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File: 1641948025923.png (1.72 MB, 1384x1048, tradthots_op.png)

No. 1414901

Tradthots #8

Last thread here

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
>got called out for being a Gold Digger >>1340549
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Mrs. Midwest:
>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic
>Knocked up again >>1322420

New girls from last thread with interesting milk:

Pantsu Party / "May" / Amanda Lynn Morris
>unfortunate-looking and overly young fiancee of Ethan Oliver Ralph, loathesome misogynistic oaf and host of the failing Killstream poadcast
>currently pregnant with his daughter
>tried to rope Ethan's ex and other baby-mama Faith into a threesome while Ralph and Faith were still together
>Ralph is probably now cheating on her with Alice, notorious IP2 thot and (cow crossover) former obsession of ShawnPhase, currently orbiting Elaine
>ex of DigiBro, unironic anime and MLP fan who trooned out
>experimented with a male identity during that time
>obsessive lolicon herself, excuses it as helping her work through trauma
>has excused 'voluntary' pedophilia
>history of psychosis due to drug abuse
>Massive Kiwi Farms thread full of incel rage https://kiwifarms.ru/threads/amanda-lynn-morris-may-pantsu-party-sadntrad.81222/ she's not going to fuck you, Josh
>discussion here >>1310573
https://twitter.com/sadNtrad / Old - https://twitter.com/_imsupacute

classicalgirl21 (Gabby Renee ???)
>Russian-Canadian tradthot and purveyor of suggstive instagram pics
>single, always ready to explain how to serve a man
>hot takes on motherhood despite never going through it >>1384513
>poses seductively in trad costume >>1381580
>larps about Russian folklore to hide her neuroses >>1381580
>crypto-grifter and purveyor of tradthot-themed NFTs
>get yours here for about $100 USD as of January 2022 - https://opensea.io/collection/classicalgirl
>unironically sold at least two
>she'll refer you to coinbase, too http://coinbase.com/join/verma_bmm?src=ios-link
>additional grift is paywalled sperging about poetry https://classicalideals.gumroad.com/l/hknHL

Smaller cows / orbiters / notable events
>Brittany Martinez/Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily
>>crossovers with both Lisa Britton and Robyn Riley https://twitter.com/BritMartinez?
>Samiah/@__samiahh - tradthot, Muslim edition - >>>/snow/1304889
>daintykatherine flounces college and effortposts on Twitter >>1382950
>Lauren Chen selling cosmetics in between tradthot talking points >>1327757
>Courtney Ryan, redpill-adjacent "men's dating coach" >>1345250
>Isabella Riley, filtered and in the kitchen >>1349409
>Kirbs, "built to withstand domestic violence", got trolled into fighting imaginary pedos >>1368616
>Brittany Pettibone named her son Reinhard, which has…connotations >>1377493

No. 1414904

File: 1641948199018.png (445.41 KB, 759x487, based_homeschool_mom.png)

Introducing Rach4Patriarchy / Rachel Wilson (née Huizenga)
> 41 year old, putting on weight, abuses filters like they're crack until it looks uncanney-valley (picrel is not further manipulated)
> 5 kids, oldest is 12, homeschooler, larps as a mommy guru
> Last known occupation: Clinique Special Events Makeup Artist in Michigan, recently moved to Reno, NV
> seems to be a current full time grifter on Patreon (as BasedHomeschoolMom) and elsewhere
> currently pulling in $99/mo on Patreon, others unclear
> "creates content that breams feminist programming & resores families"
> married to edgy and banned-from-everywhere wannabe streamer BigPapaFascist (Andrew Harrison Wilson)
> still seems to use her maiden name officially, interesting for a woman of her views
> author of (self-published) book called "Occult Feminism", purporting to describe "demon worship, spirit mediums, magic mushrooms, witchcraft, CIA spies [and] sex cults"
> got into a massive slapfight with the Vickers family, who's teenager daughter Faith was impregnated by Ethan Oliver Ralph, vile misogynist has-been alt-right podcaster and sworn enemey of Joshua Connor Moon
> vigorously defended Ralph, who as at that time tweeting about Faith's "loose pussy", as one of the hopes of Western Christian Civilization
> continues to support Ralph's fundraisers to fight the Vickers in family court
> grifts along with him and other marginals who's everyday behavior contradicts all religious teaching
> husband is a bottom-of-the-barrel IBS bonehead and general laughingstock
> got utterly roasted recently by his peers for not being racist enough https://odysee.com/@ThePeoplesSquare:9/BPF:d
> he's banned off most social media but still wanders from stream to stream
> apart from Ralph retweets, her Twitter is mostly peformative flexing of her religion

No. 1414916

Rachel gets trolled really hard by ralphfags in twitter DMs and she's super salty about this weird need to defend ralph. Wonder what Ralph has on her?

No. 1414920

I have no evidence of this but the more I look at Rachel the more I'm convinced she's hiding something degenerate. A lot of these people wind up having some kind of secret 'interesting' sex life to say the least. I eagerly await finding out whether or not I'm right.

No. 1414939

File: 1641950751716.jpg (211.42 KB, 1080x665, rachel_and_june_talk_lesbianis…)

cow crossover, lesbian edition

No. 1416191

File: 1642090527340.png (55.69 KB, 583x302, 878Untitled.png)

Tradthots pandering to chinless tampons under shit meme videos

No. 1416197

Baste, I hate this hypocritical LARPer. She went on Ethan Ralph's show AFTER she knew that he published revenge pornography of his 18 year old babymomma (which he was recently convicted for). What kind of woman would support a man like that? Let alone a woman who is a mother and supposed to hold traditional values. Ralph is a convicted felon and now also a convicted sex offender and she is buddy-buddy with him. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1416207

File: 1642091741510.jpg (220.88 KB, 1115x1768, FHgD1pIXoAEw43-.jpg)

Some updates from May/PantsuParty/SadnTrad on twitter:
>she is currently about 20+ weeks pregnant
>still together with Ethan Ralph (as of the 5th of January a convicted sex offender)
>over New Years Eve Ralph left her alone to go party with hookers in Las Vegas, he goes there about every two weeks because he can't stand to be around her
>they still aren't married even tho they are constantly in Las Vegas where it is super easy to get married
>while he left her alone over New Years she had an allergic reaction to nuts in some trailmix and had to go to the hospital, it's unknown if that affected her unborn baby in some way
>he plans to move to Las Vegas, great place to start a family
>he is already pining after a different, younger woman (Alice from IP2) who has visited them at their house. Alice calls May "Mommy". They will probably have a very trad threesome with her since the first babymomma bailed on that idea. But the Ralphamale NEEDS two bitches!

Her life is truly hell on earth and she deserves every second of it.

No. 1416210

File: 1642091890595.png (446.34 KB, 740x810, Untitled.png)

Pantsu is absolutely delusional if she thinks Ralph will ever care for this baby. She should consider herself lucky if he doesn't shake it to death.

No. 1416212

File: 1642092076005.png (555.39 KB, 1474x742, Untitled.png)

Some cringe incel memes she thinks are trad.

No. 1416217

File: 1642092251694.png (519.42 KB, 744x616, Untitled.png)

The trad cooking looks like this btw. Out of season completely overcooked asparagus, oily potatoes and fatty meat cooked on a panini grill instead of a pan with a…. croissant for some reason? Anything that's not pizza-rolls or nuggies is trad I guess.

No. 1416218

wait so that chris chan looking mf she chose to reproduce with won't even marry her?? absolutely tragic lmao

No. 1416227

File: 1642092698741.png (240.29 KB, 582x616, Untitled.png)

No, he proposed to her with a hideously cheap ring (while he buys himself expensive cars and manpurses) and immediately got her pregnant, but so far no plans to actually marry her. Everyone thought it would happen during one of the many Las Vegas trips they take, but she is mostly not invited to those. He also told his previous girlfriend (who was 18 at the time) that he would marry her, got her pregnant and well… she lives with her parents now. I assume Pantsu will meet the same fate and then he will impregnate the next drug-addicted BPD nutcase to continue spreading his white-trash genes. CHRIST IS KANG!

No. 1416229

Male trads and troons fetishize pregnancy while actively hating mothers and children in the exact same way. They really are two sides of the same coin.

No. 1416235

File: 1642092970725.png (45 KB, 744x360, Untitled.png)

To those new to Pantsu (yes she named herself after little girl underpants from anime), she used to date Digibro and is a huge anime nerd. She only recently started to become a trad grifter since dating Ethan Ralph (hosts a right-wing podcast and was somewhat relevant during GamerGate). Now she is pregnant and posts bible quotes while also still retweeting anime girls. She's also a lolicon so it does not bode well for her future daughter.

No. 1416240

Is Ralphling 2 confirmed to be a girl? Poor thing… at least her older half-brother is with his somewhat less dysfunctional maternal family. This poor girl has nothing going for her, unless Pantsu's parents step in to do most of the parenting.

No. 1416243

Yeah it's confirmed to be a girl. I assume they will give her some cringe anime name like Tomoko Sakura-chan Ralph and park her infront of the TV to watch anime while Ralph is out whoring and Pantsu is working at Subway to be able to afford diapers.

No. 1416247

File: 1642093561704.png (1.03 MB, 1222x876, Untitled.png)

Ralph just bought a new car after he totaled his old one while he ran a red light under the influence. But he hasn't bought his unborn daughter a single onesie, pacifier, diaper or a crib. Read trad-dad hours. He also almost got a two-seater until someone told him you can't fit the baby-carrier in that.

No. 1416251

>Everyone thought it would happen during one of the many Las Vegas trips they take, but she is mostly not invited to those.
KEK surely he takes these frequent trips to vegas because he admires the art and history of the city so much that he must visit it multiple times, and is considerate enough to leave his pregnant fiancée at home not to bore her! How trad and wholesome of him, she is so lucky to be with such a cultured gentleman

No. 1416253

Yeah he is just a caring husband who doesn't want his pregnant fiancé to be around all the booze and cigar smoke. He's totally not fucking whores (a thing he has confirmed he did in the past), gambling away all their savings and picking up STD's. Oh yeah, did I mention his gambling addiction?

No. 1416261

Neglecting your wife in her time of need to whore around behind her back is unironically trad. Men back in the day were just as bad as they are now, if not worse, it's just that women had little recourse against their awful behavior.

No. 1416265

this is the reward you get for being a good girl anon. get knocked up by a geriatric wurstie while a teen, slave for him at home, pickme for males online and you too can partake in this opulent existence. at l-least she's not some career femcel cat lady with money fucking a different chad every week!

No. 1416267

so she is a bisexual tranny fucker lolicon and he is a fat cheating gambling sex offender gamergate (?) streamer (??). how the fuck are they "trad"? what does trad even mean? Having unprotected sex and tweeting bible verses? I'm convinced no one who is online enough to know what trad means can ever truly be it tbh

No. 1416291

trad just means "retard woman panders to retard man", that's what it's always been kek
unironically based and true. western girls grew up with some baseline of rights so even the feminists heavily romanticize "trad" and think it's some serious aesthetic/set of rules to be followed strictly. in reality (most shithole trad countries) there's literally one rule: retarded moid is always right. that's what trad is.

No. 1416297

File: 1642098000968.png (660.24 KB, 1056x724, 1640315467054.png)

> I assume Pantsu will meet the same fate and then he will impregnate the next drug-addicted BPD nutcase to continue spreading his white-trash genes.

This is already happening, well, no pregnancy yet but Ethan has been flying out to Vegas, leaving Meigh at home, and hanging out with Alice, who is someone who could easily qualify for her own thread, she's an IP2 irl streamer and ultimate pickme. As you can see in picrel she cleans up decently but that's very deceptive when you see her other pics she is quite plain. But she is Angelina Jolie in comparison to Pantsu.

Anyway if Gunt is going to Vegas to hang out with Alice they are 100% fucking and I'm pretty sure Pantsu is well aware. Last Vegas trip she was tweeting a bunch of selfies some kinda suggestive so you wonder what's going on there.

She has admitted to Faith in a text that got leaked that she keeps receipts on everybody and I'd be willing to bet she does on Gunt too. Meigh isn't naïve like Faith, she knows how the game is played. I hope she gets mad enough to drop shit, it'll be kino af. "Hell hath no fury", etc.

I don't understand how these women chase after this nauseating little toad of a man. Maybe at the hight of his Internet clout I could see why a certain type of girl would be into it but he's trashed completely in that regard now. All I can say is they're all severely damaged. Faith is vaguely sympathetic to me and she can do better but Meigh is disgusting with her loli bullshit and other degeneracy and can get fucked. Especially having the nerve to start throwing out Bible verses amidst all that stuff. Zero self respect.

No. 1416301

File: 1642098230599.png (921.87 KB, 1280x671, 4naD3mET.png)

More Alice, looking less dolled up and more like herself, flexing a horrible tattoo referencing religion while living as a complete degenerate. I think I will try to write this girl up tbh. She has a KF thread.

No. 1416304

File: 1642098554495.png (1.53 MB, 1501x1681, 1641253234978.png)

Meigh tweeting an oddly suggestive photo. For those unaware Ralph's right hand man goes by "Gator." Ethan didn't interact with this tweet which is unusual. I don't wanna draw too many conclusions but it looks to me like she was needling him (there are several other similar tweets). There is no way she doesn't know what happens in Vegas unless she is completely deceiving herself which is the act of a woman with no self respect which we know she already is just by being involved with EOR.

No. 1416308

Please do make a thread on her. I remember her from her Facebook days when she went by Holland Lanza and was on her school shooter fandom bullshit. She's insanely milky and so much footage of her living in filth exists. She's psychotic.

No. 1416309

>there's literally one rule: retarded moid is always right. that's what trad is.
They barely even try the 'women are too emotional, men are logical' line anymore since so many tradscrotes are dependent on their wife's income. They outright just say that their cocks grant them divine authority over all of womankind, no matter how incompetent they are. Thank god most of them will be cast into the dustbin of genetic irrelevancy where they belong.
My guess is that she's going to try and spin Ralph's infidelity as some kind of based alpha male trad-harem of sorts.

At least Faith was a literal child when Ralph sunk his claws into her, she really didn't know better on top of being a little dim. Patsu is in her early 30's or something close to that, she absolutely should've been able to stand up for herself and leave this fat piece of garbage.

No. 1416332

File: 1642100587273.jpeg (337.72 KB, 553x984, C625F653-712C-48F7-8E0D-02AD4D…)

>My guess is that she's going to try and spin Ralph's infidelity as some kind of based alpha male trad-harem of sorts
Precisely this tbh. I have seen it before with this kind of broken girl with pickme tendencies, they feel that the harem stuff is the ultimate Chad move or something.

Remember Meigh tried to rope Faith into a menage a trois and even proposed the 3 living together with Meigh in charge of childcare (yikes) and I guess for Faith to work and Gunt to gunt around. So the poly/harem shit is in her mind but now that she's bring actively cucked, not even a threesome situation, plus maternal instinct kicking into overdrive, I think her feelings on the matter have changed.

No. 1416335

I honestly think that Pantsu is heavily autistic and probably has a very dysfunctional sexuality and can not properly bond with people. She jerks off to lolicon (of girl children) so I doubt she is really "straight" and Ralphs fat midget physique is about as far from a loli as you can get so I don't think she is attracted to him, let alone in love with him. She probably doesn't care if he fucks other women because she has no feelings for him. It's not humiliating to her because she is too autistic to understand how your man cheating on you should be something you are humiliated by. I used to think she was somewhat smart and cunning but now I think she is just a genuine autistic retard weeb who doesn't know the difference between a fat bastard hentai and reality. I also think she is trying to rope other girls into threesome relationships with Ralph because it means she doesn't have to have sex with him and she gets to have sex with a girl. She really wanted to have sex with Faith (they sexted but Faith bailed out on her when it came to irl stuff) and she is doing weird mommy-shit with Alice. I don't think she's into men at all, which is probably why she trooned out Digibro as well.

No. 1416337

Excuse my car 'tism, and I hate this fat fuck so much, but the truck's a four seater. Still, guys poor as fuck and buying (see leasing) a new truck, crazy

No. 1416339

I said he ALMOST got a two seater but decided on getting the truck last minute. He wanted to get a sports car but he couldn't get a credit for it (he has horrible credit because he never paid off his student loans).

No. 1416341

Ah, I obviously cannot read properly, thank you for clearing it up. I'm surprise they even allowed him to lease it, knowing his loans are unpaid…

No. 1416345

File: 1642101863291.png (169.76 KB, 854x492, Untitled.png)

It's some kind of 84-96 month loan scam shit with 20% interest that only Nissan offers. Keep in mind his insurance is like $150 a month as well since he has had so many DUIs and crashes. Ralph is very smart and financially responsible.

No. 1416360

File: 1642103079696.png (641.02 KB, 900x497, alice_op.png)

Here's some notes on Alice, there's a lot of lore here and I didn't cover a bunch of stuff that happened over the past few months but most of it is just embarrassing for her, not super milky.

Here's some of the good stuff-

Holland Proudfoot / Alice's Room / hollietron / @transmikitaka / coffeecorgi / kittenslobber / based captain / darrk
> 22 year old IP2 thot and ultimate NLOG/pickme
> lived in Russia as a child/teen
> comes from broken, alcoholic family perhaps starting to explain her weird attachments and borderline behavior
> brother is also an absolute psycho, got arrested for arson at age 18
> multiple arrests herself usually for stupid misbehavior when drunk, laughs it off as being for the meme
> spraypainted a swastika on the wall of the hotel she was hanging out with other streamers at, was dumb enough to post it online for all to see
> frequently gets so intoxicated on stream she winds up hurting herself and/or engaging in dangerous or provocative behavior, looked upon as a loose cannon even by IP2 standards
> has become so intoxicated on stream as to lose control of her bodily functions, pissed and shat herself
> claims rather too enthusiastically to have all manner of mental disorders including ASPD, has been forcibly hospitalized
> so notorious for living in filth (picrel) "Alice's Room" became a bit of a meme for IP2 faggots
> self-harms in escalating ways including stabbing herself (deeply) with a fucking fork
> boasts about abusing animals, dog almost died while she was ignoring her and doing IP2 bullshit
> livestreamed while locked in said dog's kennel as "penance", totally not fetishistic at all
> previously was an unironic furry and otherkin
> ddlg fanatic, weeb, lolicon, got into edgy Nazi shit again supposedly for the meme
> has experienced with a mlm trans identity but reverted to being a regular thot
> mannish appearance when not dolling herself up, after cleaning up, reasonably cute girl, attracts simps easily
> fucked Baked Alaska, another degenerate streamer, failed e-journalist, and who is awaiting sentence (today actually lol) for macing some random bouncer and also in trouble for being at the Jan 6 riot
> also got involved with Carlii, another IP2 degenerate, admittedly basically trading sex for clout
> moved on to Chicken Andy, an even bigger degenerate and drug addict, with whom she squabbles constantly on livestream
> most recent simp is shawnphase, a lolcow in his own right, who seems to have moved on to Elaine, he sure knows how to pick them
> Livestreams degenerate behavior while claiming trad values, even tattooing "CHRIST IS KING" on her arm
> doesn't shower, allegedly walked around in a sweater covered in her own vomit for days at a time
> currently involved with Ethan Oliver Ralph, host of the Killstream and convicted revenge pornographer
> he flies out frequently to Vegas while May, who is pregnant with his child, stays at home and tweets. There he spends time with Alice, not even trying to hide it.
> But Alice is uncharacterisically quite about the whole thing
> Regardless it's pretty clear they're sleeping together as Gunt seeks to develop his harem
> When she was the "other woman", May was fine with a harem, but she seems ticked off and jealous with Alice.

> Kiwiscrote's experience with Alice:

She split up from my friend and I to go drink an abundant amount of jaegar with her big brother and his friends. I think she ended up drinking like 3 full 375mL bottles altogether. A couple hours later we found her wandering aimlessly outside the convention center. As soon as we walk up to her she immediately collapses in the grass and just kept on repeating "Brother is gonna be here soon." We spend around a half hour keeping her propped up and having every passerby ask if she was okay. Eventually some drag queen came by and got a bottle of water for her. Big Brother arrives and calls an Uber to bring us to the hotel. The Uber driver arrives and sees that she looks like she could puke any second so he refuses initially. After handing the driver an extra ~$50 cash he finally takes us back as I hold a trash bag under her while my friend holds her head up. I was also given cash by Big Brother to give to the driver in case she did puke. When we got back to the hotel I had to drag her through the lobby while getting some dirty looks and take her up to my room. Big Brother shows up to bring her back to their room and that was the end of the night. What I was told the next morning is the cherry on the shit sundae though. Apparently she woke up the next morning completely naked and sleeping in the same bed as her brother. Even after all that my friend still had a huge fucking crush on her.

No. 1416363

File: 1642103525290.png (220.43 KB, 1372x1286, Untitled.png)

The worst thing about Alice is definitely the animal abuse. She literally bragged about torturing and killing small animals. She's a total sociopath.

No. 1416366

File: 1642103576443.png (267.95 KB, 404x425, GUNTA.png)

tbh there could be a thread just about Ethan Ralph's attempted harem (plus ongoing baby mama drama)

No. 1416373

I would enjoy that, I like reading about him on KF but never wanted to make an account on there. He is producing milk pretty consistently and so is his mare.

No. 1416376

he has whole boards dedicated to him on two other sites, theres a lot of drama and milk with him especially given his criminal record which is easy to find online.

No. 1416377

this is actually really sad. how men can see someone in such a state and still want to fuck her is beyond me
>most recent simp is shawnphase, a lolcow in his own right, who seems to have moved on to Elaine, he sure knows how to pick them
our elaine? wtf

No. 1416387

Does she really like loli, or is that just a remnant of her absorbing Digibro's degeneracy from when they were dating? She's a chameleon, she adopts whichever traits the man she's with or aiming for will find most appealing. Like a dumber, somehow even homelier shoeOnhead.

No. 1416399

File: 1642105793615.png (321.47 KB, 740x480, pantsu.png)

She claims she is using lolicon as "therapy" because she was diddled as a child. Pretty much every pedophiles excuse. Digibro also once said it was actually her who got HIM into lolicon, doubt I can find that tho I don't even remember where he said it.

No. 1416417

File: 1642106930880.png (1.47 MB, 1237x696, meigh what im into.png)

She definitely likes loli. She's described in detail about how watching it helps her work through her traumatic childhood (yikes) not to mention the fact her entire room was plastered with the stuff. She has said some really fucked up things about child sex stuff, too, it's easily found on her KF thread. She explains it herself on video.

No. 1416420

>this is actually really sad. how men can see someone in such a state and still want to fuck her is beyond me
tell me about it nonnie these girls break my heart they are so obviously sick and have a really depraved relationship with attention from the Internet
:>most recent simp is shawnphase, a lolcow in his own right, who seems to have moved on to >Elaine, he sure knows how to pick them
our elaine? wtf
yes our Elaine…the major cows have like 3 degrees of seperation max lol

No. 1416453

huh I need to catch up on her thread. I've kept it hidden because being greeted by their two faces staring at me everytime I open snow is a bit unsettling

No. 1416465

Honestly this lmao, I've seen this a lot of times. If I had to guess, all men are kind of equally ugly to her so it doesn't matter that she's with a super fugly one.

No. 1416467


No. 1416486

File: 1642112756614.png (299.1 KB, 691x363, 4985498.png)

Video too large to post here, but here's a clip with her dad yelling at her
She gives me Jessi Slaughter vibes. Mentally ill brunette girl with a gap in her teeth and a shitty, abusive father
She also reminds me of Emily Youcis

No. 1416541

People here shit on kiwifarms but it is an excellent archive of the gunt and pantsu shenanigans. Weird story

No. 1416673

>claims to be pro family pro trad
>protects convicted felons instead of the kids
What a retarded grifter with no real life skills that's marketable at 41. Imagine having to get a real job at that age raising 5 kids whose father is unemployable as well. It's either grift like hell or starve. She deserves to get roasted everyday for making terrible life choices

It's also always the same thing with these women. Anytime anything bad happens like a young girl getting raped or molested and groomed by a man, they take the males side. She and other tradthots cant hide their disgust for kids, especially young girls.

No. 1416946

Still being a pick-me at that age is pretty sad. Sadly lots of women are jealous of younger women who have not ruined their life yet by getting trapped into relationships with toxic moids. Her husband is probably a porn addict who doesn't touch her and instead of being angry at him she tries to put other women down in a desperate attempt to seem more appealing.

No. 1417030

As mentioned upthread, "trad" just means "men good, women bad". In their world men are never truly at fault for their actions, and any bad decisions/behaviors are because the women and girls in their life somehow convinced/manipulated/tempted them into doing it, or wasn't enough of a submissive doormat enough and threatened his muhsculinity which forced him into doing something foolish.

Look at religious fundamentalists: they believe that men are all-powerful, uniquely suited for leadership which is literally ordained by god and created in his image to rule over women who are merely there to birth more men, and also simultaneously that they'll become ravenous sex-beasts completely out of control of their actions if they see too much thigh or cleavage. Men have all the power and none of the responsibility, while women have all of the responsibility and none of the power.

No. 1417474

File: 1642205244626.png (322.07 KB, 438x470, zam_charlie_hating_women.png)

>Ralph continues to send 6-month pregnant May on errands all around town while he sits on his ass
>Tweets about cooking and cleaning and attending to all her tradwifing responsibilities
>Zero evidence he pulls any weight whatsoever
>Both post selfies with random consoomerism but no pictures of cribs, toys, etc.
>She continues to smoke heavily
>Some Kiwis tinfoil that the whole pregnancy is an elaborate sham, this seems like a stretch
>Tweets picrel, is it to throw shade at Alice or her general NLOG tendencies? With a guest appearance by Isabella Loretta Janke.

No. 1417541

why is this always the go-to meal for any trad larper? and why can't they cook a fucking sauce? don't burgers have sauce with meat and potatoes? no real salad either, just greens fried in butter, such an unbalanced meal

No. 1417558

no burgers don't have sauce, wtf are you on about? Also, burgers aren't a trad food so I tradthot wouldn't make that. Trads in general tend to hate burgers

No. 1417562

i meant burgers as in americans, anon

No. 1417589

File: 1642214361658.png (22.51 KB, 452x197, rach_lesbian_sperging.png)

more lesbian-related sperging and ad homs from Rachel on Twitter, almost she's got dykes dykes china on the brain. She's a weird one.

No. 1417591

File: 1642214514470.png (182.14 KB, 402x578, rachel_period_blood_sperging.p…)

And somewhere out there, Rachel is out there typing things like "period blood ritual" into the search bars of Instagram and tumblr.

No. 1417592

in this case, her dude only likes plain steak and plain chicken and generally has the palate of a toddler
honestly that is probably the case with most trad dudes, they’re not the brightest sparks
we have sauces and also gravy here in the US

No. 1417595

File: 1642215047215.png (185.63 KB, 272x405, guntsteak.png)

The basic 'steak and potatoes' meal is iconic of productive and independent masculinity of 50-100 years ago which is what Ralph seeks to present himself as - successful, yet not effette and bourgeois, still virile in a lower-middle class sort of way. While in fact, he is none of those things. Ralph seeks to identify with when really he's a petty mama's boy, womanish in all the wrong ways, but with all the nastiness of the most dedicated scrote.

No. 1417857

When cows collide

No. 1417858

So this dude impregnated multiple women and has female stans?

No. 1417880

I don't frequent this thread but just wanted to point out that character she's dressed up as is a TIM and so is its creator lol. do trads like trannies or doesn't she know?

No. 1417890

Ngl Occult Feminism is my kind of feminism.

Rachel is clearly writing about all the shit she wishes she was doing. And that includes other women.

No. 1417955

File: 1642261221045.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x1005, gunted_women.jpg)

I made you this handy collage of all his exes! Yes, Ethan Ralph (fat, old, gunted) has had sex with all of these women. Some women will do anything for a crumb of e-fame.

No. 1417956

That's pretty hilarious since a lot of people thought she was a TIM before she got pregnant. Do you have a source for that?

No. 1417958

File: 1642261461280.png (10.14 KB, 344x284, classicalgirl21_suspended_from…)

Does anyone know what happened here?

No. 1417961

File: 1642262242478.png (423.69 KB, 993x488, adrienne_blaire_gunt_slander.p…)

Adezero's story is even better than just having some TRO because Ralph is legally prohibited from saying her name, he got smacked down so badly in court for writing butthurt about her on her website here https://archive.fo/E14Ti during their lover's quarrel which resulted from him fucking Faith after (he claims) he had "downgraded" Ade to FWB only, and, as you might expect given who's involved here, all sorts of stuff wound up getting leaked out online. But Ade made Ralph her personal footstool, legally speaking. It's hilarious.

The whole Gunt saga is one of those things that seems like it should only appeal to moids because IBS idiots yelling at each other on stream is boring but actually it's got a lot to appeal to the female audience too once we start talking about his relationships but really his overall complete disaster of a life, from Armani man-purses and Vegas jaunts to illegitimate children and undercooked steak. Thing is, there is a lot of background lore to summarize, I mean, a lot.

No. 1417962

Gunt's is the kind of story you almost don't believe because of how fucking ridiculous his entire life is and how baffling it is that he keeps fucking up even harder at every step of the way. He is honestly a Chris-Chan tier lolcow.

No. 1417965

File: 1642262657288.png (Spoiler Image, 869.85 KB, 893x549, Untitled.png)

If anyone is wondering why he is called "GUNT", this is why. He has a huge gunt.
This is the tradhusband that every tradthot dreams of. A true Ralphamale with a majestic flesh-curtain dangling over his micropenis (which he has shown the world when he released the revenge-porn of his ex).

No. 1417986

File: 1642265280151.png (11.92 KB, 402x121, Screenshot 2022-01-15 114808.p…)

Those bitches are probably cray and threadworthy but that Rachel is seeking them out to hype up her own team and get clicks is equally insane. Say that you believe witchcraft is a real thing and a spiritual threat. OK. Surely the first thing you are going to do is fast and pray, not sensationalize some insane bitch's edgepostiong on insta. Rache is way too fascinated with this stuff.

No. 1417992

you should add in that as recently as last year Ralph was still so in love with Nora he was crying in the back of taxi cabs telling taxi drivers all about her lmao

No. 1417994

File: 1642265997691.jpg (105.04 KB, 1192x500, 0ilvDUFfqGe5R56O.JPG)

Lauren Southern
>Dated an ethnic man
Andrew Tate claims he have hooked up with Southern

No. 1418006

He also keeps a library book she rented and never returned in his car and even took a picture of it showing it was unharmed when he crashed it. Nora is probably the only woman he ever truly loved and who loved him and he lost that because he's a scumbag who can't stop cheating.

No. 1418011

File: 1642267708922.png (5.13 MB, 1541x2048, nora_fatima_sial_younger.png)

It is sad. Nora really seems like a decent person. Faith is a petulant child with personality issues, Ade is a drama whore, and May is just a shitshow, but not Nora, really. This timeline sucks for everyone, Gunt included. But I guess not Nora. Good for her in escaping his orbit. They got together pre-Ralph getting big on the back of GamerGate and when she was 18 or so (he's rumored to have groomed her younger than that, as he did with Faith) and divorced before, too, so the lore is a little less extensive then when he became infamous, but it's pretty clear his degenerate behavior and lust for a child bride (with the odd interlude of Ade who he may have been fucking for clout) were apparent from the beginning.

No. 1418027

Nora was the smartes one of all the gunted women, as evidenced by her divorcing him and disappearing from the internet. She also never entered into any back-and-forth shitflinging with him which is classy. She was always too good for him and I think she was only with him cause he groomed her. I also believe that she was not yet 18 when they got together.

IMO from best to worse the order is is Nora > Ade > Faith > Pantsu

Pantsu is the worst because she doesn't even look like a woman and she's a pedophile. He literally downgraded continuously and I assume the next woman he ends up with will be a full-on las Vegas crackwhore who probably already has a couple of retarded kids.

No. 1418048

File: 1642270897259.png (326.77 KB, 810x1141, marge.PNG)

Did anyone catch Robyn going at Marge the other day?

No. 1418053

Wow, she's really beautiful. Way prettier than Southern and the other women ITT. I feel bad that she's probably surrounded by white supremacists and hates herself/her features

No. 1418056

She lives in England and as far as I know she's not a tradthot. She's probably fine. But when she was still dating Ralph she sure got a lot of shit for being Pakistani because he is a total right-wing white nationalist LARPer. He still married her tho which shows he doesn't actually believe in anything he spouts.

No. 1418060

File: 1642271868486.png (97.31 KB, 373x375, image-10.png)

No. 1418066

I want Varg or Marie to go at her with their anti christianity messages lol she'd probably shut down

>"need sharia now"
Because they are too retarded to say no to sex or recognize a woman grifting

>please stop following charlatan larpers like this girl
So close to being self aware. So close. What were the replies like? I'd imagine that her audience of males wouldn't like to hear that

No. 1418129

Southern was super pretty when she first came on the scene, way prettier than this girl. She just fucked up her face with botox and surgery

No. 1418135

File: 1642275758885.png (63.37 KB, 445x486, magarita_feminism_sperging.png)

her twitter is @margaritaevna95 as in >>1418066
looks like it has been that for a while, OP is confused that she is a separate person as @classsicalgirl12 (her name in some other places and apparently she got yeeted off twitter with it)

>So close to being self aware

A lot of these girls come close from time to time, picrel. Many of us probably would agree that they have pretty decent takes on some stuff, it's just too bad they wrap it up in not even per se religion and conservative politics but this whole weird melange of retrograde pickmeism.

No. 1418154

File: 1642277165005.jpeg (802.89 KB, 1536x2048, haileyjan6th.jpeg)

Alice had an eventful stream in which she denies having a threesome with May and Ralph, and absolutely savages some girl named Hailey, pictured here at the Jan 6th riots, who does creepy Nazi and pedophile themed roleplay with (again) Shawn Phase, current orbiter of "our" Elaine. A post is linked where we get a reminder that Shawn once tried to sell Alice's used panties to the Kiwis.

I don't know how interesing this thot-on-thot and Hailey is probably not a tradthot nor is Shawn a trad (although he deserves all the exposure in the world for his creep-orbiting insane women more than half his age) but the kiwi thread has numerous clips of Alice being Alice so you can get a feel for how … different … she really is.

No. 1418159

>the average woman has wrecked her hormone cycle with BC and SSRIs
i hate this meme, idk about bc (I'm not a burger) but there is absolutely no way that the average woman anywhere is on SSRIs. I saw someone on 4chan claim 1/4th of women is on them which also seems ridiculously high. Where does this myth come from?

No. 1418162

File: 1642277688387.png (49 KB, 603x213, jcm_may_alice_incel_angryposti…)


It's also interesting to see the sheer level of seething incel rage that our friend May provokes in a certain canine-avatared forum administrator. He is also the one responsible for her OP over there, which is well written and researched and quite extensive, but can never shake the fact that it gives off "who hurt you" levels of angry. Josh isn't a fan of Faith, either, having unfavorably compared her to Gunt himself, his sworn enemy. It's almost like the only ones he hates more than Gunt are women who'd sleep with Gunt before they would Josh. Which evidently is a decent number. Josh has been heard to express a number of times that a traddish woman is his goal, and probably would've been a good match for May tbh.

No. 1418167

May isn’t trad, she just cosplays her boyfriend’s interests
When she was with trans pedophile animu lover Digibro, she was a trans pedophile animu lover

No. 1418170

File: 1642277959159.png (31.18 KB, 638x480, burgers_taking_ads_2015-2018.p…)

certainly not 'average', that sounds hyperbolic, but the number is not small and among women (which is more than men) approaches 25% in older populations, and this is past-30-day use, lifetime will be considerably higher

No. 1418173

well, maybe he's more mad she didn't trad herself up for him instead of Ralph. After all it seems like one of May's main concerns, after filling various holes in her depraved little psyche, is getting attention on the Internet. idk. I ship them.

No. 1418208

May literally simped for Josh on twitter while she was still with Digibro, lol. It's the opposite, she had to settle for Ralph because Josh didn't want her tranny-lolicon ass.

No. 1418209

I honestly think not even Josh is jealous of the women that Ralph bangs. Even he could do way better than all of them. It's just that Ralph has no standards and will jump on the first BPD whore who will let him, it's not really an accomplishment to find a girlfriend if your requirements are "has a pulse". Just most dudes want to aim a little bit higher when it comes to a "tradwife" than an actual pedophile or a BPD teenager. All of them are hideously uggo too, I don't think even Ralph's fans are jealous of him for banging May. Most of them thought she was a tranny before she got pregnant.

No. 1418213

>Josh has been heard to express a number of times that a traddish woman is his goal, and probably would've been a good match for May tbh.
I almost wanna call you out for being May because I can not believe anyone else would say that May would be a good match for a man looking for a tradgf. You gotta be seriously retarded to pick a pedophile to fill that role.

No. 1418221


You will never be a trad wife. You have no ethics, you have no standards, you have no culture. You are an e-girl twisted by gunt grease and desperation into a crude mockery of nature's perfection.

No. 1418224

saging as offtopic(ish) but
>a man looking for a tradgf
the self-delusion and LARP is equal
therefore good match
I dunno anons, maybe you're right, Josh has probably had more than a couple opportunities to bang insane BPD whores found online, but he vents scathing incel rage at those that wound up with Ralph in a very particular way. If we wind up with a Ralph's-women thread I'll post about it there maybe.
do I detect a new copypasta? yummy.

No. 1418227

File: 1642281655242.png (301.9 KB, 734x590, may.png)

Incels all over the world seething that they can't find a beautiful tradwoman like May. I mean who could resist her glistening oily skin? Her big honker nose? Her grease-fried hair? Those lovely wonkey eyes and the teeth that point north, east, west and south?

If you are not sold on her stunning beauty then surely her cooking talents will woo you, she can cook the shit out of some asparagus! She is also VERY open in the bedroom and not opposed to including a third woman, or child! Digibro can attest that she is a true harlot in the sheets and even let him wear her pantsu and anime uniforms! Watching lolicon together has never been so enticing!

If all of that still does not make you say "YES MAMMAAA!" this tradwife model comes with a saddle included which makes the ride to the grocery store extra comfy. She will let anyone put a foal in her to continue the jew- I mean white race!

Wait… I am just hearing that someone already snatches all this up?! Damn, what a lucky man! Sorry boys, looks like you are going home alone tonight!

No. 1418234

>Josh has probably had more than a couple opportunities to bang insane BPD whores found online
I watched two anons in /meta/ discuss once that they tried to hit on Null in e-mails and he sent back a Nick Fuentes clip saying "NO e-girls! Never!" So I'm pretty sure he's looking for an irl tradwife with no social media and not an e-thot like May. I doubt he will post about it online when he finds her or maybe he already has and we will just never know.

No. 1418241

it's 10.3 in 18-40 year olds which is more relevant here. I'm sure it's drastically lower among 18-30 year olds too
she's ugly but the way kf comically exaggerates it is still cringe

No. 1418261

File: 1642285177810.png (201.5 KB, 368x325, may_eating_fries.png)

they've been posting photoshopped pics of her too to look more mannish. her appearance going on Internet evidence is really all over the place, her filter game isn't too bad for an ugly chick, but yes, I'd call her an ugly chick. she has a really mannish body too to the point that for some people it was more than a meme to wonder if she was a secret tranny (FtMtMtFtF, I guess) but no, nature just throw those out too, sometimes.the way she gets memed on for her appearance over there is over the top and also it's cringe to read because men don't know how to make fun of a woman's looks in an amusing way, it's all either 'wouldn't' or 'lol horse'

No. 1418325

Nora is the only woman he has ever truly loved and Nora is the only woman he's been involved with that has been so ridiculously out of his league. Nora is a normal, actually fairly traditional woman who saw something in Ralph while Ralph was able to conceal a lot of his real self through the distance of the internet. I'm sure it kills Ralph that Nora has never once even made a comment online about him, he is nothing to her. She is so above him it's ridiculous and I'm very happy for her that she's moved on and Ralph will never move on, he'll just keep sinking deeper

No. 1418362

File: 1642292532354.png (100.57 KB, 818x951, r.PNG)

>What were the replies like?
It seemed to get mostly positive interactions, seemingly from other tradwife accounts. Robyn also adds to what she said under one reply

No. 1418381

This >>1418227 is not photoshopped at all. Its a still from this video. She really is that ugly. All the pics she posts are extremely filtered and posed.

No. 1418496

she looks like glitterforever21

No. 1418510

File: 1642310038167.png (420.65 KB, 730x433, gunt_women.png)


New thread just for the discussion of Ethan Ralph and his would-be harem. Since they're all more pseudo-tradthots at best an there's all the baby mama drama it might be better off there.

No. 1419160

Kek love it when they fight each other on who's more ~trad~
Those who are waiting for the right one vs those who grabbed the nearest male to have babies with. Marg made more sense in this case. Why promote trad values and "masculine men" when most guys in this movement are weak and whiny all the time. If marg is waiting for the right guy, it does make her smarter than robyn who just chose some simp

No. 1419411

File: 1642399795809.png (798.66 KB, 1317x875, 1836590-345.png)

Mikhaila Peterson is dating someone with the same first name as her dad lol

No. 1420031

They’re full of shit though. Caolan named someone else first then changed to Tate after people pointed out she was banned from the UK (he’s well known as a compulsive liar). And the Tate thing is claimed about the time she retired, but later it came she was married for months by then and pregnant, and that White Noise documentary showed her hubby travelled with her the whole time.
She even said on a twitch stream once a PUA started saying they slept together after she turned him down, thought she meant Roosh, clearly Tate.

No. 1420268

File: 1642490098600.png (150.59 KB, 442x426, vaush_for_patriarchy.png)

Vaush is going on Rachel's husbands stream tomorrow

No. 1424929

Lauren southern officially been in Canada since august. 4 months away from her husband with no end in sight. Divorce incoming from the Tradthot! That’s what happens when you marry a girl just cuz u got her pregnant!

No. 1425153

I think she’s unvaxxed so it’s now impossible for her to leave Canada. If he is too he needs special exemptions to leave Australia and exemptions to enter Canada to rejoin her, and he then couldn’t go back to visit his family.
Shit’s fucked all round.

No. 1428124

why would she leave australia without her husband in the first place? especially with the whole vaccine issue, she's obviously not vaccinated.

No. 1428394

Not very trad for a woman to leave her husband behind in a whole different country is it?

No. 1428838

File: 1643331358933.jpeg (870.97 KB, 1193x1713, 5F4B698D-EB53-449C-90CA-C24EBD…)

Trad = being a fast food consooming lardass.

No. 1428868

She larped as a uwu trad christian sahm for a while but shes completely unemployable everywhere except for grifting. So she returned to work. I dont think she'll stop despite pushing for every other woman to give up education and careers to pay their bills to pop out babies.

No. 1428953

Because a family member died and she went back for the funeral and only she could get the travel exemption. But keep being fucktards by all means.

No. 1428954

Thank you. I don't know why people feel the need to treat a legitimate journalist like Lauren Southern like some kind of wishy washy opinionless pandering doormat but it really grinds my homeopathic antiviral treatments.

No. 1429896


only her and her son? Funeral was long over, she could've come back to australia a long time ago, the borders aren't closed anymore. she just doesnt want to be back. who's the fucktard now?

No. 1429900

Australia reopened it’s border about the same time Canada banned the unvaxxed from flying, so the fucktard is still you.

No. 1430296

File: 1643493583110.jpeg (797.97 KB, 2048x2048, 68293405-A69A-401E-875B-B7CA35…)

Marg’s new venture. They’re definitely not the ugliest NFTs I’ve ever seen (though the bar for that is very low) but you’d think a girl who constantly spergs about being a “classically trained oil painter” would be able to create something that didn’t look like a mid-tier picrew. Also kek at “classy hobbies” such as “holding fan while smiling” and “holding book while smirking”

No. 1430412

Pixar/yaniv/tranny/shayna smirk spotted

No. 1431233

File: 1643605668936.png (557.03 KB, 828x1792, 2733CD28-E289-4018-9A9E-E8B4EF…)

Mikhalia Peterson had Covid 3 times despite having a carnivore diet that cured her of all her ailments and made her super healthy. When will the grift stop?

No. 1431599

File: 1643655571724.jpg (511.78 KB, 1080x1466, 20220131_125308.jpg)

I wouldn't call brittany a tradthot but i dont know where else to put this. Brittany goes on about how she's better than titty streamers and recently shes been saying she hides her boobs by wearing turtlenecks when the turtlenecks are pic related.. hiding boobs by wearing a skin tight top. She needs to come out of the titty streamer closet.

No. 1431601

Yeah, I want to like Brittany, but she is such a huge hypocrite. Her national geographic titties really need to be put away.

No. 1431603

I always thought she was fat? I’ve only seen waist up pics but I looked at her Instagram/GI and am very surprised I couldn’t find one where she looked bigger, besides her tits and face. I have no comment on personality as I’ve never watched her

No. 1431604

I don't think she's ever been fat. I only know her from twitter, I can't watch her videos because her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Another thing she is incredibly hypocritical about is that she (rightfully) called out VTubers for pedopandering with their fake toddler voices, but she LITERALLY DOES THE SAME THING.

No. 1431837

brittany is part of the new breed of tradthots that act critical about porn and patriarchy while also making fun of camgirls and libfems. shes playing to both sides, pretends shes making her content for women but the only people who watch her or care about her are other men. a true self respecting radfem wouldn't be acting the way brittany does.

No. 1431866

her shtick is cringe but I think it's pretty funny that almost all she does is shit on men and she still has a predominantly male audience and simps. good for her yk

No. 1432030

File: 1643697664072.jpeg (363.84 KB, 1125x907, 93DF8417-0CA2-455F-A40C-AD030D…)

>oldest is 12

No. 1432035

kek the stuff she writes on patreon is so bad. crying about how disney movies are feminist propaganda jordan benzoson style and insisting that pumping breast milk is totally more important to society than being a brain surgeon.

No. 1432049


Pick one

No. 1432059

Her male audience is probably into being dommed. But let's not kid ourselves, they mostly follow her for her tits. I doubt they actually read her text tweets.

No. 1432089

She lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years I think, during the Shuwu drama years ago she wasn't as thin as she looks on her ig now. Honestly Brittany has never looked that bad either way imo

This is so painfully cringe

No. 1432120

Brittany's takedowns of Shuwu and Pokimane are some of the best content in YT history. She is way more than just a thot.

No. 1432154

File: 1643728133802.jpeg (883.59 KB, 1071x1550, 43214FA0-A82D-475F-918A-EC4E35…)

Brittany is not afraid to dip into the tip jar either. Someone on kiwifarms found out she was dating one of her simps. They only lasted 2 months. She even had a stream where she made a girlfriend resume. It’s rather bleak.

No. 1432155

Did you post the wrong cap nonny? Seems like you posted a cap of some other twitch streamer

No. 1432168


No those are the tweets Brittany’s ex made about the breakup.

No. 1432225

I would watch them, but her babyvoice makes my ears bleed, so I guess I will never know if her content is actually good or not.

No. 1432338

her takedown of shoe was just content ribbed from here. brittany is a farmer in denial that she is a cow herself.

No. 1432523

I liked them but the other nonnie is right the videos were just info taken from their respective cow threads.
And I like brittany too but she is a hypocrite, even if shes not nearly as bad as some other egirls
I suspected these two were dating haha
It's interesting bc he has a pretty big but normie following from youtube and made his birtt simping for public

No. 1432575

But she condensed it into two well made videos that relied on her comic delivery to pull off. There is nothing wrong with a content creator doing research. I agree she has a screw loose and is a hypocrite but she is pretty funny and I don't get why so many people here bash her.

Her takedown of Pear was also really funny, although it was excessively nasty and Pear didn't do anything to deserve it

No. 1433860

File: 1643915040907.jpg (486 KB, 1080x908, 20220203_125814.jpg)

Also worth noting that this guy joked about BBC with her on stream like a cuck AND that brittany venti, anti-porn queen, jokes about BBC herself. This is her twitter name as of now but before changing it she was "Blackni Venti BBC lover" (wish I had a pic of it but if anyone else does ily)

How hard is it to not make "jokes" that arent even funny about a fucking gross porn fetish when your new bit is being against porn. Griftni Venti in a nutshell.

No. 1436447

File: 1644184242816.jpg (292.72 KB, 1080x980, basedtrad.jpg)

Just a trad being based and redpilled calling other children normies for wanting sugary food.

No. 1436450

She's not wrong on this one tho. I grew up in a very health conscious home (no trad-mom, she just cared about nutrition) and had the same experience with my friends coming over. Also going to my friends house and having to eat boxed and frozen shit when I was used to homecooked meals sucked ass. My mom always made me home-made sandwiches for school lunches while other kids had chocolate bars and coke. It is appalling how horribly some people feed their kids.

No. 1436468

Good for you. Not everybody has the time and money to make ~uwu organic non GMO gluten free homemade lunches~ for their kids. I had a single mother who worked 45 hours a week, and yeah I ate a lot of junk, but as an adult I'm in great shape and I eat healthily. WASP kids with stay at home granola moms who make meticulous cold lunches for them grow up to be spoiled brats.

Unironically check your privilege.

No. 1436470

I mean yeah kids love junk food and might be put off by healthy meals, but on what fucking planet are sausages and croissants healthy?? That shit is junk food and kids love it, it's a completely normal breakfast food and making it herself doesn't suddenly make it crunchy mom tier.

No. 1436480

Home cooking is the most overrated thing in the world. It's okay sometimes but generally I want either fast food, a sandwich or cereal. "Healthy eating" is one of the most retarded memes ever. Just eat what is convenient and tastes good unless you have some kind of health condition.

No. 1436483

>She's not wrong on this one tho.
Yes she is. She is very wrong and your mother stole your childhood but not letting you have soda and processed foods like a normal kid. "Healthy" eating is one of the biggest grifts in history.

No. 1436523

The kids will end up socially outcast and not understand why. Everyone mocks this snotty pretentious attitude and pities these kids once the mom's not around.

No. 1436526

Also, unless she is making the croissants and sausage from scratch how is that any different from "manufactured crap"?

No. 1436534

Kek I bet those "homemade croissants" were just the Pillsbury kind from a can.

No. 1436643

sausage, eggs, and croissants is not a healthy breakfast

No. 1436656

Judging by the other examples of ~trad uwu~ cooking I’ve seen in this thread and in general, this is most likely the case lol

No. 1436775

Lol anon my mom worked full time and still prepared meals each day for us. Healthy food is not a privilege for kids, it’s a necessity.

No. 1436864

Both my parents worked full time and still found time to feed me well. It wasn't "gluten free vegan organic", just healthy food with vegetables and fruit as snacks instead of candy bars. Working is absolutely no excuse to feed your kids like shit. Americans are so fucking lazy, that's why you're all obese.

Imagine being so fat you think not eating candy every day means you had no childhood. How about the childhood of the kids who are too fat to climb a tree or play on the playground without getting out of breath?

No. 1436865

No. 1437023

Maybe it's because you're not an ~evil lazy fat American~ but there's a big difference between life as a single parent here and fucking Sweden or wherever the hell you live. In the states, income and health are strongly correlated. There are a lot of areas that don't have supermarkets– only convenience stores with processed crap– because grocers only want to build stores in wealthy areas. Google "food desert."

Obviously there are people who are lazy or overly indulgent with food. But it's fucking retarded to make a sweeping generalization about 300 million people.

No. 1437432

>these normie kids are scared of healthy food!
>they thought my food was really weird!
No what really happened was that the kids asked if she had snacks. She offered what she had and they hardly cared and ate the food while enjoying their friends

No. 1437455

exactly what is the point of living if you can't have candy bars, soda and fast food? I would literally prefer death to such an existence. Take that muh health sperging somewhere else.

No. 1437463

If anyone is still interested in Mikhaila's drama, recently she did an interview with Manospherian "Rollo Tomassi" where she addressed the rumors about her personal life. Mihki admitted that Brandon Tate did fly her to Romania (from Germany) but only because she wanted to learn how to do paywalls from him. She was super adamant that she never slept with him and Tate has backed up her account.

No. 1437882

There is such a thing as moderation. You can feed your kids healthy 99% of the time and allow an unhealthy snack once in a while. If candy and soda make your life worth living, that's pretty fucking sad.

No. 1437884

So I don't know what it is about this Rachel woman, but she creepy me the fuck out. I legit had a nightmare about her last night where she kidnapped me to live in her cult compound where she planned to marry me off to some fat sweaty incel. It was horrific. I think I will be skipping this thread from now on.

No. 1438055

I love to eat and I'm not going to apologize for it. Would you want to live if you couldn't do the things you love?

No. 1438061

I feel bad for the actual Romanian Orthodox people at her church, because I’m sure she lectures them smugly about the religion they’ve been practicing their whole lives and for generations in their family

No. 1438075

Lmao she realy thinks processed foods like sausages (type 1 carcinogens) and croissants (carbs & fat) are healthy. No wonder she's a whale.

No. 1438181

If you keep eating like that you won't live long, fatty-chan.

No. 1438297

so you would prefer 80 years of deprivation to 40 years of fulfillment

No. 1438364

Jesus Christ this debate is retarded
it’s not difficult to eat mostly healthy foods with occasional nutrient-sparse choices for fun

No. 1439505

File: 1644498007859.jpg (32.03 KB, 399x399, 20220209_224507.jpg)

Rachel has dumped her hilariously uncanny valley overfiltered disaster of a pfp. Thus far this has been her sole response to her threads going up here and on kf, while meanwhile her galaxy brain husband started crowing about the Kiwis faildoxing them with an old address so of course they found the right one within about an hour. It's a much better filter job and she's not at all unpretty but she still very clearly can't cope with aging and putting on weight without resorting to some digital remedies, kek.

No. 1439515

File: 1644498543545.jpg (314.51 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20220209-224542_Twi…)

Correction btw she is in Michigan now and no longer in Reno not the other way around

No. 1439546

She could be the prettiest woman in the world and still be ugly from the inside out. She just gives me the fucking creeps just looking at her. Such a hateful spiteful look in her eyes.

Them responding to their dox shows that they are retarded lolcows. The best way to handle a dox is to never acknowledge it happened. Don't confirm or deny it. If it's a real dox you are giving people the reaction they wanted + confirming it by sperging out. If it's a fake dox, be glad that they don't have their real dox and let them believe that that's where you live. Doing anything else is very smoothbrained.

No. 1439965

>ignore me then
Everything about tradthots like her is just aggressive just the opposite of being a feminine delicate trad wife

No. 1440127

Are there any attractive legit pickmes? Southern and Pettibone don't count because they were always clearly doing it for the money and fame and they themselves were always career oriented. The only ones I can think of are Margarita and the long departed Redpillchick so I guess the only way to be an attractive pickme is to have subcontinental ancestry.

No. 1440397

attractive girls don't need to be pickmes because they're the ones doing the picking

No. 1440856

Explain marg and redpillchick then. I guess it's a subcon thing. Although I don't really consider marg a pickme, just a weirdo.

No. 1441079

I wouldn't call Marg particularly attractive, to me she's pretty plain and weirdly smug looking, but i guess that's a matter of opinion. but yeah i have noticed that most conventionally attractive trad/ rw women, thinking like tiger lily harvest, Brittany Martinez, lauren southern etc tend to be more of the "I set high standards for myself so I set high standards for men too" type (even if they are a bit handmaiden-ish sometimes)

I think it's less to do with attractiveness, and more to do with self-confidence (which obviously do correlate a lot of the time) pick-me girls cape for low-value men bc they perceive themselves as low-value/ only worthy with a man's approval, pretty much what >>1439867 said

No. 1441155

>I think it's less to do with attractiveness, and more to do with self-confidence (which obviously do correlate a lot of the time) pick-me girls
There are a lot of women with low self confidence, but only a fraction of a fraction of a percent become tradthots. And I wouldn't say that Marg, Robyn and Mrs. Midwest are lacking in the confidence department. Rachel I agree is lacking in confidence.

No. 1441664

From fundie snark communities that bring up mrs midwest, I'd say that caitlin definitely lacks confidence. No woman with high confidence needs to follow white supremacy ig pages to feel important, or goes into red pill subs for advice or reads roosh vs blog like she did

No. 1442410

File: 1644788486462.png (1013.76 KB, 750x1334, 74D1B949-5917-4099-A48C-BA3F47…)

Posted by yours truly with a 5th grade reading level
>”American mothers have outdone Stalin for body count, outstripped Hitler, run circles around Pol Pot. American mothers have raged a war on motherhood itself”

Almost like women are no longer going to put up with being considered as cattle fodder to reproduce and be decoration for your population statistics so you can brag about being a “healthy” nation. People who write this shit and agree with it should kill themselves

No. 1442494

File: 1644793245915.jpg (89.09 KB, 840x397, rachel_third_pfp.jpg)

and she's changed up again … she doesn't look bad but in each pic she almost looks like a different woman she's so filtered while meanwhile apropos of nothing she's going after Jennifer Lopez of all people and talking about women "of a certain age" looking good or not. The cope is real with this one.

No. 1443137

>pickmes never prosper
Sage but I love this phrase enough to make a thing

No. 1443139

File: 1644875052344.png (96.09 KB, 328x359, pickmes_never_prosper.png)

>pickmes never prosper
Sage but I love this phrase enough to make a thing
Site acting weird didn't upload trying again

No. 1443222

It's so true it hurts. Why does anyone even want to be a pickme? For male validation? Because you can be a below average, militant feminist and still have thousands of guys simping for you.

No. 1443454

Anything with JLo was always a bust at the box office, even back when she was 30.

>Reeeeee I'm tired of women having exciting romantic lives reeeee!

Cope as you get mogged by a granny kek

No. 1443495

>Anything with JLo was always a bust at the box office, even back when she was 30.

both Selena and Out of Sight were pretty big

No. 1444034

Yeah, those two did well. She was an amazing Selena, but that kind of premise was near impossible to bomb unless they cast someone super white. Selena was adored.

JLO also starred in like 20 other movies and most of them (especially romcoms) were a flop.

No. 1444942

Pretty sure that Gigli still holds the record for highest box office gross of all time

No. 1445915

NTA, but it was well known for being a massive flop, like only made back a tenth of its budget.

No. 1446036

Lol wut? Are you for real? I don't have a citation on hand, but that statement is completely wrong. Gigli's first weekend in the box office doubled the entirety of Titanic's first month. The film continues to be regarded as a triumph of American cinema both commercially as well as artistically.

No. 1446759

File: 1645248473486.png (1.88 MB, 2841x1085, Screenshot_92.png)

Rachel was just on Tucker a few hours ago.

>covid sperging
>great reset
>bad teeth
>standard talking points
>mothers who work remotely should take advantage of stay at home orders to add homeschooling to the mix
>tucker: "will my kinds grow up to be weird?"
>rachel: "its really not that hard … you don't need to worry about not being able to socialize your kids, especially with the internet"

And picrel is what she looks like without being able to avail herself of her usual filters.

No. 1446761

File: 1645248920837.png (85.89 KB, 374x242, Screenshot_93.png)

No. 1446827

I literally do not understand how these women can be so stupid.
Like does she think she's never going to age? Does she realize she is not exempt from the ire of tradmen for daring to live past her virginal teen years, let alone as an old hag?

Someone explain the rationalization going on in their minds, please. How does low self esteem manifest itself this way?

No. 1446835

My only thought is they expect to get enough cash and fame to marry a GOP sugardaddy who will keep them financially secure in exchange for being the poster wife while they bang girls half their age

Except they've made that a VERY crowded market

No. 1446837

5/10 troll but it only works if you are talking to a zoomer

No. 1446920

They're fucked and don't want to grapple with the dark side of men, or something more malignant. They want to larp that their pederast scrote streamer 4channer they're in a sham marriage with is some archetypal 1950s male (which wasn't good either but at least they worked, so these scrotes coast off that image >>1417595)

Actually, a pedophile is a good match for a pedophile, which is why Gunt chose her. Gunt went to Portugal literally /a day after/ discussing the age of consent being 13 there on Dick Masterson's show. The red flags are fucking everywhere with these two scumbags

No. 1447132

I try not to psychoanalyze, but let me psychoanalyze:

I think what we have is a mixture of self hate and a superiority complex. She hates herself for being a woman and simultaneously enjoys hating herself for being a woman. She also enjoys how her hating women makes her superior to other women. In her mind, she will always have superiority to other women and will always have respect from men even when she loses any sex appeal she may have had at one time.
There have been some cultures where mothers commonly abused their daughters and daughters in law as a way of establishing their own higher status. Hierarchies are able to sustain themselves because even people near the bottom don't want to give up their own superiority over the groups that are beneath them.

No. 1447232

A recurring theme with pickmes is that they'd rather be treated like shit by men than let women they're jealous of live it up. It's normal beta female behavior and an understandable sexual strategy for a bottom of the barrel woman - the threat of female competition (that she will no doubt lose) is worse than male dominance.

Also, female masochists generally want other women to partake in their degeneracy. It's not enough for them to be treated like garbage in private, they only feel validated when other (usually prettier and freer females) suffer with them. That's generally why creepy poly couples always deploy the girlfriend to groom new female participants. A she-cuck can't get off if it's only her that's inferior, she needs ALL women to be, likely to cope with the fact that she as an individual is a beta female and it's her personal deficiency (as opposed to something she can't control because all women are lowly like her).

Tldr it's maladaptive coping with being inferior to other women.

No. 1447242

But it's not just a man woman thing. It's all hierarchies. A low caste Hindu may not enjoy being lower than most others in his society, but at the same time never be willing to give up his own superiority over untouchables. Poor whites in the antebellum South didn't enjoy being treated like dirt by the landed aristocracy, but they also were so jealous of the superior status that they themselves had over slaves that they were willing to risk their lives in a war for the purpose of upholding slavery.
If I'm being honest, I was happier when I struggled with feelings of inferiority because at least then I felt superior to some people. And feeling superior feels damn good.

> It's normal beta female behavior and an understandable sexual strategy for a bottom of the barrel woman

I have seen plenty of attractive women degrade themselves for male attention/approval.

No. 1447355

The sad truth that most pickmes don't realize is that you can be "attractive" and a beta female. Being hot doesn't do anything except paint a target on your back unless you know how to assert yourself.

If you're hot but don't act it, men will never actually treat you like you're hot. They're built to reach, not to be reached for - if you're reaching for them, it must be because you're beneath them. Life, and reproduction in particular, is inherently a zero sum game for males. Festering in society's petty little pecking orders sounds miserable and stupid, but their innately hierarchical brains are programmed to think "if she needs to pickme, she must be fugly", and there is absolutely no way around it. No fugly moid will ever be grateful to a beautiful woman for settling for him, he'll actually despise her. Most women have encountered this at least once, hence the "you compliment an ugly man and he starts acting like you're the ugly one" Twitter tier memes.

This is the reason why pickmes never prosper.

No. 1447451

>Festering in society's petty little pecking orders sounds miserable and stupid
You weren't into the social status bullshit in high school? I was obsessed with it and I felt like most of my peers were to

No. 1448283

File: 1645410571451.jpeg (943.57 KB, 1061x1185, 67AEBB26-F197-4BF5-A5B2-26F5B7…)

No. 1448822

Fetus fanatics are so funny. I wonder how this one would react to the knowledge that our bodies naturally kill something like 65% of all created embryos, which means she's definitely killed more than a few during her pathetic broodmare-bangmaid existence.

No. 1449201


this bitch is STILL in BC… go home to your husband ffs. Playing tradwife was fun until she was able to go home and leave her kid at her parents house.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1449242

It’s a box office bomb because it came out on streaming at the same time, every other movie that’s done that has also seen a lag in box office returns, and romantic comedies are a dying breed.

No. 1449250

How long has it been since she left her husband in Australia?

No. 1449255

you just don't get it, she totally is a CENTRIST. That is why she's been capitalizing off the radical right for years and sucking their dick, it's her centrism.

No. 1449257

it's not about being beautiful or ugly, it is about your self esteem and your childhood. Plenty of ugly women have good self esteem and love themselves and have loving partners, while plenty of above average women degrade themselves and hate themselves. I suspect a lot of trad wife LARPERs have had horrible childhoods.

No. 1449364

whoda thunkt that a childhood consisting of deifying daddy will result in idolizing every male organism they encounter in adulthood

No. 1450575

File: 1645662708378.png (1.88 MB, 750x1624, retard.PNG)

I remember some discussion here and I think on the shoe thread over what the next generation of tradthot-types is gonna look like. Well, here you go. Now that tiktok shows you random lives as you scroll down the fyp I've been getting a lot of tradthot, "I'm pro-life, debate me!" lives since the app knows of my interest in feminism and gender politics which led to this specimen popping up. She is a little too exaggerated especially with that cringy username so I wouldn't be surprised if she is some kind of generic republican chick who tacked on some more extreme views to attract orbiters and doesn't really believe in half of this. Regardless, stay in school and off social media ladies, or you'll end up like this chick.

No. 1450738

>Becky skull
>Probably fat

Tardthot (and ftm) physiognomy

No. 1450812

How long ago did her side account disappear? I can't find any trace of it now… I think there's trouble in paradise

No. 1450830

File: 1645684983411.png (418.63 KB, 828x1792, 6F9FC9A8-4193-444C-9A36-8AD68C…)

It’s private now, has been for a few months. There is definitely trouble in paradise. Didn’t post any Valentine’s Day posts either.

No. 1450833

About 6 months ago

No. 1451258

She is 27, married, and has a kid (or 2 kids, i don't remember)

No. 1451278

Sucks for those kids. I guess her hubby doesn't give her enough attention that she resorts to this lmfao

No. 1451365

I wonder if she'll stick around in 10 years if shes already this bored at 27. Or maybe she found out her husband is talking to younger girls already and is coping by being on an app for kids to yell at them

No. 1451445

This new gen of tradthots fucking sucks. I liked the original tradthots better

No. 1451845

>other women are out having fun, living their lives, maybe dating/fucking men who they're actually attracted to
>she's stuck spending her time wiping poopy diapers, cooking bland food and having to pretend that dedicating her life to being the designated bangmaid-fuckhole-breeding sow of a man who resents her and thinks she's a used up old hag for aging past 14 is fulfilling existence
No wonder she's so desperate for attention from other men, what a hellish life.

No. 1452219

Why hath RedPillChick forsaken us?

No. 1453129

File: 1645967825017.jpeg (370.59 KB, 1125x990, ED96CFFB-D53D-4144-A8FA-11567E…)

>those silly abused women should’ve known better UNLIKE ME teehee!!
surprised this cunt hasn’t been talked about yet.

No. 1453136

Have seen her popping up at the top of Robyn's replies a lot

No. 1453230

The mask is off. What a cunt. No wonder they have to market themselves hard to get anyone on board with their bullshit. They have no empathy for anything but themselves
I wonder how many of the accounts they reply too are ran by men/troons larping as a sub tradwife for their fetish though. Theres so many of them on twitter

No. 1453245

It's such a weird kink though. Why can't they just do BDSM like normal perverts?

Does anyone know how common the breeder kink is? I didn't even know it existed until I discovered tradthots

No. 1453271

File: 1645987543167.jpeg (366.86 KB, 1125x944, 43D49E11-6C24-4BD7-97EB-41E57E…)

i can’t even tell if this is a joke. ISIS tier shit.

No. 1453374

Isis isn't even Christian this makes no sense. Speaking of Islam, ironic she didn't even mention Muslims though, they probably dont even exist in her eyes since they're middle eastern though, kek.

No. 1453543

if you don’t see that “make a Christian theocracy” and “make an Islamic theocracy” are the exact same kind of retardation at work

No. 1453753

I'm not really following what she is saying: what does thinking that people need to "bend the knee to Christ" have to do with antisemtism?

No. 1453991

Jewish people not going to be bending the knee to Christ, now, are they? That’s the antisemitic bit.

No. 1454113

So if Emily's husband does start to treat her badly, it's actually all her fault for picking the wrong man? Men are simultaneously suitable for having absolute authority over women while also never being culpable for their own actions? Wild stuff.

No. 1454434

what happens if the guy gets a brain injury and it changes his personality/behavior? Is it still the woman's fault for picking wrong?
Admittedly this would never happen because no person has ever changed over the course of a relationship or marriage.

No. 1454761

It's not even something that requires anything as extreme as a brain injury. People change over time, and abusers deliberately keep their awful behavior under wraps until they're sure their victim will have a harder time escaping from them; this is why it's so common for men to become abusive when their girlfriends/wives are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Not very feminist of me, but I'm not terribly upset when these tradthot morons get mistreated by their tradmoids. They certainly have no empathy for other women, why expend any energy on their behalf? Take the fist and finish up with the dinner on time, chop chop!

No. 1455185

>It's not even something that requires anything as extreme as a brain injury
Right, but theoretically, according to tradthot logic: would it still be the woman's fault for picking wrong in that case?

>Not very feminist of me, but I'm not terribly upset when these tradthot morons get mistreated by their tradmoids. They certainly have no empathy for other women, why expend any energy on their behalf?

Meh, physical abuse is pretty gross regardless of who the victim is. It's not really a feminist issue. People should only beat up others when it is a fair fight.

No. 1457143

File: 1646351010236.jpg (562.37 KB, 1080x2139, 20220303_173858.jpg)

someones literal grandma is out here tweeting about her trad sex life for everyone online to see. just how a good christian woman should be

No. 1457148

File: 1646351122607.jpg (497.06 KB, 1080x1880, 20220303_174421.jpg)

samefag for the rest of the thread

No. 1457176

Is she legit or is this some weirdo who took some old woman's selfie and is using it for their weird RP fetish shit. Cringe either way.

No. 1457222

>"I stay girlish"
Has to be a fetish account ran by a troon. No older woman talks like this

No. 1457235

This is beyond cringe, it's fucking gross.
And she's def not a larp. I wish she was, but she isn't.

No. 1457278

File: 1646361631070.png (131.59 KB, 599x968, twt.png)

Here's a trad girl submitting to an extremely thinly veiled BDSM fetish account, the kind who posts pics of half-naked women. The girls who interact with these degenerates know about it too, it's all just a fetish for them.

No. 1457308

That's a big part of it, but I'm not sure it's all of it. The only kink I could see Lauren or Robyn being involved in, for example, is as dominatrixes. Most of the guys in the community seem far more interested in complaining about women than actually dominating one.
"Katherine" here is hardly some sub, btw. Remember her from the last thread where she unapologetically told her loser followers that she was leaving her bf and moving across the country to live alone and work a corporate job?

No. 1457340

If she's unvaxxed it's possible she can't leave, Canada doesn't let its own citizens leave if they're unvaxxed

No. 1457375

I'm still holding out on it being fake because jesus this is just embarrassing to read. Would love to see the kind of retards that are interacting with this nonsense as well

Trad retards really do need to be kinkshamed

No. 1457475

File: 1646385675230.jpeg (980.3 KB, 828x1566, 8C96FB3A-4767-4BB9-86F1-403939…)

Where’s your son Lauren? Very trad of you to leave him, your husband, and go to Texas to party instead of taking care of your family.

No. 1457476

She’s in Texas rn. She can leave and enter australia still.

No. 1457708

>james patriarch
>pfp is the typical headless male model wearing a suit
>posts half naked women and fetish shit on tl
>muh submissive trad gf
Kek bet you anything he's either a single scrawny dweeb like that bdsm swinging belt boy gif or some ugly slob living out in bumfuck nowhere with an online gf that tells him he's so trad and protective for watching the news for her

No. 1457893

if you read his other tweets it is clear that he doesn't actually have a gf. He may be autistic or low IQ

No. 1458051

She gives the impression that she spends more time on the internet than spending time with her husband and child.

No. 1458121

Except she’s been out of Australia for like 6 months already.

No. 1458183

Isn't her kid an accident and husband a result of what was more or less just a shotgun marriage? No wonder she doesn't want to be around them, she never wanted them in the first place. Too bad she was too committed to her LARP to do the responsible thing and abort.

No. 1458443

Isn't her husband outside of Australia with her? I'm pretty sure her son is.

No. 1458759

If that's the case, she already broke the LARP by having sex before marriage.

No. 1459506

Her husband is in Australia and she’s in Canada with her son. She hasn’t seen her husband and her child hasn’t seen their father since august

No. 1459860

She's probably leaving the kid with her parents while she goes out and does her stuff.

So much for being a trad wife and mom.

No. 1460005

Lauren never claimed to be either

No. 1460280

She sure did make videos about how being trad is best.

No. 1460454


her old content was all spouting the same shit. ironically her child does not have a father anymore(learn2embed )

No. 1460721

for other people. Not for herself. Lauren has always been somewhat thottish and unapologetically career oriented

No. 1460727

Yes she did. Why is there always a Lauren defender in these threads? She’s been on video saying she’s going to focus on only raising her kids

No. 1460827

File: 1646704277463.png (49.17 KB, 592x473, stabber was a good husband ack…)

becoming an extremely desperate pickme at old age to try and get some (definitely not sexual) male attention is extremely common, nonnies.

No. 1460854

>Why is there always a Lauren defender in these threads
Probably because farmers insist on bashing the 2016 Lauren when we are now in 2022 and she has matured. Lauren is vain and narcissistic and I personally don't enjoy her content, but I can recognize that she is talented and hardworking. Most importantly, I recognize that she has grown up. Remember, she was pretty much just a kid back in 2016.

>ironically her child does not have a father anymore

It sounds like he doesn't have much of a mother anymore, either

No. 1460908

JCO is married to her second? third? husband and is embarrassingly into him
she’s not trolling for elderly peen, she’s just a self-loathing misogynist

No. 1460949

I'm sorry are we living in the same universe? blocking refugees and misleading people about how you're going to weaponize the deaths of their family members doesn't take a lot of talent

No. 1460953

so Leni Reifenstahl didn't have talent? Cause I would say what that what Leni did was way morally worse than anything Lauren has ever done.
The refugee thing was in 2016 when she was like 22. Lauren isn't like that anymore. I mean, she still is self absorbed and boring, but she's done with the edgy right wing stuff.

No. 1461050

File: 1646731776784.png (509.3 KB, 864x406, nc.png)

Norman Mailer's wife was so lucky to have him all to herself. She died at 61 which is pretty young for a rich white woman but quite typical of women in age gap relationships. Not sure what's the reason, do women with older husbands neglect their health while caring for their dying partners? Do men suck the life out of their younger wives? We will never know.

No. 1461090

looking at that pic, I'm not really certain what she saw in him. She was out of his league even when he was a young man

No. 1461102

he was rich and famous

No. 1461251

Lauren's only "talent" is knowing how to pander to the worst of moidkind with a straight face. She has no integrity as a reporter and no skill as a pundit.

No. 1461352

>Lauren's only "talent" is knowing how to pander to the worst of moidkind with a straight face
Simply not true. She had a whole video attacking the manosphere and she absolutely eviscerated Rollo Tomassi in her interview with him.
>She has no integrity as a reporter and no skill as a pundit.
This is true for Mikhaela Peterson, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Chen and Brittany Sellner but not for Lauren. Lauren really does put a lot of time and effort into her docs and if you see her podcast, she always thoroughly researches her guests beforehand so that she has relevant questions to ask them.

No. 1461724

there were no younger guys who were also rich and famous?

No. 1461968

He also stabbed his wife and got praised as a genius for it.


Early life
Barbara Jean Davis grew up in Atkins, Arkansas, where her mother owned the local beauty shop and her grandparents were sharecroppers.[2] As a child, she was severely affected by her mother's bouts of depression and was hospitalized and given electroshock treatments.[3] Davis and her family were simple country people who attended church faithfully.[3] When she was twenty years old, she married her high school sweetheart, Larry Norris, and together they had one son, Matthew.[4] By 1975, at just 25 years old, she had divorced her first husband and had worked several jobs including working in a pickle factory and as a bookkeeper.[5] Shortly after her divorce from Norris, she claimed to have "had a fling" with future U.S. President Bill Clinton.[5] Norris and her young son moved to Russellville, Arkansas and she explored her love of the arts by working as a high school art teacher; however, everything changed when she met Norman Mailer.[3]

No. 1461981

a young Rip Torn was so outraged by Mailer's poor treatment of women that he attacked Mailer with a hammer

No. 1462048

NTA but she doesn't possess the talent you think she does just because redpill politics have fallen out of fashion so that she tweaked her narrative and googled a few things before saying them.

She's getting the spotlight she does now because she threw groups of people under the bus along with her integrity. She'll be forever known as a sensationalist and would clearly do so again in the name of her personal gain if she could get away with it. We don't need another "journalist" like her who only cared about things like the toxic manosphere until it was her own ass. There's way more deserving and professional people in the world.

No. 1462221

Lauren Southern is not as different from Chen or Brittany Sellner as you want to think

No. 1462357

Chen and Sellner make feature length documentaries? They make content attacking the Red Pill?

No. 1462390

Married women have lowered life expectancies, so yes. Men in general suck the life out of you, we just don't know through which mechanism exactly. Parity also shortens female life/healthspan.

Inb4 within the next decade or so we'll find out that chronic semen exposure triggers autoimmune issues in women or something kek

No. 1462397

>If you're lucky, you can earn the honor of spending your youth tending to this decrepit, diseased and used up wurstie

The Ls of tardthots just cannot be described, this has to be some serious cuckquean fetish or just straight up trolling

No. 1462575

File: 1646875585142.jpeg (832.76 KB, 828x1624, C0F8439E-BACB-4880-B2A2-431DB7…)

Really sad that mikhalia spent her New Years with her new partner instead of her child. For someone with JP as her father, you’d think she has better values…

No. 1462578

Hes so cute too. I would marry him.
Isnt she dating some pick up artist loser now?

No. 1462705

You know making longform content doesn't mean the content is good, right? Just longer? And Sellner has made commentary on the red pill men's shit multiple times because it prevents more women from becoming uwu tradwives. Of course they don't like other retards who conflict with their own retardation

No. 1462779

File: 1646895125734.jpg (608.53 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-03-10-14-40-11…)

This account is hilarious lmfao. This is all he tweets 20 times a day

No. 1462806

>comparing wives having sex with husband to husband going to work
So they consider themselves prostitutes and their work is having sex with their husbands out of duty? Sad!

No. 1462876

>You know making longform content doesn't mean the content is good, right? Just longer?
I tried to write a novel once and I failed miserably. Writing an entire novel, even a bad one, takes talent. Same goes for making a professional quality, feature length documentary, even if the substance of said documentary is trash.
Lauren is a vain, narcissistic, mediocrity. But she has never claimed that she was a trad wife and mom. She has always unapologetically put her career first. And Lauren's professional accomplishments are greater than those of Chen, Peterson,Lahren and Sellner combined.

No. 1462912

I just don't get it. All this work for… What?What do you get out of putting so much work into being the perfect subservient housemaid? Money? I can make it myself. Shelter? Same. Children? Same.
Why would you wanna serve someone like this and let him have authority over you? What do you get out of it? Love and companionship? You can get that without going to such extremes and its hardly love if you're forced to have sex when you don't want to.
Just why?

No. 1462974

Why does her reputation mean so much to you?

No. 1463060

Also, “she’s not a trad wife! she’s a woman who puts her career of telling other women to be trad wives first!” isn’t a great flex.

No. 1463064

But that's a really big part of what I'm getting at. You are attacking the 2016 Lauren. Even back then she never claimed to be trad but Lauren 2.0 doesn't even promote tradism for other women.

No. 1463363

I'm sorry, but your whole argument is completely dishonest and contradictory to itself. She was not basically a kid in 2016 like you keep implying, first of all. And do you really think that "she included herself in the career oriented women she always trashed" is actually the case when you yourself admit she is vain? Lauren is the prototypical tradthot that so many others in these threads spawned from along with Sellner, she spent years espousing the same views as the others as a main means of income until she made the money she needed from her male audience who saw her as a traditionalist nationalist to make those documentaries you give her so much credit for. Neither she or you will ever launder her image into a based centrist radfem or whatever it is she's larping as on twitter now in an attempt to score some more bucks off the backs of the women she had no problem putting down. She made her bed and she has to deal with that, if you are so worried about someone being attacked then worry about the women Lauren built her whole career upon attacking until it wasn't convenient or profitable anymore.

No. 1463578

>her image into a based centrist radfem or whatever it is she's larping as on twitter now in an attempt to score some more bucks off the backs of the women she had no problem putting down
1. Lauren isn't trying to pretend to be a radfem
2. Lauren definitely isn't trying to win over female viewers. She's a thot who needs sexual attention from anonymous males the way other people need oxygen.
>And do you really think that "she included herself in the career oriented women she always trashed" is actually the case
She never included herself in that group. Her position was always, "it's okay when I do it but other women who are career focused are feminist whores"
>She was not basically a kid in 2016 like you keep implying, first of all
Sure she was. I know plenty of people who were retarded in their early 20s. Lauren is actually still retarded, just not as retarded as she used to be

No. 1465608

Based. This is the perfect description of Lauren 2022

No. 1467963

All tradthots do this, it's a riot. They spend each and every day loudly announcing to the world how their ugly husbands they hate never make them come and how difficult it is to stay married to them, but they have to for Jeebus. It's sad and hilarious.

No. 1468403

File: 1647328070037.jpeg (766.74 KB, 1284x2093, E5523C8F-AFB2-46DE-B34F-A350B7…)

Where did she admit this? Anyone know?

No. 1468482

>Writing an entire novel, even a bad one, takes talent
Having the patience to do something is worth commending but much less because that's her job and not some hobby she does in her spare time.

>Same goes for making a professional quality, feature length documentary

I'm not going to pretend I've ever actually seen one of her documentaries but what is her involvement in it? Does she do the editing, the production, research, audio mixing, etc? Or is she just paying someone else to do it?

>Lauren's professional accomplishments are greater than those of Chen, Peterson,Lahren and Sellner combined

And about on par with the average film school graduate. If she wasn't young woman actually willing to repeat Breitbart talking points she'd be no different to any other YouTube "documentarian" littering the internet.

She above the average Twitter grifter but only just. If she had the charisma or wit to become a streamer instead of a journalist she would.

No. 1468505

>Does she do the editing, the production, research, audio mixing, etc
She definitely does the research. She's a great researcher. I assume she pays others to do the editing, audio mixing, etc like any other director but I'm sure she is still very involved in them. Lauren is ultra thorough and very detail oriented.
>And about on par with the average film school graduate.
Lauren's stuff is way above film school level. Much bigger budgets which makes it that much harder to manage.
>If she wasn't young woman actually willing to repeat Breitbart talking points she'd be no different to any other YouTube "documentarian" littering the internet.
No argument her. Lauren sucks. Always has, always will.
>If she had the charisma or wit to become a streamer instead of a journalist she would.
1. She already has a successful stream
2. Lauren takes herself very seriously as a filmmaker. She loves it. She is more vain about her career than she is about her looks even.

No. 1468979

File: 1647373509479.jpg (278.71 KB, 1170x1431, IMG_6654.jpg)

No. 1469000

File: 1647374551689.jpeg (300.54 KB, 828x1570, CE0E9CC2-6961-4420-9DFE-C01B51…)


No. 1469028

Lip fillers are not temporary, they just shift somewhere else

No. 1469056

The way they talk about her body is disgusting wtf
They're temporary, some shift but that mostly happens with people like kylie jenner who keep getting it time after time. If you get it dissolved it won't be able to shift.

No. 1469119

Are these actually women? They type like moids

No. 1469393

>Sure she was. I know plenty of people who were retarded in their early 20s
But that doesn't make people in their 20s kids, what an absurd cope. Adults in their 20s are still responsible for their actions even if they act retarded. If you really think she's a retarded thot then why are you so invested in making excuses for her actions and overstating her merits?

No. 1469510

She literally listed a job opening for someone who can do research for her. And the “novel” she wrote was barely 80 pages long with a ton of punctuation errors and no structure. I even watched her last documentary and most of it consisted of YouTube clips and other people’s film work. She brings nothing to the table, except being moderately attractive after getting a bunch of work done on her face.

No. 1469943

Both the book she wrote on "Barbarians" and her children's books have been memed repeatedly on the internet for how many glaring errors they had kek

No. 1469994

But that doesn't make people in their 20s kids, what an absurd cope
Someone in their early 20s is just a kid. You mature a lot in your mid to late 20s
> If you really think she's a retarded thot then why are you so invested in making excuses for her actions and overstating her merits?
What excuses? She's still responsible for a her bad behavior and she never has even had the decency to apologize for stuff that she has said and done. What I'm saying is that she has grown from being a shitty person with shitty politics into being a shitty person with innocuous beliefs
As for her merits, I agree that she is basically a hack. However, being a hack takes talent. I'm pretty smart and I could never be a hack. The other tradthots like Robyn, Midwest, Chen, Sellner and Mikhaela could never make multiple feature length documentaries or write a novella. Nor would any of them put the time into a podcast that Lauren puts in to her. Nor would any of them (besides Mikhaela, who isn't even really a tradtho) ever go straight at the manosphere the way that Lauren has because all of the aforementioned tradthots have simps who come from world.

No. 1471122

The last documentary was shot by others she directed because she was stuck in Australia with covid travel restrictions, and she hired a researcher who was a statistician. You think other productions don’t do that?

No. 1471539

File: 1647533453716.jpeg (363.57 KB, 1783x1330, EE377F7D-6EC2-48F5-82CF-F9DA93…)

Marg’s latest tard ramblings. The QRT is just a rando but it made me lol so I included it

No. 1471543

actually i've heard of this before, staring at the sun during sunrise and sunset while it's pretty low intensity is said to improve eyesight for those with low prescriptions (like her 0.75). by the time i found out about it though mine was at least triple that

No. 1471860

So I'm trying to think of all of Marge's life lessons:
1. Stare the sun to improve your eyesight
2. Eating healthy will make it so that you have no need to wear makeup
3. Save money by not taking your children to the doctor
4. "Just be rich, bro" and do nothing all day to the point where you don't even know the price of basic items

are there any good ones I'm missing?

No. 1471991

File: 1647555949597.jpeg (822.85 KB, 1125x1341, 3369DDBE-1765-47D2-94DD-E57D35…)

this one is a straight up nazi btw

No. 1472001

Black sun imagery doesn’t make you a Nazi. People need to stop throwing this claim around. She’s a Twitter edgelord desperate for attention, nothing more

No. 1472012

Lmao yeah right

No. 1472015

the undies quote oh my god. Nothing makes my pussy more dry than a man who can't do his house chores and is basically an overgrown ugly baby.

No. 1472023

Her coat looks disgusting.

No. 1472088

Shut up Amerifag

No. 1472481

NTA, but Putin is gonna be your President soon, Eurotrash

No. 1472942

>constantly complaining about modernity and duh jooz
>twitter bio talks about “creating the last sons of the west” in german
>following, interacting with and endorsing fascists
totally not a nazi though, sure

No. 1474424

File: 1647732395667.png (259.13 KB, 540x655, sports.png)

She probably sucked at sports and athletics so she wants to take it away from other women. I think that explains the mentality of some tradthots, they project their personal failures onto every woman to bring them down to their level and help them cope.

No. 1474459

This retard who wrote that never got picked to play soccer, volleyball, basket or softball, so now she wants to get picked by retarded moids.

No. 1475152

The truth is that women are much more sympathetic with troons than men are. And liberal women are much more pro troon than are conservative women. If you are going to be anti troon, you are basically throwing out the entire 3rd wave.

There was a boy on my high school field hockey team and it wasn't a big deal.

No. 1478544

File: 1648044206318.png (310.8 KB, 720x1381, Screenshot_20220323-160203~2.p…)

This is old, but kek.

No. 1478546

File: 1648044227758.png (331.12 KB, 720x1504, Screenshot_20220323-160227~2.p…)

No. 1478555

File: 1648044608769.gif (1.72 MB, 374x200, 200.gif)

No. 1478558

lol what the fuck… what kind of FACES are you making when you argue? are women supposed to be smiling while arguing according to this psycho?

No. 1478611

>>Mel Gibson style storming around

These people always bring up celebrities and Hollywood. What is the root of their obsession?

Do they expect us all to know how Mel Gibson apparently storms around?

No. 1478618

File: 1648048275663.png (479.57 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_20220323-170736~2.p…)


Why do they all dress like hookers? It's as if they have autogynephilia despite being women. Can someone explain to me why they fetishize performative femininity?

Sage for blog but I'm a SAHM myself. I don't understand this trad wife stuff, it seems like fetish. This might be jumping the gun a little but these women seem like perverts.

No. 1478632

File: 1648048780212.png (713.62 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20220323-171516~2.p…)

Dr Taylor Burrowes

>>In her 40s and chose not to have children. Says that feminism robbed that from her. Is apparently trad now.

>>Dresses like a teenage girl and acts hypersexual

>>Claims to be a marriage therapist


No. 1478634

File: 1648048923970.png (556.66 KB, 720x1344, Screenshot_20220323-172105~2.p…)

She's giving off desperate vibes. It's clear that she doesn't want to age. So sad.

No. 1478835

Validation and self worth.
With internalized misogyny, attention craving personalities need to appear and feel more valuable than other females(nlog) so they adorn the signifiers of what men respond positively too… Usually basic tits, ass, hair, sexy clothes.

Male cognitive dissonance and entitlement created the 'virgin whore' complex which females compete to achieve even though it's impossible. So they cope to maintain cognitive dissonance.

Validation comes in compliments, likes, comments, cat calling, dick pick and ideally, some forever security in the form of a faithful husband while maintaining a healthy supply of validation needed to feel empowered and of value within the a patriarchal society.

No. 1478874

Aren't women encouraged to be chaste in patriarchal societies? Dressing like a lady of the night and talking about how 'sexy' and'sensual' you are aligns more with modern liberalism. In patriarchal societies female sexuality is completely repressed and women have to wear modest clothing.

No. 1478879

File: 1648060475425.png (683.99 KB, 720x1357, Screenshot_20220323-203256~2.p…)

The boyfriend is just some sour looking incel type dude with a resting bitch face. He also looks more like her son than her lover.

No. 1478886

File: 1648060819394.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20220323_203920686.j…)

She gives me Stephanie from 90 day fiance vibes, you know, the one that is getting played by those young black men.

No. 1478912

NTA but I think there might be more than one reason why they do this.
1. "Tradition" is just euphemistic packaging. There are no "traditional" men anymore, just quasi-liberal men who want to control women the way "traditional" men did, to varying extents. They're all drawn to whoever has the most sex appeal. On top of that, a lot of them are insecure cucks who want other men to jerk off to their wives and girlfriends, so they expect their "trad"wives to keep showing off their sex appeal, and even compete with other pick-mes on who's the most desirable. These women understand that, so they lean into it without openly acknowledging it. Their most "traditional" value is wanting male approval above all, and they think feminism took that away from them
2. To attract more men to becoming "trad". Their way of saying "All the hot girls are conservative. We're just like the porn stars you lust after, only we're more obedient, (probably) won't get fat and will defer to you politically/ideologically on all fronts"
3. To attract young women to their movement. "You can still dress fashionable and be sexy, being trad doesn't mean you have to become a Mennonite! It just means you stay attractive longer, you don't have to worry about politics or anything too hard, and men will like you more"

No. 1478925

The good aspects of the tradwife trend is that it romanticises mundane aspects of being a SAHM and attempts to inject some joy into it, like that Mrs Hinch did for housework. I’m also a SAHM and think it’s easy to get depressed if you feel like the hours of work you do in the home make you boring/frumpy/worth less than the girlbosses of today’s world.

No. 1478951


Coming from a SAHM.

If you need some online cult to inject joy what you are doing then do you really enjoy it?

It's also not necessary to attempt enjoy everything you do in life. Some things are just tedious or burdensome and we do them because we have responsibilities and care about the people in our lives. That's life and it's tough. You don't need a rush of dopamine or other people's validation from everything you do.

The 'trad wife' community is just as much an example of toxic internet culture as anything else. Being some middle aged woman who needs attention online so she can brag about how she looks good in brandy Melville and how much her husband likes her steak is no less cringeworthy than a fakeboi talking about bugself.

People who need validation and join these online communities tend to have narcissistic traits. They tend to be over focused on themselves and their own pleasure through validation. Tradwives tend to be covert narcissists. They don't have an indentity or opinions of their own. Their identity is based on appeasing men who are grandiose. They are both the parasite and the host and vice versa.

No. 1478994

Thanks for the essay. I do it because being a wife and mother gives me far greater purpose than pursuing a career did, but I also won’t pretend that cleaning dishes fills me with excitement every day. The difference is that girlbosses are encouraged to prop up their life choice through going out to bars/restaurants, obsessing over their appearance, and dating - if they stopped doing all those things and suddenly found that doing nothing but working made them depressed, should they just stop? No, ofc not. SAHMs are not encouraged to inject joy into their daily lives the way ‘career women’ are and it’s about time that changed. Sage for derail, had to respond to that dumbass question

No. 1479029

You have a serious inferiority complex. 20% mothers in the USA stay home with their kids. A percentage that don't work some entry level job cleaning hotel rooms or working in McDonald's because they have no choice. The world exists beyond girl bosses and Sahm's. I understand that some women who have a career can overcompensate, but that's also what you are doing.

No. 1479037

Mrs Hinch is just as cringeworthy as any girl boss. Kek. Saddo.

No. 1479071

>women who work in the home deserve to enjoy their lives just as much as women who work outside of it
>you have an inferiority complex


Lol sorry, Cool Girl

No. 1479085

File: 1648068972547.png (921.83 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20220323-225206~2.p…)

Why do they all have these ugly neanderthal looking husbands?

You put the work in to look fit and you spend $100s a month looking like barbie only to end up with something that looks like the missing link.

It's always the way with tradthots, with maybe the exception of Brittany Sellner whose husband isn't bad looking.

No. 1479087

Cope harder with your life choices. I bet you married a hairy gorilla.

No. 1479093

File: 1648069219680.png (879.65 KB, 720x1327, Screenshot_20220323-225705~2.p…)

Whoever appears on this morning to talk about their lives is an attention whore. That's like super trash TV for people who have no brain.

No. 1479111

her angling away from Holly like that, like girl really

No. 1479114

Even if I had, I never have to work again if I don’t want to and I’m currently sat getting a foot rub while I enjoy a glass of Baileys. If your entire criteria for being happy is “not marrying a hairy gorilla” then you are far simpler than I am, so congrats.

You definitely showed her, anon. You go girl

No. 1479118

You need alcohol to cope. Sad. So much for living a heathy wholesome lifestyle.

No. 1479122

You really are reaching hard for this one. I never claimed to be a tradwife or have an uwu wholesome lifestyle, but one drink in the evening is hardly using alcohol to cope. Enjoy being bitter and lonely!

No. 1479132

File: 1648070498259.png (739.83 KB, 720x1383, Screenshot_20220323-230426~2.p…)


Why do they always repeat the same tired mantra: "mEn DoN't CaRe HoW mUcH MoNeY yOu MaKe. OnLy iF yOu ArE rEsPoNsIbLe"

If that was the case then why don't doctors or lawyers hunt for dates in trailer parks? I'm sure there are young pretty vIrGiNs who are responsible working in McDonald's or cleaning toilets or who haven't finished school.

You rarely see men in middle class professions go out of their way to marry working class women who embody all these DeSiRaBLe TrAiTs according to their theory.

I mean wouldn't that be a man's ideal scenario if they were correct. Marry someone poor and uneducated so you have all the power and influence.

Also to invest and money you actually have to have enough disposable income.

They're all bored career women or ex career women with a pick me fetish. Mommy and Daddy paid for college and they always had the choice. None of them have ever had to grind and struggle in their lives.

No. 1479138

I'm definitely not 'bitter and lonely'. If I was I would be bragging online about being a wine mom who gets her feet rubbed.

Btw I don't like having my feet rubbed, it's gross.

No. 1479143

File: 1648071001247.png (920.5 KB, 720x1306, Screenshot_20220323-232701~2.p…)

This woman's hair looks like ramen noodles and she's glowing orange. Why do so many British women look so cheap and fake? Can a britfag answer for me?

No. 1479145

Plus the ugly cement lips. She looks 10% human.

No. 1479163

File: 1648071728081.png (767.05 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20220323-233715~2.p…)

I mean for someone who is in a happy relationship/marriage they all make themselves sexually available to the public. It's scary how much porn culture is just a part of everyday life now. Even so called Conservatives are a part of it. Posing in your underwear and acting like public property when you are supposedly happily married on top is something you do now. I wouldn't want my mom showing this to the world. It's literally soft pornography.

No. 1479168

Can confirm not all britfag women look like this. This to me just looks like how other American/western common social media influencers look in general.

No. 1479210

These two appear to be looksmatched to me. Robyn is also looksmatched with her husband. Sellner, as you mentioned, is looksmatched with hers.
The only real non looksmatch I can think of in tradthot circles is Mrs. Midwest.

No. 1479295

You forgot Lisa Britton.

She's kind of pretty and is with a stinky old man who still wears the same dusty jacket he wore in the 1980s.

No. 1479297

I have to disagree. Behind all the paste, cement and noodle hair extensions Hinchcliffe is prettier than her husband. He's honestly quite ugly. He has a massive elephant trunk nose and a weird skull.

No. 1479691

Is that what UV exposure does to pale skin? Look at their necks and chests, Jesus.

Also going on a tangent here but I've been seeing trad seed oil disrespecters on Twitter who say that you can safely tan if you eliminate seed oils from your diet.

No. 1479742

The choice of attire for tradthots is really as simple as it being an easy way to attract male attention, it's just pickmeism on the part of the women. Even "trad" men who say they hold conservative values or whatever are just like other men. You can't take them at face value when they say that actually want all women to be modest because they'll still act like coomers over a woman on the internet showing some skin, and tradthots are aware of that enough to appeal to that contradiction on both ends.

No. 1479854

I want to believe nobody actually believes that and they're just playing 5D chess to try and get trad women to age horribly and be forced to lower their standards

i hate that disrespecting seed oils became a trad thing

No. 1479938

seed oils are awesome. Farmers have such a hard on for healthy eating. Healthy eating is stupid. People should consume lots of white flour, refined sugar and fried foods

No. 1480025

File: 1648146954086.png (420.94 KB, 720x1284, Screenshot_20220324-203440~2.p…)

Apparently Taylor is only in her early 40s.

I thought that she was closer to 50.

No. 1480028

File: 1648147261062.png (185.85 KB, 720x977, Screenshot_20220324-204011~2.p…)

She looks like the crypt keeper and tries to dress like a teenage girl. She's not fooling anyone.

No. 1480031

The sun damage is terrible. This is with obvious Botox, fillers and makeup.

Apparently she's a childhood sexual abuse victim and works as an ex mental health counselor.

She also used to be a member of the Democratic party. She blames feminism for the fact that she didn't have children.


No. 1480113

>We need to show more youthful, beautiful, healthy women over 40.

No. 1480117

>if you feel like the hours of work you do in the home make you boring/frumpy/worth less than the girlbosses of today’s world.
You are worth less, since you're working for free KEK. Being an unpaid bangmaid is an unfavorable, inferior station, that's the entire reason it's foisted upon women.

No. 1480123

Stay at home burdens like yourself always have such a fucking inferiority complex, christ. I get that it must be awful to realize you've dedicated your life to cleaning up after some idiot moid and birthing his children who don't even bear your name, but you have to stop projecting your misery onto women who actually do things with their lives.

No. 1480131

How does someone with no wrinkles and healthy-looking skin/hair still look so haggard? Too much botox freezing her face in weird ways, maybe?

No. 1480136

Kind of OT, but it's perfectly possible to have kids at 41, no? I know fertility decreases with age, but I also know women who've had children into their mid 40's. Most just don't want to because having a college-bound teenager when you're about to hit retirement age fucking sucks kek

This tradthot probably could have kids if she wanted to, she just doesn't want them and blames it on her age since tradtards think women become infertile at 30 anyway

No. 1480188

It's not foisted on women. The women who are rich enough to stay home usually have maids to clean the house and nannies or au pairs to help with the childcare. In most of the world, the role that is foisted on women is to be an unpaid bangmaid/nanny AND earn all the money

No. 1480191

>but I also know women who've had children into their mid 40's
I heard that if you have a kid in your 40s that there is a much higher chance of the kid being a tard.

No. 1480234

I think the other anon is being a little cringe in the way she phrases things but this is just stupid, she is not "worth less" or a burden for being a stay at home mom. It takes a lot of effort, and unlike a lot of jobs it isn't something you can just clock out of at the end of the day. There's no need to be so edgy just because she blogged and you wouldn't enjoy her lifestyle, she isn't less of a person.

No. 1480262

File: 1648161706547.png (193.28 KB, 720x979, Screenshot_20220325-004106~2.p…)

No wonder she has so many problems

No. 1480307

they're going to be 43 crying that they never had children, don't worry about it.

No. 1480308

that's so fucked up jesus christ

No. 1480323

Here is her life story. Apparently her dad had her at 66 and died of Alzheimer's when she was a child.

Her brother died young.

She's also been sexually abused.

She's had a pretty tragic life


No. 1480326

File: 1648165055944.jpg (138.68 KB, 1024x682, 210121-COVID-EVICTIONS-LOUISE-…)


>>Louise Jeavons got up at the crack of dawn and made her husband's breakfast

>>She spent all day cooking and cleaning and her husband came home to a fancy meal every night.

>>Her husband complained that she wasn't bringing in money and left her for a career woman.

>>Spends $1000 on a ticket to listen to Anthony Dream Johnson

Is apparently now on the verge of homelessness and has to donate plasma to pay rent according to this article.

That's kind of sad tbh.


No. 1480332

File: 1648165453799.png (399.62 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_20220325-014308~2.p…)

Anthony Dream Johnson is a cow in his own right

He's 31 and has never made anyone pregnant.

No. 1480335

Was created with old grandpa autism/schizo-inducing sperm. Doomed to be screwed up from the start.

No. 1480340

File: 1648165814360.jpg (138.76 KB, 620x553, NINTCHDBPICT000566525647.jpg)

Brace yourself ladies and control yourselves. This high value man is here to make us all great again.

No. 1480347

So did margarita get dumped by her fiance or is she still writing about living in Siberia

No. 1480356

File: 1648166256520.png (916.65 KB, 720x1063, Screenshot_20220325-015600~2.p…)

This guy acts like he's being ironic but I don't think he is


No. 1480382

I think he's partially tongue in cheek. He's actually not quite as bad as the other manosphere guys because he at least doesn't take himself seriously and he has the excuse of obvious mental illness.
His tradthot gf is even crazier than he is and is genuinely intimidating. I wouldn't be surprised if she literally ends up killing him.

No. 1480488

What's so bad about being barefoot anyway?

No. 1480527

I can't see this guy without thinking of Baked Alaska. BA is playing the same grift, calling himself a "trad Christian patriot". Can't find a woman because it's all just a coomer fantasy. Yall are just being kinky in public and it's gross.

No. 1480547

You don't need to be some moid's unpaid bangmaid to have children, tardthot-chan. Go chug your Bailey's and stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1480548

this thread's resident tradwife in 15 years KEK

No. 1480981


I feel bad for Louise. However I think there is more to the story. It seems like she spends recklessly.

She struggles to pay rent and presumably doesn't have a lot of savings, but she spent $1000 on a ticket to go to this ridiculous convention. What did she get from her divorce? Why is she in a rented property?

She looks like she has several dogs which are eating up her finances.

It wouldn't surprise me if she was both codependent and an overspender.

You can't help some people.

No. 1480999

File: 1648219349912.png (321.44 KB, 720x800, Screenshot_20220325-164148~2.p…)

It seems like she's changed her views

No. 1481001

File: 1648219537387.png (406.86 KB, 716x1223, Screenshot_20220325-164437~2.p…)

She paid to go to the 22 convention just a few months earlier. They preach the opposite of feminism.

How strange.

No. 1481003

File: 1648219632663.png (453.82 KB, 720x1129, Screenshot_20220325-164640~2.p…)

And yes it's definitely the same person

No. 1481006

You're right.

No. 1481019


Everyone has this argument in this thread continuously. Can't we just stop? It's hella boring now. Pickmes are embarrassing, so are mega girlboss types. Both define themselves through men, either through being a pick me or being eternally enraged with them. Just stop.

Let's talk about tradthots now.

No. 1481022

Barely no one cares about milk in this thread anymore. It's Necro.(sage)

No. 1481080

Most actual career women aren't self-proclaimed 'girlbosses', the only people I've seen call themselves that are pickmes wrapped up in various MLM schemes to keep them financially afloat since their incompetent husburdens can't actually provide.

Supporting yourself >>> being an unpaid bangmaid-birthing sow. There's no argument here.

No. 1481167

is she trad? i thought she was just like the UKs marie kondo, giving cleaning advice and stuff? >>1474424
Kirby is my fav personal cow, most of her posts are like this, coping with the fact shes a grade-a tard by making out that that's just what all women are like

No. 1481197

Just shut the fuck up. It's boring hearing about your life, whether it's about muh career or the fact that you are a stay at home wine mom. Go and seek validation somewhere else. We are here to talk about cows.

No. 1481311

File: 1648240475693.jpg (65.85 KB, 635x634, SAHM.jpg)

Sage and different anon but being a SAHM is based and more feminist types should be doing it, there is zero contradiction between the two. A big part of being a woman is childbearing and childrearing, after all: it is the biggest thing separating us from the troons, among other things. Career is not the whole world and you can't take it with you when you go. The idea that we're going to be disappointed in what we did with our lives is laughable. It will be those who die childless and alone after decades of a soul-sucking and ultimately unfulfilling career who are miserable. I wonder how old this anon is talking about women "actually do[ing] things with their lives." Raising a little human being to be the best woman or man she or he can be is the most fulfilling thing possible, and non-mothers can't be expected to understand this, but the whole cadre of supposed feminists on this board who denigrate motherhood is just cringey. Y'all are really sounding like bitter incels just with a different focus. /rant

No. 1481315

File: 1648240611011.png (4.12 KB, 276x183, tism and age.png)

Yeah it is no joke. Supposedly if you control for partner's age the female line here flattens out and looks more like the male one but eggs and spam both go bad. Look at the DOBs of the parents of the lolcow of your choice sometime. A stupendous proportion of them have parents older than 35, which is when things start to get ugly, but once you hit 40 your chances of birthing Chris Chan (mom was 41) grow exponentially.

No. 1481339

>being completely financially dependent on a man is totally based and feminist, am i right fellow women?
at least try to fit in better, moid

No. 1481341

>Career is not the whole world and you can't take it with you when you go
Whereas you can take your children with you when you go?

the r/childfree types are cringe, I agree. And working is stupid, I agree with that too. But it doesn't change the fact that being a parent is a miserable experience and the only people who enjoy it are sick bastards. Maybe it is "fulfilling", whatever the hell that means, but who cares how fulfilled you are if you are miserable? I'm unfulfilled but at least I don't have to regularly be around children. I seriously would kill myself before raising a child.

There is no greater non-joy than a child.

No. 1481347

How are you tradthots this retarded? How many times do we have to say it? It doesn't matter how valuable or fulfilling or enjoyable being a SAHM is, you are completely at the mercy of your husband when you don't have your own money. Unless he is depositing the $ in your picture into your bank account which he has no access and no claim to, you are at risk of poverty the instant he decides he wants to bang his 20 year old secretary. Nothing impoverishes a woman like divorce after having kids, nothing.

No. 1481353

>It will be those who die childless and alone after decades of a soul-sucking and ultimately unfulfilling career who are miserable.
Unmarried, childless women are literally the happiest demographic of women there is. The cope is off the charts.

I also like how you think your graphic makes bangmaidery seem noble and important, when in reality you're asking women to do this $180k/year job for free kek

No. 1481553

>Unmarried, childless women are literally the happiest demographic of women there is.
What group is the 2nd happiest?

No. 1481636

Raise a daughter just for her to become another SAHM. Always found that cycle depressing.

No. 1481795

Are you on drugs? Women have always worked and never just raised children and cleaned barefoot at home. It's really mentally unhealthy. You're aiming for some American dream that was only the norm for a few years and only in wealthy families.

No. 1482262

>A big part of being a woman is childbearing and childrearing, after all: it is the biggest thing separating us from the troons, among other things.
so what? i don’t give a shit about being ~special~ and ~unique~ compared to men and even if i did i would sooner find that in a specialised career path than in some cookie-cutter, zero-influence-on-the-world-outside-my-family hausfrau lifestyle. you’re either a scrote or some tradwhore trying to cope with the fact that you wasted your life and energy changing shitty diapers (assuming you have other talents), either way go fuck yourself

No. 1482288

literally what is even the fucking point in raising children (daughters especially) if you achieved nothing in your own life? what do they have to look up to? why should they follow you or take anything you say seriously? how demoralising would it be to have all the men building successful businesses, making scientific breakthroughs and changing the world while all the women are effectively robot maids? your opinions will hold no weight and nobody will remember you for anything after you die except for being an emotional mule.

No. 1482395

File: 1648328758725.png (771.29 KB, 902x964, alex kashuta.png)

Alex Kashuta talking about how liberalism is a death cult while looking like death herself.
Simps are shocked that she doesn't look like the models in wheatfields.

No. 1482419

Oh holy fuck, she looks more different from her avi than even the videos let on

No. 1482424

File: 1648330552523.jpg (129.68 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Dropped image, picrel

No. 1482563

I actually think she looks better in the first pic

No. 1482624

She looks perfectly normal, but was definitely catfishing hard to act like she looked very different from how she does

No. 1482687

Case in point: Einstein's wife. She was a genius too as well as a PhD physicist, and her mathematical ability was greater than her husband's. She collaborated on his theories, checked his work, birthed his children, cooked his food and cleaned his house- but none of that matters, since she was relegated to being a side character in a moid's life. Her achievements are attributed to her shitty moid husband and she's only ever remembered as the woman who married him, nothing more.

No. 1483215

Just curious what causes the sagging of all planes of the face at such a young age. Weak bone structure? Huge weight loss? Being a pickme?

No. 1483218

That's depressing and yet extraordinary that she had a PhD despite all the burdens.

No. 1483234

I believe its a combo of weak bone structure mostly genetics, bad skin elasticity, poor nutrition, too much stress, allergies/puffy face that expand and shrink your face constantly and so on

No. 1483652

How old is she?

No. 1483695

I’m pretty sure she just had a kid

No. 1483703

Pretty sure having a kid doesn't affect your face buddy.

No. 1484002

File: 1648414691879.png (35.16 KB, 598x286, kek.PNG)

And? She doesn't just look bloated, she looks liek she's melting.

The simps bringing up the baby are retarded too, she's what now, 38? 39? Very trad! Happy to see RWers waking up to wisdom a nonnie posted here a year ago >>1058347

No. 1484026

The only way I can see the kid impacting it is if she is just awake with her child so much that she isn't getting any sleep, which wouldn't be that weird since iirc her kid was born last summer and isn't even a year old yet

No. 1484032

Nta but are you retarded

No. 1484689

Did pregnancy weight gain hit you hard?

No. 1484730

She has an article about #metoo from december 2018 about how she was attacked by her driving instructor at 17 and she mentions it was 13 years ago.
So that would make her 32-33 now. Pretty normal age to be married with a kid.

No. 1484878

Chris chan's father was 54. His father's age likely impacted him far more than his mother's age.

Lucinda/Oswald's lunch was also fathered by an old man. Her father was about 60 when she was conceived. His age is likely the cause of her mental state and inability to live independently.

When women's eggs get bad they usually either don't fertilize or they fail at the blastocyst stage or they fail to implant, usually sometime shortly before or around 45 and then they go through menopause a few years later.

When men's sperm gets bad it can still fertilize and develop and it gets worse and worse the older a man gets.

No. 1485116

File: 1648493705498.png (50.78 KB, 720x203, Screenshot_20220328-215224~2.p…)

Is there some link also between having an older father and being into weird political ideologies?

Considering that men who are 50+ make up just under 1% of fathers according to USA statistics there seems to be a high concentration of alt righters and weird internet people who came from geriatric sperm.

No. 1485130

Older fathers are more likely to have children with autism

No. 1485157

File: 1648496687765.jpeg (351.79 KB, 2048x1486, 36BD0F78-DC34-4711-881D-DEB00F…)

Marg schizoposting about how cubes are demonic. I know she’s an autodidact and too smart for college, but she probably could have taken a module on the importance of fact checking.

No. 1485291

>>1485130 this basically. Not surprised most of these nutjobs come from geriatric fathers. I knew one girl with a dinosaur father and she was so fucking retarded, spamming schizo shit (cause of course she's also a far right nutjob) and delairing conversations until someone snapped at her. Still didn't seem to get doing this shit caused fights and people to hate her, cause she kept doing it, no matter how many times she got called out. No sense of boundaries, or minimal respect towards other people, no social clues or whatsoever.

Basically the quality of sperm is a lot worse, which makes me believe it's not just autism but some sort of mental retardation involved apart from that.

No. 1485318

File: 1648508742188.jpeg (205.25 KB, 750x1097, EF2D81D2-D7A6-43F9-AF36-420A2F…)

lmao one of her orbiters had to patiently explain to her that, yes, they sound alike, but that doesn’t actually mean that they mean the same thing

No. 1485406

These people are all so cringe and contradictory. First it’s about being healthy and not having to go to the doctor and producing the master race but then women shouldn’t play sports? idiocy

No. 1485528

well most sports are pretty retarded. Swimming is super retarded. I would be in favor of banning most sports. I'd definitely keep tennis, though.

No. 1485903

File: 1648561676656.jpg (55.22 KB, 736x736, displeased cat 3.jpg)

>I’m currently sat getting a foot rub while I enjoy a glass of Baileys.

No. 1485911

These are the same people who're banking on becoming fathers at 50+ with teenage(if even that) child brides. They're not exactly thinking about genetic fitness all that much.

No. 1485986

>women 50+ usually can't reproduce at all
>men 50+ can, but their withered sperm-conceived spawn are a blight on society
I like how Alex thought this was some kind of dunk on women in favor of men, when clearly it's the opposite kek. At least post-menopausal women can become mothers through egg donation or adoption, which is far preferable from inflicting more Chris Chans onto the world

No. 1485996

File: 1648570719977.jpg (224.5 KB, 1080x984, very_trad.jpg)

So, trad people (most of which are Nazis) are having a meltdown because she said this. But isn't this what the SS attempted to do in favor of creating a breed of übermensch?

No. 1486138

Lmao, shes saying the quiet part out loud. Its probably because shes a woman. When its men larping as the superior ones they have no issues with it. But when a woman says that kind of stuff they all project their insecurities on her because they subconsciously know a woman having the power to choose would mean most of the trad larpers wouldnt be picked.

No. 1486152

This is either some tradthot larping as a poster here or a moid, disregard their opinion. If you wanna have kids, have kids. But stop telling women their only purpose in life is to be a baby incubator and a trad bangmaid for a guy thats having an affair on you with the type of woman he calls thots and whores

No. 1486155

The moids in the comments are claiming that women mistake sociopathic traits for desirable ones, which is why hypergamy is bad. As if pro-social traits are not the thing women consistently value the most in a partner, kek. These nazi larpers are as dumb as they are narcissistic, they honestly can't fathom the fact that they are the "lesser men" who would be cast aside in the society of their fantasies

No. 1486243

I think it's safe to say that anon is terminally retarded.

No. 1486319

What? A scrote with sociopathic traits puts any kids in danger, god they're so retarded. Tradmen are usually chris-chan levels of autism, only barely better groomed and not father material at all. Is even worse because autism is genetic and there is a high possibility of that poor women having to put up with two autistic people at home. Hypergamy cringe aside, she's right.

No. 1486324

Yeah. Imagine those dudes living in an actual nazi society. Most of them wouldn't be allowed to breed, they'd probably be killed lmao.

It's analogous to trannies and other leftists nowadays wishing they were living in a communist society where they would also be killed lol.

No. 1486327

they'll say this while claiming male preference for weak, docile, mindless, infantilized female children and pretend like they are bolstering the genetic quality of the white race lol

No. 1486331

I do not understand this argument because isn't the Machiavellian warrior-king Chad the male archetype they most idealize?
By all accounts these trad men are narc sociopaths, so shouldn't they want women to choose men like them?
Oh wait they're just scrambling for reasons for women to have no rights and freedoms.

No. 1486361

I've noticed that failmales like these tend to project sociopathy onto more desirable males, regardless of actual behavior. All the guys I've ever known who subscribed to the "women only want bad boys" ideology was a seething, unwashed hentai manlet projecting his own dysfunction onto more socially capable men.

No. 1486469

File: 1648603488660.png (412.58 KB, 644x1024, 1618718347720.png)

100% this. Lots of men are willing to divorce and abandon their wives and children for women half their age. Tradthots are doing women a disservice

No. 1486505

Yumi King is so fucking depressing. >>>/w/70540

No. 1486524

Their own worldview more or less concede that this will happen, too. If women are depreciating assets only desirable due to youth and fertility and our sole reason for existence is to be some moid's bangmaid-breeding sow, what wouldn't he swap his wife out once she's old and/or sick?

No. 1486870

yep, theres nothing more alpha than abandoning your family and repeating the cycle over again. and when this happens to women, its her fault for not choosing better

No. 1487958

6 days and still a moid who's telling that the only feminist thing a woman can be is a mommy bangmaid slave isn't banned. Why?

No. 1488829

Because the way you are seething and blowing that post out of proportion is hilarious and cow-like.

No. 1491809

Here is Anthony Johnson's fiance. She is scary and probably is the most insane tradthot yet.

No. 1493157

Males refuse to wrap their minds around the fact that many sociopaths are great at impersonating nice people and that seeming very nice is the reason women are drawn to them.

No. 1493737

i know suggesting that the whole trad movement is just a cope for a weird dom/sub 50s housewife fetish is kinda overplayed at this point, but this genuinely sounds like some weird cam-girl self-debasement clip

it's probably somewhat tongue-in-cheek but i can't get over screeching about her "tiny female brain" with a completely straight face

No. 1493898

She is a genuine psycho. Seems more like Johnson's sister than his significant other. If you read her Twitter she is VERY territorial about him, definitely not a submissive personality type at all.
Speaking of cliches, I know saying, "no woman would ever date him" is as cliche an insult as there is, but in Anthony Johnson's case, it's probably true. She doesn't need to be as jealous of him as she is.
OTOH, I guess it's nice that two completely insane people were able to find each other.

No. 1494433

Are we sure that’s not just him in a wig?

No. 1494511

She really likes getting attention kek

No. 1494535

It’s funny how these “uwu submissive feminine tradwife” types are always so loud, aggressive, bitter and angry. Also she’s very upset with women who work at Hooters. Did a certain chain breastaurant with terrible chicken wings reject her application? Kek

No. 1494537

It’s especially hilarious since a lot of that BDSM housewife manosphere shit has been exposed as lonely men larping. So they are literally emulating incel porn fantasies of what women should be, imagine posting such an L!!!

No. 1494745

File: 1649277836601.png (690.5 KB, 828x1792, 698B0FC2-4107-42C7-B280-179AE9…)

This is what being a feminist without being a feminist looks like. Cons are so stupid. She’s literally standing for the same things that feminists are saying without using the label. It’s almost like if u cater to a demographic that doesn’t respect you, they’re not going to respect your beliefs.

No. 1494838

Lauren is not a feminist. She sometimes sounds like a feminist when she is responding to manosphere nutters but those guys would make pretty much any normie look like a feminist in comparison.
All of the major tradthots have been pretty consistent in saying that women should have the same rights that men do. I can't imagine Southern, Sellner, Caitlin or Chen ever saying that women shouldn't be allowed to vote or drive or whatever. The problem is that they cater to a group of guys who either believe that women shouldn't have equal rights or shouldn't have any rights at all, so tradthots have to play down their "feminist" (i.e. views of women's rights that have been consensus since at least the 1950's) beliefs to keep their audience happy.

Hardly seems worth it.

No. 1494984

Yeah, it’s
>Lauren: men and women should be equal
>radical feminists: why do you hate women and support the patriarchy you stupid bitch
>mgtow morons: why do you hate men and support the matriarchy you stupid bitch

No. 1495175

Calm down Lauren.(hi cow)

No. 1495179

Equal the way she uses it is put in their place, like women being relegated to house bound mothers and preaching about women shouldn't work while working herself and men needing to be leaders/deprived if a woman out performs them or would be a better choice. Lauren defenders are nuts.

No. 1495214

Is this a dude?

No. 1495269

All the while she hasn’t seen her husband in almost half a year.

No. 1495379

You're so right anon, Lauren Southern is clearly the epitome of unbiased and nuanced political thinking we needed all along. The rest of the world just sees her as a retarded grifter because they don't get her like you do

No. 1495466

It's also interesting that she used to constantly make videos about the value of marriage and whatnot, but ever since getting married, never touches on that topic at all, and spends her time traveling and filming.

No. 1495570

Is Lauren still claiming to be a "centrist" or has she given that one up already?

No. 1495751

would you agree that Lauren is the greatest person to ever exist in all of human history?

No. 1496226

i don't know if it's sperm quality. older moids are more openly misogynistic, which predictably fucks up their offspring. the kind of women willing to fuck these disgusting mummies usually hate themselves, a trait they often pass on to their daughters. end result is girls like this who move through life piloted by a combination of daddy issues, mommy issues, and near-lethal self loathing

No. 1496239

So Midwest can't breastfeed apparently, it seemed to humble her out and stop her constant boob sperging at least. You know if she was able to breastfeed we would never hear the end of it

No. 1496334

My dad had me at 50+ too! Except I’m retarded.

No. 1496414

My uncle had his first kids in his late 40s and they're retarded with health problems

No. 1496521

File: 1649458736587.png (8.79 MB, 1170x2532, C3B5B3E3-AA67-425B-B7EE-A4B777…)

Marg’s NFT grift fell through. Who is surprised?

No. 1496537

Can’t finish her PhD, can’t finish her art project, can’t practice enough to become a good artist, can’t finish anything except shitpost online because she’s fried off any sense of discipline and competence. No wonder these women like to advocate for performative domesticity and motherhood, not actual actual household labor that would break your back, because it requires actual competence and stamina. By its nature, actual household work and child-raising can not be “aesthetic” in the sense it isn’t desired to be appropriated and signalled as identity (what is essentially what LARPing is); it’s hard, time-consuming, and demanding — there is no illusions of coiffed hair, Victorian Russian household simulations, or much time for consistent sourdough baking. It has none of the appearance, but all of the actual hard work; while LARPing wears the appearance, but possesses none of the work. That is it’s nature: child’s play, empty shells, wearing the dress but not having made it out of one’s hands.

No. 1496862

She probably toned it down because she has more female friends now and feels accepted by other women.

No. 1496864

A lot of pick me's think a man can give them everything they need and it's them (as a couple) against the world. As soon as they discover how supportive other women (especially older women) are to them when they're pregnant, post-partum etc. it becomes clear that they've been wrong about things.

No. 1496997

This feels like a parody of girls like this.

No. 1497025

I know she also got put into her place by several different boards for her boob sperging too, although I know a lot of different women who make their personality about having large breasts and then quickly shut up and sit down once they find out they can't breastfeed. The world has weird ways of humbling people out I guess

No. 1497029

What do you mean by her ''constant boob sperging''? I only discovered her recently so I don't know how she was before.

No. 1497030

It's not on her yt anymore but her blog, ig stories, etc she use to constantly talk about her "heavy chest" and claimed she needed to wear multiple bras 24/7 for it, how she never found clothes, etc

No. 1497040

I've noticed that she likes to display her life as this perfect idyllic housewife but you then come to discover all sorts of issues she hides from her audience i.e: her issues trying to conceive for a year, breastfeeding, birth trauma. I think she's starting to realize that you are much more likeable when you share your life honestly, the good and the bad.

No. 1497045

I think her content is a lot better now that she is being more honest and open. As well, she seems a lot more natural and relaxed in her videos. I'm hoping she's learned that she can be more honest about her life, instead of pushing herself into the like perfect housewife mold.

No. 1497083

her husband still gives me the creeps. He's my least favorite tradthot significant other

No. 1497196

Me too, it's less milky but a lot less eye-rolley, having two babies with tons of issues with her body really brought reality to her
lol this, varg is shit, yumis fiance is shit, but this dude does give me yumis husband vibes he also kinda reminds me of chris watson
hopefully caitlyn didn't sign a prenup

No. 1497334

You mean Chris Watts? He and husbear are exact opposites. Watts was dominated by his wife whereas husbear comes off as the domineering one in his relationship with Caitlyn.

No. 1497446

back to the kitchen, tradthot

No. 1497448

>Career is not the whole world and you can't take it with you when you go
As opposed to a child, which you will definitely take with you when you inevitably go by murder-suicide from your psychotic moid

No. 1497520

File: 1649559497851.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, ECF1057C-B18C-456C-9F5F-41D212…)

Kek lauren is definitely single cuz look at her hand on her new man’s shoulder. That’s definitely not her Asian husband. Very trad. Before people come for me and say that she isn’t even trad, she was literally tweeting about returning to trad this week.

No. 1497530

That’s her sister’s boyfriend. With her sister right there. Only an incel would think any human contact means other people are having sex.

No. 1497562

Not the relationship but just them as individuals

No. 1497568


Why can't she breastfeed? Is it her diet?

No. 1497612

Human thumb husbear is (probably) a creep, but I don't really think he is the "drown his toddlers in a vat of oil" type.
Also, while Watts was evil he was at least attractive and superficially charming. Husbear is neither.

No. 1497670

She did say she had mastitis at some point. I saw on fundiesnark.

No. 1498025

Breastfeeding helps mastitis?
Can't be her diet, she probably just has underdeveloped milk ducks, also her double/triple bra wearing 24/7 probably caused it too because of the compression, I produce too much milk and wore tight bras to dry me up

No. 1498374

It's because she has Raynaud's which apparently causes problems with breastfeeding. She said this is why in her latest vlog.

No. 1498433

Raynaud's causes issues but doesn't stop the ability to breastfeed all together, many women with raynaud's breastfeed

No. 1499007

File: 1649714915193.png (568.15 KB, 828x1792, 55679664-7C13-4378-94EA-0326DE…)

For someone whose dad believes in the nuclear family and believes in gender roles, looks like someone isn’t raising their kid at all.

No. 1499010

Men like that are always in to the prestige and idea of being a father, being seen as an authority and having carried on their legacy. They don't really see the kid as a person, just an extension of themselves, and leave all the hard work of raising the child and the unfun moments to the mother. They want the TV version of being a dad, doing the whole play ball and discipline when the kid goes against them, not the real version of the tedious cleaning, caretaking, bonding in a way that is for the child and not themselves, like doing something they hate for their kid.

No. 1499105

sure, but Daddy Simulator is all about how women should stay home with their kids, except for his darling daughter, apparently

No. 1499128

younger moids are way more misogynistic than older men. Or did you mean specifically older men who date younger women?

No. 1499676

NTA but all moids are misogynistic, older ones just have less sociopath juice(testosterone) running through their veins and didn't spend their formative years cooped up inside cooming to stepsister anal gangbang vidoes

No. 1499782

I've met lot's of older moids who were too indifferent to women to be misogynistic. They were more interested in pursuing their own alcoholism.
Even Zoomer males I think are much less misogynistic than Millenial moids because Zoomer moids only want to play video games and NEET.

No. 1500473

I'm convinced you haven't met a zoomer moid, a lot are heavy porn addicts who believe they are entitled to women and have emotionally abused several girls before turning 18, they're objectively worse

No. 1501069

Zoomer moids are bad but not as bad a Millenial moids. Millenial moids want to actually abuse women themselves whereas Zoomer moids think that would be too much effort and would prefer instead to just watch porn where women get abused.

No. 1501745

I wish that was the case but it's not. Theres millions of gen z women who get involved with older gen z men and get completely fucked up by them.

No. 1502170

millions? Maybe I have just met different Zoomers. In my experience Zoomer moids mostly like video games and porn and the one's who do want actual human women are overwhelmingly want a mommy/dominatrix. Generally I think of wanting to abuse women as being more of a millennial thing.
Also, there is a difference between online moids and normie moids.

No. 1502635

File: 1650069043139.jpeg (95.11 KB, 1024x922, 5C687C28-A052-4157-9EBD-DB9A64…)

No. 1502662

File: 1650071406528.png (583.33 KB, 717x673, pf.png)

No. 1502665

File: 1650071637617.png (214.71 KB, 595x797, dl.png)

Samefagging because I found her account and kek. This can't be real, it's too stereotypical

No. 1502696

really? my sister is the prettiest bitch i know and she uses that term all the time. i think all these tradthots are the real hags, wasn't there research on how high confidence "people" like tradthots are actually ugly/unattractive but they're also too self unaware to notice,

No. 1502741

Pick-mes range from super ugly to super beautiful. It's not related to looks, but involves the mental illness of wanting to impress scrotes.

No. 1502790

Her account is awful and she's such a tryhard when she talks about her education. I haven't ever seen her talk about science or math topics just the fact that she was in stem (not like a woman has ever done that before).
Also in my experience the only time pickmes are attractive is when its used as a grift and they receive money/opportunites for it.

No. 1502850

I get “Alice from Queens”-esque moid vibes from this account.

No. 1502942

Super beautiful? Never seen it. The closest I can think of is 20 year old Lauren but their are no pickme's that look like Keira Knightley
is she supposed to be ugly? She seems okay looking to me
How do you take an interest in physics "too far"? By building a death ray or something?

No. 1502989

She really wasn't a looker at 20 either. Looks like she has had tweaks to her face throughout her career.

No. 1503020

I remember her being prettier than that. Still think she was well above average there. Remember, most people aren't very attractive.

I want to see a tradthot who looks like Joan Fontaine or Ingrid Bergmann. How come there are no tradthots who look like that?

No. 1503051

gorgeous women don’t need to be pickmes, is why

No. 1503076

>reposting from Zero HP Lovecraft, a twitter moid most famous for screeching about how women are the death of society for using birth control and not spending their lives popping out (his)babies
Tradthots get some self respect challenge(impossible)

No. 1503088

This Zero HP Lovecraft guy is somewhat known? I never heard of him

No. 1503128

Is that retard from the previous leftcows thread? He kinda has the same talking points as jack and samememe so I'm wondering if he is that kind of a crowd

No. 1503171

Yes. He's one of (or was one of) the bigger twitter accounts of the "new right/(not)post left/antileft" BAP Red Scare twitter soup who I think does substack or something for a while now, he's decently popular among part of this twitter sphere who take his tweets as gospel and is hated by another part. He seems like another pathetic samememe type for sure and is always whining about women without realizing what he is really like. He's less popular than he used to be though from what I understand, so the girl who retweeted him is a little late to the party.

No. 1503273

She has self respect. Remember when she posted that she was leaving her bf and traveling across the country to take a corporate job? She told all her followers who had a problem with her decision to fuck off.

No. 1503308

he absolutely fucking hates women, thinks we shouldn’t vote or own property and that rape should be legal, and supports slavery among other insane positions
also his popularity and follower count is obviously inflated/paid for, if you look at his followers you see bots and random people with they/them BLM in their bios who definitely aren’t his target demographic

No. 1503452

File: 1650163243326.jpg (251.1 KB, 1284x1602, DAINTYKATHERINE.jpg)

>conventionally attractive

No. 1503606

Twitter let's him post pro slavery stuff? Usually that kinda stuff gets you banned.

No. 1504390

This her? I thought she'd be a blonde.

No. 1504405

I thought this was Nell Diamond

No. 1504424

Also she doesn't really appear to be "dainty". Looks fairly robust.

No. 1504617


sage for nitpick but why does this bitch have e v e r y application on her computer open?

No. 1504916

File: 1650330863849.jpg (57.66 KB, 600x328, M5SRNkI.jpg)

This is tradthot adjacent, I guess: the YouTuber "Coach Red Pill" has been apparently kidnapped and murdered by Ukrainian security forces. I think he was affiliated with some tradthots back in the day.

The guy moved to Ukraine years ago, presumably to use his money to get himself a young wife (he's currently 54) who was way out of his league. Then when Russia invaded he started doing all these tweets/interviews where he talked about how Zelensky and the entire Ukrainian government were corrupt Nazi war criminals and that Russia was coming to liberate the Ukrainian people. I'm not really sure what he expected to happen but it appears that the Ukrainians eventually had enough so they killed him.

No. 1505023

I mean I don’t want to say it’s good that he died. But what did he think was going to happen?

No. 1505306

He was at Brittany and Martin Sellner's wedding.

No. 1505308

File: 1650357690367.png (353.56 KB, 675x526, 1.png)

Targeted for his schizo rants about the nazi kabal in the government or because he looks like those antisemetic cartoons?

No. 1505315

File: 1650359509776.jpg (68.98 KB, 589x668, FireShot Webpage Screenshot #3…)

Yeah people are being cautious about saying he's dead but I just think its funny this guy was a huge misogynist who talked about how you need to treat women like dogs and complained about women hitting "the wall" at age 22 when hes looked like this for all the times hes been on the internet kek

No. 1505354

Ugly fat guys always have a problem with women having choices.

No. 1505400

Honestly fuck that moid. He moved to a foreign country to take advantage of poor women. Then when the country got invaded he sat on his ass shilling propaganda for the invaders. Of course Ukrainians want him dead! With all the innocent women & children raped and butchered just for existing during wartime, I have ZERO sympathy for a traitor. Rest in piss.

No. 1505410

sounds like he didn't hit the wall but got put up against it. rest in piss schizoscrote.

No. 1505507

And nothing of value was lost

No. 1505589

Every zoomer moid I've met have a laundry list of several exes they emotionally abused before they even turned 20, not to mention they enjoy leading women on while playing victim. They have zero shame most of the time, I miss when moids were embarrassed of being "abused" by women or having their girlfriend financially support them

No. 1505608

The joke isn't that she's ugly anon, the joke is that people called nick-named "pretty face" in a larpy brag sort of way the same way Katherine larps about people calling her "Physics Barbie"

No. 1505631

I don't think he was really big on the misogyny. He was more about the standard "young women want old guys because old guys have resources" but other than being a deluded, boomer pervert I'm not sure he was ever particularly anti woman.

No. 1505638

I think you might be being too hard on Zoomer moids. At least they don't promote that chivalry nonsense that Boomer moids do. And many Zoomer moids are so pornsick that they don't even want to abuse women because porn satisfies their sadism.

Also, since so many Zoomer moids refuse to work or pursue an education, it will open more opportunities up for women. You could even say that Zoomer males are accidental feminists.

No. 1505813

this is nell diamond, is she pretending to be her??

No. 1505861

>"Coach Red Pill"
>Known for words of wisdom such as “It’s biology. Women age badly, men age like wine."
>"I don't think he was really big on the misogyny"

Anon! My sides.

No. 1505862

I thought so, since the wallpaper in the room was literally the trellis pattern kek

No. 1506064

File: 1650414864633.png (775.76 KB, 1170x1847, IMG_3184.png)

Has anyone seen her on instagram? @kansashilled and @kansaspilled. She claims no one "manipulated" her into her beliefs but said that men SHOULD manipulate and gaslight women. It's honestly embarassing and pathetic.

No. 1506082

what if a man manipulated her into believing that men shouldn't manipulate women?

No. 1506370

Lmaooooo imagine using the fine wine cope while looking like this >>1505315

No. 1507877

Yes, being 100% financially dependent on a man is not at all a disaster in the making.

No. 1508195

There is no such thing as being financially dependent on a man in the contemporary US. When you marry the guy, you are entitled to at least a portion of his earnings for the time that you are together (admittedly you have no claim on any assets he possessed before you two tied the knot). And if you have kids, you are entitled to child support. Women being financially trapped in marriages hasn't existed since the 70's.

Same is true in the reverse too. Alt right social media personality Mike Cernovich won considerable alimony from his now ex-wife after their divorce.

No. 1508245

File: 1650584842226.jpeg (408.06 KB, 2048x1428, 9AA04618-576E-4A19-BA72-C785E0…)

slight nitpick but the fact that she literally posted “don’t eat leafy greens bc that’s what cows eat” and “drink raw milk straight from the teat” directly after each other is so funny, did she forget what cow milk is actually for?

No. 1508254

A lot of men don't pay alimony and they don't have to if they only make a certain amount. Some men deliberately switch jobs/work low paying jobs to not pay alimony in a way to say 'fuck you' to their abandoned child and mother. Getting a big enough amount in divorces also entirely depends on the courts and work of lawyers, which all costs money to start with, let alone what you would be left with afterward.

No. 1510272

File: 1650805749449.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2391, CA873C6D-47FA-4C0B-ABCB-D56B3B…)

Looks like Lauren is still in Texas, son and husband nowhere to be found, drinking alcohol with queen Venti.

God I hate how all these freaks are moving to my state.

No. 1510349


A scorned scrote will quit his job and remarry to a slightly uglier woman with low self esteem to avoid child support and alimony, but you are right. If a woman's financially trapped in a relationship in 2022 that's her fault. We're allowed to work and get birth control. Never trust a scrote to pay your way, and treat you like human. It's either one or the other, and they can barely do that.

No. 1510389

>A scorned scrote will quit his job and remarry to a slightly uglier woman with low self esteem to avoid child support and alimony
No he will not. Some will, but the overwhelming majority will not. Everyone knows when they get married that your spouse has a claim on any assets you acquired over the course of the marriage and vice versa. Refusal to pay what you owe is considered an attack against the Court and usually leads to your assets getting siezed. The only way out of alimony is to have prenup and the only way out of child support is to have so many kids that the courts just give up. Brittany Spears had to cut KFed a check for millions even though she had a prenup. Mike Cernovich's ex had to pay Mike 10s of thousands of dollars in alimony despite there being no kids and despite the fact that Mike had a job; Mike would have gotten even more had he not been working. US women are not financially trapped in marriages anymore and haven't been for a long time. The idea that this is still a problem is a 3rd wave fantasy. Women who stay in bad relationships generally do so out of either battered women's syndrome, fear of being alone or because they want their kids to have a father, it's never about money anymore.
>It's either one or the other, and they can barely do that
True. This is why Zoomer men are superior to early generations of moids. Zoomers are more misogynistic in terms of beliefs/kinks but they also don't believe in chivalry or that women shouldn't earn their own money. A lot of Zoomer moids are even open to having their wife financially support them.

No. 1510690

>"True. This is why Zoomer men are superior to early generations of moids. Zoomers are more misogynistic in terms of beliefs/kinks but they also don't believe in chivalry or that women shouldn't earn their own money. A lot of Zoomer moids are even open to having their wife financially support them"

Ah yes, wanting a bangmaid mommy to leech off and not even have to be courteous towards her, how superior

No. 1510727

Encouraging women to be financially independent is a good thing, yes. I agree that Zoomer moids are bad I'm just saying that aren't as bad as the previous generations. At least Zoomer moids want their wives to be successful. That's progress. If Zoomer males would only stop being misogynistic, pornsick NEETs than they would be good relationship material for young women.
>not even have to be courteous towards her,
You can be courteous without being chivalrous. Chivalry is a misogynistic, western concept. Other cultures don't have it.

No. 1510876

I don't think Zoomer males are in any need of praising and I don't think they're anymore supportive of women than any other generation. >>1510349 anon is correct regarding women's options. You don't have to be mentally cucked nor do you have to be financially dependent and women need to stop acting like they have 0 option but to act as if they have no dignity and no way to be financially or mentally solid.

No. 1511235

IIRC there was a study done that showed Boomer and Gen X men were actually more supportive of women entering non-traditional careers(engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc) than Millennial and Zoomer men. No generation of moids is good, but every Boomer dad I've known including my own made it a point to tell his daughter(s) to always be financially independent or to at the very least have a good "backup plan" in case things go sour with their moid. Zoomers want a woman who will pay their bills, clean their room AND be a submissive tradwife who they can choke in bed.

No. 1511715

Boomer and X'er men are more supportive of women's rights because they have daughters. Zoomers and Millennials will get more progressive when they have daughters of their own.
And while Zoomer men may say that they don't think women should be high earners, in practice Zoomer moids mainly want high earning women who will be able to better provide for them.
>Zoomers want a woman who will pay their bills, clean their room AND be a submissive tradwife who they can choke in bed.
Most moids don't mind living in utter filth so I don't think they expect a wife who cleans. Zoomer guys just want a wife who will financially support them and cook for them. I don't think they care if she's submissive as long as she lets them do some choking. I really don't think Zoomer moids are as bad as people say. Zoomers in general get too much hate, imo.

No. 1511860

I'm older gen z and have dated around with millennials and other gen z and our moids are the absolute worse, they manifest all the bad parts of the previous generations like porn addiction, misogyny, etc but also have their own, new shit fest which is expecting their girlfriend to pay for everything all without getting serious, also expecting women to go into sex work to support their lifestyle. They're also bringing back a lot of archaic misogyny like muh wife must birth me multiple strong sons, when boomers and gen x never really this much.

Obviously, it differs for sure but claiming that "ooo gen z men are harmless they're just couch potatoes who like porn" is not only a blatant lie but it also ignores all of the issues gen z women face from gen z men. I've been hearing horror stories among friends and it feels like there's absolutely zero hope for gen z males since ALL of them have horrible experiences with gen z males. It also feels like that gen z men are reverting back to a lot of physical and sexual abuse from the 50s, but ontop of that also expect women to financially support them and be willing to have an open relationship, and gen z women have been taught that their entire worth is if guys want them or not and that if they don't somehow convince their man to be stalkerish levels in love with them then there's something wrong with them, so now you have extreme versions of the 90s and 2000s pickmes where they literally are willing to perform this ridiculous stuff for men

This applies to the younger millennials too btw. Either please, there's absolutely no excusing how harmful the average gen z man is

No. 1511866

>ooo gen z men are harmless they're just couch potatoes who like porn
This has been my impression of literally every Gen Z male I've met, but I've never dated one. Is this one of those things where they come off as harmless but when you actually date them they reveal themselves to be dangerous psychopaths?

>They're also bringing back a lot of archaic misogyny like muh wife must birth me multiple strong sons, when boomers and gen x never really this much

Zoomer guys aren't very masculine from what I've seen, so I'm not sure they will be getting any strong sons, let alone multiple

No. 1513423

where are the traditional values

No. 1513535

Haven’t you heard?? Texas is our conservative haven, come one come all! Join the Dallas crew of trad waifus and alpha Chads like Chrissy Mayr, Brittany Venti, Elijah Schaefer, Glenn Beck, and who knows, maybe you’ll run into Lauren Southern, Alex Jones, and Anna Khachiyan shooting GUNS!! They’re settling the southwest just like their ancestors and homesteading, not traipsing around Frisco like mid-20s alcoholics.

Baby daddies and soyboys need not apply.

No. 1513983

File: 1651143771840.png (715.79 KB, 758x835, 2.png)

Is she pregnant or just has a fupa?

No. 1514084

Anon, I think it's just that one side of her shirt is sticking up and the other isn't

No. 1514218

muh border. Wtf is this, 2016? Nobody cares about the border anymore.
Does Lauren know how to talk about anything except race/immigration?

No. 1514242

It seems as if border and immigration stuff are the only political issues she personally gives a shit about.

No. 1514279

Ironic, seeing as she crossed several borders to get away from her husband.

No. 1514701

Does she though? I always figured it was more of a grift with her. I think she is just trapped in a time warp and hasn't figured out that the subculture that once made her relevant no longer really exists.

No. 1515225

File: 1651249136695.png (61.34 KB, 595x308, gunt_vs_bpf_.png)

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Ethan Ralph has turned on "Big Papa Fascist", Rachel Wilson/Rach4Patriarchy's husband. Rachel hasn't weighed in yet but it might be interesting if she does because she's been a long-term gunt guard even through Ralph's adventures in getting charged for revenge pornography and knocking up 2 mentally ill young women. It'll be interesting to see if she has anything to say now.

No. 1515703

File: 1651280645581.png (310.18 KB, 728x353, bigbossylady.png)

Ethan Ralph's viewers (live right now) react to the drama between him and Rach4Patriarchy's husband (Andrew Wilson/Big Papa Fascist.) Pickmes take note, this is who wants to do the picking.

No. 1515719

File: 1651282649051.png (25.27 KB, 402x181, wilson-doxing.png)

samefag, this same shitshow is going on. This Big Tech guy is a nobody, I asked around, but he's coming off like an absolute psycho threatening doxing on Andrew (Rachel's husband) and family. This has apparently been going on in earnest since last night.

No. 1516010

>hasn't figured out that the subculture that once made her relevant no longer really exists
This, and that she's not going to be able to pivot to the new right thing or any of the other trends easily either

No. 1516238

she's unable to do anything substantive. Even her alt right stuff was always just a bunch of buzz words. Immigration is a very concrete subject so she is able to grasp it and make a polemic, but if you want to talk about the new matrix of subjects like culture, class, tech and corporate power, nihilism, tribalism, gender dynamics, international relations and economics, that is all way too abstract for an mediocre intellect like Lauren to understand.

Lauren was essentially born to be an Alt Right spokesmodel. Her brief, quasi success was lightning in a bottle: she was a young, pretty face who had the idealized blonde, white, American girl aesthetic (despite her being neither blonde nor American) and she was able to effectively regurgitate basic bitch, racialist right wing talking points so some people paid attention to her as long as she was still 20 years old and the Alt Right was still a thing.

So yeah, Lauren can pivot all she wants but nothing she does is gonna make anyone other than her simps care about anything she has to say. Her time has come and gone.

No. 1516644

>Her time has come and gone.
She knows this too I bet but cannot support herself anywhere since shes unemployable. Living off a husband is her only safety net or she'd just go back home to her parenta

No. 1516702

File: 1651386552429.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x2258, EFF07719-126C-456A-B3DB-B1EECC…)

Atleast she’s transparent about it I guess?

No. 1516721

>anyone other than her simps care about anything she has to say
Where do you think you are right now?

No. 1516793

File: 1651404527923.png (222.26 KB, 468x598, Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 12.27…)

Sage because it's a completely stupid thing to get mad about but every time I see her location is 'Isildur' I lose it a little again. She thinks she's Arwen or whatever but can't tell apart a Tolkien place name and a Tolkien random guy lol

No. 1516832

It's not like she makes money from being discussed in a trad general thread on lolcow, cope

No. 1517003

Meg really isn't trad. She's just a crazy person. I kinda like her.

No. 1517051

Honestly same

No. 1517075

No idea who that is but fucking lol. Great example of the average trad-panderer.

No. 1517273

She is insane and being driven closer to the brink of a legitimate mental breakdown as she continues to hornypost about wanting to be a breeding cow for a tall, masculine male. She’s like if Brittany Venti went to college and had a higher than 90 IQ

No. 1517396

I've never seen her say she wants to be a breeding cow. She seems more like she wants to be a sugar baby except instead of being gifted purses and jewelry she wants to get some remote farm for her to larp on. If she can't have that, she would prefer to just be a fairy princess of some enchanted kingdom in middle earth.
>She’s like if Brittany Venti went to college and had a higher than 90 IQ
I'd be stunned if Brittany's IQ is under 110

No. 1517454

File: 1651456746182.jpeg (282.29 KB, 1170x851, 95BBF8EF-2933-44E5-A5EC-9428F5…)

No. 1517468

well I don't follow her that closely so I guess I missed that one. Also I think she's moved on from wanting to be a breeding cow to wanting to a Grimm brothers heroine. We aren't exactly talking about the most mentally stable person, here.

Given her heritage, I can't even imagine how disappointed her parents must be with her. She's lucky she wasn't born male or she'd have been disowned by now.

No. 1521285

sounds like friend of tradthots Kevin Samuels has passed away. Heart problem or something.

No. 1521500

Quadruple jabbed or the fact that he was drinking 3 Red Bulls and spraying cologne and lighting candles every stream.

No. 1521521

Literally nothing is stopping her from getting pregnant right now, but I guess that would interfere with her shitposting career. Also, nothing says “I’ve never been pregnant and have no clue what it feels like” like thinking it’s all love and glowing. Call me when you’re puking your guts up honey!

No. 1521645

What fucking mental illness is this lmfao. These trad hoes think they're the most enlightened beings on the face of the planet but truth be told I've never seen a group of people more retarded.

No. 1521650

Absolutely right. Boomers of either sex are far less misogynistic than most of the gen zs or millennial men I've met. At least when Boomers were growing up their idea of the most scandalous porn was seeing bare breasts in Playboy magazines, not whatever the fuck is going on now.

No. 1521697

I agree that Zoomers are more misogynistic and perverted, but they are more progressive about women earning money and having careers. Most Zoomer men expect women to earn decent money. Zoomer men also prefer emotional/psychological abuse to the physical abuse that Boomer men did. Zoomer men don't expect women to cook or clean, only to financially support them, and Zoomer men don't buy into any of that chivalry nonsense that Boomers do.
I agree that Zoomer men are bad, I just think they are better relationship material than Boomer or X'er men were. Remember that it was a revolt against Boomer men that launched 2nd wave feminism whereas most young women today seem to get along fine with men in their generation.
This pregnancy fetishization is not rare at all on Twitter. Women seem to be more into it than men are.

No. 1521698

File: 1651858237875.png (172.46 KB, 601x368, ratio2.png)

Megha made fun of by normies on Twitter

No. 1521704

You're completely right and the anon who is trying to claim porn isn't making men more dangerous and "they just rather internet women than real women" is retarded and it's upsetting she's dismissing concerns from gen z women about male zoomers
>Most Zoomer men expect women to earn decent money.
you realize it's because they want to leech off of these women right? did you really believe they want a successful woman because "they support womens rights"?
>Zoomer men also prefer emotional/psychological abuse to the physical abuse that Boomer men did.
they're still abusing women, sometimes even worse physically but they're just manipulating them into accepting it. Also boomers didn't beat women as much as the media made it seem
> Zoomer men don't expect women to cook or clean, only to financially support them
okay this completely confirmed to me you've never met a zoomer moid, please shut up if you're not going to bother to listen to gen z women talk about their experiences with gen z men

No. 1521808

I'm not trying to dismiss anyone's experiences or concerns, I'm saying you have to take the good with the bad. Even some non Zoomer women date Zoomer males so at least some women must be having good experiences with that demo.
>you realize it's because they want to leech off of these women right?
who cares what the reason is? If a woman wants to let her moid leach off of her, that is her choice.
>okay this completely confirmed to me you've never met a zoomer moid
I'm not saying Zoomer moids will cook or clean themselves, they won't. Gen Z women will cook and clean for their moids because if they don't the home will become an uninhabitable wasteland and they will both be eating McDonald's every night, but it isn't like Zoomer moids are forcing their gfs to cook and clean for them.

No. 1521832

As a millennial this whole subthread about how zoomer men aren't so bad, they only want to checks notes leech off their partners, push them into sex work, have them cook and clean, while psychologically abusing them and being non-monogamous, but no worries girls because they are less violent than boomers.

No. 1521836

Also the physical abuse is still there, under the guise of "non vanilla" porn inspired sex, but no worries it's ok if he chokes, hits, spits, bruises, cuts (and so on) if it's during sex! Wouldn't wanna be boring!
Millennial men are shit but zoomers sound like they win the shit prize, all the worst traits dialed up to 100. My sympathies girls.

No. 1521838

Millennial men are at least as bad on the kink front. Well, in terms of misogyny at least. Zoomer men tend to be into more shit that is just plain weird

No. 1521868

>I'm not trying to dismiss anyone's experiences or concerns
I don't think you understand what this means, because you manage to dismiss concerns in the very next sentence by saying men mooching off the woman "is her choice". Which you're not wrong, but again makes zoomer men shit tier and therefore your argument about how they're "not that bad because they want women to be successful" is invalid
>Gen Z women will cook and clean for their moids because if they don't the home will become an uninhabitable wasteland and they will both be eating McDonald's every night
please just stop you're contradicting yourself every second
meh they're about the same, a lot of zoomers get meme'd into extreme fetishism such as ageplay, diapers, fat fetishism I noticed being huge among zoomers. They're also way more likely to fall for the open relationship meme, it seems like a lot of high schoolers are in open relationships which is insane. I also notice that older gen z dudes are a lot more predatory and literally EVERY single one I met has been in a relationship with a high schooler while they were an adult

No. 1521887

>but again makes zoomer men shit tier and therefore your argument about how they're "not that bad because they want women to be successful" is invalid
I don't think leaching off a woman makes a man "shit tier". Just because someone is lazy and worthless doesn't mean that they are necessarily a bad person. I myself refuse to work and survive by mooching off my family and friends. What is wrong with that? If I were a man, I would definitely be interested in a woman who was willing to pay my bills as long as I wasn't also expected to help with housework or be faithful.

No. 1521937

>Mooching off of friends and family and not understanding how it could negatively effect someone
>Wants woman to pay your bills in the situation you were a man but also do not want to be faithful or help with housework
Okay now I see why you defend zoomer men so much, you're practically one of them

No. 1522023

Zoomer simp-anon why are you back. Anyways, my take on this is that at least we have the internet to see the full depravity of zoomer males and know who to avoid. I'm sure women "taking the red pill" kek on men is not going to go without its side effects, as it can lead you into blackpill territory but now you can see everything front and center. May the odds of finding a decent man ever be in your favor

No. 1522039

>I'm sure women "taking the red pill" kek on men is not going to go without its side effects, as it can lead you into blackpill territory
Women have had the blackpill about men since the 1950's and they seem to still be doing all right. But yeah, if you get to the point where you think all men are the way FDS describes them, you probably just shouldn't date. Or not date men, at least.
>May the odds of finding a decent man ever be in your favor
Even Robyn, Lauren and Mikhaila managed to find serviceable guys so I don't think pickings are as slim as farmers say.

No. 1522108

>serviceable guys
Debatable + you only see what they post, we have no idea what these guys are like at all IRL. Abby Shapiro's husband gets overpriced handjobs and MMW can't seem to keep her man interested, if these weren't exposed due to other factors then they would just seem like normal couples. I could only imagine and pity what the average trad zoomer/ young millennial is like

No. 1522118

death by snu snu apparently

No. 1522161

>Abby Shapiro's husband gets overpriced handjobs
lol wut?! Sauce? Never heard about this. How long ago did this happen? I always assumed he was a closet case.
>MMW can't seem to keep her man interested
It has long been assumed that Human Thumb is a creep.
>I could only imagine and pity what the average trad zoomer/ young millennial is like
The average trad zoomer male is probably about as bad as husbear, but Lauren's husband and Mikhaila's ex are not trad and don't pretend to be. Robyn's husband seems like a standard eastern Euro ogre who goes along with Robyn's obsessive larping to keep his wife happy.

No. 1522213

Both mikhalia and Lauren are both divorced kek

No. 1522238

No. 1522241

Just ban that LARPing manlet who keeps on praising zoomer men, he's just trying to pull a Reversed Gender Roles thing to argue "since women want a job and independence why can't men not work" out of spite for females who need a Plan B in case their husband/bf cheats or leaves for a younger girl 5 years in.

No. 1522282

>in case their husband/bf cheats or leaves for a younger girl 5 years in
no offence but some of you sound like you need to seriously up your self esteem if THIS is what goes through your mind all day… just don't be in a relationship at all if these are legitimate fears that sit in your head. unless your daddy did that to your mama lol in case sheeeesh

No. 1522286

have you seen the divorce rates in any country
taking precautions against something with a 30% or 40% incidence is just rational

No. 1522306

i didn't say don't work i said don't sit and seethe 24/7 about how your man will leave you for a younger woman, you're literally inviting that sort of drama into your life if you actively think about shit like that.

No. 1522366

> you're literally inviting that sort of drama into your life if you actively think about shit like that.
nta but im sorry, is this the manifestation thread? like what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1522445

Oh you sweet, naive summer child….

No. 1522451

femcels are literally just incels gender swapped, the real world doesn't work like that and you stared too long into the void

No. 1522461

It's not about gender, it's about the fact that working sucks. There is a lot you can criticize Zoomer men for, but not working isn't one of them.
If you are a sucker who still believes in the Boomer "work is good" bullshit, then you should actually like Zoomer men more because their sloth is opening up more opportunities in the workforce for young women.
>femcels are literally just incels gender swapped
I wouldn't go that far but worrying that your layabout moid is going to leave you for a younger woman is some Gimpgirl level paranoia. Even a guy as good looking as Chris Watts wasn't able to find a younger woman to have an affair with. Nor was a guy as rich as Jeff Bezos. Young women don't want old men.

No. 1522522

I can't find it but a SW called him out, maybe a year ago? she claimed he spent like 500$ per handjob

No. 1522524

>needing a backup plan if things go downhill… is somehow "what you think about all day and need help"
are you retarded? not even that anon but if people listened to you and just went into any relationship unprepared you would just blame them for "depending completely on the man" or some stupid shit, now shes wrong for being prepared if something goes wrong?

No. 1522531

>There is a lot you can criticize Zoomer men for, but not working isn't one of them
you obviously are lucky enough to never had a mooch in your life. Zoomers who mooch off of their girlfriends and mothers can take a massive financial toll on them and you get literally nothing in return since they don't offer good sex, loyalty, or even housework

I know you're probably underaged but every single person in this world requires money to survive for food, shelter, water, etc. If a zoomer moid isn't working then someone else is paying for his bullshit. It's not about being pro-wage slave or whatever, it's just retarded to think not pulling your own weight and not even bothering to offer anything back to people who work hard to pay for you to live on easy-mode is somehow just fine

>I wouldn't go that far but worrying that your layabout moid is going to leave you for a younger woman is some Gimpgirl level paranoia

why are you pretending the anon just wrote some bizarre sperg fest simply for giving a SINGLE example of something that could happen? Do you not know what an example is? Do you freak out in class if teachers ask you to write an example of something and start sperging out about how "they so paranoid of this single thing happening!" over an example that was less than a few words??? You are absolutely insane if you take an anon saying "he might leave you for a younger woman so be prepared" to this fucking extreme holy shit

No. 1522559

>If a zoomer moid isn't working then someone else is paying for his bullshit. It's not about being pro-wage slave or whatever
Bullshit. You are pro wage slave and are trying to use faux feminism to justify it. Working is stupid, period. If a woman wants to wage cuck to support a moid, she is an idiot but she has the right to be an idiot if she wants.
As for the "mooches" (i.e. people who don't want to be slaves to capitalism) in your life, you are the one who is making the choice to support them. Don't blame them for your choice.
>sex, loyalty, or even housework
1. Let's be honest, men of any generation have never been known for being particularly skilled at sex
2. Most Zoomers of both genders want open relationships. I would say open relationships are far more popular with Zoomer women than with Zoomer men
3. I agree with you on the housework, it's the one way that Zoomer men are inferior to X'er and Boomer men. But if a woman chooses to clean up after her moid, that is her decision. She can always kick him out if she gets tired of doing it.

And one last time: I'm not denying that Zoomer men are garbage. I'm just pointing out that they are an improvement over earlier generations. Lot's of Millennial women are interested in dating Zoomer guys.

No. 1522619

>saying that living costs money is bullshit
oh? then who pays for the moid to live? does magic money fall out his ass to pay for food, water, clothing, shelter or? if so please tell me where these magic money moids are

No. 1522624

The woman pays if she chooses to. Kinda like having a pet. This is superior to the Boomer dynamic of where the woman was dependent on the moid.
>does magic money fall out his ass to pay for food, water, clothing, shelter or? if so please tell me where these magic money moids are
Lol! If I find out where such men are I sure as shit am not going to tell you. Why would I give away such valuable information.

No. 1522685

>Pretending like most men living in these situations arent just manipulating and guilt tripping the woman instead of acting like a loyal pet
Women who put up with it are pathetic for sure but couples who do this certainly aren't living some femdom life like you're describing, it's usually the woman working 2 or more jobs so her fat lazy boyfriend can cheat on her all day and women are often heavily guilted by people around them to never break up or dump him

No. 1522705

Who said anything about femdom? I've met moocher type guys and they usually aren't wired for that, neither are the women who put up with them. Still, it is somewhat of a pet/owner relationship. My family has always provided for our dogs and our cat and all of them are ingrates who give back nothing except for affection (the moid equivalent of this is giving back sex). But if we ever get tired of them, we could always just take them to the pound. Are we "pathetic" because we don't demand our pets earn money or help around the house?
>it's usually the woman working 2 or more jobs so her fat lazy boyfriend can cheat on her all day
I think this was actually the case with one of the Boston Marathon bombers. He somehow got a beautiful American girl to convert to Islam and work 80 hours a week to support him while he dabbled in drug dealing and cage fighting. He wasn't even a good looking guy so I'm not sure how he pulled it off.
>often heavily guilted by people around them to never break up or dump him
I don't think so. My parents would disown me if they found out I was supporting some guy. I can't think of any parents who would be okay with one of their daughters being in such a relationship.

Anyway, the bottom line is that it is a lot easier to convince a Zoomer moid to get a job and learn to pick up after himself than it is to get a Boomer moid to accept feminism. Uneven progress is still progress.

No. 1522726

Im not even sure what you 2 are arguing about but i have a sneaking suspicion one of you has a penis

Its always funny how they talk about trad womanly duties. In a perfect trad world, she would not be allowed to be attention whoring for male approval on twitter dot com. All these women benefit from feminism while acting like its ruined women and relationships. You can thank feminism for allowing you to freely post your shitty takes about how women arent doing their womanly duties anymore. In your perfect trad world where men actually truly believe in trad values and arent just larping online, they would be telling you to shut the fuck up, delete twitter and go pop out 50 ugly babies

No. 1522843

Literally not a single person agrees with you and you've obviously haven't met women who support men financially. Get a job and stop trying to conceal your laziness as some sort of anti capitalist movement

No. 1523080

>eastern Euro ogre
Do eastern euro men have bad fame?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1523113

anyone else getting gimpgirl vibes from this comment?

No. 1523533

File: 1652067946755.jpg (316.59 KB, 1080x1612, moodtodroptea.jpg)

queen lol

No. 1523611

File: 1652073573559.jpeg (436.94 KB, 1284x2372, 057EC2F6-02B6-448D-8A85-40E959…)

No. 1523618

I don't like Lauren but that's a really nasty comment. Fuck this guy, whoever he is.
I don't get why Lauren even responds to these idiots, she's too old for this shit.

No. 1523620

I don’t really care, it’s true she looks like a completely different person cause of all the plastic surgery

No. 1523682


No. 1523683

File: 1652080719744.jpeg (45.62 KB, 540x244, 5F5E1029-B439-4C2C-B2E4-2F1A89…)

Trying to bump it off the home page

No. 1523689

The male writing this comment should consider a hair transplanted and liposuction himself.
She looks different and plastic bur definitely not as botched as that faggot would like to pretend.

No. 1523693

The male writing this comment should consider a hair transplanted and liposuction himself.
She looks different and plastic bur definitely not as botched as that faggot would like to pretend.

No. 1523796

I think people are just under the impression that any noticable plastic surgery/dramatic transformation = botched. If Lauren went to a botched clinic they would probably just laugh and tell her to fuck off. Lauren isn't botched but her plastic surgery transformation was just dramatic and I think people are just stuck on the fact she made her entire career about now being like other girls but now is exactly like every other upper middle class white mom

No. 1523801

It wouldn't surprise me if it is
>Financially supporting shit tier men doesn't mean the man is bad! It's actually based to support men financially even though these women never get anything in return
>Actually it's smart to be a mooch and doesn't hurt anyone
>But if it does it's the woman's fault for caring and trying to help uwu

No. 1524023

>Financially supporting shit tier men doesn't mean the man is bad!
Fact. Although I wouldn't recommend it.
>It's actually based to support men financially
It's not "based", it's stupid, but a woman supporting a man is better than a woman being financially dependent on her moid. A man who is okay with being supported by a woman won't be into a bunch of cringe Boomer chivalry bullshit either and he won't be (physically) abusive when he knows that you can just kick him out.
It's not even that Zoomer guys are good, they are misogynistic, porn addicted, manipulative, mentally abusive, unhygienic layabouts but at least they want women to be successful and earn money. You can't say that about Millennial, X'er or Boomer men. You don't see any Zoomer men buying into this "trad" nonsense. Also, Zoomer men deserve credit for not wanting to be slaves to capitalism. I love reading articles about our corporate overlords freaking out about how Zoomers aren't the obedient slaves that their predecessors were.
>But if it does it's the woman's fault for caring and trying to help uwu
If a woman falls in love with a guy who doesn't work and doesn't even clean up after himself, then yes, that is her fault.

No. 1524109

>It's not "based", it's stupid, but a woman supporting a man is better than a woman being financially dependent on her moid.
No lol
>A man who is okay with being supported by a woman won't be into a bunch of cringe Boomer chivalry bullshit either and he won't be (physically) abusive when he knows that you can just kick him out.
Yes, he absolutely will (or can be), and you don't know much about abusive relationships if you think otherwise.
>It's not even that Zoomer guys are good, they are misogynistic, porn addicted, manipulative, mentally abusive, unhygienic layabouts
>but at least they want women to be successful and earn money.
So they can be layabouts and/or underachievers? No lol.
>You can't say that about Millennial, X'er or Boomer men.
Are you serious?
>You don't see any Zoomer men buying into this "trad" nonsense.
You what, nonnie? As far as "trad" goes in the current Internet meme sense you absolutely do.
>Also, Zoomer men deserve credit for not wanting to be slaves to capitalism.
Cringey naive zoomer left-wing politics is not a point in their favor.
>…If a woman falls in love with a guy who doesn't work and doesn't even clean up after himself, then yes, that is her fault.
Yes, yes it absolutely is.

No. 1524920

So zoomer men aren't shitty…they're just, shitty? But this time it's the woman's fault and she's based if he drains her cash

No. 1524922

>Yes, he absolutely will (or can be), and you don't know much about abusive relationships if you think otherwise.
This. A lot of men will financially abuse and manipulate their girlfriends down to their last penny and the woman gets nothing out of it. Far from empowering or smart. If you're a woman being financially supported by a man you get literally the same exact treatment except he's out the house most of the time to work and your bank account isn't damaged. No amount of "but it's her fault" will erase the fact that men being financially supported by women 90% of the time are just financially and mentally abusive

No. 1525384

What a bitchy comment. And he looks ugly and fat in his picture. She’s out of his league both before and after plastic surgery.

No. 1525435

He is a bona fide cow and he has a thread here lolcow.farm/snow/res/1418508.html

No. 1525467

i'm kinda surprised tradthots haven't seemed to have much to say about Roe. Or about Russia/Ukraine either, now that I think about it.

No. 1526525

what's his problem with her anyway? Does anyone know?

No. 1527298

Why would they? Most of them took their own memes too seriously and actually had kids and now are forced to care for them 24 hours

No. 1527415

This time it’s because she made a veiled joke about Nick Fuentes, and Ethan‘s entire career at the moment consists of leaching off Nick’s audience. But he did throw some shit for no reason at all a few weeks ago, maybe to appeal to Nick’s incel fans.

No. 1527445

Lauren has actually made a couple videos undermining Ukraine and bitched about tHe MaInStReAm MeDiA cOvErAgE of the invasion in the first month.
Worth mentioning that she went to Russia back in 2018 to interview Dugin of all people.
I would say her and the other dissident right thots are not talking as much about it because of the overwhelming evidence of civilian executions and rapes committed by the Russian Army that has been shown after their retreat from Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel etc.

No. 1527561

I wish I had got to see Robyn's hot takes about Roe before she locked her account again. The only adjacent figure on a public account being super vocal about it is Lila Rose, but she's just a standard fundie and not a tradthot

No. 1527573

For once they’re actually following their ideology. According to them women shouldn’t talk about politics or have any opinions in general. They are doing so accordingly.

No. 1527810

They are, and it's really surprising they're doing as they say for once

No. 1527945

I bet you that Lauren is secretly pro choice. I've always got the feeling that her heart has always been with the center left, somewhat like Ivanka Trump.

No. 1527974

Do any of you know Brittany Johnson of Politically Provoked? I don't know anything about her, but I guess she was left-wing and now she is trad or something. But apparently she is involved with some really crazy insane drama from this guy https://kiwifarms.net/threads/bigtech-galaxy-jesus-michael-lowry.117948/page-19 who is Ethan Ralph's new cohost, but I'll let a Kiwiscrote tell the story:

>When RPGTV was being sniped by Ethan Ralph BigTech tried to garner Ethan's respect back by going on RPGTV's show and calling him BIG GAY JEW. He was then confronted with his wife and child abusing past and became enraged. Demanding to correct the record that it was merely Wife battery and child endangerment. During this exchange Chantel Brittany Johnson was seeing in the chat running cover for BigSimp and demanded to make an appearance on the show, but when RPG finally let her on she stated she only wanted to be there because of BigSimp. She promptly left sounding disappointed.

>Yesterday BigSimp was in chat for Chantel Brittany Johnson's cozy.tv stream. During the past few streams Chantel Brittany Johnson has been running a bit where for 10 minutes any superchats will go to some regular participant by the name BC_Covington because his mic is terrible. During this time BigSimp was getting visibly angry in chat negging on BC_Covington and causing issues implying BC_Covington isn't a real man for having Chantel Brittany Johnson fund his new microphone. Called him several names such as 'bitch' etc. He offered to just send BC_Covington one of 3 spare mics he had on hand. The Cozy.tv chat warned BC_Covington not to give Mike Lowry his address because he's unstable and claims Chantel Brittany Johnson as his own. BigSimp then joined the VC with permission from Chantel Brittany Johnson and confronted the guy and causing drama. BC_Covington was understandably confused why BigSimp decided this was appropriate and in due course after some exchanges brought up BigSimp's criminal history, which predictably sent him into a rage. BigSimp now enraged started hollerin' into his mic intimidating BC_Covington and forced him to apologize and drop the fundraising for his microphone. Chantel Brittany Johnson was pressed on why she would allow this shit to happen on her own show but claimed she couldn't control the deranged wifebeating BigSimp. Mike Lowry allowed the stream to continue but he sat in the VC taking pot shots because he has to make sure his dominance was asserted at all times for his virgin followers to see.

>It's speculated that Chantel Brittany Johnson and Mike Lowry have an online tryst going on as they are frequently seen together. According to some online sources Chantel Brittany Johnson is (or was) married, however. This poster looks forward to the possible future violence to follow if the relationship progresses.

No. 1528166

She has spoken against abortion before. Her centrist lean there is don’t call the pro choice people murderers because they’ll stop listening, convince them it’s a life first.

No. 1528189

I'm not sure I believe her.

No. 1529614

any idea why she locked her account?

No. 1542267

Then get fucking vaxxed like a sane person would. Holy shit. I'm not even a fan of the authoritarian vaccination policies of Canada and Australia, but if it meant I couldn't see my family again, I'd just bite the bullet and not let political bullshit get in the way of seeing my family again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1542475

She usually only locks her account when she says something controversial that gets a lot of negative attention, so I'm guessing she dropped a hot take right away after the Roe leak and got piled on when it made it to some other part of twitter

No. 1543018

that's odd. Robyn seems like she would bask in the attention of liberals attacking her on Twitter

No. 1543190

File: 1653804171588.jpg (273.37 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20220528-224932_You…)

Lauren's new centrist stance has her discussing her alcoholism, premarital sex and homosexual experiences in featured streams. Pretty amusing 180

No. 1543413

Is Lauren seriously an alcoholic?

No. 1548286

File: 1654289073406.jpeg (329.74 KB, 1170x2532, EE8DCDCE-2AC2-4641-97F1-91352D…)


She’s still posting hot takes on Instagram. What about men who are struggling with infertility, Robyn? Of course she only believes the men who should vote are the ones who happen to be exactly like her husband. Not surprising as it’s pretty apparent she repeats all her takes from him.

No. 1548322

>Not surprising as it’s pretty apparent she repeats all her takes from him
Pretty sure it's the other way around with those 2. Robyn isn't going to play second fiddle to anyone.

No. 1548327

They'll shit on themselves so much for a crumb of validation. Yet all I see from the men on the right is that they're catching on to how women online like these will say anything extreme for their attention

At what point do we start to see these ultra trad thots promote being beaten to death by their baptized land-owning, married with at least 1 child men because domestic abuse isnt bad. Until it happens to them personally obviously

No. 1548420

>They'll shit on themselves so much for a crumb of validation
That's not what it's about. Any woman online can get tons of validation just by spouting right wing talking points. Or posting a picture of her posing with a gun. Or even saying something mildly anti feminist like, "I like to cook for my man!" or "I want to have lot's of babies!". No need for all this misogyny if validation/attention is all you want.

No. 1548476

The giant hat is striking me very sinister in this… almost as if she's a little girl wearing daddy's hat.

The other thing is that everything she's saying reminds me of misogyny fetish stuff from the audio-porn subreddit… There were women who would read scripts (universally written by male users obv) of EXACTLY this kind of shit in it. "Women don't deserve rights, my little brain etc" but with just a touch of "cum for meeeeee oooh" porntalk thrown in. Not even very much though.

This was literally fringe fetish content on gonewildaudio 2 years ago. Like those audios, these youtube shorts are stiff and repetitive and just keep hitting the same scripted lines that the man who wrote it needs to hear over and over in order to dribble out some cum.

tldr these guys say feminism is a psy-op to feminize men, but actually reddit is a psy-op to give men byzantine misogyny fetishes that ensure their inability to cum from traditional intercourse

Oh and also because of this video >>1491809 I ended up clicking on people in the comments and found a guy who has a playlist of MGTOW/PUA stuff and girly make-up tutorials. The make-up videos are for his wife, I'm sure.

No. 1548560

It just sounds like Robin's trying to be extremely misogynistic to one up other trad women on who can be most extreme in their vision of what women should be imo

No. 1548575

Robyn is an extreme narc. She considers herself superior to all women and all men.

Robyn is doing a few things here:
1. Putting her misogynistic male followers in their place, reminding them that merely being male by itself does not grant them any importance so long as they are otherwise losers. They certainly shouldn't think for a minute that just because they are men that they are not inferior to Robyn.
2. Mocking the type of women who do the whole "women shouldn't vote" thing as a way to get male attention. By doing this she gets to put down other women who are competitors for simp attention while establishing herself as intellectually superior to more normieish trads
3. Flexing that she is one of the rare (in these circles) women who is married to a "successful" (by the standards of these circles) man and has children (again, actually having children is rare in trad circles). Robyn is declaring herself to be the real deal, as opposed to her larper followers.

Robyn dominates her weak, beta, low IQ husband. In her dream government, someone like herself would have a fair amount of status and power, at least in comparison to what she has now (i.e. 0 status or power)

No. 1548888

File: 1654356306396.png (579.39 KB, 635x586, streetwalker.png)

Lauren has the most bizzare fashion sense.

No. 1548897

she is too old to be dressing that way, also why does she look photoshopped into this image

No. 1548963

what is age inappropriate about what she is wearing?

No. 1549016

undergrad girl in 2006 dressing up for drinks at a "lounge" called, like, Dynamio's

No. 1549018

kek it’s giving 2014 Acacia Brinley H&M fashion sense

No. 1549064

very pretty little liars circa 2012

No. 1549144

I don't think it's a great picture but I just don't see a problem with the outfit. I actually think it looks better than what she usually wears.

No. 1549162

She basically just hasn't changed her style at all since like the early 2010s. She's looks decent, but I think she could use a bit of wardrobe update.

No. 1549167

She's in her late 20s anon, it just looks like a clubbing outfit. 27 year olds can have fun too y'know. Wearing it to bass pro shop is really random though.

No. 1549298

It’s an ugly outfit

No. 1549524

Her other photos are with Venti in Texas for an event, so packing light I guess

No. 1549670

File: 1654404085073.png (398.39 KB, 828x1792, 2B0B935D-9D33-42A8-B493-DB3B01…)

Brittany Sellner left politics

No. 1549671

was she a politician? i thought she just made videos

No. 1549673

She did a bit of political activism by attending some rallies but mostly made surface level social commentary videos about repetitive subjects.

No. 1549808

She's only 27 anon

No. 1549929

She's mostly just an internet pundit but as the other anon said did go to a variety of protests. Whether she did much besides photo ops at them is debatable though aside from the boat flares incident that got her banned from the UK

No. 1550093

anon was talking about Sellner, not Lauren

No. 1550095

File: 1654450413099.png (8.54 MB, 1284x2778, 6A41C884-DBF5-4029-8442-26ED55…)

Lauren southern back with more lip injections

No. 1550098

Are you sure that's not an allergic reaction?

No. 1550164

you might be right, she made fun of her previous lip injections on a more recent video.

No. 1550173

ayrt and I know, so was I

No. 1550207

was Sellner involved in the boat flare incident? I thought that was Lauren

No. 1550477

She says in the clip it’s allergic but she’ll just just tell people it’s filler. She blamed the raw liver nuancebro and venti made her eat in vids the day before

No. 1550516

Sellner and Lauren used to do a lot of videos and attend political events together. Sellner was affiliated with Generation Identity, the group that orchestrated the boat flare incident. But she wasn't inside the boat herself.
It's curious how Sellner and Lauren ended all contact at the same time Lauren took her maternity break.

No. 1550549

Sellner never came off as much of a try hard, pandering phony as does Lauren

No. 1550672

Sellner still likes Lauren's photos on IG.
My guess is that they're probably still friends, but distanced publicly, so that Lauren looks more centrist.

No. 1550887

She's the epitome of that got mine fuck you attitude. Land ownership is simply impossible in these days economy for the average person and that is when both people in the relationship are working. Good luck with just only one average income and the wife not working, it's simply not possible for most young people unless they have some inheritance/help of parents or bought at the right time in the right area before prices skyrocketed like Robyn and her man probably did. And now everyone who comes too late to the party is automatically a bad person and barred from taking part in society. Yeah right Robyn, is is totally what a functioning society would look like!

No. 1550927

I just realized her and her husband don’t even own land, they are renters. (She’s posted about this on IG.)

No. 1551330

Irony overload

No. 1552761

File: 1654661656725.jpeg (902.8 KB, 1170x2246, 0FAB6E3E-8796-4342-8256-FB23AB…)

Will a trad 6ft+ Aryan Chad please wife Megha already? This pandering is seriously embarrassing.

She reminds me a lot of Brittany Venti, only more poetic and less bimbo.

No. 1552986

all of these women are so underdeveloped mentally

No. 1553251

This point has probably already been made and apologies if so. Venti and Megha are actually so similar. They both require:

-muscular, toned tall men (preferably white)
-ability to be a SAHM (money)
-all potential suitors must be okay with their online presence and orbiters. Venti relies heavily on simps for income. Megha works online with children and is very active on IG and Twitter.

Both are light brown women, reasonably attractive and young, and both eager to get married and have lots of babies with Chad. You’d think out of the dozens—perhaps hundreds—of DMs, a suitable guy has already made his presence and intentions known.

They don’t want to be trad and settle down, though. This would require the online male attention to dry up. A real traditional Chad would tell these women to give up the Disney princess/bimbo act, log off, and start nesting.

No. 1553312

i know this is an old post but i wonder if some are keeping quiet out of fear that the trad monkey paw will curl

No. 1553350


Do you mean about abortion or Ukraine? I think a lot of trad women tend to actually be anti-abortion for their in-group only, if you know what I mean.

No. 1553353

It's all roleplay though. The point isn't to take your Tradwife away from the internet and keep her barefoot-and-preg in a cottagecore mcmansion. The point is to talk about it, perform it, and have other people hear you talk about it. And simp cash.

It's all word games, none of this is real.

It's fantasy play, so letting the real world intervene would disrupt the comforting narcissistic fantasy or something…? I freel like this is all just very control and performance oriented, and they need to stick to their pet topics, not let huge messy real things intrude into the playspace. Like, imagine an ageplay camgirl talking about Ukraine or the USSC abortion stuff, it doesn't work, it bursts the bubble.

I'm just thinking aloud sorry nonnies. I watched one of the Brittany Venti videos where she gets drunk on cam and struggles to put together furniture and realized just how blatant this is as kink content. It's not even play-acting as political commentary any more, that's very secondary.

No. 1553569

>-muscular, toned tall men (preferably white)
Venti has had 2 manlet bf's, and she was openly thirsting for the far from toned Sam Hyde
> A real traditional Chad would tell these women to give up the Disney princess/bimbo act, log off, and start nesting
With Meg, I'm pretty sure it is no "act"

No. 1553573

>I watched one of the Brittany Venti videos where she gets drunk on cam and struggles to put together furniture and realized just how blatant this is as kink content.
What kink is that? "Watching young women mentally unravel"?

No. 1553707

File: 1654735010465.jpeg (434.15 KB, 1536x2048, C47DA5E7-0F94-4F6E-9065-BD5515…)

Anyone know if she’s carrying a high end bag?

No. 1553739

not a big designer label, no
it’s also not on trend right now
but neither is anything else she’s wearing
the peplum dress is very 2017

No. 1553762

File: 1654737996015.jpeg (39.37 KB, 450x450, 6E5161F0-FFD0-4CC1-B4DB-296EA8…)

OT but Rittenhouse perpetually looks like a chubby 12 year old that wears picrel.

No. 1553798

He's such a manlet. He's lucky that fame has saved him from inceldom.
Also, I thought Lauren was larping as a "centrist" now? Has she given that grift up after realizing that the Left will never forgive her so she is stuck pandering to the Right for the rest of her career? I think something similar happened with Shoe.

No. 1553856

Louis Vuitton Thelma bag

No. 1553864

File: 1654741415449.jpg (64.05 KB, 600x600, Louis-Vuitton-LV-Women-Pochett…)

Forgot the pic, sorry. It's from the LV cruise 2020 collection.

No. 1553888

2020 LV Thelma Pochette. $2000 when they first came out, $100 now. High fashion smh

No. 1553891

basically yeah

Bimbo-fetish adjacent for sure. Brainless, helpless, humiliation, etc.

No. 1553894

I was gonna say 2009

No. 1554269

Is Lauren divorcing her husband? Presumably they haven't been together for months and she acts like she's single. She's no longer doing the trad larp anymore.

No. 1554323

>tfw unironically used to enjoy her content here and there after the pear and shuwu vids
Sue me, I know, but I can't stand the bimbo gimmick she's been projecting the past year. Every other word from her mouth is 'bimbo this bimbo that' and she's now embracing talking like a stereotypical y2k white girl to a grating degree. Also, she has no place talking about and owning a fashion channel when she still dresses in massive L's in between her boring muted color garbage.

No. 1554325

Whose the manlet?

No. 1554365

Was trying to place what he looked like every time I saw a picture of him and you described it perfectly kek

I actually kind of like her style but otherwise agreed

No. 1554605

What are nonnies' opinion(s) on the Venti bimbo thing and this bimbo thing in general? Is it women with pickme tendencies feeling compelled to "compete" with transwomen by out-femming them? Is it that niche porn fetishes are creeping even more into the idea of what it is to be a woman? Is it just the recurrence of a cultural moment (90s/00s) with a different, more intense political moment?

No. 1554804

I don't think it has anything to do with troons or the woke tiktok bimbo movement, the BAP orbiter/new right twitter scene was blowing up with bimbo talk last year (anyone remember that stupid Bimbo Ubermensch scam account?) and bimbo nationalism etc. I think Venti and others who are on the bimbo shit now are just late to the trend, maybe because they were used to the older and more well known right wing grifters and it took them a while to notice what the newer grifter community was doing.

No. 1554889

Kyle Rittenhouse. He killed two larping white liberals who were trying to kill him and was tried for their murders. After his acquital, he became a folk hero on the MAGA right.

No. 1554894

Nothing wrong with enjoying Brit's old content. The Shuwu, Destiny, Pear and Pokimane vids are some of the best content in YT history. She beat Roosh at his own game in her debate with him.
I do agree that she seems like she's done now. Content creation is a very hard business to stay in for the long haul. Just look at content creation pioneers like Maddox or AVGN. Remember those guys?

No. 1555042

He has the ugliest cry I’ve ever seen

No. 1555059

Dont forget to mention that they were also wife beaters and convicted child rapists!

No. 1555529

u mad that the DA failed to railroad Kyle, nonnie?

No. 1555859

Abortion, I really think their opposition is purely performative. A while ago, before the RoevWade thing, I saw a lot of tradthots saying things like "lib women aren't speaking up about abortion because they secretly think fetuses are bebies and they really like babies!" but I've lived among lib women and never once saw them saying anything remotely like this, not even the ones who are pro-choice but say they would never get one themselves. Evangelical women on the other hand will scream about abortion being murder but get one without a second thought if they ever get an accidental pregnancy (particularly when they're teenagers or generally young and unmarried, as the social punishment and ostracism would be massive).

I don't think it's all necessarily kink or straight-up fantasy because like mentioned above, IRL "trad" people behave very similarly. They just put pleasing scrotes and upholding their trad reputation above practical concerns and even their own safety. No wonder they believe all the misogynistic shit these men say about women, it all applies perfectly to them. Choosing to stick a hanger up their uteruses because they don't want to displease scrotes is what these men call a "woman moment".

No. 1556339

File: 1654892291371.png (399.6 KB, 594x683, tardthot.PNG)

it's so depressing how tardthots are now calling themselves "radical feminists"

No. 1556433

Can we please start just shaming them for this. People already think radfem = conservative and these retards aren't helping.

No. 1556463

The meaning of the word "TERF" has changed. Now it just means any woman who hates troons, whether she is a feminist or not.
But I also have to say that the overwhelming majority of self proclaimed feminists under 40 are extremely pro troon just like they are pro Islam. 2nd wave feminism just isn't relevant anymore.

No. 1556483

I have a weird theory that one of the reasons I'm relatively attractive compared to my other family is because my dad had me pretty young at 25. This is not backed up by any science lol. ", children born to younger fathers can be as much as 10 percent more attractive than children who have older fathers"


No. 1556752

Tradthots don't bother to think about what the "RF" part of "TERF" stands for when they adopt the label at best, and at worst they intentionally call themselves radfems for the grift

No. 1556786

Well what exactly distinguishes a 3rd waver from a "rad" besides being anti troon and anti sex positivity?
And if we are being honest, some boomer feminists genuinely have drifted pretty far to the right, even if they haven't bought into the misogyny

No. 1557073

It's pretty obvious that tradthots are not feminists of any kind, so it's not really worth derailing the thread to explain who else belongs to which branch of feminism

No. 1558200

This is like her third time posting swollen lips saying they're an allergic reaction, but she definitely gets lip injections and admitted it in a video. It's the one where she's watching a clip from her rebel media days and she remarks on how she's changed herself

No. 1558439

Wouldn't that make it more likely her 'allergy' story is legit though, since she'd have no reason to lie about her lip injections as she's already admitted to them? Would lip injections even make you look like that? Never had them but always just assumed they'd make you look a bit swollen and bruised.

No. 1558525

They look that swollen about 4-48 hours right after you get them. The swelling eventually goes down.

No. 1558711

So she could’ve just waited a day before posting if it was injections. But it was 1 lip only, and she was talking about throwing up and almost passing out on the plane too after eating raw liver. So she gets injections, but not this particular time.

No. 1558812

But it isn't like she is ashamed about lip injections, she is very open about getting them. So what incentive would she have to lie?

No. 1559062

there's this self-proclaimed "based and redpilled" wannabe trad thot in my country who posts jordan peterson and wojak memes to fit in with the RW manosphere. every single photo of her is with her tits and ass out and she's now complaining on her story about her male followers calling her cheap and too much of a slut to want to marry. i don't even feel bad for her because this is what men actually think of you lol no actual trad man is going to want to marry some insta hoe. their audience is literally neckbeard coomers

No. 1559133

I had no idea who tf "Megha" was until I realized it's Margarita lmao why does she bait so much. she's literally of Indian descent but went by an Italian sounding name for so long. She wants to be white so bad it's embarrassing

No. 1559145

You should share some caps, anon

No. 1559176

File: 1655129828906.jpg (678.92 KB, 1080x1928, IMG_20220613_171651.jpg)

this is from her Instagram lol a trad man's dream i bet. we literally live in a country with some of the highest rape rates and she has the audacity to post anti-feminist bs

No. 1559277

Is this bitch desi? South Asian tradthots make me want to a-log. These societies overall haven't even reached the bare minimum freedoms of Western societies and yet scrotes still screech and cry. Catering to these retards in this way while living in a shithole societies is less respectable than opening up an OnlyFans

No. 1559298

I had lip filler before. They are technically considered a medical device/implant (made of hyaluronic acid compounds). Any irritation to the lips, like mild trauma or chemical irritants, can cause the tissue surrounding the filler to swell up this dramatically, because it’s already stretched and dealing with a foreign substance.

No. 1559428

yep she's indian and an ultranationalist. the men she's constantly pandering too are the type that literally rape lizards (not an exaggeration, some indian men broke into a zoo and raped a freaking lizard). any woman constantly defending a country where females aren't even seen as human are such handmaidens it's pathetic. funny that even her simps commented about how she makes hinduism look bad by acting "slutty" yet she still sticks to her dumbass patriarchal views. i h8 pajeets

No. 1559850

Hinduism isn't misogynistic, though, is it? Don't they have lots of goddesses and stuff?

No. 1559853

lol… Hinduism literally had a tradition that forced women to throw themselves into the fire when their husbands died. It was so common that the British Raj had to outlaw the sati tradition and officially ban it. Hinduism also have had traditions of families having to pay a dowry to marry off their daughter to any man. Just like any other religion it’s not any more misogynistic or pro-female. All major world religions are generally misogynistic, including Hinduism.

No. 1559894

When has she been open about it? She denies getting any work done every time someone brings it up

No. 1559899

but what about the goddesses they worship?

No. 1559905

This entire outfit is really weird especially for a turning point event…the peplum dress as someone else described but also the thigh high kitten heeled black boots?? Saging bc nitpicking but this looks very bizarre

No. 1559929

Are you retarded anon? The greeks had goddesses in their pantheon and it didn't mean shit either. Goddesses aren't the same as human females

No. 1560137

File: 1655192995490.jpeg (318.12 KB, 828x761, 7093568A-30D9-4D9B-8D16-6C13CD…)

>marrying an abusive asshole is real and important

No. 1560150

She's kind of right though

No. 1560261

What about it? If some neckbeard loves his waifu and he he can still be a misogynist.

No. 1560268

File: 1655201401839.jpeg (818.79 KB, 1536x2048, EpFdNKAWMAIgsRC.jpeg)

She looks the way delusional trads think women look after they turn 25. I guess sunscreen is too provocative.

No. 1560298

Holy shit the woman on the right looks like she's wearing a wax mask or something, that's actually terrifying

No. 1560300

hinduism literally invented the idea of sorting people into castes and labeling them as "untouchables". Dalit (lower caste) women suffer the most in this country and are constantly raped/kindapped/etc for no fault of their own, just because they were born into a lower caste. it's stupid and needs to be abolished. backwards religions have no place in the 21st century

No. 1560301

They both have such weird faces holy shit, especially Loomer.

No. 1560313

is that a T R U M P TOWEL on the far left?? kewl

No. 1560314

Please provide a list of non-backwards religions for women, anon. I’d imagine it will be very short.

No. 1560417

So you think that Islam is better for women than Hinduism?

No. 1560418

NTA but Buddhism is not misogynistic. Christianity is okay too, I guess

No. 1560421

>Buddhism isn’t misogynistic
>Christianity isn’t either

Fucking kek anon, my sides.

No. 1560462

>Christianity is ok, not misogynistic
pls lobotomize urself nonnie

No. 1560517

she kind of isn't, dummy

No. 1560518

Buddhism states that women cannot reach enlightenment, they have to be reincarnated as a man (higher being) first. It is without question a deeply misogynistic religion. And JFL at Christianity.

No. 1560520

there is no orthodox christian nation that is inherently misogynistic/sexist, not like the way catholic or protestant nations are.

No. 1560568

Buddha never said that. Others who came after him did

No. 1560573

In what fucking reality do you live in anonita.
Even the bible itself is inherently misogynistic.

No. 1560588

File: 1655229403782.png (Spoiler Image, 761.37 KB, 821x634, 3F66D239-DF63-4009-9E65-B0DC14…)

Laura is just generally infuckingsane. I remember there was a vid on twitter of her harassing a guy 5-10 years younger than her. She kept trying to kiss him and got angry when he didn’t want to touch her. I think what’s crazier than that is that she thinks she could ever win any voter over in West Palm who’s not a complete psycho freak like her

No. 1560598

Imagine thinking ANY religion started by moids and run primarily by moid clergy "isn't misogynistic", anon plz get help it's not a cute look to be this dumb

No. 1560599

File: 1655229679911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 601.78 KB, 1176x646, 8882B5A7-6A86-48DE-8675-18829E…)

These are my favorites. The haphazardly placed fake eyelashes, the troon tier lack of lip liner and stick skills. Truly a terrifying image that will survive through the ages.

No. 1560605

She's not a beautiful woman and that's fine, but it's the unmistakeable aura of untreated mental illness beaming from her eyes/face that makes her truly repulsive & frightening to look at. And the brassy dye job and deranged clown makeup just enhances the effect. She could look like a wholesome normie Jewish girl with better styling and not being a fucking wingnut.

No. 1560620

File: 1655230502353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.41 KB, 1280x720, phantom.jpg)

she looks like the jumpscare from inland empire wtf

No. 1561038

she's right that people shy away from "real" things, but that's a good thing, it means we are civilized and able to keep a healthy distance from the horrors of the "natural world". people who worship "western civilization" but simultaneously champion naturalistic bullshit and decry civilization in general are retarded. reigning in your meathead instincts is a good thing, and so is women favoring men who can do exactly that

No. 1561040

how does she manage to look this haggard with this much smoothing filter

No. 1561046

File: 1655261643408.png (225.76 KB, 692x718, temp.png)

No. 1561117

In India, "ultra nationalist" is code for "anti Muslim". Obviously anon hates Hindu nationalism so I'm wondering if she would prefer that India become an Islamic country. If she is anything like most liberal women in India, she is likely a huge simp for Muslims. She already revealed herself to be a fan of the ultra misogynistic Dalits.

No. 1561118

if you are implying that most women are turned on by when men get in fights and break their hands from punching a wall in rage, you are completely wrong. Meg is just being a psycho like always.

No. 1561131

lol, arguing that Hindutva types are less misogynistic
catch up with the twenty-first century

No. 1561254

when did i say that, you retard? i was born into a christian family and am agnostic. there are more religions than just Hinduism and Islam
yes i hate hindu nationalism because neither me or my family are hindu. sorry for not wanting to be treated like a second class citizen in my own country! guess i called out your dumbass religion where you take the world of astrologers as truth and smear cow shit on yourself for festivals. all successful societies are secular. grow up

No. 1561477

what? i'm saying the opposite of that
>it's a good thing women favor men who can [rein in their meathead instinct to get in fights and break their hands from punching a wall in rage]

No. 1561554

File: 1655309456479.jpeg (169.21 KB, 828x602, 220C2F34-AFE6-47C2-B90D-093E3E…)

the lack of critical thinking skills

No. 1561621

All of my bosses and their bosses are women but okay

No. 1561643

i misunderstood. Sorry, anon

No. 1561648

1. You get paid to submit to your boss
2. I've actually never heard a woman say "I won't submit to a man". It isn't something that I've ever heard women discuss one way or the other. Even women who are submissive don't talk about it. Most women aren't radfems.

No. 1561913

>doesn't even consider that women can be bosses
Typical. Also, I've always wondered: since women "submitting" to their boss is framed as a pseudo-sexual act reminiscent of marriage, are men also "submitting" to their bosses like this? Are all these tradwives getting cucked while their husbands symbolically getting fucked by another man?
You don't need to be a radfem to have self respect. Why should any woman submit to a man? To soothe his inflated ego? Pass.

No. 1562021

>You don't need to be a radfem to have self respect. Why should any woman submit to a man?
I'm just pointing out that I've never heard a woman say that she will never submit to a man. Tradthots are arguing like women are all running around saying, "no man will tell me what to do!" but that just isn't the case. It isn't something that even occurs to most women one way or the other.

No. 1562060

This is such retarded moid logic. You don't "submit" to your boss, you get paid for performing a service. It's a voluntary quid pro quo relationship that should benefit both parties, and (gasp) so is marriage. There's no logical reason for any woman to submit to any man, regardless of their relationship.

No. 1562117

>probably in the kitchen
does this tradthot know that most of the best chefs in the world are men

No. 1562119

File: 1655339953576.jpeg (437.18 KB, 828x1388, F439A2D0-059B-4194-BF51-75F9A8…)

tradthots are disgustingly racist (unsurprising) and those dresses are the definition of fugly, although it's also unsurprising that tradthots would have obscenely ugly and milquetoast taste in everything

No. 1562148

I can't tell if this entire channel is a joke or if this woman is really down THIS bad to be pandering to some of the worst type of people

No. 1562229

She looks like a offbrand kamala harris

No. 1562336

Someone tell this troll she’s being used as a free maid by her husband. Also that loud shrill tone to her voice and the tattoos aren’t very feminine

No. 1562381

Went to check that clip because I actually really like floral print, girly dresses, and the normie TikToker was actually right. Most of those dresses are very ugly and bland. Imagine not just being a racist tradthot, but being a racist tradthot with no taste, seething hard because "B-But dressing like this makes me wife material!!1" lmao

No. 1562398

When confronted with evidence that their redpill theory of relationships is wrong (like women actually choosing "beta males"), they don't want to concede, so they insist women who don't follow the model are just defective.

No. 1562596

they aren't, you sound like a deluded moid and a newfag. "hurr durr women cooking for centuries but only men are chefs"

No. 1562636

File: 1655389489897.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1125x2009, 9971F7D6-FEFA-43D1-AE1B-CC868A…)

Her grandma had 7 kids in an ugly polyester Topshop dress? Huh.

No. 1562662

that's not what i said at all but go off retard, keep twisting those words.

No. 1562663

peep the fake nails and polish lol not very trad!!!

No. 1562679

With no context we will never know whether is wasn't granddad giving grandma 7 children while he wore this dress or something different…

No. 1562682

I'm begging internet trads to understand that you can wear dresses is modest or classic cuts without getting it in the fugliest possible prints. There are so many floral prints out there that don't look like creamsicle vomit or dirty dishwater.

No. 1562694

she would literally never wear this disgusting dress herself, it's all performative for these people. you will literally never catch her in this dress lol she knows it's ugly, she also knows that men who are obsessed with trad shit will eat up posts like this.

No. 1562734

I love that this girl thinks buying ugly synthetic fast fashion grannycore trends = "wife material." How internet poisoned can one e-thot be? Also, classic tradthot behavior to seethe at attractive black girls for existing kek

No. 1562736

Lmao thanks anon, now I'm imagining her grandfather putting on his favorite boho chic gown he got off Shein to seduce Grandma into bearing child #6

No. 1562868

>wears short and revealing dress
>wears kitten boots
>taking pics with a guy that isnt her husband
>had a child who she probably left at home to go to a convention with a bunch of men
>uwu im super trad guys
This is the same woman that use to shit on other women because of how they dressed and how liberal they were. Guess she really abandoned the tradwaifu grift, what a joke

No. 1562889

OT sperging over a retarded tradcon shitpost, but I hate it how they frame pregnancy as men "giving" children to women. All men do is ejaculate, women actually make the children, and do the lion's share of childwork the vast majority of the time too!

No. 1563002

File: 1655413514174.jpeg (191.03 KB, 828x647, AAF52472-858A-49DA-BCE0-2D6D43…)

oh boy

No. 1563068

You're welcome, anon. As I see I transferred the disturbing image successfully in another anon's head.

No. 1563317

Oh, honey. I hope this is a LARP because this entire Twitter account is serving tragically dumb and naive.

No. 1563368

Who are you talking about? Have you ever actually watched her content? She was never a super trad, she started off as a libertarian wearing short shorts.

No. 1563678

Yeah it's weird how much attention Lauren gets here when she was never really a "tradthot", just an alt-right/libertarian commenter who happened to be female.

No. 1563851

Is this a real account, a bot, or one ran by a male fetishist? You cant even tell anymore

Massive amounts of cope in that one clip lol. Seething that some women are just chilling at home happily while some scrote works so she has money. Tradthots try hard to shame gold diggers with maids and nannies because they want that too. But their audience despises it

She did make those vids talking about women needing to settle down before 25, played up the trad wife role while her baby was just born though. She wasn't really super yrad then, just willing to get shit on by alt right males who want trad wives for attention and money. Even though she had to pay for a date with a trad alpha male once. I think she gets alot of shit here because of that article that published her frustration with the alt right for being misogynistic towards her too

No. 1564361

Lauren was the original tradthot. She talked about how being trad was the best and how other women were whores for giving into feminism and having their own careers. She was always bashing modern women for being too career oriented, showing too much skin and sleeping around all while she herself focused on clout chasing/her documentaries, wore revealing clothes on camera and slept with half of South Africa. She was initially unapologetically alt right until her recent lame attempt to reinvent herself as a centrist libertardian.

No. 1564391

File: 1655512062592.png (27.72 KB, 751x346, liability.PNG)

Women who push this lifestyle are must either be shameless grifters with so sense of self respect or actual, literal retards. Even their own ideology paints tradwifery as a poor decision: you're a "depreciating asset", wholly dependent on a man and subject to his fickle whims, and without any means of supporting yourself if he decides to trade you in for a younger model, which he deserves to do since you're nothing but an aging burden.

No. 1564393

I'm pretty sure she only started laying off on the tradthottery once her mixed race ex-bf became public knowledge and she lost all altright cred

No. 1564414

also, if she was only pretending to be a self-loathing misogynist for money and clout, that’s just as shitty if not more so

No. 1564451

There is a difference between saying, "Lauren is a talentless, hypocritical and self serving grifter who had no problem with monetizing misogyny at the expense of other women until it was her own ass on the line", which is objectively true; versus saying, "Lauren is worse than Jeffrey Dahmer", which is what Farmers generally say about her.
>>I'm pretty sure she only started laying off on the tradthottery once her mixed race ex-bf became public knowledge and she lost all altright cred
I think she genuinely matured. She was really young when she first came on the scene and was influenced by some pretty shitty people.

No. 1564454

It's all kinda self refuting, too: if this lifestyle is that fulfilling, why aren't you just out there doing it? Why do you need to broadcast it and bask in the attention of terminally online men?
I guess Robyn gets a pass because she obviously needs to always be the center of attention but what excuse do these other women have?

No. 1564508

Lauren debated MGTOW weirdo "Undead Chronic" last night. He was actually brought up in tradthot thread #7 regarding a video he made in response to Lauren. Debate starts at 49:52 and goes on I don't even know how long, which leaves time at the end for 4+ hours of sperging about how women are awful and men are better off without them.

It's hard to listen to the whole thing because they are both so boring and Undead is just so unpleasant, but I was able to get through pieces of it. Lauren won but she wasn't as dominant as I expected her to be. The problem is that Lauren isn't very smart so she can easily be walked into rhetorical traps that are just logical fallacies. She also lets these guys get under her skin and that is always to her disadvantage.

One interesting thing in the debate was that she said that she never claimed to be a centrist and she has never disavowed the right. She merely said that she was done with the race stuff that she was known for in 2015-2017.

No. 1564561

It’s like a retarded version of the Law of Attraction. Tradthots spew misogynistic horseshit for male attention, and it attracts the exact type of men who believe that crap. That’s why, for all their pandering, they nearly always end up with below-average men. Non-trad women usually end up with better men because they don’t specifically select for moids who believe women turn to dust at 25 and feel fervently enough about this to scream about it on the internet all day.

No. 1564964

>"Lauren is worse than Jeffrey Dahmer", which is what Farmers generally say about her
Kek, what? Is this bait?

No. 1565048

The massive cope is that they see women leave dating, choosing celibacy and sterilization and think that they can shame them back into useless relationships with them
Cant wait until they rage and seethe at dating apps having only bots left for them to chat with

No. 1565535

I'm so confused, they're trying to convince women it's better to be trad…by claiming they're a burden/just going to continue to become even more of a burden by being trad? Am I missing something here?

No. 1565585

it's typical negging. sadly some women don't see it in simple logic like this and they actually fall for it.(/pol/ scrote )

No. 1565659

This. You reap what you sow. These women choose to pander to the scummiest bottom of the barrel scrotes of our society and are surprised when their "alpha male" kings turn out to be abusing, cheating, worthless pieces of shit with mental issues. These women are also way more likely to be single and childless in the future than any normie woman or feminist they sperg about (e.g. Shoe0nHead).

If one of your core values on partnership is that women are useless and deserve to be dumped at a certain age….why the fuck do you think YOUR alt-right Nigel will spare you?

I'm glad they're starting to admit that being a wife is nothing but glorified maid service and prostitution according to trad standards.

No. 1566089

this ugly goblin is such a grifter, i've seen clips of her "podcast" and it literally boils down to every single incel talking point. the bizarre thing is she's got tattoos, doesn't she know that all those incels she panders too would automatically think she's a disgusting whore for being tatted?

No. 1566148

I find it hilarious they think this because the black women they hate so much are actually better at being submissive than they are i.e blm, defending black men no matter how awful they are, rampant slut shaming of minor girls, being complicit to the destruction of their own image by black men ect. This is not even a good thing, the only difference is one group fails at this completely and the other group sort of kind of has minor success at it. At the end of the day, the day, the only thing that makes their world go round is male approval and the desperation of being free of the stereotype of the nagging annoying whore who won't submit. I will not be surprised if they consume content from black manosphere content creators because this is probably where their ego comes from.

No. 1566161

>I find it hilarious they think this because the black women they hate so much are actually better at being submissive than they are
American black women are hardly submissive. Africa and the Caribbean are a different story.
>this ugly goblin is such a grifter,
She's plain, not ugly

No. 1566162

How did this warrant a ban? Are mods actually missing a chromosome?

No. 1566190

idgi either, mods in these threads have been extremely retarded for a while

No. 1566265

think the mod misunderstood what anon was saying

No. 1566810

At least maids and prostitutes get paid. These women get nothing for being full time bangmaids, and they have to live with their "boss" as well. What a miserable existence.

No. 1566980

It's hilarious because a lot of prominent radfems & libfems are married with kids and have fairly "trad" family lives. Whereas most tradthots are either perpetually single & desperate, or married to incel manosphere losers who barely acknowledge their existence. Moids are trash universally, but women who display basic respect for themselves and other women seem to attract a better class of male partners than ones who are like "women are depreciating assets, amirite? Worthless liabilities after we turn 22, teehee!" Do you REALLY want to live with a man who sincerely believes that? Why??

No. 1567004

They don't actually want to live with a man who believes that. They want to larp online like they do

No. 1567136

Only people with zero skin in the game or completely insane would ever propose and defend the shit they propose and defend. I think half of them are larpers and the other half is extremely self-destructive people who did the things normal women do to enjoy themselves, like going out, drinking, hoeing out a bit, getting tattoos, as a means of self-destruction (that's why they're constantly projecting that happy carefree girls are secretly miserable and self-hating) and now turn to "religion" and "trad values" as another, different and more age-appropriate means of self-destruction.

From being used as a fleshlight by scummy guys to being used as fleshlight and punching bag by even scummier guys. These are the people psychology was developed to treat. inb4 a retarded tradthot quotes this with "uwu no normal woman enjoys those things, only degenerate onesinb4 said tradthot goes "i'm not a tradthot, this is merely common sense!!!oneone

No. 1570110

Kek her high value husband is a 60 year old worn out leather shoe whose high value dried up sperm caused her to have a miscarriage. Also amusing how most of these tradthots have only been married for a year or less and think they're relationship experts while still being in the honeymoon phase.

No. 1570117

File: 1656019882342.jpg (154.19 KB, 832x862, lookwhaturmissingoutonladies.J…)

forgot pic

No. 1570129

these people are swingers, right? because they look like every gross swinger couple

No. 1570318

I can understand why a man would want to sleep with a younger woman, but don't these guys feel ridiculous running around with a woman half their age in an actual relationship? I honestly cringe more on his behalf than I do on hers.
Btw, that guy is obviously on TRT and that ain't a good look

No. 1570331

oh my god he's literally geriatric im laughing

No. 1570378

She is hard to listen to, her voice is so shrill and lispy. Her channel is full of trad cope. She met her husband in the hospital when she was a medic (Army specialist) and him a physician assistant (Navy commander, prior enlisted as a hospital corpsman). Age gap relationships and fraternization in the military are frowned upon irl. But she promotes it as a good thing and the ideal way to meet a "high quality man". She talks a lot about her active sex life and having babies… Again, cope

No. 1570415

Same anon, I forget to mention she's 26 and divorced (common in the military kek) and iirc she's said her husband is 22 years older than her

No. 1570425

No disrespect, but they both look substantially older than their chronological ages
Also, is her husband wearing lifts? He's old, on steroids AND a manlet. I'm sure he's a nice guy but I think she could have done better

No. 1570461

Men over 35 have more mutations in their sperm DNA, and carry a significantly higher chance of autistic and schizophrenic offspring, even if the mother is younger. In fact age gaps of more than 10 years are associated with an even increasing risk.

No. 1570477

Its mostly just virtue signalling and mirroring. That's also something cluster B people do; feign shared opinions and interests with another person, thereby forcing bonds and feelings of trust/intimacy. These women lurk manosphere communities full of men who hate and resent women, then parrot their views back to them to appeal to these men and manipulate them into simping for them. There's way less competition on the right because it's such a sausage fest, so these women see an easy opportunity to milk conservative simps for betabux and attention.

It's funny because while most tradthots are self loathing, have penis envy, are insecure, and have a fucked up masochism and submission fetish, the fact they're also 'not like other girls', have feelings of superiority over other women, and are usually control freaks who try to gatekeep their husbands sexuality and masturbation habits is also quite telling. It's similar to a narc's simultaneous inferiority/superiority complex.

No. 1570480

It's sad most of them won't become pinkpilled until they're 40, and their wholesome Christian trad hubby leaves them for a pierced tatted 18 year old amateur pagan camwhore called Krystal who is the antithesis of everything Pickme Penelope tried to be and market herself as. Their whole life they've talked about how no high SMV male wants to marry a 40 year old single mom of 4 kids. It'll be interesting to see them in that very position.

No. 1570481

>the way men sacrifice is they die
Can he go die then lol.

No. 1570499

>and their wholesome Christian trad hubby leaves them for a pierced tatted 18 year old amateur pagan camwhore called Krystal
Farmers really need to let go of this obsession. Her husband might drain their joint bank account to pay for his camwhore's OnlyFans but he isn't gonna leave. Women leave men, men don't leave women.

No. 1570506

If he's cheating it's already over. Unless she's a genuine cuckquean.

No. 1570513

Tbf this is why most women shouldn't get married. Not just trad thots

No. 1570514

Many women marry beta males because physically large and imposing, violent alpha males are more likely to kill them. Is she really getting angry at women for choosing to cohabit with less violent guys and practicing self preservation? It's not like being raped and beaten by moids for 300,000 years is our fault.

No. 1570519

looking at porn is skeezy but it isn't cheating

No. 1570524

I never said anything that.

No. 1570525

about that*

No. 1570529

You implied a guy camming with a girl from OnlyFans was cheating

No. 1570534

That is cheating and so is looking at porn.

No. 1570634

>Her husband might drain their joint bank account to pay for his camwhore's OnlyFans but he isn't gonna leave
>u guise there's like a totes meaningful difference between draining ur account, possibly becoming abusive, giving u STDs he got from hookers and making life together hell and, like, physically leaving! even if he does that, u don't have to become a filthy divorcee!!
Listen to yourself, retard.

No. 1570636

Anon said
>leaves them for a pierced tatted 18 year old amateur pagan camwhore called Krystal
>leaves them
Nothing about watching porn.

No. 1570654

kek. Old as fuck and ugly, how promising. I love how trads are all about muh fertility until it comes to men. Enjoy the increased risks of mental illnesses and genetic mutations from his geriatric sperm…in case he can actually get you pregnant, of course.

Both are cheating.

No. 1570751

They aren't the same thing at all, that was my point. I'm sure a tradperv husband would leave for the 18 y/o, tatted, pagan camwhore if he could but instead he will settle for cheating. Y'all act like these old trad guys have unlimited romantic options. They really aren't very sought after

No. 1571058

File: 1656106965004.jpeg (466.04 KB, 750x1067, 8092912C-14D3-49F9-BD60-6A829B…)

The OG tradthot is having fun today.

No. 1571078

>be an adult woman with a husband and child
>still thirsty for attention from strange men online
Tradthots really are just the same as their libfem counterparts, just in denial

No. 1571103

how are libfems thirsting for male attention? I've never seen that with any libfems

No. 1571105

NTA but libfems only believe in a watered down version of feminism which is palatable to men. They parrot that porn and sex work are uwu so empowering while the sex industry was built by and only benefits men.

No. 1571117

nta, generally by accepting money for it and seeing that as "real work" or whatever else

No. 1571124

Jezebel is definitely not trying to be palatable to men, let alone actually seeking out male attention/approval.
I think what happens is that sometimes non feminist women use libfem talking points to justify their own pickmeism but that doesn't make true libfems a bunch of thots.
Generally the main thing with libfems is that they see gender essentialism as the bedrock of misogyny whereas radfems see misogyny as rooted in male biology. Libfems have always been hostile to the idea of women only spaces because the implication is that women aren't strong enough to protect themselves from (or compete with) men

No. 1571132

>women aren't strong enough to protect themselves from men
this is true though…?

No. 1571145

I mean, technically it's true but you have to remember that radical feminism came from women who had ample experience dealing with male violence whereas lib feminism came from middle class, white, Millennial women who came from a culture where men mostly kept their hands to themselves. I don't remember ever feeling physically threatened by any of the guys I went to HS or college with. It always seemed to me like men were far more dangerous to other men then they were to women

No. 1571394

Anytime men start talking about the wall or women 'depreciating', just remind them that all non Chads hit the wall at birth and it never even began for them.(learn2sage)

No. 1571451

How many abortions do you think Lauren Southern has had? Definitely more than one. Remember she's highly promiscuous and it was an open secret she slept around. And right now this cunt has the audacity to post anti-abortion shit on on twitter like it's all a big joke and mock women for being understandably upset, when she herself has had at least three abortions during her "journalist" "career" traveling the world and fucking every guy she came across? But according to her it's different and okay when she does it, right? Hypocrite bitch.

No. 1571480

Damn, you one mad hoe. I couldn’t imagine raging so hard at stuff I made up in my head.

No. 1571482

>when she herself has had at least three abortions
>mock women for being understandably upset
I mean, women are the ones who just banned it. Polls show that women are more supportive of abortion restrictions than men are. It's weird.

No. 1571496

You do realize you can be a complete promiscuous skeeze and never have an abortion? Skanks are usually up to date with their depo shots. Condoms also exist, hoes love sleeping around and not getting pregnant. Birth control is usually free, abortions/plan b etc take money and time out of your hoe regimen.

No. 1571498

actually i believe it was 6 - 3 through the supreme court who did and most of those voting were men

No. 1571505

The pro life movement is overwhelmingly female. Women cast more votes than men do and women have the power to legalize abortion in all 50 states if they want to.

No. 1571517

File: 1656147668170.png (499.31 KB, 1482x1270, Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 1.01…)

I wouldn't say that the prolife movement is overwhelmingly female but there are a fuck ton of women against abortion. A lot of prolife women voted for Trump who picked the Supreme Court nominees who voted this way

No. 1571534

why do you think women who sleep around need to get abortions? a woman who is aware of her cycle will know the ~5 days she is fertile and use contraception or even avoid sex on those days.
it's not that easy to get pregnant. any woman should know that.

No. 1571540

File: 1656151354716.jpeg (300.9 KB, 750x644, 1E6373D9-AA7A-4281-A4E9-7B21A1…)

New mentally ill tradthot.

No. 1571550

The demons w/ sleep paralysis thing is real. I've had the same thing happen to me. Obviously, I'm smart enough to know it wasn't literally a demon but it felt 100% real. I know I'm not the only sane person to have a similar experience

No. 1571578

moidsplained like a pro

>"When sperm are inside women's body, they can live for up to 5 days. If you're a man and you have sex even a few days before your partner ovulates, there's chance they may get pregnant."-WebMD

So even if you are not fertile that day the sperm can still survive for days inside of you and fertilize the egg when you do ovulate. Not all women have regular cycles so determining your exact ovulation period isn't as easy as tards make it out to be. Some people are also unfortunately more fertile than most folks when birth control fail on them well, they get fucked.

You would know this if you weren't such a fucktard who bought into the "jUsT uSe CoNtRaCePtIoN" rhetoric and an unempathetic piece of shit.

No. 1571724

File: 1656170775615.jpg (975.94 KB, 1280x720, Supreme-Court-Roe-v.-Wade-Abor…)

I'd say there is a difference between having an opinion and actively being part of a movement. There is no doubt the most aggressive anti-abortion activists out there are women. When I was in college there was a "pro-life club" that was basically female-only and they would set up these recruitment stands with scientifically inaccurate models of fetuses (fully-formed babies, just tiny). Footage from Friday's decision also shows crowds of women celebrating and chanting. Outside of politicians/influencers/grifters, men just aren't that invested in this debate.

No. 1571728

you're not. I was very much into altered states of mind that have to do with sleeping and i managed to induce sleep paralysis once. It was a very real looking hallucination, so i get that weaker minds can think it's an actual demon but it's so silly anyway

No. 1571746