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File: 1586973432608.png (418.92 KB, 480x639, img.png)

No. 959342

Georgia packed her bags and diamond art kits for her vacation at New Farm. Porgie isn’t on EDP yet so had to beg for her precious nose hose and we have been blessed with endless tube selfies.

Elzani’s videos have revealed her family (well, one sister at least) are sick of being stuck with her. Everything is just so chill and amazing, almost like there isn’t a pandemic or lockdown.

Maria is addicted and seems to lack any common sense. No significant milk on the twinsie.

Laura’s gained but still picking away at her face. Landed herself back in hospital after 5 sooper serious attempts.

N2F is having a great time wasting supermarket delivery slots for throat lube. Just living her sad life in her dirty, hoarder house and posting bodychecks in her knickers.

As for our favourite Russian, yes she is somehow still alive. Stop asking that specific question.

Shay set up a gofundme for home feeds despite the fact that they would be covered by medicare if she actually needed them.

Paige posted more excerpts from her book, heaven help anybody that attempts to read it. She can do her makeup but needs mummy to brush her hair.

Earth and em can’t cover her head banging scars up. Can’t bring herself to eat and needs support with an apple but quite happy to order a takeaway.

Not quite the littlest Lee had a crisis admission at New Farm. Becky is forcing poor Nimbus to wear clothes. Ganer won’t stop working out. Anna beats ana got sectioned and doesn’t know how to clean her tongue. Smorven won’t stop cooking/baking and wants everyone to know how selfless she is. Aly wants a bird and had a cardiac arrest (also a reminder that she has her own thread).

A certain cow came back with a self-post and we found out about eating disorder gothic. Chill guys it’s not a subcategory, just a reference to the southern gothic literature movement.

Some other random and uninteresting cows popped up but meh.

No news regarding Jonzie/Alexys. At least one farmer is going crazy without knowing how she’s behaving during this pandemic. An update would be much appreciated even if it’s boring. Seriously, the farmer is threatening to resort to extreme measures to find out.

A couple of really annoying folk on the last thread at times. No whiteknighting or newfags unwilling to integrate please. Same for namefags, we don’t care if you’ve been to New Farm, please stay anonymous. And enough with the infighting.

Shoutout to the creative anons for the art and bingo cards. And to the anon that made a shit thread but provided us with the amazing thread image.

Previous thread:

Georgia https://instagram.com/georgiakcollings
Elzani https://instagram.com/elzani__
Miffy https://instagram.com/miffyeats_more
Kitty and olive https://instagram.com/kittyand_olive_
Laura https://instagram.com/flourishingfxiry
N2F https://instagram.com/nourisht0flourish
Daria https://instagram.com/d.parxom
Shay https://instagram.com/shay.0899
Paige https://instagram.com/thenextpaige__
Earth (Emma?) https://instagram.com/earth.and.em
Lee https://instagram.com/littlestlee2.0
Becky https://instagram.com/heybooxy
Nimbus https://instagram.com/heynimbus
Ganer https://instagram.com/ganer_gains
Anna https://instagram.com/anna_beats_ana2
Alexys https://instagram.com/alexys610_
Aly https://instagram.com/itsaly_eleanor

No. 959343

*sorry, I meant spreads not throat lube.

No. 959347

Haha love the collage. It might even make me get into this thread more.

No. 959350

File: 1586974484383.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 3AADB569-AAB0-4B85-8100-AF084B…)

absolutely pissing myself over this

No. 959353

So consise! You should consider writing a lolcow for dummies. Nice to see the use of "knickers". US "panties" never sounds good and the UK should call panty liners knicker liners.

Very good. Refreshed my mind there. Much applause.

Oh a BMW written off? What a shame! Lol.
Isn't there a law in the US about how you must be x bmi (no numbers ppl) to drive?

No. 959354

Can you add Paris to the list?

No. 959357

Why? All she's done for years is cry and say she's going to top herself.

No. 959358

Are you Paris? Are you not getting the attention you feel you deserve?

Plus you can't edit the thread

No. 959366

If there isn't, there definitely need to be.

She had shit low potassium levels, signed out of the hospital AMA whilst they were still way below normal, and then crashed her car. And that idiot is always on her phone whilst driving. Not announce of sympathy from me.

No. 959369

Nah ‘Merica! You have to have a doctor report you to the dmv. Nothing automated occurs

No. 959377

Surely she would have been reported numerous times since she regularly has low potassium and she’s said her doctors are always worried about her?

No. 959383

There's a spoop on mpa from Aus who b/p 24/7 and drives and now all the American ones drive as well? Dear, dear… A car is a weapon.

No. 959424

Funky electrolytes don’t meet criteria. Loss of consciousness is normally needed (at least to my knowledge)
I don’t think her doctors are very worried about her. No one is happy that she uses the emergency room as a quick fix. She could easily be reported to the state as unable to care for herself and be held involuntary. She has issues with compulsive lying so I’d take anything she says with a grain of salt
Land of the free!!! /s

No. 959430

Doctor would need evidence she was losing consciousness or good reason to suspect she was losing consciousness and hiding it to report her to the authorities about driving, at least thats the rules in the UK.

No. 959434

They've changed it then. I know a doctor could inform the dvla if he thought your bmi was too low. There's a woman on that documentary, um… Desperately Hungry Housewives (?) whose doctor gave her yearly checks. That should happen everywhere but ghost - did she post a pic of this car?

No. 959439

Yeah not sure if they have changed it but the rule is basically if you have evidence or good reason to suspect someone is either not competent to drive or if they are someone who loses consciousness or awareness then you can report them to dvla, i'm a med student in the UK and this is what we've been taught.

No. 959469

Thank fuck she's off the road (if she wasand she didnt break a bone trying to do a Laura leg lift).

No. 959488

File: 1586984883252.jpg (972.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200416-070724_Ins…)


No. 959537

They just on mpa ?
Whats the username

No. 959563

She's not a cow. She really only posts in her accountability thread. She seems like a really nice person but all she does is b/p and doesn't want to recover. It's kodos but there's not a drop of milk.

No. 959584


she just wants to remind everybody that she purges. since when was it crucial to purging that you have your right foot ready and in perfect condition?

No. 959588

Also forgive me for my ignorance but can’t experienced purgers puke while standing?

No. 959602

lets be real, she could kneel.

No. 959612

Great job on the thread but gotta mention that there's two Alys. The italian Aly has her own thread and the other (alyfighting? idk what she's now) wanted the bird.

No. 959615

File: 1586999328645.jpg (991.13 KB, 1080x1675, 20200415_200754.jpg)

So funny when self posters complain about being posted on here. Also, just somewhat.

No. 959617

yes. and i’m sure she’s bragged about hands free purging in the past.
i don’t know if anyone remembers a poll from a while back where she claimed she’s been in like four accidents and asked if they thought she should be driving. whether she’s a danger to herself or not, she’s especially dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians and i’m glad she’ll be off the fucking road.

No. 959623

Hi this is May, I just wanna say you guys think I am fucked in the head but you guys are. I have never once self posted on here, the only time I posted on here was when I was standing up for myself and identified myself in the post. And btw bitches I will still be on the road I didn’t lose my license and I have another car.

No. 959626

Thing is, you ARE a pro ana scumbag. You constantly post about b/p, drugs, how you're so fat at a low bmi etc etc.

You go on how you eat this or that and purge it all. Check yourself because clearly you're only good at wrecking yourself. Your quality of life seems to be just as low as your potassium, Purgerella.

No. 959628

This is not what I said and if you would actually talk to me you would of known all the accidents were things like driving in over a curb or knicking a car in a parking lot. This is my first serious accident. I'm not a horrible driver.

No. 959630

You can simply choose to unfollow me if you don’t like it why do you waste your time on me. Utterly pathetic.

No. 959631


If you have another car, why did you act like you needed a new one and planned to beg for money for it?

No. 959634

No I'm not Paris -it was just the photo looked like she had put on weight .(!she blocked me years ago on IG as I kept having a go at her.

No. 959638

Since when is go fund me begging for money anyone can use it for whatever. >>959631
Because my other car is falling apart and a gas guzzling SUV

No. 959652

You’re on here because you’re pro ana scum trying to scam people for money and posting shit like disgusting body checks and asking for purging tips. We’re just here for the keks as you malinger yourself into an early grave, unless you decide to knock your victim mentality and ana chan bullshit off. We don’t give a shit one way or another, you’re just another attention whore on the internet to laugh at.

No. 959657

selfposting already we're in for treating huh

No. 959672

seriously may just stay in the hospital and get off of here. stop e begging for money for another car that you cannot afford.

No. 959689

File: 1587005871251.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200416-130402_Gal…)

I think we will be full of Georgie milk soon, she is supposedly moving to the ed unit today(subjectfag)

No. 959707

Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. I honestly don’t give a fuck about your crazy bulimia - whatever, you are a dime a dozen in that sense - but your complete lack of self awareness by setting up agofuck me campaign shows what absolute garbage you are as a human being and your total disregard for others. You have another car?!? You are a privileged spoiled brat. Are you aware that MILLIONS and millions of people have lost their jobs recently? That most of your followers probably have been financially impacted by our global current events? And most importantly, that there are REAL, legit serious causes right now that hard working people are sacrificing to donate to? Other people in your position are doing as much as they possibly can to help the less fortunate. And just to be blatantly clear I do not mean funding a replacement car for an irresponsible woman child whose entire existence is bankrolled. Check into reality of 2020 for 5 seconds and maybe you’ll understand why people are giving you so much shit for your self centered e begging to replace your fucking BMW.

No. 959735

By all means, get back on the road. But next time, kill yourself in the process, degenerate(a-log)

No. 959750

She already has a tube in and shes just reached EDP now….Let the gains begin!

No. 959782

Type the word “sage” in the email field. You newfags are obliterating this thread.

No. 959788

Okey dokey mini-modder!

No. 959790

File: 1587028858654.png (3.25 MB, 1235x2048, Screenshot_20200416-051029.png)

thank goodness she can have surgery so she can purge again! notice how that's listed before walking. shows how important these things are.

No. 959793

Is surgery even safe on someone her size? Assuming she'd be put under general anaesthetic.

And since she lurks: May, stop being such a drain on hospital resources and a danger to society. You've made it abundantly clear that you never want to get better. Good for you. It's your life you're wasting. But stop hopping in and out of hospital if you're just going to go back to endless binging and purging. There are sick people who WANT to get better who would do better in the hospital bed you take up. And for the love of god, STOP driving in your state, especially using your phone while you drive, you inconsiderate fuck. And don't beg your vulnerable followers for money you don't deserve. You already have two cars and a free coast through life. You're a selfish, spoiled woman-child, too immature to actually face up to your problems and put in the hard work to help yourself. We have all gone through shit in our lives, the difference between the rest of us and you is the fact that in spite of our struggles, we didn't turn into malingering, vapid wastes with no notible qualities except weed addiction and bulimia. Grow up, May.

Saged because of angry rambling.

No. 959794

not to be ~that person~ but honestly how privileged can she be that purging is her highest priority. the majority of people can’t afford all the drop in and out hospital visits every week, spontaneous road trips, totalling brand new cars, having an apartment without a job, like??

No. 959796

Don't know if this is completely irrelevant or if anyone else has noticed, but leg lift Laura and "Sillyscarlet" have been bouncing off each others admissions like anything. I'm predicting a headbang selfie from Laura is on it's way.

No. 959798

File: 1587031706485.jpg (319.45 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20200416_110659.jpg)

Just wanting to be each other lol

No. 959799

Hi May again, I don’t know where you guys get your info but I’m not privileged. I am literally a college student who mostly lives off of student loans and financial aid and food stamps. I don’t have to pay anything for my hospital trips because I have Medicare and Medicaid which pays 100 percent because I am so poor. And my “spontaneous” road trips cost me maybe 20 dollars or less for gas, because I drive to a towns less than 2 hours away. I couldn’t afford to total my car and it wasn’t brand new it was over 10 years old and I saved up for that car for forever….don’t be salty just cuz you don’t know how to buy a luxury car.

No. 959801

Yeah for a person with an anorexia b/p subtype purging is pretty fucking important. Do you guys even take into account I have an eating disorder. You guys have no lives. If you hate me so much, unfollow me, stop watching all my stories, stop looking at all my posts and leave me alone. Fuck it’s like you guys are obsessed with me.

No. 959803

Lmao I never set up a gofundme for a car I asked about it cuz I was curious. Also look up unemployment rates not everybody is unemployed right now. I am so sick of your guys ignorance and idiocy. Also I don’t get a free ride in life hun, I think you are taking out your own problems on me. I’d like you to live one day in my life, bet you would have a lot of fun (sarcasm obviously)

No. 959805

Size doesn't necessarily matter considering surgery is done on children and babies too, theres alternatives if they feel she is too frail for a standard general anaesthetic.

No. 959809

Most people here don't even want to talk about you.
And for the record, I unfollowed many many months ago because I couldn't stand your self-pitying attitude when you do literally nothing to help yourself. You're pathetic. You don't work for your money. There are college students your age holding down jobs AND going to school to pay their own way who also deal with illnesses and life struggles.
Youre stuck in your own bubble with no grips on the world around you. Is that your disorder or sheer selfishness? We'll never know.

No. 959814

Fuck off. Nobody here's interested in you. You're boring and you're ugly. Only you want to see you here. Nobody cares. Shoo.

No. 959815

>don’t be salty just cuz you don’t know how to buy a luxury car.

Ew tacky bitch. Buy a campervan. More versatile and your poor ass can sleep in it too.

No. 959816

Is that a trans? Why did laura make himher buy a dress two sizes too small?

No. 959817

Looks female to me, a chubby male would have different proportions.

No. 959826

"Is that a trans"? Really? "A trans"??? We're here to put shit on milky anachans who deserve it because they're shit human beings, not to be transphobic. Fuck off with that shit. If someone is milky pro-ana attention seeker let that be their metric, not their gender status. Fucks sake.(>>>tumblr)

No. 959827

Maybe read the news and pull your head out of your ass idiot, unemployment rates are Great Depression-level right now, but by all means let's fund a new car for someone who's a selfish idiot constantly on her phone while driving…

No. 959828

You must be lost. And new.

No. 959829

You're in the wrong place buddy.

No. 959830

>it’s not scummy of my spoiled ass to e-beg for pizza and money during a pandemic

I took the bait, sorry. May, I think you’re milky bc of the self-awareness you lack and how much entitlement you have, but it’s true most farmers don’t gaf about you. Stop posting stupid shit on the internet if you don’t want it to show up here

No. 959834

No one cares about your complaints. Please leave. Trannies are as cringeworthy and milky as ana-chans, too. Only worse.

No. 959867

File: 1587047981220.png (14.91 KB, 300x300, thumb_herp-derp-guy-internet-m…)

"iT's LiKe YoU GuYs aRe ObSeSsEd WiTh ME"

No. 959883

File: 1587049501309.jpeg (256.39 KB, 872x1563, 36F8D4EC-FD86-444A-A1F8-6D3D69…)

Another insight into how Nourish lives. If she can proudly post this to 12k followers on instagram you can only imagine the other weird things she does bts. Her room must stink of fish and sick mmm

No. 959890

Dude…she needs to see a neurologist. Wtf is wrong with her

No. 959897

Of all crisp flavours, she does that to prawn cocktail. That's disturbing. I wonder how often she had a sniff and how long she sniffs it for. She walks over to a tin to sniff an old bag of prawn crisps. She thought its something she wanted to do. I'm…?

No. 959900

Wow. That’s just sad. I’m sure other food-obsessed cows (Elzani jumps to mind) do they same thing re: spend their free time sniffing food, but to actually post about it like it’s a totally normal, well adjusted thing to do? I’m embarrassed for her.

No. 959904

If shes so #recoverywin why not just buy and open and eat a new packet of prawn crisps whenever she wants that smell?

No. 959905

File: 1587051293205.jpg (858.65 KB, 1440x2315, 20200416_233301.jpg)

Anyone else annoyed by her whenever she acts like eating some sugar bomb bs is soooooo hard? How is it a win if you're frowning and sUfFeRiNg the whole time?

No. 959907

not to wk, but suffering through it or not it would be a "win" because she's fighting against the ED mindset. I don't know much about the cow you posted, but generally

No. 959908

It’s not a recovery win to eat a fucking pudding. It’s a recovery win to eat a pudding and not need to post about it like it makes you the next Nelson Mandela.

No. 959922


Because then she would have to actually eat them

No. 959942

Sageing this because idk if it’s relevant any longer but here in the US, you can be told to/“advised” by a doctor to not drive due to medical reasons but it’s a long, daunting process for doctors to “legalize” that and most don’t if you already have your license. I had an ED related incident resulting in lost consciousness and legally could not drive for a grace period of 6 months, and if nothing serious happened again in that timeframe (which it didn’t), I could drive again. I never had my license taken away or the DMV informed but I was living with family who just stopped letting me drive. Had I been living alone though or not kept family up to date on my health I could legally get in the car and if I was pulled over a cop wouldn’t know shit about me not being “allowed” to be driving. Pretty negligent on the doctors part, because they really should be notifying the authorities of people with chronic health conditions like ED that result in lost consciousness/seizures/fainting/heart attack. So no, she shouldn’t be driving and if the proper authorities were notified by her doctor then she probably wouldn’t be. Sucks because innocent people are going to die this way.

No. 959945

Yeah if it's the first time someone has a loss of consciousness you get a monitoring period (think it's 12 months in the UK) where you are not allowed to drive but if you don't have any other losses of consciousness in that time period then you can drive normally again. (this is because people can just have a random loss of consciousness like a seizure but then never have it happen again}

No. 959961

It's six months after an epileptic seizure. That I do know.

No. 959980

Read back a couple of threads where we decided not to talk about her. Thread #34 near the start.

No. 960005

File: 1587065992889.png (715.77 KB, 710x1063, Screenshot_20200416-203834~2.p…)

Not one word of truth written. Except the birthday for extra attention.

No. 960011

Has anyone else noticed that Elzani hasn’t been posting 162962939 pictures of her meals since we have talked about it here?

No. 960015

I've noticed her portion size is decreasing. Considerably.

No. 960030

File: 1587066595905.png (902.58 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_20200416-204645~2.p…)

I mean, why even fucking bother with the broccoli. Pitiful. Not a recovery size meal.

No. 960041

isn't she weight restored? Don't portion sizes go back to normal after weight restoration? I don't think she was eating everything she posted anyway. This seems more honest

No. 960047

Kek. Come off it Laura, you're the definition of "revolving door patient gaming the system" – you know how it works, they don't put people on a section 3 for shits and gigs.
Her life is so sad. Imagine wanting to spend half a year pretending not to eat, picking acne scabs in front of a crappy plastic mirror and prancing around starbucks when the ward starts getting too dull. I feel for the staff.

No. 960056

She definitely won't be going to Starbucks or the theatre or anywhere else!

No. 960066

How convenient.. the same dress Scarlett posted the other day, which Laura apparently made her buy. Nice little comparison for your pal there Laura. Don't forget to pop out those collar bones

No. 960094

File: 1587072167960.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.83 KB, 750x1334, 8389BA86-6327-4BD2-A52A-7B8F32…)

Usually don’t give two fucks about posting Paris but what exactly is different for her whilst coronavirus is going on? It’s not like she went out anywhere productive and worthwhile, maybe the Sainsbury’s cafe and McDonalds closure has made her unable to carry out all her rituals?

No. 960096

I don't follow this girl at all so forgive me, but I'm curious, was she ever underweight, or is she a complete wannarexic?

No. 960098

Christ, still posting the suicidal shit after all these years. She thinks everything's going back to normal in 3 weeks? Mate, we're only just going to be anywhere near normal for 18 months.

Thats it with this lot. They don't think anyone else is feeling wonk.

No. 960099

she always posts about how everything is miserable and unbearable and she wants to die, why would this be an exception

No. 960100

Never thin. Total wanna.

No. 960101

Lmao at how she’s holding her phone to take this delicious “sooper sad” “”Candid”” selfie. Can’t you just picture her lining herself up in the frame, practicing her forlorn face-in-palm pose? It’s too much.

No. 960104

>Can't handle this life

Lol. All she has the do is stay in bed. Such a hard life.

No. 960115

Traps are a disgrace against humanity.

No. 960131

Yeah that’s true. I know weight restoration is different for everyone but she appears to be a little on the taller side and she’s still really small to me so I wonder

No. 960140

why is the cat's head censored?

No. 960158

Protect it’s privacy of course!

No. 960167

No. 960188

It's probably got rashes and bald spots and scabs from not being taken care of decently

No. 960207

It's nice she doesn't dress her up like a twat for it's own ig account.

No. 960210

She's a mess but her cats are in good condition. I think they're the only thing she cares about apart from wallowing in her self.

No. 960233

Nimbus weeps with jealousy

No. 960403

No updates for 8 hours? Is the milk running dry?

No. 960412

File: 1587111208834.png (404.72 KB, 720x833, Screenshot_20200417-075250~3.p…)

They're all checked themselves in hospital and the rest are being extra boring.

I'll stick this img here though. It popped up on a hashtag search. No details about this one, but the name says it all probably. She's in hospital taking pics of fortimel, her tube and bones. Here we see her in competition with Laura.

No, it isnt a self post.

No. 960417

does anyone know what happened to illicit.illusions on instagram? I can't find her account anymore, she used to follow weetabixloz (lauren) when that account was active

No. 960418

What happened to weetabixloz? I heard she was in the hospital and now has a private account, any updates?

No. 960431

there is a spoop I wanna post but idk if theres milk

No. 960434

She's been discussed before and found not to have milk

No. 960441

File: 1587119465662.png (2.5 MB, 1440x2327, Screenshot_20200417-062740~2.p…)

someone call gordon ramsay because it's raw and completely lacks seasoning

No. 960446

File: 1587120556145.png (58.67 KB, 179x263, yummie.png)

Is hair not a seasoning?

No. 960451

File: 1587121552079.jpeg (86.33 KB, 570x488, 3C9F0098-E308-4289-8DAB-CF10E8…)

No Anon, hair is not a seasoning.

No. 960455

I know this one actually. Totally a pro ana scumbag. Her name is Amie. Been a revolving door patient in Sweden biggest ed unit for a long time (she's actually sick though). Posts body checks all the time, when she's a healthy weight she still posts lots of spoop pics. Tube pics and NDs is a big part of her feed. Not much milk though, but as I said, a pro ana scumbag nonetheless

No. 960471

i would not even feed this to my enemies. all that food hoarded up in her bedroom and not a single spice

No. 960522

File: 1587137795220.jpeg (240.54 KB, 900x1547, 646E6D7B-F1AA-4BA0-AD80-5B93DC…)

Her ED must have given her brain damage. This is fucking weird behaviour.

No. 960546

Probably just ran out of room under her bed for all her BP goodies. Has anyone suggested that a more appropriate storage space for food might be, I dunno, the kitchen?

No. 960578


I don't know who I find more annoying - Paris or elzani

No. 960582

They’re both excruciatingly annoying but in different ways

No. 960650

Paris is the same as many bpd anas. Eg Becky. All they do us whine and say they wish they were dead. Elzani's more annoying to me because she's the mood opposite. Her ignorant happiness about everything being amazing because food is too much. Paris at least has a better style, whereas Elzani wears the same t shirt all the damn time. Plus she makes videos so more difficult to avoid.

Both are like the sound of nails dragging down a chalkboard though

No. 960658

Her wearing the same t-shirt is less annoying than her insistence on wearing the same leggings. My guess is that she realizes her legs are the only part of her that still looks moderately spoopy (gotta love that weight redistribution) so she’s doing her best to show them off because she thrives on being told how sick she is.

No. 960681

File: 1587156811080.png (Spoiler Image, 573.33 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_20200417-215132~2.p…)

It's okay, she's fine.

Imagine searching #spring and this pops up.

No. 960701

Posts spoop pics, has the nerve to tell people to leave her alone because she’s fine. Lovely girl kek. She and the Lich Queen would make quite the pair. They could compete for who is the closest to becoming a bag of beef jerky.

No. 960727

File: 1587159845669.png (42.55 KB, 488x445, dense.PNG)

Why are bleeding hearts so dumb?
I'm sure a few "hurtful words" are preferable to the alternative

No. 960732

I'm reading the translations. She really does love the attention and her logic is if you don't like what you see then leave. It ain't that simple.

Her status as the new Ash is confirmed:

>How are you still alive? God is very powerful, really.

No. 960796

Doubt she even feeds raw. Big doubt about that "good condition" lol

No. 960800

File: 1587165523350.jpg (704.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200418-001807_Ins…)

Check the reflection in the mirror…

No. 960810

Does she only own one shirt? I feel like she is wearing the same tank in every story post?

No. 960822

i believe its a "binge/purge" uniform of sorts, a piece of clothing that she knows is good for purging in (low neck/thin shoulder straps mean the spew-splashback is easier to wipe off skin than it is clothes).

also if she is a chronic weigher (to measure how much of her B/P she kept down) it could be that she knows how much that that top&knicker combo weigh so that she can adjust the scale's number accordingly.

…oh and dont even get me started on her anti-spew proof top bun hair!!

SOURCE: i'm a raving bulemic myself

No. 960829

File: 1587168936210.png (949.65 KB, 750x1334, 780BD440-5572-4F0F-AECB-3C77C6…)

Akashic Daughter made a story saying she’s been clean from opiates for 6 months the other day but this photo is from the day before posting a video story (can’t screen record) saying she “unintentionally overdosed” while she should’ve been schooling her daughter

No. 960832

cows with children always make me a little sad - is she the sole caretaker?

No. 960841

Cheers mate, puking is for the workin bitch. Anna and ana larping is for bitches who ain't got shit to do. Sage for dumb shit.

No. 960871

Oh look a trash can!

No. 960940

File: 1587182455172.png (190.86 KB, 325x572, Screenshot_20200418-045816.png)

It's hard being spoopy.

No. 960975

that size 20 jumper is just falling off her!careful georgie you're fading away

No. 961004

So what are the bets now Porgie has mo ed to her precious ward.
Mine is, Another 4 weeks in on edp, maybe with a side of ect or tms

No. 961008

She posted that pic on stories of the room she moved to and said she'd settled in. Now she'll never leave. No ensure bottle yet.

No. 961009

It’s so hard for her, having to pretend like she doesn’t shovel food down her gullet constantly when she’s not pretending to be a delicate ana snowflake. She must be so hungry only getting a fraction of her normal calories kek. Does she actually think people believe she has an eating other than BED? The fake ana chan posts are hilarious af though. We know you eat, Porgie, we all see your selfies. You’re not a wait, you’re closer to whale.

No. 961054


That heifer has some serious issues, but anorexia nervosa is not one of them.

No. 961070

File: 1587198236815.jpg (154.78 KB, 750x1333, 93947540_890198074784157_30305…)

Seriously what does she expect? The nurse to hold her hand?
It's not their job to cater to obese wannarexics

No. 961075

"Really distressed rn" but looks dead-eyed as always.

No. 961082

I’ve never understood this complaint but I think it speaks volumes to the amount of care and support these girls think they deserve for doing everyday things
It could be a cultural difference because I’m in the us and I see a lot of uk/Australia cows complaining about ~lack of support~

No. 961119

File: 1587202096845.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1787, Screenshot_20200418-193324_Ins…)

Oh yes, eating is just soo hard for you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 961127

Nice that she bought a shirt she can grow into

No. 961169

>sits right next to nurse that’s there to support her
>feels ‘really distressed’ and is ‘not okay’
> this is so awkward idk what to do omg

Gee, yeah, I wonder how one would get the attention or help of a person a few inches away from them. Phew, really, wouldn’t know how to solve this issue. I mean, it’s not like you could just talk to her and ask for support. I totally feel you on that, Porky. Such a lack of support! It’s atrocious, how negligent they are…

No. 961173

they didn't offer a KFC family box hence why she finds the meal plan hard

No. 961174

File: 1587217148905.jpg (195.53 KB, 1080x2013, IMG_20200418_233910.jpg)

Holy edema batman

No. 961175


damn, she be looking chonky af

No. 961176

File: 1587217652222.jpg (384.35 KB, 1080x1745, IMG_20200418_234616.jpg)

Earth and em disclosing that her autism diagnosis was from when a psych talked to her parents, sure that's totally legit. No idea how autism is now some coveted diagnosis… Katbeatsanorexia thinks its something to boast about too. Too bad most people find autistic people insufferable.

No. 961178

Damn girl, that’s some hardcore bulimic-given-glucose-and-fluids level facial edema. I’m guessing that’s what her face would look like if she was a normal weight and tbh, she cute. Shame about that personality though.

No. 961180

She shares custody with the dad… whom she’s still in love with. Lol poor guy. However she also lives with her parents so I’m sure they take care of her child more than she does.

No. 961185

kek. I bet she has that jumper in bigger sizes on hand ready for when she needs to take spoopy selfies after she gains.

No. 961211

Brags about how she's an amazing public speaker one minute, claims she's too socially anxious to ask for a spoon/ask for support the next. She gets no part of her stories right.

No. 961218

Well, at least it's a proper meal, with protein, carbs and veggies. Looks good, I'd eat that for lunch.

No. 961223

I don’t think she understands that post meal support is just a staff member or two sitting in a room with the patients to make sure they don’t run off to purge or start exercising. It is like that in every eating disorder facility. If she was as distressed as she says she was, she could have asked to talk to someone for actual support.

No. 961226

"Proper meal" obviously leaves her feeling hungry af so she spends the rest of the da having a binge on home made Brownies and other crap, but okay then.

No. 961231

Imo it's also important not to make everything surrounding meals a huge deal with loads of support and encouragement, it should be relatively normal.

Otherwise you end up with Elzani asking her Mum and sisters 200 times a meal how she's doing and isn't she doing great and wow look how diviiiiiine

No. 961235

Her you go, put this on your phone. Now you don't need to bother anyone or subject your followers to pathetic stories.

My bill is in the post.

No. 961252

Those are not just any leggings - they are gym shark…. No doubt Paris is moaning about how she can't get hold of her asparagus or strawberries.

No. 961256

That's a reasonable portion size, bud. Maybe not for elzani, it might leave her feeling hungry enough to binge, BUT it's a good-sized meal for many people

No. 961257

File: 1587233986058.png (619.41 KB, 720x993, Screenshot_20200418-191703~2.p…)

It's general an hero pondering from Paris and a back shot.

No. 961258

Omg stfu about Elzani's shitty food and sage, newfag.

No. 961270

This thread is full of wannarexics and anachans because the bone rattling and vendetta posts are so obvious.

May has more right being posted than Laura considering she's a spoop and actively posts about purging.

Laura's a malingering weirdo of average weight who belongs in a munchie thread. All she posts about is being sectioned and self harm why is she still in this thread?

Even posts about Elzani are getting weirder and weirder. Why are some anons making fun of her for looking like she's gained weight? Are you trying to push her into a relapse for more milk?

No. 961275

I was responding to someone else also talking about Elzani's food portions. I'm not a newfag, wasn't sure if I needed to sage because I was still talking about Elzani, a subject of the thread. Mistakes happen. Get your panties out of a bunch

No. 961277

I saw that sneaky delete. At least you’ve learnt how to sage. You must be somewhat new if you’ve only just figured it out.

No. 961279

Yeah but may is fucking annoying and thrives off the attention she gets here. Not to mention she is a notorious self-poster.

No. 961283

The point of Elzani (apparently) is to show what recovery is like. If she's back to eating normal sized portion's then she's no longer relevant. It might as well be some other random holding up their porridge and rice.

She never dealt with the psychological side of her disorder in pics or videos, so she's not even showing what she's eating to weight restore anymore.

Her skimmed milk is that she's a useless 20something who was once spoopy and she's fucking weird.

No. 961284

At least Katbeatsanorexia actually has autism and has had a proper assessment. People don’t believe her though so she keeps arguing with them. It’s different in everybody so maybe earthandem has it but she still needs a proper assessment. It’s strange that it’s written in her care plan that she has autism but she hasn’t had an assessment. Or maybe she’s like Porgie and it’s suspected autism.

No. 961292

this is gonna be the last time I respond to you. The first comment you responded to was on topic. I'm not a new fag. I've interacted off-and-on for years. I didn't think I needed to sage the first reply, saging is debatable. I knew how to sage, I just forgot to do it in my last response.
Those panties are REALLY stuck, huh?

No. 961297

Actually it wasn’t me you were arguing with. I just said I saw you delete your unsaged post. Chill, anon.

No. 961334

File: 1587245187905.jpeg (775.45 KB, 828x1466, 6471E7C7-0E08-44AF-9D95-0DAD25…)

Can anyone identify this Elzani combination for me? Is that…jam? And egg? On a white bagel? Is it tomato? What am I looking at?!

No. 961336

Looks like tomato sauce. A bagel's a shit thing to put a fried egg on. It won't hold the yolk.

No. 961347

Askashic_daughter changed her user to introvert_excavator. She’s also going to start charging money for tarot readings lol she begs Instagram for money, cashes out her retirement early, and then spends it all on SEPHORA while not having any money to pay her child support. Bet she’s going to see this and whine about how it isn’t our business what she buys. Fair, but then don’t ask your Instagram followers for money!

No. 961350

Whatever it is, it’s not enough to be a meal, despite what Elanzi tries to claim. That being said, it looks like ketchup. Who the fuck puts ketchup on a bagel?? That’s at least a red flag for disordered behavior (ketchup has few calories, much less than most normal bagel spreads).

No. 961351

It’s not that small a portion for someone not trying to gain weight imo. It’s just a weird, gross looking combo. But then again this is the same ~*~recovery warrior~*~ who mixes rice with Nutella and hummus (not both at the same time though…yet.)

No. 961353

This is an image board.

No. 961354

She's English,from Devon. Giving her a bagel is like giving a monkey a Rubik's cube. The family may have middle class pretentions, but she's clueless about how food works.

No. 961364

Nah, she totally has BPD. Maybe not BPD instead of autism, but at the very least she has both autism and BPD. It's so, so obvious.

No. 961365

I find it fascinating how utterly un food cultured British people are if they’re not from London. Not that I have much pride for being an Amerifag but fuck at least we have some goddamn culinary diversity.

No. 961366

is there even a current munchie thread? thought it moved to reddit for some reason

No. 961376

Major cities have restaurants and cafes of cultural diversity. I think that reflects the history of immigration, but in little Britain areas there aren't large communities of whatever generation immigrants. No indian, Caribbean, Polish etc grocers.

That's not really an excuse for being so ignorant about world cuisine though because tv is saturated with food programmes.

I like to think I'd know what to do with a bagel if I didn't live in a major city because it's in magazines and on the internet. Even if someone doesn't gaf about cooking, it's so popular you can't not pick up on it. That's the irony with her - obsessed with food but mustn't take any notice of it except what Mumzani cooks.

No. 961389

Katbeatsanorexia and earthandem are both extremely institutionalised. The UK really needs to crackdown on these long IP malingerers.

No. 961393

File: 1587253439002.jpg (825.68 KB, 1080x2160, quicksquarenew_202041904342280…)

No. 961400

She got 99 mental problems but ana aint one

No. 961405

Oh she definitely has BPD, she’s on a long stay personality disorder unit.

Kat isn’t in hospital atm. But there are a good few in the insta community that have spent years in hospital and see no problem with it.
It’s far too easy to keep someone on a section for longer than necessary. In cases like their’s, all they need is the possibility of future self harm/suicidal behaviour to keep them detained.

No. 961412

File: 1587256157786.jpg (182.98 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200419_012924_982.jpg)

I got this before she deleted it, she caused the accident

No. 961413

Also same poster that's not me commenting lmao

No. 961415

Why do you think Kat keeps lying/denying that she has BPD?

No. 961416

File: 1587256721979.jpeg (314.36 KB, 750x1170, A7B57401-B208-4D7E-B35B-36E7E3…)

>google maps told me to go that way

Jesus Christ, does she actually think people are going to believe her?

No. 961421

Her insurance company certainly won't buy that bs.

>The car hit her

No, mate. YOU hit the car. Stpid fuck.

No. 961422

Honestly, I don’t think she has BPD. She’s definitely got autism. She says whoever assessed her ruled out any personality disorder and if she’s willing to defend herself to the extent she does, I believe her. I have no expertise in diagnosing people so I’ll leave it to the professionals.

No. 961423

She didn’t have insurance on her car as she’d only had it a couple of days (didn’t screenshot it at the time)

No. 961424

Holy fuck so SHE caused the accident and still had the audacity to toy with the idea of her followers GoFuckMe funding her a new car? Entitled bitch.

No. 961426

No insurance? Thats…illegal.

No. 961427

Idk about this cow but it would have been pretty funny if she died

No. 961429

How do we know she was actually assessed, though? And she may be denying it to the extend she does because she's either deeply in denial, or doesn't want to stop being taken seriously. She seems extremely manipulative.

No. 961430

Funnier that she asked people on mpa to start a memorial thread when she dies. She was SERIOUS.

No. 961431

So is driving under the influence of drugs but that’s not going to stop her

No. 961432

She’s posted parts of her autism report before. Ya know there are overlapping traits of bpd and autism right?

No. 961436

Unless she was tested for DUI she could get away with it. Having a crash without insurance is obvious when they ask for her papers.

No. 961437

File: 1587260026938.jpeg (802.18 KB, 3264x2611, 5BA3A68C-F872-4D6A-9AE1-FBAF4E…)

Definitely at fault. She said in her other post that she’ll probably lose her license for a year.

No. 961438

She was driving drunk or stoned a few nights or so before her accident. She was just out of the hospital when she crashed.

No. 961439

What I'm saying is I think she deceived them. Maybe she does have both, but used the autism to her advantage to deceive them. Like, when they asked WHY she does certain things or reacts in certain ways, she could shift the blame to her autism. She probably posts/lurks here.

No. 961442

She may have not seriously injured the other driver but she still injured them, she doesn't seem sorry at all and I hope the person she hit presses charges

No. 961443

Potentially yeah, she could have deceived them but she would have to be amazing at lying.

No. 961445

All those people had to be called out during c16 for one stupid asshole. Nice work.

No. 961446

C19. Upside 6.

No. 961447

File: 1587261177682.jpeg (143.89 KB, 750x476, CDEB7C31-A20C-4BB5-AC08-F8D7F0…)

No charges. Being hit by an uninsured driver would suck though. Why isn’t she being charged with reckless or dangerous driving or something of that sort?

No. 961452

File: 1587261536657.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 75FCB8C4-37E4-4E95-B6A3-E4AC85…)

>their car was fine

It sure doesn’t look fine…

No. 961460

But she was sooooooooooooo tired! Which is also a form of impaired driving.

No. 961464

Would love to see her come and try to defend herself this time. Dumb fuck.

No. 961469

But that wouldn't be fair! Why should she have to suffer the consequences of her actions? /s

No. 961487

she got pissed in her comments when someone asked if she was intoxicated. like it’s completely reaching to ask that. i’m so pissed at this and how her main worry is when she’s gonna purge. someone revoke her fucking license inevitably. her refusal to get help like a goddamn child could’ve cost someone their LIFE. what a shitshow.

No. 961524

Sooo tired. No addiction to painkillers to see here! What a selfish cunt. Caused a serious accident and still refuses to take responsibility because “the other people were fine! I’m the one who’s hurt!”

No. 961560

File: 1587277623568.jpg (653.38 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20200419-161936_Ins…)

Ooh yes shay that totally weird pose fools our minds that you actually look thin naturally eyeroll

No. 961562

File: 1587277869896.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 8AAA2371-B289-400D-AEFD-C975C7…)

Latest update is that shay has decided she’s shaving her hair AND eyebrows, supposedly for friends. But we all know she secretly wants the attention it will bring, imagine the sympathy she could lap up walking around with no hair or eyebrows and a nose hoose? In MOST cases shaving your hair off for a good cause is a really cool thing to do but it’s so clear her motive isn’t actually to raise awareness and funds

No. 961567

Is she back in hospital?

No. 961570

It’s cancer cosplay.

No. 961575

She is on a medical unit for her bowel problems she is always on about. Said she possibly had corona virus but tested negative, yet for some reason is still on that unit. Is still banging on about not eating and her slow feed rate and how she is compromised

No. 961582

File: 1587282023501.jpg (948.31 KB, 1080x2033, 20200419_174320.jpg)

Georgie is sooking about her feeds yet again

No. 961586

Cant be too compromised if she is out of bed, no monitoring and no nurse special etc.

No. 961590

1000 unneeded calories

No. 961595

Don't see how she got tested when there aren't even test kits available for nhs staff.

Yeah Georgia whatever. So what?

No. 961598

File: 1587285401168.jpeg (343.47 KB, 1280x1280, B0D6D897-1BB3-4E97-BC4C-BFBBB2…)

This person was mentioned earlier in the thread. She's been a revolving door patient for a while and has had multiple milky accounts. She just started a new one, so let's see how this goes. Haven't seen her in about six months and I thought she might be back in hospital. But when I saw her last story (last pic) she looks considerably less spoopy. Might just be reposting old pics to brag about how spoopy she used to be

No. 961601

Australia has the highest testing rate. Theres certain criteria to meet which has been broadened so im assuming she has SOME form of symptoms other than her usual bowel issues

No. 961636

i hope ghost of me fuckin dies so i don’t have to read about her BS anymore. i’m happy she crashed(a-log)

No. 961637

no it’s not, if it’s an epileptic fit you can’t drive full stop. a seizure is a year and multiple occurrences makes it 2-5 years

No. 961642

That's really gross that you begged for money despite having enough money to own a BMW and apparently have a new car anyways. If you got money I hope you've returned it already.

No. 961644

Implying this thread isn't full of other anorexics lmao gurl you're not unique(samefag)

No. 961661

File: 1587304974200.jpg (278.58 KB, 1079x1942, IMG_20200420_000211.jpg)

Steffirr has a blood sugar of 1.6 yet can follow it up with a talking story post sounding and looking fine

No. 961663

File: 1587305125304.jpg (195.4 KB, 1080x1677, IMG_20200420_000435.jpg)

You can tell she loves it

No. 961664

File: 1587305149927.jpg (188.77 KB, 1080x1746, IMG_20200420_000517.jpg)

No. 961681

Who? Has this one been mentioned with a different account?

No. 961683

Out of curiosity, what would some cultured things to put on a bagel? The only things I’d ever seen are cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, or avocado spread and those don’t really seem cultured to me. Maybe the avo spread

No. 961687

File: 1587309693016.png (312.47 KB, 738x668, Screenshot_20200419-161915.png)

No. 961688

File: 1587309985016.jpeg (636.97 KB, 1083x926, BBCB0E5C-1EB0-4C17-A65B-E346DB…)

And with everything that’s happened to her Ghost still can’t think about anything but purging. I’m soooo traumatized oh but I figured out how to make myself vomit.

No. 961690

>I need love and support
>the worst pain of my life
>b/p is all I have left
>… community… supposed to be supporting each other

Go fuck yrself. It's a ~community~ of people with EDs, not of immature, mooching, useless, narcissistic pricks like yourself. Choke on your fat greasy burger.

No. 961691

Lox and cream cheese /thread.

I don’t think the point is that fancy things need to go on bagels, but there are certain foods that just taste better and “go” with bagels, pretty much any of the combos listed by the anon above me who posted a menu of bagels. Things you would find at a deli / bagel shop. Weird ketchup jam and a runny egg just doesn’t mix with bagel in terms of taste or texture (unless you’re anorexic and everything tastes DIVIIIIINE).

No. 961692

And people are supporting her in the comments. Idk how they can. Don’t they all claim to wanna get better yet they’re supporting her saying how she figured out how to purge. Disgusting.

No. 961717

The key take away here is that bagels are not toast. They are a different species and they are suited to different combinations. You can google a NYC bagel shop menu and enlighten yourself to the world of bagels. Obviously the most classic combo is cream cheese and lox (smoked salmon), if your fancy/a traditionalist with onion and capers and maybe dill. But there are many other appropriate bagel toppings. Eggs, cheese and bacon on a bagel? Yes (though better on a roll). A fried egg on a bagel? No. It is absolute lunacy. It has a hole in the middle!!! Point is, it is the lack of knowledge on how bagels work that is fundamentally uncultured. Never in my life have I seen someone put ketchup on a bagel. For an analogy I think you will understand, this would be comparable to putting ketchup on a naan bread. /endrant

No. 961722

File: 1587317863869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 887.16 KB, 876x1616, E142D78E-A04E-4332-9C29-364ACC…)

At least she was wearing a tank in that story. She’s going fully nude now whilst eating a probably undercooked chicken drumstick

No. 961723

I have long struggled to grasp how the UK voted for Brexit because I have only ever visited major UK cities (London, Dublin and Glasgow), which although apart from London, do not seem super diverse they at least had influences of other cultures. Seeing someone like Elzani and the complete monoculture that she lives in really has helped me understand how white and sheltered from other cultures and ethnicities the majority of the UK must be.

No. 961724

Has anyone else noticed that she seems to always eat standing up?

No. 961725

Dublin isn't in the UK, but please, tell us about how cultured you are.

No. 961737

>lists uk cities
>includes dublin
>"hur they're so sheltered from other cultures and ethnicities"
anon you are an absolute muppet

No. 961742

London isn't an English city any more, and implying London is "cultured" is hilarious. FGM, Acid Attack, and Knife Crime capital of the UK. Diversity is our strength!

No. 961743

File: 1587321025861.jpg (211.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200419-192858_Ins…)

No. 961744

she’s sheltered about food because she’s had an eating disorder for most of her adult life. It would make little difference if she lived in birmingham instead of devon, she’d do weird shit about food because she’s mentally ill. A bagel isn't even the height of culture in the first place

No. 961745

>implying not being a multicultural hellhole like London is a bad thing

No. 961748

"This problem has just gotten real because it affects ME now. Nevermind the havoc it's been causing in the world."

No. 961767

Watching Elzani's video so you don't have to. Here are a few notes

1) half of this video is just sister arguments over petty things. noticeably at 10:41, 10:51,

2) at 11:11 alisha's (alicia? i dont know the spelling) boyfriend facetimes and elzani tells her to pick up to tell him theyre making yorkshire puddings.. she's so obsessed with food and she thinks everybody else is, pretty sad.

3) 12:56, elzani sticks her camera in her sisters face and she tells her off. lol.

4) to those supporting the "elzani is still restricting theory", there are a few clips where she breaks open chocolate eggs or films food and talks about how good it is but doesnt actually eat it, she normally time lapses her eating or shows her eating at least a bite so we can see her reaction but she didnt do that this time. examples: 36:51, 9:42

she also goes on about how much chocolate she's eating but if you look she only eats one tiny box of mini eggs, she just films herself eating every single one throughout the day so it looks like loads.

meals look a little smaller, less snacking than usual. she didnt film herself eating as much, mostly just cooking.

5) she mouths "i love my life" at 22:07, and i hate to be a mood killer but atm her life is just food obsession and if she loves it then i doubt we'll ever see a workzani or schoolzani appearance

6) 30:55 i have no idea what that cut was or what that angle was

No. 961775

File: 1587323947670.jpg (365.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200419-201904_Ins…)

No. 961792

Selfish bitch. People aren't getting ops that aren't an emergency, cancer treatments aren't getting done and on and on. If the spoop's bloods are okay, it's.not.urgent. The NHS aren't doing it for a fucking laugh. I hope she gets some stick for posting that.

No. 961793

Ofc, she doesn't have a job to lose or a family to support. She has a damn eating disorder. Wow.

No. 961796

Honestly, all of these “ana warriors” are showing their true colours with their complaints about being sent home from treatment because they’re medically stable. It’s sad that the hospitals entertain them larping their eating disorders at the best of times, they sure as fuck shouldn’t be expected to make space for healthy patients on MEDICAL units just because discharging them hurts their feefees.

No. 961801

Surely if your BMI is 12 you're in danger even if your bloods suggest that you're fine, or no?

No. 961804

Kek if someone actually needs medical treatment, they’ll get it. It’s just a lot safer for people who can survive outside a hospital to not be in a hospital right now. Plus it frees up medical professionals to take care of acutely ill people. But anyone who truly needs medical care now is not being denied it, despite Emma’s ana chan/munchie ree-ing. She’s just upset that she’s not the sickest snowflake anymore, and that the world, gasp!, doesn’t revolve around her.

No. 961805

It's an embarrassment for everyone with an ed when they start sperging about not being able to get Heinz beans or blueberry yogurt. P sure this situation's fucked up a lot of outpatient therapy, availability of particular foods etc but these people don't make a deal of it because they're just relieved nobody in their family died of the 'rona. Warriors, jfc.

No. 961807

They're fine. They're not dying. People on ventilators are.

No. 961808

File: 1587326476690.jpeg (202.69 KB, 828x1304, 5C3A108C-39AB-4FEF-AB2C-1F89A2…)

Found an American Georgie. What’s up with all these obese chicks claiming “severe anorexia”?

No. 961810

There's a chance they're more in danger in a hospital, they'll have shit immune systems at that weight and should really be isolated.

Tbh it's a shit situation and I don't think there's an easy solution. Will probably be different depending on the unit and the patient whether they're safer at home or admitted.

No. 961815

File: 1587326851195.png (674.56 KB, 691x945, Screenshot_20200419-210618~2.p…)

Wow, shes a nurse as well. And a pisshead.

No. 961818

They’re in more danger being in hospital unless they are medically unstable to the point of needing near-constant care. However, hospitals are doing a lot to separate Covid and non-Covid patients. Ex. Many hospitals have Covid patients all on one or two floors, and other patients on different floors with empty floors and/or units between. Still a risk, but comparable to being out in public (plus hospital employees are masked/gowned/etc). All the medically-stable but playing sick ana chan patients like these ones who are whining should be sent home so the focus can be on the patients who are actually at risk of dying (looking at you, Laura, Lee, and Georgia). It’s not the time for all the self absorbed wannarexics to be wasting beds.

No. 961822

I agree that SHE doesn't need medical treatment, but I disagree with the statement that " if someone actually needs medical treatment, they’ll get it". It's true in theory, but not in practice. Unfortunately the NHS cannot afford to help everybody who needs medical treatment because of underfunding, and even if you are helped, it's less likely now that you'll get sufficient care to due underfunding and staff shortages. People are often denied help or receive substandard care, but these bitches, I agree, should be discharged and sent home. I'm referring to mental health and non-emergency physical problems btw. I know they try to help as many critically ill people as possible, but even then they have to ration care.

No. 961827

File: 1587328037218.png (4.58 MB, 750x1334, B1BCFE5C-8225-460B-9BDE-3D3778…)

Muh anorexia, eating all those dainty 0kcal and far free snacks before dinner.

No. 961830

File: 1587328410534.png (520.08 KB, 716x929, Screenshot_20200419-213251~2.p…)

…one donut at a time.

No. 961832

File: 1587328599779.png (104.43 KB, 720x665, Screenshot_20200419-213549~2.p…)

She is grace, she is beauty, she has two accounts.

No. 961838

The issue with Emma though is she refuses (and her family) to go to so many units. And massively uses her Dad being a hospital manager to make hospital life cosy.

There are NHS ED beds in London that have NG that have no CQC issues.
There are 15 available Priory (private) adult EDU beds in the UK. Some of these would not accept Emma. Some of these have CQC concerns.
The national criteria for admission isn't a BMI below 12. Currently NHS wards are focused on stabilisation not full recovery because of the situation with covid-19.

Emma is also obsessed with 'knowing' people who have died.

No. 961841

The Priory takes NHS.

No. 961845

File: 1587330072164.jpg (480.77 KB, 1080x1580, 20200419_160033.jpg)

Things that didn't happen: a blog from risingupnew

No. 961846

File: 1587330109717.jpg (495.74 KB, 1080x1821, 20200419_155943.jpg)


No. 961847

christ she even has the same dead eyed stare as old georgie - is she actually claiming ana or complex b/p bulimia subtype 43 like porgie does

No. 961848

File: 1587330360044.png (549.11 KB, 711x1042, Screenshot_20200419-215522~2.p…)

Happy diabetes, Child of the One True King! These things are truly sent to test us. Ava Satanas!

No. 961850

Kek pointing out to an obese person that they are obese is not trauma. The fucking HAES victim mentality needs to go away. If she actually had heart problems, it’s much more likely the probable layer of fat surrounding her heart was to blame. But cry moar about being traumatized.

No. 961851

File: 1587330512522.png (179.84 KB, 720x1017, Screenshot_20200419-211022~2.p…)

>also have multiple chronic illnesses

No. 961854

Of course she has chronic illness /s. Let me guess: Diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, unspecified joint pain that can’t possibly be related to her weight? Or she’s just counting her mental illnesses as chronic illness, which aren’t the same despite what all the mental illness chans claim. Anything for more asspats.

No. 961861

All I'm seeing is anorexia and alcoholism.

No. 961871

File: 1587331397273.png (173.27 KB, 704x1140, Screenshot_20200419-222244~2.p…)

Oh and severe IBS

No. 961872

File: 1587331409971.png (226.88 KB, 623x771, Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 4.23.…)


No. 961875

File: 1587331543681.png (226.35 KB, 618x732, Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 4.23.…)

No. 961877

File: 1587331598308.jpg (101.22 KB, 960x960, spoopy.jpg)

3/3. She's 25.

No. 961878

Not just IBs but “some of the most severe IBS-D my GI doctor has ever seen.” First off, why would you share that publicly? And secondly, GI doctors see people with intestines so bad they have to be removed in favor of shitting in a bag. Pretty sure IBS is pretty low on the “severe things GI doctors have seen” list.

No. 961888

I don't get the thing where someone fat loses weight and they make them obese IP. WHY? I mean, no offence, but now she's huge.

No. 961891

I wonder why she has switched to the other channel? Thought it was only going to be about family vlogs rather than food obsession.

No. 961896

What is the typical criteria to be admitted, anyway? My psychiatrist has been implying that if my BMI goes below 15 I may be sectioned, but he's clearly full of shit. I feel deceived, lmao.

No. 961897

Fully aware, very few people actually self-fund. However some of the Priory's that have beds available don't tube feed and some don't take people with medical complications. So I was trying to be open about the fact that of those 15 beds currently available in Priory's across the UK, not all patients in need of a bed could be admitted to them.
However, there are medical beds and there are tube feeding EDU beds currently available in the UK.

No. 961898

>Some of these would not accept Emma.

Why's that?

No. 961900


She’s made complaints and allegations about staff. Don’t have any further details though.

No. 961901

HAES/Fat Postivie activists have taken over the recovery community on Instagram. Apparently all EDs are rooted in "fatphobia" and being scared to get fat is "fatphobic" and you need to embrace HAES to tRueLy recovery!

No. 961903

At least you can laugh about it.

No. 961908

Not sure what you mean? I used "lmao" because I'm annoyed he's appeared to deceive me since I've been trying hard to keep it over 15 despite not wanting to. I don't actually find this amusing.

No. 961909

File: 1587333601260.jpg (651.02 KB, 1073x1339, Screenshot_20200419-235616_Ins…)

D.parxom before ana… She was such a beautiful girl, I can't believe she ended up like this and is now glamourizing her deadly skinny body

No. 961910


Oh stfu this isn't a thread about you, nobody cares.

No. 961913

Are you autistic by any chance?

No. 961919

Obvious newfag didn't read rules. No bmi specifics, no blogpost and sage. Nobody else cares about your ED.

No. 961921

I've looked through her past pics and feel the same. She lost so quickly too. Idk what she wants, but it feels like she really wants to die and thinks her skele posts are art. It's really sad.

No. 961928

Some units are not set up for people who have risks like suicide/ absconding. Also not all units have multiple locked doors.
Emma frequently has needed restraint, IM, 1:1, tube feeding. Especially the Priory's that have paying/ insurance patients they don't take difficult patients. For instance some have ED patients and addiction patients sharing space. Whereas some Priory's are all/ almost all NHS funded patients/ fully seperate EDU wards.

Also they've previously wanted to send her to a combined PD and ED unit in London owned by Cygnet. Which currently has 2 beds available.

No. 961932

>Emma frequently has needed restraint, IM, 1:1, tube feeding.

Yet she wants to be there. She doesn't deserve it if she's not even making the effort.

No. 961951

Anyone else feel like there's something weird going on with whoever her friends/family/partner is?

She's skeletal, she cannot possibly be self-supporting in all aspects of her life at that weight… idk, some of her pics give me a really creepy vibe for some reason that someone is hardcore enabling her. Might just be the language barrier though lol.

No. 961955

I gather her family are quite well off and she's said she lives alone in her own apartment. Someone has to be paying for that and she doesn't work. Her dad found her almost dead one time and she said she was going to recover but next post she's telling to mind their own business. She has a lot of disposable income to buy designer goods.

No. 961959

Also goes to fancy cafes every day which ain't cheap. She's usually with her dad. Her mum died.

No. 961980

It’s so sad. Idk if it’s just the filters but she is genuinely the worst looking ana I’ve seen. Her decline seems like it was very fast too. I can’t comprehend how she manages to stand or do literally anything.

No. 962013

think we have found our next kadee

No. 962033

beating it to a diabetic death I see

No. 962040

Bachelor of arts in nursing? since when is Nursing a humanities course?

No. 962045

you can get a BA in science majors, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that you can get one in nursing

No. 962054

For someone struggling so hard with anorexia, IBS, PTSD, alcoholism, and whatever else she cares to add she doesn't half spend a lot if time VERY active socially, travelling, charity walks, church stuff, studying and being a nurse. She's a wonder woman warrior no less!!1 she should take it easy being so weak.

No. 962057

File: 1587349278816.png (1.08 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200420-032036.png)

Sad times for Porkia

No. 962092

BA just saying she took nursing classes but all her pre nursing school prerequisites were easy as fuck humanity courses, not harder sciences/math lol.

No. 962097

You chose the tube Porkie

No. 962108

Yeah those programs are so rare. Seems like an odd choice for someone who’s end goal is being a social worker
Lol congrats on losing 20 pounds in 6 months hunny. Meanwhile people who actually have anorexia can do that kind of damage in less than a month

No. 962159

Yeah I sent a lolclow link on one of E’s pictures on Instagram seeing as she never looks at DMs and I got blocked kek…. I bet E lurks here.(cowtipping)

No. 962160

Samefag, I was watching one of her videos just now(don’t do that a lot at all, it’s painful) but she quotes one of Taylor Swift’s lyrics “still living with my parents but I’m still a thug”—— fml

No. 962184

Avid therapy go-er? Wtf even is that? If that doesnt scream malingerer i dunno what does. But shes made therapy sound like a hobby. Or 'im so special cause im so bad, ive had saaaaah much therapy, its basically my hobby

No. 962193

File: 1587381182048.jpeg (947.29 KB, 828x1597, 50FAFFDC-17F5-41B7-98A9-9BF6A1…)

I’m guessing Georgia (and this new ameri-cow fatorexic) are avid subscribers to the Elzani method of recovery. Just eat all the food always never too much wow isn’t life great yeah baby!!!

No. 962207

wtf does this mean? Depot? does she mean Depo, like the birth control shot?

No. 962211

It is the same method as birth control. The medication releases into your system over a month/ several months.
It is used for antipsychotic medications where someone won't take their medication/ is unable to remember to take it frequently enough.
It is spelt depot at least in British English

No. 962217


Non stop bingeing isn't exactly responsible advice for life.

No. 962220

its like shes trying to convince herself its okay…she damn well knows its not.

its clear that her extreme hunger is now just binging…I think her emphasis on going on walks shows she feels guilt for it.

No. 962222

File: 1587391295200.png (84.51 KB, 720x387, Screenshot_20200420-145522~2.p…)

Similar selfish attitude as >>961743 from Paris. Was hoping lockdown would be over because it's making her suffer. Do you think she understands why it's necessary? Does she know what'd happen if things went back to normal right now? Does she think she'll wake up and suddenly it's life as pre Covid? It's not like she used to do anything much anyway.

No. 962223

She offsets her bingeing on crap food by going on multiple walks and eating very small, anorexic portions of actual meals. It’s very clear if you look at her insta feed. If she was eating decent meals instead of saving up calories so she could have 7 brownies maybe her relationship with food would actually normalize, but I don’t see that happening. So yeah, she tries to disguise her guilt over her own shitty habits by dressing them up as “recovery wins” and by trying to influence others to be like her, which is pretty scummy since it could potentially derail their recovery too.

No. 962229

It's spelt depot but sound like depo, like Home Depot if you are american.

It's cause you are essentially injecting a load of a medication to be stored (like you store shit in a depot warehouse or whatever) and released over time under the skin so it's a "depot injection".

No. 962336

Paris’s caption was already posted a few days ago, anon. Scroll up before you post.

No. 962338

No! She's too wrapped up in herself to even care.

No. 962341

She's just carrying on like nothing is wrong- oh we will go fo a walk, eat lots of food- fine if you can get hold of it.

No. 962342

File: 1587407937500.jpeg (171.87 KB, 1242x600, EE410C90-E3E9-4CCB-925C-C54A6B…)

There have been several comments like this on N2F posts over the past few days. Finally people are getting brave enough to comment the truth instead of the usual “YUMMY”

No. 962344

File: 1587408065140.jpeg (208.93 KB, 885x1563, 432A3724-5EC8-4CB1-A4E4-D9F55C…)

Her most recent story of her eating is one of the worst imo. It’s her birthday tomorrow so stay tuned for more…

No. 962347

I commented the truth calling her out a year ago and got permablocked. Much sad. Now I have to rely on yee old farmers for my hairy, crusty, well-past-expiry date n2f goodness

No. 962382

Yeah but weaker than bulimia

No. 962389

EW the fucking dirty wall! Wipe that shit down with lysol; sponge and warm water - I can't stand when people are content with dirty grimy walls like that. Did she plant her asscheeks against it to wipe? Fucksake

No. 962461

If someone said she wipes her hands on the wall, I'd believe it.

No. 962521

I hate her lies but I honestly feel bad for her. She's so in denial, and considering her surroundings she probably has depression. Maybe I feel worst for her because I relate to her the most out of any of the others
Sorry to armchair therapist/blogpost

No. 962522

You know how these cows do the leg up thing? What if she's doing that barefoot and that's just a compilation of dirty feet grime over the years

No. 962555

No. 962559

Thought provoking!

I should look when her deliveries were, but interested when her next haul will be. It'll give some idea how much she goes through ie binges.

I feel bad for her also, but there's a nasty vibe about her. Kind of like she doesn't give a shit about anyone. I wish she'd cut her hair. That bloody bun.

No. 962564

she does have a nasty vibe, but that's why I think she has depression. Depressed people aren't known for their impeccable self-care. I also think she's given up, though, and her denial of purging is evidence of that

No. 962578

I don't think it's possible to have an ed without depression and off most of the time they can be arsed to take a bath BUT the way we doesn't care that people see she lives in filth is weird. Even Becky apologises that her house is a mess.

No. 962611

File: 1587426259530.jpg (312.05 KB, 1080x1672, IMG_20200421_094158.jpg)

Surprised recoveryraisin hasn't been mentioned yet. Goes in for a colonoscopy then pulls the ED card for a precious tube. She is friends with fightingforhealth which is Shay our notorious self poster.

Look at that shit eating grin with the tube. Shes made it her profile pic too. At least the security guard she talks about in the caption got it right.

No. 962613

Is she using a filter or is that her face?

No. 962618

File: 1587427013968.jpg (196.04 KB, 1080x1697, IMG_20200421_094725.jpg)

No. 962619

went schitz? Does she claim schitzophrenia?
No way a nurse called her a "stupid brat," what a liar

No. 962621

File: 1587427072342.jpg (445.12 KB, 1080x1814, IMG_20200421_094737.jpg)

Can have milky coffees tho

No. 962623

File: 1587427216566.jpg (411.89 KB, 1080x1783, IMG_20200421_095847.jpg)

Doesn't even try to hide how much she loves it. Typical BPD. Goes in for gas pain and a colonoscopy and turns it into an ED admission

Notice Han in the comments, another ng loving long term hospital staying resource sucking headbanger.

No. 962630

"established ED, BPD, OCD, Substance Abuse, Depression, POTSBattle & Recovery" notice how the ED isn't specified….thats because it's not ana

No. 962635

Good analysis. I thought there was something about the emphasis on walks that was off.

No. 962651

File: 1587428712893.png (76.15 KB, 224x242, Screenshot_20200421-012114~2.p…)

Becky's luck has run out. She's started to look older than her mother. Strange how lack of facial fat eventually makes someone appear elderly.

No. 962679

No. 962684

And she wants to get out of hospital to hang out with ana-morph-munchie Shay in the first image. The power leveling in that conversation would be epic. I’m sure our favorite mia-morph-munchie Gorgie is jealous AF.

No. 962693

for some i just imagine the two getting along and then one of them sparking a heated debate over which one of them is the most sooper sick fragile anachan

No. 962699

It'll be like mental health top trumps. One complains about an ed issue, the other has to go one up on it. Happens with munchies all the time. It's amusing.

No. 962710

Ergh Kelly is a well known EDNOS patient with BPD. Mimicks shay

No. 962717

Jfc that risingupnew haes chick seems to be the kind who thinks that going from binging junkfood all day to seeking a proper calorie limited diet to watch your weight is super anorexic.

She really even has the same deadpan facial expression as our other skinny queen

No. 962719

File: 1587437360185.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 4047ADE8-3468-4C18-B79A-EB84F4…)

You predicted it, anon. Hopefully, TMS will help her in asking for a spoon to eat her weetabix. Yet another example of new farm dishing out unnecessary treatments.

No. 962726

File: 1587439109150.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 266385C9-6702-48AC-9C2D-B34901…)

Poor old delusional porgie thinks that inhaling a fortisip whilst on holiday at the funny farm is hard work

No. 962729

Thought as such. I can't believe hospital staff pander to these delusions.

No. 962730

File: 1587439682478.jpg (130.45 KB, 1080x772, 20200420_222732.jpg)

It's always BPD.

No. 962741

Do you think there’s a reason why she put it in as “EUPD” instead of the more well-known “BPD”?

No. 962750

Aaand there's the fortimel shot. She's got to be trolling.

No. 962751

maybe. she’s probably avoiding that label because of its negative connotation in the ed community. most anachans are raving about autism as of late

No. 962763

Its the public system on the gold coast I believe. The BPD girls there are UNREAL

No. 962776

Because she thinks emotionally unstable makes her sound more fragile and cute?

No. 962777

I tend to think most of these "ed"s are really BPD symptoms….I dont think they legitimately are eating disordered.

No. 962782

samefagging here but to elaborate, I feel as though these girls know that they will be tubed if they do this or that and they like the attention they get in person and online for having an obvious medical device attached to them…so they seek it out.

No. 962783

File: 1587453097376.jpg (193.05 KB, 1080x1983, IMG_20200421_171134.jpg)

No. 962800

Yes agreed. Its definitely a trait we have seen exhibited by the cows here, especially georgie, shay and Laura. And now kelly.

Lies. GCHS doesnt physically restrain people. Hand cuffing? Pffft this isnt the cops. They chemically sedate, give you a nurse special and/or a security guard special. Hand cuffs pahaha keep dreaming kelly you liar

No. 962803

>> >>962741

eupd is the preferred term by UK psychiatrists, think she's just going of what her psych says

No. 962842

File: 1587468747563.jpg (70.05 KB, 720x564, IMG_20200420_235630_877.jpg)

No. 962844

File: 1587469020931.png (292.79 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200421-000445.png)

No. 962846

File: 1587469296887.png (208.25 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200421-000450.png)

No. 962848

File: 1587469446644.png (149.11 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200421-000511.png)

No. 962850

Show us the whole of the message you sent to princess dainty waif at least! Ffs.

No. 962851

File: 1587469573474.png (143.86 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200421-000514.png)



i didnt tell her anything about lc, she is the one who brought it up BTW DID YOUS SEE WHERE SHE SAID SHE LOST 17 KG LOL

No. 962853

File: 1587469663810.png (429.34 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200421-000023.png)

She used this picture as ''proof'' that she lost 17kg (37lb) lol

No. 962855

1 word: Harpoon

No. 962856

Even if she claims otherwise, you can tell she absolutely loves to talk about the results of her "drastic restriction". Thirty seven whole pounds, whoa boy better up those feeds or she'll whither away.

No. 962859

Which is which?

For some reason I can't stop thinking about the video someone posted last thread of her, you know the bang… and I'm internally cringing.

No. 962860


No. 962861

Restricting drastically for a short period of time = a crash diet

37lb lol

No. 962862

For you, anon.

No. 962865

Here’s the way it works - you post stuff online, we discuss it. You don’t look. Or, if you do, you don’t complain, as to complain takes you full circle to the original statement I made. Ergo, the fault is yours.
That’s how it is.

No. 962866

Eupdfag (but nice) here. I second this, in the UK the term BPD is in process of being whitewashed. Even psych corrects me or himself if we refer to BPD.

No. 962867

I thought Porgie has been claiming all this time to have anorexia, but now admits she has ednos? Prob still has BED but refuses to admit to binging without compensation to her doc so they slap an ednos label on her until she decides to own up

No. 962868

File: 1587471839897.jpeg (202.51 KB, 869x1486, 17E7759E-985D-445D-93FD-3ED99B…)

“So yummy and yes I do swallow” was the story prior to this delight. She has to be trolling at this point. Happy Birthday N2F

No. 962869

If she had a legit eating disorder and wasn't doing it so people treat her like she's a sickly child she wouldn't take the bait. Why go to such lengths to try to convince someone they have an ed? That shouldn't matter.

No. 962870

Why is she eating naked all of a sudden?

No. 962871

exactly. anyone with an eating disorder knows their suffering with it is enough validation tbh

No. 962872

exactly. Its a crash diet nothing more.
She will do a crappy crash diet for like 2-4 days,fail and then binge like a piglet for a month and then say its ednos/anorexia because our dainty Cheetos flower has to dramatize everything instead of taking responsibility and actually losing weight long-term.
exactly, i told her that she claimed to have anorexia and she told me she never did even though i remember seeing posts of her saying she has anorexia. She is very manipulative.
i was not expecting her to take the bait since she deletes negative comments about her on her account so i was expecting to get blocked.

No. 962875

File: 1587473451624.jpeg (388 KB, 1242x1221, 2598503D-B31C-41FC-AFAA-71678A…)

Good to know her Mum supposedly watches whilst she is half naked filming herself eating! Does she sit there whilst she purges too? The lies she tells are so unnecessary and just make her look even more stupid LOL.

No. 962876

update : Georgie blocked me, i guess she lurks this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962882

File: 1587474574274.png (168.28 KB, 720x1163, Screenshot_20200421-140833~2.p…)

Said she had an AN DX

No. 962887

her gp recently caved and put anorexia/bulimia on her blood form….KEK not even possible

No. 962898

Applauding you. Well said, anon.

No. 962902

Yeah psychiatrists and other MH professionals call it eupd and official diagnosis will be eupd not bpd. They only say bpd in certain circumstances such as providing resources from the internet that refer to it as bpd. Most people with it (that aren’t internet attention seekers) say they have eupd not bpd.

Please remember a significant portion of people with eupd aren’t like these Instagram clowns.

No. 962905

Thank you. Well said. A serious portion of people with eupd work really hard to police their impulses and change huge parts of their life - whilst not sharing it online - to better themselves. Revelling in possibly fake self destruction is entirely offensive. I see DID is the new BPD as EDS is to fibro. Fuck these idiots - said in the broader sense to encompass anachans and bpdfags.

No. 962937

File: 1587483966849.jpg (8.28 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

Georgia is a cow literally mentally and physically.
>has absolute no bumfuck idea about hospitals or doctors and thinks people will believe her claims about her constant changing diagnosis.
>Claims to have been diagnosed with every possible ed, but is too scared to admit she has bed.
>Looks like this.

No. 962980

She's a textbook malingerer. What's worse is that her doctor definitely knows that, there's no way in hell he doesn't, but doesn't do shit about it because she's a literal cash cow.

No. 963009

Can you imagine looking like her? Nightmare fuel. I would live in a hole, no mirrors and shove my head in a bag whenever people were nearby to save them from the visual wickedness. The eye rape. The sight of hell embodied.

No. 963016

Does she realise how fucking spoilt she is. She needs to grow up - there is more to life than Easter eggs and Yorkshire puddings. There is only so long she can keep scrounging off her parents and needs to do something with her life- which might be hard given the hits that come up you google her- would put any employer right off.

No. 963024

Losing 37lbs in a few months is not an eating disorder, Georgie. At your size, it's a good thing.

No. 963027

She really does need to start working on herself. After the lockdown ends or businesses start opening up she'll be competing in a labour market with far more qualified people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, people who are willing to work much harder than she is, and probably willing to earn less money because they don't have their parents funding a stay-at-home life.

But her parents will probably keep coddling her and not push her to do anything. Don't forget they never even seemed to insist on psychiatric treatment for an ED that was severe enough to hospitalise her for 6 weeks - there's no way they'll push her to get a job.

No. 963029

I imagine she’s very quick to threaten not eating if anyone in that house upsets her. Tell me you can’t imagine her stomping her little feet and saying “well I just won’t have anything then!” If someone else takes the last slice of the halloumi she wanted or if dad brings home the wrong kind of bread.

No. 963039

I honestly believe she's never taken any interest in basic politics or current affairs because her view of life is so blinkered. She thinks everyone can afford seven snacks, 3 desserts, fancy brands. Everyone loves in an idyllic place where they can walk their dogs by the sea with their parents and siblings and have cosy Sundays playing board games.

No. 963041

File: 1587501003377.png (671.72 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_20200421-212923~2.p…)

Life's good

No. 963043


I think she loves having that kind of control. I don't think she got it before, I mean she was pushed to take a university course she didn't really want to take (think she had to take business but she wanted to do history)

And maybe I'm looking in to deep to this but if you look back at her extensive history of doing super well in school, winning all of those swimming competitions etc- she probably resents being forced into things she doesn't particularly want to do and so having thst control and ability to have things her own way makes her feel so powerful

Also, that household seems quite competitive? Especially seen in her younger sister who is so so so self deprecating when it comes to her cooking/ baking and when they bring up GCSEs.

No. 963068

Teenagers are like that but isn’t Elzani mid 20s now? Boo hoo my parents made me participate in extracurriculars in school and sent me to college courses. Life is so hard. She needs to be kicked out on her ass

No. 963070

File: 1587504753801.jpg (26.96 KB, 720x212, IMG_20200421_233038_447.jpg)

She actually took this comment seriously……(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 963071

I don't think she fid well academically because she was doing an OU course. If she had decent grades at A levels she would've gone to a real university like her sister. Also, let's be honest, when has she shown any intelligence? I'm not even talking brainbox tier, but basic education. She doesn't seem interested in anything except Taylor Swift and food.

No. 963083

Of course she did, you used her language! Should've added in a "yaas girl, keep doing what you're doing!"

No. 963090

Why do fat anorexics never get thin? There are real anorexics who aren't hospitalised and theyre spoopy. The obese ones who claim to restrict lose a couple of stones because they were trying a diet and check into private care. Have any thin ones ever been really overweight because I can't think of any. Why do people like Georgia freak out when they lose weight when anorexics freak out if they gain a nth of an ounce? The only problem the Fatty's have is overeating. Having private health insurance can be a really bad thing. They should save it up for insulin prescriptions and meds for obesity related illnesses.

No. 963091

So "s"he's aware of "her" state as a whale outside of roleplaying ana?

No. 963102

It’s already deleted. She lurks hard, must have tab opened 24/7.

No. 963109

I noticed that. I went to look a couple of minutes after it was posted but thought it was my ig being weird and not showing it.

Get a productive life, Georgia ffs.

No. 963131

I feel like she’s going to bite me….
>eye bags

No. 963133

Georgie always claims that she was at her lowest anachan weight when she was like 15-16 but she’s posted photos at that age and while she’s not obese, she’s still chubby even then. she’s literally never been underweight

No. 963135

Spoiler that shit

No. 963151

no way was she 26kg around then….it would take ages to even restore to her size now.

Its sad that she thinks more IP stays = more valid ED. lol no. especially when you're essentially paying for it.

No. 963158

The closest example of a fat to thin ana I can think of anons might be familiar with is Brittany (sp?) from Thin. She was overweight and her weight really crashed. All through treatment she was determined that when she left Renfew she was going to lose anything she'd had to gain. THAT'S usually what happens. The fat ones here WANT tubes, want to gain. They get out and don't lose weight.

The staff at NF must know this if some random on an ib knows it. They're paying to get made to be institutionalised so they hand over $$$ for years. They know this. Losers. Total losers.

No. 963204

Also shmegeh

No. 963215

And the big crisis would be to run out of Nutella or biscoff /? Then what would se do?

No. 963218

File: 1587521496904.jpg (945.28 KB, 1080x1784, 20200421_211058.jpg)

Put a chocolate bar on her oatmeal. Obviously.

No. 963228

gotta cook it till it's drinkable eh, chewing is too hard!

No. 963230

Felice Fawn used to be fat

No. 963231

So when you post screenshots of your comment or DM with Georgia, are you using your fake accounts to communicate with her? Like not your real name or anything I assume?

No. 963262

looks like Gary fucking Busey

No. 963270

She follows actual anorexics. You'd think she'd pick something up. Oh wait, i forgot its A MENTAL ILLNESS

No. 963274

RIP the days of shmegeh

No. 963277

that she chooses when to pull out for tube attention.

No. 963291


In one of her videos, her dad says "i told
you NOT to do that stupid course" so.. i think she wanted to. Her dad didn't, for some reason. They seem good people, but really attached to their kids. They are probably happy Elzani will never leave.

No. 963295

God I miss her and Felice. At least they were interesting. Hell, I'd sell a kidney for the hayday of this thread with the you-know-whos. Some of these current cows are note worthy, but nothing compares to the good old days.

No. 963302

One would assume that youcantpass629 is a fake account as theres only 16 followers

No. 963326

The hay day of Tumblr before IG was really a thing
It's pretty sad/interesting that most spoops or cows have moved on for the most part, and then there's Ash. Must sting seeing shmegeh have a life considering she fucked her over and she's still wetting herself over hello kitty and anime

No. 963331

Nika used to be fat and lost a huge amount of weight, too. Easy to forget sometimes since the amounts of loose skin make her look heavier than she actually is.

Then again, she’s more of an horrorcow than anachan.
But god, yes to missing the good old Felice and shmegeh days

No. 963337

I'm pretty sure may used to be big? At least borderline overweight, but I'm not sure

No. 963340

File: 1587555218524.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2560, 20-04-22-21-31-57-119_deco.jpg)

We got another one boyssss. Stumbled across on my Tiktok for you page with a tube up her face. Checked her account, loads of t00b videos. The Instagram is exactly what you would expect. I clicked the 'progress' high light and lo and behold its another Australian chubby toob seeker. To be fair, the Royal hands out tubes like its nothing so take from that what you will.

No. 963350

Does she claim to have an eating disorder? Does she say what the tube is for?

No. 963351

Hmm. This is old milk. That tube selfie was almost a year ago and how do you know royal hands out tubes?
All her latest photos are tube free so not exactly milk. At least she admits bpd

No. 963360

Sorry if you’ve got not-so-good parents, anon, but they tend to be pretty attached to their kids.

No. 963363

File: 1587560536855.jpg (1.02 MB, 1317x2340, 20-04-22-22-57-19-178_deco.jpg)

Old milk where, bitch? Her Tiktok has endless tube videos. One of the slides in her progress highlight has her saying she lost 5kg in a week. She blonds here.

No. 963364

Samefag to say *belongs here

No. 963372

They shouldnt be so nattached that it stunts their daughters emotional growth and independence.
I think if the parents cut the cord with her, shed hsve some realities to face and would have to choooooose IF she wants to really get better. Sure it might be a risk that shell 'relapse' but thats a risk that needs to be taken.
Shes so sheltered that im not sure Es anxiety/emotionalal distress susceptability, that its probably going to happen 'when' she moves out or starts a job…ir acknowledges whats going on in the real world where not everyone can make sooooopa delightful brownies and amazinggggg oats with protein bars, and people unable to pay for basic food items because they lost their job (yes E they had a job, a lot of people with EDs and other MH issues) its almost to a point of delusion, thats at least what her bulgey eyed post come across.
Sage for having too much time to over analyze chans

No. 963380

The Royal wrote the QuEDS guidelines for SEQ so they run that show

No. 963496

The royal follow “QuEDs guidelines” google if you want to know, so generally the ppl that present can know what physical parameters they need to meet for a medical admission.. for our friends who like their precious toobs - they thrive on the attention - for those with real Ed’s, we would rather fight and avoid the royal because we do not want to be under that strict 1:1, 24/7 feeds and bathroom supervisions .. that shit is fucked!
But if you’re in Brisbane and want some selfies with your nose hose, the royal is the easiest place to get one…

No. 963567

Exactly- combined with the current real recovery extreme hunger so I can eat anything and mum and dad will pay and I can spend days cooking

No. 963643

File: 1587589316805.png (1.08 MB, 720x1369, Screenshot_20200422-220042~2.p…)

Looks like Georgia's gained.

No. 963656

inflated rubber glove hands with the look and complexion of a 45 year old alcoholic man - looking good georgia, ya fat sow!

No. 963657

KEK. Oh no, dainty ana-chan Georgia gained weight!

No. 963660

They've taken her off ng too soon. Can't they see how gaunt she looks?

No. 963663

File: 1587590988074.png (4.98 MB, 828x1792, A15EB22D-8D5E-4B79-9555-3A4B5A…)

Max kek. Don’t worry farmers, she’s not actually obese, it’s just fluid! She’ll keep fighting and challenging all of the donuts, burgers, pie and ensure they shovel the actual spoops with, because she’s a true ana warrior. Way to co-opt recovery language to justify your unwillingness to just eat a normal, healthy, balanced diet and maybe go for a walk now and then Georgie!

No. 963667

It'll be all those chocolate bars she hides up her jumper.

No. 963689

>she’s not actually obese, it’s just fluid!
its even more funny because she liked a comment saying she was obese >>963070

No. 963706

Her weight gain is only a fluctuation. She's been telling herself that for over a decade.

No. 963709

Her weight losses are always “”super serious and concerning to her doctors”” though. Funny how that goes.

No. 963714


what does she actually want help with though? like, SHE wants to lose weight, her DOCTORS want her to lose weight, she claims she doesnt have problems with binge eating- what is she trying to do!???

No. 963716

She wants to have the option to have the dietician explain to her about water weight etc forever.

No. 963718

File: 1587595193753.png (1.05 MB, 720x1268, Screenshot_20200422-233809~2.p…)

Idk what to say…

No. 963722

>"remember that science always applies to your body"
says the one who claimed anorexia as a chubby 16 year old and still claims a restrictive type eating disorder while begging to be tubed at an obese BMI.
try reading the DSM again, Georgia. 300.19 in particular. science.

No. 963729

File: 1587596144344.jpeg (552.74 KB, 1125x2059, 1EB163B2-2F88-4417-8F80-A82994…)

what’s y’alls opinion on this bitch, came across her on my explore page.

No. 963737

Sounds like a twat. Looks too old to still be into that shit.

No. 963746

"co-opt recovery language" - spot on, anon. We know she lurks here but unfortunately for her (and hilariously for us) the way she words everything always reads as totally off, insincere and false to anyone not paid to pretend otherwise. Would love to see how far she'd get in a system like the NHS where GPs literally prescribe exercise.

No. 963754

self poster or vendetta chan?

No. 963758

This >>963718 is genuine cringe for that reason. It is is is!! Some fat girl talking about a screaming ED just doesn't work.

I call self post. Doesn't look like there's any milk. Just meh.

No. 963761

I would pay cold cash to watch georgie be prescribed exercise by some plain-speaking foreign nhs doctor

No. 963762

the number never bothers you Georgie, you just allege that because you want to pretend to have an ED other than BED.

No. 963787

it bothers her, she just refuses to change like most other fatties. If it didn't bother her, she wouldn't fake anorexia

No. 963791

I sure hope you're bothered by being a societal lard injected pimple

No. 963800

File: 1587601978302.jpeg (252.04 KB, 750x1259, 51156646-35BE-4794-9223-233BA5…)

Kennedy is still posting pictures like this on her personal account

No. 963804

Not surprising at all. When is this from?

No. 963806

Georgia needs to quit larping and get the fuck back home to help her elderly dad with lockdown stuff. Who'd sod off to play hospitals when she could be looking after her family. A selfish prick, that's who. Grow tf up and learn some responsibility. Notice how she says she's a perfectionist because apparently a lot of anas are perfectionists? Where's evidence anything she's done was more than plain satisfactory?

No. 963808

Lol, n2f hair! She looks better. Her legs are anyway although probs no shoop.

No. 963809

File: 1587602417682.jpeg (267.73 KB, 750x1251, 1D0C9BAC-C788-479C-842D-1DEDF6…)

Not sure if they’re shopped or not and I don’t know when the pictures were taken but they were posted today

No. 963810

Shes a selfish pig. She is no perfectionist, shes a wreck. Her poor father undoubtedly pays for her private health care so while hes vulnerable and ailing, shes using up his health fund for her little hobby of staging eating disorder dramatics.

No. 963830

Wow, like a week on edp and shes off ng and 'pushing through' the "water weight" and smashing ED (she doesnt say anorexia much anymore)
She has an amazing ability to recover so suddenly. 2 weeks in iso, on ng feeds erry night and unable to finish meals. More like, she got to edp and theyve told her she needs off it cause its unnecessary

No. 963841

File: 1587609254381.jpeg (536.73 KB, 750x1027, 7865ECD3-B528-4D8C-8916-27D5B7…)

She’s using the cigs as a prop, no actual smoker would hold it so awkwardly

No. 963853

File: 1587611164388.png (1.93 MB, 1556x977, bigyikes.PNG)

A lot of encouragement for someone with "not pro" in her title

No. 963861

they use a lot of thinspo tags for someone “not pro” including #bodycheck

No. 963869

oh i have great parents, they are just not emotionally unhealthy to the point of not letting me grow up. I'm not sure that's the case with Elzani's parents.

No. 963878

Not milky. Let it go.

No. 963885

I wasnt going to look at her page but since you protested i did.
Mate she's milky af. Explain why she's not cause it looks like shes a head of a speshal pro-ana ' cult'shes got going with her 'flock '

No. 963887

File: 1587615741720.jpg (131.06 KB, 1079x182, Screenshot_20200423-122059_Ins…)

No. 963895

Her accounts pretty new too but has 1000 followers? 3 comments on first pic, 45 on a recent one march 31st
All her followers are pro private pages with 4 or 10 pics. Thinking its a self post here for teen-anachans to follow her during lockdown. Sheez sahhh edgiiie

No. 963897

File: 1587616347110.jpg (876.14 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20200423-123010_Ins…)

And that is the signature Ash stance
Looks like shes IP atm aswell

No. 963900

She's not milky because she has nothing except her ED. Where's the milk besides her being thin? Does she shoop? Does she fake starvation for a tube? Is she a scammer? Does she pretend to be psychotic? No? Then she doesn't belong here.

This nobody possibly had an account deleted and that's where her ana chan followers are from. Pretending to smoke isn't milk. Don't try do hard to make her a thing here.

No. 963921

Precisely. No true perfectionist would post themselves looking haggard. No perfectionist would let themself become obese. Perfectionism explains why the average BMI of recovered anorexics remains low

No. 963928

File: 1587623046703.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2070, 20200423_162845.jpg)

Anyone followed d.does.more before? Seems soopy af, very much like Georgia (who follows of course) talking about severe restriction yet is very overweight and had looked the same since her oldest photo in 2017.

No. 963929

File: 1587623170084.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200423-162330_Ins…)

Like why does d even need a bloody ensure and why does she feel the need to proudly list off all the flavors she has tried with supplements? That's not a goal and someone struggling alot would not be that willing to try every flavor under the sun

No. 963948

Did anyone else notice we hadn’t seen her other sister for a while? Then in the latest she looked very anxious and quiet and maybe thinner? Baggy clothes, greasy hair and then wrapped in a blanket. Also just playing with her food not eating it. E mentions her working out whilst she’s baking too. I hope she ok.

No. 963951

Feels shame about drinking >supplements
>Makes an entire story about Ensure and wants followers to engage in a which flavour's best dialogue.

No. 963958

For anyone who doesn’t follow Dani here’s a bit of info: Just an FYI that this is not the same fat Dani who used to run the pineapple recovery page from past threads
Never visibly been a healthy weight/has gained significant amount of weight since starting her account
Is in dbt despite claiming diagnoses of overcontrol
Clings to being Colombian and Jewish for culture despite being a ginger and living in Texas
Writes cringey af poetry that’s fake deep and constantly alludes to sexual assault but she never actually says what happened
Shes super proud of her learning disability and her accommodations for it. Like weirdly obsessive with being “learning-disabled” aka autism lite
Like Georgia she frequently uses recovery language and acts like her life is the absolute worst life imaginable
It seems like her team suspects cluster B traits given what she has shared

No. 963988


Sounds like Phoebe Tickner and her being a ginger Jew when it suits her
>Clings to being Colombian and Jewish for culture despite being a ginger and living in Texas

I'll check her out when I've recovered from Tesco.

Georgie follows a few fat anas. Must've met on mpa.

No. 963989

Private hooman. Shit.

No. 964001

Any more shsy milk?

No. 964013

Note she’s buying it too, not prescribed. By the looks of her she’s chugging pints of the stuff all day on top of whatever crap she pretends not to eat.

Kinda looks like Feebs as well (my absolute fav cow miss u qween x)

No. 964016

Just went through all of Georgia's post and literally the only time her face has slimmed down in the slightest is when she has been toobed
She then gets out "recovery wins" and gains all the weight back gets scared goes IP again

She can't handle the weightloss

No. 964018

She should go bodyposi for fat chicks. She can still have attention being sick when she develops issues related to obesity. She can binge all she likes and be admired for it. She could even get a power chair!

No. 964023

~they~ should totally do that, wearing an I DON'T TALK ABOUT DIETS AROUND ME PLEASE badge.

No. 964024

Sitting in the EDP dining room threatening suicide with a butter knife bc laCk oF sUpPoRT

10/10 would drop good money to witness a Phoebe Ticker/ana scumbag crossover

No. 964132

File: 1587660805661.jpg (586.6 KB, 1080x1711, 20200423_115237.jpg)

Someone is salty that she can't post pictures of her as a fragile ana-chan because they don't exist

No. 964134

I deleted the picture because I think she may have been 15 and I don't want to violate the rules.

No. 964147

File: 1587664756142.jpeg (1.27 MB, 828x1571, FC7DF889-1EA7-4D68-95E5-1F0EFD…)


No. 964161


she's standing so so fucking weird cos she thinks it'll make her legs look skinny, in all of the photos of her full body she does that legs wide apart, knees bent, leaning back thing. just look at her shadow.

No. 964196


despite all her best attempts to look oh so spoopy and sick still with her posing she looks like most normal young women in their 20s

sorry el, you’re weight-restored. you’re gonna have to drop the obsession with food. or not and we get a BED elzani saga

No. 964236

Yeah right, it’s relapse time. I give her 3 months and she’ll have “mysteriously” lost 20 lbs despite continuing to make vlogs and posts about how much she’s eating. The girl thrives on validation and on having everyone know she was the sickest (hint: no she wasn’t, but whatever), her so-called recovery is built on twigs and will collapse in the slightest breeze.

No. 964243

File: 1587669314197.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1475, 56C8CBBF-CB60-4DB4-BEDE-D42EBF…)

Just a friendly reminder from E to all of those people struggling with job loss, reduced pay, scarcity of resources and sick family members.

No. 964256


You mean alisha ? (is that the correct spelling ?) the one that was in uni. She is fine i follow her on IG. She is quite cute tbh, no ED at all if that's what are you asking.

No. 964262

Did you also lol at her post about missing her friends from uni? I imagine she’s rapidly dying inside being home with elzani and co. Imagine those fucked up family dynamics 24/7!!

No. 964280

File: 1587671477341.jpg (333.79 KB, 720x1173, 20200423_205123.jpg)

Well, that didn't take long.

No. 964286

Of course it didn't. Georgia still watches this thread even though she said she wouldn't anymore.

No. 964294

File: 1587672489369.jpg (2.16 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200423_210654945.j…)

When elzani did have friends they were insane!! What is this??

No. 964297

I hope you find some happiness in your life, anon. Don't ever dance with danger or death.

No. 964302

Those are 5or 6 years ago before anorexia damaged her brain. She needs friends.

No. 964323

Never mind checking here, I fully believe Georgia posts here just as much as any other anon. Probably posted her mate Dani and went running into her DMs about da boolies as soon as someone replied. She's a stupid bint.

No. 964325

Agree with you. Seeing her bashing Elzani on her tellonym, she's as brash with her opinions as others are PLUS she must have a real hate boner for real spoops.

No. 964347

I suspect this was probably someone's art/ photography coursework!

No. 964369

I like this version of Elzani, at least it speaks to some interests / personality beyond sniffing food and taking 300 identical close ups of her DIVIIIiiiIIIine marble cake.

No. 964384

Makes you wonder what happened. Anorexia doesn't obliterate a personality. Looks like she had fun and a good few friends. Now she sticks with Mumzani and orgasms over brownies and marble cake. Why? She must still have a drive to do interesting things, mustn't she? From social butterfly to someone who comes across as autistic. Strange.

No. 964396

File: 1587682762579.png (3.98 MB, 1536x2048, 8C6317DB-0B1A-4185-B3DB-DE7541…)

From ghost of me’s car accident… she claimed the ford hit her…like she is the victim… even tho she was the one driving the wrong way..she also stated that the ford car was “fine”…. does this look fine to anyone?

No. 964397

Thoughts.. she's an idiot & she isn't worth paying any attention to .

No. 964399

File: 1587682918164.png (301.17 KB, 702x728, Screenshot_20200424-000057~2.p…)

I was replying to this delete. Another thought, sage.

No. 964428

Giving her credit where credit is due if she does take a step back she may be less OTT. I’m always in favor of cows trying to get their behavior under control but most can’t last long without attenshun. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for Dani to be brought up. She was one of the founders of “boycott the before” from a couple years ago

No. 964433

File: 1587687633670.png (2.97 MB, 1706x1192, ULSR0zt.png)

has fighting.emxx ever been discussed here before or nah? kicking myself for not getting a screenshot but apparently she's being threatened with NG "again" despite looking like this for years.

No. 964438

All she needs is care and support. And that sums up the faux anas.

Is she British? Looks like a Barrett home.

No. 964449

File: 1587689862425.jpeg (31.08 KB, 257x549, A8fkMTZCQAAq9aQ~2.jpeg)

She was thinner in 2012. She's private so saw this on Twitter.

No. 964457

She does.

No. 964461

File: 1587692415095.jpeg (186.66 KB, 828x1464, 6A6B286C-E6F9-421B-906F-75910F…)

Speaking of fat Dani’s, does anyone remember MyLifeStruggles Dani who would self tube? She munched her way into a surgical feeding tube and now TPN and has gotten even fatter.

No. 964471

Holy fucking christ. Not surprised to see she's still sporting the gross lip ring. She's looking really haggard. Guess munching will catch up to you

No. 964477

File: 1587696312060.jpg (87.44 KB, 720x1184, _20200424_054410.JPG)

There's not really any milk but sharing this since she's one of the tumblr anas of old and has been discussed before. She's been posting a lot again lately and looks like she lost a lot of weight and/or shoops like crazy again. Compared to that drunken/drugged out video from last year(?), that is.

No. 964489

No. 964490

becomingbrynn on insta ? another person claiming to have anorexia(samefag)

No. 964491

File: 1587698450792.jpeg (695.48 KB, 750x1204, 12002D01-716D-4431-BBB5-0B608A…)

Surprised this cow hasn’t been mentioned much if at all before. Years now of claiming real recovery and shovelling 5000+ cal mealplans into her face, claiming it doesn’t put an ounce on her because she’s so hypermetabolic etc. She’s just been on a hiatus (taking a break because she’s focusing on her recovery and weight gain without the awful influence of instagram, of course, she’d moved on from even needing the accountability apparently) and come back looking like this. Real recovery time again! This time it’s complete with an updated bio — lowest weight in there so everyone knows she’s the smallest sickest darling. It’s just exhausting at this point lol. No vendettachan, just been following for awhile and hoping she’d get her shit together but none of them ever really do do they

No. 964492

Image board. Private account. Self post.

No. 964493

lmao, they never cease to amaze me

No. 964494

How the fuck do you even go the wrong direction on a highway like this? It's not like she accidentally made a wrong turn on a one-way street or something. There's a giant concrete median and the on-ramps only go one way. She had to have been drunk or high.

No. 964498

hahaha a lil bit yeah. She goes to a cool uni, and seems to go out and do pretty much everything Elzani refuses to do.

In one video she drives alisha and her friends somewhere. After that it cuts to E. telling her mum about it, and then she says "is this how having friends feel ?" and smiles. Sad and weird.

No. 964506

She said google maps told her to go that way and she was tired kek

No. 964513


ooo this bitch. i remember some discourse in the ‘recovery’ community about her awhile ago, probably this time last year. she used to be way more active except the only thing she did was comment on hospitalized accounts’ posts about how their food looked so much yummier than the food she had in hospital. like, constant commenting. just reminding everyone that not only she’d been in hospital more, but had a much more pitiful experience. waste of life tbh

No. 964515

File: 1587707477862.png (76.46 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200423-055414.png)

No. 964517

Her entire face changed again lmfao
I do remember her.

No. 964526

File: 1587709222937.jpg (154.48 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_20200424_161942.jpg)

The fingers look too fucky to be all weight loss. This spot here in particular gets me. The phone would line up her, but it looks more like she couldn't figure out how to slim this part? I could be wrong, I never was good at eyeing shoops

No. 964531

(Sage for armchair) Anorexia actually does kinda obliterate personalities though. Get in a group of them and everyone thinks the same, sounds the same, has the same preferences and dislikes even totally unrelated to food, etc. I honestly think getting boring as shit is one of the hallmarks of the disease

No. 964533

someone with a face like that would only have a caved in booty

No. 964628

File: 1587733842792.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200424_141008443.j…)

She was claiming she was recovering the whole time but you can see her very quickly losing weight. All whilst telling us about the 7lb she'd gained in two months!!!!

No. 964641

I don't follow her, but she sounds the sort who's going to die before she recovers.

No. 964643

fake recovery isn't enough to be milky imo

No. 964661

File: 1587742308291.jpg (275.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200424-163012_Ins…)

No. 964663

Anons, scroll the fuck up the thread to where we already discussed her accident and a news article about it, thanks. No one wants that curdled milk.

No. 964665

oh dear god she looks like a leper!!!!!!! her hairline! what is going on! does she have no sense of wanting to look good?

No. 964682

The candles represent the number of her brain cells. Congratulations, you have 8 today!

No. 964693

One of my favorite cow pastimes is when they’re posting all their food wins and recovery advice as they do worse and worse and even when they end up in the hospital… can you imagine how little self-awareness you’d have to have to be one of these cows

No. 964695

yeah it is when it goes on for years and the whole time she’s making a joke of herself by giving advice to others and pretending that the thousands and thousands of cals she eats are just magically passing through her with no weight gain instead of coming right back up the way they came lol. this one’s beyond the usual fake recovery not to mention just irritating. one post awhile back was captioned something along the lines of “i’m very intelligent which i’ve always prided myself on, and anorexia hasn’t stolen it from me” whole time she misspells words like motivation and thinks her clown behaviour isn’t transparent

No. 964698

okay the post above mentioning d.does.more sounds like a self post because it wasn’t until super recently that she changed her username from declaring.dani to that. not to mention Georgia and her are friends so dani already knew about this website

No. 964704

exactly the same as that sarahlearnstosmile one, posting how she’s “starting to enjoy food again” then a few posts later she’s a total spoop going into hospital for the billionth time

No. 964731

Didn't she do an OU course so she could stay at home? They aren't cheap if her dad paid. And she's obviously not using it unless it was in food photography.

No. 964736

And each time she goes in she has a click moment and she's gonna fight for real now, she's totally wanting to recover. Every time she acts like she's going to really try and get better then ends up spoopier than the last time. Yet she eats the exact same tiny portions of gross food every day. Poses super hard to look like she's gained.

No. 964741

File: 1587759904171.jpeg (938.72 KB, 828x1518, D1BAD2AF-C179-4C9A-B4D0-6E96B5…)

Based on the quality of her thoughts and writing, I’m going to guess it wasn’t paid for by scholarship.
This is a 22 year old woman seriously writing “you mix da ketchup with da potato and you does a red food hurdurr”

No. 964772

exactly lmao, sticking your bum out and posting your rolls of skin doesn’t change the fact that you’re actually still beyond underweight and kidding herself and everyone around her

No. 964797

File: 1587768057310.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 8B68D641-AB30-4C6C-A416-3C6A01…)


No. 964801

File: 1587768649344.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_2020-04-24-23-49-10…)

Another cow who doesn't need therapy to get them through their recovery!! So inspirational!!! FFS.

No. 964802

Has she legit slicked her hair over so her pick marks are showing?

No. 964804

Especially of May

No. 964805

I thought 8 may have been for her emotional age

No. 964811

Are you going to provide a name?

No. 964814

that looks more like loose skin from weight loss …

No. 964816

No it doesn’t, anon… loose skin from weight loss looks completely different

No. 964817

it’s booty.over.bones again

No. 964824

File: 1587770480997.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, D2B626AA-3B3F-4E58-BFF2-8C3D30…)

Christ that’s a face only a mother could love

No. 964828

Scrolling past I thought it was Ashley Isaacs.

No. 964829

kek same anon, I thought she switched out her wig

No. 964848

File: 1587773768555.jpeg (417.57 KB, 828x1450, 9C3FCC0A-F326-48DF-8F8F-F223CC…)

Oh good, she’s going back to the gym. Because nothing says recovery like a uneaten burger and working out. Guessing she sends herself most of those questions in her story, too.

No. 964871

Love how she shows her "rolls" and stick arm in the same picture. She's gained next to nothing and one relapse will send her to scary levels in no time. As much as I hate all the BED cows claiming anorexia the ones I can't stand the most are the ones who pretend to be in recovery and get ass pats for all the wonderful things they're not actually doing.

No. 964943

any milk on @katekusmina, besides the fact that she can't take that god damn levi's shirt off?? also she's clearly a b/p'er to me, or restricting + b/p, with all the food she constantly shows off

No. 964945

gotta bring the milk if you’re gonna bring her up

No. 964950

She's been talked about before but there isn't any real milk. She's just another Russian spoop. She has a side account that has big DDLG vibes but she's not really done anything beside weird alien face shoops

No. 964965

Goddd she's so boring. As anon said, she's been mentioned. She's so basic she's not even worth discussing.

No. 964994

I also wondered if she‘s a bulimic.
She wanders around in her apartment all day, drinking alcohol out of a starbucks cup and playing with child‘s toys. But somehow, she fascinates me.

No. 964995

What is fascinating about her? Only weirdos and ana-chans would think she's fascinating

No. 964998

File: 1587809460601.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2112, Screenshot_2020-04-25-11-08-21…)

Oh for fucks sake who told

No. 964999

Let's be real, probably Georgia. These cows love posting each other and then running off to tattle on evil lolcow to validate each other bc of muh booliez

No. 965002

File: 1587810972482.jpg (672.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200425-113502_Ins…)

Worst sounding smoothie ever

No. 965004

Nobody needs to cowtip. One of the key features of the cows is their incredible narcissism. If you think they’re not googling themselves on the daily, you’re naive.

No. 965007

File: 1587813726812.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, BEA34F99-4A51-43AC-8A36-1ED2D7…)

I am getting more and more sure Shay has . Munchausens syndrome. She’s claiming it’s to support her friend and whilst that may be somewhat true it definitely comes across to me that she just wants even more attention and sympathy. Looking like a cancer patient is a great way to go about it

No. 965028

File: 1587819161060.jpg (148.57 KB, 1080x1331, IMG_20200425_225213.jpg)

Yup she sure has

No. 965033

Dear lord thats extreme. Shes obsessed with young cancer kids. I think she wants to look like she has cancer now she has a tube. And home feeds dont make someone a tubie. She is munching hard

No. 965039


#chronicillness #bebrave man if that aint there for sympathy points..

she'll be tagging them with #chemotherapy with the excuse that "my friend went for chemo today so i was just thinking about it!!". twisted and sick.

No. 965049

Her "friend" has had cancer for well over a year. Why now? Oh the tube. Thats right. Shes duetting all these cancer patients tryna look like them. You didnt fit the ED group and you wont fit the cancer group.
Remember that creepy campaign/business she tried to start surrounding young people woth cancer and she'd visit them in hospital? Something smiles? Prob where her obsession began

No. 965055

Sage as samefag.
Her friend has GP and hair loss. I retract the friend having cancer statement

No. 965065

Waiting for the check cap or head scarf.

Include a list of meds whydontchya.

No. 965066

Chemo* cap

No. 965069

I doubt she’ll cover the baldness unless she also shaves her eyebrows in “solidarity”. Otherwise people might just assume she’s got short hair or is wearing a head scarf for fashion! The unnecessary toob is not sufficient evidence of how critically ill she is.

No. 965071

File: 1587824730170.jpg (75.96 KB, 650x429, PaulJane.jpg)

I learned something about Munchausen's Syndrome. It was named that by Jane Asher's dad, ex girlfriend of Paul McCartney and now cake baking lady. I thought it was interesting anyway.

I'd say its either Laura or Georgia who cow tips. Both F5 this page and both love drama. Expect a ~youre so meaaan to mentally ill people~ anon soon. Unsaged ofc.

No. 965073

She looks fucking awful and doesn't have the paleness or thinness of a cancer patient. Appropriating a cancer community's look for her benefit. Tsk. That's LOW.

No. 965095

she looks more like that girl who was the face of the florida shootings…

No. 965097

File: 1587829676530.jpg (37.04 KB, 740x500, emma-gonzalez-msdhs-from-broad…)

This one?

No. 965099

We have strayed so very far from proana scumbag milk at this point. I believe there’s a separate munchie thread for Shay’s shenanigans?

No. 965119

File: 1587832860534.png (3.97 MB, 1536x2048, 1768B5C1-0E00-40C2-A8AA-BCE66B…)

This is actually pretty sad, just talked about the corona situation though, with some face checks. Very frightening tbh.

No. 965121

I stopped watching her live ig. It's sad to hear her voice and see her being genuinely nice to people and not a grotesque shitbag like Ash. My Russian's awful and I only get bits of what she says.

Looking at her page, I think she actually eats and keeps down the cake but that's all she has the entire day. She's not got long.

No. 965124

Kek, really reminds me of that autist girl who shaved her head before and was obsessed with parrots. No milk but still retarded as usual. Had AN but recovered.

Stupid how she wants to pretend to have cancer, wtf would you do that? Selfish.

No. 965131

i think her younger sister died from cancer

No. 965141

File: 1587835859092.jpeg (294.26 KB, 1536x1779, 33E80DC0-E4A7-4D5B-8667-84C576…)

This one anon?
I follow her on tiktok, but she ain’t milky so leave it. At least she’s moved on with her life.

No. 965148

Sage fag, yes I remember this one, very autistic. What the fuck is she wearing, lol?
That explains a lot now, that is quite sad, I wonder if her death had anything to do with how she is now?

She didn’t need to get a grade zero hair cut, what did she do that with? A razor?

No. 965177

Wasnt her younger sister that died. It was one of her "clients" from her fake company thing. She got attached to 2 sick girls and they both died then her spiral began

No. 965179

File: 1587844089265.jpg (78.29 KB, 634x771, 2AEB430F00000578-3172943-image…)

Happy little smiles. Shes been obsessed for a while

No. 965260


why her forehead be looking like my scrotum after I shave it tho?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 965268

Would she even be able to recover at this point? She breaks my heart because she is in such bad shape and like you say, she doesn’t seem to be an asshole by any means from what I’ve seen. Part of me wishes she would get better but I also assume that wouldn’t even be possible in her state.

No. 965284

File: 1587858530589.gif (3.05 MB, 480x384, n8rCfn2.gif)

Cosplaying cancer now? Jesus

No. 965300

These teen anachans need to go tf back to school

No. 965301

she definitely has no desire to recover, I think the only way she ever could would have to be to strap her to a hospital bed and tube feed her against her will. as skeletal as she is, she was still sucking in her cheeks when she wasn't speaking on her instagram live. this is ideal to her. she is so mentally sick, she will definitely die soon. idk, I'm not WKing for her but I don't think she's milky, just worst case scenario ana.

No. 965305

Go to a munch thread if thats what she is now. Unless she has ED milk dont post that shit. Discuss her munching somewhere else
Go do some homework teenfags

No. 965317

She's in new farm on EDP

No. 965390

File: 1587871784771.jpg (501.23 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200426_042653_524.jpg)

Has this cow ever been posted before?

No. 965407

I agree. Her tube is for her "ED" which is even bullshit…but shes now pushing for gastroparesis as she is currently unhealthily obsessed with @ellysarahc who is bald and actually sick.

No. 965430

Is she milky? Or is this a self-post?

No. 965443

File: 1587882998291.png (164.12 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20200426-072844~2.p…)

Half the cash goes to Elly. She only raised $45 so that's hardly going to go far if it's to pay towards treatment, the cost of. Wig and cancer research. Was she in such a hurry to shave she didn't wait for more donations and the anniversary of the little girl's death?

No. 965445

I noticed a lot of our cows follow her, including Laura, so…

No. 965461

This account is private with 27 pictures. I smell selfpost

No. 965473

Does New Farm not have stairs?

Porgies posted yet another lift selfie, ffs take the stairs a tiny bit of cardio would do her the world of good.

No. 965480

They get in trouble for taking the stairs on ed program

No. 965482


yeah nah, you know that even if they get rewarded for taking the stairs our dainty Porkie would still take the lifts

No. 965484

She'd need an ECG for a rise in blood pressure and heart rate because she's overweight and unfit of refeeding syndrome.

No. 965485

File: 1587893575922.png (840.36 KB, 720x1245, Screenshot_20200426-103122~2.p…)

Time for some ECT for her depressy?

No. 965486

File: 1587893600725.jpeg (45.74 KB, 305x215, 5A315D4F-9790-448A-9A07-739BE4…)

Why is she balding?

No. 965487

File: 1587893794137.png (445.5 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_20200426-103443~2.p…)

Male pattern baldness?

Why is she looking more like a man? Kinda Neil from The Young Ones vibe if he ate junk food instead of lentils.

No. 965505

she says she has a scar there so hair doesnt grow.

kinda reminds me of foodie beauty's hairloss though

No. 965510

>a tiny bit of cardio would do her the world of good.
But anon, she’s so delicate, look at her. If she tried taking the stairs, her emaciated little legs would snap. Try being more considerate…

No. 965513

The way she only ever posts this exact pose, where she’s angling and squeezing as hard as possible to look just overweight, rather than obese, only ends up highlighting the fact that she, and anyone else with working eyes, knows she ain’t no anorexic. She can cry “atypical” all she wants, nobody is buying it.

No. 965527

She talks big about how “physics applies to her body” but she ignores the most important part - the energy balance. She can’t claim she’s restricting and purging if she’s not losing weight. That’s not how physics works. But then, porgie was never accused of being intelligent.

No. 965545

The mirror has a weird lengthening effect on her which she thinks makes her look skinny but it just makes her head look like an alien cranium. That's why she uses the lift so much.

No. 965548

Are Dr. Dray and Miss Eugenia Cooney off limits here?
They both seem like they’re going to die any day now.

No. 965549

File: 1587910588506.jpg (390.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200426-151349.jpg)

someone on mpa mentioned elzani in a 'favourite youtube thinspo' thread. Not sure i'd go that far but she's deffo not really recovering.

/sage bcs probably irrelevant

No. 965553

Not thinspo any more. She’s pretty average looking now days. Still not actually recovering since she’s completely obsessed with food and has no goals in life other than going for a walk with mumsy and mixing ketchup into mashed potatoes, but gaining weight for sure.

No. 965554

Dr. Dray has her own thread at >>869680 but it hasn't been updated in a couple months

No. 965556

I don’t know who the first person is, but Eugenia doesn’t really seem like proana scum, she just seems sick. She doesn’t milk the sick, frail, ana identity for attention, if anything she’s in denial about it.

No. 965559

Eugenia is not genuine at all. Her ”recovery” is not real and she started restricting the second she left treatment. Look at her posts. After treatment she only posted selfies for months. No full body pictures until she started looking spoopy again. Yet she willingly sits behind this illusion and lets her followers believe and encourage her recovery. She is so milky.

No. 965566

"depressy" oh georgia, you always know how to make me gag and laugh at the same time

No. 965571

do you think she smells like sizzling bacon when they give her shock treatment

No. 965573

File: 1587916341374.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, B0CA7296-2A4F-4CE4-8593-73E1E9…)

Did anyone need some nightmare fuel?

No. 965575

Idk why so many farmers wk her. Eugenia is 100% a proana scumbag

No. 965576

File: 1587916643797.jpeg (692.84 KB, 2048x2048, FE28737B-14CA-41B2-83CE-667E35…)

Don’t try to tell me she isn’t brain damaged. Don’t.

No. 965578

File: 1587917005793.jpg (26.43 KB, 753x600, 9bb.jpg)

No. 965580

CHRIIIIST, ANON! Thanks for the ~trauma~. I don't know whether to envy or pity her lack of caring wtf she looks like. It's like watching someone go through bins looking for cans of beer.

I like really like can't bear like the bitch, but I'd rather keep her off looks because she's EVE-RY-WHERE and already the second wave of trying to save her has begun. I honestly can't look at her face without hearing that chipmunk voice and fuck she's annoying.

No. 965581

Off lolcow* tsk

No. 965591

She literally MUST be autistic, a hyper sensitivity to taste perhaps? Thinking about it now actually, she might not be able to cope not being cared for hence why she is with her parents still. She actually needs some kind of treatment. Elzani you can gain as much weight as you like, you’re still going to be sick in the head tbh.

No. 965595

File: 1587920120175.jpeg (82.76 KB, 687x387, 51AD95BB-6EF5-45F6-A06C-5ADDE6…)

You lot should have spoiled that shit kek…. that stuff is horrible to the eye!
I have a feeling E will shave her head to get clout, this is an official time travel pic of her aged 31 in her mother’s bedroom asking if the bagel is going to taste nice for the fiftieth time that hour whilst concerned for her hair loss due to poor diet.

No. 965617

File: 1587924517665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 318.32 KB, 750x916, 3DF7342A-C0FC-48F9-81A1-29327E…)

Jesus, Laura.

She’d be out of hospital pretty quick if she didn’t do this shit.

No. 965622

What a bloody mess! She doesn't want out though does she? No attention that way.

No. 965632

File: 1587926340876.jpg (343.53 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20200426_193831.jpg)

Is she actually fucking stupid?

No. 965636

The amount of people dead and dying, the NHS being pushed to the limit, and this bitch wants to open up a virus breeding ground because it's a "source of happiness"

No. 965640


Spoiler that shit. Didnt want any nightmares when just going to sleep

No. 965643

What a selfish fucking twat. How insulated do you have to be to care more about maintaining your fitorexic physique than public health AND to think other people would agree?! I hope she goes out and protests like those American yahoos, contracts the virus and gets really sick. That way she can’t do her stupid home workouts either and she’ll have to eat all of her “all bodies are beautiful! Recovery is great!” Rhetoric.

No. 965644

Relapse in 3… 2… 1…

No. 965647


Same anon as >>965640 this one but laura is going to get impetigo(bacterial infection). Thats no fun.

No. 965649

How much longer are they going to enable this shit? Hospital is the absolute worst place for her to be, send her home for some CBT and be done with it ffs. She's the biggest waste of resources ever.

No. 965652

File: 1587928430518.jpeg (44.32 KB, 650x365, E2B7E249-8319-489F-9604-0C782F…)

Cant relapse if you never actually recovered

No. 965654

Geez, I wonder what makes her do that to such an extent…. attention or the stress of the corona?
We all know that “Ganer” is a gym thot, all the skelesexuals will jump all over you, and for ass pats from visually impaired recovery accounts on Instagram.

Sorry but people aren’t going to keep dying because you’re a bit scared to lose your imaginary muscles hun.

Soz, thought I did but then sent it.

No. 965661

put her on the fucking leper boat

No. 965663

Forget selfish, she’s stupid for thinking that petition will do anything. They aren’t going to allow gyms to reopen until it’s appropriate. It’s got over 10,000 now so it’ll get a response saying they need to be closed, pandemic, social distancing blah blah blah. If it gets 100,000, it might get debated in the commons but that’s unlikely, and even if it somehow is debated they’re not going to reopen gyms earlier than planned. It’s a really pointless petition and just shows the narcissism of gym-goers. Not a single mention of why the gyms are shut or what measures would be put in place if they reopen early just that it would be beneficial for all.

No. 965667

Why would anyone post this of themselves lol. Looks bad but there's nothing there that's worse than one deep arm cut for eg. Stupid prick.

Ain't gonna happen. People are sperging out because B&Q ppened to sell shit for people to do their garden or diy while there's fuck all else to do. No way would anyone, except the cunt Trump, open a gym. Might get the spitting joggers out of the park though. Another stupid prick omg.

No. 965689

jesus fucking christ, sage please, a bitch has night terrors
(and elzani is scary enough)

No. 965707

File: 1587935789687.jpeg (830.05 KB, 828x1635, 14738BBA-129D-40EA-84FB-4F3C6C…)

Comes back to claim it’s “real recovery time” just long enough to post a bunch of spoopyass pictures in her IG story and a treat sized chocolate bar the. Mysteriously disappears. Something tells me she’s not out there “eating all the things!!11!1”

No. 965713

Nothing to add but this is one of the most infuriating things I've seen on this thread! Petition to reopen gym germ factories whilst 800+ people are dying everyday because some fitorexic wants to feel happy???? She has multiple weight plates and dumbbells, what exactly is her issue??
Massive sperg but this has made me beyond mad.

No. 965716

I live in a US state that has opened gyms, bowling, massage, hair & nail salons, tattoo shops as of last Friday. Not exactly the contactless places you’d pick to reopen first. Trump advised our state governor to wait, but that didn’t happen. It’s the individual states making decisions, not always Trump. There’s no money left for unemployment and we can’t keep printing meaningless money.

No. 965743

>>965617 can you please post more of her posts?

No. 965754

File: 1587940121887.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 8BBEE62D-1902-4590-8AD5-A1F61E…)

Why hasn’t @meltinglikehoney been spoken about??? She’s another one obsessed with the tube and is ALWAYS in hospital. If it isn’t for “ED” it’s something else

No. 965755

File: 1587940308510.jpeg (275.55 KB, 744x1099, 5A5AE99A-1A5C-4DDF-973F-953431…)

1 of 2…

No. 965757

File: 1587940369007.jpeg (258.61 KB, 750x1174, 45263FBA-0682-451F-881E-0D61E7…)

2/2 (but she has heaps more) even when she isn’t in hospital she posts old pictures of her with the tube in

No. 965760

fucking lol at her looking significantly more chunky in her more recent pictures yet still being toobed because she’s still sick guise!!!!!

No. 965761

File: 1587940848754.jpeg (215.78 KB, 750x1196, 5D6ABD77-B32D-4FF3-B5DF-876DDF…)

And why hasn’t @fragile.clouds been mentioned?? Another who’s always Inpatient, even has that she’s sectioned in her bio

No. 965795

She’s currently only got two posts on her sadfxiry account. The recent scabby face and a screenshot from the Stacey Dooley documentary kek.

No. 965812

Meh she’s 16, is her behaviour milky or is she just a self absorbed teenager? She’s a minor so her parents make decisions on things like tubes. Probably not a cow.

No. 965836

Smells like a self post but I follow her; she posts photos of her clearly underweight body, talks about what she "only" eats (says they're snacks when they're clearly all she eats) and preaches about recovery when she's clearly being a hypocrite. She deletes photos/restarts her account all the time but recently has been keeping the photos of her looking at her skinniest

No. 965839

There used to be more but she deleted them when they started getting shared here. There are screenshots a few threads back.

No. 965844

I have nightmares now. Looking like she’s age 50 something, but maybe she’s like in her 30s? Dani was THE WORST. I always thought she must have done a lot of drugs to look that bad. And the fake boyfriend!

No. 965847

Ugh. How can she do that to herself? I used to be a self-harmer, but never on my face or where anyone could see. Most people who really struggle with this issue have tremendous shame about it and at least try to hide the cuts or scratches. What I hate is that you know she’s going to be posting soon about how her eating has gotten so bad and she’s at risk of falling into a coma again. Maybe she’s rebelling against the mandated drug injections she’s getting? Like, “if you make me do any of the work towards achieving a meaningful recovery, I’ll show you that I only get “better” through Starbucks and photo shoots.Not this whole work part of the process…”(blog)

No. 965855

What's the first pic about? The one that's like a stick figure diagram about being reincarnated from a Caucasian into a POC?

No. 965901

That's the thing about her. She craves the attention so I can almost guarantee she's not doing anything to places of her body that aren't on show.
Maybe there's a new documentary due to be filmed that she wants in on.

No. 965927

She can't restrict to look visibly ill so she's picked up the idea of fucking her face up. Attention. If someone wants attention enough, they'll graze their face no problem. The grosser the better because she wants to look the sickest (but obviously can't lose weight).

What a waste of life.

No. 965933

File: 1587990046090.jpg (150.66 KB, 1080x1327, 20200427_221709.jpg)

She shaved her eyebrows also. She apparently gets asked all THE time if she has cancer kek

No. 965961

>shaves head and proudly posts about her ng tube
>username is "chronically fighting"
>LARPs as someone with cancer

No. 965971

File: 1588001883620.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.58 KB, 1000x698, 9FF2EE34-2853-48BF-9EDA-33E487…)

Jesus if she has a chronic illness then at least disclose what it is in the bio to set people straight…. why shave off your eyebrows? She’d be looking like uncle fester soon.

No. 965973

Tbh I don’t like talking about kids, they may still have some kind of a future, not like Elzani, Becky and many others.

Children are usually irresponsible by nature and so would do these kinds of things whereas adults at least have some kind of moral compass that should inform them that what they are doing is bullshit and won’t help them or others.

No. 965977

Honestly have no idea why people show off their tube, or want it. It hurts after a while and gets in the way, fuck that shit, people usually want it out ASAP.
Also if they were soooooo scared of calories and gaining weight, why would they be happy to get the tube????
Only reason could be for attention and ass pats from others, social media is a hell hole when it comes to follower competition and likes.

No. 965983

File: 1588003090336.png (569.26 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200427-165657.png)

Georgia before anorexia.

No. 965984

she's not a child. She's 17, that's old enough to know better

No. 965987

Tube pride is weird. You don't get people with bladder issues posing with their catheters… I hope.

No. 965988

samefag but this just shows how little Georgia knows about eating disorders, you don't just suddenly get one. They develop over time

No. 965990

Guys, I'm gonna start anorexia tomorrow! Any tips?

No. 965995

Add some depressy as well.

No. 965996

Nope, that happens too. Especially in ana chans and wannarexics who are munchie crossovers. They love to show off their catheters and piss bags. It seems to go along with a feeding tube obsession too a lot of the time.

No. 966003

Amazing how anorexia took her from a healthyish weight young woman to an obese child. Tragic indeed.

No. 966007

Nah she’s overweight there

No. 966011

Hence the issshhhh. She could technically be slightly overweight and still moderately healthy. Theoretically. But don’t worry, she doesn’t have to worry about being healthy any time soon, she’s too busy tackling all those “fear foods” like the brave recovery warrior she is.

No. 966014

File: 1588006257107.jpeg (674.37 KB, 828x1634, CD47A2F7-5A8A-4721-9CEE-64F5B6…)

All references and links to her “personal training services” and that dumbass petition to reopen the gyms in the UK have been removed. How much hellfire do you think she received?

No. 966015

You’re right, certainly healthier than she is now but she is well into the overweight category there.

No. 966016

File: 1588006429566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 761.03 KB, 1073x1908, 20200427_102235.jpg)

Showing off the face scratching with a cute filter, as one does

No. 966017

No, she’s a child. She’s over 16 so she’ll have a bit more say in her treatment but her parents still have the ultimate say.

If anything she’d be less mature than other 17 years olds since she’s been in hospital a lot. Idk how often or how long for but the anon said she always has sectioned in her bio so probably a long while.

No. 966018

Oh look, she chose a filter that gives her freckles to make her scabby face look worse.

No. 966021

Those antipsychotics have put weight on her.

Thr level of someone's maturity doesn't count towards the definition of child or adult. People are kicked out of the care system at 17 and have to live independently.

No. 966025

Like did going to the theater trigger her BED? Grabbed some snacks for the movie and just never stopped?

No. 966028

She was also reposting a contest to win a home gym. Much recovery, when not being able to go to the gym is causing such major meltdown kek

No. 966031

Never said maturity counts towards definition of a child or adult. She’s under 18 so she is a child. I don’t want to be seen as wking but >>965984 said she’s not a child when she clearly is. 17 year olds being kicked out of care is a different matter.

The point is that many of us don’t like discussing under 18s since it’s hard for them to be considered a cow because their parents make decisions like whether they need to be admitted or consent for a tube. Even if they should know better, they’re still a child.

No. 966036

The play she went to see must've been really shit to do that to her.

No. 966037

Thinnest i’ve ever seen her KEK

No. 966039

when most people think of children, they don't think of people nearing adulthood. Not to mention, you were trying to defend her actions based on her being a "child," but she is obviously old enough to know what she's doing is wrong. Even you agree that she's old enough to know better, so I don't know why you're defending her. It's irrelevant whether her parents choose if she's sectioned or tubed. They don't post on social media for her.
Could you factually say she's a minor? Yes, but don't pretend your subjective definition of a child is the end-all-be-all. Anyone over 16 is allowed to be discussed. You're not an authority here

No. 966055

Chill tf out, anon. A person is not an adult until they turn 18. Fucking get over it already and stop derailing the thread. No one cares but you.

No. 966060

Yeah she deletes/restarts her account so many times it’s impossible to get a sense who the chick even is. Used to follow too and found her more of an irritant than especially milky.

Lolwat. I thought she said her “ED” started off as anorexia? Ofc we all know it’s bs but the way she puts it shows yet again how clueless she is about the reality of this stuff…how do you pinpoint a single DAY like that (unless you’re like legit sick and it’s like your first admission or something?)
You’d think for someone who’s wasted years in unnecessary treatment she would have at least picked up some knowledge. At this point I’m convinced a bot could do a better job at faking an ED than our Porky Porge

No. 966067

File: 1588017454823.png (155.93 KB, 720x872, Screenshot_20200427-205603~2.p…)

What's that, Georgia?

No. 966086

Kek she’s the best evidence that getting into New Farm is pretty fucking easy. But she just loves to play the sooper sick ED patient. The main risk to her health is her obesity and the heart disease and diabetes she’s at least bordering on. NF seems to have zero ethics or medical knowledge, otherwise they wouldn’t keep letting her play ana warrior while gaining more and more weight.

No. 966101

Lies can get someone into private clinics if they've got the cash.

No. 966113

not being an adult /=/ being a child
I even said "near adult" in my reply, learn to read

No. 966120

lol at "law graduate". everyone just had to know about her fancy degree even though shes not working in the field or doing anything with it

No. 966122

I’m thinking she has a degree in legal studies, which is not akin to a “law degree”, and just wants everyone to think she has the credentials to be a lawyer.

No. 966124

No she’s got a law degree from University of Bristol

No. 966148

Get off the thread ganer

No. 966149

Look through her Instagram page, anon. Learn to sage whilst you’re at it.

No. 966234

File: 1588063232242.jpeg (1.22 MB, 828x1723, A49A2488-1AF3-46EC-B7DB-62306C…)

Is it celery? I bet it’s celery!

No. 966237

doesn't want a supplement but happily takes down continous tube feeds.

No. 966243

File: 1588067350415.png (4.04 MB, 828x1792, 60EB3FD5-D610-47CA-A5AB-9AD859…)

Someone taught her anotherrecovery buzzword: “extreme hunger”. No, sweety, that happens when a body is under its healthy weight and has been restricted for a long time, it’s a mechanism to get back to a healthy weight and hormone balance. You’re just a fatty trying to justify your bingeing sessions.

No. 966250


Ffs anon you shoulda spoilered that shit, that face…

No. 966252

Correction, “mental hunger”. Got my anabuzzwords confused. Her trying to justify her overeating because of mental hunger is maybe even more laughable though.

No. 966280

Unoiled vegetables

No. 966292

That'll be because she eats so much at home and she's used to her binge eating. Must be tough pretending to not want food.

No. 966293

File: 1588080015555.jpeg (417.23 KB, 930x1577, 7ABA29CE-9F2B-4BD8-A066-A8790C…)

Nothing has changed much to update on Nourish until now… yes that is barbecue sauce on her hand and yes you can still see it dirty in the next few stories.

No. 966295

She's sending this picture as a thank you for a freebie? Sticky sauce IN HER HAND? HOLY SHIT.

No. 966297

Just when you think she's reached the lowest low, she bests herself. Incredible.

No. 966298


HAHAHA! in what universe do you not even have a dirty ass bowl around to put your condiment in, that you use your fucking HAND?!

I cant even with this bitch…
she just went full retard

No. 966300

There is no way it's a freebie from Heinz. I think she's just enjoying the combo?!
I just can't imagine putting sauce on my hand!

No. 966301

Pretty sure it's for the corn snack. And seriously. Even at my lowest, I've never used my hand as a vessel for sauce. That's some next level shit.

No. 966302

Well their brains are technically still developing regardless of mental health issues until the age of 25, plus she is underweight, we all know is how being malnourished messes with people’s heads, look at Elzani. Kek. Also being in hospital all the time institutionalises people so they forget how the world fucking works.

No. 966305

Omg no one cares.

This is my new favorite iconic n2f moment. So, she poured sauce onto her hand then had to carefully open her camera app, one handed, to take a picture AND add stupid captions and at no point did she think to herself “wow this is probably really weird and I shouldn’t publicly post it” ?! Girl’s head is absolutely fucked. Worst part is, she’s probably using her hand as a condiment plate MID B/P SESSION! That’s a tasty blend of vomit and bbq sauce we’re looking at right there.

No. 966309

It's like picking up dog shit with her hand and not a dog poop bag.

No. 966331

File: 1588088870098.jpeg (889.18 KB, 828x1531, 1135BF36-6856-4195-97EB-0F5A1E…)

Lmao. This is her idea of “really doing it this time guyzzzz!!11heartemoji*butterfly*!!”
Nothing said anorexia recovery quite like macro tracking and 300g of protein, amirite?

No. 966340

Nice way to go about losing weight. She could at least quit the ana egg white shit. She may as well be eating air. Don't even pretend to be recovering.

No. 966341

the sad thing is she probably does think this is recovery. Maybe had rules before about not putting milk in coffee, and maybe that meal is bigger than she's used to. She needs to go to a professional

No. 966349

Want to take bets that the “milk” is some shitty unsweetened almond milk?
She needs professional help, sure, but she also needs to stop bragging about her recovery across 3 accounts and telling people her sooper speshul recovery strategies.

No. 966352

File: 1588093487782.png (4.23 MB, 828x1792, FD2D018C-74E1-4B2F-97E6-673E72…)

This type of attention seeking bullshit in the recovery community. Really babe? Your mom thought a low-no fat white fish was the best protein source for ya’? To go with those egg whites, right? And she’s not actually asking for suggestions because I’m guessing she’ll be baking or steaming that shit regardless of how many people suggest deep fried & battered

No. 966388

File: 1588099449622.jpeg (114.9 KB, 1080x842, DCCFA5B2-F89D-41B3-B6F4-114BF9…)

No. 966453

lots of soft food & liquids so that it comes up easy! real recovery indeed lmfaooo

No. 966461

Naw. I don’t think this one purges. I think she’s a master of making a small number of calories look like a lot of food and then sticking her ass in the air expecting lots of pats from her followers. And getting them, based on her comment section.

No. 966462

nah, check her starvin.to.strong.eats account and look through any of her posts on booty.over.bones from like a year ago. shovelled in 5000+ cals because her parents forced it but conveniently went so hypermetabolic she never gained an ounce from it. all of the shit she makes is swimming in fluid — she says it herself

No. 966463

you just can’t get that small if you’re absorbing basically anything . plates of veggies and pure protein still have calories

No. 966465

File: 1588110264329.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 8E44F4D6-A35F-4F73-BE32-214631…)

slop plates to rival n2f. check this omelette with ketchup swimming around in the strawberry sauce runoff from her protein pancakes

No. 966466

File: 1588110410657.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 744FC22A-18D1-4E48-939C-CB8A59…)

No. 966467

File: 1588110608012.jpeg (749.54 KB, 750x1083, D9AAFAFF-D227-4793-BD8E-A3FD04…)

No. 966469

File: 1588110768101.jpg (37.42 KB, 960x946, 1576616671423.jpg)


No. 966471

Gimme a break, she has enough fat to last a WW3

No. 966477

no way she was eating 5000+ cals and not gaining. Even if she purged immediately after eating her body would still have absorbed calories. She had to be hiding food smehow (and also purging)

No. 966480

Probably her first crash diet. Tried the south beach diet for 3 hours then starting bingeing. Experts do say BED starts as restriction people just don’t have the self control. (Don’t come at me saying self-control)
Her size sure suggests she does fine with responding to mental hunger. A little too well even. Her hair is thinning I wouldn’t be surprised if she is having thyroid issues. Georgia you can have some sweets without eating the entire bag. You should try it some time
Please have this in the next banner. Please I beg

No. 966485

i feel like some of these girls make their food nasty on purpose to put themselves off it so they don't finish. maybe that's a hella obvious observation but jesus christ im legit nauseous looking at those last few pics. it's like they either make tiny baby meals of picture-perfect oatmeal with perfect strawberry slices and exactly five almonds in a toddler bowl with a kawaii filter or it's a full on garbage plate from hell

No. 966491

Genuine extreme hunger and food obsession can have weird results, iirc some of the men in the Minnesota starvation study also created weird food combos.

No. 966495

Anything tastes amazing when you’ve starved yourself to emaciation. Even vomit-swirled hand bbq sauce.

No. 966498


actually i totally get that part of it, but specifically in the case of n2f it's just like what is the filth all about? sure, she's clearly a hoarder-lite but i mean, i remember when she posted a sandwich with a huge spot of mold on the bread front and center. weird food combinations make sense but jesus the hell is she trying to do to herself besides sicken herself and/or make it easier to purge

No. 966523

I think n2f's case is strong binge urges and going for any food she can get her hands on.
not to blogpost but I've dug food out of the trash for b/p sessions and heard of other's doing the same or worse

No. 966538

File: 1588123345099.jpg (150.52 KB, 719x1058, 20200429_022210.jpg)

Hiding in the cupboard under the stairs? Really, Morven?

No. 966561

Is Morven out of hospital /off section ?

No. 966577

Reactions to n2fs posts are as entertaining as her own. How can she outdo the hand plate? Difficult to imagine she's going to do something even crazier than that, but she definitely will do.

No. 966612

File: 1588146955271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.25 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20200429-155329_Ins…)

Check out the length of Ash's lanugo on her left chin

No. 966616

Im wondering if that was the night she got into that car accident?

No. 966624

Ash is lost without scheduling future trips to Target.
How's the mortality rate at care homes in the US for the virus?

No. 966625

Nah, she said she was a kid when that happened.

No. 966626

So meltinglikehoney is another australian normal weight girl staying in hospitals with a feedie tube. Actually sad that she seems to be underaged and is wasting her life to this.

I went through her page and she is IR friend with a few other normal weight girls/slightly skinny girls always staying in hospitals with their feedie tubes. Whats that with australia?! Do they just do it for the money?

I live in an european country where the health care is considered great and you really have to be skeleton level for you to get into a hospital. And they will want you out asap. Even treatment centers will do anything to get you back home asap, which sadly leaves many skelly girls to die.

These feeding tube girls seem to like being in the hospital.

No. 966629

Just looked through her profile to see. Her weight literally has not changed since she started her account. Sometimes severe restriction and rapid weight loss from a high weight can medically need nutritional support. But if anything she has gained she hasn't lost so I don't see why the tube and the iv lines are needed.
Usually this is harder to get in the public hospital system she is going through

No. 966640


It’s new WAEDOCS criteria we have.

The health system has realized you can be compromised at any weight, and the point is to catch people before they become so emaciated. People can need tubes at any weight if they are restricting and can’t eat.

No. 966644

it's nearly impossible for a human to eat more than 1000 calories a day from veggies and some protein, and that's not enough even for a child

No. 966646

I'm also from an Europen country, here you don't get a feeding tube unless you are literally dying. And then you are not in the condition to take selfies.

No. 966651

They'd be waiting a long time for Georgia to be so emaciated. Treatment should be getting them to actually eat like in normal EDUs and not tubing until it's seriously compromising their life.

No. 966662

They aren't usually compromised, they go in for self harm or other attention seeking behaviour then play the "I'm not eating" card. They even describe it on their stories.

No. 966675

Georgia is in QLD though.

WAEDOCS is specific to Western Australia which is where I am, and where meltinglikehoney is from.

No. 966686

File: 1588171538481.png (1.93 MB, 1874x924, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.43…)

you didn't pick the worst one imo. here's her "night platter" of "Greek yogurt and light jello, cucumber, cinnamon sugar popcorn, milky pumpkin spice tea, lots of ham, and a kremes"

i think this is the most disgusting plate of slop i've ever seen, worse than n2f. no way she isn't purging. if you scroll back on her page for a while you'll find some posts where she talks about getting caught trying to purge and she's clearly figured out a better way to hide it now kek.

No. 966695

Still doubt purging, but I figure it’s cause she keeps eating heaping piles of low calorie slop in an attempt at muh recovery. Eating 3 balanced meals a day with snacks would make them stop eating like such retards, but they don’t want that, they want big bowls of yogurt with jello and candy popcorn

No. 966729


No. 966738

File: 1588181784939.png (1.4 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200429-183504.png)

Living her best life…holding a plate of brownies. Yes, this is the best life.

No. 966742

is there a reason why elanzi only bakes brownies and marble cake? i know this is a weird thing to nitpick about but is it a caloric thing or is she sensitive about different textures?

No. 966747

I think it's all she knows how to bake.

No. 966756

“Quick, let’s put these brownies on a cutting board and go pose with them outside. That’s totally a normal, not weirdly food-obsessed thing to do!”

Somewhat related, Satara posted some cute pics of herself on her (satara’s) personal Instagram which made me wonder how / why she’s okay with E constantly posting really, REALLY awful pictures of her (Satara) on her (elzani’s) instagram? Clearly Satara has a sense of what is and isn’t attractive and of how she wants to be perceived. Does e just not care? Is she trying to make her sister look worse to make herself feel better?

No. 966761

I don't think E has any concept of how people look. She's obsessed with how food looks, but she doesn't gaf about people looking rough. Look at what she wears and it's obvious.

Her sisters must tell her not to tag them.

No. 966770

E cares a lot about people still thinking she looks sick. She wants to be told that she looks sick and told that she should gain weight. It’s the main reason why I doubt this “recovery” is going to last, now that her booty is looking nice and healthy and her face has rounded out. Don’t get me wrong, she looks a lot better, but I don’t think she can cope without constant external validation for her binge sessions.

No. 966776


Yes,done that and even ate food that i already chewed and spit. Its disgusting, but hey that is life

Saged because blogpost

>>966738 well now she atleast looks like a normal humanbeing

No. 966782

do you guys think she's going to start using the wannarexic angles in an attempt to make herself look underweight? Maybe she'll pull a Georgia and squish her arms and legs close to her body with an oversized sweatshirt on

No. 966785

Oh yes I saw Satara’s pictures as well, I think the reason Elzani doesn’t gather how people might feel if she does certain things is because of her autism, not even speculating it anymore, it’s obviously autism.
She lacks the empathy, must say though some people with autism care too much about others and worry endlessly about hurting people but Elzani literally lacks empathy towards other, remember her mother having cancer? The way she behaved then?

No. 966792

sage for blogpost and samefag but as someone who is on the spectrum, it's different for everyone with ASD. but it's also possible to be both hyper empathetic while also lacking the emotions to care about how other people feel. it's weird. she definitely strikes me as someone who is autistic, though

No. 966851

File: 1588199817841.jpg (663.56 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20200430-084206_Dri…)

Here is the admission criteria for queds (QLD ed service)

No. 966852

File: 1588199881113.jpg (736.6 KB, 1079x1277, Screenshot_20200430-084336_Dri…)

And here is the queds criteria and guidelines for refeeding and for the need of ng tubes

No. 966861

point still stands that meltinglikehoney and Georgia are both overexaggeraters and need to be just treated outpatient with a meal plan. They stay the same weight and feign restriction symptoms for attention.

No. 966884

read the thread. past post captions have her talking abt purging

No. 966949

File: 1588216617950.png (809.97 KB, 666x1054, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 9.13…)

sage for no milk but I get strong Elzani vibes from booty.over.bones's family dynamics. Besides pulling the same ""totally doing real recovery this time guys" bs she's totally dependent on her mommy, her sister low key hates her based on some of her posts, dad seems checked out.

No. 966979

File: 1588220022660.png (971.46 KB, 604x1064, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 9.13…)

No. 966982

is it just me or has she gained quite a bit lately? She looks good and healthy tbh. too bad weight restoration doesn't seem to be improving her mental function.

No. 966984

File: 1588220655244.png (207.66 KB, 324x332, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.2…)

seriously. no one who posts a picture of themselves looking like this has any concept of how people look, including herself.

No. 966994


yes Elzani, you look good.

geez, have you seriously stooped so low to ask US for compliments on "how well you're doing" now??
why not just stick to asking your Grandma or Mumzani ya sperging flog? or has the big C knocked her out?

No. 966996


i seriously doubt she cares about us. She totally lives inside her head and her bubble.
It kind of makes me sad because she seems happy, but happiness based on an unrelenting will to ignore the world and it's realities isn't happiness. It's just ignorance.

No. 967036

Disagree. I think she’s obsessed with herself and probably googles her name 100x a day and self posts here in the hopes that we’ll talk about how she’s still too skinny and needs to gain weight (she’s not.)

No. 967049

I'm with the theory E's on the spectrum. I wonder how other anons see her if she lived in her own place. Do you think it'd be paid for by her parents or she'd get a job or sign on. Do you think she has any awareness how to budget? Could she be content to chill out by herself? I really can't imagine her living independently because her parents have made her useless plus autism. What even IS she? She's a different social class to me, but people I know and friends who are one above aren't as hopeless and reliant on parents as she is. Going off for gap years is something I couldn't afford, but at least it gives people life skills and experiences. Then there's Elzani who does an OU course from home.

No. 967050

She's a perfect weight imo. She looks healthy and fit. She needs to cut down on so much sugar. It looks like her meal portion's are okay but she snacks way too much.

No. 967051

Is E being autistic pure speculation? Because I’m speculating that she’s mentally retarded

No. 967059

Speculation. An anon said E said she isn't autistic. There's something very wrong whatever syndrome it is.

No. 967067

File: 1588246177657.jpeg (864.33 KB, 828x1571, 6FD8C71F-5148-4716-A382-73B3F6…)

She confirms right here that she’s “crazy”, because omg yogurt on her poridge?!!?!11 the fact that painting her room, in her parents’ house, is the most exciting thing to happen to this 22 year old woman is…sad.

No. 967075

Actually, speculating she’s mentally retarded is an insult to those with intellectual disabilities. My cousin who has cerebral palsy and an IQ of 50 has a more interesting and fulfilling life than E

No. 967078

File: 1588249333230.png (418.84 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_20200430-131735~2.p…)

It's incredible that people are moved to draw her. Incredible as in beyond credulity they can be so brain dead.

No. 967080

No thoughts of moving out then? Life is fucked up, but I'm damn glad I threw myself into it some years before her age. I don't think she's ever been in a relationship, however fleeting. So sheltered it's self abuse.

No. 967089

blogging but I used help out at a charity that provided support to adults with learning disabilities - I genuinely think she’d benefit from taking the basic life skills course, she might actually gain some independent skills…

No. 967093

File: 1588253452871.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 2048x1536, 1402CAE5-9232-4E72-8D62-4287DE…)

No. 967095

Yeah, but she would make a 45 minute vlog out of every single experience and sperge like she was the epitome of functional adult. I can see it in my mind’s eye “FULL DAY OF EATING: WASHING CLOTHES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! SO MUCH FUN!” Cue closeup shots of her face as her mom teaches her how to fold a fucking t-shirt “wow mummm!” “Mum is the best at folding clothes!” “Look mum, didn’t I do a good job? I did a good job right? Satara says I didn’t, but I DID, right mum? Mum?”

No. 967099

fucking chef’s kiss to you

No. 967100

File: 1588254983845.jpg (130.7 KB, 720x1202, IMG_20200430_154832_743.jpg)

Yeah so this pro-ana scumbag right here.
They pretend they are a recovery account and get mad for being mistaken for pro-ana….yet all of their account is them doing body-checks,gloating about losing weight and being proud of it and give people tips in the comments.

No. 967102


She had a boyfriend in year 11, they went to prom together. That was.. 5 years ago? Maybe? I don't know how old she is now lol.

No. 967103

All I saw as far as tips go is just basic exercise ones. Like “I do squats” or “I lifted weights for upper body” otherwise she just attracts stupid wannabes in her comments and then ignores them when they ask “how’d you do iit??!!1”
Boring, imo.

No. 967119

File: 1588257837259.jpg (520.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200430-153257_Ins…)

Of course you have to show your sunken eyes and neck scars while talking about something completely unrelated to both. What normal person wouldn't show staged pictures of how sooper sick you are (sarcasm)

No. 967125

Oh yeah soz, this is for the future new board.

No. 967133

i love how you made georgia's table tits hanging off the hot-air balloon. what a nice touch

No. 967155

She's underweight for her height but hardly deadly thin. Thinspo for mpa kids judging be comments for ~tips~(anachan)

No. 967158

Lol Laura lifting her fucking leg. Yassss! A+ anon!

No. 967168

File: 1588264233504.jpg (252.02 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20200430_172955.jpg)

Hmmm how long for now? Place your bets.

No. 967169

Ok ana-chan

No. 967171

Even used a filter to put marks on her face? The old ones are probably healing so wants to make it look like she's got something to hide. Bless.

No. 967176

Damn, you beat me to it anon!

Two weeks tops before she makes another five super serious attempts on her life.

No. 967177

i think it’s just the blurring effect of the filter but does anybody else think she looks cross eyed as fuck in this

No. 967181

Oh you must be obese.

This weekend she'll go to the bridge again. Less than a week.(anachan)

No. 967196

Don't need to be obese to know that a bmi of less than 16 is healthy. Keep coping

No. 967201


Well.. it's safe to say she is a virgin, right ? not sure why but she gives me the vibe that once (if) she ever gets to have sex, then she might obsess about that too.

No. 967203

Seems awfully quick to discharge her when she’s still being so gd crazy, but I guess maybe they realize it’s all for attention and she’ll never actually do anything. Or they pumped her full of enough medication to last in her system awhile?

No. 967205

File: 1588269136813.png (221.5 KB, 712x599, Screenshot_20200430-184817~2.p…)

Ever think she might be lying about her stats? If you think these are the legs of someone so thin they might die then let me know and I'll call you Georgia.

The level of butthurt is setting off those self post alarms.(anachan)

No. 967206


She's going to have to think up new tricks to get to stay in. The starving didn't work eventually, the face damage is being ignored now. What next?

No. 967207

Is healthy? Do you mean unhealthy?

No. 967209

File: 1588269606180.png (448.22 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20200430-173631~2.p…)

Maria's been unusually quiet since popping her sleeping pills. Looks like they worked well for her.

No. 967210

I'm guessing that was a wannarexic's Freudian slip!

No. 967212

File: 1588270151898.png (Spoiler Image, 581.24 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_20200430-190653~2.p…)

Our Russian friend dhows us what deadly thin is all about.

No. 967233

Amhaaauuuziiing, divine, great!@! hats off to you

No. 967235

You linked to the wrong post, anon.

No. 967241

File: 1588274477986.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1827, B6E4B02F-E705-4324-904F-1C1375…)

ames finally croaked

No. 967243

As far as I’m aware she’s been brought to attention a few times (and seemed to be milky tbf) but has never actually been discussed beyond the initial posts. So I don’t understand why you’re mentioning it…

No. 967255

Smells like a vendetta, imo. A dead anorexic girl isn't milky anymore

No. 967262

Reeks of vendetta seeing how somebody started a thread 4 months ago about her being a "nightmare".

No. 967272

not actually a vendetta but i understand the reasoning behind thinking that. i just remembered when emily the immortal skeletons death was posted about after not having discussed her and decided to post the word of her death.

No. 967276

I suppose it's worth keeping a tally on the fallen to remind all being pro ana is not cool. We've lost Terri, Emily skele and now Ames.

No. 967289

yeah, my bad
such a wannarexic that I'm arguing about that being underweight is unhealthy, so ana guise
I'm not butthurt, I just think what you're saying is stupid and hate to see stupidity in the world. I don't think she's thin enough to drop dead, but she's pretty underweight, and it's obviously unhealthy. I'm sorry tons of thinspo have ruined your perception of a healthy body, and just so you know, I'm on the lower end of a healthy weight. Again, keep coping

No. 967298

File: 1588283013922.jpeg (529.73 KB, 828x1549, 786875FD-DF1E-4013-9DB8-928B0A…)

Wait wait wait. So ganer, who less than a week ago was begging people to sign a petition to let UK gyms reopen is now posting “stay home” tags and shouting out frontline workers? Nice lip service there. Trying to convince people she’s a good person and not a spoilt orthorexic twat with a giant ego? I guess she’s okay staying home now that more of her home gym equipment and a bicycle has been delivered? Keep pushing that “recovery coaching” biz though. Cool beans.

No. 967301

It's sad. It feels like we should be respectful when anyone dies of an eating disorder, no matter how they annoying or pro ana or whatever. Hope her family can overcome this. RIP.

No. 967318

I never posted about her because she flew under my radar but I couldn't suddenly post about being sad about any of the other cow's deaths after slagging them off. That's two faced. I'd shut up about them because they're dead. That's how it goes with others like Kadee and Terri. Just because they die they don't earn respect, but yeah sad for the families even though they must feel relieved they're not going through years of stress any more.

No. 967326

really sad - but if i died and my family decided a photo were i’m squinting against the sun like that was the one to use i’d be pissed. also have we got an obit?

No. 967328

Might be too early.s

Shit time for her family to plan a lockdown service.

No. 967334

I wish she'd stop using that damn filter

No. 967339

She died by suicide.

No. 967363

nah since she's not actually a wannarexic i think she's more likely to just relapse. not that i'm hoping for it, i just could easily foresee it

No. 967370

how does ganer afford all this shit? she can't be making much from her online "coaching"?

No. 967375

I'm guessing she comes from a family with money and is used to being waited upon and gifted whatever she wants. She never mentions a job, despite her supposed law degree (probably also subsidized by the bank of Mom and Dad).

No. 967384

File: 1588293684530.jpg (201.15 KB, 720x1277, IMG_20200501_023634_762.jpg)

No. 967398

>>967241 can you post a few of her final insta posts pls

No. 967418

Not milk and not relevant to the thread, if you didn't follow her just let it go

No. 967440

why is georgia so keen on asking others to do her work for her? she acts as if she’s utterly helpless

No. 967445

topkek. This gets my vote for next thread picture. The car crash in the sun makes it all so dark and Georgias boobs flopped over the side of the balloon is fucking priceless. Good one, anon.

No. 967488

Females with ASD are notoriously un/mis-diagnosed. Elzani is honestly the epitome of a female with ASD.

No. 967490

File: 1588313301991.jpg (573.41 KB, 1058x1972, 20200501_161526.jpg)

The extra soopy selfies from shay have started

No. 967491

Ok, Anna, we get it, you've got a bug up your arse about Dharma. Can you come back when there's actual milk? So far this is just standard half-hearted attempts at recovery and, whilst sad and frustrating, isn't exactly milky.

No. 967501

insert waving emoji — i’m the person who’s probably added the most abt her to the thread, those two weren’t me & not named anna so whats the deal here lol

No. 967510

Ew. kill it with fire

No. 967513

WKing so hard you derail the topic & create someone to blame for the posts about her… a little bit cringe ? Or is that you Darma?

No. 967521


Definitely not WKing. The shit that Dharma is pulling irritates me as much as the next farmer but I just don't see it as being particularly milky. It's just the usual, sad ED, "recover", relapse cycle.

Anna's profile pic was visible in this post >>966465 and she commented on Dharma's post here https://www.instagram.com/p/B_WRwsoJAmZ/

No. 967536

I’m with you anon, Dharma is boring as shit. Lil milky but not massively and she’s taking up so much of the thread.

No. 967538

Did she shave her head and eyebrow to look sick? Seems like she’s going the munchie route more since she’s been a normal weight.

No. 967541

She has always been a normal weight. Scroll up to read rhe shave saga

No. 967562

File: 1588338217094.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1242x2197, 49EFBBC4-B02D-4255-9742-587F29…)

Just going to drop this here. 14?????

No. 967565

She's still wearing the same horrendous style for almost a decade. I don't think we've ever seen her dressed up in something other than slobbing around the house wear, a bit of makeup or nice hairstyle? I know not everyone is into looking good once in a while, but I can imagine her going to a wedding looking like a chav.

No. 967573

The car accident in the sun haha, thanks anon

No. 967595

File: 1588344728981.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2141, FD50659F-AB53-4A09-ADA7-94B7AF…)

Was reading old threads where Ashley died, and Ames was posted right below. Weird.

No. 967609

Oh dear, maybe it's like Final Destination. The ana who was posted under Ames better watch out.

No. 967641

File: 1588350326946.jpg (507.35 KB, 720x1160, 20200501_172444.jpg)

Didn't even last until the weekend.

No. 967647

Thought she was discharged? Either she was lying about that (unlikely considering she LOVES being there) or is lying about a pciu

No. 967649

Same fag, meant pdu

No. 967654

why is she going bald? trich or traction alopecia from her hair always being in a gross bun?

No. 967661

It wouldn’t surprise me if she was pulling at it. Eventually she’s gonna be in her late 20s and balding with a scarred up face, hope the attention was worth it.

No. 967669

Probably pulling it out. Blog but I wore my hair up for months and my hairline did not move like that.

No. 967674

File: 1588355011456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 740.45 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20200501-123918_Ins…)

I know we briefly touched on this one before, but they are worse than I thought, and their comments are cringe as fuck. Obv promoting an unhealthy standard under the guise of "body positivity". Their whole feed is just body checking jfc

No. 967675

File: 1588355033654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20200501-124015_Ins…)


No. 967676

File: 1588355146894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.86 KB, 1079x1587, Screenshot_20200501-124107_Ins…)


No. 967677

Jesus wept. I said she'd be back at the weekend and thought that sounded tragic, but lol. I'm, what's pdu?

No. 967678

It was Georgia!! She's so weak and frail I'm not surprised..

No. 967681

RIP in advance, Georgia. Hope you find some peace at last.

No. 967682

Found your acc because you left your pfp in, your main account is tagged in your bio (psychedelictoastcrunch) and your feed is also all body checks lmao man

No. 967684

Psych decision unit. Where people usually get assessed, so can assume she put herself there.

No. 967688

Thanks. That'll be fun trying to get them to believe her shit.

No. 967689

She could mean she can't be managed in her supported living, which would make sense she's being sent off to pdu for assessment. I'm sure it's basically after you call an ambulance or police are involved, instead of being in a general emergency environment, which is probably too much for the poor soul. I wouldn't be surprised if she asked the emergency services to take her there herself.

No. 967690

It's a Personality Disorder Unit. It's long term treatment given that acute psych and supported housing haven't helped.
Depends where/if she gets sent but they can have really good results at dealing with the cycle of admissions and destructive behaviour using DBT and the individual having to take responsibility. But some are just like secure units so it really varies. The most successful UK ones are less secure and focus on skills. Basically like 'yep, you can self harm, we're not going to take every little thing from you. But what's that really achieving?' Because actually they don't need to be 'kept safe' they need to deal with things appropriately.

No. 967691

Not as if she's causing any problems for people who work in the NHS right now. Totally unselfish.

No. 967694

how embarrassing.

No. 967703

No. 967705

Finally someone gets it right.

And she isn’t back in hospital, thats her supported accommodation. Y’all jumping the gun saying she’s back in hospital when she’s clearly not.

No. 967709

So they should address her HPD?

No. 967712

She only has suspected EUPD (BPD) so if she manages to get a place and NHS funding for it without a proper diagnosis, she’ll be assessed to see which personality disorder she has. Not to be an armchair psychiatrist but it’s unlikely she’ll have HPD just because she’s attention seeking.

No. 967715

Loving how you went all stalker mode to try and find me (op) lol sorry not sorry, been a long-time lurker here and thought I'd feed the thread with someone new since all it seems to be these days is Georgie milking the health system or elzani doin some creepy shit. Getting kinda boring :/(:/)

No. 967717

Why stay here then? Go shoo.

No. 967722


then why are you here kekkk someone’s mad they couldn’t crop their pfp out

No. 967726

This >>967674 isn't milky, she just thinks she looks and sounds cool when really she looks and sounds like a twat.

No. 967729

I do think it’s pretty unnecessary for everyone to always go out of their way to hunt down farmers who aren’t careful enough to hide themselves. Like, what’s accomplished ? They’re no more cringeworthy than you who’s hunting them down are. We’re all here spending our own time criticizing people we don’t know whose actions have no real effect on us. Not that the cows don’t deserve it, but like….

No. 967731

Because the sweet hypocrisy milk is a refreshing side dish to the usual wannarexic milk? Idk. A little drama never hurt the thread.

No. 967732

>. We’re all here spending our own time criticizing people we don’t know whose actions have no real effect on us

Yeah but we don't all have accounts where we do ana chan bodychecks.

No. 967738

oh i know this bitch. Half of the pro-ana community hates her. Must be a really shitty person for even the lowest communities to not like her.

No. 967739

Kek she made her account private and changed her profile pictures

No. 967741

Get a life, nobody cares

No. 967742

And you learn to sage

No. 967743

Aww don't be mad at me! Just learn to crop and this will never happen again!

No. 967746

I mean, this thread has always been shit. (Wannabe) bonelords come to talk shit about other bonelords that they’re pretending to be friends with on Instagram, all the way back to the Emily/Ember days. Transparent as fuck. Never change anachans.

No. 967761

All that's required is for a psychiatrist to write a letter saying she has EUPD. Loads of people are never properly assessed (hence why it's over diagnosed). But regardless of diagnosis in the UK for long term treatment there is basically only DBT based settings. There is 1 unit for Trauma/ PTSD where is isn't a PDU. Everywhere else is a PDU that says they also take other things. Otherwise it's a learning disability setting. Laura doesn't have an IQ below 70…
Laura has been on section 3 so has 117 aftercare so funding wouldn't be super hard for her to get.
Also Laura doesn't talk about herself much I don't think she has HPD. We see no long captions about her life etc etc. Doesn't go on about childhood or childhood admission, know nothing about her school life. Mostly just pictures over and over.

Repeated suicidal/ para suicidal behaviour
Self harm
Using food
Psychosis/ pseudo-psychosis

Gonna be EUPD/ c-PTSD (basically same thing on new criteria)

No. 967763

we need some porgie milk

No. 967780

if anything, the observations could help because they can see the other cluster b traits she has. Laura needs serious help and I think they have realized that

No. 967785

File: 1588370948402.png (2.21 MB, 1080x2058, Screenshot_2020-05-01-23-09-16…)

Last thing she posted

No. 967794

Whatafucking lumpen idiot.

I hope this woman never becomes a journalist.

No. 967828

Did she watch a movie with a car crash in it

No. 967842

She schedules her sooper scawy PTSD nightmares just like she schedules her relapses kek

No. 967890

People with PTSD check things such as movies out to make sure they are appropriate for them and won’t cause them any distress. Porgie could have easily avoided any nightmares.

No. 967895

Must have been about McDonald's shutting down

No. 967897

She's hot as hell but I hate how she writes. Better to just shut up and look pretty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 967901

bitch you blind

No. 967909

Probably the same salty ana chan who posted this non milky skelly in the first place

No. 967960

For someone so wants career in journalism she spends zero time doing things to write on her CV. All the time in the world's and she doesn't research and write article for a blog or submit to websites. She slobs around watching YouTube, Friends and films. I'd be writing an expose of malpractice at NF. Why even bother with a degree she sounds majorly unenthusiastic about.

No. 967995

Maybe it was the one who was 'suuuu ana' she was arguing that a bmi of 15 was healthy kek

No. 968020

File: 1588424351044.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_2020-05-02-12-55-02…)

H..hummus on potatoes …

No. 968021

is she spoopy?

No. 968024

How bland. Hummus with ketchup? She's going all n2f.

No. 968025

File: 1588426410311.png (1.09 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200502-143123.png)

Oh, add playing shitty games to that. Gotta work off those calories moving her thumbs.

No. 968028

poor porgie such a hard life, try not to let the games trigger you. sarcasm

No. 968032


well that "real recovery" was fun while it lasted. guess the desire to restrict her way back to spoopiness is just way to strong.

And bitch please, we know you didn't add any hommus or tomato sauce on your plate.
you can find the time to take the "perfect" photo of every fukn meal/brownie, yet you take this incomplete photo.

guurrrlll you lyin'

No. 968040

This isn’t particularly smaller than a lot of the meals she posts. Generaly her meals are pretty low cal so that she can still justify bingeing on multiple slices of cake and brownies. Because that’s totally healthy and normal, right? (Sarcasm)

No. 968042

god why are her pupils always fucking enormous?

No. 968115

She still eats like loads of children do. Hates main meal but loves desserts and crap. She has asmall nutritious meal but stuffs herself on rubbish.

Might be brain damage because of her accident.

No. 968172


she cant possibly think she looks okay in this

No. 968175

Exactly what I thought. It just makes that dead stare even creepier. She should really get that checked out. Given the amount of light on her face, her pupils should be considerably smaller.

Of course she thinks she looks good. Nearly every selfie she posts is unflattering.

No. 968193

I think Georgia would be OK looking if she didn't fight ana so hard and lost (a lot of) weight

No. 968205

what’s the black plastic thing resting on the top of her head ?

No. 968217


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

No. 968275

Tbh I think all that is doing is giving her brain damage lol.

No. 968293

I have always wondered this! Maybe it’s a side effect from medications. Some antidepressants will give you dilated pupils

Or she’s just brain damaged from all the aggressive depression therapies she’s tried like >>968217 and ECT

No. 968299

Well surely her eating disorder was a big part of what made her take that decision.

It's sad either way.

No. 968368

TMS is doing nothing or it could help depression. I'm just not clear that Georgia has depression. I think she has a dissatisfaction with adult life…which TMS won't help.
TMS doesn't cause brain damage but ECT definitely can and I don't understand why if she's been positive about the effects of TMS why on earth they would give ECT. Additionally she is not old enough nor acutely ill enough to have gone through enough medication to have treatment resistant depression!
Georgia is ridiculous, New Farm is dangerous!

No. 968390

File: 1588506047473.jpeg (703.54 KB, 828x1713, D27AC27A-0B47-4A37-B44E-96A43D…)

My god she loves to whine about life at NF despite having literally lied and begged her way in. They’re checking on you so much because they’re nervous your obesity induced sleep apnea is going to kill you, not because your delicate, malnourished, dainty heart is at risk of stopping, honey.

No. 968396

NF sounds like a spa where people go to request a psychiatric treatment to relax. I think a lot of farmers have experience of real depression, and know that playing games on a fucking switch is something you wouldn't want to do even if you were the biggest gaming fangirl on the planet. You'd flush it down the toilet you'd hate the sight of it and everything else.

That place is a joke. A leisure park, Disneyland for people with cash to pay for treatments because they want to escape their bland life.

Disgusting to think this is a humble brag.

No. 968404

i’m sorry i’ve never been to IP is it normal to have a giant tv with pictures of food on it?

No. 968405

Being a food obsessed cow, she keeps posting about watching Masterchef, so I guess that's what's on TV. Poor anorexic skele girl Georgia can only watch food.

No. 968408

Ironically elzani also talks about master chef being one of her favorite shows. Are we surprised?

No. 968412

She learns nothing from MasterChef. She can't even do a decent fried egg.

Georgia follows Elzani…

No. 968414

File: 1588511673024.png (781.53 KB, 718x887, Screenshot_20200503-141156~2.p…)


No. 968416

Pretty internet ana communities, admitting a food obsession would be shameful. The kind of scenario where an anorexic would want the floor to swallow her whole if someone caught her looking at the books in the cookery section at the library. Now it's an ana point to say you love watching food shows.

No. 968417

Pre, not pretty.

Saw the delete but I agree with your post!

No. 968421

Slight blog but I've been somewhere with cable and food channels were all people wanted to watch. Looking back idk why it wasn't discouraged more but anyway, Georgia's nowhere near starved enough to have that level of obsession with everything food. There's a difference between that (think about the Minnesota Starvation Experiment) and simply being a greedy bitch. Just another ~ana~ thing she's trying to appropriate…wonder what the next will be?

No. 968422

Sorry anon reposted to add a bit!

But yeah basically it's all roleplay for her

No. 968424

I'm hoping it's exercising, but fat chance that's going to happen.

No. 968425

Naw, I think she’s already appropriated the anti lower-level movement recovery dialogue. Talked about how her team would only “allow” her short walks around the unit at one point. Undoubtedly they’re very worried that she might burn off some precious extra calories!

No. 968428

File: 1588513555152.jpg (138.25 KB, 720x1064, 1588439991347.jpg)

From the fakeboi thread

No. 968432

She should be on wheelchair rest. The nurses probs have to keep checking on her to make sure her remote control batteries haven't died. The walk to the TV could kill her.

O dear! I stopped looking at that thread a while ago. This girl is classic! Her face especially is so gaunt.

No. 968439

>>968293 can confirm. been on more than a handful over the years and about half make my eyes dilated af

No. 968444

File: 1588517083091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.9 KB, 660x1210, diaper_selfie_just_because__ag…)

Georgia likes to be mothered, right? She likes her sippy cup, right? Her pupils are dilated because she's into ABDL and she's sexually aroused by being treated like a child. The ana chan who like their plastic cutlery and plushies are too. Makes perfect sense.

No. 968486

Thanks, anon, I will never recover from that.

However, she probably does have mummy issues so you're potentially on the right track.

No. 968503

how tall is this cow? because her current weight would only be like 20 pounds overweight for somebody like 5”6 and she’s clearly obese. her goal weight isn’t very spooky lol.

No. 968505

File: 1588525088926.png (1.83 MB, 1080x2076, Screenshot_2020-05-03-17-49-07…)

Daria cried on livestream today. She was talking about how happy she was people were sending her pictures of flowers and that she could smell them through the screen, then she just stared tearing up over it. Really weird live tbh, just really fucking sad and you can tell she can't hold on much longer.

Also she did it in the middle of a store where people were just walking round. Doesn't seem safe in the middle of an epidemic, especially as she's so at risk.

No. 968513

Don't search #ABDL on insta. There isn't enough eye bleach in the world. Lots of cow material though.

I honestly believe she wants to die. Russia's getting the rona bad atm and even a bad cold would kill her off. It's sad. I wonder if she had irl friends.

No. 968515

damn, that’s sad. She seems nice as a person. But completely lost in her ED.

No. 968544

I don't think she has any friends, that's why she's always asking for people to send her pictures of their pets and their flowers. She has penpals and online friends though, one of them joined her livestream and was like, in it. That split screen thing. She posts about sending letters to her penpals. Sad, lonely life. I feel horrible for her because she's so kind.

No. 968563

It's how rapid her decline was that's shocking. You don't have to scroll back far on her account to see her all healthy and playing basketball. I still hate how she posts the body checks. It seems out of character. She's an interesting person and she'd be someone I'd want as a friend if she wasn't about to die. Definitely the scariest case, above Ash and Kelsey. You just know she's not going to last long. There's always the question wtf is her family doing letting her get on with it.

No. 968582

File: 1588539980075.jpg (878.84 KB, 1080x1597, 20200503_160445.jpg)

>beyond terrified

Laura, just admit that you love this

No. 968593

It’s not as rapid as it looks, check the dates and it was a good 2 years ago

No. 968595

Probably went and sat on the same bench as last time and waited for the police to come

No. 968605

No one cares

No. 968606

It’s more fun to snark on cows here than to directly bully them, imo. Bullying them will just fuel their “noble victim” narrative and / or drive them to post less. Milk is drying up around here enough as it is.

No. 968607

is your brain rotting

No. 968608


No. 968610

Is yours?

No. 968611

You have to be over 18 to use this board.

No. 968612

Stop samefagging and learn to sage

No. 968613

You better leave then

No. 968616

So Georgia is able to go on walks, watch food shows on tv and her checks are every 2 hours instead of 15 minutes. What exactly is she paying for?

No. 968621

The attention and feeling of being taken care of. She's a malingerer, she thrives on that shit.

No. 968630

Who was the deleted post about?

No. 968632

Georgia. Cowtipper thought they were clever with their message to her.

No. 968638

Getting to pretend she’s sick and special, while not having to have any responsibilities. Plus she gets to lay around and play videogames and do kids’ art projects under the guise of “recovery”, while eating junk and calling it a “challenge” kek

No. 968648

Personally Gordon Ramsay hits the spot for
me, but only because of his colourful language. I think it’s just the food obsession getting to these cows, they can’t help but focus on food and eating. Elzani probably watches this as porn and Big G to destruct herself from a binge.

No. 968685

File: 1588562550106.jpg (486.36 KB, 1080x1838, 20200503_222225.jpg)

Something new from the American Georgia

No. 968696

That’s a TikTok not her right? I get the whole atypical is just as serious platform but instead of advocating that’s it “just as bad,” maybe I don’t know… advocate for it on its own. Comparing it to AN reinforces the hierarchy but most of them are too dim witted to realize that

No. 968700

File: 1588570626751.png (545.29 KB, 720x528, Screenshot_20200504-063229~2.p…)

There was still some heavy starvation going on during that time. Mostly it's her facial features I'm shocked by considering img was 11 months ago. She looks v ill, but still "normal". She's unrecognisable now. Her smile was so pretty.

No. 968782

File: 1588599041568.png (1.48 MB, 1058x1900, Screenshot_2020-05-04-14-30-20…)

Her toenail is so grim.

No. 968801

Everything about her is grim

No. 968823

Yeah, she was sharing the tiktok, not in it.

No. 968825

File: 1588609615497.jpg (148.71 KB, 1080x1727, 20200504_112621.jpg)

It's funny how she claimed that she wouldn't be posting what was going on in her life as much anymore because of lolcow, but she definitely missed the attention and started sharing shit again

No. 968838

Complex need for attention. Wonder where she'll be in life in ten years time.

No. 968883

File: 1588616849695.jpg (671.11 KB, 1073x1731, 20200504_132703.jpg)

Another victim of anorexia, as you can see

No. 968895

That's a potato face. Prime example. Found this on one of her posts

>I’ve found myself laying on the ground a lot during this quarantine so far.

Usually out of stress, anxiety, or boredom.

What?? Fatty Ana's are lazy af.

No. 968964

They want all the benefits of recovery (ie. asspats for stuffing themselves, an excuse to lay around and be lazy) with none of the unpleasantness of actually having anorexia (restricting, obsessive exercise/movement). It makes such a mockery of people who actually suffer.

No. 969035

File: 1588632678621.jpg (1.82 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200504_234907869.j…)

Prettyboishady calling out steqhs because, and I quote, "that bitch blocked me because the hoe be pigging and gaining weight". Long time since we talked about steqhs, right guys?

No. 969036

lol i just came here to say this enby is definitely growing in cow status every day. i didnt get a cap of it b/c it was last month but she said kate kusmina had blocked her as well for asking to have some retarded skelly challenge

No. 969040

File: 1588633163817.png (574.21 KB, 1080x2100, Screenshot_2020-05-04-23-58-42…)

Decided to check up on Kate cos of this and damn.

No. 969058

weird how she always goes off about how she “doesn’t have an ed” yet posts shit like this. she was drunk on a livestream once and was chewing on bread and spitting it out

No. 969094

she could lose some weight by trimming her fucking eyebrows

No. 969130

File: 1588640200727.jpg (1015 KB, 1056x1964, Screenshot_20200505-085429_Ins…)

what actually is the muchies supposed chronic illness anyone know

No. 969152

KEK, this one certainly has a few screws loose

No. 969180

File: 1588646324085.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 0E95A4DA-D2CF-4EC4-9A6C-2FFE02…)

I know minimods decided we don’t talk about her anymore but lord . This is just so attractive

No. 969181

File: 1588646668164.png (4.33 MB, 828x1792, 5DC3E364-B11F-4711-8702-6616EE…)

All of her clips of herself eating are disgusting. She’s so preachy for someone who is eating such disordered meals. Thinks she’s some kind of role model and that’s shes hot shit. It’s not that impressive to eat pizza two slices at a time when that “pizza” is made on a diet tortilla crust with pretty much just vegetables and some sort of weird, diet, creme jizz stuff.

No. 969197

Is the “creme” in the large cup…?

No. 969218

Yep. It's a bowel obstruction.
The 2nd tube is an NJ that has laxatives going through slowly to soften stools.

No. 969222

File: 1588651287671.jpg (323.06 KB, 718x1025, Screenshot_20200505-054808_Ins…)


Lol this is glorious.

Some of her old posts include texts like 'ED voice was so loud, but still ordered what I wanted" and troubles eating fast food.

Her normal weight sister is studying for dietican and anti-diet & HAES advocate. Uses her starving, refusing-to-eat fat sister for good brownie points, 'ed can be every size'

No. 969223

quite fitting that she's literally full of shit!

No. 969226

File: 1588651765165.jpg (428.3 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200505-060547_Gal…)

Double post but rising up new went to 'timberline knolls'. The reviews are awful and this one stood out:

"So someone with binge eating disorder is still “encouraged” to finish their meal along with those with anorexia, instead of learning to manage bingeing urges. "

Seems to be in the same situation as georgie but even fatter lol. Sounds like another fat girl wanted to lose weight and tried to cut fastfood out (which is a normal thing to do) and then cries anorexia when she feels regret after eating it.

No. 969235

Good lord. Their center is horrendous. The sexual abuse and feeding into people’s disorders. I’m glad they stopped taking people who’s primary diagnosis is an ED and have branched out but geez

No. 969244


The wah the place operates sounds okay to me and the reviewer sounda bitter, or am I missing something? Isn't the point to regulate a normal mealtime structure? Ehy is doing that encouraging binge urges?

Unless they had the same number of toilets as patients it'd be impossible to cater to individual needs. If someone has a weak bladder or whatever, couldn't they go before they knew they wrre locked for an hour at a specific time?

Unless a patient wants coddling like Georgia foes, there really is nothing much re to fo except use techniques used in DBT to manage anxiety attacks.

These people expect the moon on a stick. It's a clinic not a creche.

No. 969245

F me, scuse typos. Just woke up lol.

No. 969249

File: 1588658279040.jpeg (806.74 KB, 828x1374, 1E619B4D-C72C-4EB6-9B37-251EDC…)

So did korey actually gain finally or is it just a big meal?

No. 969251

I'm sorry but FUCK this fake ana's. I didn't starve my self for a decade to have this cows pretending what it's like to suffer from anorexia.(nobody cares)

No. 969252

Looks like she gained a little. But she looks like she’s teetering between a healthy and underweight BMI.