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File: 1623336690906.png (3.79 MB, 1800x1800, New Project (32).png)

No. 1251681

Old Threads:

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as trannies or biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls' clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Reminder to "truescums" and "transmeds": Nobody cares about how [[[100% REAL]]] your or any other tranny's ~dysphoria~ is. Don't derail about how you're actually a true troon unlike everyone else, save it for your twitter feed.

No. 1251701

File: 1623338759095.jpg (Spoiler Image,295.33 KB, 1080x1490, Manly man.jpg)

Words don't mean anything anymore

No. 1251710

File: 1623338983466.jpg (306.63 KB, 1080x1322, Well.jpg)

Welcome to a new thread, enjoy your stay.

No. 1251718

File: 1623339727452.jpg (157.61 KB, 540x555, 20210610_112956.jpg)

Butthurt NLOGs and agps out in full force in the comments on a video that suggests children shouldn't be rushed into medical transition without careful evaluation (the horror)

No. 1251727

File: 1623340446818.jpg (127.3 KB, 540x629, 20210610_115242.jpg)

Seen so many of these girls claiming to be Jewish, I wonder if they actually are or it's just another label they like to slap on themselves for woke cred.

No. 1251756

Kek why is Marcus in the thread pic? Not wking I just don’t think he’s necessarily a “fakeboi” definitively here.

No. 1251771

A few years ago on tumblr these types always mentioned they were "converting" by going through the real process of going to a rabbi. It was the popular way to have social credibility without being a dreaded appropriator, obviously ironic.

No. 1251818

maybe you should think about how creepy and weird it is to objectify anyone… the whole “hehe one hot person and ANOTHER hot person is even better!” is such a coomer thought. don’t lesbians find it creepy and annoying when straight men fetishize them that way? all you fetishists are mentally ill and in denial.

you understand you dont have to be some kind of radfem lesbian to get annoyed with how men objectify women right? like i dont enjoy getting catcalled or creeped on any more than you would…did you read my post? why would a lesbian want to watch two gay men fuck anyway? i wish lesbians would stop acting holier than thou than us evil straight girls and that we “just don’t understand” being a dyke. i dont care if you’re gay, no one does. and i dont need to understand anything regarding that lol.

why is it okay to objectify anyone again? im against fetishizing or sexualizing people in general.

No. 1251855

anons lets not bring the fujo infighting into the new thread

No. 1251883

Yeah basically if they can't change the fact that they're white, they want to at least be spicy oppressed white. I've seen mtfs do it too. Collect enough identities and you too can be free of criticism forever!

No. 1251964

File: 1623353845676.jpg (239.27 KB, 1076x1300, 75137d75638ac9ec7b38ce37e6e4e1…)

This girl @reckless.dads on tik tok who goes by the name Fred deserves a thread. Sadly forgot her IG, I remember seeing she had an OnlyFans too.

No. 1251975

This is some sad shit. Imagine voluntarily doing this to yourself jfc when is this trend going to be over.

No. 1251983

>i dont care if you’re gay, no one does
>entire post is a rant specifically about "some kind of radfem lesbian dykes"
>i dont have to understand being a dyke but you have to understand women objectifying men is wrong because the patriarchy hurts men too!
can you just not

No. 1251991

Trying to protect children by treating them like children and not tiny adults is "punching down" now apparently.

No. 1252014

I've noticed that pretty much every DID faker on tik tok is a fakeboi or fakeboi adjacent (nb, agender, other assorted retardation), as are most the "alters" they make up (when they're not using south park or danganronpa characters as their "fictive alters", that is). I guess they realized that just being a generic gendershit isn't enough to stand out on an internet teeming with other generic gendershits, so they all had to go appropriate an incredibly rare and serious mental disorder. Tourettes is another illness many fakebois pretend to have, but that seems to have gone out of style a bit in favor of DID.

No. 1252071

File: 1623357305992.jpg (395.18 KB, 1080x1657, 1623260489181.jpg)

Yesterday Noelle posted this on her story

No. 1252073

No. 1252146

Why do trannies always post these before and after haircut pictures as hrt transformations? She literally looks the same.

No. 1252151

lurk moar

No. 1252163

Imagine writing a show about female empowerment for little girls showcasing how girls can be superheroes too and then immediately trooning out after.

No. 1252205

Exactly the same…

No. 1252274

she got a haircut

No. 1252282

File: 1623367410529.png (448.19 KB, 523x662, teetyeet.png)

because she's a lame tryhard ayden wannabe blaire white who thinks she's a gay man and literally calls herself theoffensivetranny. like the OP caption says, even the "trutrans" ftms are not exempt

No. 1252287

This shoop is so weird

No. 1252290

File: 1623367564283.jpg (94.18 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)


No. 1252300

What makes her less fakeboi than Kalvin?

No. 1252307

Idk, why can’t you sage?

No. 1252308

Well she already looked manly… maybe it wasn’t the worst move to troon out

No. 1252309

This is a general thread, you don't need to be on a first name basis with the cows.

No. 1252311

kek that Boris wojak is hilarious, someone pls repost so I can save

No. 1252313

File: 1623368994590.jpg (Spoiler Image,487.49 KB, 2048x1536, 20210610_194927.jpg)

>Voluntarily doing this to your tits

No. 1252340

They look so sad. The leatherdaddy harness is sending me though. Do these people actually get with gays or is it only other sad ftms who think calling themselves faggot is reclaiming the slur.

No. 1252727

Imagine doing this to your body to look like Vaush.

No. 1252788

Guys dgaf about fakeboys. Fakeboys being women can't do a cotton ceiling mass witch hunt against gay men like agp scrotes have done to women either

No. 1252827

>Do these people actually get with gays
Lmao no. See: The numerous accounts of FTMs get laughed at and excluded by gays until they cry alone in the bathroom.

No. 1252890

Fuck me, how are they proud of this shit? It took me years to get over the disgust of my heart surgery scar and I'm still not too comfortable with it peaking out my shirt in summer. Imagine destroying your chest like that and feeling good about it. Oh, to have the confidence of a troon.(no1curr)

No. 1252918

>that OP image

fucking kek, but why do some of them have such huge lips? is it a joke about filler or something?

No. 1252929

Sage your non-contributions retard

No. 1253003

File: 1623428273751.png (Spoiler Image,123.42 KB, 1889x557, 7.png)

it's just accurate to how many ftms look

No. 1253007

No. 1253086

why would you shoop yourself like this if you're trying to look like a dude

No. 1253090

whichever fucked up /tttt/ poster draws these should be a cartoonist

No. 1253092

it's possible she has no idea how a male body looks like kek but also ana-chan tendency runs wild within ftm troons so might be that as well

No. 1253119

why do they draw the poonboy like amerimutt? aidens are usually white girls with no lips

No. 1253121

Good God that makes my tits hurt just looking at it

No. 1253129

These girls don't want their breasts sexualised by scrotes and theyve internalized the idea that breasts = shallow bimbo girl. Ain't nobody gonna sexualize those nasty ass fakeboy moobs

No. 1253135

she looks like Drake Bell

No. 1253147

Had a relative with an aggressive form of cancer, lymph nodes and everything had to come out and it wasn't pretty afterwards. These scars might actually be worse than that.

No. 1253170

Christ, she does. KEK

No. 1253188

Holy fuck I can't unsee that now, KEK.

No. 1253273

File: 1623444703693.jpg (90.62 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-201221122143-1200…)

She looks like John Mulaney. She should transition into him and be unclockable

No. 1253353

I know anons said they see no difference and I agree for the most part but it looks like t aged her quite a bit in 9 months. unless I'm just a sperg and she's wearing makeup or something in first pic

No. 1253421

I think its just the tan and seeing their neck more tbh

No. 1253471

She'll take that as a compliment anon

No. 1253648

I think it made her skin worse so now she looks older. Testosterone, not even once

No. 1253653

She cut her hair and got tan (which I think is the biggest factor to her looking older). Granted she doesn't look terrible like most fakebois but she really could just pull off a butch look like that.

No. 1253689

She just got darker brows and acne.

No. 1253770

fuck, this also applies to ellen page. they're all just mulaney lookalikes.

No. 1253822

File: 1623504294609.png (1.35 MB, 1246x642, 1.PNG)

I've been wanting to post this one but I kept delaying it. You have this one (Nobunaganoran/Ranmaru on cc) who think she's a trap because "soft feminine feature almost wonder why uwu", I remember back in the day when I thought she was an actual androgynous male kek because she kept claiming to be male yet so feminine. She did ended up being open about that lately along with "trans safe space no terfs!!" but she's still delusional about how she is totally not a girl and just a femboy or some sort of thing. Of course her being into BNHA is no surprise, and for that little bingo card her name is actually Aiden.

No. 1253856

She looks so dead inside… Depressing.

No. 1253895

Ellen Page is transitioning into Burn Gorman.

No. 1253920

ah, i've seen her before. she is just a cute girl whose obsession with yaoi went too far and now, despite doing nothing to look masculine, thinks she's a boy. just the regular MO.

No. 1253942

Her Bakugo cosplay reminds me of Knightmaya, wonder what this one is up to nowadays…

No. 1254163

This is what really gets me, She-ra was an obvious last-ditch cope to assure herself that women can be strong and also love each other and it didn't work, she trooned out anyway. It's so sad and a testament to how overpowering internalized homophobia and misogyny can be.

HRT basically shuts down your reproduction system and sends you into a premature menopausal state which ages the fuck out of you real fast.

No. 1254389

it really is, an overwhelming portion of "trans men" are really just lesbians with internalized misogyny and homophobia. She ra was nice (asides from the fucking troon dubbing double trouble) but now she ruined it all

No. 1254633

File: 1623552627984.png (13.99 KB, 548x107, what.PNG)

What kind of retarded logic is this from fakebois?

No. 1254638

Every week there’s a new public enemy to eradicate, I wonder who will be next.

No. 1254645

They really do seem to infight a fuck ton hm?

No. 1254722

Authoritarian behavior breeds paranoia like nothing else.

No. 1254726

Eh, she has a point. Weren't we just talking about putting they/them pronouns in the bio to throw them off? If it gives them one more thing to be paranoid about, so be it. I love my crypto "they/them"'s.

No. 1254831

I get that pronouns don't mean shit but being non-binary goes directly against terf values kek so idk how that makes sense

No. 1254846

It doesn't need to make sense as long as it fuels the genderspecials constant need to play the victim.

No. 1254909

A lot of "binary" troons get assmad at non-binary people because they're half right in saying that gender doesn't exist, or it doesn't matter. Most troons have gender as their sole personality so that's like blasphemy to them. Not surprised they're infighting.

No. 1254925

By their logic, the gender abolitionists they call “terf” could just as easily call themselves “agender” and suddenly be queerio-approved. In fact there’s a lot one can get away with just by using their lingo. Why admit to being a gender abolitionist radfem when you can just say you’re an agender egg-cracker

No. 1254969

I guess the cryptoterf anons who said they identify as nonbinaries or transmen simply to avoid being attacked by the tranny alphabet mafia are shit out of luck, they're waking up to this fact and devouring their own. This is exactly why you don't try to conform to their rules because it will be you walking the plank sooner or later.

No. 1255000

This. Trannies and libfems are some of the worst at self-cannibalising. You will be cancelled for something sooner or later. Better to grow a backbone and be honest then tiptoe around them on borrowed time.

No. 1255156

tbh thats one of the many reasons why i larp as a tranny/nonbinary in some circles- to stoke the flames of paranoia amongst themselves. call me an accelerationist kek

No. 1255326

Larping as a tranny so you can keep your fandom friends is weak minded and cowardly. Larping as a tranny to cause trouble and paranoia is based and hilarious. Keep up the good work, accelerationist chan.

No. 1255340

Sage for no contribution but Ive noticed theres a bunch of ftm/transmasc(?) fans of jerma like to headcanon him as a transman/transmasc for some reason.

No. 1255352

Who's Jerma?
I see them project a lot onto anime boys who are feminine though, even if they don't have chest scars….

No. 1255373

just look it up and sage your posts retard.
the previous 13 threads have been broadcasting how fakebois latch onto anime boys.

No. 1255376

Jerma is a popular streamer. Remember to sage your irrelevant posts, newfriend.

No. 1255448

it's mainly the anime/cat boy obsession, the fact that jermas a manlet, him having a disorder thats often comorbid w/ troonism (adhd), that he doesn't like to uphold his masculinity too hard and the fact he isn't a total cock. Just my guesses.

No. 1255547

File: 1623626769423.png (394.34 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20210614-011654~2.p…)

Yet another female artist, probably GNC, who falls into the gender cult from internet social contagion, why do all the good artists turn to this shit? She's Russian too, aren't fakebois a widespread phenomenon in Russia?

No. 1255565

How come you think so anon?

No. 1255732

She trooned out because of a twitter meme

No. 1255800

I mean, russia harbors quite possibly the most retarded fakeboi in existence (Michael Draw) - a cow of truly Onisionian proportions. if there was an easy way to translate her batshittery into english lolcow would be set milk wise for a decade in advance

No. 1255864

File: 1623647992572.webm (19.12 MB, 540x960, jYaA85qTHK84hwNR.webm)

It's sad, you can tell that in former times when this whole thing wasn't a trend they would just be nerdy teenage girls.

No. 1255867

Kek @ the lady in pink

No. 1255886

Coulda fooled me for some Homestuck people in the late aughts early 2010s

No. 1255923

Did she change her name to Ciel? Is she so pathetic of a yaoi-brained loser that she's kinning the kid from Black Butler?

No. 1255925

>I died my hair to be more masculine
Sounds like when mtfs put on lipstick to appear more "feminine."

No. 1255927

dyed* oops.

No. 1255928

How did we go from emo kids to this.

No. 1255961

It sounds more like she's saying "Theo" tbh

No. 1255974

File: 1623656481498.png (210.49 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_20210614-123951.png)

She said Theo anon, but I'd bet there are probably some fakebois who named themselves Ciel out there, I got these result's from a one minute search on twitter

No. 1256135

These are rpers. but i have actually seen it before

No. 1256168

this is fucking cult lovebombing. really freaky. but major kek at the high waisted shorts and "last night i dyed my hair to feel more masculine… and i was afraid id get kicked out of the house". wew lad

No. 1256243

>She's Russian too, aren't fakebois a widespread phenomenon in Russia?
Very much so.

Russia really has some of the biggest cows lmao.

No. 1256330

File: 1623690472004.png (293.24 KB, 648x667, enbysnowflake.png)


I hope this belongs here because I don't want to be the only who had to see this special unique nonbinary transman talk about herself and how amazing and not like the other girls she is while she plans her second hetero wedding

No. 1256379

man it's depressing seeing her like this. I used to like her comic and I liked that she made female main characters but now she is a freaking troon. what was the point of that all then

No. 1256394

Jesus it's kinda scary how much this attracts weird lonely teenage girls who want somewhere to fit in. It's irritating to watch them pretend they aren't female, but I can really understand how having a bunch of people cheer for you and tell you they love you while you make a heroic gender revelation to this echo chamber crowd would be very attractive to awkward friendless weeby highschoolers.
Best case scenario, she matures a lot and in five years this is an incredibly embarassing memory for her. I genuinely hope she doesn't amputate anything in the meantime.

No. 1256420

Poland as well, the fujoshi and fandom spaces in Russia have no real moderation or control, Its just sad tier autism

No. 1256469

I was going to say that its because everyone is a fan of Jerma

No. 1256513

>not a woman!!!
>still agonising over 'most important day of your life' meme

These people make me so sad

No. 1256514

>I only realised this a couple of days ago
Oy vey, the fucking stupidity… she's barely even GNC! Oh, but she dyed her hair! Yeah it's not like that's seen a traditionally girly thing to do or anything, you mental midget. Imagine conforming to stereotypes this hard and still getting them wrong kek. Detransing imminent, once she leaves that cult anyway.

>As I settled into what I am, I changed my terms: I identified as a dyke, a tomboy.
Ngl I actually hope this one commits 41%. Fucking breeders thinking "dyke" is a fun lil identity make me mad as hell.

No. 1256590

Hmm, inch resting… So you're saying you can pretend to be something you aren't by simply slapping on some new pronouns, and this is a bad thing? Who would have thought!

No. 1256602

>I dyed my hair and was scared I'd get thrown out of the house.
My country has laws against sodomy and is generally terrible for anyone GNC and I've never heard of something like this happening. Is this common or is she making shit up?

No. 1256609

She's a pampered American and lying out her ass. Ok, playing devil's advocate, she could have super old school strict parents who hate altering your body like that but she'd probably get grounded or something, not thrown out.

No. 1256623

I've never heard of an actual lesbian (myself included) who liked being called a dyke. This smacks of the same people who will call themselves fags for shock value attention, or possibly because it doesn't bother them since they aren't actually gay men. Nobody who actually IDs as something likes being called a slur.

No. 1257024

File: 1623726232040.png (760.06 KB, 720x480, dvd_snapshot_00.12_[2013.12.13…)

>gaijin misinterprets game dev's intentions (again)
lmfao in the first Inazuma eleven game the 'trap' characters were either pretty boys (Kazemaru) or narcs like Aphrodi, who had a god complex over taking illegal drugs so their team can win competitions. You can even see what they were clearly going for in the concept art.

In the sequel they eventually had to drop the original team members and create new ones instead. There was some division in fans who felt that the designs were a downgrade vs ones who thought they were okay. Kirino was an obvious trap bait character because of how much traps blew up in that game, even having people joke about how anime like inazuma eleven made them gay.

No. 1257035

Sage for fandom sperg but yeah the designs went from Fit Anime boys to basically skiny traps and ugly bastards

No. 1257097

Lol @ precious soft enby beans claiming they're "scared for their lives" or "going to be thrown out" over cutting their hair in a bright blue karen cut and growing out their leg hair. Usually while dating a man in a skirt. Fuck off, Devyn Mordecai Asher Quinn.

No. 1257133


naturally lmao

No. 1257137

Christ, this looks so culty. "Abandon your former vessel, ascend to your higher self"

Also, why is peer pressure so powerful in female friend groups? One girl comes out as trans, and within the year, so does the rest of the friend group?
Is it because of socialization or something else?

No. 1257147

Have you seen male friend group dynamics, most of the time their barely existant, men hangout with each other but they don't come close to forming the close bonds women can

No. 1257151

You sound like you don’t know a lot of lesbians irl at all

No. 1257152

File: 1623736074444.png (185.68 KB, 613x391, pVOMkfh.png)

social contagion but also: you're in a group of friends with other girls and you feel deeply connected to them. then one starts trooning out and you wonder what makes that connection. is it female socialization and the inherent kinship through having a pussy? nah, must be because i'm a transboiii uwu too! and then more and more in the group troon out because since they're all on the same wavelength (+ you get a lot of validation) they must not be icky girls, but cool transboiz!

i used to love this show but everyone who liked the pretty boys of the seasons (kazemaru, kirino) was always insane. same for fans of picrel. pretty sure level-5 traps gave people permanent brain damage. most fandom people i knew back then have trooned out by now, even though they are all 25 and older now.

No. 1257160

bc male friendships do not exist outside of bonding over women. just put a bunch of men somewhere where there are no women and watch kek

No. 1257163

File: 1623737079869.jpg (86.05 KB, 780x439, 7kebIBq83PbCfutA6RAGj06Iv4E.jp…)

This isn't a pretty boy, this is the "draw a girl and call it boy" trope, the early character designs of Inazuma had pretty boys but looked reasonably fit as well

No. 1257164

tbf its also watching sports and drinking together and that's about it for the most part

No. 1257183

yeah idk I don't mind lesbians calling me a dyke or even nice female friends who aren't lesbians. I like the idea of reclaiming that particular slur which is why it's so disgusting to me that trans identified males who larp as lesbians call themselves that. queer is a different issue all together. sorry for OT and derail but thought I'd give a lesbienne opinion.(no1curr)

No. 1257187

yeah else it's highly autistic bs

No. 1257223

What >>1257152 said, their (female) friends group is often the most important thing in their lives (since many of them have bad relationships with their parents), they bond with said friends over certain characteristics/interests, then one of them troons out and uses said characteristics/interests as a means to explain that they've actually "always been a boy" which will make the rest of the group troon out as well since they "share those things that make one a man and not a woman"

Not to mention that these people usually love to claim they're so ~different~ while also wanting to fit in with a group and naturally it has to be a very cool, oppressed group so they can feel special. They then see their troon friend sperg about how oppressed they are for being a gay transman and getting asspats for it and wish they could be the same in order to be less boring. Plus, taking into consideration that there's a big chance not all of the women in such a friends group are straight and there's always the possibility they have a crush on one of their peers, the only option to be with one of their "gay trans guy" friends is to become a gay trans guy themself.

No. 1257274

Idk I feel like MTFs also run in herds and turn their friends.
Teen girls changing gender en mass isn't surprising, they want a break from misogyny and their friends inspire them with a 'way out'.

No. 1257331

I don't think that's true. If anything, they get more competitive with women around.

No. 1257820

File: 1623817140908.png (726.57 KB, 1920x650, 1623807554348.png)

these are gonna get to princess points level confusing pretty soon

No. 1257832

this person and the kumoki the afab trans girl person need to collab

No. 1257894

seeing that pink character just makes me sad lmao

No. 1257900

Where did these comics come from?

No. 1257904

Those drawings scare me in a similar way to Crazy acey in Spacey's. There's just something so creepy and weird in them. Kek.

No. 1257954

>the raft of the medusa
this guy is a fucking genius. god bless schizophrenia

No. 1258010

For anyone else interested, the other painting is Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X. Both of these have some pretty interesting additions to OPs intended message, despite this being a shitpost.

No. 1258014

File: 1623853240561.jpg (248.28 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20210616-131838_Ins…)

fakeboi i know shared this on her instagram story. as if being a troon is an honorable thing to be.(sage non-milk)

No. 1258017

This is a bit autistic

No. 1258108

I don't get this picture at all, except that the first part is supposed to be a fakeboi?

No. 1258132

(saged because im autistic + newfag + a hint of tinfoiling)

its a simple premise with a lot of confusing poonlore. it's saying that many pooncomics are drawn by poons themselves who think drawing them will help them escape being called one. from the time i've spent lurking on /lgbt/ these ftms are often autoandrophilic (aap) for all intents and purposes its just a lvl99 psycho hypersexual ftm. unlike agp's most aaps are self-identifying and proud of it.

reading some of this poonlore symbolism, i can dissect:

>poon comic itsself

basic smug consumer culture jab. ftm thinks that by buying a highly overpriced floppy rubber wiener and putting it down her discharge encrusted walmart boxers that people will see her misshapen and crooked bulge and be like ah yes, thats a man obviously. like a hot sexy real one.

>raft of the medusa + body pillow

this is going to sound like quite a stretch but this is supposed to be dennis nilsen. (source: years of being a true crime podcast consumer retard) aap can overlap with something called ahb (autohybristophilia) like the bitches who want to put cat ears on jeffrey dahmer, except these ones want to be him. dennis nilsen sited the raft of the medusa as a kind of personal inspiration due to a number of corpses in the painting being posed, like, seductively i suppose (his words not mine)

>screaming pope

this one is. is uhhh. i dont know about this one

i look forward to seeing more of this persons work(Reddit spacing)

No. 1258142

Your autism impresses me.

No. 1258173

File: 1623870468191.png (15.84 KB, 238x167, ad054de509b6ffa95673aa69caef8b…)

The Bacon study of Pope Innocent X has always given off a "screaming in a cage/trapped in one's role" vibe to me, plus Bacon was gay (the ~troubled gay softboi artist~ stereotype is common in ftm art circles), had a fucked up father, and was promiscuous, hypersexual, and sadomasochistic when he was younger - maybe that has something to do with it? Thank you for opening my eyes to the horrors of Dennis Nilsen

No. 1258178

She-Ra creator
Is it just me or did anyone else feel like the female character designs in She-ra looked like guys with wigs?(sage non-milk)

No. 1258202


anon could you please explain more about this aap + ahb connection? i used to have an ftm friend who was into choking out her gf and who identified with serial killers. we're not friends any more after she did some really fucked up and violent things. i've always been freaked out by it and i didn't know there was a link.(no1curr)

No. 1258205

File: 1623873763709.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.7 KB, 521x2655, 12345678910.jpg)

trans men are men is trending on twitter right now for some reason.
sage bc no real milk but i thought the juxtaposition of people who at least /try/ to pass as men and fakebois was pretty funny. and i have to admit the second one threw me a bit for a loop, but i guess being 44, 11+ years of T and a sense of style can fix a lot of things
(image spoilered bc it might be a lil big soz. no graphic content)

No. 1258208

File: 1623874070498.png (334.88 KB, 720x490, Screenshot_20210617-010820.png)

I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt, the animation of She-Ra due to budgetary constraints wasn't that great or dynamic, it was perfectly serviceable but they cut a lot of corner's Including with the character model's

No. 1258209

File: 1623874070740.png (502.77 KB, 1850x706, what have i done.png)

I'm not the anon who wrote that post but here's how I see it
it's the logic of "men are violent so if I act more violent I'm seen as more of a man!" and a mix of testosterone. Fakebois identify with serial killers as their inspo because they want to be careless and violent, and it makes them stand out from the crowd of yaoi fakebois. it's like men identifying with the joker or school shooters.

No. 1258219

this reminds there was a GC thread where we discussed the possibility that just like TIMs have misogynistic beliefs in what they think women are like, TIFs might have misandrist beliefs in what they think men are like and I think it might be true
Its the reason certain TIFs adopt a a toxic male attitude or attempt near comical level's of male chauvinism, they think That's what men are all like
I mean the Average TIF might hold more negative beliefs about males then Even the most staunch male hating radfem

No. 1258220


lmao, i knew her since before she trooned out and she was obsessed with the joker and wanted to be him. she also drew joker x batman fanart. together with some of our other friends we were part of a cosplay group, we often did superhero themed cosplays as a group and she always did the joker or szasz. she was always super edgy and could be really cold but also had a soft side to her she rarely let others see. but after she trooned out she's seemed completely empty and like i said did some really violent things.(no1curr)

No. 1258239

ftm, fujoshit and serial killer fangirlism are all part of the same cluster of cock worshiping pickme ailments

No. 1258240

Sage for blogpost but this is kind of insane because I knew a batshit crazy ftm who was like this too. She was physically abusing her girlfriend, choking her, beating her etc… Her explanation for doing this is "she cannot coom because she doesn't have a dick" therefore the only way for her to have some sort of "rush" is to engage in abusive shit like that. She also told me that she went to rekt threads on /gif/ and overall consummed a ridiculous amount of gore (irl stuff, not fabricated gore althought she liked that too) because it was the only thing that could "get her off". This is fucked up. Is this a common phenomenon among pretty depraved ftms?(no1curr)

No. 1258259

File: 1623879653805.jpg (45.41 KB, 453x586, höglind.jpg)

Yes, is this a common thing with TIFs?
Reminds me of this girl we discussed in the previous thread. Leonard Höglind who helped her boyfriend murder his father. She clearly based her look on Jeffrey Dahmer.

No. 1258260

Her scrawny chicken legs look more atrophied than Billie Eilish's kek

No. 1258292

File: 1623885243829.png (539.67 KB, 950x788, 1623882029998.png)

I'm tired of this already

No. 1258310

Lol the one that literally thinks she’s Narciso Anasui.

No. 1258360

Ive known two ftm and one of them hated women so fucking much. i cut that shit out quick.

The other turned into the most aggressive nasty cunt but I’m not sure if that was trying to act like a man or cause instead of looking like RDJ she got fat and a neck beard.(blogging)

No. 1258367

File: 1623892325195.png (106.57 KB, 262x148, d72e6cfb5afb412bd81a01aa9939b6…)

Google a bunch of superficially esoteric stuff like Thelema and art with spooky backstories, skim the Wikipedia articles for them, throw it in the same image. The Revelations-themed pretty princess points artist did this better

No. 1258402

>the fucking stigmata under the right boob
we shall have a summer wedding, anon

This is known even troon circles and is the subject of many posts about perpetuating toxic misogyny and examining your newfound privilege as a man. They also claim it helps with dysphoria lol.

No. 1258410

I think part of that was the shit budget, but apparently Perfuma was actually trans, somehow. And, as much as I hated the stupid "they have no tits I can't fap to this" discourse among the smegmoids on /co/, I can't say I was too surprised when Noelle got rid of her own brests and became a themlet, looking at those designs.

No. 1258447

File: 1623900908108.png (55.02 KB, 360x360, SeaHawkRenderHQ.png)

looking back it was kind of weird that none of the female characters literally had no breasts, including the adults one's
also the male characters look liked FTMs as well

No. 1258462

Before you posted this, I looked up the that and tried to guess if any of them were specifically designed to be troons, and guessed Perfuma. Big chin, no tits, receding hairline, rectangular features, and overperformed femininity. Is Noelle transphobic? Kek.

No. 1258498

File: 1623906941305.png (554.04 KB, 518x1092, QueenGlimmer.png)

Noelle trooning out wasn't a surprise if you've been following her/her art. She does not like Other Girls.

Even my 13 year old niece and her friends noticed. Characters that could reasonably have bigger tits don't, like the water princess, spin princess, and arguably Glimmer. She looks, and I quote a God darn 13 year old girl, "100% like [name, busty fat girl] with a binder". A lot of the linework and clothes design emphasize her bust and make her look chesty/hourglass but then in 3/4 shots she's flat. It's fucking weird

No. 1258500

Glimmer is a genuinely unfortunate looking character. Even moreso than most of the rest of the cast.

No. 1258506

Is it possible they didn’t draw detailed tits on any of them because it’s a kids show and it didn’t fit with the style they were going for? Just wondering how committed we are to this line of thought, cause I don’t think you’re going to fix glimmer’s character design with bigger tits.

No. 1258509

File: 1623909601023.gif (142.53 KB, 112x112, 1623697514580.gif)

>tfw I work with a ftm tranny named theo aswell and she looks just like her

Is-is this her or I'm trippin'?(sage your shit)

No. 1258515

>Is it possible they didn’t draw detailed tits on any of them because it’s a kids show
There are plenty of kids shows where the female characters have tits

No. 1258522

File: 1623912536248.jpg (29.69 KB, 264x318, 2210820937_1.jpg)

Preteen girls need examples of unpornified tits, it's a part of body diversity. Some girls grow boobs around age 10-11 and those girls who do so while being awkward/nerdy/ugly are prime targets for teen trooning and mastectomies.

Hell even stories where boobs are acknowledged may have value if it's not treated as scrote spank material. I remember Irma from the early WITCH comics was important as a preteen because her storyline touches upon the whole changing body/others' changing perceptions/don't go to high school parties when you're 13 kinda thing. Now it's just no tits and no acknowledgement of the painful but relatable process of puberty. And masses of confused girls trooning out.(Derailing )

No. 1258568

Nonnie, same. Are they making them in a factory or something? What the hell is going on?

No. 1258571

They're just expressing their gnc individuality anons kek

No. 1258578

Breats are part of a womans body. It reminds me how powerpuffgirls censored breasts as well. It's weird and very strange to remove a very visible part of female anatomy in cartoons. I noticed that trend in she-ra and to me it's like shaming women and growing girls about a body part they can't do anything about.(Derailing )

No. 1258579

Oh I agree. The solution to girls's breasts being objectified in media isn't to draw girls with no breasts. It's to simply draw breasts in a normal way.
I noticed the lack of breasts in both She-ra and Steven Universe.
How sad that the She-ra creator trooned out, but the designs makes sense now.

No. 1258617

Lol look at the doorknob

No. 1258678

File: 1623940162605.jpg (206.99 KB, 1200x690, main.jpg)

Big sage for this sperg but that's Elagabalus, I think. He's usually touted as the first and only "twans" Caesar because he was said to be a hermaphrodite and cross dressed lol. He makes the historical kweer rounds on twitter often.

No. 1258690

I’m like 90% sure Noelle has said Perfuma is mtf so you called it

No. 1258724

File: 1623944611594.jpg (30.08 KB, 300x342, Baco,_por_Caravaggio.jpg)

nah, that`s Bacchus by Caravaggio
sage for arthistory(unsaged)

No. 1258731

Lmao of course the most stereotypically girly one is a troon. Love the "trans girls are better and more femme than menstruators" virtue signalling.

No. 1258901

what are the pretty princess points equivalent to pooners?

No. 1259130

Even the "passing" ones have weirdly narrow shoulders and are probably shorter than 5'6". Congrats, you became a manlet.

No. 1259204

Baby Boy Bonus

No. 1259273

What if it turns out you two work together

No. 1259275

Pretty Prince Points for fakebois, Big Boy Bonus for self-hating/misogynistic butch Aidens.

No. 1259315

File: 1623996274872.png (348.79 KB, 1920x650, 1623986264814.png)

ywnbaw reference??(this is ftm thread not mtf)

No. 1259454

File: 1624023353493.jpg (66.32 KB, 500x688, Untitled.jpg)

>tfw you can't creep people out by being sexually aroused in public(sage your autism)

No. 1259459

Anon what is this shit, did you draw it?

No. 1259482

File: 1624026686735.png (446.39 KB, 400x600, ayden.png)


No. 1259517

Shouldn’t they be rejecting the fakeboy?The character is a pooner,maybe show her smugly claiming herself to be a “real boy” while being oblivious to the fact they they’re skull shape will always read female as well. Sage for autism(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259557

File: 1624036706368.jpg (304.7 KB, 1439x1800, y5hokf3obw271.jpg)

sage goes in the email field.(unrelated to any cows)

No. 1259634

Instead of viewing it as negative they admire it, with TIMs its split between viewing women as vapid evil whores that they're better than or admiring/adopting what others would view as a negative female attitude

No. 1259649

I think it’s just the angle. My legs do the same thing in the mirror if I’m not leaning back.

No. 1259733

Half of them reek self-worth issues.>>1259557(newfag)

No. 1259783

File: 1624058583970.png (727.84 KB, 1022x718, ellen.png)

No. 1259880

What is with these retarded jannies today?(off-topic)

No. 1259974

What actually happened to her? Her tiktok isn't around anymore(sage non-milk)

No. 1259979

judging from the magnitude of what she did to herself, I'm guessing 41% or detransitioning into tumlr fakedyke radfem

No. 1260005

File: 1624095886533.jpeg (80.47 KB, 674x900, F9D0ED43-64F6-435C-8DCA-FBEB59…)

Some brain dead child wrote to Nintendo asking them to make non binary Pokémon and this is their response.

No. 1260006

File: 1624096051147.jpeg (64.94 KB, 680x383, CAEC22A5-9C6A-4C40-A725-A0A323…)


Results of shitty parenting

No. 1260011

Gomen for spoon-feeding but what the hell is the deal here? Is the person who draws these the serial killer fujoshi Aiden making fun of herself? Or is an MtF tranny drawing these to ridicule a fakeboi who makes comics parodying other fakebois? Is the artist a cow? It would just help to have some context instead of the shitty art by itself

No. 1260012

This has to be faked, right? Nintendo doesn't really do identity politics. Also, Pokémon are animals; When they use 'gender', it's used in the way that's interchangeable with 'sex'. A dog doesn't identify as a girl, and neither will an Eevee. This is some furry retard shit.

No. 1260018

This 100% looks like adult writing with their non dominant hand, the second hand cringe I'm feeling rn is too much. I have hard time believing any company would care to send a physical response letter nowadays either, it's all so sad and fake

No. 1260020

also, most american kids learn to write in between the lines at a young age. the adult who wrote this was trying way too hard.

No. 1260027

File: 1624101152159.png (4.29 MB, 2048x1152, DfroKIlVMAA2l4e.png)

>Nintendo doesn't really do identity politics.
Treehouse do, they have been changing sex/male/female/boy/girl options in multiple games to just say appearance or other shit not mentioning gender despite the Japanese version doing so.

No. 1260034

File: 1624101524603.jpg (124.74 KB, 720x1224, IMG_20210619_131454.jpg)

Most legendaries don't have a gender, is that not inclusive enough?(Pokémon derail)

No. 1260039

the absolute retardation of it all.

non of this bullshit is authentic.

No. 1260045

seconding context cuz i don't want to go to /lgbt to figure it out

No. 1260078

But the gender fandom already has Ditto, what else could they ask for?

No. 1260090

all of the above queen. youre assuming its one "artist".
immensely fake and gay. but who knows, maybe heralding for incoming nintendo retardation.

No. 1260126

There are already pkmn with no sex/gender.

No. 1260176

can someone source the top left image in the OP collage? it's making me lul. my evil fixation is finding insane artists

No. 1260356

There were a lot of people replying to the original tweet that Ditto was genderfluid and all the sexless Pokémon were either enby or agender, too. It strikes me as completely autistic to have to make obvious breeding mechanics about being genderspecial, though. Ditto exists to breed Pokémon that are hard or impossible to get a second time, or don't have an opposite sex counterpart. The legendaries are less definite to explain, but I would hedge my bets on it being precisely because GameFreak didn't want to gender/sex the most important and powerful Pokémon; making them nonbinary would still count as doing so. You only get one of them, you can't breed them, and they're not designed to be one specific sex/gender, so it's best to let the players decide on an individual level.
Sage for Pokémon autism.

No. 1260445

gay men are completely obsessed with big dicks and categorizing everyone into bear/twink models and you have to be fit. maybe these ftms could score a desperate uggo but plenty of gay men are VEHEMENTLY anti-vagina so they'd never fuck a ftm, and it's totally fine for them to be openly crude about it unlike lesbians who get crucified for saying they aren't into penis

No. 1260824

File: 1624200408466.jpeg (871.01 KB, 2048x2048, 75EA8075-B6B9-4F33-9A18-70F536…)

The blatant narcissism with these women is so pathetic it’s laughable

No. 1260870

Is she posing on a grave in her undies? Fucking degenerate.

No. 1260887

File: 1624209719475.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2048x2048, A5554AC8-8A94-4912-9D7A-FF1258…)


She did a whole photo shoot like this (saged)

No. 1260997

I hope her nasty ass gets possessed. Disrespectful. Get off those graves.

No. 1261037

File: 1624228952299.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20210620-163259_Ins…)

> constantly shows off huge surgery scars
> never had big breasts to begin with
> self proclaimed dykefag
Why are so many people in the alt community like this? Just be a GNC woman or whatever. Though she's not even that.

No. 1261075

Same as twitter. I just can't believe that these people genuinely think that they and their friends all have, like you said, this incredibly rare and serious disorder, and all their alters just happen to be Literally [videogame/anime character] Irl. Fucking insane.

No. 1261175

These are made by 13 y/o future desisters

No. 1261188

God this op pic is so disgusting. Ulibeanz doesn't even identify as a man/masc, just as a nonbinary feminine person.

No. 1261227

still makes her a fakeboi, though

No. 1261239

legit thought this was dorian at first glance

No. 1261314

that wasn't getting her enough attention, so she changed her pronouns to he/they and bemoans "not passing" on twitter

No. 1261340

What would you do if your sister was a ftm tranny? My sister is now a "gay man" despite having pink hair, floral phone case, floral purse, tons of flowers and female décor in her house, feminine clothes, being an artist and I have to constantly fucking walk on eggshells or she'll block me. Telling her I thought getting surgery was "a bad idea and would be a huge mistake" was enough for a block. I had to apologize and humor her to be unblocked.

Would absolutely not be able to pick apart gender theory philosophy with her, and was told "I used to be so open minded", as if actually researching the legitimacy and origin of all of this, and not accepting trannies as "ReAl ScIeNcE" based on bandwagon belief means I'm closed minded.

I can't even talk to her anymore. Everything is about "Huh huh I'm so excited to get a beard" "I can't wait till I look like my head-self" "I JUST GOT MY HORMONES YEEET"

I feel like my sister fucking died.

No. 1261341

Nonbinary overlaps with fakeboism, and it's not a thing anyway.

No. 1261347


This person looks like an anachan woman who wants to skin walk Jeffree Star (saged for no milk)

No. 1261348

My cousin trooned out last year (MTF) and idk how to approach the subject with my family. I'm just ignoring his existence and hoping he grows out of it eventually (he's about 20).

No. 1261350

Was taking the same approach. She's also in her early 20's

No. 1261351

I'm sorry anon. I really couldn't imagine what I Would do in your situation since the tranny cult actively tells them that anyone questioning your ~identity~ is an evil transphobic bigot who you need to cut off from your life. Sadly there isn't a lot you can do except wait it out and pay lip service until she snaps out of it. Don't validate her delusions, just ignore it the best you can.

No. 1261355

Let her regret it's the only way with her attitude

No. 1261360

Yeah I'm just gonna not talk to her until it stops being trendy. She was deadset on "not being a fake tranny" and talking shit on the "fakers" in her friend group so it might be a while.

No. 1261380

My autist sister is going down that route too. It makes me mad that my family is indulging in her going from bi weeb to asexual fakeboi. She had to be groomed on discord, as she has 0 sm otherwise. I hold my tongue and hope it's just another one of her autist delusion phases. Have a much older tim cousin, which doesn't help either.

No. 1261386

File: 1624292463058.jpg (158.08 KB, 720x1133, Definitelyagirl.jpg)

When I find ones in the wild I always laugh because they barely get attention on their posts, which is what they become gender special for.

No. 1261396

It's a shame that you're both adults and have mostly contact over social media (from what it sounds like). Massive blog incoming but I was a fakeboy 8~ years ago as a teen and my sisters had absolutely none of it. Refused to call me by my "male" name, didn't ever use male pronouns for me, etc etc. And looking back I'm so fucking glad they responded like that. Made detransing way easier. But we were all living at home then, going to the same school, so I couldn't exactly cut them out of my life for transphobia crimes.
Weirdly enough, as the tranny stuff has entered more into the public eye, they've both become way more "accepting" of trannies and get pissed off at me when I talk shit. When I remind them how they responded to me they justify it as [I] wasnt trutrans cause I desisted (despite being diagnosed, on hormones, extremely typical presentation of GID, etc etc). We sure do live in strange times. Good luck with your sister, anonchan.

No. 1261407

Just transitioning from female to male or otherwise I can handle, maybe even nonbinary. I consider myself a pretty open minded person, it's when people get into "I'm non binary, but I'm still a lesbian" I get mad.

No. 1261414

What got you diagnosed when trooning out wasn't as popular 8 years ago? Because typical GID symptoms from what these Aydens show us is body dysmorphia and misogyny.

No. 1261416

I genuinely do not understand a single word about any of this and the words on the wall hurt to read. I feel that is a good thing.

Though I feel oddly self conscious about reading house of leaves now.

No. 1261446

this is literally an mtf

No. 1261488

At least non-binary lesbians still acknowledge their womanhood in some way. Granted they're probably the kind of "lesbian" that will sleep with MTFs but it's better than Totally Hetero try hards like Kalvin Garrah or the "I watched RPDR once and now I'm a gay man" ones.

No. 1261538

Learn 2 sage, but you're right. He looks completely male, but I'll grant the other anon that the small chin (in that pic), deathfat, and "not a girl" shit could throw someone off. Just to be sure, I checked his NSFW twitter from his bio, and there's a shriveled cock with balls. 0/10 Would not recommend.

No. 1261555

Enlighten me.

Enby lesbians will forever trigger me because of oxymorons tho, they are the only people I truly think want to be special.

No. 1261563

Are you kidding me, newfag? They're the only ones who want to be special? I suggest you go and read through all the threads before this and get back to me on that. Yes, they're annoying as fuck, but so are the other types. Gaydens are arguably the ones who desire to be the most "special" since they're desperate to escape being a plain old heterosexual. In a world where being LGBT is seen as cool, being a straight girl is at best seen as boring and at worst seen as being an "oppressor".

No. 1261568

That's completely wrong, every gender group forms close friendships. It's part of the whole social species stuff.

No. 1261574

I AM new, I was just talking about shit ive seen from the tumblr days (and recently met one of these irl), not trying fight you. Must have avoided the other stuff or it's recent.

Wtf is a gayden though(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1261575

sage and stop being a retard newfag

No. 1261576

Gayden is a ftm that likes men aka heterosexual woman

No. 1261578

I'm not trying to fight you, dude. You just need to integrate. Reading older threads will give you better insight. Gaydens are certainly not a new development, google Lou Sullivan.

No. 1261605

That's grossly oversimplified, kind of like "human nature is cooperation".

No. 1261774

By typical, I mean what was considered typical psychiatric presentation for that time- consistent, persistent, insistent bs. Like the classic calling myself a boy from a young age, refusing to wear feminine clothing, refusing to have long hair, "masculine" interests, that stuff (turns out im a fucking autist lesbo kek, who could have guessed).
Which is why I find it so funny that they lecture me on being le transphobic. I should prob take this sort of venting to /ot/, jannies pls excuse me I won't blog here again uwu.

No. 1261814

ftms who use the term "fag" should kill themselves

No. 1261822

There goes half of lolcow

No. 1261874

it looks like most of them are more excited about "being" fags then "being" men nowadays

No. 1261892

Ignore or leave her alone, what's the point of keeping this relation if you constantly walk on eggshells? She is not a minor anymore so it's her business now.

No. 1261935

Men are evil and nobody wants to be a greasy uncle. Soft boys uwu are good and everybody wants to be a soft kpop yaoi bishounen. Because only hot boys are actual people with thoughts and feelings, others are either evil, or objects, or both

No. 1262158

It's probably a good idea to remind your sibling to shave the incoming pedostache until it becomes a proper beard. The rest- you won't be able to talk them out of it. Just hope they maintain real hobbies and relationships, or something. I was serious about the pedostache though

No. 1262169

File: 1624387912989.jpeg (338.7 KB, 1242x1071, 2006FBCD-8B76-456B-AC70-D113E6…)

This saddens me(no1currs, not a cow)

No. 1262254

who let all these retards become mods? this fits perfectly in with the thread topic>>1262169

No. 1262307

File: 1624400126077.webm (2.17 MB, 576x1024, cursed arachnid.webm)

Not sure if anyone noticed already but cursed arachnid has been posting tiktoks with her voice and she seems to have developed the ftm frog voice probably from taking testosterone. She's no longer genderfluid uwu but a self proclaimed man. At least she's not a full on gayden?

No. 1262318

Fuck yes, I almost made a vent post about it. Someone’s b& happy since their app got accepted a week or so ago

No. 1262353

Since no one wants to answer you, here you go.
From >>1260011 onward the artist is drawing self portraits. She herself is a FTM who is schizophrenic and obsessed with both the serial killer you have all pointed out and the Marxist(?) character that looks identical (in the following image on the verifiably male bones image the character asks her directly where her bones will lay.) She face revealed (partially) on /lgbt/, which is why we know this. She's also posted her journals, which is where >>1258292 partially comes from.
Sage due to me being unsure if this is milk and for me knowing this.

No. 1262386

File: 1624408787619.jpg (53.47 KB, 640x640, 1427516906894.jpg)

This is crunchy or whatever her name is right? the one that would get posted on r9k? What a fucking shame that she ended up this way.

No. 1262411

She looked adorable

No. 1262432

File: 1624415663428.jpg (289.25 KB, 960x1280, 1624405226132.jpg)

I'm never ready to look at this face or body

No. 1262437

Christ that's jarring. Imagine sounding like this for the rest of your life because you wanted tiktok clout back in the 2020s.

No. 1262441

my voice sounds the same when i'm sick, someone gives her a cough syrup, how can she hear that and think it sounds good and masculine? all ftm voices are really annoying to hear

No. 1262450

It's super funny/sad because there's still a youtube video up of her talking before she went full into the "goth smol boi uwu" façade and she sounded completely fine. Makes me think of all the detransitioners who struggle with getting a normal voice once again. Wondering for how much time this will be worth it for her.

No. 1262454

File: 1624420099835.jpg (115.53 KB, 900x826, ifonly.jpg)

No. 1262468

so tired of seeing cute tomboys troon out

No. 1262470

isn't this the girl who photoshops dicks into her pictures now? and swears she's a "real man" and not trans? fucking kek

No. 1262471

>get a gorlfwend
kek. Is this uwu speak or is a side effect of T developing an elmer fudd accent.

A damn shame.

No. 1262474

I know this is mean but fuck, it's actually hard to believe the girl in the middle and the girl on the right are the same species. Genetics are really so cruel.

No. 1262499

wait what is going on here? is that guy the same guy who did those screaming rants on youtube a few years ago abt fat people or something?

No. 1262526

mte idk why people are feeling sorry for her. she's always been depraved, no wonder her porn obsessed ass trooned.

No. 1262530

It's also infecting "late zoomers", the ones who were geeky weebs but missed the gender craze by a year or two. Maybe it's because they've gone stir crazy in the pandemic.

I still follow some of my former high school classmates on instagram and more than half of them trooned out or are nb now. One girl got their tits cut off (someone else posted them on on here before, surreal to see some you know personally on lolcow) and some are on testosterone. All of them were weird™ art hoe types with wealthy parents who had tumblrs and liked yaoi, real life cliches.

A lot of girls also gained a significant amount of weight, but I think that is almost universal. I hope the trooning trend actually is a phase and doesn't go the way of the obesity epidemic.

No. 1262564

The pandemic has trooned so many people out, I swear. I'm dysphoric and I know having too much time to think about it can be dangerous but I genuinely believe it was too much time online that fucked up most of them. We needed an internet curfew too.
inb4 no1curr, blogpost, etc(no1curr)

No. 1262570

No loss. She looked really annoying.

No. 1262739

In general the pandemic has launched a lot of these types of people, I'd say it's a mix of grooming and girls wanting to be in the 'in group' online due to there being no offline in group for quite a while. It's pretty depressing either way.(sage your shit)

No. 1262793

File: 1624477356296.png (419.1 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_20210624-002719.png)

Sage for OT
But that's Cody Rhodes and his wife, he's a wrestling promoter and he's a pretty cool guy, he manages a wrestling organization called a AEW which is sort of a competitor organization to the WWE which features a lot of great wrestling as well as being more politically correct while still being more adult focused, so it female performers who aren't overly sexualized which is a pplus but it has some pointless woke shit as well, like letting a TIM wrestle in the women's division

No. 1262814

No. 1262836

File: 1624480790820.jpeg (371.11 KB, 1242x1655, DD57B7CA-CA10-433A-BF38-0C3556…)

Found one in the wild. The ugly fairy kei girl to ugly clown fakeboi pipeline is a real phenomenon.

No. 1262992

It's always women who have to deal with this shit! Disgusting

No. 1263008

File: 1624497799895.png (477.34 KB, 720x587, Screenshot_20210624-062126.png)

Honestly I can't wait for the first TIF performer in AEW, cause even the masculine and "manly" TIFs that TRAs post as proof that gender can change always look tiny and disproportionate next to average men, compared to professional wrestlers who are walls of muscle and even a "masculine" TIF who takes testosterone will look like a child

No. 1263027

If that thing doesn't have to sleep with a CPAP mask strapped to their face, I'll eat my mattress.

No. 1263121

File: 1624516093577.png (172.22 KB, 619x769, laughing at kpoos.png)

Olilondon identifies as transracial now and all the genderspecials are having a tizzy and insisting that she's not a true tranny. Oopsie daisy! All of the "not the other girls" neopronoun girlies are not happy.

No. 1263131

This HAS TO BE some extremely elaborate art performance, there is no way this is serious. She sounds exactly like all the "I identify as an attack helicopter" jokesters with this bullshit.

No. 1263143

Nah this guy's been around for ages and have had every surgery imaginable to look Korean, no doubt he's serious about his delusions.

It's honestly a good thing that this has blown up because people might finally start discussing how being transgender uses the exact same logic as being transracial, only difference is one is seen as woke and the other seen as extremely racist kek

No. 1263167

File: 1624524768829.jpeg (437.05 KB, 828x1276, 15E186DB-4D49-47DA-8B1A-CF5B56…)

she? i thought oli was male. anyway, this is hilarious.

No. 1263170

File: 1624525725609.jpeg (45.1 KB, 634x950, 97A2AB43-E9E0-4989-93A5-03D848…)

No. 1263175

> STOP Accusing me of Asian FISHING. I’m vegetarian, I don’t go fishing.

No. 1263176

Isn’t olilondon a scrote?

No. 1263233

damn she got them Ethan Klein brow movements

No. 1263560

File: 1624578094859.jpg (18.61 KB, 558x380, downloadfile.jpg)

Saved for no milk but recently learned about Ezra McCandless, a genderspecial retard who murdered her ex and accused him of carving "boy" into her arm (she got caught because did it to herself kek). Immediately went back to full female in court to try to manipulate the jury. When she didn't fool anyone, went back to being genderspecial.

No. 1263584

Why is it always jewish names? Ever since somebody pointed it out I can't stop noticing it.

No. 1263688

There not actually Jewish themselves but they do it to appear more slightly "ethnic", I mean they don't wanna be just boring white men, its fucked imo
to claim the history and aesthetics of a historically persecuted people

No. 1263954

File: 1624634445345.png (496.57 KB, 507x895, Screenshot 2021-06-25 081901.p…)

this dumbass nlogged so hard she started identifying as male but she's still on tiktok shitting on other nlog women

zoomers are so fucked lmao

No. 1263958

File: 1624634625063.jpeg (501.99 KB, 2048x2048, A1C7A855-6985-457C-B55B-E3A971…)

imagine being a narcissist and looking like this. Classic fakeboi

No. 1264018

ok someone needs to let this bitch know she is fat(Bone rattling )

No. 1264095

You can't exactly expect Aidens to have any self awareness.

No. 1264098

Female troons are crazy, but even they know better than to try and go to a male prison. Just look at Maya "Alec" McKinney- attempted a school shooting because her classmates wouldn't respect her identity as a "man", only to end up requesting to serve her life sentence in a women's prison. kek

No. 1264125

There actually was a FTM tranny that did a mass shooting, her family's defense was that the Testosterone made her extremely aggressive and worsened her already fragile mental health

No. 1264129

aren't you both referring to the same fakeboi

No. 1264155

File: 1624650960027.png (219.21 KB, 621x343, 4656.png)

No they were 2 different Trannies, one was a full on FTM that killed 3 people, her name was Snochia Moseley, the other was a fakeboi who could have killed a significant amount of people but was stopped at the last moment when another student lunged at her, which gave the others time to escape but the student who stopped her sadly died of his Injuries, her name was Alec McKinney(cause, of course it was)

No. 1264205

>why can't someone become korean
you can, just move to korea and get citizenship you dipshit

No. 1264212

>that picture of Maya trying to make it look like she has a masculine jaw
Fucking kek, these girls try so hard and always miss the mark. They couldn't be less masculine if they tried.

No. 1264377

The funniest thing is, the “Ezra” I know of is a non binary Muslim LARPer. Has about 50 different names including a religious one. But gotta have that Trans Boy Name!

No. 1264438

Late reply can someone redpill me on this? is fakeboi-ism getting into eostoric/occult/thelema now? Hilarious since 95% of thelemites I've know are some form of neckbeards or incels who lean right on gender idpol

No. 1264561

hows that armtube janny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1264680

Face like a shovel, brick body AND bad credit? What a catch.

No. 1264795

File: 1624723720896.jpeg (131.17 KB, 749x936, 856A19D6-603D-4670-BF18-364351…)

Reposting in the right thread//

This was one of the first things I saw on twitter this morning

Since when was fakeboism a thing in Japan?

No. 1264801

It's been going on for a while, one of the voice actresses from Idolmaster came out as nonbinary and the author of Oyasumi Punpun considers himself one too, despite looking like a any other scrote. It's so cringy, what even makes you non binary at this point? Not being a Marvel super hero or Porn actress??.

No. 1264804

I think people just think if they don't feel 100% like the ideal cultural presentation of their birth gender they think that makes them nonbinary
It's the 21st century version of "not like the other girls"

No. 1264805

>I’m sick of being asked if I’m “Miss or Missus” or choosing between “Miss/Mrs/Ms” for everyday things It makes me uncomfortable to be identified so markedly by my marital status or sex, and I don’t relate to any of those prefixes. Every time, I feel like I’m forced to misrepresent myself. I long for an alternative option, one that anybody of any gender or social standing could use.

>…After writing thus far I looked it up and discovered that “Mx.” (pronounced as “mix”) has been suggested! That’s awesome and I hope it becomes more widely used. I’m afraid my idea for a neutral prefix has come too late…

No. 1264810

I though we were past the point of gender roles but it feels more reinforced now that ever, with troons trying to become trad wifes cum sluts because they think that's what women are.

No. 1264834

it's depressing, it feels like instead of fighting for actual equity/equality between the sexes a lot of women just want to be male or male adjacent and not actually do any of the work necessary to improve our lot

No. 1264870

God I hate that she's old enough to avoid that bs

No. 1264893

That would require them to acknowledge that men are shit, and many bihet women will pretzel themselves around that fact to the point of pretending they're not women. It's not a pleasant realization, especially if you're a woman who is attracted to men and thus have a tendency to overhumanize them.

No. 1264907

Sometimes I feel like "nonbinary" is supposed to be read as "lesbian" which nobody really wants to identify as anymore because they subconsciously associate the word with greasy transbians who co-opted the term and/or the constant sexualization of lesbians in porn.

No. 1264908

File: 1624734961838.jpg (38.76 KB, 504x374, robotchild.jpg)

Wow, I bet this has nothing to do with growing older as a woman in the legendarily terrible Japanese pop industry.

No. 1264913

Now that you mention it she just in a recent interview recounted the trauma she experienced from being ultrafamous at age 15-16 and how she lost her privacy and felt violated by people choosing to focus on parts beyond her music. https://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/53147/1/j-pop-megastar-hikaru-utada-on-teen-fame-discrimination-grief-interview

No. 1264950

I noticed her new MV had a bit of woke vibes but damn this is a new low

No. 1265126

which one?

No. 1265301

File: 1624779710869.jpeg (612.03 KB, 828x1036, 834FC7A5-8040-4200-BB39-97CDD6…)

I hate it here

No. 1265310

I refuse to believe that this is real, nope

No. 1265444

That’s one way to let everyone know you are retarded

No. 1265453

File: 1624804361149.jpeg (98.2 KB, 540x960, DE55D680-DB57-4B33-895D-2B4290…)

During the pandemic and conveniently shortly after having a child (who she is raising “non-binary”) this woman decided she’s totally non-binary and also is in a relationship with another gender sped who chopped off her tits. Ran into her online and watched her fast-paced descent into using the worst examples of inclusive language and behaving in a way that is constantly performative. Strikes me like an identity crisis. Wonder if either of them dream of meat tube surgery. It’s a shame because she was really pretty before pulling this shit. She looks like she’s been abusing drugs.

No. 1265455

Considering the amount of “non-binary” lesbians I see, I genuinely believe this is a way to be GNC and only into pussy without being called transphobic

It’s still not enough for trans, who are now complaining about the exclusion of AMAB NBs, or non-binary meaning woman lite. Anything that excludes penis is not allowed to exist.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1265499

…you mean like "-san"? Get the fuck out of here.

No. 1265504

it is. unless someone spent hours editing realistic red marks that happen when you get a fresh tattoo

No. 1265538

Don’t be mad, just laugh to yourself knowing she’ll probably regret these tattoos in about 10 years once transgender stops being trendy.

No. 1265552

File: 1624811929687.jpg (94.38 KB, 620x420, aeon.jpg)

as a defense, i have prepared this image of aeon flux, a boney women she so graciously compared her own body to

No. 1265553

File: 1624811995041.jpeg (103.54 KB, 1024x576, E3XFG47UYAkwOZV.jpeg)

>one of the voice actresses from Idolmaster came out as nonbinary
If you're talking about Shiki Aoki she came out as ftm last year

No. 1265563

The straight man she'll be getting married to will be having a chuckle constantly

No. 1265567

Am I being weird, but I can for see many Japanese women become nonbinary or trans to get away from their shitty gender roles?

No. 1265576

>Snochia Moseley
She wasn't "full on ftm", she wasn't on testosterone at all or had any of her legal documents changed after 2 years of coming out.
I think she backtracked on being trans cause her family and her friends referred to her with solely female pronouns, so does the media.
Its kinda like Randy Stair's case

No. 1265613

how is this considered a weird opinion or something you even have to ask? lol

No. 1265632

this is the straightest shit i've ever seen

No. 1265653

Literally every woman who comes out as nonbinary or trans is trying to escape the shitty gender roles for women in her country because sexism and misogyny is worldwide.

No. 1265659

I thought that Asian fakeboys take better advantage of their "androgynous characteristics", but no, they do it the same or worse than western fakeboys

No. 1265718

i'm pretty sure japan is one of the only if not the only country that has more ftm than mtf. so yes, this is very much the case

No. 1265761

Women do this shit bc they hate other women and don't want to be associated. Disappointed

No. 1265854

File: 1624837478618.png (4.31 MB, 828x1792, 43279DB5-6DC7-496C-84FF-C04195…)

This is Bridgette aka Bee or Frankie when she was still claiming to be trans. She lopped her tits off and started making “trans” porn despite not doing anything else to transition socially or medically. She’s begun to back pedal and changed her handle from frankie back to beevanian or whatever and is going by she/they now. Also she had a kid. She’s just a total mess. It’s really sad too because she’s actually a beautiful girl and her boobs were good looking, too.

No. 1265860

He’s very clearly acting for clout. He never wanted to look Asian, he literally just decieded to profit off of surgeries he already planned to get anyways. I feel like he found a way to criticize troons without getting called a transphobe

No. 1265896

she looks cute, maybe she'll seak up about detrans.

No. 1266024

>It’s really sad too because she’s actually a beautiful girl and her boobs were good looking, too.

If you really want to see less women trooning out, maybe stop equating a woman's worth to how good her boobs look.

No. 1266037

File: 1624858373969.png (55.18 KB, 584x293, Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 10.1…)

i wonder if all of the zoomer he/hims demanding gay fanart stop existing realize they'll have no content to consume if the evil cissies finally cower to their retarded demands. these fujos in denial need to stop whining, nobody is fetishizing teenaged ftms in binders when they draw stucky fanart lmao.

No. 1266041

99% of gay men do not care about this shit, seriously I have gay male friends and all of them are absolutely indifferent to BL, only Aydens and Bi SJW males are the one's who care

No. 1266057

The fuck are you on about? She wasn't equating her worth to her boobs, she was just saying now it's a shame she cut nice tits off for no reason kekw

No. 1266088

Please bring that same energy to lesbians porn. I know it won't happen because these ftms just want to shit on women and be nlogs but please just try to be consistent please

No. 1266094

why are nice tits more valuable than ugly ones?

No. 1266102

Original lopped tits anon here. I wasn’t saying her boobs = her worth, just that she is a very conventionally attractive woman and it’s sad to see how she’s mutilated herself because of whatever she was suffering though. The backpedaling makes it more horrible to witness. There was literally nothing wrong with her body, makes one wonder what was going through her mind when this all happened.

No. 1266119

File: 1624877915466.jpg (271.92 KB, 971x2762, 86.jpg)

Fucking Christ

No. 1266126

>we’re literally dying

there it is

No. 1266131

Hurry the fuck up and die then. Imagine a gay guy or lesbian posting this, they'd be told to stop being so fucking dramatic (the lesbian would probably get called a TERF too, just because), yet people refuse to acknowledge it's bad behaviour when a troon does it. Literal cult behaviour.

No. 1266148

>44 trans people have been killed around the world in 2020
>UN says that 137 women are killed every day all around the world
literal selfish pieces of shit

No. 1266149

>what even makes you non binary at this point? Not being a Marvel super hero or Porn actress??.

Yes, and even a macho man and a feminine princess can be non-binary if one like romantic movie and the other like wrestling.
Everyone is non-binary with this definition, and if everyone is non-binary then nobody is.

No. 1266151

Ironically the more these people act like this the less allies or even friends they will have. No one likes to be treated like a fucking attack dog. No one owes you anything in this world, if someone says they love you just be grateful or one day you'll wake up and end up all alone in the end with no one caring about you.

No. 1266183


This is exactly the attitude that makes ppl transition tbh… the value of the "attractive" cis woman body w/ "great tits" is chiefly for the ppl looking at it. Frankly it's very easy to get a negative body image when ppl reduce you down to parts (the way your comment does even if u don't realize it.)

I mean it's no coincidence a lot of ppl in this thread were at least standard looking "cute " b4 transition. Lolcow for whatever reason think that, once ppl are conventionally attractive (especially the BDDfags) they're going to be universally adored. More likely the men and women in their life will look at their body to consume it in someway (aesthetically, sexually, etc.)

Probably top surgery felt like a relieving "Fuck you" to that kind of mentality. I'm surprised it's a mystery to the ppl in this tread.

No. 1266185

Exactly. It makes more sense for a conventionally attractive woman to want to escape sexualization by changing her body, than for an ugly woman who is invisible. I don't get how anon doesn't realize that "nice tits" were EXACTLY what she didn't want, and men say the same shit "ohh she was hot, it's so sad, what a waste". Is she a human being or a sex object?

No. 1266189

Why are you typing like shayna anon

No. 1266234

So many girls call themselves he/hims just to be fujoshis. This is just how aydens recruit new troons.

No. 1266244

>the author of Oyasumi Punpun considers himself one too, despite looking like a any other scrote
I know I'm super late to this so apologies, but this was a mistranslation and he's not a tranny or enby, he literally said he wished to be a little girl a la /a/ and some tranny translator said he's trans.

Unless he literally came out as nb in the past year and I missed something, this was a definite mistranslation and I think he confirmed he wasn't trans in some interview even

No. 1266260

I really I have to ask: what else exactly do they want? They can legally transition, in some countries it's paid for out of taxpayers' pockets, they can enter male spaces, they're not killed as often as MtFs (who also don't get killed as much as they like to whine about). I get that they want gibs, gay dick and "allies" licking their ass, but seriously, they have nothing they can reasonably demand anymore.

No. 1266261

>Be a teenage girl
>Be autistic
>Get overly attached to fictional characters
>Because you're unironically autistic you have trouble mentalizing and differentiating fiction from reality
>Actually think you ARE this fictional character, a gay man
>Experience sexism and develop a trauma like any other young woman
>See fujos drawing porn of the character you're skinwalking
>Freak out because your emotionally stunted brain takes it too personally, they're literally raping you with this porn!
>Reeeeeee stop fetishizing meeeeeeee

Funny how it always boils down to "give a trans person (i.e. me) money". It's like they're opportunistic lazy fucks who think the world owes them indefinitely.

No. 1266263

Lol she chose to do porn, and is still doing porn except with a different label now, and clearly regrets her reckons to mutilate her body. But go off retard. Trooning is a mental illness, as proven by the fact she did so under the influence of drugs and in a “dark place.”

No. 1266292

nothing you said makes sense, not saying a comment about women's bodies will not prevent girls from making the transition, but hey you're just fat and retarded but under your logic I should already be part of 41

No. 1266329

She was born and raised in the US for 15 years, wasn't she? Albeit in the 80s and 90s. I wonder if this might have contributed.

No. 1266334

>give money to trans people

get a fucking job. they really are a fucking drain on society.

No. 1266336

Why are you two anons thinking that compliment was sexual though? Thinking tits are inherently sexual in nature and that they can't be complimented without it being sexual sounds like more of a problem than complimenting them in the first place. It's not that deep.

No. 1266391

Sometimes it's
> be a teenage girl
> get a crush on hot male character
> imagine said male character as gay to distance yourself from the sexy (what happens in yaoi basically)
> project yourself on the male character's male love interest (hate any canonical female love interest)
> internalized misogyny, purity culture, etc.
> "I must be a gay man"
No Becky you're a straight girl with a crush

No. 1266403

File: 1624905694105.jpg (72.52 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_99163500d147339925ed6a6…)

Let's be real here, tits are sexualized and it's creepy to comment on people's bodies, especially parts that are sexualizdd in society. You hopefully wouldn't tell a random dude his bulge/butt/pecs is looking good.

So girls try to escape sexual objectification/control how they're sexualized by removing parts that are both sexualized and reviled, like natural tits.

No. 1266408

File: 1624906018881.png (1.27 MB, 1180x1042, Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 1.44…)

Teaching kids how to get hormones without medical professionals care at the trans pride parade.

No. 1266409


> Argue with a cis person

Oh like how that meth head tried to argue with the black woman at wi spa and got BTFO’d instead? Oh yeah he’s a real activist kek

No. 1266432


This is also something that doesn't at all work unless you have an absolute quack of a GP who's looking to lose their medical licence

No. 1266455

File: 1624908495427.jpg (357.07 KB, 1536x2048, E40Ts-RWEAYD7QJ.jpg)

Forgot to add this, but they also endorse black market hormones and say you can use the fact you "self med" to persuade your GP to give you a prescription as "harm reduction." Seems incredibly shady to me.

No. 1266467

A lot of GPs are afraid of complaints though. Being "transphobic" and questioning someone's mental health before putting them on a waiting list for a GIC could have serious ramifications for the doctor if the patient formally complains. My GP who I'd been seeing for over a decade touched on the culture of it briefly while telling me that my dysphoria diagnosis could be a slippery slope for my mental health. Doctors like her are unfortunately rare though and most will green light you for trooning out either because they've been convinced by the astroturfed propaganda or simply because they want to avoid the potential shit show of a formal complaint.

No. 1266482


The fact that they named a doctor who supposedly "helps" and where they work in this could cause that doctor some real issues, are they fucking dense?


Where in the country are you? everything I've seen/heard through friends/family is the complete opposite, They basicly require you to get therapy before they even think of looking into hormones/GRS
and it seems to be like that in most of the country since I contantly see people Reeeing about it on twitter and people trying to "transition" in my friend circle constantly complain about it

also if you think GPs give a shit about a complaint unless it's Sexual assault or Malpractice level you'd be dead wrong

No. 1266491

A better “fuck you” to society would be actually excelling at something other than selling your body, wouldn’t it? Saying the only recourse a “hot” woman might have is to disfigure themselves as a way to spite the standards is ass back awards. Beauty and brains aren’t mutually exclusive. You don’t have to troon out to do so.

No. 1267145

Nobody is saying a woman's only choice is to troon out, you muppet. But women do troon out to escape constant cultural misogyny, which includes strangers making comments on their nice tits no matter how innocent and unsexual you think that is.

No. 1267392

File: 1624985431882.jpg (545.06 KB, 1536x2048, 20210629_184916.jpg)

imagine looking like an actual 10 year old but being so mentally ill you think pretending to be a man is more viable than being yourself. geez

No. 1267411

just because you're ugly doesn't mean hot women don't get harassed for their boobs all the time

No. 1267826

attention, duh

No. 1268005

File: 1625037582233.png (1.02 MB, 640x960, 5922323A-7698-4438-BFF9-BAFB06…)

sage bc not milk but holy fuck tumblr won’t stop showing me this ad for hormones and this is the model they chose? an obese woman with pubes glued to her face? like holy shit they can’t be serious this has to be a joke

No. 1268007

File: 1625038212696.png (534.9 KB, 750x1334, 1624994454736.png)

This post is sending me.

No. 1268008

File: 1625038240649.png (591.23 KB, 750x1334, 1624994472647.png)

No. 1268010

File: 1625038700768.jpg (247.25 KB, 750x903, 1624994494108.jpg)

No. 1268011

common repost but still gets a laugh out of me every time

No. 1268012

samefag but i wonder if theres more stories like this. might do a bit of a dive later to see if i can find any, they are fantastically milky

No. 1268013

>gay dudes on shirt
This one likes yaoi lmao. parody-level aiden.

No. 1268047

When you feel ugly as a girl so you "become a guy" only to get rejected even harder by gay men, who are notoriously shallow

No. 1268048


there is. i just don't think all of them were posted online. i used to go to an lgbt club in my hometown when i was a teen and there was an ftm there, one of the old school ones. she was way older than the rest of us (over 25, the rest of us were teenagers) and she was straight. every meeting we had she talked about "how to empower men with pussies" (yes those exact fucking words, how's that for reducing people down to their body parts huh?) and she loudly complained of the lack of cis gay men for her to date. she identified as a gay man and was strictly looking for cis gays. a young ftm in our group asked her if she had internalized transphobia since she wasn't up for dating other ftms and this chick had a full on meltdown. she would always regale us with her sob stories, one of which was when her best friend - a self hating gay guy from a conservative family who thinks he's not gay if he just wears makeup and calls himself nonbinary while dating other men - invited her to a sex club for gay men that was held in a nearby bigger city. she went thinking she'd get tons of dick, but ended up threatening suicide because she didn't get laid. she walked around naked with her pussy out and from my understanding, the guys at the club were polite but avoided her, just like these ones. but it was totally a transphobic hate crime and she was gonna 41% about it, stop the cis gays reeeeeee

No. 1268069

>was strictly looking for cis gays
>internalized transphobia since she wasn't up for dating other ftms
This made me think about the whole super straight thing, aren't the trannies looking specificaly for cis gay and lesbians? And who's having a preference for cis people, kek.

No. 1268095

Frankly I still think that gay guy who dragged her there and practically encouraged her to put herself up for ridicule was the asshole one in this story. There's no way he didn't know better and he was aware of her insecurities but dragged here there anyway assuring that the cis guys will be welcoming when they absolutely would not be. Well, I guess it was a wake-up call for her to re-evaluate her choices if trooning out was worth it.

No. 1268098

Dont wanna derail but dude what’s with that the chainsaw man author role plays as a third grader on his official twitter account is this a thing among true and honest Japanese otaku

No. 1268163


Totally possible he did it on purpose after she spent their entire friendship shrilly reeing about how she was totally also a gay man, how he should center her experiences when talking about gay guy stuff, giving him advice and telling him what to do as a gay dude. Trannies do that kind of thing all the time, enter spaces and demand the topics and experiences of everybody already there aren't valid because uwu trans problems first.

If so, he obviously cooked up a scheme to put her in her place. Pretty ingenious.

No. 1268240

File: 1625067878924.png (101.18 KB, 920x294, Screen Shot.png)

They're downright admitting to body mods in the pursuit of being "anime boys" now. I know that's been the speculation here but wow.

No. 1268257

File: 1625069758651.jpg (127.37 KB, 828x711, LmJH9l7.jpg)

but it's totally not just a phase/an aesthetic/a fandom, you guysss

No. 1268321

It’s okay for them to not want to date other trans people because of ~dysphoria~, but neither trauma nor sexual orientation are valid reasons for ‘cis’ people not to date trans. No wonder so many people (mostly young women) are coming out as asexual.

No. 1268322

Aren't all these characters just women with short hair and men with long hair how is that gender.

No. 1268360

There’s also some women with long hair and men with short(ish) hair. That’s four genders!

No. 1268647

Anything can be "gender" with these people. Pic of frog in hat? Omg gender!! A whole ass man with some eyeliner from a movie? Soooo gender. If it looks like it would appeal to a quirky nlog, it's gender.

No. 1268827

File: 1625131958488.png (118.25 KB, 1022x476, retarded.png)

Boyonetta anon just making the rounds because I checked her blog after 1-2 months. Have you ever seen an FTM get so close to the truth? It's like she's surprised misogyny didn't stop after tacking on pronouns to herself. I thought you were a man, right? Men don't experience misogyny, stop crying.

No. 1268839

There's so much to unpack here.
>Misogyny didn't stop when I said "He/him please!"
How can you say this out loud and not get it? How can you write a whole ass post about how self-identification doesn't work because the world doesn't just stop revolving when you tell it to, yet won't open your eyes? How the fuck can you look at all the narcissistic, misogynistic MTF incel troons telling you you have "AFAB privilege", even admit that it's the TRAs doing it and not the evil terfs, yet still buy into this shit without peaking?

It's absolutely fucking amazing how far deep into cognitive dissonance these poor dumbasses are, they practically say "Yes, the sky is unquestionably blue.. but that said, it's still green to me and should be to you too".

No. 1268860

File: 1625139160584.png (885.47 KB, 864x1348, DjaPbNv.png)

>has a baby
>identifies as nonbinary


No. 1268888

File: 1625144709724.png (560.18 KB, 1434x696, kpop.png)

This is aboustetly hilarious

>Through clothes and makeup, my idols in K-pop music videos were able to express a level of androgyny. They were challenging the notion of the gender binary and associated stereotypes. These men WERE JUST LIKE ME, and for the first time in my life, I was able to relate to someone’s gender expression. Through their performance, I realized that being a pretty boy was okay, which led me to finally see myself as a trans man over the following years. Now I’m 20, and without my exposure to the South Korean music industry, I’m sure it would have taken me much longer to accept my truth.

No. 1268894

the best part is how a lot of thesr k-pop men are okay with femininity as a way to get rich and famous. if left without strict agencies they just wear baggy clothes and walk around with stubble. non-binary for pay, kek

No. 1268896

KEK, love it when these freaks tell on themselves with articles like this and all the comments across various social medias about how yaoi or m/m fanfic helped them "discover" themselves. Keep it up, ladies. It's nice having confirmation for what I already knew.

No. 1268905

Love it when these girls get so close to self awareness
SAME it's like they get so mad at those evil terves and truscum even suggesting that some people might be transitioning solely to LARP as an anime character or kpop boy but turn around and admit to doing exactly that. And of course they still hate on those evil fetishizing fujoshi.

No. 1268912

No they're not, you will never be a cute k-pop singer, pooner. Cope.

No. 1268943

The weirdest thing with this woman is afaik she's never transitioned even socially and she dresses like a frumpy grandma, yet she acts like the voice of reason of FtMs. Her main argument is that she lives with her mom who's supposedly extremely homophobic and transphobic, but she's close to 30, at this point she should at least move out.

No. 1268947

It's almost as if gender was a social construct who isn't the same in every countries.

I hate americans.

No. 1268951

exactly. if they're wearing something feminine it's because stylists dressed them in it not because they're trying to challenge the gender binary

No. 1268961

Failing to mention that these "trans women" are largely cross-dressing male prostitutes which, while not deserving of death, are killed bc of their line of work.

Also failing to mention that the "transmen" are WOMEN who are far and away the majority of murder victims. Tranny brain worms just don't compute.

No. 1268970

Prostitutes in Latam countries, aka countries with a strong homophobic culture, so these guys are classic HSTS who are victims of gay hate crimes perpetrated by males, but troons make you want to believe all the game dev Alices and NEET Lilys are the victims of terf murder squads.

No. 1269073


"We're literally dying" = We're literally committing unalive after realizing how we irreparably fucked up our bodies after listening to Twitter advice from people with furry & anime avis

No. 1269161

This is side splittingly funny and sad at the same time. The majority of nb/transmasc girls I've seen have been fat/flabby, which contributes to the trooning out. Testosterone helps with fat loss, same for double mastectomy. and there's a very real streak of fat positivity along the ana in those circles.

And then those same people think they could be like BMI 17 Asian boys.

No. 1269197

Failing to mention that white ginger compsi transwomen have HIGHTER MEDIAN INCOMES THAN CIS MEN, and are less likely to get killed then both cis women and cis men. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're more likely to kill than to be killed.

They are by every metric one of the most privileged identity groups in existence.
>Terves are the reason why afab oppression isn't recognized
I don't feel bad for aidens at all. They stay blaming the only group that actually gives a fuck about them like the lowly, bootlicking, sucker punching worms they are.

No. 1269285

culture is just another word for patriarchy

No. 1269354

File: 1625181939615.png (131.77 KB, 1478x986, loz.png)

god can they please leave Howl and Link alone. old article, but even with the botw2 trailer drop people tried to convince themselves that some of the shading on link's chest were actually top surgery scars. i'm all for headcanons and general fandom stuff but some people delude themselves into think that Nintendo, a Japanese company run by older men, would actually have a trans character

No. 1269389

I dunno nonny, I've been following a few junior FTM cows who have ballooned since starting T. I mean some also claim muh fibromylagia but still.

No. 1269396

There is at least one or two canonically implied to be trans characters in Nintendo games, but they're usually side characters that are made out to be villains or the butt of jokes. Vivian from Paper Mario TTYD is probably the nicest example I can think of, but they've also had characters like Birdo and that dude from Breath of the Wild, who was literally a full on man disguising himself as a woman to profit from going into a woman-only space. None of the characters they really want to be trans are actually trans.

No. 1269439

this is literally the female version of how futa porn influenced my trans identity
if youre too lazy and pathetic to work out on t you get fat as fuck lol

No. 1269852

Damn nurgle lookin fine.

No. 1269993

Late, but you're spot on. Literally every time I've seen a "gay man" offended by girls creating m/m content it's turned out to be a fujoshi TIF kek

No. 1270002

KEK she literally locked herself in the bathroom and cried, one of the most stereotypically feminine things she could've done in that situation. Fakebois are so fucking bad at coming across as men.

No. 1270209

they love to act that way while their beloved animu and comfort characters and totally trans boi representation were highly likely drawn by le evil japanese fujoshi that were scouted for the professional industry at evil fetishizing bl doujin events. the irony.

No. 1270416

They act as if every single woman ever must be hyper femme or else they're trans. This is so beyond retarded. Tomboys and non-hyper femme women exists.

No. 1270419

We do indeed live in a society

No. 1270434

File: 1625279692953.jpg (209.09 KB, 802x914, what.jpg)

painful to see girls hate themselves this much

No. 1270436

the pic you replied to is considered "tomboy"?

No. 1270439

File: 1625280429744.png (324.3 KB, 814x604, Untitled.png)

forgot to include their "alters" aka how they… see themselves? it's a bunch of fictional characters and OCs and all of them are male or "nonbinary" idk this is such a ridiculous mess.

No. 1270473

DID larpers whose “alters” are all video game or anime characters just send me. The absolute clownery, dumbfuckery, tomfoolery and malarkey of these clowns kek

No. 1270477

File: 1625283658278.jpeg (21.28 KB, 201x251, B17F4843-843C-46CB-9287-A50938…)

>mads mikkelson fans btfo

omg dying

No. 1270529

If they're not women, then they're either canon gay (Kaworu, Komaeda) or shipped with guys a lot (Mello, Sasuke, etc)

No. 1270647

She's faking a disorder called DID, doctors aren't even sure it exists but a bunch of fakebois and bored teens on tiktok took it and ran with it. Basically they think there's other people or characters in their head, and the character can come out and control the body and they literally are that person/character. All those terms like "sexual protector" and "persecutor" are names for roles that the people in their head can fill? Literally none of these terms exist in a clinical diagnosis and they're just making things up as they go. Since being a fakeboi isn't special enough now, they have to pile on these sooper rare disorders.

No. 1270714

>Doctors aren't even sure it exists

It's in the DSM-V. The psychiatric community as a whole have acknowledged the existence of DID as a valid diagnosis. However, it's very rare (DID fakers dispute this and claim it's present in up to 7% of the population bc they're morons), and only appears in individuals who experienced severe and ongoing trauma in early childhood (another fact that's denied by the fakers, many of whom claim to be "endogenic systems", formed from something other than trauma).

A lot of these fakers have "alters" who are anime/cartoon characters or even just straight up real people like YouTubers, and then a bunch of retarded OCs who are all genderspecials with over the top personalities. There are way more of these idiots than you'd expect, it's the new social contagion amongst fakebois, who as we all know thrive off of identity theft and appropriating mental disorders. r/fakedisordercringe is full of these people.

No. 1270718

DID exists but not in the form of multiple personalities afaik. the multiple personality thing was disproven. there IS a sense of dissociation and amnesia and all that but that isn't mysterious and speshul enough for all these teens

No. 1270723

sage for medfag but as someone who did study Psych, DID is more closer to switching between different stages in your life, the most common one being your childhood self
DID is real and the people who suffer from it have a rough time in day to day life but most of these people are fakers

No. 1271328

File: 1625417370299.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2163, 20210704_174756.png)

I didn't realise FtM's were also obsessed with being bimbos? Also how are oversized cotton shirts "bimbo"?

No. 1271355

Pink is for girls, anon, duh. So obviously this strapping young lad is a bimbo now. This is a joke, autists and newfags. Please don't reply with an essay.

No. 1271367

You can claim to be a bimbo as long as you're not actually an icky bimbo girl like those bitches who were mean to you in middle school

No. 1271383

>obnoxious kinners
>is an obnoxious kinner

No. 1271392

File: 1625423428720.png (114.85 KB, 773x551, image.png)

Hope you ladies are ready for some REAL zoomer shit.

No. 1271397

>that cheap-ass aliexpress shirt
yeah, classic bimbo get-up for sure

No. 1271421

Well, I guess that’s accurate depending on how much she’s willing to chop.

No. 1271781

No. 1271845

File: 1625495432644.png (1.05 MB, 828x2379, 860afabe-afdc-5b61-8043-87000a…)

This is literally hurt me, pure fucking Cringe

No. 1271868

File: 1625498423465.jpeg (59.48 KB, 1280x720, 8927F47D-55CE-4A86-B9CD-3A9AD7…)

Hey terf anon, dudeself is VaLiD, ok?!

No. 1271884

That terf sounds pretty righteous, dude!

No. 1272011

imagine being a hs teacher next fall when the hundreds of genderspecials that "found their true selves" during the pandemic start 10th grade

no wonder teachers party so hard, what a nightmare job

No. 1272189

I checked her profile, she's 14 and autistic unsurprisingly, As someone on the spectrum I will say that the Internet was a mistake for people like us, we get hyper fixated on thing's and we more easily fall for this genderqueer and TRA crap

No. 1272249

fucking kek

No. 1272425

File: 1625587883732.png (2.36 MB, 1568x1228, Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 11.0…)

I know there could be more to the story and her mom could have been shitty, but this makes me sad.

No. 1272462

a lot of fakebois have mommy issues

No. 1272463

File: 1625593136272.jpg (92.78 KB, 1218x661, kaoooru.JPG)

Kaoru Kitsune and her content makes me so confused. She has always lied about being a biological male and definitely not trans. Even when her voice started to change due to T, she said it was a late puberty thing. Now she seems to have changed her style from softboy to fucking jirai kei of all things.

No. 1272466

So many of the moms transmasc girls have make me understand why they decided to transition tbh

No. 1272473

If I were her mother I'd be wishing I had an abortion.

No. 1272497

nothing more cringe than a 34 year old single mother looking for attention on reddit. Pray don't end up this way.

No. 1272548

File: 1625602843966.jpg (135.78 KB, 593x1280, rebekka.jpg)

She's been my personal lolcow for a while. I remember people debunking her bio male shtick with a newspaper article that had her clearly feminine name and appearance on display kek.

No. 1272589

She's such a pathological liar and kids that watch her eat that shit up. Vitun fujoshi

No. 1272623

My personal cow too. Even a blind person could see she's not a male. Now she looks even less like one since she started dressing up in kawaii clothes.

No. 1272632

If anyone eats that shit up they're dim as hell. I checked one of her newer videos and then an old one to see the difference in her voice and it's just too obvious, that's not fucking puberty. It's sad she did this to herself. Vitun fujoshi indeed.

No. 1272643

100% a man, see her beautiful male pattern baldness.

No. 1272728

File: 1625624389052.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1851, 432E43C2-D534-4B54-B85F-D68952…)

Kalvin garrah is back and seems to have had a change of heart. Do you guys think the fakebois will forgive her?

No. 1272741

File: 1625625656180.jpg (78.25 KB, 915x471, UAT1.JPG)

Does anyone keep up with this Redditor, UselessAltThing?
>18 years old
>had both a hysterectomy and genital nullification surgery in the past month or so
>makes the same posts across a bunch of different subreddits (r/lgbt, r/teenagers, etc) about her surgeries, facing transphobia, etc.
>says she's rich, lives in Manhattan, and her dad totally support her and paid for her surgery
>in her insane posts like pic related hardly anyone ever asks what the actual fuck is wrong with her

My personal tinfoil is that her dad molested her and she's gone through lots of mental health/behavioral problems as a result, and he's enthusiastically paying for her to mutilate herself out of guilt/some fucked up idea that it will somehow absolve him of what he did to her.

No. 1272746

File: 1625625980564.jpg (108.11 KB, 914x699, UAT2.JPG)

No. 1272750

Or a troll
>my gender therapists gave me the thumbs up on this.
Are american therapists fucking insane? The fuck you guys smoking over there? I refuse to believe that this is true

No. 1272764

Its an american gender therapist thing, not a american therapist thing

No. 1272769

This is horrifying. It could be fake but theres probably someone out there doing the same thing

No. 1272771

File: 1625627896173.jpg (274.68 KB, 878x1022, bread1.JPG)

Please let it be a troll like terfsbeware.

This other Redditor, MelancholicRyeBread, has also amused me this evening. She's a lesbian in denial practicing how to lie about gender dysphoria to therapists to gain hormones. She's totes a man but is too shy to be out in high school because people might be mean uwu - very manly right there. She's also wearing a modern-day corset, excuse me- binder, to ruin her chest, basically self harming. I can't wait to read her posts on r/detrans in like 2 years.

No. 1272774

Same tinfoil here. Either her dad is the culprit and he's trying to hide it all with an excuse ("my daughter wasn't abused, it's just dysphoria"), or someone else abused her and he's showering her with money because he doesn't give a shit.

Plenty of young adults are getting the chop, anon. Older and young trannies share advice online how to find a "therapist" who can greenlight their surgeries; they're all over reddit, discord servers and tumblr.
Transexual surgeries are a money making machine, any coomer or abused individual can find someone to hack off their healthy body parts.

No. 1272778

File: 1625629069271.jpg (97.55 KB, 912x550, bread3.JPG)

uwu I'm a man and my identity is totally 100% for real serious and now just a teenage rebellious phase but I'm scawwwed to get a short haircut while wearing pants uwu

No. 1272783

File: 1625629500630.jpg (104.44 KB, 917x653, bread2.JPG)

Godddddd I can't wait until 10-15 years from now when teen and twentysomethings' "queer phase" is remembered as a bad generational trend like emo or scene and not a serious topic that warrants government hearings.

No. 1272784

One of the young actresses from The Crown might be about to do an Elliot Page


No. 1272798

I don't know about America but I know a TIF in Canada who got top surgery barely a few weeks after "realizing" she's a man (and she went from being gay to being bi at the same time) …

No. 1272802

same fag forgot to mention this is also happening when she decided to just quit all her various mental health meds cold turkey … but I'm sure deciding to cut off her tits is totally rational

No. 1272838

>The only mental disorder I have is ocd
She's dropping this like it's just a small thing and not a notable disorder that probably makes her hyperfixated on her genitals and gaining complete control over them. This has to be a larp, I want to refuse to believe that any "gender therapist" would tell a 18-year old that it's a good idea to go through nullification surgery which is a largely unethical procedure to begin with.

No. 1272847

How on earth did she get that shit approved but when a woman in her twenties wants to get her tubes tied it's pretty much impossible to find a doctor willing to do it? What kind of sick joke is that

No. 1272862

Seems like it. Apparently she’s a “queer” they/them.

It’s creepy to see these young actresses known for playing female characters subjected to sex-based abuse (thinking of Ellen Page and Sophie Turner in particular) going “nah actually I’m not a woman tho”. Too bad it didn’t occur to Princess Diana, Sansa Stark and the girl from Hard Candy to simply identify out of misogyny. Must be that darn societal transphobia.

No. 1272864

what the fuck is that haircut

No. 1272875

why does it matter if she's a single mother, moid?

No. 1272888

not the chicken legs made to look even skinnier by the huge shirt and straight skirt

No. 1272896

why do fakebois get so uwu scawwed of shopping in the men’s dept. women do it all the time the pants have pockets and the t-shirt’s are sturdy and loose.

But he lesbians and gnc women have been doing it for years.

No. 1272906

if there's self checkout she's probably shopping at a huge fast fashion chain or walmart or something, right? employees in those stores could not care less

No. 1272962

it boggles my mind that these girls are genuinely afraid of buying the clothes they want but confident enough to tell a doctor to lop their tits off.

No. 1272966

It’s like the people who claim they are too autistic/disabled to get a job but somehow find the wherewithal to go out clubbing, attend My Little Pony conventions, and type thousands of words on the internet to argue with strangers.

Also to me one of the most fucked up things to see is girls who allegedly have “dysphoria” and hate their female bodies, so they sell nude photos to men to afford top surgery. How can anyone praise that as empowering when it’s clearly psychologically damaged girls engaging in self harm?

No. 1273006

I have never seen a single gay male who cared about women who draw/write gay porn. It's always the Aidens. Deep down they know they are fujoshis and not gay men and try to take it out on other women.

No. 1273020

Tinfoil but you are probably right. A significant number of fakebois are csa victims and pointing this out gets you branded a terf.

No. 1273028

A (hideous) skirt! You totally owned us, bro!
No way though, no redemption, good fakebois must publicly disavow her ableist racist abusive behavior or they'll be excommunicated

No. 1273030

KEK these girls could not be less masculine if they tried. Absolute girly-girls.

No. 1273032

You can't get your tubes tied at 35 if you don't have two kids here, I WISH I had this problem wtf

No. 1273033

True, like there's something so "girly" about fakebois, not feminine or womanly but girly as in behaving like an immature young girl

No. 1273036

>I want to refuse to believe that any "gender therapist" would tell a 18-year old that it's a good idea to go through nullification surgery which is a largely unethical procedure to begin with.
"Gender therapists" think that infant girls ripping uncomfortable barrettes out of their hair are making a statement about their gender. Girls as young as 13 are regularly given mastectomies. While the reddit post is probably(hopefully) a LARP, it's completely believable that a 'gender therapist' would approve of it.

No. 1273049

Just say youre a trans guy and need it for your crippling gender dysphoria.

No. 1273060

Fakebois are typically more feminized than cis women. They have enormous hips and extra neotenic features. Much like male troons who are all balding 7 ft Chad chins.

No. 1273065


This is the absolute brilliant truth.

No. 1273070

Come to think of it, perhaps "gay" troonacy is the actual "super straight" behavior. You honestly have to be an S tier breeder to mutilate yourself just to get some gay dick/lesbian pussy, and define yourself through nothing but that effort. That undeniably suggests a mindset that has nothing but breeding on it.

No. 1273071

They're also almost always in careers dominated by women(nurse, graphic artist, YA author), gravitate towards sites with a predominately female userbase(tumblr, Ao3), and have typical nerdy girl interests(yaoi/shipping, fanfiction).

No. 1273075

Likewise, male troons are almost always software engineers or military. Twenty percent of all troons have served, with male-to-
female transitions being two to three times more common than female-to-male.

No. 1273076

Find me a 5’8” female who plays lacrosse or softball who decided to troon out. Every single fakeboi I’ve met in person who’s gone all the way through with hormones and the tit chop is under 5’2”, meek, and into nerdy stuff like art, renn faires, or anime.

No. 1273078

The only actually 'masculine' women/girls who troon out are self-hating butch lesbians. Straight women with masculine interests/careers/hobbies seem perfectly fine with being women, unlike the average lilliputian fujoshi fakeboi.

Which reinforces the theory that these girls troon out to escape the vulnerability they feel as small, feminine women. Though if the tranny stats are anything to go by, they're even more likely to be abused by men than the average woman.

No. 1273087

Lol no they're not you fucking liar

No. 1273091

Remind me of this video.
I hate this clown world.

No. 1273094

>"[Preverbal children] are very action oriented. This is where mirroring is really important. And listening to actions. So let me give you an example.

>I have a colleague who is transgender. There is a video of him as a toddler–he was assigned female at birth–tearing barrettes out of then-her hair. And throwing them on the ground. And sobbing. That’s a gender message."

Little girls regularly have double mastectomies performed on them for "gender dysphoria": https://twitter.com/4th_wavenow/status/1115661836060372995

Sage your shit non-contribution next time, r-slur.

No. 1273129

I was about to call her retarded, but when I think about it it really is just sad. She really can't feel okay lounging by herself at home topless, even when its hot as balls outside, unless she plays pretend as a man.

No. 1273341

why she looks like one of the Weasleys

No. 1273346

Came across this video, basically this individual talks about still getting a period after years on testosterone. (Also calls a period "bleeding" which gets confusing but whatever). Was just very weird to me bc not having a period when you're young usually means health problems, but to these people it's desirable. Its something theyre purposefully doing to their bodies. The way she talks about the hormones in her body is like a medical experiment. Also she mentions offhand that she and her partner use the same diva cup.

No. 1273363

I don't mean to call you retarded but I have a strong feeling you don't understand exactly why women bleed during their period. That being said, using the same diva cup is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1273371

>she and her partner use the same diva cup
Why are these women so fucking disgusting? Do they think it makes them more masculine to have no regard for their own hygiene?

No. 1273374

what do you mean

No. 1273376

"didn't want to scare people transitioning"

delusional, just delusional. the truth is triggering now, God almighty.

No. 1273380

Wait what’s wrong with that? As long as they wash it between uses it’s not different from sharing a sex toy with a partner

No. 1273387

You're technically correct, but it has the same vibe as sharing a toothbrush to me.

No. 1273396

>using a dildo on someone else for 20min and sterilizing it afterwards
>totes same as a diva cup you keep in yourself for hours collecting blood, bacteria flora and other fluids

I feel those are very contrasting things i would understand an utter emergency but never in my life on a consistent basis wtf

No. 1273434

I mean, you're supposed to boil it every month before use to sterilize. While I think it's gross that they share it, technically it's not that bad.

No. 1273435

i swear ive seen a picture of this aiden with a yuri on ice body pillow

No. 1273444

>she and her partner use the same diva cup.
I want to puke.

Saying bleeding makes it sound as if it was a problem to be solved. Periods aren't a disease.

No. 1273495

did this get so much traffic from farmers that she had to make the video private? kek

No. 1273573

I mean, if you randomly bleed on birth control you don't call it a period either (at least every time I was at a gyn they just call it bleeding), I don't think it's that weird considering testosterone is supposed to stop them so the bleeding is abnormal from a purely medical view. I had no idea it even happens

No. 1273602

File: 1625771163830.png (141.66 KB, 1435x1162, Screenshot_20210708-210218~2.p…)

It's not a crush DUH it called gender envy!

No. 1273607

Stop this shit please, Loki in Norse Mythology was a malevolent trickster, just cause Loki was a shapeshifter who gave birth to certain monsters didn't mean the Norse had a concept of gender fluidity or anything, It was just the explanation of where the monsters in the world came from but modern wokies took that dumb aspect and ran it with making Loki "Gender fluid"

No. 1273631

When was the coming out? Wonder if it isn't just an Elliott Page situation where she's just gonna troon out at a later date,never heard of it before

No. 1273633

Tbh Loki is the only "genderfluid" I'll accept. If you're a shapeshifter I guess you are quite literally genderfluid. People using him as an NB icon are kind of cringe though.

No. 1273662

Yes, Loki may be "genderfluid" but not in the sense twitter snowflakes are. The way I see it he's a male god who can take female forms when he wishes, not a tranny.

No. 1273682

I’m no Norse mythology scholar but did he ever shapeshift into a humanoid woman, or even a female animal aside from that one time he became a mare to lure away a stallion? Afaik Sleipnir is the only creature he ever gave birth to and in every other instance he was the father. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like everyone is latching onto this one story where he shapeshifts into a female horse for purely practical reasons. You may as well say Thor is trans or genderfluid because he once disguised himself as a woman to get his hammer back.

Of course these are mythological figures but people do the same thing with female historical figures who wore men’s clothes or armour for practical reasons, like Anne Bonny and Jeanne d’Arc.

No. 1273683

I think he did at the very least in the story about him and Thor pretending to be women, Thor is trying to retrieve something stolen from him and wacky shit happens. Loki becomes a woman and Thor just wears a wedding dress to infiltrate some place and get his stolen shit back.

No. 1273692

So again, for practical reasons. You’d think someone who’s ‘genderfluid’ and has magical shapeshifting abilities would spend at least some of his leisure time in a feminine form without requiring some ulterior motive.

No. 1273712

the fuck do you mean "perceive" tom hiddleston lmfao. It's ok to be bi you retard

No. 1273749

isnt the male version supposed to be "himbo"? these people are endlessly confusing

No. 1273756

nta but wdym? if you're not having a period as a woman that either means you're pregnant or, like they said, have some kind of health problem. not counting birth control for obvious reasons. obv a ftm would want to stop having it on testosterone but that anon seemed to be making a point of how jarring it is to see women wanting to fuck up their bodies all the more.

No. 1273764

sage for mythology fagging but …
after Baldr's death, Hel agrees to let Baldr come back to the land of the living if every being weeps for him; one giantess does not and it's implied to be Loki in disguise so … yes Loki does shapeshift into a woman.

No. 1273779

John is now the enby standard of quality but that’s not really saying much. Mulaney isn’t that masculine either.

No. 1273839

>>1273573 From my hasty research just now it seems it can take a while for T to stop periods. First it makes periods irregular, then they may eventually stop.

No. 1273965

Even after being on T for a long time and not having had periods for ages it is still possible to occasionally get the odd leak or two because bodies aren't machines that always work the same way and hormones are weird.

No. 1274462

File: 1625909918404.jpg (167.22 KB, 1284x1914, lub6k2y.jpg)

I was watching a video from CDawgVA, a British voice actor who is popular for his cringe and Yaoi-baiting videos. His video was about going on a date with a Japan rent-a-boyfriend. Without fail, the wild Gayden appeared to decry the fetishization of “Us gay men”. Without first looking at her profile, I 100% knew what kind of “gay man” we were dealing with.

No. 1274463

File: 1625910273746.jpg (168.17 KB, 1239x2048, GBedsKp.jpg)

What Just Someone, valiant protector of gay cartoon dicks and object of evil cis girl fetishization, looks like. Non-passing they/them, boobs out, autistic, and one of their triggers is Fruits Basket cosplay. Every fucking time.

No. 1274465

Time and time again they show themselves up by not acting like a moid ever would. Most gay men, even the terminally online ones, would just be fawning or making jokes in the comment section. Even troonsbians blend in better than this, jfc.

KEK. And of course her body type is sack of potatoes and she looks completely feminine.

No. 1274468

9 times out of 10, when a comment on fujoshit starts with "As a gay man," you can safely assume its a TIF. They're mad that other women aren't ashamed of liking BL to the point that they chop their tits off. They feel like they "earned" the "right" to enjoy BL by mutilating themselves and are trying to shame other people into dropping the hobby or trooning out themselves. Desire to "fit in" with men by bullying women also plays a role here.

The only time I've seen an actual gay man complain about BL was when Julian from Oneyplays bitched about Dream Daddy. IIRC think his issue wasn't that it catered to women so much as it "sanitized" gay men, though considering Julian is a furry with an inflation fetish, everything would probably seem vanilla and sanitized from his perspective. Also I think he didn't like that Erin was bankrolling the game to virtue-signal.

No. 1274470

They always get so angry at women who enjoy erotic self-insert content written by other women, but why don’t they direct their outrage at the authors? Stop buying their content? And it’s hilarious that she is watching that video and ignoring how many gay, bi and even straight Japanese men actively participate in BL entertainment aimed at women. Those guys aren’t crying because they’re making bank with no physical contact.

No. 1274478

It hurts their ego when girls in bl fandom talk about guys because they know are not talking, drawing or writing about fakebois at all. They know any fanart catering to fakebois is only liked by them, and no other girls which makes them even more pissed. That's why they try to guilt and shame other girls saying bs like ’it's homophobic to like bl’ or ’if you didn’t troon out you can’t enjoy it’. I’m glad this rhetoric hasn’t phased most girls; I’m glad I was able to talk to other girls about bl and not once thought we needed pube beards to do so kek

No. 1274529

File: 1625924621308.jpg (547.45 KB, 1180x2048, 20210710_164118.jpg)

I remember seeing a screenshot from Kaoru's Twitter mentioning about top surgery and asking tips. It was tweeted in 2018, iirc.

This is old picture from Kaoru's Twitter also and looks exactly like >>1272548

No. 1274531

File: 1625925625205.png (83.61 KB, 979x678, bleh.png)

From /r/truscum. Never believe anything about them being better than the 'trenders' they mock.

An existential crisis because a woman told the truth, must mean she's "dumb, or blind".

No. 1274545

>one of their triggers is Fruits Basket cosplay

No. 1274558

They would be immensely happier if they just enjoyed fujoshit and ignored angry fandom rants like the rest of us.

No. 1274573

Did she honestly expect that this lady, who has known her since her childhood, would suddenly clock her as a guy? Like oh who might be this strange boy walking with my neighbour who has a daughter? How weird, is he a nephew or something?

No. 1274662

>I cut off a lot of friends I knew before I transitioned because I’m going stealth

Wow. Imagine cutting off irl friends just so you can put up an ’Imma real guy my doodz’ front to internet nlogs who dgaf about you. That’s honestly so pathetic and shallow. I hope her friends find a better friend than her.

No. 1274715

I do think transmeds are slightly better because they at least have a working, logical definition of what being trans or a man/woman is. And they're a little more reasonable. But at the end of the day, gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, and its fucked to treat a mental problem by altering the body. Hope this person gets some mental help, but probably not.

No. 1274764

>everyone is going to recognize me then!
It honestly sounds like she thinks this will make her someone else. Like, I get the impression she thinks stealth means no one who knew her before will know who she is, almost like it's going to erase her past.

No. 1274863

>I'm very average-looking, but I know I look like a dude.
>I hate looking at myself in the mirror without clothes, I hate looking at my face.
Sounds like delusions of passing to me. Many such cases!

Yeah this doesn't sound like the normal "I'm a man now, don't you dare remember the truth", it's like she's running from who she is and thinks she can just befriend people whilst "stealth" and never tell them. I'd feel bad for but quite frankly she's a total bitch for calling a woman who's known her since childhood dumb just because she didn't play along with her bullshit. Gotta love how Aidens just forget that GNC women exist and think that wearing mens clothes and having short hair means you must be male.

No. 1275072

Testosterone must worsening this person's poor emotional regulation. Literal meltdown because of nothing. That's what happens with hormonal imbalances in people who are suffering from mental illness. I know man, I used to be a TIF too, shit messes with you. Hope she gets out of this before she 41%s because that's her final destination when she realizes more years on HRT won't make she totally passable as a cis guy and continues having these meltdowns

No. 1275129

File: 1626045572501.png (108.79 KB, 757x571, Reddit2x.png)

FTM groomers active in r/twox again. "Are you struggling with the legacy of the patriarchy and feeling commodified for your body? Have you tried not being a woman?"

No. 1275131

God, groomers are retarded. They really twist everything someone says to fit their sick agenda. It's clearly a rant about how OP is treated as a woman, not that she's NOT a woman. And trying to bind (dangerous) and crossdress for safety? Absolute lunacy, and psychically damaging for a woman.

No. 1275173

>figuring out how you want to present and be perceived

Straight up telling on themselves that this is all some bullshit focused on controlling how others view them. Unfortunately for them, it really doesn't work that way.

No. 1275184

Also if I wanted to make myself ugly to repel male attention, I could totally do that without harming my body or pretending I'm not a woman.

No. 1275314

last year, because she’s a voice actor she didn’t want to go on hormones and have it affect her career

No. 1275612

File: 1626120376958.png (435.7 KB, 750x1047, lunacy.png)

What the hell is this? They are now promoting a totallly painful, dangerous and straight up evil surgery. The person running this account must be part of Big Pharma

No. 1275615

Funny that the male surgeon looks pretty comfortable with how own size

No. 1275632

i remember my mom trying to cheer tall me up by saying some people get leg lengthening surgery just to be taller but then end up in wheelchairs, and a couple years ago i also saw a documentary of this super risky leg lengthening surgery that is only done by shady doctors in china
and now they shill it to young girls in the west…

was just about to mention how this is pretty unwoke of them to use this poor dude as human measuring tape
he probably doesn't mind tho, making 100s of 1000s off of these retards kek

No. 1275636

Right. It's hilarious there are numerous men who are short and never have the thoughts passing their head about how life would be so much easier if they were a woman.

No. 1275637

"Now how the hell do we get this surgery approved for Trans healthcare?" You don't, you sick fucking freaks. People die in the US from fucking diabetes which is easily treated but you want to focus on flesh tube dicks and leg lengthening surgeries? Just 41% already, it's quicker and less painful than this kinda medical malpractice.

No. 1275689

5'8.5" is literally only half an inch below the male US average. if it weren't for people falling for the 6" meme nobody would even think that's short

No. 1275762

why has nobody pointed out the massive dick outline wtf

No. 1275798

Imagine your tax dollars being used to fund stupid shit like this.

No. 1275835

these doctors are such shameless grifters, they should all lose their licenses and ideally be in jail.

No. 1275855

kek, will there be height reduction surgery for mtfs? i can't wait

No. 1275867

go to the tweet, there are already troons asking for it

No. 1275873

File: 1626164274744.jpg (119.13 KB, 640x740, tumblr_ee6438904034343161a39e7…)

This may have been posted in a fakeboi thread but I just found out that Alyssa Bustamante, the 15 year old who murdered a 9 year out girl in Missouri is now a fakeboi. There sure seems to be a correlation with fakebois and insane people.

No. 1275874

>Mom is a drug addict who had her at 15, dad serves time in prison
>Raised by her bible thumping grandparents
>Attempts suicide at 13
>On Prozac with a dose that was upped a few weeks before the murder
>Burn marks and over 300 self-inflicted cuts found on her body
>Her druggie mother says she hated her since her birth and called her a monster during her sentencing hearing
>Sent in the prison for the rest of her life
>Troons out
She never had a chance. However I need to doubt this, is she actually a tranny now or did she just get a short haircut?

No. 1275896

this surgery is called leg lengthening surgery and has existed for a long time.
The surgery is high-risk and can lead to becoming a cripple and gives permanent health side effects for the rest of the persons life.
Either way if fakebois want to do this surgery i say go ahead .

No. 1275899

Is this some sockpuppet account for plastic surgeons or something? There's no way you can get 6 inches out of leg lengthening surgery which can give you maybe 2 at best. It's such a high risk surgery that practically requires you to learn how to walk again and has a big possibility of causing permanent nerve damage. And here they are, pushing a cosmetic surgery worth $75k on naive troons who never bother to learn about the complications.

No. 1275902

apparently there is surgery for limb shortening.
The surgery is mostly used for correcting leg anomalys and not cosmetic unless troons start asking for this to be cosmetic.
its can also take up for 2 years for the legs to fully heal and until then people with that surgery arent allowed to do most exercises or sports until their legs heal but i dont think most ftm care about not exercising kek

No. 1275908

Some more details would be nice, I assume fakeboing in Prison when you are serving life has its advantages.

No. 1275930

Is she a fakeboi or just cut her hair and dress masculine? Unless she's saying she's a man/not woman she's not a fakeboi. I also think she'd ask to be called something else as Alyssa is very feminine and apparently someone got her name tattooed. lol

No. 1275997

File: 1626194318117.jpeg (301.01 KB, 1047x1034, 443F62F5-4668-4D01-A2A2-465243…)

some faggot i followed posted this and i cannot get over it. even gay men really do hate gnc girls i’m so tired of them never being an ally to us when women are the biggest supporters of them. no wonder why so many girls transition.(Not milk)

No. 1276004

ew why the fuck does he care? i bet he doesn't say the same for femboys

No. 1276010

Oh shit I never noticed that, that's totally an arm sausage in there. Tragic.

No. 1276047

thats a man anon. Its just that fakebois are replying to that photo saying they wish they could get the surgery for free.

No. 1276048

File: 1626201879700.jpg (Spoiler Image,387.38 KB, 1080x1127, 20210713_203151.jpg)

Pretty sure it's a just a regular male. I guess they stole his photo for the tweet because he was the most Ayden-looking guy on the surgeon's website but those are clearly male hands and feet. Spoilered bc irrelevant.

No. 1276049

honestly he wasnt that short, but i hope he atleast lets his future partners know about this.

No. 1276067

File: 1626204550976.jpeg (86.23 KB, 720x960, 214418815_134309695417703_5039…)

Why do trannies need to be told if something is/isn't for them? They know they have vaginas and get periods so why do they think this book magically wouldn't apply to them if it used ~gendered language~ ??

No. 1276082

They do know. But reminding them that they're women (or at least, that they have body parts associated with women) is triggering so we all must change the way we speak to make them feel better.

No. 1276084

All the 2021 articles I've found still refer to her as a woman, even as recent as June. Where did you find out she trooned out?

No. 1276153

The catering will never be enough for them ever, that’s what the author of this book learned. That’s why it’s better to be honest and say women and girls instead of some identity bs. Saying you’re nonbinary doesn’t change anything. Only women get menstrual cycles not men.

No. 1276162

Humans invent the most ridiculous shit..

No. 1276168

File: 1626215170832.jpg (38.73 KB, 800x533, CS2UXN6KXNECVF3CZHA5LT6ZVM.jpg)

this surgery was created in the 1950's to help people with dwarfism (like the girl pictured) and people with leg anomalys.
Some people use it for cosmetic purposes but the surgery does have medical value too.

No. 1276169

the world doesn't cater to you retard.

No. 1276177

File: 1626215792900.jpg (626.79 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20210713-173437_Twi…)

This account has to be a fucking larper or something jesus christ. I understand why T and boob removals are considered 'trans healthcare', but how the hell does height play into that? Not to mention how risky this shit is, just like every other thing they use and (mostly) disregard the horrendous side effects of. At least one person had some sort of sense.

No. 1276180

That's actually really nice to know it's not just cosmetic purposes, girl in pic looks very cute!
Make people insecure about an integral part of themselves, sell them a product they don't need, marketing 101

No. 1276323

Fakebois have gigantic egos for some reason, begs the question why they're watching CDawg if they hate fujos though since half his vids are for fujos.

No. 1276324

>I've seen an actual gay man complain about BL was when Julian from Oneyplays bitched about Dream Daddy. IIRC think his issue wasn't that it catered to women so much as it "sanitized" gay men
Ironically I think dream daddy was made more to appeal to TIFs, since you can play as a troon and the majority of the characters are pretty squeaky clean.

saged for off topic.

No. 1276337

DingDong was the one bitching about Dream Daddy, not Julian.
Ironic that the game grumps friendly uwu fanbase consisting mainly of TIFs outed DingDong as a gay to his whole family over this super inclusive gay tranny game.

No. 1276582

File: 1626289540251.jpeg (115.81 KB, 828x412, CC708722-F22F-4F2A-851F-2DFFAE…)

serving cringe

No. 1276583

File: 1626289614827.jpg (174.85 KB, 1310x1258, E6Re5x9WQAADliX.jpg)


the tweet linked shows a video of the incident. utter insanity

No. 1276601

>I'm not a fucking girl! Do I look like a fucking girl?!
I thought it wasn't about looks lol

No. 1276606

An "a disabled enby trans man" (lul) in my town created a GFM to raise money for her top surgery. In my state the average is $3,000-$7,000. She set the bar at $25,000, explaining the high cost was for "recovery and incidental cost" and went viral on some famous troon IG stories, met her goal and then some. This person has maybe 36Bs and is obese so she could have gotten away with the "moobs" excuse. After getting the money, she takes a year off work and does one of those euro-hopping trips, posing in front of the Eiffel tower in all their concave-chested pink mullet glory. God bless lmao

No. 1276624

Haha finessed. But seriously I thought you weren't supposed to get unnecessary surgeries if you're obese. There's a lot higher chance of complications.

No. 1276626

Troons always add at least 15k worth of "recovery/upkeep costs" to their surgery e-begging. The actual procedure might to for around 5 to 10k but the GFM goal is always set to 20+k with a small print saying that the remaining money will be spent on "paying for living expenses during my recovery". They're greedy consoomers first and foremost and the money goes into buying more crap they don't need.

No. 1276671

It's situations like these that make me think maybe we really do need a fujocide

No. 1276674

Imagine if it was a MTF transbian doing this at a lesbian bar and someone posting a video of it on twitter, it would be gone so fast before being ratio'd and people would be scrambling to make excuses for the tranny beating women up. Really hoping that this will give gay men a good shake to see what they're up for if they don't stand the fuck up and help women to combat this horror.

No. 1276681

he should have ripped their piercings out kek

No. 1276722

The utter delusion to
>be female
>be in gay club for males
>use male bathroom
>get offended when male tell you to fuck off
>go to Twitter to call him a faggot
(I doubt the rest of it happened, but that's still bad enough)

No. 1276723

Samefag, I'm wrong, she really did it (video at Tweet, can't upload here)

When your life goal is to have the shit beaten out of you by a drunk gay man, do this!

No. 1276727

File: 1626306713551.png (439.73 KB, 1440x1847, stupidity.png)

The friend in the comments:

They're really trying the same shit TIM's do, except this will go much worse for them since they lack the male strength to back up the unwarranted aggression and invading of other people's spaces. Do they really expect a gay club to be a welcoming space for women? This is not a fujo manga, this is real life and these are men looking to shag other men? They do not want you there? Go to a gay club with a lesbian section if you want inclusion.

No. 1276729

It’s nice to have some FTMs causing people to peak. I’m glad that dude is speaking up about it too.

No. 1276732

>Cis male gays take up too much space

In the…gay…club…designated for…them?

This is putting delusional women in danger who think male spaces are "for them" and doing shit like this
(I'm done samefagging now)

No. 1276895

File: 1626321318758.jpg (195.36 KB, 540x694, 20210714_235256.jpg)

I miss when awkward 16 year old weeb girls just rped gay sex over aim and said shit like smexy

No. 1276933

They do the same thing in lesbian or women-only spaces too. FTMs and enbys walkz in and demand that they cater to them now. I've seen groups forced to change their names because using the word 'woman' is too exclusionary, even though the space was originally made for women

Shockingly none of these genderspecials are willing to put in the work to create their own communities. So much easier to just make the world bend to you instead.

No. 1276950

File: 1626331551462.png (7.22 MB, 3264x2741, BeFunky-collage.png)

already on her fifth month on testosterone and she's been complaining of the acne she's getting.

No. 1276957


Someone's going to marry a tall chad and be confused why their kid is a manlet.

No. 1276967

File: 1626336429340.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.45 KB, 1510x2048, bleak.jpg)

Spoilered because chest I guess

No. 1276989

You know, my roommate once said “a chest with no nipples is just a back”. But he was wrong, it’s worse.

No. 1277006

I only feel bad for cancer patients who have had to make the difficult choice to do a double vasectomy , but these delusional bitches really out here chopping off their healthy body parts is so infuriating to me. They always look like blobs too.

No. 1277007

Imagine thinking you have any right to tell a gay male club to cater to trannies and women. This is WHY we need women and men only spaces. I dont know why these straight women want to be special so bad. Like you said, one day they're doing to have massive violence against them because no one wants straight people in a gay person's space. I wish women were stronger and more united to stop trannies from entering lesbian and women only spaces.

No. 1277036

>double vasectomy

No. 1277048

sorry anon i know you made a typo and it sucks for those cancer patients but the concept of a "double vasectomy" is fucking hilarious to me

No. 1277059

File: 1626358585051.png (8.9 MB, 1125x2436, EDD8667D-F455-4C1F-B7E6-431CBB…)

hmm, i wonder why this girl is so obsessed with "cancelling" trap bunnie bubbles for transphobia?

No. 1277061

File: 1626358634644.png (4.15 MB, 1125x2436, E02A1AB9-801C-45BA-BCF2-42508A…)

oh of course she's a fakeboi

No. 1277070

Bottom middle is particularly monstrous.

No. 1277090

Maybe now that males are being targeted people will care about homosexual man/woman only spaces. When it was only lesbian bars getting attacked no one cared

No. 1277092

File: 1626361141313.jpg (29.3 KB, 400x520, RhluGNY.jpg)

6 inches is difficult but still achievable, it'll probably fuck you up tho
picrel got 7 inches and looks weird

No. 1277104


Stilts would've been cheaper and less pathetic.

No. 1277113

Why do these fakeboi assholes think its okay for them to use slurs like faggot to people?? Is it okay for them because hurr durr im also a man so im also a faggot? Obviously theyre using the word to be hurtful towards gay men, I dont understand why they get a pass, Imagine if a normal woman used that word, the alphabet people would be all over her with the death threats

No. 1277130

>Go to a gay club with a lesbian section if you want inclusion
These girls don't like girls lol

Tbf most gay clubs allow women in, I'm not sure how they managed to find one that excluded them. Should've just gone on to the next one and not be an asshole.

No. 1277137

I mean look at them though. I couldn’t see any club with any type of image to uphold letting these crusty little demons inside. They look like they should be loitering outside a gas station somewhere pestering adults to buy them Arbor Mist.

No. 1277156

kek i talked about this back when i still used twitter and one mutual replied that someone got mad at her friend for saying it once even though - plot twist - her pussy-having friend was a transboi. that's when i knew i had to stop using twitter completely.

No. 1277178

>confronted with misogyny
>they’re trans “men”

No. 1277237

Troons hate the people they want to be, and fuck. Most obvious is the AGP misogyny of male troons but Aidens sure hate "cis faggots" as well.

No. 1277304


You're making the mistake of looking for any consistency and logic. I'm not joking, this is intentional on their part.

Misogyny and cis men taking up too much space in a gay club. It doesn't make sense even to them but that's the point.

No. 1277395

I wonder what will happen to these girls in the future. Will they come to their senses and detransition like other TIFs, or will we have an entire generation of obese, balding, friendless, near-middle age fakeboi Grindr ghouls on our hands in 15 years?

No. 1277541

File: 1626395918530.jpg (1.12 MB, 3000x3500, E6VCW0rWYAADdLw.jpg)

new emojis just dropped … with mpreg included

No. 1277548

File: 1626396836396.gif (411.53 KB, 220x220, no god please no.gif)

No. 1277595

I saw this on Instagram. Is this real? Dont the second and last two on the top row exist already

No. 1277612

Did anyone archive the video linked by >>1276583? OP locked her account so I can't see it anymore. Damn anons.

No. 1277615

No. 1277622

Thats hilarious. The wise thing to do would be to greenlight the gender-neutral looking one so anyone can use it but we all know nothing about this movement is very wise

No. 1277629

The way they claim they just want to be treated like regular everyday members of the opposite sex, but their deep hatred for actual members of the opposite sex spills out at every opportunity. Pure mental illness.

No. 1277677

These look like the type of joke emoticons you would find in a fetish Discord server.

No. 1277704

File: 1626420232273.png (646.34 KB, 734x469, fakeboi-top-surgery.png)

>i strongly desire to be feminine in the way men are, not feminine in the way women are, if that makes sense.
All. The. Fucking. Time.

No. 1277706

That makes about 0 sense

No. 1277710

>TIFs outed DingDong to his family
Uh… what? I never heard about this part. I thought DingDong was still mostly anonymous aside from his first name and weirdly specific trombone-vore fetish. How would TIFs have gotten in contact with his family? Sorry for spoon-feeding but this sounds like interesting milk.

Is this the real reason DingDong and Julian quit? If so, that's a shame. They were pretty funny, and I always liked how Chris and Julian played off of their opposite personalities.

No. 1277721

Of Course, Why are they so obsessed with Anglicized Jewish boy names

No. 1277734

ot but that lotus emoji is the perfect pussy emoji. a big win for us evil vagina fetishists.

No. 1277741


Just steal the money instead, Ezra.

No. 1277746

File: 1626430639878.png (5.3 KB, 311x431, letter variants.png)

The Unicode Consortium only specify the description of the emojis, not what each one should actually look like. Think of it like how there are alternate ways to write the letter "a" or "t" but they're still the same letter. The standard only says it should look like the letter "a" not whether you should give it a curly bit on top.

This how the "gun" emoji looks like a realistic handgun or a water pistol or a sci-fi raygun depending on exactly where you view it.

Maybe one day countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia will object to emojis like these and demand alternate implementations to sell stuff their country. I reckon enough markets are socially conservative enough that Apple and Google would do it.

No. 1277748

It "makes sense", but ftms often underestimate how masculine feminine guys look compared to ftms. I think it could be done if they were lucky enough to have narrow hips and wide shoulders, but it would be a difficult balancing act they're not capable of. Because usually you need to know the rules to break them and these types don't hang out with normal men. Reducing appearance to boobs/no boobs, clean face/beard, hair/no hair is too simplistic.

No. 1277754

She definitely picked 'Ezra' because of Ezra Miller.

No. 1277755

what's all this autism then?

No. 1277777

A lot of attractive feminine or meek guys usually tend to be skinny, good looking, clear skinned, slightly tall and generally had just the right amount of quirkiness, so they were purely fictional in a sense

No. 1277798

They also don't realize that they're chubby, moon-faced womanlets with mastectomy scars, not lanky, androgynous pretty boys. I wonder how they'll manage when the balding sets in kek

No. 1277799

I'm late, but I think this girl was sexually abused by a family member which definitely had something to do with the path she chose for herself. Unfortunately a lot of TIFs are on the spectrum, were abused and have severe trauma, have horrible body dysmorphia, or all of these. Transitioning fixes literally nothing. What a horrible situation.

No. 1277800

you know what, i hope she get's her funds and mutilates herself i won't have any sympathy when she realizes that larping as a twink anime boy isn't a good long run plan in life

No. 1277801

Homegirl that's not a pronoun that's a fart sound effect

No. 1277810

File: 1626441605610.png (95.45 KB, 500x377, 1517602822340.png)

No. 1277816

Sage for sperging, but these women literally chop their tits off because of 'gender dysphoria', then somehow not only are fine with being pregnant but are proud of it. Post their pictures all over social media, try to use their experience to prove to 'the haters', that men really can get pregnant. Try to change words such as breastfeeding to chestfeeding even though the former is pretty neutral to begin with. It just comes off as elaborate LARP, picking and choosing what to be offended by, and ignoring aspects of it where it doesn't seem to benefit them personally.

No. 1277819

Because being a girly girl is for yucky normies, of course. Being a feminine man are sooo groundbreaking and kewl.

No. 1277825

it's so sad that a lot of fakebois feel like this. that they need to be a man to do basic girl things like make-up and wearing dresses and skirts. and instead of fixing their own self-esteem, they ended up concluding that they're a troon instead.

No. 1277826

>no acne or pubestache
>clothes are clean
>100 lbs too thin
Not the most accurate portrayal of a TIFujoshi kek

No. 1277828

cringe. Basically the ''becoming the gf'' meme but fujo edition.

No. 1277831

>I wish I was a boy so I would look good in dresses and skirts
Pathetic. Just take a look at all the AGP trannies/femboys and tell me how "good" most men in a dress actually look…
These people don't want to be an actual man, they just want to be an anime boy. Go outside, for gods sake.

No. 1277832

The comments are full of kids flat out saying they wish they were a boy and want to transition so they could escape being treated differently as a girl. We are really failing zoomer girls right now, they need more female role models/fictional characters to show them that being a woman isn’t just about stereotypes.

No. 1277834

Kinda funny and kinda sad, see I have 3 younger brothers and so I know first hand what boys are like, and no boy acts like this, even the sensitive boys aren't this unbearably fucking girly
These girls don't wanna be real boys, they wanna be the idealized version of anime boys they are attracted too

No. 1277870

>i've watched enough Simon Curtis Super Psycho Love AMVs
Holy fuck lmao

No. 1277878

File: 1626449714693.png (2.48 MB, 1300x1358, jesuschrist.png)

I don't tend to post here but this whole thing has just made me so sad I feel like I HAVE to. She's not neccesarily a somebody on the internet for as far as I know, but definately acts like a huge fucking clown All The Time, and likely is trying to be a big part of the trooncommunity/get all the victim points in her home country.
But if this is not allowed, so be it/just delete it. But have this piss poor collage anyway.

Knew this kid back in the day via another friend of mine (who also later, unfortunately went completely off her rockers, just not in the troon way), just your tipical, cute girly girl.

Suddenly (*note: after her dad passed) labeled herself as 'trans' around 2016 ('oh no'), went on T right after, following her descend into looking like a complete fucking monster, still wearing the same feminine clothes, everything she posts is about troon-related nonsense or "femme anime bois uwu", she's losing big chunks of her hair quickly and is badly trying to hide it.

Her poor mom.

No. 1277975

why are trannies so lazy and work shy.

“uwu i can’t work while transitioning getting called miss triggers my disphowia”

sage for sperg. i’m just so tired of these lazy money grubbing cunts.

No. 1278013

cool story sis but the descriptions are "pregnant man" and "pregnant person" according to >>1277615 so …

No. 1278029

File: 1626461022864.png (825.26 KB, 1114x634, dorianelectra.png)

Dorian Electra has pushed the "I am a flamboyant gay man" schtick for years but is now "genderfluid" in an attempt to justify this aesthetic. A few months ago she did a music video dressed as a "basic Christian pumpkin spice latte girl" and passed it off as satire. Now the featured image on her google panel is her as a tradwife and she's posting this loli shit. The comments are full of "wow king you're so breedable and fertile."

No. 1278058

I've always thought she was a grifter. I think she's priming her audience for when she starts dressing and acting feminine full-time again. But its okay, because she'll still be a genderfluid man.

No. 1278095

You're not "supposed" to, but if you're paying through the nose for it then they'll accept your cash. Where I live it's socialised healthcare so if you have an elective (scheduled) surgery they can delay it for you to lose weight. This includes "gender affirming" surgeries which is why even though the NHS covers some of those they always make fundraisers because they don't want to have to lose weight to get their tits off.

No. 1278139

I hate that we've demonized pretty, feminine things so much in society now that young girls have to be "boys" to feel entitled to them. Look at half of these fakebois and they're just hyperfemme girls who don't want their "kweer" friends to hate them because they're girlie.

No. 1278200

she is a failed washed up nobody singer now going for the fakeboi stick to save her career. yawn

No. 1278275

all of these people are trust-funded transtrender grifters. can't wait for the trans trend to die in art and music. her song "daddy like" is so FUCKING cringe. it's too bad deli girls had to fucking troon out too.

No. 1278278

Terrifyingly accurate, looks just like the YoI fujo that trooned out at my Uni. They even took the first name of another popular omg teh yaois anime character.

No. 1278280

>"wow king you're so breedable and fertile."
God, that's so fucking creepy. Why do troons think this is an acceptable way to talk to someone?

No. 1278281

File: 1626471171196.jpg (67.06 KB, 1280x720, daddylike.jpg)

this bitch doesn't pass, she's not even gay

No. 1278283

Spot on

No. 1278284

File: 1626471328294.jpg (308.66 KB, 1078x1351, a4488339e307ab4e0a3b8f8cb4e7fa…)

picrel the queer women we want vs what we get

No. 1278288

Is dorian actually gay/bi or is she only attracted to men?

No. 1278292

what’s this about deli girls ?! worst news of the week, ouch

No. 1278297

a spicy straight and crypto libertarian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLiqWObu3sk

No. 1278310

Which country is she from? or area, if you don't want to be specific

She ironically looks more like a trans woman now.

No. 1278324


No. 1278351

Ugh literally transitioned into an MTF.
Kikomi-chan come to life.

No. 1278382

You’re so right anon. I wish girls realized the only options are not sexualize yourself or become a man.

No. 1278463

File: 1626486511602.jpg (168.38 KB, 540x621, 20210716_214614.jpg)

And of course her pinned tweet is ebegging to get her tits chopped off

No. 1278523

They don't even wanna be like those hyperfemme bimbos or anything, they just wanna be regular cute girls with a slight alt aesthetic, but that's considered boring and NLOG behavior

No. 1278783

File: 1626520721013.jpg (250.85 KB, 1080x1920, E6csn1NXEAEvM3x.jpg)

This is what the "man" who thinks JK Rowling should learn from the twitter mob and shut up looks like. Just like the statue of David.
What's up with all of them identifying as jewish?

No. 1278811

I just lost a friend who seemed to be a very proud butch lesbian to the troonism. I peaked only recently and thought this doesn't actually happen and it's just the terfism but nope, had to witness it with my own two eyes.

No. 1278819

>You have no fucking idea what you're up against

No. 1278827

>What's up with all of them identifying as jewish?
Due to centuries on inbreeding Ashkenazi Jews have a genetic propensity towards developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, which is one of the reasons why they're so wildly overrepresented in the troonosphere.(racebait)

No. 1278835

File: 1626528940696.jpg (389.24 KB, 1079x1169, Screenshot_20210701-123435_Chr…)

No. 1278856

I don’t think most of these fakebois are ethnically Jewish though? Most of them just take on Jewish-sounding names after they transition because larping as one uwu oppressed identity isn’t enough for them

No. 1278910

>>1277878 Don't know any exact whereabouts, but Spain.
>>1278310 You're both right yikes/uwu

No. 1278912

I’ve never heard an actual Jew say they “identify as” Jewish, these are LARPers.

No. 1278914

Based and truthpilled.

A lot of jewish people live in California and are in the film industry, porn or in journalism. The gender-bullshit runs rampant in those communities. I'm sure the fakeboys claiming jewish identity are not all really jewish but I wouldn't be surprised if a large majority of them was.

No. 1278975

It’s impressive how long this thread managed to avoid devolving into “muh ebbil jooz” /pol/tard sperging, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

No. 1278998

evil? no. typically liberal and therefor susceptible to this shit? absolutely. doubt you’re seeing many trans people in the orthodox communities.

No. 1279003

There are a surprisingly high amount of Orthodox troons, all men of course. Here's the most famous of them, "Abby" Stein, who is of course a husband and father who fetishiszes the misogyny of his community: https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-51928077

No. 1279016

Antisemitic and homophobic anons show up, get mad, get banned, and come back every week or two. Board culture is report and ignore.

No. 1279068

A lot of very online woke women in general convert to judaism for some reason (oppression points?). I've actually seen some otherwise-super-woke terfs do this too

No. 1279074

Yeah I get the impression that most woke kids and genderspecials that claim to be jewish are half-assed converts at best. It's another oppression point they can claim.

Legendary genderspecial fakeboi NPD trainwreck Becky Hernandez-Gerber has been LARPing as a jewish convert for years in between steak and lobster dinners at Disneyland.

No. 1279228

one of my closest friends just announced she's ftm. i am freaking out. idk what to do. i feel like i'm going to have a fucking mental breakdown. this came out of nowhere and i feel like i just lost my friend. i'm so scared idk what to do anons. i haven't said anything to her announcement yet (it was on twitter) and im terrified to talk to her

No. 1279231

jewish people on the internet are always loud about it so they can claim oppression on the level of black people while still having all their white privilege(stop derailing and racebaiting)

No. 1279263


I'm so sorry nonita, I know how you feel. Try not to feel obligated to validate her new identity, take a step back if you need to, figure out how you wanna proceed. It hurts losing a friend, especially to this shit. Sometimes people can be reasoned with, and I hope your friend isn't a complete tranny brainrot case. If not, keep in mind you're not alone in going through this, and it's okay to grieve. I'm hoping for the best for you and your friend.

No. 1279302

File: 1626578570911.jpg (49.93 KB, 540x960, 99ab6da47c07ecaacaf77379955c17…)

Found this. Pretty standard I suppose.

No. 1279307

I'd avoid saying anything on social media, don't want a bunch of brats getting you fired for being "transphobic". Personal I'd just avoid addressing the issue with the people involved but vent anonymously

No. 1279309

File: 1626578945191.jpeg (1.62 MB, 828x10504, BE98B159-6617-4863-8973-91BF06…)

if i didn’t know any better, i’d say that whoever edited the wiki did it to make the genderspecials peak faster. alas, it’s probably just your run-of-the-mill retardation. i wasn’t sure which thread to put this in, but i figure since no one is threatening to jam a cock down anyone’s throat, it goes with the uwu fakebois

No. 1279349

Lmao look at word salad of fuckery. A lesbian is and will always be a female homosexual and these homophobic TRAs can die mad about it. No amount of changing definitons can change what 99% of the world clearly understands. These wikis truly serve as conversion therapy tools and they need to be yeeted off the internet before they mess up impressionable girls.

No. 1279353

If you haven't cut her off you need to do so ASAP for your own mental health

No. 1279357

I am extremely online and still don't know what half of the """"lesbian""" terms they give in these articles are. Have they tried inventing new words for m-spec allosexuals instead of appropriating existing words? Every word doesn't need to apply to every possible, vaguely connected use.

Considering actual lesbians are often the most attacked gay group, usually called transphobes, genital fetishists, terfs, and so on and so forth, it gives a malicious edge to this attempt to co-opt the word.

No. 1279359

Samefag with a slight tangent on word appropriation, I've noticed heterosexual asexual/demisexual (where asexual is meant to mean little to no sexual interest, but is now used to refer to people who don't like hookups) genuinely believe their sexuality is "queer" and go around attacking anyone who says otherwise. Gayness is the new trend and non-gays insist on taking part while still being cis, hetero and decidedly not gay and not facing any of the social issues gay people face.

No. 1279362

(still samefag) they also tend to add elaborate disclaimers about how you can be gay and asexual (yes but you are claiming asexuality itself is gay) or you are questioning your gender therefore blah blah.

The world we live in where people find "lesbian" "queer" and "women" offensively exclusionary so therefore need to have multi-year campaigns to render the words meaningless and take away any spaces those groups have carved out for themselves

No. 1279368

File: 1626589587564.png (62.82 KB, 698x467, 87979.png)

All the replies to this post say something like "you're probably a trans man" or "if you feel this way, you're most likely not cis, have you tried HRT?" when OP's problem obviously is struggling with gender roles. It's so sad people like this go ask for help from brainwashed groomers.

No. 1279375

The way I see it Hyper-femininity is a lever which to push troubled women INTO transgendered nonsense. Hyper femininity takes a radical position of "Women are either radically, super feminine, completely pink dresses and super girly, or they are men", this all or nothing position creates an environment that tries to push people out of their proper place into bad places.

If I say "That guy over there is a bit feminine, but he is normal and moral person. That is OK, he is still a man and doing the right thing", or "That girl over there is a bit masculine, but she is a normal and moral person. That is OK, she is still a woman doing the right thing" I am creating a healthy tolerance of "Just because you aren't radically masculine as a man, or radically feminine as a woman, you are still a man, or a woman". This creates the sane rational path of "You are a man because of your genetics and chromosones, not by how hyper masculine you are" and "You are a woman because of your genetics and chromosones, not by hyper feminine you are".

No. 1279380

It's so fucking stupid to tell someone who doesn't like makeup and high heels that they must be male. And stupid she thinks she needs to present male simply due to her aesthetic tastes. Gender has never been so restrictive, I can't wait for the pushback on all this shit.

No. 1279470

I wish fakebois would start using gay male subreddits and other places en masse like TIMs do to lesbians. I'm just fucking tired, most lesbian spaces become unusable because soon enough there's more men than women in them

No. 1279474

i love how she said big balls lmao thats so fucking funny to me

No. 1279567

Oh, nonnie. I'm so sorry. I can empathize with the confusion and distress you're feeling, since I had one of my own friends come out as a gayden in '14.

My suggestion: try being there for her, but don't feel bad she makes your friendship impossible to maintain. For a lot of women/girls, trooning out is a way of coping with abuse or trying to escape misogyny, but they're still capable of being awful, insufferable life ruiners as seen by all the fakeboi threads. Maybe, when you feel comfortable, try asking her what spurred her to make this decision- you'll get a better sense of where she's coming from, and how you should address the issue on your end. But keep in mind that no matter what she's going through or has gone through, her choices are still her's and her's alone- you are not responsible for what she does to herself. Seeing my ex-friend fakeboi destroy her body with testosterone and ruin the lives of those around her hurt more than I can describe, but there was nothing I could say to get through to her.

Stay strong, nonnie. I wish you the best.

Sage for blogpost

No. 1280145

im so fucking pissed off that trenders invaded every fucking faucet of my life
im not a fan of feminism either; its conspiracy theory level bullshit that doesn't make sense unless you live somewhere where you have to wear a fucking bherka, but back on topic, it's like the retards who claim to have autism just because they don't like the texture of grass or some retarded faggotry, and these stupid cunts shouldn't have access to hrt. not only do they clog up the waitlist for people who actually have an exceedingly rare neurological condition, but they're also putting themselves in danger and when they regret that shit, because they're nondysphoric, they're either going to off themselves or become another obese radical; whether they become a radfem or a kaytlinn bennet-ass bitch is up to how much crack the universe was smoking at the time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1280153

are you a tranny? it’s not a “neurological condition” quit alogging and learn to spell

No. 1280156

>every faucet of my life
new copypasta kek

No. 1280161

okay yeah i misspelled a lot of shit in my tard rage, but im a biological male, and not mtf either; but there is some scientific backing for brain sex theory(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1280163

Men aren't welcome on this site

No. 1280169

Try learning how to spell before you start call people retards, just a tip

No. 1280170

Ok after reading your rant you're a trutrans male and you're in the wrong thread, enjoy your ban

No. 1280171

You will never be the gender you want to be.

No. 1280200

But you're all 'trenders' who end up alone with regret and disfigured bodies. You hate what reflects your true nature. The hypocrisies are more visible than ever. Detransitioners are finally being heard. Hopefully it makes all you faggots ~dysphoric~ to the point of an hero. Land the balloon and gtfo failed moid.

No. 1280201

begone, worthless scrote.

No. 1280247

>Biological male
>Cares about FtM tranny drama and not even MtF
>All lower case post
>Kaitlyn bennett-ass bitch

If you're actually male you're beyond retarded. Your parents miss you. Get out of your hovel and talk to them.

No. 1280271

She wishes she were a scrote kek

I thot trucum pooners were extinct kek

No. 1280388

Roughly what percentage of FTMs are autistic compared to MTFs?

No. 1280620

File: 1626750024866.jpeg (161 KB, 1125x493, C1C99194-81B6-4873-BD99-E8B38E…)

> oh my god she admit it!

No. 1280846

File: 1626793524491.png (598.56 KB, 491x763, kalvinaa.png)

kalvin's been talking about detransing/dressing more feminine a lot recently and posted this https://www.tiktok.com/@kalvingarrah/video/6985570618565496070?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

No. 1280856

It'd be hilarious if he detransed

No. 1280861

She looks cute. It'd be funny if she did and made all the genderspecial Ayyydens seethe.

No. 1280880

Kill yourself scrote, nobody cares about your tard take

Please let her detrans, the milk and tranny butthurt would be absolutely glorious.

No. 1280964

File: 1626803123417.jpeg (320.64 KB, 929x1668, B6BB49B3-8C44-4F46-B7AA-A43121…)

>long hair
>feminine clothing
>”I’m making it clear I’m not female!”

I’d love to see how trannies react since they either loved or hated her for being tru-trans or whatever. I’d be happy for her, she looks cute here too.

No. 1280973

Has she dropped the trutrans stuff by now or not? She seems to have quit youtube at least

No. 1280984

Idk if she dropped it but the community def still hates her for it. I didn’t know she quit youtube, I’m assuming because of trutrans drama?

No. 1281001

She started getting called out by trannies and some people who she made fun of and she said it wasn't because of that but I suspect that that is the very reason.

No. 1281101

I thought clothes ≠ gender? This shit really makes no sense

No. 1281429

I guess dangerhair is a nonbinary marker.

No. 1281647

Also known as genderhair.

No. 1282281

maybe its just me but is anyone noticing a trend of fakebois lying about being biological men and going around and harassing random women/girls on the internet and being uber-sexist (because apparently they think that makes them a man)

No. 1282295

Man what the fuck is this

No. 1282318

It’s so frustrating after women had to fight to be able to wear whatever. They’re just making it worse for all of us and now kids think showing an ounce of femininity makes you a woman instead of you know, having the biological reality that all women share. Doesn’t matter what you wear, still gonna be treated like shit. Can’t opt out of misogyny and all that.

I have seen it before, unfortunately it’s not just you. Idk how fucked up a girl has to be to do that.

No. 1282438

I hope she does because she looks great

No. 1282549

File: 1626991965696.jpg (462.93 KB, 1080x1068, ZnbkrmeY4fo.jpg)

Lesbian (kind of) to gay ftm. Noticed this repeating pattern and researched it deeply. It's defenetly has to do with concept of “the gaze”. Desire/being desired.
Let's discuss it.(newfag)

No. 1282556

Its not 'kind of', youre just a lesbian

No. 1282561

With internalized misogyny ('women who look like x or do man-things like loving women are no women') and sexism ('manhood is a thing I can put on and womanhood is a thing I can opt out').

No. 1282572

File: 1626996102438.jpeg (15.87 KB, 592x141, FB1B9F4C-6106-49EE-8B77-698D4E…)

Don’t post your email.

No. 1282593

File: 1626999260163.jpeg (264.05 KB, 828x1473, FB618722-0A97-49B7-A470-850675…)

I’ve read pic related three times now and it still doesn’t make sense

No. 1282598

The ultimate proof of their cope being nlog. If they don’t want to be men then wtf do they want? Do have interests and not be sexualized? Yeah honey you and every woman on earth.

No. 1282636

I love how words don't mean anything anymore

No. 1282647

I thought it was transphobic to say transmen expeience misogyny? Did they change their minds?

No. 1282651

>as you try to step out of the bounds of "woman" and get violently pushed back

"whoops identifying as trans didn't make me exempt from misogyny and that was my reason to transition and it didn't work"

just an aiden high on copium

No. 1282688

I'm mostly reading that a big part of being trans is that they WANT to be oppressed and they want to hold onto those extra oppression points at all costs. They like being a marginalized group because it gives them more power and credibility within their circles.

No. 1282734

If trans men experience misogyny then why cant people admit trans women experience male privilege?

No. 1282757

no benefits, only oppression
that is how these things work for them

No. 1282781

But then you have people like Chimamanda Adiche getting called violent transmisogynists for saying “trans women are trans women.”
So which is it? Are we transphobic for acknowledging the difference between trans and cis, or are we transphobic for saying they’re the same/comparable?

No. 1282782


>within their circles

Keep up, anon. The oppression clout works in the wider society now. And no, you're not imagining it - this is exactly what their philosophy openly calls for.

No. 1282859


Yeah trying to invade male spaces seems to result in some self awareness of being not a man which MtFs lack since their pushback is naturally cloaked in female socialization and deescalation. A man will just punch you and tell you to gtfo. Kinda removes the ambiguous aspect MtFs thrive on.

No. 1282973

Do gay men usually refer to themselves as twinks or is it mostly only pooners who do this

No. 1283014

File: 1627066830947.gif (837.12 KB, 430x258, giphy (2).gif)

Please don't use the phrase 'tiddies' ever again anon. Makes me think you are a scrote. No actual woman uses that phrase.

No. 1283024

Just pooner thing

No. 1283049

"twink", from 'twinkie', is basically derogatory and always has been. (there is a grindr category for twink, but in that case its only being used to describe a certain type of body.) its also obviously a racial term, so its pretty funny to see white tifs parade it around like a legitimate identity label.
theres a profound lack of understanding of gay male culture, both historical and contemporary, from tifs. they will go onto grindr and then complain about ppl being too sexually aggressive. theyre also responsible for lots of the grindr profiles that are like "im NOT here to hook up, just looking for friends!" they treat it like tinder or okcupid lmao. obviously they only get attention from bi/str8 men.
i think a lot of it has to do w/ the fact that these girls' first exposure to kweer culture is tumblr lesbian sapphic adventure time stuff. they see "wlw", they see the aesthetic blogs, they see the shipping fandom drama, and they try to reverse-engineer what they believe to be gay culture from lesbian teen culture. so they think 'twink' is just like butch or femme.

No. 1283083

''twink'' literally just means young feminine gay man.
Thats it. I cant believe some anons are that dense here.

No. 1283086

Wtf are you guys on about. Gay dudes call themselves twinks all the time it was never a slur or whatever. If anything it’s a complement because it means your young skinny and a attractive. It‘s always been short hand for a body type not just on grindr lmao. It does have racial whites only connotations but even tho aren’t super strong.

No. 1283090

lol exactly

No. 1283093

I totally agree.

The only racial connotation for twinkie is people who are "yellow on the outside and white on the inside." AKA Asians who are culturally white/whitewashed. Never heard of any racial connotation besides that.

No. 1283096

twink can mean teen white into no kink but again unless your into gay porn or a gay dude trying to navigate Grindr the racial aspect isn’t gonna come up. To everyone else it means attractive skinny young boyish gay dude without the race baggage.

No. 1283119

File: 1627082527831.jpg (222.88 KB, 2048x1369, 15259301_2172355336323802_3521…)

Surpised no one has called Snowbunnyem / Matty em out for being trans yet.
>no shirtless pictures, only from the collarbone and up
> Super short guy
> Small hands
> "Femboy" look
> Makes sure to tag "boi" in every tag on insta

He gets mad when people call him they/them, yet has never been honest about being trans. Now he's selling nfsw pictures ofc with no nipples/dicc, claiming to be a cis guy and keeps talking about his boner on his socialmedias…
Pretty sure he is on T now since he has some pubes on his chin recently
It's just so typical that hes gaining followers and money from girls thinking hes this cis "irl life" anime guy

No. 1283144

his/her hips look normal for a guy but also this person shoops so hard in every photo that i really do not know how anybody would be able to determine, well, anything about their real features, let alone their genitals.

No. 1283153

File: 1627086754065.jpg (100.27 KB, 540x808, 215067709_261530842001946_5198…)


Considering his/her previous insta name before Snowbunnyem was Snowbunnyemi

No. 1283154

File: 1627086902958.jpg (37 KB, 367x700, 217520015_1674420172756479_680…)

It's a bit obvious tbh

No. 1283268

File: 1627109717974.png (55.2 KB, 588x564, 65464564.png)

Saw a similar take. This is about the recent Activision Blizzard lawsuits. It's obvious it's all men who do the harassment but yet another fakeboi needs to make it all about her.

No. 1283286

This 100% holy shit

No. 1283287

>not at all to make all this suffering about me

>makes it all about them

No. 1283293

File: 1627117944735.jpeg (345.26 KB, 1051x1894, 9C9C69F6-D242-4498-AC78-8780D4…)

In contrast, a male twans blizzard employee tries to spin a different narrative

No. 1283294

>be retarded pooner in bad workplace
>"h-he/him please"
>coworkers begrudgingly use your pronouns
>still get treated like shit because you're a woman so it didn't even matter
>get twiggered
>get on twitter and cry all day with fellow ftms that pooners experience misogyny too but they're still men
Also god, this pooner's account is a mess. There's even a gofundme for a service dog for the gay trans disabled king. So basically a lot of begging, shilling commissions up and down because she's duhsabled.

No. 1283308

there has been such an uptick in fakeboi pregnancies lately, i don't understand how test won't fuck up the baby

No. 1283309

they have to come off T during pregnancy

No. 1283313

That baby looks fucked up to me

No. 1283314

my bad i just watched the video, if they didn't realise she was pregnant and was still taking T that sounds scary. i wonder what that'll do to the baby.

No. 1283323

If the t dose was low enough in the beginning for her to get pregnant, it wouldn't have been enough to impact the developing fetus. Hormones are all over the place during a pregnancy, so I imagine the brunt of it would have affected the mother. Let's hope the child grows up with a proper support network.

No. 1283333

>grouping us with cis men is bad
>if you don't it's still bad tho

No. 1283357

This picture alone proves that this twaw and tmam slogan is a lie. This micro aggression she’s putting on women is so disturbing and disgusting. Imagine having so much internalized misogyny that you want to be grouped in with peverted sexually abusive scrotes just because they’re men. And let’s face it even if women considered ftms evil like men are, they would cry transphobia any fucking way.
With TRAs it’s either damned if you do or damned if you don’t. Might as well don’t because you only have one life and these TRAs are wasting theirs trying to control your mind when they clearly lost control of theirs.

No. 1283361

what the fuck do these people want like seriously…
Saying that we shouldn't treat them like ''cis'' men but then in the same sentence telling us to treat them like cis men.

Also interesting how they never make posts about how men should act around them its always ''Woman do this or else, woman do this or threat''

No. 1283365


It's them getting dangerously close to accepting the base objectively reality most people live in. They're right, trans men aren't disgusting scrotes because they have female brain anatomy and grew up with it bathed in a female hormone profile.

No. 1283378

>we’ve experienced misogyny all our lives
Are they ready to admit TIMs experience male privileged then?

No. 1283407

Rory, I assure you. No one is even thinking about you with regards to this or even in general. You’re just a sad lost woman. It’s also really fucked to make this about yourself instead of the actual fucking victims in the matter.

No. 1283427

has Terje (who allegedly created the femboy thread here) been posted about yet?

No. 1283449

Was she The pregnant /lgbt/ ftm?

No. 1283450

idk who she is i only saw that someone posted that she's from /lgbt/ and made the femboy thread

No. 1283452

>my given name, wearing skirts and the color pink will make me want to kill myself because I'm a twoo and honest man
>gets knocked up
Troon logic never ceases to crack me up.
Testosterone might have lingering effects on the body that can affect fetal health. The famously doped up East German female athletes were all off testosterone for years by the time they had children, and their kids suffered from mental and physical disabilities at a much higher rate than average. TIFs are at least not on the same kinds of roids that those women were on, but there's always the possibility that their own grug regimen can cause the same or similar effects. Sadly, we probably won't know until decades from now.

No. 1283453

The comments are surprisingly decent but maybe it’s because TRAs haven’t found it yet. I hope the child comes out ok.

No. 1283456

I assume they just want women to stop talking about harassment they face because it makes pooners uncomfortable. The Blizzard lawsuits literally stated "males" doing the harassment so obviously people are going to talk about men taking responsibility.

No. 1283551

It's this. She's trying to distract anyone actually paying attention using oppression points, but the solution she (and other TIFs) would propose for this "problem" is for women to just not talk about how dangerous men are, or how evil they can be. That's why this >>1283378 wouldn't work. She's saying she experiences misogyny "as a man", so we can't say men, as a group, are misogynistic, because it "hurts some *~vulnerable~* men". The women hurt by misogynistic men, in a misogynistic society, are just an afterthought, at best.

No. 1283614

what a fucking retard jesus christ

No. 1283877

File: 1627203053244.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1608, 83793EC3-1527-4411-A3FC-AEFF7E…)


No. 1283879

Just imagine the amount of regret in the future…

No. 1283930

this has to count as selfharm, right? like branding your body like that just because you hate being female so much. i don't see the difference between such a tat and cutting yourself or starving yourself to get rid of your breasts.

No. 1283933

Sorry if this has been pointed out before but it's funny that the female socialization in aidens results in this being a full 10 threads behind the MTF one

No. 1283974

Not even an easy coverup either

No. 1283989

And a cashier will still call her ma’am kek

No. 1283994

Have there ever been any TIF retail meltdowns like the GameStop IT'S MA'AM troon or the more recent one in Arizona?

No. 1284028

They tend shut it and end up complaining in their insta stories

No. 1284079


Maybe in a few years when she grows out of her genderspecial phase she can get the tattoo modified to say something like "Fuck them kids" or "anaTHEMa".

No. 1284098

The closest I’ve seen to a Ma’am-style freakout were those girls in the gay club, but generally TIFs stay quiet in the moment and whine on social media later like anon said. Seems like women just aren’t as confrontational and aggressive as men even when taking exogenous testosterone.

No. 1284117

File: 1627239464516.jpeg (290.78 KB, 750x1334, 6931BABB-8CDD-42C6-B12B-725D73…)

the bottom post popped up on my fb so i did some digging. apparently the op is the mom to a 17 year old “ftm” who had too surgery done at 16.

the poor kid got staph infection from the botched top surgery and had to go to the hospital numerous times afterwards to get the infection healed up.

the bottom screenshot shows a picture of their child shirtless (WHO IS A MINOR) showing off how brave they are with really nasty looking scars… comments were all praising the poor kid. i’m repulsed.

No. 1284135

That would be the funniest shit ever AND it would be great for her as a woman.

No. 1284140

Allowing your minor child to get disfiguring plastic surgery like this should come with a prison sentence.

No. 1284191


Judging from her excited reporting I suspect Munchausen's by proxy.

No. 1284214

File: 1627249371370.webm (4.25 MB, 720x1280, cringe.webm)

i spent a few minutes trying to caption this with something but i truly can't articulate how absurd this looks.

No. 1284221

"I wish I were a lanky 125lb boy with fluffy hair!"
"But not like the 125lb boy I watched get his ass beat on the regular in HS I mean qt anime boy with tons of simps!"

No. 1284274

The only hormone exposure that shapes who you are occurs in utero and during puberty.

It's obviously evident in case with troons and they begrudgingly agree with it when they whine for puberty blockers, but actually taking it to heart would also require them to admit that le period hormone personality changes aren't real, and that's a cope hill most moids will die on.

No. 1284360

File: 1627264814100.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1125x2199, 06C5AB48-A530-49DB-9502-8666A4…)

Help I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of these and I can’t get up

No. 1284472

>5minutes later..
Tattooist: Anything else you need ma'am?

No. 1284476

No. 1284535

Funny that you would mention this, since the GD Alliance featuring Buck Angel and other FTMs are calling out privileged male AGPs for fucking with the whole transgender issue. Naturally said AGPs are trying to spin it around as "white male boomers and fuckboys being clueless and transmisogynistic" as they would. So yeah every time a FTM stands up and calls male troons out for what they are she is told to shut her "male privilege" up and bombarded with insults and ostracization from the tranny cult.

No. 1284664

I assume you were talking about this https://www.gdalliancecanada.com/post/trans-men-fight-back that was posted in another thread. I agree with everything they said but honestly from a PR point of view this statement is a disaster. They shot right out of the gate with "AGP males controlling trans healthcare and media" and shoving trans-humanism in there too? Total wreck. No sources, no testimonials, no examples of what they're talking about. For a statement this bold you have to write it carefully, consider and prove every point you make before building your argument further. JKR did that masterfully btw.
Like I said I agree with their stance but they sound like lunatics to the average TRA-sympathetic normie. Whoever advised this needs to be fired because they've just destroyed what could have been a trending story that peaked a lot of people.

No. 1284816

God I am so fucking over this clothes/hair = gender mindset these dumbasses have regressed to. I wear a skirt, which is for girls, so you may think I am a girl, yet I have SHORT HAIR, which is for boys, therefore I am not a girl! So progressive yass slay etc.

No. 1284897


That just sounds like a scottish man

No. 1284900

the way she's trying to act/look at the camera like a kpop boyband member makes me physically cringe. absolutely revolting.

No. 1285014

Agreed, unfortunately. You've gotta court the normies to make them care and not immediately write you off as some alex jones, they're turning the frogs gay type. These people are still thinking that TIM's are just special female-minded wombyn spirits trapped in the wrong body, they're not gonna understand the leap to "rich white males control healthcare and media - even when they call themselves female" when they're still trapped in that mindset, and they're really not gonna understand fucking transhumanism. Just a fucking mess. This is what happens when competent gc journalists are constantly being run off from their jobs.

No. 1285076

File: 1627352091676.jpeg (400.35 KB, 828x1044, 696C6F83-E257-483F-92EA-62D426…)

what're all your thoughts on the recent trend of gaydens taking up radfem talking points? it's a little funny to me that they're parroting blanchard's typology, claiming to be somehow better than agp males even though blanchard would write them off as autohomoerotic fetishists as well.

No. 1285077

I thought Newgent was lesbian? Or am I getting her confused with a similar TIF radfem-orbiter

No. 1285090

File: 1627353269816.png (39.86 KB, 1029x223, tyler jace vine.png)

does anybody know what happened to this person? her videos were cited in Abigail Shrier's Irreversible Damage and i looked on youtube and twitter but everything is scrubbed. deleted the post bc i forgot to sage

No. 1285093

She is. She grew up in a religious home and allegedly her wife is a straight woman. So according to blanchard's typology Newgent would be a classic HSTS.
I get "not like other trans" vibes from Newgent and she blames the medical industry for her health problems, but from what I've seen she's especially dedicated to keeping children from transing out, probably because of her own kids. I can respect that, to be honest.

No. 1285113

I love watching trannies fight amongst themselves. And of course it always ends up being TIFs begging the TIMs to have just a little bit of respect and empathy, and to please chill just a bit with the rape and death threats and blatant fetishism, and TIMs responding by telling the TIFs they should shut up and that their male privilege is showing.

No. 1285170

I don't think this is a recent trend, back in time before trenders became a thing all FTMs were like this. Scott Newgent, Buck Angel etc. are all old school trannies who identify as transsexuals who are biologically female rather than "transgdenders".

The first pooner I met was somewhere in mid/late 2000s and he seethed about fujoshis who think they are men because they read yaoi but aren't trying to be masculine enough, now that would probably be seen as transphobic among trannies.

No. 1285217

File: 1627376760832.jpg (540.45 KB, 1466x2840, Lifechanging.jpg)

she certainly has thoroughly scrubbed herself from the internet. her main username seems to have been tyince and while her own posts are all completely gone you can still find some remnants of her tumblr blogs in other people's reblogs. these quotes in particular stood out to me as sad in hindsight. I also included the only photo of her post-phalloplasty I could dig up. those are some regretful eyes.
This reddit thread quotes her detransition video and seems to be the only remaining quote of her own words:

No. 1285221

Found this

No. 1285225

File: 1627378878986.jpeg (387.89 KB, 1242x982, 5C3E17ED-B82B-480A-BC98-8FEFC7…)

From “I shouldn’t have transitioned”

No. 1285260

>life changing surgery
These stupid bitches have no idea what life changing surgery really is

No. 1285283

File: 1627390694948.png (51.36 KB, 682x301, Untitled.png)

things like this is why i will never hate ftms in the way i hate mtfs. ftms are hurt women who have suffered abuse and trauma. they are coping as a response. meanwhile mtfs are just moids with a fetish. i don't doubt the existence of fakebois who are only conveniently gay men to fetishize, but women who transition are fundamentally broken and i feel for them.

No. 1285335

idk anonchan, permanently mangling your genitals and breasts seems like something that could change someones life.

No. 1285340


I think gay men can handle being fetishized by some ftms. They certainly handled those 2 that showed up to that club recently.

No. 1285465

I know people will rush to bring up the Aidens who want gay men to fuck them but those are so goddamn rare, and the ones who actually threaten gay men and physically enter their spaces are even rarer. They're more of an anomaly compared to all the male AGP Lilies and Stephanies who invade every female space they could possibly find. FTMs, having been socialized as women, are too scared of men to feel comfortable staying amidst them for longer times than necessary. Even if they did try to do what AGPs do to lesbians to gay men they would be shot down so fast and nobody, including other troons, would never cape for them the way everyone bends over to defend MTFs.

No. 1285513

its lainey

No. 1285737

True I find FTMs "sad cringe" at worse , pathetically funny at best

No. 1286024

File: 1627489249289.png (494.8 KB, 1125x1724, pooner with rage.png)

Twitter pooners are melting down over Lil Nas X, a gay man, saying he likes dick kek

No. 1286028

same. plus the female socialization tends to make them less pushy. i mean, just look at this thread. it's like 10 threads beyond the other one simply because scrote behaviour transcends modern gender labels

No. 1286029

why does everything have to be about "trans" with these people? they will see a black man being openly gay in mainstream entertainment, which is pretty huge, and then start boohooing because he didn't specify he would also accept an atrophied pooner and swollen clit. it's so fucking self-centered and fishing for ass pats.

No. 1286050

What the fuck kind of scrote lingo is a "pooner" and why some anon is repeating it in every post?

No. 1286064

Also wondering wtf pooner is.
Aside from the usual troon "what about me" homophobia -
The question is why does she think children should be reading NSFW tweets about dicks and sexuality.

No. 1286073

a portmanteau of poon and boner, which some anon has been trying to make stick so badly that they named the thread for it

No. 1286102

>trans men/children

What did she mean by this?

No. 1286103

File: 1627495544305.png (9.08 KB, 210x240, pooner.png)

it's from /tttt. I'm pretty sure it's the same schizoid that makes those PT/contrapoints drawings

No. 1286112

That's beyond autistic, who the hell even uses the word "poon"? Even disregarding that "poon boner" doesn't make any sense as a term. Not like other aidens /tttt/ refugees are something else.

No. 1286120

I always thought it was a portmanteau of poon and coomer.
Autistic, but actually a pretty realistic depiction of TIFs kek

No. 1286170

This sucks. Even kokomi in the mtf thread is better than this and that shits annoying as hell.

No. 1286280

Have the angry pooners arrived?

No. 1286370

>gay dude saying he likes dick is harmful to trans children
>to trans children


No. 1286381

No. 1286438

File: 1627528878063.jpeg (401.94 KB, 1936x1452, CCBA2C8D-5575-4F2D-B415-D7B2FE…)

But transing is definitely not a trend. Bleak.

Also lol at the username. You sure cured your boring uncool heterosexuality by larping as gay men, well done.

No. 1286442

christ, those scars are bad

No. 1286452

Not Like Other Pooners

No. 1286454

did anyone else watch the women's skateboarding and see one of the usa members who was a they/them? and being absolutely dogshit at the sport?

No. 1286455

>fashion mastectomies make you look cool!
they're (unintentionally, but that doesnt matter) catering so much to kids/teens it's so bleak. Also lol at the woman on the right wearing a shirt with what looks like a male chest.

No but i am very interested

No. 1286456

File: 1627531983838.jpeg (344.29 KB, 1179x1617, 7703CA2B-0973-4946-AF35-7F730A…)

This just sounds like a personal problem.

No. 1286469

File: 1627533588538.png (334.4 KB, 748x516, Untitled.png)

looks like the t-shirt design from the TIF drag queen Gottmik

No. 1286476

Imagine getting your healthy breasts cut off as a fashion statement. These women won't look back on this time in their lives fondly.

No. 1286495

>join the mutilation cult and you too can be cool and interesting
>9.7K+ likes

I wonder what will happen to these girls once being a fakeboi stops being cool. Personally, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I had convinced other women and girls to get unnecessary surgeries.

No. 1286498

Right because they will probably be dead

No. 1286566

I wonder how many TIFs just hate their breasts and would benefit from a cosmetic surgery more than just straight up removal, but can't do that because that's conforming under patriarchy and too "feminine" so they go to an extreme

No. 1286579

I've considered it because of this, and I've never been under any delusions of maleness. That was before I knew how invasive it was and how fucked the results can be

I saw a woman on tinder ages ago who'd had mastectomy for aesthetic reasons, to become a more androgynous female, according to her bio. Ngl it worked for her. But considering the number of other ridiculous and harmful things we delude ourselves into thinking is 'our empowering girly choice!!', it was hard to look at without seeing the internalised misogyny.

No. 1286595

No, it's an old design (showing female breasts) that was big in punk circles in the 70s/80s, classically worn by one of the Sex Pistols guys and I think Siouxsie Sioux? Was famously appropriated by Vivienne Westwood. Millions of knockoffs since.
She's definitely wearing it as some sort of ironic ~queer~ androgynous punx uwu statement, but it comes off as rather distasteful imo. sage for fasion spergery

No. 1286643

File: 1627565663677.jpg (130.11 KB, 1500x1000, Untitled-design-62.jpg)

Alana Smith who represented the USA got dead last during the event. Kept doing only ollies, one of the easiest tricks, and couldn't even land them. The podium was won by two 13 year olds and a 16 year old.
Most commentators ignored her pointing at her pronouns on her board whenever the camera was focusing on Alana and kept using she/her the whole event.

No. 1286644

KEK what a fucking disgrace. At least Leo Baker is halfway decent. Has she started sperging about commentators and pronouns yet?

No. 1286651

Choosing to be a themlet only for people to just say "goddamn, they sucked" about you, lol.

No. 1286655

How did she qualitfy…

No. 1286669

Used to be good from the sounds of her wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alana_Smith_(skateboarder)
Also found this quote from her:
>"My goal coming into this was to be happy and be a visual representation for humans like me. For the first time in my entire life, I'm proud of the person I've worked to become. I chose my happiness over medaling. Out of everything I've done, I wanted to walk out of this knowing I UNAPOLOGETICALLY was myself and was genuinely smiling. The feeling in my heart says I did that."
What a dumb thing to say. In any sport you need to acknowledge when you've done a shit job if you want to get better. There's no shame in sucking but you need to own it. She apparently "discovered" her gender feelies during the pandemic though so it looks likes she's been focusing too much on that instead of fucking practicing.

No. 1286670

The "tits" t-shirt was designed by VW, she didn't appropriate it.

No. 1286671

It’s so confusing, nobody knows lol. Literally they could’ve chosen any girl from a west coast skatepark who would’ve better represented the US. She just looked so out of place and old next to those young athletes.

No. 1286673

that's a really short bio for someone that's supposed to be good lol.

honestly, before reading the wiki, i thought she got inspired by the anime, sk8 and somehow managed to find someone in the olympics committee to help her be the representative for the us in skateboarding.

No. 1286676

AYRT, I was tempted to edit the wiki to "peaked at 12". It's already protected due to vandalism though kek.

No. 1286681

i did and as an ESL-chan it was absolutely annoying hearing the handmaiden narrator try to accommodate her stupid pronouns even though that's undoable in my language. the male narrator didn't give a shit tho.
i actually get pissed at anglophone trannies trying to impose this shit on the rest of the world. i refuse to change my language to cater to these retards

No. 1286684

Lol VW designed the sex pistols’ whole aesthetic and styled them she didnt appropriate nothing but basically came up with the whole look with their manager

No. 1286690

Stop fucking sperging about muh fahshun. zoom in and see that it's clearly the Got Milk's t-shirt like >>1286469 said.

No. 1286697

There's something extra insulting about pronoun sperging in a WOMEN'S SPORTING EVENT.
They/them pronouns are always insulting because it implies everyone who talks about you is using "she" as shorthand for "I secretly think you're a weak pathetic stupid ladygirl" and you can somehow Uno-reverse them out of that sexist outlook by telling them to use a different pronoun. Which implies normal women are opting into that sexist (ahem, gender-conforming) experience.
The joy of sport is we compete with our BODIES, not our identities. But she really had to spend her precious mental and emotional energy on an international stage to remind everyone she's not like the other girls, she's not a girl at all, she's so much better than that unfashionable label. Fuck the women and girls around her for opting into oppression, am I right ladies?

No wonder she came last, at Olympic level you can't be preoccupied with your fucking personal brand in the middle of the event.

No. 1286703

it seems like aydens are trying to cancel lil nas on twitter, alot of tweets calling him out just because saying that he likes dick

No. 1286713

File: 1627574232207.jpeg (1 MB, 923x1479, ECF6E913-C9CF-4DBF-8F39-7972D7…)

has anyone been keeping up with the biden drama in ftmg?
> 17 year old “ftfemboy” bragging about getting spitroasted by her 25 and 36 year old coworkers
> janitors will not consistently ban her despite her being underage
> constantly bragging about her DDD breasts and posting traced outlines of how curvy and feminine her body is

It would be funny if literally every ayden wasn’t like this pre-transition

No. 1286721

It's funny because I've seen a lot of Aidens call their swollen clit a dick and post about how a clit is totes just an undeveloped dick anyway so getting assmad at the mention of dick is hypocritical as by their logic they have a dick. Same with MTFs, like hang on now he didn't say ladydick so what's the problem, ladies? kek.

Jfc, these girls are gonna get murdered by picking the wrong scrote for validation sex. I wish they'd at least understand that emulating gay mens casual approach to sex is much more dangerous as a female.

No. 1286724

File: 1627575356135.jpeg (31.53 KB, 650x366, 2CD9DC67-4911-497B-9FD1-D3D57C…)


No. 1286732

File: 1627575929998.jpeg (868.8 KB, 1125x1494, 36FDC613-617F-4EDA-B125-3C8272…)

it’s genuinely depressing to see teenage girls delude themselves to this level. i don’t understand hypersexuality as a cope when it literally is so dangerous and sets you up to be in a position of submission from the get go… any scrote can do whatever they want to you once they have you there, without your permission. the worst part is they think they’re fine since they’re “one of the boys” as if the men they’re having PIV with consider them that

No. 1286746

Imagine showing these screenshots to someone from 2005, I wonder how confused they'd be
>Did these people have cancer
>Oh um ok
>Yeah also they're "male" and go by he/him
>Look like butch lesbians to me
>In 2021 you can't be a lesbian and still have your tits, sorry. Only sexworkers are allowed tits
>Sorry what -

No. 1286765

Something about this just really screams groomed.

No. 1286786

The 2005 person would also wonder wtf a "sexworker" was.

No. 1286790


Social media was a mistake.

No. 1286810

Like all of them.

Titties are super demonized in media and woke circles, although in the former is prudishness/mainstream beauty ideals and in the latter circles it's internalized misogyny + although beauty ideals which means mainstream beauty ideals plus tattoos. By demonized I mean not having perfect perky boobs you're an ugly with ugly saggy grandma boobs. Tits can't even be exercised to be perkier because there's no muscle to train, once your ligaments stretch the only way to fix them is surgery.

No. 1286815

>huge tits and a flat ass


No. 1286833

File: 1627587626782.jpeg (499.21 KB, 1125x828, ED10C7E1-530D-4F59-9D03-A3F313…)

Look mom I’m on lolcow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1286837

self-post by a rat looking ayden.

No. 1286841

Exactly, it's definitely the histrionic /tttt/ aiden selfposting and looking for attention/infamy.

No. 1286842

Why do zoomer girls part their hair in the middle? It looks like absolute dogshit.

No. 1286845

File: 1627589176814.jpeg (35.65 KB, 540x450, 598CFEFB-E6C5-46CD-8869-30E669…)

reminds me of picrel

No. 1286850

lol she looks like shane dawson

No. 1286867

I think it's either to look like Levi from AoT, some kpop band member or the character from that rape-y comics where smaller dude is imprisoned by a taller serial killer (can't remember the name)

No. 1286891

Killing stalking, those characters are so creepy looking that it’s honestly funny how eyydens pick them as their role models.

No. 1286892

Christ they don’t look even remotely like men. Is testosterone that weak or do TIFs even take hormones anymore?

No. 1286894

and in the end they end up looking like a ugly greasy bich who can maybe pass as a incel on their best day.

No. 1286902

I've noticed a lot more FTMs don't take HRT now, can't help but wonder if they're finally paying attention to the bad side effects and disguising it as "you don't need HRT to be a real man uwu". Idk about those two though, I checked out their tiktok earlier and they're non-binary so who knows. The one in the black binder has bad acne so she might be on T but if the other one's on T she must be low dose or it's just plain not working. They both look so obviously female it's pointless to take HRT anyway, no amount of fat redistribution will hide those hips.

No. 1286936

They are "non-binary" aka they don't do any effort and just wait for people to call them they, despite cutting their tits off they still look female once they put their shirt on, worst buyer remorse.

No. 1286951

The one standing ul is Cayden Carter, anyone know about or have been keeping up with her? She had a horrific and disfigured phallo surgery that she spent years recovering from. It was well documented. Last I hear she was suing her surgeon dr Crane for malpractice but haven’t seen much of her on the internet since. I hope she wins her lawsuit

No. 1286955

There aren't a lot of good things to say about FTM transitioning, but one sliver of hope is that I've noticed women can actually absorb the knowledge that something is going to fuck them over if they put it in their bodies and choose not to do it on that basis. Having observed some FTMs, they're far more likely to admit that the reality of HRT can be too off putting (heavily contrasting their MTF counterparts who are deluded about HRT chaging everything from their skeleton to their soul)

No. 1286986

File: 1627601500117.jpg (232.23 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20210729-161843_Ins…)

> catering to kids/teens
miles McKenna is also obvious in doing this. lately she has been posting as many topless photos as possible and insists that she is a gay man(?)

No. 1286994

her "how do you do fellow kids! Watch this video if you're a sad gay teen uwu" shtick is so fucking cringe, it was one thing when she was 19-20 and had just came out as a lesbian but it's just embrassing now
>insists that she is a gay man
KEK does she really? Does she only fuck other zero effort fakebois? What a shame, she could have been a good role model for young lesbian/bi girls

No. 1287001

File: 1627602788552.jpg (487.25 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20210729-164847_Ins…)

yeah. it's honestly confusing, but I think so. one of her latest stories has a caption "I'm gay" and there were a few posts with photos of gay men in the 80s. picrel shows a photo of a gay father wearing the same shirt in the next slide

No. 1287012

I thought she was bi?

No. 1287056

Out of interest, how did they try to make non gendered pronouns in your language?

No. 1287077

File: 1627613310763.png (240.62 KB, 852x251, amanda.png)

man i miss the good old days back in like 2016-2017 and before, when miles still used to go by the name "amandachronicles" and she made videos like "I'M A HOMOSEXUAL" and "WATCH THIS IF YOU'RE GAY". she was one of the super openly lesbian youtubers and had so much pride in being a gnc lesbian snd now look at her. sad.

No. 1287083

I've seen a fakeboi admitting that its okay to stop or not take T to be a transman, while already starting testosterone for a couple of months now.

It's like they are starting to become aware that the fantasy they want can't be implemented in real life even with hrt.

No. 1287109

Apparently she got kicked out at 19 for being a lesbian but her mom sorta tolerates her daughter LARPing as a straight man. Yeah I'm sure this had no impact on her. It's obvious Amanda suffers from internalized homophobia and "terminally online disease".

No. 1287233

Neutral pronouns sound weird and alien in my language as well… fuck this shit. Identify as whatever you want but don't force others to bend over to validate you

No. 1287241

File: 1627650379159.webm (8.1 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_qq74d1fQw91qjj7xg.webm)

holy mother of cringe. apologies if this somehow has already been posted

No. 1287250

God shut the fuck up, Aiden. Stop with the put on blaccent like you're trying to mimic other white gays and it's just as cringe when they do it.

No. 1287257

>my monster cock vibrates and glows in the dark
Oh honey sweetie no, who told you a strap-on is a dick? Did you take your body pillow to prom because you don't know the difference between humans and objects?
>you guys are all like "ooh don't touch it"
This screams the fact that the only dick she's touched is her highschool boyfriend's
Also is she shoving the camera in her face to seem masculine and intimidating? Because it just makes her cheeks look chubbier and emphasizes how girly her bone structure is.

No. 1287271

>bio dicks of gay men carry diseases
wtf is this homophobic bitch

No. 1287291

>"Why do gay men not want me? I'm better than other men, because dick isn't that good and I have a vagina"
>Is a straight woman
>Likely no real sexual interest in other TIFs
Why don't you eat out some pussy and get railed with dildos, Tiffany? Or is it ~*myteriously*~ only good sex that people are allowed to want, if it involves one "penis haver" and one "vagina haver"? Get out of here, you musty homophobic rat.

No. 1287298

I did not know it's a blaccent but the difference between an actual gay chad (or sthg close enough) and the whiny, Woody Allen tier neurotic Aiden was palpable

No. 1287526

>these floppy ass things that carry diseases and shit

so why do you want gay man dick so bad then aiden?

No. 1287578

File: 1627676563704.jpg (92.85 KB, 755x696, 1599536515864.jpg)

I swear it's hilarious to an absurd degree when these girls try to flex their strap-ons from aliexpress, or their "top level" designer strapons that they busted their wallets for that gay men don't even want. lel
>We gotta extra hole ON DECK

No. 1287622

>Did you take your body pillow to prom because you don't know the difference between humans and objects?

Seriously dangerous levels of cope. "W-w-well I don't even like gay men anyway! You're all stinky and have AIDS!" Bitch please you girls post about being so cwushed by dysphowia that you can't even shower regularly so I bet that "monster cock" of yours is a fucking germ farm. I see 41% in this ones future, like on deck, bro.

No. 1287646

you sound based as fuck.

No. 1287654

File: 1627684937831.png (35.73 KB, 836x431, bidenmoder.png)

No. 1287681


No. 1287732

Jesus christ lol

No. 1287748

File: 1627703152912.png (51.43 KB, 884x447, ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME …)

It's almost like they think he was gonna fuck them or something

No. 1287857

I thought she was around that age now, based on her appearance/style and mannerisms, but she's 25. That's sad. Clearly deeply lost still

No. 1287876

File: 1627730268134.jpeg (133.28 KB, 1024x616, alana.jpeg)

her at 20 and her at 14, she really became unrecognizable, she was pretty good at 17 don't know what happened

No. 1287950

>she was pretty good at 17 don't know what happened
got fat

No. 1287992

Sad. She could have stayed a cute tomboy.

No. 1287998

File: 1627744657651.png (550.78 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20210731-170629_Twi…)

>boy in a dress
>just fucking know that it's a fakeboi
>click the video
>It's a whole goddamn classroom with fakebois


No. 1288000

File: 1627744689870.webm (6.11 MB, 576x1024, jzSQla6ntCPQm-oy.webm)

The video in question

No. 1288011

lmao wtf is this, please from a mile away you can still see they are female, who actually thinks this is a male pls.

No. 1288013

Clown world, this is crazy, it’s a bunch of fakebois and I think just two normal girls, unless they think they’re guys as well.
This is the kind of things that makes homeschooling a good idea, trannynism is a social disease, and i think it will never be cured at this point.

No. 1288014

was this filmed in a special school? asking seriously

No. 1288015

What is this? Is it some sort of therapy/social group for FtMs teens? The woman holding the phone sounds like a counselor. Also kek at the fact she literally drew herself as an anime boy.

No. 1288026

I know it's fucked up to say this but goddamn bullying needs to make a comeback.

No. 1288053

Yeah this looks like a GSA or even an alt ed class or something

No. 1288105

Anon it never left, it just got rebranded as ‘educating/canceling’

No. 1288201

File: 1627759176874.jpg (61.5 KB, 400x534, Weeaboo_d8d0f0_5500980.jpg)

These girls look like the typical teen anime fans you'd see back then, just with tranny shit added in.
Even the drawings scream that they spend a lot of time on the internet.

No. 1288236

Genuinely, I would be more than happy to support her if she stayed tomboy, or went more GNC. If she looked 100% butch, she would still have my respect. In fact, I would probably respect her more.
The weight gain is concerning. She was very thin in the older picture, to the point that losing weight was probably dangerous for her, and gaining a bit more weight would be fine. But she's obese now, despite supposedly being an athlete. Quarantine must have hit her like a train, and she covered up the resulting insecurity with "gender feels". I think if Covid hell ended soon(er), maybe she could get more training, exercise, and in-person socializing with other skaters in, and the NB stuff would be washed away. But, the longer this goes on, the worse it'll get.

No. 1288243

Friendly reminder to all "ftm"s hate reading this thread that you look like this irl, LMAO

No. 1288250

none of them look that cute LMAO

No. 1288321

Unironically this, the FTMs hatereading this thread look like the sad fuckboys you find on /tttt/ seething over cute weeb fakebois who they don't regard as ~trutrans~ kek

No. 1288327

meek little nerds obsessed with anime and whatever cringe cartoon FOTM thing is popular nowadays. love yourselves, girls.

No. 1288388

File: 1627776327704.jpg (61.86 KB, 620x656, FAT-WOMAN-BEFORE-WEIGHT-LOSS-6…)

That's OK, none of you do either

No. 1288391

Are you selfposting now? She even has an Aiden haircut.
You will never be an anime boy, lmao.

No. 1288396

her real name is emilia huerta, btw.
i really need someone to leak her supposed “lewd sets” since it seems she’s “shirtless” in some. probably using a fake chest.

i wonder if the fat bitch she fucks is satisfied with rubbing clits lmao. her @ is princessbunbunx, a fattie who also abuses filters. her voice is fake as fuck too but that’s another topic.

No. 1288491

You ladies comfortable with shitting on a woman with no milk, aside from being fat, when she's not even a fakeboi? Alright.

No. 1288561

File: 1627794247349.jpeg (437.12 KB, 964x565, 34B7388F-09F7-4ED5-BC8A-0E5F48…)

Words have no meaning anymore. Literally a quirky straight woman.

No. 1288617

She looks like a girl I knew on a now defunct website who was big into Hetalia and yaoi, but thought yuri was disgusting. Any chance she lives in Texas?

No. 1288738

>I'm pansexual
>You don't like girls, doesn't that make you straight?