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File: 1642309850074.png (420.65 KB, 730x433, gunt_women.png)

No. 1418508

Okay, where to start on this one? For the uninitiated, Ethan Oliver Ralph, known to his detractors as "the Gunt", is a obese, alcoholic, late 30s fading-from-relevance "alt right" podcaster. While he was always a loathsome individual, Ralph had his moment in the sun riding on the autism singularity that was GamerGate, and he was, at least before sliding into complete degeneracy, not an entirely inept host and he had pretty impressive knowledge of politics and even the occasional actual interesting opinion and witty put-down. His "Killstream" experienced some modest success and outsize reach, being able to land big names like Richard Spencer when the name Richard Spencer was still ascendent. Things were good. However, continual legal problems, serious issues with women, and a losing battle with cheeseburgers and Maker's Mark have over the past half-decade put our gunted friend on the collision course with outright Christian Chandler-tier lolcowdom featuring a supporting cast of some of the trashiest people imaginable.

Ralph is known for having an ongoing blood feud with Joshua Connor Moon a/k/a Null admin of the Kiwi Farms, and this enmity has contributed to Ralph joining the likes of ALR, Yaniv, Chandler himself, and Isabella Loretta Janke (briefly) in getting his own entire board, but as you will see, it would be hard to make the case that it's undeserved. Honestly the minutiae of how Ralph got famous and the various friends and enemies he made along the way is boring and would need a huge explainer if you were not into boring IBS shit to begin with. This is probably why Ralph hasn't gotten a whole lot of love over here, too: many seem to consider him a lolcow of interest only to scrotes. This would be a serious miscalculation, though: of late, at least, his bovine antics have centered almost entirely around his idiotic actions and consequent legal problems surrounding his would-be harem of damaged young women, his illegitimate progeny, and his clownish and pathetic flexing on mainstream social media. In short you'll love to hate him.


Key Guntlore
>studied Political Science and could probably have become an entry-level GOP political operative or something like that
>tasted clout during GamerGate and moved rightward; blogged and involved in various behind-the-scenes gayops including the doxing of Brianna Wu/John Walker Flynt
>tried to PA /baph/ against perceived enemies, instead they catfished him and released his pathetic dick-pic
>Internet career paused in September 2016 – arrested for being drunk in a hotel lobby and assaulting a female cop
>started the "Killstream" after jail, booked a lot of big names, gained outsize influence and decent income from donors
>built more clout off shitting on Baked Alaska and Mundane Matt.
>was (briefly) the biggest late-night stream on YT (mid-2018)
>banned after YouTube cracked down on hate speech; the infamous "Healstream" included a debate about Holocaust denial, drawing mainstream media attention and leading St Jude's to return money that was intended for child cancer patients
>this got him broomed from YT; migrated to Dlive, then stream.me, then YT-socking, then back to Dlive, trovo, odysee, etc. The list goes on…
>gets into slapfights with other IBS boneheads, but this is mostly boring
>got into a literal slapfight with a trooned-out YouTuber called DigiBro, but we're getting ahead of ourselves
>antics lead to a falling-out with Null over a joke stating Ralph needs to be "sacrificed to the corn" to produce lulz, the two of them fight over who is acting more "like a woman."
>Ralph dabs on Josh for his incel crytyping about wanting a tradwife, and it's off to the races, a blood feud begins that continues to this day
>in similar spectacular (and repetitive) fashion Ralph burns every bridge available to him, while continually making a fool of himself publicly due to alcoholism and simple ignorance
>can't take criticism whatsoever, explodes into narcissistic rage, character-assassinates and leaks against whomever he thinks has slighted him
>cowardly, won't engage with his critics, notorious for blocking people on social media
>released a sex-tape in summer 2020 to "own" his GF's e-BF, got a year's suspended sentence as (one of?) the first men convicted of revenge porn under a new VA law
>after the Chris Chan incest tapes dropped, Ralph, who lives the next state over, drove up to Charlotesville to stalk his fellow fat pervert, but was chased out of the motel where Chris was staying, but somehow lucked into the arrest footage you have probably all seen.
>ego-size proportionate to his bloated body, likes to give illusions of "living the high life" with steaks and cigars, only succeeds in embarrassing himself to anyone who knows how these things work IRL.

Ralph and his women

? Mystery alien looking girl with big forehead ?

Nora (Fatima Sial)
> British-Pakistani med student (yes, he caught flack or his involvement with her from his White Nationalist friends due to her heritage.) She and Ralph divorced in 2020 after an e-marriage in which they only met a handful of times which followed an e-courtship which started in like 2014 when Nora was 18 and quite possibly (although nobody's seen quality receipts on this yet) was instigated by Ralph grooming her while still underage. Ralph's involvement with Nora pre-dated his Internet infamy. Nora is not involved in Internet drama and actually seems like a really nice person. She's not had a word to say about Ethan publicly which chafes his ass big time. YGG.

AdeZero (Adrienne Blaire)
> Needs no introduction if you are from that part of the Internet. ED editor and (poorly) aging pickme. They had an acrimonious breakup because Gunt wanted to fuck other (and younger) women (namely Faith) while allegedly under the impression their relationship was open. Ade disagreed and this kicked off exactly the kind of tempest popped off that you might expect from two gargantuan drama whores with substance abuse problems and histories of doxing their enemies. Hilariously, this ended in a court order that forbids Ethan from even saying Ade's name, a source of much hilarity for Ralph's dedicated "ayylawgs."

Faith Vickers (Zoomer Girl) https://twitter.com/faith_vickers1
> Barely 18 at the time of her getting involved with the Gunt. She was an orbiter of various Internet figures after dropping out of high school with mental illness concerns (the nature and veracity of which are debated), a fashion sense that is something to behold, and gradually becoming more and more terminally online. Ralph was definitely chatting her up while underage and while nothing concrete that incredibly damning has emerged, using the word "grooming" is probably not uncalled for. Ralph flew Faith cross-country to see him in secret, where she moved in with him and he knocked her up. Ralph showed no interest in being a dad but a great deal of glee in showing the Internet that his dick worked (particularly with an 18 year old girl), this lead him to release revenge porn of Faith to "own" her ex-boyfriend, but he did so on livestream and thus to the entire Internet. Meanwhile, Faith was hospitalized on an inpatient psychiatric unit and waffling between wanting to go home immediately and refusing to speak to her parents. Eventually, she left with family and bore the child, Xander, with whom she is now raiasing at her parent's home.
> Faith's father, Matthew (MWV), a California coin merchant and staunch Republican who bears more than a passing resemblance to Ralph, is an Internet drama whore of his own right with a Kiwi Farms account and has been through various accounts and websites vendettaposting against Ralph until Ralph became legally restrained from bothering the Vickers online at which point the legal autism is complicated but suffice it to say they are still glaring daggers and tweeting blind-items at each other on a daily basis and it's highly entertaining.
> Ralph on 5/Jan/2022 became (possibly?) the first person convicted under a new Virginia Revenge Porn statute. He was given a years suspended sentence. He does not have to register as a sex offender contrary to some reports but he does have an ugly-looking conviction on his record, which probably doesn't bother him one bit because he's already unemployable and everyone hates him already other than his inner circle of paypiggies, fellow degenerates, and inexplicable simps like Rachel.

Pantsu/"May" (Amanda Lynn Morris) https://twitter.com/SadNTrad
> Enters into our saga during the tail end of Faith's time with Ralph in Virginia. Pantsu was a marginal (and horse-faced) internet figure who up until then best known for her relationship with DigiBro, a MLP and anime-oriented YouTuber who, to nobody's shock in particular, trooned out. She even tried to turn troon herself for awhile to keep him, but even with a boost from an unfortunate bone structure, she succeeded in only demonstrating that her pickmeism would stoop to no lows. Adopting a traddish persona to appeal to Ethan, she set about getting herself picked by the Gunt and even attempted to guilt Faith into a threesome. There are receipts.
> Faith in the hypothetical menage-a-trois/harem would work while May would be responsible for childcare. Perhaps it is worth mentioning at this point that May is an obsessive collector of lolicon and has defended actual pedophilia on video. Thankfully for young Xander, Faith made the right call for once in her young life and the menage-a-trois became a folie-a-deux between May and Ralph. Before long the Internet was shocked by the announcement that May, too, was with child (and a natal woman, at that.)
> Currently carrying with Ralph's (confirmed) daughter, who was conceived around the time of the Chris Chan arrest as another one of the key heralds of the Dimensional Merge. Currently she mopes around at home while Ralph goes to Vegas to gamble and (probably) fuck Alice. Does a tradwife LARP on Twitter but is a laughably bad housekeeper and cook. It's not clear to what extent her situation is sinking in yet but as of very recently she's still joyfully talking about how Ralph is going to be there with her through the delivery. Gorl.

Female Orbiters
> IP2 Alice (Holland Proudfoot) - profoundly disturbed 21yo, animal abuser, overall complete degenerate to make Bella Janke look like an amateur. Fucked Baked Alaska and a couple of weirdos notable only to people who care about IP2 shit (I don't) but pretty clearly did it for clout with a side of daddy issues in each case. Or daddy issues with a side of clout-seeking, idk. She is a sad case when you think about it and Ralph is almost certainly fucking her, they hang out on his trips to Vegas. May has made some weird sexualized "mommy" remarks about her, too. Probably the most conventionally attractive woman who's interacted with Ralph recently, Alice is plainer than her simps believe but cleans up well, however she can't string together coherent sentences let alone nondegenerate behavior. She specifically denies having a threesome with the two of them and more generally denies sleeping with anyone recently, including Gunt.
> Rachel Wilson (Rach4Patriarhy, Rachel Huizenga) - aging tradthot, prolific abuser of filters. Accustomed to take the moral high ground and panic-tweet stuff about lesbianism, period blood rituals, and the Satanic nature of feminism. She doesn't mince words about porn (based stopped clock?) … except when it comes to Ethan Ralph. Defended him on Twitter while Ralph was tweeting that Faith had a "loose pussy" and awaiting trial on charges for revengeporn-ing her. https://twitter.com/Rach4Patriarchy
> Isabella Loretta Janke - Ethan simped for her publicly (with Dax Herrera) praising her "great tits" and claiming she was being unjustly persecuted by the Kiwis. She did not deign to appear on the Killstream.
> Peyton Higgins - some thot, looked stupid at the last meetup, is on IP2 now or something
> @LoveIsA4LetterWord / Jen - late 40s at best, sends money on a daily basis, meets up in Vegas to fuck Ralph, got trolled when Ralph's payserver got leaked, not much is known about her.

They are all in all an incredibly milky crew.

No. 1418521

Good job anon!

No. 1418621

Good thread anon! I can't wait for the next babymamma-season. Pantsu is getting kind of boring and I know Ralph agrees otherwise he wouldn't constantly escape to Vegas. Trying to watch any of her videos really makes me wonder how anyone can stand to be around her doing her cringe anime-girl impression that she replaces her personality with for more than 5 minutes. She is truly annoying and a baby will definitely drive him over the edge.

My guess is that since he wants to move to Vegas he will just get an apartment there and tell her its only for work/a studio and then he will start staying there all the time while she is in Virginia with the baby until she realizes he isn't coming back. The next girlfriend will either be Alice or a crackwhore from the strip.

No. 1418630

She's stuck at home, pregnant with an obese alcoholic's baby and can't get high or drunk like she usually would be doing. No wonder she's so miserable and boring rn.

No. 1418638

what do you think attracts women to such a failure? I've been wondering with both Ralph and Sam Hyde how the hell do they keep getting women to orbit them.

No. 1418649

I know Holland has a KF thread but it’s pretty long and all over the place. Does anyone know if she was really born or raised in Russia?

No. 1418670

Spite. Faith Vickers was with Ralph to spite her father (who is just like Ralph) and her ex. May is with Ralph to spite Digibro and Kiwifarms/Null cause she wanted to be the Kiwifarms e-girl for a long time and tried to go after Null for a while. Getting with Ralph is a great way to get attention from Kiwifarms and also get back at Digibro.

Their story of how they broke up is that Digibro left the door unlocked and some crazy dude broke in and tried to kidnap May with only a roll of duct tape. People have been speculating that this dude was a simp for May and mentall ill and that she conned him into "abducting her" because she was tired of Digibro acting like a tranny pussy and letting everyone into their house. She was hoping Digibro would man up and valiantly defend her honor from the intruder, but he did nothing, like the total beta he is. So she dumped him and got with a guy who is the opposite of that in her mind. A total wigger who takes swings at cops and will "defend her honor" violently if must be. She wanted someone really aggressive and "manly" after being with passive troon Digibro. That's my theory at least.

She also wanted to get married and have her own kids to molest/groom with Digibro, but he never paid off his debt and so that never happened even tho they were engaged. I assume this is why she got impregnated and engaged to Ralph so fast. Now she has to stay with him because otherwise she would admit that she made a huge mistake.

No. 1418671

File: 1642331834403.webm (1.14 MB, 1366x768, alice.webm)

Sadly I don't think Alice is willing to get gunted. In this clip she sounds truly disgusted by the idea of sex with Ralph and May.

No. 1418672

File: 1642332051123.webm (1.68 MB, 640x360, I_can_do_better_than_Ralph.web…)

But then again, here is a clip of May saying that she thinks she can do better than Ralph…. so maybe there is still hope. Ralph just needs to offer Alice enough meth in exchange to hop on the Memphis micro.

No. 1418711

She's had sex with some really disgusting people like Shawn Phase, Baked Alaska and Chicken Andy so I wouldn't put it past her that she'd get gunted during a bpd episode

No. 1418729

File: 1642339811550.png (869.85 KB, 893x549, Untitled.png)

Do any of them have a gunt tho?

No. 1418757

File: 1642342667388.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.27 MB, 1280x720, GuntFix.gif)

I can't even imagine what goes through the mind of a woman who is willing to have sex with the Gunt. How do you do it without throwing up? I assume copious amounts of drugs and alcohol have to be involved. May and Faith both parted the gunt-curtain to get to the nasty small whiskey dick that lies beneath it and then actually put that inside them. I want to vomit just typing this out. You really have to hate yourself, having guntsex is a form of self-abuse.

No. 1418798

this jumpscared me

No. 1418863

Everyone ks saying May continues to smoke (cigarettes) while pregnant…do we have pics of her doing it or other proof though?

No. 1418866

File: 1642352601091.png (119.54 KB, 606x634, unknown-31.png)

LoveIsAFourLetterWord (Jennifer Crosby) note very edgy discord paypig ID.

No. 1418873

I haven't seen any proof but Ralph smokes cigars and weed around her and she goes to Vegas with him in places where other people also smoke around them. She's at least getting second-hand smoke if she doesn't smoke herself. I think most people say she still smokes weed because they can't imagine how she would not be suicidal by now and running for the hills away from Ralph if she wasn't numbing herself with substances.

No. 1418885

File: 1642353973790.png (641.02 KB, 900x497, 1642103079696.png)

Alice did indeed grow up in Russia which might account for her mild and difficult to place accent. She had a genuinely tragic childhood but is also culpable for doing some really depraved shit. She's a little reminiscent of a more extroverted Bella.

God, you can tell in a 16-second video that she's completely deranged. Out of her mind. Even apart from her interactions with Ralph, Alice is a seriously fucked up individual who is probably milky enough for her very own thread.

Copied from tradthots thread >>1416360
> Holland Proudfoot / Alice's Room / hollietron / @transmikitaka / coffeecorgi / kittenslobber / based captain / darrk
> 22 year old IP2 thot and ultimate NLOG/pickme
> lived in Russia as a child/teen
> comes from broken, alcoholic family perhaps starting to explain her weird attachments and borderline behavior
> brother is also an absolute psycho, got arrested for arson at age 18
> multiple arrests herself usually for stupid misbehavior when drunk, laughs it off as being for the meme
> spraypainted a swastika on the wall of the hotel she was hanging out with other streamers at, was dumb enough to post it online for all to see
> frequently gets so intoxicated on stream she winds up hurting herself and/or engaging in dangerous or provocative behavior, looked upon as a loose cannon even by IP2 standards
> has become so intoxicated on stream as to lose control of her bodily functions, pissed and shat herself
> claims rather too enthusiastically to have all manner of mental disorders including ASPD, has been forcibly hospitalized
> so notorious for living in filth (picrel) "Alice's Room" became a bit of a meme for IP2 faggots
> self-harms in escalating ways including stabbing herself (deeply) with a fucking fork
> boasts about abusing animals, dog almost died while she was ignoring her and doing IP2 bullshit
> livestreamed while locked in said dog's kennel as "penance", totally not fetishistic at all
> previously was an unironic furry and otherkin
> ddlg fanatic, weeb, lolicon, got into edgy Nazi shit again supposedly for the meme
> has experienced with a mlm trans identity but reverted to being a regular thot
> mannish appearance when not dolling herself up, after cleaning up, reasonably cute girl, attracts simps easily
> fucked Baked Alaska, another degenerate streamer, failed e-journalist, and who is awaiting sentence (today actually lol) for macing some random bouncer and also in trouble for being at the Jan 6 riot
> also got involved with Carlii, another IP2 degenerate, admittedly basically trading sex for clout
> moved on to Chicken Andy, an even bigger degenerate and drug addict, with whom she squabbles constantly on livestream
> most recent simp is shawnphase, a lolcow in his own right, who seems to have moved on to Elaine, he sure knows how to pick them
> Livestreams degenerate behavior while claiming trad values, even tattooing "CHRIST IS KING" on her arm
> doesn't shower, allegedly walked around in a sweater covered in her own vomit for days at a time
> currently involved with Ethan Oliver Ralph, host of the Killstream and convicted revenge pornographer
> he flies out frequently to Vegas while May, who is pregnant with his child, stays at home and tweets. There he spends time with Alice, not even trying to hide it.
> But Alice is uncharacterisically quite about the whole thing
> Regardless it's pretty clear they're sleeping together as Gunt seeks to develop his harem

No. 1418887

File: 1642354089304.png (368.75 KB, 394x395, 238823627_10227630055157331_70…)

Also copied from tradthots thread, here's a breakdown of Rachel:
Introducing Rach4Patriarchy / Rachel Wilson (née Huizenga)
> 41 year old, putting on weight, abuses filters like they're crack until it looks uncanney-valley (picrel is not further manipulated)
> 5 kids, oldest is 12, homeschooler, larps as a mommy guru
> Last known occupation: Clinique Special Events Makeup Artist in Michigan, recently moved to Reno, NV
> seems to be a current full time grifter on Patreon (as BasedHomeschoolMom) and elsewhere
> currently pulling in $99/mo on Patreon, others unclear
> "creates content that breams feminist programming & resores families"
> married to edgy and banned-from-everywhere wannabe streamer BigPapaFascist (Andrew Harrison Wilson)
> still seems to use her maiden name officially, interesting for a woman of her views
> author of (self-published) book called "Occult Feminism", purporting to describe "demon worship, spirit mediums, magic mushrooms, witchcraft, CIA spies [and] sex cults"
> got into a massive slapfight with the Vickers family, who's teenager daughter Faith was impregnated by Ethan Oliver Ralph, vile misogynist has-been alt-right podcaster and sworn enemey of Joshua Connor Moon
> vigorously defended Ralph, who as at that time tweeting about Faith's "loose pussy", as one of the hopes of Western Christian Civilization
> continues to support Ralph's fundraisers to fight the Vickers in family court
> grifts along with him and other marginals who's everyday behavior contradicts all religious teaching
> husband is a bottom-of-the-barrel IBS bonehead and general laughingstock
> got utterly roasted recently by his peers for not being racist enough https://odysee.com/@ThePeoplesSquare:9/BPF:d
> he's banned off most social media but still wanders from stream to stream
> apart from Ralph retweets, her Twitter is mostly peformative flexing of her religion

No. 1418890

Did she really fuck Shawn? I thought he was just a simpy orbiter. Gross.

No. 1418892

File: 1642354599835.png (1.24 MB, 1260x773, shawnalice2.png)

The fact that Alice fucked this creepy simp and left him her shitted-in britches but she won't touch May and Ralph is pretty hilarious. Even after Ralph paid for her plane tickets to come see him several times now, let her stay at his house, paid for her hotel room, took her to a job interview, probably gave her his best booze and coke.. he literally did everything to get Alice under his gunt and she still won't fuck him, kek.

No. 1418894

Is it more embarrassing for May that Ralph wants to cheat on her so badly or that Ralph fails at cheating on her I wonder? Would she be less humiliated by Ralph fucking Alice or by Ralph trying to fuck Alice and getting rejected? The world wonders…

No. 1419057

>parted the gunt-curtain
Just this phrase alone makes it sound like something you have to do in one of the gnarlier circles of hell

No. 1419278

File: 1642385811856.jpg (81.03 KB, 329x250, mekise kurisu gators waifu.jpg)

This thread is GatorBrohs approved

No. 1419295

Pantsu has been dark posing on twitter. She might have lost the babby. The retort might have aborted. She was talking about having a bad allergic reaction over the holidays so who knows?

No. 1419307

Wasn't she around 24 weeks? A fetus could theoretically survive birth at that stage, though she would likely have lifelong mental/physical problems

No. 1419321

You know I think the ol' fetus-self-deletus might be in order(namefag)

No. 1419322


I honestly doubt it's that. Probably just a combination of hormones, whatever mental illness she's obviously been suffering for years, and the creeping realization that she allowed herself to be impregnated by a fat retarded wigger who can't even see over his gunt to change a diaper (not that he would ever lift a finger to take care of his spawn anyways)

No. 1419330

why was the last thread deleted?

No. 1419334

>she had a genuinely tragic childhood
>she's completely deranged

check out how normal she behaves when she's with marky. you can hear them go back and forth around 1:32:20. sad to imagine how different her life could've been with better influences.

No. 1419452

File: 1642406400055.jpeg (5.6 KB, 309x163, images.jpeg)

I doubt it. White trash people who can't afford kids have uteruses made of steel. That child will definitely be born, but with a lot of mental issues. 100% autistic, low IQ and ADHD. She will be raised by an autist and alcoholic to hate herself for being female, watch nothing but Anime and probably get molested by Pantsu. It will be another Alice, except she will look like a female Ralph with a big honker nose and a gunt of her own. Truly a horrific fate.

No. 1419681

File: 1642438922029.jpeg (88.67 KB, 750x411, C34D6D07-F20E-40EA-8B10-EA1ACC…)

God. Alice really needs her own thread. I've thought about making one myself because I do know a lot of information about her, but not to the extent that this thread has already figured out. Pic is recent from one of those tellonym-type websites lol, really sad how anyone panders to these racist scrotes for a few internet validity points

No. 1419805

Gross. A lot of these girls entire internet presence is based off degrading themselves for scrotes even if they're not doing outright porn, this is NLOG shit and trying to be the memeing cool girl waifu

No. 1419832

She does deserve a thread and I have also been thinking of making one, I don't know all that much more and if I made one it'd mostly be derivative from her kf thread as I don't fancy digging through pages of ip2 sperging elsewhere so not sure if I'm the right one to do it(sage)

No. 1420058

Ralph is a pretty big lolcow. It's about time he got his own thread. Tbh I feel kinda bad for faith, not knowing what she was getting herself into. Naive 18 year old.

No. 1420271

File: 1642490428671.png (36.68 KB, 443x394, guntugal.png)

Portugal has permissive laws about gambling and recreational drugs. If Gunt goes there this weekend, it is going to be a spectacle. Please, Ethan. Please go.

No. 1420310

I used to be best friends with Holland, she did not grow up in Russia. No idea why she wants to lie about that. She was born in America and i'm pretty sure he family is irish anyway.

No. 1420313

Not just recreational drugs, ALL drugs are legal in Portugal. Prostitution is also legal in Portugal, Ralph pointed this out himself when he talked about this plan on his show.

It's the perfect place to go to do drugs and fuck whores. I assume May is not coming with him since she is now 26 weeks pregnant and would spoil his fun. She probably genuinely believes him when he says he is going to museums and enjoying the local culture. God imagine being so utterly cucked and humiliated by a guy who looks like a walking ballsack. He can buy a trip to Portugal but no crib for the baby, get the message May. You are unwanted and so is your unborn child.

No. 1420316

File: 1642494348455.png (22.34 KB, 728x246, portugal.png)

Wonder who he is bringing along as a "guest". I assume it's going to be Vito or Dick Masterson. Dick and him already enjoyed the Las Vegas brothels together. The age of consent is 14 in Portugal so it's perfect for those two pedophiles.

No. 1420317

File: 1642494486491.png (59.19 KB, 744x504, portugal.png)

Called it. I knew Dick wouldn't pass up the chance to do drugs and fuck (underaged) whores.

No. 1420409

ah i figured, the story made no sense anyway.
i wonder if that’s just a lie she made up when she was younger or if she still maintains that she’s somehow connected to russia

No. 1420553

Can back this up she grew up in North or South Carolina or some shit if I remember correctly. Definitely at least was in America by the time she was 13. If she's really trying to push the "raised in Russia" thing that's funny lol she just doesn't know how to speak properly

No. 1420670

She wasnt born there either, she grew up in VA. Bitch has never left the country.(learn2sage)

No. 1420777

May has a thread on w as well.


No. 1420813

File: 1642543493179.png (366.13 KB, 756x808, Untitled.png)

Still can't believe May is not a tranny tbh.

No. 1420821

I posted her pics on /lgbt/ once asking for advice on how to pass better and not a single person noticed she was a natal woman. A lot of the advice was to get FAS.

No. 1420822

FFS* sorry I have been looking at her face too long.

No. 1421269

There's a reason why her name is meigh.

No. 1422152

File: 1642656896454.png (443.2 KB, 582x743, 2022-01-22-meigh-cooking.png)

More of Meigh's ultra trad cooking: store-bought pork tenderloin shoved into the oven for an hour, mashed potatoes (from a bag?) and the garish-looking cheese which also looks like it came out of a bag (pre-shredded.)

No. 1422164

Is bagged shredded cheese milk

No. 1422166

File: 1642660037479.png (371.69 KB, 567x469, eugenie.png)

>May is with Ralph to spite Digibro and Kiwifarms/Null cause she wanted to be the Kiwifarms e-girl for a long time and tried to go after Null for a while.
that is SO funny, does anyone have screenshots of this or links to KF threads ?

No. 1422221

This photo dehydrated me on sight

No. 1422253


>made made

Was it already pre-made? kek

No. 1422284

There were some tweets back and forth between them but Null's twitter is gone now. Her KF account is: https://kiwifarms.net/members/fugnug.56254/
She had some weird drama with a girl named Tenleid back in the Digibro days where she was convinced this Tenleid was stalking her. She was really eager to get attention from KF and wanted them to make her her own thread, she was really happy when she finally got her own thread on there. You can read about the earlier drama more in her thread on here >>>/w/94955

There was a stream with digibro where he said that May was going to go after Null, but I'm not gonna go looking for that since I can't stand Digibro and his friends.

No. 1422285

Dry meat with no sauce, boxed mashed potatoes topped with yellow dyed "cheese product" and what looks like charred bits of… chives? in it? What the fuck are the black bits in the mashed potatoes? No vegetables either… what a fucking sad meal. I wouldn't even serve this to someone I hate. You can tell she lacks the very basic skills of cooking and I assume she never cooks aside from the meals she shows off on twitter, every other night it is pizza pockets and frozen nuggies if this is the stuff that she's proud of.

No. 1422357

great thread, OP did an awesome job

No. 1422380

didn't find anything on twitter nor on archive.org, though her pre-gunt handle may not have been sadntrad. oh well, ty anon !

No. 1422394

her pre-gunt handle was @_imsupacute

No. 1424165

File: 1642883223731.png (61.79 KB, 740x460, rofl.png)

May is doing some more coping on twitter, Ralph is going on his 4-day trip to Portugal today. Leaving his pregnant tradgf at home while he fucks hookers and snorts cocaine.

No. 1424170

File: 1642883454432.png (367.25 KB, 1476x1468, rofl3.png)

I can think of something more depressing: being in May's position. I think even women in war-torn third world countries would trade their life with Amanda Lynn Morris.

No. 1424173

File: 1642883606941.png (216.44 KB, 744x776, seethe.png)

Meanwhile Ralph is seething at women way out of his league who are laughing at him on twitter. Absolutely nothing hurts a man's ego more than attractive women laughing at them.

No. 1424192

what does his tweet mean?

No. 1424195

he's asking people to speculate how many people this woman has slept with or sucked off or something like that. Coming from the man who smokes meth in alleyways with strangers and will stick himself inside anything with a warm hole

No. 1424196

What >>1424195 said, he is asking people to speculate about how many men this woman has slept with just because she is young and pretty. Ralph has probably slept with more prostitutes than with willing women, very sad.

No. 1424197

File: 1642885588585.png (141.87 KB, 728x823, kagome_sakura_chan.png)

Kagome Sakura Chan Ralph will be proud to have a fat, alcoholic felon who cheats on her mom with hookers for a father.

No. 1424374

File: 1642902755185.png (416.27 KB, 760x449, 3C85E699-1325-4D84-AB2E-8BEDFA…)

I miss her schizo skinwalking arc. Her holo live audition still gets shared on 4chan at least once per month.

No. 1424385

Same here, her one sided beef with tenleid was so funny

No. 1424426

Looking through Alice + May's twitter, makes me feel like they're ultra-obsessed with women in general. May says she doesn't listen women but bitch clearly craves any attention from one. so trad

No. 1424587

File: 1642935286491.png (760.63 KB, 1130x1198, faith_may.png)

I usually hate when people on here assume that every lolcow is a lesbian, but she might actually be a lesbian. I mean, she masturbates to anime women, not men. She flicks her bean to little girls, not little boys. She tried to groom Faith into a threeway relationship where they wanted Ralph to watch in the corner while she got it on with Faith. Just reading these texts makes it obvious that May was never really interested in Ralph other than for the ego-boost of "stealing" him away from his pregnant girlfriend. She didn't even want Ralph to "see her cum", shows that she's pretty uninterested in him sexually.

And of course the really pushed digibro into trooning out, did his make-up and helped him dress like a woman, I wonder if her attraction to women made her push him in that direction but then she realized it will never be the same as being with a woman. Now she is trying to groom Alice into calling her mommy… this bitch is definitely not straight.

No. 1424593

File: 1642936033775.png (3.88 MB, 1620x2160, may_ralph.png)

All of her affections towards Ralph seem incredibly fake and performative, just look at this picture. She is imagining Faith seeing this picture and being jealous that she stole away her babydaddy. That's the only purpose of her ever being affectionate with Ralph, to put on a show for other people.

Ralph has landed in Portugal today, he is spending an entire week in Europe away from May. Wouldn't that have been such a perfect Honeymoon? They could have gotten hitched on the last Vegas trip and now taken a week long trip to Europe together, enjoying it being just the two of them before the baby arrives. But they can't stand each other. I can't even imagine taking a vacation without my partner, I would want to share every memory and experience with him, but these two? They can't put enough distance between themselves. What a miserable existence.

No. 1424610

this text exchange seems fake and performative too though

No. 1424611

Well she is pretty damn autistic, maybe she's just asexual.

No. 1425203


oh no, i didn't mean to imply they were outright lesbians, just fucking obsessed and highkey pervs

No. 1425483

I hope he tests positive when he tries to return to the US and has to go (and probably pay for, correct me if I’m wrong nonnas) Portuguese Covid quarantine

No. 1425510

File: 1643047255042.png (236.25 KB, 744x576, sadposting.png)

Ralph is currently living his best life, buying Burker King for his hooker in Portugal. Meanwhile May is stuck at home sadposting black rap-songs on twitter.

Some examples of the lyrics:
One night she cook for me, the next day I'm blocked on Instagram (damn)
Whoa, let me find out that she did me like I do these hoes (karma)
Or committed to old boy, tryna play her role (drama)
Some months go past, I ain't talk to her, ain't seen her (wassup?)
Asked her how she been
She like, "I'm outside and I'm single" (wassup?)
She go from one nigga to the next one, moving around fast
Don't love dude (uh-uh), she just do that think it make me mad
Stubborn, aggressive, possessive, and jealous it's more than that
Telling me his sex ain't good as mine while I hit from the back
Sitting inside the car, this ho just talking, think she selling me dreams
I had to look twice, I seen my nigga number 'cross her screen
Last situation scarred her so she moving off hurt
I can't save her I got outta there, I ain't making nothing work (I'ma exit)
Ain't no second guessing, I be going off what I know (can't fool me)
Talking 'bout, "That's yo' bestie I be fucking on the low" (I knew it)
She sneaky and she freaky, I looked up her horoscope (it said)
To be continued this a story 'bout a Scorpio

Sounds like trouble in trad-paradise? Please oh please get back at Ralph by cheating with a basketball american! There are plenty of them in Richmond you can take your pick, hell send Ralph some pics from you partying with a whole crew in his crackshack. Show him you can live it up as much as he can! it would cause levels of seethe that we have never witnessed before.

No. 1425519

yes, he would have to pay inflated prices for a crummy quarantine hotel and some kind of government charge for being tested
please Santa, make that happen

No. 1425539

File: 1643049221716.png (329.51 KB, 740x722, food.png)

Meanwhile Ralph as a fat, retarded American got totally scammed in some tourist trap and paid 55€ for a meal that costs 5€ to make. Imagine being this fucking stupid.

He's accompanied by some Portuguese twink with manboobs. Probably one of those famous Portuguese manwhores, that took him to the most expensive restaurant in the city to just completely turn this fat retards pockets inside out.

No. 1425616

uh anon that's €55 per kg. I doubt he ate a kg of shrimp lol

No. 1425633

It's 1kg of mayonnaise over 4 shrimp, the rest of the mayo is served in a bowl on the side.

No. 1425665

i see kek

No. 1426316

Imagine being unironically so obsessed that you stalk out the exact meal he had in a restaurant

No. 1427570

Any news from Portugal? Wonder how May is holding up back home

No. 1427927

File: 1643251107197.jpg (45.33 KB, 451x680, gunt_beaten_up.jpg)

"any news from Portugal" indeed, nonnie. Gunt got his ass whooped by what he termed four "diverse" individuals tonight. I knew he would not disappoint.

No. 1427939

>got robbed
This had to do with drugs and/or prostitution, guaranteed.

No. 1428081

Now test positive for Covid Ethan

No. 1428128

Agreed he definitely got beat up by a pimp after roughing up some underaged prostitute for laughing at his micropenis.

No. 1428148

File: 1643279109020.png (51.99 KB, 582x312, gunt_lying_again.png)

Four on one sounds like cope for him getting his ass handed to him by one other guy, probably taller than 5'1".

No. 1428160

File: 1643280751345.png (392.12 KB, 474x856, purse.png)

Just the fact that Ralph claims he could chase anyone down tells you that this is a bold faced lie. This dude can barely walk, running is out of the question. Look at his fat beachball body on top of his teeny legs.

No. 1428176

File: 1643282825748.png (44.14 KB, 746x408, lol.png)

No. 1428181

oop wrong thread

No. 1428208

A man who sees his Giorgio Armani murse worth dying for is not a man at all.

No. 1428236

There is a 0% chance that he tried to get anything back. Recently some a-log came to his house while Ralph was streaming and left a box of diapers in front of their door, to make fun of Ralph for not buying anything for the baby yet. Ralph was scared shitless sitting inside and peaking out the window, threw a big fit on twitter but not once went outside to confront the guy. He is terrified of confrontation.

I think he literally just got beat up for being a loud, obnoxious dumb wigger who was trolling for whores and coke in the middle of the night. He says he still has his two phones, his passport AND his watch. There is no way the 4 dudes who supposedly robbed him wouldn't have taken those. Especially passports are super popular to steal because they can sell them and use them to make fake passports.

The mugging story is a lie to cover up the truth which is definitely 100 times more embarrassing. He probably got beat up by a whore when he didn't pay up and the whore was a head taller than him (as most people are).

No. 1428256

Damn did they steal his lips too?

No. 1428272

File: 1643296921530.jpg (83.29 KB, 1080x536, Lmao.jpg)

New addiction arc

No. 1428275

wash it down with some alcohol scrotoid

No. 1428289

I think they kicked his front teeth out.

No. 1428349

That's exactly why he got robbed lol. He was a obese ass American walking around alone at night. They knew he couldn't chase them down. Easy target

No. 1428368

File: 1643306802414.jpg (26.6 KB, 735x435, rekt.jpg)

Some heartwarming words from his loving forever-fiancé. Ralph will have to have surgery for his CRACKED SKULL. What are the chances this fat retards had the foresight to get some travel health insurance? Probably slim to none. That's more money that could have been used to build a nursery down the drain simply because Ralph is reckless and retarded.

No. 1428392

I hope his next stop is somewhere in Latin America then kek

No. 1428397

Personally I hope he travels to Serbia to find Josh Moon and gets his ass beat by a bunch of 6'6 Serbian Chads next. But in reality he will probably never leave the US ever again.

No. 1428449

Especially since he is going to skip out on the hospital bill. He'll count never leaving the US again as a win.b

No. 1429096

I refuse to insult your intelligence by implying I believe that you brought that he really cracked his skull. Ethan is too much of a weenie to not act like he's doing over that. It's just him on her Twitter account like normal.

No. 1429196

He posted 1 tweet in over 24 hours. There is no way he would be this quiet unless his brain has actually been turned into mashed potatoes. He would be grifting the shit out of this if he was conscious and already setting up a "Pay Ralphs Medical Bills" fundraiser (even tho he never intends to actually pay).

No. 1429241

that much weight on such puny legs is going to lead to a mobility scooter for someone to rob him of in future. Also orbital fracture is quite bad especially if it needs surgery. Maybe just let the "four guys" steal your man purse.

No. 1429277

The 4 mooslims out to steal his man purse is a fabrication. Ralph was either A. Attempting to get drugs or an underaged prostitute or B. Ran his mouth to the wrong person

No. 1429296

sorry for spoonfeedimg request but did he ever say that they were muslims/gypies/africans/etc or is it speculation?

No. 1429311

File: 1643389070520.png (61.72 KB, 738x462, persuasion.png)

He said they were of a "certain persuasion" which basically means black or Arab. Europe has a huge problem with Arab street gangs and now also with African gangs.

No. 1429316

File: 1643389747724.png (354.2 KB, 746x644, ralph.png)

Getting the shit kicked out of you by a bunch of dope slingers is so badass and trad.

No. 1429317

File: 1643389849177.jpg (275.21 KB, 1151x2048, FKNGYe7XoAUARd7.jpg)

full size

No. 1429318

File: 1643389957935.png (1.13 MB, 1024x898, 83b.png)

same vibes

No. 1429321

File: 1643390249087.jpg (36.43 KB, 609x680, FKJdipQXMAAwSaP.jpg)

They also found his manpurse on Portuguese ebay, kek.

No. 1429338

thanks nona, i am european lol that's probably why i didn't get the euphemism, just say arabs kek

No. 1429494

>full size
Oh we know

No. 1429583

Kek, you're right

No. 1429586


No. 1431451

File: 1643638479738.png (88.27 KB, 734x622, Untitled.png)

The lack of self awareness this fat wigger has is truly amazing. Literally all of these things also apply to Ralph, except instead of Marvel and Cape-shit he talks about black men doing sports and plays Tucker Carlson clips.

No. 1431455

File: 1643638707617.png (105.85 KB, 732x764, Untitled.png)

So Ralph is out of the hospital and still bragging about all the free pills he is getting. Just wigger things. No news yet on when he will return back home to his horsegf who is now 7 months pregnant and still has nothing prepared for the baby.

No. 1431456

big talk from a man whose own stream is mostly replays of Tucker Carlson clips and drunk ramblings about his grudges with other streamers

No. 1431460

File: 1643638898280.png (464.75 KB, 658x1500, Untitled.png)

And an update from the pregnant pedo herself, she thinks the drawing of Ralph with what she believes to be a 14 year old hooker makes him look "straight up G". Very trad. Many Christian values.

No. 1431581

kek why is he posting this, the only way both guys look like this in a fight is if there's a referee, this soyboy got the shit kicked out of him

No. 1432039

File: 1643701360404.png (759.26 KB, 944x2708, fear.png)

Ralph has burned the biggest bridge yet. After Mister Metokur dared to make fun of Ralph's misfortunes on his show, Ralph wrote a hitpiece on Jim, calling him a scared old dying man. I truly did not see this coming, I thought Ralph would cuck to his internet father for all eternity, but the madman did it and lit the torch!

No. 1432040

File: 1643701537719.png (607.96 KB, 1958x776, tweets.png)

He also called Jim's wife Jade a fat tub of lard. Meanwhile he's dating an actual tranny-looking horsewoman.

No. 1432041

File: 1643701602140.png (36.4 KB, 432x213, response.png)

Jim's response

No. 1432043

File: 1643701745554.png (28.54 KB, 607x267, gator.png)

Even Gator, Ralph's most loyal janny and gunt-licker has disavowed. When Gator had to pick between his two internet daddies, he chose Jim! Ralph also unfollowed Gator on twitter. Now Ralph truly has nobody left but his horsefaced tranny who is about to foal. If he wasn't such a narc I would predict a noose in his future.

No. 1432045

File: 1643702148885.png (421.06 KB, 736x672, physique.png)

Ralph calling anyone else fat has always been pretty funny to me.

No. 1432106

if these political e-celebs intent is to make people more conservative then it works, in the sense that I miss the time when men were too busy dying in coal mines to sit on the internet and be a political e-celeb

No. 1432129

Ralph is not a conservative, he voted for Obama twice, lel. He was a full on SJW before Gamer Gate and he's only pandering to the alt-right now because they give him money. He doesn't actually hold any conservative values, since he has 0 values and 0 morals. I don't think he has any goals besides getting drunk and thumbing teenagers in the anus.

No. 1432170

he’s sincere about the racism and misogyny, because he’s one of those people who has nothing to be proud of but his skin color and XY chromosomes

No. 1432198

He literally idolizes black people, lol. He lives in Richmond, which is like 90% black (why not move?), he dresses like a wigger, listens only to rap music and watches black people toss balls around all day (and let's not forget the BLACKED porn he was caught watching). He was married to a Pakistani woman and of course he is now engaged to a Jewish woman and his daughter will be Jewish by their own rules (passed on through maternal bloodline). Of course he is lying to his audience about her being Jewish, despite her obvious Jewish last name and.. well.. appearance.

This man is not racist, he literally wishes he was black. He doesn't even allow people to say the n-word on his show, which most people in the "sphere" are extremely comfortable with. Ralph is literally pretending to be a racist because the racists are giving him money… somehow even more pathetic.

No. 1432248

nah, he’s a “one of the good ones” style racist
and the misogyny is 100%

No. 1432317

>her last name
>amanda lynn morris
?? she doesn't really look jewish either

No. 1432435

this person is just hyping Farms tinfoil

No. 1432794

File: 1643795858061.jpg (820.6 KB, 1419x728, lasagna.jpg)

Morris is a Jewish name and they live in upstate New York. She literally looks like an anti-Semitic Jewish caricature. I mean they literally doxed her parents and grandparents on Kiwifarms so it's not tinfoil, you can look them up yourself if you want. They know that her parents are Jewish.

She claims she is Italian, but look at this lasagna (picrel). Does this look like something an Italian would make? Every Italian I know would vomit at this sight. Spaghettianons please back me up.

No. 1432796

File: 1643796114008.jpg (385.95 KB, 1536x2048, ER6-WqrX0AAMbpA.jpg)

I agree about the misogyny and I guess by twitter progressives standards he would be a racist, but he does actually love black people and wishes he was black. He's only playing the racist to get money from real racists.

No. 1432839

>Morris is a Jewish name
morris is the most British surname ever kek, I looked it up and it says that in some cases it can be an americanization of jewish names, but it seems like an autistic stretch
>she looks like an anti semitic jewish character
literally where, she's much more believable as an ugly italian girl. does kf just tinfoil everyone they don't like as jewish? that lasagna is horrifying though, I have no argument against that t. italian

No. 1433140

Her parents and grandparents are literal Jews. Jewish lineage and observing Jews. That doesn't make them bad in any way but is just a fact.

No. 1433193

>internet with a capital "I"
Kek, is that you, Josh?

Anyway, I'm happy somebody made this thread, I've been watching this trainwreck since the sex tape leak. Recent Portugal events have been a riot, I wasn't expecting much besides Ralph making a retard out of himself for spending thousands of dollars on a trip to a Med country out of season to "own" Warski somehow, but the milk has been plentiful lately.

Ralph claims he's coming back to States soon, so now place your bets if his brain leaks out of his ears due to pressure during the plane takeoff.

As for May, I'm still not convinced she's pregnant and I'm not even convinced she's an actual woman. I guess we will see in April, unless she has a convienient "miscarriage" in the meantime.

No. 1433496

Ethan got trolled by a donation into defending Isabella Loretta Janke again on stream last night https://youtu.be/Ji-Te45XRa4?t=9607 (about 2 hours 40 minutes in if the link doesn't take you there). Said that it was "all made up" by the dastardly Kiwis. He seemed not to remember who she was other than "Kiwis bad" and that they wanted to "ruin her life," but that since her subforum closed down everything was OK. Isabella has been kicked out of college and is a meme now so maybe not so much. The cope and black-and-white thinking is real. If things aren't that bad for Isabella, thinks aren't that bad for Gunt. If Isabella is doxed on Josh's site, and Gunt hates Josh, Isabella must be in the right. So simple-minded. His foolishness really never ceases to amaze.

No. 1433592

Josh 100% browses here, integrates, creates threads, etc. He gets so much info from lolcow from his person streams. He even used to term 'scrote' on his last stream

Wouldn't be surprised if he made this thread at all

No. 1433609

I don’t know anyone else who types a/k/a either. I 100% believe this tinfoil.

No. 1433633

>He even used the term 'scrote' on his last stream
I know and it made my soul cringe out of my body kek pls make him stop

No. 1433651

Then again, it's Conner, not Connor, so who knows.

I think it's kinda cute, tbh.

No. 1433814

It sounds nothing like Josh. It does sound obviously to me like someone in particular from over there but no need to speculate. We're all nonnie, right?

No. 1433828

OP probably just watches his streams where he regularly spergs about the spelling of Internet.

Josh has people help him with his person streams that gather info for him. He doesn't prepare all of that himself and said so. I assume he had some beauty parlor/lolcow.farm regulars that send him stuff about trannies to talk about.

No. 1433834

>internet with a capital "I"
I once had a professor at uni who sperged about it, so he's not the only one.

No. 1433835

File: 1643913553100.jpg (74.56 KB, 1280x922, ralph.jpg)

Fat fuck Ralph posted this today, notice how his knuckles are perfectly smooth and intact? Do these look like the hands of a man who "kept fighting way past the point of what would be considered normal"? Nah, this fat coward didn't get a single punch on his attackers, he just laid on the floor in a fetal position as they kicked his fat face in. What a pussy.

Imagine being Pantsu, stuck at home pregnant, watching Ralph post his vacation pics as he is smoking and drinking champagne on a boat. While she just came home from a 7h shift at Subway. She can barely see the sandwiches under her protruding belly anymore and gets yelled at by the customers daily for getting the orders wrong. What a miserable doormat existence.

No. 1433847

File: 1643914371914.png (1.84 MB, 1408x7228, The Smoke.png)

Ethan wrote another diary entry about daddy Jim and Gaydur betraying him.


I love how he keeps framing the incident where Jesse came to his house to leave a box of diapers on his front lawn as a big scary terrifying attack that left May fearing for her life… but then he left to go to Portugal the next day. Help me figure this out nonnies… it's either:

1. The visit from Jesse war clearly no threat to May
2. Ralph does not give a single fuck about May and her saftey since he left her alone the next day

Hmmm…. I think both.

No. 1433854

File: 1643914706712.jpg (143.1 KB, 445x250, 2014808-3aea84a9ea7f0dafc96e18…)

The only thing funny in this is when he is dabbing on Anime. Anime is fucking cringe and grown adults who are obsessed with that shit are spergs. Wait a minute…

No. 1433862

No wonder his knuckles are smooth, it's pretty obvious from this article his punches don't land.

No. 1433889

File: 1643918357988.jpg (385.46 KB, 900x1200, EV6gODeWkAUi549.jpg)

Personally I think May and Gaydur should date. They are perfect for each other. No other man would want May and her guntling other than Gaydur, Gaydur would probably consider it an honor to raise Ralph's child and they both love anime and living in an anime dungeon. They have so much in common and Gaydur wouldn't even mind sucking May's feminine penis.

No. 1433895

File: 1643918810001.jpg (56.51 KB, 640x623, im-sorry-but-if-youre-this-ove…)

ethan looks like he is one burger away from a heart-attack

i thought this was a mtf…

No. 1433904

File: 1643919395719.png (142.75 KB, 736x924, Untitled.png)

Still not sure if May is actually a woman.. she is supposedly pregnant at the moment tho. Maybe she is boypreggers and will buttbirth the baby.

Gator it is your time to swoop in and woo the lady(boy)!

No. 1433905

File: 1643919724512.png (656.17 KB, 732x1214, Untitled.png)

No. 1433928

File: 1643921947938.png (346.66 KB, 538x574, Untitled.png)

Ralph bragging about being scammed by a mahagony sun god. Ralph will buy literally anything if you flatter his big ego enough.

No. 1433934

He's a fucking wigger after all. Maybe that Senegalese guy saw him eating a Caesar salad and recognized this BLACKED porn aficionado.

No. 1433937

He saw a guy who hasn't seen his own dick in 20 years, can't walk up a flight of stairs without dying and and thought "this man will buy anything if I tell him it will grant him sexual prowess"

No. 1433986

Disavowing both Daddy Jim and Gator is big news. These are almost the only people left out there who were on-side, and both had been wavering for a while at least in the form of not going ahead and being Ethan's attack dogs on demand. The Gunt stands alone.

This also shows up Josh to be dumb as he went after Jim for the sole offense of not going after Ralph, like 2-3 months ago, which was not a very classy or politically astute thing to do but also had he waited for a few months the two of them could've gotten in together on a gargantuan Gunt-dabbing spectacle.

Really, all these people and their drama. They are as petty, catty, and "womanish" as anyone else on this site, man, woman, or troon.

No. 1433988

it’s fucking hilarious how these manchildren throw around the word “womanish” for all the toddler boy bullshit they devote their lives to

No. 1434003

literally kek, they always resort to calling each other women when there isn't one woman in sight who's involved or invested in their petty gay drama

No. 1434140

Flamenco is currently riding high on Ralph-dabbing streams. Tons of aylawgs in the chat. Even pickmes like Venti and Aydin Paladin came to shit on him.

…I probably shouldn't be surprised about that.

No. 1434418

Josh only pointed out that if it had been anyone else behaving like such an utter moron, Jim would have started ripping into him months ago. He is right that Jim held back for some reason even tho people begged him to make fun of Ralph. All his jokes about Ralph were very safe and not malicious at all, only after Ralph wrote his article on Jim did Jim finally give in and start to properly make fun of him like he does with everyone else. It is curious.

No. 1434434

I agree, not gonna give Gator or Jim any credit for jumping off a ship that has been sinking for years at the very last minute. Gator only turned on him because Ralph blocked him on twitter first and Jim only started shitting on him after Ralph started tweeting about Jade. They had plenty of time to join everyone else in making fun of Gunty, but didn't. Too little, too late. Also fuck Jim tbh, I don't get why people like him, he is really cringe and unfunny.

No. 1434437

File: 1643982434715.jpg (112.95 KB, 980x926, FKt8_QXX0AAkjEc.jpg)

Ralph broke up with Gator, not the other way around. Gator would still be licking Ralphs boots to this day like the cowardly fat little faggot he is. I don't think Gator can ever be redeemed for the years of fucking gayops he ran in Ralphs name.

No. 1434478

Gator really is utterly repulsive. There is nothing more unattractive and pathetic than a man who grovels before another man and worships him as his king. Same goes for everyone who worships Jim.

No. 1434602

What is an a-log? I've seen this word a million times but never can find what it means

No. 1434620

Learn how to Google, newfriend.

No. 1434644

File: 1644001844345.jpg (290.42 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20220204-110958_Chr…)

Doesn't work no matter what spelling I put in

No. 1434729

An a-log is someone who gets unreasonably upset over lolcows and takes them too seriously. Like the kind of people that call CPS on lolcows, go to Chris-Chan's houses or write walls of text about how much better they are than the lolcow.

No. 1434766

Also, in Ralph's case an a-log (or aylawg, by his pronounciation) is basically anyone who criticizes him in even the mildest of ways. See him exploding at Rekieta after he grimaced at Ralph sharting himself.

I think this is the peak now, btw. After this Ethan will fade into obscurity and nobody will care anymore. It was amusing while it lasted.

No. 1434852

it’s after a demented Chris Chan hater called Anthony Logatto

No. 1434962

I see, thank you fren for explaining. That makes now why Ralph is always bitching about the a-logs, kek

No. 1435015

"A-Log" at least originally carried the connotation that the person getting upset about the lolcow in question shared a lot of traits with the cow (as Anthony Logatto did with Chris, fat autistic NEET, furry, coomer with an Oedipus complex, etc.) Like most fine distinctions this one is lost on Ralph as it is he who is most regularly getting upset with people who exhibit his particular flaws.

No. 1435021

I keep thinking Ralph can't possibly do anything more retarded but then he goes and outdoes himself. I don't think this will end until he goes to jail. Probably for throwing Pantsu down the stairs or shaking the baby.

No. 1435034

It always cracked me up how Ralph focuses on making fun of people for being fat and fixates on how disloyal others were. Massive projecting.

No. 1435151

File: 1644055005785.png (88.31 KB, 474x411, gaydorsis-censored.png)

Gator, Ralph's longtime (and longsuffering) chief lieutenant and guntguard, was finally let go by Ralph amidst mutual recrimination. Gator escalated things by leaking some Discord PMs, Ralph did the same, dropping hints of Gator's dox, Gator started talking on Twitter, and then Ralph appears to have doxxed Gator's younger sister on /cow/. Guy keeps finding new lows for himself.

No. 1435168

File: 1644059189683.png (351.7 KB, 976x931, Untitled.png)

Ralph has doxed Gator and is threatening to visit Gator's hometown to hang up flyers about him on his college campus. He also plans to visit Metokur to do the same thing.

Can't say that Gator doesn't fucking deserve it tbh. That's exactly what you get for associating with Ralph.

No. 1435196

ralphie needs to slow down. he's going to burn out too fast, lowtax style.

No. 1435203

Ralph is too narcissistic to suck a shotgun.

No. 1435388

I was thinking more of what the other prisoners will do to him when The Man stops giving him chances.

No. 1435408

what a demented retard

No. 1435455

File: 1644088676982.jpg (135.31 KB, 750x635, mutts_law.jpg)

Mutts law in action, even here on the lolcow.farm, neat.(racesperg)

No. 1435502

File: 1644092485667.png (437.1 KB, 732x770, Untitled.png)

Where is the baby belly, Pantsu?

No. 1435581

File: 1644098297428.png (11.69 KB, 333x136, Untitled.png)

Ralph missed the first of many of his son's milestones.

No. 1436030

File: 1644150682846.png (302.16 KB, 487x708, ralph.png)

Mister Metokur made Ralph cry on Matt Jarbo's stream last night. Ralph kept crying about people "coming to his house" even tho he is planning to go to Gator's house and hang up posters at his Uni about him being a white nationalist (he's not, he watches anime). He cried about people talking about his son and Jim pointed out that Ralph shat on Jim's wife, while Jim said nothing about Ralph's family. He cried that daddy Jim didn't defend him and didn't come on his show anymore and that he "cosigned" what other people said about Ralph by going on their shows. He cried and hollered for an hour and then he was so drunk that he kept losing his train of thought, he eventually ragequit when Matt Jarbo started talking to him.

No. 1436061

kek, wasn't it ethan that had matt live and ended up exposing him for lying about some copyright striking a while back? wtf are these dudes doing, just making eachother rage and cry?

No. 1436063

why are moids so obsessed with bbc? you have to go back, faggot.

No. 1436079

>not showing
maybe she's a melissa drexler type.

No. 1436084

It's a joke about how Americans always bring up "CAN'T WAIT TILL HE GETS RAPED IN PRISON!" whenever someone is arrested for anything. Americans will literally always start fantasizing about male on male prison rape, because you decided that would be part of your justice system. Bring up anyone being arrested and wait for Americans do chime in with "OH BOI TYRONE IS GONNA TEAR UP THAT PRETTY LITTLE WHITE ASS!".

No. 1436087

File: 1644158719584.png (752.02 KB, 1056x1160, Untitled.png)

Gator dropped these DMs with Pantsu about Ralphs alcoholism and gambling. What a trad husband, she's bagged a real winner.

No. 1436091

it's funnier if he doesn't go to jail after all. Alcoholism and gambling, what could go wrong in Vegas?

No. 1436098

If he does end up going to Metokur's or Gator's house and starts harassing them and they call the police on him for trespassing or harassment he could go straight to jail because of his suspended sentence. I kind of hope he will go to Metokur's house and get a picture of the old cancer patient, that'd be pretty funny. If the police catches him hanging up flyers with Gators face and some slanderous bullshit on them at his college campus that could also be pretty funny. I think Ethan Ralph's story will end either in jail or with an overdose or heart attack. And probably within the next 5 years.

No. 1436237

I never got the appeal of Metokur, but his level of sanity just shone on last night’s shitshow. “I laughed at it because it was funny.” “It’s fine if people laugh about my cancer, who cares?” “You’re writing fanfiction in your head, I never did any of that stuff.” I would buy that man a drink in real life.

No. 1436273

Metokur has so many men lusting after him you could make a dating game based on it. Ralph has to be the most pathetic case though, with his level of desperation to have Jim as his daddy. This is kinda tragic if you subscribe to the theory he was diddled by his dad.

Ralph ragequitting on Jarbo pressing him about flagging is like fucking poetry. Boulder stream was Killstream's most watched episode and now Matt and Metokur shat on Ralph for flagging people and being a thin skinned bitch on Matt's channel.

May is so fucking retarded it belies belief. If she had some brain left, she would pack up and leave before that poor kid is born. If even Faith, a teenage methhead with mental problems figured it out, so should she.

No. 1436331

File: 1644177758762.png (128.99 KB, 486x166, Untitled.png)

Lots of fatherless men in that corner of the internet, it's really sad. They are looking so hard for a replacement daddy and they pick the biggest scumbags like hedonistic misogynist Dick Masterson and high school-tier bully Metokur. I never liked Metokur, his jokes are all very mean-spirited and uncreative. It's always "AHAHAAHAHAHA THIS GUY HAS A SMALL DICK!" or "AHAHAHAHAHA THIS GUY IS A CUCK!" they are always playground style insults that a 5 year old would make. He is quick and confident in an exchange with other people, I give him that and he can easily outsmart a dumbass like Ralph, but in the end he is still someone who has to pick on people he sees as lower than himself. He never punches up and let's be honest, he IS afraid of his dox and he DID try to change his name. Nothing wrong with that, but denying it to seem like a tough guy is just ridiculous.

To me, I love this trashfire because I hate everyone involved. I hate Ralph, hate Gator, hate Metokur, hate all the gay drama channel leeches like Flamenco and Matt Jarbo. They can all shit on each other all day, whoever loses deserves it. Gator deserved getting doxed, Ralph deserved getting beat up and Jim deserves dying of cancer. They are all shitty people, which is why I can happily sit back and enjoy them destroy each other.

I really think May isn't pregnant anymore. Where is her bump? You can see her in the driver's seat in Ralphs reflection. No baby belly. She should be 7 months by now and she probably shouldn't even be driving. I think she had a miscarriage and they are covering it up and they will just never show the baby and say they don't want to dox the baby. They announced it as soon as they got a positive test. You're supposed to wait until the second trimester because miscarriages are a lot more common than people think. Especially in a household with a violent alcoholic felon.

No. 1436342

File: 1644178316703.png (405.79 KB, 732x660, Untitled.png)

She used to make posts like this on twitter. Why didn't she keep it up? A different fruit/vegetable every week? Where is the belly progression that every female influencer who is pregnant posts? Where is the picture of her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making Ralph a sandwich? You'd think they would want to show off their domestic bliss and "trad life"? Where is the pictures of the nursery? Pantsu smiling with Ralph's head on her stomach? "BABY IS KICKING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!"

She has been entirely silent, which is why I think either she was never pregnant or she is not pregnant anymore.

No. 1436353

File: 1644179036520.jpg (45.06 KB, 186x250, no_bump.jpg)

No bump.

No. 1436399

File: 1644181459268.png (3.05 MB, 1115x1768, but xmas.png)

This is the last time she's looked visibly pregnant.

No. 1436404

well if it died on the vine that's sad. but it's for the best, kid.
check out his platform shoes.

No. 1436405

May not being pregnant would also explain why she is okay with Ralph leaving to go to Portugal even tho she should be 7 months pregnant by now and why he's planning bowling tournaments around her due-date instead of preparing for the arrival of his daughter.

Might also be that after an early miscarriage they immediately tried to get pregnant again to cover it up and that's why her bump-growth does not match the timeline. The chance of a miscarriage is around 25% in early pregnancy, much higher than people think. Most women with children experience at least one in their life, which is why smart people wait until the second trimester to announce their pregnancies when miscarriages are a lot less likely. These morons announced it right away.

If it happened I bet Ralph blamed it all on Pantsu and probably said some truly horrific shit to her because she lost his "reroll baby".

No. 1436407

I'm more perplexed by his Chris-chan shirt.

No. 1436409

Didn't she have an allergic reaction over Christmas while she was at her parents house? Right after this picture was taken and Ralph left to spend New Years in Vegas? I remember she accidentally ate some trail-mix with nuts in it and had to go to the emergency room, that's where she spent her New Years eve alone. Anaphylaxis during pregnancy can cause miscarriages.

No. 1436416

File: 1644182283003.png (2.72 MB, 2200x1784, Untitled.png)

She was also sadposting on twitter right after that.

No. 1436420

Here is her telling the story of her hospital trip on New Years.

No. 1436423

Kiwifarmers are stealing our story and edits, smh.

No. 1436461

File: 1644185244117.jpg (107.53 KB, 1000x1000, 880666-tsni3u.jpg)

Ralph and May right now probably buying one of these to own the a-logs on Kiwifarms.

No. 1436547

Was gonna post this the other day because its entertaining but found out from the recent stream it was jim liking this video which sent ralph into a frenzy and started the guntplosion.
Linking the bichute one because the youtube one is age restricted

youtube link is the ethan v metokur livestream that happened today

No. 1436642

Ralph is exactly what’s wrong with the US South—the retarded “honor” obsession, the “Ah’d rather be dead than bow the knee,” the refusal to learn shit, the deadbeat dad in a flop shack, the morbid obesity

No. 1436944

Honor is a good thing. The south is a degenerative culture, and it has honor, duty without morals or responsibility. They are cope for depravity.

No. 1436967

Thanks for providing us with an example of what an alog is, nonna.

There's no point in wasting your energy on hating these people, just enjoy the flowing milk.

No. 1436983

why I put “honor” in quotes, these types confuse actual honor with having a ridiculously thin skin

No. 1437465

I'm starting to come around to it being more likely that Pantsu isn't pregnant. I'm not saying "was never pregnant" because maybe she lost the baby at some point in which case I legit feel bad that if she does not appear baby in hand in April-May(?) she is going to get memed to hell as faking the pregnancy whether it was real or not and this honestly seems like the likeliest scenario. Gunt and May are trashy enough people to fake a pregnancy for clout or a miscarriage for sympathy but they would've done it already. If there's lying going on it's covering up the fact of a miscarriage or that they are trying to get pregnant again and hope that the insane people obsessing on the Internet about Ralph's life can't into basic math or human reproduction. But Ralph can't either, tbh, talking about what I would assume to be May's hormone bloatiness as "showing" at 6 weeks.

No. 1437482

Shame based cultures are superior tbh.

No. 1437640

Ralph publicly made fun of a former co-host of his about his wife having a miscarriage a couple years back (I think the tweet is long since deleted) so if she did miscarry he may have been ashamed to say. Bizarre scenario to continue faking a pregnancy though if that's the case.

No. 1437657

No, he made fun of Sargon loosing his baby him and Warski I think? tweeted aborted pictures at him and his wife.

No. 1437671

Bizarre, but actually makes more sense and more on-brand for Ethan than any explanation I've heard so far that involves her faking the pregnancy, whether or not she was pregnant to begin with.

No. 1437710

Both are true, he made fun of Randbot for his wife's miscarriage, same with Sargon (albeit Sargon was at the time claiming responsibility for alerting WSJ and Right Wing Watch about Healstream and they were both assholes to each other). Lately Ethan was talking about Warski "killing his baby", because Warski and his gf decided to have an abortion. So yeah, Ralph is a loathsome piece of shit, more news at eleven.

No. 1437757

he should come to england (if he's even allowed in) to get his face caved in by jiggly old Sargon as well.

No. 1437768

Sargon is actually fit now. He could easily stomp Ralph into the ground.

No. 1437772

File: 1644319172441.webm (3.16 MB, 1280x720, 2966797-5edc9549066175c8772488…)

This is a friend of Alice, whom she had a falling-out with recently. She says in this clip that Alice gave Ralph a blowjob. I'm not sure if it's true since she sounds very mad at Alice and might just be lying, but it's still funny if her lie to get back at Alice is "she got GUNTED!".

It must really chap Ralph's ass that very woman, other than May (and maybe even May) thinks that having sex with him is extremely disgusting and embarrassing, something that Alice vehemently denied as "EEEEWWW! I WOULD NEVER!" and her friend says she did to embarrass her. Imagine that being your man, aside from the fact that he would be cheating on May, kek. Honestly, you could not pay me enough to even breathe the same air as tampon-breath Ralph. I can't imagine the PTSD you would get from digging in the gunt flaps. Vile.

No. 1437875

it's mentioned on the farms but Ralph never goes at men only their women all the while screaming and grunting about what a man he is.
It must kill Ralph that most of the people he made fun of are doing miles better than him. Matt getting Jim and clowning on him. Sargon has his own little podcast and makes decent money after learning his lesson regarding politics. Meanwhile Ralph is getting his ass beat in a foreign country and his top gunt guard Gator left him for Jim.

No. 1437984

File: 1644341923239.webm (2.1 MB, 672x504, alice2.webm)

Alice says it's not truuuuuuuuuueee! I did naaaawt suck the memphis micro! She sounds truly disgusted and appalled at the accusation that she would ever sink so low. Even a crackwhore like Alice would not take Pantsu's place.

No. 1437991

Sargon also has a good relationship with his kids, while Ralph has never met his son. Jim has a loving wife who stuck through him through his cancer while Ralph's wife left him (cause he cheated on her). Sargon and Jim are both still on Youtube making money from superchats as well while Ralph has to stream on some barely functioning shithole site. Even Null and Flamenco pull in bigger numbers on their streams than Ralph. Everyone who left Ralph behind is doing better for themselves.

No. 1438230

File: 1644361995342.jpg (48.2 KB, 434x323, Seethan And Meigh - stolen fro…)

Kiwi chat is now saying that the Pig and the Horse are to be wed as a surprise addition to the bowling outing that the Gunt has planned on April 2nd in Dallas. He's charging money for the privilege of going there and featuring some other content creators in his sphere, but this has to be the saddest thing I have heard in quite some time: it looks like the only way the Gunt can ensure that people (even his purported good friends like Dick) show up for his wedding is by tricking them into paying for the privilege.

No. 1438381

How goddamn miserable May’s life must be. She’s picking bottom of the barrel men. A kiwi made a site for their wedding kek.

No. 1438593

File: 1644389374014.jpg (42.33 KB, 578x241, KentuckyFriedRalph.jpg)

This is one of the tweets related to it that I found (off kiwifarms).

No. 1438630

File: 1644398703956.webm (1.08 MB, 856x480, bowling_wedding.webm)

Ralph confirms he plans to get married on the bowling alley at their "Killstream Kingpin" event. I assume this is because otherwise they would not have any guests at the wedding at all since neither of them has friends. I also suspect that Ralph really really wants his daddy Dick Masterson to be his best man.

On April 2nd, the day of the event, May will be 37 WEEKS PREGNANT. (40 weeks is full term, although most first time mothers give birth a bit earlier than that). At 37 weeks she is not allowed to fly on a plane anymore. The drive from Richmond, Virginia, to the bowling alley in Dallas, Texas is 19 HOURS. I assume since Ralph is constantly drinking, Pantsu will do the driving. Ralph might even get on a plane and let her drive alone.

I bet this will be the wedding she has always dreamed of. She will look like a proper bowling ball in a bowling alley with a handful of drunk retards. Then she can birth the baby right onto the lane.

No. 1438634

Thankfully, May can just take off her fake belly, put it in her luggage and fly on a plane with no issues.
I think this might be the best proof yet that she is not actually pregnant. No pregnant woman would agree to this bullshit and travel so close to her due-date. We need to get an a-log into the wedding to expose May's fake belly.

No. 1438746

Well someone already delivered diapers to the house, I don't doubt there will be some. But I don't think we need to TBH, Ralph is such a drunken moron he'll probably film her not pregnant and screech how it's her fault for not hiding it better.

No. 1438820

most first time moms give birth late, a few days after the due date.

No. 1438889

They don't travel that close to due date though as it's just as possible to go in labor early. Most airlines don't care until 36 weeks then say no, international is cut around 28 weeks. Given when they plan on it, she's gonna have to jump through hoops trying to convince people she's actually preggers and that far along

No. 1440557

File: 1644585728032.webm (4.01 MB, 1092x614, bump.webm)

Pantsu was on the Killstream last night and refused to show her bump because she is "private about that" also she is "wearing spanks" and her "bump is very tiny". They will show the baby eventually maybe… possibly..

I'm guessing they lost the first baby and either she is now pregnant again, but of course not as far along, hence a small bump, or they are desperately trying to get her pregnant again so they will eventually have a baby to show and pretend they never lost the first one. Of course the timelines won't match up at all and all this will blow up in their retarded faces.

Pantsus womb is probably curses as fuck.

No. 1440564

pantsu's womb is working correctly by rejecting retarded ralph genes

No. 1440571

The bangs look nice on her. I'd think it was just a privacy thing if Ralph didn't act so suspicious constantly. He's so shifty

No. 1440576

I doubt the woman who used to post a thotty picture on twitter every day, wears underpants on her head and calls herself "Pantsu" is too much of a "private" person to show her bump on stream. She can show off her flat chest on stream but not her bump? Because there is no bump.

No. 1440673

wearing Spanx? tell me you’ve never been seven months pregnant without telling me you’ve never been seven months pregnant, girl

No. 1441000

sage for tinfoil but he says at the end "We'll see the baby at some point too probably." I think they did lose the first baby, Ralph being the pilled up drunken moron he is slipped there.

No. 1441091

I wonder if this lolcow would pull a threesome/poly scheme. He is too addicted to sex and "Pantsu" is a degenerate bisexual confirmed to be into it. Also both of them are ephebophiles… Maybe they will become right-wing Onision and Lainey

No. 1441400

more likely a Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare scenario.

No. 1441405

I think Alice is telling the truth. She would definitely admit to doing it if she did knowing what she’s like. The fact Alice is disgusted at the ideas tells you just how vile the gunt is

No. 1441720

File: 1644695690312.png (89.37 KB, 754x635, Untitled.png)

Engagement from women? Does she mean Rachel, who tries to suck up to her and Ralph so she can shill her shitty book on his 150 viewer show? Does she mean Alice the crackhead she is trying to groom for Ralph's harem? Does she mean LuvIsa4LetterWord who interacts with Pantsu only because she feels guilts for sleeping with Ralph during one of his Vegas trips while Pantsu was already pregnant?

Also lol @ her thinking Ralph loves her… he only loves what you can do for him, dipshit. He loves that you let him be an alcoholic deadbeat while you pay his bills with your part-time job, he loves that he can use your bank account to hide his assets, he loves that you suck his disgusting micro penis and make him sloppy sandwiches. You could die tomorrow and Ralph would not shed a tear.

No. 1441725

File: 1644696060103.png (230.61 KB, 726x600, Screenshot from 2021-09-27 21-…)

Remember when Ralph accidentally showed his discord on stream and we got this conversation of him talking to Gator about how miserable he is at home with Pantsu and how he can't handle "how much she loves him" and how he "is fucked" aka stuck with her? kek

No. 1441758

File: 1644700634806.png (803.95 KB, 750x714, Untitled.png)

Ralph just posted this, no baby bump in sight. She should be 7 months by now? She's not 7 months pregnant, if she is pregnant at all. She definitely lost the first child and now she is either pregnant again or they are trying to get pregnant again.

I guess he knew this lie would go up in flames at the bowling tournament so he's showing it now.

No. 1441764

File: 1644701497772.jpeg (85.08 KB, 525x960, maternity_fruit.jpeg)

Her excuse of "I just have a small bump" is total bullshit too. Even very petite women are very obviously pregnant looking by the third trimester.

No. 1441775

Exactly. Her bump should be starting just below her boobs. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 1441782

File: 1644703580966.jpg (192.2 KB, 730x325, Untitled-2.jpg)

Her stomach is clearly curving inward beyond the sandwich wrapper. She has a very large ribcage, which always protrudes forward in her pictures where she is breaking her back to make it look like she has curves. All you see protruding in this picture is her big ribcage.

No. 1441789

File: 1644704412607.jpg (885.8 KB, 1472x1040, baby_bump.jpg)

Have the retarded scrotes on KF ever seen a pregnant woman in their life? The bump usually starts right under the boobs, this is because all your organs get pushed upwards by the expanding uterus, so they will crowd your ribcage and stick out. It's not just your lower belly that starts sticking out. Even women who carry low will have the bump start right under the boobs, between the ribs.

No. 1441794

Implying that the moids on KF have ever seen any woman irl, nevermind a pregnant one kek

No. 1441797

File: 1644705020969.png (16.21 KB, 594x800, Untitled.png)

The only way her belly wouldn't be showing at all in that picture was if she looks like this. Which… is I guess accurate anatomy of a pregnant woman according to Kiwifarmers.

No. 1441804

>Have the retarded scrotes on KF ever seen a pregnant woman-
The only woman they know is their mother so I suppose not.

No. 1441826

is right shooped? she looks like a man in a bikini

No. 1441828

The face is faceapped to look more like a man, I couldn't find the original and honestly it's not a big difference.

No. 1441843

Translation: none of the females I tried to skinwalk and provoke during my anime troon arc took the bait, but now that the Gunt runs my Twitter, I get 8 whole likes! Everything’s looking up.

When Pantsu finally clues in to Alice being an attempt at replacing her, will she try to become Alice or will she try to fight her? Place your bets while you can.

No. 1441848

Yeah, Kiwis and /cow/ (current incarnation on alogs.space and almost totally dedicated to fucking with Ralph) have been doing this with varying degrees of competence and believability. This one about had me spit my drink out laughing but is pretty obvious although pretty well done. There are more subtle ones going around too, including some of the ones ITT. The thing is, of course, Pantsu shoops or at least filters the pics she puts out, like the other one here >>1441782 in which she honestly doesn't look that bad. As usual, the truth is probably halfway between.
Nobody ever went broke overestimating the average kiwicel's knowledge base about women.

No. 1441875

Exactly, even maternity pants get uncomfortable around 6-7 months, no way are you going to wanna wear spanx, even the tiniest most athletic girls start to have a small bunp around 7 months. Theres no baby.

No. 1441893

Spanx also wouldn't compress a baby bump all that much because it's not fat. Insane she went with that lol

No. 1441895

>there's no baby
I dislike Pantsu as much as the next person and maybe I am a softie for saying this but I feel bad at this point because I'm pretty sure that even her and Ethan aren't retarded enough to just claim a baby that never existed. She probably lost it. I've been through that and I know other nonnies will have, too, she's a terrible person but now that she is gonna get memed on by the whole Internet for faking the pregnancy that's really a bit much for me.

No. 1441899

I dont think anyone here thinks that isn't sad, May sucks but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I think she lost the baby too, but for them to go on pretending like nothing happened is also pretty insane. Why not just tell the truth? It's way weirder to lie about it

No. 1441912

It is super weird to lie about it but I don't think that is really Pantsu's doing. Although if she lost it and is sad it makes sense she has been hiding, and the Kiwis did some research that shows it is almost certain that Ralph controls her social media particularly her Twitter. So it may not be her driving the whole thing. Ralph is the kind of guy who is gonna think that somehow this reflects on him and his masculinity or something retarded like that or just is aware that he's attacked other men's wives about this kind of thing. He may be in denial himself. He may just not give a shit. He was very clearly not happy to hear it was to be a daughter (RIP). But Gunt is unable to back down from anything. It's a core characteristic of many lolcows in general and he has as bad a case of it as I've seen.

No. 1441915

I seriously can't wait til for due date era, how are they gonna spin it.
Easy, Ralph wants nothing to do with that piece humble pie after celebrating the death of other's kids, he knows full well Everyone would go at him. May is just a try hard clout chaser and if lying about her pregnancy is clout as dumb and sad as it is. She'll do it. This is the tard that pretended to be trans to cling to the dwindling clout digitroon had from his anime youtube.

No. 1441916

Because Ralph has made fun of like 3 people for having miscarriages and abortions and his slogan is "You can't abort the retort!" He would never admit it.

No. 1441989

Does she not like anime anymore or something? What happened to being super cool proud lolicon otaku?

No. 1441993

Did she like anime before Digi? I'm pretty sure she did but I'm curious like to what extent. I'm pretty sure all of the pics of her with a room full of cringe weeb shit are from during their relationship not before. So I'm sure watches it but all that kawaii-desu-ne is gone because it was primarily a manifestation of her being a huge pickme rather than genuinely being dedicated to the thing itself. Sad/manysuchcases.

No. 1441996

Ethan can't handle an L of any size.

No. 1442004

File: 1644726563759.png (52.43 KB, 482x488, 2022-02-12-ralph_tweets.png)

Me too nonnie I have no idea what to expect tbh. Half of me expects him to go surrender himself entirely to spite and put the blame on some enemy, real or imagined. But the real test to me is gonna be the bowling trip. Everyone has already pointed out how travelling 1,200 miles for a woman nearly at term is a problem in and of itself but then he needs to show her off at the event. Even if his core audience doesn't much about the female body by that time there won't be fooling anyone with half a brain. Or the alternative would be for Gunt to punt the situation a couple weeks forward by making excuses for Pregnant Pantsu being unable to travel or to appear at the event. God knows what he will say when 36 weeks become 40 and beyond.

Like I said I think it's possible he will try to psychotically pin it on something Internet drama-related but also I think there's a possible he's just narcissistic enough to care neither about his unborn daughter nor his fiancée and like everyone else is saying he doesn't want to hear it when everyone calls him out for the shit he's talked before. And being that he's the kinda guy that thinks low blows like that are acceptable he probably expects it from others. And will likely get it if people believe the pregnancy was even in the first place.

Jesus, what a shitshow. I hate to say it but it's probably for the better a child is not coming into the world under those circumstances but at this point it's just the perfect illustration of "what a tangled web we weave…" and Gunt can't back down from anything. But frankly he is in mental decline, actually out of his mind, a clinical case. I've gotten a lot of glee from seeing Ralph fuck up but I feel like at the end of the day the end of the story is gonna be a sad one.

No. 1442005

She’s liked Anime since Highschool and is a huge pretty cute fan.

No. 1442075

Digibro and his friends said it was actually May who got him into lolicon, not the other way around. She was an anime-fan and watched Anime Youtubers before she met him, she first tried to date a different Anime Youtuber (Mother's Basement) but he didn't want her. She was really hung up about it for a long time too and when he got a girlfriend she made up some weird rivalry in her head and started skinwalking the girl (its all in her thread here on /w/).

You can check her instagram too and see that she was into anime way before she met Digibro. She definitely still watches it and she also still likes and retweets anime pics on twitter sometimes.

No. 1442078

I think once it comes time for the due date they will just say they won't "dox the baby for privacy reasons" And pretend it exists until Pantsu is pregnant again and has one for real. Then idk how they expect people not to notice that the baby isn't as old as it should be and will be late to every milestone…

I think they made a huge mistake announcing the pregnancy so early, miscarriages are very common and happen in 25% of all pregnancies. Mr Vickers pointed out on a stream on friday that they announced the pregnancy on Faith's birthday, so it was definitely out of spite.

What's weird is that Pantsu DID have a bump on Christmas and even after she showed it on the Killstream and was quite visibly pregnant. If she lost the baby then it was a stillbirth and thats just horrible.. Would explain why she doesn't tweet anymore and only Ralph is LARPing as her on her twitter and why she looks so miserable in every picture.

No. 1442140

thinking outside the box, maybe these two degenerates are faking the miscarriage, and she is still very pregnant and they plan to sell the baby to pay off 'disappeared in the desert' tier gambling debts. tinfoil away

No. 1442145

Then why are they not talking about the miscarriage? Why does she not have a baby bump? You can't just suck in a 7 month old fetus for a picture. It would very obviously stick out.

No. 1442266

It’s most likely she miscarried when she had her “allergic reaction” and he’s too embarrassed and she’s too mentally unstable to deal with the fact that they will get absolutely destroyed by people they’ve started beef with when they find out.

I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on anyone, but they were so loud and obnoxious about the pregnancy and continue to triple down. If they just shut the fuck up about it they could have grifted the miscarriage but now they’re stuck. The only thing that would make this funnier is if one of her “enemies” announced a pregnancy.

No. 1442431

Hey if Pantsu can become pregnant, there is no reason why Digibro can't.

No. 1442593

Simple because as stated >>1441916 "Can't abort the Retort" slogan. And seeing how he's burning every bridge possible the blow back would be immediate and with as many memes as the farms and twitter can muster. May absolutely would use a loss as woe is me ass pats. But there's no way Ralph would ever admit.

No. 1442683

File: 1644837041493.png (459.07 KB, 707x438, Untitled-1.png)

At her last appearance on the Killstream where she showed her bump it was clearly large. Now it's gone. There is no mystery here.

No. 1442684

File: 1644837301594.png (142.81 KB, 510x180, bump.png)

Direct comparison

No. 1442693

File: 1644838482610.png (212.58 KB, 588x1358, gambling.png)

Glad to see Ralph's gambling issues are getting worse. He is now gambling $1.000 to win a measly $166 of profit. Quite a lot of money to risk for winning that little. One thing that all gamblers do is they never post their losses, so if he is betting this much, you know he is also losing a lot.

No. 1442799

If there's one thing that will do him in faster than any of the other shit it's gambling. He is fucked.

No. 1442804

His now ex-best friend Gator recently said on some podcast that Ralph gambles so much he once had to use Pantsu's paypal account to pay Gator his measly monthly wage of $150 because Ralph was completely broke.

No. 1442959

How long along was she? Wouldn't a miscarriage at that point be a dangerous medical issue? Sorry I don't know much about such things.

No. 1443032

File: 1644866523817.jpg (36.95 KB, 624x468, meigh looking more pregnant.jp…)


Idk nonnies she looks more pregnant to me in this one including her tits and that looks kinda like maternity wear to me and the way it falls below her breasts seems like she's got a belly under there. Her face even seems more filled out. Who knows. I guess we'll find out soon though.

It really depends. Miscarriage is a pretty broad term and can be from any number of factors. If this happened in December it is on the very borderline between miscarriage and stillbirth (which is defined as 20 weeks.) But before or after this point it is generally not a serious threat to the life of the mother unless we're talking about a significant hemorrhage but could range from something that would result in just getting checked out and comforted in the emergency room to something that requires life-or-death medical intervention to stop bleeding.

No. 1443037

Pregnant bellies aren't there one day and gone the next and then reappear again. Everyone looks fatter in white, plus it is a poofy empire waist blouse that is meant to poof out under your bust. You definitely can't see a bump the size of this >>1442684 image on the left. The fabric hangs down instead of expanding forward as it should if there was a 8 month pregnant belly underneath.

No. 1443038

File: 1644867056107.jpg (308.09 KB, 2048x1536, FLkKbZtXsAsCHNr.jpg)

Full size image. There is no belly, she just looks fat in white and gained some weight.

No. 1443039

File: 1644867223239.jpg (485.33 KB, 1004x1500, PHI-077-Bardot-Empire-Waist-To…)

All empire waist tops look like that. Picrel a definitely not pregnant woman wearing one.

No. 1443044

File: 1644867717485.png (201.5 KB, 368x325, may_eating_fries.png)

The Christmas pic (=16-18 weeks-ish I think) and the other one from the Killstream is a month or two ago right? Especially the latter it looks almost too big for how far along she was supposed to be. The Chrismas one you can tell she is leaning in a weird way to emphasize it. The whole thing is just so bizarre.

No. 1443102

tinfoil: is Pantsu in fact, actually a tranny? and this a fake pregnancy and they're getting a baby from someone else?

i've known a few people who adopted a friend's baby bc they couldn't take care of it

No. 1443308

File: 1644887122213.jpg (62.9 KB, 645x746, Screenshot_20220214-200347_Chr…)

is correct and look closely at the cloth in picrel. No way it's covering a belly the size of the pics from Christmas and the Killstream.

No. 1443364

one thing I don't get is why she changed her handle to sadntrad. Proceeds to post her meals for man, happiness towards pregnancy etc. Why are you sad to be trad? Weirdo marketing, weirdo everything.

No. 1443497

Depressive Pixie Dream Girl

No. 1443764

The pregnancy announcement definitely stopped people from speculating weather or not she was a tranny, so if they faked it for that reason they accomplished their goal.

Pantsu and Ralph spent their Valentine's day watching boring newsclips for 3 hours on the Killstream. I skipped through it to see if she stands up and shows belly at any point, but she didn't.

What's curious is that Ralph usually is very desperate to "proof the haters wrong" and will go out of his way to shows off and get a win over the stupid Kiwi a-logs being WRONG! I think that if she still was pregnant Ralph would have put out a picture of her belly to own the haters by now and written some shit about "Fanfic farms is wrong again, they just lie about everything and think my girlfriend ain't pregnant when she actually is!" The fact that neither of them have addressed the accusations speak volumes. She's not pregnant.

No. 1443874

This is the same man who took criminal charges to post a sex tape of his gf just to prove to the girl's ex boyfriend he had sex with her. It's super suspicious Ethan hasn't posted anything to prove the ehlawgs wrong, Pantsu wouldn't be able to stop him if he wanted to do it

No. 1444015

For sure, it's legit just he can't take what he dishes out. The first "Looks like you can abort the retort." will send him into full on gunt screaming mode.

No. 1450903

File: 1645697191847.jpg (478.44 KB, 1325x2048, FMAQcWnXEAQb85S.jpg)

Can't believe nobody has posted the official wedding invitation yet! Yes, this was made by Ralph, not by a troll. I couldn't believe it either.

No. 1450905

File: 1645697501703.png (2.53 MB, 1304x1099, Untitled.png)

If you need a reminder of what these two actually look like.

No. 1450945

wow he really tried to make Pantsu look more like a woman didn't he

No. 1450974

Personally I like the fake belly he edited on and that the woman in the picture is wearing a beautiful wedding band and engagement ring, while Pantsu wears an ugly gumball ring.

No. 1451196

gunt is a given, but god damn pantsu is unfortunate looking

No. 1451489

>Japanese school uniform
This is so embarrassing.

No. 1453371

Looks like she's pregnant after all. I really hope CPS takes that poor girl away as soon as she's born.

I can't imagine why any woman, especially pregnant, would stay with someone like Ralph. It's like he goes out of his way to show everyone how much of a repulsive asshole he is every chance he gets and Pantsu keeps ignoring it.

No. 1453453

File: 1645999414139.jpg (53.92 KB, 948x1001, 61IqavsiMJL._AC_SL1001_.jpg)

Looks to me like she finally got one of picrel. Her bump was much bigger in this >>1442684 picture on the left. How come her bump has shrunk since then? How come her bump was gone in other pics? It's all fake.

No. 1453630

she's a garbage person but jesus him yelling at her for the puke/not pointing the camera at him is rough. She deserves the trash but damn.

No. 1473547

Ralph announced on his killstream that Pantsu is in the early stages of labour. He won’t drive 8 hours up to Rochester to see her until he’s done streaming.
Yes my source is kiwifarms im sorry
Thread '3/18/22 - Pantsu Going Into Labor'

No. 1473584

huh, it’s almost like driving 8 hours solo isn’t a great idea when you’re 32-33 weeks pregnant, who knew

No. 1474791

File: 1647754849182.jpg (287.91 KB, 598x634, nHIrAL4.jpg)

Ralph made May do an update post for his twitter to own the farms. It's mostly her rambling about nonsense like her water breaking at the dog park. But she's at the hospital for a week to give the baby a better chance. I'm starting to think the farms are onto something that she's slow

No. 1474901

File: 1647774600509.png (223.61 KB, 442x602, ralph1.png)

Gator leaked some DMs from Ralph confirming that Ralph was having sex with hookers in Las Vegas, as everyone already suspected.

No. 1474902

File: 1647774622782.png (554.31 KB, 1082x1359, ralph2.png)

No. 1474904

File: 1647774721386.png (142.62 KB, 1226x340, ralph3.png)

Chances of Pantsu having Chlamydia and her water breaking early because of that? She is only 35 weeks and we know Ralph doesn't wrap his memphis micro when he bangs crackwhores in Vegas.

No. 1474905

File: 1647774778787.png (29.7 KB, 568x245, ralph4.png)

Gator also shared some DMs in which Ralph is talking about dodging child support for his first child with Faith Vickers.

No. 1474906

File: 1647774818199.png (92.4 KB, 705x813, ralph5.png)

No. 1474929

File: 1647778594275.png (112.97 KB, 584x530, ralph1.png)

jesus christ, I'm starting to feel really bad for their futur child. Also, I can't find any proper respond from Ralph, he only seems to try to call Gator irrelevant and to hype up his own shitty podcast.

No. 1474930

File: 1647778661676.png (74.81 KB, 597x738, ralph2.png)

No. 1475017

Bold of Ralph to assume he'll be alive by the time the kid enters the "whose my bio dad" stage

No. 1477174

File: 1647961247758.png (495.08 KB, 756x668, Untitled.png)

I think this is more evidence that there is NO BABY being born to Ralph and Pantsu any time soon. What the fuck is this ultrasound supposed to be? At 35 weeks on a slim girl you should clearly see the baby. There is absolutely nothing to see here. And she purposefully covered up the gestational age of the fetus.

No. 1477268

Thinking it's a miscarriage and Ralph is making her hide until after to stave off the "Can abort the retort" comments. But sticking with my theory May is slow in the head, and hasn't the capacity to fully grasp what is happening around her. Digitroon said she was an empty vessel according to farms.

No. 1478630

File: 1648048705267.png (3.06 MB, 1499x1851, 98901DC4-BB6A-41EA-AE98-75CBFA…)

Little Baby corn was born. I hope she doesn’t grow to look like her parents.

No. 1478875

Most newborns are ugly/old looking so not gonna comment, but does she have a tumor nose or is just that goblin looking cause of her goblin parents?

No. 1478974

Oooof. She has Ralph's nose. Poor thing

No. 1479003

Newborns look like the father when they’re born. It’s an evolutionary trait so the father doesn’t kill their kids kek. She looks ugly now but will grow into her features as she gets older.

No. 1479075

Thats complete bullshit, this poor baby just got her dads ugly ass nose and it will stay that way. Poor baby is hideous even for newborn standards.

No. 1479080

No it’s a common myth that does hold weight. Lots of eldest children look identical to the father.

No. 1479498

The kid was born during the Witching Hour. That is unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as how much like Ralph she looks.
If by growing into her looks, you mean growing up to look like Amberlynn Reid or something equally white trash inbred, then yeah. Definitely. Some kids grow up to be really awesome in spite of their parents and upbringing. I can only wish that for this poor thing.

No. 1480631

File: 1648184914631.jpg (325.25 KB, 1279x1440, vickers-and-gunt-same-picture.…)

So, with all the focus being on the ass-whooping in Portugal and subsequent chain of events and then the pregnancy speculation, we've gotten away from the California part of our story!

>Mr. Vickers

>father to Faith
>grandfather to Xander, Ralph's firstborn
>@MWV on Kiwi Farms and a drama whore in his own right
>tasted Internet clout during the whole debacle of his daughter's relationship with Ralph
>allegedly, he wanted to create some kind of hobby podcast, but that's out the window now
>has taken up with Gator, Ralph's former henchman who Ralph doxed (along with Gator's sister) out of spite in the aftermath of Gunt's beat-down in Portugal, and some nobody who talks about anime to make their own podcast
> The Good The Bad & The Vicious
>it's the cringiest thing you can imagine
>meanwhile, Faith and her dad talk back and forth on Twitter, in front of everyone
>only slightly less strange due to the fact they're not living togeher
>that's right, Faith is with her Grandmother (Xander's great-grandmother)
>MWV mocks the idea of changing diapers and helping out
>more or less overtly slut-shames his daughter on air, repeatedly
>takes up with people (PPP and others) who have called Faith every type of whore in the book
>refers to his own grandson as "the demon baby" (a term even the Kiwis used less as Pantsu came closer to term)

You have to understand this man, while obviously people made fun of him, basically burned through an incredible amount of goodwill and sympathy for him and his daughter based on some guntish quest for Internet clout. And after all he is an awful lot like the Gunt. Really makes you think.

I am sad for Faith still I think but she is not helping matters, both she and her dad screw around on Twitter to try and agitate Ralph hoping he'll violate the restraining order. This is not a good look at all if they have to go to family court as they probably will. Judges HATE that shit. But no, this is a family who prefers Jerry springer tier antics and severe Internet induced brain damage.

No. 1481617

There was a bit of a throw-down between some IP2 degens tonight, and Alice wound up on PPP's stream (the Kino Kasino). Alice spilled tea (if not outright spaghetti) on a bunch of people incuding Nick Fuentes and other AF people, and her ex Baked Alaska. It's a big mess but the big revelations involved her interactions with the Gunt. Alice says everyone told her to share, and she is tired of keeping it to herself.

Alice is definitely a girl who would make up some crazy stories, but honestly this is a believable story at minimum in broad outlines.

>Ralph is in the habit of inviting egirls to Vegas with him

>One of these was Alice, to nobody's surprise
>She is staying with him after the Killstream was on
>falls asleep
>Gunt gambles all night
>wakes Alice repeatedly by screaming
>says he lot $600
>meanwhile Amanda was in Rochester
>Alice and Amanda had a girl's weekend
>Alice says she's thinking of leaving Ralph
>it was actually $6000 he lost
>Alice says she wants to 'support her as a friend'
>But meanwhile, Gunt has been been buying Alice hundreds of dollars of stuff off her Amazon wish list like thigh high socks
>He's boasted to her he can introduce her to the CEO of oddyssey, etc.
>Alice says that meigh and gunt 'concocted a plot'
says she just wanted a safe warm place to stream (was homeless)
>Alice talks about gunt buying her liquor, acknowledging she is an alcoholic
>Getting black out every night
"I know my limits", she says
>one night she was super drunk
>Gunt: "do you want to go further in our relationship?"
>Alice: "if I drink this I'm gonna pass out."
>Gunt: "DRINK IT!"
>Alice was "really fucked up", Gunt kept bothering her for a blowjob
>She denies him, but passes out, wakes up at home
>Alice insists she "knows how to control [her]self", but wakes up on a couch and can't find her things
found everything but her phone, she runs find-my-phone
was last in the parking lot of the liquor store
>She gets in touch with Gunt after he ignores her all day
>Her phone was in his car, he drops it of to her
>"Did I suck your dick?"
>"I fucking said no!"
>Alice goes back, checks her phone
>Gunt tried to log into it around 1AM trying to erase stuff
>Alice leaves
>Gunt has told May not to interact with Alice
>Gunt tried to rope Alice into a threesome with May just like Faith (no "mommy" stuff though, that was for Faith, who was only 18 at the time.)
>Gunt was very controlling to his side women, too, and particularly tried to pressure them not to have female friends.
>It seems like Baked Alaska basically pushed Alice on Ralph, basically pimping her out on some level.
>Alice says she "genuinely wanted to be friends" with the pair but they were full of crazy head games and worse.

This is still going on right now.

No. 1481753

This hits different as likely it was after the assault took place (which sounds like it might have been around the time Ethan,Amanda and Alice were all photographed together having a meal?)

No. 1482361

Sorry but Alice is a BPD whore who has Me Too'd every male that's made eye contact with her on a stream. She's went on to lie about things that were streamed by multiple people as they happened and claim things happened that can be proven beyond a doubt did not happen. I hate Ralph and have no doubt he's like this, but Alice is a seriously crazy whore who does this shit to a different man every month. PPP himself writes lies to put out to get drama going and people paying attention to him. Everyone on this are compulsive liars.

No. 1482406

alice is definitely the girl who would make up stories and I think in this interview she absolutely did about Baked Alaska and the "hacker" and all this other kind of stuff but if you watch and listen her whole demeanor changes when she is talking about Ralph, she's clearly uncomfortable and takes some coaxing to tell the story whereas she's ready to go when it comes to others. Alice is dumb and probably on drugs so I don't think this is a manipulative act in this specific case. If she was lying she also probably would've gone whole hog and accused him of unambiguous rape or something like that rather than this much more lowkey but still disgusting story IMO.

No. 1482569

Looks like Alice's crazy boyfriend stole her phone and leaked her nudes. Not gonna post here, actually feel somewhat sorry for this stupid bitch.

No. 1482585

File: 1648337676755.png (48.1 KB, 166x183, joey looks like a pedophile.pn…)

she was going on during the Kino stream about this guy (Joey, a super sketchy guy who is allegedly a fed snitch for right-wing and hacking related stuff and a bunch of other weird stuff) supposedly hacking her phone, deleting her YouTube, etc. all while she was live on stream with Ralph. The whole drama kicked off because Alice and Goocheese (the girl who's video is linked somewhere ITT where she says Alice sucked Ethan's dick back in February) were acting stupid in a hotel room rented by Joey. This kicked off a big shitstorm that was live streamed by Alice and/or Goo which lead to PPP wanting Alice on to talk about that drama (and of course to ask questions about Baked and Gunt given she was excited and possibly high.)

But anyway she was telling them that he was hacking her live and that he had taken her phone when she was asleep the other night and copied it's contents to her computer. I wasn't sure if I believed her stories about getting hacked but maybe it was true, if we're not talking about nudes that she sent him.

What a scumbag, but just look at him. Also wonder if it means he was really doing actual hacking (I suspected that Alice was lying about it for attention and deleted her own stuff thinking she'll get the followers back, but what do I know) then he's just committed multiple felonies live in front of the whole Internet. But so did Ralph in releasing RP of Faith. The scrotes in this sector of the Internet aren't known for making good decisions. I hope he gets prosecuted.

(also imagine, Alice willingly had sex with this man, but not with Ralph. Ralph had to take it by stealth. What a pathetic little fucking worm. I hope it stings him as much as it cracks me up.)

No. 1482700

The new pedo guy or chicken Andy? Some guy stole chickens's phone and was caught on camera recording their sex tape and taking pictures of her nudes like last year.

No. 1482840

File: 1648351247179.png (202.06 KB, 1061x608, JoeyCamp.png)

To quote a KF post at length here because it says more than I can, this Joey Camp guy seems like a dangerous fucker. Alice is going to wind up like Bianca if she is not careful.

No. 1485112

File: 1648493587273.jpg (137.4 KB, 600x800, cozy rozy 1.jpg)

No. 1485114

File: 1648493627996.jpg (477.79 KB, 1536x2048, cozy rozy 2.jpg)

No. 1485198

hackers are either feds, snitches, or snitches in waiting so it tracks.

No. 1485221

File: 1648501903533.png (1.26 MB, 1484x754, retard.PNG)

Joey Camp has now leaked Alice's aka Holland Proudfoot nudes that he took of her while they were fucking in a hotel room before he broke up with her.
she has bought a gun to show him she "isn't playin' around"
Joey is now threatening to call the feds on her for being at the Capitol during January 6th.

No. 1485225

File: 1648502142796.png (Spoiler Image, 965.01 KB, 1568x833, image_2022-03-27_092742.png)

nudes taken by Joey the pedo provided by kiwifarms

No. 1485241

Are her tits fake? Im sad(scrote)

No. 1485243

sage for ot but this baby is lucky as hell that it didnt get borned with congenital syphilis. lets hope it isnt HIV positive either, i hope may had the brains to get tested for STDs

No. 1516889

File: 1651416747932.jpg (301.56 KB, 1512x1080, PhotoCollage_1651417346529.jpg)

The new co-host of Ethans stream is convicted for something weird. It seems like the most likely thing is severe abuse, but apparently things like restraining kids with ropes or purposefully denying them food/water as punishment also falls under the same category. I wonder what the fuck happened?

I'm surprised the wave of Ethan Ralph milk lately hasn't been posted. He's been clashing with Mister Metakour again, he's currently stirring shit with Keemstar because Ethan is supposed to be boxing Andy Warski, and now this

No. 1517598

File: 1651473196712.png (147.44 KB, 358x373, FRtcr7MWQAEiTjI.png)

This has been the most insane public meltdown i believe ive ever seen. And yes, this new cohost genuinely is creepy AF.

For anyone who hasn't kept up with the last month of drama, it's pretty insane. Metokur covers it in his April round up here:

Here's a video of Ralph's new cohost. This guy seems like a total psychopath, I'm scared for any children around this guy

Pantsu looks like she's rethinking her life choices
https://mobile.twitter.com/PoleyBear1350/status/1520887348375867392[Archived Copy

No. 1517599

Idk why my last link wasn't posted correctly but I'll try again:

No. 1517613

The co host has also been caught out on sending weird messages to someones daughter & wife

No. 1517762

Gross, Ethan sure knows how to pick em! Now they're all part of Nick Fuentes's American First catboy club.

No. 1518673

I'm genuinely curious if Null's hateboner for Ralph is deflecting some of his drama. Sane people see Null making Ralph out to be White Trash Satan and start writing everything about the Gunt off as "that wacky wignat is doing a crime again lol"

No. 1518868

File: 1651619041598.jpeg (553.99 KB, 1080x2774, 9E46CC85-CF8A-444E-8C1E-2BF4C1…)

When I saw he was supposedly arrested I figured it would be for nothing major, turns out it’s all a false alarm


No. 1521113

He's made so many mad at him he can't do anything now without getting swatted. He's quickly becoming Chris Chan tier

No. 1539512

File: 1653501020044.png (1.04 MB, 1122x630, gunt punted.png)

Or something crazy happening…he went to Portugal again on a surprise visit, and another IBS scrote named Cog showed up to IRL fite him and after Ethan kept screaming at him, he got his wish and beat Ethan's ass in broad daylight in a street in Portugal. I can't.

No. 1539517

I ran here to post this because I seen Mister Metokur dragging Ethan like 2 minutes after it went down, you beat me to it kek

No. 1539573

Who was that lady? I don't care about the fuck being beat, but I really hate when women put themselves in harms way because of scrote vs. scrote violence. I was so worried for her,even if I know nothing happened. Just keep walking, none of them men came to stop it. Unless she was with him, even then, just let the scrotes beat eachother, who cares.
Don't put yourself in danger.

No. 1539579

File: 1653505365306.png (73.5 KB, 576x299, pressin charges.png)

A random Portugese woman. It is really hard to see what happened but I think you are right she rushed into 'help' once Ethan was on the ground getting pummeled. According to him the other woman was hurt pretty badly. This tracks for me because you could hear her surprised by the fighting but then screaming in real distress. I think it was due to her getting pushed out of the way on accident (no excuse ofc).

Ethan is tweeting from the hospital ER claiming they arrested Cog and friend but they seem to have let them go after questioning. Cog is british so he will probably be home soon.

Thing is he went out to Portugal with the express intention of getting into a fight with Ethan. He also streamed for like 10 minutes after and took in several hundred dollars of donos and he will make much more tonight.

No. 1539581

I feel bad for her but imagine putting yourself in danger and getting HURT because three(?) fat scrotes are fighting? Like seriously damn, I hope they get in trouble for harming her, but what if one of these idiots had a gun or some shit?

No. 1539587

File: 1653505956493.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.47 MB, 850x479, RalphaPound.gif)

Like imagine seeing this happening and then running up to try to stop this mess, instead of running away? let them duel, scrotes are gross.

No. 1539590

I would've screamed at the sight of his gunt alone.

No. 1539615

File: 1653508412949.png (43.11 KB, 467x255, daddy jim minecraft threats.pn…)

Ethan is raging at Metokur harder than at the guys who actually beat him at this point. I assume because Metokur has the (much, much) bigger audience.

No. 1539637

the whole thing would be funny if it wasn't for this poor lady trying to wrangle internet tards and getting nearly run over and injured.

No. 1539638

I wonder if Ethan actually knows what Metokur looks like. Afaik theres never been a confirmed Jim face reveal, but I wouldn't put it past Ethan to pummel a cancer patient anyway so if he knows where Jim lives… yikes

Because Ethan is extra sensitive about Metokur. I think it was Josh who said Ethan sees Metokur as his "Daddy" (Metokir essentially launching Ethans career) so any jab from Metokur gets like 10× response anyone else would get

No. 1539644

File: 1653510092469.jpg (72.56 KB, 512x448, IMG_20220525_213652.jpg)

>they'd have to kill me to stop me
Jim's cancer withered fists are going to destroy Ralph. He literally toppled over from a light push in that beat down video

No. 1539654

ralph is short even with his platform lift shoes, but the main problem is his noodle weak legs and a big fat gunt. He's always going to go over.

No. 1539753

Metokur claims that old black and white pic with a guy in a baseball cap is him, but you can see fuck all in this picture.

According to Null, Jim's facedox was on ED for years back when nobody believed James O'Shaughnessy was his real dox, but the photo disappeared a while ago and never resurfaced.

No. 1539840

File: 1653518831899.jpg (13.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

His stomach is waving around like one of those noodle guys in front of a car dealership

No. 1539948

she probably thought Ralph was a literal retard being mugged

No. 1540691

I thought the woman's reaction was because they were fighting and pushing each other off the sidewalk with oncoming traffic. You can hear cars honking and a lot more people yelling at them to stop, people getting seriously worried some idiot would get run over.

No. 1540719

Why does his belly fold into itself like he's gotten a c section

No. 1540748

File: 1653570028678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.45 KB, 1494x924, I to V.JPG)

It’s fat. A dense layer of fatty tissue called panniculus. Our bodies don’t stop growing, a lot of times in abnormal ways, if we over feed them.
(Attached is an illustration of the different grades. Putting it behind a spoiler because it depicts naked bodies but from a medical/nonsexual perspective)

No. 1540829

Jimbo cancerous ass don't need to do shit. All he has to do is call the cops when Ralph fat ass try to break into his house and they will shoot him. Also is pretty stupid of Guntman to try to start shit when he is a convicted felon and can't even carry guns.

No. 1540835

File: 1653578358438.png (354.34 KB, 394x394, 1653545627118.png)

This is supposedly Metokur's real face. Null said he saw his mugshot form his DUI back when it was posted on ED and that the guy in it looked like this guy. It's not 100% confirmed, but I believe it. He looks extremely irish and like a heavy smoker. Also ugly af which would explain his ugly wife and that he doesn't show his face. It would ruin his image if people knew he was a hideous troll looking creature.

No. 1540856

marfan syndrome traits. where do you get the smoking from? are you working backwards from cancer?
gunt only threatened him because it was safer than threatening the people who just kicked his ass.

No. 1540878

Jim has said several times that he is a very heavy smoker (and he hasn't stopped since getting canceraids).

No. 1540966

Gunt is so disinhibited at this point from alcohol and drugs and/or now possibly (all memes aside) brain damage from the beating he took in Portugal that I really feel like he might show up at Jim's house. Andy Warski and PPP have promised to do the same if he does which we shall see given travel arrangements, etc. (is Warski vaxed?) But regardless, what a shitshow it will be. You just never know with this guy. His post-beating stream was relatively calm for him (although he was threatening people) but we didn't see a huge meltdown like the one where he threatened to fight Dingo(?, there have been so many lately I get confused…) because I think it's missing the magic ingredient, cocaine. When he gets some, it's on.

Yeah Jim being smoker is well known

No. 1540986

So annoyed by Kiwi Scrotes saying they feel sorry for him, why? He talks so much shit. I just watched him scream at a woman and call her a bitch, a bunch of times. Fuck him, he can't fight a man but he can do everything else.

No. 1541041

I can't imagine genuinely pitying Ralph for a single second, ever

No. 1541112

Ralph subforum is fun and surprisingly female-friendly (there are more female posters than you might assume) but also full of freaks. To explain the pity, a huge percentage of the Kiwis that regularly go there Ralph subforum are ex-fans who have some level of nostalgia or just view Ralph at this point as a clown to amuse them.

But another substantial portion hate him so much it's ridiculously over the top (one going by Christorian X has been everywhere lately donating money to streamers and been hugely visible talking about Gunt Man Bad, just seen talking in Kiwi Chat about how he was helping Cog find Ralph by sending him GPS coordinates in effect to find the beating. Which even if you think Ethan is as much of a toad as I think goes a bit above and beyond IMO.)

No. 1541135

I find this whole debacle hilarious and was genuinely disappointed Ralph didn't get his shit kicked in harder yesterday. He deserves all of this.

Also, as much as I like the Gunt board at KF, them calling Ralph's behavior womanly really grinds my gears. What's womanly about leaking revenge porn, constantly threatening to beat people up, neglecting your kids and refusing to pay child support? Those are all textbook scrote behaviors.

Come on, Jade isn't that ugly, just fat. I'm willing to believe this is Jimbo, however.

No. 1541149

I'm kinda with you nonnie but even I take the piss out of the Gunt by calling him womanly sometimes. It's particularly funny because for a while it was his favorite insult and it's common for idiots in that whole sektur to call each other out for acting "womanly." Obviously this is a bad thing in their eyes but the traits they are trying to attribute (petty, vain, gossipy, carries a purse) apply so well to the Gunt. So for me it's satire. You're not wrong though some of them mean it totally in earnest. I can't really let it bother me tbh, worse goes on, it's Kiwi Farms. And yeah Jade looks fine I don't know what people are on about, and if that's Jim I'll laugh. As they say, "that's bullshit but I believe it." Totally possible IMO.

No. 1541957

i think that's his sister, not Jade iirc

No. 1541994

File: 1653690406909.jpg (17.1 KB, 480x360, jade.jpg)

This is Jade, the other infamous picture of her has her hiking up her garters with her tits hanging out of a schoolgirl outfit. Dunno who is in the pic, looks related.

No. 1544842

File: 1653988851480.jpg (2.8 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20220519_211752.jpg)

Not really Ethan milk, but tonight was perhaps the first time I've watched him and found myself rooting for the man. He was attacking Tuxlovesyou, a nobody who Ethan hates for petty reasons, but who was recently exposed as having molested his sister when he was 14 and she was 12. He sounds like a real nasty little piece of work and blamed his autism and his sister for the whole thing, tried to make her out to be the bad guy for resenting him for the incest, etc. But anyway Ralph was (rightly) condemning him even if it was for the wrong (petty, typically guntish) reasons. But the Kiwis as were being discussed earlier here disappointed me in another way, this time a lot of them seemed to quick to see gayops everywhere when the audio wasn't even denied by the guy in question. They seem willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt because they don't like Ethan and while both of them are nasty little scroteshits (and this tells you something about the "sector") in this case they are siding with an abuser for their own equally petty reasons.

No. 1544844

File: 1653989177393.png (42.13 KB, 1078x206, 2022-05-30_18-49.png)

samefag but meanwhile, another of Ralph's enemies, Flamenco, who not too long ago accidentally doxed himself and had a really degenerate porn history revealed, another one who likes to LARP as a trad but is a total sicko, apparently had a pedophile as a mod and was a close associate of tux. And this person perhaps not unfairly wonders why his lolicon is a problem then. I wonder if there are any moids in this sector who aren't sexually abnormal. Kiwis will continue to justify all this (including the incest as, at best, "not real rape") and even accuse you of guntguarding if you question it. Most are certainly not carrying water for the incest, don't get me wrong, but seem more focused on keeping the "ralphamale" from getting his "W".

No. 1547433

Ralph anounced he would like to have at least one more kid. Is Pantsu retarded enough to get gunted again by a man who plans to die young and goes through their money as if it was toilet paper? (Yes, she is.) Or will Ralph impregnate another dumb thot with underground-level self esteem and desperate enough to dig into his gunt folds for his tiny dick? Stay tuned.

On the other hand, Ralph reached derangement levels where I actually expect him to snap and pull a murder suicide on his family more than I expect him to actually go the Battle of Jim's Driveway.

No. 1548062

File: 1654273909689.png (410.21 KB, 889x583, spooky weebtrash.png)

Apparently Spooky Weebtrash (not to be confused with Spooky Bones as has happened before) has been posting caps of nonnies sperging out about Depp and other things on a regular basis on her Twitter account. She is a gross pickme who has orbited Ethan in the past although I haven't heard her name come up in that context for some time. I dunno if she uses this site legitimately or not (I'd be a little surprised but she's into cosplay and weeb shit-obviously-so maybe) but I dunno if she thinks posting this will get her (male) attention to post this crap or if she is mad because her friends are feaured, either way it is obnoxious. She is definitely worth a mention in the personal cows thread although maybe not a thread of her own, but I don't know or care enough about her to do it myself tbh.

No. 1548066

> kill all males
> beat your sons
no wonder people think we are the female 4chan

No. 1548106

Yeah not that most of the caps she's posting aren't deranged but you can take deranged caps from any forum and anyone who knows about this place knows that that kind of stuff gets posted so I'm curious what her angle is here blasting it to the world on twitter.

No. 1587010

File: 1657689017554.jpg (56.02 KB, 893x240, pig hooves wrote this not hors…)

All may not be well with in the Ralph household.

>Ethan tells the whole world he is moving, implies Kiwis will never find it

>Currently staying with Baked Alaska, another streaming idiot who may be headed to prison for January 6 stuff, but that's neither here nor there
>much autistic speculation about where he is headed
>meanwhile Amanda seems have taken the baby and be staying with her parents
>confirmed from photo by friend of Amanda's who's been leaking to Kiwi Farms for months
>a day or two after this goes down Ethan doxes the guy on his show and on Telegram and starts making threats to get him fired from his job, etc.
>makes a hilariously obvious post under the name "Amanda Ralph(!)" and praises it under his normal account
>this guy had been leaking DMs, etc. for months, people make fun of Amanda all the time, why such a strong reaction?
>lots of other weirdness like Amanda may have been involved w/leaking (and tearing a page from) Faith's diary
Almost like he is losing control and he is trying to do some whiteknighting to keep her, whether it is too little too late remains to be seen but the more I think about that plus him using his last name for her like they are married look like some typical abusive gambits at this point.
He is generally understood to have control over her social media but he currently does not have physical access to her or the baby and she may have her accounts again If so and if she is leaving get ready for a mess. But whatever else she is, she's not totally immune to the maternal instinct and her parents can't possibly continue thinking that Ethan Ralph is an acceptable partner.
Meanwhile on his show tonight Ethan was in a really unusually good mood. Almost like two people who were causing him stress aren't around anymore. I feel like it's the calm before the storm.

No. 1587011

File: 1657689527356.png (480.18 KB, 600x670, horse hooves wrote this not pi…)

samefagging to add this to compare to when Ethan is mad at people he hollers and writes too many words like picrel above (from https://theralphretort.com/a-portrait-of-an-alog/ ) but this reads much more of "woman scorned" to me

No. 1587033

This is funny considering this photo of alice is edited but all the bad photos of meigh arent.

No. 1587080

he has to be some kind of fed 'asset'. You know at least one of these retards has to be a narc… and he's randomly staying with some jan 6th person who is about to get fucked.

No. 1587411

Baked (Tim Gionet) and Ethan have history well before J6. Baked is a dimwit clout chaser who was originally a left-wing white rapper who wrote for BuzzFeed but then got involved with alt-right stuff in 2016 when it was the thing to do to get views. He claimed to disavow the right wing stuff for a while when it started to be more stigmatized but got right back in the game by 2020-2021 but by then he was more known for being a degenerate IP2 streamer, macing some random bouncer, and other antics like that. He picked up a hypocritical religious grift in there sometime too, even does a rosary stream. He also dated the very same IP2 Alice at some point.
But talking of fed assets Baked is the best candidate for being one. He's done a lot of shit that should have gotten in trouble and he slithered away, plus his J6 livestream footage was used to arrest a bunch of other people. But recently he mouthed off to the judge or something instead of taking a plea deal like a reasonable person so he could be seriously fucked and if he's not it's probably proof positive that he is an asset.
Ethan's relationship with him is funny because they both hate each other going back years, Ethan used to make fun of Baked on his original show, and Baked made fun of Ethan in turn. Neither of them is one to forget a slight but right now they are both in the orbit of Nick Fuentes/America First and find each other useful for internet clout. Make no mistake though they will backstab each other inevitably.

No. 1611977

Ralphamales rise up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1620020

File: 1660916703123.jpg (134.6 KB, 828x816, IMG_20220819_150137.jpg)

Ethan Ralph is teaming up with questionable tranny streamer Keffals to declare jihad on kiwifarms and slay Joshua Moon. I wonder if this has anything to do with refusing to take down threads stuffed with evidence of Ethan being a shit eating cheater who fucked a high school girl or Keffals having a thread pointing out strange interactions with minors

No. 1620022

File: 1660916833290.jpg (58.83 KB, 747x560, IMG_20220819_145354.jpg)

saged for slightly ot but Metokur was right when he said everyone who gets close to Ethan Ralph immediately has catastrophic life ruining events. Nick Fuentes and Ethan have been mega besties for the last few weeks and in that time period he has been exposed as a tranny fucker, got raided for terror threats, and is now exposed as a pedophile. Stay tuned for Ethan Ralp tarding out over this and finding a way to blame Metokur

No. 1620040

Sorry, I'm ESL and read this wrong, it is a friend of Nick, sorry

No. 1743256

File: 1673566301026.jpg (108.02 KB, 1262x849, fat.jpg)

he married May and I don't know if thats Ethan or not, I guess she was walked by a man in a elvis costume and she doesn't even look as bad as she normal does. Also ER accused her uncle of molesting her while in an agrument with her dad on social media or something. I don't know, I dont follow him much, i'm sure if I tune into MATI Josh will either spend 13 mintues talking about this or pretending not to care.
Either way here it is

No. 1743264

It kills me that Mister Metokur retired. I have a feeling Ethan is going to go on a mega spiral unlike anything we've ever seen and I won't get to see it get exponentially worse everytime YOTC eggs Ethan on

No. 1743278

oh yeah i say its until the end of the year before may is saying hes abusing her and he's shittinh on her and they fight over the baby

No. 1743543

File: 1673598843950.jpg (51.37 KB, 594x683, IMG_20230113_084635_131.jpg)

These wedding pics are killing me. Can't decide who looks worse.

No. 1743544

File: 1673598881350.jpg (66.35 KB, 723x683, IMG_20230113_093432_984.jpg)

No. 1743546

File: 1673598936725.jpg (217.23 KB, 1080x1050, IMG_20230113_091043.jpg)

Ralph paid for the wedding with May's dad's credit card and he's going to charge back.

No. 1743547

File: 1673598961339.jpg (147.09 KB, 1080x724, IMG_20230113_085741.jpg)

No. 1743671

so trad he’s wearing grandpa’s long underwear for his wedding
five star days

No. 1745064

I'm sorry why is she suddenly fucking her dad over with a honeymoon?

No. 1755940

File: 1675020694433.jpg (65.12 KB, 592x376, lol.jpg)

Apparently she took the gunt offspring, and left him at the airport. This tweet is now deleted.


No. 1755945

File: 1675020900363.png (4.91 MB, 2048x1536, 7DF3531B-04C8-45A7-B8DA-CF2798…)

After blasting May’s father’s concerned message on social media he got May back and posted this photo. Such a “happy” wife he has.

No. 1755947

File: 1675020960882.jpeg (34.67 KB, 472x1024, 28714236-B9DF-4321-A7E1-83BAEE…)

Here’s the email FiL sent.

No. 1755948

File: 1675021076999.jpg (19.36 KB, 628x196, seethe.jpg)

No. 1755951

I only feel bad for the baby. May sits there and watches him disrespect women, Ralph is really a fucking horrible person. It took one argument and he's threatening revenge porn, saying he doesn't give a fuck what his daughter will think. I think I hate May more, because the pick meism of it all. You saw how he treated everyone in his life, but decided to get with this man and give him a DAUGHTER. If Ralph lives that long I can imagine the disgusting shit he's going to say about Rosy
Even if May is vile her best bet is to completely ice Ralph out.. don't interact, don't let him see the baby. Ignore him. She won't. I fond nothing funny about the situation because it's childern involved. I'd love if that child was adopted by loving people and her name and everything was changed.

No. 1755959

I can't imagine what was going through her mind even going through everything with him. "I can fix him"? No way. There was no way she could've thought that. There was no way Ralph could've ever settled no matter how hard anyone else would try. Ralph is going to be alone forever. Every woman should know this. Poor child of theirs.

No. 1755963

There's no doubt in mind he's not abusing her, but again Ralph never hid who he was and what he about. With how he goes on drunken rages about random women saying the mildest thing? May doesn't care and she's probably being abused & controlled.

No. 1755967

I have zero sympathy for Meigh, even if he beat her black and blue. She is a pedophile and is probably abusing her own daughter and the reason she stays with Ralph is cause he knows about it and could put her in jail.

No. 1755977

Besides the loli shit was there actual evidence of her being a pedo?

No. 1755983

She's supporting a man who fucked a high school aged girl who later went on to do interviews claiming Ethan was giving her drugs and alcohol. I'd say the fact May is fully aware of this and chooses to be with him is pro pedo of her

No. 1755984

She masturbates to depictions of little girls getting raped. Do you really need more evidence?

No. 1755986

My tinfoil is that boghog is about to spiral big time now that Daddy Metokur is retired/assumed dead at this point. Jim is the only person he ever respected (loved?)

No. 1756010

File: 1675025282059.jpg (27.24 KB, 340x250, 4361951-bcadc52297c2889b0761f6…)

My tinfoil is that Ralph killed Rozy and May so we won't see any new pictures with them conveniently.

No. 1756068

Too optimistic. We won't be spared new Pantsu pictures I am afraid.

No. 1756136

Yeah you’re right it’s absolutely appalling she would condone that. Wish Rozy would be put up for adoption tbh.
I’m not overly familiar with Pantsu lore but thank you for sharing. She’s really high up there on the revolting lolcow pillar.

No. 1756580

File: 1675097740362.jpg (480.94 KB, 623x774, IMG_20230130_165327.jpg)

>open Twitter
>"Ralph" is trending
>know intuitively this isn't about Ralph Laurent
>I am correct

No. 1756597

She tried to groom Faith into a 3-some with Faith for Ralph, claiming that they could take care of both their kids together, and that Ralph would be able to financially support them both (kek) while May would provide emotional support for them. I think Faith was like 17-18 when May made that offer, but even if Faith isn't "technically" a minor it's still shitty enough to make you wonder if she was willing to manipulate Faith back into an abusive relationship that landed her into a psych ward (and this was when the Vickers family drama was blasted everywhere online so May can't use the "I didn't know" excuse), would May back off even if Faith was underage?

No. 1758623

File: 1675291856325.jpeg (325.16 KB, 1242x912, BB0C417E-5388-45FB-A49B-29E6C7…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 1758644

She already returned, sadly. Milk happened a few days ago.

No. 1758654

May is more foul then Ralph to me, Ralph is just a drunken retarded scrote and I hate him, but may knowingly got in a relationship with this retard, had a baby, and allows him to disrespect/curse and disrespect her whole fucking family, on the internet and in front of his baby. He literally said he didn't give a fuck if Rozy saw what he was saying about may. I fucking hate them so much, It'd be funny if their weren't childern involved. Not to mention now a bunch of retarded scrotes are going to be watching Rozy (who they show) and picking at her/saying gross scrotey things about her. UGH, I hate these people

No. 1759110

sorry cp bump

No. 1768340

File: 1676425325507.png (34.96 KB, 1329x206, Fo5oeBOWIAIG9xs.png)

Ethan Ralph is fucking GAY!

No. 1768376

It was apparently written by his ex (not sure which one) when she had access to his email. Why was it sent to his own address is anyone's guess.

It doesn't matter of course, it's still hilarious, Ralph is a faggot anyway and I'm sure he sucked miles of dicks while in prison, not to mention he openly fantasized about a threesome with Milo and Metokur.

No. 1768388

He is probably into tranny porn, amanda looks like a man (if it wasnt for her pedoness i wouldnt harp on her looks)
im sure he has sucked many tranny prostitute dicks in his life.

No. 1770196

the lowtax phenotype

No. 1775671

Brace yourselves, Ralph anounced yesterday that Mantsu is pregnant again. I'd hope it aborts itself, but white trash mothers have durasteel wombs.

I watched Cog's stream on Ralph yesterday. Ralph was never a good host, but he really hit levels od pathetic I never thought possible before and Meigh is a literal retard to still stick with this pile of human garbate when she has a loving family willing to take her back. And I'm not event particularly motherly inclined person, but listening to Ralph and Amanda flirt while their baby kept crying in the background made me grind my teeth. I wish there was a way to take that poor girl away from these retards, but I guess it's not plausible in Mexico.(alogging)

No. 1809077

why is every involved in Ethan Ralph's life such a loser and degenerate?

No. 1809446

shitbirds of a shitfeather flock together

No. 1809494

must be the fat autsim(sage your shit)

No. 1810532

Ethan Ralph voted for Obama TWICE. also he used to be married to a pakistani woman from the UK. hes a grifter(sage your shit)

No. 1810534

political "e-celebs" are all grifters. I've seen so many upper middle class people on twitter larp as communists opposing capitalsim.(sage your shit)

No. 1810538

ralph literally only plays rap music on his show. he also acts steroypically black on his show.(sage your shit)

No. 1810539

a person can only be jewish if their mother is a jew. jewish idenity is maternal.
https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/601092/jewish/Why-Is-Jewishness-Matrilineal.htm(sage your shit)

No. 1815600

File: 1682523344343.png (21.54 KB, 748x483, 1682497327752.png)

Ralph claims the horse has left him. I don't believe it yet, maybe it's another "work" to fuck with Harry Morris.

No. 1815866

ethan ralph has been felted. Kino Casino always wins

No. 1815876

File: 1682551708478.png (225.21 KB, 500x440, gunt.png)

Totally shocking anyone could walk away from this. kek

No. 1815922

Jamie Cordon

No. 1817434

Those faggots are worse than Ralph. PPP would be worse than Ralph if he had the opportunities Ralph does.

No. 1864204

File: 1689346585018.png (42.22 KB, 331x203, dead.png)

No. 1864213

For real?

No. 1864222

Ethan Ralph confirms his own death beyond the grave. Fucking kek. What an attention seeker.

No. 1864255

Is he really 37? God what a mess, he looks closer to 50

No. 1864845

File: 1689429409088.jpg (124.43 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20230715_165806.jpg)

He didn't die anon, he was ""baiting"" like a dumbass
He's still alive and retweeting.

No. 1866802

File: 1689616104865.png (56.14 KB, 916x422, 1689548357324.png)

Fuentes finally dropped Ralph from AF, in retaliation Ralph is currently doxing all the prominent groypers, as well as the location of the current AF rally.

No. 1866982

Men are so dramatic kek.

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