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File: 1612766989248.png (430 KB, 864x1017, Screenshots_2021-02-08-00-12-1…)

No. 1155598

Posted caps from lolcow's server (currently closed) which is all full of milk of various types from white supremacists, weird gore, anons oversharing, multiple very very bad takes etc. Etc.

Do not race bait ITT or cow tip this is for keking at loons

Users of milky note:

> Overtly horny coomer aryan sperg who only ends up on dates with your classic gross /poltard chincels
> Allegedly has been claimed to be babivampire/fake babivampire in >>>/snow/1155445
>even if untrue then babivampire still lurks and reads this which is still kek
> Thinks nazi japanese are based
> Thinks og nazis were good
> Spends an embarassing amount of time tinfoiling over the inner workings of the Nazis when she's not coomin to WWII movies

>self-admitted middle easterner who engages with aryan spergs for whatever reason

Nun two
> Amerifag aryan sperg
> overshares weird shit like wanting to see severed body parts

P(butterfly emoji)
>aryan sperg

as op I don't have the discord so I have limited sauce mostly donated from other oldfags who are on it. Thus my descriptions are likely lacking

No. 1155601

File: 1612767239295.png (468.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1612766995486.png)

Cow crossover.

Not sure if actually her and not sure if kek or not that shes dragging another cow into this. Amusing at best

No. 1155606

File: 1612767665358.png (128.27 KB, 521x534, babi nef.PNG)

I think this might get moved to ot. Reposting from the Things You Hate thread

They talked about this yesterday. I think Nefeli is a fake babivampire, the way they're joking about it makes me think so.

No. 1155607

File: 1612767697714.png (9.54 KB, 329x79, ok armie.PNG)

Reposting caps.

No. 1155608

File: 1612767739935.png (132.38 KB, 694x303, ok eva braun.PNG)

No. 1155609

I think Nefeli and Gimp Girl would get along tbh on levels of simping although idk if shes racist

No. 1155610

File: 1612767851802.png (50.85 KB, 666x359, what the hell..PNG)

No. 1155611

File: 1612767952234.png (57.58 KB, 626x453, what nazi thirst will to do yo…)

No. 1155612

File: 1612768057596.png (75.14 KB, 722x593, invading 4chan nazi servers.PN…)

No. 1155613

File: 1612768216476.png (84.29 KB, 643x524, what.PNG)

No. 1155615


Honestly i thought Nef would like someone obsessed with crusades

No. 1155617

File: 1612768753964.png (34.6 KB, 408x248, interestingly wild.PNG)

No. 1155621


0% surprised shes a pickme

No. 1155622

File: 1612769260721.png (64.64 KB, 653x430, duality.PNG)

Weird cause she also posted this lmao. The context is they were stanning for Grimes and talking about how she will take over Elon's company

No. 1155627

File: 1612770159216.png (664.58 KB, 500x2000, comp.png)

Ok heres a comp of the Babivampire stuff that was said in the server (at least as far as I've seen). This was before >>1155606. So basically, I think Nefeli is not babivampire, but maybe someone cowtipped and said Nefeli was pretending to be her? Idfk.

No. 1155631

Yup, she’s obviously not babivampire, but it looks like someone sent screenshots to people on Twitter saying she was to fuck with the real babivampire.

No. 1155634

They know about the thread. One of them posted about it then deleted their messages.

No. 1155636

Already knew these losers were mental when so many bragged about having schizophrenia and self posted about their cosplays lmao

No. 1155638

Which one?

No. 1155640

Think it was Cwwissyyy? Wish I memorized the name but oh well.

No. 1155645

File: 1612771514189.png (359.53 KB, 1000x500, ok (1).png)

And finally, just some caps of Nefeli being a nazi pick me. I won't post anymore for tonight unless something interesting happens. Nefeli's definitely not the only nazi fetishist on this site though cough cough /g/ cough

No. 1155648

File: 1612771679528.png (32.44 KB, 374x259, hmm.PNG)

Samefag, one more of Eldritch claiming to be related to a Greek musician Ξυλούρη. Obviously this could be true, but I'll just post it here anyway

No. 1155661


Good collaboration. So are nef and other nazis gonna freak out and delete or just one faggot who likely was milky too rip

Where in /g anon…

No. 1155664

File: 1612773410281.png (186.51 KB, 681x499, woooo.PNG)

here we go girls

No. 1155669

File: 1612773927309.png (198.67 KB, 444x532, k.PNG)

Sending subs.
The only mod is Yokaipussy so there's no way Nef and the others can delete the server. Look in the fetishes you're ashamed of and uniform kink thread

No. 1155671

File: 1612773962236.png (165.93 KB, 416x351, cat.PNG)

No. 1155673

File: 1612774056974.png (190.09 KB, 608x535, jojo.PNG)

No. 1155675

Moved to >>>/ot/733281.

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