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File: 1629966185111.png (1.04 MB, 1280x738, FamilyFeud.png)

No. 1308812

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancelation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members.


Trisha Paytas

- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's fiancé.
- Kalli Metz: Trisha's sister.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate: H3H3 crew members.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.
- Gabbie Hanna: Trisha skinwalker.

>Trisha releases promo of her skincare line >>1253717
>Speculation that the cancelation of Frenemies is a marketing stunt to sell more merch >>1253897
>Trisha makes videos talking about Frenemies and Ethan >>1255313 (now deleted)
>Trisha goes on manic on Twitter >>1255859
>Speculation that Whitney Cummings might be the new Frenemies co-host >>1255898
>Kalli makes a Tiktok videos defending Trisha >>1257399 (now deleted)
>Ethan shows Kalli's Tiktok videos in his podcast and makes 5% memes out of it >>1257618
>Gabbie Hanna releases a documentary of her "friendship" with Trisha >>1258330
>Ethan confirms that Frenemies is not coming back >>1258732
>H3 bring Bella Poarch as guest in their podcast >>1258969
>H3 explains the reason that Frenemies broke up >>1259447, >>1259666
>Ethan keeps bringing up Trisha in the podcast >>1259838 and she makes response video >>1260187 (now deleted)
>Ethan ambushes Steven Crowder and avoids having a debate with him >>1261951
>Frenemies is rebranded as Families. Ethan brings his mom to be the co-host >>1262736, >>1263830
>Discussion about Hila's physical and emotional state >>1263444
>Gabbie Hanna continues to make Trisha videos >>1266626
>Trisha starts a video series called Enemies >>1267210 (now deleted)
>Trisha apologizes to Ethan >>1267737, >>1267918 (now deleted)
>Donna calls Trisha toxic and Gary fat shames Trisha on Families >>1267858
>Ethan addresses Trisha's apology and says that he doesn't accept it because she "ruined his life" >>1269454
>Gary is a gross coomer >>1269595, >>1281421
>Trisha and Ethan film one last Frenemies episode but Ethan decides not to air it >>1274249
>Frenemies merch drops and is sold out >>1274412
>Donna is pressured to discuss intimate details about her sex life by her son in Families >>1278381, >>1281075
>Ethan shows hentai to his parents in Families >>1282552
>Ethan starts streaming in Twitch >>1282538
>Ethan brings up Trisha in a random interview and takes jabs at her finances >>1283446
>Ethan shows Omegle to his mom >>1285843
>Hila is getting sued by Ryan Kavanaugh >>1288209
>Ethan makes a video about Trisha calling Keemstar out for dating a 20 year old girl >>1291835 and gets a strike on his channel >>1298436
>Trisha goes to Mom's Basement and Ethan tweets that he is sad >>1300826. Donna and Gary get involved too >>1300969
>Trisha explains why she is going to Keemstar's podcast >>1301009, >>1301835 and alludes to a vile message Donna sent Moses >>1300905
>Mom's Basement episode with Trisha airs >>1302585
>Moses defends Trisha >>1302640, >>1302645, >>1305877
>Trisha and Moses' cats speculation >>1302846
>Ethan says that he could have invited Gabbie Hanna to the show, but he didn't because he has loyalty towards Trisha >>1302924
>H3 week suspension ends and the first video they make is about Trisha >>1304080. He refuses to take responsibility about the harassment she is receiving and trashes her for going to Keemstar's podcast.
>Keemstar defends Trisha >>1304810
>Frenemies merch is restocked >>1304317
>Ethan's video on Trisha is making people question the Vlog Squad's sexual assault allegations >>1304457, >>1304576, >>1304583
>Ethan continues to use Trisha's name in the title of the podcast >>1304901
>Moses' former partners get doxed by Ethan's fans >>1305251, >>1306694
>r/h3h3productions gets increasingly more hostile with Trisha >>1306168, >>1305905, >>1306173
>Donna reveals the message she sent Moses >>1306292, >>1306728
>Trisha addresses the hate and harassment she has been receiving from H3 fans >>1306370. The H3 subreddit is proud >> 1306377
>Ethan blocks Trisha >>1306455
>Discussion about the Ryan Kavanaugh lawsuit >>1306654
>Discussion about Ethan and Hila's parenting >>1306633, >>1306749, >>1306824
>Discussion about what causes Hila stress >>1306821
>New video essay talking about H3's hypocrisy >>1307450
>Anon finds an old letter by an employee in a marketing firm that created sockpuppets for H3 and their plans to remove Gokanaru's video from YouTube >>1307486
>Ethan is celebrating that Keemstar and his girlfriend broke up >>1307905
>Ethan and Hila block Moses on Instagram >>1307921
>Families is cancelled >>1307965
>Possibility of tea channels like Adam McIntyre working with Ethan behind the scenes >>1308058
>Trisha releases a Dhar Mann parody >>1308466

1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691

No. 1308842

I saw in a YouTube comment someone saying Trish named the man who abused her as a child (who’s dead now) and people from her hometown said she’s lying or whatever, anyone know more about this?

No. 1308844

File: 1629974576270.png (145.34 KB, 736x603, misogyny.png)

Now that Ethan has blocked Trisha, H3 fans are sending DMs to Keemstar and posting them on the subreddit, discussing the new host for the Families replacement show and fighting with each other about random stuff.

Btw I found this interesting post. A woman calls out the incel energy and misogyny in the subreddit. I really hate the "not all men!!" deflection at the end.

No. 1308859

Ethan and everyone else still is misogynistic though

No. 1308889

they're morons who are good at twisting things, Trisha specifically talked about being abused by a teacher in MIDDLE SCHOOl and the teacher that they dug up is a high school teacher which has nothing to do with trisha's claims but they use it as some retarded gotcha.

tldr,. retards found some teacher from trishas high school who is dead and they are saying that she is a liar because that man has no criminal allegations against him even though Trisha talked about a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER not high school

No. 1308895

because what the new female h3 fans dont know is that ethan still has retained alot of his incel/edgelord fans from when he used to cater to them in the past. Also his takes are very surface level and he seems fake woke.

Also i wonder why he deleted all of his past tweets, i wonder what kind of shit he used to tweet for him to delete all of that.

No. 1308908

These are the kinds of rape-y shit takes ethan used to have so no wonder he has incels in his fandom.

No. 1308912

Trisha revealed the last name of the guy who raped her when she was in middle school and said that he was eventually arrested for child pornography. People looked him up and found a dead English teacher from Trisha's high school, who happened to have the same last name. So now H3 fans are saying that she is lying about her sexual abuse because this random English teacher didn't have any criminal charges. They are also accusing Trisha of desecrating his memory.

No. 1308921

where did trisha name him?

No. 1308922

File: 1629988654398.png (149.51 KB, 709x614, h3h3reddit.png)

The subreddit couldn't even admit that Ethan used to be misogynistic. I mean, he still is, but he used to be more blatant about it. The poor OP had to retract what she said about King Ethan and add "not all men".

Yikes, they were calling Trisha a cum hog.

No. 1308935

Nice OP image, i like that Keem carries Ethan's weight better than him.

No. 1308971

Joji’s “yikes” face kills me every fucking time

No. 1309026

Final episode of Families was boring. Ethan is really nothing without Trisha. What’s in store next for H3H3?

No. 1309075

I'm not even a fan of Trisha and think she's generally a terrible person, but I'll be damned if she's not entertaining. She's the human version of a trashy reality show that's fun to just turn your brain off and watch. She's the only reason I started keeping up with h3 again and without her Ethan is just a boring, whiny scrote on his own.

No. 1309076

hopefully irrelevance

No. 1309079

They are going to bring in a new co-host, possibly Def Noodles.

No. 1309082

File: 1630001773953.png (1.3 MB, 1345x664, hmmm.PNG)

until the past few weeks i was really hoping that ethan and trisha would rehabilitate their relationship offline and restart frenemies after trisha progresses with therapy.

they're stupid for both letting this business opportunity go and ruining their personal lives.

i don't think there's any other co-host that would attract such a diverse audience.

No. 1309086

Great, another whiney idiot man who has no business commenting on random influencers. He should get a tea channel or woman who actually has the social understanding.

No. 1309113

File: 1630003941157.png (1.59 MB, 5325x6442, sockpuppets.png)

Somebody reposted this letter >>1307486 in Trisha's subreddit and people are noticing that the trolls who have been whiteknighting for Ethan, harassing her Reddit fans and making unhinged posts to crosspost them in r/h3h3productions are mostly new accounts. Picrel are two 1-day-old accounts talking to each other about how Trisha put the whole internet against Gabbie Hanna and Ethan Klein lmao.

I am not saying that this proves without a shadow of a doubt that Ethan hired a marketing firm to handle sockpuppets like that letter said, but there's something strange going on.

No. 1309197

this frenemies thing was ethans last dying breath imo. like he was losing relevancy beforehand, i honestly hadn't heard about him for like 1-2 years until frenemies because his usual podcast was mediocre, boring and a waste of time (compared to the content he got famous off of). he really thinks he is joe rogan but without frenemies his relevancy would have faded further and further (as it was doing). his podcasts are objectively not good, esp. when he would have on guests to interview (he's not a good interviewer at all).

trisha revitalized his content, it was like watching jerry springer or love island uk. it was trash, fun and hilarious. ethan on his own is a boring cringelord, with her, their dynamic brought something new to the table (like watching a trainwreck is always interesting)

i think ethan is trying to pivot into the twitch universe, but he is so boring and lazy on his own that i don't believe he will do it successfully. successful streamers interact with their audience, he literally relies on dan and ian and his cast of fanboys to do EVERYTHING for him. it is boring as hell.

No. 1309203

i wonder if their reduced income will be enough to sustain the 2 new hires since trisha left. why do they even need so much crew?

No. 1309205

because ethan refuses to wipe his own ass

No. 1309218

oh, so another ethan asskisser kek

No. 1309273

exactly. trisha saved his channel and ethan is throwing a tantrum now that he can't milk her for views anymore. he doesn't care about his pregnant wife or his lawsuit or his dying channel, he just needs the world to know that trisha fucking paytas wounded his ego and his wallet kek. i'm starting to believe the tinfoil that he's in love with her. he's treating this whole thing like a bad breakup.

No. 1309284

I had high hopes for Whitney Cummings.

No. 1309291

why? ethan’s not worth basically taking a step backward in her career kek. she has actual stuff going on.

No. 1309325

i think ethan would put gabbie hanna in there. she's dramatic so ethan can make money off her, it would upset trisha, and she's another youtuber who pays attention to drama. she could do free research ethan doesn't want to do because she loves to dig through receipts, she could give ethan more dirt on other youtubers based on her past experiences with the vlog squad, escape the night, etc. there would be no risk of ethan catching feelings again since gabbie is annoying and resembles a homely parrot fish, and it would be double lucrative BECAUSE of the trisha blowup. he could easily find a way to justify it to his coomer audience because they have a hate boner for trisha. it would be a huge cash cow for h3, at least for a few episodes.

No. 1309598

File: 1630074409469.jpg (469.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210827-152516.jpg)

No. 1309628

Lmao Ethan platforming his parents was SUCH a mistake.

No. 1309698

File: 1630089120252.jpg (287.51 KB, 588x522, RDT_20210827_20163279422712558…)

Imagine this is what your old geriatric father is now known for.

No. 1309711

Apparently Gary and Donna were separated for a while because he cheated while she was pregnant with his first child.

No. 1309714

I feel like Ethan is too spineless for Gabbie. Sure, he can sit there and watch Gabbie make a fool of herself, but if she were to snap at him, I don't think he would handle her as well as he did Trisha.

No. 1309722

Gabbie is far worse than Trisha and I really hope he makes her a host it would be the perfect match. Also to the person who said Gabbie loves finding “receipts”, she doesn’t and has been called out for making them up or misrepresenting them. The directors of escape the night made mature response videos to her, it is so funny to me how Ethan’s sock puppet marketing team is actually attaching their name to gabbie’s. She’s currently still harassing a pregnant woman who was raped years ago and actually went through the court process and he pled guilty, and she somehow defended him and harassed and threatened the victim because she is fucking insane. You can’t compare that to Trisha, it doesn’t mean she’s good it just means Gabbie is a very shitty person who has done nothing but malicious things. Her takes on mental health are so backwards, and she tried to sell a story to tabloids about Tana sleeping with an older male creator at some convention that she didn’t. That’s not even a fraction of her shit it’s so unbelievable. She’s also very pointless and not funny, going from Trisha to her would only make her look better which I never thought I would see. Clown world.

No. 1309786

Any info or vid to link?

No. 1309879

In the new after dark, Ethan says Families need due to wanting to protect them from the internet and being hated. He put them in that position. His parents didn’t have to publicity talk about the Trisha drama. Maybe, it actually ended because he was getting all the $$

No. 1309945

I think he did realize they were going to get hated if they kept up with the show. Gary was already getting criticism for being a porn freak who doesn’t respect his wife and for scooping up a 16-year old at age 24, but since Donna sent that text to Moses and gleefully talked about how the fun the drama is the backlash is getting heavier outside his overprotective fan circle. Ethan’s a dumbass but probably smart enough to see what his parents are putting out isn’t flattering for him or them.

No. 1310085

People are putting two and two together. Ethan said in a very old podcast that his parents separated for a while because Gary cheated and that he would never be like his father. At some point, he specified it was 40 years ago (around the time Sean was born). When they brought in Donna for a podcast episode, she said that when she was pregnant, she had to go to the OB/GYN by herself and people were trying to set her up in blind dates.

No. 1310107

File: 1630124574877.webm (2.4 MB, 640x352, 240506640.webm)

But I thought that Donna loved drama and was having fun!

No. 1310130

What a scum sucking dog. Cheating on your pregnant wife is about as low as it gets, I don't know how I'd contend with that if I were his child. It probably wouldn't involve playfully letting the internet know about his porn addiction, for one. I feel bad for Donna in this situation but she seems like one of those women who will eat any amount of shit from the men in her life but hate other women for the smallest issues. Can't really respect that.

No. 1310149

File: 1630131643348.png (702.78 KB, 1824x682, ugh.png)

Oh, it gets even better; in the newest podcast, he exposes his dad for flirting with young girls in the Twitter comments.

No. 1310152

What a pathetic excuse of a marriage. I can't imagine having your partner publicly flirting with young women, I wonder how much Donna hates herself? I mean getting back with him after he cheated on her while she was pregnant really shows how much respect Donna has for herself. How sad.

No. 1310153

Yeah, I get the feeling that Donna had a lot of pent-up resentment against Trisha way before Hila's pregnancy. The first time that Trisha went to the H3 podcast, Ethan told her that Gary was following Trisha on Twitter and paying for her OnlyFans.

No. 1310157

so gross. I hate when nasty old men act like this to young women, as if they have any sexual interest in them whatsoever. Gary, you retard, she thinks you are adorable because you're such a sexless non-threat to her. Like a stupid, horny grandpa punchline. I'd be mortified if my Cryptkeeper ass husband was talking like this to young women, both for the betrayal and the display of delusion on his part. He's really the worst type of saggy old scrote, makes Ethan look like a great husband in comparison.

And Ethan's mom is obviously working her ass off to stay in shape, have nice hair, good skin, probably because she thinks she needs to work hard to keep him. Makes me feel ill.

No. 1310202

What did Ethan and Hila say? Were they defending Gary?

No. 1310241

File: 1630147413736.jpg (320.01 KB, 1080x1437, 20210828_054135.jpg)

i got legit startled checking trisha's twitter kek

No. 1310275

Oh no. I have nothing against him but he has this typical commentator YT personality/voice

No. 1310295

So Gary and Ethan both enjoy jacking it to Trisha's content,colour me surprised

No. 1310300

I guess the shape of water movie will be the next thing she obsesses over for a few weeks & spends thousands of dollars recreating her fantasy

No. 1310324

Wai gary was 24 when he got with 16 year old doona???
I thought he was 21(which is still bad)

No. 1310393

he was 21

No. 1310411

We don't know when they got together, but Donna said that they were having sex by the time she was 16 and he was 21.

No. 1310508

Kek, good for her. Get some fish dick, Trisha. Can't wait to see the even weirder drama this Era brings in.

No. 1310546

Ethans fans will grasp at anything. Ethan use to use slurs and say terrible jokes about women, of course they would dig and find anything to call her a liar. You know what’s funny, even in same towns some people share a last name that aren't related

No. 1310606

They said this was also one of the reasons why they wanted Families to end, because of how his dad acts, but it was played as a joke instead of what it was, a creepy-ass 60-year-old flirting openly with young women when he already has a whole ass wife.

No. 1310957

I would believe them if they just found out that Gary is a creepy pervert, but they have known for a long time and decided it was a good idea to give him a platform. What did Ethan thought it was going to happen?

No. 1310986

File: 1630218021661.png (548.23 KB, 4088x3333, highlights.png)

So much for being done with Trisha. H3 just uploaded a video to their highlights channel talking about the end of Families with Trisha in the thumbnail. It's such an underhanded way to blame her for the cancelation of the show.

Looking at this channel, I can see why Ethan can't help himself to bring up Trisha at any opportunity. Just her face can bring double the views than any of their other videos. Funnily enough, there are two videos talking about the end of Families and the one with Trisha has racked up double the views in just 9 hours. The James Charles video, which was uploaded almost at the same time, has only gotten 22k views.

No. 1311064

Sorry, I made a mistake. I meant to say that the new video with Trisha reached the same amount of views as the one about the end of Families in 9h and that, in general, anything with Trisha receives almost double the views.

No. 1312693

In the last podcast, Ethan was discussing Oli, the transkorean, and then said that Trisha should get a nose enlargement surgery since she is converting to Judaism…

There was also a segment (1:10:30) where a 23 year old fan, Liv, called in and asked for dating advice:
>Liv says that she meets a bunch of creeps online and rarely goes out on actual dates because she filters them out.
>Ethan says that if she is pretty, she should be "inundated by cock".
>Ethan and Liv talk for a while trying to figure out what is wrong with her.
>Liv asks if they can review her dating profile and plug her IG.
>Ethan and Dan call her desperate.
>Ethan asks her to send her IG privately to AB so that all the men can review it.
>Ethan implies that he wants to put Liv on her place because she rated herself a 9/10.
>AB says he already found Liv's IG account and explains how he did it.
>They start looking at her pictures and commenting on them.
>Olivia, a female H3 crew member, says that they are a bunch of men with power judging a woman and broadcasting it to a large group of people, which is problematic.
>Ethan says that he just wants to see her, not rate her. Besides, H3 respects women.
>Ethan confirms and shares Liv's IG account on the stream.
>Ethan doesn't give her dating advice, comments on her photos wearing Teddy Fresh.
>Olivia takes over and actually gives Liv dating advice.
>Liv thanks them and hangs up.
>After the podcast, H3 fans harass Liv, mocking her for calling herself a 9 and calling her a pick-me.
>H3 fans express their discomfort with Olivia and some want her fired.
But H3 respects women and the fans are not a bunch of incels.

No. 1312720

File: 1630434343724.jpg (391.03 KB, 1200x1651, 20210831_202533.jpg)

Speaking of the liv situation it looks like the h3 sub is finally reaching its peak in bullying considering some of the fanbase there are realizing how toxic that place is are and starting to tell the other users to not harass people.
Im also seeing some content creators also call out the h3 fanbase and subreddit for being toxic.

No. 1312750

How exactly is this guy better than Keemstar again? He just keeps digging that hole even lower. Rooting for a third strike and/or Triller pulling out the win

No. 1312757

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I fucking knew there had to be something else going on, what a fucking bitch. She’s not even in their family and had no right to take out the resentment of her disgusting pervert husband out on Trisha. I loathe when women do this, especially older women, and especially when it’s in-law shit but this is a step worse than that. So much internalized misogyny and enabling of that worthless man. Great choice to platform them while whining that “Trisha is ruining the family” that was way, way, way past ruined before she did some dumb podcast.

No. 1312760

She is a pick-me for stanning this ugly scrote and asking for his advice in the first place, and so are all the anons here who have ever called him cute unironically. Disgusting.

No. 1312784

giving scrotes internet access was society’s biggest mistake

No. 1312814

He isn’t. He’s just two faced and thinks he’s the “moral voice” of YT. I listened to the podcast Keem did with Trisha and I couldn’t believe I was actually agreeing what hr was saying: that Ethan gets away with so much shitty behaviour on the platform that other youtubers would get penalised for.

No. 1312858

Jesus Christ. H3H3's fanbase are bigger scumbags than I thought.

No. 1312915

Sam calls herself a they on Instagram

No. 1313077

This video is blocked. Anyone have a backup?

No. 1313088

Not to derail, but has anyone seen videos of this ugly moid, he is so fucking condescending and hideous.

No. 1313091

Leave that gay alone he actually knows about fashion

No. 1313106

I used to like his fashion history videos, but all he does now is peddle sponsored products and make lazy react videos.

No. 1313108

I had no idea about the sponsored products, is it like high fashion products or just random shit?

No. 1313122

Random shit. He is promoting CBD oil drops in >>1313088.

No. 1313246

The real reason she is getting hate is not because she is a pick-me, but because she is a woman who values herself, has dating standards and rejects gross creeps; which is the majority of the H3 fanbase. These guys want women to have no self-respect, so that they can get away with their physical, emotional or psychological abuse, like how Gary does with Donna.

I hope that Liv and other female fans open their eyes to the type of misogynistic shit that Ethan condones and stop stanning him.

No. 1313249

And on that note, H3 fans put Hila on a pedestal because she's a fucking walkover.

No. 1313253

Not only that but she’s an enabler and has no personality so any scrote can project their own perfect version of personality for a woman onto her.
With how incelly the fan base is I’m surprised they don’t rip into her looks. She’s not ugly but she isn’t a conventional beauty either or at least what the average incel wants in a woman

No. 1313255


No. 1313374

File: 1630522092165.jpeg (461.27 KB, 1170x1863, 84024024-F92C-4618-AC9B-257330…)

Imagine being obsessed with Keemstar. Millionaire Ethan needs to get a life.

No. 1313505

Hila is essentially a mean girl. When Ethan is acting like a drunk calling other women ugly, fat, and talking about their vaginas and how stretched out they must be Hila is right next to him laughing.

Lets be real, people give Hila a pass because shes not a conventional beauty + shes quiet and a little awkward. If she was an instagram model or more conventionally attractive people would cancel her for talking about other women like this.

Its hard to feel sorry for her. She loves being the cool girl involved in the boys club while they trash talk other women. And then she desperately tries to not seem insecure by supporting her husband when he jacks off to other women. Its pathethic really.

No. 1313576

Hila reminds me of Donna. They are both insecure because their men are creepy scrotes. She doesn’t contribute nothing to the podcast, but laugh like a mouth breather. She should just stick to being off screen with her overpriced autistic clothing brand.

No. 1313578

File: 1630540760153.jpg (187.97 KB, 1024x2048, QzCorri.jpg)

Moses's 23 year old ex girlfriend has been talking about dating him and posting old text messages.

Apparently he watched h3 obsessively and constantly posted on their subreddit and used the in jokes to get into her pants. Also he hated Ethan's parents, who were broke and living in Mexico to avoid paying taxes???

No. 1313580

Any info on the avoiding taxes?

No. 1313587


Nothing concrete, his ex just mentioned it in a voicenote in passing.

No. 1313590

File: 1630541687460.jpg (95 KB, 925x1641, IcVL3Ss.jpg)

Screenshots also include Moses and his ex making fun of Trisha

No. 1313592

File: 1630541973772.jpg (63.55 KB, 934x1641, tAj3DtR.jpg)


Most posts were just her talking about feeling icky for dating him and Moses liking negative attention.

Apparently she was a h3 fan and on their dates they would watch the h3 podcast together, get drunk and fuck, which is pretty lame.

No. 1313606

File: 1630543277990.jpg (104.62 KB, 946x1197, LBmEqWq.jpg)

Apparently Moses was caught on a date with this woman, also??

No. 1313681

How recent is this?

Also that ex is spilling all about Moses on her ig stories rn. @ is ms.mercury

No. 1313710

anyone knows more about past relationships Moses had?Also,did Trisha upload more content with him on OF?

No. 1313712

also, he cheated on her with Trisha.

No. 1313768

File: 1630567303554.jpeg (377.9 KB, 750x1012, CCB34180-E45B-4532-A310-312537…)

No. 1313770

File: 1630567377005.jpeg (321.34 KB, 750x830, E252B051-9B78-4928-B65B-34CB00…)

No. 1313773

File: 1630567575278.jpeg (416.26 KB, 750x860, 510F3FB8-3658-46B7-AE30-F7FC0A…)

No. 1313777

According to Tattle he has 2 ex wives, who are both extremely accomplished, educated artists, the speculation is that Moses used the first one to get a green card and the second one to get ahead/get connections in the art world

No. 1313778


His hair length would indicate it was a few months ago, whilst him and Trisha were dating.

In a recent video from Trisha, a guy working a Starbucks drive thru mentions having seen her with a big black wig on, too, and she has no idea what he's talking about.

Happens at 12:50.

No. 1313782

All of this about Moses is so scummy. I legit wonder if he's just using Trisha for drama clout or whatever, and knows she has desperately always wanted to get married so she will stay with him. I worry he's going to drop her one day

No. 1313788

File: 1630568708664.jpg (122.9 KB, 1080x2160, TOxRWRh.jpg)


I remember h3 saying Moses was motivated by spite. I think he's using her for her money and cheating on her.

Either Trisha will have to leave him (doubtful) or he'll get exposed for being a piece of shit and in return go crying to h3 about how abusive she was.

No. 1313791

This was discussed in the first episodes of Frenemies. Trisha texted Ethan that Moses had sex with a H3 fan that was too young for him. Ethan ignored her and then brought it up on the podcast for views. Ethan deflected by twisting Trisha's words and saying she was accusing Moses of fucking minors. Hila said that it was essentially Trisha's fault for invading Moses' privacy and finding out.

That woman is not an ex girlfriend. She is just someone who fucked Moses almost two years ago because she was a big H3 fan. It was before Moses was dating Trisha and she was just a guest in the H3 podcast. It's still pretty scummy and suspicious. I am interested in reading Moses reddit account tho. Does anyone have it?

No. 1313792

It's iamuman but has been mostly wiped, apparently. Someone commented on the frenemies subreddit saying he had posted old family photos of hila and their dad but those are all gone. Weirdly he left photos of his cats etc…

I feel like he secretly wants Trisha to get hate.

No. 1313793

Yeah he deleted a ton of comments. There were also a bunch of sketchy posts that really exposed his political views, saying that he thinks he pays too much tax in the state of California and that he believes education shouldn’t be free and it should be paid for.

No. 1313794

This was posted over a year ago in r/h3h3productions.

No. 1313796

File: 1630569992282.jpg (35.06 KB, 1080x511, JmsooTm.jpg)


Even from what is left on there it's so obvious that he wanted to get noticed. I feel bad for Trisha.

No. 1313797

To be fair, he also left a bunch of posts about plants, water, meditation and art too.

No. 1313802


Do you remember anything about the original post?

Someone on reddit reposted it in the comments and said it was from a few months ago but got deleted as soon as it appeared.

No. 1313807

Very ironic video that was posted in this comment thread >>1313796

>Hila and Ethan say that Moses gifted them a camera, which they used to record their H3H3 videos.

>Ethan says that Moses was the only person who saw potential in them and encouraged them to continue.

No. 1313817


Hila might be the only one he actually likes now. Must suck seeing someone you love dating a guy like Ethan.

No. 1313856

I am not sure about the green card, but Moses was receiving awards and doing art exhibits/performances when he was still married to his first wife (who is a psychologist, not an artist).

No. 1313872

She is 25, not that it makes it any better.
Moses is the worst type of chubby chaser.
Most chubby chasers worship their women and would never insult their body but Moses is the type of insecure chubby chaser who would call women fat insultingly when he is angry despite having a preference for fat women.

No. 1313873

He first got married in 2009 and he was living in the US way before that so he already got his green card before getting married.

No. 1313884

File: 1630586030545.jpeg (83.35 KB, 1125x1125, DVK_GPAVAAE7ALH.jpeg)

I don't think Moses is a chubby chaser. His ex wives are not fat. Picrel is a selfie of this woman >>1313773. She doesn't look fat either. He is also helping Trisha lose weight.

No. 1313892

His ex-wife wasn't but the women he has dated for now are on the chubbier side and didnt ethan himself say that Moses likes "huge" women.
huh where is that from i went through her account and i only found pictures of her face, seems like she is hiding her body. And if this pic >>1313606 is her then she is deff on the heavier side.

No. 1313963

File: 1630594183686.png (142.35 KB, 348x392, daphney.png)

You can kinda see her body in her younow too: https://www.younow.com/PostPartnerDepression. She also uploaded a video that she sent to Moses. She was blonde back then. Her face doesn't match either, I don't think she is the woman from >>1313606.

No. 1314021

File: 1630599873510.jpg (86.14 KB, 852x521, 20210902_182239.jpg)

Apparently this is one of his friends who is invited to his wedding

No. 1314104

Ntayrt but that one time, Trisha got mad at Moses for sliding into another girls DMs and she referred to her as “that fat bitch from Chicago” lol. If Trisha is calling someone else fat, the girls he likes must be massive

No. 1314128

Yes, it was deleted but the person who took the photo thought it was funny to see a fat woman standing next to Moses and uploaded it to make it into a meme template.

No. 1314158

Jesus, Ethan. Get off your phone and go take care of your child.

No. 1314277

Didn’t it take Moses a while to appear in Trisha’s content? I have no idea sorry. Really fucking disgusting he dated someone so much younger and acted this toxic and immature, but that’s why men like that do it. Don’t understand how he’s talking all this shit on Trisha’s fat body to a young woman and then goes out with a far larger and less shapely woman (no offense to her), who doesn’t know how hateful he is. That’s nasty he used a fandom to lure in women so much younger, and not in any way act his age and contribute to her life. Good for her for standing up for herself and not letting him gaslight her, love to see it.

Trisha also may be fat but she doesn’t have a bad body at all for men that like thick women. It’s a bummer she keeps ending up with men that make her feel like shit about it but maybe they do that to mindfuck her into staying.

No. 1314503

Moses is gross for sleeping with her, but I would take what Daphney says with a grain of salt. She has changed her story a couple of times and claimed that Moses is racist because he asked if she wanted to have tacos for lunch.

She is also a long time H3 fan and has tried to reach out to H3 many times in the past. Her IG Q&A ended with her saying that she is open to podcast invitations and wants to get in touch with Ethan and Hila.

No. 1314519

File: 1630647576016.png (103.05 KB, 747x528, photo.png)

No. 1314664

File: 1630673512923.jpg (839.19 KB, 1242x2208, RDT_20210903_14332778343096524…)

I'm seeing people (who are not in the h3h3 echo chamber) call out the inconsistencies in this womans story, also seems thirsty for clout attention.

No. 1314665

File: 1630673624479.jpg (1.16 MB, 1242x2384, RDT_20210903_14534665714783654…)

"I want to speak to ethan and hila"

No. 1314669

Also she is NOT even the woman who leaked the bruise pics or important stuff, she is his hookup who shared some cringy sexual texts to a "tea" a channel and is now looking for clout and trying to piggyback off the things the catfish shared.

No. 1314673

Fucking gross.

No. 1314676

File: 1630674163694.jpg (14.56 KB, 480x360, PIzbuJMRJ7zD6Om7rWU6vE4V-zyoYq…)

This is the ACTUAL catfish (pic related) who shared leaked messages of moses venting to her and sharing personal info.

The catfish is called Melissa, she has since made a apology video which she privated, apologizing for leaking those messages and then told that gossip account to delete those messages she sent them.

No. 1314678

Found the video, someone saved it before she privated

No. 1314692

Kek… i’m just thinking about the fact that he uses mainstream talking points now and just pretends hes some accepting politically correct person

No. 1314713

Yeah, this chick just seems salty that her connection to Ethan/Hila lost interest in her. Reeks of bitterness, which I get if he cheated or whatever, but it doesn’t seem like she’s some innocent normie person that got blindsided by some scrote, she’s sitting and talking shit about Trish to him all weird - just comes off really pick-me. Plus, the irony of her saying Moses is with Trish for her money, when she was most likely with him because thirsty for h3 clout.

No. 1314800

Just back to correct myself after watching this again, since last time i watched this was months ago.

She doesnt really apologize in the video but the "spilling tea" account did delete the leaked dms after that. There is alot of speculation that she is the "spilling tea" account that posts about trisha which is creepy.
The account also used to delete comments asking them if they are melissa.

No. 1314802

File: 1630686673983.jpg (289.56 KB, 1200x1362, 20210903_183039.jpg)

That account also used to harass people who mentioned the stalker.
Yeah its her lol

No. 1314804

Didn't Keemstar litrally stalk Britbongreturns and falsely smear him with the help of his goons in an attempt at damaging h3h3 rep, pretty pathetic considering it was all proven completely false and not one person seemed to talk about it after they doxed an innocent person and filed police reports on the dude.

No. 1314810

Ok scrote why dont you go back to reddit and share that in the h3 sub instead on how some pedo is inoocent.

No. 1314910

Ethan ruined h3h3's reputation himself when he decided to platform a known doxer/swatter who sent child pornography to other youtubers.

No. 1314911

The irony that she is crying about Mose's fatshaming but then wants to talk to Ethan and Hila. How those two got the whole internet kissing their ass after humiliating every woman they come in contact with is beyond me.

No. 1314919

Ewwww she must remind Ethan of his mum, gross. Also lol at autistic clothing brand. Hila is such a pick me, I can't believe up until now no other girls have been allowed to work on H3 and the only one who's there is taken. Such a boys club.

No. 1314922

H3h3 really collecting bottom of the barrel fans.
Even the incels at kiwif@rms don't like britbong and have a thread on him.
Imagine being lower than that.

No. 1314928

Yesterday this girl was saying that she was glad that Moses got beaten and hoped that everyone continued to send them hate. Today she is backtracking and saying that she holds no ill will towards Trisha or Moses.

No. 1314934

File: 1630694885529.png (335.87 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210902-153741.png)

Trisha didn't even know she existed until maybe now.
She had all her fun talking shit about Trisha with Moses and is now chasing clout.

She must be bitter that Trisha acknowledged that Melissa stalker but not her, so this does look like a one-sided attack on T.

No. 1314985

This is so fucking gross of her, and saying that she was glad he got bruised is fucked up. This comment is gross as shit too. Also if you’re going to be a shithead and “expose” people over nothing, use their real names and not that letter shit. I know it’s to avoid a lawsuit, but they would have to prove she’s lying and if she’s not why would she worry? She made a joke out of actual physical abuse and what was her point, he’s sending her pictures of Trisha where he didn’t actually insult her, just the aesthetic which no one is really into. They didn’t seem to have a serious relationship, so wouldn’t she be glad he moved on when he treated her badly? If he was talking to her and the catfish while supposedly cheating with Trisha I doubt he was in an actual relationship, and why wouldn’t she be mad about the catfish too?

Why bother outing any of this, he’s not dangerous or threatening her, past or present. She’s going after Trisha just as much and she didn’t do shit. I think him being abusive by insulting her weight when he felt insecure is vile and he’s 46 or whatever, but she could have summed that up really quick and made a better point without being just as verbally abusive back. I can’t believe multiple people married this man lmao they all really do belong on a podcast this is too much

No. 1315298

File: 1630729165513.png (49.23 KB, 625x267, boyfriend.png)

A tweet dated after Daphney and Moses' "relationship". She says she has never had a boyfriend.

No. 1315300

File: 1630729330841.png (39.98 KB, 621x203, trishastan.png)

She was a Trisha fan before all of this.

No. 1315357

File: 1630736001769.jpg (114.31 KB, 960x1707, 1630732773057.jpg)

She doesn't want to go to podcasts anymore.

No. 1315517

I am not sure if Daphney is lurking here, but her livestreams (https://archive.ph/L4dZI) >>1313963 have been deleted and her Twitter is private now.

No. 1315538

Oh yeah she deff lurking.
The irony in trying to expose someone for clout and now having to go private on your socials because people are exposing you as a fraud.
Circle of life bitch.

Did anyone save all her tweets before she went private because she is probably deleteing the ones that make her look bad.

No. 1315633

File: 1630767337311.png (70.33 KB, 621x650, ug7unqfg82l71.png)

It's not much, but some of her tweets are saved in the Wayback Machine and archive.today. She has mostly tweeted about Drag Race in the last month. Found pic related in Reddit.

She had two YouNow livestreams this week, which is odd because she said that she can't make a video explaining the Moses situation because she is too busy with work and school.
https://web.archive.org/web/20210831022001/https://twitter.com/2008baldbritney/status/1432528367488745473, https://web.archive.org/web/20210901044303/https://twitter.com/2008baldbritney/status/1432892223595687942

She tried to get noticed by Ethan and Hila for years:
https://archive.md/CGe9E, https://archive.md/O0v50, https://archive.md/3aznJ, https://archive.md/Pjfam, https://archive.md/05fml, https://archive.md/lvgIe, https://archive.md/QYMe0, https://archive.md/q2ILi, https://archive.md/VTmd7, https://archive.md/SsD7G, https://archive.md/6jYk3, https://archive.md/P4A1W, https://archive.md/GnURl, https://archive.md/LbqX4

No. 1315699

File: 1630773534867.jpg (89.09 KB, 960x1707, 1630768109218.jpg)

Daphney is accusing Moses of stealthing.

No. 1315731

why do you keep cropping out the username though

No. 1315751

I don't know about >>1313770 and >>1313773, but I don't have Instagram and I use a website to download stories.

No. 1315770

Scrotes shouldn’t get any benefit of the doubt but I don’t believe a single word this attention whore says, especially after the track record outlined by >>1315633

Thankfully Hila at least seems to be a lot more private about her family, so the chances of her getting that podcast attention she so craves are none. Though it would be funny to see her go on and get destroyed by the H3 incel fans the way that Liv girl above did.

No. 1316176

File: 1630828881983.png (232.54 KB, 254x501, wjke2a.png)

It seems very abrupt, especially because yesterday she was saying how she doesn't hate Moses and believes that he is a person who is hurting and needs healing. I am confused why she kept the stealthing thing until now. It comes across almost like an afterthought. She was talking about inconsequential stuff like riding his nose, fatshaming and making fun of Trisha. If she is concerned about other women's health as she is claiming now, why not bring up the stealthing sooner? She was speaking to tea channels a year ago, so it wasn't like she just found the courage to speak now.

I feel very conflicted because it's a very serious accusation, but she flip flops a lot and seems like an unreliable witness.

No. 1316289

File: 1630844301191.jpg (103.74 KB, 1080x1892, 6Lv2LlW.jpg)


I took screenshots of all of her stories on the first day and she mentioned stealthing originally, I think it just got overlooked

No. 1316299

Can you please post everything she said about this?

No. 1316364

this doesn't sound legit, Trisha always says Moses takes forever to finish.

No. 1316478

File: 1630865760169.png (115.66 KB, 739x591, 1630722015839.png)

Another woman has come forward to confirm Daphney's story about Moses:


No. 1316481

File: 1630866139633.png (73.14 KB, 734x425, 1630722637690.png)

An H3 fan talks about Moses contacting them after seeing her comment in Hila's photos.

No. 1316483

File: 1630866212615.png (51.45 KB, 723x344, 1630723102613.png)

No. 1316485

File: 1630866308817.png (67.57 KB, 686x416, 1630724372811.png)

No. 1316512

Trisha is so insecure she has let ex boyfriends have sex with other women whilst together. She isn't happy about it, but if she can marry a somewhat palatable man, she will. The attention, the drama, your validation plus rubbing it in her sister's face would all be reason enough to keep Moses around. He has also a much more reliable long term career than Trisha and if he ever leaves her, she will have content for years.

No. 1316525

Is this a situation in which Moses lead on women or just had hook ups with them? Like they're all so vague and not really saying anything. Can't Moses dare? I'm just more surprised at his lack of standards, guess he really is old. Why do all of his dates email the hosts of H3 about it though lmao, they all sound like fan girls

No. 1316529

>he contacted me on hinge when I made a hinge account

Well like, isn't that the point of online dating? I really don't understand the smear campaign happening again and why ethan and Hila needs to be involved. Oh no moses told a girl he considered fucking he doesn't like Hila's art. Like have you saw Teddy fresh merch, it's hardly remarkable. A lot of it looks like a child designed it.

No. 1316596

File: 1630876812954.jpeg (578.41 KB, 739x1076, 6624161C-4CDF-4306-BF4D-4A5DEC…)

Still trying to get pregnant

No. 1316643

Too bad she can’t. Hang it up already Trisha.

No. 1316645

has trish ever done ivf treatments? or has she just been trying without any help?

No. 1316651

File: 1630880605481.jpg (33.17 KB, 1080x352, BZMvEJl.jpg)


That was all she mentioned that day.

His new ex who appeared also mentioned he stealthed, her, too though. What an asshole, I hope none of the h3 fans (including Trisha) he was fucking had any STDs.

No. 1316662

this is so heavily filtered and shopped idk how you can say that? Look how janky and wavy her right hip is.

No. 1316676

File: 1630882610366.jpg (95.62 KB, 1080x1442, HcI8cvY.jpg)


Moses's face is terrifying here. I wonder what he's thinking.

He raped his way around his disgusting brother in law's fanbase for years and now he'll be stuck with a shitty mansion and shitty credit whilst co parenting for the next 18 years with a BPD internet addict.

No. 1316697

Honestly they all deserve eachother. It really is the perfect family. They are all jealous of eachother and other people in general. You can tell Ethan is jealous even of his own employers when they were telling their threesome stories.

And of course Moses doesnt like Ethan. I always felt like him dating Trisha was a subtle jab at Hila because Trisha is more or less a female version of Ethan. I dont understand why H3's incel fans get mad that Moses doesnt defend Hila, when her own husband never defends her and always humiliates her.

I cant wait until Ethan goes on and on and on about how wrong and unethical Moses is for talking to fans, when we all know how pornsick and sex obsessed he is. Sooner or later Ethan will walk out on Hila.

No. 1316702

>He raped his way around his disgusting brother in law's fanbase for years
Wait what

No. 1316706

So H3 is now only Ethan's and Hila has nothing to do with it? And Moses is a rapist?? He met women on dating apps or allegedly slid into DMs on IG but like, you can block him if you don't want to entertain him? The outrage seems to be mostly that he talked shit about poor uwu Ethan to women he was sexually interested in after he found out they knew about H3 or they were H3 fans. If he was really stealthing people that's fucked up, but I hardly think he was a predator. A lot of these women coming forward do seem like absolute attention seekers. Some are coming forward and all they did was have a few text convos and now they want attention from H3. Idk maybe I don't feel much empathy from these women cause they're the type to call ethan cute or something. H3 fandom is so fucking weird.

No. 1316711

The lady Daphne that can't keep her story straight said Moses took the condom off while having sex with her and then >>1316478 woman came forward on the H3 sub to say Daphne is telling the truth because Moses said the same things to her but she doesn't mention anything about him removing a condom. And this same woman who is trying to corroborate Daphne story said how she tried to reach out to Ethan to tell him that Moses said some rude things about him. Sounds like a load of shite tbh

No. 1316715

File: 1630884877713.jpg (50.69 KB, 1080x378, qSbAyp1.jpg)


Actually, the second girl did say he stealthed her.

No. 1316716

All that was said >>1316651 is "confirmed stealthing" but did she actually say he did it to her or was she speaking on behalf of the woman she's trying to corroborate on? Like in her OP (>>1316478) would you not mention him stealthing you as more concerning than him not sticking up for Ethan and Hila in private? Like if I had been "raped" I'm not going to write an essay about how some guy I had a fling with talked shit about his sister and brother in law but I'd be like, yeah that weird fucking dude that thinks he's water fucking raped me! None of it makes any fucking sense

No. 1316721

File: 1630885955908.jpg (143.06 KB, 1080x933, r4nzUgH.jpg)


People are already doubting she ever met him, she has no proof he stealthed her except her word and h3 fans are all incels. I probably wouldn't focus too much on it either.

at the same time, she probably has texts or insider information that she could show/tell Ethan.

No. 1316728

File: 1630886740212.jpg (381.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210906-004220.jpg)

To clarify for anyone else confused.

>>1315699 Daphney is the one that first mentioned stealthing. She's also a Trisha fan and seems unhinged. Her photo is visible here >>1315633

>>1314676 Melissa is the catfish and also suspected to be a tea drama YouTube channel. She never met Moses.

This is Catnipz the one with the reddit post >>1316478 who is more concerned with corrobating Daphney story and now also Melissa's aka "catfish".

No. 1316732


Trisha mentions him going for fans and fucking without a condom on the 1st episode of frenemies and also on the dish with Trish reading texts episode.

No. 1316743

What I don't understand if he is stealthing these women why are they continuing to date him? The Catnipz user is saying she dated him for a while back in 2019 but wasn't even aware he was previously married or going through a divorce at that time.

No. 1316756


Based on the fact that they're all having sex with an uncharismatic middle aged man who thinks he's water, I'm going to guess self esteem issues.

No. 1316761

File: 1630889464301.jpg (134.78 KB, 1080x1330, yE3gwNH.jpg)

Saw on instagram that reddit users are now speculating that Moses was the puppet master behind all the drama, by telling lies to stir the pot.

No. 1316788

ngl i find this all hard to believe… i feel like this would have been a big story before all this drama has already happened. i dont care about moses but some complaints arent even sexual like oheverglow is just saying hes pathetic and mean and thats not remotely sexual in nature especially since they were just talking and he could be blocked at any time.

No. 1316811

how fucking bored are these people to even come up with these conspiracies? they're worse than farmers kek.

No. 1316843

I don't understand why are people caping so hard for Ethan and Hila in this situation. If Daphney and Catnipz e-mailed them, they were aware of the situation and chose allow Moses to keep getting away with it. To be honest, all the men in the Klein/Hacmon family seem like pieces of shit.

No. 1316845

File: 1630900951844.png (74.99 KB, 568x360, catnipzdog.png)

Moses doesn't like dogs.

No. 1316855

this person sounds legitimately unhinged or like satirical even

No. 1316857

File: 1630902453768.png (16.07 MB, 1242x2688, EAA9C192-22D2-46C5-9EE6-85E34A…)

No. 1316859

All their fans come off as unhinged. Its either male incels / unfunny comedians or dumpy girls looking for approval and crumbs of attention.

No. 1316875

Anon said they saved all of Daphney's stories from the first day. Can someone upload the ones regarding stealthing? Or was >>1316289 the only mention?

No. 1316885

File: 1630907896490.png (138.6 KB, 721x618, timeline.png)

I think this is the timeline:
>Catnipz start dating Moses in 2019.
>Catnipz and Moses break up before Valentine's Day 2020.
>Moses and Daphney hook-up on Valentine's Day.
>Moses talks with a catfish.
>Moses starts dating Trisha.
>Moses lies and tells everyone he is only dating Trisha as a joke.
>Trisha finds out that Moses has been DMing other girls.
>Trisha confronts Moses.
>She tries to take his phone to read the messages.
>They wrestle on the floor, which causes Moses' bruise on his arm.
>Moses has sex with Trisha in the middle of the fight to stop her from looking into his phone (https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies/comments/pi2hvy/the_real_story_behind_the_bruise/).
>Moses sends the photo of his bruised arm to Daphney, Catnipz and the catfish.
>The catfish and Daphney leak the photo of Moses' bruised arm.
>Moses eventually cuts contact with these women.

Someone correct me if I got this wrong.

No. 1316931

File: 1630913931222.png (205.36 KB, 478x550, catnipz.png)

I am not sure if this is Catnipz or another woman commenting on a tea channel.

No. 1316933


Agree. I would like to know when the girls emailed them because it looks like they protected Moses and kept including him on the show, giving him more and more air time, at the same time they were going on about how disgusting it was that David Dobrik knew about accusations against his friend dom and did nothing. Makes it even more clear that rape is only something they care about when people they don't like do it.


That was the only mention. She was answering questions and nobody asked about it.

No. 1316974

Anons were saying that Daphney is the black haired 350+ pound woman photographed with Moses. She is not be model thin, but chubby chasers usually go for women who are way fatter than her or Catnipz.

No. 1316977

File: 1630921669312.jpg (120.9 KB, 1080x1019, FGcXLlq.jpg)


I thought the dark haired woman was Moses's "best friend"?

No. 1316980

Yea that anon has it wrong but it is confusing either way.

No. 1316982

File: 1630923222184.jpg (60.88 KB, 640x642, NlJ2TRD.jpg)

Moses seems so vapid but he's surrounded by drama and women

No. 1316983

Trisha also brought it to Ethan's attention and told him that Moses was using the H3 fanbase to sleep with younger women. Ethan and Hila were well aware of the situation.

No. 1317012

tl;dw: The family of a third ex-girlfriend of Moses has emerged and is asking for money. Trisha Paytas allegedly stalked and bullied her to the point of a suicide attempt. The organizer sent all the receipts to this tea channel and says that they spoke with a lawyer who told her to avoid using identifiable information in the gofundme.

Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-bullied-woman-get-in-treatment-centerread
Organizer: https://twitter.com/meghanspeaks21 Curiously, she is a huge David Dobrik fan.

No. 1317013

File: 1630928313481.png (133.77 KB, 601x629, meghan.png)

No. 1317039

This is obvious bullshit (the picture) That subreddit will say anything just to be agaisnt trisha even when they are in the wrong and even stoop so low at defending a weirdo.

That woman >>1314676 was a ACTUAL stalker who had a twitter deticated to trisha with thousands of tweets towards her and even stalked her in real life and would talk about bumping into trisha.

Cant believe they would defend someone like that, i get they hate trisha but defending a stalker???

No. 1317042

Trisha is such a mess, I watched a lazy video but they made some good points how she really can't seem to handle being happy

No. 1317060

Based af. People who let their smelly mutts sleep on their beds are fucking disgusting

No. 1317065

anon you can bathe dogs. calm down you lonely sperg.

No. 1317066

He doesn't let Trisha sleep in his bed?

No. 1317071

File: 1630937051735.png (99.48 KB, 739x520, contacth3.png)

Ethan and the crew obviously know what is going on since the mods have interacted in the thread by removing comments.

No. 1317074

File: 1630937198496.png (89.67 KB, 700x534, contacth3.png)

No. 1317105

Why does it seem they're trying to put the same arguments that were used against the blog squad for orchestrating rape on to Moses? First of all, Moses didn't contact college girls and didn't provide them alcohol to loosen them up? He spoke to them via dating apps or Insta DMs in which you can easily block him. The histrionics are comical actually. Catnipz seems to be almost boasting that she's the girl Moses claimed to date and the others were just fuck jobs. She had him over to her place and seemed to actually be dating him proper and then he ended it and fucked Daphney on Valentine's Day instead of her. Interesting that since Moses is getting backlash from H3 fans for sticking up for his fiancee on social media all of a sudden he's getting rape accusations. Hope Moses contacted a lawyer because this shite is messy and makes it harder for actual rape survivors to get justice.

No. 1317118

File: 1630942656546.png (125.22 KB, 736x595, sexdemons.png)

Moses broke up with Catnipz because she was too pure and he couldn't deal with his sexual desire for her.

No. 1317121

who hasn't been dumped for being too pure lmao, these bitches be cray

No. 1317288

I think she's saying that's what Moses told her, which is a really strange fuckin thing to say lol

No. 1317291

She's worded it really weird is she trying to also call him a pedophile?

No. 1317297

why is this 30 year old woman typing like a 12 year old in a fortnite lobby

No. 1317310

Do you think she's obsessed with being doxxed because it was a way that Onision got deplatformed off of patroen like are H3 fans now wanting to try and deplatformed Trish and Moses by triggering them into doxxing these ladies?

No. 1317642

Is there any proof that she was an actual stalker?

No. 1317687

100% just another gofundme scam

No. 1317734

File: 1631017897145.png (284.52 KB, 815x597, C843B2F8-5F04-418D-B062-A6B0C2…)

If Catnipz is so scared of being doxxed, why is she posting comments in tea channels' videos with an account that has her photo?

No. 1317739

Because that's her mental age lol
God, everyone in this situation are such clout-chasing degenerates.

No. 1317757

Wait is there somethin posted on that account and can you do a close up of the pf?

No. 1317763

It's linking her channel considered doxxing? Is it wrong?

No. 1317765

Her channel is public so…no

No. 1317811


Is this definitely Catnip or could it be another girl?

I'm confused because I don't want to believe Moses had so many girls on the side… he's such a loser.

No. 1317816

File: 1631024532676.png (4.99 MB, 1334x750, 3FD4DF72-BE0C-425A-A614-4B21B3…)

Literal face ethan makes right after she called Hila “the goddess walking among us”

No. 1317819

It's Catnipz.

No. 1317857

Ok but ethan is genuinely the ugliest person with a thread here , i know we love to shit on other lolcows but ethan looks like he is made in a labaratory and like he is permanently pregnant.

No. 1317912


Kek(sage your shit)

No. 1317940

And he thought Trisha was serious when she said hes a 10/10. Lmao. I swear the whole relationship was her trolling him and him not realizing.

No. 1317947

Classic Trisha

No. 1318037

>uhuu i dont want to get doxxed
>h3h3 reddit is full of doxx about trisha, moses and his ex wife

No. 1318039

File: 1631040410098.jpeg (444.42 KB, 1918x2560, 8F0C31A6-4A64-4A60-A9C2-D9E994…)

Can’t wait for Trisha and Moses wedding, knowing Trisha it’s going to be so tacky, pink and everything will be rhinestoned.

Bet her wedding dress will look similar to her big brother dress.

No. 1318044

File: 1631040851035.png (3.99 MB, 1748x1922, Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 2.54…)

well this is what she wore to marry cardboard brad pitt so

No. 1318073

Can’t believe I forgot about that

No. 1318088

File: 1631042612021.jpeg (28.46 KB, 320x180, 9F987BEB-CDC4-477F-BD43-C407E1…)

Apparently that dress cost 50k kek

No. 1318111

Is that her mom she has acting in her new Dhar Mann vid

No. 1318117

she must have been trolling kek

No. 1318291

I think she's worse than even that tbh. When the Louis CK stuff broke her first reaction was to say on their podcast "I hope Louis has a good group of friends around him right now, he really needs support." She had no pity for his victims at all. It isn't like she disagrees with Ethan but doesn't say anything, its that she actually agrees with Ethan too. I can't stand how the h3 stans hold Hila up as a feminist icon when she couldn't be farther from it. She tolerated a low value scrote who happened to get rich and that's how she was able to start a company. Idk about the stuff with Ethan simping for ethots (to me the Belle Delphine stuff was entirely for clicks, I didn't get the impression he actually wanted to fuck her) but Hila is a complete doormat

No. 1318759

File: 1631102042418.jpg (180.25 KB, 1125x1991, pwnqfswsdsl71.jpg)

Maybe you were right and they are bringing in Whitney after all.

No. 1318795

Why's it look like a Cath Kidson rip off

No. 1318811

Hila def is a doormat. She likes it though. When her fans defended her after Ethan was embarassing her
by simping after Belle Delphine, H3 felt the need to post a video of Hila lecturing their fans about how much of a nice girl she is and how secure she is in their relationship and shes not jealous at all. She pretends she supports women by not caring that her husband is a porn addict, but she never misses a chance to laugh when Ethan is making fun of women that are more attractive than her.

Its so pathethic. Ethan only "respects" women that he sees as fuckable or doormats that never disagree with him. Thats why he doesnt trash Hila, because she never disagrees.

Honestly i think they know their fans think their relationship is perfect and they use it to make money. As soon as they are not popular online anymore and Ethan doesnt have to play good husband he will definetely open his dms and screw some fans. His faithful act doesnt fool me at all and didnt fool Trisha either, she instantly clocked that he has some insecurities from adolescence and feels like he is missing out by not fucking people now thats hes famous. She always read him like a book and he never noticed it because he thought he was so much smarter than her.

Hila will reap what she sows with this man.

No. 1318828

> Ethan only "respects" women that he sees as fuckable or doormats that never disagree with him. Thats why he doesnt trash Hila, because she never disagrees.

This. I remember how the whole Belle Delphine simping started, I used to watch the show back then almost every week (lol). Ethan saw that Belle was only following h3 and like one other person, IIRC. I think Belle had tweeted at him too. I’m sure Ethan would’ve called her gross/made fun of her if she hadn’t happened to be following him back then

No. 1318978

people on the h3 subreddit said that was just a promo package they sent her for her birthday. ironically even most of those retards think whitney is too annoying to be the new co-host.

No. 1319015

People talk a lot of shit (rightfully) on Trisha but everything she's called out in people has always turned out to be correct. She even called out Moses for his creepy shit right at the beginning, she just hates herself enough to stay through it. But she knows who Moses really is and she knows who Ethan is. I still don't know if Ethan would fuck around with fans tbh. I think before they had their baby, for sure. But now especially seeing how his father is and seeing how fucked Trisha is he places a lot of value on having a stable family life. He also mentioned his dick basically no longer works from depression meds which I'm sure is a big factor too. Maybe if he stopped taking those he'd be back to talking about jerking to porn 3 times a day every day

No. 1319171

catnipz sounds like a deranged stalker what with her obsession to meet h3
i love the weird position that's putting them in

No. 1319340

File: 1631150652627.jpg (112.54 KB, 1200x1657, cloutchaser.jpg)

Now this pathetic cloutchaser is acusing Moses of rape in her stories

No. 1319418

Of course Ethan and Hila won’t talk about this. Apparently they knew that Moses was hooking up with fans and using h3 clout to get pussy

No. 1319478

How do you know they knew?

No. 1319483

File: 1631169010801.jpeg (78.15 KB, 640x884, zh9m5x0zpam71.jpeg)

In the last H3 stream, they were watching a video of a female Twitch streamer and Zach plays a soundbite of the Rock yelling "SHUT UP, BITCH". They all think it's hilarious. Then Ethan decides to play a deleted Off the Rails clip of Trisha's apologizing to him and Zach playing that same soundbite. They all laugh like a bunch of hyenas and say that Trisha is probably going to make fifty response videos. Now Ethan has uploaded the clip to Tiktok and is following/unfollowing Trisha multiple times a day. He is acting like a jealous ex.

No. 1319489

The girls sent emails to h3 before frenemies was a thing detailing what was happening

No. 1319491

Tinfoil hat - but I think he might actually have started to have some feelings for her not necessarily romantic but something adjacent to that. He’s taking this like an actual breakup especially with the following / unfollowing

No. 1319493

Trisha also told Ethan and sent him screenshots. It was discussed in a Frenemies episode.

No. 1319494

No. 1319542

File: 1631176707522.png (70.8 KB, 384x600, noticemesenpai.png)

So she wants Trisha to address this situation; but Moses, Ethan and Hila can stay silent? Weird.

No. 1319610

File: 1631185631133.jpeg (31.13 KB, 612x153, 13489972-EF9F-45A3-A08D-E45CDD…)

This was possibly one of the most awkward moments yet on the podcast. The way they hyped up the clip even though it was the most unfunny thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Zach is repulsive and the h3 fans just lap it up.

No. 1319613

File: 1631186186415.png (105.7 KB, 713x405, 1141964046.png)

Catnipz sent an email to Ethan because she was concerned that he didn't know that Moses was talking shit about him… which doesn't make sense. If I was sexually abused, my main concern would not be the feelings of my rapist's brother-in-law. I would want justice or at least let other women know so they could be protected. I wouldn't be losing sleep over my rapist's relationship with his family.

No. 1319639

They probably wont. Their fans are already defending them and saying they dont need to talk about it, despite them pressuring David Dobrik to talk about his friends sexual allegations. Its always like this with them. How people dont see that Ethan is a snake is beyond me. Hes like the new Jeffree Star.

The funniest thing is that this proves how irrelevant H3H3 is. If any of his "haters" (Keem, David, James Charles) wanted to cancel him they would have a lot of footage proving ethans hypocrisy and misoginy, but he is so irrelevant they dont even bother lmao.

No. 1319734

File: 1631198575803.png (92.39 KB, 296x521, DaphneyMeetsMoses.png)

No. 1319757

File: 1631201113360.jpg (18.69 KB, 640x640, 4fUHr1i.jpg)

Daphney is posting again

No. 1319760

File: 1631201205537.jpg (31.85 KB, 640x640, RFOcEo0.jpg)

Second story

No. 1319763

Yeah, we know >>1319340.

No. 1319802

In Trisha's latest live, she announced that she is coming off her antipsychotics. So that will be fun.

It's at 41 minutes.

No. 1319803

She seems more upset at Trisha for marrying Moses than at Moses for sexually abusing her.

No. 1319824

File: 1631205709771.jpeg (117.6 KB, 640x1077, porndhkn9dm71.jpeg)

No. 1319882


I really hope Trisha calls him out on his misoginy. He has been poking at her for weeks now and using her name video after video.

No. 1319926

File: 1631211363063.jpeg (104.75 KB, 640x914, x5fcs6c3nim71.jpeg)

Moses is responding to the sexual assault allegations.

No. 1319933

File: 1631211617867.jpeg (119.22 KB, 946x2048, E-3Dg2nVIAowxMQ.jpeg)

No. 1319940

File: 1631211840915.jpeg (179.22 KB, 946x2048, E-3DQ0RVIA47DnX.jpeg)

No. 1319942

File: 1631211944597.jpeg (162.94 KB, 946x2048, E-3DQ8AVIBY5jKL.jpeg)

No. 1319948

File: 1631212166300.webm (3.61 MB, 480x1036, hl6qKvfH7uB7Lvge.webm)

The last message Daphney sent Moses.

No. 1320002

Uh anon, David dobrik kept walking in on Dom's rape to film it for a vlog. Entirely different scenario. Those girls only came to meet Dom because David was going to meet them and then they drank with the vlog squad. Moses spoke to women in dating apps or via SMs and I doubt he ever once promised they'd meet Ethan lol and they never did.

No. 1320003

Samefag, Daphney slid into his DMs lol

No. 1320068

Exactly. And what does she want to happen? Moses isn’t coming after her, wouldn’t she be grateful for the distance and him moving on? I can understand seeing him gain young fans that put him on a pedestal when he really hurt her, but what is calling him out going to add to her life? She should be empathizing with Trisha if anything, they both “dated” him, it just seems like she’s pissed Trisha has money and Moses chose to use her instead. Hate to state the obvious but she is the typical insecure fat girl who hates and sabotages other fat girls. She doesn’t mention how this has affected her mentally and emotionally, which would show more honesty. I genuinely do believe Moses is a piece of shit because he’s lied to Trisha about past relationships on camera lol, so I believe this person she’s just obviously full of internalized misogyny and expresses it, so how can she expect other women to care? Men do not care that this happened to you and love to see women hurt, she doesn’t understand her audience for this issue that rarely if ever is taken seriously. And right before a wedding? How cliche

No. 1320084

She had one date with him. he never cheated on her. She slid into his DMs and they messaged for weeks and planned to spend Valentine's together. He then didn't want to take it further which he has a right not too. he met Trisha in March/April 2020. That's definitely after their date so she wasn't cheated on.

Like look at her texts. She's upset at losing him as an Instagram follower. She also states her longest relationship was 2 months and it was mostly long distance. Unfortunately Moses fucked and unhinged loser and he probably took her virginity or some shit since she's acting so out of proportion.

No. 1320128

In the new H3 After Dark the guys had to show their Tiktok feeds and AB's was entirely young girls shaking their tits and asses barely clothed. He is married. What a fucking creep and what an insult to his wife. Almost every video was a young ethot which means basically ALL his time on app is spent looking at them. What a fucking loser

No. 1320141

Trisha named a person on frenemies as responsible for sexually assaulting her, claiming he had been arrested for other sexual assault charges. The man she named was a teacher from her old high school, but he wasn’t arrested. He died recently. Apparently another compulsive lie from Trisha

No. 1320165

Of course. AB is a Muslim frat boy. He's going to be a hypocritical misogynist by default. Not at all surprised.

No. 1320236

Didn’t Trisha say it was a middle school teacher? From what I remember it was already debunked in a thread that the high school teacher wasn’t the same guy.

No. 1320276

I may be misspeaking as far as high school vs middle school, but she definitely named someone and said to google him claiming he’d been arrested for sexual assault. But the man she named died recently and has no record. In my opinion, it’s just another compulsive lie. She likely saw an article pop up when googling him that seems to name him in a case of assault and seized the opportunity, but if you dig deeper the article isn’t about him. The linked video goes into more detail

No. 1320283

Trisha made a mistake. When you google what she says, several articles pop up about teachers being arrested for child pornography. But none of them are the person she named, so I think she just saw the search results and wrongly assumed he was arrested.

The person who is making the connection that this recently deceased man is the rapist is this YouTuber. She is the one desecrating his memory. Did she try to contact Trisha or someone from that middle school to verify her claims? She also has dubious "evidence" like saying that Trisha was never raped because she didn't mentioned it in her early books.

No. 1320295

Trisha said his name in a frenemies episode. I don’t doubt she went through some traumatic shit but I think, in this case, she made an opportunistic lie

No. 1320297

This is what I don’t understand, all of the H3 fans are saying Trisha getting molested is a lie and never happened, but these random girls come out of nowhere when Moses is involved in all the drama and everyone is supposed to believe that he raped them without any proof whatsoever. If you’re going to believe all victims then be consistent.

No. 1320300

Can you give me a timestamp?

No. 1320301

Because Trisha is a compulsive liar. If you’ve followed her for years, the lies are never ending. And her claims about the teacher molested her changed drastically over the course of a few weeks. I’m not saying people can’t remember trauma later in life. But claiming one teacher molested you then three came to your house is quite a change in the span of a few months. She’s a pathological liar

No. 1320309

I know she encourages people to Google it on another episode but don’t remember the episode or timestamp. She said it was middle school in this episode, but says 6 on another podcast (mom’s basement)

No. 1320315

> She said it was middle school in this episode, but says 6 on another podcast
6 as in 6th grade or am i missing something? because that is middle school grade in the US.

No. 1320334

She also said that has endured three different instances of child sexual abuse. In that Frenemies video, Trisha talks specifically about a teacher from Middle School and >>1320141 is accusing a High School teacher. They both share the same last name but it doesn't mean they are the same person. Has this YouTuber looked into the arrest records in Illinois to make sure that Trisha's story is false?

No. 1320338

No, she said she was 6 years old. In the keemstar podcast she was asked for clarity on that and she reiterated it. I believe she also said that on Dr Drew’s livestream but I may be wrong. She’s pushing the narrative she was being molested at a summer camp she went to as a kid now…I think? I can’t keep up anymore.

No. 1320343

File: 1631248339064.png (106.87 KB, 713x434, Catnipz.png)

Picrel is Catnipz reaction to Moses' statement >>1319926

No. 1320344

A bit off-topic, but is AB a friend of David Dobrik or Dom? Why was he defending them?

No. 1320353

Somewhere else she also said she was sent home by the principal for not wearing a bra between the ages of 6-8 and everyone sexualized her. And on another episode, she said she moved 4 times because of teachers being inappropriate. But also, her mom didn’t know or didn’t believe her (but they still moved?). I can’t keep up with it either

No. 1320354

People in the community that knew him apparently have protested/reached out. He was a well loved member in the community, apparently. I confused middle vs high school but the video in question was more precise

No. 1320372

File: 1631252216970.jpeg (67.06 KB, 960x754, 5c3bzeif7jm71.jpeg)


No. 1320447

File: 1631265055598.png (106.91 KB, 576x619, MsMercury37.png)

Daphney deleted her Twitter, but she is now active in Reddit. I guess she saw all the attention that Catnipz was receiving and wanted some of that. Daphney says she sounds crazy and clingy in Moses' texts because he convinced her to stop taking medication.

No. 1320484

How has Catnipz got herself confused about who the catfish was? It was Melissa. And now she can't remember Daphney's age? But she said she spoke with her at length and can vouch for her, but she now pretends she isn't that well up to verse on teenage drama when all these women are adults in their 20s?? Mental

No. 1320489

Lol it's crazy the things they are trying to stick on Moses. Now he's responsible for Daphney being off her meds.

These women are all in their 20s. Daphney slid into Moses DM and other girls met him on dating sites. It is completely normal for people who meet online to speak for weeks in semi regular contact before meeting up. That does not equate to a long distance relationship. There has to be a mutual understanding on both sides of how serious or exclusive a relationship is.

Judging Daphney by her tweets and posts she seems like an absolute nut case and she herself says her longest relationship was 2 months and it was mostly online. I can understand why. She's crazy and clingy. Moses has every right to not want to see her after meeting up with her. And I really can't see Moses stealthing these girls. He's in his 40s and has two divorces under his belt. Would he really risk impregnating some crazy bitches that keep talking to him about H3 lol and also, for his own health, these girls are throwing themselves at like z lister youtubers they could be riddled with disease.

It's embarrassing how they keep trying to play the young and naive card. Especially in Daphney's case when she was the one who made herself known to Moses.

No. 1320529

Zach and AB are by far the most misogynistic members of the crew (and ironically they hate each other)

No. 1320534

dont whiteknight for this ugly dude, everyone involved with h3 is shady somehow and moses has said and done some questionable shit before. i really dont get wtf happened to this thread to wk for some random weird scrote that cheated on the crazy woman he is now marrying who he also hasnt known for longer than a year. scrotes are fucking gross and will stealth if they want to no matter the age or amounts of wives they have had.

No. 1320540

Catnipz is in her early 30s.

No. 1320550

THIS. Truly don’t understand why everyone is defending Moses. He makes my skin crawl and I’ve been suspicious of him since day 1. Trisha is a pretty awful person but I also think she’s lonely/vulnerable and I do think Moses is using this to his advantage. Trisha herself outed Moses during the early days of their relationship. What kind of person tells a stranger online the intimate details of their partner’s sex life and even goes as far as insulting them?Yes he might not be a full on rapist but it’s extremely scummy to use his connection with H3 to try and pick up women. Again, I think Ethan is also an awful person (Hila not so much, but she enables his behaviour) but I genuinely believe that Moses hates Ethan and talks shit about him, whilst maintaining a facade of being “family” and reaping the benefits of this. I get the sense that Moses and Trisha’s relationship won’t make it to the wedding and if that does happen, I guarantee Moses will be sliding back into Ethan/Hila’s circle. Also have you watched this guys content/interviews? He comes across as a completely narcissistic, self absorbed, pretentious asshole in general.

No. 1320631

>Yes he might not be a full on rapist but
okay but that's the whole point. these women are accusing him of rape via "stealthing".

No. 1320664

File: 1631292702391.jpeg (125.86 KB, 946x2048, 7900A5B3-28A6-4466-BE2D-1DE4A9…)

Yeah I just don’t understand if you legitimately thought you were raped why you would say this and ask for more sex from them, not saying you could be manipulated or abused I guess but this just doesn’t come off like that with Daphney. He just was a shitty guy getting with young girls (which is hypocritical coming from Trisha and Moses) and it was a shorter relationship than she wanted, idk about the other girls situation but in the other text screen shots from Daphne’s she was more worried about him unfollowing her on social media.

No. 1320699

Some of you need to understand trisha is an entertainer and she's going to have a lot more friends and dating aspects than the people that post this shite. Moses and Trisha do know each other more than a year.

He fucked Daphney on Valentines 2020. He didn't meet Trisha until March/April 2020. It's not September 2021. There's no overlap between his one night stand and Trisha. Trisha would have had to be in the hotel room to have been cheated on and also access to a time machine.

It's crazy that H3 fans think when you text someone you are instantly dating. Their daft minds will be blown once they hear that people often date more than one person at once. Adults tend to have exclusitivty talks before telling the world they're boyfriend and girlfriend.

No one is whiteknighting Moses. These recent accusations are just another made up thing by the H3 fandom. Daphney is legit unhinged. Does she want Trisha to make a formal statement that Daphney sadly didn't rock Moses' world the way he did for her? She's an attention whore and so is Catnipz who wants to speak to Ethan and Hila. Embarrassing

No. 1320703

I can’t believe that lolcow.com has anons defending a scrote who was called out by his own girlfriend. Wild

No. 1320735

I’m sorry Trisha never said Moses raped anyone?? And she was mostly trying to cover her own ass for hitting him lol What is so wrong that he went on one date with an unhinged girl and didn’t want to date her anymore? Why would you a whole year later say he raped you when it’s cool to hate them now. No one is white knighting it’s just actually crazy to people who actually are raped and go through sexual abuse to see people say that Moses “trauma bonded, love bombed, manipulated and raped Daphney”

No. 1320761

I'm not sure but he definitely idolizes them so of course would rush to defend them

No. 1320762

nta but I feel that most people in this thread are either neutral about Moses or don't like him. Pointing out inconsistencies in Daphney's story doesn't mean we are suddenly a Moses fanclub. I personally think that everybody involved is shitty in their own way. It's fair that Moses is getting called out for lying and using his H3 connections to get laid, but that's not Daphney's intentions. She just wants to mess with Trisha out of jealousy.

No. 1320768

probably the same anons that were accusing everyone of being “trisha stans” for criticizing anything ethan did during frenemies

No. 1320774

File: 1631300000241.png (2.22 MB, 7883x8533, cloutchaser.png)

Yeah, she desperately wants her alleged rapist to follow her on social media.

No. 1320851

Trisha called Moses out for creeping on H3 fans and shit talking her to a catfish, never said rape.

No. 1320880

that's literally what that ayrt said

No. 1320945

File: 1631312454526.jpg (56.49 KB, 320x520, Zm2Ha96.jpg)

Catnips now telling everyone that Moses has been saying Trisha will pull the same shit she pulled on Jason, on him

No. 1320954

File: 1631314305435.jpg (662.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210910-184508.jpg)

Catnipz was 29 when she had her "relationship" with Moses when he "claimed" her but in her initial post on the H3 sub she thought Daphney was the catfish and not Melissa, would her boyfriend not be able to clarify that since she claimed they talked about it lol. I think she's also be banned from the H3 sub but that's besides the point.

This is the first time I'm seeing her directly claim Moses stealthed her though so that's something. So now Moses has the identity of two women claiming he sexually assaulted him. Think he needs to address it at this point or it's going to keep going.

Also posting this screenshot because I think it's interesting re Catnipz.

No. 1321083

File: 1631331865624.png (1.4 MB, 1170x2532, BD30CCAA-23A9-4A91-BEE6-52029E…)

Ethan tweeted this

No. 1321089

are they for sure it’s the same guy? i thought this was debunked?

No. 1321090

Debunked where?

No. 1321092

No. 1321098

People googled this man’s name with the location. There was only one known teacher with that name across all high and middle schools in that area. She claimed you could find he was arrested for sexual assault online, but you can’t. Definitely not debunked

No. 1321107

anon you cant just claim it was debunked when it hasnt been kek. watching the video posted upthread unearths a lot of inconsistencies in trish's story. I do believe she has a LOT of trauma and believe that she has been raped but i think shes getting her stories mixed up

No. 1321108

> until Trisha can better illuminate the situation
> I want to give her the opportunity to clarify

he wants to talk to her so badly. this isn't even worth addressing on his part, it's trisha's problem that she probably won't address anyway. he just wants to insert himself and keep finding ways to use her name

No. 1321123

“Getting her stories mixed up” she’s straight up fucking lying

No. 1321130

I personally think her moms bf at the time did abuse her, probably also sexually. Her mum gives me bad vibes and when trisha started her channel they had a bad relationship, but how that her mum likes her money, trisha tries to shift the blame of her bad childhood. That's why she is accusing the teachers, so her mum doesn't have to face the fact, that she put her own daughter in danger.

No. 1321134

trisha lies about plenty of shit but it’s pretty fucking obvious something, if not many things, went down in her childhood/youth that were pretty traumatic or generally unsavoury. she’s quite literally the exact type of person you’d imagine to come from fucked up circumstances.

No. 1321145

this dude is giving me joy sparkles vibes with his hundreds of videos on the topic.

dephney is a walmart-edition trisha

No. 1321163

I’m pretty sure he took her v card

No. 1321203

Daphney is backing down and doesn't want to post the interview anymore.
>Daphney and Sebastian meet in a park and talk for one hour and a half.
>After Moses' statement, Daphney contacts Sebastian and asks him to not air her interview.
>She sends him an audio thanking people for their support and saying that she is glad that she could educate people on stealthing.
>Sebastian describes Daphney as "broken" and says that she has decided to take a step back because she is overwhelmed with the attention.
>Daphney asks Sebastian to save the interview just in case she manages to find the strength to continue pursuing her case.
>Daphney privates her Instagram.

No. 1321237

Yes, but it was likely at home with one of her mom’s boyfriends. Her mom even said in one video she found her boyfriend drunk in one of her daughter’s beds. There’s just been so many inconsistencies in her stories of sexual assault by teachers. I’ve been following her for years because she is the biggest cow, and she will lie about absolutely anything if it leads to attention. There is no topic off limit for her

No. 1321241

File: 1631372967960.jpeg (162.11 KB, 2044x763, Kmn0GFl.jpeg)

Daphney wishes her alleged rapist healing and happiness…

No. 1321252

File: 1631374336775.jpg (259.75 KB, 1200x1152, 20210911_173158.jpg)

She deleted this comment after being called out lol

No. 1321291

File: 1631379732406.jpeg (241.05 KB, 1242x574, F6E8248D-FC47-463E-8E2A-FF452A…)

Now someone on the subreddit claims their “aunt” went to school with Trisha lol

No. 1321296

the fact that this isn't even a firsthand account makes it even less believable than it would have been if the "aunt" had just posted it themselves. it reads like "a friend of a friend heard this about trisha paytas when they were in school together 20 years ago". like okay..? it's still all hearsay.

No. 1321315


Making excuses for her is not helping her case…

No. 1321319

trisha lies about so much stuff that i don't think its necessary for youtubers to try and debunk a SA experience she has shared… this is rubbing me the wrong way

No. 1321322

it's impossible to be a creep when you're well-loved man!

No. 1321326

is this girl 16? she does not seem very emotionally stable and couldnt really read that moses was disinterested from the start…. not defending him because he should not be talking to young h3 fans / girls that clearly have hopes for more than he wants…

No. 1321331

She was 23 when she slid into Moses' DMs and is currently 25.

No. 1321333

>trisha lies so people should let her get away with it

No. 1321347

What is with gen-z thinking adults are victims or being taken advantage of because they make the choice to engage with someone older? Sure I can understand someone making the argument that he abused his power over an H3 fan, but age really has nothing to do with it unless theyre 18 or younger. Maybe 18-20 is skeevy territory for a 40 year old to be fucking with because people who are 20+ are 100% capable of making their own choices and dealing with the consequences of such. So tired of the youtube comments alluding that Moses took advantage of a young girl. She was 23. Her took advantage of someone possibly mentally disabled and used his “power” of being related to Hila, but jesus this victim mentally people are projecting needs to stop. He’s just an annoying old “player” and will face his own karma, this is a live and learn scenario for this chick more than anything else. She needs to move the fuck on.

No. 1321349

Sounds like Trisha came from a boring ass town. Glad she's in LA.

No. 1321351

File: 1631386287502.png (435.06 KB, 2504x5130, ShaneStan.png)

Mysterious Tea is a biased Shane fangirl. I bet that this Trisha docuseries is going to end with how good Shane was to her and how much he deserves a comeback.

No. 1321353

Exactly… how doesnt bringing more light to situation help this dead guy & his family clear name? Streisand effect. If he actually gave a shit he would just unlist the video and message Trisha privately about it, MAYBE add a short blurb in the video description explaining why the video was unlisted. Ethan is acting incredibly pathetic over Trisha lately. It honestly makes the tinfoils about Ethan liking Trisha as more than just a friend with this drawn out sadboy bullshit hes been pulling ever since Frienemies ended.

No. 1321371

The mental gymnastics of Trisha fans in this thread is incredible.
> woman makes allegation against Moses= clout chaser and liar
> Trisha makes allegation against her teacher, despite changing her story multiple times and there being no evidence= taking the accusation as gospel truth because “men are creeps”

No. 1321372

If Trisha was hypersexual in high school, couldn't it be a sign of sexual abuse when she was younger? I am not sure if this redditor is implying that Trisha wanted to get raped or that women who are loud, annoying and flirtatious can never be rape victims. Yikes either way.

No. 1321379

it's called being skeptical, anon. on both issues. not everyone that asks questions are "fans".

No. 1321410


I think they were implying something happened to Trisha at home which is probably what made her act too sexual, but this behaviour made everyone around her uncomfortable.

No. 1321411

You’re missing the point. Trisha said you could google him and see that he had been arrested for sexual assault. But those records don’t exist. She lied.

No. 1321421

Fuck I forgot about Shane Dawson. Shane and Jeffree would pay for tea channels all the time to spill tea aka slander other creators. I'm tinfoiling that it's Shane lmao.

Who hasn't heard of a teacher being a sexual deviant? I had a teacher day he was going to rape me once in the middle of a biology lesson if I didn't stop talking. Yes he later got sacked for actually molesting a student and fuck knows what else because I never complained about his rape comment I just never participated in the class again. I firmly believe majority of men that go into teaching do so because they want access to school girls.

No. 1321481

File: 1631396179240.jpg (578.23 KB, 1200x1920, moses.jpg)

Daphne uploaded this conversation where Moses said he'd marry Trisha to collect child support from her, tacky joke from a tacky scrote.
Sorry for the bad quality but had to screenshot from a video.

No. 1321496

Was Moses dating Trisha when he was exchanging these messages?

No. 1321507

If the date on the text is real then no he wasn’t or at least publicly wasn’t

No. 1321523

In the screenshot before that one Moses was telling Daphne he was going to be in Trisha's H3 Bachelorette, so it was before they started dating (didn't post because didn't seem milky other than mentioning that)

No. 1321527

He didn't meet her until towards ends of March/start of April. He's probably just making a joke about the H3 bachelor thing.

No. 1321548

I just watched the episode with the "shut up, bitch" soundbite and it really just wasn't funny. Is Trisha a bitch? Yup. Is playing a lame soundbite as hilarious as everyone made it out to be? Nope.

Also it's getting obvious that Ethan "I respect women" Klein subtly rewards the grosser members of his crew like AB and the fat greasy one for being rude or sexist. The two members of the crew that look the same and ipad guy are more naturally funny than them but because they're not obsessed with Trisha or openly misogynistic they get ignored a lot of the time. He'll always make sure the ones saying what he wants to say get more airtime.

No. 1321581

At this point its just a "lets blow smoke up Ethans ass" show. I tried to watch the video of the tiktok feed someone mentioned here, and i had to scroll through the whole thing. Its so boring, i honestly dont know how people watch that shit.

Ethan is a such a scrote. I dont understand what goes on in some womens minds to be so blind to his blatant hate and actually be a fan of his.

I heard AB (one of the biggest ass kissers) actually got hired because he made a video defending his daddy Ethan.

No. 1321591

That's exactly how AB got his job. He made a response video in support of Ethan.

Ethan is a complete scrote and his wife is a cunt, Trisha was 100% right on that. I never knew about H3 until Frenemies happened. I've always known about Trisha, like who wouldn't? Soon as Ethan burned that bridge his channel became irrelevant again. The fact that none of his crew had the balls to take the absolute piss out of him for having a show with his two parents. And the Donna's Butterfly Babes cringe etc. I don't know how they even retained their male fans. I swear the only people left watching H3 are absolute losers. They're even lower down than Dobrik stans. It's got to that point. Embarrassing.

No. 1321592

And it’s sad coming from someone who used to be a huge h3 fan I can’t watch any of the podcasts anymore. His inability to be around anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass is really uncomfortable and he’s just not funny at all anymore and yes the AB thing is true the same with the Swedish guy they have on the iPad he was the Twitter white knight H3 out of context account. The only person they ever hired qualified to do the technical work was Dan maybe also Ian.

No. 1321613

Haha Trisha got them 100% right. She knew they had a lot of skeletons in their closet. I know Hilas fake feminist act didnt fool her, but i believe she didnt go in on her because people blindly defende Hila.

Ethan went really low (even for him) to make a podcast with his parents. The man does anything for money (and then tantrums like a toddler over family channels). I have the feeling he put them on the pod with bad intentions too. Like he has a lot of resentment over his parents for a 40 year old. I feel like he wanted people to give his dad a little hate just to "put him in his place", like Ethan does with everybody that crosses him. Someone said earlier that Ethan was seen as the fuckup of the family and i think he resents that. He was weirdly agressive with his mom a lot of times too, its kind of weird to watch.

The thing that gets to me is how many young girls are brainwashed by those freaks. I always see comments of women worshipping their perfect relationship… H3 incel soldiers are already defending Ab for his porny tik tok, saying his wife is "too cool to care" . Its depressing

No. 1321622

I'm surprised you guys defend Trisha this much when she has lied and hurt so many people left and right. How can you still talk shit about Ethan, I'm not his fan, when he isn't the troll that has disrespected every community on YouTube. How can you be so PROUD that Trisha is "The internet cockroach, she'll survive anything"… Like seriously? Is this the type of person you look up to? I'm baffled you overlook the noise the media is making around Trisha's allegations, to talk about Ethan X Subject. I do think Trisha needs help and should still be respected, I'm not trying to say she deserves hate, but I'm surprised with all that's happened in the last days you guys are focusing on Ethan right now.(learn2sage)

No. 1321627

You didn't sage and i'm nta, but there's a whole reddit/twitter gang focusing on Trisha and excusing or stanning Ethan.
This is probably the only place not creaming their underwear with hate for her, Ethan is just as Shitty as Trisha. It seems like whenever people come at Ethan people go, "But what about trisha"
Yeah she's shit too, talking about Ethan doesn't cancel that out.

No. 1321638

Who's she ever hurt apart from spastics like Gabbie Hanna or moids? She hurt the vlog squad and she hurt Ethan's queer feelings? Am I suppose to feel bad she trolls the DID community or misrepresents gender identities?

She said to Google some man she said assaulted her and there'd be stories? If there wasn't any stories to link whoever the fuck got accused maybe the randoms that are ruining his reputation or whatever the fuck shouldn't have just jumped the gun? Was it the H3 subreddit again doxxing people? And what media? That shite reporter Kat whatever that ended up discrediting her own articles against the vlog squad by going after Trisha? She's a shitty journalist that probably only got hired for her z list connections with youtubers and they needed any goon for that niche market. Or the drama channels?

No. 1321639

All of the Teddyfresh designs I've seen look so cheap and ugly, why is everyone constantly licking Hila's ass about it?

No. 1321651

the entire h3 fandom thrives on celebrating mediocrity

No. 1321707

File: 1631422642173.jpg (614.14 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20210911-215538_Twi…)

can we talk about how Trisha falsely accused her teacher of groping her

No. 1321715

File: 1631423674758.png (222.28 KB, 301x467, couplesquestions.png)

I think this is why Daphney thought they were officially a couple.

No. 1321717

What the fuck do you think we've been talking about up thread, you fucking retard. Sage your shit, it's already been posted and talked about.

No. 1321724

File: 1631424276627.jpeg (115.39 KB, 707x1366, r14ddts840n71.jpeg)

No. 1321736

Neither Ethan nor Trisha are people I would believe anything from. Ethan has provided zero counter evidence. In Trishas favour speaks that she was probably molested at some point in her life because why else would she be so fucked up in regards to sex?

No. 1321793

File: 1631433596330.png (180.09 KB, 342x666, telenovela.png)

This girl is modeling her "revenge" after Mexican telenovelas. No wonder she comes across unhinged.

No. 1322141

File: 1631464134400.jpeg (426.34 KB, 750x856, 594DBCEC-CE21-49B0-8282-52F402…)

No. 1322145

I don't think Ethan has a crush on Trisha. I think he realizes that his fame has been dwindling for a long time and Frenemies was the one thing that made him relevant, and without Trisha he will go back to spiralling into irrelevancy lol

No. 1322150

>The two members of the crew


but yeah, zac and AB are the more talentless losers of the cast, and yet it seems like ethan prioritizes them over people who have actually brought content to the show over the years (ian) lmao

No. 1322151

File: 1631464830783.jpeg (98.15 KB, 750x213, 1B650E95-93BB-4798-9FF6-907B5B…)

Everyone on the frenemies subreddit wants to be a ground breaking detective so bad but are so fucking dumb

No. 1322165

File: 1631466145551.gif (858.18 KB, 331x200, originals.gif)

No. 1322171

You got the website wrong.

No. 1322183

Damn wish they were on lolcow.com

Classic Trisha changing the subject. I do love her.

No. 1322210

I feel like Ethan also wanted to use his parents to shit on Trisha and bring drama. If Trisha responded, she would be attacking two sweet old grandparents. But then Donna revealed herself to be a huge bitch and Gary, a gross pervert lol.

No. 1322227

>"And when I say I'm sorry I mean it."
Why does Trisha still expect anyone to believe her sympathy-pandering bullshit?

No. 1322228

Can't these people even count? How embarrassing.

No. 1322241

The employers ethan likes the most really puts in perspective how his fans are. Zack told a story in the podcast about some situation that he had "swamp ass" (basically he had diahrea all day) and had somewhere to go to. Instead of taking a shower like a regular human being, he rubs some kind of oil on his asshole and goes to the place. He gets a ride on someones ferrari and leaves a massive grease stain on the leather seat. Ethan ofc being real life shrek doesnt question why he didnt take a shower.

Their fans hygiene must be just as wonderful. You can really get a feel of who they are after watching the bachelorette entries for Trish.

No. 1322305

swamp ass is when your ass is sweaty not when you have diahrea all day. still gross but just an FYI

No. 1322308

Zach is a fucking psychopath

No. 1322325

Thats how zack explained in the video though. He said he had diarhea all day and his asshole was raw, hence having the brilliant idea of putting oil in it.

No. 1322345

>The lawsuit also claims it was known by others Davis had “multiple inappropriate relationships and contacts with students,” in the years leading up to the incident that sent him to prison.

lawsuit says the admin acted w "deliberate indifference." trish most likely confused one of her pedo teachers (mr riney) with a different pedo teacher, maybe this guy who got caught.

reading the comments on the mysterious vid is infuriating. supposed woketards claiming she couldn't have been taken advantage of teachers bc she glamorized it or how 'unlikely,' is for all these different people to abuse her.

abusive men sniff out young vulnerable girls who are 'hypersexual,' due to trauma. i was the same as a teen and lots of teachers did wild shit to me. i thought it was cool. and the idea that bc mr riney was vietnam vet he's less likely to be a rapist is a fucking joke.

No. 1322365

>the Swedish guy they have on the iPad
Super sad that the guy I want to unplug the least is the only unpluggable one.

No. 1322367

why does he present himself like a thrice divorced middle-aged man in a bon jovi tribute band?

No. 1322383

File: 1631483004625.jpeg (362.12 KB, 750x863, 82BA570E-6386-4FF2-A794-5C51BF…)

I keep seeing a lot of people hating on Trisha on Twitter are vlog squad/ David Dobrik fans, trying to say because she lies she lied about David and just slandered him even after everything came out, I keep seeing people say “I wonder what Jason thinks of all this” like he was a great saint of a guy. Just weird.

No. 1322391

A tea channel uploaded clips of Trishas members only live stream. She talk about daphneys claims about Moses at 02:40, and sort of implies daphney has mental illness issues.

No. 1322399

This was an extremely poorly researched reach. This high school is in Michigan…not Illinois…. Trisha went to high school in Illinois.

No. 1322405

File: 1631484874055.jpeg (194.43 KB, 924x2000, 237D99B9-618B-4618-9BE6-74FDEC…)

She is having a mental breakdown on Twitter posting a bunch of videos and she released texts between her and Ethan asking him to stop the hate on reddit but I did find this interesting she says she has spoke to the mans family and told them she made a report as a child. She says one of the girls is suing Moses there’s so many videos and screenshots to post lol

No. 1322406

Thanks Dan. Ethan and Zach are still two gross fat fucks.

No. 1322408

Didn't she go to a couple of different schools?

I can believe that Daphney is mentally ill.

Wow LOL Ethan is such a faggot. "FYI I will share these screenshots" wouldn't be surprised if the fat ugly cunt was posting here or his little minions since he can't handle any criticism.

No. 1322409

The crux of the hate is stemming from her saying you could google a man (whom she claimed molested her) and find he had been arrested for sexual assault. Why doesn’t she just explain why this isn’t the case (e.g., she misremembered, she confused his name)? I think she won’t address it directly, even though it’s the root cause, because it’s a lie. She’s desperately trying to deflect now

No. 1322412

In Illinois and California, not Michigan

No. 1322413

Coomer Ethan is definitely in love with Trisha. Compared to his asexual autistic wife and his spastic mother he was completely enthralled by Trisha and he's handling this like his heart has been broken. Hila is a wet blanket, you could see how much more energised he was around Trisha. Even when Hila and Ethan found out live she was pregnant they were so stuff with each other it was pure cringe.

No. 1322415

File: 1631485506129.jpeg (193.42 KB, 924x2000, AE20D4CD-6754-4A06-978C-F2834D…)

No. 1322416

So if Trisha said he had convictions or stories and there was none found, then who the fuck went out of their way to harass an old unrelated man? Sounds like the H3 subreddit where doxxing people again.

No. 1322419

Is that Hila talking to Moses? And Ethan is shaking, lol what a fat loser

No. 1322422

Who cares? She needs to explain why she misnamed him or why you can’t find records of sexual assault on google when she said you could.

No. 1322424

No she doesn't. H3 fans need to stop acting like a little faggy army and involving themselves into people's personal lives. If they couldn't confirm Trisha's stories then who started attacking an old man that apparently didn't do anything?

No. 1322425

Adding that addressing this would make a lot of the hate go away. The fact she won’t address this is very very telling. Because it’s a lie

No. 1322428

It's more telling how psycho the foot army is and why no other fandoms can tolerate them.

No. 1322429

If she wants the hate to stop (including assholes harassing people) she needs to clarify. She’s the one who named him in the first place.

No. 1322432

>I am pleading for you to just stop
Just go outside. Close your eyes. Those weirdos on Reddit can't hurt you if you just turn the computer off. Sis is living in a drama of her own creation, and she loves it.

No. 1322436

So now Trisha is responsible for the mentally ill army of footfags? God I hope she milks this.

No. 1322438

I don’t know why she won’t say “I was wrong about being able to find legal proof of this man being arrested”, but at the same time it really rubs me the wrong way that everyone is acting like because of that it couldn’t happen or because he’s a veteran he’s a great hero that could do no wrong because usually it’s the men that have this good reputation of “he could never! he’s such a great man!” that do this stuff and never get called out and victims aren’t believed, and there’s so many girls saying “I was SA’d and my experience was nothing like she is saying so it couldn’t of happen” or “she was hypersexual asking for the teachers to have sex with her it was her fault” she said she reported him, she told his family she reported him, idk I kind of believe it could of happened but she definitely needs to address the lie of him being arrested for cp

No. 1322440

Quit willfully misunderstanding what I’m saying. She’s not responsible for the behavior of other people, but she is crying about receiving hate. Simply clarifying on this particular issue would put a lot of the hate to rest

No. 1322442

At least she's not trembling like big gay ethan

No. 1322444

Exactly. People that are seen as “good” people can be some of the worst. But this is an easy thing for her to clarify and stop some of the hate/questioning. And not helping matters is she is the woman who cried wolf. She’s lied about so many things over the years, I don’t even know where to start.

No. 1322451

File: 1631486387062.png (54.7 KB, 444x492, disgust shame sadness.png)

No. 1322452

Then don't. That could be the man that assaulted her and there's no stories online about it. They weren't archived. There could be many reasons. Trisha doesn't owe people her trauma more than what she's willing to share.

Is walkover Hila trying to say Trisha calling Daphney a stalker is akin to the hate the H3 subreddit moderators have allowed towards Trisha for months? Lol, boohoo

No. 1322455

Classic H3 Stan reply.

No. 1322463

Possible, especially since creepshowart brought lolcow into the youtube sphere. Both of them probably sperg post here.

No. 1322464

i hope so lol, i always thought trisha would be a farmer if she were better at the internet. but she couldnt figure out reddit or nfts without help from moses, so i doubt it

No. 1322469

For a long time she claimed she didn’t know what Reddit was. But people recognized she’d actually talked about it at length in the past. I think there’s a good chance she might be here… she used to read gossip guru too. Any forum where she’s mentioned, she has a track record of visiting

No. 1322470

She doesn’t have to address it. But addressing this simple inconsistency would make a lot of the hate stop

No. 1322472

Yeah most cows read their own threads that's not exactly a groundbreaking thought. It's also against the rules to "hi cow" a post. I don't think it's far fetched that more than Trisha finds the image of a fat cunt like Ethan trembling funny and gay

No. 1322482

File: 1631487145532.png (766.36 KB, 894x905, notlateenough.png)

The footsoldiers are licking Hilas feet going on snd on about her "alpha energy" but tbh I find her (and Ethans) responses really disturbing. I'm actually out of words. this is some cult shit.

No. 1322484

i don't think she's posting itt regardless because she probably doesnt understand the board culture and would get banned for not sageing but i didn't know about the reddit thing, so, maybe. it would be really funny if half this thread was just trisha calling ethan a scrote and a coomer lol

No. 1322485

Funny that you newfags learnt to delete your post before catching a ban for it kek

No. 1322494

Hila blaming Trisha for Hila and Moses' Mum having a breakdown now lmao. I guess it was Trisha accusing her son of rape all over the Internet. Not like the H3 subreddit has over 500,000 members and all the allegations stem from a fucking thread created on the forum they are paid to moderate. And wow, what a cool brother in law ethan is to question Hila's brother when he denies raping Daphney. He believes Daphney even though she lied about so much between about majority of the details between her and Moses.

Wonder why the family is torn apart. Coomer Ethan put a wedge between them all. Hila is such a pickme bitch.

No. 1322495

This is slightly OT but I hate when people message like she does. Shake off the FAS and type like a normal person.

No. 1322498

As if she isn't creating content you sweet summer child.

No. 1322499

>moses in jail for a crime he didn't commit
Trisha accused him of fucking minors

No. 1322504

>what is hyperbole

The only people that have made rape allegations are two women in their 20s and they both went public on the H3 platform. Hila should maybe take more responsibility for the business she allegedly puts half the work into.

No. 1322508

If Trisha marries Moses then she's even dumber than we thought.

No. 1322509

Nah, she should get a prenup then marry him live on YouTube.

No. 1322511

What did Trisha even do, and how is she responsible for Hila’s mom’s mental health? What the fuck. After the frenemies blowout they both acted dumb as shit but Trisha moved on and they just keep exploiting her and blaming her for it. They do not want it to end and keep moving the goal posts. It’s blackmail that they’re inciting other people to do and it’s all over their incel message board. Who tf would want to talk about and focus on Trisha this much, Trisha is obsessed with herself and she doesn’t even do this. Hila should be saying this shit to her husband and brother, hold these grown ass men accountable because both of those idiots actually started all this drama and won’t stop

Ethan only cares about the sexual assault so he can ignore all the realities about it and weaponize it against Moses, which is not what exposing abusers like that is about. It’s about safety and rehabilitation, he did take accountability for his actions and can continue to do so privately since they’ve always been peaceful. Putting this on par with the Dobrik stuff is fucking disgusting, these people have no social intelligence whatsoever and it’s insane they’ve bullied their way into this conversation. Ethan is undoing whatever good he supported Trisha in creating when they called out Dobrik, Jake Paul, and James Charles. Ethan will exploit anything to take out whoever he’s threatened by, Trisha is the only one he couldn’t and I hope she doesn’t take this.

No. 1322514

the vows should be her reading his texts about how he doesn't like the smell of her pussy as the camera zooms in on his squidward face

No. 1322516

File: 1631488222178.png (13.95 MB, 3744x6040, trishatexts91221.png)

compiled all the trisha texts for lazy bones who don't want to go on twitter (and in case she deletes them all)

No. 1322518

>whatever good he supported Trisha in creating when they called out Dobrik, Jake Paul, and James Charles
They both created a callout culture, they didn't create anything good, useful or supportive. No victims were actually helped. No rapists were stopped. All they did was call out. To not call out Moses, who has as much evidence against him as Jake Paul did, would be hypocrisy now.

No. 1322519

i could see them unironically doing this tbh

No. 1322520

Exactly, Ethan just looks like a disingenuous cunt and is further diminishing the good that he was using his platform for with Trisha when they were addressing rape culture and putting pressure on massive influencers like Dobrik to curb the coercive sexual assaults.

He has not dropped the topic of Trisha since Frenemies ended. I thought the 5% memes were peak cringe then along came Families and that ended in a spectacular shit show of Ethan's mother blaming Trisha for a preemptive miscarriage. Now they're implicating Moses in rape when the two spastic "victims" want to retreat out of the spotlight now even tho they have the backing of the foot army fags. So with all their support they're suddenly going quiet cause people that aren't foot soldier lowers with a bit of critical thinking can see through the bullshit. Does Ethan just want his wife to be in a constant state of stress for the duration of her pregnancy? What a cunt!

No. 1322521

I find it interesting how Hila and Moses seemingly doesn’t talk at all so Trisha gets to take all the shit thrown their way. Also betting Moses doesn’t give a shit about their family and it probably stings for Hila that he’d rather give attention to a dumpster hurricane than herself.

No. 1322523

Does Hila actually believe her brother is a rapist or is she just being her usual doormat self?

No. 1322527

Omg ethan is actually a full on cunt! He believes Daphney rape accusation even though she has been caught out lying about various things regarding her "relationship" with Moses but he doesn't believe Trisha because she has discrepancies. What an asshole.

Funny that all the things the foot soldiers were saying against Trisha is everything Ethan and Hila has proven to do. Ethan has also outright accused Moses of rape and now Hila is piling on. What about family?? Weren't H3 fans calling for Moses to break up with Trisha because it was putting a wedge between his sister and now Hila's husband is calling her brother a rapist. You can't make this shit up. I don't think ethan will be satisfied until he fucks Trisha honestly. Hila is obviously too reliant on her husbands money to have a backbone. Sad.

No. 1322528

Tbh I kinda get it if they're not close. I think stealthing as opposed to a violent rape is quite believable for a lot of men. A lot of people don't even realise it's sexual assault. If she doesn't have that underlying love and trust with him, I can see why she'd believe it.

Trisha has spoken about some weird situations with Moses - like them fighting and it turning into sex or him being very vocal about how bad she is at certain things in bed. I can see him not really understanding boundaries and normal sexual behaviour. Obviously not excusing it, I just see how his personality could lend to the belief that he'd do it.

No. 1322529

It’s shit thrown her way over inconsistencies in her own stories.

No. 1322531

I don't think any man would risk getting a crazy bitch like Daphney pregnant on a one night stand. I believe Trisha when she says there are so many text messages proving Moses innocence. She was probably an easy lay but from her texts you would garner she's not all there. A man in his 40s that had two prior divorces I don't think would go out of his way to remove a condom for a one night stand.

No. 1322533

Plus, why would she compliment the sex as the best sex she's ever had if she had been stealthed? She only had sex with him one night and if they agreed to a condom and she knows he removed it why would she say it was the best and ask him for more repeatedly? Ethan's probably jealous he can't fuck fans because he's married to a robot.

No. 1322535

People nut in crazy all the time.

No. 1322536

File: 1631489331570.jpeg (364.64 KB, 750x882, 67949BB1-8762-4C93-B8BE-B60200…)

lmaoooo what a little bitch

No. 1322538

Moses definitely does

No. 1322539

Maybe strangers on a one night stand but not when they know family members have contact details can be reported for rape etc. It just seems highly unlikely.

No. 1322542

H3 going into damage control mode but I bet they fuck it up lmao. Hope Moses sues Ethan for slander.

No. 1322544

they ran out of ideas trying to think of topics without bringing up trisha lol

No. 1322547

Lmao that's probably it

No. 1322548

Most rapes are someone you know.

No. 1322552

I understand, but the situation was Moses was meeting someone he met online for one night and they both agreed to a condom and for him to have even stealthed her meant she saw him with the condom first. It seems highly implausible that he then removed it and risked getting her pregnant or catching a disease off her when the next morning he didn't even want to see her again. Seems farfetched especially considering she said it was the best sex ever, she would pay for it and asking if he would hook up with her again.

Just seems she got hurt the way ethan got hurt when Trisha left him except at least Daphney caught feelings and had sex. Ethan's a cuck.

No. 1322555

Imo none of these texts make Ethan or Hila look bad at all. In all the years Trisha has been online talking shit about people and lying left and right, I've never seen her meet her match until now. It's a bit amusing honestly

No. 1322557

The mental image of this fat faggot trembling is everything kek

No. 1322558

I don't think she's met her match. Hila speaks in broken English and can barely string a thought together and ethans got coomer rot for a brain and is currently trembling somewhere.

No. 1322560

kek how convenient for them. just like when they had to stop families before anyone could fully backlash against donna for blaming trisha for hila’s hypothetical miscarriage.

No. 1322561

Condom usage in casual encounters is surprisingly lower than one would expect and reports of stealthing are high amongst sex workers so men aren't really that concerned about risks when they do things like this.

Stealthing is gross regardless of how someone responds to it - it's consent at the time that's important not retroactive consent. I 100% believe Daphney was fine with it afterwards and is changing her tune because she was rejected, but that wouldn't make the actual act of stealthing any better. If he did it, it doesn't matter that she was fine with it immediately afterwards because he never actually asked beforehand or during so it could have gone either way.

It's like if someone has sex with you while you're asleep. If you wake up but you're chill with it, it doesn't mean it wasn't rape. There was no consent. Rape is sex without consent or a different type of sex to the sex you consented to, even if nobody is mad about it in the end.

No. 1322566

As opposed to Trisha, who is an award winning genius

No. 1322567

Men that use sex workers of course are going to be more degenerate than a moid that doesn't. Moses was talking to Daphney for a while and building up a rapport. I really don't believe he stealthed her, but it only became illegal in California a couple of days ago and they had sex on valentines of last year. She wouldn't win a criminal case against him and there's no evidence for a civil suit. She'd just be throwing money away if she tried to sue. Meanwhile Moses has probably more of a case for slander against the H3 subreddit for allowing unfounded claims. Not saying either party will actually sue. This is all obviously bullshit and just another thing ethan had riled his gay footarmy up for and now he's trembling because he can't handle backlash. Even Catnipz got banned off of the subreddit and H3 redditors decry any mention of Trisha. Most of the drama has been in the dedicated frenemies subreddit and some on Trisha's.

No. 1322591

How much of a motherfucker are they to have the balls to text like that when their own subreddit made this all escalate? Their egos are so big. I hope this all backfires and they go fucking bankrupt tbh.

No. 1322593

tbh, I think she's not posting because she and Ethan are too old for chan sites, 4chan wasn't even made until 2004, didn't get common/known until 2009, those two would have been too old to get roped into this kind of culture

No. 1322594

It escalated because Trisha dropped a name publicly and encouraged people to google it

No. 1322595

Yeah there would be an issue with Trisha blaming them for harassment if they didn’t continue to deny their fans doing anything meanwhile their subreddit is filled to the brim with intense Trisha hate baby detectives calling Moses a rapist. And the subreddit even has the gall to say it’s not them! Even though I think both Trisha and Ethan are bad people it’s hard not to sympathize with Trisha considering she’s so messed up and gets dogpiled on at the drop of a hat meanwhile nothing ever happens to Ethan and he has rapid stans burying any criticism of him.

No. 1322596

not a chance. there are oldfags all over these sites subtly (or not so much) outing their ages.

No. 1322600

How does googling lead to harassment unless it was the retarded foot army taking it over the line as they're known to do. Bunch of raging faggots hope ethan gets another strike on his channel.

No. 1322605

I think Cath Kidston should sue Teddy Fresh for blatant design rip off.

No. 1322606

Because what moron would tell a whole ass audience of millions to google someone and think people would just stop at that? Especially someone accused of sexually assaulting a minor. Trisha is the root cause of this, and the retards on Reddit are just exasperating her fuck up.

No. 1322608

She said to Google and you'd see stories. She didn't say go and harass this person and if there weren't stories to back up her claims why did they then go after someone with no public record. They're so unhinged and mental and literally blaming everyone for their bizarre actions.

Trisha has already been in contact with the family according to the text messages with Ethan so really she doesn't need to tell the Internet anything. H3 fans need to stop harassing people. The fandom is a literal joke, they all bond over pretending they're an army and dogpiling on the hot topic of the week so ethan can make a show of it. Truly retarded.

No. 1322609

It's not even a recent video though? I'd understand if people started questioning it back then, but this just means H3 fans are spending day and night trying to find dirt on her. Ethan is literally doing the same thing to that man he's being sued by and his fans are mirroring that kind of behavior towards Trisha.

No. 1322612

the tiktok where she named him and told fans to look up the court records was recent i thought?

No. 1322615


Funny that Ethan removed the video because him and his production crew okayed dropping the name to their millions of viewers before doing any research for their own fucking show. Isn't that what AB is paid to do? It's not like Frenemies was recorded live they literally edit and publish the show at their discretion. Ethan's just as culpable for having HIS audience MONTHS later harass someone.

No. 1322620

"just as culpable" anon wtf? He isn't the one naming an innocent man. God damn no wonder Trisha never holds herself accountable

No. 1322627

I'm referring to the video Ethan is taking down

Exactly. Ethan was getting off on Trisha exposing all her dirty laundry and keeping the cash flowing. He prided himself on H3 doing all the work to produce Frenemies yet they don't fact check shit, how's it only Trisha's fault? They're so disingenuous they don't care about any victims, they just want anything to invalidate her and secure their next episode title.

No. 1322630

I can't believe Ethan and Hila would publicly doubt Moses of being a possible rapist in front of millions. But hey, it's Trisha breaking their family up!

No. 1322632

Was a "false accusation" not made on his channel? Does H3 productions not have the final say on what gets published? Yes Ethan would be just as culpable legally. If he had a competent crew they'd put a bit of research in and cover their own backs. That's why the video got deleted and Ethan wants Trisha to go on a platform and take sole responsibility. He's such a weasel.

No. 1322634

Wonder how Mrs Hacmon's breakdown is going now fs

No. 1322636

Probably took the video down so the family couldn't strike it for slander or report it lol

No. 1322637

right lol, ppl hate one of the other so much they lose rationale

it was always dangerous af for her to put a private figure's name out there and instruct a large audience to find info on his crimes, then him, and then info on his friends and family etc, because that's how the internet works ??

that said, h3 screwed up royally by leaving it in, but removing it now and throwing it back to her court is not a bad way to remove some liability off their channel; surface level they winning the court of public opinion by saying they simply kept it in because they believed her. they are snakes for fuckin sure but they aren't nearly as dense or inept as trish in handling these matters

No. 1322639

Incel h3 fan way of thinking. You guys cannot imagine that someone doesnt agree with pornsick ethan and doormat hila. Believe it or not not everyone agrees with toddler ethan, especially considering how jealous and hateful he is. On any youtube channel that isnt H3 theres PLENTY of people criticizing ethan, you guys just dont see it because it IS a cult.

No. 1322641

Here is a video compiling Trisha’s breakdown of the day including the videos of her sobbing over the whole situation in case you didn’t catch them before she went private on Twitter.

No. 1322642

Not really. Trisha hasn't been disproven about her sexual trauma and she really doesn't owe a batshit insane subreddit answers. She's been in contact directly with the family and she's asked Ethan to stop namedropping her and moderate his subreddit.

The footarmy hive mind might be about point scoring and thinking you can drop and bury a topic when it no longer suits them, but the facts speak for themselves. The video came out months ago. Ethan and his crew didn't bleep the name or think it was a significant enough claim to fact check what was said.

Trisha goes on a keemstar podcast after Ethan had milked their fallout for months worth of content. Ethan seethes.

Two randoms accuse Moses of rape on the H3 subreddit. Now we have the current day and Ethan deleted that video. We might not even have the full story from Ethan he might have already seemed legal advice and been told to remove that video because he's a stupid irresponsible fuck. He's probably trembling because he's one strike away from losing his YouTube channel and the sponsors and money with it.

No. 1322643

You just know she wants to beat Hila up lol

No. 1322644

Any tl;dr?

No. 1322645

I would watch that
take note, ethan

No. 1322653

KEK she's really trying to do this stupid fake crying act like she always does. Love this milk

No. 1322655

At one point it seemed she was stifling a laugh lol

No. 1322656

File: 1631497145684.jpeg (127.47 KB, 947x2048, E_Hj920XsAkYFpC.jpeg)

No. 1322664

your icon is showing. are you a family vlogger or something lol

No. 1322665

I got it from Petty Paige's Twitter.

No. 1322667

You would think Hila would save some of her "alpha energy" for her hubby, but of course not. Good thing hila got exactly what she wanted, she got picked, and now shes carrying the baby of a man that swoons over a woman shoving a boiled egg up her vag and getting defecated on. What a prize. Im sure being his sidekick is super worth it, just to hear "hila doesnt play yall, she doesnt let me call her a bitch xD" after he made his dick numb and unusable squeezing the shit out of it watching belle delphine.

This is qween energy right here!

No. 1322668

She said she’s been in contact with the family, but…it’s Trisha. Highly doubt she has. If she had receipts defending her and her claim, they’d already have been blasted on her Twitter

No. 1322671

He is. Hes lucky that he convinced his fans he finds trisha gross.

This happy family thing is a lie. Its just about making money. They know their brand depends on their family image.

As soon as he they lose popularity he will be walking out.

No. 1322673

Yeah, they should’ve fact checked all her crazy claims and stories. But, at the end of the day, she was the one that started it by making the claim on a podcast watched by millions. In my opinion, she’s so used to lying/exaggerating/making whatever claims she wants without being challenged it’s become second nature to her now

No. 1322677

And you are basing any of this on…?

No. 1322680

The hours of evidence on the top rated H3 podcast show

No. 1322682

In a few years you will either open your eyes to all the red flags ethan has given his whole career or not. Maybe you will be one of the "omg i neeeeever saw it coming they were so perfect" people.

Ill say it again: Trisha read Ethan like a book.

No. 1322694

Ethan is not a good person. But Trisha is worse

No. 1322697

For literally what though? Everyone keeps saying she’s the worst person in the world but I’ve known of her content since around 2011 back from her trolling days and the dumb shit she’d say but that’s all it really was. Am I unaware of her ruining anyone’s life or assaulting someone?

No. 1322699

nta but please dont ask to be spoonfed. it's clear you are a trisha whitenight

No. 1322700

i can appreciate that trisha is really up front and obvious about being a dramatic troll, even admitting to getting high on meth and crashing into jason nash's house. ethan has to virtue signal and act like he's a good guy, meanwhile his incel fanbase is sending the cops to trisha's house and he turns a blind eye to it. at least you know what you're getting into when you engage with trisha paytas

i also think trisha did read ethan, but mainly because it takes one to know one.

No. 1322705

File: 1631502205063.png (313.25 KB, 640x787, kk7kd14pn6n71.png)

She just can't help herself.

No. 1322707

For a lot of people it doesn’t matter if Trisha is worse, the fact is Trisha’s awful shit is on her sleeve and she won’t pretend to be an angel, while Ethan puts up a front of being a socially progressive Youtube Good Guy while sneaking around behind the scenes to stop people from criticizing his gross behavior and piss poor attitude.

No. 1322711


No. 1322716

i know tuesday is only 2 days away but read the room donna

No. 1322717

The H3 incels can't help their newfaggotry

No. 1322719

He's clearly into skinny women. Trisha is physically not his type whatsoever. He had zero romantic chemistry with her. The chemistry between him and Hila is extremely authentic. I have no doubt Ethan is a manchild who Hila does all the work for but I don't believe he is a cheater or at the very least attracted to Trisha. It's pure tinfoil to think that.

No. 1322722

You are very naive. Men will talk shit about an overweight girl with their friends and go crawling to her right after. This type of shit happens all the time.

Id say the real tinfoil is that hes faithful, but ok. Believe the shaycarl fantasy.

No. 1322724

She outed her ex boyfriend as gay to her followers. Lied about monetizing her video in which she came out as transsexual. Hit Moses. And also tried to tell people Moses was talking to underage fans when they were in a fight. Among her more outlandish claims (maybe not all lies but…I don’t believe all of this is true) she said she escorted for Robin Williams, slept with an entire baseball team, was held at gunpoint in Mexico (her blogs from that trip are all “look what I ate”, “here’s what we did” type shit with no mention of this). And I can’t remember half the shit she did way back

No. 1322725

So he's simultaneously horny for Belle (and Hila, like he is AT LEAST sexually attracted to her) who are both skeletor flat chested women, but Trisha who is a BBW with J cup fake tits is the one he's so attracted to? Look how they interacted on Frenemies. There was zero romantic chemistry. You're seriously reaching. You can speculate all you want on how real Ethan and Hila's relationship is but there is seriously no indicators Ethan is attracted to Trisha in any way. Ethan is a misogynist who likes to pick on women who go against him, its as simple as that. Doesn't mean he wants to fuck them

No. 1322726

anon you fucking idiot ive been on lolcow for years and im not from the h3 subreddit. trisha's bpd fans post in here like her shit doesnt stink. gotta just accept this is milk all around, both ethan and trish getting their just desserts. we dont need to "b-but ethan real bad!!"

No. 1322727

And another thing that comes to mind is taking Moses’ keys and refusing to let Jason leave her apartment/trapping him in at one point. As well as stalking him and driving her car into his house while on meth.

No. 1322729

And lying about having schizophrenia, claiming to be a gay man in a woman’s body, claiming to have DID, lying about being sober, etc. which is all not terribly damaging, but how the hell can we believe a word she says?

No. 1322731

the bpd-chan femcels are coping hard about Trisha. at worst Ethan is a scheming manchild misogynist pig. Trisha is a full blown sociopathic liar who feels literally zero empathy about destroying peoples lives for no reason

No. 1322738

I get what you are saying but lets be real. The only similarity between hila and belle is that they are skinny. They are not the same type of girl at all. So this doenst prove hes not obsessed with trisha. Men will trash women all the time and sleep with them (especially ethan types). Ethan is creepily obsessed with any woman.

Him and hila do not have a real connection at all. Take away the money and the fame and ethans creepy ways would have taken over. He doesnt respect her at all. Its painful to watch her try to seem unbothered at him looking up any girl that calls in onlyfans page.

No. 1322739

Yup. And she’s been doing it for years and years. I’d really love to see someone do a full timeline and log all the lies/outlandish shit she’s claimed over the years. And she even admitted to being a compulsive liar as a child. She hasn’t changed

No. 1322742

And can anyone confirm she was on a wrestling team at her high school? That was one claim that seemed suspicious

No. 1322743

Everyone knew Sean was gay, people told her her whole relationship. The rest of everything besides domestic abuse is just her lying and trolling about her own life so why does it matter? I get not believing her but people are acting like she’s out here murdering people when really she’s just offending people. Also the Robin Williams escorting thing she said a long time ago in an old video before he was dead and the story was consistent I don’t understand why that is a bad thing on her it was her job. But again who’s lives did she ruin??

No. 1322745

you're projecting hard. Hila was with Ethan long before he had a penny to his name, she lived in poverty with him. He lived in poverty with her in Israel. I have no doubt he doesn't treat her as well as he should especially in the past but you are coping hard if you think there is zero love at all in their relationship. If Ethan is as shallow as you say then yes then Belle and Hila are going to be very similar from the neck down. They have similar body builds. If you're into Hila's body you'll most likely be into Belle's. I personally saw his "obsession" with Belle more of an obsession with the money she pulled in. He had an "obsession" with Filthy Frank in the pre podcast days for a similar reason. Did he want to fuck Joji too? Of course men will trash women and sleep with them but you've seen with your own eyes how he is around her. Everything about his body language and the way he spoke to her screamed platonic. Men will trash women they wanna fuck and they will especially trash women they do NOT want to fuck. He looked up that singular caller's OF page because she claimed she was a big time OF star so he'd want to take her call. I am not WK Ethan but you're reaching so far. If you held Trisha to these standards she'd still come out worse than Ethan!

No. 1322747

nta but it's not just lying and trolling about her own life once she started adding in actual people's real names. If they were fake names then fine it's trolling, but actual people who don't deserve her slandering them is too far. That is life ruining. Just because some of the people she talks about have died doesn't make it all fun and games. Anon do you have bpd? Because none of her behavior is acceptable here and only other bpd-chans seem to find it fine

No. 1322748

She defamed Robin Williams. She posted the video about it right after his death. Opportunistic. And she’s defaming this man she’s accusing of sexual assault. And we’re going to gloss over driving into an ex’s house while high on meth?

No. 1322751

You are almost getting it. She lived in poverty with him (according to you) and how does he repay her? By publicy humiliating her. Come on, you gotta be at least a little critical of him. Its obvious hes a married incel and completely pornsick. Do you think a man that has a deep authenthic connection to his wife lets someone call her a cunt? Get real. Even if he did it for the cash it just proves he doesnt really give a crap about her image, as long as she tells him she doesnt care, he doesnt mind trashing her.

You seem to think im defending trisha. Im not. All i said is that she knows his antics. Its interesting that the only comeback to ethans slimy ways is : "but trishas worse!"

No. 1322753

Do you believe Hila is a defenceless child who needed big Ethan to speak up for her? Did it occur to you that Hila didn't want Ethan to call Trisha out on what she said? Did it occur to you that Hila is as money hungry as Ethan and has as little problem degrading herself the way Ethan degrades himself? Why do you believe Hila is above him rather than sharing a lot of his traits therefore making them a good couple? Also remember Trisha is not "someone" its her fucking sister in law. If you were at a family gathering and your brother's fiance/wife called you a cunt what would you expect your husband to do about that exactly?! Especially if that woman had previously said in the same setting she knows ALL your family secrets and has a history of dropping peoples most private offline secrets to the world. Is there a single other example of Ethan "trashing" Hila or publicly humiliating her?

No. 1322755

Couldn’t the Trisha teacher situation be avoided if he cut out that part in Frenemies before Ethan uploaded. It was a dox and no research was involved. One less situation to worry about, I don’t get it.

No. 1322756

Think about how that would have went.
They film the episode -> Ethan censors/cuts the name -> Trisha has 3 video long breakdown about how she's being silenced while speaking out about her abuse and Ethan does not believe victims (the tactic she is using right now!)

Ethan most likely assumed Trisha would never, ever lie about something like that and to censor it was risking a huge backlash that Trisha would twist into Ethan being the big bad incel who discredits women

No. 1322757

So it’s someone else’s fault for not censoring something Trisha herself said? And yet she was angry when he supposedly cut something out? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation with her

No. 1322758

i must agree that ethan is a huge misogynist. most of ethan's youtube career talking about women has been "this woman is sexualizing herself, ew!" or "this woman is an annoying feminist". even when he's making fun of other men for being coomers he has to evoke sexual imagery toward women, like with the matt hoss video he was talking about hoss lubing a woman up with mayonnaise and sexually assaulting her. it's always been there.

i think he is faithful to hila and cares about her but its obvious he watches a ton of porn and feels weird about his wife being successful with her fashion brand (even if you don't like it, teddy fresh has been sold in malls across america) while views drop off on his podcast and most of his fans are cringey losers he doesn't want to interact with. he's just a misogynistic dude and uses his creative outlet as a way to be a coomer and berate women.

No. 1322763

there would have to be some actual weight behind what she does and says for it for be actually defaming and there’s just not lol nobody gives a fuck about what she said in passing besides some schizo redditors attempting to stir the pot and turn it into a thing

No. 1322767

Claiming someone hired you as an escort immediately after their death is definitely harmful to repetition. As is falsely tying someone’s name to sexual assault

No. 1322772

that's exactly how Trisha operates and its how all her bpd kinnies operate too

No. 1322774

She reached an audience of millions on frenemies

No. 1322776

what harm exactly did it do to robin williams reputation
nobody who matters actually knows about it or gives a fuck it was literally just another crazy trisha moment

No. 1322777

Your argument is that she can do and say whatever she wants because she’s crazy/an unreliable narrator? Accusations posted for millions to see have repercussions.

No. 1322780

hila said her mother was having an emotional breakdown, but i wonder what her and the rest of the family thinks. the family clearly dislikes ethan and as someone from a similar cultural background (arabic jews who now live in israel) i absolutely understand why.

ethan won't even pronounce his wife's name correctly. the "h" isn't silent and it's not even a hard name for an american to pronounce. he lived in israel for 5 years and didn't learn a word of hebrew (which he mentions hila's father was always upset about). in a sabbath evening meal vlog they post ethan seems miserable to be there, which is deeply culturally offensive. he seems to take absolutely no interest hila's culture; there is a vlog where they go to libyan jewish museum and ethan has no idea why they are there or that hila's family is from libya until she explains. then he walks around the museum giggling at the ethnic garb.

not to mention that hila's father literally tried to disown him for the 'shake that dick,' video.

tbh trisha has done a better job of learning about their partner's culture. her hebrew is improving, already way better than ethan's. i also found it really interesting how she mentioned she wouldn't reveal the contents of what donna texted ber, at one point mentioning the concept of the evil eye. the evil eye is something we take very seriously; all my friends of a similar background who follow this were horrified that donna would say something like that aloud, let alone publicly on a podcast and then mock the idea that one would be superstitious. i doubt hila cares but i bet her mother was furious. i don't think she would have came up with the 'evil eye' talking point herself

moses is a boy which already gives him an advantage in terms of getting away w shit a girl couldn't, especially since he's in 40s and has been married before. plus, he waited for his father to die to go after the ultimate shiksa. it's a pretty chauvinist society anyway. i can't see their family taking the vague SA allegations too seriously.

tldr; i should have saged but i wanted everyone to know that ethan doesn't even fucking pronounce his wife's name(learn2sage)

No. 1322783

Trisha fetishizes the culture. Trisha's entire being is a collection of things she's stolen from other people. She says herself Jews turn her on and that's why she gets into this shit. She turned up to some Jewish holiday family dinner in a fucking IDF uniform for fuck sake. Trisha has taken it upon herself to "learn" about not only Jewish culture, but schizophrenia culture, transexual culture, she literally larps as being other actual people. It's like saying Oli London is a good example of someone who respects Korean culture. Hila doesn't seem like she gives a shit about Syrian stuff so why should Ethan?

No. 1322784

The Donna texts have been released and there was no mention of an evil eye?

No. 1322785

nta but trisha mentioned the evil eye being the reason she didn’t want to reveal the texts, not that it was something donna mentioned. it’s a spiritual thing.

No. 1322786

It's pretty ironic that Donna tried to use Jewish culture to justify why she sent that message.

No. 1322790

File: 1631511502672.png (16.38 KB, 586x148, jwlk j239.png)

i didn't see anyone else post it so here's this tweet

No. 1322852

>The only similarity between hila and belle is that they are skinny. They are not the same type of girl at all. So this doenst prove hes not obsessed with trisha.
We know that he likes two skinny women, one of which is his wife, but has only mocked fat Trisha.
>Him and hila do not have a real connection at all.
Does he have a connection with Trisha?
Stop being such a femcel, seriously

No. 1322855

Oh shut the fuck up Trisha uses this omg muh family muh mental health me my cats Moses and everyone else are dying rn of pain argument constantly. You’re sucking so hard on Trisha’s tit you’re nitpicking a shit argument that mainly and firstly came from Trisha. Trisha said several times she has been raped, assaulted and molested not just by teachers but also her mom’s boyfriends and which that old hag admitted that one of her scrotes “was drunk and fell”into one of her daughters beds. Trisha exposed that her mom was a fucking shit parent and now it’s fucking everyone else’s fault. How the fuck is you mom crying bc of Reddit if it’s you that fucking went online and said your mother neglected you and put you in pedos way? And like Hila said welcome to the club, three whole families sinking because the braindead actions of two fatties and one horny hippie fuck. The way some of you losers in this thread have started making up these theories and assumptions about Hila to sperg about her for no reason is INSANE. She’s fucking boring, that’s not a crime. Some Anons actually act like they give a single shit about misogyny but want to make up things about a quiet woman and draw these massive conclusions bc they have this shaking need to shit on her for something. Hilas message makes perfect sense, it’s her own fucking brother that’s being accused of horrible shit all while she’s pregnant and her tard husband got them into a lawsuit. Her frustration at Trisha acting like the main character isn’t weird. Do I like her? Fuck no, she defended her gross brother when he was exposed for talking shit about Trisha, said oh you weren’t meant to see that as if that’s a good argument for why you shouldn’t be upset that your boyfriend is texting other girls about how smelly your vagina is. But in this moment, Hila is right. Get a fucking grip Trisha and Ethan as well, y’all created this stupid shit and ruined your families along the way, hope the money was worth it.

No. 1322858

It’s truly bizarre to see so many people in this thread (or maybe just one person lol) defending Trisha. “Trisha Paytas did nothing wrong” is the hill you want to die on. Ok.

No. 1322862

Wooooo this thread has some of you acting feral. At the end of the day it’s two tubtards with mental issues fighting. Sadly, one of them has a family.

No. 1322863

Retard army clearly invading the thread

No. 1322869

I really think it's just 1 or 2 bpd-chans in here fighting for their bpd queen to not have to take any accountability

No. 1322870


The mom is probably having a mental breakdown because Hila/Moses' mother hates Trisha. They're a conservative middle eastern family, it's not surprising. Didn't Ethan warn moses and trisha to not have Moses in her porn? Saying it'd only piss off hila/moses' family. I'm sure Trisha is probably adding fuel to whatever problems Moses has with the parents. But I think moses has been in her porn but hasn't shown his face lol but who knows what the parents know now

No. 1322873

Lol imagine taking her story time of fucking the baseball team as a reason Trisha is nasty. You guys sound about 12.

Ethan is horny for cam girls. Even his dad is. Even his dad subscribed to Trisha only fans. There was so much chemistry between ethan and trisha on frenemies and towards the end it seemed even trisha was getting creeped out by Ethan's blatant crushing. No wonder Hila was so jealous.

Then Ethan shouldn't have platformed her ridiculous accusations and his faggy little researcher AB should have done his job and due diligence to see if there was weight behind what Trisha said. H3 productions being sloppy and lazy as usual, wbk.

Hila has two other brothers. I wonder how they feel about Ethan calling their brother a rapist? Poor Hila. Ethan is completely dragging her family for his millions of fans. Is this some twisted way for him to cope with the fact everyone thinks he's dad is a creep and going to cheat on his spastic mom?

No. 1322876

The way ethan and Hila got swatted the H3 fandom contacted the police about the step dad story and they went to her mom's house. The footarmy are unhinged. I hope ethan ends up losing sponsors because of his mental fans, the same way he is culpable for releasing a name on his platform and having his fans months later harass someone over some petty interbet drama he's also liable for when his fans start doxxing and harassing others. Surprised the fat cunt was able to stop trembling to tweet out to his fans to chill and stop harassing people. Literally no one likes the foot army.

No. 1322889

File: 1631527895262.gif (3.37 MB, 630x385, 551e9f20eab8ea2936a43755.gif)

> There was so much chemistry between ethan and trisha on frenemies and towards the end it seemed even trisha was getting creeped out by Ethan's blatant crushing. No wonder Hila was so jealous.

No. 1322897

That anon is so delusional it’s unreal

No. 1322898

reminder that Trisha is just an average scrote worshipping attention whore AND theyby. no need to suck on her tits

No. 1322902

I think it’s actually because Moses is being accused of rape and stuff. I’m sure they don’t like Trisha but he has his own shit and is clearly not a good person and has been hiding a lot from his family.

For real, the delusion is strong.

No. 1322951

Trisha is the one who said the name. That’s on her.

No. 1322952

You can’t be angry at other people for not censoring something you say. That’s ridiculous. She clearly wanted it aired when she said it. It’s on her tik tok as well, so it really is her fault

No. 1322958

Not really. Ethan manages the content on his channel. The accusations came from his platform. He's not a journalist doing an interview of Trisha. They were cohosts and it was his production company that edited and published the clips. Legally he would have just as much culpability. That's why he removed the video because if the video was reported for slander his channel would get the strike because it's his content. H3 incels are retarded if they don't understand that.

No. 1322961

From what I remember some girl posted a video of Sean at a gay club dancing with another guy and that’s how Trisha found out, so she didn’t out him. Plus, people were saying that the whole relationship was fake because he was gay, i don’t remember him really being in the closet.

No. 1322962

>H3 incels
nta but you're sounding more like a stan if you don't think Trisha is responsible for the things that come out of her mouth. She's already thrown fits for having the things she said excluded. This mess is her fault, and the H3 Redditors are just making it worse.

No. 1322971

That podcast was not the first time she talked about him. She made allegations on multiple platforms over the years against multiple teachers. Although I agree H3 should not have published the name, it’s disingenuous to act like they are in the same realm. They just aren’t. Like the others said, you can’t get mad at them for publishing something YOU said and I assume approved since it was on the channel until last week.

I want Shane to come back with tea against Trisha since she supposedly told him all about her trauma and he has openly said she’s a liar. Ryland, now is the time for your podcast to get some views.

No. 1322984

Ahh yes let’s replatform Shane because he wasn’t a liar too and made up lies about thinking kids were hot, telling Gabbie she had herpes to start all that drama and sexually abusing animals or maybe he actually did, like he actually kissed 12 year olds without consent and asked them to twerk in videos for him and other creep shit just because lied about who actually sexually assaulted her

No. 1322991

File: 1631545941659.gif (1.1 MB, 300x226, no.gif)

>I want Shane to come back

No. 1323005

Ethan/H3 is definitely open to legal repercussions, but Trisha is the one most to blame for what’s happening. Let’s not forget it’s on her tik tok too

No. 1323010

File: 1631547130690.png (73.59 KB, 732x351, mysterious.png)

An hour after Mysterious' tweets were posted itt >>1321351, this appeared in her subreddit.

No. 1323018

No one harassed the old man until H3 incels needed a new hate campaign to rally against. Where was the outcry months ago or years ago if she said it then? The whole thing is a complete farce. H3 incels just can't get it through their thick skulls that is their fandom causing misery to everyone. They cap for an extremely ugly manlet. They need to assess why they're such losers lol.

And now you want a pedo like Shane to come back? You're just adding weight to my tinfoil he's tea spill or mysterious tea lmao. Him and Jeffree have been outted for having drama channels on their payroll and since the fat ugly fuck can't appear in a video without getting trashed I wouldn't be surprised he's resorted to drama channels. Shit wasn't there a tinfoil Ryland's sister was one of the drama channels lol. This tinfoil runs deep fam.

No. 1323076

Wait, so Trisha the porn star isn't a coomer? Ok.

No. 1323082

nah she's just fucking nuts. Hila talks about evil eyes and the significance of them at the very end of the bella poarch h3 podcast. trisha is like a sponge that just absorbs random shit from everyone around her and probably picked it up from that/he weird "idolizing hila sometimes" thing

No. 1323085

Lol sounds like she was taking the piss out of hila in her breakdown even referencing the shaking.

Trisha is definitely more intelligent than Ethan.

No. 1323102

File: 1631553652588.png (751.17 KB, 1381x690, treshan.png)

trisha and ethan are both retarded in their own special ways. it's a bit more annoying with ethan because he pretends to be on a moral pedestal because of their delusional h3 subreddit. all of the people involved are idiots for letting such a small altercation snowball into this big family-destroying mess.

No. 1323109

Trisha stans and Ethan stans are annoying in equal measure. Can we just agree that everyone involved in this situation is equally fucking dysfunctional (and that includes Moses and Hila).

No. 1323114

File: 1631554784385.jpg (38.86 KB, 640x1182, HAHWU8K.jpg)


Seems like the other brother is following closely and liking tea channel posts about it

No. 1323118

Lol not this shit again. Ethan is the worst, what's his excuse for being porn sick and disresptful to his wife?? And not moderating his queer subreddit and being a hypocritical douche?!

No. 1323119

Kek wonder if he meant too. I thought it was known the brothers never liked Ethan

No. 1323120

He liked this tweet >>1322790

No. 1323122

Well that at least makes sense all the issues have been because of how Ethan uses his fandom.

No. 1323126

You mean Sean? If you didn't know he was gay the entire time, I'm not really sure what to tell you. I don't think they were even together, I'm pretty sure he was just a dance partner/coach and it made for a funny joke that she was oblivious to her "boyfriend" being a raging fag. Like, what evidence do you actually have that they were in a relationship beyond a few staged photos and Q&A videos? lmao

No. 1323131

Maybe, but it’s a minor issue on a much bigger list. Hitting Moses and wrecking her car into Jason’s house were some of the worst things

No. 1323149

File: 1631557962096.jpg (26.88 KB, 480x360, LIJimrw5nDgZdvuK1R6BU2N2itGldb…)

She also talked sexually and tugged at the underwear of a teenager in one of Shane's videos. They're both insufferable, morally grandstanding hypocrites who thrive in drama. They were really, truly made for each other.

No. 1323152

You guys are mad at me for joking that Shane should come back and destroy Trisha but I just think it would be funny. Trisha got away with bullshit like this >>1323149 for some reason (because she’s a woman and played the victim). She did pedo shit too. I don’t care about either of these people and they aren’t real to me, I just think it would be fun to watch.

No. 1323154

kek anons up thread talking about Trisha having no personality of her own and just ripping off other peoples personality traits makes this fucking hilarious because she's doing this shit while sitting next to Shane. hmmm

No. 1323156

What the actual fuck has Ethan's father being horny for cam girls got to do with Ethan? Are you saying people inherit porn preferences from their parents? Girl touch grass and take your bpd meds. You sound as fucking retarded as Trisha saying that shit about Ethan wanting to fuck her. Trisha truly believes every man wants to fuck her and you seem to believe that too. You might want to fuck Trisha but plenty of people and yes, even men, do not. Ethan's dad cheated on Donna, he clearly isn't that into her and is with her purely cus they had kids and probably for money too. Has nothing to do with Ethan

No. 1323158

the most braindead take. Why is trisha so porn sick and disrespectful to moses?

No. 1323160

How is he porn sick when his dick doesn't even work anymore lmao? When has he ever been disrespectful to his wife? You Trisha stans keep saying this over and over but none of you can give me an example. Trisha is as porn sick as they come, she literally filmed herself jerking off to the H3 podcast. She continues to shoot porn of herself and show her body for the world to see despite Moses' background not allowing for it. how is THAT not disrespectful?

No. 1323171

>How is he porn sick when his dick doesn't even work anymore lmao?
If MtFs can manage to be porn sick degenerates with an axe wound, I am sure Ethan can do the same with a broken penis.

No. 1323172

Trisha also did porn with a rapist after fully knowing of everyone warning her against making content with him. But hey that’s how she got so rich so it’s fine but when it doesn’t benefit her and can screw over people who wronged her like David it’s all about believing the victim and exposing men. Just like how she defended shane until it put her status on frenemies in jeopardy and she had to play dumb saying she never knew what he did. She has no moral compass unless it can benefit her.

No. 1323173

It wouldn't be funny though because Shane was never funny. He's just a pedo with a queer voice and body issues. It wouldn't be funny.

Yeah but that's between her and two douchebags she is dating. Trisha doesn't harass her fans, isn't inappropriate with them and doesn't get them to orchestrate hate campaigns again members of the public. She's very tame compared to what manlets like Ethan and Dobrik do.

Because she is a victim of the patriarchy.

Oh honey. How is he not porn sick. Did you miss the various segments of him obsessing over barely legal Belle Delphine and buying her spit.

Trisha is overtly sexual and Ethan is a coomer. He was crushing on her hard by the end of Frenemies and only delusional retards can't see it. Trisha doesn't make millions on onlyfans for not being desirable. Especially to a fat fuck like Ethan. She played him like a fool calling him skinny. He was probably dying to have sex with her. She'd be way more fun to have sex with than emotionless Hila who didn't even act human giving birth to Teddy. Could you imagine how dull their sex life is. No wonder he stays on his meds, home boy probably has such a boring sex life. Probably why he's so jealous Moses got to fuck H3 fans. Ethan probably wishes he could but he knows H3 fans have too big of a mouth to ever have an affair with. Sad.

No. 1323175

Ethan's friends with rapists. Your man Bobby Lee and Mac Demarco has way worse allegations against him than the two spastics accusing Moses of stealthing him and have since stated they don't want to talk about it anymore. Even with all the support of the foot soldiers they're backing down. Seems they can't keep on top of their bullshit lies and it's all unravelling. Pathetic.

No. 1323177

I love that you guys think that anyone dares to criticize ethan is a trisha stan. Trisha is a fucking trainwreck and a horrible person. That doesnt mean people cant criticize ethan. Hes a trainwreck too. Its clear that the foot funguses and the overweight pickme h3 fans arrived.

There is no point in telling you guys "how he disrespects hila" because you guys are blind to it. Theres hours of footage of it, how about you go look for it?

I cant wait to see the h3 stans looking stupid when ethan is exposed or inevitably cheats on hila.

No. 1323179

I would love to see some proof that the police actually contacted her mom and went to her house. She's also claimed stalkers have shown up to her house before. I don't believe any of her claims like that considering she lies about everything under the sun.

No. 1323180

I laughed out loud when I clicked, that's exactly what it is. The gasping and 'ple-hee-heese' to work herself up even more, give me a break. If anyone has had a Cluster B family member they'd recognize this anywhere, BPD is wild lmao

No. 1323181

File: 1631561200066.jpg (324.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210913-202615.jpg)

H3 incels love to have cognitive dissonance to the losers Ethan platforms and is friends with. Raping a 12 year old prostitute. What great company to keep.

No. 1323185

Lmao seeing ethan believing trisha when she said he was a 10/10 was probably the funniest thing that ever happened in that boring podcast. The cherry on the top was hila acting jealous over him and acting like she was about to fight trisha… I know trisha went home and laughed about that hahaha. They are so naive to trishas trolling (because ethan actually believes in trishas dumb act and hila believes she has the "alpha energy" despite being a doormat).

No. 1323188

I agree. I never implied that Ethan and his friends weren’t problematic I can’t stand him either, it’s not a contest between who is worst.

No. 1323204

>shame, shame on you, I am trembling with shame
It’s taken eternity for women to be able to speak up about sexual assault and there is a procedure to it, and that it should be brought online for specific reasons. Moses did handle it privately for a long time, and is not threatening her in any way. I can understand listening to them obviously, but there’s no risk assessment that makes this make sense. This isn’t the same as James Charles or Jake Paul. It’s not that she’s necessarily lying, it’s that this isn’t the right way to deal with it and exploiting his person who is unstable from possible sexual trauma is not the right thing to do at all. Her speaking on her Instagram is one thing, giving her the entire h3 platform is insane and will only make her recovery worse because this isn’t even real support. Ethan is such a fucking hypocrite and has had SO MANY rape culture takes, he is the last person who should be acting like he’s now the gatekeeper of sexual trauma. Trisha had to educate him during their show, and even though she’s hyper sexual which is common after sexual abuse, she does know what she’s talking about and has experience. Ethan made a puppet out of another old man to fuck on camera, and only came after James Charles because of a stupid colorblock hoodie. He’s just objectifying someone for his own agenda and blowing her the fuck up when she doesn’t even know what to ask for out of this. This has nothing to do with her safety or dignity, it’s the opposite and doing this without knowing she’s in therapy is such a fucking dangerous thing for him to do. He has no understanding of the psychology of sexual abuse and shames women who have actually survived it and expects them to explain it to him perfectly as if the trauma wouldn’t make that a little difficult, and it’s their job because he’s forcing them to.

No. 1323207

Ethan needs to keep the same energy for child prostitute raping Bobby Lee, same with his loser foot army. Bobby Lee admitted to it! So when are the foot soldiers emailing everyone associated with Bobby about his rape? Where's the emails to H3 for platforming a rapist? Won't somebody please think of the children!!

No. 1323208

Her job is online and has been for over a decade that’s how she has her mansions you fucking idiot. She shouldn’t lose days of work because incels can’t stop harassing her while blaming her for it. She didn’t create this and you need to stop blaming Trisha for what Ethan creates and allows. I don’t think anyone cares about Trisha, that’s how bad these people are acting.

No. 1323209

H3 incels are so use to their playground on reddit literally everything in their warped minds is either a downvote or an up vote. It's all entirely about point scoring until their faggot leader Ethan is catching heat and then they want to talk about they're both equally bad in this instance!! Just say Trisha is also bad! I need this verified because I can't downvote on lolcow reeeeee

No. 1323210

damn we cant even talk about current milk in here without "but ___ is so much worse because of this!!"

No. 1323211

Unironically I truly fucking wish. They could be ruining the lives of actual full on admitted child rapists and they don’t, just mentally ill women that have likely been sexually abused. They’re admitting they relate more to rapists than women, and so are the women that are part of this. He did it for the victims of James Charles, but they’re boys and a hoodie design was involved.

No. 1323215

File: 1631563487284.jpg (344.01 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20210913_210433.jpg)

So gross. Ethan needs to address this

No. 1323220

That’s because you’re autistic and can’t understand sarcasm and think anyone expressing an emotion is your abusive cluster b family member, because you also can’t differentiate people, their experiences, or that the source of their emotions can be other people’s abuse because you are mentally isolated. Women get stalked all the time and you probably read comments from the people that do it and want to cover for them because to you that’s the closest thing to positive male socialization you’ve ever had.

No. 1323223

Honestly that's why I'm so shocked H3 fans are going so hard against Moses. I wouldn't be surprised if so many of the H3 incels have committed actual rape and assault. Probably why talking about the "rape" on H3 is met with decrys by the male members. They know they've done worth. It's the same energy for the wankers that defended Dobrik and Dom.

There's even now a second frenemies sub because they're starting to moderate and apparently need to be able to freely orchestrate further hate campaigns. Wouldn't be surprised if there are dobrik fans masquerading as foot soldiers just to "take down Trisha".

It's literally just a bunch of moids and pickmes. They're even spamming the H3 sub with photos of their pets so they look wholesome. They think people have terrible memories. It's literally a game to them, what can they get trending on their sub today. If ethan was a competent content creator he wouldn't be missing a week of work he would be able to change the subject since he himself is getting in hot water. For the hundreds of unhinged H3 fans I hope there's dedicated trisha stans just waiting to be able to flag the H3 channel and get it taken down. If they want to play army so bad lol

No. 1323224

i wanted to say this yesterday but was worried people would keep sperging anyway. ethan and trisha are both shitheads. trisha is up front about it and ethan prefers to hide his scumminess. they both suck. this is their thread, they are in this together. let's talk about both of them and agree to disagree about who is morally worse, this is a fucking gossip website we're all here for the garbage

No. 1323231

Thats what happens to anyone that looks at ethan wrong. He had no remorse or forgiveness for his dad over the stupidest things. Its not even about the supposed cheating, but little things his dad did when he was a kid still make him irrationally upset wich usually ends up with a tantrum. I dont believe he cares about the allegations against his brother in law at all - hes only against Moses because its clear now that Moses dislikes him and talks smack about him.

This man is disturbing. You can tell his fans are very naive and have no life experience (this explains their fairytale view of their disturbing marriage). Ethan blames his parents for his eating habits at his age, for gods sake. Theres something seriously wrong with him.

His hate boner for women is not normal either. The way he talked about so many peoples vaginas being stretched out is embarassing. He implies pretty women cant be virgins (all projection because hes an uggo). Talks about fat women despite being a fatso (because only man can be fat). And ontop of all, he is always simping and excited over 18 year olds, and acts like he cares that Keemstar was with an 18 year old, as if its a big moral issue for him. Its pure jealously and his fans are either autistic, naive or simply stupid. It being right or wrong doesnt matter, the point is that ethan only cares because he hates keemstar and is jealous. He clapped when boogie said he was fucking girls under 21 years old.

Cant wait for trisha to expose him in a few months.

No. 1323232


i noticed this and its so annoying holy shit. can everyone stop the pissing contest and also just ignore stupid comments about "why is everyone here a trisha a stan reeee" its not a good take & its shitting up the thread

my guess is she does this stuff bc shes lacking attention from her husband lmao

also i find it hilarious how ethan and hila act like they have the moral highground all the time no matter how wrong or hypocritical they are. they thought they were so righteous when they "PUNK'D" steven crowder (hid from debate because ethan acts like he actually knows things when he cant explain when its time to) and joked about him having his dad on his show time-to-time when he had to resort to families because frenemies blew over and has only maintained relevancy up till now because family drama lmao

No. 1323235

Literally nothing is stopping you fruits from discussing the milk. You're adding nothing.

Exactly. And now Ethan is calling Moses a rapist and states he doesn't believe Trisha is a victim or sexual assault yet he brags about being friends with a guy who has admitted to paying for sex with a 12 year old. Mental

No. 1323250

File: 1631567431369.jpeg (241.15 KB, 1564x1690, 08B3E4FC-2A1B-4491-861C-9890BE…)

Ethan is seriously ballooning up, obesity saga when

No. 1323257

… he already has been obese for years anon

No. 1323266

weve been in the obesity saga for awhile but if you mean the morbid obesity amberlynn kind of obesity… i give it 5 years after he stops doing youtube/the podcast

No. 1323271

When Trisha's stans still overlook all her lies and contradictions but are here giving their full attention to…. A comparison of Shrek & Ethan.. wow

No. 1323279

are you mad

No. 1323281

its two replies to the most recent post in the thread, visible from the board itself. calm down. maybe you would feel more at home on the subreddit r/h3h3productions?
usually police have a website where you can see what calls they respond to and where, at least in my state. i don't know if that's a thing in CA though. i tried to find it but the website for the police in trisha's area is pretty much unusable. in my opinion though, it's not necessary. ethan gets the cops called on him all the time and no one is asking for proof there.

No. 1323290


Are you mad cuz people are calling daddy fat like he does to everybody else? Aww. I thought the foot soldiers were tough little men that could take jokes.

No. 1323291

when random faggots can't even sage their complaints

No. 1323297

>He was probably dying to have sex with her. She'd be way more fun to have sex with than emotionless Hila who didn't even act human giving birth to Teddy. Could you imagine how dull their sex life is. No wonder he stays on his meds, home boy probably has such a boring sex life.
Maybe if you say it enough times anon it will be true kek
Betting you’re a fat narc like Trisha who thinks everyone wants to fuck them. Not sure why you’re so obsessed with this point anyway. You’ve mentioned it about 20 times.

No. 1323303

It is true to anyone that knows how incels act. Ofc incels cant see this type of thing. Ethan is clearly sexually frustrated. His dick doesnt work, he got an ed from porn, and he throws jabs at hila about how they dont have sex enough in the pod before. You guys just delete all of this from your mind.

Trisha is right, people either want to fuck her or want to be her. She can get a fuck every night from a different guy if she wants to (which i know will be hard for the incel minds to grasp). Ethan wishes he could get that.

No. 1323316

He's got a soft dick because of his anti-depressants, not porn. He said it on the podcast and it is a common side effect for both men and women. No need to make up weird ass headcanon when there are plenty of actual things to dislike about him (like being friends with a child rapist)

No. 1323317

i think the main thing is that trisha is an actual minor celebrity while ethan is just “the guy from h3” that nobody knows besides people that watch youtube a lot (pre-frenemies, anyway). i’m sure his ego has gotten super inflated by feeling like he’s pulling one over on someone that’s been significantly more successful than him (her controversies aside).

No. 1323346

File: 1631575397341.jpeg (239.49 KB, 1170x1983, F8A00047-6D4C-4E37-AD74-EAFC06…)

Someone on Lolcow is sperging on H3 subreddit. There was 20+ animal “palate cleanser” posts after this one.

No. 1323359

Lmao wow “it can’t be true! Even though he said it from his own mouth it was taken out of context! Anyone friends with Ethan can’t be bad!”

No. 1323360

and you’re giving the retard more attention here because?

No. 1323371

I’m pretty sure that post has already been removed I can’t find it, it seems like the mods do actually remove things if it’s not benefiting them

No. 1323373

I see over a few replies. I think you gotta be subbed to the subreddit to see it. The user is spamming comments on other post

No. 1323378

Do you watch the podcast or do you just jerk off imagining the podcast

No. 1323382

Hope ethan does address it. He's capping pretty hard calling Moses a rapist and Bobby Lee has confirmed himself paying to fuck a 12 year old in Tijunana. Disgusting.

No. 1323403

The h3h3 subreddit user kept spamming links to the Bobby video. It looks like the fans are ignoring and say so what?! I don’t get how users can ignore It. But they user is a bit psycho

No. 1323420

Me too. Also, Trisha went on his podcast (TigerBelly) so she should also address why she’s collaborating with a child rapist

No. 1323422

Bobby needs to be put on blast for real. At least Trisha isn't his friend. Phew.

No. 1323483

Does anyone know of any news regarding triller suing h3? Is that still ongoing or has it been dropped? Any updates? I hope greasy Ethan gets sued.

No. 1323490

File: 1631588853115.jpg (219.61 KB, 1034x567, Screenshot_20210914-035456_Chr…)

I was browsing that trashcan of a forum gg and pic rel
>"Trisha is demonic, she needs an exorcism! She is worse than Ted Bundy."
>Trisha is worse than Ted Bundy, a serial killer scrote who kidnapped, raped and murdered 30 young women
>She bullied an ugly TiM, she was mean to a tranny! She's such a monster guiz!

The absolute state of gg posters jfc I hope the fucking retard who posted this gets set on fire and hit by a bus at the same time. Fucking retarded handmaiden, despicable.

No. 1323502

Still ongoing. Ethan announced last week that his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss.

No. 1323508

>Just go outside. Close your eyes.
They are harassing uninvolved parties like her family and Moses' ex-wives, contacting her sponsors and making calls to Moses' employers.

No. 1323510

He said that women get soft dicks because of anti-depressants?

No. 1323513

Some people just really hate liars.

No. 1323518

File: 1631593307545.jpeg (147.21 KB, 828x1792, yeh4rhcendn71.jpeg)

Other former students from Byron are talking about Trisha's teacher and confirming that he was fired for watching child pornography in class.

No. 1323522

File: 1631593384267.jpeg (133.77 KB, 828x1792, e80bygcendn71.jpeg)

No. 1323524

Knowing Trisha, it sounds like she embellished/capitalized on a rumor…

No. 1323528

File: 1631594206933.jpeg (74.68 KB, 960x960, e9ojrdgshdn71.jpeg)

A woman confirmed that he was caught with child pornography and said that he was handsy with girls. The foot soldiers then called her a liar and harassed her until she privated her account.

No. 1323529

in some episodes he was saying the word ''boobies'' alot. In other when they were talking about pregnancy, he was very enthusiastic about Hilas boobs growing. He also said one of his childhood movie crushes was Jessica Rabbit. I think he likes curvy women too. Also he watches amouranth from time to time on live.

No. 1323546

File: 1631596259055.png (224.53 KB, 640x1027, 65ubems06dn71.png)

Ethan is shaking with shame, while loving that the tea channels are milking his family drama.

No. 1323550

File: 1631596758450.png (716.4 KB, 1946x1081, 8hZ9Utu.png)

No. 1323553

File: 1631597199805.png (166.49 KB, 624x699, DPDvEi7.png)

her twitter is private now

No. 1323554

Right. Ntayrt but watching frenemies he did seem a little into Trisha. Most men have the ability to be attracted to different types of women, I don’t see what’s so outlandish that he’d find her a little attractive when decked out in porn makeup and showing cleav. I think the anon was right who said Trisha is sexual and crazy, opposite to Hila, and Ethan was excited by that

No. 1323585

Can you femcels stop already? There’s milk and drama, why the fuck are you so interested in speculating in what Ethan wants to put his dick in? I truly can’t wrap my head around what’s up with you anons. Since the thread started there’s either two or more that just can’t drop it or keep your horny tinfoil to yourself. He did not seem into Trisha, he was nice, probably exploitative and a drama whore who finally could let it out and be trashy while hiding behind Trisha. But he liked this one character and was into his wife while she was pregnant and her changing body that proves it he wants to bang Trisha. With how hard some of you ride for this theory it almost makes me want to hi cow bc it’s the exact same tard points Trisha used to push about how Ethan and every living creature either wants to be her or fuck her.

No. 1323586

Before we jump to conclusions:
If she was a victim of this teacher; why didn't her father, the chief of police, do something to protect his daughter and other children?(learn2sage)

No. 1323590

If you couldn’t tell Ethan has some kind of attraction toward Trisha then you’re the femcel, it was pretty obvious. Maybe you’re autistic

No. 1323600

Lol that’s just sad. Hope you get laid soon, nonnie. Must be hard being that horny you’re projecting on two pigs gossiping about drama and ruining their family lives in the process.

While everyone argued about who saved who’s reputation or channels it has come full around to them both having their shit tarnished. Moses is accused of rape, Trisha accused of bunch of shit, Ethan is getting sued and fully known now for being a exploitative drama whore with no morals or boundaries, Trisha’s mom exposed for being neglectful and putting her kids in danger, Ethan’s mom is also drama obsessed, ethan’s dad is a coomer, Trisha’s sister got dragged for being either stupid or purposely lying, Hila is getting more shit for enabling this stupidity and all families involved have had some of their family’s dirty laundry just aired out for everyone to see. In the end… what was all of this for? Taking down shitty youtubers that were already dying or going down? They already had money and a solid fan base, so I can’t imagine that gain was enough to justify all this. It gives me some form of sick joy seeing these gross losers who managed to milk out some fame of their mediocrity push it too far and in turn start losing it all. We need some new entertainers and youtubers, these washed up trainwrecks have nothing more to offer anymore. Just scandals and low value nostalgia.

No. 1323601

Bruh what kind of a fucking question is that, are you male or retarded? My dad bought my rapist a car and made me stay quiet in court or he’d kick me out. Men generally do not care about rape. Sage for blog, but seriously, stop with the retarded tinfoil bullshit.

No. 1323602

in trisha's new YT video she has a plastic toy doll covered in glitter and she's bounding it around on her hip as if it's a newborn lmfao. she also has comments disabled

No. 1323603

>you’re projecting on two pigs
this entire thread in a nutshell

No. 1323605

Shut the fuck up

No. 1323606

Shut the fuck up you fucking retard(infighting)

No. 1323609

Why are you so angry? Jesus. You’re acting like you have personal stake in this

No. 1323611

The anon trying so hard to prove Ethan doesn’t want to fuck trish. Who the fuck cares? Do you want to fuck piggy mcfat? I’m not saying Ethan wants to fuck trish, but there was def attraction and curiosity. He was curious for someone that’s total opposite of his wife. Trish is so open about stuff and sex, Ethan is a coom and likes that, for example the belle delphine pod

No. 1323619

File: 1631606042169.jpeg (310.43 KB, 731x1153, 61E5A231-EF73-44A0-9B1C-5470AE…)

So apparently Trisha made Moses sign an NDA

No. 1323622

>in youtube you gotta adapt
it almost sounds like a parody of ethan's leafy rant

No. 1323623

it is such a blessing she isnt able to have children

No. 1323624

That person is blatantly falseflagging and has like ten of you reeled in and replying.

No. 1323632

ethan wants big stinky smooches from trisha and would sign the nda no questions asked if he could put his face in the fraternal twins on her chest

No. 1323640

Fraternal? Is one of her tits bigger or something?

No. 1323647

yeah she talks about it on frenemies

No. 1323663

>piggy mcfat

There were 2 known teachers to students in my school that were handsy and inappropriate with students and only one got sacked later. None of it ever made it to the local papers let alone national. Hope ethan is trembling with guilt the hypocritical fat cunt! Every time he tries to discredit Trisha he just comes off even more unhinged and desperate. Just say you can't handle the fallout with her because you're in love with her and go stress your pregnant wife out more, wbk!

No. 1323679

imo all this shit is just manufactured drama to keep H3H3's gravy train running

No. 1323711

looool bobby lee never even denies this event and everyone knows bobby lee is a degenerate with major issues. Not that it's ok but it's not even a skeleton in the closet

No. 1323722

Just shows that Ethan and his fans are full of shit and are sexist cunts. Wbk sis!

No. 1323808

File: 1631627378565.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 574.5 KB, 800x1283, 2897A476-4635-47E9-9A06-F6CC32…)

Her tits are super botched including some curiously placed nips.

No. 1323872

Any new milk or people coming forward about the teacher rumors? The fighting about who is worse is boring.

No. 1323879

Lurk moar newfag

No. 1323933

File: 1631636372693.jpeg (28.21 KB, 250x222, 4A1C992D-013E-43D5-8E3D-924E81…)

No. 1323935

File: 1631636552575.png (18.48 KB, 594x130, 5EfHz1D.png)

are you new? it's been known for years that trisha's multiple boob jobs were botched.

trisha likes the tweet in the pic, maybe she's not posting because she's preparing her own rebuttal?

No. 1323959

Ms going all out on the Kleins, good for him

No. 1324061

File: 1631643709283.jpeg (339.33 KB, 750x962, A90468B5-4BC8-486E-951C-CCD3D4…)

So I guess now Ethan is saying RIP to some dead guy who got caught sexting a minors just to get back at keem who called the guy out on it. The age difference is around James Charles’ minor sexy victims so I see some people trying to call out the hypocrisy

No. 1324063

hilarious he says this when he was also trashing trisha. hes a slimey hypocrite

No. 1324067

Why can’t Ethan shut his mouth? Fans can’t use the excuse “well he didn’t know.” He fucking knows and didn’t have to tweet this. He should have took a week off of social media for his “mental health.” Pork butt needs to be stopped

No. 1324068

File: 1631644080568.jpeg (24.47 KB, 547x266, B855BDA6-31A6-44D5-AD89-DFB48F…)

sext* my autocorrect holy shit, anyway this person was actually convicted for it so it’s kind of crazy after his whole crusade on James

No. 1324070

Exactly, he knows. Ethan is the lowest. He doesnt care about anything but destroying people that cross him. Its always about something else with him.

His fans always have an excuse ready so he doesnt even have to worry about being a piece of shit. Im tired of hearing "he didnt know!!" Or "he changed"

Trashy fatso

No. 1324076

His crusade on James was purely about a stupid hoodie design. It was embarrassing because James flat out said his design team took inspiration from Nike and upcoming trends like all designers and creators do, and he just gave the green light. If someone else is also on that trend he’s really not responsible for bending to their will. All Ethan cares about is bullying people into doing what he wants because the only people who like him are other incels who need a gang to be a part of, and fucking no one wants to deal with that.

With him saying this about that person it’s pretty clear how toxic he is.

No. 1324090

It really was. Plus, he acts like that color block hoodie is a groundbreaking new design. Its not. I saw people in the h3 subreddit claiming other brands copied them because they had a sunflower design with the exact same print. Then I found the exact same print of the teddy fresh sunflower in an aliexpress hoodie that was posted a whole year early. They are completely delusional and ethan is a toddler.

Its also interesting that shrek didnt go after boogie for fucking 18 year olds. Its all about what benefits him.

No. 1324110

He's got an incredibly fragile ego.

He doesn't care about victims it's just about who pisses him off. And it's so stupid how mad he is about the hoodie, Hila rips off designs all the time.

No. 1324122

H3 fans who assume it’s Trisha every time someone calls out Ethan or disagrees. Imagine being obsessed with not only one feral fatty but two?!

No. 1324128

No. 1324136

File: 1631649772607.png (48.88 KB, 619x339, IgHMVOm.png)

No. 1324139

who cares what this incel pedo loser says about anyone? when did we start giving a fuck about what cuntstar says?

No. 1324146

When it's directly related to what's being discussed

No. 1324150

Might’ve been prevented if she had gotten treatment for her obvious eating disorder or wasn’t married to a perverted old geezer

No. 1324159

I hope this pisses Ethan off enough to bait him to talk about it. With him saying he believes Moses is a rapist, trembling and shaking about Trish 'lying' about the teacher while also ignoring the Bobby Lee shit and now people like Keem talking how she might be telling the truth I can't fucking wait to see his reaction. Trish had a mental breakdown on Twitter and everyone was laughing because they thought she was lying but now Ethan will look like a fucking heartless asshole who throws his 'family' under the bus at the drop of a hat. Still can't believe they blamed Trish and Moses solely for the breakdown of the family when he and Hila are just as responsible. All four of them are trash but Ethan and Hila are worse because they pretend not to be while blaming everyone else. All this milk is too fucking funny.

No. 1324170

Best thing about Ethan and Trish is that they both do the same thing… they always try and divert the drama/contradictions/lies with other drama. Entertaining to watch but also shows how insufferable they are.

No. 1324201

File: 1631656636945.jpg (53.72 KB, 640x916, ubKWWvP.jpg)

Saw on Reddit.

No. 1324218

H3 fans are so fucked up trying to play detective and doxx regular people who have the facts and info

No. 1324220

File: 1631657368657.jpeg (117.16 KB, 1170x1014, C0AEF2BB-67D9-451E-BE4C-1701FF…)

Who wants to bet defnoodles is on their payroll?

No. 1324223

lmao the h3h3 retards spamming their subreddit with their dogs/catss to hide the posts they made defending a dead pedo LMAO.

No. 1324227

I feel sorry for the pets. Focused more on defending some middle aged man than feeding them

No. 1324235

Is she saying she was paid?

No. 1324241

File: 1631659605900.jpeg (121.57 KB, 750x449, 9681D109-E95F-4A90-AA45-981B98…)

This subreddit is so insane, and they tell everyone else to go touch grass lol

No. 1324254

wtf what kind of cult shit is this? I swear this whole thing is a circus.

No. 1324255

so a bunch of neet scrotes jerking each other off?

No. 1324266

File: 1631661665613.jpeg (97.38 KB, 1170x593, 63C300B8-2841-468B-B469-1D3A11…)

No. 1324274

They live in a gated community, it was probably just swatting.

No. 1324280

How long until they imply Trisha is responsible for this?

No. 1324281

I am pretty sure that when they cops get calls like that they call Ethan directly to check in because they have been swatted so many times, so if true it is probably for something else

No. 1324291

dont they usually come by anyway? like the time the cops came by during frenemies, he had to go out and see them

No. 1324387

Trish made a response

No. 1324415


>First talks about the teacher thing

>Says she misspoke on the podcast about him being arrested for CP cos she has heard that from someone else
>Thankful for the girl who came out about him being fired for watching porn in class
>confirms they were in the same class with him as a teacher
>mentions the girl being harassed, people saying its actually Trisha ect ect..
>Says the dead teachers family is being harassed
>Talks about the Moses stuff next
>Says she's seen all the texts between him and Daphne
>Beings up how obsessed Daphne was when they started dating
>Daphne truanting Trisha online
>Doesn't understand why Daphne kept @'ing Trisha when its between Daphne and Moses
>Says Daphne was a fan of hers
>Says that they are going to handle it legally and not publicly or online (Are they going to sue Daphne?) because its affecting Moses's career
>mentions the other catfishes briefly
>Talks about Ethan next
>Straight up blames the H3 Subreddit for all the harassment towards her, Moses, the girl she went to school with and her family and the dead teachers family
>She saved screenshots of all the shit that's been posted on the subreddit
>apologizes about having a mental breakdown on twitter
>states she messaged Ethan because it was going to far (the screenshots she posted on twitter)
>was meet with coldness and shame
>Begs for it to stop is meet with a hard no
>Moses comes back as this is happening and stops Trish from engaging
>Moses asked them to stop, is meet with "This is what you get for marrying Trisha Paytas"
>Says that H3 fans wont be happy until her and Moses break up and she leaves the internet for good

She basically rambles about it going to far and how it wont stop because Ethan and his crew keep bringing her up and that the hate kicks up every time they do. She also says she's not going to talk about anyone/drama every again and she just wants to make lifestyle content. Wont leave the internet as she loves it and its her job. I've probably missed some things but that's pretty much the gist. She fully states that the H3 subreddit is to blame for all the harassment and that they blame her/her fans for it when called out which is true.

No. 1324422

She says it's not CP, just regular porn in the tweet, so still despicable but not the same.

No. 1324426

File: 1631677012127.png (35.18 KB, 589x336, ethantweet91421.png)

in a shocking turn of events, ethan tweets about it

No. 1324427

Wonder why the mom has an eating disorder when her husband married her so young and used her to have kids while 99% of his brain is dedicated to porn and he was even subscribed to Trisha. Can’t figure it out

No. 1324428

Shut the fuck up. It’s the most obvious thing that she’s dealt with sexual abuse, and now there are people willing to corroborate this until they are retaliated against because it doesn’t fit their incel agenda. These are real fucking people and you just want to harm women. Fuck off for real.

No. 1324429

he must be trembling again

No. 1324431

I hate this scrote so much. It was his show, his show, his company. If he thought it was inappropriate to say the teacher's full name, it would have been cut from the very beginning. But no, he didn't think anything was wrong with it until now.

He could literally end all of this if he stopped talking about her and banned conversation about her on the subreddit. He will never do that bc this is the most attn and views he has gotten in his entire fucking career.

No. 1324434

Exactly. Wouldn't have the harassment and doxxing happened months ago when the episode first air? It's only happening now because of Ethan and his retarded incel fanbase having a hate boner for Trisha and want to 'win' this 'war'. He can't take any responsibility for his actions at all. It IS him and his fans and it IS his subreddit that are to blame for all the people involved getting harassed. Moses's two ex wives, the girl from school and her family, the teachers family all being doxxed by his incel army and his still can't accept any responsibility. He's such a disgusting pussyboy coward.

No. 1324438

Trisha is an asshole but she didn’t deserve for that clip to be played. I hate everyone in that crew except for maybe Ian and the swedish dude at this point because they’re the only ones who seem to be really apprehensive to shit talk women. Everyone else is too fucking comfortable doing it and the easiest way Ethan could’ve dealt with Trisha and preventing drama was moderating his shitty Reddit and deleting the doxxing that they were doing. Trisha wasn’t in the wrong in this current “scandal” and I’m disgusted with how people are using Trisha’s past behavior to justify this group of bullies in harassing Trisha and sending her off the deep end when she keeps begging them to stop.

No. 1324442

Seriously wondering when will YT do something about his channels, it's the ground zero for his targeted harassment against Trisha. He's carefully spreading it around in different sites (TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, different youtube channels), but it's becoming way too much. Ethan keeps adding fuel to the fire, when not even Keemstar or other drama channels escalate that way.

No. 1324448

ethans fans were talking about taking away trisha's sponsorships but he can do this shit with no consequences. it's disgusting what he can get away with because of his culty incel fanbase

No. 1324457

nta but dont act like youre all pro-women when youre on lolcow of all fucking places kek

No. 1324465

do you know what lolcow is

No. 1324473

dude this is a stupid shitty insignificant message board thats only interesting because only women are aloud to post and that makes certain things funny, and you can just talk about bullshit that you literally can’t anywhere else. it’s not that fucking deep, and someone commenting here isn’t responsible for the entire website. it’s garbage that’s the point, that’s where these people and conversations about youtubers belong. also how did that turn into a “pro women” statement because i told them to fuck off about trisha who is lucky enough to provide more evidence than most people who were sexually abused by a trusted member of community, and now they’re getting doxxed and harassed offline in retaliation? you shut the fuck up too and stop with your awful comprehension of socialization

No. 1324475

I dont know how he keeps getting away with this bullshit. He knows he is being dishonest. Its been post after post after post from him saying trishas name. And the subreddit talks about her every single day.

They are completely deranged freaks. They will keep harassing people to keep the narrative that Trisha made claims and "now people are going after them.." its all so convenient for the h3 fanbase. They can play every character to put the situation in ethans favour.

I hope there is at least one or two drama channels bold enough to call out this misogynistic pig. Hila is too blame for this aswell. I really wish someone big would call her out for being so jealous and despicable to other women.

No. 1324477

And instead of taking the "mental health" break, he is frantically scrolling through twitter. You would think he would be paying attention to his qween (that he has a deep, authenthic connection to according to some) and making sure the baby and her are happy and safe.

What a sad excuse of a man, and then has the nerve to imply Trisha is to blame if Hila miscarries. The man lacks so much responsability and respect that he cant even take care of his wife and let her enjoy her pregnancy. No, instead he runs his mouth until she gets sued. Relationship goals!

No. 1324478

His mother implied that, not Ethan. Ethans an immature man baby, but there’s plenty to hate on aside from made up shit

No. 1324479

if there were, ethan would just get susan to take it down and then do a podcast addressing it after its been taken down from youtube where he has all his butt buddies call in and talk about what a good guy he is

No. 1324480

Its not made up shit because he said "we were all thinking it". So he agrees with it.

No. 1324481

He’s going to lose all his shit and he’s doubling down like a fucking baby because he knows how bad it is, he’s preaching to the choir of his incels still. Even Keemstar said he’s going to cover Ethan’s hate mob or whatever, and people will begin to understand after that and be less scared to let themselves question what’s really going on. Being a weaponized incel for this excuse for a man isn’t going to help them forward in their lives, I feel like they are so deep in this servitude because if Ethan is exposed then they feel they’re personally exposed because they default to him so much and haven’t developed their identities. For all the labeling every woman they are confused by as having borderline personality disorder, they have an even weaker sense of self. At least smoking meth and driving your car into Jason Nash’s house is an identity worth having.

No. 1324484

fanbases of (what seems to be) early 20s men are often glad to be weaponized for whatever they're worshipping, especially if it's a guy that they think is cool and look up to. i hope these people find someone or something more healthy to latch onto. maybe a father figure in their own lives rather than riding hard for this greasy cum ball.

No. 1324486

>Trisha asks Ethan to stop talking about her.
>Ethan says that he will when she clarifies the sexual abuse situation with her teacher.
>Trisha does.
>Ethan still talks about her.

No. 1324490

He made her talk about her sexual abuse and now he has new conditions. Always working with whats more convenient of course, since "stop lying about me"=agree with everything i say and shush

No. 1324493

if he can't make money from her the easy way then he'll do it the hard way

No. 1324498

File: 1631685375247.png (144.29 KB, 600x587, poh9mn.png)

They are also saying Morgan died in 2020. Anything to discredit Trisha's sexual abuse.


No. 1324570

Is this image edited? It was uploaded by a sockpuppet account made today and it looks suspicious.

No. 1324581

Breaking news, Ethan Klein is a fat hypocritical cunt! H3 productions are also liable for publishing the man's details on video and not having their queer little crew members fact check.

Yup. It's been pretty obvious for months the foot soldiers have been digging for things to "expose" trisha with. She named this man months ago and it took her going on a podcast with Keem for people to be offended and harass a dead man's family.

Honestly I hope when Ethan comes back to YouTube it doesn't take long for him to generate a third strike against his channel. He's got a lot of enemies because of his fragile ego and deluded army of incels. He's so fucking nasty. He hasn't even acknowledged that Trisha was in fact a victim. He's victimising himself. No one wants to fuck Ethan and I think that's a major complex for him lol

No. 1325012


The info about Riney came from a small tea channel called Mysterious who seems to hate Trisha, not h3. Trisha isn't mentioning Mysterious's channel, for obvious reasons.

No. 1325191

File: 1631748430175.jpeg (576.28 KB, 750x1017, F385EC53-6C79-401B-8A9D-CC5BD8…)

I’m so confused, these people think because the woman who came forward in defense of Trisha, that has an active twitter account since 2012, and is in the yearbook with Trisha that proves they went to school together.. is made up???

No. 1325207

File: 1631749828948.jpeg (161.83 KB, 750x413, A6EC63E1-5A0D-42B7-8E9F-A769A7…)

This is hilarious

No. 1325208

File: 1631749868585.jpeg (511.72 KB, 750x1081, C48E0B78-8B73-4377-8CB8-650633…)

No. 1325210

mental illness

No. 1325217

They're literally mental. They talk about trisha being mentally ill but I bet a lot of them are putting more effort defending ethan than dojng their homework.

No. 1325218

Jason Nash has admitted in recent vlogs he doesn't see his kids as much anymore. The mother of the kids was strict against them not being influenced but the daughter had expressed concern about being sound the squad to Jason and was brushed off. Jason also has put down his son before on camera and you can see he's shy. Plus he's a coke head. He's not a great dad from the outside and his wife seems to have reigned in the kids more. Probably doesn't help Jason has a reputation of chasing after college girls and that his roommates Todd and Scott were taking drugs while his kids were there.

There's a bunch of scrotes and pickmes mad that Trisha criticised some boys and was good at it.

No. 1325220

Yeah it’s just crazy how they literally forget the whole sexual assault he did on Seth they spent months talking about because you know it’s not actually about SA victims at all

No. 1325258

found jason nash’s reddit account

No. 1325313

New video.

Comments and likes disabled on this one.

No. 1325316

It's been posted >>1324387 and discussed already.

No. 1325327

I'm sorry, don't see it linked in the thread?

No. 1325331

File: 1631761068873.png (331.93 KB, 588x430, savebleh.png)

Lul popped on Twitter and saw this. Here's the attached link with the documents https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5yCLlL1ybSPAWiGa-1aE7ePp8NHZgjL

No. 1325347

Of course def uses Trisha’s name because it gets the most interaction. Her ex Natalia should have been named mainly when Trisha chimed in and defended Natalia.

No. 1325431

trisha needs to start invoicing these stupid weak beta slobs. every time this person repeats “fucking” like a elementary boy with a fake new york accent i want to stab him through my screen. he also tried to talk super low for two videos because he was trying to imitate corpse which not only shows how much of a little bitch he is, but an incompetent delusional one. i want the spittle on his lips to turn into acid.

these people exploited her worst traumas and blames her for making content out of them. she needs to sue and invoice and set a standard i don’t want to see anyone else done like this. and the spill sesh woman can fuck off because she fucked with trisha then got on ethan’s payroll and gave the most watered down “trisha is wrong” takes that we’re never explained to her usual capacity. so many drama channels trying to get money off of trishas breakdown over childhood sexual abuse are vile. i hate all these people so much and i’m glad they exposed themselves. these were the same people cheering on frenemies when they called out david dobrik and james charles for sexual abuse. fuck.

No. 1325466

File: 1631783743485.png (1.16 MB, 7479x4521, mysterioustea.png)

I found some tweets of Mysterious defending Gabbie Hanna, Keemstar and David Dobrik. She has a huge hateboner for Trisha. Hilarious that she thinks that it's somehow Trisha's fault that Gabbie was a huge diva in the set of Escape the Night.

This tweet in particular is ironic:
>@TeamYouTube @SusanWojcicki I’m sick of u guys allowing creators on ur platform to bully & harass other creators. I see so much hate & slander on YT it’s out of control. Hold creators to your own bullying & harassment policies It’s toxic
A typical case of someone becoming the very thing she was criticizing. Is Mysterious going to take accountability for weaponizing a sexual abuse victim's trauma or leading a mob to harass a private citizen when it didn't fit her narrative? What a bitch.

No. 1325469

File: 1631784480301.png (1.02 MB, 899x818, ssitf5bkatn71.png)

Rachel (fifth row), the woman in the group chat, is also in the yearbook with Trisha (second row) and Morgan (first row).

No. 1325477

File: 1631786032873.jpeg (82.54 KB, 640x1084, izjlo1gyntn71.jpeg)

No. 1325493

So teachers should be allowed to watch porn in front of students? I suppose they think Bobby Lee is also entitled to pay to fuck 12 year olds.

No. 1325527

Ethans trashy fans actually posted in the h3 sub saying "lets stop posting here and start posting on frenemies so trisha doesnt accuse us". Im sure trisha must have screenshoted it and i hope she exposes them. Ethan is a true piece of shit. Now his fans are defending poor david dobrik and he has NOTHING to say. Now hes taking the "mental health" break - when his fans are running around like fucking psychos.

Sadly i dont think Ethan and hila the misogynistic pigs are going down. Their fanbase has become what jeffree stars once was.

No. 1325555

File: 1631797958701.jpg (412.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210916-140959.jpg)

It's the start of the day for Ethan and Hila, and on his week off from his strenuous job of having Dan fact check his verbal shit talking he's tweeting at a drama channel to let them know he will help them fight copyright issues so they can continue to slander Ms Trisha Paytas. A woman he isn't obsessed with.

No. 1325560

holy shit i hate his smug twitter pic always accompanied with his vindictive tweets hes such a loser i swear

not even sure if theres some kinda legal concern or whatever that as a youtuber, ethan gets special treatment with susan in his back pocket ready to assist anytime hes in trouble and looking to bully some more people. if youtube really cared about their stupid "misinformation" rules or whatever, he wouldnt be getting preferential treatment in the first place.

No. 1325564

Apparently he tweeted this at around 5am in his time zone. Not obsessive at all and I hate his twit profile pic too. Suppose he thinks when he takes these ugly photos he's taking ownership of his lard ass. He really misses all of Trisha's disingenuous compliments lmao. Omg you're so skinny ethan 10/10!

No. 1325567

i dont believe that the fired scrote was just "accidentally opening porn" and never touched these girls. sorry but if multiple girls say that he groped them then i do believe he was probably a sexual pervert who intentionally left porn on around kids/groped them.

this idea that the scrote was "set up by parents who didn't like him" is ridiculous scrote nonsense

No. 1325570

File: 1631799491990.png (251.04 KB, 599x613, Petty.png)

She is trying to blame Trisha for striking down her video? Petty Paige proved to her that it was an automated copyright claim yesterday.

Fuck, does he have alarms on his phone for every time they mention Trisha?

No. 1325572

File: 1631799940241.jpg (458.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210916-144432.jpg)

Petty Paige is going to be doing a video on it soon hopefully. I've always enjoyed her content, she comes across impartial and pokes fun at the content that is provided not about the content creators, i.e. She's not a sellout and her opinions aren't bought.

No. 1325586

Idk why some anons act like they have to take the moral high ground when it comes to trisha. Yeah ethan is a scrote but trisha is just as much of a dipshit as Ethan. She fucked up her own career cause she was greedy and couldnt keep her manic episodes in control. It wasnt the evil big bad sexist misogynistic internet that hurt poor wittle twisha. We're all here to talk shit yet there always seems to be people frothing at the mouth defending trisha

No. 1325591

Wow what a cool and interesting post. Would you like a napkin to wipe the froth from your mouth?

Her career is hardly fucked up. Trisha has been a controversial figure from damn near the start of her time posting on YouTube. It's Ethan's rep that is taking more of beating here. A lot of people just see a trisha as a dumb whore no matter what she does. Ethan is a self righteous stupid prick. He puts himself on a damn pedestal.

No. 1325594

Anon do you get paid to shill for trisha this hard? Her career IS fucked. She drove away almost all of her real fans. The only reason shes getting attention rn is because shes milking the drama and all of the drama channels covering it. I used to be a fan of her too but she gets hard to defend after the 6003347th controversy of her doing something dumb and problematic then blaming it on mental illness

No. 1325604

I'd actually say the fans she accumulated during frenemies are the fake fans. I've been a fan of hers since do dogs have brains lmao. And it really isn't hard pointing out the obvious. Trisha plays up the bimbo act and it's pretty obvious to non retards she's clever and good at word play. There's a reason why she's one of the few youtubers that crosses over into the mainstream. She was on Big Brother in the UK, one of the top shows in the UK. I can't ever see Ethan crossing over to do something mainstream. His fans are equivalent to incels and pickmes. Especially the random hero worship of his cohost/wife who had the personality of a wet paper bag.

I doubt you've been a fan. You probably think her making fun of the DID community is problematic or playing into gender identities and how fucking frivolous and pointless that shit is. Idk what hold ethan has on his fans. I only started watching around frenemies and he's got no charisma. His wife has zero charisma. The most charismatic people on H3 are probably Dan and Ian and Ethan has even huffed on camera when either of those two get more laughs than him or correct them. I also think hila has a crush on Ian she always lights up or grins when he speaks or she can ask him something. I don't blame her. He's not death fat and actually funny plus doesn't run around starting fights with everyone and threaten her livelihood. I just don't understand the H3 fandom at all. They act high brow but they're honestly thick as fuck.

Following trisha over the years has been a blast. She says things other content creators would never say and goes against the status quo. She actually challenges viewpoints and makes people think.

This entire mess is because ethans ego got hurt during frnemeies when Trisha called him out on being lazy. Mr R didn't need justice months ago when Trisha made the claims because no one actually really seems to care about the sexualisation or minors. It's only since the H3 fandom have been frantically digging for reasons to harass and deplatform trisha,and they still don't care about victims. Shit, haven't even seen them give a fuck about the two adult woman that came forward about Moses anymore. They have to go to battle for Mr R because his former students are corroborating with Trisha now and that's more important than Moses being a rapist. The entire thing is a farce.

No. 1325620

I think it’s the same few anons that keep stanning Trisha. Up until now this thread has always been of the opinion that Trisha and Ethan are both lolcows on an equal footing, perhaps even slightly more critical of Ethan…but I think in the last couple of weeks there has been an influx of newfags who keep defending her to their last breath

No. 1325630

File: 1631805014458.jpg (57.06 KB, 651x644, ae4d0dd0101e7fb4d648b351585f66…)

>Trisha plays up the bimbo act and it's pretty obvious to non retards she's clever and good at word play
Nta but holy shit. I cannot believe some people are unironically thinking that. Being able to troll and shitpost doesn't make someone intelligent, kek

No. 1325631

Lmao at the trisha gatekeeping. I started watching her when she was still with sean. The excuse of her trolling can only go so far. She burns every single bridge she makes. And lets be real anon, youtubers and influencers getting on trashy reality tv shows is not a hard feat. It was also 4 years ago

No. 1325633

I don’t even like Trisha but been lurking this thread. If anyone knows Trisha she isn’t cancelable. She has done far worst in her past ten years on YouTube. At least Trisha knows she can be annoying. Ethan on the other hand is so much more unbearable because he acts like he is perfect when he is sooo misogynistic on the DL if you pay attention. Anyways neither of there careers are over and if you think that youre dummer then both of them.

No. 1325635

The only people that harp on about them being equal in badness is those that can't stand ethan being trashed.

It's not gatekeeping. You can be a fan too lol. And so what if brig brother was 4 years ago. The point is Trisha is a personality and can stand alone. It's not a coincidence that frenemies was the most successful thing H3 have done.

No. 1325637

When the amount of money you earned from just trolling goes past a few hundred grand, you got to admit that’s a bit clever from playing a roll. If you think that’s seriously who Trisha is in real life - a dumb bimbo, you haven’t really watched enough of her. It’s clearly all a act. A crazy one, but a act. Like nickocado - none of his troll videos with his boyfriend are real, but they make heavy cash

No. 1325638

The red pill that a lot of trisha stans dont wanna swallow is that ethan is more liked than trisha now. It doesnt matter what your personal opinions on either are. Take a trip on the surface web and compare the feedback on ethans vs trishas videos and youll see that the majority of the internet is against trisha right now. Stop living in fantasy land anons, your kween is officially cancellt

No. 1325640

Also don’t think I’m some Trisha Stan bc of this post, she’s a huge cow, but I’m not going to call her dumb for making bank. It’s smart moves if your okay with ruining your image

No. 1325641

Again don’t like Trisha, can you not read ? Yes I know Ethan is loved by all, but that the funny thing. They are both terrible people

No. 1325642

She's a lot more informed on issues than Ethan was when they were both on frenemies. Even Dan backed her up. She was constantly having to educate ethan on the show. Makes it even more laughable that Ethan said trisha didn't contribute to the show.

When they were talking about Seth's sexual assault and the rape of the girl by Dom, Trisha had to lead the discussion because Ethan was out of his depth. Jeff also didn't challenge Trisha and was respectful to her when he came on frenemies but Jeff even had issue and animosity towards Ethan because Ethan's a thick cunt. Like look at the mess he's in now. So many people are angry that Ethan has essentially given Dobrik and the vlog squad a pass to come back and be as misogynistic and as problematic as ever. Ethan doesn't have conviction. He does not have integrity. He will flip on a view he held if it can discredit someone he's got in a slap fight with. He's a scrote with a fragile ego. I don't know why any farmer would defend that. There's a reason he's getting called a hypocrite.

No. 1325643

>red pill
Tell me you're an h3 reddit incel without telling me you're an H3 reddit incel

No. 1325644


Do you have shit for brains? Trisha made an incestuous video on only fans with her sister. This is not a sign of any intelligence, this is greed, power tripping and desperation not driven by any thoughtful plans but pushed through the anus that is her tiny brain. She is no different than a monkey throwing shit at a zoo.

People want a shit show and by luck, that fat fuck fit the role too well.

No. 1325647

The amount of Trisha stans in this thread makes it unreadable, go back to frenemies reddit sub ya dogs.

No. 1325649

Frenemies ended because Trisha wanted more creative control and a crew that was competent at their job. Ethan was the one who twisted her words and made it solely about money.

Yeah, she wasn't harassed because of misogyny, you are right about that. But the attacks have become more sexist and gross over time. Accusing Trisha of lying about her sexual abuse is where he crossed the line and anons are reacting negatively to that. I think they are both pieces of shit, but people are just saying here what they can't say elsewhere without being harassed by the H3 mob. Anyway, it's weird how every so often, we need to clarify that we also dislike Trisha or that we are not Trisha stans, when we say anything negative about Ethan.

No. 1325650

fuck off you shill(sage your shit)

No. 1325651

Did anyone watch the entirety of the trisha’s contradictions video by mysterious ? It was pretty fkn damning for trisha.

No. 1325653

nonny, even monkeys can lie and deceive in order to gather sympathy and resources. By your logic, every reality tv star deserves a nobel price

No. 1325654

Where did he accuse her of lying about the abuse tho?

No. 1325655

Her making an incestuous video with her sister was her just being a troll kween boss babe, nonnie. Shes playing 4d alabama chess cause shes such a smart troll kween who goes against the status quo

No. 1325656

Have you saw the video with her sister? Have you saw what the top categories of porn at the moment are? Incest porn? Trisha and her sister aren't have an incestuous relationship. They're performing for money. Does it upset you when Ethan platforms sex workers too? Or is that another hypocritical stance you take?

Learn to sage, newfag.

Again, sage and contribute to the thread. Infighting just makes you more of a loser H3 incel

No. 1325661

How is that relevant to anything I said ? I was saying she is clever at making money. I never talked about her morals. I feels like you tried to grab the most shock factor thing she has done, to argue, but it’s so far off from my point

No. 1325662

You keep trying to push this narrative there’s only 2 people in this thread defending Trisha and that it’s impossible for anyone to like her yet you are the only one defending Ethan like your life depends on it and you’re giving yourself away by not saging your shit every time

No. 1325665

Also maybe learn how to sage, it’s pointing you out. Do you have shit for brains ?

No. 1325666

You realize 99% of those videos are made by people who are NOT actually related in real life, right? Trisha and her sister are actually related, they werent just friends acting as sisters for porn

No. 1325667

Noble peace prize ? What ? When did I even make it seem like I think Trisha is a good person ? It’s like you only read what you want to hear. I said she is good at making money. That’s it. If you disagree you just want to find any reason to talk down about Trisha even without facts involved.

No. 1325669

So she performed with her sister rather than a friend? Are you trying to insinuate one of them did it against their will? They weren't even fully naked lol. Some sisters have threesomes together lmao. I hardly think because Trisha and her sister did a collab on onlyfans makes her a dunce. What actually is your point?

No. 1325670

You only brought that up for shock factor in a fight about Trisha income. You have no point, and your just dragging this out. What is your point exactly and how is this relevant to the discussion?

No. 1325671

What did Trisha and Kalli do together in OF btw?

No. 1325675

The bar is on the floor for fathers. Can you imagine a woman getting praised for her parenting if she was out publicly getting railed by boys half her age, degrading herself for her clout, doing coke, and only seeing her kids once in a blue moon?

No. 1325677

Sisters having threesomes and shooting porn together is not a normal everyday thing anon. Only people who have brain rot from porn culture think it is. Her shooting with her sister is weird even if theyre acting

No. 1325679

Jason's more of a father figure to the vlog squad than his own kids at this point. His son seems clever and talented, two things Jason seems to lack so no wonder Jason has said some backhanded shit about him on camera. He's probably envious. It's a running joke that Jason was a kept man by his ex wife, but he's ugly as sin, I'm sure his wife was put out by all of his shit. His comedy is woeful too. It's always funny that in Jason and Ethan's case that when they're 'sidekick' (Trisha) starts to come off with better jokes and intelligence they start to resent her. Such classic signs of misogyny

No. 1325680

Trisha is an entertainer. Her sister has her own OF too. They did a collab together. Still failing to see your point that makes Trisha a retard? Her career has hardly been conventional. Maybe if she was stuck working in offices it wouldn't have been a smart career move, but her career is selling herself as a product. When you have an actual thought out point feel free to post it

No. 1325693

Youre either a coomer or have brain rot from porn. That shit isnt normal even if youre both entertainers "just doing business"

No. 1325695

I'd just give up on this one. This is the equivalent of trying to convince an Elon fanboy that "muh taking daring business decision" doesn't require a galaxy brain

No. 1325696

They wrestled in jello, they weren't having sex with each other.

No. 1325697

I don't even watch porn lad, but you can't even stick to a point. You didn't say Trisha is abnormal, you said she's retarded for doing sex work. No it's not normal to have threesomes with your sister and shoot porn with your siblings everyday, but trisha isn't doing that. Youre just derailing the thread because of your hateboner for Trish.

No. 1325699

They didn’t have a threesome they wrestled in a pool of jello or some shit. Pretty sure they were wearing bathing suits the whole time. The family is fucked up but claiming incest is excessive.

No. 1325704

Come on, dude. Uploading a video of yourself wrestling your sibling in bathing suits to your porn platform is clearly pandering to incest fantasies.

No. 1325712

What has that got to do with anything in this thread? Ethan's a retarded coomer and he got so excited about the kali and Trish content. I'm sure he tried to rub one out to it with his defective dick. Incest porn and step sibling porn is so popular to deranged incels. Why would trisha who makes pornographic content as one of her main income revenues not tap into that share of the market? She wrestled her sister in jello. You can see mud wrestling on sitcoms during prime time TV before the watershed. It's pretty tame compared to her squirting videos lol.

You said her doing porn was somehow an affront to her intelligence because you're pissed off an anon said she's more intelligent than Ethan. Ethan bought a barely legal (belle delphine) teens spit and subs to her onlyfans. His dad subs to trisha lmao. So they're more intelligent paying for porn that's free online than a woman who makes millions off those same losers? Seriously dude. Try thinking just a little hit harder next time.

No. 1325713

That video was so reactionary and biased that I left it sympathisizing with Trisha. I found it disturbing that she claimed elementary schoolgirls can’t start puberty and be harassed or sent home due to it.
I know Trish speaks out her ass a lot but that’s a fairly common experience… not everyone develops at the same time, if I was a young girl struggling with early puberty and saw that video I’d feel like I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone if adults were harassing me/ sending me home.(sage)

No. 1325719

And it wasnt greed when Shrek had a woman call in in his podcast, and said: "haha you do you, i love it, what an open relationship" when a woman gushed about putting mouse traps on her vagina and enjoying when her husband defecates on her?

Pleeeease. Ethan was looking her onlyfans up and even Hila unconfortably called him out (miracle!). He doesnt care at all about the morality of porn as long as it makes his little worm show life signals.

No. 1325723

The anons derailing are the ones coming to the trisha thread to defend her against every criticism and hate she gets in these threads. We're in the trisha threads for a reason, to shit talk both trisha and ethan, not just to shit talk ethan and coddle trisha. Its always the same couple of anons whiteknighting for trisha. Dont come to the trisha threads if youre just gonna whine about people hating on trisha for valid reasons.

Now moving on, all the drama channels that seem to be self inserting into this drama seem to be like theyre just as milky as the cows themselves. They all seem to be desperately inserting themselves to suckle off that juicy clout titty

No. 1325726

You're getting anons confused. Trisha uploaded erotic content with her sister to her porn platform - to say there is nothing incestuous about that is just false. That's the only point I was making. Don't make it so obvious when you defend your qween.

No. 1325728

How is saying she's taping into incest and step sibling categories ignoring the incestuous connotations? She's not have an incestuous relationship with her sister. She wrestled her in jello.

No. 1325729

File: 1631810996534.jpeg (386.79 KB, 750x953, 097EB28E-36F0-4D5E-9E07-540C5A…)

Here we go

No. 1325736

Maybe Ethan is going back to his alt right routes and will be leaning into using #fakenews.

>>1325570 this anon posted screenshots showing it was an automated copyright complaint.

No. 1325737

Is there any confirmation it was trisha? I dont know how this copyright stuff works.

You can tell ethan is getting desperate. I have a feeling he might be snooping around and getting worried some people see that he is slimy. Trisha said before he really cares about how the public perceives him.

No. 1325748

i'm not too versed in the h3 history but didn't ethan stay very silent when videos criticizing him were taken down by youtube (gokanaru)?

No. 1325760

File: 1631812094243.png (3.69 MB, 16297x7892, MysteriousDMCA.png)

These are the images attached to Petty Paige's tweet. I am not sure if it's a stupid question, but can't Mysterious just delete or mute the clip and get the video reinstated?


No. 1325763

Yes and he had part in having leafy banned from YouTube too talked about it so many times on the old podcast

No. 1325767

She could, but she probably wants to monetise a video about this and Ethan I think, since Trisha privated her twitter for his week off will be finding himself stretched thin to come up with content. Guess insinuating Trisha is against freedom will make for content.

No. 1325775

No. 1325777

Big tough guy tweets this out when he has her blocked. Truly pathetic

No. 1325779

File: 1631812857452.jpeg (90.22 KB, 1360x651, E5353C83-CFEA-42C7-821F-F06284…)

No wonder why h3 turned into sjw’s

No. 1325785

he deleted this kek

is this for real?

No. 1325787

I honestly wish he just stayed true to himself like this instead of pretending he actually cares about anyone but himself, this is offensive but now it’s so cringe watching him pretend so hard to care about social justice until he has a stroke over it

No. 1325793

wearing alot of bronzer does not equal blackface, duh(sage)

No. 1325795

No. 1325798

>Being a bimbo = clever at making money
Literally the easiest, least clever way to make money. Trisha is dumb. Ethan is dumb. Both of them had to educate each other on things during Frienemies.

No. 1325804

File: 1631814202947.png (35.81 KB, 608x491, E02DB397-CEB2-41C4-B3A2-D6F5AB…)

Throwback of Ethan defending an animal abuser aka Alinity aka twitch thot

No. 1325811

>I've been a fan of hers since do dogs have brains lmao.
I'm sorry to hear that.

No. 1325869

Everyone involved in this white trash garbage fire of a situation has more ego than sense.

Plenty of drama channels already have called out Ethan for his behaviour before - just not necessarily the misogyny.

But he's been exposed as a giant hypocrite without principles by people like Gokanaru; Turkey Tom; Nicholas DeOrio; etc.

People don't go as hard at Hila because Ethan's douchebaggery largely overshadows her; she barely talks; and she's so boring that it's almost not worth even bothering.

Hahaha, they're in full denial mode!

Use your fucking eyes then.

How are these people so incapable of seeing the nuance of any situation? God, what a disgusting fanbase; they're as bad as Minecraft stans (if not worse).

Petty Paige is a racist who makes tweet after tweet complaining about white people, yet she used to be buddies with Jeffree Star. You can't trust the bitch as far as you can throw her.

No. 1325881

She never abused animals

No. 1325882

Yes but those channels arent very mainstream. I feel like they have barely any effect on ethan.

I never understood how a tea channel didnt go after him for mocking women so hatefully. Its like he enjoys doing it.

No. 1325884

I've no idea who that thot is but Ethan does love to whiteknight for cam whores.

Most drama/tea channels probably didn't have a clue who ethan was before he did Frenemies. He's a scrote content creator for scrotes, hardly the proper demographic for tea channels. His fans were neckbeards and incels before Trisha, now he's gathered a few pickmes.

No. 1325910

Alinity has gotten better

No. 1325937

No. 1325938

File: 1631824233722.png (72.96 KB, 1238x771, Capture.PNG)

when did glow scam cosmetics drop trisha's line?

No. 1325943

probably when h3's fans went after her sponsorships

No. 1325990

i can’t believe these people are real holy fuck. i can’t look away from this train wreck how does a person do this, i think i’m at my capacity for garbage finally. twitter is the grimiest place

No. 1326128

She stated previously the parts that have been claimed would make the rest of the video not make sense. In other words, Trisha likely strategically claimed parts that were evidence of her lies

No. 1326134

Trisha said she had sex when a bus driver she was 18 and was assaulted by the following people: a female babysitter, a teacher when she was six, a teacher when she was in middle school, a third teacher, and someone at camp. These stories have varied in details over time, and not small details, large ones. This, on top of the fact she is an admitted compulsive liar. That is why some people are questioning her claims

No. 1326138

No, anon you don't get it. She's le epic trole!
For real though idk why she keep making those events up, it's fucked up.

No. 1326140

She’s always lied for attention, negative or positive. And when she gets caught in a lie, instead of owning up and changing things, she just doubles down. At this point, I don’t even know if she knows what her lies are and aren’t

No. 1326157

I thought it was when she was six or when she was in sixth grade not both. Wasnt there a miscommunication or something ?

No. 1326189

She’s said middle school but she’s also said 6 (on the mom’s basement podcast) and also said she moved high schools because of abuse

No. 1326193

yeah one of her weirder lies and she says when she was 6 she would dress revealingly (?) to get male attention. but i feel like…when you're six you have no concept of that stuff. its such a strange lie why couldnt she come up with a more beleivable one.

No. 1326196

And that she got sent home at 6 and told she needed to wear a bra. Agreed, a little hard to believe

No. 1326200

No. 1326221

this part is not unbelievable in the slightest esp if she was fat lol

No. 1326226

You think a school sent a 6 year old home for that?

No. 1326238

Bras for children were definitely not a thing in the nineties. This is totally unbelievable.

No. 1326241

She said that she got boobs at 8, not 6, and had to wear training bras.

No. 1326258

Nope, she said she was sexualized from the ages of 6-8 and sent home and told she needed to wear a bra. I can try and find her video, but I think it’s since been deleted. There are small YouTube channels commenting on the drama that include the clip though

No. 1326263

3:20 she says she was sent home from kindergarten at 6

No. 1326280

it was the 90s and she was in some random town in illinois, very believable you would get sent home for something like that. training bras are a thing and some girls do develop really young, or in her case because she was overweight whatever weight she gained there would be sexualized. clearly the conversations people had about her body while she was so young we’re pretty fucked up, and men give you the grossest attention at any age but it starts that young and it’s fucking traumatizing. i would think maybe the school had a “lost and found” bin they would have clothed her in but they would send people home for spaghetti straps all the time. i can see why she made a personality out of all of this to deal with the attention she couldn’t handle, and the insecurity made people think they could get away with it. what are the people questioning her trying to prove, what is their end goal? this is so fucking ugly

No. 1326281

nona please… you cant seriously believe the school sent a 6 year old home for not wearing a bra? please tell me youre joking

No. 1326285

I don't think schools can send teenagers home for not wearing a bra, let alone kids. When girls are sent home for dress code violations, it's because of their clothes, not their underwear. Pretty sure the school doesn't have any say in that.

No. 1326302

File: 1631861560418.jpeg (51.74 KB, 947x655, 0zitfpve30o71.jpeg)

No. 1326303

Schools 100% use to send you home if you were developing and not wearing a bar. At least in my area growing up 5th graders / middle schoolers. Maybe different states have different regulations?

No. 1326304

Yes they were a thing in the 90s for certain clothing brands that wanted to be more hip aka sexualize children too. It was something else- with phases on the like “eye candy” it was gross

No. 1326327

Must be different per state because mine never ever did. Girls would bully the non-bra wearing girls but that was all, teachers never got involved because it was the parents job to deal with that sort of thing

No. 1326405

Sage cause who cares really but the challenge was them making new accounts and trying to fuck their algorithm up by interacting with terrible videos, not their actual accounts.

No. 1326529

Because she says such crazy shit all the time. I can’t believe that everyone is still believing every crazy thing that comes out of her mouth

No. 1326561

File: 1631888789070.jpg (621.06 KB, 3464x1949, trisha social blade.jpg)

Didn't see this posted, Trisha deleted more than a thousand videos from her channel.

No. 1326599

Clearly you have never been to the southern US. They sent girls home for showing their shoulders in spaghetti straps.

No. 1326646

It's definitely not common, but it happens. I remember being 6/7 years old and my friend at school told me she got bit by a spider and started peeing blood, but turned out it was her period and you could see her breasts slightly puffier through the school uniform. I didn't know what all of it even meant at the time, but definitely remember thinking how come I couldnt start wearing cute training bras at that age and she could. Dunno if its Trisha's case though.

No. 1326661

This was the reason why Lupron was prescribed to some girls since the 90s: https://www.statnews.com/2017/02/02/lupron-puberty-children-health-problems/
>Lupron and drugs in its class were a solution to a rare but troubling problem: Toddler, preschool, and kindergarten-age girls were developing breasts and unexpected body hair. The drug works in the brain to shut down estrogen flow, essentially halting the body’s progress toward puberty.

It can definitely happen.

No. 1326727

She has so many videos I'm honestly impressed she has a handle on what video she said what lol. Any notable ones removed?

No. 1326728

The being sent home part is the part that’s the most questionable

No. 1326748

I can see teachers approaching her mom to talk about it if its noticeable among other classmates. But there's a lot of ignorant teachers out there, so I can see one not being able to deal with it and sending her home. Kids are dumb at that age, especially when they just become aware of body changes and sex related topics. As I mentioned, that one friend of mine who developed so young had boys antagonizing her for it. Btw, I'm not defending Trisha, just somehow trying to rationalize the situation.

No. 1326805

Schools will absolutely send developing girls (of any age) home if they can tell they aren't wearing a bra. I think that's part of why the t-shirt under spaghetti strap dress trend took off in the 90's. Layers helped hide it. They'll also hassle a girl if her shorts meet the dress code but she has long legs. My parents went to bat for me more than once over that one.

Trisha lies and/or misspeaks constantly, but I can believe she had some shitty experiences at school over reactions to her developing body. That's like… par for the course?

No. 1326809

700 is less than 1000 nonny
But that is still a hell of a lot. Anything noteworthy removed?

No. 1326849

no we just understand nuance and because we’re girls we have our own lived experiences.

someone else pointed out that she was overweight as a kid, and by default developed fat their too which people would sexualize or claim it’s distracting or whatever trash. that happens all the time and you can google parents suing schools for how they treat their daughters, even recently, let alone the 90s in a nowhere midwest town. they make training bras for a a reason the males posting here are so fucking annoying and we just want to discuss the social aspects of this not debate constantly about common female experiences. go back to twitter or whatever there’s very important wars you can fight over there i’m sure.

it’s interesting how many videos are made cashing in on ethan harassing trisha compared to how many videos were made about david dobrik, jake paul, or james charles who sexually abused people. these people are so wild and the content might be flooded against trisha but that only makes them look worse. it’s trisha fucking paytas when has anyone ever cared this much.

No. 1326872

I took it from some twitter account that said 1.3k videos and 200 from her second account. I believe there is significant time passed between these screenshots looking at the subscriber count so maybe that's why there is discrepancy. Some people in the thread were saying she deleted some videos she made about a stalker discussed in the embedded video.

No. 1326917

What's even the deal again why people care so much about when Trisha has lied? Does it make it better that the foot soldiers harassed a dead man's family of Trisha lied? Or is it still about Moses being called a rapist now by Ethan? If the foot soldiers can prove Trisha lied does that mean the women who accused Moses of rape aren't liars?

Is Trisha being a liar the most pressing issue? I'm honestly lost.

No. 1326940

Nta, but everytime I post anything that favors Trisha I always state that I'm not defending her so the annoying H3 fans don't reply to my comment saying I'm a Trisha stan and disregard my entire post. I do agree with everything you just said though, this entire situation is stupid and they can't prove anything just because she lied about unrelated things in the past.

No. 1326946

>when you're six you have no concept of that stuff.
I'm not out here trying to defend Trish but kids who get molested very quickly become aware of this shit and many children do act out sexually when it's the only kind of 'love' they've experienced. A six year old who has been molested may very well start dressing provocatively because they've been groomed to believe this is a way for them to get attention and love.

A lot of you guys have a lot to say about child molestation with very little knowledge about it. All these comments like "one person doesn't get molested this many times" like yea they do actually lol. A child who is victimized once can often become an easy target for other pedophiles. Pedophiles are all looking for the same traits in their victims. Like say what you want about Trish but she's exactly the type of person that someone who has experienced so much abuse would become. It's very possible that she's a lying liar who lies and also was really truly actually molested.

No. 1327002

yes, because she deleted the videos, her views have gone up.
if a youtuber deletes videos, the views are also removed, so the picture is so obviously faked lmao. please stop posting dumb shit. sage.

No. 1327055

it's not a pressing issue, it's just a tactic h3 stans use to distract people from any wrongdoing on ethan's part. it's like a prosecutor asking a rape victim if they have a history of promiscuity to discredit their testimony

No. 1327065

I mean I think in this case it’s pretty different . Trisha has told many conflicting stories about the same sexual assault situation and is known to make things up for the Internet.

No. 1327073

Yeah but she was a child when the event happened and my memories from a child are hazy enough, even without something traumatic happening. In fact if it's known trisha is such a liar it makes the actions of the foot soldiers who harassed this man's family even more bizarre. Not to mention the fact that Daphney had told a lot of false tales about her time with Moses how can we take her word? She doesn't even have the excuse of being 6 when it happened. It all happened last year.

No. 1327096

She must have been up all night god damn. I was thinking maybe she just mass deleted after a certain date but a lot of her old videos are still up. Really wonder which ones they were and why

No. 1327108

Yeah i dont think some anons understand how that stuff can affect a child. A child shouldnt have a concept of stuff like that, but if they do, then theres most likely abuse going on. I remember there used to be a kid i grew up with who would smear shit on the walls when we were in elementary school. It took me until my adult years to learn that that is a sign of sexual abuse. Abuse fucks kids up and makes them act out in odd ways.

As much as trisha is being caught in her lies, its still quite sad seeing this because theres so many signs she was being abused by people in her home and the teacher story was just a way of her deflecting the actual trauma. Her mom cant even seem to admit to it, the whole family is fucked up and needs in depth therapy

No. 1327110

Something I find funny in all of this drama is that Trisha has not once trended on twitter or had a huge amount of hate from all over, it really is only h3 fans/ex Trisha fans swarming her and hating her. When all the Gabbie Hanna drama came out, she was trending on twitter, multiple other influencers came out and made videos on her, because she actually did horrendous things. Trisha is never trending and the only people making videos on her are mysterious and the tea channels on Ethan’s payroll. In the subreddit they’ve posted multiple times a petition to completely ban her from the internet like that’s something they can actually do, check to see if her sponsors dropped her yet, claim she is a “dangerous person” for what lying? Like so many other people on the internet? They think the whole entire internet cares or feels the same as them and it’s strange.

No. 1327118

This is what I think most likely happened. Someone in the home hurt her/abused her, and her mom was negligent. The teacher story is a deflection. I could very well be wrong, and either way it’s awful, but to me all signs point to someone hurting her in the home.

No. 1327180

Screenshot is from 2019 so she posted new videos that presumably got more views than the ones she deleted. I saw the view count but wasn't suspicious because I assumed that was the case. Checked wayback machine to confirm and it is real, link below.

No. 1327196

The Robin Williams one is gone and so are a lot of her videos with Shane finally. Here’s a link to an archive of all her videos if anyone wants to go through them: https://archive.org/details/yt_blndsundoll4mj

No. 1327370

File: 1631963799799.jpg (242.37 KB, 1318x1329, delusional.jpg)

I like how the H3 sub was pretending that they care about pets and not the trisha drama for some days but now they're full force on upvoting anti-trisha posts yet again. the lack of self awareness.

No. 1327426

>I also think hila has a crush on Ian she always lights up or grins when he speaks or she can ask him something. I don't blame her. He's not death fat and actually funny plus doesn't run around starting fights with everyone and threaten her livelihood.

this is hilarious but honestly might be true

No. 1327432

Other students have confirmed that the teacher was a creep and groped little girls. Like some anons pointed out, pedophiles are good are looking for targets. I think it's possible that she was both molested at home and in school, which makes the entire situation more tragic. Maybe she doesn't want to talk about what happened to her at home and prefers to deal with it privately. Why are people so intent on getting the story out of her? All this public speculation and weaponization of Trisha's sexual abuse from Mysterious and the H3 fans is revolting. Trisha has done plenty of shitty stuff that they can use to cancel her, there is no need to use her sexual trauma like this.

No. 1327437

you've clearly never been to illinois then lol

this anon knows lmao. schools in southern illinois would 1000% send you home for not wearing a bra or for your bra straps showing, i wouldn't be surprised if they still do it to this day. the bitch lies all the time but that part of the story isn't outside the realm of possibility for me.

this is what i initially thought too tbh. especially since bpd has such a strong link to childhood trauma.

No. 1327506

I don’t understand why they give so much air time to AB/Zach when they’re the most unbearable and offensive. Ian and Love seem much nicer but they never get to speak…

No. 1327602

Because its very offensive to ethan if your not smelling his farts and enjoying it, so no screen time for them!

No. 1327617

I feel like Ian has the most potential to break away and start his own career because he's got his own interests, knowledge, etc. and I think that Ethan definitely resents that and is careful about it. Which is ironic because Zach and AB seem like the biggest cloutchasers in the group and would GLADLY piggyback off of h3h3 to launch their own streaming careers if they had even a modicum of talent (they don't)

No. 1327618

Also does anyone remember when AB (or maybe it was zach) tried streaming on Twitch and was getting lots of donations (like thousands) and they talked about it on stream and Ethan got very visibly pissed. I think after that they stopped regularly streaming and low and behold, Ethan tried (and failed) at his own twitch career shortly thereafter lollll

No. 1327619

File: 1631990373754.png (102.94 KB, 1050x738, Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 2.39…)

How long ago did she go private?

No. 1327626

I agree with this. I am not the biggest fan of either of them (I especially dislike Ethan though, he is a creepy weird fatass moid) but I still have no idea what she did (other than breakup with h3h3). Was it that she tried to get more money out of the podcast? Like what was it? H3H3 fans seem to be as angry at her as they were to actual scum like james charles aka someone that groomed minors… you would think she did something on that level.

I think the level of hate is solely because Ethan is bitter about losing his cashcow, so he has to find another way to get attention and money (by making fun of her). Like any other narcissistic powertripping moid, he got angry that she wanted a say in how the podcast was produced/who they hired, and that she didn't want to be controlled by him, and he went insane. It is clear the whole time he was treating her like his own personal lolcow (almost like he treats all of his recurring cast members who don't kiss his ass 24/7, I feel like Ian gets similar treatment) and was shocked when she actually disagreed with him on how to run things for once

No. 1327654

I read somewhere that he has a habit of giving screen time to (truly) mentally ill people. I dont know the details but apparently he keeps having on the show a guy that ate poop on camera before.


Ill never forget how bothered he was with the threesome stories. Apparently all his employers had threesomes before except for him. You can tell he really resented that. He clearly feels like hes missing out. Thats why i dont get people that think hes faithful.

No. 1327658

Are you talking about Shoenice? He ate poop? I don't want proof, a simple yes or no is enough.

I can't help but imagine that if he had a threesome with his wife and another woman, Hila would finally realize that she is a lesbian and dump him.

No. 1327661

Yes, it's Shoenice. It was dog poop.

No. 1327665

i bet he has never made her cum.

No. 1327721

New video on her Trisha Paytas channel.
Not addressing the situation at all, ignoring the mob and just talking about Yom Kippur. lol

5 days ago.

No. 1327722

Yes, him. And i heard hes not the only mentally ill person he used in his show, but i dont know who the others are.

I dont think Hila would go as far as accepting a threesome but if she did, im sure she would lecture the fans that are worried about how disrespectful he is to her (like she always does). She comes off as someone that has no interest in sex to me (wich, to be fair, i dont blame her for, since she probably gains nothing). I think she only puts up with ethan for the $.

I didnt know it was dog poop. This makes the whole situation even worse. Ethan has no morals. Hes seems like the type of dude that pays hobos to do disgusting shit to themselves just for a laugh.

No. 1327724

Does anyone else remember this deeply uncomfortable moment when Ethan went psycho on Ian

No. 1327728

What a piece of work haha. This is the real Ethan. "How come your not on all fours after i tried to talk to you?"

He cant understand someone not bending over for him. Its pretty refreshing seeing someone call him out for being a jealous offended dick.

No. 1327733

i’d never seen this but you can really tell ian is trying to bite his tongue so ethan doesn’t go further apeshit on him. his scrotes are like kicked dogs.

No. 1327781

You mean the cliff bar rolled up? lol

No. 1327817

It’s sad that after this Ian like never talks in the podcast anymore and I don’t blame him if the littlest joke sets Ethan off, he's so jealous that he’s not actually funny lol

No. 1327820

Trisha is trash and has always been trash. She is shock value and pity points all in one. The worse of the fucking social media scene and people keep giving her a platform apology after apology. She's never bettered herself, once she is nice for a while and she realizes this causes people to stop talking about her, she does some shit to make people rally again. She and Moses are truly made for each other. They are both cynical awful people. She will address it eventually with a crying breakdown, again, and paint herself as a victim because she said 'she doesn't do drama and people keep 'coming after me with drama when I said I wanted to be done'.

She has no idea of accountability. I bet she can't even spell it without her iPhone correcting her.

No. 1327842

that’s actually not what’s happening right now though you simple bitch

No. 1327948

Who the hell is this person? I’m tired of these obviously on x’s payroll tea channels popping up.

No. 1328050


I fucking hate black and white thinkers like this anon. After Trisha went on Cuntstar's shitty podcast completely pussying out of her arguments and basically sucking his cock I can't stand the bitch either but weaponizing someone's sexual trauma is fucking gross even if she's an admitted compulsive liar. Yes she's lied about details and that's biting her in her fat ass right now, but you're seriously delusional if you think any of us are entitled to details or clarification. Other people have already confirmed the guy was a pedo already so fuck off. I hate Trasha but I hate little h3h3 autists more.

No. 1328053

File: 1632041006193.jpeg (444.31 KB, 1170x2000, 82537434-9A57-47A7-B52C-B2AD5A…)

The power Trish holds in these people’s brain. It’s not that deep. Is it rude to say I laughed at this?

No. 1328147

No, its probably the only funny stuff in the H3 sphere, besides Trisha saying "you look sooooo skinneeh!" after ethan ate a whole pizza by himself lmao

H3 fans are very strange people

No. 1328222

File: 1632063940309.jpeg (642.26 KB, 750x1188, 5BB96DA0-B816-4AAA-8C79-2D41DC…)

The subreddit really is full of incels, imagine putting the responsibility of your own sobriety on someone you’ve only known for 7 months, Jesus

No. 1328253

Bet all of the comments are: she didnt deserve you bro

Typical of his fanbase

How much you wanna bet he pays for at least 1 persons onlyfans like the rest of those scrotes hahaha

No. 1328278

Trisha was on Tana Mongeau’s podcast awhile ago, and Tana recently deleted the episode and unfollowed Trisha on social media. Kind of ironic given Tana’s podcast is called Canceled kek

No. 1328283

I hope shes not doing all that to stay in ethans good graces. He called her a twinkie.

No. 1328297

They are still following each other in Twitter. Did Trisha mentioned Anna Campbell in that podcast?

No. 1328307

I don’t think so. I think the defamation claim is from when Trisha mentioned her in an “enemies” episode

No. 1328456

They unfollowed on Instagram