.

No. 1101131

more like i regret this because i realize what a fucking loser i am to be fucking someone just because anna and dasha follow him

No. 1101134

Exactly this. Funny how these women who harp on about how beautiful and clever and angelic they are can rarely fuck, let alone date, an actually decent looking man.

No. 1101135

I disagree with a lot of the attempts to whitewash her and her willingness to pursue a relationship with a open white supremacist itt and I don't even get why people are doing it because it's not like rape becomes a more or less bad thing depending on the moral character of the victim but I do think what she described with their second meeting sounds coercive. She says she sat him down and told him 'I really don't want to hook up with you again.' and 'I'm not comfortable doing it and I don't want to'. That's not being passive, that's being pretty explicit. I think if someone says that to you, and you then argue with them for an hour to let you do it anyway, that is not very indicative of consensual sex.

No. 1101136

>a twitter obsessed red scare fan excited to finally meet her twitter idols
>she wants the red scare extended universe clout
she even admits in the above confession that all this happened beause she was lonely and getting into red scare. she wanted to ingratiate herself into their cult and it led to her being raped. that's pathetic but let's not forget this happened because Anna and Dasha started a cult that attracts emotionally stunted young women seeking direction in life.
>i regret this because i realize what a fucking loser i am to be fucking someone just because anna and dasha follow him
i don't think she realizes this yet but since she's actively reading the thread maybe she does now

No. 1101141

because she said so but i'm supposed to believe this even though she didn't disclose how she was coerced which is very relevant to claiming you were raped? what was the coercion? that she couldn't leave or i'll kill you? that's coercion. saying you said "for an hour" that "i don't want to have sex" and next thing that you were having sex doesn't automatically mean coercion-rape happened. what was the coercion tactic if she was coerced into having sex? you'll notice in a lot of "rape accusations" they follow the same template which is i said no but it happened anyway now give me attention. having sex you don't want is not automatically rape. it's embarrassing and a blow to your ego because you have to question why the fuck was i moaning into this loser's ear.

No. 1101142

File: 1607273957888.png (537.39 KB, 632x594, laughs.png)

I'm simple. I don't care if she wasn't raped. I simply want to see Samememe fall.

No. 1101146

>what was the coercion tactic if she was coerced into having sex?
Being begged for an hour straight. If you have to wear someone down into having sex with you it's not consensual. You've clearly never dealt with asshole manipulators on par with Samememe in person.
You write like a scrote or someone who thinks it's actually a compliment to be cat-called. Either way, go back to r/redscarepod.

No. 1101148

absolute cope. that's not rape. adult women shouldn't be coddled. she had sex with him and kept seeing him because she wants to be like dasha, end of.

No. 1101153

I don't think you realize how genuinely traumatizing it is to be pressured into sex. Maybe no one wants you that much. Sad. Go back to reddit.

No. 1101154

she says "if we hang out again I don't want to have sex, be forcibly made out with, or backed into any corners." but that the next time they met "it happened again". It's phrased in a way that's kind of hard to follow but I think cornering someone and forcibly making out with them after they tell you explicitly they don't want to have sex and you arguing with them for an hour over it is very obviously not consensual.

No. 1101155

That’s not rape. lol.

No. 1101158

so? it's still not rape

No. 1101163

>There is absolutely nothing to suggest that lexaprofessional is ‘slow’ or ‘intellectually disabled’
i think there is. i think a lot of these women have autism and that's why they're drawn to Red Scare. it's a set of heterodox rules for dating and living that sound wise to people who have no socialization.

No. 1101165

lexaprofessional used to be a nick mullen reply girl as well

No. 1101166

ok but being autistic doesn't really excuse pursing an open neonazi, samememe is probably autistic too it doesn't make him any less of a piece of shit

No. 1101168

I miss when these threads were about making fun of LEFT THOTS and not screencapping NRx guys' tweets to show how unwoke they are

No. 1101169

He wasn't posting neonazi shit a year ago? and no one but people on those forums knew his past posting life until they tweeted about it a few months ago

No. 1101170

lexa, custardloaf, juicepet, and all the other spergs that get mentioned in these threads aren't neonazis. they fall for the it's just a joke thing that literal neonazis like samememe and nick do

No. 1101173

yes he was? to the point she asked him why he would follow her considering she was jewish

i didn't say she was, I said she pursued one

No. 1101174

i hope you're not talking about nick mullen aka the fag that just repeats every take sean mccarthy makes

No. 1101175

File: 1607275297718.png (343.95 KB, 2538x628, Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 12.2…)

imagine being know as a loser racist in niche gaming forums since at least 2016 and thinking you're better than anyone

No. 1101176

ok well he's gotten more obvious since he started getting brought up in these threads so I don't know what he was posting last year, it seems clear that him, Perfume Nazi Jack, and that crowd were trying to hide their actual beliefs to infiltrate left spaces and build their clout through glomming onto Red Scare and other lefthots which is why they act like people are crazy meanies if they bring up their old tweets before the rebrand

No. 1101177

We still make fun of the main ones like Anna, Dasha, Aimee, Ashley, Caroline, Annie, custardloaf, etc. With rapememe gone now he won't be posted as much anymore unless he comes back because he's addicted to internet attention.

No. 1101178

Being pressured into sex is rape. Physical force is not necessary for rape. And Samememe knows what he did is fucked up and there's probably plenty more dirt on him which is why he deleted instead of defending himself at all.
Anyway, I'm glad he's gone no matter what.

No. 1101180

yea you make fun of them in between walls of tpn posts
what is the "pressure"?? where is the pressure coming from? that's what's important. people who come up with weak rape accusations usually use the fail safe line for retarded women "the power dynamic" because that is at least something you can claim the pressure came from. just because something bad happened to you and someone is at fault and it really affected you doesn't mean it's abusive or rape. it sucks but men are going to dump you in embarrassing ways throughout life but it doesn't deserve a twitter thread calling out this person for being abusive which is what this line of thinking leads to.

No. 1101181

who is worse. the pussyhat resistance libs like caroline and aimee who became rightwingers or the rightwingers who thought they could rebrand into aesthetes to attract anti-woke left tards

No. 1101184

>Anna and Dasha started a cult that attracts emotionally stunted young women seeking direction in life.
Idk anon I think a lot of internet communities get cultish but I don't think it is the case with redscare, they just hit a target demographic of losers by finding a way to make being a loser cool like cumtown did. It doesn't seem anything like, idk, the tranny or e-girl grooming discords. Losers gravitate towards them because they wanna be cool, and they make their choices of their own accord, it's not like she posted on the redscare sub and people bullied and pressured her into hooking up with rapememe.

He was an asshole and should have known better (he probably did and didn't care), but at some point you have to let women have fucking personal responsibility and own up to their actions (or lack thereof). I understand it's difficult to process and might take a while to understand what happened, but if you want to be taken seriously as an individual that's the kind of shit you need to be able to protect yourself against.

No. 1101187

Maybe but samememe has never been remotely subtle about it and was openly racist in late 2019, and she admits in her post 'he was always a fucked up dude' and she obviously knew his beliefs considering she was shocked he followed her since she was jewish.

I just find it generally disappointing how so may white women "leftist" "allies" will consistently turn a blind eye to, pander to, and actively pursue clearly racist men as long as they can benefit socially from it and people will then go to the absolute ends of the earth to defend them and absolve them from all agency in the decision by painting them as vulnerable, fragile, naïve, slow, etc. literally every single time.

No. 1101188

He literally pressured her for an hour. I don't know what more you want. Did he have to threaten her with a knife or something?
Anyway, Samememe is a psycho and definitely deserves this, true or not. I 100% believe he's abusive though. You're forgetting he's the spastic who made dozens of tweets a day calling women holes and saying all rape accusations are false (hmmm..).

No. 1101190

why are you ignoring where she said he cornered her and forcibly made out with her

No. 1101193

still not rape
what else is she going to say? um this guy raped me because i had sex i didn't want to have? no she needs to embellish the story.
>he begged for AN HOUR
then leave… she wasn't forced to stay

No. 1101195

> but if you want to be taken seriously as an individual that's the kind of shit you need to be able to protect yourself against.
i agree with you, its just disturbing and culty to me still. as an anon mentioned here >>1100861 Ashley famously called out Steve Roggenbuck for raping her and persuing other underage women and then walked back her accusation as being just another part of cancel culture when Anna posted about the original article where Roggenbuck was cancelled.

No. 1101212

>hide their actual beliefs to infiltrate left spaces and build their clout
They never needed to do this, the "post-left" crowd welcomes them with open arms for edgy points

No. 1101227

i don't think you guys realize how scary it is to be manipulated like this… :/(:/)

No. 1101230

yea, poor samememe. he thought he was just getting laid because someone wanted to fuck him but it turns out she was just fucking him because he knows anna and dasha and wasn't attracted to him at all :/

No. 1101236

File: 1607279603872.png (58.85 KB, 1198x768, deactivatd.png)

she deactivated her twitter

No. 1101238

thought so but was allegedly a cumboy rumor. nick is more respectable than that or just full volcel now

No. 1101239

yeah it's terrifying having some extremely online scrub begging you on his hands and knees for a full 60 minutes to let him put his pickled onion penis inside you

No. 1101240

she tweeted she was taking a break earlier

No. 1101243

nah he's been dming girls his dick and talking about how he wants to go on tour to fuck groupies unironically

No. 1101244

nick is not remotely comparable to samememe you retard go back to r/chapotraphouse if you can't tell the difference between a dude who makes jokes and an alleged rapist who believes in segregation

No. 1101245

I get where you're coming from but TPN never would have blown up so much itt if Jack hadn't started interacting with it so much. If you want more content of the ladies you can always post it and start a discussion.

No. 1101246

Yeah I heard him talking about sexting insta whores on Cum Town but the Caroline rumor was that they were hooking up, something of a distinction. All of his serious relationships have amounted to nothing so maybe he's full MGTOW now

No. 1101248

She said it happened at her place.

No. 1101250

are they not talking about nick fuentes? i highly doubt they mean nick mullen

No. 1101252

unironically yeah that does sound terrifying

No. 1101254

even more retarded. she kept inviting a guy over even tho he "raped her"

No. 1101262

Stfu scrote handmaiden rapist sympathizer and go back to the Red Scare subs where it's cool to defend Woody Allen and Polanski. You're not welcome here.

This, lmao, no one attacking Lexaprofessional has experienced anything remotely similar to this.

It does sound terrifying, you're right!

No. 1101264

File: 1607280983023.jpeg (139.54 KB, 686x546, 7673BC8A-5EFD-4248-8254-0C718A…)

Everything we lost now that Smallpeen is gone

No. 1101266

>reddit spacing
lol faggot

No. 1101267

wait so was the retard that posted his dick in one of the old threads actually samememe?

No. 1101269

No. 1101271

A lot of annoying red scare fans lurk here and occasionally try to defend them. I'm sick of the Nick Mullen simps too.

No. 1101278

incredibly based

No. 1101279

File: 1607281748755.jpeg (7.18 KB, 275x221, 1603645175382.jpeg)

So, let me get this straight.

A girl who knowingly idolized and supported a bunch of rape and DV apologists on redscare now wants the very same demographic as her to stop being friends with samerape because he raped her?

No. 1101283

because he smelled bad*

No. 1101287

nick mullen hates rapists more than you

No. 1101299

looks like that hex placed on samememe worked

No. 1101313

He's not gonna fuck you.

No. 1101316

that's not reddit spacing

this is reddit spacing

No. 1101321

so when will he be doxxed and how long then before somebody will threaten to find out if his fiance really exist and if she does, gut her before his eyes?

No. 1101322

No. 1101323

yes, that's why cumcels and other chapos love bill cosby and harvey weinstein. fuck off to reddit

No. 1101328

there's no way he's actually engaged, i wish lexaprofessional had commented on that

No. 1101329

this thread is redditors calling other people redditors
yea because she wasn't raped
jokingly taking a picture in front of cosby's walk of fame star is not loving weinstein or cosby, brainlet.

No. 1101336

it is true that red scare and many of their their imitators are more pro-rapist and misogynistic than the cumtown guys, but that's just because the former are really amoral and fucked up

No. 1101341

>cumtown and its fans are only sexist and racist ironically
please go back to wherever you came from

No. 1101342

>i-it's IRONIC, just like samerape's online persona! Very funny comedy!

the lobotomite groupie's answer to everything

No. 1101347

>no sage
You're literally a Redditor.

No. 1101348

No. 1101349

It doesn't excuse rape, but if you're concerned enough that someone will force themselves on you to make a point to explicitly tell them, for a whole hour, that you don't want to fuck them, maybe don't fucking invite him over to your place? Nobody needs to defend rapememe to think she's a retard for inviting him over to her place, "netflix and chill" has been code for fucking since forever, everybody knows this.

No. 1101354

I find it funny how quick men in the tradsphere like Samememeare to hate on tradthots but really all the men are the same, except the incels. The non-incel 'trad' men are always just as obsessed with sex as the women.

No. 1101361

Fuck off with the doxx talk

No. 1101377

Nick is not a literal neonazi LOL

No. 1101382

also after she already fucked this guy she only met with to fuck because she wants red scare twitter clout. it's not like she met him with naive intentions. she wanted to fuck him but found him unattractive but kept inviting him over but not to have sex… i see. poor innocent angel was RAPED!

No. 1101385

absurd amount of Reddit incels cosplaying as women in this thread, please leave and stop projecting

No. 1101387

File: 1607284960253.jpg (38.48 KB, 680x680, 1572062654238.jpg)

>all women must agree with the pink pill hivemind or they're men(infighting)

No. 1101393


Replying with a photo is the least female behavior on any kind of -Chan

No. 1101395

absolute newfag

No. 1101396

looks like all the smellymeme simps found this thread

No. 1101402

why do people not get she's obviously talking about fuentes! he and custardloaf had drama and used to interact all the time

No. 1101421

Don't forget all the nick mullen simps who are trying to convince us that a 5'3 inbred looking goblin man who does not know how to trim and groom his facial hair is attractive

No. 1101423

they are obviously not talking about current day nick when they say that

No. 1101428

past nick mullen still had a shitty pedo stache and looked like he bathed only once a month.

No. 1101431

i wouldn’t put it past samememe to lie about being jewish

No. 1101432

i don't listen to cumtown or personally think nick is particularly attractive or likeable a person but he objectively has relatively conventionally attractive facial features. i don't think it's that absurd people would find him attractive especially considering how genuinely ugly the majority of the people in this circle are.

No. 1101439

you redscare thots need to get some self worth if you have to consider a real life lord Farquhar attractive because at least he is not as ugly as the rest of them

No. 1101451

File: 1607287392298.jpg (41.63 KB, 466x551, IMG_20190928_183933.jpg)

Sorry I can't be the Kpop flower Boy you deserve, anon

No. 1101455

why are his eyes so close together and his beard so patchy? also we make fun of k-pop on here all the time.

No. 1101486

Omg not a flaw!! Ahhhhhhhhh

No. 1101499

Why do you care if anyone finds Nick hot? You sound like an incel scrote who is convinced women only like 6ft3 athletes. Nick is attractive despite being short, who cares

No. 1101514

sorry that the guy with herpes and looks like he bathes once a month is ugly, also learn to sage

No. 1101519


He’s so rodent-like without the pedo stache directing attention away from his big ears and beady little black eyes, especially when you consider what a manlet he is.

No. 1101535

File: 1607290670675.png (197.87 KB, 468x740, seething.PNG)

Tara really isn't handling people not liking smallpeen very well

No. 1101576

File: 1607291344743.png (23.3 KB, 593x223, samaranlexa.PNG)

Samefag but wanted to add that interestingly enough her friend/cohost seems to be siding with lexaprofessional

No. 1101585

Sounds to me like Samememe went to New York just to see her and rather than be a bitch who fucked him and ignored him cause he was ugly, she tried to at least be friends and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Lot of mentally ill retards in this thread must be teenagers. Not hard at all to identify the ways in which he forced himself on her in her space.

No. 1101599

they're pretty clearly from r/redscarepod and r/redscare4girlsandgays, it's easy to spot the way they write and they're always pathologically dismissive of women who get treated like shit, raped, abused, etc. by men.

No. 1101600

spotted the incel

No. 1101606

Thanks for clarification

Thanks for elaborating anon, I am the anon you replied to and haven't been engaging in the discussion anymore until now, so I'm not whoever scrotishly further engaged in scepticism. What you said about the 1h convincing part makes sense to me, I didn't have the right attention to that detail before.

No. 1101613

I feel like a lot of people who don’t live in urban areas understand the pressure of fitting into whatever scene you want to fit into. It’s hard to be lonely and it sounds like some younger woman found herself in a shitty situation trying to connect with people she looked up to. She could have handled it differently but it in no way means she deserved to be violated. And I don’t understand the she seems slow remarks, didn’t she go to like a big Michigan school?
Regardless, samememe is a fag and I hope he chokes

No. 1101622

thinking the cum town guys are ugly racist and sexist makes you an incel now?

No. 1101628

youre delusional. the redscareforgirlsandgays crowd are the biggest lib carefags. this is an image board dedicated to harassing and obsessively hating random obviously mentally ill camgirls, costhots, and anorexics and you want to have a bleeding heart about not dismissing women? give me a fucking break.

No. 1101636

I think people are commenting more on fact that those are "the people she looked up to" in the first place. I feel like criticising her eagerness to be connected to an open neonazi is fair, and you cant really excuse it by saying "oh she was just lonely and was pressured because she wanted to fit into that scene" because plenty of lonely people manage to not seek out relationships with racists on twitter and if that's a part of what would help you with 'fitting into that scene' why is that a scene you want to fit into? Acknowledging that she doesn't seem like a great person doesn't make what samememe did any less wrong.

No. 1101640

>dedicated to harassing
If you define gossip as harassment maybe, but cowtipping is against the rules of the site. I find parts of the story a little unclear too, but this is just a misrepresentation of what this board is for.

No. 1101645

thank you! this is a thread titled Left Thots as in making fun of retarded leftist broads which lexaprofessional is! make a separate samememe thread if you care so much. these threads have been infiltrated by pink pill women for a long time trying to convince everyone that cth is misogynistic to try and get us all to convert to female segregationist michigan womyn's festival shit. the moralfags ruining ot and g is bad but to do it on snow too??

No. 1101653

Hope he sees this and finally introduces you to nick mullen

No. 1101655

ninja is a potato faced brunet pewdiepie, please go back to whatever YouTube orbit you're from

No. 1101656

No. 1101662

This thread is for making fun of leftist pickme women. If you don't like discussing the "pickme" aspect then find another place to talk about these people.

No. 1101669

lexaprofessional is lying about being raped by samememe. she wanted "pickme" attention but couldn't go through with it. how about this?

No. 1101674

why do you think she's lying about it? Like I just don't get what someone would have to gain by lying about being raped by samememe

No. 1101676

think whatever you want about them looks wise they're not at all bigots and more honest than chapo fags because they don't make themselves out to be socialist heros because they're bernie bros

No. 1101681

Seeing how samememe has been ranting about how he hates all women for literally 10 years i find very possible to believe that raped someone.

No. 1101688

because it's better for her to believe she was a victim of something rather than someone who willingly fucked someone she's not attracted to because her idols interact with him on twitter. she wants to be a pickme but can't commit to the bit. or maybe she wanted the full pickme experience by being his girlfriend but he didn't want that. why else would she continue inviting him over?

No. 1101690

What will she gain? Samememe isn't even a celebrity or influential by Brooklyn podcaster standards

No. 1101692

They didn't even follow him back then, he was a small account

No. 1101698

oh my bad but she still knew him from the extended universe because she knew him from tpn. it's not like she found out about him through right wing twitter, she found out through the red scare subreddit i guess because she used to be a nick mullen reply girl and dasha skin walker. tfw no edgy podcaster bf. and that's the embodiment of a pickme isn't it? scraping the bottom of the barrel?

No. 1101699

lol I find it hard to believe you're not just defending samememe because you are him or one of his little internet friends if you think anyone would want to be his girlfriend

No. 1101702

Learn to integrate or go back to reddit, retards

No. 1101704

>they're not at all bigots
sure, next you are going to tell me about how all there racist and sexist jokes are just "ironic" and they are not actually like that. Also all there fans just happen to be known for being racist incels and sexist and you can't figure out why?

No. 1101707

no it's because she's a left thot which is the subject of this thread. you're coming from the angle that fake rape accusations basically never happen. if you didn't you would clearly read the allegations and understand what she's getting at. it's very Cat Person 2.0 mixed with a lil aziz ansari.
shut up, lesbian tumblr refugee
yes.jpg(ban evasion)

No. 1101710

>using lesbian as an insult
I detect scrote, also don't accuse people from being from other sites when you clearly are since you cant sage your sperging. also ironically acting like an edgy racist asshole is still just acting like an edgy racist asshole

No. 1101713

>she wanted the full pickme experience by being his girlfriend but he didn't want that
Are you OK anon? Did you hit your head?

No. 1101716

if she wasn't raped by him then why would she ever admit to having met him? some of you don't seem to realize how many people from left twitter fuck each other

No. 1101717

I think they're saying the only kind of woman who would voluntarily date or hook up with samememe is a pickme. you know considering he's been open about hating women for years.

No. 1101754

File: 1607298718617.png (36.15 KB, 233x280, confusedlesbian.png)

>false rape accusations
>lesbian as insult
Do you have any idea where you are? Go back to twitter, newfaggot

No. 1101769

Ironybros turning into political left is just funny as fuck, it's like they decided that they no longer need to just be ironic about being grooming molesters and instead found a group that would actually allow them to be.

No. 1101802


No. 1101817

you're choosing to a read a bunch of comedians making jokes like any group of guys shooting shit as mega bigots. you sound like a chapo fag.

No. 1101845

I doubt anyone here except lena dunham looking r/rs refugees who want to fuck nick mullen thinks that she deserved it or "lol dumb bitch asked for it lol how tf is rape real hahaha", and we absolutely want samerape to die of cancer AIDS at the very least. We are however noticing the fact that she's a redscare hanger on, which thus makes her complicit in the exact same attitudes she's facing from samememe wks. Scarethots and other cumcels absolutely love ripping into rape victims they don't think were raped violently, and if it's something as blatant as Bill Cosby's crimes, it becomes a target for chickenshit "post-ironic" trivialization, or REEEing about rich female careerist opportunism in case of Weinstein and ScarJo.

No. 1101853

>being a nuthugger wk on lolcow

This thread was made by a pinkpill, cunt. You clearly don't know where you are, integrate or go farm le upgoats on reddit by whining about meanie radfemcels from a female lithuanian basketweaving forum.

No. 1101859

File: 1607302935224.png (40.4 KB, 741x501, kbot.png)

Didn't Kantbot call rapememe one of his best follows like just a couple months ago.

No. 1101862

Why do you cumcels think your better than chapocels and think that everyone who criticizes you is a chapocel? There is a big overlap between chapocels and cumcels and cumtown and chapo trap house collaborate together because you are both the exact same brand of annoying incels.

No. 1101864

He used to include Patrick Casey in all his Follow Friday posts

No. 1101865

we can tell you're from reddit by your fecal connoisseur insistence that chapo is different from cumtown when they're both retarded unfunny leftcels to anyone who isn't a newfag here. abs or gtfo

No. 1101871

Except that's what you're saying retard. You're saying because she chose to engage with irony bros she signed up to be raped. Don't pretend like you give a fuck about rape victims when you are engaging in the victim blaming you trash the red scare types for

No. 1101878

I said nothing about the irony bros, smoothbrain. I did say that she was a redscare fan, and mockery of sexual assault is the only kind of "pop culture commentary " they're selling.

No. 1101883

How is samememe an “irony bro”, he was an open, unambiguous white supremacist and she knew it and said he was a “fucked up guy” and she was shocked he followed her as she’s Jewish. She simply did not care and was happy to associate with that kind of person for personal social gain. It’s not victim blaming or saying she “deserved” rape to comment on that. Are 26 year old white women who pursue relationships with white nationalist supposed to suddenly be viewed as perfect innocent angels if they get raped? The two things aren’t related, there are valid reasons to criticise lexa and people saying anything bad about her isn’t rape apologia.

No. 1101884

So listening to a podcast that mocks sexual assault sometimes makes one deserving of being raped?

No. 1101888

Pretty sure "she must've done something to deserve it" is Anna's line.

No. 1101912

I thought this was common knowledge but Nick and Caroline fucked when they were canvassing for Bernie in South Carolina back in February. I don't know anything else about their relationship but that at least happened. They were hanging out together there.

No. 1101913

Nick canvassed for Bernie??? I'm calling bullshit, I thought Adam was the only diehard Berner on the crew.

No. 1101929

they were all bernie guys lol. nick's political beliefs are firmly left. he's just not a political guy and doesn't give a shit

No. 1101961

File: 1607310909761.png (57.33 KB, 1016x196, lexa.png)

i think the anons calling her mentally disabled and slow really hurt her feelings

No. 1101967

Stavros donated to Elizabeth Warren's campaign, so you're right on that instinct

No. 1101974

why do all these leftcows keep browsing this thread? why can't they ignore us makeing fun of them.

No. 1101979

I don't think you're retarded Lexa I just think you're a pickme. Log off and stop idolizing twtfags and podcasters and knowingly befriending out and open neonazis. What happened to you was horrible and Samememe's a psycho who needs to get raped himself but let's not deny you wanted to be "cool" like Anna and Dasha and Nick and be part of their circle.

>inb4 hi scrote

This board IS women insulting pickme women.

No. 1101985

I think she's clearly learned from her mistakes, she doesn't give off the pickme uwu deranged red scare stan vibes anymore.

No. 1102000

I honestly feel bad for her even though she used to be part of the redscare cancer, but good for her that she finally kicked this shit crowd to the curb. Hope she is doing better and samememe necks himself in the meantime.

No. 1102005

Oh, and also - it was brave of you to speak out, Lexa, especially given how the lefthot/cumcel orbit reacts to women who dare to out "insightful" or "funny" male shitcreeps. I do not doubt for a second that Anna and her army of reddit unfuckables will try to "ew cringe" you, but don't back down. I guarantee that there are other girls like you in these circles, and all they need is someone to stand by them. Most of us support you even if we're a bit edgy about it.

Sage for samefag, inb4 metoo pussyhat yes kwueen girlboss etc

No. 1102007

She still likes and replies to Dasha and the more aesthetic crowd what do you mean she's "kicked them to the curb"

No. 1102009

Well, fuck. Doesn't Dasha rt samememe's mommy issues diatribes on the regular? Lexa, what is you doing?

No. 1102011

Dasha called him out for racism the other day, you're thinking of Anna maybe?

No. 1102020

cumcels think they're better than chapocels because they believe they're better at hiding their ideology driven leftist butthurt behind layers of "funny" post-irony, which in their perpetually insecure loser minds makes them more "unassailable" and harder to publicly dislike.
lmfao case in point, damage control from two faggots obsessed with being likeable while posing as principled or "le funy xd"

No. 1102022

nick was in south carolina??

No. 1102024

briefly yeah. saw him and caroline together while listening to cornel west speak

No. 1102035

is he a wimpy looking manlet irl?

No. 1102040

he's short but i'm not one to care about height

No. 1102046

All these girls are deathly afraid of being called cringe like that's the worst thing that could ever happen to them. Call them sluts or holes or empty egg cartons just don't call them cringe. Pathetic.

No. 1102056

File: 1607324125432.jpeg (136.17 KB, 750x889, E0DB6C6B-9B93-4ADD-A511-5C439B…)

This Kjbert person is such a retard
>admits to hatereading lc
>proceeds to post new thread calling lc posters “bitter cunts on another level of hate-obsession”

No. 1102059

what were the deleted images in the OP?

No. 1102061

lmfao in that thread they accuse us of being "worse than 4chan" and CIA agents. deranged!

No. 1102062

lol "worse than 4chan" how many lolcow users have become radicalized and killed people? these people seriously can't take being made fun of.

No. 1102063

File: 1607325074540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 132.27 KB, 750x676, 81CA611B-EF15-4663-9313-945DBB…)

This I think. Funny because it’s true

No. 1102071

So do you guys think Anna’s had a thread lift done?

No. 1102079

man these threads are awful now fuck twitter and fuck reddit refugees

No. 1102088

thread 6 is where they fell off now. once the initial gossip is out of the way there’s not much to keep up with milk wise until something big happens. you just get the obsessive freaks and hanger-ons posting.

No. 1102105

>worse than 4chan
>4chan bad
God, their fanbase really is a bunch of normie newfags trying to cash in the channer coolness in its plastic ironybro iteration while trying to stay away from anything with real edge. No wonder Anna ends up looking up to someone rotten like samememe, she and her crew have no real grasp of internet culture.

Anna is a failed commie art hoe, Dasha is a failed slutty actress, samememe is a failed humanities parasite, and their fans are all failed normies, collectively trying to cope and salvage their status by adopting counter-culture but unable to even grasp what made the bottom of the barrel /r9k/ incel 'cool'.

No. 1102118

being a channer isn’t cool it’s just where all other internet culture flows from. cringe.

No. 1102129

I hope you’re underage because if not you sound extremely stunted and detached from reality. This reads like something that @acczibit retard would say.

No. 1102175

File: 1607345458080.png (28.34 KB, 709x339, samescum.PNG)

Went to check out what their sub was saying and honestly most of them seem to hate samememe. There's some debate about what to call the situation, but the users there do seem sympathetic to her.

No. 1102187

>they all want to fuck Nick Mullen
This must be illiteracy or projection because for every anon calling Nick hot there are 2 calling him a fugly manlet

No. 1102193

Kjbert is the biggest anna blind defender on the sub its honestly kind of pathetic at this point I hope she finds a hobby

No. 1102198

Are you retarded? You don't need to think it's cool, yourself, to observe that a lot of people do think it is.

No. 1102199

How did those two posters in a row both have such a stupid misreading? Reddit check

No. 1102225

damn can't imagine how bernie lost south carolina!?! he had b-list internet celebrity brooklyn cokehead podcasters canvassing for him!!!

No. 1102226

Nta, I look down on everyone who thinks 4chan is cool, and anon could have expressed her pov without letting us know that she personally thinks it's cool.

No. 1102258

this 100%
I can't imagine how many women have been mistreated, abused, or downright raped by men in these stupid circles but can't talk about it because they fee pressures to stay aligned with the "cool aloof girl that thinks all rape accusations are from hysteric women" shtick. Fuck Anna and Dasha for ever helping facilitate this kind of attitude at all. Fawning over Roman Polanski and thinking Harvey Weinstein is innocent should've been enough to get Red Scare fans to be bored and tired of them

No. 1102266

Found the groupie who goes ballistic every time someone doesn't think nick is hot

No. 1102275

Do thread lifts even work tho? I've heard bad things about NOVA barbed threads, don't know about Mint or Silhouette though.

No. 1102299

There are more people who go ballistic when someone says he’s hot than the other way around

No. 1102306

the idea of someone as retarded as nick mullen being in the same room as cornel west makes me feel like my brain is splitting in half

No. 1102307

I really just think she’s gotten better at taking flattering pictures. Even in the numero photoshoot that everyone’s fawning over, the lighting blows out her harsh features, or her face is just blurred completely lol. She looked as dumpy as ever in the zizek talk

No. 1102323

File: 1607361984735.jpeg (458.4 KB, 750x658, F6723EDB-1365-4027-9306-465734…)

Right. Half of the photos in the shoot had her face blurred. This one pic is a lot closer to what Anna normally looks

No. 1102326

While I feel sorry for any women who have experienced that, which I'm sure there are many, they're also adults who choose to hang around those circles. They're not forced to be a part of them and do the cool girl thing. Can't hang around sexist circles that routinely downplay sexual assault and then expect the same thing to not happen to you when you're assaulted, as >>1101279 said.

No. 1102341

How does any of this make someone deserving of being sexually assaulted? It's like saying someone should have expected to be beaten because they married a cop or whatever. You are employing the same logic you deride in Anna and her sycophants

No. 1102377

nta but i don't think they're saying she deserved to be sexually assaulted, rather that the aftermath of people downplaying it and being rape apologists should have been expected because that's what they always do. it's about the reaction to her sexual assault, not the assault itself.

No. 1102380

File: 1607366762246.png (134.64 KB, 1059x643, Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 4.43…)


Deleted comments

No. 1102386

Sounds like he or an internet friend made that thread themselves to comment on it and get ahead of the story. That rapememe was calling her his "ex" is so psycho, and I doubt Red Scare would ever comment on this on the podcast. Anna doesn't actually like or care at all about Evan the Rapist she just liked that retweeting him upset people. There's no shortage of accounts making fun of women for her to follow.

No. 1102388

>basically forced samememe to delete his account
It's very funny that people will say begging someone for over an hour while physically pushing yourself onto them isn't "force" but a man deleting his twitter account because he's a coward is.

No. 1102394

seeing how all those comments were made by the same account how much do you bet its samememe? especially with the comment talking about how his whole personality is just "ironic" and he is not actually like how he acts on Twitter, even though everyone who has met him irl says he is.

No. 1102398

was supposed to reply to

No. 1102402

"Bitter ex" she said they were never exclusive and she'd tell him directly about guys she was going to hook up with or was interested in

No. 1102404

sounds more like jack with the "boohoo character assassination on an irl lovely, gentle guy". imagine thinking samememe has any character to take down to start with.

No. 1102411

Based on this account's post history I don't think it's samememe but just some internet friend or random orbiter. Imagine thinking that you truly know somebody just because you followed them online for a few years.

No. 1102444

it hurts every time someone leaves the ironic twitter racist polycule, anon

No. 1102446

>no sage
Like clockwork. Hope he DMs back.

No. 1102455

What I find interesting is how little Lexa wks who push the whole "you think she deserved it" narrative think about other women. What if after Lexa it's someone else, and Lexa is still rimming the people who think that not liking to be raped is a silly neoliberal hangup? How do they feel about female MRAs who have been raped themselves? Half of scarethots are coolgirls whose whole shtick is traumacore "im a raped and abused little angel uwu but its cool and fashionable and you should get over your rape too aktually lol i wish woody allen made me gargle his balls when i was 6".
Is it okay for them to mock other survivors just because they're survivors also? Real lobotomy hours.

No. 1102456

this scrote is literally in this thread using the exact same arguments lmao

might be Berto actually

No. 1102462

men get smiled at by a cute grocery store clerk once and then be like "yeah bro, this is my crazy ex wife who incinerated my dog and fucked my dad when i dumped her for a victorias secret model"

No. 1102465

It's almost definitely Berto

No. 1102475

do we have any milk on that guy? I only just noticed him after his podcast with perfume jack. What's the redpill on berto?

No. 1102484

Berto is just their retarded ugly little lackey, who cares

No. 1102504

Tried to fuck his way into a lib media career and failed, went right wing. Same as a lot of people in this thread.

No. 1102528

is Tara Mookney a leftcow? I think she's a libfem, but she has some good videos

No. 1102589


>fuck his way into
>fuck his way
Excuse me?

No. 1102592

File: 1607383294063.png (238.95 KB, 306x488, liz bruenig msnbc prayer.png)

is there a term for this? trad-thot thirst trap?

No. 1102609


No. 1102641

Its a thirst trap because she’s not wearing a burka?

No. 1102645

i guess the filter doesn't work on greasy bangs

No. 1102653

if it isn't a thirst trap, then why are there tons of horny replies and not one but two threads about it on the redscaeforcishetmen subreddit

she knows what's doing

No. 1102662

she not wearing anything revealing, her audience are just full of scrotes that get horny over a woman in a turtleneck.

No. 1102669

Do you have more details? If true this is hilarious.

No. 1102695

File: 1607394278943.png (111.89 KB, 591x1172, 45238512935.png)

rapememe did it for sure

No. 1102699

Yeah, plus she's praying. Thirst trap for trad men who want a trad Christian wifey

No. 1102705

I think she should just take a break from Twitter or leave entirely. These Twitter circles are bad for your mental health. She was supposed to take a break and deactivated but then came back in less than 24 hours. Stop the addiction and try to heal irl.

No. 1102707

this is so dumb lol. shes not showing skin. are women with large breasts not allowed to exist without being blamed for scrotes sexualizing them

No. 1102710

I don't think that anon meant thirst trap in the IG thot sense, more in the sheer amount of tradwife cliche packed into one photo taken by her husband. My fave is the half assed Mennonite hairstyle btw.

No. 1102712

What men (and women who look up to Anna and Dasha) fail to understand is that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of rapists do NOT think they raped. Even the convicted rapists who serve prison time still tend to not think they did anything wrong. They still think what happened was consensual, that she wanted it, that she's a liar, that she was playing "Hard to get."
There have been surveys asking men that, if they knew they could get away with it, would they rape a woman–most said no. When asked if they would have sex with a woman against her will without any consequences, the majority said yes.

Every single Samememe white knight in this thread is brainless. Lexaprofessional isn't a liar.

No. 1102714

Samefag, but my point is that I have no doubt that Samememe 100% believes he didn't rape Lexaprofessional. He most certainly thinks he's done nothing wrong. I don't give a fuck if you think Lexaprofessional should have "done more to fight back," Samememe is a scumbag and should have took her first no, her second no, her third no, at face-value and listened to her, instead of forcibly making out with her and begging.

No. 1102728

And if you're begging for pussy that makes you a complete loser who should be cancelled for that regardless whether she eventually caved or not

No. 1102741

File: 1607398849197.png (248.4 KB, 395x655, 8jrdiuy0tr361.png)

Look who was posted on reddit

No. 1102742

File: 1607399170843.jpg (4.18 MB, 3077x2324, the virgin dasha vs the chad l…)

from the main sub
>it totally wasn't a thirst trap guise

No. 1102743

There's also a video reacting to Anna's autism tweet that has 55,000 views.

No. 1102747

>i have an illness that makes me look a certain way
What is she talking about?

No. 1102748

Crohn's. Hence the "butthole eyes" like Pete Davidson who has the same disease.

No. 1102752

lol at the dumbass who made that meme. liz isn’t a life long catholic, she’s a convert

No. 1102778

I would've believed he raped you even if you didn't go into any details tbh, rapememe has a classic rapist serial killer mentality. Scrotes really think they can go around spouting incel shit and then expect not to be seen as potential rapists lmfao, what a FAGGOT gender.

No. 1102878

Never heard of that before, her eyes look normal? Just a little puffy and baggy, have people really picked on her because of that? Jesus christ

No. 1102982

I don't care how many rapes someone has done if they entertain me on twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1102986

wtf I love samememe now!

No. 1103015

he was pretty based tbh ngl

No. 1103075

Don't cut yourself on that edge, scrotes.

No. 1103374


hahahahahahahahahaha (this is the correct thread for this type of tweet right?)

No. 1103380

lmfao this is amazing

No. 1103424

scrote who posted the og tweet got his wish to be noticed (dasha quoted and then deleted her quote tweet)

No. 1103432

You have to screenshot tweets and post them, imageboard and all.
Scrotes are often quicker to delete than Anna.

No. 1103438

File: 1607485989123.png (450.16 KB, 1192x1150, dasha.png)

No. 1103453

File: 1607488076457.jpeg (221.46 KB, 877x1667, Eovez0AXYAEfsvb.jpeg)

the worse part of this is that he considers any of them funny or well read.

No. 1103490

File: 1607494231133.png (571.68 KB, 577x1400, loaf.png)

Drama with custardloaf again. One of the incels from the group she's trying to pander to went viral for being racist and he claimed custardloaf was his alt account and now clueless people are flooding her mentions about it. What will it take for her to realize that pandering to these men is a bad idea?

No. 1103517

did Jack just delete his account?

No. 1103520

Looks like he deleted all of his tweets and changed the name to @lotus__point

No. 1103536

she won’t learn until shes forced to #metoo frank hassle or something equally stupid and funny. Speaking of frogtwitter orbiters though….. what happened with boo and her ebf? She’s back as ketohitler? And what happened with samelpig and hubris? He was doing some SIM card scam and had to hide out at baked Alaskas house?

No. 1103542

File: 1607502751634.png (182.08 KB, 1236x409, flw61cegt2461.png)

No. 1103549

Extremely embarassing, stupid, and not funny, I hate that I watched this. Go back to twitter where you came from you.

No. 1103561

File: 1607506711580.jpg (149.39 KB, 631x1199, 3.jpg)

I hate that I understand this drivel

No. 1103564

It's already been posted, go share your "oh noo haha i hate that i understand this! caN'T believe i listen to a pod called 'cum town'!" on twitter

No. 1103583

>t. the ugly fat one

No. 1103660

No you don't. You're willing immersing yourself in it to the point that you're on a niche gossip forum. If you hate it so much just turn off your phone and go outside lmao

No. 1103661

One has to be a really special kind of stupid to call Amber racist

No. 1103710

File: 1607530454181.png (98.55 KB, 1380x642, Screenshot 2020-12-09 111220.p…)

Looks like aimee unfollowed her frequent podcast guest Tinkzorg, the black swedish anime nazi. Anyone have any clue as to the drama that precipitated this?

No. 1103828

any milk on this marc faggot?

No. 1103829

that description of her is obviously meant to be tongue in cheek and parodying chapo sub people who would lose their shit about any episode amber was on saying she was boring and talked too much and constantly on coke (lol)

No. 1103840

File: 1607541285822.jpeg (838.51 KB, 1364x1805, 1D15B9FB-E3DA-4EB6-A58F-87E941…)

Also that day she was sort of subtweeting, it was asked who it was about, a reply guy said Malcolm ( Tinkzorg)
In his Twitter he mentioned talk about him and Aimee but didn’t confirm or deny

No. 1103845

both seem to be going down the election fraud cope rabbit hole? though at least tinkzorg puts a lot of ironic dissonance?

No. 1103851

looks like this fight is all over this tweet. aimee and tinkzorg are both complete loons. https://twitter.com/Tinkzorg/status/1334404488149540865

No. 1103925

Wasn't Studebaker the one who sincerely believed people should have to take an IQ test to join the DSA.

No. 1103928

Roommate Leia posting "we got a season 2!!!" repeatedly about How To with John Wilson, as if she's the creator/writer/actor instead of a random crew member out of hundreds who worked on the show… is she one of the most pathetic clout chasing losers on this thread? at least its a change from her begging her friends for rent money

No. 1103945

she is pathetic normally, but she was one of the main camera crew members out of like 8-10 people

No. 1103958

File: 1607547737334.jpeg (523.03 KB, 750x1078, 6138A964-E214-4EC8-BEFA-4BADF8…)

No. 1103978

Peterson’s rise makes a lot of sense when you realize he pre-screened his followers to be people who couldn’t figure out on their own that doing things gives a sense of accomplishment

No. 1103992

People in this subreddit seem slow. Please post more of anything else that's funny from there.

No. 1104004

of course one of them would get into "AA 12 steps for dummies"

No. 1104027

Ah, huh, I misread that whole thing then, I wasn't aware of that chapo sub people context. Thanks for the explanation anon

No. 1104031

File: 1607554085985.png (200.95 KB, 723x723, 533.png)

pure narcissism

No. 1104046

File: 1607555177130.jpeg (101.4 KB, 567x582, D07D8195-1AA2-4C79-8856-E2C055…)

relationship advice from liz

No. 1104050

There’s reasons to hate Liz but this doesn’t seem like one. It’s very basic, like something you’d see in a magazine.

No. 1104083

9 fucking hours…I refuse to believe there are actual people out there that want to listen to this

No. 1104086

I agree, we should stop mentioning Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig in any context it just seems malicious at this point she's a hard working talented writer with deep spiritual faith.

No. 1104087

if she engages in cow behaviour, which she is occasionally wont to do, then that's fair game

No. 1104089

Or people can just mention her whenever they feel like it. Relationship advice from the ultimate pick me is fair game IMO.

No. 1104099

literally nothing on this list is necessary if you are a hottie

No. 1104109

I get that the religious shit irritates people but she literally has a successful career and interests beyond impressing men. If posting selfies where she looks good makes her a pickme, then ok, I guess, but pickmeism doesn’t shape her whole worldview like it does with Anna and Dasha

No. 1104111

>she literally has a successful career
>therefore she can't be criticized for her online behaviour
simp detected

No. 1104113

There’s plenty to criticize her for, she’s a dumbass borderline reactionary. Not every woman who gets male attention is a pickme, though.

No. 1104120

who could possibly have seen this coming? lol
red-brown alliances only trend one way, why are "post-left" dipshits like shia scandalized that the explicit reactionary is clowning on his supposed lefty friends for not being reactionary enough

No. 1104146

ok borderline, there's a reason why you guys are lumped in with psychos and narcissists

No. 1104233

You people are pathetic for obsessing over these nobodies. Get a life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1104314

like Shoah, but for fashy retards

No. 1104341

Halfway through the 9 hour perfume nationalist episode and it's really something else. Ashley goes through her whole relationship with Angel and Jack literally cries about how mean trans people are to him online.

No. 1104342

you're braver than most, anon

No. 1104432

>Jack literally cries about how mean trans people are to him online
Fucking incredible

No. 1104566

Liz's response is pretty basic, but all sympathy I was feeling towards lexa for the rapememe thing is gone now. Sucks that she was raped, but damn, why does she keep doing such stupid shit?
>hmm i want to make someone fall in love with me, what do..
>oh, i know! i'll ask my ten thousand incel followers who spend all their days in mommy's basement calling women holes and talking about how they should be illiterate and barefoot in the kitchen! i'm sure the responses will be good!

No. 1104590

Please share more details from that 9 hour episode, anything else interesting or new learned from it? does Ashley actually explain Angel's "murder plot" or whatever the hell she keeps alluding to on her podcast?

I still don't understand how someone who committed suicide and wasn't found for 2 weeks could at the same time be planning a murder. did they stumble across bomb-making materials addressed to Ashley or something? i don't get it at all

No. 1104685

Feels like a joke that went viral and Liz took seriously

No. 1104707

I mean Pritchard has to be involved somehow, doesn't he?

No. 1104774

My god, imagine if a trans person gave him cookies, he would probably have a stroke right on the spot.

No. 1104857

I don't care about the whole thing, but could you just clip that part? I want to hear this.

No. 1104859

Nothing new I guess, just that the relationship was very abusive and she tried to save Angel but had to leave or they both would have died.

Ashley hated the "sterile, professional podcast sound aesthetics" of The Nice People Show and is going to continue podcasting and be produced by Jack's brother, guests will include Dasha and Justin Murphy.

No. 1104953

File: 1607687960368.png (109.88 KB, 605x464, kqkd4gxjti461.png)

No. 1104988

who is this about? liz?

No. 1105014

No. 1105147

Lmao why is aimee anti Liz all of a sudden? I thought she was all in on the social conservative anti abortion tradwife bullshit

No. 1105237

Aimee still subscribes to the Bruenigs patreon, she's just jealous of Liz because she has what she wants, a husband, kids, "trad life" but still having a job at the NYTimes. she's just like any of Liz's typical lib haters, but instead of pretending to hate her cause she's anti-abortion/social conservative, Aimee hates her because she's "foot soldier for the DNC", its all the same cope

No. 1105246

File: 1607720055415.png (191.13 KB, 1166x766, asdf.png)

ok not rooting for anyone involved but isnt Anna in the right? isn't this like verbatim an Aimee take, that she has been saying specifically about Chapo itself? brutal lol.

No. 1105255

aimee was accusing chap of telling their audience to vote for biden and other lies because they weren’t saying vote trump to own the libs

No. 1105257

many people have said this take about many progressives, it's not like aimee is some world class though innovator. anna's martyrdom for aimee specifically is lame

No. 1105261

I don’t think she’s as trad as she wants others to believe. She is still a careerist out for money and notoriety just like the others and her “look I’m praying by the Christmas tree in my cute outfit” pic was obviously contrived to get more loser simps subscribed to the patreon. At least the red scare girls are more transparent about wanting paypigs to fund their lifestyles

No. 1105280

File: 1607722404233.jpeg (111 KB, 743x817, F37952E9-1310-4402-B579-DD5360…)

Caroline @as_a_woman on FKA Twigs’ recent lawsuit against Shia Lebouf for domestic battery.

No. 1105284

caroline blows but many of these kinds of lawsuits get settled outside of the public eye. there is no reason this had to go public except to drum up media sympathy in a suit fka twigs 100% would have won without it just based on what is described.

No. 1105287

File: 1607722910404.png (210.8 KB, 805x787, 6789iuz.png)

She has a successful career because her family is loaded and the Times loves an "I'm not like the other lefties" opinion writer.

No. 1105301

what other leftist columnists has the times had in the last 30 years? since they love them so much?

No. 1105310


and this is the kind of person lexaprofessional is still friends with.

No. 1105322

It's the NYT, they would have run the story with or without her input.

No. 1105335

as if, the hoops that these stories go through to get published are insane. a celebrity abuse story would have not been published anywhere except like the daily mail without the consent of fka twigs/her team

No. 1105336

If she bothered to read the article she would know that she wanted it public so people would know it could happen to anyone even the privileged.

No. 1105343

Full solidarity with Twigs, but this kind of stuff has been done/said countless times. She's not going to be the one to get it through people's heads.

No. 1105354

Maggie Caroline Debnam is the worst pickme in all of these threads

No. 1105374

I think it all started when Liz published an op-ed during the George Floyd riots sharply criticizing Trump's bible stunt, then she published two more op-eds on the American Catholic Church's relationship with racism, and that forever tainted her as a radlib sellout in Aimee's eyes.

No. 1105380

Caroline is getting eaten up in the quote retweets. She's coming across pretty pathetically tbh.

No. 1105381

tbh this is probably the opinion of every 28-32 white "alt" woman in the country, they worship Shia like a God.

No. 1105384

Jamelle Bouie is with them right now, his niche is "black leftist but not too radical," and he was actually an old pal of the Bruenigs when they first started getting attention with their blogs at their tail end of the blogosphere era.

No. 1105388

Never understood the Shia obsession. The fact he dated Mia Goth makes me think he would not be interested in 32 year old alternative women.

No. 1105390

Anon.. I don't have a horse in this race, but "her motivation is only to show people it could happen to anyone!" is a level of naivete I wouldn't expect even from a teenager…

No. 1105395

File: 1607730306568.png (52.03 KB, 597x297, oof.png)


No. 1105396

Is there a way to see the QTs when she has them hidden?

No. 1105405

She hid them? I'm not sure but you could probably search for people using her @ and then see if you can find the quote retweets. Most were people mad because of what she said about Twigs, but some made more direct comments about her being an actual clout chasing hanger on pushing fifty, stuff like that.

No. 1105411

I can see them fine…?

No. 1105419

lol Caroline accusing someone else of clout chasing

No. 1105424

File: 1607731977710.png (91.34 KB, 491x433, kb.png)

kantbot on the anna/will spat

No. 1105426

File: 1607732163760.png (58.48 KB, 600x300, caroline.png)

Girl, you literally just moved to New York like a month ago

No. 1105432

File: 1607733695275.jpg (72.02 KB, 828x474, PB6cDA4.jpg)

of course anna liked it

No. 1105442

File: 1607734534030.jpg (240.93 KB, 1326x1722, Eo_2pBFW4AAXClm.jpg)

Alice pretending she's upset she's getting attention. https://twitter.com/AliceFromQueens/status/1337560591112736774

If Alice really is a no name person I hope she doesn't get doxxed but I doubt she's who she says she is.

No. 1105453

If scarethots want to avoid getting ratioed they shouldn't post their retarded takes about black women and/or celebrities that have huge Twitter fanbases. Seems like the times they've gotten ratioed the worst was when they spoke about those subjects specifically.

How do you know her name is Maggie?

No. 1105454

I was just going to post this, I found it so tiresome. I wasn't even aware of her "teehee guess who i am!" shtick until people brought it up in this thread, her posts are all so lukewarm. I'm assuming the poor man's gossip girl performance is a Dan gossip girl performance to generate hype and engagement

No. 1105455

If "she" actually turns out to be Jesse Signal…lmfaooo

No. 1105456

File: 1607735850901.png (103.66 KB, 1284x322, Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 8.16…)

Dasha likes it too, maybe Caroline can finally get invited on to red scare and they can whine about twitter and black women together.

No. 1105458

She must be scared if she took time out of her busy lib QRTing schedule to write all that out

No. 1105496

twigs is talented successful and beautiful and this lot are a bunch of ugly bores.

No. 1105505

she's very scared, she's begging her friends not to doxx her in a public letter lmfaoooo pathetic. she's probably a man

No. 1105506

Never thought they'd actually be in support of something this publicly sociopathic. Like he strangled her and slammed her against a car and these bitches first response is that it's narcissistic to speak on it publicly. Pick-me is a mental illness.

No. 1105537

I agree, also saw one of their idiotic "stans" say this is like Aziz Ansari all over again. Just idiotic and irony poisoned wanna be socialites who will never be part of the elite and are now feeling superior cuz twigs stans are arguing.

No. 1105539

Add that 'Your music sucks' for no reason other than to make an absolute cunt of yourself
Imagine liking that tweet, publicly displaying allegiance to such utter cuntishness, for what reason ?

No. 1105544

I assume it’s jealousy probably. FKA Twigs is a successful and attractive multimedia artist. They like to imagine they are artists but all the do is complain about stuff on twitter.

No. 1105553

saw she added 'your music sucks' and then saw r/redscareforcishetmen . these women are jealous twigs is way out of reach/league. no wonder they all complain about that subreddit it's the only place men will hype them up. someone even half as attractive and talented as twigs would wipe the floor with them and their retarded attempts at doing theory

No. 1105556

who is alice even, their all being psychotic about her on twitter.

No. 1105568

juicepet's real name is [redacted](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105569

[redacted]? do her parents have lead poisoning lmfaaoooo

No. 1105570

Both I think. Comes from a line of pretentious professor fucks. Laughable at how she acts online vs who she actually is.

No. 1105572

She was even slouching in sixth grade photos so as not to be the largest person in her class.
I was convinced she was trans from the ridiculous uwu small sissy poses smeared all over twitter, not to mention the ill fitting clothes.

No. 1105575

[redacted], I know you're reading this. You're a fucking annoying try hard bitch.

No. 1105577

Anons y'all should really stop bodyshaming Juicepet. Shes a stupid pretentious twat but making fun of her weight and appearance isn't cool

No. 1105581

being fat is a choice and like most bad choices it can be made fun of.

No. 1105582

She isn't fat though..

No. 1105588

juicepet is irrelevant. the first time she popped up with a body selfie she looked like shasti then annie clone.

No. 1105590

This lack of sage makes me think this juicepet bitch must be self-posting for attention. She and her tweets are the most uninteresting things to come out out of these threads. If you want to call a boring egirl fat there's a more appropriate thread in /snow/ lol

No. 1105591

Should probs seek attention elsewhere then. Like her fucking mom or something

No. 1105592

sage your shit and stop self posting

No. 1105595

not a self post…

No. 1105608

The men on that sub seem like a bunch of creeps who hold all those women in contempt. These are the wages of pickmeism

No. 1105620

lmao what's with these kpop stans calling themselves "comrade" and attaching hammer and sickles in their screen names

No. 1105621

File: 1607750963647.jpg (84.11 KB, 720x1280, photo_2020-12-11_23-21-56.jpg)

skimmed thru this thread. idk whats going on. i was the mua on the numero shoot! tbh despite past beef we all worked together well… im sad they didnt choose the final lewk which was like wiggie whore vibes… teehee.

No. 1105626

Is there a reason why "Heycheri" isn't posted to this place anywhere? Seems like the perfect spots. And now she's gone full republican trumpet since getting her new boyfriend and revamped her entire personality again

No. 1105629


you're correct, but i think it is still worth sharing her story because he's had similar incidents with past partners. threatened to kill mia goth, had a public fight with his crying ex gf Karolyn Pho or whatever. They didn't speak out publicly about what he put them through but FKA twigs will because she has the money to go to court and the platform to warn people. if she was doing this for clout then why didn't she accuse robert pattinson who is way more famous and 4x wealthier

No. 1105636

Guess when her friend lexaprofessional calls out samememe for being a creepy rapist it is also ‘for clout’ because samememe was always a fucked up guy and it happened a year ago according to lexaprofessional, or is it only for clout when the persons ‘music sucks’

No. 1105637

She's an account that popped up last year and started talking to media people, clout chasing, and posting basic leftish political stuff. I think a lot of the male media accounts like imagining she's really hot and flirt with her. She throws a fit when people question her identity as a 25 year old woman who doesn't work in media because she's definitely at least lying about some of that. I doubt this guy will really dox her if she is just that.

No. 1105643

sage but how is this person not banned for doxxing a minor read the rules retard or go back to twitter

No. 1105650

File: 1607759071425.jpg (45.55 KB, 1170x2080, 131418485_4815593055177956_661…)

The funniest last standing comedian everyone!!

No. 1105651

Oh shit my bad. It's a mulldog ig story

No. 1105654

Yet his simps will claim he's actually just a nice guy who's actually caring and isn't bigoted. Fuck him.

No. 1105664

God, imagine being female and simping for this. I bet they're all typical redscare fan dumpy fake anas with a BMI of 20. I would maybe understand if he was hot, but he looks like a jawless rat.

No. 1105666

File: 1607762781684.jpg (11.67 KB, 260x340, unnamed.jpg)

Anna be looking like

No. 1105678

Sorry the jawless rat rejected you. Begone, ugly thot

No. 1105689


They both look like trannies jesus christ. Wannabe ladyboy onlyfans models.

No. 1105707

File: 1607774433086.png (628.56 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20201212-125537~2.p…)

other stans are not into the ladies supporting that crap at all

No. 1105720

“Anna looks so good now, she must have had work done” anons btfo

No. 1105724

They are saying that as if the other mods aren’t socially inept fans. Funny

No. 1105737

Not a Mullen stan but genuinely funny that you think this is a statement said in all seriousness and not some lame guy joke. Very different from a tweet like Caroline’s.

No. 1105738


What is Foster Kamer's interest in her? I defo think Alice is a glowie, see the weird ad she ran on her twitter for a facial "anonymization" app anon posted some days ago ITT

No. 1105750

You're clearly are a stan if you can't see the fact that I'm referring to how people call him the funniest current comedian but he can't come up with a good joke

No. 1105752

I think I replied to the wrong user then I was saying this in response to the people who are like “Yet his simps call him a nice person???” I agree this joke is lame

No. 1105753

if you put anyone in a wig and crazy makeup… id love to see u in a wig and smokey eye whoever the fuck u are

No. 1105754

she is really beautiful no cap

No. 1105755

u are so retarded. like its obvious styling choices to look really cartoony. like its called FASHION HUNTY(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1105761

r/redscarepod containment breach

No. 1105769

Red Scare fans are truly the lowest, most obnoxious people I’ve ever met

No. 1105773

>probably abusive
he's admitted on record he nearly killed his ex gf mia goth

No. 1105776

>all posts within a few minutes of themselves
>no sage
go back to reddit!

No. 1105779

File: 1607789037583.png (13.88 KB, 608x114, yesjpg.PNG)

Sorry I dropped the right image. By her own logic, that seems to be what she's saying.

No. 1105780

File: 1607789087380.jpeg (626.8 KB, 828x1042, 508DDA22-107F-4806-A9ED-499FDC…)

Dasha has been alluding to shooting something she can’t discuss

No. 1105791


Rumor has it that Mullen has a long distance / cyber thing with @Custardloaf (burshgirl) especially since they’re always sniping likes and occasionally cutesy commenting on eachother over instagram, Mullen even made a passing comment that his ideal woman is anglo and jewish on a cumtown ep back in June and that just happens to be Sydney’s ethnic mix

While the moid that dated the cosmetology costhot cow, posted a novel on here defending Caroline’s honor and was then living in her house… He is now in NYU’s School of Law but I think that they separated or he probably just never committed to her

Can’t know for sure since no updates and they're both sneaky raccoons, actually they both sorta look like raccoons too. Dark circle eyebags, perpetually tired, pointy noses.

No. 1105794

I thought it was Felix from Chapo custardloaf was having a thing with, he's liked almost every single one of her recent pictures. Maybe her and Mullen used to have a thing, but he hasn't liked any of her pictures for months

No. 1105795

Let me guess - some major character's secretary with 1 or 2 lines in a single episode. "something I can't discuss" is code for "a big project, but my part in it is nothing special." Who gives a shit. She's an objectively bad actress from what we've seen.

No. 1105798


Don’t hold me to this but Felix Biederman is married or in a long-term relationship at the very least, He moved to a residential part of queens; an area known for people wanting to start families and I think he married a modern orthodox jewish girl from Connecticut

No. 1105799

No fucking way he talks about being single all the time this sounds like fanfic

No. 1105804

>not a mullen stan
>post unsaged
>h-he is not actually a shit person its just a joke
I swear to god what about shit talking nick mullen brings out like 3 times more stans?

No. 1105805

From custardloaf’s twitch. Serious troon vibes

No. 1105806


Stav and Adam talked about Felix’s new place in Kew Gardens, recently gentrified area near the queens center mall when the boys were discussing buying a house or condo and leaving Brooklyn for Astoria, Bayside or Flushing

It’s in one of the future files or asian fidance video clips

Adam keeps repeating over and over again “he’s really happy there” barely contributing like usual plus I think they name dropped a girls name when talking about, either a Sara or Becca but that could just be a roommate instead of a boo

No. 1105807

good news for mullen, she's not going to sue him for giving her herpes

No. 1105809

Mullen simps are lame and so was his joke but you can't be reading that story as him seriously being "Shia innocent"

No. 1105810

>still unsaged
yes we know cumcels and chapocels are just racist and misogynistic "ironically"

No. 1105811

You can't judge people by who listens to them or who likes their work. Plenty of pedos thought Nabakov's Lolita was a love letter to them, plenty of actual bigots think the shit said on a comedy podcast called "Cum Town" is serious

No. 1105815

>You can't judge people by who listens to them or who likes their work.
you absolutely can. there's a reason why their brand of humor (throwing shit at the wall and saying it's ironic when called on it) attracts the most mediocre and pathetic brand of disaffected online loser

No. 1105816

File: 1607793611009.jpg (184.16 KB, 1079x2141, Screenshot_20201212-085816_Chr…)

since everyone is talking about nick does anyone know why his account got suspended?

No. 1105818

Ok, then I guess everyone who read Lolita is a pedophile and everyone who read the Catcher In The Rye desires to murder a celebrity

No. 1105819

Tweeted "all americans should die of coronavirus" I believe

No. 1105821

File: 1607793927870.jpg (106.03 KB, 750x1195, EPkq3m_WoAA6Xm9.jpg)

No. 1105825

stop being obtuse and go back to simping in your manlet's instagram comments

No. 1105827

Sorry he didn't reply to your DM

No. 1105831

>projecting this hard

No. 1105838

no way what?? that catfish girl? LMAO

No. 1105839

Jokes are usually funny
140 lb smol Mullen orbitress detected

No. 1105865

A podcast and a book are not the same thing log off retard

No. 1105872


I grew up in kew garden back in the 90s actually and this is so funny to me. The area was always middle class, family oriented, but has always been significantly majority non-american, in it's demographics. Apperently if the neighborhood isn't majority white WASP american english speaking, it must be a hood. Lol.

No. 1105939

File: 1607806904074.png (233.1 KB, 1080x1018, not like other mentally ill pe…)

it will never stop being funny to me how they deny having bpd even though they clearly do and attract tons of fans that admit to having it.

No. 1105946


Lmao way to make it obvious who you are you unsaged idiot

No. 1105958

the way anna thinks she's an aloof cold and logical person never fails to crack me up. meanwhile on her pod all she can talk about is "omg guys love it when ____" boring girl talk shit

No. 1105964

Sounds like that kjbert idiot from >>1102056

No. 1105968

They already clearly stated they're the MUA I don't think they know where they are lol.

What was the beef? Are they stinky irl? Love the looks

No. 1105975

File: 1607810053508.jpeg (544.96 KB, 1536x790, 17056EF7-BA80-4681-9147-230803…)

No. 1105978

File: 1607810262094.png (103.52 KB, 1210x480, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 3.50…)

Not medfagging/armchairing but Aimee has confirmed BPD by several former friends. The RS girls have too much public restraint to have BPD but one is histrionic and the other is a narc, you can figure out which is which kek

No. 1105986

"but Aimee has confirmed BPD by several former friends"

who?? any links??? i'm really curious to hear from people who know her IRL.

No. 1105991

most notably her first co-host who is the only reason anyone knows who she is >>>/snow/974660

No. 1105994

Her biggest fears are being thought of as (the wrong kind of) crazy or ugly lmao. She is so transparently insecure.

No. 1106014

File: 1607811389715.png (888.02 KB, 830x1142, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 4.16…)

No. 1106017

Ashley shrieking at the family maid to fetch the oxygen tank after reading this.

No. 1106033

File: 1607811887656.png (108.13 KB, 662x222, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 4.23…)

just found a few other screenshots. at the time this spurred a "didn't you hear? adam proctor invented socialism" joke among her friends but he's not lying, she was an actual liberal as recently as 2017

No. 1106040

I know right I've known multiple actually diagnosed bpd-chans that do the same thing. "Honestly I'm more of a type a loner type-a with a cool mental illness not a crazy type-b" ,like bitch there is no such thing as a cool mental illness and the fact that these scare thots think that there is shows they need mental help immediately.

No. 1106062

honestly I don’t really get why people think Anna has bpd? She doesn’t seem to fear abandonment or like ‘split’ on people

No. 1106066

I don't think she has BPD but she is likely a narc

No. 1106110

File: 1607816036343.png (191.52 KB, 594x547, dasha-private.png)

did something amusing happen?

No. 1106115

Maybe it has to do with succession. Getting mixed up in controversy right now would be a problem

No. 1106120

I just checked Anna's Twitter and it still up. So I think its either what this anon says >>1106115, or she is going to be called out for something since these past threads show that these dirt bag left types hate cancel culture but then have group chats to coordinate an effort to cancel each other and it normally leaks before it happens because they all snitch on each other.

No. 1106122


lmao damn she might as well have just said "Hi Ashley".

No. 1106124

big if true. one of you better be following samaras private for when this comes out, she's gonna freak.

No. 1106126

File: 1607817245658.png (87.74 KB, 601x505, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 9.46…)

Maybe so she can keep boosting these stupid cows
Shia gets their fuckwit pals deanna and leia
cancelled, now they're trying to drag FKA ?
Honestly, what a bunch of fucking stupid cunce

No. 1106130

she was hyping up her role on that upcoming BBC series with Tahar Rahim for weeks, but then it turned out she was only in one episode and would be playing a dead body most of the time lol

No. 1106131

did that netflix show where she's a backpacker serial killer victim get shelved?

No. 1106135

File: 1607818010322.png (104.95 KB, 306x344, 70.png)

I'm guessing the succession thing or she's getting harassed for this post.

No. 1106137

that's the Tahar Rahim one, right? it got shelved due to covid, but it's now scheduled to premiere on new years day on bbc one

No. 1106138

File: 1607818347232.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

Eh, many internet borderlines these days like to claim they're cluster A, particularly incredibly rare "schizoids", because Wikipedia told them they're stoic, emotionless logiclords that borderlines desperately wish they were. Literally peak BPD, Anna.

No. 1106146

File: 1607818725346.png (35.96 KB, 610x202, ak.png)

oh, word?

No. 1106147

Anna has like no bpd traits. Every unlikeable woman online is not bpd.

No. 1106150

>not knowing what sociopathy or narcissism are
>not knowing that one typically implies the other
>obviously thinking that sociopathy is something cool, aloof and emotionless
>wants to be an "interesting" cluster A while living entirely for external approval and fitting in

Samefag - Christ Anna, could you be any more BPD? Cluster A larping was the next "it" mental illness to claim on tumblr after BPD went out of fashion, and they were all like this. Truly, you would be a smol nonbinary ayden if you weren't a 40 year old hag.

No. 1106224

I don’t think she’s ever even said the name of the show publicly, very lol she spent like 2 months in Thailand to be on one ep

No. 1106237

Wait what lol, didn't even know he was on Twitter again

No. 1106240

File: 1607827397370.png (70.46 KB, 608x381, workingclass.png)

kinda OT, but this is just chef's kiss from the Bellows guy that Liz F, Liz B, and Anna K were pumping up earlier in the year

No. 1106244

Does Dasha locking her Twitter because of the Succession rumours even make sense?

Even if the show's producers weren't aware of her ~controversies~ or whatever that it would just be a bad look on herself to try and hide from them now and it's not like she can just keep her account private until the episodes of the new season she's in air

No. 1106245

like other anon said >>1106135 it was probably because she was getting heat from one of the women taking l's accounts.

No. 1106267

File: 1607830939964.png (35.48 KB, 611x190, liz bruenig my simps are the b…)

No. 1106272

Why do they never get mad about the body count of men these made up women are fucking. It takes two to tango

No. 1106281

it does not take a genius to figure out all men are sexist

No. 1106283

That tweet only has like 500 likes I doubt it's that

No. 1106284

could've engendered a lot of nasty dm's from bitter incels, who knows

No. 1106286

Oh wait i didn't think of dms you're prob right

No. 1106287

it's not even just the body count of these men they don't talk about but these people who constantly complain about 'modern women' literally have nothing to say about anything to do with modern men at all and don't have any interest in upholding the male end of trad values (of which they embody none). They're very happy with modernism for themselves in that it allows them to spend their days sitting comfortably at home running a twitter account called 'coomerspostingl' and not dying at war or whatever but are simultaneously very upset by the fact that women aren't all tradwives

No. 1106303

bc all men are violently misogynist, naive anon

No. 1106341

is there anyone leaking the patreon exclusive episodes of the blocked and reported podcast?

No. 1106407

File: 1607852202846.png (57.41 KB, 600x227, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 6.47…)

No. 1106434


What's the significance of the Obeid crime family?

No. 1106456

Aimee has been getting dogpiled by mad twitter troons for hours

No. 1106477

File: 1607870807906.jpg (145.09 KB, 529x829, EpEUElFWEAA45Sfva.jpg)

Ashley just uploaded all girls chat episodes (including the ones late Angel tried to desperately make without her with Kantbot etc) to her Nice People show and made them patron-only, how nice of her.
Digging up Angels corpse to sell to patrons part by part is next I suppose?
She neglected to remove all the episodes she uploaded to dropbox earlier for her (and fat Jacks) followers earlier though so get them while they're up

No. 1106490

File: 1607874120705.png (1.32 MB, 952x1174, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 7.42…)

she looks different in every picture

No. 1106494


Guess Aimee’s trying to get Greenwald and Taibbi on

No. 1106499

those overlined lips lol

No. 1106587

idk about any of you but any time someone posts annie on here i just think its shasti

No. 1106670

Cathy Brennan?

No. 1106761


no one is saying this

No. 1106811

Expecting women to settle down by 25 when 80% of men within age range are useless. Very realistic expectation. Fuckin losers

No. 1106814

File: 1607902615169.jpeg (37.83 KB, 485x474, E1E7B70E-DBA1-47F6-972A-E9A004…)


This anglo-ashkenazi beauty, the one that Nick and Felix publicly thirst over + having thousands of parasocial simps and dozens of paypigs, just started twitch streaming…

and this happened lol

Before this all these boys were calling her cringey shit like “our own cazzie david/zoe levin/sydney goodman😍” LOL

I’m jewish myself and this is so fucking funny. Like this is so ridiculous and insane, it’s funny.

Like she edited herself into a La Belle Juvie-archetype and presented herself as such to profit off a subculture where all the dumb moids have Matzo Fever for [attractive] jewish girls, while also trying to take the richest and highest status guys (Nick, Felix) in the whole thing as her boy toy… in reality she’s just some frumpy, unfortunate JAP!

She’s not better than me, she’s just as frumpy, she just sold the package better lol

I feel so pathetic and stupid now, I can’t believe I fell into her hyperreality and got jealous

This is what happens when people fetishize someone for their ethnicity + the fact they collect and re-post weird memes.

I used be jealous of this girl and thought she was blessed:
beauty, pretty girls fighting to be her friend, constant compliments, wealthy suitors, attention, people buying her art, people giving her money and praise up the wazoo… All of it built on lies!

Men are literally retarded LOL
keep hustling sis!

No. 1106817

File: 1607902790388.jpeg (76.65 KB, 1080x593, 8235281B-D568-49E7-AB49-5002FD…)


Now she does her streams in full makeup… I LITERALLY CANT

No. 1106821

When she gets up to leave the room she is so awkward and gangly. I see why she relates more to dudes since bitch looks and walks like a teen boy

No. 1106827

shes annoying but samefag vendettachan + nitpicking, learn to sage

No. 1106832

sage but how is it nitpicking? If she presents herself as this pretty uwu princess then in person she looks like a gangly troon? Uhh..

No. 1106839

this place isn't a blog to air your own insecurity, that massive blogpost came off as pathetic and shasti esque

No. 1106841

That wasn’t even my post you fucking retard

No. 1106844

yes shes hilariously busted but please learn to sage ur sperging

No. 1106849

nta but that big long cope post assuring us that she's not better than you and all your personal feelings about her, when you're on an anonymous board where no one knows nor cares who the fuck you are… it's clearly a blogpost with a vendetta behind it.

No. 1106852

and no one cares about her fucking makeup, that's the nitpick

No. 1106855

Ok wannabe farmhand, that wasn’t even my post. I posted the one about she looks gangly and retarded in person, because she does. Nitpick to thee but not me. Move on

No. 1106861

you can just bring up boo or samelplan directely, you dont need to 4D chess false flag as them

No. 1106892

Just admitting that she let the men hating on her actually get to her. Embarrassing.

No. 1106900

lmao why do you hate her instead of cheering on her, scamming moids while ugly is literally ultimate based Stacy shit

No. 1106905

I don’t think she scams moids, she is just a neet who lives off her parents money

No. 1106909

She let them get to her the second she decided to shoop her pictures beyond recognition

You posted a fucking video calling her a troon when she's just walking normally, you posted her nudes on a past thread, and you continue to sperg now. No1curr. Yes, it's funny how busted she is in comparison to her edited pictures, the scrotes she panders to turning on her and leaking her nudes is what she gets for pandering to them in the first place, but she's not that relevant or milky.

No. 1106917

Hahaha are you her? Why so offended? I did not post her nudes. She does look trans though and no it’s not normal for a woman to look that fucking gangly and awkward

No. 1106920

I wouldn't be surprised since word on the street is that nick/felix are into trans girls

No. 1106929

says who? a lot of chapo fans are troons but the hosts never really mention lgbt stuff aside from the obligatory “trans rights” so their fans dont get pissed off

No. 1106930

These threads have gotten so fucking dumb its just people making up rumors to see what sticks

No. 1106931

samefag as above but i dont think she’s actually making money off of her legion of simps?

No. 1106950

Is your definition of a “rumor” a recurring joke from Reddit?

No. 1106958

why would you just admit that you are frumpy? lol

No. 1106979

File: 1607915352706.jpeg (166.72 KB, 640x738, DD7E29BA-62A2-47A6-B7C1-CD577D…)

Roommate Leia suspended from twitter jej

No. 1106981

Are you literally 16?

No. 1107011

Two depressed effeminate men who make an obscene amount of money from bitching into a mic, yet somehow don’t have hot girlfriends? Yeah, no way they’re secretly into trannies (men), anon

No. 1107028

Nick at least has had a number of fairly cute girlfriends, he got dumped by his most recent gf in like January idk about Felix actually

No. 1107029

cumcel spotted

No. 1107031

lol didn't even know she was jewish considering she edits her selfies to look like a half white kpop idol

No. 1107032

>idk about Felix actually
guaranteed we get a story similar to the ren and stimpy guy in about 10 years.

No. 1107036

Felix dated a girl from twitter who posted in the Tits out for Nick Mullen thread after. Might have hooked up with the girl who started it, or she was trying to make that happen.

No. 1107037

>who posted in the Tits out for Nick Mullen thread after
the what

No. 1107043

Yeah, same question as >>1107037

No. 1107058

File: 1607924338905.png (625.75 KB, 882x756, EXMhlG-U8AAAgHY.png)

That was Alana aka aloonstar. She's now married to Branson from e1 podcast. She had a podcast called No Goals that was kind of a proto Red Scare with twitter people talking about random crap

In early 2017, this Swedish Muslim girl Julia posted "tits out until morale improves" because a lot of people on leftist Twitter got mad at Nick for pic related. Search "nick mullen tits" on twitter and you'll see people talking about it.

No. 1107138

She relies on desperate shutin white people not being able to tell asians apart

No. 1107203

vendettachan said she has paypigs tho

No. 1107204

it's not nearly enough money to compensate for being fug/weird, hence why their dating pool is primarily socialist horse girls who look like they smell

No. 1107478

Felix and Nick are both normal looking dudes, they could both honestly do better than those cows

No. 1107512

no they can't, they're just as mentally ill. cows dating cows

No. 1107599

As the saga of Shia taught us, mental illness is a draw to a lot of women, not necessarily sane women, but for sure some decent looking ones

No. 1107669

They don't, and they're "celebs" so the only people in their dating bubbles are other goblins in media who have the exact same cluster b brain diseases. Maybe they could date hotter but they both know it won't make them any happier because then they'd be tethered to some clout-chasing influencer angling for a NYT column or Netflix special or Patreon grift

They're trapped buddy. The only one who gets to get out is Matt bc he married his girl before he got big.

No. 1107680

Vendettachan was clearly not in their right mind. There is no proof she is scamming moids out of money. She has a website where she sells digital art, maybe that’s what they were talking about? I guess some of her simps might be purchasing them? Don’t think that’s scamming though, it’s just simple business

No. 1107709

File: 1608069552883.jpeg (193.79 KB, 750x684, 8C7BDCB7-A648-40D0-83C6-2EA785…)

Her mom literally calls to her and says “come get your tea” on one of her recent streams. Def lives at home. Likely just parents paying for her life. Also lmao at this milk. Her parents give xan to her NEET ass to shut her up. Whoever said she isn’t milky hasn’t looked hard enough

No. 1107715

Felix's head looks like a potato

No. 1107789

File: 1608074481901.png (508.14 KB, 752x1490, ak.PNG)

anna is pulling her usual bs cards of "sheesh obviously i didn't mean it" and "i am but a sweet angel uwu" after getting dragged on twitter for her hilariously shit take on laura loomer's good looks
(sorry for the shit edit)

No. 1107830

File: 1608077324876.jpeg (34.74 KB, 575x407, EgroruXWkAUcmC9.jpeg)

What are you talking about, anon? Perfectly normal skull shape here.

No. 1107886

File: 1608080776272.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1200x900, 863D0AE4-6AF2-43B5-81F7-38DB20…)

They both have shit faces honestly. Aoc simps just like her boobs so they overlook her busted donkey face

No. 1107889

File: 1608080900309.png (262.17 KB, 587x650, Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 11.0…)

Even better trying some Aimee tier lying about it.
In Anna's defence, which she's too slow to realize, her tweet was from August, 4 months before the true current form of LL was realized.
Idiot she simp Jo however has no such defence

No. 1107916


>the uglier, manlier, more jewy looking one is s-so much hotter!

If there's something you can always count on, it's Anna shilling an unattractive, more Anna-like alternative to the chick she's mad jealous of. Sorry the greasy long straight hair didn't turn you into AOC, try some sausage curls next time.

No. 1107919

Putting the Shrek in Martin Shrekli

No. 1107924

“I pray for all of your souls” lol even Breunig doesn’t pull this cringy shit with haters

No. 1108114

Who or what is she praying to ?

No. 1108190

What was all that talk about her living in a trailer with her bf from the previous threads then, I wonder? Does her bf live with her parents too?

No. 1108192

File: 1608128618825.jpeg (174.08 KB, 818x512, 91FEBEBE-6FCA-4AAC-8B16-0F5513…)

This is her final level of cope for being ugly when all her other emotional safeguards fail- the “I look interesting, I look French, etc.”
Doesn’t she think the ancestors would be more concerned about her writing essays about having public anal sex or advocating for NAMBLA defender Paglia?

No. 1108198

I feel bad for Jo, she has no conviction on any of the shit she shills and will backpedal the second she's confronted. I get the feeling that she's just here because she's easily led.

No. 1108202

File: 1608129877202.png (47.42 KB, 604x270, miss_piggy.png)

she ain't the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 1108408

File: 1608147217590.jpg (647.43 KB, 1326x2000, jj.jpg)

Rachel Rabbit White ("the hooker laurette of the dirt bag" left even though that description makes me gag) discussed in some of the earlier threads is marrying Nico Walker and got a thirsty try hard "journal" article about it in Vanity Fair, I feel so embarrassed for her. This is an almost 40 year old woman. They hide his face in the photoshoot cause facially he looks like the unremarkable white criminal shell of a person that he is and because he is essentially a prop for her and her shallow wish to inhabit a Lana Del Rey persona. "The hooker and the bank robber" She also broadcasts in the article that she sleeps with false lashes on and that he only drinks prosecco.


I think some anons in the previous threads knew her so would love any info about this new development.

This bitch gives me the heebie jeebies and I honestly feel bad for Nico Walker who after Iraq and crippling heroin addiction and 10 years of prison is being used for white trash clout by a privileged sex worker w media connections. Can't see him staying sober cause she brags constantly about doing loads of drugs, can't see this ending well.

No. 1108421

Wasn't Jugs (the openly nazi former Perfume Nationalist co-host) the one who lives in a trailer?

No. 1108453

File: 1608150638643.jpeg (360.54 KB, 750x718, D35911B4-3F85-40CA-8D24-7B75ED…)

aimee calling aoc a libertarian

No. 1108457

File: 1608150747013.jpeg (57.97 KB, 501x386, B1788775-F6FC-49AC-8FEA-986A15…)

No. 1108483

File: 1608152481154.png (567.57 KB, 749x773, jackariel.png)


No. 1108490

File: 1608152765386.png (706.47 KB, 760x748, 32zkengk47261.png)

mid 30's delusional female polyamourous autogynephille and narcissist who used to hang out with marie calloway and arielle gavin alt-lit scene during the early 2010s "men are trash" as a provocative neg era of sex worker positive liberal feminism. Has content on thought catalog about divorcing their betabux provider to live a fulfilling life as a drug addict sex worker debutant. all her writing is self-masturbatory erotica glamorizing her transition into a sex object. Surprised TIMs haven't used her as a shield or justification of their own ritualistic pursuit of becoming their own delusional fantasy. But natal females are so out of style, and she's so out of touch and irrelevant that she's resorted to self-posting her own content on a kali yuglian nihilist brambles wand-crafting forum.

No. 1108502

GOD that was boring, nice job tricking me into reading this snoozefest. and this is the senior beauty directory of vanity fair! the absolute state of journalism. regensdorf, wonder who her parents are

No. 1108525

File: 1608155237883.png (141.76 KB, 602x741, Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 11.0…)

Dasha removed her retweet of this

No. 1108534

Can't even begin to understand what kind of weak, spineless beta bitch you have to be to covertly agree with the fact that you don't like to be abused but then hide it because you don't want to upset the incels.

No. 1108539

File: 1608156331224.jpg (173.6 KB, 900x1200, EXZLWavX0AIG8NX.jpg)

Nasty as all hell

No. 1108563

Right, that anon must be confused. Custardloaf said on stream she doesn’t have a bf and there was a woman’s voice and she confirmed it was her mom. Seems like they’re well to do, at least middle class

No. 1108570

wow her twitter is a ghost town. 33 likes on marriage pics, that's gotta sting

No. 1108580

in a cum town episode they said theyd date trans girls

No. 1108605

Dasha and Anna are really getting torn up on twitter for what they said about the Twigs/Shia situation on the podcast. Imo what they said (basically that they don't buy the "raising awareness" part of Twigs' reasoning for making the situation public and that her class and her descriptions of her class makes her situation unrelatable for most abuse victims) isn't nearly as bad as them liking the Caroline tweet but its really funny to see them get dragged so hard by Twigs fanbase.

No. 1108609

I thought only stav said he would. Nick makes fun of him for it.

No. 1108619

Yeah, don't see what the fuss is re the podcast snippet, but knowing they liked C's tweet and D RT'ed Leias follow on, DRAG THEM

No. 1108625

First of all shutlib, if you're rich and female, you can't be abused because you're money rich in addition to being Ultimate Rich (having a pussy). You can still be an oppressed proletarian if you're male like Harvey Weinstein or Kobe Bryant, then you're a poor widdle victim because wamins (who are all by default bourgeois oppressors because they won't share their means of reproduction) dare to mention that you "raped" a hotel maid (not real working class btw, it was a CIA psyop) after you ate shit flying your private helicopter (very working class). "Raped" in scare quotes because obviously Kobe was heroically dekulaking a bourgeois vagina owner who wielded her sexual capital against him by existing. The only real rape is when you're falsely accused of "rape". The only way wamins can repent is by becoming class traitors and enthusiastically joining voluntary mutual sexual aid camps, like they did in Bosnia and Korea.

The only way you can be even more oppressed is if you're an American trust fund twitter succ with a man bun and a podcast, then you're literally a reincarnation of Marx himself and every breath you take is revolutionary.

No. 1108646

Sorry but the retards dragging Dasha/Anna today on Twitter look absolutely deranged and grasping at fucking straws. all this is going to do is keep getting them more exposure/new fans/make them more likeable in the eyes of people of people who aren't terminally online. stan twitter ALWAYS losing

No. 1108647

not surprising, ariel is best friends with alex lee moyer

No. 1108657

ariel pink is a cow himself but to say he's "best friends" with alex lee moyer is a flat out lie. (s)he's a clout leech

No. 1108658

File: 1608166243028.png (271.35 KB, 719x1280, thumbnail_image1.png)

Sydney got suspended and decided to expose people.

No. 1108659

File: 1608166278395.jpg (62.46 KB, 750x1333, custardloaf_131374535_31596842…)

her new twitter account

No. 1108665

File: 1608166703678.jpeg (913.55 KB, 1242x2238, B0A00DBC-16C9-4C6A-9CFA-CEC1BF…)

Jack has covid and lost his sense of smell

No. 1108667

…why was she at an alt-right party in the first place…?

No. 1108669

>has covid and lost his sense of smell
are we sure it's not a bit? seems a touch poetic.

No. 1108671

damb, locked already?

No. 1108672

God is an amazing poet

No. 1108673

Kek. Why'd she get suspended?

He's obese so it's not looking good for him right now.

No. 1108674

Why, if she is estranged from the Fuentes/Shawn/Beardson crew for them being nasty towards her and exposing the brush pics, does she continue to suck up to Frank Hassle, who is best buds with them?

No. 1108675

I’m confused here….that seems pretty kind and responsible of them to help the girl. This was her best shot at a callout?

No. 1108676

>not knowing about the frankhassle/paultown split with fuentes and company

No. 1108680

how recent was this? they were taking pics together at a stop the steal protest down in atlanta

No. 1108685

super recent, it all has something to do with that vesper girl (and i'm sure custardloaf has managed to wriggle into it some way.)

No. 1108694

You have to be terminally online to even know about them

No. 1108699

beardson and samara went through a copyright reported all of her pics and videos.

No. 1108701

File: 1608168665148.jpeg (372.33 KB, 750x1015, 489FF8A1-3960-422A-AA59-0EC13A…)

Shawn and Samara broke up a while ago, why is Loaf still trying to drag her for something her ex did? Little crazy

No. 1108704

Hopefully she learned her lesson not to pander to these right-wing idiots. They simply just don't like her and they will do it to her again because it's funny to them. She's retarded though so I'm sure she'll just go right back to what she was doing.

I'm guessing since they're right-wing that whole situation might be considered "degenerate" and she wanted to expose that, but yeah weak attempt.

No. 1108708

seems directed more at samaras friends that aren't right wing. duckfan, ultraslut porngum etc…

No. 1108715

Being childless is the natural state of a human. You were born this way. Having children is not a purpose on its own because it never reaches to the endpoint. You have children for them to have children and so on. It is just a cycle that remains the same, nothing reaches to the end goal, nothing new will be discovered. It is a lifestyle told to you by the society, not made up by you on your own. It is done by so many people before and therefore not original.
Childless people can concentrate on doing something more important with their life than lasts forever, and influences more people than birthing children ever can.

This doesn't mean having children is wrong. It can be enjoyable for many people and fulfilling. However, it is not a purpose on its own, as it has no endpoint, but is a circular process. Even breathing or eating, something that people must do, are not goals on their own. They are processes of life, not goals. Therefore is wrong to act like children are the purpose.

If your purpose is creating something important, the next step is asexuality. This gets your mind away from meaningless activities that never get you anywhere.(derail)

No. 1108717

i think you’re in the wrong thread

No. 1108718

Not really, being childless is not an insult.

No. 1108720

+ women who don't let themselves get fucked and impregnated by men and avoid lesbian drama are strong.

No. 1108728

oh you’re responding to the thread description. sorry i was really confused.

No. 1108730

File: 1608171655669.jpeg (221.17 KB, 750x627, D01502DB-CFCE-42C2-93F0-05809B…)

Where are you getting that Samara is involved? Idgi

No. 1108734

File: 1608171785338.png (19.9 KB, 438x184, Untitled.png)

No. 1108749

That guy could just be joking. beardson gave actual proof that he did it, so..

No. 1108759

this is the most antisocial femcel cope ive ever read on lolcow and that’s saying a lot

No. 1108760

It's used as an insult here because the cows themselves espouse "women are baby machine" shit.

What's up with porngum anyway? She seems so desperate for clout and yet so irrelevant, considering the people she hangs with

No. 1108762

Isn't plan b unbased, murder and for roastie whores

No. 1108763

But how can Jack get covid when covid is fake and just a liberal scam like climate change??

No. 1108767

How is this antisocial or femcel

No. 1108770

File: 1608175238175.png (55.95 KB, 599x309, fat.png)


No. 1108771

custardloaf isnt doing so well.

No. 1108774

You could also just have kids and contribute beyond raising kids dumbass, just like all notable people who have had kids have done. There are plenty of high-achieving women with kids, and if you haven't met any then you're probably not in a high-impact field to begin with.

No. 1108798

lol you love to see coof-deniers get the coof

No. 1108816


Or hanging around with Mrs. Paglia 2.0, Heidi Matthews

No. 1108825


Is this incel philosophy?

No. 1108832

back to redscare/cumtowm
back to childfree

No. 1108839

a few threads ago some anons said she's trans, is this true?

No. 1108844

alex lee moyer? she's pretty open about it. right after her movie came out she posted on her twitter "yeah i'm trans. so what."

No. 1108870

What? Incels are obsessed with reproducing and wish women were breeding slaves, this is like the opposite of what they believe. They also hate childless women. Neck already scrote

No. 1108871

File: 1608190477265.jpeg (293.56 KB, 1949x720, 284BBAD3-5096-435A-ADD2-AB2FD7…)

No. 1108874

>why did i get so much pushback for an obviously inflammatory tweet making fun of an abuse victim on twitter dot com where everyone is always oversensitive and looking for a fight???

No. 1108904

File: 1608195181117.jpeg (243.92 KB, 827x1179, 9D5D464C-735A-49AE-98E8-94454E…)

8 years ago?

No. 1108905

lol the baby daddy returns, is her exebf still on twitter?

No. 1108906

I forgot who her ex bf was, what was his last @ again?

No. 1108907

i cant remember, search "we cali boys rape bitches" i think that was a meme he forced

No. 1108926

So weird, does she want people to think she’s this much of a dummy, does she think everyone else is dopey enough to fall for it ?

No. 1108957

File: 1608204221973.jpg (157.16 KB, 1079x907, 20201217_191832.jpg)

The guy that runs the Women Posting Ls account on twitter is apparently a Cumtown fanboy. If you don't know it's a incel gimmick account that posts women doing slutty things like uhhh having a drink at a bar and attracts comments like "she's lowering her value in the sexual market" etc etc

No. 1108961

It's James Healey, he's been around forever. His home base is /tv/. He also runs the bad Letterboxd takes account

No. 1108982

Life seems pretty bleak when you live on altright Twitter

No. 1109058

very based and funny, kekd at "dekulaking"

No. 1109079

File: 1608222992514.png (33.95 KB, 582x401, 2352292951.png)

At least he doesn't have to worry about losing his sense of taste, since he has none

also this "domer suicide periscope vid" is a bit right? There's no way it actually happened

No. 1109080

>anyone who even knows what blackpill is
>good husband/father
>this is what normie masculinity used to be
Politithot pickme realizes that literally only beta males obsess over politics and performative alphaness, especially in the form of tweetstorms about muh skuleenity a-la samememe, love to see it

No. 1109084

f-first of all foid i-it's very funny humor, he doesn't really mean it lmao haha, BUT feminism did destroy society and we need enforced m-monogamy now, and bernie sanders can make it happen. a-anyways lmaolol im gay with my dad

No. 1109095

cumtown imitators are pathetic but the cumtown guys themselves aren't misogynists more than any normal man and certainly not to the level of this creep

No. 1109145

File: 1608230354208.jpeg (338.48 KB, 1242x540, 62767579-D04C-4FB3-8544-95E17A…)

is this just a big joke among the groyper/post left ecosphere? I don’t know most of these people except for Sydney and Samara.
This >>1108658 must’ve been a dig at Samara in particular, someone with that many leftist friends shouldn’t have anything to do with Nick Fuentes

No. 1109159

File: 1608231450927.png (225.77 KB, 1206x854, cooladam.png)

This guy is a literal 40 yr old nazi

Adam needs to renounce this guy like he did Patrick Casey

No. 1109160

File: 1608231483636.jpeg (773.41 KB, 1242x1747, 07647054-4C07-4932-A2CE-5104F8…)

Samefag: looks like this Domer guy actually killed himself on livestream last night. Idk if Sydney actually had anything to do with it

No. 1109174

The Kantbot and radec video memes were funny but because domer is in on this one, nah. Fuck domer and this shitty meme he’s forcing.

No. 1109186

so is domer alive and this is all a joke? i don't know any of these losers so i'm having trouble keeping up

No. 1109214

File: 1608235340739.png (73.66 KB, 1190x246, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.5…)

I realize this is the leftcows thread and knowing a bunch of former and current alt right orbiters memes shouldn't be expected, but yes he's alive posting 'hilarious' content like this.

No. 1109296

Sage for ot, but assuming that the "sexual value lowering" stems from casually sleeping around, do dumb incel faggots actually think there is a way to tell? Like, does she get a ballsack tatted on her forehead every time she takes a dick home or is she legally obligated to disclose her body count lmao? Catch them crying when the party chicks they're cuckwatching from the corner all become suburban tradwaifus to upper middle class normie men who don't know, don't care or both kek

No. 1109302

File: 1608242616272.png (175.48 KB, 1280x254, tumblr_p8044ovo2X1s2g88go1_128…)

Old milk but check out this spectacular femcel cope

No. 1109320


what is the wand crafting forum your talking about? also she talks in a bunch of articles about how after the porn carnival launch party her spot got blown up and she couldn't be a sex worker anymore, which sounds like she just never really was one? are her parents rich or somthing

No. 1109326

Hi, I'm Anna Khachiyan! I'm a retarded borderline who idolizes autism due to falsely associating it with men whom I worship and desire recognition from, again, because I'm retarded and therefore easily impressed. It's likely started with my STEMlord daddy whom I falsely conceptualize as autistic because he never paid much attention to me, just like all other men. As you probably know by know, I don't know shit about neurological disorders or mental illness, and most of my spectacular "knowledge" is harvested from psychologytoday dot com and the like. Ergo, I think autism means le dispassionate logik and fakts to own the libs instead of stuff like emotional dysregulation, smearing shit on the wall and then banging your head against it, having a 50% chance of having an IQ below 85, with roughly a third of all cases being severely mentally disabled and requiring 24/7 care. I spend way too much time around male losers who either self DX as autistic due to being ugly and insufferable or pretend that their autism is a super logical masculine identity superpower after stumbling upon the debunked extreme male brain theory on reddit, so I contracted the "autism  = male = good and special" brainworms from them, because again, I idolize loser males and relate with them. Sometimes they even deign to call me not very ugly!

BTW, I definitely think I'm an INTJ and I'm currently on Wikipedia reading about schizoids, because I need something else to validate my LARP once more educated people point out that autism is the exact opposite of what I imagine it to be, which in reality is a lot closer to BPD than to SZPD. I'm pathologically afraid of being branded as cluster B because that's exactly what I am - attention seeking,  malleable, spineless, devoid of any true identity outside of imitating the people I'm currently hyperfixating on, stunted, uninhibited and addiction prone, also still trying to get daddy to think that I might pass for a son he always wanted. Brb taking an enneagram

No. 1109327

Surprised Healy hasn't come up in one of these threads before. He's been doing the "based and edgy art school reactionary" act longer than a lot of the others but is so obnoxious nobody else in that scene wants to be associated with him.

No. 1109332

File: 1608245592125.jpeg (279.3 KB, 750x811, B031B810-71F4-43AA-A5E1-51837E…)

aimee cancels feminism

No. 1109347

>marxist feminism doesnt exist

No. 1109349

literally no one is going to read all that. and sage you fucking faggot

No. 1109365

Weren't all these people making fun of that fringe leftist/anarchist(?) youtuber who killed himself on stream a couple months ago?

No. 1109367

Who wrote this?

No. 1109417

Yes silly wemen, reject the bourgeois mystification called "statistics" which says that men own more wealth than women in every part of the world, control almost all of the capital and constitute the entirety of the "ultra rich biyonayah" class, thus making them bourgs even according to my retarded Twitter brand of Marxism. Reject idpol and embrace unpaid labor and interpersonal violence from men because… uhh… they're r-related to you genetically, also you're fucking some of them! Can't get any more material than that. I bet you believe in dumb shit like most modern day slaves being sex trafficked women and girls, too - pimps and hookers are the same class, silly. It's okay if you don't u