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File: 1632036066118.png (251.51 KB, 462x307, simonandmartina.png)

No. 1328014

Simon and Martina are a couple who became famous with their Korean and Japanese vlogs and informational videos. Recently they moved back to Canada and are getting a divorce after 15 years of marriage. The drama is spilling into their social media, they are both engaging in petty behavior, the fans are getting involved… it's getting messy.

- Simon has become some kind of minimalist/yoga/new age guru and got himself a dog named Fudgy.
- Martina is left alone in Japan to sort out their apartment. She moved back to Canada with Meemers.
- Simon made a IG live with another woman. Speculation about the nature of their relationship and whether Simon was cheating.
- Simon went to a vacation in Hawaii during the pandemic and Martina called him out.
- Simon is shilling a website that looks like a scam.
- Simon deletes Martina's comments criticizing him and blocks fans who defend her.
- Martina has announced that she plans to move back to Japan and leave Meemers with her mom.
- Simon uploaded a video in their EYK channel to address the rumors.

Social media:



Previous thread: >>>/snow/65755
Some of the drama was also discussed in >>>/snow/1214718 and >>>/w/166355

No. 1328029

Thank you for creating the thread nonny, this drama is endlessly interesting for how much both of them are narcissistic cows. Hope she does something as equally bombastic and stupid soon

No. 1328041

Simon's video talking about the drama and criticism he has been getting

No. 1328048

i only heard of these people from their thread here but i am living for it. "white person makes blog about living in a foreign country as if their experience matters" is my most hated internet thing.

No. 1328055

File: 1632041293222.png (66.09 KB, 920x479, 1624557269280.png)

Reposting some old caps from the YT thread. This is a summary of what Simon did post-separation.

No. 1328056

File: 1632041399759.png (529.63 KB, 640x1210, 1624558579216.png)

Martina talking about Simon naming his new dog after her beloved dead dog.

No. 1328059

File: 1632041707305.png (84.95 KB, 1446x643, 1624548552846.png)

Martina leaves a comment in a video about being married to a narcissist and follows a bunch of narc abuse survivor IG accounts

No. 1328064

File: 1632041965582.png (4.92 MB, 888x3586, 1627395019620.png)

Simon's post in IG

No. 1328065

File: 1632042080560.png (6.11 MB, 894x3587, 1627395080354.png)

part 2

No. 1328066

File: 1632042177121.png (654.15 KB, 1051x1972, 1627395131580.png)

Simon "accidentally" joins Martina's discord and gets kicked out.

No. 1328068

File: 1632042245964.jpeg (412.71 KB, 1242x2437, 1631135417475.jpeg)

Martina announces that she is returning to Japan.

No. 1328071

File: 1632042427518.png (1.11 MB, 1020x2844, 1631135585105.png)

People ask if Simon is going to have custody of Meemers. Martina says no, she rather let her mom keep the cat because Simon stresses the cat too much. Simon deletes Martina's comment.

No. 1328080

My ex used to love watching EYK but Simon always gave me bad vibes, they both love the attention too much but he skeeves me out for some reason. Glad to know my radar is still working but what a horrible situation for Martina. Naming your dog after a dead dog your ex-wife had is such a cunty thing to do. From the sounds of it he shouldn't have any animals at all. I hope Martina fleeces him for a shitload of cash in the divorce.

No. 1328082

OP here. Same, I was a bit annoyed with the disorganized conversation going on in two threads at the same time. These two have a lot of resentment for each other, which means that this is going to be a milky divorce.

No. 1328099

Question, I was always under the impression Simon and Martina lived in a house together in Japan (considering the size and two stories), but it says in the "Recently" that it was an apartment. Did they temporarily move into an apartment or…?

No. 1328100

Oh, shit. Sorry, I made a mistake. I thought they lived in an apartment.

No. 1328104

File: 1632048973298.png (144.61 KB, 302x585, Capture1.png)

No. 1328106

This video is golden.

- Doesn't want anyone to be blamed, but blames Martina's niece for interacting with the cat.
- "Martina is just angry and needs time to heal". "Why didn't she heal like me?"
- Ironically looks out of it during the entire video, and based on things HE has said about edibles, that might be how he's coping with his "healing".
- Keeps telling the community to stop being mean like it'll help.

It's weird that he wants to keep Hawaii private. If he did take COVID tests three times like he claimed, then saying he went to Hawaii should be fine. It only seemed to be a thing of contention since it was used against him.

I dunno if the narcissism claims are true, but based on the old info from their assistants back at the EYK Studios (I forgot their names after so long) it wouldn't shock me. However, I wouldn't say Martina is scott-free either, I imagine both could be difficult to work with or live with under the right circumstances.

Ever since the divorce Simon has been… weird. In videos he used to display joy, but maybe it was all fake, I dunno. The way he talks to the audience in the video makes it feel like he's talking to a child, if he did this to Martina, I'd be pissy, too.

I doubt the video will remain up once Martina sees it, but she seems more vocal so maybe she'll just make her own.

No. 1328108

No biggie, but it makes Simon leaving early way shittier if Martina's ED is as bad as it seems in some videos. It's not like they didn't have any things, so trying to move them or what have you would have really sucked.

No. 1328146

>the advice that the vet has given Martina is wrong bc my google search has said something else!
>humans can't give felines covid! (shows a picture with proof that there aren't known cases of felines giving humans covid)
>having a child over once is clearly more stress on a cat than having 2 dogs around every day!
>I can only meditate on remote beaches on Hawaii even though tbr locals were begging tourists to stay tf home

This is just 20 minutes of gaslighting and narc rage over her not handing over the cat because that and channel are the only things still linking them and the only things he can control her with.

Also tinfoil but I feel like this "mmm" sound he does after every fucking sentence is to regulate his breathy zen voice and keep himself sounding affected and believable kek
It's distracting how many times he does it and he can't put that on him speaking freely either because he obviously copy pasted his script into the ccs because they partially say something completely different than he does.

No. 1328152

File: 1632055657030.png (83.97 KB, 640x258, nhccdi97gao71.png)

Martina's sister's reaction to him mentioning her daughter

No. 1328153

File: 1632055732373.png (107.21 KB, 320x568, v4gvg1tx29o71.png)

Martina rambling about how Simon is a narcissist

No. 1328155

File: 1632055776550.jpg (161.85 KB, 640x1036, lzdswvdpo8o71.jpg)

Martina saying a day ago she won't comment further and wants to have only ~good vibes~

No. 1328156

File: 1632055856020.jpg (50.15 KB, 640x642, tq6pqs90e8o71.jpg)

Martina's comment on the video

No. 1328157

File: 1632055965467.jpg (49.38 KB, 640x333, vUZILt5iRbk7gFHDW5hj_c5jobs3iM…)

Some autist on YouTube with proof that cats probably can get corona and Simon's spreading misinformation

No. 1328158

File: 1632055967324.jpg (211.18 KB, 1080x2312, j59r4yxloeo71.jpg)

Martina has deleted the link to EYK from her king.kogi profile

No. 1328161

I think it's important to note that so far the drama has stayed on Instagram and reddit which have much smaller audience than their channel.
Martina has been only uploading upbeat videos unrelated to the breakup, very similar to their past content but Simon's videos are usually related to the breakup. He's now escalating the situation by releasing this to much broader audience. He might be milking this because his drama videos get more views and interaction.

No. 1328163

Jumping on this to also note that the video is monetized.
It's fairly obvious that the old audience isn't interested in his enlightened podcast and he's probably hurting for money

No. 1328165

File: 1632057356674.png (106.45 KB, 559x601, alifewithpretentiousfriends.pn…)

That podcast is only earning 214 Canadian dollars per month lol

No. 1328170

File: 1632058349464.png (545.48 KB, 2667x2371, martina.png)

Martina's response to the video in IG

No. 1328171

I always got self-absorbed vibes from Simon but Martina was annoying as hell with her Orientalist schtick. I guess Simon got fed up with looking after his ill wife as he was nearing 40 and hitting that mid-life crisis.

No. 1328177

Nice job forgetting to block out your pfp.

No. 1328180

Being annoying is hardly a sin compared to whatever the fuck Simon's been doing.

No. 1328214

I'm surprised this milk and toast channel way past it's prime is getting so dramatic

No. 1328216

When I remember how Simon used to act back when I watched these two ages ago and now seeing this it's just wow. Of course they were putting on a facade for the viewers but this seems like such a massive 180

No. 1328218

Nice job being a retard, that screenshot is reposted from reddit.

No. 1328270

I think it’s good that Martina is distancing herself from the situation. Better to have Simon be the thing that ruined their channel and not her. I hope people learn that this is why you don’t do projects with your partner and keep it separate from the get go.

No. 1328635

A lot of Martina's comments come off as narc sperging. She absolutely hates if people are neutral towards Simon and she's trying to make him a monster. Which doesn't help since Simon is trying to manipulate everyone by being passive so when it all blows up he can just show her to be an aggressor.

This is so fucking milky since they feed into each other's narcissism. It's amazing that they even managed to stay married this long

No. 1328687

Content aside and maybe it's a narc play but boy does he look like crap

No. 1328778

The comments on Simon's shitty video are interesting, I advise people scroll and read some. Variants of:
>Retire this channel, leave as an archive
>I've been watching for ten years but am now unsubbing
>Get your own channel, Simon
>This was extremely difficult to watch
>You remind me of my narcissist mother
>You are manipulative
>Martina's content is similar to the old content so I will sub her, not interested in Simon
>This is jarring to see someone so different from the man we watched for a decade

I don't think this video is going well for him. His lengthy video description seems like a teenager's blogpost, wildly unprofessional. He should let go of the account since he clearly does not know how to make engaging content on his own, whereas Martina's solo videos have high approval in the comments. Even the "drama" angle is not working for him since nobody wants to see a half-dead looking scrote like him deliver the tea, drama channels are usually hosted by attractive, appealing people who you might actually want to talk to irl.

Gonna unsage since the first few pages of snow are filled with necro threadbumps and I don't think people know about this new thread (I only saw it in the catalog looking for another thread)
Thank you OP for making it!

No. 1328791

I always thought the marriage was strange when they mentioned that they never argued about anything. A relationship where the two people argue all the time is unhealthy, but one where they never argue at all? That's just really weird.

No. 1328799

File: 1632111150785.png (768.73 KB, 3090x7992, timeline.png)

I found a good summary of what has happened so far since last year up to a few months ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/simonmartina/comments/o8qdt7/the_timeline/

No. 1328883

File: 1632122417046.jpeg (265.74 KB, 828x1792, p41l03u8glo71.jpeg)

Martina has posted her official final post in their EYK Instagram account.

I have seen some theories that Simon's video was a way to force Martina out of their shared accounts or to sabotage her efforts to get sponsorships in order to return to Japan. I don't know if he as Machiavellian as they are painting him to be but there is definitely something off about him. I don't buy his carefree/mindfulness persona at all. The Tesla, purebred dog, Hawaii trip and total disregard for Meemer's health are huge contradictions for what he is preaching nowadays.

No. 1328907


Simon is insane, but jesus christ Martina is a salty bitch. She keeps saying she doesn't want to stir the drama but she also keeps hinting that she is a victim and that Simon is a mean narcisist.

No. 1328911

I also remember some video where Martina had to travel to Canada while Simon did Music Mondays alone and he was like "oh I miss Martina so much" and it was like a week the most that she was away. From that time I thought there was something weird going on plus him saying Martina was his only friend or something

No. 1328927

Apparently the captions of this video >>1328041 don't match with what Simon is saying, so redditors (https://www.reddit.com/r/simonmartina/comments/pqsf24/some_of_these_captions_flashed_by_so_fast_i_had/) are speculating that he was relying on a script and then used it for the subtitles. Later when he was editing the video, he forgot to update the subtitles. What he cut out:

>Martina has no right to keep it online. What if posted something private about her life and how she relates to the world?

This one sounds like a threat to me.

>I have seen some people fishing for evidence of my being evil through old videos. "Remember when he brought Martina coffee and it got cold? Proof that he was shitty all along! Remember that time he stole food on camera? This is how Simon must have been off camera too!" Movies do a good job of fostering this kind of smoking gun mentality: when bad guy is revealed, and it's a surprise, then the movie gives you a flashback that shows you the signs that you missed early on in the movie. "See! The evidence is all there, in the background!" People aren’t that simple, though. Movies are unrealistic depictions of human interaction, and some people use these depictions as frameworks for their own relationships. Yes, I have caused harm on my life, so has Martina, so have you.

No. 1328928

If a scrote did the same to you, you too would be salty

No. 1328929

i mean…. he has a point though? dont get me wrong he's a massive cunt, but I don't think in a moustache twirling, evil way, just a regular boring dickhead. The way people are fishing for the most inane reasons to call him an abuser, from the way he names his pets (Fudgy, but also Petra is called like that because she used to be "petrified" for being too scared) to how he acted in obviously fake skits (lmao i remember one where they tried a lie detector that shocks you when you tell a lie, and they proudly proclaimed they never smoked a joint in their life… and now they're both giant potheads. I'm surely that had nothing to do with the fact that Korea is VIOLENTLY anti drug).
I'm sure he's shitty, she's being shitty too, divorce does that to people

No. 1328953

meh, shitty argument nonny.

I always found it interesting that Simon was willing to follow Martina blindly through everything. Their channel was mainly build up around Martina's interests, kpop and weeb shit, they moved to Japan because Martina wanted to and when her health went downwards all their content was about Martina's struggles and her #buildaladder self-help bs, and Simon was just supposed to be there as her helper.

My tinfoil is that Simon wanted the divorce because he probably hated that their lives revolved around Martina's health, which in turn made her angry and now she believes he's a narcissist because from the outside, leaving your sick spouse for your own sake is a shitty (but common) thing to do.

She keeps sneakily leaving breadcrumbs about how abuse Simon was to her through all of the relationships while preaching that she doesn't want drama. It's been like two months since she declared that she would be leaving the EYK account because it was unsafe for her, yet she didn't leave until today (and we don't even know if she's going to be able to stay out of the EYK ig yet).

This isn't really about taking sides from my perspectives, they're both cows going through a very messy, public divorce both fighting to be the bigger victim.

No. 1328958

Since this is mentioning the tattoo video, here it is.
It's been at the back of my mind now and then because I always found it kind of creepy

No. 1328959

The name of the dog might be a silly criticism but there is also his odd comment about finally having a healthy dog, which feels like a jab at Spudgy. Then Simon tried to infiltrate Martina's discord (I don't believe for a second that it was an accident), mass deleted comments supporting Martina and announced a new project with his suspected girlfriend on his wedding anniversary. Like you, I am not sure if he is a evil abuser, but at the very least he is a petty asshole. It's hilarious that he is claiming to be healed and into mindfulness.

No. 1328986

……did you mean milquetoast nonny

No. 1328999

thank you for bringing up how odd you think mentioning his dog health is because, i assure you, when you care about an animal you become obsessed with their health, you need to be a mental gymnast of simone bailes level to think it's a jab at their old dog

No. 1329000

Isn't that what Simon is doing to Aliana too? I have the feeling that he doesn't have an identity of his own and just absorbs the personality of the people around him. The peaceful hippie shit is more Aliana's thing.

My tinfoil is that Simon was having a long distance relationship on Martina with Aliana when he was in Japan. Martina found out and kicked him out. Simon came back to Canada to be closer to Aliana and Martina was left alone to take care of the house and Meemers.

No. 1329003

i dunno, that's just speculation. He repeatedly said that they're not dating. Now, this wouldnt be the first time a man has ever lied, but considering how woman-scorned martina has acted these past few months, i can't believe she wouldn't let slip a very juicy "girlfriend" comment towards Aliana.

I think the reality is way more boring: when they were young and full of energy, they could cope with Martina limited mobility, now that they're older and her illness makes her (self-admittedly) more and more of an asshole on her bad days, he decided to peace out. I mean, if i were her i would started resenting the FUCK out of him, what were all those declarations of eternal love even for then?

No. 1329044

Is that really a good idea with her health getting worse. Like live the weeb dream and all but dont live some place where they dont take the health issues you have seriously.

No. 1329056

She is probably going back to earn money.

I bet she thinks it's better to be miserable and alone in Japan while making bank on weeb content than being miserable and alone in Canada making no money.

No. 1329067

Spudgy, Fudgy, and Meemers are the 3 most retarded pet names of all time

No. 1329084

that's the real animal abuse kek

also kinda side-eyeing how they used to dye their pet's fur blue, but i have never done any research into it so maybe that was safe and not a huge useless stress

No. 1329088

yeah, it sounds like a terrible plan. Also, Japan has severly underestimated Covid (both because of right-wing incompetence and needing to downplay it for the Olympics) and the general public is not super stoked about having tourists back in. But i guess she's not being selfish for wanting to go back when the government is refusing entrance to basically anyone, not like big bad simon wanting to go on a vacation permitted by the hawaiian government

No. 1329092

i am really curious about how she has money to go back and live in japan in the first place. like where is this money coming from?? is it the donations fans gave in the past? like i just dont get how she can afford that and i wonder if its good for her to be on her own with her condition worsening (afaik)

No. 1329108

I still wonder about the 100k they crowdfunded to get the studio in Korea. They only had the studio for a year or so, and you can still see on the indigogo they made that 40k was supposed to go towards a deposit for a studio, meaning that's money they most likely got back when they left for Japan.

No. 1329124

I was wondering the same about Simon though. Goiung on a vacation to Hawaii, buying a Tesla…did they make that much money from their channel and sponsorships?

No. 1329168

iirc they made a video where they showed how they took him to an dog groomer to get spudgy's fur done which included both cutting and dying so it wasn't anything they did themselves. Might remember wrong though since it's been almost 10 years since I used to watch their content

No. 1329225

No. 1329293

What makes you think it was all Martina's idea and he just tagged along? He has a mind and mouth of his own, I find it more plausible he just shared her interests as you often start liking what your partner does when they are passionate about it and he probably wanted to move too. I mean even if you're not a weeb, living in Japan and Korea sounds exciting for most people. You're making him out to be a total poor victim like she was holding a gun to his head kek

No. 1329306

She’s probably made quite a bit of money off of all her King Kogi merch. Her videos in Canada all had quite high views and seemed well received, and she has a ton of fans still so she is still making bank even without living in weebland.

I’m curious to know how she’s going to make this move to japan though - seems hasty to make that announcement when the country is still closed to tourists, and also, she might become physically disabled in the future. She also probably doesn’t speak much Japanese.

No. 1329317

I’m honestly surprised anons are defending poor baby Simon as if he didn’t have a say in anything they did. It’s hard to tell exactly what happened with their relationship.

No. 1329321

lmao, no he is definitely not a victim in this and that wasn't my point. I'm sure she wasn't forcing him to do anything. I'm just tinfoiling that Martina might be angry he left her because he didn't want to do the things they had in common anymore and it's very clear that Martina still wants to do them.

My point was more geared towards how everyone is eating up Martina's victim schtick and how she doesn't want to create drama even though she has no problem flinging implicating terms at Simon such as claiming that he is "grooming" the audience (>>1238153). I also think she probably knew that fans would quickly find out that she is following narc-victim IGs and her comments on youtube videos. I think she is vindictive and feels fine about their entire fanbase playing armchair-psychologists who just KNOWS Simon is an abuser because their mom was mean to them 10 years ago.

He's shitty for monetizing their problems on YT but she's just as shitty for baiting fans while claiming to stay drama-free.

No. 1329342

File: 1632169359316.jpg (91.15 KB, 640x640, Simon.jpg)

I don't think their crimes are equal, Martina is still making content people want to see where Simon is being a self indulgent idiot blogging his feelings in Youtube videos. All Martina has posted were pointed comments mostly about pet health.

Simon knows people don't want to watch him and instead posts pictures of pets both on Instagram, in video thumbnails to try and soften the blow.
It's very clear 100% of the content people enjoyed came from Martina, and Simon was tagging along, obviously not forced by the chronically ill woman, but it makes it more stark to see when they consciously uncouple and Martina stays the same where he's a bitter husk.

It makes it very clear how much of what people enjoyed came from Simon, which is approximately 0.
I actually think Martina split with him rather than the other way around, he probably became too controlling or demanding based on his current crazy behavior and she cut him off.

picrel an old pic from a fan account of what Simon used to be like.

No. 1329348

File: 1632169789258.png (868.71 KB, 1440x2161, deranged1.png)

Samefag, I went on a tangent there, but the point I was trying to make was that Simon is not doing anything for the community he's built, just being a self indulgent twat, whereas Martina is continuing to make content people enjoy seeing, so purely from a viewer perspective Martina is the better person for being considerate of her viewers, unlike whatever the fuck picrel is.

No. 1329349

File: 1632169830651.png (838.59 KB, 1440x2129, deranged2.png)

No. 1329353

File: 1632170020060.jpg (32.78 KB, 480x274, 1409462.jpg)

That's a fair point nonnie, in the end, I'm just enjoying them throwing poop at each other.

No. 1329366

I wouldn’t be surprised that Martina cut him off and now he’s taking his anger out by throwing poop at her. Reminds me of a situation where a guy I know has been tormenting his family for years because his ex wife saw he was trying to clean house and divorced him before he left her and the kids with nothing.

No. 1329395

>the sooner we can get back to more playful, lighthearted videos
I'm really curious about what kind of content Simon plans to make, if any. Worst comes to worst I guess he can just monetize his pets because it's the only appealing thing he's got right now, but I think even fans are sick of the pet photos from him on the EYK ig kek

No. 1329399

Wasn't he just piggybacking off her success? As we saw recently Martina's been the one who's always done the "boring basic" work of interacting with fans, posting updates, coming up with ideas for videos. He's mostly been a warm smiling body that took care of her, that probably rubbed his ego the wrong way.

No. 1329404

I'm wondering how she'll be able to function in Japan though? She needs help in her daily life with her condition after all.

No. 1329415

Honestly don't understand Martina's new channel, what's with the sudden music focus? Her videos on food and Japanese culture get the most views.

No. 1329419

She's always made the music for EYK videos. It's just something she enjoys and can do from the comfort of her home, I suppose

No. 1329420

I get she doesn't have much time/energy rn for complicated vids but I feel like she's losing a big chunk of her fans by posting music stuff.

No. 1329823

Does anyone know how severe her EDS actually is, how quickly it’s progressing? I feel like she doesn’t really say much about it. Could be that she has another decade or more of unassisted mobility, and so there’s plenty of time still to live abroad, but I don’t really know how it works.

No. 1329826

File: 1632202676462.png (200.2 KB, 860x535, A4413FBF-015E-4180-9EFE-F6773D…)

How true is this? I didn't follow them that closely and I was unaware of these things.
>Martina was the one who did the majority of the work for the brand. She wrote the songs, she often research the places that they travel to and knew all the information while Simon often stood around smiling.
>Simon used Martina’s illness to make himself look like the perfect partner. He even made a video about EDS without her.
>When Martina went to Canada to visit her family because her dad was sick and dying, Simon made a whole video about how he couldn’t function without her, when he picked her up at the airport the focus of his video was on how he was so lost without her and how he had missed her so much never mind to the fact that Martina was going through something much much bigger, he stole the show and you can see from her face in that video that she’s tired of it.

No. 1329952

It always seemed like Martina did most of the work. I had assumed that Simon worked on filming, but she made music, graphics, and did editing.

I'm unaware who did website maintenance and other stuff, but I've always got the vibe that Simon was her assistant.

No. 1329969

I remember back in the day people would always say they got bad vibes from Simon and said he probably got off on being Martina's "caretaker" and feeling like a saviour, I always dismissed it as a very casual fan but now I think they were right

No. 1330014

Simon needed to help her up the stairs a few years ago, some days she can't get out of bed. She needs to wear special gear sometimes. It's pretty far, if she lived by herself she'd be risking it.

No. 1330018

There was always a weird fake happiness to him but I thought I was just being autistic.

No. 1330021

I 100% believe this, it's especially obvious since they split and Martinas videos continue to have everything the same and Simon hasn't made anything except low effort drama vids.

No. 1330023

Honestly if she goes back to Japan she needs to get an apartment, not a home with stairs. That was the stupidest thing to me. Yes they probably wanted privacy after living in an apartment for so long, but it seemed like a stupid as fuck choice considering Martina's disability.

No. 1330045

I always got the impression that they were both overstating the extent of Martina's disability. Nothing brings in the sympathybux like pity.

No. 1330049

Real talk, but maybe she has a support system there now? She sounded close with her neighbors and potentially met other people in the area. I do remember them hosting a YouTuber party that some other Japan vloggers filmed at.

No. 1330166

I guess, but being friendly with your neighbours isn’t really on the same level as having someone there to help you do basic everyday things like get yourself out of bed. Those are things that your partner or paid carer would do, not your neighbours or random youtuber friends.

No. 1330186

This is the video of their reunion in the airport (2:18) referenced >>1329826. Martina even says
>He's having a really hard time. I'm the one who suffered in Canada and he's having a snotty…

Apparently Simon also had a Twitter breakdown and sent her text messages about feeling lonely during Martina's trip. Imagine trying to come to terms with your sick parent dying while your husband is complaining about mundane stuff and making it all about himself.

No. 1330661

> weird fake happiness to him
tbh i thought it was because he used to be mormon or smth

No. 1330720

Hmm anyone who's been following Martina's social media accounts for a while, has she posted anything about her disability being worse?

No. 1330855

Martina formally announces King Kogi on the official EYK youtube. Makes no mention of Simon’s Meemers video but does throw in a mention of her and Simon going through difficult times. She also announces she will be going back to Japan and ends the video with her on the airplane going to Japan and the last soundbite is of a train announcement and text that says “new adventures begin” and “I’m back in Japan!” She says she will continue posting to the EYK channel but most efforts will be put towards the King Kogi channel.

No. 1330863

Comparing the reactions from Simon’s recent video to this one Martina just posted it’s a full 180. Simon received nothing but “please shut the channel down” while Martina is mainly getting love and praise from their audience.

No. 1330880

Wait so she's already in Japan? There's no way in hell Simon's weird cult will be able to compete with Martina's content now

No. 1330889

It's a bit hypocritical for her to complain about Simon going to Hawaii when Japan is dealing with post Olympics covid spike. Hopefully she's just reusing old B-roll and isn't in Japan with seemingly no backup plan if her illness flares up to the point of being completely immobile.

No. 1330909

Wait, how did she manage to go to Japan now? I thought everything was closed to non-residents?

No. 1330910

Would love to know how she's managed to enter Japan given the current border restrictions, maybe her old visa hadn't expired?

Imagine closing the borders to international students but letting crusty influencers in.

No. 1330949

I'd say her case is a bit different since she plans on staying there rather it be a vacation. If you follow the protocols implemented she should be fine.

No. 1330967

She might have a business related visa. Plenty of non Japanese business people have been allowed to come.

No. 1330983

sorry but martina’s king kogi art is super tacky and mediocre. i can’t believe she’s selling such ugly designs and people are actually buying.

No. 1331015

I’m also not a fan of her aesthetic in general - reminds me of late 90s/early 00s imitation kawaii, or knockoff Chinese anime merch. She has a section on her king kogi website about her illustration “process”, and she talks about using 30+ layers to make her album covers and stuff. I can see how it appeals to her fans, but…it all looks like it was made in Paint, and not in a good way.

No. 1331037

i'm not a fan either but i think i could see those designs in like the tshirt section in an h&m, those type of fast fashion designs that are just meant to be eye catching but not a whole brand. Regardless i do wish her the best, even though i can't imagine her shtick being that lucrative, i guess we'll see.

No. 1331125

I don't mind her aesthetics precisely because it's kind of dated and weeb-ish. Reminds me of simpler times. I wouldn't wear it though.

No. 1331133


It reminds me of early 00s flash animations, so I think it's quite nostalgic depending what age you are.
I can see why some people might think they're shitty, but they're kinda charmingly/intentionally so.

No. 1331173

Might have meant that she returned home cause of COVID, her parents, and the divorce and was always planning to go back. So she kept up with visa paperwork and the like, unsure.

Though it'd been said their house has been sold, is that confirmed?

No. 1331200

Her aesthetic hasn't really changed at all and its going to prevent her from getting fresh followers. For ppl who watched eyk for a long time it's nostalgic, but new viewers are just going to see an older lady trying her hand at kawaii and failing.

No. 1331230


Do do you mean the house they lived in in Kichijoji? Pretty sure they only rented that space. They talk about renting a home in this vid. Unless you mean in CA then I'll kindly shut up. I don't know much of their life from Canada.

No. 1331232

Meh i feel like if martina goes back the restaurants/food stuff videos again she'll do alright. Their restaurants videos (like the boujee japanese restaurants) were doing pretty well, like 500k each. Since it's now known that Martina did all the editing and video work, essentially she knows what to do - I think she'll bounce back fine. I wouldn't be surprised if she popped on Trash Taste sometime as well

No. 1331243

hope so, i love to see women thrive.

I hope simon wasnt such a big part of the equation that she can't succeed on her own: i feel like a lot of the EYK appeal was precisely that they were a happy married couple living their best child-free weeby life. That's aspirational for a lot of us arrested-development neets lol

No. 1331281

File: 1632323439952.jpeg (95.15 KB, 1242x731, E4wy5es.jpeg)

This is an old comment I saw posted on their subreddit (I believe under the ig post when she first announced she was going back to Japan) and yes, it looks like she kept up with her visa paperwork and the renewal has been approved so that's how she's gotten back in.

I am curious what Simon might do in retaliation. At this point it's just fun to poke at Simon and see what "woe is me" garbage he is going to do in response to Martina. I hope she thrives so we'll see his meltdowns get worse and worse. Even if her content fails to attract new viewers, it's not like Simon is going to get any with his yoga bullshit (could barely pull from his existing audience).

No. 1331286

File: 1632324049627.png (43.75 KB, 846x240, breaker.PNG)

No. 1331288

I figure that our little potato farming community is secret/toxic enough to keep most prying eyes to post this confirmation here.

No. 1331291

thank you non, i was this close to bite the bullet and join the discord to see what was up lmao

No. 1331293

File: 1632324471711.png (38.92 KB, 869x136, kichijoji.PNG)

Gonna dump some of her posts from there, not a lot really.

No. 1331294

File: 1632324500286.png (40.6 KB, 847x177, location.PNG)

No. 1331301

File: 1632324743092.png (39.16 KB, 863x146, visa.PNG)

No. 1331303

File: 1632324810813.png (34.67 KB, 833x149, quarantine.PNG)

Last one, she just finished her quarantine.

No. 1331306

not envying her one bit, bureaucracy is bullshit everywhere but in japan, even though they're living in 3021 for some things, are still stuck in the '80s when it's about forms and stuff, like some places require fax, don't accept emails, you have to have everything filled multiple times in kanji and katakana… damn.

…..can't help to think it's a bit hypocritical to be so critical of simon for going to hawaii and then hopping to a plane to japan first chance she gets but.. can't even be mad at her, i would go too lol

No. 1331310

oh word though, now that i think about this, if she was in quarantine for the past two weeks it makes sense she was posting that much shit on her ex, she was bored out of her mind and probably ruminating in red hot rage over that hippy wannabe destroying her source of income… sorry i mean BELOVED COMMUNITY lmao

No. 1331327

Martina shouldn’t have given Simon access to the EYK account after the divorce. Yeah he was on it but she did most of the labour.

No. 1331330

They probably didn't sign a prenup so the EYK business got split 50/50. Even if she did most of the labor he can argue that he did work too that didn't end up in the video but still contributed to the business. He appears in nearly all of the videos so it'd be extremely messy if one tried to take 100% control of it.

No. 1331331

you don't know that, it's a she said - he said at this point. It wasn't her channel, it was of the both of them. Simon still did work on the channel, even if it was just being """"the talent"""

I mean at least it wasn't initially simon's channel that pivoted to couple's content, otherwise she'd be screwed for good.

No. 1331408

And men always go on about women being the gold diggers… I hope Martina can kick him off the channel once his vids stop getting views bc they're so shit.

No. 1331419

It doesn't seem like farmers are going to get the milky spectacle they were hoping for from this whole debacle. I'm also not sure what people are upset with Simon for yet. I get poking at him, but he's a man. Nobody cares what he has to say, it will always be dissected until he's the one to blame, yet he's barely snowflake worthy (since he usually stays off of sm). The desperation to make some middle-aged man a "cow" just because of a breakup is pathetic (like most man-haters).

S/n - and her fans can nitpick their old content if they want, but they had no problem with that content before. It's fine and good with these couple channels until they break up, then all of sudden people have a problem with their old videos (not to mention the couple themselves). Too late for that though because they already made that money, so this stupid saga will basically just be full of spilled "milk". O well.

No. 1331435

I think most ppl just want a shot glass of milk and to see how an old nostalgic channel crashes down. And yeah if Martina does stick to her greyrocking method then there will be no more milk once Simon stops sperging and moves into another host.

No. 1331450

Considering how much of a narc Simon is, and self admitted, I foresee him continuing to post on the EYK channel instead of making his own. Hell I think he’d post “‘meet my gf!” “Marrying the love of my life!” “Wedding 2021” kind of shit in attempt to spite his ex lol

No. 1331694


All to an audience that fucking hates him lmao i wonder if he'll forever do a dance of turning comments on and off? What he's doing makes zero sense too, I can't believe he has zero self awareness that people hate him and he's trying to market to an audience that have zero interest in his content. But he has to know, he obviously stalks the subreddit, since screenshotted reddit comments for his video, and probably here soon too. Unless the reason he won't start his own ig is because he's embarrassed that martina already got a nice head start. His situation is so bizarre and i'm starting to feel bad for him

No. 1331699

Simon is too boring for me to make fun of him. EYK were most annoying when they were together.

No. 1331733

Genuinely surprised they even got a second thread because when the first thread was made years ago, anons bitched that they weren't milky enough as if being qwrrky uwu white people who balk at people living their lives in another country wasn't fucking cringe enough.

No. 1331757

Kek, I don't understand why so many anons in this thread are defending Martina.

No. 1331882

Martina is likeable and acted like an adult about the separation.
Plus it turns out she was doing most of the work for their vids and Simon was just kinda there.(sage)

No. 1331906

Martina has always had the personality of graveyardgirl and the horseface and terrible fashion sense to match, but sure. Sage your opinion next time.

No. 1331913

Martina is in the wrong. She is the one going around bad mouthing Simon while he sits in silence until she goes too far. Even when explaining himself he still shows compassion for Martina, unlike her with her "he's a narc" baseless claims.

No. 1331923

I hate the type of woman who labels all exes as narcs or abusers after they break up. With some people you just know its going to happen.

No. 1331939


I imagine if you like EYK for what it was, you'd gravitate towards Martina who still has that essence. Whereas Simon turned in a white guru cult personality and trying to sell some white boy meditation bullshit to an audience that doesn't give a fuck. Dude just needs get off the eyk ig/youtube, start over and make his own accounts, and move on.

No. 1331963

this is it, EYK was quirky Asian shit to start with, and yoga is not quirky enough to interest their old fans. I think both of them came out of this divorce looking like shitheads, but the fanbase of weeb girls with munchie tendencies obviously feels slighted by Simon. He's an asshole but the "any behavior I don't like = covert narc" narrative is annoying too. Maybe I'm all wrong but I think it seems pretty obvious that Simon dumped her because he thought he could do better all of a sudden (that hairline screams midlife crisis) and Martina is very bitter. Her bitterness is righteous because dropping your wife of over a decade because you suddenly wanted more out of life is a shitty thing to do BUT I doubt he's abusive.

All the stuff with the cat is so pathetic too. I think Martina absolutely is using the cat as a 'weapon' against Simon. Not that it matters. this was one ugly, retarded divorce.

No. 1331965

They are both wrong. Simon made a post about mourning for the loss of Meemers as if the cat was dead, tried to get into Martina's discord to spy her, blames a girl petting the cat as the reason for Meemers' stress while he has two rambunctious dogs, mass deleted comments and blocked fans who were supporting Martina and announced his podcast with the suspected girlfriend on his wedding anniversary.

No. 1331968

She has been making it sound worse lately. Loads of closeup snotty nosed crying pictures and trips to various doctors. It gives off a real vibe, like you said, overstating. Not full faking it but if she truly couldn't get out of bed some days she's either mentally deranged to think about living in Japan again or stretching the truth.

No. 1331974

samefagging to say what are you talking about? If Simon quarantined for two weeks holed up by himself in some beach house then returned to Canada and followed protocols by quarantining at his house…how is it different than what Martina did? It is hypocritical if you assume both of them followed "the rules".

No. 1331978

Yeah, she was so torn up about the cat that she just dumped him with her mom and fucked off to the other side of the world kek.
Also i guess his crystals weren't INCREDIBLY DEADLY!!! when SHE wanted to move him from kr to jp and the from jp to can.
Like.. if the cat managed to sustain 2 international flights, im sure living with dogs he came to know and sleep with was fine.
This is 100% both of them being petty af, cmon… She believed simon would give him covid. Animals can get covid, yes, but it's so extremely rare in house pets that it was clearly just a way to hurt him.
And i don't care about Simon, he sucks, but she's for sure one crazy bitch, you can tell from the way she responded to people criticizing them even before this mess. She was super aggressive

No. 1331979

I have the same condition as Martina, I'm not sure how much worse/better than her, but I can't imagine trying to get by in a foreign country with their health system let alone how disability unfriendly Japan is.

No. 1331982

i think simon is having a midlife crisis as well lmao. If I remember right, he admitted in some video that he adopts the behavior/likes/hobbies of his partner as to his own? Like no personality of his own. People on their sub are thinking he started to have at least an emotional affair with that yoga girl during the pandemic, hence moving back to canada and instantly 'hanging out' with her. I dunno if they went to hawaii together or not. But I feel like what happened was a Martinazied Simon transform into pseudoscience Alianazied Simon lol(learn2sage)

No. 1331991

>The desperation to make some middle-aged man a "cow" just because of a breakup is pathetic (like most man-haters).

You either have a penis or you're very lost. It's not manhate, look at his pathetic videos and posts, and then read all the comments followers left, 99% of which are unenthused with him - despite being fans for years or even a decade.
Pointing out a shitty man (or woman) is shitty is not a gendered attack when they're shitty? Crawl back in your hole.

No. 1332006

I wouldn’t say either of them are milky enough for a thread, even though both of them flung shit at each other during the breakup.

Simon’s going to squat in the EYK channel posting passive aggressive videos about his new gf and yoga and crystals that nobody wants to see, and martina is back in Japan with her ugly art and all of their former contacts, and hopefully she will make a go of it, EDS or not - she’s an adult, she knows what she’s doing.

I don’t think there’s gonna be much more to see here.

No. 1332008

File: 1632376530248.jpeg (334.63 KB, 960x1472, 46F30155-B5C6-4B17-8631-C898AC…)

Actually the time Simon went was when Hawaii said Canadians don’t have to quarantine upon arrival.

Martina plans on living in Japan and it’s different in her case because she’s not returning to Canada. She most likely will follow the rules upon arrival as well. Not sure on what happens if she doesn’t maybe some japanfags can enlighten us.

No. 1332017

Hi Martina.("hi cow")

No. 1332021

>trying to sell some white boy meditation bullshit
As if Martina isn't some 'white girl in East Asia' bullshit. They're both Orientalist dumbasses.

No. 1332022

unfortunately there's enough people genuinely lapping up her kool-aid for me to believe that's not martina, but i want to add >>1331882 martina is the one saying she was the one doing most of the work and like… i dunno, that doesn't seem like the most reliable of sources lol

No. 1332025

This is what I've always said. I remember they used to get criticised a lot by Korean people and then when they moved to Japan they started getting criticism from Japanese people too, but the latter wasn't as noticeable because J-vloggers are a dime a dozen.

No. 1332026

She may have said it herself, but it was Martina’s videos that retained the EYK aesthetic and content, Martina who maintained contact/relationships with the collaborators in Japan and elsewhere, and also Martina who ultimately moved back to Japan to continue her youtuber work while Simon is busy sad posting on a dead account about jade eggs or whatever, lol.

No. 1332027

were they criticized a lot? i know k-pop stans tried to get immigration on their asses, but i assumed it was white americans pissed off that they didn't like a song or whatever, and on the japanese side i only came across an english japanese neet who's clearly autistic who did a video trashing them with very low views, Martina replied super pissed off telling basically to sit down young child (you know, Graceful Queen Martina, always knowing how to act online lololol) and he immediately backed off with his tail between his legs.

Were they criticized more? I saw on the subreddit at the start of this mess people were pissed that they weren't partecipating in the stop asian hate hashtag, she replied being "I HAVE MY OWN SHIT TO DEAL WITH!!" and then made a post about it. I would have been great to see Simon see that, cus he would have immediately crucified over it lol, like his poor co-host got crucified over doing yoga. "Cultural appropriation" is a problem only when you can use it as a bullet against someone apparently, for these types of fans

No. 1332035

Nah, Korean Americans hate them too. Not sure about native Koreans, they probably don't know and don't care.

No. 1332036

thank god these two never had kids

No. 1332048

Since he really tried fighting for custody and access visits with a fucking cat, I think we all know how it would have gone if they did have kids

No. 1332069

i sure hope a dad would fight tooth and nails for rights to see his child.. it'd be great to see martina's stans try to twist this as a way to prove it's simon's master plan to ruin martina's life and that he was a shitty parent all along because they once made a video where i dunno he jokingly won arm wrestling against the child or smth

No. 1332121

Apparently it got so bad, they got death threats sent to them and their dog at the time because they dared stated their opinion on kpop. I used to watch their kpop music Mondays and was introduced to a few groups through them but some people critiqued them for mocking their English and other nonsense.

No. 1332131

i would bet everything every single one of those troll was a white american and no full korean or japanese person ever even acknowledge them, let alone in a negative way

No. 1332149

I feel like there are threads for lesser dumb shit cows do so EYK deserves a second thread. Especially since people couldn't decide whether to keep it in the YT general, Jvlogger, or Kvlogger thread.

No. 1332248

File: 1632412755890.jpeg (280.11 KB, 1057x2048, 2cBCb1g.jpeg)

Some screenshots of Simon's responses

No. 1332251

File: 1632412884783.jpeg (282.06 KB, 1080x2059, 8PF7fpG.jpeg)

No. 1332256

File: 1632413140469.jpeg (241.18 KB, 1079x2049, KoHHNzE.jpeg)

No. 1332257

i can't honestly say he's in the wrong here, especially with the tinfoiling going on in r/simonandmartina , those people are nuts, finding hints he was aboosive all along for stating he wanted to be helpful to her because her health is deteriorating: this particular part drives me nuts cus that's what she's been saying as well! she's just being stubborn and maybe "going out on a bang" type of mentality moving back to japan on her own, but from what SHE shared he was 100% correct

No. 1332261

File: 1632413379539.jpeg (249.1 KB, 1079x2018, GJtzdUQ.jpeg)

No. 1332264

File: 1632413675527.jpeg (289.94 KB, 1079x2052, 68XvXjD.jpeg)

No. 1332267

File: 1632413788178.jpeg (268.58 KB, 1079x2029, wAdKhc7.jpeg)

No. 1332292

Thanks for posting these anon. I think Simon just needs to permanently leave the social media sphere. I don't think you can be an influencer and not have some sort of parasocial relationship form with fans, I think that's just an unfortunate part of being an influencer and any influencer who says they don't want to foster parasocial relationships (to make things more "authentic") is a filthy liar. You cannot exist as someone with a platform who engages with fans and not have this relationship form in one way or another.

As for the boundaries he's set, I think he's much better off going private. As a small public figure, being criticized on your page/on any of your spaces, is to be expected. He's not a private citizen with the right to demand/expect respect/kindness as long as he chooses to post on the EYK ig, a business ig with over 200k followers. He's not the first or last person on the internet to have shit flung at him, and should know by now the only solution would be to leave.

No. 1332391

>I don’t think there’s gonna be much more to see here.

Then you can hide the thread.

Yeah, anon, because it totally doesn't irritate east asians when random white people show up to live in their country and observe every daily interaction of their lives like a fat kid watching ants under a magnifying glass or the sped niece from finding nemo. Then, to add insult to injury, make money from doing so all while treating coffee vending machine flavors like some futurama concept.

Have you ever lived overseas? Because people do talk shit and in collectivist societies, your boorishness gets you alienated.

This. Let's be real: Some cows haven't done shit in ages beyond overly shooped selfies and self righteous posts and they still have ongoing threads that other anons fight tooth and nail to keep going. See: Moo and Lori. Even Shat's doing her groundhog day bullshit again.

Why doesn't he take some of that white boy guru shit he's been hawking and go backpacking across europe or something. Jfc this wall of text.

No. 1332439

I’m kinda glad to see the thread because I had been wondering about some of the stuff I was seeing in real time and hadn’t been here in a while.

I lost interest in them as “content creators” because Simon was weird and Martina got a bit grating - but during all this recent crap Martina isn’t super milky, just seems like normal going through it, and Simon got really creepy, like cult leader creepy and the comments he’s made are waving huge flags.
Some of the real milk is the comments on the EYK Instagram, holy shit people are nuts, I think I took screenshots but damn, it wasn’t even people being in a Simon versus Martina type of thing just cringe.

No. 1332669

File: 1632450391254.png (259.33 KB, 640x967, y91phslp71p61.png)

martina's response when asked about why they weren't posting about violence against asians

No. 1332670

File: 1632450434722.png (242.78 KB, 640x969, cfgawq5q71p61.png)

No. 1332830

I don't know how any famer can't see Martina as a cow. I know she's going through a divorce with a wannabe cult leader so she's gaining sympathy since most of us had similar experiences with messy break ups but holy shit her response is a typical cow deflective "Don't be mean to me I'm fragile" response.

No. 1332841

beats me as well, but anyone strongly defending her is clearly in parasocial hell, seriously 4 out of 5 are people going like "i don't like simon because he's like my ex, i like martina cus she's like a friend". It's impossible to make these people realize that they're BOTH strangers to them, as much as they reply very quickly in their discord. Can't wait for when Martina fucks up as well and her fans revolts kek

No. 1332889

Martina sounds cringey here but so does op of the comment. Martina could’ve lied and left it at “you dont know what I’ve done irl to support the asian community” to shut the girl up instead of going down the route she did.

No. 1332940

For sure, online activism is such low bar effort that if you don't see someone do it there's no reason to ask for it, it's clear they're worried with smth else atm, move on.

No. 1332942

As cringe as the op might be she is right…Martina has done nothing but fetishsize Asian culture to make a profit off it. Her reply does nothing but prove that. And she is trying to use covid as an excuse but it sure didn't stop such a sick person from traveling internationally multiple times.

No. 1333001

Her reply is also very much like Simon's replies here >>1332267. God they're both truly annoying.

No. 1333003

File: 1632489886989.jpeg (650.84 KB, 2048x2048, 1632415406882.jpeg)

Reposting this from the Jvloggers thread since it hasn't been posted here yet. Martina's IG stories from yesterday.

No. 1333024

yep, they're both entitled narcs

No. 1333144

is it the lighting or are her teeth really that piss yellow

No. 1333154

File: 1632499669894.png (56.6 KB, 1232x394, yt.png)

Comment and reply on her latest King Kogi video (which is just the song she used at the end of the Japan announcement video)

No. 1333189

can you imagine if simon said to a troll "you can go die"? all of martina stans would be up in arms about how toxic and abusive he is, but this is martina so they're YASS QUEEEEEN-ing her to heaven kek

No. 1333291

That was a fairly reasonable response up until the “walk the plank” bit. She is so dumb. No idea why she felt the need to respond at all, really.

No. 1333370

this shit is why I can't side with either of them. Both are insufferable and unlikeable cunts

No. 1333547

The lighting and shitty filter she used.

No. 1333562

Martina has her fans around her little finger, one look at their subreddit would tell you all you need to know.

No. 1333570

One look at this thread would tell you all you need to know about the state of Martinafags.

No. 1333726

Is it just me or is Simon starting to look a bit like Brian Laundrie? If I was his girlfriend, and he started building a van to get deeper into his new-age bullshit, I would run to the hills.

All jokes aside, I feel like Simon is going this new-age hippy route cause he has no idea who he truly is. Typical midlife crisis coping. He might have been a bit of a Koreaboo/Weeb, who enjoyed a little anime or Kpop on the side, but I am sure Martina was the one who was truly obsessed and was the one who decided to build a career around her koreaboo/weeb obsession. That's where I believe some of the animosity from Martina comes. Simon is still using their main channel (as well) to post his own videos, which are pretty much just him vlogging and trying to explain his side of the story AKA little to no effort. There is a chance that Martina did most of the thinking behind EYK and that Simon mostly just went with the flow and reaped the benefits. One earlier comment basically mentioned how Martina built Simon up and he was lucky to be along for the ride and now I see that being a possibility. If he's truly the narc Martina says he is, then I could definitely see him leech off her. I remember a video back in the day where he went on about how he wanted to do anything to be healthy and not injure himself, otherwise, he would be a huge hassle to the people around him, which felt like a microaggression. He probably tried to appear indisposable, him pointing out that he wanted to be fitter to help her as part of that too. He probably knew his days in that relationship were numbered and actually had to make an effort, but in the end, it was all about himself, not Martina.

Coming back to Simon's identity crisis, he seems to have no idea who he truly is. I don't know if it's because he tends to leech onto people and make their personality and hobbies his (like with Martina and his new gf), him being a huge closet case(Dothraki man warrior huh huh) or just a no-use narcissist scrote, but there seems to be a certain empty-shell element to him. Almost feel sorry for him, cause he is still trying to give us the ol' innocent Simon man-child vibes, while at the same time the facade is slipping and cracks are starting to appear on the surface. I feel both Martina and Simona should have left this drama outside of the internet, cause both have been childish as hell, but since they've started it, they now have to find a way to end it in an effective manner and resume their Youtube careers. And this is where it gets interesting for me because the way both went about it shows who they truly were in their relationship as partners of a business. Especially the way Simon goes about it shows us who he truly is. It's obvious he's still trying to cling onto the wealth and fame that came with EYK, which makes sense cause it could be potentially good money. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to go about it. Martina has now shown us who he truly is, and him trying to repair the damage is showing us how miserable he is at managing his affairs. Thing is, Martina probably did all the PR and image control in the past and the dude has no idea how to go about it. He's like a lost boy who lost his mommy and is now upset that she told him to move out and stand on his own two feet, hence why he's trying to blame everything that's going on on her. She might have aired some dirty laundry, but he basically dug his own grave. At this point I don't care about Martina anymore. Simon is the one that i'd pop some popcorn for.(sage your blog)

No. 1333738

Simon has no YouTube career - everyone hates him and his videos, and EYK is looking like it was 99% martina anyway. He needs to just close the laptop and quit trying to defend himself to people who don’t wanna hear it. Agreed that he seems like a boring, empty shell of a person who just glommed onto someone with a bigger personality.

I’m undecided about martina - she’s definitely better off without him, and though I don’t care for her crappy Claire’s/H&M kids aesthetic and she was also a bitch in those YouTube/insta comments, I love that she’s getting out there and being herself and not giving a shit.

(Still wish there was more milk on her, though.)

No. 1333740


I think the walk the plank was like how Brits say "It's your funeral" when someone is going to make a bad decision (in this case supporting cult leader Simon), it was not a death threat.

No. 1333744

>Wow, I didn't realize you were such a bitch
>Shit, I'm glad he's rid of you

Say you're in Simon's DMs without saying you're in Simon's DMs

No. 1333745

It was just a way to tell her to leave.

No. 1333765

Eh. Fuck this weird forced apologist culture bullshit. I'm sure these comments are either from white people or Asian Americans who have never visited their "ancestral lands". Why should she share some half hearted soundbite that says "don't be racist to Asian people". She lived in Asia for more than a decade and experienced more "Asian culture" than the weebs trying to force her to say some stupid shit that doesn't matter. Fuck that. It doesn't need to be said. What? Is some white supremacist going to find her and think "she didn't say it's bad to be mean to asians" and start beating Asians? Fuck off.

No. 1333766

Samefag. We all have problems. Martina is allowed to deal with her personal problems without putting energy into your stupid "talk about me" campaign. Nothings even happened to you. The internet told you you're a victim and you're rolling with it. If anything, it's black people you need to be harassing and forcing to object to violence against Asians.

No. 1333781

Yeah of course it's just an expression and she didn't mean anything by it, i meant that if simon said it her stans would be up in arms about how he threatened someone's life

No. 1333784

Both real east asians and diaspora ones were victims of violence in western countries, though. I assure you being white in asia is not the same as being asian in the west.
I do agree that's it's pointless to demand a useless and low effort post from these i influencers, 1) you don't know their private life and maybe they've been donating or sm shit or 2) being that aggressive you're just making them defensive and at most squeezing a very insincere insta story who amounts to abs nothing. It's a retarted game

No. 1333791

>both real east asians and diaspora ones were victims of violence in western countries

saying "ching chong" or asking where are you from is not violence

No. 1333794

>I assure you being white in asia is not the same as being asian in the west.
Girl…you do know that not getting an apartment or not being allowed into restaurants because you are a foreigner is a thing in Asia? They're allowed to simply say that to your face. Try openly doing that in Europe or the US, you'd get sued to death.

No. 1333807

Ah, so not actual Koreans living in Korea lmfao.
>Yeah, anon, because it totally doesn't irritate east asians when random white people show up to live in their country and observe every daily interaction of their lives like a fat kid watching ants under a magnifying glass or the sped niece from finding nemo. Then, to add insult to injury, make money from doing so all while treating coffee vending machine flavors like some futurama concept.
I'm not saying Martina and Simon weren't cringe, but you yourself sound like a triggered weeb/kpop sperg getting offended on the behalf of Asians that couldn't give a fuck lmfao. Let's be honest, all the sperging how EYK were ebil orientalists harrassing the poor East Asians was a way of dunking on them - for living the life all the spergs wanted - while remaining morally superior.

No. 1333899

oh so you’ve been living under a rock

No. 1333967

Because anyone who takes umbrage with this couldn't possibly be asian and asian canadians and americans haven't the place to speak because a white person online said something isn't offensive. I really don't get how the majority of you clown twitter yet act just like the people over there with your tendency to gatekeep racial issues and deciding on behalf of us what is and isn't okay. It's not as if you get rewarded for it either, but you're so grossly adamant about it that one would think it's personal. Even when the ability to say doesn't belong to you and you're not a part of the community.

No. 1334086


Martina's entire career is a "talk about me" campaign even though nothing's even happened to her though.

No. 1334150

>asian canadians and americans

Are just Canadian and American lmfao. Try saying this shit in Japan and Korea and see how much your opinion is worth. You compensate for being a failure in your own country by trying to present yourself as some kind of relevant factor in countries you don't belong to. I am glad Americans are finally waking up to this bullshit.

No. 1334364

>ethnicities don't exist

Whatever helps you sleep at night, nonnie.

No. 1334454

go back to twitter

thank you. that whole stop asian hate campaign was mostly bs and a great opportunity for asians to complain about "racism" aka a person asking someone if they are chinese or "where are u from?" (when someone is usually tryna ask where theyre from… like where they live around, nothing deeper than that). who cares what martina or simon have to say about that situation (most of it happened in the US anyway) like now people care about their opinion on the asian community?? lmao everyone mustve been on the edge of their seat waiting

kek best comment

do we have it confirmed that aliana is dating simon btw? I recall him saying that is not the case

No. 1334500

you’re a dumbass anon but keep derailing to sperg about your annoyance at something you think is imaginary then asking to be spoonfed info about simon

No. 1334550


lol plus a huge chunk of their fanbase was Indonesians, Malaysians, and other south asians who are huge kboos too

No. 1334576

Just look at this thread

No. 1334579

The Simonfags are just as annoying. Stop defending either of them, they are both insufferable.

No. 1334655

Nta and OT but biologists all agree that race and ethnicities are social constructs. It is not a new idea either, anthropologists and sociologists have been screaming it for years and been mocked by modern eugenics fanboys. So yes, social politics are fundamentally meaningless

No. 1334663

I never defended them, retard.

No. 1334676

East Asians were being physically assaulted and harassed because people blamed China for the spread of covid-19.

No. 1334894

Yes, that was the narrative, you are correct.

No. 1334952

Some were stabbed. I live in NYC and the asian violence was at an all time here. Anyone saying bullshit like this is really sad. There were deaths against asians (mainly elderly asians) because of shitty racism and hate.(stop derailing)

No. 1334966

Can you goddamn retards get back to actually talking about Simon and Martina and not sperging about this stupid fucking shit?

No. 1334996

anon, a 4chan style board is really not the right place to argue about these topics. It's like going in the breadtube thread and trying to talk about the validity of trans identity. Know your battles

No. 1336613

I don't think announcing that you're grey rocking is a very good way to grey rock

Martina is a bit cringey, but it's obvious Simon is a creepy psycho and she's a victim. I feel terrible for her. Disabled and alone. I just want her to find happiness soon

No. 1336807

Simon is ending/hiatus his braindead monotone cult podcast because the his sidechick doesn't feel comfortable anymore because people contacted her workplace. Probably best just to end it for good, had to no content anyways. They're still accepting patreons though lmao

No. 1336846

>Martina is a bit cringey, but it's obvious Simon is a creepy psycho and she's a victim. I feel terrible for her. Disabled and alone. I just want her to find happiness soon
No one is forcing this weeb to move back to a country with no support and that will make accommodating her disability extremely hard & in some situations next to impossible. Go touch some grass and go back to reddit.

No. 1336903


People contacted the yoga lady’s workplace? Damn dude the Martina white knight retardos have nothing going on.

I don’t think she’s his side piece, not after all that shit if she had an iota of a brain cell.

No. 1336944

He'll be posting more shit flinging at martina on youtube now that he's out of a job.

No. 1336946

Learn to sage your crap!

No. 1337130


I remember reading on simonmartina subreddit that people should understand fan behaviour since "Martina and Simon were like their parents and now it's like a child witnessing their parents separating and trying to process it."
Except their fanbase age is mid 20s to mid 30s, so what the fuck are these autists on about? Did they call yoga lady's workplace to demand daddy go back to mommy?

No. 1337146

File: 1632899142323.png (142.65 KB, 720x591, endingthepodcast.png)

Simon's message

No. 1337217

Don’t like Simon or martina much, but…going after someone who’s not even involved in that mess is fucked. I hope martina’s proud of her kawaii lynch mob, because she encouraged this shit by using her social media as relationship counselling.

No. 1337235

don't worry, no one will ever ask for her to denounce this type of behaviour by her flying monkeys, everything is justified bc simon is an ABUSER (this according to her with no proof whatsoever, but that's all that's needed)

No. 1337236

that reddit is truly a parasocial cesspool

No. 1337252

They both have flying monkeys going after each other.

No. 1337367


Has Simon’s flying monkeys gone after anyone who was proxy but uninvolved with this shit show?

Genuinely curious for the milk.

No. 1337400

A message posted on her works Instagram made them delete their podcast? That backlash from that video really did a number on his few remaining brain cells.

No. 1337402

not that i know of, but then again martina hasn't associated with anyone new and is keeping to herself. People have been openly trolling her and she has been falling for that every single time (that's where the whole "simon is a narc" debacle has come from.)
I still can't believe all of this has popped off because of a cat, like "i HAD to disclose i believe my ex is a covert narcissist, people were worried about my cat!" lmao

No. 1337454


I wouldn’t be surprised if yoga lady was looking for any excuse at this point to end the podcast and get away from this parasocial hell.

Turns out Simon’s “fan base” didn’t serve to build her personal brand at all. Whoopsies

No. 1337695

File: 1632953177983.png (572.99 KB, 896x789, Screenshot_tomodachi.png)

People on simonmartina subreddit are truly mentally ill this next to a post about spending your entire weekend streaming Martina's videos

No. 1338039

i just hope that user was 12 when they made the mii, but i fully know this is a 35 year old woman who's convinced she's close friends with martina because she liked one of her comments once

No. 1338054

File: 1632996502159.webm (1.7 MB, 607x1080, c6yeolfygcn71.webm)

Someone reuploaded an old IG story of Meemers meowing repeatedly in the background and Simon telling him to shut up. Some of the comments say that Meemers is in distress. I have never owned a cat, so I have no idea if this is true or not.

No. 1338072

it does sound like a distressed meow, yes, but that can range from something serious to "my bowl is SLIGHTLY emptier than i'd like it to be, fill it IMMEDIATELY before i perish from hunger". A pained meow is usually much deeper in tone if that makes sense?
I mean without knowing the context, it could very well be that meemers was in pain from crystals, or just hungry, i don't know that cat.

Simon sounds like an asshole though and it's amazing he thought this was cute enough for content lol

No. 1338667

Holy fuck. The level of tism is sending me. Why are their fans outing themselves like this??

No. 1364331

Not much to update.

Simon is using his Patreon for his book club and Martina is making collabs with j-vloggers.

No. 1392025

Simon officially made his own separate YouTube channel. Announced it on the EYK channel and kek of course turned the likes and comments off after how well his last one was received.

No. 1392203

I skipped around because yikes this video was painful. Also all the stock footage was super awkward, it's very clear Martina did 90% of the work.

No. 1392469

File: 1639464180658.png (516.71 KB, 960x492, x4ovk46cpb581.png)

Simon is living in Portugal now

No. 1392548

File: 1639480524041.png (116.15 KB, 685x568, lisbon.png)

Apparently Simon is living in Lisbon with a woman.

No. 1392550

File: 1639480581637.png (621.62 KB, 620x620, bee.png)

No. 1393056

At least he can stop his obsession with Martina and her channel now he has a new girlfriend and a new shitty book club channel. He shoulda left comments on as many people check them first to decide whether to watch or find out what the video is about.

No. 1393089

Kek. I wonder if this is in response to Martinas move to glorious nippon.

Seems like they're both really moving on, shame because I am still waiting for the full tea from at least one of them

Meanwhile the subreeeedit is still a spergfest. I guess it's a reflection on the kind of people who were into EYK when they were relevant

No. 1393178

Lisbon is beautiful, its a shame Simon is there kek. I wonder if he bought his turtle with him too and what happened to that canadian women he was with before?

No. 1393240

Apparently Simon admitted to being a vulnerable narcissist in this video and used Jordan Peterson clips to talk about philosophy

No. 1393562

I've had cats my whole life. That's not a cat in distress.

Granted you learn what is "normal" for any given cat. One of ours would only give little peeps, so if they yelled out that'd probably be unusual.

But this whole drama?

This is what happens when 90% of your viewers are lonely women, living vicariously through Martina.

No. 1393637

I used to follow them regularly and… seriously, their audience was almost exclusively unappealing, die-alone pickmes drooling over k-pop idols.

They would just self-insert themselves into Martina's place where they had a world of adventure with a tall, funny husband and cute pets and street food and pretty boys!

And the break up… that's Simon leaving THEM… and he's the bastard.

No one ever mentions the fact that Martina having chronic pain (while not her fault) would also take a toll on Simon. Spouses of people with chronic illnesses are 6 times more likely to be depressed. These types of marriage are at a significantly higher rate of divorce.

Dude is literally like "If you hate me, use that hate to support her".

And people still go on about him being an asshole.

No. 1393693

imaging using your limited time on this earth to defend a man

No. 1393699

holy fuck go back to reddit

No. 1393703

Said cat's vet said he was stressed and becoming ill because of it, so unless you're not only a vet but also Meemers' vet then stfu, and stop licking Simon's ballsack, he's not going to fuck you

No. 1393709

Everyone make a wish! It's the loneliest little pickme.

I'm wishing for her to get laid.(learn2sage)

No. 1393800

>simon is a good boy who didntdonuthing

No. 1393977

Gonna really rock the EYK world when Martina is revealed as a spoon rattling munchie.

No. 1394057

I bet Simon is going to become a MRA

No. 1394088

simon can be a narc and martina can be a munchie at the same time. doesn't make simon any less of a bad person for dunking his pets for irl pussy

No. 1394209

>These types of marriage are at a significantly higher rate of divorce.
Only when the wife is ill. When the husband is sick, the rate of divorce is lower than average because most women have empathy and a conscience and didn't get married for permanent access to a bangmaid appliance.

No. 1394349

>imaging using your limited time on this earth to defend a man

You know he hasn't got much to offer too if all they got is tall, funny, and he appears to have lost all his humor, so now he's simply tall.

No. 1394442

Definitely, Simon is a big piece of shit. But everyone knows that, and not everyone is ready to accept the idea that maybe the woman who can just barely walk most days somehow managed to move across the world all by herself is less of an "inspiration" and more of a fabrication. Somedays she can barely get out of bed…unless there is a Sailor Moon theme cafe two prefectures over!

No. 1394467

Please let's not forget that simon was a huge piece of shit for vacationing in hawaii cus the natives were begging people not to come, and martina is a girlboss vlogger queen cus she moved back to japan!! … When the general public is begging people not to come. The double standard is delicious lol.

No. 1394570

didn't martina quarantine herself for 2 weeks and simon didn't?

No. 1394594

I think you couldn't really know for sure what either one of them did. Simon claims to have followed all protocols, as does Martina. Personally I think either one is as likely as the other to be lying, and they probably both are.

No. 1394908

Yea, like Simon is probably an asshole but it's naive to assume Martina doesn't have issues too. And they nitpick Simon and that Aliana girl over everything it's so petty. I think really they just sided with Martina because she didn't change and he changed so much. And they assumed at the beginning Simon dumped Martina because of her disability, even though now it looks like Martina dumped Simon because he's a narcissist, apparently

Kek I want to see this

No. 1395197

You gals get me.

They're both gigantic narcs, and it's maddening to see her behaving shittily just as much as him and still getting unwavering support

No. 1395199

Didn't Simon say that his therapist assured him that he is not a narc? When did this change?

No. 1395317

The latest video there's a bit where he admits that, affer reading a book on the matter, he realized he is indeed a narc -though a different kind that everyone thought, like a self deprecating kind? Honestly im too dumb to understand, i couldn't even tell if he was serious or jus trolling

No. 1395822

It wasn't his therapist who told him he is a narc? Idk diagnosing yourself as narc by reading a book is pretty specious, it's like we all do narcy things from time to time you kind of need an outsider to judge

No. 1395930

In some video long ago either he or Martina said he didn't respect women until he got with her. Idk what video it was and idk if it's even on the YouTube channel anymore. Not to mention it's obvious he's narcissistic, so yeah, MRA is easily within reach.

No. 1398270

I'm surprised he took martina's narc "accusation" or passive aggressive remarks to heart.

No. 1398372

careful, you might start seeing him as an actual human being and not a mindless abusive monster

No. 1398420

she went home.
he went on a vacation.

No. 1398457

She went home and left her old dying pet to live in a unfamiliar place? What a hero!
There is 0 reason for her to need to return to Japan at that time, other than to uphold some kind of visa status potentially.

No. 1398466

Meemers is not old, and newsflash, we're all dying lol
Japan is her home. She lived in Asia longer than in North America.

No. 1398597

ntayrt, it's just it seemed pretty weird to be so staunchily against simon claiming the cat and then just dumping him on her mom. I mean i love cats and i know he won't give a shit Martina isnt around lol, and I guess everything worked out fine since Simon moved to Lisboa and another international move would have been too much for that cat.
It just seems that instead of her really care for the animal she just wanted to be an ass against her ex, but i guess that's how divorces go. They're messy and incredibly embarassing to go through after all the declaration of eternal love you did at the start, i can't even imagine how much it must suck to do it on a public platform.

No. 1398651

>left her old dying pet to live in a unfamiliar place?
What about Martina's mom's house is unfamiliar for Meemers? She has reported that Meemer's crystals are gone, so he's stress free in a home he's adjusted to.

>other than to uphold some kind of visa status potentially

This is probably why she returned. She says here >>1331286 that she has been in contact with Breaker, the company that most likely sponsored them moving from Korea to Japan, the whole time. She most likely returned to Japan as soon as she was allowed to to keep her visa status.

NTA but yes I do think it was just a way to get back at him, but I also can't help but feel like Martina had valid reasons to keep Meemers away from Simon given the urine crystals he was getting. Martina would look significantly more like an asshole if Meemers didn't have health issues and she was just keeping him to keep him. I would like to know if Simon would've moved Meemers with him to Lisbon or ultimately given him to his parents or something if Martina let him have the cat.

No. 1399750

I'm not sure I even understand why Martina left Japan in the first place, if she was going to come back anyway. Maybe something fucky about the Canadian divorce process

No. 1401686

i'm sure it's all totally kosher but the cult leader vibes he's been giving off lately coupled with his desire to gather together his fans in one place… definitely gives me the creeps

No. 1403925

Martina its a bit weird to carry your stuffed toy around for a formal interview

No. 1410151

Kek. Every video Simon’s posting to their EYK channel has likes and comments turned off

No. 1414417

i have no idea why simon gives off culty vibes and martina apparently doesnt, considering she's the one with the bigger cult of personality and "build a ladder" mantra and was the one to rally people against simon and his friend

all hes done so far is getting very much into meditation and start a book club lol

No. 1423045

So the only way to have a voice on his book club is if you pay to join his Discord?

No. 1463146

Somehow these two both make the lamest shit on Youtube without each other, it's crazy. Martina is in Japan, I'm weeby as they come and her content is SO boring. She just cooks very basic food and toddles around in parks near her house. Like, I hope she has a nice life, she seems like a nice person but I guess without someone around to encourage her to leave the house her content just becomes bad music and boring recipes. Simon, less said the better, it's even worse. But how could they go from really slick, well produced things together to just garbage vlogs and powerpoint slides?

No. 1468531

have you seen her latest video? i swear it's japanophile in the worst way possible, like "omg you guys, japan is truly the land of the future, they have ERASABLE PENS!" meanwhile i used those exact pens in elementary school in the 90's… or maybe my own backward european country is actually from the future as well, who knows.

anyway very embarassing, i hope the old videos they made manage to keep them floating because damn, i don't see either of them surviving another year without proper content. Especially in a notoriously expensive city as tokyo

No. 1550627

Do we know who Martina's new camera person is? Off-screen cameo here: https://youtu.be/gef0uYWVmN4?t=1042

No. 1550668

I'm not trying to WK Martina but her content being more boring could be due to her physical condition being worse. It's my understanding EDS gets worse with age, and as she's on her own now she is likely taking on more physical tasks in her day to day that perhaps I have no clue how much of a "caregiver" Simon ever really was at this point tbh Simon did years ago.

No. 1550670

isn't it Dan?

No. 1575975

I have a strong feeling that it is, the videos that EYK put out when they lived in Japan together are shot pretty similarly. I think they met when working for breaker.(necro)

No. 1576288

What happened to Simon's dog, Petra?

No. 1576480

EDS tends to peak from puberty to menopause in women because hormones play a large role in joint laxity and therefore pain. It gets worse in that the wear and tear builds up, but it's not degenerative in the same way some types of MS or Parkinsons are.

No. 1608407

File: 1659743251562.png (1.66 MB, 1590x1235, new video.png)

Simon came out of hiding
only brought along Fudgy no Petra insight

No. 1608468

SF, He keeps mentioning he's alone but there's clearly someone recording him. He's so low energy in his videos now.

No. 1609716

Ok guys I have to post about many things in my case I don't think her vlogs are crap. If you don't like them maybe don't watch them. Someone doing vlogs with EDS is a lot so I apreeciate her sharing with us her journey. I did not have any idea about erasable pens because I live in Latinamerica and as usual I didn't knew about them so this comes from a place of priviledge without a doubt form you, so I'm happy she shares these stuff, mall food in Japan is different, soemtimes boring for some people but I really like to watch her videos while Im doing homework or at work because is a soothing feeling

No. 1609742

De qué hablas loca? En qué taper vivís que no hay lapiceras que se borran? jajajaja lo que tiene una que leer
And I like her content too, it's chill, I enjoy it, but don't be so weird about it, you don't even know her, get a hobby or something.

No. 1609991

Someone doing vlogs with EDS? Have you seen half the chronic illness online community? It's not a big deal.

No. 1610107

Did Simon got rid of Petra?

No. 1610195

He's a shell of who he used to be. His happiness now is so solemn sounding compared to how ecstatic he used to be. I honestly think someday he'll off himself. Just something about him now. Like hes trying to force everything despite knowing its all over. His video style kind of conveys that too. He has no idea who to market to. He isnt acting bubbly-why would he? He's lost almost his entire female fanbase (which is all he had) via ditching Martina. So hes not cute pandering to weeb girls, but he's not quite able to transition into pandering to men either. Breaking through with men is a lot harder as another guy. And I'm sorry, but no guy is gonna watch some bald mans vlog with cutesy cheery music playing as he talks about his dog and shows shots of his food like female vloggers do. He's just lost. Pathetic to see.

No. 1610605

these two really get me MOTI even if i scroll past their picture briefly. they're both so ugly, stupid, and useless. not to mention racist sorry anyone doing content solely focused on "exciting" "foreign" country they moved to is a racist. i'm chinese so we don't have these but japs and koreans should seriously deport all the fetishist burgers who live there

No. 1610607

lucky latam anon has not discovered sickstagram or munchies yet.

No. 1610735

>solely focused on "exciting" "foreign" country

Yes retard that’s how travel works

No. 1612054

File: 1660142852864.png (2.58 MB, 750x1334, BB0B9AC0-7D05-4F8E-88FF-7A3F2B…)

Martina saying on Instagram that Simon’s latest video triggered a PTSD episode for her.

No. 1612060

So your ex is triggering for you…so you go and watch his video? Grow the fuck up.

No. 1612063

Yeah as much as I hate to say it she is coming off like a histrionic munchie these days. Who knows what happened but they both look like shittier people after their marriage ended.

No. 1612076

Are they still sharing the same youtube channel?

No. 1612079

They have to because of their divorce. I don’t think she saw the video but perhaps saw it on their channel??

No. 1612085

>Simon blames his drastic weight loss on the fans negative comments
>The hostility online made him anxious and develop a complicated relationship with food
>He is nervous about being creative because he gets violent comments online
>He is working through his food issues and regaining his appetite back, which in turn has gave him his creativity back
>He has never swam with Fudgy in Lisbon, so he decided to drove France to do it
>Simon and Fudgy swim
>Simon goes to high end restaurants to eat and talks about the food

Simon seems to be lasering off his old tattoos

No. 1612111

I saw him on eHarmony last summer when he was still in Toronto. I see he's still giving off the same Heaven's Gate vibes. Portguese girls dig it though I guess? LOL

No. 1612119

First and foremost, sage. Second:
> Heaven's Gate vibes. Portguese girls dig it

No. 1612124

Ain't France and Portugal very close to each other? Why travel there for the same water you could get back home?

And he totally wasn't alone, prowith Aliana?

Nta buts its the cult that commited mass suicide in the 90s because the leader said too. The cults called heavens gate.

No. 1612127

I think anon is suggesting he looks like a cult member (a quick search confirms this kek)
>ViOlent ComMMents
show us the violent comments mate

No. 1612128

I always thought simon overstated how sick she was so much so that simon had to work out to carry her everywhere in the house.

No. 1612132

File: 1660150763724.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, F7A84665-E312-4643-82F0-C32568…)

So many people, including these two would benefit from just stepping away from YouTube when making cOnTeNt helped make them dysfunctional in the first place. But they never do.

No. 1612143

File: 1660151288300.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 3560E4AF-FF35-46D4-BF02-7A1978…)

I thought the same at first but now her Instagram stories are filled with this shit. A few weeks of not being able to even sleep? Pretty unbelievable that you’d still be choosing to live in a country where you don’t speak the language by yourself if you’re in such pain you can’t even sleep, or cook, or sit and edit a video. Personally I think her and Simon were both happy to overstate the severity of her illness for views and sympathy. I don’t doubt she has EDS, I just question how bad it is given she made the choice to live in Japan by herself with no support, barely knowing the language.

No. 1612161

>>1612143 I am wondering the same thing and what type of support is available to her in Japan now she will be back there presumably single. Without live in support I hope she will still be able to manage.

No. 1612196

He is dating another woman in Lisbon

No. 1612213

File: 1660157873361.png (887.17 KB, 1525x1576, simonsbookclub.png)

Did Simon gave up the book club? The last update/meet up was in February

No. 1612360

Same stuff everyone was saying 6 months ago, when she first went out there - why do this when you’re sick, will only become more sick, and don’t speak the language? I mean, did she really uproot what was left of her life and move across the world in poor health, just to make basic weeby insta posts about eating ramen and going to fucking Nakano Broadway…? You’re 20 years too late to all this shit, Martina.

I don’t know why this guy insists on still being online. If trolls made him anorexic, and comments and upvotes are turned off on his videos, then…what’s even the point?

No. 1612681

i bet he's gonna get redpilled and start promoting jordon peterson/andrew tate/etc bullshit lol

No. 1612873

>>1612681 Waiting on that red pill saga too lol

No. 1613249

I get it somewhat for Martina to continue posting content since their fan base overwhelming is on her side so she does have a slight ability to make money.

But Simon should just get out unless he has to post to their channel in order to keep getting that joint check. He can easily just do whatever since he is “healthy” physically compared to Martina.

To be honest I think that’s why he is still doing anything online. I wouldn’t be surprised if the main channel devolves into something really weird since they both would have to keep posting or something to keep getting money from it.

Also I am so baffled that people post intense mental health shit online to the MASSES.

No. 1613554

Simon referenced Jordan Peterson in his first book club video

No. 1614109

>Also I am so baffled that people post intense mental health shit online to the MASSES.

I don't think it's that hard to see why. People want to feel supported. There's a good chance the masses will. It just feels good. Don't get me wrong it's stupid but I can absolutely imagine it being a confidence/emotional boost for someone like Martina who I doubt has many irl friends to cry her heart out with.

No. 1621456

He's lying. He lost all that weight before people knew that he had issues with his wife and they were divorcing.

No. 1621794

I'm pretty sure I saw on reddit that Petra was a foster and she has a new home now

Simon looks like he's dying. I don't understand Martina, she should have just stayed in Canada with her family. I wish she would drop the full tea on their relationship and why it broke down. I'd like to hear Simon's side too but he looks so broken I think he would just say it's all his fault.

No. 1622288

File: 1661159447558.png (47.35 KB, 372x301, petra.png)

If Petras was a foster, this is a weird way to introduce her to the fans. I thought that Roxy was the foster, not Petra

No. 1654200

Sorry for ESL but Simon uploaded a new video to their shared channel about a book called All About Love and his own experience with love, apparently hes a polyfag now
>started reading the book around the time of their divorce (February 2021) when he felt unlovable and incapable of loving
>he realized he didnt know anything about love, set out on a spiritual journey to become better at it
>talks about developing self compassion, a more secure attachment style (later he complains about the romanticization of anxious attachment style in media), learning how to communicate in an efficient way which was apparently a game changer for him
>took a university class on psychology of relationships, learned about the chemical aspect of emotions and love
>makes a joke about studying love for two years instead of developing employable skills
>apparently is in a loving relationship atm
>idk what happened after the 16 min mark because I couldn't be bothered to finish it
>second part is on his own channel
>says he pretty much dropped all his friendships in favor of his relationship with Martina, stresses the importance of loving your friends and not focusing solely on your partner
>no different types of love (love for your friends, family vs romantic love), we just show it differently
>section on men lacking affection due to toxic masculinity and homophobia, was pleasantly surprised to see his korean students openly showing each other affection
>talks about polyamory, he tried it and although he still identifies as polyamorous he "doesnt have the time for multiple partners"
>invites people to talk about it on his discord channel
Also worth noting, according to the comments he posted both of these videos on the anniversary of Spudgy's death (Martina's IG confirms this, Simon hasn't posted about him which makes me wonder if he simply didn't realize? Seems like a big coincidence though so maybe I'm just naive).
He sounds happier and more like his old self. I hate polyfags but he doesn't seem too coomery about it, definitely doesn't help with the cult vibe though. I feel like he was extremely emotionally dependent on Martina during their relationship and going poly might be overcompensating for that.

No. 1654207

holy shit what a trainwreck this man is kek

No. 1654213

God what a clown. I hate how he posted that on spudgy’s deathday. If he was over Martina he wouldn’t be constantly screeching how much happier he is. It’s clear he’s a very spiteful man.

No. 1654846

I haven't watched since he did the What happened to Simon video, and he does sound way less depressed and robotic now

No. 1655106

>spudgy’s deathday
never wished so hard for a scrote to swallow sand

No. 1657697

he reminds me of that reddit guy who kept posting his dying wife for karma

No. 1732077

martina uploads final video to the EYK channel, cries throughout saying going through divorce on the internet is hard. looks oddly normal??? has plain bleached hair. her pink hair gone. she had pink hair for like a decade. is she trying to appeal to simon? refers to him by name, starts tearing up at 'memories'

No. 1732080

It's just probably her turning a new leaf. I mean, ten years of having pink hair and it was probably attached to Simon in some way

I saw one of Simon's videos and checked the comments and people were theorising that he found polyamory…

No. 1732117

File: 1672029243147.jpeg (812.32 KB, 960x1398, 632B116A-0FAA-4CB6-9C02-518D1F…)

It’s good she’s leaving the channel but I miss the pink/brown hair it suited her so well! Hope Simon just fucks off but unfortunately you can lose your YouTube sheckles if you don’t upload every 6 months so we should see a new video from him soon.
Speaking of Martina she’s announced a Tokyo tours interactive map fans can pay for. I think this is a great direction for her to take because going to Japan makes me nervous because idk what restaurants/neighborhoods would be good. It’s different than what other j-vloggers are doing because they mainly focus on places like novelty cafes etc. Hope her channel continues to grow because I love her tour videos!

No. 1732133

I don't think it's appealing to Simon as much as it is just trying to be the bigger person. I was on Martina's side for most of the ordeal and still am, but it definitely was not a good look to some fans the way she called out Simon. Of the few Simon asskissers who exist, a lot of them will point out that Martina was vindictive throughout the whole thing by being vocal about how upset she was by Simon's actions. I think she has made strides in her healing process from the divorce and does want to move away from this, and wants to do so without giving those fangirls any ammo to come at her with.

No. 1732144

>people were theorising that he found polyamory
Simon has spoken about reading about polyamory and trying it out after the divorce. I am not sure if he's still doing that but he still identifies himself as polyamorous. It wouldn't be far-fetched if this is the reason why they divorced.

No. 1732203


is sazunic her og maiden name?

No. 1732269

Iirc her family is croatian so I think it is.

No. 1732329

Good for her, it's a fun idea. I hope she finds happiness and I'm glad to see her put the nail in the coffin of EYK for herself. TBH I started getting super annoyed with both her and Simon after the divorce, I totally understand why but it was boring and stupid to see them just sniping at each other on their shared social media shit. I'm glad Martina is going to break off completely now and I hope she continues down a profitable and fun path. And Simon can continue to have a shitty book club no one cares about.

No. 1789742

Simon posted a new video on the ‘direction’ of the eat your kimchi channel and I’m watching it rn and haven’t gotten to the point yet, seems like he’s trying to curry favor or sympathy. anyone with better patience who’s seen it? I dislike him too much to finish and give a summary sorry

No. 1789746

File: 1678991297541.png (166.42 KB, 750x1334, 0D46D914-445E-40A9-A12E-3D01EC…)

adding screenshot of comment

No. 1789753

IIRC most of the houses in Japan are rented, so I'm not surprised if they had to cut the contract before to move to Canada. Besides I remember the house was beautiful, but the stairs where a nightmare for a body-able person, I cannot think how much pain it was for Martina and her EDS.

No. 1789756

File: 1678991923321.gif (985.35 KB, 250x250, c5f.gif)

I swear each time a tattoo artist tell you is "bad luck" to tattoo something related to your fiance, I'll take it seriously now since now Simon might have to take the duckies and Martina's name covered in the same place it was a pain to tattoo.

No. 1789766

it always makes me laugh when moids pretend that their new polyamory is about some romantic, wholesome *~pursuit of love, uwu~* instead of the reality that they just want to fuck multiple people without being called out on it or feeling guilty kek

No. 1789779

And most of the poly couples end being "I want to have a harem for myself and they have forbidden to seek someone else".

No. 1789845

The tattoo sucked anyways. There was absolutely no cohesion in composition and theme. Like a child he just plucked random ideas out of the air and slapped it on his arm.

No. 1789885

essentially, because his 'authentic mental health guru' content is ass and isn't getting him the numbers he wants, he's posting to the EYK channel for the extra engagement, even if it isn't in the spirit of the channel's previously posted content.
he tries to act like he's above it all through out the video with his live laugh love bullshit, but it's pretty plain that he's jealous of how well Martina's King Kogi channel is doing.

No. 1789895

I love it when moids who were one half of an influencer couple find out everyone actually hates them and were only there for their ex, see also Jake Munro.

No. 1789913

It's always these ugly narc dudes who talk like they know the secrets of the universe and are pretentious as hell too. kek

No. 1789938

The tattoo sucked anyways. There was absolutely no cohesion in composition and theme. Like a child he just plucked random ideas out of the air and slapped it on his arm.

No. 1790108

Oh my fucking god, what a pathetic, defensive and unpleasant tone to say that in. What a loser.
Glad his content is dogshit and Martina's doing well and learning new stuff to make her content even better.
I'm so, so glad she's rid of this pathetic cuck, you can tell he's one of those moids that drag you down with their shitarse attitude and selfishness.

No. 1791192

File: 1679210535802.png (918.16 KB, 1639x677, eyk.PNG)

I've been annoyed with the excessive Simon hate in the fallout of the divorce, but this massive cope of a video is making him sound retarded. He's basically trying to act like his spirituality and personal videos are a totally natural direction for a channel that has always been about experiencing things in Korea and later Japan with his ex-wife. Ever since Martina made her goodbye video his videos have been doing even worse than before, almost like all the active eyk subs just went over to King Kogi. He should just make his own channel.
Also just listening to him talk he sounds like he lost his mind after the divorce or something.

No. 1791233

Idk i miss the drama days, they were both so childish in sucha funny and entertaining way.
My favourite bit was when they were fighting over the cat, martina accusing simon of putting excessive stress on it bc of an hour drive back to his place + hi new dog, simon accusing martina of leaving her niece bother the cat and not looking at the evidence that the cat and dog were getting along fine, then ultimately martina got the cat and the she. Just. LEFT for japan leaving the damn cat to her mom.
I dunno it was hilarious. Oh and also simon was a fucking selfish moron for traveling to hawaii when hawaiian ppl were asking foreigners not to come, unlike martina, who went back to japan when Japanese ppl were asking foreigners not to come. That was funny as well

No. 1791543

for what it's worth, he does have his own channel, but unsurprisingly it's not getting the views he wants, so he keeps posting on EYK.. not getting the views he wants.

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