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File: 1525181631481.png (275.56 KB, 1125x1416, 1525056459169.png)

No. 570991

last thread: >>>/snow/465430
third thread: >>>/snow/276054
second thread: >>>/snow/45564
first thread: >>>/snow/26392

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as transmen or biological males (usually the former). These girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition, although some of them take male hormones (made possible by informed consent transgender clinics which require no diagnosis) and later regret it.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgenous or feminine-looking young men, even wearing girls clothing and make-up. They insist on being addressed with male he/him pronouns and take great offense at being misgendered. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

No. 571487

File: 1525223544205.jpeg (350.89 KB, 1079x1088, B9A0945C-9F9E-4108-AC86-1BA433…)

No. 571488

File: 1525223554861.jpeg (630.61 KB, 1080x1440, CCD825FF-2E2C-4D9A-9E5D-46B915…)

No. 571489

File: 1525223568180.jpeg (126.55 KB, 463x960, BC05708E-E945-4FA3-AB41-BD6DA9…)

No. 571491

File: 1525223582788.jpeg (200.18 KB, 1079x1079, D2A1A8E2-65B8-4243-9A63-395BDD…)

No. 571492

File: 1525223604432.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, E4E5CC28-2674-46C5-8713-5E179A…)

No. 571493

File: 1525223621624.jpeg (145.84 KB, 960x960, DACE6410-B54B-4A6C-BB32-736893…)

No. 571498


I work in software - the CTO of my company introduced me as a "Perfect Unicorn" because I can work pretty well across the entire codebase. Probably the best compliment I've ever recieved at work. Until now. Why do they ruin everything….(blogposting)

No. 571510

File: 1525225752770.png (Spoiler Image,130.39 KB, 540x708, tumblr_p6b6fmCseh1wegbcro1_540…)

Are we seriously trucking with this thread? OP a shit

As contribution, I'll post some art from tumblr user chimera-bones, the fakeboi who drew the OP pic. She IDs as a cuntboy and draws FTM porn of star trek characters.

No. 571518

>IDs as a cuntboy
i thought they just wanted to be real men

No. 571520

"Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as transmen or biological males (usually the former)"

No. 571557

File: 1525229460705.jpeg (300.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1F2FA8F9-74AE-44E5-AD40-91BBAA…)

No. 571558

File: 1525229475377.jpeg (234.46 KB, 1079x1079, 93C65A91-B25D-4671-A69F-EBF6E8…)

No. 571672

File: 1525239074026.jpeg (194.14 KB, 750x885, 9D353A1D-8471-4738-88C0-CCAECD…)

This is sad

No. 571677

>masculine themed
Looks like typical femme menhara bullshit to me?

No. 571694

File: 1525241718485.png (256.76 KB, 954x1800, brainsex pseudo-science.png)

Just looked through her blog a bit more out of curiosity and like… From what I gather, this bitch is a fat, NEET, 29 y/o fakeboi who is also unironically a satanist, a fujo/weeb, a skeptic edgelord, and most likely a munchie on top of all that judging by her 'surgeon's log' tag. Why does she think she's any less embarrassing than the teenagers she's making fun of? Autism?

No. 571714

I can't pinpoint why but as I stared at this picture it feels to me almost like that guy photoshopped himself into that background lol

A very unfortunate face shape.

Yeah, wtf? Testosterone themed…what the heck does that even mean? that's basic menhera BS and nothing more

I just lost a few braincells reading that post. What a tool.

No. 571801

No. 571823

File: 1525269578232.jpeg (96.56 KB, 640x1136, F03AA089-ED6B-4901-8F38-D4C2DC…)

>invade a space filled with cis men looking to hook up with other men
>complain when said cis men talk to you in a sexual manner
>make your whole online identity around being trans/put trans guy in your bio
>get mad when asked about it

This is fucking bonkers. This screenshot though, kek

No. 571828

>invade a space filled with cis men looking to hook up with other men
>complain when said cis men talk to you in a sexual manner

I always laugh at this, I mean, the app is called grinder, not “gay chat over tea”.

No. 571894


Seems like a much bigger cow than most fakebois here, I wouldn't mind more from this.

No. 571926

File: 1525284148903.png (146.43 KB, 773x1205, a-logging 'fake' trans folx.pn…)

Meh, she's kind of boring save for the sperging at kids. I'll still post a few more caps though. This has taught me that anyone who regularly posts or reblogs truscum art on tumblr is probably a cow themself.

No. 571927

File: 1525284223890.png (42.02 KB, 797x311, google.png)

i've tried finding out more about this cow and did a reverse google image search for a pic she posted. even google knows she's a girl

No. 571928

File: 1525284229331.png (78.35 KB, 764x669, satanism.png)

Oh, and she's actually 30 now, not 29. Claims to "value the truth above all else," yet larps as a doctor and believes in the pseudoscientific "neurosex" theory, which has less legitimacy than PJW-sama's soyboy theory. Her only real source for it is a bunk tumblr post by dasha-loses-it (who honestly deserves his own thread).

No. 571929

File: 1525284269913.png (38.68 KB, 980x435, kin shit.png)

No. 571932

File: 1525284350113.png (144.01 KB, 907x880, kiss_by_chimera_bones-dbql0uc.…)

Some of her kawaii art

No. 571933

File: 1525284401999.png (397.3 KB, 776x838, lol.png)

And here's my last cap

Like I said before, she really does seem like a munchie. If anyone knows more about that shit, maybe they can confirm. I quit lurking those threads early on; too much cancer.

No. 572081

>Hates otherkin with a fiery passion
>McCoy is her real self.


No. 572131

File: 1525299268065.png (12.34 KB, 491x237, 0 notes.PNG)


No. 572395

yet it's fujos that just read bl that fetishize homos

No. 572466

God the fact this exists is infuriating and that fakebois think there's something wrong with the majority of these responses… I read through the first few pages and almost all of them were gay guys being nice.

No. 572591

No wonder gays avoid transfags like fire. It's not just fakebois that behave like that, it's "normal" gay FTMs too.

No. 572798

why shouldn't they? they're literal women, they don't even belong on grindr.

No. 572808

this is one of the things that makes me most infuriated with fakebois, the lowkey (sometimes highkey) transphobia. like, she wants to date a cis mlm guy, that's her measurement of success here. dating another trans mlm guy? that's not what she's into. because she's a fucking straight woman who likes dick and having short hair ~at the same time~

No. 572826

The gay transboys who date other gay transboys tend to be confused lesbians. The ones who lust after cock are the narcissistic straight girls who fetishize the gays, and yeah, in typical het fashion they would never touch another woman.

God, I feel so bad for the gay men who cross paths with these disgusting fujos. They often have the worst personalities.

No. 572827

I mean, that's not ~twansphobia~. Sexuality is about biology, not identity. Why would a fakeboi magically turn bi after she transitioned?

No. 572841

idk how offtopic this is but WHY has MLM (I even had to google what it means kek) replaced gay? cis MLM is just gay guy?

No. 572848

it's more like, the way these tumblr bois define sexuality and gender identity is almost completely at odds with what they actually practice. its transphobic by their own definition. it's ridiculous that she expects cis mlm to date her and be chill, and then turns around and behaves like she's only going to be happy when cis gays date her. she's being a hypocrite tbh

mlm is a blanket term to cover gay/bi/pan/snowflake sexuality

No. 572867

i've been wondering this for a while: why do fakebois use the term "boy" so much and not "man"??

No. 572878

There's this excuse among trans people that because they never got to experience a childhood as their identified gender they can infantilize themselves.
Or maybe autopedophilia is comorbid with autoandrophilia/autogynephilia.

No. 572880

because they don't want to be men. in their minds boys are cute and feminine, they basically want to turn into a gay twink with no body hair, slender body and girly features. none of them wants to be a balding man with a beer belly. in their minds boys are those cute characters from all the yaoi shit they've watched over the years and saying they are men would be confronting the reality. while boys are adorable and can get into those fluffy yaoi relationships, men are something completely different in their minds

No. 572914

>she wants to date a cis mlm guy, that's her measurement of success here
nah, majority of fakebois date each other, men are too icky and not uwu yaoish enough

No. 572920

I've seen a fakeboi crying over her crush being a straight man and her being 'gay transman, Pre-T and everything' and felt like she was being lead on…


No. 572978

If you browse the FTM general on /lgbt/, they all have cis boyfriends and talk about how they’re sexually aroused by the thought of being impregnated by them. They also have grindr accounts and bawww over the fact that they constantly get blocked by gay men. It’s pretty creepy.

No. 572984

>sexually aroused by getting impregnated

I am trying to wrap my head around this, this would definitely causes dysphoria yet we've got this going on.

No. 573022

Yeah they whine about how impreg is their fetish but also triggers their dysphoria. I don’t even know how that works

No. 573058

the gays on there are so brutal to them it's hilarious

No. 573078

File: 1525389550934.jpg (733.1 KB, 1047x1327, Screenshot_20180503-171818.jpg)

No. 573083

The fucking irony of "cisscum invading their space" yet they insist on invading gay cis mens' space by being on gay hookup apps. Get a fucking grip on reality, no true cis gay man wants you.

No. 573130

So do only white people do this? Or are there any more examples of fake boiz that are Asian? Latino? Black? Haven’t seen any so far but maybe I’m not lurking hard enough.

No. 573140

Being trans in general is mostly just a white people thing, but the soft pastel mlm fujos are like exclusively white. same with transbians.

No. 573166

there's def nonwhite transmen and women. and nonbinary ppl have existed for years they just didn't obnoxiously hook onto a label or cry about pronouns. tilda swinton is one example.

but the culture behind the whole nonbinary fakeboi bandwagon was born like 3 years ago and exists exclusively on tumblf so the demographic ends up catering only to neet white weebs and steven universe stans. so that's who this ridiculous fad attracts. in general a lot of ""nonbinary"" nonwhite people just stick to the classic labels of butch and femme depending on their sexual orientation. but also like… normal people on general don't bother with the tumblr special snowflake gender glossary. james charles could eeeasily count as a demiboy, nonbinary, they/them she/her queer cutie uwu by tumblr standards but he just calls himself a femme gay lol.

No. 573169

no, your post is all trash

No. 573170

kind of how trannies barged in and kicked women out of their spaces and feminism.

No. 573181

Sometimes I larp as a cis gay to troll them, but the current mod is a transbian who deletes anything that dare insult heterosexual trannies.

No. 573215

This post gave me cancer.

No. 573280

File: 1525402793538.jpg (315.77 KB, 1245x2176, cock-starved.jpg)

Update about chimera-bones, she (along with most truscums) is the epitome of #notliketheothertroons syndrome. Same god awful fujo art, same weak chin and small mouth, same heterosexuality, same autistic fandom obsessions, only real difference is that she believes she was born with le male brain while other fakebois weren't and she doesn't wear pastels. Highkey reminds me of that guy who orbits wig0nhead.

No. 573302

File: 1525405007202.png (1.22 MB, 1080x888, womanlybunny.png)

"manlybunny" (he/him do not misgender) is constantly posting instagram stories where she has full faces of horribly done makeup, but the funniest part is they're always done in this format that imitates fuckboy musical.lys. it's fucking grotesque.

No. 573303

File: 1525405077591.jpg (32.71 KB, 540x709, 31880582_254273868449764_52158…)

she also likes to jut her jaw out laughably far to diminish her dumpy fujo potato face (seen here)

No. 573306

File: 1525405155291.jpg (56.06 KB, 540x650, 31905644_254273845116433_17651…)

what she tells herself to soothe the inner guilt of being a straight who intrudes on gay spaces and ease the cognitive dissonance between reality and her boi-sona

No. 573320

This is a cursed image, looks like Jimmy from South Park.

No. 573327

Very punchable smug face

No. 573331

File: 1525407061215.jpeg (101.82 KB, 718x960, 6B71ED18-C0FD-4373-A845-5C7164…)

No. 573333

File: 1525407144309.jpeg (164.05 KB, 720x722, 250D4AE7-C58E-40EA-A790-08B3AA…)

He/him they/them

No. 573334

File: 1525407171981.jpeg (249.3 KB, 960x960, 8CDA23B7-B3ED-4275-B6D8-FAA92E…)

No. 573336

File: 1525407283609.jpeg (573.87 KB, 750x934, 8E758FEB-7BB0-41DE-BC5C-BFB3FE…)

He/him do not misgender

No. 573339

File: 1525407399252.jpeg (111.24 KB, 960x960, AE51392F-22C2-4B52-9445-D6F186…)

More Hayden
So edgy

No. 573340

File: 1525407412617.jpeg (191.52 KB, 960x960, 2EA2F7F6-FE75-4DAA-8AA4-2B2204…)

No. 573467

File: 1525429713421.jpg (20.18 KB, 300x428, likeness.jpg)

No. 573473

God, those eyebrows are so fucking ugly. Why are fakeboys always so bad at applying makeup?

No. 573475

I know the pants are that high up to cover her gut bump, but why the hell does she think this looks okay?

She looks like she's wearing a fucking diaper.

No. 573476

>not mentioning grace jones in your justification of fakebois


No. 573482

File: 1525432265472.jpg (101.43 KB, 893x593, TYYUTYTYU.JPG)

the fact that over 90% of mlm hashtag on tumblr is not even male is pretty fucking poetic

No. 573489

No. 573516

I mean "mlm" is a dumb term made up by fakebois tho soo

No. 573526

i've always thought mlm was a catch all term for any guys that liked guys
so bi dudes, pan dudes, gay dudes, etc.

No. 573527

all i ever read it as is multi level marketing
it's not

No. 573532

It’s the same with the wlw tag, all transbians.

Really, no one but trannies and their orbiters call themselves mlm/wlw, they just say gay or bi. Only trannies feel the need to come up with “inclusive” terms for everything.

No. 573593

File: 1525445777216.png (194.73 KB, 480x407, aiden.png)

Why do so many of them look straight up inbred?

No. 573636

This is a thing? Jesus, this makes me glad I'm old. WTF happened to tomboys or simply not adhering to gender stereotypes?? Bizarre.

No. 573641

maybe it wouldn't have if you had reading comprehension lol. all i said was the people tumblr would consider nonbinary/genderqueer just identify as butches and femmes of whatever their sexual orientation. fakebois are just what happens when weeb butches with meaty jaws get a tumblr account. some are even just ugly straight fat girls too unattractive to wanna identify as girls lmao.

No. 573654

This looks like a 12 year old who finally found the alternative side of the shopping mall
Too many kids are stumbling across this tranny shit online anyway, and in their confused minds they believe this is the way to look cool and get popular. Then by age 20 they're going to wonder where the fuck they went wrong

Most of these kids/teens have no direction in life, that's why they end up like this.

No. 573657

I meant, I used to be like this when I was around 15, while there are a reason I was like that back then I can't stop cringing looking back.

Some of the bois are already in their 20s, idk if I should be worried.

No. 573698

This is why i'm afraid to have children. It's crazy what's happening with how easily influenced teens are getting into the fake boi trend. Now there are even laws in canada that say misgendering your child can be considered abuse.

No. 573706

you’re hard pressed to find a person or place who gives a single fuck about that legislation outside of like, campuses and workplaces. source, am canadafag.

No. 573707

I don’t know how old you are, but assuming you’re a 20-something like most of us who probably won’t be having kids for a while, the trans trend will probably die down by the time your kids are preteens. Almost all of these idiots are going to grow out of their nonbinary snowflake phase before they’re 25-30, I guarantee it. Besides, most kids in this generation aren’t even into tranny shit anyway. It’s the social outcasts who need something to cling onto something to feel loved who turn to snowflake identities, so as long as you raise your kids to not be complete fucking weirdos they should be fine.

No. 573716

That awkward facial expression screams autism.

But she’d be an average/mildly ugly looking girl if she got a normal girl haircut and replaced those Costello glasses with normal ones. The reason she looks like a complete uggo is mostly because of the amount of unflattering shit she has on her body.

No. 573766

File: 1525460349146.png (395.84 KB, 473x595, fujocommie.png)


why are there so fucking many fakebois and troons in Chicago? this chick >>573340 manlybunny, i see Milo Stewart walking around downtown all the time, (she looks like the kid from Stuart Little irl btw) even my friends are becoming fakebois (as i slowly and awkwardly pull away)

i hope the nukes hit Chicago

No. 573800

File: 1525463867514.png (415.67 KB, 595x373, canada.png)

Speaking of places where there are a lot of troons, does anyone know who this is? I've been laughing at this picture for weeks.

No. 573814


Please join us on >>>/ot/231926.


If you don't think postmodern trans ideology and transactivism is a threat to women and gays, then you haven't been paying attention.

No. 573873

I think many have some degree of autism

No. 573994


this is from Zanderqueer's instagram, same as >>573766 . which by the way is filled to the brim with lols, i highly recommend.


No. 574196

File: 1525500325851.jpeg (94.89 KB, 960x960, 199FD3DF-9D6A-4D1D-B104-42A115…)

Hayden dump

No. 574197

File: 1525500339185.jpeg (96.57 KB, 540x960, EBC68CDB-C1D2-4614-BAA3-FA2568…)

No. 574198

File: 1525500352873.jpeg (154.81 KB, 720x960, C54AAF32-4CDB-44C0-954C-E7D882…)

No. 574199

File: 1525500366093.jpeg (247.32 KB, 1035x1379, BB99B07F-AFA1-4EFB-83D2-6F1015…)

No. 574200

File: 1525500417209.jpeg (149.49 KB, 720x1184, 55EEC0D6-F04F-4ED8-8755-B328DA…)

No. 574206

She's got those violin hips and that's unfortunate. She needs to RUN, don't walk, far way from high-waist pants forever.

No. 574208

this person is so physically repulsive that i feel the need to hide these images. why did you do this to us, anon

No. 574226

Sorry I’ll spoiler them next time. She is just so unfortunate looking it is comical.

No. 574249

File: 1525506221465.png (160.83 KB, 750x1101, IMG_3207.PNG)

This thing. Almost 30 and living off her elderly parents (who are obviously sick of it from the screenshots of texts she posts from them). Claims to have mysterious health problems no dr can get to the bottom of so that she can get pills, is in the ER at least four times a month. Claims to be trans but is a "lesbian". Used to have quite the following til they got tired of her begging/guilt tripping them for money and posting pictures of her on the toilet and fake crying in the ER. Got mad at me for calling her and her girlfriend out for giving away a cat they "could not afford" and then getting a puppy TWO DAYS LATER.

No. 574257

It's not just "any" kid who falls into this. A lot of fakebois have munchie parents that eat up their bullshit or they come from families with strict, conservative gender roles and they're rebelling. Normal, supportive parents rarely end up getting these pieces of work.

This. The trans craze is going to be over in 8-10 years or so and a lot of supported laws concerning trans kids are going to be pulled when we get a massive amount of suicidal detransitioners who have ruined their bodies with puberty blockers and hormones already in their prepubescent years. I can't believe how shortsighted the politicians are.

No. 574310


This is so true, I talked to my fakeboi friend and it revealed that her family is very religious with strict gender roles, as well as she fell for an abusive ex-boyfriend, which also believes in extremely strict gender roles and hated her for dressing masculine, being taller than him in heels and every superficial things possible.

I asked her if she really did think of being male, she told me 'If I was just a rebellion girl I would know it before'. And that she 'has already made her mind'. (Not to mention she reblogged a lot of 'valid', reassuring posts about feminine gay transman. She also had history of occasionally misgendering herself… If that's possible).

The type who likes being feminine in all things but would hulk out if someone misgender her. Like a reverse gay in-closet.

A lot of fakebois/trenders, seem to gloss this past trauma, combined with gay sex fetishism and social contagion on tumblr. It's more sad than anything. I just want this bullshit to end more than already, hormones have permanent effect.

There's too many things to lose from this

No. 574983

File: 1525601936074.png (743.05 KB, 917x601, 1_Zeeve.png)

Olivers "boyfriend" Zeeve? Yes, this isn't the newest pic, but also yes, she looks exactly the same now! Long hair, make up, no binder, no hormones, looks 100% womyn, but "He/him pronouns! We're a gay male couple!" Blows my fucking mind, how delusional can you get…

No. 575074

File: 1525620809540.jpg (218.21 KB, 1280x1707, 1cd70e9c-cf57-4b7f-b8bc-b93b13…)


Confirmed autistic in her blog. Why the hell she reminded me of that Goonies guy so much?

No. 575201

could you link her blog?

No. 575209


Apollostims.tumblr.com enjoy

No. 575217

File: 1525634034388.png (975.72 KB, 1440x1323, mlm.png)

this thing is fucking hideous, love how she tags every pic of herself with "mlm selfie" kek

No. 575218

File: 1525634054924.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1731, mlm2.png)

No. 575219

File: 1525634074137.png (2.98 MB, 1440x1989, mlm3.png)

No. 575223

that looks like a child to me.

No. 575232

mlm just like wlw is a umbrella word so ppl who aren't gay or lesbian aren't left out. It is.

No. 575237

These binary and non-binary trans people need to acknowledge that just bc your gender is a man it doesn't mean that you're male. Gender is different from sex, they know that. They can be men and partially men but they will never be biologically male.

No. 575259

That thing is already 19

No. 575261

Don't mean to derail, but how are they men in any way if they aren't biologically male? Acting like a sexist stereotype does not a man make.

No. 575295

XX = woman XY = men is this that hard to grasp

No. 575309

wow, another one who is 'disabled' because they're fat and an autist, how unusual

No. 575310

Thems some manly hips, so strong and masculine.

No. 575318

>cripple punk

What the hell..


Trans and trans trenders have a bingo at this point.

No. 575321


>gender is real

Are you sure about that?

No. 575565

File: 1525661588242.png (238.99 KB, 750x1103, IMG_3270.PNG)

This bitch lol I cannot. "I already know what to expect.." (the rest of the hashtags are "#hopeless" "#helpme" "#ihatemyself") then whining on Facebook that she isn't a drug addict with posts two days ago about how the hospital was treating her like a drug addict/wouldn't give her anything for pain so she just lett

No. 575567

File: 1525661822373.png (176.38 KB, 750x1006, IMG_3271.PNG)

No. 575626

Eh, there's pinksugarprince who is black.

No. 576054

File: 1525724558854.jpeg (154.81 KB, 768x960, 3D0FC142-9EDA-4987-BAEE-9262D9…)

No. 576072

Well… at least the glasses are cute.

No. 576117

File: 1525728946032.jpg (305.68 KB, 768x960, 201805078495255828062986570.jp…)

I tried.

No. 576157

A bit of a blog but this hospital experience is not abnormal. Of course hospitals are wary of ANY druggies or munchies.
In February I woke up with the first kidney stone I've had in my life, had no idea what was wrong (thought my appendix was going to burst or something), and had to call an ambulance for myself and wait in the ER in agony, then wait til they'd let me pee (which I really had to because I then passed the stone). Then my pain immediately decreased but then they gave me some pain med that was non-narcotic. Idk what it was.

This shit about having panic attacks at a pain level 8 is weird to me, though. I was in the waiting room thinking I'd die in front of the other people waiting, or vomit in front of them (which I really didn't want to do). I doubt her pain level was actually an 8.

Anyway tl;dr: way to make typical hospital protocol about yourself and then have a "woe is me" rant which makes your story sound exaggerated as hell.

No. 576159

Samefag/continued blog but to be clear: the vomiting part was because that's a side effect of kidney stones, which had been occurring before I called an ambulance, not because of anxiety/panic (and I do have GAD).

Sorry just didn't want that taken as a "THIS is what true anxiety is like!" kind of remark upon rereading what I'd written.

No. 576222

Is fakeboi still fakeboi if she has a chest dysphoria? Can someone actually delude themselves into it?

No. 576225

yes. loads of females experience this and it isn't exclusive to trans people. girls suffering from eating disorders are one such example

No. 576232

I felt like many trans get worse dysphoria by getting in to the movement into the first place, especially fakeboi/troons from what I've seen. That's why I'm questioning this.

No. 576249

i agree with that. i feel like a lot of fakebois either lie about having dysphoria or delude themselves into thinking they do. those girls are so insecure and want acknowledgement desperately and dysphoria will definitely give them extra oppression points and will make them look more legit in the eyes of other fakebois lol

No. 576344

Many fakebois have genuine dysphoria to some degree

No. 576429

And yet you still couldn’t save her. She could be so cute if she fixed her eyebrows and got off T.

No. 576575


You are confusing or conflating body dysmorphia with dysphoria.

No. 576889

I think a lot of fakebois confuse the two themselves, e.g. Jude Karda

No. 576941

I wonder if part of what motivates fakebois is theyve internalized the idea that having a sexuality while female makes you an icky slut, while as having one while male is kawaii (especially if it involves attraction to men)? Some definitely also seem to have weird hangups about being feminine while female.

No. 576997

Lots of these fakebois seem to have a rather high sex drive but loves feminine expression. So I really bet it. It's probably also acceptable that gay men can be promiscuous.

No. 577001

File: 1525813478668.jpg (273.42 KB, 768x960, 20180508604403374975825068.jpg)

It's a shame too because I think some of her outfits are legitimately adorable, but it's so hard to look at that face.

No. 577058

That looks like something a female spoonie would wear. How does this represent taking T? And what dude would wear this? (who isn't a fake boi)

No. 577204

I guess if they feel like they’re not girls then they’re men. I just feel like they go along with something else as a way of not fitting or rejecting gender roles while making them stronger by relying on them.
I understand, but what you’re talking about is still gender. XX is female XY is male, but ok.
Oh, wow anon. Thank you for the great revelation. I didn’t know that you, I and everyone else here is very comfortable with being referred to and feeling like what they were born as, not something that they take on later. Real trans people exist and you can’t deny that. I’m kind of iffy about non-binary people it depends on what they do and say that makes them look like jokes or not like most of the people in this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577213

Not gonna lie, I kind of dig her art.

No. 577231

File: 1525837975150.png (538.32 KB, 931x585, zanderqueer.png)

i can't believe she's serious and not trolling

No. 577240

gender isn't real, and trying to change your "gender" and "pronouns" is as stupid as trying to change your name. and the only people who give a shit about that kind of thing are those who have no identities.

No. 577241


A woman is an adult human female, and a man is an adult human male.

No. 577510

File: 1525892470056.png (750.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3320.PNG)

Dear God. This thing is constantly begging for money on twitter because she "hasn't eaten in days", gets her benefits and then brags about spending it on wine and makeup. Secondhand embarrassment lol

No. 577513

>>blushy cheeks
>>so gaunt and ill you gais

No. 577514

File: 1525893133135.png (168.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3321.PNG)

I can't imagine why..

No. 577515

File: 1525893255317.png (391.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3323.PNG)


Found the tweets. What a sad lil train wreck

No. 577536

Her forehead holy fuck

No. 577539


It's not the look, why don't these people just get a job and stop being pathetic already

No. 577541

Pathetic, why is she getting esa anyway?

No. 577555

File: 1525896464832.png (147.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3326.PNG)


"Chronic pain and fatigue" according to her GFM asking for the small amount of 3,000

No. 577556

File: 1525896511791.png (134.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3327.PNG)

"Being effeminate" lol

No. 577612


I'm glad the German doctor didn't fall into this bullshit.

And it's chronic pain again lol.

No. 577636

It's always chronic pain with these loons. If it's a made up or invisible symptom, they can milk it for all its worth

No. 577744

Look like an ugly old lady who is trying to be young by wearing crazy ugly makeup

No. 577751

It’s the only thing they can fall back on because it’s an unseen illness. So it’s the go to for fakers.

No. 577914

"visibly gay" bitch you are a woman. a heterosexual woman.

No. 578218

No. 578224

Ah yes, the soft jaw, narrow shoulders, small forehead, short torso, lack of prominent Adam's apple, and rounded hips just SCREAM cis male

No. 578233

"Aaah yes, if I starve myself and become skinny and hide my titts with baggy clothes no one will ever know."

No. 578244

File: 1525977702150.png (636.15 KB, 933x598, 1.png)

she keeps covering her face nowadays because her nose is tragic

No. 578245

File: 1525977719348.png (524.88 KB, 928x594, 2.png)

No. 578246

File: 1525977750980.png (562.96 KB, 932x595, 5.png)

No. 578248

File: 1525977819966.jpg (27.16 KB, 600x449, myspace.jpg)

found her myspace account and it has her old pics

No. 578256

That is the same person as
That? It looks like they changed race from a white girl to an Indian girl. Or did she just seriously abuse photoshop?
Kek, it looks like she just fell into the fake boi fad

No. 578268

File: 1525979146560.png (578.9 KB, 812x593, kek.png)

yeah it's all her lmao and funny that you mention her race:
seems like she wants to pass as white with all the skin whitening and covering half of her face in pictures

No. 578634

It would appear that y’all have a problem with my little brother on here. Seeing as he hasn’t the time nor the energy to deal with your foolishness I invite you to take up any issues with me. However, if you are simply here to make fun of others anonymously because you’re a pathetic coward with a dismal life, I do not promise to have the time or energy for you either and you can carry on wallowing in hatred and self-pity until you die as miserably as you lived.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 578699

File: 1526000922004.gif (807.99 KB, 244x218, D2809B98-159D-4971-ACD4-6669AB…)

No. 578710

But there haven't been any boys posted in this thread, my fellow female.

No. 578724

The first and third pictures are guys but he is a genderspecial trans girl. Everyone on this page is a snowflake who is a transtrender

No. 578743

File: 1526004653366.jpg (6.96 KB, 342x148, download.jpg)

i'm sorry your sister had to find posts about them but jsyk white knightning never ever works on image boards

No. 578932

Little sister you mean, you mean SHE.
you don’t like the internet? Tough. We speak the truth here. Sorry you can’t see that. The more you feed your sisters delusion the worse you become

No. 579002

Seek therapy for your sister. She will cause irreparable harm to herself if she pursues medical transition. If she has autism, encouraging a path of self mutilation as a treatment for a symptom extremely common in autistic females (dysphoria) is incredibly irresponsible and negligent, and down right ableist. Stop encouraging your sister to think she has to lop her tits off to be seen as a valuable member of society. That's no way to be progressive.

No. 579030

This. If your sister is on any kind of medication for autism adding more life changing and body changing medicine could do major damage

No. 579277


Also that art school comment, I used to want to go there as a kid. Then years ago there's a big surge of these SJWs/shut-in loons that I backed out fast to another career path just before my high school graduation.

It feels like this is another teenage trends, maintained by peers and most would eventually grow out of it. but unlike Emo phase and ect. It has a social activism/political slant that doesn't invite criticism. (look at quoted thread, transphobia!1!1!)

I think there can be legit transgender, but not in this way.

No. 579302

Did she name herself after that one gay character from Skam who's like 10 years younger than her? lol.

No. 579370

File: 1526052933611.jpg (143.14 KB, 768x960, photoshop is miraculous.jpg)

I tried as well.

I'm curious, are there a lot of fakebois in the spoonie community? And do they post mostly on the fakeboi community or the spoonie one?

No. 580022

File: 1526090563917.png (119.09 KB, 640x984, IMG_8336.PNG)

"I'm a man" but "I want to feel pretty and feminine" ….makes total sense

No. 580039

you realize these two are both cis dudes right

No. 580105

They just want to look like a child obviously. I have no problem with girls wanting to be guys until they want to be “soft bois.” Disgusting pedophiles.

No. 580120

They just want to look androgynous because they don't want to commit to being men, you're in too deep anon

No. 580122

My fav so far. Actually looks pretty here.

No. 580214

they don't want to be men, because man are hairy, sweaty and not uwu yaoi at all
they just want to live out their jap cartoon fantasy

No. 580231


Do they have a collective name?

No. 580280

Yeah, it's fakeboi.

No. 580319


Meant to reply to >>580039

No. 580673

>I have no problem with girls wanting to be guys
nah its a problem because they want to be gay dudes so badly without the actual stigma they face

No. 580812

File: 1526169778216.jpg (56.6 KB, 720x960, 20245986_1118432018288145_8442…)

"Iggy Oddity". Popular in some circles on Facebook. Goes by he/him and has some disease that makes her look like ET. Major munchie always whining about feeling sick and always convinced she has some random illness. Celebrated when she got diagnosed with autism. Says that modding a bunch of Facebook groups and watching shitty art films makes her interesting.

No. 580861

Isn't she a mod on starposting? Kinda figured she was a fakeboi but never paid her any mind otherwise.

No. 581047

Yeah she is, she's nice enough but a total snowflake and munchie

No. 582257

All that money spent on ridiculous FEMININE clothing and still asking for donations.

I have chest dysmorphia and I am 100% female lmao it pisses me off when these fakebois don't like their tiddies so they wanna be dudes instead uhhh ok sweetheart.
Pretty much what >>576249 said. It makes them look more legit, I have even been asked if I wanted to be trans/NB and was like wtf no ?????

No. 583908

File: 1526414175125.jpg (132.46 KB, 1440x676, Screenshot_20180515-180318.jpg)

It really irks me when boi just kept repeating gay/homo every 2 words

No. 584216

and those fucking LOVE BOYS WHO X posts

No. 584225

File: 1526431361245.jpg (310.77 KB, 1080x1920, 1.jpg)

This response to the question "how/when did you know you were trans" from a 24-year-old, make-up-wearing, "soft boy," enby MLM ticks nearly every box on the stereotype checklist. From slashfic fan to "men are toxic" Tumblrina to having their trans awakening after watching a gay ice skating anime. This individual is starting testoterone via informed consent today.

No. 584226

File: 1526431370834.jpg (315.27 KB, 1080x1920, 2.jpg)

No. 584227

File: 1526431380943.jpg (228.34 KB, 1080x1344, 3.jpg)

No. 584228

File: 1526431391703.jpg (123.02 KB, 1080x710, 4.jpg)

No. 584315

That’s not a sickness, that’s makeup

No. 584318

Yuri On Ice is a curse. Wish that never was a thing. It is worse than homestuck

No. 584401

There are people who hopped the fad because of homestuck. The whole Tumblr is curse on itself

Age 23… Got this,bad feeling she's a lost cause now.

No. 584435

i hate fakebois for this reason. legitimately trans guys, i'm fine with. i'd totally date one. but these stupid assholes who just go "well i'm not like other girls and i hate my vagina and my boobs so i'm trans now CALL ME MALE"

fuck you. i hated my vagina and my boobs for a long time too. i felt like other girls didn't "get me" for a long time as well. that isn't being trans and i'm not respecting you throwing your gender under the bus and simultaneously hating yourself by calling you a man. you're a girl with no self-esteem or life skills.

No. 584439

is this bitch seriously saying she's trans because of some fucking anime she watched LMAOOOO

No. 584452

I never even seen YOI but i stay the fuck away because i know it attracts fakebois like flies to shit.

No. 584508

The fandom is nuts and full of fake boys

No. 584599

>I stumbled upon the world of m/m fanfiction..I wanted a relationship like that
Hello? Just peg him? Why do these people think they need to be male to fuck a guy
>I googled about wanting to transition, but all the information pointed to wanting to change your body
Because that's what transitioning means?
>yaoi showed me a relationship free of stereotypes or toxic masculinity. the kind of relationship I craved
HELLO?? This is infuriating. You don't have to be "trans" to date a guy who isn't "toxically" masculine oh my fucking god. Oh my fucking god. Just date a submissive. What the hell is going on? I can't handle this thread.
Is this really what's popular now??
Do these girls really think there's only one way to be a woman? I can't believe this. I genuinely can't believe they think like this

No. 584672

What's pretty funny is that most of, or at least huge part of, fakebois seem to be manhaters to some extent. Like not full on crazy misandrists or some shit but more lite "men are icky" type. Bitch, don't you want to be a man?
>guy who isn't "toxically" masculine
and what do they even fucking mean by "toxic"
meh, it's not bad (I mean anime, not fandom)

No. 584759

File: 1526475492686.jpeg (44.63 KB, 743x208, B77EEBF9-EE97-40A2-BC4D-862134…)

Anyone else see this before it was removed?

No. 584771

damn, I know one of these 'demi boys'. would have loved to have seen this. i hope it gets re-uploaded.

No. 584772

No I wish i did though. Is it fuck face Phoenix in the background too?
What is she up to nowadays? lulul

No. 584939


It's Caspian now because she got mad that too many fakebois were called phoenix, no lie.

She's on T now so can't wait to see how that plays out. T is all fun and games until you turn into a big scawwy man uwu and not a kawaii pastel boi

No. 585729

File: 1526523331131.jpg (38.96 KB, 720x960, 20246030_1118431964954817_9117…)


No not the makeup she literally has some disease that makes her look small with no neck

No. 585731

Meant to reply to >>584315 sorry

No. 585772

Looks like a sissy poz boi

No. 585793

File: 1526530060881.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8365.PNG)

Diebreado….voice on stories reveals all

No. 585802

File: 1526530804340.png (1.68 MB, 996x1462, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.1…)

Not a transtrender but I think it's funny that fakebois fetishize gender dysphoria even in the sims.

No. 585819

looks like Turner Syndrome tbh

No. 585842

Which is already 'intersex' on its own, at least there's a thing going on for this one

No. 585860

File: 1526536754530.jpeg (560.77 KB, 750x971, 28EC9E7E-29BD-480A-B856-AF237B…)

Has this one been brought up yet? Insists on presenting like a woman & being at one point identified as a "lesbian" despite having a long term male partner, while bitching & moaning daily about being misgendered. They were catcalled as a male & had some kind of problem with being seen as a cis man? https://www.instagram.com/hitachiheiress

No. 585862

Usually this thread is about bio female I'd as male in a cringy way. But occasionally there would be glaring example of troons like this (>>571491,>>571487)

Perhaps we need a thread for them too.

No. 585864

looks like a bio girl who has a mustache because of T or PCOS

No. 585900

Holy shit I had a tumblr fakeboi coworker named Caspian a couple years ago lmao

She had ~panic attacks when confronted about anything and being told to do her job

Was a completely slobby mess person who never wore deodorant too, and several customers complained about her stench even to her face yet she never made an effort to clean up even after management told her to shape up

No. 585901

Damn shame, because those are some really nice eyes.

No. 586104


This, they seem to have panic attack over everything and everywhere. They could just get it walking around in store and then whine it on their facebook/tumblr etc.

No. 586166

I'm not a gay man but it still feels kinda maddening seeing that these women keep enthusiastically referring to themselves as gay men (or gay boys rather) even though they'll never experience the same discrimination as the actual gays since everyone who looks at them from afar will think they're in a heterosexual relationship with their cis boyfriends since they still look like girls (even on T).

Every gay guy I know went through a period of denial and hiding upon discovering their sexuality, and it's still something they're uncomfortable sharing with random people even in their 20's. They face rejection from their family members, threats of violence from random people on the street when they hold hands with their partners, workplace discrimination, the risk of lawmakers making it legal to discriminate against them, etc.

So yeah, being a gay man is not an endless stream of sunshine, rainbows and glorious buttsex like they make it out to be. Homosexuality should be accepted but it isn't most places. Being a girl with short hair who likes to cosplay yaoi is accepted just about everywhere.

No. 586318


It's even more sad that as homosexuality has started to become accepted, this stupid trend sprang up to latch on the right gay people fought for years. This is also the same for transbians type who keep invading the spaces for women who made it clear that they don't want dick, and get on rage when they can't get girls.

Of course, they'd argue that 'They're transgender! they're must more discriminated' which I don't know how to refute about this.

No. 586377

Check the gender critical thread in /ot/. There's loads of evidence in there that they are discriminated against less than any other people group.

They're also the reason why the public's aproval of the lgb community has gone down recently. Unfortunate that they're still looped it with lgb people.

No. 587260

File: 1526647618328.jpg (908.82 KB, 1068x1596, Screenshot_20180518-084133_Ins…)

This girl showed upon my ig explore page. I feel so bad for ftm who have witness this kind of fuckery. I know it has make them physically ill and angry to see it. I don't know why these girls can't just be traditional tomboys and leave it at that.

No. 587294

File: 1526652374691.jpg (1 MB, 1068x1596, 201805181313450283.jpg)

I tried to get rid of the gross facial hair, but got bored and ended up erasing her dimple in the process lol. She'd be pretty cute without it imo.

No. 587320

I actually feel so bad for her falling into this shit, she'd be actually cute without that gross stache.

Real ftm these days seem to be quite rare nowadays, it's all smol uwu gay boi over the places

No. 587391

Tabby is actually on T. But I still don't get why someone who is anxious about being perceived male would wear the most feminine clothing style. That's why I can't take the fakebois who wear fairy kei seriously.

MtFs used to be way more common than FtMs but now FtMs have been more common recently. Makes you think.

No. 587396

File: 1526659410480.jpg (71.13 KB, 640x480, tumblr_m8aluxHClU1qc6ky1o1_128…)

this is her a few years back

No. 587419

She looks like a cute alt girl here. I wonder what made her decide she wanted to be a man.

No. 587461

Husband might have had something to do with it. But iirc they were nonbinary for a while.
Someone told me they asked for donations or did a fundraiser for The and would talk about being poor despite having thousands of dollars worth of brand j-fashion clothing.

No. 587479

That's because MtF are chasing a fetish that's been around forever, FtM are trying to get points from the recent SJW community.

No. 587494

Wow she used to be cute as hell

No. 587861

The show is cute but I think it's more that fakebois love gay shows and love to self insert as the bottom/femy dude. I've seen this happen to MCU's Spiderman because Tom Holland looks twinkish and they want to be him so bad.

No. 589877

Caspian LMFAO
Oh god her on T is going to be fun since isn't she half turkish or something? She going to be hella fucking furry then lulul I also am surprised since her dad was super against this shit too. Is she still living in the uk as well?

>>585900 This also sounds like Phoenix HAHA
"My boss gave me a FEMALE shirt so I quit my job" bitch what it is a fucking shirt, I thought clothing had no gender. She is a hypocrite. But really does sound like her being a vegan (no hate)
Why are all fakebois some eco warrior vegan loser (no hate on vegans btw)

>>587391 Thats because their kawaii style has no gender desuuuu~
I literally hate this mindset they have

Isnt husband also a girl though lulul

Can anyone confirm if this fakeboi is legitimately blind?


No. 589890

File: 1526867345854.jpg (409.97 KB, 1280x1600, yikes.jpg)

No. 589916

jesus christ, who thought that hair style was ever ok? its literally fucking toothpaste

No. 589946

Just because she’s on T doesn’t mean she’s not a fake boi.

No. 589954

What the fuck is so bad about having a sex drive? Depression made me fucking long for any inkling of wanting to have sex.

I get the no body odor or hair, but from her it sounds like she is choosing to be asexual and isn’t that what all this orientation/sexuality shit is NOT all about?

No. 589982

if it was important enough, being scared of needles wouldn't matter. What, does this person never get vaccines?

No. 589990

Yeah if it's important enough, needles wouldn't be an issue. I used to be terrified of needles and needed to get weekly-to-monthly shots for allergies for a few years. You get used to it after a bit. I got used to the needles and I'm generally not that scared of them anymore. If this person really cared about getting T, they would put aside their fear of needles in favor of getting the treatment they need.

No. 590144

>flannel and bowtie

No. 590395

Honestly thought this was a comic making fun of fakebois til I realized it's FROM a fakeboi. Jesus, she's literally exposing herself here. How do they lack any self awareness?

No. 590403

File: 1526932346169.png (834.16 KB, 915x598, 1_imzeev.png)

Oliver/Criedwolves "boyfriend"… ex"boyfriend"? I dunno if they're still a couple, but how do people like this expect anyone to take them seriously? Do they really walk around thinking that anyone other then their snowflake friends/following would see them as male?? She looks like any basic girl ever! I don't fucking get it. What's the point? I'm baffled…

No. 590534

How do you guys define an actual FTM vs a fakeboi?

No. 590571

It's in the name; ftm want to be men while fakebois want to be uwu boys and stay cute, hairless and twinky for the rest of their lives

No. 590592


I don't think there's a clear line, even dysphoria can be induced by social contagion like eating disorders. So there's weighing in many aspects.

I'd say that 'mental health' and little tidbits are the best proponent. And I would give more creds to the one who clearly shows gender nonconforming tendencies since childhood.

My personal signs of someone who shouldn't yet pursue transition would be. Porn/fandom obsessions and fetishism of preferred gender.(fujoshis/AGP transbians). Centering self around gender identity as a hard concept and feel like it is 'chosen' rather than a natural progress. and many things.

No. 590601

>>575309 to be fair i checked its blog and its an amputee

No. 590622


We spent 3 days at the end of the last thread debating this.

No. 590801

yeah still in the UK. she heavily exagerated how homophobic her dad was and straight up lied that he disowned her for pity points. I think he just told her to keep quiet about it or something, but like come on! the guy lives in brighton (UK's gay capital). like he was probably just concerned as
>back in his day people used to get beat up and murdered for this shit
> imagine most parents' reaction to 'hey i'm a queer pastel demi-boy'

No. 591592

i wonder what percentage of ftm do it because it's trendy. also what percentage of them has autism since i've met a lot of ftm people who openly admit they have some sort of autism

No. 591608

they do it because they want to live out their gay fantasies

No. 591611

ftm are fakebois but fakebois are faker than they are

No. 593160

I can’t tell if Sei is actually blind. She can see a computer just fine and even draw on the computer in small images and pixel art. She does not take her cane everywhere just for meet ups. That is what she posts anyway.

No. 594159

>people can't tell i'm trans
these bitches can't be this delusional right? one can clock a male skull and hair line right away. along with womanly ass hips.

No. 594263

I am guessing it is just short sighted because there are apps for blind people to use, but the fact Sei does pixel art and shit makes me question whether or not this is just one of those

"lol i am a non binary gender queer #heplz #autism #ftm" but rather than autism it is I AM BLIIIIIIIIND
and I have blind friends and know how difficult life can be for them and need a written description of pictures while Sei is just….

No. 594316

What guys do you think about MilesChronicles? He seems like a legit FTM guy, but I'm bit unsure about how his whole youtube centers about firstly him being lesbian and now a FTM. It's almost as if he has nothing else interesting about him.

No. 594336

File: 1527344200053.jpeg (581.49 KB, 1242x1983, 0749DFC4-89EB-4D5B-A716-C55D79…)

I know why’ve been posted here but I get a kick every time this person tags #trans on any of their photos.

No. 594797

This is not drag this is a mess. Even beginner drag queens know how to draw on brows. Looks like she smuggled black eyeliner for brows. And this is clown not alien

No. 594813

File: 1527386507715.jpeg (98.48 KB, 783x958, 7DB358EE-CA65-4C0E-A3D0-CCA092…)

she can see just fine I believe. If she can see the photoshop toolbars she is fine. She uses a laptop not a big desktop

No. 594815

File: 1527386584582.jpeg (59.2 KB, 640x480, 40491420-198E-4F48-B0EA-1D21FF…)

She used to be a normal girl

No. 594890

wew thank you. i hate this bitch. i remember her from her rockabilly phase. imagining needing to be 30+ to realize how much you look like a tranny that you may as well just become a fakeboi for kicks.

No. 594963

File: 1527402903094.jpg (110.31 KB, 326x253, Disasterina.jpg)

She's trying to be Disasterina, I think. Some "bioqueens" hide behind gender labels in order to justify their gentrifying ways.

No. 595108

“Transitioning” while claiming to hate cis men.
Only dates and/or associates with other fakebois.
Having outdated and surprisingly gendered ideas of what being a woman is.
Showing misogyny towards women that are not lgbt (with the occasional snarky comment towards cis gay people)
Fandom obsessions and headcanoning almost all of their favorite male characters as gay and/or trans.

No. 595112

File: 1527430162247.jpeg (460.23 KB, 1242x1882, 80911810-AF74-4139-A23A-FD3C3B…)

She could actually be pretty though if she figured out what ‘subtle’ makeup is…

Aside from that, funny that she doesn’t put trans or femme on something like this with her tits out. Don’t say anything about it though or she’ll call you out publicly for ~misgendering her~.

No. 595123

women becoming drag queens isn't gentrification girl but i suppose i see the point you're making?

No. 595633

To be fair: drag queen or not, this is bad.

Are “bioqueens” even taken seriously?

No. 595732

that was tongue in cheek on my part but I have seen it said for real


No. 595797


I'm not sure if she's trying to imply that's a breast plate or saying she has implants honestly but either way it'd be ridiculous to try and claim that as silicone and if she had implants that would kinda negate the transness as I know precisely zero trans men who want their breasts let alone would get bigger ones

No. 595821

File: 1527508621570.png (3.27 MB, 1800x1360, IMG_9939.PNG)

Isabelmusidora on Instagram. I used to follow her and decided to look her up again. She goes by He/him now and I'm mad because she used to be really fucking cute.

No. 595838

she's still kinda cute, at least she's just a fakeboi and not a trutranny

No. 595859

it could be worse. she's really cute but i can't stand chubby women or fatties that do the old aesthetics, it just doesn't work, imo. they just end up looking like artsy fat kids, not time transplants and it ends up ruining the whole feel of the image. i pray she doesn't go on T, though what with the cooker pressure of tunglr tranny bullshit these women get themselves invoved with, i'm sure she will

No. 595902

I don't think she's that fat to make it not work, a lot of her pics look spot on and it could've been worse.

Let's hope that's not real stache though

No. 595915

She's not fat at all though. She just used to be a lot thinner and gained some weight and muscle. I think she's possibly on T already. The difference between her old appearance and what she looks like now is just too big.

No. 596365

Fake boobs? She’s not fooling anyone. Her other photos show off her full body

No. 598988

File: 1527815946610.jpeg (125.21 KB, 960x960, A3113933-B577-4B79-BE7F-E3364C…)

This girl popped up on my feed. I think she is in confetti club? I wish my friend suggestions weren’t so weird

No. 598989

File: 1527815973533.jpeg (171.84 KB, 960x960, 514CAB48-D425-49C3-A71A-AEE5C9…)

She goes by Edward

No. 598990

File: 1527816033675.jpeg (89.92 KB, 960x960, 214F1E79-C899-419C-9530-212C75…)

Trans is not a fashion

No. 599172

>Trans is not a fashion

No. 599490

I'm really not sure about Miles, sometimes I think he's legit but from what I remember he was on T within weeks/a month of announcing he's trans, and had top surgery around a year later. His transition process seems rushed especially for such a young person, but it seems to be the norm these days with this growing FTM trend amongst young women which is worrying.

No. 599609

That's really fast….I hope he's okay mentally. Is he well off or something? Was this some informed consent shit?

No. 599622

He's in his early 20's so the whole informed consent thing wouldn't come into it, but its' way too fast! He seems ok mentally but fuck knows how he'll feel in 10 years time. He seems like a nice person and as far as the SJW community goes he's definitely not the worst so i really hope he doesn't regret it, not that I would wish that on anyone. As for his financially status or how he paid for it I haven't a clue.

No. 599629

It is way too fast, even if he was bumped to the top of a list, it would still be Too Fast. I'm very curious, sort of hope he talks about how he got on t and surgery (wait times ect ect) one day for his trans followers. I clicked on his channel and watched his all star cover (lol) and he gives off good energy and seems like hes happy so that's good. If he's early 20s I really hope he doesn't ever regret it. I follow lots of detrans females and they probably weren't on T as long as he has been in total and they are screwed and now talk about dysphoria in the other way. He doesn't give off like mega rich vibes or anything. I'm a nosy ass person so I'm curious.

No. 599634

The process of going through therapy/gender clinics to get on T/top surgery and whether insurance covers it varies from state to state, but for many it seems you need letter from gender therapist, and to obtain it you only have to go to one appointment! I'm from across the pond and it can take few years here, which is how it should be in my opinion. But its likely that he went private because he wasn't waiting long at all. Have you heard of Chandler Wilson? Chandler said in one of their videos that he/she/they went private to get on T and Chandler doesn't seem rich and neither do Chandler's parents.

No. 599641

And as for de-transitioned women I have heard of women being on T way longer, like 5 years as well as top surgery! I'm pretty nosy as well and I find it oddly fascinating.

No. 599667

File: 1527889940985.jpeg (230.69 KB, 750x1066, F9145469-F762-4B5A-A719-429E82…)

This cringy girl keeps popping up. The spilt wig look is a ‘cosplay’. But she is really a cute gay boy.

No. 599669

File: 1527890040038.png (751.49 KB, 750x1334, 292C2CD4-54A7-431D-A129-D4A745…)

Her Facebook is just her in lots of girl cosplays. Jesus Christ.

No. 599672

File: 1527890342491.png (376.3 KB, 530x659, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 22.5…)

Dear god why are so many people mentally ill. Looks like there's fungus growing out of her head!

No. 599681

I thought it was a moulding roast Turkey.

No. 599697

>Worked at: cosplay


No. 599712

File: 1527893430012.jpeg (136.03 KB, 627x820, IMG_4927.jpeg)

Anyone familiar with Ryan Cassata?

No. 599846

I've heard of him,though last I checked he had just got his chest surgery and had godawful dreads. Seemed pretty dedicated to the FTM thing to me, but not taking T because ~muh singing voice~ is silly. You can train your way through voice changes. Kinda surprised he still looks prepubescent, how old is he now?

No. 600027

File: 1527931711504.png (106.47 KB, 622x1003, IMG_4928.PNG)

Yeah Ryan's reasons for not going T are ridiculous, I've heard 'him' say things like "my mom doesn't want me to", or "my producer doesn't want me to", which sounds likes bull and makes me doubt he's FTM at all. He put up a video once having a mental breakdown over something someone said on Tumblr about him not going on T, it was so cringey. I think he's about 24 now and his body has gotten more feminine looking, so he can't even pass as a little boy anymore. How could a trans man be ok with that.

No. 600036

No. 600149

File: 1527956955996.png (102.28 KB, 640x959, IMG_8497.PNG)

Lmao only ugly girls are trans

No. 601180

what the fuck…

No. 601360

Definitely missed whatever this was

No. 601644

File: 1528113261993.png (78.5 KB, 1116x881, 2018-06-04_12-20-56.png)

Don't think she's that ugly. It's just what they made themselves to be uneek.
I found fakeboi psychology to be extremely fascinating. Internalized misogyny is showing here. This is one rather weird case where on her page she seemed to worship butches/strong ladies a lot, yet when it comes to herself she only wanted to be uwu smol gay boys who dressed in drag. (Who just keeps saying gay every sentences)


No. 601664

nta, but i copied it because it was so funny kek. it was a wall of text written by an extremely triggered, edgy troon:

>Hey maggots faced dick shit who the fuck let you out of your fucking ass eating Herero cage of asshole brain dead ignorance. Why the fuck does your crusty unwanted shit covered mouth suck so much inbred cock? Perhaps because your attracted to your own kind motherfucker? Feel like perpetuating your condition? Go cry into your cousins ballsack and stuff your mouth with them, it’d be more productive then what your doing with it now. It’s funny how you talk about him looking “unflattering” when you are literally spewing up vile poisonous menstrual blood out of your rotting diseased opening you call a mouth while getting a sad handjob from the homeless man out side of your local Macy’s.

>It’s a good thing y’all don’t want to have children. I literally think you should be sterilized so the human race won’t be subjected to your many rotting chromosomes. Besides, it’s not like you could ever get anyone to willingly fuck you. You ought to be furiously masturbating to yeasty pussy or grandmas farting or whatever the fuck it is you gross as fucks get off to these days instead of wasting your time pretending like someone cares about what ever counts as an opinion for someone who has syphilis brain. Do your keepers A huge favor: do a triple summersault through The Air,and disappear up your own Asshole. That’s be an immense improve to rather then listen to the long list of bull shit you have spewing out of your mouth. In fact,I would literally rather masturbate with knives to a snake eating a mouse then have you ever type anything ever again. I realize you must be living a sad, dreary, empty existence and believe it or not it’s not the excessive cock you want to suck, or your sever lack of intelligence or creativity, or even the fact you look like a rotted slimy mushroom and a 67 year old woman who’s been using crack for 39 years had hate sex and left you behind the liquor store that people hate listening to you. You just have a terrible personality. You wanna talk about having no direction in life? Why don’t you look at the fact you are on fucking reddit, talking about a teenager you have never met, scrolling through his blog, and going back to reddit to bitch about something you pasty ass lonely hateful thing. You are clearly incapable of even the most basic human decency and therefore don’t deserve the title of human. You think your so fucking above it all why don’t you look all the fucked up shit you’ve gone through. “But I’m different!” You say to yourself while you sit at a computer you probably didn’t buy or earn or deserve to have in any way shape or form. Well hello. I’m here to tell you your wrong. You aren’t special. If you think the fact that your life is a river of shit and vomit from people who have to listen to you guess what. You are wrong. You aren’t special. Maybe instead of spending time perpetuating filth on the internet you go tell someone important to you that you love them or pet a dog. Maybe try and be positive instead of orgasming at the thought of being cruel to another human being who you have never met and hopefully never will meet. Go fuck yourself.

edit: sorry for reposting so many times, i deleted all the extras so just refrest the page

No. 601665


No. 601686


This is perfect, my eyes are having cancer after reading this post.

Should've been a copypasta

No. 601870


No. 602000

I almost feel bad for this one because the boyfriend or whatever is dating five other people kek

Also the whole Sid the Sloth thing

No. 602989

in a video he said he didn’t want to go on T because it would fuck up his singing voice and he didn’t want to “aquire more male privilege than he already has”

No. 603034


Male privilege comes in a needle now. Good to know.

No. 603099

Trans man wearing makeup.
Kek found the fake boy

No. 603103

WHY is every queer-identifying person suddenly polyamorous? (I say “identifying” because so many fakebois are straight girls). I understand why some people might want to be poly, which is fine, but it seems ridiculous that so many of these people would actually want that. It’s become practically impossible to meet bisexual and lesbian women who prefer monogamy. How did this trend even start?

No. 603107

I'm a legitimate trans man undergoing transition (top surgery and t-shots, meaning, when I'm done, I'll actually look like a 5 foot 7 man. I want the extra body hair and the weird smells and all the "bad" that comes along with transition. The head hair loss sucks, but I'll just have to deal) and while I advocate for people to do their own thing and do what they want, the idea of me personally wearing anything feminine/pastel/etc like this really makes me uncomfortable and amps my existing gender dysphoria to sky-high levels. I just can't do it. I tried being feminine for a long time and while I was good at it, it never ever felt genuine. I still cosplay regularly and do makeup from time to time - usually along the more dramatic and not pastel styles, but most of my clothing and hair and even my glasses are all "traditionally" masculine now with maybe a colorful hat and jacket for a convention or something.

T-shots are interesting. If you hate needles (like I do!) you can do sub-cutaneous injections with something like a half inch needle, or have the doctor inject you for you. Or get gel. Or get patches. There are so many routes you can take to do T. Sublingual delivery is even making a comeback. No excuse.

The only discrimination I've experienced thus far is I've been fired for coming out to my manager a few years ago, and my dad thinks I'm insane, but I also keep it on the DL and don't define myself by it and don't yell about it all the time. I tend to keep my personal shit to personal spaces and situations where I know it's OK. I don't exactly keep it a secret, but I don't go around telling everyone about it, either.

Most people just think I'm a lesbian at the moment, especially at work, but I'm OK with that for now.

In the US, I needed to see a gender therapist at least once a month for a year and a half to get a letter for top surgery. :/

Men wearing makeup isn't remotely weird anymore, my dude(cool story bro)

No. 603124

Literally no one cares.

No. 603154

Polyamory is liberal and hip. Nobody owns any one person. Having sex with as many people as possible at once is progressive, free love is the best love. If your partner doesn't want you fucking around, they don't love you, they're holding you back. It's so close minded to only love one person.

The increase in individuals who are poly seems to correlate with the increase of individuals with narcissism.

No. 603166

You think you're "not like other transes" but you are, you just view yourself above them because you want B.O.

No. 603167


glad to see others here. probably will get banned for blogposting but you aren't alone, brother.

No. 603186

It’s so irritating because I can get behind a lot of that, even if it’s not something I want for myself, but like you said - it’s a trend, so you get stuff like that - more sex w/ more partners = more progressive, and you’re close minded and possessive if you don’t participate in polyamory, too. They’re almost all in their late teens-mid 20s, too. An age when you should be dating around. I guarantee they’ll all settle into monogamy as the trend dies and as they age. But they’ll never admit that “polyamory” for young gay people is just about doubling down on your sexuality as your whole identity, by making monogamy equivalent to heteronormativity.

No. 603187

back to /tumblr/, ladies

No. 603877

Of course there's a Tumblr.
It's all kid toys and what looks like shota porn.

No. 605386

>non binary ppl have existed for years uwu
Shut the fuck up 3rd genders have almost exclusively existed in extremely patriarchal cultures as a means of dehumanising gay people esp. gay men LOL
And don't compare being butch to being "nonbinary". Shut the fuck up and go be straight somewhere else idiot
Ageplay alert
Fakeboys arent butch. They're just ugly fat yaoi fans

No. 605398

File: 1528487474902.jpeg (Spoiler Image,348.36 KB, 1125x1477, C5AE9685-E045-4E9C-BAC7-B86597…)

Pudgy fujoshit walking around a convention with her mutilated tits out

No. 605440

File: 1528490551372.jpeg (179.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

A fakeboi I know who is married to a cisgender man recently posted her t-shirt collection. I'm not sure if she's trying to say she's gay because she's a "man" married to a man or gay because she has poly relationships with women (but she's a man tho). If she's dating women wouldn't that make her a straight man?

No. 605513

i havent been following her super well please tell me she did not crowdfund her bullshit surgery so she could botch male cosplays better

No. 605527

God I hope not. I can’t find any crowdfunding links from skimming her Instagram page but it could have gotten delete

No. 605562

would literally pay this person to put the fucking shirt back on. yikes.

No. 606078

I wonder when she’s going to make another nsfw tumblr to show off her mutilated tits and (possibly) mutilated vagoo

No. 606629

fuck off cunt

No. 606710


She literally looks like an anime character

No. 606711

Sorry, I meant >>605398

No. 606718

nothing wrong with enjoying ones asexuality

No. 606741

File: 1528639158767.png (847.23 KB, 887x600, 1_Crieswolves_1.png)

That regression… I guess the "concept of passing" is so "problematic" in this day and age that fakebois are now trying to look as girly as possible!

No. 606789

OT but i really like that outfit on the right lol. she doesnt try to pass at all though

No. 606790

she looks cuter, hopefully she's close to dropping the tranny bs.

No. 606918

File: 1528660066474.png (11.14 KB, 586x78, 1_Crieswolves_2.png)

She should have just stuck to being a cute tomboy, but she's way to far down the fujoshi-gay-boi-hell-hole to detrans any time soon (her parents must be so proud)

No. 606960

ugh. at least she's still cute and doesn't look like a real tranny yet.

No. 606999

File: 1528666474374.png (69.93 KB, 637x554, 1_Crieswolves_3.png)

"at least she's still cute and doesn't look like a real tranny yet" Doesn't make her any less cringy. (Also, the tits are chopped off and she has permanent Milo Stewart voice and excess body hair from low dose T, so it's not like she can easily revert back even if she wanted to.)

No. 607018

she is on t AND titty surgery? nvm, then. the gross scars and the 12 y/o boy voice kills any remaining cuteness rip

No. 609212

File: 1528861508785.png (116.64 KB, 640x1003, IMG_8604.PNG)

'Nuf said

No. 609221


imagine getting irreversible procedures done just to fit in with a tumblr aesthetic fad that will most likely die out within a few years… this thread is depressing

No. 609258

Boy Barbie? Bitch that’s Ken you idiot. And no you don’t look like Ken

No. 609446

this is a meme (google the phrase)

No. 609448

Meme or not, still cringey as fuck.
Not that she couldn't get even more cringier

No. 610099

I know we post this calf all the time in this thread but Jesus look at that hair.

No. 610100

File: 1528941952388.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1880, EF11408A-E04A-4CCD-8084-2C23AC…)

dropped pic

No. 610736

corpse eater

No. 611467

I'm sure if you're going to look like that for the rest of your life calling yourself a grown man you should have an edgelord gimmick kek

No. 613140

>Shut the fuck up 3rd genders have almost exclusively existed in extremely patriarchal cultures as a means of dehumanising gay people esp. gay men LOL
God, THIS. I'm so infuriated over tumblrites bringing up "le 3rd gender" because it only exists to enforce strict, patriarchal stereotypes and rules. People fought against gender stereotypes and roles for decades and now we have a bunch of progressive assholes wanting to bring them back again.

To be honest the surgery results look pretty good (no sunken in tits and horribly mutilated nipples) but this is just… unsettling. Every time I see a fujo cosplayer go this far to fulfill their yaoi fantasies at like.. 19-21 I feel uncomfortable. You can be a girl and cosplay male characters and be a fujo, you don't have to mangle your body for the rest of your life.

So much this.

No. 613151


half the fakebois i see are usually cosplayer girls who only/primarily dress as dude characters and want to be more realistic while doing so, it's the oddest thing, instead of just learning how to cosplay better they go on t and get surgery and basically live as anime dudes until they get bored and realize they're uncomfortabe when they start to kind of resemble actual men instead of cartoon characters

No. 613174

This reminds me of JusticeKazzy off Twitter. Basically is roleplaying as Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series, just with a different last name. They've tried to deny they changed their name to Kazuma because of the game, but literally all of their pets are named after other characters from the games.

No. 613184

If… some time ago in 4chan i an aggressive manner tel about her and her new autfits. Anozaki isn't creativly fairy kei fashion wear, i hate when "manly" and "feminne" add's to stuff, originally consisted isn't have that.
Any way - man in lolita it's just a man in lolita. Not "B O Y S T Y L E L O L I T A S H I T", whent rule out underskirt.

No. 613234


"he/they" and obviously another weeb.

about a week before she claimed to be a boy, she had bought lingerie and posted a photo on Instagram wearing it with her tits out. such a boy.

Genuinely feel sorry for actual trans people who suffer with dysphoria to have these poster children claiming things they do not know anything about.

No. 613779

File: 1529289315343.png (193.4 KB, 750x1015, IMG_4068.PNG)

"Chronically ill" drug seeking fakeboi starts premium snap with freaky looking girlfriend

No. 613781

File: 1529289399909.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4070.PNG)

Imagine posting selfies crying while shitting lol

No. 613785

When someone so desperately tries to conceal their typing style that it doesn't even look like English
I hope that's the case here at least

No. 613797


>balling on the toilet

kek that's hilarious

No. 613935

I remember seeing this one on Instagram ages ago, big fat nose on her like she was hit in the face with a shovel!

No. 614132

File: 1529340198158.png (114.05 KB, 637x871, IMG_4970.PNG)


The cringe is too much, wtf is wrong with her anyway? Says she's 'disabled'.

No. 614186

It's BS like that that I can't stand and screams nothing more than attention whore who is being a trans-trender. A

No. 614188

I had a feeling this was the case. I'm not too familiar with fakebois since they tie in with non-binary crap and I think Non-binary is a load of crap so I don't look for it. But I definitely notice a lot of these fakebois look like they're trying to be anime characters and seem to think that just because they like to dress up in crossplay, it makes them trans when it really doesn't.

The fact that some get surgeries to alter their look for their hobby baffles me because what'll happen when they turn like 30+ and they may not be as heavily into anime anymore? Or at the very least, not wanting to dress up as much? They pretty much fucked their own body up.

That is hilarious and sad. Sad because she lost her identity trying to be this character.

No. 614236

File: 1529347856348.png (182.89 KB, 640x992, IMG_8663.PNG)

So much cringe

No. 614423


She claims to have a laundry list of "hidden" illnesses but really just a pill seeker. She's like 30 and lives off of her girlfriend and e-begging.

No. 615129

File: 1529434720195.jpeg (44.82 KB, 748x421, B4F4A0DF-41A4-4DAE-977A-397244…)

>shit that actual cis men never say

No. 615131

buy a cozy chair then boi

No. 615132

File: 1529435136950.jpeg (351.29 KB, 1125x1870, 537B5C0F-FDB9-4121-8B68-C19395…)

No. 615136

File: 1529435349610.jpeg (176.49 KB, 960x960, 5BBCD083-87BC-4DC3-9780-4E8E5E…)

I don’t understand why they picked that swimsuit if they want to convince people that they have a penis and that they’re a trap. With something that high-waisted, you wouldn’t be able to completely hide a bulge even with tucking. They should have gone with a swim skirt or board shorts if they wanted to keep up the “trap” illusion.

Oh right, that wouldn’t have gotten as much attention.

No. 615137

Honestly, they just want to be traps they saw in a doujin. It's pretty obvious from these posts here >>615132 >>614236 and multiple more in this thread.

No. 615141

I don't know, this is the only person who looks convincing to me in this thread, at least on the left. The rest is really cringy

No. 615144

I’ll never understand ftms who pretend to be mtf “traps”
>Be born female
>Try to convince people that you’re male
>Once people start believing you’re male, dress like a girl and pretend to be female
>Once people start believing you’re female, convince people that you’re actually male

It’s a full circle of unnecessary bullshit. They should just do an online role play or write Fanfiction to fulfill their trap fetish.

No. 615316

File: 1529445415046.png (549.75 KB, 1439x1473, Screenshot_2018-06-19-16-55-21…)

Either she's lurking or someone she knows told her. 6 hours after this was posted, she makes a thread about needing hiatus. Very suspicious lol.

No. 615322

thought this was asherbee for a second.

No. 615540

Honestly, it's because trap/tranny chasers are lonely dudes with extremely low standards. Any average-looking girl can instantly become a 10/10 in their eyes by claiming to have a dick and """passing""".

No. 615610

Boobs, vag and hips out? Clearly a born with a penis

No. 617027

ik this thread hasnt been updated in like a few days n this is genuinely so interesting for me to read as a trans man. like i love to make fun uwuwu softbois with my friends who are also ftm but the reason why trenders are so funny to us is like. because we're speaking from a place of experience. most of yall are either holier than thou cis people who think they understand how being trans works or just straight up transphobes who think being trans is fake.

tldr even though the commentary on here is funny and the fakebois are good for a laugh its super amusing to me every woman on here is probably a nasty bitter dyke crying her eyes out for the ~*lost womanhood*~ shopping off transtrenders dirtstaches

No. 617030

no one cares

No. 617056

this is so cringe it actually hurts

No. 617080

cry more

No. 617085

youll never be a real man :-)

No. 617091

yall after a hard day of being neets or whatever: god i gotta fucking go post about how much i hate fake trans men RIGHT NOW because i know so much about being one

No. 617093

post oversized freak clit/meat tube or GTFO pretend-robot

No. 617094

you will never be a real woman /;

No. 617099

you really thought you were onto something with this regurgitated tumblr shit huh

No. 617100

uwuwu u wanna see my boy p*ssy how scandalous

No. 617101

ftm delusions coming in hot

No. 617102

t. freak with wrong genitals gets assmad

No. 617104

ok show of hands how many of yall are like NOT dangerously insecure women/lesbians? be honest. cant figure out why else youd all be so involved in posting about how trenders are really girls

No. 617106

The only "dangerously insecure women" here are the ones who mutilate their bodies and pretend to be men.

No. 617110

what kind of point are you trying to prove here? if they didn't act so embarrassingly, we wouldn't be laughing.

No. 617114

so you admit you hate yourself and come on here to insult other in a feeble attempt to alieviate this deep seated self loathing? interesting let me white that down

No. 617115

im mot really proving any point tbh. i just like stirring up drama. yall making fun of softbois is funny its all cool

No. 617116

did your picture get posted in one of these threads or something? why so bitter and out to prove some type of pseudo-intellectual transwisdom to a bunch of anonymous "dangerously insecure women/lesbians"?

No. 617117

tranny accusing someone else of hating themselves? funny.

also you don’t need to keep typing “anonymous” in the name field you fucking retard

No. 617121

doxx urself
also im not typing anonymous lol ur shit says that too are you too stupid to realize it puts that automatically(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 617127

baby’s first day on an imageboard

is this what you do to distract yourself from the fact that you’ll always have a vagina and never pass?

No. 617128

I'm into women and men and I know trans people are a thing, I have friends who suffer/ed through the process which is why I hate trenders. But that still doesn't mean I have to post a blogpost about my own stance on this thread because nobody gives a shit

No. 617132

i am so bitter about the fact that im being owned on lolcow that im going to walk out into traffic just watch me here i goooo

No. 617138

the autism levels in this thread are suddenly through the roof

No. 617168

Hi, you seem retarded so let me help you there mam
You don't have to have problems in life to laugh at others. I take it you're one of these dumb bitches who goes around parading to be a man right? You're not. You're a woman. Most likely, a tomboy. Women don't have to be feminine to be a woman, you can be anything you want. Anything but a man, which you will never be as you are a woman. Doesnt matter how big your bad dragon strapon dildo is. Still a woman. Probably a badly dressed one at that. Any questions

No. 617194

hey its ok…i promise, no matter what your parents told you, its ok to transition. you dont have to keep it bottled up like that, man. internalizing all this hatred cant be good but neither is projecting it onto people on the internet. if you reach out theres plenty of resources to help you. you are not alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 617198

is this a new level of hell where trannies try to convert you?

No. 617282

get lost

No. 617297

File: 1529617620417.png (680.79 KB, 510x835, 15t425253.png)

No. 617445

File: 1529622500717.gif (1019.55 KB, 320x250, IMG_0167.GIF)

No bangs in the world could hide that forehead

No. 617829

Oh for sure. I totally get it the more I'm looking at these fakebois. I decided to go ahead and look on Tumblr just to get a general idea and yep, just attention whoring girls trying to live out their yaoi obsession.

Oh pipe down. Most people aren't laughing at all trans people, just these attention whoring spastics who are trying to live their delusional anime uwu boy fantasies and even go as far as fucking up their bodies to do so which you know they'll regret when they mature.

No such thing as a "boy pussy".
Vagina = Woman
Penis = Man

Deal with it. You want to be trans? Be trans. But don't be delusional about biological anatomy.

No. 617859

I though that was bussy i.e. ass?

No. 618205

okay soren

No. 618472

File: 1529703782863.png (751.38 KB, 1136x640, IMG_8721.PNG)

Anyone been keeping up with Jude/Sarah?

No. 618490

No, the Toronto girls are boring

No. 618502

File: 1529705807101.png (477.63 KB, 480x596, cringe.PNG)

This is so funny. It always cracks me up that fakebois default to the most pathetic 12 year old boy mustaches. So manly, so sexy.

No. 618964

I'm so curious to see if the rate of detransition will shoot up in 5-10 years with all these trenders somehow wrongly obtaining hormones and getting surgery. Many of the times, i see these types of people whine about how they only want a few of the effects of testosterone, but they end up getting on it anyway and detransitioning after 8 months because body hair and sweat is icky. why would someone go on a life changing hormone that has potential fatal long term side effects while not being 100% sure about it?

No. 618989

I need some eyes bleach for that stache.


I've got my friend like this, not on T yet. Hates body hair but feel like 'shaving legs is too unmanly'.

My guess? Some only do it because they want to be socially seen as male, so people would call them He/Him. At least from some of the bois' blog.

I don't know if detransition rate would shoot up though, tumblrinas like echo chambers and they wouldn't see other perspectives. With T and surgery, their body would also go to far to be back as women easily. It's easier to keep going by then.

No. 619933

File: 1529850296266.png (30.17 KB, 585x319, 1_Criedwolves_4.png)

"slightly feminine looking dude" The level of delusion… I'm not going to argue that it was kind of rude and unnecessary of the man to say any of that out loud in front of Oliver, but dude… You were born the female sex! You have been taking a small amount of T that only vaguely has affected you physically! Having top surgery doesn't automatically make you pass either, there actually exists women with very small breasts! You don't look like a "slightly feminine dude working at a make up store", you look like a slightly androgynous woman, that's why people think stuff like that man did! Get your head out of your ass!

No. 619935

File: 1529850554788.png (692.41 KB, 797x599, 1_diebreado.png)

Your "schlong" was showing… What schlong? Jeezus, I'm baffled anyone would believe this shit! Also, noticed the topless shoops have been deleted, guess there was too many call-out comments for their liking, heh.

No. 619946

I swear all of this is just thathappened.jpg They're so conscious about their appearance they hallucinate negative interactions with people. It's fucking normal for a guy to work at a makeup store. I've had masculine and feminine men do my makeup and suggest products for me. It's not that fucking abnormal. It's not because you're a "feminine looking dude". Lol the amount of likes the posts get are definitely coming from people who have never been out in public because the real world doesn't care. It's these trenders trying to act like they're making some sort of statement, when it's already the norm.

No. 619999

File: 1529858156257.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.93 KB, 900x1280, 90F93B2C-1DB0-4910-AD5F-F32B53…)

totally a boy

No. 620028

The whole point is; this happened (if it happened) not because Oliver is a femi guy working at a makeup store, but because he's a female-born who has been on a very low dose of T in hopes to maintain the "uwu soft gay boi" look, but some how fails/refuses to realize that this makes them not pass as male by normal people in normal society.

No. 620036

A bit OT, but I just wanted to ad: I'm a fairly liberal person. I like to think people should be allowed to manage their body and what and how much of this and that they put in to it. If you're most comfortable being androgynous, then by all means, you do you. BUT the reason Oliver in close to the top of my personal cringe list is that he has this dumb-ass Tumblr mentality that if he feels he's totally a man, everyone everywhere must automatically see him as a man. If he feels like a masc dude that's only "slightly feminine", then everyone else must automatically see the exact same thing. I friggin' loath that attitude! The truth is that his "soft transition" makes him look more like a some what butch/andro woman to a lot of people. He could have just shook his head and muttered "what ever, dude" to that mans comments, but instead he goes on a Twitter rant where he makes it seems like every slightly femi cis guy who works at make up stores would have gotten the same comments as he got. Which is total bullshit.

No. 620179

File: 1529871786644.jpg (71.62 KB, 540x403, 1511915072710.jpg)

>imagine getting irreversible procedures done just to fit in with a tumblr aesthetic fad that will most likely die out within a few years… this thread is depressing

Pretty sure the fad is already starting to die out along with tumblr itself, looking forward to seeing what on earth these people plan to do with their botched selves

No. 620455

I have never heard of that before lol Sounds ridiculous though.

I think there will be a significant increase. YouTuber Prince of Queens made a video talking about this article where some ex-transtrenders who actually transitioned were complaining about how the doctors didn't "adequately" warn them about the side effects. It was such bullshit really but yeah, I'm sure it's going to be a thing by 2022-2025. That or we'll be seeing blogs about it.

> I don't know if detransition rate would shoot up though, tumblrinas like echo chambers and they wouldn't see other perspectives. With T and surgery, their body would also go to far to be back as women easily. It's easier to keep going by then.

I can see that. I remember reading a comment on Blaire White's video when she talked about De-transitioning and one of the comments was a person who thought she was trans but when she discovered she wasn't, a bunch of her tumblr friends (she mentioned she was on tumblr) abandoned her for some reason. So I can see some of these people wanting to pretend like de-transitioning is not a real thing or at least not a common thing.

Oh I'm pretty sure these people botched up people are going to whine about what they did to their bodies and cast blame on anyone else other than themselves.

No. 620866

File: 1529931078223.png (35.35 KB, 616x326, tab.png)

No. 620874

To this day, I still won't understand trantrenders claiming to be transgender when thier not.

No. 620876

I'm kind of wondering about Tumblr's future as well as transtrenders.

No. 620895


They're transgender in modern meaning, in fact I don't know what gender means anymore. It's a shitty word on its own.

If you say you're a man, you are one. No dysphoria or trying to pass needed because that somehow reinforce gender roles.

They don't 'pretend' to be trans, they really think they are.

No. 620913


These women are getting their hormones and mastectomies through informed consent clinics where a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is little more than a formality for insurance coverage.

And soon gender incongruence will no longer be a mental health condition in the next edition of the ICD which reinforces the validity of informed consent.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


The article about women detransitioning (video related)


No. 621016

File: 1529942496569.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1068x1596, B7AC8E01-9BC7-485E-BB18-1D070F…)

Bit late but gave it a go

No. 621039

when did danielle bregoli start wearing party kei

No. 621101

I have a theory that some transtenders, which are otherwise ugly girls, claim to be "a boi :3" so that haturzz and people on threads like these will say "you don't look like a boy! look at those narrow shoulders! that small jaw! those curves!" which are actually desirable physical attributes in a woman. And they get off to that, because it invalidates the part of having been called ugly in the past–they might have been told "you look like a man", hence the transtendering is some kind of fucked up reverse psychology to be hear they're pretty and feminine from people who'd roast them with more hurting words if it weren't the case.

No. 621340

File: 1529963338347.jpeg (93.06 KB, 720x960, A83A97A5-0125-4AEF-A0C0-0A2DAB…)

No. 621350

File: 1529963793674.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

>mein schlong was just rlly prominent

No. 621384

Confirmed Tabby is a lurker. She’s just mad because she keeps getting posted and people fix her photos because she messed up her face with that pedo moustache

No. 621632

That's actually a fair assessment and I think you may be right. Because considering how a lot of these girls are heterosexual, it's obvious that a lot of men are not going to be attracted to their masculine look. Not saying that there aren't men who are attracted to masculine/butch women but they're not the majority. And they may have internalized being called ugly or manly and jumped aboard the trans train to gain popularity and attention.

YouTuber Prince of Queens that I mentioned earlier, his friend actually came up with a definition for "Non-binary" people that actually made me chuckle because I feel there may be some truth to it.

"Non-binary = Ugly as either gender".

Granted it's harsh because I've seen some gender nonconforming girls who pull of the androgynous look but uh… Yeah…

No. 621685

This is definitely true. I've seen tons of trenders say the reason they're trans is because they're more masculine than other girls.

No. 621726

>uses homophobic slurs

Not surprised. You're nothing more than a straight girl who reads too much yaoi lmao.

No. 621816

This so much! In my language and many others, the word "gender" doesn't excist, we only have the word for "sex". I always used to assume gender was just another word for sex in the the english language, and that was how I used it. It's such bullshit that it now is supposed to have widely different meanings, it makes no logical sense!

No. 621904

If it's like in French were we have the word "sexe" and "genre" for sex and gender, then "gender" is supposed to mean "sex" but in a more appropriate or polite way, like for papers and ID cards, or in sociology when talking about sexism and gender roles, so basically to identify someone who has specific genitals and not to talk about the organs themselves. But in France I've seen more and more people distinguishing both words and using "genre" to say that sex=/=gender, and gender can be fluid and shit like that. I don't really know how to explain how the word was used before compared to now better than that, sorry.

No. 621958

I don't wanna be that guy, but it's not a new thing gender and sex have always been separate terms in english, although you are right in that often gender is used where it would be "impolite" to say sex. It is technically incorrect though; a medical form should never ask your gender for example.

The distinction is useful because although across all cultures sex is the same, you get male or female, gender is not. And I'm not talking about third or special genders or any of that bullshit, but the cultural idea of what it means to be a man or a woman are different. Saying you don't fit in with your gender isn't the same as saying you don't fit with your sex.

No. 621990

That's kind of what I meant when you talk about medical forms. Here in that case talking about sex is more appropriate than talking about gender because it's about what genitals and reproductive organs the patients have so it's relevant in that context. In the case of someone talking about sociology or in an ID card it's more likely written "gender" because it's a way of identifying someone or it's about how a group of people with thr same XX ot XY chromosomes are treated and perveiced by society. It's all about context but in the end it means the same thing. Now with how people talk about gender being almost completely separate from sex this is a bit different since I hear about Canadians or Americans getting their birth certificate changed to reflect their gender and not the sex they were born as for example.

No. 622173

a lot of fakebois don't even go on t, they want to be cute uwu yaoi twinks and t would actually make them manly

No. 622615

>im done with people who value feelings over facts
>im literally a star trek character because i feel like it

No. 622641

>forgot i wanted to be a boy
>if i cant be a gay boy i gotta be a gay girl because i cant be straight lol
>i was a wannabe boy, then a lesbian, then was sort of a girl, then i "became" genderfluid, now im a gay man so pls respect that

No. 622647


No. 622865

File: 1530119123850.png (334.98 KB, 276x539, Screenshot_917.png)

are you joking?

No. 622867

these degenerate "sex workers" who pander to whatever mediocre audience they have by continuing to look female are hilarious to me. I know plenty of trans male "sex workers" on tumblr who remain masculine and pull in an audience but these dumb ones still put on the frilliest lingerie, pound on the makeup and have the audacity to put "he/him" underneath their photoset like anyone who finds that shit attractive cares.

No. 622880

File: 1530120721328.png (Spoiler Image,703.78 KB, 494x670, Screenshot_918.png)

half of these assholes look like they're trying to mimic criedwolves if they're not 24/7 cosplaying anime boys

No. 622882

File: 1530121007402.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180627-133631.png)


No. 622895

File: 1530122409675.png (Spoiler Image,485.56 KB, 495x588, Screenshot_919.png)

Okay i'm posting a lot of this one but she's really fucking really gross. What a fetishizing piece of shit. The ONLY one where she pretends to look like a guy is one where she fetishizes 'outing' a trans man only for him to be sexually abused as result.

No. 623089

This is so uncomfortable and some self internalized shit wtf
I'm suprised there's no callouts for this

No. 623169

File: 1530147810677.jpeg (398.45 KB, 750x611, 00418500-B10A-4502-812D-97A46F…)

I really hate this fakeboy. I’m glad he’s getting called out. Always so rude to his followers

No. 623171

File: 1530147844848.jpeg (197.01 KB, 722x1280, 85667274-4930-4445-B06D-E1D212…)

No. 623173

File: 1530147935206.jpeg (52.12 KB, 736x418, 191F8ADA-4FCF-494E-9624-E519C6…)

No. 623177

Looks like Lainey if you shrunk her horse face

No. 623193

"sex workers" and middle class white "trans men" are untouchable on tumblr. They'd excuse every ounce of it.

No. 623219

No. 623225

Why is it that these fake bois are so lucky in the cellulite department.

No. 623242

rich with parents who supported their highschool sport of choice

No. 623259

notice how none of these fake bois are never friends with actual twinks or femme types boys. Wonder if there is secret hate. Would explain why they scream they hate all cis men, even the gay ones.

No. 623275

you can tell all of these fakebois are bullshitting because none of them want or actively try to look like burly men. they all just try their damndest to look like these frilly feminine uwu bishie boys.

they literally just wanna be bishounen twinks because they fetishize them so much.

it's really sad and disgusting.

No. 623276

do you know what cellulite is anon?

No. 623284

Who can blame them for hating real men? They're shit. Anyways, lot of these girls are self-hating lesbians.

No. 623290

caps of callout?

No. 623330

It wouldn't be so sad and depressing if they could just admit that is what they wanted to look like. It's as if trans holds a different meaning to these people.

No. 623333

Just editing, also testosterone changes fat distribution

No. 623335

I wouldn't even say they want to look Bishie after seeing them, if you described to me a fakeboi maybe I would have thought that.
They straight up want to be chestless girls, they all look like Sailor Uranus.

The ones who went on T went bald if they stuck to it, the others are "not like other girls" gone wrong.

No. 623628

File: 1530209332769.jpeg (260.87 KB, 750x1255, F5505FE4-5957-4F22-ABDB-242E53…)

another ftm lurker opinion

No. 623756

File: 1530219338880.png (428.84 KB, 500x559, Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 1.54…)

No. 623759

File: 1530219597768.png (845.68 KB, 491x834, 13252523.png)


No. 623766

ugh isnt it obvious im a MAN under all this makeup, feminine hairstyle, and vaguely androgynous top? fuck boys smh
>every fuck boy in 30 mile radius

No. 623820


No. 623953

File: 1530238571027.png (526.78 KB, 511x679, 209475029405.png)

No. 623966

>every fuck boy in a 30 mile-
lmao I love when people do the "ugh, people won't stop complimenting me, men just wont leave me alone for even 2 minutes" thing. Calm down Penny paige, we all know no one said anything to you. How embarrassing

No. 623981

jesus christ why would anyone have hair like that and think it's a good idea

No. 624300


Fwiw it's a classic death rock death hawk.

No. 625422

because they're jealous of them

No. 625906

Isn't this like a the last of us cosplay?? Sage

No. 626131

Honest to god what the fuck happened to just wanting to date a cute boy? Why do these girls try to BE the cute boy?

No. 626200


Internalized misogyny.

No. 626230


Too much yaoi, slash fic and tumblr

No. 626317

File: 1530453409309.png (1.05 MB, 797x1143, 1_D_1.png)

Repost from old thread, but… here's that huge dick of your lurking? Also deleted her horrible chest shoops from her IG, but they are so hilarious they deserve to be seen again.

No. 626394

I feel like a lot of these girls are also too influenced by the people around them. And they're all the same type of people who love yaoi/being creepy and shipping irl men together and seem like over the top sjws.

I've seen so many girls who were once "I'm agender/non-binary" but they: kept their long hair and got new names and they would get upset say that they're blocking you just for asking what their gender is, other girls would cut their hair and dress "androgynously" and get binders. I've even seen siblings and friends go fakeboi together and simply say "I'm non-binary/trans" get hormones and surgery. And most of those girls have their real names again, grew out their hair, don't apply gender to clothing and never mention how they thought they were non-binary/ boys for at least 6 months to a year or so in their lives. I feel like it's hard to tell who's actually trans now.

No. 626395

She looks like Michael Jackson in the last pic

No. 626402

For most of them it's not about wanting to date a cute boy to begin with. We've been through this in these threads before but for the most part their reasoning is one (or more) of these
>Low attachment to their gender: they don't fit in the stereotypical feminine gender role so they want to be boys to be attractive in some way
>Suppressed homosexuality: they feel they're better off as hetero/bisexual men than a lesbian woman as it'll attract girls more. Note that they're always gaying it up with other fakebois, not men. Being a gay male is seen as much more exciting than a lesbian woman.
>Internalized misogyny: They feel women are worthless, weak, dumb etc. because that's what the society around them often tells us.

No. 626498

yea there's a bunch of them like that but most of them are straight women. being straight is really unpopular on tumblr atm & they wanna be 'gay' & 'unique' and/or they're just fujoshis who fetishize gay men and get off to the delusion that they and their cishet boyfriends are having 'gay' sex

No. 626660

The more tumblr points they can get the better

No. 626678


they're 99% of the time weebs who are obsessed with yaoi and slash fics. they want to be a boy, date men or other fakebois and live their fujoshi dream.

kinda like weeb man obsessed with anime girls deciding to become traps so that they can be the anime girl.

No. 626687

Old as fuck but you don't need to take T with a needle. There's gel you can use or a patch. This is just an excuse. Men have body hair! If you wanted to be a man you wouldn't give a shit about that.

No. 627939

>and their cishet boyfriends
you mean their fakeboi "boyfriends"
most of them only date each other

No. 628338

File: 1530671788879.jpg (483.2 KB, 1920x2496, _20180704_033438.JPG)

Why is it always the kawaii pastel princesses that decide they need a stache tho?

No. 628434

I'm a gay cis guy and I've decided that I hate "gay trans men". There's no such thing as legitimate gay FTMs. ALL OF THEM are like this. They just fetishize men and get a pass because they're "queer" while hating fujoshis. They all want to be some kawaii anime boy and not an actual man.

Sorry. I had to get that off my chest. I wish I could organize some kind of raid on the mlm tag on tumblr but there's so much shit about your posts no showing up until your acc is active enough. It would never work.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628447


yeah, because real gay men ignore them like the plague cause its a girl playing dress up. they absolutely date men if they can, but most of the time only other fakebois is willing to put up with something so stupid.

No. 628469

kinda like how transbians harass lesbians

No. 628483

decent post, too bad you're male.

No. 628811

anybody know the name or the @ of this fakeboi? newfag here

No. 628827

you could have given him a pass mods, jeez

No. 628991

Self-announcing MALE HEREs are cancer and so are you.

No. 629111

Fully transitioning? That’s a laugh

No. 629119

calm down kid

No. 629129

nta, but it's true. he deserved to get banned.

No. 629296

Not all of them are like this, but all of the ones that are open about it are

No. 629792

File: 1530836983231.jpg (1.26 MB, 1602x2080, lilith-amaraa.jpg)

I will just leave this prince here.

No. 629867

All the ones who identify as gay are

No. 629881

sorry this hurts but you can't become a lesbian or a gay man.

No. 629934

What about men hate here? If he isn't bullshitting to begin with at least its someone to join our course

No. 629940

Wants to be called prince and boy. Has almost nude picture of her boobs squished together.


No. 630082

No. 630885

How do you know if a fakeboi is a lost cause? This thread is so damn depressing.

No. 630947

Well, almost refreshing to see one that isn't oh-so-homosexual. (What is this thread doing to me…)

No. 630959


they're never a lost cause, even the ones who have taken hormones or had surgery. people forget fakebois are straight girls who never emotionally matured past the age of 12, they're extremely impressionable and will detransition as soon as a dude gives them dick and convinces them to start being more feminine

expired milk but search for the kaden thread and you'll see an example of that

No. 631233

I'm pretty sure Kaden, or whatever she goes by now, didn't actually go through with surgery, although maybe some t.

No. 631297


yeah she most likely didn't, it's an example that can be found on here though

No. 631583

I'm ngl if they're just girls with chest dysphoria they can still detransition but they'll just be butch/way more masculine.
The good thing is they'll just be able to talk about the lesbophobia of Tumblr and how it impacted their life and body in the future so nobody else goes through with it.

No. 631585

File: 1531059150599.png (269.24 KB, 670x377, IMG_0448.PNG)

No. 631963

File: 1531100376825.jpeg (243.9 KB, 750x1097, 9DD3DA01-65DD-4871-A161-363142…)

I just found this they/them with a hyper feminine face who doesn’t mind being sexual/showing off her body.

No. 631970


Girl with short hair = they/them?
Also venus symbol…

No. 631973

File: 1531101132727.jpeg (481.86 KB, 750x1034, 5EB1673C-204B-4C16-B466-33A5AB…)

samefagging but her “brother” seems to be a he/they also but she don’t show off their boobs/acts sexual just the midriff and thighs. The sibling seems to have been “trans” first. Seeing siblings go through the “I’m trans” phase together is so cringy because they always do it in way that it’s easy to misgender them and are obviously influenced by their siblings. Can’t these people ever think for themselves? There’s nothing wrong with being a “femenine” they them but if you’re a they/them then why be sexual with your feminine boobs? And if you’re a he/they then why not bind your boobs? It’s like these people don’t want the label of “woman” for some reason and would just look like a regular feminine girl or tomboy and go about their days instead of looking passable so they can be taken seriously. You hardly ever see nonbinary male people.

No. 631985


literally just a chubby dyke


>they're extremely impressionable and will detransition as soon as a dude gives them dick and convinces them to start being more feminine

nah a lot of them seem like closet lesbians to me, considering they date other women but call it a "gaaaay" relationship just because they use male pronouns.

No. 632007

Is that the symbol for female tattooed on her leg?

No. 632079


Lot of them, yes. But the 'straight' ones are hilariousy common.

My friend is a stereotypical fakeboi and she just kept whining about having gaaaaayyyy crush on a straight guy and told me how much she wanted his dick but she's hopeless because she's a 'gay trans man'.

Constantly misgender and contradicting herself just to whine about feminist issues. (Also 'depression')

I enjoyed her company but jeez. The lack of self awareness is pathetically hilarious.

No. 632086


a few of them are like that yeah, which i don't understand. like alright you already like women, and you are one so you're gay, just not a gay male. can't they just be happy with that?

but most fakebois are obsessed with dick and "cisgender" gay men and will either choose not to transition or detransition once they've gotten a bf. they always go on about their "identities" as gay men being so important and meaningful, but will drop it as soon as they find some poor sap who will put up with them


kek i feel bad that you have to deal with that

No. 632147


>but if you’re a they/them then why be sexual with your feminine boobs? And if you’re a he/they then why not bind your boobs?

In this post modern era of gender theory informed by third wave choice feminism, words can mean what anyone wants them to mean. Breasts can be "male" just as penises can be "female".

Gender expression is now synonymous with gender identity. Adjectives have been supplanted by nouns.

Describing oneself as an "androgynous" woman or man, as in previous generations, is not unique enough.

The overwhelming myriad of identities these people claim is also a product of the internet age. Previous generations of young people did not exist in a readily visible global community of millions against which they compared themselves.

>It’s like these people don’t want the label of “woman” for some reason

Exactly. See >>626402

No. 632232

File: 1531141698103.jpeg (730.89 KB, 2048x2048, 70F28DFF-8B06-47DE-9B0E-8B63E1…)

Check out this tranny, they think they can’t get any hate because they don’t post much I’m sure we can find something to prove them wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632258


Kathan.. I'm seriously questioning this name. It's some Ayden/Caspien level of shit.

Seems more legit than most boi we've got here, but also feel pretty immature otherwise.

Btw, I've got some question. Is it still fakeboi if she's into bear/huge buff men, although would still dress as uwu softboi herself? (Otherwise hitting all the trender checklist)

No. 632448

we're not your personal army, vendetta chan

No. 632868

Why is it always supernatural fans?

No. 632934

your screenshot is censored the same way as your photos lol

No. 632959

File: 1531216761731.jpg (678.16 KB, 1440x1908, Screenshot_20180710-165812.jpg)

Sadly an actually good looking one here…

No. 632968

File: 1531217804960.jpg (175.69 KB, 960x1280, 74a20183-8c5d-4c4e-9d9e-8ab1f7…)

No. 633115

>he/him, prince & boy only
>doesn't dress boyish for camming because she likes to be "degraded"
Because being a woman is "degrading". Cool.

No. 633841

File: 1531326179005.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, A3D4E659-42B5-416C-8987-0E26D0…)

Posting my favorite personal fakeboi cow again. It’s pretty funny when they’re “in so much pain” but they’re still feeling good enough to post on instagram?

No. 633848

The huge amount of misogyny these fakebois contribute to the community is hilarious. They will always go through weird mental gymnastics to avoid being addressed as a woman despite outwardly appearing as one.

I always cringe at the amount of “NB” women that overwhelmingly present female but insist you use any pronoun except she/her since apparently being and not just looking like a woman is so awful.

No. 633953

File: 1531339200920.jpeg (213.79 KB, 640x1095, 9BD010C4-C9D0-4154-846B-1C8A7B…)

This user makes gorgeous art but what the fuck kinda mental gymnastics

No. 633962

File: 1531340226659.jpg (35.17 KB, 600x575, kek shrek.jpg)

>"i'm a dood!!!1"
>wearing a niqab, which is basically one of THE most distinguishable symbols of female oppression in countries abiding Sharia law, forced onto women by men who think them being uncovered would incite ~impure~ thoughts from other males

No. 633966

I'd understand if they were, like, one of those women who are actually forced to cover in islamic countries, and is now poorly coping with their oppression but going "i'm actually a dude!!" but I've seen numerous case of, like ""genderfluid"" muslims in the western world who would go "me wearing the hijab/niqab doesn't make me a woman uwu it's entirely part of my nonbinary identity uwu uwu owo" so. I don't know man.

No. 633969

she's in the us and studying/going to study at an art college in south cali lmfaooooo

No. 634006

left your icon in

No. 634038

thanks anon, nayrt but i had to change my icon for the same offense literally right after i saw your post.

No. 635071

File: 1531447875185.jpg (855.35 KB, 1440x2078, Screenshot_20180710-165542.jpg)

No. 635088

Why people cry and take selfies is something I won’t ever understand

No. 635147

TFW you look fat even with a filter.

No. 635176

(Saged for blog post)

>>friend of mine habitually refers to everybody gender-neutral

>>found it annoying/unnecessary at first
>>turns out friend circle/grapevine is rampant with fakebois
>>already have social anxiety, terrible with names
>>get to add misgendering to my stressor list
>>also dont actually care/want to encourage this
>>gonna start doing that gender neutral 'everyone is they' shit myself
>>completely avoid having to learn what gender all these girls think they are

No. 635546

Lol that's great until like in my case with my "friend group", even using they/them is now considered misgendering.

No. 636324

Any thoughts on Ash Hardell? She's quite big on youtube, 473k subs,and tries very hard to come off as logical and mature while doing the whole "gender is my only and whole identity" thing.
For fuck sake her views were dropping and then she announces to be trans and get's easy millions of views, followed by the name changing bullshit/regretting and top surgery/nope mind changed.
Funny how's she's obviously just a lesbian in a lesbian relationship but that's legit the only label she never dares to mention.

No. 636342

What I find a bit disturbing about Ash (besides that grating voice and know-it-all attitude) is that she went veeery fast from "I only dislike my breasts when I'm wearing t-shirts" and "I feel a bit fat" to literally chopping her boobs off! It was just like… less then a year between that! That's a bit too fast for someone that young, I feel. And she DID call her self lesbian not too long ago, her and Grace was lesbian Youtubers. But now Ash has gone full "gender queer" and Grace is "questioning" her own gender…

No. 636380


Her voice is so obnoxious, I don't know how anyone can stand to listen to it for more than a minute.

The reason she and her wife are both in 'questioning' or whatever else modes about their gender is because they are coming so close to the reality that you can't fit yourself and all your uniqueness under one banal little label that is supposed to explain and express everything about you. Seriously they're both grown women, you'd think they'd get a clue. But they probably both echo all this gender feel crap off each other all day every day with no break for self realisation.

No. 636515

I remember when she did a collab with Hannah Hart back then she had a boyfriend so I doubt shes even a lesbian, back then she was doing the whole 'im still queer!!(but im in a hetero relationship)'
I knew she would probably go down the tumblr hole further but to go from claiming 'lesbian' over to full blown troonism is wild.

Good to know my instincts still worked even back then lmfao

No. 637066

Looks like all she really wants is more attention and to be as special and oppressed as possible. I wander what will she become or identify as when then trans trend fade out.

No. 637323

File: 1531680180552.png (334.18 KB, 598x398, 1_diebreado_2.png)

Found this gem. Expectations vs reality…

No. 637774

oh my god that shoop is terrifying

No. 638051

File: 1531743356145.png (670.95 KB, 1000x600, 1_diebreado_7.png)

Not as terrifying as this!

No. 638055

File: 1531743582101.png (884.23 KB, 1000x598, 1_diebreado_3.png)

"Totes a cis guy, bro! Just ignore the fact that my male body shape is a shoop, as is my happy trail, my sharp jaw line, and my chest!"
Who the fuck is (s)he fooling?

No. 638099

File: 1531749416898.jpg (51.94 KB, 542x439, cukco.jpg)

No. 638127

Unfortunate stocky shape

No. 638462

How does that even make sense? You need new friends anon that's ridiculous

No. 638828

I'm guessing they're saying their friends go by "he" even though they're not masculine and just referring to them neutrally would be considered ~invalidating~ to their boihood

No. 638892

File: 1531813007312.png (447.97 KB, 642x782, diebreadobingo.PNG)

A surprising amount of "cis guys" refuse to show their full torso these days I see. For some reason they always pull their shirt up only to a certain point or pose for shirtless photos while cropping the image just below their collarbones. Gee I dunno, maybe they're just burn victims and had their whole chest burnt off so they don't want to show it!

I swear this bingo is way too easy. Imagine being so naive and retarded you actually think these people are legitimately male.

No. 638897

File: 1531813508119.png (83.39 KB, 635x810, IMG_0592.PNG)

I think the funniest thing about these people is how they can do this shit and nobody says a word. This person is still popular after this.

No. 638901

literally who cares though? sage this shit

No. 638905

>6 year age difference
>Kurovoid dated a 16 year old
>Who cares


No. 639091

Translation: Go to hell you anonymous fucking scum.

No. 639112

File: 1531841492487.png (94.87 KB, 640x805, IMG_0602.PNG)

they do it all the time, purple hair 16 and the other one 21.

its like they were too old to relive high school, so they date high school people and hang out with teenagers.

No. 639127

File: 1531842740331.jpg (60.54 KB, 530x837, IMG_0604.JPG)

They don't even believe their own genders

No. 639449

who is this?

No. 639741

Always changing their username to goth something like the rest of them.

No. 641881


No. 641939

ash hardell got top surgery guys. i'm genuinely interested in how this plays out because i predict she will seriously regret it. why would you want top surgery if you don't want testosterone?

No. 642086

I think so

No. 642153


And Milo did T but kept her breasts. The gender speshul balance of the universe is maintained.

No. 642207

She was considering getting a breast reduction instead of full removal because the scars would be hidden? That's not a gender issue anymore, she's going to regret it so much.

No. 642277


Mistaking body dysmorphia for gender dysphoria. When she checked in for surgery she found an acquaintance of hers there who happened to be getting her mastectomy the same day. It came across as a casual coincidence.

I wonder if she and the other gender theorists listen to the experiences of >>620913 if only to reify their own ideology. Or is it head in the sand?

No. 642466


Samefag to add that Ash attributes her discomfort with patriarchal gender roles to being transgender and reacts by changing herself.

No. 642912

Where did you get this?

No. 643025

Was posted in a group chat of Canadian cosplayers (including fakebois naturally), apparently this person said this last week thinking the person they were messaging was "truscum" so they all mass blocked.

Apparently there was this whole plan to trick a popular ex for followers and revenge. I don't know all the details.

No. 643069

Honestly if these people were exposed to knowledge that hating their bodies =/= being trans it would have saved them what's going to be years of confusion and regret

No. 643237

TBH if it was Kaiden and Kel it was probably about animeadult

No. 643255

They were all mad because the one was saying gender dress up about kel even though they don't like kel. Crowboy (if that's who it is the url they said was goth something) or whatever was saying a lot of stuff about manipulating kel so the person crowboy was messaging was intitially onboard.

No. 645641

File: 1532395706127.jpeg (191.79 KB, 750x1079, 2660200F-94FF-4957-B469-4D46EF…)

No. 645679

Those hips don’t lie

No. 646050

They broke up when she got too old and now she's dating a new 17 year old at 24.

No. 646572

File: 1532485998247.png (985.46 KB, 830x839, Screenshot_994.png)

Found this one arguing in FB comments white knighting trans women over an innocuous post about periods. They post screenshots of their white knighting arguments to their public facebook profile for attention

No. 646574

File: 1532486107463.png (600.15 KB, 505x510, Screenshot_996.png)

The only other shit they post about is anime boys & their cosplays of them. Most of them are completely casual.

No. 647127

File: 1532548190570.png (90.92 KB, 633x924, IMG_9062.PNG)

Such manly…Blynn is always a drama queen

No. 647273

File: 1532556234641.jpeg (125.93 KB, 750x839, 8B7E825F-9482-4174-A009-11F6C2…)

Boi who only cosplays girls
Bought a dress
Got mad at pride when she wore a skirt and got called a girl

No. 647276

Boobie top. Wants to be called a man.
Yes this is fine

No. 647295

File: 1532557115576.jpeg (181.97 KB, 750x1076, 4CDE419D-BF36-4D49-B69F-3D0CF4…)

No. 647297

File: 1532557191160.jpeg (180.43 KB, 750x981, 810C817A-76F7-49FC-9205-8F1638…)

Are you a boy or not?

No. 647337

She's also a trap fetishist, she can't get enough

No. 647406

I bet she thinks she is a trap. Newsflash, you’re a girl with a girl body

No. 647552


I noticed this trend among bois here that they like to shares 'women don't have to follow gender roles' posts.

Just commit to what you 'feel' jeez.

No. 647584

She dates trans girls and apparently posted a lot of weird trap lover stuff on either tumblr or Facebook

I'm sure she's pretending to be trans so she can fly under the radar with it

No. 647755

Yeah, lot of fakebois like to talk about how they're feminists while rejecting the "woman" label even though they're fine with their body and have feminine interests. It's so feminist to try to erase women.

No. 648031

>Nani the fuck


No. 648093

>you can clearly tell

No. 648119

File: 1532623482820.jpeg (402.87 KB, 1242x1899, image.jpeg)

Has this fake boy been talked about yet? Always bring up she's a boy, followers actually fall for it. When in PULL someone mentioned that it was actually a chick, claimed to be Korean Chinese and Swedish and wanted to study abroad in Korea when they actually just look 100% white

No. 648146

>Irl Shota

fucking disgusting.

No. 648519

File: 1532660358267.jpg (28.1 KB, 330x328, 134543243565.JPG)


Obviously a girl. I have a theory about why there are so many trans-trenders that present overly feminine: It's easier to push off any insecurities you have about yourself to an alternate persona. Instead of coping with the normal hormonal changes and self image issues associated with being a teenage girl, fakebois find it easier to excuse their insecurity by self-diagnosing with transexuality. And our social justice oriented society won't stop them because of that 0.001% of the population that does struggle with transexuality and making sure everyone feels valid and gets warm fuzzies.
>pic related - another one

No. 648528

nah they're just weebs who are too unattractive for the opposite sex to be interested in, and too ugly to actually feel comfortable expressing their femininity. so they present as men to get the attention of girls. the standards of attractiveness/attention switch drastically. suddenly they're super cute boys. it's all about insecure straight girls. that's why every time a fakeboi gets a boyfriend they go back to presenting as girls.

No. 648553

Always Aoba cosplayers seem to be fake boys

No. 648558

Not really. Most of them have just seen a bit too much yaoi and interpret their infatuation with gay men as being a gay man deep down, so they start larping as one larping as them. Just being a fujo is considered problematic on tumblr nowadays.

Also, ""real"" transsexuality is just as much of a meme as this shit is, if not more so. Idk why you're acting like it isn't. This isn't a trucum thread.

>too unattractive for [men] to be interested in
Literally impossible. Males will fuck anything with or without a pulse.

No. 648565

File: 1532665386638.jpeg (185.66 KB, 1183x555, image.jpeg)

Lmao I look at the cringy tags fake boi adds under all of her pics

No. 648594

>Literally impossible. Males will fuck anything with or without a pulse.
not a weeb with social anxiety who only leaves the house to go to cons dressed as a male anime character because they're too ugly to pull off a female one. and male weebs only go for the slutty waifus.

No. 648604

They very much would if said weeb would just go outside. Fr, 6/10> males (which is most if them) have no standards, they can't afford to.

Half the girls itt aren't even that ugly to boot. Many of them could easily pull off girl characters, but they only get off to being dressed like bishie yaoi twinks.

No. 648612

nta but you're missing their point here.

all these fakebois (a few of which i knew before they turned) want to be the pretty anime waifus and get a weeb guy who will want them to do stupid anime girl shit all the time. they are too insecure/ugly for those guys to want them, so they decided to play dress up as "kawaii yaoi dudes" in the hopes some gay version of those guys would want them. i know it sounds insane but weeb girls want those gross "incel" types of weeb dudes, who have ridiculous standards and only want 10/10 2.5D girls.

No. 648641

>This isn't a trucum thread.
>Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention, either as transmen or biological males (usually the former). These girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition

No. 648998

Maybe but not high school to young adult males who tend to care more about looks and last I checked, guys aren't pining after chicks who look like this lol.

No. 649010

Read the end of the last thread, it was supposed to be changed so you loons don't fall under the impression that you're welcome here. The anon who wrote that OP even confessed to being a former trucum trying to push their retarded agenda at the time the wrote it and agreed it should be changed. Take that shit to tumblr where it belongs and leave it there.

No. 649199


I agree with this one. Mostly because in there minds there are hoards of gross incel beta weebs that would just flock to this kind of stuff. Then they can become some sort of worshipped fakeboi but the only people dumb enough to reinforce their ideas are fakebois.

No. 650326

lawl i used to follow her personal account cause i thought she was kinda cute til i stumbled upon her cosplay acct and unfollowed. anyone still have the @?

No. 650337

If a girl wants to cosplay mostly male characters, but presents herself as female, not trans or bullshit like that, does that make her a fakeboi? Or should girls only cosplay as female characters?

No. 650381

Then she isn't a fakeboi, she's just crossplaying, there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 650640


I barfed in my mouth because if they wanted a weeb bf they would present femininely and not cut their hair.

theres two types of fakebois.

1. Ugly and/or fat women who think being a fakeboi could give them attention they never got.

2. Women who want to follow the instagram twink boy style so they decide to be fakebois. and most of the second are always lesbians.

No. 650647

after spending so long trying to "prove" masculinity, sometimes for some ppl its their way to escape the pressures for a while.

No. 650774

File: 1532924695553.jpeg (54.75 KB, 400x576, ACAD7C47-9696-4774-A561-D4C7D0…)

No. 651555

she's actually cute

No. 651565

She looks like an 80's meme gone wrong lmfao anon

No. 651582

Not anon but she's got a young bjork-esque face so I can see how it'd be appealing but I'm not personally into it

No. 653403

File: 1533125877567.jpeg (566.34 KB, 1242x1880, BC0C716E-8462-4991-8E26-C2A15D…)

“Transcendent queer energy”

No. 653539

Lol I hate when people do this "smirk", where they smile with only half of their mouth. Esp if they have no lips

No. 653773

File: 1533155694279.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 88A92518-0C45-452B-9D89-DF2338…)

What do you guys think of actual trans-boys doing girl cosplays? Wouldn’t something like this worsen dysphoria?

No. 654148


How do you know that person has dysphoria? I'm starting to be skeptical with these 'cosplay trans boi' who claims that they have dysphoria… Which ended up something else

No. 654154

they're literally all the same

No. 654183

Being trans is the scene phase

No. 654353

This person has mentioned dysphoria before, wears a binder/packer/takes testosterone and passes pretty ok. And he has two siblings who say that they’re trans too (they’re triplets. And I thought that him being trans could be true with all of these expensive efforts but he’s been doing some female cosplays/wearing wigs and it just seems like something like that would be something that a trans boy couldn’t do if they had dysphoria. I think that this one said that their dysphoria is brought on by not passing or being reminded of biological parts that they don’t have. One of his brothers seems legit and looks like he’s transitioned the most out of all of them. I’m still sketical of all of them being trans.

No. 654398

File: 1533187862629.jpeg (261.39 KB, 1334x750, 8C9DFDC5-93DE-49FD-A7F1-B5C217…)

Samefagging but I went through his account I found these female cosplays and posts about transitioning and dysphoria. I’m just confused. I can understand that maybe thinking that female cosplays are ok bc cis men crossplay? But if you want to feel like a cis male by doing T and binding then why would you do these cosplays where you don’t bind or look like a girl?

No. 654512

Being on T doesn't mean she's an "actual trans boy". I looked her up and she acts like the typical fujoshi with a fakeboi gf. They're just lesbians that watched too much anime. If she actually had dysphoria she wouldn't be ok with making her breasts visible in cosplay…
But she seems genuinely confused, like she has body dysmorphia and isn't doing this for attention.

No. 654545

From what I've looked, feels like a typical fujo. It's easy to claim self-hate from other issues, or 'social dysphoria' from gender role as actual dysphoria when it's not.

But unlike scene phase, medical procedures are irreversible. I don't know if I should feel sorry or laugh when these fakebois detransitioned

No. 654632

Scene came with its own shit though, brass knuckle implants, eating disorders, pedophilia from band members, stretched ears, shitty tattoos and piercings

These girls didn't want boobs, they might stay happy with that or they may get implants one day.

It's not that irreversible people are already detransitioning.

No. 654685

Testosterone can have permanent changes though, a lot of detransitioned women end up with a weird voice

No. 655111

Their voices are hardly deep now they just sound like lollipop gang members

No. 655730

File: 1533320944123.png (703.13 KB, 533x955, Bez tytułu.png)

>rn my ratio is more not dudes than dudes which is funny cuz i'm a gay guy

No. 655829

Sorry for OT but the fuck is wrong with people who try to force people to be “active” when then follow? Is that more likely to get someone on the Explore page or something? Idgi.

No. 656168

I could easily make a bunch if ocs based off of transtranders alone.

No. 656271

Cuz I’m a gay guy.

No one cares

No. 656562

>cuz i'm a gay guy

this is sad

No. 657365

more like 1 oc cuz they're all the same

No. 659032

File: 1533681673646.png (617.06 KB, 811x597, Kbau7V6.png)

I know this guy! …person. He says he's cis on both his main and cosplay account, even posted pictures with himself in underwear to… prove it? I guess? Even though it's very obvious from his voice changing throughout his timeline he got testosterone.

>obvious binder is obvious

No. 659307

Love the fake ill look, it's interesting how she applies it to every cosplay too


No. 660259

File: 1533788694897.png (121.42 KB, 239x248, 7OkdIFb.png)

>>659032 samefag
Thought I'd go ahead and add onto this once more because I found his yt channel.

(2 years ago) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al6jOPpPz68
(2 months ago) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB9Z_eIQNHQ&t=

>Wild Adams Apple has appeared!

I don't know why these fakebois always try to pass as cis, especially when you have posts up that go against your word.

No. 660323


We've been talking about this Royalkaz since the previous thread, this person is spectacular mess. There were a few pictures that showed photoshopped out tits, it was bad.

'Never grow up' that shirt means a lot.

No. 660347

I wonder if she's in Toronto, would be interesting to see her out and about.

No. 660713

why are you using male pronouns in the fakeboi thread

No. 660763

Honestly, no idea.

No. 661360

Okay, but making a testosterone themed menhera outfit implies trans is a mental illness so lmfao. These loons.

No. 662589

File: 1534051088354.jpeg (155.73 KB, 712x1071, B4B1897C-76EF-4158-92DB-AA26E6…)

No. 663206

File: 1534117408742.png (124.39 KB, 640x976, IMG_9165.PNG)

Another "Demiboy" who looks…like a girl

No. 663223

If this person is so proud of being ~**androgynous**~, why would that be disappointing? This literally makes no sense.

No. 663590

File: 1534172698502.png (161.94 KB, 978x1080, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 11.0…)

in other words "being trans is my main personality trait"

No. 664367

File: 1534263845839.jpeg (346.35 KB, 750x927, B8F91B86-90DB-4A6F-8C5A-7C53AD…)

So this is why all of these people who are trans boys think it’s ok to enhance their biological feminine traits. A cis man getting hated on and called a girl, sissy, or weak for doing something that’s not traditionally manly like crying, liking makeup, or fashion is toxic masculinity. You can tell that those people are biological men because of their faces, voices, and bodies. If a guy (cis or trans) has a feminine face or features and can’t do anything about it then that’s fine. But you would think that a trans man who hasn’t transitioned yet or still looks girly wouldn’t want to be doing stuff like putting on makeup, not hiding boobs, or being ok with showing their body pretransition because being reminded that you have feminine features when you don’t want them and being afraid that you’re going to get misgendered would cause dysphoria. If a trans boy says that they have dysphoria then don’t mind binding their boobs, or put on makeup or have long hair then I don’t believe them. If you’re trying to get away from looking feminine wouldn’t you avoid those things pre-transition? When a girl has small boobs, short hair or doesn’t wear makeup you can still tell that they’re a girl. But when trans men say they they’re men during pre-transition they either look like prepubescent boys or girls with short hair. I feel like wanting to look and associate with the feminine things that should give you dysphoria especially all at once seems so ridiculous.

No. 665209

Who's this?

No. 665221

the reason the other trans men in the community put yall down is because you're making them look like a joke. its fine to wear makeup and id as a boy esp if you're a teenager but if you're in your 20s calling yourself a soft trans boy completely dressing like a chick then whats the entire point? most of these people are adults and call themselves boys….why not men? that is so transparent.

No. 665228

>you're making them look like a joke
they literally are one

No. 665239

>Extremely masculine

Because not wearing a dress and not wearing makeup is extremely masculine now.
I wish they could hear themselves because if they met a feminist she'd rip their hair out.
These chicks have "I'm not like other girls"-ed themselves into thinking they're men but they've fucked up and started dressing like other girls.

I think the majority of them are inspired by the attention the older eff tee em women who got popular and the rest think they're trans because of eating disorders. Hating your chest seems like a common thing for lesbians and people with eating disorders, but these kids are learning to hate their chests from other people. That binder company is probably making hoards of money.

The older people like Haku, Cain, Oliver, etc seem perfectly happy in lesbian relationships but just have the aesthetic of looking what they decided is what a guy is supposed to look like.

Cain and Em bailed on ig though, which is kind of sad because I loved comparing their shoops to their candids.

No. 665318


Whats happened to that person? I haven't heard that name in a while

No. 665552

Selling old cosplays it looks like

No. 665825

File: 1534382106890.jpeg (489.44 KB, 1511x2015, B7630E45-2172-4E8B-949A-D8CFF7…)

Gets mad when they call her a her

No. 665827

jeez someone's gonna get killed

No. 665828

File: 1534382254885.jpeg (122.85 KB, 720x960, D06BB6CC-71D0-408C-A3E5-AD7527…)

Those eyebrows

No. 665875

You seem lost.


No. 666090

So your fate is being a girl and you're just being a rebel? They don't even believe their own shit

No. 666780

When she posted about wearing lolita a bunch of lolitas chimes in saying her coord needed work. She then was like “I didn’t ask for crit, I don’t want any, leave me alone boo hoo etc”

No. 666783

not lost, was just looking at it from a pov of a "real trans man" aka one who tries to pass and is on T and has to deal with these people being grouped with them. even if we're going off that they're all females anyways i can see how its annoying for them lol

No. 666814

File: 1534480284143.jpg (189.24 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pcp0t7agvf1vjfcwko4_128…)

look at this monstrosity (pedochan) who even has it's own thread

No. 666918

Kinda OT(?) but I've been wondering: how old are most of these fakebois? I feel like most of them can't be much older than 20 but IDK. Do they ever grow out of this phase? Can they ever be employed with this kind of online presence attached to their name? Do they even go to school?
I just can't see any kind of future for these kinds of people until they grow the fuck up and either actually transition or drop the act and get their shit together.

>Sage for being a concerned idiot despite a lot of them being total asshats

No. 666990


A lot of them are under 20, but many that are shown here are already in their 20s. I have never seen any fakeboi in their 30s though. I guess at that point they either drop this BS or transition.

Or that it's a new fad that hasn't been long enough to have older members

They can grow out of it, search Kaden for example. But I'm predicting a lot of them will learn a hard lesson before that (unsatisfactory transitioning, social consequences etc.)

Most of them don't show their all their real identity online, luckily. From the stories anons are telling here a fair number of them are employed, although I won't guarantee how long they'll keep the job. So many of these are about them getting fired.

It's a stereotype they're in art school/theatre kids, these are 18-19 or early 20s. Bonus point if in animation course.

I just hope they grow the fuck up to, I don't know if I should feel bad for them anymore seeing what kind of mess the future have for us to see.


Worse I've seen yet, why they go hand in hand with munchies..

No. 666993



Lol. She's an amazing example. Theres a thread on her here somewhere.

I follow her insta and she's basically deleted all her old pics of her during her "trans" phase.

No. 667013

I think the fakeboi who drew the op pic was 30

No. 667014

File: 1534515305993.png (1.79 MB, 1196x1192, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.1…)

this one is over 30 and still won't change their "uwu genderqweer demispaceboy" schtick.

No. 667033

amy didn't even start this till recently. her whole MO is being "hip with the kids" a few years ago she befriended my male friend and convinced to do burlesque shit when he was 18. if she were male there'd be way more red flags.

No. 667036

What I'd really like to know is how is she so bad at makeup? she looks more like a mtf than an actual female.

That's pretty fucking creepy anon ngl. 30 year olds shouldn't even be talking to 18 year olds. Let alone help them take their clothes off in front of people.

No. 667068

Surprisingly a lot of them are 20+. I guess being exposed to all the communities online long enough fucks you up in the head so badly that when you pass the 20+ threshold you start sinking deeper into it. As you're out of high school and probably sort of lost with your life you start experimenting with crazy shit. The 14-16yo fakebois are mostly rebelling like your basic ass teenagers and grow out of it when they become older, but older fakebois do it because.. that's all they have, basically? The validation it brings to be the uwu trans victim/kawaii fashion icon uwu gives your life purpose when you don't have anything else.

A lot of people ITT are kind of oversimplifying the issue with fakebois, it's really not just "fujos who read too much yaoi". Some of them are lesbians who feel uncomfortable expressing their homosexuality as a woman, some of them have a boatload of internalized misogyny, some of them are in it because they feel left out when all their friends are doing it, some of them are just histrionic bitches who latch onto every fad there is.

No. 667074

File: 1534523103473.jpg (73.8 KB, 680x777, 61ca2ba2535c14a2025ef5be2d3640…)

> she befriended my male friend and convinced to do burlesque shit when he was 18.

wew lad

No. 667359

oh yeah, they're a bonafide munchie. self diagnosed autism and all. changes gender like the wind and thinks asexuals are gay.

No. 667434

i think amy decided to do this shit after her s/o started hormone treatment.

No. 668512

File: 1534719807479.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.62 KB, 1748x984, cumpuppy.jpg)

Don't remember which thread she was mentioned, but did you know cumpuppy is selling porn now? Shit, I wonder who are those pervs jacking off to videos of fake bois? It's all cringe. Check it out on manyvids.

No. 668849

File: 1534779131398.jpg (84.59 KB, 540x720, 1426025155536.jpg)

I've been wondering, is Haku still active online? Did she already drop the fakeboi thing?

No. 668917

They go by Misha now. Looks like they are living full time as a man.

No. 670343

haha reminds me of this boooi
also claims to be cis male

No. 670393

It still annoys me they never really apologized for lying about saying they were part Japanese for years. (the Japanese relative was married in, not blood) And then after getting brutally called out finally they switched to change their whole persona into a "cool slavic russian" when they are just melting pot plain American like any other white person there and yet got away with the new identity theft because they are white kek

No. 670769

Not one masculine photo.This is sad she isn’t even trying. Simply just saying “I’m a boy”

No. 671012

File: 1535006991878.png (435.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-23-08-49-23…)

yeah… that totally happened

No. 671019

haha oh, just saw that that is pastelbats "bf"
she("he") cheated on a FAKE GURL to be with PB hahaha
it was a shitstorm, wish I had caps

No. 671136

This one looks like Kel with that horse face

No. 672096

File: 1535116953044.jpeg (83.75 KB, 640x453, 1513672312032.jpeg)

No. 672241

how are these trannies any different than conversion therapist? these people are fucking creepy

No. 672313

File: 1535135104887.png (1.59 MB, 1190x886, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.0…)

I sort've can't believe that this person hasn't been brought up yet, but no fakeboi makes me cringe harder than Love Prelog.

> Was a pretty cute dyke

> Hopped on SJW bandwagon and started taking T illegally (ordered gels online)
> Insists on full eyebrow makeup/dyke outfits/long dykey hairstyle despite "being a man"
> Never passed and started legal HRT through insurance
> Makes many cringey videos of themselves dancing in heels and singing about ~daddy~
> Botched top surgery
> Constant whining about being "misgendered" and refusing to work as a result
> Posts several embarrassing and feminizing semi-nude selfies with queer erotic "poetry" captions
> Never grew facial hair despite three years of HRT and decided to publicly give up on testosterone. Blames society for ever wanting to pass as male in the first place
> Second botched top surgery leaving her with no nipples and shitty asymmetrical scars
> Has shared openly that they might regret it, but is going ahead with surgical consultations for bottom surgery anyway
> Nude selfies intensify
> Got a job as a teacher??
> Got weird hair transplant procedure done & posts incessantly about it along with erotic captions

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/love.pascal.prelog/?hl=en

No. 672319

File: 1535135479256.png (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 1854x1184, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.2…)

samefag but can you blame me

No. 672332

what the fuck!

No. 672345

File: 1535136598007.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1858x1180, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.4…)

"'Beware of dirty old men' my dad always told me
And now I say "dad" to dirty old men"

No. 672381

Why are trannies so obsessed with erasing the gay identity? It's freaking gross

No. 672394

I think it's cus they wish they were gay men

No. 672403


I think it's because most FTMs start out as lesbians & therefore rooted in a gay identity, but lesbians have never really been taken seriously even in LGBT spaces. Most of the irl LGBT scene (bars, media, etc) cater almost exclusively to men, lesbians have always been cast to the shadows.

So I think a lot of these fakebois have internalized misogyny on top of admiring the attention that gay men get. Plus, nobody really wants to fuck FTMS except gay men, so there's also some settling at play here.

It's really sad. Butch lesbians becoming men, only to end up taking dick out of desperation and loneliness.

No. 672469

why do all the fucking FTMs, fakebois and so on have those retarded nose rings?

No. 672478


normally i'm good at translating genderspecial but who exactly is this person attracted to? the nsfw pics make it seem like they're trying to be a sub for actual males but anon called her a dyke

No. 672621

Most FTM started out as lesbian, but most fakeboi type of FTM started out as straight girls, cosplay is always involved… I wonder. These are the one who clearly want dicks.

Internalized Misogyny is real of course, but these fakebois seem to be caught up in gender roles/expectation of women and them being ~Not like other girls~

No. 672626

Most FTM started out as lesbian, but most fakeboi type of FTM started out as straight girls, fandom obsession is always involved so are issues like depression & anxiety… I wonder. These are the one who clearly want dicks..

I feels like they're opposite sex equivalent of coder transbians. Sort of a escapism of themselves

Internalized Misogyny is real of course, these fakebois seem to be caught up in gender roles/expectation of women and them being ~Not like other girls~, to them means they are not women.

No. 672632

I fucked up, trying to delete my post for edit but it said wrong password

No. 672633

Most of these girls aren't lesbians. If they were, they wouldn't be taking dick under any circumstances. They're AAP fujoshits. Some of the ones who fuck eachother are lesbians, but most of them are straight girls who want to fuck real gay men because that's what gets them off.

No. 672827


And reading the rest of the poem provides no clarity:

Not in general but to ensure when they ejaculate
To the bigger of mine because I'm not a woman
But can I play "pussy"? Or is it too real?
Too similar to the terminology
Of the shapes we learned in the biology
With focus on phobia, tell me
Did you take it is as well?
On the other hand- it's obligatory

No. 672982

File: 1535215137648.jpeg (457.23 KB, 750x1077, 91BA735A-CB7F-4B66-9839-2D1403…)

I’m pretty sure this person is interested in men now, although they just broke up with a woman they had been dating for years and had exclusively been with women before transitioning.

This is actually something I see a lot in FTM circles, lifelong lesbians becoming curious about men now that they think they are one.
Many FTMs I know lose their gold star a year or two into transition, no matter how gay they used to be. It’s not just the cosplaying fujo types that want the D

No. 673112

File: 1535225364612.jpg (55.57 KB, 540x303, ket.jpg)

>I think a lot of these fakebois have internalized misogyny on top of admiring the attention that gay men get

ok but this tho, gay men a shitton of attention and so these people see this and probably think; I want that attention too. I want to be a cute uwu gay boi, so I can get a qt gay bf and not have to deal with the baggage of being a woman (or god forbid a gay woman.) The trans label is also a plus, it's kind of like a safe guard so if you criticize them they can just label you as trans-phobic and have their tumblr friends/followers come after you.

>Plus, nobody really wants to fuck FTMS except gay men, so there's also some settling at play here

Is that really true tho? I thought gay men were completely put off by FTMs, which is why a lot of fakebois usually get with woman or other fakebois. Or in rare cases they had a bf beforehand who is just playing along with the sudden trans thing.

No. 673161

It is a pretty well-reported thing for HRT to affect your orientation or attraction, even flip it in some cases.

No. 673168


>Not have to deal with the baggage of being a woman (or god forbid a gay woman.)

Precisely this.

>I thought gay men were completely put off by FTMs

At least on the West Coast, this is not the case. I've had lots of different guys explain their attraction to FTMs to me, and they all sort've say similar things.

First, there are a lot of men out there actually specifically looking for trans guys. These men usually ID as bisexual, and are attracted to men physically but for whatever reason don't actually enjoy gay sex/anal. For them, FTMs are truly the ideal situation. These types of guys are mostly attracted to masculine/passing FTMS and are just as confused as the rest of us about the fakeboi types.

Second, there are a lot of desperate bisexual men that just don't care if they end up with an FTM. It's just pussy to them.

>It is a pretty well-reported thing for HRT to affect your orientation or attraction, even flip it in some cases.

Thanks for bringing this up, you're absolutely right. Transbian MTFs deal with this too

No. 673196


There's a little bit more to this.

The plain truth is that most trans people have little to no experience with the gender they hope to be prior to transition.

Transmisogyny is a pretty well documented phenomenon, in which transwomen demonstrate hatred towards actual women in small and big ways. Consider that most transwomen start out as gay men or nerdy shut-ins. The truth is that they actually have very little experience or understanding of actual women- their bodies, their struggles, their lives. All they know is how women are represented in media, etc, and they idolize the image of woman. So, once they feel confident that they've achieved their perceived image of woman, they consider themselves to be one.

Once crossing that bridge, that they feel they have attained womanhood, perhaps it becomes easier to get closer to women and be intimate with them. Gigi Gorgeous and her girlfriend Nats Getty come to mind, Gigi was a gay man growing up, but after 4 years of transitioning is now engaged to and having PIV sex with a cis woman.

My argument is that once the "foreignness" of womanhood wears off, transwomen feel more comfortable actually achieving intimacy with real women. And the same for transmen.

Am I making sense? Feel like my points might be getting lost in the sea of buzzwords, lol

No. 673214

fuck yes. she recently tried to explain her sexual orientation in a video (in swedish). she seriously admitted that shes only turned on by people calling her a man, telling her they like her imaginary dick. When she rambled about the words she finds sexy she also talked about how she gets horny when people call her "bög" which means a male homosexual - only to go on and talk about a "funny story" about how a kid she is the teacher of called her a bög…..

No. 673259

Do you think he (?) really is 16yo?

No. 673262

Transmisogyny is the specific kind of misogyny that trans women face, not internalised misogyny by trans women.

No. 673268

Nta, but transwomen don't face any type of misogyny. They can face misandry and homophobia and they sure as hell can be misogynists, but since they are men, they can not and do not experience any form of misogyny.

TL;DR the term "transmisogyny" only exists to humor them. It means misandry/homophobia.

No. 673279

Misandry isn't real lmao.

No. 673304

I know, but I didn't know what else to call it. Outside of homophobia, MTF troons' issues aren't real either. It's the same shit.

No. 673314


whew, did they send this fakeboi into a loony bin?

why not?

No. 673329

are you male or retarded?

No. 673351


Can't keep up with these terms, sounds like you understood the point that I was making.

Tinfoil but from what I've seen a lot of transwomen hate women & transmen hate men, deep down inside

No. 673521

lol it is and it can be just let it be real. just because it's not ~systematic~ doesn't mean shit.

No. 673679

>McCoy the Cuntboy
I'm dead, Jim.

If half of the men they meet online are some humpty dumpty looking females with PCOS and no sense of style, at least the gay bar scene will flourish again. Can't fake a dick if someone's grabbing it. These spoons and enbies and wtf ever rarely take their Tumblr convictions out for a tour in the real world.

Real talk: there's plenty of men who will literally fuck anything, and once incels figure out they just have to pretend they're gay to get their dicks wet in fakeboi puss, we'll have a rash of more trauma.

Mental illness. In the future we'll have an AI that can figure out which people should not be online for their own mental health. Until then, we have lolcows.

No. 673681

There's a latino guy constantly whining that other gays don't want him on grinder. He has huge tits that he loves to expose so I thought he might be a fakeboi, with PCOS responsible for the neckbeard, but apparently not.

No. 674056

File: 1535332108081.png (21.27 KB, 403x166, chrome_2018-08-26_20-07-51.png)

No. 674265


Iggy Oddity is an intersex though, personally I would make an exception regarding gender issues on this type. Unless he is a cow in other way. (Which is likely)

No. 674272

As if the gay bar scene has ever been anything but a bunch of misogynistic faggots sidelining lesbians and treating women like shit.

No. 674289

Heaps of these people conflate queer with fat.

Someone took its precioussss.

Ouran high school larp.

It's not misogyny if they're male.

No. 674332

No she's not, people keep saying that because they think she has Turner Syndrome but I'm FB friends with her and that's not what she has. I don't remember what it is but it's not Turner's. She's definitely AFAB but insists on being called he/him.
Totally a cow in other ways too though, major MAJOR munchie hypochondriac and a major case of "I like art films and listen to weird underground music, I'm INTERESTING and UNIQUE"

No. 674467

I've noticed a big contributing factor to the amount of fakebois popping up everywhere is gay fiction targeted at young women. Not just yaoi, but some western media even. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this, but there's a show in Norway called Skam that's targeted at teenage girls. Their recent season featured a gay teenage couple named Isak and Even, which got super popular on Tumblr even among English speakers. Ever since then I've noticed the name "Isak" in that exact spelling is an extremely common transboy name despite the fact that none of them are Scandinavian. They obviously named themselves after that character lol.

I wish whoever's making these stupid television shows, novels, etc. about gay guys for the entertainment of teenage girls would fucking stop. It's always an inaccurate representation of what gay men are actually like because actual gay romance would be considered icky to a young girl, and this inaccurate representation only causes them to fetishize gays. It harms both gay men and the mentally ill young women who take their fetish too far to the point of transitioning.

People are always complaining about gross sexualization of lesbians for male entertainment, as they should, but why is no one talking about this?

No. 674492

Mate, that's the whole point of entertainment, it makes everything more attractive than in real life. Just to name a few: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos etc. If you think that drugs dealing, middle age life or being in mafia is as fun as they picture it, think about it twice. Girls are impressionable and they will copy any dumb shit if they think it's cool. Esp if they are retarded, too. Plus ideas spread faster on the internet nowadays. If people can't differentiate between real life relationships and what they see on a stupid show — that's their problem, not the show.

No. 674519

This x 1,000. Gay men are still men and have the privilege women will never have in current society. If anything, they are worse than straight men but their sexism is 'excused' because mug opression.

No. 674760


Perhaps I'm less GC than many of you here, and I've seen bad things done by gay men to women. But I feel like it's this overgeneralization that made GC viewpoints so detested. Although I could see that in this situation the harm would be mostly done on these girls who thought they're becoming 'their real self'.



Real question here, Is there a way to stop these fakebois from doing more harm to themselves? They're in the social circle that encourages it. Especially the groups where 'normal people' can be demonized and they take honor the f being an outcast.

In a few years time how would society deals with these dysfunctional detransitioners? Now it's so easy to get hormones/surgery with money. Which undoubtedly these girls do.

No. 674930


It's really interesting you say that, because I've heard transmisogyny thrown around a lot on twitter as meaning "misogyny against transwomen" rather than transwomen's misogyny against normal women.

No. 674931

Newfag here - is there a similar thread for transtrender MTFs? I see a lot on twitter and know a few IRL, but can't seem to find a thread on snow.

Thanks for any help chaps

No. 674974

No. 674995

File: 1535465751914.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1080, 20398335_498827610450162_75160…)

@respectful_toasting on IG. Redeemable or not? She doesn't explicitly say she's trans in her bio but she presents as a fakeboi nonetheless.

No. 674996

File: 1535465783952.jpg (174.42 KB, 1080x1349, 14693682_354226271584917_17117…)

No. 675004

In what universe is this harming gay men? They have more rights and representation than ever. Gay men are doing pretty fuckin well these days. Fetishizing gay dudes just gets money thrown at their community these days. What this fakeboi nonsense and yaoi-hyping really does is erase and devalue lesbians and GNC women generally, and THAT is bullshit.

No. 675051


Thanks anon!

No. 675056

I agree with this fullheartedly and I'm glad this came up.

It looks like tumblr fakebois are women-hating women who have taken gay shipping way too far, and that your average ftm is a he/him lesbian. Nobody told these girls what these feelings meant, nobody told them wanting to be androgynous was okay and they were told pronouns and gender don't mean anything in the same breath as the idea that if you are gnc that means you're trans or nonbinary. It's practically one idiot grooming the next and I'm almost excited for when these people grow up and realize they weren't deterred by their role models and actually encouraged by them to undergo surgeries.

If you're looking to make money in the next few years I'd get into hair removal, breast augmentation, or start some kind post-ftm support group. I'm expecting a few books by every sad ayden and kaiden.

These girls aren't ruining their life just because they're doing surgeries, they're ruining their lives as well by roleplaying gay boys online. Don't get me started on how they all think they have BPD for feeling normal dramatic teenage emotions. This is what poor research and poor education gets you.

No. 675087

Don't you love those "dom seme" 5'5 fakebois with soft features posting about how "daddy" they look?

No. 675095

I don't really see any fakeboi qualities here other than maybe being a cosplayer? But if they don't even say they're trans or have pronouns in their bio you might as well be posting them just for being gender nonconforming.

No. 675096

I've seen this concept on tumblr a lot but what is a he/him lesbian and why would you want to be called he if you consider yourself a woman? Genuinely asking not trying to be shitty.

No. 675118

AFAIK most he/him lesbians just don't feel comfortable with the societal expectations of being female/"femininity" and use he/him to distance themselves from womanhood, but not necessarily from their sex. I think many fakebois go through similar feelings and don't realise that changing pronouns doesn't really fix any of the struggles they may face as gnc women in the real world.

No. 675444

File: 1535523215250.jpeg (84.23 KB, 547x547, DlEZ1NwUcAATohJ.jpeg)

No. 675745

Wouldn't that be tomboys then?

No. 675803

File: 1535573822703.png (162.89 KB, 500x316, tumblr_pb9hp1mN921u17xrqo1_500…)

Butches and tomboys make sense, but making people call you "he" but insisting you're a woman seems like a bigger leap in logic than just being a trans man. Can't you just be butch and go by she? From an outside perspective it makes no sense and people already struggle so much to conceptualize trans stuff as it is. There's nothing wrong with being a woman, you can still be a woman and dress and act any way you want.

No. 675851

A+ post anon.
>I'm almost excited for when these people grow up and realize they weren't deterred by their role models and actually encouraged by them to undergo surgeries.
I agree. I, like a lot of other people, went through my fakeboi phase before I realized I was gay and after hitting my peak trans about a year ago I got mad at the whole trans craze. But now I'm just rubbing my hands together waiting for all of them to realize what they've done to themselves after a total double mastectomy and losing all of their head hair and gaining it everywhere else in their body thanks to the testosterone treatment. But without even reaching for any convoluted big pharma conspiracies the whole trans "industry" has a lot of money flowing through it at the moment though so we might have to wait for a while.

It's not as easy as to just come terms to not meeting the societal expectations placed on women. People might claim that sexism is over, but young girls growing up as butch lesbians don't receive much support. Instead people keep telling you to try to be more feminine or else you can't be a girl. Of course you SHOULD be able to live as a butch woman. It should be encouraged instead of telling these young girls that they should cut off their tits and start injecting hormones. As someone who went through this shit since early childhood, it not having any role models or anyone telling you that it's okay to be a.) non-ladylike b.) a lesbian you start doubting if you were supposed to be female at all.

No. 675889

File: 1535579055770.png (31.42 KB, 768x388, 9-progress-final.png)

No. 675897

File: 1535579402130.png (207 KB, 720x923, IMG_20180829_234609.png)

Just found this one.

No. 675899

File: 1535579459806.png (503.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180829-234434.png)


Honestly, I don't get it.

No. 675901

File: 1535579504412.png (Spoiler Image,541.15 KB, 719x905, IMG_20180829_234645.png)


Not even trying

No. 675907

Internalized misogyny is the only explanation for this. This person becomes dysphoric when making themselves look like their supposed gender but insists they're not a woman. If making an effort to look androgynous makes you uncomfortable maybe you're not trans?

No. 675916

Gay men are worshipped these days, I'm sure they love it. Don't know why some women are always defending them either seeing as they're pretty fucking misogynistic, but who talks about that?

No. 675955

File: 1535584119311.png (1.53 MB, 944x1156, file.png)

lmao "petrichor" is tattooed on her face

No. 676007

She gauge her lip, WHY??!!

No. 676051

it looks like she's in the process of removing it…or is it just a badly done tattoo?

No. 676516

I just noticed she has dreads. Why

No. 676554

This is the one claiming to be Afro-Latina? Lmao that is a WHITE GIRL.

No. 676681

File: 1535674104390.png (Spoiler Image,2.19 MB, 1002x2406, Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 02.0…)

But come on, at least she has a name of a satanist dude, must be a man then!

Thank you anon for bringing in more lulz. I dunno if she's milky, but there is another fat SW who claims autism and disability, and being THEY/HE, while presenting herself totally feminine, because it's good for her work and it's too tiring to explain every client that she's a man. It seems even in porn it's a trendy leftist thing now to be a fake tranny.

No. 676808

I simply have no words. I lurked a bit and from what she says and what I saw on insta, her ideal of a man is Marilyn Manson, Damien from Bride of Chucky and some Danzig dude. If she's been fat already, taking testosterone for 6 months of course would not bring her closer to her "ideal", lol. In her vids she acts and talks completely feminine, if she would not claim she took T for 6 months, I wouldn't even guess. If she's the same way vegan as she is trans, she's eating meat every night. She must be severely mentally ill… The delusion is sky high. Can't explain but she gives me vibes of those boys in school who were listening to Eminem in 90's and believed they were nigs (just what she claims).

No. 677131

>fakeboi posts photos in dress and makeup
lmao every fucking time

No. 677490

File: 1535758743518.png (2.75 MB, 1250x1892, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 01.2…)

Shocking news! Back to being a girl that she's always been.

No. 677520

they always go back to being women. rofl. All trans people are the same, really.

Did she get her tits chopped off too?

No. 677524

Just checked her profile and she has a very cis male boyfriend, yet when she was trans she had a trans boyfriend. Her gender changes depending on who she's banging?

No. 677526

and that's the entire point of what's wrong with trans people. they go on about feeling like they're in the wrong body, but all they're doing is going against gender norms and societal norms, which there is nothing wrong with. I've been a lesbian and tomboy all my life, so it really grinds my gears to see dykes and butch lesbians get labeled as trans just because they aren't traditionally femme. it's erasing gay identity.

No. 677536

Samefag, but
>"That's when he (trans boyfriend) brought in non binary..
Which helped me understand where I fit in"

At around 6:23 in this video
So in short, yes.

No. 677539

She will never chop off her tits, because she spends all her fans' money on makeup and clothes and drugs.

Exactly what it got me thinking. You remove those genderqueer people from those girls' surrounding and they become normal again. I knew several of those girls who got impressed by all this "I'm a dude living in a wrong body" so they converted within a week and some go even further turning themselves into freaks and later regretting them. Always true for trans trenders.

No. 677566

File: 1535765755341.png (3.28 MB, 924x3667, 798241.png)

Feel free to check out https://twitter.com/Stardust_Fawn
Clearly a girl, pretends to be a boy transitioning into trans girl. It's so blatant it's almost ironic but she never really drops the act and she keeps constantly referencing it.
You can go back down her timeline and see tons of cases of her arguing that she really is a boy and has no clue why she has breasts and looks like a girl.

No. 677580

Those are not breasts, you tranny hater, how dare you! They are bunny ears.

No. 677590

File: 1535766855524.jpeg (338.78 KB, 750x714, 651DD70C-29F8-4541-9B53-BBF9BE…)

She’s on estrogen? Weird. Her Tumblr is lotus-void.tumblr.com and filled with #trap and nonsense about “feeling dysphoric.”

No. 677596

Double post to say her boyfriend is actually a trap who sucks his own dick on cam… So that's gotta be a fakeboi powerlevel of some sort.

No. 677611

a legit circumgender lmao. passes as an mtf troon well too outside of maybe the body, rip. i guess that's a good tactic for uglies to get attention. can you post more proof it's a fakeboi?

No. 677768

File: 1535795381723.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, IMG_20180901_104321.jpg)

Maybe the most clichéd and to the letter fakeboi just followed me on insta

No. 677786

File: 1535800432221.png (3.86 MB, 1870x962, B08C0041-F2F7-49AD-874B-7D2FF1…)

Looking at their old tumblr selfies they definitely look more mannish and have no body shape or breast compared to recent so it’s obviously them just lying about just starting on hormones when they’ve had steady breast growth before “recently starting”.
It doesn’t help when whenever someone asks them about how they have boobs with no estrogen they don’t even answer it directly, they just mention being on puberty blockers which has nothing to do with them growing boobs since they claim to be trans? Stopping testosterone production in your body doesn’t suddenly make it produce estrogen on its own lol

that or they shoop/use bra inserts.

No. 677797

File: 1535801736027.png (3.87 MB, 1604x962, 5A9C2B7E-E683-4303-B078-665E27…)

Also here’s a comparison of their face from when they most likely started estrogen vs recent. As you can see their bangs do a lot to hide their unfortunate guy eyebrows/forehead and they generally got better at angles and also boosting the contrast so you can’t distinguish their features

No. 677929

Jesus christ this account is disgusting. I'll give her credit for totally acing the gross fetishist AGP transgirl act though. She's what the rainbow sock freaks wish they were.

No. 677942

File: 1535824923329.png (157.87 KB, 495x451, stardustfawn.PNG)

No, anon. Titty skittles are not some magical pills that give you "thicc thighs" and wide hips with a thin waist, or soft facial features and big, feminine eyes. Good god she's even bullshitting that estrogen and testosterone blockers are the reason she's not growing any facial hair on her tumblr. She's lying out of her ass and cashing in on the trap fad lonely, misogynistic neckbeards have latched on. She's not the first one to do it, nor is she the last one that will do it.

No. 678419

Where is milk? Random pics of ugly unshaved girls are not milk.

No. 680160

More milk? Thread is running hilariously dry. Have we covered most of the popular ones, or am I just not looking hard enough?

No. 680184

File: 1536017958816.jpeg (207.34 KB, 750x1035, 973C4A3C-EC16-4405-89B4-4E5F9B…)

No. 680199

jesus fucking christ

No. 680223

File: 1536020767153.jpeg (445.12 KB, 1511x2015, 6779383C-BAB5-4F2C-ADD3-B95B58…)

He/him do not misgender

No. 680271

Lookin like that kid from Stranger Things

No. 680945

File: 1536097269623.jpeg (174.85 KB, 750x738, E297E8D7-CF94-4901-A463-9D6779…)

Clearly Japanese and clearly a man

No. 680946

File: 1536097287950.jpeg (167.12 KB, 722x960, 43764838-4BBD-4145-97CC-25930E…)

No. 680947

File: 1536097330959.jpeg (163.38 KB, 722x960, 8AE996D8-3D94-4D6C-BED1-93ADA0…)

False eyelashes so manly

No. 681101

Too bad she’s a fakeboi this is a cute girly outfit

No. 681159

Aw she’s a cute kid (also still a year away from being fair game) I imagine she’ll out grow it she has a lot of other interests that’ll take over

No. 681190

What’s their @?

No. 681233

No. 681236

These rotten cunts should feel blessed that they'll never experience the hell existence of being a tranny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681350


Butthurt fakeboi spotted.

No. 681454


Someone did a study on this shit, and it's everything you'd expect. It's just a social contageon trend like emo or goth shit.

>Along with the sudden or rapid onset of gender dysphoria, the AYAs belonged to a friend group where one or multiple friends became gender dysphoric and came out as transgender during a similar time as they did (21.5%), exhibited an increase in their social media/internet use (19.9%), both (45.3%), neither (5.1%), and don’t know (8.2%). For comparisons, the first three categories will be combined and called “social influence” (86.7%) and the last two combined as “no social influence” (13.3%). Nearly half (47.4%) of the AYAs had been formally diagnosed as academically gifted, 4.3% had a learning disability, 10.7% were both gifted and learning disabled, and 37.5% were neither. Sexual orientation as expressed by the AYA prior to transgender-identification is listed separately for natal females and for natal males (Table 2). Overall, 41% of the AYAs expressed a non-heterosexual sexual orientation prior to disclosing a transgender-identification.

No. 681456


Gotta love edgy truscum.

>If I insult enough women on the internet I'll become a real boi!

No. 681458

>The average age of announcement of a transgender-identification was 15.2 years of age (range 10–21) (Table 5). Most of the parents (80.9%) answered affirmatively that their child’s announcement of being transgender came “out of the blue without significant prior evidence of gender dysphoria.” Respondents were asked to pinpoint a time when their child seemed not at all gender dysphoric and to estimate the length of time between that point and their child’s announcement of a transgender-identity. Almost a third of respondents (32.4%) noted that their child did not seem gender dysphoric when they made their announcement and 26.0% said the length of time from not seeming gender dysphoric to announcing a transgender identity was between less than a week to three months. The most striking examples of “not seeming at all gender dysphoric” prior to making the announcement included a daughter who loved summers and seemed to love how she looked in a bikini, another daughter who happily wore bikinis and makeup, and another daughter who previously said, “I love my body!”

>The majority of respondents (69.2%) believed that their child was using language that they found online when they “came out.” A total of 130 participants provided optional open text responses to this question, and responses fell into the following categories: why they thought the child was using language they found online (51); description of what the child said but didn’t provide a reason that they suspected the child was using language they found online (61); something else about the conversation (8) or the child (7) and don’t know (3). Of the 51 responses describing reasons why respondents thought their child was reproducing language they found online, the top two reasons were that it didn’t sound like their child’s voice (19 respondents) and that the parent later looked online and recognized the same words and phrases that their child used when they announced a transgender identity (14 respondents). The observation that it didn’t sound like their child’s voice was also expressed as “sounding scripted,” like their child was “reading from a script,” “wooden,” “like a form letter,” and that it didn’t sound like their child’s words. Parents described finding the words their child said to them “verbatim,” “word for word,” “practically copy and paste,” and “identical” in online and other sources. The following quotes capture these top two observations. One parent said, “It seemed different from the way she usually talked—I remember thinking it was like hearing someone who had memorized a lot of definitions for a vocabulary test.” Another respondent said, “The email [my child sent to me] read like all of the narratives posted online almost word for word.”

This is a great read but sad/embarrassing.

No. 681475

File: 1536158913238.png (352.53 KB, 800x1190, 1535617515661 (1).png)


And Brown caved and removed the study.

Full statement here


Quoted from the article that was removed on KF:

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria might spread through groups of friends and may be a harmful coping mechanism, a new study suggests, but more research is needed.

The pattern of clusters of teens in friend groups becoming transgender-identified, the group dynamics of these friend groups and the types of advice viewed online led her to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs.

Examples include the belief that non-specific symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skins or feeling like they don’t fit in— which could be a part of normal puberty or associated with trauma — should be perceived as gender dysphoria; the belief that the only path to happiness is transition; and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the teen is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.

No. 681504

File: 1536161419537.png (96.41 KB, 557x1361, Screenshot_2018-09-05 Rapid-on…)

wow what a bunch of fucking cunts
i feel so bad for their parents

No. 682011


It's really unnerving that papers investigating detransitioning and the possibility of peer-pressure-influenced transitioning keep getting taken down.

Transitioning is a serious, irreversable medical procedure. It is crucial for everyone's safety that it be carefully and critically investigated.

A lot of this reminds me of the Lobotomy craze in the first half of the 20th century. An unecessary, overhyped procedure turns out to be a huge mistake that ruins thousands of people's lives.

This isn't to say gender dysphoria isn't a thing, but it's certainly much, much rarer than people would have you believe. In a world without the internet, 99% of the "trans" people online now (no matter how "legit" they think they are) probably wouldn't be trans.

Shit like this is why parents need to lay closer attention to what their kids do online.

No. 682284

File: 1536237135617.png (899.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-06-08-23-51…)

We have another fakeboi, her name is supposedly Casmire?? She doesn't even look like a boy?? Lolita is something girls typically do

No. 682798


They'll say, it's what they feel inside regardless of expression, or that's a drag.

I don't understand this full circle cross-cross-dress eithe.


I don't know if I should be happy of these recovered fakebois… They say at least they were just exploring gender identity but they'd probably get out with a bullshit brand of social justice.

No. 682981

A homo will just call girls names. Straight men have the true power in society to police them and their bodies, they’re the one’s ruining shit for the LGB right now with their AGP fetishes.

No. 682991


sigh. does anyone else get disappointed when fakebois are actually cute girls? i know these types don't usually go full aiden but it's kind of baffling to me, they're the last ones you expect to get drawn in to this crowd


could've fooled me, this one just looks like a male tranny with a lot of money

No. 683579

File: 1536375117316.jpg (130.38 KB, 960x960, 19875361_455706408136473_51610…)

Someone I know through friends. Seems to make an effort to pass so probably not that fakeboish. Sadly I couldn't find a more cringy photo.

At one point their facebook is spewing 'so gayyyyy' shit we are seeing from bois. They used to run an election for student council of sorts but campaigning material is tumblr-style memes and dancing around. Almost everyone on her course knew it was cringy af.

No. 683606

I noticed that a lot of these people are fujos-in-denial that like to REEEE about normal self-accepting fujos. What I'm wondering is why is this only a thing in English fandom and how? Is there some Western-specific mentality that set this off? I've been spending more time in Japanese fandom as my proficiency improves and I never see any equivalent of fakebois among fujos there. I always see fakeboi shit as another version of "not like the other girls", but you'd think in the culture that likes to boast about how progressive it is, you'd actually see less of this.

No. 683610

PC culture isn't strong enough in Japan to make fujos so scared of being accused of ~fetishizing~ gay men that they feel they need to be gay men to get away with it.

No. 683612


neither fakebois or fujos who admit to being fujos should be tolerated, women shouldn't be fetishizing male homosexuality in the first place. but they probably shit themselves over it bc it reminds them of what they really are at their core, they probably think it makes them look more like ~valid~ gay men by sperging about it when they're just as bad, if not worse for taking it to another level

No. 683617

True. And a lot of modern "progressive" culture is just narcissism, and not any genuine concern for social issues. Generally the more someone goes on about how woke they are, the more they have to hide.

Are you one of those people that think a woman liking m/m pairings is inherently fetishizing?

No. 683629

I'm a lesbian and I don't give two shits if some 15 year old boy is jacking it to lesbians. Because I'm not a puritan and it's obvious why he would find two girls attractive. It's the mainstream messages and bullshit about lesbians that are false that are being perpetuated to a straight male audience that oppresses women. The idea that women finding gay guys hot is anywhere on the same level is a false equivalency, aside from the unironic uses of "uke" "seme" "my yaoi bbys uxu" and I'm pretty sure it stems from backlash at women showing any kind of sexuality. Straight/bi women have been conditioned not to even mention their sexual attraction to men or else they're branded impure or sluts. Is it really a mystery why they instead gravitate to gay guys to get off instead?

No. 683630

Exhibit A of retarded PC culture… fujos don't give a fuck about real gay men for the most part, they justenjoy fictional dynamics between them and find gay sex hot. There's nothing wrong with that, unless people are automatically evil fetishizers for getting off to sex if they can't participate in it personally.

No. 683631

To be fair to that anon, they may be going by the bastardized definition of fujo that's been floating around Western woke fandom discourse lately.

I don't want to derail the thread too much but if that's the case I'd like to make it clear to them. The proper Japanese usage of the word fujoshi is just a female fan of BL or m/m shipping. That's it. If you're a woman, and you like m/m pairings, you're a fujo. Period. It doesn't mean "cringy fetishizing fangirl" or exclusively refer to them. If you got confused because the literal translation is "rotten girl", that's because it was originally used by straight male otaku to refer to these girls doing shit they found disgusting/impure before the girls reclaimed the word for themselves.

No. 684526

File: 1536504938094.png (288.41 KB, 617x909, 153553.png)


No. 684546


having m/m ships is fine until it borders into fetishization of gay men. there are plenty of straight men to go around, no excuse for treating gay men as sex objects. we call out hetero men for doing the exact same shit to lesbians all the time, it's no different just because the sexes are reversed. i won't say anymore on this though since it's pretty ot.


that person didn't even seem to be commenting maliciously why are fakebois so sensitive to everything? "cis" crossplayers get comments like this all the time and brush it off, i wonder if they realize getting triggered by it just makes it more obvious that they're female lmao

No. 684552

>why are fakebois so sensitive to everything

these bitches actually believe they look male, because you know, anime twink=real guy, the fact that all their fangirls always screech in comments how OMG MANLY they look doesn't help

No. 684565

I can't imagine the day she actually goes on T and becomes a Burley add man, then she's gonna be like "omg I'm not supposed to be hairy boo hoo"

No. 684577

>that person didn't even seem to be commenting maliciously
you should check out that "trans men on grindr" tumblr blog, it's full of shit like this, trans "boys" are more fragile than eggshells

No. 684597

>dream dress
>literally cheap bodyline

No. 684802

Lmfao I can't wait for her to get on T and instantly regret it because it doesn't fit her "soft boy Lolita aesthetic uxu"

No. 684907

They're crazy enough to counter the crazy from fetishist AGP hons with more crazy, so props to them. It's fighting fire with fire, and mighty entertaining.

Ogre-ish old men are campaigning for their right to be accepted as honest to god women if they just claim on any given day that they feel like a woman, anyone has to give up their reality and replace it with that of the hulking manbeast tranny who steals used tampons to jerk off to, so they don't have the right to say this girl who says she's a boy who wants to be a girl is not who she says she is, that's a violation of her human rights and hate speech.

No. 684910

The more kids get maimed, made infertile, and kill themselves during this tranny fad, the harder the backlash will be. I'm here for it.

No. 684913

I'm going with a kind of protestant/calvinist self-flagellation? If you enjoy something, you have to pay for it? The "there's no such thing as a free lunch" mentality translating into "if you enjoy men fucking, you'd better be or try to become a man fucking men". It's fucking hilarious and really warped, because in old school Calvinism, sodomy of any kind was taboo, and I'm pretty sure a girl stuffing a fake dick down her pants uwu would qualify as a kind of sodomy.

No. 684916

Absolutely, people who can't tell the difference between fiction and reality, between characters and living, breathing people, are functionally retarded. That's not even a dis on yaoi, since gay fiction and porn made by and designed for gays isn't realistic in any way either, and extremely fetishistic too. But that random ass gay dude in your college class is not a porn actor and can't be expected to act like one, and he's also not a seme or uke from a tumblr fantasy.

It is this functional and fundamental retardation, this level of having serious difficulty telling fiction from reality, not understanding that no one in the real world gives a single shit about a Voltron ship, that has this purity and anti BS, as well as fakeboi trend go wild on tumblr.

No. 684925

Going on T often causes wicked acne and hair loss, and the hair loss is often non-reversible. Let's see them be a kawaii uwu trap with a receding hairline and pizza face. Worst case scenario, the T kills their kidneys. Put them all on T as fast as possible, it's the reality check they need.

Like her fat, cellulite ass and her moobs can fit into burando.

No. 685336

File: 1536604489620.png (740.98 KB, 802x705, 124141212.png)

No. 685470

lmao at that "hm, casually waking up in my bed with a choker and a man boob showing"

This is like the advanced version of the typical fakeboi shot (upper body naked cut at the shoulders) but yeah tits go flat when laying down, now try to take a pic of you pecs standing up

No. 685549

>"if you enjoy men fucking, you'd better be or try to become a man fucking men"
Someone tell these girls that pegging exists and there's an overabundance of sub men that will clamor for a girl that wants to do it to them.

No. 685567

File: 1536628876047.png (419.46 KB, 421x530, kpop egdy teen.PNG)

i honestly cant stand this kid, i've seen them on musical.ly cringe comps alot and i managed to find their instagram which has 300+ followers. They have about 10k followers on musical.ly and they became popular after being featured on Clouts "Emo musical.ly cringe compilation" They go by the name "Nao" and it's obvious that they are a wannabe kpop fakeboi who's using their "FTM" transformation for a following and attention. They are so addicted to manipulating their fans and their own boyfriend that they try to be a kawaii xd cute loli girl to make their transition legit lol.

No. 685570


Many people of these girls are from conservative family who grew up with an idea that girl must be submissive. Even if they recognize this and saying how much gender roles are absurd, subconsciously they can't let themselves be that so they needed to be men to do it.

No. 685618

I wonder how many of these girls would stop this shit if female-targeted femdom became more mainstream. You can be a woman and dominant and fuck dudes in the ass and get off on the same stuff you like in your yaois without having to become a dude.

No. 685653

File: 1536638637537.png (967.81 KB, 640x1136, A9FC0AFE-EFFA-498E-B64F-113646…)

No. 685664

Because all that shit is meant to accentuate FEMININE features.
If the trans men just used makeup to make themselves look more manly (Like the ones some crossplayers use) then no one would complain.

No. 685667

Pure gold

No. 685671

That wouldn't help. They don't want to dominate men. The hardcore yaoi fangirls identify with the feminine bottom. They're innately female who want to be pretty and romanced by a stronger man. But that not special enough.

No. 685693

Yaoi was a gateway into a femdom lifestyle for me because I mainly ogled the bottom, and once I found out that women weren't obligated to be submissive I realized I could be female and have my cake and eat it too. Before that I used to have penis envy, because I was under the impression that only men could be dominant and thankfully got over it. This was when I was 15, back in 2005 or so. If I had been that age now I 100% would have fallen into the fakeboi/trans trap and would probably be on HRT, which is why this shit is extra unsettling to me.
I guess my point is that while it's probably not the majority of them, there are girls who I guess identify more with the top or have the potential to. They just have internalized shit about having to be submissive or haven't even been exposed to a different way or didn't think of it like I was.

No. 685704

oh i'll explain. it's pretty simple. you see, when men wear things designed for women, they are indeed doing something outside of the expectations for men. transmen however, are women, so when they wear things designed for women, you see a woman doing exactly what she's expected to and you wonder what exactly made her want to be male in the first place.

No. 686279

What do you think of those fakebois who, are definitely fakebois and hit all the stereotypical requirements but when it comes to shipping or preferences they go for bara, huge muscular guys and western slash instead?

They still present themselves as uwu feminine twinks like we see here, though.

No. 686299

what makes you think they would be any different from normal fakebois? like, how would you even know the difference unless you asked what type of animu boys they like?

No. 686322

File: 1536724930266.png (837.33 KB, 566x915, mlm6.PNG)

Medically transitioned doesn't mean no shit
NSFL> https://boyfriendboy.tumblr.com

No. 686331

(sniff, sniff) smells like a self-post

No. 686335


This exact picture is on kiwi lmao.

No. 686341

>trying to mimic a character specifically drawn to look as feminine as possible with big hips, butt and thighs, small waist, narrow chest and feminine nipples despite having a small chest

Such dysphoria uwu
Good thing they have narrow hips and a wide chest though, they easily pass

No. 686348

File: 1536727260763.jpg (95.8 KB, 350x494, cover.jpg)

i was curious to know what the artist was doing in the manga to draw that pose, and… is a rape manga lmao , i love this, the link juts in case https://nhentai.net/g/148757/

No. 686350

This doesn't even look male aside from the haircut and brows. It's porn for closet lesbians.

No. 686360

or straight girls who self-insert in her case. seems like she only fucks dudes…

No. 686415


Nice blog post.

No. 686421

File: 1536734731898.jpg (57.56 KB, 540x960, 33063453_10213499504216361_461…)

more Glitter… they/them pronouns only btw

No. 686426

She just looks like aileen wuornos. So gross.

No. 686580

she looks like a female version of sam hyde

No. 686581

File: 1536769353076.png (388.32 KB, 310x650, d264686dd5056fa713e9d195ebc935…)

oops, dropped pic

No. 686618

I can smell this picture, stank and coochie

No. 686626

is this a racefaker on top of being a fakeboy? youve also got to love how many of these freaks wind up being rape fetishists right?

No. 687752

He/him? You sure about that?

No. 687763

Why are these freaks always LARPing other races? i hate that trash. And no one calls them out on it

No. 687779

File: 1536888968410.jpeg (127.92 KB, 750x648, 4382991E-F40B-4540-B957-907D56…)

Blind fake boy publicly says he doesn’t always make it to the bathroom. Gets asked about diapers then freaks out

No. 687988

Lmfao more like she/her

No. 688008

Demon is right

No. 688031

File: 1536928583997.jpg (106.18 KB, 1200x1200, CjdN3RrXAAAZ5GR.jpg)

Aiden GD Moore, It's always this fucking Aiden name. Just saw her comic shared by a friend (An emo turned they/them).

No. 688036

File: 1536928856804.jpg (86.09 KB, 911x960, 41532816_1031032717056850_7070…)

No. 688205

File: 1536948556887.jpg (59.88 KB, 1044x1100, bunnips.jpg)

Holy shit I was just about to post about her.
Fucking cackling because of how delusional they are. this isn't how bunnies look. They have 6 nipples and they're not big ol gazongas like a human's.

No. 688295

Every time I see this comic on my timeline I want to throw up

No. 688538

It's not the anthromorphic bunny for me. That's somewhat acceptable.

It's the message. The whole comic shows how fakebois are fucking pathetic and oblivious.

No. 688546

the illustration are cute but like… why the fuck you transition to a """man""" and still use women clothes? even enter to a man restroom dress up like a women, the fuck do you expect? ( i also love how the wolf just kinda say " hey you shit is open" like yeah sure jan.gif)

No. 688551

Because trans boys can wear makeup and skirts too bullshit

No. 689914

While men identify with wolves, bears and tigers and some predator animals like that, fakebois identify with bunnies. So manly… Does it mean they are stupid fuckers who reproduce like crazy and shit everywhere they go? Waaaaait a minute, it actually fits! Ok, never-mind.

No. 690291

File: 1537204478216.png (538.55 KB, 494x934, 131434.png)

No. 690357

File: 1537211441980.jpg (516.41 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pf0us9Usl11rvqr1fo6_128…)

This creep and her crossdressing fetishist boyfriend looking like pedophiles once again
Literally the only time this one tries to look male is when she's pretending to be a ~schoolboy~

No. 691890

File: 1537372418255.jpeg (231.62 KB, 640x565, 44BD0E29-56B6-4B44-949C-1268F0…)

My favorite fakeboi phenomenon is how they girl up whenever a normal guy is interested in them. I guess it’s better than insisting you’re a gay couple.

But you’d think it would be upsetting if they really were trans to play up acting like your birth gender and would be upsetting if your partner treated you in such a gendered manner but I guess it was all about the attention from the get-go.

No. 692405

Found this gem, name's Dorian (and his trans partner Alex). This documentary is a major cringe.

> Dori calls herself after Dorian Gray and thinks that her voice has anything to do with being a boy.

> In a relationship with another fake-boi.
> Alex doesn't currently transition because it would make them be two 14 yo men in the house and she didn't like her first puberty.
> Dori comes up with a term chestfeeding.
> Only after giving birth, they discovered that registering a baby for them is a difficult process, because legally they are both mothers.

What strikes me is how those fakebois assume what transition is like if they never transitioned themselves. All this crap they describe: "being emotional", "too much", "difficult", "undesirable", bitch, you just
1. Inject yourself with testosterone.
2. Become a man.
3. …
4. Profit!

I like it thought that people in the comments called her out on her bullshit and didn't buy into it. I don't know any legit trans man would voluntarily want to be pregnant and if it happens by accident, fine there is an abortion possibility. This kind of goes against their instincts and being a pregnant tranny is the last thing those people want.

For fuck's sake, those confused lesbians cosplaying male characters and making it their identities make me sick. How privileged and self-centered are you if you demand from people special treatment and get pissed when people call you "she". If a bitch looks like a woman, sounds like a woman and is curvy like a woman and acts like a woman — it must be a woman! Otherwise bitch get yourself a mirror, if you cannot see it. D-A-M-N.

But I think in general it is good that TV broadcasts these nuts ideas to show us there are crazy people out there too. Makes me feel sorry for the baby to have crazy ass mothers as parents.

No. 692425

Anon,,… you can't just become the opposite sex. You are what you are.

No. 692439

Are you okay? The only thing these fakebois get right is that they have a realistic idea of what transitioning is and what it does to your body.
Do you really think that injecting yourself with hormones that you don't need, increasing your risk of cancer and osteoporosis in the process as well as generally fucking up your body and mental stability is a cake walk?

No. 692462

>injecting yourself with hormones that you don't need
I have problem with this statement. Consider this: there are fatties who turn into gym rats, because they are uncomfortable in their bodies and then set goals to become more muscular (be it steroid supplements + diet + exercises). If it makes them happier, then they NEED it. It's their decision and their bodies. Problem with these lesbians is that they are demanding to be called men and doing zero effort to look like men. You are on the fakeboi thread, remember?

> increased risk of cancer

Estrogen increases risk of cancer too, so does it mean you don't need it? Women with breast/uterus cancer are treated with testosterone too. Says anything to you?

No. 692478

File: 1537425709542.jpeg (110.58 KB, 537x446, 6E5A9384-A8F6-45D9-92B1-DA8532…)

>legit trans man

>if it makes them happier, then they NEED it
…Anon, this could be applied to many different things. If heroin makes an addict happy, then do they NEED more heroin? Or maybe it doesn’t matter whether or not it makes them happy, because it’s unhealthy and unnatural, kind of like the bizarre concept of “”transitioning”” itself.

No. 692491

Are you new here?

No. 692578

File: 1537446835038.png (427.81 KB, 541x651, softgrantaire.png)


Regardless of what that anon is saying the two are obsessive Les Miserables LARPer. I feel bad for the child that's going to be born into these two nutcases.

No. 692579

File: 1537446966124.png (420.27 KB, 571x633, enjoloras.png)


Read that tagline and judge them by yourself.

No. 692601

Ew,and this is why so many republicans don't want sane gay couples in long term relationships adopting children because of people like this giving them fuel. It's really gross.

Like, if they want to be gay and larp, do it. But why bother being trans or getting pregnant if you arent even mentally stable to be an adult? trans people give every gay people a bad name.

No. 692842

File: 1537471108532.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1900x1480, 3F29A429-0B35-419B-AAFB-27E75F…)

Does anyone notice a lot of fakebois are also furries?
This one(apparently crying at the sight of all the yaoi stuff in Japan) actually has 'furry club president' on her resume. She's also dating another fakeboi and they're both vegan/poly/furry/weeb/fujo/kpop spergs and they apparently went to Japan to buy yaoi crap.

No. 692844

File: 1537471205767.jpeg (354.03 KB, 1193x1799, 2E83D994-1410-4689-BA7C-953982…)

Her 'boyfriend.' They'll be 30 in few years. Do they ever grow out of this shit? It honestly reminds me of 14 year olds roleplaying as their ocs thinking it makes them cool and different from 'normies.'

No. 692851

i am unfortunatly part of the furry twitter community

and i wish i wasnt, you have NO IDEA how rampant the fucking fakeboi shit is with furries, especially this new younger generation. they all are super feminist, crazy pro-trans-anything-no matter how stupid it sounds, hate sex most of the time to the point of "its a fetish itself and icky" (legit had that said to me), the outrage culture they seep is the most toxic shit i've ever seen and read, and i wish it would just die, it's brought such a bad look on gays and the furry gay community especially, like we are all crazy nu aged trans-freaks because of it now.

saged my ot rant is done

No. 693228

Thanks anon(s). Dori sounds so full of herself, that's even worse than in the video, vomit inducing.

That's so weird. I was unfortunate to meet a group of role players from an online forum, they were all male characters. In reality they turned out to be a group of females, but still calling each other after male characters they were associating with. Some of them were even married to dudes and were seeking an escape in their "gay life online". Pfff. Some of those lesbians just never outgrow the role playing shit and live in their delusions.

No. 693247


>they are all super liberal third wave feminist


No. 693878

File: 1537573782812.jpg (43.54 KB, 1129x1200, are you for real.jpg)


This person dress like a girl, drwe her self as a girl and then cry over people "missgender" them please…

No. 693884

From the way she types I thought she was a 13 year old, not a college student. Fakebois are so mentally immature.

And why are they always fucking art school students?

No. 693902

yeah, i used to roleplay as a dude online when i was 13-16. I grew out of that, but damn, it's really shady when these dumb women act like pretending to be a yaoi uke dude irl is normal or sane.

No. 693979

>>687779 LMAO aye this should be made known in the fairy kei group especially buying from it. Fucking hell.

No. 694039

So I came across this fakeboi on Facebook and I'm dying.

Absolutely no attempt at all to pass, BUT DO NOT MISGENDER GUIS. Also, "bro handshake", do these people actually leave their house and watch how actual guys communicate or? They're all just stereotypes of 13 year old boys.


No. 694040

File: 1537597639374.png (682.01 KB, 1146x638, fakeboi.png)

Dropped my pics.

No. 694041

File: 1537597657453.png (726.27 KB, 668x848, do not misgender.png)

No. 694042

File: 1537597877257.jpg (72.92 KB, 960x960, im a boy uwu.jpg)

No. 694043

She thinks they saw her as a male, but really just saw her plethora of tranny pins and decided to be kind. I don't know why that's so sad to me.

No. 694047

File: 1537598780822.png (738.28 KB, 1297x569, loonytroons.png)

Half of her dance crew are also fakebois. This really is a disease.

No. 694128

I've been called "man" and "dude" by men and been given "bro handshakes" and I'm very clearly a woman lol. This poor girl is delusional if that somehow signals to her that others see her as male.

No. 694259

This is what happens when parents stopped disciplining their children. wtf

and then everyone clapped.

No. 695571

File: 1537758998619.jpeg (197.26 KB, 750x972, 12606DFC-CEA5-4532-A380-D0D8A0…)

No. 695577

wait, these are >>694040 how many fucking filters is she using? she goes from looking like your grandma to looking like a fat weeb slut, to fake azn girl.

No. 695609

Shit like this is legitimately sad to me. Like this girl got an expensive, irreversable double mastectomy for basically no reason. Probably because she wanted to be a +~kawaii anime trap boi~+.

Imagine being a straight girl so sexually repulsed by women and so obsessed with men that you want to cut off your own tits. But otherwise do and like all the girl things you did before.

The voyeuristic aspect of yaoi has gotten way out of hand.

No. 695760

ok I know there's worse things about this outfit and entire image but why is she holding a briefcase LMFAO girl you're probably just going to target with ur dad stop

No. 695762

File: 1537789803945.gif (911.05 KB, 171x141, 1407854905391.gif)

>soft boy

No. 695864

File: 1537802352385.jpg (117.28 KB, 509x530, Screen Shot.jpg)

Her facebook statuses are something else.

No. 695924

someone actually assumed she was a dude and hit on her asking for dick pics and she got mad?? what more do you want troon lmfao hes admitting hes gay and ur a male get over urself

No. 695929

I think it’s bc they think that it makes them different and special to look or identify as a certain way. A nb college student is so immature, especially if they’re girls who continue to wear dresses and skirts. But at least annoying dramatic gay men and boys who wear lipstick and nailpaoish are trying.

No. 695953

>and she got mad
because it's icky and not uwu kawaii at all and she thought gay bois are soft and OMG AFFGDFDF SO CUUUUTE :3 like in her yaois and korean dramas

No. 695962

Fakebois ID as boys outside of their hyperfeminine displays out of fear of being mistaken for masculine because their displays aren't deemed good enough. Fakebois are stockholmed with society. If they're not feminine enough they might as well not be women, if you've been damaged by other people you might as well not be a woman. They'd rather be ugly men than ugly women, but know deep down what they are and what they're doing, so their lives are pretty much business as usual aside from drawing on ridiculous eyebrows.

No. 695966

I always wonder
if one day we found cure for dysphoria would trannies be happy or would they cry that medicine LITERALLY (clapemoji) ERASES (clapemoji) TRANS (clapemoji) BODIES

No. 695982

Assuming they have 'dysphoria' in the first place. Some may actually do but a lot of these are clearly socially infected. Like anorexia.

No. 695985

it looks more like she's a fucking idiot and thought they wanted them as proof, not as a sexual thing.

No. 695996

I mean look at her name. She clearly is Japanese and turns all men who like her gay. Are her posts public? I need more of her rants.

No. 696283

Me too, but I can't find her on FB

No. 696479

There already is a cure for dysphoria, which is transition. I'm a transguy and I'd love to be free of dysphoria, but I can't imagine myself as a girl. It'd be like taking my brain out my skull and putting in a new one. Erase the politics from this medical condition, please.

No. 696485

>I can't imagine myself as a girl

You already are a girl tho.

No. 696486

There are meds for psychosis. No need to mutilate your body.

No. 696564


There's no character trait or interest which is exclusive to either gender. For me dysphoria is about looking how you feel matches your spirit, whereas your comment suggests there is a way to match a gendered brain when every person is unique and brains don't have a gender, aside from hormonal influences on behavior, such as increased aggression due to testosterone.

No. 696662

>tfw am a guy attracted to androgynous/boyish women
>tfw all of them are either lesbians or fakebois
kill me(no1curr)

No. 696705

lol if you still have dysphoria and you already trooned out, how is your disphoria cured, dumb bitch? it's not a medical condition, you're just crazy.

No. 696774

Trannies always wanna argue gender roles and social conditioning. You are probably a masculine woman who isn't into traditionally feminine things. Don't fuck up your body. there's no coming back from that.

No. 696804

kill yourself, coward.

No. 696806

Soft boy because she has that disgusting, fat, soft pudgy belly and stick legs of an attention whore sitting around doing nothing all day, anon.

No. 697075

File: 1537937913994.png (16.19 KB, 532x243, bicth.PNG)

i follwo this trans dude and sometimes i wander is he really like real man ot only like the idea of yaoi lmao ( is in T for abute 2 years new and he look the same as before so idk)

No. 697101

File: 1537939966869.jpg (438.65 KB, 1440x2712, IMG_20180926_013040_426.jpg)

Dollzkastle claims they are cismale then they were agender then trans. They only do it because they know its "popular"

No. 697103

what's with fakebois and trying to look like hikari shimoda cosplays with the same fucking nose band-aid lmao

No. 697125

File: 1537942010254.jpeg (184.84 KB, 717x1181, B8D58231-0760-425B-8D72-CECEF6…)

behold a non binary they/them allegedly intersex gay gray asexual and panromantic

No. 697176




No. 697183

an oxymoron for sure
bonus fact: they only found out they were pregnant a month ago

No. 697191

Wha…what do you mean they JUST found out? They look like they're ready to pop that baby out at any moment

No. 697215

Yup and were drinking and smoking weed up until July

No. 697322


it all checks out

No. 697330

almost needs its own thread

No. 699366

File: 1538143803677.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1701, 9241584B-C723-4BC1-BDDD-F5A27A…)

Why is burlesque the haven for ugly girls? Especially fakeboys.

No. 699440



No. 700027

File: 1538201646527.png (1.86 MB, 1874x912, karda.png)

Does anybody else wonder what happened to her and why she's so quiet nowadays? Not gonna lie, I kinda miss fresh milk. Remember while being with her previous bf she was making her vagina casts for sale, but it all vanished now together with him. A pity. Or am I missing something? Even her fatty admirer is not losing weight… I hope she soon gets bored and gets back to being friends with troons to produce more milk.

No. 700071

Ew this trash is 30 miles down the highway from me

No. 700094

y'all gotta get ur head out of the ass of binarism

No. 700107


>y'all, what's it with Tumblr and the word y'all.

As if we actually care about binarism to begin with. A lot of us would be considered 'non-binary', only if we thought focusing on the meaningless labels and waving it around to show how speshul we are is a good idea.

No. 700163

oh boy i'm pretty sure i followed "dorian" on tumblr a year ago and the les mis roleplay was cringey as hell

No. 700223


Do you know where she is up to? I think they both need a dedicated thread here. Someone please do.

No. 700249

File: 1538237807255.png (9.13 KB, 386x220, Capture.PNG)

Scrolled through her Tumblr and damn she's crazy. It's so obvious that she's a fujo who's obsessed with this fetishized ideal of being some 19th century gay pretty boy.
Pic related made me lol. Yeah I'm sure Victor Hugo's intention with Les Mis was to write his character as a self-hating body-mutilating woman, how dare BBC ruin Enjolras by not portraying him as a tranny…

No. 700637

File: 1538270929147.png (780.98 KB, 1008x646, ugh PM.png)

"Or maybe I’m just angry that I was so willing to ”pass as a man” in my esthetics in others eyes I took detour. .
But, I’m on track now again. Less flexing. Less comparisons. Less new followers. But I’m not here anymore to grow a platform. I’m here to grow within me - but I have to be honest, I love your company on my way. Our way breaking the binary. So feel free to join me"

Damn, after all the years of trying to "pass" she realizes she misses looking feminine. Reading how many supportive comments on this post from other fakebois and how much they relate is amazing. Is this the beginning of the detransition wave we've all seen coming?

No. 700654

We need more actual milk on them maybe from people who know them, but I think they qualify for a thread. Let them stay on the internet, let the baby grow older and this shit show promises being satisfying.

That's surprising she misses being a lady. She acts extremely feminine in her last vid, has small muscles, big fat ass and thighs. Nowhere near Schwarzenegger, lmao. Maybe looks more like a freak though, or a very ugly lesbian. Needs a reality check anyway. UwU, I am tired of flexing and looking angry on my photos… Jeez, those sick freaks! It's true though this tumblr scum is extremely aggressive towards everybody who is not on the spectrum being nuts.

No. 700713

File: 1538281862881.png (616.33 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2018-09-30-00-27-54…)

Lmfao this bitch really thinks she's a boy???? She's literally caking her face with makeup and expects people to actually believe she's a boy?? I'm pissingf

I can't imagine her on T, she'll probably start crying the minute she develops thick body hair

No. 700726

What do you mean anon? She’s practically a portrait of masculinity.

No. 700842

File: 1538302481202.jpg (782.78 KB, 1080x1920, xHx9Gm1.jpg)

I'm super dysphoric even though it was my choice to put my tits out, but also how dare you call me a girl when I choose to look as female as possible.
Why do they do this.

No. 700851

We'll never know, she's probably gonna be too hairy anyways when she gets on T and be unable to cosplay without shaving

No. 700853

File: 1538305624831.png (385.49 KB, 720x962, Screenshot_2018-09-30-07-06-06…)

Ugh so masculine 😩

No. 700854

She's fucking u g l y, I swear to God if this bitch goes and take resources and make a post about detransitioning I'm gonna piss myself

No. 700860

File: 1538306668134.png (169.67 KB, 1352x683, Untitled66_20180930072152.png)

Fixed up her bio so it's more accurate

No. 701186

This is sad because she’s a pretty girl.

No. 701195

someone ITT already mention this bitch grooms 18 year olds into this shit. what a freak!

No. 701210

I wish she'd stay as a girl
Like seriously being cis isn't gonna melt your skin off or some shit

No. 702187

Why is it always Loki with these fake boys?

No. 702213

File: 1538451115994.png (126.24 KB, 475x475, ditto.png)

My guess with Chicago is that it is generally a large liberal city and a lot of them go to art school there, that is the case with manlybunny (who grew up in suburban Dallas). Or it could be that the City of Chicago tap water is turning the frogs gay.

Also notice the class of many of these transbois. Usually upper middle class, live in bubbles and have never faced a single real problem in their lives. They are directionless because their lives and personalities are just blobs, literal Dittos, hence why they all look the same. For example, manlybunny is an only child and both her parents are Ivy-league educated professors, she had an extremely sheltered upbringing and is practically inventing her problems.

No. 702292

File: 1538457497661.jpeg (90.59 KB, 1242x251, ABAC775B-5252-4802-B289-E091FC…)

No. 702450

File: 1538484292696.png (111.67 KB, 720x747, 20181002_054009.png)

Their self-validating mantras just makes it look like they're insecure because they know what they really are.

No. 702454

File: 1538484810069.jpeg (274.62 KB, 750x736, BB6D6220-2902-4C6B-9B73-BBF9C5…)

If you really have dysphoria then you wouldn’t be showing your boobs, showing off your feminine figure, or continuing to dress like a girl. A real trans man wouldn’t do something that would give it away that he’s a biological female-causing him to possibly get misgendered. Showing any feminine features and claiming to be dysphoric of it or not having dysphoria proves that they’re not trans. You can wear what you want but you also have dysphoria, as cis people do not.

No. 702479


But this is the new generation of trans for whom dysphoria is not necessary to identify as trans which is validated by informed consent clinics willing to sell them whichever treatments they so desire.

The entire concept is a like a grammatical double negative. But androgyny for either sex is apparently too mundane, and they have to reinvent that wheel.

Cis is a tool of trans ideology used to redefine biological reality. Don't validate it by using the term.

No. 702564

Oh fuck off, tumblr cunt. If you really have dysphoria, you should go to therapy and learn how to accept yourself, not attempt to """"""become"""""" the opposite sex. Trutrannies are more batshit than run of the mill fakebois.

No. 702841

File: 1538520075227.jpeg (197.42 KB, 750x882, AF323168-5AF9-45CB-B77D-C48069…)

Hayden changed her name

No. 702863

this, atleast trying to fit in and be popular is standard issue for insecure teen girls. wanting to be validated into believing you can sew a sausage on your clit and be a man is not.

No. 703012

Be careful my friend, despite the name of the board "fake-boi" they don't believe here in the concept "true trans man" either. And I agree with you, those fags who make these sort of posters should be killed with fire. Why can't they come up with something that has to do with intellect or skills, why is it always about looks?

What's wrong with the term "biological"? That's what old-fags used and nobody was against it. Every time I hear "cis this cis that" I wanna slap them in the face honestly. What a degenerative term.