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File: 1559057781554.gif (2.17 MB, 220x161, qOn.gif)

No. 814082

Get your child's cutlery together and load up your frappe with Canderel as we continue to follow our favourite attention seekin', Pringle lickin', photoshoopin', nose hose lovin' ana chans.

Previous thread: >>798217

No. 814104

File: 1559059934292.jpeg (344.13 KB, 750x873, A3D173C5-D3FB-40CD-97D7-E92D2C…)

Oh chill, it’s not that serious
I’d put money down that this one will continue to dramatically imply she needs to be hospitalized bc it’s on her bucket list lmao and pretend to hate it when she does, but just until she can get an NG, not kicked out- and from then on will act out every time she leaves so she can get admitted again and will pretend she’s upset every time

No. 814107

Stop self posting ffs. You're one of the reasons this thread's always put on auto sage. It's either self post or vendetta. Nobody cares about this one. Drop it.

No. 814117

Oh my god let this one go already, nobody gives a shit

No. 814118

Elzani: Her mother and family should clearly make her stop.
Sry for blogpost: when I started to become like her (talking about food, cooking and stuff, no Internet though cause millennial)
my mother once shouted at me that I´m annoying and that I should stop!
And damn it helped.
Pls family of Elzani let this cringe party end

No. 814122

I agree, but maybe she's a massive manipulator and she wouldn't eat anything if it wasn't for the camera?

I wonder if she ever had a personality. Has she got anything apart from her disorder? If she wasn't filming she'd possibly be pacing the house all day because she doesn't have hobbies. I thought Aly was always really void of a personality, but at least she had a couple of old friends. This one's got nothing. It's tragic to watch.

No. 814128

File: 1559061682030.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1600x1200, 5175C50B-9D66-4F96-9A06-C94E4E…)

It’s been posted, but this shows the progression. She looks like maybe she once had friends / a life / wasn’t always an attention whore spoop, but I base that opinion pretty much solely on the fact that she just looks like a normal, nice girl in the first pic.

No. 814132

File: 1559061980402.jpeg (171.92 KB, 746x1187, FFC9C569-6D9C-4921-99B0-4CDBA7…)

Kek come on Georgia aren’t all your clothes oversized? She’s been les ott in this stay but I couldn’t help but post this I mean come on facepalms

No. 814136

File: 1559062554905.jpg (60.19 KB, 400x416, ana points.jpg)

Oh, work that thinspo look.

No. 814139

Oversized as in enough fabric for a four-person tent or? She needs to give up this uwu dainty smol always cold ana~ shite and get help for her BED

No. 814147

One of the things that amazes me most about Elzani and other anachans similar to her, is that they literally do NOTHING else. Obviously life revolves around food for everyone with an ED, but food is their ENTIRE LIFE. They don’t have jobs or go to school, no hobbies, no friends, live with their parents…at least during my worst times I always had to go to school and hold a job. Even though my life revolved around food and I didn’t give a shit about my grades, I still at the very least had something else. Every second of Elzani’s day revolves around what flavor of pringle she’ll lick 3 hours 12 minutes and 52 seconds from now. It’s sad really, and sometimes I wonder what her future will be like since she has zero intention to get better. It’s somewhat acceptable to be living with your parents without a job at 22, but what’s gonna happen when she’s 32 and mumzy dearest has finally had it and she has no education, no work experience? Nothing but hours worth of footage of her sniffing food. Sorry for the long rambling post, it’s something I thought about recently and it’s fascinating to me, really. I wish there was some way to interview these people and get 100% truthful answers, I’d pay big bucks for that hahaha

No. 814156

I get you. It's weird when these people seem to have nothing else. Personal blog here too, but same as you. I mean, you can lose motivation and not actively do any of your hobbies for a while, but you don't lose your interest in them. Even Becky still paints and makes things and she's majorly fucked up.

Do they sit around with nothing in their head? I can't imagine someone choosing to be mentally ill so they can think about food all day. Again, Aly got her shit together even if her life's pretty mundane she's taking a stab at what's offered her.

No. 814234

File: 1559068053859.jpg (840.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-183013_Ins…)

Is the toastie machine on the sofa? Or a bed??? Why is everything so gross?

No. 814243

CDs in a Home Bargains bag, a toastie maker on a pillow (?) with bean juice on it, a really thin matress (?). I don't know what's going on there, but it reminds me of being a student. That pillow is so gross.

That won't even work. The bread doesn't fit and the filling won't seal. At least there's not a hair in there that's visible.

No. 814244

B&M bag*

No. 814250


Apples and fruit can also be a fear food in the case of co-occurring chronic pain (inflammatory reactions react to simple sugars) or other medical conditions. I don't vom-purge but I cant imagine acidic fruit being gentle on the esophagus on the way back up, either. Fruit is also scary to the body itself if what you really need is fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. If you're trying to force yourself to eat yet another fruit or vegetable when really you need to eat twelve spoonfuls of nut/seed butter, you can have an anxiety reaction due to nutrient scarcity. It can feel like you "waste" your calories/meal/snack on something light and unsatisfying when you reallyreallyreally want/need something substantial. If you want recovery and are struggling, fruit can also feel like you're "giving in" to damaging habits. The way recovery communities glorify the foods they often deny themselves (high fat, cal dense, dessert, etc.), anything that isn't a pint party or takeout can become dangerous in a strange flip-flop of the black-and-white food judgements.

No. 814255

Looking at this is not ~inspiring~ in any way shape or form. N0uRisH To Fl0ur1sH…in filth? No thx

No. 814256

This is probably the most disgusting cooking I've seen from a recovery channel. At 5:23.

Nourish's got nothing on her tbh.

No. 814272

She’s been out of hospital a year now and what has she achieved or done with that time? Nothing except be obsessed with food.

No. 814278

She was in the Haldon Unit in Exeter

People in pics are her sisters not friends.

No. 814282

She's become YouTube's recovery qween remember!

No. 814302

I think you misread that—based off the first picture, she looks like a girl who might’ve had friends.

No. 814318

I watched her videos a while back and she is one of the most disgusting people I've seen on YouTube. Talking in depth about shitting/farting typical English chavy trash. Just everything about her SCREAMS chav.

No. 814330

In fact she actually showed the toilet full of shit in this video. Absolute disgrace. timestamp 3.40

No. 814334

She's also taking a shit later on in the video. Sorry for sperging out right now but it's probably the most disgusting YouTube videos I've ever seen.

No. 814345

The way she eats is so gross. In her other binge video she's picking this piri piri chicken out of the bag and she barely chews before she swallows. It must've been bad to bring that up. I looked at her on ig and she was only following places that sold weed paraphernalia.

She was living in assisted housing at that point and her room's fucking disgusting. You can see dried egg yolk on that second binge vid from this first one.

No. 814347

Egg yolk on the carpet*

No. 814359

She's truly a vile creature.

No. 814421

Out of curiosity, what was her IG? All the ones I've tried seem to have been removed. And still partly curious as to what her go fund "inpatient mental health justice" was about, can't seem to find a cached version of it.

No. 814447

Holy shit i was friends with this chick, well I use the term loosely, she's, gross, farts all the damn time, she's actually not mentally 9kay at all, like she shouldn't be on streets level of crazy if ya get me

No. 814449

I just went to it and it's not there. It wasn't the url she says on one of the videos, it was changed to her youtube name (I think), but she probably changed it again. There wasn't a lot there. I'll do some googlin' of her name.

I can tell she's nuts by makeup

No. 814452

Can't find anything using her name or her email. There's nothing anywhere about her. I think at one point she had a facebook because somewhere other than ig said she lived in Surrey. Guess we'll have to wait for her next video of her eating chips and chicken.

No. 814458

I feel like she would be a great cow if only she had more online content and presence

No. 814471

I agree. She's a world apart from Elzani and the other well off cows and was living by herself with psychotic episodes and EDs yet recovered. Shows how having a family wrap them in cotton wool has a bad effect a lot of the time. Rebekah's a tough cookie so good for her, but it's a shame we don't get to see what recovery is for her because she eats a lot of crap.

No. 814522

who even is this?

No. 814587


Thing is tho, that is what severe anorexia is: non stop food anxiety/obsession. Absolute control. It's probably massively amplified now due to social media and anas being able to connect/share the obsession easily.

Anorexics are more likely to be otherwise overacheivers though, I remember a girl at my university who had to leave for ED inpatient treatment during the course. She would get up at like 5am every day to run for 2 hours, I can't imagine how carefully she planned her meals, her drinks. But she managed to get a first class degree when she graduated.

The social media ana chans, on the other hand, they think it replaces their lack of life skills or qualifications.

No. 814591

Lol i remember saying something on here about elzani long ago and everyone told me to drop it because shes "honestly trying" "no milk" bisS nOw yOU kNoW Sis

No. 814592

the instagram recovery community all defends her that same way. practically WORSHIP her. it’s so fucked

No. 814629

File: 1559099071012.jpeg (97.7 KB, 729x577, 040DE274-A2B4-4673-9F56-0D49F3…)

Two videos in as many days -aren’t we lucky! This whole one just made me cringe- everything is always ‘so yummy’ .
She’s been making ‘recovery videos’ for a year now - surely there must be a time limit on how long she can keep it up.

Interesting the way she eats a fair bit after everyone else has gone to bed- less chance of being heard purging I guess .

She really does have no life outside her making vlogs about food.

No. 814641

Yessss I remember and at first I was like surely she's not that bad, watched one vid and was like…. Nopeeeeeeee

No. 814651

File: 1559104622143.jpeg (96.18 KB, 899x1599, AAF9124B-62F8-4845-8C42-E61F01…)

Y’all know this bitch? She is crazy anti HAES, super pro Ana, and loves to claim that she is/was sooper spoopy but actually never has looked particularly underweight. Overall a very stupid self-righteous 18 year old cunt who’s rants can occasionally be good milk

No. 814654

Bang on. Anas I knew pre-internet operated in a totally different way. My best friend became anorexic, we drifted, but she was very secretive about her illness. Hid it from everyone she could. She was like a high functioning alcoholic because she was obsessed with food/lack of yet in public managed to hold her personality together (if subdued). Same with a bulimic housemate I had.

With youtube, they're turning it into a career and dragging their illness out.

No. 814718

Saged for no milk, but I saw the twins IRL today in North London. They looked really poorly, they were walking down the road together. My partner commented after we went past that they looked like they were in their 60s.

No. 814720


In the first linked video she says she got the bus to Kingston, and you can see her getting off at Fairfield bus stand. So yeah likely Surrey or perhaps Middlesex if she'd travelled from Hampton Wick or Teddington.

No. 814738

File: 1559132678158.jpeg (578.42 KB, 750x1037, 39808D94-7D2E-4119-82C8-F75AF4…)

Do you guys think the nurses are blind or just trying to blow smoke up her ass? Clearly no one is beautiful or perfect when they’re unhealthy be it underweight or overweight as Georgia is. Part 1

No. 814741

File: 1559133117875.jpeg (458.19 KB, 750x1014, 35C8D9C4-5B37-47E5-9B0D-E8F534…)

Out of the center…. that means binge time! I wonder what else she eats when she goes on her leaves. Idk if she gained weight in between admissions but she’s definitely went up. It seems a bit neglectful to treat all her other issues and blatantly ignore her BED and the psychological problems underlying that. I’m not super concerned about her physical health but the more out of control her BED gets the bigger she’ll get and the more health problems she’ll incur. Does anyone have an idea why they are ignoring this huge problem? Kek Part 2

No. 814756

I think her doctors are put between a rock and a hard place. I mean we see how hard she pushes the AAN diagnosis online so I can only imagine the things she preaches to the people treating her. They all know she’s full of shit but if they were to say anything about BED she’d likely pitch a fit and refuse food to get a tube to make a point. & let’s be honest, a lot of doctors don’t give a shit about BED or fat people in general, at least that I’ve seen (in America.) They probably think it’s best to just leave it alone and hey, at least this delusional girl is funneling money into their bank accounts.

No. 814757

No. 814758

I thought one of them was back IP ?

No. 814760

Why are all these ana girls obsessed with grackle?

No. 814765

I think your 100% right, she would stop eating to get the tube and prove a point. Also I agree when it comes to overweight people, unless they are like my 600 pound life status and they can get the big surgery bucks I feel like they don’t care in America. I was wondering if it’s different or the same dynamic in Australia. I hate to mention her Bc she hasn’t been being ott but Ik chronically Ams or Amy moved there Bc of the healthcare access, cost of being treated etc, but I wonder how that plays into Georgia here. I’m pretty sure someone said a few threads ago that Georgia’s family is probably rich Bc they pay for her to go to a kind of “concierge” facility where she can get what she wants and stay there for how ever long she wants as long as the $$$ keeps coming. You really made me think, it’s almost like they are trying not to scare her away Bc she comes there regularly and if they have multiple patients like that they can make bank! Bc honestly American nurses in these facilities don’t sugar coat things much, unfortunately for Georgia she’s just eating it all up and using that to justify her poor eating habits. What a milky mess.

No. 814772

Because she’s thin and eats whatever /whenever she wants - which is pretty much what most people with an ED want ( very generally speaking)- also gets them views on their YouTube if they jump on the Grackle bandwagon! Bit like the ‘eating portion sizes for a day’ and ‘eating childhood foods for a day’ or ‘letting Instagram choose my food for a day’.

No. 814788

File: 1559142658303.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, F87A8493-11BB-4427-8FDE-0E278C…)

In this video she replies saying she doesn’t have either, that she just has intestinal issues and maybe crohns. I just really don’t get why when she follows dozens of ed accounts and has shit like this (pic in next post) all over her account?

No. 814789

File: 1559142689647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.48 KB, 750x1289, B93B1D6F-223C-4AC9-99A4-1B263E…)

Photo as stated above^

No. 814815


So did I - but it was 100% them. Sorry that I can't prove but I thought it would be a super shitty thing to do to take a picture of them.

No. 814888

why is this thread called "pro ana scumbags" instead of "recovery accounts"?

No. 814889

I don't think either are ip. It was Katie with all the he sweeteners and her sister was there as well. I remember all this >>814789. She threw a hissy fit if anyone n said she looked heavier.

She lived on litres of diet Coke. Kinda make it me think about cutting down on chemical drinks. Gut rotters.

No. 814890

Because they're not really recovering and therefore promoting staying disordered.

No. 814891

Or in Georgia's case, glorifying anorexia.

No. 814908

~*~Recovery warriors~*~ are the new pro-anas, ever since the internet started cracking down.

No. 814960

Is this a new one? Or one from last year. Bella, hun, you’re nowhere near 70 pounds. Sit down

No. 814971

Recovery warriors doing real recovery just like Elzani.

I’m quite surprised the twins are both still alive given how unwell they are.

No. 814972

File: 1559158944257.jpg (7.75 KB, 300x221, that never happened.jpg)

These posts totally aren't those of someone with an eating disorder:
(Bella's past posts in older threads)

Jumping the Munchie train to give herself an excuse not to eat. The lies are intense.

No. 814973

The twins are pretty sick for 41 year olds. Their bones are all brittle and Maria's always getting ailments like anal prolapse and colitis.
I honestly don't think they'll live to 30. I'm surprised they didn't do a suicide pact like those other anorexic twins. It's a shame because they were intelligent at one point. Now I don't even know how to describe them.

No. 814983

They are almost 12 years past 30…

No. 814987

mostly because at this point pro anas have realized the easiest way to be pro ana without major backlash is to hide it under the guise of being a ~recovery warrior~

No. 814988

Duh, I meant 50, soz.

No. 815015

If I was shockingly anorexic, like scaring-strangers level, I sure as fuck wouldn’t want my twin sister walking around with me… if you’re alone, people might think you have something like cancer/AIDS, but both of you together is a different ballgame

No. 815030

>>815015 they walk together for 5 hours a day too.

No. 815065

Can you imagine the conversations they probably have? Wow.

No. 815077


Calories and food Calories and food Calories and food x10000

No. 815082

I would pay substantial amounts of money to have an Elzani-meets-the-twins vlog.

No. 815102


Shit I live in North London too. Who are the twins? I've not heard of them

No. 815115

so i just watched a video of elzani (yes late to the game) and i know she has anorexia i dont know her whole life story or how long she had it, but in her video of eating breakfast out for the first time, she almost seems….brain dead? like how slow she talks and watching her eat she seems still so petrified even though she claims to be a warrior. does anyone know if she developed like some issue with her fucking brain that shes that slow talking/reacting?

No. 815121

I think she’s on the spectrum

No. 815220

Elzani is so fucking weird, I highly doubt she’s all there mentally, it’s why I can’t watch her videos. The way she creepy stares at the camera pisses me off. She reminds me of when Marina Joyce was having her breakdown, same wide open psycho eyes. Add the way she speaks to that and I highly doubt she’s, you know, normal. She probably has some kind of learning disability or is on the spectrum. I don’t understand how her family can stand her. Being one of her sisters must be hell, having to deal with that babbling, food-sniffing, attention whoring retard.

No. 815221

Just people act weird doesn't mean they're on the spectrum lmao. Elzani and the rest of these anorexics are suffering from extreme malnutrition, Anorexia causes this behaviour it has nothing to do with being "on the spectrum".

No. 815241

Displaying weird behaviour can also be a means of controlling others close to you.

No. 815243

Of course but the way she speaks and how she focuses on food and her complete lack of self awareness for how retarded and long and boring and exactly the same all her videos are is not all about having an eating disorder. There’s something else mentally with her apart from her ED

No. 815246

File: 1559183747405.jpg (69.42 KB, 480x480, 61563973_655013554945896_38159…)

Can we just talk about badthoughts.bongs.n.bandaids for a second? Due to her weight it doesn't look like she has an eating disorder, but you look at her content and her stories and it's completely different. She posts DAILY body checks (not like she's changed at all in the time I've kept up with her), is always posting pictures and videos of her getting high off various things, and let's not forget the awful edits.
She seems like she could be a real sweet person if she wasn't so blatantly pro…

No. 815248

Oh, another cow, just handed to us, that just happpens to be on private. Sure… I'll believe it when all the other cows become public. Sweetie, stop trying to hurt yourself and get the help that you need. I've been there and this world is a cruel place.(namefag)

No. 815249

seek help if you want a real life

No. 815250

>she’s thin and eats whatever /whenever she wants
So she's bulimic?

No. 815252

this was my exact thought process when I finally watched one of her videos. I think it’s so funny when someone posts about their first elzani video experience

No. 815254

I couldn’t find a user with that username?

No. 815256

No. 815266

No she's not on the spectrum - I was in the HU with her ( unfortunately for me)- she had an assessment for ASD but she's not. She's just weird.

No. 815267

File: 1559188550236.jpeg (40.64 KB, 717x435, image.jpeg)

Another one!…

No. 815269

One of them is at @kittyand_olive on Instagram

No. 815270

One of them is at @kittyand_olive on Instagram

No. 815274

Exactly - anorexic screwed up brain doesn’t make you have ASD. The creepy part is I think she does genuinely believe she is somehow helping other people! Which is way off the reality - she’s just making a tit of herself.

No. 815286

I don't believe all of these recovery accounts are people who secretly want to promote anorexia. I think the lot of them are just mentally ill attention-needing individuals who saw an outlet in the Instagram community.

I asked because when I first saw this thread I thought it would cover the actual pro-anorexics on tumblr and myproana who post bonespo and stuff like that. I'd rather make fun of them than recovery accounts. All they do is post pics of appalling homemade vegan food and updates from the hospital. Maybe the title of these threads could be something like "pro-ana scumbags & recovery accounts"

No. 815288

Why do you care so much about the title of the thread

No. 815290

because i was misled, tricked, & duped into believing this thread was something it wasnt

No. 815291

Exactly — personally almost got diagnosed with Aspergers before they realized all my symptoms had only appeared when my ED did. All of these freaky girls could very well be neurotypical and as normal as normal gets if they weren’t so disgustingly malnourished. It messes with your head to the point that some people basically regress back to childhood(blogging)

No. 815292

and you’re crying about it why?

No. 815293

Just wait here patiently and Admin will be along to refund your money.
Looking at bonespo just isn't interesting, it's why we look at anachans who use their social media audiences for attention and to promote their lifestyles.

No. 815317

You were in the HU with her? Recovery went well for you then…

No. 815327


If you don't get why this thread exists, then I'm not sure what you get out of the board. The point is these cows scam people for asspats, actual cash, self glorification. They shop their pics, they're fucking weird or wanarexics. Their food is a joke if they want us to think they have a problem/want to recover. They give Ed people a bad name.

Mpa is littered with bog standard kids wishing they were unhealthily thin. They're boring. These IG cows are in a different league.

You can hide the thread if it offends you.

No. 815333

#815266 what was she like in the unit (aside from weird), like how was she weird and did she socialise and comply with meals etc

No. 815354

Uhh not everyone has an eating disorder? Eating what you want is normal and doesn’t mean eating 3000+ calories.

No. 815356

File: 1559208428489.jpg (603.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190530-102423.jpg)

So apparently christals aren't helping, Becky now needs a boyfriend to cope
Too bad donations can't help with that…

No. 815357

Grackle /Grace is just normal - no food or weight issues- she's just getting on with her life. Think she does a fair few food related vlogs as she just has an interest in food- she's doing a degree/qualification at the National Bakery School .there is genuinely no milk about her.

No. 815358

I'm work in progress!

No. 815364

File: 1559209241168.jpg (47.92 KB, 644x442, phil and becky.jpg)

Oh, that lamp's pretty cool if it wasn't for the ugly base. Yeah, one shot at crystals hasn't cured her life. Oh well. Becky's posting suicidal shit because the car's broken. Still don't get why can't use public transport like stacks of other able bodied people who have mental issues. She's hinting heavily for a new laptop as well. Philip Schofield should buy her one.

No. 815372

Has Elzani ever considered doing asmr videos?
reminds me of that, can´t watch her vids though, gives me physical pain.

but wait, she can´t think of other topics than food so probably no asmr. Watching this person and her relationship with her mum triggers and makes depressed

No. 815374

Beauty vloggers have tried asmr, Elzani jumps on trends so I wouldn't be surprised if she tries it. She's only interested in food though, so don't even know if she's aware what it is.

No. 815384

She’s made references to ASMR before. I 3000% guarantee she’s getting off on eating ASMR / mukbang videos daily.

No. 815385

Ah, well then I expect she'll do either one at some point. We all need a new Divine Munchies. (Except she'll probably subtitle it "Licking food sounds").

No. 815399

the base of it makes it look like the whole fucking thing came from walmart

if dude was smart he would’ve had it strung up instead, no base just a cord, which makes ten thousand times more sense anyway

No. 815403

That'd be really beautiful suspended from the ceiling. If it's got to be a bedside/table lamp it'd be better if it was held in a thin black metal structure at least.

Lol, waiting for Becky to start posting she wants one ~begging hands emoji~ As much as she claims she's "arty", she'll be into the tacky base. Oh wait, she wants the boyfriend. Sad to think a lot of these spoops (twins, Becky) are going to die without ever having a relationship. Not something essential to life, but it's something I think I'd want to experience before I died.

No. 815404

File: 1559216565484.jpg (49.83 KB, 1002x1002, moonlamp.jpg)

(this one's £14). Sorry for derailing.

No. 815452

She does this weird thing of slurping her cereal milk then saying ‘asmr’ - can’t see her doing anything properly. But what does she actually do all day?

No. 815482

she thinks about food, talks about it, films it, sniffs it, you name it. she has no life outside of her mental illness.

the most exciting part of her day is probably going to the store with mummy and picking new bread!!! wow!!! cue 40 minute video of "first time eating this very specific kind of bread"

No. 815491

i know her personally and she does not do anything except for get high and use lax. she’s not nice and her body checks are super strained and desperate? almost. she’s obsessed with her dead friend and will mourn her death (from bulimia) on one story then talk about how she’s on the toilet shitting from lax in the next one, not sure if she’s milky but she’s sure as hell extremely annoying.

No. 815560

File: 1559240578270.jpeg (294.15 KB, 750x1213, 5E30BFF9-09CA-44E0-B22E-319BE0…)

everyones least favorite shooper is back at it again, yall

No. 815562

Kelsey ain’t gonna have any legs left in three weeks if she keeps shopping them thinner and thinner

No. 815566



Right hand fingers like ET.

Think she's taken to colouring her big toenails grey.

No. 815568

File: 1559240902114.jpg (17.26 KB, 223x257, 0.JPG)

Dropped pic

No. 815570

samefag but i'll never understand how she thinks that her perfectly healthy looking face can go with her "emaciated" body

No. 815571

and the healthy hair and nails. No hint of cheekbones.

No. 815613

File: 1559245357575.jpg (74.24 KB, 930x593, Capture.JPG)

Elzani used to have friends. Found her on a hashtag search.

No. 815619

Oh wait, there's loads of her tagged with friends…having fun.

No. 815631

In my heart those "friends" are practicing their pringle-licking faces.

No. 815633

Made me lol irl! In my heart I'm hoping one day her sisters can feel as joyful as Elzani looks here.

I'm in no way invalidating (w/e the word is) her illness, but she hasn't had her ED very long compared to a lot of ig anas. For this reason it makes me doubt even further she's in any way recovered. Anorexia -> gets spoopy -> goes ip -> comes out all recovered. No no no no no. I'd much rather take fucking Aly as a role model because I think there's always an inevitable relapse of some kind, and she hit one. I can't take her seriously. Not that someone with a longer history is any more qualified to offer advice, but she's fooling herself and 100s of others.

No. 815648

i never said 'i dont get why the thread exists'. the conversation is over.

No. 815654

Butthurt because we weren't interested in you? Aww.

No. 815660

Well she needs to sort her shit out ( call goes out for her sister who seems to be the only one who talks any sense or be really blunt with her) or she’s going to end up back in the HU and like Maria and Katy.

Talking of the HU there used to be a gyro called something like weebabe on Instagram ( real name Laura Jones )- anyone know about her? She’d been in the HU and other units for years and barely , if ever came out of her room. Rumour had it she had that illness where you invent things are wrong when they aren’t - aside from her anorexia. She was totally institutionalised .

No. 815663

File: 1559251952766.jpg (31.2 KB, 933x263, wee.JPG)

Is this her?
https://www.instagram.com/weebabe66/ Can't post anything, it's private.

No. 815693

You can just tell she was the most middle class basic bitch lmao.

No. 815694


When I was IP there were urban legend style stories going round of women in other EDUs who had been there for 20+ years. I could see it to be honest, some people seemed to thrive on being institutionalised.

No. 815696

Yeah no its weird like she doesn't seem to have had anorexia for very long yet acts like she has idk, says shes had it like 6 tears or something but… If you look at old pics she only got spoopy like 2 years ago max

No. 815701

File: 1559256624805.png (1011.32 KB, 1072x1683, IMG_20190530_234950.png)

Damn that's a coincidence with the asmr

No. 815704

It used to be a bit of a laugh watching her videos but now I cant sit through them without genuinely becoming extremely uncomfortable. Has anyone else realised that she quite literally doesn't talk about anything, ANYTHING other than food, food related things, or is just relating every part of her daily living back to food? Whatever is going on inside that head it must be torturous pondering over nothing but tiger bread, runny eggs and M&S flapjacks every minute of the day.

I also don't think she is purging because she doesn't film every day of her eating so I'm sure when shes not on camera she is restricting just as much as she was before she went ICU. One or two days a week eating what she perceives to be ""recovery portions"" wouldn't make any changes to her weight and if anything she is still loosing rapidly on the amount shes consuming.

No. 815725

I was just about to post that too.

No. 815727

File: 1559261468518.jpeg (63.82 KB, 611x419, image.jpeg)

Can someone explain to me what the funny joke was about? I must be missing something….

And as for the title of the vlog 'how to recover from an eating disorder' does she really think it's as simple as eating some food? ( rhetorical question - but answer is yes probably ) what about therapy and sorting out the shit that caused the ed in the first place?

No. 815729

File: 1559261659482.jpeg (52.49 KB, 512x428, image.jpeg)

She's been looking at Smorvens IG too much- how many pieces can I cut up an apple in to. And who eats an apple with a spoon?

No. 815731

And her portion sizes have been shrinking and snacks vanishing.

No. 815751

>makes disgusting slurping and crunching noises
>zooms in while mouth half open chewing and food hanging out
Is Elzani just trying to be as gross and embarrassing as possible or has she lost all self awareness?

No. 815783

Yes that's her- at least she's still alive.

No. 815872

She has recovered now and has been discharged. No images I am afraid though.
Elzani doesn’t purge as in vomiting- she restricts when not filming.

No. 815880

File: 1559293628915.jpg (568.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-103108.jpg)

What the f is going on with spaceship? What drugs is she on?

No. 815881

File: 1559293745522.jpg (452.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-103117.jpg)

Someone please explain

No. 815883

File: 1559294000597.jpg (910.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-102228.jpg)

Forget about christals, laptops, moon lamps and boyfriends - it's a dog that will make everything alright now…

No. 815884

??? what are you even saying like why did you feel the need to reply

No. 815921

Is she high lmao?

No. 815923

Nah I think she’s purposely acting bizarre and paranoid for the attention and concern

No. 815953

Yes I definitely agree with this. She’s trying to act like either her nutritions so bad that she’s bonkers, or like she’s on drugs. Actually it really just makes her seem more cognizant and calculated in her manipulation. She just wants lots of DMs and ppl interested in her. Every aspect of this >>815880 just screams narcissism like who tf does she think she is??? A survey? High demand? Spaceship ppl just want to follow u to make fun of you and watch the train wreck don’t flatter yourself kek

No. 815963

Ew. Steff Marie used to do a similar thing where she would do little IG stories that were trivia questions all about her to “test how well her followers knew her”. Seemed super conceited.

No. 815984

File: 1559322423157.jpeg (299.09 KB, 1242x1688, E4067A0F-B56D-484C-9B9E-8E080A…)

@dj_desperation or @nikadies
Shes like skinny fat? All her body pics look off and when she takes vids she looks like she is sucking in max and sticking her ass out so her thighs look smaller. She claims to be 5’9 and 90 pounds but theres no way. Maybe her big head and me being used to seeing her big is making me not be able to see shes skinny? Pink hair is her before her ed. Sage for spam

No. 815985

File: 1559322456521.jpeg (147.31 KB, 1242x1148, 4418307E-406C-45BD-9F74-8DFFB9…)

No. 815987

File: 1559322503905.jpeg (401.23 KB, 1242x1945, DF6B4A70-E1FD-42B0-AA44-57F6E9…)

No. 815988

File: 1559322543478.jpeg (398.67 KB, 1242x1817, 2C1FA030-96A4-4894-A058-94DE9D…)

No. 815990

Her legs tell a very different story.

Lol. A totally normal pose to show off a new skirt.

No. 816024

File: 1559328499225.jpeg (59.49 KB, 603x563, 4FD4629B-6194-40B6-8BF9-B975D3…)

Interesting . May be she’ll be honest about her ED/bping too

No. 816079

File: 1559335894532.png (5.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2973.PNG)

What the fuck is this mess

No. 816091

File: 1559337376567.jpeg (375.65 KB, 750x574, FDE45719-C20B-49DD-8ED3-53EE3A…)


Been trying to think of something to say about this vlog ……

No. 816093

Now she’s just referring to herself as “anorexic”, not Elizani. Literally no identity outside of being spoilt, spoopy and food obsessed. None.

No. 816094

Great way to destroy her malnourished body even more..

No. 816095

Does dustbinflowers just like… OD all the time? WTF on her tumblr:


No. 816097

It’s not even normal to eat 5000 cals in a day- even ip they stop around 3500 ish.
And binging on a pint of ice cream isn’t normal either .

No. 816103

I think so yes. Sometimes I think she over exaggerates because of her coherence and ability to document things with photos, posts etc, but for the most part I think she’s abusing drugs. It plays into her edgy anorexic give no fucks aesthetic, which is a lot less cool when your in your 30s like yikes get it together dusty. I mean her whole life revolves around harming herself in a way that yields insta and tumblr content… for strangers to give her attention and asspats. It’s really sad.

No. 816105

The amount of sodium in those pringles made me cringe so damn hard

No. 816108

Ok I watched it and she’s in complete denial about the fact that she has and eating disorder…. she’s lying when she said she never did anything to lose weight, being hooked up to a constant drainage bag, watering down her feeds and lowering her rate immensely, all in an effort to lose weight. You know what I really wish she admitted to? The photoshop, some of her insta account has clearly photoshopped images of herself, now she could have blamed that on her body dysmorphia but she was doing this so she could talk about how she was so skinny and was on such a high calorie diet bla bla bla she’s only making this video Bc she misses being thin and the attention she got from it so she’s reminding ppl with this bs video… we’ve all seen u at your lowest Amy you’ve posted that photo numerous times, posted numerous eating disorder style body checks etc. What a bull shit video honestly

No. 816109

this is honestly so weird and unhealthy. she binges all day, then eats a pint of ice cream on the couch with her mom, but ofc her mom finishes first and falls asleep like 20x while Elzani keeps eating. Then when she finishes her mom is like half asleep and looks SO DONE…
but then Elzani decides she also has to eat an entire tube of pringles after everyone has gone to bed? I feel nauseated just thinking about it.
She also at one point showed off her bloated belly to prove how full she was like yea no shit binge on 5000 calories and you will feel bloated and probably sick… which was likely her goal anyway. she probably purged right after she stopped filming.

No. 816116

File: 1559340430348.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 5F66AC6B-5694-4920-A35A-6889D6…)

She really out here reblogging shit like this like it’s 2007

No. 816119

Omg she made her poor mom eat a whole pint too? I stg she probably tries to control the intake of everyone in that godforsaken house to make sure she still eats the least.

No. 816120

What fucking gets me is she claims her bmi was like 11 in that video about her starving or whatever, but there's no way in hell it was, even with the dodgy pgotoshopping

No. 816124

You know when we were saying she'd do mukbangs or asmr? One of my thoughts was she'd do a Man vs Food thing.

No way did she do this. That's a scary amount of calories for non disordered people. That would fuck up someone's stomach if they're not used to it being expanded so much. Fuck off, Elzani, you're full of shit.

No. 816126

Her whole tumblr is a wannabe edgy 14 year old's content.

You don't OD on pills if you just sleep a lot. Self medicating with benzos for instance just makes you, duh, sleep more. Oding is self medicating. If you can't figure out that extra meds is going to make you oversleep an appointment then you're thicker than I already thought.

No. 816129

Honestly, I've been watching her 14 year old tumblr and the weirdest things are the hints you get of her relationship with others. Her partner is rarely talked about but her therapist seems to have a weird relationship with her.

if you told me the person who owns her tumblr was 14, I would believe you a thousands times more than I would believe she's in her 30s.

No. 816141


Not to mention that her first NG tube was from a 15 year old fan of hers, when she begged for someone to send one, totally not prescribed by a doctor

No. 816142

File: 1559346885084.png (521.61 KB, 750x1334, 0E99C229-C45F-4C5D-A017-3E14B8…)

For everyone asking if her family think she’s obsessed with food go watch the first 30 seconds of this breakdown video, my apologies if you’ve already seen it. I was scrolling back to see how long she’s been eating this many calories and it’s been months, if she ate like that for a week she’d gain weight, I’m so confused it’s almost like Paris, she eats, shows what she has but never gains, obviously elzani is eating way more calories but its still the same thing. Is she purging, over exercising? Like why hasn’t she gained weight binging is not recovery, Eating a normal meal plan given by a professional to meet weight restoration is. Recovery is more than just fear foods it’s gaining weight and I don’t think elzani or Paris get that. Ik Paris famous McDonalds meal is like super low in calories so i guess it makes sense why she hasn’t gained but I’m just more so addressing the similarities in how they focus so much on the fear foods rather than sustaining a healthy diet that will get them weight restored. Does anyone have any ideas on how elzanis managed to stay spoopy whilst eating thousands of calories for months?

No. 816145

I question her whole EDS diagnosis in general… maybe hypermobile but like yea if your chubby then you lose a lot of weight unhealthily and quickly like amy your going to have extra skin that is stretchy lol. In a recent video she even said she’d fake passing out as a joke to her Bf… makes me question what else is she faking? Her consistent instances in the past of having low potassium is a dead give away of purging, that causes her heart irregularities that are blamed on pots. Literally multiple aspects of her EDS or whatever could be explained by bulimia. Also she does so many ed behaviors! From chew and spit, to eat and drain… come on amy kek

No. 816147

IF she's eating all this and not purging, I'm guessing she restricts on days off from youtube. I find it difficult to believe she isn't purging.

She needs to stick to a structured meal plan. She'll have been told how many extra cals a day she needs to gain x amount a week, but she's still a stick.

Unless it's a mega high metabolism as Aly claimed, or some other medical reason then she just aint eating a lot most of the time.

No. 816166

ot but it certainly isn't uncommon to finish a whole pint at once, tho for sure not behaviour people repeat often.

No. 816167

That’s exactly it she knows how much she needs to eat a week but does otherwise on her days off and justifies it with her “recovery” videos which are essentially just binging… Ik some of AN recovery is eating high calorie meals and foods but like no you don’t ever need an entire can of pringles or like 7 different bread items for just one meal. As positive an “uplifting” as she acts I really think she’s a horrible example for recovering ppl to follow

No. 816173

While it's not a normal or sustainable way to eat, I would be cool with her "bingeing" on junk food and calling it recovery if she was actually gaining weight (because that is part of recovery for some people, before their eating levels off to something more balanced and normal). What ever it is she's doing right now is some sort of act and theres definitely sneaky shit going on behind the scenes because she's just looking worse and worse all while heralding herself as some sort of 'recovery qweeen'

No. 816177

It'd also be scary to see her videos if you've just started recovery as an outpatient. Instead of having a nutritionist work on an eating plan and the psychologist nudging you towards adding, say, a 1/4 pot of hoummus as a dip and raw veg with a meal or as an extra you'd see LOOK AT ME I'M EATING A FULL FUCKING TUBE OF PRINGLES AND THE EQUIVALENT OF A FOOT LONG AND POTATO SHAPES WITH SMILIE FACES AND A PINT OF ICE CREAM!!!!1 1)You're kidding, right? 2)You'd feel a failure because you're eating a dip and she's scoffing Subway and raiding a multiplex refreshments department.

Yeah, if it's possible to eat loads because you're over the calorie thing and dead set on recovery full on that's fine but as you say her eyes are dead, she looks ill.

The comments on her videos piss me off so hard.

Also, should she be counting calories? Obviously she is if she knows she's had 5k. I thought recovery was eating without paying attention to calorific value/macros.

No. 816179

Damn where’d you go inpatient. Going up to 5000 isn’t common but they will definitely put you on the 5k if you need it. Someone who purges likely wouldn’t need to go that high and it’s more risky to put them on a meal plan that’s essentially binging but some Arfid people or restricters get put on them
Agreed. Ice cream is good. Eating a pint isn’t abnormal. Eating an entire sleeve of Pringle’s and a massive sandwich is abnormal though. The amount of space that sandwich took up in her stomach would be insane

No. 816197

Something not right about the words anorexic eats 5000 calories in a day in the same sentence - unless she’s purging . She’s running out of videos . And why on earth it her mum encouraging her to binge on 5000 calories. The whole thing is a shit show.

I’m surprised Elzani hasn’t come on here to defend herself….. or maybe she’s lurking.

Also if she has made so much progress in real recovery she needs to sort the rest of her life out- and do something - instead of sponging off her mum and dad and being obsessed with food- either she’s ill and non recovered or she’s recovered and can’t keep using anorexia as an excuse not to get a job/go to uni whatever .

No. 816198

>Going up to 5000 isn’t common but they will definitely put you on the 5k if you need it.

Not the anon you quoted, but would part of that 5K include Ensures? Just asking because that's kinda different from being presented with a lot of food.

No. 816203

not the person you’re talking to, but yeah, in most situations people can’t really stomach that amount of solid food, so the 5k would include juice, milk, supplement drinks, and stuff that’s low volume+cal dense (nuts, etc)

No. 816208

Not in my personal experience. Gotta eat all of it in as food or you’re considered “non compliant”

No. 816233

File: 1559377215687.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-211822_Ins…)

It's rank like all the other wierd combos she makes!

Did you see the post that was deleted? Such a good role role model for those in recovery! Let's advertise rank calprice free syrup

No. 816240

File: 1559379557988.jpeg (850.31 KB, 1157x1862, CC00DB1A-5258-459D-9766-7FCD6B…)

Eugenia Cooney’s hairstylist post this, she looks so much healthier and better than a few months ago.

No. 816244

She looks like a 60s babe. So glad she finally got some medical care.

No. 816248

She's beautiful. I wonder if she'll ever go back to YouTube, or social media in general.

No. 816260

I can't remember the last time I went on lolcow and was greeted with good news, if ever until now. Today's a special day!

Thanks for the update anon, good vibes all around.

No. 816261

Wow she's gorgeous, so happy for her.

No. 816273

File: 1559392745426.jpeg (516.46 KB, 640x905, 7CF843DC-4872-411F-9742-30388A…)


No. 816275

She looks really good! I hope she's determined to get better too so that she doesn't relapse when she gets out from IP.

I honestly agree with Kara. Promoting low-cal syrups to a community of vulnerable people who are trying to recover from an eating disorder is not a very moral thing to do, imo.

No. 816278

Could be an old pic

No. 816286

Jiggery pokery she's not being as honest as she pretends.
5000 cal is a binge day NOT the extreme hunger she claims in her latest IG post .

No. 816307

has she ever had a haircut like that?

No. 816316

Good point- how does she know it's 5000 cals if she's supposedly not counting?

No. 816321

File: 1559404108420.jpg (166.29 KB, 640x1136, 62027942_153247425809057_54975…)

lmfao yes I came here to post about this. I have sort of mixed feelings on Kara (she's great lately, but due to the fact that she's been in quasi for so many years that I can't 100% trust her 'till I see her really weight restore and keep it up) but I'm so glad she called her out.

People eating and promoting nothing but diet and low-cal alternatives in fucking anorexia recovery communities is exactly why I've never been able to feel comfortable in or take them seriously. It's so rampant and what SHOULD be seen as obviously disordered behavior, yet it's accepted because it's ""healthy"" or "better than nothing" or because 99% of instagram "recovery kweens" are in quasi and not real recovery anyway.

No. 816328

I don't really mind Chii that much, especially lately as you mentioned, and I am so fucking glad someone called Nourish out! It's the perfect analogy.
I was hoping for an all out influencer brawl though. Does anyone know if Nourish has replied? she blocked me for calling her out once.

No. 816340

No it's definitely a new picture.

No. 816347

She blocked Chii and went private once Chii's audience got to the picture

No. 816351

… You do realize that's Kara's instagram story and the icon is her's, right?

No. 816354

It’s a screenshot of her taking a screenshot and putting it in her story, you can go look at chii’s Ig stories if you don’t see what I mean. I highly doubt chii knows about lolcow or she’d probably be whining about being victimized by us

No. 816361

Can't say I follow Eugenia in any way, but even though she'll be feeling like shit I only wish the best for her. It's difficult to tell how much she's gained because her face always looked healthy, and it could be bloating that's taken away the skele mouth/teeth thing. She looks great though.

I looked at this company's insta and the people who tagged are either on a ~weight loss journey~ or are body builders. I can't see I'd ever have a use for these things, sugar or sugar free, but it's sketchy of the company to send this shit to an anorexic. Recovery's the time it's okay to eat foods with refined sugar in them after all, not cut down on calories. Back to Eugenia, she was used by a load of clothing brands to get views. It's fucked but they have no morals. And nourish is a shithead.

No. 816400

File: 1559417742365.jpeg (195.32 KB, 750x1233, FEE8CF88-3C61-4576-BE75-0E958C…)

You can definitely see the weight she has gained in her face, pic for comparison. Also her shoulders. I hope she continues to make progress, im happy for her.

No. 816407

Yeah, the difference is apparent and good. She looks like she's dressing more mature/less emo-esque. I hope she drops all that Jack Skellington shit. She looks awful in this old pic. Hope she decides to stay on the recovery train.

No. 816428

Uhm what kek not sure how I missed this, she’ll never be able to have foster children with how mentally and physically unstable she is and especially if she’s using drugs which it definitely seems like it in this post
>>815880 she’s honestly too annoying to follow but now I’m interested anyone got new milk on her?

No. 816560

File: 1559437354844.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 4E1F8888-EB78-4795-9CA2-C62B98…)

Part 1
I forgot if she’s been mentioned here but every hospitalization this girl has she is one of the most non compliant attention seeking anachans I’ve seen. She wants ppl to think she’s waaaay sicker than she is, says her bloods and ECG are fine yet she’s at risk for refeeding… and the drs are quickly increasing her rate and quantity of her feeds, so sure Jan kek. She says anything to get attention and wants to be the sickest ana queen

No. 816561

File: 1559437386734.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 461C2C79-0567-4870-B306-5C469B…)

Part 2

No. 816575

File: 1559438338410.jpeg (88.31 KB, 671x534, image.jpeg)

Reading through previous comments on Elzanis IG .

No. 816576

File: 1559438371417.jpeg (110.4 KB, 736x676, image.jpeg)


No. 816597

I’m glad some people are starting to see through her bullshit and are calling her out. I think the most damaging thing about her whole “recovery” spiel is how she’s supposedly eating all this food frequently and not gaining weight, if an impressionable, naive girl who’s struggling with anorexia sees her videos and thinks recovery is possible while not losing her skeletal frame, then she starts eating like Elzani but starts gaining weight, that could send anyone spiraling down. I know it’s not entirely her responsibility as she is just a girl online, but her entire persona is still toxic as fuck. Also, as >>816197 said, I don’t even believe she’s trying to recover. If she did, she would no longer be “the anorexic” and we’ve discussed how her entire personality is, basically, being the anorexic. When she’s not anymore, she’s got nothing. Creating a whole YouTube channel about it was the worst thing she could have done. Anyway, I just feel bad for her family.

No. 816649

Exactly . She’s doing more harm to other people with eating disorders than good.
I think creating her own hashtag #elzani was more than just a little narcissistic . Basically she’s making a twat of herself .

No. 816652

File: 1559448600277.jpg (231.73 KB, 750x1139, IMG_5586.jpg)

Behold, another anorexic munchie. This one is too much for me to explain in one post - basically, her account is littered with posts from her "boyfriend", who is posting on her behalf as she's in an "induced coma".
Turns out the boyfriend is actually a famous pilot, who is currently in Germany and NOT by her bedside as she so clearly says in all of her posts/stories. All the "hospital" pictures are very staged and clearly not in a hospital room - you guys have to see this to believe it.

No. 816662

How are we supposed to behold if you crop the account name

No. 816667

Yes was going to mention this gal! She seems so desperate as in making up a boyfriend who is posting on her account while she is supposedly in and out of a coma. Her posts are all over the place though because one minute she is on a ventilator and in an induced coma then the next minute she's trying to pull out her ng….

No. 816675

Oops sorry, got a little carried away with the cropping. Her account name is atravelsaway.
Exactly right! Her narrative doesn't match up. One second she's on oxygen because she's got an infected rash - the next she's out of hospital and doing fine…

No. 816681

Yeah claims to be like 60lbs even though pictures of her in the hospital a couple of weeks ago have her looking pretty normal just jutting collar bones way too hard. Claims to be in hospital yet has pics of her at home. The "boyfriend" only posts old pictures because she doesn't want people to see her now. It's all too fucked and confusing…

No. 816751

File: 1559478660198.jpg (106.02 KB, 1080x867, pilotpatrick.jpg)

Boyfriend's pictures are clearly of a man called @PilotPatrick.

When called out, the account holder has said that all the pictures on @PilotPatrick are old, and that what @atravelsaway is posting is by the real Patrick. Comments deleted, if I see a screenshot floating around, I'll nab it.

No. 816752

File: 1559478732136.jpg (177.52 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20190602_223158.jpg)

No. 816755

Such a damn shame she is on private.

No. 816756

I'm confused. Atravelsaway is the munchie fake ana? Why is she saying here >>816752 that she's pilot patrick?

No. 816758

Yes, munchie and ana…and in that screenshot she is pretending in the comments to be her fake boyfriend and shes been using pilot patricks images saying that is her "boyfriend" and when called out she says pilot patrick is some sort of work account for her boyfriend LOL that her "boyfriend" has no access to

No. 816760

Getchya. I'm with >>816755 … damn shame.

No. 816762

she accepts pretty quickly

No. 816763

she will accept

No. 816774

Only twats like Elzani leave their ig as public ( aside from the people who are genuinely recovering like Rebeca and megsy).

No. 816780

File: 1559490137766.jpg (12.13 KB, 320x69, waiting.JPG)

That's true, that is. I'm just hoping that Elzani falls flat on her face with this shit soon and I want to see it happen. People are already getting wise, but I really don't understand the stans at all.

I wish I could unfollow Becky. She's so depressing, arrogant, vain and ugly but it makes me laugh to read Aly's comments where she's pretending to understand really deep mental illness. Idk how she can even look at Becky and not think she wants to be a spoop again. Scrap that, looking at Becky it'd make me more determined not to look like a hag ever again.

I look at the people the skinny fetish guy "Henry Roth" follows on vk for milk but guess what, yup, most are private.

No. 816785

Was this Elzani post recent? If so I 100% guarantee another "I'm starting REAL recovery! REAL recovery starts today!" teary vlog is on its way. I hope Sitara (or anyone) calls her out on camera again. Those are my favorite.

No. 816787

God, no. 2017!! I was just looking at her twitter. It kinda makes me think she might've purged at one point because she's hinting at mental health/eating issues but then says things about how stuffed she is at Christmas and how much chocolate she ate at Easter.

No. 816788

File: 1559491393338.jpg (618.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190603-015945_Fac…)

Adriennes "boyfriend" personal fb even says he is in Madrid any. Anyone know her last name?

No. 816792

She claims her boyfriends name is Michael…

No. 816805

File: 1559493678165.png (4.94 MB, 1242x2208, C7667D38-7C4C-4B4B-9B03-0A5420…)

adrienne/micheal/patrick’s most recent

No. 816807

File: 1559493720203.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1935, EC507F2F-2164-4BDE-9CB3-82F5E7…)

at this point her shooping is so inconsistent it’s mad anyone believes her

No. 816810

How old is she. I'm guessing 40s?

No. 816812

Smiling bravely through her depression despite sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, and dear god those chest bones. Not only that, she battles with her deformities. The right hand fingers being considerably longer than the stubbier left hand (I could have right and left wrong, I can't figure out mirror images.

I hope she decorates soon. Really bored of her colour scheme now.

No. 816814

Her crotch-al region just gets shorter and shorter. Does she think we think her legs start at her belly button?

No. 816821

File: 1559495179635.jpg (36.94 KB, 313x362, hint hint.JPG)

See, this is why I need to do DTs and just block Becky. Her constant heavy hinting that she wants people to post her things. Now she wants makeup. Like it makes her look any better anyway and we all know there're calories in makeup.

Get a fucking job from home, and I don't mean making twee shitty things and sticking them on etsy.

No. 816830

Her calves are the same size as her thighs. Try a little harder, kels

No. 816831

File: 1559496736799.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, 4CF0D811-D90C-4244-8B9A-169214…)

No. 816832

What’s going on with her neck

No. 816833

As if anyone who was actually that skinny could stay out drinking all night. Pmsl!

No. 816834

File: 1559496809506.jpg (546.14 KB, 1080x1556, 20190603_033305.jpg)

Kek this beyond hilarious

No. 816835

File: 1559496832278.jpeg (262.56 KB, 1012x1800, AC46CE13-9799-4B38-AA81-0E4E79…)

No. 816836

Jesus christ she sounds so spoilt. As if make up counts as "essentials"

No. 816837

File: 1559497045377.jpg (310.6 KB, 1080x1266, 20190603_033323.jpg)

No. 816838

he's supposedly posting on her behalf because she's in a medically induced coma and yet the photos he's shared as 'proof' of her hospital room are clearly taken from her perspective (the first and last at least)

No. 816839

Two of those pics she has reused from previous posts hahaha the computer one she just zoomed in on from a previous admission. Oh lordie

No. 816840

if she really is in her 40's this whole facade is even more pathetic

No. 816841

Also if she were in a medically induced coma, she would be in ICU and that's not an ICU room

No. 816842

He looks very happy that his girlfriend's dying!

Wish we could zoom into what's on that monitor.

I know! All the pics she posts of her with snotty tear face. Once again, I question her BDD. Hates how she looks, multiple pics a day. If I had spare makeup (which I do, lots lol) I'd give it to a woman's refuge. Probably will tbh although Becky probably needs it more than a battered woman going to court needs it for some self dignity as she's about to go to court to testify against her abuser.

No. 816844

She must be psychotic.

No. 816845

I'm picking up stalker vibes for this guy.

No. 816846

File: 1559497791402.jpg (491.23 KB, 1002x1470, 20190603_034929.jpg)

No. 816848

can anyone find the original source of the first image?

No. 816849

File: 1559498008381.jpg (361.49 KB, 1085x1085, 15_AAA_07_04.jpg)

No. 816851

File: 1559498189456.jpg (394.84 KB, 1085x1929, 4007vSe.jpg)

looks like she's not the first to have named him Micheal/Michael

No. 816852

File: 1559498192612.jpg (122.36 KB, 913x568, Capture.JPG)

Could be this t shirt he's wearing >>816846

No. 816854

It's from a YouTube video on Patrick's channel

No. 816857

No. 816866

File: 1559500088953.png (581.59 KB, 972x746, instastories.PNG)

Was assuming it was from his instagram, until i saw the youtube comment below yours. Safe to say, he's not in a hospital (seems like where he vlogs from/home). Wonder if his instagram is "under business control" too, despite it being him vlogging.

Someone on par with Kasia with delusions?

No. 816867

Bet she's posting comments on his real fb/ig/twitter. Safe to say she's fucking nuts. What an amazing cow!

No. 816875

File: 1559501992553.png (722.72 KB, 572x624, usernamechange.PNG)

Does anyone know what her username was prior to the name change?

No. 816883


No. 816885

Right! It’s been a long time since we’ve had milk so luxurious. Do any of you happen to know her last name?

No. 816896

Top one is cropped. Her icon was in her IG story, which was screencapped. Unless Kara is selfposting here, which I kind of doubt.

No. 816911

File: 1559506215408.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1242x1709, A9CD28AD-D74D-4BEC-9EF5-C32787…)

He just took off 5 hours ago from Milan, Italy, but is in the hospital at the same time…
This is super awkward….

No. 816912

And to be perfectly honest I think he is gay. Extremely gay.

No. 816913

Maybe she has you blocked? i saw a few comments vanish from a post. Her current name is atravelsaway. Just found the old username and it was anatravelsafar.

No. 816916

Lol you reckon? If he was into women, why would a health food of and fitness blogger be interested in a demic like her.

Just read an interview with him in Gay Times …

No. 816957

I’d die for a photoshopped picture of them together by atravelsaway

No. 816959

Got everything crossed for that.

No. 816963

I hope we aren't being punk'd by a farmer. This one seems too good to be true.

No. 816966

Good god, I would die happy!

No. 816988

File: 1559520073492.jpg (237.3 KB, 750x1007, IMG_5591.jpg)

Major kek. People calling her out for using the same pictures and she replies asking for them to say a prayer. This milk is delicious.

No. 816992

I'd love if I was ~dying~ in hospital and my boyfriend was arseing around on instagram. I'm sure I'd do the same if a loved one was about to walk with Jesus. No point holding their hand and crying about potentially losing them to Little Lord J. Gay pilots must be strong. And have the ability to be in two places at once. And pray while tapping messages on instagram.

This is so like Love Story. I'm overwhelmed.

No. 817003

File: 1559521691804.jpg (237.57 KB, 720x1229, 20190602_192522.jpg)

Poor guy, this seems to be an ongoing thing for him.

No. 817008

File: 1559522184522.jpg (469.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190603_101344_com…)

And yet "he's" posted this 2 second video in which he says "Thank you so much for all your love."

And a video of individual photos of them cut together to "prove" they're together. How do I download instagram videos?

No. 817011

File: 1559522304672.jpeg (149.87 KB, 1024x1024, B8B38B63-3932-4D01-A12B-6F9FC0…)

So Korey spoke at this event and look at the hashtags, man she is pulling some fake ass shit to convince everyone she’s so bopo but really just an anachan who refuses to gain weight

No. 817014

Makes me so mad cause theres probs heaps of other amazing ppl who actually recover and gain weight and have great stores to share about overcoming their eating disorder and then there’s just korey who lives a lovely fairy dairy life in her underweight vegan world with money from mommy and daddy

No. 817016

Man the poor guy

No. 817023

File: 1559522680655.jpg (789.06 KB, 1080x2160, atravelsaway.jpg)

No. 817024

Don't forget the "clean eating" zucchini cupcakes she's trying to pawn off to her following of young anorexics.

No. 817026

No. 817084


Could the atravelsaway account have used a site like https://www.storyinsta.com/ to download an old video and post it to their account?

No. 817102

And in her latest post she claims to have been diagnosed with "anorexia" at 2 years old. This keeps getting better.

No. 817111

No. 817115

For once she’s said something sensible ! But no doubt like anything else she spouts it will be BS.

No. 817118

File: 1559535305528.jpg (496.7 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20190603_141453.jpg)

No. 817135

That was literally the project she was given - gluten free or something. Like how can her study not be just feeding her anachan obsession

No. 817186

File: 1559546098947.jpeg (28.81 KB, 480x360, D72555B5-468A-467D-809A-38DC27…)

I had a look on her stories at the monitor and it looks like a video telemetry screen.

You sometimes see these chicks with stickers all over their heads and wires attached, it’s an EEG, it monitors the brainwaves and in video telemetry they’re mostly looking for signs of epilepsy when someone is having seizure. Someone literally sits and watches them constantly, usually outside the room on a camera, and waits for a seizure to happen.

There’s lots of different reasons people can have seizures and this only rules out epilepsy, it’s quite complicated but usually picked up on pretty quickly if it’s munchie attention seeking and they’re quickly referred to mental health. Munchies usually get pretty excited about the procedure cos it looks very medical and exciting, but they’re trapped in a room for a few days bored to tears.

I found a pic online of someone else’s video telemetry screen to compare.

Anyway sage for sperging OT a bit there

No. 817189

She probably used someone else's hospital pics seeing how she uses poor pilot patrick's.

No. 817221

She has been hospitalised before: my guess is that she's just reposting old pics to keep up the facade of being inpatient.

Major kek. Doctors could stick spaghetti to a munchies head and they'd still be bragging about the intense medical procedures they're enduring. As someone who's had an EEG I have to say, it's no more exciting than a plain old blood test. Just a few extra machines.

No. 817224

Autosaged because of newfags and retards who don't read the rules.

No. 817229

Mine too!

No. 817261

Kek, i bet thats her at that moment pretending to be her nonexistent catfish boyfriend.

No. 817267

File: 1559572940792.jpg (326.7 KB, 687x1142, SmartSelect_20190603-104149_In…)

Oh god, she had a heart attack.

No. 817269

File: 1559573225120.jpg (274.97 KB, 720x1480, 20190603_104717.jpg)

No. 817271

File: 1559574417276.jpg (206.3 KB, 599x599, brazilletters.jpg)

Well, safe to say. Her real name is Kristen (age 39), her middle name is Adrienne (suprise suprise). Her brother has mug shots online - i thought a sister was 33, but it's a brother, not sure what for so maybe they're dodgy people in general.

No. 817335

File: 1559583181469.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 57629C26-AB96-4B37-A2AD-79A19A…)

This is a new level of weird

No. 817341

How the fuck are people actually falling for this though? I mean I can be dumb and naive at times but this is so damn obvious and fake. I'm starting to think it's actually someone trolling us KEK.

No. 817343

Hero farmer needs to win that FaceTime and bring us all the milk!

No. 817346

If it wasn’t cow tipping I’d totally give it a shot hahaha

No. 817356

$10 says if someone said her first words would be something to the extent of “Michael, you are my miracle. Our love is endless and will always prevail” they would win

No. 817359

File: 1559585947100.jpeg (467.77 KB, 640x935, 9D7A0FD9-8F94-4035-A0AB-568EFF…)

Elzani pretty much confirming what we all already know: she has one or two ‘challenge foods’ a week and doesn’t eat like she does in her vlogs on a daily basis. Such a surprise. She doesn’t need to be having one pastry a day, which will inevitably just take the place of something else, she needs to be consistently eating a surplus every day.

No. 817374

File: 1559587296724.jpeg (751.07 KB, 1458x2590, 617A2FA7-1603-4A34-8F6F-AA87BD…)

OH MY GOD…that glass is disgusting??!? Jesus Christ she’s a grotty horrible cunt

No. 817401

I’m sure she invents fear foods just to make videos about.
She is just fooling herself and her family .
Why is her eating a pastry a day going to help anyone else ?
And anyone who creates their own # eatwithelzani or #elzani has pretty full of themselves .

No. 817409

I wouldn’t be surprised if she started trying to sell ‘hashtag elzani’ merch. The only thing stopping her is that she would have to not think about food for a whole 5-10 minutes.

No. 817441

That glass is so filthy that it literally makes it look like it contains vomit. Why is she okay with posting that? I’m embarrassed for her

No. 817460

File: 1559596202222.jpg (9.78 KB, 310x163, personal fave.jpg)

If someone in recovery ate a pastry every day, it'd do nothing to their weight. Less than 300 calories in a pastry

No. 817471


No. 817474

What people really want to see is the REAL weight gain from her REAL RECOVERY.

The only reason she can justify to herself doing these daft challenges is because she’s still underweight . If she was at a healthy bmi I very much doubt she would still be so doing 5000 cal challenges .

No. 817485

Exactly. To anybody without an ED watching her do that god awful 5,000 calorie challenge would think it was some huge achievement but they don't really understand her thought processing behind it all which is probably her ED justifying it. She would take comfort in the fact that even though shes eating a surplus, she knows exactly how much - then she'd be telling herself as long as shes in x amount of deficit the days shes not filming it will make up for that entire pint of ice cream that sent her into her 'First ever orgasm !! w o w I've never had an orgasm before, it was divine !'

No. 817516

File: 1559599816507.jpg (98.03 KB, 1080x1920, pat.jpg)

Any updates on her critical condition?

No. 817619


New story post from Kelsey. She's sucking in as hard as possible, and I'm pretty sure she learned how to edit her videos. Also, "ew" with a smile on her face.

No. 817623

What’s that disgusting vein or weird protrusion in her right leg?? I’m sure there’s still a filter in this. The chest bones are weird.

No. 817631

She needs to do an entire what I eat in a week.. only I don’t think I could sit through watching that length of time .
She is still under some odd impression that just by challenging foods she is in REAL RECOVERY . BS. She needs to gain weight and have therapy .

No. 817650

Nice gif OP, are you a landwhale legbeard?
Because the fact that you identify with the girl in the gif you posted indirectly tells us so.

No. 817662


Nah, mate. It was the only result when I searched ED memes gif that wasn't some snowflake shit from Skins or other crappy film. Idk what your fucking problem is. It's a kid sneaky eating in her classroom. Yes, I did this in class years ago as did everyone else. Get a bastard grip.

No. 817702

File: 1559617316304.jpeg (218.09 KB, 750x1114, CD4B1A99-7368-44A2-B1C6-C41E1E…)

Uhm what lol???? She is delusional and this post is a major kek.

No. 817707

File: 1559617640535.jpeg (258.17 KB, 750x1214, 8F0AB4B8-B554-46D9-8BC0-66E7F8…)

And Georgie Porgie there’s two lies in this 1. That anything on you and especially a holter monitor would be seen as sexy and 2. That you have a date kek. She’s going to end up like chronically Dani who had the fake boyfriend lol

No. 817720

She binged a bagel. A solitary bagel was her binge.

No. 817740

I think she means just purged but she’s so used to binging she just typed that too kek.
Seems to be eating pretty well lots of proteins, fats, not too many veggies, but we know our dainty spoopster here needs to eat hardy Bc her poor frail heart is so week from 10 years of purging and restriction sureeee Jan. I could only be maybe convinced if she had 1 pic at even an average weight, and some ppl deep dived into her fb in previous threads, she’s always been overweight or a lil chubby, not saying you can’t purge like that but after ten years of restricting wouldn’t she be at least a healthy weight? Oh my gosh Georgie lol

No. 817748

"Sexy" is clearly sarcasm.

No. 817754

Eh, lots of bulimics never get thin. I’ll buy the purging, not so much the restriction. And bulimia can fuck your heart up.

No. 817755

don’t forget though! georgia isn’t a bulimic she’s an aTyPiCaL aNoReXiC

No. 817757

She has a date with a girl. Also "date nights" are what we Aussies call catch ups with close friends of same sex (dinner and movies etc)

No. 817771

And as for her pastry challenge - no doubt every one of those will be divine darling ( and will be replacing something else that she takes out to compensate ).
?!? ELZANI FAMILY (#elzani) wake up - if your darling daughter has been doing real recovery then she should have put on a decent amount of weight-?”especially if she had extreme hunger ,

No. 817797

Does she not realise she looks nothing like like her shops, like especially her legs

No. 817804

File: 1559642606790.jpeg (204.66 KB, 614x867, image.jpeg)

Well 5000 should have been easy then

No. 817805

File: 1559642710927.jpeg (74.48 KB, 658x530, image.jpeg)

Wtf did she look like ( the joys of scrolling through old insta posts)

No. 817806

The style of her IG story posts with random words and drawings added to them is becoming somewhat similar to those of Paris.

No. 817815

File: 1559644820141.png (43.27 KB, 500x359, 9.png)

>JUST EAT!!!!1

Cos recovery is that easy. Don't anas say the worst advice someone can give is "just eat".

No. 817821

File: 1559645647967.jpg (426.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190604-065151_Ins…)

No. 817824

File: 1559645780160.jpg (452.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190604-065206_Ins…)

No. 817828

HALLELUJAH! Praise be to God!!

Has this one been mentioned before? The name rings a bell. I doubt ECT's left her memory so bad she can't work or live on her own. A lot of memories from the time never come back, but mostly it's not much of an issue at the time.

Didn't eat for 32 days, huh? A MIRACLE! Sounds like she's on a 12 step programme.

No. 817830

Ohhhhh, I remember. It's the tranny?

No. 817838

File: 1559649235365.jpeg (178.01 KB, 640x776, 8931638A-37EC-4E2D-BC6C-54EB6F…)

I can’t wait to see the photoshop attempt, so amusing.

No. 817841

File: 1559651155937.jpeg (571.72 KB, 640x890, E1078C26-7D45-48DF-BDF0-AA687A…)

What a brave, fierce, bopo recovery warrior! Using those followers to make money and get free product, all without having to even actually recover. A goddamn inspiration!

No. 817877

Are you sure that's not shooped?

No. 817950

>I thought I had lost everything.
>a pregnancy

I thought this person was trans? I'm confused.

No. 817960

I don’t think anyone cares about this cow. Yawn. Feels like a lot of self posting & trying to spark a discussion about her based on the timing of the posts.

No. 817961

What if she tracks him down as a “fan” and insists on taking a picture with him?! Bitch seems crazy enough to do it!

No. 817963

Nah, I think she'll die. In pretend life.

She fucked up
>A wouldn't appreciate prayers and support instead of doubt and negativity.

That's okay then. We doubt her.

Pilot Patrick's showing us all his vitamins today. At home in Berlin.

No. 818085

File: 1559694727581.jpeg (251.14 KB, 640x511, 6C531E0C-7955-4DA0-BC20-83D6B8…)

Someone be the hero we need and watch this and report back!

No. 818088

File: 1559694937863.jpeg (64.94 KB, 708x443, image.jpeg)

Is this girl totally incapable of doing anything without her mother? And who gives a fuck about her 20 minute review of the best yogurts ? Or the tesco humus. Has she suddenly turned into an expert food critic.

I thought she as doing the 5 pastries in 5 days - that didn't last very long.

She idolises mumzani - does mumzani work? Or stay at home looking after her darling daughter. Why is it that anorexics tend to have overweight mothers?

I pity her sisters who must get the piss taken out of them at school and college.

Elzani's preaching about 'real recovery' would be a lot more believable if she actually put on weight and got to a healthy BMI, and if she did videos on other things not just her eating show- it's boring now- run out of first things to try.
Pretty sure her portion sizes are getting smaller and snacks being missed out.

No. 818090

It could have been condensed unto 2.9 mins not 29 - hope that answers your question. And she and her mum are now yoghurt tasting experts.

No. 818094

She needs to get a life instead of spending all her time thinking and filming and editing about food- recovery has an end goal which at some point she is going to have to accept that she can't use the 'I'm recovering from anorexia' as an excuse.
But if she goes for a job and any sensible employer looks on IG or YouTube or just googles her name…. '
They might think twice about employing her .

No. 818115

I would say she could get a job as a food reviewer / taste tester, but she hasn't actually got very discerning taste. Everything is "divine!" "So Good!" "Life Changing!". Which makes sense when one isn't eating properly off camera.

No. 818167

>Why is it that anorexics tend to have overweight mothers?

Elzani's mom is healthy weight, are you kidding? She regularly exercises, eats fairly healthy and is obviously not fat. I mean yes, usually anachans tend to have overweight or skeletal mothers but in this case her mom is very normal looking. If she's gained weight at all it's because she's forced to baby her darling daughter by eating loads of food with her because Elzani is incapable of eating without forcing others to do it at the same time.

No. 818172

I also thought this was a weird comment. Her mom looks pretty normal for having what, 4 children? Possibly 3 I don't know, but she's average looking for a mother.

I seriously wonder where Elzani will be 5 years down the road. She has a half decent following on youtube/insta but not nearly enough to make something of it. Wonder how long she'll be in 'anorexia recovery'

No. 818226

As long as she can milk it!

No. 818259

Overweight mother? No. Shes had like 4 kids, shes looks healthy. Not even close to overweight. Why attack her mothers weight when it has nothing to do with her child being milky?

No. 818275

Three kids- . Irrelevant as to whether her mother is or isn’t overweight - this thread is about Elzani et.al.

No. 818285

File: 1559728978487.jpeg (202.15 KB, 659x772, image.jpeg)

December 2017 was when the REAL recovery started

No. 818304

Idk if @readysteady_zo really has much milk…

No. 818316


I have a gut feeling she'll end up like the Katy and Maria.

No. 818322

If she isn’t already. I would feel bad for her mom but she kinda did it to herself by indulging and encouraging e’s behaviour in the first place.

No. 818344

fighting.bee (used to be bellabitesback) is pretty milky. in and out of hospital, breaking protocol, wanting to DAMA but is desperate for validation.

No. 818346

She doesn't. She's actually sick and in recovery limbo. Nothing milky

No. 818404

A humble builder with his own building company. The one who sounds really pissed off and the one who buys a range of yogurts and dips for your pathetic videos where we watch you maintain your scrawny frame.

No. 818426

Elzani and her mum must spend a lot of time going round the supermarkets looking for the right food- Tesco, Waitrose, m&s, lidl.
Watching that vlog it was “ ffs just eat the damn twix normally instead of dissecting it component by component”- that’s a very ED way of eating . She’s still deluded that just by eating ‘a varied diet’ her anorexia will be cured - therapy not needed.
What % of restrictive AN people become AN-BP?

No. 818454

No one will ever convince me she doesn't have some degree of special needs.

No. 818457

File: 1559762886229.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 60E10E10-1508-4B03-943E-7544BC…)

You’re implying this isn’t the face of sanity?!! Honest to god, she’s so fuckin self congratulatory over having a pastry 5 days in a row? It’s not like she’s having it on top of whatever she was having before! It’s in place of some other snack. It’s still the same old weight loss / maaYyybe maintenance amount of food. REAL recovery though, right?

No. 818471

File: 1559763722353.jpg (21.66 KB, 219x227, e.JPG)

I just went on youtube and this (img) was recommended. If this is the new food trend I imagine she'd do it, but complain for 45 minutes then show us her supposedly eating lots and saying how horrible it is to eat a restricted diet.

No. 818531

File: 1559772129368.jpg (729.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5620.jpg)

Is she eating this shit in bed? Does she not own a dining table? She's got chocolate and shit all over her sheets yuuuuck what a filthy human.

No. 818534

Agreed anon

No. 818536

Maybe those skinny syrups she promotes double as a fabric softener?

No. 818537

Oh god, this is where she was making a toastie and there were food stains on the pillow. Wtf is on the other plate? Is she purging onto a plate in her bedroom?

No. 818538

You, dear anon, should do stand up. Lol.

No. 818539

worst thing is we don’t know how long those stains have been there…they could be fresh…weeks old…or maybe even (god forbid) months old…

No. 818544

I bet even chavvy Bekah's bed linen's not food soiled (only her carpet is).

No. 818556

No. 818616

File: 1559786244929.jpeg (273.04 KB, 750x1334, AF1605BD-6AEF-4C33-BFF1-C19932…)

New Cow Part 1

This is Lanie or hundredacrefighter. She’s a huge wanorexic and is always claiming that she has all these issues from her “anorexia” she’s one to list all her illegitimate diagnoses in her bio and do all the ana poses. She doesn’t have a ton of followers and doesn’t post too often but her account is a hoot.

No. 818617

File: 1559786369384.png (945.88 KB, 750x1334, DF642066-89B5-4518-8447-8C95FC…)

Part 2
Lanie claims she pulled this out of her head but to me it looks more like the matter hair you’d remove from a hairbrush…. kek anything to set the scene!

No. 818618

File: 1559786456862.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, FFE7EC57-16F2-41EA-8061-790A38…)

Part 3

Never have I ever seen a shit eating grin on someone with anorexia whose being tube fed. Lanies looking beyond happy to get her ng badge of honor

No. 818621

File: 1559786688929.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 4883666E-155F-4B30-B47B-5E8DEA…)

Part 4
Yes Lainey such sick such fragile. You can just tell how happy she is to share that she needs ip not res, it’s like a bloody competition kek

No. 818624

File: 1559787044809.jpeg (622.19 KB, 1935x1548, 9D2B06FD-4426-49E0-88FC-A10F19…)

Part 5
I’m not trying to be a dick but this post is bs. How does this person need refeeding immediately??? She just seems to gain weight as she goes along. I don’t buy it at all, she definitely does not appear like she’s going to drop dead from anorexia

No. 818625

File: 1559787148460.png (914.26 KB, 750x1334, 93CA619D-3552-4B3F-8F60-78D2CA…)

Part 6
Finally, I give you Lanieys self proclaimed “sick body” kek really packing in those AN hashtags what a fragile warrior

No. 818635

File: 1559788248461.jpeg (308.83 KB, 750x1102, 812F0A49-E0AE-4AFA-A25C-1E0677…)

Dont forget her other hospital porn pics. Typical bulimic begging for an atypical anorexia diagnosis and screeching about how anorexia doesn’t depend on body weight

No. 818636

ERC raking in the money from her poor parents. Bet she’s going to go back now that she’s graduated college and won’t have anything to do

No. 818638

Good find. How old is this girl? Reminds me of the twins with the immaturity aspect, who above 18 years old is that obsessed with Pooh Bear? Part 4 her body looks very healthy, far from underweight

No. 818643

Oh my gosh re reading this is too much, the over dramatics is hilarious, wow a whole three bags of iv much sick supper ana.

Oh I’m sure she will, gotta get that attention for the gram. I’m pretty sure she also has a personal account if anyone can snoop and gain access to that? She posts pictures of what her body actually looks like and the difference is astounding

Yea I’m not sure she’s ever been underweight, Bc if she was she’d post it. Not sure on the age but definitely trying to adopt the regression ana vibes that others do. Unfortunately she just doesn’t look the part. Usually ppl who are regressing slim there bodies down to look adolescent and young and that’s where all the Disney and baby plates and utensils come in, she’s just a weirdo obsessed with Pooh I guess? Kek
Someone’s gotta dig and find her personal Ik her name is Lainey or Elaine Corrado or something Bc believe it or not she did a ted talk on anorexia. I haven’t watched it but it’s linked in her bio and says her name and where she went to school

No. 818646

File: 1559789418898.jpeg (188.1 KB, 750x1181, E564C215-8A93-440D-93F0-D512C3…)

Spending her 20th birthday in the hospital her literal crowning achievement kek >>818618 why does her stuffy Winnie the Pooh need a matching hospital gown? And why isint she ashamed to bring this up? Honestly so bizarre and attention seeking

No. 818662

Her personal is on public. It’s tagged in a photo with liv. (@/elaana_marie)

No. 818674

File: 1559791988953.jpeg (190.55 KB, 750x1260, 5431FAA6-C0C7-4430-B812-80877F…)

Holy crap she looks like completely different person…. it’s so hard to believe that these photos were taken around the same time her anorexia photos were taken

No. 818679

File: 1559792622545.jpeg (478.82 KB, 1935x1548, 2FC56133-E262-4550-8618-6E67F9…)

Even more Pooh obsession on her main account

No. 818681

File: 1559792765431.jpeg (206.04 KB, 750x1063, 2B4E81B7-0BEC-486A-892A-65ED6F…)

Another milky post I found on her main page, text is as follows:
“Here we find ourselves at the end of #nedaweek and what a year it's been for my recovery. I started out the year putting off going to round 6 of treatment for 8 months then in April found myself code blue in a hospital bed with a feeding tube Anorexia had completely overtaken me. Now this past year has been one of the hardest and best in terms of recovery. I hit a low I never imagined and now I stand weight restored and in active recovery, preparing to give my second #tedtalk about my battle with an eating disorder to hopefully move towards a greater overall understanding that this disease is not a choice but recovery IS possible. And worth it. I could not have done it without the strength and support of all my friends and family and I cannot thank you all enough for not giving up on me when I had given up on myself. I by no means am speaking from a point of recovered. I am the first to admit though I am 10yrs in my battle, I am still in active recovery. My blood levels are still a little funny, sometimes my heart gets wacky, and I'm constantly staying about 2 days behaviour free at a time, but Im fighting for the life I know I deserve to live. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or disordered, know that not only is recovery possible, but it is worth it. You are WORTHY of a life without ED. Eating disorders are the most deadly mental illness, please do not be afraid to reach out for help. I'm always here to help but I'm not a licensed therapist (yet). A great way to start is by going to www.nationaleatingdisorders.org. God has a beautiful plan for all of us and though we may not be able to see it, we deserve the love and life he has planned. #nedaawareness”

No. 818690

Yep you can guarantee she’ll be cutting something else out to compensate . She is so fucking cocky it’s getting on my nerves. Can’t see her channel lasting - what do you do with it once you recover - when she has no life outside her Ed.

No. 818694

The only chance at her channel lasting would be if she actually recovered, like ppl are going to get tired of the divinnnnne pastries and over exaggerated reaction to every new food. I haven’t checked the comments but I wonder if anyone’s asked her why she hasn’t gained any weight kek. I’d like to see a video called “What I eat in a day on a weight gain Meal Plan/Dietician Edition” kek

No. 818696

I did! Ask her about weight gain and if she had found CBT/DBT/therapy helpful. My comment got deleted.

No. 818697

Most of her comments are pure ass kissing and telling her how her skin is just glowing with health. Gag.

No. 818704

She’s going to be one of those eating disorder therapists with major countertransferance issues.

No. 818711

If she can even become one, she seems pretty full of herself the more I go through her main page with the ted talk, dancing shots, her being this fantastic mentor to new sorority gals… dumb lol. But then she lives this double life through two accounts and on her ed one she’s sooper sick and frail flexin those neck muscles. I also noticed nearly every pic is from the waist up on her ed account or just a neck flex with some hulkish leaning in an effort to show collar bones. But on the main account it’s like bam here’s my bod look at my legs, if it’s public how does she expect anyone to believe she’s even anorexic? Not like it matters but it’s like come on who are you foolin kek

No. 818769

How do cows like this even get ted talks where actual anorexics in actual recovery like Megsy or chii and Rebecca Leung don’t?!

No. 818784

Is there a reason Elzani doesn't put on makeup? She'd look a lot better if she used some concealer under her eyes and a bit of blush. Does she like looking so sickly?

No. 818786

File: 1559827919061.jpg (132.3 KB, 791x557, cc.JPG)

>she seems pretty full of herself

You think?

No. 818787

Her life is food and only food. She has no personality. She cares about nothing LITERALLY except food. LITERALLY.

No. 818792

OMG LOL an employer wants you to be humble but knowledgeable about your achievements, this braggadocios tone is extremely off putting. Besides the fact that graduating High School at 16 could be Bc you skipped a grade, took a heavier course load etc, it doesn’t mean your the sharpest tool in the shed lol. Anyway, if she’s anything like this in an interview then buh bye! This isint written with technical and professional communication guidelines and reads like a 16 yr old wrote it kek. But my question is if she claims she was hospitalized x times and so super sick, “almost dying twice” how has she been able to “accomplish” so much? And it doesn’t even say what degree she has pursued or graduated with.. uhm isint that important to employers or anyone your trying to link with? Overall this >>818786 is a hilarious and fantastic find thank u op

No. 818793

It's on Linked In with all her ~achievements~ (oddly working throughout her anorexia which was debilitating).

I watched her on youtube. She's really, REALLY annoying. Like the kind of person you'd sock in the face after a minute of their incessant talking. I felt like crying I was so frustrated she exists.

She's even annoying when she's not speaking in her ASL videos.

No. 818794


No. 818795

File: 1559831502529.jpg (114.44 KB, 720x1280, 2060322601927733573_5756744959…)

Feel the need to post this. Becky's grasp of politics is at the level of a 3 year old. Has she ever heard of economics?

Damn those fucking Bolton homeless, staring in her car making her have a panic attack. Shoo!

No. 818797

Wait she has a channel??
Imagine being so dumb you think your future employer gives a rats ass about what age you graduated at. She’s not supposed to list high school accomplishments/high school work experience when you’re in your 20s. ESPECIALLY if your high school lasted from 14-16 and you can’t legally work until 16. How is that even relevant at all?

No. 818798

No. 818800

Wtf is the point of this video???? It sounds like she’s just reading off an article from medline, or psychiatric peer reviewed study. Like the fact that this her cadence is very unnatural tells me she probably did alotttttt of copying and pasting for this script Bc she sounds like a valley girl robot kek

No. 818803

Tbh her ted talk about the turtles and relating that to her “anorexia” is so fucking banal and her voice is annoying af. I mean she just takes the most generic ana story and adopts it as her own, like what preceded the skipping meals etc? This is generic bs and I agree why can’t someone who’s actually really suffered to the extent she claims to have, give a ted talk like this op said >>818769

No. 818804

File: 1559832759952.jpeg (202.17 KB, 750x896, A2416F15-EBF4-4198-B449-D1AD1C…)

Lol is she just trying to infiltrate that deaf community too? I’m guessing this was some assignment for a class it’s funny, eyebrows raised, eyes widened, even though she’s not talking she still comes off smug as hell kek >>818793 I agree very annoying

No. 818806

Not to wk but facial expressions are really important in asl. It fills in the gaps that come from a lack of intonation and emphasis in spoken word. Her obvious superiority problems seem to run deep though

No. 818807

It’s TEDx not a “real” TED talk. TEDx talks organized by 3rd parties and it is much easier to be selected as a speaker as the organizer is not actually TED. So not really that much of an accomplishment.

No. 818812

When was she supposed to be a spoop? Has she been a spoop? I found her mother's fb and I don't see any spoop pics.

(The family are all annoying over achievers).

No. 818829

The way she talks about it she would have at least been underweight at some point. All pictures prove she’s been “big-boned” for years. Are her family members actually overachievers? I wouldn’t consider graduating high school early an overachievement but maybe that’s just me.

No. 818831

I think they may be expected to be studious. The mum's a teacher, she organiser HOME SCHOOL socials for Christians and is involved in a dance group.
Pics of Elaana being all active despite ED

I think THEY think they're something special. Mother is a friend of Jesus. Very much so.

No. 818863

No she’s never been a spoop. This >>818625 was her at her worst apparently Bc she refers to it as her “sick body”
Thanks for clarifying that, that makes sense, it was probably organized by her school now that I think about it
Kek but she graduated at 16 anon she’s very speshul and sooper smart

No. 818929

ooohh i remember this girl from way back. i don't remember what thread but it's talked about how she's intersex. >>775392
she posted a photo of vomit in her lap before cleaning it up. she got issues for sure ngl.
she has self posted before so likely it is one.

No. 818939

Penrose triangle and Sammi supersloth are the same person?

No. 818965

File: 1559855960122.png (709.12 KB, 873x542, jesusfuckingchrist.PNG)

Elzani attempts to rap about her seedy bread, full fat yoghurt and cereal.

No. 818981

The entire video was just one big cringe factor- embarrassing to watch.
And nowhere near enough food to be on a weight gain meal plan.

No. 818982

Yes- most anas like looking as ill as possible ! Why bother hiding it.

No. 818985

File: 1559859969581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.6 KB, 582x752, image.jpeg)

The point of this photo would be what exactly?… And the sad thing is she probably got her mum or dad to take it. Could they not see how underweight she was in it?

No. 818990

This was seriously the most annoying video yet, when she wouldn't stop rapping I literally said shut the fuck up! Her portions are getting tiny

No. 818992

When was this?

No. 819019

One of the GPs at my practice specialises in dermatology. His hands are covered in flakes/dermatitis. Why do I mention this? Because it makes me question how good/bad a doctor he is.

Similar thing when I look at Elzani. She looks like death and she's banging on about recovery and putting herself out there as a role model. It's like hiring a really sickly looking person to work at a health food store. She really looks ill.

What she's eating there is a breakfast. It's not even a full breakfast. Baked beans are low calorie, the egg too. The "full fat" yogurt is a small pot.

>Yesss I love this 😊😊❤️you smashed it again u amazing girl 🎊🎊you literally make me so happy and such a inspiration

(farmhands, copy and pasted emojis aren't mine)

Are these followers trolling her?

Her movements are so stilted. I wonder if she's ever been tested for autism.

No. 819044

She probably loves this picture and doesn’t give a fuck that it broke her parents’ hearts to take it. Anorexia can turn people into evil, selfish twats (or make them even worse, if they’re twats to begin with). All she cared about was having a picture to show off how spoopy she is. Let’s face it; anyone who has been that underweight knows that being in a bathing suit, no matter how hot it is outside, is literally freezing fucking cold.

No. 819064

I agree and can 100% attest to the coldness, she did it just for the documentation. Not caring that it probably broke the photographers heart. I can imagine she was probably like “I gained a pound body positivity picture!” And her parents give in Bc they don’t want to throw her off emotionally by saying no.

No. 819068

Does she have scoliosis or does she just stand like that to try and make herself look more spoopy

No. 819074

I'm thinking it's just the way she stands like her stilted movements. I think it's a mental thing, not physical. Her body's all awkward all the time.

No. 819080

File: 1559870426117.jpeg (271.21 KB, 750x1230, 4A90DEC1-95FB-4317-AAF1-64563D…)

georgia's got some aTyPiCaL aNoReXiA competition, guys

No. 819081

File: 1559870504933.jpeg (186.47 KB, 750x1220, D0F210D0-F57E-42C7-BAD2-0D73CC…)

that relatable anorexic mood where you’re morbidly obese & consider a full fat pint of ice cream to be a snack, right?

No. 819082

File: 1559870682303.jpg (37.95 KB, 589x592, wow.JPG)

Just wow


No. 819091

File: 1559871144379.jpg (26.64 KB, 310x241, turn that alarm OFF.JPG)

No. 819104

File: 1559872761164.jpeg (187.89 KB, 750x677, 83743FAD-44B1-4084-8F8B-5E30E6…)

Apparently she also "suffers" from ptsd. Why is it these aTYpICal AnOreXics always have childhood trauma to excuse their obesity?

No. 819105

File: 1559872805246.jpeg (279.62 KB, 750x1083, 7951AFFC-E0C1-4758-B2DB-0F1A25…)

Her profile pic and first post honestly look nothing like her. Pt 1

No. 819106

File: 1559872827037.jpeg (169.1 KB, 750x944, DB381E66-D017-45BA-9C9C-DCC5DF…)

pt 2

No. 819107

Is this one fucking trolling? She's obviously not starving herself, she obviously didn't go IP to gain weight and now she's asking randoms for advice about how to deal with flashbacks. Obviously has never had trauma therapy.

No. 819108

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TOP KEK what is this face I cannot >>819091
I think she should have less alarms set kek >>819082 I love when the cow is a literal cow this is going to be good

No. 819111

Damn ERCs really pumping the atypical anorexia diagnosis out like candy
Exactly! Also I don’t think I know anyone who’s had legit trauma therapy that doesn’t have a list of 75 grouding techniques. Hell even people who haven’t been in trauma therapy have them just being OTT

No. 819114

She looks more male than a lot of f2m trans.

Is it a thing where people can actually ~come back to reality~ because someone's doing something silly/something equally banal? Own blog experience, you just got to ride dissociation out. Imagine if someone who has PTSD from being in Iraq or something was triggered like fuck when they hear loud noises. Their friend's there and starts doing a Michael Jackson impersonation. I can't see it working in that case. Maybe I just don't speak to others about it enough. In fact, I only read others experiences on ig.

No. 819115

(and her experience sounds bs, but idk)

No. 819124

I found her account on mpa.
meggsxoxo1 is her username.

No. 819127

Most people when triggered: literally gone on a different planet. Will come back eventually? Maybe? Aren’t taking in their surrounding.
Meg: I laughed and stopped dissociating! Teehee send me your tips even though I found laughter works for me!!

No. 819159

distraction is not an uncommon coping mechanism. I've heard from various people that they'll use cartoons (for kids or adults) as means of coming back from hours-long dissociative states. easier to access if it's a mild-moderate episode or if you have someone nearby who knows the drill and can throw on some spongebob or south park. really depends on the individual and their abilities.

No. 819168

Holiday in Dominican Republic - before ‘REAL’ recovery started - you know , just one of those casual off the cuff photos that just happens to have her looking scrawny and in a bikini to show off. She looks ducking freezing .

No. 819169

Edit - fucking not ducking freezing

No. 819170

Can her videos get any more worse?…. ( probably best if you don’t answer that !)

No. 819188

Are we still obsessed with elanzi, she has no new milk and I'm bored out of my skull

No. 819195

Skip over posts about her then. It's that simple.

No. 819228

shes changed her username I guess, cant find her

No. 819232

reeks of self post

No. 819233


There's an underscore at the end, I just found her without any problem.

No. 819251

Is it bad that I’m surprised she doesn’t look emaciated like I thought she would? She’s quite underweight of course, but I was expecting worse for her in a bikini? Maybe it’s the lighting and distance

No. 819252

nah i agree, i'm not sure if it's my anorexic brain that's underwhelmed but she appears so much more sickly and frail in her videos than she does here
perhaps further evidence that the whole "real recovery" thing is BS?
if the photo was taken before RR™ i wouldn't be surprised if she's lost since then(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 819253

That photo was taken in the summer after she was discharged from her edu stay.

No. 819259

It’s an old pic, right after IP. she’s a lot skinnier now. How’s that “real recovery” working out for ya’, E?

No. 819285


Nope. I searched her treatment centre on mpa et voila.

No. 819324

I don’t understand the “atypical anorexia” thing. most of them with that dx posted here aren’t merely a “healthy” BMI they’re overweight/obese, managing burgers ice cream etc (compensating or not) and idk if it’s just my warped anachan brain but it doesn’t seem helpful for THEM yano? EDNOS / OSFED should be taken more seriously

No. 819328

File: 1559927068204.jpg (84.74 KB, 818x591, ob.JPG)

I just checked on her. I'm calling this exchange with her "best friend" as bullshit.

Same…writing…style, looks like copypasta looking at the time they were sent.

On mpa you can see she fails so hard with social interaction. Nobody talks to her and she gets pissy when someone says something she thinks is wrong.

I don't believe she's been in treatment at all. I think she's trying to make friends and being as fucking useless as her last attempts this time.

No. 819331

File: 1559927319744.jpg (37.4 KB, 304x334, ob.JPG)

Couldn't sit down and write about her trauma ever. Does it in one night. Mentions the word "rape", which would be a trigger, but obv no trigger there.

Might post it for a bunch of strangers to read. Please god, no.

No. 819333

File: 1559927746717.jpeg (277.55 KB, 750x1275, 4E0FF026-F389-4E0A-AF91-62FDC0…)

Before I do a ton of posts have we talked about this wanorexic yet? She’s just recently said she was suicidal so she could get admitted to mental health, and has stopped eating in hopes that the drs notice obviously Bc she wants to stay longer and get a nose hose. never been a spoop but claims to be really struggling with severe anorexia. And she has the legit dumbest bio I have seen.

No. 819335

File: 1559927965058.jpeg (352.16 KB, 750x1258, E2EE7BBB-F5A7-42A6-8883-0DE6A5…)

Here’s the ott post where she explains what happened. It’s so obvious she’s suicide baiting Bc she wants ed treatment, but not just any treatment inpatient with the coveted ng! Like her account photo is her with an ng and it’s not current at all kek. I love how she calls this a “relapse” she was eating fine for how ever long I’ve followed her and then this. All to stay longer in hospital and get the drs attention. If she’s no longer truly suicidal, I hope they give her the boot lol

No. 819338

File: 1559928130978.jpeg (364.78 KB, 750x1263, 2C023700-C8A0-4742-8756-EBCA29…)

And finally just to show how ott she is… this picture kek! Who keeps these bands or any hospital bands? Cut it off and chuck it! Like who wants to remember and glamorize those situations it’s like she sees them like the warrior beads that sick children get that are now used by adults spoonies. Just too ott

No. 819353

No she doesn't look that spoopy to me and I'm not anorexic by any means.

No. 819379

File: 1559936322773.jpg (354.86 KB, 640x906, PhotoEditor_20190607_203741077…)

She begged free clothes.

No. 819393

she's completely shameless it's a really ugly trait
i don't get how or why these brands/companies fall for it or feed into it- guilt?

No. 819401

I don’t know why any brand would want her representing them. It’s not like she’s a mental health / recovery advocate. She’s just a spoopyspoop who has a moderate number of followers because people want to gawk at the freakshow.

No. 819403

Lol. For people who are comfortable with themselves. The irony.

No. 819414

Kind of thing Smorven would do .

No. 819416

When I saw this >>819338 on my phine screen I thought it was Canderel sachets. I thought that 100s of Canderel in coffee was a new thing and that's why Maria twin did it.


No. 819420

the fact that shes kept them all is the most pathetic spoonie fucking thing ive ever seen. ppl like this need to be deplatformed

No. 819432

Those tags tho! Kek!! “Redbandsociety” (brb, looking it up!)

No. 819461

So what happened to Meganster? I saw in another thread that she had apparently died?

No. 819468

She did die

No. 819472

There's a #megansmission hashtag on ig

No. 819486

File: 1559958447581.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 7AE41A7B-E8D5-4993-9475-A29980…)

She posted this “PSA” in response and it’s just a major kek. And she says she’s “not bothering to look” yea f*cking right I’m sure she looked for it as soon as she knew. She’s extremely attention seeking, positive or negative, so no doubt she read it and loves that she’s been “noticed” or discussed in some way. Also I’m not sure she knows what slandering means lol

No. 819495

There a reason you cropped out the username?

No. 819500

It’s a story screenshot and the screen options were covering the bottom left text. It’s not cropped, if you hold down the screen it removes the surrounding options and you can get a better screen grab. If you can’t tell, it’s her >>819333

No. 819505

That was a fair while ago

No. 819507

Wait, can someone explain how Elanzis parents have a history of enabling her? I don't watch her videos but I'm curious

No. 819531


No. 819534


No. 819555

File: 1559989512110.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.4 MB, 800x566, wtf.gif)

sage since I'm not sure if this fits this thread but imagine promoting this to 200k+ followers (most likely young girls)

No. 819581

File: 1559997405254.jpg (173.4 KB, 757x685, steffirobinsonn.jpg)

I'll never understand why people purposefully put out information on IG with very personal details on (letters, full names, numbers). Numpties.

And "she" also seems like an attention seeking self poster.

No. 819592

File: 1560000548562.jpeg (549.18 KB, 750x1197, 34BCB13A-5C06-4835-9A3F-E723DB…)

Thoughts on this acct? Idk about her :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 819603

That's not how this works

No. 819604

does that mean littlestlee is self posting?

No. 819615

The grammar hurts me. You cannot start a sentence with a conjunctive word.

No. 819622

Ah no, two seperate posts. Someone called @SteffiRobinsonn tried self posting for whatever reason and forgot she gave herself away. Original image has somehow gone from her post.

No. 819628

Not really milky but God I hate steqhs. I wish there were more posts about her. She's severely underweight and has lost weight over the years and has the nerve to profit off her illness by making DIET EBOOKS like fuck you. And she acts like people are just jealous of her because they're worried about her taking constant thinspo pics.

No. 819642

File: 1560010013554.jpg (504.78 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190609-000359_Ins…)

Anyone mentioned her before? Is always showing off about her ed and bending her knees to look as thin as possible. The amount of jaw post she takes is so cringey. Also isit possible for your calves to be so much larger than your thighs?!

No. 819649

Don't worry, sweetheart. You're just a dull, average weight kid. I doubt anyone's interested in your cringey teeny behaviour.

No. 819651

Yeah, she's been mentioned recently because I followed her on a sock puppet. Ngl, she takes pretty decent food pics.

No. 819661

File: 1560011891744.jpg (68.62 KB, 472x574, 1.JPG)

Thighs look pixelated, but w/e the case, this is a fairer representation of how her legs actually looks.

No. 819697

Why have they not shipped her ass to the hospital?

No. 819699

Her calves are bigger than her thighs?

No. 819705

God I truly hate these bitches, I spent most of my teenage life depressed and starving myself to look like these insta models
#blogpost but w/e

No. 819720

Not a cow imo but the fact that she insists it's natural is disgusting. If it was natural, then why are 99.9% of naturally thin people bigger than you

No. 819787

File: 1560029557854.jpg (29.39 KB, 304x307, 1.JPG)

What a melodramatic, time wasting idiot. Pepe went to the emergency doctor because she had a muffled ear. Complained all through the night she couldn't sleep and complains she had 1 hour sleep. Lol, tried working on no sleep ever, Becky? Nope, didn't think so. She seriously freaks out that she can't get much sleep. Gives a clear view of how cushy her sleep is if that's a big deal to her.

When her body starts breaking down because she can't be arsed to recover she's going to be even more impossible (if that's possible).

Anything new with Kelsey? Her shoops do cheer me up.

I don't look into fitness/health people. I don't trust them. Are her recipes all like Ginge's - ie 20 drops of Stevia to vegetables etc?

img 1/2

No. 819788

File: 1560029589846.jpg (47.99 KB, 572x601, pepe.JPG)

Terrible BDD yet still pushing to be a ~model~


No. 819800

Why do so many anachans and munchies take these up the nose selfies?
For a wannabe model she doesn’t know shit about her angles.

No. 819815

They’re so used to using this angle for their nose hose selfies that they don’t know what to do with themselves when they don’t have one. That’s my best guess.

No. 819817

Becky does it to sniff out money.

No. 819884

File: 1560045225729.jpg (399.88 KB, 1080x1680, 20190608_215022.jpg)

This girl is insanely underweight and acts like she's a positive influence on recovery because she claims that she used to have BED. Her body fat is so below a healthy level and all of her clients seem to have NO problem with it. She thinks she's the epitome of health and deletes any negative comments about her weight

No. 819885

File: 1560045311775.jpg (391.74 KB, 1080x1685, 20190608_215006.jpg)

Samefag. I don't understand how anyone could view this as healthy and pass themselves off as a rEcOvErY wArRiOr. I bet all her binges were due to her restricting.

No. 819890

Why do they all have photos of them smiling really hard with fruit in their hands I swear to god

No. 819903

Literally see nothing wrong with her body. Looks healthy. Not underweight

No. 819904

I thought that on the first post but here >>819885 there are some bony protrusions that don't look right. Her thighs look shooped on though.

No. 819905

File: 1560048856464.jpg (81.36 KB, 802x591, k.JPG)

I found this Russian spoop earlier. She's insta famous (apparently). Idk what "underage" means on lolcow because 16's legal where I am (UK) but if she's not allowed I'll remove it.

She's obviously anorexic and loves herself to bits. It's difficult finding anything about her because she's Russian, but all the fetishists love her and her poses can be lulzy. Takes lots of nudes. I suppose she's a Baltic Cooney.

No. 819907

that’s not a healthy body to be trying to maintain long-term, especially IN RECOVERY. her body fat percentage must be extremely low for her muscles to be so prominent in a pic like that, & low BFP is dangerous for women to maintain

No. 819908

her boot too big for her gotdamn feet

No. 819911

File: 1560049360884.jpg (96.4 KB, 928x594, kel.JPG)

She's like photoshopped Kelsey when she did the spider legs

No. 819913

File: 1560049632733.jpg (10.26 KB, 219x200, xzccx.jpg)

boy, malnutrition can work a number on reality. she looks like pipe cleaners.

No. 819915

No offence to our Soviet friends, but your country really needs to sort out it's lax attitude to Cheese Pizza and your pro ana insta/vk accounts.

No. 819917

I’m not the anon who asked, but I’m also still very confused about your post. Can you rephrase?

No. 819920

Her body fat levels look to be around 11%. She looks extremely underweight, just hogh muscle to fat.In her insta stories where she's in motion her arms are seriously spoops

No. 819939

The first part was about the people who share things on Instagram to either "prove points" with addresses or other personal/identifiable things on it. It makes me worry about people in general on the internet nowadays, no common sense. Can just ignore it really.

The second half, was directed to the post
>>819534 - they self posted a picture and wrote in text "she's so fake". Because the mouse over was broken (normally happens with deleted pictures) i screenshotted it and added my own picture with it >>819581
. @steffirobinsonn basically self posted with a picture that shows that it was her (account top banner saying the accounts private, icon at the bottom).

No. 819967

File: 1560069127308.png (2.25 MB, 1080x1459, IMG_20190609_093149.png)

Speaking of kelsey

No. 819974

File: 1560071990769.jpg (442.81 KB, 750x1080, IMG_0365.JPG)

Anyone knows what happened to this cow?

No. 819986

File: 1560076717430.jpeg (62.57 KB, 761x547, image.jpeg)

Comment from Elzanis insta.

No. 819989

File: 1560077026136.jpeg (62.93 KB, 707x332, image.jpeg)

Reading comments under that cringey video- very much doubt she will answer this comment

No. 819998

This forum gets all leg-humpy about everyone needing to be in therapy. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck if she’s doing cbt, dbt or any other alphabet soup of therapy methods; I just want her to answer the simple, obvious question “if you’ve been in ##REALrecovery this whole time, why have you lost weight? If you’re really eating alllll things, plz explain y so spoopy.

No. 820013

Kasia is still about, she went to treatment for her bipolar (i believe). Struggling to keep up with her accounts but she's under anorexicluli at the moment (along with like 4 other accounts). She's dropped the whole chronic arrhythmia thing, and doesn't go on about dying. She is back to overdosing and telling IG about it though, so not really lulsy.

No. 820017

File: 1560086594772.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1208, IMG_20190609_142242.png)

Soooooo recovered….

No. 820018


geez, she looks genuinely terrifying. i imagine that is what people see in the corner of their bedroom during sleep paralysis

No. 820023

File: 1560087893572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.09 KB, 628x678, vd.JPG)

No. 820025

I get sleep paralysis a lot and I can confirm.

No. 820026


No. 820027

Food obsession is really normal for anorexics, especially after a period of recovery. Doubt shell ever develop BED or bulimia. Just AN b/p subtype at best

No. 820035

What even is the context of this picture?! "I was out gardening and decided to rip my pants off, pull my tank top up, and force my mum to take a picture of me." ? Actually though. Someone please tell me how she possibly justified the posting of this, because I'm still blocked from her account for calling out her skinny-syrup selling BS.

No. 820038

File: 1560089791351.png (266.42 KB, 366x635, e way.png)

Cows collide again.

No. 820041

I looked for it but can't find where it's hidden.

No. 820043

The "elzani way" lmao. AKA disecting it into parts and trying to drag it out to last as long as possible? There's a reason they don't allow that kind of behaviour in treatment. Real recovery accounts like Megsy and Chii have even talked about the importance of not doing that kind of weird food behaviour in their posts. It amazes me how all of these accounts can purport to be pro-recovery when most of them are the exact opposite!!

No. 820044

File: 1560090516684.png (1.94 MB, 1204x1196, Screenshot 2019-06-09 at 16.27…)

this is not healthy, her ribs are protruding and you can see she has a lot of hair on her arms (could be natural but the body grows more hair when you're underweight to preserve warmth)

No. 820051

Exactly- and it’s the people like megsy, Rebecca , and Hannah ( Han_beats_an on you tube) who are actually recovering and living life. Whilst Elzani is still busy cutting her toast into 18 pieces, following a bunch of health and fitness/gym insta accounts and spends all day thinking about food, shopping for food, or filming herself . Yes images can be deceptive but her weight isn’t going up and her intake is going down .

No. 820052

File: 1560092956900.png (132.21 KB, 790x505, weightgain.png)

From the comments on Elzani's last video. Someone asked her how she deals with the worry of weight gain. I don't know if she believes her own words but she's clearly blowing smoke out her ass since she obviously isn't gaining weight.

No. 820054

All she's doing is regurgitating shit she's watched on recovery vlogs. It's SO EXCITING to picture that one day, not in a few months, not in a few years, maybe in a decade, we might see some weight gain on her.

Lying bint.

No. 820057

Can't be the only one jealous of her hair. Kek

No. 820058

When I saw it I thought how does an anorexic have such thick hair?

Envious of the thickness but not the length. It looks too raggedy from her elbow down. Also would not want to accidentally piss on it when I'm emptying my bladder.

Would be good if you want to go as Sadako to a Halloween party.

No. 820059

It explains how there’s always hair in her food, I guess? Looks dry af.

No. 820060

Yeah. Quality not quantity.

No. 820061

I think her hair is really gross and I love long hair. Also that sperg she had over someone criticizing her hair makes me hate it even more. She thinks she looks like a goddess but she really looks like she needs to be burned at the stake.

No. 820062

File: 1560094401408.jpg (38.07 KB, 516x425, Natasha-Moraes-de-Andrade-7.jp…)

I'll never understand these anas who think they're hot shit in some way. How does that happen?

No. 820076

File: 1560097114374.jpeg (139.76 KB, 750x757, F1F7505C-720E-47B6-8503-9A4EF9…)

Kelsey must be competing with this chick for being the queen of terrible shooping

No. 820077

File: 1560097138079.jpeg (143.06 KB, 656x511, AEEEC96F-8933-4F96-8A9A-9870FB…)

No. 820083

oh my god this cant be for real, surely they’re taking the piss..

No. 820135

Lookin like rogue Amanda Bynes

No. 820149

Am I high or what lmao

No. 820151

It's probs one of those weird art genres like putting avatar things in real backgrounds idk

No. 820152

File: 1560111125659.png (461.54 KB, 937x461, Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 21.1…)

yep. using an app. new user so not sure how to do multiple images but she seems like shes genuinely ill, just a bit batty. will post below

No. 820153

File: 1560111170417.png (506.55 KB, 933x599, Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 21.1…)

seems like before she started using the app she was making these pretty horrifying shoops instead..

No. 820154

File: 1560111194137.png (469.34 KB, 935x506, Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 21.1…)

No. 820167

She looks like a neglected child who has to eat out of a dog bowl. This skinnylover pervert I follow follows her, so obv she has to be like >>820154


If she can edit herself so much, pretty sure she could've edited out that nose hose.

No. 820174

It's at least artistically..interesting? Like an angsty 15 year old's high school art project where they think they're making a big, bold statement about eating disorders and their own 'tortured soul'. Kek.

No. 820179

I just googled daz3d images. Some of them are really good. No spoops though!

No. 820197

Lazy farmer talks about pictures, provides none.

No. 820209

File: 1560118380921.png (997.02 KB, 1360x588, Untitled.png)

M8, there are 10000s. Who's the lazy one.

I like the naked matador.

No. 820242

File: 1560123603233.jpg (829.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-003826_Ins…)

How can anyone eat something that looks so rank? 🤮🤮🤮

No. 820250

The moniker “you are what you eat” rings very true for this one. A repulsive, sloppy person eating repulsive, sloppy food!

No. 820262

This is like, 90 calories at the most. Worrying

No. 820276

I saw something like that washed up on the beach last summer. A big fish that was decomposing with all it's insides coming out.

I've said before that I'm a fan of freezing my yogurts, but I draw a big thick black Sharpie line under freezing milk with Nesquik.

What's the deal with her anyway? What was she at her spoopiest? Her food is generally disgusting looking, but she eats enough to at least look better than she does above.

No. 820280

File: 1560129894494.jpg (583.5 KB, 1080x1757, 20190610_112451.jpg)

Back in inpatient with a tooobe.

No. 820286

She doesn't even look thin enough for inpatient much less a mandatory tube. attention seeking much

No. 820288

Can we just observe how much of qn attention slut @badthoughts.bong.n.bandaids is. Omg im so fat and eat 1000 cals lemme post it so i can get pity..then saying omg dont eat..ypu eat well over 1000 calories girl thats why you are losing. Shes literally so pro it makes me sick

No. 820290

Yea she went away for a while and now she’s back ….Bc she’s got a nose hose to flaunt of course kek! >>820286 agreed extremely attention seeking

No. 820293

File: 1560132000549.jpeg (272.66 KB, 750x1093, 20A8870B-9568-4B48-8BEE-D4A2C2…)

You should posts screen shots of her tellonym that’s where the milk is kek here’s a preview for everyone

No. 820295

Well doesn't she look relaxed and pleased with herself. Back in the holiday camp. Enjoy!

No. 820297

File: 1560132264065.jpeg (144.82 KB, 747x811, 809B7931-5A85-4D12-B6E8-1E92D4…)

No. 820299

File: 1560132414465.jpeg (311.25 KB, 750x874, BEB754A3-F032-4334-A05D-130DD2…)

…and she’s an alcoholic?

No. 820300

File: 1560132418629.jpeg (128.52 KB, 720x1280, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

She is literally so gross anyone wanna makr a hate chat

No. 820302

File: 1560132483174.jpeg (198.99 KB, 750x638, 42FB75D4-B11A-47F8-8E71-6C501A…)

No. 820304

File: 1560132611832.jpeg (329.98 KB, 750x917, E8CC7240-C41C-46A7-AFA3-A44F56…)

No. 820313

File: 1560133819276.jpeg (76.86 KB, 720x590, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Bree and zoe are the worst zoe is so bad at faking and bree is annoying as hell maybe if she stopped screeching about how she is a burden people would talk to her

No. 820315

…am i the only one who thinks all of these are self posts? They all have the same typing style and it was out of nowhere

No. 820316

File: 1560133957533.jpeg (138.49 KB, 720x1147, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Her nostrils are so fucking gross because her fat face. Shes scared to drink water but chugs liquor like stopfaking. even your family says your copying your little sister

No. 820317

No she probably sends them to herself for attention(emoji)

No. 820320

It sounds like she pulled it out of the hairbrush. Even with her comment.

No. 820321

Her dog even looks depressed.

No. 820322

File: 1560134205690.jpeg (136.14 KB, 720x1057, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Oh god now since shes invalidated as an anorexic shes chewing and spitting. Get fucked you wanker

No. 820326

Fucking hell, this reads like an underage Ashley, except Ash went full tilt and meant every single word (and actually had an ed).

No. 820332

It’s not Bc I’m not the one who brought her up as a topic…. I posted the tells in response and the mods can see we have different ip addresses so please quit detailing the new milk thxxxx

No. 820333

Yikes BMI 18.8…… practically on deaths door kek. Someone tell me why she thought this was worth mentioning lol it’s weird on her tellonym she says she has disordered eating habits buts never been formally diagnosed. Tbh I thing she’s trying to be like her bulimic friend that died, and some how get the same attention she did before she passed… it’s really sick but definitely an interesting source of milk

No. 820335

Agreed but she’s trying to make it seem like she’s severely malnourished to the point of losing tonnnns of hair…when you look like this >>818674 You not anorexic lol u fine laney

No. 820336

File: 1560135740094.jpeg (519.04 KB, 750x1044, 99252229-0B78-4E7B-9F74-E46A20…)

Nothing this chungus posts should have a TW kek…. btw y’all she’s lost a whole five pounds must be spiraling further into her anorexia lol

No. 820341

lmao calm down the writing just doesnt seem similar to anyone else on the board, get over it

No. 820352

Tbh I just follow badthoughts.bongs.n.bandaids for the lols now. She's so fucking annoying its entertaining

No. 820356

Did you happen to see the weird sex tells? I just spammed the thread with the most milk but just the fact that she was answering personals questions about sex was kind of strange and revolting kek like why would she answer those???

No. 820360

Yeah she was milking that attention super hard. Those were some real personal questions that she really shouldn't have answered

No. 820384

I hope they're self posts. She's a good kid, and doesn't deserve the hate.

No. 820397


u know why these are all self posts? cause u brought her up, NO ONE said anything, then you spammed with boring ass "milk" no one wanted to begin with

No. 820400

yikes dude… i mean idk about everyone else but i'm pretty damn sure i'm not her. And glad too. Really dislike the person she puts herself out as.

No. 820401

okay sure, "yikes" it is my "dude"

No. 820402

AMEN. Much obvious. V boring wannabe cow.

No. 820414

What is daintyalys account i cant find anything on her

No. 820424


No. 820427

File: 1560177871517.jpg (9.62 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

No. 820437

File: 1560180842299.jpeg (365.88 KB, 640x940, 10D58816-3D8B-4A4C-9FAE-6FB337…)

Curious how elzani does her silly “5 pastries in five days” challenge and then goes radio silent on all social media. I’m guessing she gained .002 of a lb and all of a sudden challenging fear foods isn’t “omg so fun and super exciting guyz!!1!1”.

No. 820438

File: 1560180994275.jpeg (515.05 KB, 750x1113, A8D098B9-C6CC-42CA-AB8E-FCCB7B…)

Kek. Your probably her trying to get her name out of the discussion. Why does everyone have to do this with new cows? Just scroll past it, people want to discuss her. Stop sperging out. She was originally brought up here….. >>820288 so maybe read the thread first.
On a more important note check out this autism post uwu wanna be anorexic! Need to research low calorie meals! Lol maybe just stop drinking so much liquor? Of course she mentions the laxatives she wants to be her dead friend so bad.

No. 820447

We know she was brought up there, still seems like a self post. Shes not interesting or milky

No. 820450

this is very, very obviously self posting. no1curr

No. 820453

File: 1560182415400.jpg (35.5 KB, 344x578, b.JPG)

She's A Typical Wannarexic. She's how I imagine the majority of mpa users are. They want to use a bit of weight and want to ~catch~ and eating disorder so they get a flat stomach. She doesn't have the willpower to even do a normal diet, so she'll be fine. She'll just be whiney until she grows out of it.

In other news, Becky wants people to send her art supplies because she's almost ran out. Nobody's buying the shit in her shop so she's manipulating her followers by telling them she's self harming and thinking about an hero because she needs stuff and nobody's offered to send it to her.

No. 820462

If you look at her tell profile, it seems that within the same hour those screenshots were posted she got questions telling her she was on lolcow again. Idk, sounds fishy to me

No. 820569

I was wondering about her absence .

No. 820576

File: 1560197462956.gif (129.71 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

Oh, don't worry. She's been on a 72 hour binge on her dad's burders. She's sharing them with nourisht0flourish.

No. 820580

I am confused…

No. 820591

File: 1560198917928.png (1.33 MB, 1140x762, Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.34…)

10/10 her dad is thinking in this picture: "fucking turn the camera off. This is a ridiculous shit show."

No. 820592

Quite concerned at her dad making her drink 2+ coffees? Couldn't this effect her heart at the weight she is? Especially considering that she doesn't seem to have caffeine that often at all.

No. 820595

I'd kill to see her mum or dad stand up during a video and just say FUCK THIS SHIT and walk off.

No. 820596

If either of them would do it, my bet is it would be dad. More likely is one of the sister's breaking down - and Elzani would totally film it, post it, and follow it up with her sniffling and crying about how she "IS really trying! I'm doing well, aren't I mum? I AM doing well!" and her mom, ever in denial, comforting her and reassuring her that she is.

No. 820600

some quotes
"dad eats really fast!!"

"is that the best pear you've ever had dad?"
"no it was crap"

her hair seems in quite bad condition lately too. at least it's more obvious when it's pulled up so high

No. 820605

File: 1560201313681.gif (464.8 KB, 500x282, wtf.gif)

"is that the best pear you've ever had dad?"

…Idk what to say.

Her dad's giving her all the coffee hoping she croaks it.

No. 820620

Well he would know that, if they had any healthcare professionals involved in her treatment to inform them of the dangers.
But they dont, as is made blindingly obvious by just about every video on her channel, soooo…

No. 820622

And where are her snacks ?
The whole point of doing the ‘I eat what x in a day eats’ is to show that everyone is different - don’t think Elzani has quite realised that and is just making videos to get videos .
Her vlogs are so ridiculously boring- all she talks about is food or watching her eat.

I’m sure when she did the video eating what Grackr eats in a day , Elzani made a point that she didn’t drink coffee but drank plain hot water just like Grackle- yet she seems to have no problems drinking coffee here.

Elzani wanting to be s body builder - best thing I’ve laughed at all day.

No. 820623

File: 1560204539871.jpeg (413.02 KB, 750x1122, 4EBE68F4-4101-4C8B-8D99-EE9E05…)

Kek alright I won’t post about her anymore, but I can’t stop other ppl, might as well call this the elzani thread now and beat the dead horse a little more. I just hope you aren’t the same posters complaining about how there’s no new cows, it’s boring etc.
In other news, megs complaining of bad body image (couldn’t imagine why) and she had another dream. Her “ED is so loud” but she was able to get down a pb and j kek but she can’t “force herself to eat anything else” I’m wondering how she got to this size then seems more like she can’t force herself to stop eating lol

No. 820627

I just went back to look and they've been removed, but for a while after her fresh-out-of-hospital vlogs she actually had videos of her (still incredibly visibly spoopy and underweight. Maybe a bmi of 15 or 16?) at the gym, lifting weights. Maximum cringe, maximum keks, it gave me all the feels!

No. 820663

File: 1560212435784.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 551B466F-24A5-4F8A-96F2-3AFA31…)

Is spaceship getting off the ship and going to the munchie side with aplastic anemia? She’s so notorious for lying could this be true that the doctors are suspecting EDS…like oh I’m not anorexic I just have EDS, yet all symptoms can be explained by malnutrition lol Part 1

No. 820664

File: 1560212675120.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, B05449CF-28B9-49A0-A2BE-9EFD0C…)

Part 2
“I say this a lot but I’m probably going to die today” kek perhaps your a little delusional or jump to conclusions as you dramatasize every aspect of your life spaceship lol. Is it even safe to wear 16 pain patches? the ones she gets look over the counter but that still seems like a lot..

No. 820665

If one was in that much pain, that they thought they were going to die, they wouldn't be casually driving around and taking pouty pictures of themself in the car - they would be writhing in pain in their bed or in an emergency room.

No. 820669

File: 1560213031987.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 4AA55E16-7436-4A36-AB9F-2D7E7F…)

I thought the whole point of patients with cancer was that they lose their hair so their heads are cold. So her heads hot Bc she’s got hair yet she won’t take the hat off? Really going for that cancer kid look. I remember when she showed off the hat the cancer center gave her… that could have been given to a bald headed patient wiry cancer, but she’s just to chuffed to be treated at a cancer facility so she has to show it off. I haven’t checked on her a while but she appears to be descending into madness.

No. 820670

I think that's an overbite and not a pout. At least she's going to die wearing lip gloss. First thing I do when I think I'm about to die is apply lip gloss.

No. 820673

File: 1560213310960.jpeg (146.55 KB, 750x1334, C8224951-04B8-4499-BCFA-510FF5…)

I think her anorexia has her actually delusional right now like what the f is this? Who does she thing she is? She’s got this grandiose self image and sense of importance she’s deluded

No. 820674

Top kek

No. 820684


No. 820686

Speaking of new milk has anyone come across ames.recovers? Has a peg tube purely for AN and was on ng and inpatient for 5 years…

No. 820705

She’s private can u share some milk

No. 820718

File: 1560224642059.jpeg (199.14 KB, 750x1334, 997FBC3B-D536-4ED5-B1FA-04F232…)

Welp she’s feigned suiciadal ideation to get a bed and stopped eating regularly to get the tube or at least it’s being “threatened” kek. is the Aussie or UK or wherever she lives healthcare system so fucked up that you gotta do shit like this to get ed treatment or is she just being manipulative to get precious tube photos? I’m sorry for ppl who think she’s boring but I just gotta know wtf kek

No. 820722

Whered paris go

No. 820723

You summed it up yourself really…

No. 820728

Might be an unpopular opinion but I think she’s totally fine physically. I’ve always pinned her more as a histrionic case than anything else. The schizophrenia claim doesn’t have much to support it and her and aplastic anemia was a straight up lie. Her eating disorder seems purely for attention or she’s not honest about her behaviors
Don’t think it’s a stretch for her to become a muchie considering she’s proven how far she’s go for pity before. (Aware that that’s not the actually definition of factitious disorder that’s what makes me think she’s histrionic)

No. 820734

you don't have to act like this to get treatment (or a tube) in aus. she wants the tube for validation. this is not rare

No. 820768

The public health system is shithouse for mental health so yeah you do have to act out to get treatment in public or be on deaths door. Private health is a different story.
However if she is getting treatment already as an inpatient idk why she is chosing to get the tube

No. 820784

It's been a week. I'm really hoping for a photoshop of them together. A week is long enough for her to pay someone to do it.

No. 820802

She’ll pop up on Sunday as it’s Father’s Day in the uk and she always comes out saying ‘ I don’t need no father my mum is the only parent I need’ - which for someone who allegedly has 15 GCSEs she obviously didn’t take English or Biology.

No. 820803

File: 1560261409546.jpeg (557.58 KB, 750x1114, EE8DE63B-6C30-49A4-B59E-97EB27…)

Korey's starting to look like an addict

No. 820804

she is one. A certain person (I think shes banned so I won't name her), says she is on the gear, confirmed.

No. 820806

File: 1560261545115.jpeg (74.42 KB, 750x507, D7FCE7BB-8C11-4A62-8113-59FAEB…)

Elzani is obviously thriving and doing really well on her version of Real Recovery.

No. 820810

Well, obviously. But it's definitely starting to show on her face

No. 820813

File: 1560263229946.jpeg (224.37 KB, 750x1334, 413982A1-137A-4D3B-9795-4FA106…)

Lol well it’s a good thing mommy and daddy can take care of it for u. Instead of bitching maybe apply for disability? Oh wait she wouldn’t meet the criteria lol.
>>820728 other than her anorexia I agree with this her photos have been looking a lil photo shoopy lately too. She is histrionic for sure I agree with u on that. She does anything for attention, always over exaggerates etc, but ed patients rarely succeed in crossing over to munchie land take Tina for example, bekah and thane of Windhelm everyone sees right through all of their shit. She’s going to try lol but won’t pull the cancer kid hat over my eyes kek

No. 820814

File: 1560263490834.jpeg (196.04 KB, 750x1334, DD400325-1A1B-484A-A6F8-4E78C6…)

She’s pretending she’s not loving being called thinspo lol, you can’t just turn off an eating disorder brain when your fully immersed in it like she is. She can’t even lie well lol. And she always just screen shots google for responses on aplastic anemia… if I was expected to f*cking die from an illness surely I’d know what it is, what it does, etc not so I can answer questions but Bc I have the damn disease…. she’s so full of shit she might explode

No. 820828

Does anyone know Elzani's low weight? after she left the hospital she claims to have gained ~38lbs but I find that impossible considering she still looks skeletal upon release

No. 820854

Maybe bmi 10, hard to tell

No. 820864

On an instagram post a couple of weeks before her hospital admission, she said her BMI was 11.2 and a weight of 33kg.

No. 820872

Is that her real name on that screen?

No. 820874

Possibly, when searching that name, results for a 21 year old from Florida come up

No. 820878

File: 1560277422962.jpeg (77.7 KB, 749x351, 7C5EC13A-62D1-4459-B90B-EB4702…)

this definitely appears to be her real name

No. 820890

File: 1560280166928.jpg (33.05 KB, 411x612, Capture.JPG)

I'm looking at what I take is her fb profile. No wiggy pictures, no mention of illness. Her dad has a garden pest control business and a podcast.

No. 820891

Here she is doing yoga when she was at uni

No. 820897

KEK zoom in this is a homework assignment!!!! She is so full of shit it is amazing.

No. 820902

File: 1560282547208.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 285B54A4-FA27-4818-96BE-293091…)

Well it appears the existence of Misha can be confirmed

No. 820904

File: 1560282671558.png (305.38 KB, 434x755, Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 20.4…)

'adrienne'/atravelsaway has supposedly woken from her coma kek

No. 820907


No. 820909

File: 1560283281351.jpg (43.45 KB, 378x518, bf.JPG)


Her boyfriend looks exhausted. He really deserves this flight to Rio (5 hours ago) after all his tender loving care.

No. 820912

She looks good. And normal. She should focus on acro yoga and being alternative instead of pretending to be dying
Does she just expect no one will find her account because she used a fake name? Surely she’s not that stupid

No. 820913

File: 1560284247559.jpg (135.63 KB, 1113x657, 2013.JPG)

Not sure what's going on with her name. She uses the "fake" name for this old online news article

No. 820914

File: 1560284305263.jpg (78.92 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

…and an old youtube channel with this as her profile pic.

Looks like a school video project, so nothing to look at.


No. 820921

how many different names does she use?
cassandra, natalia and now violette?

No. 820923

~alters~ ?

No. 820928

No she’s just a pretentious cunt.

No. 820930

She needs to put some initials in her name, or do a double barreled thing.
The Cassandra entity…hope it's not Skins related, but you never know.

It's good that her dad wants to raise hundreds of thousands for his radio show and not medical bills. It'll take his mind off his dying daughter.

No. 820933

It seems like Cassandra is her legal name if it's on a school related website and other stuff. She has a linkedin but no jobs listed

No. 820937

Do y’all really think she might be using? Curious because she’s very high functioning if so

No. 820938

File: 1560287806387.jpg (932.48 KB, 1080x1759, 20190612_071520.jpg)

Claims phone interferes with monitors. 100% not true. Interestingly, every pic and post of "Michael" including that video has been deleted

No. 820939

Pretty sure people have said in the past that she's a party drug user but I wouldn't be surprised if she's using more regularly to cope with grad school "stress" kek

No. 820940

Fb says she works in customer services for her dad's business.

I agree with anon who says she should put herself out there as some yoga/alternative account. Whatever the fuck is wrong with her, it's a waste to present yourself as your illness. It's boring. Unlike a lot of ED account people, it looks as if she has some interests outside of illness but that's all she wants to write about. I fucking hate what instagram does to people.

No. 820942


Well, well, well…

Yeah, phones don't do shit to hospital equipment. Years ago I remember there was a thing where you had to switch them off, but now it's agreed they don't interfere at all.

P sure after a week of induced coma a person would still feel zonked af. Too disorientated and tired to do selfies.

No. 820956

She doesn't look to be the 60ish lbs she claims

No. 820967

She must be tall then, yes? Not meaning to blog but i gained 30lbs in recovery at a lower bmi and looked completely weight restored
She's either lying about how much she gained or something. I'm still very worried about her. At least her hair is growing back.

No. 820968

File: 1560290371579.png (2 MB, 1080x1467, IMG_20190611_225857.png)

Kelsey latest fail

No. 820970

She could have gained to the 17ish bmi, and promptly lost it all again

No. 820974

spaceship pisses me off so much. from the WAY she writes shes not an idiot (shes also not a writer like she thinks she is, but shes 1% articulate at least) but from WHAT she writes she comes off as conceited and even willfully ignorant. shes an open trump supporter too, total garbage. shes not dumb but she IS an idiot

No. 820978


>shes an open trump supporter

That's like being here in the UK and finding out a cow votes Britain First or idolises Nigel Farage. I can't even listen to Morrissey anymore. I'm nowhere near a SJW, but if someone backs a racist it tells you so much about a person.

Her arrogance and Trumpi love might be her thinking that her dad having a business killing aphids is living the American Dream. She's done fuck all to make America great herself that she falls on pretend illnesses to justify being a lazy twat.

Absolutely not 60lbs. Haggard and sun damaged, yes, but now way is she under 90 (and that's being generous).

No. 820982

File: 1560291933014.jpg (49.4 KB, 739x628, ig.JPG)

Becky. Obviously not in so much ~mental pain~ she doesn't go ip voluntarily. So difficult to find an iota of empathy when a person does flap all to help themselves.

Srsly, when you feel as bad as she claims, you'd check into San Quentin if there was hope of some relief.

No. 820983

Koreys still doing her undergrad
Few threads back there’s some pics of her and that gay raw vegan boy (Ollie?) obviously drugged up at the club

No. 820985

That does not look like a hospital room…

No. 820988

File: 1560293043471.jpeg (87.74 KB, 750x301, B1E7B0DE-F1DE-4D08-8B8B-61DB51…)

Nah, shes posted on her instagram that she is doing grad at Latrobe now

No. 820989

Samefag but perfect example of her drug and alcohol lifestyle kek

No. 820992

She'd be 5 foot 7 to have that bmi at 33kg

No. 820999

Her lw was 33kg, giving her a bmi of 11.2, she gained 17kg so left at 59kg giving her a bmi of 17, it probably didn't show in her legs so she still looked really thin, then she lost a lot when she got home I guess. But looking back at her old pictures there's a deffinate difference, her face is not as skull like and her arms aren't as ligamenty and weird. I'd says she's like bmi 14-15 now idk

No. 821008

I wish she'd post a REAL what I eat in a day video. Then maybe she'd actually confront her disorder..

No. 821009

But how can that be, if she’s been in #REAL RECOVERY #BOOBSNOTBONEZ since leaving ip?! (#sarcasm)

No. 821032

The days in between her EATING WHAT MY NEIGHBOUR'S COUSIN'S BEST FRIEND EATS IN A DAY (THEY EAT A LOT!) she's restricting.

A daily honest upload would be good and expected as a recovery vlog. She's too interested in being a ~recovery community~ youtube name.

No. 821034

Edit: fasting more like as opposed to restricting.

No. 821035

Tbh even the days she does film I'm guessing shes restricting in other places, being deceiving in what she shows, and offsetting majorly with exercise / purging.

No. 821036

Yeah. People with EDs know all the tricks to hide their behaviours and it's incredible how naive parents can be (understandable if they don't have an ed mindset). Did she ever have family therapy?

No. 821049

>she isnt an idiot
>she IS an idiot
sorry am i the idiot


No. 821050

It’s all one combined degree - 4 years for undergrad and masters in a dietetics. Ausfag here. All done at the one university.

No. 821053

Ah ok that makes sense, sorry, amerifag

No. 821085

Cassie Govan (Facevook), from Florida, doesn't look like her, but she's only got one picture Public.

No. 821088

She’s the milkiest cow here so glad she’s being talked about again. Apparently she’s booked a trip to Bali by herself with mummy and daddy’s money (she still doesn’t work)

No. 821089

Although better that begging internet for free shit like kek booxy

No. 821161

She probs eats just enough to maintain, or lose slowly so the fam don't notice

No. 821170

File: 1560328634506.jpg (407.42 KB, 1080x1901, atravelsawayy.jpg)

@atravelsaway still hasn't addressed Michael. And it looks like she's already out of the hospital.

No. 821220

File: 1560343503946.png (14.56 KB, 230x323, michael_snowwhitesleeppost.PNG)

In one of her posts, she said about Michael being happy to keep everyone updated, and she said she needs to stay in hospital to gain at least another 10 pounds. That's one funny looking hospital.

No. 821253

How could she ever think this picture looks good enough to post? And I thought other cows were ugly

No. 821255

At this point I’m kinda concerned she’s delusion. Like actual illness not just a phrase used

No. 821257

Weight or from purging?

No. 821258

She looks like she could be a killer. I fear for Pilot Patrick.

No. 821291

File: 1560357074441.jpeg (203.73 KB, 750x975, 6BDDB544-790C-4B70-B6B3-4BDFF9…)

I mean, its possible she could have just lost weight but shes looking real rough. Pic attached is from less than two weeks ago for comparison

No. 821305

File: 1560359393668.jpeg (633.44 KB, 750x1122, B7CB21DB-96DF-49DA-BE6F-C8CD34…)

Well she got it! Some literally asked her on tell if she’s going to change her account picture from a year ago to one with this tube I was like savage lol!

No. 821307

File: 1560359567583.jpeg (191.33 KB, 750x922, E1481F22-F4EF-481D-BC7A-230B28…)

Here’s the tell, actually the one above it is hilarious too. Her response to the tube one is interesting.. makes it seem like she only likes pictures of herself with a nose hose. What a numpty

No. 821319

>she only likes pictures of herself with a nose hose

with the mandatory poor me oh no a nose hose expression they all seem to have when inside they're air punching and thinking yes, yes, yes!!!

That's one of those horrible thick tubes Aly had. They remind me of the rubber tube that connects bunsen burners to the gas tap.

No. 821320

why is it that every cow has to take a ridiculously emo, overly posed "eDs ArE sO gLaMoRoUs, NoT!" photo shoot every time they get a nose hose? I can just imagine all she's thinking about is what angles to use and how she's going to pout her lips just right for her tragic anachan roleplay later.
just take their phones away and I guarantee the attention seeking behavior and histrionics should drop off considerably

No. 821327

To be fair, she didn't lie. The only pictures she likes of herself are the nose-hose ones. It's the only proof she has that she's "Spooper sick".

No. 821333

File: 1560364572914.gif (837.35 KB, 505x250, stay strong yeah just like tha…)

It's how the snowflake generation are. There are us who wouldn't want a photo taken of us if we had a cold or looked really fucked with an illness. Then there's this lot who probably order real prints of them with nose hoses or looking like death. I don't get it. This is why the western world is in a mess. This breed are taking over and wanting sickly genetics to be desirable. Instead of doing voluntary work to make a difference, they like comments telling the they're ~brave~ for behaving like a useless tosser.

No. 821339

I wouldnt say its an entire generation more just anyone on instagram whether it be these annoying 15 year olds or oldies like dustbin

No. 821350

Yeah. I suppose spending so much time on lolcow gives the impression that most people are dickheads (meaning the cows, not the farmers).

No. 821476

File: 1560385973315.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 81C30592-64D5-4D62-90D4-2C549B…)

Another tube selfie… haven’t seen her hooked up yet…kek peep her lil text about sneaking the phone in I agree with >>821320 if they had taken her phone and charger there’d be no need for her to fein suicidal ideation to get a bed, to get the tube photos. Do they even search your stuff there? I would have no where to hide a phone and a charger on my body lol

No. 821480

File: 1560386369386.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, B3B6BB28-FEAB-4FB7-BD2A-010D04…)

Nice wanorexic pose and tube flaunting. You look supremely average. Not like it matters but I just find it award when ppl on the low end of average act like the most delicate dainty skeleton. Like she’s not ashamed to show that body. Which is weird Bc she didn’t a lot recently but now that the tubes in we are showing the body off… the tube doesn’t make you look sicker or more anorexic lol she’s deluded

No. 821501

Weird that they tube her and leave her in psych if she's medically compromised. Generally in qld if you are medically unstable with an ed (= obs/bloods are bad, which apparently hers were after days of refusing intake), you get transferred from psych to medical and put on 24/7 feeds, regardless of your weight

No. 821506

They are for Bolus feeds usually

No. 821515

I guess that mean she’s lying once again lol. She’s on the psych ward getting a bolus, probably whatever she doesn’t eat from her trays. Annnnd she’s medically stable. Maybe that’s why she said “medically compromised” instead of unstable not sure it matters though. But she said that drs said that wasn’t Bc of labs but her weight… regardless I feel like she’s lying and being ott. Her weight doesn’t seem like a risky BMI.

No. 821522

shes far from large but yr right this girl isnt as sickly as shes trying to flaunt. hilarious & sad how validating the tube is for spoonies

No. 821580

File: 1560407391597.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-023914.png)

Does she realise she looks nothing like her shops when she videos

No. 821603

Omg she actually had a hip instead of two biologically impossible parallel lines that form a spider leg lol. How old is she again? Is she young and dumb or just malnourished and delusional when she makes these obvious errors lol kelsey you need some continuity, not believable kek. Nice catch op

No. 821607

does anyone know what aly’s new username is? she used to be aly_sjourney

No. 821609

She just fi ished high school, not sure what age thatd make her tho. I think she's probs just a dumbass, like she has to be to think she is fooling anyone

No. 821616

File: 1560424358852.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 3C78D534-0D1F-4581-A8C1-2FC606…)

Shanaya is complaining about losing her leave because she refused to be weighed this morning. Note the toooobe. Don’t get why she’s still on it when she’s very obviously a healthy weight.

No. 821620

File: 1560426097192.jpg (295.12 KB, 720x795, Screenshot_20190613-074032_Ins…)

im very annoyed by spoopy af instagram girls who 100% capitalize on their insane-thinness but run around saying shit like "i dont want 2 look like this uwu/ im sick cough, thats y im so tragically thin".
spaceship has done this, trying to milk sympathy from her followers w/ that damn napkin on her head. specifically tho im annoyed by scumtier, who is 100% everything an anachan aspires to be, flaunts her body in every pic, then has the nerve to act like being thin isnt literally the cornerstone of why people follow her. idk if she actually has an ed so i'll sage this, but god her constant complaining and ebegging piss me tf off

No. 821625

This is shopp-y re: pinching in her waist, but it’s in no way spoopy thin.

No. 821626

File: 1560427790477.jpg (422.81 KB, 720x720, 20190613_080947.jpg)

tbat her most recent body pic, i should have chose a different one probably. i assumed a lot of ppl might already b familiar w/ her. ill drop this pic but id rather not hate-scroll thru her feed again

No. 821628

shes constantly on about some chronic illness she has but doesnt give any details about what illness or the nature of it, just that it keeps her ~oh so tragically sick & thin~

No. 821636


No. 821639

File: 1560428704733.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190611-202321_Ins…)

Does she live in her bed? Yogurt is well out of date too 🤮🤮

No. 821640

This looks stretched. That plastic cup looks too long (as does her whole body). I'd expect some bones if she was that thin. Her bag/purse looks like a pet carrier?

No. 821643

File: 1560428766789.jpg (990.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190611-202339_Ins…)

Yogurt 🤮

No. 821644


Ew, food on fabric again. All those stains.

Is she hoping to get freebies from Cadbury's and Muller?

Yeah, yogurt's one of those things I don't eat if it's a day past the date. Does that say the 2nd or 7th June. She might like that off dairy fizziness.

No. 821646

File: 1560429265333.jpg (54.22 KB, 481x590, oh hai.JPG)

I know there's an Aly thread on the last page of the internet, but felt I needed to post this. Is she still hinting at ~relapse~ or is this 4real?

Hate this angle.

No. 821663

File: 1560433994514.png (1.23 MB, 1195x592, Untitled.png)

I've been following this girl. Left was something like 20 months ago and right yesterday. She dropped loads of weight quickly. Her stories are mostly food, the most recent a jar of Nutella. Idk if she's in denial or plain ol' proana.

Still, glamorous transformation huh.

No. 821664

File: 1560434030879.jpg (98.87 KB, 921x591, dd.JPG)

No. 821666

i cant follow people who look that close to death, not even out of curiosity or in the hopes that they make it, too depressing

No. 821667

Holy shit, she doesn't even look like a real person.

No. 821674

File: 1560435163296.jpg (66.81 KB, 532x575, 0.JPG)


It's the speed she lost weight that's mind boggling. She mustn't eat at all…well, maybe a pea a day. This is her almost 2 years ago. She used to play basketball.

No. 821675

What country is she in? And how the fuck is she still alive?

No. 821676

Russia, and fuck knows. She's like Ash in fast forward.

No. 821692

Oh my god, how is she not dead? She's the thinnest person I've ever seen in my life. I don't know how she can eat and maintain that low weight since binge eating is so normal for restricters..

No. 821706

File: 1560441711533.png (235.75 KB, 1066x1541, Screenshot_20190613-173713.png)

I'm really looking forward to this.

No. 821711

shes just going to continue to deflect or something else will come up to make posting her "proof" impossible.

i feel like shes just going to keep stringing this along and it will peter out rather than blowing up

No. 821738

She’s so boring nowadays, but always pushing the ~frail, overworked, sick~ narrative, tagging like 20 accounts in her new pictures, buying then deleting comments etc. Would provide caps but it’s desperately dull.

No. 821744

File: 1560448725726.jpeg (372.86 KB, 640x855, BEAFFBA5-BC4C-434A-A1DE-ABCDD6…)

Recovery.chii is back to making attention seeking, crying posts again. Obvi. Gotta get attention somehow, now that she’s not so spoopy.

No. 821746

I wonder if she's going to hire someone off something like fivver, a week seems about right for a freelancer. Either way, i am hoping it's going to be something rather than a fizzle out (especially with how she deleted pictures). Could she also be finding a shmuck to pose for her and no one would have a reference to go by because they're all gone?

No. 821752

Are you actually trolling right now? If you watch those instagram stories it doesn't seem like attention seeking at all to me, it seems like shes actually fighting instead of all these fake Elzanis and Nourishtoflourish types. Not milky at all.

I don't get why some people here have such a hate on for her.

No. 821760

When did she call him Donald? At least she's not lying that's her dad's name. Unless she's fantasising about Trump because she's down as a Republican online.

Her dad's a medical technologist

No. 821815

yeah, the vendetta on here against chii is real. farmers need to learn to let ex-cows be ex-cows

No. 821881

I've been following her (@scumtier) and she's skinny but i don't think she's an ana-chan

No. 821883

File: 1560465100230.jpeg (303.36 KB, 705x590, E986B4A9-6807-4E08-BA2F-6951F9…)

She’s back

No. 821887

File: 1560465437900.jpg (378.92 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190613-223154_Ins…)

wtf is on morven's face?

No. 821891

She looks like death. Mad death. Mad death cursing a chocolate eclair.

No. 821899

I do not think it is any kind of coincidence that the thumbnail is an intentionally awkward pose to show off how spoopy her arm looks. Bitch knows what she’s doing.

No. 821908

File: 1560466784395.png (472.25 KB, 750x1334, 8012A70D-B764-47A5-ABFF-EFEF89…)

This is how dramatic she is after one weak of not eating?! Half or more of which was spent inpatient throwing a hissy fit, not eating, to get her precious nose hose! Enjoy that large painful and unnecessary tube u numpty

No. 821911

File: 1560466910816.jpeg (140.02 KB, 750x1334, 153170F9-8337-41B1-ACD5-857A52…)

Lol her followers tells are gold

No. 821916

File: 1560467205893.jpeg (122.94 KB, 750x1334, F059C200-DB5E-49A5-8393-1D981F…)

And finally after one week ppl, one fricking week of restriction and shes saying before things got critical…? Is she honestly that deluded or is she just denying her modus operandi of getting that tube lol she kills me. Although I do feel bad she had to do that to get care maybe she’ll be happy to get what she wants, inevitable weight gain and tube selfies

No. 821918

You can tell the ones who do this for attention. If you're thinking about suicide, you don't tell anyone. You go out (or stay in) and kill yourself. You don't say you're going to starve yourself to death. Or rather, you do tell people that if you want a hospital admission and a nose hose. Fucking time wasters.

No. 821933

Right? And then by some odd chance her ed gets all bad when she’s inpatient kek. It’s such a blatant stunt it’s awkward she’s trying to hide it.

No. 821971

Is it just me or does Elzani look REALLY sick in her latest video? I mean she always looks spooky but this one idk, she looks so off in it. Maybe it's her dad shoving 5 cups of coffee down her gob the other day when she most likely has a weak heart? GET THIS GIRL PROFESSIONAL HELP.

No. 821988

She’s looking awful not better - doesn’t seem to stop her giving out advice . She still hasn’t mentioned any therapy etc.
Her video has a blip - one minute she says she had quiche for snack, then it was for lunch.
Who cares what she eats in a day - everyone is different - the copying her dad was pointless )

No. 821991

Head banging self harm yet again.
They should give her a peg.

No. 822007

She needs a helmet or restraints.. does she pretend she’s passing out? Bc I’ve never gotten a growth like that from passing out. I think she’s self inflicting. she could literally get a hematoma or damage her brain and die of brain trauma, she’s delusional

No. 822009

It’s self inflicted, head banging as a form of self harm

No. 822010

She could literally accidentally kill herself doing that, I saw some female murderer try to do that to stage the scene and she legit became a ticking time bomb and died…. I wonder what it’s done to her brain. Yikes

No. 822018

File: 1560478251020.png (801.69 KB, 613x765, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 03.0…)

does she really think people believe this?

No. 822022

i dont think she has an eating disorder tbh, she just has anas idolizing her and being that thin is part of her brand from the way she flaunts it at this point.

No. 822033

She's definitely looking iller. She looked reasonably okay for a while, but now she looks pale and more than a-quick-trip-to-the-doctor sick.

I don't think she has the same cockroach gene a lot of these skeles has, so she should watch out. She's the kind who'd go to bed and die in her sleep.

She posted a leaflet (that she lol-ed at) about the damage head banging can do, but it's all lol to her.

Is that supposed to be an old photo because she still looks 50 with a beautify filter on (that hasn't worked).

No. 822060

It’s attention seeking - simple.

No. 822079


Honestly thank you for calling out the cockroach gene, I feel like half the damage that occurs online is folks convincing themselves that they can starve themselves stupid and live forever, like nah. People have died after bingeing and purging for less than a month. If you've got preexisting medical conditions or tendencies towards certain physiological imbalances, you can fuck yourself up long before you reach skelly tier. Just because some extremophiles online can drag their carcass through the days on periodic you-tube meals and lies doesnt mean everyone can survive like that.

No. 822124

File: 1560510393766.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 0782A9A4-1E38-4936-844E-CAFD55…)

Your still standing.. is that like a Freudian slip lol? like shes been standing the whole time and not comatose kek

No. 822125

File: 1560510785620.jpeg (491.62 KB, 750x956, 2958FE6A-6229-4FE5-BB83-00105B…)

Uhm yea special snowflake your not the first one to be in school with an eating disorder, but you are the only one who can dramatasize the most trivial occurrences. If she has any skill, although useless it’s her ability to creat fake scenarios with a high school writing level kek. She acts like she’s a prominent canonized author for Christ sake, your studying it’s not that serious lol

No. 822130

Oh look. The same rug they had at the hospital when she woke up!

Um…do some of the work on vacation? That's when I went into overdrive writing essays for uni. What does she mean by her "manager"? Is she talking about a personal tutor at college or her dad (her manager at work)?

Spaceship, see img numbers 3 and 10. You're welcome.

No. 822131

File: 1560513371167.jpg (112.63 KB, 735x803, how-to-write-good.jpg)

No. 822132

>> 821916

I think I read she wasn't eating anything (?)and that can be really dangerous especially if you limit fluids too ( low bp, fainting, stress on the heart)

No. 822151

https://www.instagram.com/aandmtruelovestory/ - 'Adrienne' has made herself a fan page for her love story!

No. 822152

I feel like she says some things just so ppl ask her things she just needs constant attention. Like the stories she posted where farmers when questioning if she’s on drugs, she’s probably not but she wants u to think she is so you ask her questions and act concerned. She really does have all the makings to be a munchie. An Internet one, no dr would believe her though, just her gullible and loyal followers kek.

No. 822154

File: 1560521294918.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20190614-144637.png)

It's about to really get good.

No. 822156

He will always be “coming home in 6 days” though. There will always be some reason they can’t be photographed together. Much kek but also endless disappointment.

No. 822158

I really don't know. Most people who do this lie low for awhile and stop promising the pictures. She's not doing that. She's going full speed. She's faked this conversation, after all - that doesn't show a desire to stop the charade.

I think she has hired someone to shop some pix.

No. 822161

Maybe she’s hired someone…alternatively we should all be really, really concerned for pilot patrick’s health and well-being. Keep your eyes on the news!

No. 822162

I wonder if the solution will be a break-up

No. 822165

I though she said his name was Donald Michael?? Much consistency.

No. 822166

I'm still wondering why on earth she picked her dads first name as this fake romance, well creepy. And going by the mugshots, she can't use her brother as a stand-in as him. Going to be interesting as to what happens, but what kind of fruit loop created a fan account for the romance? (unless it's a bored farmer).

No. 822167

File: 1560523692197.png (178.69 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20190614-161013.png)

our queen doesn't seem to mind the fan account

No. 822175

She's made it herself, literally nobody in her comments is invested in the love story of the century. She was also the first follower kek

No. 822177

Also who the hell would make a fan page for a couple and not post the couple. This is so cringey.

No. 822178

That photo…..

No. 822180


No. 822190

Oh my god this is gold. I think she’s all I’m too—I can’t wait for the pictures

No. 822193

This picture is beyond uncomfortable…just bizarre
I believe this though… doctors will often spew bullshit like this as a scare tactic to get you to do what they want.

No. 822197

It’s her dream photo, she couldn’t look happier and it’s disgusting

No. 822207

Damn, most people writing their resumes/LinkedIn have to be pushed to be open and clear about their accomplishments, and struggle with the fact that the point of these things are to "sell" yourself, not be humble… I don't know if I've really seen anyone before who is clearly bragging about themselves and basically totally tone-deaf and un-self aware.

No. 822208

I shall write the true crime book about it. Someone else can do the movie.

No. 822213

>>819081 this literally made me gasp… I don't understand the atypical AN diagnosis. I can get it if someone is essentially anorexic aside from the weight criteria because people at any size can develop anorexia and shouldn't need to wait to get help, but anorexia inherently involves weight loss… example, I was in the hospital with someone who was overweight but used to be much heavier and had rapidly lost about 80 lbs. and really needed help to eat

>>818985 I am sure that her parents are honestly just devastated… watching your child be so obviously sick and adoring it would be torture for any parent

No. 822237

If Elzani's parents were truly devastated, they'd have her sectioned.

No. 822246

I agree. I don’t understand why her parents haven’t done anything, no treatment, dietician, not even a therapist?? they’re all clearly fed up with her, I wonder why they continue to baby the fantasy world Elzani lives in. They ought to do something soon because like anon >>822033 said, she’s the kind to just keel over and die

No. 822253

File: 1560541023606.png (405.78 KB, 401x716, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 20.2…)

she's realised now that she won't be able to get pilot patrick in for a picture, and if you ask questions you will LITERALLY kill her guys because this cardiac arrest (as opposed to her other cardiac arrest) will kill her for realies

No. 822260

Thank the Lord we can check up on her amazing boyfriend on his ig account and blogs. Sucks to be ~fragile~.

No. 822282

File: 1560543644517.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1483, IMG_20190614_211945.png)

Wtf is this, this has to be her worst shoop yet!

No. 822287

Okay, now she’s just trolling us with these shoops

No. 822292

the chest and left arm kek >>822282

No. 822293

File: 1560544748765.png (194.37 KB, 478x457, BEST OF KEL.png)

Thanks for supplying us with these pics, anon. It's the highlight of my lolcow week.

I've captured my favourite parts of this one:
A. Wavy fingers
B. Wavy door
C. Arm doing a chameleon type camo thing with the door behind
E. That hand. In general.

Oh, Kelsey. You are a loon.

No. 822294

I forgot the THICKNESS OF HER NECK compared to the rest of her body.

No. 822296

File: 1560544837266.jpeg (321.89 KB, 745x1207, 4DBB6F93-0EBE-4C8B-8C97-48CFC5…)

I almost feel like Kelsey’s whole being is just a huge prank

No. 822304

it HAS to be some kind of social experiment/"art" project at this point

No. 822320

she looks like someone photoshopped twigs onto those people born without legs, so they are only arms and torso

No. 822324

absolutely hilarious

also hilarious

No. 822328

File: 1560550613086.png (71.25 KB, 858x296, What.PNG)

Top kek

No. 822331

I’m pretty sure this is a self post. As in, you made this account just to post it here and pretend it was made in earnest. Elzani embarrasses herself enough as it is.

No. 822346

File: 1560552981758.jpeg (253.93 KB, 750x1154, 69FB438C-54E9-4FD2-8EA4-CF0591…)

Been following this thread for a few weeks now and I have the perfect cow. Meet Adrienne who claims to super spoopy with anorexia and being around 70lbs and has had multiple "cardiac events" leading her to be in ICU for months now and almost dying. Don't have screen caps but she was claiming this super famous pilot was her boyfriend and he's been the one updating her account for months now but she got caught and the pilot himself even tried reporting her profile but she deleted all photos of him she posted. She has yet to post any photos of her being in hospital now that's she "no longer in a coma" but after being in a coma for MONTHS she somehow can completely type perfectly fine and has zero cognitive issues! Kek I'm a nurse who used to work ICU that's NOT how it works Adrienne! After getting called she started immediately deleting comments and blocking people but I HAD to follow bc the milk was overflowing. I have more screenshots to follow

No. 822347

File: 1560553066192.jpeg (277.64 KB, 750x1195, DC608AB5-6524-45A9-9E76-EC5566…)

People started catching on her to bullshit and she started deleted everyone and guilting them and yet she still has SO many people fooled I'm baffled????? She continuously just posts old photos of herself and won't post any new ones probably because she isn't the "70lbs" she says she is

No. 822348

File: 1560553109746.jpeg (275.41 KB, 750x1185, F4E4E55C-8801-46F4-A590-CDDBC7…)

More pretending to be a VERY famous pilot (I'm blanking on his @ but I'm doing my research bare with me……)

No. 822350

File: 1560553134649.jpeg (320.8 KB, 750x1221, 5625A678-F48A-4699-B710-456B9F…)

No. 822357

File: 1560553468354.jpeg (738.33 KB, 1920x2560, 91D2104A-F304-4B6A-8F88-5DAEA5…)

Milky milky

No. 822358

File: 1560553506312.jpeg (809.61 KB, 1920x2560, BDE21AD1-4BC9-456A-9308-00D305…)

I can't help but laugh at that comment saying using people's pictures is illegal yet that's exactly what she is doing

No. 822363

File: 1560553609533.jpeg (251.6 KB, 750x1088, C050829F-3232-4F0A-8E04-CFA7D8…)


No. 822381

Hey anyone see @fallenstardustdreamers_ shes literally such a fucking joke like zoe and bree and A…i follow her just to laugh fucking wannarexic

No. 822385

Lurk harder newfag, shes been posted. Literally less than 15 posts above yours

No. 822386

Screenshots? This is an imageboard

No. 822391

File: 1560557558005.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, 67DBDB46-6276-4F93-A950-9719CF…)

Think she can strain her neck any harder?

No. 822399

Odd that anon didn't notice all our posts about her, but I appreciate the extra screenshots.

What's the context of this? Is it a response to her being pulled up on having a neck the width of the Hulk's in her latest abortive shoop?

No. 822409

File: 1560561539370.png (354.6 KB, 750x1334, 7405C009-58AD-4E22-A87B-7D7BE9…)

A bunch of people were commenting on how crazy she looks in the picture, pic is spaceship/cassandra commenting

No. 822417

Those were posted a few hours before mine and I'm on my phone and new posts don't always load unless I refresh it 3 times. I posted way more screenshots y'all are so hard pressed to not get any more milk and stay on the same 2 people. I posted more screenshots and gave more content to look at why so salty

No. 822425

File: 1560564701505.jpeg (192.42 KB, 750x1231, 2E06ADD5-F7BD-4F83-A97E-6CE49D…)

More milk even tho you're hell bent on sticking to the same 3 boring people

No. 822426

File: 1560564754853.jpeg (227.26 KB, 747x1173, 2B98C26D-D6EF-4642-95B4-852C59…)

Love how her "boyfriend" is tagging things like ana

No. 822441

File: 1560566975722.jpg (565.33 KB, 1080x1762, 20190615_124734.jpg)

She thinks this is healthy… wut?

No. 822445

You forgot to crop your username(emoji)

No. 822449

Kek because an overweight body is a healthy body.. sure Jan

No. 822463

I would love to hear some EDU staff talk about this off-the-record… like what they think about those patients and if they ever acknowledge to each other what's going on- like, "ugh let's just give her the tube ASAP bc that's obviously what she came for and let her hang around for a week before giving her the boot"

No. 822475

I just don't understand what's going on… I assume she actually has an eating disorder though, right…? Because she is thin… it just makes no sense to me because Photoshopping your pics to make everyone think you're skinnier than you are sounds like it would be a nightmare to most anorexics… not actually losing the weight but having people treat you like you have, and as if you're more fragile than you are? My anachan reaction is that it sounds like a nightmare, but anorexic logic isn't exactly complex so I'm sure I'm in not alone with that reaction

No. 822479

Wtf that has got to be a joke!

No. 822497

File: 1560578787320.png (71.04 KB, 731x300, vendettachan.PNG)

The way this is worded, this is either a vendetta fag or a self-post. 18 followers? And whining about people on a first name basis? sure thing.

No. 822512

Anyone got tea on fallenstardustdreamers_ she blocked me from following her…we aren't friends cause i guess she thinks I'm the one sending her hate tells. Like no. I have better shit to do like college >>822497

No. 822519


Doesn't this belong in the DID thread?

No. 822520

We already know who she is, we’ve been talking about her for over a week or so. You dont need to do an intro about her when we already know all the shit, but yes, shes a cow.

No. 822524

I mean she’s deluded herself into thinking she had anorexia it’s better she convinces herself she’s healthy and opens her bed to someone with anorexia who needs to be treated inpatient. Get some therapy Georgia your binging isn’t going to solve itself

No. 822528

"been through more than most 4x its age"
Has it now?

No. 822539

Is there a DID thread from what we talked about her page was more ED than DID anyway

No. 822540

None of that is new milk you fucking retard. We have been talking about her for a few weeks now.

No. 822548

stop posting until you familiarize yourself with board culture, your summer is showing and its shitting up the thread

No. 822555

Well the up side to a new fag posting old milk and it shows Adrienne caught in a lie. In >>821706 she saids Michael is his last name and Donald is his first name, yet in
>>822357 he saids his name is Michael Patrick, so which is it? And funny how the verified account said that is the only account, any other accounts are fake. Gee I wonder who we are going to believe, a anorexic no one or an verified account.

No. 822577

So many name lies..she’s said Michael is his first name, Patrick is his middle name, now Michael is also a middle name… Donald Patrick Michael?

No. 822600

In America totally. I would say nurses by far get the most annoyed with these patients Bc their main goal and job is to care for ppl and if the persons not being honest, and the nurse can tell my checking vitals etc, and monitoring they are going to get pissed, they may not outwardly show it but they might be less nice, like not hand deliver u meds, or like not drop everything to open the bathroom stuff like that. And of course they discuss the patient behaviors with the other staff and Drs. Also Ishe’s not a critically sick patient medically so she’s fine to be treated on the psych ward and on bolus feeds “for the show” like if she was really at risk she’d be on 24 hour feeds, dextrose, sodium fluids etc, she’s fine and they are milking her for $

No. 822708

File: 1560627352900.jpg (4.08 KB, 310x163, download.jpg)

Has anyone read "How To Disappear completely"?

It's the only book about eating disorders I rate. The author describes wannarexics to a T. It describes more than half the cows in this thread.

No. 822744

One of the few times where an excerpt would have been better than a picture anon

No. 822748

Who have you been talking about for weeks

No. 822780

Difficult to do that because it's what the majority of the book's about. I'll pull the book out on screen and ss some of it.

(I can link to a download if anyone's interested).

No. 822792

File: 1560639018773.jpg (48.42 KB, 676x185, 1.JPG)

This remind you of anyone?

No. 822797

File: 1560639503682.jpg (90.01 KB, 680x288, 1.JPG)

There's really too much to post, but reading it makes me thinks of cows past and present.

No. 822810

Anyone else feel like the whole anorexia isn’t dependent on weight movement encourages wannarexia and makes anorexia seem like an illness that should receive more attention than the other eating disorders or is it just me? Last excerpt really reminds me of “I have (atypical) anorexia not OSFED”

No. 822811

Same fag but holy shit that ending line of wannarexics making the stigma of anorexia stronger because to them it’s all about being skinny and popular and enviable is gold

No. 822812

Honestly the author of this sounds like a proana dickface, not someone who is qualified or mentally stable enough to write a book explaining eating disorders to lay people.

No. 822818

Nah, it's because those parts are taken out of context.

I think so. I wish Georgia was more honest about her disorder. I couldn't blame anyone with BED for trying to get an AN diagnosis because nobody seems to treat other EDs as thoroughly, or gives as much exposure to other disordered eating. Idk, it seems that way to me at least.

No. 822832

please post the link if you have it

No. 822843

File: 1560648422139.jpg (835.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190616-004132_Ins…)

Moving on from manky food. Should be in A&E with that pulse not posting food pics!(emoji use)

No. 822844

File: 1560648912012.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 84DD5014-1B9D-4F5F-8D24-30EA54…)

not to be a dick, but who does she think she’s fooling? I’m genuinely curious as to if body dysmorphia can even get THAT bad…

No. 822847

Someone who thought they were bloated wouldnt be taking pictures, much less sucking-in thinspo photos. I wish her account would get deleted.

No. 822897

She has been deleted, twice I believe but still always makes a new account. She's probably going to get deleted again if she keeps shooping her pictures. It's very obvious she does it for attention and to maybe get some dms about 'how skinny' she is

No. 822947

This should work. I uploaded it to my dropbox thing:

It's hosted on some other download site, but you'll get some pop ups n shit if you use this:

No. 822948

I really don't know what's going on here. I'm still thinking she's some kind of CGI, or as a farmer said, an art project. I can't understand …why???

No. 822977

File: 1560681441996.jpeg (330.62 KB, 745x1100, 82414859-AC66-4DEF-8D59-3E35B3…)

Still deluded - in denial that she’s supposedly gaining weight.
Love and the little things in life won’t get her very far when dear mummy stops mollycoddling her.

No. 822980

What’s she been “so busy” doing? She doesn’t work, go to school or volunteer. Did a new grocery store open nearby or something?

No. 822991

I wondered the same - if she's not working , is not at school or college or university, isn't supposed to be exercising, then what has she been so busy doing? Her mum looks after the house and her dad works .

No. 822992

File: 1560685617567.jpeg (126.97 KB, 614x634, image.jpeg)

Her followers are starting to realize

No. 822993

File: 1560685659776.jpeg (82.12 KB, 619x620, image.jpeg)

Part 2

No. 822994

File: 1560685766178.jpeg (77.36 KB, 638x630, image.jpeg)

Part 3

No. 822995

File: 1560685876200.jpeg (110.69 KB, 635x734, image.jpeg)

part 4
Rest of the comments are on Instagram

No. 823013

>Life's too short

…it will be

No. 823019

Does anyone know why she left treatment? Was she kicked out ? Or did she manipulate her parents into discharging her? - one of her comments she said she had never been outpatient- which is pretty unusual in England to go from inpatient to nothing, especially given she was in the Haldon which is meant to be one of the better EDUnits.

No. 823022

>just living
just dying

No. 823025

She’s technically an adult so I don’t think her parents have final say over discharging / not discharging her. What I don’t get is why they allow (and even encourage?!) her to live in their house, buy her food, etc etc. and let her keep playing this “recovery warrior” charade? The whole family is sick with her eating disorder, I think.

No. 823031

Yes they are
sick with her anorexia

No. 823037

I was looking through her other/non recovery account and she's had life so cushy. Endless holidays abroad, loads of presents at Christmas, loads of friends, a good relationship with her sisters and parents, a house by the sea - any hints what made her spoopy?

No. 823086

Who is this? I love her nails

No. 823090

It's givemespaceship, as said by the posts around it.

No. 823105

What's her non-recovery account username?

No. 823107


No. 823112

Not WK Elzani but I hate when people say shit like this, it doesn't matter if you have the best life in the world you can still have a mental illness. Just because her life seems "perfect" on the outside doesn't mean it is. Like my gran always says 'you never know what goes on behind closed doors.'

In saying that I do think Elzani is mollycoddled by her mum she is so overbearing dependent on mum but then nearly all anorexics act younger than their age. I find it crazy that she is only a year younger than me. She acts like a 14yo

No. 823118

You contradicted yourself there because her mother attachment is most likely the cause of her disorder.

No. 823128

I know a bunch of 14 year olds who would be embarrassed to behave as needy and self absorbed as elzani tbh. I don’t understand how any of her followers think she’s a good influence

No. 823138

Most 14 year olds want to behave like mini adults. I know me and my friends did. I sometimes wonder if it really is the fault of the parents in cases like Elzani, Becky, Aly (still mother dependent), and some others who've appeared in these threads. They haven't made their kids be independent and I think that's a really, really bad mistake. There was this girl in my year at uni who was really smothered by her parents and she didn't do any normal student stuff. She lived at home, went home after classes and didn't mix with other students. She was sickly-ish and complained of having - shit can't think of it - those cysts on the womb (?). I think she played that up and her parents did an Elzani/Becky/Aly's mother on her. Some people should never breed.

No. 823144

That is very true! Her younger sisters both seem far more mature. I do think though that anorexia causes the sufferer to lapse back into almost a perpetual childhood? Could be due to the lack of hormones in a physiological sense? We haven't really seen Elzani before her starvation, maybe she was a different person before she got sick. It's like with addicts, they can become seemingly evil deep in the addiction but become an angel when sober.

No. 823145

>anorexia causes the sufferer to lapse back into almost a perpetual childhood

The twins are like that. It makes me wonder if they were like that when they were studying to be doctors. If they were, how the hell did they graduate?

No. 823147

I will just add that I too believe her mother is an enabler and it's frustrating, I very much feel for her sisters. She needs to be under psychiatric care, a lot of older people still struggle with the concept of Anorexia and mental illness, they think they can cure their children themselves.

No. 823149

BEFORE I FORGET (again) TO ASK - how long has Kelsey been doing her anorexia thing?

No. 823152

It's sad if anything, they were probably very intelligent young women at one point, now they're obsessively body checking in adult diapers on Instagram. It's a devastating illness, if I feel sympathy with anyone it's them two, it might sound awful but I think it's too late for them to lead any other life.

No. 823157

When you're openly posting pictures of yourself wearing a nappy/diaper publicly, I think you're definitely past the point of no return.

No. 823158

The twins are a real sympathy case. Their mum’s a bit spoopy, their dad sounds like a twat, and now they’re fucked.

Maria worked as a doctor for a year and now she’s walking around Barnet all day long putting 80 Candrel in an almond milk frap and eating milk foam and calling it porridge. Katy’s had the ‘never fit for work’ letter for the DUP. What a fucking waste.

No. 823188


her mother probably has a very limited view of anorexia and falls for elzani's "recovery" because of that. maybe she's just happy to see her daughter eating even if she's not making any noticeable progress?

her sisters on the other hand seem very mature and they probably see right through elzani. i wish someone would put elzani inpatient just so that her sisters could get a break from her.

No. 823224

File: 1560783518824.jpeg (678.12 KB, 750x1114, D25786F9-D1C0-469A-AD35-ADE71F…)

anyone remember countinghappypointsrecovery ? “anorexia recovery warrior” who’s never been diagnosed or underweight, never seemed to have a problem with eating 2000cal snacks like this — as long as she’s eating them on the bathroom floor so she’s close enough to the toilet that the cals won’t count

No. 823226

It was a bit weird when her sister went to the open day at Durham uni and Elzani and her mum both went as well . I can understand her mum going , but why did E have to go? She hasn’t been to uni so what was the point in her going? More weird was that E and her mum shared the double bed- they could quite easily have booked single rooms or beds.

No. 823227

I wonder what either one would/will do when the other one dies?

No. 823233

Realistically? Probably kill them self. It’s a real grim situation with those two.

Of course she went- she has literally got nothing else to do, no life of her own to speak of, and a crippling dependency on receiving mom’s validation 24/7. Also, she wouldn’t want her sister getting any kind of extra attention instead of her!

No. 823234

Depends who dies. I think Maria has a slightly better chance of making it alone than Katy does.

No. 823245

File: 1560791820284.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, E9590F35-4183-4746-87D2-1ECF3C…)

Look at me! I’m still a spoopy attention whore!

No. 823249

This isn’t even spoopy. Srsly stop with the chii hate anon.

No. 823275

i agree this is a body check but idk anything else about chii to comment

No. 823276

Dude you gotta chill with the chili hate. I’m sure mpa still hates her but we’re indifferent here

No. 823285

I’ve never even seen her mentioned on mpa? Link? Also, did she delete the body check picture? I don’t see it in her story or on her page?

No. 823292

File: 1560799543004.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 3C1C48D5-AB6F-4167-AFCB-05755F…)

New cow. Binges and purges all day and has go fund me for her “gastroparesis.” Her story is incredibly long and is all VALIDATE ME. TELL ME IM SKINNY posts. Actively munching see go fund me screenshots to come

No. 823293

File: 1560799592089.png (416.68 KB, 750x1334, D0DEAD00-5CD0-4541-933C-E82452…)

Note the smirks in all pics

No. 823294

File: 1560799617285.png (357.12 KB, 750x1334, DD050937-839F-4AC4-98CD-8E35B0…)

No. 823314

This isn’t accurate. She has an actual genetic disease- MTHFR- among other health issues. Check your facts.

No. 823324

Any proof of this? Sounds more like a standard munchie with an ed

No. 823327

She does have chronic illness as well as bulimia…but that being said she's is fucking annoying. She's cringy but I don't think she's an actual cow.

No. 823334

“I’m in a very weak state” hmm maybe it’s the binging and purging massive amounts of food all day that’s weakening your body. Not your made up illnesses

No. 823353

File: 1560808074365.jpeg (251.46 KB, 750x1198, 4272C143-477D-4FE6-B65F-CE1238…)

She has anorexia b/p, not bulimia since she’s underweight. I thought someone would post about her on here there’s a lot of milk on her

No. 823365

anyone that opens their page w/ that alphabet soup of illnesses is a cow, point blank

No. 823380

File: 1560812677662.jpg (812.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190617-190344_Chr…)

How is this seen as healthy lmao

No. 823383

File: 1560812768929.jpg (34.16 KB, 354x395, 505.jpg)

I really hate the culture of gofundme. The ads are always so impersonal, who'd want to donate to someone who could possibly be BSing and reach a total of $1000s?

Good to see lolcow back. I was concerned during the downtime that Becky's team of people and the government had taken us out.

And speaking of Becky…tbc

No. 823384

File: 1560812795417.jpg (44.84 KB, 578x489, 1.JPG)

…contd. Anyone else find this really creepy?

No. 823385

Of course! Fruit is healthy. Must be scoffing 200 calories there. Perhaps she supplements her diet by snacking on an almond.

No. 823397

What are the twins' current Instagrams?

No. 823400

>>823397 @miffyeats_more and @kittyand_olive_ they're both on private right now

No. 823408


Mthfr = meh. Unless it’s homocystinuria. Or recurrent spina bifida. Otherwise … munchie.

No. 823444

File: 1560824399246.jpg (52.38 KB, 461x583, korey.JPG)

Have we talked about this yet…? Older post, but so painfully cringe-y

No. 823458

Crazy eyes

No. 823474

File: 1560831197625.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 5C195DC4-BAE9-4CAB-843A-178136…)

Attention whore Aly back at it again. Why does this 26 year old still act like a stuck up teenager?? She constantly posts on her story for validation, tell me I’m small guys 🙄

No. 823475

File: 1560831271429.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, E4B8752B-84C8-4A75-A91C-FCB994…)

?? Why post this then Aly if you’re just going to do it anyways.

No. 823487

Its so old its not worth talking about

No. 823494

P sure she could find a filter to deal with that.

Not interested in this cow, but on my phone screen I thought they were sharing a cabbage leaf/lettuce.

No. 823512

Yeah mthfr doesn’t mean she has anything she’s just more likely to get a whole host of things - seems like a very good pick for a munchie - lovely range of things from strokes to leukaemia to migraines to schizophrenia that they can get so

No. 823514

Really there’s so much milk here - albeit an old photo that has been discussed

No. 823534

i hate any thot that thinks circle lenses are an every day look. aly isnt the most milky but yr right her grasping as validation is annoying as hell considering i known she gets constant complements from followers

No. 823551

File: 1560868290405.jpeg (858.9 KB, 750x1284, D5CD873E-B00B-4654-987B-1E6368…)

Not sure if we’ve talked about ghostofme_ but her attention seeking lately has reached full milk capacity. This cow needs to be milked kek. First off her entire account is body checks, she calls herself fat all the time to get asspats from her followers. She literally CHOSE to go inpatient and spent the whole time talking about losing the weight when she left, how fat she is and leaving ama. Currently her tellonym is getting lit up with pro ana accusations from her followers and she blatantly denies it.

No. 823552

File: 1560868553234.jpeg (183.79 KB, 750x910, 77F62FA1-4E80-40EC-89A1-99CC54…)

Here someone is re quoting her about how she doesn’t care at all that she’s going to die and flippantly states she wants a gold casket… like this disease is a joke to her idk if it’s like a deflection of her true feelings but she’s kind of delusional atm

No. 823553

File: 1560868663809.jpeg (181.24 KB, 750x506, BCDECF63-A785-4982-87DB-659CFB…)

More tell content of her denial

No. 823554

File: 1560868812385.jpeg (165.36 KB, 750x495, 1E41BE27-2DFA-4729-8F67-6136DF…)

She just will not admit to it…

No. 823555

File: 1560869133555.jpeg (558.02 KB, 749x1105, 969487A0-6767-4899-B879-13691B…)

No. 823557

File: 1560869260985.jpeg (250.29 KB, 732x1074, 38C94EC6-E765-45FE-9E85-32A090…)

No. 823560

I have MTHFR. It's easily treated by taking special blends of B12/folate. It just means your body doesn't absorb some of the B vitamins in food that easily, so you supplement with more/special kinds lol. It's annoying but not something to get sympathy for.

No. 823561

File: 1560869941744.jpeg (335.95 KB, 750x1187, E150BCAF-2A1F-4AEF-B5E3-1AF072…)

The original golden casket response… yikes

No. 823562

File: 1560870031347.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, EF87C788-3C39-462A-8746-D8E2FF…)

And what does she want ppl to say to this your so skinny and dainty your the best anorexic ever ?! Like kek wtf honestly

No. 823563

This mentality of feeling like a fraud is common in EDs. Not milky

No. 823573

Yeah, but even when one feels like a fraud there’s usually a part of them that also knows logically that they are objectively underweight and sick. This is super milky imo.

No. 823577

OMG how many times are you going to try getting someone to post about you? NOBODY. CARES.

No. 823578


No it isn't.

No. 823587

File: 1560877784880.jpg (353.76 KB, 720x1104, 20190618_130021.jpg)

No. 823588

That's what she calls sideboob? It looks like a wrinkly ballsack wtf, actually everything about this photo looks like it's of an old man. How is she proud of this?

No. 823594

I agree, every day her story is full of this shit, and a pro ana account full of body checks, yet she vehemently denies it. I just loved how she went ip just so she could show how noncompliant and sick she is, she literally voluntarily went for the selfies and asspats and the reactions “oh your sick don’t leave ama” her whole account is for seeking validation

No. 823595

File: 1560879522403.jpeg (491.93 KB, 750x1089, 68E56362-B06B-4267-896C-CF27F6…)

Not trying to be a jerk but is that her leg?! I’d actually love to see what’s on her meal plan kek

No. 823597

Yes I am very confused as to what that thing is dangling by her arm pit.

No. 823598

Loose skin from weight loss on her bewbs

No. 823599

File: 1560879757893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.8 KB, 447x229, mg_0027.jpg)

Eg img

(not a self post lol)

No. 823600

Wtf I've never seen something like that?! Also she has less that 200 followers sure it ain't a self post?

No. 823603

Actually feel bad for her wtf

No. 823605

i had to stop following her, she absolutely iisjust fishing for validation but then makes the baffling decision to check herself both IN & OUT of hospital. shes totally delusional, its just pathetic to watch

when she was posted b4 she got a tell almost immediately that lolcow was talking about her. if this is another self-post we should be diligent, but i agree she's crossed into cow-territory at this point

No. 823619

But people with real EDs dont post shit like that for attention lmao

No. 823622

You need to get a hobby other than posting about yourself. For the love of god it's bleeding obvious it's you "lmao".

Keep posting if you like but literally nobody else is interested in you.

No. 823623

yeah it's pretty obvious to me, and I hope it's obvious to her doctors and everyone on her treatment team… she's a total attention whore

No. 823645

Yeah agreed. She has crossed from person with Ed into more dangerous territory. And these omg I feel so fat and disgusting here’s a selfie photos are proof she’s seeking validation and isn’t self conscious. Normal people with eating disorders don’t pull this bull “I feel so fat” here’s a pic of me bodychecking. Anytime I see that I instantly think developing cow. EDs are serious but I’m over her acting like she’s close to death and that she was forced inpatient. It’s watching a revolving door patients birth

No. 823653

Agree with everything here (except that I think her cow status is well secured- not in its infancy). I also hate that she’s a major cow so I kind of want to rag on her, but she’s also a self posting attention whore so I don’t want to give her the validation about talking about her! Such a dilemma.

No. 823665

File: 1560888119638.jpeg (248.58 KB, 750x1167, D9333DD7-144E-453F-AAD3-AEFE4A…)

She always fucks up on her chest, just looks blurry and doesn’t match the rest of the body. Her lack of chest bones is a dead giveaway that she’s not nearly as skinny as she tries to look

No. 823671

Kek who does she think she's kidding?

No. 823690


I guess what I said was misinterpreted: people who genuinely have anorexia don't post selfies and go "ohh my god I'm so fat." That's the difference between attention seeking cows and sick people. She's a wannarexic

No. 823699

if you look at her body & dont think she has a "real" eating disorder youre retarded/delusional. maybe you are her

No. 823770

Stop self posting. You're a sick young girl who needs help for her (mostly mental) illness.

The BDD makes it bleedingly obvious that it's a self post.

No. 823774

you are that annoying, quit chimping out at new milk wtf? kek and you don't have any qualms about someone posting a year old photo of korey. headass mf shut up damn quit wasting board space on the same 'omg no one cares' post

No. 823779

File: 1560901386318.jpg (395.7 KB, 1080x1466, travelsawa.jpg)

This bitch.

No. 823781

File: 1560901606446.jpg (324.72 KB, 1080x1482, IMG_20190619_094157.jpg)


No. 823787

Low weight isn't the only criteria for EDs. Not meaning to bp but ive been in treatment before and there's no way that anyone who had pathological anorexia would post plain selfies and just go OHHH NOOOO IM SO FATTTTTT because they're all so ashamed of their bodies. If they do make posts like that then they're text posts. She makes people who actually struggle look like they're all just attention seeking like her…

No. 823788

Lets be real, i doubt anyone would notice she was gone

No. 823790

File: 1560904314307.jpeg (90.66 KB, 992x1024, 5F8EB1FF-E0F7-402E-BC06-000EFD…)

Kek the strap, how does she not realise this is a shit show

No. 823792

File: 1560904542941.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, D29DC13F-5B47-42E6-83A7-27E49F…)

I agree with this 100%. However this comment >>823577 sounds less like a farmer and more like someone whose trying to get themselves off lolcow hi ghostofme! Anyway, in this story she goes “I fucked up for one week” or something, lol one week? In scrolling back it seems like she’s been fucking up for a lot longer than a week kek.

No. 823795

File: 1560904906010.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, C8CC6B5E-C289-4D12-A8A2-CB130E…)

How many times is she going to comment on her eyes, clap clap clap the only thing that looks sickly is your eyes… get some sleep and iron and you’ll be fine. But this post confused me did she mean so I don’t look like a cadaver or does she literally do her makeup to look dead kek!? Freudian slip perhaps lol

No. 823810

File: 1560906903618.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 3DFDD886-B48B-4FB4-8902-E444DD…)

(Kelsey, obv)

No. 823811

>why does fucking up for one week mean i'm pro ana or don't want to recover

She says in front of a selfie in a low cut shirt with all of her chest bones showing

No. 823818

File: 1560907961202.jpeg (532.09 KB, 750x1028, 12D34002-DEFF-49C5-8680-3177B5…)

She always wears those, and in the hospital she pulls the gown down to show the chest and the ekg or tele thing “look at me look at me” just begging for comments on her body

No. 823821

The faces she’s makes in these piss me off so much. It’s like so wants to fight everyone on ig. Beggars can’t be choosers hun. If you ask for validation and post blatantly pro Ana messages be prepared for the backlash

No. 823823

File: 1560908669901.jpeg (116.47 KB, 750x1171, 36E52D42-1AFA-49FF-949F-0F6841…)

Anyone know what happened to her? Ik I’m not blocked Bc I searched her name and it still came up, I was never following her Just occasionally checking in. Did she do a name change?

No. 823825

File: 1560908980871.jpeg (580.91 KB, 750x1109, 4AB813B1-75C1-4399-8036-61CEC1…)

Part 1
Exactly and she goes from this (recovery oriented) to

No. 823826

File: 1560909074190.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 617C8A68-D06A-423E-8A6C-685060…)

Part 2
this (continuing to relapse) in like 24 hrs….of course ppl are going to question you lol like the fuk?

No. 823849

Same op you’re replying to. I mean to her defense recovery is hard as hell. But it’s clear that recovering isn’t her intention. The lying and acting dumb isn’t cute though. I’m dying over the crossover of her and kat trying to stop bingeing. I’m sure there will be more milk considering kats subsequent stories were all of binge foods

No. 823871

File: 1560916553680.jpeg (101.8 KB, 750x778, 44FC5ADC-838A-4055-A994-341E65…)

I agree that recovery’s hard, and that she’s definitely not intentionally trying to do so. Should be interesting to see how her and kat do this, I love how Kat posts that update on the same story with multiple binge food pictures facepalms apparently ghost is posting updates of what she eats starting tmro bc of a random request on tellonym. Well see if she follows through(samefagging)

No. 823874

Shes still up for me, not sure whats wrong with yours

No. 823890

>>823823 still there, guess you're blocked

No. 823907

File: 1560923379165.png (2.81 MB, 1242x2208, B2F1B651-CD3D-4662-A7A0-F20E6A…)

From Kelsey’s story
Her chest bones are clearly visible here- so why not in pics?

No. 823942

File: 1560935932637.jpeg (897.88 KB, 1485x2620, 41848BD9-9CB9-4F1D-B1C6-A1783A…)

Anyone encountered this one? Seemingly binges to the extreme 24/7, if her stories are anything to go by. This morning’s breakfast, after consuming probably 6k+ kcals just hours before, is a full bag of granola, biscuits, and of course chocolate. Those teeth must be stubs with the amount of purging.

No. 823943

File: 1560936049408.jpeg (702.52 KB, 1480x2622, 465F19D5-E3AE-442D-9D3D-83BBDB…)

No. 823944

File: 1560936159468.jpeg (775.16 KB, 1480x2612, 577FDE8A-9311-4617-BF31-E4AB8A…)

No. 823946

her account is private, post a pic of what she looks like

No. 823950

For someone who has always posted so much, Elzani has been quiet…. Nothing on IG or YT for days…( not that I'm stalking her). Maybe she's gone back IP ( wishful thinking?)

No. 823951

Definitely wishful thinking. She just needs to starve for a few days before she smells a pastry and smiles like a serial killer at it, anon.

No. 823952

File: 1560937965224.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, E2207062-C592-4C8A-9B60-A0A1B1…)

What a cow. Who posts this shit

No. 823953

File: 1560938066524.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, D44412D2-E135-4BC2-A607-EAFFD4…)


No. 823959


Oh look what a surprise, she can't produce the pictures of her and Patrick because they don't exist and now she is taking a break from the negativity and the questions. This girl is too much.

No. 823962

did you see all the polls? just begging for attention.

No. 823968

File: 1560941207537.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x2010, A3A97E47-1976-49BB-860C-800024…)

Doesn’t have many, but she’s looked the exact same for years

No. 823969

She’s not milky but she is annoying. She comments on tons of other recovery accounts pretty much telling them they need to binge the way she does otherwise they aren’t actually in recovery. She also routinely states in her ig stories that she knows she needs to start eating healthier but still expects asspats and congratulations every time she eats 5000+ calories of chocolate in a night.