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File: 1623482982844.jpg (46.74 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

No. 1253691

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife Hila Klein. Previously known for their video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas.




Adjacent personalities and crew members:
>Moses Hacmon
>AB Ayad
>Zach Louis
>Dan Swerdlove
>Ian Slate

TLDR of first thread: >>1228044
>Anons discuss Zach being creepy and childish
>More sperging about AB giving off misogynistic vibes and being a clout chaser
>AB deletes any mention of his old drunk driving video from the H3 subreddit
>Is Teddy Fresh ugly? Anons decide. Some mentions of quality control issues and overpricing
>Anons bring back earlier milk about Trisha physically abusing Moses, and Moses complaining about Trisha's stinky pussy to a random Instagram catfish
>H3 Productions get sued by Triller after showing clips of Jake Paul's fight on their podcast
>Ethan weighs in on the Palestine/Irael conflict with a very lukewarm double-sided stance
>Some tinfoil about Hila being a lesbian
>Mike Majlak and Faze Banks accuse Ethan and Trisha of being bullies on Adam22's jumper. Trisha responds by alluding to SA allegations against the three men, seemingly forgetting the porn she shot with no other than accused rapist Adam22 in 2020
>Major sperging over Ethan being into Belle Delphine
>Trisha unsuccesfully attempts to get pregnant. She will try IVF after her wedding
>Joe Rogan calls Hila dumb for wearing a mask to a party. Nothing ensues
>IVF works for Hila, who is pregnant of what they think are twins or triplets. I turns out to be a single child
>Trisha releases an overpriced skincare line in collaboration with a suspicious beauty company
>Trisha and Ethan break into a fight in the latest Frenemies episode. Trisha thinks it's unfair for Ethan to take an extra 5% cut on the podcast earnings to cover his expenses and his crew's salaries
>After three videos of Trisha breaking down, Ethan makes a video addressing her accusations and exposing some of her lies
>Trisha leaks her own texts to Ethan calling him "jewy", and D-List Youtube drama "journalist" Kat Tenbarge writes about Trisha's antisemetic antics in the Insider
>Trisha goes on a rampage and makes three more videos cussing Ethan out and calling him a liar
>Anon brings back an OF video of Trisha masturbating to an old clip of herself on the H3 podcast

No. 1253698

Ethan and Hila confirmed today they’re having one baby, not twins or triplets.

No. 1253717

File: 1623489135117.jpeg (957.31 KB, 1242x1633, B87EC613-D8EC-4188-A018-DF4BE3…)

Well that was an anti-climax. I bet Hila is relieved

Meanwhile Trish continues to act like nothing has happened by shilling her shitty skin care via cringey ads

No. 1253725

File: 1623491350902.jpeg (57.29 KB, 479x854, 0865124D-56A1-4BD5-84D3-DBB11E…)

Moses really don’t give a fuck lol

No. 1253735

Moses is so fucking weird. His wife to be has basically waged war on his pregnant sister and brother in law (including making anti-semitic comments) and its just “entertainment”? does her really think Trisha has has the boundaries to chalk this up to a professional squabble, it’s clearly going to impact their personal relationship and family as a whole.

No. 1253736

File: 1623492605228.jpeg (139.02 KB, 750x1102, 92AF5299-6920-4ECF-818E-0A3B5D…)

I did not realize she admitted to hitting Moses in those 50 min vids she uploaded, she actually says shes not a domestic abuser. Psychotic.
Clip for anyone interested

No. 1253746

Moses moved away from his family to America before any of them, and himself mentioned he wasn't as close to his family. She has said worse things since this stupid argument.

No. 1253753

Something is definitely up with the Hacmon family. Moses says himself he isn't close to any of them and he's marrying someone who goes at his sister from time to time. I would kill to know what that family are like because they are barely mentioned at all

No. 1253776

He seems pretty spineless to me, I don’t see how else he could be with trisha

No. 1253779

But it's okay because she's not a repeated domestic abuser or anything! (/s)(/s)

No. 1253791

idk who finds trishas and moses relationship weird, trisha is psychotic and unbearably cancerous, no self respecting person would love someone like her.

my sister is trisha esque and she's only dated doormats. imagine trisha dating someone equally as cancerous, she'd off herself

No. 1253802

Hila talks about her dad a little bit here at 31:23. She says he was never physically violent with her but she was scared it could happen. The way she emphasized "with me" makes it sound like he was violent with other siblings or maybe her mom.

No. 1253821

Well he's not wrong. What we see is just what happens online and isn't reflecting completely what happens offline. Both Ethan and Trisha said that the business relationship ending doesn't mean there offline frienship is ending. They probably already more or less made up behind the scenes. They kind of have to get along anyway since Trisha is part of their family now.

No. 1253830

agree. they're probably fine now. i'm still not so sure that they won't test the waters with a frenemies return in the near future despite fans' reactions to the whole situation.

No. 1253839

Given her BPD I honestly sort of doubt this

No. 1253842

she’s so wishy washy though

No. 1253851

Honestly I don't think she has bpd, she acts like she has npd, like gabbie, but I feel like she thinks she won't get sympathy if she admits she's a pathological narc.

I don't know how she and Ethan could reconcile a friendship when she's been calling him everything in the book publicly in like 8 videos, that isn't really about business.
For Moses to have stayed with her this long despite how awful and abusive everyone knows she is to him behind the scenes, he's just the Lainey to her onision. Consistent narcissistic supply.

No. 1253869

File: 1623508334272.png (30.56 KB, 680x256, trishat.PNG)

tbh i think frenemies will be back. maybe just not as regularly as weekly. i feel like if they really come back for one "last" episode maybe they will find a middle ground that they can still do it if it's on a semi-regular.

No. 1253897

>maybe to sell the merch
lmao why would she/ethan admit that

No. 1253900

i mean, if they have so much product that is undesirable now they should distribute it in some way. maybe not selling it for $50 a shirt, but they could just donate it to some fans. usually 'reject' and imperfect merch gets sent to less developed countries, imagine going to the DRC and seeing a bunch of people wearing frenemies merch

No. 1253908

true. but with the way ethan's been boohooing about all the money he has tied up in the frenemies merch, i doubt they're going to do anything other than try to sell it at the originally planned price.

No. 1253917

BPD tends to overlap with other cluster B disorders which includes NPD

No. 1253964

File: 1623515061796.jpeg (105.59 KB, 1281x986, 7FAB1557-90E3-4325-8707-BFAEA9…)

After a series of tweets apologizing and trying to garner sympathy for her mental illness(es?), Trisha still doesn’t know what she did wrong

No. 1254091

She criticised shitty content and Ethan thought it warranted exposing their fight online whilst dragging his crew members into it. Considering the other dumb comments the two of them both mad it's so retarded. Did they want the show to end anyway and both have something in the works? Do they want a schedule change and not do it weekly? As long as everyone still hates David dobrik idc anymore

No. 1254205

The video has a frenemies hoodie deliberately placed and the rug on the floor is frenemies themed. Idk, may be tinfoily but now I start to think that they take advantage of the drama to sell the merch and everyone is in on it. While the internet is freaking out I feel like they're all having a laugh.
Either way, at this point I am convinced they bring back frenemies, even if it's just to sell the merch. >>1253869

No. 1254220

File: 1623531956324.jpg (470.39 KB, 967x902, Screenshot_20210613-000549_Chr…)

The rug is her sadboy merch icon, picrel from her shopify

No. 1254221

It's sadboy meets frenemies. Hence one half of the rug is pink instead of white.

No. 1254393

That pic is so cringe especially knowing it was designed by a 30+ year old woman

No. 1254429

Cause emos are known for not being cringe.

No. 1254484

No, her emotional instability and her relationships are enough evidence for BPD. Compared to most ppl with BPD she is way more narcissistic but I feel like if she had diagnosable NPD then the therapist would have seen through her already and diagnosed her. Maybe she has been diagnosed with NPD as well but she isn’t telling people, idk. I personally was shocked to find out she was diagnosed with schizophrenia because looking back all of her hallucinations seem drug induced or like they’re trolling. But then again idk her on a personal level. Also recall that Ethan scored higher than her on narcissism and antisocial characteristics lmfao.
Speaking of, does anyone know wtf drug she was on in this podcast episode? She has to be on a large amount of uppers. It could be anything as she admitted she did meth on her 30th birthday. She seems way more drugged up in this than in the birthday vlogs of 2019.

No. 1254490

Vlog from her 30th birthday where she was supposedly on meth

No. 1254521

File: 1623542757897.jpg (123.13 KB, 896x866, Screenshot_20210613-030452_You…)

She kept saying "I was manic couple weeks ago" but maybe she was trying to cover up for drug use. Her pupils seem normal to me but I'm not an expert.

No. 1254524

File: 1623543234708.jpg (230.9 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20210613-031339_Twi…)

samefag, she tweeted it and i think also said it in one of her rambling videos

No. 1254529

She’s said multiple times she doesn’t do any drugs anymore but she drinks sometimes. I think she was just manic it’s not hard to believe when at the time everything was going so well for her with sadboy the podcast the engagement the new house etc

No. 1254540

what in the spongebob hell is this font?

No. 1254550

Apologize for your eyes anon it's supposed to be retro I'll turn it off if I take a text screenshot again

No. 1254595

I’d believe it’s just manic, a lot of people with mental illness can act like they’re hyper stimulated when they’re having a manic high since it’s an uncommon amount of energy and happiness. Often after that it’s a lot easier to become irritable since you lose that good high.

No. 1254741

File: 1623559770391.png (648.1 KB, 720x462, frenemies.png)

in recent video she's promoting frenemies merch, this is such a trainwreck

No. 1254767

did trish see this movie? the "miracle elixir" is piss…

No. 1254772

Diagnosing trish as a schizophrenic is medical malpractice imo LMFAO

No. 1254793

Yeah just because Trisha is in therapy doesn’t actually mean much like she could have a shit therapist, many therapists will even encourage BPD behavior or less harmfully just don’t know how to handle them properly. Dr. Drew isn’t a therapist but he’s a medical health professional (cough) and look at how he treats Trisha, he absolutely babies her and lets her excuse all her actions.

No. 1254840

I don’t think Ethan is wrong for venting his frustration over the merch situation, but am I the only one who thinks he won’t have a problem selling out? Wasn’t Tanacon merch considered pretty valuable after that all went down? Like in the “rare piece of pop culture history” kind of way?

I’m also curious what if any kind of contract they had in place with Trisha over this. I would assume they had the financial stuff under contract. But given how much he paid for and invested in off the top, seems like it would have been smart to hold her to some kind of contractual obligation to not just bail. Like I would imagine most other production companies don’t go ahead and build a whole set/buy cameras/hire crew/financially back a project without setting a contract in place. (thinking of talkshows centered around a personality for example, like Ellen or Wendy Williams). Hopefully he learned from this if he ever tries to produce something outside of the H3 stuff again.

No. 1254895

this isn't a new vid. she recorded this weeks and weeks ago. the fact she uploaded it today and left the frenemies merch plug in, though …. lmfao

No. 1254902

No it’s obviously not an issue for him, they have enough blinded stans that’ll toss money at them because they think the podcast is “iconic” and will pay 50 bucks for a hoodie. Idk why he went on whining about how he spent money on merch as if he wouldnt be allowed to sell it now.

No. 1254907

She was on Adderall or Vyvanse or something. I think she's clean off illegal drugs but she's rich and lives in LA so she has access to pills

No. 1254950

Don't quote me on it (posting in case a farmer who combed things more thoroughly can give more context), but I think Ethan mentioned going on Trust/Verbal Contracts instead of written contracts, probably because he realized she'd create more drama long term.

No. 1254990

If someone would be considered a liability it would make more sense to have a written binding contact than a word of mouth one. Verbal contacts are notoriously done for shady dealings.

No. 1255012

Ethan plays the sympathy card a lot. Idk why him and his crew are so bothered that the minority of trisha fans do not like him. He's got millions of followers and subscribers compared to Trisha. Why is he so insecure what the minority think about him in this situation? It has been completely blown out of proportion. I wouldn't be saying this if the fallout was after Trisha calling Hila a cunt lol.

Honestly he keeps focusing on the shit that was said about the crews pay and the breakdown of the costs which ethan initial brought up. He's digging himself in a hole.

No. 1255102

trisha’s the one that said she trusted him so there was supposedly no contract >>1251469

No. 1255313

New video, she seems calmer than before.

No. 1255343

anyone have the tl;dw?

No. 1255354

nothing of substance, says shes not sorry and then plays victim about being sexualised, how? well ethan asked her if she had fucked robbie williams when she implied that she had. ethan brought up the candle story she kept bringing up and that was apparently a sexual assault. ethan said her commercial was sexual when she made a dick out of the products complete with cream coming out at the top and that was apparently not the intention. it's really just her reaching for straws the whole video talking about how she feels so sexualised. no mention of her talking about she believes ethan wants to fuck her even tho he says no and stop, she also doesnt bring up the onlyfans video of her jerking off to him and hila, she doesnt bring up how she kept trying to wrestle him so its really a void argument. like yh ethan has obviously been a coomer scrote but shes trying to make it sound like her was verbally sexually assaulting her or something. she is trying very hard to "expose" and make people turn on ethan. it's not even funny anymore just pathetic and sad.

No. 1255355

Brings up when ethan read out her texts to him and moses at the start of frenemies that shouldn't have been filmed.

Mentions when ethan brought up her sexual assault to her mum on the disney trip/frenemies vlog.

Talks about how she thought frenemies was suppose to be them having banter back and forth like jokes at each others expense, and now it's being used against her.

Basically calls out ethan for being a hypocrite too.

No. 1255411

File: 1623619581315.jpg (159.07 KB, 1170x1166, E3yRM9aX0AQB3VL.jpg)

No. 1255422

As much as I hate Ethan and Hila they’re right on this one

No. 1255427

File: 1623621104011.jpeg (21.92 KB, 600x600, acacia-wood-floor-mirror.jpeg)


>sent an unsolicited picture of her vagina to ethan when she knew he was married

>implied that ethan secretly wanted to fuck her many times and made him super uncomfortable
>masturbated to a video of ethan and his wife on OnlyFans
>tried many times to get Ethan on his OnlyFans, even when no nudity, even though Ethan repeated that he didn't want to be associated with her porn
>again, really weird with ethan. like when she insisted that she wanted to wrestle him and he said he felt uncomfortable because he didnt want to touch her body like that. she accused him of sexism and even made some real weird comment like: what were you SA as a kid or something?
>said she wanted to fuck Ethans dad
>told Ethan she had a dream about ethan being fucked by two men

Ethan brought up the sex stuff cause she always talks about being a stripper and escort. aaaand the only reason ethan asked her about her stds was because she was talking about the gabbie hanna situation, like, she was the one that brought up the subject in the context ethan was just trying to let her tell her side of the story.

keep trying trish, maybe next video you'll finally get his jewy ass. dumbass trying to rewrite history after each video.

No. 1255441

File: 1623621839302.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, E5DD3546-6A3B-4342-A5CD-853E49…)

No. 1255494

also a small thing she brings up is that he doesnt like fashion nova and she does or something like that but whole reason he hates fashion nova is bc basically its done by child labor. also its kinda an open secret that fashion nova is fucking trash. truly just grasping at anything she can

No. 1255519

You almost got it, but you don’t want to grasp it, nonnie.

No. 1255806

File: 1623643437746.jpg (174.53 KB, 641x635, Screenshot_20210613-210208_Twi…)

Ethan responded to Trishas claims. Doesn't look like they'll make up.

No. 1255812

File: 1623643959398.jpg (161.63 KB, 720x904, 20210613_211112.jpg)

And then of course this caused Trisha to sperg out on Twitter. She wrote a whole bunch of tweets regurgitating the same old stuff and tried to defend herself to no avail.

No. 1255817

everyone is in his replies too freaking out about "she didn't say you sexually harassed her! she said you pressured her to talk about her sexual experiences in a workplace environment!!" as if 1+1≠2. it's the same thing as "I didn't say I wanted them fired, I just said I didn't want them working there"

I thought helloleesh's perspective has been pretty fair but how did she miss the blatant manipulation, I hope she realizes that that's exactly what Trisha was saying in her video

No. 1255832

File: 1623645481498.jpg (358.38 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210613-211815_Duc…)

Trisha just dropped her Twitch channel and livestreamed with Moses for a few minutes trying to figure the platform out. What a good day to start your twitch career trish

No. 1255859

File: 1623647890846.jpeg (93.53 KB, 828x932, F0343005-A89C-4C64-93A3-3A65D2…)

I’m glad that there are people in the replies that brought up the fact that she was the one to send nudes without consent and constantly tweet at him. I hope moses gets the fuck out of there.

No. 1255865

also this, totally not sexual harrasment

No. 1255876

moses doesn’t care if that wasn’t already obvious to you

No. 1255894

She also claimed H3 hates Christians because he doesn’t like Joel Osteen

No. 1255898

File: 1623650558567.jpg (191.64 KB, 1152x2048, 20210613_230111.jpg)

People are speculating that Whitney Cummings is going to replace Trisha on frenemies. She has some announcement tomorrow that will confirm or deny these claims. If she does replace Trisha, I'm expecting Trisha to froth at the mouth with milk.

No. 1255920

How tf else did he think publishing that episode would end lol She’s not fucking lucid.
I think he’s trying to understand her and her past best friends were jeffrey star and shane dawson so. this is actually a small meltdown all things considered, she’s not on meth and there’s no property destruction? didn’t know about her sending him her vag and making onlyfans videos involving him, but she’s not known for boundaries. i actually think her trying to cover her ass saying she “didn’t know what the costume was/HATED THE IDEA!!!!!!!!”, deleted the texts proving otherwise and posted them is really funny in a specifically Trisha way. Then Ethan had to post the real ones and it showed the “Jewy” comment, which would be even funnier but she’s actually mentally ill and she’s not going to just snap out of it. Why doesn’t she have a therapist that comes to her home and is like on speed dial, she has the money

No. 1255926

I don't get why they wouldn't just cancel it at this point. Also it's been like a week and they found a new host? Who even is this

No. 1255929

I have never seen her twitter and only gave her a few moments because of Frenemies, what brand is this and what did she expect youtubers are a different breed

No. 1255931

Those tweets were from when she was at the peak of her onlyfans and she was acting overtly sexual and nasty. She has since toned down her horny trolling. Still really gross that she did that.

No. 1255968

Definitely looks frenemies related but would they have found a replacement that quick? Ethan and Whitney are friends so I guess they could’ve come to a last minute decision. But why lol. Why wouldn’t they milk the ~~is she coming back or not~~ shit for as long as possible to actually keep their fan base bc no ones gonna watch that shit

No. 1255969

File: 1623656355638.png (655.01 KB, 584x793, def idiot.PNG)

It's nothing. Def retardoodles posted about this on twitter today, as someone pointed out she's had that background for a while.

No. 1256174

This spineless fucker is lucky his family cares about him so much.

Anyone that wasn't blood related to him/had a brain would've stayed away from him till he got his love life in check because he's not worth that chick he's engaged to bringing chaos everywhere she steps.

No. 1256178

Trisha is the one who posted the screenshots where she called him Jewy. The only screenshot Ethan shared was the one of her responding to the Addams Family costumes. She exposed her lies and shittiness herself, he just cleared up that one lie because she had deleted her own side of the conversation

place your bets now on whether or not they make it down the aisle. I'm giving it a 25% chance just because I know very little about Moses's true personality, he seems like a drama leech but I don't know if anyone would happily ruin their life like that

No. 1256205

Anyone know what date the wedding is?

No. 1256273

she said on frenemies she wasn’t supposed to say

No. 1256300

darn i wouldve laughed especially considering trisha hates whitney cummings LMAO. Honestly she hates any woman especially if they are skinnier and prettier than her.

No. 1256309

that’s the joke. whitney was doing that because trisha hates her.

No. 1256310

Still wouldn't dismiss the possibility of this happening. Whitney and Ethan are good friends and Ethan did say he wanted a show with a female comedian, which Whitney is. I'd watch it, could be fun. But now would be too soon. I'd also watch if Ethan just did a Frenemies inviting a different guest every week, maybe someone he had beef with before to see if they can squash it.

No. 1256319

i don't think it would work with whitney. someone on tiktok did a conspiracy video about this a few days ago and it blew up and there were so many people in the comments saying "literally who?". at that point it would probably be smarter for ethan to just retire frenemies all together rather than try to replace trisha.

No. 1256329

Ethan and Whitney wouldn't be Frenemies. It would just be Friends lol.

No. 1256340

that too. anyway i feel like her humor is a little too boomerish for the audience they've cultivated.

No. 1256347

imagine if he brought gabi hannah on LMAO now that would be extra petty. but highly unlikely.

No. 1256365

File: 1623692103238.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1507, 3C383B72-B83F-4226-8782-EA3F51…)


No. 1256372

Brokeback mountain (2015)

No. 1256381

I'd hope he learned his lesson about working with BPD women, but who knows. Gabbi doesn't have Trisha's personality tho. Trisha is a trashfire but she is very entertaining and funny, Gabbi is a trashfire with negative charisma and no sense of humor. She's unwatchable.

No. 1256387

Judging by what I see on twitter Trisha's second Sadboy launch seems to go well. The website even crashed. I guess drama does help to sell shit.I bet the Frenemies merch will also sell like hotcakes.

No. 1256399

Friendship aside, I feel like Whitney Cummings is probably a little too busy for anything but rare guest appearances on an Ethan h3h3 production.

No. 1256407

i swear moses is the bigger troll than trisha he literally just hates his family and uses his relationship with trisha to tear them apart further. Like the fact that he let trisha attend rosh hashanah in a fucking israeli military uniform to meet their family. Like wtf? that shit is bizarre. He definitely hates ethan and hila more than he loves trisha LMAO. I think ethan mentions it around the 7:15 mark. Moses eats this shit up.

No. 1256421

Tik tok is for zoomer 12 year olds lol Whitney has a pretty large audience herself so it would make sense to collab with someone who has a separate fanbase and experience with comedy.

No. 1256428

yeah but that’s literally the main frenemies fanbase is the point

No. 1256431

Is it possible that his autism just hinders his ability to understand social norms and how wildly inappropriate Trisha’s behaviour is?

No. 1256435

attention whoring seems more likely

No. 1256443

File: 1623696454385.jpg (187.63 KB, 1242x1651, 20210614_114730.jpg)

Some semi popular Jesus impersonator came for Trish. Why are randos coming out of the woodworks to dogpile?

No. 1256459

clout, virtue signaling, self-importance
take your pick

No. 1256460

He’s known to be a scum bag, probably wants some clout

No. 1256560

Uh oh, fake jesus is going at her. This changes everything…

No. 1256564

My bet is they still have the ceremony but either 1) don't sign any papers or 2) have insane prenups.
I don't know why anyone would think Moses gives a singular fuck after everything he's sat by for.

No. 1256600

Is he the fake Jesus from her music videos?

No. 1256624

They've bought a mansion together and Trisha has talked about them buying a property down the street so if the worst happens they've both got homes to live in. Moses spends a lot of time with Trisha's family too, I think he's quite invested in her.

No. 1256669

I wish I could understand why Moses, or anyone else, would be with Trisha. She is unattractive at best and her plastic surgeries have made things worse, she is unintelligent and annoying. Like most cows I can at least understand why they're married but there is nothing redeemable about Trisha and I don't understand? Is it because she's cruel to his family and he likes that? Or because she will preform any sexual act no matter what? Like what is it.

No. 1256694

she has money and is semi-famous. it’s not really a hard concept.

No. 1256724

I think it's his autism and Trisha's ability to manipulate situations to susceptible minds in favor of herself. Moses also is eccentric and not that close to his family so I suppose he gets some lols from Trisha's behavior

No. 1256731

Moses has never been close to Ethan and Hila he definitely doesn’t care if Trisha fights with them, he doesn’t hang out with them anyway

No. 1257200

I can imagine when Trisha isn’t in her moods she can be entertaining to be around, she’s energetic and gets excited easily. A lot of people have very little going on in terms of hobbies and Trisha is always into something and always doing something. If she wasn’t crazy unstable I could see it would be fun to be with her.

No. 1257271

this was so fucking funny for the first like minute because “only Trisha” (and it’s a nice break from her hyper pc tiktok act) but then she doesn’t back down when a Jewish person sets a boundary about their own culture, after they have likely very kindly
dealt with welcoming her to family events even though she’s being used as a weapon. Moses is a fucking shithead honestly, he’s the one green lighting her ignorance and Ethan is actually humanizing her.

No. 1257394

File: 1623768296210.jpg (129.59 KB, 720x484, Screenshot_20210615-074300_Twi…)

Jeff wittek (the guy who got brain damage from David Dobrik) commented on the Frenemies situation and Trisha responded with this. She later said she was open to going on his podcast.

No. 1257399

Trisha’s sister made 3 tik toks saying she doesn’t care about money and neither does Trisha but then complained about how Ethan and Hila didn’t pay for their VIP Disney tickets for Trisha’s bday or for their dinner that night. Vids on frenemiesroom on IG

No. 1257416

Post the videos

No. 1257618

File: 1623791365985.jpeg (724.5 KB, 1242x1659, AC8C8681-FC68-46AC-AE33-463FAB…)

Moses is such a snake kek

No. 1257628

Ethan is such a piss baby. He has millions of followers, more people will see Trisha's sister tiktok now that he's tweeted about it. Man should have just stfu and not drag his crew into a fight about creative control

No. 1257629

i’m sorry but if ethan didn’t love the attention he could easily say he’s not going to make any more public statements on the issue and they were going to handle it behind closed doors from here on out. i don’t get what he’s gaining from perpetuating the drama when the majority of people are already on his side?

No. 1257697

Wow Trisha, yassss king such a brave he/him moment

No. 1257727

not sure if this was ever posted but this is a just a compilation of trisha being abusive to jason nash. I dont even like that weirdo old man but she's an upfront psycho

No. 1257739

Jason Nash deserves to be shot.

No. 1257746

humored you and watched the first 30 seconds of this and the only people that would think this banter is “abusive” are literal 12-year-olds

No. 1257747

who cares about jason nash

No. 1257762

He's the reason his family is thrown into this. He knew Trish is crazy but cashed in on it anyway.

No. 1257794

File: 1623813580135.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, B10A35A6-60D4-4A2B-9FEF-F0B490…)

putting all this drama on tiktok of all places is honestly getting really pathetic

No. 1257800

they're both milking the fuck out of this it's so obviously a publicity stunt

No. 1257802

agree and the longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes

No. 1257804

I don’t think so. Trisha in all her stupid narcissistic glory leaked a bunch of incriminating tweets. One of them also exposed teddy fresh’s profit margins. I think this is just the end result of interacting with Trisha for a prolonged period

No. 1257808

this is an imageboard if you’re expecting anyone to have any kind of meaningful response to that

No. 1257812

I don’t believe Moses loves or is even genuinely attracted to Trisha at all. There has to be a fairly big ulterior motive at play for him to go this far.(sage non-milk)

No. 1257813

File: 1623816489323.jpeg (209.2 KB, 1242x1501, C8C000F9-488A-4732-8740-E3295F…)

Sorry if this is old milk. Also note that she doesn’t understand percentages

No. 1257817

ntayrt but this was when Trisha was failing to understand that 50/50 on 30% is 15% each. Ethan also discusses it in his video and specifically states that the profit margins were not public information. It's also included in the recap of the video an anon typed up. >>1251348 maybe check the last thread before demanding old information

No. 1257818

i did. they said leaked tweets, not messages so wasn’t sure if there was something new.

No. 1257823

I hope the good will that Ethan built up starts to dissolve with this shit, because it is so fucking lame. Shut up on TikTok Ethan, fat pear-headed freak.
I don't know anon, what could the ulterior motive possibly be? She's not really as rich as she projects herself to be (she is highly in debt from those apartments, houses, birkins, et cetera) and Moses is an architect and a relatively successful artist. Trisha may have a bit more liquid cash than he does but he has higher long-term earning potential. I think Moses is attracted to her physically and enjoys using her to punish and hurt his family. She's like the ultimate shiksa girlfriend that probably appalls his mom and dad, and obviously his sister.

No. 1257871

Nta but I think they mean it's 15% of the revenue. They make 100$ from sponserships etc, 70$ goes to staff, equipment etc, that leaves 30$ to go in the bank. They split that 50/50 so they each get 15$ in the bank. They each get 15% of the revenue.

No. 1257873

File: 1623823090072.png (29.57 KB, 620x206, Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 12.5…)

anon you can't escape the sins of your past

No. 1257883

Im starting to think all this drama is a way to help her sell her skin care by getting her more attention, her pinned tweet is the promotion for the skin care. Strange how the day that gross shit comes out they have a big public falling out, predictions are they’re going to make a big “come back episode” and “talk it out” in a few weeks

No. 1257937

File: 1623838111745.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x1851, FA5B4FB2-2610-4418-9370-36F229…)

I was watching a clip from the Bachelorette podcast then saw this photo and realised how much she’s ballooned since she started dating Moses

No. 1257938

Moses has gained weight because of her too

No. 1257940

just because they profit off of the drama doesn't mean it was planned

No. 1257943

Yeah the idea that they orchestrated all of this and are just really good actors is so dumb. As if Trisha isn't just naturally unstable and impossible to work with

No. 1257949

Yeathehalf of 30 percent only makes sense in ethans 40+ minute vlog about it because he broke it down. He stated many times she got 50/ of member fees, which is why his subreddit was overrun for days with h3queers complaining about being members. Like ethan has perpetuated every "misquote" and "untruth" because he's a spastic and just runs his mouth. Trisha may be out there but she actually does have business acumen and the entire fight revolved around creative control, it was big fat ethan that stuck his foot in his mouth and started giving figures and numbers and then dragging the crew into the fight.

No. 1257990

When people say Moses is autistic is it a joke, because he actually does seem like he is but I wasn't sure if it's confirmed.

No. 1257996

its not been confirmed, i think its speculation rather than a joke(sage non-contributions)

No. 1258016

Moses is an immigrant from a culture that is very different from the American culture. A lot of Americans don't really care to learn about other cultures, so finding Trisha who is so enthusiastic about Israel and Judaism is amazing for him.
Also, he said he is physically attracted to her and likes that she has her own thing going on.

No. 1258034

Trisha has said he is multiple times and even on frenemies. Can’t remember it perfectly but Ethan did look a bit confused as to why she brought it up. Wouldn’t put it past her to diagnose him herself.

No. 1258047

File: 1623857076564.jpeg (153.81 KB, 1242x857, 8FB5F169-C9BF-4669-AF0B-C298FF…)

I know they’re both milking this 5% thing for all it’s worth at this point and we all know Trisha is batshit insane and all

….but I can’t help but zoom out on all of this and think about how this dumb bitch is willing to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on stupid self-serving music videos and handbags that do not benefit her in any way, but threw away an entire hand delivered gift wrapped (unearned) redemption arc over pennies on the dollar. Forget “production costs”, money can’t buy the type of reputation fix she stumbled her way into, and she STILL wanted more. Just sad to think greed can make people that stupid and blind.

No. 1258056

File: 1623858644287.jpeg (52.33 KB, 500x491, 34543550-B1E0-410D-9111-76DD7D…)

No. 1258090

even though i despise trisha i am so fucking mad she fumbled the bag that quickly. I wanted more banter between those two fat idiots. and an even milkier blow out than "i dont get paid enough uwu" life is not fair! old people suck!

No. 1258164

For real. On one hand it's commendable she makes these videos and whatever for fun with no expectations but on the other it's crazy that she is so greedy abput the money when she spends it on this shit anyway.
She's always been an entertaining train wreck but her acting like a zoomer they/Them emo whale has been the most annoying phase imo

No. 1258203

I think maybe he has a thing for big girls. In that one podcast when Trisha was talking about going through his phone she referenced him talking to “some fat bitch from Chicago” so I think maybe that’s his type.

No. 1258221

It was brought up in conversation and even Moses chimed in to say he thinks he might be autistic too. He's not officially diagnosed but from what they read they guessed he could be. I don't think his suspect autism is why he's dating Trisha. I think a lot of people like to believe Trisha is repulsive to the other sex but she clearly isn't and she has charisma and a fun personality. Men go daft for boring girls all the time, imagine an overtly sexual rich fun woman.

No. 1258330

Gabbie is joining in and throwing fuel onto the fire now.

Apparently her documentary on Trisha will come out next week.

No. 1258361

File: 1623891977515.png (16.4 KB, 596x209, setyeru.png)

I really hope she's trolling.

No. 1258371

They better get together and drag David Queerbriks come back.

No. 1258389


Just literally anything other than take responsibility for their own actions.

No. 1258409

nick deorio, keem and Muta are talking about trisha/gabbie/frenemies and keem just dropped that trisha tried to grab his dick at a party

No. 1258432

is there actually anything interesting in this? you couldn’t pay me to listen to these people.

No. 1258433

imo, her mental illness becomes most obvious when she has one of these moments of bizarre reasonableness/clarity of thought
like somewhere in there, there could have been a functional human being

No. 1258444

david, gabbie, and fucking keemstar all jump in on them being down, they’re all people that have caped hard publicly for rapists or actively enabled them, i hope they do come back just to get those assholes to fuck off. honestly it’s been issues that could have been easily dealt with behind the scenes and ethan released something he shouldn’t but trisha should have disengaged. that’s something that is forgivable on both sides if they’re mature enough, fuck dobrik and every abuser that’s conveniently associated with him.

No. 1258450

Skimmed and it's just a bunch of scrotes cackling at each other's unfunny jokes.

No. 1258461

Yassss! Agree wholeheartedly. Trisha and Ethan really put the pressure on the whole Dobrik stuff and they better not let up on the situation. It actually seemed for a minute there was a shifting in certain aspects of rape culture and people seeing dickheads like Dobrik for who they are. It would be an utter shame for it to be forgotten.

No. 1258463

figured as much

No. 1258528

File: 1623914384143.png (18.49 KB, 755x189, grosstrish.PNG)

(not milk)

No. 1258534

I've seen some comments in here that H3's channel is struggling without Frenemies/Trisha. Is that really true? I'm binge watching Frenemies and ep #7 Trisha talks about how Ethan and Hila are the richest youtubers/people she knows. They aren't struggling financially at least, but that could be bc the money is coming in from Teddy Fresh?
Apologies if this is common knowledge, I don't keep up with H3 at all.

No. 1258543

No. 1258544

Bringing Trish in saved H3 from falling from grace. At one point when Hila decided to focus on family making, Ethan was carrying the podcast alone and was behaving like a dislikeable drunk jerk all the time. People were starting to turn on him, he had the image of a chill dude but people were starting to realize he's not. Then some other youtuber gave him advice to get a co-host compared to which he will seem good. He took the advice and got Trisha who is so unstable everyone forgot they were shitting on Ethan up to that point and suddenly he didn't seem so bad in comparison.
I don't know what the future of h3 is without her because of that. Will he now go back to drunkenly raving alone? Because if yes, that's the end.

No. 1258567

Thank god Ethan is putting his foot down and not just letting her slither back in. That bridge is burned.

No. 1258570

almost agree but ethan is as dumb, hypocritical and mean-spirited as trisha so the ultimate villain youtube crossover (besides maybe keem/onision) is over so I'm sad. maybe don't give ethan the credit though.
I'm sad you guys missed it, I understand why because it was mostly drivel but they discussed trisha/h3 a lot in regards to frenemies (I didn't screenshot and the video is private, forgive me anons/in b4 THIS IS AN IMAGEBOARD) and they also created/got #ApologizeToGabbieHanna trending, at least to 9th
also Whang randomly joined chat and posted a goatse gif on his twitter timeline to tilt the teachannels @ing him and the whole stream saw the classic gaping asshole we all love

No. 1258589

She's so delusional, I'm glad Ethan isn't letting her back. He should of done this when she called his wife a cunt.

No. 1258619

trisha distanced herself after gabbie lied about trisha having herpes, and gabbie thinks the way to fix it is to leak more personal information she misunderstood/is purposefully twisting that was shared in confidence. all because gabbie thought one vague comment about trisha not wanting to give her address out was about her, and claimed trisha said she didn’t want to be sent a “stupid book” and in the clip she just says “book” and names other big youtubers she has not given her address out to. and gabbie just does that creepy controlled low voice ignoring all of it and trisha gets visibly uncomfortable. i actually had to stop watching, this is over literally nothing and gabbie is so fucking insecure. it sucks because people in the comments are dragging trisha and don’t see how trisha has every right to set boundaries, which she never did before and started with shane and jeffree only recently.

dobrik treated gabbie like t r a s h and she’s fixated on trisha while claiming sexism. stop where’s this energy for her actual abusers lmao. i don’t even FUCK with trisha but she called out james charles, david dobrik and supported a victim of jake paul who otherwise was getting harassed and not taken seriously, those are not easy things. and then there’s gabbie who was threatening and intimidating children to give her their addresses because they gave constructive criticism about their experience being members of her patreon.

No. 1258620

Fuck him, he's such an ignorant man he will never apologise for dragging his crew into the fight and telling a load of fibs.

He better drag Dobrik's comeback without Trisha then, that's where the surge in viewers came from and all the new female fans. People wanted the Dobrik/Vlog Squad scandals addressed and no other big youtubers would touch them. Now he's back making his queer vlogs (although the quality and content looks shite thankfully).

Ethan's a fat unfunny douche idk why anyone here would like him without Trisha. Him and his ugly crew aren't going to fuck you.

No. 1258628

I am relieved Ethan is finally done giving Trisha chances.

No. 1258631

No. 1258635

You okay nonnie?

No. 1258643

all the anons coming out of the woodworks to simp for ethan have something wrong with them

No. 1258656

Not simping for Trisha =/= simping for Ethan.

No. 1258658

For real it's such a cop out "oh you think Trisha is a manipulative bitch? Ethan stan."
You don't have to know anything about Ethan to know Trisha is absolute garbage and toxic??

No. 1258686


sage for autistic non-contribution, but I was on Trisha's side until she kept insisting that she never once used her mental health as a crutch, but simultaneously said in her own video that she told Ethan to post the podcast but he should have known better than to take her seriously because she "wasn't in her right mind." She's a manipulative cunt and Ethan using the staff to make Trisha feel bad out of frustration isn't equivalent to what she's doing.

No. 1258697

agreeing with him during all of this does not mean simping for him. don't be so dramatic and dumb

No. 1258699

Reddit spacing..

Ethan dragging his crew into it was a mess, they obviously didn't want to be involved. As evidenced by Dan stating things on the discord and even saying it wasn't Ian's girlfriend behind the QnA. That shit was just used to make Trisha seem petty and jealous of other women. The way people were constantly pitting her against Hila and stating she has to be jealous that they're pregnant etc etc. It's sexist af the arguments getting flung at Trisha.

I mean Ethan has tourettes and is clearly mentally ill too. He's on antidepressants. He puts his foot in his mouth a lot. I have no idea if that's related to his tourettes and he has a harder time controlling outbursts.

Trisha has apologised for the initial fight but it's now snowballed into an autistic mess. Ethan mememing the 5%. Making gay little jokes about it when he was the one on frenemies going on about the percentage breakdowns, Trisha was talking about creative control. Then H3 fanboys got mad about trisha getting half of me membership fees so ethan did his autistic 40 min video about 15% is half of 30% (which is their profit margins) which we were all suppose to infer from frenemies even tho those figures were never originally mentioned.

I mean it's more the fact that farmers don't want these two to come together again and provide milk on other content creators, which seems bizarre. Has lolcow had an influx of the H3 and David dobrik scrote redditors? They're the biggest group of anti trisha people currently. I want drama and milk, like Wtf is this thread

No. 1258715

Is Trisha getting paid for the highlights channel?

>Then some other youtuber gave him advice to get a co-host compared to which he will seem good.
Would love more info about this.

No. 1258716

Trisha is a cow just like Ethan and doesn't deserve this level of wking, let people hate the retard of their choosing jfc

No. 1258723

Hates good and all, but at least provide context and discourse in a thread. >>1258628 like posts like these are just redundant if you're not going to actually say anything.


No. 1258732

File: 1623945772023.png (95.71 KB, 599x392, asytrd.png)

Clarity from Ethan.

No. 1258735

I hate gabbie but trish is a delusional, pathological liar.

No. 1258795

File: 1623955567289.jpg (112.26 KB, 1125x1240, 20210617_191552.jpg)

No. 1258796

File: 1623955596906.jpg (76.08 KB, 1125x1087, 20210617_191551.jpg)

No. 1258799

So we're really doing this then huh. This is ridiculous. She must be able to see that shes being crazy but knows that shes in too deep and has to stand her ground even while acknowledging shes in the wrong

No. 1258806

File: 1623956273506.jpg (192.51 KB, 720x1261, 20210617_195646.jpg)

No. 1258808

File: 1623956385897.jpg (34.8 KB, 473x1024, 20210617_195938.jpg)

No. 1258809

File: 1623956431292.jpg (194.39 KB, 946x2048, 20210617_200025.jpg)

No. 1258814

File: 1623956678533.jpg (279 KB, 970x2048, 20210617_200408.jpg)

Looks like she plagiarized her merch

No. 1258815

Dude, calm down with the screenshots. Her brand is basically I mercy mine where she paid someone off Fiverr to make something that she can iron on tye dye shirts.

Whereas Hila actually designed, draw and illustrate everything from scratch herself with very little input fr Ethan

No. 1258817


Learn to write(samefagging)

No. 1258819

File: 1623957005683.jpg (128.58 KB, 946x2048, 20210617_200934.jpg)

Her skincare sucks and the owner is rude af

No. 1258829

Context? What did the owner do, who are these people in the screenshot?

No. 1258831

Ot but why do so many ppl say "woodworks"? Is it intentionally wrong or do ppl really just not know what woodwork is?(off-topic)

No. 1258844


Someone on Tiktok complained that the elixir products were damaged and leaked in the box.

No. 1258853

She literally shows the box. What more does she want(sage non-milk)

No. 1258854

No. 1258855

File: 1623958434712.jpg (91.13 KB, 787x525, 20210617_194805.jpg)


No. 1258856

it's the year she was born, autist…

No. 1258969

File: 1623965992451.jpg (230.01 KB, 1080x901, IMG_20210617_223819.jpg)

Has anyone got a tldw for the new interview with that girl that simps for pedos? I'm sure ethan was creaming himself the entire time.

No. 1258977

They kind of look H3H3 and his wife, kind of look like Bert and Ernie.

No. 1258982

What the fuck are you saying lol can the newfags read about grammar and spelling and maybe take an English comprehension class.

No. 1259020

he’s gotten so fucking fat lmao why does he suddenly look 50 years old?

No. 1259029

Yeah it's really weird how much he's aged in the past couple of years isn't it? By comparison, Hila looks pretty much the same, even after having a kid (which usually ages women a lot).

No. 1259079

Weight gain makes everyone look older than they are. He’s just a fat fuck that doesn’t take care of his body, and that combined with letting his hair go grey makes him look like a boomer dad.

No. 1259170

obese trailer trash that somehow got a mansion

No. 1259203

She talked about manifesting her success and her past trauma growing up abused as a child. For ex: waking up at 3am to work cleaning up animal shit at a farm. She talked a lot about her childhood and her experience in the Navy.(sage)

No. 1259208

I have no idea who this woman is, can you explain the pedo simping lmao

No. 1259210

idk anything about her pedo simping kek but the interview was pretty interesting imo.

No. 1259263

manifesting is so cringe. they only ever mention when it "works" and not the hundreds of other times it does jack shit. literally just some birthday candle wish shit, but for tiktok witches(manifest a sage)

No. 1259313

kek the bored looking chubby girl in the background with her hands folded neatly in front of her. Looks like such a fun workplace.

No. 1259379

Ethan invites another e-girl tiktok thot he masturbates to to his studio that is inside his house where he lives with his wife and children to "interview" her because she is so "talented". So fucking gross. Honestly don't even feel bad for Hila anymore, she lets this happen.

No. 1259382

File: 1624006976330.png (1.17 MB, 1426x868, bella_poarch.png)

Forgot pic of the pedo-pandering thot, ofc Ethan is into this.

No. 1259392

Imagine a male content creator who was known for being openly hypersexual. Known for being too involved in scandals and mentally unstable behavior. He also has a record of fetishizing Jews.

If such a guy went out of his way to hit on Hila, send her unsolicited nudes, imply he wants to get Ethan and Hila to break up so he can have sex with her, then he inserting himself to their lives again by dating one of Ethan or Hila's siblings then proceeded to treat the sibling like shit in their relationship, behaved the way Trisha did in their new podcast, acted weird like Trisha about the two's upcoming pregnancy everyone would've thought he is a huge creep that needs to stay the fuck away from the Kleins.

The point is, Trisha is already getting much more sympathy than she should because she's a female sex worker and people tend to not take it as much seriously when women hit on married men than the other way around. If I were Hila I wouldn't have been okay with a woman like this to be around my husband, if I were Moses I wouldn't be okay with the way she treats my sister and extended family. Trisha is really obnoxious and a detriment to everyone involved. Moses is no saint either but he needs to dip before it's too late. If they have kids like Trisha wants they will be miserable, she can't even take care of herself and be responsible with anything let alone a child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259395

I thought he was on a diet and working out? He looks fatter than ever

No. 1259429

kek this girl is literally the definition of attention whore. don’t know why she has traction

No. 1259447

File: 1624023099121.png (59.29 KB, 231x278, frenemies.png)

No. 1259451

explain the pedo simping ? no idea who this girl is

No. 1259462


Like Belle Delphine without the porn (yet). She does TikTok videos behaving like a child/anime character. SoOo talented. You just know Ethan jerks his numb dick to her.

No. 1259484

Still has to talk about trisha to draw people in, how exciting.

She got big on tiktok for acting like a retarded child and once her pedo user base grew she started overly sexualising herself. Guess only hot women who get abused in their childhood are empowered for selling sex.

No. 1259523

the constant sperging about hila "letting ethan lust after barely legal teens" in this thread is so fucking annoying. in this case it's dumbass tinfoil, the only reason they're connected is because hila is friendly with her and was invited to be in her music video. so hila is almost definitely the reason she's on the show.

from what i've watched he's just treating her like a normal person in this interview, not asking sexual questions like he did with belle. yeah he's a misogynist but he's just having an extremely popular guest on. keep your insane insecurity for whenever belle comes up again

No. 1259537

Hila probably has loads of lesbian experiences away from Ethan and good for her.

No. 1259637

God, I cannot stand Hila’s laugh. While watching the Bella Poarch interview all I can get every few minutes is her laughing like a horse. She sounds so retarted.(unsaged sperging)

No. 1259648


No. 1259650

File: 1624047400069.png (96.61 KB, 599x834, weddingplanning.PNG)

No. 1259651

sorry i'm retarded, is this a joke or is Hila actually bi?

No. 1259660

Imagine how sad she'll be when all four weddings are over and now she's just married

No. 1259666

so far on the live:

rehashing trisha's sister's tiktoks againnn, pretty boring. makes fun of her for the 5% thing. he gets super frustrated at sister for being offended by his bringing up the candlestick incident, and how she doesn't want to know that sort of thing about her family. he stops himself from saying something, starts again but says "i'm not gonna say it". presumably he wanted to talk about trisha making onlyfans content with her sister lol

No. 1259668

why cant scrotes integrate?
how are you not impressed by her ability to pull faces?

No. 1259671

i just watched like 30 seconds of it and he seriously prepared a whole rehearsed skit over the 5% thing? they really don’t have much else to talk about huh kek.

No. 1259678

It's annoying to watch a millionare keep insisting that he's not profiting from this whole drama and yet there are 100 000 viewers on his live podcast stream right now

No. 1259679

allegedly they have a slideshow presentation about all the reasons it ended coming up at some point, can't imagine there will be anything new. probably just ethan losing his shit about being accused of sexual harassment. tho to some extent that's the only thing trisha actually had a point about. idk we'll see.

No. 1259687

at the beginning of the live they crossed 3M subscribers and ethan makes a heartfelt speech thanking his fans and employees, saying he's finally enjoys making the podcast after hitting a low point and wanting to quit a while ago.

no mention of the channel's current surge in viewership and interest being 100% owed to trisha. don't know if it was on purpose to piss her off or if he truly doesn't realize she is the only reason they hit 3M and have 100k viewers on a live…

No. 1259691

Yeah I just closed the live.

They never explained the real reason frenemies ended. They memed Trisha's sister video. Made a soundbite out of her saying the 5% and made fun of her. Kali made the video after frenemies ended so it was irrelevant to why frenemies ended. They never mentioned how they moderate the H3 subreddit and left all the hate up against Trisha and are surprised her sister defended her on tiktok a platform they have more engagement on.

Then he laughed and made shit jokes about Dobrik. Never mentioned the fact he's a rape enabler and clapped for him.

Ethan is so pressed about being called cheap like no offence but he does adhere to those stereotypes about being jewy lol.

Pathetic really.

No. 1259693

I've been on the live shows past like 3 months and the viewership hoovers around 35k usually. Over 110k for frienemie news aka for Trisha. And he made a shite skit about it. Like where the fuck do there production costs actually go because they've had the infrastructure for years now. Do they pretend that creating soundbites costs thousands

No. 1259694

i’m with you on that one honestly. like they go on and on about “production costs” but literally where? everything comes off as painfully low-budget basement podcast. like maybe they are just buying really expensive equipment? no clue.

No. 1259695

>the constant sperging about hila "letting ethan lust after barely legal teens" in this thread is so fucking annoying. in this case it's dumbass tinfoil
Yeah, this chick is in her mid-20s and is a navy veteran. Complaining about a fully-grown adult "overly sexualizing" herself in age-appropriate clothes is weird af.

No. 1259696

I'm pretty sure he even pays the whole crew with that 5% kek

No. 1259697

They'd had all their sound equipment for a while. The recent thing was moving to a studio and that'll have new costs, yeah, but their equipment and video editing etc has been the same standard they've always had. Probably so they can have overly inflated wages and have all their family and girlfriends on payroll. Why have a competent business with competent business practices when you can just hire a bunch or yes men and call yourself a comedian even when you're unfunny af.

No. 1259698

Did you not see all her tiktoks where she was impersonating fucking toddlers

No. 1259699

I'm gonna let you in on a secret, anon, pedophiles aren't attracted to children because they make retarded faces.

No. 1259700

Lol what a reach. Her entire persona was acting like a child.

No. 1259709


I think Ethan’s a scumbag but a 5% production cost is low. Trisha got a great deal out of frenemies. Most non-producing co-hosts are not getting paid anywhere near 45% of the profits.

No. 1259711

She got 15% anon, didn't you watch ethans 40 minute video about I can understand how you get confused though. He said she got 50% of membership, then changed it to 50= of profits aka 15% and now he's stuck on the 5% production costs HE stated.

He's beaten his own autism into the ground. Trisha said about creative control lol

He didn't want to do a deal on adsense because any decent person would give her the cut from the videos she was in. He gave her a fixed rate so to speak.

No. 1259712

Samefag and regarding the profits, how do they only make 30% profits. They're production overheads couldn't be that big unless it is over inflated wages and cuts to his yes men. That's why he's so fucking tight about the crew costs cause he mentioned them in the first place and the crew rightfully probably didn't want their wages to be scrutinised since some of them do shite jobs, or complain when the show runs too long and they want to go home. They don't even start their live shows on time. They are in control of time management so I really don't know why they act put out doing their fucking jobs to the terms they outlined.

No. 1259714

But, that’s normal. She still made a ton of money off Frenemies lol. Productions cost a lot of money, even when you don’t think they are high quality. There’s so much to criticize Ethan about, but taking a very normal amount of their budget to pay for everything that goes into a production is the most normal thing he’s done.

No. 1259716

Maybe, I just don't think the amount they generate from their vlogs reflects the skits etc they praise so highly. Like it is ethans money and his channel so it's fair enough if he takes most of it to fund his lifestyle and have all his home help, like cleaners and nannies. Then Hila probably pumps a lot of it into Teddy Fresh which has a lot of the crew members family and friends working there too.

Just so tacky for him to fixate this much on money to his audience, who has to pay money to even comment and join in on his lives.

No. 1259723

i don’t know how the whole pay to chat function doesn’t turn people off?

No. 1259732

The fact that the chat is generally unreadable makes this fact even funnier

No. 1259749

They get a lot of dead air when the live chat speaks against him. Like he can't handle it, no wonder he puts up walls for his little echo chamber.

All there is to take away from today's video is that Ethan is fixated on 5% and his main issue with Trisha and her sister since that's who he bizarrely focused on, insinuated he was cheap. The show got cancelled because he doesn't like when people discuss his finances unless they're making jokes he outlines about it.

So much for the friendship lol. And all the H3 fans were singing Trisha's praises only a few weeks ago but now they hate her over a dispute about costs none of them (the fans) get the benefit of.

He was thanking the fans by sticking by him and not knowing how to repay them. Why not let then chat for free or discount your merch? Wonder how much of the production costs he had to throw at Bella to get the first interview

No. 1259751

>The show got cancelled because he doesn't like when people discuss his finances unless they're making jokes he outlines about it.

This shit is amazing. The VERY first time he met Trisha he pressured her to disclose how much money one of her videos made while she made it clear she didn't want to share that information.

No. 1259761

good catch lol. ethan and trisha are a beautiful study in what happens when the world's most indignant hypocrites collide

No. 1259784

the 30% which they shared half of was for the merch which is yet to be released, it's not to do with the podcast. the podcast was split 55/45 with the extra 5 from the bigger cut going towards production. no one knows how much that is in actual cash.

No. 1259814

No. 1259818

Can someone do a tldr on this?

No. 1259838

Timestamp for when they start talking about Trisha drama

No. 1259839

It's pretty boring. Took them ages to get to frenemies and Ethan focused on Trisha's sister instead of the actual fallout.

Then he made some fake thumbnails about David dobrik comeback. Didn't say anything about the rape that he had the journalist on before about (that then wrote the antisemitic piece about trisha). Ended that segment with clapping for David.

Then he faffed about trying to get his mum on the phone. I stopped watching by then. Not sure if he touched on frenemies again, maybe another anon watched the whole thing.

No. 1259843

jesus christ .. they titled it about frenemies drama and took 40 minutes to discuss it?
it’s so clickbaity, idk how people have the patience

No. 1259848

People stuck it out because Trisha is milky and the H3 podcast know it as well as all their dweeby fans. They were all saying how excited they were to see Trisha's 10+ videos about it. The number of viewers dropped off when that part was over.

No. 1259861


thank you this has been really been annoying me when people talk about it. the 50% of 30% applies only to the merch. she was getting a full 50% of the membership subs and 45% of the profits from frenemies.

No. 1259870

30% profit margin for the merch, not the podcast

No. 1259872

You’re missing context. This was her coming out as trans video she claimed over and over wasn’t monetized. Ethan pressed her until it came about it was in fact monetized

No. 1259876

They haven't even sold the merch so why did he go on about it so much, he must have freaked his nut about the backlash from people mad about her getting the membership cut. It's so confusing and messy, no wonder the 5% meme is being latched on to, it's the easiest part to follow lol

No. 1259884

Because she leaked a text claiming he was only giving her 15% when he had said 50%, but the profit margin was revealed to be 30% in the leaked text, only proving that she does not understand percentages kek

No. 1260105

Resurfaced audio of Trisha shit talking Moses

No. 1260187

Trisha's response is processing. I'd like to throw out a tinfoil since we like to pit women against each other that hormonal Hila had made Ethan cut ties with Frenemies because his crush on Trisha was becoming way too obvious.

No. 1260191

File: 1624124215438.jpg (287.09 KB, 1080x1383, IMG_20210619_183635.jpg)


No. 1260210

Sure all his employees are fans of his and she's probably referencing when Ethan talked about their wages.

No. 1260212

>Hila had made Ethan cut ties with Frenemies because his crush on Trisha was becoming way too obvious
Rofl. If anything is obvious it's how repulsive he finds her. You must be the same anon who said this earlier in the thread, you're so delusional. Ethan is not attracted to Trisha, she is fat and hideous, even Hila looks so much better than her. Ethan thirsts after people like Belle Delphine who are tiny and childlike.

No. 1260215

Just need to watch the last few frenemies when Ethan was always iniating them making physical contact. Since he's a fat fuck he probably idolises how confident Trisha is with her weight. Men aren't complex and he's definitely a coomer.

No. 1260218

I have watched every episode and he constantly says "ew" when she talks about her OnlyFans shit, he finds her fascinating in a way you find an animal in a zoo fascinating. It's so obvious, I have no idea what the fuck you're seeing. Men are superficial and the people saying "men totally don't care if women are fat as long as they are confident!" are lying to you. Unless we're dealing with a fat fetishist, men will always pick a shy timid skinny girl over a fattie. Yes he's a coomer, but he watches the barely legal teens category, not BBW.

No. 1260223

He couldn't be too obvious anon since he's married. Maybe he's so angry because he's like a child with a crush and now he can't see her weekly he's lashing out. He's attacking her sister and burning bridges. Man's got it bad.

No. 1260228

File: 1624126652606.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x639, sL2yoRy.jpg)

Dumbest take in this entire thread for sure.

No. 1260246

nta but eh he started bringing up her OF and squirting a lot in the more recent episodes. to the point where she was trying to change the subject sometimes. not that i support the “ethan is in love with trisha” tinfoil.

No. 1260300

>he's the one getting his whole family involved
she says this like her family is not already involved, complaining about Disney tickets. also she's the one who made herself "part of the family" in the first place to get back at Ethan for not wanting to fuck her, opening herself up to criticism from all of them when shit inevitably hit the fan

No. 1260312

I was wondering when am H3 fan was going to equate trisha and moses dating to her dragging him into all their fights like I'm reading under her tweets.

People act like Moses doesn't have any autonomy. Do you really think he would propose to her as an elaborate gotcha to Ethan?

Her sister complained about Disney tickets on a deleted tiktok like a week after the fallout. Ethan and his crew moderate the H3 subreddit and they didn't do anything to mitigate any hate directed at Trisha. Yet they get butt hurt when her sister makes a response on tiktok to a vastly smaller audience. So petty.

No. 1260320

something i haven't noticed anyone mention is in one of trisha's recent videos she talks about how the bus trip was the breaking point for her, because at one point ethan was basically street harassing some girl who was walking alone. i remember that part, it was really fucking uncomfortable and i think a lot of it was cut out. it wasn't in a sexual way but it frankly doesn't matter imo, any man yelling "how's it going" and shit, trying to be funny and commenting on your clothes from a bus when you're walking alone is going to feel like a pervert hitting on you. he did it to guys mostly but the girl didn't know that and was clearly creeped out but he kept going even when trisha told him to stop.

the rest of what trisha says in the video is generally super hypocritical and obnoxious but that incident is frankly enough to cut a man out of your life for. just shows a complete lack of empathy and respect for women, and an unwillingness to learn from them. and he completely ignored the criticism ofc

No. 1260326

Yea I was cringing at that part and he didn't let up speaking to her from a loudspeaker for the entire street to hear even when she made it clear she didn't enjoy or appreciate any of the attention. He even started going on about her hair colour. The two Frenemies vlogs were so cringe.

I hope Trisha gets on another podcast or panel. She's witty and plays off well of people. Laughed yesterday when Ethan called himself a comedian on the stream and no one backed him up lol.

Trisha has charisma to land herself on TV shows and she was even on cuk celebrity big brother. She's known outside of youtube even if it's niche. Ethan is a YouTuber only.

No. 1260327

starts at 7:25 if anyone's interested. she actually didn't tell him to stop at the time but the girl herself did, which is much worse tbh

No. 1260338

not an H3 fan. never watched either of them before frenemies. but you're missing my point, Trisha Fan, and it has almost nothing to do with Moses.

Trisha is considered a part of Ethan's family now. It began with her getting involved with his brother-in-law which she admits she did for petty "revenge". This turned into a real relationship and now she is considered part of their family. So saying "he's the one getting his family involved" is strange because she's drawing a line between herself and his family, who have all met her and spent time with her and welcomed her into their family like she wanted. Those family members are going to have feelings about her antics, she shouldn't be surprised. Her sister has made her feelings clear. Other family members should be able to as well without her whining that Ethan is responsible for them having feelings about her. (And Ethan stopped his mom from getting into it on the podcast, even. He's trying to prevent them from getting even more involved.)

Didn't think I had to spell it out like that. Trisha got involved with this family and now wants no involvement from them.

No. 1260351

If trisha is now his family doesn't that work both ways?? Who cares if she went on dates with Moses as a joke, they both clearly enjoyed each others company as evidence by them buying a mansion together and getting married this year. If Trisha and him are family why did he allow his subreddit to dissolve into hateful spam against Trisha for days. Then Kali made a tiktok and deleted. Genius Ethan click baited yesterdays video so he could rant about what Kali (isn't she also now Ethan's family? Or is it only the Paytas' that have to show respect?) said. Then his Mom was going to have a go at Trisha too.

No. 1260371

yeah I agree with all that, again, not an H3 fan, he's clearly drama hungry and their shark-infested subreddit is evidence of that. Trisha is also off the mark trying to dictate which family members are/aren't allowed to comment on their family drama, that was my point that was completely missed. that's all

No. 1260405

Oh right. I don't even know why ethan keeps trying to pull the family card. She's marrying into Hila's family not his. He's mad for the association and clout. It's like if Moses started dragging one of Ethan's brother's wife. It's very weird.

No. 1260409

I have a theory that Hila and Moses are basically orchestrating all this drama behind the scenes, it's basically a proxy war between the two 100%. I don't think Trish (who literally wastes money like crazy and whose main currency is attention bc she's BPD and she gets a lot of attention from Frenemies) ever actually cared about 5%, it sounds like a Moses thing

No. 1260475

File: 1624144590022.jpg (45.32 KB, 640x459, i3h0mto5s9671.jpg)

Trisha's ring is about to turn her finger green.

No. 1260486

Gabbie hanas simps are hating hard on trisha in the comments. saged bc this video probably doesnt even mean anything.

No. 1260651

Are you retarded or just pretending?

No. 1260665

File: 1624167389307.jpg (94.97 KB, 1170x1156, lol.jpg)

No. 1260689

why would Moses care about the 5%?

No. 1260695

i have no words, fuck.

No. 1260805

Hilas family is his family, anon. they have been married for a long ass time and spend a lot of time together with their families. Are you 12 or just stupid ?

No. 1260810

Just seems weird I've never known people in IRL to put so much status on in laws to the point that if there's fighting between two non blood relatives people would be calling for a separation because of what they're doing to the family.

Like Moses and Ethan do not get on great but I doubt Hila let's it affect how she feels about her husband. And I'm sure Moses doesn't give a shit about the 5% or YouTube that he'll call off his engagement.

Just sounds like Ethan's trying to pander.

No. 1260843

just as a way of splintering the relationship off with hila/ethan, he seems to dislike them idk, like its very clear that him and hila have had long-term beef that never was settled

No. 1260846

i agree 100%.

No. 1260852

how can you hate your sister so much that you stay with someone physically abusive who you resolutely are not attracted to? we all know even if he likes her he doesn’t care about her that deeply to be married so let’s not pretend feelings are involved for him. i think this is the only thing he could do to affect hila and make her react but trisha has to sense what he’s doing right?

No. 1260861

Trisha is his sugar mommy. She bought him a fucking Ferrari. Its very obvious what his motivation for staying in the relationship is. He can be a kept man the rest of his life

No. 1260884

So people really do think Moses proposed to Trisha to spite his sister?

It's clear Trisha is fat but some people really do overlook that she must be attractive to a lot of people, why else would her onlyfans be so successful? Plus you'd at least know marrying Trisha she wouldn't be after your money since she supports herself.

Next they'll be tinfoils that Moses wants to fuck Hila or some other weird incestuous connotations lol

No. 1260891

File: 1624209843429.jpg (460.56 KB, 1080x1396, IMG_20210620_182338.jpg)

No. 1260895

File: 1624209910204.jpg (576.93 KB, 1080x1231, IMG_20210620_182444.jpg)

Ot, but I never saw a photo of her dad before.

No. 1260955

He looks so much like Jason.

No. 1260960

He somehow looks younger than Jason but then Nash is mad for cocaine.

No. 1261006

He looks… more normal than I expected.

No. 1261112

Lmao, thank you. I feel like there's a bunch of overweight women living out a high school power fantasy through Trisha in this thread based on all the retarded crush theories.
Your brain is so clogged

No. 1261169

He was already an architect and a successful artist, and Trisha is rich in a retarded, trailer trash way that can and will burn out in an explosive, indebted fashion someday. Moses is probably smart enough to recognize that. Some men like fucking totally ass out crazy women, and some men like fat girls, and a LOT of men like making their mommies and daddies upset about their slutty, insane girlfriends. I think it has less to do with Hila and more to do with their parents. And I know its hard to believe anons but some guys find Trisha attractive. She looks like shit 50 percent of the time but when she's all glammed up if you're into like 90s porn looks on a fat girl's body, she's basically the very specific ideal kek

No. 1261288

Do anons here genuinely think that Ethan had any sort of sexual interest in Trisha? That's so fucking autistic, it's obvious that Ethan didn't want Trisha to feel judged for her sex work because Trisha has voiced so many times how much it hurts her that men act grossed out by her sexuality, so he tried to create a comfortable environment for her to make sex jokes and talk about her sexuality openly without judgment. The one time he tried to set some boundaries with the wrestling thing, she sperged out like a retard about it. Trisha is an attractive girl by some people's standards but I genuinely never got the impression that Ethan was one of those people, I just think he took for granted Trisha's comfort with sex jokes and forgot how to behave like a normal fucking person who checks for boundaries and social cues.

No. 1261311

Yeah, Ethan is a coomer. I don't think it would take much for him to become sexually interested in someone. Especially someone like Trisha who is so open with sexuality.

After the wrestling incident it was Trisha that changed her behaviour and stopped being so overtly her sexualised version of herself and Ethan started iniating more touch between them and hugs. He was more animated around Trish for the last while on Frenemies than with Hila on After Dark.

No. 1261343

the internet changes opinion so quickly, it is kinda scary.. since frenemies ended and all this new drama her youtube comments are like 98% negative yet when frenemies was at its peak, all her comments were just "queen" and "bestie" lmao

No. 1261426

>After the wrestling incident it was Trisha that changed her behaviour and stopped being so overtly her sexualised version of herself and Ethan started iniating more touch between them and hugs. He was more animated around Trish for the last while on Frenemies than with Hila on After Dark.
He was more comfortable once Trisha stopped hitting on him like the coomer degenerate pig she is.

No. 1261449

I always thought they were insane to work with Trisha. I'm all for giving people the chance to grow and being compassionate toward those with mental health struggles, but she's just so past the point of no return. She has proven for 15 fucking years that she's a radioactive toxic barrel of waste who can't be trusted. At a certain point, it becomes your fault for signing up to have a business relationship with someone like that.

I agree. I don't know how any rational person who has kept up with the entire Ethan/Trisha saga can seriously think he has a thing for her. She's openly thirsted for him to a level that's extremely inappropriate and Hila even called her out to her face for it.

I agree he's a coomer, but he gives me the vibe that he's the kind of guy who only lusts after women way out of his league physically. Being rich, internet famous, and married to someone so much more attractive than him like Hila would only fuel his feelings of entitlement to way hotter women. I really don't think he'd ever give Trisha the time of day, even if he were single.

No. 1261464

Idk, ethans just as mentally ill as Trisha. He's on anti depressants and he has tourettes and he ticks out a lot lol.

I find it surprising people really try to moralise Trisha's "condition" and the 'redemption arc' of Frenemies. She's literally always been provocative and plays up to tropes and stereotypes for entertainment purposes. Like people truly believe she has no friends etc because of how she portrays herself on her vlogs but then all of a sudden she has like 50,000 stories of hooking up with celebrities etc and loners wouldn't be the type to pick up a celeb. Like you'd have to be running around in certain social circles. She keeps a lot private and embellished other things for the sake of views.

She's been successful before frenemies and she'll stay successful. Like what other youtubers have had enough clout to get on celebrity big brother? She got on Ellen. She's appeared on various reality shows.

So true. H3 fanboys are like a cult. They're literally all peace and love even when Trisha called Hila a cunt, but because Ethan doesn't like to be called cheap now people are like "She's took it too far with the 5%!" like chill out. Does it really concern people that a millionaire was called out and asked where exactly the production costs are spent since he brought it up? The fans still have to pay to leave comments on the live show and the only perks are getting the video earlier. I use to pay it and am a UK anon and the videos would literally go up at 4am and then be up 12 hours later for free.

No. 1261468

Gonna stop you right at the top, being on antidepressants and having Tourette’s is not nearly the same level of mental illness as Trisha.

No. 1261479

That's not very woke of you.

No. 1261483

File: 1624300963509.jpg (32.25 KB, 600x450, 4ae.jpg)

>Idk, ethans just as mentally ill as Trisha. He's on anti depressants and he has tourettes and he ticks out a lot lol.
>equating depression and tourettes with BPD and schizophrenia
Gave me a good hearty kek there, anon. Good job.

No. 1261487

What about the other points about how people take two entertainers words as gospel? Ethan could be more retarded and not let on he doesn't have to disclose. Trisha has also claimed to have that fake mental disorder where you have several other identities. The truth of the matter is we don't know these people's mental health history. They both literally have a career out of being entertaining. Just seems pretty queer that people baby Ethan, yet go to Trisha's socials just to leave hate. Suppose it let's people feel like they're apart of something no matter how lame.

No. 1261510

File: 1624302693298.jpeg (138.3 KB, 2160x1080, D51A7FE3-7294-4AA7-A801-71CB8C…)

We can only take Trisha’s word for it but she also has a million traumatic events piled up too that would obviously make apparent her BPD/Schizo worse, like multiple accounts of rape, sexual abuse as a minor, threats of gun violence, manipulative relationships with much older men, etc etc. I think when people complain Trisha isn’t treating her BPD correctly they don’t consider she’s got a fuck ton of PTSD working against her too.

No. 1261531

dang ethan used to be kind of cute, how sad.

No. 1261543

the bar is on the floor

No. 1261663

Comments like this make me sad

No. 1261691

Nonnies who can’t help but shit on someone for finding a guy cute make me sad.

No. 1261693

Jesus what's with all the ethan simps itt. He has a weird neck area.

No. 1261732

I can hate Ethan and thinks he’s a fat greedy cringelord and still think he looked cute when he was younger and skinnee.

No. 1261767

What about that guy who showed up to Trisha's house that was a fan of H3? He snuck in and threatened her iirc. Regardless of Trisha's guaranteed unhinged responses he needs to do better with his fanboys. Simply telling them not to harass Trisha and her sister isn't enough, he needs to be more firm about it.

No. 1261840

>he has a weird neck area"
sounds like you don't really have much to say about his appearance if you nitpick on something like that.

anyway i think ethan could be goodlooking if he cleaned up. he seems to be on a diet and working out for a while now but i feel like he is still gaining weight instead of losing any.(derailing)

No. 1261939

He's a massive face and short stocky body and with his weight gain his jowls/chin/neck face look worse but even when skinny he still looks like a strange odd bobble head. I just don't think he's cute at all he has weird proportions.

Yes that could have been potentially very dangerous. Extremely rich of Ethan to be upset people went to the crew members Instagrams to leave hate comments but they never moderated their H3 subreddit where up votes are gained for shitting all over Trisha. It's only offensive if the men get shit talked. Even Hila can get called a cunt and that's fine but if the boyos get upset it's 5% too far and that's Ethan's limit.

No. 1261951

File: 1624359792044.jpeg (720.32 KB, 1242x891, 407A0262-EBB3-4722-AD52-BA3720…)

He’s definitely gained weight since he allegedly started working out and eating better

No. 1262004

cope lmao why are you so upset that no one shares your love for ethan

hes so smug and punchable… i stopped watching long ago and only started to acknowledge their existence again when trisha and moses got engaged. after that and the frenemies fall out i checked back on one of their uploads and it was boring. for someone who has tried to stay relevant for so long (drama with keemstar/trisha helped him stay afloat) he still has the same shitty attitude and has become more unfunny and unbearable. this crowder thing is just another addition to all of that considering he ducked out of a debate and made someone else take his spot so he could pull a "gotcha!" while painting himself as a winner despite the fact that he constantly drones on about topics he has no knowledge on and cant defend his views after provoking others.

No. 1262120

Yeah, I kind of doubt that really happened. Proof? Besides just Trisha's word

No. 1262266


total clickbait title, at the beginning Moses tries to make a 'blink twice if you need help' joke that Trisha sets up and she instantly gets pissed off at him for jokingly saying 'oh no! i only blinked once'(embed)

No. 1262267

Crowder looks like even more of a fatass, as well

No. 1262323

Say what you will about Ethan but crowder got totally embarrassed here.

No. 1262344

I think it's the shoulders, they're so narrow it looks like he has a huge head

No. 1262356

I think you nailed it, looking back at all the photos itt of ethan and his shoulders are so narrow lol I can't unsee it now.

No. 1262429

yeah if u watch ethan's obviously edited video. go watch crowder's unedited he lietrally knew ethan wasnt gonna debate him properly and its not shocking at all tbh. ethan is such a brainlet, say what you want about crowder but the shittiness and massiveness of ethan's ego is blinding in this whole thing

No. 1262456

I can't fathom being annoyed on the behalf of Crowder. Ethan very clearly knows he'd be a poor debater, as he states. Which is why he pulled this move. It's pretty hilarious from the outside looking in, and being annoyed about Crowder not getting to properly debate someone who is clearly not a political influencer, or whatever, is strange. At the very least neither is worth defending or applying some kind of integrity to, so I just liked sitting back and enjoying the shitshow.

No. 1262534

I don’t even understand why people are taking this so seriously. I didn’t know the world of brainlet scrotes debating “politics” is still some high end society with strict rules and ethics and whatnot. They are literally all clowns and it turning into a shitshow is the best possible outcome because then it at least has some entertainment value. Are people actually upset that big man empty holster crowder didn’t get to show of his totes big brain moves and see what renewed scholar and political Reddit commentator Ethan would counter with?! Crowder could have easily turned it into a funny thing and played along. But nah he takes himself too seriously and the whole debate/political side of social medias is truly just soaked in male fragility and narcissism.

No. 1262536

File: 1624435017966.jpeg (286.51 KB, 682x432, F1F26D18-8C4F-4EB1-9CA7-90F5B2…)

I am autistic but David and Trisha’s dad have the same phenotype. He looks like an older David with Jason’s hair.

No. 1262581

Ok newfag, hes fat and ugly

No. 1262598

I immediately thought her dad looks like David. Weird.

No. 1262619

Anon you are aware that crowder edited his video to remove when he and his team of apes openly make fun of Ethans tourette's… right?

No. 1262632

File: 1624455017273.png (110.23 KB, 665x621, lol.png)


listening to a grown ass man have a complete meltdown, maniacally panic-laughing when faced with someone he has gone to great lengths to avoid debating, far outshines whatever ego trip ethan was having

No. 1262633

If H3's team made that thumbnail, they must really hate Ethan.

No. 1262639

File: 1624456755794.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 220.3 KB, 1280x1280, 2445A179-F08B-4127-88FC-1B6981…)

I don’t think Ethan minds, he’s made a career out of looking intentionally repulsive/ridiculous

No. 1262642

File: 1624457483763.png (105.26 KB, 1178x426, tweet.png)

the whole thing was a shitshow, but ethan saying "well im a shit debater so imma step out" is the laziest excuse ive ever seen after he initiated everything in the first place and agreed to a 1 on 1 debate . that sam guy was already there just yelling random shit, the amount of cringe was unbearable and if they on continued the call im sure there would have just been a yelling match not worth even watching (the whole thing isnt worth watching though).

that didnt happen in the debate vid lol i watched both sides. honestly who gives a shit, ethan made fun one of crowder's guys for being an alcoholic despite him being sober for 10 years, both are lowball insults so it makes no sense to pick and choose who to be offended by

anyway, trishas tweet is an accurate depiction of what happened. it was a stupid moment for everyone involved lol im actually pleasantly surprised crowder made the point that ethan exploited trisha (who has obvious mental illnesses) on his show for views. ethan's extra shitty ego on full display for everyone to see though

No. 1262673

Seeing the Trisha whiteknights in this thread is really reminding me how mentally ill a huge portion of this site is. You guys really see a lot of yourself in this toxic BPD-chan, eh? Maybe get treatment and better yourselves instead of seeing it as a free pass to be a piece of shit.

No. 1262682

I thought this too when reading this thread. You don't have to know the first thing about Ethan to see how disgusting Trisha is but people like that about her I guess because it parallels them.

No. 1262683

>im actually pleasantly surprised crowder made the point that ethan exploited trisha (who has obvious mental illnesses) on his show for views

I'm really sick of this argument that Ethan was taking advantage of her. He helped redeem her entire image and turned public perception in her favor. She is the one who fucked up, despite being given numerous chances and him walking on eggshells constantly. By that logic, anyone who gives mentally ill people a platform is "taking advantage" of them. If she should really be infantilized to this level, then she should be completely deplatformed since the worst damage she does to herself is on her main channel.

Also, if you know anything about Crowder, you know he shamelessly makes fun of mentally ill women all the time and clearly only said that to Ethan as a cheap pot shot.

No. 1262691

are u kidding lol h3h3 has been a dying and stagnant channel for a long time and having trisha revived their whole channel. while it was positive for her bc it humanized her a bit more, ethan chose to engage with her despite whatever crappy thing shes said or done (including about his wife etc) and was bordering on calling her a bestie close to his fallout with her like a week later. people mostly follow trisha bc she is entertaining and while shes done some insane stuff she owns up to it, while ethan has shown himself to be a narc even when hes in the wrong. everyone involved with h3h3 and even trisha is weird but he did use her knowing it wouldnt be some steady/easy relationship

also: crowder is a basic bitch conservative, nothing he has said is that outrageous or shameless etc. no one here can truly take the high road but ethan is the only one positioning himself as a winner in all of this when hes clearly 1. showed how cowardly he is when he is confronted directly once he talks shit and steps out to make it about someone else whose tried to "debate" several youtubers just calling ppl even though literally no one knows this man 2. fucked himself over in the frenemies thing but acted like hes shocked about it as if he didnt walk into it knowing there would be issues

No. 1262699

has there really been much unironic trisha wk'ing though? i feel like it's mostly been people talking about how shitty she is kek.

No. 1262701

Holy fuck it’s like someone used the Faceapp “old” filter on him. The nose and face shape is uncanny.

No. 1262736

File: 1624471358028.jpg (41.16 KB, 479x446, 20210623_110140.jpg)

This podcast episode dropped for members and apparently Ethans new Frenemies cohost is his mom

No. 1262738

File: 1624471505632.jpg (59.6 KB, 828x466, 20210623_110403.jpg)

Sorry for shit quality, ripping it from Twitter.

How do you think Trish will respond to this?

No. 1262741

Given the description I'm pretty sure this is just a one-off joke. He's obviously milking the drama at this point but this still sounds kinda funny.

No. 1262745

Anyone think Trish reads here? She makes all kinds of comments that make me think 'hm I've only seen people bring that up on lolcow'. Like in her 'addressing issues' newer video, she makes a remark about her ring just having a sizer and it not turning her finger green. I've only seen an anon above bring that up.

No. 1262749

trisha paytas post history reveal when

No. 1262782

Twitterfag please kys
He’s mentioned he doesn’t have a great relationship with his mom or dad. This could make it rather interesting and have a similar concept to Trisha, but I’m more inclined to believe it’s a one-off because who would want to exploit drama with their parent?

No. 1262788

Lol he looks the same age as his mother.

No. 1262797

Honestly I don't think so. She is so dumb, the layout and navigation of this website would probably confuse her too much.

No. 1262846

Lol just another family member on payroll

No. 1262855

Lame, why do they do all this stupid clickbait

No. 1262897

I disagree, I thought the same thing when she brought up the ring sizer thing in that video. She obviously keeps up with the H3 subreddit (I remember when hila and Ethan announced them being pregnant with twins the H3 Redditards were wondering if they were going to name them teddy fresh themed like they did with their other kid. In the next frenemies episode Trisha literally asked him that question) and is constantly monitoring porn sites to take her OF content down. She was also known to lurk her lipstick alley threads back in the day. I really think we underestimate her internet savviness and wouldn’t be surprised if she lurked here.

No. 1262940

the ring thing was mentioned on twitter, i saw it there too in her replies (although cant remember which)

No. 1262979

>their shitty jokes about how the mic could be a phallus that would be "about the right size" for her
i hate this

No. 1262993

It's annoying seeing people act like Ethan is some sort of saint.
He's just as much of a cow as Trisha is and milked her as much as he could. He knew that Trisha is a piece of shit but entertaining and used it to make money(sage your shit)

No. 1263009

The new "families" is so unentertaining. It's a flop and I hope it gets canceled. As much as I think Trisha sucks she is hilarious and the show just can't go on without her

No. 1263046

I’ve thought that for a while too, a lot of the celebrity gossip commentary she gave on Frenemies was almost word for word from what I’ve seen in OT. I know celeb gossip gets shared all over the internet but the way she would say or know certain things sounded so farmy to me

No. 1263075

actually I just finished the part where his mom is trying to send an email with an attachment with Dan giving her instructions and it was really funny

No. 1263093

don't be dense, the "debate" was obviously a ruse to bait crowder into a talk with seder which was pretty hilarious considering he basically had a panic attack live. i say everything went according to plan

No. 1263098


Yup, kind of confirms what I suspected. Ethan is a degenerate coomer because his dad is (Playboy, monster dildo…).

No. 1263132

>"I always respect people who enter in the arena"
>Immediately throws a fit and ducks out when Sam Seder joins the call
He's a pussy

No. 1263133


No. 1263135

I lost it when she typed out and sent the file name instead of sending it as an attachment

No. 1263203

yeah I'd say she's too dumb for it too but don't forget she admitted to keeping tabs on all her "enemies" and told ethan how she reads every post on some vlogsquad tumblr

No. 1263245

we definitely werent watching the same vid lmao all i saw was ethan hiding and screaming "hah ur wearing a holster bruh" while hes wearing tie-dye lookin like a tiktok girl

lets be real, theres no replacing frenemies. they should start something fresh at this point, but looking at the amount of effort they put into their podcast, i find it hard to believe that they'll attempt anything creative or remotely different

No. 1263249

i’m so disappointed this is really over and i don’t even like either one of them, together they were really entertaining and needed to learn from each other. they both need to take the l and i’m gonna need trisha to fucking burn all the scene kid revival shit that’s a hard never

No. 1263444

File: 1624568399724.jpeg (209.71 KB, 777x1035, 8AD5F5F0-123B-4F47-92B0-63262E…)

hilas looking … rough on the h3 pod

No. 1263446

I mean she’s pregnant and working a lot??

No. 1263454

And she's married to Ethan. She has plenty of reasons to look sick, tired and depressed.

No. 1263458

She's pregnant, had the doctors tell her she might be having triplets, then back down to 1 kid, running on a clothing line while also making time to jump in to podcasts, has to at the very least manage the life of a 4 year old, has a tenuous relationship with her brother who might be marrying one of the most volatile people online, her husband is obese unhealthy and will probably develop CAD soon. Maybe let's cut her some slack and not focus on her looks. At the very least this isn't milk

No. 1263486

What the other anons said, plus I don't think she looks bad?? A little tired maybe and her makeup isnt fresh but her skin and hair look nice. Bc of her facial structure I think she looks a bit older than she is but not in a bad way, I've always thought she was pretty.

No. 1263503

Yeah I think the fact that she has her hair pulled back also just makes her look older, most women do when they don't have hair framing their face. She looks tired but she doesn't look old and busted at all.

No. 1263508

She always looks like this it's her genetics. Also she's a millionaire, Ethan brags they don't do chores because of housekeepers and they have a nanny, plus they have staff running teddy fresh and even H3 productions. She sketches designs, it's not exactly strenuous.

No. 1263623

She dresses like she's mentally impaired.

No. 1263640

If that's the best they got, they are doomed.

No. 1263641

File: 1624584568407.jpeg (105 KB, 750x397, ACE02D2B-2AE0-4E14-A288-ADC7A9…)

Ethan platforming people of questionable morals to one-up his opponents. First Britbong, now this clown.

No. 1263643

Not sure if you're baiting or are legitimately retarded.

No. 1263679

I wonder if Ethan's mom is getting paid for the show lol

No. 1263720


congrats on following mike cernovich on twitter in 2017…?

No. 1263721

Why the fuck do moids always come to this thread

No. 1263728

She'd look so much better if she went back to her natural hair color, the pink/blonde hair washes her out.

No. 1263760

The first trimester makes you feel like you are dying….she looks fine considering

No. 1263782

Why do some people use "Ethan exploited Trisha's mental illnesses" as an argument?

Yes she's mentally ill but she's not disabled, she is a grown adult, self-aware and conscious enough to be fully capable of making her own decisions. She was the one who inserted herself to their lives. When D'angelo also criticized the Frenemies podcast for the same reason, she was mad about it and disagreed with him. Crowder is full of shit and he does not give a fuck about her well-being, obviously. His criticism of Ethan about this topic was just something he said on the spot.

If anything this show was a good chance for her to get more people to like and understand her but she ruined it herself.

No. 1263821

It was a transactional relationship. Ethan exploited her craziness, sexual trauma and outbursts for views and Trisha used his good reputation to clean her image and personal vendettas. Ethan didn't put her in the show out of the goodness of his heart if that's what you mean.

No. 1263830

Summary of the new episode of Frenemies:
>Ethan's son has his sense of humor.
>Ethan used to steal money from her even though she would have given it to him if he had asked. His mom thought that the maid was the culprit and fired her.
>Ethan used to steal his father's Playboy magazines. He kept calling phone sex hotlines until the phone bill was $800.
>Ethan resents his mother for not believing in him when he was starting out YT.
>Ethan's siblings were very smart, but he was held back one grade.
>Ethan shares some stories involving drugs, masturbation and shitting himself.
>Ethan was once looking through his parents drawers and found a giant dildo. His mom is horrified that he is sharing this story and explains that his perverted father brought it.
>Ethan quizzes his mom about zoomer terms, like simp and bruh.
>Ethan asks his mom to send an e-mail with an attachment, while he solves a sudoku.

No. 1264132

Crowder initiated the debate on YouTube. Ethan messaged him on Twitter to agree. Crowder, because he’s trying to save face, deceptively edited his video to give the impression Ethan was the one to initiate the debate.

No. 1264292

jesus fucking christ fuck these people

No. 1264308

>she’s mentally ill
>she’s self aware and conscious

sir do you know what mental illness even is

No. 1264542

nta but mental illness doesn't always exclude self-awareness

No. 1264610

Ethan is a grown adult too, who is fully aware that Trisha is a trainwreck. He was the one who provoked her with his Instagram vs Reality video, invited her to the H3 podcast, suggested the Bachelorette idea, told her about Moses' interest and proposed the Frenemies podcast.

Ethan is the one responsible for bringing all of this mess into his family. He knew that Trisha is fucking insane, volatile and disrespectful towards Hila, but didn't give a shit because he wanted to get money out of the situation.

No. 1264611

Boy, Ethan sure is fucking gross.

No. 1264614

File: 1624689596345.png (680.04 KB, 481x598, hila.png)

No kidding.

No. 1265120

Hahaha what the fuck

No. 1265121

File: 1624753223541.jpeg (440.72 KB, 696x921, 4A798523-38A5-4066-863B-6DEBD5…)


I feel like I’ve walked past this homeless person before

No. 1265142

In all seriousness what the fuck is this outfit? Is it pyjamas? Did she have a concept meeting regarding this? She looks so angry.

No. 1265164

Is this Ethan making her larp as a pedobaiting ethot? Because she doesn't look like she's enjoying it

No. 1265557

File: 1624812565630.png (565.52 KB, 560x602, CL-V39SJvq.png)

She looks sad and miserable.

No. 1265593


Chris Chan walked so Hila could run. This is some Sonichu shit.

No. 1265662

she is trying so hard to appeal to ethans love for young looking egirls… i feel bad for hila but at the same time like girl.. have some self respect

No. 1265819


We saw how she fawned over Belle Delphine during their interview, and that was the most animated I've ever seen Hila. She was smiling and kept playing around with her cat paw gloves and told Belle that she was dressing up as her for halloween.
She totally wants to be a cute e-girl, but she just doesn't have the look for it. Her face is too mature and she has such strong features that she just looks awkward as hell.

No. 1266623

No. 1266626

She’s back at it again everyone.

No. 1266629

She doesn’t start talking about Trisha until

No. 1267210

She's back with a new podcast apparently.

No. 1267226

I am so fucking sick of both her and Gabbie and all the little fucks in the comments picking whoever's side seems to be the most popular at the moment. They are BOTH garbage people, so why are people choosing sides? It's fucking strange.

No. 1267390

File: 1624985385984.png (9.95 KB, 642x91, Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 17-28…)

No. 1267404

Kind of want Ethan to have Gabbie co-host Frenemies.

No. 1267429

i really do not like gabby but… id watch kek

No. 1267431

Ngl this video is pretty damning

No. 1267594

Be nice if the newfags would even write a paragraph about what these videos are about or who they're even by. Guess we'll never know.

No. 1267713

There's really no need to platform Gabbie "let's hear out the rapists" Hanna just bc you don't like Trisha. They are both bad.

No. 1267737

This shit just an hour ago. Basically just a manipulative apology after no one took her side. Around 6:50 is when I stopped watching because it's obvious she's talking about the "jewy" comment and stuff but she doesn't actually acknowledge what she did or why and how it's wrong.

Saged because not really milky just a long and boring apology video that seems very fake.

No. 1267858

File: 1625022903050.jpeg (405.35 KB, 828x1299, 5AC2B7A3-611A-42AD-B873-2AB720…)

So the new Families episode came out for members and apparently Ethan’s dad comments on Trisha’s weight in it (see 3rd paragraph in picrel) among other stuff.

Wonder how/if Trisha will react now that she’s put out an apology and deleted her previous videos regarding Ethan. Seems like a shitty move on his part to post that segment but they’re both attention seekers so it doesn’t surprise me. None of this is really mean anyway.

No. 1267875

sorry for newfaggotry, but is there a proper way to format video summaries? I tried summarizing Trisha's apology just now but it ended up being a wall of text even with greentext.

No. 1267892

damn, thanks anon. seems like a remarkably self-aware and genuine apology.. was not expecting that at all. i really hope the random families segment doesn't set her off again. i know im a dumbass for getting emotionally invested in these children but it makes me really sad that right after a fairly wholesome apology ethan's going to release a video where his parents make shitty comments about her.. even despite everything he and hila have only ridiculed her blowup and the dumbass drama she and her sister caused, not her weight or calling her the same as gabbie.. which is fair game tbh but still cuts very deep to her and she's obviously not mentally well

No. 1267903

seems like damage control completely tbh

No. 1267918

I tried to write down the important points in her apology video, sorry for the wall of text. She goes off on a lot of tangents mid sentence about random anecdotes and stories, I'm leaving those out because they're irrelevant to the milk. I usually lurk so forgive my newfagging, I don't know how to format this to be less gigantic.

>Says she's in a good mood because she finally started doing some self care like better eating, exercise, and sleeping. Admits she used to think she didn't need those things as long as she went to therapy and she realizes now how much they matter for her brain chemistry.

>Says she was put on new medication at the end of May. Talks a bit about how she doesn't react well to medications, recounts a time she was put on Lithium and she felt she didn't need it. Says that she should have known to take time away from everything while she was adjusting to the new meds.

>Says this video was something that she felt she had to do for herself, for Ethan, and "for everyone involved with Ethan." Says she knows Ethan is very "group oriented", whatever that means.

>Talks about how she's made improvements, but she understands that there's only so much back and forth apologies and forgiveness that can take place until someone has enough.

>Talks a bit about how she was confused for a while about why this argument was the one to end Frenemies since it wasn't their worst argument and she felt like she was doing a lot better than their past fights, but she realizes now that it was the straw that broke the camel's back and that it wasn't the fight itself but rather a build up of everything leading to it.

>Says this apology was hard for her to make because she was holding on to things that she felt she was also owed an apology for, but then she was compared to a creator (she doesn't name her, but it's likely Gabbie Hannah) who holds on to things from the past, who feels like she's owed things, and who is really miserable and resentful, and this comparison kept her up at night.

>Apologizes to Ethan for breaking his trust. Says she knows the main thing she did wrong was posting those screenshots of private conversations. Admits those screenshots ultimately exposed her for making distasteful, nasty jokes, which she also apologizes for and says she's embarrassed that she ever thought that was cute. Notably, she doesn't apologize for maliciously lying about not knowing the characters that they dressed up as on the podcast.

>Says she saw a tweet Ethan made where he said "this was someone I considered my closest friend a week ago." Says that she loved doing the show but she also really loved Ethan as a friend. Says Ethan off camera is very calm, chill and lets things go very easily, which is something she learned a lot from and wanted to aspire to be more alike to.

>Talks about how Ethan was very good at de-escalation and helping her feel like things that she initially considered a big deal were not a big deal after all. Says this was a friendship she needed and deeply regrets losing, hopes that it's still not lost. Says she personally would like to reconcile when the time is right for Ethan.

>Apologizes to Ethan for not communicating better about wishes and ambitions that she had from the podcast on a professional level. Says she's bad at confrontation unless she's ready to explode, she's afraid to ruin the mood by sounding negative on a good day. Says she's never had a consistent job like this and doesn't know how to express negative opinions in a healthy way.

>Says she knows she should be doing this over call or text, but it's embarrassing for her when she's the one that's in the wrong. Is having a hard time being the one to reach out when she's the one who caused hurt. Doesn't want to pour salt on the wound she caused or make things worse.

>Says she posted the screenshot in a manic reaction to feeling rejected.

>Apologizes to the H3 staff. Says she always appreciated them, but she didn't want the H3 content leaking into the Frenemies content. Admits that the way she expressed that was disrespectful, and she owes the staff an apology as big as the one she owes to Ethan.

>Goes on a tangent about some Frenemies fanart she saw the night before that made her emotional. Reads through comments under the fanart of people that were sad that the podcast ended. Says the comments on Tiktok are much nicer than the Ethan stans on youtube.

>The fanart leads her into a tangent about how Ethan is incredibly successful, but he's content sticking to one thing that works, whereas Trisha always wants to aim higher and do things bigger and better. Talks about herself and her love for hosting and interviewing.

>Credits Moses for helping her realize that the internet isn't real life, and that people in real life are always nice and cordial.

>"Let me get back to the apology, because I really want to release, let go and move on and hopefully have family get togethers again." Talks about how she wants to move on so Moses' side of the family can have family gatherings again. Talks for a while about how she enjoys being part of Moses' big family.

>Restarts her apology to the staff. Says hearing that she was disrespectful to the staff was the biggest pill to swallow, because she prides herself on how well she treats staff. Talks in depth about how many years her team has been working with her for and about how she goes out of her way to make sure dancers and film crew get paid extra on all of her projects. Talks about how she had a good relationship with the crew on Celebrity Big Brother. Says that while it was never her intention to attack the Frenemies crew, she sees very clearly how she came across and why she was disrespectful, and she's very embarrassed. Says it will be one of those shameful memories that will keep her up at night in the future, like the things she said to Hila last year do. Says it's a burden, but it's a burden that she put on herself and it's something she never wants to be again.

>Admits she loves to hype things even when she doesn't like them, like how she hypes hangout plans and then ghosts because she doesn't actually want to do it. Says she worked so much on learning to communicate in her romantic relationship that she neglected learning how to communicate in other things and with other people, and it's something that she wants and plans to work on.

>Says that, for the record, she WAS annoyed that she got cut off on the podcast and she took it out on the thing that was in her immediate line of sight in the moment, which was the Q&A segment. Says she loves Q&As and there was truly nothing wrong with the segment, it was just the easiest thing to attack in the moment.

>Her final apology goes out to Hila. Says that Trisha calling Hila names last year being brought up in Ethan's video made Trisha realize that there's still hurt there, and she apologizes again for what she did. Says it was in the top two ugliest things she's ever done, and she's grateful to Hila for still welcoming Trisha into her home and allowing her near her son and in her space after that incident.

>States that she's sorry one more time. Admits that it was a selfish apology in order for Trisha to be able to move on, but that she hopes that they can reconcile in time. Says that she feels sorry towards Moses because she feels like she ruined his life and destroyed a good thing, and talks about how grateful she is that Moses continues to ground her and to help her fix the situation. Says that she realized that she has to start thinking about the fact that there's Moses with her now, and how her actions also embarrass him and affect his relationship with his family.

>Finishes the video by talking a bit about how she was of course sad about being replaced on Frenemies, but how she had to learn that everyone is replaceable, and how her actions affect the people that associate with her. Mentions she has bedazzled birthday presents for Ethan.

That's about it, I tried to condense it as much as I could but it's hard to keep Trisha's ramblings short.

No. 1267932

thank you anon, I was just about to scrub the video trying to find this point
>Says that, for the record, she WAS annoyed that she got cut off on the podcast and she took it out on the thing that was in her immediate line of sight in the moment, which was the Q&A segment. Says she loves Q&As and there was truly nothing wrong with the segment, it was just the easiest thing to attack in the moment

this is why she's too big of a risk to be affiliated with imo. a perceived slight, if it wasn't caught on camera it would have gone unnoticed, is what ended frenemies. if Ethan hadn't offered Moses pizza at that exact moment, the show would probably still be on. Being talked over is frustrating I completely agree, but she could have said "Ethan, I wasn't finished speaking" like a functional adult in a workplace environment. But instead she went nuclear and doubled and tripled and octupled down.
And she doesn't even hate Q&As. She needed to "get back" at Ethan for asking if everyone had pizza, so she made up a lie and used that to go on the attack. She lies and uses those lies to hurt others and herself. This is why everyone has to walk on eggshells around her. Because one wrong word at the wrong moment will set off the dominos (ha pizza curse pun unintended) and ruin your professional and/or personal relationship with her.

No. 1267933

It bothers me how she didn't apologize for calling Ethan a sexual assaulter OR for lying about the costumes and deleting the evidence in her screenshots.

No. 1268112

I been Team Trish, speak for yourself.

Ethan's such a pussy. His "families" bit is shit. We get it Ethan, you have no chemistry or charisma with people you don't want to hate fuck.

Even The H3 subreddit they're still talking about everything in respect to how Trisha will act. Like we know who's the bigger star and actually entertaining. It's like a bunch of school kids provoking their crush so she'll acknowledge them. She's fucking Moses guys, chill.

No. 1268145

There's a reddit post saying 'If anyone from the cast finds this post, AB, Zach, Ian, Dan, Sam, ANYONE; Let Ethan know that the show has been a thousand times better without Trisha'
What a crock lmao

>Off the rails is retarded

>That recent episode were they had all those people doing 'music' for nearly 2 hrs, wtf was that?
>The whiteclaw gabe meme, donald trump impersonation meme, in fact all the impersonation memes are so fucking cringe

Honestly they were going downhill before Frenemies, they even stopped content court which was decent, and all their paid member sycophants crying about 'not accepting the apology' after literally everyone begging Trish to apologise are morons /sperg

No. 1268177

>ethan wants to fuck trisha
Keep coping

No. 1268200

kek you sound like trish

No. 1268204

Stop whiteknighting cows. Nobody cares that you like Trisha.
I wonder what Ethan really thinks about all of it? Apparently Hila hasn’t talked to Trisha. I really think they’re done with her forever.

No. 1268219

Also his mom lol

No. 1268299

God this is so fucking sad. Ethan has destroyed her self-esteem with his public simping for e-girls and prostitutes and she is too weak to put a stop to his behavior and tell him to stop disrespecting their relationship. I think living in LA probably also doesn't help.

No. 1268442

Reading this made me feel like you are 15

No. 1268534

yeah the dumpy scene kid look is not it. Somehow those fake lips just make it 1000x worse

No. 1268726

I mean his dad is a pervert. Follows a bunch of NSFW porno accounts on Twitter. Wonder where Ethan gets it from. No woman with respect for herself will let her man lust over other woman online for their 3 million subs to see.

No. 1268731

Trisha is at her most entertaining when she is being spiteful and nasty to people who "wronged" her. She is boring as fuck with the stupid mukbangs and well adjusted room tours. She is a great reality trash TV type of character, and I miss being able to watch her be a walking nail bomb on a podcast with that fat retard Ethan every week.

H3h3 hasn't been funny in a long time. Once they stopped doing reaction videos to stupid people (before they went all political - both alt right and milquetoast left, kek no true beliefs) they lost a lot of their audience. Before frenemies they were really just chugging along barely. Somehow I doubt people are going to keep tuning into a podcast with his mom and him. Hila is sometimes a pretty talented designer, the OG teddy fresh colorblock stuff was pretty nice. But Ethan has been talentless for almost the past 10 years.

No. 1268874

Also, she's a fucking mother in her 30s about to have her second child. The time for playing dress-up is long gone.

Wow. She totally bent the knee.
Too bad that won't change the fact that she's still so batshit as to interpret even the most innocuous comment as a dig at her character or mental health. Ethan would be a fool to take her back (and I know he will, because H3 without Frenemies is dull as sin).

No. 1269454

Ethan addresses Trisha's apology at 38mins.

>Complained about ad rolls, said if it's a personal apology he shouldn't need to watch 11 ads, could have been a phonecall

>Says Trisha indirectly said things then called him a liar for saying them clearly (e.g. wanted whole new staff Vs wanted to fire staff)
>says he appreciates her apology but can't fully accept because she "tried to ruin his life."

No. 1269455

File: 1625193490051.png (400.73 KB, 640x1003, mlikkzlh1p871.png)


Trisha's first response was to post a screenshot from WhatsApp showing she had privately apologised to Ethan, which she quickly deleted.

No. 1269595

File: 1625211429083.jpeg (509.05 KB, 1949x2436, tv5orkwmal871.jpeg)


Someone on Reddit counted. It's 112 accounts in total. Boomer coomers, man. I also loved how he pulled out the "Ethan, don't shame me for supporting sex workers" card. Just shows you who this idea of "sex work is real work and must be respected" really benefits.

No. 1269643

tbh Trisha's apology seems genuine on the surface, but if you think about it for more than 3 seconds it becomes obvious how self centered it is. She talks about her mental health, her love for hosting, how well she treats staff, how she needs to apologize so she can move on, and ALSO, she doesn't apologize for any of the actually awful shit that she did. She doesn't say that she was horrified that she treated staff horribly, she says she was horrified at being told that the staff thinks she treated them horribly, before going into a tangent about how well she treats staff. She doesn't apologize for lying about the podcast costumes, for calling Ethan a sexual assaulter, or for the million tweets and videos she made about him (even though she did delete the videos.) You can tell that she thought she would get a pat on the back for being self aware and for talking about how she needs to pay more attention to her mental health. Abusers keep forgetting that normal people don't get a cookie for realizing that they're mentally deranged and for doing self care. They're just so used to being coddled and babied and congratulated for taking care of themselves for once and recognizing that they were abusive, that they fully expect to be taken back as soon as they say "I'm doing better now! I was in a bad place, oopsie! sowwy! uwu" fuck off with that shit

No. 1269646

Is he still following these accounts?

No. 1269726

No. 1269743

The thing is, I don't think she even believes that she treated staff horribly (whether what Ethan said is true or not).
And, to be fair, she never actually said Ethan sexually harassed her. That's just the uncharitable interpretaion Ethan and other fans jumped to.

No. 1269776

> I don't think she even believes that she treated staff horribly
It is even worse if that's the case

No. 1269797

His dad must have really put Ethan's mom through it, because she seemed totally over it when they brought it up on the podcast.

I can't believe he has no shame, it's super embarrassing! His wife even said, "The only thing that bothers me is the interaction," and his dad STILL likes these tweets after the fact. That is SO disrepespectful to the woman who bore him 3 children. Not to mention the sex toys discussed in the previous episode were forced on her by her husband.

No. 1269821

Ethans past two thumbnails/titles are still about Trisha and this lame drama over some over payed wankers. Aren't people bored of it yet? Neither side is saying any different except correcting or omitting inconsequential bullshit.

Like "tried to ruin his life", shut up. How? He's made a boring meme about 5% and it's already obvious he's a coomer. When did his life get ruined or near it?

No. 1269829

File: 1625240302213.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 84036556-B62C-49F5-AF7A-A67D04…)

yeah nta but he posted a snippet of his response on tiktok and that’s all i saw, but the examples of her “trying to ruin his life” were liking tweets saying he was racist and personally attacking him kek then he for some reason scrunches his face up and starts ranting about her sister with his eyes closed

No. 1269836

Lol he's so hypocritical. He probably scrunched up his face and closes his eyes like that so he can remember her patron scenes.

No. 1269847

anon he has tourette’s, those are tics

No. 1269849

She said she wanted to make Frenemies its own thing, separate from h3, in a private conversation with Ethan. The staff would still be working in the other podcasts. Besides saying that the Q&A section sucked, how has she mistreated the staff?

No. 1269875

i’m aware he has ticks, retard. i’ve just never seen him sit there like that for so long.

No. 1269908

patron scenes? what are you talking about?

No. 1270462

>tried to ruin his life
ladies and newfags, we have ourselves a pussy bitch

No. 1270497

In the most recent episode at the very end they mention that Hila is going to Israel for 2 weeks and she gets annoyed that they said where, I wonder if she didn't want to say because of the conflict there or because she's going for Trisha + Moses's wedding?

No. 1270508

most likely because everyone really hates israel right now and it’s bad for their brand to be associated with it

i’ve semi-recently seen people saying gal gadot should drop dead because she was in the IDF, so i’m sure as someone more accessible, hila has been getting a lot of hate for it

No. 1270512

His mom deserves better than a degenerate old coomer. Shes living out those sad reddit r/relationship_advice stories where it's a girl explains how shes uncomfortable with her bf or husband choosing porn/cam girls/onlyfans over the relationship then everyone gaslights op telling her shes insecure, to get over it and to communicate more.

No. 1270519

Maybe privacy reasons too?

No. 1270595

Like father, like son.

No. 1270603

Israel doesn't let in non-citizens right now because of covid so it's not for Trisha's wedding
She probably just wants privacy, everyone always hates Israel it's nothing new

No. 1270623

Because this would mean firing the staff, which was Ethan's original issue. Even if it's just for Frienemies, they would still be fired from that show and lose that paycheck. I'm sure when they found out that she did infact want them fired it pissed them off. We also have a sound clip that's used frequently of Trisha saying "Fuck you, Dan," and "Fuck AB." She also trashed the segment that their new hire Sam put together as her first project on the podcast on air, which was the tipping point for Ethan. These are all just things we've seen on the podcast, who knows what goes on behind the scenes as well.

No. 1270653

Didn't AB defend David Dobrik and call the girl who was raped a liar? Fuck AB.

No. 1270655

No, I agree, fuck AB, and fuck Dan as well for the gross shit he said about her before she was a part of the crew (and an honorary fuck Zach for being a coomer. Ian seems alright though.) My point wasn't to defend Dan or AB, but that Trisha was an ass to them. More so than they were to her. She wasn't 'uwu always respectful' like she tries to claim.

No. 1270690

she’s genuinely a stunning older lady, she needs to drop him. gary seems like a such a piece of shit- it’s no wonder ethan never got along with him. 10% of his twitter following is porno accounts.

No. 1270769

The production crew I assume would already have a salary and get paid regardless. Did she not just make the point she wanted to work with other people as well as the crew. She said Moses wasn't allowed on set in December or something.

Either way it's a lame fight lol, can't believe Ethan claims it's life ruining. Such a dumbass.

I tried watching a bit of the families thing when the mom and dad were discussing homework they were given by ethan. They had to learn about drama channels and the vlog squad and rape victims and give their two cents. Meanwhile ethan was asking for a total of how many sex workers his dad follows on twitter. While the mom meekly accepts it has to happen while the dad says most men view porn. But the mom thinks he shouldn't interact with porn stars and he may leave comments on porn hub videos. I had to stop watching it was a mess. Oh and Ethan was calling Trisha fat while taking the high ground of course lol

No. 1270783

Trish didn't want to fire anyone, she wanted to have say in hiring people. Stop drinking that Ethan koolaid anon
She also was just shit talking the first thing she thought she could about Ethan because he pissed her off and that meant going for the QnA segment which she thought Ethan made up. Trish has major problems and mental issues but Ethan literally lied to the staff about her wanting them fired.

No. 1270834

File: 1625342433108.jpeg (806.63 KB, 1242x1059, DA47C013-26A0-48FF-8AA1-D93826…)


No. 1271168

Is it true that Ethan was recycling topics and segments from the H3 podcast?

No. 1271205

The jokes/sound bites were all recycled memes, but the main content on Frienemies was different. Sometimes they would repeat a topic from the main podcast, but that was so Trish could give her outlook on it (or for Ethan to keep ranting over it).

No. 1271268

She accused him of rehashing the pregnancy announcement on the frenemies podcast (which had been covered on Ethan and Hila’s podcast already) and of using a click bait title that would make it sound like Trisha was the one who was pregnant (her voice cracked when she said this so you could tell she was probably upset about the fact that she isn’t pregnant/has been trying with Moses to no success)

No. 1273206

I haven't watched the whole video but at around 55:20 they mention lolcow (context being creepshow art drama) and you get both Ethan's mom and dad messing up the name kek

No. 1273260


Trisha fumbling the bag so hard and letting Ethan keep 100% revenue must be the biggest L in her career.

No. 1273350

Sage for ot but he has such an unbelievably ugly, punchable face

No. 1273417

As if that wasn't Ethan's plan all along.

No. 1274249

File: 1625871148325.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, 3A3082C6-37C2-4224-86DF-E33D93…)

frenemies merch dropped today
trisha is also now saying they filmed a final episode of frenemies on monday but ethan chose not to air it

No. 1274274

Hila's taking two weeks off maybe they'll air it later to fill the gap. I hope so

No. 1274394

Apparently they filmed an episode where they both apologized to each other and Ethan admitted to faults and told her he forgave her. She's bummed it's not gonna air and thinks that Ethan didn't air the episode because it "made him look bad". This video includes another drive-thru video (generously called it a mukbang) that was filmed right after the supposed Frenemies episode filmed for this week. She seems really happy in it, unlike in the intro where it's current-time ish.

No. 1274396

Offtopic but if that's her real hair and not a wig, it looks great. Pretty low of Ethan if he really doesn't air the episode.

No. 1274404

it's a wig, her hairline is way too low

No. 1274410

Damn I bet the fat fuck Ethan reads these threads then, huh?

No. 1274412

File: 1625895582445.jpeg (618.3 KB, 1242x1766, E1968A56-A56C-46D6-BE60-C8909A…)

The merch is so ugly and lazy looking. Like they didn’t put any creativity into it. It is not even nice. I don’t understand how it’s sold out. Imagine wearing this in public….

No. 1274413

Zoomers/people with no real life will buy this because they feel it’s iconic when really they’re just terminally online and want to be part of a “cool” group. Now Ethan will stop boo hooing about how no one will buy the merch that he put all the money into, as if that greedy fatso needs any more money.

No. 1274414

Ethan is pregnant, not Hila. Ethan is a ugly woman.

No. 1274417

They couldn't even bother to make the logo consistent in half of these.

No. 1274419

That is a really, really bad font. It's so weird how it overlaps some of the time and the FREN half is slightly tilted when the EMIES is straight. It looks unintentional because the second half is so straight and the overlapping letter logic isn't consistent either. Who the fuck is their graphic designer.

No. 1274425

File: 1625897438222.jpeg (132.18 KB, 1200x675, E4l-SVdVoAAmqIb.jpeg)

They thought it was so good that they reused this logo idea for Families. It doesn't even make sense to have a separation between the "Fam" and "ilies".

No. 1274434

Lol that doesn't sound true

No. 1274461

wtf is going on with the logo in the bottom right hoodie. the spacing looks totally off

No. 1274482

That's what I'm wondering. Ethan is a two faced bitch and the H3 fandom is so fucking weird and unhinged it'll probably cause weeks of sperging from his fans if he apologised to Trisha.

Soon as they mentioned lolcow I just knew they've lurked this thread. Hopefully if any of their fanboys come they'll not want to join in here since there's no up vote system to back up their immature opinions.

No. 1274486

File: 1625916897885.jpg (313.72 KB, 1080x1560, IMG_20210710_123047.jpg)

People in the comments are discussing how it's mentally taxing watching them together. Describing it like parents going through a divorce. What a strange parasocial little hugbox.

Imo I like when entertainers make content together. As if it wouldn't pull in views. Why are all these faggots getting so upset and emotionally invested in these two?

Like people say trisha is so toxic and evil. And all the weird David dobrik fanboys have been getting brave too calling her out and saying how horrible. But trisha had never endangered her fans. She's not actually a liability in the way people say. She's emotionally damaged and has issues with interpersonal relationships but I don't recall a time she's ever endangered a fan by pointing them in a vulnerable position. Like people forget David dobrik orchestrated a situation for a vlog that resulted in a rape of his fan. Trisha has fights with boyfriends and a fight with Ethan Klein over the production of a podcast and people are crying and likening it to their parents separating. Cringe!

No. 1274490

Maybe unpopular opinion here but I absolutely loved frenemies at its peak, I looked forward to Tuesdays to watch it lmao. But I think if it did come back, it wouldn’t be the same. Too much water under the bridge. Not to mention the whole internet turned on Trisha over night, her comment sections were all “bestie” and “queen” whilst frenemies was a thing to now it being 99% hate comments lol.

No. 1274496

Same. I don't think a return of weekly episodes would be the same, but it's a shame that they filmed an episode and atm don't seem to be releasing it. After all the sperging on both sides it would be interesting to see their take on it together.

No. 1274499

Same! I am not sure why they went through the process of filming another episode for Ethan then not to release it.. seems weird. Maybe they will in the future when things have calmed down a bit

No. 1274500

Yeah same. I would never watch either of their content on their own and I guess I am gonna continue to not watch either of them.

No. 1274501

There's a zipper in the middle. I assume the logos are printed onto the clothes and can't be printed onto a zipper without ruining it.

No. 1274508

Her comments are full of criticism now I assume because people thought she had changed into something resembling a likeable person and are now disappointed that she's the same manipulative freak she always was. She's literally just Gabbie Hanna but bigger.

Anyway it's weird not many people discuss her punching Moses and forcing him to have sex with her and all the other shit she's admitted to. I wonder why he's decided to stay, though I guess women stay with men who beat them too. I wonder how often she threatens suicide

No. 1274510

Gabbi Hanna has been trying to skin walk trisha for views with her failed troll attempts.

Moses is a grown adult and discourse about it is constantly posted, maybe just not here. He could have just not proposed to her or bought a home together, but he did. It's not really milky to revisit an incident over and over.

No. 1274694

The h3h3 subreddit has the most parasocial relationship with Ethan. I know he spends a substantial amount of time lurking on it because he would allude to whatever were the top posts were on the podcast fairly often.

It’s amusing his retard fans somehow think the podcast is better after Trisha left. The whole appeal of Frenemies was watching two narcissistic egos collide with each other as they inched towards blowing up whatever shaky friendship that they managed to form. Neither of them are on their own particularly interesting to watch, and Ethan has terrible chemistry with anyone who isn’t there to play off of his own egotistical self-absorption to make them both look entertainingly awful. He’s only mildly amusing when he fields the human catastrophe that is Trisha Paytas and they have a 20 min segment of a borderline real argument about her Israel fetish. I can barely sit through these episodes with his mom.

Its gonna be pretty funny to watch the views on Families tank after some time lel. I know they were pulling between 1-3 million views per episode for Frenemies, which was way higher than his dying podcast.

No. 1275243

>He’s only mildly amusing when he fields the human catastrophe that is Trisha Paytas and they have a 20 min segment of a borderline real argument about her Israel fetish.

Idk why this sentence made me burst out laughing but it did, thanks nona

No. 1275465

Maybe Ethan wanted to film an episode in case the Frenemies merch didn't sold well, but since it's all sold out… well, he doesn't need Trisha anymore.

No. 1275801

File: 1626144422893.jpg (55.82 KB, 1080x754, bnh3lafyfci61.jpg)

sad it's so uninspiring because i saw a few fanmade frenemies merch ideas that were more creative. like pic

No. 1275865

I love the bears that would been a really good movie cause it the teddy fresh brand

No. 1276632

4 episodes in and already we see Ethan playing with boundaries just like he did to Trisha.

He added embarrassing stories and made them all about their parents. Never about him. (At 24:00) The times his mom says she doesn't want something included in the episode or for then to talk about it Ethan pushes and goes on and asks his dad to say it instead.

Donna seems like kind of a doormat NFL, to the point she allows her husband to openly watch porn and interact with pornstars.

I'm with the anon that said the views are gonna start tanking eventually. After all, the podcast is now exactly what Ethan wanted: an extension of H3 Podcast. Same boring segments and jokes.

They definitely made a bad move completely detaching from Trisha just because who could have known!? she's toxic.

No. 1276637


No. 1276655

I would’ve actually spent money on some of these. The merch they put out was so overpriced and ugly.

No. 1276677

Why does this thread still exist? Frenemies is dead and Ethan’s too afraid of his incel fan base to release the final episode

No. 1276680

threads don't just fall off the face of the earth once the subjects become less relevant

No. 1276686

Because both ethan and Trisha still exist. Do you genuinely expect the entire thread to get locked or deleted because the last episode wont get posted?

No. 1276876

do you really think the milk is over? do you know who trisha is? it's just a matter of time that something new happen

No. 1276930

Is there any possibility that Ethan's mom walks out of the show like Trisha?

No. 1276934

she seems like the type who doesn't like confrontation or looking bad so we'd never see it or it would happen off screen. i do wonder if this has affected his relationship with them though, he's always talked a lot of shit about his dad publicly but seem chummy on the podcast. i'm trying to find it but he's called his dad a creep a few times. kind of gross to see him profiting off his dad's behavior now.

No. 1277008

Yea Ethan was always quite hateful about his dad, but he mirrors his dad in a lot of ways. Both clearly porn sick and think if they love bomb their wives it'll be overlooked that they get hard got other women.

No. 1277015

Yes, Donna is nice, which is why it's a shame that her son and pervert husband are exploiting her.

No. 1277133

Is there actually any proof that there's a final episode? It doesn't make any sense for h3 to film another episode and then not release it

No. 1277200

Ethan us so unbearable. When they were discussing to death penalty he couldn’t stop shitting on conservative Christians. We get it man, you’re Jewish. He pretends to speed “peace and love”, but is a heavy shit talker.

I’m also over the porn bits in the beginning. By now we all know his dad is a creep and he’s basically humiliating his mother.

No. 1277206

why does it not make sense?
i think if it was false ethan would have already debunked it like he has with the other things trisha has lied about.
i believe what >>1275465 said. i think they filmed something of a resolution in order to hype the merch release a few days later.
wouldn't surprise me if ethan watched it back and felt like his community wouldn't respect him for making up with trisha or if something else came across that made him second-guess releasing it.

No. 1277240

Moses and Trisha were talking about the new Frenemies episode in their car just after they finished recording it. If the episode doesn't exist, Moses is fucking insane for going along with the lie.

I also get the feeling that Ethan enjoys having the moral high ground and the hate that Trisha is getting from his fans.

No. 1277445

File: 1626386460631.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1686, B47B0E55-EDF5-4864-950B-71584B…)

Moses looks 100% uglier without the Jesus beard and hair

No. 1277463

Hopefully. It'd at least make things entertaining.

They both look fucking tragic.

No. 1277472

he looks like louis theroux

No. 1277525

Next parody is Ghost of You or that Katy Perry one.

Didn't realise Moses had facial hair until its absence.

No. 1277583

excuse you, Louis theroux has a pointy triangular nose, not this drooping dick monstrosity. I dunno why but I thought Moses was kind of attractive? Like other anon said, you don't really notice his facial hair until it's gone kek

No. 1277956

Oh ew. He was kinda hot with the beard and hair but he looks creepy here

No. 1278381

File: 1626480395369.png (331.01 KB, 480x482, Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 09.12…)

what an embarassing video. ethan being same the scrote he was with trish. losing views already

No. 1278404

it’s at 1.1M now but yeah

No. 1278670

I don't want to give them views. Can someone provide us a summary?

No. 1278821

Do you think he gets weirded out by how his fans constantly compare his mom to his wife? Lol. Kind of weird that he turns his podcast into a family business and actually has his parents on to talk about sex and drama because he fell out with his sexy cohost.

No. 1279346

why the fuck would he do that did trisha ask or make him do that for whatever tf this dumb ass video is or is this some sick game that’s all he had going for him and that’s not mean all these people suck and are abusing each other wow that’s so sad though

who will want to watch her videos with that creepy old man now, jason nash was bad enough come on trisha just stop it

No. 1279398

File: 1626595620365.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1659, 4FA6F137-B164-4FEA-991F-978936…)

His facial hair is growing back quickly so don’t worry anon

No. 1281075

here's a recap:
>ethan's scrote father brings up that some people don't like him online because he follows pornstars on twitter, ethan being ethan sticks up for him and says "just because you watch porn doesn't mean you're a pervert" (a cope)
>apparently some porn company offered gary (ethan's dad) a "care package" which was just some shirts with their logo on them
>they just keep talking about porn for a while
>ethan quizzes his parents on various internet slang and has them guess what they mean, complete with a horrible mispronunciation on ethan's part of shawty. he says it like shouty. also ethan tells donna he'll give her a 100 dollars if she uses yeet correctly during the podcast and when she asks him if its a verb he clearly doesn't know what a verb is lol
>gary gets mad when he's compared to stephen king because he thinks he's better looking than him
>when theyre talking about how ethan and his brother use to rummage around their parents stuff, gary calls ethan's brother "the good child" and ethan immediately goes to blame it on his brother so i wonder if there were some tensions there
>the embarrassing story in question is apparently ethan's sister digging through the closet and finding graphic polaroids of her parents in gary's suit pocket. ethan asked if the polaroids had both of them and donna insisted that she didn't want to share that but gary went on ahead and said it involved both of them. they have since been burnt (or shredded?)
>donna clearly doesn't want to keep talking about them at all but gary keeps sharing more information about them. based on what he says i think they were POV shots
>they keep talking about various embarrassing "families and sex" stories for a while, like ethan's older sister asking where babies come from
>gary tells a story where he went to some high-end work related party in the 70s and passed out for 30 minutes after vomiting over the toilet. donna pointedly says she was not invited to this and she's never heard this story
>gary shares another lukewarm story and ethan points out it's not that embarrassing and he's just trying to humblebrag
>they have a bit on sharing controversial opinions. donna's first one is that she's anti death penalty and they discuss that for a while. gary's is that he thinks anti-maskers are stupid, at some point ethan cuts in to say he wanted more light-hearted controversial opinions even though those were 2 tepid takes that his fanbase won't really disagree with
>ethan spergs about how much he hates season 8 game of thrones for a bit after gary says he liked it
>they watch various clips of justin bieber and hailey to decide if justin is abusive and/or being an asshole to hailey. gary, unsurprisingly, leans on the side of giving justin the benefit of the doubt while donna's opinions are more mixed
>they do a Q&A section. the first retarded question is "how do you bag a man." notably gary says to feign interest in whatever he likes even if you don't like it (using sports as an example) and ethan hastily agrees. i'm certain neither of these scrotes have ever sincerely pretended to like what their wives like
>donna and gary do a "tiktok dance" (the twist)

i watched this shit on 2x to get through it lmfao this is basically the highlights

No. 1281081

humiliating your wife by publically lusting over whores is a family tradition for the Kleins

No. 1281089

this sounds fucking terrible. are the previous frenemies subscribers really watching this shit?

No. 1281128

>ethan and his scrote dad talk about porn
Trash begets trash.

No. 1281155

I know it has been said a million times but christ theres something wrong with Gary. There's something wrong with keeping pornography of your wife just in your pocket casually

No. 1281237

to be totally fair to him, it was buried in the closet and supposed to be a hiding place, not just in his pocket casually

No. 1281244

So he says.

I know I haven't been able to watch families since the end of frenemies. Although tbf, I don't enjoy off the rails or after dark unless they're specifically talking about drama related to the vlog squad.

Like I genuinely only liked H3 when they were the only big name on YouTube coming for David Dobrik. It was an amazing time line to have Trisha on Frenemies talking about Dom, David and Jason. Trisha was the only reason I gave a fuck about the vlog squad.

I hope she attaches herself to some other people to get more content. Like I feel like Trisha is a comedian and she needs to regularly so panel shows because her wit is just unmatched when bouncing off of others.

Ethan would get more viewers if he also kept up the pressure on all the S As he was so passionate about with Trisha. There's been a few snippets I've saw with his mom and dad and he really does get more engaged when drama is the topic. But the H3 crew are lame men and think they're above drama. I mean they're all getting paid for an easy job, why work harder I guess

No. 1281256

oh nvm i thought he cut like his actual hair that’s literally all he has going for him. and even then…

No. 1281320


Despite Trisha being crazy trash, to be fair, thanks to the info she knew about vlog squad, their shitty behavior got a lot of attention. No one believed for her so long until h3 fans searched the internet's nooks and crannies to confirm that what she was saying was true lol

i miss the dirt she had on others

No. 1281353

I get the feeling that Gary is going to try to DM and get nudes from H3H3 young female fans.

No. 1281375

I feel like this too. Gary will have access to younger women, and just women in general, he never previously had. He's clearly a disgusting coomer, he's 100% going to try it.

No. 1281395

h3 content has been going downhill for so long. This is embarrassing to witness. The fame really went to their heads too.

No. 1281421

File: 1626863884999.png (467.51 KB, 649x564, Gary.png)

Gross as fuck.

No. 1281422

File: 1626863916118.png (488.38 KB, 648x565, Gary2.png)

No. 1281488

I haven't watched any of the families vids but I did read that this man was offended that he was likened to Stephen King, and I mean… He literally looks like if Stephen King was trans

No. 1282538

Ethan is currently on twitch talking to a twitch whore and not even trying to hide the flirting. I feel so bad for Hila

No. 1282551


No. 1282552

No. 1282559

tldr? i don't really see the point of posting the video here by itself. i don't think anyone really wants to watch it kek.

No. 1282591

Humiliating your wife even after they showed obvious signs of disgust over their coomer behavior
Hope Donna finds peace and leaves and hill grows a spine but I cant see it happening anytime soon

No. 1282609

FR, if it's not Trisha milk, it's boring. Don't just promo their boring videos

No. 1282666

I am not surprised but the H3H3 subreddit is simping for Gary.

No. 1282668

Ethan shows hentai to his parents in this episode…

No. 1282770

Ethan has no boundaries whatsoever I swear to god, and apparently he's learnt it from his dad. It's not funny or interesting watching a creepy fat grown ass man ask questions about his parents' sex life, it's just embarrassing and awkward for everyone involved. Especially in front of an audience of about a million viewers. I feel really bad for his mum, from what I've seen she doesn't seem too comfortable with those kinds of conversations. Ethan is so fucking gross

No. 1282825

You can tell Gary had abused drugs. He looks ill af. He also came off with some crap if a partner can hide drug use from the other person they're more likely to be in control of their habit. Uh I don't think so Gary Wtf lol

No. 1282917

In the first episode of Families, Gary said that he has smoked crack in the past and Donna is shocked because she was completely unaware.

It seems like the show's purpose is to humiliate Donna… sprinkled with talks of internet drama here and there.

No. 1282922

Apparently Gary and Donna met when Donna was 16 and Gary was 21.
h3h3 fans are saying this is completely normal and that this was a long time ago even though Gary seems like a total degenerate and follows porn accounts of women much younger.

No. 1283066

Imagine only having a coomer like Gary as a partner your entire life. He took her virginity. Maybe Ethan wants his parents to get a divorce and this is an elaborate way to do it.

Also idk if this is a rumour, but was his dad adopted?

No. 1283087

Gary Klein’s biological father is Leonard Katzman, a Hollywood producer. He split up with their Mother and apparently back then it was totally normal to just abandon the kid for another man to raise if you got divorced. So Gary’s mother remarried and Gary was brought up by his mother and stepfather, which is where he got the name Klein.

Donna even said she thinks it’s a good thing that Gary wasn’t raised by his bio dad because he would probably be dead from a drug overdose (being the son of a Hollywood producer and having access to lots of money and drugs)

No. 1283089

>Donna even said she thinks it’s a good thing that Gary wasn’t raised by his bio dad because he would probably be dead from a drug overdose (being the son of a Hollywood producer and having access to lots of money and drugs)
it's so weird that ethan is encouraging and profiting off of his parents embarrassing themselves. like bizarre to me.

No. 1283114

Good job Ethan for exposing your dad as a nonce to a few thousand people, well done.

I can't wait for the next time Keem and Ethan have another clash o' the retards moment and keem uses Gary as a weapon

No. 1283118

Fuck, dropped my sage, sorry

No. 1283132

It seems like Gary has a huge complex about being tossed aside by his rich bio daddy and losing the chance to live wealthy, with his huge inferiority complex it makes sense how Ethan turned out. Ethan also constantly has talked shit about Gary being an awful person that demeaned him for expressing any joy. I don’t know why they’re doing this podcast.

No. 1283243

ethan has talked extensive shit about his dad before so it's bizarre to see them so friendly on the show. i'm morbidly curious if it will manage to blow itself to shards soon. at least with trisha, all the tension was out there in the open. with ethan's parents the underlying tension is much more subtle.

No. 1283263

The purpose of Frenemies was to humiliate Trisha so it only makes that Families keeps up the tradition of humiliating women in Eathan's life. Hell even after dark is often about humiliating Hila.

No. 1283266

How the fuck can they call James Charles a predator and pedophile but then turn around and justify Gary's behavior? They both dated/flirted with minors.

No. 1283363

they make tons of excuses for it like ''it was a long time ago'' and use their grandma as a example getting married to some 30yo dude when she was 15 and say its totally okay, even though its hypocritical as fuck for Gary to be on a episode where they call out 21 yr james for talking to 17yr olds when Gary courted 16yr old Dona when he was 21.

No. 1283405

Because Ethan doesn’t give a fuck about people who groom minors. He hates James Charles purely for the fact James allegedly ripped off Hila’s Teddy Fresh colour block design. It’s the same way he pretended to care about Etika/people with severe mental health problems. He only used Etika’s suicide to try and get to Keemstar because he hates him.

No. 1283439

Just so bizarre to look at situations like that from a modern perspective. All these women settling down with these scrotes that gave them their first sexual experience then married them. I doubt these men have only ever fucked the wife too. No wonder society was held back for years, majority of the women in this predatory relationships were kept under the thumb. You can even see Gary talking over Donna to this day and dismissing a lot of what she says. That's all she's known majority of her life. Sad.

No. 1283446

File: 1627141448295.webm (3.25 MB, 640x332, DASH_360.webm)

i hate trisha but h3h3 is being a major hypocrite right now.
Trisha and Ethan made up so trisha stopped mentioning or talking about Ethan a week ago but Ethan still throws jabs and shade at trisha from time to time.

No. 1283457

He's been throwing personal dogs at her appearance for ages now. Especially when he was attacking Kali and dedicating segments to her. Then saying she's trying to tear his family apart while he his mother and father throwing shade at her too. Not to mention the shit that the crew were so upset they were getting hate comments, whereas they moderate the H3 sub and it was a hate mob aimed at Trisha for weeks. H3 fans still camp out on all of Trisha's videos to downvote and leave hate comments. It's abolsutely mental the cognitive dissonance.

At least some H3 fans are hating the new fanbase they have.

No. 1283460

>At least some H3 fans are hating the new fanbase they have.
Yeah that's because trisha's fans are obnoxious retards.

No. 1283470

This clip has no sound.

No. 1283570

You think Trisha's fans are the ones leaving hate on Trisha's videos? They got a lot of women viewers because of the Dobrik situation. A lot of women that watched the vlog squad were horrified by the Dom rape incident. That's what bolstered their numbers. Trish fans have left the H3 fandom apart from the ones that claim they were Trisha fans but I think those ones again migrated from vlog squad demographics, the overlap when trisha dated Jason.

You'll see it in on the subreddit. Former members calling the new fans teenage girls.

Ethan covered beauty drama and other drama with Trisha and it attracted those types of viewers. Whereas on twitch he's paling up with men like Hasan and trying to do politics and crypto but talking out of his ass. He's a dumbass and drama with Trish he was good at because she's so well versed in it.

No. 1283607

oh shit sorry, Amouranth and Ethan were talking about onlyfans and her earnings and Ethan mentions trisha and her income and says that trisha is nowhere close to amouranths income.

No. 1283620

Ethan has no right to talk about james charles when
>Ethan supported and platformed a ped0phile called Britbong
>Ethan himself has made questionable comments towards women and girls like saying that ''its in their nature to be conquered (aka raped)''
>Platformed Mac demarco on a frenemies episode, Mac demarco who has allegations against him for flashing himself infront of minors
>His own dad went after a minor.

Fuck this hypocrite.

No. 1283625

File: 1627159850824.jpeg (29.98 KB, 759x427, 0086ED23-21A3-4ECD-9EBE-E86B06…)

Ethan has always been a gross coomer but at least his old h3h3 skits were humorous, light hearted, and silly. He didn’t take anything too serious. Now he’s a grumpy boomer who gets triggered when people don’t agree with him or call him out on his hypocrisy. He can’t even take a joke, even though his whole career was made on poking fun of people and talking shit. I stopped watching him long time ago, his podcast is boring and he just gives his takes on politics but has no idea what he’s talking about.
wow Ethan bad moves. Give it up. Not proud of you

No. 1283630

File: 1627160137067.png (Spoiler Image, 71.4 KB, 300x550, 4C2007CE-2B24-4536-B208-E6D003…)

Ethan is a gross fatass washed up YouTuber. The way he gives a platform to nasty degenerates and praises pedo panderer, Belle Dolphin, raises major red flags. He was drooling all over her every time he spoke about her on the podcast. And the way Doormat Hila put on cat ears to dress up like her, even if it was just for ‘jokes’, was gross.

No. 1283642

trisha fans are obnoxious retards too but they're not the reason the H3 fandom is shit, that's ethan's doing and the fans he chose to attract.

No. 1283653


I didn't know he was ftm

No. 1283719

Granted I don't tend to see fat naked men, but this is the first saggy male ass with cellulite. I would feel humiliated if I was Hila that Ethan posted this.

No. 1283866

I have to wonder what Moses thinks of Ethan and if there's any kind of tension between them. Apparently the H3 fans have been sending the police to their house. Ethan could have cleared the air and told his fans to leave them alone, but instead he continues to shade Trisha and bring her up in every fucking opportunity.

No. 1283900

Small correction: It starts around 41:09 of the new Families episode, but Donna says that she was already having sex with Gary when she was 16, but she clarifies that she was very mature for her age. Donna says that they were in love and Gary responds "Almost…", implying that he wasn't.

No. 1283934

I don't think Hila is able to feel humiliation, otherwise she'd have left him years ago. I think she must be a super mega autist.

No. 1284002

File: 1627226909054.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1504, BF254D73-EDDA-4C0C-8467-2BBAAF…)

God Ethan just keeps getting fatter and fatter

No. 1284136

But anon, he turned down pizza and is doing “intuitive eating” lmfao

No. 1284141

he is the shortest looking tall person i have ever seen (i hope this makes sense)

No. 1284153

Google says he's only between 5'8-5'11. He says he's 5'10 or 5'11 so I'm betting he's actually 5'9. Hila is either his height or a little taller them him.

No. 1284155

File: 1627243941047.jpg (63.87 KB, 640x481, The_Gnome_King.jpg)

Hila is 5'10. So im guessing they are the same height.
It weird how ethan is 5'10-5'11 but he has the proportions of a gnome

No. 1284162

File: 1627244763751.png (446.34 KB, 1201x640, 9934jskdffd.png)

Can we please discuss how spergy his subreddit is. Half the milk on Ethan comes from his parasocial fans attached to a washed up Youtube funnyman with a spiraling career.

I actually find Hila attractive but this literally looks like a set-up.

No. 1284167

hila is pretty but she is nowhere near gal gadot. This def is a set-up lmao

No. 1284201

When Ethan got fitted for a tux, he said that the tailor never seen a body shaped like this in all of his years of working lmao man is a literal freak of nature

No. 1285238

File: 1627380841486.png (79.68 KB, 738x315, lackofresearch.png)

Ethan and his crew are spreading themselves thin. So far, they have the H3 podcast, Families, H3 After Dark and now H3TV, their new Twitch channel. Who has the time or patience to endure Ethan rant for at least 5 hours each week?

I wish I had taken a screenshot before it was taken down, but someone in the subreddit pointed out how weird and uncomfortable it was to discuss sex in every single episode of Families, considering that Ethan is Donna's son. OP got called "prude" and shit on for not being "open-minded" enough.

No. 1285526

> OP got called "prude" and shit on for not being "open-minded" enough
open-minded is when you force your mother to tell you embarrassing sex stories that she clearly feels uncomfortable sharing

No. 1285843

File: 1627458591410.jpeg (937.35 KB, 1242x1233, 8C8C51FE-37AE-4E56-BCDB-124197…)

I haven’t watched this yet but the humiliation of Donna continues

No. 1285850

Eww. Why did they agree to this?

No. 1285854

it seems like every episode of ''femilies'' is already getting repetitive.
Topics related around sex/porn that take up half of the segment every episode and it looks like ethan is barely putting in effort to make it creative.
He put in more effort in frenemies and it was less vulgar meanwhile on families he cant help himself from coomer sex segments…..

No. 1285861

each episode of families is essentially uncomfortable talks about sex, ethan trying to teach his parents something to do with the internet, and then uninspired sperging to fill the airtime. who's going to be watching this dickshit in 8 months.

No. 1285866


Also all the comments under the videos are requesting wholesome shit like fans wanting to watch Donna cut hair for an hour because shes a hairdresser.
There's some freudian slipshere, Ethan. Get therapy

No. 1285871

dan is the prod so im guessing e comes up with these ideas for frenemies?

And ethan is okay with this,having to talk about sex stuff with his mom every episode or watch porn together?

No. 1285981

Aren't most of their fans teens? Isn't this inappropriate?
You are a member?

No. 1286015

Hello no, thats why I haven’t watched it

No. 1286252

its out now.

No. 1286299

Trying to push those views up huh

No. 1286311

looks like they need it kek

No. 1287138

File: 1627630415720.png (64.84 KB, 221x191, image.png)

It's clickbait again. Reeks of desperation.

No. 1287163

Moses is now appearing on Trisha’s onlyfans kek how awkward for Hila and her family

No. 1287180

File: 1627642339454.png (Spoiler Image, 475.61 KB, 816x882, 97DD206B-567E-4DA5-8910-CF5548…)

Open at your own peril

No. 1287193

>People paying for this

Are humans ok

No. 1287198

I sometimes wonder if Trisha ever gets tired of sex. Everything with her is just sex, sex, sex, "look at my porn", "look at my bumhole". There's no way she enjoys having sex with her own fiance because there has to be a point where sex just too much and then it just stops being special or fun. Tbh she might be getting him in on the porn in an attempt to make it more exciting bit it just looks sad

No. 1287201

If you look hard enough you can find the video online which basically consists of Trisha spitting on Moses’ flaccid penis. Nightmare fuel.
Idk how his family are going to deal with this, it was a big enough hurdle for them to get over the fact that Trisha is a sex worker, and now Moses is involving himself in her onlyfans

No. 1287208

>Everything with her is just sex, sex, sex,
Her main income is onlyfans and her sex toy sponsors so of course she has to act hypersexual even if she is not.
is this current because sometimes trisha will repost old videos.
kinda gross

No. 1287211

She's not even covering her teeth with her lips. I remember she said before that Moses complained she uses too much teeth and is not good at blowjobs, this is why. She's giving him some carrot grater head.

No. 1287212

no wonder why his pepe is flaccid

No. 1287213

kek is it weird I'm surprised his dick looks normal? At least from this screenshot. I always assumed he had a pencil dick, from his frame and the fact that he's with Trisha and not a normie, because he's not bad looking or a total asshole otherwise. I guess it's just the 'tism.

No. 1287216

he likes fat girls and he said that he has fun with T so im guessing this is the main reason why he is with her.
Him and trisha also have sex everyday so he never has to worry about not getting laid either.

No. 1287224

>they have sex every day
Has that come out of his mouth? Because I extremely doubt it if it's only Trisha saying that. She's a compulsive liar when it comes to pickme shit like this, it's hilarious. Remember when she told Jeffree Star she had so much anal that she had to get her colon tightened with surgery? Then she goes to do a sex toy review video the next week like "Oh I'm just starting to explore anal and this is a good beginner toy".

I honestly think the hypersexual bimbo act is what she landed on to get the most attention, especially as she got older and aged out of "cute quirky troll youtuber" identity. I haven't seen much of her OF stuff but what I've seen she never seems to be enjoying herself lol, just dead-eyed prostitute clocking hours vibes.

No. 1287232

Having sex every day isn't that out of the ordinary. A lot of couples do that just as part of the daily routine. She seems to only recently have discovered her sexuality and how to have an orgasm (super late in her life but whatever), so I could believe it. A lot of insecure women also do it to keep their men from straying, which he's done in the past, right? Maybe she thinks if she fucks him every day he won't DM girls on Instagram.

No. 1287266

File: 1627653701100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 304 KB, 462x806, 0651B6A7-EE78-46F1-A21C-D21AB2…)

You can see how unhard he is here

No. 1287272

No wonder, looks like she's biting into it like a hot dog.

No. 1287277

She looks like a muppet. Wasn’t the family really adamant over Moses not being in her porn or does Moses just not give a shit anymore? I don’t know why they would risk this extra drama with the family just for people to see his floppy peen.

No. 1287279

Yep. His family are extremely conservative and religious. Ethan was begging Trisha not to involve Moses in the onlyfans stuff because of the fall out. I honestly think Moses does this just to piss his family off though, I don’t think he’s being “pressured” into anything

No. 1287297

Isn't Ethan preaching "sex work is work"?

No. 1287337

Yes until it causes issues in his family lol.

No. 1287342

isnt that quite hypocritical to only be conservative when it comes to trisha when ethan and his family are nasty af.

Ethan openly thirsting over onlyfans thots infront of his wife, his father gary publicly following and interacting with porn accounts, Ethan bringing in his parents to talk about sex and porn, his dad wearing a team skeet (name a of a porn company) shirt etc etc.

No. 1287399

Israeli culture is very chauvinistic so yeah different rules for women and men get a free pass

No. 1287480

I clicked on the spoiler and was still shocked by what I saw lol. Her lips look so odd>>1287266 that is just embarrassing

No. 1287501

FR ITS so gross

No. 1287520

My mouth dropped. Wow.

No. 1287703

File: 1627693405856.png (2.47 MB, 1724x2604, Birdo_Artwork_-_Mario_Party_7.…)

Trisha is Birdo confirmed

No. 1287834

Men are encouraged to use and degrade gentile women

No. 1287932

File: 1627738391971.png (419.77 KB, 1298x240, 2021-07-31 09_32_26-Window.png)

kek @ how badly their viewership is starting to decrease. 1M for the most recent episode vs. 2.8M for the inaugural families episode.

No. 1287955

I mean… those older videos have had more time to rack up views… this doesn’t really make sense lol. They’re getting around 1M in the first couple days then accumulating to 2M+ after being up for over a week

No. 1287989

nah the views def are decreasing, when they did frenemies it would take a week (or sometimes even two days) for it to reach 2-4m views meanwhile for families it takes much longer, and the views are decreasing every episode.

No. 1288003

Even after dark has taken a dip in live viewers and views in general.

I know people think Trisha shot herself in the foot for leaving Frenemies but I think Ethan's the stubborn ass at this point. The initial fight over the 5% was blown out of proportion by ethan embellishing details to the crew. He fabricated trisha wanted the crew sacked. He won't address it to this day I think that's why the episode they filmed for the merch didn't get released. Trisha would have made him acknowledge the discrepancies.

And speaking of the 5%, they're little skits since the sperging about production costs have all liked so cheap.

No. 1288209

Hila is being sued apparently, but I will not stand 2,5h of these two to find out for what I'm sorry

No. 1288279

Ryan Kavanaugh is trying to scare lolsuit Hila because Ethan makes fun of him on the podcast.

No. 1288517

>And speaking of the 5%, they're little skits since the sperging about production costs have all liked so cheap

i don't know if i'm just being retarded but i cannot decipher what this means

No. 1288614


I was a H3 fan, never a Trisha fan, but I've stopped watching. It's the same shit all the time. Ethan is a big man baby and a disgusting scrote. Maybe a lot of us have finally seen the light?

No. 1288734

Phone autocorrect liked to looked, but I'm having a go at their production value. Maybe Ethan should pay for them to have make overs and wigs.

No. 1289335

when ever i need my daily dose of cringe i just look at what h3h3 fans post, some of the most unfunniest people with boomer tier humor.

No. 1290693

File: 1628087767475.png (4.18 MB, 828x1792, DEEB50FE-D27C-46ED-B035-A337A6…)

Her lips are so botched.

No. 1291367

Her skin looks better.

No. 1291404

not really

No. 1291405

anyone knows if ethan/hila said anything about the OF video with moses?

No. 1291561

No its annoying. Haven't saw any mention of it on the cringe sub but they're all busy gurning about butterflies or some shit.

No. 1291563

No, but they recently made a Family Feud type episode and instead of inviting anyone from Hila's side, they brought Ethan's siblings. I doubt they will say anything because it will just bring more attention to it.

In the last Families episode, Ethan was interrupting Donna, called her boring and told her that no one cares about what she had to say about monarch butterflies, her passion project. Then he instructed her to talk about Matt Damon's last controversy, a topic she barely knows anything about.

No. 1291684

I could not proceed through the new Frenemies after they publicity humiliated Donna again. She was enthusiastic about talking about butterflies. Everyone in the family kept interrupting her and laughing. Ethan’s sister with the annoying one liners…Donna said I hope people give you crap to Ethan for consistently berating her. He gets super defensive and moves on.

No. 1291732

Donna genuinely seems like a sweet lady that actually has normal interests and isn't laser-focused on drama and internet shit. At first I was confused how she ended up with Ethan's coomer dad but an anon ITT pointed out she was underage when he went for her so I guess that's my answer. Her and Hila need to leave. I don't know who convinced them they had to settle for rude, disrespectful men with the emotional intelligence of wood but whoever it is needs a punch.

No. 1291759


I fuckin hate men like him. Your mom is talking about something she loves and you'd just rather embarass her and make her talk about internet bullshit.

You know him and his wife do not have meaningful conversations. Ethan is a giant narcissist and I'm glad I always ignored their shitty channel. Couldn't get into them even when I was a lulzy so random teenager. Ethan annoyed me.

No. 1291780

I don't know how anyone watches Families. Donna is a boring bitch and her input is reading off a note pad and being a mom.

Even some other fans are starting to say they can see Trisha has a point calling the crew lazy. The game show was shit. They even skipped over donna's team's turn at one point.

Ethan is an arrogant douchebag. He keeps bringing up his fame each episode. Like frenemies is massive to follow it up by doing a podcast with his ditsy mom is a joke.

No. 1291835

File: 1628207039589.jpeg (254.28 KB, 750x691, 72F33363-717A-4645-9377-691CD1…)

he won’t work with trisha but he will continue to use her name for views kek

No. 1291996

If she works with Trisha, they would have to pay her. Ethan's mom works with them for free.

No. 1292535

of course Ethan uses her name, it gets him the clicks and he knows.
Apparently he also liked some tiktoks throwing hate at her recently…..really classy ethan meanwhile if trisha did this he and his fans would be saying ''she is ruining our family''.
Also very strange that he wont ai the last episode, he had no problem airing out all their past fights so why doesn't he want to air this episode.

No. 1292743

anyone have a summary on the trish/keem drama? can’t stand ethan enough to watch 2+ hours

No. 1293041

Someone will probably come in with a better summary but the shitty tl;dr is that Kemmstar, being the disgusting scrote he is, is dating a 20 year old when he himself is 39 (soon to be 40.) Trisha called out how gross this is on her Enemies rantcast and Keem seethed in a twitter video. Ethan reacts to the shitty podcast Keem and Banks run where Keem talks about her, saying at one point "I actually felt creepy for a second when she asked if I wanted to play minecraft with her." Ethan says the obvious, Keem's a creep and he feels bad for the girl.

No. 1293114

Also Keemstar has a photo of her on his Twitter and Ethan was trying to get the crew to pull up a photo (obviously with the intention of mocking her) and the crew were telling Ethan not to and not to drag a 20 year old into the situation. Ethan then backtracked and pretended he was never going to make fun of her

No. 1293348

The sad thing is that Trisha is absolutely right for calling out Keem for being a weirdo. Scrotes who wind up with women half their age are always looking for a women who isn't mature enough to deal with things like narcissism and manipulation. I'm calling it now- when Keemstar is inevitably exposed for being a degenerate freak, she is going to speak out about him manipulating or otherwise abusing her. Saged for sperging.

No. 1293960

She’s right for calling him out but I doubt she gives a shit about young girls dating older guys. She’s just trying to jump on the woke bandwagon again, so she can carve out another redemption arc

No. 1298436

File: 1628755350895.png (243.95 KB, 599x739, pathetic.png)

Keemstar proved yet again what a huge hypocrite he is by complaining to youtube and got the H3H3Podcast channel suspended for creator on creator harrassment. The fact that he loves to play the "Ethan runs to Susan" card and then does the same because people are making fun of him is hilarious.

No. 1298438

I don't know why he does this when literally his whole career is him responding like a baby to anything anyone has ever said about him on the internet.

We already know he's a degenerate freak because one of the first things he did when questioned about her was share her nudes.

No. 1298445

Just to be clear, I hate Keemstar and I think he is a piece of shit. But I just want to point out that during their slapfight last year, YouTube forced Keemstar to apologize, suspended him and got all his H3 videos removed. Ethan got no consequences and YouTube let him keep all his Keemstar videos up. Ethan was poking at the bear for months, making those stupid fake Nazi thumbnails, taking clips of Keemstar out of context and looking for any opportunity to bring him up in the podcast. What did Ethan expect? I am just surprised that YouTube finally told him something.

No. 1298601

Ethan, the same guy who gushes about how sexy belle delphine is, is calling other men creeps? Glass houses Ethan! When will you learn lmao

No. 1298656

He’s only “not airing it” because his biggest criticism of airing the last official episode was that he shouldn’t have put it out and handled it behind the scenes. He is a massive hypocrite and fucking baby, especially for someone constantly digging at Trisha who ended up loving her in the end. He could never handle the shit she gets and it shows. He had to come out with a podcast with his own family so he could feel secure, and it’s at his own mother’s expense. His gross dynamic with women couldn’t be more obvious. He’s like king of the man babies and it’s really funny his own fans are saying Trisha has a point lmao. She can actually handle the hate and is doing her own Enemies podcast, which takes balls after the real one ended and she knows it’s going to get downvoted to hell because of his fans, but she powers through it without her mommy. I don’t even like her but I’m enjoying whatever growth she could be starting to have

No. 1298674

Funny, if ethan would have humbled his ego and not made a big deal out of Trisha calling him and his ctre out for being lazy, he wouldn't have a second strike on his channel. Trisha warned him about Keemstar. She's also got way more tact in dealing with drama. Ethan just let's his tourettes take over and just runs his mouth. What a glorious mess. Hope trisha goes on Drama Alert or whatever the fuck

No. 1298676

No. 1298708

ethan is the same as keemstar, both deserve eachother.

No. 1298745

I am begging whatever God controls drama to get Trisha to go on DramaAlert and talk smack about Ethan

No. 1299059

Ethan has such a massive ego that he is never able to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing. He is not airing that video because he wants to continue to be in the right and have Trisha be demonized by the H3 fans.

No. 1299135

Why would she? She has said about a dozen times that she hates keemstar

No. 1300100

Let's not even pretend any of those people would not use the tools of censorship if they both had the chance. Convincing mouth breathers they're fighting for free speech has been the easiest fucking way to milk money and build yourself up in the last half a decade.

No. 1300826

File: 1629072333312.jpg (535.49 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20210815-200525_Twi…)

No. 1300830

She literally just put a video out about how much of a creep keemstar is? Trisha has insane cognitive dissonance.

No. 1300855

Trisha uses people when it's convenient for her

No. 1300863

This is why I didn't understand people going "yass queen" to Trish earlier this year. She fucking yo-yo's to whatever she wants, not caring about people at all

No. 1300893

It's not like Ethan cared about her either. He only used her as clickbait for as long as he could (kinda still does) so doing things like these is her hustle nothing new.

No. 1300894

Not sure why Ethan’s parents are putting their noses in it. He’s a big boy. Little Kleiny is not so innocent. Him pretending to care is hilarious.

No. 1300899

>Not sure why Ethan’s parents are putting their noses in it
For yasss points and those sweet sweet views on their failing podcast, duh. Ethan has to exploit his family since exploiting Trish’s crazy ass blew up in his face.

No. 1300905

File: 1629082566007.png (5.69 MB, 1170x2532, FDC780EA-7518-4C5D-A79B-D90204…)

Donna sent Moses a text stating that if anything happened it would be Trisha’s fault. It could be regarding Hila’s pregnancy, and all this drama could cause Hila to lose the baby. It’s disgusting Donna would text that and blame it on Trisha. Trisha was discussing this on her Tiktok.

No. 1300913

Holy shit that is fucked up.

This is Trisha’s career though, it’s trashy reality tv/YouTube drama and they orchestrate this (to some degree) to split the money on outrage views. Ethan did it with Trisha, and had seen her do it many times. I doubt she’s siding with them in any way and is probably just humoring them to split the money, create content, and try to slip in more female friendly viewpoints or at least what she has pointed out on her own. In her Enemies podcast she dragged Keematar pretty bad and she loathes Gabbie Hanna, so it’s just to monetize the hate. I don’t even think she’s being that fake with this, other you tubers do podcasts with enemies all the time, and Logan Paul did one with KSI and it did really well. Ethan taking it to mean anything more than a job is dumb and shows his fragile ego was behind all of this all along, not a job. This is her job lol as awful as it is

No. 1300941

i mean.. isn't it kinda the truth? hila is pregnant and trisha is just batshit insane, she's stressing both hila and her family and she doesn't care. She even did porn with moses ( ethan said that will ruin the family)

No. 1300949

How does Trisha doing porn equal to her ruining his family? He is an open scrote and his father openly likes porn. Ethan could stop mentioning Trisha’s name. He literally used her as a topic regarding her beef with Gabbie on the 2nd Families podcast. It’s not only Trish. If Ethan cares about his wife, then he would stop causing so much drama and claiming peace and love.

No. 1300952

I've heard that the "spillingtea_875" account on insta is trisha's sock/alt acc, not sure how accurate that claim is though.

Curious to hear what she has to say on keems podcast, but I don't really want to give him views

No. 1300955

Also the reason why Hila got sued while pregnant is because Ethan kept pestering Ryan Kavanaugh and asking their followers to review bomb their app.

No. 1300969

File: 1629092006138.png (119.39 KB, 436x433, snake.png)

Gary calling Trisha fat… again.

No. 1300973

What’s up with Gary constantly calling Trisha fat? No wonder Ethan degrades women. He called Trisha fat and Tana Mongeau a Twinkie on his Instagram reality video. This whole family is embarrassing. Hopefully, this is the end of h3h3’s downfall but it won’t be…

No. 1301001

>What’s up with Gary constantly calling Trisha fat?
He's a moid who doesn't like fat women; the worst insult to any woman in the whole wide world, lesbians included of course, is being told that some disgusting ugly old coomer whose son hates him doesn't wanna dribble out two gas station bathroom pumps worth of jizz into them

No. 1301009

File: 1629098189268.png (134.22 KB, 606x518, trish.png)

No. 1301010

women are more resilient than that. she isn't going to lose her child because her brother stuck his dick in crazy and video taped it.

No. 1301026

that's a weird statement

No. 1301029

>She even did porn with moses ( ethan said that will ruin the family)
Coomers don't get to complain about sex workers. If you don't want porn stars, stop obsessing with porn.

No. 1301062

Yeah no shit. Him publically talking about all the porn he watches and thristing over porn-stars while his wife sits next to him does more to ruin the family than Trisha filming porn with her fiance. I don't think neither is ok to do, but if you are a big consumer of porn (as both Ethan and his dad are) you can't shit-talk people for making it.

No. 1301129

I love that trisha went on keemstar. I think it's funny the retarded new young fans think this is horrible and unforgivable. I hope trisha continues to milk whatever the fuck she can got content. She's entertaining and I hope she makes Ethan have a break down for shits and giggles.

No. 1301130

Emmm, Hila asked Ethan before she went to Israel earlier last month to not start drama. Then the brainlet starts h3tv on twitch and gets into constant fights. So far as to getting his channel temporarily suspended. If anyone is causing grief to Hila, it's porn sick ethan that has ousting Trisha from his podcast because she had the balls to call him and his crew lazy, and treats the whole thing akin to break up that's probably causing his wife excessive stress. Donna is such a retard

No. 1301132


not here to ethan defend but i think he meant moses doing porn would "ruin" hila's family more so than ethan's. obviously ethan's dad is sleazy but as for hila's parents (i think her dad is dead) i was under the impression they were pretty conservative israeli–hila's dad apparently didn't even like ethan at first. it's still so bizarre to me that moses and trisha are together, it's like the joke that never ends

No. 1301135

Moses is in his 40s and trisha is in her 30s. Trisha is a millionaire. Moses has been self sufficient with his own business. It's extremely immature to conwtently think the two of them need to seek permission to love each other and get married. Just cause Ethan had a strange relationship with his parents and insisted on referring to trisha as his family even though she would only ever be an in law. Probably some weird defect of ethan being porn sick and probably enjoying incest porn.

No. 1301137

During the Frenemies episode where Trisha and Ethan got into a fight because of the nanny, he said that his parents can't help babysit because they have a life. So, Donna and Gary barely have time to see their grandchild, but they have enough time to get into online slap fights with Trisha and learn about celebrity drama.

No. 1301140

Donna's too busy reading the Wikipedia entry for butterflies and copying it onto a napkin to read monotonously outloud while Gary leaves messages under pornhub videos thinking the "actresses" are going to see it.

No. 1301141


i mean i'd believe it if hila's family would be uncomfortable or ashamed of moses being in porn, some people feel that way. at the end of the day tho it's moses' life and he can make his own choices. the way they talk about him on the podcast is weird like, as if he can't make his own decisions? he's a grown man right? he can be in porn if he wants to, he can ruin his relationship with parents if he wants to, sure trisha may be a "bad influence" but it's not like moses is some teenager who doesn't know what he's doing. it's unfair of h3 to act like trisha would be the only one forcing moses to do porn when, hey maybe that's what he wants to do.

No. 1301145

Keemstar is a raging asshole but at least he doesn’t pretend to be anything else. What you see is what you get. Ethan on the other hand is just as bad, the difference is that he pretends to be the “moral” crusader of YouTube and is actually a 2 faced snake surrounded by yes men.

No. 1301148

Except when he pays people to do the "niceguyKeem" hashtag. Keemstar only says he's an asshole as a shield, he doesn't actually think he is. Collusal is Crazy has challenged him on that statement and he does think he's actually a good person. Keemstar is a bigger and uglier cow than even Ethan can ever hope to be.

No. 1301152

Keem objectively is better looking than current state Ethan. I mean all these men are over entitled assholes. Trisha shits all over the two of them, it's just with sexism and how retarded the younger demographics are she is seen as the bigger evil. Small minded ignorant people find it difficult to stomach an outspoken independent women. If trisha was Fleetwood mac she would always go her own way. And god bless her

No. 1301155

The man child that is dating a girl who isn't even old enough to drink, has said people with mental illness just need a sip of beer, screamed the n-word at someone and encouraged others to do it, strung along Etika for entertainment like the host of some freakshow, has made a career on teen drama and acts like he invented the genre, and told a rape victim she should have closed her mouth is better than Ethan? The state of Trishstans.

No. 1301157

Objectively he is better looking. What's not clicking?

No. 1301160

Physically? Neither are attractive, Keemstar's vantablack gnome beard is a mix of hilarious and sad.

No. 1301162

Objectively, he's a better looking man than current fatass Ethan. Neither are my type, see the previous post. >>1301152 I'm all for Trisha having any platform she wants. That's feminism bitch

No. 1301164


>dragged Etika's memory and family into drama just to find a way to get Keemstar in trouble.

>stands by as his fans harass Etika's ex-girlfriend because she defends Keemstar.
>platforms a child molester, Britbong.
>says the n-word repeatedly and then gives Pewdiepie shit for saying the n-word.
>"apologizes" for saying the n-word, but he says he was using it in the right context.
>uses mentally ill people like ShoeNice for entertainment and views.
>accuses a music producer of "looking" like a pedophile, despite not having any proof of any crime. Music producer gets fired.
>has made a career on teen drama despite acting like he is above it
>backstabs friends and hides behind his contacts at YouTube.
>congratulated Boogie, a 44 year old man, for having sex with an 18 year old girl.

No. 1301182



anon, you need to get your eyes checked desperately lmao

No. 1301189

nta but ethan looks like an anthropomorphized toad so i mean yeah

No. 1301192

I mean I would have lived a better life if I never saw this. >>1283630

No. 1301193

And Keem looks like a he could use his beard as a shank, can we stop acting like scrotes and just agree both are ugly?

No. 1301194

both of them are shit looking, not one is "objectively" better looking than the other

both are shit tier fatties in terms of attractiveness

No. 1301199

Stop acting like scrotes? Would scrotes have said Trisha gets shit on harshly for being a woman? What's with the ethan white knights? Smells like dickcheese.

No. 1301203

Scrotes would derail a thread to defend someone because 'they're OBJECTIVELY better looking', yeah.

No. 1301206

You're really offended. Both men were called assholes. You're derailing equally and wanting anons to concede to both men being equally ugly. Fuck off lol

No. 1301208

ntayrt but calm your tits boo, both of them ARE equally ugly

what's with the wanting to designate one of them as ~oBjEcTiVeLy~ better looking?

No. 1301215

Why are you so focused on it, it wasn't even the main point in the post you're losing your shit over. It was repeated because first anon couldn't understand what saying someone looks better meant.

If you want to get pedantic, Ethan is a fatass, he had nice eyes, his jowls and everything below them really let him down. And come to think of it his eyes also suffer because eof his tourettes. He's always pulling faces. OK, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm being pedantic. Keemstar carries his weight better and his beard hides his neck, but he's got a better facial structure from what I can tell. If I saw these two men walking down the street and knew nothing about them and was to say who was better looking I'd point at the non fatass. Hope that clears that up for you.

No. 1301219

sis calm down lmao you're out here writing paragraphs over nothing and getting triggered over anons not agreeing with you

No. 1301220

Who's getting triggered? If you're not use to paragraphs on an imageboard perhaps the H3 subreddit is more simple for you?

No. 1301253

She’s not fucking wrong.

No. 1301282

>this just really makes me sad
Ethan looks for any opportunity to use Trisha's name for views and constantly shits on her looks, earnings or family. Trisha doesn't owe him anything.

I admire Trisha's resilience. She is getting downvoted and lambasted with negative comments in all her videos, but doesn't delete any of them. She just keeps on uploading her vlogs, making music videos, going on podcasts and living her life. You just know that if Ethan got even an ounce of hate that Trisha has been getting, he would be on the verge of suicide.

No. 1301311

File: 1629131579522.jpg (1.02 MB, 325x203, D9NZFni.jpg)

No. 1301330

File: 1629134314794.png (153.68 KB, 600x612, trisha.png)

No. 1301355

They're both ugly but Keem seems to practice regular grooming, so Keem is less repulsive.
Anon was WrItInG PaRagrApHS explaining a perspective that was pretty easy to digest if you have basic reading comprehension skills, but it still flew over your heads.
>writing over nothing
Bruh your post is literally just calling someone triggered. You don't even have a point but you still feel the need to reply. Pretty sure "hurr triggered" posts are just retard-cope.

No. 1301388

damn she's such a good person.

No. 1301389

She's too good of a person to pretend she's perfect, and because she's honest about her flaws people jump on that like it somehow makes her worse than "perfect" people with closets/basements/mansions full of skeletons.

No. 1301407

There isn’t a single thing Ethan can do to Trisha that hasn’t already happened to her and now that she finally has a family that’s what he has to go after which is evil. It’s not even his family and he doesn’t respect Trisha’s family at all. He’s speaking for Moses’ autonomy too which is fucking weird. Moses really needs to handle it man to man with Ethan, I don’t understand how he’s letting Ethan speak for him but especially for what he can do with his own penis. That’s so fucking weird and people say it stems from issues between Moses and his sister? And suddenly Trisha’s troll of a YouTube career is suddenly solely responsible for a miscarriage Hila could have, not her failure of a husband who can’t handle a singular emotion? Ethan using Hila’s families patriarchal religious background as an excuse to abuse Trisha under the guise of “family” is fucking nasty.

How do you do a podcast with Trisha as a last resort to make yourself look better only to expose all the men on YouTube and yourself? That’s funny. Here I was thinking Trisha had no talent, look at her go.

No. 1301467

I dont know why some people are acting like trisha is playing 4d chess with keemstar right now. Whether or not people wanna admit it, ethan has the most credibility with more mainstream audiences. Keem has pissed off pretty much every bigger youtuber at some point, hes burned every bridge. And tanas name is tarnished by all her scams. Trisha is doing the absolute dumbest possible thing for her career and reputation right now, all out of spite and self sabotage

No. 1301487

It’s a podcast and she went to confront Keemstar about comments he made to her, and she ended up talking about her sexual abuse. She said she even had Ethan’s back and they agreed on some positive things about him. Her having a sane, calm, and mature discussion with someone who has an opposing view that would otherwise trigger her is a great thing to do. This is also Trisha Paytas’ “career and reputation” you’re critiquing, two years ago she was a chicken nugget.

No. 1301497

No. 1301521

That thumbnail is terrifying- listened for the first minute and had to leave cause it's just nothing but whining

No. 1301642

It is very obviously an attempt at spite framed as a "mature discussion". In a couple weeks or so shes gonna have a meltdown and call keem an abuser and a manipulator. He invited gabbie on after her. You cant tell me the breakdown video calling keemstar an abuser isnt brewing already now that gabbie weaseled her way in. Keem could give 2 shits about righting his wrongs with trisha, he just wanted a jab at ethan.

No. 1301656

File: 1629170218455.jpeg (285.97 KB, 1170x1375, 9AB6E8CE-87A9-43D2-B171-BCA14A…)

Tired of Ethan playing the saint of YouTube. Why doesn’t he just shut his mouth? Trisha will never stop mentioning you if you keep bringing her name into it. You’re a grown man with a pregnant wife. Worry about her instead of Trisha’s emotions. He’s never in the wrong…

No. 1301673

Fuck sake Trisha went on Gabbie's podcast after the herpes rumour I doubt she'd give a fuck lol

No. 1301677

Which is Keemstar’s big fat baby issue, not Trisha’s who once again did not talk about him and stated clearly she doesn’t give a fuck that Gabbie was on, and even did a podcast with Gabbie. You guys are acting like this matters at all and it doesn’t, she’s not a pawn or an object and she doesn’t owe anyone anything. I’ve never seen anyone care about her or her career as much as now this is so funny.

No. 1301680

Trisha addressed this in some reuploaded tik toks. She doesn’t care at all lmao and Ethan used her and gabbie for clickbait right after frenemies ended. Why are they projecting so much onto her she’s actually not getting provoked even after being blamed for a miscarriage which is evil, Ethan can’t fathom she doesn’t need him for content and he obviously does but blames it on “family”

No. 1301683

Wow, the Kleins are trashy. I thought that Donna was a nice old lady, how wrong I was.

No. 1301700

i feel bad for trisha. when i look at the comments of her tiktoks its just everyone against her and dragging her even tho shes just explaining her side and venting a bit. i dont think shes perfect but just cause she has made mistakes, has some mental issues and goes against daddy ethan everyone automatically is discrediting her or not even listening and just throwing insults

No. 1301744

jfc she'll be fine. she's wealthy as hell

No. 1301746

jfc she'll be fine. she's wealthy as hell

No. 1301770

Not trying to whiteknight Ethan, but the Trisha stans ITT are surprising, she’s shit and she only does things out of spite, gain or convenience.

No. 1301773

Like a broken attention whore clock, she's right twice a day and then everyone magically forgets that she's a mean girl sociopath who has no moral compass outside of whatever is useful for her at the instant.

No. 1301775

They may not even be stans, they're probably too young and/or not aware that controversy is Trisha's bread and butter; she's been getting in trouble for attention since the 00s, she will be fine (specially in a rare situation where she's not the one in the wrong).

No. 1301796

It’s because Ethan is a moid and popular opinion still supports his retarded coomer ass people are defending trisha relative to ethan and his stans, not defending her morale compass. Why is it so fucking hard to understand…..

No. 1301802

Sage your shit.

No. 1301835

>Trisha explains that she called out Keemstar, so she wanted to go to the podcast and discuss things with him personally.
>Ethan inserted himself into this, used Trisha for views and got that video taken down. That's not on Trisha, that's Ethan's fault.
>Trisha talks briefly about Donna's message blaming her if something happens to Hila's pregnancy. Ethan and his family are allowed to say disgusting shit about her, but if she or her family defend Trisha, they get dragged through the coals.
>Ethan continues to like posts talking negatively about Trisha and her relationship with Moses.
>Moses has been dragged into this and also gets harassed by Ethan's fans.
>People have asked Trisha where is her loyalty, but why is nobody asking Ethan the same when he trashes her and lets his fans be vicious towards her?
>To this day, Trisha receives hate from Ethan's fans and he has done nothing to stop it.
>Ethan can't do no wrong. She continues to use Trisha for clickbait, but she can't even mention him without people coming after her.
>Ethan has a history of being misogynistic towards women, but Trisha feels like he is becoming better. Why is he allowed to grow and change, but everyone expects Trisha to be perfect and brings up her past all the time?
>Trisha cried during the last Frenemies episode and felt so happy that Ethan was able to see her point of view and acknowledge his wrongs, only for him to take it away. She felt used by Ethan and is still hurt.
>Despite all, Trisha said positive things about Ethan in Keemstar's podcast.
>Trisha goes into podcasts of people she disagrees or dislikes her with all the time, for example: Gabbie Hanna and H3.
>People should be able to have a discussion about things, instead of avoiding them. Ethan should try it sometime.
>You don't magically become someone's friend just because you went to their podcast.
>Trisha says that she is not going to forbid someone for having a guest she doesn't like in their podcast.
>She doesn't own Ethan and Ethan doesn't own her.

No. 1301840

Are you young? Trisha hasn't done anything shocking relating to big gay ethan. She's been true to herself. She speaks her mind freely. Remember this is all happening because Ethan couldn't take criticism over how he manages his gay podcast and crew. He was on top of the world making his unfunny 5% memes and now he's stuck doing a weekly show with his braindead mom.

No. 1301846

>she’s shit and she only does things out of spite, gain or convenience
you think that ethan is different?

No. 1301850

nta but people itt are acting like Trisha is any better than Ethan.

No. 1301861

both of them are shit but this is an anonymous image board and therefore contrarian opinions (which in this case is Ethan dindu, peace and love you guise!!! Trisha is evil!!!!) will be more widely vocalized.

No. 1301870

what's the evidence hila's family is so religious and conservative anyway? israelis are generally super sexist (more in the french way than the saudi way) and racist but besides that if they're not haredi they're usually pretty relaxed with everything else in the vegan fascist sort of way, which seems to be how both hila and moses turned out, it just doesn't add up to me. did people just think that because hila's parents rightfully clocked ethan as a useless piece of shit?

No. 1301872

What does Trisha do that's bad? Be nude on camera? Troll retards over identity politics? Call out sexual assaults? Call out people when they try to call out her? Trisha doesn't act virtuous or put herself on a pedestal. What is it she does that is evil? I don't get it.

No. 1301879

There is some weird story about her being mean to some autistic obsessive moid after “leading him on” that gets thrown around. She is also hypocritical, you could say, she made underage sex jokes like 10 years ago then wants to get people cancelled for similar behavior. Ethan still sucks way more though. And I don’t blame her for trying to appeal to Gen Z, just like Ethan is also doing. They both were edgelords when that was cool, now they’re woke queens.

No. 1301887

Is it possible that Ethan is taking it out on Trisha because he wasn't accepted by Hila's parents, so he wants someone else to feel rejected and inadequate? Or could it have anything to do with Trisha not being a jew marrying into the family?

No. 1301893

Like a previous anon said, it's because this is one of those rare situations where Trisha is right. With the exception of this thread, barely anyone is calling Ethan out for being a piece of shit or acting like a baby because you will get brigaded by H3 fans.

No. 1301926

This thread feels weirdly positive towards trisha which is grossing me out tbh both ethan and trisha are so trashy and pathetic i cant imagine defending any of them even a little bit.

No. 1301932

Ethan loves to have other people fight his battles for him (e.g. Sam Seder).

H3 fangirl alert lol

He always has to be the victim in the situation.
Ethan, you're not a fucking martyr; you're a drama channel, just like the rest of them. Don't act like you're not above bringing Gabbie on to your dogshit podcast; you just know it'd be bad optics for your new audience.

No. 1301959

You guys act like she wasnt starting to piss off even her fans before frenemies. Like yeah shes trisha, always in controversy, but people were getting tired of seeing her cause dumb drama then promote her onlyfans. Frenemies didnt neccesarily save her career, but it refreshed it and showed some people a more appealing side of her. And yes you tards, shE WiLl AlWaYs hAvE a CArEer, but what im saying is that frenemies was better for her longevity cause it showed a different side of her that a lot of people didnt see due to all the drama shes in all the time.

No. 1301961

I would loooove Ethan to bring in Gabbie Hanna and see that blow up in his face. Does Ethan or Hila have another single brother?

No. 1302023

File: 1629221059586.png (100.38 KB, 773x592, comments.png)

From Trisha's new YT video

>Hope David and Jason go in H3.

Do people seriously hate Trisha more than a guy who gave alcohol to an underage girl and helped his friend rape her?

No. 1302029

File: 1629221651279.jpeg (52.41 KB, 158x318, EBD83534-8D2F-4325-A13D-35CF9C…)

Ethan has a brother called Sean who is basically a slimmer version of him

No. 1302110

File: 1629226550247.png (581.92 KB, 885x620, hypocrite.png)

Yeah no, she's as big of a hypocrite as Memestar and Ethan.

No. 1302120

why does he look like justin trudeau

No. 1302133

She was pissing off the gay woke crowd she hasn't alienated any of her long term fans. I'm in my 30s and been following Trisha since 2006, she doesn't offend me at all. She's entertainment and good at it. I was loving it when she came to the UK to do Celeb Big Brother. Ethan will never be at the same celebrity status as her and it probably kills him. He's even been calling himself a comedian lately. His Hollywood tours frenemie vlog was embarrassing and Trisha salvaged it and is always way way funnier than Ethan.

The only people offended by Trisha are the young demographics that got introduced to her through the vlog squad. Those same viewers bolstered the H3 fandom when Trisha was on Frenemies, the ones that stuck around are the ones policing the H3 fans and brigading for Donna and her fucking butterflies. Others have went back to David and want Ethan to be cancelled for what they did to Dobrik and then there's Dobrik fans that have hated Trisha since her and Jason broke up.

Tl;dr Any fans getting offended about how Trisha conducts herself since Ethan shit himself over Frenemies is an immature twat and was never a fan of Trish

No. 1302137

Nick Avacodo? Lol the man's a freak and has made other YouTube creators uncomfortable. Trisha ended up doing a mukbang with him after all the backlash and then the tables flipped and he got backlash.

No. 1302178

>she made underage sex jokes like 10 years ago then wants to get people cancelled for similar behavior
How is telling edgy jokes the same as grooming, drugging and/or raping your young impressionable fans?

No. 1302191

Before Frenemies, H3 was a dying podcast, they were losing views and people made "Ethan is a hypocrite" videos every couple of months. Frenemies did wonders for Ethan and Trisha. It was their golden goose and they both fucking killed it. Trisha is an unstable bpd drama queen and Ethan is a greedy piece of shit that can't take criticism… They are both explosive, shit at communication and emotionally stunted. It was never going to have longevity. Hell, in the last thread, anons were even making bets about long their podcast was going to last.

No. 1302236

sage for no contrib but I know it’s a meme on here to be antisemitic but she has said some Pretty fucking obnoxious and shitty things about Jewish ppl/ big time fetishizing them. She also physically assaulted moses (leaving bruises on him, not letting him leave her house) she also said he was a pedophile on frenemies, also forced moses to get rid of his cats/threatened to harm them. Imo she’s just a shitty person not even amusing, domestic abuse is just something for me I personally cannot forgive either

No. 1302238

File: 1629235387061.jpg (109.78 KB, 1080x791, IMG_20210817_222236.jpg)

The Jewish shit was clearly her taking the piss. So the worst she has done is against a man she was dating that in turn proposed to her and is currently defending her all over tiktok? H3 fans would need to be getting a life.

No. 1302241

Moses is an idiot for staying with her but that doesn't mean he deserves to get hit and we shouldn’t overlook her abusing people. ( I don’t care for Ethan either I just think Trisha has done more harm)

No. 1302243

Ethan spouts misognystic view points to his douchebro audience, some even calling for him to now have David and Jason on his show as a one up. Sure let's forgive actual rapists and predators and focus on domestic violence between Trisha and Moses. No one has forgot trisha hit Moses, who do you think you're saving if those two break up? Meanwhile Ethan is a misogynistic coomer that airs all his family grief online when his wife is suffering with his child. Ethan's abusive too.

No. 1302249

I never implied we should forgive any of those people. Just that Trisha herself is also a horrible person. Honestly I see Trisha as the one who keeps drudging up the frenemies shit first ; wearing frenemies merch to the keemstar podcast/ made a bunch of YouTube vids before and after frenemies ended showing texts and shitting on frenemies hard when it was unprompted. Yes Ethan followed up on those videos but what do you want him to do

No. 1302261

Lol why shouldn't she get as much attention as she can doing that? It's her job. Why would anyone that wasn't getting paid for Frenemies care so much?? I use to pay membership ffs and imo Trisha going on other shows is great because I miss getting the content from her. I'm glad she's still speaking out about things she spoke about on Frenemies like Dobrik and challenging the retarded male drama channels. Ethan's just too slow to keep up with her because he truly thinks she's a bimbo, yet even on Frenemies it was usually Trisha that carried the fucking show and topics. Ethan constantly relies on the crew to fact check him in real time and they said Trisha was lazy and didn't prepare for the show when she can speak at length on the topics that brought them views and held her own against Jeff.

Plus Ethan has been a douche this entire falling out. The H3 crew moderate the subreddit and it is so fucking toxic towards Trisha. I want to hear her opinion on that because we've heard ethan and even his fucking parents thoughts on it. There was a final episode of Frenemies recorded and since Ethan is too much of a hypocrite to release it I want Trisha to talk about it.

I've always thought Trisha does well on panels and if she was on TV, she'd be great to do the rounds on panel talk shows, of course I want to watch her interact with other big youtubers.

No. 1302272

>who do you think you're saving if those two break up?
Uh, Moses. From being hit again. Stop defending domestic abuse challenge.

No. 1302281

Lol but saying trisha has done more harm because of a known incident, when Ethan perpetuates harmful views towards women constantly to his millions of viewers.

Obviously domestic abuse is bad, only a retard would think otherwise, yet ethan still worked with her after he knew about it so???

No. 1302324

I think it’s between them and if Moses needs help he does have many resources and many people are aware of it. I agree with you that it shouldn’t be swept under the rug at all. His mental health seems really good and he has his own finances, so I don’t doubt he would take necessary measures to leave if he needed to. If he’s still with Trisha and marrying her, they’re obviously working through it together with the details we don’t have. She’s working directly with the person she abused who is speaking for himself, yet the rapists and abusers Trisha has called out are still actively causing harm and denying their victims. If Trisha is such a mess and she’s able to make amends and be accountable to Moses, what excuses does anyone who claims to be more stable than her have for their past and continued abuse?

No. 1302330

These Trisha stans don't know what website they're on. Trisha is a toxic mess and fits hand in hand with Ethan (for who she can thank for her redemption arc.)

No. 1302334

I'd wager a bet the pro trisha takes are from oldfags. It's the immature H3 fans that can't stomach others opinions. Bet they really hate there's no point scoring on lolcow posts

No. 1302341

Both are shit. Both are toxic. Trisha is a huge hypocrite who pissed and shat herself because Ryan had Jeffree Star on his podcast, but she hops at a chance to go on Keemstar's. Who she said she was scared of. When she said she would never go and talk about drama with >>1302110
Criticizing her isn't defending Ethan, this is a thread they share, and calling her out is what this thread is for.

No. 1302357

>forced moses to get rid of his cats/threatened to harm them
What is the proof that she threatened to harm cats? Moses has gone on camera to say that he is allergic to cats and was only feeding them until he found them a forever home. He even gave a cat to Dan.

No. 1302360

Her being a hypocrite is hardly harmful or evil, plus she was friends with Shane for almost as long as she's been on YouTube. Her and Ethan's relationship wouldn't be comparable to her friendship with Shane. Plus Ethan's been criticising her and Moses' relationship. His fans have been harassing her and he hasn't called them off. Let him get butt hurt about Keemstar, if he's a funny comedian why doesn't he make a joke about it.

No. 1302362

>Stop defending domestic abuse challenge.
Please go back to Twitter.

No. 1302372

This video, he says he was allergic and that he never did have cats. But the rest is compiling his tiktok with him and the cats. I think he also just took care of them at his museum and they didn’t come home with him. One clip is her asking which cat is his favorite and he holds his favorite and she says “okay we’re getting rid of him.” There’s also texts of him talking about Trisha wanted his cats dead.

No. 1302394

think it’s weird that hila’s family is “so traditional” yet it’s only ethan and his American pervert family that’s trying to control and abuse Trisha. Like he’s just an in law and they only had a quick podcast together lmao. Last time I checked family also means being the bigger person and not treating each other like this. Why is it unreasonable to expect Ethan to be secure about what stupid podcasts Trisha Paytas goes on? I don’t think Trisha has been more hyped up in her life

Also keemstar is so mother fucking ugly it’s not even funny and is such a shit person I’m so disappointed his dumb ass podcast is getting blown up for nothing. Ethan is equally unattractive but when he started to open up to Trisha and seemed to genuinely really care about her I am embarrassed to admit I could see how someone would find him attractive. He conned me into thinking he had less of an ego because he was able to share a podcast. Trisha didn’t have plans to get the vaccine and he was so quick to try to plan it out for her and touched her arm, it was funny because he can’t do that naturally and ended up overdoing it and she noticed but didn’t say anything lol. Also when Trisha I guess literally pissed herself on camera Ethan kept seriously asking her if she needed to go to the hospital and looked like he would have driven right then. He clearly can’t deal with his feelings well and Trisha needs to keep doing work on her mental health, but their dynamic was really good for both of them as people and creators. Sorry for the feelings but this is also a Forum for Ladies so this is the only place I can talk about it I miss it and I hate this back and forth so much

No. 1302407

Yeah they had a good chemistry since ethan was like in love with her. It was good while it lasted but Ethan's been acting so pathetic its soured the entire thing.

No. 1302420

Are you talking about Ethan being in love with Trisha ? Bc he actively hated her on fenemies, you could tell he was irritated with her all the time. I hate this tinfoil

No. 1302426

Clearly a joke saying to get rid of his favorite cat. Moses is an adult male with a lot of support surrounding him; he could walk out the door of Trisha’s mansion anytime. She was in the wrong to hit him, but of all places I think lolcow would understand best that a woman hitting a man just isn’t the same thing as “run away he’ll kill you next!!” Male on female domestic violence.

No. 1302445

Trisha's fans are projecting on her and living vicariously through her, there's no other reason to come up with a bs narrative like that.

No. 1302470

Yeah, that's why he and his whiteknights are so hurt by the fallout. It's like a break up and they miss seeing him have chemistry with a female costar.

No. 1302479

I think there’s maybe two actual Trisha fans that post, I think most people are here because of the amusing dynamic or actively do not like Trisha. I’m a fan of neither of them, I just really enjoyed them together because of the comedy and how it brought out a lot of positive growth in both of them. Ethan definitely was affectionate towards her though, bonded, was very excitable around her, and started initiating touch with her. I think all those things can obviously be platonic, it was clear he started to care a lot about her though. He was more irritated with her at first, but that’s his “comedy”, he was condescending until he was in on the joke and then picked on her in a friend way. He could have been irritated she peed on his chair or embarrassed her for it, he didn’t and genuinely cared and seriously encouraged her to make an appointment with a doctor. It’s not that much of a compliment that Ethan was charmed by her though she is very friendly and he is just some guy so it’s definitely not impossible, it’s not a meaningful thing to project in any way. They were so excited about all the things they were doing and he started acting like a little kid around her.

No. 1302482

You can actually just watch the way he looks at her after maybe the first five episodes, it’s really obvious towards the end and he went to her birthday parties

No. 1302585

Trisha's episode in Mom's Basement is out:

>Keemstar reached out to Trisha because they have been going at each other for a long time.

>Trisha says that she is more Ethan's side in Keemstar's feud against him.
>Trisha suggests that Keemstar invites Ethan to his podcast. Keemstar says that he has, but Ethan will never put himself in a situation where he can lose the debate.
>Trisha says that Ethan didn't want to air the last episode because he and his crew would receive hate, ignoring that she has been receiving a lot of hate and they haven't done anything to mitigate it.
>Keemstar asks Trisha about Gabbie Hanna and talks about how tea channels milk Gabbie Hanna. Trisha points out that he is one of those people.
>Trisha says that she and Ethan have the same problem, where they can't ever admit to having done something wrong. They always have to be the victim in any situation.
>Keemstar asks Trisha about people bringing in things from her past. She says that she doesn't shy away from it, acknowledges it and has worked on improving herself.
>Trisha says that when she brings up other people's pasts like the David Dobrik situation is because she wants accountability from them.
>Keemstar asks Trisha if she believes that David has learned his lesson and if she could be friends with him. She says that not friends, but she could have a conversation with him.
>Keemstar says that David reached out to Gabbie, Big Nick and a lot of people he has hurt. Trisha said that she hasn't received any messages from him, but she said that what they did to her wasn't as awful as what they did to other people. Trisha says that there is still more bad karma coming their way.
>Faze and Keemstar ask her if she feels that David's apologies are sincere. She says that Natalie and people from his crew find ways to discredit that apology and justify their past actions. She doesn't think David is really sorry. She also points out that he released a vlog a couple weeks ago where Suzy was black out drunk, why hasn't David learned not to make this type of content?
>Faze asks Trisha if it's okay because Suzy consented to it. Trisha points out how David's victims consented at first, but then things got pushed too far. She says that because Suzy is drunk, she can't properly express her boundaries or reinforce them.
>Keemstar asks about Seth and how he didn't view himself as a victim at first. Trisha brings out her own sexual abuse and how often victims don't understand that something is wrong but it doesn't make it okay. She tells them that she thought it was cool that she was getting attention from an older guy, but it was fucked up.
>Trisha acknowledges that she sabotaged Frenemies many times, but they were able to bounce back. This last time was Ethan sabotaging the podcast, putting the crew against her and dragging things from her past to make her look worse.
>Keemstar talks about his bad takes on mental health. He mentions how Ethan is similar to him in not truly understanding mental health, but Ethan doesn't see anything wrong with the way he talks about mentally ill people and continually mocks them.
>Trisha says that she can be a hypocrite and have contradictions, but she admits to them and works on fixing them.
>Keemstar introduces his girlfriend to Trisha. He has shared photos of her in social media after Trisha called him out for hiding her.
>Trisha says that those comments Keemstar made triggered her because she has had really abusive relationships in the past. Trisha explains that asking his girlfriend not to post anything and not follow each other in social media is a huge red flag.
>Keemstar is truly happy with her and acknowledges that he was wrong to make those comments. He says that he deserved to be criticized.
>Trisha asks Keemstar if he was involved in getting Ethan temporarily suspended from YouTube. Keemstar tells her that 6 months ago, Ethan made a Keemstar puppet and fucked it on camera. He doesn't respond, but asks a YT representative how is that allowed. The video gets age restricted. After Trisha made her Enemies video, Ethan had someone call in the show pretending to be Keemstar's girlfriend and talk about Keemstar's dick. Keemstar made a tweet tagging TeamYouTube and Susan.
>Keemstar says how there is a double standard in the way that they handle Ethan. He used to tweet horses at him, but YT asked him to stop or they would take his channel away. Trisha points out that it's hypocritical that Ethan gets angry with the horse pictures, but he was saying that Trisha looks like a corpse and bodyshames people.
>Keemstar knew before Ethan because Nicholas DeOrio made a tweet saying that he was watching Ethan's video when it got striked.
>Keemstar talks about when he was invited to the H3 podcast. He had a good time and on the way back home, he thought to himself that maybe he was too harsh on them. But then Ethan pins a comment in the video that saying that he hates Keemstar too because he was getting hate for having him in the podcast.
>Faze says that Ethan panders to the audience and his takes change with the weather. Ethan used to be an edgy youtuber and dropped n-words, now he is woke.
>Trisha says that she thinks that Ethan is smart, funny and nice, but he is scared of the audience's reactions.
>Keemstar says that he believes that for Ethan, it's about control.
>Trisha says that she was scared that Keemstar and Faze were going to do the same thing to her and ambush her with Gabbie Hanna. They make jokes about it.
>Keemstar says that Frenemies would sometimes frame things in disingenuous ways to make people look worse. Trisha acknowledges that she was grasping for straws in some situations and feels bad for sharing incorrect information.
>Faze and Trisha talk about a situation where she and Ethan misinformed the Frenemies audience and people started to go after Faze. He made a explaining everything with receipts. Faze asks Ethan to please let him on the show to explain the situation or to correct his mistake with his audience. Ethan doesn't do either.
>Keemstar tries to get Trisha to sympathize with Gabbie. Trisha tells them incidents where Gabbie is acting unhinged.
>The episode is cut short because Rick had to leave.

No. 1302608

From this summary I can see that she legitimately criticised Keem and Ethan but Ethan was so quick to jump in and say that she’d gone on there just to talk shit about him. She seemed impartial, seems like a genuinely good episode so thank for this summary nonnie

No. 1302640

File: 1629286260675.jpeg (37.97 KB, 640x504, k9neo4p4xth71.jpeg)

Wow, Moses is not holding back.

No. 1302643

File: 1629286712319.jpeg (90.37 KB, 827x891, oc9sn1f4yuh71.jpeg)

No. 1302645

File: 1629287052804.jpeg (44.22 KB, 640x589, 8alds8z0fvh71.jpeg)

No. 1302648

File: 1629287331680.jpeg (58.31 KB, 1242x640, s8nn8k0ijzh71.jpeg)

No. 1302650

Apart from Hila (who seems pretty chill and normal) everyone involved in this seems fucked up and emotionally stunted, jfc it’s hard to believe they’re all in their 30s/40s, and Ethan’s parents of course who are even older

No. 1302666

This whole situation is incredibly tacky. Ethan should have never released that episode and Trisha needs a better therapist to actually hold her accountable for her BPD bullshit.

No. 1302670

H3 fans are targeting Moses now and I think he is rightfully pissed that his brother-in-law has put him in this position and does everything to make the situation worse. Ethan keeps saying that Trisha is the one tearing the family apart, but he is the one that weaponizes H3 fans to attack other family members and then acts like he is the victim. I wish they had done this privately, but Ethan and his parents are the ones who have dragged it into the spotlight. It makes me wonder if it wasn't only Hila's father that hated Ethan, but her brothers too and Moses is just saying what he has felt for a very long time.

No. 1302673

File: 1629291014563.png (90.64 KB, 741x571, striketrisha.png)

No. 1302679

which episode?

No. 1302687

The H3 fandom is really pathetic, I don't know why you would go so hard for a fatass. It's like watching the morbidly obeses kids discover an esport, except the esport is calling themselves foot soldiers and being virgins.

No. 1302728

How long until they start blaming Trisha for Hila getting sued by Ryan Kavanaugh too? Love how Ethan’s never the one at fault for not being able to keep his fat fucking mouth shut. If they report Trisha’s videos for that, then they should report every single Frenemies and Families episode too where they call someone out and shit on them, especially the one where Ethan says Faze Banks has sexual assault allegations against him when it wasn’t true and the ones where Ethan needlessly shits all over David Dobrik’s tongue, laugh, and him allegedly being a cuck. Or how about the podcast episodes where Ethan makes fun of Faze for balding and has the minions in his crew make photoshops of him? These people are too stupid to realize they support one of the biggest hypocritical bullies on the platform, but unlike Ethan, at least most of them can claim they’re young. Ethan has no excuse. Although I guess it’s not surprising how he turned out since the tard himself exposed to the world he’s the son of a pedo and his mom exposed herself as a vindictive cunt.

No. 1302733

They both need therapy, anon. Ethan needs a good therapist to help him quit airing his family's dirty laundry, get over his porn addiction, refrain from talking about his mom's sex life online, take accountability for his actions and stop being a misogynistic piece of shit.

No. 1302757

File: 1629300074708.png (455.02 KB, 672x661, EC5285DB-5CEF-43DE-8D70-EBD472…)

I had to look up if Ethan pretending to have sex with a Keemstar puppet was an exaggeration… It's not.

>Ethan Klein simulates intercourse with multiple Minecraft Creepers. He later pulls out a puppet that is supposed to represent a fellow YouTuber, Keemstar, and continues to simulate coitus with it.
>“Keemstar, come on, get in on this,” Ethan says before wedging the puppet between two Creepers. He then thrusts it up against his crotch continuously while letting out “oohs” and “ahhs”. Before the bit is over Ethan grabs the puppets arms and placed it on his chest and says, “Keemstar, keep your hands to yourself, we’re not crossing streams here. This guy is always crossing the lines.”

No. 1302769

I don’t think it’s a joke, he seems pretty taken aback by her telling him his favorite cat is going to go. Also by her attitude with the other tiktoks she send serious

No. 1302771

Trisha also gave Moses’ kitten to Shane Dawson and then his dog killed it.

No. 1302781

Daaaaaamn where was this guy previously, he is not wrong and that’s beautifully stated. Congratulations Trisha on her future husband.

No. 1302800

Ethan’s been using Moses and his supposedly traditional background as an excuse to attack Trisha the whole time, as if he’s not some 40+ year old man who can make his own decisions and handle his own family dynamic. Ethan doesn’t get to speak for Moses’ parents, and if Hila were to criticize them she should handle that on her own as well. The bottom line is it’s abusive and misogynistic, and infantilizes Moses who is the oldest one and has a career independent from this social media nightmare. Ethan dragged out his entire family for this and justifies it by his “connection” to Moses, but he mobilizes this abuse based on whatever inane random thing Trisha does.

Imagine your mother in law blaming your future wife for your blood sister’s miscarriage. I didn’t understand why he didn’t address this sooner but I think Moses was trying to be the mature one and not give it energy, but Ethan’s made it his personal mission to control Trisha through Moses like she’s just an extension of Ethan’s image now when her job is being a mess on YouTube. Ethan’s family are almost worst case scenario in-laws and so sexist.

No. 1302816

Very off-topic, but I remember last year everyone was clowning on Tati Westbrook for saying that she was manipulated by Jefree Star. Everyone said how stupid she is because she is a 40 year old woman and is too old to be manipulated, but the way that people infantilize Moses is the polar opposite and it's insane. This is a mentally stable and financially successful 40 year old man who has despite all of Trisha's flaws, decided to propose and marry her. He doesn't need a bunch of zoomers to "save" him by harassing him online and making polls in r/h3h3productions questioning if he is slow or not (https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/p66fej/or_maybe_moses_is_just_slow/).

No. 1302846

Here is another video where they address the cats situation, no cuts and straight out of Moses' mouth:
>3:23 It all started in r/h3h3productions with people stalking him and dredging up very old photos of him with cats that were not even his.
>4:02 When Moses and Trisha met, there were no kittens in the alley. But some cats had kittens on Easter. Moses felt bad for them, so he brought them to the museum. Then another alley cat had kittens.
>5:06 Moses has given all the cats to people Trisha and he know, like Dan the producer from H3.
>5:15 He is allergic to cats. Every time he touches one, he had to wash his hands. He felt bad because he couldn't give them the affection they wanted.
>6:05 He came back just to feed them, but he didn't live there.
>6:37 Moses addresses Trisha's jokes. Trisha was a bit freaked out because the cats jumped on her, but she was just making jokes and people made connections that aren't there.
>6:50 The cat that Shane took was a stray one, not one of Moses' foster cats.
>7:44 Moses helped foster 10 cats and instead of people saying positive things about that, they are making conspiracy theories and leaving stupid comments on his posts. He says it's ridiculous.
>8:21 People leave him hundreds of comments every day asking where are the cats.

No. 1302903

File: 1629310456660.png (1.09 MB, 899x677, Capture.PNG)

is there a mirror of the controversial podcast episode somewhere? i don't want to contribute to the stats

No. 1302924

File: 1629312377277.jpeg (87.34 KB, 640x841, oxvfm3ftg0i71.jpeg)

No. 1302961

Moses sitting in the same room as keemstar, after keem called his sister a horse and implying he fucked her.. this wedding is gonna be such a shitshow

No. 1303037

Do you have siblings anon? Do you really think a wedding should be called off because someone said the groom's sister looked like a horse and he'd also want to fuck her? Lol grow up

No. 1303041

yeah honestly moses has probably called her a horse before kek

No. 1303205

Gotta love the mental circles she goes in just to say the exact same. Like another anon said, can someone please get all of these people therapists that actually hold them accountable instead of constantly enabling all of their mental issues

No. 1303336

File: 1629358996691.webm (3.98 MB, 618x360, redditsave.com_ethan_and_hila_…)

Here's a video of Hila saying that tearing women's looks apart and calling them corpses or twinkies is okay because it's just a joke. Funny how that changes when someone mocks Hila's looks.

No. 1303381

File: 1629366863823.jpeg (66.44 KB, 1125x1192, idf767v7z8i71.jpeg)

I think you might be right kek

No. 1303384

File: 1629366915495.jpeg (31.54 KB, 960x327, tdesof1e56i71.jpeg)

No. 1303387

File: 1629367080224.png (78.06 KB, 760x507, 85zxyom0fvh71.png)

No. 1303481


This is between Moses and trisha. People on the internet always interject themselves but if Moses chose to stay he has his reasons and it's his choice. He has his big boy pants on and can live his own life

No. 1303493

File: 1629382408733.png (42.11 KB, 566x209, trishaspronouns.png)

To be clear, I don't care about pronouns and I think that they should reflect our material reality. But I find it funny that TIMs who are child molesters, rapists and murderers get to keep their pronouns, but these progressives zoomers are revoking Trisha's pronouns because of a shitty podcast? Even Chris Chan got his fucking pronouns respected and the guy raped his mentally disabled mom.

No. 1303528

Jellyfish thinks non binary is a thing so unfortunately anything they say is void.

No. 1303795

The way they dehumanize her is unreal. She doesn’t need to be claimed or get anyone’s approval, it’s her own identity. She said she doesn’t mind if people still refer to her as her, but other people will never have to right to just “revoke” her ability to make the same decisions about her own identity as everyone else. Claiming non-binary is obviously so personal, weird how something freeing would be controlled by someone claiming to be non-binary themselves. They’re being far more hateful than Trisha, and even if she’s doing it to try to opt out of misogyny and sexism, they will never let her do that while deflecting onto her. Am I assuming correctly they were born a male and have this abusive delusion?

No. 1303943

Sage for no milk but now that onlyfans is banning porn come October, how is Trisha going to support her lifestyle? She's cited multiple times that her fuck you money and birkin allowance comes from the threesome she filmed with Lena the Plug and Adam22.

No. 1303947

File: 1629409665435.png (74.09 KB, 728x606, no moar incoom.PNG)

Samefag I'm a tard and forgot to attach this

No. 1303984

yeah i'm wondering what this means for her

No. 1304080

Ethan just released an off the rails on Trisha as his return to YouTube after being banned. Haven’t watched it yet since it was only posted a few minutes ago.

No. 1304081

Are you implying that the internet holds women to a much higher standard of behavior than they do men? Idk that just doesn't sound right to me.

No. 1304115

I think In this context where Ethan and hila were talking about Trisha/tana hiding what they look like by using a lot of photoshop is different than keemstar going after hila with the horse shit

No. 1304147

Setting aside Ethan's bloated pear face, Trisha is absolutely a hypocrite in this situation.

No. 1304156

Finally reasonable nonitas. This wad of shit stained toilet paper thread has been plagued by the tism but thankfully of you are turning to the light.
Ethan is a cow through and through and deserves his criticism, but the amount of Nonnies defending Trisha is sickening just because she has a vagina. She's a narcissist hypocrite pig and I hope she declares bankruptcy now that her Onlyfans money is going to run dry. Mark my words the bitch is going to start tweaking before the year ends if she isn't alread and her spineless moid Moses is going to stick by her through it all kek. Hopefully she'll lose all her teeth so she can finally give a decent blowjob, but I don't know if that'll help her repulsive smelly gonorrhea infected torta of a pussy.
Neckbeard coomer Ethan a disgusting tard who only put her obese ass on a pedestal because she made his micro baby man peen hard. That tard isn't hurt because he knew that Trasha was a fucking crazy bitch. Everyone knew. He so clearly milked and manipulated the whole situation from the start for views. Watching this drama unfold is like watching two special needs people chicken fight in a pool of jello.
Sorry not sorry for the sperg and pure autism in this post. I've been holding it back too long.

No. 1304182

You should be sorry and like Ethan should just hold it in more if you’re going to try insulting people. You just confirmed Ethan used Trisha and exploited her, he is in the wrong.

No. 1304185

Okay thanks for contributing your retarded hot take no one ever asked for you internalised misogyny, male identified, not like other girls pickme

No. 1304187

I appreciate your unhinged but pure and true take anon

No. 1304208

File: 1629431037788.png (1.59 MB, 977x710, listen here sweaties.png)

Samefag from >>1304156

Point out where I said he wasn't in the wrong retard
Oh owie u hurt muh feelings. Stay delusional like Trisha bitch. After kissing the ring of the rape apologist Incel King Keem Star just to get back at her Porky Pig brother in law, Trisha is the biggest pickme on the internet right now besides that Portabello chick that trolled CWC. Keep the same energy for Trisha who has stated in the past she doesn't even identify as fully female if you're so concerned about male identified pickmes, or just shut the fuck up.
Thanks anon. Autistic performance art might be my calling.

No. 1304220

You saying “tard” so much honestly just reads like you have a physical keyboard to your pc that is encrusted with dorito dust. Many people here actively dislike Trisha and are shocked Ethan is managing to make her of all people seem understandable. I don’t think she went on the dumb podcast to get back at Ethan, she seemed to defend him and keemstar just has a raging chode boner for Ethan so he’s just going to keep shoehorning that subject into everything every chance he gets. Gabbie and tana it seems have also done the podcast and I didn’t think anyone would sit down with them lol, they’re doing the same mindless blabbing they’ve always done and she didn’t say anything new. Ethan’s trying to frame anything she does as more serious than it is, if trisha actually was attacking him she would smoke her meth pipe and crash into his house like she has in the past. In the past has Ethan ever like let anything go and not shat out a constant stream of poor content about it, or is that why this ancient beef with keemstar is still happening? Can you be in a common law marriage for having the same argument for as many years as those two old men have been

No. 1304233

Why are there so many Trisha stans here?

No. 1304235

Proof NLOGism causes brain damage.

No. 1304239

Ethan and Hila were using a photo that Trisha herself uploaded and placed beside her glammed up pic to make a point that your Instagram self is different than the real one. Trisha wasn't hiding herself, H3 just wanted to shit on women's looks and get some drama to increase their views. If they want to point out that Tana and Trisha photoshop themselves, what good does shaming their real bodies do to them or for other women out there that are already pressured to look like supermodels? Ethan and Hila are just perpetuating beauty standards and shaming women incapable of reaching them, under the guise of "photoshop bad".

P.S. Hila is a huge pick me and that's the reason why H3 fans love her.

No. 1304243

> You saying “tard” so much honestly just reads like you have a physical keyboard to your pc that is encrusted with dorito dust
Doritos, yeah very original Nonnie. How did you come up with that one?
You must be autistic and lost. Tard is a common word in imageboard vernacular.
Ethan and Keem are cows that happily let farmhands tug their udders to get sweet milk. Trisha is no different. One attention whore tweet from Ethan is enough to illicit 50+ responses from her. You’re naive to think she went on Mom’s Basement to defend Ethan. All three are retard drama whores that leech off each other.
I hope you noticed that I used “retard” instead of “tard” since you seem to have such an issue with it.

No. 1304249

>improper use of “farmhand”
okay newfag begone

No. 1304252

who names their kid moses lmfao

No. 1304253

>Trisha is the biggest pickme on the internet right now
Really? Hila is a woman who lets her husband thirst for pedobaiters and porn actresses in front of everyone, said "yes" to Ethan proposing to her in the bathroom while pretending to shit, condones her husband manipulating their fans to harass his blood brother and got sued because of Ethan's shenanigans. I bet that if Hila complained or stood up for herself, fans would stop putting her in a pedestal.

No. 1304258

>One attention whore tweet from Ethan is enough to illicit 50+ responses from her.
One attention whore tweet from Ethan elicit thousands of H3 fans to harass Trisha and drag Moses into this to the point that he finally expressed his thoughts publicly. They are all retard drama whores btw, but like an anon said, Ethan's antics on this particular situation has made people sympathetic to Trisha even if she is still heavily disliked.

No. 1304260

The same people who named their kid Hila.

No. 1304263

It’s a metaphor faggot. Your brain is atrophied from riding Trisha’s dick so hard. Take a break so you can recover the little bit you have left.
I’m thinking the same nonita. If things were only slightly different and Trisha was fighting with another woman instead of a coomer scrote this thread would look a lot different.

No. 1304265

damn apparently Trisha secretly recorded everyone in ethan's house before/after the never aired last episode and 'threatening' to release stuff but i guess she won't since ethan said to release it
what a fucked up family situation lol i wonder what future family holidays will be like

No. 1304268

You dumbasses need to spend some time on the normie side of the internet, because you would quickly find that not many people are sympathetic to Trisha.
And like Trisha has said in the past, if you’re a public figure you’re going to be subjected to hate no matter what. Boo fucking hoo. If h3’s vast army of 13-16 year olds has that much of an impact on her she can choose to not read the comments, same with Moses.

No. 1304270

Is that from the last h3 podcast?

No. 1304277


he talks about it towards the end

right before they show an article about keem's arrest at 24 for arson and a short pursuit lol(sage)

No. 1304278

Summary pls?

No. 1304281

A lot of them were frenemies fans who did like Trisha but started hating her Bc of all the bs she put out, she did this to herself

No. 1304284

Those are Ethan's fans upset that Trisha made him sad. They must protect the rich 30 year old manchild's feelings at all costs.

No. 1304287


No. 1304288

I’m a woman. Having a differing opinion doesn’t make me a scrote nonnie.

No. 1304292


- explains the week suspension, keem didn't use the report button but just emailed youtube for a year despite his stance again deplatforming
- points out trisha's hypocrisies - ex. in frenemies she said jason dumped a puppy on her but in past videos she constantly said she wanted a puppy. Or that during frenemies she was grateful that ethan turned down gabbie but now post-frenemies; says he should invite her and that she doesn't care
- points out that keem kinda played trisha and keem was making fun her during the pod that he would 'never invite' gabbie, but gabbie was the next guest (waiting outside or on her way) right after trisha's 30 mins pod
- trish secretly recorded everyone in ethan's house and threatened to release it
- ethan said he's done and has cut her out of his life
- keem was arrested in early 20s for arson

No. 1304294

You sure about that? Who are you trying to convince? Probably have a pair of testes inside you, you don't even know about. Intersex conditions exist bitch, lmao not a real woman for sure. Tranny.

No. 1304295

>keem was making fun her during the pod that he would 'never invite' gabbie
This is taken out of context. Keem said that he would never ambush Trisha with Gabbie, like Ethan did with Steven Crowder

No. 1304297

Projecting much bitch? I’m not taking your troll bait. Infight with someone else you troon faggot

No. 1304300

> - keem was arrested in early 20s for arson
Samefag that was bashing Trisha, but this is straight up autistic on h3’s part. Why is Ethan trudging up Keems arrest record? It adds nothing to the conversation but more faggotry.

No. 1304303

Calm down, no need to get your internal undescended testes in a twist ya intersex tranny freak. Pffff can smell the tranny hormones through the screen, what a pong kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304304


No. 1304307

Tell me you’re autistic without telling me you’re autistic
This thread is full of legitimately nasty bitches kek. Nobody is seething besides you cunts who wk Trisha. Try harder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304308

>keem didn't use the report button but just emailed youtube
If people are getting strikes for creator on creator harassment is because Ethan talked with Susan for that rule to exist. It would be pretty ironic if H3 gets his channel deleted for that lol

No. 1304310

>I'm totally not going to take your troll bait
>Is triggered
>continues to whine
>Wahhh wahhh wahh

What a fucking retard. Oh, you're actually autistic? Kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304312

Shut up special needs

No. 1304314

This thread is evidence that the only trisha fans that are left are the batshit crazy ride or die fans. All the sane fans left. I used to be a fan too but the more manic she becomes, the harder she is to defend. This shit is hard to defend without some type of intense mental gymnastics. These trisha fans are performing in the damn mental Olympics

No. 1304315

Yeah sure get back to sucking greasy Ethan's chode. Don't forget to swallow!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304317

File: 1629440918647.jpeg (121.44 KB, 1170x2532, hgcwn57d8gi71.jpeg)

Frenemies merch is restocked. I am sure it's just a funny coincidence. https://teddyfresh.com/collections/frenemies

No. 1304319

Yes ethan sucks, babe. We've established that. I dont disagree. But trisha screwed herself and made her look like a contradictory hypocrite just for a 30 minute podcast with 2 balding sociopaths. Now shut the fuck up

No. 1304321

Slightly Off topic but does anyone else find it so weird that the moms basement ep was only 30 minutes? You think for such a big episode they would have a full hour? I also don’t understand keem saying their producer (?) had to leave and that’s why they had to end it.

No. 1304328


wasn't gabbie the next guest of the same day? seems like keem cut trish's pod short to prepare for gabbie lol(sage)

No. 1304335

Two bitches one brain cell. Think of me when you stroke your dicks.
Good night babes, I’ll see you in your dreams.

No. 1304337

No sweetie, Trisha can collab with whoever and engage whichever podcast she wants, it's business, ain't nothing personal it's about getting that coin at the end of the day. Since she's no longer in partnership with greasy ethan on frenemies which provided reliable income, she needs to pick up whatever gigs present themselves and take these opportunities no matter who they involve collabing with. There's bills that need to be paid and I dont know what fucking dimension you're existing in, but it ain't reality. Friends don't matter in business and this is business. In entertainment, the more drama there is, the better for everyone involved even those tea channels. Gives them fuckers some content to work on.
Greasy ethan was/ is a piece of shit anyway. He's a whiney, victim card pulling, hypocrtical scrote that got his pregnant wife sued because he's stupid and can't keep his mouth shut at the right time.
Think about the stress having courts involved and being sued $$$ and the effects that stress will have on a pregnant mother.

Besides, I think they plan all this drama like a tv show and its seasons and they even have a script and brainstorm ideas for drama. Irl, both sides of the family are fine and at peace with each other. What makes any of you retards think any of this shit is real? Oh because it's on youtube? Bitch, YouTube is the new t.v. and youtubers are acting. This as real as some Kardashian show and it's all by design to drive up engagement, views and get that $$$ n they split the earnings between them. Orchestrated, planned drama and beef = Big money.

No. 1304339

Stop trying to reason with them Nonita nothing will ever get through their thick retarded skulls.

No. 1304340

No. 1304343

>trish secretly recorded everyone in ethan's house and threatened to release it
what does this mean? did she secretly record the Frenemies episode or the behind the scenes of that day?

No. 1304344

sage this zoomer-talk shit next time and speak english jesus fucking christ

anons flip the second it means dunking on a scrote kek. always has been, always will.

No. 1304348


No. 1304352

I did write in English. Your inability to read and your intellectual disability is not my problem you stupid fucking cunt.

No. 1304355

I feel the exact same about your entire existence.

No. 1304358

>Think of me when you stroke your dicks. Good night babes, I’ll see you in your dreams.

Think of you? Narcissist much. Actually announcing you're going to sleep jfc who tf cares? And bitch ain't no one seeing you in any dreams, fucking sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1304359

Ignore this spergy bait sweet anons

No. 1304363


ethan said trish/moses recorded their conversations in his house before/during/after the final pod that was never released. According to him, he told trisha to release them but so far she hasn't for w/e reasons

No. 1304373

Ethan told Trisha to release it? I am confused because H3 fans are now getting pissed that Trisha recorded them secretly.

No. 1304379

He said she could release them and he wouldn’t care Bc she was trying to hold them over him. He said there was nothing interesting on the tapes anyway

No. 1304382


it's at 1:34:30ish

basically he said he can't stop her but told her it's not going to help anybody

No. 1304385

It sounds like baiting her to do something illegal. If Trisha releases it, she should ask for Ethan's written consent.

No. 1304387

She did record him without telling him so her getting into legal trouble would be karma

No. 1304393

Not from the US. So for Trisha to face legal troubles, Ethan would have to sue and prove damages? What happens if she decides to keep it private?

No. 1304427

Yasss H3 fans like Hila because she's a non threatening ugly dullard!

Did anyone watch the new h3 video? what did Ethan say? I don't want to add to the viewing figures

No. 1304437

Here, anon: >>1304292
I would also add that Ethan
>said that he is not responsible for all the hate Trisha and Moses are receiving because those aren't his fans, but hers.
>calls Trisha a toxic traitor, dumbass, spineless, coward and hypocrite multiple times.
>says Trisha's podcast production is shit.
>asks Gerard Way to get a restraining order because Trisha is abnormally obsessed.

No. 1304441

Lmao Ethan is taking their break up very hard. Gerard Way needs a restraining order. I suppose smelling that cam whores (blanking on her name) piss or spit is normal.

So Ethan's big comeback to YouTube is throwing a hissy fit over trisha being a hypocrite aka still needing her for views. Wow that'll sure show her, I'm sure she'll stop milking content for money.

No. 1304442

File: 1629457968314.png (137.51 KB, 702x842, IMG_20210820_131054.png)

Not defending Trish but Ethan lil retards are blowing up under everyone of her ig pics. It's hilarious.

No. 1304443

>Donna's butterfly babes
What a cool fandom and not at all cringe.

No. 1304457

File: 1629460169293.jpg (273.32 KB, 1080x1199, IMG_20210820_124053.jpg)

Lol, so Trisha is evil for going on Keemstar's podcast yet greasy Ethan is going to help undo all the pressure that was on David Dobrik about the sexual assault allegations to one up Trisha?

That's fucking annoying. Frenemies was good for calling out the vlog squad. The vlog squad are so fucking toxic. Even to this day through the various vlog squad podcasts they still all tell on themselves to none naive viewers that they're still druggie partying losers. Like this thread is obvz about H3 but there's so much hints that the vlog squad are running drugs for other celebrities. Trafficking drugs. Inviting fans to their parties and hotels still. All the back slapping and back handers they do with certain companies

Ethan's getting sued by that guy that owns Triller or whatever who had partnerships with David lol. Ethan had no integrity. He was tagging random celebrities in tweets too like the man is desperate. Does he think he can take Dobrik fans now? At least the H3 fandom is known for being cringe cunts these days, they might even be more embarrassing than gender specials.

Ethan's such a pussy. He's just going to keep attacking Trisha. He's dredging up Keemstar getting arrested in his 20s he's such a little bitch lol.

Like Ethan hangs out with some absolute cunts like Bobby and Mac Demarco. He's had celebrities basically ditch him after a while, he has a shite personality. I can't believe he's so lazy that he is still doing the Families segment. Like Wtf is the H3 brand? Foot soldiers and geriatrics crying about butterflies?? Jesus wept

No. 1304459

Not trying to derail, but why is Mac demarco a cunt? I always liked his music and assumed from interviews that he's chill

No. 1304460

Allegations of sexual assaults with fans and he's always cheating on his girlfriend.

No. 1304480

Fuck Ethan and his fungus feet soldiers. This wasn't just a Trisha thing. A lot of women came forward and shared their sexual assault stories. Do their experiences suddenly become invalid because Trisha went to podcast of someone they hate? Are they really going to become rape apologists just to hurt Trisha? So much for claiming to be better than Keemstar.

No. 1304491

But anon how am I supposed to cope with mine and other anons’ tism?

No. 1304503

I watched the podcast and they were only saying they were doubting the small things trisha said. They clarified they were not doubting the sexual assault allegations from other people. Ethan is objectively right this time. Cant believe youre making me defend ethan, anon. Get a grip

No. 1304506

If not the allegations what was he doubting? That they're predatory? That Jason acts like a creep and had his children staying overnight in essentially a frat house? Listening to Todd and Scott fucking their flavours of the month? At least Jason had admitted recently he barely sees his kids. The mother has finally fucking stepped in instead of Jason projecting that Trisha was the only bad influence in his life.

Ethan is discrediting Trish and creating a new narrative for Dobrik. Evidenced by Dobrik fans now up voting and taking this as some type of victory over Trish. Ethan's probably thinking if he can platform for Dobrik Triller will end the lawsuit.

No. 1304513

Shes being discredited because shes literally being cautht in 4k ultra exaggerating and just straight up lying. Dobrik and jason are pieces of shit. But trisha is being caught lying so of course all the other things shes said are gonna come off less reliable too

No. 1304516

File: 1629468270856.jpeg (41.55 KB, 1080x1080, o6hif63dcii71.jpeg)

No. 1304517


oh god, can they both just fucking stop

No. 1304521

Why what are the things she's lied about regarding the vlog squad? Can anyone recap with Ethan said?

No. 1304542

If only Frenemies were still around to cover all this drama. As an old school fishy Trish has been so deflated and not entertaining since the breakup. I hope she finds another barely sane co-host to bounce off of.

No. 1304554

The skit in the beginning of Off The Rails #8 was so unfunny. It must be tiring to be Ethan Klein. Is he legitimately obsessed with Trisha? No man would be this petty and keep talking about a woman like this unless he had some
Underlying feelings. I’m over the talk of him saying this drama is ruining his family. I doubt it, they probably get along more due to the Trish drama. Trisha is a psychotic woman. What did he expect when he asked her to start Frenemies with her. Nobody is ruining Ethan’s life but him. Tired of this potato blob.

No. 1304559

What was the skit about?
Just curious, what is your opinion about Families?

No. 1304563

I don't understand how anyone enjoys Families.

No. 1304566

The skit began with Ethan getting a call that the channel is suspended. Everyone had to go outside for a week. Erhan’s minions we’re on the street because they have no jobs.

No. 1304569

Nice to see they did nothing productive with their time off, couldn't even think of a funny skit.

Does anyone if they can't recap what Ethan said about the vlog squad have the time stamp for it?

No. 1304571

Well, these anons >>1263135, >>1263075 said that Donna attaching a file to an email was the funniest thing they have ever seen.

No. 1304573

Probably AB and Dan.

No. 1304575

At least she's admitting she's one of those "really sad and desperate for attention ppl" lmao
Tbh, it's a surprise when Trisha doesn't contradict herself every time she opens her mouth. She doesn't seem to have any principles, really.

Definitely not Nikocado Avocado. Despite his behaviour, he's not autistic, and he's gay anyway, so Trisha couldn't "lead him on".

Keem never actually called Hila a horse; he just sent Ethan horse pics and Ethan took it in the worst way possible (because of course he did).
And Leafy was the one who implied Keem fucked her (as an obvious joke).

They're not actually banning porn; just the more extreme stuff like piss and scat material. A bunch of shitty news sites just decided to clickbait and throw people that didn't bother reading further into a frenzy.

No. 1304576