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File: 1624557646893.jpg (241.51 KB, 881x844, n.jpg)

No. 1263315


Last time on lolcow's proana scumbag thread, we witnessed Cecelia's intense joy at being tubed at a not so secret EDU in Denver. It was noted that she appears to be using the content in our threads as a How To Be The Sickest Ana bible. Wheelchair - check! Nose hose - check! Bridle - check! Confined to her room - check! Her stories are showing some inconsistencies, we will continue to call her out for her love of the pro ana lifestyle. Will she attend her sister's wedding with all the acoutrements of a dainty waif?

Ham recently turned 18 and celebrated by eating a cake the size of a bungalow, then eating more cake on holiday, then returning home and easing her troubles by nipping to Aldi for a giant pretzel. Got to keep repeating the #challenge to overcome the fear! Currently pretending to read books (to be like Molly) with her tiny eyes.

New beginnings for N2F! She unveiled a toned body which she's been working on for a relatively short time. Compared to Ganer, with years of training under her belt and eating protein slop constantly, maybe there's a method in Alicia's food creation madness? She's dipping her toes into the world of dating and work. We hope she dips more than her toes into a bathtub soon. Been waiting for a N2F OnlyFans? No need, as she's now regularly uploading maked bodychecks of herself on insta.

Georgie is now ED free! It's better to be fat and happy than skinny and fucked up. Munchie vibes are in the air, however, with a gut related complaint (persistent case of the shits).

Periods are the flavour of the month (ew), with Dora announcing she is once again a woman and menstruating. Anna, the medical student, also announces being on the rag again, seemingly surprised it happens every month. Meanwhile, Nik is still impotent.

Someone cowtipped lizard king Nik, our token pro ana. He refuses to change for us. He should consider changing for himself.

Anna is surprised she has hit 15,000 followers. Must've forgotten she uses that "buy followers" app. Her Study Guide is coming soon Complete With incorrect Capitalisation. You too can be a genius who believes that celery is bark that is eaten by sheep. She's been suspiciously quiet about being a celiac, and anons have concluded she has plain old IBS.

Recovery spoon giveaways, self posters, Cooney is a fish or something, Dharma's diet, stained blankets, how not to carry a bunny, it was all in the previous thread.

You will find cows past and present at the links below:

No. 1263320

File: 1624558194922.png (7.58 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 13.5…)

Oh, I just made an OP but this is a more complete summary so I'll delete mine.
Picrel was my OP image combining the other MSPaintchans from last thread heh.

No. 1263335

File: 1624559353561.jpg (477.03 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20210624-202755_Ins…)

Seems like remi might be leaving the ED larp for full time munchie as well. Must be something in the air in Australia

No. 1263342

Aww, your pic is better as well. I hit post then went to wash up, so didn't see it. Sometimes we get no pic suggestions and last thread there were loads to choose from.

Do they go munchie because they'd rather stuff their faces and drop the ana chan thing?

No. 1263346

Thanks for both threads, anons! I still love lizard Nik.

They switch over when they stop getting sufficient attention for the ana LARP.

No. 1263347

File: 1624560312640.png (395.47 KB, 321x590, mcdonaldkween.png)

Pssst Zara … If you're going to shoop, make sure you are not tagged in the unedited photos first.

(OK, I could be wrong - I am a dumbfag - but her arms look way healthier in the photos others posted [on the right])

No. 1263384

File: 1624564044739.jpg (664.16 KB, 1068x1833, Screenshot_20210624-214453_Ins…)

Seriously doubt Anna's mild ed would cause this. Why do they always have to make it about their ed?

No. 1263391

File: 1624564861518.jpeg (844.52 KB, 694x1685, FD443DF4-EF2A-4C07-8783-D0AF9E…)

anyone remember this cow? she’s back and sucking in her cheeks to get assist comments about her weight, kek

No. 1263395

File: 1624565133150.png (2.23 MB, 828x1792, 1F3CE079-A572-47D2-8FDF-EC3ACB…)

not to WK her butttt the anons saying sophie’s bruising was eye makeup maybe wanna take that one back, incoming screencaps of her recent antics

No. 1263397

File: 1624565168449.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, BDD2A7A7-6D34-4EBC-BC28-F9B2B0…)

No. 1263399

how thoughtful of her for producing a study guide for us idiots! I wonder if she will be selling it or if it will be free. And it was determined a few threads ago her gallstones could not be attributed to an ED.

No. 1263400

in restraints but has access to phone for IG stories lol

No. 1263401

you're not dumb. One pic looks edited, and the other probably is too. The difference is significant

No. 1263404

File: 1624565523057.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, DB71CFB1-C9E3-4F08-AC40-D9ED1F…)

No. 1263407

File: 1624565732037.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 14729146-C192-4CDB-9351-2CE26E…)

No. 1263426

File: 1624567083045.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 828x1792, 8B808226-0FCC-4677-86CE-F48AFB…)

No. 1263434

File: 1624567603054.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, 877DD2C1-6097-4FE4-B676-3A7554…)

basically goes on “in/ out / in / out” for about ten stories

No. 1263435

This literally looks even more like makeup than before tho.
Pure black, well-defined border, and that poor-ass attempt at a white 'highlight' area…

No. 1263448

the swelling tho

No. 1263450

this chick is properrrr raging bpd attention seeking. no ED here, she just wants to play push pull with the nurses and get them to baby her and put her tube back in. she'll defo grow out of this shit though, a lot of bpders get bored of it and grow up

No. 1263451

if she keeps pulling the toobs out/absconding why did they take off the 4 point restraints ?

No. 1263462

File: 1624570247769.png (2.73 MB, 828x1792, B9D66211-6DEB-4997-B33E-0FB266…)

fuck knows anon

No. 1263499

>>1263212 (from the previous thread re Elzani)
I don't know, and likely don't think any of that would have been the case coz 1) covid restrictions and 2) it's soon to be summer holidays there. It's actually not always easy making friends so I'm not really surprised.
I love Elzani, but what I would love for her to do is a proper sit down chat about her recovery. She hasn't really done one before she weight restored, and I'm sure the process of gaining weight hasn't been as easy as she would have everyone believe. I am shocked that she seemingly has recovered without issue - given the length and extent of her illness. I am also shocked that her sister lost so much weight and it hasn't triggered her. I mean, perhaps some people's recovery is just that easy - but it's very hard to imagine. I'd be really keen for an honest update from her.

No. 1263500

How tf is she using her phone if she's restrained lmao

No. 1263501

I'm imagining her typing and taking selfies using her toes.

No. 1263517

File: 1624574111825.jpeg (184.77 KB, 828x1466, 100C3B1B-3F16-4286-8B1D-8CD8DF…)

Smirking with all the asspats she got for being ‘missing’ even though she got her phone taken away for purposeful non compliance. So proud of herself.

OP, don’t forget to link to this new board in the old one.

No. 1263518

>don’t forget to link to this new board in the old one
dumbasses dun used up the last post in the old thread, so not possible

No. 1263519

fr the anons here are the laziest when it comes to making new ones, it’s like the warning posts never happened

No. 1263556

For real tho.
I saw coffee.cats or whatevr her user is has moved on from her ED and now has undiagnosed DID or something close to. She seems to get whatevr her nz friend melly.moo (mentioned last thread) gets. A tube, a personality or five.

No. 1263562

File: 1624578354878.jpeg (641.66 KB, 750x912, DD099A9F-E5F5-470B-A6F9-D1E550…)

In a rare moment of empathy that doesn’t belong on lolcow, does anyone else think n2f is on her way out of cowdom? As much as I love her feral antics, I can’t help but root for her to get better. Looking at these horrible women tied to beds for attention just makes her look like a vomit stained beacon of recovery. That is, if she she doesn’t topple out of her window first.

No. 1263570

lmfao that comment.

No. 1263572

tiktok trolls get me every time

No. 1263573

Yes. She got fit and is reintegrating into society, I think the volunteer job is just the right way to start it. As much as reading cow antics amuses me, it's nothing compared to the truly happy feeling I get seeing some of our previous cows stop cowing around.
They'll stay weird in their own way, Italian Aly still has those characteristic emoji-filled posts we used to laugh at, but isn't a pro-ana cow anymore and I'm genuinely happy she recovered. Similarly, I can expect crusty blankets from n2f in the foreseeable future, but it's obvious her recovery is real and not fake pro-ana bs now. She actually keeps stuff down.

No. 1263574

File: 1624578999417.png (2.16 MB, 828x1792, 3EF30007-C9B0-41D5-8B2D-B99941…)

tell me if this cow isn’t interesting / worth being here btw, i just noticed someone asking for her and i am miraculously not blocked yet (not a clue how but it’s entertaining)

No. 1263575

Some people here do be dumbed by hate. It obviously doesn’t look like makeup, she might be insufferable but her black eye is and looks real tf.

No. 1263585

what the actual fuck. I started participating in these threads fairly recently and I’d never seen something like this. I mean I know most anas fight not to be fed when inpatiented, but I’d never actually SEEN it before.
Just imaging pulling one of those toobs out, jfc.

No. 1263592

File: 1624580459904.png (7.48 MB, 1125x2436, 4AEE677B-9945-4C14-89EC-9E14DE…)

Dharma’s body checking/eye fucking herself in her stories to ask for dinner suggestions.

No. 1263598

Please keep posting anon, her antics are morbidly fascinating, bummed she’s on private lol

No. 1263607

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her just stand like a normal fucking human being. She’s always got her pointy little hip bone stuck a meter out from her body.

No. 1263624

I like how her bridle was taken out five days ago and then of course she ends up non compliant the day after…really trying to prove she is the sickest ana

No. 1263665

why does it look like she has no belly button?

No. 1263674

File: 1624588582600.jpeg (458.56 KB, 1170x2145, 4777F35F-7F2F-42E6-B050-877A3C…)

“Being Hospitalised for anorexia”

No. 1263687

File: 1624589532628.jpeg (393.14 KB, 1242x2126, 258A7727-9CCD-4AD9-8711-F1238C…)

I have to admit, this shameless larper makes me moti. Imagine insisting you're anorexic when you're 300+ lbs and all your content is about stuffing your face and trying to squeeze 6XL clothes over your gunt.

No. 1263697

jesus, im sorry to blogpost but people like this claiming anorexia really fuck with my brain. like if they look like that and think they're anorexic maybe i also look like that and im just as deluded.

No. 1263713

Anon why did you do this to us? I think we can all bare with puke stains on sheets but this… this is too far.

No. 1263715

File: 1624594504876.jpeg (736.35 KB, 750x1370, 721FB039-BB3A-4820-899F-003F72…)

might be nitpick but nobody gives a shit, zara. so sorry that your immune system was compromised because of anorexia and you’re flexing that uwaaa uwa

No. 1263740

File: 1624601089233.jpeg (387.28 KB, 1283x2300, 1B6D1C0E-480D-43C8-8471-75DC6E…)

Basking in asspats, enough time for multiple selfies and posts a day but not enough for responding to people. Sure, makes sense kek. Cecilia loves playing queen ana.

No. 1263753


Nah she was underage she she got it. She only got it because her dodgy GP mother Judith took the vaccine home with her and gave it her at home.

No. 1263757

Doesn't mean shit. Other spoops like Hxn haven't got theirs yet. And it is clear she is shooping.

No. 1263765

ah i made a new thread too, but you did a better job than me OP

No. 1263772

feels like a very nitpicking vendetta going on here, anon.

No. 1263774

if i remember correctly zara was on tube feeds in early 2021 so actually it could’ve been because she was compromised. this sounds like WKing but the younger cows get an immaturity pass to me and to be fair to her i remember the situation p well

No. 1263775

Disagree. She's clearly trying to make out like she got a vaccine earlier than most because she's sooo sick and was *~vulnerable~*. Shitty behaviour imo.

No. 1263776

she probably was vulnerable though, a lot of anachans (especially those in intensive services) got jabbed early this year in scotland. she was a state in january / February time, i remember tellonym wars over her bodychecking and tube pics etc etc.

No. 1263777

whether or not she is vulnerable is irrelevant, the milky behaviour is bragging about it.

No. 1263779

File: 1624608006050.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, 0CDDB5F2-87F4-4131-B74F-6736B9…)


No. 1263780

File: 1624608045488.png (2.6 MB, 828x1792, C6B534B6-F5EB-40F1-B4C1-EFF561…)

imagine actually taking this

No. 1263789

File: 1624609281456.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, 048E283F-AA38-498C-8641-A6912D…)

“i’m doing amazing”…. what are we not seeing, sophie??

No. 1263790

Man she's having the time of her life. There's no chance anyone actually told her she might be there for "several months" but damned if she's not gonna try anyway.

No. 1263792

fr her face says it all

No. 1263811

File: 1624613913197.png (739.94 KB, 750x1334, AB7DCA5C-0ADC-480E-B222-FBDCE4…)


Diff anon, I don’t think it’s a nitpicking vendetta, idk why Zara doesn’t get brought up more.
I was holding back on this one actually (I thought I was the only one it bothered) - the night of her prom was after she was in hospital for pancreatic failure? People were asking her why she was in hospital and she said she didn’t want to answer because ‘her anorexia wanted to brag’ but said it was pancreatic failure. Someone asked if it was pancreatitis and she said ‘no because that’s mild and my condition isn’t mild’. Pancreatitis isn’t mild. It’s often treated in ITU.

Then this answer ‘I hope you didn’t end up in hospital’ (with the undertone of ‘like me’)

I just feel like she always says things like ‘I don’t want to let my anorexia brag’ then that gives her an out to answer the questions which are v braggy like if you didn’t end up in hospital your condition isn’t nearly as bad.

No. 1263812

If she is experiencing organ failure she would be in hospital longer term. I get she says she is 'allowed to stay outpatient because IP doesn't help her' but they're not going to fuck around if her physical health is that bad.

Also has she untagged herself from the prom pics her friends posted?

No. 1263818

All zara does is answer tells. She loves the attention it gives her. She tries to act like her bragging is sarcastic but it's so obvious. She's one of the few cows who are just too plain annoying for me to follow

No. 1263819


It's really not at all hard to get vaccinated in Scotland, you can just say you care for an elderly/high risk family member and they'll ask no questions or even for proof

Source: My scottish family members did this exact thing though they do care for My aunt who has a shitload of health conditions but they still never had to provide any proof

No. 1263827

she said on her smaller account that she has been left with EPI, she ended up in a&e again after her prom or something. kind of feels nitpicky to go into someone’s medical details, she’s only 17

No. 1263829

File: 1624618820752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.17 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20210625-125915_Ins…)

Did you guys know ganer actually used to be spoopy!?

No. 1263831

oh god

No. 1263832

Thanks ganer, we almost forgot
Kinda sad that she constantly posts these as a "see? I'm totally not disordered now, I used to be so spoop, I just weigh my ketchup now like a normal person"

No. 1263833

File: 1624619075701.png (2.65 MB, 828x1792, 8270DC16-FD24-4F23-BACB-8E44A2…)

can’t shop those fucking shoulder blades, yikes

No. 1263834

File: 1624619165835.jpeg (277.91 KB, 390x1131, E05C0861-7CF2-444A-AB8B-E988DA…)

does she genuinely think this is ok?? she won’t stfu on tellonyms replies about how shes only a “little” underweight, well into recovery, fully committed, has gained a lot of weight etc etc..

No. 1263835

File: 1624619217118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.88 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20210625-130200_Ins…)

Apparently decomposing while still (somewhat) alive does quite the number on your nails. Look at those things wtf. Those don't belong on a living person. Then again I'm not sure you can call the unholy lich Queen "alive"

No. 1263836


Not bone rattling but I actually don’t think she looks that bad? I mean, she’s clearly spooky but by UK standards she doesn’t look like she’ll be forced IP just yet.

No. 1263838


Spooky fml SPOOPY

No. 1263839

Ketchup is one thing, I’m guessing lots of borderline-disordered fitness competitors measure their ketchup since it’s got a lot of sugar / carbs. She weighs her gd yellow mustard! That’s what gets me. That shit is <5 calories.

No. 1263840

Same age as Ham though. What is with all the Zara WKing? I get she is normally not very interesting but she is no saint.
Not saying she is not significantly underweight unshooped, just that there is a significant difference between the photos she posted and the ones other people did. She did this on her ED account. That is scumbag behaviour - even if it is just posing, not actual editing tools.

No. 1263843

File: 1624619602605.jpeg (403.99 KB, 598x1419, C61721EE-5BF0-402F-9F0C-F84525…)

yeah it looks like a case of posing because she posted lots like image attached which looks untouched but not exactly picture of health

No. 1263846

File: 1624619677434.jpeg (749.61 KB, 654x1193, FCCE2DA3-5E84-4DF6-8A13-9C557A…)

you can tell from this image that it’s probably a case of when anachans lose a lot of arm - weight so they have that excess skin, that when you take a picture from certain angles their arms look like twigs, and from side angles or when their arms are pressed against something the skin squishes and makes the arm look wide. saggy skin at 17….

No. 1263847

zara, unlike ham, does appear to be legitimately ill, though.

No. 1263852

I'm genuinely curious about whether her having EPI is actually related to her eating disorder or just an unfortunate autoimmune thing since she doesn't seem to have had chronic pancreatitis which is usually what causes it in people who don't have cystic fibrosis, etc.

I do think she's genuinely ill, but definitely attention-seeking and amusing in her unsuccessful attempts to seem like she's not.

No. 1263853

File: 1624620599528.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, 934006F3-D4D4-4C3A-89D1-1A9DE2…)

anorexiafiaryyy is still hitting the balding no-hairline lewk

No. 1263854

diary. scuse the tardness

No. 1263855

interested in an update on her, since she's gone private and never accepted my request

No. 1263856

File: 1624620711983.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 676602DB-3096-41C1-A51C-983843…)

ghost is ebegging… again….

No. 1263857

still in hospital, OOTDs have reduced in frequency so i can assume she’s being forced to gain some weight. nothing too interesting

No. 1263858


Why are you WKing.
People aren’t actually disputing her medical details that much, it’s her cow behaviour over it ‘well YOU didn’t have to go into hospital, no I don’t have a MINOR illness, i hope YOURE not as bad as me’

No. 1263862

sorry not trying to WK, just didn’t realise that’s what was going on, just thought anachans were getting mad over her fucking up her stomach, kek

No. 1263865

If she could get her act together enough to sustain a half decent onlyfans account she could make a killing. It would involve some actual work and commitment though, and she would clearly prefer people just hand her things.

No. 1263869

yeah that's just what a mentally ill young woman needs, being a whore, wtf

No. 1263873

File: 1624624452109.jpeg (930.56 KB, 828x1518, 51CD98E6-A933-49E5-8D0D-0B2BF8…)

Not to veer off topic but there’s nothing wrong with having an OF if it’s a person’s own choice. It’s 2021, get your head out of your own ass.

I’ve attached a picture of dharma flexing her massive gains at the gym yesterday to refocus this thread on the cows. That year long (and counting!) lean bulk is really working for her! Stage ready!

No. 1263874

my thoughts exactly, not sure that’s the best advice

No. 1263877

Her hands have always been red like that huh

No. 1263879

It was only a matter of time, she mentioned a "new diagnosis" recently but proclaimed she wouldn't name it online because it was a label or something, she appears to have only lasted a few weeks before mentioning it. Suddenly she's "us" not "I" which is an overnight change. Not surprising as she was bound to copy mellly.moo.private and her 29474682363 alters. They are both as bad as each other. Can an account tell if you screenshot an ig story from your phone?

No. 1263883

Nah think you might used to be able to see who screenshot your story but if you could I'd be blocked by half the cows ages ago

No. 1263885

File: 1624625679727.jpg (296.1 KB, 1070x1849, Screenshot_20210625-145212_Ins…)

Here's some great recovery advise from creepy nik. Eat cake… and then don't eat anything else the rest of the day so you can remain spoopy while fooling your followers into thinking you're a real ~recovery warrior~

No. 1263888

Eating hamtier cake isn’t eating right. Why do these recovery warriors need to post so much cake and junk and no decent home cooked food?!

No. 1263889

File: 1624626667030.png (459.5 KB, 419x698, molly.png)

not looking very smol

No. 1263891

Looks like her normal body type. Not very feminine flat chested and narrow hips but pretty average. Not smol but not fat either. Not really milk imo

No. 1263893

To an extent it makes sense because landwhale sized portions of junk are going to be more challenging than wholesome home-cooked foods. But we all know it is mostly to appear like a recovery warrior despite only gaining 0.1 kg after 3 years of recovery.

Is she claiming to still be really struggling? Bc if not I'd argue this isn't milk. She is still irritating but from what I've seen doesn't fit on this thread anymore. I might be wrong though, not trying to WK, etc.

No. 1263897

sex work isn't real work.txt

No. 1263900


Mostly posts about lifestyle and English lit, says a lot about how she’s come far in recovery. I’d call her frame petite actually, she’s short and yeah her thighs touch because her hips are narrow?
Why am I wking Molly…
Old cows should just be left to graze peacefully when they no longer produce milk

No. 1263902

File: 1624628697736.png (989.76 KB, 828x1792, CEDCF1E1-39A1-4C39-B85D-5C2A41…)

zara is having a major tantrum and it’s safe to say i think now she’s a hysterical teenager who needs some fucking food.

> ”i’m recovering and pretty far into it”

No. 1263906

Jesus Christ eat a fucking snickers. I'm pretty sure she sends herself a lot of these tells calling herself 'skeleton' and so on. And did she not say she had pancreas failure, as mentioned here:
How convenient she mentions she is not in organ failure and wouldn't have been allowed home if she was - after that was mentioned here.

No. 1263908

any actual screencaps of her saying that? back i follow her and her private account and i don’t think she did- implied maybe but not actually said (from memory)

No. 1263909

File: 1624629457162.png (1.4 MB, 828x1792, 5A5AE90C-BB3A-4C68-90C2-0233A6…)

shes “fucking!!! fine!!!” guyz

No. 1263911

File: 1624629632881.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 291AFA9E-B5F2-44EE-95F3-A81061…)

is this sophie having a dig at zara…?? honestly i follow too many stroppy teenagers

No. 1263914


I did not take a screenshot but I know she definitely said her pancreas was failing because I thought it was weird at the time because pancreases don’t fail like other organs? Like they have different parts that produce different hormones so only specific hormonal parts fail (which she has now clarified). So I remember she did say her pancreas was failing. No screencaps though my bad

No. 1263915

How about some meat and not just sweets all the time, look at that anemic complexion ffs.
Idk but they all eat like spoiled toddlers, both in quantity and type of food.
Imagine what the nails hidden under that kitty sticker look like. Probably just nailbeads left. Also, I can't determine what that body part above is except "bone".
>I'm not sure you can call the unholy lich Queen "alive"
She's undead.

No. 1263925

Medfag but looks like a bad case of spoon nails which wouldn't be surprising at all

No. 1263926

File: 1624631061332.png (4.18 MB, 828x1792, 20937541-2AA1-4DA9-B1AF-B677F9…)

it’s a real shame that she’s so arrogant and disordered because zara comes across like she could be a normal teenager without her narcissistic mental illness. younger cows depress me, man, why do they waste their lives on hysterics and dramatising their issues for the internet

No. 1263936

nitpick, but both messages end with "<3" which is either one person sending both messages, a coincidence or zara sending herself both messages

No. 1263945


And within 2 minutes of each other… suspicious

No. 1263961

When didn’t her thighs touch tho… Sometimes I think I dislike like all the ‘next generation’ pro ana thread cows and yearn for the early threads but maybe i’m just looking back with rose tinted glasses. I will say though these new girls are behaving like the most raging BDP narcs, and it’s pretty entertaining.

No. 1263972

She's already posted her vids of herself flicking her bean WHILE ON A HOSPITAL BED to pr0n sites. Nobody's encouraging her.

Why is he spurting his load because he had some likes? Is it currency or something? Like, who gives a fuck that some gay bloke is holding cake?? Fucking hell, there's something wrong with him. In a serial killer way.

No. 1263974

Next, Molly, please accept you're too old to dress like a 4 year old.

No. 1263977

Anon I think you're forgetting that nik the lizard can in fact not "spurt his load"

No. 1263981

File: 1624636208211.jpg (73.07 KB, 1128x645, Capture.JPG)

Oh yeah. How sexist of me to forget males can't do the reproduction with anorexia. He really does need some meat.

No. 1263986

File: 1624637599757.png (85.9 KB, 645x794, gratz.png)

Do you think Hannah's going to make a big deal when she hits 10k made of mostly bought bots?

No. 1263988


She’ll probably eat cake

No. 1263992

I think she lost them the other day as she was at about 4k so she must have had to buy more back again. Instagram does try to get rid of bot accounts.
Wonder what cake shell decide this time

No. 1263999

File: 1624639084800.jpg (66.95 KB, 708x575, Capture.JPG)

Hammum had this one made. All ingredients are Aldi generics! Ham's going to polish it off in a couple of days. Maybe send a sliver to Nik.

No. 1264020

My brain wanted to believe that was her shoulder blade and that she's holding up her backpack.

Her thigh is complete bone wtf. If she got a papercut do you think it'd go all the way down?

No. 1264024

File: 1624641613403.jpeg (819.79 KB, 828x1710, 39F3E09F-19C0-4FAC-85CC-504E37…)

Anna is “beautifully revolted” that Matt Hancock had an affair. The most serious political issue going on in the world when you are born with a dainty silver spoon shoved that fat up your ass, I guess.

No. 1264027


Must suck that she doesn't lose weight any more. This is like the pic from years ago where she's putting her thumb and forefinger around her thigh. I mean, she must notice micro grams when she loses some, but there's really nothing left to lose, is there?

I'm "intensely revolted" by the cunt for breaking the social distancing regulations THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND AND WALES HAVE TO STICK TO. Fuck the affair. That lot are fucking each other and others all the time and w/e, but I haven't watched anna's video. I'd rather have to clean up Georgie's diarrhea. For real.

No. 1264031

>Must suck that she doesn't lose weight any more.
I mean, she loses a substantial % of her body weight every time she exhales now.

No. 1264043

what has she done to her hair? It looks way too light in comparison to the tan. I wish she'd make a new tiktok account, I miss her self-righteous preachings.

No. 1264052

And she doesn't have a soul to give away, so nothing to lose there.

I was going to comment on that, but thought it was a nitpick. That blonde is not her colour. Too light.

No. 1264066

If that draugr lost any more weight it would create a hole in spacetime

No. 1264067


‘Beautifully revolting’ ‘desperately sad’ is this your application for the next health secretary Anna? (don’t forget to put that you’re incredibly good at losing weight on your CV)

She also calls Matt Hancock the public face of the UK lockdown as if he had any say in it… Anna please just read anything that isn’t a Daily Mail article before you make a post for likes next time please

No. 1264068

As soon as she gives up on the splatter-gun shit freckles she gives herself a terrible dye job. I thought one of the good things about being rich was you could pay a hairdresser to do that. She’s really running out of content now - go back to ana larping anna, at least it’s funnier

No. 1264081

File: 1624645671952.png (640.72 KB, 938x366, shook.png)

Meanwhile, Ham hit 10K loving followers in the ~community~ guys!

No. 1264097

look at her ugly ass 97 yr old hand

No. 1264099

zara is a cunt, absolute stupid immature little cunt

No. 1264102

No. 1264104

Damn she's gained! She looks alright, just not ana.

No. 1264106

I do agree. These days its all BPD or histrionics, there's barely any real Anorexia left tbh

No. 1264107

Has N2F gone private? I followed her but now suddenly I don’t lol I’ve been ~deleted~

No. 1264109

>This Account is Private Follow to see their photos and videos.

No. 1264110

File: 1624647408721.jpg (458.14 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20210625-205425_Ins…)

It's so obvious that she never had anorexia. She thinks it's all about feeling a little stressed while eating cake. She obviously doesn't get the ambivalence a lot of anas have about being "less ill" and "healthy"

No. 1264111

I mean true pro anas are a dying race

No. 1264112

chill, anon.

No. 1264114

>To go out partying and drinking with your friends


Recovery doesn't make you happier. Not for years. She doesn't grasp that you need to fill the void with a healthier coping mechanism to deal with the shit/traumas that turned you on to an ED. Yep, she's clueless. If she'd been anorexic, she wouldn't be grinning and saying how wonderful recovery is after less than a year.

>To drink hot chocolates in winter!

No. 1264116

File: 1624647830432.jpg (482.9 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20210625-210118_Ins…)

So many of these reasons are about "eating yummy food" you'd think that after all this larp she would know that ana isn't just about the food. Anas know that food tastes good. A lot of these "reasons" would scare most anas away from recovery, like eating ice cream out of the tub? A real ana would be scared to try eating normal if that was what eating normal was

No. 1264119


One of Ham’s reasons to recover is ‘to not be ill anymore’ if that isn’t the most obvious a -> b EVER

No. 1264120

Since Ham decided she had anorexia all she’s done is had her mum take her out for Costa, cake, pastries, McDonald’s, every junk food under the sun.
Of course she talks about how amazing recovery is because she didn’t have anything to recover from and she’s been on a year long binge of her favourite foods!

No. 1264121

Slight samefag but, she really doesn't get that part about eds at all. Her idea of an ed is feeling a little self conscious about eating cake every day kek
Most anas who try to recover go into deep depression at first when gaining weight/ eating normally

No. 1264123

File: 1624648271982.jpg (233.3 KB, 1079x1738, Screenshot_20210625-210926_Ins…)

Lmao people are calling this girl out for claiming ana it's hilarious

No. 1264124

File: 1624648300624.jpg (266.5 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20210625-210935_Ins…)

No. 1264128

OCD washing or poor circulation?

No. 1264131

What's with the retards resurrecting old threads?

No. 1264135

Zara doesn't strike me as a self poster, last time lolcow got brought up to her she called us all 30 year women with no lives or some other bravado-fuelled 'insult'. also tends to go radio silent after getting cow tipped via tellonym, until the lack of attention gets too much to bear and she inevitably comes back.

No. 1264137

u ok there anon??

No. 1264144

Newfags, I think.

Nta, but some anons keep posting in an old thread about stuff in that thread.

No. 1264146

File: 1624650171483.jpg (27.68 KB, 353x438, grinch.JPG)

…because it's THAT easy. Just eat some sugary shit. No therapy needed. Just do it, eh?

No. 1264147

File: 1624650351899.png (7 MB, 1242x2208, 338DCBD7-261B-471A-A19B-988A4E…)

She's implying she has heart damage from "starving" herself… no girl, that's just the morbid obesity taking its toll.

No. 1264148

File: 1624650420238.png (2.39 MB, 828x1792, 18A208EC-A88C-420E-A2B8-580ABC…)

fuck y sophie (the internal monologue of every nurse on that ward)

No. 1264149

I would love to hear her speak to any symptom of anorexia that isn’t just “I was afraid to eat food”. Chewing and spitting, separating out components of food, obsessive gum chewing or diet soda consumption, ANYTHING. It still wouldn’t convince me, but I would have more respect for her if she took a few minutes to research before launching into her LARP.

No. 1264152

braced for incoming 3 minute video post of ham separating out baked beans

No. 1264153

File: 1624650901497.jpg (293.4 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20210625-212046_Ins…)

We all know that true anas take their coffee with "a generous amount of half and half"
I get that you can be fat and be atypical ana. You could have gone from megafat to just fat by starving yourself but this one doesn't even seem to have done that. Judging by her insta she's one of those fat and proud people, so the mindset of hating her body and being embarrassed about what she eats doesn't even apply. Why do the mega fatties never go for osfed or ednos or whatever they call it now it would make more sense. Nope gotta be full on restrictive ana. She's just as qna as tess holiday

No. 1264158

this is like tessa holiday calling herself anorexic

No. 1264160

Wasn't Moonchild the username of a past frequent ana here? Jenn?

This one needs help. Dr Now kinda help.

No. 1264177

with the braids and seam-busting shirt, i'd have thought this is shayna

No. 1264180

yeah, it's real easy when you're a faker.

No. 1264181

Lmao the turd braids and Amazon shirt do really scream Shayna I’m dead.

No. 1264188

is there any actual science on the health effects of ednos/osfed in non-underweight people?

I know most of these cows are just LARPers, but i'd like to know how some real anas can get underweight with few health effects, yet these fatties are somehow near death with palpitations, irregular blood tests, etc?

i only know bulimia can fuck your shit up because electrolytes, but can *~starvation~* really cause all the shit these fatties claim?

No. 1264204

Why tho. Her face has practically doubled in size (not a bad thing, considering). She can obviously afford food. Budget, babes.

No. 1264215

File: 1624656242152.jpg (464.75 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20210625-232246_Ins…)

This is the smallest meal I've seen n2f post. Not even accompanied with a bowl of sugary porridge. Has her putting her toes in normal life started to affect her?

No. 1264221

How…sparse! Thanks for keeping n2f alive here. Now she's private, it's going to be a harsh time not checking in on her.

No. 1264224

no skinny syrups, no grime? hallelujah!!

No. 1264226

It looks…almost…okay? The plate is relatively clean. She's only using two spreads (there's a sentence that's depressing to write) GO N2F

No. 1264240

ah she came up on my tiktok and was wondering whether to post her

No. 1264243

File: 1624658092909.png (432.59 KB, 512x608, hamswipesright.png)

Big Mac, fries, McFlurry, cake and cappuccino - yeah, totes cured. Such inspire. Such brave.

No. 1264245

Im not a medfag, however i did read a few times some articles and stuff about the impact, and most basically included that like anorexia and bulimia, osfed can cause similar problems but mostly because of inconsistency, e.g. restricting then binging, restricting and purging then binging then restricting then eating normal. The body doesnt know whatits supposed to do and so freaks out and gets damaged quicker than those who are more consistent like anorexia and bulimia. sage for no milk

No. 1264275

File: 1624660478659.jpg (464.19 KB, 1074x1845, Screenshot_20210626-003125_Ins…)

What doctor diagnosed this cow kek. What relapsing ana would cheer themselves up with a bunch of cheese, crackers and whatever that stuff on the right is? Is she even trying

Sorry if this isn't milky I have a weakness for obese ana larpers.

No. 1264295

My (unimaginative) theory is that she's starting a program that treats all eating disorders including BED, so she's larping that she's there for anorexia rather than BED or OSFED.

No. 1264368

No food left to binge so she had to borrow some of the god’s food.

No. 1264369

no offense but I've never seen that in a young anachan who was not overweight when they started fucking with their weight

everything shrinks except maybe around elbows/knees.

No. 1264371

ngl that looks like some bangin cake

No. 1264375

the best part of this outrage is that anna claims she had covid in january, but she was out running and even met up with people during the time she should have been isolating.

I get a strange misogynistic vibe from her despite all her "feminism." Wish I could explain why. But I'm sure she will vote conservative, marry some moron with money, and look down on other women for not doing what she thinks is right. The very notion that she is against marriage because some gay ppl can't marry, but said she WILL marry for inheritance tax reasons, is just mindblowingly inconsistent.

She really thinks she is hot shit though. Can't wait for her to actually have a class that isn't based on memorization. She also needs to stop pretending she isn't in her early years of uni - caught her on tiktok fudging how far along she is to some US commenter so it looks like she is in grad school. If her tiktok comes back I'll link it

No. 1264381

Am I imagining things or is Nik one of the vegetarian anas and it’s totally just for animal welfare and not reduced options?

No. 1264393

I'm not sure anon, it's a good question. People like Ham probably won't have any health effects, but perhaps the fatties actually are having symptoms of being obese, rather symptoms of undereating. I know a few people who have had gastric sleeve/bypass surgery, so literally forced to eat miniscule amounts and lose a lot of weight, I think they take vitamins etc but it's not really any different to self-starvation - they haven't had anything like that happen.

No. 1264394

File: 1624668565179.jpeg (224.04 KB, 401x857, 85B09F85-D6B2-4DC1-87E7-984204…)

i noticed this too, she rlly does have the spoopy hands of a geriatric :/

No. 1264458

File: 1624674095950.jpg (353.4 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20210625-222108_Ins…)

No. 1264461

okay, but … she already said that if she refuses tube feeds, then she can't have her phone. Make it make sense, Cecilia.

No. 1264515

Damn only 12 foods, refusing tube feeds and meals. It’s a miracle you’ve maintained your weight, Cecilia!

No. 1264521

I like how she's implying that people are jealous of her recovery because it looks like she's doing well as if every single post isn't about how supposedly sick and awful she is.

No. 1264529

no no, anon, she's angry that a few commenters keep making subtle digs at her miraculous progress. Since everyone knew she wasn't some ana on death's doorstep like she pretends to be.

so now she is pretending to be having a rough time, just like a little 15yo waif on a kids' unit, refusing feeds and saying no. Give me a fuckin break Cecelia. You know how much all this costs and you're still fucking around? In your ninth? tenth? treatment round. Bitch please. You ate that cooked brekkie and loved it.

No. 1264531

Anna's fake freckles look like clogged pores.

No. 1264587

does any body know anything about the youtuber ellbat, or have any thoughts on her? a friend just sent me her channel, shes a Recovered Anorexic™ whos channel almost entirely consists of videos focused on dieting or her body…a good chunk of her thumbnails are straight up thinspo, im talking zoomed in on the thigh gap level thinspo.

im seriously shocked that not a single person seems to have said a thing about it and its kinda making me feel crazy like…what the fuck is nobody else seeing this shit??

(first time posting here i am so sorry if im being retarded and this isnt actually the place or way to ask)

No. 1264591

For someone who actually knows how to look "together" (even outside pasture confines), her low LARP skill is notable.

She's clearly put a lot of thought into her character ("gentle", soft-spoken, "always encourages others to fight on, even when she herself could not", her name evokes a Jane Austen waif taken to her bed with TB where she embroiders and writes letters to dear PaPAH while prettily slipping away from the world).

Yet all this planning and consideration gets trashed daily by her snowballing attention addiction. Like surely she must have jotted down at some point (even if never had the insight to recognize it in herself) that EDs are competitive, recovery == losing, not-sick-enoughism, fattest-one-thereism are explicitly discussed all the time.

But she just can't possibly keep her head down and not be the brat at the birthday party screaming that no I'M the princess I'M the prettiest I'M the daintiest I'M the hungriest.

Oh, you forgot, you're supposed to be soft-spoken, thinking of others, sensitive, etc? Fucking go back to your source material C, and just go back to your private mental fanfic.

Actually don't because I actually get dopamine when I see your trademark tea-and-flowers font colors, knowing I am about to enjoy my most justified annoyance of the day.

No. 1264592

I don't see what her name has to do with it, it's her actual name. She's doxxed herself before. I do agree with the rest of this.

No. 1264595

12 foods.. I think that's quite impressive.

No. 1264601

welcome anon, just a heads up, next time you bring up a person you should include some screenshots or a youtube link so that we can see the milk (this is an imageboard). other than that you've got the saging down!

No. 1264608

File: 1624687480511.jpg (639.75 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20210626-075547_Ins…)

Of course it would only be a matter of time where else would you get your quarterly babying and attention cecelia?
She loves it there

No. 1264640


I might be repeating stuff but the reason the overweight larpers here aren’t physically compromised is because they aren’t doing anything damaging kek

In actual life, anyone can suffer the affects of AN at any weight. Someone from My 600lb Life died quite soon after their gastric bypass from vit b12 deficiency causing spinal cord degeneration. Iirc it wasn’t picked up on at all because they were still obese but (I think due to malnutrition) they had developed complete anorexic cognitions.
In hospitals coma patients etc do get ng tubes bc muscle wastage is a serious issue. Health complications are real. Electrolyte issues are also real but I think more likely with purging/laxatives.
I think the thing that is skewed here is that we have a slew of obese people claiming AN/restrictive EDs when clearly that is not all that’s going on (even if they restrict between binging clearly binging is more the problem) - you can make up a calorie deficit and that will stop muscle wastage and replenish electrolytes vitamins etc.

No. 1264645

File: 1624695413781.jpeg (421.43 KB, 2048x2048, D4101FC3-9EAC-47F5-B29E-1A546D…)

Anna strikes me as the type of feminist who will marry rich then stay at home and do nothing except throw the odd charity lunch with the most important tories. Whilst looking down on any woman who marries rich and stays at home.
In fact one of her very early tiktoks was about how hard it was to be at her conservative school in Devon where the only goal for all of the girls was to marry rich and be a stay at home wife, and she didn’t fit in because she wanted to go to university and have a career. Someone who was in her year found it and gave her shit because they said it wasn’t like that at all.

I just remembered her running blog. Seems like she silently has not done her half marathon that her rich friends haven’t sponsored her for.

No. 1264654

I’d pay good money to hear what staff have to say about this one every handover. If you can eat 12 things and aren’t drastically underweight or malnourished,you don’t need a tube…at least not that Fr size. It’s massive. (I give it 48 hours max before she tears it out to get a ~smol~ one)

No. 1264655

Nah, he's not a vegetarian. Just classical anorexic, he doesn't give any such excuses for his disordered eating and is straight forward about it, he's not a cow in that sense. It's just that his recovery is more of a "recovery", like with many of our skellies.

No. 1264656

12 things? Lots of edus barely have 12 things to choose from lol
Maybe she means she can only eat 12 items because the rest of the menu has gluten and dairy (she claims intolerance)

No. 1264657


I don’t have an ED and I’m struggling to think of when I last ate more than 12 things in a day (including when I cook and use ingredients)

12 is quite a lot Cecelia… or are you now going to say it was a typo and it’s 1.2?

No. 1264659

she lies constantly about her past to make her look like poor little rich girl, garnering sympathy and admiration at the same time. several people have called her out on her BSing about her education, someone last thread went to her boarding school and said it was bs that she didnt eat for 2 wks

No. 1264666

File: 1624705960255.jpg (136.4 KB, 1079x1503, Screenshot_20210626-131147_Ins…)

Did ham ever admit that she's atypical (I'd probably say ednos at most but this would be a step)

No. 1264668

She reposts all kinds of crap about binge eating and other different EDs. She doesn't have any of them to admit to.

No. 1264672


Oh in her head she was the sickest spoopiest ana ever. This is just her missionary advocacy work for those not as fortunate to have her willpower.

No. 1264675

File: 1624707566160.jpeg (710.81 KB, 2048x2048, FA623CF7-939C-4BFC-9B46-75F3EF…)

Just for fun I’ve been taking a screenshot of ganer’s definitely-not-OCD-related-protein-slop. Here’s the past 4 days. Inspirational consistency and dedication to her body goalz!

No. 1264679

Ganer can't eat 12 different foods.

No. 1264690

At this point I'm surprised she actually uses different mugs tbh

No. 1264694


Only 12 different condiments

No. 1264695

Also imagine how upset she would be if someone told her to place the bowl so that the white mush was on the right side and the brown mush was on the left side and eat it like that

No. 1264696

Theyre from the same set though it seems.

No. 1264697

It kind of bothers me how in the last picture the slop bowl is not the same way as the others

No. 1264698

I'm sure she corrected that

No. 1264703

File: 1624710153754.png (562.54 KB, 828x1792, 2DDB979B-C680-456A-89B4-53176E…)

Zara deleted her posts and made it private now… maybe she saw what was being posted on here?

No. 1264704

I thought that but didn't comment. I wanted to neaten up the sloppy berry placing. OCD by osmosis.

No. 1264706


Oh my dear, there is no bench pressing or spandex trousers that will cure this idiocy of Ganer.

But she still believes in her "recovery" and tries to give good advice to others? Smh

No. 1264708

Consistency is key!!!

No. 1264710

File: 1624711711891.jpeg (205.08 KB, 750x1334, D008FE3B-6164-43A1-9C43-54CDA1…)

I’ve worked out why Anna has been something about Hancock: to slip in another mention of her ana-induced gallstones. The main thing I take from this is that Highgate must be very safe if her parents can find a bench (large enough for two people!) they can sleep on without getting stabbed or mugged. And I’m calling bs on the sleeping on the floor, she posted selfies in a bed.

No. 1264711

*sperging, not something

No. 1264712

File: 1624711753113.png (895.41 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210626-134731.png)

Mini chocolates. Definitely worth the agony of recovery if you haven't got anything else in life worth being healthy for.

No. 1264718

File: 1624712910448.jpeg (4.47 KB, 223x223, 157D13AE-C2BC-4827-9FAB-6B5886…)

Nice exposed your self anon. or should I saw anon no more

No. 1264722


Highgate is one of the richest areas of London, a lot of celebs live there. BS on sleeping on a bench though, like they didn’t at least go home and get the car? And definitely not sleeping on the floor. If you’re in majors in A&E you get a chair or trolley. The only people who sleep on the floor are the ones who lie there long enough to get a photo to send to the newspapers.

No. 1264723

she is giving me orthorexia with her fucking garbage diet
ham eat a vegetable and a grilled protein challenge

No. 1264724

how long was she even kept in hospital for? did she make it to a ward or was she in A&E the whole time?

No. 1264726

her voice makes her even more unbearable than her attitude

No. 1264728

File: 1624715680337.jpeg (149.74 KB, 828x711, FF9F03CC-5BC7-4A67-8F54-40E546…)

nah she didn’t, just private

No. 1264731

Junk food every day. Literally. She must feel like shit physically but it's probably all a part of recovery since her body isn't used to eating such foods after restricting them to every other day in the past.

No. 1264734


I hope that's sarcasm.

No. 1264735

Well of course it is

No. 1264741

All this time on insta and not one mention of any treatment Ham's had with her "team". Not once.

No. 1264743

She has said she decided to do it on her own without a team

No. 1264746


And zero people have questioned why a team who had a bed ready for her in hospital just let her discharge herself

No. 1264747

we had the very mysterious "hospital bed with my name on" but that was it. Im the anon who had the messages in the last thread about no "team" and doing it on her own. No diagnosis either

No. 1264748


When she was so ill she had a hospital bed waiting for her. She's incredible. A heroine. She deserves hitting 10k followers she hasn't acknowledged. She should ~rea h out~ to Nik.

Speaking of the anaemic creep, I thought to myself earlier how much his account reminds me of Sky's when she was a spoop. Pretending to have pint parties and cakes and not gaining an ounce but she was convinced she came across as a ~worrior~

It's a good study about anorexia when you compare the proana girls and women who are skeles with 1000s of followers,but Nik doesn't get the attention. I know that's going to happen with the stats for.males, but he must have some male cow wannas following him. Real males, not pronoun ones.

No. 1264750

Autocorrect not Sky, Aly

No. 1264751

there are a few actually but not very pro-ana behaviour. More like just fitting the criteria for atypical ana. >>1264748

No. 1264754

You sure have a similar writing style to nik and like to bring him up when he wasn’t even on the radar of discussion. Just saying.

No. 1264756

That's depressing seeing how English is my first language. I mentioned him because Ham tipped him. Stop the damn paranoia with self posts. Achtung.

No. 1264758


The English is too good. Nik’s writing style is more disjointed (and no I’m not the person who wrote the post).

Nik doesn’t post enough content. He also doesn’t seem like he knows what people want, he’s a bit irregular - sometimes it’s videos of him eating, sometimes it’s an insta trend with an ED theme, sometimes it’s food pics. There’s never a genuine air about him which I think turns people off.

No. 1264786

>That's depressing seeing how English is my first language.
>There’s never a genuine air about him
This, it's all 100% performative. He's a wannabe actor, but can't even nail the "inspirational recovery warrior" role online.

No. 1264802

File: 1624724291047.jpeg (947.76 KB, 828x1590, 4DDFC9A2-6187-43C3-8B7D-A85D70…)

Dharma looking hot on that lean bulk. Reminder: this haggard looking 20-something year old feels qualified to give out health advice.

No. 1264811

File: 1624725265000.jpg (18.28 KB, 398x466, buff.JPG)


That's quite a face muscle she built up there. Oh wait…

Her eyeliner's better than Ganer's, I'll give her that.

No. 1264815

File: 1624726030101.jpg (6.25 KB, 275x183, 1.jpg)

Ugh, sorry about no sage. Here's a cute animal to say sorry.

No. 1264841

File: 1624728989132.jpeg (105.89 KB, 750x1062, B3D33B0F-FD50-476B-BDA9-AE4FB1…)

Because nothing says recovery like tracking that 0.2 tsp of cheese powder. And Christ, 450 grams of mushrooms?!?! I love portobellos but by volume that is larger than most meals alone.

No. 1264846

File: 1624729442637.png (3.71 MB, 750x1334, 077292D8-6A0A-42B6-B935-D2CC33…)

People are going to hate me for bringing Ruby Granger (study grammar and friend of Molly) up again but as an AN larper/putting on an AN show with actual struggles - please see this picture she shared on her stories today

No. 1264848

*grammer/whatever it’s called when you use IG

No. 1264855

even though she is weighing the foods, some anas "overestimate" on purpose, fearing extra calories

No. 1264860

I was just reading an old thread where Anna said she was unfollowing people due to a toxic community which lead to me going through who she follows now…

Interestingly out of about 190 people she doesn’t follow a lot of recovery accounts, mainly the popular ones BUT the less popular accounts she follows are cows that have been brought up! NF warrior Shan, lilvodka tiktok girl are the two that I noticed which just struck me as weird for someone who does not give this thread the time of day.
Hi Anna

No. 1264863

Not just that but tracking soy sauce in calories? Wtf that shit is like 0.5 cal per 1g*. If she actually cared about health and wasn't just a raging ana she'd track soy sauce in sodium not calories.
Well the normal thing to do would be to not include soy sauce at all but yeh

No. 1264865

Another anon here: Ruby shared a photo of her laptop desktop a few days ago, and one folder was titled 'counting backwards.' I think she is probably writing an ED book. (she has recently said she is writing a book) I'd love to see Molly's response if this is the case.

No. 1264883

I think she was starchild? Anyone know if she’s even still alive?
Can ay ERC fag corroborate that they let adults refuse tube feeds? I thought most treatment centers will kick out adults who refuse tube feeds. They are there by their own volition and if they are resisting treatment the facility might as well give the bed to someone whose more ready.

No. 1264889

Ah yea, when "recovery" is just "I used to be worse". He seems so desperate to stay that level of emaciated.

No. 1264894

Also Elzani, Paige, Tal, Sarahfinallysmiling, Molly, Zara, Ro, Dora and Hannah. Some of these could be coincidences but worth noting.

There are also a few accounts with TW in the bio. Hardly non-toxic accounts.

No. 1264902

soz forgot to sage. The irony of preaching about people being ToXiC when she liberally posts tube pics and brags about her physical complications tho.

No. 1264916

That’s quite sad though, many people will die if they don’t get treatment, makes me concerned about really unwell adults if that’s the case.

No. 1264918


It’s worth noting that 75% plus accounts are cows and then a few are not mentioned here, just a suspiciously large number indeed

Even someone who occasionally checks time to time wouldn’t have that number of cows

No. 1264921

See, we don't even know if he used to be worse since he doesn't want to share before and after pics as it may be "triggering". As if his weight isn't now. Weight progress? Oh no, you can't see that because reasons. But I promise I'm getting better. Sure, sure.

No. 1264923

The actual Highgate Hospital is private so wouldn't have an A&E, so I'm guessing she went to the Whittington in Archway as it's the nearest. Not the nicest area, I'm calling bullshit on her parents sleeping on a bench though, more like waiting outside til she calls to say she's either admitted or can go home. On the floor, too, means maybe she wasn't triaged as an emergency so didn't get taken through to majors so did a histrionic lie-on-the-floor in the waiting area kek

No. 1264937

File: 1624737605348.png (2.84 MB, 1536x2048, 16C56A43-65A4-41D4-B43A-7A2CC7…)

I’m really struggling to understand what she is trying to say in this, she needs to eat a good amount of food, her sentences don’t make sense.

I’d cave in and eat if I couldn’t use my brain properly.

Is this hypoglycaemia or cerebral atrophy? Anyone know if AN can cause Permanent brain damage?

No. 1264945

i've been to erc. if you refuse feeds for long enough they will "cert" you and you will be court-ordered to stay there against your will and force fed through the tube. the only way of getting out of erc with a cert is if your insurance drops you or you comply all the way through ip, residential treatment, and php.

No. 1264951

Not ERCfag, just USfag. Refusing a tube feed at her size would most likely be a three strike system. On the third strike she would be discharged for noncompliance. If she was truly unwell, ERC has the ability to certify people to involuntary treatment in less than 24 hours. This cert would include forced tube feeds. Very different from the UK where those with tubes can refuse feeds and stay at very low weights in hospital, but both clearly have their own issues and create malingerers.
Permanent brain damage and permanent decrease in IQ
ERC typically only certs those who are extremely ill and at risk of death, right? I’ve never seen them cert someone like moonchild kek

No. 1264953

Honestly, thanks for saying.

No. 1264954

yes, moonchild would never be certed kek. cecelia potentially could be if she's a good enough larper irl. but i highly doubt she would want to be, certs start at 90 days, and erc will easily renew it if they think they need to. if she wants out for her sister's wedding there's absolutely zero way that would happen if she's on a cert.

No. 1264964

Don’t say that, she’ll tell you how she hasn’t eaten (solids) in four years

No. 1264966

This is where Ham's misunderstanding of what anorexia is really shows. No one with an eating disorder recovers just to feel okay about eating pure sugar again. She really thinks she's helping the poor anorexics by reminding them that food tastes good and people enjoy eating it. No shit it does

No. 1264974

UK fag, although true, some hospitals will go to court against you and depending on age (i think under 16) your parents will sign for force feedings etc. Not sure if im right, but i think you can be sectioned for anorexia as an adult if you bmi is under 14 or 13.

No. 1264978


You can be sectioned in the UK for anorexia at literally any BMI. Typically, they start to talk about it at BMI 13 but it depends on a few things including mental stability, rate of weight loss, and prior resistance to treatment. Equally loads of people below BMI 13 don’t get sectioned.

No. 1264980


Lifeofhxn is annoying but sometimes I look at her then look at Ham and it really shows how shallow Ham is with her perception of anorexia and recovery, especially that recovery is basically just making a list of fear foods and eating them every single day

No. 1264981

US doesn’t have sectioning like the UK does, it’s typically a lot more difficult here and requires immediate risk of danger to self or others (actively pursuing suicide or homicide). Or if an adult’s parents take them to court to get medical power of attorney, but that’s typically very difficult to get for parents, the patient pretty much has to be significantly impaired.

It varies from state to state though, Colorado where ERC is is one of the easiest places to certify an adult, and why ERC is pretty much the only ED treatment center that holds adults against their will. In other tx centers lots of ED patients discharge themselves without getting much if any treatment. Most centers other than ERC will transfer very ill or in danger patients who are non compliant to state psychiatric hospitals where it’s easier to get adults held against their will.

Cecelia isn’t one of those patients unless she tries to off herself, so if she continues being non compliant but not a danger to herself it’s more likely they’d just discharge her and make her someone else’s problem.

No. 1265017

Just say you’re happy with the cheap chocolate Ham, yellow stickers are fab we all love a bargain. Fucking tool.

No. 1265033

> wait outside until she calls
But anon, that is impossible! They don't have phone reception in the hospital - remember the women who miscarried couldn't contact their families?

No. 1265050

File: 1624746844788.png (165.99 KB, 720x1077, Screenshot_20210626-233154~2.p…)

Ham never thought she'd have 10k followers. She never will. Only bots. The brazen bitch.


No. 1265052

File: 1624746941169.png (927.52 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210626-233504.png)

Bonus story

No. 1265061

File: 1624747998703.jpg (5.33 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210626_23461344…)


He posts pics in random order. Really old ones and new ones. The left is when he was in the clinic, the right is recent.

His other account shows him looking slim notspoopy plus some spoopy.

No. 1265063

Sorry, RIGHT is at the clinic

No. 1265065

nitpick but does ham ever change her pants?

No. 1265069

Plenty of actual anas will eat a few sweets and call it a meal. But it will be a huge chunk of what they eat in the whole day, not "a snack".

No. 1265075

It’s much harder here in the UK now because of cuts to in and outpatient MH services across all sectors inc ED. At risk to self isn’t even enough, people often get dismissed from hospital after suicide attempts if they have any support in the community (even if just friends to talk to) as long as they’re not actively trying to garotte themselves with the IV tubing before they get discharged . It’s risk to others that CAN get you definitely sectioned but not in all cases. Remember that sped who made multiple threats then was still allowed out without close contact and went on to throw a small child off the roof of the Tate Gallery?

apols for mild o/t

No. 1265079

File: 1624748831043.png (626.1 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20210627-000456~2.p…)

Still alive.

No. 1265086

File: 1624749255827.png (539 KB, 692x684, Screenshot_20210627-001306~2.p…)

Suicide attempts have landed people on psych for a day. One I remember was a bloke who doused himself in petrol at a petrol station. Stayed a day then home.

No idea why some people, inc. skeles, get turned away while others get in. Maybe they battle it out with Thumb Wars. Winner gets a bed with their name on it.

No. 1265096


Only then, when you don't screw up all the time.
Like out manic exercise purger from Little Britain.

No. 1265108

File: 1624751623112.jpg (2.6 MB, 2001x4018, PSA.jpg)

It's 2021, Nick. You should know better than to post pics holding blank signs.

No. 1265185

shes like lifeofhxn who all claim IP traumatized them. they need a good wake up call and forced weight gain imo.

No. 1265186

lol shes feeling invalidated by her own realisation that shes not sick. we all know she wouldn't risk losing access to her phone, she needs to post toob selfies

No. 1265187

File: 1624761829458.jpeg (95.88 KB, 821x756, A4182CFB-29B5-44EF-BBE9-054477…)

I wonder what foods she feels like she’s trying for the first time again….. this is from her what I eat in a day tiktok from 4/14 where she claims anorexia recovery. she also definitely has to be lying about her intake.

No. 1265260

File: 1624772005158.jpg (596.29 KB, 2001x4018, Notanalien.jpg)

No. 1265286

Recovery is fun said no anorexic ever

No. 1265296

Recovery is fun cause now she gets to overeat on crap and get praise for it instead of overeating on crap and get called a fatty

No. 1265299


That is a complete BS claim - there is phone signal in A&Es and definitely WiFi in all NHS hospitals now. Plus since covid hospitals have had iPads and more phones patients can use (like landlines) so signal wouldn’t be a problem. Lying on the floor - definitely not allowed from an infection control point of view, only if you were a kid and your mother was there. Anna likes to dramatise but as has already been pointed out why is she SO personally offended that one person did not socially distance during a late stage of lockdown when she repeatedly broadcasted herself not socially distancing during absolute lockdowns?
Even ignoring her running whilst meant to be isolating there was a point when Scotland was in complete lockdown and her sister flew over for a visit??

No. 1265343

File: 1624785399791.png (5.05 MB, 750x1334, 2ED67C86-CA7A-4D51-8CA4-478F34…)

I’ve noticed this before but Ham seems to have very faint SH scars on her arm. Iirc she has never mentioned SH but this could be why she hasn’t been in education after 16 (which is compulsory in the UK?). Is this a missing piece in the puzzle of her larping AN - a more aesthetic mental illness? A better recovery community? Actual depression + diet = feeling bad about self with normal food restriction and her mum getting it confused for AN?
So many pieces of the puzzle someone make it make sense

No. 1265344

To be NEET at that age (if not IP) is really hard; you have to be low functioning in terms of depression - like not being able to get out of bed or shower levels of depression. I doubt she'd be able to LARP an ED if this were the case.

No. 1265346


those scars look very superficial and the fading is consistent. she probably had one or two episodes of self-slicing. when she wasn't getting the attention she wanted from it moved on to larping anorexia lol.

also, imo she looks like a nice, normal teen in that pic. it's too bad she is spending her youth this way instead of having a social life and making meaningful connections.

No. 1265350

Yeah, this is community based therapy self harm not "off to the psych ward" levels.

No. 1265372

File: 1624791631089.jpeg (210.07 KB, 750x1018, EF301508-347A-4CC8-8BE9-B484B7…)

OK, let’s break it down:
- why are you using all this jargon: consumer, customer, product? Using (not very) formal words doesn’t mean anyone thinks you’re clever, Anna
- she says she had 70k followers but that is misleading as it is over all the iterations of her account. Most of them will have resubscribed whenever she got her account reinstated.
- the irony of talking about not condoning censoring people who call out TikTok when she herself definitely deletes comments and (probably) blocks people.

We’ll miss the second hand cringe though!

No. 1265380

She's mentioned her dramatic scars in the past. How she tries to cover them up with makeup. She was at college up until lockdown doing some art course.

Anyone can sh. As anon above said, the "scars" are uniform like she did it once for attention. Let's face it, Ham's way too jolly to have depression and not once mentions meds.

No. 1265388

and you’ll notice the inside of her wrist looks totally scar free, like she only cut on the most visible part of her arm.
Blog but when I was in highschool I knew two people who cut - the one who was a histrionic BPDchan always cut the tops of her arms and wore the short sleeve uniform shirt. The second person I knew much better and only found out she’d self harmed after she’d been clean for 6 months and wanted to tell me. She only cut the tops of her tights and stomach so it wasn’t visible. Unsurprisingly the BPDchan was also the one who had a very public and dramatic struggle with an eating disorder where she strangely never got below a chubby body weight despite ‘literally starving’ herself. You can connect the dots.

No. 1265391

the type who have every personality disorder under the sun, anorexia AND bulimia, depression AND bipolar are found in every school. Of course some people do cut in visible places because they are so out of it in SH episodes that they can't think clearly - but if this were the case with Ham her scars wouldn't be so neat and thin.

No. 1265396

Why is she built like that? LMFAO her EYES, I cannnot. Also, you mentioned scars and it took me reading this anon >>1265388 to realise I thought her “scars” were just arm hair.

I’ve been in the self-harmer cool kid club for like 7 years, I’d say I’m not a cool kid anymore unu but in my experience, those look like very superficial cuts in the process of healing completely, that’s why they’re brown-redish and not white. Of a cut has more than two or three months it should already have turned white on her skintone. Other option is they’re very recently, shallow, to the point of being just scratches “scars”.

No. 1265397

Did Ham ever post pre - 'ed' pics. Would be really interested to see if she was a fat kid, if so its possible she just sort of cut certain foods out to lose a little bit of weight and with her lonerism and the rise of the recovery communities online she could have conflated her balanced diet as 'basically anorexia' She follows Stephanie Buttermore so i think she bought into the all in intuitively eat your bodyweight in crap meme

No. 1265398


Agree completely. Self harmers can go for decades with nobody ever knowing, including parents. When cuts, burns or w/e are in visible places, well…you know why.

No. 1265400

Nope. The only supposed pre ED pics were the ones where she's fucking around. The OP pic from last thread where she's pulling her face is one of them. Never any child pics or early teens.

No. 1265403


No. 1265407

More importantly is it just me or did she shoop her waist

No. 1265408

File: 1624799921988.jpeg (438.62 KB, 828x1432, EFD89C5F-FC56-4A8F-AB17-30B77B…)

Emma’s still at deaths door for what must be the tenth year running

No. 1265409

File: 1624800246526.jpeg (210.61 KB, 1000x888, 64C30F77-9613-4414-913A-FE1630…)

I think the whole body discourse is banal and very superficial. It seems like 2014-2017 and sometimes even current feminism where instead of setting the bases for the movement as the collective experience of oppression or in this case discrimination, there’s an ongoing competition to see who’s the physically weakest, conventionally ugliest, most punished by God himself smol wittle bean out there, even if they’re just obese and have mild adhd or anxiety, they’ll wespectfully and shyly tell you to pwease don't tell them to work out because they’re opressed.

No. 1265410

as if the congregation give a fuck about the particulars of her 'illness.' And kek, she has to add dehydration and low electrolytes to the list to make it as long as possible. Did she write this herself or was it her sister? Is she actually spoopy? I had to unfollow her because she was too irritating, but would be interested to hear more.

No. 1265415


She’s not looking too spoopy but she’s obviously living on a medical ward again because MUCH COMPLEX. Tbh I wonder if it’s more Munch than anorexia with her now.

No. 1265416


aww shit! now i cant unsee it. there is a pretty suspect circle (remnant of a clone brush?) right besides her left hip, another one under her left elbow, and her right bicep/upper arm is looking kinda wavy imo

No. 1265419

File: 1624801318205.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 784.11 KB, 1536x1736, D4160D05-3521-4480-915C-39FA47…)

It’s a good job they are superficial as I’m sure, when she is older, will hate having them, having to apply extra suncream to protect the scars and people commenting on them…

Not to blogpost… but Some find certain areas of the body to feel different during self harm, as in… cutting the legs produces a different feeling compared to the arms or stomach. Probably due to the sensory side of things, aka cortical homunculus. But that depends on the person.for some, yes it’s for attention and I knew a girl that thought self harming looked ‘cool’ and so would do it and then wear crop tops and would even cut her face.

No. 1265420

closer look at the legs and part of the top under the right side arm looks a teeny bit sus

No. 1265421

File: 1624801404960.png (3.02 MB, 1027x1355, n2f joker.PNG)

you wanna know how i got these scars?…

No. 1265422

anon..wtf was that image…

No. 1265423

OMG, this is the most normal i think ive ever seen her look

No. 1265425

the giant claw clip holding her glasses to like 3 strands of hair

No. 1265426

Ffs anon, it’s a sensory homunculus

No. 1265427

Please don’t tell me she’s saying she’s disabled because of her size. It’s so insulting to people who are disabled in ways they cannot control when people who could just eat less say they’re disabled and make no effort to improve their situation

No. 1265432

I hope not, but yes… obesity can literally cause people to develop mobility and physiological issues that can in themselves be considered debilitating….

No. 1265435

she reminds me of Tickner

No. 1265436

File: 1624802655886.png (68.63 KB, 351x279, Screenshot_20210627-150014~2.p…)


That's one way of dealing with smeared lipstick

The pain of tattoos is different in different parts of the body. Not just a muscle thing. Arms aren't particularly painful to get tattooed. I think deep cuts to the face are another level of legit crazy.

No. 1265440

File: 1624803161013.png (769.57 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_20210627-150902~2.p…)

No point eating human food. This reptilian would only thrive on the flesh of sacrificial babies. #bohemiangrove #NWO #autism

No. 1265463

Did he take that recipe from n2f?

No. 1265471


Ugh, I love her. Just doing her own autarded thing, looking like she's never used a washcloth in her life, gnawing on lipsticks, taking pics of rotten squirts of condiments before frisbeeing the whole plate out the window. Nourish is my pixyteri idgaf. Get it, girl. I hope she gets healthy but stays wild and free from the social constraints of hygiene.

No. 1265477

That hair style sure isn’t doing her any favors

No. 1265482

File: 1624806165878.jpg (199.88 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20210627-170205_Ins…)

Anyone masochistic enough to download this?

No. 1265483

File: 1624806253516.png (1003.06 KB, 1253x496, Our Pixy.png)


She's much like pixy, without any desperation for attention or fame. She just gets on with it and doesn't care about insults. A bedroom dweller. I love her also. Group hug.

Not sure what she's doing giving herself highlighter with a tool. Not sure why she has shower gel with her. Not sure if her knuckle damage has any significance, but I don't care. She's my favourite cow in this thread, warts n all. The one I'd most like to meet. Her ~journey~ is fascinating. I hope her future is brighter than Pixy's though.

No. 1265484

I'm going to because I need a laugh.

No. 1265492

99cals of mushrooms is a meal in itself, are you retarded? larger than most meals alone? mushrooms cook down autist, health/recoverychans tend to eat like that

No. 1265494

I did this. It's pointless. It's a list of apps, links she thinks are useful and commonsense "advice". It might be helpful for someone doing A Levels, but other than that…she makes studying sound like a chore rather than enlightening.

No. 1265509

Got to have the token person of colour in your thumbnails, to offset the pampered white girl.

No. 1265520

'self harmer cool kid club'? you're cringe and embarrassing, learn to integrate

No. 1265526

How could she possibly get 3 A*s and top of her class in medicine if she writes like this? Her dyslexia is abysmal and she has no grasp of fluency or punctuation. Personally think she's lying somewhere, as per usual with Anna

No. 1265530

I meant it is a lot of volume (even cooked) and fibre for someone who is trying to gain, not that it is much calorie wise. 1kg of vegetables is not a normal portion and she is clearly filling up on very low calorie stuff - although she is probably lying about that as well as everything else
As discussed last thread, the A*s were her predicted grades and she did not actually take her A-levels because of COVID. Private schools tend to overinflate predicted grades. As for being 'top of her class' she probably came first in one MCQ and has decided to milk it for the next 5 years.

No. 1265531

Built like what? A perfectly ordinary teenage girl?

I don't think her outfit is particularly flattering but there's nothing wrong with her body here?

Also, cringe at everything else you wrote anon, please don't.

No. 1265534

A levels are rote memorisation, and the first 2 years of medical school are the same. There are no clinical skills assessments until later on. There used to be some in Y1 but COVID has simplified assessments by a lot and most schools won't have proper clinical skills assessments.

Sage for blog but there are some absolute retards in my year (didn't know what a placenta was even after taking a degree in anatomy and completing 2 semesters of medical school). Some of the highest scoring students end up as shitty doctors because they have no actual common sense or people skills, our precious top of the year braggart will be shit when it comes to practicing and proper placements.

I guess she has to grasp onto something to feel relevant now that she no longer gets any attention from her eating disorder.

No. 1265551

Anna thinks celery is bark.

Let that sink in…

Of course she lies about her self proclaimed high intelligence. Anyone can be anything on the internet.

No. 1265554

File: 1624812088529.jpeg (925.73 KB, 828x1519, CEEC7268-4682-4E59-B1BC-E6C981…)

Dharma is also a self proclaimed genius of “superior intellect”…when she’s not too busy eyefucking herself on her twice a day gym session, promoting her reverse diet expertise and begging on her gofundme.

No. 1265559

the way she poses her legs is so creepy, worse than ganers posing

No. 1265565

I find her insufferable along with everyone else, but she clearly meant "bark" like a dog does in that post.
She said something about how she's 'not a sheep, bark'.
Then 2-3 anons ran with it as "omg Anna literally called celery a type of bark".
No one is that stupid, nonnies.

No. 1265566

Forgot many itt are 30 year olds.

No. 1265569

She wrote celery (AKA bark)

How do you get she means dog from that? What do sheep have to do with anything?

No. 1265578


I tend to disagree! Ganer is much more consistent in her poses. That makes her look even more obsessed and creepy.

No. 1265582

People who boast about getting higher grades than other people cam seriously harm those who struggle in school.

At the end of the day, people who get the bare minimum grades are still going to pass and come out the same side as she is.

No. 1265584

File: 1624814315059.png (886.51 KB, 479x595, Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 19-16…)


Nice photo-op!
That "food" just covers the bottom of the bowl, Nik…
So there's no more than skelly posing here, again.

No. 1265585

File: 1624814423790.jpeg (743.97 KB, 750x1334, 1624460676300.jpeg)

what are you talking about kek

No. 1265588

She's using Aka when she means ie.
It's really not hard to parse out her meaning.

No. 1265598

"I'm eating celery, alternatively known as bark". Even i.e means celery is bark.

I'm worried about you, anon.

No. 1265602

Sheeps don't say bark. She means bark as in woof. Just move on, you're clearly more retarded than she is.

No. 1265603

Her retardation level dyslexia isnt what even bothers me here, I know what she means but bark is such a shit comparison to celery - like barks dry and tough, celery is crisp and like….,,,, wet - sure its fibrous but its far from bark. Kid level ewwww vegetables = restrictive eating disorder ideology running rampant among larpers as per usual

No. 1265607

You're totally wrong. We'll just leave it at that and move swiftly on.

No. 1265622

first comment i've made in regards to this discussion and i'm afraid to tell you that you're the retard anon. she means bark as in the outer layer of a tree

No. 1265626

What in the autism anon. Clearly she’s not litterly saying she’s eating bark she’s saying it tastes bad ffs. Anna is going live run

No. 1265641

(saged, and PL warning as I knew a lot of severe self harmers when i was a teen)
Sometimes people move to the visible areas when tehy run out of space elsewhere. It's not always trying for attention. But Han only has scars on the outside, not under the watch strap area or up where she can put t shirt on to hide them.

No. 1265646

There's no such thing as a visible area unless you're talking the face. Long sleeved tops exist. Attention ho' self harmers prefer strappy tops in winter because they want you to notice.

Ham picks more out of her teeth after breakfast than Nik has in his sad little bowl.

German anons, are pretzels usually a breakfast thing? In porridge like this? I think he wants Ben & Jerry's to sponsor him.

No. 1265648

maybe she meant "barf"??

No. 1265649

Don't be silly anon, that's Anna after her family holiday to the south of France ready to get back to med school.

No. 1265650

No point trying to translate the words of a stupid. 1.Calls Kate Moss Karen. 2. Doesn't know what aka is. 3. Thinks sheep eat celery.

Being rich, I expect she would've had extra help because she's dyslexic. Her dyslexia would've been taken into account when applying for uni. The Royal family go to private schools and Oxbridge and are thick as shit.

Conclusion: Anna really is that dumb.

Let's move on. What's our dainty Cecelia up to? I hope she's clinging on to life.

No. 1265652

I hate to prolong this dissection but I thnk she's calling Kate Moss a "Karen" rather than thinking her name IS Karen (which is also dumb because she's trying to apply a soccer mom trope to THE model of the 90s).

No. 1265664


Pretzels are definitely not a breakfast thing in Germany. Least of all those would be eaten with a porridge.
They're consumed as a snack e.g. with a good beer, that's all.

Skelly Nick is fishing for attention so he's trying to be fancy and verbose. That's all.

No. 1265683


In fairness I'm impressed she didn't try to sell this so the spelling, grammar and formatting issues don't bother me much. But:
- She says touch typing looks 'very professional and impressive.' Can't pretty much everyone can touch type these days?
- The 'Desk set up' section mostly talks about the technology she uses, including her £1000+ iPad.
- Burn out: 'I've made this mistake Actually, I've made it twice.' Is that meant to impress us? Dos she think she is the only person in the world to overwork?
- in 'Unique selling points' she says 'my special interest area is palliative care. Not many young people are interested in end of life care.' Is it just me who thinks that sounds so pompous?

No. 1265693

File: 1624822500078.jpeg (248.3 KB, 978x1511, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Cecelia bravely smiles

No. 1265695


And in her eyes, there is nothing but madness.

No. 1265699

she rly does look batshit imagine being her partner

No. 1265705


What's going on with that Munchhausen shitface?

No. 1265719

File: 1624824645177.jpeg (671.75 KB, 828x1410, C7D9C101-9640-4452-98DF-F7D11A…)

Cecilia actually replies! Not a newfag here (well maybe in this case I am) just haven’t posted, this is my first gander since I find Cecilia utterly entertaining. More incoming if I didn’t sage properly and someone wants to sort me out.(newfag)

No. 1265720

File: 1624824782630.jpeg (804.84 KB, 828x1610, C49DCFEB-252E-44E0-9D28-34015A…)

No. 1265722

>Look at me cow tipping!
My god why are people so retarded when it comes to cecilia

No. 1265729

if cecelia was really as anorexic as she says she is then she wouldnt be that well spoken and coherent on text. she’d be speaking broken english like the twins.

No. 1265730

You need to get your IQ checked you’re dumber than Anna anon.

No. 1265744

well done retard, you managed to not only cowtip (against the rules) but you also gave yourself a stupid name.

No. 1265745

she also reads here, so now she will immediately know who you are and call you out or block you. this is why cow tipping is a fkin stupid idea

No. 1265750

Sorry if I sound dumb but I know nothing about tube feeding but this has been driving me crazy. Does she need to have the tube in all the time? Every photo she posts she has the tube in even though she's not hooked up.

No. 1265752

It's completely normal to leave the tube in even if it's only being used sporadically. You can irritate/hurt the nasal passages, etc, when placing a tube and depending on the hospital/facility you might be required to get x-rays to confirm placement before you can use it. So it's much easier and has less risk of complications to just leave it in.

Many eating disorder facilities will have policies that say that you can't pull the tube until it hasn't been used for a full 24-72 hours or whatever because of this.

No. 1265764

How old is Paris raven melody?

No. 1265765

You might have outed yourself there, if she sees what’s being posted here, she can say who sent her that.

No. 1265767


What if she's posting all that IG shit, too?

No. 1265772

What’s the twins instas?

No. 1265774

Just so you know, interacting with cows directly is banned. That being said, her ability to shoehorn her number of admissions into any conversation is beyond pathetic. I thought this was only her 10th or so admission though?

No. 1265776

she’s late twenties iirc

No. 1265777

As in, cecelia exposing The anon on insta or…..?

No. 1265780

Sorry everyone. Feel like a giant ass and wasn’t even thinking about cow tipping. I fucked up. Really don’t want to banned since I am entertained by the cows here.

No. 1265783

Alright, just delete your insta, ASAP

No. 1265785

File: 1624831604195.jpeg (62.16 KB, 892x196, DBE753AC-8BE5-44E4-B780-EEE9D2…)

sage for samefag but her twitter says she was 20 in dec 2014, so she should be 26 now and 27 later this year

No. 1265788

It is my small follow vent so that should be zero problem. On it.

No. 1265794

Wow I thought she was so much younger when I saw her tik tok account!. I remember about 5 or so years ago she would follow loads of people on IG, everyone would follow her back then she would unfollow everyone, that’s how she built her following.

No. 1265795

What the fuck is going on in this thread.
1. Yes Anna called celery bark. Yes she meant tree bark. No she does not think celery is actual tree bark. Yes she likens it to tree bark. It is called a metaphor. She was not originally called out for that being retarded it was just a terrible joke.
2. Whoever thinks that she was taking about sheep barking please just lurk a hell of a lot more.
3. I can’t even believe I’m talking about this - yes she said ok Karen - the quote was Kate Moss and I doubt she even knows that, it was just another point about her posting a picture with an ED quote she knew nothing about for likes.
4. The only reason she’s not making another TikTok account is because she can’t get her old one back and she will never create an account that makes money if it’s not based around an ED. She’s pretending she has morals but we’ve all seen that they don’t apply when money is involved.
5. As someone who has a lot of medical friends it is bs about young people in palliative medicine, she likes to sensationalise herself a lot. ESPECIALLY during covid it has become a hot topic. She had a story a long time ago which said ‘people ask a lot what I want to specialise in - probably because you all think I want to be a psychiatrist? Well I don’t’.This was before I discovered LC but at the time I was amazed at how everything related to her ED. Perhaps people just wanted to have a conversation.

She has rheumatoid arthritis which is the disability

No. 1265798

Awww, apology accepted from this anon. Everyday's a school day.

No. 1265802

Thanks but we were already over the Anna/bark/celery/Kate moss bit a while back.

No. 1265811

Thank you. I appreciate it. I deleted my account so hopefully it’ll lead her to no where. I’ll keep myself straight from here on out.

No. 1265880

Newfag here. May be asking a dumb question but what’s a healthy balanced way to ana recovery unlike ham or gainer gainz

No. 1265885


Get help from ED services.

No. 1265887

You have to bed on deaths door before getting into services

No. 1265891

No. You just have to have a diagnosis.

No. 1265901

I’d disagree on this. It’s a postcode lottery a lot of ED services and more overrun than others.

No. 1265910

Replying to this because I can't even deal with Cecelia right now (go home, asshole). I didn't even know there was an iPad that expensive! To be moderately fair to Anna, pomposity aside, it's probably a boon in medicine to be interested in a niche and less popular area. I can't tell you how many former spoops and munchies from those old threads wanted to be pediatricians or pediatric nurses, or psychs. I'm also surprised she's not tried to tie personal experience into it from "nearly dying of anorexia". Maybe there's hope for her after all if she sticks to actual medical school and not trying to be famous for having had anorexia for 2 months once.

No. 1265913

Where are you anon?

In the uk, BEAT can help with resources.

No. 1265991

no one fucking cares wtf!! milk or lurk

No. 1265994

i meant you lol fuck off

No. 1266011

Lmao thanks anon I was thinking the exact same.

Also I know this may is unrelated to anything spoken about yet but i follow both Paige and laur.learns.to.live and they used to be really close and take loads of IGs and stuff together and then suddenly stopped?? Does anyone know what happened bc I’m a nosey hoe and want to know ahha

No. 1266031

File: 1624857203470.jpeg (398.31 KB, 1800x1629, 4E558572-F764-450B-99DD-3C1E5D…)

It looks like Cecelia is trying to fake cry, but her smirking is just too obvious. She loves that tube way too much, all she posts are smug toob pics. Bet she wastes more of staff’s time than all of the other patients combined with her fake ‘can’t accept tube feeds’ simping.

No. 1266034

She's so predictable haha, one comment about her hose being large for a dainty ana waif and she wants it changed. Her bpd is so out of control she would do anything to appear sicker than she is. Don't you think you need the wheelchair again cecelia? If you were actually sick you would be in a wheelchair.

No. 1266047

File: 1624860504192.jpg (306.92 KB, 1074x1910, Screenshot_20210628-175701_Tik…)

Gracie's looking fab. She's actually lost weight.

No. 1266068

Where do you think you are? Lolcow ain’t a helpline. Pretend to be functional and use google. Nobody’s gonna wanna compare bones with ya

No. 1266080

File: 1624868067655.png (658.23 KB, 868x1458, Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 09.11…)

I know we have already covered the study guide but I just read it and need somewhere to process:

-Writes in bullet points without using bullet points
-Sometimes uses full stops, sometimes doesn’t. Strange as she’s so obsessed with periods
- For her own study guide, does a lot of ‘just youtube it’ (if she’s swearing by Anki and says it’s hard to navigate, surely she should make a video in her own study guide about how she uses it?)
- Nitpick? It is bothering me how she has @bored with ana in the corner of every page when that account is pretty much exclusively an ED account, not a study account. I get it has a lot of followers but to me it just doesn’t make sense
- ‘we would make better decisions at the end, had they read this book’
- Generally spelling and grammar mistakes scattered throughout, I get she has severe dyslexia but does she not ask someone else to proofread? A lot of people I know with dyslexia do that
- There is a chapter in Harry Potter where he learns to touch type so I won’t criticize that
- In fairness I couldn’t fault the Networking and Work Experience section, not my area but it seems like good advice so 1 page in 7, good work
- but just this (it’s almost a poem because there’s NO PUNCTATION) ‘You might have been left with the impression that I work crazy hard/ I’d say I work about as hard as my peers. The difference is I’m more efficienct/ I don’t spend hours going over flash cards I already know and making pretty notes in bubble writing’
- Sometimes I really do not understand how Anna had anorexia with such a high opinion of herself

No. 1266089

God, she is so arrogant. Why on Earth would we have the impression she works crazy hard?

No. 1266090

Did anyone watch the menopause livestream yesterday and if so was there any milk of note?

No. 1266091

she could
next rupi

No. 1266095

I’m only a year or so older than anna and could already touch type just through having grown up with computers. I don’t understand why she found it so difficult and had to really try to learn it? I also cannot believe that somebody who didn’t actually sit A level exams is shilling a study guide - maybe actually do some exams or complete your degree before you speak with any authority anna, you stupid fuck.

No. 1266104


Watched the first 5 minutes, it was so painful I had to stop.
Ellie comes across as a lovely person, very well versed, knows her stuff obviously as she had cancer and treatment which put her into menopause.
I recommend watching the live (it's saved on Anna's insta) as it shows her people skills! she is terrible!
She clearly has written questions to ask but she sits there grinning through Ellie's answers, asks Ellie to introduce herself, Ellie says she had cancer and Anna grins throughout, no acknowledgement of how hard it must have been, jumps straight into how she is in menopause. Even when Ellie says she is going to Keele and says 'yes I'm excited!' Anna just ploughs onto the next question without acknowledging her? It's so Q&A.
At one point Ellie says her periods stopped which she was glad about because she was infertile anyway and Anna says '….. I guess' kek like you can tell she is thinking about herself and herself only.
Just so strange, again I only watched the beginning but for someone who is ~not like other girls~ to interview someone who is young, had cancer, is infertile, went through menopause, is now going to med school, like an arguaby outstanding person but to literally not acknowledge anything, no 'that must have been hard' or ANYTHING. Anna if you want to work with dying people you can't stand at their bedside grinning like a fucking baboon

No. 1266107

N2F forgot to finish getting dressed yesterday.

Inappropriate for exercise yet also for daywear.

I feel I should spoiler but idk why.

No. 1266108

File: 1624875342889.png (971.92 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_20210628-111040~2.p…)

No. 1266110

File: 1624875543781.jpeg (872.35 KB, 828x1696, B877E63E-D726-4A38-BAE2-4294E6…)

She forgot the part where modern princesses are expected to be kind, empathetic, philanthropic…

No. 1266113

File: 1624876498372.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, E1029A5C-DA1B-4203-A927-379AE0…)

Her foot is a claw

No. 1266114

Are we sure she isn't actually a harpy? Virgil says they have an insatiable hunger which fits her pretty well.

No. 1266116


Can people stop putting cows down on here for their natural body/face. How they look has nothing to do with them being intolerable people. Its cruelty for the sake of it. If they stop being cows these comments may stick as it has nothing to do with their behaviour (unless they are calling themsves anorexic at 300lbs etc

No. 1266117

Cecilia’s crazy eyes are catching. We can only hope that Anna follows in the footsteps of princess Diana so we never have to hear her self important whinging again.

No. 1266121

Gtfo a-logging fag.

When the fuck did this board get so retard-filled? And I don’t mean the cows.

No. 1266135

Are you actually asking LC this? Jesus fucking christ this thread has gone downhill with the influx of newfags. Hate to be one of those people whining about the good old days, but…

No. 1266138

LC used to be more noughties, more caustic humour, sarcasm, whatever. It's got really snowflake-y and basic because of all the ED recovery bitches sliding over here to creep on their mates.

No. 1266140

start another hell week and purge them all pls

No. 1266155

then someone desperate to fit in by violently wishing death upon cows or thinking they’re hilarious by getting a cow to reply to them

No. 1266169

It's the autism.

No. 1266180

File: 1624888168817.jpeg (690.67 KB, 828x1728, 6E3DB23D-AD41-42DE-AF9A-638A5B…)

The narcissism and sense of self importance makes this one wholly despicable! Nobody fucking cares what rich kid social event you’re going to anna. You’ve got 20k followers, lots of bots. You aren’t a celebrity.

No. 1266186

File: 1624889230872.png (4.3 MB, 828x1792, 3B522D06-2B2E-46C2-ACD5-6246D4…)

our brave warrior who is about to start anorexia treatment is treating herself to a gallon of mayo on a sandwich to celebrate her recovery

No. 1266188

The look on her face is actually scary, like she's about to take an axe to everyone in that field

No. 1266193

File: 1624890083136.png (539.31 KB, 720x1092, Screenshot_20210628-152036~2.p…)

So tell us about all the humanitarian work you're involved with, Anna. Dropping out of a charity fundraising run doesn't count.

My guess…

No. 1266194

not to be dramatic but I will kill myself if I ever look like this

N2f honey it’s actually 2021

No. 1266195

File: 1624890119376.jpeg (585.58 KB, 828x921, D869F995-48B1-4980-9D14-E6948F…)

forgot pic

No. 1266197

I'll never understand how people are so comfortable posting photos where they're looking straight up nasty. You're doing this to yourselves, people.

No. 1266198

File: 1624890588840.jpg (487.72 KB, 1078x1719, Screenshot_20210628-162832_Ins…)

Actually kinda happy for her maybe she can move on from the larp if she starts school

No. 1266199

I don't understand this odd sense of self awareness she switched off and on. When she looked I'll she didn't care about posting pics if her bingeing. With rapid weight gain, she doesn't seem bothered by it. (I mean, her body looks good, but she's not struggling with showing it off). She's taking more care of herself, but still wears inappropriate things or really badly shoops her makeup. What goes on in your mind, sweet Alicia? She's not once done a cry face, which is incredible really. She hasn't even acknowledged having an ed. At least not when she was actively fucked up.

No. 1266200

On the same wavelength. I was typing comment above when you were posting yours.

No. 1266201

Was in college in Dec 2019, so no, wasn't AWOL with mentals.

Bet she chose literature because…you know.

She'll still LARP because nobody wants to befriend her.

No. 1266202

If she wants to become a doctor(isn’t an issue to me personally)…. I think people shouldn’t post a “what I eat in a days” when in recovery for an Ed as they should know fully well how that triggers people.

No. 1266204


Or just interview them on the menopause

No. 1266206

File: 1624891759136.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1536x1974, 8BE31140-CEB3-4632-A5F3-EB3498…)

Seemingly promoting this product, as if drinking vitamins is better than actually eating and getting fibre etc…. oh and the mention of how little calories it has… so good for her audience!

No. 1266209

Anna never cared about what triggered other people. That’s why her TikTok has been banned many times and now permanently it seems. Full of FDOEs, tube pics, posts about her hypermetabolism including calories, lots of hints about her weight etc
She was called out in pretty much every single video for being triggering. And many many times for her tube pics and did not give a damn. Unfortunately that is what brings the views in. The engagement comes from people in recovery but the views/likes etc will be from people in their ED actively seeking to trigger themselves and her account was a goldmine.
Anna probably will become a doctor but she is so self absorbed - she does not care how she makes other people feel as long as she gets some validation or good feeling from her behaviour. And that can be hidden in exams. Not so much in your every day working life.

No. 1266212

That’s horrible, didn’t know about the tiktok stuff….

You need empathy and the enthusiasm to care for fir vulnerable people.

I know too many people who become doctors just because it’s a respected profession, but they suck at working with people and to mention again….lack empathy.

No. 1266216

She seems like the type to go on a school trip to Africa to build a school, and then brag about it to everyone - and not consider that with the cost of flights they could hire local people who actually have experience in construction. But as long as it makes you feel like a good person!

No. 1266220

Oh, the type of people who crowd fund so they get to do something they think's amazing, like climb Kilimanjaro, and that's their adventure of a lifetime paid for? Even without a short lived bout of the ana she'd come across as a shitty, self absorbed person.

Doctors really do lack compassion. People are lumps of meat to give drugs to. It's nurses who do all the caring. Anna has the personality, if not the intelligence, to be a GP or specialist.

No. 1266223

I dunno why she didn’t try to become a surgeon, they’re known for being show offs and not being concerned about individual patients.

No. 1266232

Mental images of Anna taking a crazy face selfie over a body she's operating on.

No. 1266238

did anyone else see the thread that was just made to expose and dox people that "enjoy bullying someone with a severe eating disorder"? It's gone now but claimed to have tracked all the dickheads in here ? wild

No. 1266242

Didn't see it. Shame they dont put their mad skills to good use and catch paedos. Bullying, haha. Grow the fuck up.

No. 1266253

did they post any information or where they just claiming they could dox people? half of the white knights who flood here can’t even sage their posts so I have serious doubts they could dox anons on a chan board

No. 1266258

who do they think we’re ‘bullying’ ? and does anyone have any screencaps of the thread?

No. 1266264

If they claim to fix people bullying the cows with "severe eating disorders", there's not much of that going on. Oh, except brave Cecelia. She's severe.

No. 1266265

Dox not fix

No. 1266267

Weird, there was a photo of her doing something college related in like, 2019, right? Also, COVID happened. Not a too much of a leap to believe that’s the real reason she didn’t go back last year (even tho she’s not clinically vulnerable or anything). If she starts going on about her break being due to super severe “anorexia” I will scream. It isn’t like she was pulled out to go IP or bed rest or anything but good for her I guess, maybe she’ll tone down the LARP

No. 1266268

Twitter idiots going insane because they hate anonymous sites that don't bend the knee. Kiwifarms is currently getting DDOS'd because of it.

No. 1266279

Surgeons also have to be caring, ever watched that show with the gastric bypass surgeon? Dr shaw somers?

No. 1266281

She could be like dr. Now from my 600 lb. life. She is an expert at losing weight, according to herself!

No. 1266282

Ah yes… less empathy

No. 1266285

File: 1624899891999.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1536x1894, 5DA41D9E-656E-416C-A0F2-E9DC79…)

Also… was watching obesetobeast this morning and he had a video of this girl… she apparently eats 4000 cals a day and is lean af.

No. 1266289

Oh god I hate these types. I'm totally recovered, look at me gulp down buckets of grass and purge it through exercise.

No. 1266291

That is Jen.peach, she has been discussed a little
- Admits to having anorexia in the past but is now claiming full recovery
- Runs mentoring programmes encouraging other girls in recovery to lift and reverse diet so they can increase metabolism without actually gaining any fat. Actually says shit like 'you don't have to be afraid to gain because you can gain pure muscle!' Has a sort of feeder mentality.
- Dropped of social media about 6 months ago. An anon here says that she knows that Jen is in treatment.

No. 1266318

I'm not familiar with ED shit but her cheeks look really swollen,like bulimia cheeks.

No. 1266349

File: 1624903286616.png (92.11 KB, 197x159, b.PNG)

the epitome of 'lights are on but no one's home'

No. 1266389

File: 1624905018020.jpeg (581.36 KB, 828x1707, 9432183D-0853-4C76-95C1-B15289…)

Niks newest reel about ~*body positivity*~ is like a bad acid trip.

No. 1266398

The thing about Anna is that she has the ability to make a mountain out of a molehill. She’s never been very underweight, (to the point where she has loooked almost exactly the same for the entire duration of her VERY MILD eating disorder.) despite having an extremely privileged experience with treat,ent (as in, getting a feeding tube in a day programme whilst still eating most of the food in said programme….), and yet tries to portray herself as a super relatable, yet transcendently ill supreme anorexic. Plus she lies and deletes and edits her posts and comments when her lies become contradictory.

No. 1266399


Those eyebrows sure are something

No. 1266404

File: 1624905859925.jpg (64.57 KB, 519x829, Screenshot_20210628-204153_Ins…)

The stuff of horrors and another proof that nik is a lizard

No. 1266416

File: 1624906372706.jpeg (166.65 KB, 827x892, 203ED546-2A43-48F9-B5A7-115194…)

Did you guys see he was in a commercial spot? I wonder if he choose the clothing by himself to look extra smol

No. 1266429

same here, people like this are my motivation to to get in shape bc i would kms immediately

No. 1266450

Do you have any proof she was almost completing? Not that I doubt it but it would be interesting to know if any anons were in day patient with her. Also has she deleted any contradictory posts? I know there was one where she changed the caption (it originally mentioned not feeling sick enough) but no others.

Take your fatspo back to MPA.

No. 1266454

Has Jessica Kaity every been discussed here? She got something like 1 million views on her my anorexia story on YouTube but hasn’t posted in about a month. I smell a milky relapse

No. 1266457

OMG she should never smile. That girl is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. I am convinced she is rotten through and through.

No. 1266458

File: 1624908732907.png (366.83 KB, 720x713, Screenshot_20210628-202657~2.p…)

Woah. What's wrong with him? He thinks it's relatable? It's like dying and opening your eyes and he's the afterlife. In hell.

No. 1266460

she hasnt been discussed but i used to watch her. she started hinting at relapse, body checking and eating less after her 10000cal vids. shes not milky or pro though.

No. 1266462

File: 1624908947931.png (959.4 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20210628-203418~2.p…)

Followed by a pint party…156 weeks ago.

No. 1266465

It’s pretty fucked up tho how the only thing she does and seems to talk about with her boyfriend is her anorexia and food

No. 1266466

Bit harsh. She might be alright in person, I'm sure you're not an oil painting

No. 1266476

Going to go out on a limb and suggest none of the anons here have filmed videos flicking the bean in hospital or caused a car accident and refused to take responsibility for seriously injuring the other vehicle’s occupants. No need to defend her. She’s truly rotten to the core

No. 1266479

Just went and quickly skipped through the live Anna did with Ellie. Hilarious… she sits there with her arm angled in a way to show how “skinny” it if for the majority. Just to prove she’s a true dainty ana waif even though she’s got her period back for what the 6th time now ?

No. 1266496

not bone rattling but anna isn’t “skinny”. she’s a slim young woman, but hardly ana-spoop level.

No. 1266499

I presume that is why 'skinny' was in quote marks. I just skimmed the video, and she keeps her arm held out for the entire video. Put it down Anna, we know you don't have an armpit gap.

No. 1266516

thanks for the recap - this sounds absolutely horrible. I have to watch now

No. 1266520

how do they determine the size of the hose?

No. 1266525

he’s like a shitty deep fake - reptilian for sure

No. 1266527


Take your doctor issues to a therapist
Med school is to be any kind of doctor. Surgeon included. You don’t begin to specialise until two years after working as a qualified doctor.

No. 1266528

NG tubes are pretty standard sizes, but US treatment centers usually place smaller pediatric ones rather than the normal adult size. Cecelia’s looks like a normal adult size one, so my guess is that she wants ERC to put in the smaller pediatric one, claiming it will hurt her throat less. Afaik they hurt no matter what size they are, but the small ones are more IG trendy, like with most things small and childlike with ana cows.

No. 1266531

Did we not say she must be pissed off it was so big. And did we not say that as soon as we said that she would get it changed?
I’m surprised she hasn’t pulled it herself if she’s struggling so much with feeds but I bet a large amount of money she is too scared they just wouldn’t reinsert it if she did.
(but look out in the next few days for a post with her ng looking suspiciously the same with her claiming she pulled and had it reinserted)

No. 1266539

She's not really struggling with feeds. She's likely just refusing one snack a day or the last few bites of her meals or something to keep it in.

No. 1266542

I'm shocked they wouldn't just make her drink a supplement then. Or would she truly throw it against the wall like a child?

I'm just not used to this tube culture. Makes me feel old because this never used to be a status symbol, and even when it started to be, no one wanted to have a tube and be anywhere near a normal weight. There's something truly horrifying about being not that thin and having a tube

No. 1266552

Same. Tubes really aren't common where I live and are pretty much seen as last resort. And even then, you'd only get one if you refuse food and are already dangerously underweight. It's beyond me, how you could actually want one. Like, even the worst tasting supplement is more appealing to me, then getting hooked up with a tube and beeing force fed.

No. 1266554

The difference now is that most of these 'Anas' mostly actually have BPD and histrionics that underpins the whole ED thing, it's not as straight edge anorexic as it used to be and social media hasnt helped that

No. 1266586

Umm in what way do you behave like a princess, Anna? You behave like a spoiled rich twat. Nothing remotely regal or classy about you.

No. 1266590

No. 1266595

This. ACUTE brags about their ability to refeed 90% of their extremely ill patients orally. 90% of anorexics with BMIs of ~11/12 choose to eat instead of being tubed. This makes it even more laughable that Cecilia wanted to go there. They would NOT play into her shenanigans

For regular medical purposes, they’re by patient size. It’s similar to blood pressure cuffs. Smaller circumference for smaller esophaguses. There’s also huge ones for draining stomach contents after overdoses. @/y0ur.vibe.is.pretty who was previously discussed once claimed her massive tube was for refeeding kek

No. 1266643

As much as we are a "hate site", it's really nice to see people doing better. Good on her.

No. 1266682

File: 1624928521583.jpeg (62.62 KB, 828x1217, 8DCB068E-7736-4BCC-9DD8-4C1291…)


Careful, anon. Don’t want our lizard boy to block you - you’re braver than most to stomach his stories and share to us

No. 1266695

File: 1624929920710.jpeg (712.71 KB, 828x1555, 21BCC0CF-8DD8-4386-84CC-7F98FF…)

Speaking of doing well, anyone else see ro’s latest? She’s fucking glowing! Nice to see for sure.

No. 1266779

Top KEK! Hi Kara!!! You changed your PFP and went private but we know it’s you!! Always knew you were still a scummy farmer. Your holier than thou jig is up. You always play it like you’re a better person but you can’t fool anyone. Also while we’re at it care to explain why you constantly talk about how many calories you’ve eaten/that you still calorie count? So recovered, eh?(Hi cow)

No. 1266808

has she since changed her tiktok pfp?

No. 1266837

No. 1266880

It’s like someone’s trying to take sexy photos of some retard from down the road. She always looks ten seconds away from drooling, flapping her hands, and spinning while someone else takes snaps of her ass or miniskirt.

It was so much more fun when we could all call each other retarded faggots without anyone flipping out and getting their feelings hurt. No we aren’t allowed to call people ugly cause some daft bitch can’t handle seeing mean words about other people. Genuinely dunno how these people can do a day without attempting suicide if they’re upset over comments like crazy eyes.

No. 1266947

Probably more like 95%+, ACUTE gets a lot of SMA syndrome cases and things like that where it's not safe to refeed orally in the beginning. These cows are not a representational sample of anas. Most anas are too busy well, being ana, to act like cows on social media. Social media "recovery communities" attract the aforementioned ana as the attention seeking method of choice secondary to BPD type at a much higher rate then they actually occur.

No. 1266976

AYRT. It’s probably even higher if you include people who transferred with tubes that get off them as well. I think it’s interesting to see the difference between ACUTE and ERC given their proximity and the overlap in patients. ERC seems to have become tube happy these past few years. Morbidly obese patients with tubes in addition to regular weight histrionic food refusers like our beloved ana queen, Cecilia

No. 1266982

File: 1624946060820.jpg (376.36 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20210629-075048_Ins…)

Kek take that kids. She's eating it all up. Did she actually not get that ana queen is supposed to be sarcastic?

No. 1266986


Mmmkay bby if you don’t care why have you made a story about it? Also it’s the psycho ‘smiling” we have a problem with purely for the fact that it freaks us the fuck out and also they’re not even pictures they’re weird boomerangs where you widen your eyes so much they look like they’re going to pop out of your head. Get back to causing a fuss and providing us with content pls

No. 1266991

File: 1624947585071.jpeg (681.85 KB, 828x1149, B99DFF18-503D-42F4-BFB4-D21FFE…)

hold for new (admittedly minor) milk — another bowling ball lookalike LARPing, it would appear

No. 1266994

File: 1624947758330.jpeg (532.42 KB, 828x1149, 52B51DDF-C2D9-42DA-A26C-015839…)


imagine being a spoop considering trying recovery and then this pops up on your timeline and tells you This is what you’ll look like after a year

No. 1266995

File: 1624947944472.jpeg (729.28 KB, 828x1438, 1EAE45F0-BDEC-4D9B-8038-E18CF4…)

aside from the obvious issue with something like this claiming to have struggled with anorexia in the last year, if ever ….. truly i just wanna know WHO is giving these girls the idea that gaining weight exponentially is any better than living with restrictive habits like it’s so far beyond just a misconception of what ‘all in’ should mean at this point it’s pure glorification of obesity

No. 1266997

Let’s look at this through the usual pro-ana lens
1) bragging about being an ana queen despite being unable to pick up on it being used sarcastically
2) if you’ve never had this size ng tube, shut up. I’m special because I’ve been tubed! You’re the one who got that ng placed, girl. Beggars can’t be choosers
3) my very clearly planned release is not due to lack of effort on my part! My recovery is harder than yours! Completion rates are indicative of level of distress during recovery!

Since you’re reading here, C, many people don’t voluntarily check themselves into treatment in another state unless absolutely necessary. They also eat to get out as quickly as possible. Good luck trying to get certified. However, I appreciate the disclaimer of our observations “so far” hinting that there will be more to come

Thank god they’ve studied lifetime BMI after recovery

No. 1267007

She looks like a chubby Greek 8 year old girl.

No. 1267015

>i noticed that my body has changed. i have gained weight. this has always been a touchy topic for me […]
Not even very good at the larp. I'm pretty sure patent fear of weight gain and fatness is a defining feature of anorexia, even without weight itself used as a diagnosis.
I would recommend that she emphasise the panic over her body changing more if she wants to fake anorexia. A bit more hysteria.

No. 1267017

OMFG after years of claiming to not associate with us ….

No. 1267018

Sorry forgot to ask, can any anon who follows her post screen caps if she addresses it?

No. 1267021

'Fuck off, I'm the sickest ana ever uwu! I don't complete because I am sick! And very ill people will never complete, even if they are committed to actual recovery! Did I mention I am sicker than all of you fuckers?'

No. 1267022

She was really excited about being ana queen, too.
I think she got confused. Such a title is in a thread called 'pro-ana scumbags'. It's not flattering.

No. 1267038

Recovery.Chii has gone into lockdown kek

Any politician-worthy apologies coming from her?

No. 1267039

I'm pretty sure princesses don't put up Amazon e-beg wishlists either!
She's rich she does not need gifts and if she was remotely classy she'd be able to say "that's so kind but there is really no need" if people genuinely wanted to send stuff!

No. 1267053

I just want to know if she was a self-poster.

No. 1267072

Kek at Cecelia calling herself an ana queen unironically. to actual ana chans, she's fat as fuck. Her thighs are nasty. her face is homely. literally fills me with mortal cringe to imagine looking like THAT and also getting tube feeds. it'd be a nightmare to an actual ana not busy being histrionic. my tinfoil is that her ED is a 'symptom' of her histrionic pd, not a disorder by itself.(integrate better)

No. 1267083


Calm down your bone rattling and your tinfoil is nothing new.

No. 1267092

Does she even read this thread properly? Cecelia, the issue isn’t that you smile in dirpy photos and your big tube.

Our issue is your raging BPD, attention seeking, inevitably trying to steal your sisters thunder at her wedding, exaggerating your illness like crazy (hi wheelchair and sipping water) and conveniently timing a hospital admission with when you finish work.

As the comments you delete point out, it’s a privilege to get the level of care you have in the US yet you continue to flaunt that it is your 99th admission and treat it like a god damn retreat with insta.

Meanwhile, others can’t access support even though they’re ACTUALLY medically compromised. Ergh this bitch drives me nuts

No. 1267108

While cecelia certainly is a pathetic histrionic attention whore who severely exaggerates her illness she's not fat and there's nothing wrong with her thighs. I'm not wking I'm just not a raging ana chan. This thread is starting to just turn into pro ana cows a logging about other pro ana cows

No. 1267110

Kara posted recently about treatment and (this isn’t a self post) but she had a good point - people do use treatment like a holiday, treatment ‘fun’ like decorating your room, posting your address the second you know it so you get lots of letters etc

It’s almost formulaic for some people - get the bed, post your address, get letters, decorate your room, get your hair done by a nurse, small relapse to get the nose hose back etc etc
I get that people aren’t having meltdowns 100% of the time but why are they shocked when they’re criticised for a treatment holiday when that’s exactly how they portray it.
And if it is your 14th time in treatment why aren’t you questioning why it isn’t working?
Isn’t that famous definition of insanity doing the same thing time and time again and expecting different results?

No. 1267112


Exactly. Although part of me wonders if that comment is Cecelia so she can revel in people saying ‘stop bone rattling she’s clearly underweight’ … well played C, well played

No. 1267118

Kek im not cecelia im one of the main posters of cecelia milk. She's my favourite cow because of her extreme bpd antics but I'm also tired of how this thread has been filled up with anachans and newfags who can't be bothered to read the rules.
Anyway wasn't the wedding supposed to be late June/ early July? No mention of it whatsoever.

No. 1267137

I'm the bone rattling anon and definitely not Cecelia, the bone rattling was to show the difference between cecelia's logic vs. actual anachan logic.

No. 1267138

File: 1624967564697.jpeg (135.88 KB, 828x379, AB62D418-5A5D-43C0-914D-7D6449…)


Good point - just had a scroll and this post suggests it should be in June. Weird to not have mentioned it-?

Also - in the U.K. you only get hospitalised a number of times if you’re severely treatment/inpatient resistant. Do the US just keep letting you repeat the same programme because of money?

No. 1267143

File: 1624967885416.jpeg (144.22 KB, 500x517, 29B9D72B-39A5-46EE-B7C9-7F0035…)

This threads did get filled with sensitive retards. Also some don’t have reading comprehension skills, just like Cecilia herself.

This anon >>1267072 said Cecilia is too fat to be a self declared ana queen. Like literally
>to actual ana chans, she's fat as fuck.
And she IS too fat to be getting fed via toob. This doesn’t mean she’s a massive whale, she is just fatter than people who would actually need toob feeds.

No. 1267147

IDK, I've been around a while and I don't think it has ever been OK to wish someone death via car crash.

Regarding Cecelia's thighs, I think the problem is that some anas have a distorted view of others bodies (i.e. think cecelia is fat) and others don't (i.e. recognise she is quite slim but still a heathy weight). No point of calling her fat unless it is in the context of how she would be expected to view herself if her ED was as severe as she said.

No. 1267159

Okay why don’t you come up with a list of acceptable insults for the cows so the people know exactly what to say on female 4chan. Next people are gonna get upset that georgie gets called fat.

No. 1267164


There’s a difference calling someone underweight fat and someone obese fat

It’s just stupid because you’re then playing right into Cecelias WKs and followers of this being a pro ana site if your issue is that she’s fat and has a tube with huge thighs

Bitch about genuine cow behaviours and all, that keeps the legitimacy of the thread because most of the cows are so because of their words/photos etc. But then going on a sperg about how Cecelia is gross because her thighs are huge is pointless

No. 1267166

Agreed. But does Cecelia even have any WKs? With how often she mentions us you'd think someone would come and defend her - all her followers must see through her BS.

No. 1267171

That is a very good point

No. 1267181

They do if your insurance is willing to pay or if you can pay for it yourself. You can refuse if you are over 18, but if you become too medically or mentally unstable then they can admit you involuntarily.
It is odd that Cecelia is there, at what looks like a healthy weight, still being noncompliant, because often insurance will stop paying at that point. But ERC has a reputation for being wack so who knows. Im guessing as soon as they try to kick her out she’ll magically get better, go off to residential, and be totally fine until her next planned relapse because after all this treatment they still aren’t fixing the actual problem.

No. 1267182

>caring about what people think about this site

No. 1267185

File: 1624973265985.png (2 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210629-142520.png)

Nice Russell's sign there nourish

No. 1267199

> "I couldn't give two shits about lolcow"
> posts a shoutout to lolcow, typing out paragraphs about this "pathetic website", drawing attention to it on her public social media
make it make sense

No. 1267241

File: 1624977658464.jpg (905.51 KB, 1080x2138, IMG_20210629_163352.jpg)

End yourself

No. 1267305

gfd why are men with anorexia so much creepier? for some reason they give me the same vibes as agps.

late, but is this loss?

No. 1267317

kek it is loss hahaha nice catch

No. 1267324

File: 1624981919593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.81 KB, 160x114, download.jpeg)

I've never thought anorexic men look creepier in general, but Nik looks creepy. He looks like some creepypasta. Drawings of Slender man who's creepy.

I'm still equate skinniness as an AIDSy thing, being of the generation where kids are exposed to the new panic about it. I think of the Benneton ad with the AIDS guy if a male's really skinny. I mentally smell sickness and death. Nik just smells of bullshit.

No. 1267440

Remember she isn't on an ED admission. She's maybe around the lower end of the BMI Scale, 17s or 18s, and is just on a normal psych admission. I really hope the super spoops Denver treats dont have to deal with her antics.

No. 1267484

Eating Recovery Center is an ED treatment center, they only do ED admissions. She'd be somewhere else for general psych. Ironically, Denver ACUTE does sometimes treat people who don't have EDs at all but are severely malnourished due to some other medical condition.

No. 1267505

File: 1624991537171.jpg (293.12 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20210629-203122_Ins…)

Did she not wash her hands after purging?

No. 1267508

she looks freshly purged

No. 1267510

That mirror's got pre-pandemic smudges.

No. 1267512

She paired the corpse shade of lipstick with her russels, trendy

No. 1267523

It's the Nivea lip cream she slathered on in her stories. Trying to heal the gastric acid burns do she can get meet the Tinder guy.

The virus Covid 19 leaked our from her room.

No. 1267528

File: 1624992952202.png (877.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210629-195510.png)

No. 1267535

File: 1624993274607.jpg (2.33 MB, 1920x3414, InShot_20210629_200018242.jpg)

No. 1267543

why is she always dressed for the jeremy kyle show
has nobody told her it’s gone off the air

No. 1267552

the whole 'you're valid even if you dont exhibit any of the usual symptoms of an eating disorder, you still have one anyway I promise you YOU ARE SICK" is wild to me.

No. 1267555


Small time actor craving for attention.
What a hate magnet that guy is..!

No. 1267559


Protip: She's enjoying every single minute of her newfound fame.

No. 1267580

Have some incredible acting skills. Must've been exhausting standing still wearing a vest.

No. 1267584

File: 1624997245695.jpg (457.39 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20210629-220650_Ins…)

Grats to ganer for consistently making next to no progress

No. 1267585

Oh I think Cecelia has done more than READ this thread. She's using the jargon.

Though i don't doute that that tube size is uncomfortable, i do think she's holding on to it for dear life in case they dn't give her a new one.

No. 1267587

Her glands look normal! This is a nice picture.

No. 1267588

Agreed. She looks very nice here.

No. 1267610

She looks better than dharma at least

No. 1267611

If I saw her walking down the street I would assume she was a smackhead about to ask me for some change. She looks healthier than she used to, but she still has problems with bathing it seems

No. 1267616

>>>/snow/1266991 I would be mortified if I went from anorexic to obese in a year. Obesity is not healthy either. Both are bad.

No. 1267622

just scrolled through her insta, any proof she was ever really anorexic? I couldn’t find any.

No. 1267644

who is this kara?

No. 1267646

Has the weight of her hair damaged it at the side/near the temple? It looks snapped off.

I think n2f is trying to find herself by looking nicer, but her consistency's not great atm. Also has that almost autistic disregard for chocolate all over her fingers/grime in her room. She can look really nice, but she's kind of like when a bloke thinks he needs a sex change and can't dress like a woman for the life of him. They either look like tarts or just really fucked up grannies.

No. 1267648


No. 1267654

File: 1625002623125.png (310 KB, 1427x979, kara.png)

No. 1267659

oh shit it's out there in full colour now.

No. 1267667

lmfao this is fucked

No. 1267675

wait didnt she actively deny ever using lolcow

No. 1267679

For anyone not in the know, she is an ex-spoop who has plastered her LW pics all over the internet for 'awareness'. Was in quasi for years, is doing somewhat better now but still very much holier-than-thou. Has something like 55k followers.

she discussed how mean we are here and here:


No. 1267681

She doesn't mind discussing her issues with Nik here, though. I'm not even going to excuse her because he's a male. If she posted once, she'll be a regular here.

No. 1267687

She is a long time lurker and farmer who thinks she is better than literally everyone else. Better at anorexia. Better than us boolies. Better than people who need professional help… you get the picture. But in reality she is serious pro ana scum and a two faced farmer to boot!

No. 1267692

Otzi the mummy looks better than Dharma.

No. 1267759

hmmmm her current icon is different and iirc has been for a bit but idk- anyone have other recent screencaps or know when it was switched?

No. 1267768

read the thread before posting ninny:

No. 1267773

I'd put money on LARPer, or maaaaybe actual atypical anorexic. But who knows, maybe she deleted her old pics. It's possible. FlourishingJessie hasn't been talked about in ages but she went from quite spoopy to obese in like… 6 months. Sometimes anorexics "recover" by switching to BED.

No. 1267775

i doubt it. she started her account in november i think? already an absolute unit by then. and somewhere in the middle of her posts is that Recovery Anniversary pic, and i just can NOT see how you’d expand that much one year after being anywhere near underweight

No. 1267813

ummm I did, that was my point–iirc it has been changed for weeks or months now but don't have backup.

No. 1267815

Gonna wage you’re chii trying to throw is off but we all know you changed your pfp when you outed yourself.

No. 1267850

>>1267815 nothing would delight me more than her being outed (AGAIN kek), just remembered noticing a change but don't remember when when bc who gives a fuck abt her. hoped other farmers could confirm it's recent. will drop it on the principle of hoping it's her– not trying to detract soz– let's focus on the fresh milk, bagged canadian style.

No. 1267862

her forearms/wrists always look painfully swollen

No. 1267869

File: 1625023743140.jpg (350.89 KB, 1102x1387, PSX_20210629_232455.jpg)

had a screenshot from may 28th, she definitely changed her pfp after being outed, when this was pointed out and I checked her profile it struck me bc I remember it being this one very recently, sage no milk

No. 1267877

File: 1625024078864.png (23.86 KB, 580x60, Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 10.3…)

How much socialization do bunnies need? I've never owned or cared for one, but it seems really cruel to leave a pet alone for what you're expecting to be a period of at least several weeks. Like, goddamn, find a friend to keep your bunny while you're gone or a place to board it, don't leave it alone in your apartment all the time except for what's likely an extremely short visit to feed, clean cage, etc.

No. 1267881

>>1267869 perfect ty! sage no milk

No. 1267905

i just read that and this was my first thought too wtf I would have asked someone if they could take the pet in with them for the whole time or find a place to board them. not surprised tho bc of how obsessed she is with herself, hard to give any significant amount of attention to anything else in her life

No. 1267915

File: 1625027844199.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, 9139CFDE-45D1-4D7C-AF87-640547…)

Kelsey posted this on facebook a week ago so she still looks spoopy

No. 1267922

Anon you ok? I know the ronas got us all fucked up about time but that was a year ago.

No. 1267930

File: 1625029186455.jpeg (303.22 KB, 828x1390, 78B04742-1B0A-43DD-A8D6-036F7C…)

Says the 30 yo cow who acts likes a toddler whenever she’s not the center of attention kek. She is loving the excuse to play victim yet again, with a side of holier-than-thou self asspats. She’s a trip

No. 1267931

File: 1625029347367.jpeg (197.98 KB, 828x1475, 13C4BCFF-0DB8-4CA6-8EE7-01512E…)

Hilarious coming from someone who manipulated her way into the hospital and continues to do everything she can to make herself seem sicker.

No. 1267940

This whole 'sick enough' business is the exact reason this new strain of ED larper exists, other than the mental illness grift and pathologising of normal human behaviour in social media and social justice circles online.
It's really bizarre to watch the slow death of pro ana circles online to have it be replaced by the new icons of this thread - the ones who prize NG tubes and inpatient admissions.
Like, go back to the first few threads not even five years ago on here. The change is radical. Not sure if that's just because these threads get slow, but the sort now ED larping is so different.
I guess at least nobody is starving themselves forreal for the pro ana larp. It's just annnoying me, personally, online.
There are other things it's changed too, with ED treatment, but that's for an /ot/ post.

No. 1267941

Her lower stomach always looks weirdly bloated. Is that a bulimia thing? Or could she be using lax or something that makes her bloat like that? It's so bizarre

No. 1267946

Her gym looks like it's in someone's fucking garage. Is this the place she bikes an hour to get to? Why? it looks so run-down.

More disordered bullshit. She lives in a metropolitan area, there has to be a nicer chain gym with better and nicer equipment within a few minutes of her flat, but she chooses to bike for an hour to this dive instead so she can burn a couple hundred extra calories. Insane.

No. 1267949

>lower stomach

anon pls..

No. 1268000

Hey, Cecelia. Who said being in hospital was the Holy Grail?

You're not FORCED to recover as an adult, you CHOOSE TO. Unlike many kids in the UK who don't see their parents for weeks or months because they're sent hundreds of miles from home. Some at 12 years of age or younger.

For someone at your age, you're falling into internet ana trends with the ~valid/sick enough~ spiel.

If it's too harsh, leave. You're hardly at a desperately physically ill stage. Do it at home. It can be done if you want it.

Blog for reality check - I've been doing it by telephone because lockdown. No family because lockdown. No fuss, get on with it, you're not special, I'm not special, hospital isn't special. Just get on with it and stop turning it into a big deal.

No. 1268017

I went all the way back to the first thread and christ anon youre right, the difference is stark. Those scumbags were all about showing off their self harm and grabbing attention by making suicide threats among their blatant body checks. These larpers are all about doing absolutely nothing and slapping themselves with ‘atypical ana’ or getting their hospital bed and ng tube shots.
Im not sure which is worse, actually.

No. 1268036

Not to mention she’s privileged enough to wait until she’s on break from work and can afford treatment because she has not one but two insurances plus a full time job. She chose to go to treatment, just like she chose to make herself sick enough to be hospitalized (though imo it’s questionable how medical necessary that was) and chose to be in a wheelchair at ERC.

And ERC is hardly harsh treatment compared to a lot of ED treatment. She gets her phone and access to the internet, gets mail and personal belongings, and is free to refuse food, supplement, and tube feeding, without being discharged or sent elsewhere. Those things aren’t always standard in ED treatment.

Cecelia’s just whiny and entitled, and needs to get the hell over herself. But she won’t because she gets off playing the victim for asspats.

No. 1268065


You’re right, so many larpers cba to larp and just larp recovery without the ED kek

The more BPDchans starve a bit then when it gets too hard refuse fluids for a few days to get a hospital admission ‘for their ED’ when it’s just electrolytes going whack from dehydration

No. 1268070

as much as I have a soft spot for obese LARPers (they're kind of my favourite), you're right. It's been a shift in recent years, they cant even starve themselves to get toob attention and services enable it

No. 1268071

No. 1268079

U ok anon

No. 1268081

This Kara stuff has made me realise you could easily make a throwaway account and use someone’s pfp to throw them under the bus.
Not that I’m suggesting that happened, the fact that she’s private’s everything is a giveaway, but just surprised that hasn’t happened before

No. 1268089

File: 1625050513927.jpg (94.42 KB, 744x1080, anaqueen.jpg)

Idk what you guys are on about cecelia is the sickest of the sickest ana queen

No. 1268105

File: 1625052557977.jpeg (647.05 KB, 828x1470, 9E2E2B5B-07ED-48C4-B258-C0E69A…)

all i know is that soph.ventinggg somehow missed me in her follower cull, and is definitely NOT the ana queen… given rhat her diagnosis is not even anorexia….
> BPD with restrictive eating

No. 1268111

>>1267930 looks completely healthy.

No. 1268113

>>1268089 new thread pic please

No. 1268116


Ham is the laziest LARPer. She started her account without being underweight and it isn't even a recovery account. She just eats and posts motivational quotes she copies from online. Didn't even bother to lose a few pounds, let alone go full tilt and aim for a tube or hospital bed (that had her name on it) like the fatties and average weight ones.

Well, the judges were obviously wrong. Dasha would be number 3.

>battery ingestion

Who was the other cow that was into eating batteries? Was it Smorven? Anyone hungry for attention could just not eat for two weeks and lose that weight. She's not an ana queen, she's a whole different kind of mental.

No. 1268117

yet she blurs the hypoglycemia level kek

No. 1268118

true but they also say they're not atypical and that they're straight up "anorexia nervosa" because "eds don't have a weight"

No. 1268119

I swear this thread always has the best shoops. +1 for new thread pic

No. 1268120

Does anybody remember the retard who got the screenshot from a nurse's computer of her diagnoses that revealed she had BPD with restrictive eating and not an ED? (Then later had a complete sperg about somebody close to her possibly losing their job because of those screenshots being posted)?
That's not the same one as this, right? It must be around ten or so threads ago.
Either way, seems to be a provable trend. BPD with attention seeking self-harm behaviour. I mean, obviously we are attention-seeking creatures and it's depressing, but the online sideshow is the funny part.

No. 1268121

i think that was about laura..?? ns

No. 1268123

That was Georgie's mate, Shanya…Shayna…w/e tf her name is. The one that went munchie.

No. 1268124

No. 1268125

Did she grow her hair back or is she still wanting to look like a cancer patient?

No. 1268128

Thanks anons. So there's more than one of them. Yeah, online pro-ana crowd seems to suspiciously cross over with munchiedom (and BPD). Probably exact same aetiology, just different vehicle.
Georgia was a real hoot.
Sorry I had to delete, I accidentally quoted the wrong post.

No. 1268130


Total dick move also sharing detailed methods of suicide and outcomes to vulnerable people

No. 1268131


It’s just a method of self harm isn’t it. I think Laura’s doctors realised that, Soph.vent doctors realised that. If you get doctors who actually stop the bullshit and treat the BPD it seems you can get good outcomes (look at Laura). People who pander to the dainty anorexia side of things (Cecelia) just will never get anywhere because they thrive off the attention and victim hood they get from being ~ana~

No. 1268133

flexxing the ICU intubation I bet

No. 1268137

File: 1625055508470.jpeg (75.63 KB, 600x600, 5256322E-F786-463E-9A3A-3AE7C0…)

This is for you anon

No. 1268141

I think she's dick waving (w/e women do) with her ~attempts~. They put it X whatever number of times on their profiles. Paracetamol - well that wasn't going to work.

I think that Laura regrets playing up so much because she hated the unit she was moved to. I hope she has the mentality of a kid who leaves a borstal where it was so bad, she won't go back to her old ways. Although she won't regret it as much as Legohead.

No. 1268146

Maybe this is just being too optimistic about the whole thing because I know it’s often not, but IP should be an eye opening life changing experience? Most people enter treatment with the goal that it will make them better and they won’t go back, not just see it as number fourteen of a series of infinite admissions kek

No. 1268148

I mean Laura did finally get her coveted tube because duty of care and all that but Lego played the game too hard. Medium secure lol, might as well have shipped her off to Bronzefield (still desperate to know what she did but I guess we’ll never know)

No. 1268149

Wildly optimistic anon. Most anorexics avoid IP like the plague and do not enter with any sort of goal whatsoever to get better. If an anorexic is caught in a hospital-relapse cycle, as they are often wont to do, it's only about weight going up and down, not real recovery.
Real recovery is a completely different ballgame and not something often documented online at all.
If an anorexic elects to be hospitalised for weight restoration or inpatient, it's still met with a great deal of trepidation. That being said, most positive recovery outcomes come from sustained outpatient services. It's less glamourous.

No. 1268152

>most positive recovery outcomes come from sustained outpatient services. It's less glamourous.

Shameless blog, that happened with me. The thought of spending time with a bunch of dramatic attention seekers crying when they're eating isn't condusive to getting your shit together. Outpatient's better because you can go at your own pace, not eat what someone else wants you to and you're not surrounded by all things eating disordered 24/7. Nobody likes being IP for anything, except munchies and those who think mental illness is cool and something to brag about.

Recovery's never looked like what I see on ig or youtube. It's never carefully constructed porridge with islands of blueberries and w/e else shit. It certainly don't seem "worth it" for a good few years after being in recovery.

Tl;dr Constant photo ops with a tube is attention seeking.

<red text>

No. 1268154

Anons in this thread have been reminding me of gold recently. First being reminded of ghost crashing her goddam car and then acting like it was the other drivers fault, and now the human cuboid getting herself committed for attacking somebody. They truly don’t make cows like they used too anymore. Begging ham to crash whatever shitbox her mum drives or for anna to bite someone and get put away. Anything that isn’t an IG post or self righteous tiktok.

No. 1268155

Sometimes when I look for specific relevant old posts to post, I love to read the really old thread. It's a nostalgia trip. I think the old days were the golden days. When Ash used to post to ask us about her new ~business venture~, hence the "professional glitter glue" gif. No real affection for any of em now, except N2f.

No. 1268157

File: 1625057859269.jpeg (752.63 KB, 750x1334, B1A1D78B-393E-4851-9CC5-6648BE…)

The Primark friends mug and sugary brew…. Keep it classy Ham, our ana kween

No. 1268158

I miss Dante most of all.

Begging for an Anna x Ham crossover.

No. 1268159

Can't be that "best" if she only half fills that hideous cup and it's more milk than tea. Yorkshire tea is meant to be STRONG.

How long do you think Ham's going to carry on with this bullshit? I get the feeling she's going to sack it when she starts college and she's passing time in her own sick way.

I hope Dante didn't succumb to the plague. I like to imagine him sitting there in NHero cafe looking hot. Dressed as a priest or something.

No. 1268161

If you want to avoid blogposting in future, you can just speak in a generalising manner.
You're completely correct about garnering status with IP and the munchie-adjacent characters of this sideshow alley.
That's also what I mean about real recovery not being documented online. But then again, what the scientific literature says about anorexia nervosa recovery is dealing with a completely different group from these people.
As somebody upthread said better than I could, you can't recover from something you don't ever have.
That's why Ham has had her first ever pretzel since anna recksia more than once.

n2f has been my relatively recent favourite. I send her food creations to my non-lolcow friends because it makes them sick.
I would rather that the cows get boring rather than relentless attention seeking retards rocking the boat on familial relations (most likely) and embarrassing themselves online. n2f looks well and I sincerely hope she gets on with her life.

Yorkshire Tea brand of tea is fucking disgusting, tastes like pure tannin. But I guess we're well enough familiar with Ham's palate now.

No. 1268164

File: 1625058762190.png (1.92 MB, 1269x756, Untitled.png)

Not a tea drinker, but tried that stuff. It reminded me of chewing on Play Doh.

Same re: n2f. This is a bit weird though. She's doing ambassador work for a jewellery designer in these pics yet no jewellery!

No. 1268166


Oh Ganer, didn't you know.

Consistency is only a virtue if you're not a screwup.

And you're a sick one, above that.

No. 1268167


You can see people with real AN hate inpatient settings when they actually want to recover because how can you recover when you’re surrounded by people with low BMIs crying over cornflakes? BPD AN larpers love it because the longer you are in IP and the larger number of admissions is just a brag to up the number of IG followers.


She looks like a harpy.

No. 1268169

V intrigued to see what happens when Ham goes to college and tries to make friends. Has she had any conversation in the last two years that isn’t ‘aaaah so proud of you if anyone deserves recovery it is you aaaah’ or ‘sod off ED’ - does she have any other words in her vocabulary? What actual coping mechanism will she have if it isn’t all sunshine and roses? Cake 5x a day?

No. 1268171

>Begging ham to crash whatever shitbox her mum drives or for anna to bite someone and get put away. Anything that isn’t an IG post or self righteous tiktok.
Seriously. Please. I love to hate Ham (and genuinely have to restrain myself from a-logging) but it’s getting stale now, there are only so many cappuccinos and YOU ARE VAL1D stickers one can take. Cecelia had potential but again, it’s always the same smug smirk/crazy eyes/raging BPD combo. I’ll even take Becky the dog wailing in a garden centre rn.
(pls no bully for not providing milk myself anons I’ve been wading through toob selfies and recovery spoons for an hour)

No. 1268173

putting my money on a relapse

No. 1268174

File: 1625060628131.jpg (51.02 KB, 946x658, she was in a documentary.JPG)

Speaking of yawn…

No. 1268176

Laura is one of the worst BPD whores. Plays the poor little victim and loves the attention, I bet she's so pleased she's in that documentary

No. 1268183

post-anorexia bloat is definitely a thing

No. 1268184

They seem to think it’s all nurses braiding hair and nail art and ward trips to costa like some kind of extended sleepover. Forget being faced with your worst fear six times a day, forget the sheer mind-numbing boredom when you’re not witnessing yet another tantrum over bread, let’s get the glitter out and make some cute *~recovery~* placemats!

No. 1268189

File: 1625061508045.jpeg (24.1 KB, 300x225, 4DF04040-5A63-4C2E-A3E7-035422…)

Oh Laura, if only you were actually anorexic instead of a BPD attention whore, you might have actually met Louis Theroux!

No. 1268195

Fwoargh. I'd LARP anorexia to be in his documentary.

The women in that weren't cowlike at all. That Janet was a bit of a bullshitter. What was the name of the main girl who liked her make up? She was very un internet anachan like. I see she managed to get herself right on her ig. I'd like to think the Asian girl managed to get herself together if only a little bit.

Laura belongs to one of those sensationalised Channel 4 series with titles like "Inside and Out of My Mind".

No. 1268196

she still looks rabid but her stare seems a little bit less unhinged recently

No. 1268197

Was Janet the older woman who said she only had a lick of a sweet every now and then, but gained at her next appointment?

No. 1268207

Rosie? From what I remember she hardly mentioned the docu on IG either, complete opposite to Laura who’s gonna dine out on this Stacey Dooley rubbish for the rest of cowternity. Channel 4’s being generous though anon. Channel 5, surely.

No. 1268215

Yeah. She said breakfast is a piece of broken cracker then she has to walk it off. But she gained… Odd woman.

That's it - Rosie. Yeah, I thought I was wrong saying Channel 4, although they do show some tat. Deffo 5 or one of the freeview channels. Or whatever channel Naked Attraction's on.

No. 1268222

she had half-sucked sweets just in her cupboard freeballing. not in a container or anything. I wish she was of the social media age because she was clearly a histrionic bitch and would have had some excellent antics to post.

No. 1268225


Rabbits need a lot of companionship. 3 to 4 hours of exercise a day plus socialization. Rabbits live in huge groups and have a whole hierarchy on the wild. A single bunny is a lonely bunny as a general rule.

Plus they can get very sick very fast so they can’t be left alone.
(Have owned rabbits for ten years)

No. 1268226


Boarding and a new environment can stress a rabbit. It can be done but I’d consider that a last report. Also a bunny just can’t be taken in. If the other person has other animals, that can cause issues. Rabbits love a quiet, calm environment.

No. 1268227

Yeah that was Shanaya. It was revealed that she ended up posting it herself and her version of "errrr a nurse did it" was just her reacting to her being found out she had stalking tendencies towards a few of the nursing staff. Hence why she went to private land as she basically outted herself in public and they washed their hands of her.
Shes now munchie AF and has a poop bag kek

No. 1268229

File: 1625066787378.jpg (29.73 KB, 500x374, e070388de1acefc924a0017e615b32…)


She's an irresponsible twat, but at least the bunny doesn't have to endure Cecelia's company for a while. I'm sure there's extra care going on. I think she wrote her dad was looking after bunny last time she put herself in hospital.

No. 1268235

File: 1625067256720.png (98.72 KB, 718x740, Screenshot_20210630-163022~2.p…)

Found this. Sounds like the rabbit sees more of other people than of her.

No. 1268243

She doesn't even hold the little fuzzguy correctly. Picks him up by his belly, no leg support.

No. 1268249


Rabbits dont normally like to be picked up, and they shouldn't. They are prey animals so picking them up actually stresses them out. If they kick hard enough, they can break their spine.

No. 1268260


How likely is it that an animal so anxious that it has seizures would hop over to a stranger and nuzzle in their lap?

No. 1268262

what thread or what year can i read more about lego? Sorry for spoonfeed request

No. 1268269

She has been mentioned since thread ~30 the OG announcement is here:


No. 1268278

She posts clips of it a lot on her story as well…move on girl

No. 1268286

She stuck out a mile as not genuine. The others in the documentary were legit mentally ill. A few days earlier, Laura was dancing on top of the TV. Oh and earlier admissions had her self posting moronic pics.

No. 1268413

this reaaaally puts it into perspective

No. 1268419

can someone shoop this so she as thinner than Ash? I want a version of how she views herself.

No. 1268422

File: 1625080238575.jpg (32.58 KB, 275x173, 1441753470188.jpg)


Oh why did you say Dante.. i hope the man is okay during this pandemic.

To the topic of Aly. I just wish she would drop the multiple posing posts in her account. I do miss her black posts tho.

Does anyone know how countingmyhappypoints, or smthg like that, do nowadays? Was it made clear that she didn't ate all that crap what she was saying she did. Her account consisted only from food photos.
(If someone even remembers her)

No. 1268427

File: 1625080504057.jpeg (544.38 KB, 750x1108, 88D7FCEE-F03C-4A4F-AED4-A72EF5…)

Nik has graduated to eating his two donuts with his hands

No. 1268429

They look like tits

No. 1268478

Laura and the BPD-anas are pure BBC 3 online only.

No. 1268481

Same crazy eyes as Cecilia

No. 1268493

File: 1625087464457.jpeg (526.76 KB, 828x1426, 3C473F84-1496-499B-87FD-B474DD…)

Zara showcasing another skelly dancing body check and bragging weight gain…

No. 1268495

I literally read old Aly threads when I need a laugh. We had the best little community and Aly was absolutely hilarious. She still is, kind of, but it's pretty boring now. Every post is moaning about how she is busy and gonna divulge some secret vulnerability she has… it gets boring.

I loved all the drama with her early internships/menial jobs. When she passed out sick on the floor of the skate shop and no one helped her… when she badmouthed her boss after tagging her job earlier in the week… the long socks… when she quit to nobly fulfill her dreams of being a charity vulture…

No. 1268499

It can take months to a year for weight to redistribute, and she might have GI issues. However, if she's purging, it's probably air from that.

No. 1268501

Ruby Granger will probably slide into cow zone soon enough. She's not there yet but I have a feeling about it.

No. 1268503

It's gonna happen, I can feel it too. SHe's been painstakingly studying recovery books and instas for months. She's gonna revamp her whole thang into it to detract from her lack of a life

No. 1268509

I must be out of the loop here; I’ve seen Ruby before as a study blogger (and she gets on my tits there, twee as hell) but I had no idea she claimed ana

No. 1268516

She has never claimed ana but she is ED-baiting like crazy at the moment. Posting pictures of tiny meals (half a slice of toast, a bowl of veg etc), bodychecking (OOTD but with classic toes together heels apart pose), reading a ton of ED-memoirs etc. Possibly writing an ED book. Screencaps incoming if anyone is interested?

No. 1268520


I’d be interested in them. She’d be Molly 2.0 if her larping succeeds. Imagine the recovery trips to Waitrose

No. 1268522

In fairness she has lost a noticeable amount of weight. (she doesn't look gaunt to me but people in her comments and on tattle are getting very concerned) I think she started out by LARPing and perhaps has developed an actual ED in the process (or she does just have the desperation to lose some weight to support that LARP). Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1268525

To be fair, she has always been one of those very disciplined over-achievers. I remember her video crying when she didn’t get into Oxbridge. So I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a leap if she had actually developed an ED

No. 1268539


Concerning her ridiculous daily habits and obsessive learning behaviour she's in the OCD zone already.

No. 1268548

I haven't looked at Aly's account since she had that heart problem. I imagine she's still pulling the same poses and draping herself over Berto. I need to catch up because to see if she ever managed to cross that bmi 18 barrier. (I love you always, Dante).

Poor old impotent Nik. I don't want to imagine what he did with those donuts before he ate them. Creepy fucker. Look how narrow his shoulders are.

Ha, does she still do that, do you want me to give you updates? I have some exciting news I might tell you? Yeah, Ash and Aly were the best threads imo.

No. 1268565

File: 1625094455796.png (1.58 MB, 1000x636, matty.png)

Okay, so caught up with Aly. I don't think I'm doing wrong posting her here because I don't want to necro a really old thread when there's no milk, but it's good to see she didn't relapse. Nothing about her behaviour has changed, but she seems happy.

Wow, Matteo! I hope Ma and Pa C bought him a proper bed and he still isn't stuck in his bunk bed with cartoon bedding. Also don't think I'm being out of order posting him because he was a large part of the Aly threads. Can't believe she's only 25 though. Feels like forever she's been around. Wanted to mention her because she's an Original Spoop.

No. 1268590

He looks cute and healthy. Hopefully he escaped the clutches his sister's insanity.

No. 1268594

Speaking of ghost crashing her car, does anyone have a link to that thread or remember what number thread that was? I tried working my way back but at some point anons stopped bothering to link old threads.

No. 1268598

She made an anti- progress pics/lowest weight post and then posted this to her story after. Such a hypocrite.

No. 1268604

That counts, I'm sure he's scared of tits too.

No. 1268606

when did she make that post? i might be being a total tard here but can’t see anything on her acc

No. 1268633

Aw, I just love a happy ending. I often think of her when visiting this thread, a true lolcow graduate. And hope to see others go her way.

No. 1268645

saged for blog but a non lolcow friend just brought up they had to unfollow cecelia for being too much kek

No. 1268671

Posting about Ruby is Tattlelife's answer to this thread. The problem with Tattlelife is, much like PULL, everybody is blogposting every second post and also, everybody is bringing up how problematic it is to speculate on ED larping.
Ruby's fascination with Victorian childhood and tuberculosis-esque waifness might not be enough for this thread. I'm not sure that she does much other than be posh as all fuck and leave dishes in her sink. That and the weird Victorian food videos that lack complete effort.
The book she wrote is really bad though it's hilarious.
Studytubers are largely performative, so it wouldn't surprise me if she ED larped, or if she were actually unwell and played it out online.

No. 1268682

Personally I think Ruby and Molly are just swapping identities to share their audiences. Molly is being a book-and-study guru using Ruby's existing content as a guide, and Ruby is taking notes from Molly's brief flirtation with restricted eating to plant seeds of worry in her followers without being explicit. Plus she gets to bask in the glow of someone who actually got into Oxford.

No. 1268707


If you want to find something in particular, it's worth throwing word salad at Google "may ghost lolcow car crash pro ana"

No. 1268712

File: 1625110887110.png (1.23 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210701-044015.png)

More creepypasta

No. 1268714

tattle is fucking obnoxious and you can just tell that they're all plumpers over there. But since Ruby isn't actually smart, she needs to put her obsessions into something new. Might as well be her weight. She can't do much with that face and she isn't interested in actually thinking critically about anything. ED will be the perfect new hobby.

No. 1268744

I don’t usually check this thread, but wanted to say thanks anon for giving me nightmares tonight kek

No. 1268756

File: 1625116586502.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 208F21B1-1398-41EC-AC11-CAE00E…)

Idk I mean I’ve followed ruby for a while and recently the ~problematic~ behaviour has increased and I’m noticing small and stupid things like the fact the biscuits she has with her tea used to be larger ones and now it’s a single 23 calorie rich tea finger broken up so it looks like more than one.

Her toast is now dry and she doesn’t add as much milk to her drinks. She posts more meals but less snacks and when she does they’re more very small.

Idk if this is just me being a psycho but it deffo seems as though something is up. Also this post on her story just screams excuses

No. 1268797

oh christ that creepy creep creep face
can we start putting his pics behind the spoiler?
(only kinda half serious here)

No. 1268800

Some of us posted new potential in the last thread but no one showed any interest etc & if i had continued to post stuff I would have been accused of being that person. mellly.moo.secret has been milky af for over a year with munch bullshit & pretending she doesnt have an Ed despite going on about her weight in ways that aren't overt boasts but certainly are "look how thin i am" along with the usual distorting the body to appear smaller. Started a GFM recently… Probably to fund her Soft toy obsession. Also (likely fakes) DID which seems to be picking up pace as the new trendy dx. But I think she lurks here as she's gone nearly completely silent since someone initially posted her

No. 1268820

Thank you anon, I appreciate it.

No. 1268829

Sorcha’s posting what I eat in a days on tiktok again as if her mealplan needs to be that big(sage your shit)

No. 1268834


No. 1268836


But the only thing Mr. Gaylord Pencilneck is still craving for - Asspats on Insta!

No. 1268870


His actual begging for people to share his videos ‘because I’m spreading a really important message’ is such bs and an obvious ploy for more followers. And why is he wearing a full suit with no shoes and socks?

No. 1268879

sorcha no one wants to talk about you, shut up.

No. 1268883

I am ignoring any and all mentions of Sorcha from this point forward. She’s not interesting and she’s a self poster. Anons mentioned not taking about her any more in the last thread, so her promo for her tiktok is almost certainly a self post. Sad.

No. 1268885

on the subject of Nik, has Kara said anything about her farming yet?

No. 1268902

File: 1625145657908.jpeg (114.59 KB, 750x563, 5D40F945-259E-4642-BE94-817A70…)

No but she has now completely removed her bio, in addition to already changing her PFP and going private. Too bad her followers will never know that she is a hypocrite spewing her fake ~*wellness GoOd ViBeZ*~ to their faces while talking shit on here. I always knew she was (and just generally a kind of evil bad human) so this has been a sweet sweet reveal for me.

No. 1268904

File: 1625146488449.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, AECD2F05-7632-495E-B792-A4E2FF…)

The only person on the planet to call inpatient treatment “fun.” Explains why she’s been 14 times… this girl needs to check herself before she wrecks herself

No. 1268907

Oooooh, did she get her dainty-sized toob? And you know she is loving the crafts (sorry, 'art therapy') and decorating her room like a child at boarding school.

No. 1268913

sorry in advance for this little rant; sage obviously

I'm just perplexed as to how anyone is fooled by Ruby's "intelligence." Her book is riddled with errors and she regularly misuses words. She has very little understanding about the purpose of experiences in gaining wisdom. She's never had an innovative thought or exciting idea in her life.

I don't hate the Victorian stuff, as it shows interest in history. But it could be fleshed out significantly with some critical or deeper analysis of society back then. "Things were done like this BECAUSE… and we can see how X influenced Y, even in daily routines…" There's really no analysis of apparent interest in the period aside from mimicking poorly what the upper crust tended to do. Finally, even I as an American child knew that pea soup/porridge was not made with fresh peas. I had a book of old rhymes and there was even a picture of what that slop looked like.

Her ana larp? idk, she may just want to look dainty on IG. If she really only ate those things, she could not maintain weight.

Ruby's an ordinary woman who has hung her hat on being 'smart.' She needs to learn that true intelligence is about asking questions and not memorization. I've considered whether the studytube community could use a wake-up call, but I'm not too keen on showing my face, and I think to make an impact you have to do this. But let me tell you, I'm a TA and sift through a lot of undergraduate essays. The people I speak to about graduate school are asking interesting questions, open-ended questions. They take risks, not knowing if those risks will pay off. They look at topics like "Why is this word used as an insult? Modern languages use variations of this insult. What historical precedent could there be for insulting someone by calling them X?" - Seems small, right? That was one of the two best essays in an ancient literature seminar, and I urged this person to expand it for publication. I regularly lie in bed and think of questions I have about history; many of these could, with work, actually lead to something bigger and publishable. And that's not a brag, it's more about a state of mind than being "smart." You cannot be intelligent and lack creativity. It is a necessary component.

Sorry for the derail and I'll accept my ban if needed, but questions and new thoughts… those show intelligence. Not 50 to-do lists and summaries.

No. 1268915

it seems like molly's unfollowed her. that friendship ended quickly

No. 1268916

File: 1625147756954.jpeg (106.3 KB, 409x727, 4CA77F84-0B31-4C7B-8E26-1D12B5…)

a) wonder what the nurse in the background thinks about smiling mirror selfies. Maybe ‘how does a girl with anorexia enjoy looking at and taking pictures of herself?’
b) never been one to play the numbers game but she really does not look like she needs the tube any more
c) echoing what has already been said about the wedding. Even on her personal insta - nothing. Calculations from her post make me think it was either last weekend or weekend coming up so she’s either missed it or imminently about to miss it and NOTHING. Is she saving this for a ‘sad story time that my anorexia was so bad I didn’t even care about my sister’s wedding’ when she’s very happy just playing with paints and mirror selfies

No. 1268919

File: 1625147970494.png (144.37 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20210701-155738.png)

omg her pretending to be upset that the paints didn't move how she expected. It's like something out of a young adult anorexia novel. She's an adult with a degree. It's some paint in art therapy.

No. 1268920


Ok this isn’t tattle pleeease

‘Her ana larp? idk, she may just want to look dainty on IG. If she really only ate those things, she could not maintain weight.’

She ISNT maintaining her weight that is the issue people have with her, she is showing small portions, losing weight, then claiming her small portions/meals entirely of veg are ‘not all I ate!’ and ignoring everyone asking why she is losing weight or posting triggering content. Exact opposite of Ham’s bacon sandwiches and junk food ‘don’t worry not all I ate!’ Content kek

Yesterday she posted a meal of a main dish of onion and peppers with a side dish of mushrooms, plus then a body check showing clear weight loss. THEN Molly posted a story saying she was super triggered (tbh a lot of people responded to Ruby’s meal calling her out). Now Molly has unfollowed her.

Idk if Ruby is milky yet. But def has a lot of potential.

No. 1268921

ntayrt she looks normal to me
how much weight are we talking about

No. 1268923


‘No one is expecting me to be perfect in my recovery’
Again with the passive language. She has been completely passive the moment she decided to relapse and she definitely decided this.
I thought at the time it was a strange way to put it because isn’t anorexia all about perfectionism? Wouldn’t it be natural to say ‘I need to remind myself not to be perfect all the time?’
But not Cecelia, she’s already setting herself up for relapse, no one can expect her to be perfect they have to coddle her some more because she already can’t do it!

Mini blog I have used those paints before. It was just some fucking paints on a piece of paper. The ones I didn’t like I threw in a bin.

No. 1268924

I fucking love Cecelia as a cow

So I went back and looked at her old posts. Apparently she claims she just used to lie about eating stuff? God I wish there were more posts, she's amazing cringe.

I can't deal with her voice though. Noped straight out of those videos. It's an act, I think, she's doing that feeble ana voice.

No. 1268925

File: 1625148799651.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 836.18 KB, 2048x2048, 4F4570A5-3FBD-44A7-AFB8-4800C7…)


Might not be a good example but last May - now. I think the weight loss has been more recent (just trying to get similar clothes)

No. 1268926

wtf, apparently she blocked me even though I've never interacted with her whatsoever and never taken any screenshots.

No. 1268927

Samefag didn’t mean to spoiler

No. 1268928

I'm surprised she isn't doing a peace sign.
Meanwhile her poor bunny is home alone while she takes her biannual vacation in denver.
Having fun whole she's missing out on her own sisters wedding. If anyone should have the diagnosis "bpd with restrictive eating" it's cecelia. She should go to bpd prison with lego

No. 1268932

File: 1625149025830.png (554.49 KB, 495x700, ruby granger.png)

imo the angle or a filter is making her look skinnier then she really is in the second one. she's lost some weight but not that much

No. 1268933

TBH I'm less concerned about whether she has an ED than I about the image she is giving to her followers. I don't man to be patronising but a lot of them are pre-teens who absolutely worship her. She has read enough ED literature, follows enough recovery accounts and has got enough comments addressing it that she knows exactly what she is doing. Just waiting for the book announcement.

No. 1268934

File: 1625149216263.png (10.34 MB, 1170x2532, E674874C-7E4C-4DBA-8DA6-545834…)

Courtesy of Molly’s insta stories. That was a short friendship kek

No. 1268936

Honestly, good for her. I'm probably one of the few who believe Molly has some degree of ED/disordered eating. Or maybe she realised Ruby is a complete childhood-obsessed simpleton when she visited Exeter and has been looking for an excuse to cut ties?

No. 1268937

Molly's really sensible. She knew when to quit it because she knew she was being posted here and cut ties with someone who might make her skip her 10 cereals again.

Ham should make her move to be her bff.

No. 1268938

i also agree that molly probably had disordered eating. i think she just exaggerated it a lot in an attempt to be like elzani

No. 1268939

I think most anons accept she had a mild case.

No. 1268940

I agree. Out of the two of them, I actually prefer Molly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruby is autistic

No. 1268953

File: 1625151123759.jpeg (318.17 KB, 1242x1864, BDBB3B87-C530-4DD9-A17D-D17D5C…)

Ruby has another account called rubygrangervegan (sorry I’m old I don’t fully understand how to link Instagram accounts) where she posts food and meals and recently she has constantly been saying “this isn’t all I had!!” And “don’t believe everything you see, it’s just a snippet” BUT I noticed a post on her account of her doing yoga and she has lost a considerable amount of weight.

In my opinion she used to be normal looking and well within the healthy range but this To me looks like she is either underweight or very close to it.

No. 1268956

tbh Molly's exaggerations made her of the most annoying cows for me at the time but at least she didn't go all out LARP (like, she did/does? actually have some ~food issues~)
Remember when Ham was deemed Molly 2.0 at the beginning? Christ, if only.

No. 1268989


If anything Anna was Molly 2.0 with mild anorexia, good access to treatment, far too many FDOEs, but at least Molly was receptive to feedback on her videos and acknowledged her privilege. Anna doesn’t give a shit. Ham probably doesn’t even know what that means.

No. 1268991

To be honest this would be one of those moments where it'd be interesting to see what other posts she's done here (like they've done with other cows) but got a feeling it'd be a no. Those reveals always give me a few keks.

No. 1269012

Oh look, she's pulling her head out of her arse for a breather.

No. 1269049

File: 1625160569546.png (497.1 KB, 404x642, darmabread.png)

any brave anons willing to try Dharma's zero fat banana bread?

No. 1269052

Sorry, not a macros/fitness person - are those numbers the carbs, protein, and fat in grams? And if so does that mean she’s claiming that puck has actually got minus amounts of fat?

No. 1269054


Oh wow we really are in 2010 pro ana with negative calorie banana bread

No. 1269055

I'll give it a go when my bananas are ripe - only deserves the highest quality ingredients for a fair test

No. 1269057

No. Looks dry as fuck. Fats exist for a reason. Moistness.

No. 1269058

…and really, judging by her face, it tastes shite.

No. 1269069

File: 1625162356137.png (2.83 MB, 828x1792, D138EA66-6292-4606-8111-F5D048…)

posting as normal, sage bcs no milk but
she’ll never address it. we know tho, kara …

No. 1269079

Yes, carbs fats and proteins in grams. Knowing her, those will be stats for the whole loaf. I think she is probably claiming there is less than one gram of fat, not minus fats.

No. 1269080

This is so deliciously passive aggressive you could get fat off it.
But also agree with >>1268936 when they say that Molly probably did have an actual (though short) ED and finds being friends with someone who posts stuff like that difficult while in recovery. It's like being friends with someone who posts pictures of empty vodka bottles when you're trying to stay sober.

No. 1269083


This is gonna be tinfoiling a bit here… I wonder if Ruby made friends with Molly, a diagnosed I think recovering anorexic who has gained some weight as a power move. Not to purposely hurt Molly but to make herself feel better than her? I know people irl who have done similar(sage)

No. 1269097

They met through Ruby's flatmate, who I could believe has an ED but is also an English lit student so it might be unrelated to that. I'm more likely to believe she wanted to skin walk Molly, thus continuing the chain. Or she was doing 'research' on her, because according to her goodreads, from a few years ago, she has 'an academic interest in anorexia'

No. 1269118

ayrt, thanks. Surely she could have put <1g of fat then? Yet she claims to be sooper intelligent…

No. 1269190

Is this Molly's way of throwing shade? Well now I have to know what happened. I'm willing to bet that one turned out to be leagues smarter than the other and they did the classic perfectionist shit of seeing their friendship as competition, and Molly probably realised she couldn't compete, felt inadequate, and ditched her dork friend

Saged for tinfoil

No. 1269204

File: 1625172128932.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x1948, 429E370C-2217-4EAD-8FCA-B8B9AB…)

Has anyone seen sorchablossoms meal sizes absolutely disgusting she eats more carbs than a whale. She’s been a binger before but doesn’t like to talk about it she prefers to be the “perfect dainty anorexic” how are her team supporting this.

No. 1269205

tbf we absolutely roasted Mol and she really wasn't that bad, at least she learns from her mistakes very quickly and adapts

No. 1269210

“But I’m valid cause I have an eating disorder so what if I’ve dropped out of college and blamed all my problems on my psychotic mother”

No. 1269211

K do we have screencaps of Molly saying she was triggered?

No. 1269216

no one fucking cares

No. 1269217

What’s wrong with her mother?

No. 1269218

mate no1curr about Sorcha. that was established like two threads ago. move on

No. 1269219

File: 1625172559768.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1170x2106, B724EA25-F4CB-4527-9EE0-DB0556…)

Schizo I think. That’s why Sorcha developered the Bpd I think attention whore didn’t get enough from her mother off her head.

No. 1269222

A bit harsh anon. It’s not her fault she’s milky

No. 1269225

'bit harsh'? are you a fucking newfag to lolcow? jesus if this is too harsh you dont wanna see the shit we used to say

No. 1269227

No I’m not but I don’t think there’s anything that sorcha should be called out on. She may have Bpd but attention whore is a bit far

No. 1269229

this is not the place for you pls leave

No. 1269232

Molly is the only cow I've ever seen actually improve herself. She kept up her ED stuff until she discovered the thread, made the sensible move of going on "hiatus" (which I believe was actually her taking time to absorb the criticism), and came back as something different. Shes far less milky these days since she actually bothered to reflect on how embarrassing her behaviours were

No. 1269238

faggots like you are ruining the culture of these threads, go back to twitter if you’re so into being civil to these attention whores.

No. 1269239


Definitely not the case, Molly is definitely more intelligent than Ruby (Molly goes to Oxford, Ruby Exeter) and if you read anything Ruby writes about literature or in general you will realise her intelligence is low, she just makes up for it by doing a lot of work. I do think it was a genuine friendship and Molly had to disconnect.

No. 1269243

JESUS THAT HAS TO BE A JOKE she must be literally obese not anorexic wtf

No. 1269245


Fucking kek Sorcha selfposts in this thread more than Chii we’ve heard more about ‘how she eats so many gross carbs’ ‘how she dropped out of college 5 times’ ‘wtf is she doing in HDU’ you can’t tell me that is not attention whoring

Even without that anyone who spends their entire time making 5 tiktoks a day all saying ‘I’m in HDU because of my ED and here are 10 pictures from that time 5 years ago when I was spoopy and had an NG’ is an attention whore. Bye.

No. 1269249


Sorcha fuck off. Can we get admin here to just ban her now this is such bs

No. 1269250

Can you just cut yourself as a method of self harm rather than trying to bully yourself here? We dont care

No. 1269252

Bit harsh in fairness to promote self harm? Feel bad bc I know I’ve posted about her a bit so it’s not all self post anyway

No. 1269263

take a joke

No. 1269267

these threads are literally becoming overrun with edinsta snowflakes please just fuck off and let lolcow be the noughties non-pc shitshow it always was before you fags

No. 1269268

File: 1625174442119.png (196.2 KB, 570x900, molly.png)

No. 1269270

File: 1625174541641.jpeg (949.84 KB, 1170x1932, DAF3A5BA-DF5D-441F-9A6D-2102AC…)

She’s being ripped into on her stories. I’ve never laughed so much in my life

No. 1269274

Ripping into herself, it's glaringly obvious. We peep that 2 mins timestamp. The grunting sow needs to get over herself.

No. 1269276

File: 1625174856606.jpeg (899.86 KB, 1170x2031, 56B5D242-3333-49A2-850A-2EF481…)

She’s talking about thinspo now and all. Biggest BPD whore I’ve ever seen

No. 1269280

can you cunts stop talking about sorcha she constantly self posts and this only feeds into it, no one gives a fuck shes not even interesting.

yup mods can we get a sorcha ban? not convinced these posts arent her

No. 1269284

I like talking about sorcha and her milky posts and clearly others do too. If you don’t like it go elsewhere anon and shut the fuck up.

No. 1269286

I'm convinced it's all self-posting. She bullies herself on insta, posts herself here with pathetic attempts at rallying us as weird self harm, I'd really like a ban from admins on Sorcha-posting

No. 1269287

I second like talking about sorcha plus with Ro actually recovering we’re running out of milk and I can’t be bothered going back to Eugenia Cooney again. I say Sorcha stays and if you’ve a problem deal with it anon. Mods I say if the person keeps commenting trying to derail the convo we ban them.

No. 1269290

cant the admins do a IP address check on the suspected (blatant) self posts and find which ones are the most common and ban them?

No. 1269291

IP address your net fuck off anon

No. 1269292

There's no point encouraging self-posters though, people have been banned for it before. Don't want to be fagging up the place for the sake of it.

No. 1269293

okay hothead, it was just a suggested kek

No. 1269294


Let’s just move the conversation along. Anyone any updates on Caroline, Eugenia or Ceceilia

No. 1269297

Everyday I wonder why we haven’t been given the ‘shit thread’ redtext yet. Anons please stop fighting we’re all retards here.

No. 1269299

File: 1625176016340.jpeg (832.44 KB, 828x1280, 1EA5E84C-9905-4283-A569-98A911…)

Caroline is proving she can’t sing by wailing her own song but changing the lyrics to “I know that god is saving me” while being a tubed up skelly princess. Come flock, record labels

No. 1269300

Has she admitted she has anorexia yet?

No. 1269301

Anyone got any updates on her? iirc remember she got sent to hospital because of her followers and had a feeding tube and not a nose tube (dont know the correct terminology)

No. 1269304

you know that's oxygen, not a feeding tube, right anon?

No. 1269306

you misread that anon, i meant she has a nose tube now (the breathing tube) i just couldn’t think of the name

No. 1269307

Whoops. Brain fart. Although out of curiosity shouldn’t she need to be tubed? Like, our kween has had one for time now (granted she’s now been given a daintier one to match her frame)

No. 1269309

Ffs she still wears the tiara in the hospital bed

No. 1269310

Can someone explain what posts i sage for and what the Kek means and the other stuff plz(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269318

no retard read the rules or learn we're not here to baby you it shits up the thread

No. 1269321

It’s a NG tube that goes to her stomach or a NJ to her gut if she’s purging. Not surprising for how underweight she is and how she’s pretending to have chronic illness that makes her unable to eat.

Someone posted a cap of her with a nasal feeding tube, so they might have been giving her a chance to eat by mouth for a while. Or they were giving her IV nutrition to start refeeding but now are feeding her food through the tube

No. 1269329

File: 1625177789460.jpg (627.52 KB, 816x1192, thick.jpg)

Sorcha h8r from the last thread here. I would seriously love to know which posts are hers, and then have her name banned from the thread. Sick of her boring shit being posted in this thread when there's actual interesting cows out there like Ganer and n2f.

Have some n2f goodness as an apology for my tism. Her hair is actually looking better but my god she needs to take a brush to it.

No. 1269331

Sage posts that have no contribution to the thread. The closest thing you probably have to "kek" is "lol".

No. 1269332

piss off

No. 1269333

second this, the way they’re all typed and unsaved is an embarrassing giveaway, sorcha- no one cares enough to talk about you. fuck off.

No. 1269334

*unsaged, now i’m embarrassed ffs

No. 1269336

Yes, the fucking typing style, all her WKs type the same way, as do most of the people posting on her tellonym.

No. 1269338

I haven't seen a post of her with a feeding tube, just the oxygen cannula.

She's in California where it's very hard to involuntarily treat eating disorder patients so she is probably able to just refuse a feeding tube (and probably doesn't want one because she's genuinely very anorexic).

No. 1269340


I imagine having really long hair takes a lot of maintenance. If she can't look after it, she should have some cut off. It probably needs a trim BUT she's started looking after herself more, so she might get onto her hair at some point. Can you even imagine the hassle of washing it, conditioning it, drying it, detangling it. She looks really pretty naturally.

I really don't understand what her music's about. She should turn full on holy roller and do Christian music. Looking at the condition of her, her god has forsaken her.

No. 1269343

File: 1625180394869.jpeg (208 KB, 828x1228, 3423F59C-86FA-419D-BB33-B710B5…)

Posted on TikTok yesterday

No. 1269347

ah, thanks anon.

Is she not hospitalized anymore, given the past tense in her caption?

No. 1269356

Not sure, looks like she’s still hospitalized though. She uploads a lot with typos so could be just that (“mass cell”, you’d think she’d get the name of the sickness she’s claiming correct but she’s too malnourished to notice or care, or she’s just kind of dumb)

No. 1269357

LOL so studying Molly for her next terrible self-insert book? "Academic interest in anorexia" makes her sound like a total autist too.

No. 1269362

I would pay good money to hear what the nurses are saying about this overgrown 5 year old wearing a fucking tiara in a hospital bed and singing into her phone. She's an adult FFS.

No. 1269366

Do we know anything about her back story? How she was brought up? Hate to say it, but is she special needs? The way she is isn't right. The tiara thing, thinking she's a pop princess. She's more wacko than your average ana in these threads.

No. 1269376

long hair fag here, it takes a lot of dedication and hair products and is sometimes very tiring to take care of. I really doubt someone as low functioning as N2F can properly care for it, and by the looks of it she battles constant birds nests, has lots of split ends, and overall poor hair health. She seems the gross dry brittle hair type rather than the greasy type which is probably linked to malnutrition

please forgive my sperg, just tryna answer farmer's questions

No. 1269381

She was mention on The Other Farms and some people were saying they got a strong Lillee Jean/Laur Trueman vibe aka unhinged momager pulling the strings.

No. 1269430

File: 1625189797761.jpg (370.7 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20210701-213532_Ins…)

The implication once again that she's sicker than anyone else and that everyone else can recover without her sooper special ip

No. 1269436

12 hours a day in therapy, kek

No. 1269444


>I love being in treatment. I love the food here, I love that everyone here HAS to pay attention to me because it's their job and they're on the clock.

>Being in treatment is my entire personality. If I didn't have this to cling to, I might have to address my raging bpd and get a job or something


No. 1269458

File: 1625193889600.jpeg (301.19 KB, 1800x914, 6D007840-0802-448E-8A98-FEB605…)

Can’t believe you forgot the series of toddlers-in-tiaras poses, anon. Classic attention whoring at its finest.

No. 1269483

File: 1625196242186.jpeg (102.05 KB, 750x870, CC0BA944-ECA9-46EE-9BCE-6261B8…)

Missed this in the comments anon. Only mention of missing the wedding. Also this whole post is just massive cognitive dissonance. “Ima smile and pose with a shit eating from but say in the caption I’m miserable.” The only reason she is doing this is to constantly post tube selfies. If you look back at her feed prior to the tube she had mostly photos not of her. Now it’s just her horse face with the tube on repeat to remind everyone she has the coveted toob.

No. 1269496

For her sister’s sake, it’s good she’s not allowed to go. She wouldn’t be able to resist making it all about her. Though that may have been one of the main reasons for the timing of her totally unplanned relapse.

Agree about her constant toob selfies though. She never posts this many pics of herself except the two times she’s been tubed. For someone who claims she hates treatment and the tube and that being in residential shouldn’t be a goal, she clearly plotted a return to treatment and getting a tube, and loves it.

No. 1269517

Let’s not make excuses for her savage hair now. I’m Mexican/Indian, long thick hair. I take….showers! (: the feral needs the basics here. Shampoo, conditioner, and hairbrush to tame that ratchet nest.

No. 1269550

Malnutrition and specifically being underweight really fucks your hair up, but you're right that n2f basically does nothing to maintain it properly, so the issues compound. Anorexia really isn't visually pretty, lol. Byebye nice hair and nails. I would also suspect that n2f actually has wavy-type hair and doesn't use enough conditioner from the looks of it.

She's literally not even medically underweight though and she's self-admitted. Diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa matters, that's why refeeding in hospital exists. If you're not underweight then you don't need refeeding, it's not a fucking medal either. I don't know how Gwyneth Olywn's bogus nutrition science has become so widespread.

No. 1269563

File: 1625206596179.jpg (509.07 KB, 1080x1976, 1623512867266.jpg)

I can't believe this is the same bitch who wrote this. The level of hypocrisy

No. 1269581

shes now screenshot her story viewer list blaming it on them. kek.

No. 1269603

of course she has. the desperation kek

No. 1269613

Ro has now also unfollowed. (she has commented on Ruby's posts in the past) In her comment section people are getting very angry now. Hoping we'll get fresh milk soon.

No. 1269625

Getting angry in Ro’s comments, or Ruby’s? I’m going looking and I can’t find anything

No. 1269629

Ruby's two most recent posts and the most recent reel (the schoolgirl dress). I would post screen caps but there are too many.

No. 1269631

is everyone in the comments pissed over her posting a lunch that's too small? or did something else happen with molly that i missed
it seems weird that people are still so mad given that she's addressed it on her story

No. 1269634

A few things:

Everyone is saying she looks very thin. I personally don't see it but our views are probably distorted by all the skellies here.

It is not just one meal - she has been posting things like single biscuits broken up, half a piece of toast etc. She has had to post multiple apologies over the past few months, including on a 'eating like a victorian child' YouTube video where she had tiny potions.

In her search history in her second-latest video she had searched for 'ketchup calories'

And on Wednesday evening Molly posted a story saying she had seen something very triggering but was 'pushing through.' This was right after Ruby had posted a photo of a restaurant meal of marinated mushrooms and plain side salad. (No screen caps, soz)

No. 1269640

who even is she?

No. 1269641

File: 1625220281963.jpg (684.7 KB, 1079x1995, Screenshot_20210702-120200_Ins…)

Lego is getting some phone time back and might be going to low secure. Hopefully she'll get to use her phone there so we can get some fresh milk

No. 1269648

I mean she obviously looked terrible before (I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody with a literally square head) but she looks awful here. Guess being in the slammer so long makes you look bloated and your hair ratty. Cannot wait for her to start posting again.

No. 1269649

ty for explaining anon! i didn't connect the dots and realize molly could've been talking about ruby when she said she was triggered

No. 1269650

i think being a bit chubby could make her look a lot better, maybe she needs some cheek fat to hide the lego head shape

No. 1269652

I thought that was a wig. I didn't realise she had long hair, but it hides her square head so that's good.

Hmm…quick recovery from psychosis when she gets put in medium secure. Almost as if she was faking it, then started to behave when the going got tough.

She never said what she'd done, did she. She looks better than she does with make up even though she looks rough af.

No. 1269653

File: 1625221579472.jpeg (125.77 KB, 407x509, 0D30D7A9-7D5C-4679-92DF-498D5B…)

British studytuber, does English literature. Was friends with Molly. Childhood obsessed and LARPs Victorian era shit a lot. Does her front leg look edited in this photo? I’m shit at telling but it looks smaller than the other.

No. 1269655


I'm not sure if you were interested or did not care about her, sorry for the autism.There is a summary of her shenanigans here:


I'm not going to mention her again unless her ED-baiting gets even stronger though because I'm not sure whether people care about her.

No. 1269673

I wondered when she would return. Looking pretty chubby faced, she was quite thin if I remember? Probably pumped full of anti-psychotics. But play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1269676

File: 1625225757943.jpg (116.63 KB, 849x850, nope.JPG)

>she was quite thin if I remember?

No. 1269678

I must have been thinking of the wrong cow. Who was the thin one, massive scars all over arms&legs with a catheter? Maybe I'm being a retard. Gonna go scroll old threads

No. 1269690

File: 1625227251356.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.93 KB, 750x1064, C5F66CF2-9AA3-4C71-9225-746FB4…)


Soft4ngel? Might be mixing up cows. Dances in bed with tubes a lot even when on 1:1. recently turned 18 and her posts have changed tune…

No. 1269698


No. 1269699

Has there been a discussion/conclusion on who's taking these? Or is it some sort of selfie timer on her phone that I'm too inept to understand

No. 1269700

Yeah sounds like dustbinflower to me, don't remember her having a catheter but may have happened at some point.

No. 1269701

File: 1625227824915.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, A7E5BBB4-20DB-42DA-9E1B-F412C5…)

Flexing and exaggerating how much she’s been in hospital AGAIN

No. 1269704

plz can we ban sorcha im begging. the unsaged self posting is too mhch

No. 1269709

File: 1625229089161.jpg (248.56 KB, 1076x1668, Screenshot_20210702-142940_Ins…)

Lol now Anna also has mast cell activation syndrome. Isn't that what that super spoop Caroline claimed she had? Is this a new epidemic? Kek

No. 1269711

File: 1625229223856.jpg (268.93 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20210702-143224_Ins…)

Supposedly she can suddenly only eat 20 different foods. I'm curious as to how she got the diagnosis. Did they actually do tests or did they just take her word for it. Smells like munchies

No. 1269712

lol called munchie anna threads ago - I like how she’s trying to illicit sympathy for covid making it worse despite the fact she disregarded the guidelines. As another anon just said, play stupid games.

No. 1269714

File: 1625229364447.jpeg (137.36 KB, 750x1029, 9C2F6A87-2011-4671-B87A-C609DA…)

part 3! Yes, let’s not forget she was running around London when contagious!

No. 1269717

funny how she was eating croissants last week - wheat, egg, dairy. This 'can only have 20 foods' is going to be like Cecelia's 'can only eat 9 things' all over again.

No. 1269718


I call total bs on this. The girl who posts numerous photos from hospital beds would never let a good episode of anaphylaxis go by without a selfie in a&e! We got the feeding tubes, we got the maaaybe biliary colic, I do not buy that an actual life threatening anaphylaxis would totally pass by TikTok or IG. And every single pots/erlers danios munchie claims mast cell.
Post covid? I would put all my money on good old post-ed IBS, maybe some lactose intolerance but where are the followers in that.

AND ‘I had to come home early from uni, unwell and exhausted’ I am so sure she did her exams and then showed on her stories her getting a plane back to London. Larp harder Anna

No. 1269719


My 20 foods are carbohydrates, protein, fruit, vegetables, oh and don’t forget ‘healthy fats’

No. 1269727

Why would she hide her electrolytes and blood sugar and nothing else? Also, I'm not an expert on trying to kill myself but that amount of Olanzapine seems like more than an attempt for attention… but I also don't understand how so many people overdose like this repeatedly and reliably don't actually die

No. 1269732

>It certainly don't seem "worth it" for a good few years after being in recovery.
That's what annoys me about, "I challenged ______ and I'm so happy and can't stop smiling etc etc etc". I assume most anorexics when actually challenging something actually have a really hard time with it and are just hoping it leads to something better down the road.

No. 1269733

Damn, she looks rough. Prison food obviously can’t be that bad though. She used to claim anorexia didn’t she? She’s never looked underweight but how nice to see she’s ~cured~

No. 1269734

We already know she was taking meds for IBS, but that’s not exactly a cool illness to have, so we’re testing the waters with a third of the triad. Placing bets on adding the EDS and POTS ‘diagnosis’ by the end of the year.
When did she do testing for this? Post the diagnosis letter Anna, that’ll make me believe.

No. 1269740

I’ve missed the mad old Lego! Glad she’ll be more active. So she really did make it to MSU, huh. I wonder if she’s been magically cured.

No. 1269744

File: 1625232855517.jpeg (179.31 KB, 746x572, 2CA85BBE-BDF5-45CC-8587-485A6A…)

Proof Anna was eating frozen yoghurt and croissants a fortnight ago!

No. 1269746

This is what I don’t understand. I’ll take the redtext but it’s shit. And to get anywhere you do actually have to “challenge repeat” (as much as I hate that phrase) until it gets easier. Not a fun time. Not something you feel like celebrating.

And we were just discussing her upthread. What a treat! She’s one of the raging BPDers I can actually stand because she doesn’t go so hard for the ED stuff.

No. 1269748


Psych wards (especially in the UK) pump you full of antipsychotics to keep you quiet and compliant and then serve carbs on carbs on carbs to keep you compliant and happy. Most do three meals (most of which include chips + mashed potato + some kind of fried meat) then biscuits throughout the day and evening snacks which are either stacks of toast or sandwiches similar to meal deal sandwiches. Her before and after reminds me a bit of Laura’s. Sooner or later the institutionalisation hits you and you succumb to the meds and food and that is the result.

No. 1269764

Ffs like when will she learn she’s never gonna get better even Eugenia has a better chance than BPD sorcha

No. 1269772

Very accurate. Add into the fact that leave can be restricted and if you have leave and need an escort but no staff are available you won’t be going anywhere and that amounts to a lot of sitting around. Also add that the majority of inpatient activities or celebrations will revolve around making and eating food and you’ve a recipe for weight gain and poor health.
My favourite is when clinicians notice their patients blowing up from the antipsychotics, sedatives, minimal exercise and excess food, and then just stick the patient on Metformin like that will help.
Silly games, silly prizes and all that. People who want rather than need to be in an inpatient unit deserve the shock that they get when they arrive.

No. 1269785

Ayrt, yup that’s accurate af (also >>1269772). Depending on unit takeaways can be ordered too, can’t say I blame them tbh. Not saying it’s 100% her fault - especially if they’ve got her on something like olanzapine - more that I’m sure she used to claim anorexia and kinda wonder what happened with that.
If anything the shit food should be incentive to get outta there. Kinda like mentioned upthread, why go to an NHS EDU unless it’s absolutely last resort. At least outpatient you’ve got more options. If you have to eat either way, rather it be decent than something like ‘cook chill’ (is that still a thing even?)

No. 1269792

That’s ridiculous.

(Another anon here who wants a ban on Sorcha. Sorry to those who find her milky, the self posting is just too much.)

No. 1269798

File: 1625237789438.jpg (73.78 KB, 624x900, 20210702_223001.jpg)

for anyone interested ruby's addressed the comments

No. 1269804

>I want my account to be a positive space

I don't want to face the consequences of my actions so I will hide behind a shield of toxic positivity and celebrity worship from my pre-teen fans.

No. 1269808

Anna's claims are total bullshit, make absolutely no sense. anaphylaxis isn't some casual thing ? and the bs about 20 foods wtf. this girl has serious psych issues or just loves being 'sick', diagnosis wise she has private care so probably can get whatever treatment she wants.

No. 1269813

File: 1625239139033.jpg (337.73 KB, 720x1008, 20210702_161722.jpg)

It looks like katy fell/fainted and hit her head. She hasnt updated her feed in a while though.

No. 1269814

File: 1625239209021.jpeg (569.25 KB, 750x1233, CBBDB3D6-697D-438C-B4CD-3EF3F3…)

As someone allergic to nuts- this absolutely is not what anaphylaxis looks like. You take an epi pen and then HAVE to go to a&e. The epi pen lasts for about half an hour to an hour? Then the adrenaline runs out and you swell up again so you need a drip. You don’t just sit there taking a photo and posting to Instagram. It’s life threatening and usually results in an overnight stay for antihistamines in a drip!
I guess being top at med school did not teach her to research illnesses before she pretended to have them??

No. 1269818

LITERALLY this is what doesn't make sense, anaphylaxis isn't like a mild / standard allergic reaction, it's way more serious and she's acting like it's such a casual thing?? and how could she possibly claim to have all these illnesses and be so illLLL yet was a vaccinator, scrubbed in surgaries, did perfectly in medical school etc. if she was also dealing with ANAPHYLAXIS regularly?

No. 1269820


No. 1269822

why is it that every other anachan claims to have some sort of EDS/MCAS/autoimmune clusterfuck… surely health care workers have noticed an uptick in this new trend?

No. 1269824

if she is so used to all this by now, surely she must have learnt to properly scrub her apples?

No. 1269825

Don’t forget gastroparesis! Another favourite of ex/current anas for obvious reasons. EDS is like the new CFS/ME/Fibro, doctors must have picked up on it by now. Once you’ve been diagnosed with that you can pretty much go on to collect the set

No. 1269827

Her poor delicate hands break out in blisters and weeping sores whenever she tries, duh. Plus there’d be nothing to complain to the ‘gram about

No. 1269830

anon you have such a way with wordplay

No. 1269835

Thanks nonnie. I just know whenever someone has a reaction that severe they always, always make sure to get a posed snap of themselves looking like a sulky teenager before grabbing the epipen.

No. 1269838

File: 1625241310952.jpg (103.12 KB, 1155x1155, EffectsOnTheBody_Anaphylaxis_v…)

It doesn't even take med student to find symptoms. Unless she thinks blondes have different ones to the dark haired diagram woman.

No. 1269891

Sage for medfag but anorexia actually DOES cause gastroparesis for a good percentage. It resolves with refeeding/weight restoration the vast majority of the time, but can last for years or even be permanent. HOWEVER, it is also a very convenient excuse not to eat so a lot of anas pretend to be recovered from anorexia and munch/play up their gastroparesis. Sometimes they convince someone to install a PEG tube they can purge through.

No. 1269910

File: 1625246887092.jpg (285.24 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20210702-192624_Ins…)

Our brave warrior chowing down on some more McDonald's. Think she picked the filet o fish cause its the lowest calorie burger on the menu? Her whole thing with fear foods is so funny. Most actual anas don't have fear foods as much as they just fear calories in general. Seems to be popular among larpers tho

No. 1269913

all her captions say the exact same thing it’s kinda funny

No. 1269919

I feel like most do have fear foods, but the fear of calories trumps it. Like if bread was their fear food and they were in a social situation where they couldn't get out of eating, they'd choose a sandwich they knew was 400 calories over a salad with cheese and dressing they knew was 700. They certainly wouldn't be grinning about it though, they'd be trying to act normal while internally freaking out.

No. 1269923

This ham planet is even more insufferable than the now private Georgia Collings. Your only eating disorder is that you can't stop eating. Calling this 400lb hog anorexic is such a slap to people actually dealing with it

No. 1269929

I’m not even watching these two clowns. We all know she smashes Maccies down on the regular (she even tweeted about it throughout lockdown) — at this point it’s almost insulting.

No. 1269938

File: 1625248225399.jpg (35.35 KB, 697x265, future ham.jpg)

Ahh. Can't bear to watch or hear her live action, but that's a burger innit? Since when was McDonald's greasy shit a ~fear food~. She fears no food except veg and fruit

Bet she looks at it like it's shit, takes a tentative bite, smiles, says it's good. Amirite?

Can't look at Ham without seeing Fern Briton (crap tv presenter). This is Ham in 15 years.

No. 1269939

File: 1625248284371.jpeg (87.08 KB, 300x360, 5B98909C-097B-472C-9F11-2D6AA7…)

Also, “totally optional” fucking duh. Dunno how anyone can take this Vicky Pollard seriously. She just needs to dye her hair, put a bit more slap on and the transformation is complete

No. 1269955

this sent me, thank you anon

No. 1269968

File: 1625250307262.jpg (225.64 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20210702-202402_Ins…)

I knew cooney is curdled milk and she's probably not going to actually address anything but if any anon is willing to give it a look I'd be thankful

No. 1269974

Currently watching it. The comments are basically the same: "she's bodychecking the whole time and doesn't talk about any actual rumors"

No. 1269997

Ok so:

1) moving the makeup box. She “forgets” to move it sometimes. People on twitch remind her to move it and so she does apparently. Being paid immediately after is “100% a coincidence”

2) her hair is not fake, guys. tbh judging by the growing bald patch and how dry it’s looking, I’m tempted to believe her.

3) she’s not intentionally flashing her underwear apparently, and she doesn’t see her “accidental” flashing as a big deal. She’s also not matching her eyeshadow to her underwear

4) she loves Buzz the dog and he gets his nails trimmed by the vet

5) she has never had a seizure, hasn’t had one on stream. Her coughing on stream isn’t a big deal either

6) she’s scared of driving and that’s why it took her ages to get her license, but she won’t pass out at the wheel, she promises

7) she’s never photoshopped her nonexistent boobs out of a photo and isn’t good at photoshop anyway

8) she never tries to be mean and she is actually scooper nice, guys, and she feels like if she’s never mean she’ll be accused of toxic positivity

No. 1270000

Apologies if I missed anything, I had it at 2X speed bc her waffle annoys me

No. 1270020

File: 1625252514132.png (1.06 MB, 906x670, Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 19.59…)

She has now gone from 43% recovered to 44% recovered… of course recovery just means eating every single item on the McDonalds menu

No. 1270027

please someone make a bingo board with all the McDonalds menu items on. Bonus points if it includes retired items, thus preventing a full recovery.

No. 1270036

The McRib will be what prevents her from ever achieving true recovery

No. 1270037

Also the salad and the fruit bag. Those are too scary for her to ever try

No. 1270038

definite nitpick but her “swipe for video - totally optional” fucks me off so much. of course it’s optional Ham, nobody’s drooling over your page thinking “i. must. see. all. Ham. content”. apart from us ofc

No. 1270048

Look at the joy on her face eating a FEAR FOOD. Every ana can relate to feeling they've done something so wrong and taboo and they'll gain 7lb overnight because 2 calories and smile along with her. Or just not even go there or try, takes a bite, has panic attack.

Bet they wish they were as strong as dainty Ham.

No. 1270073

File: 1625254834999.png (964.94 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210702-203917.png)

Colleges accept anyone. It's not uni.

No. 1270082

its good she's going to college. she'll h0opefully make friends, do something useful and leave this stupid shit behind

No. 1270111

I know some sixth forms are selective but college? lol it's not Oxbridge, Ham. Imagine if/when someone asks her why she's missed two years (her words not mine, we all saw that pic from 2019). Will she say mental health or will she start banging on about her extremely serious case of wannarexia? Would love to be a fly on the wall there.

No. 1270112

‘how hard i’ve worked’ you literally just need a passing grade in maths and english gcse - aka not to be mentally retarded

No. 1270121

Please someone do this. We can immediately tick off half the menu
(also I hadn't thought about the McRib in ages, god. Feel like pure shit just want it back x)

No. 1270131


Considering it’s a legal requirement to be in some sort of further education until 18 you must have to be pretty shit to be refused? Like surely colleges can’t be selective? That being said maybe they are more fussy because she’s over 18?
‘How hard I’ve worked’ though I’m guessing she doesn’t mean academically so kek if she sat in her interview and told them how she spent her last two years eating 101 fear foods

No. 1270145

kek the way she shows the burger to the camera like its something gourmet or interesting, its a fuckin maccies, ham.

bet she does shit useless subjects and then chooses a shit uni degree like media studies and bangs on about ~how well she's done~

No. 1270148

i wonder if she's going to do a-levels or a btec

No. 1270154

She's not cut out for uni. She fucked off her art course, didn't last long on YouTube or tiktok. She cant exist without her mum's company, she can only boil pasta, she can't make friends. She won't last at college. Then back to what she's doing now.

No. 1270157

Oh anon, you already know the answer…
(Not knocking BTECS at all. But since she can't even remember the 'fear foods' she's 'challenged' before how would she cope with memorising shit for A Levels)

No. 1270160

She might be going to a higher education center that while called a college, teaches a degree. Places like that don’t actually have the power to accredit the degree themselves and outsource it to schemes like the open university or to other close by universities. Fairly common for smaller art colleges in the UK.

No. 1270163

i've hated on ham as much as the next fag , sh's despicably annoying, but really? going to college is one thing i don't think there's any meaning in roasting her for. it's not milky, its a sign of stepping away from the LARP and potentially doing something more interesting with her time. What is the point in taking the piss out of her for this? Damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

No. 1270164

File: 1625259150100.jpg (174.59 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20210702-131129_Ins…)

The fuck would nik the creep know about this

No. 1270169

>its a sign of stepping away from the LARP
Time will tell. Until then I'll continue to shit on her like she shits on actual ED sufferers. Soz.

No. 1270170


Welcome to lolcow

No. 1270172

The point is she's going to try again because she's suddenly created a studious persona for herself to skinwalk Molly. She lied about not going to college because of mental health. She dropped out. If you think she's turning her back on her bullshit, ha.

No. 1270173

AYRT, yeah I know, I've been here a while unfortunately but do you not remember everyone saying why doesnt she go to college, get friends like a normal teen etc - and when she actually does it you fags take the piss out of it? Just doesn't make any sense.

No. 1270174

File: 1625259746005.png (10.51 MB, 1170x2532, A5F8812B-734E-4596-861D-911897…)

Not sorcha listing her behaviours on TikTok. This is fucked up

No. 1270175

So many anons ITT expecting everyone to ~~be kind~~ and understanding to cows doing the bare minimum. They must be lost.

No. 1270176

Genuine laugh at this.

Some think lolcow a fanclub for these losers.

No. 1270179

She hasn't gone YET. She hasn't dropped her LARP YET. She hasn't made friends YET.

No. 1270180

You're proving to be just as retarded and makes us look like the dumb trolls the cows portray us as. Some of us here actually want them to stop the stupid games rather than just tear them apart for the sake of it.

No. 1270182

Okay, the point is that people are shooting her down and saying she'll fail and continue LARPing etc before she's even fucking enrolled

No. 1270184

Go write her a love letter. Jesus.

No. 1270185

mods…sorcha ban?

No. 1270186

Your BPD black and white thinking is showing, anon.

No. 1270188


No. 1270195

Please… I am begging

No. 1270203

Worked hard on what? Pretending to read books and singlehandedly keeping her local McDonalds afloat? I'll give it to her though, her LARP shows dedication (as poor as it is). Great work ethic.

Yes please.

No. 1270299

There's no way someone can walk 36k steps every day, barely eat and purge every day, and abuse laxatives and diuretics for 2 months and be alive, much less be healthy enough to look and social media like she does.

No. 1270313

I'm genuinely intrigued to find out how long this larp will continue. What new fear food (that we've already consumed and documented on several occasions) could possibly be next!

No. 1270323

showing my powerlevel but yeah I can corroborate, when i stopped purging and started digesting shit again the gastroparesis was awful. It's like, your body forgets how to digest food normally and things have slowed down anyway due to a slowed metabolism. It happens to most people in recovery unless they're high restrictors and never purge.(medfagging blogpost)

No. 1270333

No. 1270386

My money’s on broccoli. She’s already done McDonald’s, burgers, chips, ice cream, pasta, pizza, pastries, pancakes, crisps, bread, biscuits, butter, knock off Nutella, Biscoff and enough cake to feed a small army…… for someone so afraid of calories vegetables are obviously the next step.

No. 1270442

Bro can we talk about cece for a min… she’s not even at ACUTE anymore. Only real Ed bitches go to acute. She’s LARPing her ED and her BPD makes it worse and she overplays stuff(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270453

seems like she just wants applause for eating food without people calling her fat.

As for the obese people in this thread claiming to be anorexia it seems like an excuse to eat more food "shame free"

No. 1270466

>>1270442 Cecelia was never at acute to begin with

No. 1270472

File: 1625283145360.jpg (264.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210703-144056_Tik…)

Caroline posted a reply to this comment - which was from the 6th June. So must be fairly recent as opposed to an old draft. sShe's looking .. more alive.

No. 1270491

File: 1625285780615.jpg (293.6 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20210703-061322_Ins…)

Bitch please we know this was your goal from the beginning. Too bad she won't go. Would have been entertaining. Also funny she started acknowledging it only after people pointed it out

No. 1270492

And the earth is round newfag

No. 1270517

am i the only one who has seen a huge improvement? like sure she is far from physically healthy, however she is looking less skelly than before which is good

No. 1270520


It is still… all about her. She’s acknowledging her sister’s wedding as far as ‘my guilt and shame I can’t be there’. AND turning it into some therapy goal success. She’s not saying how she herself has got herself into this position where she is now missing such an important family event, how that is 100% on her, how she could have fought when hospitalisation was first presented and didn’t. I might not be making my point well but for this to be ‘good I acknowledge how I feel’ as though it is her eating disorder making her feel bad for missing the wedding when she had full control over that makes me mad

No. 1270544

>coped well with a patient screaming and crying on the unit?
well done cecelia, you managed to make someone elses issues about you YET AGAIN. obviously it would be unsettling but its not her issue to cope with. iirc doesnt she have kids? imagine being nearly 30 and expecting asspats for coping with some teenager crying. sage for nitpick

No. 1270545

No kids, thank god, but she works with them. And she must be used to other patients having breakdowns, isn't this her 528th admission?

And I'm just trying to imagine what comments she got about her body on the unit. Maybe people were asking her her diagnosis? Setting discharge dates?

No. 1270552

That patient's obviously experiencing mental distress. She's not there to play with inks and pose all smiley with a tube. Miss Empathy, huh. How did her ex put up with her so long?

No. 1270554

File: 1625300814438.png (1.02 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210703-092458.png)

I'm getting this printed and framed. Idk, she's batshit, but I can't help like her.

This is while working out in the garden again.

No. 1270558

Her lips look crusted shut, this is why we don’t vaseline on our lips kids. or purge constantly, but I think most people know that.

No. 1270565


I am so happy we all collectively share the same kind of weird motherly love for nourish - I really do like her a lot and just want the best for her lol

No. 1270566

It is truly amazing how Cecelia keeps outdoing her own whiny narcissism. No congratulations or well wishes to her sister, zero consideration for other patients, just more asspats for herself for very minimal accomplishments, if they can even be called that. Because how dare the world not revolve around her for even a minute

No. 1270572

File: 1625303981422.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 946500E8-485B-424F-B575-93CE28…)

Can someone explain why shes not embarrassed?

No. 1270573

File: 1625304068333.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, B2905AA9-8797-44EB-B389-A0A70D…)

No. 1270577


I know this is lolcow and we’re all dicks but I think if someone leaves their pfp in (and it’s not a cow because then it’s funny) we should let them know and not share it? Then they have a chance of deleting it and remaining anon?