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File: 1619174497106.jpg (336.79 KB, 1080x1245, e912d7201c15015861d08745ba8dc3…)

No. 1214718

Previous drama:
>Philosophy Tube comes out as trans
>Jake Paul is unsurprisingly accused of rape
>Lindsay Ellis gets cancelled because of her tweet in which she compares Raya to the Last Airbender
>Destery Smith is accused of grooming and pedophilia
>James Charles is cancelled and demonetized after grooming allegations, releases half-assed apology video
>David Dobrik is dropped by sponsors after Durte Dom rape allegations, releases half-assed apology video
>Kalel Cullen returns to Youtube, still in her Koreaboo phase, lives in her parents basement, is suffering from an extreme case of Botox face
>Eugenia Cooney is somehow still alive
>Julien Solomita and Jenna Marbles are now engaged
>Jeffree Star has a car accident
>Trisha buys giant ass mansion with Moses, comes out as they/them
>Jeff Wittek's mysterious injury turns out to be the result of a stunt for David Dobrik's vlog where they failed to understand the basic laws of gravity
>something something Corpse Husband

No. 1214737

File: 1619178491728.jpg (83.2 KB, 493x835, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Another girl came forward about being harassed by Jake Paul

No. 1214754

I just hope that her and everyone else will bring it as good as Justine did, with actual proofs instead of empty words.

No. 1214767

thanks for the new thread op, was waiting to discuss this.

EDP445 (aka eatdatpussy445) a youtuber known for describing his many shits in public bathrooms, fighting 13 year olds, and just generally being disgusting - was exposed by a pedophile hunting youtube group for attempting to meet up with a minor. The pedo hunters are shitstains themselves clearly trying to make money out of the situation, and even start justifying being attracted to minors during the confrontation. Vid related is Charlies summary of the situation and the transcripts between EDP445 and the minor decoy.

No. 1214796

My god, this guy disgusts me. He always gave me creep vibes anyway, anyone who talks on their public channel about taking shits and jerking off isn't mentally well adjusted. I thought he was funny for like 15 seconds in 2016 kek. Glad he got exposed

No. 1215094

Keemstar is fucking retarded. He says Jake Paul's victim should have just closed her mouth in order not to get raped. I feel sorry for his daughter

No. 1215096

Wish that this is satire

No. 1215098

God, grant me the serenity to not a-log

No. 1215099

He's the one who should a-log. The world would be a better place

No. 1215118

*an hero, but yes, he should.

No. 1215123

oh wait, upon googling a-logging I realized that it doesn't mean what I thought it did lmao. Anyway, Keemstar should go and hang himself

No. 1215128

Keemstar's whole existence on this planet is a biblical plague

No. 1215130

His ex came out back when Shane Dawson's documentary aired and talked about his abusive behaviour but obviously it got brushed under the rug because Shane coddled him

No. 1215140

Why does he continue to exist

No. 1215151

hopefully someone shoves their dick down his throat next. maybe he can test his own theories!

No. 1215159

He's so dumb, if someone says 'no, and the other person continues, it's fucking assault. So many men think like him, even the 'good ones', this shit triggers me so hard.

No. 1215161

He’s a rapist too. Calling it now.

No. 1215177

are they all pedos and rapists or what? Is there a single male YouTuber that’s not either a wife beater, rapist, pedo, groomer, racist etc?

No. 1215179

The rlm dudes (knock on wood)

No. 1215211

Oh God, I would genuinely not be able to handle if any of my best boys turned out to be predators.

No. 1215220


I don't doubt that for a second tbh

No. 1215506

File: 1619245083410.jpg (29.55 KB, 615x287, Screenshot_15.jpg)

lmao Jake Paul beats a retired, out of shape wrestler who recently had hip replacement surgery and thinks he's the shit. I can't with this narcissism

No. 1216177

File: 1619353063366.png (7.97 MB, 1536x2048, idubbbzproposal.png)

Idubbbz has proposed to Anisa. What a retard.

Quite a small ring for a rich youtuber as well.

No. 1216179

File: 1619353320961.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024, proposal.webm)

Here is them showing the ring off on Tiktok WHILE DRIVING. Such trashy people.

No. 1216180

No. 1216181

File: 1619353526413.gif (4.87 MB, 384x288, EA4CDDD5-9FFB-4AC4-A790-6F9754…)

He needs the million dollar baby treatment

No. 1216188

i've been keeping a side eye on the whole situation and it's so fucking creepy. like, yeah i can't believe the pedo hunters are worse than chris fucking hansen, they deserve some cowdom themselves. but still doesn't top the fact EDP was literally flaunting this "13 year old" to his fans. actual pedo behavior.

No. 1216192

i already thought he was retarded for staying with her (and for being himself) but i expected him to dump her before even considering proposing.
this is next-level dumbassery.

No. 1216216

Cody Ko

No. 1216257

He is such a cringe lord jesus, you all focus on Anisa but he gives me as much physical pain as her

No. 1216293

he's fucking cringe for sure but with the way he's been acting online you really wonder where his so-called standards are, kek. making videos about cringe when he's proposing to cringe personified

No. 1216348

nah, I don't think so…why do you think that?

No. 1216421

He doesn't put out enough content anymore to be "focused" on. Anisa would also be less interesting if she wasn't actively cucking him and descending into being a full on online-prostitute.

No. 1216512

i think Cody is a good guy too. what about kurtis conner/danny gonzalez/drew gooden? i wouldn't be totally shocked if something came out about one or all of them, but i would be slightly surprised. same with the RLM guys.

No. 1216572

idk, i find kurtis kind of weird. he interacts more than i feel is normal with his goofy ass underaged fans (he was ‘friends’ with this weird looking 17? year old fakeboi called sid from tiktok or something and was defending her on twitter sometime last year). i find him kind of odd, but i also just think he’s kind of a dick in general, so maybe it’s just me

No. 1216576

I'm betting on kurtis. He seems like the usual pretends-to-be-an-ally-for-pussy who ends up being me too'd. He was also friends with someone who had minor drama with a female youtuber for being mean to her or something.

No. 1216591

He seems pretty genuine, although I do get vibes that Noel and him are not as good buddies as they used to be so it'd be interesting if it was over some hidden controversy.

No. 1216623

i do too get the vibes they’re not close friends. i genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if the tmg project broke up as soon as the money stops flowing in

No. 1216863

Yeah, he was friends with Syd and she would brag about talking to him and made a huge deal about him coming to her defense. You're time line is also correct. It's really weird. I know Syd's dad is always up her ass but why would he let his clearly mentally ill teen daughter befriend a mid-twenties youtube commentator? Just seems weird. Even if it's all performance, weird. Sorry for the tangent, just wanted to back your point up.

No. 1216883

He doesn't have any allegation against him, he seems genuine, his long term girlfriend is often in his videos and they seem a healthy couple, he doesn't seem to have any misogynistic views from his videos. Can't see any red flags in him, guy looks okay. Why do you think he's sus?
Noel on the other hand doesn't give me the same vibes, he sounds like a bit of a conceited asshole.

No. 1216947

Rhett and Link? I haven't watched their content in years, but they used to just seem like dorky dads

No. 1217075

File: 1619462295995.jpeg (250.22 KB, 1125x708, 84A607FF-1B2C-429C-A53B-D4D45A…)

Gabbie Hannah is apparently making a docu series “exposing” Trisha yada yada. Went on 3000 rants on TikTok/ig/Twitter on how everyone’s gonna know trishas so called secrets soon.

No. 1217085

You think those butt buddies (who literally married the female version of the other) are creeps? Unlikely. Wholesome families.

No. 1217239

What proof did Justine have? lol

Of course there is. You just obsess over the male YouTubers who validate your prejudices and keep you in that "men bad wahhhh" mentality bubble.

Why does she think that would make a dent in Trisha's reputation?

No. 1217248

I don’t think she’s had a rational thought in about 18 months. I half expect it to be some “Trisha controls the weather that’s why there’s droughts in California” schizoid bullshit. At least it’ll be milky.

No. 1217249

lol she wants to be featured drama on frenemies so bad. i had a sliver of sympathy for her when i saw how bad the blog squad used to clown on her looks but this bitch is so clout hungry and psychotic, it’s actually embarrassing.

No. 1217250

samefag but meant vlog obviously

No. 1217251

She is desperate to prove that Trisha is the crazy liar and that she's the victim, like this bitch is convinced she is just being unfairly persecuted by everyone on youtube who she's even vaguely connected to.

The shit with rachel oates is embarassing, like just let your shitty poetry fade into the background, stop bringing it up.

No. 1217301

The fact that the vlog squad used to clown on her makes me hate her more in a way. All those guys calling you fat, ugly and gross were fine but a woman commentating on a poetry book YOU sent her to comment on is a narcissistic, manipulative bitch? Guess it's different when she's not desperate for men to want to fuck her.

No. 1217307

Mike gives me weird casual misogyny vibes

No. 1217315

Haha no I was saying I think they're probably NOT creeps, my bad for not specifying

No. 1217321

Tbh you're right. I'm trying to think of a specific example, but I've noticed sometimes Mike will say something kinda gross and Jay sits there and makes a face or looks uncomfortable. Whenever it happens I wonder if it's because he's actually uncomfortable, or he's just worried about potential reactions.

They don't seem to give any fucks about backlash or getting "cancelled" so that makes me lean towards, he's actually kinda weirded out by what Mike says (maybe that's me being a naive Jay fangirl idk)

No. 1217341

File: 1619481318471.png (222.92 KB, 377x916, Capture.PNG)

No. 1217346

i wish this smurf-looking eyesore would stfu for 5 seconds

No. 1217361


No. 1217402

Jay seems to be the most careful with his words and the most left leaning out of the main three RLM guys IMO. He also seems to be the most image conscious out of all of them too, though relative to everyone else on YouTube none of them truly seem to give a shit.

Im a Jay fan girl too though

No. 1217551


No. 1217726

It’s not even remotely funny
“Huurr girl sexc! Ching Chong durka durka!”
Men shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

No. 1217876

where's the funny?? jenna marbles' ching chong joke was funny at least

No. 1218143

File: 1619558454023.png (692.17 KB, 558x954, bitch.png)

Gabbie Hannah is such a nasty bitch, she really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and I really wonder how she still has an audience (other than hate-watchers).

She is ugly inside and out and she knows it, that's why she has to post cope-shit like this even tho she really hates herself.

No. 1218158

sad thing for her is even in her bra and underwear all i can see is her gargantuan nose and nostrils

No. 1218167

She is a truly hideous butterface.

No. 1218178

Nonitas, choose one

No. 1218236

I know i expect the worst of male youtubers but if danny gonzalez has some dirt on him that would really shock and upset me.

No. 1218249

bragging about necrophilia is certainly a look, but go off, gabbie

No. 1218289

It is possible to have both, anon. NPD and BPD can exist in the same person and co-occurence of NPD and BPD is a thing.

No. 1218329

yeah he's definitely raped women

No. 1218334

No. 1218391

Gabbie Hanna will make an onlyfans soon.

No. 1218415

Sorry for stupid question but wasnt keem caught trying to sleep with/trying to get nudes from a 15yr old or was that an internet rumour? I dont want to ggogle it.

No. 1218416


hot take here but yes what he said is fucked, but at least he's donating something instead of doing a video titled Accountability and moving on

No. 1218418

He has a penis I'm sure he'll be alright.

No. 1218559

Agree with you both, honestly it feels like Noel has changed a bit but maybe I'm just reading too far into things. I stopped watching his streams and videos because I get a vibe he's full of himself. Cody on the other hand has stayed pretty consistent throughout his vine and then youtube career

No. 1218628

i suspect that that’s part of the issue between them (if an issue even exists.) cody’s style hasn’t changed much at all for the last couple years, but noel has noticeably really expanded his palate and branched out into other shit. also noel is genuinely way more talented than cody when it comes to their musical projects. like to the point that it’s impossible not to notice. i wouldn’t be surprised if noel is ready to pursue his other passions and finish off TMG soon.

No. 1218744

Agreed about Noel, he oozes big ego now.

No. 1218813

"Productivity" youtubers are out of control.

No. 1218828

that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest

No. 1218966

gabbie hanna is what happens when an insecure girl with barely mediocre looks gets famous. she’s a crybaby, extremely sensitive, and can only focus on any hate she gets. she should’ve known better than to try and become internet famous if she’s just gonna claim discrimination when people don’t like her.

No. 1219012

>barely mediocre looks
You’re really, really kind anon

No. 1219073

File: 1619641046052.jpg (41.74 KB, 640x1385, gabbie.jpg)

Yeah she is legit ugly. But then again if she got a nose-job nobody would even recognize her anymore.

No. 1219201

this image startled me

No. 1219295

File: 1619659762651.png (121.65 KB, 439x672, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 9.27…)

Gabbie Hannah continues her victim Tyrade.
This 'docuseries' is gonna be so milky. She's so desperate for support that she's buddying up with WOACB… sad

No. 1219312

omg not withoutacrystalbrain…
she must be out of mtv teen mom drama.

No. 1219343

File: 1619664593223.jpg (221.08 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20210428-224709.jpg)

Gabbie Hanna's online harassment pushed Trish into a breakdown, she also posted a 18 minute video talking about it.

No. 1219346

A light breeze could push Trisha into a breakdown

No. 1219348

Trish's video.

No. 1219372

She’s literally done videos of the thousands she spends on fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, micro blading, hydra facials, etc. so she has no problem with procedures or spending hella money on them, she just refuses to fix her fucking nose. She got nose filler to “reshape” some areas but her editor left in her cutting off her injector mentioning it in the consult, and it cut to later in the conversation lol. So she has tried to improve it but refuses to just get the fucking surgery with some of the top surgeons all around her.

Same with tana talking about her botched nose all the time but never fixing it despite making bank.

No. 1219380

two insufferable people going at it but not even in a funny way.
Has she given anyone a reason to support her? Even when controversial youtubers would go on their sympathy tours they'd try to act humble for like a week

No. 1219383

She looks like a bitter old woman that smells of cat pee.

No. 1219388

old trish jumped out for a second. if only this had been filmed on a kitchen floor.

No. 1219406

i know trish is batshit but i kinda feel bad for her right now. gabbie is an absolutely vile piece of shit and to play off trish's mental health issues is just gross.
gabbie is manic af right now and it's only gonna get worse. i feel like she's gonna end up hospitalized by the end of this.

No. 1219415

For Tana it makes sense for her to not get her nose job redone since a re-do of a botch job can fuck up the nose even more depending on how much the original nose they shaved off. But I agree Gabi has zero excuse her nose is huge and disproportionate all around making her look like a basset hound.

No. 1219419

>basset hound
kek why is that so accurate

No. 1219459

peep the summers eve kek

No. 1219597

honestly if gabbie ever got a nose job it would only further her victim complex because people would always use that to prove she's insecure

No. 1219601

she proves she's insecure without it though so might as well get that monstrosity taken care of

No. 1219606

She proves that every time she opens her mouth.

No. 1219675

I watched Jeff Wittek's video about his accident and I predict that David is actually gonna kill someone in the future. He's so fucking irresponsible and out of touch with reality

No. 1219688

as grim as it is, i don't think david's going to get an actual reality check until he DOES kill someone. he seems like such a sociopath with the way he's responded to the people that have gotten hurt for his gags that i wouldn't even be surprised if he wasn't affected by it though.

No. 1219701

noel has always given me high school bully energy and cody is his doormat friend that laughs along at everything fucked up he says.

No. 1220655

Waiting for Gabbie to release this "docuseries" and then claim that this is all just a "character" and that everyone who believed it is an idiot.

No. 1220690

>Drew Gooden tweeted this at the grown age of 23
These twitter people are so boring yawn. Why are they all acting as if 23 year old people in 2016 were bombarded with as much social justice theory as they are nowadays? Surely, a joke like that wouldn't fly in 2021 but he made it literally on the 1st of January 2016, the peak of the tasteless edgy humour era. How do people even find these tweets?
I'm glad he apologized but there are some really angry people under the original callout tweet who are flashing their "Don't comment if you're not affected by this!" cards

Wait until the zoomers find out what Joji used to do before putting out mainstream music, I'm surprised he lasted this long without getting cancelled

No. 1220737

yeah like i’m pretty jaded by youtube stunts but that one legitimately shocked me, i cannot believe he hasn’t taken any legal action against david at least for medical fees

No. 1220798

Anon have you been living under a rock that already happened

No. 1220823

Yeah because he is. Sorry guys but I feel like it’s pretty obvious . But I hope he’s just a misogynist and not a creepy rapist, though

No. 1220827

There should be a reasonable cap on empathy for people who swing from excavators on social media for money. These people need protection from themselves, he was fine with letting his psycho buddy fuck with his life until it didn't pay off in the way he wanted it to. We're all supposed to feel pity as if it was all unavoidable lmao.

No. 1220828

ayrt and yeah pretty much, though I would be surprised at nothing from a weirdly hostile-about-women fat guy. he also has zero good taste except for star trek but anyone who likes scifi knows that trek isn't shitty.

No. 1220861

File: 1619855610705.png (1.48 MB, 1144x706, hila klein.png)

Hila Klein is possibly the biggest cuck in the universe. She sits next to her husband and the father of her child as he talks about whores and how they are "just hussling" and "misunderstood". She nods in agreement, her eyes are blank. Her hair is dyed pink to resemble a 19 year old whore whose porn her husband likes on twitter and proudly has on his podcast that he does with her, his wife.

Hila Klein has let Ethan murder her soul and shit on her heart for the past 10 years because he makes a lot of money. Her eyes are glazed over, she is dead inside. Every day she asks herself "Why didn't I just stay in Israel and marry that nice jewish man my mom tried to set me up with? Why did I go to america with this Schmuck who does not value me at all?"

But then she remembers that she lives in a mansion and gets to make her shitty art into a fashion line and she gets up and she makes him the tendies and she sits and smiles as her husband talks about how much he wants to fuck women 20 years younger than her.

Pour some fucking anthrax in his cereal you dumb bitch.

No. 1220864

while I'm not denying that anyone would want to blow their brains out listening to 'memes amirite' for 3 hours and giving minimal feedback, hila comes from a background where women are either hasidic and extremely reserved or sex positive and trashy, and it's very rare to see an inbetween. seems like after not seeing her family for a year she got to break out of those chains and actually speak and try new things with her looks. she mentioned a month ago (?) she was going to see her family for a holiday and since then she went back to being dead silent.

No. 1220868

I still cant believe she's with this fat, ugly scrote.. and now they have a child. What a crazy world. I dont even feel bad for her because she openly lets him shit on other women or thirst after them. she's definitely dead inside

No. 1220874

I have no sympathy for the bitch who was in the military smiling and posing with a gun. Sure it was mandatory, but why all the Instagram like photos?

No. 1220876

when i used to watch H3H3 as a teen, i would always get the sense that Hila felt absolutely miserable with him and it seems its gotten worse over the years,i feel fucking awful for her

also Hila if you're possibly a lurker im single

No. 1220877

idk if anyone has talked about this elsewhere but does anyone have opinions about keemstar accusing trisha paytas of sexual harassment / attempted sexual assault?

No. 1220881

I'm probably very late to this, but SNL made a sketch about David Dobrik

No. 1220882

There is nothing wrong with knowing how to use a gun, lmao. I hope she still has one and decides to do the right thing one day, shoot Ethan in his big dumb head while he is making a TikTok to creep on 13 year old girls.

click click bang(a-logging)

No. 1220883

I think habit and a fear of change keeps them together, like many other Youtubers. And also the kid

No. 1220885

File: 1619861612763.png (228.72 KB, 726x592, keem1.png)

Keemstar is trash and I hope he gets asscancer.

No. 1220888

File: 1619862291235.jpg (310.96 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20210501-021809_Twi…)


Here's the tweet where he accuses trisha of attempted assault

No. 1220889

What a fucking idiot

No. 1220890

File: 1619862648205.webm (16.69 MB, 320x568, keemtard.webm)

He is only doing this because Trisha and Ethan called him out on Frenemies for saying he doesn't believe Jake Paul's victim cause he doesn't understand how youc an be orally raped.

"Just close your mouth lol" is basically his take, he doesn't understand that a 200 pound man can force his penis into the mouth of a 100 pound woman and why she didn't "just bite it".

I don't think it needs to be explained why he is retarded for saying this and disgusting because he has a DAUGHTER and still says these things.

No. 1220891

File: 1619862673891.png (171.29 KB, 657x621, keem2.png)

No. 1220892

go back to twitter retard

No. 1220893

I wish someone forced their dick down his throat

No. 1220895


david is voluntarily paying for all jeff’s medical bills. which im assuming is why jeff has gone back for two corrective surgeries to push the injured eye forward. jeff says in the doc the additional surgery is mostly cosmetic. i honestly feel like jeff is playing nice with david until he feels all the surgeries are “done” and than after he’s healed up we might start to see more of Jeff’s actual rage towards David come forward.

No. 1220896


yeah she made it 100% obvious shes trying to pull a joaquin pheonix. but she plays the batshit psycho desperate for attention way too well.

No. 1220909

I have a feeling that Sl04n lurks here and this is where he gets the topics for his videos. I don't have anything to back it up, just a feeling

No. 1220912

File: 1619870132332.jpeg (654.83 KB, 1242x748, A5D89CB1-F739-4261-94B5-B0F1E3…)

They are trying for a 2nd baby through IVF

No. 1220913

I thought this was an April Fool's video at first but no he is actually serious…

The thing that irks me the most about this guy is how manufactured and artificial his whole personality is like everything about him is optimized and taken from somewhere else. I used to listen to his and his brother's podcast and amongst the listeners his brother, who doesn't have an online following besides said podcast, was the clear favorite since he was a lot more natural and funny. The other thing that made me really cringe hard was when he talked about trying to find a wife and about how he asked his female friends how he could look more attractive to women.

No. 1220915

Yea I have no idea if it's his tourettes but the fascination with titties was a lot. Even the frenemies episodes the tension between him and trisha is getting weird too.

No. 1220922

>tfw you are our of ideas for "productivity" content

one thing to be more productive is not to watch too many productivity videos kek. seriously productivity focused channels sometimes are too much and do more harm than good

haven't seen much of him so i didn't know that.it makes the video even sadder.why even watch anime if you are going to skip it.read summaries/reviews/commentary(in 2x speed at least ofc), check some fanart and that's it. making leisure activities like watching media into a productivity contest is low-key psychotic

No. 1220925

Call me an autists but I'm 100% sure she's a lesbian in deep deep denial(armchair)

No. 1220941

There was a recent episode where Ethan said some weird shit about Trisha squirting, they played it off like friendly banter but it was really gross and weird. I think I've heard them acknowledge Hila off camera before, I don't know if it'd be worse if she constantly had to witness him talk like that or if he only does it while she's not around

No. 1220950

Lmao what are you talking about? He's very clearly repulsed by Trisha, she's the one who constantly hits on him and tries to get him to "wrestle her". She constantly brings up her squirting and OnlyFans shoots and he will outright say that he finds it gross.

He likes is women prepubescent and skinny. He clearly has a crush on Belle.

No. 1220954


The Belle stuff is the first time I got that vibe anons are talking about from Ethan. Just totally disrespectful while Hila is right fucking there while playing it like he's just really curious and trying to figure out why people like it. Like no Ethan, you clearly fucking like it yourself. He plays dumb all the time.

No. 1220975

nta but the most recent episode he was like going on and on about the squirting and trish was trying to change the subject lmao

No. 1220979

Is their first baby through IVF? Are his swimmers that bad quality?

No. 1220982

i don’t think so but look at him, he’s not exactly the picture of health kek

No. 1220983

i don't remember if the first baby was through ivf but it's very likely. hila has some kind of problem with her uterus, idk if she ever mentioned exactly what it is tho

No. 1220987

doesn't help that she's 33

No. 1220990

Only 33?? I thought she was older than than that tbh. I thought she was like 35 and Ethan is around 40

No. 1220997

File: 1619881370254.png (59.47 KB, 350x392, h3h3.png)

Ethan's only 35, although to be fair he's been going grey since his twenties.

No. 1220998

They both look older than their ages imo

No. 1221016

I barely know who these people are and I always thought the fat guy was gay lol. Now I'm reading he's married and has children holy fuck the state of the world(no1curr)

No. 1221035

I don’t think the first baby was IVF, I remember them saying that it took a really long time to conceive Theodore and just when they were about to give up, Hila fell pregnant. When they said they were having IVF this time my first thought was because they don’t have sex anymore kek.

No. 1221131

she does or did loved him… there's a video where they tell the story about being poor not able to get some bell pepper and then they start selling drugs THIS WAS when they were on their early 20's and tbh that sounded like love to me.

Plus Hila is insecure and now dying her hair? looks like she's finally able to do those thing she didn't do when she was younger and tbh knowing how Ethan is, he must be consumed by the fame, power and the podcast pretty sure if Hila has not evolved in that way with him, she's only staying with him 'cuz she's like grateful or sum shit that he took her away and now she's living in a mansion. Sorry for the rant, bye.

No. 1221137

yeah honestly i think she's just significantly higher iq than him and she's annoyed by him now lol staying for the money and stability because she comes from a traditional upbringing. the anon sperging about ethan "shitting on her heart" or whatever does not seem like the situation at all.

No. 1221162

File: 1619896167561.jpeg (54.48 KB, 453x453, 2FC033FC-1B40-4F8E-9EA1-EB9A43…)

Ethan didn’t always look bad either. Based on this photo they look pretty well matched imo. Honestly Ethan could significantly improve if he just stopped stuffing his face and lost some weight.

No. 1221244

>he makes a lot of money
In the last two years he makes money yes, but they used to be so destitute neither of them had cars and couldn't afford a bell pepper
How do you explain her staying through at least five years of that?

No. 1221299

Are you stupid, young, a male or naive? 33 is still years away from the menopause.

Yea they seem like they're in love, doubt ethan will be the only male to openly comment on naked women in front of his partner.

No. 1221404

I think they still have a healthy relationship, don't see how she only staying with him for the money can be true if they've been together while poor, gone through a lawsuit, and talk about future plans together like another kid or pet.
Ethan definitely still spews bullshit especially when he's unchecked by Hila or Trisha. Him devolving into just repeating titties while talking about the hot tub thing is cringe

No. 1221410

If a man is in love with you and respects you then he wont thirst over other women especially in your presence in front of a big audience.
Ethan is trash and his wife doesnt have any backbone, thats why hes with her.
He cant get a respectable woman with confidence and her own opinions or he would cry. Im still disgusted by him being so thirsty for that weeb girl with pink hair

No. 1221412

Many women i know easily get pregnant at 30-40 so im kinda shocked hearing that.
im starting to believe more and more the study that said masturbating too much affected your sperm quality kek

No. 1221420

>33 is still years away from the menopause.
female fertility sharply declines after the age of 35, it's not rocket science

No. 1221421

It was discussed (by me tbh) in the closeted celebrities thread in OT that Hila might be closeted and with Ethan because she wants a traditional family and her desire for that outweighs her desire for a truly fulfilling romantic relationship. Tale as old as time especially in more conservative cultures. Would you rather have kids, or a partner you were truly in love with?

If that isn't the case, the other anon was right, Ethan used to look decent and was funny (neither of which is really true anymore kek) and was a ticket to another country, which can be an added bonus for people.

As for Ethan disrespecting Hila, I wouldn't stand for that if I were her. I think either she is gay and isn't jealous because she isn't romantically or sexually attracted to Ethan, OR she is trying very hard to be a "cool girl". Here is a long clip where she gets tearful talking about Ethan (hypothetically) looking up a girl who DMs him and says he's hot. Starts around 9 mins in? Another stupid theory I have, Ethan is disrespectful to Hila because he really doesn't get how much more conventionally attractive she is than him. His parents are also pretty mismatched, his mom is pretty and his dad is ugly.(tinfoil)

No. 1221428

and she's 33, not 35

No. 1221437

and still struggling to get pregnant? what kind of hill is this to die on?

No. 1221442

Her DOB says 33 but her uterus says 55

No. 1221443

I know the conversation is on h3h3 right now and that Gabbie hasn't done anything milky in a few days but am I the only one who legitimately hopes that she crashes after her manic episode & ends up going to a mental health facility for her sake? In the case of a lot of narcissists/bpdfags it seems like the only thing that makes them stop acting like shitty people is the realization that they're not human and that they're capable of being harmed

No. 1221445

*not inhuman
sage for being a retard and not knowing how to type

No. 1221448

no i’d rather people just stop giving her attention all together and she fade into an even deeper obscurity than she’s already in

No. 1221449

OT but I think the hill is that suggesting age 33 is too old to have a baby is wrong, its only at 35 that it STARTS to decline, women's fertility doesn't just drop down a cliff at 35 anyway. I do think they already have one kid and they're being kinda OTT about the sadness/difficulty of getting pregnant with their second.(medfag)

No. 1221456

nobody said it was too old to have a baby, just that it gets harder

No. 1221474

As you say, it's not a hard line which ist why it is harder to get pregnant at 32 than at 31 and therefore even harder at 33 than at 32. Fertility starts declining at 30 but it does so way more rapidly at 35 where every pregnancy is a high risk one.
Considering Hila already having trouble to get pregnant before could mean that her decline in fertility might have started earlier. It's not rocket science.(medfag)

No. 1221491

this tinhatting is so extra you'd think Trisha wrote it. She's a mature woman married to a terminally juvenile scrote. I'ts a tale as old as time but it's not that deep. I am sure they have their moments. Ethan certainly kisses her ass and bends over backwards for her still.

No. 1221493

I never liked Drew anyway. He won’t get canceled tho bc he’s a young white boy with tons of fan girls

No. 1221498

anon please kek
its so normalized among israelis you really cant blame her for it, it was during training too so she probably thought it was cool to handle a gun for the first time like the rest of the 18yr olds there.

No. 1221501

ethan really is just a stereostypical pervy old jew. thats why he is obsessed with slutty porno shit tier women who pedobait.

No. 1221504

his dad is a pervert too, ethan spoke once on the podcast how he likes or RTs porn on twitter openly

No. 1221507

His video on the Dan Schneider guy involving Ariana grande has screenshots in it with snowflakes on the pictures, the exact snowflakes that went on during last winter, with the exact pictures posted here.

No. 1221552

So gabbie is buying bots on tiktok lol I suddenly lost access to a second account and when I got back in it was all emptied and the only person it followed was her how sad can you be tbh

No. 1221555

that's stupid, there's nothing wrong with just looking up the person. she's just being emotional/insecure

No. 1221568

He is upset about his dad retweeting porn cause it's disrespectful to his mom but he DOES THE SAME THING! Rules for thee but not for me.

These posts are so fucking annoying and I wish they were bannable. Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian. Stop being creepy and weird.

No. 1221570

This clip is disgusting.

Expecting your partner to respect you has nothing to do with insecurity. You are probably one of those people who have been brainwashed by the scrote media to think that your boyfriend jerking it to porn of other women is normal and if you have an issue with that you're "insecure" instead of a perfectly normal feeling that almost all women who are not emotionally broken experience. Degenerate fuckfaces keep spreading this bullshit because they want to keep jerking it to women who are not their partners instead of having self control and respect. Fucking vile. Respect yourself.

No. 1221581

>Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian
>girl slides into a dude's dms
>dude looks at her profile out of curiosity, carries on with his day
sorry, how is that disrespectful towards the gf? sounds like you have a little problem with insecurity as well

No. 1221592

Because why look? Nothing comes out of that other than stroking your ego if she is hot or stroking your cock to her bikini pics. And worst case replying back to her to start up a sexting/exchanging nudes/cheating situation like all the other desperate scrote youtubers who have cheated on their wifes because an attractive fan messaged them.

Just put the mail in the trash and move on with your life, how hard is that? You don't need to look at your "options" if you are happy in your relationship. Ethan is a disgusting scumbag and he probably only hasn't cheated on her because he self-admittedly gets no offers from fans cause he is so repulsive.

Expecting a base-level of respect from your partner has nothing to do with insecurity, cool-girl-chan.

No. 1221595

i’m glad you said it anon, it’s mega autistic and the people that go around multiple threads literally acknowledging their tinfoiling are obnoxious

No. 1221596

Anon, your age is showing. Are you 15?
Ethan was collabing with very larger/popular creators long before anything within the last two years.
He was close with PDP, Philly D, Idubbz, Filthy Frank, and Post Malone. His biggest video was Vape Nation from 2016.
They’ve been rich for a long while.

No. 1221603

File: 1619954842962.jpg (18.6 KB, 300x300, klein-hila-image.jpg)

>Not every woman you're attracted to is secretly a lesbian.
But anon she's hideous

No. 1221606

This is just a very normal and plain looking skinny woman. What's the big deal

No. 1221613

>normal and plain looking skinny woman.

No. 1221621

Tbh I think she could've been really pretty if she had taken care of herself. I think her aging this badly is also in large parts caused by her lifestyle which is living with someone like Ethan

No. 1221636

She'd look so much better if she gained some weight

No. 1221639

I think she’s been trying to gain weight for a long time.

No. 1221682


this is dumb and definitely influenced by the male concept of "the wall" (which ignores that women aren't fully developed until mid-20s)

the risks are overblown, esp if you live in a country with regular (+ affordable) healthcare. Why do you think more women are having kids in their 30s vs 20s?

It's when you're 45+ that it gets a bit more dicey, even then women have been having kids up until menopause for most of human history

No. 1221685

File: 1619967676587.jpeg (123.31 KB, 1014x557, 116FEC64-A6F1-4743-9F6F-35D2B1…)

She looks like Ethan’s mom

No. 1221687

I think ‘hideous’ is a bit overly dramatic anon

No. 1221699

File: 1619969630026.png (236.91 KB, 348x257, d33882574552d6680a8c0edad8b6e9…)

I don't like Ethan either but how someone could ever feel sorry for this dumb horse-faced manipulative bitch is beyond me. She is unfunny, has 0 talent, negative charisma and the intelligence of an ape.
All the anons simping for her are retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1221707

I mean I don't get the love for her, but I also don't get your hate for her, although I admit I don't watch their podcasts because they're shit, so my exposure to Hila is mainly from their youtube video era.
She was much more popular when she was the silent "straight man" rounding her eyes and laughing at Ethan's antics because people could project whatever over her why persona, when she actually opened her mouth and "came out of her shell", it turned out she doesn't actually have much to say worth listening to.

No. 1221714

Jesus christ anon get help
She's not even interesting enough for you to be this mad at

No. 1221717

To be fair Hila’s original role was filming and video editing- which she is very good at. I agree that it was a mistake for her to integrate more into the skits and eventually the podcast…

No. 1221720

>Why do you think more women are having kids in their 30s vs 20s?
Because people in their 20s can't afford kids. Human biology has not changed, society has made it so people in their 20s can't buy a house and afford kids on a single-income household anymore. By the time a lot of women are "ready" to have kids and can afford it, they have difficulty to conceive. If you can't afford expensive treatment you're fucked.

No. 1221721

People would be complaining if she was sooper hawt too and paired with ethan. She looks fine, her and ethan are in each others leagues. A lot of these youtube personalities shoot waaaaaay outside of their league

No. 1221725

Vape nation was still less than five years ago. They were not rich enough to stop doing videos and default to podcasts then. If my age is showing then yours is too, since you apparently don't even remember their early videos. Literally couldn't afford a bell pepper.

No. 1221747

holy shit! his mom is hot

No. 1221784

>are you 15
Ironic af coming from the person who only knows them as rich.

No. 1221797

Tbh she used to show glimpses of some kind of personality like the dunnies or dork dancing with ethan

No. 1221835

ily bell pepper anon

No. 1221895

I am merely one of at least two bell pepper anons, but I speak for all of us when I say we love you too

No. 1221939

What? Biology hasn't changed you're right. Child mortality rates are much better and less women die in childbirth. The body isn't finished developing until mid 20s. Carrying a baby is extremely labour intensive and high risk for teenage pregnancies. That's why a lot of young mothers get c sections. You're incredibly misinformed and strange.

No. 1221940

Kourtney Kardashian had her first kid at 30 and then had 3 more with ease. Khloe her younger sister in her mid 20s at the time was struggling to get pregnant and joked Kourtney just has to sneeze to get pregnant. We even saw the first two births how she had an easy labor and pulled them both out herself lol. A healthy woman should be fine but it doesn't hurt to go to a doctor if you've been trying for months and nothing happening. It's judt more publicised fertility treatments and funny enough a lot of the issue is with men's sperm but men's bodies are rarely remarked upon.

No. 1221966

Apparently yes, I have been living under a rock lmao
Some of his new songs are still used in tiktoks so I assumed zoomers haven't found out about Filthy Frank, my bad

No. 1221969

2 days late but I'm with you anon.
sl04n's videos are like a timeline of what's being discussed in this thread. His research seems to consist of skimming lolcow and being spoonfed by his Twitter followers.
The Xtina video left out a whole chunk of her career, his Britney timeline of events sometimes doesn't match and tbh it seems like he didn't know anything about Britney before he realised he could make money talking about her (he's really no better than Britney's dad in that regard)

Some PO Box package's from "fans" also seem more like a sponsored Ads
I get the vibe he's not as authentic as he tries to portray (especially looking at his old videos, he is much more aggressive)

No. 1222117

I think theres a lot of youtubers that use this site for info while kinda beating around the bush for where they got the info from. I mean i can see why youtubers dont wanna list this site lul, but if youre gonna use stuff that cant really be found anywhere else but lolcow, then just be honest and say you got it from lolcow.

No. 1223212

his mom looks like the other mother from coraline. but yea she is hot

No. 1223581

Dunno if anyone saw that Carson's Fandom made r/CALLMECARSON_2.check it if yall want to loose braincells.
>victim blaming.
>fanboys in denial.
>wholesome carson memes (Wholesome hebophile)
>Clingy stan behavier.
The other day a Grooming victim posts to this sub, states she's been in Sams position but calls it "Attention seeking" & blames her for Carsons actions.
Diplorable statments.

No. 1223591

I swear burgers have some sort of collective psychosis, literally nowhere else in the world has the "you're sterile by 30" meme. In my country women are rightfully paranoid about getting surprise pregnant until they're like 45. Is it the fluoride in your water or the 5g towers in your vaccines or some shit(derailing)

No. 1223617

it’s just the aspiring tradthots who post nonsense here about “omg your eggs dry up”
doctors in the us tell people to use contraception until menopause just like they do everywhere else

No. 1223643

It's the destructive cultural influences of 4chan, the "manosphere", hoteppery and other incel bullshit. America doesn't have arranged marriage and women here are fairly sexually liberated and currently surpassing men in education & earning power. So loser scrotes think the only way they'll get laid is by scaring women into settling down with subpar men, with claims they hit some arbitrary "wall" and lose all their fertility by 30. Unfortunately only the dumbest tradthots fall for their crap, so they still fail to get laid and instead write manifestos and shoot up random malls and cinemas.

No. 1223655

moids really resort to wishful forced memes when reality continuously slaps them in the face lmfao

No. 1223867

The US has a much bigger trad lobby than most other developed countries. I once looked up the difference in amount of stay at home wifes in the US vs my own country and it was a difference of 15%.

Most women where I am from have children in their 30ties and no they don't need any expensive treatments to make that happen and we don't have more disabled children walking around either. Cope

No. 1223987

Everyone in this thread is retarded confirmed.

It's literally just some people have an easier time getting pregnant then other people. Age may factor but not really until 45. Khloe and Kim just got the shitty uteruses in the family.

I just feel bad for women over a certain age unless they're fit and healthy cause they're just usually not the same health as they were in their youth and children sometimes take a toll on them harder then a "young mom". But that's about it and there's plenty young, fat, unhealthy moms lol.

No. 1224010

File: 1620231481982.jpg (207.52 KB, 1024x854, istockphoto-891102446-1024x102…)

I liked him for awhile. I thought he was a little annoying but that's not the end of the world. Until I saw a video where he opened viewer fanmail and started autistically flipping out having a "panic attack" all because a viewer sent him cute stickers of an animal that "triggers" him, but he's so afraid of the animal he can't say what it is and called it "the f-word". Full man baby melted down over some innocent stickers and turned it around to show what he was panicking over and it was just the most innocent cartoony cottage ore froggy lmao what the fuck. Actual women with ptsd aren't allowed to be triggered over little things but this adult man is freaking out and shaming a fan for not knowing he hates frogs so much he can't say their name and panics seeing something like Pic related, as if his entire channel isn't him speculating about little girls being sexually abused by old men

No. 1224129

>17 y/o groomed by a 19 y/o
whaaaaa? don't be a retard

No. 1224197

I mean, who hasn't solicited child porn as a 19 year old? carson dindu nuffin mang

No. 1224215

The "child porn" thing is like. A technicality. There's nothing wrong with a 19 year old flirting with or dating a 17 year old. If he was 21 or something it'd be creepy and weird as shit and maybe something to ~cancel~ him over but it's still not pedophilia

No. 1224228

So the burger midlife infertility meme is because burgers are fat and unhealthy so they can barely walk by 30 let alone reproduce. Sasuga USA

No. 1224312

File: 1620260540739.png (106.12 KB, 1033x405, Untitled.png)

my ranking of the Funny Internet Comedy Guys(no1curr)

No. 1224314

I don't understand, they're all the same person

No. 1224317

No. 1224378

kurtis is funnier than danny imo

No. 1224492

Asking for nudes from a 17-year old is soliciting child porn. There's no "technicality" to speak of.

No. 1224541

I think she really loves him.
But i've always hated how he thirsts over random women and porn stars…
I will never understand how some women are ok with their significant other thirsting over porn stars, let alone openly in front of you.
Poor girl, I think she thinks it is normal behaviour.

No. 1224543

poor jakey doesn't deserve this

also ss tier is the supermega boys.

No. 1224569

ok keemstar

No. 1224578

Cody lower than B. I like Jakey but maybe I just have bad taste.

No. 1224595

I love Jakey, but that boy needs to get out of NYC.

No. 1224615

i like most of their content but this is really just ranking different flavors of "smug man tearing into random topics" kek

No. 1224633

Why? What's going on with him?

No. 1224644

He moved to the city right when COVID started, had a clear and slow mental breakdown as the year went by, and proceeded to disappear from the internet for going on 6 months. NCY will eat you alive on a good day, I think it was all just (understandably) too much for him.

No. 1224647

sound logic there. let's distill it then
>is it breaking the law?
>is it wrong in any way morally?

No. 1224682

Love those boys. They seem to get out of trouble for the most part

No. 1224808

there is so much gabbie hanna drama that at this point I can't even keep track.

apparently one of the things that happened was that she sent her newest poetry book to rachel oates, and rachel made some videos dissecting the poetry and criticizing it and this drove gabbie insane, calling rachel a bitch etc.

there's also some drama with trisha paytas and someone named oscar wylde. there are so many videos that I don't even know which one to link.

she's truly losing it.

No. 1224841

You're right Nonnie! Carson has all the right to keep soliciting a 17 year old's nudes!

>(Sarcasm, for smoothbrains.)

No. 1224859

They are all the same…

No. 1224866

oh no, teens exchanging nudes.

No. 1224869

She complains about making no youtube money or getting engagement whilst never producing content to consume. There are so many things she could do like post bts of her music making process, do some videos on writing prompts. Instead she spends her days cooped up in her dirty house being angry for no reason.
The important detail is that she only got pissed at Rachel a whole fucking year after the video. Gabbie is truly deranged, she needs to quit the internet and go and get some serious mental help.

No. 1224870

You still shouldn't be sending nudes and receiving nudes even as a teen. To blog a bit, but i remember police coming to my school and talking to us about this top and they stated it would still be considered cp no matter who is in possession of it.

No. 1224875

well the law is the law, still there's nothing predatory about it

No. 1224880

You included Jakey but not Eddy or Gus? Much to think about.

No. 1224910

Exactly. I confuse all the names because they have such basic similar personalities and humor

No. 1224942

I have no idea what the hell she's trying to achieve. She seems deranged on twitter and tiktok, but on her patreon she's claiming it's all trolling?

She could've used the David Dobrik momentum when people dug up that he was kinda mean to her in his vlogs, if she wanted attention. Would've made so many people sympathetic towards her. But she choose this route instead.

Nothing she does makes sense.

No. 1225240

you think 19 year old scrotes aren’t capable of being predators?

No. 1225248

Of course they can but what exactly makes it predatory if the girl was 17? It's not like she was in middle school. It's dumb and illegal and skeevy but not predatory or grooming

No. 1225355

its not predatory if its two teens consenting between eachother. do you think its illegal for minors to have sex period/ do you think they dontn do it anyways? lol

No. 1225513

Why was this person banned? Power tripping jannies are fucking cringe.
Also Kurtis is too high.

No. 1225599

Jake Paul was trying to intimidate floyd mayweather (i think logan was supposed to have a fighting match against him?) and got the shit beat out of him. kek i love the last few seconds where you can see his scared ass face. he honestly deserves worse for the sexual assault hes done to girls.

No. 1225611

Ooh who’s gonna win this fight, the rapist or the wife beater?? They can both jump off a cliff. This is my issue with male sports in general, there’s usually nobody to root for.

No. 1225619

Why couldn't he break this fucker's nose. Next time send him to the hospital.

No. 1225970

Controversial opinion, but I do think Gabbie is the yt community’s punching bag. I don’t really give a fuck about this Rachel gal but I do know that it was a trend to review/trash Gabbie’s poetry. I can imagine that felt pretty horrible to see your work so widely panned.
I’ve never consumed Gabbie’s content beyond hate-watching her music videos, so maybe she is just a constantly grating person that people can’t help but want to make fun of, idk. But I get why she’s angry. I like that she’s vocal about it, but she’s really good at garnering the opposite of sympathy kek

Also lmao the video of Trisha asking Gabbie to stop starting to shit with her. Meanwhile Trisha uses her platform on Frenemies to manically accuse and attack other youtubers (alongside Ethan, he does the same shit) every single week

No. 1225971

Samefag, reminds me, I’m so tired of Trisha bringing up her mental health on frenemies. It’s like her therapist introduced her the concept of voices and that’s her favorite thing to talk about now

No. 1225974

i think this is all a big act because she's an attention whore

No. 1225989

If it's content creator and fan, it is predatory. It's also not that fucking hard to not request nudes if you know that the other person is 17, but scrotes are scrotes.

No. 1225991

What a fucking idiot…I wish someone beat them both up

No. 1225996

If you preface your poetry book by telling people some of your poems are just fillers that you rushed, you deserved to be panned tbh. She did send out her book to reviewers, including Rachel, so I don't know why she was shocked it got reviewed.

No. 1226002

I agree with you on her being a punching bag, she's a narcissistic bdp bitch tho, and she deserves the criticism. What brothers me is the other youtubers framing it as some sjw thing or acting like she's worse than other problematic youtubers.
Just say you hate the bitch, find her annoying like everyone else does, make your video and go.
>Also lmao the video of Trisha asking Gabbie to stop starting to shit with her.
Trisha can be legit entertaining but I can't stand people defending her and drinking her victim complex kool aid.

No. 1226130

I know there isn't much milk right now but i would love to have a trisha paytas/frenemies/h3 thread.

I would make one but it would be really shit. I just know that within a few months we are going to get some serious milk. Trisha has been consistently saying antisemetic shit while still preaching how woke she is and how much she changed.

Both Ethan and Trisha are cows. I would just love to be able to shit talk them every tuesday. I am so intrigued by that show. They really think they are untouchable people right now.

No. 1226135

I would love this as well!

No. 1226234

H3h3 stans try to downplay the fact that she physically (and most likely emotionally) abused her fiancé. She may be right about some people but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a shit person herself.

No. 1226354

Sorry for no clip but does anyone else remember an earlier episode of frenemies where Moses talks about how his family reacted to trisha and her chosen career path? Trisha makes a joke(?) about Moses joining her for a shoot and Ethan tells trisha not to force Moses into doing porn because his family will disown him and it will fuck up his life. Trisha is obviously offended but Ethan doubles down and reiterates that she shouldn't, and that she's "very persuasive". As someone who had little exposure to trisha before frenemies that segment really stuck with me…she comes off as someone who needs to get her way always and will wear her boyfriends down until they do what she wants, aka a manipulator. She doesn't really seem like someone who should be given a platform imo

No. 1226357

And there's also the fact that she brags about going through Moses' phone everyday. Maybe she's cooled off on talking about it for now but she probably still does it. that's incredibly disturbing behavior

No. 1226359

I've been praying for a frenemies thread. I genuinely can't believe we don't have one already!

No. 1226363

I'd love this. I also watch the show every week and can see the writing on the wall for some bad shit to come. There is zero chance that Moses and Trisha will make it down the aisle and I'm sure there will be HUGE fallout then and lots of drama before that. Trisha is so weirdly compelling, I know I'm not alone in enjoying her even though she sucks in a lot of ways and is nothing like the usual person I'm into. She's a weirdly likable trainwreck (who is absolutely faking whatever new schizophrenia bullshit she's spouting, just like she faked being trans, just like she faked being a chicken nugget, just like she had a gay boyfriend for show, blah blah) and h3h3 used to be funny but seems to have had a lobotomy in the last four or five years. Would be a thread with a lot of potential imo.

No. 1226369

is this what you're talking about?

No. 1226380

she’s the punching bag bc she lets herself. if she just embraced the monster meme and the jokes about her book, she’d have been fine. gabbie lets the comments get to her which is just screaming for more comments and more trolling. she always has to be the victim. like when she deliberately provoked ricegum into grabbing her phone from her after filming him as he told her to stop and then cried about how he hits women. ricegum is the absolute worst and she made him look like the good guy bc she can’t stop starting shit.

is it easy to make videos on her? yeah but that’s entirely her fault. if she didn’t engage, she’d be fine. she’s been crying about the haters since she was exposed as a joke stealer on vine. she should just learn her lesson or embrace being a mentally ill mess like trisha does.

No. 1226384

the "lobotomy" you're talking about is probably the lexapro he's taking lmao

No. 1226406


I don't get why she does porn TBH like I'm sure it brings her a lot of money but all her youtube videos do super well and she posts multiple times a week so there's no doubt she's already making thousands a month just from that.

There's nothing wrong with sex work but I find it kinda weird for her because it doesn't really match the content she puts out elsewhere. IDK, I don't think she's a bad person but I do think she's pretty ignorant about a lot of shit and has a ton of bad habits in regards to manipulating and being manipulated by others.

No. 1226434

As far as fat plastic surgery trainwrecks go, Trisha is actually sort of pretty so I'm sure she makes a lot from degens doing her sex work; she seems like the type to see it as validating too, like she can tell herself she's hot shit because people are paying for her nudes and that makes up for everything else about her life. Typical and sad e-thottery.

No. 1226435

nothing wrong with sex work. lotta things wrong with coercing someone to do an onlyfans shoot with you when they initially didn't want to. I really think trisha knows exactly what she's doing

No. 1226441


She did embrace the monster meme her desperation was evident and people caught onto it which led her to be further cowified.


No. 1226444

Lol she was an escort, admitted to sucking dick for 5 bucks and fucked hundreds of men without condoms. Now all she has to do is show her pussy to degens and makes 6 figures monthly catering to the bbw coomers. Ofcourse she will do it.

Plus for being fat she is actually pretty so that helps.

No. 1226446

The thing is you could say its for money , she now owns teddyfresh which arguably makes more than a significant amount of money. Plus if she divorced him she would be entitled to half of everything. I think the reason she is with him is because of good old middle eastern socialisation.

No. 1226516

She's said before on frenemies that she can't believe they make money off the show bc she hasn't made any real money from YouTube in a long time. And in her Joe Rogan response video she said during her best months she's made a million from only fans.

I used to hate Trish, and Ethan really, but together I think they're great and I really have a lot of respect for Trisha. She owns what she is and I think there's a lot to admire in her honesty.

No. 1226531

>she owns what she is
ehh debatable

No. 1226538

gabbie hanna befriended her ex best friend's rapist in pursuit of internet clout. she brought this karma on herself.

No. 1226561

Kek yes. It's almost shocking how much brainfog Ethan has these days because of the antidepressants. Someone actually made a compilation where he mixes names and words but I'm too lazy to look it up

No. 1226586

File: 1620584153021.jpeg (747.18 KB, 1176x726, C6164444-D7D2-4ADB-9727-9B0B1F…)

H3 have now started a frenemies “vlog” which mostly consists of Ethan and Trisha stuffing their faces at Disney whist Hila and Moses sit in awkward silence behind the camera

No. 1226587

File: 1620584211616.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1393, FDCBC2D9-9160-41B1-AD14-0251A4…)

No. 1226591

lol can't help but feel bad for that dude

No. 1226620

looks like moses is taking his three mentally disabled cousins to disney

No. 1226634

Don't feel bad, homie stuck his dick in crazy

No. 1226718

What are Moses and Hila to do though? They're very uninteresting. I thought it was cute if you see it in a window where you know nothing about trisha and ethan

No. 1226719

Only a scrote would feel bad for a fellow scrote

No. 1226828

Anyone else thinks Moses gives off a gay vibe?

No. 1226845

How old is Moses. He could be anywhere from 39 to 55, also it's clear he's put on weight since dating Trisha. I don't know how old Hila is but I assume she's the younger sibling. he looks like the embarrassed dad who's uncomfortable about taking the kids to Disney on his weekend

No. 1226904

Apparently he’s 43

No. 1226957

>will wear her boyfriends down until they do what she wants
wtf i love trisha now

No. 1227464

lol i watched the vlog and it was painfully…boring. they didn't really do any disney stuff besides eat. i understand why ethan and hila wouldnt bring their kid but it is kind of weird for 5 grown ass adults to go to disney world, just to eat, especially in a pandemic… they also kept spending a bunch of money on overpriced disney cups/bowls just to throw them away when they were done eating. one of the things was like $80. Also Trisha looked super uncomfortable most of the time, she said in the beginning she doesnt feel comfortable vlogging when people are around. They implied that there would be more 'vlogs'. I really hope there isnt bc jesus christ this one put me to sleep. Frenemies thread soon?

No. 1227496

i think it was that boring because her sister and mom i think were there and ethan didn't want to be too offensive in front of them

No. 1228365

Even though Trisha is fucked I DO hope she and Moses are genuinely content with each other. I feel like Moses is caring with her and Trisha is a generous, fun, and confident. I hope she’s managing the bad sides of mental illness better now that she seems to have stable relationships but I don’t know!

Despite how awful Trisha can be she’s so deeply traumatized and she’s been abused so so much. Even though she’s a big ignorant dramatic attention whore I can’t help but wish she could find happiness.

No. 1228424

She was a literal street hooker when she was 18, it's probably hard for someone that crazy to untangle herself all the way from that type of shit, it's obvious she has no self esteem and various sexual trauma

No. 1228770

File: 1620846217691.png (1.7 MB, 1453x2048, Screenshot_20210512-130203.png)

James is getting sued by a former employee. I say get your bag girl.

Here's a link that's free to view the article. http://web.archive.org/web/20210512005021/https://www.businessinsider.com/james-charles-sued-lawsuit-kelly-rocklein-n-word-wrongful-termination-2021-5

No. 1228778

Where in the ever living fuck did you get this from? Trisha has never been a hooker, street or otherwise. She worked in a strip club for a few months, and even that's debatable. Her mum basically maxxed out all her credit cards so Trisha could start her L.A bimbo dreamlife at 18, Trish is a fucking troll, always has been and always will be, anyone that takes her seriously has a lukewarm iq at best.

No. 1228787

She has literally always talked about it, it's even been brought up on frenemies
unless you think sticking a candle up your ass for $200 isn't prostitution if you call it "escorting"

No. 1228795

The same person who trolled about being trans, a chicken nugget, a jew, a Christian, a lesbian, having DID, a drug addict? I don't doubt she's sucked a few hollyweird dicks to get 5 mins on a tv show, but she was never a street hooker and has also never claimed to be she has openly said her mum funded her career before she made it on YouTube.

No. 1228870

>she has openly said her mum funded her career before she made it on YouTube
So we're supposed to believe this even though she's crazy but we should not believe Trisha saying she escorted in Hollywood or believe her saying she did five dollar blowjobs because she's crazy?

No. 1228902

>It's the destructive cultural influences of 4chan
Ironic, considering what this place is.

Right, that's your issue with male sports. Not the fact that they include males at all.
Go pet your cat.

She looks like Miss Piggy. Even for a fat chick, she's repulsive to look at.

Cringe parasocial relationship you're having there.

No. 1228906

NTA Why do you always come here just to post with so much personal angst at any comment criticising men? Weirdo.

No. 1228912

lol obvious seething moid is obvious

No. 1228927


No. 1228986

The amount of scrote energy radiating from this is making me want to throw up.

No. 1229206

never has a post on this site been so obviously written by a male

No. 1229284

File: 1620921368959.jpeg (379.88 KB, 1080x1773, E0mCiI2WEAIa59h.jpeg)

No. 1229285

Shave his ASS???

No. 1229312

omg this lolcow, I forgot about his dramatic fat ass.

No. 1229345

File: 1620925561697.jpg (556.26 KB, 928x1378, Screenshot_20210513-130231_Chr…)

bless this intuitive anon

No. 1229369

I knew he was in sufferable prick when he tried to do non-true crime related videos. Nobody wants to watch him rant about egirls or fuckbois, the ego on this man is insulting

No. 1229397

At this point I think it is safe to say that you should never date a man who does youtube/twitch/influencer/entertainer for a living if you don't want to get cheated on.

I am convinced at this point they are all doing it, just because they can. Yes anon, that wholesome youtuber you enjoy watching who is so cute with his wife, he is cheating on her in this very moment.

Hate men.

No. 1229403

So a few of the girls who have come forward were underage when Rob was talking to them. It seems that he would either:

a) help them pay bills or buy them things and then pressure them to send nudes as a thank you or
b) tell them a sob story and ask them for money.

One of them says she has sent him $8000 over the years and another fan says that she has sent him $3000 this year alone. It seems that Rob has a pill addiction too.

No. 1229789

Eugenia has stooped to a new low. She repeatedly flashed her underwear during her latest video, while wearing eyeshadows that match it, as if to draw attention to it or something. The comments under the video are exclusively negative

No. 1229833

eugenia cooney onlyfans when?

No. 1230015

funny because she recently was asked on a livestream by some guy who gave her $1100 if she will ever start an onlyfans to do "outfit" videos and waist shots on it. and eugenia seemed really intruiged like "oh you can do that on onlyfans? showing your outfits?" i looked for the video where she said it and can't find it but, i really think she might open a ana-fetish onlyfans soon.

No. 1230017

nevermind i found it. it's in this video at around 6:36

No. 1230203

God that dude looks like a fucking macaque with a toupee lmao

No. 1231168

File: 1621157623997.jpg (316.63 KB, 828x1320, IMG_0357.jpg)


she gives off the impression that she's losing her mind. Might be a publicity stunt though

No. 1231170

File: 1621157654778.jpg (229.82 KB, 828x1363, IMG_0358.jpg)

No. 1231171

File: 1621157758011.jpg (223.54 KB, 827x1339, IMG_0359.jpg)

No. 1231214

I thought this was Trisha poorly photoshopped to look thinner

No. 1231368


It's an obvious attempt at getting publicity for that "documentary" she teased she is making. she acts "crazy" because she took a page out of trisha's book. it always gave trisha a lot of attention when she acted crazy so gabbie is trying the same thing now. she'll say something like "haha you are all so stupid for thinking i was having a real mental breakdown" once her little publicity stunt is over. she thinks she is trueman from the trueman show or something too (like she renamed all her socials to "the gabbie show" again and the bio saying "ejoy the show".
she just forgot one little thing. even if it's just "trolling" doesn't give her a right to attack people and pull them into her mess left and right.

No. 1231764

File: 1621226527500.jpg (78.17 KB, 1080x194, Screenshot_20210517-003622_You…)

I still think she's legitimately losing it… she admitted in a zoom call that she was paranoid a child fan was actually an old woman and got them to click a link id-ing their ip address and made them send a video and still suspected that it was an old woman who got a young kid to make the video…… like whaaaaaat girl even if this is "all a part of the plan", sane people dont play like that. Not even for a million dollars can i see myself doing that nonsense. Now shes talking to kids in a discord she was never invited to asking them to have their parents sign ndas because they dont like her patreon cult. Hows that supposed to be for publicity? I dont even think there is a youtube series. Its been like a month. She has so many people burned by her at this point they could all come together and do a charity livestream that would slap harder than any of her pop songs.

No. 1232068

I think the whole patreon/discord thing is a different story and has nothing to do with what she does publicly. I won't deny that there is something mentally wrong with her, because obviously there is. And the attention seeking in public is stemming from whatever issues she has. (not to diagnose but she shows clear signs of narcissism and paranoia so she might be a paranoid narcissit. but that's just a hunch)

No. 1232341

maybe she's not mentally ill and she's on drugs

No. 1234911

From the sounds of what's rumbling on tumblr, they're about to be in trouble. Pretty sure it's about Matt.

No. 1234916

tf did ratt watson do?

No. 1234917

File: 1621564832787.png (27.34 KB, 453x308, Screenshot 2021-05-20 213950.p…)

No clue. Someone messaged theocseason4 on tumblr about Matt cheating on his girlfriend and then jerma985 (not the actual streamer, just some random with his name) messaged them saying they have info too, and now they're talking to the anon without posting the messages. It seems like jerma985 knows Matt in some way though.

No. 1234960

Narcissism isn’t that common ffs she’s just a self absorbed dumb ass transplant in la and her entire career is her being talentless. Didn’t her own sister say she was just a huge bully in high school? That’s it. People can have huge issues with rejection and not be diagnosable with anything, especially when everyone on YouTube is toxic af. It’s learned behavior that’s reinforced, she’s just older now so it’s easier to see it’s a pattern. It grew from forced quirky behavior because she’s not actually mentally ill to not so passive aggressive anger that she’s not special and has no talent. People did use her as a punching bag and if she stayed calm and said a few things to the appropriate people it would’ve been fine or cool, but she’s threatening literal children and taking it out on people far less powerful than her who were the ones giving her money in the first place. Like fuck your ugly new haircut you made someone ten years younger than you, who was giving you money directly, cry or be terrified and you’re not stopping. She has people around her who would step in if it was an emergency, or be able to correctly notice “off” symptoms, and they’re not because she’s just a dickhead trying to out paytas the real paytas, but gave her schizophrenia instead and tbh i too would develop schizophrenia just to deny the existence of gabbie Hanna

No. 1235071

The issue with that is that Trisha wasn't even trolling, she was just going through manic episodes (most of them drug educed) and just called it trolling so people wouldn't give her so much flack, taking it all as a joke. Gabbi is acting the same exact way. Her going on twitter saying that people taking her "fake" mental breakdown seriously just sounds like she's going through an actual manic episode. Too many times these influencers say that they're faking a breakdown/manic episode only for them to be proper diagnosed with bipolar/ BPD a couple of months to a year later. (IE Fousytube, Trisha, Kanye)

That's not really milky unless he was cheating on her with a fan, then he'll just be projared 2.0

No. 1235654

Does anyone have info on Goose Booses girlfriend? He keeps making jokes about how much younger she is than him, calling her a fetus and jokingly saying shes 16 years younger than him

Is he just memeing on groomers or is there actually something to laugh at here?

No. 1235764

>she's not NPD it's not that common
>she actually has schizophrenia
I was with you but you somehow made an even worse armchair diagnosis.

No. 1236117

Trisha is an entirely different person and although I agree she probably doesn’t have schizophrenia, she’s been psychotic in the past and has been hospitalized. Gabbie is just a fucking asshole and overgrown bully who refuses to leave Trisha alone, Trisha visibly can’t handle it and it’s obviously taking a toll on her unstable mental health. It was just a joke she developed schizophrenia because of gabbie but I low key would believe it. Gabbie made up rumors about trishas sexual health for fun, she’s trash who probably gave at least one of those kids their first anxiety attack.

Also love how she called out only women prettier than her for saying her poetry objectively sucks, because it does, then weakly called out some men she didn’t care about until she could say they were sexist.
She used to make jokes with Shane about kids he found attractive, and was around
Dobrik so much she had to have seen something, but conveniently she protected those male offenders all these years, and women are supposed to rally because a bitch with a big nose was called a bitch with a big nose by a penis haver.

No. 1237058

That guy Surviving Life had the police called on him for having a mental breakdown on his street and a neighbour allegedly witnessed him violently handling his heavily pregnant wife.

He claims that he was just helping her get in or out of the car. Either way, he has been told he can't go near his wife or have any contact for the time being

No. 1237140

Not super milky in itself since Matt and his gf are both kinda skeezy and probably “open” or engaged in some poly zoomer shit. Like anon said, unless it is with a young fan or another creator I doubt it is anything too exciting.

No. 1237277

How are they skeezy? Not disagreeing just wondering

No. 1237356

sorry to be off topic but does anyone know what happened to the last thread? i can't find it anywhere and I wanna read about the destery smith stuff

No. 1237366

No. 1237369

thank you so much!!

No. 1237427

I always kind of got weird vibes from this guy when his videos would pop up in my recommended. He just seems a little too invested in making videos about child exploitation,assault, pedophiles, etc to a degree where it becomes weird for someone who is not directly working with law enforcement to stop this kind of stuff.

No. 1238108

Yeah he made a 4 hours long "documentary" about child-torture-porn and all his followers are middle agers conspiratards. It was only a matter of time

No. 1238420

She even wanted to take her sister to court over drawings she didn't credit her for. Everytime I find out something about Gabi I dislike her more and more

No. 1239670

Oh, I know about this. They're on-and-off again type, probably on account of Annabel being psycho. She faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage and when she got caught in her lie she threatened to slit her wrists. They have some sort of joint bank account (?) that Matt doesn't actually have access to.
Matt rants about it to about anyone who'll listen, including that he hates her.

No. 1239689

All youtubers who make videos on child predators are completely mental themselves.

No. 1241591

File: 1622334513439.jpeg (Spoiler Image,671.99 KB, 828x1530, D9A0424F-07A5-4784-966E-824C51…)

It was requested on the corpse thread that someone intros this cow here, so here’s Paulina Rivera/Instagram fawn.paulina/tiktok moongirl.paulina
> dates virtue signalling pedohunter YouTuber mamamax
> does the “child” voice in one of his pedo vids (obligatory fake egirl uwu voice)
> posts cringey Instagram stories whining about her mental health, being asexual, constant suicidebaiting etc
> posts unhinged tiktoks where she whines about her obligatory egirl bpd, all around massive attention whore
> “asexual” for oppression points but has a sex playlist on YouTube and brags about having sex constantly, also brags about using Max as a sugar daddy
> vagueposts about loey lane shading her for flirting with Max
> previously a cringey dasha and shoeonhead simp on twitter (now deleted/suspended)
> used to post weird political vids on YouTube aligning herself with June’s politics

No. 1241593

File: 1622334585972.jpeg (619.15 KB, 828x1473, C8A48337-9548-4EAC-9CC5-A94058…)

Example of the deranged shit Paulina posts daily

No. 1241690

Kek thanks for this anon. She’ll be giving us lots of fresh whole milk

No. 1242196

File: 1622395682843.png (7.51 MB, 1242x2208, 4E14A514-66AC-4B8F-88D0-65C4A0…)

No. 1242726

File: 1622459311675.jpeg (714.33 KB, 828x1471, EF95197F-00A1-48BC-B399-E776E2…)

This is attention whore on attention whore crime

No. 1242794

I encourage anyone thirsty for milk to watch her tiktoks. Too many to embed, it's a gold mine goldmine: https://www.tiktok.com/@moongirl.paulina?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

No. 1243237

anon do you have a link to the video? I can't find it

No. 1243268

File: 1622506862529.jpeg (1004.93 KB, 1192x1648, 6B9F5556-9B77-47E7-BCD6-823200…)

Her lips are chapped af and she has a hair sticking out of her mouth

A lot of her content is unhinged and she fakes this weird child voice in her newer TikToks. It made me suicidal

No. 1243289

Disgusting. How is she dating a fairly famous YouTube and looks and acts like such trash? Idk if this is appropriate for youtuber thread though, is it just correlation, or does she have a channel?

No. 1243300

Anon I gotta know how you know this because I’ve been following the smeghead boys and Annabel for awhile and this makes me kinda sad

No. 1243380

Mutual friends. I know someone who's worked with them and hangs out with them on occasion. I've also talked to someone else who knew all the Annabel stuff and confirmed/expanded on it. It's a big mess.
Matt's kept this private to the public eye, but he's surrounded himself with gossips and has a bad handle on who he should be venting to.

No. 1243391

Damn that’s a lot, I’m surprised Annabel is actually psycho-psycho. I mean it was kinda obvious they were dating but the fact that they never went fully public with it and how they would spend some time together and then seem to ignore each other makes sense. Also ngl I noticed Matt’s been looking pretty rough over the past year and a half.

So did he actually ‘cheat’ or is it BPD sperg over booking up with someone else while being broken up?

No. 1243399

I honestly have no idea if they were broken up when he slept with someone else, but he doesn't want to be in the relationship in the first place so I don't know if that exactly counts as cheating. Trap someone in a relationship, they're gonna sleep with other people, plain and simple.
I don't know what other barriers there are keeping him trapped outside of her suicide baiting, except maybe the financials and blackmail wrt sexuality, though anyone with half a brain can figure out which way he leans.

No. 1243406

Sounds fucked. Part of me feels bad for him if that’s the case but also the only thing you can do in that situation is cut the cord. Suicide baiters like that never actually go through with it. He’s also already publicly hinted that he’s not straight so I don’t think she’d have that over him. It’s really weird that if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship they have a joint bank account? That’s the part that really confuses me. Either Annabel somehow convinced him to do something super stupid or he’s just so insanely wishy washy he’d open a bank account with a girl he has no intentions on taking seriously. Still it’s a rough situation to be in and I hope he can get away from her and that she can get better.

No. 1243411

Yeah, I have no idea how or why that bank account came to be, but he's kind of a doormat so it's not a huge surprise to me if he was convinced into doing something stupid.
I'm hoping he finds a way out too, or gets her 5150d next time she threatens.

No. 1243520

Paulina is just here because she dates Max, she was in the corpse thread as Max is linked to him but it was requested she be moved to here

No. 1243693

File: 1622564568437.png (20.49 KB, 507x190, dream1.png)

Dream admitted to cheating


>After considering this, **I ended up finding out that I HAD actually been using a disallowed modification during ~6 of my live streams on Twitch.** At the time we were just starting to record videos on 1.16 and we had just hired a developer to help with coding mods for videos because me and George had no experience with mods only plugins. One of the mods that they were working on was an overall recording mod, that I have used in every video (with updates and improvements) since around the speedrun controversy. You may notice it in my videos due to f3 being small or particles being reduced, or recently on my streams things like the background being custom or a “Dreams servers” option and plenty of other features and improvements.

>In our challenge videos, before 1.16 we always increased the enderman spawn rates and pearl drop rates out of convenience and we’ve mentioned that openly before. It makes the videos better because we don’t spend hours looking for pearls or spend so much time farming blaze rods (a totally RNG thing, mostly pearls). When 1.16 came out, it was more complicated to increase piglin trades then it is to do enderman pearl drops. A server side plugin was made for our videos that slightly increases the rates. Around this time is when the first versions of the recording mod was being made, although it was more of a chat mod at this point.

>I had considered at the time that this potentially could have been a problem, but brushed it off because 1. Server side and client side are completely different and as far as I was aware nothing had been done client side. 2. as far as I knew it was just basically a chat mod so far and 3. I was 99% sure that I didn’t even have the recording mod on. Which was backed up by the fabric api logs saying that only the fabric api was loaded (although I found out later it only lists things that explicitly ask to be listed which I had no idea) this was mentioned in my response video.

>I ended up thinking that it’s basically the only explanation after the professor came back with what he did. I talked with the developer and ended up finding out that when working on the mod stuff he had added the same improvements from our challenge servers to the client side mod so that they would work in single player for videos like the shock collar video or other “single player” mod videos. This was only in an early rendition of the mod and was removed because the developer realized that those type of videos can just be done on a PC hosted server. This actually included a couple other things that weren’t mentioned at all during the controversy much as far as I’m aware. Ender eyes had a low chance of breaking when thrown, and enderman dropped pearls at a much higher percentage (I don’t think I killed many enderman so this wasnt noticeable, similar to the eyes).

>When I realized this, I felt an extreme sense of guilt and I took down my response video not believing in what I said in the video at all anymore. This was a couple months ago at this point I believe. When the drama first started I cared more about defending myself and being right, then about figuring out what was actually going on and I shot myself in the foot by doing it.

No. 1243696

File: 1622564729699.png (659.72 KB, 1366x4401, dream.png)

he deleted the tweet immediately after and told people to move on

No. 1243732

File: 1622569132679.jpeg (236.18 KB, 1242x1543, 4418675D-AFE0-4BFA-A993-CE3641…)

Does she still count as a YouTuber? I can only imagine the seething retards coming for her

No. 1243736

wtf based amberlynn

No. 1243741

love to see a vagina fetishist thriving!

No. 1243748

File: 1622570484282.jpeg (347.13 KB, 750x1008, 0AEB81E2-091D-433C-8A7B-A19C83…)

Thanks for posting it, he claimed the website deleted it but I don’t know if I’ve seen that happen like this before.

No. 1243769

File: 1622572747904.png (103.2 KB, 1052x211, dream2.png)

someone said this on kiwifarms about the deleted pastebin. At this point I'm inclined to believe anyone over dream tbh

No. 1243775

one thing i actually like about amber is her TERF tendencies, at least she understands tranny shit is dumb

No. 1243778

Idk who this girl is but she is about to face the rage of thousands of balding coomers in spinny skirts for this.

No. 1243812

I can only imagine how much the haydurs are seething rn lmao

No. 1244132

File: 1622616964159.jpeg (855.16 KB, 828x1466, 0663956C-4914-4375-BB6A-19604C…)

> I don’t do this often
> had ko-fi linked in bio for months whilst creating no content for it under the guise of working on a “poetry book” , only took it down recently as she got literally zero donations

No. 1244454

It's always ambiguous "medical bills" that they need help paying for. Be honest and say you are buying a pizza lmao

No. 1244592

File: 1622685750503.jpeg (486.1 KB, 1242x1778, 289B2B64-0F40-4467-984F-B87ABF…)

People did say a bunch of dumb woke troon shit to her and it’s actually making her upset. I feel bad, she even clarified in other asks, but nope, have to be be into girldick and bisexual otherwise you’re a transphobe! I’m bisexual and find this both bi- and homophobic.

No. 1244684

Aw, you missed an opportunity to use “doormatt”

No. 1245129

Why are you feeling bad for her? Everything she does is to seek attention and validation on the internet. She’s probably not even upset, she’s most likely beaming because she made the situation about herself and people are feeling sorry for her

No. 1245280

Did anyone of you follow the asmr youtube drama? Apparently this dude jim asmr from yt got into multiple individual relationships with other asmr creators. Then it got out that he is married irl and he ghosts all of the women. Then one of the ghosted women leaks the nudes of one of the other women

No. 1245303

I mean the situation was about her. Someone asked her a question, she answered it and people started talking shit to her.
I don't feel bad for her, but what people are coming at her for is retarded.

No. 1245335

Obviously don't share the revenge porn part but post screenshots of the drama please nonny.

No. 1245405

The first video is Karuna Satori ASMR talking about the situation w screencaps. It's p heated:


The second video is from a drama channel and provides a good overlook on the situation:


Crinkleluvin seems like a deranged pick-me girl

No. 1245409

He also told his online side chicks that he was non-binary for clout, I bet his wife doesn't know any of this. Scrotes will be scrotin

No. 1245594

This is why I only watch GentleWhispering, WhispersRed, and Korean channels kek what the fuck

No. 1245644

this gets brought up prob once a pride month for ALR. i think some ppl connect it to some ex she had a few years back who went transtrender and she also accused of rape.

No. 1245709

File: 1622788045253.png (848.27 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20210604-000901.png)

One of his victims was Tea for Two ASMR she made a series of tweets but has since deleted them.

No. 1245757

Does Critical Role channel have any milk? They seem to have an extremely milk potential.

No. 1245820

She already got a nose job. The problem with her nose is they can't really do much with it though.
They can make it smaller and a bit more slopey but she has huge nostrils. There's nothing to fix it

No. 1245835

Other than Matt being a 4chan user and occassionally lurking /tg/ but probably hiding the critical role threads kek I don't think so, unless we're talking the fanbase surrounding it.

No. 1245863

Why not? They strike to me as the same people who would want to cancel others on Twitter because of their woke pandering, which is why their place is fucked up

No. 1245877

Do a deep dive, see what you can find if you're so convinced. They did have the one guy (Orion Acaba) in the first campaign who was a petulant trainwreck but he apparently had substance abuse issues at the time and regrets most everything.
The fandom is another story but fandoms usually are.

No. 1245879

File: 1622817045573.jpeg (294.25 KB, 828x1466, 961BDF05-B6BA-4B97-AE20-0A897B…)

His replies to her are so apathetic, why would she post this she looks so weird and annoying

No. 1245924

She texts like an eternal child. Reminds me of texts Marzia sends to Pewdiepie and then shares on twitter. Some people think texting like this looks cute, but it looks more annoying than anything

No. 1246678

No. 1246818

do u have any examples of this

No. 1246863

soooo….anyone heard the dream being a trump supporter on reddit thing… ¬‿¬(¬‿¬)

No. 1246870

posted about it in the twitch thread >>>/snow/1246200
you need to be over 18 to use this site by the way

No. 1246900

File: 1622913573028.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 80A34B61-36A4-4A8E-A8EC-5AAE3D…)

>muh self harm
She never stops whining about her made up issues for attention. This is shit people do when they’re like 12-16 years old posting on their snapchat story kek not 20 something year olds

No. 1246903

File: 1622913629242.png (8.92 MB, 1242x2208, B727EA3C-0E1A-4CBB-9D1A-F22F38…)

Her big announcement recently also.

No. 1246905

I really think Max is with this bitch out of pity. They don’t seem to have chemistry at all and he refrains from posting her and doesn’t even follow her. His savior complex most likely made him think he can fix her or something.

Yes Max keeps some things private but she is in one of his videos and her Instagram was linked to it. I doubt privacy is the reason especially because of that and her Instagram publicly posts him.

No. 1247104

File: 1622931230489.jpg (201.29 KB, 1124x1988, Marziatweet.jpg)

This is a recent one. Found it on her twitter, but she also shows off many caps of her texts to felix on her stories on instagram

No. 1247124

File: 1622932073594.png (539.28 KB, 750x1171, Marziatext.png)

Samefag, but this is an even better example

No. 1247170

I like Marzia, but this is kind of embarrassing.

No. 1247205

Totally agree. He will never be able to though, she absolutely thrives off of the attention gained from being crazy online. Her only personality is whatever mental illness she decides to parade on her insta story that week. Max should run as far as he can, from every cap she posts of their texts it doesn’t even seem like he likes her at all

No. 1247217

this reminds of when people pretend to be super drunk and post a bunch of super obnoxious shit

No. 1247259

why does he always sound so uninterested in talking to her? ive never seen a single interaction between them where he's even returned 10% of her energy. it always comes off like she's trying desperately to get his attention and he eventually placates her with some sort of nothing response. it's so weird she posts these.

No. 1247301

She's just flaunting her access, knowing that his dumb fans will think it's ~goalz~

No. 1247528

Their couple yt videos are good, he's always been shit at texting afaik though because he is too much of a normie

No. 1247771

Anon Paulina is at least 23 if not older kek. She acts like a deranged 14 year old

No. 1251071

How do people here feel about Eugenia coney ? I’m pretty inclined to dislike her Bc she’s obnoxious and pretty brain dead it seems (her talking about jefreees palette during Shane/jefree cancelling and then not understanding why people were mad at her) I was listening to a clip of her talking about trishas comments on her and she just completely steers clear of the anorexia thing, like it’s so fucking crazy how she never says the word or acknowledges it in any way. It pisses me off so bad like she is just advertising to all her watchers that what she’s doing is ok ??

No. 1251346

Most severe anorexics are brain dead because they lack enough nutrients to their brain.

I’ve always felt that at this point she needs to be force fed with a tube and strapped down so she has enough food to save her life and so she can think better. She’s far too gone at this point to just go to therapy. She needs to be hospitalized

No. 1251823

Anyone see that shit about the dream face reveal

No. 1251825

this is an imageboard

No. 1251827

File: 1623347307144.jpeg (440.4 KB, 750x811, 4CE92EF7-7726-4058-B21A-638AB3…)

Can’t find the og tweet that had this photo this is just an account making fun of the person in the image. Seems to be equal argument on it both being and not being dream

No. 1251831

It's Dream. KF has been on it for weeks now.

No. 1251841

Yeah KF confirmed this. Of course dream is a greasy obese thumb

No. 1251847

Surely that is an old as fuck photo

No. 1251848

from 5 years ago in 2016

No. 1251859

Here are some old posts. Start from bottom up. Please go through the catalog next time.

No. 1251891

I wonder if hes still in Orkando

No. 1251893

No. 1251921

>>1251071 It's sad. It's just a fact that her viewers are only there to watch her degrade. She would get a bit of attention off of a recovery arc but her viewers will disappear if she overcomes her ED. I wish Eugenia the best but she's just boring and she has the vocabulary of a child. Her channel is nothing without her ED.

All these yters making concerned videos aren't doing her any good, Anorexics love the attention, no doubt Eugenia wants people to tell her she looks so frail etc. Also, all these retards who think all anorexics think they're fat. Eugenia knows how emaciated she is, no need to say she looks like a skeleton.

No. 1251960

Thank you! I hate this myth that ana chans are so delusional they believe they're fat. They know exactly how spoopy they look and they get off on people's shocked/concerned reactions. The whole disorder is about power and control.

No. 1251973

They sound so…stagnant? Like baby's first relationship at 15 but they're married and in their 30s.

It's sad that alot are watching for the inevitable nnouncement of when she dies

No. 1252031


It's not very likely she'll ever recover, as long as she's doing youtube and/or is active on social media. It's basically her whole identity by now and traps her even more in her disorder. YouTube is toxic for her but unfortunately, she's equally as toxic for her young audience.

Also, she really hasn't anything else going for her right now. She would have to build a whole new life apart from youtube, her mother and her ED. And I don't feel like she's the type to ever do so.

No. 1252060

Damn, I just scrolled through her channel to see how her recent videos were doing and it's crazy that she still regularly pulls anywhere from 100k-500k views on each one.

For an OG youtuber who's been around forever and has been putting out boring repetitive content for who knows how long now, that's kind of mindblowing and way more than I expected, even without taking into account that she's slow motion dying on camera.

I get people are concerned and like the drama but most of her content is boring and the fact that she does so many videos about appearance (tryons/makeup reviews) is laughable. I guess there are more fetishists and anachans than I thought.

No. 1252165

sorry if this was already posted but uhhhhhhh bruh?

No. 1252166

Fuck Gabbie for putting Jessi through all that for years. What a pos

No. 1252221

File: 1623363784493.jpg (271.75 KB, 568x573, 41wynRz.jpg)

Fuck Gabbie x2
The fact that Jessi has talked about how shitty she was with proof, her behavior has been an absolute disgrace for years and yet her braindead followers kept paying for her shitty Patreon.
No sympathy for those idiots.
Tweet of pic related, you have to be a special kind of lazy to post a TikTok on a tweet

No. 1252326

kek, not only did he steal Cry's brand, but now his entire appearance too. Is grooming fans coming soon?

No. 1252382

furby derangement syndrome has taken Taylor Nicole Dean & Marzia

No. 1252573

File: 1623383345198.jpg (12.78 KB, 400x400, Eq6dRzeUUAEUfR5.jpg)

So the previous face reveal from a yearbook wasn't him?

No. 1252579

Kek I didn’t know there was a ‘manure’ board

No. 1252843

That’s his brother Coleton, who’s been rumoured to have been used as a stand in for Dream‘s merch photos.

No. 1252853

File: 1623408693933.jpg (1.71 MB, 2688x4032, pt2021_06_11_12_47_19.jpg)

So do you think he shamelessly used his brother as a stand in or actually lost weight? He looks really skinny on his instagram.

This was the first thing I thought of too.
He totally stole his brand (even the crywastaken and dreamwastaken usernames) and even looks similar kek
How do they not feel ashamed for catfishing such a huge audience.

No. 1252903

I think Dream isn't even confident enough to meet in person with other youtubers. He's been on Anthony's show and iirc Corpse was there in person but they just put an animation over him. But Dream seems to not be in the studio at all. At least it sounds to me like Dream is speaking over voice chat or something.

No. 1252914

Tbh it sucks over how much of an attention whore Anthony is. Jumping from one leech and hype to another.

I remember Jill tried making him invite her to his "mental helth" interviews kek

No. 1252920

File: 1623418894581.jpg (55.16 KB, 828x598, IMG_0540.jpg)

Didn't see this posted, but Paulina's bio says she's got ~cyberstalkers~

No. 1253072

she’s such an idiot, people screenshotting things she posts publicly and discussing them is not cyberstalking. girl we don’t care about your full name or where you live or went to school okay? we are just mocking PUBLIC posts of yours. you know you don’t have to have an internet presence right? like you can just delete or be private. she wont tho cause it would prove she has read here. it’s not our fault you’re cringey. but stalkers, riiight.

No. 1253292

Didn't know talking about things that are on social media for all the public to see is stalking. Is anyone on twitter who scrutinizes another person a stalker too Paulie?

No. 1253295

File: 1623446050186.jpg (48.79 KB, 400x500, 1617638136533.jpg)

Also, her makeup… lol she looks like a stupid juggalo. Please go crazy moar to provide us moar milk.

No. 1253311

Is anyone gonna make a new frenemies/trish/H3 thread?

No. 1253316

someone should, bc lots of milk had been spilt about Trisha leaving the podcast.
shes so obnoxious in my humble opinion. i wonder how long it'll take till she goes back into her former bat-shit crazy self.

No. 1253348

Inb4 he starts sexting underage girls

No. 1253351

He stayed with Mykie after she was called out for "being racist and homophobic". I don't have any faith on him lol

No. 1253520

File: 1623464073937.png (5.27 MB, 1242x2208, 2E534161-1E8B-4442-A6DA-306A27…)

No. 1253522

File: 1623464125995.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, 4BDECE1E-337D-45CD-84F4-59716E…)

Sooo you let a whale flirt with your man?
So you’re a cuck?

No. 1253525

File: 1623464180129.png (5.29 MB, 1242x2208, F3AA259E-E2AD-4434-BF5E-4F9A1A…)

Also no one “hates” you Paulina… no one wishes any ill will upon you kek

No. 1253526

File: 1623464227178.png (2.22 MB, 1242x2208, 49D2FE77-AF06-4E60-8BCF-2C1407…)

1/2 of her “muh asexuality” sperg.

No. 1253528

File: 1623464261891.png (7.1 MB, 1242x2208, B3C5310C-B472-47D6-8DAA-E34E2C…)

No. 1253532

Also think it’s funny that she admitted in her story >>1253520 that she has been lurking lolcow over creepshow art… who knows if she’s actually a farmer too. Sage for tinfoil

No. 1253533

She also uses forum lingo “nitpick, derail” which is also a tell tale sign. Ok Pau.

No. 1253537


So she's in fact self posting, much like CSA. I knew it was her back in the second CSA thread.

No. 1253542

You think she was posting in that thread, anon?

No. 1253545

File: 1623465224591.png (2.31 MB, 1417x1900, hands.png)

>So do you think he shamelessly used his brother as a stand in or actually lost weight? He looks really skinny on his instagram.
Someone on KF compared his brothers hands (found from his brothers now private twitter account) and Dreams "hands" and they have similar scares and moles

No. 1253549

Where did this pic of cry come from? I've only seen the other one that's been floating around with the sunglasses. Confirmed him?

No. 1253583

Lurk moar

No. 1253597

>>1253520 I
’ve never heard of this person before so I’m just gonna go ahead and assjme all this boring “milk” is a self post.
I swear to god I’d rather read about that stupid shithead dream than whoever the fuck this nobody is

No. 1253599

This is a general thread.

No. 1253600

She had an intro from another thread. I think the corpse husband one. Either way you can just ignore it then

No. 1253635

We aren’t spoon feeding you information new faggot. Go to cry’s thread on kiwi or here and figure it out.

No. 1253678

Just sounds like her boyfriend can't make her cum. "I tolerate sex because I love him!!!!!!" Female asexuals would be pitiable if they weren't so fucking annoying

No. 1253715

Yeah, Paulina, sure, you're funny because you're depressed and not because you wear clown make up and say weird shit in a toddler voice for attention on the internet

No. 1253740

Not too farfetched of a tinfoil, if she's able to pick up on site lingo ("nitpick" and "derail"), and claim she's seen her name mentioned all the way back from 4 years ago, then she's most likely a seasoned farmer with an extensive post history trying to cover her recent attentionwhoring with "waaahh I have an internet stalker and totally not trying to shill myself on lc"

No. 1253748

Not even the same anon. Again, it’s a general thread. No one has to know every single thing about every single cow posted on a general thread, kek.

No. 1253985

File: 1623516945032.png (3.11 MB, 828x1792, F7922FE2-E6DF-477D-B478-12D2E8…)

What the hell happened to her body? She used to be curvy. Now she’s saggy and looks like a methhead.

She has to be abusing something. Is she taking Ritalin for her “”””adhd””””?

No. 1254022

it’s just loose skin from weight loss anon, she used to be quite a bit heavier in her Vine days compared to now

No. 1254064

File: 1623523011051.png (25.19 KB, 128x128, pathetic.png)

hi paulina. we just find you annoying, if you dont like it, stop being cringey, go private or delete? its funny she backed away calling us stalkers, she definitely reads here lmao. we dont hate watch you, and unlike YOU paulina, most of us are older than you and have jobs or go to college and go on lolcow when things are slow. and asexuality is very rare, if you enjoy having sex with your bf, sorry but you aren't "queer" or an asexual. stop embarrassing yourself. if most of us here posted all our dirty laundry to air out we would be posted in threads here too. this is the natural course of existing online. the internet was ruined from social media whores like you who use it to not be anonymous and to let it all hang out. normies (like you) use it like a hugbox. please grow up.

go cry to max. too bad it looks like he ignores you a lot haha. either you will keep responding to give us milk and continue being cringe, or you will shut up lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254073

no wonder max ignores her when she openly is saying "yeah i think everyone is too ugly to fuck me". what a stupid identity, "asexual but i like having sex". wtf?

No. 1254143

The excessive tanning and awful haircut doesn't help either

No. 1254144

She completely redefined asexuality for her own purposes kek.
The whole thing with asexuals still being able to like sex but not be sexually attracted to people makes no sense. If you’re not attracted to who you’re fucking, how are you aroused and why are you aroused?

No. 1254402

Can we talk about gabbie hanna and the bo burnham stuff that came to light recently? She apparently spent all of college lying about dating him to the point of photoshopping pics of them together and then got offended when he dissed her in a
song in his new special

No. 1254418

well not if you don't bring images or receipts, this is an imageboard nonnie

No. 1254530

No. 1254531

agree. it seems like she just is young and uncomfortable with herself, doesnt orgasm/finish, or isnt attracted to her bf. a lot of people can go without sex… hell me and my bf dont fuck that much… it doesnt make anyone asexual to just feel "meh" about sex, it's not a sexuality lol

No. 1254541

jesus christ you twitter refugees need to learn how to use this site before you post. shane has his own thread in pt and this has already been posted. and sage your shit.

No. 1254692

I watched his special and don’t remember that, what part are you referring to?

No. 1254696

the white woamns instagram song
particularly the part where he wrote a bunch of words on his face

No. 1254856

>she has no redeeming qualities
I think she’s hilarious

No. 1254958

That's so stupid, the whole song is about an archetype not a specific person. She's just like every other basic white bitch.

No. 1255142

That was so funny!!!!

No. 1255215

File: 1623604551865.jpeg (51.28 KB, 398x291, 74BC31EF-FEA2-454F-8A89-9D6D1E…)


No. 1255998

is anyone gonna talk about this or nah on god

No. 1256086

Feel free to contribute your own take or even point out what you want people to comment on exactly, it helps to make your post seem less selfposty, whoever the fuck you are.

No. 1256163

lmao what? that’s austin mcbroom of the ace family youtube family channel knocking out tik tok dancer bryce hall. tana started some meme where she’s coked out using aave as usual and she goes “we team bryce out here, even the paparazzi team bryce out here on god” and was trying to sell mercy of her dumb shit and homeboy bryce got his shit rocked by a youtube family channel dad so cringey both paul brothers refused to acknowledge his existence. their shit talking of each other is monumentally lame and all over yt. the ref at one point tells bryce to “shut the fuck up” too lol

No. 1256166

this fight finally happened just this past saturday night btw

No. 1256208

Thanks for providing the breakdown of losers no one cares about in a separate post

No. 1256658

I’ve never heard of these people and suddenly I care even less about them than before.

No. 1256844

>their shit talking of each other is monumentally lame and all over yt
And yet here you are.
Isnt he the ugly bastard whose wife lightweight "exposed" him by "accidentally" uploading footage of him screaming at her in front of their kids because she started recording before he was ready? That's about all I got. Sounds like a trash manchild so let's leave him in the trash.

No. 1257121

You could've put all that in your post with the video.

No. 1257923

File: 1623833393450.jpg (172.64 KB, 828x1469, 124244643.jpg)

She likes the attention, I guess

No. 1257992

not going to sage because this is real information

basically, i got banned and my posts were removed from different dream subreddits with a mod commenting " we don't want the information out there" because I was going to reveal evidence that dream hired an undergraduate at usc to be the "astrophysicist" not a harvard professor lol

mods dont want the guy doxxed so they keep making sure no one really sees my posts about it
if it won't get me banned I will post the screenshot which shows a mod of the dream subreddit talking

No. 1257995

samefag sorry got cut off

..to someone who knows the undergraduate personally.

anyway I think this information is worth sharing because it indicates that dream lied about 'accidentally' cheating:

if he needed to hire an undergraduate it means he probably tried more official channels and was told he had nothing to build a case on -
he prob was at least aware much sooner than he indicated that - and this is giving him the benny- if someone on his team (i personally think he threw someone under the bus but gave them a hefty payout) did lie to him about the mod that was active during his run he at least would have been aware way sooner than indicated and also this shows hes def an elaborate liar at the very least lol(sage your shit, newfag)

No. 1258001

Do you even know how to post on imageboards, anon? It's not milky at all and you didn't bring any proofs lol

No. 1258007

if its not milky i wont post it lol but if people care i will

No. 1258011

If you don't post it to begin with of course no one will care.

No. 1258085

Anon please post more of her q&a shit if there’s anything good

No. 1258274

Can't believe David Dobrik is back to uploading now Frenemies has imploded. Tried watching the vlog and thank fuck it looks shit. Turned it off. Opening with Jason and his mum the worst duo in the world. Then using Corinna's OF clout to keep people watching while Zane and Carly look awkward fake laughing.

Hope Ethan's happy getting that shite journalist to do an anti semetic piece on Trisha. Now her journalism is a joke and no one cares anymore that dobrik enables rapists. Doubt Ethan will ever mention it again now he's cut ties with Trisha. Such a fucking shame. A bunch of rapists and their queer fans just got empowered.

No. 1258287

File: 1623884647285.jpg (29.7 KB, 524x630, proof.jpg)

No. 1258396

Forgive me if I sound a bit unappreciative here, but literally anyone could fake vague discord convos as proof of any cow doing anything. If nothing else, you’ll need to provide a name that we could verify, or show proof of why we should trust “cactus uwu” as a credible source. I don’t know much about how Reddit works, but it would probably help if you had screenshots of the posts that got deleted and the mod comments you described earlier.

No. 1258445


No. 1258537

File: 1623915697321.jpg (36.47 KB, 1024x569, BARZ BARZ BARZZ.jpg)

"im sure" ya paulie cause you read here.
Paulie want a cracker?

No. 1258860

File: 1623958986573.png (1.67 MB, 1644x2131, Screenshot_20210617-213634~2.p…)

Do weeb scrotes think they are actually funny when they post this por sick tweets? I swear I feel bad for their wives

No. 1258868

Ew. Men really have no shame anymore.

No. 1258923

tbh is wife really doesn't respect herself either

No. 1258933

you can prob continue this discussion in the jvlog thread since its more active/they live in japan now lol

No. 1258945

not only that, but trying to make a meme out of yourself is so pathetic

No. 1259611

File: 1624042661574.png (1.07 MB, 1091x798, liza.png)

Liza Koshy came out

No. 1259612

her girlfriend looks like she's just smelt a fart

No. 1259618

for some reason this doesn't really surprise me

No. 1259621

Can't blame her, being with David Dobrik must have been worse than hell

No. 1259623

File: 1624044030368.jpg (129.47 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20210618-201934_Ins…)

Doesn't sound like it to me.

No. 1259633

wow did she queerbait to get attention kek

No. 1259640

she edited the second half of the caption in so I guess she saw all the comments saying they were dating

No. 1259646

She took the L of a lifetime by agreeing to marry a shameless weeb that watches hentai. Public disrespect comes with it

No. 1259656

Kek what is it with these people with big followings constantly queerbaiting? Can they shut up?

No. 1259717

her actions alone are an embarassment, notwithstanding her marriage to the anituber. Look up sydsnap.

No. 1261515

Anyone following the eat your kimchi/simon & martina drama? Their own thread capped out when it was starting to pick up pace again. For the tldr: they had the unfortunate idea of building their whole brand on their marriage and shit hit the fan when they got a divorce. Fans are speculating simon was a narcissist abooser bc martina keeps following "recovering from abuse" insta accounts on her new brand's channel (you know, cus mingling her private life with work stuff went so well for her last time).

No. 1262809

File: 1624478783577.jpg (274.99 KB, 1080x2220, 1624032107262.jpg)

Just read the back in the old thread and wow, they actually got divorced…
I remember that a couple months ago we talked about what they plan to live off while in Canada, that it was such a big mistake to move away from Korea now that kpop is booming and that they already seemed odd back then, but that was nevertheless unexpected.
I saw that some questioned why their fans are so on Martina's side after he seemingly took great care of her and I think it's because
1) the vast majority of them are also female
2) her illness
It's easy to interpret this as "man leaves his very sick wife to start new fun life".

Because he moved away and because making videos is kind of the only thing she can still do right now I kind of assumed that he would have left the channel to her, but she's leaving? Does that mean that he will continue posting on it or are they just letting it die? Would be dumb considering the amount of followers they have.

No. 1262816

File: 1624479558169.png (712.42 KB, 1042x520, Screenshot (755).png)

Samefag, I just watched his new video and he looks like a completely different person! I can see why people think this is fishy.
You could also say that he is the victim, now trying to completely distance himself of every aspect of their shared past. That or he was never genuine.

No. 1262822

I wish one of them would just give an explanation of what happened, it’s so frustrating having to attempt to piece this together from their vague posts spill the damn tea Martina

No. 1262838

Every vid of him since all this came out gives me such a bad case of the creeps. He looks like he’s on drugs and/or in a cult. The dude does not look right or well. The pictures of him holding the puppy gave off like serial killer vibes.

No. 1262865

gabbie hanna has started an onlyfans


No. 1262868

Seems like the fans already decided that they're gonna support her/unsubscribe from eatyourkimchi (which is now his channel I guess?) since her "aesthetic"/editing looks exactly the same as always and therefore she must have been the "mastermind" behind the channel while he just tagged along.

Cue even more people calling her ugly, resulting in her getting even more mentally ill… bad bad idea(sage your shit)

No. 1262870

Oh god here we go.

No. 1262873

Uh after seeing all the gabbie calling others narcs, I’m feeling Martina is a narc herself. Kettle calling itself or whatever

No. 1262918

can you spoonfeed me his channel's link anon? I didn't know Simon was back on Youtube.

No. 1262922

File: 1624486826130.jpg (379.96 KB, 1080x1611, IMG_20210623_231939.jpg)

What a brave statement considering

No. 1262924

Martina went from living her dream kboo/weeb life in her fav country making easy fun money with her hubby to being divorced and crippled in a country she never wanted to be, she knows she'll spend the rest of her life in pain and alone while he can start freshly anew, doesn't take a mental disorder to be very upset about this.

No. 1262925

File: 1624486904316.jpg (975.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210623-231957.jpg)

I don't think this is flattering

No. 1262927

"his" channel right now is just their old eatyourkimchi one

No. 1262930

She’s so delusional and embarrassing and I love it. This is a beautiful era for Gabbie.

No. 1262946

Most men bail when faced with a sick partner or child.
We were deluding ourselves thinking Simon would be different.

No. 1262955

File: 1624491560908.png (13.19 KB, 774x75, rep.png)

No. 1262958

File: 1624491691004.jpeg (184.78 KB, 750x535, C203109B-D11C-494C-A839-A69DF8…)

He does have a new channel for his podcast here https://youtube.com/channel/UCYoLhDMIJg8kWexwq4SrXng

Without >>1262809 for context, I would’ve been so confused about the comments on Simon’s new community post on the EYK channel. Actually with context I’m still confused anyway.

No. 1262959

File: 1624491797254.jpeg (226.19 KB, 750x1198, 257F64B6-DFFB-41F4-A47E-956472…)

Some comments are a bit more hostile than others, some just wish the best for the both of them, and some completely ignore the post and just promote Martina’s new channel instead.

No. 1263244

Is she doing this on purpose and following Trisha's footsteps? What a depressing route to go.

No. 1263259

File: 1624548456900.jpg (39.94 KB, 960x469, mihj6fphy1671.jpg)

I went through the subreddit to find any more information since people getting riled up in their community posts from this screenshot still didn't make sense to me, and found this screenshot of Martina's last post in RSLT discord. No one has posted screenshots of Simon's responses but supposedly his response to this were "Well, this has turned out to be a strange day" and then after someone else responded that it was a mess, Simon replied "I know right? I posted a video of my dogs birthday and came back to this. Shared a picture of Petra and came back to more."

Lots of armchairing going on in the subreddit, but a lot of people have also pointed out Martina using her king kogi account to like posts about abusive narc partners and even commenting on a video about being abused by a narc.

No. 1263260

File: 1624548552846.png (84.95 KB, 1446x643, martina.PNG)

Pic is the comment she left on the narc video.

No. 1263313

File: 1624557269280.png (66.09 KB, 920x479, smred.png)

Why am I not surprised that farmers immediately go "she must be a crazy manipulative liar!!!"…

There's a lot of things the last thread missed, that explain why everybody else believes her instead of him. Most of this already happened >half a year ago.

He preaches about bettering yourself and mindfullness but…

>went on a month long trip to hawaii during the epidemic because he needed time for himself, didn't quarantine afterwards (barely got backlash compared to other influencers)

>deletes comments and blocks everybody who asks about it (later martina unbanned them), it's their joint account, this reflects badly on her too
>she lives in her mom's basement while he had a high rise apartment in toronto with new furniture and he drives a tesla (in an old interview he already said that she worked through university and already paid of all her debt while he had a lot of because he just spends mindlessly as soon as he has some money)
>has no personality of his own (took on her style, her love for kpop, Japan, traveling, food, etc), even turned into a meat eater again for her, now that he's sucked into that meditation bullshit he completely took on that personality while she always stayed the same
>left her to deal with the backlash of whether/why they broke up on her own, claimed he's too scared to post
>did a livestream with some yoga girl there he talked a lot of bullshit about kindness etc but then shat on social media, says he plans to change entire youtube as a platform (meaning he's basically shitting all over the fans who pay his bills)
>people commented it looks like they're flirting, same yoga girl is all over the eyk subreddit, they supposedly met while in a class, but all sounds just very fishy -> affair?

No. 1263322

File: 1624558322429.jpg (133.5 KB, 640x1138, al3isbvb4c071.jpg)

Simon ghosting and alienating his own community isn't a good look. Screenshot not really related, just wanted to post some things I hadn't previously seen of her speaking out against him.

No. 1263325

File: 1624558579216.png (529.63 KB, 640x1210, q4qqjku4ga071.png)

The dead dog line really got me. Everyone must have been thinking it anyway, and for Martina to come out and say it, I wouldn't put it past him to have done it more out of spite towards Martina than trying to honor their dead dog. I've seen some talk on the subreddit about how Martina is fighting with Simon over custody of Meemers because she doesn't want to put Meemers (who is about 10 years old now) through frequent 3+ hour trips. They apparently have been passing him back and forth monthly and he's got urinary infections from a stress.

No. 1263473

Sure i see your points, but i can as easily see his: why shouldnt he want a dog and name him after the dog he also loved? Why shouldnt hr be allowed to use eyk's massive audience base to promote his new venture? Sorry these are more criticisms you can find on the subreddit, but honestly that place looks like a parasocial hell. Everyone is already convinced simon is a narc abuser and everything he does is to spite martina in some way. Nevermind the fact that she's the one openly badmouthing him, leaving clues to him supposedly being a narc abuser, and claiming sole ownership over eyk when it was both of them's life project (i do agree the style was hugely more hers, you can see that even in their new ventures: she's making videos, music, art, etc. He's making… A podcast. Lol. Good luck buddy).
I dunno i guess im inherently distrustful to anyone who so heavily pushes for the "my community is my family!!" If they also make money from that community, you cannot deny there's a level of manipulation over there.

And one last thing, what i think is going down it's that simon is threatening legal action not for libel, which she technically isn't doing, but because her badmouthing and hinting is a very real big threat on his own brand, considering that up to this point his whole thing was "devoted husband to my disabled wife", and she really does need to separate her personal life from the public/professional one

No. 1263597

File: 1624580720187.jpeg (97.47 KB, 750x188, A0140266-C147-44AE-938D-ABA05A…)

He can name his dog whatever he wants, but it just seems spiteful, especially because he knew how Martina felt about Spudgy’s passing (in their totoro cream puff video he tries to bring up a possibility of getting another dog and Martina starts tearing up). He also wrote in the caption of Fudgy’s birthday post “he’s not had any major illness or injuries, or any behavioral issues” which seemed like another jab at Martina (and also Spudgy in a way because he was old and had a bunch of problems when they got him anyway). Maybe I’m reaching, but it’s hard to not think he’s trying to be mean to her since this is happening in the midst of them trying to get a divorce. I couldn’t care less about the subreddit analyzing every little thing in videos pre-divorce announcement, but the few things he’s done and shown post announcement don’t make him look good. He should, at the very least, be able to see why his own community is turning their backs on him.

I do agree that Simon has a right to use the EYK platform to promote himself, Martina has been doing that already too, but it’s definitely rubbed their community the wrong way considering how much more active Martina is on the EYK account with continuing to try and interact with the community she helped build. Meanwhile Simon comes along every so often, dumps a post, blocks a bunch of people while he’s there, then leaves. He should have and use his own socials in the same way Martina has her kingkogi instagram, especially since he doesn’t like so many of their fans attacking him. He probably won’t have to spend so much time blocking the ones willing to follow him over to his new socials. And also what would that legal action for her bad mouthing him be if not libel?

Martina can be a grandmaster manipulator, and Simon, even though he’s mostly silent, is doing everything to make their fans fall for it.

No. 1263644

Are there anymore comments like these?

No. 1263681

File: 1624589031107.jpg (141.07 KB, 828x1707, martina2.jpg)

I'm not sure what to make of the eyk situation, people on the reddit are being dramatic about Simon and Aliana but Martina does seem to be strongly hinting at Simon being abusive

Anyone else here watch them since the music monday days? Some people thought Simon was a dick even back then

No. 1263798

shes “medicated for her severe adhd” now so she’s on amphetamines for the first time in however long she’s been in la like everyone else, full on stopped eating and doesn’t realize all she did was starve off muscle and less fat than she thinks. i’m not body shaming, she’s just doing this all wrong and literally admitted she has no other issue than attention problems. she has all this loose skin and is constantly naked, all her fans are young girls and i guess it’s an effective warning i don’t know. she looks like shit and claimed her denying her former best friends sexual assault was her trauma somehow, because she publicly denied it and got called out. i never knew the “boolies” meme came from her literally screaming about jessie who was rightfully telling her no, not even the rapist who was manipulating gabbie. in gabbies new video she talks like she didn’t threaten to sue and dox actual children who were complaining that their (thoughtful parent’s) money and support for gabbie in her patreon wasn’t being appreciated the way she promised.

she looks like vegan teacher now. i don’t think narcissism is as common as people say but i think she’s actually a really good example of it. she also broke up with her boyfriend because his family was getting doxxed instead of idk not threatening children and assault victims. she also signed a contract with a record label for pop music and just whoops came out with a “metal” album so they dropped her - didn’t she just blame trisha in a published article for her losing a record deal worth millions? at least when trisha does amphetamines she doesn’t act like it’s her first time, destroys the property of someone who deserves it, and it’s funny. she understands her job, idk what gabbie is doing on youtube.

No. 1263849

File: 1624620052085.jpg (121.19 KB, 750x1113, image0.jpg)

Let me ask you this: people name point after point of why Simon is shady and you can dismiss all that, but "she shouldn't badmouth him" as sole reason is enough to call her a narc, like Trisha, etc?

There's only so much a person can take, she lashed out at commenters maybe 5 times in over 6 months.
Him breaking all covid rules, deleting comments and blocking and shitting on his fans aren't opinions of her side, these are facts.
She not only has to deal with her terrible disease and the divorce (tbf he too), but he also completely left taking care of their decade old fanbase (and therefore income) to her. They might have dropped him even sooner if it wasn't for her, you can't just travel, never post because haterz, block and shit on the fans and then expect them to finance a lifestyle they don't even are interested in.

I read this somewhere else and thought this fits perfectly: their fans always saw him as the ideal husband (not like other moids, shares her interests for kpop, pink clothes blah blah) and you don't just get to divorce your perfect husband.

About that screenshot >>1263681 What if he really already fucked that other chick? While she has to take strangers telling her that ackshually she still loves him, she just doesn't know. I don't think anybody should have to stay perfectly polite and sweet in response to that. Especially if it's been going on for so long already.

Pic was uploaded today, sounds like she just wants to be done with everything now.

No. 1263850

File: 1624620073478.jpg (83.86 KB, 683x1129, image2.jpg)

part 2

No. 1263904


could someone start a new thread for EYK/simon/martina? calls for it imo

No. 1263910

I watched EYK about 6 or 7 years ago and remember episodes when Martina was clearly having a good time and Simon looked miserable. Why even record shit like that?

No. 1263943

how or why on earth Simon, with a decade of social media experience, burned his bridge to his base/community is beyond me lol. And now trying to market his new 'mindfulness' business to the community that he threw snarky comments at and blocked. He just now looks like a major hypocrite and playing a character

No. 1263960

kek his stupidity is absolutely beyond me. You want to do something completely different from EYK? Cool, but how is treating your existing fanbase like shit going to do you any good? If they weren't going to follow him because they don't give a shit about yoga and shit, they definitely wouldn't want to follow him after being blocked or feeling like they're at the end of his snarky comments.

Either he should've just started from the ground up and not tried to use his existing fanbase to try and establish something since he's made no effort to interact with them, or he should've sucked it up and made himself/his new venture more appealing. It really probably would've been as simple as holding his tongue and not blocking them. Even if he wants to pull the "I'm trying to be more mindful, I'm trying to not be on social media as much" shtick to excuse himself from interacting with them, a lot of people on the subreddit seem to think he's not practicing what he's preaching about a lot of things so they're not buying this shit at all.

Martina's comments towards him definitely fanned the flames, but it's not like he hadn't already poured gasoline all over himself and set himself on fire to begin with. Like you said, he's got a decade of social media experience. He and Martina have had a relatively successful career on youtube, but he's left alone now and has managed to only shoot himself in the foot with every step. Meanwhile, Martina is doing honestly kind of dumb videos but even managed to score herself a sponsorship on a video about how to eat take out pho. A lot of people were wondering what their content would be like after leaving Asia, and it seems like low hanging fruit about dumb shit, but Martina is making it work. It's hard to not gravitate towards her, as cringey as she is, because she uses that parasocial relationship they've formed with her to her advantage. If Simon was smart, he'd be doing the same thing to keep that money rolling in.

No. 1264060

File: 1624644164813.png (26.99 KB, 920x156, simon.PNG)

Idk nony I'm not a Simon stan

Apparently Simon said on a podcast with Aliana recently that he didn't like doing some of the kpop videos kek

Back in the day Simon was also known for leaving the snarky and rude replies to criticism on their blog or youtube

No. 1264164

I hope Simon loses a ton of followers. Like >>1263960 said, he expected his existing loyal (very loyal, mind you) fanbase to support his bullshit yoga while he's being a piece of shit. Their dynamic was better together, especially when Kpop was still not global during 2012/2013. Their old fanbase paid for their trips around the world and even their studios in South Korea. Now what do they have? At least Martina is likable. Simon is just a dickhead.

No. 1264237

unless someone can correct me, but i think neither martina nor simon had an interest in kpop at all when they first went to korea. I don't even think they knew about it that much before going. I remember them always saying they wanted to go to Japan. But they first went to korea as a stepping stone to japan, because they wanted to get experience to be able to get a job in a japanese city and not out in the boonies. They were making videos for their family and students, and not realizing they attracted international kboos and unintentionally tapped into a desperate market for this type of content. They were in korea right when the hallyu wave started and there really wasn't any other youtubers at the time, so they saw the opportunity and decided to stay in korea. I guess Martina was able to force herself and learned to like kpop, and simon just tolerated it lol

No. 1264264

File: 1624659823174.png (197.18 KB, 683x581, dan.png)

He has nothing left to talk about besides his sexuality. Can't believe this fandom still exists in 2021.

No. 1264266

that puffy expressionless face is just the best thumbnail

No. 1264304

Dan never grew out of his emo self pitying edgy phase, he can't go three sentences without saying something sarcastic/self deprecating/3deep5you, it's his whole personality and it's insufferable, you can tell he thinks he's so quirky and smarter than everyone for it… and this is coming from a former fan. I don't understand how some people don't grow out of his and Phil's content by 18

No. 1264331

is he still doing the classic self-hating bisexual move of saying 'I don't want to label myself!!!!!' even during a pride video or has he finally decided to actually stick to a label? it's not like it matters either way, it's incredibly obvious that he and Phil are and have been in a relationship for the past decade and a bit. it's fucking absurd to me that they're still trying to pretend otherwise

No. 1264343

you think they haven't broken up?

No. 1264367

nta but they're both gay, in their 30s and buying a house together, no they haven't broken up lmao

No. 1264414

seconding what that other anon said - they just moved into a VERY expensive house together that they designed with one another which is, imo, half a step away from straight up marriage. this is autistic and i legit don’t know how i know this but they were? or are? live-streaming semi regularly and i saw people saying that they’re still making the good old ‘we’re in a relationship but we’re going to pretend we’re not for whatever reason’ comments a ton of the time, so they’re def still shacked up

No. 1264629

I'm so surprised by this, I always thought they're just two bros whom fans ship, but they're actually a couple??
There are so many fujos out there, there's a huge market for gay dudes showcasing their life/love on youtube, I also have an adult friend who still likes them because nostalgia and I doubt she's the only one, they absolutely could make that work.

No. 1264717


their entire appeal was their chaste "uwu guyzz we're totally not dating!!uwu" schtick though. also the fact that the fans could project their own fantasies of what dan+phils relationship is like onto them instead of having to "follow the script" of a real couple showing off their real relationship

No. 1264791

Maybe they just don't want to make their relationship a public spectacle. I think one of them said something along the lines of not wanting to use their sexuality and personal relationship for easy content.

No. 1264912

It's so crazy because she could actually be hot if she just got a nose job but for some reason refuses to

No. 1264930

She needs to exercise, her body screams of crash dieting.

No. 1265374

How has Tyler Oakley's YouTube career been able to die but not his?

Tyler didn't technically leave because he said he'd come back soon (no date mentioned, but sometime in 2021), but his channel doesn't get as many views anymore.

No. 1265874

I thought Tyler Oakley was cancelled years ago by twitter tankies for being a landlor and some other whiny shit?

No. 1266061

Wait are you serious? He was cancelled for being a landlord? I knew his public career slowed down many years ago but didn't know why

No. 1266062

He was always a dickhead so I’m glad. I bet he was an insufferable landlord.

No. 1266063

File: 1624863890759.jpg (145.72 KB, 1140x700, tyler-oakley-hillary-clinton.j…)

That, and he was a Hillary supporter. He lost a lot of subscribers after endorsing her in 2016 and he hasn't stopped losing subscribers since then.

Another tally added to the Clinton body count lol.

No. 1266070

I know in other threads farmers have mentioned how sus Sonny Side is from Best Ever Food Review and despite my wanting to keep watching bc I love the vicarious cultural experience of it all, dude is grating on me extra hard. I've been a viewer for 3 years but he's so fucking annoying the way he never learns any common language skills to talk to his interviewees, who's labor he's dependent on. he will usually just make a derpy or dumb joke towards them and the person will be there smiling awkwardly or be stonefaced. it's so awkward. I just know that fat fuck was a sexpat at most and is a misogynist at least

No. 1266074

rather than being a landlord i remember people giving him shit for being a liberal normie, along with the fact that there was some kind of LGBT witch hunt for white "cis" gay men because they're only one degree removed from cishet men or whatever.

No. 1266122

why are so many youtube dudes growing mustaches? it makes them look 10 years older, even more with glasses

No. 1266136

Former Tana Mongeau collaborator Anna Campbell seems like the lesbian Onision - https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/annababy575757/monthly

She's being accused of rape and domestic violence by her two most recent exes, both of whom were in high school when they met her.

Anna is also meant to have groomed multiple minors and sent nudes to at least one.

There also seems to be a pattern of Anna getting these women hooked on drugs to make them dependent on her. Her first girlfriend, the more successful YouTuber Natalia Taylor, explains here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voWpynv-TrM

Some small commentary channels have been covering this story for months, but it looks like it's picking up momentum: https://twitter.com/DDsulzbach/status/1406442064896675844(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1266219

Has anyone kept up with the whole Anna Campbell shitshow? She just uploaded a new video and this felt like her trying to scare other YouTubers and her victims into being silent about the accusations. She's such a narc

No. 1266233

Didn't hear about any if it, just watching now to inform myself, but damn she's intimidating in that video. I'm shitting my pants and I'm not even involved lol

No. 1266300

there are videos of her by her exes when she was throwing shit around and being generally an abusive cunt. I'm surprised this isn't getting much traction

No. 1266314

These people, like Tana, have an audience of teens. Lolcow is an 18+ website. It's not strange we haven't heard about this until now.

No. 1266327

And samefag, if any of you is looking here for more people to donate to your gofundme for a case against this chick, you're absolutely at the wrong place. All we do here is point and laugh.

No. 1266530

I've never seen a picture of this guy in my life, and that pic gives me the creeps. He looks like the condensed essence of "friendly" lefty new age scrote there.

No. 1266589

I'm always surprised how she has so many hot girlfriends. Especially because apparently she's proven several times that she's abusive in relationships. She's been exposed so many times by exes by now. Why do girls fall for her bullshit over and over? It's not that she's famous or rich for these young girls to gain anything from being with her so she must be really good at charming them. I get narc vibes from her. She must be a good manipulator. Even I thought she was a cool girl when I first got into her videos. But her real character came out more with every content she put out there her ugly side has started to become apparent pretty much already in the Natalia Taylor saga. It's also pretty clear that she's constantly on drugs, especially on her livestreams. She needs to get off the internet and sort her shit out.

No. 1266780

YouTube doesn't show me any cat videos anymore. We need to go back

No. 1266786

No. 1267019

She kind of looks drugged up in this video as well. She is a master manipulator and has a way of convincing people she's in the right. Like damn I feel half convinced after watching this video but then I remember she groomed young girls.

No. 1267024

Holy shit, I didn't recognize Simon at all. He looks sickly

No. 1267030

File: 1624954725277.jpg (89.01 KB, 779x842, Screenshot_10.jpg)

She also follows a lot of 'healing from narcissistic abuse' type users on Insta. I really wonder what happened. I always assumed she was the controlling and toxic one but after Simon's sudden change into the vegan-guru-cult leader persona that he is today, I'm 100% convinced he's the crazy one. The whole thing is scary

No. 1267031

A bit cringy with the choral speaking, what's up with that? The video seems way too scripted. I think they could have brought their message way better across if they did it naturally and talked about their experience than this. I feel like I'm watching an infomercial. Like, sure I'm on the side of the victims but this comes off as so fake that it makes Anna's video look authentic in comparison.

No. 1267078

the choral speaking was so cringey and idk if they shot themselves in the foot with that video. I bet Anna is seething though, seeing them all together

No. 1267081

The chorus is major wtf. But as you go through the video it gets serious and heavy.

No. 1267126

Does he have aids?

No. 1267144

The way this video is edited/scripted makes them look unhinged

No. 1267146


This was very weird. I 100% believe this Anna Cambell woman is a shitty abusive partner, but like what are they trying to achieve with this video? What are they raising funds for, rehab? A lawyer?

It definitely felt scripted and culty with the chorus, the middle girl sounds like a news broadcaster, only the dark haired one showed an ounce of emotion. And I was distracted by the decor on the wall making the middle one look like she had a crazy hairstyle lol.

If you're trying to get this bitch canceled you don't do it like this,it feels way more orchestrated than authentic like the other anon said.

Kinda OT but why do these e-girls spend years obsessing and rehashing their shitty relationships in public? Reminds me of Jonny Craig's exes. What's the point, do you actually get a decent audience having "abuse survivor" as the core of your identity? Sounds boring as hell.

No. 1267160

They're raising funds to sue her. In return she will not only fight that case, but sue them additionally for defamation and such stuff. Legal shitshow.
It will be very interesting to see the ripple effects of this on YouTube exposed videos in general, the fact that they can become big cases with lots of money will probably have an effect on the whole platform.

No. 1267999

I don’t watch gabbie Hannah’s videos but in her one where she talks about CH 4 escape the nightmare my god at the beginning she is insufferable is this what she’s normally like how do people watch her videos she coming across as insane

No. 1268108

deets please

No. 1268454

Just watch it?

No. 1268488

i literally thought it was an exposé video because of how crazy and stupid she sounded. when i felt like the intro was a little too long i realized it was just a gabbie hana video lmao.

No. 1268519

> why do girls fall for her bullshit when it’s been proven etc etc
Attention but ending up way over their heads

No. 1268589

post a link chucklefuck

No. 1268595

File: 1625097045716.png (333.1 KB, 1083x425, Capture.PNG)


gabbie going on a tard rage rant about how angelika oles owes kim an apology & how angelika oles is hurting the family constantly and "disrespected a victim of murder and her grieving family.", but in the screenshots gabbie posted, kim says she doesn't want an apology + also didnt want screenshots leaked.
the story corroborates with angelika's story she just posted earlier today

gabbie continues to rant on twitter and still hasnt posted the donation links to the petition or scholarship fund for bianca. now the shitty commentary channels (nick deorio, johnswan, etc) are backing gabbie up and saying tea channels are horrible people for not dropping the situation when gabbie was the one who brought it all back up

angelika then posted a message from kim with permission where kim says she was not offended by angelika's video, gabbie then gets even more angry and gets mad that angelika is talking to kim

gabbie finally only shares the donation link after being asked by kim

tldr: gabbie is still a tard and lied to a mother who lost her daughter about tea channels spreading lies and photos of her daughter, one of the channels reached out to the mother to apologize and the mom said she wasnt offended by the content
she's trying to get apologies in someone else's name who never asked for it in the first place to try and prove she's the "good guy" lmao

No. 1268681

the insane part for me was that she wanted everyone to cater to her eating disorder?? and when they didn’t (bc she didn’t even fill out that thing that everyone fills out about their dietary restrictions/preferences and send it in lmao) she claims she wasn’t responsible for how much of a raging bitch she became.

gabbie cannot say “hey yeah i was a bitch in that moment i’m sorry about that” without immediately going “but you made me turn into a bitch and you were the bigger bitch and i’ll never let you forget it”

also she literally has been lying for like three years at this point about interacting with a known rapist and admitted on recording about hearing him out and listening to him describe raping her sleeping friend “to catch him in a lie”

so lol fuck gabbie hanna she’s a trashy bitch

No. 1268808

I have no idea who anna campbell is or what it's about but I tried to watch this video and oh my god cringe

No. 1268840

A producer went to the supermarket and made her salads every day. Gabbie didn't even ate them.

No. 1268986

File: 1625154980918.jpeg (160.5 KB, 1080x1921, B2FE2BB9-C531-4DF3-988D-150DF8…)

Bold of her to film this with a stolen tapestry in the background

No. 1269061

not even that, the producer put out a super long video where he showed the huge variety of food they had there. she says her ED is triggered by not having healthy food available but there was so much in every room and she chose to eat non-healthy stuff like chips and blamed him.. like he was supposed to throw away the food she didn’t think was healthy. i really recommend watching his video (daniel preda) because he’s not as calm as joey’s was, he was PISSED and he has the right to be.

No. 1269438

Here's the video, I have to say that even if you don't follow Gabbie's drama this is some delicious, full-fat, pure delusional narc milk

No. 1269445

Gabbie released a video "addressing" Jessi's phone call video

Disables likes/dislikes
Does not apologize at all
Calls Jessi her abuser
Tries to deflect onto one of Jessi's friends that had originally he tried to be impartial to the rape allegations (despite him apologizing to Jessi and her accepting it, unlike Gabbie)
Posts the full 3 hour call (except for a bit of her own "past trauma" she cut out, because she doesn't want her own trauma out but is fine blasting Jessi's everywhere)


Not all the way through but Gabbie is literally just yelling over Jessi and then when Jessi makes a point Gabbie tells her she's derailing and gaslights her
Not a good look for Gabbie.

No. 1269448

So curtis according to her deserves to be respected and heard because he's "human" while his his traumatized victim, jessi, doesnt and is her abuser and manipulative for being upset at her. What a fucking saggy cunt

No. 1269449

She manages to make herself look like the victim in every tragic situation. Somebody gets murdered, shes the victim. Somebody gets assaulted, shes the victim. Imagine getting assaulted and your ex friend who defended your rapist is now framing you as their abuser. How does she have a complete lack of self awareness? Its baffling

No. 1269450

File: 1625192690434.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1602x768, E5O6yNBVkAUcpEv.jpeg)

And in case you were wondering how Gabbie feels about the response of her series so far, she released this message on her patreon today.

>the truth and history will be on my side. it may not be soon, it may not even be in this lifetime. but people will eventually look at my story and see the truth.

She thinks she's gonna make history… the delusion of it all…

No. 1269453

If I Jessi it'd be on sight for that bitch. Fuck her

No. 1269457

Definitely not a good look for gabbi considering jessi asked her to leave her trauma alone/out of this

No. 1269466

if for gabbi it was always about her truth, she’d agree to the lawsuit. but no she’s an attention whore and needs everyone to know what her version of reality is. if she had factual receipts a lawsuit would settle shit but she’s making shit up on the spot to suit the gabbie show.

jessi honestly should just go through with the lawsuit and let the facts sort it out. she’s got the proof that gabbie is a serial defamer and she’s willing to stalk and lie about her to ruin jessi’s rep and career.

No. 1269493

File: 1625196837763.jpeg (271.97 KB, 828x895, 3A22D65A-C116-4C30-86BE-84FE7D…)

I think we’ve impressively found a bigger narc than Onision in Gabbie. Holy fuck. This youtube comment I saw earlier describes this psycho perfectly.

No. 1269497

Idc about my icon showing, already changed it and it’s not a pic of me

No. 1269513

Can we actually start using the Gabbie thread now? Bitch is nonstop milk and exposes herself

No. 1269553

please do, it'd be easier to read

No. 1269694

personally I feel like gabbie deserved a thread ages ago, I never made one though because I've never made a thread and would probably botch it

No. 1269739

Why do they look so shiny in that thumbnail? Like porcelain dolls :/

Wait… Gabbie still has friends?

I don't think we can say Gabbie is a bigger narc than Onision until she creates her own cult lol

A Gabbie thread doesn't exist (yet).

No. 1269745

I might come off as a dick but oh god every bit of hate that is now directed at gabbie- it's well deserved and long overdue.

I have some opinions that I have an urge to share (cause in my country she's not popular ergo nobody cares and I have no one to compare my notes with):

1) ADHD, depression, suicidal thoughts etc- I'm not a psychiatrist so I might be wrong about that but to me she's making that shit up for attention. Or maybe not even for attention but because people view her as shitstorm starter so she needs an exucuse, a justification of some sorts. She desperately needs people to know that it was 'a mistake' because of her mental health, because she knows DAMN WELL it is waaaaay easier to get away with being a dick rather than straight up admitting to being one.

2) It was already covered long ago but I will repeat it: she came to youtube with nothing, because she wasn't exactly smart nor interesting (vine wasn't all that demanding) and had no personality at all- she chose her niche which were storytime vids that were very popular at that time. The problem was the same as in other places on youtube- hype and demand for those kind of content died down pretty quickly, everyone who could and had a plan and vision for themselves rebranded except for..her. So, being a talentless, boring, nothing-to-offer human being she decided to become a SINGER(cuz you know, a singer is a singer forever, no need for rebranding and coming up with new ideas). Created a couple terribly written and terribly performed songs (it's funny cuz the person behind editing her music videos has to turn up the music in order to drown out her vocals because even tho it's heavily autotuned it still sound awful). Let's add her terrible poetry AND AS A WRITER AND AN ARTIST MYSELF I FELT STRONGLY OFFENDED BY THAT JOKE OF A BOOK BEING CALLED POETRY

3) I wasn't gonna comment on her looks initially cause it's not really relevant, but I'm just gonna say it once to get it off my chest and be extra hateful: damn, bish you're ugly af.

4) Did anyone notice how in her 'series' she yelled incoherently that every drama channel has to apologise to the Bianca Devin's mom PUBLICLY because 'she's not interested in private apologies'? I laughed my ass off when I heard that because this is the same shit she demanded from Jessi in that leaked phone call between them. What's more the delivery was pretty much the same.

4) I really really think that she and Payton didn't broke up peacefully. I think shit went down and he was fed up with being with a lunatic. My prediction is that we will soon have a lengthy video from him exposing Gabbie for all the shit she's done. To him, to other people. Can't wait.

I rarely wish bad things upon people. But GOD, let aliens come and take her away permanently.(namefag, armchairing, newfag)

No. 1269995

I don’t think anything in relation to gaslight hanna can be botched; if you do end up making it please let us know

No. 1270242

I'm only 20 minutes into this video but Jesus Christ. this guy went above and beyond, basically bending over backwards to appease Gabbie after she was unprofessional and bitchy to her costars. she missed 2 of the 3 the costume fittings and then complained about the costumes not fitting, told him she needed "healthy shit" to eat without giving specifics and then after he made her salads just ate the unhealthy shit on set and then complained that her ED was triggered. I can't with this bitch. I really fucking can't.

No. 1270467

honestly the voicemail sounds exactly like a narc's wounded ego. narcs are a lot rarer than people make them out to be but she's walking a thin line between raging unmedicated bipolar or just being a straight up narc. she's in an entirely separate reality it seems and she believes it so much.

the guy's video felt a touch sketch too (i get defending yourself but you don't really see true industry professionals creating hour long tea talks w/receipts either) but he definitely went above and beyond and stayed patient with her constant shit.

dear lord she's a nightmare.

No. 1270722

Daniel Preda’s a YouTuber, so I don’t know that he could help himself from being unprofessional. Even his “producer” bona fides are literally just working for YouTube. His (and Gabbie’s) money comes from fan support so he needs to be entertaining. It suits them fine because they’re z-list “celebrities” in some regard and they can still buy million dollar homes. Escape the Night wasn’t a real production, it was a YouTube sandbox. Which makes it all the more embarrassing for Gabbie that she acted like such a diva.

I’m pretty sure they (Angelika, Daniel/Joey, Jessi) are all playing into whatever unmedicated manic plan Gabbie thinks she has. Every video she has made she’s gotten a response from her target, except Trish. So Gabbie lies (duh) about someone, they make a frantic “she’s lying!!!” response video and drive traffic her way. Her career prospects are torched so this is the only way someone like her can make money.

No. 1271137

No. 1272229

anna just posted this video about natalia

>anna denies that she’s to blame for getting natalia on drugs
>when they did dmt together for the first time anna had a terrible experience, but natalia loved it
>she kept begging anna for a week to do dmt together again. anna kept saying no but eventually caved in, but she wanted to do it alone and have natalia watch. she had another bad experience and natalia cried over pressuring her to do it
>says the recent natalia/kaylee/taylor video was “kinda funny at some parts,” “cult like” and “strange”
>apparently neither of them realized natalia looked unhealthy in the photo at the time bc they were both strung out
>natalia asked anna to take that picture
>anna said she didn’t kick the milkshake in natalia’s face, she kicked it at the wall and none of it touched natalia
>natalia has already said that she threw a glass picture frame at the wall during a fight, anna adds that the glass landed on her while she was in bed crying
>addresses the three way kiss between her, natalia, and the 16 year old at playlist live
>says she takes accountability but doesn’t understand why natalia doesn’t get held to the same standard as she has
>natalia cheated on anna with a guy while they were on vacation in florida together
>anna said she’s never sexted any minors but that she should’ve known not to be in group chats with fans
>at electric forest when anna and natalia were on acid, natalia said they should kill themselves together (sounds a lot like her dad)
>natalia previously said that she had just been suicidal and had a bad trip, no mention of a suicide pact

they’re both stupid cows

No. 1272278

>but that she should’ve known not to be in group chats with fans
And yet all these YouTubers with teen fans only "realize" this after being called out. I'm so done with this excuse.

No. 1272294

No. 1273412


sage for white knighting but I don't think this makes Natalia a cow. She took over a year off youtube after breaking up with Anna and seems to have got help with her drug use and mental health. It took two years after her comeback before she addressed Anna directly and she reached two million subs without getting into any drama. She had obviously moved on with her life given that she's engaged too.

Now Taylor is a cow. She made a three hour video about Anna after they'd been broken up for ages and tried to start a podcast when all she has to talk about is Anna.

No. 1273593

this chick has literal rocks for brains. the lana del rey-esque quote reading in the beginning was so corny. big kek @ her talking about the first time she tried weed (she tries to imply it’s some kind of serious substance) and saying she thought her life was literally over despite not even inhaling properly. are all of anna’s victims theatre majors or something?

No. 1273861

File: 1625809475984.png (418.99 KB, 828x1792, BD63CEE9-F848-41FB-AC0B-9B0F05…)

Not huge milk but JacksFilms is mega mad at his incel fanbase because they made his wife cry. (Basically she’s put on like 20 pounds and everyone in the comments was making jokes about it).

No. 1273898

aw, I like Erin, idk what else Jack was expecting from his unfunny redditor audience though

No. 1273919

Ikr, maybe he has kinda realised what sort of audience he has.

No. 1273923

Good on him for telling them off. Too often when their fanbase does something toxic YouTubers just shrug and say "well I can't control them". Few are willing to disown those that pay them.

No. 1274034

he’s been on youtube for so long, idk what he expected. any of his old demographic fans that stayed are definitely bitter that he’s married and will take any opportunity to tear his wife down.

No. 1274652

His fanbase is actually pretty diverse, though, and his videos are pretty safe.
That, as well as how he conducts himself on social media, is probably why he almost never gets into serious drama.

No. 1275510

File: 1626112538360.jpg (52.39 KB, 832x578, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Kalel update if anyone cares:
- one of her teeth rotted away so it had to be pulled out
- shows her living space which is her parents' basement Her room is right next to her dad's motorcycle workshop
- says she's gonna do K-beauty product reviews
That was pretty much all

No. 1275674

File: 1626125893826.jpg (225.4 KB, 1080x1004, IMG_20210712_223314.jpg)

No. 1275678

jfc that's bleak

No. 1275687

I was just wondering a few days ago wtf is happening with her. How does she even live? She makes barely any videos and she doesn’t have that many followers to be able to make the comfortable lifestyle she wants just from Instagram shilling.

No. 1275696

i knew those vaneers were a fucking mistake lmao

honestly hope to god she has a korean boyfriend arc and moves to korea, the content would be great

No. 1275697

Is she bulimic? It would explain her bloated looking face and the rotting teeth.

No. 1275760

Always had this feeling that he has his bangs styled a certain way for a reason kek

No. 1275776

could be her recent change from vegan to everything eating is fucking up with her face. She has an insane candy addiction, which could also explain the tooth decay.

No. 1275784

same anon. i remember when he was on jeff's barber show and he seemed really anxious about having his hair messed with. jeff probably knew and was careful in what directions to brush his hair. i just wonder why all these guys that are millionaires and insecure about their thinning hair don't just get hair transplants

No. 1276032

yesss that's what I'm hoping for too kek. She says she still studies Korean so there's still hope
I don't think so, I think it's just the fillers that accumulated over the years and her new candy and chocolate addiction

No. 1276089

she just posted a rant about BTS

No. 1276658

Why did Nick DiRamio have to come out as non binary? You're a gay man. You present fully as a man. He literally said the words man and woman are outdated. I just… I just don't get it.

No. 1276711

File: 1626304901194.png (295.28 KB, 792x441, FCB7EB74-B697-4EAA-A1A3-4B05D2…)

Defnoodles has been banned from Twitter

Anyone know what specifically for? People have posted much worse things and haven’t been banned

No. 1276715

Yeah, keem says a lot worse and is still on twitter.

No. 1276725

File: 1626306262450.jpg (661.28 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210714-163523_You…)

I dunno but it fucking disappointed me. I was considering buying a piece of merch or even becoming a low level patron but now I just… ugh. He is one of my favorites and we have actually spoken via DMs about how gender is bs so I'm kinda shocked. I always appreciated how hard he went on misogyny in his videos. maybe he's more narc than I thought rip

No. 1276738

The fact that you've had conversations about it with him and then this shit, that's so inauthentic. I know people can change their minds, but this just feels like a reach for some extra love and attention. Which just isn't needed because he's so fucking funny, he's perfectly loveable the way he is already, I don't know why he feels the need to be special all of a sudden. I literally just became a patron last week and now I'm thinking of just putting that extra money into my Down The Rabbit Hole pledge

No. 1276745

I dont understand "coming out" as non binary if i can still use "he".
There is literally no change other than the fact that you dont get upset if someone calls you "she"?
Its a little disapointing, but as long as it doesn't effect the content, i guess i don't mind.

No. 1276772

In the celeb thread on /ot/ someone linked to his twitter talking about Millie Bobby Brown fucking some tik tokker and I saw his account was deleted then. Probably related.

No. 1276777

People are claiming it’s either keemstar fans, Addison Rae fans or some German person since Twitter said it was due to German law in the ban email. Keems coomer squad are jerking off over the ban.

No. 1276801

Why do people hate Def Noodles so much? He is the least dramatic of all dramatubers and his content is the source for a lot of dramatuber content (they literally use videos that have his face still in it)

he churns out so much so fast and doesn't seem to really hold any opinion on it so i dont get how people like Keemstar could be mad

No. 1276802

Damn. Really seemed like a breath of fresh air in the super woke thought police clown world we're living in. Super witty film reviews. What a shame.

like wtf, he's such a stereotypical gay man. Why can't you just be that? What if he starts wearing dresses and mincing around like Shane dawsons pet twink? Ugh

No. 1276821

File: 1626313635435.jpeg (457.66 KB, 1242x1458, E3F31221-104C-4105-A512-1270A5…)

All the coomers are claiming it’s because def doesn’t research. Which is fucking hilarious considering they are stroking keems small penis who does no research. Keemfuck said def lied about him so his feelings are hurt. It’s also wild that fousey is still alive

No. 1276903

He blocks and gets offended when someone calls him out for putting up false information. He will then apologize to the person, but they can’t see it because he still leaves them on block.

No. 1276938

File: 1626328048115.jpeg (132.68 KB, 1080x1080, download (4).jpeg)

Holy shit she looked so much better during her 2016 bad bitch LA days… she's one of those people who needs blonde hair no matter what.
Praying for her Korean bf arc, she just needs to download some of those dating apps and find a Jihoon. Ik Korean fuckboys who won't commit to foreign women are everywhere on those apps but if Deavan Clegg who never learned an ounce of Korean could find one then Kalel can probably find one too. Best case scenario she moves there full-time and joins the AMWF couple vlogging shit, there's so many views in that kek.

No. 1276975

For me his voice is annoying. YouTube constantly recommending him to me doesn’t help either

No. 1277013

I wish she'd stop doing shit to her face. Her personality is really fun, her latest basement apartment tour made me feel kind of sorry for her. She needs to go blonde again and agree, go get a Korean bf and live happily ever after

No. 1277140

File: 1626364095490.jpeg (540.92 KB, 750x1087, A28BFAF5-AB49-4ED4-9D58-02DA8E…)

Anisa the pear shaved her head and YIKES. She looks like Poot Lovato

No. 1277143

File: 1626364208323.jpeg (514.7 KB, 682x1087, F6156AF3-1300-4E06-9EBD-27CB1D…)

No. 1277146

anisa the bulldyke saga?

No. 1277158

File: 1626366119333.jpeg (188.63 KB, 800x793, 6D530AEC-5DFC-4749-BE00-FAA641…)

No. 1277162

legitimately thought this was halsey. Her tattoos look HORRIBLE.

No. 1277167

File: 1626367331317.png (985.63 KB, 683x1024, bikers.png)

That's the first thing I thought of too when I saw this.

HOP ON ANISA! We're going down to the biker bar where it's ladies night every night!

No. 1277179

Jesus Christ literally why did she do this to herself

No. 1277182

I always thought of her as vain and it actually surprised me how lightly she talked about her missing tooth

No. 1277288

File: 1626376632436.jpg (216.56 KB, 1080x1350, 217888350_561262798214008_4748…)

why is she doing this to herself?

No. 1277289

File: 1626376706832.jpg (15.3 KB, 250x350, 2347452-cd3ba98a5be2fe65964fe6…)

this is what it looks like in motion

No. 1277293

She eloped in Vegas to a man who was happy for her to pass her ass around on OnlyFans. You think she doesn't hate herself enough to shave her bead because "fuck it"?

No. 1277348

those tattoos look so tacky

No. 1277400

it looks like a tattoo instagram filter at first glance

No. 1277461

I actually feel sorry for Ian, because he has to fuck this creature.

No. 1277476

How could anyone in their right mind think he somehow deserves better? kekk

No. 1277495

they deserve each other anon, ian is probably dming underage tradgirls as we speak

No. 1277507

Crazy how we ended up here. What the fuck is next? We have cuck husband complete with trashy wedding, shaved head, hideous tattoos, onlyfans, fake boobs…

No. 1277546

File: 1626396576155.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2001, 0F6CAEA4-36E9-499A-BA12-BDFAC4…)

I feel so weird about this psych2go channel making products that don’t go to a charity since they’re actively profiting off of mental illness. It says the proceeds will go towards bettering the animation of the channel which, I mean I guess. They have a platform of over 5 mil and I’ve never heard them mention donating the proceeds from videos to charity but I could by wrong. I can see how their videos are helpful but Oversimplification of mental illness has its own issues. Anyway, I’m more of a Dr. Todd Grande type of guy personally.

Nothing says good mental health like a heavily filtered video.

No. 1277551

Can't wait to see what's next.

No. 1277565

File: 1626398642851.png (73.91 KB, 509x423, BE70E3EB-62BB-4BB3-BC94-5D3537…)

The great career destroyer idubbbz has been reduced to fucking his bald bpd wife

Leafy has been redeemed a thousand times over

No. 1277570

Ironically enough all of Psych2Go’s face revealing content has the chinese meitu style filter all over them. Usually paired with a message along the lines of “you are enough, nobody’s perfect” kek. She’s the animator and narrator iirc, and recently the channel has been posting clips completely unrelated to psychology i.e. videos of her or animation coomer trends from tiktok. This is all while the channel is supposed to be for all ages and viewers have been asking them to stop. They said they were “testing the waters” but then told their viewers posting things like this makes them happy, and asked if it made the viewers happy. It was guilt trippy with how constantly they mention being depressed, and that drawing shit like this makes them apparently not depressed anymore.

No. 1277660

even tana mongoose has been redeemed. at least her disaster marriage was fake and entertaining lmao.

No. 1277713

This is depressing.

No. 1277743


Leafy getting chin-shamed was a favour in hindsight. He noped out at the right time.

No. 1277758

Because he actually creates worthwhile content and seems relatively likeable as a person, unlike her.

No. 1277763

Why wouldnt he be mad though? Making fun of a woman's weight is the height of sexism when men get away with being a blob. I'm glad he stood up for his wife. fuck them (the fanbase.)

What did she even say?

I thought she was poot too. Anon, this pic is sending me.

No. 1277815

File: 1626441955413.jpeg (294.29 KB, 1200x675, E1FB369C-5A96-48B9-B762-04A1E8…)

> this entire post

No. 1278004

> What did she even say
Nothing bad, just how she dislikes current BTS for their meaningless lyrics when she liked their emotional/political ones. BTS stans aren’t attacking her because she praised as much as she criticized.

And she’s kind of right, this English-only album is garbage.

No. 1278367

File: 1626479938964.png (3.24 MB, 1125x2241, kafail.png)

it's still so frustrating that she fucked up her face. her first nose job was perfect and now she's going to have permanent pillowface for the rest of her life. picrel from today's video. despite everything, i'm still rooting for her, idk

No. 1278398

The rotting teeth have been a thing for a while with her. iirc one time a couple years ago she mentioned it was the back of her top front teeth that were rotting. Personally, based on her behavior in some of her videos and how badly she freaked out that time she gained 15lbs, I wouldn’t be surprised by bulimia since she has already said she has OCD. But it could also just be her junk food diet.

No. 1278399

File: 1626481923034.jpg (67.49 KB, 400x320, 9298.jpg)

Do her eyes look weird to anyone else? Since her koreaboo phase, her eyes appear more Asian. She appears to have epicanthal folds ln the inner corners like some Asians have. Maybe it's just all the cheek filler pushing her eyes into her head and making them look smaller but I wouldn't put it past her to do an Oli london and get eyelid surgery to look more Korean

No. 1278416

anon ian and his jap friend literally sparked an entire new wave of edgy incels, him and his girlfriend deserve each other

No. 1278418

In those first few couples streams they did together, Ian came off far worse than she did. I know there's a lot of stan nostalgia for anything cancer crew but damn.

No. 1278458

Why does he even attract an incel audience though? He doesn’t really punch down or make offensive jokes from what I remember. Also I know the bar is on the floor but I’m glad he defended his wife over a bunch of dumbass commenters.

No. 1278549

She needs to find a job fast so she can pay for the upkeep of all her plastic surgeries.
I think she always looked like that, back in the day she claimed to be partly Asian or Native or something like that.

No. 1278737

File: 1626508959619.jpeg (763.15 KB, 1125x1567, 3544A01B-426C-4809-8B25-A6503E…)

Anisa is getting a lot of honest commentary saying she looks ugly and her reply is “fuck alt-right haters!”. Some how making her bald head political lmao

Anisa you look like a skinhead, if anything, you’re the alt-righter

No. 1278823

A woman shaving her head is not nearly as subversive as Anisa thinks it is. It’s super common for women to do now. Ditto for the tattoos. She just looks like a poseur

No. 1279087

You sound like an SJW lol

No. 1279468


Didn't she literally have to marry Icuck so he'd let her shave her head? so political and diffrent




No. 1280160

File: 1626705811121.jpg (109.27 KB, 661x461, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Wtf is this tweet

No. 1280598

File: 1626748274542.jpeg (220.3 KB, 851x1513, 82695379-0489-493C-9AF9-103C19…)

James Charles is interacting with some underaged Minecraft YouTuber.

No. 1280640

Anyone heard of the drama with Jimmy Snow? He's a narcissistic ex-mormon now known for siding with Gabbie Hannah the rape-apologist, he wouldn't shut up about his libido to date his fans and get their nudes, he blocks and silences any criticisms in spite of criticizing people on his channel for money, and is a pro at being the victim in all narratives.

No. 1280663

He took gabbies side to hurt Rachel for no reason than to hurt her more. Such a strong male feminist ally for encouraging harassment of another woman

No. 1280665

why the fuck he still has his yt channel?does youtube doesn't fucking care that he is a literal pedo?

No. 1280682

Dude can't keep minors out of his mentions and DMs. This pedo is brazen

No. 1280683

he makes too much money for susan to ban him

No. 1280733

>literal pedo
He is really not. I swear I'm not a wk and I find him as obnoxious as everyone else but there is a huge difference between a 21 year old dming 17 yr old male influencers and a "literal pedo", pls. youtubers like ethan klein and trisha who are obsessed with calling him a predator and a pedophile like he's out there molesting children are retarded and insufferable and I'm convinced that they don't actually give af about victims they just want to get on their little high horse and moralize at everyone else

No. 1280749

I generally agree with you, though I’ve read that there was at least one 14yo if not more which is inexcusable and very creepy. No 14 year old looks like they could be an adult or even close. Not going to argue about semantics of the -philes, but he clearly has an issue and really needs to not talk to minors period—it’s weird if he can’t seem to, even with all of the consequences and backlash he faces.

No. 1280753

The age ranges were 15 to 17 though Anon unless you're one of those weirdos who argue about ebophillia, trying to get nudes from a 15yr old makes you a Pedo

No. 1280759

>trying to get nudes from a 15 year old
when?? I thought it was just dms with 16-17 yera olds

No. 1280762

File: 1626783540398.jpg (98.35 KB, 891x1200, Eyphu-0WgAIkIam.jpg)


these are the type of messages he was sending mutiple 15-17yr olds, also in the search for these screenshots i've noticed a lot of the orignial accounts that had these up have been terminated probably due to his fans mass reporting

No. 1280766

A body check if I've ever seen one, that's what

No. 1280783

he was messaging a 14 and 15yo too

No. 1280810

People use pedo and predator interchangeably when the victims are minors. He has a clear pattern that shows he has a preferred age range and that's stayed consistent and will continue to as he gets older. He is a pedo. When he's 31 he's still going to have interest in 14-17 year old boys.

No. 1280817

what difference does 15 and 16 make? also, it’s been established from the beginning that his DMs were sexual in nature. what did you think the DMs were about? their studies? James was sending minors nudes. it’s not a stretch to think he was asking for some back.

No. 1280857

What a sex pest regardless of who he’s messaging, but especially minors. It’s like that disgusting cringe video of Austin Jones trying to teach underage girls to twerk.

No. 1280959

What a tool. Is he so lacking in self-awareness, or is he basically just flexing how untouchable he is despite the bad optics?

Apparently he recently made a video "apologizing" to Rachel in which he also tried to give Gabbie too much benefit of the doubt as her "friend".
So, still a cunt.

No. 1280971

Yeah the apology bombed. There was a subreddit about him where people were sharing info but because someone brought up he's on suicide watch they closed it.

No. 1281133

Sages for no milk; but is there a thread in pastel yet? She gives me big cow energy; wouldn’t be surprised to watch her follow in creepshows footsteps the way she hops in any popular bandwagon and screeches at the camera

No. 1281221

No. 1283530

File: 1627148871816.png (31.5 KB, 750x392, cease desist.png)


Just when it seemed like this had died down, Anna Campbell has sent cease and desist letters to people speaking out about her.

Anna herself confirmed that she had sent the letters in a tiktok video: https://twitter.com/Syd_ns/status/1418626289951444993

No. 1283542

YouTubers always lash out legal threats and are almost always ignored. The only time I can remember it being taken seriously and working is when one of the Paul brothers (I think) threatened to sue over slander. I don't think she's anywhere near that calibre. This cements it, she's a female Onision for sure, kek, that introductory post was right.

No. 1283546

she has a tattoo of a little devil man farting on her shoulder????

No. 1283587

She's got what, 450k followers or something, not that caliber but a lot….can someone explain to me how??? I've watched countless yt vids about her antics and I can't figure out what got her famous in the first place. She's abrasive

No. 1283637

Well how did Onision end up with fans worshiping him so much to send him body pics to rate? How did the Paul bros get fans? They're young imbeciles. Her fans are young imbeciles too.

No. 1283674

It blows my mind that no one on lolcow seems to realize that Anna is a huge cow. She doesn't have a thread? She's an absolute shit show

No. 1283739

She's got all the makings of a cow except the crucial one: she's not entertaining. A cow's gotta make you laugh or gawk.

No. 1285308

File: 1627395019620.png (4.92 MB, 888x3586, simon ig post 1.png)

For anyone interested in the EYK drama, Simon posted this on the EYK instagram.

No. 1285309

File: 1627395080354.png (6.11 MB, 894x3587, simon ig post 2.png)

No. 1285310

File: 1627395131580.png (654.15 KB, 1051x1972, simon discord.png)

He also "accidentally" joined the King Kogi discord. Mods apparently immediately caught it and kicked him out before he had a chance to say anything or leave himself.

No. 1285319

File: 1627396129817.png (1.29 MB, 632x4573, simon ig comments.png)

Oops didn't realize the poster who screenshotted the comments had more. Here's the rest of the comments

No. 1285381

thanks for the update!

>and then imagine what life would be like with my own doggy

jesus he's so embarrassing, that's thoughts you just keep to yourself

>i'm not like the other divorced men!

>"in my trance of unworthness"
>muh body shaming comments
plus always talking about vitriol, vitriol, vitriol,…he's so infuriating, that constant lecturing tone, you just know you could never have a proper discussion with him because you saying anything that he doesn't agree with immediately makes you a horrible person, so exhausting.
what would have been so bad about admitting "yeah of course i'm interested in what my ex wife does nowadays"? but of course his holiness is above that…

No. 1286392

This is a full blown cow

No. 1286573

Simon is still so bitter about everything. It's honestly sad to see this since i remember they were such a 'model' couple 7 or so years ago when i watched them. He really alienated a bunch of fans.

He sounds unhinged here

No. 1287166

File: 1627637832218.png (633.52 KB, 740x736, rapist.png)

Men who look like this rape kids.

No. 1287168

100k followers on twitch. he probably loved fortnite for giving him discussion topics with little kids

No. 1287174

It’s serving psychotic pedo

No. 1287178


Which McElroy is it?

No. 1287202

Every time

No. 1287205

im just curious why do farmers not believe annas side of the events? or at least find her view just as credible as natalia and the other victims. they were all strung out doing the same stupid things to each other

No. 1287214

Because Anna is a abusive predator who grooms girls with drugs.
Soon she will be 30 and still be going after barely legal girls and plying them with drugs and getting in the same drama.

Now i want to know why you would defend someone like this.

No. 1287221

Because Anna has that aggressive school bully energy.

KEK. Did you hear there was drama scrubbed from their subreddit recently, someone was listening to one of the very early episodes and Griffin casually used some CP slang, apparently it went over people's heads because it's not well known. I'm not trying to get on a list by googling the exact reference but it was something about how CP is distributed through a certain kind of link or file sharing system, he not only knew about it but made a whole gag out of it.

No. 1287246

The proof is in the pudding, there is video evidence and witnesses

No. 1287315

File: 1627657862907.png (2.04 KB, 242x80, chrus chan.PNG)

Does this fit here? The Chris Chan thread is locked so I guess i can put it here? Anyway, CC is trending because he said he had sex with his mom in a recording. Don't know if it's serious or not.
Here's the YouTube link the thumbnail is nasty so I don't want to embed it here.


and here's a link to just the recording from Kiwifarms, so you can hear the voice of the person talking to him-

He's probably being manipulated again, who knows.

No. 1287317

File: 1627658032009.png (Spoiler Image,246.21 KB, 320x624, 1.png)

Here's some messages from reddit that are alledgely from Chris about what he's doing. It's disgusting even if fake


No. 1287319

File: 1627658121423.png (Spoiler Image,269.84 KB, 320x617, 2.png)

No. 1287322

I legitimately had no clue who you were talking about until I heard the audio, damn wtf I thought he was getting better

Hope this isn’t true because what the fuck

No. 1287329

This writing style is a little dubious to me. I can't even explain why I think so but this just doesn't seem like the way he types. The quirks seem off. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I wouldn't be surprised someone else was behind this nasty shit.

No. 1287330

i really hope it's fake because barb has shown signs of dementia and this? this is elder abuse.

No. 1287331

File: 1627659287851.webm (4.71 MB, 2391321-c261b68f7a9062fa55e09b…)

heres the recording

No. 1287334

File: 1627659704939.png (100.81 KB, 1448x382, Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 11.4…)

apparently this isn't the only person who had called the police on him, either.

No. 1287346

this is so disgusting omg and i want to rinse my brain in bleach after looking at all of this.

Someone please save Barbara by putting her in a nursing home eeeeek

No. 1287362

File: 1627662589330.png (363.17 KB, 445x766, OweZtsp.png)

chris posted this

No. 1287364

it's okay to fuck your mentally deteriorating mother as long as you remember to cleanse the air of negativity and drama <3

No. 1287372

nah that audio sounds exactly like him how are you going to try and brush it off as rumors. this is fucked up beyond belief

No. 1287375

trolls have made him say and do a lot of things to record it and used it against him, he really doesnt have much agency on his own, he doesn't even live in this dimension anymore he is literally completely insane

No. 1287393

>>1287315 This is actually stomach turning and disgusting. If this is really real, chris would spend time in prison for rape, and sexual abuse of an elderly person, incest. Guy literally comitted three felonies in one sitting. Let's all just hope he actually gets sentenced to jail. This is just sick.

No. 1287405

File: 1627665773770.jpeg (240.68 KB, 1326x1537, 33E91E96-B898-4BB9-B238-464C8E…)

Apparently the cops are on it, and people on the cwc sub say they’ve alerted the media to keep the cops accountable.
If chris decides to fight this might be the day he dies

No. 1287406

he wouldn't go to jail, he would be declared insane cause he literally believes cartoons are real and that he can go into the cartoon dimension to hang out with them. Idk if any of you keep up with Chris but he has lost it years ago.

No. 1287408

If this turns out to be 100% "TRUE and HONEST", then it's the end for Chris, most likely jail or some kind of group home.

No. 1287413

Jesus christ. Between this and him punching holes in the wall, Barb needs a wellness check asap. Better safe than fucking sorry.

No. 1287495

File: 1627671679978.png (66.96 KB, 935x441, null.PNG)

I guess it's true, this is an update from Null (Owner of Kiwifarms) about C. Chan

No. 1287551

File: 1627674759045.jpeg (75.38 KB, 999x597, 2120A484-7E84-45F9-A056-C8D752…)

No. 1287555

I mean.. are we really gonna pretend that a guy who has sex with his 80 year old mother isn't completely insane?

No. 1287576


I leave the farms alone for like 2 years and I come back to Chris Chan fucking his mom?

I thought she died already honestly. Chris has needed to be in a home ever since the fire and his dad died. He's a danger to everyone around him, including himself.

No. 1287651

idk what kind of coping you're on, but chris has repeatedly over the years
-defended incest
-talked about dreams where he fucks barb
-ASKED barb to fuck him (again, multiple times)
-cuddled with his mother
-slept in the same bed
-held her how a lover would

anyone who didn't see this coming was ignoring major red flags lmao

No. 1287675

>held her like a lover would
uhh I'm afraid to ask but how does this differ from cuddling?

No. 1287707

Wow, I regret checking up on this thread

No. 1287717

when they are out in public he will stand next to her with his arm around her and stuff

No. 1287772

He is mentally handicapped and he has been trolled into doing a lot of fucked up shit in the past.

No. 1287850

There are people to feel sympathetic for and Chris-chan is not one of them, to be quite honest.

No. 1287872

You don't have to feel sympathetic for him, but that doesn't change the facts that he has the mental capacity of a child and believes he can talk to Sneed from Sneeds Feed and Seed when he visits the comic book dimension.

No. 1288198

Those trolls are what's funding his lifestyle, it's a mutual thing at this point. Hes still been a fucking major creep and a weirdo, and now a rapist.

No. 1288463

File: 1627783101078.jpeg (712.79 KB, 1125x794, D9B06ABB-A57F-4A87-95C2-783CC9…)

Idk where else to talk about this but it’s blowing up on my feed. A dying react channel called jknews is recently catching heat for firing one of their employees. They call their employees “family” and constantly talk about how real and relatable they are.

They decided to cut this girl named tiff out by just ghosting her for months after she took a break because she had a miscarriage and a family member dying at the same time. The owners of jknews retaliated by saying vague shit like “the truth will come out” or “every side has 2 stories”


Honestly I believe tiff more than the company, they had plenty of drama in the past for being unprofessional(Olivia Thai being and unpaid intern)

No. 1288479

Tiff was an integral part of jk news, it’s scummy as fuck that they’d do that. Don’t Geo and her husband have a bad rep?

No. 1288486

Bart got COVID and spread it to his friends like Tim delagato and David so, I stopped watching in 2015 but there’s so much wrong with these people

No. 1288506

How often do children rape their mothers?

No. 1289058

Oh shit haven’t watched jk news in years but this is fucked up though

No. 1289156

File: 1627858851684.jpeg (196.13 KB, 1292x781, 49D0C071-6EA9-4BF6-A1A2-5DE0CF…)

Man same, haven’t watched in years and years but wow this is snakey lmao, they seemed core crew. I can’t remember exactly who but it feels like they’ve done this before?

Also, Chris chan just got arrested lmfao

No. 1289160

i feel like im hallucinating, i seriously thought this image was photoshop from the highlights lmao

No. 1289179

Look's like a dude's hand. Gross.

No. 1289187

File: 1627863459915.jpg (132.6 KB, 881x1124, DY0FxwVU8AAEmlG.jpg)


No. 1289207

OMG I always had a feeling Bart and Joe and Geo were all about the money and just putting on an act for show. This just secures it for me.

Lmao their channel was dying anyway, out-of-touch boomer humour that became unrelatable as they became boring and just talked about their kids 24/7

No. 1289211

I remember their japan vlogs too from everyone. But it was Gina and David that pretty much carried the entertainment there. Julia was cute in a dorky way but she didn't seemed like the type to hang out with bart and co outside of jk. Never thought they would drop tiff since she was so close to everyone but you're right, it all probably was an act for the cameras

No. 1289260

Apparently they aren’t even rich, the only reason Bart has nice houses is because he was in the military and gets the benefit of getting houses without needing to pay right away?

No. 1289312

JK News has always been a shit production. The first time I dived deep into their shit was when clips resurfaced of Bart talked about how epic it was that he experienced some guy raped with a broom in military school with a big smile on his face or compilations of Bart saying pedo shit on the show.

No. 1289545

>was told she "No longer fit in well with the show" and she agrees with this
>has stuck it out for several years
>2012, came around as Casey's gf and helped out in her spare time
>1 year later, became an intern
>another year later, finally hired and became bart, david, and joe's assistant so she could make as much as she did from her hospital job
>over time started to feel like her place was "disjointed", given inconsistent instructions
>april 2021, two days before a shoot she was told she was not on the roster
>requested her schedule for a month in advance, usually people find out the week of
>jk crew is paid day rate, not salary
>her request led to "an unfortunate talk with one of the owners" to the point of her being taken off the roster completely
>had a medical emergency and her grandma was sick after this talk
>took 3 weeks to collect herself and deal with personal issues
>then wanted to speak with the person she spoke with before to work things out
>they made her wait another 3 weeks
>when they finally speak she felt that everything was resolved
>then gets text she needs to speak with both bart and joe
>when they finally meet she is told "there isn't a future in jknews with tiff in it anymore"

She still speaks pretty highly of them throughout the entire thing and expresses how grateful she is for the opportunity they gave her. The only negative she had to say was how they ghosted her towards the end, which was still too nice for the way she was treated.

I didn't watch the full podcast episode from David So, but Tiff made a response video on instagram to dispute some points she disagreed with David about (but overall agreed with his podcast)

>Tiff was not offered severance pay. She was offered financial help from one of the owners ("if you are financially struggling, as a friend I can help you out").

>Tiff found this condescending
>David says they filmed 4 days a month, Tiff says it was actually six ("film 3 days in a row, skip a week, and then another 3 days in a row").
>David said he got paid between $3000-$3500 for coming in three times, Tiffany $900 for a hosting day and $600 just as cast
>David says people got brought onto Junbie with no out of pocket costs, Tiffany says "we put in $15000 to be part of it"
>She said she was given the opportunity to do an off the record (as a joint farewell video) with them, but after thinking about it, chose not to go through with it.
>Says Geo never stole money from them, it is a false rumour
>ends reiterates how much she loves JK and she grateful for them

There was also drama around Byron, one of the cast members. I don't remember the exact details but it was a pretty convoluted and stupid situation anyway, and Gina came out with some pretty harsh words (but then again, when is she not cringey and petty?).

I used to really love and enjoy JKnews but they're a dying channel that hasn't evolved over the years. They're as stale as stale bread gets, and none of their personalities are that appealing.

I haven't watch Bart and Geo for years but I always thought it was weird how they kept moving house every 1-2 years? I don't know if they were renting or buying, but didn't really understand why they felt the need to move houses so often.

No. 1289565

Oops, sorry I mean Josh not Byron.

No. 1291447

hello? do you have an estimated date or anything, was it scrubbed from tazcirclejerk too?

No. 1293486

File: 1628373111527.png (34.41 KB, 757x392, taylor.png)

The sisterhood between the Anna Campbell victims has started to break down. Taylor Pendergraff distanced herself from the others on twitter.

No. 1293634

Shocking. Pretty sure Anna wasn’t the only problem in this group

No. 1293731

Does anyone know more about this? I’m assuming it has to do with Natalia, who seems like she’s hiding a lot

No. 1293821

If you go to Taylor’s Twitter, there’s a few vague posts about a gofundme but the original tweet was deleted so I’m not 100% sure of the context. Seems like they fell out over money

No. 1293824

>>1254696 I mean he has to know who she is because not only were they in similar friend circles but she admitted to stalking him. I'm pretty sure he had to put a restraining order out on her

No. 1294096

File: 1628428468197.jpeg (234.29 KB, 750x1024, 769C9DDB-1FA2-442C-9D47-E5BCBE…)

She claims it’s not about the gofundme and mentions something about disrespect in her home. I know that at least she and Natalia hung out in the last week, idk if Kaylee was there.

Out of the 3 girls, Taylor seems the most impulsive and dramatic. While idk what happened and perhaps she’s totally justified in her decision to disassociate, it was only a matter of time really. They all seem like cows tbh. It’s a shame because I feel like it’s been a long time coming for Anna to be exposed for being shit.

No. 1294208

What she describes here isn’t stalking

No. 1300801

File: 1629069383710.jpeg (839.34 KB, 1125x1320, 2FE7B7EE-C0AF-43AA-BAF1-0D708F…)

Trisha has sided with keem and spilling tea in a future podcast

I hate both Ethan and Keem but I hate Ethan much more. Hope this shit puts a dent into Ethans career lol

No. 1300812

They all are terrible but keen also sided with gabbie hanna and trashed jessi smiles. Interesting bow that he's listening to trisha who also hates gabbie. I wish these people would just all lose their channels and disappear. What trash

No. 1300819

they are always caught up in some drama to the point it feels kind of manufactured

No. 1301101

It is mostly manufactured.

No. 1301296

>siding with the guy told the girl that Jake Paul sexually assaulted she wasn't assaulted because she could have just closed her mouth or 'bit down'
Couldn't be me, but you do you.

No. 1301536

i mean, h3h3 used etika's suicide for his own agenda too. We can play tit for tat all day, these two fuckers are rotten at the end of the day.

No. 1303577

File: 1629390467317.png (2.72 MB, 3000x3000, angelika.png)

In Angelika Oles' most recent video all the comments are like "you look sad or down or something… hope you're okay" "are you ill?" when clearly it's because she is uncomfortable in front of the camera as she just had some awful lip fillers done. you can kind of see the bruising on the lower lip. she's 21

No. 1303581

sad to see another young girl have work done so early in their life, her features didnt even stop developing yet

No. 1303925

She needs to stop styling her hair like that, she looks fucking bald kek

No. 1303968

She had nicely shaped lips that fit her face well. I hate that social media has made it so the only acceptable pretty is the exact same pretty as everyone else. They all end up with the exact same nose, lips and cheeks now.

No. 1303974

Of course she went with her tits out too. She only values herself if she thinks someone wants to fuck her.

No. 1304075

Do you guys think tana is going to come back to YouTube now that onlyfans isn’t supporting porn anymore? She had some scam company where she was managing younger onlyfans girls, I wonder if she’s going to remain in that business and get deeper into it, I hope not.

No. 1304659

highly doubt shes going to comeback. youtube has really strict terms of service right now. She wouldnt make any money from yt anymore too so theres no point for her to come back

No. 1304677

Isn’t she currently doing a podcast on YouTube?

No. 1304721

true, lip fillers are absolutely disgusting and everyone seems to be getting them nowadays

No. 1304879

yea but its on a different channel

No. 1304900

eh, she could try doing a trash 2.0 kinda thing. a lot of big name drama/commentary youtubers seem to always wanna give her another chance to screw everyone else over. but tbh, I see tana either trying and failing in the music/modeling industry or just accepting her fate and diving right into actual porn.

No. 1305464

this makes me sad but is also cracking me up. Angelika is kind of like a baby cow. I really liked her, and then she dropped out of school and started complaining about buying a Tesla. That rubbed me the wrong way.

Not to mention most of her videos are low-effort trash and she gets praised for it.

No. 1305727

Probably not relevant for most people but Harmony Nice is quitting youtube

No. 1305748

man, today really isn't great

No. 1305764

The Tesla thing rubbed me the wrong way too. It was right at the start of the pandemic when everyone was losing their jobs and panicking, and she's there on twitter bragging about her new car? No thanks.

No. 1305784

It's such a bummer, I was enjoying her new down to earth content

No. 1305834

Drama channels are the laziest scummiest way to be a youtuber, never understood why there are so many of them. Sad she used to talk about being a lawyer

No. 1308707

File: 1629948862192.jpg (1.09 MB, 2160x3840, 20210825_185203.jpg)

not sure if anyone keeps up with her, but has anyone else seen the state of loey lane lately?

No. 1308793

I just saw this and it’s really bummed me out. Half of the time i never know what she’s talking about with “healing “ and “moving forward “ and “now that i meditate” but i loved her calmness. I’m looking forward to her book, i didn’t care for her cards though.

No. 1310103

its always manufactured

No. 1311024

jfc the size of her, i swear she just keeps ballooning. always makes me laugh when they get exposed with candids, fucking kek

No. 1312739

File: 1630436784963.png (336.89 KB, 900x629, Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 3.05…)

anyone familiar with blair walnuts? she's been super milky lately… broke up with her fiance then ran to Mexico to get lip filler and party

No. 1313908

File: 1630589561228.jpg (77.11 KB, 1096x271, bunny.JPG)

Thought I'd check up on what grav3yardgirl is doing these days and not surprised to see literally nothing has changed except her view count is generally awful.

No. 1315117

i've stuck with bunny for a LONG time now, and i know her video quality has gone down a ton but recently it seems like it's been absolute garbage tier.
she doesn't put hardly any effort into most of her videos these days with most of it being unboxings or testing a single small product.
i really miss her OG "does this thing really work" days.

No. 1316021

Hasn't that kind of always been the problem with Bunny? She never wanted to evolve or branch out. Even Shane during his popular era couldn't bring her channel up to speed with the "new Youtube".

No. 1319115

File: 1631135417475.jpg (412.71 KB, 1242x2437, qxxpdhz587m71.jpg)

For the 3 of us here who care about EYK drama, Martina confirms that she is going/trying to go back to Japan.

No. 1319116

File: 1631135452287.jpeg (95.15 KB, 1242x731, E4wy5es.jpeg)

No. 1319122

File: 1631135585105.png (1.11 MB, 1020x2844, gukjhu.png)

On another post, someone asked if Simon would be getting Meemers now that Martina is returning to Japan (Meemers currently and most likely will permanently be living out the rest of his life with Martina's mom). Simon responds that he hopes to while Martina responds with a justified frustrated response over what Simon is willing to put Meemers through. Since the emergency surgery Meemers had to get was when they were in Korea, it's not like Simon is unaware that this is a serious problem his cat has.

No. 1319123

File: 1631135634031.png (1.22 MB, 947x2048, IL5GziY.png)

In retaliation, Simon deletes Martina's response like the pussy bitch he is.

No. 1319216

>all that CapsLock and oversharing
I can't be the only one that thinks Martina is getting very unhinged, right?
The fans talk about her like she's a pure cinnamon bun but she's always doing her Simon laundry in public and painting him as bad as she can.
Almost like she's enjoying that her fanbase hates his guts now.
This might be an unpopular opinion but the bitch needs to drop the victim act and go on with her life, or at least stop being so overly open about her personal life online. What a cow, both of them.

No. 1319218

Fuck yes good for her, I hope she is able to be with/make some good friends there. I don’t care how biased I sound, Simon proved himself to be such a shit and Martina’s worst “crime” has just been being kind of an awkward weeaboo at times. I hope she is able to have the kind of success she deserves.

No. 1319240

what a piece of shit

No. 1319331

There was another reply someone posted on the subreddit of Martina giving a snarky reply to someone, I can’t find it right now but the commenter wrote something along the lines of “well I thought you weren’t going to post on EYK ig anymore so why are you here?” and Martina replied about how she’s basically the one who built the community over the years and has interacted with them the most during the divorce. I have to disagree with you, if only because Simon is playing the victim act too but is a lot more sneaky about it (mostly deleting negative comments/blocking fans, will play dumb and has chastised his audience but then literally writes in his latest post’s caption “please be nice in the comments” as if he didn’t set fire to his own image). I think Martina has been nice to people for the most part, or just very few of her snarky replies have made it onto the subreddit. I think she’s just done putting up a happy nice image on the EYK page, and whether that’s good for breaking her cinnamonroll image or bad because it makes her a bitch, that’s up to anyone’s interpretation.

She’s allowed to be angry for her cat and make a thorough argument for why Simon is not allowed to have Meemers, because she probably knows there will be those who will think “martinas being a meanie! how dare she not let simon have the cat! it’s his too!” disregarding that there are valid reasons as to why Simon should not. She lost her beloved dog, and I don’t think she wants to lose her beloved cat, especially to something preventable and within her control.

No. 1319422

totally "quirky and relatable!!" youtuber is actually just a typical rich mean girl from the US. Shocker.

No. 1319485

might want to delete and reup this image i can see your insta profile pic, unless its not you then carry on, thanks for updating us on this adventure. fuck simon

No. 1319768

File: 1631201719574.png (1.51 MB, 816x5540, ruihgiszik.png)

Don't worry it's not me! I honestly just skim stuff off the subreddit because I don't follow EYK socials and can't be assed to go through the comments all the time haha.

Also, someone today posted Simon's response to someone asking him why he deleted Martina's comment. It was basically because Martina was ruining his vibes kek.

I think the last commenter makes a good point. The EYK socials are a shared space between the two of them, and Simon is right to set boundaries and create a positive, safe space, but it's also Martina's space to do the same. She's been able to do that this whole time, and has created a fun, positive space for fans by posting and interacting with them. I can only think of two, maybe three, incidents where she lashed out and made a nasty reply to fans during this whole debacle (and at least it was just a snappy reply!). What has Simon done? He fucks off for his spiritual journey, makes a video that pokes fun at them (the elephant in the room comment when he posted his "Where's Simon?" video), deletes fan comments criticizing him and blocks them, and essentially alienates himself from them all while also demanding respect and kindness for them. I feel like fans have to walk on eggshells to point out shit to Simon.

Also, I've said it upthread but I'll say it again- Martina may be pouring fuel on the fire that burns Simon's reputation, but it's not like he didn't set that flame himself and fans it too. This man has been an online presence for over 10 years and has no idea how to conduct himself? How to curate an image that will benefit him? Maybe fans are suckers for falling for Martina's "I'm the victim!" act, but she's got the brains to know how to work shit to her advantage. It's very difficult to feel sympathy for Simon when he does little to elicit it.

No. 1320363

Can we make a new EYK thread? I think it's going to keep getting messy. This is the old one >>>/snow/65755 but it's full.

No. 1320571

I'd like to, especially since it seems like they're talking about it in the Jvloggers thread and it'd be nice to just have it all in one place, but the milk drip is so slow I don't know if they warrant a thread anymore.

No. 1324951

File: 1631731990621.png (999.52 KB, 746x1644, keemstar.png)

Keemstar is dating a 20 year old and getting flack for it, this is his response. Absolutely gross.

No. 1324958

File: 1631732362265.png (464.54 KB, 736x752, keemstar2.png)

More cope about being a gross old man going through midlife crisis while most women his age wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

No. 1324966

How has anyone not beat his ass yet, lol. Males need to learn their place.

No. 1324971

I really thought that Keemstar had a wife and daughter at some point, but it turns out he has never been married and his daughter is not his biological child, but the child of his ex-girlfriend whom he adopted. So the empty-egg carton meme rings extra hollow. Empty milk carton, genetic dead-end moid throwing stones from a glass house.

No. 1324981

he’s getting scammed by young women who want clout and women in their 40s in LA do not look like that lmao, but why on earth would anyone with any single thing going for them spend any of their valuable time on him? no one that actually understands the value of time or has a fully developed brain. he’s in love with Ethan anyways they have sex puppets of each other.

No. 1324983

Looks like he's trying to gain the redpill audience with the shitty egg meme as if he wants a family yet hes a proven useless sperm donor that doesnt give a fuck about his daughter. Wait for him to go full retard into the red pill once his gf leaves him because she found a hot younger guy that doesnt sperg online about everything

No. 1324987

His sperm is fucking poison so I’m appreciating him clowning himself for approval of other unwanted males

No. 1324991

Living in LA and having a crumb of e-fame will do this to a moid. They all think of themselves as Hugh Heffner types who smoke cigars and have a new young girlfriend every week and probably buy child prostitutes when 20 is starting to seem too old. Living in LA is like giving yourself brain cancer on purpose. Surrounded by shallow people and sex-predators. Hell on earth.

No. 1325044

Lmao at him thinking younger women like him for anything other than his mediocre clout and money. He has no room to pick on women his age for aging when he hides his balding and is a repulsive manlet. His value is pretty low, if he tried to pick up an actual high value woman, theyd laugh at him and call the police. These scrotes who read red pill theory always act like theyre Brad Pitt levels of high value when theyre not even close. As much as i wanna say his gf is probably being groomed, shes starting to seem just as shitty for standing by him through all of this, especially now that he's doubling down on using some poor innocent missing womens photos. How as a woman can you just stand by while your gross groomer bf says all this shit to other women and about you

No. 1325068

I assume because he pays her and she's a clout chaser. He will literally never experience love, lmfao.

No. 1325118

I've read stories already of older redpilled scrotes regretting that they wasted their years acting like this. Always chasing young clout chasers or girls who easily date hot young guys choosing them for money and only money. Then soon leave to be with those young hot guys after they get that bag. Leaving the old scrote feeling empty and regretful. Keems going to have a mental breakdown over this. His daughter will probably cut all contact when shes older and his ex will move on to someone better. Lol he'll be alone with no one that genuinely loves him. Sweet irony is when he's a decrepit old man streaming a game, some younger guy with a bigger following calls him a pedo to ruin his remaining life

No. 1325149

Lmao those women look like supermodels compared to his balding ugly mug. Men really age like milk.

No. 1325194

Doesn’t he live in Buffalo?

No. 1325356

That's beyond cruel to the memory of those women and their surviving family members.

We can at least all take comfort knowing that Keemstar is going to live a miserable life though, as any woman who'd be with him is using him for his clout & $$$. He will never find love and he will hate people more and more the more he finds himself being used. Users using each other are never truly happy

No. 1325426

Exactly. he’s such a dumb fuck and what does he expect. women even that age are beyond him and they’re gaining more experience and therefore will grow even faster, way past him requiring more mental stimulation and he brings a literal deficit to the “relationship”.
older women are happy alone now or with men who can contribute something, not think terminally insecure stinky old gnome cunt who you would have to hand hold through explaining his deflection and it would be as attractive as changing his soiled diaper he insists on keeping on. women do not need men to feel complete and that’s something they can never understand. i would pay to see the reactions of even mildly successful women in LA in their 40s, access to all the best skincare and tasteful surgery, just react to the idea of wasting valuable time dating this goblin. bring him into the real world, someone please.

No. 1325427

i’m happy for the young women who use him tbh and hope they steal everything from him and get out safely, amen.

No. 1325504

If he was happy then his twitter timeline wouldn't be full of him boasting about his great life and success, all those cringy videos where he films himself in his sports car or panning around to show a girl in the background etc. It's all to make the incel moids who follow him jealous. Maybe that is enough for him, to be seen as a "Chad" by absolute beta bitch virgins, but it's literally all he has. If he ever has a crisis in his life, like getting cancer, he will regret having no partner or meaningful relationships in his life. The young girls will leave as soon as he can not provide them with fun trips and clout and he will die alone.

No. 1325562

File: 1631798776704.jpg (51.53 KB, 900x658, E_Qpdv3XEAcHFDt.jpg)

saw a screenshot of young girl fighting with him in another thread and therefore went to check his twitter and jesus he's so subhuman, after this >>1324951 he just kept going, one tasteless joke isn't enough, he really thinks he's in the right because of other moids kissing his ass

No. 1325590

>but it turns out he has never been married and his daughter is not his biological child
Fucking kek he used to brag about that shit back in the day, I look forward to his lonely miserable life full of younger women who don't care about him, just his money and clout. It's what he wants!

No. 1327099

I hate this new thing Nick DiRamio is doing where he brings up random amercian injustices in his film reviews and goes on a 2 minute spiel. Like, i get it and it sucks- but im not amercian, so i cant really do anything about it,and i camr here to watch you make fun of a disney movie

No. 1327206


I used to enjoy him because he pointed out ways to make the movies better, but now it seems like nothing but pointing out how "problematic" everything is. I've stopped watching.

No. 1327379

simon posted a video and for the life of me, martina posted on her insta that "she doesnt want to feed into the negativy uwu (after actively feeding into the negativity for months on end)" i can't believe they're spilling beans over A CAT. I love cats but DAMN. What a messy divorce kekekek.
I think he knows he won't ever reach the success he had with EYK ever again, which is why he hasnt opened a personal account and is refusing to leave EYK.
The fact people are calling him an abuser because he went on vacation when they were already divorced is insane, imo.

No. 1327380

oh yeah, that poor cat, so susceptible to stress since their korea days!
But i guess back then it was ok to drive him to the studio every day, and have him move TWICE internationally..? (once to japan and then to canada).
ya'll are dancing martina's tune and don't even realize it lol

No. 1327460

Simon's video.
I believe him about the hawaii trip, tbh it sounds harmless to stay in a remote beach.
He should totally stop posting in EYK's media though.

No. 1327472

Hawaii was open for just Canadians as well at the time.

No. 1327493

File: 1631978309558.png (47.35 KB, 795x229, Capture.PNG)

Damn this is one messy divorce.

No. 1327531

The fact that it’s in their divorce agreement that they can’t slander each other online but here is Simon who made a whole ass video slandering Martina. He also said he’s allegedly been to therapists about his narc tendencies but I doubt they were actually certified. Kek

No. 1327610

Yes, wish there was a loeylane thread

No. 1327616

File: 1631990190029.jpeg (121.61 KB, 640x759, AE1F2B93-0626-447F-BF85-C3A5F8…)

Is anyone following Poppy & Rosie on YouTube? (The Australian Strippers)

They seemed nice but recently Rosie announced their breakup on her personal channel (Rosie Mason) after not uploading on their joint channel for about three weeks. She say they have split after ten years of friendship and has given many reasons to justify her break up from her best friend but something doesn’t add up. Poppy is N/A ever since and nobody knows about her side of the story so far.


Would anyone be interested in a yt strippers thread?

No. 1327666

i would definitely be interested!

No. 1327673

I mean it's not like martina hasnt been slandering him for months: up to now she was smart about it, liking posts and insta pages about narc abuse survivors, but now she openly stated she believes hes a narc, all this over a cat lmao

The double standard her fans have for her is outstanding, she shows her ass multiple times and theyre all yass queen slay!! I just KNOW he's an abuser because he wanted a dog after spudgy died and so he got one after the divorce and named him with the same naming scheme he's always used!! What a narc

I agree that they should retire from the channel, but then again this has been entertaining af. I hope she smokes one too many joint and makes a video as well lmao

No. 1327714

Maybe but on the main YouTube channel, Martina's been uploading upbeat quite funny videos totally unrelated to the breakup and their yt channel is what most their fans will see. Her content is still pretty much the same as what they did before while Simon has uploaded 3 videos in a weird hipster style, 2 of which are breakup related and one of those is shitting on Martina.

No. 1327730

Can you not put this shit in the kvolgger thread??

No. 1327731

File: 1632002423697.png (107.21 KB, 320x568, v4gvg1tx29o71.png)

Samefag, I checked out their reddit and you're right that Martina has been slandering him too
It's really cringy, I mean who hasn't been angry at an ex thinking they must've been a narcissist but she should vent this to her friends, not fans.
Still it wasn't a good idea to post a drama YouTube video that'll reach much broader audience. Simon definitely wants the situation to escalate. His drama videos got a lot of views and interaction which might be the reason.

No. 1327970

Yeah, when you put it like that, you're right, their youtube was not the right place to publish the video. I dunno about insta video limit but surely it couldve stayed there.

However it's kinda funny seeing how way less aggressive martina is in her replies, she kept poking at the bear i guess not expecting he'd actually do something like that. Iwonder if she has ground to she him or anything? Referring to the separation agreement simon cited, i think she has a point when she says clients dont go through insta comments abt cats, but they surely go thru videos.

Also hilarious the video is monetizes ahaha, homeboy is fully aware the drama is the only thing he can make bank off of

No. 1328017

No. 1328028

> ya'll are dancing martina's tune and don't even realize it lol
You expect me to dance to Simon’s hippie, holier-than-thou, and “let me alienate hundreds if not thousands of loyal fans because I don’t like criticism” tune instead? The choice to previously move Meemers around was a joint one and puts them both at fault, but now it was only Simon insisting on moving him around back and forth. Simon is just unlikeable, plain and simple. Even before their divorce, Martina had all the personality, character, and creativity to turn EYK to the successful channel that it was. I just don’t get some people’s insistence that Martina must be some master manipulator just because she can present herself to be more relatable and likable like any other influencer out there who’s livelihood depends on parasocial relationships. She’s playing to peoples hearts like every other youtuber in existence. Well, except Simon it seems. I wouldn’t have bothered to follow or care about any of Simon’s new life and endeavors without any of all this dirty laundry being aired out- he’s as interesting as cardboard.

No. 1328070

I mean, if your defence to her being manipulative is that it's her job to be and at least she's entertaining… I agree fwiw: she def was the creative and charismatic force behind EYK, and it's clear she's moving forward in the same direction. Simon left to his own devices made….. A podcast. In the year of our lord 2021 lol.

I just think you're being naive if you think martina is 100% sincere and not knowing how optics and social media work in order to move the public opinion torwards her.

No. 1329920

Saging because I doubt anyone cares, but I just randomly checked up on Morgan Joyce after years. I used to be subscribed to her because I was really interested in tattoos and body mods and just randomly remembered her and wondered how she was doing. God damn she fucked up her face so bad, she's unrecognizable. She was really cute before too.

BDD is a fucking disease.

No. 1336205

Jesus I'm just now seeing these. She looks like a really bad parody of a biker chick. Those tattoos legit look like cheap stick ons you'd buy from 711. Guess she's doing this to play up her OF.

No. 1336216

File: 1632806725277.png (595.63 KB, 1280x720, Fatal Cringe.png)

(tried posting this
but the webm is too large and it really has to be seen in full lol.)

Get over yourself Keemstar, you're a 2/10 at best. Find friends your own fucking age, grow the fuck up and stop chasing girls young enough to be your daughter before you embarrass yourself some more. Maybe if you stop acting like a self important chimp, a woman closer to your age will be able to tolerate you.

No. 1336230

wow i haven't seen her in ages. i wonder if she moved back in with her parents? i'm glad she's showing emotion

No. 1336239

Maybe if he shouts the no-no word again it'll attract a mate

No. 1336247

I'm 12 years younger than him and would not touch his nasty unwashed ass with a 10 foot pole. also, I thought he was married?

No. 1336301

He had a long term girlfriend and she had a daughter, I don't think Keem was the dad. She was the comfortable "we've been together forever but I'm not going to marry you because I'm going to leave eventually" relationship.

No. 1336746

yeah he does who knows where they got the LA thing from

No. 1336827

File: 1632869850219.webm (8.82 MB, 1280x720, Keemstar's 40 years old.webm)

Split it up.

Cringe this bad must be preserved everywhere for posterity.

No. 1336828

File: 1632869927976.webm (14.08 MB, 1280x720, Keemstar's 40 years old 2.webm)

No. 1336832

File: 1632870070598.webm (14.46 MB, 1280x720, Keemstar's 40 years old 3.webm)

No. 1336833

File: 1632870115973.webm (4.17 MB, 1280x720, Keemstar's 40 years old4.webm)

No. 1336843

He can dunk on 30+ year old women all he likes, everyone knows the only reason he -BRIEFLY- pulled a 20 something year old was his money. Because it wasn't his looks and it sure as hell wasn't his winning personality. Surprised his personal life isn't more of a trainwreck.

No. 1336984

tbf if he knew that last lady was dead I'd like to think he wouldn't have used her pic? Pretty sure Keemstar's always been a tone-deaf socially inept retard who doesn't think before he speaks. He's a beta posturing to his teenage scrote fanbase (the only mentality he's capable of appealing to), yet somehow manages to still think so highly of himself because money. Sad.

No. 1336990

>a midlife crisis in 4 parts

No. 1337000

>mature women don't meet my standards of beauty
Says the bald, average looking middle aged man. But keep chasing that trophy wife so she can divorce you and take most of your shit kek.

No. 1337110

File: 1632892596438.jpeg (93.79 KB, 395x640, 3CB5F4AC-AA83-4400-96CC-FC7DDA…)

wtf happened?

No. 1337137

This looks horrifying even just from the lowres screenshot, Youtube shouldn't let obviously harmful content like this be posted.

No. 1337177

He's just using having sleep apnea as being "disabled" for clickbait via wearing his cpap machine when awake. Sleep apnea is pretty common for obese people, nothing to see here tbh.

No. 1337180

What's with these older youtubers becoming autistic manchildren? No wonder he has to go after girls fresh out of high school.

No. 1337248

>I don't think Keem was the dad

thank god, imagine being stuck with Coomstar as your dad. the trauma

No. 1337620

Being a father was the only redeemable thing about Keemstar. Can't believe it wasn't his and he just yeeted her off, wtf. literal cuck

No. 1337729

Bio dad or not, shes already told him she thinks hes cringe and thats fucked with him since.

No. 1338512

Wait, so that gross pedo shadman art of keem's daughter that keem was okay with wasn't actually of his daughter? That's a lot to unpack, not sure if the implications are better or worse.

No. 1338628

Kalel admits Anthony was probably the "big love" of her life. Says she doesn't really want a relationship and might want to have a baby on her own later. Also she's making a new channel.

No. 1338642

Her face is so fucked up and I hope she knows it kek

No. 1338652

Wasn’t he starting beef with Shadman BECAUSE it was the kid? I’m p sure he wasn’t okay with it because that’s the first time I ever actually heard of Keem tbh

Idk if he changed stances on it tho because I don’t actually follow what he does, he just kinda pops up in any YouTube drama

No. 1338800

All these kids of single mother influncers/actresses/models in LA will be so beyond fucked. If they are sons they will all be troons.

No. 1338855

I mean adopting and taking care of a kid for a majority of its life pretty much makes them your child.

No. 1339029

Kek I actively encourage thirty something unfuckable moids to not settle and continue believing that there is a wagon full of waifus waiting for them after they hit the male "prime" of 55 years old. They'll simp for you and give you money and favors just for saying what they want to hear, then join the sooicide rates when it's time.

If you've ever spoken to washed up old socialite "players" who no doubt put "tired of games" in their embittered dating profiles, you've seen the thousand venmo requests stare. At that point they tend to be happy to settle for someone who could be their mother just so they wouldn't have to die alone in their own filth. Nothing is sadder than an old man who never did land in his promised land of 72 Instagram models.

No. 1339323

Kek. I never understood the appeal of dating someone old enough to be your dad and this is one reason why. They're like an old out of touch grandpa trying to fit in

No. 1339730

$$$ or being too ugly/autistic for men your age. old johns and sugar lifestyle moids lament this on their forums a lot

>the minimally hot ones want money

>the only young women who appear to be genuinely into old wursties are mousy beckies no one wants

No. 1340855

literally who but also she is botched as fuck, and I can't tell if she is asian and trying to look white or white and trying to look asian

No. 1340893

And if you do you can't bring them around your friends. tbf not every middle aged moid is as autistic as keemstar tho.

No. 1340901

>$$$ or being too ugly/autistic for men your age.
>mousy beckies
I dated a guy in his 40s when I was 19. He wasn't wealthy. I'll leave it to you to decide which category I fit in lol. I just didn't vibe with most guys my age, at least not romantically.

No. 1340957

when did your dad fuck and/or leave you, anon?

No. 1341382

>I dated a guy in his 40s when I was 19. He wasn't wealthy.

cringe as hell, why would you admit this

No. 1341672

They can't fathom that they only attract undesirable people bc they themselves are undesirable, kek. I could tell in that cringe video Keem has always been socially awkward and girls weren't attracted to him. Part of his bragging stick now is to "get back" at all the women who've turned him down in life. He can get rich and attract gold diggers/clout chasers, but he can never be someone the fairer sex will want to actually be with.

No. 1341714

idk a better place to put this, but these truecrime youtube channels that are milking the gabby petito case are pretty cowish.

these women are currently fighting with their chat, but using a bunch of gabby clickbait - the chat is pretty funny.

No. 1341767

there is something extra cringe about bald 50 year old moids who dress like Kanye West (clown shoes, low pants, retarded graphic t shirt). it even looks retarded on 15 year olds, but when you're old you just look like male version of that lady from king of the hill kek

No. 1345249

>Keem has always been socially awkward
That seems true for most youtubers. A lot of them seem to have that in common - it's easier having a career online than irl if you're socially retarded.
He sounds developmentally stunted. Again something many youtubers seem to have in common.

No. 1356907

Sabrina, the recently ex-girlfriend of Gus Johnson (of Gus & Eddy podcast) has come out about her mistreatment but Gus.

No. 1356911

File: 1635361825478.png (33.42 KB, 502x391, FCl9R9mVIAMsUKY.png)

Gus has 'apologized' but Sabrina later made a tweet alluding to it saying that she did not forgive him.

Eddy Burback seems to have been in the dark about the entire thing as the couple had chosen to keep the entire pregnancy a secret.

The podcast has, for the current future, been suspended.

No. 1356914

File: 1635361947811.jpeg (280.93 KB, 1170x1931, FCmL6UmUUAA04b_.jpeg)

Eddy's response which is stupid because he really didn't need to make one but he kept getting tagged in Gus' to "speak up".

No. 1356915

Gus went to the ER for a panic attack but wouldn't look after his girlfriend who was physically suffering? I doubt Eddy will care, this will blow over like it always does unfortunately.
"Boys support boys"

No. 1356920

the general consensus amongst the fans right now is that they're dropping him but supporting eddy's solo endeavours

No. 1356997

UHHH… Did ya see Tana uploaded to her main YT channel about her stalker? She even decided to say his first name! Insane milk

No. 1357030


I've always thought he was some sort of asshole. Made it hard to enjoy his videos.

Wishing the Fairbairn boys aren't asshole behind the camera

No. 1357078

>Wishing the Fairbairn boys aren't asshole behind the camera
Please elaborate, I like them.

No. 1357169

They are typical rural australians, probably have some racist, sexist, homophobic views but typically are nice guys

No. 1357176

File: 1635390226428.jpeg (846.42 KB, 2999x3999, 9B016C6A-0B59-42F8-8E68-4D1502…)

Tana Stalker Update:

Basically Tana says some weird shit happens in her houses while she moves, blames her stalker. Says his name is William & that’s it pretty much.

Video Breakdown:
>loses second phone and credit card in Miami, breaks up with Chris or whatever
>hooks up w an ex boyfriend & her friend’s laundry is flipped. Says she didn’t do it was having sex, everyone else was out of the h