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File: 1455318885151.png (788.79 KB, 912x586, Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.10…)

No. 91978

Our #realrecovery #edworrior has fallen and can't get up to go to her beloved cafes, so her mom must stay home with her! Whatever will Aly do? Will she stay spoopy 5eva and lose a leg? Tune in!


last thread

No. 91980

File: 1455318993820.png (104.46 KB, 304x515, Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.10…)

So the wheelchair: apparently our heroine fell down inside the house yesterday. Who would have guessed that her spoopy arms wouldn't be able to support her? I guess Ma Casetti is now going to be in charge of wheeling her 20 year old infant around, since it's doubtful Aly has the strenght to wheel herself.

No. 91983

This takes me back when Michelle/shmegeh tripped and broke her a rib lol.

No. 92020

>#edworrior has fallen and can't get up

I don't know what sort of photo trickery she's managed to accomplish recently, but she looks softer and more human since the leg incident. However, the sternum continues to be suspiciously face-hugger-y (the small bit that I can see)

No. 92032

In regards to her latest waffle photos. She only ate two of those tiny hearts. The plate she's holding is the plate she made for the whole family's snack. Then the close-up is her portion, which has cinnamon on it (missing from the big plate) You can see from the two she is holding how tiny they are.

Nice try, Aly.

No. 92034

The close-up is also on an entirely different plate.

No. 92056

>plastered and penned at home
like a drunken animal

No. 92060

>She only ate two of those tiny hearts

She only served herself two tiny hearts. No evidence that she even ate them.

Does smothering things in cinnamon really do anything? I know anas think it suppresses appetite, is that just a delusion?

No. 92075

Exactly. I don't buy the "hit by a car" story at all. She has no bruises or scrapes like you would if you were hit by a car. I think she tripped on a rug or something at home and her brittle osteoporotic leg snapped like a dry twig. The car story was for drama and also because the real story would make her look ridiculous.

No. 92076

Also- "penned in bed??" A broken leg does not render a person bedridden. She is so full of shit.

No. 92087

The accident story was confirmed by her friend Alessia

No. 92089

Correction: her friend was also told the car story. The story Aly has told is the same across the board. Was she hot by a car? Maybe. Something broke her leg. But just because she told everyone it was a car hit doesn't mean it was a car hit.

No. 92125

Well she fell, right? So her fam might want her to rest or she may be sore from both the leg and the fall.

Interesting use of the word 'penned'. I think she feels very trapped right now.

No. 92127

There's no way she wouldn't have a single scrape or bruise from being "hit by a car" supposedly. I definitely think she's over-exaggerating and just fell and her spoopy brittle bones snapped.

No. 92128

I'm surprised she hasn't talked about any sort of lawsuit or getting compensation for being hit by a car (which I doubt happened). My uncle got hit by a car and broke his shoulder, had some brain damage, so he couldn't work (he was a golf teacher) and he got over a million in the settlement. Curious…

No. 92185

IF she was hit by a car, I suppose that it was entirely her own fault. Otherwise she wouldn´t be so quiet about the whole incident. Maybe she was walking across the street without looking left or right. Her brain is probably so malnourished that she´s absent-minded all the time, so it is more than likely that she ignored the rules of conduct for pedestrians.

I don´t know about the laws in Italy, but here in Germany you can be sued for "dangerous intervention in traffic" if (for example) you cross the street disregarding a red pedestrian light and get hit by a car, no matter how severely you get injured.
If that (or something similar) was the case with
Aly, she will never admit it. But as I said above, her being so silent about the matter makes me speculate that she is probably not the innocent victim.

No. 92200

Strange things happen. When my knee was broken, I fell down the stairs but I was ok. Also I broke a rib from coughing. I'm not spoopy either, it just..happened.

No. 92201

Depends on personal injury laws in your country. Im suing someone because they ran a red light in the rain and sped, hitting the passenger side where I was. The car spun because of the impact and I broke my knee from hitting the dashboard.

But if Aly did get hit, due to her spoopyness, someone could argue her pre existing condition made it worse. Or if she got hit because it was her fault [like walking against a stop light], then it's comparitive negligence.

No. 92207

Aly in a wheelchair… Is she becoming Ash now?

No. 92218

I'm not so sure about her feeling trapped. Doesn't her current condition just supply her with some extra attention?

No. 92395

File: 1455383439927.jpg (352.83 KB, 933x598, whoareyoufooling.jpg)

Why would she lie about this? Her hair is so obviously straightened with an iron in her other photos, and in her recent photos it is so obviously what happens to most peoples' hair when you don't straighten it, it gets kinda wavy and scraggly.

Does she honestly think we are going to believe that she is CURLING her hair to look like that?

No. 92397

She can't walk, so I'd think she does.

No. 92401

Her hair is not curly, but just uncombed in the pic… -.-

No. 92411

No, her friend confirmed that she "had an accident" and had actually broken her leg. She never said anything about a car. (Source: >>91115 )

No. 92414

Yes, this. You can tell from the fricking knot on the one side.

No. 92491

I was wondering the same - that looks like her natural hair pattern. I don't understand this girl at all.

No. 92493

File: 1455395056730.png (900.28 KB, 917x590, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)

Ma finally took her infant 20 year old for an outing in her wheelchair. And since she got some attention, bitch is on the most manic high I've ever seen in her.

No. 92496

File: 1455395096960.png (105.72 KB, 310x532, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)


No. 92498

Whatever she's taking for pain must be sunshine in a pill, holy shit.

No. 92499

File: 1455395191400.png (858.69 KB, 909x578, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)

Oh look, a close up of a canolli that she's taken multiple pictures of, but not one bite!

No. 92500

File: 1455395220832.png (106.8 KB, 303x532, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)


No. 92501

File: 1455395260226.png (785.58 KB, 923x558, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)


No. 92502

This might be the longest caption yet - don't know if it's the most manic, but it's a near thing

Her lower face looks pointy again in the photo

No. 92503

File: 1455395292058.png (109.93 KB, 313x547, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)

Captions so long, each one takes multiple screenshots

No. 92505

File: 1455395326786.png (950.93 KB, 923x591, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)


No. 92507

File: 1455395397175.png (106.39 KB, 317x533, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.2…)

… and the last screenshot of her extended rants of the day.

God damn, Ali must've been going mental without having all eyes on her, both IRL and on instagram. She's having a fucking meltdown.

No. 92508

It might be easier to archive the page by just posting the instagram link here

No. 92511


Word. That's all for today, so my own manic spree of Ali posting has come to its conclusion. But if she keeps this high up, or does it again soon, I'll go the archive route rather than take and post 9000 screenshots.

No. 92513

File: 1455395683783.jpg (33.41 KB, 640x420, Eyes.jpg)

No. 92542

B-but if her hair is in such bad shape then… Then where are her nutrients going?!?? -insert surprised emoji here-

No. 92556

whatever nutrients shes getting are going towards her basic bodily functions.
her hair's gonna really start getting fucked up honestly

No. 92588

File: 1455407602737.png (730.75 KB, 917x591, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 3.51…)

Ok, it seems like she's winding down a little, but she's still UP and POSITIVELY BRIGHTEN about NAIL POLISH.

It's gonna be another 2 parter, she's still vomiting up all the words she can think of

No. 92589

File: 1455407617230.png (93.7 KB, 309x519, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 3.51…)


No. 92599

How come anorexics always become so obsessed over nail polish?

No. 92600

keeps your hands/mind busy so you don't think about hunger pains

No. 92605

i actually think her hair style looks better like this… it really tones done the i-didnt-touchup-my-roots-for-6months look

No. 92606

File: 1455410690379.jpg (88.4 KB, 696x696, eaf.jpg)

oh is that why aly always smiles at her food

No. 92607

File: 1455411050168.jpg (405.58 KB, 722x878, 872223763_34958fd422e42df7.jpg)

No. 92610



Aly and her food are basically Mean Girls - best friends and worst enemies. THE REAL ALICE talks so much shit behind Waffle's back, I bet.

No. 92613

Are you drunk? If anything, it makes it more obvious.
Plus I'm not sure if you can call not brushing your hair a hairstyle.

No. 92812

Her aunt saw how disgusting her nail polish looked here >>91850 and took pity on her. No way this is just a random Valentine's Day gift when it's practically the same shade of pink polish.

No. 92819

Such a shady gift, but also a helpful one. Her nails look much better.

No. 92823

They look like different shades to me.

But, damnit, why doesnt she paint her whole nail? Ever? Not even with brand new polish?

No. 92842


>hey guys look at my totally obvious weight gain!

>um…your hair looks better
>yeah..you've gained..life!
>honestly there isn't much weight gain but you look happier maybe?

I'm wondering if the post will be gone by later today. Even by her standards it's a weak attempt…there's probably 5 lb difference at most between those photos.

No. 92844

Maybe she refuses to admit her hair isn't naturally straight because she'd have to admit she isn't perfect (she obviously prefers having straight hair).

No. 92845

> last Saturday, straight before the car accident

She was drinking alcohol!

Difference between the pics - left, not wearing make up and right, wearing make up.
Her teeth actually look a shade more yellow now.

No. 92846

The lighting also makes a huge difference.

No. 92849

File: 1455457846009.jpg (98.14 KB, 639x576, plastered again.JPG)

Talks about being plastered while holding a glass of wine.

Her use of the word is possibly my favourite Aly-ism.

No. 92853

holy shit how does she write these speech length captions for every pic
i struggle with like a three word caption

No. 92855

When I was an ana-chan i used to have this ridiculous habbit of writing/typing as much as i could and use multiple/longer words/phrases because i thought it burnt moar caloriez
tbh i think aly's long ass repetitive captions are caused by i similar delusion

No. 92856

It's not like she's got anything else to do.

No. 92858

Her progress photos are obviously body checks in disguise. She's feeling anxious because she's not exercising as much and she needs the IG world to bitch at her because there is no difference in the photos. To her, that is the highest compliment.

No. 92860

She's fine with posting her face "progresses" (oo, sparkly eyes! oo, healthy hairs!) but no body pic. Soon as it's warmer and the facehugger comes out the h8r comment shitstorm begins.

No. 92872

very interesting point

why delete hater comments, then? why not leave them up to remind herself she's doing well at being a skelly?

No. 92876

I love that mpa is still busy calling Aly out on her BS

No. 92877

File: 1455461663985.jpg (187.88 KB, 1318x762, Capture.JPG)

saved for posterity

btw her brother lives!! he's mentioned in the most recent caption.

No. 92878

File: 1455462331951.jpg (153.48 KB, 912x586, sugar.jpg)

I am so sick of all these waffles and pastries. Holy fuck.

No. 92882

File: 1455463266037.jpg (229.6 KB, 1314x834, argh.JPG)

let me join you in your rage. Srsly this is a 3 inch marshmallow, probably 50 calories, why does this need an essay????

Oh and she also deleted the "hater" comments off her progress photo, but left up the "not much weight gain in your face" comments

No. 92886


No. 92889

brb gonna post a makeup vs no makeup selfie as my own inspirational #beforeandafter #realrecovery

ikr, I love that even her profile states that she's fucking hammered.

No. 92892

ok you guys, in her latest picture it honestly looks like she's gained ~15 lbs. I think we need to at least acknowledge that while she may not be in a healthy range yet, she's gaining.

No. 92893

I am speachless at this statement

No. 92912

File: 1455467910542.jpg (382.48 KB, 1314x834, more garbage.jpg)

She needs to be eating steaks, fish, chicken, etc and vegetables. What about some bacon? This bizarre obsession with stupid sugary junk food annoys me. Not just at her but people who enable it. There is zero protein in any of this trash. I am honestly getting quite angry now.

No. 92919

File: 1455468901061.jpg (195.63 KB, 1074x1438, Screenshot_20160214-165219_1.j…)

Bad eyeliner, terrifying photo! In comparison pic she looks kinda pretty but this is scary!

No. 92921

No, she hasn't. In the comparison picture, she looks like she's gained better lighting. In the marshmallow face picture, she's fucking puffing her cheeks. If you don't know that Aly does that, you haven't been around long enough.

No. 92924

I'm on my phone so can't upload a comparison of latest cake pic to comparison pic but she looks worse at the moment

No. 92932

Hooooly sheeet. Before I clicked on the small pic I thought it was an OLD pic, like before she got the tube.

No. 92934

She dresses like a grandma. I bet her friends are embarrassed to be seen with her.

No. 92935

She reminds me of a gremlin in this one

No. 92937

File: 1455471401485.png (213.54 KB, 557x285, Untitled.png)

I honestly don't see much difference except makeup.

No. 92941

File: 1455472013934.jpg (42.3 KB, 444x439, 1.JPG)

She even looks better here and this was ages ago…

No. 92943

There's a ton of comments on the comparison photo saying her smile looks more real now, but am I the only one who can't see any difference?

No. 92951

Nobody can. Even the people commenting and sucking up to her can't see any difference.

No. 92972

File: 1455475508272.png (202.53 KB, 720x674, IMG_20160214_133542_edit.png)

I don't know what world Aly stans live in, but it's full of unicorns and magic

No. 92978


Nah, they're just as sick as she is. HOW DARE YOU DOUBT THAT ALY IS REARECOVERING!???? I mean, wtf.

No. 92981

The difference is obvious.

Left image was taken outside, by a window, or under a WHITE light (the kind of lighting you find at most shops/restaurants), which explains the harsh lighting and more prominent lines/shadows in her face. And the right image was taken inside, under normal house lighting (yellow bulbs - these make the skin appear healthier / less pale), which causes her facial flaws to be less visible.

The color difference in her hair is what's so obvious. Harsh lighting makes shadows and dark colors look darker.

But besides lighting, I see no changes. Well, her hair is a lil longer but that's it.

No. 92983

I'm not the anon you replied to, but I do think she gained a little weight (in her face) - not sure if this is just water retention, but at least she looks a bit more filled out in the face compared to august.

I dunno about the amount though. Aly said she was gaining about 1-1.3 kg/month, which is nothing, but since it's been 8 months that does come out to 17 lbs-20lbs gained since June. That seems like a lot and I don't know if her pics back that up (I don't think so)…so, was she lying about the amount of weight gain then? She's stopped reporting numbers altogether…

No. 92984

Samefag to say that the photo in her progress pic does not make any weight gain obvious - I'm basing my opinion of a slightly fuller face off her other photos

No. 92985

File: 1455477440172.gif (5.61 MB, 600x710, ezgif-4018633475.gif)


this video was post 4 weeks back, so I turned it into a gif for fun.

No. 92987

File: 1455478038790.gif (511.92 KB, 919x574, 1weeek.gif)

I normally don't post in this thread but here's another gif I made. I'm gonna go back to June 2015 and try to make another comparison but here's what I have now.

1 week ago compared to 19 weeks ago. It's shocked me how similar her pose is in both images. Also, I honestly can't see any difference in her weight.

No. 92991

Anon you replied to here.

Yeah, I go back and forth over this to be honest; certainly there has been no improvement since October-ish. It's very possible I'm being fooled by camera angles, makeup, and clothing layers for the time before that. She does look a bit fuller in the face in the later parts of this video (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ag8bTWjcQ0s) so I thought she gained a bit - but I just saw the Christmas video on the same channel and it's terrifying how gaunt she was so never mind.

I want to call Sherlock Holmes to figure her out sometimes.

No. 92996

I love this commentor. Shes really good at posting things we all are thinking in a way that doesn't get her deleted. LoL

No. 93015

Is she trolling Aly? I originally thought she was but she seemed to be in earnest with her comments.

No. 93025

Uh, no. She's under outdoor florescent lighting with no makeup on in the first pic. In the secind, she's got a full face if makeup on plus is front lit, which makes everyone's skin look much better.

She's also wear 2 sweaters in her marshmallow cupcake picture - another ana I knew did this shit all the time to pad herself out on public (Hoodie under tshirt under leather jacket to hide her body plus keep warm.)

No. 93100

File: 1455497139552.jpeg (176.92 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)

More comments from the transformation photo. I'd have to agree that lighting and make up are the only things that have changed in either of those photos.

No. 93103

i think her face looks a smidgen less sunken but could be from whatever they did to her at hospital / whatever comes from being couped up inside with a broken leg

No. 93104

>> August 2015 at the seaside ◀️ (which means at the beginning of my #realrecovery ??)
ummmm didnt it begin over a year ago?
so she just keeps deleting pics and pushing forward the #beginning of her #realrecovery

No. 93107

File: 1455497879433.png (811.51 KB, 964x634, Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.57…)

which one of you did it

i thought it was a real stan at first then i saw the username and kekd

No. 93109

I think it was a troll too - the bio photo is "autism speaks" and there is an #edwarrior hashtag. Yet, the account has been stanning her (without being OTT)over the past few weeks. I wish someone would take credit so I know the world continues to make sense.

No. 93213

Woah, I didn't pick up on this

From mpa thread:
>I find it very "scaring" that she refers her progress pics as "gifts" to her followers. How is this a gift to anyone?

I totally missed that her progress pic was a GIFT to US. Seriously, can anyone answer the question? How does she think this is a gift to her followers?

No. 93233

Because some of her followers have asked for a progress pic

No. 93240

Correct me if I'm missing something obvious but can't any "recovering" anorexic simply step on a scale to prove it?

That gif is incredible. She ruined it by having the plate rotated though. Really highlights the ritualistic and obsessive nature of her social media posts.

No. 93242

Did anyone notice that she shared that custard croissant with her mom? She's not even claiming to eat the entire croissant anymore (of course she never did, I'm sure).

There are tons of ways to manipulate the weight on a scale, though - especially if the person is just taking a picture or video for social media.

No. 93245

It would be funny to see the ever increasing scale reading become more and more out of sync with her physical appearance over time.

No. 93246

maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but looks like she's gained a ton of face weight in this one.

No. 93248

Covering up the mouth disguises that she's blowing out her cheeks with air.

No. 93252

Agreed. She's puffed her cheeks before, so there is precedent.

No. 93315

File: 1455563991348.png (810.67 KB, 915x582, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.1…)

Our intrepid #edworrior has KICKED and BEATEN her ana with one whole McD's cheeseburger for dinner.

No. 93316

File: 1455564046086.png (79.46 KB, 321x575, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.1…)

.. and her more hesitant lemmings tell her this 150 calorie thing is probably not enough for dinner

No. 93317

File: 1455564114715.png (75.02 KB, 307x534, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.1…)

But wait! Here come the other starving spoops! How dare you say a single McD's cheeseburger isn't a whole mean? Such fat! And scaring calories! Truly, only the bravest can manage such a huge meal.

No. 93323

"I said yes to the bomb"…omg this sounds so incredibly stupid.

No. 93324

Of course the weight gain won´t be visible in her physical appearance. Don´t you know that ALL the weight is going STRAIGHT to her organs and to her hair? You are such a mean hater!

No. 93327

No. 93329

I looked it up - only 300 calories.

That cheese looks really weird though. Is there any chance that McDonald's is offering a low-fat cheese option in Italy? Because that's what it looks like - low-fat plastic cheese.

No. 93334

File: 1455567902244.gif (370.67 KB, 500x281, trump fan laughs.gif)

>STRAIGHT to her organs and to her hair

I think this is a pastry artfully crafted to look like a maccy dee's burger. Don't be deceived.

No. 93339

>implying she eats the food she posts

No. 93398

even if i didnt have an ED i wouldnt wanna eat those burgers

some ED recovery programs encourage challenging oneself fear foods to the extent that they believe anything fatty/greasy is automatically a fear food and thus force it upon patients.
like Bitch no i just dont wanna ingest that neon artificial cheese and grey mystery meat patty

No. 93403

there is slightly more muscle and fat filling out her face on the right. it's not quite as spoopy.

right side still looks disordered though

No. 93405

No. 93582

File: 1455615075345.jpg (275.18 KB, 1440x2560, AnI3Gxv.jpg)

Another Aly accidemt it seems.

No. 93589

Same anon. She posted this an hour later so i'm guessing it takes her an assload of time to type those gigantic captions.

No. 93590

Okay, I thought her face maybe did look a bit fuller on the progress pic a ways up in the thread, but looking at this pic, her cheek bones and face overall look very close to her 'before' pic. I doubt she has gained any more weight than the few kg she had done before deciding not to post numbers.

No. 93602

Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaan, she looks GHASTLY. That's with make up. Oh god, she's gunna diiiie.

No. 93607

Looks like an actual smile tbh

No. 93608

File: 1455624748765.jpeg (220.69 KB, 640x1043, image.jpeg)

Deleted and posted again, claiming it's a "funny face".

No. 93610

"Love yourself". She posts her face. She thinks she's hot to begin with. I even have a feeling she thinks her emaciated body is perfect to her. She won't post that though because then she'll get concern.

That's probably an actual smile, but the point is she really ill.

No. 93640

>>not even my makeup was perfect

When has your makeup ever been close to perfect?

No. 93643

if she's more than anorexia, how come she can't shut up about it.

No. 93645

She's smileing for real because she's not got to hold some food In her hand!

No. 93714

File: 1455642059662.png (338.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-16-16-53-37…)

No Aly something cannot be heavy and fluffy and the same time shut up

No. 93716

She also goes on about them being "not diet guiz" but the fact that it crosses her mind and that she feels the need to tell us is kind of hinting that they are IMO
She just wants everybody to lick her asshole gap

No. 93717

File: 1455642345084.png (448.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-16-17-04-26…)

>says she's gonna do "live shoots" to prove life isn't just about her Ed
>mentions her Ed in every caption

No. 93724

Later she's going to have a coffee or something with whipped cream. I finally witnessed one of those "post-and-quickly-delete" posts.

No. 93737

File: 1455644842681.jpg (109.49 KB, 916x529, del.JPG)

She deleted it???

No. 93738

File: 1455644995291.jpg (100.29 KB, 877x583, Capture.JPG)

then reposted??

No. 93770

almsot 40k followers this is getting ridiculous

No. 93773

File: 1455652956862.png (5.92 KB, 146x22, loveyoself.png)

No. 93775

No. 93804

She took out the mom part?

No. 93879

The more ppl following her the harder it will be for her too keep up with deleteing comments and defending herself. She will have to abandon her instagram. Look at Margo for example

No. 93889

I think you underestimate Aly's need for IG control. She has left some "hater" comments up but has probably noticed that they attract more defenders. She's blocked enough people who would have otherwise bothered to write comments that spark long arguments/agreements.

No. 93914

'Woops forgot to scrape some cream off to make it look like I actually tried it'

No. 93920

Nah, I think anon had just scrolled down. It seems she just copied and pasted the caption.

No. 93970

Oh Ali, you almost forgot to make it look like you ate some whipped cream! Good thing you caught your mistake, can't have the recovery queen look like a fake.

No. 93987

Didn't she say she "CAN'T GO OUTSIDE" while in a cast?

No. 94024

File: 1455737972183.jpg (163.45 KB, 620x960, IMG_20160217_123832.jpg)

This is under her second most recent post. I was wondering since she says she's recovering, not recovered. How does a person know they are done recovering?

No. 94025

When they gain enough weight if underweight and are capable of going through life without acting on negative thoughts and using behaviors.

No. 94026

File: 1455738139362.png (861.57 KB, 909x495, aly weigh.png)

Here an Italian commenter asks Aly if she's still getting check-ups at Day Hospital Control. Aly replies she will go for the exams "even though they can't weigh [her]" + nervous laughter face.

Yeah so I wonder if she's thrilled not to be weighed. I suspect she'll fight to keep the cast on.

No. 94027

what the fuck is up with her sameface?

No. 94045

Always the same face

No. 94064


Imho when you don´t need an instagram account and posi-vibes captions and altogether aren´t interested in ED accounts and stuff

No. 94127

Is Ali actually wearing a red string ana bracelet? In 2016?

No. 94331

"I always eat at home, I share only the main wins" in response to someone asking how can she afford to eat out 24/7.

No. 94387

Saw that, was wondering if she honestly doesn't know what "always" means.

I wonder what Aly would do if we informed her that cinnamon has calories. Would it become a new #fearfood?

No. 94391

I think she means she does her meal plan shit at home and posts what she calls extras that she has at cafés. She only seems to have waffles and donnies out now instead of fancy baby octopus and that other dining out nonsense.

No. 94392

I wonder if she has so much cinnamon to stop eating anything. I'm a Big Red addict and it always puts me off eating because it numbs my taste buds (I don't do it intentionally btw).

No. 94422

I've asked her a couple times how she knows when she's done recovery and she always immediately deletes it.

No. 94442

Semi-interesting read: http://www.montenido.com/to_the_client/recovered_recovering

Their definition: "Being recovered to me is when the person can accept his or her natural body size and shape and no longer has a self destructive or unnatural relationship with food or exercise. When you are recovered, food and weight take a proper perspective in your life and what you weigh is not more important than who you are; in fact, actual numbers are of little or no importance at all. When recovered, you will not compromise your health or betray your soul to look a certain way, wear a certain size or reach a certain number on a scale."

So basically, when you no longer turn to the behaviors or even think about turning to them, like >>94025 said.

No. 94458

File: 1455818711458.jpg (98.45 KB, 598x587, f no 2.jpg)

I haven't studied cursive in a looong time, but I'm pretty sure that's not an f.

No. 94459

File: 1455818746066.jpg (108.49 KB, 579x571, f no 1.jpg)

This isn't either, but at least it's… somewhat closer.

No. 94465

Jesus, a child could do better than this. I wonder if it's difficult for her to keep the pen steady.

No. 94475

File: 1455822128972.jpg (108.13 KB, 598x587, nail grade.jpg)

I don't write in cursive, but this is how I used to do an f.

I also graded her nails. A decent brend nail polish helps. I gave her a B- Needs to pay attention to cuticles.

No. 94476

I wrote that in paint btw. I don't have Parkinson's or DTs.

No. 94477

File: 1455822304894.png (3.6 KB, 213x179, life yeah.png)

We were also taught it this way, but it looked too much like a B for my liking.

No. 94479

File: 1455822396532.gif (1.5 KB, 92x125, aly missed all 4 steps.gif)

This is the method I was taught, and it's the first one that comes up on Google. Too bad Aly didn't look it up beforehand. "Live the li-eight-e you love" indeed.

No. 94482

I'm not sure how handwriting is taught in Italy. Penpals in France when I was a kid, and my dad and his lot in Hungary write different cursive.

No. 94483

The cursive f I learned (Germany) looked a little different. There were two ways to write cursive when I went to primary school. I think Aly might have written the f like that on purpose though…? Infinity etc

No. 94504

File: 1455828146122.png (334.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160216-152650.png)

I really really hate Aly's dismissal of questions posed by "fake" accounts. It's a legit comment!

No. 94505

File: 1455828229636.png (374.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160218-154315.png)


No. 94529

Haha! Someone finally let her know about the word "plastered" she's probably not going to change it.

No. 94535

english fag. its not really a euphemism, but an expression.

No. 94541

Plastered's a polite expression though. I prefer "wankered".

No. 94542

Its slang for very very drunk

No. 94545

Yeah, that's what I understand it as. Like if someone tells me they're getting plastered, it means they're going to get super drunk.

I live on the East Coast, IDK if it means something else in other parts of the country.

No. 94548

It is a pretty common and widespread word for drunk.

No. 94551

File: 1455838096171.jpg (45.43 KB, 496x489, t.JPG)

OM FREAKIN GOD she's so PLASTERED she's fallen down (!) Quick, she needs a Sister to help her up. She's stuck. She wants to go back to when things were normal…when she wasn't plastered.

No. 94556

Lol that's quality stuff

No. 94560

liek dis if you cry evertim

No. 94596

I think I see part of a facehugger in the photo with her sister.

Otherwise, she remains boring.

No. 94630


what is facehugger?

No. 94660

Aly's protruding sternum.

No. 94662

File: 1455860903779.jpg (166.41 KB, 800x804, facehugger.jpg)

see it clinging to her chest, here.

No. 94670

She has real life yaoi hands

No. 94672

She really has deteriorated, wonder why her family are enabling this. Maybe they have just giving up.

No. 94674


No. 94676

This is probably about 20 weeks ago anon. But she hasn't got better anyway, she just covers up more now.

No. 94957

I saw she had a phone appointment with the therapist, do you think she'd not seeing her ED doctors at all thanks to the cast?

And does anybody know about the health care system in Italy? All these doctor s appointments have got to add up

No. 94964

i think its less yaoi hands and more that her skele-hands are positioned closer to the camera most of the time to show off her ~real recovery~ food.

No. 95002

If Italy is anything like the rest of Europe, healthcare is either "free" (like the NHS) or her family has compulsory health insurance which covers most things.

No. 95006

File: 1455931563195.jpeg (76.12 KB, 640x491, image.jpeg)

No. 95011

No. 95033

Very good.

No. 95082

That's exactly what it looks like when I write "Life" anon!

No. 95195

File: 1455992246655.png (676.82 KB, 853x529, strenght.png)


No. 95198

File: 1455993100324.png (927.54 KB, 935x600, aly donut.png)

She looks worse than ever (as far as recent pics). She's definitely taking advantage of not being weighed.

No. 95202

File: 1455993543150.gif (961.34 KB, 350x280, 9dcd909876027d57f031990239548a…)

tbh i think even if an ana is challenging themselves with a fear food, they are still gonna be super ana about it (ie miniscule bites, cutting into tiny pieces, ripping the food, using a fork and knife when inappropriate)
its kinda just more evidence to me that aly isnt challanging herself (not that that is news)

No. 95207

Everytime I see her I'm surprised how much hair she has for being such a spoopy skeleton. I mean it looks damaged but still

No. 95208

what even is that mess of gibberish.

No. 95211

Silly anon, don't you get the heavenly fricken patisserie? It always has to be #closeup -ped, don't you know?

No. 95219

It´s a freaking #realrecovery BOMB, you moron! Aly already explained everything in caption!

No. 95223

Her hair hides how ill she is in a weird way. If it was lank and she didn't fluff it up you'd get the spoopy effect more. Facially she really is looking as ill as before she got the tube. The fuller cheeks have deflated and left her with a massive chin. Oh dear, dear, dear.

No. 95231

File: 1455998260949.jpg (121.68 KB, 960x848, IMG_20160220_125605.jpg)

Ha! She did finally change it.


No. 95238

Why is she even writing that on her bio? It's like writing "currently menstruating", or "currently have a breakout of forehead acne". She's really weird, isn't she.

No. 95245

Thank you Aly, for giving us a description of that state of drunkenness when you're still coherent, but your legs just won't work. I'm using that one.

No. 95252

I demand another Aly video. A longer one this time, for more spoopy detective fun.

No. 95380

Her face looks so sunken in and her eye bags are worse. At least her hair isn't a rat's nest lol

No. 95382

I was thinking the same thing, its so strange. Like, if I broke a bone I wouldn't change my fucking Instagram bio to say "~*broke muh leg*~" or some shit

No. 97161

Welcome back, Dante-spotters!

No. 97181

File: 1456190790078.jpg (188.21 KB, 909x518, The coffee is empty darlings.j…)

Wait are we allowed back in our own thread? If so:

Because the coffee was EMPTY, darlings, and I couldn't BREATHE.

No. 97183

File: 1456190876981.png (790.49 KB, 916x579, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.3…)

… but then I made Sonia smile at food with me, so now we are REAL RECOVER-ing once more!

No. 97190

>waves realrecovery flag around

Hooray! Let freedom ring!
Glad to be back. Thank you to all the anons who spoke up- your strenght has won us this unbearable victory o7

No. 97191

Ha, Sonia looks so done with Aly's shit.

No. 97193

So happy we're back, my mood is over the stars! Super-posi vibes to you all.

No. 97251

over the stars indeed! yay!

No. 97252

Ive been noticing how Sonia always has to be leaning on her hand. even in this pic shes leaning on it even without the table.

No. 97261

so glad to be delving with you all once more

No. 97263

Oh man I am super-posi-delved to be back here! This is the best thread on lolcow.

No. 97265

So glad I didn't have to make an account to talk about Aly.

No. 97270

fuck what happened here? I came back all bitter about weebs and wannabe anas, now I see Aly is back with us?

Trust me honeys, trust all the HAPPINESS and SUPER POSITIVITY I'm spreading ?? #AlysReturnisPossible FOR REAL ? and the KEY ? for an AMAZING LIFE is in our motivation and strength, and nothing else ?? Be brave sunshines, be FIGHTER ?

No. 97271

I was extra bitter in the wannabe ana thread. I hope that helped, darlings!

No. 97272

samefag here…

so now we have a duty to a) make this thread good and b) be at town hall meetings on time (I seriously missed that vote by minutes).

No. 97277

holy shit she was a cardboard cut-out THE WHOLE TIME.

No. 97278

Sonia: 'just eat the fucking biscuit'.

No. 97279

kIsses darling, let's recover TOGETHER!

No. 97282

I was there for a few hours Friday but don't think that's when the voting occurred.

Wonder how all her family members calmly take photos with her, at least her brother showed emotion in their last picture. Do they know of her instagram and think it's helping?

No. 97285

TY @Admin! ILYSM!! heart emoji

No. 97288

I imagine it's a sort of blackmail. If they don't participate then there's an argument, a scene, and Aly will be too upset to eat.

The whole family is so focused on whether Aly takes that bite or not. Except Dad maybe…

No. 97296

It seems that dear Sonia? is the last one still bravely? visiting Aly? for those joyful(!)? and SPONTANEOUS? #recoveryWINS

Last group pic was on the #joyful #newyears trip? and the last time anyone (other than Sonia) appeared was 3 weeks ago.So here's a #recoveryWIN #shoutout? to you, dear long-suffering Sonia?? For your fortitude and for being the last one standing??? You are looking a wee bit exhausted though?Please take care of yourself❤??

No. 97299

Her family does know about her insta, and Ali claims her therapist does too. Aly refuses to eat unless a) someone accompanies her, and b) they either take her photo, or she takes a selfie of them together, smiling.

The reason Ali cut back from documenting every single fucking thing she eats is because the therapist told her she was focusing on it too much - but according to one of Ali's friends (who messaged with an anon here) she will throw a fucking fit and refuse to be friends any longer if you don't take a pic and fucking smile for her insta collection. Bitch is cold and manipulative as hell.

No. 97309

We really beat the #farmhands ??? ? by enjoying this #LUSH thread ❗️?. #realthreads if you believe #farmerfamily ?? Don't give up! ? We can make lolcow beautiful again ?❗️

No. 97313

Yay it's back! Time to celebrate this #RECOVERYWIN ?with a FREAKIN AMAZING DONUT BOMB (!) ?


Situations like this where your whole family is hostage to your disorder is srsly so depressing and fucked up, and it's really hard to say what the "right" thing to do is either. I can guarantee it's not taking her out to eat expensive pastries everyday and taking her picture though, especially after doing it for so long and she isn't seemingly making much progress.

It's so mentally and emotionally exhausting, I wonder how her family's even keeping it together tbh

No. 97329

She's gonna keep on doing this until her family puts her into a residential ED program she can't sign out of or she dies.

It hardly seems worth the expense of paying for residential when she's so determined to torture her family with her existence. My money is on her dropping dead in one of those cafes she forced her mum to buy her lunch at every day. Little bro will probably be relieved.

No. 97335

THANK GOD we got through to Admin-sama. I can't stand or deal with the general wana-flake thread lately. It's shitpost ad infinitum in there.

How in the actual fuck can any of Aly's followers buy her fauxcovery bullshit anymore?! She looks as emaciated as pre-hospital if not worse!
As for those in her offline world, how can they just sit by and tolerate/enable this shit from her? I wish they'd wake up, smell the diuretic stimulant coffee Aly abuses and realize they are KILLING HER by giving into her manipulation! Everyone in her life needs to unite and deny supporting her bullshit once and for all. Anyone watch the show Intervention? Nearly all of the worst cases on there finally agreed to go to treatment, but only after friends and family unanimously committed to denying them further financial or other support otherwise.

No. 97336

I don't even know anymore.
She has gained some weight, even if it's extremely slow and insignificant. Maybe in 5 years she'll have packed on enough grams to be weight restored.
Maybe we're about to discover a whole new type of #REALRECOVERY that will revolutionize ED treatment worldwide! That or… she'll probably relapse, and badly as soon as she reaches a weight she deems unacceptable.

No. 97342

Well.. her hair looks fluffier? Obviously anon that is where all those calories are going.
Seriously, it's all very sad. I don't blame them, they genuinely think they are doing what is best for her, even if they're wrong. I hope that, if she isn't getting better, then at least she's not getting worse.

No. 97346

Her gains have been so slow and shortlived, there's no way she will voluntarily maintain a normal healthy weight. She's too obsessed with holding everyone hostage to her pastries and whims. She loses any weight she gains the same week.

No. 97347

Broken bones need nutrition to heal anon. She's pretty much fucked unless she starts her recovery right now.

No. 97349

It would be great if someone could intervene but I think Aly is the only one giving ultimatums. They're probably all terrified she will deliberately get worse if they don't give her what she wants or are sick of listening to her chimp out if they dare deny her.
Underneath the emojis and dreadful clothes lies a manipulative little toad.

No. 97350

her gains were small enough to fake at least part of, through water or the night-before burger etc.

No. 97351

I doubt it will heal properly.
That leg is gonna be weak for the rest of her life. At least she gets out of being weighed every time she has a cast.

No. 97352

Water and salt loading isn't an actual gain, so really she hasn't gained anything throughout her entire "recovery". Its beyond easy to fake up to five kilos just with water and something salty.

No. 97353

so you're say she could actually have been losing overall? because her listed gains were amounts like .5kg, 1 kg.

No. 97354

Maybe but surely she has gained a little bit. Food/water weight is a huge factor, but since her weight has increased throughout the year then it can't be just that.
Don't get me wrong though, her recovery is complete bullshit but I think she is just doing the bare minimum to keep herself out of trouble. And eventually it'll be "too much" and she'll relapse.

No. 97355

It'd be impossible to do it consistently though, gaining a little bit more each month. That is if what she says is true.

No. 97357

Its actually pretty common amongst anorexics. Its why they weigh you after voiding and check the specific gravity of your urine. A shitty doctor won't do that, so its easy as to do. Hell I did it for two years myself.

She's gained less than five kilos max during her entire recovery. It might as well be nothing at all. Maybe she will surprise us all and stop being a lying spoopy bitch, but dropping dead seems far more likely given that she's in love with all the power she thinks she has.

No. 97359

Oh, I was pretty convinced it'd be very hard to pull off at the very least. I wouldn't actually know though. Hope you're doing better anon.

No. 97361

Its hard for anyone with a normal life, but when everything you think about revolves around hiding your big special secret you become a weird master of deception.

Tmi but I basically learned to time it perfectly so I'd drink two liters twenty minutes beforehand, eat pasta and corn drenched in garlic salt the night before and pretended I had terrible paruesis and ended up with cups at home to bring in my first pee of the morning of each appointment.

I don't do anymore but I know a lot of people who are still unwell do.

I obviously can't confirm my suspicion aly is doing this but I think she's up to something very similar.

No. 97362

I get you were able to fake a higher weight but I still don't understand how someone can fake consistent weight gain for over a year. Unless you just drank one liter the first weigh-in, then the second time 1.2 liters, and so on? For example. That seems a little far fetched and a lot of long term planning, not that I disbelieve you.

No. 97363

You can't fake consistent gains, but aly hasn't really made any either. The half kilo or kilo extra she claims she gained are outright lies or cherry picked out of a series of fluctuations.

No. 97364

Best news ever about the thread! >>97181
Seems like she's struggling with faster weight gain. Didn't this make her relapse last time, When she gained too fast? Poor Sonia being the babysitter each time, resentful much?!

No. 97365

Thanks anon, that's mostly what I was getting at. There is a very good chance she's lying.
Why am I excited about this?

No. 97368

Oh yeah, you're bang on about her being a gigantic liar.

No. 97369

I think she looks a little better but the difference is so small that while it could be a tiny amount of weight gain, it also could be just her hair or better makeup or lighting.

No. 97370

>> Sometimes I feel kinda imprisoned and I'd just like to go out and breathe

She does go out, to cafes etc Even now! I'm guessing she's missing her unsupervised walks/ runs that burn a Bomb! of calories

No. 97371

I think she's put on some weight, and the little water/ fluid retention has gone to her face BUT she needs a serious amount of gains for it to show on her body BRING ON SUNSHINE

No. 97373

File: 1456221301180.png (570.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-23-04-53-39…)

So tomorrow will be even harder! Surely not a weigh in with her cast. Bloods?

No. 97374

Her captions are proof of how manipulative she can be.
>baw im so worried but stay tuned for my next post to actually know why

No. 97376

Like most instagram anas, it's the Aly show! Everyone please stay hostage during this quick commercial while I go ask mummy for more ass pats.

No. 97377

File: 1456222907286.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160223-101827.png)

Day hospital control!! She'll count her cast weight as her own gains and finally reach target weight

No. 97379

She breifly posted something about day hospital control. But deleted it right away.

No. 97382

The whole picture is so contrived its painful, and then there's the fact that she's writing it in English. Its only for her followers. This is her fucking life.

No. 97406

I just think Aly's chancing it tbh. She seems so anxious before visits so maybe the series of gains is just a coincidence.

Also remember a tube feed and those 'bad bloods'. The tube tweaked her weight up a a little, right?

No. 97417

File: 1456232663956.jpg (227.29 KB, 535x822, IMG_20160223_070254.jpg)

No. 97418

File: 1456232680266.jpg (205.06 KB, 531x775, IMG_20160223_070311.jpg)

No. 97419

Her anxiety before every day hospital control speaks for itself. If she was actually #REALRECOVERING #BEATINGANA she wouldn't have to pray for good news.

No. 97421

I fucking hate when people do that, that's the opposite of what instagram was designed for.
It's obvious she had an endless amount of time to type her stupid long-ass caption, so there's no reason not to include the part we're supposed to ~stay tuned~ for other than click-bait.

No. 97423

> opposite of what instagram was designed for
people are always gonna twist SMS to their craving for attention

No. 97438

I think they mean the future planning. Instagram is supposed to be an instant snapshot of someone's life or whatever.

No. 97489

Guys, let's be careful about how many captions we post. Highlights only, please. Posting everything was part of why Admin thought we were shitposting.
>If you're worried about clutter: pick and choose what "updates" you want to post, rather than posting every single thing a person submits to their Instagram or whatever. (>>96509)

No. 97490

Oops, fail greentext. That quote was from >>96509

No. 97493

Nah, if you read the caption, she's so excited about not being weighed that she has tears of laughter in her eyes. "I won't have the weight in for sure ?"

No. 97524

Admin only said that bc at the time this thread was merged. I think we are OK now

No. 97618

So will the kiwifarm thread continue to be used at all, or not really? The Ginger thread has been gold over there and a Kiwi version of Aly would be nice - but I don't know if people there were getting her appeal. Aly was far more lolcow-y a few months ago compared to now. How to draw more people in to her potential?

No. 97619

Post as much as you want in here. I don't care.

No. 97622

I just hope they're harsh on her tomorrow, what with having to heal her leg and all.

No. 97628

I'm past the point of such hope, unfortunately.

No. 97629

I don't believe she got hit by a bus. I know she's delusional AF, but I think getting hit by a bus would reinforce like a will to live or something. I think she just fell.

No. 97630

If she were actually hit by a vehicle I think she'd have far more broken bones. She looks too fragile for her only to escape with a broken leg.

No. 97631

It could have been a little bump, at low speed, like reversing out or something. It doesn't really have to be a lie.

No. 97632

Turns out there is some already existing interest in her at kiwi. She just didn't have a thread (she does now). Kiwi moves at a different speed to here (lolcow is far more up to speed with aly and margo, for example) and it's a different style of posting as well.

I am really happy this thread still exists, darlings!!! Do we think Aly's eaten that whole tray of biscuits, crying?

No. 97633

Admin reminds me of grumpy cat n,n

Oh, no. They'll say she's doing a great job. I thought that in recovery, doctors made you gain weight fast, and then they worked on your head. Otherwise, therapy is a waste of time. Is this kind of recovery normal or is just because Aly is special?

No. 97634

File: 1456279343994.png (1.22 MB, 1256x618, Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.01…)

day hospital control is coming!

No. 97641

Her door or the frame looks so crooked.

I think she probably fell off a curb or got hit by a parked car. She would have a lot more damage if she was actually hit by a car going faster than 5mph

No. 97644

I concede that could be the case, but if so she got off incredibly lightly.

No. 97662

I'm that anon but now I'm doubting myself.

I myself was hit by a car at lowish speed, reversing. I was a young child at the time but I recall being sore all over.

I personally know someone who broke their leg in a freak fall, and likely has osteoporosis or is on the way. I doubt this could happen to someone with healthy strong bones. If this happened to Aly, she wouldn't want everyone to know.

It would be so hard if she lied though: the police would end up involved.

I don't believe it's a stress fracture. Whether she fell or was hit, it's broken.

No. 97665

do they know she broke her leg already? Or is she going in there with a surprise?

No. 97672

I think they know, but god it'd be funny if they didn't.
>"CAN'T WEIGH ME NOW, BITCHES!!!" Aly screams as she's wheeled into the room, flipping everyone off
>Doctors do her blood work
>It's terrible
>Keep her in the hospital for a few weeks
Well, I wish it were the case for the last parts. She'll probably do fine though and be sent home with a pat on the head.

No. 97678

If she was actually seeing competent doctors they would seriously increase her intake since her leg will need a bunch of extra energy to heal. But she's not, so they won't. Sigh.

No. 97690

She said they know; her therapist is letting her do phone calls instead of in person visits, and they said they'll just have to skip weigh ins until the cast is off.

No. 97691

My #edfamily, it's hospital control eve. Let us pray on our most holy and LUSH brioches that Alys team knocks some sense into her spoopy ass this time. Since she can't move around and knows she isn't getting weighed, I'm sure she's been restricting EXTRA HARD.

No. 97692

8.40am there now… we will know the result in a few hours I hope.

Will she have the regular piadina (or burger?) with mum downstairs first. Will she end up on a tube?

No. 97693

Do any of you think she will be in that wheel chair forever? Like, maybe her leg is really messed up and won't heal bc of her health?

I kinda miss the bingo game lol

No. 97696

I'd put the probability at high than 50% that she's stick in that chair if she takes this opportunity for skipped weigh ins to restrict more

No. 97698

I guess bingo is for more predictable situations, but if someone made one now, I'd play.

No. 97699

Fair enough.

(personal opinion now) I would still say we don't need entire captions though, especially not in multiple posts. Her instagram is public, so we can go there if we need to read them.

No. 97700

Yeah, but she deletes shit. Having the record is helpful.

No. 97701

So it's nearly 10am over there - no update at all? She's usually "anxiety over the STARS" having a beloved croissant in the hospital cafe by now.

No. 97702

perhaps a meltdown / fight with dad like the one she had about that new therapist?

No. 97703

File: 1456303976079.jpg (157.6 KB, 1050x736, Screenshot_20160224-084427_1.j…)

This is coming, happy croissant smiles for the crazy lady

No. 97704

fark I could really go a hospital pastry right now.

No. 97705

Man, don't psych me out like that!

No. 97708

Ok, so she's PRAYING for good results from her bloods, everyone. Let's see how incompetent her team can make themselves look this time around

No. 97709

Caption is up with the usual blather

Her bloodwork will probably be fine especially as she isn't being weighed so probably didn't try messing with water or sodium levels

No. 97712

It's really just a croissant blog at this point.

No. 97713

She's got all her fighter bracelets and charms on. The heaviest she has, no doubt. I wonder what that chunky pendant weighs?

No. 97718

Forgive me if this is a dumb suggestion, but surely the hospital could have weighed her cast first, and then carried on with her weigh ins, just taking off whatever the cast weighed each time?

No. 97719

Yeah I wondered that, but she had it in the emergency room, so they would not have planned it out in relation to treatment.

No. 97730

How about weighting her once with cast on and start from there?

No. 97739

The cast will be gone by next weigh in, if all goes per plan, so it's easier to wait.

No. 97743

I heart this post, and until I hear otherwise, that's how it's going down in my head.

No. 97747

> at the Bar of the Hospital ? with a FREAKIN #RECOVERYWIN ? and soooo missed ? CROISSANT BOMB❗️???

why is everything 'sooo missed' if she has been eating it for a year now?

No. 97755

This is bullshit man. These doctors are incompetent!

No. 97760

There is only so much they can do for her if she doesn't want to do it tbh but I am surprised that she hasn't been put into inpatient at least by her family given the fact that she has made zero progress in over a year.

No. 97761

Her family enables her, so….

No. 97764

she has them in her control. look how she's beaming, and raving about her win. she'll be sucking her mother into this. and I bet she ate one fucking bite of that piadina.

No. 97767

I wish there was some way to contact her therapist or doctor team. I just want to scream out of frustration

No. 97787

That's not really possible for normal casts. They're wrapped on. (At least, my arm cast was.) There are "boots" and such that are just strapped on, which might be what you're thinking of, but that's not what Aly has.

No. 97828

No point getting involved in er life - even if you're right to do it (debatable as we are strangers and she is an adult) it won't accomplish anything as her treatment team are idiots.

True realrecovery must come from Aly. I wonder, as they get older and Sonia, Denise etc get married and have children, will that give Aly the mental kick she needs to recover for real?

No. 97829

Tbh I would be surprised to see her live past, say, 30 if she doesn't change. She is probably a purger (purging subtype is more dangerous than restrictive subtype), the food she does (claim to) eat is unhealthy junk, she smokes, she drinks.

No. 97843


>the mental kick she needs to recover for real?

prbly a donut?

No. 97845

IDK, Ash is like..25 or 26 and has been living for years at an emaciated state.

No. 97854

I doubt she'll ever recover while she still has her cushy number going on I.e. living rent free, job free, responsibility free, taken for meals and snacks every day
She'll never move out, I bet

No. 97859

I agree, her parents won't be able to take care of her forever. Her dad seems done with her shit anyway, so what if mummy has an accident and breaks her own leg one day?

No. 97861

File: 1456349430325.png (154.63 KB, 320x304, alyn1.PNG)

No. 97862

Kek I saw this in someone's sig when lurking her mpa thread. On point.

No. 97958

Aly won't put up with that. She got everything rearranged when her brother got sick, so that mum could still keep their daily fucking recovery win instagram and nibble session.

No. 97972

but she probably wont recover either if she gets kicked out. she'll either pity-party/guilt-party someone new into taking care of her (hi sonia) or she will die alone on the streets.
unless her family pulls an intervention style 180 on her, threatening to kick her out, nothings gonna change

No. 97978

File: 1456367384315.jpeg (264.12 KB, 1258x1464, image.jpeg)

Would love to know how she 'bites' into these things without leaving ANY teeth marks & no one else notices. Also congrats on your one marshmallow #recoverywin . Such recovery..

No. 97979

File: 1456367823349.jpg (585.6 KB, 1848x1419, Soup_Spoon.jpg)

It literally looks like she used her spoon to dig out a chunk, wow.

No. 97985

I was wondering the same, but thought I was overthinking it. It reminds me of the photo of her whipped cream coffee with a scoop missing - probably a spoon like the other anon said. But why use a spoon on a marshmallow, that doesn't make sense and I don't think it would be nice and clean like that (?)

No. 98007

File: 1456373050408.jpg (34.68 KB, 736x412, c96eb8f718039d698224a9642473a1…)

>But why use a spoon on a marshmallow

Because if Aly used her teeth to take a chunk out, she might accidently absorb a calorie or two.

>that doesn't make sense and I don't think it would be nice and clean like that

A spoon wouldn't make a nice cut? Do you think teeth can provide a clean one? Because if you do, just look at this picture of what teeth marks actually look like.

No. 98035

I'm still not over the fact that this photo, where she looks more dreadful than usual (which is hard to even do), is the one she decided to use as her profile picture.

No. 98036

File: 1456380583553.jpg (17.89 KB, 300x300, teef.jpg)

I have it. She can bite without fear of calories.

No. 98047

I can kind of see teeth marks on it, if you look vertically. It's just a fucking strawberry marshmallow though, I mean most people eat them by the bag.

No. 98048

I actually think her recent hairstyle looks much better. The fluffier looking one. It's still damaged as fuck but hopefully laying off the flat iron might slow down the damage.

No. 98073

File: 1456398450183.png (804.35 KB, 935x600, 1455993100324.png)

Her face is clearly getting more emaciated. If you imagine her without hair her head and face are pretty much skull-shaped.

No. 98077

Christ, she's getting so much more haggard looking. She's aged about twenty years over the last six months.

No. 98248


See, I'm pretty sure she DOES eat what she posts. It's really honestly not that much, she just uses camera tricks to make things appear larger or hide the size of her food. Probably why she's able to deceive her family so well, Italy isn't known for it's knowledge of EDs and the average person doesn't really clock on to the illness unless it's obvious. They're probably still in denial convincing themselves she's in hypermetabolism or ~slowly gaining~.

No. 98249

File: 1456438682928.jpg (175.51 KB, 786x728, skellyskelly.jpg)

No. 98250

On mobile and can't crop decently but check out the photo with her sister. I thought Mr. Facehugger had reappeared from his hiding place, but it is sadly a lock of hair. Nevertheless, her collarbone is jutting out at a scary angle. She did have prominent collarbone even at higher weights so there's a caveat, but srsly, look at it.

No. 98266

As thin as she is, how could she eat that whole recover giga-wrap. The bloating would be off the charts.

Aly has written in the past that she would go to restaurants with her fam and eat little to nothing. That she would manipulate the situation to make it look like she ate. Of course this was before her "real recovery" so I'm sure she couldn't be pulling the same stunt now, right? Right?

No. 98268

It's actually her friend but she calls them all sisters. Aly has a younger brother.

I see dem bones peeking out. Facehugger confirmed.

No. 98269

File: 1456446093697.jpg (92.47 KB, 518x542, dembones.jpg)

No. 98311

File: 1456461371261.jpg (76.26 KB, 960x609, IMG_20160225_125424.jpg)

Poor Sonia…

No. 98328

She looks like she has gained weight, because her cheeks look chubbier. I have noticed a lot of anorexics gain weight in their face though… they'll still have bony bodies, but their faces become puffy. Any explanation for it?

No. 98329


No. 98330

Liquids fill face again and muscle tissue develops again.

No. 98331

Heh that or usually the fat goes to their stomacha first. Very unflattering but it goes away after a few months

No. 98333

Oh god. She does look really… old in that picture. Maybe Aly photoshopped her own wrinkles onto Sonia.
What a shitty filter though; it makes them both look awful.

No. 98334

Yep, purging causes puffy cheeks. It also makes you bloated in the stomach usually but that would be hard to tell on someone like Aly

No. 98358

For me her lack of ever mentioning physical discomfort and bloating is the dead giveaway she's a liar. When I was starting to eat more (or even when I had one normal meal) I was in constant pain and I got so bloated I looked like I was in the second trimester of pregnancy. At her weight and considering how long she has been restricting heavily, her body should have serious trouble digesting food.

No. 98359

What do you think she was on about when she used to post about having a "bad night"? I always wondered what that was.

No. 98362

Not that anon, but I thought it was anxiety keeping her up. People have asked her about bloating/stomach discomfort and she always says no.

No. 98380

She has literally said that positivity fights bloating or some other bs when asked about it. There was a screenshot in an older thread.

No. 98392

File: 1456508364980.png (654.47 KB, 720x672, IMG_20160226_123628_edit.png)

Does our happy panda Aly have visible cheekbones again, or what is that weird side-wrinkle by her left eye?

No. 98393

Either a shadow or bone.

No. 98394

She looks worse in every new picture she posts :/

No. 98395

she actually looks terminally ill

No. 98397

File: 1456509484976.png (243.46 KB, 634x698, skull.png)

Okay I googled, found a chapter from an anatomy textbook. The wrinkle does seem to correspond with bone. There is supposed to be a fat pad around there (next pic). The shape of the lower jaw also seems to resemble Aly's (v little fat)

I guess I don’t understand how she can have chubbier cheeks (implying fat storage there) without a distribution of fat elsewhere in the face. Same qs for water retention - why only the cheeks?

No. 98399

I think the puffiness is caused by swollen glands from purging. Google "bulimia salivary glands" there are some example pictures.

No. 98400

File: 1456509901490.png (253.99 KB, 720x660, subq fat.png)

No. 98403

File: 1456510956417.png (649.08 KB, 720x656, unposed.png)

Last photo, to verify that it isn't a shadow.

Also, to verify that the lower half of her face has like no fat. I thought the deep diagonals around her smile were tendons/muscles - are they bone too?

No. 98407

Yes, that is bone next to her eye. Those wrinkles around her mouth are nasolabial folds, probably due to the lack of fat.

No. 98420

Ok guys after some scientific research with my face, a mirror, and good lighting, I can conclude that it is likely not bone, but a wrinkle or muscle/tendon – because I have it too if I smile wide, and I am not spoopy. Anyone else able to confirm/refute?

No. 98446

Plz go look at human skulls.
Of course it isn't bone. Its like a little curtain of muscle that pulls back when you smile or sneer. No bone. Alys nasolabial folds are like that because she doesn't have the fat pads you're supposed to have in your face.

No. 98449

at this point I'm not even angry at Aly any more. She's totally nuts, even if she's a dickhead. What the hell is wrong with her family/day hospital control team?! If she was in the UK she'd be sectioned and tube fed so fucking quick.

No. 98450

Well, the zygomatic bone is located there and has approximately that shape. If she had temporal muscle wasting from malnutrition, the bone would be sticking out (http://gec1.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/14-3-18.jpg and http://www.heberdavis.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/temple.jpg) so it's not an impossibility. But I guess she hasn't got temporal wasting…yet.

No. 98459

I was taking about her nasolabial folds.
Different bit of the face.

No. 98464

I know but it seems UK or US are the only places this gets done? Italy obviously doesn't have a clue.

No. 98465

File: 1456531712375.jpg (559.65 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160226_170429.jpg)

It honestly looks like this bone to me.

No. 98503

File: 1456541521774.jpg (613.09 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

Clearer view (old images, before this really real realrecovery) – it was more obvious then?

Pic credit to collage anon, it's taken from an old Aly thread

No. 98509

Her skull is so visible this is some Ash-tier shit going on shudders

No. 98555

Oh yeah. She is bigtime starving/losing weight like no tomorrow. In all of her recent pics, she has been deliberately bringing her hair forward to cover her collarbones, facehugger sternum and (more often than not) suprasternal notch as well. That weird facial feature definitely looks like zygomatic as opposed to tissue IMO.
This is so fucking sad. I just can't stop #headdesk-ing that no one has forcibly committed this girl to IP yet. :( I do feel sad that she is so sick but it also makes me increasingly angry and disgusted that she is fucking with her followers' minds so much.

No. 98562

Oh my god, her chin looks horrible. And does she have swelling under here eyes or are these wrinkles from lack of fat?

No. 98565

Agreed that it's the zygomatic bone. What's weird to me is that the arch has become less prominent, but the orbital border has become more prominent.

No. 98570


Not necessarily. She's been keeping her intake at around the same level for at least a year now (debatable when her relapse started). And it doesn't take a scientist to guess she can't be eating nothing or purging everything, since she'd be in and out of hospital constantly at that rate. She's eating enough either to maintain or lose slowly, and considering her past activity levels that can be quite a lot. She might be faking some bites but even if she ate everything she posted and then some, she wouldn't be gaining.

Debatable how much has changed since the cast though.

No. 98572


was meant for >>98266 my bad

No. 98575

She seems pretty attached to her hair probably thinks its the only pretty thing she has left. I wonder what she will do when she loses it maybe then she will actually change

No. 98606

She'll probably start trowelling the makeup on even thicker. And there's always her shitty nail polish jobs.

No. 98626

File: 1456585974841.jpg (504.32 KB, 1438x1648, TFppxr8.jpg)

What is up with her cheeks?

No. 98627

May just be weird lighting, but damn she looks awfully ill here.

No. 98628

She really needs to chop her hair off, she would kind of suit a bob so I don't see why she's clinging to her beyond dead ends.

No. 98629

My first thought also.

No. 98630

What does she mean, first custard filled donut? Not true, surely.

No. 98676

No, but claiming everything as a first gets her more ass-bone pats.
Plus, she has special rules for what's a "first." Examples: if it's a different flavor, if it's a different shape, or if it's been more than a few weeks. The custard-filled donut fits all of these: 13 weeks ago, she had a custard-filled donut, but it had sugar rather than frosting, and it was a different shape. https://www.instagram.com/p/-a_G5Vyqc7/

No. 98751

File: 1456621287051.png (126.46 KB, 720x506, ya right.png)

Can't believe she thought she had to lie about this (it's from the header photo for this thread). Her natural curls/waves are nice.

No. 98814

But did you actually look at the photo it was from? In it, she didn't just have curly hair; it was unbrushed. >>91978 As far as I'm aware, knots in hair are not nice.
I mean, in some later photos, the wavy hair looks okay, but the photo this comment is from is the first time she revealed wavy hair, and it's clearly unbrushed because she sulked around the house during her slight absence.
As such, of course she had to lie. It's similar to when someone makes a horrible comment and people react badly, so they claim they were joking.

I really wish she would just cut her hair. Maybe not to a bob like >>98628 said, but definitely shorter than she has it now.

No. 98836

What difference would it make though? She's still starving.

No. 98837

I can't believe she shows us her 'natural', non straight hair now lies about curling it.

I'm guessing she's struggling to do her straightening routine, which must have been quite involved.

No. 98849

File: 1456655636529.jpg (166.23 KB, 765x960, IMG_20160228_033312.jpg)

This makes me sad. What a cute baby.

No. 98855


She isn't even vaguely recognisable. Damn.

No. 98858

In the caption she actually admiited her eyes had become "empty and emotionless" due to her ED (couldn't agree more, Aly) but now the life is coming back into them etc etc

No. 98923

She's starting to look like those kids who've needed a heart and lung transplant since they were born; when they hit their teenage years, they have weirdly small bodies and weirdly large, bloated-looking faces.

No. 98929

With how unhealthy her hair is due to lack of nutrients, what she really needs to do is stop frying it with bleach. Blonde hair doesn't suit her at all anyway.

No. 98946

But then she would no longer be a little happy blondie child!

No. 98958

Did anyone catch that pic she deleted of herself smoking?

No. 98984

She's gonna give herself teh diabeetis

No. 98987

I've explained it in previous threads: unless Aly grabs a knife and/or threatens to off herself, she cannot get sectioned. Her family could get conservatorship over her, but the process in Italy is still new and long, and mostly reserved for old people with dementia.

tl;dr: unless she gets violent, she's not going anywhere she doesn't want to

No. 98996

I saw a preview a few hours ago but couldn't get a screenshot! Looked like she was actually smiling, in her kitchen or something. No doubt we'll get a "completely un posed natural" photo tomorrow

No. 99008

Hugh, it frustrates me to no end, mainly because she IS slowly killing both herself and her family.

Fucking Italy, man.

No. 99009

Heh, samefag, but I meant ugh, not Hugh…

No. 99010

Uhhhhhhh no.

No. 99107

no chance anon, she's not eating that stuff.

No. 99119

File: 1456738502643.jpg (113.94 KB, 1070x1127, Screenshot_20160229-093343_1.j…)

> the enemy. I know him well unfortunately. Words of Alys mother

No. 99123

This is the article she posted a few days ago, so she is aware of the severity hopefully

No. 99127

Who's Melania Gandolfini?

No. 99134

Alys mum, her fb

No. 99139

Aaah, interesting, thanks. I have only seen her called Ma Casati here. So at least we know, she knows Aly has a disorder.

No. 99147

No. 99178

Looks like the prophecy has been fulfilled.

No. 99199

File: 1456767934130.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160229-174410.png)

Rocking the hobo look guys

No. 99200

File: 1456767990178.jpg (39.08 KB, 425x596, 6cea5b321adc581081b3f21184a98d…)

>This is the real MYSELF and I have no shame

No. 99202

File: 1456768152908.jpg (57.26 KB, 1078x535, Screenshot_20160229-174754_1.j…)

Sorry, samefag but look!! I smell bullshit

No. 99203

most treatment plans aim to gain 1kg a WEEK. Not that she's gaining at all, she's definitely not.

No. 99207

File: 1456769351681.jpg (254.79 KB, 600x479, old-woman-smoking-sandy-powers…)


>>Let me demonstrate how healthy I'm getting by showcasing how I'm giving myself lung cancer.

No. 99210

>implying aly even smokes

please. clearly she just wants to be edgy. the damn thing isn't even lit

No. 99212

she holds the cigarette the same way everyone who doesn't smoke thinks people hold cigarettes

No. 99213

Oh god, are we really doubting that Aly smokes now? She's had pictures of her actually smoking in the past.
I agree though that it is very odd that the cigarette isn't lit. She also is making a face like she's trying to be edgy. Who knows?

No. 99216

Why is she biting it? Poor dear must really be hungry. :(

No. 99239

Oh come on! She smokes, it's an appetite suppressant and shes European, she can't even quit not eating, how is she going to quit smoking. Plus when I smoked I took edgy pics with an un-lit cig. Cigarettes burn fast and I wanted to enjoy it. She probably took 100 pictures first then smoked.

No. 99386

Umm.. Wow I actually really.. like this picture. Her face actually looks normal with this expression and angle, hands included. If she could just gain up to 110lbs, this is probably what she'd look like and it's pretty.

No. 99407


Lol shed delete that pic if you wrote her that

No. 99422

I agree. She looks a bit like her older self.
I mean her IG for the past two years has been just thousands of pictures of her in the same.exact.pose. and facial expression. So creepy, and she looks like she's having a manic episode in all of them.
I mean she used to post more "normal" selfies before her ED. Good to see she might be doing that again and maybe dropping the severe OCD a little.

No. 99513

Starbucks is coming to Italy. Aly can bring her own glass to get refills

No. 99586

File: 1456861860819.png (2.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-14-50-07…)

Her chest legit looks much better in her new photos. Her face is odd though.

No. 99587

File: 1456861915378.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-14-51-18…)

No. 99591


Her chest looks the same as always, she's just learned to cover up her facehugger.

Her brother looks as tired of her shit as usual

No. 99597

Yes, I wish people would stop say that she is looking better/healthier as all it;s doing is feeding into her and others ED;s that such an appearance is healthy and ideal. Everything about her online persona and weight is anorexia personified. There looks like there has been noy one ounce of progress.

No. 99602


idk what people are even supposed to say on a recovering anorexics photos on her instagram that's basically a shrine for her disorder

aren't all these recovering ED instagrams these girls make extremely harmful to recovery? Or could they help depending on the person? I've always wondered but my opinion strongly leans towards it being even more self-destructive

No. 99605


they just sit around on their phones taking photos of their food and their bodies and subtly triggering each other as far as i'm aware. it's bs for them to call it "helpful" lel. total popularity/sickness contest there

No. 99606

File: 1456865851242.png (16.83 KB, 524x82, lungcancer.png)

holy shit. in answer to how many cigs she smokes per day. HOW is she still alive??

No. 99607

Plot twist: all that weight she's been supposedly gaining is actually just a buildup of lung tar.

No. 99608


christ that eyeliner

No. 99613

Did she forget to do her left eye wing? Makes her look wonky eyed!

No. 99643

I was about to agree with you, but in the next photo I see the sternum bumps where you might expect them…she does look a bit more filled in but I suspect that is the lighting.

No. 99664

Hopefully she'll still be up for it in 2017.

No. 99791

she is wonky eyed. Look at that baby pic of her, you can tell that one eye is a little bit fucked up.
Also: in the pic with the brother she looks like she has a mustache. Is that some anorexia stuff?

No. 99803


Might be lanugo. Fine top-lip hair isn't especially uncommon for healthy girls either though.

No. 99807

File: 1456914156591.jpeg (155.05 KB, 750x742, image.jpeg)

The edges of the piece of paper look burnt, I can so easily imagine Aly sitting at the kitchen table while her mom is cooking, staring empty-eyed into the distance then almost subconsciously burning the edges of the paper with her worst fears written on it…

No. 99808

But obviously still making a reaaaaalrealrealrecovery instagram post about it

No. 99816

Aly's life is starting to make me sad. She supposedly tried to make an effort to make her IG less food-centric only to have it be about nothing but. The entire account is dedicated to "realrecovery" yet noting ever changes, and no matter what, everything relates to food or her disorder. Donut keychain, plus toy, or jewelry? It's all a reminder that recovery is worth it, honies. Same for pictures with friends or trips out, even if those trips are far and few between. Like come on Aly, even if you were still talking about your mental health, I'd find it at least more interesting to hear you talk about your anxiety or depression. But to me it's even sadder that she's not really a person in a sense. Doesn't seem to have many interests, many friends, and manipulates her family. Everything no matter what revolves around food. How sad.

No. 99817

Also she'll be limping forever probably. That is quite sad.

No. 99818

It's probably dependent on the person, but my guess is that, like in anorexia, there's a tedency to become obsessive and excessive over what's done on the account. Take for example Mefan Crabbe, a.k.a Bodyposipanda. Entire account is selfies, pictures of overweight people, and the usual recovery mantras. She's obsessed with hammering in the idea that overweight is okay and your body will jiggle, even after being recovered for a long time, almost as if she's trying to convince even herself. I've noticed similar with many of the ED accounts. Aly does it, Gremlin does it, and just about any generic food diary-esque recovety account seems to do it. Or maybe I'm just reaching. Shrug

No. 99837

are you an infant?
a pack has 20 cigs. 4 or 5 isnt that many

No. 99861

Every cig is one too many.

No. 99876

Especially for someone as sick and malnourished as she is. Cigs are appetite suppressants and her body is also in no condition to be fighting off unneeded toxins.

No. 99888

Wait did she draw on a wooden spoon? Wish sharpie? What is she even doing?

No. 99901

she said she made it as a child
of course, according to her, she could have made it yesterday (blonde happy child!!), but she probably gave it to her mom when she was 8 or something.

No. 99908

It's just a shitty photo/lighting. I was like "Aww, baby bro is growing man hair!" and then I realized she was too though, kek.

No. 99911

File: 1456945717720.jpg (108.48 KB, 594x593, happy happy joy joy.jpg)

Her "sister" is now a child too.
Aly looks really weird in the last 3 photos she's posted of her with someone, and I really can't place my finger on it. Her face shape just looks fucked up.

NOW I CAN'T UNSEE IT. One of her eyes is slightly higher than the other one. Her bad makeup skills just aren't helping the situation.

No. 99959

Oh my God, even in this photo she didn't wing her left eye to match the other one. Her makeup looks the exact same as the photo the previous day with her brother.

No. 99973

I know what you mean, her face looks different, but I'm not sure how. Maybe puffier, like when she had the tube?

No. 100062

>One of her eyes is slightly higher than the other one.
Most people's eyes and general facial features are likely like that in some way. But man, her face does look weird and I haven't been able to figure it out since she first showed it off in that condition.

No. 100116

I'm wondering if it's about her hair. Obviously she used to spend a lot of time on it and work hard to give it volume. It was really sculpted with that big swooping fringe. Maybe she wanted her face to look small, I dunno.

Now she's largely letting it go. It's laying flatter like it would naturally. I think that's why her face looks bigger?

No. 100124

I think she's letting her hair and her appearance in general go even more because, let's face it, there probably is some pressure on her to gain a minimal amount of weight to heal her leg and it is making her really unconfident, however she seems slightly less self-conscious based on her ig pictures lately

No. 100129

so the cast is off.
must have been a pretty minor break, if it even was broken to begin with.

No. 100133

How long was it on for?

No. 100134

File: 1457009740455.png (966.42 KB, 916x589, my bones are restored.png)

"after only 25 days my bones are completely RESTORED"


No. 100142

I guess she didn't really break her leg. I don't know how long a broken leg normally takes to heal but she makes it sound like her leg recovery was faster than normal. Let's face it, nothing about her could give her body whatever is necessary to heal a broken leg extra fast. She is emaciated and her diet is shit, plus she's probably a purger.

No. 100149

Most breaks take 4-6 weeks to heal. Really serious breaks can take months, sometimes up to a year. Mine took 8 months.

No. 100162

With compromised bones it usually takes a few months. My wrist was in a cast for 4 months before it was healed and my leg was in a cast for 6+ months when I broke my femur (with non compromised bones).
So I highly doubt there even was a break.

No. 100165

Her bro and sis always look so pissed.

No. 100170

Her hands look normal in this. Not like those terrifying claws.

No. 100208

Wooow. So she didn't really "shatter" her leg.

Plus I wonder why she deletes certain pictures. There was this really colorful pic I saw for a second in my notifications. But it's gone now. it actually looked kind of cool.

No. 100213

She has to take assloads of pics on the same day and then just pick a few to upload. She's even posted months-old pics again because she forgot she already posted them! She is so fucked up. Bet the pics were from the same "actionshoot".

No. 100236

OMG she is so full of shit! Really Aly? Your leg was completely shattered but your leg is perfectly free now and "completely restored"? Really?
Either she flipped out and had a massive tantrum and said she'd not eat and demanded them to take it off early; or she had a little hairline fracture or something and amped the melodrama as always, even then I am pretty sure she'd need a boot after cast removal if they took it off at 25 days; or her ortho doc is about as good as her ED team (kek).
Epic fucking fail Aly.

No. 100264

Well, she didnt have a cast, she obviously had her leg bandaged… thats what she meant with plastered. In german "Pflaster" means bandaid, maybe in italian its a close word too.

So the car did bump her, but it wasnt a break. Typical Aly.

No. 100508

Right? My bet is between "she was being melodramatic" and "more incompetent doctors." I can't decide which. The fact that she literally said it was "completely broken" and "completely destroyed" though. Good lord.

No. 100548

OK, but why couldn't they weigh her with the bandage then??

No. 100561

It might have been splinted as well. I know someone who had a really bad broken leg, surgery and all, and they had this splint-shell thing with bandages. The bandages come off but the healing is still underway.

But go ahead Aly and tell us how croissants fixed it all. I can't even with her IG anymore, I'm so triggered by all the pastries.

No. 100568

YES! She said "shattered" in one of her captions!

Word. Not ~triggered~ but just annoyed ad nauseum. I can't deal with her Insta at all anymore. Bless the anons who brave the monotony and bullshit to post updates here.

No. 100604

File: 1457106088326.jpeg (172.98 KB, 750x913, image.jpeg)

Her super-posi-vibes healed her leg!!! What an UNBEARABLE DANG (!) load of shit!

No. 100608

>That's at least in part due to proper nutrition
>proper nutrition
You fucking mong.

No. 100609

Conspiracy theory: Aly did not have the plaster removed. She was just bored with her account not being full of cafes, so she's going to use the photos she's saved up to claim she's going to cafes and restaurants again.

No. 100611

>just annoyed ad nauseum. I can't deal with her Insta at all anymore
Agreed. I remember reading her captions in the past, but I just can't anymore. Now I skim them.
The only real exception is when she posts an item because I'm still always amazed at how she makes everything about her ED. Just today she had an air freshener remind her of her ED. Amazing!

No. 100613

getting her cast off shortly after she was supposed to be weight lel

No. 100635

File: 1457114739888.png (807.62 KB, 937x601, Absolute bullshit.png)

Typical example (pic related). All that melodrama over a ferrero rocher. Although perhaps she really is changing her mindset, because her caption about sharing one tiny chocolate with ma Casati was just as UNBEARABLY FREAKIN ridiculous. The rest of the caption on this is the usual slew of caps, emojis and bollocks

No. 100637

Why the fuck is she "quoting" who has as bad a grasp on the English language as she does?

No. 100658

What proper nutrition though? She most likely doesn even take in (doesn't eat or purges) what she does post - but even what she posts has a scarce amount of nutritional value.
The way the comment was phrased was that she was saying most of the healing was from Aly's positive attitude.

No. 100669

THIS! I am so sick of this whole charade. I am just fucking raging at the idiocy of this shit! ONE TINY CHOCOLATE gives you a panic but you eat pastries three times a day as SPONTANEOUS(!) (what a fucking joke everything she does is same shit different day)(!) #recoveryWINs? WTF, first of all after MONTHS and months of same shit different pic, they wouldn't be challenges anymore…what the fuck ever, this whole thing is a fauxcovery narrative. I hate her because of what she is knowingly doing to others-fucking with people who genuinely visit her account thinking she's the ultimate recovery princess.

Topkeks, my exact thought after reading that!

No. 100726

Will a photo expert kindly comment on the facehugger plox

It looks less prominent tha before

No. 100753


I know this is slightly outdated, but I think it depends on the person. I've been struggling with my ED for years, and hit a low recently (not in terms of weight, but restricting and mood). I started following IGers and eventually created my own, and actually managed to pull myself out of it and have been eating pretty well since then.

No. 100754

That actually isn't that many for a smoker. I mean, any is too many in my opinion. But when I used to smoke I smoked about 5/day, and that was nothing compared to my friends who were smokers.

No. 100953

How long has she been in recovery, including the time before she deleted and started over last June?

No. 100975

20 a day is very light smoking where I come from.

No. 100983


where are u from? I´m from Austria and many people here smoke like 2 packages (40 cigs)

I smoke like 6-7 a day and can´t imagine smoking more.

/sage for ot

No. 100993

She started about the June before that (2014). We discovered her February 2015.

She admitted to a relapse during the fall of 2014, but kept trying to claim that she had overcome it and was #realrecovering as she continued to lose weight.
And then we came to June 2015, when she claimed to be REALLY #realrecovering.

No. 101006

File: 1457199977474.jpg (153.02 KB, 597x597, Positivity is putting a bandai…)

I will never understand why she thinks putting food in front of her face is cute or cool or whatever.

No. 101067


I do think she was trying in May. That's when I started following her. This was after her relapse, but her captions were far more sincere than they are now and she really did seem to be trying from what she was eating. Now she just posts a couple "lush" things a day and copy-pastes the same captions.

No. 101178

I agree and disagree with you. It did seem like she wanted to try and it seemed like she agreed with her mother about inpatient. But thoughts aren't actions, and the minute she had to actually do something, she gave up. So no matter how sincere her words were in May, they meant nothing. They were empty promises.

No. 101303

Holy shit, we have our Aly thread back!!! (Pardon my tardiness, I left the site for a few weeks to focus on life).

No. 101331

Yeah there was quite a ruckus, plus we weren't playing well in the general ana/cutters thread. Admin saw the light!

No. 101418

File: 1457261821110.png (95.51 KB, 918x203, restoring.png)

Now she's changed her IG bio to read: restoring from a car accident. WFT? It's not like she doesn't know the proper word - recovering - she uses it multiple times in each caption. "restoring from a car accident" reads like she's working on an old banger that got pranged and has a few scratches in the paintwork. Her grasp on the English language makes me want to go out and get plastered.

No. 101421

I'm being picky but I don't consider being bumped by a car to be a 'car accident'.

As someone said in an earlier comment I can't find, I think she was being overdramatic with the injury to avoid her proper weigh in. There's no way her 'destroyed' leg would heal so fast. So she's obviously put on an act of it being sooo painful that they wrapped it up purely to be cautious, but it didn't really need to be.

Her whole life is a play. She says she is 'not her eating disorder' but for as long as she keeps this account, it is. She needs to get the fuck off social media if she truly wants to recover.

No. 101454

THIS, every word. I am feeling this same way 100%.

No. 101464

File: 1457275165368.jpg (40.33 KB, 363x326, Capture.JPG)

Ok then.

Btw another pre-ED photo is up! Hoping for a progress picture this summer…

No. 101471

5/6 minutes? Bullshit! I'm betting close to 20.

Also the "OLD, REAL" Alice looks so stuck up. I bet even she would groan over Aly's captions and lifestyle. Like, I think if she knew who she was going to turn into, she would just kill herself.

No. 101474

I think Aly is still "old Alice" to a large extent. She is no dummy and she has been paying attention to frequent objections that people have raised, so her insta has changed over time – no OOTD body checks, no more documenting everything she eats, no kissy face photos, no low necklines, no more OILY(!) and CHALLANGE and STRENGHT (sob), and now no more straight-ironed hair. Girl knows what her audience wants, and she's spreading ~insta-posi-Aly-vibes~ because it gets her more followers and less dissenters. For all I know, she's mentally rolling her eyes at the suckers who keep praising her general lack of recovery (even though she is looking a bit better lately…)

No. 101512


I actually really agree. This is why I'm pretty sure she's eating a lot more than people here seem to believe too - she's far from delusional or stupid, when at her weight with minimal eating her brain would be completely out of whack. Same with Ash.

Repetitive captions aside, Aly knows how to play this game really well.

No. 101538

Just a thought, but does anyone wonder if she might be refeeding? I was reading a book recently about anorexia (written by a mom whose child had anorexia) and she spoke about feeding her daughter 3500-4000 calories a day, and her daughter was only gaining weight slowly (maybe 1/2 lb a month). I wonder if the anorexia does something weird to a person's metabolism to make regaining that weight difficult?

No. 101544

Hypermetabolism lasts a few weeks, not 8 months. Maybe her daughter was finding a way to burn off the calories, much like Aly does with walking around all day. I wonder if she will go back to that as she regains mobility (she said she was still not walking even though the cast is off)

No. 101573


>makes me want to go out and get plastered.

thx anon, kek

No. 101635

Actually, you make a good point. I was thinking about how younger Alice went out to clubs and saw her friends in more places than restaurants. But then I remembered her old instagram, where she desperately tried to get attention, and I realize there's not as much difference between them as I thought.

No. 101644

File: 1457296573249.jpg (216.51 KB, 960x932, IMG_20160306_133047.jpg)

Why do you think she posts these? Is it more for the

>youre so beautiful!

Or more for the

>wow! You look so different!

No. 101648

She can regain the figure, but that face has left forever.

No. 101649

Even at this weight (her highest weight), she appears to be very thin (not necessarily unhealthy by any means), like she could even gain weight and still be attractive. I'd guess she was borderline underweight here.

No. 101676

She was heavier than this. There're pics of her from maybe a year or two earlier where she's looking good. At 15 she had an enviable booty (no creepy peedo vibes intended).

Around the time of this one she travelled a lot with her ex and speaks about ED thoughts, so I think she still thinks that at a healthy weight she looks "fat", so posted this borderline skinny one.

No. 101682

She's said her highest BMI was 19, so almost underweight.

No. 101683

If she gets close to this weight again and is this pretty again, her follower count will keep rising imo

No. 101812

Actually, hypermetabolism CAN last for months. Dieticians just increase portions on a meal plan to account for it.

No. 101877

I'm from North Manchester in England, in a specific little area which is one of the most deprived in the country - in other words, much teenage pregnancy, many smoking and binge drinking, very benefits scroungers.

No. 101880

East Manc here. I smoked 30 a day til it got too expensive. Now I chain vape. Cheaper. Have been known to hit 40 on a bad day.

No. 101915

Yes, let's defend the delusions that Aly throws at her followers. That seems like a good idea.

No. 101917

holy shit Manchester too here wtffff

No. 101918

File: 1457368547039.jpg (172.9 KB, 922x595, typo.jpg)

Aly's English is getting worse by the day. I can't tell if it's because she doesn't care, of if it's because no one bothers to correct her or read her captions anymore.
Pic related because this typo made me laugh.

No. 101926

Part of me wants to think that she typed that on purpose as a small little joke to herself about how she's totally not recovering.

Her hair looks nice all poofed up though. Too bad I'm pretty sure she's just doing it to make her face look bigger.

No. 101931


holy sh…. her face! so puffy

No. 101932

>Too bad I'm pretty sure she's just doing it to make her face look bigger
Without a doubt. She also fluffed her hair to the extreme to make her seemed bigger overall.

No. 101935

Are you a heavy smoker too? Eh, new Costa Coffee's going to happen at the bottom of Market Street! Our exciting city.

No. 101944

she's puffing her cheeks out.

No. 102031

Yorkshire here, but can confirm the chain vaping. The price of Sterling IS TOO DAMN HIGH

No. 102135

File: 1457398568374.png (202.67 KB, 720x650, IMG_20160307_195341_edit.png)

I can't even.

No. 102168

she was huge on these puffed up cheek pics when she had the tube in last. maybe a tube is coming! we can only hope.

No. 102176

File: 1457401823914.jpeg (116.57 KB, 640x1048, image.jpeg)

Aly commented on Sonia's most recent FB picture. Aw.

No. 102247

why does she think no one can tell that she's holding her breath

No. 102333

File: 1457432442416.png (911.6 KB, 935x595, filet o fish.png)

Something looks off about this filet-o-fish sandwich. It looks too perfect - almost plastic. And where's the cheese?

Apparently this is an "extra win" as you can see in the comments. I highly doubt she ate this, period - let alone this sandwich plus something else.

No. 102404

Nah, that's just what McD's filet-o-fish sandwiches are like (at least mine have always been). She probably skipped the cheese those because "anorexic thoughts about too many calories" is definitely not the last thing on her mind.

No. 102407

in all fairness, the cheese could be hidden by the patty as it's generally along the bottom, or she might just not like it with cheese (which honestly I could totally understand, fish and cheese sounds vile imo).

I don't doubt she ate it since that's under 300 calories, but yeah she probably didn't have anything with it if she hasn't posted anything else.

No. 102425

Does mcdonalds really put cheese on fish?

No. 102427

File: 1457460326992.jpg (2.51 MB, 2740x2040, McDonald's_Filet-O-Fish_sandwi…)


Wtf 2LUSH4me
Is cheese on fish normal?

No. 102429

it is 380 calories and fatty as hell

No. 102430

Certainly. Cheese on fish is a renowned American delicacy.

No. 102434

File: 1457463114222.png (485.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160308-185026.png)

It's not that bad. And if you take out the cheese its under 300 cals

No. 102435

"A half slice of processed cheddar cheese is served on our Filet-O-Fish. This is because any more cheese would throw off the balance of flavour and overpower the delicate taste of whitefish. It's actually considered bold to serve cheese on fish. No cheese on fish is one of the rules of Italian cuisine. But sometimes we take risks and hopefully we've got you "hooked."

I wonder if they leave out the cheese in Italy

No. 102437


Oh man I'm definitely buying a filet-o-fish burger tomorrow.

No. 102438

Its McDonald's, of course its shit its not real food. Nobody goes there for a delicious meal they go for salty fatty pseudofood that's cheap.
Or for faking a weigh in if you're Aly.

No. 102439


>tfw this gets posted immediately after I post >>102437

>feels bad man

I don't really go to Maccy D's anyway since I'm pescatarian and they have like, 2 options, but ngl the filet-o-fish burger is p. good and the egg and cheese McMuffin meal… whew lad.

No. 102443

No. 102446

And it has even less fat than the UK version. God help her if she moves to London!!

No. 102509

On my phone so I can't upload a photo, but under the last picture of Aly and Sonia with croissant "smiles" Aly tells a stan that her cast if off, but that she still can't walk. Guess the power of positivity and croissant recovery BOMBS wasn't enough to heal a starving woman of her stress fracture in record time. Let's see if she ever walks properly again, I can't imagine she's got the calcium (or calories) to make a full recovery.

No. 102642

On an earlier pic she said she's still having to use crutches and a wheelchair.

No. 102650

what I learned from my ma's terrible leg break (surgery, pins, etc) a few years back is that they want you to use the leg asap, even just lightly like with crutches. along with diet, this helps to heal I suppose.

No. 102886

File: 1457511913484.jpg (115.25 KB, 1002x1005, Screenshot_20160309-082351_1.j…)

Here you go anon

If it's not in plaster and it doesn't hurt why can't she walk? Muscle wastage?

No. 102890

they hardly keep the plaster on for long these days anon. Aly's just dumb for calling it 'healed' when in fact this is the big healing stage now.

No. 102892

I'd say the bone has set but isn't actually healed yet. Its still got weeks of repair to go. I think she'll just compound it by walking too soon and poor diet.

No. 102928

File: 1457521037942.jpeg (874.92 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Someone just went postal on her post this morning of a chocolate chick. Cue more newfags though..

No. 102956

I agree. My broken leg [comminuted fracture, non displaced] took nearly a year to heal. I never had a cast but it was an immobilizer for 6 weeks, then brace and crutches for another 2-3 months, plus PT at a rehab place and home.

While the cast may be off, Aly has a loooooooong way to go.

No. 103917

How come no one has posted anything in this thread for more than a day?

No. 103922

It´s perhaps because Aly has become so incredibly repetitive and boring. I don´t even read her captions anymore, first because it´s always the same stuff, second because I can´t stand how she is practically screaming at us by using ALL THOSE CAPITAL LETTERS. And the hundreds of stupid emoticons don´t make her texts any easier to read, not to mention her English which get´s shittier by the day.

To be honest, I guess I can see why the admins of this board thought that she was no longer worthy of having her own thread. I hope things will get more interesting when it gets warmer and the bones (which are now hidden under layers of clothing) will start to show again.

Apart from that, I guess nothing will ever change in her life. She will never gain a substantial amount of weight (if she has gained at all, which I doubt, it can´t be more than five pounds) and her family will enable her behavior forever or until she dies.

No. 103924

oops, I meant "gets", not "get´s".

No. 103925

Aly's having a lull herself. We'll have to wait.

No. 103927

Nah admin thought any and all ana threads should be abolished because of attracting anas from all over. So wanted all contained in one thread. Just a misunderstanding. The general ana/cutting thread has those irritating anons but not Alys thread.

No. 103930

Ha, not the first time I've said iyoh to other Mancs on lolcow!

No. 103953

File: 1457631265245.jpg (101.76 KB, 640x611, twats.JPG)

I will talk some Aly.

*For whatever reason her face IS looking less gaunt. However, she still looks so. fucking. ill.

*Sonia's face really bugs me. Why is her head so big?

*In June (not far!) she's going to blah about a year into recovery. THIS is when there's going to be shit hitting the fan on her account, I predict. A WHOLE YEAR of scarfing waffles and donuts and she looks like a 70 year old who had a bad life.

*What is she doing with her nail polish here? Is it chipped the fuck off or did she only paint the tips?

I agree with >>103925 There's going to be more interesting times ahead.

Iyoh, Our Anon. Alright?

No. 103954

My thoughts (almost) exactly - I am willing to concede a bit more weight gain than 5 lb (but improvement has only been evident since the new year-ish, more so over the past month since she broke her leg)

No. 103955

File: 1457631489911.jpg (12.46 KB, 383x32, lols.JPG)

Her last upload has to be the blandest on the universe. Like, come on, Aly. That's a dull picture. Sprinkle some sugar around the cup why dontchya.

I think her relationship with Pa C is getting a weird.

No. 103956

File: 1457631589519.jpg (34.79 KB, 361x571, eeeee-ewwwwww.JPG)

Answering my own question.

No. 103980

File: 1457635927724.png (17.43 KB, 291x57, toddler skills.png)

She's fucking with us, found this in the caption - pic related.

If they're newly done she really is the worst at painting nails. Idk why she insists on showing them off this closely; can't she see how bad it is?

No. 103985

File: 1457638019983.jpg (642.19 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160310_121606.jpg)

I was sitting here catching up with the thread being kind of bored, And was wondering if I could really see her getting better. So I made this comparison. I tried to choose similar poses to look at her face and hands.
>From left to right
>31wks, 8wks, 2wks

For 7 months it's only a very slight difference if any at all. I think you guys are right, things will get more interesting when that 1yr mark comes.

No. 103996

i feel like she's been using a new filter or doing her foundation differently lately. something. in the last few weeks, her face has been looking like it does on the recent pic here. at first glance it seems like she looks healthier because there aren't as many sunken in shadows and lighting contrasts, but there's something off about it? almost the "uncanny valley" thing like you see in the living doll girls. it's like she's erased the circles under her eyes and the sinking around her smile, but overdone it so her face looks weirdly matte and one-dimensional

her body, hands, and hair haven't suddenly improved so i don't think it's actual progress either. i agree she's made a SMALL amount of progress since the real-real-real recovery but it's been slow and steady and something like half a kilo a month, probably. yet the face change is random and sudden and doesn't look "real"

No. 104006

Wtf, this is what the filet o fish looks like now??? 20 years ago it looked completely different but then again, they probably used real fish back then. The cheese used to be a block on top and incorporated into the patty.

No. 104030

File: 1457649463779.png (940.23 KB, 928x588, aly pink stripe donut.png)

I agree with this. I think she is lightening the photos somehow or only taking photos in front of big windows. The normal lines that would be on a person's face (at any weight) are missing. If you look at the pink donut pic she posted 5 days ago (attached), there's no change. She looks emaciated. Her other recent pink donut pic looked ghastly, too.

Her eyes really freak me out. I don't think it's just her makeup either. It's like her lid melts into the brow bone or something… is there a name for this shape? (or am I just crazy?) Actually, maybe it's just her awful brow shape. There's so much space between her eye and her brow, but almost none of it is eyelid.

No. 104033

Her constant baking is somewhat suspicious to me. I copied out recipes and baked constantly when I was emaciated and ate none of it unless I was forced. When I knew I'd have to eat it, I'd secretly make low-calorie recipes (even faking the calorie content on my recipe cards to make it seem high calorie).

I have a hard time believing she eats the stuff she bakes unless there's no way out of it. She made those heart cookies when no one except her brother was around (then said "we just couldn't wait" to eat them - yeah, right, it's just an excuse to "eat" them when her parents are gone). Same with the Nutella cookies. Did you notice that after she baked the Nutella cookies, her bro was SO EXCITED that they just had to go out together and he proposed A SECOND AFTERNOON SNACK - what does she get? A big cookie. It makes NO SENSE

No. 104061

<he proposed A SECOND AFTERNOON SNACK - what does she get? A big cookie. It makes NO SENSE

Interesting point, didn't think of that. The easter egg cookie was shown bitened(!) so the nutella cookies were prob ignored.

Incidentally, as I have never been in this position (thankfully)- wouldn't baking be annoying and cumbersome if you couldn't stand up? Just opening/closing oven doors in a small space with wheelchair or crutches sounds like a chore. And then standing at or even seeing the counter space properly…

But I guess she has free time, so.

No. 104160

>There's so much space between her eye and her brow
I think that's because she's lifting up her eyebrows. She's heard humans do that when they're excited.

No. 104163

It's very normal for people with eating disorders to become preoccupied with cooking and presenting and making food for others. You don't even have to be eating disordered - anyone who's restricting has a tendency towards making food for others, with a focus on how it looks.

Also, I barely read Aly threads anymore, but her hair has gone pretty shitty. It's turned from blow dried, straightened, keratin-treated, to limp hair she obviously just washes and leaves to dry overnight. Not a problem, but telling, considering she used to take a lot of pride in her hair. Either her body image is getting even worse, or she's just been too tired/weak with the messed up leg.

No. 104166

maybe it's just a matter of taste. I think this "natural" look - despite the shittiness of her hair - looks a lot better than that bleached fried over-straightened wig-like look. My hair hurt whenever I saw her hair like that.

No. 104201

File: 1457698436411.jpg (35.81 KB, 288x223, IMG_20160311_061122.jpg)

I would throw up too if I had to eat with these fingers

No. 104213

Yeah, that uncanny valley aspect has really been bothering me. I decided it was just my brain picking up on all the little signs she's showing of wear and tear from her illness, but not being able to pinpoint them. Like when you just look at someone and think, "They look sick."

Not three bad, r kid, cheers.

No. 104226

The pale skin and bright red lips make her look weird, clown like. And her eyelids have zero fat so she has an almost spade-face appearance, she looks awful imo.

Wonder how trip to hospital went, esp. With dad going with her

No. 104227

File: 1457707660617.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.1 KB, 298x390, clown-smile.jpg)

Her inspiration

Clown warning

No. 104354

Someone counted the emojis in her actionshot post this morning . It was 55. That comment is deleted now.

No. 104358

She realt doesn't see "recovery" as meaning "regaining health", does she. She bangs on about how she's beating anorexia by eating chocolate and cream, but hasn't updated about the state of her leg which has a lot to do with her diet.

She never says she feels healthier, only stronger because she can now eat waffles.

She sometimes mentions how she liked volleyball and horse riding, but doesn't say how gaining is getting her closer to having those pleasures back.

Genuine recovery accounts DO focus on physical health, so the fact she doesn't confirms to me even more she's really not into this.

No. 104360

Ne again. For eg, sorry to bring Erika into the picture, but when she was really into recovering she was euphoric about how much energy she was gaining and her libido was returning. Aly's all OMFG DONUTS! IM EATING CUPCAKES! No positivity about feeling generally healthier..which you'd expect.

No. 104366

well she did talk about her leg today; she got an MRI of her "crociate bone" (probably cruciate ligament, like ACL) which means her leg is probably not very stable.

No. 104370

Good point. I've seen other actual accounts on IG by people who are successfully recovering and after a certain amount of time eating more than enough calories to keep them at a healthy weight, they show how they are able to fully enjoy all their passions in life again, like outdoor activities that require a fair amount of strength and endurance. But since Aly is just lingering at near-skeletal weight there is probably no way she can do something as strenuous as horseback riding for instance especially if it was anything but a slow walk.

No. 104410

I HATE how she only posts sweets. I know she was going to only post "challanges" but it just really shows she doesn't actually try to eat. All her posts could be like "I'm totally eating see?" But its a binge food she probably regrets/throws back up.

No. 104411

That doesn't sound like a very good sign.

No. 104456

Her captions have been getting longer & more rambling & emoji-filled as her face gets stranger looking & more lifeless. She seems like a mannequin or a robot that is malfunctioning more & more as its battery slowly runs out.

Gid bless Sonia for still hanging in there with the weekly "spontaneous and joyful" (NOT) visits, gamely posing for the obligatory selfie every time. The other 'sisters' seem to have given up the facade since the New Years trip, which must have been incredibly awkward & uncomfortable. I think up until then they were probably doing it because Sonia asked them to, but that trip might have been the last straw. Sonia is a saint.

No. 104474

She truly is. I feel bad for making fun of her face in one of the older threads.
Let's not forget her family though, even though they're clearly misguided about EDs. Isn't family counseling quite successful in treating them? Doesn't look like there's any at all.

No. 104479

I mean, quite honestly, they probably think of it as "Aly's problem." It's difficult to admit as a parent that you messed up your child. Plus, the second child is relatively normal so far, so that allows them some denial too.

No. 104480

Maybe she's becoming more depressed overall, like all this starving is really starting to catch up with her.

Family therapy tends to be more ideal with children and teenagers, but yeah, that's true, it seems in general involving family in just about anything tends to make treatment more effective. I wouldn't be surprised if their family was dysfunctional and sort of unhappy without accounting for Aly's disorder.

Except they likely had nothing to do with it or at least very little. You can be a great parent and still, your child can end up with an eating disorder. Modest mistakes here and there can increase their risk of developing one, but it isn't any one thing or person's fault.

No. 104486

Aly is pretty much a teenager mentally though, so are a lot of anorexic women in their late teens/early twenties. I'm pretty sure it's a major driving force behind it, like younger ones who fear puberty… fear of being an adult/independent. See her, ash, crying emily, those are just the "famous" ones who cry about their mommies constantly.

No. 104487

Yeah no I don't think so. Eating disorders, anorexia especially is kind of wired. It can happen in very young and happy children who just sort of get "addicted" to a severe calorie deficit. I mean usually there's an underlying thing that causes it but sometimes it just happens.

No. 104496

Not to forget jodie_eats_to_live, whose mother even has to sleep in bed with her if her daughter is feeling "anxious" or "low". Aly can´t be without her mother for longer than a few hours before she starts panicking.

If these girls ever got serious treatment, their dependency issues and the refusal to grow up would be among the first things that would be addressed in therapy.

No. 104577


> but doesn't say how gaining is getting her closer to having those pleasures back.

maybe because that aren´t pleasures for her anymore. Her only interests are food. food. and food. have I mentioned food?

No. 104707

File: 1457830586944.jpg (170.02 KB, 1162x744, Capture.JPG)

Are the "Aly is sleep, post 'hater' comments" days coming back?

No. 104729

these pizza pics always make me hungry

No. 104733

Ooh, I hope so. Looks like the "why would she lie" trend is coming back too though, which is sad. Such naive people.

No. 104734

Maybe the timing is coincidence? every pictures comment count is more than what's actually there. Which to me looks like she deletes comments like this often. Idk

No. 104745

Aly must be glued to her phone to be able to keep up with the constant surveillance of possible comment calling her out.

No. 104814

i actually agree with >>104486, most kids who develop it do so when either their friends are going through puberty or they do. i think it can just happen sometimes, but when it does that it's never very severe. cases like Aly, Ash and Emily don't just happen because of diets. starvation also definitely causes age-regression, so even if that isn't the driving force certainly it becomes an issue for many.

No. 104815

Sonia really is a saint. You can tell just from scrolling down her own instagram feed that she's much less Aly's best friend as her ONLY friend. Aly barely shows up as a part of Sonia's life except in the background, but Sonia is a constant in Aly's. Sonia could easily cut her out and be done with this whole thing, but she doesn't.

No. 104870

The photo with the pancakes - has the face hugger finally been laid to rest? I dont see it, despite the lower neckline.

No. 104911

Disagree I think EDs are triggered by a traumatic, abusive upbringing.

No. 104934

There is a theory that bulimia and anorexia are triggered by different things. Anorexia is often caused by an underlying desire for control because the sufferer had an experience (often traumatic, like being raped) where they felt out of control. Anorexia is also more common in strict controlling families where problems aren't discussed whereas bulimic family lives would be considered more intense, louder, aggressive. Of course you cannot generalise this though. For a long time professionals also thought anorexia was a rich girls disease and bulimia was for the middle and working class, which was proven wrong.
But I, personally, do not believe an eating disorder is ever a diet gone too far

No. 104942


I was thinking the same. You can't see her chest bones anymore. So she is gaining weight.

No. 104946

File: 1457898037291.jpg (692.97 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160313_133539.jpg)

Lets see, hmmmm it's either shes gaining, or her top isn't low enough. pic on the right is 25wks old. What do you guys think?

No. 104948

If the light is bright enough, shadows can become washed out, so her chest bones may still be just as prominent, just less visible. Notice how different her skin looks around her nose between pictures.

No. 104952

She's gaining, but after 25 weeks I should hope so.

Even though I think she's gained maybe 9lbs tops (?) she still looks ill when she shouldn't on a lot of photos. You can't deny she looks better on the left, but no idea how much of it is lighting because on the left that's brighter light and it hides a multitude of flaws.

Summer's not too far away. We will see…

No. 104953

this is probably dumb but what if she learned to use filters or shooping? hope im wrong

No. 104954

Adding that she definitely looks less like a horse.

No. 104955

Her face looks bigger, and the space between her clavicles is less prominent. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt until she decide to wear tight jeans again.

No. 104959

This was me >>104952

I've just scrolled through her account to compare things further. I still believe that she's gaining some weight, but when I saw this one it reminded me how incredibly tiny she still looks.

I don't believe she eats all she posts, or she barfs. She's gaining as little as she can to get away with staying out of hospital or the clinic that was suggested to her.

I mean, LOOK, she's wearing a sweater and she's tiiiiiiiny. Frail in an old lady sense. And, no, she isn't "naturally thin". She's dealing with her ED in a very calculated way. >>104955

No. 104960

File: 1457899512737.jpg (66.99 KB, 638x616, Capture.JPG)

bollocks, dropped pic oops

No. 104961

(didn't mean to link anon's post at the end there…lolcow's being a bit weird for me today)

No. 104962

same anon posting too much prob, but she seems to not have noticed the comments about her lack of weight gain here http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1347294776/aly_realrecover/photos/ig-1184700241271235690_1347294776

No. 104973

I don't see how she is viewed as an inspiration from ED sufferers. Most treatment requires/forces patients to gain at least 0.5/1kg every week . All Alice does is live a pro-ana fantasy where you can eat (pose with) junk food saying how amazing/easy it is to eat and still maintain a skeleton like form. Maybe one day she will learn to start loving her body and mind and use her influence online for something other than pro-ana.. . hopefully

No. 105021

File: 1457905400069.png (488.09 KB, 1440x2560, bmi 14 relapse.png)

I agree, she's only gaining enough to keep her out of trouble. It's definitely not unheard of among anorexics.

This picture was posted in the first thread, so it's from sometime in 2014. When she entered the hospital in June 2015, her BMI was 10.9 and apparently 12.1 when she left. Because it was mostly bloat, she lost it right away. Even if she has gained 10 pounds, she's still at a BMI between 12.4-13.7. (13.7 only if I'm wrong about her losing the hospital bloat, and I think we all know I'm not. So 12.4 is more likely.)

Now the question is, what's going to happen once she gets to BMI 14 again? Will she start losing again? Will she tell her parents she's okay now and dismiss her "ED team"? Or will we all be proven wrong as she continues to slowly gain?

No. 105050

I'm wondering what will happen to this weight gain once she can start walking again. She really has made the most visible progress since breaking her leg.

No. 105369

File: 1457975055243.jpg (176.88 KB, 680x960, IMG_20160314_110045.jpg)

She posted her own progress pic today.

No. 105370

File: 1457975385783.jpg (123.87 KB, 960x666, IMG_20160314_110138.jpg)

And idk maybe more and more people are commenting about her lack of progress.

No. 105371

1st May 2016? So she's a time traveller now.

No. 105380

Kek her nose grew wider apparently

No. 105385

that's sort of what happens when you smile. at least my nose does that.

No. 105392

The only difference I see is a bit of makeup. If her bmi limit is 14 then she's in trouble, I wonder if she weighs herself at home? She'll get a bit of a shock at hospital day control if she doesn't and she has gained as much as she claims

No. 105393

I kind of have the feeling that those shitty progress pics are shitty on purpouse to get comments like this. She's afraid that her body may be changing so she needs people to tell her otherwise.

No. 105396

It's possible she does see a great progress. All those tears that she has in her eyes every hour of the day it's not like her vision can be too accurate.

No. 105397

Besides I'm sure she's feeling insecure about her body the most. She's never made a progress picture of it and she hides it. If she doesn't find help soon, she'll en up relapsing.

No. 105399

I wish she'd learn the word "above" instead of "upside".

No. 105410

What the… she used to know that, didn't she? I swear she used to say "same answer above."

No. 105471

Looks like she deleted the transformation pic. Aww.

No. 105489

Why?? Were most of the comments not supportive?

No. 105498

Lol, I saw!

Most were supportive, surprisingly (or Aly was just quick with the delete button as usual). But there seemed to be a critical mass of asslickers who had their complete confidence in Aly's perfect recovery shaken by the side by side. Aly like her followers' praise almost as much as she likes being skeletal and having total control over her family. She won't risk leaving a photo up that causes her audience to pull away.

No. 105578

aww! what if it was because of what this anon said >>105393

"ya you look better!" which to her means "your gaining weight and everyone can see it!"

No. 105588

File: 1457999447465.jpg (112.12 KB, 717x960, IMG_20160314_174250.jpg)

She's such a brat.

No. 105793

Ugh, I saw that too. Putting such a super-posi caption on a picture of her smoking does indeed give the wrong message. (Though I think most people don't bother with her captions anymore. Not when they're mostly screaming.)

No. 105802

I actually agree with Aly here. Smoking is very bad for your health obviously, but EDs are a mental illnesses and it's really irrelevant. Considering how controlled and identical her entire IG is it's a step forward for her.

No. 105950

Aly's new thing has become baking every day. I wonder if her father is going to blow up at some point about having too many sweets in the house.

No. 105989

It's because she uses cigarettes as an appetite suppressant not because it's bad for your health

No. 106069

I'm on my phone and can't upload, but here's a post where she's cutted up part of a banana and put a teaspoon of rainbow sprinkles on the slices. This is all laid out on a towel instead of a plate. And shes got a fork stuck in one slice.

STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FUCKING FOOD. This shit is disordered as fuck. All this fuss and.presentation and rearranging- and even if she puts it in her mouth after all this, it's barely any food. Anas think they're so fucking slick. What really happens is that they're exhausting. They tire out whoever is trying to get them to eat until they give up.


No. 106070

That's a plate, I think. It has icing sugar sifted onto it, because bananas and sprinkles aren't sweet enough.

No. 106071

Putting sprinkles on your food is all the rage in the ana and recovery communities.

I bet Aly takes extremely long to eat her food. I was like that and everybody hated eating with me and you could feel the tension whenever I was eating out with someone. But whatever Princess Aly wants, she gets.

No. 106081


Yeah, you're right re: the plate and the powered sugar. And it continues to drive the point: so instead of just eating a fucking single banana like she's supposed to, she's slicing it, arranging it on a plate, carefully sifting powders sugar on the slices (which dint even look like a whole banana's worth), THEN carefully distributing rainbow sprinkles, then using a fucking fork to spear a single slice, and finally take photos of this shit. She's made a massive production / ritual out of preparing food so she can delay eating as much as possible while appearing to be delighting in eating.

The baking thing is an extension of this shit. She's completely engrossed in her food obsession.

No. 106083

File: 1458075338188.jpg (165.51 KB, 617x960, IMG_20160315_145507.jpg)

Posting the pic in case anyone wants to look at it here.

No. 106085

She's so fucking annoying. I wonder if she realises how mind bendingly freutrating she is.

No. 106090

It doesn't even look like any of the icing sugar made it onto the banana. Just the plate to make it look like she's adding calories to it. Not like icing sugar has a lot of calories anyways.

No. 106093


No. 106098

File: 1458076869254.png (45.72 KB, 468x228, wp_ss_20160315_0001.png)

Okay, so she eats "some" of this crap she's churning out. What happens to all the cupcakes and maxi cookies? Why so evasive about where the rest are going?

No. 106106

Please, she probably doesn't eat any of it. (Maybe one, for show.) She probably gives it away to her sisters or tosses it. Aly is not a stranger to throwing away food.

When I was obsessed with baking, I even made stuff for neighbors just to bake. In retrospect it was definitely weird behavior and not at all normal (because it was not something I had done regularly).

No. 106108


Lol, she's not eating that shit. Her brother is a stoner gamer, I'll bet money that he and his friends eat the lion's share, ma eats some to see her daughter make a skelly smile, and Aly chucks a bunch on the trash before he parents get home and proudly tells them how much she ate that day.

No. 106112

I posted the same picture! but deleted it when I saw yours lol

She's so rude too. It annoys me how she points out how she already answered this question.

No. 106293

>I bet Aly takes extremely long to eat her food
Definitely. You can tell by some of the pictures she takes with other people where they've finished most of their food and she hasn't even started hers.
Unfortunately, Instagram just gives her another thing to do before she eats, if she even does. (I can definitely see her pulling the "well it's cold/melted/soggy now. Too bad!") She's lucky to have the mother (and brother and friend) that she does because I'd be too embarrassed to take her out to eat in public.

No. 106361

File: 1458136020804.png (637.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160316-134527.png)

These cookies are breakfast, but she's also claiming they're over the meal plan . So I take it that her breakfast now is just black coffee.

No. 106362

File: 1458136339386.png (893.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160316-135019.png)

Also the whole picture shows a monster eating her cookies. Because it's perfectly normal for 20 year olds to pretend toy monsters are eating your food.

No. 106367

It's a metaphor. She thinks of herself as a monster for eating cookies.

No. 106370

she is losing it

No. 106412

She blocked me so I can't ask, but did someone ask her why cookies are no longer in her meal plan?

No. 106421


those nails….

No. 106427

File: 1458155338191.jpeg (200.23 KB, 750x1002, image.jpeg)

So her knee isn't broken - meaning it probably never was because bones can't heal that quickly in someone with compromised bones and health. If that wasn't the injury, what was it?

No. 106440

File: 1458158506586.jpg (54.36 KB, 1054x500, Screenshot_20160316-195910_1.j…)

I LOVE how patronising this comment is

No. 106441

File: 1458158684370.jpg (90.74 KB, 1078x532, Screenshot_20160316-200202_1.j…)

And this

No. 106530

I'm late here but therein lies her inspiration to others. you too can pretend to recover while still maintaining a skin and bones weight level.

No. 106533

Call me stupid, but what if she's saying it's not broken, because it didn't appear broken on x-ray? it's happened to me when I've broken bones. Doesn't appear on x-ray, but appears on MRI.

No. 106535

File: 1458175168200.jpeg (167.23 KB, 671x856, image.jpeg)

Love this comment

No. 106571

kek her entire personality is aggressive

No. 106606

I bet she's done some knee ligaments. They probably casted it for pain relief while it was acute (in the normal world she probably would have got a Zimmer splint but that's not dramatic enough for aly) and now she's got an mri to confirm it's soft tissue injury. Not that that isn't a nasty injury, an ACL / MCL takes longer to heal than a break

No. 106687

But the scan she had done was an MRI. Most breaks usually show up on X-rays, as long as it's more than a hairline fracture, but there are exceptions. I just doubt that there ever was a break to begin with because healthy bones can't heal that quickly, and anorexic patients' bones are even slower.

No. 106688

ACL and MCL problems are horrible. I'm almost certain it was a soft tissue/ligament injury and Aly made the severity seem worse than it was. There's also the possibility of scans not being done in the first place and the recent MRI was the only scan done - some doctors are shit at being doctors and I've had that happen to me.

No. 106689

Well when I had a comminuted fracture on my knee up and down the entire right side of my left knee, it didn't show up on x-ray, only mri.

No. 106724

Aly's going batshit crazy over cocoa powder, guize. I think she may start mainlining it soon, or using it as eyeshadow or smthing…

No. 106725

Didn't Venus use it as blush in one of her makeup videos? Maybe Aly will do that as well.

No. 106739

She deleted like 12 more photos. I wonder why…

No. 106777

She may be freaking out for some reason.

No. 106784

it could be the remaining ego from when she was actually pretty hot. For me. At least from the only pic i saw here so i might be wrong.

No. 106802

Doctors found her account?

No. 106810

File: 1458247935074.jpg (267.04 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

i wonder

i agree with the person above that she is cracking up

these bracelets at least have nothing to do with food

No. 106812

File: 1458248018693.jpg (301.64 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

but naturally and inevitably are related to recovery wins

No. 106976

Yeah, nope, she related it to her ED. Doesn't count.

No. 106996

File: 1458290977999.jpg (175.36 KB, 684x960, IMG_20160318_024244.jpg)

Some more comments that will be deleted soon. These are the only 2 comments on that pic. (The most recent one)

No. 107106

File: 1458327025165.jpg (154.32 KB, 767x960, IMG_20160318_124909.jpg)

LoL this guy…

No. 107113

File: 1458327348765.jpg (126.99 KB, 960x495, IMG_20160318_124931.jpg)

Also, I saw this in my notification which doesn't show me the whole post. She deleted before I could.

No. 107115

hahaha my gosh what a goob

aww she looks a bit scary here but also kind of cute. maybe because it's more of a candid shot with the curly hair

No. 107167

Oh cringe.

No. 107192

I think it's a combination of the different hair and the fact that her eyes look slightly more alive in this photo? I think it's because she isn't around food in it and therefore isn't trying to cover up the fact that the thought of eating makes her feel awful inside loke when she does with her overly happy #recoveryWIN posts.

No. 107209

That looks so bad, its not even funny anymore. Im at the point where I cant even hate on her anymore. Shes such a low life. Thankfully shes not a good person. All she does is bake weird stuff and get visited by poor Sonia. Shes like a 80 yr old great-grandmother.

No. 107307

She deleted that comment now, but not her response, lol. What's even the point?

No. 107330

>Cause #realrecovery is not only about food but envoles EACH ASPECT of our previous days

Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 107354


Looool anas freak when someone even says they look "healthier'. Aly's probably going to lose the 500 grams she gained in the last year + more now!

No. 107355


Looool anas freak when someone even says they look "healthier'. Aly's probably going to lose the 500 grams she gained in the last year + more now!

No. 107379

I wonder if it matters more to her coming from a guy, instead of a salty girl.

No. 107380

Don't forget "DESTROY IT into the deep," whatever the fuck that means. And while I suppose calling someone "RELEVANT" can probably be taken as a compliment, I'm not sure she's picked the right word there. Being "really touched for the surpirse" isn't exactly a real thing, either.

No. 107428

File: 1458415902700.png (19.92 KB, 292x119, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-19 um 2…)

Lol @ this comment. No, she has no life outside her ED.

No. 107437

Aly's new hairdo is intended to distract from her skelly-ness and utter lack of gain. She might have even lose weight, but in any case: the poof hair is her efforts to enlarge herself without gain.

No. 107440

There was a thread about her on MPA where someone replied giving excuses for her (I mean it was definitely Aly herself) saying the reason she's not gained is because of hyper metabolism, and who is anyone to discuss her etc.

No. 107451

>>107440 I don't know if she still does but Aly used to have an MPA account directing people to her IG

No. 107651

Aly's leaving instagram. She wants to focus on living every moment. Coments say it's a good idea, but I think perhaps she wanted people begging her to stay because she's so ~inspirational~.

No. 107654

File: 1458474468520.png (16.46 KB, 280x77, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-20 um 1…)

And at the same time she´s already threatening to stay…

No. 107655



So essentially she'll be posting the same thing as usual. Nice.

No. 107672

She´ll never leave instagram. She´s addicted to all the attention and ass-patting. All these girls with "recovery" accounts are addicted to this questionable fame, even those who are weight restored and (claiming to be) "truly recovered".

No. 107675

She said almost the same things a few months ago and her account is still the same. Every meal is a #recoverywin for her. She'll post less for a few days and then back to the same old same old

No. 107677

I wish she would really get off Instagram. It seems like she's aware the account is holding her back.

No. 107684

I wonder if her doctors/family finally realized she's not gaining any weight (and possibly losing weight) and are forcing her to get treatment?

I hope this is actually what's happening and that this time she actually can recover.

No. 107691

I don´t think so. And she´s not the only one. There are some dangerously underweight "recovering" girls on instagram whose doctors and parents seem to be even worse enablers than the people around Aly. Apparently, it´s not uncommon.

No. 107692

File: 1458490542013.jpg (149.39 KB, 537x736, IMG_20160320_111319.jpg)

Post old pic again so everyone will stop saying she's gained weight and see how much "smaller" she still is. Threatening to leave IG for attention but will still post lol

No. 107693

lol, she has posted three pictures since her announcement to retire from instagram.

No. 107694

File: 1458491490360.png (23.08 KB, 282x110, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-20 um 1…)

No, Aly, this isn´t a bomb. It´s an apple pie.
And what the hell does "cause life is one" mean? "One" what??? One big lie about being in recovery?

No. 107695

Nah, her account did change. The meals became less frequent, and she did quit with the ensure and breakfast cookie photos. But at the same time, the way she is currently describing leaving, it does sound like it's going to stay exactly the same.
>will keep sharing my main #recoverywin moments
That's what she said she's doing already.

Maybe it means she'll stop screaming at us. I sure hope so.

No. 107696

File: 1458491966667.jpg (132.02 KB, 968x329, fuck this apple pie.jpg)

Yeah, so much for that.
>apple pie
>picture of her staring at the apple pie while her mother looks at the camera with pleading eyes saying "end this"
>slice of apple pie

God, I hope this isn't what she means by the change in posts: posting less types of food, but with more poses for each one posted.

No. 107698

Id like to know what "living life to the fullest" means in Aly's world. She doesn't go anywhere, study anything. Her life is obsessing over food she doesn't eat.

No. 107699

I guess it´s just one of her empty phrases. She doesn´t have a life.

No. 107705

And now she posted a "custard bomb". She apparently ate some apple pie so why is Ma taking her out and wasting more cash on buying pastries when their kitchen is full of baking Alys done all week? Fucking freak family.

No. 107707

File: 1458494542556.png (16.22 KB, 279x72, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-20 um 1…)

That´s why. It´s all about style. Eating at home is uncool and not stylish at all.

No. 107719

The family is so strange. The mother is beyond words, but the brother always poses for those weird ass pictures with his cheap doughy pizza. Maybe hes slow.

But yeah, Alys style is post a old picture when she was hot, then threaten to quit IG, then post a dark picture with a cig.

She never does anything, dont worry people, its a Aly classic.

No. 107739

Looks like she deleted her I'm leaving photo.

No. 107754

File: 1458500579826.png (22.46 KB, 278x94, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-20 um 2…)

Basically everything is a BOMB now.

No. 107761

I think he just doesn't give a fuck

No. 107762

She probably majorly guilt trips him whenever he refuses to participate in her fuckery.

No. 107769

Aly posts custard #BOMBS

Ginger posts mustard bombs

No. 107801

He probably doesn't have the energy to care anymore and just goes along with it as the path of least resistance

No. 107803

File: 1458509246456.jpg (83.45 KB, 960x329, IMG_20160320_152119.jpg)

This is in the caption of the apple pie pic with mom.

Was it fathers day in Italy?
Anyway I agree about the brother not giving a shit.

>he did nothing, we did everything eventhough it was for dads day.

No. 107805

Yep it was and dear lord what a way to be a cunt.
>he did nothing !!!!
Small wonder he looks devoid of all life

No. 107806

File: 1458509623309.jpg (158.32 KB, 674x960, IMG_20160320_153227.jpg)

also, shouldn't it be a pic with dad then? LoL

No. 107841


I didn't see it. But, that's not the only one she has deleted. She went from 977 posts to 932. And this is been happening since december. I wonder what is she feeling so insecure about?

No. 107921

File: 1458520172783.png (90.49 KB, 720x334, IMG_20160320_202640_edit_edit.…)

Has this been mentioned before?

No. 107926

I took a generic height, but if she was roughly 5'5, a bmi of 10 would put her at 60lbs. I haven't seen any pics of her that thin tbh.

No. 107937

She's 5'6" (169cm), and she was barely a BMI of 10. She was at BMI 10.91 when she entered the hospital, which put her at 67.5 lbs (30.6kg).
She looked very ill when she entered the hospital the first time, so I don't doubt she reached that low of a weight. But it was closer to BMI 11 than it was to 10.

No. 107939


She's probably saying her BMI was lower so when she eventually "writes numbers" there'll be asspats because she says she's now BMI 12 or higher.

No. 107963

I still wait for the day she takes a photo of herself eating a full, balanced meal on a big plate. Like roast chicken with some vegetables and carbs


No. 107969

Makes way more sense, writing down you went from 11 to 12 doesn't sound as good to your #realrecoveryfam

No. 107978

File: 1458535484490.jpg (207.47 KB, 933x585, 6e2b6965-6efe-45cc-8d19-7ffa3f…)

Yeah, I thought this was her lowest weight..

No. 108645

File: 1458543526339.jpg (30.14 KB, 679x196, bragging.jpg)

At the time she wrote that, it probably was (that picture would have been from sometime in 2014). But she got lower and put it in her Insta description for a day or two (see picture). You can kind of tell she weighed less last summer than she did in that picture because the chest hugger isn't showing yet.

No. 108646

Btw, ignore that "CBMI: 12.1" because it's bullshit. She entered the hospital at BMI 10.9, and she gained 4kg from bloating and re-hydration, which is what put her at 12.1. She lost it immediately.

No. 108655

How can she have such a critically ill BMI like 10/12 and not be forced into treatment.

No. 108658

they are really not clued in to this stuff in Italy.

No. 108664


Her brother digs gaming, dank memes, /r/9k/, and weed. He's a bit of an edgelord, but what 14 year old boy isn't? I'm sure he's torn between finding his sister and her dippy photos as ridiculous as we do, and trying to pretend he's not sad because she's dying.

No. 108674


Jesus rare Aly shot. I'm kind of surprise she isn't the type to lord her anorexic over wannarexics like "look how skinny I am!"

Can someone post other photos where she looks disgustingly thin? I first found her account back when she would post photos in skinny jeans and I went through for weeks thinking "omg she hasn't changed a bit". Little did I know….

No. 108692

so sad when girls with decent bodies cant even love themselves. then they destroy it

No. 108715

Fuck that. Here's links to the first four threads, have fun.

No. 108730

She finally posted this picture and surprisingly actually admitted that it was from Friday.

No. 108752

yeah, typical exaggeration. When you are that low a BMI even half a pound difference in weight already affects your BMI, and can easily "gained/lost" just from water weight alone. and a lot of the time people's "lowest weights" are self-reported from (inaccurate) household scales, so saying 11 would make much more sense.

But not in Aly world.

No. 108754

She's into posting pics of her face but we've yet to see a full length body shot. She's got crutches as an excuse I suppose, but she could get Sonia to prop her up somewhere.

No. 108766

File: 1458584313249.jpg (849.67 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160321_121427.jpg)

You guys, it's her first after ages cupcake!! Such a recovery win!!

No. 108773

What a BOMB!

No. 108788

Okay but how do you bite into a cupcake like that? You can't. It would smear the frosting everywhere.
>> Aly cuts a piece out of the cake with a fork, takes pic, throws away cake

No. 108790

does she actually forget what she doesn't eat, or does she think we aren't paying attention enough to know she's eating the same things over and over and saying they're new "recovery wins"?

I mean ik she plays the "variation game" but still

No. 108795

I wouldn't be surprised if she has a lot of mental fog and honestly doesn't remember much beyond the last few months/year of her life.

No. 108832

While I don't doubt that she could cut pieces off and chuck them away, of course it's possible to take a bite out of a cupcake without making a mess of it. & those look like little ones she just zoomed in on so it's even easier.

>she isn't the type to lord her anorexic over wannarexics like "look how skinny I am!"
I think that's why nobody really hates her like they do with the instagram anas. She posts weird shit and she's easy to laugh at but she's not as deeply annoying as the others with their sucked in bellies and contoured jowls.

No. 108839

File: 1458594370832.jpg (209.89 KB, 960x960, IMG_20160321_145625.jpg)

>first after ages
>new flavor
>NEVER tasted
>since the car accident

So which is it? A new flavor of cupcake? Or a flavor she has tasted but not for a whole month? LoL she's so funny to me. How can cupcakes STILL be scary after all the cupcakes shes had?

No. 108840

I honestly think she's losing what was left of her mental health. She posts a "I'm leaving, but I'm still posting what I usually do" pic which she then deletes, and this CONSTANT. BAKING. and pics with Sonia.

Her weight is an issue in itself. There's something very wrong going on in her head. I hope she has psychological therapies for things other than her eating disorder.

No. 108842

is it fucked up i think her legs look big here… ?

No. 108843

what are organs

No. 108845

No. 108846

Yes it is

No. 108848

Well I mean compared to herself, I kind of agree

No. 108849

For example, if I recall correctly, her legs were even spoopier in the pictures she posted last summer at the beach

No. 108851

The tops of her legs are sagging skin from where she's lost weight and not fat. There's absolutely nothing big about her on these pics. Her tight jeggings and tights made her legs look even thinner because it held that skin in tight.

No. 108862


You could drive a bus through her thigh gap. If you truely madly deeply think her legs look big, and I don't mean compaired to herself, i mean big at all in anyway, I have to honestly and sincerely suggest therapy for yourself. Both of you if you are 2 people.

No. 108934


They're emaciated, but in comparison to other ana chans I've seen smaller. Like compare Ash's legs. But then theres a photo of Aly at the beach and her legs are fucking tiny. I think she's even spoopier since this photo.

No. 108968

It's possible her proportions/skeletal structure are throwing you off. She does have narrow hips so her legs don't look as tiny/have less of an obvious gap. In person it'd be much more obvious I'd assume.

No. 108979

The frosting may be even denser than what amerifats get.

No. 108980

if you think those legs are "big" in any sense, you are deeply disordered. DEEPLY.

No. 108992

File: 1458626874127.jpg (117.78 KB, 595x585, legs.jpg)

Yup, you could make out every bone.

No. 108994

File: 1458626982515.jpg (107.75 KB, 587x593, legs again.jpg)

Another photo for comparison. Thighs are definitely thinner than >>107978

No. 109003

Are you saying it's impossible to eat cupcakes with a fork? Not everyone stuffs them in their mouth mindlessly.

No. 109007

Not that anon, but pretty sure anon meant quite the opposite: Aly is "eating" with a fork (not taking bites), which is why the frosting is so neat.

No. 109012

She is so pretty without the red lipstick

No. 109020

yes and I meant that the frosting can still look neat if she'd actually eat it with a fork. The frosting doesn't magically get smeared as soon as she puts the fork in her mouth.
I'm trying to say that the frosting not being messed up is no proof of her not eating it.
I know many people (including myself) who eat cake with forks to not make a mess.

No. 109022


You guys are saying the same thing btw

No. 109037

You can clearly see the indentations from the fork tines in the frosting in the top right and middle right pictures.

No. 109090

File: 1458668073379.jpg (208.53 KB, 928x581, bday.jpg)

Yeah, but I said it first, lol.

Back to Aly. A different friend came over, and it's the friend's birthday. I'm really hoping the poor girl only spent like an hour with Aly, and then went and had a real celebration. I'm sad for her that she had to spend part of her birthday watching Aly play with a croissant.

No. 109111

File: 1458672557258.jpg (187.56 KB, 777x960, IMG_20160322_124318.jpg)

Idk what sushi is like for Italy. But this looks like the cheap kind you pick up at the grocery store half froze and hard. And is that a paper plate?

No. 109118


> celebrated her b-day in the same amazing way

other people her age would go out (bar, pub disco?)
It´s too sad

No. 109124

This girl is incredibly irritating. I can't even feel sorry for her because she's addicted to lying to receive asspats.

No. 109144

There's lots of cheap Chinese places that offer sushi in Italy as it's become the new hip thing. This looks like Chinese sushi.

No. 109158

Sushi isn't even that high calories. Especially that sashimi she has on her plate. At least the type she's eating. If she really wanted to challenge herself she should've gotten one of the more "Americanized" rolls that are deep-fried or have cheese or something like that.

No. 109164

yea this plate has gotta be less than 200 calories

No. 109600

File: 1458741412291.jpg (152.93 KB, 960x960, 6tag-1347294776-12123200895264…)

I get the feeling her bro is taking the piss out of Aly's account here. He usually looks miserable but now he's doing a goofy face.

Omg, Aly you look beautiful, alive and shining!!

No. 109618

I think so too.
She says he loved the baking, and I bet there's some sarcasm from him there too. "Oh yes, Aly I LOVE all the baking you're doing. I just LOVE having baked goods all over the house!" He might be smart enough to realize that the baking is part of the disorder, but of course, he's not able to do anything about it.

No. 109621

File: 1458746015364.jpeg (143.46 KB, 640x878, image.jpeg)

Some comments from this photo, glad to see some people still calling her out.

No. 109649

Deep-fried sushi really isn't a thing in Europe though. At least not in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, where I've lived.

Other than that I do agree, sushi isn't high in calories at all and it's fairly filling. Aly, where have your sugar-filled pastries with zero nutrients gone?

No. 109655

Random, but I was reading some Buzzfeed post about breakfast, and a commenter talked about the fact that Italians often eat cookies for breakfast and mentioned that Mulino Bianco Biscotti is the most popular one.

I did a Google image search and recognized a ton of the shapes from Aly's past breakfast cookie photos:

Looks like they range between 40-80 each, which doesn't matter anyway since Aly never ate any of them.

No. 109675

Wow, it's almost nostalgia-inducing! Good find, anon.

No. 109689

Kek at "positive vibes only" - both Ginger and Aly (my only two Ana snowflakes) have that line in their bio

Hmm, is she walking now, or still in a wheelchair when sh goes to cafes?

She hasn't gone back to that ciocolatitaliani place - I wish she would, I miss that melted chocolate

No. 109700

I think that poster is referring to tempura, which is pretty popular in the US. IDK about Europe.

No. 109720

File: 1458762875507.jpg (193.97 KB, 898x960, IMG_20160323_135314.jpg)

Could not help myself lol

No. 109722

Jesus anon, this is both beautiful & terrifying at the same time. Kek

No. 109725

jesus fucking christ that's really something

No. 109727

>>109720 She looks like Pepper from American Horror Story

No. 109736

for some reason I like this one better than the original

No. 109798

File: 1458772486317.jpg (191.31 KB, 891x960, IMG_20160323_150950.jpg)

One more. I like how subtle it is. Also, Aly would look good with darker hair.

No. 109805

I like the fave swap pics. Please do one of Ma switched with daughter?

Yes, she look like a Hartley Hooligan in the first one.

No. 109806

(and bro looks like he's in a grunge band)

No. 109827

File: 1458775981228.jpg (196.76 KB, 960x953, IMG_20160323_172927.jpg)

LoL wow. When you put moms face on Aly, it resembles her dad.

No. 109835

Thanks, anon. This is my favourite. Aly looks like someone famous, but I can't place who. She suits this hair and hat.

Not a good look for Ma at all. Looks like a rough old bird.

No. 109836

File: 1458776689878.jpg (309.83 KB, 875x1390, lena-zavaroni-singer-denim-jac…)

Got it. She reminds me of a few people, but one of them is LENA ZAVARONI who died of anorexia!

No. 109839

I see a skinny Liza Minelli

No. 109842

That was my first thought.

No. 110064

top kek

No. 110094

File: 1458830087568.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160324-143022.png)

First ever krapfen guys!

Apart from…

No. 110095

File: 1458830145790.png (1006.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160324-143047.png)

The one I already had at the EXACT SAME PLACE

No. 110106

But anon, it's a "different flavour" so there for it's the first ever ever again, God Aly is so punchable..

No. 110108

Are you BLIND anon? THIS one isn't APRICOT JAM FILLED, she already wrote this in her past caption, darling!!!!1!1

No. 110109

File: 1458831990629.jpg (140.83 KB, 1040x762, Screenshot_20160324-150306_1.j…)

Lurking much

No. 110259

File: 1458857522700.jpg (190.63 KB, 960x912, IMG_20160324_160837.jpg)

Slow Aly day.

No. 110305

Facehugger alert holy shit

No. 110311

Padded bra though.


No. 110361

>Padded bra though.

Hilariously, ridiculously, way out of proportion-ally padded.

No. 110425

LOL @ "krapfen"

No. 110594

not… really?

No. 110595

a someone learned a new word

No. 110596

and yet her follower count keeps rising

No. 110613

Yet so few comments.

I'm convinced she must be getting discounts at her usual cafés at this point.

No. 110697

One can only say so much - positive or negative - about her. She's a bit better from the weight perspective but she's incredibly boring as a person.

The threats to leave IG for her real life puzzle me. What is she actually doing to fill her days besides baking? As a student of literature she can (maybe?) offer more. But it probably won't look pretty or get as many likes.

No. 110703

File: 1458946326719.png (801.8 KB, 918x584, Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.49…)

What a #BOMB #Win for #realrecovery, darlings! Aly has mushed up part of a slice of cake with a fork - this is what real recovery looks like, be brave!

No. 110866

Soooo Aly "woke up bad" because of "friend problems" - my guess: no one wants to be around her lame joyless ass today?

No. 110868

Nice job of cropping so we can't get a perspective, there Aly. And it's so sad that no one around her knows what a prominent symptom of ED it is to mash up your food and push it around.

No. 110887

File: 1459004654449.jpg (213.43 KB, 909x587, this isn't even her kinder egg…)

Yup, if I had to take a guess, I'd say they planned an Easter event and didn't invite her. After the awkwardness in the mountains, who can blame them?

(Also she's admitting to taking pictures of other people's food here, wow.)

No. 110947

She's changed her profile description. She isn't restoring anymore.

No. 110959

File: 1459016288845.png (456.57 KB, 763x468, friendship OVA.png)

Who do you guys think it is?

"aly_realrecover Not at all, our friendship is over.. But I'll try to stay strong :)"

No. 110960

She's still using crutches or a wheelchair, I don't blame them for not inviting her if they're going hiking or w/e. If I was Aly I woudn't expect to tag along if I can only hobble along, but ofc, Aly wouldn't feel that way.

What's Sonia's url on ig? I forgot. It'd be interesting to see what she's doing this weekend.

RIP Sisterhood.

No. 110962


shes sonia29512

No. 110970

Thanks muchly.

No. 110973

So from Sonia's facebook and ig (sleuthing, not stalking hmkay), she did that indoor rock climbing thing yesterday and she's with her boyfriend in some snowy mountainous location.
No sign of any other "sisters".

No. 111012

File: 1459022083995.jpeg (161.32 KB, 640x902, image.jpeg)

Trolls gunna troll. Comments under tonight's pizza pic.

No. 111013

I think that's sad but also hilarious. Guessing more and more "friends" will turn away from her and I don't blame them. What is there to talk about with her?

No. 111014

Lmao the "gupiakupa" is "stupid poop", with stupid misspelled ina popular way in Polish. Probs a troll

No. 111015

The meat on that pizza looks like flayed human skin. Is this what she does to her ex friends?

No. 111103

Aly still has pictures with Sonia and Martina on her Insta. Maybe Denise? But unlikely since she seemed to be closer to Sonia.

No. 111105

File: 1459037103723.png (118.53 KB, 1440x449, Screenshot_2016-03-27-01-01-48…)

She says here that she ended her friendship with an old male friend

No. 111107

"Did you have an argument with your best friend? Don't worry stay strong"
"No I ended my friendship with an old (male) friend"

Sorry if the translation is shitty but I'm really tired right now.

No. 111108

File: 1459037705228.png (11.99 KB, 205x20, columbo eye.png)

one eye straight, the other is at 9 o clock
i swear to god. her eyes are so wonky. why wouldnt she try to have a decent body to not have to rely on that face.
funny: she looks exactly like her father, the brother looks like ma casati.

No. 111109

haha, maybe.
but really, it's just prosciutto.

No. 111110

oh, that was a guy we have discussed in former threads, right?

No. 111112

Ohhhh, that'll be the one she refers to as her bed male friend. They had friendship problems a while ago because, she says, of her ED. Good to know they're not all taking her shit. If only he'd have a word with the family.

No. 111113

Yes! Him!

No. 111114

Oops. Best not bed. Definitely not bed friend.

No. 111115


where did you get male from. youre straight up lying. my google translate says

No ho chiuso con un vecchio amico = No I'm done with an old friend

No. 111116

amico = male friend
amica - female friend

No. 111118

Anon deserves an apology, tsk tsk.

No. 111151

> what are gendered nouns

No. 111201

I agree with >>111118, apologize for your ignorance. Did you really never have to take a foreign language class, or were you just that bad at it?

Not to mention:
>my google translate says
All online translators are bullshit. If you learn anything from my comment, learn that. You can get a rough idea of what the comment says, but it'll have poor or incorrect grammar and even complete mistranslations. Use online translators as a reference, but never as a reliable source.

No. 111264

File: 1459101962902.png (809.34 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

If Aly can devour that chocolate bunny in one sitting (doubtful) then I'm impressed. I have the exact same one and I couldn't handle the head alone. (Pic for reference)

No. 111265

kek she didn't eat that. she crushed the hollow tops of the ears so it would look like she ate some, but she didn't even bite it.

No. 111277

Are we on the same planet here because that entire bunny would be easy to eat. It's 550 calories, so I wouldn't say it's impossible at all for Aly to have eaten that, especially if she just ate this and a serving of that pie she posted. Debatable, yes, but not impossible.

No. 111283


Tbh, I love Lindt choc bunnies, but I'd struggle eating a full one in one go. It's creamy and sickly. I could eat it in a day, but not in one go.

When she posts three "extra" #recoverywins and it's all sweet desserts, I always think she's lying because I'd honestly be sick and I'm not even eating disordered.

If it was a cheaper chocolate I could eat it all, but not Lindt. (yeah, I know it's not an expensive brand, it's just creamier than Cadbury's etc).

No. 111292

Ya multiple desserts in an evening is suspicious, especially if there's loads of whipped cream/fat in general. If you're at all lactose intolerant that's asking for bowel trouble. Also if she was eating all the (richer and richer) desserts she would have been weight restored and not just like 10 on heavier blah blah

No. 111295

Maybe she just got one of the little ones and did her old zoom in trick.

No. 111325


That was my first thought too. I think it's more like a 50g bunny, not a big 100g one, so like 275 cal.

No. 111326

I've noticed her bunny looks much smaller than her brother's Kinder surprise, though that may just be the perspective.

No. 111336

You know, I only ate sweets for just one day and I was desperate for rice, vegetables, chicken and food like that the next day. I couldn't even think of sugar for a whole week. How is it that this woman can eat so much garbage without getting sick? Seriously.

No. 111340

Yep, they come in a lot of different sizes. This will be a tiny one.

No. 111341

and you can see that from how big the bell is, and how thick the chocolate walls are.

No. 111348

File: 1459124970704.png (736.83 KB, 1152x415, bunny research.png)

Looks like the one up from the teeny tiny one to me.

No. 111438

That's standard size, but anon is right. After eating the head you might have to stop-those things are rich in flavor.

No. 111463

at least she has superb taste in chocolate. I really hope she doesn't let it go to waste because it's pretty expensive in North America

No. 111469

Thanks anon, that's a size bigger than I had thought.

Also they change the bell sizes. Who knew.

No. 111470

who are we fooling though, she ate it?

No. 111619

File: 1459172193336.png (559.21 KB, 909x320, bomb.png)

Her dumb captions do have this effect. Everything is a bomb, so scaring, so fattening… even those damn cappuccinos. I'm sure it scares sufferers away from some of her food.

No. 111620

oh and btw the girl who posted that reply is Italian so this cake is part of her culture.

No. 111625

Looking at that picture makes my teeth hurt.

Never thought about it like that, but bulletprooflau is right. Aly's probably listing the reasons why she didn't eat it though.

No. 111796

she deleted bulletprooflau's post.

No. 111817

Lol if she actually cared about inspiring people she would talk with this person something like how part of recovery is ultimately trying to acknowledge and accept foods that are high in calories, sugar etc. rather than just ignore that forever out of fear. But Aly can take 0 criticism.

No. 112118

That's fucking disgraceful. Aly's such a fucking bitch.

No. 112222

never thought of that. so true. it is pretty triggering

No. 112223

File: 1459259253282.jpg (74.5 KB, 580x240, gold-bunny-packaging.jpg)

the super tiny ones dont have a real bow lol

No. 112269

I don't think you could find a bell small enough. They're really tiny. They're on sale at Superdrug 20p each. They're only about an inch tall.

No. 112279

File: 1459266955432.png (11.1 KB, 287x60, Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-29 um 1…)

What the hell is "static" supposed to mean? Does she think a caterpillar is unable to move?
And no Aly, caterpillars aren´t ugly, they are beautiful creatures. No animal is ugly, the only thing that´s ugly is your character.

No. 112369

Anyone notice literally all the "inspirational/recovery" quotes she's been posting lately could easily be turned around and viewed as disordered instead?

No. 112373

Ive noticed she's taking selfies like this more and more. At first I thought maybe she was breaking old habits by doing something new, but it's becoming another pattern. Also shes been calling herself a Phoenix lately. I wonder for how long she can keep up a recovery account. Or will it just turn into a selfie and food account?

No. 112375

I didn't notice all the quotes until you said something. But yeah, she picks out the ones that justify her thinking.

No. 112376

File: 1459276295169.jpg (282.48 KB, 960x958, IMG_20160329_120715.jpg)

Dropped pic. Samefag. Apologies.

No. 112378

Yep. The girl can't do anything spontaneously (!) to save her life. I feel bad for poor Sonia, who's being dragged into the same corner of the kitchen every visit, for the same pose. It's the same with Aly and baking - at first, oh, a new hobby. But it quickly becomes nearly a daily thing.

No. 112382

File: 1459277252470.jpg (33.41 KB, 306x407, gorgeous.JPG)

I'm getting sick of the sight of them both tbh. I think all the WOW YOURE STUNNING, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!1 comments are encouraging her to post her fucking face all the time.

I wonder how many selfies she takes before she posts ones she's happy with? In pics taken with someone else, she looks not as nice. She thinks she's hot innit.

Can't wait to see the body.

No. 112383

Also, got to say, I hope she learns it's BRIGHTER and not BRIGHTEN soon. All the quirks I found endearing at first are grr now.

No. 112384

File: 1459277403501.jpg (10.93 KB, 297x79, body vs soul.jpg)

Yeah, I noticed it especially on today's butterfly bracelet picture. Someone commented saying butterflies are pro-ana, but the quote is what got me. It sounds exactly like old school pro-ana quotes that focused more on ascending past the body's needs or whatever. (As opposed to modern quotes that focus on "be skinni 4 summah!" and such.)

No. 112394

I don´t think she´s beautiful, she´s not even pretty. Her eyes are incredibly strange and irritating. And there is soooo much space between her eyes and her eyebrows.

No. 112405

Someone on kiwifarms is using a collage of Aly's eyes as their photo. I find it repellent but I can't stop looking at it. :(

No. 112409

I think she was actually very pretty pre-ED

No. 112417

File: 1459280067559.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.5 KB, 900x588, 044-040-1200.jpg)

>No animal is ugly

Sorry, I had to.

No. 112615

File: 1459301375303.gif (965.6 KB, 363x360, 1459300366399.gif)

>I feel bad for poor Sonia, who's being dragged into the same corner of the kitchen every visit, for the same pose.

I thought this was a funny exaggeration. but It's literally the same corner, the same pose, even Alys face is the same.

No. 112632

I'm the anon you replied to. Aly is beyond my ability to exaggerate.

Your collagif is brilliant at proving the point though, oh man. Next to a normal human being, Aly's identical (seriously, identical) face poses and nearly identical hand poses are even more remarkable.

Also is it just me or does Sonia look more "fml" as the gif progresses?

No. 112646

Pre-ED, yes. But not anymore. Her weight loss has really changed the proportions of her face. She looked indeed completely different when she had a normal weight.

No. 112647

File: 1459306461398.jpeg (3.68 KB, 119x80, images-2.jpeg)

But not caterpillars!

No. 113178

File: 1459370668733.jpg (199.7 KB, 1078x1381, Screenshot_20160330-213937_1.j…)

I'm beginning to think she actually lurks here, why else would we suddenly get a non-perfect picture and an out of character late night upload

No. 113180

File: 1459370696031.jpg (226.33 KB, 1078x1246, Screenshot_20160330-213947_1.j…)


No. 113183

she definitely lurks. please get help, Alice

No. 113203

File: 1459373703604.jpg (121.48 KB, 600x396, giant_swallowtail_caterpillar2…)

Poop Caterpillar disagrees.

>I'm not a mental disease, a machine or an Instagram account


Gotta love that the picture she describes as odd, ridiculous, ugly, and spontaneous is almost identical to her 8000 other ~smiling at food/drink like a crazy person~ pictures. The picture was taken a fraction of a second too early or too late. It's the same recycled pose, just fucked up.

No. 113463

This is the first "silly" picture she's ever posted that's made me smile. Like, it's amusing that she's smirking at her coffee.

But the sad thing is, now this'll probably just become another standard thing in AlyLand and lose all appeal, just like everything else she does. She doesn't understand the appeal or beauty of variety. She posts something, sees approval, and then clings to same thing until the disapproval outweighs the approval. I know we all know this, but I needed to voice it.

No. 113471

File: 1459409515397.jpg (76.13 KB, 535x600, oogly.jpg)

>Fuck OCD

So she's admitting she has OCD at last?

That caption is BS. As a self-confessed perfectionist, these are ALL things she does NOT do.
>I accept myself and how I realy am
>I allow uself to be an IMPERFECT but REAL…woman

Does her therapist give her a list of self-help books to read, because these are the usual positive affirmation mantras in those books.

That caterpillar is cute! Idk if this is a symprom of my loathing for babies/children, but there is nothing as ugly as a snot faced, crying spawn. Humans are pretty much one of the ugliest of nature's creations imo.

No. 113472

> She posts something, sees approval, and then clings to same thing until the disapproval outweighs the approval. I know we all know this, but I needed to voice it.

Agree 100%. See her latest multiple uploads of the same wavy-hair-running-hand-holding-fringe-back posts. If I see another, I'm going to have to comment how OCD her pose is.

No. 113510

Ikr, human babies are pretty much the ugliest thing on the planet, even compared to that hairless mole rat thing.

While this is the most likeable photo of her I've seen in a while, she's still so smackable. It just goes to show how bland and monotonous her IG is, that this obnoxious picture is the least unbearable.

No. 113553

So Aly's snack is now 2-3 strawberries?

No. 113569

As someone on the fence about babies, that baby is so ugly.

No. 113579

File: 1459445445261.png (1.02 MB, 931x595, comparison aly.png)

comparison picture from 2015 - posting in case she deletes it. she looks exactly the same in both pictures.

No. 113581

File: 1459445475410.png (965.95 KB, 932x597, muffins and butter.png)

and another warning about how she can't smell butter without throwing up.

No. 113586

I mean her cheeks look bigger I guess? Those wrinkles from her cheek to her chin dont look as stringy. I guess.

No. 113587


I agree, she looked a lot of worse on the left. I do think she looks better now. But her Instagram account remains cringe-worthy.

No. 113591

She looks awful in both. Especially that hair.

I see she's calling herself a WOMAN now. No more joyful child?

No. 113594

(^same anon)

Tbh, she doesn't look that much different. If you look at the OP pic with her waffles she really looks the same as the pic on the left of her womanly transformation.

A lot of it really is angles/lighting. ALSO if she's b/p now, that'd explain some of the fullness of her face. (B/p as opposed to throwing all that baking in the bin).

No. 113637

File: 1459450037615.jpg (86.37 KB, 452x657, IS THAT FUCKING BUTTER.jpg)

She has to throw up after smelling butter just in case the horrible disease called "calorie intake" might be airborne.

No. 113668

>>I don't usually take part in this kind of thing

Wat. You posted at least 3 ~~transformation pics ~~ during recent weeks.

No. 113669

2006 called and wants its hairstyles back

No. 113670

scrolled back up, definitely thought this was a penis.

No. 113672

It's vaginas that have teeth, not penises (or w/e the plural is).

No. 113693

File: 1459463024330.jpeg (163.23 KB, 640x972, image.jpeg)

No. 113694

You know what this means. She's going to delete the pic.

It's only what we're all thinking.

No. 113699

File: 1459465925114.jpg (59.76 KB, 736x736, fashion.jpg)


If Aly were from Bulgaria instead of Milan we'd be going back decades via her friend's scalp. Bits of Europe with ancient hairstyles frozen in time.

No. 113712

It could Very well happen given her usual responses to these kinds of things in the past. Or she'll delete certain comments and thank other people for defending her.

No. 113737

That strawberry flower is inducing irrational amounts of rage in me. Just eat the damn strawberry Aly.

No. 113812

Same. It enrages me more that people were complimenting it and saying it was pretty. No, it's a very obvious way to put off eating, ffs.

No. 113978


fucking skinnyfat anorexic shitposter.

No. 113988


>implying my BMI is over 16 v.v

No. 113995



hook nosed retarded lolcow.

No. 114006

File: 1459536020490.jpg (162.51 KB, 1141x733, Capture.JPG)

lolling at those sausage fingers.

No. 114017

mira detected.

No. 114019


go away berry deluded pudgy lolcow

No. 114028


check your privilege

No. 114029

berry detected, smh

No. 114273

u fatty chan

No. 114425

ok weird-ass simulation is now over i think

No. 114431

Why does she always say "we" enjoyed a FREAKIN LUSH ROYAL REALRECOVERY #recoverywin snack/meal? No, Aly, you pushed it about on your plate, while staring at it with a rictus grin and everyone else just fucking ate like a normal person. Not everything in your life is an event that's all about you, JFC.

No. 114477

File: 1459699388645.jpeg (164.13 KB, 640x934, image.jpeg)

Deleted off today's selfie, will Aly ever own up to her shit or just keep deleting and blocking anyone who questions her?

No. 114480

File: 1459700766172.jpg (227.9 KB, 850x960, IMG_20160403_102252.jpg)

You guys have talked about her being puffy looking before, and I couldn't really see it, until this picture. I know she's puffingg out her cheeks but, under her eyes and even her hands look swollen.

No. 114490

Damn gurl someone must have eaten a bucket of salt.
Her wrists especially usually look super thin so this is drastic.

No. 114501

JESUS. her hands look NORMAL

No. 114503

She should really considering cutting her hair.

No. 114504


No. 114532

Before I read this comment I was wondering if she was drinking salt water to help herself puke.

No. 114571

Jesus, she's starting to look really bad. Not 'bad' as in just emaciated, but 'bad' as in that she's completely lost her shit. She looks like a crazy roadside vagrant at this point.

No. 114597

File: 1459717426243.jpg (219.54 KB, 740x960, IMG_20160403_150004.jpg)

This is the caption under that photo.

>at the mall buying new clothes bc my old ones are tight

You think she will do ootd soon?

No. 114598

i dont even know what i am reading anymore
she sounds like the tv evangelists preaching or something
> give another GREAT STRIKE into Anorexia's butt
> Darlings I can't stop telling you how AMAZING this feeling of FREEDOM is ✨ How JOYFUL I AM
> Darlings LIVE, LIVE FOR REAL ? cause it's the BEST thing you can do for YOUR HEALTH and FREEDOM

No. 114599

her description of the whipped cream reminded me of shit
> can you SEE how fresh and SOLID it is !!!!?!??! my darlings!!!!!

No. 114601

I have a hard time believing her about her clothes not fitting or that being the reason for going to the mall? I hope she has gained some weight by now of course, but when I personally started gaining weight and my clothes didn't fit anymore I was so intensely ashamed I wore leggings and loose tops for a while, as do many other recovering anorexics. And I definitely didn't mention it to anybody.

No. 114691

I honestly think she's finally putting on weight. I think she just looks tired and puffy from the sudden weight gain. And probably from crying constantly because she is finally gaining it. I think "breaking" her leg (or whatever) finally made her gain.

Interesting to see if she keeps it up.

No. 114905

Yeah I can't wait until she's walking again. Will we see more cafes? She's not been to the Cafe American US in some time.

I still see a shadow of the facehugger (can be wishful thinking) in her last photo. But it's much better than it used to be.

No. 114909

>give another GREAT STRIKE into Anorexia's butt

No. 114910


Instead of walking into the next best Cafe, she should go to next best hair stylist. That hair is so damaged, it needs to go up to the shoulderd.

No. 115008


Breaking her leg seems to have done a number of her in the gain area; she must'v been compulsively exercising before in addition to restricting, and now she can't.

However, she's still skelly, and there's suspicion that Ginge got caught up in an instagram purge of ana accounts yesterday (a bunch of ginge's friends' account disappeared too.) If Aly moves back towards her creepy spoopy OOTDs, she's be a target for the same kind of account purge I think. She safe right now as long as she isn't doing body checks.

No. 115032

File: 1459808212835.jpeg (112.38 KB, 640x810, image.jpeg)

Unless I'm mistaken she hasn't mentioned anything about her heart since last summer.

No. 115150

I believe you're right. She hasn't mentioned her heart lately.
Aly's either really lucky with body-healing, or this is going to bite her in the ass later. (Maybe both.) I've heard of several people with EDs who didn't experience side effects for years, and then suddenly their health just crashed. As in, they started having a bunch of problems all at once.

No. 115222

File: 1459857709730.png (951.9 KB, 931x592, salty aly.png)

Please forgive the screenshots. I just feel like Aly might delete or edit these later.
So… here she is being salty

No. 115223

File: 1459857751157.png (987.87 KB, 930x594, therapist.png)

she's anxious about talking to her therapist on the phone

No. 115224

File: 1459857877216.png (43.81 KB, 329x550, why the phone appt.png)

An Italian asks her why she has to talk to her therapist on the phone.
She replies that she was hit by a car in February and broke BOTH her tibia and fibula. So she can't walk up to his office yet.

I find this somewhat difficult to believe.

No. 115225

File: 1459857941122.png (1.03 MB, 935x599, day hospital control tomorrow.…)

Finally, she's scared shitless of day hospital control. I bet because she's getting weighed (last time she got to skip it). Maybe she'll jump in front of another car.

No. 115242

I had a feeling day hospital control was imminent after seeing her so bloated with salt in that one recent picture.

No. 115266

I didn't realise she's still in the wheelchair. I thought she said she was "completely healed" or something? Wouldn't be surprised if she's in the wheelchair because of her weight.

No. 115294

They took the cast off, which I guess she took to mean she was healed. She still has to use a wheelchair though because the bones are still weak or something.

No. 115299

Aly bullshits about her health. Her "destroyed" leg miraculously heals and her heart is completely recovered blah blah. She makes recovery seem like a walk in the park. She's either taking lots of visits to Lourdes or she's bullshitting.

I bet she has plenty of ED related health problems, but she doesn't tell us about it.

Also, as a lot of anons are saying (I think we're all in agreement), she needs to sort out her fucking hair. It needs to be near to her natural colour and chopped off to shoulder length. It's practically split rat tails from that length onwards. An asymmetrical bob would probably suit her.

No. 115315

File: 1459873261461.jpg (66.88 KB, 625x72, alice.jpg)

For having said she "doesn't like to put numbers" I see she put up her lowest BMI again. Also born again? I don't think she gets the connotation most her followers will get from that.

No. 115328

Why put that up if you won't mention your current BMI or how much weight you've gained over the past few months? But of course, if her BMI is now 13.6 difficult questions might follow.

No. 115329

File: 1459874341387.jpg (10.83 KB, 225x225, hallelujah.jpg)

>Born Again

No. 115372

File: 1459879410625.jpeg (572.5 KB, 750x735, image.jpeg)

How to enable your daughter's disordered eating habits 101

No. 115381

She blocked me on my sockpppet account, someone should leave a comment about how she says doesn't like to mention numbers but then just put her lowest bmi up again

No. 115390

her face looks ok here. the weird smile lines on the corner of her mouth are better than they were. i guess she gained a bit

No. 115395

Puffy face and swollen wrists but the sternum is still as boney as ever

Is she secretly proud of her low bmi, probably terrified about her weight gain tomorrow so going ott with the "I'm fine" act

No. 115403

I like this photo because if you squint really hard it just looks like a normal mother-daughter photo. No facehugger or obvious bones ruining the pic.

Which is probably why she deleted it tbh. Too "normal" to reel in the thinspo-thirsty anas.

No. 115404

File: 1459885683531.jpg (190.34 KB, 695x960, IMG_20160405_134309.jpg)

I realised I posted my instagram, and it freaked me out.

Anyway, ya, why delete this picture? It's a cute one.

No. 115406

Her cheeks look so weird like she used the warp tool on them or something. But otherwise this is the best photo of her in a long time.

No. 115409

Her mum was probably getting more "so pretty" comments than she was.

Okay, so tomorrow everything's going to be great. They're going to be overwhelmed by her UNBEARABLE progress, then she'll go to that place to get a wrap.

No. 115779

Gotta admit you guys, she does look marginally better in her recent photos. If her weigh-in shows any kind of notable gain I hope she doesn't freak out and stop eating again. She has the potential to be pretty.

No. 115787

File: 1459898880879.jpg (519.28 KB, 1051x582, Comparison.jpg)

Yep, she has definitely gained weight. Still posting annoying emoji-filled captions daily, but I think the milk is running dry. Same boring crap.

No. 115795

Agreed, Shes gained weight and looks better. I think its because of not being able to walk. so Im really curious how she will do when she can walk again. even more curious how tomorrow will go. I think shes proud of her lowest weight, like its a trophy. Aly doesnt post numbers unless they are really small.

No. 115808

Because she's supressing her ugly feelings about weight gain, once she's mobile again, she's going to have a massive mental breakdown/relapse. I hope not because as much as Alys a bitch, I don't want her ill. HOWEVER, I really cant see her dealing well at all. As other anons said, I don't think she would've gained if she'd been active.

No. 115818

Agreed on all counts. Even IG seems to be getting bored. She was picking up ~100 followers/day back in the fall. Now it's less than a third of that. http://socialblade.com/instagram/user/aly_realrecover

No. 115872

She's apparently gained 3.6kg and her BMI is now "out of the danger zone". Welp looks like she is fully recovered guys!

No. 115888

The last weigh in was in….January? Or was it February? I can't remember.

No. 115890

I think it was January 13 or something so almost 3 months ago.

I wish she would slip up and accidentally post a "real diary entry" again because someone who is still so hung up on their ~*~lowest BMI~*~ isn't this degree of JOYFUL over weight gain.

No. 115902

Is her bmi now 18 then? I smell bullshit! What's her weight at bmi 18 at 5'6 or 5'7?

No. 115915

I think the "danger zone" is typically a bmi under 14

No. 115918

B-b-but you can still see the facehugger?!

PS Anyone else hearing Archer screaming "LANAAAAA" or is it just me…?

No. 115933

putting your lowest BMI in the description after almost a year in "recovery" would be a huge red flag and point towards a major setback mentally.

Also it just confirms that she's been lying about her weight because she used to say her lowest BMI was 10.91 when she entered the hospital and started her "real" "realrecovery", and she has supposedly only ever gained weight after that overall (losing some months but not so much that it would put her at a new lowest weight).

If she's 169cm BMI 10.9 would have put her at 31kg, 10.6 would mean 30kg, and if she is supposedly at BMI 14 now that would make her weight 40kg.

No. 115936

I really doubt she is at BMI 14. She definitely did not gain 10 kg since her lowest. Keep in mind for months she was gaining ridiculous amount like 0.5kg in 4 weeks.
I have read that <12 BMI = death imminent, <13 high risk of organ failure and <15 risk of sudden cardiac arrest.
And even a BMI of 14 is ridiculously low and where I live every doctor would strongly suggest the patient go into the hospital.

She does look a little bit better but she did not gain 10kg

No. 115939

According to her post 5 minutes ago she has now "demolished anorexia" and is ready to "keep going on track".

She's posted so many fucking times I think any weight gain she had (doubt it was 3.6kg but just say it was) has sent her brain whirring right now. She's going gung ho on the posting to distract herself…

No. 115952

She probably thinks she is fine now oooorrr she's going back to losing weight. Does she not see that she looks creepy as fuck? Like honestly she looks disgusting and haggard and she's so fucking ugly compared to what she used to look like.

No. 116014

File: 1459961823670.jpg (228 KB, 861x960, IMG_20160406_105241.jpg)

>when you don't care anymore about food calories or weight

Do you guys think she will go the opposite direction and get really fat? Since anorexia is mental. And she obviously has a bad relationship with food anyway?

I believe her when she says she gained almost 8 lbs. Look at her hands. And all the sitting she does now.

No. 116017

Sage because I can't actually document this, but >>115915 is right. There was a post a long time ago (during the very beginning of her recovery account) where she said 14 was out of the danger zone, but too big for her. (Something like "ana says I'm fat, and i'm like, ok… 14. She is rite [sic].")

No. 116018

Oh ok thank you. Well then I guess we can expect a relapse? I think most of the weight gain was from not being able to move around tbh. Most clinics here would put someone at Aly's BMI, especially her starting BMI, on bed rest, yet she's free to move around as she wishes.

No. 116019

here's one screencap: >>>/pt/101732

No. 116021

you clearly don't know what it's like to have an ED. Yes, some people go overboard and become overweight, but that is not typical, especially for (ex-)anorectics.

No. 116022

Bless you anon, i just went looking for it too because I remembered BMI 14 being a huge obstacle for her.

Like I said earlier her putting her lowest BMI in her description again all of a sudden doesn't match her claims of totally not caring about calories or weight anymore.
It's all just a facade.

No. 116024

Different anon here, I have noticed many recovered anorexics (so not the ones that end up with orthorexia) end up at a BMI of 20-23. Which is perfectly healthy. Some are slightly overweight for a while when they are still in recovery and figuring things out. But BED in those with an anorexia history is very rare as you have said. Bulimia however is more common in people who had anorexia in the past

No. 116032

Yeah, it can be hard to figure out what a maintenance diet should be and when to go on it without slipping back into anorexic behaviors. That's why I think some anorexics have a slight period of … idk, let's call it above-setpoint weight.

No. 116047

So if she's gained 3.6kg her organs must be pretty enlarged by now right? I mean, it clearly hasn't been going to her hair. Maybe her destroyed leg healed up twice as heavy as before? Either way, this girl is a DANG medical marvel

No. 116063

I can't get over the fact that she HAS to look at the food when taking a picture. It's fucking me up. It would be 10 times less freakish if she looked in the camera but no, she has to do the worship-stare thing at it. Goddamn.

No. 116160

Usually 20-23 BMI but with a really high body fat since they destroyed their body and lost all their muscle mass so they look skinnyfat as fuck.

Too bad because she had an extremely nice body before ED.

No. 116164

I've been thinking about how she said she's buying new clothes because her old ones are tight.

She's only worn things with an elasticated waist and oversize tops for months and months and so they can't be tight.

I hope she hasn't bought any more sweatpants. I miss the full length body shots, but for the love of god, I could not stand to see those heroin addict pants again.

No. 116218

Only 861 photos on her IG now, kek.

Aly is retconning a smooth recovery I suppose? I haven't checked what she delete though - I wonder if it's food pics or selfies.

No. 116231

File: 1460000871980.jpg (28.66 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

you gotta wonder who's suggesting the snaps? like has her mother not been able to relinquish ally's toddler phase of, 'oh good girl, you ate it all up, aren't you a growing girl who needs her vegetables?', and this is the manifestation of that.

Or is it all just Ally throwing the camera at her mother, being like, 'yo mama, i'm feeling some likes- can you take a photo of me eyefucking this donut for my fangirls'.

Or is it just a sick, sad combination of both?

No. 116297

She just announced a weight gain total of 11kg, so yup her BMI would be just over 14. She should still be hospitalized at such a weight though…

No. 116316

why did she flip-flop on posting numbers? Last weigh-in she was acting rude, saying she won't post numbers on this account. Now, she's fine with telling us the gain and her lowest bmi.

No. 116350

File: 1460045538802.jpg (242.26 KB, 914x574, this would put her bmi at 14,4…)

Screencaps, dummy. She deletes stuff a lot.

I love how she's so proud of gaining just over a kg a month during her recovery. Most girls are weight-restored by 10 months into recovery.

No. 116351

it would be interesting to piece together this gain and see how much of it is a lie.

Yeah, her slightly better looking face - most girls have that after a couple weeks IP or a month on a decent mealplan. Seriously.

No. 116353

I think her body was amazing before her anorexia, and although she wasn't conventionally pretty I can see how she could be found attractive. How sad that she's absolutely murdered how good she used to look, and she'll never look that good again.

No. 116355

She's gained 24 lbs?? Really?

No. 116356

No. 116357


11 kg ? Where did it all go ? As long as she doesn't upload a full body shot I don't believe her.

No. 116358

It went to her organs kek. Also her feet and her labia.

No. 116362

File: 1460048326522.png (775.74 KB, 951x617, recoverywinz.png)

ok so this seems like a cruel gift all things considered lol. what a recovery win, neatly arranging three small sweets for the camera. i'm inspired!

No. 116363


No. 116397

The reflection in her sunglasses shows her lying frog-legged on her back somewhere outside.

How graceful.

No. 116454

Her face looks oddly wide over the past couple of days. It looks bigger than Sonia's in the last photo. Don't know what she did.

Welp, congrats on your 1 kg a month gain, Aly. Much freakin success. Well, it is something - at this rate it will only take another year or so to get to a BMI of 18.

No. 116455

Reading that physically hurts me

No. 116475

File: 1460076381301.png (356.65 KB, 457x437, 1431549412497.png)

I was just checking out the link at >>116019 and I'm actually really shocked. She's still in a bad state, but compared to how she used to look she's actually gaining, albeit really, really slowly.

No. 116477

Honestly, it looks like she's experiencing crazy fluid shifts. I know someone who abused laxatives for a long time and can gain/lose 10-20 lbs in fluid within a few days. I hope she's going to the doctor and that they're monitoring her electrolytes.

No. 116507

To me it looks like she has developed oedema, which is a warning sign that your electrolytes are shot and when at a severely poor state of health like Aly is something that I would be concerned about. She is basically at risk of heart failure, why her parents or medics have not decided she needs her vitals monitored freuentlty ie inpatient stay astounds me.

No. 116508

Is she still on a 6-weekly doctor visit, or are they now closer together?

No. 116525

Her cheeks look so unnatural. That can't be normal.

No. 116533

ok, come on. You can't diagnose severe edema simply by looking at someone's face. She is probably retaining some water, but it's hard to deny a small amount of weight gain.

OT: I became anorexic as a child (11) and was obsessed with restricting fluids. When I went IP with a BMI in Aly's lowest range, my face looked like a skull. After being IP for 3 weeks, I had only gained about 7 lbs. My face looked more like Aly's does right now. It was the first thing to look better, and it had a lot to do with drinking liquids.

No. 116540


That's kind of ridiculous if that's the case. I'm at a ~~health~~ (what some ana-chans would call fat) weight and my doctor likes to see me monthly. And if I even drop slightly, suddenly it's every week to every other. I get that most doctors aren't as on top of things as mine, but 6 weeks at Aly's weight is pretty pathetic.

No. 116541



No. 116563

Restricting fluids can lead to oedema actually.

No. 116570

File: 1460127811314.jpg (121.22 KB, 960x493, IMG_20160408_085439.jpg)

She's been posting and deleting selfies several times a day. I only end up seeing half the picture bc it's in my notifications, and its gone before I can see it fully. For example this is one of 3 just today so far, I didn't start taking screenshots until now. Pic related

No. 116573

We really don't care. It's been expressed several times how ridiculous Aly's doctors are and how most anorexics get weighed weekly. We don't need your personal sob story.

No. 116577

Something's going on with water retention. Even the claw is puffy. Her ankles must be swollen.

No. 116578

Just because that's what happens with you doesn't mean all doctors are the same.

And we all know Aly is full of bs and somehow is escaping IP. Whether she lies to her drs or her drs are incompetent, IDK. Italy is known for having crappy mental health care, though. Maybe Italy fags can go a little more into it.

No. 116585


not Italy fag, but neighbour country.
If you are at a low weight, but your vitals are okay and your blood is fine, they will send you home, because there are more severe cases and they need the beds.
Don´t know if they do that in Italy too.

(sry, but just example: bmi 13 - weight ins once a month - went to hospital, denied inpatience because of good vitals)

if Aly is at let´s say bmi 13-14 and Italy is even less strict in rules, she will easily go for it.

No. 116586


*get away with it - not go for it

No. 116588

It sounds shocking to me tbh but I have heard that Spain, Italy ect are pretty bad at treating anorexia and other ED compared to the rest of western EU. The article I read was because of the culture there and how intertwined outward beauty is associated with internal beauty. Not sure how true that is but I have heard it's pretty common especially in northeastern italy? Not sure.

No. 116610

Yes from a UK perspective someone like Ally would be on a general ward, then when they are stable they would be sectioned to a mental health unit. The idea that her medical team would think her healthy enough to walk around town etc every day is incompetent to say the least. She's already had heart issues and bone fractures!

No. 116629

File: 1460148470083.jpeg (172.12 KB, 640x919, image.jpeg)

Ember's ass-licking Aly again.

No. 116643

Italy fag here I've said it before: no one in Italy get sectioned in a psych ward unless they're an immediate (I.e. suicide / aggressive) threat . Aly is an adult, she isn't going anywhere she doesn't want to. what is especially sad is that she could get treatment. Milan has probably the best health care in the country. she wouldn't even have to pay most of it, since as a relapsing teen she could get an IP spot covered by state health. or she could choose private. but she has to make that step herself. and she won't.

No. 116739

File: 1460170576602.jpeg (175.1 KB, 640x983, image.jpeg)

Seems like a few other people are feeling triggered by Aly's mentioning of her lowest bmi etc. Really glad to see other people calling her out finally .

No. 116742

File: 1460171025002.jpg (270.33 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

my how the tides are turning!

i feel no pity. only delight. hold me anons

No. 116743

File: 1460171116382.jpg (314.65 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

that last comment kek

No. 116745

It's kicking off on her last transformation pic. Think it's a farmer.

No. 116768

Who fucking cares about her mentioning her lowest BMI? Maybe she mentions it to give people an idea of what she's recovering from? Like a "before and after" thing I don't know.

No. 116775

It's widely accepted that numbers, especially lowest weights, lowest BMIs, low caloric intake etc should not be mentioned. Anorexia is an extremely competitive mental illness so it's not unlikely that there will be people thinking they have to get that low too etc. Basically everyone who is serious about recovery respects this. It's like listing the number of hospitalizations for bragging.

No. 116780

I actually like she giving us numbers. But I'm just wondering, how long is it going to take her to be weight restored? My god, if she relapses after she is at a normal weight (2 years more, she'll be 22), I don't think what her father would do (I say her father because her mother probably would just enable her and shit).

No. 116784

I guess her mom isn't happy about the situation either, she's aged soooo much since Aly's ED started. But instead of putting the foot down she keeps taking Aly's fucked up pics.

No. 116785

I guess her mom isn't happy about the situation either, she's aged soooo much since Aly's ED started. But instead of putting the foot down she keeps taking Aly's fucked up pics.

No. 116792

>nothing was relevant
You never said a truer freakin word, Aly.

No. 116807

File: 1460211299897.png (382.97 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-09-16-10-52…)

what rhymes??

No. 116809

How the hell does this girl not have diabetes?! Donuts cake biscuits pastries chocolate all day long! Her mood swings must be horrendous to live with, sugar high sugar crash a million times a day

No. 116810

Uhhhhh, no idea; maybe in her accent (remember how she mangled "burger tradition") stuff rhymes that shouldn't? Or in the original Italian it rhymes? The closest I can guess is that she thinks "thoughts" and "all" rhymes a bit. Anorexia, not even once.

No. 116819

File: 1460215509427.jpeg (140.51 KB, 750x1277, image.jpeg)

No. 116823

Psssst. She doesn't eat them.

No. 116842

File: 1460221120101.jpg (507.27 KB, 1980x1080, donnie.jpg)

No. 116843

Take that backcombed, puffed up hair away and she still looks ill as fuck. She's not shining or beautiful, she's arranging her hair to look like there's more of her. Opening her eyes wider doesn't make her look full of life, it makes her look mental.

No. 116854

I think Aly is gaining weight but why is it that her face looks so different from what it used to be?

No. 116857

So is her leg still slowly dying or..?

No. 116858

Having a bloated face is usually a symptom of vomiting or oedema. It's not that unusual for people suffering from EDs to have, even when refeeding/recovery is occuring.

Swolen salivary glands, poor circulation etc basically she isn't healthy nor eating the right amount of minerals.

No. 116994

So Aly's taken her lowest BMI out of her bio, I guess she was tired of being called out on it

No. 117163

File: 1460303898123.png (838.86 KB, 924x592, meringue BOMB.png)

Aly eats a "freakin huge meringue bomb," which has like no calories, and acts like she downed a pint of ice cream.

No. 117180

i want to see aly eat a bag of doritos or some french fries with ketchup or something… she needs some savory food. the thought of eating nothing but sweet sugary snacks makes me feel sick

No. 117181

For a second I thought this was one of Ginger's deliciously moist and succulent 'donuts'.

No. 117188

File: 1460309787448.png (731.07 KB, 1054x821, asspats daily.png)

No. 117205


she looks insane

No. 117298

Jesus Christ that caption takes up the ENTIRE space on the right side and it still keeps going?!

No. 117302

Ally seems to have sparked a trend with the CAPS LOCK FOOD TEXTURE nonsense…

They don't seem to understand that talking so manically about food is stilll disorded also edcommunity bingo " exactly what I fancied" "did not disappoint" ugh

No. 117303

I'm so glad I'm not part of the Instagram ED recovery community because I would purposely relapse just to get away from that bullshit. Holy fuck.

No. 117305

You have to wonder what serving staff and fellow diners think when they see Ally getting photographed by her mum either mancically smiling down at her plate or soullessly staring at her photographer whilst holding a doghnut up at her face.

No. 117306

I've had limited interaction with anorexics irl (3 people) and only one was recovering/recovered. While she was gaining she was miserable. Everyone I see on ig is miserable too. Why the fuck is Aly so happy about it? Its not normal.

No. 117309


I'll never understand why people take pictures of their food or make a detailed HQ picture of a Twix or Snickers. What is left ? our Generation is such a joke.

No. 117329

Both are still disordered, the food gives them away even if the novel-length captions don't. Those portions are small.

As an aside I also looked at the IG account of a person Aly thanked for defending her (on the comparison photo above) - also disordered.

Agreed. It seems rather tragic, really….howling into a void, like.

No. 117364

Why is she happy? easy. She's not really gaining much, she's not seriously recovering and she thinks she's totally smart for being able to stay out of IP.

No. 117452

I'm guessing you're new here. Aly has the pathological need to present herself as a #FIGHTER who is whooping anorexia's ass and is (almost) always absolutely ecstatic about everything. Even when she admits she's not #OVERTHESTARS she still drowns her post in #POSIVIBE bullshit.

She acts like this when she loses weight. She acts like this when she gains weight. Maybe it's for ass-pats from people that think her positivity is inspirations. Maybe it's a control thing. Who knows? Point is, it's all an act.

No. 117591

File: 1460382783164.png (17.62 KB, 277x80, Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-11 um 1…)

She doesn't´t say she ate it, right? Is she finally starting to be honest with us?

No. 117594

File: 1460383204718.jpg (225.43 KB, 539x837, IMG_20160411_085726.jpg)

No. 117606

How many more "never eaten"s can she have? I can't stand it when she says that. It's not that special.

No. 117619

Immediately after that:
>And I smiled again at each bite
I was going to say your comment was an awful attempt at milk, but she doesn't say she was the one taking the bites, so it still counts.

No. 117620

Right? It doesn't make it any more of a #recoverywin just because she hasn't eaten it before. It's just annoying.

No. 117626


Exactly!! To me it seems its all for the massive following and essentially idolising herself: shes not stupid and i reckon she knew that as much as she wanted to brag and share about how incredibly anorexic and sick and underweight she was/is, she knows that she would also get hate for being considered "pro" or triggering…so shes just decided if she cant be the most idolised anorexic wallowing in her illness, she needs to be the most idolised anorexic "recovering" from her illness…. its all a load of BS and she comes accross as completely fake. I actually feel sorry for the ppl that truly idolise her because they must be pretty delusional themselves.

No. 117631

probably true that she's never had a "whole" one. and she says things like that because she is the most special sparkling recovery goddess tasting each RECOVERYBOMB for the first time anew. real real recovery is worth it! oh what lush and oily sensations; we cannot imagine delving amongst such pleasures

oh that's rich kek. her account in a nutshell