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File: 1555385223478.jpeg (63.53 KB, 960x874, 08FC836E-BFBE-4853-978F-47FAA9…)

No. 798217

A thread to continue to discuss pro-anas, wannarexics and attention seeking mental health/recovery "warriors".
previous thread: >>>/snow/798203

No. 798224

File: 1555387907822.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-231041.png)

Still pregnant and fasting/restricting wtf

No. 798225

File: 1555388015201.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-230918.png)

Maybe you're gaining weight because idk… You are like 5 months pregnant? I don't even think it's possible to lose weight and go through pregnancy unless you're seriously overweight to begin

No. 798234

I know the whole “eating disorders aren’t about weight” but she looks perfectly healthy to me. Is she just pretending to fast?

No. 798239

most of these ED accounts are perfectly healthy

No. 798242

Recovery.chii does have this annoying "holier than thou" - attitude.
Milky, no.

No. 798243

Yikes, that's truly disgusting, great way for that baby to enter this fucked up world!

No. 798251

You don't lose much weight fasting.

No. 798269

File: 1555424266189.jpg (85.93 KB, 600x379, rosemarys-baby-.jpg)

This bitch is private so can someone give a summary of her history? Why didn't she have an abortion? Does she have a legit ED or an ig wanarexic? Has she ever actually been thin? Ty in advance.

She wishes she was Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby. She was losing weight when she was pregnant because Satan baby. The only Satanic thing here is this girl's face. Evil right there.

No. 798276

File: 1555429224173.jpg (927.57 KB, 1077x1755, 20190417_014010.jpg)

No. 798278

Oh please she wouldn’t look like a corpse without the washed out editing and dark circle makeup kek she’s not deadly skinny she’s just an attention whore who overexagerates for attention. There is PLENTY of milk on her account

No. 798279

You beat me to it! The reason you look like that Kelsey is Bc your photoshopping… kek she’s really going to pretend she herself isint aware that she’s shooping? Kelsey dug thsts why your bones look huge Bc your anatomy is impossible in these rediculous photos. she’s actually deluded

No. 798282

File: 1555430476883.jpg (53.08 KB, 607x450, mm.JPG)

I never bothered talking about dustbin flowers because she obviously wanted attention by outing herself here. Strange that she went private when anons did start posting about her.

She's a waste of time and strongly suspect she posts here with vendettas. As for milk, she's a bog standart attention ho who wants her identity to be a druggy cutter ana chan thing and thinks she's ubercool. (You're not).

I'll leave this tagged pic here though. She doesn't look ~supersick~ or ~edgy~, she just looks really old for her age.

No. 798283

Ridiculous anatomy? You mean…thighs aren't that long irl? She needs to learn to shade better though.

No. 798286

Kek, one leg bigger than the other, should get that checked out

No. 798287

File: 1555433181897.jpg (53.71 KB, 820x567, lol.JPG)

Found this on vk. The Elena person says "If not Photoshop, generally unique". Haha. Unique alright. I think most people pick up on her shooping. Idk if she knows that though and she just gets off to people going OOooOoo you're so ~smol~

No. 798353

What a bizarre assertion. Not eating is literally the most effective means of weight loss there is. Calories in, calories out.

No. 798369

You list mutiple reasons she’s milky but then also say she’s a waste of time to talk about…interesting. This is also a way old photo when she was “sicker” where the heck did u even get this kek? I smell a self post. dust bins back to self posting on lolcow yall.

No. 798373

Did Paris delete her account?? Or have I just been blocked somehow on both accounts I followed her on haha

No. 798377

File: 1555464750772.png (31.05 KB, 398x455, she got herself banned from a …)

i was the anon who said she was semi milky last thread cuz i have seen her madness for quite some time. unsure if she was worthy due to a lot of milk being often taken from her tumblrs that get deleted clock work. dust bin should still be in the psych ward as of her recent postings but doesnt mean she doesnt got her phone to self post and defend herself so i am hesitant from posting it now

one i will add since i got the screen: she is banned from a ward in mcclean hospital.

No. 798383

File: 1555466641845.jpeg (535.55 KB, 750x1037, BFBE0EA0-606F-4D3D-BD68-B7752C…)

Why couldn’t she say what ward she was at why did she have to say she was banned…. she just wants to seem like the most sick ana Queen ever when she’s gotta be like in her late 30s I think. Every cow self posts I don’t think you should post her milk Bc of that. I haven’t followed her tumblr Bc it seems like a repeat from insta but every recent post is pretty milky imo.

No. 798385

File: 1555466809853.jpeg (118.21 KB, 742x1047, D65BBE8C-A4E7-4BDB-A333-4261B1…)

And I know everyone wants to see image proof Bc this is an image board so I’ll post the every changing face shooping of garbage flowers kek. Any shopfags feel free to comment if u think this is shopped or if someone’s face can change that much within Idk two days lol
Part 1

No. 798386

File: 1555466921499.jpeg (119.94 KB, 750x1051, 61301684-5DE2-4710-A602-9989DB…)

And I know everyone wants to see image proof Bc this is an image board so I’ll post the every changing face shooping of garbage flowers kek. Any shopfags feel free to comment if u think this is shopped or if someone’s face can change that much within Idk two days lol
Part 2

No. 798400

from what i know that ward she was the one she was in and out of A LOT and there was just a lot of her being a big issue (reopening self harm wounds being one. she was in residential where she would run off). she always seems to have her phone when shes there no matter what ward. i followed her originally on tumblr when the milk was new. she used to post photos of her psych ward paper docs A LOT, most of off memory was about her self harm or being suicidal and a few about refusing help. she does think she's above every other ana chan. her bf seems like an enabler to this day. a shame her last tumblr is gone. she had a lot of posts about her therapist who committed suicide.

No. 798405

Paris delete her account- not a chance- her entire life in spent on Instagram !

No. 798407

Right and so the worst of her issues are self harm and depression as you explain but on her insta dust bin flowers or garbage flowers how the other anon so humorously wrote it, makes it all about anorexia, she’ll post about going to the Er (for stitches) but make it seem like her visit and admission to the psych place are all Bc she’s dying of anorexia. I know she recently had tellonym up, that could also have the potential to be milky and new if I could find it. And I also agree that the Bf is an enabler suppose she was really “comatose” as she said in her post why would he wait all night to the next day to get her an ambulance? Idk I don’t get it. I’d be interested in the psych papers but unfortunately it sounds like they are lost Bc the tumblr got deleted? Interesting how differently she portrays herself on each platform though. Except for the shots of her wounds once in a while she makes it seem all about AN, I’m pretty sure her go fund me was about her anorexia too

No. 798410

Fair point, but you can't keep it up for very long. If she's fasting, she'd only lose 7000 calories maximum over 48 hours.

Also,consistently fasting lowers metabolic rate, as your body adjusts to what you take in.

No. 798420

File: 1555485242299.jpg (515.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-171223_Chr…)

No. 798421

File: 1555485268368.jpg (579.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-171236_Chr…)

No. 798434

File: 1555497355117.png (7.1 MB, 1242x2208, A7C23880-9025-4B8A-A827-3FC526…)

Shes like 5 or 6 months pregnant… im horrified. like im pretty sure she was fasting a few days ago possibly was right till her water broke and probably still is fasting, i mean lets be real, unlikely shes going to eat if shes in labor unless if its more than a few hours. But since shes in labor early she might need a c section. Who knows. Someone pray for the unborn/born child.

No. 798472

If it's alive I hope it's taken away from her. Hasn't she been having prenatal checks?

No. 798474

Kek at the makeup tell that’s actualky hilarious. So she actually does apply it in order to look like a grunge zombie. And I don’t get why she’s so persistent with this 80 pounds thing I’ll have to hunt and find the picture she’s talking about

No. 798488

See, she went private. Loves dishing it out on the other cows but doesn't like when it's done to her. Tsk tsk.

No. 798490

“Oh shit I’m in labor, better post about it on my eating disorder Instagram account!” Geez, these fools never cease to amaze me.

No. 798602

File: 1555551100148.jpeg (148.92 KB, 750x1097, B6758E89-FEC2-42F9-B49E-EE8C37…)

No worries, there will be images. Where there’s milk there’s a farmer.

No. 798603

File: 1555551255314.jpeg (138.52 KB, 750x1090, A88CB3EF-FD61-4368-A3BC-49659B…)

What is up with this therapist that died? The way she says “unfinished business” is very weird

No. 798604


Didn't her therapist kill himself or is that just part of her "the saddest/most fucked up" persona?

Does anyone know how old she is?

No. 798607

God she looks BAD BAD. The eyes.

No. 798611

exactly why i have personally kept tabs on her for years. she's also been with her bf for 10 years and he doesn't seem to be really against any of her behaviors. it's totally enabling. i may be able to find some of the psych ward papers lmao, they still float around tumblr. also yes >>798604 her therapist killed himself not even days after a session with her (no joke). i wish i had caps but she only posted about it on her tumblr that got deleted (due to her obviously breaking tumblr tos).

this girl has to be almost 30 now. to my memory she was around 24 when i started following her. still cracks me up she brought herself her and i didnt have to bring her.

also my favorite thing is the totally not stolen makeup things she randomly gets. some of it looks used af. she doesnt even do it correctly at all.

No. 798612

samefag but heres her new tumblr https://dustbinflowerr-77.tumblr.com/
she took it out of her bio when she locked her ig lol

No. 798616

I would be interested to see some of those papers. Idk she seems like someone that likes the attention of being inpatient. Hence the attempts but no death. This may sound harsh but Ik her sister died from suicide so I feel in a fucked up way she has to prove to others she hurts as much if not more living than her sister did who died. Which is fucked up yes. But this has been a pattern for years and years. She doesn’t want to get better or die. She wants state benefits and care takers and enablers like the Bf. It’s actually quite an interesting situation. I mean what kind of life is she living? Does she really get that much high off ppl liking her photoshopped, over exaggerated, posed wannabe edgy tumblr insta photos.? And yes she’s gotta be in her thirties. What a miserable existence. The sad thing is I think she’s happier living this way Bc she loves the attention.

No. 798627

spot on. i never have felt bad for her. it's a clearly for attention always has been since i started following her in 2016. she's in patient at least 4-5 times a year, attends a day treatment center and i think was in residential for a while. she clearly likes it. she talked about her being banned from proctor 2 (a ward at mcclean aka the girl interrupted hospital) which makes me wonder how she did that. since according to her it's their "trauma" unit.

No. 798630

I’d be interested to know how she got banned… maybe they discharged her for repeated non compliance? I’m pretty sure that’s a state hospital right? So I’m not exactly sure how that works. She’s probably just lying anyway to sound extra super edgy and sick. And also holy shit that’s a lot of treatment that’s like a full time job with some free time on the side all dedicated to attending treatment she’ll never engage in…. I wonder if the Bf pays for a lot of this stuff I’m not sure how she does unless she’s on disability. Like one ambulance ride is expensive. I can’t imagine the amount all of the bills she’s acquired from that, the Er visits and all this treatment, wtf insurance does she have kek I’d be shocked if she wasn’t in debt. If she supposedly steals makeup I wouldn’t assume she’s got too much money.

No. 798641

She's 31.

No. 798692


Some places kick patients out if they self-harm (repeatedly). Kinda seems counter intuitive but maybe that's what got her "banned"?

No. 798696

It's a common thing for people to increase in self-harm and ligaturing in hospital because they know there'll be someone around to help/save them and they get the attention they need from that. Whereas oddly in the community they're not so bad off. Plus if they're self harming on grounds, the system mustn't be helping them, so there's no point in keeping them there. They also need to look at everyone in the theraputic community, not just one person. If someone is causing harm to others due to their behaviours, i've got a feeling those sorts are more than likely to be banned due to non complience and safety. If you're not willing to work and help yourself, and you're triggering the people who are, why be there after all? There are a fair few reasons.

No. 798701


No. 798702

File: 1555597450967.jpg (25.13 KB, 626x107, 0.JPG)

I got the wrong one, she's 33. Sad that a 33 year old's still using the ana from Skins and Girl Interrupted as inspiration.

No. 798708

Yes, this explains non compliance perfectly and how it effects other patients etc. but this is like a state hospital where some people are really in a bad place and stay for a while like Ik someone in a place like this for two years straight… wtf could she have done to get kicked out? Idk I get your explanation of protocol and that seems appropriate for most treatment center but I kind of thought a state hospital, housed the crazies no matter how “crazy”.

No. 798710

Omg yikes…. it’s got to be pretty embarrassing to be that old and have literally nothing going for u besides being the edgiest average weight wannabe anorexic their was. She’s going to end up like that girl on dr Phil with like millions of cuts all over her body. I get it’s a mental illness I get it’s impulsive but damn work on your ed and depression and make a damn life. I feel even more bad for the Bf Bc he probably doesn’t love her he just can’t leave her Bc ppl will probably be like how could u leave her she’s so sooper sick! Etc. does she have any family that could take over baby sitting her? Does she even drive?

No. 798753

No offence hun, but calling her "old", whilst you can't even write properly I can't tell if you're judgemental or just plain retarded. People suffer from eating disorders at all ages, sorry it doesn't fit your tumblr mould of edgy kids. EDs make you regress, they are disabling, you do need to want to work on yourself, but as you get older without having done so it's so easy to say "well, this is it i guess". At times i think kids are lucky, if they have parents that give two shits they can get help, adults - they don't really have anyone to force them. They just get written off, enabled by payment systems, etc.(no1curr)

No. 798765

Well aren’t you a sanctimonious white knight! The point is she’s been abusing the system for what others say is ten plus years… no one’s saying older ppl can’t have eating disorders, obviously. The point is instead of getting her shit together she chooses to f around, play the system and take resources from others. All the while she’s documenting it for asspats. Please don’t clog up the thread explaining how eating disorders effect ppl, I’m pretty sure everyone on this page is aware how they work.

No. 798823

File: 1555628302331.jpeg (263.91 KB, 750x563, FBEA9D73-4B67-46D2-981E-91422D…)

I’ve only got 2 mins into the video and she’s already said ‘having fish for breakfast 11 times’.

No. 798836

She's old enough to be mature, and she's not mature.

It loos looks like "that old" refers to that, rather than her being elderly.

No. 798837


No. 798847

This is this kind of shit that got this thread perma banned. No1curr, white knight.

No. 798848

Yeah, but was it "quite nice" or was it "diviiiiiine"?
(no, actually, tell me because I can't bring myself to watch more than 30 seconds before I'm cringing so hard that I almost turn inside out).

No. 798885

It was amaaazing!

No. 798893

God her videos are so mind numbingly boring, she repeats the same fucking thing about 100 times, like me trying to reach my word count. Seedy bread, seedy bread seedy bread, yeah sure elzani pretend you're scared of the low calorie fruits and you're facing such a fear, super special recovery warrior, kek she's so full of shit.

No. 798894

Am getting autistic vibes from her, just the way she talks and does things. Could be wrong though

No. 798896

Can someone please teach her how to edit, not everything has to go into the video, if you repeat something more than twice edit it out. Simple, shot and to the point, nobody wants to sit through hour long videos of her saying, I thought I wouldn't have fruit so I'm having fruit, fruit is such a fear I've never had fruit I usually slice it so I'm spiralising it, fruit has so many seeds seeds are a fear seedy seeds I'll plant them and eat more seeds because seeds are a fear and cheese and I've never had this, it's deviiiine everything doesn't have to be perfect and I'm doing real recovery which consists of smelling food and making my mum wait for half an hour before she can smell her cereal bar.

No. 798897

Her videos are insanely boring because they could be done in 3 minutes not 30 if she didn't repeat everything 1000x times, but I can kinda believe she has a fear of seeds, even if its in strawberries, ik I've had stupid fears that were really illogical. I also hope I'm right, but I kinda feel like (even if it's super brief & she stops which I wouldn't be surprised over at all) that she is actually making changes, maybe it's the camera but she looks a tad improved weight wise. I havnt followed her long though so others may be familiar with her doing 'fake' recovery a lot or something

No. 798898

There are certainly OCD tendencies

No. 798899

Her face does look better, but I don't see any changes to her body really.

No. 798924

And don’t forget as she puts in capitals under her vlog “IT IS SO FUN CHALLENGING YOUR EATING DISORDER”- um er , no, it’s not fun! It’s bloody hard work.
And how fucking long did she take dissecting that muffin ?

No. 798929

That's a really reductive view of recovery. It's hard work, scary and sad, yeah, but it's also "fun" and empowering and exhilarating in lots of ways. It's not JUST hard ALL THE TIME.

That being said, I still think Elzani is full of shit and not actually recovering and gets off on showing off her underweight body and getting to be the centre of attention 24/7.

No. 798937

Isn't that kinda like someone coming off heroin saying GOING COLD CHICKEN IS SO FUN!!11

Anything that causes a panic reaction isn't fun because it feels like you're going to die, but, okay.

It's the comments from shit loads of people who think it's all real that piss me off more than she does. How are they so stupid?

I can't tell if she's gained at all, but if she really did eat all she says then it'd be noticeable even if it's from puffiness(like with Aly) and there's no sign of that. All we can hope is she has an "Aly breaks her leg" iincident for E and she really does start packing on the pounds quick.

No. 798970

Can someone fill me in on what happened there?
I remember her breaking her leg but didn't really follow much. Did the break make her realize she needed to stop fucking around and actually gain weight or did she gain because she couldn't exercise any more? lol

No. 798976

File: 1555701242987.jpg (1.12 MB, 1600x1200, pt2019_04_19_20_05_20.jpg)

Damn their yearly Christmas eve pics really highlight how downhill she went when you look at them all together.

No. 798984

Holy shit this is the saddest thing I've ever seen

No. 798997

File: 1555705084009.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1060, IMG_20190419_200240.png)

Yeah, she used to look so amazing as well, it's sad. As much as she pisses me off and I wish her vids were shorter I Do hope she recovers and gets her life back.

No. 799057

File: 1555723876176.jpeg (538.31 KB, 1125x2105, 7AE09413-6ECF-40ED-84D2-140C48…)

Is that a K cut into her forehead or am I seeing it wrong? Sure looks happy to be in the hospital.

No. 799063

dustbin has never spoken about her family expect for her now dead sister. she's been with her current bf for 10 years. he's used to it now. >>798696 hit the nail on the head with good old dust.

No. 799075

Almost looks like marker. Jesus fuck the excitement in her eyes is a lot. Is this the first she’s posted in awhile?

No. 799076

File: 1555727583695.jpeg (586.34 KB, 750x1129, 7D8379EB-CC5E-4709-A18A-BF34E3…)

I was going to post this but instead I’ll post the text of the same picture on her main account, notice the difference in how she portrays this incident. it’s so two faced. In one it’s fuck ana, ima bad ass non compliant patient and then on her main no mention of this at all… she tries to play both sides… secretly pro ana on one account and then “chronically ill” on the other what a deluded scammer, no wonder her go fund me never worked out.. she a dang lier.

No. 799078

File: 1555727954248.jpeg (158.93 KB, 750x1107, 79783EA0-7C8B-4834-9A0C-106EBE…)

I’m not one to judge someone for being with someone mentally ill, but she spends 95 percent of her time away from him in treatment… does she drive to buy drugs or do people prescribe her things and she ods? Idk it seems like she’s always strung out, perhaps if she got treatment for an addiction she’d quit it with the impulsive behaviors, then again she always seems sober enough to take a selfie and post… like this for example, she looks absolutely gone yet she’s able to take a picture and post it lol? Idk I feel like she really works it for the camera, from ana poses to druggy makeup and strung out face, she’s literally going for any attention she can get. She’s an attention vampire. Bf must b sucked dry, financially, emotionally and I doubt sexually.

No. 799093

I cackled reading this

No. 799099

This photo makes me deeply uncomfortable

No. 799101

File: 1555733355298.jpeg (129.03 KB, 743x1076, 3CC8BE8F-6302-42BC-AB44-8037EB…)

What about this one? I think she’s going for the alien look in this. But to be honest wtf in this one >>799078 it’s obvious she’s raised her hand to show the self harm or whatever like jeez every photo looks like a mess that makes u feel uncomfortable but damn there’s a lot of thought that goes into the aesthetic.

No. 799102

It's sad because she doesn't appear to have any of the other shit that normally goes with an ED- I'm assuming she doesn't self harm, use drugs, OD etc- although I still think she's purging lots of what she eats.

No. 799117

File: 1555743933709.jpg (233.07 KB, 720x828, PhotoEditor_20190420_075720075…)

Her selfies are obviously staged to style herself as a fucked up mental. In this one on FB with her bf, she looks fine. Her bf has an interesting taste in art and seems okay. I know she gets herself put ip a lot, but she can't spend too much time with him if she's as bad as she likes to tell the world she is.

Idk, over 30 at least make an effort to do something other than have a part self created mentally ill identity. Being I'll gets boring as well as all the rest.

I want to know why she's got such a hate boner for Georgia.

No. 799122

Probably because Georgia hasn’t been kicked out of treatment yet. I think Georgia does have some milk but I don’t want to entertain dustinbins vendetta

No. 799124

Somebody on an ED subreddit said that an Instagram anorexic just died. Does anybody know who? I'm wondering if She was ever discussed here. She was 22 and had been suffering from anorexia for 12 years apparently.

No. 799125


No. 799134

File: 1555751171004.jpg (603.36 KB, 720x1409, PhotoEditor_20190420_100529395…)

No. 799136

File: 1555751741863.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2040, 20190420_182957.jpg)

No. 799159

Haha shanaya just approved me on her new account. Still posts the same old shit. Scared her shitless on her tells the other day revealing her height and weight and lies about her BMI. That pissed her off majorly haha kek "stahp bullying me"

No. 799178

Anybody know how she died?

No. 799180

File: 1555773930983.jpg (74.19 KB, 749x387, 0.JPG)

I never heard of her, but I think this must be the post anon wrote about above. Sounds like it was complications from her ED, so definitely not suicide. Tbh, if you've got an ED for a length of time, your a walking time bomb really. I get surprised when others with EDs are really shocked when someone dies. Feel sad but pretending it couldn't happen is stupid.

No. 799182

I followed her for a while but had to unfollow because she was super triggering. She was not “fighting so hard.” I’m sure she was miserable but she was making zero progress and did not seem capable of recovery outside of hospital. I don’t know how she wasn’t under some kind of forced hospitalized though because she was extremely ill.

No. 799183

Yeah, if you're fighting hard for ten years then you'd recover to a large extent. Still, the girl's dead so I'm not going to knock her. Followers always comment that they were brave and fought hard, and no doubt when one of the fake recovery people we talk about here they'll say the same. Idk if the followers say what they think they see (progress) or what. The reddit poster admits she doesn't want recovery so I reckon she's justifying not trying to recover because you only die anyway.

No. 799186

File: 1555777621761.png (722.12 KB, 750x1334, 3604AE22-3B56-4E26-89E9-C42E31…)

Ams really running out of content now that she’s a lil chubbster and can’t use her body for views… well now she’s just using her body for views just in a different way. Is she really incontinent from all the drugs she takes or does she just like an extra tube.. I really don’t know. Not nitpicking but there was a weight she looked healthy at before all these ana games, now she looks on the heavier side and it’s hilarious Bc she did this to herself. What a great advocate teaching ppl to purge through their tubes and telling ppl the best drainable candies. (It’s so obvious seeing as her potassium kept dropping) ending in a seizure. Well she was fine enough to ask Tom for a picture which is very fucked up and it then closed her eyes to look extra sick. Idk what’s next from her how to blood let through a central line so your hemoglobin drops?! Yay blood transfusions are so fun ams! She’s nuts literally

No. 799187

Holy crap…….. is this recent? It doesn’t even look like her! Can you post more normal ones from her fb I’m shocked tbh. She looks normal. No giant alien head, no obscure angle to show off average body and self harm, not ott. Very interesting she looks way better like this. Old dusty garbage flowers is like bekah one face for the gram and one face for fb.

No. 799191

File: 1555780254347.png (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 1358x1350, garbage flowers.png)

It's from December 2014 and it was on her boyfriend's page.

The ones in the img are from hers and they're mostly 4 or 5 years old. There're a couple there where she looks, I'll say it, beautiful. The one with her head shaved and the one bottom left.

She still wears short sleeves to show her scars, but the whole fucked up look/OTT ana poses didn't really develop until around 3 years ago.

Spoiler for the bottom right pic. Someone picked up on her "change".

No. 799197

Wow I agree with you she was/is beautiful! I think the ana poses probably started with the weight gain. She’s gained a considerable amount of weight in comparison to those old pics u shared. I feel bad for her and the Bf… the fact that you could only find normal pics on her Bf page shows she’s doing impression management to come off to the internet as the mental basket case. Although these are old, I would hope she still has some normal moments with her Bf in present time and she’s not as fucked up as she portrays herself to be. I still wonder though what addiction treatment would do for her. Seems like she’s tried everything but drug rehab and uses the “anorexia” to cover up and continue using.

No. 799204

Can someone who followed her post screenshots of her last post? Apparently her sister posted about her death but account is private

No. 799205

Her body just gave out on her. She would go inpatient involuntarily, gain weight and then lose it as quickly as possible. She had been stressed studying for pharm school and hadn’t eaten or drank water for an extended period of time. She ended up in the er and ate a low level meal plan. (Potentially made her body freak and triggered more issues) Her last update was that she had been discharged and had to be readmitted due to hypoglycemia. She died in hospital from what we know. One month away from graduating college. I know she wasn’t actively trying to the outside person, but she was very sick. I will update if anything comes to light that is important but I would like to respect what little privacy she has left. (I go to school with her and there hasn’t been much talk so the topic is more confined to ig)

No. 799210

The girl had over 5K followers, I think it’s safe to say she was not particularly concerned about her own privacy. The only reason her account was private was because she kept getting reported

No. 799212

It’s a matter of respect to be courteous to her family. I’m not denying that she put intimate details of her life on the internet. That is exactly why I said “what little privacy she has left.” She was noticeably ill and she prioritized validation of her ED over all else. I’m not going to villainize a decreased girl because she was mentally unwell

No. 799216

Bekah is a scammer, faker, and an asshole. She fakes a ton, and causes this shit herself by taking meds or not drinking water. She doesn’t post on her Facebook about being anorexia anymore because she wants to get attention for “being chronically ill” when there’s nothing wrong with her except her Ed.

No. 799217

lol cow is not the place to care about respecting people

No. 799218

File: 1555791257400.jpeg (254.95 KB, 1113x1218, 4E2C67E0-611E-4693-A502-032243…)

I don’t understand why anyone posts these types of photos all it is is saying “attention” like also who feels well enough to when they’re in the hospital?

No. 799219

File: 1555791289353.jpeg (310.31 KB, 1125x1341, 3B79C815-ED37-4224-949B-F5206D…)

I think she likes it cuz she gets gifts….but like really are you 5?!

No. 799220

I’m sorry but I disagree. Lolcow has never been a place to bash people after their passing. She wasn’t the first person that has been discussed here to die and people have understood it’s not appropriate to pick people apart after they are no longer active on social media. As always you’re free to say what you wish, but considering she is dead and any negative influence she had is in the past, I don’t believe there is anything milky to discuss. (Again this isn’t to say her account was without fault. She posted very triggering material and had been brought up a few threads back. She wasn’t a continuous topic because she had no real milk beyond her eating disorder)

No. 799226

Glittery pink, Disney and unicorns. Ana points!

I didn't know the dead girl but don't see the point discussing her milk if she's no longer active. I don't consider lolcow a hugbox, just saying she wasn't on the radar enough to be posted here regularly and now she's past her expiry date.

Farmers decide for themselves what they post though. I want some new cows because the recent ones have been dull af. They're all turning munchie.

No. 799235

Amy and Tina are regular topics on r/illnessfakers if you’re interested

No. 799298

File: 1555831708499.jpg (486 KB, 1142x1900, IMG_20190421_082247.jpg)

Looks like she had the baby. Haven't seen anything written about it's health/situation, but from all the starvation (if she was actually restricting and fasting as much as she said she was), and the bong smoking, thank fuck it's out. Genuinely hope it's okay but wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.

No. 799305

ALL of this is so normal. She is genuinely pathetic

No. 799306


Cheer up, mummy. Breastfeeding will cause weight loss.

No. 799309

She probably would have kept the baby if she knew that.

No. 799310

She probably would have kept the baby if she knew that.

No. 799314

File: 1555843479680.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-21-11-38-04…)

Wonder if Amy lurks as there were posts on the last thread commenting on what looked like man-junk in her pants and whether it was tubing for a catheter, which I thought I saw her post a picture of a long time ago. Just seems coincidental that she's now made posted about how she pees and so on.
I mean, if I was her, I'd probably want to clear that up too. Plus extra ass pats and that

No. 799327

If it’s 3 or 4 months premature it is not ok

No. 799328

She gave the baby up to adoption. I wish I sc it. Would of posted it otherwise

No. 799336

Okay so I swear to god I had messaged her before even realizing she was posted on here. Her stories were on my feed or whatever and then I was curious and looked at her story highlights and realized she had been pregnant the whole time I had been following her and it appalled me. Would it be too close to cow tipping to post screenshots of the convo here? Even though I swear I hadn’t even noticed she was posted here

No. 799337


It's sad she's fucked up another human as soon as it's been born, but at least the baby won't be brought up by her. She needs to be forced to have a contraceptive implant, fuck all that "a woman's body is her own" bullshit.

I'd like to read them but that sounds like a grey area re: cowtipping. Maybe just saying what she said would be okay?

No. 799338

Can we please spoiler ALL photos of dustbin if you’re going to continue posting them, even the ones of her face. I mean I’m sorry but that shit is nightmare fuel and disturbs the shit out of me

No. 799361

I remember seeing her post a story of screen shots of a convo she was having with someone about the whole pregnancy deal, may have been you.

No. 799362

This is either another ploy for attention, since she’s not actually sick beyond an ED, or she’s fucked up her body with meds that she got from faking sick. She doesn’t have the body to claim she’s starving to death from “gastroparesis”, so she has to take drastic measures now to get those asspats.

No. 799364

Why did she even make the video? Having a catheter isn't something with a stigma is it? If it was a colostomy bag then I'd understand. Oh I forget, she wants attention.

No. 799380

Has she ever indicated WHY she has a catheter? Or what it’s a symptom of?

No. 799381

Was it within the last 24 hours ish? Then probably haha Though I would like to think I wasn’t the only person alarmed enough to say something to her

No. 799391

At 7 minutes approx she says she uses it for her EDS. I quickly scanned the video for the reason then shut it off.

No. 799423

Nah was a while back. She was basically trying to play the victim and show all the hate she's receiving.

No. 799428

Oh then nope it wasn’t me! Figures. The shitty part is for some reason there are real air heads who will shower her with affection and tell her thoz haterz r just jealous ~ or whatever the fuck one could possibly say to support a person that narcissistic and heartless

No. 799430

Going back to something a little less grim than dustbin- come on Elzani, I'm waiting for your 40 minute video of you picking through a divine amazing Easter egg… I'm betting it's either a Lindt one or a biscoff one ( if they make them)

No. 799445

File: 1555916578946.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-22-08-01-40…)

She's probably filming as we speak

No. 799446

File: 1555916603775.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-22-08-00-21…)

No. 799450

File: 1555920543903.png (271.87 KB, 306x477, Untitled.png)

I'd be more likely to believe she eats these things if she didn't just put the food to her teeth.

No. 799468

She’s an idiot EDS doesn’t make her unable to “wee” as she likes to say it’s probably drug induced urinary retention or she’s being ott. She couldn’t pee when she had some procedure or surgery done and was catheterized in the hospital which is normal. The bladder takes time to “wake up” or whatever but then she went home on a catheter and started getting orders for them… there was never a reason for her to have it in the first place I honestly feel like she just refused to piss so she could have another tube to look extra sick. And I agree with this >>799364 I actually think it’s not necessarily something that needs awareness Bc it’s not super common and most ppl hide it rather than flaunt it. If she thinks there’s a stigma she’s projecting lol I’ve never heard of ppl stigmatizing catheters Bc it’s so private… kek who would like give her hate for this. Now if she was saying oh it’s cath awareness, sometimes young folks need this ok, but it just seems like a I feel chubby and need ppl to tell me I’m awesome so I can narcissistically share every shout out on my story.

No. 799469

I hate to do this but I didn’t follow her before she went private, any updates on spaceship?

No. 799473

File: 1555935975324.jpeg (252.51 KB, 750x1017, 8FC15A26-67B0-4D81-98D6-49ADBC…)

shays new account is going to be more about her “life” yet she starts the pictures in the post off with an old underweight one. Like girl, this post is an obvious excuse to just post an old body check photo lets be honest.

No. 799474

File: 1555936294425.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 2DBBAB0A-2B53-4B0B-A325-C13E35…)

And as for an update I’ll just post a few from her ott af highlights. I think the only one who loves a tube more than this girl is Georgia kek
Part 1
I’m sorry but wouldn’t an anorexic person be happy their feeds are delayed? She is just like Georgia just clamoring for that coveted tube and feed

No. 799476

File: 1555936429539.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 51603E41-FA93-4517-B92F-F6B362…)

Part 2
Yes shay that is correct you definitely don’t need a feeding tube and oh my golly goodness u beg to be inpatient and to switch to the mental unit then do this bs for attention… so ridiculously ott and attention seeking

No. 799477

File: 1555936520134.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, E43F4E34-A0E2-4D1C-8F9F-6143FD…)

Part 3
Bullying on tell not sure what she means Bc she never posts any tells. I’m just assuming this is a woe is me post please give me attention.

No. 799478

File: 1555936634203.png (672.75 KB, 750x1334, FA76F445-5330-444F-BC8F-46BA25…)

And finally part four a good ole tube pull to show everyone how speshul and sick I am… wtf dude just what is she doing. Honestly I feel like she’d be less “anorexic” without an insta. She does it for the gram

No. 799497

File: 1555945654135.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1346, IMG_20190422_160605.png)

Nightmare fuel anyone?

No. 799498

File: 1555945697812.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1303, IMG_20190422_160627.png)

No. 799502

Those pictures are just over the fucking top! No one ever takes those kinds of pics to just "smile and be normal young female" :')

No. 799507

If she was as emaciated as she tries to claim she is, she would have obvious chest bones. Which despite her best efforts, she does not.

No. 799509

File: 1555950553398.jpg (59.43 KB, 806x496, Untitled (Recovered).jpg)

I think that every time. Her face looks really healthy too. Lots of cheek to pinch there.

Other obvs:
1. The way the door bends
2. So much blur she almost blends into the carpet
3. That blur again
4. No palm print/lines and lol at the anatomy fail of the wrist area

No. 799510

Plus, if she was really that emaciated I doubt her jean shorts would fit her legs that snug. The leg holes would be gaping.

No. 799511

Exactly my thoughts too. The fact she's even standing the way she is just shows how much she trying to accentuate everything. She tries so hard, bless her.

No. 799514

I just can't believe hod badly she shopped the elbows to look like those weird skelly arms…

No. 799516

File: 1555952484912.jpg (11.52 KB, 187x249, its an arm.JPG)

What tool is she messing with that makes her arm look like it has stretch marks?

No. 799543

File: 1555970574468.jpg (373.11 KB, 1080x1528, gms.jpg)

Nothing to report, really.

All her recent pics except one are body checks.

No. 799544

File: 1555970599422.jpg (373.11 KB, 1080x1528, gms.jpg)

Nothing to report, really.

All her recent pics except one are body checks.

No. 799545

File: 1555970646362.jpg (714.5 KB, 1080x2160, gms2.jpg)

Claims of a migraine, for which she's (technically) taken an overdose for.

No. 799546

This is a blatant lie. Not that I've sent her tells, but she's accepted me at least.

No. 799560

She's accepting anyone now I think as she thinks found out who it was

No. 799574

File: 1555977726619.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x2074, 20190423_100143.jpg)

Got herself a car

No. 799591

How is this milk? She hasn’t asked for money in a while, and this car is obviously old…

No. 799602

And it’s fucking ugly as shit

No. 799612

If her my migraine was that bad she'd be in bed with the curtains drawn. Migraine tablets can make them worse or she had red wine which is a trigger. In other words, she's being a drama queen over a headache.

No. 799617

What a muppet- how many times do you think she had to take those to get them just right.

No. 799621

gotta agree here, i think we should prob try to spoiler most of her photos mainly cuz u can see her filed fish arm and idk how yall feel about it but i dont like seeing it

No. 799641

This picture instantly made me think of the monster from Pans Labyrinth

No. 799654

File: 1556016628989.png (110.79 KB, 766x506, Näyttökuva 2019-4-23 kello 13.…)

Does anyone know anything about Christinaglows? She seems to be ne of the delusional, hypocrite ''health advocates'' and is actually Cooney-level spoopy. How can people like this work in the health industry? I find it extremely disturbing, that literally 100% of her comments are positive and admiring. How is it possible? Something here is fishy

No. 799655

File: 1556016901314.png (621.11 KB, 589x593, Näyttökuva 2019-4-23 kello 13.…)

No. 799658

File: 1556017495416.png (288.94 KB, 594x593, Näyttökuva 2019-4-23 kello 13.…)

No. 799667

File: 1556020873534.png (541.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190423-125802.png)

She likes plastic surgery, innit.

A health coach who neglects her own vitamin and mineral levels. Great.

No. 799669

I will never understand anachans with bolted on tits.

No. 799670

dietician anon here. It would be 100% impossible to have iron levels as low as hers if she was eating enough, even on a raw food diet. Spinach is a great example of an iron rich plant food that can be eaten raw. There are also people with problems absorbing iron, but in that case it's quite impossible that she didn't notice it earlier. Iron level 4 screams malnutrition on a dangerous level.

No. 799677

To the horrible, careless, pathetic anon/s posting crap about me, hi. It's Shay here. I have a few things to say to you. Firstly, how DARE you post pictures of mine and make assumptions about my life when you don't even know me!? Secondly, you're pretty pathetic that you don't even have the guts to personally confront me, and that you have to hide behind some fucking awful site to bully and make yourself feel superior. Third of all, let me stand you corrected on a few of your statements and assumptions you have made about me;
As for the feeds being delayed, I was pissed off because it meant I was 6 hours behind which meant 6 hours longer in medical. I don't at all beg to be admitted, I beg DAILY to be taken off a TA so that I can self discharge.

My account went off private last night and that's when all these posts ironically started… So I'm left to assume that it's someone in the group of new followers from last night who is behind this.

As for the tells, I don't post them. I've said from day 1, I don't post tells that are hateful.
Also, for the record, I pull the tube out because I DON'T WANT IT. I AM FAT ENOUGH. I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN BE IN THIS POSITION. Kindly would you FUCK OFF and leave me alone. Don't like my account and want to make all your assumptions? Unfollow. I can report you to police for publically posting MY PHOTO'S as well as so many other girl's photos AGAINST/WITHOUT permission. And for the record, police can so easily track you, it's called an IP address you idiots on this site. There could be some huge fines coming your way lol.(ISP securities master)

No. 799680


No. 799682

Stop being so melodramatic

No. 799683

File: 1556025167531.jpeg (380.77 KB, 750x1101, 79131F7F-3022-42D1-AB50-13135D…)

In other news, shays been told by a nurse that she isint skinny, triggering a full OTT meltdown. I don’t get why she doesn’t just eat and get out if she doesn’t want the tube… oh wait she wants that badge of “honor” kek.

No. 799684

Girl before you try to school adults why don’t you look up the laws on online bullying most of them only apply to school age children where the online bullying is happening with students that attend their institution, and every state has different laws anyway. Very poor attempt at a threat. And yes we all know what an internet protocol address is. If you want to stop being talked about on a gossip thread, do what your suppose to do, stop being ott, and get better. We actually stop talking about ppl who aren’t deserving but your self posting and account is too damn milky rn. Sorry not sorry. But I am sorry to the farmers for engaging the troll. Had to be said.

No. 799692

File: 1556027549965.jpeg (40.54 KB, 749x373, 3AA34A4D-8F84-45BB-880E-C6EC89…)

Someone tellonymed dusty garbage about her makeup skills Kek! she admits to applying it the way she wants so I’m guessing crack head is her goal? She has the strangest use of impression management. It’s like must look ill, must look disheveled must prove I’m sooper speshuly sick. No tw Bc no raw meat arms.

No. 799716

File: 1556034765583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.71 KB, 771x768, big tits tiny waist.jpg)

But it looks really great. Really.

No. 799724

Starvation Barbie now in limited crackhead edition!

No. 799733

Never heard of her but YIKES she looks bad. Too much plastic surgery, perhaps.

No. 799737

It's odd that someone would want to put natural, raw food into their bodies yet stick chemical fillers and bags of silicon in their chest to look unnatural.

No. 799747

Wtf even is a "Certified raw dessert chef". Where does one get certified for this?!

No. 799761

File: 1556045980480.jpg (40.27 KB, 716x486, Capture.JPG)

I googled and this actually exists. The course is ONLINE

No. 799762

No. 799766

File: 1556047907873.png (166.7 KB, 428x370, we are cool kids.PNG)

so i guess we are all fat and ugly and just jealous of dust garbo and her raw meat arms :/// damn :///

No. 799770


I like fat people, but I don't like shallow people. Must suck when your relatives are musical geniuses and your greatest achievement is hospital hopping to the age of 32.

No. 799772

Dustbin's tumblr is full of her special 'stories from inpatient'. The way she glamorizes inpatient and acts like the quintessential manic pixie dream girl is kinda disgusting.

No. 799773

Oddly enough, on youtube she doesn't go for angles and muscle tensing for ana poses. Not quite the spoopy one she likes us to believe she is.

No. 799776

File: 1556050704649.jpg (429.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-211726_Ins…)

Morven is looking rough

No. 799791

I like fat ppl too, but what’s this about the musical achievements of family members? Interesting I thought she was trying to one up her sister who committed suicide by being the mental patient, but maybe her issue is living in the shadow of these relatives, interesting dynamic I’d like to know more about. I wonder if they are aware of her over the top behavior and like what they think about it and her.

No. 799807

Nurse is just being honest. Regardless of whether it was the right thing to say. Shanaya isn't underweight. She doesn't look thin. So people are going to say things and question things

No. 799809

I agree she doesn’t look underweight so why does she have to drink 5 supplements along with her meals and snacks.. like she says here in the post about the fortsips >>799683
There’s no way that’s for maintenance that sounds like a meal plan for gaining which she doesn’t have to. she’s clearly fine if a nurse commented on it kek. I do believe she’s lying about the meal plan amount for attention to try and look like she’s so sooper sick and needs all the nutrients and this huge meal plan kek. I do not understand

No. 799812

File: 1556060301650.jpeg (435.66 KB, 728x841, F00941A6-72BB-471A-B61A-659D6D…)

Sadfairys back on her bs about manipulating people into telling her she looks sick or unwell. I see a lot of similarities between her and spaceship both tells and asks are all about how sick and frail they are etc, they milk it to validate their eating disorders. But she’s just getting more and more ott.

No. 799813

File: 1556060431834.png (454.34 KB, 750x1334, B266F2DF-ECF6-4B95-82F0-EE6D7D…)

This post from five days ago she looks fine and yet ppl are blowing up her tellonym with how concerned they are, I almost wonder if she sends them herself Part 1

No. 799815

File: 1556060683190.jpeg (189.39 KB, 750x1334, 1D8140E7-F9B8-45D5-938B-2A5313…)

Part 2
The comment below it is kind of funny, I wouldn’t exactly say she looks like she’s dying of anorexia, she looks sick in the old pictures she post but all her recent dance videos and photos she looks fine. I think she started sending herself tells so she could post them on her story to make her look like ppl are worried and acting like she’s dying when…. she’s doing ballet kek

No. 799819

Shay here again. You people are a disgrace to this world, it is absolutely appalling, DISGUSTING what you're doing and saying about myself and other anorexics. You all clearly have not even the slightest idea or education on eating disorders, and if you did you'd know it isn't as simple as just "eating". It's a fucking daily battle. I use my account to share and express my journey. That doesn't give you ANY RIGHT to post photo's of me!

No. 799821

Dear Lord can a farmer just ban this shanaya cow already before she hurts herself?

No. 799823

The extra 5 drinks is 1500 calories so idk why. She clearly doesn't need the extra nutrition if as she so boldy claims is completing her meal steps. It's all for the show

No. 799824

Hahahaha before I hurt MYSELF? I think it's all of you who are hurting ME and every other person who's been shit talked on this ridiculous website.


No. 799827

File: 1556062462097.jpg (5.71 MB, 3456x4608, IMG20190423154317.jpg)

Shay again. For the dickheads thinking I'm lying about my meal plan, you're seriously just making yourselves look like fools; Here is my meal plan. Proof. Now shut tf up and leave me alone cheers.

No. 799828

Honestly, just stop. You’re doing yourself more harm than good by coming on here. You may as well be on fire walking through a bundle of hay…

No. 799829

We'll stop when you stop being so Milky
Fo sho

No. 799830

Idk I just don't understand how you're going to sit there crying about us talking about you and to stop, but then continue to engage
The only person hurting you at this point is yourself. But gg on the knowing you lie enough that you'd need to provide proof

No. 799843

Yes someone with a BMI above 20 defos needs to gain weight… not. Go cry elsewhere shay.

No. 799851

Someone call robina acute young adult psych ward and get them to remove her phone. Gurl gonna do herself some damage

No. 799862

WTF this meal plan is 7x per day? Also it’s not actually that high cal, based on the fortispip replacements column. This could be a maintenance plan

No. 799863

I…I think the fortisip replacements column is in addition to the meals and snacks column, no?

No. 799867

Yeah good luck calling up to get them to remove my phone, I've done nothing wrong and am more than happy to show them all my posts… All I've done is update my journey and post the TRUTH about my situation. If someone from this forum calls up to report, congratulations because you're also turning yourselves in hahaha, your bullying won't be a secret anymore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799872

Ok that makes sense now that she posted it tbh Bc I though it was more calories, I’m not familiar with those supplements lol. Thanks!
Your making this worse for yourself we are probably going to talk and post more about your milk now. Like that fact that you follow a ton of thinspo accounts on Instagram, and hopped on lolcow as soon as you were posted, we know your shtick. Another wanorexic.

No. 799873

No dude read the header columns. Step 1 is the left column and steps 2 & 3 are the right. This is for whoever is supervising her to know all of the requirements and how to manage her under specific conditions (eg: in the case that she does not eat her meal in the allotted time, they must replace her with fortispi). Also in case you still don’t believe me, in the right column is says “any remaining fortisip from step 1.”

No. 799874

For someone who is totally anti-bullying you sure have no problem calling your fellow ana-chans fat >>>/snow/798363
Take your ban, you need it.

No. 799875

Oh, yeah, I get it now. My meals plans never looked like that. That's actually a pretty low meal plan, IMO. The meals must be awfully small.

No. 799878

File: 1556070598770.jpeg (535.81 KB, 750x1071, F4010269-E642-4B0D-9B7E-B99B12…)

You don’t seem very happy after calling a bunch of anonymous internet people dickheads lol. Anyway… not sure why she’s on bed rest. Shay seems like the kind of person who’d pretend to pass out to get a fall risk bracelet and yellow socks, so it doesn’t surprise me too much. I wonder how long without her “special” that she’ll decide to pull her tube out. Tbh I think she likes the intimacy of caregiving that the nurses provide when inserting the tube. She’s one of the munchies that gets off on this. Bc no anorexic I know begs for feeds at a healthy weight and doesn’t just “play the game” to get out. Shay sabotages herself and her vitals to stay longer. She seems like a hybrid between a munchie and wanorexic kek

No. 799879

The low Meal plan definitely makes it seem like a maintenance plan, Shay just made it seem double that it is on her story, then implicated herself by posting the truth kek, what a dummie

No. 799889

She's not on bed rest really judging by her bathroom selfies and room walks plus now allowed exercise allowance. She's been investigated for POTS. Kek

No. 799890

When it comes down to it, you're a fraud. Nothing further needed.

No. 799891

I agree
Good point, really Shay if you were just honest and real with your struggle we wouldn’t talk about u here this forum for ppl we deem wanorexic, proana, and ott. Stop posting that garbage and no one will care. Stuff like this
>>799867 is just going to get you banned. Maybe this is the smack in the butt she needs y’all know she’s not getting it on her insta echo chamber kek.

No. 799905

But she does look like she's put on a bit of weight-,face isn't so skeletal. If she'd just stop SH then she'd stand more chance of being let out.

No. 799907

Her vlog was a load of utter rubbish - even for her it was boring and 40 mins of her eating. Going by the thumbnail photo she looks like she's lost weight not gained. She's too naive .

No. 799913

Georgia is purging again. NO FUCKING SURPRISE

No. 799918

b/ping, yes. what happened to her prolonged restriction? did the tube cure that within a few days>>799913

No. 799925

Apparently. As per usual

No. 799926


Love when they're outed as the true hypocrites they are. Must be hard to live with a brain like that.

No. 799931

It does make you wonder about people. For someone who spends their time around dying kids (and her sharing pictures of herself being with every single one of them), saying that every kid deserves to smile - that motto certainly doesn't spread to adults with her.

As long as they're adults, and not on death's door, it's okay to bully them yet claim victimhood when the tables turned on them. Sure thing. Makes you question if she's started that whole Happy Little Smiles (on facebook and Weebly) for ass pats (even though it is on the surface a good cause - shame about her though).

I do wonder if she knows about it not being a good idea to share private documents with your full name, location, hospital and URN number on them for the whole world to see just to prove some pitiful point about a diet plan - numpty. Name forever tied to this.

To be honest I thought it was going to be a skillshare thing or the free websites that give you a "certificate" if you pay for it at the end. Seems close enough though.

No. 799932

Part of me wonders if she likes the whole Happy Little Smiles things because they have feeding tubes. She even made a post about it and how they aren't just for cancer patients etc

No. 799935

Where did shays account go? Did she delete it? She shouldnt have posted on georgia on here if she cant handle it herself.

No. 799936

Either deleted both accounts or blocked people. Either way her baby teenager one is still up

No. 799939

did she post about Georgia? She was claiming to have never of heard of lolcow until she was posted.

No. 799940

She was probably jellous and realised if she refused to eat they'd tube her, so now she just pulls the anorexia card whenever she's feeling like she's not getting enough attention and gets her precious toob

No. 799947

For someone who has never heard of lolcow she was awfully familiar with it and how it works etc. Also same irony with claiming bullying yet fat shames people.

No. 799948

Since she posted her full name with her meal plan and what hospital she is in, it would be great to know what specific posts she's actually made about people.

No. 799949

File: 1556106912333.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190424-234428.jpg)

Anyone discussed hopingforfreedom? I've followed her a while, she's been in hosp for nearly a year, she constantly acts out swalling things (then appears to tell staff), tries to hang herself, cutting, refusing to eat etc etc. I could understand these behaviours for a while when entering treatment but she's constantly acting out, almost certain she loves the attention, hospital seems to have just made her worse & its a waste of a bed

No. 799954

File: 1556109934613.jpeg (42.07 KB, 450x425, image.jpeg)

Have to agree she looks worse not better

No. 799962

File: 1556117306464.png (760.66 KB, 996x750, Untitled.png)

Look at my bonezzz

No. 799965

Can we see some pictures I’m not connected to her on insta. Can someone post her story or something pls lol? She’s finally admitting to the binging.. finally.

No. 799966

File: 1556120340297.png (354.39 KB, 357x620, still suffering.png)

Her account's public.

No. 799976

File: 1556124232204.jpg (38.45 KB, 561x582, 00.JPG)

Aww you took your videos down. They were cute.

No. 800028

Seems she disabled them since I can’t find her, and I’ve never followed her so I’m not blocked. Wouldn’t be surprised if her account is back up in 5 days, claiming she needed a ~*break from all the bullying*~

No. 800073

File: 1556148854685.png (141.97 KB, 1406x790, you are 33 just you are too ol…)

dont know if it was her herself who did it but she seems to have a busy night. the funny part is she openly posted about the drugs part.

No. 800082

Wow her play by play is obsessive kek. She dramatizes the most trivial hospital things. Yea staff are shit what else is new. Get better and get out. I don’t know if she’s just posting this for content or to seem like a “bad ass” but it’s ott. And I think she’s lying about being given a subustrip or whatever, if they do mouth checks you wouldn’t be able to cheek it to give to another patient would u? How did that person even have it to give her? She confuses the hell out of me.

No. 800099

File: 1556155556294.jpeg (490.33 KB, 750x1049, B3ADB224-9164-455D-BB9B-10DC37…)

New possible cow, used to be pretty skinny but is average now. Account says major trigger warning but I’m not sure why kek. The reason why I bring her up is there’s this huge tellonym thing with this random person accusing her of being a bully or transphobic or something? Anyway the fact that she cares so much is hilarious. She Also has an entire highlight dedicated to ppl asking what her BMI is lol, talk about strange. I’ll post a few more examples. I think she’s s wanorexic worthy of criticism after following her for a good long while.
Part 1

No. 800100

File: 1556155626195.jpeg (175.49 KB, 745x1044, 5A215DCD-59F0-45A4-A18E-C97178…)

Part 2
“Please tell me I’m skinny!!!!!!”

No. 800102

File: 1556155860171.jpeg (211.71 KB, 749x1115, E67BEDCC-C69C-4E42-B03C-B4E885…)

Part 3
Kek at the fact she feels like she needs a trigger warning before her body checks *facepalms

No. 800105

File: 1556156270764.png (544.57 KB, 750x1334, 5DB455A6-6459-48F4-A039-4CDA75…)

The comment that started the ridiculous ott milk, was shared on her story as are the following
Part 1

No. 800106

File: 1556156353849.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 5F19747F-904F-4BC8-BD35-C4E7A6…)

Part 2
Nothing to do with the tellonym incident but apparently this job is something to brag about at age 19 kek, yikes

No. 800108

File: 1556156576296.png (502.6 KB, 750x1334, 5386B78C-6D91-4C21-B1F4-5D26D9…)

Part 3
This is where it gets harry, not exactly sure wtf they are talking about but ppl come for her and she posted these long stories responding, definitely worth a look

No. 800109

File: 1556156668734.png (457.18 KB, 750x1334, 0F7E1A4A-787A-46B0-A4A6-49623A…)

Anther off topic comment but generally pretty funny thing to say by the original commenter kek very passive aggressive but she can’t help it but get involved with these trolls, creating a trail of milk

No. 800110

File: 1556156742823.png (468.73 KB, 750x1334, 4CFBE20A-686B-452F-A289-11D66E…)

Refuses to tell ppl her BMI but claims to be underweight and anorexic. Yet another reason why she should be a topic Bc of her ott and wanorexic tendencies

No. 800111

File: 1556156807666.jpeg (109.6 KB, 750x515, 19CEBEB6-2886-42DF-A432-6924FD…)

No. 800114

File: 1556157036718.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 5C24D3D6-E81C-4874-B563-C7DD6C…)

Finally I believe this is in response to the tellonym Bc I searched this “Keisha ocean” person on Instagram and there’s more than one person with a rendering of that name, so I doubt she’s referencing a dm. Tbh I just think it’s a troll

No. 800124

Kassandra's heart didn't break (see: her insta story rn) when she was fasting and shoving on her uterus while pregnant

But glad the baby is with a family now

No. 800127

"Beggers can't be choosers"
s.recovers: hold my water

No. 800141

File: 1556163123259.jpeg (569.12 KB, 750x1176, DBB27719-A098-41B3-A2CB-B8972E…)

Kek accurate and look at this one lol “please comment, I’m posting all this self hate, inviting all ass pats” the way she talks about glamorizing this binge is … idk I’ll let it speak for itself

No. 800147

Get your vendetta ass outta here
She isn’t super skinny but she sure as hell isn’t a porker like Georgia. Nothing you posted is milky beyond an ED

No. 800149

Get your vendetta ass outta here
She isn’t super skinny but she sure as hell isn’t a porker like Georgia. Nothing you posted is milky beyond an ED

No. 800157

i'm a dumbass for not getting a screencap before she deleted it but @pamelavidal28 posted saying she's going to stop using her main account and post freely on a new one
i requested the new account (which was tagged in the now deleted post) so will hopefully be able farm some milk soon but was wondering if anyone else managed to get an img before the post was deleted?

No. 800160

Far out, what’s this personal vendetta all about? Sigh, you must really be running out of things to keep yourself occupied… She hasn’t got a drop of milk! Sure, she complains about feeling fat for validation that she ISN’T fat but that’s what eating disorders do to you. She can go on and complain a fair bit, but again, this is mental illness hun. You need attention and gratification. No milk there. She is not a cow like Elzani, Shay, TinyBootsteps, Spaceship etc.

No. 800166

A quick look at Shay's "Happy Little Smiles" business makes it appear like she is trying to fit in as a sick kid by her pursuit for a tube all the time


No. 800167


"unfortunately, the hospitals turned me down, as I am not old enough and do not own a registered charity. However, that didn't stop me. I came in contact with local families who have a child facing cancer. They have agreed for me to meet their kids. So far, I have met many children in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area."

No. 800204

her stupid fat mouth infuriates me for some reason

No. 800208

Not wise to post this knowing which hospital she's actually at. Nice to give names of other patients and detail their problems. I hate how she tries to make psych sound fun. The delusions of patients when I've been on the ward have been really sad and even though cheeking meds and smuggling in contraband goes on, it isn't fun or smart.

The reality of life on a psych ward:
Get woken up, have breakfast, watch tv in patient lounge, have lunch, watch tv in patient lounge, have dinner, watch tv in patient lounge, go to bed. In between there's the meds wagon and a couple of patients kick off. That's all it is. The rest is just as dull because after so long in hospitals, she should be just as bored of the momentary dramas as she'd be bored watching tv.

Get over yourself.

No. 800228

It’s obvious she’s bored that’s why she’s taking these trivial occurrences and making it seem like fantastic tumblr content kek.

No. 800230

Kek but do you know what a vendetta is? I just came across this person and I thought she’d be interesting…. you now Bc this is a thread for wanorexics.. doesn’t really matter to me y’all just complain about seeing new cows then say it’s a vendetta or a self post when someone posts a new cow.
Being a wanorexic is milky and in the description of the thread. You don’t get to decide who is milky or not, like how about just say nothing, Bc your probably either a supporter or s recovers herself. This person is interested >>800127 or at least found it funny so chill the hell out. Also please pick up a dictionary or go to the rules and figure out what a vendetta post is, this ain’t it boo boo. You could also try posting your own content instead of clogging the thread and bitching at everyone else. I tried to intro a new person, if you don’t care, Don’t comment and I’ll just not post them anymore. Like does anyone know how this thread works kek!!

No. 800288

You aware this is an image board or? Your comment is useless and barely even discernible otherwise

No. 800289

She sounds milky for the fact she posts body checks and spergs when people tell her she's gained weight…which she said she has. I can't investigate though. She's private. Damn, she looks older than 19 though.

No. 800333

Yea that’s the point why shes milky she literally freaks out! And yea she looks about 25-30 on her account, it’s kind of nuts

No. 800338

I don't get how people like her and Georgia get off to having telanonym (w/e lol) accounts when they know they get mostly shitty comments about their appearance. Georgia aside, this girl's weight restored (?) after being skinny (?), why fuck it all up by having people tell you you've got thic thighs? I know it's drama, but then does that make them hard faced bitches over sensitive snowflakes? Too many of these accounts are private now. Their igs must be their ~safe spaces~

What's going on with the stoner faster who gave her baby away?

No. 800341

Oh and anyone remotely interested, Becky changed her account to heybooxy. Usual daily complaints and shitty crafts, slyly forked out for more tickets for that dire morning tv show. Anyway…

No. 800347

I agree, but then Georgia keeps her account public and then only posts stories so you can’t see them if your not signed in or blocked by her. I think the tellonym thing is all about attention negative or positive they crave it

No. 800434

You spammed the thread with 11 posts. Post some real milk besides her looking old and wanting people to say she’s skinny. Neither of those are personality traits in the ED ~recovery community~ If you can explain why the posts you spammed the thread with are milky then I’m sure everyone would be excited to have a new cow (finally) but you seem to be the only one who thinks she has milk

No. 800452

File: 1556254128533.png (10.05 MB, 3087x3087, BBC42D59-9D5C-4F89-A6BC-182844…)

Aimee- drug (“former” addict) and eating disorder 1) barely goes a week without a life catastrophe 2) complains how sick she is. States she’s in ICU but uploads her smiling/playing on a video in her 3) abuses nursing staff & bragged many times 4) posts her supposed weight regularly 5) enjoys posting sick pictures 6) recently decided she hates America & move to the Middle East 7) just is a petty b overall.

No. 800473

Agree she acts hard done by Every post despite having more treatment and therapy then half of Instagram. She knows she needs to gain weight to see her therapist but then says she hardly eats (she's way old enough to know how to get her therapist back if shes really wanting to recover). Pretty sure her trip to the East was funded a lot by donations despite never appearing to be from a family with money troubles. The constant complaining and talking about how ill she is, is soooo repetitive. Kinda looked like she was drug seeking recently too but can only speculate on that one

No. 800488

File: 1556275161959.jpg (451.57 KB, 1080x1910, IMG_20190426_223809.jpg)

This is the type of stuff this girl is constantly doing (sometimes near daily), she mostly posts on her story.

No. 800493

Stop with this vendetta.

No. 800509

Y’all complain this an image board, but then ppl post images and they “spammed the board” someone introduces a new cow and it’s a vendetta post, sorry you guys got a boner for every new cow and are selective and forget it’s not u who decides, it’s the description, proana, wanorexic or seeking health recovery “warriors” just Bc it’s not a skelky like Paris eating a chocolate bar dancing, or spaceship dramatizing trivial events to seem sooper sick, does not mean they don’t fit the thread criteria. You ppl are the reason this thread goes stale Bc when ppl try and post u hop on their di*k and shut it down. Also how are u suppose to intro someone new without multiple posts? Then you say provide proof it’s milky., but not too much? Y’all >>800434 >>800493
are so rediculous and are like thread killers, you keep this forum from growing and that’s annoying af.

No. 800522

File: 1556295474065.jpeg (108.58 KB, 750x960, 509ECBE0-5DAB-4EE3-A3F7-C4D0CA…)

@daintyaly’s acct was deleted apparently

No. 800524

I moderately agree with this post. Too much mini modding goes on about who can be posted and who can't. "I don't care about X she's boring", "stop giving X attention". Fuck off to another thread if you're bored. Some anons think this thread exists for their pleasure only and shits on anything they don't like. Stop. it.

Btw, I like the fact the girl swallowed a toothbrush. I didn't think it could be shat out unless she crunched it.

No. 800535

“none of the things I’ve swallowed have past yet” HAHAHA oh my god imagine shitting out a fucking toothbrush
Agreed. Complaining that Becky and other cows are now boring, yet shoot down every potential cow that gets brought up? Some of y’all really need to relax

No. 800539

This board is for theatrics. Any behaviors that are 100% due to someone’s eating disorder means they aren’t milky. Rules haven’t changed. I don’t read here to see that Sharon smith thinks she’s fat and wants people to tell her she’s skinny. I read here to see spaceship push her ass into another dimension and pretend she’s dying. I’m always open to new cows but nothing you posted was milky

No. 800542

But then how is spaceship pretending she's dying milky?

No. 800569

YES THIS. the drama never ends. the middle east trip was paid for entirely in donations, i think one person paid most of the [$5k] cost

No. 800573

Surprised she was deleted now instead of when she had her eating disorder

No. 800579

Yaassss. She is so holier than thou while also being a complete bitch. She says she has tried everything, done all the work, given her all etc etc but she keeps restricting and taking lax. Like it don’t matter that you spend a million hours in therapy, YOU have to CHOSE to work on the behaviors or new flash genius, you will not get better. Also yes he trip was fully funded by a poor loser named Cory who constantly comments on her photos. And she spent the while trip saying she hoped for a heart attack and to die. She is an ungrateful cunt who can’t understand that recovery isn’t something that magically happens to you, you have to make it happen.

No. 800580

Exactly… The girl who was posted does the same behaviors that spaceship does, except spaceships more appropriate to speak on? Too bad she’s “approved” but no one updates on her
Well it’s a good thing this board isn't catered to your personal preference, bye kek

No. 800602

File: 1556315551202.jpg (589.32 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190427-075018_You…)

yikes… anyone seen her new vid? fkn annoying as usual

No. 800603

At least it'll wipe her ass on the way out, no need for tp

No. 800604

ReCoVeRy GoAls

No. 800607

she’s been full-on relapse since basically right after she left treatment early tbh

No. 800608

File: 1556317068612.jpeg (176.39 KB, 750x997, 8067BDC7-3131-4D04-AC9B-8F55B2…)

sage for samefag but it seems like instagram was pretty lenient for a while

No. 800614

File: 1556319132946.png (685.5 KB, 640x1136, B0C767A3-77EC-4827-8FB8-E1A352…)

No fucking way she actually titled this “how to do well in recovery” when she’s literally admitted to essentially faking it and making zero progress since leaving treatment. No. Nope. No way. No one can be that delusional and full of themselves!!!

No. 800617

How to make your whole life about "recovery" while refusing to weight restore

No. 800622

Step 1: get a mother who enables you endlessly while praising you as if you just got your doctorate just for holding a fry up to your face.

No. 800629

Spending 4 minuted pulling apart and analysing a dream custard pastry this is ridiculous

No. 800646


And you couldn't have just put this all into one post? Fuck off with your tranny speak.

No. 800650

That’s literally not the same person posting Bc one was me and one was not kek…and wtf is tranny speak? the Internet Autism on this thread is getting ridiculous. Either post content, comment on content or lurk longer. Everyone keeps complaining about new cows, self posting, vendetta posting, who is allowed to be posted, quit with mini modding like this person said >>800524

No. 800660

She has the same body as the 6 year old boy I nanny

No. 800684

She is in deluded denial - needs to be back in hospital with therapy.

No. 800694

Lmao this is ridiculous, what's with the new "vendetta" crap getting thrown around suddenly. I'm sure people who post new cows don't like the person, I posted the one your responding too, I posted because her shit is constant and repetitively ridiculous with how she attention seeks & acts out, also sometimes refusing to eat and drink to get more attention. I don't have any personal issues with her, it's stupid people just are assuming that all over the board then complaining there's no one to talk about…

No. 800713

How to do well at recovery - put on some fucking weight and stop being so obsessed with food ( and stop purging).

No. 800726

I have never seen anyone get that excited over an apple crumble.
She still looks like some weird living alien creature.
I can’t work out if she is generally deluded and thinks her vids are helping people or if she knows what a fake she is being and is posting unhelpful and triggering things intentionally .
Bottom line who gives a fuck what she eats in a day ?( apart from her mum)- she’ll end up like Paris - still doing the same shit 5 years from now.

No. 800743

It's strange that she never mentions therapy or her treatment team or medical appointments in any of her stuff.

No. 800755

It's difficult to get excited about many foods in reality. Maybe tiramisu, but she has fake orgasms over everything she claims to eat. Rhubarb crumble over apple.

She's got to get sick of her own shit at some point. She's going to exhaust every food available and then what. Nope, I don't get her channel at all. It certainly aint helping her. It'd only really be of interest to those perverts who like eating sounds ASMR.

This is only my theory, but I get the feeling she's dropped from treatment and she's doing that "I can do recovery alone" thing. Unless she sees even little things like monitoring bloods as being a big fail because it'd be admitting she's still an ana in danger.

I also don't know what her therapist would think if they watched her videos. It's too weird.

No. 800832

GEORGIAKCOLLINGS what are we gonna do about her. Found her MPA. She posted a picture of herself on a thinspo thread. Girl you are literally oBESE what are you doing???

No. 800838


No. 800844


Click the post number you want to quote. You don't need to # and type it out..

No. 800854

I can't screenshot on my computer.
It is post #944 on this thread.
Here is a link to the exact page

No. 800856

File: 1556419200297.jpg (687.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190428-122029_Ins…)

Speaking of georgia

No. 800878

File: 1556423739458.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1080x1593, 20190427_215422.png)

Um. Anyone call bullshit?

No. 800879

File: 1556423767129.png (Spoiler Image, 288.22 KB, 1080x1501, 20190427_215406.png)

No. 800880

File: 1556423817512.png (237.04 KB, 1080x1235, 20190427_215346.png)

Didn't mean to spoiler the second one.

No. 800881

File: 1556424573772.jpg (176.14 KB, 1080x802, 20190428_140815.jpg)

Well that hiatus didn't last long

No. 800890

File: 1556431623997.jpeg (225.37 KB, 750x1106, F93B4FE9-4EE9-4639-9EFD-01B864…)

Pics from the same day. Severely underweight? I think not.

No. 800891

File: 1556431653825.jpeg (153.02 KB, 750x1096, 543D4FE5-E787-4DD4-B165-D0CA67…)

No. 800893

File: 1556432726759.jpeg (447.27 KB, 750x1060, D68F58AD-CECA-449B-A076-7CE836…)

Fresh milk?

No. 800894

File: 1556432874162.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, C4872B0E-3B4B-4948-A1D1-E58F24…)

No. 800895

File: 1556432908413.jpeg (183.21 KB, 750x445, 81565468-9434-45AD-B006-C40831…)

No. 800896

File: 1556432942308.jpeg (471.71 KB, 750x1109, 1BE184B2-460B-48D9-84E5-9AD277…)

No. 800899

Kek, how convenient that her sentence trails away as she's saying that she's so out of it.

No. 800901

File: 1556436348609.jpg (191.38 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20190428-082506_Chr…)


Georgias MPA post

No. 800903

Can't just admit she's obese regardless of bmi.

No. 800904

How come her arms look normal size here compared to >>800891

No. 800912

her profile says "9 years, been diagnosed with almost every ED in the book. Recovery has fucked me over and my BMI has skyrocketed to 34 in the last year. I want to die… but I've lost the weight before so I can do it again. Unfortunately now I have people breathing down my neck and making me fatter every day. Fuck. My. Life.

No. 800918

108kg….. ooft. even at 6ft tall that's fucked

No. 800919

File: 1556452289425.png (13.57 KB, 434x414, 000000000000.PNG)

so georgia admits she has BED. also i call bullshit on that LW unless she was a literal child.

No. 800920

File: 1556453055534.jpg (282.09 KB, 1165x720, PhotoEditor_20190428_130340305…)

One post claims her lowest bmi was 11.5. She really is sick.

No. 800921

File: 1556453342786.png (425.36 KB, 885x787, Capture.PNG)

people si ck enough going through a feeding tube thinspo thread probably dont want to see your lard face, but thanks

No. 800922

File: 1556453746104.png (16.92 KB, 1027x158, Capture.PNG)

so is it 11.5 or 12.8? I'm guessing bullshit for both

No. 800923

At a stretch I could believe switching ed's could make her obese, but in my wildest dreams I can't imagine she'd ever be under bmi 22.

I hate how she says STAY SAFE KIDDOS. That reeks of ed champion passing on their wisdom.

No. 800925

is this thread on autosage? it wouldnt be a surprise tbh

No. 800928

I've known her for years and she was NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER a BMI of 11.5. She barely made it out of the 20's

No. 800930

milk please i'm so thirsty
how do you know each other?

No. 800933

Treatment. Both the public hospitals she's been tubed in and the clinic she's currently in. Whilst yeah she has an ED, I doubt that 11.5 is her BMI so idk what b.s. that is

No. 800935

File: 1556459897074.jpg (177.7 KB, 1079x1848, IMG_20190428_235738.jpg)

No. 800937

File: 1556459947001.jpg (154.37 KB, 1079x1800, IMG_20190428_235729.jpg)

shes a charmer om that eating disorder central site under the same username

No. 800938

Tbh I’ve kind of got a strange respect for the fact she at least acknowledges that she loves the attention of being medically unstable & being tubed. Better than the cows who pretend to hate it while simultaneously taking tube-face selfies from every angle, bemoaning their treatment teams.

No. 800942

I mean yeah she admits it but fucking hell why does she keep taking herself back to the clinic though?? If being unwell is her goal she could Do That at home

No. 800943

ames.recovers is getting a PEG tube placed in place of her NG tube that shes had for years

No. 800945

As she states: being unwell isn't actually the goal, receiving attention is. Kinda an unfortunate paradox since it's hard to get seriously underweight / sick while also actively looking for the validation of treatment.

No. 800947

Yeah but here's the paradox. To get the attention, she needs to be unwell

No. 800950

Is that not what I said?

No. 800970

I have a feeling the “cunt doctor” probably said “hey you BPD waste of time, you’re swallowing batteries and wasting time when we have real sick patients to treat”

No. 800974

Is this a thing? Swallowing things? I’ve genuinely never heard of someone doing that.

No. 800983


Yeah it’s common in Cluster B personality disordered people. And prisoners. Lots of research articles done on people who swallow things like razors, batteries etc. Usually they just let it pass naturally as the stomach forms a coating. Batteries are a bit fucked though

No. 801011

File: 1556485159779.jpg (449.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190428-215734_Ins…)


No. 801013

File: 1556485903909.png (550.35 KB, 750x1334, A2CD1ED5-E4B8-4120-9AA1-3E70D8…)

Becky begged her way into having her hair done for free at a salon. After having a meltdown at the salon yesterday but posting a million fucked faced selfies, she’s decided the hair was “wrong” and had a meltdown today.

No. 801029

Why don't they wore the jaws of people who do that to the extent they're ingesting batteries? It's got to be better for their health while they're getting therapy.

Should try that stool softener stuff. Fun times with latex gloved fingers for Bella.

Ungrateful cunt. Gifted a hair do and makes a fuss that it's too yellow. Touch of Silver shampoo, duh. Once again the cash turns up for a hair appointment, and getting your hair done could stay a bomb even at a meh salon.

No. 801031

No. 801032

File: 1556491035605.jpeg (463.71 KB, 640x912, B007C6B8-171C-4EAC-9A79-777633…)

Guess what guys?! Elzani uploaded a new video featuring SO MANY FOODS SHES NEVER TRIED AND THEY ARE SO DIVINE OMG MIND BLOWING LIFE CHANGING -eyes roll to back of head, orgasms ensue-.
It was a short one so I actually watched most of it. Sitara seems incredibly tired of her shit (god knows the process of ordering and eating seems like it went on for hours) the entire time they’re in the restaurant.

No. 801034

File: 1556491351933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 472.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190428-234043_Ins…)

Can anyone translate?

No. 801038

Google translate app has a feature where you can scan images for text. Not always 100% accurate but close.

"If anyone happens to wonder why I'm going to wear a scarf or a cap"

No. 801045

Her eyes are like those of someone being held hostage and the captor told her to make a video saying she's being treated well when she isn't.

Thanks to anon for posting Emily the skeleton. I always wonder what the deal is with her. I need to make an ed IG account to follow these people.

No. 801061

It totally counts even if she was three then she was her lowest weight.

No. 801085

At some point she will run out of foods to try! I think it's funny she doesn't realise what a twat she looks like making the YouTube videos.

No. 801123

And tell her to stop calling everything ‘divine’- it’s starting to really annoy me rather than mildly irritate me.

No. 801127

Reassuring mum ‘ it’s not oil darling , it’s probably just something like olive oil ‘.

No. 801131

Her ig stories are even worse. She captions everything as “so nice” “divine” “life changing”, so much that I honestly wonder if she lurks here and is totally just trolling us all!

No. 801140

She’s too naive to be on here! I doubt she even knows this site exists.

No. 801143

Idk why you all pick on Elzani, yes she is annoying as hell and her autistic repeating fills me with rage.
That said she is putting on weight and seems to be trying her best.

No. 801148

She’s not putting on weight, she’s putting on a show. She even admitted as much a few videos back. She hasn’t gained any weight since treatment despite presenting herself to be eating all the things (which makes me suspicious of what tricks she must be pulling behind the scenes).

No. 801151

Most likely a bulimic, but I can see she has gained weight since 2017 albeit a minuscule amount

No. 801155


she´s a British Aly, but more childish

No. 801162

I think any weight gain was done in hospital and otherwise she goes up and down the same ~5 lbs depending on how motivated she feels.

No. 801187

What happened to Aly? She broke her leg and gained weight and then dropped off the earth?

No. 801196

i know i'm days later, but holy shit this is sad

No. 801197

File: 1556560118498.jpg (481.88 KB, 720x1127, PhotoEditor_20190429_184615699…)

Recovered. Same old boring shit. Her thread's on the last page of this board. Alone and abandoned I think and never saw Dante ever again. That hurts.

No. 801208

I’m sure I remember a conversation she had with her family saying she was going to have got to a certain weight/point in recovery by May…. can’t see that happening .

No. 801213

Damn. Bitch looks good.

No. 801220

Anon - do you know Elzani IRL?

No. 801230

Lmao no I do not, I just have a soft spot for her.

No. 801241

Yeah. Can't stand her but good to see her healthy. Now if she only worked on her personality and horrible dress sense.

No. 801285

File: 1556585171875.jpg (168.88 KB, 935x666, 20190430_104443.jpg)

Guess who's basically a BMI of 22 and has been putting her feeds down the sink in her room and got caught?

No. 801308

I can almost see the conversation that must've gone on between Sitara and Alicia before they all went out. We can all tell Alicia is refusing to put up with her cowshit unless she absolutely has to so of course she wasn't going to tag along. And Sitara was probably only in it for the free meal but was it worth sitting in the restaurant for hours on end Sitara?….

No. 801315

No! She probably got dragged along to watch E do her yummy dance while mummy filmed.
I was in the haldon with her last year- very very unaware of ed stuff- he first admission- and no she doesn't have autism ( she had an assessment there) and nor does she SH or have BPD ( although I think she has attachment issues!)- just Anorexia- back then it was just restrictive but now I think she's purging.
Interesting on her day of biggest challenge she missed out her snacks /cut them down to compensate- a kinder Bueno for night snack is not the same as a sharing bar of aero chocolate .

No. 801334

File: 1556607410590.jpeg (95.31 KB, 1024x348, A66CB688-AD56-44C8-8DC6-258093…)

Kek so hard at the tags kory put on her ig im so poetic and fragile shitty attempt at poetry post

No. 801346

What’s so sad poet about tagging her University you weirdo?

No. 801350

How can facing your fears be fun? A fear is a fear because you are afraid of it- nothing fun about it.

No. 801353

Sometimes facing your fears can become exhilarating, especially when you've been restricted for so long with something - it's more the after "I did it!". And it's always good to try and air on the side of positivity when facing fears. If you think "this is going to be grim/awful" you're just setting the tone of it and it probably will be bad.

No. 801360

She wrote a shitty poem on her insta and had those as the tags

No. 801377

She hasn't been ill that long.

No. 801380

File: 1556637860014.png (207.71 KB, 1167x369, the delusion is real.png)

We all need an empowering pro ana model in our lives (and free hotels)

No. 801422

tinyboosteps has really stepped up in her cow status. I unabashedly love it and can't wait for her next round of begging and passive-aggressive questions. At the end of the post about her free haircut, she wrote "now can anyone get me my nails done for free?" with three cry/laugh emojis after it. Unbelievable.

How can anyone be this shameless while pretending not to be?

No. 801452

File: 1556662273686.png (2.11 MB, 1788x1156, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.10…)

Today in internet kek's: Elzani preaches how to recover while still being radically underweight and eating a bowl of rice and vegetables for "lunch".

No. 801467

I just saw this post and couldn’t help but wonder, how does hair colour (brassy tones) set off body dismorphia? I mean lots of people end up with a hair do they don’t like from time to time, but I feel like this is just Amex use for her to get upset. It must be so embarrassing to be her mother. She gets a “gift” & still finds a way to make herself a crying victim. This women needs a reality check ED or not. Also silver shampoo like how did no one tell her about it…

No. 801468

*an excuse… fucking fingers

No. 801471

Omg I just watched one of her videos for the first time and holy hell you guys weren’t kidding. She spends fucking 15 minutes talking about how the food smells kek

No. 801473

She looks really ill. I can't watch her videos. They make me feel anxious and it's not even food anxiety. Idk, I get bad vibes about her, like she'll drop dead Ed related (tho hope not ofc).

I really think she finds any excuse possible and creates scenarios she can say is making her life unbearable. Every single post. Idk how hair colour can make her feel…what?…fatter? Uglier? Yeah we've all had haircuts and cried internally because it looks shite but I can't help but think how self obsessed it'd be to make a massive deal about how your damn hair looks. I have ugly days but ffs I don't drag it out for a day on IG. There's a very fine line between these things being her mental illness and her being a drama queen.

It's weird how she says she's constantly in a state of BDD yet follows model agencies, models and says she'd like to model. Plus the half a dozen selfies a day.

No. 801485

I thing Elzani has been low key lurking on this board. Her videos are getting shorter. Kek
One of the anachans has been doing some cowtipping

No. 801490

I doubt it's even cowtipping. I think she's obsessed with herself enough that she probably googles the shit out of her name every day. It's not like she's got much else going on in her life (other than food and food shopping, duh). She doesn't work or go to school or anything.

No. 801512

So post that and not the tags. Jfc.

No. 801533

How is this milky? Plus give us more details about her non-compliance.

No. 801547

File: 1556700909787.jpeg (304.89 KB, 750x705, 62E4ADA7-0971-4613-A8D0-895C70…)

Elzani finally admits she’s been spouting crap about her recovery and lying to everyone for the last few months- who’d have guessed?!

No. 801549

She has no life! It’s all about food- she’s going to struggle to figure out what to do with her time as you can’t be doing ‘real recovery’ forever.

No. 801559

She literally says the same thing every 5 videos or so. I can’t believe she lacks even the self awareness to realize how ridiculous it looks to be preaching recovery while eating rice and vegetables. RICE AND VEGETABLES!!! That’s not a lunch.

No. 801560

File: 1556705854224.png (403.84 KB, 692x464, Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 7.51…)

Is it just me or do her legs look kind of shopped in this photo to look larger? It could be that she moved her legs when the pic was taken but I'm not entirely convinced…

No. 801576

Could be, on both legs just above the knee are all wonky and round

No. 801590

File: 1556724029522.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 3C98CCE7-34E9-41AB-BD20-87BC87…)

She’s been posted before u dummie these are her new accounts, scroll up or go to the last thread and do the work. Damn some farmers are lazy.
In other shanaya news she couldn’t look more “happy” to have her last possible night on the tube kek. Why doesn’t she just play the game and get discharged like most other “anorexics” she really, really thrives mentally and emotionally from receiving care inpatient like a lot of these cows

No. 801597

Is v interesting that she has the blue ECG for showing as she is in a psych ward and only the QAS/paramedics use the blue dots. She would be on medical if she needed cardiac monitoring. She hasn't been in an ambulance for over a week now (transferred from Logan medical to Robins psych) and even then she was medically cleared so no need for monitoring. So the only logical conclusion Is she had a very old ECG for and put it on for the photo for sympathy. Even then it's in the wrong spot kek

No. 801599

File: 1556725840301.jpg (656.17 KB, 1077x2092, 20190502_014849.jpg)

And the count down is on to the next "I came in for a trauma admission and now I'm back on the EPD with a tube". So predictable

No. 801613

File: 1556727098748.jpg (785.57 KB, 1080x1677, 20190502_021103.jpg)

Damn kelsey

No. 801624

Photoshopped? The circles on the bath curtain seem to be morphing into her back.

No. 801632

The cows that love their paraphernalia selfies could save their parents a bomb if they bought tubes and shit from Amazon.

Unless on a daily basis she shapeshifts or inflates her arms etc, every shot's shooped. For a fact her tits wouldn't be so perky if she was a walking skellington. They'd be sagging flaps of fatless skin. Like balloons thatve deflated.

No. 801636

File: 1556734190887.jpg (372.07 KB, 976x720, PhotoEditor_20190501_190823863…)

Colours fucked up here

No. 801657

File: 1556744576613.jpg (569.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-220104_Ins…)

No. 801669

Kek so hard at the vials of blood thing. 4 vials is 20mls max. Which is only 0.4% of her circulating blood. Unless she has frequent Frank bleeding from her rectum, she isn't going to lose much blood.

No. 801684

she looks like she's gained weight lol

No. 801700

Bells looks….fine? Borderline healthy? Is she just posting old pics from a lower weight? Can’t wait for muchie tpn Bella. It’s sad how predictable the pro Ana to muchie route is now. Gotta get your medical attention and fawning somehow I guess

No. 801708

What is wrong with her lips? Like it looks like there's kanker sores in the corners.

No. 801713

Kelsey you don’t have ribs that go that low, stop shooping them on

No. 801725

I can’t find her account anymore. I don’t think I’m blocked, maybe this is the one that finally got her banned

No. 801729

That’s the happiest she’s looked in a selfie for ages. She’s like a weird crossover between anorexic and malingerer.

No. 801732

Your ribs do actually go that low. Typically there's only typically a 6-8cm gap between the bottom of your last rib and the top of your hip

No. 801740

Yeah but not at that angle!

No. 801742

Second Ana turned munchie with a body waste bag in a week! Colostomies and catheters must be where it's at.

No. 801746

I think she has been banned too, notifications aren't redirecting to a name change. I don't think she would have deactivated herself. Wonder where she'll pop up next.

No. 801748

File: 1556782089641.png (167.39 KB, 337x480, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 5.27…)

I didn't realise arms worked like that Kelsey

No. 801754

What can you tell me about @dietingtoskinny on ig? She seems really cow.

No. 801758

Do it yourself lol

No. 801759

The whole idea is YOU tell us why she is milky. Aka you do the research

No. 801773

I’m guessing she’s selfposting tbh

No. 801775

File: 1556801966360.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1220x2156, 46D20E41-648D-479A-9C6E-A61B04…)

No. 801776

She seems really cow

No. 801779

So her new thing is PTSD now? Since when lol. Just another thing to be cryptic about. It’s only a matter of time before she’s on the DID/multiple personality bandwagon. And I guess she’s finally given up on lying about having an ED. No word of an apology for bullshitting her followers for years and years.

No. 801781

I know that's one of those toys for autism, but why are they all so childish?

No. 801785

She’s realised people are getting bored of her so needs to give something to talk about- she’s ‘forgetting’ that she’s admitted about her ED way way back on Instagram . No doubt she is hoping for the ‘well done on admitting it ‘ comments to come rolling in.

No. 801786

You wouldn’t get sectioned just for having autism and sensory issues or GI problems!

No. 801791

I never understood why she randomly started denying it to begin with??? It was so weird because she still has her old posts where she talks about it. Honestly I think she is not only autistic but maybe slightly retarded.

No. 801792

They arent just aimed for adults, im sure a good chunk of the people who buy it are children [or well their mothers or fathers]

Also did kelsey got deleted??

No. 801798

>They arent just aimed for adults

I know that. What I'm saying is that that thing in the pic is obviously for a child or an adult who's severely autistic. If an adult needs something like that, why can't they make them less like something that's fell out of a toddler's trolley.

No. 801799

File: 1556810948225.jpg (228.59 KB, 750x1130, image.jpg)

From a long time ago

No. 801800



No. 801828

Yes I reported her

No. 801842

You're joking right….? That is not the point of this thread, don't get the milk deleted jfc

No. 801884

What a fucking retard

No. 801891


Not that anon, but I'm pretty sure it takes more than one report to get a page deleted. She must've had hundreds of pics flagged. I wasn't following so don't know if she had any Stans? If she did look out for who they add to follow. Her sort never stay away for long.

Could've been arrested for crimes against sh00ping.

No. 801913

WHY would you do that

No. 801915

She often comes across like she was too smart/special/different to have an eating disorder. She acted like anorexia was some stupid thing plebs got while she was just autistic and totally fine.

No. 801924

I mean it’s better than glamorizing it I guess… I could never get her to accept my follow request strangely

No. 801936

Don't be a dick an cow tip. Don't report. It's not what we are here for. If that's what you want go elsewhere

No. 801951

Five years living off supplements or on an ng would give anyone GI problems! Her gut has probably forgotten how to digest real food.
She’s always been well enough to go to rugby matches and be mentally well enough to be allowed access to her phone/the internet.

No. 801963

Maybe they are going to transfer her from a general psych hospital to an EDU- she’s only been able to maintain the ED denial is because she hasn’t been in a specific ED unit.

No. 801974

She's on an edu already, the Glasgow priory

No. 801980

File: 1556900506956.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, C73BCE59-C4D4-488C-B5F9-6291FF…)

Oh boy how longs this going to last? She looks good maybe like she’s gained a bit more weight. Welp that’s what you get when you stop eating to get a tube… massive weight gain kek. Does Anyone have access to her new private account, shan.w_priv I bet she’s telling a different story on that account lol

No. 801990

File: 1556903543474.png (77.33 KB, 647x323, somewhatamusing.png)

Given the fact that both Georgina and shay lurk and post here (And Shay posted about Georgina), I thought it was oddly amusing that they follow each other. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer eh?

No. 802001

What the hell is wrong with you

Loving the asspats on Morvs latest post, choosing to be a brave ED WaRriOr right when the unit finally wanna kick her out

No. 802096

I don’t follow her on IG - can you fill me in on what’s happening with Smorven?

No. 802129

File: 1556964356151.jpeg (100.12 KB, 737x813, 2A47E142-7ECD-4920-A784-7EA4B6…)

My point in posting this is not because of the YouTuber herself- she has no milk- but at around 7.20 in her video she says she wants to be more like her role model of Elzani…. which just goes to show how shitty a thing Elzani has been doing for the last 6 months- fine if you want to lie to yourself and your family about your ‘real recovery’ , but when you put it on YouTube it’s a really mean thing to do to other people with EDs who then use you as a role model.

No. 802130


>implying she's not going for the same angle as well

No. 802138

Haha, my thoughts too! “I want to be just like my role model elzani: amassing a large following and fooling them into thinking I’m in “recovery” while I maintain a severely underweight body. I want to be a blatant attention whore too!!!”

No. 802146

File: 1556975956946.jpeg (73.84 KB, 675x466, image.jpeg)

By the time she's stood there dancing and waving the lasagne around it will be cold! And could she have picked a tshirt with shorter sleeves? ( just to make sure everyone notices her twig arms).

No. 802151

You can tell how no recovered Elzani is by the fact she still is so obsessed by food- her conversation with her dad about potato croquettes…and only she would smell then lick the Nutella off a slice of bread before eating it.
She probably saved up calories the entire week beforehand to allow for the extra she knew she was going to have to eat in the vlog.

No. 802160

It pisses me off how she's a middle class girl with a massively supportive family who have the time and finances available to pay for all this food and she's wasting the opportunity to recover.

Compared to someone like (throwback) Crying Emily from a working class, single parent family whose mum really struggled with money, Emily had no chance…yet she's done it. Okay, getting knocked up isn't the best way to recover, but grocery shopping is so expensive even at Aldi or Lidl for a single person. That's what pisses me off. Dumb followers who buy her recovery shit really should know better.

No. 802169

Then she (elzani) preaches about recovery as if she understands a goddamn thing about real life. She doesn’t go to school or have a job or even have the expectation of behaving like the adult woman she is! Mommy goes food shopping with her every day and caters to her every whim. Such a waste.

No. 802211

File: 1556995574527.png (741.99 KB, 915x496, 0.png)

Still wants to be talent scouted. She actually thinks a model agency would take her on.

No. 802212

No. 802224

This is so much cringe. She literally doesn’t even know how to walk or stand like a normal fucking human being kek

No. 802228

I got 30 seconds in before hurting myself by cringing so hard.

No. 802236

Her arms actually look like a normal size here

No. 802237

I’m pretty sure there are laws now that require models to be above a certain BMI now in most countries. Not that anyone would actually want to hire her since she looks like an emaciated version of kermit the frog

No. 802240

File: 1557001883740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.34 KB, 549x249, isabelle-caro-anorexia.jpg)

Low weight models aren't even the thing now anyway. I know France have a law where the models need a doctor's certificate saying they're healthy.

Didn't one model actually die on the catwalk?

Heroin chic (ugh) is over, so there's no way they'd take someone who looks like death warmed up (or who needs mummy to walk her down the runway).

No. 802242

File: 1557002261373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 541.74 KB, 1039x1345, 1536073580237.jpg)

I find it strange she bangs on about having body dysmorphia yet she's okay having her picture taken all the time, and in underwear like in img.

She's not the spoopiest on ig, but her hair and skin are really terrible because she don't eat proper.

No. 802243

If you're ana yea.

No. 802244

I might a catty bitch, but is it just me who thinks her face looks awful here? So gaunt and frail looking.

No. 802245

It's not just you. I've said a couple of times her face looks really ill and I'm not even being catty. It's a fact.

No. 802250

Just found this

idk if it's legit

No. 802269

Srsly bro? They really don't.

No. 802274

I think the only way we could tell if Elzani's gained weight is if she did a "to camera" monologue like her first OMG ANA GUNNA KILL ME video and she's wearing the same clothes. Need to inspect those chest bones.

If she was a dinky petite person they'd look slim, but look at her head. If you compare them to her head then they don't look normal by comparison. She looks like she potentially has the build to look good with a "sporty" type body. Not a brick shithouse like a female rugby player, but sturdy. Am I being optimistic?

No. 802276

She looks no better than a few months ago- so much for he gaining 1kg a week that one of her sisters mentioned.
She gets treated like a 10 year old by her mum.
E doesn’t realise what a privileged life she had- food shopping in M&S isn’t cheap,

No. 802308

Well if it’s her they’re clearly not being exclusive enough because she accepted me lol

No. 802312


Her MUM looks younger than her!! Omfg

No. 802317

File: 1557023424330.jpg (308.2 KB, 1026x789, SmartSelect_20190504-222848_In…)

Kelseys new instagram seems legit. Seems she got tired of people pointing out how much she photoshops.

No. 802332

File: 1557032635082.png (7.15 MB, 1125x2436, 28820998-9F97-4A18-85CB-3B93B3…)

I’m so sick of some of these British girls like Niamh. All these free service but plays games. This girl fights staff, demands vegan food, constant crying selfies, continually posts eye rolling pictures online with captions about how it’s directed at staff, has been in & out of centers but isn’t any better, says she doesn’t go to group if she doesn’t want to, spends her days playing a roll up piano in her room, body checks photos & says she isn’t, highly confrontational- the list goes on..forget being on an adult unit & make use of the services.

No. 802344

File: 1557039026781.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190504-194741.png)

I just…I can't… Why, WHY with these faces? She looks so fucking ugly. Who in their right mind would post shit like this? I do not understand why she takes photos that make her look uglier than she really is. I thought the idea was to make yourself look good in photos. She's clearly got a different take.

No. 802365

She hasn't even had that much anorexia 'experience' - as in 1 in patient admission therefore makes her an expert on recovery - I don't think so. She has everything in life handed to her on a plate ( literally)- her second IG account is full of overseas family holiday photos.
Apparently she put on 17kg when she was inpatient and came out wearing the same jeans she went in wearing. She is definitely either deluded or lying.

No. 802397

She has to be lying, she'd have come out at closer to a healthy weight if she had gained that much

No. 802399

She did look much healthier when she was first discharged on her insta photos- then she lost a lot of it- because that’s what ‘real recovery ‘ is all about isn’t it?!

No. 802409

File: 1557069816221.png (725.83 KB, 592x521, Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 17.2…)

Those cheeks… think she purges?

No. 802418

This isn’t milk and as far as I can tell, she isn’t milky either.

No. 802420

Who is this?

No. 802423

It’s @thatmckeegirl but she’s literally not even milky idgi

No. 802428

She’ll go home, starve and purge her way back into hospital and a tube, no matter if she needs it or not. If Georgia can get a tube, anyone can.

No. 802448

Late as fuck but I watched her videos the other morning and she kind of scares me. Constantly talking about how a raw food diet makes you shit loads. God I'm a vegan and I fucking HATE these raw vegans! They make us all look insane and malnourished some of us actually enjoy nice food not just deep throating bananas and shitting all day. Typical anachan who tries to make out she has some sort of metabolism problem and not a crippling ED.

No. 802463

Wasn’t she the one who took a year out of uni and signed herself into some private EDU up north in the uk to her herself better? - doesn’t seem to have made much progress.
All her IG photos used to be her casually showing off her twiglet legs. Another one like Elzani who has come from a very privileged background ( her family have a house in Spain , and she was always buying new clothes)- she’s very good friends with Smorven .

No. 802466

File: 1557083842476.jpeg (203.4 KB, 686x919, 71ED89A2-5BCE-4E29-BE99-FAFCCF…)

Just after discharge

No. 802477

Sorcha is up there too. Posting how she ate a side salad and getting worked up when people call her triggering. To any uk people on here, what is the weight gain per week in EDU inpatient programs? These girls stay 6+ months. Do you stay after weight restoring to help with other mental health and manage the ED? Or is weight gain spread out over a longer period?

No. 802483

File: 1557088722561.jpg (116.82 KB, 640x967, 59521608_384934842110823_33687…)

I know nourisht0flourish is kinda boring but god there is some (semi-skimmed) milk in her behaviour. anyone else notice how atm she's using all these light/0 kcal/#noguilt products and then even supports her choice by calling the "healthier" options… And her whole fake ass recovery makes me mad. A while back she was all like "going to start posting less foodpics because I have other things going on in my life" but like. Wouldn't guess it by her feed. She's obviously attention seeking, weight restored and mainly eats the same sort of junk (and even after all this time each damn chocolate morsel is a #RECOVERYWIN #HUGECHALLENGE) and (refer to the pic) I find it so annoying and weird how it seems that every time she has a meal that _actually_ seems healthy enough, aNa comes along and screams it's too much the loudest. Like girl. Your feed is full of cakes and sweets and everything fatty and processed but yes. This sweet potato makes aNa so mad.

No. 802497

Not milky, has really bottomed out since her friend died, very Christian and engaged but honestly who expects her to be much of a wife for very long.

No. 802505

Yes to this! God she is so annoying. Like, she's promoting zero calorie syrups to a community that seriously needs to steer clear of all diet and "guilt free" products - all while acting like she's totally recovered. She's easily one of the fakest 'recovery' accounts on here - how she has over 10k followers confuses me.
All she eats is lower calorie, low fat, low sugar, low carb, nasty ass junk and claim to have 'recovery wins' when she eats a chocolate bar that just scratches past 100 cals (I used to eat them all the time because they were the lowest cal choc bar but it made mum think I was "trying" lmao wrong).
She's a fool.

No. 802507

She doesn't have a job or go to school, and as far as I can tell doesn't really leave the house other than to go grocery shopping with her parents who spend all their money on her. No exactly milky but very, very delusional and in denial of the fact that her behaviour is disordered as hell.

No. 802567

File: 1557109565214.jpeg (65.8 KB, 698x438, image.jpeg)

Really ? elzani as a role model!

No. 802581

I’m afraid she’s about to die :/

No. 802601

Is she still eating mouldy crumpets from unwashed dishes? She’s such a creepy sour-milk-smelling goblin tbh.

No. 802602

File: 1557129516737.jpg (366.16 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20190506-085646_You…)

This is like one of those overly dramatic Sims stories

No. 802606

And the fact that her house looks like it hasn't been cleaned/maintained since 1995. Disgusting.

No. 802610

In kelseys new photo her chest bones are painted in? Or is it shadow… Looks very uneven even by her standards.

No. 802611


she is still indeed very unclean, can't take care of her nails, doesn't know how to wash dishes, doesn't remove hairs from her food…
and ohh god the realisation: it's not only her private #guiltfree product promo attitude. there is a link in her bio now WHICH GOES STRAIGHT INTO THAT NO SUGAR SYRUP COMPANY'S WEBSITE. she's getting paid (hasn't outright said it but what else would that be about? she has "order your syrup below by clicking the link" in full caps in her RECOVERY ACCOUNT BIO) for promoting weightloss alternatives to an entire community of disordered eaters while faking food positivity. that's disgusting.
+ extra judgement on her continuously horrendous kitchen ware choices. can't stand her garish minion mug. she's a recoveruh kween in her 20's, who uses and photographs the ugliest children's cutlery with nothing going on in her life except Breakfast Theme planning and the closest thing to a job she has is zero calorie syrup advertising to an audience of anas. why is she anyone's inspiration?

No. 802629

Which sorcha? What’s her ‘@‘?

No. 802636

Wow this video was depressing.

No. 802637

Can you post an image… this is an image board, especially since Kelsey apparently deleted her insta what’s her new @

No. 802638

File: 1557152232663.jpeg (79.83 KB, 767x466, image.jpeg)

Maybe Elzani and her sister should do a diet swap- then she might actually gain some weight.
I'm betting she takes pleasure being able to look at her sister and know she's so much thinner. Poor sister. Poor family.

No. 802639

Fuck being thinner. I'd be jealous if her sister really tucking in to her sarnie.

I don't think I'll ever understand her motive with her channel. Same with the suckers who think she's a role model.

No. 802673

I think her sisters (and Elz) are a stockier body type naturally. Not fat, just sturdy.
For what it's worth I think her sisters are beautiful and full of personality and I think they're the real victims in this whole sick, attention-whoring recovery charade Elz puts on.

No. 802693

File: 1557165868000.jpeg (274.05 KB, 750x1220, DCBCA1A8-43CC-4177-9A76-0B3FBD…)

Dunno if they’re painted on or what but the shadows just look really odd

No. 802699

File: 1557166652465.jpg (18.29 KB, 261x341, sure jan.JPG)

Well of course it's painted on.

No. 802704

This is cuz we said she'd have more visible chest bones if she was that low a weight

No. 802722

no milk at all, but i agree i'm afraid shes' going to pass soon

No. 802757

That neck shop has me rotfl

No. 802770

KEK this reminds me of when I face/body painted myself as a day of the dead Katrina for Halloween (I bet cash money that next pic she posts he chubby cheeks are suddenly gaunt)

No. 802797

File: 1557203036794.jpg (723.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190507-142244_Ins…)

Trying so hard to pop that collarbone out. You're gonna break it shanaya if you keep forcing it in weird ass poses

No. 802815

I'm confused about Elzani. In her videos she eats an amount which should make her gain weight. Still she does not look like she has gained much at all in regards to the amount that she eats? Idk if i'm just not knowledgeable on the matter or if she purges what she eats or something

No. 802834

Elzani is boring, no milk.

No. 802836

She is either purging or compensating by not eating on the other days of the week to make up- she shows us one day out of her week- you are right if she was eating decent amounts everyday she should have gained at least some weight by now. Her 'recovery' is all fake

No. 802843

I suspect she’s also exercising & walking a LOT

No. 802851

It's all really screwed up the fact that people are using her as a role model to recover when she's putting such a fake spin on Instagram and YouTube . Yes maybe on one day a week she eats properly but she's not gaining any noticeable weight so she can't be "in recovery" - that's the defining part of anorexia.

No. 802855

Also a good way to boost your metabolism and lose weight.

No. 802865

File: 1557238825747.jpg (59.9 KB, 720x1280, 2038548780108143703_5756744959…)

>what the f is wrong with me…

Where to begin? Main problem - wants a solution to mental health problems yet won't deal with the GLARINGLY obvious MH problem = anorexia.

You know how you were pleased everyone was proud of you for makig a "nana" cake for your mum? Well, what would make your mum proud would be if you got to the point, through recovery in a NHS unit, where you ate a FUCKING SLICE of the cake.

You think you're right about everything and you're wrong. Meditation doesn't nourish your brain and improve MH - FOOD does. Eat food. Start to recover to eat food. It's that simple. Cut the umbilical cord, be a grown woman and do what you and your mother needs - DEAL WITH THE ED and not with ~alternative therapies~ because they do not work. Not ever. It's something hippies do and lie about.

You asked, I answered.

No. 802866

Oh, and as for ~but muh PTSD~ you think being away from your mum for a year was traumtic? Bish, you know nothing

Get well, get out there, get a fucking life and stop being a pissy child.

Tough love.

Excuse me, anons, but y'know. I could not deal with pretend internet friend ana chans posting obits about this girl for 2 days.

No. 802867

Seriously studies show that even normal mentally healthy people become moody, ritualistic, and feel like shit when made to maintain a calorie deficit long term. The only thing that will truly help her is eating the amount that her body actually needs to function at 100%, not the bare minimum.

No. 802870

Yeah, and even when diagnosed with depression/anxiety only, the psych always gives blurb about a healthy diet and a poor diet's effect on the brain. Until she sorts her diet out, she's not going to get anywhere no matter how long she floats in a tank.

No. 802896

File: 1557247350522.jpeg (203.3 KB, 750x1091, 706E7B5F-D68A-49A7-AFD6-C0DCF7…)

Oh boy kek, she’s popping that collar bone out like ole dusty garbage does. When they're weight restored but still want to look thin. Speaking of which dustbin got out of the hospital. Can anyone speak on Mclean and if it really works this way or is she just lying to be ott and get asspats for being sooper speshul and sick from her sooper severe anorexia that apparently she’s been about to die from for like idk X yrs I’ve followed her

No. 802899

File: 1557247506663.jpg (522.12 KB, 1077x1363, Screenshot_20190507-184307_Ins…)

well, smorven is out of the loony bin

No. 802924

Knew a tantrum was on the cards after Mummy was allowed a whole hours unescorted leave from Becky yesterday!
Impressive she is very unsafe and unstable yet can make a nice nana loaf using kitchen utensils and an oven without harming herself

No. 802927

Loving the classic discharge pose with hospital signage every IG ~recovery warrior~ does
We know it won’t be long til you’re back, Morvs

No. 802933

I really can’t understand why anyone would want to take that classic “pose with the treatment centre sign” pic! It’s hilarious to me. As someone who’s done a lot of treatment, if I asked my friend / parent / anyone significant in my life to take such a stupid photo they’d just be like “wtf?” It’s pretty much her saying “take a pic to prove to everyone I was in treatment and I’m a soooper brave ~*~warrior~*~”!

No. 802937

File: 1557254463124.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-07-13-33-50…)

This bitch steals from grocery stores and receives food stamps to fuel her extreme bulimia yet constantly shows off her expensive purchases of shoes, bags, and clothes. I'm all for deserving people receiving public assistance but this kid of blatant abuse of the system to literally puke it up and throw it down the drain makes my blood boil. I work hard and pay into a system that allows this cunt to puke up millions of calories a night that she gets for free so she can spend her actually money on ugly ass shit??? Does anyone know if there is a way to report this kind of abuse to the state that issues her food stamps?

No. 802976

She talks like a school kid bragging about being expelled from school. Also, she's one of those annoying people who begin a sentence with "so".

Her dad was super abusive mentally to her mum and hates him yet she abuses her mum to the extent she can't go out for an hour on her own without feeling she has to phone her FIVE times.
Did you see the post where she claims she has a team that's going to take down lolcow? GL with that. It'll be as much effective as that crystal healing scam she signed up for. A bunch of rocks will totally stop her dying.

No. 802979

It’s funny that you say that because I thought she was trying to be all eloquent and like a fancy writer a la spaceship on her blog/tumblr. She really does sound like a child bragging about being kicked out of school or like put on suspension. It’s sad that she thinks that’s “cool” or in anyway something worth bragging about kek. Do they really even ban people from mental hospitals?? I thought the whole point of them was to house the crazies and take their money kek. I just don’t get this she has to be making it up for the attention

No. 803009

Here in the UK they don't "ban" people. The only time I've known a patient be removed from the unit was when he (a severe schizophrenic) sexually assaulted someone on the grounds during an episode and he was transfered to one of the high security mental hospitals where a load of criminals are sent.

I can't think of any other instance where someone would be banned from a mental unit/hospital. Being mentally ill, peoples behaviour can be shitty all the time but even when people walk around stark bollock naked or punching the fuck out of things they still stay in for years.

No. 803010

Adding - the NHS discharge a person if they feel they're stable enough and to stay would be bed blocking, but as you say $$$ isn't involved here and I'd think the hospitals would rake in the cash rather than discharge someone. What do I know though.

No. 803013

Yeah this basically. They won’t ban per se but you’ll either be discharged or off to a secure unit, depends how ‘behavioural’ it is as opposed to actual mental illness, unfortunately could go either way.

How could you anon Her CHaKrAs are blocked

No. 803016

File: 1557269424236.jpg (46.39 KB, 930x292, legit.JPG)

Good job she can afford £30 a week to get em unblocked! Looks like a great place. They teach "diploma" courses:

>The Sanctuary’s Learning Academy provides courses and workshops for those wishing to develop their inner selves, spiritual awareness and healing skills

"Meditation & Self Development – Level 1
A 6 week introductory course, ideal for beginners or a refresher for those with some understanding or ability.

We will be covering:

Discovering your light body
Opening your psychic abilities"

This ~recovery~ programme sounds a breeze!

No. 803028

Interesting she’s in the U.S but I doubt it’s different.
This is so funny because your probably right so she’s stable medically and mentally so they let her go, which is usually how it works, then she posts on Instagram that she’s kicked out or there’s a potential pending ban on her for a hospital…. she is sooo ott.

No. 803081

She always elongates her photos vertically to make herself look thinner/taller. No doubt everything will be back to being ' utterly unbearable' or 'the mothership and father ship and lump of a brother'. What a waste of her life.

No. 803107

There's no other reasoning other than having the intention to post online and gloat about being in treatment. They seriously think it some sort of fucking medal.

No. 803110

I know an ED day-services in the UK which will send you home if you're not compliant, refuse to attend groups, lose weight or are late for meal times or groups. People get discharged if they're medically stable enough to continue care in the community and being in a unit isn't the right place for them. I doubt you could ever be permanently banned from a unit unless you were a threat to staff or others, but, like you said, would be sent to a secure unit.

No. 803113

I knew someone irl that did this as well, and would brag about it. Such a piss take. Used to go to food banks to get free food to b/p their life away whilst claiming benefits and wasted their money on god knows what. Why people make it obvious about what they're doing, I do not know. It's not something to be remotely proud of.

No. 803120

File: 1557307407466.jpg (386.21 KB, 1073x1533, IMG_20190508_102145.jpg)

When people post their "meals" using baby cutlery…are they just trying to be Paris or what?..

No. 803132

Note the subtly placed syringe .
Can they not grow up- using baby cutlery and plates is just perpetuating the ED habits .

No. 803134

At least Elzani hasn’t sunk to that level yet and still uses proper cutlery/plates.
I don’t get the competition- like yes I understand wanting to be the thinnest anorexic, but why would anyone want to be the most childlike anorexic? Am I missing something?

No. 803143

Anyone knows what happened to Lucia/Kasia from kydailydiaryk?

No. 803165

Yes, she has been permanently kicked out of a few units at Mclean- I wouldn't say it "works like" that, because it's incredibly rare and Mclean has lots of revolving-door patients, but it happens, and happened to her.

No. 803166

What do you think is in that syringe?

Some people with ed’s who were molested, raped, abused, etc as a child get stuck in that age’s mindset due to trauma, and/or grieve for that part of their childhood that was robbed from them. Which totally makes sense in that case. That said though, most of the childlike ed sufferers I’ve personally met (and gotten to know) haven’t had trauma like that, which leads me to believe it’s just for the ~*aesthetic*~ as it calls more attention to them because they’re so ~*frail and cutesy-wutsey*~. Seems they just really don’t want to grow up and deal with real world problems. Strangely, I’ve noticed it’s largely anorexics who are like this—I’ve met few bulimics or binge eaters with these tendencies. Wonder why that is

No. 803167

I posted a couple posts ago without reading to the end of this discussion, sorry- but I'm not exactly sure the entire story, but I think the reasons she's banned really is because she's been hospitalized in the same units so many times and she doesn't seem to be improving, and I think still self-harms pretty seriously while there. The units she's been banned from are secure units, so there's really no more of a "secure" place to send her- I do know she was in a state hospital for a while after she was banned from Mclean units, but not sure why she's not there now/didn't stay there/doesn't go again.
But it is pretty close to unheard of for someone to be banned from the inpatient units for all the reasons mentioned in this thread.

No. 803175

It's like something that goes with their illness as they see others on social media. It's looking keep the way subcultures adopt a particular style. Kiddie goffs wear that shitty Killstar crap to project their identity to the world and these snowflakes use Disney cups and child cutlery and plates. That's how I see it. There's a sub sect who use heart shaped bowls. They're less childish and post motivational quotes a lot.

No. 803176

(Like* not looking. My phone's so damn sensitive -sad emoji-)

No. 803179

That's true.
Also I can totally see it as a copy-cat competitive thing. It's horrendous how much people literally mirror each other on IP units, so I guess this is basically the insta equivalent.
The syringe is clearly just another gloat of how spesh and delicate she is, showing off the fact she takes meds (if it is meds?) and making sure it's in a syringe like you would for a baby…can't be taking pills like a real human now, can we.

No. 803182

People can claim their eating disorder is severe enough that they need benefits? Wow that’s a whole new level of infantilism

No. 803228

File: 1557344152257.jpg (217.03 KB, 720x1127, S90508-21314930.jpg)

This is not milky at all, but I 100% agree with this post by @tonosdemiranda.

I have an ED myself and Im so tired of all these ~recovery~ warriors who are just seeking for attention … This isnt a competition ugh.

(sorry for the unnecessary rant lol)

No. 803249

Having smaller spoons and bowls makes your small meal appear to be not as small.

No. 803266

When I've been unwell I've used smaller spoons only (imagine eating with a kids fork and knife, talk about frustrating) purely because it allows smaller bites and the brain thinks you're eating more. It's some weird fucked irrational thing. No childhood issues, just about portion sizes. Not sure how true it is for others tho(no1curr)

No. 803295

I think it’s pretty common. Honestly, using a salad fork/spoon instead of a dinner sized utensil is one (maybe ed?) habit I haven’t quite kicked. But I definitely don’t use elephant patterned toddler bowls. >>803175
I enjoyed envisioning that

No. 803333

I use a spoon to eat everything. Not an ed thing, I'm a duh with a metal fork and chip my teeth. Yes, that stupid.

I agree with this as well >>803228
I'd love to see recovery as something other than the ones really immersed in every detail. Okay, some really take the disorder as their identity, but it'd be a relief to see someone show a non food haul and not call bath products SELF CARE, to see a pet and it's not described as their only friend. Talk about bands or shitty tv programmes. I mean, keep some who really wallow for lolcow but they all do melt into one unholy dull af mess.

No. 803348

How in the hell do u have so much insight into her personal life and the details of her life? I hate ppl constantly saying it but this sounds like a self post especially saying how “unheard of” it is to be banned kek. I do agree that that’s probably true Bc I know how it works in the U.S, but anyway I’m just skeptical kek, you know and say stuff that the poster might say if they’re talking about themself, sorry in advance if your not her don’t hop on my di*ck
Based on her instagram I’d say she goes there frequently I suppose it makes sense if she’s banned from every unit. She cuts her arm like a butcher and Idk if she even tries eating

No. 803359

File: 1557369805986.png (64.8 KB, 711x629, ddd.png)

oof i am the anon who brought a lot of info to the table after dustbin decided to self post. this is the SECOND ward in mcclean she's been banned from. i do not doubt there is a possibility she's been told to come back as she is THE KWEEN of MCCLEAN'S PSYCH WARDS who spends more time there in inpatient then doing her own outpatient services and working with her therapist + doctors. she has a history of non compliance and honestly after her posts about swapping drugs its not a surprise if she was asked to not come back. >>800073 the same posts were ironically deleted so i got a tinfoil >>803167 is someone who knew her before hand or is her. yet i find the posts damning mcclean for banning or not wanting her back ironic compared to all of her posts WHILE there. her tumblr is a uncomfortable thing to look at. this is after she was discharged (im sure ama)

No. 803361

File: 1557370155037.png (243.56 KB, 2050x948, weird romantiicizing.png)

i only wanted to add this because this is from the horses mouth about things. her romanticizing of being there is what makes her noncompliance height. she wants to be the girl interrupted book itself i guess.

No. 803371

Either meds or supplement/fortijuice/ensure.

Maybe it’s because so many anorexics have screwed up relationships with their mum ( Paris and Elzani for eg- both can’t do anything without them in spite of the fact they are grown adults). At least we haven’t yet reached the level of the scene in ‘to the bone’ where her mother feeds her from a baby milk bottle…..
fine use small plates but why not plain ones - they don’t need kiddie designs.

No. 803373

File: 1557374118081.jpeg (224.05 KB, 750x1092, A04E9ED0-919E-4860-AB1D-DBB077…)

Kek my bad! This tumblr milk is rediculous she’s obviously so excited to share the specifics of each places she’s been banned can anyone explain what “splitting” is?..kek And here >>803361 Idek where to start. first off not to be vendetta like but I’ve been on wards with her and she’s the most keep to her self, quiet, person there, she’s not raging making a scene having altercations or anything, I don’t even think I heard her talk once… she just kept to herself and wore extra large child’s clothes to fit her average body. She’s another regressing ana to add to the list of cows. But anyway I believe her having a staff tell her she has a “gift” and the confrontations where she helped this disabled woman about as much as I believe spaceships bs ramblings. She’s just trying to romanticize like everyone said. Anyway, Here’s a pic for added milk of dusty trying to be smol in clothes for children kek

No. 803376

File: 1557374484075.jpeg (272.46 KB, 750x1085, 51AD8C6F-F018-4B2A-BE3E-768357…)

Part 2 of ana regressing with dusty, but really size 7….of course you have to say it. even though she’s like seven foot tall so there’s no way kek so many anachans stressing the kids clothes milestone.. she’s thirty something shouldn’t she be posting or focusing on anything else?

No. 803378

File: 1557375450740.jpg (922.88 KB, 1070x1902, 20190509_141654.jpg)

I could probably suggest a few reasons why

No. 803607

It’s honestly just a matter of time before she carks it on that grotty futon. She’s determined to keep repeating that she can’t eat because twisted organs/refeeding syndrome/abusive hospital staff or family members as an excuse to not subsist on Diet Coke and attention.

Least she appears to have changed her knickers for once in her life.

No. 803651

Why do her pants always look like they have period stains? Not to be a perv but I can't help but wonder, surely someone that weight is not getting a period.

No. 803659

No one can convince me this is a current picture. She looked fine a week ago

No. 803676

That's put me off stocking up on aspartame loaded beverages today. Did she get her bag yet?

I agree this doesn't look recent.

I wish she'd at least bleach her drawers. Stains are never good and vaginal hygiene is a priority however depressed you are (especially if you're not depressed enough to stop taking selfies/social media).

Also suspect dustbin's self posting a lot.

No. 803679

File: 1557395302654.jpg (550.02 KB, 1080x1625, 20190509_194716.jpg)

When you see it…..

No. 803681

File: 1557395348763.jpg (13.06 KB, 195x183, 20190509_194747.jpg)

She's been out 2 weeks and STILL HAS HER HOSPITAL BAND ON?? oh lordy

No. 803712

Actually I had an overnight admission for my POTS diagnosis to sort the holter and compression stockings and that photo was taken like 5 minutes after getting home…

No. 803718

Why feel the need to justify? Lol.

No. 803735

Kek. Because the first thing any sane, non-milky person does within minutes of getting home from the hospital is take a thuper cute outfit selfie for the gram, right? I bet you completely forgot you even had your hospital band on! (P.s. read entire message with a heavy, sarcastic overtone.)

No. 803741

well, aren't you super sick :)

No. 803742

Kek the whole point of a holter monitor is to not be IN hospital with telemetry. It's done as an outpatient so that story is automatically bullshit. Try again shay.

No. 803744

You don't need a whole overnight admission for compression stockings

No. 803747

Could've slapped the heart sticker over the band tho, right?

No. 803748

She believes her own BS.

No. 803800

gotta back u up on ur tinfoil with dustbin. she originally posted herself after sperging about georgia's ~* self harm *~ not being deep enough or what not when we all know her arm looks like its raw meat.
farmhands prob need to thread ban her again since she's home. no bully me uwu sperg in coming

No. 803830

I hate seeing this chick. She’s fucking terrifying to look at. One might even say she looks worse than ‘momo.’ And she does it on purpose! I’m baffled.

Wow thanks so much for clearing that up, you really showed us! Congratulations, you received that negative attention you desperately seek out so you can continue to be the victim

No. 803972

I agree. Dustbinflower grossed me out. She’s weird and delusional and not worth talking about.

No. 804013

Hi dusty nice deflection but na,
dusty may look like momo, >>803830 but I feel because she does that on purpose to try and look “sicker” from her anorexia is milkworthy. Some of the posts from her instagram and especially these ones from this op >>803359 >>803361
make her seem to good to miss out on. Especially since everyone has new cows. Whoever posted those tumblr posts and knows about her background and history make her good even though her following sucks. My favorite thing about her actually is that she posted identifying herself to cut shame another cow… like wtf? Who even does that. No one other than an attention seeking ott wanorexic lol. Her response to tells are also hilarious, one of them was something like “your probably fat” like that’s the best you got dusty kek? I would post it but it’s been posted already I believe.

No. 804069

‘Splitting’ is a term they usually use to describe when people with BPD flip between loving/idolising and hating someone

No. 804094

File: 1557438342966.jpg (410.43 KB, 1080x2060, IMG_20190509_223436_504.jpg)

I'm so goddamn done with Morven's bullshit.

Spends years denying she has any form of ED, drains the NHS of money whilst on EDUs, refuses to comply, blames everything on 'autism' despite the obvious comorbidity of her ED and whatever autistic traits/diagnosis displayed, refuses to acknowledge any sort of issue wrt her eating.

And now because she's (re)admitted having an ED she seems to think she deserves asspats.

Newsflash Morv, you don't get to be shitty to people for years and then get their support when you finally acknowledge what has been known about you for years.

I have no sympathy for her. She has spent years manipulating both the NHS and her parents. She has wasted likely thousands of pounds gumming up appointments and having support workers.

I want to sympathise with her, but I can't. The sheer manipulation she has displayed she's obviously capable of is disturbing.

No. 804101

Calorific. Impressed.

>proving the professionals wrong

They all want to prove the professionals wrong. If it's not healing with rocks it's this bs.

No. 804127

Seems Morven is now only allowing questions from registered telonym accounts.

No. 804132

lol it's totally fine, very much understand skepticism… I'm not her, but I do know her irl. But it really is basically unheard of… I know Mclean gives people a hard time sometimes, like making them sign contracts like "if I do ____ I will be immediately discharged" or make people write a little essay to their "treatment team" about what will be different this time as a condition for re-admission, but a flat-out ban is not something I've seen actually go down with anyone other than her.
I don't really know exactly how they're justifying it, and I also would think they'd be potentially legally liable if she really hurt herself after they refuse to treat her and don't refer her to somewhere that will- but I'm sure they're well aware of what they can and can't be sued over

No. 804145

>I don't really know exactly how they're justifying it

They don't have to because it didn't happen. "Person who knows her irl", she's not special.

No. 804153

File: 1557442951058.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, 20190509_235335.jpg)


Is this a fucking shoe?? 🤮🤮
Her sugarfree syrup promotion is almost just as disgusting.

No. 804154

Yeah, when I was a lot younger/sicker I used one very long, skinny spoon… I think because I just had lots of weird rituals, couldn't leave the silverware out. But exactly, it was just a specific spoon, not a set of garish plastic toddler things. That shit is an example of what happens when you live on Instagram and all your friends have eating disorders… can you imagine trying to whip that set out at lunch time with your healthy and successful co-workers?

No. 804156

I get this when it's normal (ie non toddler) cutlery. The special cutlery thing sounds like an OCD ED behaviour (?) Like rituals where the anorexic has to lick her fork front and back before eating (one of the Intervention episodes). I see no ritual surrounding having to eat from utensils made for under 2 year olds.

No. 804161

(OT but not OT - why do we have the same thread pic as the Munchies thread? Only noticed it now the Munchie thread's back)

No. 804203

Bc all our favorite cows are slowly transitioning to just being munchies. Eating disorders are pasé

No. 804309

i am the backbone of dustbin milk (i provide the tumblr caps since she is the queen of getting deleted). dustbin has been a personal lolcow since 2016 for me and i didnt even have to bring her to the table kek. shes just interesting to watch go around around. more interesting then begging mommy leech even tho they could compete for ugliest cow with moo.

sooo basically she broke all the things on that so amazing document she signed and has actively not worked with her treatment team and her old therapist legit committed suicide after she sliced her filet in the bathroom (god i wish i had caps of all that)?? she is liable for everything she does to herself because she is the one who keeps doing it. they arent refusing her out right treatment. they are refusing to let her back into their INPATIENT wards because the girl can't stay out of them for the life of her cuz she seems to thrive on it. it's perfectly justifiable if she is refusing to listen to her outpatient providers and keeps coming into inpatient to cause problems and sit on her phone.

so when at what point do we begin tinfoiling the "i know dusty irl" anon is dustbin.

No. 804505

> shes just interesting to watch go around around

She isn't though. Come back when she's in jail or something. She's 32 and is no different to the early 20s posted here, except some of the early 20s are amusing. A 32 year old hospital hopping is just boring.

No. 804506

Probably liquid forcival (a multivitamin).

No. 804507

I wouldn't blame anyone for taking the liquid because the capsules are the size of torpedos, but adults usually have it measured in a plastic dose cup. Those syringe things are for kids. ~aesthetic~

No. 804509

Ugh I know, the capsules are hideous. The Soluble ones are absolutely vile as well. The syringe could also be a type of glycogel or something as well idk

No. 804529

File: 1557486380701.png (729.29 KB, 1080x1369, IMG_20190510_120455.png)

Barely 3 mins in and she's already showing how spoopy she is, rEaL rEcOvErY guysss.

No. 804539

Notice how she’s running out of “first time doing: …” so now she’s resorting to
“First time THIS YEAR doing: …” how long until we revolve into “first time this month!” “First time this week” “first time today…” SO MANY CHALLENGES!

No. 804543

File: 1557490051629.jpg (329.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190510-130627_Ins…)

No. 804597

talk about caked with shit

No. 804611

Disagree, I appreciate the Dusty milk

No. 804625

That has to have been her most boring video yet. It would have been more exciting if she had dropped the plate with the eggs on while posing to have someone video her getting tearful over butter.
Her sister was right- 6 months later she’s still no better/weight restored.

No. 804626

She does like to use the word ‘wise’ a lot.

No. 804661

File: 1557503411831.jpg (303.33 KB, 720x960, 20190510_165013.jpg)

One of the twins

No. 804701

I’d be interested what they get for PIP.

No. 804703

Me too. Especially if that's where the holidays abroad comes from.

No. 804779

Not to be dense, but what's a "filet" on a human? And does she think the therapist's suicide is related to that, or she doesn't say? That's terrifying tbh

No. 804781

File: 1557517185317.jpg (144.57 KB, 1203x884, clip.JPG)

Never seen kittyand_olive_ before, but at least 1/3 of her Insta is pretty much identical selfies. Odd aesthetic

No. 804810

also confused about that… and curious to learn more , sounds very milky

No. 804819

File: 1557519770912.jpg (58.22 KB, 919x563, m.JPG)

Her sister's feed's the same except a different animal face.

This is grim…

No. 804823

File: 1557520231593.jpeg (180.51 KB, 750x1067, 209E2887-83E0-402D-88B3-56D164…)

And we appreciate it, thanks for providing that explanation because I was super confused about what the hell all this banning from hospitals was about. It certainly makes sense. She’s been a personal cow of mine as well and I agree it’s funny that she literally brought her own self here. Is it true that her sister committed suicide? Maybe she’s trying to prove she’s extra fucked up to get attention from her family…. I do see that she thrives in and loves being institutionalized (more content for insta and tumbler) but there’s got to be more to it like she’s 30 years old is she just so attention seeking that she’s decided shell do this Idk, forever? It’s obvious she’s not trying, even a little, and actively trying to make her situation worse, it’s interesting but confusing for sure.
Not sure why the age matters.. we talk about younger cows who do the same exact behaviors so why wouldn’t dusty be milky kek?! Yea let’s wait until she goes to jail when all her accounts are inactive Bc she has limited access to media, lol r u dusty trying to deflect the attention off u? Bc who would deny farmers the bountiful fresh milk that dusty garbage has to offer? She’s ott, wanorexic, pro ana, and pretending to seek recovery that’s basically every criteria for this board kek. And just for fun here’s a nice one if ole dusty, gotta tell the fans about her admit, photo from 2018

No. 804831

Sister story: https://pleasekillme.com/left-behind/

Age matters because generally you grow out of/get sick of being mental/discussing being mental/seeking attention. She hasn't. I'm not saying she's not worth talking about and might be interesting to others, but being her age (and then some), it's sad to see her doing the same old shit. Myself and people around my age who I've known from psych have all calmed down with age unless it's just the meds got better lol.

No. 804836

the filet joke is referring to her arm and how bad it is. it looks like…. a fish filet.

i had archives of it before hand from her other blog that was linked last thread. should have archived it.

she hasn't mentioned it recently but for a while it was her pity pout spill. her therapist killed himself days after her making a pool of blood on the office bathroom floor. there was a photo on the old blog of the pool of blood that said "photo of my blood that my therapist took. he killed himself insert how long it was after". what sucks about our good dusty musty pal is she is the queen of getting deleted so.

yet, she romanticized the whole thing for a good while after the fact. it's only been about a year or 2 since this.

i wish i was joking and wish i had kept the caps and made archives.

her sisters suicide is the one thing think that is 100% true. she used to post about it a lot when i first followed her. her sister had a LOT of mental health issues. from what i know she has a younger sister and that's about it (who recently said she hated her lmao). she never talks about her family or her bf anymore. her bf has been with her for a long fucking time and idk how he holds on other then he's likely on drugs or smthin.
holy heck anon i forgot about that post.

No. 804838

File: 1557521224779.jpg (61.02 KB, 640x508, fuck this hospital.JPG)

Aye, here's some more romanticisation

No. 804864

Holy shit I thought based on how she talked about his death that it happened way more recently… that’s bullshit she probably took the photo of the blood Idk why the therapist would do that kek, I’m sure he’d be more worried about helping her or calling medics. >>804831
Oh my gosh this blog is like a gold mine… She definitely beats spaceship with the romanticism of mental illness holy crap.

No. 804931

File: 1557527388341.png (7.53 MB, 1125x2436, 2143EAE8-4530-4FAE-B28C-AAC3FF…)

Ummm maybe because you’re in a locked psychiatric hospital?? You don’t own it. More of Niamhs cater to me.

No. 804946

>>804701 PIP - is about £360 every 4 weeks, that is for personal care at low level. if she is not working she will also get ESA every 2 weeks. some also get IS on top of that. pip is not , means tested and you can work as well as claim pip.

No. 805097

They can both afford to have cats- having pets isn’t cheap. You can’t claim benefits while in hospital - but I bet they don’t tell the DWP every time they go in and out.

No. 805107

Ah that was pretty grim.

No. 805110

Ah that was pretty grim. Is that her own website?
I do find good ol’ dusty very fascinating. Would enjoy anything else anyone can dig up from her past.

No. 805113


Wow, that sister story is something else. The other story is some of her usual romanticizing about treatment (though not as bad as she's been doing on her tumblr lately), but wow. The sister story is really telling about a lot of her behaviors.

I agree that any dusty milk is good milk! I don't care if she's too old for this, that only makes her milkier.

I couldn't immediately find anything else written by her on that site, do you have links to other things she's written?

No. 805114

i think the hospital post and the sister one is the only ones.
as an anon whos been keeping eyes on her since i found her i wish i had more caps from the past. she's a elusive somewhat but its because tumblr deletes her blogs for the self harm content she posts

No. 805115

Give me the rundown on this site. What's the demographics?

No. 805117


Has she always had this obsession with romanticizing inpatient treatment? Do you know any more details of her therapist who killed himself? Are there any other links now besides those blogs, her tumblr, and her insta? Sorry for all the questions!

No. 805129

Why is shanaya lying??
Her caption said one thing. Then she comes here and said she had an appointment which is medically incorrect. When in fact she was suicidal and placed on papers and running amuck in her local ED again. Missed the attention clearly

No. 805172

She’s still about, went to treatment for bipolar or schizophrenia or something. Her accounts are just renamed is all it seems.
(Luliambrosini, 5luliambrosini, shinethin, thinhitomi. Kydailydiarybonesk). Christ she needs to cut down on accounts.

Wonder what happened to her deadly mortal critical chronic arrhythmia, and her fellow resuscitating every day.

No. 805284

so are we assuming eugenia is dead and lied about being in treatment?

No. 805291


Porque no los dos?

No. 805301

File: 1557588513806.jpg (533.63 KB, 1080x1500, IMG_20190511_162530.jpg)

I literally feel like I'm fucking high on drugs whenever I see her poorly photoshopped posts, everything's so warped hahaha

No. 805302

The way the warping affects the carpet pile is what does it for me. There's always a kind of halo around her legs as well. I've never done hallucinogenics, but I feel this is a tiny glimpse into how it'd feel.

She looks like a badly printed cardboard cutout.

No. 805303

I'm pretty sure some obsessed loon would have pulled up her death records by now if she did pass away, and people like Onision would have lept on it for views and ego stroking already. If she was in treatment she'd not be allowed social media, i can imagine it'd have played a part in her eating disorder and recovering in the public eye probably would be neigh on impossible. It's all been quiet on all fronts. Not really the place to talk about her though.

No. 805312

There's a subreddit full of speculation. I don't get her followers interest with her, but anyway.

No. 805344

Some treatment centers are actually starting to treat kids/teens and adults in the same program because of this specifically- it benefits the kids who tend towards romanticizing and clinging to their mental problems to be with adults who are utterly sick of being in treatment and their ED fucking their life up

No. 805347

God that is so bizarre and uncomfortable… that’s the kind of shit long-term malnutrition does to your brain, I can’t imagine any healthy person having an insta like that

No. 805549

File: 1557621714142.jpeg (747.12 KB, 750x1265, DC2F355F-6012-4097-B256-5F1C54…)

Of course your loving being out of the hospitsl Georgia know you can gorge on googles like this! She is absolutely ridiculous to ever be tube fed kek. And since when did she get ECT? Can anyone speak to this? just wondering why she’d need to be in the ed clinic if she’s eating stuff like this kek

No. 805573

She really needs to stop angling for anorexia so hard and start treating her actual food and weight problems. She’s already looking like she’s approaching 90kgs (more if she’s taller than five foot four) only happy to eat sweets, and constantly gaining and losing the same ten kilos. Even getting to a healthy weight now will leave her with loose skin on her abdomen forever. God knows what will happen to her organs and joints if she keeps it up. Obese women in their thirties usually start developing problems with their hips and knees so she’s running out of time.

She comes across as too invested in anorexiawarrior girl, interrupted garbage to stop it. No wonder it’s hard for people to take anorexics seriously when the loudest wannabe poster children for it are vainglorious fatties with attention tubes or bitchy skeletons smothered in toddler clothes and Disney toys.

No. 805583

if anyone’s bored looking for a new cow to pay mind to, take a lil peek @recovering.struggling, lol. posts dozens of body checks at a time “just to clear out my camera roll guys, i’m totally secure in my recovery!!” and has her head so far up her own ass she puts trigger warnings on pics of her literal face (calls them ‘face checks’ and complains about her bloating in them after eating pathetic little salads??)

No. 805611

File: 1557634648020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.2 KB, 749x1089, 69CFD9A7-0B9F-4E2B-B24D-84C7FF…)

I just looked her up and these are some of the weirdest post ever… here’s one with one face that is just so grotesque I’m TW just like she does kek. Part 1 giving me tinyboostep facial vibes kek

No. 805612

File: 1557634726363.jpeg (309.52 KB, 749x1078, 777598B0-7D6E-49F0-A8C2-3ED375…)

Part 2 here’s the ott text of the post

Kind of a comedic find well done kek >>805583

No. 805624

She's always gotten ECT. It's why she gets admitted. Its part of her trauma treatment

No. 805637

Shanaya got her friend Mel to take her to hospital yesterday and the psych reg said she was a normal weight and didn't meet criteria for admission. Major kek

No. 805664

At least she'll only have a patchy memory of how embarrassing she's been if she decides to stop being ridiculous.

No. 805685

File: 1557662370127.jpeg (224.91 KB, 750x552, 55AC3B28-B420-4D43-905E-6868CE…)

What were we saying about being childish and anorexic ….

No. 805695

God elzani looks so dead, like a corpse forced to smile.

No. 805708

And childhood food comes in child sized portions

No. 805709

And has she really outgrown childhood? She weighs the same as a child, she behaves like a child, her family has only the expectations they would of a child from her…

No. 805715

>>805685 how does eating like a child remotely reflect "real recovery", what a joke. She really is running out of ideas if she thinks this is a good idea for a video.

No. 805742

So think yet such man hands.

No. 805743

No. 805754

She looks like she's lost weight too- but don't forget this is 'real recovery' isn't it?
I have a hunch her next video might be rolling a die/ letting fate decide what she eats- going by one just uploaded by one of her YouTube admirers recovery warriors.

No. 805765

File: 1557678081943.jpeg (249.34 KB, 750x1256, 0D2888CF-AA8C-4691-87AC-45851F…)

This came before the ice cream pic but how does she expect us to believe this post then not question the giant ice cream, multiple toppings, and her weight gain. She just is full of sh*t honestly

No. 805767

Yikes, they have a BMI requirement in the regular psych ward for ed patients? Yikes too bad Georgia doesn’t live there, she’d be forced to admit she has BED lol does anyone have access to Shanayas private account? shan.w_priv any milk on there?

No. 805769

>baby steps

That's a normal portion?

Controversial perhaps, but anyone else think Becky's gained some weight? Still spoopy oofc but looks more like a lanky beanpole than a skellington.

No. 805797

looking at her makes just as uncomfortable as seeing dusty's face and her filet arm. no joke.
i swear to god if she doesnt get real help shes going to get regress and be 100% worse then her smelling food for youtube.
she totally has lost some weight. her face looks really puffy too. unsure if shes even eating enough to purge but it wouldnt surprise me. her eyes look more sunken into her face.

No. 805801

File: 1557682553879.png (1.13 MB, 1021x701, ugh.PNG)

questions are good. dusty is very elusive as she likes to keep up the act of 'manic pixie uwu' and her tumblrs get deleted like pants. u gotta keep a good eye on her for most of it. god yeah anon shes always been like this. i think for a while she was in residential (2016 i think?) but i could be wrong since shes always so in and out of psych wards that it could have just seemed like it.

i do not know much details of her therapist off the top of my head. i remember her posting about him A LOT tho. again something i curse myself for not archiving. she mentioned his name before i dont remember it.

other social media would be something for me to find. i dont know any much else but she may have a facebook.

it is basically a website surrounded on punk culture. she must have submitted it as writing and they published it as its under one of the editors names.
i thought this was a interesting addition. "former mental health worker". she says she has a social worker degree but its never been confirmed and it smells like bs anyway.

No. 805804

File: 1557682758782.png (259.07 KB, 1001x880, okay well there we go.png)

i didnt know what else i expected

No. 805805

File: 1557682769636.jpg (88.89 KB, 867x608, FB.JPG)

No. 805806

Lol beat me to it

No. 805807

Just google her name and location and it throws up a few things about her.

No. 805809

lol perfect description though… honestly, she seems to me like she has a lot more going on than the eating disorder. She just seems really out of it and unstable, mentally

No. 805821

Must've caught her BDD. Hope so because I'd then feel confident having my body photographed every day.

Purging? Idk. I don't believe for a second she only eats 6 blueberries (bloobs) in milk. Probably scarfed down that banana (nana) cake. Purging debatable (still think her body looks better, though yeah not the face).

No. 805867

File: 1557690709681.jpg (684.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190512-095552_Ins…)

Can't stand this chick. She goes on and on about all the LUSH SPONTANEOUS seconds she takes and how much of a foodie she is (even has had tabloid articles published abt her inspiring realcovery journey) yet it's obvious she hasn't gained an ounce in years. Screenshot related from yesterday after some 3 years of supposed recovery.

No. 805898

Another one who claims to eat nothing but junk and takeouts and uses the word "little" to describe herself on her youtube.

No. 805900

oh, and obviously leeches off her parents for cash for good food.

No. 805914

File: 1557694448738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.58 KB, 577x448, trecovery.JPG)

Something I'm wondering…I thought I'd check out #anorexicboy. I wanted to see some males with anorexia seeing how only females come to our attention here. MOST of the ones that came up are he/him trans. A couple are young and claim to have anorexia, schizophrenia and depression yet they've been given top surgery. They do that to mentally ill people??

If females are being all tumblr and "identifying" as male, that's going to fuck up stats for gender and eating disorders.

Just sharing my thoughts.

No. 805917

She only ever posts her evening binges and there is always an "unpictured loaf of bread, jar of spread, 3 chocolate bars and 2 share bags" she consumes that for some reason can't be pictured. Probably because anyone can say they've eaten anything to be seen as the ultimate recovery queen

No. 805924

That "unpictured" thing was one of Aly's old tricks. It's obvious she's not eating much of what she posts or she throws it up. Nobody at her weight would be eating Millionaire's Cake. Did you see that monster she made??

No. 805926

Perhaps that says more about the demographic of people who use social media as part of their eating disorders (biological females) and is not a representation of the gender distribution in ED suffers. We also don’t know how a trans ED patient would be clinically considered when the gender diversity of EDs is being explored. For all we know they are their own category all together.

No. 805940

Kek at the first thing under her Manifest is “Mental Patient at Mclean Hospital”. Like why is that more important or special to post than her work history which is listed after that lol, wtf dusty

No. 806090

That part is incredibly sad. I know she's been hospitalized recently, but does she always have that listed or just update it whenever she's admitted, to make sure everyone knows she's been hospitalized (like how she always requests mail while her address is in a hospital)?

No. 806107

she's almost always hospitalized. it's only like may and its her 3rd time this year already in a a ward. her love of romanticizing is that big. she posts that every time she is hospitalized along with the non stop posed selfies and weird fictional posts between complaining.

its weird to see someone who was a mental health "worker" become this sort of thing. i am wondering if it was happening even then.

OP here. forgot to turn fb's pirate mode off when i took the cap. >>805805 's cap helps if you dont understand it lol.

>>805914 >>805926
semi OT interesting stupid i learned from a class i was forced to take: theres a actually SHIT TON of studies involving ~ gender dysphoria ~ and eating disorders. it would be interesting topic for the gender critic thread tbh.

No. 806115

Her life is one of the saddest of all the cows here. She's older and apparently happy to choose this as her life - an endless cycle of "girl interrupted" bs and slicing herself up just deep enough to get back in the hospital. Pathetic.

No. 806124

From what I’ve observed many FTM people develop eating disorders as a way to appear less “womanly.” Less body fat means less curves
I know it’s ~controversial~ because people compare it BIID but it gets fuzzy when you compare “wants” versus “needs” whenever it comes to mental illness

No. 806136

I’m from social work and you’d be surprised how many total basketcases we get come through the schooling, confident they will be a better social worker than the rest of the class, despite their utter inability to care for themselves or make positive choices.

Usually borderline and junkies with some food issues. They never get past screenings tho.

It’s not like she has a career or hobbies or a creative outlet to share. She’s been too busy investing in her diseases and cute but psycho gimmick to have a personality outside being mental. My prediction is she’ll keep this up into her forties and then suicide when she’s too ashamed of having never made a life for herself while her peers are getting promoted, sending their kids to highschool, building homes and all that.

No. 806139


I'd like to read a study or thesis about trans and EDs. Maybe I should do some work and Google for something. It's something ignored in the more mainstream studies but perhaps because the trans thing is a relatively new phenomena?

What I find iffy is how severely mentally ill f2m people are given the go ahead for surgery ad if lopping off breasts is no big deal.

Even her writing, which could be considered a hobby, is all about being mentally ill.
I'm getting on in years, mental but don't even mention it unless necessary, have a life where certain things weren't possible BUT still have a life pretty full of interests and make nor achievements. This is why it's so difficult to understand how, at 32, her life and identity is all about mental illness. That's some Apex tier wallowing.

No. 806140

Minor not make nor ffs jfc

No. 806169

Maybe she never got sick of her own drama? Most of us who are a little headfucked still get it together by mid twenties. This one looks more like she wants to romanticise disease, consider herself a burdened and misunderstood genius for diary rambling and bad philosophy, squeeze out some kids and lose custody of each by their sixth birthdays.
Typical small town crazy order of operations tbh.

No. 806190

The surgeries tend to settle down the MH issues actually

No. 806269

I agree with most of this besides the suicide, she’s had so many attempts that tbh, it’s sad but if she wanted to die she would have. Her attempts are more like “help” “look at me im sick” “admit me” “give me attention” type thing. She’s sadly and strangely trying to follow in her sisters footsteps and look worse, without the whole dying part. Bc if she dies, no more attention kek. Living like this, is pleasurable do dusty she can manipulate for emotional currency and absolutely take no responsibility as an adult. Things to much? Stage an attempt just bad enough to be admitted but not bad enough to die, then she gets to go on vacation to her favorite spot! Take pictures, fake pass out, and ultimately get discharged Bc she’s medically stable. Rinse, repeat.
Thissssssss yes! You hit the nail on the head as I tried to explain above. Dusty is totally happy like this, Bc why else wouldn’t she change? She looks physically healthy enough to bare children, thin but larger breast’s if she put on a couple pounds during pregnancy it be good for her. She’s really just destroyed her external body, mutilating it Bc she’s not that sick from anorexia, like in regard to labs etc, hence why in her tumblr posts she’s like “no one cares if I starve” Bla Bla Bla. Unfortunately she is not right mentally to have children. And she’s rather be the girl interrupted kek.

No. 806274

I think it’s downplayed in severity because the risks are said to heavily outweigh the costs. I mean even if someone is trans for the attention it would bring them, I think it’s safer than becoming a true munchie and accidentally killing yourself as your munching progresses. Most people do feel less dysphoric after surgery from what I’ve heard so they don’t need to up their behaviors

No. 806303

I'm not surprised at all, a shocking amount of social workers I've come into contact with are wrecks. Kinda an epidemic

No. 806339

File: 1557769621720.png (8 MB, 1125x2436, 0712A722-F536-4A18-AB76-0DEACE…)

Forget actually caring for and trying to help someone else or at least respect their struggle. Nahhh. Niamh would rather be self centered like usual. Only her struggle matters. Cow.

No. 806359

Is this a self post? She says it’s hypocritical so at least she’s aware haha

No. 806370

It isn’t. You have to follow her for a little bit to just see how petty she is and things she does like blocking her workers out with a “clothes horse” while she was on 1:1.

No. 806422

in a way i dont doubt it for a second. the amount of people who are mentally ill who think they would be better at these things then people who are is actually stunning. mini blog but my therapist told me once about a fellow student when she was in college with the same mentality. they didnt get their degree or past the first semester kek.

also you are right about dusty. she is not going to go anywhere in life expect self destruction. she has siblings also so basically she thinks she doesnt have to get a life outside of it if shes happy. she used to be very pretty actually before the self harm / ed stuff got worse. she posted a old photo of her with long hair a long time ago. what i want to know i dont how her bf hasnt dumped her yet other then feeling bad about it. 10 years of this stuff and the dude has a job and a life and a gf who wants him to drop his shit at the moment she feels like cuz she wants to hurt herself. she posts about him complaining about her behaviors so :/

anon if i had a way to pm it to you i would. i know a few that are interesting. some actually also focus on m2f. a lot of f2m people have them ironically because it makes them feel like their breasts present less and m2f is mainly that it makes them more femm. its interesting. again i dont wanna get this thread into some gender crit discussion but it is very interesting. i have seen a lot of f2m guys in proana spaces before too so >>805914 doesnt surprise me but also does. maybe the top surgery lessened the feel to restrict/binge/fast and they gained weight. its interesting idk

No. 806497

she does at least seem to want to be better though- not sure if she’s too milky

No. 806510

I do follow her. She very immature and a brat but it seems like she’s exaggerating trying to be a “cool patient” who breaks the rules when I’m reality she doesn’t

No. 806561

No. 806634

S looks to be back in hospital, posted a photo on her public instagram that shows a tiny bit of a hospital background.

No. 806717

With nothing unusual about the asks.

No. 806742

Yeah S is back in hospital.
Prob with tube life again. Sooopa speshal

No. 806797

File: 1557842485043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.69 KB, 1075x1207, 20190515_000016.jpg)

If anyone wants a fucking laugh go check out this chicks story (sound on). Another Georgia. At least she owns the fact she is obese and wants to be tubed. She's going OFFFFF tonight

No. 806801

In her story she says that she is dying without the tube, that her heart rate is so fast because she's starving/dying.. i thought with anorexia and restriction your heart rate slows to the point of brachycardia?

No. 806810

Only if You Are still. I you move around or stand you get a thing called postural tachycardia. Basically your BP doesn't go up when you stand so your heart compensates by beating faster. It's also a sign of dehydration

No. 806813

File: 1557844743261.jpg (34.63 KB, 346x466, 0.JPG)

She's obsessed with her collarbones. Almost as if all she wants is collarbones.

These silly girls never learn that their hospital bands contain personal information.

No. 806816

Yeah, when i was looking through her posts it was a lot of "collar bones are still showing" which is odd considering most people have visible collarbones

No. 806818

She's one of those overweight people who can't be arsed to do a diet properly and look into nutrition. They think not eating for a day or two is going to make them lose weight fast.

She said she binges, but unless she binges cooked food, the thing she makes to eat after not eating for a couple of days is some kind of pasta and cheese (?) sauce.

Idk. Try Weight Watchers and see what happens ffs.

No. 806819

Oh, and she says she can't wait until she's diagnosed as anorexic. WHY???

No. 806820

She doesn't even have visable collarbones tho. Like wtf

No. 806822

File: 1557845837946.jpg (552.13 KB, 1080x1636, 20190515_003842.jpg)

That caption. Ergh

No. 806823

File: 1557845903425.jpg (39.95 KB, 558x569, 0.JPG)

She has some kind of structure going on when she leans forward and the fat lurches forwards. Must be obese girl's equivalent of straining tendons with ana chans.

No. 806824

She's quite pretty tbh (unlike the other nosehose beast). Her goal weight isn't even "skinny". I wonder what the obese ED people think is skinny? There were two huge women looking through clothes in a charity shop stood near me and they said they were size 26 and one size 28 (UK). They said size 10 was too skinny.

No. 806872

Because being a spoopy skeleton is SO IN right now, duh! Haven’t you heard just how glamorous and beautiful it is? ~*dainty ballerina winter girl*~
(^ngl tho writing that was painful)
I’ve always wondered this too. I know they’re so used to seeing their bodies so huge, but I feel like the majority of people you see out and about are usually of normal size for comparison? I used to have a very overweight friend who said her goal size was a US 12, and she didn’t want to be any less than that because then she’d be “too skinny.” I wonder if their brains are just wired different?

No. 806882

File: 1557851905895.jpeg (123.64 KB, 750x1017, ED010813-8632-4066-9081-97D32D…)

Weird interaction between one of the twins and Morven

No. 806883

samefag, context is one of the twins was asking about the calories in a Starbucks drink

No. 806886

Ugh I hate to say it bc Morvs is trash but she’s not wrong here? Pretty sure both the twins asked this earlier and I rolled my eyes too, I mean their thumbs obviously work it’s not hard to google.

Also kek this fightinginsidevoices girl going on about collarbones god I can’t with these fatties being given toobs they’re all the same.

No. 806895

The other twin made a big deal a while ago that she had an app where you could find the cal content of all Starbucks drinks. I'd like to spend a day with the twins. It'd be like being in a weird documentary.

I wonder if she realises that if she lost so much weight she wouldn't look skinny because she'd have lots of loose skin. I think their skinny is healthy looking slim because that's what they post on mpa. Anorexia doesn't make you look healthy, or make you tall and give you long legs like their ~thinspo~

She thinks being slapped with an anorexia diagnosis means she'll become skinny just by being called anorexic.

No. 806897

I imagine it'd be like this with Katie and Maria, except less food and more coffee.

No. 806904

Currently caught between if your goal weight is healthy/overweight you’re really shooting your precious Ana diagnosis in the foot. And. Congrats on being realistic and not having a goal weight of 25kg!
She’s delusional if she thinks her tachy is from overexercise and not from being obese. She could live off that stomach fat for a good 6 months with no physical repercussions. (Tachycardia is a sign of poorer treatment results in people who are actually anorexic so she’s probably trying to pull a fast one on her team)

No. 807090

File: 1557879612473.jpg (198.93 KB, 749x1138, IMG_5407.jpg)

Look out guys, there's another Shayana on the loose. I've been following this girl for a while and lately her account reeks of attention-seeking. Claims she only eats 200 cals a day and needs the hospital. Posts body-checks and honestly she looks like she's at a healthy weight?
Not too much milk on her account, but I'm thinking it's gonna get milky real soon. Her behaviour reminds me exactly of Shay's - big wanorexic.

No. 807091

*Reeks of attention-seeking posts.
Can't speak English when it's early in the morning, apparently.

No. 807106

she doesnt seem too milky tbh, though i wouldnt say her weight seems healthy, or shes at least on the low end of healthy. Her face looks pretty normal tho

No. 807108

Samefag but its also obvious she doesnt eat 200 cals, especially if you look at her older posts of food

No. 807115

Wtf is with wannabe anorexics and their poor attempts to look thinner by taking awkward pictures of their collarbones? Like, everyone has collarbones you dimwits. Doesn't make you look skinny.

No. 807116

agreed that she isn't too milky but I can understand how she reminded you of Shay

No. 807128

What do you mean tachycardia is a sign of poorer treatment results?

No. 807132

Tachycardia is rather generalised. In eating disorders, when patients lose cardiac muscle mass, they can develop mitral valve prolapse. Prolonged QT intervals and tachycardia on electrocardiogram (ECG) predispose patients to a type of arrhythmia called torsade de pointes, which then can degenerate to a deadly arrhythmia known as ventricular fibrillation. Prolonged QT can be a result of quick weight loss or severe weight loss. It can also be a result of electrolyte disturbances (specifically low potassium and low magnesium) and certain medications. In the case of a patient with anorexia, it may be a combination of these factors. It's why you will find a lot of medical reasons for admissions in ED patients, even those not underweight, is their heart rate.

No. 807143

File: 1557898808096.jpg (302.57 KB, 1079x1593, Screenshot_20190514-233239.jpg)

Kek at her trigger warning'ed body checks. What does she think is going to trigger anyone? The sight of her dangling pannus?

No. 807160

Hey I’m op
Tachycardia can also occur during refreshing especially in restrictive subtype due to hyper metabolism. Generally makes recovery more difficult

No. 807169

Go listen to her latest story! She's losing the goddamn plot

No. 807170

Probably her best attempt at starting a conversation. Talk about calories with another anorexic (maybe her own creepy personal thinspo idol)

She didn’t care about the calories because she already knows. She’s looking for a new anorexia friend.

No. 807211

All three of them are as bad as each other- very screwed up and wanting to be the thinnest etc

No. 807229

Maybe I’m way too optimistic idk but sometimes it seems like the other twin (M) could actually have a shot at some sort of recovery if her and K weren’t so codependent

No. 807239

File: 1557941284460.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 192.55 KB, 750x1206, EB33965B-5976-4FE6-B940-47253F…)

Could be she’s on the lower end of normal, or she could be slightly underweight and just doesn’t exercise. Doesn’t seem milky to me either. Spoiler just ‘cus.
Who are you talking about

No. 807279

God she is just so cognitively gone. This woman went to medical school and writes like a seven year old without affect. I’m sure the genius Morven just wants to feel intellectually superior

No. 807313

It baffles me how they were ever doctors. Were they practicing GPs? Maria was asking what she should do about her anal prolapse recently. You'd think a doctor would know.

No. 807333

I don’t think they’ve ever practiced, just were able to make it through school. I doubt they remember anything from med school at this point hence soliciting prolapse advice

No. 807354

File: 1557956457325.jpg (151.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-223957_Ins…)

Bella is turning full munchie

No. 807357

what is maria's @?

No. 807368

No. 807371

Fucking hell. EDS, eh. If you've got an ED that's sooo passe so add an S onto the end. Munchies are becoming as cultish as anas.

Has she said any more about her guts/bowels yet? I don't follow but am interested in her colostomy bag.

No. 807374

I agree with the thing about Maria being likely to recover to some extent without the other's influence. She does actually look like she's making the effort, talks about eating a lot more than previously and actually does look like she's gaining weight in her body. Idk, they're both fucked, but I'd like to see her get to a point where she can accept weight gain. She definitely likes food.

No. 807397

File: 1557960186470.jpeg (429.42 KB, 745x1192, 4EAED186-02DC-4BA2-87C5-D2939A…)

Spaceship's obsession with her old therapist is coming through again. Who the hell draws portraits of the ex counselors??


No. 807398

File: 1557960213921.jpeg (225.56 KB, 750x816, E4AF0D09-4940-4BAF-B046-BB50C6…)


No. 807401

can anyone give a brief synopsis of what happened with spaceship and this misha?
from the way she writes it's already sounding like a bunch of fiction

No. 807402

She's a fantasist? Sorry, I've never paid too much attention to her. I'll go over past threads if she lives in la la land.

No. 807403

I wrote mine below yours as you posted yours. Yep, sounds a crock of shit.

No. 807404

Is Misha the therapist?

No. 807405

Misha is apparently her ex therapist from when she was still going to school and shes still obsessed with him even though its been years

No. 807408

her caption makes it sound like there was some stuff going on behind the scenes tho? like what's all this with HIPPAA?

No. 807412

From her previous posts it looks like he had her "call him her boyfriend" as a means of being more familiar with him but that sounds super fake imo. She mentions he is the head of the counseling department and i doubt that would be possible if he violated hipaa

No. 807417

If he's into underage/vulnerable girls then there's no way she'd be the only one he'd be pervy with. If he does this regularly, someone would report him (I would). Therefore, I call BS. She's trying to make herself sound special.

No. 807421

Exactly what i was thinking. I dont know if shes still seeing a therapist but its obvious she needs to, just not a young one

No. 807423

File: 1557962321255.png (1.9 MB, 1820x1254, Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 7.16…)

Can someone be the hero we need and watch "Elzani makes Satara's birthday all about herself" and give us a synopsis? I can't make it past the 30 second mark but I want to know if anyone calls her out, whether she cries, or if she announces (again) that REALrecovery starts today (!!!)

No. 807424

I'm interested also, but I'm not wasting my capped bandwidth to watch her sniff food.

No. 807427

we're all waiting with bated breath to hear what she's having for "the first time" (!!!)

No. 807441

Honestly if anyone saw this and knew what school she went to he could get in serious trouble, why does she think this is remotely ok to say?

No. 807450

File: 1557970472957.png (1.89 MB, 1782x1210, Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.33…)

Wouldn't want to just eat that popchip without first smelling, licking and over analyzing how divine it is.

No. 807465

yeah this pic rly doesn’t look like someone whose weight is an imminent problem lmao. not to mention in the caption she says she’s like a pound heavier than her LoWeSt eVeR wEiGhT so obviously she’s never been critically low yet seems to believe she’s gonna die right away if she doesn’t get her precious hospital referral. her account used to be half decent so it sucks that she’s turning into such a cow

No. 807478

I’m the anon who responded. Perhaps my question was unclear. I know what the implications of tachycardia are with eating disorders. I was asking what you specifically meant about “poor treatment results?” Aka negative treatment outcomes? Or what were you trying to say there?

No. 807506

At least she didn’t put the words anorexia recovery in the title for once .

No. 807507

It’s interesting because although the twins are pretty much identical they have been treated at different hospitals with different approaches ( one was at Vincent square one was at st Anne’s) so maybe it shows how effective the programmes are for people.
I can remember a classic post on insta when one of the twins - can’t remember which one it was- when she told someone with bulimia to ‘just stop bping and wasting food’ ….

No. 807529

Maybe she's finally decided to give up the whole "recovery" facade and accept that she's an obsessive anorexic in denial.

I totally agree - no doubt she's got anorexia but seriously she goes on about it like she's the worst in the community and will die if she doesn't go to hospital. Bit like Shayana. Also she just posted a picture of a fatty pie that she "challenged" for lunch: so much for only eating 200 calories a day kek.

No. 807547

File: 1558011675181.jpg (799.87 KB, 1080x1855, 20190516_230054.jpg)

Dayyymn she's wide.

No. 807564

Legit looks like a man Satanist wearing a wig. She knows she'll be back in there within a week.

No. 807565

Do you know why they're treated in different hospitals?

No. 807566

(I meant in the clinic)

No. 807581

To stop them competing against each other to be the illest/thinnest.

No. 807585

Holy crap, she’s gained weight……she was not this wide before. This is almost like she’s looking in a funhouse mirror
>>807564 kek accurate, on the satanist comment and the fact that she’ll b back… lol

No. 807609

God i have no idea how she thinks she has an issue when she's this size. She might have disordered eating but it's certainly not because she's eating too little. She has to be getting up there now

No. 807615

She does have an issue it’s just not anorexia it’s Binge Eating Disorder. It’s actually weird like why not get treatment for the BED then lose weight healthily… she only seems to be gaining by lying to herself and trying to fool others with this atypical anorexia shit kek. Everyone knows she’s full of shit so what’s the point ?

No. 807621

Seems like she's hoping people are stupid enough or malnourished enough to belive her but we all know how competitive ana-chans are kek. Not sure how anyone wouldn't be able to see through her bullshit

No. 807623

File: 1558028075661.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, 793D1F1C-D6AA-400F-B2FA-08CCA6…)

I know ganergains been mentioned before but I just read her ‘about me’ part of her website and I almost spat out my drink. ‘I have finally found a way out of this horrible illness…..through fitness and nutrition’ um how about ‘through a road of orthorexia.’ Engaging in the same habits but under the guise of ‘fitness’ is not recovery.

No. 807624

If she thinks ppl are competing with her or she’s trying to compete with other anachans that’s hilarious… she’s not even in the same competition lol. I think everyone sees through it and the ones who go along with her are just along for the show and trying not to get blocked kek. Sure is entertaining watching her trying to fit all of herself in that mirror lol hips as wide as the sink damn she thick. Definitely packed on at least ten to fifteen since I’ve followed her, probably from the unnecessary tube feeds. I really do hope at one point she’ll come to her senses and treat the obvious BED. It just blows my mind she’d rather get bigger and have a tube then treat her BED and lose weight healthily! Kek that ain’t exactly the mind of an anorexic although some anachans see it as a badge, they obvi don’t really want it long enough to lose their skelly body, Georgia gives no fuks

No. 807626

Def agree that she sees it as a badge. As long as shes in the hospital or has a tube, she obviously has anorexia guyz!! Its honestly hilarious that she thinks shes ana though at this point i have to wonder if she really thinks that

No. 807628

I hate when people with eds decide to "recover" and stick to strict diets and exercise routines. Its just a more acceptable way of maintaining an eating disorder

No. 807633

File: 1558030054124.png (1.85 MB, 1210x1260, Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 2.06…)

IIJM or does chii actually look likes shes gained a lot here? maybe its just the shirt but she looks boxier than her older pics. maybe I'm just being hopeful though lol

No. 807635

I wouldn't say "a lot", nor would I call her boxy, but yeah she seems to be doing well. It's nice to see that she's actually trying.

No. 807640

i’d actually say she’s secure in getting better, weight gain, challenging food etc at this point, almost no milk to be seen on her account anymore other than being a bit preachy so good for her getting off the fake recovery train

No. 807642

I guess I'm just the only one who can't stand her then? lol. She's worse than Aly was, IMO!

No. 807654

yeah guess so ‍♀️ not really any need to keep up the vendettas on this forum when the cows start actually putting effort into becoming functional members of society again(emoji)

No. 807674

Except that Hannah (ganer_gains) isn't using orthorexia. She is actually gaining weight and eating healthy. Exercise, especially weights, are very beneficial in recovery and actually promoted. She is eating enough to sustain her workouts and put on muscle

No. 807705

File: 1558044569185.jpeg (269.13 KB, 750x1245, D2FA3455-5FD7-4180-A7F3-65573E…)

Do any of you know of Jesse Paege? Probably more irritating than milky, but you guys always find good milk so figured it might be a new topic.

No. 807715

Wtf, this post is for milkies, not just “popular anorexic / exanprexic people”

No. 807753

lmao sorry were not going to do your work for you, either show us milk or gtfo with her

No. 807772

Bruh this reeks of self post kek…
I looked not worth it, she’s got three accounts and “merch” looks like an annoying attention whore. Not milky.
Stop bothering recovered ppl and posting bs, like >>807715 said this threads for milky cows not recovered well adjusted ppl that happen to be annoying kek

No. 807776

File: 1558057163470.jpeg (155.69 KB, 750x1113, 4F3B5301-841A-4BDB-99CB-4A11F8…)

Part 1 Georgia polished off plenty of pizza but needs tube feeds in hospital….? Ok Jan

No. 807777

File: 1558057416513.jpeg (198.21 KB, 750x1103, B5FB708D-8D2E-468D-90E8-F1BF73…)

Part 2
And a larger slice of desert pie, no problem! But if she was in a hospital bed in an eating disorder facility she can’t eat ? Wyd Georgia kek

No. 807800

Georgia "im sooper sick and totally need a toob so i dont die guyz" Kollings. God, can't her fat ass just admit that she has BED and actually get the right treatment?

No. 807809

Is she the one with the ridiculous winged eyelashes .?
I would find it hard to take any advice from her as a personal trainer given the physical state she’s in - recovering or not- she still looks to unwell to be in a gym never mind doing spinning classes.

No. 807828

Yeah she’s gained a bit of weight but she obviously has the goal of only putting in muscle and bit any fat, which is still disordered. She’s still extremely underweight and doing SPIN CLASSES. Yes exercise in recovery can be ok if it’s moderate and when you’re at a healthy weight/nearer a healthy weight. She’s clearly not.

No. 807834

The question is, at her weight why the fuck is she eating pizza and dessert pizza? Get something healthy ffs. She doesn't have to live on curly kale, but Jesus, check your nutrition.

No. 807874

The reason she goes for anorexia is because people will praise her for her binges and that justifies it in her head, she doesn't have a problem she's fixing her anorexia…

No. 807894

You should probably do some research on the topic then as its strongly.encouraged regardless of weight.

No. 807895

No- exercise is not encouraged regardless of weight.

No. 807904

File: 1558104062329.png (438.55 KB, 773x484, Screenshot.png)

Elzani uploaded a new vid, you can clearly see how her mom is tired of her shit and her divine (!) reviews of food, after taking about 10 minutes to eat a banana by just talking about how her mom loves bananas and how she prefers crunchy foods.

No. 807906

She's looking at her daughter with an expression of pure hatred.

No. 807931

I have no idea how you guys can sit through her videos. Her mom looks miserable having to deal with her constant bs and "real recovery". Imagine being in that family

No. 807932

I never watch them. I wait for farmers to update. I watched her first one when it was suggested the week she uploaded it, but that's it.

I don't get these mothers. Why do they put up with the shit when there are options? Ashley's mum was a co-dependent (so we thought) for YEARS but she finally dumped her daughter's ass into a care home. No way would I let these kids get away with it. I'd have no qualms off loading something I'd spawned onto someone else if it turned out to be like these cows.

No. 807935

> Imagine being in that family

I'd go live with some relatives or put myself in a care home. A part of me believes I'd actually go through with poisoning her food.

No. 807940

Same, her sisters are constantly glaring at her in her vids and it's hilarious that she doesn't notice, the youngest has a killer glare and the other seems to call her put a lot

No. 807948

Omg I never thought about this way…. she actually uses “anorexia” to justify her binges and stay stuck with the BED. That is such a good point! Probably why she deletes or blocks any ppl who comment anything contrary, she’s trying to live in her own fake, echo chamber of people telling her she’s so sooper sick and frail and speshul, while she packs on the pounds. >>807834 And I’m guessing she’s out with friends or family who most likely know about her admissions to the hospital so aren’t they thinking like wtf! Kek

No. 807959

File: 1558111763679.jpg (31.44 KB, 1178x230, 00.JPG)


On mpa she talks about puking. She's must be rubbish at it.

No. 807966

Lets be real nobody with eyes and more than a handful of brain cells is gonna buy the anorexia thing. Of course you can have an ED at any weight but it’s not like she used to be skelly and is in remission now, it’s not like she’s averse to food or weight gain, she’s got the insight to know her BMI is objectively high. Idk why she’s chosen the whole anorexia thing. BN I’d believe, maybe, EDNOS/OFSED, BED…but it looks like these pointless toobs are a hill she’s willing to (not) die on. Sorry but she can put away pizza and dessert no problem, it must be like a slap in the face to the others in her clinic

No. 807968

What a slap in the face to her mom. Elzani is supposedly trying to gain weight and so she's eating "exactly what mum eats!". Might as well just call her poor mom a fatty? It also puts so much pressure on her mom to eat in a specific way to appease Elzani / encourage her to eat more / etc. She's so manipulative and self centered. Anything for the views, right?

No. 807986

I havent watched the video but she really said that??? Thats awful! Like, yeah when youre extremely malnourished pretty much any food as long as its kept down will help you gain weight, but thats insulting

No. 807992

No but "iM recovering, got to gain weight… I know ill eat like my mum" as well as saying things like, "mum eats a lot. She lives food she eats all day" even a non disordered person would get offended I reckon

No. 807994

What is it with anas and straight up insulting their parents? Im sure they were helpful and wanted her to recover but now it's just turning into her spending their money and time on recovery that will never happen

No. 808016

Both she and her family are missing the fundamental point that SHE NEEDS TO GAIN SOME FUCKING WEIGHT to do her ‘real recovery’. And the point of eating like my mum for a day is pointless- different bodies, different metabolisms, different activity.
She doesn’t seem to be able to do anything without mumzani.
Poor family going through more walking on eggshells.
I know she’s naive but she must have found this site by now- yet she still continues to make a tit of herself by her videos.

No. 808029

I feel like I should watch some of elzanis videos to get some idea of what tf is wrong with her. Are there any especially milky ones?

No. 808035

God who tf does this chick think she is that people really want to watch 40min long videos of her sniffing food and talking for 5 mins before licking it, spouting the same bullcrap over and over again as if she's some inspirational recovery person, like she clearly doesn't practice what she preaches cuz after all this time of real recovery she still looks like she's about to drop fucking dead, she looks awful her family should get her detained and actually do something to save her. Like yeah the occasional long video from good youtuber is fun but her, why would anyone watch a full one it's so boring even in the first few mins "I'm having x for the first time" 500 times before describing the shit in horrifyingly boring detail. She has to be the most boring person ever if she was my sister I'd actually punch her. Who does she even think she's kidding it's clear she hasn't gained any real weight in real recovery.

No. 808041

File: 1558127547569.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2208, 3B8BDBCC-B509-444F-8708-824DCD…)

seriously becky? moaning because the producers of a daily TV show have priorities higher than funding some kind of bs-holistic treatment for some random girl who has been offered countless opportunities in the past to get better
she has some wild kind of imagination to believe that she’d be offered free accommodation, a modeling contract AND some kind of professional help just because she likes Phil & Holly and has an eating disorder

No. 808052

Celebrities don't care. Their job is to pretend they do from a distance. Besides, if the show hands free treatment for one person they have to do it for everyone.

Eating disordered people aren't rare. Shows like that like babies with rare syndromes.

Big delusions shattered, but she hasn't really got a grip on reality in general.

No. 808062

Can we set up a go-fund me to pay Satara (her sister) to give her a good, cathartic knock to the head? I feel so bad for her sisters; they didn’t ask for any of this and probably get completely ignored by their parents who are too busy focusing on El’s sUpEr SpEsHuL recovery

No. 808069

it honestly seems like her parents are done with it too. have they ever attended family therapy or is she trying her "rEAl reCOVerY" by herself?

No. 808072

Her parents are kinda getting what they deserve though. They coddled her and allowed (even encouraged?!) this behaviour so what did they expect? They created the monster! Or at least contributed to it. Elzani isn’t a child, she’s over 20. If she’s not going to do proper treatment or make proper progress, then she should be out there getting an education, making money or contributing to society in some sort of way! Yet her parents let her live at hone and do nothing but spend their money on expensive food while filming herself using a camera they probably paid for too.

No. 808080

File: 1558138876571.jpg (38.16 KB, 634x546, stop fucking us around kid.jpg)

This is the kind of explanation I'd give for this >>807994
>What is it with anas and straight up insulting their parents?

They know they can get away with their shitty behaviour because the parent(s) have been too worried their kid's about to croak they allowed shitty behaviour for fear of them having a tantrum and refusing to eat or something.
At Elzani's age, and at Becky's age (pretty much anyone with an ED over 20 years of age), the parents need to give them an ultimatum - get in recovery 4realz or fuck off out of the house and make your own damn videos without us funding the food you'd have to buy.

I could deal with them, like Supernanny Jo Frost. I want to be her but with anas. I'd sort them out boot camp style.

No. 808083

So she really did go to the show for selfish reasons, of course, classic Becky. Every photo of her and her mum shows more and more that her mum wishes to be anywhere else.

No. 808131

I don’t even believe that she has bulimia…most bulimics are average and some are overweight but Georgia is obese lol. She’s not purging to the point of malnutrition, come on people who are about to die from bulimia and are actually requiring tube feedings are the small percent that are underweight, and usually at that low of a BMI they diagnose ppl with anorexia b/p type anyway. She’s not bulimic nor anorexic. Her labs have been fine, never given a drop of anything other than basic saline…. I don’t buy it. So she’s ana on insta and bulimic on MPA, she’s a terrible liar doesn’t even have continuity to her lies kek.

No. 808139

File: 1558145659043.jpeg (227.64 KB, 750x1179, 7CD07624-4EC5-4ED9-9691-6C7F68…)

Is this some Australian idiom or is she again admitting to eating unhealthy food lol? She’s not even trying now kek

No. 808173

Don't you dare dis our sausage sizzles snags!!! Kek. We have to vote today and you get a BBQ when you vote. It's glorious. Aussies love a sausage in bread with onion and sauce

No. 808205

I just watched it- what a waste of time!- bananas and biscuits - who gives a fuck?
And there is no way that was a weight gaining amount of food for a day.

No. 808318

probably woolies brand sausage aka mystery meat, extra calories you don't need

No. 808335

By the look of her she probably ate the entire barbecue, let's be honest.

No. 808339

File: 1558176490267.jpeg (400.45 KB, 640x1008, 59580761-D653-4FC4-9625-A1BACC…)

Pretty sure no1 wants to be a beg and scrounge nutcase infant child.
No wonder the spearman's and show didn't help her. People can see when it's not worth the effort or money for people who abuse support and don't even want to try ffs

No. 808366

Idk those two people but Jesus, they've had some work done on their faces, innit! If they're therapists, I wouldn't touch them with a stick. More BDD issues than the whole of their clients put together. The women looks like an alien.

No. 808377

I don’t recognize them either, and I don’t follow that chick so I don’t know the whole story, but I think they’re just daytime tv hosts? I think she thought by meeting them they would immediately see how super special and sick she is and insist on ~saving her~

No. 808399

File: 1558188195268.jpg (31.35 KB, 353x431, Capture.JPG)

If she looked like THIS perhaps they could've turned Becky into a Rachael Farrokh for the UK, but otherwise not a chance of help. Besides, you gotta help yourself first and that means hospital, work hard and stop arseing around.

Everyone with mental illness is sick to death of it. Going up to tv presenters and crying won't get you anywhere. That's like going to see a band and expecting to end the night fucking your favourite band member.

No. 808407

Going by this mornings website, they seem to be a pair called "The Speakmans", this mornings television behavioural experts/psychotherapists.

No. 808413

File: 1558189938737.jpg (22.75 KB, 295x364, Capture.JPG)

I googled and saw their site. They're plugging a book, "Conquering Anxiety", so the event thing was probably promo for them. The woman's as scary as Ash but in a different way ofc.

No. 808414

File: 1558189986488.jpg (24.23 KB, 373x341, 0.JPG)

My god.

No. 808416

File: 1558190351212.png (464.4 KB, 803x504, 0.png)

Free cruise/Pip Schofield stalking?

No. 808429

File: 1558192249827.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 3981F6D5-1EC4-48F8-9067-197EA5…)

Fuck spaceship for real

No. 808431

File: 1558192642816.jpg (73.35 KB, 852x480, 1ypv6e.jpg)

Wow. Just…wow.

No. 808442

File: 1558194258641.png (1.95 MB, 1077x1411, IMG_20190518_164407.png)

This fucks with my eyes so much…

No. 808444

File: 1558194471651.jpeg (769.29 KB, 750x1145, CBE63746-564D-45B4-A2C2-F36E58…)

i laughed so hard she looks like a spider

No. 808445

File: 1558194512829.jpeg (278.57 KB, 639x922, DCC1588C-B919-4FDD-8BE2-E05712…)

is it bad that I laughed out loud when I saw this? How is she so fucking delusional that she thinks we could possibly believe her anatomy is this fucked up

No. 808450

Whoops apparently I was the third to post this ahah, our reactions are golden

No. 808452

I’m samefagging but omg the first thing I thought of when I saw it was a spider too kek

No. 808459

GOD i just saw this too and it looks like her legs are like four feet long christ. All the carpet blurring is absolutely hilarious. You'd think she would at least know about the clone stamp lmao

No. 808465

She’s already deleted it, I wonder if someone called her out

No. 808467

she’s deleted it already

No. 808468

She’s already deleted it, I wonder if someone called her out

No. 808471

TOP KEK she looks like a coat hanger

No. 808527

File: 1558203530986.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 385B96F6-7D44-43D9-B1D5-7DFB81…)

dying to be healthy’s story
is she being for real

she’s deleted it already

No. 808536

Sack the A Levels and get a fucking job instead then? Kids are so damn materialistic and ~sensitive~ these days. People should really stop breeding.

No. 808573

Come on, thats clearly a joke …it may be closer to reality then they want to accept, but still a joke.

No. 808587

wow the entitlement is real with this one. apparently Eva used to have an ED herself so she prob thought she was onto something there… newsflash Booboo, it doesn’t work like that

No. 808655

Kelsey just keeps getting more and more ridiculous and as funny as it is it's kind of sad that she thinks she has to do this to get validation

No. 808678

File: 1558219155275.jpeg (215.94 KB, 640x622, E05C8A6C-42D2-490F-B681-5E0FE0…)

Elzani back at it, telling everyone how to recover, orgasming over food. Watched the first 30 seconds in which she dances around in comically oversized jeans singing “I’m going to gain weight today! Ready to gain some weight! Yay!”

No. 808713

fastest way to get secondhand embarrassment is to jump to any point in this video and just wait a few seconds
girl needs to stop filming and get some self awareness stat

No. 808722

I really really hope she’s not getting any add revenue for this shit!

No. 808742

File: 1558227812301.jpg (714.7 KB, 1080x1569, 20190519_110303.jpg)

Yeah maybe it was the two pizzas that did it

No. 808752

Just look at her hands. Those are not the hands of someone who struggles with restricting. I just don’t understand who she thinks she’s fooling.

No. 808758

Maybe restriction urges are crazy because your body is crying out for help? Look at how puffy and swollen her knuckles are, honestly surprised she doesnt have joint pain

No. 808815

And how long did she spend talking about biscoff?!…. I gave up watching at that point it was too cringeworthy . Surely her family must realise what a fool she is being with her real recovery and how embarrassing her videos are.

No. 808828

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this absolutely made my night, what the fuck. Can’t make this shit up, folks

No. 808831

Hasn’t it been like two weeks? Also note the name change, “g_vents_food.” Makes me wonder if people she knows follows her? I find it extremely strange when people like her don’t have two separate accounts.

No. 808833

Does Georgia have any friends who actually have anorexia? Like I noticed someone sends her flowers or teddy bears when she is inpatient but they're a private account. Wouldn't surprise me is Georgia uses these people she befriends as thinspo

No. 808857

shes annoying as shit but not really milky. but fucking annoying. everyone suspected she was an anachan for a while and it seemed pretty irresponsible to continue flaunting her body to her young fans with no explanation

No. 808882

Restriction = eating the ice cream without syrup and sprinkles.

No. 808936

So I've been following @dietingtoskinny on ig for a while
>17 years old
>Everything undiagnosed (apparently). But claims to have BED yet being 130 lbs.
>Started as a AnOrExIa ReCoVeRy AcC
>As a semi abusive boyfriend
>Now it's VEGAN!!!!!!11!11

No. 808938

Also she post in a shitty theme

No. 808944

Lazy fricken farmers up in here lately. You realize this is an IMAGE board, yeah?

No. 808945

File: 1558270962115.jpeg (103.92 KB, 750x530, EC3F830D-21AB-4A49-82ED-A782E0…)

Just when I thought her videos couldn’t get worse….

No. 808948

Sounds dull tbh

No. 808949

Ugh I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than watch this shit

No. 808951

File: 1558273034388.jpg (441.04 KB, 732x720, PhotoEditor_20190519_143312749…)

Philip Scofield made Becky's mum cry. What a cunt. Becky's DYING. SOON. She needs cash for lots of crystal light healing. This story tugged my heart. I'm sending her a generous donation. I hope you all do the same. Stay strong and brave. We can make her live. Fuck Philip Schofield.

No. 808961

File: 1558274485318.jpg (32.23 KB, 753x307, Capture.JPG)

Does this mean her channel IS montetised?

No. 808966


No name change, this is a separate account of hers.

No. 808971

How the duck does she have almost half a million views in the last month????

No. 808975

File: 1558276642487.jpg (69.12 KB, 778x672, Capture.JPG)

Idk but daily views jump around a hell of a lot.

No. 808981

File: 1558277181669.jpg (422.05 KB, 720x1121, S90519-16412017(1).jpg)

she is such an attention seeker🙄🙄

No. 808984

What's an "application post"? Does it mean she tries to prove how disordered her apple eating is?

No. 809004

Why doesn't she just grate it? Lot quicker than chopping and counting the pieces.

No. 809005

Oh lord please no!

No. 809006

I call BS. No way are there 160 pieces of apple in that bowl. She is so egregious.

No. 809022

File: 1558283311907.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, FE11A74A-7FBC-405F-9A90-343A8F…)

Smorven’s hair looks BAD

No. 809042

File: 1558285022726.jpeg (425.87 KB, 750x1334, B5F6015F-B255-42C6-AD19-7A09D7…)

This popped up on my feed today. Several people in the comments claiming she’s a really good role model. Interesting.

No. 809046

File: 1558285730224.jpeg (562.44 KB, 1240x1816, fullsizeoutput_b10.jpeg)

Does she think the bending over and contrast is subtle? I have to laugh

No. 809049

She's a great role model for how to trick people into thinking you're recovering, all for the views & attention. I guess she realized she could steal even more of her parents' attention by putting on this big recovery show than she could by just transparently restricting. This way she gets concern AND praise!

No. 809051

About as subtle as taking a picture of oneself hugging a hot water bottle.

No. 809249

File: 1558309146047.jpeg (583.46 KB, 2048x2048, 210E7FF5-A90D-4FD7-9FD5-88FB5E…)

idk if your ED is that loud it’s probably trying to tell you something helpful

No. 809251

what an unfortunate hairline. at least she's not as big as georgia, though. is she wearing a hospital bracelet?

No. 809255

think it’s a fitbit. not real useful it seems

No. 809262

File: 1558310113578.png (255.96 KB, 750x1334, 50BB8A3B-C667-4569-904C-CEA9FE…)

Ah okay thanks i see it now. Her account is private so i can't see her posts, but on the blog she links she says she has atypical anorexia. Interesting how all these fatties like using it as an excuse for being fat. They get pity points for calling themselves that. Pic attached

No. 809319

I totally believe fat people can have eating disorders / disordered eating (and not just binge eating!) that is just as emotionally debilitating as severe anorexics, but when they run around being cow'y and calling themselves anorexic they remove any chance of ever being taken seriously and they further fuck up the public perception of what eating disorders "look like". Annoying.

No. 809320

Actually based on that screenshot she does sound like she fits for atypical anorexia. Like it does exist, even if Georgia is full of shit.

No. 809336

File: 1558317876186.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, 20190520_113817.jpg)

How long till the typical "I was put onto the EDP and now I'm restricting" post?

No. 809343

She’s just going to go, not eat, get tubed, woah is me I’m so sooper sick, get discharged, binge and gain weight increasing guilt and need to be seen as a delicate AN, rinse and repeat kek. Can’t wait for that inpatient milk lol, I love how it’s voluntary but she “doesn’t really want to go to be honest” …….sure Jan

No. 809348

Voluntary aka "i havent been getting as much attention so its time to pretend im dying again"

No. 809358

Atypical anorexia = EDNOS. That’s it. Ask anyone who’s genuinely been through the diagnosing process — they outline all of the criteria for you, explain the differences, etc. and weight DOES have an effect on the label given. Anorexia has a BMI requirement whether people agree with the morality of that or not

No. 809383

File: 1558322436163.jpeg (352.17 KB, 750x1102, 5B229C3A-D495-4E4E-99CF-9F4EB2…)

She’s been stuck in the binge restrict cycle for years. (Also a purger, albeit unsuccessful) She’s constantly whining about her meal plan and thinks 8 starches is restricting. Always saying she’s triggered and sad and feels like she’s invalid and then can eat cake, doughnuts, etc. Yet she still clings to muh ~atypical anorexia~ I truly believe AAN is a real and valid diagnosis but half these porkers cry discrimination when their treatment team doesn’t pinpoint restricting as the main issue

No. 809385

File: 1558323383885.jpeg (200.6 KB, 750x493, D68F175D-0D2B-4FEA-81A9-AB601B…)

I don’t know this cow specifically enough to armchair diagnose her but no, AAN is not EDNOS. EDNOS no longer exists in the DSM V. The current diagnostic criteria for AN is less specific in weight requirement than in the past and AAN is defined within OSFED presentations.

No. 809386

File: 1558323407492.jpeg (130.49 KB, 750x322, B8FDC973-BAEB-40BC-9785-EE1C4E…)

No. 809389

She has to separate her heels to get a calf gap.

No. 809393

She's using her arm to cover up her side to make her look thinner, yikes

No. 809397

What Elzani is doing is actually pretty shitty and pretty manipulative - her/her ED means she is lying to her family and herself and all the people who naively think she really is doing ‘real recovery ‘ . Vlogs show zero weight gain so she ain’t doing very well at all . Why idolise someone as a role model who is such a fake person and still really deep in her anorexia . Lemmings following blindly only seeing what they want to see.

No. 809405

Must vary depending on the country/area then. Canadian here & as recently as March of this year, AAN isn’t even a thing from any medical perspective

No. 809416

I’m from the US and this is the norm as far as I’m concerned? When I was in treatment they really frowned on the AAN diagnosis, it would just fall under EDNOS/OSFED

No. 809428

File: 1558334641206.jpg (940.11 KB, 1080x1920, 20190520_164357.jpg)

No. 809458

She looks so old here… she is seriously ballooning between all of these hospital trips. I just dont understand what makes her family think she needs treatment

No. 809461

I Don't think her family have a say… It's her and her psychiatrist

No. 809468

shes lost so much weight from last i saw of her. she was double the size of that. good on her!

No. 809499

File: 1558358273455.jpeg (458.68 KB, 750x1030, E0805D45-BF63-4D1F-8FF6-BFA3C8…)

Don’t forget this gem lol, yea she’s “so cold” trying to act like she’s got super low body fat and can’t regulate her temperature, sure Jan your probably sweating like a whore in church with them thick thighs. But damn she keeps showing these body pictures and she keeps getting bigger and bigger. She and everyone around her are in complete denial about her ED. Maybe they just think she’s delusional? But then why wouldn’t she get help for that? Does anyone know what she gets emdr for?

No. 809504

File: 1558360103270.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 3BF63810-C8DC-48FF-B2BF-16E771…)

More cows interacting

No. 809510

>Ana wasn't invited
Ana made this entire 90-calorie nightmare "meal"

No. 809513

Wow that looks disgusting.

No. 809515

Idk how that is a meal?? Idk about anyone else but my brain calculator says that’s very low cal.

No. 809517

Why do you all just sit and hate on people? Bullies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 809518

Honestly not surprised she considers it a meal since every other thing she eats is covered in her zero cal syrups that she says taste so good. If she really was recovering she wouldnt be worried about whether her stuff was low cal and good, just if it was good

No. 809519


2 crumpets = 180cal
2 eggs = 130cal
3 garibaldi biscuits = 120cal
asparagus + tomatoes + mystery (brown?) sauce = <30cal

So about 450 calories give or take. Quite a normal amount of calories for a light meal.

No. 809520

Piss off if you don’t like it here

No. 809534

I wonder if Georgia keeps admitting herself to have a period of time where she maintains rather than gains? I know there’s more to it than that, but she is just so odd I can’t quite put my finger on it.

No. 809535

I think one of the issues is that this isn't a light meal, this is what she eats while she's supposed to be in recovery

No. 809543

I agree. And also that’s it’s a weird meal comprised of little bits and bobs of what she probably considers “safe foods”. And probably all carefully measured and weighed, by the looks of it.

No. 809544

Poached eggs are the safest. I'd be more impressed if they were fried or scrambled with butter. This is definitely a "keep weight in check" or diet lunch.

Makes me suspect that Elzani's fans are anas who think this is acceptable in recovery.

No. 809545

File: 1558367890512.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1241, IMG_20190520_165801.png)

No. 809548

Lol, those knees. She even fucks up when she shoops on a plain background.

No. 809550

The logistics of that sweater seem implausible

No. 809552

Yeah, it looks like originally it was tucked into her skirt but photoshop went wrong.

No. 809556

So like, her leggings are either super low cut or she has no vajayjay, either way idk why the hell she even bothers….

No. 809557

Her left wrist oh my goddd. Is her hand just hanging off of her arm?

No. 809558

Her hand is giving me major scary movie vibes….

No. 809559

File: 1558370014821.jpg (138.27 KB, 600x414, scary-movie-2-2001-chris-ellio…)

No. 809560

File: 1558370042792.jpg (11.31 KB, 192x99, Capture.JPG)

She contoured her pretend cheekbones wrong as well, unless they stick out at her lips.

No. 809561

File: 1558370079684.jpeg (245.13 KB, 640x507, 779F89A3-E56B-4304-BCB4-957760…)

Someone is posting up a storm lately. Make that money!

No. 809565

Damn she has to be purging, those cheeks

No. 809566

She thinks we're stupid, she's barely eating anything

No. 809567

Is the word EAT in every video? Is she doing some mind control on people?

No. 809577

Why do anachans think eating a couple of eggs is some massive achievement, they're kidding themselves.

No. 809578


No. 809579

File: 1558373494427.jpg (545.37 KB, 652x776, mar-10-Fried-Eggs-with-Asparag…)

Boiled eggs were food I was given when I was sick as a child because they're so light. Everyone knows they're low calorie, right? As I said, fry those fuckers or I aint impressed.

Img: Serving suggestion. Note oil dressing.

No. 809585

78 for an average egg, 17 if you take the yolk out
*goes back to my anachan hole

No. 809597

File: 1558378667333.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 60B59851-547F-4BBD-8AB0-3918AC…)

Now that I'm looking more closely at her pictures, the carbs of her meals seem to make barely 1/4 of the whole meal. Those meatballs are only 130 cal and all of that sauce is only 60. She likes making it seem like these meals are all high cal but everything she makes and posts are low cal alternatives

No. 809606

She's good at making a little a lot. That tomato sauce is going to be low calorie, 3 cherry tomatoes and what looks like half of a small boiled potato cut up. Oh and a teeny drizzle of cheese, then a massive bunch of green beans. Diet food/portion.

No. 809607

soz - good at making a little LOOK a lot*

No. 809624

File: 1558381132894.jpeg (230.73 KB, 750x1183, 16F285BB-BA41-497D-97CD-FF4D1D…)

Crotch be lookin like a plateau

No. 809625

She's like something off a creepy pasta, bizarre.

No. 809688

File: 1558392292717.jpg (595.57 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_05-20-11.41.57_mr15583…)

Tried to normalise her, could not fix that crab claw at all though

No. 809692

I love the one tiny hand and the super wide completely flat crotch like a pickup bed

No. 809694

That's a more believable crotch anyway.

No. 809695

Wait what are those 2 blue flaps behind her head?!?

No. 809697

I would seriously donate to a gofundme campaign for her to post a real, unedited picture of herself. I am so curious what she looks like IRL

No. 809698

I wish I had the sleuthing skills to find out her irl name and all

No. 809705

They look like theyre parts of the lockers.

Besides the crab claw and giant thigh gap, she actually looks relatively normal here. Looks kind of pretty too tbh

No. 809708

All I have to go on is she lives where it snows in the us but also within driving distance to the beach

No. 809709

… so basically east coast.

No. 809712

I don't think she exists. I think she's been created by someone learning CGI.

No. 809721

So I take it no one has any pictures of what she really looks like?

No. 809735

I mean, we have some screw ups where she didn't photoshop her shadow so you could kind of see how big her legs were but since she deleted her old profile, it might take a while to find in the threads

No. 809736

Now that she’s inpatient I can’t wait to compare what she eats now to these >>805549
Does anyone have insight into her places protocol what is it skip two meals get tubed? How can someone like her end up convincing them she can’t eat for more than two meals….

No. 809743

On her most recent post she mentioned in the comments that her last day of school is june 12. I looked up school districts that get out june 12 this year and ive narrowed it down to districts around Philadelphia and Connecticut, so definitely upper east coast.

No. 809759

File: 1558401978771.jpg (771.19 KB, 1080x1728, 20190521_112613.jpg)

No. 809767

take a story for every meal? it'd end up like tiny little barely visible dots

No. 809769

how old is georgia?

No. 809775

she got a tattoo in 2016, professionally done. qld doesn't allow under 18 tattoos, even with parental permission. so 1998 or older

No. 809777

just lurked more, she graduated high school 2015. so probably 1998, turning 21 sometime this year

No. 809783

File: 1558402585673.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1125x1843, 41457E16-0CCA-4F23-AFEC-92872B…)

Possibly new milk, but this girl is so irritating. Pretends to be some motivational recovery warrior but constantly ends up in hospital with OTT ~ana problems~ (despite being a healthy weight?!) and posts so many toob selfies that I’m surprised she has any followers. I’ll let her feed speak for itself…

No. 809810

File: 1558403263602.jpeg (210.13 KB, 750x1113, BFCE4858-7D1B-4957-89CF-F356D3…)

Certainly has a lot of tubed selfies for an average weight female, she must be another wanorexic using it as the ana Queen badge of honor facepalm in scrolling through her account I think she has the body dysmorphia where she thinks she’s thinner than she is kek like this one, much thigh gap, sooper thin. Her body check photos are pretty funny

No. 809812

File: 1558403364798.jpg (27.07 KB, 288x288, kelsey.jpg)

not sure if image attached is her on the left, but her face looks kind of similar. found from youtube profile under the name kelsey xx

No. 809831

Early 20's

No. 809857

Unless she goes to private school. Not other contextual clues you can sleuth our?

No. 809889

other than a picture a few threads back showing her closet full of long sleeve shirts, not really. my best guess is northern east coast, more specifically connecticut based on the proximity to the beach. the town that her high school is possibly in is about a 40 minute drive from the beach

No. 809924

File: 1558408324187.jpeg (482.27 KB, 750x1023, 3117B812-50A2-44AA-8AF9-6A673C…)

Ok so she can eat multiple slices of pizza and dessert but she’s uncomfortably full after this …. so interesting how her eating changes once she’s in treatment

No. 809932

She doesn't need custard. Hopefully it was a salad sandwich

No. 809939

Stupid American fag here but do Australians say custard like brits say pudding? Or did she literally eat custard?

No. 809949

Omg I’m living for this tin foiling!! It’s so true that she seems to have zero personality and says the most generic and almost expected things for a typical teenaged Ana chan. She’s also never gone live or done any talking videos or videos at all really. Damn, can you imagine if this whole time they’ve been trolling us?

No. 809953

if she graduated in 2015 - age 18 - she'd be 22 this year (born in 1997 - I'm the same age, which makes me really wonder why she still acts like a 12 year old)

No. 809954

Literally ate custard. It's really common to have it in hospitals here.

No. 809960

I am so badly kicking myself, I had messaged her once asking where she’s from because I had thought she lived in Florida for some reason but then she went on vacation to Florida, so I asked and as actually answered in DM but I can’t remember for the life of me and obviously it was on her old account so the message doesn’t show up in my inbox anymore sadly

No. 810065

Dunno if it's helpful but that room she's in is her schools girls locker room

No. 810216

File: 1558428296560.jpg (789.44 KB, 1055x1918, 20190521_184431.jpg)

I just can't >.< kek

No. 810229

You left your icon in the bottom right corner

No. 810345

File: 1558442659560.jpg (240.04 KB, 1480x720, Screenshot_20190521-195600_You…)

Has anyone talked about alwayshungry liv? Claims to be recovered from anorexia but restricts and binges through "cheat days" im pretty sure she purges as well by the size of those glands😕 and during her cheat days she reminds me of the way i ate when i used to b/p :/

No. 810416

File: 1558447426207.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 8BF2123A-C085-4A08-BD54-9A9D9B…)

I have never seen someone “cry” so much about anything and have no tears kek, every day it’s her talking about something random someone commented on my scars, fake cries on story, my dad is in the ICU, fake cries and can’t squeeze out one tear. She’s either incapable of crying or lying for attention. Hasn’t posted much milk related to her “atypical anorexia” but her stories are full of fake crying and attention whoring kek

No. 810440

If she had been eating as per her YouTube videos over the last 6 months then she would at least have started to put on weight- she doesn't look any different.
I thought YouTube were banning/demonetising channels related to EDs or mental health?

No. 810445

She had a massive smirk on her fat face when she was talking about her dad in the ICU. She isn't even crying. It's all crocodile tears and pathetic acting at that. Not even sure why she's upset

No. 810463

>>809597 your icon is showing

No. 810466

Thanks, i realized and changed it

No. 810468

The only place clothes will ever look baggy on her

No. 810474

I'd be upset if my dad was in ICU, but I wouldn't turn the situation around on to myself. It's an excuse to talk about her eating disorder when you'd probably go ahead and restrict to cope without posting about it on Instagram. Dad's bleeding to death internally but fuck that, it's making muh ED worse. Not behaviour I can relate to and neither is sounding like crying yet no tears.

No. 810506

Kek kelsey's new account got deleted AGAIN. maybe now she will stop shooping so badly and we'll see what she really looks like

No. 810578

She might have deleted it since we were trying to figure out where shes from