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File: 1608620854056.jpeg (47.44 KB, 700x549, testies.jpeg)

No. 1112471

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Last thread highlights:
- Transalamander is dating a he/him lesbian. Calls cis women ugly.
- Reddit user terfsbeware says feminists are ugly, takes a photo of a woman at work and calls the woman’s boyfriend transphobic when he asks for the photo to be deleted and gets pissed off.
- Men who raped children and murdered women pretend to be women to get transferred to womens prisons and get free meds and plastic surgery
- Reddit user cries because women “don’t appreciate the ability to be pregnant or have kids”
- Anons sperg out over random stuff, not much specific milk or common users posted

People of note:
https://twitter.com/literallysofie (Popular twitter/tiktok user, tiktok is banned and attacks tiktok for being transphobic, says cis women are disgusting, attacks women , says transphobic people deserve to be hurt, transphobic to not want to date trans people)
https://twitter.com/TransSalamander (Attacked twitter for banning people for being trans, regularly attacks cis people, is wildly sexist towards women)
https://twitter.com/thicketthorn (Attacks women, regularly talks about beating and killing women, claims terfs deserve death)
https://twitter.com/dosomemolly (Attacks women, says cis people are jealous of trans people, says cis women will never be good as trans women, sexist)
https://www.reddit.com/user/LaurenRossy1 (Talks about going ‘stealth’ with men aka not disclosing they are trans before sex, posts multiple threads talking about their perfect neovagina then saying they regret it, talks about their neovagina rotting and letting out putrid smells)

Other honorable mentions: Reddit users AdeniaQuinn, whatsupwithMer, tututrap | Twitter users: fayekinley2, ProfessorGutian, Emmy_Zje, newtboob, degeneration

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1070574
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1086919
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1098012

No. 1112472

File: 1608621164225.png (28.35 KB, 1285x495, biolesb.png)

Reddit proving again they hate women and cater to trans people 24/7. This subreddit wasn't transphobic and didn't even allow comments that were transphobic and it's still banned.

No. 1112480

If this was a porn subreddit, it would be a very different story.

No. 1112482


at this point even as a porn sub it would still have be banned for not including dicks, see the dicks in the yuri subreddit fiasco

No. 1112486

Yeah, i follow subs for a popular TV show with lesbian protagonists, and i swear 80% of the fanart gives the main character (a cis lesbian) a dick. There are trans and nonbinary characters in the show!! But no, lesbians can't have anything.

I'll take my ban for lesbian sperg but it's just so infuriating. It's becoming harder and harder to exist as a woman who is only attracted to actual women. Even "lesbian" porn is full of trannies. I'm gay because I don't like dick. Why can't I escape it?

No. 1112488

File: 1608625192568.jpeg (Spoiler Image,5.91 MB, 4032x3022, 91F3AC29-5010-401C-AC54-B293F9…)

Photo “sofie” posted vs screenshot from a video kek. Thought his “waist curve” looked wonky and shooped and I was right.

Still can’t believe so many people can fall for Internet personalities’ blatant photoshop especially when they literally post videos where you can see their real body. He’s sticking his ass out and breaking his back to get even the tiniest bit of a curve on his body even in the video where he’s a rectangle.

No. 1112513

God the OP image made me snicker

RIP. I wonder how many people have been peaked by this exact bullshit, I mean people not in the know of tranny issues probably can't comprehend why it's such an offensive thought that women have vaginas and experience things they want to talk about with other women with no tranny meddling.

I don't even understand why troons are so invested in these female subreddits, looking at r/TwoXChromosomes it's still mostly women talking about things men can't relate to (birth control, career in a male dominated field, trying for a baby, female-centric diseases etc.) so why exactly do trannies have to gain from having access to that? They're not interested in anything else but spinny skirt pictures and sexy sleepovers, it's not like they have anything to add to the discussion about PCOS, male on female workplace harassment or IUDs. Maybe they like to imagine that women do nothing but giggle and show their tits to the internet all day.

No. 1112519

That fucking smooth curve and hand covering the other side kek. Why does his face remind me of a harlequin baby? The grotesque lips and mouth open pose makes him look legitimately brain damaged.

No. 1112529

Honestly, I think it's just the entitlement. It pisses them off they're excluded from something after being used to being catered to in every aspect in life.

No. 1112533

Would r/cislesbians get banned? If you play along with the idea of “ALL women can be lesbians” and let them have a containment sub, you could treat cislesbians as a “specific kind” of lesbian relationship, e.g. an analogy like interracial relationships as the “containment” and WMAF or whatever as the specific form

No. 1112536

[tranny voice] why do you want a containment sub

No. 1112539

File: 1608636450993.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.56 MB, 4032x4030, BFC84EA6-4E97-4EBF-B8A1-27E4E8…)

Compared with real women’s bodies (candids so shouldn’t be shopped)

Women don’t have like perfectly curved semicircles cut out of them for waists, that’s dead giveaway for photoshop. Women with defined waists have more of an angled shape where two lines meet in the middle creating the smallest point. Not a smooth, rounded, symmetrical curve.

No. 1112549


r/jailbait was subreddit of the year 2008

No. 1112552

I still want to know what the fuck is wrong with his face, if that's what they call FFS then damn. Dude looks like a fucking retarded fish.

No. 1112555

File: 1608641911086.jpg (175.63 KB, 705x574, fillersbotox.jpg)


I was looking at plastic surgeons in the NYC and lo and behold, who popped up in a yelp review

>what I can realistically expect from non-invasive work

>looks more natural on me

>calf botox helping a ton past what estrogen can do for me

for someone who thinks gender is a colonialist concept that doesn't exist they seems pretty comfortable utilizing the gender binary to explain the results they want out of the plastic surgeon, including acknowledging its all a artificial construct dependent on "natural" standards. Maybe this is who they really are a person, and the twitter persona is an elaborate scam to get those TRA $$$ and gofundme donations, that would actually be based af

No. 1112556

the tell-tale sign is where the curve is. a woman’s natural curve hits its peak right above the belly button. if her curve is anywhere else, it’s plastic surgery or maybe a medical condition.

these men can’t replicate that. their bodies simply cannot have the curve of a woman. that’s why you see Blaire White’s obvious as fuck hip pads and why all these trannies who want to look like bimbos look like teeth. you can add shit onto your body but there’s no way to defeat sexual dimorphism.

No. 1112557

File: 1608642615067.jpg (202.72 KB, 800x450, cover4.jpg)

>TiMs from /lgbt/ reading this post and photoshopping their nudes

No. 1112560

File: 1608644351251.jpg (1.92 MB, 2560x1920, horrorshow.jpg)

Why does he have double nostrils, botched nose job? His face is so disgusting, the uncanny valley is real.

No. 1112561

File: 1608644383730.jpeg (196.79 KB, 501x984, B08C308D-61AF-485F-9729-525D68…)

Looks like the tables have turned lol. Enough women have been permabanned on sns for practically nothing. About time troons get banned for actually threatening violence and rape.

No. 1112562

These cunts get all female subreddits taken down and then cry and bitch when they get banned for sharing stupid memes encouraging violence against groups of people. Amazing. The male entitlement at grand display.

No. 1112564

Careful they might get some euphoria from you calling them cunts.

But seriously though.

>I was banned for literally no reason

Yeah you only said women should superglue their mouths shut. Totally no reason.
>transphobes roam this site freely
That’s why every subreddit that doesn’t kiss troon ass and turn into some safe space for y’all gets banned?
Guess he’s pissed his troon victim card doesn’t get him a free pass out of everything and he is actually being held responsible for his actions.

They all think being a trans woman will give them the freedom to be misogynistic and aggressive without people calling them out.

No. 1112566

he just looks disgusting and retarded. The thin ass bangs, the weird tiny eyes, he does not look like a woman he looks like a tranny or a botched cross dresser, you know what he is.

No. 1112567

Issa male ribcage.

If he looks that shapeless even standing in that pose I wonder how nonexistant his waist actually is

>looks way more natural
Deranged and delusional.

No. 1112568

he face looks different and worse everytime I see it, he does not even look human.

No. 1112569

so he posted photoshopped pictures to review his work? Wow.

No. 1112571

god he is so ugly. those weird ass eyes and the michael jackson nose are such a bad look. it looks like he had a terrible accident and got a face transplant

No. 1112572

File: 1608647568358.png (918.83 KB, 1298x952, ODD7SHR.png)


> Allowing male people to declare themselves female for reasons known only to themselves is open to abuse, and any law that relies on well-meaning people declaring that (abusive) men wouldn’t do that, would they? is questionable at best.

> written by troon

had this self aware troon in my twitter feed and just wanted to leave it here

No. 1112574

File: 1608648050347.png (246.81 KB, 606x829, sjcZGGX.png)

samefag, his autogynesmile went wrong but he seems to be a kind of woke troon, his pinned thread sounds interesting

> In 2012, I transitioned. Looking back, I have mixed feelings about it.

> It certainly wasn't because I was some sort of woman. Nor did I need to have some metaphysical female "essence" or gender identity.
> Once you realise that gender identity doesn't need to exist in order to explain transsexualism, it becomes a meaningless concept. But nevertheless, it has reaped havoc in our society.

No. 1112591

Not sure if self post but interesting nonetheless

No. 1112644

File: 1608658427890.jpeg (308.32 KB, 1839x729, 8C4CE690-B769-400B-BF7B-D9AA5E…)

Here’s a meltdown over some people making a joke about Nikkie Tutorials having a “pregnancy announcement”.

> literally not a woman thus no female reproductive system

> taking drugs by choice your entire life which kills your sperm
> getting your junk chopped off for good measure
> can’t have kids

>This is just a painful and totally the same as a woman being infertile!

While most people seem confused, this thread has everything. Womb envy. TWA. Cries of Transphobia and Homophobia! Whataboutciswomen! Uterus transplants! And of course at least one handmaiden offering to donate hers to a stunning a brave trans woman.


No. 1112648

File: 1608658602056.jpg (345.75 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201222-123426_Twi…)

No wonder he always takes angled selfies

No. 1112696

unironically looks like fucking lil miquela

No. 1112699

The fact people follow someone who is obvious so insecure and angry is crazy too me.
Like, he got work done, JUST to slap on filters and he's ugly and botched in filtered/unfiltered pictures.
Him & his boyfriend looks like brothers and he's just gross in general. His face is just so unpleasant. Also, when is he going to let go of those thin ass bangs?

No. 1112734

Sage for OT, but what was r/jailbait?

No. 1112739

it was a subreddit where men would post pictures of underage girls in suggestive poses but "not technically naked so it's still legal". It was reddit's largest sub until it got banned because users were trading CP in the DMs (shocker).

No. 1112783

oh fucking hell I thought it was women who looked young not actual children

No. 1112810

One of the users was proven to be a teacher taking photos of his students. It was wild.

No. 1112829

>r/Jailbait was reddit's largest sub
Fucking hell, I didn't know that.

It's weird to see this being brought up. They're always claiming they're better than cis women because they can't get pregnant and don't have to wear a condom or whatever. But maybe that's just a coomer twitter thing.

No. 1112835

File: 1608676393688.jpg (133.07 KB, 1280x720, fghfhgfh.jpg)

This dude looks like he's wearing a fucking mask

No. 1112845

hilariously actually manages to pass better than 99% of troons (at least in the avi, very possible that irl is very different lol)

just looks like an older woman really

No. 1112902

Still got a massive adam's apple, and usually the height/body shape is the biggest giveaway

No. 1112979

File: 1608686999348.png (171.32 KB, 1501x493, Untitled.png)

so this is out of left field but i'm suddenly remembering this old webpage regarded as "creepy dark web" material when i'm about 99% sure it's some faggot agp roleplaying. they sound like the same sort of mentally ill type.

No. 1112983

File: 1608687411113.png (292.71 KB, 750x1334, CF04CCA8-16F4-44A0-AAC4-4D0DDC…)

What the fuck is this? Getting a “female orgasm” from laughing? Is this a fetish I’m unaware of?

No. 1112985

post mortem looking ass scrote

No. 1112986

That’s a fetish, anon.
But really laughing crisis imagine waking up to the sound of a grown ass man having a laughing fit because his fucked up brain decided to give him some sort of panic attack after thinking bro, what the fuck did you do to your body, his voice probably changed from heehee disgusting troon voice to ugly ass manly man raspy laugh.
Nightmare fuel for years.

No. 1112989

Debbie Hayton is a troon that was constantly praised by gc on reddit for being an "ally" to women, like the other one who was banned by twitter for deadnaming himself (can't remember his name rn).

At least these trannies defend women, but still

No. 1113068

So I was revisiting old videos and it's eerie how much this formerly viral song/video sounds like an entitled MTF. Sage for shitpost, but tell me if you girls don't see a resemblance between this and "It's MA'AM!"

Are you referring to Miranda Yardley?

No. 1113082

Shit thought this was Erin for a second.

No. 1113233

>Apparently TERFs are protected now?
>Reddit trans community is the only trans community I have any connection to
>I do nothing but talk to other trans people
>I just want to talk to my other trans friends online

why the fuck did he go to a subreddit about born women being sexually attracted to other born women, who actually have no representation despite being a far larger group, insult them with male violence then pull a 180 and whinge about them actually having protected human rights, especially when they weren't even fucking disturbing you, you came to them.

Boohoo intimidating women has consequences, I wonder why they want to exclude you beyond idk you not being what they're sexually attracted to and that's the whole point of the fucking subreddit.

No. 1113288

File: 1608730797948.jpg (608.07 KB, 1080x1745, 20201223_083726.jpg)

Found this nightmare "ditzy kinky little girl" troon because he has an asshurt crusade against the pornhub exploitation victims on twitter

No. 1113289

File: 1608730869646.jpg (246.06 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20201223_082552.jpg)

This one is @transgamerthink on twitter. Men go outside looking like this actually believing they pass or are stealth. No you still look like man who thinks he's unique for dyeing his hair and dressing alternatively.

No. 1113291

Oh come on, leave Kelly out of this

No. 1113311


lmfao this is like the kind of style the bronies had at the mall in 2012

No. 1113319

Pls don't judge me anons but he looks kinda cute

No. 1113321

Having a laughing fit at nothing, alone in your apartment. The picture of mental health.

No. 1113346

Did he take those pics mid-sneeze? Sexy.

No. 1113351

Yes, Miranda Yardley, I had forgotten his name

No. 1113362

File: 1608740015222.jpg (163.23 KB, 960x1021, 94553ltlgr661.jpg)

Has anyone else noticed that oftentimes these men go from average white male Redditor appearance to still obviously male but a societally non-acceptable haircut that they've dyed some wacky color? I'm not against dyeing your hair other colors than those that naturally occur in humans (I'd even do it myself) but they should really be posting these transformations to a hair dye community since they obviously appear so male. I wonder if some of them aren't even trans but are just farming for attention and upvotes.

No. 1113364

File: 1608740123615.jpg (118.7 KB, 960x768, 2xl8hvyifa661.jpg)

This one too, although I do think this guy is trans, the hair is bizarre. Anime girl delusions for sure.

No. 1113369

File: 1608740355726.jpg (44.08 KB, 466x497, 51ucI--TA5L._AC_SX466_.jpg)

No. 1113372

Kek at the headband covering his fivehead. covering your baldness with a piece a fabric just girly things.

No. 1113373

I think it's part of the "being the girlfriend" thing, they fantasize about having an edgy/goth/alt girlfriend so they do that to themselves

No. 1113378

I know a woman that was upset that her baby was struggling to Breast feed, she got referred to a support group. She left as unknown to her, in another city in England 2 MTF demanded to join the group despite the fact that both of them are single and obviously are not going to be able to Breast Feed ( This group did not even have the partners of the Women in the group) it was for XX women with babies struggling to Breast Feed, women were outraged the more outspoken ones were called Terfs, and we reported to the Police To cut a long story short the women in the other city just decided to leave, did the MTF stay? of course not, when the women left they left. Noe ALL MTF can join these groups , leading women who want support breast feeding having to make a choice of leaving or letting these degenerates into their group. She is upset I am furious. The TRA were laughing that a new mother who was breast feeding was held in cell for hours and encouraging other MTF to join these groups to rat out the Terfs, they did not care they were bullying new mothers and the worse is there are FEMALES FTM that supported them in doing this. I hope they have their breast lopped of and become infertile and regret it big time, these woman should not be allowed to have kids, there is something psychopathic about women doing this to fellow women.(Blogging)

No. 1113379

He really wanted to be Ramona Flowers

No. 1113386

Men think manic dream pixie girls are real.

Any receipts? They do this to infertility groups too.

No. 1113400

No offense hon but this isn't a GC sperg general and you're not integrating. Stop posting and have a laugh at the thread instead before you get banned.

No. 1113409

fuck off kelly is great

No. 1113413

does he just… wear a headband all the time to cover his receding hairline? lmao

No. 1113417

Sometimes I wonder whether these men were abused as children and simply prefer to act it out as their idea of a more helpless female, or if they’re jealous of the way female children are sexualized and predated on.

No. 1113419

File: 1608744756240.jpg (323.37 KB, 595x945, nooo not muh personhood.jpg)

Tranny Twitter is raining salt right now about the Stop Internet Sexual Exploitation Act, which calls for the public execution of every single LGBTQIIA+ in the United States. How is this delicate blossom supposed to survive if the government takes away his furry corruption drabblefic Ko-fi money?

No. 1113423

wow he evolved from straight on picture to fat girl angle. what's up with the stupid eyebrows

No. 1113426

Anon he looks like jeffree star and shane dawson combined

No. 1113430

So even downies are trooning out now?

No. 1113431

File: 1608746044361.jpg (114.03 KB, 719x374, Screenshot_20201223-195225_Sam…)

Of course our favorite rape fetishist is worried about the rampant whorephobia as well kek

No. 1113444

The only thing it could kill is his boner due to a lack of new cp?

No. 1113445

File: 1608747450496.jpg (6.89 KB, 211x239, download.jpg)


No. 1113447

look up "drag syndrome" lol

No. 1113464

this sent me

No. 1113469

File: 1608750240061.png (155.7 KB, 659x873, basedlegislation.png)

How does this endager trannies? This sounds absolutely based as fuck.

No. 1113479

tbh my waistline looks nowhere near like this and i'm pretty skinny/normal weight. there are biological women with fridge shaped bodies

No. 1113484

If anything, this protects trans/other vulerable people from having their lives ruined by rape porn and revenge porn they can never take down. Anyone upset with this is a degenerate.

No. 1113485

Just once again shows that they are all coomers and afraid to lose a large amount of their porn. Kek. I wish I was american so I could write to my senator in support of this. Based.

No. 1113489


seconded, I'm sitting here thinking about how this makes troon lives more difficult even by their selfcentered, narc worldview and I can't. "Impossible Expectations" the only expectation on users is having uploading users verifying their identity, and having other people sign a consent form, how the fuck is that difficult

No. 1113493

This will be hard to enact for all "niche" porn sites (that can't afford to have a 24 hour hotline for example) and a lot of content currently hosted will have to be taken down. They have whined when Pornhub removed all but verified videos recently cause their "private collection" was gone. Also as >>1113445 pointed out it will make finding CP a lot harder cause all videos uploaded will have to be vetted first. This will kill 4chan and I am so fucking pumped.

No. 1113498

File: 1608752660641.png (829.03 KB, 511x901, wtf.png)

saged for potentially OT but i think this fucking weirdo fits based on this video loaded with stereotypes. this creepy fuck cut off his balls, is nonbinary, and his wife WITH WHOM HE HAS A CHILD is nonbinary too. they're at least mid-30s jfc.


what the fuck is wrong with literally everyone on tiktok? was the internet a mistake?

No. 1113512

File: 1608753220983.jpg (26.79 KB, 500x328, We-finally-won.jpg)

so the degenerates who make fake pedo shit, rape shit, feeders putting women into wheelchairs, hardcore porn based on children's franchises like MLP, gang bangs with mentally disabled women ect wont be able to keep making money spreading their dehumanizing shit online? Amazing.

No. 1113514

Anyone complaining about this bill is legit a predator.

No. 1113516

File: 1608753434077.jpeg (245.36 KB, 1646x815, 29D08ED0-2522-4C78-9D31-BDD638…)

Troons will have to stop being anonymous. It will also impose a lot of hurdles on regular sites that host NSFW content, like reddit, twitter and smaller sites. many won’t bother or can’t afford to implement those safeguards and instead will just ban NSFW. Less avenues for Porn and exhibitionism, less attention for troons. They are also afraid that the ones who call themselves sex workers might actually have to prostitute themselves to make a living, instead of pretending to online.

No. 1113530

this phrase literally dehumanizes prostitutes by using a slur (notably a slur that's often utilized against women and rarely men)
imagine if we applied this logic to any other group– homophobia is now dykephobia and fagphobia. can coomers even understand how stupid they sound?
another man sad that the internet's massive glut of violent porn shrinks by 0.1%

No. 1113533

This is the best news I've seen all year. I was cynical to think that any legal protection against porn wouldn't happen for still many years, I'm so pleased to be wrong. Holy shit, I'm grinning like mad. Finally some fucking action for the vulnerable!

No. 1113536

queerphobia is already used in some circles though

No. 1113542

File: 1608754687368.png (223.25 KB, 960x1054, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 3.17…)

No. 1113547

If every website could handle the equally strict GDPR regulations, with every European web user being served with cookie consent forms all over the internet, pretty sure porn sites can host a hotline, put up a banner and do some backend coding to add these features in.

No. 1113551

Sage for unrelated
It's not harmful for sex workers but AVN News among other porn news outlets made articles that claimed it was and now braindead sex workers are consulting that creepy predator's twitter thread (acvalens) like it's the actual bill. Of course the porn companies and news sources are gonna freak out sex workers who would actually benefit from this bill just like Republicans do to the poor/uneducated who get them elected. MTFs are strangely anti-SISEA because we all know that since most adults got into this because of sissy hypno porn, they have the most degenerate fetishes of all that definitely involve some element of nonconsensual content.
Porn companies have more than enough money to do it, they just don't want to because a lot of content will be taken off of their sites, which could even include well known scenes with nonconsensual backstories like the infamous Cody Lane Blue Room video.

No. 1113558

He's the first person I've seen call himself eunuch (paging those Russian artist sisters) but…uhhhhhhh does he think doing errands is a solely female thing? Drinking tea?!

No. 1113570

Just read this pathetic blogpost from a porn aficionado about the bill
>but manning a phoneline is so hard wahhh


No. 1113572

He legit looks like a racist caricature.

No. 1113579

File: 1608756408668.png (94.19 KB, 708x659, ConsenttorevengepornCapture.PN…)

SISEA is bad bc it removes the option to consent to have your revenge porn out there. Now I have seen it all.

No. 1113585

All of the arguments against SISEA make zero sense. Literally–well unless you're a porn company or revenge porn uploader then I guess you have a logical reason of why you'd be opposed to the bill.
American anons please contact your senators. I really hope this passes and that the hivemind of Twitter sex workers don't successfully fuck this up for everyone else who doesn't show their genitals for money.

No. 1113592


>Written by furry

>End the article with "Sit, stay, speak. Good dog."


No. 1113595

They cry about writers and artists, but no one's going to go after drawn porn. There are no people harmed when you write that smut fanfic. Newsflash: Your husbandos don't actually exist, they have no rights, they are not "an individual".

No. 1113597

>not being able to show my asshole and saggy balls on reddit will literally kill me

Stfu Derrick, people who get their nsfw shit leaked without their consent exist too. Child porn exists too.

No. 1113599

I don't get it, where does it say anything about drawn porn or smut? They are literally just strawmenning.

No. 1113603

File: 1608757387909.png (325.08 KB, 599x570, katakateUntitled.png)

Wtf? Pornhub literally had content from trafficking victims uploaded.

No. 1113604


It makes it harder and more expensive for these porn studios to exploit them and trap them into filming disgusting niche content for fetishists.

No. 1113617

File: 1608757981794.jpg (309.51 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20201223_221236.jpg)

>she doesn't know

No. 1113618

Thats what fucking kills me about these reactions. They act like their ability to show their gross axe wounds without having to verify shit is more important than having these poor women and children exploited on porn websites without their knowledge or consent. It's actually horrifying. These people need to be erased from existence, good god

No. 1113637

>afraid that the ones who call themselves sex workers might actually have to prostitute themselves to make a living, instead of pretending to online.

Yep, it's basically white parents' house-residing cam "models" who are reeing at this. I mean fuck trafficking and rape victims or teenagers who kill themselves from leaks- what about my feet pics and woke twatter posting reeee

No. 1113642

File: 1608758855956.png (1.15 MB, 1200x900, based.png)

made this for us to celebrate

No. 1113643

Please tell me this is not what i think it is. Please tell me he is not writing domination porn from the point of view of a fucking roomba

No. 1113647

My sides flew into the orbit

No. 1113653

>Troons will have to stop being anonymous

This isn't true! The exhibitionists repeating this are so ruled by their fetish that they can't imagine that ANY troon can keep a real job.

>boo-hoo-hoo, database maintenance doesn't give me euphoria :(((

No. 1113673

This has to be the next thread pic!

No. 1113686

File: 1608762007365.jpg (410.04 KB, 1080x1502, 20201223_231935.jpg)

The highest troon in office is already involved in sketchy dealings https://delawarevalleyjournal.com/pa-health-department-uses-skype-loophole-to-hide-call-logs/

No. 1113688

I'm trying to play devil's advocate and think of a logical argument against this. I can't think of any. The argument that "we can't be anonymous anymore!!" doesn't make sense because it doesn't say that people have to display their identity, only to have it on record.
A 24 hour hotline is a little much, even Twitter doesn't have this, but anything to drain money from porn hosting sites kek
Here's my one thing I dislike about this. Tumblr banned porn, but their AI was so shit that it banned a lot of sfw content and left a lot of nsfw content untouched. Reddit is easier to moderate due to its structure, but Twitter might see an exodus if they implement a bot that's as shit as Tumblr's.

No. 1113690

This… can't be real… my man's a horny roomba….

No. 1113691

File: 1608762624452.jpg (448.21 KB, 1080x1628, 20201223_232349.jpg)


The health dep troon is responsible for the creepy advise in picrel

No. 1113697

This isn't even true since the law would require consent for each upload. If there were specific videos you didn't consent to as a sex worker they shouldn't be uploaded. That's clearly different from the consent shitlist mentioned in the bill which applies to normal folk and revenge porn. A sex worker who didn't consent to specific stolen content = not revenge porn, it falls under nonconsensual upload and therefore is not allowed under the first two rules.

They're trying so hard to find some reason why banning illegal and stolen porn is actually a bad thing in any way.
>muh slightly changing the backend and adding a banner is so hard
>muh a phoneline is unreasonable despite call centers being a thing
>muh what about NSFW artists
Like…your shit NSFW ipad art doesn't require consent, moron. Pathetic. Just say you want to jack it to rape and go.

No. 1113698

File: 1608763250085.png (565.55 KB, 1624x950, disc.png)

samefagging one last bit: someone in a non-terf context recounts a horrifying medical experience with the health dep troon before he transitioned.

No. 1113699

>try to identify a consistent sex partner

Truly written by an addicted swinger who doesn't even know who they're fucking half the time

No. 1113722

>if you end up in an orgy don't forget your mask and alcohol wipes
and wtf, how the fuck is onlyfans on the same category as dates and hook-ups

wow, a pervert with access to children, who would have thought

No. 1113724

File: 1608766837758.jpg (26.25 KB, 750x454, Eb06flMWsAAyWbV.jpg)

I am judging both him and the 14 (fourteen) people who liked these tweets

No. 1113731

God I hope they go through with this.

No. 1113738

File: 1608767988753.jpg (271.74 KB, 1440x810, a9a.jpg)

Soooo this is what trannies are so afraid of? what the fuck it all sounds pretty reasonable.Unless of course they got something to hide.

No. 1113742

Literally all they have to do is stay in their lanes, but they just can't fucking do that

No. 1113753

SISEA (Sissy)

No. 1113755

Just thought I'd point that out

No. 1113760

Trans throuple raising “gender neutral” children.

TIF “husband” and her two hulking TIM “wives”. Plus their 11 year old non binary daughter (who came out as non binary at age four) and an “anti gender” toddler who everyone can tell is a boy.


No. 1113767

I'm honestly surprised more trannies aren't sperging about Tulsi Gabbards "Save Womens Sports Act"

No. 1113872

scott pilgrim ruined a generation of neckbeards

No. 1113883

fuck this gay earth

No. 1113894

I can't imagine the amount of therapy a lot of these "theybies/gender natural kids" are gonna need when they grow up

No. 1113950

This is a whole new level of troon autism, Jesus Christ.

No. 1113998

Those kids are so fucked, it's already bad when hippie straight couples raise their children as gender neutral, but this whole tranny polycule is the worst possible kind of "family" for kids, who's letting this happen jfc.

No. 1114018

Apparently he lost both testicles due to separate instances of cancer and couldn't get back on testosterone due to COVID-19, but has decided he likes how he feels without it better. Interesting.

No. 1114068

Women who give perverted trannies access to kids don't deserve to be mothers. Those kids are going to have so many traumas from growing up gender-confused and seeing their "moms" walk around with cattail buttplugs and doing their onlyfans shoots in the livingroom. Probably getting molested as well cause most trannies are also pedos and creepily obsessed with teenage girls. That girl will have to share her spinny skirts and her first bra with those perverts.

No. 1114093


Im thinking about this and there is no reason a cottage industry couldn't provide all this hotline maintenance labour for a small fee, the same india call center room could easily handle 10-15 small sites needs at the same time. I can't understand why all these basic bitch SWs and porn stars are buying into this troon shit that it's impossible to maintain standards. Twitter and other mainstream sites will obv just ban porn altogether but honestly all I've been hearing for YEARS from male friends that they wish there was some way to block all porn from their online ecoscape because all it does is create unceasing, 24/7 distraction that fucks with them everyday. Modern day porn, as it functions is literally a form of hostile psychological hijacking and the fact that people who work in porn engage in the mass consensual hallucination that everyone who watches their shit is doing it because they sought it out, like pre-internet 1990s style where you had to get in car and drive to the adult video store, is crazy to me. /sage for spregout

No. 1114113

The goal of having porn everywhere is to turn men into docile coomer cattle that does nothing but consoom and coom. Most men in current year times are fucking garbage losers who just want to sit in their NEET caves and wank to their waifus until they feel like cutting their dicks off. Men who accomplish nothing, who work low paying jobs to afford onlyfans subscriptions and videogames. Men who will never rise up, cause they live for nothing but their constant source of dopamine provided from their screens.

Tinfoil but you know it's true.

No. 1114152

File: 1608826269701.jpg (138.15 KB, 1024x727, holyshit.jpg)

its horrifying and hilarious when mtfs are brutally honest about how fucking sick they are due to their hatred of women consuming them, like this one. this dude should be locked up. imagine him staring at you in public. ugh.

No. 1114153

How many times misogynist American psycho/buffalo bill tier psychosis is relabeled as "transgender feelings"…wow

No. 1114156

We need women to take over society so these types of men and their simps can be put in jail where they belong.

No. 1114161

File: 1608828621491.jpg (Spoiler Image,589.92 KB, 1080x1397, 20201224_173054.jpg)

>Lesbian nsfw sub

No. 1114164

It already passed, that's why people are making a big deal about it. Basically a lot of American politicians stick unrelated laws into budgets and tax bills at the last minute so they can pass them easily. The President vetoed it, but congress can (and probably will) override the veto to prevent a government shutdown.

No. 1114168

Sorry, I stay away from politics especially during this time so I don't jump in front of a moving train, is this really going to be enacted and likely when? That would be fucking amazing and I am so happy

No. 1114176

Being a lesbian in soyland must be awful. My condolences.

No. 1114178

File: 1608830178542.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.2 KB, 640x480, uwid27y253761.jpg)

good lord that's disgusting

No. 1114182

I'm positive there's trans lesbian nsfw subs, but I'm also positive this person probably spammed photos on there too.

are trans men spamming their huge clits, pussy's and fake dicks on gay msfw subs?

No. 1114190

File: 1608831451237.png (257.39 KB, 750x761, AD79B9F9-765D-4C40-9933-4FFAC5…)

No. 1114191

This is the best news I've heard all day! So exciting!!!
I'm so thankful the comments show concern for the children's well-being. I wish this channel had their Like and Dislike count displayed

No. 1114195

Probably nearly not as much. They lack that male entitlement

No. 1114200

No. 1114201

File: 1608833199220.png (59 KB, 213x124, Untitled.png)

from a guy called rainbowloli. lmao.

No. 1114205

No. 1114206


Some degenerates are going after the man who did this beause X videos will soon follow suit, and they are legit panicking over porn.

No. 1114210

I hate that they're framing this as an attack on sex workers when it's absolutely not. For the most at risk groups, it's actually extra protection. The only people who it would hold back more than benefit are middle class cammers who don't really feel like submitting ID.

And this might be an unpopular opinion but if the option is either protecting troon sex workers or protecting children, trafficking and rape victims and victims of revenge porn. I'd rather legislation protected those who had no choice when it came to their involvement. Half of the people complaining about this bill are either predators who are mad they're losing their access to creepy material or sex workers who have other opportunities available to them and can leave sex work, I'm not gonna prioritise them over the people who had literally no say or agency in the matter. Sorry if that sounds dickish but ya know…

No. 1114217

File: 1608834298097.jpg (389.02 KB, 1474x1232, tinder.jpg)

holy crap this dude was on my tinder! I've seen that creepy text before but not with his pic/name attached and now my skin is crawling

No. 1114219

"angry queer art" is he talking about this fantasies of murdering women, very feminist of him.

No. 1114221

>identifies with Buffalo Bill
>compulsively draws dismembered female bodies
>gentle trans girl who wants to cuddle and hold hands

No. 1114225

Don't have a reddit account but is this just another one infested by the troons?

No. 1114228

is this post going to make the whole thread devolve into "which celebrities are secretly troons" shit again?

No. 1114232

no, you can literally even look at her bone structure

No. 1114243

that's what i thought, was just trying to get another opinion before i buy her merch

No. 1114267

>deeply empathetic intellectual
>love being vulnerable
The “I’m a narcissistic emotional vampire” special.

No. 1114275

Could this possibly affect sex workers who are having their content non consensually stolen and reposted? Obviously that's not the point of the bill, I also agree the only people that could possibly be upset about it are predators, I'm just wondering if it could also be used in that context because it seems like this definitely protects sex workers.

It's so fucked up the actual mental abuse and coercion men will go to so they can abuse women and get away with it.

No. 1114302

Sounds like it, shouldn't they like the fact that their content can't get stolen as easily? When you look at twatter it's all ipad artists, troonbians and mlp smut writers who are upset.

Basically pedo demographics.

No. 1114311

It's not dickish at all, it's the only logical conclusion. Consent should be considered non-existent until clearly given. And ofc people who never consented to have their nsfw material posted and trafficked people are more important than the mild inconveniences for assholepic salesmen.

And that nsfw art and fanfic part is such a dumbfuck strawman. Shitty mlp horsecock rape ipad art isn't real and can't be affected by it.

They might have a harder time finding twitter pedo #megalinks, or that "funny culture" google search phenomenon. (Those were ways for pedos to share cp)

No. 1114326


what is "funny culture," if i google it will i end up on a list?

No. 1114329

File: 1608844273926.jpeg (628.78 KB, 1224x1256, D167610D-491A-475D-8470-5CD0BB…)

Imagine being so fucking porn sick you dare get upset over a bill protecting child victims and other people victims of rape claiming it hurts your tranny feefees. How is this scrote even verified, putting up his botched titty pictures up on his profile but actual bio women get demonised for feeding their child out in public

No. 1114331

Is this a fucking man explaining lesbians to me?

No. 1114333

this may be getting in OT territory but can someone make a genuine argument for why sex workers being relegated to adult websites is a bad thing? there are plenty of minors and people who don’t want to see adult content on social media, whereas if you keep sex workers on websites dedicated to sex work the viewers are obviously there purposefully.

No. 1114336


saged for ot. i'm sure that the argument for "sex workers" (the middle class cam girls) need to be on regular socials is for promotion. in order to be successful on a platform like onlyfans you need to be able to drive people from your regular socials to your porn socials. that's what makes OF different from camming on older-school cam sites like chaturbate or imlive.

No. 1114341

girl… i am so sorry you live near that thing.

No. 1114343


OT, I think there is really none, it would literally be like the 90s and earlier when you had to drive the adult film store to get porn vs. it being everywhere shoved in your face. It would also be easier to porn actors to actually make money because consumers couldn't find free reposts, OF leaks and other shit so easily. The problem is the current business model (in my tinfoil) is dependent on unceasing advertising of low quality content, homegrown content on SM to grab the attention spans of braindead coomers and ge those breadcrumbs. Without that those same consumers would just go watch netflix or , they wouldn't seek out sexual content nearly as much as the SW girls want to believe. They are not the pillar of human civilization they want to believe themselves to be no matter how many mental gymnastics you do.

No. 1114344

Imagine typing the word "congressperson" because you are so fucking sensitive about gender, when actual women have had to live alongside that language in silence so they don't "tempt" violent attacks. This person is a predator themselves that's why they can't empathize with those who are victimized because, surprise, predators can't do that or get violently angry when they have to face that they are that disconnected from humanity they have to harm people who can.

They can still promote their OF on their regular socials though, just not post actual porn if it's not supported. I've seen so much OF content reposted for free on social media though, so in fact it still helps sex workers. It will just also prevent men from publicly exposing themselves to non consenting people of all ages on social media.

No. 1114347

File: 1608846176223.jpeg (134.92 KB, 1618x483, 70B1CC19-742C-45AA-B6CA-14CB40…)


How do you fake concern for “migrant sex workers” and not feel repugnant? The fact they have to do porn in the first place is awful. Undocumented women are the most vulnerable in our society and are prostituting themselves out of coercion and desperation. Not muh sexual liberation.

No. 1114350

>they could be near your home
>or your home
>or even
YOUR home

The Troons - coming soon to a lesbian bar or playground near you

No. 1114351

at one point if you looked up funny culture on bing, cp would pop up in the images. i don’t recommend looking it up obviously

No. 1114380

File: 1608849829691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.96 KB, 677x1333, mu6eg5onoy361.jpeg)

The troons that infest that sub are obnoxious as all hell and get downvoted regularly (sort by controversial and it's all troons with the occasional landwhale - like not even chubby but proper obese, 300+lbs). Absolutely nightmarish and really shows how no matter how much lip service lesbians pay to troons on r/AL, no lesbians want their shriveled pencil dicks.

No. 1114381

File: 1608849955765.png (Spoiler Image,564.87 KB, 601x509, Capture.PNG)

Strongly feeling that a mod of a certain Reddit misogyny and abuse themed porn cesspool is a troon and it's making me sick. Pic related (not the best example but I cropped it from a video to avoid it being reverse searched since I'm unsure whether it's okay to post screenshots showing the username).

No. 1114384

It's fine to, this isn't reddit

No. 1114400

File: 1608852087480.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.34 KB, 959x1280, photo_2020-12-25_01-20-23.jpg)

No. 1114411

yuck somehow im convinced there's pieces of shit between his ass cheeks

what is genuinely wrong with them ? and how tf is a flair like "Mysogynistic Princess" accepted on Reddit ? And how tf can someone get away with saying "women were born to be human condoms" ? Fuck this gay earth

No. 1114425

File: 1608853536018.jpeg (188.58 KB, 531x1033, F668C69B-2BB3-4FFC-9092-E523BF…)

Saged because technically a chaser not a mtf but…

I’m not even into conspiracies but I’m convinced this whole lgbtqlmnop shit is some secret ploy by 4chan incels to roll back women’s rights and fuck us over while they get to be openly misogynistic pedos and hide behind their victim card of “but I’m traaaannns, if you disagree with anything I do or say that’s transphooobia.” They got tired of people calling them out on their misogyny and male privilege and mansplaining and all that so they found a way around it.

Women for many years: language being centered on males is somewhat sexist. Can we change it?

>lolno bye feminazis

Troons: use gender neutral language/these pronouns

>yes your majesty anything you want

No. 1114428

This must be a troll….. Right?

No. 1114431

ah, the classic
man: women are retarded
man: acts retarded
man: see, I'm a woman!

No. 1114437

I was skeptical but I don’t know. It seems legit. He has pictures of himself on his account and has the handle of his Instagram account (@dream71catcher
https://instagram.com/dream71catcher?igshid=e8papi0w8i1m) in one of his reddit posts. I can’t imagine some dude posting legit pictures of himself online and making up stories of his troon girlfriend just for the lulz since it would be pretty embarrassing if somebody he knew found it.

No. 1114451

>Many women are plagued with insecurity and body dymorphia due to the excessively harsh criticism we receive in absolutely every avenue compared to men
>As a result, some women take a long time getting ready so they look "perfect" in order to deflect criticism
>Some Trans women who want to appear feminine copy after that BDD high femme appearance, thus take a long time to get ready

Somehow this got mixed up in his mind to his partner being a cis woman, even though most cis women actually don't gaf about makeup and hair.

No. 1114456

"My boyfriend is a woman because he puts on make up and takes a long time!" I guess everytime James Charles is late painting his face it's because he's really a woman.

If trans women are women and he's so secure in his sexuality, why does he have to go to a trans subreddit and speak on it? I never get this. "Straight" men either hide it or constantly talk about how straight they are while fucking inside out dick, sucking intact dick and getting fucked by intact dick of their "girlfriends".
Straight men don't have to prove they are straight. The only time I've ever seen an man talk about how straight they are is when they are complaining about gay shit, are getting caught doing gay shit and are dating troons.

No. 1114457

Honestly if they just quietly fucked each other and shut up about it like everyone else it would be great, but they have to for some reason be misogynists instead of just keeping it some private fetish. Women will never want to fuck them or buy into their narcissistic and abusive delusions and because they don't experience actual violence, they perceive it as such. They know they can never make a woman happy so they settle for harassing them just so they can feel anything. If they really were all about male attention, they'd leave women out of it and be cool.

But let me get this story straight. He starts by scheduling a date with military time, which is obviously the biggest turn on for women so we're off to a great start. He says she maybe was going to look at "some boots (boot emoji, for other men to read, I didn't know men communicated with emojis to each other and I find that equally disturbing as the Buffalo Bill sympathizer)".

He starts his harassment campaign an entire two hours earlier, admitting to all but using carrier pigeons to blow up her phone as if one notification isn't enough. I'm sure in his mind women can't read, so what better thing than to give her novels of notifications to read? Literally is there a better way to start a date than making her disassociate from how many apps you found to send her "hey" "hey" "hello?" "hey" and send her into an existential crisis. If punctuality was his priority, why the fuck would he interrupt her routine with unnecessary tasks for her to complete? This is still an entire hour before the date. He then starts to quote his dumb ass conversation for all of three lines for no reason, only to inconclusively censor her response to his question "Do you realize what time it is" to then say she didn't give into his tantrum, and "turned it around on the man". Because he's not an individual making individually bad choices, he's just part of a collective "men" and if she has issues with him as an individual she must "drive all us men up the wall".

All to turn out she's only twenty minutes late from dealing with his tantrum, and likely pregaming alone to go so he doesn't show up at her house and hurt her. And he still bitches they're going to be LaTe To Me MuMs HoUsE by twenty stupid fucking minutes. You know what's not worth twenty minutes? Ruining a relationship by harassing her and not taking her makeup excuse because she was probably scared or really annoyed.

Imagine his date is a respectful and sincere trans woman and comes across that post and has to confront that she's only considered a real woman because she "drove him up a wall" for having boundaries. Sorry this post was so long I hate this man so much.

No. 1114458

Please put this man in jail ASAP

No. 1114459

File: 1608856822029.png (69.24 KB, 731x223, jjjjj.PNG)

This dude seems crazy (like most chasers) this is his bio but…

No. 1114460

File: 1608856877076.png (184.22 KB, 639x349, nnn.PNG)

"trannylover" wow.

No. 1114490


Lol bryniffer for the second trans woman because they want to keep a more male nickname of Bryn.
I think this is a case of the cis woman raising the two cis female children in a non-sexualized way so her trans woman partners don't sexualize the kids, (as this thread has documented many times, trans women tend to heavily sexualize "female childhood") since in the shots where cis mom mentions raising the kids genderless, at the start of the doco, the two trans moms look a bit pissed.

No. 1114500

Samefag, after watching it I think cis mom is actually a good mom. She just comes across as a more formal-dress mom, she doesn't have a beard and seems to not be taking hormones. Her two hulking great wives just serve as bodyguards, and also seem to not be on hormones. Her actual opinion given about gender is pretty neutral. I think the main issue of early transition is forcing medical treatment on kids, and sexualizing kids. She is doing neither and is obviously the head of the household, while the two trans cavemen stand by. It's weird, but I actually think those kids will grow up fine.

No. 1114524

File: 1608866012469.jpg (964.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201224-210936_Duc…)

I'm kinda shocked people don't mention other troons from other parts of the world, like good old Ophelia 'Maure' Pastrana,

No. 1114533

File: 1608867902223.jpeg (27.51 KB, 640x428, 5ce8495f836fc-2.jpeg)


Sorry for Spanish, but this article mention some stuff, but if you wanted to know
> trooned out at 28
> literally comes from one of the most powerful families in Colombia (related to Ex-president Andres Pastrana and his family governed Bogotá)
> has a company based in tech
> had 10 girlfriends and married one
> said GF has connections with Opus Dei, but later divorced
> calls 'herself' a lesbian
> stole his sister anti-conceptives to not have chest hair
> got jealous of his sister's boobs and got those massive cement bags
> said when he first put on a dress (around the time he married the girl) he saw a man in a dress, but saw a beautiful woman when he put on a blond wig
> is featured as one of the most powerful woman of Mexico in Forbes, and in general in BBC
> says straight men are jealous of troons and secretly want them
> chose Ophelia because a friend's grandmother was called that, and wanted to be seen as 'motherly'
> doesn't and won't get the snip, but he's a woman y'all
> 'Most of my discrimination doesn't come from being a transwoman, but a woman' while living in the most privileged boroughs of Mexico City

I still remember when he got butthurt over some Starbucks worker that wrote down 'Ofelio' or had problems with his bank account and blamed transphobia, or his actual handmaid GF that is an ally, or how he's pushing that retarded 'Latinx and Latine' speak that all of these troons do, or how he worked for Carlos Slim and appeared in dresses for him, it's wild

No. 1114537


These “trans girls” are legit men who just can’t get pussy.

I know no lesbian who is down for this. No one.

No. 1114541

Thats an old article, and here a recent video of his, notice the shirt and creepy smile
Also, kinda OT, but why do these troons always wear these skimpy clothes? I know to appeal to the chasers and AGP, but you'd expect them to receive flake for there clothing choices, especially for the breast implants not getting contained

No. 1114572

Just when I think “I couldn’t possibly be be surprised by shit on the internet anymore.From all the shit I’ve seen at such a young age and having no supervision and the stupid/fucking odd shit I’ve heard of,nothing can shock me anymore,I’m too desensitized”There’s this shit.Every.fucking.time.It never ends,IT NEVER FUCKING ENDS

No. 1114584

Trancels are a thing anon

No. 1114588

File: 1608878478629.png (719.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201225-113557.png)

How dare those ignorant Marxists not care about uwu oppressed trans women


No. 1114623

Robin beat them too it.

No. 1114626

Leftists love to argue that since there are oppressive social constructs about sex, then sex must be an opressive social construct itself, even though that makes no sense and is why we distinguish between sex and gender in the first place
>The invention of sex
>"Previously, science viewed human biology as essentially fluid, continuous and flexible: prior to the eighteenth century the prevailing Galenic ‘one-sex model’ viewed women’s reproductive organs as an ‘inversion’ of male ones. Modern biologists were however concerned to 'discover' an absolute scientific basis for assumed moral and intellectual differences between men and women"
You heard it here first guys, scientific progress in biology and medicine was actually all made up by the evil bourgeois male doctors and scientists (same bourgeois men who started the French revolution & fought for democracy btw, u can't apply the same categories to wildy different periods of history, Marxists should understand that) to oppress women menstruators. Let's go back to aristotelian superstition!

No. 1114641

WTF is this shit and why does it have likes and hearts. Absolutely abhorrent how these men are even given platforms to feel comfortable to share this nonsense.

No. 1114654

>that story
I'm surprised they're not posting straight out "my beautiful stunning trans gf saw a spider and shrieked, tell me that's not a real woman!!!!" stories at this point but then again this is basically the same thing.

The amount of rich men trooning out and becoming transbians has been fucking staggering, I'm really starting to believe in some tinfoily shit at this point.

No. 1114655

Are you a retard or just crushing on this ftm fakeboi mom?

She doesn't even send her kids to school, they are homeschooled for "1-2 hours a day of actual study, but sometimes not even that" they just "teach themselves"… that 11 year old probably can't even read and write correctly cause they never got a proper education.

And she is letting two strange men, who we don't even know if one of them is the biological father around her children. Trannies oversexualize girls childhoods all the time. You fucking know that "dad" is stealing the teenagers first training bra to jerk off in it and putting on her "spinny skirts" and whatever else pervy bullshit if not just flat out molesting them cause "you get to have the vagina dad always wanted, it is only fair you share it with me".

Also there is a difference between raising kids without gender stereotypes "aka letting your boy wear a princess dress, letting your girl play with toy soldiers and cut her hair short etc." and raising your kids as genderless blobs with no identity who will need years of therapy to figure out what the fuck they want to identify as. 99% of people identify with the sex they are born with and forcing this bullshit upon your children is absolutely cruel and retarded.

No. 1114659

It’s telling how the “we just want to live quietly, those freaks don’t represent us” faction of trans people make no real attempt to kick the Buffalo Bills out of their community yet have plenty of time and energy to cancel anyone who still likes Harry Potter. They’ll complain about the creepy ones making them look bad but when push comes to shove, they tolerate the creeps and instead attack the women expressing discomfort about those creeps.

No. 1114661

Can’t make this shit up.

Tinfoil hat is already on for me. No way it isn’t correlated kek.

No. 1114669

Looks like Lele Pons kek

No. 1114672

it just dawns on me, These guys are so desperate to show their dick they'll larp as "lesbians"

No. 1114695

>we don't even know if one of them is the biological father around her children

Pretty sure one of them must be, since I can see the jawline of the 11 year old is a bit large for her age. They both look like caveman twins so hard to tell which.
>raising your kids as genderless blobs with no identity

They were both pretty obviously female children being raised as females, the whole genderless schtick was for the benefit of the trans moms imo. It's not an ideal household, but I think the mom emphasizing consent (to the point of not sending them to school because they didn't want to go lol) suggests we hopefully don't have to worry about sexual abuse happening.
Plus homeschooled kids often have higher ability than state schooled kids.
However my opinion would probably change if I heard the trans moms talk more, since the little they did say sounded crazy. (e.g. hulking male body and voice saying enthusiastically "parents get it wrong" when they raise kids according to their sex)
Cis mom has probably learned to do all the talking for the best outcome, which probably conceals the damage. Having a mom who calls herself Papa plus two giant "moms" in dresses probably fucks something up in your brain, but in terms of safety, health and consent it seems ok on that front.

No. 1114714

>Pretty sure one of them must be the dad
You don't know that. The kids don't even look like they have the same father.

>we hopefully don't have to worry about sexual abuse happening

You don't know that. Not putting her kids into public school and "letting them teach themselves" shows she is not really concerned with what is best for her children and is really lazy. She knows in school the kids will learn that their parents are freaks and then they can't brainwash them into thinking tranny dads and "they them" pronouns for an 11 year old are normal. This woman chopped her tits off and is in a polyamorous relationship with TWO TRANNIES, do you really think she has any capability of making a single good decision?

>Plus homeschooled kids often have higher ability than state schooled kids.

They aren't even homeschooling them tho, they say in the video the kids do at most 2 hours of "desk work" a day, whatever that means.

>in terms of safety, health and consent it seems ok on that front

So you are a retard, ok glad we cleared that up.

Imagine white-knighting a retarded, degenerate child-abuse household made up of trannies. Couldn't be me.

No. 1114730

File: 1608908587038.jpeg (93.21 KB, 827x906, 61BF41A9-7B40-40B1-95C5-B36DF1…)

I’m not sure if he’s been discussed before because he’s not always milky, but every so often comic artist cyelatm will say some “woe is me, why am I not a real girl” shit so his ass-lickers will lie to him about passing. He dates the Scary Jokes and occasionally features on those tracks but recently released his own album, so I’m not sure if this comment was left on Liz’ video or one of his. He posted this screenshot on his comic tumblr with no context and the replies are all “no!!! It’s clearly a woman!”

No. 1114733

Def a troon. Even the sluttiest women don't talk like this

No. 1114800

File: 1608919204787.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.52 KB, 960x785, nightmare.jpg)

How are there so many troons? This sub is somehow making me find myself relieved to see a neovagina because at least it's not literal dicks on a lesbian sub.

No. 1114828

Why are they so obsessed with gender? What changes if you call your daughter a "her" or your son a "he"? Do you automatically assign certain roles or treatment to people based on their gender? If not, why does it matter, and why try to make them pick like it's a personality trait?
I hope the anons who suspect the MtFs are pedophiles are wrong, that'd be fucking tragic.

No. 1114876

He looks like a 4-year-old the first time they found their mom's makeup.

No. 1114914

oh god the lump on the left side…(emoji)

No. 1114918

Passes facially as a female tbh, I think other than an anime obsession they go for that look to get people to conflate them with nonpassing nonbinary females/ftms since they dress alt too but people still gender them as just girls, which pisses off enbie females lol. I've heard of this tactic a lot by mtfs

No. 1114923

I think in their own internal logic they are trying to protect them from the evil society by trying to pretend their kid has no gender, because it's outside influence that's going to push them into one way or another, not that they themselves change their behaviour based on pronouns. Except the plan is retarded 1, your kids are going to get bullied and ostracized 2, there'll be a day when the kid won't look genderless, no matter how much you try to confuse strangers with funky clothing 3, your kids are going to get confused themselves.

No. 1114934

File: 1608938285826.jpg (99.66 KB, 962x720, delusional.jpg)

jeeze I used to follow Liz way back in the day, i even bought her cat city comic. i remember she briefly came out as ftm and quickly backed out of it to be nb they/them instead. i guess I haven't followed up at all because it's actually a surprise that she's stuck in a dysfunctional long distance tranny throuple instead of being successful and normal with her shit together like i would have imagined.
why do "couples" like this choose to stay long distance for years and just spam their bland ass text message conversations on twitter for validation as if its what normal couples do anyway? do they stay together for the internet clout? ill never understand it
sage for pointless rambling

No. 1115005

Based anons, I agree

No. 1115011

File: 1608947950252.jpeg (238.75 KB, 750x976, E3D8E3D6-2481-46F2-80C7-0EA8F2…)

>the logical explanation for my tiredness and abdominal pain would be the fact that I haven’t slept a lot and ate too much Christmas food but I’ll just be delusional anyway and pretend it’s my “period”

No. 1115016

File: 1608949535198.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.01 KB, 750x1334, A77F295F-77C4-4F89-9AE2-B590EE…)

i have to wash my eyes with bleach after seeing this thread. but i had to so you have to suffer too

No. 1115017

File: 1608949824846.png (345.16 KB, 1280x1280, CYELATM video games.png)

God, that cyelatm comic has always given me weird vibes, and I could never put my finger on it. Now I know it's because it's an AGP's weird twee fantasy of a lesbian relationship.

No. 1115018

Right? I was so disappointed when I found that out

No. 1115027

File: 1608950874597.jpeg (135.69 KB, 1549x492, F008FF51-055B-4E63-A1D1-75E45F…)

Happy to go back and see the comments on this video are now overwhelmingly negative.

No. 1115029

>I am quite confused as I'm only on HRT for 5 months

Who's gonna tell them that no amount of HRT will grow you a womb, though male endometriosis is a thing and you really don't want that

No. 1115057

first of all menstruation is another word for period. the whole entire process involving a functioning womb can only experience menstruation, or periods, whichever synonym you choose.

secondly men have their own "periods" in terms of cycling, but it's just their testosterone levels rising in the morning and lowering in the evening. that is it. a doctor coined a term called Irritable Man Syndrome, and all that means is your testosterone is fucky, usually very low and causing you mood issues that appear like those felt by menstruating women.

he's just a soy boy who ate christmas dinner two days in a row and exhausted himself calling everyone a karen.

No. 1115145

Dumbass, if pumping yourself full of cross-sex hormones really gave you a period, by that logic menopausal women would restart their menstrual cycle by taking HRT. You just didn't sleep properly and overate two days in a row, cut the larp.

No. 1115147

going on controversial is a geunine gold mine of gross troons showing of their prepubesent tits and shivereled cocks lmfao

No. 1115164

I wonder if they actually start seeing troons as more beautiful than actual women. Like their arousal at their own ugly bodies begets an "ugly people with mutilated genitals" fetish.

No. 1115170

I've always wondered, do they force themselves to see these ugly people as hot (because let's be honest it's never the vaguely passing HSTSs, only the obese AGPs) as some kind of "owning the tervens" stance, or have the hormones and the porn addiction fried their brains so much they have lost all grasp on reality?

No. 1115184

Call me naive, but I genuinely thought the link they cited might have some scientific basis. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t, and as is the case with all the top results when you google “can trans women have periods”, it’s simply an anecdotal account of one trans woman’s placebo experience of “PMS”.

PMS is much more complex than oestrogen fluctuations. It originates primarily from the ovaries which is why some women seek a full hysterectomy as a last resort if they suffer particularly debilitating periods.

No. 1115185

i'm a fan

No. 1115193

These clowns would have a hemorrhoid burst and they'd immediately rush off to make a reddit post about how they're finally getting their period and became a real woman.

There's something about the tranny-made comics that have this certain childish vibe to them, everything is overly cutesy but somehow weirdly sinister.

No. 1115196

File: 1608979824991.png (133.21 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20201226-114807~2.p…)

Says the dude with his Onlyfans account linked in his bio.

No. 1115201

They always do this, it's like troons getting mad at Cyberpunk but then their name on twitter is, "Dickgirl69696" and they have a only fans showing off their limp dicks in sissy gear or lusting all day after trans pornstars who ONLY exist to be fetishes.

They all love and support sex work, but thats the MAIN reason no one takes them serious. It's like instathots posting their body all day going, "Stop sexualizing me", like uh..your page is 90% ass shots.

No. 1115202

>We are ~ethereal, stunning and magical beings~ but DON'T YOU TRY TO FETISH US!!!!
>said the troon while updating his Onlyfans and plastering the "sex worker" label everywhere, feeding on chaser money and tweeting only about wanting to suck dick and getting rammed by one
The lack of self awareness almost makes me pity them.

No. 1115211

Hitting themselves with their own hands

No. 1115233

File: 1608986728264.png (15.99 KB, 589x214, iT's NoT a FeTiSh.png)


yep, that's a nightmare waiting to happen.

No. 1115238

He's just trying so hard to convince himself that he's not in a homosexual relationship.

No. 1115244

Why does every transbian dating profile mention cuddling like it's a personality? I get it it's normal as a human being to want to cuddle but they feel the need to emphasize it every single time.

Are they just trying to seem like uwu nice guys who don't just want sex like those typical cismales do?

No. 1115260

It's actually a pretty cis-male thing to say on your dating profile kek. A lot of them emphasize how they just want to cuddle, to seem less threatening and sensitive and are above one night stands (but hope that cuddling will inevitably lead to sex anyway, because of the IMPLICATION).

No. 1115268

They want to seem less threatening.

No. 1115270

Every troonbian i’ve interacted with also seems fixated with sending “hugs” messages, “cuddles you” and similar touchy-feely stuff. I think it’s part of the uwu cutesy anime girl larp.

No. 1115448

They tend to be touch-deprived shutins and see representation (anime) of women being more touchy, so they try to imitate it

No. 1115449

File: 1609011359476.jpg (205.62 KB, 1139x536, 20201226_193015.jpg)

No. 1115492

It will be funny what people born like 40 years from now will think when they hear about the trend of people just injecting themselves with cross-sex hormones just to wear skirts when we will understand so much more about the human body and psyche. I hope I can live to see it.

No. 1115502

File: 1609020599715.png (359.63 KB, 740x625, lesbians.png)

Really hate this tranny in particular

No. 1115513

File: 1609021773783.png (352.74 KB, 736x672, Screenshot (31).png)

The ONLY decent looking troon i've seen Kevin say ANYTHING nice about is Kim Petras, he spends all days finding these unattractive troons and pretending like HRT does SO much for them.
This literally looks like pictures a police officer find in a serial killers apartment, him dressing in his victim's clothing and taking pictures

No. 1115515


No. 1115527

File: 1609023263242.jpg (62 KB, 1000x625, clockwork-orange-a-1971-029-ma…)

In 16 months he learned to tilt his head and not photograph himself from the Kubrick angle in harsh lighting.

No. 1115529

He looks exactly as psychotic as the first picture, like he’s looking at his victims before murdering them.

No. 1115544

File: 1609025012239.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 20201227_012156.jpg)

Sorry if this is offtopic but this troon I saw on twitter looks like an actual dog.

No. 1115548

it's weird, I can look at different parts/features separately and see an older woman, but together as a whole it's undeniably male

No. 1115575

Kinda yeah, apparently he is indeed a grandpa to some kid

No. 1115584

why do they always look so miserable? stg they all think that estrogen will make them young and happy again

No. 1115619

The only noticable difference is the facial gymnastics required to appear fuckable to ones own degenerate self… 9th month was his peak.

No. 1115623

File: 1609036225027.jpeg (34.47 KB, 592x586, 4695A181-A198-42BE-9B42-F48BA6…)

No. 1115695

All those months, when does the magic start? These pictures could have all been taken the same day. If anything he should have spent his money on conditioner.

No. 1115729

File: 1609052388112.jpeg (2.86 MB, 4032x4030, 03C861A8-3D49-4CC5-9E12-208070…)

1. Gross
2. Possibly a troll, but if not I hope they at least post pics of their botched black market tits. The largest silicone implants available are only 800cc, but if you go to some third world country or sketchy doctor with no ethics you can get some overfilled, rock hard, bolt-on saline ones

No. 1115813

File: 1609075330526.jpg (104.75 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1609075239359.jpg)

Troon from a clothing resale group I'm in. You can't convince me this shit isn't just a sissy fetish with extra steps, fucking gross.

No. 1115837

It’s really a two faced “f you women”, no one thinks these flabby bologne monstrosities are beautiful.

No. 1115846

That looks like a princess dress for a 5 year old for her pink princess themed birthday party.

No. 1115847

>Anime has had a large influence on me I couldnt care less about bras or whatever
said no cisgender woman ever

No. 1115848

he has selfies posted, so most likely not a troll

No. 1115880

File: 1609083805729.jpg (101.06 KB, 1200x675, colin.jpg)

I didn't know Colin Robinson trooned out

No. 1116010

File: 1609098311324.jpg (46.09 KB, 444x960, tr1.jpg)


Ew I recognize this troon from a Killstar group I'm in. He's always posting himself squeezed into too-small dresses, and of course all the girls in the group eat it up and comment "stunning n brave!!! Looking great girlie!! xx" The sad part is his profile is "normal" from the outside, his pics on there look like your average middle aged white dude, and he's got pics of his kids too. Sad.

No. 1116011

File: 1609098371854.jpg (103.91 KB, 720x960, tr2.jpg)

No. 1116012

File: 1609098460863.jpg (70.96 KB, 720x720, tr3.jpg)


what he looks like when he's not dressed like a cheap hooker

No. 1116061

kek, holy shit anon

No. 1116074

Does anyone know of that troon who had a Facebook group for women to hit on each other that was mainly troons with some bis, and she changed the name to goddess julies sugar shack or something like that? Everyone got so mad and the group learned she was actually a huge creep and did the titty Tuesday posts to have masturbation material.

No. 1116083

File: 1609105492254.jpeg (201.8 KB, 760x962, 21813318-4F87-455B-96A2-42CEA4…)

I hate pornsick zoomer troons so much. Candidlyval on twitter is so milky

No. 1116088

File: 1609105941449.jpg (81.09 KB, 828x1064, IMG_20201227_235127.jpg)

Why are all of them pedos? Genuine question.

No. 1116089

omg I legit thought gimpgirl came back

No. 1116091

this guy passes but only if you count "looking ftm" as passing

No. 1116140

Uh what the fuck? His account got suspended for this, right? He got backlash for this, right? Or are troons really untouchable?

No. 1116153

I doubt trannies won't be a thing by then, as a matter of fact I think it'll be worse since the technology will be better and there might even be a breakthrough that lets deranged trannies get a new body. I do hope I can live to see that day the controversy will be epic.

No. 1116168

they can't solve male balding, endometriosis, cancer, yet they will be able to rig brain swaps? doubt.

No. 1116177

File: 1609111174518.jpg (1.94 MB, 2400x1920, Ok.jpg)

Double whammy of
>feels entitled to money
>deviant art tier fetish
These men are really just another type of NPC

No. 1116181

File: 1609111470865.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.54 KB, 1536x2048, Ep7wzdLXUAMqkwf.jpeg.jpg)

How do people like this have normal looking partners? I guess he isn't hideous
Picrel, lumpy looking male without the snow filters
>his arms

No. 1116190

Why does his ass have those marks? They look a bit like stretch marks, but how could someone even get stretch marks there?

No. 1116195


which one is normal looking here? the mtf or the "they"? this couple is straight with extra steps and all of the steps are mental illness


it's butt acne or BDSM whip marks. or even diaper rash if his twitter is any indication

No. 1116221

The constatn conflating of femininity with infantilism is, for me, the very worst thing about these dudes. Just sickening.

No. 1116223

tbh looks like stretch marks from hrt fat distribution

No. 1116258


spanking/whipping/other degenerate fetish shit, probably

No. 1116262

spider veins

No. 1116265

Use the wrong pronouns? Say males and females are a biological thing?
>cancelled, doxxed, and banned
Openly say you want to rape and abuse children?
>twitter famous, invincible and almost 100k followers
Twitter is such a cesspool.

No. 1116278

He said the magic words “it’s just pretend!”. Other magic words: “it’s consensual!”, “as a woman…” and “empowering”.

No. 1116316

He could have been fat when he was younger

No. 1116319

Cancer's never gonna stop, dunno about male balding it might be fixed. Endometriosis is a female issue and doesn't have the funding of agp billionaires, doubt it'll be fixed before male balding kek. A think a vr reality is more feasible than brain swap.

No. 1116371

File: 1609131272172.png (478.8 KB, 769x768, ho2r4gigse761.png)

Found this posted on a tranny sub, you know what this actually a great analogy, for those who don't know those modifications were done to Geralt as a child against his whishes turning him into freak

No. 1116379

The internet in 2005: People keep their kinks to themselves, existing harmoniously in the underbellies of every website and without infringing on anyone's personal space
The internet in 2020: if every rando doesn't humor my kinks to the point of changing their language, life and behavior to suit me, I will destroy them

No. 1116385

saw it on r/gamingcirclejerk funny how that sub is obsessed with white-knighting troons when the majority of them are the racist incels that sub is supposed to make fun of.

No. 1116393

File: 1609132839183.png (418.87 KB, 1440x1461, pedophilia is dark kink now.pn…)


That afterdarkval account doesn't exist now, it appears people complained about it being pedo content earlier this year and reported it, but their main account is still online with 90k followers, because what are repercussions? They seem to just spam a lot of their own porn.

picrel: pedophilia is called "dark kink" now

No. 1116450

to be fair, getting butt stretch marks is something that happens to both men and women, my ex was chubby and he had stretch marks right on that spot too
like the other anon said, he could've been fatter when he was younger

No. 1116470

They want to become the kind of woman they find sexually compelling because they are driven by their sexuality. They don't want to be themselves-as-a-woman.

No. 1116480

I don't know… Geralt has a heightened sense of smell due to the mutations that were forced upon him as a child, I think he would hurl if he even tried getting near a troon.
I wish I could find that voiceline of Geralt going "Ugh, that stench…" because it would be perfect now.
what the fuck am I reading exactly

No. 1116500

>Real life = fiction!!!!
God I think people would be just as repulsed in a real life example of a child being forced to undergo body altering surgeries. Why do trannies have trouble differentiating fictional characters from real life people? Is it the autism acting up again?

No. 1116574

File: 1609163682154.jpeg (240.24 KB, 750x684, 4C23F9FD-A128-46CE-B923-BEB7A3…)

at first i thought this was a meme to make fun of agp trannies but it‘s not? there’s trannies in the comments saying „same“ kek
well the last picture is a cope of course, as if drinking brazilian horse piss would turn you into a passing woman, but otherwise i feel it explains their incel autistic „be the gf“ mindset pretty good and not in a humbling way

No. 1116593

File: 1609167720869.jpeg (864.31 KB, 1125x1729, 8BF08CED-01A7-414B-80AF-3B0008…)

I read this post this morning and had to check and see if it was the same resale troon. Unfortunately there are more than one..

No. 1116594

File: 1609167835591.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x2172, A0F03913-2B06-4072-961F-7D162E…)

and of course he looks like this.

No. 1116598

Topkek. Someone tell him to get a new wig first and foremost.

No. 1116604

File: 1609169204755.png (321 KB, 860x838, 13-139519_gaston-beauty-and-th…)

No. 1116621

Anon, I'm wheezing

No. 1116630

File: 1609172750577.jpg (69.58 KB, 800x500, Paul-and-Paula-Williams.jpg)

So this is "pulling off that young woman look", huh. Of course almost none of them wants to look like an older woman, they all want to be 20-year old bombshells. The ones that actually try to dress like women their age manage to pass way better.

No. 1116640

File: 1609173457829.jpeg (169.38 KB, 750x921, 45A80199-FB99-454F-B1C9-17BE00…)

This is so fucking dumb. They act like it’s child abuse.

No. 1116645

>this is a meticulous campaign to purge sex workers and adult creators off social media.


No. 1116650

>The internet in 2005: People keep their kinks to themselves, existing harmoniously in the underbellies of every website and without infringing on anyone's personal space
Wasn't there that weird ass otherkin cult back then that doxxed people

No. 1116651

So what’s the angle here? Lol It seems this kind of agp grandpa gets off by taking these pictures and interacting with the young women trying to buy them/gets off from the exhibitionism of posting them on the internet. More women need to understand that every time you validate agps, even something as simple as letting them politely “pass”, they are using it for fap fodder.

No. 1116662

>My style is mainly jr's and young women's clothing since I look young I can somewhat pull the look off
Where do these men get their ridiculous self image from? Even if every woman in their life YASKWEENs at them constantly, surely they have eyes and a mirror. Is it the fetish or were they like this before?

No. 1116665

NTA I'm not sure as I was too young to pay attention to news like that, but now it's like an everyday occurence and any independent non-conservative media seems to be infiltrated by trannies and post "pink news". I don't think teenage me could even find the tranny hotspots/forums on the internet, now it's mainstream.

No. 1116669

Andropause is real… except now the midlife crisis bros no longer want to drive the sports car, they want to troon out and ~uwu~ exist as the desirable sport car.

No. 1116682

Men are retarded and have no clue what looks good on anyone, especially when they have a boner. It's not that deep

No. 1116699

Why the fuck is this trainwreck wearing one boot?

No. 1116705

But anon older women are ugly how can a brave transwoman pop boners if he has to roleplay age appropriately. Don't you know HRT is the fountain of youth, spring forth thy bountiful boobies!

No. 1116726

File: 1609182548858.jpeg (318.3 KB, 828x1332, 644FD8B9-6189-44B9-9131-82A6F5…)

so this troon was elected as co-chair of the Green Party Women in the UK and is showing off his true colours immediately

“rejecting being defined by what you have between your legs, you should try it” womanhood really is just a larp for these men isn’t it?

No. 1116732

The only one defined by what's between their legs are the fucking penisbrains. Imagine not basing your personality on what gets your dick hard.

No. 1116739

>if we pretend biological sex does not exist women can't be oppressed and discriminated against anymore
they really don't see women as people.

No. 1116744

The only refugee for lesbian women would be the right-wing by 2030

No. 1116747

>reject your sex
>what does that even mean?
>reject to be defined by your sex
Nice conversation, thanks

No. 1116756

>person points out that women suffer from sex-based discrimination due their biology
>"just reject it!"

If anybody wants me, I'm going to go and tell the women subjected to female genital mutilation that they should just stop being subjected to it. Thank good Looney Troons gave me the solution Amnesty International has wanted all along.

God, with that strong jawline and United Nations attitude, I almost mistook him for Angeline Jolie.

No. 1116760

They always tell people to reject gender but then why should we respect transgender people if that's the case? They're advocating for strict gender roles and non-compliance gets you labelled as transgender. You like pink? Girl. You don't like your boobs? Boy.

If you truly want a genderless society, allow people to live their life free of gender roles where nobody has to adhere to a particular style of clothing or behaviour, but don't deny biological sex.

No. 1116772

File: 1609186963518.jpeg (105.77 KB, 1643x472, E8F1C64D-D6DE-45D7-B5B1-6CC545…)

Wonder what the results will be for 2020?

No. 1116777

Trannies hate being reminded that sex-based oppression exists, I love it, they skitter like rats. I'm sure female infanticide can just be stopped if the baby rejects being defined by her sex… right?

No. 1116797

Just stop thinking about gender lol bam trans issue solved

No. 1116801

umm anon a lot of men and women get stretch marks on their ass. it happens to a lot of people because of growth spurts

No. 1116803

I can almost guarantee that this isn't the fault of the L, G or B. They're just getting roped in

Does anybody else think trans people shouldn't be included in the acronym? All the others refer to sexuality, but that one is gender. Surely transgender should be in another category? I think the only reason they don't separate the groups is because they know the support for LGB vastly outweighs the support for T and want to piggyback off of it.

No. 1116804

>Uhm btw those are not "billions of women and girls" you filthy terf, but billions of menstruators, please educate yourself uwu owo

No. 1116810

The Gays better get ready to drop the trannies or they’ll be going down with them

No. 1116821

absolutely correct anon. All those women in the middle east just need to stop defining themselves by their vaginas and the thousands of years of sex based oppression will just stop!

No. 1116822

File: 1609191186358.jpg (11.86 KB, 312x265, Spider-Vein-prevention1.jpg)

those are spider veins, not stretch marks. dude should see a cardiologist.

No. 1116847

I mean that was the whole LGBdroptheT movement's goal, no? I think it even got banned from reddit for twansphobia. That's why the T started making up things, like trannies being the earliest and most prominent leaders of the whole gay rights movement and misgendering(lol) historical drag queens and any dead masculine women that can't object as honest and brave trans people.

No. 1116872

omg I remember this person getting canceled for being a pedo…also weren't they dating another trans person with questionable kinks?? what happened

No. 1116899

I guarantee that he whinges publicly about transphobia, so he does understand the idea that oppression is something inflicted on you. Then again, since he himself has opted into opression, it must seem simple to him that women could opt out. What a nasty mix of doublethink and misogyny.

No. 1116930

File: 1609199971947.jpeg (Spoiler Image,298.79 KB, 1620x1361, 7F657D36-3C84-42FD-83DB-0870BB…)

Caught this dude in a fucking music subreddit.he doesn’t even do anything worthwhile, just there to get fucking asspats from the brain-dead mods

No. 1116933

>Rejecting being defined by what you have between your legs
I… uhh, what? It's pretty hard not being defined by something that's physically there my man. Now gender identity on the other hand is the abstract concept with no basis on biological facts.

It was already prophesied in another thread that the next generation of youth will be extremely against troons and "queer" bullshit, I just hope LGB won't be the collateral damage.

No. 1116938

fuck sake why do they have to drag MSI into this

No. 1116940

File: 1609200741631.webm (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_7942.webm)

I’m goning to fucking puke

No. 1116941

File: 1609200788972.png (Spoiler Image,2.47 MB, 750x1334, 19048BD6-8CB0-49AF-99E6-528919…)

You sure that’s a troon? Very, very NSFW but they have pics of their vulva on there and it doesn’t look like a neovag

No. 1116951

yeah that's a real vagina, I think she's just a woman with a big ribcage. Still disgusting though lmao being a redditor is a mental illness

No. 1116954

It's probably the lighting but I can't not see this person as Contrapoints

No. 1116955

Considering some TRAs believe that cis people being attracted to their own sex, aka homosexuality, is a "genital fetish" it seems T is not really part of LGB.

No. 1116965

This a troon posting a cis woman to prove that hurr durr we can't tell the difference?

No. 1116972

why do women have to reject our sex, I never see trans men making these demands, telling men they aren't men because they have a dick and balls, wait, I do see them doing this to gay men because they think all gay men are "uwu softbois" but never to straight or even bisexual men and when they do it's ALWAYS shut down.

Crazy how trans women of all levels and sexualites think they can just come in and demand women do this or that to make things better for them. Fuck how it effects us.

No. 1116976

No just didn’t look at the post history,
Weird advertising yourself on the MSI subreddit tho

No. 1117042

File: 1609210727271.jpeg (Spoiler Image,913.73 KB, 1920x2560, 3DA2D960-C978-44CE-A6FD-931570…)

Amazing transformation OwO

No. 1117043

File: 1609210887866.png (369.84 KB, 1439x1753, what the fuck.png)

Decided to look him up out of pure curiosity and… Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1117044

File: 1609210994561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.39 KB, 400x549, jesus helen.jpeg)

literally looks the same but with longer hair

No. 1117131

This is the kind of shit people bring up when they have to justify their own behaviour.

No. 1117134

>Going on dates with flashers
>Promoting online child grooming

Keepin' it classy.

No. 1117153

Those are definitely not spider veins. Those are fresh stretch marks.

No. 1117154

I like how he's implying that they wouldn't have shown their dicks if they thought it was a 13 year old girl. Old internet chatrooms were full of pedo degenerates.

No. 1117175

"cuddling" is just scrote code for sex, they think we're stupid.

No. 1117185

when troons think any of this futuristic shit they dream of is coming true for them. first you gotta fix that xy, son. chromosomes? damn that shit is harsh.

you love to see it.

No. 1117192

File: 1609241331049.png (90.8 KB, 1810x679, 24214214.png)

But the experts are clear! Even though he decides not to name them except for one goon. I like how he casually correlates succesful womb-transplants to "non-trans" women with the future of pregnant troons.
The whole atricle is hilarious, although I don't know if it's a report: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/trans-pregnancy-transgender-womb-transplant-women-uterus-transphobia-motherhood-a8784536.html

For this one issue the first question that pops into my head is: who does it serve? why would it be a positive change for the world to have male pregnancies?
It doesn't serve the state or nation because transwomen are an extreme minority that would probably still need millions in fertility treatments to carry a single child to term, so it'd still be much easier to try to forge new social contracts and pay actual living women that can produce masses of kids.
It only serves science in an art pour l'art sense. Maybe we can do it, but why did we do it? If someone wanted to remove the mother element from reproducing, it'd still make more sense to learn how to make an external womb-apparatus than to try to fit into an unfit body.
Also doesn't help with making children a "human right for all" by bringing men and women closer in reproductive roles, as most men would never be insane enough to go through with this.
It's really just about "I want to experience pregnancy, so it's a human right."

No. 1117193

lmaooooo this must be satire, his moobs look exactly the same

No. 1117197

Samefag but also can't wait for the "elderly mommy won't give me her womb, what a narcissistic bitch" reddit threads.

No. 1117198

Do they really just think you can stick a womb in a man's body, carve a hole to it and that's going to work? Womb transplants in natal women barely work and they have all the other needed pieces to the puzzle biologically. Men don't have the bone structure to carry a full-term pregnancy, much less give birth to begin with. Even if they magically managed to give them a womb to grow a fetus in it would be extremely dangerous and life-threatening to both the baby and the carrier, and the delivery would have to be done by surgery.

No. 1117203

File: 1609243082332.jpeg (239.54 KB, 750x1137, 39AB6E89-2C75-4A9C-BEE1-0255AA…)

Literally every single time a troon posts about wanting to get pregnant or have kids somebody is in the comments with this bullshit.

Like ok let’s suspend reality for a second and imagine they’ve managed to perform uterus transplant surgery on men. It would be INCREDIBLY expensive and complicated. It wouldn’t just be some thing you’d be able to walk into your local cheap plastic surgeon and get done. The actual transplant itself, all the medications you’d have to take to not have it be rejected, to stabilize a pregnancy, etc would cost a FORTUNE, it would definitely be reserved for the 0.01% richest people. Not to mention pregnancy is so complicated and there’s still so many things we don’t even understand about like normal pregnancy, how the immune system protects the fetus, all the weird processes and timing of them etc that happens, because nobody cares about women’s medical science, so it would be incredibly complicated to replicate this in a male body. I don’t think it would even be ethical to basically experiment on fetuses/babies like this. We can’t even study the effects of alcohol or smoking in much detail on pregnant women because it’s unethical to have pregnant women do these things while pregnant just to study it.

So anyway I don’t know why these basement dwelling unemployed troons relying on ko-fi to pay their rent and gofundme to pay for like 5,000 dollar surgeries think they’d be able to afford all of this.

No. 1117205

You know there'd be completely batshit crazy rich troons that throw in all their life savings just to go through it even if it meant they'd be strapped to a bed unable to move a muscle not to rupture their innards spoon-fed for 9 months, because their fetish is everything to them.

No. 1117210

>transplant a womb is human right
An operation you don't need to live is literally a luxury, I hope they all fail

No. 1117219

Yeah it a lot like body dysmorphic disorder.

No. 1117242

These people don't even know what it means to have a transplanted organ, the immunosuppressants and the fragile health. They probably think it's magic science like their horse pills. Absolutely no research done.

I can't wait for this trans shit to end and people see the true madness it is.

No. 1117249

File: 1609252459589.png (56.85 KB, 601x661, persephiroth.PNG)

>The life expectancy of a black trans woman is 30-35
Mister I can promise you that the reaper won't be waiting for you unless you work in prostitution and diddle with drugs. These people really do think that they'll just croak young because of statistics despite never taking a peek at the causation of black trans women dying young.

No. 1117261

it's just narcissism. He wants to be the young hot slut of his dreams forever.

No. 1117280

How would that even work? Surely there's more at play when it comes to carrying a healthy baby to term and giving birth. What about the eggs? The endocrine system? Bone structure? Chromosomes? I don't know a lot about this science but it sounds like it has to be way more complicated than they make it out to be.

No. 1117285

They could get eggs from clinics or donors (as dangerous as that whole process itself is for women's bodies). It's everything else that doesn't even come close to being realistic.

No. 1117298

>So anyway I don’t know why these basement dwelling unemployed troons relying on ko-fi to pay their rent and gofundme to pay for like 5,000 dollar surgeries think they’d be able to afford all of this.
They plan to make gofundmes for even more money to afford it, and will call people performative allies and transphobes if they don't donate up to millions.

No. 1117300

>relying on ko-fi to pay their rent and gofundme to pay for like 5,000 dollar surgeries think they’d be able to afford all of this.
Exactly, they won't be able to afford it. They'll stomp their feet and hold their breath til they turn blue, and the blood will be on the state and/or society, obviously. You're literally killing brave and stunning trans women by not giving them a free womb!
I've seen them tackle the issue of pregnancy hormones by just saying "pop a pill when you need a certain hormone" which is just… that's not how it works. Yes, women take various supplements during pregnancy but you can't solve everything with muh tiddy skittles

No. 1117307

File: 1609258447799.jpeg (80.37 KB, 995x921, EVs5gEEUYAU5m6y.jpeg)

He's not even ashamed of it, and some people were into it. This shit makes me want to douse my eyeballs in fire.

No. 1117309

File: 1609258622693.png (488.16 KB, 790x1316, ojw2.png)

Samefagging. This is abhorrent.
At this point, it's not even slander to say that the trans community supports pedophilia.
Name one other demographic that would post shit like this after someone openly posts pedophilic fantasies.

No. 1117327

File: 1609260309782.jpeg (446.05 KB, 1920x2560, 0383ED24-CC10-427E-985C-DDBCD3…)

Came across this “gender inclusive” clothing line. Apparently this crop top is made to “fit all gender identities”. I assume that just means equally unflattering on both men and women.

This one review made me laugh though.

No. 1117336


Is the side account of the AGP troon who was talking about raping woman as a form of gender reparations and bitching about not being able to post porn on twitter or am I confused? I swear to god they are melting together into one hivemind of pink hair, donate to my gofundme, saggy HRT moobs, degenerate rantings ect

No. 1117343

A lot die from domestic disputes, usually the guy says he's alright with it but then he's not. That tranny should just be celibate.

No. 1117347

He's screwed too cause after a certain age he'll have a pretty hard time getting a semi decent guy to look at him. Oh well that's life.

No. 1117348

These people can never just be happy that some brand is pandering to their first world gender fantasies. You can never truly please unstable people like this it's impossible. These companies will learn that one day.
And it looks like an AliExpress ripoff lol

No. 1117360

>all I’m saying is blacks can avoid oppression if they just opt out of being defined by their race!

No. 1117363

the fucking male entitlement. it's like they know that, like most men, they would completely fail as fathers and try to justify their character failure on their gender dysphoria. last i checked lesbians make great fathers, what's their excuse.

also really loving how no one, no one that is trans who claims to be a woman, seems to be taking into account what irreversible damage they would be bringing an innocent child into the world with. unplanned pregnancies that have issues have gotten women tortured and socially exiled, why should a planned pregnancy done with literal frankenstein methods that would result in unprecedented birth defects be something accessible let alone ethical? if these people give suicide ultimatums to get hormones, how would they pass any form of mental evaluation? they're acting like it's "just around the corner".

it's like their mom's never told them no and their dad's left them so ego limitations weren't possible. it's not that they even want to actually become women, it's just about violating them.

No. 1117366

Nah, that's ana valens, who is definitely into some disgusting shit but manages to avoid (openly) fantasizing about minors.

No. 1117376

this is why the t doesn't belong in lgbt, they can't let lesbian or gay people who don't have gender dysphoria just be and have anything or celebrate their own individuality.

No. 1117394

He has a gainer fetish he hints at. He didn’t have them a few months ago

No. 1117420

It worked for Sarah Rector and this dude

Transracials rise up!!1

No. 1117442

this video kills me. It's literally the same logic troons use but with race. But the weird part about this is how do people realize how dumb this is with race but not with sex.

No. 1117529

File: 1609275963485.gif (2.86 MB, 314x292, seethe.gif)

also they'd need new pelvises kek

No. 1117575

Ah yes bc screw finding a cure for cancer, aids or covid, let’s try to make mpreg a reality!
Kek anon

No. 1117590

>let’s try to make mpreg a reality
Fujos were playing the long con with this whole trans business

No. 1117598

File: 1609281708350.png (31.13 KB, 510x217, 56789.png)

I'm the anon who thinks they're varicose veins. If they are they could be a reaction to hormones. Just google "trans women" and "varicose veins."

No. 1117603

File: 1609281840484.webm (1.54 MB, 540x960, 33afcc22e49e8fcf6d80138015e603…)


No. 1117612

But they are lifesaving operations. If they don't get their big boobs and giant lips and frankenwombs – they'll die of depression or kill themselves or blah blah. All the supersweet female accessories are a must-have for survival. Gotta collect 'em all and complete the set (preferably for free) or else!

No. 1117631

Ah yes, the good ol 'shame women into having sex with males' trick. TRA's like this sound like they're about to enforce corrective rape. I never see them attacking gay men, its ALWAYS lesbians.

No. 1117632

Wow the ultimate enby handmaiden

No. 1117648

Absolutely horrifying. I can't imagine experiencing this level of cognitive dissonance.

No. 1117665

File: 1609287661945.png (400.49 KB, 1280x720, brave and stunning lesbians.pn…)

>Nyeheheheh, hey Lois, I'm a woman just like you.

No. 1117669

File: 1609287835369.png (177.38 KB, 498x240, lesbians.png)

lesbians do not want straight men Aiden

No. 1117673

finally someone said it. i’m so sick of seeing crossdressing fetishists in clothing groups. And the asspats they get for their “bravery”

I see it in makeup groups too. men with makeup smeared on and nobody is allowed to say anything because “uwu trans feelings” these creeps probably get off on the bullshit compliments people are obligated to give them because the alternative is getting branded a TERF.

No. 1117693

File: 1609289918909.jpeg (300.52 KB, 1898x952, 4DFE9B51-E15A-460C-9242-836367…)

Do you ever just glow, anons?

No. 1117696

> certain lesbians
You mean the real and only ones? She really thought she did something there lmao and these are same ppl wondering why ‘lgb only’ groups exist
I can already see this person issuing an apology years later if this gender bs is exposed to the public as the homophobia it is.

Oh we know why these they/thems don’t come at gay men with this shit. It’s bc they know that Askgaybros would roast their entire existence.

No. 1117697


I love being bioluminescent and glowing in the dark. #justgirlythings

No. 1117701

Why is their bellybutton over there

No. 1117707

because he’s obese and slightly turned over. Your stomach can tilt and face a different angle by itself despite your body being aligned another way when you’re fat enough.

No. 1117710

File: 1609292129325.jpg (51.54 KB, 719x380, Screenshot_20201230-002616_Fir…)

No. 1117712

you call yourself a bimbo because you think thats what you think being a woman is and it's you're fetish. I wish they'd stop acting like they do this shit to "own" the terfs. Owning the terfs would be actually trying to live life as much as a woman possibly without being a weirdo.

No. 1117713

>A cis male calling cis women misogynists

No. 1117714

>I hate it when women tell me to stop acting like a dumb woman stereotype.

No. 1117720

File: 1609293263147.jpeg (73.42 KB, 900x600, DF94D197-A021-409E-ABEE-256778…)

>the patriarchy
that’s you.

No. 1117726

These damn glowtrannies

No. 1117730

>a male that likes to perpetuate bimbo stereotypes complaining about the patriarchy
this is one of the most legitimately confusing things I read in awhile

No. 1117758

File: 1609296668955.jpeg (42.52 KB, 600x419, E68A9D37-0162-4FB8-BD30-8ABF40…)


No. 1117771

Sarah Rector was a transwhite icon, truly paved the way for transracial rights

No. 1117878

Sage for OT, but oh god I hate GCJ lmao. As you said, they’re exactly what they make fun of, the only difference is that half of them are troons and the other half defend those troons to death. Their Discord server isn’t any better, I remember some TIM mod was legit about to kill himself because he had a disagreement with another mod about the server
They’re also very loud about their desires to fuck anime girls/sexualized female characters and defend pedo scrotes in the server, but they still love pretending they’re the opposite of the average gamer/coomer redditor

No. 1117883

What the fuck is he even talking about though.

No. 1117934

>God, with that strong jawline and United Nations attitude, I almost mistook him for Angeline Jolie.
I think you may have just killed me anon

No. 1117936


>this is something I always coveted of other women, pre-transition, and it gives me so much euphoria to see it on myself now

No. 1117945

Ah Buffalo Bill, an extremely self-hating gay man who suffered from years of abuse and desperately wanted to be someone else

A quote from Jonathan Demme the director
>He was a tormented man who hated himself and wished he was a woman because that would have made him as far away from himself as he possibly could be.

I think about quarter of the TIMs posted here could fall into the same category

No. 1117957

File: 1609320656451.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 1532749834810.gif)

so he's in CIA?

No. 1117964

File: 1609321963325.jpg (516.63 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20201230_115026.jpg)

Can we discuss the names that these men give themselves when they troon out?

This guy called himself 'Toy'. That's right folks.

Because of course being a woman means making oneself a play thing.

No. 1117966

I don't understand this fascination with soft skin. I have met a lot of men with soft skin. Asian men often have very soft skin. Maybe it's because when men troon out they start washing and shaving?

No. 1117969

File: 1609322515698.gif (553.15 KB, 300x165, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Women do have thinner and softer skin than men in general. Don't know anything about sparkling in the sunlight though.

No. 1117973

>me calling myself a nigga upsets black activists so much because they're racists. They hate the idea of someone enjoying the exact kind of black stereotype that the white supremacy devalues, because they aren't black activists - they're racists.
Seriously, what was the bullshit reason they presented that somehow made transracialism entirely different from transgenderism?

It's like every time a discord mod has a meltdown it's always a TIM tranny. There's a reason why "discord tranny" is a subcategory in itself.

No. 1117974

also, shaved skin is smoother than those fucks are used to and since they probably never touched a woman they think it's oh so girly

No. 1117996


I personally like it when a man has smooth skin.

A lot of men don't use even soap let alone take care of their skin. Yes men's skin is thicker than women's and needs exfoliating more often.

When they troon out its the first time they actually start taking care of their personal hygiene and using cosmetics.

They could have just done this as men and I guarantee they would have gotten more attention from women for not being smelly and gross.

No. 1117997

AGPs usually reveal themselves by doing stupid shit like choosing stripper names.

No. 1117999

>What's the matter? Aren't you happy? Isn't this what you wanted, more lesbians?
Why does this person have such a weirdly spiteful tone of voice? Do they want lesbians to take dick as some sort of punishment, lmao?
Homophobic conservative mom vibes.

No. 1118013

the whole "why are you complaining about losing lesbians when you have all these stunning and brave transwomen to choose from" is so fucking annoying. straight males couldn't be further away from lesbians, i don't get how a bunch of men dressed as shit caricatures calling themselves lesbians is progressive when it's so blatantly homophobic. they sound like the conservative christians they hate so much. why pick a transwoman that you're inherently not attracted to when you could have an actual, mentally stable woman who doesn't lash out at you and run off to rage on reddit or twitter when you asked to be the little spoon for once

No. 1118018

>who doesn't lash out at you and run off to rage on reddit or twitter when you asked to be the little spoon for once
Holy shit anon if this ain't the most accurate description

No. 1118019

It’s the homophobic version of when companies, political parties and universities promote straight white guys in dresses and say
>See? More marginalised women in positions of power! This is what you feminists wanted, right? Now shut up and stop complaining.
It’s absolutely not what anyone was asking for and they know it.

No. 1118021

You changed your name to Toy.. not Roy not even Joy, fucking TOY and you actually want ppl to take you seriously kek

No. 1118022

Holy shit, this is disgusting. But TiMs who want to use women’s restrooms “just want to pee” and we need to mind our own business, right?

No. 1118026

Oh, that's really one of the most aggravating things for me. Especially when women speak out about there not being enough female spaces/collegues in STEM related fields and they post something about how female representation is rising because a lot of people that transition are tech guys. It helps no one, men were never discouraged from these fields.

No. 1118039

File: 1609336606137.gif (354.08 KB, 500x288, karen-laugh.gif)


No. 1118042

File: 1609336790726.jpg (343.83 KB, 719x1175, Screenshot_20201230-085858_Ins…)

Holy shit, men ree about overweight women calling themselves "curvy" and yet this tub of lard thinks he's "curvy"? Literally Peter Griffin bod.

No. 1118049

Eric Allen Stonestreet needed a job after Modern Family ended, so he decided to troon out. That’s what this looks like.

No. 1118076

"I want to kill cis girls" is funny comedy, right? HAHAAAA

No. 1118079

>I wouldn't say I endorse skinning cis girls to built a woman suit
>but I get it
wow, this troon doesn't write jokes, he just spews his hatred of women and is so stunning and brave! for it

No. 1118081

imagine if this was a white person saying "I don't endorse skinning black people… but I get it"

Trannies are the most priviledged and protected class.

No. 1118095

You can even use it for different groups of people!
>I wouldn't say I endorse skinning teenagers to build a teen skin suit
>but I get it

No. 1118100

I have watched all of this so I can bring you the funniest haha jokes:

>"I enjoyed being molested as a child"

>"my dad hates me"
>"I am in a polyamorous relationship"
>"I have several sexual diseases"
>"I have a drinking problem"
>"I named my boyfriends asshole the partiarchy so I can smash the patriarchy"
>"I forced a straight dude to suck my girldick"
>"straight men who are not into trans-women are nazis"

literally every stereotype

No. 1118113

So just tired edgy male comedy with a girldick twist. That's sad as fuck.

No. 1118116

File: 1609346849101.jpeg (842.21 KB, 2224x1589, 586AB0D1-5BC1-46FD-9E14-E4734E…)


This man is married with two children, yet he’s online talking about being “sexually attractive” to “people” and spending all his time practicing makeup/taking pics in his underwear for the internet. His wife of ten years became a “lesbian” and stayed with him as he trooned out, but will find herself a trans widow sooner than later. Like many before her. It never fails.

No. 1118121

Are these guys incredibly drunk or will these people just laugh at anything?

No. 1118124

But those jokes are totally hilarious, anon! Just girly girl jokes! teeheee

No. 1118126

Holy shit, that naked backside will haunt my dreams. I've never seen an ass that rectangular.

No. 1118127

>"I do feel bad for Buffalo Bill, though! She's a trans girl! She just wanted smooth skin, I've wanted to kill cis girls for way less!"
Yeah, we know. That's why we avoid you, lmao.
>joke about shooting breast milk down the throats of all starving children
This isn't the first time I've seen trannies fantasize about this very specific scenario. Grim.

No. 1118131

I fucking wish gay men would roast their existence.

No. 1118187

men laugh at fart jokes so yes. they likely also want to be "progressive" but are too fucking stupid to understand they're getting got. not looking for the study, but it's been proven that r*pists tell assault jokes to gauge how acceptable it is to peers to figure out if they can get away with it or not, who they can trust, etc. the more it's allowed the more it will happen, it is a fact this is how it starts.

No. 1118225

Clearly you’ve never been in shayna’s threads kek. It’s like looking at her future, except she actually has a vagina and therefore is marginally less disgusting.

No. 1118227


They have to laugh because if they don't they're back into incel mode instead being cucked by their dangerhairs.

No. 1118231

I’m bothered by him trying to pass as a woman when at the same time his mannerisms seem so ripped of David Chapelle and even the way he presents his jokes

No. 1118240

Didn’t make it past this part. How are people laughing? The bro-hug at the start was also telling. Troons aren’t even trying, this is likely so he can yell cunt at women and it’ll be brave and everyone will clap for him.

No. 1118268

Don’t bring fart jokes into this

No. 1118269

Sorry but no, Shayna‘s ass is like the most rotund peachy bubble butt compared to this square ass

No. 1118275

I couldn't watch this all the way through, it's so fucking awful.

No. 1118284

I have never seen this before, PLEASE where is it from? Context?

No. 1118299

Proko Channel on youtube

No. 1118312

File: 1609370789118.jpeg (558.12 KB, 1125x1400, 4972B0CE-4D8E-47B5-B712-4E5ED2…)

No. 1118319

Why is it all black screen for me

No. 1118321

Galaxy brain tranny shit. Ackshually, the AGPs are the true feminists and the feminists are the misogynists.
Bimbos are an oppressed, devalued class of women, not a porn-induced stereotype created by men. You heard it here first.

No. 1118324

He should just apologize to both trans people and transphobes for making this shitty stand-up routine in the first place and wasting their time. It's weird because everything about trannies is dark comedy, but they can't even make good jokes at their own expense.

No. 1118329

it’s so weird that the fatter a troon gets, the more they pass. this guy looks like my seventh grade language arts teacher. it’s the same on drag race honestly. the fat drag queens somehow look way more feminine than the skinny ones, even the ones who look androgynous to start with.

No. 1118334

all that excess fat does a lot to conceal the distinctly male bone structure

No. 1118338

File: 1609373329337.png (33.19 KB, 491x501, Capture2.PNG)

I bounce from thinking Kevin Gibes is an ugly gay chaser who felt he had to trans out in order to be the "right" gay, aka a "transbien" or just someone who thinks that being a woman means sucking dick and being a slutty cock slut to dick havers, except he's a sexy lesbian because it's "girl dick".
either way it makes me feel sick thinking of the disgusting looking guy typing this shit.

No. 1118341

File: 1609373527021.jpeg (95.62 KB, 311x388, 98D6C1C8-7E1E-4A49-84BA-FEDB65…)

He doesn’t pass without makeup and his forehead still looks huge because of his male pattern baldness even when he does have makeup on. I can also think of a fat troon named aggie who had a thread on here and he didn’t pass at all, even with facial feminization surgery. Maybe he passes to normies.

No. 1118346

i think you're just being blinded by the moobs, anon

No. 1118353

because sometimes God is merciful?

No. 1118369

i recognize him, he had a nsfw twitter that i looked on sometimes before it went private. his fetishes are really fucked and he has tons of them, including rape, kidnapping, forced transformation, incest, dudes fucking a lesbian into becoming straight, a tweet about wanting to be a sex slaves thats always too high to think, another one about pulling out a sex slaves teeth because they arent useful anymore, and another one about wanting to be a sex slave and if they dont get customers anymore to be killed. oh and almost forgot, one where a group of transgirls would be kidnapped, put in a room and recorded 24/7 and they HAD to do sexual acts to each other, and sometimes theyd have to have plastic surgery done or something like that. theres probably more but this is all i remember.

No. 1118439

File: 1609381154269.jpeg (303.85 KB, 749x928, CE10CC9A-4FBD-4169-A5FF-74F56B…)

If he’s just standing by himself he might pass irl to the untrained eye cause normies just see boobs and female clothes, and the fatness confuses them. But we see that neck, hairline, shoulders and zero hips right away. Plus no matter how short, standing next to a woman gives it away. You’d think they’d have figured that out by now.

No. 1118444

He also has zero waist, men will never have the type of waist women have. Even when they’re fat, women tend to have a defined waist.

No. 1118462

File: 1609382820548.gif (3.76 MB, 314x292, nuthin-but-net.gif)

around 5:30, honestly surprised he hasn't been cancelled yet

No. 1118468

>I do love the idea that the hormones made me into this

Sissification fetishist, what a surprise

No. 1118500

4chan needs to update the amerifat meme to also be stunning and brave

No. 1118654

It's because most people lose all gender identifying body shape once they hit that level of morbid obesity.

No. 1118685

File: 1609412586465.webm (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_ql7ygevGQe1yl0ojt.webm)

No. 1118687

File: 1609412758767.jpg (65.72 KB, 1000x561, tumblr_d802056a5b559fe70a1de93…)

>women who gatekeep being a woman forget to look like one
>troon looks like pic related without filters
they really think that womenhood is a matter of a costume and some plastic surgery

No. 1118696

What's with the bizarre Slenderman arms?

No. 1118701

such a typically male mentality lol

No. 1118702

making fun of a woman for not conforming 100% to the harmful stereotypes, standards and roles of being a woman imposed by scrotes and the media? so progressive, u go girl!!

No. 1118707

Bimbofication fetishists are so cringy. Who even let you on Tik Tok? Go listen to Bambi Sleep for the 1000th time and leave sane humans alone.

No. 1118712

File: 1609416420012.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, edenthedoll.png)

Lol I remember watching the vlog he made where he told the story of how he almost died because of doing back-alley hip injections and got addicted to it. Truly the pillar of sanity.

No. 1118715

He should get more. Just fully clown out.

No. 1118717

>tfw the cisgay next to you has a smaller frame and more feminine face than you
He also did a video about this bizarre vocal cord surgery he got to sound more like a woman. Ofc he had to get it done in another country. He couldn’t speak for months afterwards.

No. 1118719

He should have stopped when he looked like in the 4th picture. That's actually a good looking body. What he has going on now >>1118685 looks like shit. Looks like he is on his 10th brazilian buttlift and trying to look like a Kardashian (psssst… ALL of them look horrible and had so much plastic surgery that they, as natal women, now look like trannies).

No. 1118726

imagine thinking a plastic surgery addiction, sloth nails and hair extensions make you a female, or that performing stereotypes make you better than an actual woman. cope harder. that woman may not be the peak of beauty but even in sweatpants, no makeup and a hoodie she'd pass for a woman in every circumstance and at every angle. she doesn't have to even think about it or constantly pose herself

that thick waist and weird torso lmao he just looks like a twinky drag queen with hip pads slapped to his sides tbh. uncanny as fuck

No. 1118749

> if you didn’t like it when I said “I wanted to kill women for less” you’re a transphobe!!1!

No. 1118772

I thought Buffalo Bill was straight/bi and a textbook agp not a gay man?

No. 1118777

more like a white koreaboo girl saying "I don't endorse skinning korean girls… but I get it" that's legitimately believable.

No. 1118780

they/thems could probably roast gay men way worse but since most are male identified liberal girls they won't go that far, sad

No. 1118782

>this gets positive attention from everyone that wants to skin walk and abuse women
The very arrogance of AGPs always astounds me. We’ve all heard our share of sexist jokes but this is threatening to kill women and wear them as skin suits - how is it funny? AGPs always need to cross over into the bizarre and appalling.

No. 1118789

this tranny is just naturally mentally a bimbo

No. 1118791

Its interesting how he let himself go and got fatter, usually these gay turned trannies are super hyperconscious on their appearance and weight is the number one thing

No. 1118819

Risking his life for illegal injections and he still got his ass beat for being a clockable tranny. you hate to see it

No. 1118822

I heard that the reason why these men can never achieve the actual body structure of a woman is because they lack a cervix. Even the most skinniest woman out there, unless she has a medical condition, she'll still have what you said which is the natural curve, just obviously on a smaller frame whereas men don't and even if they get things like fat injections in their hips/buttocks or wear the pads, it just ends up looking like a side-show mess.

No. 1118833

Great, now why not do that video again without the makeup,hair extensions, and face filter. Fucking loon.

No. 1118840

Right? So sad and not at all completely hilarious and delightful.

No. 1118852

His face here immediately made me think of a football player from my country. The difference from the tik tok video to that pic is enormous. What the hell.

No. 1118896

File: 1609437117662.jpeg (530.19 KB, 2036x1078, 04941FCD-4A79-4F85-A403-384D06…)

No. 1118903

these are the people who shit on anybody who is even slightly gnc. but if it's a fetish gateway to becoming a troon it is totally fine.

No. 1118925

normal people dont feel euphoria dressing like anything how hard is it for them to understand that

No. 1118927

what do they even actually mean by euphoria? 99% of times they seem to mean sexual arousal

No. 1118928

2021: 'start invalidating crossdressers'

No. 1118935

Gender affirming/validating = horny
Gender Euphoria = PP gets hard

No. 1118973

Just look at that huge head

No. 1119010

File: 1609442751764.png (638.49 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20201231-195852~2.p…)


No. 1119029

It was brought to my attention that tiktok has "reclaimed" bimbo (kek). Can anyone confirm, I'm an adult and not on tiktok. Is this a tranny thing or more of a dumb bitch meme thing or are those two conflated anyway?

No. 1119036


I saw this on my time line and noticed it's mainly young women adopting the aesthetic

No. 1119039

it's a lot of actual women and some troons

No. 1119056

are the glowtrannies responsible for this?

No. 1119062

File: 1609446613309.jpg (138.41 KB, 828x773, 1.jpg)

>Is this a tranny thing or more of a dumb bitch meme thing
More of a dumb bitch meme thing, arriving alongside the baby-pink-Paris-Hilton-2000s nostalgia revival. Stuff like picrel. It's mostly 15-20 year old women doing it. I can't say I've seen any trannies that are into it, they're still on the weeaboo catgirl stuff.

No. 1119071

File: 1609447455035.jpg (148.2 KB, 700x817, differences_between_male_and_f…)

It's the bones. You can identify gender easily with a skeleton. Notice the angle of the femur, size of the ribcage, proportion of the shoulder to the hips. Another thing you can't quite see in that pic is that the pelvis is angled differently. Mens are straight while women's are at an angle - which causes us to have a natural sway when we walk. Bolt-ons and hip injections can't change the underlying structure, the best you can do is hide it with clothes, but trannies don't want to be modest, so they give themselves away kek.

No. 1119075

Sage for OT, but I really don’t want to google this. What is the Cody Lane Blue Room video?

No. 1119121

he looks deformed, look at that huge ass stomach, fake ass hips and small as head. I'm going to keep saying it, James Charles and cross dressers be looking more like women then trans women do.

Eden is one of those trans people bring up for being so passing, when like Blaire he's a catfish. His boyfriend cheated on him with an biological woman and the reason he was attacked was because the dudes clocked him and his trans friends.

No. 1119124

File: 1609451485973.jpg (100.03 KB, 1079x804, Screenshot_20201230-212607_Twi…)

Why the fuck would terfs care if men kill or harm themselves trying to give birth?
If anything trans men/women are basically helping trans people harm themselves further.

No. 1119141

I just searched it up and only porn links show up, I'm not going to see them so hopefully someone can reply

No. 1119147

As if real women would give up their ability to function properly so you can give birth to a pile of goop for your own fetish. Have these people even taken a high-school biology class???

No. 1119169

Their delusions are almost cute.

No. 1119195

How is this any different from the people who say racism will go away if everyone just stopped talking about race?

No. 1119226


uterus transplants are already rare and risky in real women( and promptly removed after a successful pregnancy) and these retards think they're about to put a uterus in a whole ass man anytime soon for the sake of his vanity. lmao.

If anyone's dumb enough to attempt it, you'll get another dead tranny and the only chorus you'll hear is troons reeing about "medical transphobia" and making up another day of remembrance.

No. 1119231

This is truly insane. Crossdressers aren't trans. There were plenty of crossdressers even in the ancient world - it was something done for fun/taboo, sometimes for a ritual. Every single ancient actor had to crossdress if they were cast as women (women were not on the ancient stage).

It's like they can't get over the fact that for some people clothes are just clothes, and wearing a skirt sometimes really doesn't have anything to do with whether you're a man or not. It doesn't have to be sexual or have anything to do with sexuality. It's clothes.

Then there's the question of "can a woman even crossdress in the modern world?" This post is completely about men who wear women's clothing and racing to shove them into the trans category. It has nothing to say to women who wear men's clothing, since that's so normalized no one cares (and no one should).

I can't really articulate why this "argument" seems so insidious and gross. Crossdressers can't read the posts of mtfs without probably being trans? wtf? Boys can't go through phases of expressing themselves differently without being traaaaans? Crossdressing is pretty common in some parts of Asia, are all those guys trans too?

I've never read something this obnoxious aimed at crossdressers. Whatever you think about the people who do it occasionally, it's not the same as thinking you are the other sex. Damn(Blog about tranners, no1curr)

No. 1119234

Lmfao at the trannies posting this uterus transplant wet dream without knowing anything about women's biology apart from "womans got pussy and yooteroos". Removing a uterus comes with several health complications and doctors are quite reluctant to give hysterectomies to women that actually would benefit from getting their uterus taken out. There is also the fact that even getting your tubes tied requires you to be quite old and even then the doctors can flat out reject you if they feel like it. No way in hell we are doing this shit in the near future.

No. 1119245

I always get the vibe that they EXPECT somebody to hand over their uterus and I feel bad for the women in their life. You just know somebody is gonna have to sit through that awkward conversation before giving their rejection.

Removing a uterus isn't a walk in the park. 1/3 women that have a hysterectomy require a further surgery within 24 months. Many women require HRT after removal. The risk of heart disease goes up. Bones start to waste away. Incontinence and prolapses become more likely. If the cervix is removed as well, your surgery will be followed by weeks of bleeding.

No. 1119247

Literally how you can somebody CROSSdress if they dress as their gender? These people are morons. If a trans women should be considered a woman and dresses as a woman, where does the cross part of the dressing come in?

By definition, if you're crossdressing, you're not dressing as your gender.

No. 1119253

I'd rip my uterus into pieces and slash my throat rather than being forced to have kids cause your fucking patriarchy loving twitter bubble wants to.

No. 1119270

Most of them will be demanding it from their mothers.

No. 1119334

no one is thinking about the health of these babies or about them at all. like all other men they just want to have babies to do it and they abandon them. this is just about harming women.

No. 1119343

Watched a few seconds here and there. Just looks like the typical Western style gangbang to me..grotesquely violent and dehumanizing af. Bulging neck veins, purple faces, coughing/choking, tears/saliva/sweat everywhere. Super attractive.

No. 1119352

if i remember correctly her father routinely r*ped her and coerced her into porn, i don't think she consented to that video and was likely on heavy drugs. he was her manager. it's really bad.

No. 1119412

Her dad was her porn manager???

No. 1119419

File: 1609488497629.jpeg (3.11 MB, 3031x3072, 6CCF4C64-44E0-4D3C-A321-9C7A70…)

I had to post this dude I ran across on tumblr due to the noise I made upon reading this creature is 19. NINETEEN.

No. 1119420

File: 1609488530080.jpeg (182.73 KB, 552x1616, 9439B274-E989-485B-A1EB-C9B726…)

ft. his pinned post and blog description

No. 1119422

a rough gangbang video featuring at the time 19 year old cody lane. On a reddit AMA she did (it was supposed to be anonymous, but she named the male "actors" in the video with her and when someone asked if she was cody lane in the comments she confirmed it) she said she was drunk, drugged, had been coerced into it and by halfway through it she went numb from the sheer pain and mistreatment. I couldn't stomach watching the whole video but i was curious and it was clear she's unhappy. Her post was on r/casualiama , i'll see if i can hunt it down.

No. 1119431

This. Like that "boipreggers" fetish shit you see all over 4chan and Twitter. Women rarely enjoy being pregnant, but go through it because the whole point of it is the child that comes after. For men it's the fetishistic thought of being "knocked up" that they like rather than thinking about parenthood.

No. 1119440

>a rough gang bang video
It's called rape you fucking degenerate. Are you male?
>I couldn't stomach the whole thing
Why would you watch any amount of it? What the fuck is wrong with you? Jesus christ I detest 'curious' people so much.

No. 1119442

holy shit i went to school with this freak. he admitted to being a literal pedophile

No. 1119447


No. 1119448

calm down retard

No. 1119451

I mean, anon is literally right. It's rape. Are you from /tttt/ and here to "digitally self-harm" or something? Is that why you can't accept that?

No. 1119456

Nobody said she isn't right, it's just the fact that it's very obvious she was trying to start a fight by nitpicking the other anon's phrasing.

No. 1119466

No. 1119473

Post more ridiculous trannys. This isn't a thread for talking about the ethics of porn

No. 1119479

File: 1609503101955.jpeg (875.32 KB, 1242x1854, C6425C32-17F2-4A69-847D-8D6962…)

r/MTF larps are always fun

No. 1119480

File: 1609503212353.jpeg (500.8 KB, 1242x1179, E36F23F1-1D69-45E5-B2A3-8BE4B9…)


No. 1119485

>"my BF broke up with me saying I'm making him gay or something"
So they were a gay couple, and his BF is breaking up because OP coming out as a tranny makes him gay? His fantasy scenario doesn't even make sense in genderlogic.

No. 1119486

Me and my girls are always talking about lactation and spraying each other with breast milk as a prank. #justcisgirlbiologythings

No. 1119489

"stereotypical lesbian undercut"

No. 1119496

ie a man bun

No. 1119526

I'm always so conflicted about troon milk. Some days I lol at their preposterous mental gymnastics and other days I feel profound pity and sadness for them.

No. 1119531

The socks, the bio, whatever the fuck that "drawing" is…

No. 1119589

thought tumblr didn't allow this shit?

No. 1119595

Aw, I remember taking Writer’s Craft 101. This is likely a 30-40 year old troon trying to reimagine his high school days. Fucking gross.

No. 1119655

saged for being ot ,but who's the girl behind the troon?

No. 1119707

File: 1609531292828.png (71.03 KB, 908x550, unknown (12).png)

troon gets a taste of reality

No. 1119712

Estrogen actually atrophies the penis as in no functional erections not even with pills? I thought troons just couldn’t get up cause the sex drive tanks.

No. 1119714

funny about the vocal chord surgery because his voice is what instantly clocks him. classic tranny voice.

No. 1119720

Sage for ot but what would/does that do?

No. 1119740

>He has a boyfriend i.e. a gay relationship, troons out, boyfriend dumps him for "making him gay"
…What? I would've given him the benefit of doubt of typoing GF as BF but he did it two times so doubt it. It's like they're deliberately writing the most nonsensical larps to see what passes.

Who would've thought that forcefully keeping an open wound from closing and healing would be painful and all sorts of insane?

No. 1119748

This pisses me off because real women can't love themselves this hard without shitty men coming in and shitting on them everywhere, but troons get the free pass to enjoy womanhood??? I think the appeal of becoming a troon is stealing womanhood from real women and then telling them they (the troons) are better, prettier women because they'll turn right around and cater to any and every male fantasy. It's like the rise in MTFs is directly coorelated to things getting better for women (like safe spaces, women generally focusing on their own lives instead of pairing off) so they troon out into double agents who can infiltrate those female-only spaces just to try and compete at womanhood with them. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1119757

Yup, a lot of troons actually stop taking the pills because they want their dick back

No. 1119768

File: 1609538121494.png (215.28 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20210101-211845~2.p…)

But hormonal transition doesn't work, it's just surface level cosmetic shit that disappears when you stop taking hormones (for TiMs), it doesn't work at a "cellular level".

No. 1119771

He’s a doctor so we can trust his opinion

No. 1119777

Where is the feminization tho

No. 1119799


there are a surprising amount of trans people in academia tbh, he's probably a doctor of comp sci or something.

No. 1119805

Has he never heard of men that have issues with naturally high estrogen levels and vice versa with women and testosterone? They still don't turn into the opposite sex.

No. 1119812

File: 1609540902730.png (88.69 KB, 738x795, 0440404004.png)

Well he sure didn't get his PhD in biology or psychiatry.

No. 1119843

Where the fuck do they take those names from?

No. 1119848

Eleanor is just a slightly old-fashioned girls name so I don't see your point. Kaylin, however, is a total white trash name.

No. 1119950

Sage for US Civics OT.
I'm assuming you're asking what writing to/calling a congressperson does in the US; in an ideal world, representatives will want to represent the interests of those who vote for them. So by telling them that your interests match/don't match what they're doing, they might continue or change their behavior respectively in order to make sure you will vote for them and not their opponent in the next election.

No. 1119996

What's the cringiest name you've seen a mtf give themselves?

I remember watching a news story about a mtf named "Carlotta".

No. 1120006

Amora.. literally means blackberry in portuguese

Typical white names like Katelynn, but the more kool letterz the better. Though, I think the cringiest shit is when they also change their last name to something exotic, always sounds like porn star names

No. 1120031


No. 1120047

Inb4 the inevitable suicide. Delusion is what keeps TiMs alive, this much reality in one sitting is a pretty sure bet that you’ll see the vague obit some time in the next six months.

I do feel a little bad, really, but play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1120050


No. 1120054

i know a troon that frequently changes names, and always names himself after final fantasy characters

right now we’re on “aerith”

No. 1120057

Personally I find it cringey that so many of troons go with the name Alice.

No. 1120110

Any name they get from anime or video games, there was the LoL streamer who killed himself called Remilia (like the Touhou character), which I'm pretty sure is not even a real name. Also I think I've seen more trannies calling themselves Lily than real women, I'm sure they choose it because of the yuri undertones.

It's actually a pretty common name in my language (french) among millenial women, so it's not that shocking to me, but if I saw an Amerifat linebacker calling themselves that I would probably cringe.

No. 1120122

I'm from an european country linguistically very, very removed from english and a middle school friend of my trooned in his early teens. He switched between names and finally landed on Kimberly.

Kimberly. Not only is it a trashy name, its also completely foreign to his native tongue. So foreign that it contains two letters that don't even exist in the phonetics. But at least he has a v cunty name.

No. 1120123

Knives and Bells.

No. 1120125

how does the full name flow together? or did he also change his last name?

No. 1120127

File: 1609587156445.jpg (1.66 MB, 3096x2080, 23783535_1688767031188371_8844…)

He used to self project so much into his virtual singer that trooning out didn't surprised me

No. 1120128

File: 1609587212183.jpg (192.94 KB, 1536x2048, ERrrQOhWsAAi_nW.jpg)

Extra picture since you were talking about troon fashion earlier

No. 1120135

Ramona (after Ramona flowers) and Sage which always makes me laugh BC of lolcow

No. 1120142

The name is usually a common female name, but the creepiest thing is when a TIM names himself after a childhood friend or a relative. Takes skinwalking to a whole new level. Very often these end up being Jessicas.

No. 1120145

Peep those womanly Onision proportions, man that head is massive.

No. 1120152

I once knew a trans woman who adopted the exact same name as her younger sister and was flabbergasted when her parents and sister didn't want her to legally change her name to that. His sister was about 10, which made it even creepier. It's a fucking skinwalking thing

No. 1120153

File: 1609591725960.jpg (71.47 KB, 823x832, uggo.JPG)

Don't know if personal lolcows are allowed here, but just had to share these two. The troon is in blue, had every surgery going and after turning his penis inside out decided he was actually non-binary because he didn't feel comfortable "always wearing makeup and dresses". The other is a cis male who claims to be straight but who cross dresses a lot. Officially the ugliest pair I think I've ever known. This, for what it's worth, is a very flattering picture of both of them. I can share more if farmers are interested but don't want to come off as a vendetta chan.

No. 1120166

Dite after Aphrodite.

Adon after Adonnis.

Should have really chosen Narcissus.

No. 1120177

Well anon, are they just a happy, albeit ugly couple or have they done anything particularly vulgar or creepy?

No. 1120181


Well the troon is an actor and has crohn's disease so keeps writing/performing plays with names like "flush" and "shit happens" which just generally overshare about their poop issues. Otherwise nothing particularly stand out besides the whole did every surgery and then backtracked to non binary thing. Happy to stand down if I am vendetta-ing

No. 1120186

I mean half of the subjects posted in these threads are just ugly dudes, but go off I guess.

No. 1120189

>nonbinary because he didnt feel comfortable always wearing makeup and dresses
MtFs are using fakeboi logic now

No. 1120193

File: 1609597801524.jpg (Spoiler Image,1006.67 KB, 786x1821, grossmalebullshitwholething.jp…)

mtf's comic about his struggle of not being objectified like real women. of course that means that womanhood doesn't really exist & is just a collection of liberal buzzwords (hopefully the image is easy to read)

No. 1120204

>bohoo my classmates don’t make their art to serve my need of validation!!!

No. 1120209

not to racebait, but can liberal white people just shut up about white supremacy and colonialism? always using those words to make their first world white problems seem legitimate

No. 1120214

They always have to shoehorn some woke buzzwords like white supremacy in there don't they

No. 1120222

Why do all these trannies think they would be attractive if it weren't for white supremacy? There is literally no culture where they are found beautiful,

No. 1120245


>>keeps writing/performing plays with names like "flush" and "shit happens"

Ok I'm here for more

No. 1120247

Nitpicking people just for being old and ugly isn't funny nor interesting unless they're someone who repeatedly catfished with excessive photoshop, but you go off.

He's not the first and far from the last mtf that has a shit fetish. I'd avoid those people if possible, imagine getting stuck in a lengthy conversation with the tranny and suddenly smelling his crapped diaper stink up the entire room while he attempts to conceal the boner. I'd never recover.

No. 1120248

No. 1120253

Mtf troonerism is colonialism. This dude has literally not once thought about the experiences of a woman who is non-white, non-western and he doesn't want to fuck

No. 1120261

>I just want to be comfortable in my cage
At least he's honest. Transwomen are not interested in fighting gender stereotypes because then no one can call them beautiful and brave for performing them. And when they realize performing feminity is too much effort, they demand they lower the standards. Now it's important, not when millions of women were talking about it.

No. 1120264


Kek, I know one called Freya as well. They seem to love any sort of mystical/mythological/fantasy-esque names.

Thinking over it, IRL I don't know that many with odd names. Miranda, Freya, Jennifer, Stacey, Zoe. I do know an FTM called Kendall (pronounced Ken doll) though.

No. 1120306

I know a Freyja that's the most annoying egoistical scrote ever.
>They seem to love any sort of mystical/mythological/fantasy-esque names.
I always found that shit cringe. Lots of trannies seem to be stuck into the 12 year old tumblr wiccan phase many white girls had and are obsessed with mystical esoteric femeninity (because obviously theres no other way they can attain it). Absolutely tired of hovering over a twitter profile and seeing ''trans witch bitch''

No. 1120334

His "cage" where is is comfortable is apparently the women's bathroom. Who is this? I bet if you look him up he just looks like a greasy dude. Maybe people don't draw women who look like you… cause you look like a man.

No. 1120356

i can see why they opt for "spinny skirts" when this is the outcome of form fitting ones. mf couldn't have at least used a belt to give literally any illusion of a waist.

why do they do that deep side part thing when all it does is scream "here's my male pattern baldness!"? that poorly bleached to shreds hair and his black straight eyebrows on that canopy of a brow bone. his face has bulky draping and his hair and eyebrows aren't designed properly to frame it in any more of a flattering way, they add to the clunkiness. i don't even know if bangs and a dark honey blonde with extensions could save him. he wouldn't even know how to fucking style it.

look at the fucking hems on that polyester nightmare. this is a costume top. the nicest thing i can say is that i have never seen a trans woman attempt business casual without looking like they looked at "offie porn" for inspiration. they are wearing a conservative heel, and at least he shaved his chest for the keyhole cutout.

No. 1120372

If these men could manage to befriend women to teach them how to do things our mothers taught us like coloring and styling long hair, putting on makeup, and for the love of god how to DRESS properly, they wouldn't look half as gross and possibly even presentable. But no, most of them are too creepy and try(fail) to act like preteen girls at 25+ so they ruin any chances of having actual female friends. The HSTS mtfs are a little different in the sense that they know a thing or two about makeup and clothes, but they themselves often look like trailer park bimbos because they're too conceited about what horrendous skills they learned from other gay men to ask women for advice. Unfortunately, the only mtfs I've seen who don't walk out the door looking like utter shit are the ones who's munchie moms transitioned them as little kids and that's because they were actually able to learn beauty tips from their mothers. >>1120356

No. 1120375

File: 1609614886667.jpeg (622.26 KB, 1668x2134, 898FBBE4-C115-4434-8EC9-D176FD…)

>ten years deep into a marriage
>pregnant wife
>blanchard was wrong.jpg
>treating depression and anxiety by transitioning

It’s like agp bingo

No. 1120383

Christ. Something about mtfs getting women pregnant is so vile to me, even more than seeing bearded ftms with ginormous preggo bellies.

No. 1120385

File: 1609615419823.png (40.97 KB, 1840x204, image.png)

Apologies for linking to >reddit but here's a write-up on some troon drama from the ultra-progressive gaming forum ResetEra; an admin told one of them to pound sand and they had a fucking conniption. Just goes to show that even being painstakingly woke isn't enough for these morons.

No. 1120393

File: 1609616509992.jpg (197.66 KB, 1080x1488, Eqku27wXIAE8EiS.jpg)

Makes you think how many of these troons are doing this for their rape fantasies, I'd say a massive %

No. 1120394

Oh God, please be a troll. Do you have a link to the post? I'm curious if the other trannies were supportive or in all hopefulness ate his ass alive.

No. 1120396

ugh yeah i saw this too.

No. 1120399

men do this so much on these type of forums mods tell the women to be careful about who they message, as it could be larping psycho men

No. 1120400

Dollia. Pronounced like "dahlia"

No. 1120409

OT by why the fuck would you know someone like that?

No. 1120415


No. 1120416

File: 1609618906110.png (198.25 KB, 813x595, Untitled.png)

Eleanor is a real name and was quite common amongst newborn girls 20-30 years ago.

No. 1120417

File: 1609619134630.jpg (480.26 KB, 1051x1248, Screenshot_20210102-132414_Twi…)

Named himself after the children's movie and the first female programmer Ada Lovelace. Because of course he did.

No. 1120419

I took it off Twitter so had to do some digging, I am 100% sure it was this now deleted post on /r/confessions so no troons backing him up thankfully. I hope to fuck it was ust a troll, deranged little scrote: https://www.reddit.com/r/confession/comments/95hz1a/i_pretended_to_be_a_girl_on_a_rape_survivor_forum/

No. 1120424

his name is ari farrokhzad. i looked him up but can't see pictures. he has a twitter where it says "professional butch lesbian" kek i bet every woman in his art course hates him

No. 1120448

How do we know this was a troon and not just a regular scrote?

No. 1120475

I was wondering that too. But a good lot of trannies are incels with that exact mindframe who took the "pinkpill" thinking their unfortunate faces would make for decent-looking girls. Maybe that's why anon assumed.

No. 1120476

File: 1609625186530.jpeg (138.38 KB, 865x1390, 8E0F6BD9-8B03-4CF0-BD7B-F8EAB6…)

The trans actor on the new gossip girl. They pass quite well on the promo pictures, and I don’t say that often. I thought it was just a model-type. But once I saw him standing next to the other actresses, in motion, something made me go hmmmmm and google him. They really do have a troon on every teen show now lmao(read the OP)

No. 1120487

I knew a Venus and an Artemis. As well as some stereotypical "Stacy" type names that all started with V. Vanessa, Vivian, Valerie, etc. Venus was a "butch" kek.

No. 1120493

File: 1609626365521.jpeg (62.19 KB, 640x860, 600BEC6B-8C0B-4AC0-A17A-8999AC…)

SFing. He looks like hsts james charles here.

No. 1120495

File: 1609626432243.jpeg (276.73 KB, 1080x1080, E1DC923B-6FAB-4976-AE39-3AF792…)

he’s also an absolute giant kek. but the face does pass better than 99% of troons i’ve seen.

No. 1120498

I’ve noticed a lot of troons who pass just have a narrow/small body for a man. Have them stand next to a woman with an average frame and they’ll be bigger 99% of the time. His face passes really well tho.

No. 1120500

I know ya'll very trans critical here but this trans woman looks really pretty and I believe that she has female brain. But for example these >>1120417 >>1120375 abominations are just perverted freaks and need help.(no1curr)

No. 1120501

there's no such thing as a female brain you retarded fuck

No. 1120503

He's clearly male judging by how huge he is, but I don't think I'd notice among first glance. As long as he's low maintenance about his identity problem and not harassing women, popping boners in public or shitting in diapers then I'm fine with him. Not all troons deserve to be shit on just for being troons.

No. 1120510

File: 1609627541203.jpeg (751.13 KB, 1242x974, 287AD74A-A0EF-49A7-B69D-B647C9…)

>"female brain"
>in a male skull

Don't know whether to laugh or pity you. If you're here to "digitally self-harm" at least keep your nonsense to yourself and learn how to integrate.

No. 1120520

this is why roons like Blaire White who are very anti woman and problematic are able to slide by being assholes, People see a pretty trans and then go, "Oh thats a real trans", I'm sure Indya Moore is a real trans but they do everything that the ugly ones do. Nikita (who I find unattractive and botched) is the same, so is Eden. I don't fall for the decent looking ones being "more of a woman" because a lot of them share the same ideas and bullshit as the ones we speak on here.
With that being said, that trans is passable in pictures but not really around women or in motion. I don't even know why they are posted here.

No. 1120521

God I knew the Gossip Girl reboot was going to be garbage but they had to add a troon for even more woke points, huh?

No. 1120527

yeah there's no point of him being here. I honestly think posting normal looking trans women who at least try and are cute men anyway, who aren't doing anything is weird. All they do is bring, "Wow this one is an actual woman!" and it's stupid.

No. 1120534

yes they do.

every troon is delusional, not just the ugly ones.

No. 1120537

No. 1120542

Not different from Lena Dunham being beside those Victoria Secret models

No. 1120562

they could just go on youtube, but then they'd have to listen to a woman talk. and if they could befriend women period, and not the hammy tra ones they're stuck with that are just as lost if not more lost, they would likely just end up stalking or harming them. they hate women.

No. 1120571

No. 1120576

File: 1609632114919.jpeg (2.71 MB, 2048x1914, B312C835-2B18-4FEF-9BE1-D3A1AB…)

>no such thing as people with mental illnesses who found the means to act like decent enough human beings, ever
Whatever anon, your choice to be salty over a boring D-list actor.

I chortled, but Lena at least looks female despite the short hair and dumpiness. Never once seen a tranny able to pass when standing in a group of other women no matter how beautiful or dolled up they are.

No. 1120585

>tfw had a great aunt named bunny
It's a cute name for an old southern belle, but yeah I don't see it for a husky 55-year-old man in a wig like, at all. If only they would choose unisex names that made sense for their birth year instead of cutesy ones that make them seem even more like perverts.

No. 1120624

Laverene is another one who people say pass so well (like Eden) but he got clocked and someone with him got "attacked" because they were trying to defend him (this is what Laverne said happened).

The other day I saw someone say that Laverne was on Club house begging straight black men to date tran women, when according to the person who told me there was only gay men and women in the room. Guess we're supposed to pass on the message. They never speak to "straight men" because they already know how that goes.

No. 1120628

File: 1609636060660.jpg (131.44 KB, 500x750, -CEwwscv_5vDy9sJm2uiU7qiIx52CZ…)

of course, it's a cute name for a woman
but the guy in question is a balding fat degenerate who pretends to be a robot in a shitty band

No. 1120640

buck getting mogged by literally everyone. feel bad for them

No. 1120655


oops! all men

No. 1120656

samefag but lmaooo i did not realize that was buck angel. what kind of weird get together is this?

No. 1120660

File: 1609639510445.jpg (174.42 KB, 869x945, 6057a60974b71d36f5c1bed44b96bb…)

anyone have screens of the struggle session that happened in the reddit egg_irl discord when a mod was caught grooming kids?

No. 1120661

the band is still alive?!

No. 1120663

I don't. Buck (Susan) is an annoying edgy boomer suffering roid rage and desperately trying to stay relevant by pandering her tweets to 15-year-old truscums now that she's too old for porn. She can't even relate to those whiny "dysphoric" teen girls who claim they're going to rope if they accidentally touch their vulva sideways, because she loves her vagina, getting fucked in it and has no issue with people calling her female. Sometimes I wonder if she ever regrets transitioning but won't detrans because she knows her entire body and hairline is destroyed beyond repair and there's no going back. Truly, the skull memes from 4chan have to have gotten back to her, right? No way is she happy looking the way she does, but she's the one who brought it on herself three decades ago by agreeing to be her doctor's experiment as a consenting 28-year-old adult.

Sage for pure autism.

No. 1120695

>no such thing as people with mental illnesses who found the means to act like decent enough human beings, ever
I know your being sarcastic but with trans people this is pretty much the case. Because with every other body/dysmorphic disorder like anorexia you teach people to be comfortable with there body and break the delusions they have about there body. but with trans people you do the opposite and literally feed into there delusions and tell them they are totally stunning and brave and an actually women.

No. 1120707

File: 1609643663529.jpeg (510.95 KB, 1232x1223, 3F029363-FFD0-4197-98C2-1B0E00…)

sry anon, this is all ive got

No. 1120708

I dunno anon, I disagree that we should shit on people just because big pharma and the quacks who study their illness are too smoothbrained to come up with a proper treatment for them and just equate it to another form of faggotry that requires total body mutilation. If all the tranny does is take the doctor's advice to mutilate themselves without making it into a huge fuss or acting like a creepy fetishistic retard, why are we shitting on them? It's like throwing rocks at a schizo tied in chains.

No. 1120720

the fact that they want to mutilate themselves and think that they are women already proves they are creepy and fetishsic.

No. 1120727

I watched stories from a couple mtf detransitioners on this old Facebook video years back saying the reason they transitioned is because they were raped as little boys and the body image issues that stemmed from that were falsely diagnosed by a child psychiatrist as gender dysphoria, then the doctor immediately insisted they start injecting estrogen and cutting off their dick. Those men detransitioned but there very well could be mtfs who decide to stick with it because once you destroy your body, it's not all that simple to live as a dickless man with fake tits.

Anyway feel free to have your opinion, I don't want to get banned for derailment.

No. 1120742

I've come across a Zadia Rose

No. 1120749


holy shit…where to even begin with this…I took some figure drawing classes. the woman model was in her 50's maybe late 40's…yet the allure of drawing her (like, half the class was learning anatomy too) was the difference in bone structure and curvature and lines of action and shit. if we'd want a "body like yours!!!!!1!!' we'd ask for a male model. this is truly one of the worst things ive ever seen. truly and honestly.

No. 1120752


Anyone remember Gangster Popeye, the mtf who got kicked off an Adult Swim show for being a creepy asshole to the one woman on staff? He used to go by Rain Terranova, which was one of the worst names I'd heard, but he's gone for damage control by changing his name and is leaning into that bimbo shit, so now he's the even-worse Bambi.

Irl, I know an Alice, which is obnoxious on its own but made even worse by the fact that he was a notorious date rapist at my school. Now he's an uwu commie catgirl. I suspect I'm not the only woman who peaked from sheer rage the day he came out.

No. 1120760

i'm glad someone else knows about memecow "bambi." that whole philly memer scene is addict narc drama. gayvapeshark was another awful tranny, abandoning their kid to shoot dope and wear wigs. GP had a huge meltdown on instagram saying that they made a false rape confession because they were under duress from their own mental illness fucking lol

No. 1120774

You can opt out of this if you don't like it. The rest of us will continue to post about literally all mtfs.

No. 1120777

No such thing as a "female brain" fam.

No. 1120781

This is so bizarre - are a the cis women short or why does the trans woman seem so tall? Like there is no variation in height at all except for the one tall trans woman. Melanie Martinez is quite small iirc so I guess the other women are under 5.5

A strange casting choice since I thought looking good next to your other castmembers was pretty important?

No. 1120783

This literally has me in tears laughing. Idk what I expected when anon asked you for details but it wasn’t that.

No. 1120784

Samefag, imagine if you were an actress who got rejected for being too tall since they hired within a very small height range, and then seeing this girl who was exempt from those rules. Most women aren't all roughly the same height and weight like these girls are, which gives away that they had very strict standards which were bent only for this one girl.

No. 1120786

File: 1609654523453.png (339.11 KB, 885x328, 14293a995a764b887d02a67d54224e…)

Kek I remember seeing him in that Melanie Martinez movie and I had to do a double take when he showed up in a shot directly next to a girl, I clocked him instantly. He's honestly not awful at passing but he makes Melanie look like an absolute midget on-sceen, he's a hulk compared to her.

No. 1120789

One of my now ex girlfriends friends was a MtF that went by Emma. Two weeks after I met him he started going by Carolina which…is my name(nobody cares)

No. 1120790

File: 1609655663798.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3072x3072, 17BEEDC9-E387-4811-A07D-180227…)

What is the trend with pro gamers trooning out? Also nice try dude, no matter how much makeup and photoshop you do you can't fix your manly square jaw, you can easily be clocked in public. uwu egirl~

No. 1120792

its always ow players

No. 1120850

>(read the OP)
Uh, what about it? This is the MtF thread. Can mods stop showing their personal bias?
>MtFs have a female brain.. uhh.. when they pass!
Nice reasoning you have there. There's no such thing as a "female" brain.
>Not all troons deserve to be shit on just for being troons.
Yes they do. Their nonsensical ideology is sexist and is seeping into the mainstream. It is actively hurting women and making women's spaces less safe.

No. 1120853

shut the fuck up, don't compare schizos to trannies since schizos are literally insane unlike other ~uwu mentally ill~ people, who actually have control over how they behave unlike some psychotic poor fuck.

male trannies aren't delicate little flowers they are men who by making a womanhood into a costume validate all the sex stereotypes that exist about women. even the pretty "true trans" trannies you simp for are responsible for this, they are all misogynist if they think womanhood is a cotume.

No. 1120859

Laine, like Lain from the cyberpunky anime?

No. 1120862

I'm definitely not male and don't have any medical conditions and my natural waist curve is a few inches above my navel.

I don't know what source you got your information from.

No. 1120869

File: 1609677808399.jpg (492.48 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2021-01-03_14-42-08.JPG)

There are plenty of women who have shoulders wider than their hips.

If you actually go out in public and look at women's bodies top heavy women are common.

Look at these pictures of Catherine Zeta Jones, Lucy Pinder and Liz Hurley, none of them are troons and they all have wider shoulders.

I am probably going to get a ban for this but I wish this sort of sperging would stop. Women come in many different shapes and sizes. It wouldn't matter if a troon really did pass, he's still a man. I feel like these posts invalidate women's bodies.

No. 1120871

It's common for troons to attempt to impersonate women in their lives. It's super creepy.

No. 1120872

There are in fact troons that do pass well as women whether people want to admit it or not. Particularly if you don't examine them under a microscope or carry a fornesic pathology test on them after they die.

It doesn't make them any less male if they pass.

It's fun to laugh at troons that look very obviously male but I just can't with all this sperging about shoulder to waist ratio, where the waist is in relation to the navel, how long their fingers are ect.

That's the kind of bullshit that those loons who believe that Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are male would say.

No. 1120879

There's a lot of apple-shaped women like this. They will also gain fat in their stomach and boobs first instead of hip and thighs like a pear shaped woman would. But it is called "androgynous fat distribution" because it is more common in males.

The woman you showed all have very defined waists still and wider hips than any man naturally would have.

I blame this "is this woman a troon?" thing entirely on troons. Life sucks now for women who are just born ugly or with a mannish face, everyone assumes they are now trans instead of just unfortunate looking. Nobody would have even questioned it back in the days.

No. 1120888

I've never seen one pass 100% of the time tbh, there's always something that seems off or uncanny about them. If their face just about passes, something else gives them away like height, voice or mannerisms, which aren't small nitpicky things. Mannerisms are especially clockable. You just kinda know when you're in a male presence regardless of how hard they try

No. 1120902

> "what is womanhood beyond a means of control?"
real women know

No. 1120933


No. 1120962

Some 35 y.o. white koreaboo at my work calls himself Taeyeon.

No. 1120970

Yeah I noticed that too. I think the reason for this is because these dudes get obsessed and hooked on the female characters in the game. I notice a lot of them tend to play female characters most of the time and just like the weeaboos who troon out because they want to be uwu cute anime girls, these dudes do the same.

No. 1120971

File: 1609691140187.jpeg (1.53 MB, 4032x4030, DC39D918-15AE-4814-AAF1-21B868…)

>I guess lesbian really means vagina owner who loves vaginas

I mean.. yeah. If you want to break it down in dehumanizing language. Then yes. That’s exactly what lesbian means.

They’re so close, but so far.


No. 1120987

File: 1609693137045.jpg (422.63 KB, 1080x1140, wlv.jpg)

They're hating on r/actuallesbians? The troon-embracing sub? I'm surprised someone could post there abozt dickhate without getting permabanned.

Lol at these comments, couldn't even find any disagreement with OP by sorting by controversial.
>why don't they call themselves wlv?
Because the moment they'd try to distinguish themselves in this orwellian lgbt community, you mtfs would instantly take it away anyway.

No. 1120998

Don't you love how they always mention black women?
I may have read this wrong but do they not see how fucked up that is? I've NEVER seen them bring up any other group of women more to defend trans women then black women.

If they say they love vaginas, you know because they are lesbians, transbiens would go, "not all women have vaginas" and accuse them of being transphobic and hurting their feelings because apperently no one is allowed to dislike dick on a LESBIAN SUB.

Meanwhile transbiens can whine about hating their dicks, wanting their dicks gone and only wanting "Cis lesbian" attention.

No. 1121004

These people cry over the tiniest things. As soon as anyone burst their delusions they break down, it only proves how much transitioning is a stupid "treatment". If it worked, they would go towards accepting themselves more, but they don't, they are still tied to others opinions and actions. They still act like kids who need other adults to do anything in their lives. I guess that's their goal anyway, being a "sPiNnY SkirT giRL UwU! If u don't wanna suck my girldick u are a twansphobe!"

No. 1121012

I'm still bitter about him trooning out, and of course, he and his girlfriend broke up so he could date some other transwoman and claim he's in a lesbian relationship now.

No. 1121015

File: 1609695519852.jpeg (725.33 KB, 1242x1422, B168C9E0-A5BA-475A-960B-E3F5A8…)

Let’s just arm poor uwu delicate trans women for free to attach terfs or retarded men that they attempt to deceive. 1/2

No. 1121016

>If you want the whpenis group, there are plenty of them on reddit
Where? All subs for non-dicksucking lesbians get banned as hate groups.

You didn’t read it wrong. They’re saying that if black women, fat women, disabled women etc. are accepted as women then there’s no reason men shouldn’t be accepted as women as well.

No. 1121017

File: 1609695560121.jpeg (818.72 KB, 1242x1844, 1F9367C6-3889-4999-A1B1-0EFE2D…)

*attack, not attach. 2/2

No. 1121021

File: 1609695931602.jpg (814.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210103-173547_rif…)


I just fucking cannot girls. Most of troons dont look like women even when wearing their female skin suits, and the only reason they are not being misgendered when they are in their feeeeemale get up is because people are too polite to call out how ridiculous they look. As always, makes me fucking wonder what they think "being a woman is".
I also think that natal women should be arbiters of what being a woman is. Like, you want to pretend to be us, at least listen to what we have to say, holy fucking shit.
A lot of gems in the comments too, such as "cis women who are uncomfortable with performing feminity are probably trans men in denial". Cause gender is clothes and make up.

No. 1121034

I’m sure none of those weapons will be used on the men who are actually attacking them. They’ll definitely use those against women and girls.

No. 1121038

I see the same thing coming for Jim Sterling, he's taking hormones and he's a "They/them" now.
He's been a chaser for a while, soon he'll troon out and he'll leave his wife for a trans woman, or possibly add a trans woman to their relationship.

No. 1121042

What is he going to do with a color book? Throw it at the attacker?

No. 1121049

>at least listen to what we have to say, holy fucking shit.
His last paragraph is him demanding from women to act in his interests, I doubt they have any interest in listening to women at all. It only matter what they think and feel.

No. 1121051

Lots of ex-military men also troon out. Trooning out seems to happen a lot in some heavily male-dominated spaces like e-sports/speedrunning and military. Or maybe it's just because those spaces are already associated with other mental illnesses. Most normal people can't stand sitting and practicing the same game over and over again to make it to e-sports level.

No. 1121052

the coloring book is there cause they need to color to calm down after getting ~violently~ attacked an evil terf /s

No. 1121068

why does this have redtext under it lol, nobody else who answered the anon’s question got it

tranny janny strikes again

No. 1121074


The common denominator in speedrunning and trooning is autism.

No. 1121079

The cyelatm guy is canceled now and deleted all his social media because he made another troon uproot his life for a "comic job" that turned out to be a booty call and then kicked the other troon out when he stopped agreeing to sex


No. 1121080

Because anon shared her real name. Read the rules

No. 1121084

In what fucking world is it normal to be this pissy about somebody not wanting to fuck you? The entitlement!

Also a lesbian saying she doesn't like dicks doesn't technically "invalidate" them even if you buy into all of their shit. You could argue that the lesbian just has a preference. I mean, if a lesbian only likes blondes, are brunettes no longer women? Are lesbians expected to be attracted to all women all the time? These people are tying their womanhood into whether or not people will fuck them and they expect us to believe this isn't a fetish?

If somebody turned around and told me they were attracted to women but they weren't attracted to me because X,Y and Z, my brain wouldn't do the troon math and question whether or not I was a woman. But I guess that's because I have the actual female biology and experience and don't need to be validated constantly by strangers online.

No. 1121112

The colouring book & pencils absolutely blindsided me. That’s the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen so far this year, like why

Imagine reaching for your pepper spray and oh no whoops it’s crayolas

No. 1121113

The thing is even the ones who go for people who want them blame rejection on "being trans" or being the "Wrong kind of trans".I truly think some of them think the only reason they can't find someone is they are trans. The regular rules of seeking love don't apply to them. They are women, anyone who likes women should like them, who cares if you don't like fat/fit women? Who cares if you like a certain look, or like a certain personality? Who cares if you are a lesbian or straight man who does not want to be with someone with a dick or who had one?
They are women. Therefore, if they come onto you and you don't want it, a lot of them tend to jump to it being because they are trans, even if you say it's not. There's NO other reason. I blame this on them chasing lesbians/straight men and knowing that these people truly do not want them, so their excuse is, "I'm trans and they are transphobic" but they start using that towards all rejection.
They feel entitled. I've even seen trans women pull this on eachother.

No. 1121117

but 10 years ago or at least 8; ugly females at clubs and raves were assumed to be trans in my city but it mightve been an anti black/mixed thing. Although one girl specifically was just called "the Caveman".
I wonder if people are more vocal to their face now because before it was more of a "wow youre so brave for being besties with a transwoman!" to the friends vs telling that stuff to the ugly girls face. I wonder if ugly girls now get all the praises like troons do and if theyre offended, dont realize or take the compliment.

No. 1121125

I also know of an alice who now is a commie catgirl. Troons are so unoriginal

No. 1121152


No. 1121155

I've met several Madelines

No. 1121203

File: 1609710830303.png (1 MB, 882x1260, tumblr_e09aa8f3ac17806e396577c…)

No. 1121211

File: 1609711401807.jpg (592.92 KB, 1241x2208, 1609694968624.jpg)

No. 1121243

leave this thread already

No. 1121282

>Ever so slightly inconvenient

Yeah expecting a lesbian to fuck and suck your dick is more than "inconvenient" it's sexual harassment. Plenty of straight women out there, why focus only on the group which would validate your identity for sexual interest? Sex shouldn't be simply for ego boost and validation, especially where if infringes or erases someone's sexuality and could be viewed as coercion, harassment and rape considering the level of guilt tripping they do.

No. 1121287

As for the asshole in the third screenshot, none of these other categories of women appreciate you lumping them in as other and all of them are still fucking (cis) women even if you think they are inferior, because you're a piece of shit scrote who judges women on a sliding scale of status and health markers - which no actual cis woman does

No. 1121297

>please be aware of your privilege and be a little nicer
>Cis women should be nicer to cis males

More demands for women to conform to female socialization and be nice to males as if they aren't coddled enough by women as a standard

No. 1121304

>A lot of gems in the comments too, such as "cis women who are uncomfortable with performing feminity are probably trans men in denial". Cause gender is clothes and make up.

Kinda proves the point they think being a woman is a costume and by wearing trousers and no makeup you take off the costume.

No. 1121388

what neu grunge graphic designer worked on this so i can unfollow them?

No. 1121419

I've heard of this person, do they have an internet presence by chance?
TBT to the tranny who was beating up lesbians in the name of self-defense after catfishing them on dating apps.

No. 1121459

"I'm tired of not being accepted and caterered to" wah wah welcome to womanhood lol

No. 1121472

no looooool

No. 1121500

lmao women all the time after rejecting a dude or if a dude wants to neg her or humiliate her, will just refer to her as a "man". men gatekeep women all the time, why would they stop now and why would they want to suffer what they likely perpetuated for years?

also these trans women are forcing their sexuality on people, when i thought it was purely gender based and they get furious with sexual implications? why would they get angry with cis lesbians, who carved a space out for their fake lesbian selves to exist? why can't they just accept they're a subgroup of that because they have completely different experiences? why the fuck are men so bad with boundaries???

No. 1121507

File: 1609733265002.png (832.7 KB, 572x789, Capture.PNG)

Tumblr is a cesspool. Disregard the shinigami eyes extension, i downloaded it for the shits and giggles.

No. 1121510

I know almost no Spanish but this made perfect sense to me

No. 1121545


No. 1121585

Tears in my eyes anon, thank you for this.

No. 1121587

my sides
I have no idea what El Hon means but the rest was really easy to understand. Tranny shit transcends all language barriers, the mandibula part took me out lmao

No. 1121589

This is beautiful, anon.

No. 1121591

Ot… but is that Elita Harkov on the far left?

No. 1121597

No. 1121624

Hon is just another word for non passing delusional tranny, eg. Hontra

No. 1121625

"hon" is short for honey and what twanz women call eachother to maintain their delusions. then it became ironic on the /lgbt/ board and now a Hon is a TIM that doesn't pass but thinks he can.

No. 1121641

Kek based

No. 1121645

Wow, she just needs to take the kids a d gtfo.

No. 1121677

I always knew this guy was a major creep. Happy to see him finally go down

No. 1121691


>Plenty of straight women out there.

As a straight woman I don't want 'girldick' either.

A man trooning out would be a deal breaker to me. I would at the very least tell him I didn't want to be a part of it and that I will not be personally accommodating his fetish or validating any delusion he had that he was a woman.

I would prefer it if AGPs stayed away from women full stop and just got off with each other. I can even respect that.

I think however women always get hurt as a result of AGP behavior.(Nobody cares)

No. 1121694

For them it's because being a woman is a costume. They know this on a deeper level and not only that but they lack empathy for actual women so they can't see beyond their own experiences as delusional AGPs in terms of womanhood.

No. 1121747

>TBT to the tranny who was beating up lesbians in the name of self-defense after catfishing them on dating apps.
Wait, what?

No. 1121767

You can really glean it from his sickening little comic. The way he views lesbian relationships (though even the relationship in the comic is straight tranny/woman lmfao)
and by extension women makes my skin crawl

No. 1121820

should be the next thread pic

No. 1121851

File: 1609782319098.jpg (83.92 KB, 600x400, 100810_Beckiiparents_600.jpg)

kek at beckii cruel as "the shame of the family"

No. 1121885

Yeah, I'd say it's pretty normal for men to be this pissy about somebody not wanting to fuck them.

No. 1122242

File: 1609811283568.jpg (191.95 KB, 720x612, 20210104_194647.jpg)

No. 1122246

it's almost as if "womanhood" is a set of stereotypes fetishized by men

No. 1122251


No. 1122264

Ah yes, wearing ugly aliexpress clothes and cheap amazon wigs, the peak of womanhood.

No. 1122265


kek anon. this is the funniest thing I've ever seen. The COPE!

No. 1122285

Yes, because all my ideas of womanhood and femininity came from larping troons and not real women like Hedy Lamarr, Billie Holiday, and Audrey Hepburn. Kek. Troons wish they were on the same fucking planet as real women.

No. 1122288

The male energy this exudes is palpable. Its funny how you dont see memes about FtM troons being better men than cis men but for MtF its all about the competition. They can't just be as good as cis women they have to be better than them at even their biological gender because fundamentally male brains can't handle not automatically being superior to us "inferior cis females".

Its depressing how women can't even "woman right" anymore without having to be born as a maladjusted socially awkward male first. We truly get shit on from all sides no matter how "woke" society gets.

No. 1122291

No. 1122384

File: 1609826284506.png (93.13 KB, 1266x314, Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 9.56…)

A tranny wants Disney to hire him as a princess and make height exceptions. the absolute level of delusion.

No. 1122402

File: 1609829746272.png (213.46 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20201219-221320.png)

Part 1/2 of a wild spotted troon.

No. 1122403

File: 1609829874109.png (325.59 KB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20201219-221355~2.p…)

Samefag but end of paragraph had me laughing so hard. Wait til he discovers lesbians like women.

No. 1122412

> Should have been born a woman

They even admit that there is a difference. «Should have» not «were»..

No. 1122421

Ugly straight veteran male with lesbian fantasies looking for women to hold his hand and perform emotional labor for him. Never seen that one before.

No. 1122426

why do they always assume bisexuals will want them? just because someone’s interested in men and women doesn’t mean they’re looking for some kind of freakish mashup of the two.(Nobody cares )

No. 1122439

>Asian American
Imagine Disney bending over backwards to be Woke(TM) and casting this guy as Mulan. A man posing as a woman who poses as a man to escape the oppressive gender roles forced upon her because she’s a woman.

No. 1122457

File: 1609839450599.jpeg (261.17 KB, 750x1128, F5C3CD61-8635-4DD0-A42B-FF8158…)

Of course they’re only ever interested in LARPing as a “cute teen anime girl.”

Wanting to play pretend as a “girl” for a few years and then switching back to being a man when it’s convenient. Just like a real woman.

No. 1122460

Boohoo, we all age. Fucking coomers.

No. 1122469

>I want to see myself as young and attractive
>now 23

If you're not young and attractive at 23 you were never going to be, and this is setting off all my pedo detectors since when is 23 not young?

No. 1122471

>I feel like maybe I'm not trans, maybe I just want to be seen as attractive?
I mean even he admits it, he knows what's his deal but people will still go "No! You're a stunning brave trans wymmyn who needs to transition now or you'll 41% by 25!".

No. 1122472

Don't you know any girl above 12 is a dried up old hag with no eggs left in her carton? How will he live out his barely-legal-teen fantasies when he is already at the ripe old age of 23?

But it's not a fetish of course and not entirely about living out your porn fantasies. Of course.

No. 1122482

Occasionally you see people in trans-critical spaces saying that all these guys will commit suicide once the fetish loses its appeal, but I think that’s only likely for the ones who cut their dick off. The rest will simply detransition and go on living as ugly mediocre men. None of them want to be old women.

No. 1122513

>internalized misogyny
Nah dude, you got just plain and old misogyny

No. 1122529

File: 1609853982717.jpg (160.29 KB, 1241x1200, Yf78zzW.jpg)

thank god. this needs to apply to all troons

No. 1122554

The sub is usually ok but lately it has been nothing but trans trash. I'm so tired of their trash and policing

No. 1122579

So a gay man who likes feminine gay guys but with a hundred extra steps? Hoo, boy.

No. 1122626

>a man
>never gone down on a woman
>attracted to other men

No. 1122655

>the sub is usually ok
Lol, no. It's been tranny trash for years now, that's why the actual lesbians moved to the now banned r/truelesbians.
Aren't all their mods either troons or bisexual women dating troons?

No. 1122661

i'm not even bi, tranny janny. it was a genuine question kek.

No. 1122678

"I want to cherry pick the cute-sexy-young aspects of patriarchy-defined fake womanhood … Actual womanhood really freaks me out, eww, gross!"

No. 1122800

the absolute state of reddit

No. 1122911

I hate that you can't even call this shit out or they'll start screaming and crying about how ~hyper-scrutinized~ and ~oversexualized~ trans women are, claiming that people rightly calling out fetishistic and nasty behavior is just transmisogyny because trans women are sooo nitpicked compared to everyone else. Basically saying no, we're not pedophiles, you're just reading into things because you're transphobic! Checkmate terf!

No. 1122944

File: 1609878199481.jpg (41.71 KB, 720x587, FB_IMG_1609878200311.jpg)


No. 1122956

Woww, there wasn’t even any blogging in that post. The tranny janny is really mad that even bisexuals don’t want to fuck them lmao.

No. 1122985

File: 1609879820384.jpg (17.23 KB, 640x360, GwdvmfkWQbRX_640x360.jpg)

Ladies… if you facetune yourself so much that your nose disappears and leaves only two nostrils? does that make you a real and honest woman?

Woof at what he actually looks like

No. 1123016

That thumbnail screams “look at how cute I, a transwoman, am compared to this black cis woman making carefully selected ugly faces” but his face is so heavily edited it’s comical. Not that chasers are going to notice. I’m convinced most men are borderline faceblind.

No. 1123022

Based and pinkpilled, not to mention the only reason Flavor of Love was watchable.
Kek at the filters though, when you compare it to reality here >>1122985 it's amazing what facetune/snow filters can do these days.

No. 1123027

File: 1609882013978.jpg (405.19 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_74308a8fd653d8c25be99a6…)

No. 1123044

anon , that's spot on

No. 1123056

Is this real or? imagine being so fat that a whole copypasta can be read on a piece of clothing you’re wearing.

No. 1123059

This has to be a photoshop edit or an ironic joke.

No. 1123062

Holy fuck that’s an ugly shirt(?)

No. 1123077

File: 1609884657547.jpeg (162.03 KB, 1242x374, C447D7E3-6E37-4468-854F-3AE8C0…)

“It would be nice to be in a lesbian relationship one day” says the man named Stephen

No. 1123137

FUCK is that really him?? Good lord that's a hell of editing he does lol

No. 1123161

File: 1609888313553.png (47.65 KB, 527x314, 457457457.png)

This is bleak.

No. 1123186

File: 1609889671910.jpg (86.63 KB, 645x556, tme people suck.JPG)

but it's the TERFs who are racist for saying that biological sex exists. nevermind this white twink trying to flex on a black woman

"tme people" just say you hate women and go

No. 1123194

excuse my new faggotry but what is a TME?

No. 1123205

Stands for "trans-misogyny exempt", I think. Just a word for anyone who is not a transwoman and is supposed to imply that this is some sort of oppressive class.

No. 1123208

"transmisogyny exempt" – because who cares if you've been shat on your whole life for being female, this man in a dress is way more oppressed than you and you need to check your privilege

No. 1123239


No. 1123335

No. 1123358

Holy shit anon. This really is how it is.

No. 1123436

>’tme people’ instead of just openly complaining about ‘afabs’
What a solid way for troons to evade being accused of misogyny, lumping women in with men.

No. 1123488

I can't believe this is from 2011

No. 1123522

"i've always felt different since I was young" okay but doesn't everything you've mentioned basically sound like a guy who's a bit insecure and more sensitive than other men?

these people are like munchies. they hear one piece of information pertaining to being supposedly more of a woman than a man and they're like "OH! that fits me perfectly!" and decide to completely ruin their lives over it.

No. 1123525

"well really when you look at it, Mulan is obviously an UnHAtcHEd trans man! that's why she dressed like a man! not to keep her elderly father out of war and save her country but bc she wanted a penis!"

No. 1123664

Lmao go dilate.(Hi scrote )

No. 1123774

This one pisses me off because I love Mulan and she was such a good role model and now her character is being bastardized by this troon fuckery. I've also heard this kinda sentiment being used for the video game character Samus Aran from Metroid because god forbid a female character can be a bad ass bounty hunter.

No. 1123783

People in the comments thinking this is about "he/him" lesbians on twitter makes me very sad

No. 1123888

Apparently the admin says that there's no trannies as mods since she voice confirms their gender or w/e. But no one can deny that the militant janny is wrong as >>1122661 says that she's not even blogposting but raising a valid point.
Can the other jannys please look into who the janny is that's banning/red texting over menial shit that's not ban worthy? I know this is technically meta related but tbh where better to discuss this than in the actual thread that it keeps happening.
Tiffany/New York said on Instagram Live afterwards that she's always asked if she's a trans woman and explicitly said that she's not offended about it. If that's not being an ally to trannies then wtf is? Iirc people in the comments were still mad at her because apparently she was making excuses and she was supposed to admit that she's transphobic or that she outright hates trans people.
https://www.instagram.com/p/CJefmGQBzNd/(Take it to meta)

No. 1124016

File: 1609961675581.jpg (9.62 KB, 126x126, 1341.jpg)

>admin rn

rip anon

No. 1124031

Black women can’t even be offended about being compared to men or being called masculine anymore lol. They’re just supposed to center how it’s transphobic, transmisogynist and there’s nothing wrong with looking like a man anyway. See: handmaiden Jackie Aina.

No. 1124088

Language truly is a magical think, isn't it? I think my last facial nerve died after reading about "TME" being a thing now, and I can't get my jaw back up.

No. 1124099

saw a guy call a transbian "straight with extra steps" and thought that was funny

No. 1124128

File: 1609973548872.png (456.52 KB, 800x677, 1607115359895.png)


No. 1124135

I so hope this is real

No. 1124145

No. 1124150

what site is this so I can support them ASAP?

No. 1124156

The one and only aliexpress babeyyyy

No. 1124171

They’re so polite though

No. 1124398

this screams the whole JK Rowling situation all over again. neither of these women said anything transphobic but they got a hate mob anyway. and then it’s a self fulfilling prophecy of transphobia because why the fuck would you support a group who is viciously attacking you for no reason?

No. 1124486

File: 1610004000190.jpeg (118.03 KB, 750x531, 03DC0340-1BA9-49C4-AB72-9E380C…)

Women dumb, men smart.

No. 1124489

that's not even spatial visualization

No. 1124491

File: 1610004284877.jpeg (117.87 KB, 828x389, D9A19A33-BC7C-4D47-96AB-3CDB17…)

Saw this in the comments. Enraging how they’re implying that women’s cognitive abilities are lesser. Blatant sexism and of course no one is calling out.

No. 1124493

>couldn't comprehend what was infront of me
Pretty accurate explantion for that sub.
I get "women Dumb" is a well used cliche, but do they seriously believe that somehow estrogen makes them dumber?
Actually, thinking about it. Lowering their IQ would make sense given that they think neo's look good

No. 1124500

It could be a symptom of their sexism but that could also be due to them consuming large amounts of Brazilian horse piss

No. 1124507

I actually belive HRT can make you stupid but not in the hurr women r dumb and men r smart -kinda way, but in the way that you're injecting a hormone that does not belong in your body and it's causing your body to freak tf out in various different ways. Lowered cognitive capabilities is just one symptom among many. I don't have any first hand experience with MtFs but every single FtM that I know keeps complaining about the plethora of serious side effects HRT gives them. And yet somehow they still don't realize that they're actively mutilating themselves but that's troonery in action, I guess. Absolute mental illness.

No. 1124509

It really makes no sense why this poster was banned. It's not blogging, it's regular and valid commentary on a cow screenshot. Is there an ESL janny monitoring this thread?

I swear this is some sort of a bimbofication fetish shit at work again.
>Oh noooo I took my lady pills and wouldn't you know it, I can't do simple math anymore! Tee hee!

No. 1124516

It's probably a combination of cope, denial, and cognitive dissonance. Plus a heady dose of fetishization and misogyny.
>Ah yes, of course I am losing brain function and cognitive ability because I am becoming more woman-like and not because I'm injecting my body with hormones that don't belong with who knows what side effects over the long term, that must be it.
They probably believe the same about osteopersosis and cancer that can come with some forms of this too.
>Hehe my bones are so uwu dainty and brittle teehee

No. 1124554

based aliexpress seller

No. 1124570

Based chink sweatshop runner

No. 1124571

Siri, what is "bimbofication fetish?"

No. 1124574

He must be an absolute tard, I'm just a stupid dummy dumb dumb woman and I still managed to do it in my head in under 1min, YIKES.

No. 1124651

Well no, anon. Read again. He could VISUALISE complex math before! He was a genius don't ya know

No. 1124652


Curious to know if there's any correlation between trooning and early onset dementia, either before or after.

No. 1124675

Damn I know it’s Asian sizes but he must be built like a linebacker.

No. 1124682

Bimbofication is a valid representation of femininity and if you don’t like it you have internalized misogyny sweaty

No. 1124688


No. 1124698

File: 1610039370694.png (68.44 KB, 910x422, sexistpig.PNG)

Anon you misunderstood, he added an update to clarify his point

No. 1124702

"Ah, thanks for clarifying that you actually did mean the unsupported sexist claim you were insinuating."

No. 1124711

File: 1610040905352.jpeg (279.44 KB, 1749x1055, 036663CB-DC40-4060-BA41-95744A…)

Of all the names in the world, this guy picked Gentiana. I can’t get over it.

No. 1124722

File: 1610041321193.jpg (11.39 KB, 254x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8…)

>Hourglass figure

No. 1124726

File: 1610041453270.jpeg (332.96 KB, 1234x1668, 7FEA554B-A4F4-41E8-82D6-DF1031…)

here’s the “hourglass figure” in question.

No. 1124728

His grandmother is going to be upset when she finds out he stole her skirt.

No. 1124735

>I've always been jealous that I wasn't allowed to use it
There we have it

No. 1124745

>I've been on hormones for 8 months and have an hourglass figure

Press x to doubt

No. 1124750

File: 1610042679957.jpg (254.1 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20210107_190142.jpg)

his post history lmao

No. 1124755

not surprised that troons are posting in a subreddit called TwoXChromosomes

No. 1124756

Lmao the bottom one. I bet nobody said it’s because he’s a creepy, overtly misogynistic man wearing womanhood as a costume. They probably told him she envies his beauty or something.

No. 1124780

>spatial visualization is based on T-levels
By his own hard-hitting science the best mathematicians in the world are steroid-abusing macho men then, not the "beta" scrawny men that are usually seen teaching at university level.

No. 1124786

Especially if he also wears >>1124726 outfits like these, I'd think I'm being filmed for a prank channel.

I wonder how much big the overlap is between MtF and TwoXChromosomes. I think all that's left for women is to move into communities called "Manly men grilling" and the like, might be too triggering for trannies.

No. 1124848

I know there was a study indicating Lupron caused a 10 point IQ drop, so I could see other forms of fucking with the endocrine system having similar effects.

No. 1124890

File: 1610051120387.jpg (786.52 KB, 1080x2187, Screenshot_20210107-151524_Bra…)

Found in the NY Post today. STICKERS.

No. 1124933

File: 1610054177041.png (658.38 KB, 779x1318, autistictroon.png)

This guy is ridiculous. He posts constantly on troon and r/twox (pseudo-troon) subs for validation, commenting as much as 14 times a day and posting up to 3 times per day (according to a reddit user analyzer). Literally lives online.

No. 1124940

nice hourglass figure there

No. 1124944

m. night shemaleanon

No. 1124959

File: 1610056126497.jpg (46.22 KB, 489x750, Oh god that jingle _60912f137b…)

Genius. You must have so much testosterone to come up with a clever joke like that

No. 1124964

God bless his supportive mum, several of his more positive posts are about her.
So is he gay and thinks he needs to be a woman for it to be acceptable? Based on his spelling he's in the UK, nobody gaf about gay people here. He could just be gay and skip all the other stuff.

No. 1124971


I keep reading his name as genitalia

No. 1124977

Wait I missed the all-caps
>I'm not freaking gay I'm a woman who likes men

Guess that answers my question.

No. 1124986

Lurked and it seems he was in a car accident as a kid and has complications from that and it also seems he just started mimicking his sisters. Seems autistic as well, his posts are kinda fun to look through, the delusion.

No. 1125048

File: 1610062754723.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3024x4030, BB123200-DAC7-4FD3-8319-46F012…)

This has been pretty much disproven by newer studies that show men and women perform about the same. Older (or even newer) studies often have a misogynistic bias. Also can be explained by the “stereotype threat effect“. >the fear of fulfilling stereotypes negatively affects performance which results in a self fulfilling prophecy
Even if it were true doing basic addition in your head isn’t “spatial visualization” so maybe HRT did make him retarded if that’s what he thinks spatial visualization is.

Jesus I’ve seen this guy before and I wanted to post him but never got around to it. His mouth is like permanently gaping opened like that. Imagine this dead eyed, halitosis breath basking shark staring at you in the women’s changing room.

No. 1125073

The classic MtF stare gets me every time

No. 1125078

I think this is a spin-off of the classic stare, less creepy/horny and more completely braindead

No. 1125096


This tickled me

No. 1125100

He actually does have brain damage, not sure how it’s smart to fuck with that even further with horse piss pills

No. 1125386

File: 1610087338741.png (19.98 MB, 7704x7272, 418723978575.png)

Ridiculous photoshoppers x mtf crossover. Troon caught skin walking and still gets defended in the comments. He has done this multiple times.

No. 1125387

File: 1610087373842.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x2560, 1610083664113.jpg)

No. 1125408

File: 1610090550063.jpg (116.4 KB, 974x877, untitled1.jpg)

I have no words.

No. 1125413

jesus christ, the order of priority with their list…second on it, can chat up children without being seen as creepy! followed shortly by wearing short-shorts and presumably spinny skirts.

No. 1125430


Well, it's true that grooming kids is easier as a troon, because accusing a troon of being a pedo is twansphobia now.

No. 1125450

I feel like the stupidest myth troons propagate other than the magical girlhood is the "bathroom bonding". The only people I might talk to are the friends that came in with me. I've never started socializing with strangers in a public bathroom. I think only trannies insist that it's normal behavior.

No. 1125472

their only frame of reference is scenes in movies

No. 1125484

do you have more milk anon? this seems insane kek

No. 1125487

How can anyone defend or sympathize with this guy? Like ok he has problems, so he needs to seek therapy and not live vicariously through these women’s lives/pictures. But of course there will always be some genderspecial tra to the rescue for creepy disgusting men like this and not the women being used as filters because neither troons or tras see them as people.

No. 1125500

Reminds me of the awkward 40-yo trans woman that tried to interact with me and other women in a bar's bathroom this summer. They kept making small remarks on innocuous stuff like the music to make some conversation, it was completely harmless but so bizarre.

No. 1125504

File: 1610105472463.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1200x1001, cult.png)

I knew this was happening on 4chan, but it's really awful to see how malicious they are about it.

No. 1125511

File: 1610105936201.jpeg (201.58 KB, 1242x1537, ErHYQyDVEAM6hiQ.jpeg)

Apparently, this is what he actually looked like. He was also claiming to be black. Wild.

No. 1125512

File: 1610105976119.jpeg (31.3 KB, 619x646, ErHYfXlU0AYfdek.jpeg)

Samefagging. Even in these pictures, he shrunk his nose so much lmao. His accounts are gone now.

No. 1125521

this thread is always filled with mental illness but these two posts are the worst i've seen so far, jesus.
delusional schizo troon trying to force mentally ill kids into taking HRT + delusional toon shooping his face onto normal women's bodies. how do you not kill yourself when your thoughts are rotten like this?

No. 1125530

I definitely have drunkly socialised (as in share brief conversation with people in there or in the queue as well as the people I'm with) in multiple places and locations. However it is very much only in the evening at events and bars, like if someone tried to talk to me at 1pm in the train bathroom or something I'm calling the cops

No. 1125536

>butterfly like feeling when I play with a cute puppy

Ermmm sounds like you have a health problem, friend. It appears like some people experience cognitive and physical issues due to taking hormones which they attest to being more "female"

No. 1125540

>going with a friend to get her tubes tied, and the nurse asked which of us was getting the surgery

No. 1125544

Um, he's right about men and their testosterone being the source of violence and war kek. But going on E isn't gonna undo all that male pride, entitlement, competitiveness and suicidal thoughts that comes from male socialization lol

>tranny armies in tranny wars

No. 1125546

He transitioned into a Vulcan lmao

The only time I've ever socialized with strangers in a bathroom was when I went to conventions and all of us were fixing our cosplays. And even then it was mostly just "hey does anyone have extra bobby pins?"

Because apparently being happy when you play with puppies is something only women experience. TIL testosterone makes you hate puppies.

No. 1125550

crazy how many likes that gets. I said it in that thread, but if an actual woman stole pictures of someone and shopped her face on it, people would'nt be excusing it. Twitter regularly loses it's shit over the karjenners shopping their faces every other week.
There's always an excuse for trans women, there's always sympathy even when they are not a victim.
Women are called weird and "skin walkers" for doing this shit, but a trans girls, "Oh she suffers from bad dysphoria, go easy on her for stealing and pretending pictures of you are her!"

No. 1125551

Maybe I'm just a terrible person but if 4channers want to inject themselves with fake estrogen and self sterilize with srs, who am I to stop progress? They'll probably end up killing themselves like most trannies. Seem like a win for us.

No. 1125555

Except they are especially looking for underaged kids and teenagers to lure into their tranny grooming discords. There are plents of young people who feel alienated in the world, don't have parents who give a shit about them, go on 4chan, think they find likeminded people/friends/peers and then tumble down an endless spiral of degeneracy. I think that's fucking tragic.

No. 1125558

Most of the time the older groomer AGPs convince younger(16-19), socially impaired guys that could still easily grow out of their asocial tendencies and get help for their depression. Instead they are made to believe that because they don't fit in with their male peers, they're women.
I feel bad for teenagers swept up in this craze, the ones I don't feel bad for are the middle-aged hons that force their wives and kids into the roleplay, because they should know better.

No. 1125560

File: 1610112226186.jpg (762.46 KB, 2344x2203, degeneracy.jpg)

This 100%. They post shit like picrel to try and brainwash young men into thinking that their life will be easier and they will be desirable if they went from sweaty nerd to "cute femboy" or "catgirl".

They are then going to groom those kids in their discords, convince them to send them nudes and meet up to molest them. They are basically taking advantage of kids in very vulnerable positions with no support network who are confused from going through puberty and try to turn them into trannies so they can fuck them. It's fucking awful.

No. 1125569

Saw many ppl say things like “well the stuff he did was bad, but let’s not be twansphobic!!!”. It’s wrong to pretend to another race to this people but not another gender? Lol I

No. 1125592

It’s basically transmaxxing

No. 1125644

File: 1610122177427.jpg (140.62 KB, 676x943, broscience.jpg)

>reverse male pattern baldness
>testicles have atrophied
that made me laugh.
Reminds me of the "trap mode" workouts that rely on "bro-science" I see floating around from time to time.

No. 1125710

Ranma I'm gonna get you outta there

No. 1125737

before reading deeply I literally could not tell at first if this was a farmer meme or one of their serious cope posts…

No. 1125745

same but 90% if not all of those interactions were "theres no toilet paper" "are you waiting?" "cute outfit" followed by one word answers.
Troons really only learn from hollywood movies.
if someones crying in the bathroom; you normally avoid looking at them or leave them alone in the stall. Its not like the movies where she shares her lipstick and makes the other feel great and leave with a smile on her face.

No. 1125797

File: 1610132666996.jpeg (351.65 KB, 1125x1665, 4EA3CECC-3F64-447B-ACBE-D2B7DF…)

He denied being trans. It seems a lot of young girls follow him. How anyone above 18 could believe this was an actual woman, and a blasian at that is beyond me. And I actually don’t think they’re white either. From the little of their actual features we can figure out, he looks hispanic to me. Probs some gay who likes catfishing straight men.

No. 1125838

How dare they do this to him wtf

No. 1125840

Common theme, repeated once again: women are totally social in the bathroom!
No. We come to the bathroom to pee and take a shit. Oh my God. Restrooms are not a super-secret female social hub that must be infiltrated. (Maybe at a busy bar at the height of the night and everyone is drunk, a woman might be like, hey I like your shoes. But that's literally the end of it.)

No. 1125879

In my experience women encountering each other in the bathroom pretty much interact the same way as if they’d met in a hallway, though generally a bit more terse because nobody really wants to hang out in a public bathroom for longer than necessary. Men on the other hand apparently act very awkwardly around each other to the point of ignoring each others presence entirely because acknowledging there’s another person in the room would be… gay, I guess? So when they find out that women actually make eye contact and talk to each other in the bathroom they mentally exaggerate it to some kind of makeover slumber party.

I think everyone feels a little vulnerable in the bathroom. For women that’s mitigated by being in a female-only space, but for men it’s probably the most vulnerable they ever feel anywhere and they’re well aware that they’re in there with other men.

No. 1125947

To be fair, you can't really blame this all on troons because a lot of girls on twitter love to push "no one is more supportive than a group of drunk girls in a nightclub bathroom" and the whole "sisterhood" thing, so men end up believing this

No. 1125953


Lmao this video. Two minutes in they are already talking about fighting terves. So much focus on the hair and the makeup. And the woman couldn’t stop fawning over this ugly man calling him beautiful, how he is the hot wife now, so cute, such nice skin, how she’s so jealous of his “pretty face” etc etc. no wonder troons get such unwarranted egos when their handmaidens lie to them like this.

No. 1126086

he looks like he's skinwalking her. bleak. handmaidens compliment them like they're 5, no wonder they act like creepy giant children

No. 1126092

I have always found Kristen from Buzzfeed to be such a sweetheart. Her husband has trooned out and I feel so sorry for her. She's exactly the kind of woman an AGP would attach themselves to, she's incredibly passive and non confrontational. Thank goodness she hasn't had children with him.


No. 1126098

i mean his wife looks like a thumb. they both look like people that should be avoided at all costs.

No. 1126101

Kristen has always been an annoying woke fat idiot. She attracted exactly the type of man she deserves

No. 1126104

File: 1610156348085.jpg (365.1 KB, 1099x1176, hot wife.jpg)

>wife needs to specify that she is not a lesbian bc she's "still unfortunately sometimes attracted to men" (picrel but ok girl)
>but she's TOTALLY always preferred women this whole time, though, guys, really, so this is totally great and they're both totally queer
>the troon is still a proper "lesbian" though
>wife has been teaching him "how to lady" but still did his hair and makeup for him for the video
>"I still spend more days in boymode than I'd prefer because I have to get down girl basics. It's a lot of work!"
>wife repeatedly calls him her "hot wife" and emphasizes how pretty he is and that she's so jealous of him

anon she spends the whole video aggressively sucking his atrophied dick and threatening to "fight" anyone who criticizes them, hardly seems passive to me

No. 1126112

this is my nightmare

No. 1126114

I'm not a fan of Buzzfeed but Kristen was one of the few likable ones. She didn't really seem aggressively woke at all and she never really took part in any of the more voyeuristic stunts. She was always kind of awkward and joked a lot.

I honestly think she deserves much better than this pervert.


I can almost guarantee he's manipulating her. He's definitely a woke Mr sensitive, everything is obviously about him and his feelings and he's a woman now so she had better accept it or be ostracized forever. Many women vehemently defend their husbands when they troon out because it's not acceptable for them to show they are in the least bit unhappy.


It doesn't matter if she looks like an ass pimple, no woman should have to put up with a sick man who thinks he's a woman.

No. 1126120

With the way they fawn over him, it kinda looks like both women are a lesbian couple and the man is their mentally disabled son that has only a month left, so they are trying their best to make his last moments on this earth great and indulge him in everything

No. 1126126

It makes me sick seeing women fawn over troons like this and throw themselves and each under the bus in the process. 1

No. 1126134

they both look like Peter Griffin in drag.
It's crazy, i've seen women put themselves down to praise another woman or do the, "Wow you have great boobs better then mines"
But with troons they always put themselves down and convince them they are these beautiful women.

Then when they go outside and the world see's a ugly man in drag or maybe a ugly woman, they whine about that. They set these men up to fail.
It comes off so phoney but these men eat it up, which I find so crazy.

No. 1126140

Couldn't be more obvious that Kristen is terrified of him leaving her. She almost seems to be smothering him out of desperation.

No. 1126146

Kristen is the fatass who always brings up 'muh pcos' and thinks its unrealistic that woman is be able to touch her hand to her oppposite hip

No. 1126147

I would'nt be surpised if they open their relationship or he flat out leaves her for another troon. He looks like a chaser who trooned out.

No. 1126154

it doesn't change the fact that her husband is a tranny perv

No. 1126162

Literally a nightmare

No. 1126188

File: 1610163035053.jpg (377.45 KB, 1008x1713, 0345475.jpg)

the way he's clearly eating it up is what gets me the most. gross AGP narcissism

No. 1126359

We just gonna ignore the part where it suggests ingesting semen to achieve "trap-mode" aesthetics? The grooming is so transparent it's embarrassing.

No. 1126602

There is an aspect of trooning out that increases the risk of early onset dementia. I don't remember if it was HRT or puberty blockers.

No. 1126641

I remember Kristen made a cringe video how she met her husband and how he was into more morbidly obese people than her before they started dating and she "pined over him" no wonder why she's overcompensating, fat girl doesn't want to be alone.

No. 1126650

File: 1610186289966.jpg (182.45 KB, 988x875, 87bc3176-0ec8-410e-9cae-d9252d…)

That mom's name? Albert Einstein.

No. 1126671


The problem is a boomer being expected to learn a new language at short notice and never speak her native one. Newspeak only.

No. 1126704

I'd really like for these people to explain how you can just "shift how I see them as a gendered person". You can't look at Jason Momoa in a dress and a pink bow and see a woman, and to see literally no sex characteristics at all would need some really deep brainwashing. Very rarely do I see people that are confusingly androgynous, and those people are often aren't even trying, not like these green haired blobs that think tanktops and tattoos make them hard to gender.

No. 1126738

did they rename their insta? Im only finding "bratphobics" but it doesnt seem to be the same shoop heavy profile and says "she/they" on their profile

No. 1126742

Yeah they're basically asking to alter our perception on reality in order to adhere to their worldview. To not alter your perception of reality in order to humor friends or relatives (or more commonly, complete strangers REEEing online) is a hatecrime.

No. 1126748

He's South Asian and in those cultures being gay is still a major tabbo, I guess this is a case of a gay man transitioning

No. 1126833

They deleted, last time I heard. Maybe someone else is parked on it. You can still see his page here https://gramho.com/profile/bratphobic/4372857365

No. 1126835

I think it's unfair that they say they "knew since they were a kid" but they still marry and get into long term relationships without letting their partner know.

No. 1126852


>they both look like peter griffin in drag


that dress looks fucking terrible on him

I'm afraid to watch this…


big agree anon. I wonder if he trooned out during some crazy event where attention shifted from him

No. 1126860


In the video explaining why they left buzzfeed, Kristen goes into detail about how she was struggling physically and mentally for over a year due to work stress and that she was still recovering. Could be that.

No. 1126872

>named brie like the cheese
>similar to bryan/brian


The scrote voice is killing me honestly. Her level of handmaidening is wild. He was super fetishy before this and is worse now.Also, her jokes are really cringe and bad just like her "my boyfriend likes fat girls" video what the hell is wrong with them together.

> "teaching me to lady"

I didn't know we had lessons but okay…

>you've always had a feminine face


No. 1126874

sage your sperging and learn to integrate plz, your samefagging is obvious and not milky.

No. 1126922

File: 1610219249363.jpg (64.58 KB, 944x696, ETR6oP1UYAIshuG.jpg)

wish I had gotten the chance to see his youtube videos before he ran away. the contrast is just funny

No. 1126948

woah im surprised his eyes and face actually look like that. i thought it was some weird shoop/facetune.

Honestly with that low of a weight for being that height; i could imagine him passing as an anorexic female.

No. 1126956

This is tragic. They try to play it up as something playful and completely fine but I can’t imagine what’s going on in the back of Kristen’s mind. I wonder how much longer they’ll last?

No. 1126957

This video is tragic. She probably doubled in size only because of him. Gross

No. 1127006

he doesn't look like that, the inmate intake page is fake. ps learn to sage if you don't contribute

No. 1127025

File: 1610225961384.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, D9C8B234-C40B-4F58-B99C-A91908…)

That photo is fake, don’t be stupid

No. 1127154

>89 lbs.

No. 1127180

File: 1610235606304.jpeg (120.66 KB, 1230x846, B5082BAA-9598-4F21-B2ED-5A9EBB…)

No. 1127218

File: 1610237955786.jpg (309.73 KB, 842x595, onlysligtly.jpg)

The left urgently needs to face that it can be just as anti-science as the right, I say this as a lefty

No. 1127261

Where you get this

No. 1127267


i hate when troons don't even attempt to make their voices sound feminine. they do the bare fucking minimum then act surprised when they don't pass

No. 1127271

>domestic battery
Bet this fragile, vulnerable twans woman beat up an actual girl, too.

No. 1127272

File: 1610244197017.jpeg (332.4 KB, 1242x1831, 206F5AA3-6D73-4FF9-B9C0-A29A5D…)