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File: 1609386361485.jpeg (2.44 MB, 2048x2048, 3D4A999B-49FD-4401-A5B4-E18E02…)

No. 1118504

> angie (dead9irl) is a psychotic shooping ethot shaped like a frid9e who’s managed to gain 20K on instagram by licking toilets, bullying egirls, and shilling instagram stores like dollskill
> philly trash but genuinely looks like a trashy brit
> wannarexic but has the body of a fat starving ethiopian child, even at a lower weight
> daily mix of antidepressants, monster energy, and marijuana (sometimes heroin carts!)
> often comments on prettier girls posts with “ugly fat poser” or something along those lines and blocks them immediately
> thinks everyone is copying her - egirls, stores (i.e. dollskill house of widow and the carebear incident), even people with very few followers
> has a store she never uses
> makes all of her money from NSFW twitter, plans on spending it all on lip injections (already spent $350 on a pink treadmill)
> constantly makes fake accounts to harass other egirls, i.e. her twitter account dedicated to defending herself and later spamming sug4rfairy assne to arisa’s replies
> actively hates babivampire and ang3lthigh while continuing to be just as bad and cringe as them
> she is the real scene queen since she was 11, despite multiple pics of her being a normie have surfaced
> hates elor4 yet photoshops herself to look like her
> gets extremely upset at toopoor skinwalking accusations despite painting her wall like toopoor
> we are desperately waiting for farmhands to post her fucking post history
> she has outed herself several times for self-posting as well as straight up responding as herself
> calls others “wannabe skinny girls” and uses fat as an insult constantly despite gaining at least 40 pounds in the past two years
> into rape, misogyny, pee, and kidnapping fetishes, claims it is “hard kinks to cope with trauma,” will not reveal her trauma because it is made up
> LARPs as a “5’0” bratty sub kitten” but is taller than the only other person we’ve seen her with (is your friend a midget, d9?)
> threatened to sue lolcow, telling us to prepare our money for the lawsuit
> begs for money on the daily
> has a “shut down cyber bullying site lolcow” link in her bio on 666faerie and claims she is “so close to offing herself bc of that website”
> continues to cyber bully egirls unprovoked on her instagram for their appearance, weight, being a poser, you name it
> makes fun of self-harming (mostly cutting) and claims she cuts when it’s convenient
> “bl0W UR BRAINzzZ 0UT :3”
> supports rapists / pedophiles such as dahvie vanity, marilyn manson

recent milk:
> frid9e is getting lip injections with all of her sex work money!
> sex work friend accidentally outs d9’s extreme photoshopping, revealing her true form to us (and reddit)
> tweets about how she need a dom daddy to “degrade her and make her starve herself” to lose weight because she felt “guilty
> spent $350 for a pink treadmill (for her parents apartment?)
> threatens suicide and lawsuit over lolcow
> goes to art school, complains about losing money when withdrawaling from a class late
> uses babivampire’s lolcow post history to fuck with her, posts about her being a deadbeat mom and hating ass poser

links to socials:


as seen on egirl threads 1-4:
1 - >>>/snow/866800
2 - https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/1005403 (created by babivampire)
3 - https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/1047741
4 - >>>/snow/1079162

No. 1118506

File: 1609386502012.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1836x3264, CBED4C28-B3E2-45FE-93CA-841390…)

just to get us started

No. 1118517

WHOA what the hell is THIS

No. 1118525

It's weird how she definitely had those pictures on her screen and shooped her nose to match? It's exactly the same.

No. 1118544

did her post history get revealed yet???

No. 1118546

Who is this person? Dead9irl is skinwalking her like crazy its actually concerning

No. 1118563

9ueen of projecting her insecurities and shortcomings lol

No. 1118566

File: 1609391372316.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x1836, 1608774802498.jpg)

My personal favorite from the other thread

No. 1118568

File: 1609391476561.jpeg (52.12 KB, 536x695, F2EDF697-11DF-4972-A18D-22C3D8…)

No wonder she is insecure

No. 1118571

Shes an original former scene queen from the early 00s. Anons speculate she's emulating a mixture of this scene queen (jamie xtc) and toopoor to create her alter ego

No. 1118582

It should also be said she's copying a person who left the internet after people made fake profiles of her for years. I don't know how that was omitted from the OP, I was repulsed when that information came out . When you see her non-shooped pictures side by side, you can really see how much she's editing her facial features to look like jamie xtc.

No. 1118641

Looking a bit jowly.

No. 1118656

File: 1609406180458.webm (940.64 KB, 240x240, 78794483_245119356456982_44552…)

Okay but how has this never been posted before? Now I see why she calls herself angel, it's because she has the voice of one. Lilpostmalone sounding ass. She's straight up the song bird of our generation

No. 1118661

Was she serious about this or was it a shitpost?

No. 1118689

She sounds like when Lillee Jean tried to sing that Snow White song lol

No. 1118700

I instantly thought the same thing. If this isn't a joke I don't know what to think anymore. Who am I kidding? I haven't known what to think since toiletgate

No. 1118705

glad she’s got her own thread, she’s definitely worthy of one by now

No. 1119085

File: 1609448729433.jpeg (619.52 KB, 750x1198, 33AC2555-92ED-4221-9141-F263D4…)

is going into a mental institution really a bad idea for her though? kek

No. 1119143

I definitely believe she has slapped her mum.

No. 1119162

I think this was posted before in a previous thread. Hilarious nonetheless and so cringeworthy.

No. 1119170

File: 1609454821603.jpeg (334.73 KB, 1242x1192, ACC5FE5F-2B45-4AAD-8104-BC5253…)

If I was her mother I would send her to the mental hospital as well. I don’t think a sane person would lick a toilet for attention and cyberbully other girls online like squidwardthighs

No. 1119174

Samefag, but frid9e recently came out to her family about being a three way relationship. Could have something to do with that.

No. 1119183

Was probably the cherry on top, or maybe they're just genuinely done with her being cunt.

No. 1119202

Calls her mother a bitch yet lives under her roof, eating her food, doesn’t have a job and LICKING her toilet… it’s the audacity for me.

No. 1119203

File: 1609457035518.jpeg (490.82 KB, 750x855, E759374D-0DD2-48C2-A39E-65B278…)

> licks toilets for social media attention
> makes misogynistic rape me gifs and videos about herself
> binge eating wannarexic who tweets asking for a dom to degrade her and make her starve
> impulsive treadmill purchases, blowing off an expensive class at art school and withdrawaling late
> constant fights and cyberbullying online
> literally said she’s about to off herself because of lolcow
> suicide baits daily
there are plenty of reasons to put her in a mental hospital that don’t involve her sexuality, do you honestly believe her? we all know that’s not why, don’t fall for her game. she saw the comment “is it because you came out” and went with that story. that girl should be in a mental hospital, she is severely unwell and has some of the most erratic, bizarre behaviour i’ve seen, especially recently. maybe it also has to do with the fact that those people we suspect she’s in a three way romance with consists of two complete loons, one of which being a physically abusive, degenerate older man.

No. 1119205

im sure it was less about her being bi and more about her being a sexworker behind their backs under their roof

No. 1119208

Sasha grey wannabe. what happened to her hating copying.

No. 1119212

File: 1609457767568.png (8.89 MB, 1242x2208, 96EB3A62-8A28-4140-8953-0BACEE…)

Sasha Grey is ten times better than this dumpy bitch. And I don’t even support sex work but she’s in movies and does twitch now. Fridge9irl will never be her

No. 1119416

Sasha Gray was fucking terrible in that

No. 1119625

Could you tards pipe down unless it's relavent to frid9e

No. 1119713

File: 1609532733433.jpg (6.82 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210101_12214605…)

No. 1119716

this is a simple case of she can dish it but can't take it. an uncreative, ordinary suburbanite who is so consumed and terrified of being ordinary. i don't believe that she's bi or has a 3 way relationship. i don't believe that any of her actions are genuine other than acting out (suicide baiting and bullying other girls) when people see her for how unremarkable she truly is

No. 1119732

File: 1609535948672.png (19.27 KB, 644x776, wojak-creepy-smoking-wearing-t…)

she's doing this but has no roommates or friends, even her "daddy and sissy" don't want to live with her. if she ends up having to stay with them, its going to put her on the street. personally, i can't wait for that.
lets see how much she loves being a bully "rapetoy" until she actually is abused and left homeless by a man who took her money & body then dipped. i also can't believe she thinks asking for roommates on insta is a good idea.
can you imagine if a crazy bitch that hated her let her move in? insta is full of psychos like her that spend all day stalking, making fake friendships and being fake polite. entire situation is abysmal and i can't help but belly laugh. the frid9e epic is already starting out pretty promising.

No. 1119735

File: 1609536210713.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 2D58A24C-BE35-42A7-A7E2-EE8942…)

Angie Jaslow needs your help and money! Please forget about all the times she bullied half of instagram for copying her.

No. 1119736

File: 1609536276346.png (211.86 KB, 750x1334, DE5C234E-DD4E-433C-8E04-E08FDF…)

Angie Jaslow says she is dealing with constant “slander” in her home, I didn’t know slander meant disapproving of your daughter being a toilet whore

No. 1119738

File: 1609536414795.jpeg (388.06 KB, 750x1244, 57BBA129-3B60-402D-9F95-E6AEBA…)

Angie Jaslow is even being held hostage! Anyone who donated to this needs to be sent to prison immediately.

No. 1119744

Do we have confirmation that her "sissy and daddy" is that jew Dom weirdo and the slutmutt chick?

No. 1119747

HOLY KEK. did some googling, looks like frid9e’s real name actually is Angel Jaslow. but what makes it better is i was able to find her moms facebook. can you guess who in this photo is our frid9e friend?(rule 3.2)

No. 1119752

File: 1609537121263.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, 501954B2-692C-4902-8F0F-271454…)

angel jaslow looks a little bigger than she lets on, and this is only from april 2020

No. 1119756

File: 1609537260961.jpg (82.35 KB, 800x800, flMMnAqFQnVQILZ-800x800-noPad.…)

Girl.. not a smart move putting your real name out there, knowing damn well the kind of hater following you've cultivated… Does change.org make you use your real name?

No. 1119761

Well at least she looks cuter here than the other candids

No. 1119767

her body looks nothing like her photoshop, you can literally tell she has a pot belly

No. 1119770

Yeah she should wear tight thot clothes for family pics instead of baggy hoodie

No. 1119802

No, you can use a fake name on change org.

No. 1119806

I think she’s from Jefferson county in Pennsylvania as her family member likes Winslow which is a Township in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

No. 1119807

Or Philadelphia.

No. 1119810

What a stupid greedy dumb bitch. Wtf. If her home was so ~abusive uwu~ you’d run away and not even worry about having a roof over your head. You’d find shelter on your own. But of course this fat toilet whore has to beg for luxury items during a pandemic. Just because you whored yourself out, are in a degenerate ddlg three way relationship, lick shit covered toilet bowels, and your parents don’t approve those things…..doesn’t make it abuse. She loves to pretend to be the victim. Whoever gives her money is stupid asf.

No. 1119815

File: 1609540972712.jpeg (60.34 KB, 722x418, 275F1DAE-593C-4A05-829F-6A892C…)

Yep, Philly

No. 1119816

Squidwardthighs may “pedo pander” but fridge9irl is more disgusting than Squid will ever be. d9 is jealous that squidthighs has more clout than her

No. 1119823

when you google her name this stuff comes up immediately(rule 3.1)

No. 1119826

File: 1609541379663.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 14B5D702-11D1-4AE6-9072-FF8BB4…)

Nice shoops fridge9irl
We know what you really look like

No. 1119831

Don't dox retard

No. 1119832

File: 1609541893593.jpeg (460.73 KB, 1064x1315, FBF8FB79-3D4C-45F7-A0A9-BF6D73…)

I undid the photo shoops and this is probably closer to what fridge9irl looks like in real life. Sage for dumb. But the over lining of the lips is very obvious, Angie.(fanart)

No. 1119838

anon i’m cackling please. this is amazing. imagine if that came running at you full speed irl

No. 1119842

File: 1609542379515.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 99EF29C8-3C1F-415A-B180-BD8EA5…)

you’ve caused this problem yourself. nothing about the past few years was preventing you from getting a real job to move out, just laziness.

No. 1119844

I dunno maybe you could… gee…. shut off your phone and stop going on social media and apply for jobs online. Stupid bitch

No. 1119845

Right around the corner from Four Seasons Total Landscaping

No. 1119876

File: 1609545275101.jpeg (73.9 KB, 368x300, EAE83A8D-015D-413A-AD19-D7C3F9…)

She just posted a video of her and her mums arguing and saying it’s abuse… dude this is what every girl goes through with their mum when you tell them you’re leaving to go live your poly fantasy.

No. 1119877

She just posted a video of her argument with her mom to her if story. Angie is a fucking nasty person but her mom does seem pretty unhinged,if not abusive
Get off social media, get a real job and GTFO of there girl. If you think your mom is being bat shit now, wait until one of these newfags cow tips everything to her

No. 1119880

Why aren't you speds screen recording it and posting the milk?

No. 1119882

at the end the mom talks about telling a guy to leave her the fuck alone, is some creepy internet guy trying to pick her up? if so her mother’s reaction is completely to be expected.

No. 1119885

i’m trying to get to my computer to convert the file as we speak, patience anon it’s been like five minutes

No. 1119895

File: 1609546550364.webm (1.14 MB, 272x480, Video (1).webm)

her voice is very irritating to me, i can't put my finger on exactly why

No. 1119897

She’s keeping a monotone voice while her mother is angry so she seems like a victim. Her mother says Dead9irl threatened to kill her… wouldn’t surprise me

No. 1119908

I'm sorry but if real abuse was occuring she'd be too frightened to respond in the way that she is, let alone record.

Yeah, it looks like she baited her mother prior to this recording to make her look batshit. She might very well be, but being collected when you have a daughter like deadshit would be near impossible.

No. 1119912

my guess is that her mom is just worried about the kind of people she's involving herself with and so frid9e is pulling a shayna and framing her mother's valid concerns as ~abusive~

No. 1119918

exactly. her mom is probably terrified. i would be too if i saw a picture of that huge nasty musty rape dude she was talking about. i honestly really do feel bad for dead9irl which is so stupid.

No. 1119928

some people record abuse to have evidence because narcissistic moms are very good at playing victim and convincing people they’re a victim. not really proof that her mom isn’t abusive but the video isn’t proof that her mom is abusive either

No. 1119931

She probably purposely instigated it just so she could record

No. 1119934

She must’ve deleted or changed her name because you can’t find her on FB anymore

Hi Angie Jaslow! We see you lurking girl

No. 1119936

isn't it Angel? not Angie.

No. 1119947

not to a-log but i can't really feel bad for her. if the people who were brought up in the past thread are the ones she's "dating" and she's ignored the red flag after red flag they've put out then it's her own fault if she keeps this up and loses her place to live as a result. the homophobic conservative parent narrative would only work if frid9e were dating a single lesbian who's at least seemingly well adjusted, but they're pedophiles from twitter who openly fetishize rape and abuse.

No. 1119949

gdi auto correct

No. 1119961

her face looks alot better than the shit editing she does to it normally

No. 1119964

if she was the uploader of it it's probably edited at least a little bit, either that or her camwhore friend intentionally did her dirty with the candids from the last thread kek

No. 1119971

I’d be unhinged too if my daughter was bitchy selfish lazy prick who licks toilets, cyberbullies, is in a poly incest role play relationship, and e begs for money whilst tarnishing my name by calling me abusive. All while living under my roof. Fuck no. She’s lucky her mom didn’t kick her ass out.

No. 1119973

At least Shayna has her own place. I mean she is making pennies, and ebegging for it but she’s doing better than deadshit

No. 1119976

File: 1609558313636.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 258.89 KB, 933x933, EEFDAF3E-8D3E-4165-8C48-442C1D…)

She retweeted this
Wtf is gooning
Is that a coomer term?

No. 1119979

what retard wrote the OP?
>philly trash but genuinely looks like a trashy brit
she looks like every other girl I went to high school with in the midwest. Some of you guys are obsessed with Britain on this site it's really fucking weird.

No. 1120036

Inb4 seethe and cope bong

No. 1120090

What the fuck? You know she made this herself. Pathetic

No. 1120120

File: 1609584111230.png (331.46 KB, 798x840, nj9.png)

This guy's a definite creep.

No. 1120185

File: 1609596548105.jpg (715.93 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210102-090721.jpg)

No. 1120288

Her mother wasn't wrong to try to admit her somewhere

No. 1120313

File: 1609609141178.jpeg (68.18 KB, 750x231, B5F1725A-AF13-4C24-B51B-062AF6…)

angel jaslow isn’t going to like this

No. 1120423

good question why cant she use her only fans money

No. 1120481

she probably isn't even making enough money from it to move out kek

No. 1120486

File: 1609626063951.png (3.96 MB, 828x1792, 3739DE99-D8BC-477B-9A84-104DF5…)

I legitimately don’t understand why she told her mom that she’s bi/poly if she knew she wouldn’t be accepting. If she didn’t tell her that information in the first place she wouldn’t even be in this predicament right now lmao

No. 1120673

File: 1609640640833.png (828.45 KB, 750x1624, 7DECF1C4-66F7-4067-A390-088AF8…)

Smh which one of you newfags did this.

No. 1120678

damn thought once we left the egirl thread to die these newfags would fuck off

No. 1120697

I suspect she called her a prostitute because she's selling herself online, not because she's bi kek.

No. 1120712

shes blaming the reason her mom is mad on her being bi because she thinks that will gain her more sympathy than her mom being mad that shes a sex worker.

No. 1120903

Your icon luv

No. 1120991

It's a bunch of mushrooms who gives a fuck

No. 1121344

Cows can fucking see especially this bitch that stays lurking. I could go thru d9s followers, find this bitch and stalk her. Or lil miss tryna farm could get blocked. Doesn’t matter what the pfp is how hard is it to crop on an anonymous site?

No. 1121377

Bro chill it’s not that deep your embarrassing yourself(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1121395

I’m not embarrassed. It’s facts. Learn how to not bump the thread

No. 1121401

Why is deadshit e-begging on a GoFundMe? Can't she just use her onlyfans income to run away? Seriously there's nothing stopping her she's an adult woman. I don't see how she's abused, she literally drew shit all over her parent's walls and basically does whatever she wants. I call bullshit on the abusive parents charade. If my kid was online whoring I'd be pretty upset too, especially under their roof.

No. 1121404

i'm honestly confused if her name is Angel or Angie? or does she go by both?

No. 1121409

I think her name is Angie but she says its angel to feel better about her ugly name

No. 1121481

How is this bitch planning on moving out? She has no verifiable income? Imagine being held hostage (grounded) by your aboosive mommy as an adult kek. Also noticed the gfm goal dropped from 13k to 5 she just wants to make some quick cash

No. 1121484

well you don't need 13k to get an apartment and quick cash is exactly what she asked for. she's trying to move out asap

No. 1121490

You generally need proof of employment for several months to get an apartment. Not just a wad of simp bucks and a sad story about your abusive mommy. She can rent a shady room or something but even then this bitch probably doesn’t make enough money to afford anything after a few months. Maybe she should try getting a job instead of selling heavily shopped nudes to coomers. I bet whatever money she gets goes to tattoos and drugs. Will be funny to see all the lies when she’s still living at mommy’s house with the ugly wall

No. 1121494

File: 1609732175696.png (550.7 KB, 1250x580, disgrace.PNG)

by lying about abuse, deadbrain made $800 so far off of retarded scrotes and egirls who would cancel her in a second if they knew about these threads.

No. 1121499

just what i was thinking about. she will have nowhere to take her shooped egirl pics. she'll never leave her wall, she is nothing without her toopoor knockoff shtick.

No. 1121501

File: 1609732764978.png (15.34 KB, 614x178, doubt.PNG)

this line on her gofundme. doubt.

No. 1121509

yes but you dont need 13k

No. 1121515

I’m sure she would take 13k if she could, but likely dropped the amount of the gfm because she knows it’s bs and doesn’t want anyone over scrutinizing it. The fact that scrotes have given her several hundred dollars is depressing, can’t stand NEETs like her.

No. 1121611

File: 1609745345682.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2688, 01E59218-E369-4390-BB6E-A2A1E5…)

I dont think she has an actual onlyfans link

No. 1121614

File: 1609745514017.png (Spoiler Image, 7.1 MB, 1242x2688, 318A75CD-B47E-4DAC-BAE5-9E26F5…)

Which onlyfanschan wants to buy her unshooped nose videos

No. 1121619

File: 1609745883163.png (1.62 MB, 1242x2688, 62BBB93E-91C6-4821-AAF8-D7CDCF…)

lmao anyone asking this is def one of her underaged simps giving her all their allowance of the week for her gofundme or herself

No. 1121629

what the fuck is this lip edit

No. 1121988

File: 1609791123046.jpeg (67.24 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpeg)

it looks kinda like the pogchamp face ngl

No. 1122050

File: 1609795574340.jpeg (894.03 KB, 1242x1843, 54D1CE9B-DA00-4A4B-B8F7-D6EDD2…)

No. 1122052

File: 1609795603117.png (2.49 MB, 1242x2208, 6EEE3630-8521-42B0-9CD1-8D8E02…)


No. 1122053

File: 1609795713845.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, 939DD5F1-6F1B-4C29-B3D4-541B98…)

No. 1122075

what does she expect when she's trying to be a sex worker do her main audience is straight men who want to see a bitch lick a toilet & be raped

No. 1122224

angel is worse tbh.

No. 1122274

>Showing her paypigs that she bought moving boxes

No. 1122316

i'm fully expecting her not to move out at all and to use the gofundme money for the fillers she was talking about kek

No. 1122339

i am just waiting with anticipation for this exact thing to happen, and for all of the followers she gained from this to see what a psychotic scammer she is

No. 1122357

>worth every penny

Either these are scripted or her scrote fans are all British

No. 1122517

Kek, it's just a saying anon

No. 1122621

File: 1609863119261.jpg (99.57 KB, 1300x1105, 35346231-carp-fish-with-mouth-…)

No. 1123132

File: 1609887399284.jpeg (37.89 KB, 750x179, E0C724EF-EE59-48CE-9A0F-C3E15C…)

topkek from d9s gofundme post. it’s up to $1081, and i also saw minors commenting that they donating “as much as they could.” a 20 almost 21 year old woman is collecting money from children who genuinely think she’s being abused

No. 1128940

File: 1610409189276.jpeg (283.84 KB, 1242x1583, FAAC78B2-99E1-4A4D-8FBE-37D95C…)

Back to suicide baiting

No. 1129200

Frid9e is about to drop out of “art school”- aka, community college. I won’t dox but… not an art school…

No. 1129492

She was going to school? I didn't realize she did anything besides take pics and talk trash.

No. 1129514

i’m genuinely embarrassed for her holy shit. what the fuck was the point in lying about going to art school, so lame

No. 1131070

Idk why fridge9irl has a thread when there’s no milk. It should of just been another egirl thread

No. 1131128

Yeah, can’t forget squidwardthighs!

No. 1131145

then make another e-girl thread whats stopping you

No. 1131152

No. 1134307

File: 1610918780327.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 5B31F48A-1075-40D2-BBDE-841E92…)

No. 1134308

File: 1610918810676.png (10.01 MB, 1242x2208, 7CB64090-6931-4749-AB9A-87AB7B…)

No. 1134334

Does this retard really think sex work is not more draining spiritually and physically? Whoring yourself out is absolutely worse than a draining warehouse job or doing something in the gig econ. Can't wait until she comes out with her boohoo youtube storytime about how scary and evil the sex work industry is and how she's a victim.

No. 1134353

i don’t know who but she really looks like a heartthrob that’s popular right now. it’s like right on the tip of my tongue.

No. 1134357

File: 1610921368557.jpeg (204.71 KB, 960x1200, 119B9FFC-F86C-411A-96E5-C051F7…)

I got it! she looks just like finn wolfhard.

No. 1134508

File: 1610930878466.jpeg (95.1 KB, 531x943, 1610918633061 (1).jpeg)

Reposting from the e-girls thread, since anon was too dumb to post it here.
It looks like her finger was a casualty of her shooping her jaw off, and she forgot to fix it

No. 1134535

>too dumb
Don’t be a cunt, they explained they were under the impression that she didn’t warrant her own thread, which I agree with. She posts and starts threads but she’s calmed down after the lil callout to our knowledge(who knows what mods know, ip wise) so leave them all in one thread

No. 1134662

Ok mini-mod.
This thread isn't locked, why wouldn't posts about her go in her thread?

No. 1134726

File: 1610955494446.jpeg (268.39 KB, 828x830, A8514864-48C1-4350-9530-693CB4…)

This was said 4 days ago if you just scroll up.

No. 1134729

Samefag but I agree that it should all be posted in the egirl general thread.

No. 1135118

thats your opinion. It should be posted here specifically because she fills up the other thread completely

No. 1135223

No, that’s the opinion of multiple anons. They keep talking about her in the egirl thread regardless.

No. 1182772

Those nails are insanely repulsive.(necro)

No. 1259254

File: 1623990116109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 402 KB, 1242x1234, 3C40E5D6-5E59-46E7-BB07-864C1A…)

Fridge9irl still boxy and ugly

No. 1259277

Is she sitting on a carrot? Legit thought she had an orange dick

No. 1259322

her face looks like it's melting

No. 1259327

File: 1623998128762.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 407.57 KB, 1070x652, 5639F9A6-8BA7-4D9D-A351-AE516C…)

No it’s just an ugly cheap dildo
Angie’s lip fillers did not help. How unfortunate looking kek

No. 1271410

File: 1625425736974.png (7.31 MB, 1242x2208, 3A6868C9-991E-445F-A673-AD8E03…)

Did Angie even move? She’s posting pics from her ugly dollar store toopoor bedroom unless it’s old pics

No. 1271412

The dark hair looked so much better. I think she is trying to go the angleThigh route with blonde n bimbo shit. Emo bimbo. The state of hoes these days…

No. 1271413

File: 1625425955193.jpeg (898.67 KB, 1200x1753, C7ED4A31-F0A9-43B3-9EF3-4C39DC…)

larping as squidwardthigh

No. 1271418

File: 1625426496972.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 591.83 KB, 2048x2048, D42B1244-FAB3-424D-A772-4F38FD…)


No. 1271428

that tat….ew

No. 1271543

Too fat and hair is too blonde to be new. Guess daddy didn’t work out had to run back to her ~aboosive~ household

No. 1271603

File: 1625449664441.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1677, 6C52A8A4-E00D-4B8A-BEFF-1D25DF…)

Kek she used her gofundme donations/ scrote bucks for a MacBook. Big flex Fridge9irl, you’re still in your crusty emo hovel at your parents place. Bleak.

No. 1271606

File: 1625449823426.jpeg (584.46 KB, 980x1018, 3AA5DF6A-C97B-4CF5-AF6B-AAC5F6…)

Dollar store toopoor kek

No. 1271734


Toopoor but with even less redeeming qualities, Why does every Egirl skinwalk toopoor? so boring

No. 1271854

Nitpick but oh god I hate those lips.

No. 1272913

i thought one of her " daddies" bought her one for christmas

No. 1282581

File: 1626997394771.jpeg (713.29 KB, 1242x936, C0303A48-1CED-4BF7-AAE6-F24EAF…)

Looking like Sid the sloth

No. 1285480

File: 1627414589108.jpeg (891 KB, 1242x1574, 1963B757-C5EE-4E16-8076-54B3EB…)

Fridge9irl’s non existent lips kek

No. 1285496

Who cares anymore? This isn't milk. We aren't going to watch her Hills Have Eyes-ass porn. Come back when she's on crack or, like, actually homeless or something. Her begging, making dumpy porn and tweeting about gross stuff is nothing new or interesting.

No. 1287456

not really a lurker of this thread but is there a new egirls thread (after the 6th one)? fridge9irl and squidthigh aren't milky enough alone. sage for being retarded

No. 1287725

Nope a 7th thread was never made

No. 1287745

been lurking for a while but never made a thread before, do yall know if someone can help make a new egirl thread #7? i've heard some demand for a new one on other egirl adjacent threads

No. 1287773

yess pleasee!!!

No. 1287869

fucked up the first thread i made, here's the right one kek

No. 1294552

sex workers who think they’re better than retail wagies are just as cringe as retail wagies who think they’re better than sex workers

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