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File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.

No. 1502157

post a link, this is hilarious

No. 1502162

Omfg thank you OP. Every third post on social media is from some BIPOC "lesbian"/tranny and they're always asking for like 600 dollars to pay rent for the month (or to get "life-saving" sexual reassignment surgery)

No. 1502176

File: 1650032668742.jpeg (139.91 KB, 750x743, AEE6B162-DEC6-4800-821C-A59739…)

I can’t find the last addition to this post where she was crying about ao3 hosting problematic content but it’s hilarious without it

No. 1502180

>comparing yourself to a fucking fanfiction database website where anyone can post their works

No. 1502184

i’m not the biggest fan of ao3 but i hope people continue to donate to them instead of trannies on the internet. it’s just so funny seeing the meltdowns on tumblr whenever ao3 meets another funding goal

No. 1502189

I get some really crazy schadenfreude when I see an ebeg post prefaced with "everyone who donated to ao3 I hope you fucking kill yourselves" kek and they're always past due on rent too.

No. 1502200

would bet money this dude is living in a wealthy white suburb too

No. 1502269

Being asked to do chores and find a job now constitutes abuse lol. Okay.

At least ao3 provides a service. If they are really in need of a wheelchair ramp though, there are plenty of people in communities who will volunteer to do that. I volunteered in a group where it was a specific need we met. They probably just want cash to blow on useless shit.

No. 1502281

Lol what? This is the most basic shit that any parent with an adult child living with them would expect. Most people do all this without having to be asked. It’s not abusive for your parents to expect you not to be a neet. >>1502176
God I hate this too. I see this all the time on Instagram “I’m black/trans/disabled/autistic etc give me money”. The worst is when they claim it’s “reparations”. Bitch, my family was still in Russia when slavery was happening in the US, I don’t owe you shit, and neither does anyone else. Get a job like the rest of society.

No. 1502312

I want to make an account for e-begging LARPing as a MTF but Im at loss of where to get the pictures from. It’s simply unhinged that whole able bodied males are making thousands of dollars off the backs of bootlicking women with inferiority complexes.

No. 1502459

>fucked up spelling for venmo, cashapp, and paypal so that people can't filter her post

this shit's infuriating

No. 1502521

File: 1650057602973.png (552.78 KB, 760x841, F1925A2F-A1CD-4D44-89A9-956D6F…)

Fakeboi wants 4K to go to Europe.
She was bragging about getting into her dream college shortly before this by the way.

No. 1502531

No. 1502538

File: 1650058916074.png (278.8 KB, 432x789, E7B043B4-B264-4889-A11A-A519D3…)

>search trans
>all those e-beg posts
How much you wanna bet this one just translates to his mom won’t buy him programmer socks

No. 1502564

Looks pretty fake. I'll bump it anyway. This seams entertaining enough.

No. 1502569

fuck, where was this thread 8 years ago? i could post about my idiot former friend who also ebegged for uk uni funds because life as a neurodivergent, nonbinary, disabled and asex snowflake in a different first-world eu country just doesn't cut it. needless to say she's unemployed and even more special now.

No. 1502577

please tell me these people aren't any older than 20. this is so embarrassingly un-self-aware.

No. 1502579

Not to mention this person can easily get into supportive housing.

No. 1502581

I have a former friend just like this too, is she also quite fat with bad filler now?

No. 1502588

File: 1650063831278.png (165.35 KB, 1098x752, Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 6.53…)

My personal favorite. Fat ftm and her equally fat wife. Been grifting for over 5 years using the same copy paste method, usually every two weeks, begging for money. Tags popular artists and people with large followings that I'm surprised they haven't been blocked by all of them. Uses popular tags and was even shameless enough to use the Ukraine war related tags. The so called "stroke" medicine is literally just weed.

Claims to be unable to work due to disability (just a fatass) or no one is hiring (lying). Has a persian cat that clearly needs eye drops as the eyes are always crusty. Anytime they need money they just post on twitter it's pathetic these leeches manage to make their goal every time.

Their whole life is a train wreck and they get overdrawn on their bank account often. Have fallen for some of the most basic scams too. Take a look for yourself.


No. 1502614

File: 1650066990662.jpg (52.75 KB, 670x729, 6f7e54951ee334889fd20c8f638ba7…)


"My family is from Russia so we don't owe you anything and neither does anyone else!"

Your ancestors may not have enslaved anyone, but America benefited from the institution of slavery. Segregation and voter suppression gave advantages to White Americans (as well as immigrants) in the form of cheap Black labor, reduced employment competition and the power to elect politicians who enacted laws that worked in the best interest of Whites and against equal opportunities for Black people.

Meanwhile in modern times, white women are the main ones reaping the benefits of practices such as Affirmative Action. Funny to see a privileged woman drawing the lines of who deserves what despite she, her friends, and her ancestors having reaped some benefit off the backs of the people she simultaneously puts down.

Thanks for reminding me as to why I don't care about white suffering.(racebait)

No. 1502619

seethe, cope, relax your hair

No. 1502625

NTA but she's right kek

No. 1502628

Wow do they know what normal people do when they can’t afford something that is a luxury? Either miss out or work for it. This shit makes me eye roll so hard. You can add “queer and disabled” to anything and get people kissing your ass for it.

No. 1502634

Why are you sticking up for lazy unemployed people who feel it necessary to stick black/trans/queer on their tweets begging for money? You can acknowledge that America benefits from slavery and also acknowledge that these retards are milking oppression so they can get paid for doing absolutely nothing and contributing nothing to society. It's not reparations or some sort of quirky counter attack against people's ancestors, it's just fucking lazy, let's be honest. You can waffle on about "white suffering" all you want but it doesn't change the fact these people are useless leeches on society who would rather beg for scraps online than get out there and contribute something like the rest of us do. It's nothing to be proud of.

No. 1502639

keep that attitude and maybe you'll get $100 in donations from guilty wokes this month

No. 1502640

I wish there was a way for me to easily go back and find this but 6 or 7 years ago some girl posted in a facebook group for my university class asking for donations so she could go visit her long distance boyfriend who lived in Taiwan or something. She included a photoshopped picture of him and her together and there was more on her profile. It was the funniest thing and people were calling her out all over the comments. Part of me wonders if she was just some obsessed stalker and it was a one sided "relationship" because that's the vibe I got from the unhingedness of it all

No. 1502652

9 times out of 10 troon kids are hyper privileged and expect things to be handed to them.

No. 1502659

Idc if someone recognizes this but a former friend’s sister e-begged on facebook moneyfor her trip to italy, so she could see the dude she was fucking. She later on got knocked up by a mystery man, because it seemed like every month there was a new romance of the century that required other peoples money to keep afloat. The italian dude also gave her chlamydia, no idea how much money she ended up leeching that time on fb but her mom was mortified because this bitch was very much in debt on top of this.

No. 1502664

>financially abused
He's a college aged adult So unless his parents are stealing money from him, they can't 'financially abuse' him.

No. 1502703

>oo oo a aa me want banana(racebait)

No. 1502767

a popular artist i followed used to retweet this shit like clockwork. i had to mute them.

No. 1502906

Only red flag in this are the bootcamp programs mentioned at the end. 9/10 times those places are full of abuse, violence, hard drugs, brainwashing and cult behavior. A well-meaning parent could get tricked by their sparkly clean advertising though so the mom most likely has no idea how much of a hellhole those places are and just wants to help her failson-to-be.

No. 1502913

File: 1650098322634.png (92.87 KB, 588x385, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 1.30…)


oh my god lol i saw this thread and was literally going to go dig through twitter to post about this exact person. it's the sirenhead creator guy that retweets it constantly, right? they ebeg constantly and make the same exact post every time, I remember seeing on a rare occasion where the sirenhead guy didn't retweet and this fucking furry tags them in pic related. like how are you not too humiliated to be living like this?

also the dramatics of "she will DIE without her mediation" is hilarious to me because it's like….. no one is going to die because they didn't get to fucking have weed

No. 1502916

This is surreal. He's been posting the exact same shit for literal years at this point. Ebegging for his wife's life saving edibles that are running out NOW NOW NOW SHE'LL DROP DEAD AT MIDNIGHT WITHOUT HER EDIBLES is literally his job. I keep seeing this fatass pop up in my circles and whenever I've thought to point out hey, this is a scam, people actually go and defend him so he must be targeting people who are even dumber than him, which is kind of a feat.

No. 1502925

Go back.

No. 1502938

File: 1650106244404.jpg (272.07 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20211028-141325_Ins…)

This had me rolling when it popped up on my Instagram

Fucking REALLY? It was weed this entire time? I had to block that fool since I followed Trevor and their near constant begging was getting aggressive

No. 1502952

File: 1650109342246.jpeg (486.84 KB, 750x1294, 5C6A20E6-B053-4319-A55E-5EB575…)

This is my personal favourite e-beggar. Ribka’s story changes day by day, but the most recent claim is “coming into the ER having a ‘grand mal seizure’ (self diagnosed) able to walk and talk, but the nurses just don’t believe it” and “having to restart my OWN heart with a cardiac massage!!1!1!” unsurprisingly, the actual doctor on call at the hospital ended up basically ragequitting the doctor-patient relationship. Ribka fails to understand the hospital does not have endless resources and personnel to dedicate to malingerers.

The actual diagnosis given by the actual doctor? It’s fucking hypothyroidism. But sure, you “restarted your own heart,” just like how your infection magically became sepsis when a regular IV bag of antibiotics wasn’t drastic enough to get Twitter donations. Bitch, you walked into an ER AOx4 and started screaming about having a type of seizure you’ve clearly only seen in movies. Where does the delusion end?

No. 1502980

File: 1650113849396.png (477.75 KB, 1098x1298, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 8.49…)

It seems like slimy has slowly stopped retweeting it, likely tired of their situation never changing. Tyger even admitted to the fact that they get the most donations when henderson retweets so it's blatant leeching and why they focus in on getting retweets from him. The thinly veiled compliments with the request to retweet their ebeg post right after is so shameless.

I honestly believe they are poor fucks that are just too fat/lazy to work and want what little they can get panhandling online. Because the wife would have been dead ages ago. There's no way they hit their goal every time this post is shared around. Its also ironic that in this so called life or death situation the ftm refuses to grow a pair and work to support the both of them.

Pic related, they had a post talking about how suddenly the bank hit them with all these overdraft fees. That's how banks work. If you made purchases without the funds available those fees stack up so quickly. I don't know if they are just extremely retarded and believe this was somehow a mistake on the banks part, or are just altering their wording so they can get strangers to cover for their mistakes.

No. 1503060

lilyglazed, a famous genshin artist, always begs for funds because of her disability and medical insurance and being a poor starving artist but she actually spends THOUSANDS on gacha games…
i may not be disabled but i can't afford to gamble like this wtf

No. 1503126

File: 1650128645855.jpeg (63.38 KB, 680x616, DkBsr25WwAE3N2w.jpeg)


I can't believe he really thought it would be a good idea to type that out

No. 1503157

yeah it's trevor/slimyswampghost. all i thought every time i saw that fucking post pop up is "good i hope she dies so i dont have to see this post anymore"

No. 1503176

File: 1650133016592.png (345.89 KB, 720x958, IMG_20220416_201319.png)


He only had to @ tweet at him 4 times, until he retweeted it

No. 1503179

It's always the 400lbs weed smokers with 30 pets that beg.
Or cute girls claiming to be in a dire situation whilst smoking 3 packs on story.

No. 1503181

have they ever clarified why she can't take regular treatments for cushing's? surely the stroke issues are from that.

No. 1503234

Is unclefather from tumblr still around?

No. 1503236

Holy shit I remember her, inbetween the quirky funny posts on her tumblr was constant ebegging i unfollowed shortly because it became annoying so quickly.

No. 1503240

File: 1650140023692.jpg (168.7 KB, 564x783, eatingedibles.jpg)

picrel is from her website. does an awful lot of dancing around as to why weed is the only thing that helps. i find it really hard to believe that the wife doesn't qualify for disability if her condition is that bad. fuck, disability lawyers work for free until you get your backpay after you're approved. fatties would rather beg online for their weed chocolate than do anything to marginally improve their lives.

No. 1503246

Kek I forgot about her, if I recall correctly she got knocked up by some dude who immediately left her after a few months and would constantly ebeg & push ads on her tumblr

No. 1503248

>writing on her own chart
>using medical equipment on herself
They should have thrown her out. Maybe if she lost weight she wouldn't have all those health problems. Bet her grandparents were all obese.

No. 1503265

I never understood who falls for these. If someone has no money, they will spend yours. You might get an art commission back, but anything physical? You'd be better off burning your money. These people can never resist the temptation of spending all the payment on themselves immediately. They think in their heads they'll spend it all now, buy the materials next pay… and suddenly a month later the thing you bought hasn't even been started. People really have to learn. Even selling items these people already have, they spend the shipping money… you will never see it.

No. 1503301

i'm guessing other meds necessitate lifestyle changes and that's too hard. either way why the fuck aren't they growing it themselves? nothing about this holds up to any scrutiny, i can't believe i've been seeing it for so long

No. 1503322

holy shit, her twitter is a munchie goldmine. queer non-binary disabled jew, huh? of course she has pots, eds and fibro too!

No. 1503338

File: 1650153558719.jpg (460.76 KB, 1333x1122, tumblr_74f34bf57ecf19bcd028b32…)

this thread looks so promising! i'm going to dump a bunch of tumblr ebegger caps i've saved here

No. 1503341

File: 1650153782070.png (754.79 KB, 1225x889, mutualaid.png)

this girl is a personal cow of mine, she's 22 years old and lives with her parents who pay for all her expenses, claims they abuse her because they misgender her & makes donation posts biweekly to buy stuff because she doesn't want to actually get a job

No. 1503344

File: 1650154161500.png (879.91 KB, 636x2172, he him.png)

this girl also regularly makes donation posts & i can't shake the feeling that the texts she posts with her "abusive mother" are fake. they just sound weird

No. 1503391

they're faker than "my stepmom sold me to one direction" wattpad fanfics

No. 1503426

did the math and the wife is… 39? what a sad life, jesus christ.

No. 1503470

File: 1650167192963.png (964.41 KB, 1200x1128, 04DE3F9F-0A77-427E-A8F9-5FE7F2…)

Yes like KF fave Rabbie Davis who ran a scam drop shipping boots from China. As soon as she got the money she spent it on weed or something and not towards the production costs of the boots! Looking at her reviews on her site before she deleted it, more people were scammed out of their money than actually got their shitty sweatshop boots,

Of course Rabbie blamed the people doing the actual work in China for “ghosting” her, claims her mental health is too poor to reply to emails from customers asking where the Fuck their boots are, and constantly ebegs for rent money and groceries despite her own mother running a food bank.

Picrel is a typical example of grift

No. 1503487

File: 1650171118357.png (129.24 KB, 536x362, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 9.47…)

I just found the website myself and holy shit, it is easily the most depressing thing i've ever scrolled through. just a full decade basically of constantly either fucking up something spectacularly that could have easily been resolved otherwise, or a plethora of convenient excuses for why their lives are so desolate. I almost believe some of the things he's said has happened to them, like his wife could very well be as sick as he claims (she just needs REAL medication that isn't WEED CHOCOLATE BARS FFS). but so much of it is fixable, avoidable, sounds very….. doubt.jpg, or just flat out is a situation you should be handling on your own rather than sit there in your sad sack hovel and expect all your twitter mutuals to pay for forever. get on fucking welfare and disability if you're really so disabled and if you don't qualify for it, maybe that's because you're literally just fat


a very "glass bones and paper skin" story all-around. idk there's just something so funny about the easiest delivery job in the world where you make your own hours and are sitting for 90% of it "almost killing" you. also the constant "my wife needs to be by my side 24/7 or she will die from stress strokes" excuse as the reason he hasn't had a real job in years and "can't" get one.

No. 1503488

File: 1650171228770.png (33.4 KB, 467x59, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 9.53…)

samefag but this part took me out

No. 1503489

File: 1650172575824.jpeg (238.93 KB, 1125x666, EF78D12C-A48E-44F3-80C5-4BB8B3…)

The FAQ sent me into hysterics. Imagine financing a fucking cat and living in fear of it getting repo'd.

No. 1503494

what kind of retard finances a fucking cat???

No. 1503495

holy shit this made me laugh so hard i teared up. james the cat getting repossessed. i'm pretty sure if they defaulted on payments it would go to collections or something, but thankfully i've never been stupid enough to finance a pet.

No. 1503497

File: 1650174335461.png (114.71 KB, 740x178, wow.png)

this whole faq is incredibly funny in a pathetic way

No. 1503507

How the fuck does a cat cost over 300 dollars??

No. 1503512

File: 1650177223189.png (500.87 KB, 619x544, james the cat.png)

this is the cat. he's a cute boi but 300 dollars? also why are his eyes so crusty and dirty??

No. 1503513

Christ. Getting an inbred pedigree cat when you’re claiming poverty is a bold move. Also cat from a pet store, so no surprise its got ongoing health issues. They’re not allowed to sell puppies or kittens in stores here.

No. 1503546


once again, they make all of the stupidest decisions possible for the situation. you would think two heavily disabled obese people with insecure housing, car, and financial situations maybe shouldn't add an animal to their responsibilities at all or should at least wait until they can afford one, but of course they went ahead and did it anyway. adult cats adopted from a shelter depending on your area can be as cheap as like $25-50, but for some reason they need a fucking purebred persian. then on top of that they have the audacity to to adopt one through a pet store instead of maybe a reputable breeder when pet stores are known to be awful, use puppy mills, etc etc. and the cherry on top is instead of waiting until you can afford the entire fee they go through a payment plan with interest fees for a cat that they do not need. or idk, maybe i'm ignorant here and the wife needed a comfort companion or else she'll die again! nice to see how well they're taking care of their big investment though. i'm sure he's very happy living his life with all that crust buildup around his eyes and no one cleaning him. funny, all those tweets get churned out weekly about them starving and how they can't afford groceries and yet i've never seen a single one acknowledge that they can't afford to feed their cat. hopefully that means they're being so selfless they buy only cat food and weed chocolate and are otherwise wasting away right?

No. 1503587

I love how he admits he's so obese that he's 500 pounds and his lymphedema is so bad that his doc thinks his disgusting blob legs are half his entire weight. He also says he's so fat he can't wipe his ass without assistance.
How about losing some fucking weight fatass?

No. 1503589

i rarely laugh at lolcow posts but this shit had me cackling for some reason. might be the funniest shit ive ever seen on here
helps seeing a picture of the cat as contex

No. 1503620

File: 1650197256697.png (1.24 MB, 1086x1122, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 8.01…)

So glad people are aware of these cretins. Here's one of my favorites from them. One look at these pictures and you can just TELL these fatasses couldn't do the bare minimum of packing ahead of time for themselves. So what do they do? They actually pay the expensive extra fee for the movers to handle it. Movers don't want to do it and generally hope the price turns people away so of course they don't want to do it correctly. They sit at home all day, in a literal pigsty.

Bonus, they had the nerve to blame the movers for the reason one of their cats got out. They didnt put either of the cats in carriers or the bathroom ahead of time while the door was open. Movers aren't going to touch your pets. I just can't believe how dumb they are. Probably a handful of brain cells shared amongst the two.

No. 1503621

No. 1503684

the kfc bucket KEK

No. 1503708

i've never had to hire movers, is it normally expected for them to do the packing for you? i thought they just, you know, MOVED things.

No. 1503712


Is there fucking food in the pet dishes that they expected the movers to move..

As per previous anon, I don’t know if it’s different where they are but where I live (Canada) movers will move pre-packed boxes and larger items - think tables, couches, tv, dressers, etc.

They would never start packing away your (likely by this pic) dirty ass clothes. Bag away your pet food to clean the dish and pack away.. what. are. these. expectations.

I can’t fathom this is how the moving business is run anywhere.

No. 1503714

File: 1650206442225.png (179.02 KB, 720x812, IMG_20220417_163816.png)

It's not.

Of course they couldn't because something something (to fat)

No. 1503715

File: 1650206496205.png (545.37 KB, 720x933, IMG_20220417_163843.png)

How dare they didn't sort all their stuff lol

No. 1503717

no, they're just fucking lazy. i bet all the money they spent on movers was cRoWd FuNdEd too.

No. 1503723

No absolutely not. You're supposed to have everything in boxes already and the most they'll do is wrap your furniture in bubble wrap before they take it to the truck

No. 1503724

File: 1650207080808.png (263.18 KB, 720x928, IMG_20220417_164937.png)

No. 1503729

lol right next to the magnum of red wine, great diet for preventing strokes

No. 1503732

someone on reddit did this with a dog and ended up owing the pet shop like 3 grand with compounding monthly interest kek. Financing an animal is otherwordly stupid

No. 1503735

Poor James. He didn’t ask for this. I hope he’s having a decent life.

No. 1503747

File: 1650208083269.png (441.69 KB, 794x812, 01jh890pgn771.png)


No. 1503749

File: 1650208359672.jpeg (430.28 KB, 1036x583, 56E76A09-2C3C-4621-A69C-69A831…)

Parts of it make no sense at all. He says he can’t do commissions bc he can’t sit at the computer for too long then in another question says that he’s 80% sedentary and that’s why he’s fat. It’s pure laziness. Also wrt pic related, why would you even have to say you’re Jewish? If you’re that hungry, you’d do anything to get the food you need. Like why would the food banks even care?

No. 1503752

They sure do complain a lot for people who have no right to be complaining.

No. 1503768

File: 1650210364891.jpeg (76.29 KB, 800x451, 62462025_1641574663149183_r..j…)

>Her meds cost me $100 a week ($103 with ATM withdrawl fees) just to make sure she has them.
so she's going to some rando on the street for her wife's life-saving medicine, instead of a dispensary.

also according to their GFM, they have two cats. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-disabled-couple-move-asap

No. 1503795

They totally had a gofundme posted by another a couple replies up. They didnt make anywhere near their goal yet somehow was still able to move. So question is where is this money coming from. They are clearly getting some sort of income outside of the ebegging but strangely don't mention exactly what it is.

No. 1503815

american dispensaries have a $3 atm charge, still "life saving" is utter bullshit lol

No. 1504007

we don’t want you stay the fuck in america pleaee

No. 1504084

nah same deal in burgerland, I'm assuming they're burgers anyway
most people I know move shit themselves or get friends to help just because hiring movers is expensive

payment for friends is beer and pizza lmao

so I'm reading that they have no family or friends

and they expect these rando strangers to give a fuck about their stuff when I'm sure it was literally thrown all over the place, when their JOB is to move boxes, not treat your toys with TLC

No. 1504680

File: 1650312203215.png (142.57 KB, 720x720, IMG_20220418_220219.png)

Working hard since 5 years Hmn?

Really wonder how much they get every month

No. 1504701

>richmond, california


No. 1504706

what was he expecting? jesus
what kind of life is this? just constantly begging for money, no goals or aspirations. in a way i feel sad for them. wonder what their family thinks

No. 1504769


Richmond can get pretty hood tbh. I'm sure there's nice parts, kind of like Oakland

No. 1504883

File: 1650328518311.jpg (318.08 KB, 699x876, RocFinal.jpg)

This is probably ignorant of me, but if she can manage having a doctor and has some form of insurance, why isn't the doctor trying to help them lose weight? Wouldn't some kind of weight loss management or medication for that be a "necessary evil" in this case (assuming it doesn't counteract with the other million conditions she has)? And when it comes to the wife needing stroke medication, I'm sure there has to be something officially prescribed, insurance covered (or at least more affordable with a co-pay), and not expensive, like chocolate weed?

Her art isn't even that good, which is kind of the icing on the cake. No wonder she has to beg about her wife literally being on the verge of death constantly, because who would pay for that? I'd honestly give up the cats and do a suicide pact if this was my life.

No. 1504928

Literally hitting every munchie condition known to man lol

No. 1504937

Lmao why are e-beggars always buying outrageously expensive pets?? I have a full-time job and I still got my cat for free from a shelter because I think it’s dumb to blow that much money when there are lots of perfectly good abandoned animals who need homes.

No. 1504939

Kek food banks don’t turn people away due to their religion, if they receive federal funds (and most do) they can’t even legally ask your religion. These people are deranged.

No. 1504941

File: 1650332586770.png (61.37 KB, 675x93, Our Current Situation.png)

Apparently the cat has been paid off, but I don't understand why these people who claim to be severely disabled, can't work, and constantly need money for medications have to get a pet on top of that. That's honestly cruel to the pet. You (general you) can pull the "emotional support" card, but she claims to play Warcraft to unwind, so it's not like they're completely free from any "joy" in their life.

Even if they were run by Christians, how would they even know the wife is Jewish unless she's out there exclaiming it? I've been to food banks when I was low on funds, and they don't care who takes the food. It sounds like some made up oppression olympics. I live in a Christian area too, and those services still have basic hospitality, just don't flaunt your differing opinions in their face.

No. 1504967

File: 1650334593480.png (184.97 KB, 720x1139, Tumblrbeg.png)

No. 1504969

Oh yeah speaking to people like that will definitely make them want to show you kindness.

No. 1504971

WOOF, the tracing is apparent and horrendous

how much are they charging?

No. 1504977

>you don't want the smoke

nah i'm pretty sure vast majority of people could kick a disabled person's ass, especially a rude ass weirdly entitled beggar

No. 1504979

I think whorephobic is my new favorite word.

No. 1505013

File: 1650339267208.png (336.39 KB, 373x690, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 8.32…)

genuinely curious as to how well her whole "fuck you, pay me" method is going for her lol. it's just so jarring to go about it that way that i can't imagine anyone feeling enticed to donate, but if it's going to work on any website tumblr is the best way to go

also just checked her blog out and it is a fucking goldmine. like, every other post is insane. it's exactly what you'd expect it to be, worse even. picrel is part of her current pinned post

No. 1505131

> 1000+ totes adorbs super awesome magical quirky collectible fun stickers
kek, imagine being almost 40 and owning that

No. 1505134

yeah she still does it, now she has an onlyfans as well iirc

No. 1505183

File: 1650351279908.jpeg (214.49 KB, 1242x919, 2A86CF5C-94CC-499F-B7BB-A49226…)

this person is such a cos holy shit

No. 1505185

File: 1650351365625.jpeg (330.07 KB, 1242x1661, 9083DE71-500C-4833-AF4A-023C7B…)


No. 1505188

File: 1650351482989.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2151, C3C22B5E-821D-445F-982B-AAACB4…)

top fucking kek she is absolutely
off her rocker she must get disability if she’s that insane

No. 1505222

pretty sure he ended up dying too, then she got so sick that she couldn't work for like 2 years and was in and out of hospital so she's got a bunch of bills. got pregnant again and has been on the professional grift ever since. p sure tumblr blocked post of her e-begging posts cus she does it in the notes or gets others to publish the post so she can reblog it every day

No. 1505283

>Reading just the headline
Oh college is important so while annoying, I kinda get having a Venmo to move to a city so they can get educated
>NY to UK

No. 1505288

Why are these people so obssessed with getting useless garbage when they are so "poor"? This "poor people deserve nice things" motto doesn't apply to sticker books or wine every night. It is even more egregious when they get kids and pets, living being that are costly and will suffer in the end.

No. 1505300


Wait… They're in California. Cheap weed from a dispensary is not that expensive…

As long as they don't live in like a super rural community, there are also countless food banks. Our current housing crisis means that food bank / community care resources are getting a boon of funding.

No. 1505419

Even funnier to me is the shading. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it lol. It gets on my nerves when people put out that they want commissions but have no clue what they’re doing and make no effort to improve. Most people at least try to get to a point where their work is of a certain quality before doing that.

No. 1505421

How are some arm stretchmarks proof of a hit and run lol

No. 1505422

No one is entitled to college though, and if you do want to go it doesn’t have to be your first step at 18. They could work for a while to save up money, even if it’s a job that doesn’t require much. Look for grants, seek out a cheaper school closer to home, etc.

No. 1505443

this was over a 16 year old calling her a fatty btw

No. 1505445

Damn, some people just can’t let petty insults slide.

No. 1505453

as someone who lives in a third world country these kinds of posts have always annoyed the shit out of me. its always middle class people living in the suburbs asking for like 4000 dollars and im like with that much money you could support an entire 4 person family for months around here and im not exaggerating

No. 1505466

she deleted her entire fucking account kek she is so thin skinned

No. 1505473

hahaha again? she's remade like 10 times already looks like someone can't take a hint

No. 1505511

Omg thank you for introducing me to this cow couple, what a horrifying yet fascinating trainwreck. He has a whole thread listing his "disabilities" and they're literally all obesity related. Someone asked why he can't do a telemarketing job from home then, and he blamed his "phone phobia." For people who claim to be broke they blow money on the most retarded shit, from weed gummies to the Persian cat to spending thousands of dollars on movers because they couldn't be bothered to pack a single box on their own. Absolutely shameless grifting, fucking kek

No. 1505557

Isn’t chronic weed smoking a risk factor for recurrent strokes? This makes no sense.

No. 1505578

Do any anons ITT have experience with friends (either online or irl) e-begging and if so how do you deal with it? I’m not in woke circles at all but I know at least a couple of people who do this so I’m curious how common it is. I also think it’s worth saying how funny it is that it’s always the T you see e-begging and virtually never the LGB.

No. 1505579

File: 1650391806730.png (33.49 KB, 648x291, 1.png)


No. 1505620

File: 1650394122960.png (78.49 KB, 803x555, Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 13-47…)

On what planet is replying to a post with a picture of your waifu an epic own???

Apparently she left tumblr (though she's bound to come back soon enough); searching her URL shows me a friend talking about it and another person criticizing her calling randos the N word hard r.

No. 1505805

she deleted because a tumblr called ebegcringe re blogged her post and linked to the mcdonald’s vacancies website kek she has so fucking skin whatsoever

No. 1505840

I ignore it, unless it's for a charitable cause or I really want to help them for whatever reason. But I'm extremely cautious lately. I used to donate to more local people's GoFundMes during COVID and ended up with several really persistent stalkers who harassed/guilt tripped me for money constantly until I had to block them. A lot of people have zero gratitude and basically see you as a cash cow if you help them out even once, so fuck 'em.

And I will NEVER donate to gender reassignment surgeries - not with so many people dying of life-threatening diseases who struggle to afford necessary surgeries.

No. 1505872

File: 1650403411671.jpg (958.11 KB, 1980x2640, gothsuccubi.jpg)

apparently by "not using donation money correctly" she means spending $900 on makeup and clothes? picrel it seems like that money has been put to…good use…

No. 1505874

File: 1650403458866.png (745.9 KB, 2086x1426, payments.png)


No. 1505886

Umm…is this a biological female?

No. 1505890

i think we were mutuals on tumblr for a while because i posted goth fashion, but she’s been utterly insane throughout the last 10 blogs. she keeps getting deleted for calling for white genocide. she was slightly less insane like two years ago lmao.

No. 1505941

Literally looks like an amateur drag queen.

No. 1505965

File: 1650408273087.jpg (44.7 KB, 828x120, IMG_7668.jpg)

i'm pretty sure she is a biological woman (somehow), she loses her shit when randos on tumblr call her a girl

No. 1505977

>shitty wig that looks like it's from amazon
>shittily applied makeup
>cheap amazon tranny choker
She looks like she's doing drag but instead of imitating and mocking women she's imitating and mocking trannies.

No. 1505986

This tends to be how female-born enbies who still present feminine are. They want to be feminine in the way a gay man or drag queen would be, which is why they wear makeup and sometimes use female pronouns, but if you see them for what they are (a typical woman but with a snowflake complex), they lose their shit.

No. 1506003

>still present feminine
legit looks like a gay man, and that nose jesus
how can a biofemale have such an unfortunate face kek

No. 1506120

I’m insulted anons would even begin to think this wasn’t an old man. Like damn, if his FACE isn’t enough, the things he says should be. He doesn’t even seem gay, just a black manosphere freak. Black AGP unicorn.

This is just some feisty non-binary crap.

No. 1506131

File: 1650417711865.png (713.02 KB, 533x811, 4565.PNG)

guess who's back!

No. 1506149

The state of goths today.

No. 1506212

are we sure this isn't a 40 year old man?

No. 1506215

File: 1650426081053.png (559.65 KB, 1352x1292, ok.png)

Speaking of chronic ebeggers with kids like unclefather, does anyone remember guu? I've known about her for years and apparently she popped out ANOTHER child last time I checked. She was most well known for chronic ebegging and begging for commissions because she needed money for bills or rent, and constantly posted about her partner verbally abusing her and keeping her meds locked away for weeks on end. She often posted about raising her children genderless and considering them agender. I'm only now realizing how weird she was considering shes now 30 years old and often interact with minors to get them to reblog her donation posts, each with a new sob story about how she's not going to be safe and needs to resort to sex work, always leveraging her munchie and "trans dad" status to guilt people. Pic rel is a starter pack of her constant begging, not pictured is her also begging for money to help other people in her life, like her mom who struggles with paying her energy bills, and a colombian friend facing eviction

No. 1506282

i hate those little 0/1000 goal indicators they p it in bold, it’s such a guilt trip

No. 1506384

Why are there scrotes here?

No. 1506385

Whoa is that a coveted black AGP?

No. 1506632

I have friends who've had to ask for help to afford shit like mobility aids, emergency car repairs etc. I'm happy to help out with friends, but strangers less so. Friends at least I know they're not making shit up for free cash.

No. 1506634

Klarna is a cancer.

No. 1506656

Holy fuck do people who use these do this many things at once normally? I ended up using one of them once for a single purchase that I knew I could pay off but why the fuck would you do this? And then ask people for help? Is there no sense of how money works at all?

No. 1506657

It’s very predatory software, they know that people are going to misuse it and owe them more money and that’s why they do it.

Still retarded that she’s financing so many petty purchases and e begging on top of it

Assuming she is a she which i think it’s debatable

No. 1506750

this is the funniest thread, thank you op

No. 1506863

I have an ex friend (themby) who started e-begging after paying thousands of dollars to get her tits removed when she already knew she couldn’t afford it. I thought it might just be a one off thing but the last time I checked she was e-begging again to get people to help pay her rent. Her and her partner (themby) both work at least part time, have their own place, have graduate degrees and I know her family is comfortably off but she still used the “my family is abusive and can’t know I’m trans” line in her post despite her making no effort to look male. I don’t know how she got like this because when I knew her she was always so nice if a bit of a yaoi coomer. Anyway, saging for the slight vent and I’m glad this thread exists.

No. 1507703

File: 1650538881793.png (535.74 KB, 1242x2688, 4BDF4B11-B98A-4A07-A240-A6BD5A…)

how are these people all uwu woke but this is their response to ebegcringe. Absolutely no consistency or integrity with these types of people, rules for me but not for thee

No. 1507709

The “swearing in tags” tag elevates this screenshot to a post modern art piece

No. 1507763

File: 1650546699441.jpeg (104.77 KB, 750x774, 3B884CA9-BDC8-425C-A4CE-6A724C…)


No. 1507804

I just googled ebegging and found this thread
can anyone buy this and upload it somewhere
as a bonus I'll make you an app if it's within my capabilities

No. 1507838

how many chromosomes do you have?

No. 1507840

more than I know what to do with

No. 1507844

I actually saw her on my dash several years ago back when I followed SJW types and I felt bad for her because what is a woman my age doing with a young kid? And then I read her blog and the father of the child is some abusive TIM that she still capes for and interacts with online and in real life??? Or at least that's what she claimed a long time ago (before she went on HRT and identified as an "agender lesbian"). I know it's not always easy to escape DV situations but if she's still calling him her girlfriend and shit is such a mindfuck. I would peak trans and detransition on the spot if that were me.

No. 1507889

How cute, they think they're entitled to other peoples money because they act like selfish cunts.

WFH jobs exist, BUSSES exist, they're just way too lazy to bother trying to help themselves.

No. 1507897

File: 1650558720233.jpeg (1009.77 KB, 1242x2200, F77AB6A4-363A-4119-9891-3348CE…)

you already live off my tax money but you want MORE to cover ur overdraft? fuck off

No. 1507944

File: 1650561805951.png (256.36 KB, 872x482, Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 18.22…)

>my dog needed emergency surgery

why do people always get pets when they cant even afford to look after themselves, so selfish

No. 1507945

>i need to pay my council tax

you dont pay council tax if you're on benefits, shes so full of shit

No. 1507947

I literally choose to not have pets for a reason. It's borderline animal abuse to have what's basically a four-legged child when you can't even hold a job, take care of your own health, and bills.

No. 1507959

File: 1650563181670.png (4.15 MB, 1170x2532, 754BA3D6-C75D-4284-B8BF-B2D537…)

The usual TOXIC and UNPREDICTABLE roommate (who called the cops on them?) card but $30k? Are you crowdfunding an emergency down payment on a house?

No. 1507964

How is she still doing this, she’s been at it since 2017 at least?? This must be exhausting

No. 1507979

Interesting! UC for singles over 25 is £334 per month. Universal Credit will pay rent (either all of it or a portion, it depends on how much the rent is and where you live) if you provide the rental agreement to show you're on the lease. UC won't pay people's bills but it's common to have rent arrears deducted from benefits and paid directly to the landlord to prevent evictions. There are also interest-free advances that she could get through UC for emergencies (bills generally wouldn't classed as an emergency but if she can't afford to keep her home heated she might be eligible) as well as help from the council. There are a ton of charities that she could turn to that would help her with the shit she mentioned. I know UC gives the bare minimum but there's no way she's just getting £317 for everything including rent. Also, her claim is under review… which means she's possibly trying to scam benefits, or can't do the bare minimum to keep her claim active, like turn up to appointments or provide paperwork.

No. 1508182

File: 1650579887130.jpeg (452.99 KB, 2048x2048, B2C79983-A940-4359-B8BE-74E23F…)

Finally an excuse to talk about my personal favourite lolcow.
> has had about 17 different variations of thatsobee/bekaah/lifeofbee etc
> previously known for scamming for fake trips to LA/Africa
> in December left her daughter at home in Ireland with family to go and meet a recovering meth head she met on 420 stoner Instagram lives and lives in his car.
> has not returned since, “got married” to him. Living in a motel, “trying to get her daughter a visa” and as per screenshot above, begging for funds for a “proper” wedding…

You couldn’t make it up

No. 1508275

Britanon here. Universal Credit is a shitty system where a claimant starts out with a mandatory loan so they’re basically forced to pay it off out of their initial welfare payments meaning less money for bills and rent. However, there is no way in hell she’s going to get PIP (disability benefit- anyone who is disabled can get this if they work or if they don’t)for fuckin poly cystic ovaries, and getting it for depression alone would be nearly impossible unless she’s a total mental case unable to care for herself.

No. 1508277

There are charities for looking after pets of poor people like the PDSA too.

No. 1508356

Wtf is wrong with his eyes in this picture?
Also who tf marries someone less than 4 months after meeting them in person for the first time? Especially if they left their child? Is this person retarded or just a narcissist?

No. 1508480

don’t worry anon, i reported her to the DWP for benefits fraud. maybe then the entitled cunt will get a job(cowtipping)

No. 1508653

do you have her current socials? I'd like to look lmao

No. 1508656



My personal fav is her story on tiktok of how she met her fella then the shock plot twist of both of their teeth

No. 1508820

disgusting chav

No. 1508821



im confounded by the convoluted response as to why she abandoned her daughter and her regaining custody of her somehow hinges on an autism assessment, like, what?

also find it weird how she randomly peppers in that shes studying 'personal accounting and personal accounting and personal finance' kek what

No. 1508857

Don’t forget that you can “work for her blog” for free as an unpaid intern!

No. 1516459

File: 1651355441297.jpeg (148.54 KB, 745x731, 501B6A8A-0819-46E3-A205-BD50F4…)

No. 1516896

Neither PCOS nor depression leaves you unable to work or support yourself if it’s treated properly, I’m not surprised she got turned down for disability

No. 1516906

File: 1651418345524.jpeg (224.86 KB, 750x1081, ABDEE425-3392-4388-B651-282569…)

God I wish this thread existed a few years ago, but here’s a semi personal one. I finally removed her because she kept tagging me in and others to “bring attention” to her posts.

Looking over her page, she’s always in some type of financial crisis of sorts. If she’s not tagging a bunch of people asking for money she’s privately messaging them about it.

No. 1517481

File: 1651458852388.png (85.51 KB, 720x352, IMG_20220502_043232.png)

Friendship seems like a pretty loose description for whatever this is

No. 1517482

File: 1651458899298.png (144.89 KB, 720x835, IMG_20220502_043258.png)

Like a clockwork, even 2 @ in 24 h

No. 1517512

i can't help but feel bad for trevor. it's gotta be annoying feeling guilted into retweeting these tards every time they want more griftbucks.

No. 1517553

He must be regretting ever sharing their pleas. Once you give into a leech like that, they'll never stop trying to tap your veins.

No. 1518181

He could easily get a work from home job doing online marketing or something with the time he spends e-begging for weed, and at least have a steady income. Even outright scamming is more respectable than this.

No. 1518474

File: 1651583137246.png (213.86 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_20220503-094030_1.p…)

No. 1518478

“i’m sorry for these fucking panic attacks” if you’re so panicked then why don’t you file for unemployment benefits you micropig

No. 1518485

File: 1651583995677.jpeg (365.1 KB, 1170x1072, 8195B5A9-90E8-49A8-91FE-2C9F80…)

the begging for attention is just pathetic. “it’s gonna cost $400 for glasses” ok someone didn’t have insurance, who’s fault is that?

No. 1518487

You have to block people like this, there’s no other way. I was making small donations to people who were struggling during the pandemic through a local mutual aid group, and had to block several people who harassed me for money day and night. Most people who are genuinely in need will be grateful for any help they receive, but there are also plenty of junkies, scammers and leeches who feel entitled to other people’s money and not afraid to get aggressive about it.

No. 1518491

People like this don’t file for unemployment or disability because they know full well they’re employable and able-bodied, just lazy. It’s much easier to fool do-gooders on Tumblr than the federal government.

No. 1518493

File: 1651584303258.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1746, 2E9B52FE-297C-46C1-818D-53E867…)

same gag but apparently this cow begs for drug money regularly, saying shit like “i’m gonna be evicted” and “im gonna die if i go outside” like nobody cares we all know you’re a methhead, especially if you’re living out of a hotel and purposefully doing “the bare minimum to get by”

No. 1518497

File: 1651584632883.jpeg (162.66 KB, 1170x778, EA2D61A8-407F-4D61-B11F-D0CAF6…)

one last one sorry for the flood but, good! let natural selection run its course if you’re so disabled

No. 1518657

File: 1651601983809.jpg (305.63 KB, 1080x1810, 20220503_141609.jpg)

Oh thank god this thread exists, Im sick of these ebegging fucks. Found a hilariously bad one recently; this girl made a sponsored post on tumblr to ebeg (and not the first one to do so) and even ends up admitting she spent fucking $25 to sponsor her post. The kicker is shes also an rp blog that uses babies pissing and shitting

No. 1518658

File: 1651602027870.jpg (367.84 KB, 1080x1961, 20220503_141623.jpg)

>>1518657 Its funny the "harrassment" was people calling her out being like if youre so poor how did you sponsor this

No. 1518660

File: 1651602069715.jpg (384.4 KB, 1080x1969, 20220503_141725.jpg)

No. 1518662

She's far more likely to OD after a "donation" than she is to die from being homeless. The e-beggars I know are nearly all junkies and pill poppers. There's a reason they don't use or apply for social welfare services. They don't need welfare, they need fast cash.

No. 1518663

File: 1651602265360.png (37.15 KB, 483x183, Screen_Shot_2022-04-24_at_8.17…)

>>1518660 there was somewhere else on the blog that mentions the reasons she HAS to mention pissing and shitting is due to "trauma" lol

No. 1518667

This is hilarious. Base pay + commission is standard for sales work. She could've easily made $20/hr with some hustle. But regardless, how is $11/hr + commission worse than $0/hr and ebegging? She's literally unemployed by choice, at least PRETEND you can't work due to anxiety/trauma/meth addiction or whatever.

No. 1518675

Ah man you're not kidding. I help a few friends out with a bit here and there but they're friends and don't get angry when I suggest budgeting help or ways to get their costs down. But someone added me on FB from a group who I didn't know and straight away started with the begging, for coffee, food, food for their dog, dog training… like dude, I don't know you. You are not my responsibility and as much as they go on about how much distress they're in they never stop to think that some people find it really distressing saying no to people especially if they lay the guilt on.

No. 1518678

I'm sure there are hotels/motels where a week won't cost you 400 bucks.

No. 1518745

File: 1651609337953.png (240.93 KB, 629x755, gg199.png)

Goddamn this bitch pops up again every two weeks and even if you manage to block all her incarnations she'll get her leghumpers to post in her stead

No. 1518847

She could get twice as much money claiming to be a mtf.

No. 1518905

this isn't a MTF? yikes forever

No. 1518907

No. 1518999

File: 1651629162383.png (155.04 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_20220503-224707_1.p…)

No. 1519000

File: 1651629261685.png (168.39 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20220503-224719_1.p…)

No. 1519002

File: 1651629308673.png (136.8 KB, 720x1121, Screenshot_20220503-224741_1.p…)

E-panhandling and SJW preaching combination

No. 1519270

File: 1651667512293.jpg (557.86 KB, 1080x1659, sobstory.jpg)


I've been following this for awhile and it's been excruciating

No. 1519273

File: 1651667616208.jpg (424.53 KB, 1080x1385, moresobbing.jpg)


It really sounds like no one in the family was vaxxed and then they all caught the coof, killing off his parents and giving him long covid

No. 1519275

File: 1651667727963.jpg (459.04 KB, 1080x1698, teethtimetooscary.jpg)


Now this guy posts updates about every minor or major devastating thing in that special grifter way where there are plenty of holes to the story, but they need money immediately…and even if they get it later on they'll need more money immediately!!

No. 1519276

File: 1651667816526.jpg (288.92 KB, 1080x1284, aconcernedskepticappears.jpg)


Personally I want to see evidence of his fam not being vaxxed because all of this sounds like it could have been preventable with the jab

No. 1519277

File: 1651667937359.jpg (394.58 KB, 971x1745, idotarot.jpg)


I have no idea why this person can't try to find a wfh proofreading job in this "do you have a pulse you're hired" labor market we have rn

No. 1519278

File: 1651668020147.jpg (637.76 KB, 962x2664, anabsolutelytruesequenceofreal…)


Each time there's an update it's always some convoluted sequence of events that make it real darn clear why this person was still living at home, the lack of life skills shine through so intensely

No. 1519280

File: 1651668104085.jpg (771.14 KB, 970x2513, thisalsohappened.jpg)


My fave is the careful formatting of the links etc, time that could be spent looking for a wfh job that didn't need gas money or ubers

No. 1519288

I don’t have tumblr nonnie, can you post caps of the “proof” (if it indeed exists) here?

No. 1519298

File: 1651669994470.jpg (82.7 KB, 500x667, mriresults.jpg)

>>1519288 1/3

nothing like doxxing your doc

No. 1519299

File: 1651670030613.jpg (54.11 KB, 500x375, carcrash.jpg)

No. 1519300

File: 1651670130230.jpg (47.35 KB, 500x500, severeedema.jpg)


No. 1519316

>LARPing as MTF
Everyone who claims they’re MTF to begin with is LARPing kek did a troon write this or something?

No. 1519347

Anon, you know what they meant.

Hmmm, so the car accident and its resulting damage and a select few other medical conditions seem legit. But I feel like there would be posted proof of the other conditions/situations too if they weren’t exaggerated. As expected of beggars

No. 1519607

KEK it says no fractures. yet every post mentions a “broken back”

No. 1521916

File: 1651873480560.png (42.14 KB, 535x432, 657793345463.png)

because there's nothing as effective as guilt tripping everyone when you're begging strangers for a substantial amount of money

No. 1521930

File: 1651875417161.jpg (1.29 MB, 971x3388, No.jpg)

Great, tumblrs new post sponsor feature working as expected.

No. 1521933

What's the intention with people tacking on selfies to donation posts? To look more reliable?

No. 1521934

Spending money to e-beg? Lmfao

No. 1522058

am i the only one who's thinking her claim of asian+ndn is bullshit

No. 1522107

>"collective" url
p sure that's some DID faker lol
yeah i thought that too. claiming ndn ancestry is fairly popular with tumbblr sjws

No. 1522367

File: 1651936732421.png (439.96 KB, 783x1097, ac.png)

Last year they were just filipino
> Things have been tough because my entire life, our father has been sending money to our extended family still in the Philippines to help them out whenever there's flooding or other natural disasters. We just found out recently that they were deceiving us and pretending some of his closer relatives were still alive just to get money out of us (even so far as to write letters in their names), when in actuality they had died
That father is lacking a brain, not an education
Also 160000$ that's a new record

No. 1522908

File: 1652004847567.png (382.76 KB, 1276x790, Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 8.07…)

It's hilarious how she got top surgery instead of using that money to go to her family. You'd think this poor soul wouldn't be able to afford that 'essential' care. And KEK at her 'severe' disability that doesn't allow her to work being fucking ptsd, bipolar, ocd and fibromyalgia.. so some of the munchiest disorders in existence.

No. 1523050

File: 1652026760851.jpg (204.54 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_2022-05-08-11-09-06…)

This artist I've followed for a couple years began an "ebegging for rent" saga a couple months ago. She had planned for a mother's day sale that didn't exactly pan out, and I've been enjoying her periodic meltdowns

No. 1523061

She also switched all of her top posts of her paintings to say "worthless" which feels a little dramatic

No. 1523081

File: 1652028643136.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_2022-05-08-11-28-43…)

Oops, dropped pic

No. 1524375

Museums are free? They're state maintained

No. 1524376

File: 1652121698369.png (53.33 KB, 528x519, Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 19.39…)

rosaria is so so shameless

No. 1525144

File: 1652209518183.jpg (224.94 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20200413-142305_Tum…)

Old but holy fucking shit

No. 1525156

File: 1652210232447.png (143.39 KB, 778x1384, dracula.png)

How did she get a job in childcare (wrangling goblins is a physically demanding job) while not able to walk properly
How did she keep a job in childcare with a habit of BITING PEOPLE

Rosaria's antics are almost enough for a whole thread wow

No. 1525177

seconding thread for rosaria

No. 1525193

File: 1652213712195.png (199.59 KB, 1186x676, JH65NB3.png)

>Go away where we on the internet
honestly same energy as picrel kek

No. 1525198

File: 1652214148076.png (335.53 KB, 576x1083, pas.png)

She put herself out to pasture KEK

How do people survive into adulthood with this little money management skills

No. 1526037

File: 1652299798848.jpeg (233.57 KB, 828x587, 118E6759-04DB-413C-94DA-BA46B4…)


No. 1526044

Uhh, why not use the money you make at your JOB to buy your own breakfast food then? Most functional employed adults don't rely on their parents to feed them at all, let alone two meals A DAY. And if you can't afford one extra meal daily, how can you afford to live alone? E-grifter "logic" is so confusing.

No. 1526487

Pretty sure they’re full of shit, cutting out one meal a day won’t save enough money to pay for a 15k trip unless you’re going to save for a couple years, they probably told them to buy their own food or something since they’re an adult and they want to make it sound bad like the parents were starving them to pay for a lavish trip. If you’re afraid of losing your job or not making enough money, find a new job instead of begging online

No. 1526534

File: 1652336573374.jpeg (184.13 KB, 827x1272, 2ADE875B-7FC3-4EC6-86D1-16A004…)

my all time favorite strong powerful independent black “”nonbinary”” e-begger

No. 1526613


Fucking pathetic. We need to bring back shame in 2023 because this is just sickening. Grown ass woman/them/zir/potted plant kin doesn't have $50 in their bank account? Probably lives with her parents so there's really no excuse.

No. 1526810

This is why >>1505874
Trollop can't even plan her spending an hour ahead and keep money for the return trip, she shouldn't be allowed to handle money at all

No. 1526851

they think they're being so sneaky by asking you not to tag donations specifically so that they show up to people who dont wanna see donation posts. shes just violating strangers boundaries for the sake of it

No. 1526857

File: 1652379549402.png (259.38 KB, 663x1432, nctt.png)

Does she throw away her laptop after every Tumblr post too? Keyboards are the Nr 1 dirtiest object in most households, far exceeding the toilet

Also she's eternally mad that some random used their money on a blaze post instead of her lmao

No. 1526868


>an abusive parent

translation: your parents don't enable your munchausens

>reproductive rights, fascism

she's just listing things that have so bearing on her financial situation for what purpose?

>i cannot use the kitchen or its appliances i have been told to find naother kitchen to cook in

so basically your Mom asked you to clean up after yourself, you didnt, and now you want strangers to pay for you to have takeout every night

>i need to eat and i need money for transportation

bitch who doesnt get a job

>i need to buy new clothes

if you're in such a bad situation then why on earth is shein hauls a priority?

>until i reach the point in therapy where i can touch certain things without having a panic attack

munchausens, this 'illness' is made up and i guarantee her family are sick of it

>when items are contaminated i throw them away

this is so entitled and audacious that im genuinely speechless

What is the point of asking people not to use donations tags? What is the point of advertising to he very people trying to avoid seeing these posts

this was an excellent find nonna, what a spoiled entitled freak

No. 1526888

minor blog but as someone with severe ocd this just sounds like what someone who doesn't have ocd thinks it is at somw point you have to grow up and deal with your shit a therapist will just make her do exposure therapy anyway

No. 1526892

File: 1652381748080.png (229.21 KB, 670x1432, ncct2.png)

> if you're in such a bad situation then why on earth is shein hauls a priority?
Half of the amazon wishlist is the entire NYX cosmetics eyeshadow sortiment too

She's also an all around lovely human being, not interested at all in working on herself and gets offended when offered help.
I wonder why she hasn't begged for the costs of the electrode (and university, and housing, and medication) yet. Does perhaps her abusive mom pay for all of that?

No. 1526901

what is this shit about an electrode being applied to her brain? this sounds like a fantasy fanfiction LARP

No. 1526912

Deep Brain Stimulation, an electrode inserted in your brain that sends electrical pulses to the nucleus
It's a treatment for Parkinson tremors and Tourettes that's currently being experimented with for OCD with about the same success as medication, but they have no idea how or why it works

No. 1526927

File: 1652383628748.png (693.16 KB, 1344x1944, Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.20…)

this person is fucking insufferable. the wishlists are hilarious https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2UNZCZJ2QROFS/

No. 1526984

File: 1652389371411.jpeg (119.97 KB, 1200x187, 61B7F356-2C8A-448E-9BE7-4422FD…)

Damn, I used to follow her. Shame she became unhinged.

No. 1527123

>>Acting as if 2 meals a day isn't lucky to have
Sounds like a spoiled brat, 2 meals is a luxury

Oh yea people totally want to donate to a cunt like this. The ask was being so kind, too.

No. 1527126

Begging aside fucking $15,000 for a two-person trip to Thailand? How?

No. 1527133

File: 1652400495382.jpeg (274.71 KB, 828x1146, CB59F0D9-2353-405F-8D4E-1AACAD…)

No. 1527271

>I can't get a fucking three bedroom apartment

cry me a fucking river, holy shit

No. 1527300

Prob flying from the states(and return trip), with no layover then hotel?

No. 1528269

surprised this loser hasn't been posted more. her "writing" is shit and now she's converting to judaism for more minority points and claims to be a nonbinary lesbian but will talk about how sexy male actors are. so irritating

No. 1528919

File: 1652570787163.png (216.38 KB, 618x1969, druglord.png)

You just know the 'vitamins' this one is ebegging for are drugs that she's hooking her two recently-of-age "partners" up with
Props for getting her nudes on the "My Face" page past the tumblr filter though wow

No. 1529010

she’s almost like a personal cow to me last time i checked she started going by faeself pronouns kek

No. 1529279

File: 1652598697621.jpg (318.95 KB, 1024x1171, Tumblr.jpg)

No. 1529282

File: 1652599039875.jpg (299.75 KB, 1080x1512, Tumblr_l_475267987656145.jpg)

Sorry if a repost im just losing my mind

No. 1529328

Imagine having such little dignity that you’d beg for food from the people you hate rather than get a job so you could buy it yourself. Wtf kinda life are these cows ever going to have? Reading these makes me feel cosy and warm.

No. 1529553

Do these beggars think that saying they're "indigenous and gay" will get them more money or something? Do they feel more entitled to free gifts because of that?

No. 1529571

Fuck yeah they do, it's all part of the oppression olympics. The more victim buzzwords they can cram into a 250-character-limit bio, the better. Being a black tranny fag enby homeless fictive kinnie in an abusive household is never going to be as poorly off as a black indigenous jew amputee who is addicted and homeless but also needs their antipsychotic meds and a vet bill covered. It's also like a hierarchy rather than an amount of buzzwords, if that makes sense. Once you learn their language though, you can make fake accounts and run amok and win contests and make crowdfunds for bullshit if you want to slowly inch closer to Hell. kek

No. 1529572

File: 1652636965036.png (76.84 KB, 782x350, Clipboard03.png)

They literally do, as 'reparations' for the crimes whites did to the folks they're impersonating
Never understood how paying for some e-hoes food addiction helps build up indigenous infrastructure again though, they for sure are not gonna help build housing

No. 1529603

It works, too. Lots of Burgers in particular donate something like 10% of their income for “reparations”

No. 1529706

that’s pathetic even if you make a lot of money

No. 1530771

Reparations for fanfiction?

No. 1530862

what fanfiction is she even talking about

No. 1531440

Wait is she for real? She wants multiple of the same makeup item because she is broke and can't even afford to feed herself.

No. 1533892

File: 1653010994412.png (121.32 KB, 720x867, WhatDidSheMeanByThis.png)

I see this ebegger almost daily

No. 1533915

It’s not even the makeup, it’s the total lack of priorities. If you don’t have food, prioritize getting food first! If makeup triggers your OCD, don’t buy it for awhile until you can afford it and your therapy kicks in. This person would probably still be broke and e-begging if she got a job, because she’d blow her whole paycheck on Shein and Amazon before her rent was due. She’s delusional about the compromises people make to survive because she’s never had to make them. It’s funny how these e-beggars always live with “abusive parents”, yet never make any effort to move out and stop mooching off their “abusers.” And often the “abuse” = the parent setting basic boundaries like making their adult child clean up after themselves, go to therapy, pay for their own food etc.

No. 1535010

xactly. niggas living at home at 25 talking about 'abusive parents' hahahahah bitch move out

No. 1538695

File: 1653416284638.png (359.03 KB, 626x1275, vile.png)

Tumblr: It's free car insurance!

No. 1545488

File: 1654041730440.jpg (700.12 KB, 972x3644, Screenshot_20220531-180005_Tum…)

in what capacity is this supposed to make people feel sympathy?

No. 1545496

>please move out quickly you are using my stuff and not paying. you might have mental issues but you are very privileged. im an illegal immigrant that learn english from scratch and i still struggle with your culture.
>okay rich white girl! ill tell tumblr about this, you will see!!
holy shit, in what universe does she look like the good guy? what a delusional bitch. tumblr has literally turned these idiots into shameless assholes. what a waste of space. she should be the one kicked out, not only of the apartment thats not hers but of the US. Since she wants to talk about how immigrants have it so easy.

No. 1545516

the unfriendly in her user is sure correct, she sounds fucking exhausting to live with. Any instinaces of begging should just be met with "okay sis"

No. 1545520

idk how this girl can post this publicly trying to pose as a victim? she seems horrible

No. 1545536

>"this is harassment at this point"
lmao okay she was responding like she was tough until she hit her where it hurt

No. 1545571

Russian roommate/friend whose couch this bitch is living on needn't worry, she has a very good grasp of English. More intelligible than many native speakers via text anyway!

No. 1545742

most people who e beg have a backstory in which they are definitely the asshole

No. 1545748

she tagged this antiblackness bitch where. she was straight up xenophobic regarding her immigrant status. cunt!!!

No. 1545837

File: 1654087838474.png (261.46 KB, 643x1730, gib moneys.png)

Been sitting on this one for a while. Unfortunately, he deleted his GFM page, which is a shame because the header image was of two dumpy TIMs (him and his "girlfriend"). Luckily he still has a picture of himself on his Paypal account, so I included that instead.

Just… the absolute audacity of a American white man with an IT degree begging for money. Literally the easiest degree for a scrote to make a career out of and he still can't be assed to get a job, good grief.

No. 1545853

Kek why is he constantly trying to flex on Erin

No. 1545860


>trans: hulp, I'm vulnerable

>Also trans: hulp me fund the downpayment for buying a house.

No. 1545906

I am so glad this thread exists. I get helping friends and family but this e-begging thing has gotten to be far too commonplace. There’s like a small homestuck fandom with fandom characters on Tumblr and all the participants do is beg because they’re a ‘25 yo disabled artist uwu who needs food uwu’
Bitch get a job, please, or visit your local pantry. Or turn off the internet and use the money for food, fuck.

No. 1546193

unemployed tax suckling benefit grifters wnts taxpayers to buy them a house, classic troonery. outrageous

No. 1546674

Seriously though. Like if I saw someone I went to school with or a family member post a GFM for a medical expense like cancer treatments or to repair houses being destroyed in natural disasters or whatever the case may be, I would understand and honestly consider donating. but I cannot understand.. who are these people who are just handing over money to these random shitheads on tumblr? But they can't get a job, anon, only everyone else to pay for their shit lmao

No. 1550274

Imagine asking strangers to raise money so you can buy a HOUSE. Not a deposit for an apartment, not a months worth of rent, but a house that will appreciate in value and in return you get fuck all. If you donate 50% of the total do you get to be on the mortgage? Fuck that

No. 1559323

File: 1655139420253.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3465x3465, 8F8321AD-4A3A-4FA9-8179-5B89B2…)

This meme account puts their venmo on the last 2 slides of every 10 image post, first it was “I don’t know how I’ll be able to eat pls consider a tip or donation” now it’s begging for spending money for a vacation to see their e-gf. Comments are all “oh so POOR PEOPLE DONT DESERVE VACATIONS?!?!”. No one said that, it’s just common sense that when you are “not sure how you’re gonna eat today let alone this week” and have “0 income atm until you hear back about your disability”, you don’t run off on vacation.

No. 1559342

Wow I remember this page. they’ve been doing this since well before the pandemic started. I found it so annoying and also they somehow constantly get their accounts banned and have to “start all over”

No. 1568600

File: 1655894466366.png (9.41 MB, 1242x2688, 7ECA1565-DF24-4264-9497-994DF9…)

>leaving the house like that
>eating a 12 pack of cupcakes for lunch

rosaria / gothsuccubus / gothgirl1999

No. 1568731

muh genetics

No. 1569716

lmao and Seattle is expensive as fuck. The audacity of this bitch.

No. 1590177

That's the problem; everyone thinks they're entitled to not just college but the uwu FULL COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, which is just bullshit anyway. College should be a vocational school. You go there to get a degree to get a job.
Work while in school, go to community college first, go to a school close to home to save on out-of-state tuition, commute from your parents house, and you'll save thousands of dollars. The so-called "college debt crisis" comes from people thinking they shouldn't have to do any of that.

No. 1590225

That's not even that bad. I eat two meals a day all the time. The last time I probably ate three meals a day was when my job gave us free breakfast.

No. 1590234

I grew up in a college town, and hate the "college experience" so fucking much. People would take out loans to buy new SUVs and rent new condos. Make sure prices on everything go sky high, because they had apparently endless money. And now they're over a decade older and still $100,000 in debt, color me unsurprised.

No. 1590283

File: 1658087907949.jpeg (184.66 KB, 828x617, 331DE02C-635C-4597-BBAB-DA3F19…)

lmfao sorry this is old but I just found this gold there

No. 1590394

Hard to pick out the funniest part of this holy shit lol

No. 1590432

what the fuck lmao I guess you'll just have to die then, literally no other option ig

No. 1590929

File: 1658172810095.png (382.42 KB, 669x840, Untitled.png)

I looked at the GFM for this one and it sounds like they've just been dealt a bad hand recently, but saying that you've basically been panhandling online for the past five years tells a different story. If it's so exhausting, get a job that actually pays.

No. 1590947

File: 1658174539105.jpeg (361.08 KB, 750x915, 3E0C6763-C4D9-4F78-8FC5-392AD3…)

No. 1591474

oh ffs get a job and save.

No. 1591508

Noticed this bitch has a virginia.edu email which is for the University of Virignia. So they went to a fancy school and then suddenly they can't work. I know things come up but it's suspicious

No. 1591527

If they have the time and ability to grift online all day, what is stopping these people from getting a wfh job doing remote sales or telemarketing or something? Too fat and queer?

No. 1591548

File: 1658236904609.jpg (115.05 KB, 500x1081, sierra seybold.jpg)

i found this screenshot, it reminded me of someone, and i think it's unclefather's tinder lmao
she's sure to hook a good one with such a bio

No. 1591549

File: 1658236995439.jpg (194.66 KB, 1280x649, sierra seybold.jpg)

selfie she posted on her tumblr for comparison

No. 1591581

I wouldn't be surprised if that was her. I'm a faceblind autist but the mouth, nose and eyes look similar and that's definitely her brand of "humour" with the "lol I'm a mess" bio. She should be barred from dating apps tbh, it's clear that she doesn't use protection and can't provide (allegedly) for her kids.

No. 1591638

she has 4 kids???? At 26?? Is it by the same guy?

No. 1591738

doesn’t look like her tbh, and I don’t think she has four kids

still constantly begging though https://sierraseybold.com

No. 1591945

She only has two kids. She’ll trot them out around November/December because last year tumblr bought all their Christmas presents and their Christmas tree.

No. 1591976

she was already hardcore e-begging after the first kid. why did this idiot pop out a second? I guess because she knows the internet will support them…

No. 1592507

He died a few weeks ago believe it or not.

No. 1592734

File: 1658362259506.png (818.03 KB, 1177x2704, Ebeggersontumblr.png)

Like this nonsense?
Sorry for shit pic

No. 1592930

File: 1658373520265.png (135.09 KB, 446x603, gddfg.PNG)

rosaria is now pretending she's going to kill herself over tumblr insults

No. 1593013

kek i love this bitch

No. 1593304

Do these people think that normal folks always just magically have money for all their wants and needs? And that if they don't, that means they're poor because capitalism evil and thus they need to ebeg for it?
You arent special. Everyone else has to wait and save up their money to buy shit like that. That goes for other people on this thread as well, obviously, but this post just reminded me of this fact. Absolutely no understanding of how the world works.

No. 1593407

Right? It’s amazing. I see people crowdfund all the time for things that are totally attainable if they just get a job and stick it out awhile in their current situation. But they don’t want to just… march down to Dollar General and pick up an application let alone actually show up to the job. Every time someone says they can’t work full time I’m about to turn it around on them like “you know, it’s a pretty privileged position if you can manage to only work part time”. I’d love to get by on 15 hours a week but unfortunately I have bills to pay and a future I’m saving for.

No. 1593666

File: 1658438512953.jpeg (434.34 KB, 1170x1642, 4C26C5B3-CB38-4BA2-985E-D48392…)

lol based

No. 1593671

which anon was that kek

No. 1593724


No. 1593725

I love how she uses this kenny person as a scapegoat for everything.. if only she knew lmao

No. 1593751

File: 1658443713012.png (377.26 KB, 768x1024, 7E102A35-375F-4B9B-9CED-AA27BC…)

i have been waiting FOREVER to post milk on yah yah “nonbinary disabled black lesbian from the south” scholfield. chronic ebegger with an inflated ego over her absolute midwit fiction. she actually used to have a ton more posts like this with even more inflammatory language but she seems to have changed her tone when she actually became homeless. will never forget the time she tried to crowdfund a telfar.

No. 1593780

File: 1658445804190.png (160.46 KB, 1080x1000, export202207211923205160.png)

No. 1593785

The fact that Rosaria sits there begging people to buy her ubers and send her money to go see her online girlfriend is so funny to me. Public transportation is so cheap and your mom not wanting you to go fly to another state to see a rando is not that big of a deal lol. She's so attention hungry, and obsessed with that guy Kenny. 22 years old sperging out like this online.(learn2sage)

No. 1593804

histrionic much

No. 1593820

this is just hilarious in general but how can one relapse on something they literally used one day ago

No. 1594885

File: 1658537277943.png (363.67 KB, 452x592, Screenshot 2022-07-22 6.47.29 …)


No. 1594893

I haven't seen someone look that busted in awhile

No. 1595010

Now this might be a hot take but if I was in her position, I wouldn’t talk about my sobriety until I’m a week or two in at least. I’d be too embarrassed if I was like “hey I’m two days sober!” and then I start drinking the next day.

No. 1595069

you are assuming that cows possess the ability to feel shame, which is a critical error

No. 1595157

This is one of the most organized and civil threads I’ve ever seen, next to the Abby Brown thread.

No. 1595183

has she considered checking into the psych ward? i heard it's rent free

No. 1595306

Not a hot take at all. Blogposting but I go to AA and NA meetings and you get a chip for 24 hours sober as a reward for taking the hardest step and admitting you need help (and also as something physical to keep on yourself as a reminder of what you're striving for) and after that you get your next chip at a month. Yes every day is a battle blah blah blah but the more you keep focusing on how many days clean you are the more insane you get, from my experience anyway. Given that she's taking selfies drinking and smoking though, I don't buy that she's a full blown alcoholic. When you're an addict it becomes a shameful thing you hide, not post on your fucking tumblr for the world to see, kek.

No. 1595344

Does anyone remember paintdeath (Natalie?) on tumblr? I donated to her ed recovery fund at one point as a teenager, she had quite a few ebegging posts between her regular blog posting.

No. 1596465

File: 1658695550930.jpeg (455.6 KB, 828x1109, BFD5D09B-DAF2-4879-8F37-E9AA98…)

Someone I follow posted this, and he didn’t have receipts but the way some people are I completely believe it. You really just have to drop the right combo of buzzwords to hit the money cheat and rake in the cash online.

No. 1596522

honestly, those retards deserve to get scammed

No. 1598109

File: 1658855248320.jpeg (4.62 MB, 4032x3024, 8552000E-5FAE-4FED-9A32-3C7F16…)

Found this in public on a board for concerts/yard sales/other local events. I feel like the costs of color printing and laminating these is money that could have gone to whatever they needed

No. 1598121

File: 1658855857882.jpeg (42.81 KB, 945x1829, received_794340915067777.jpeg)

Went to the Instagram profile then clicked the linktree link only to find this. Gross. Apparently one of them is a "kink educator"

No. 1598158

I feel so sorry for those dogs getting dragged around.

No. 1598263

Hey the economy is shit rn, I respect the hustle kek

No. 1598267

This is scammy and creepy, how are you going to be a “youth” and a “kink educator” at the same time? The FetLife link makes it extra skeevy, wonder if these kids are turning tricks/being trafficked or if they even exist.

No. 1598277

If kids parents are on fetlife I normally don't think that but honestly it is seeming that way at this point, I agree.

No. 1598557

File: 1658882897905.png (776.49 KB, 750x1624, 7DB1727A-9380-4D45-A95F-182105…)

Went to the Amazon wishlist… it's entirely women's lingerie

No. 1598811

Are any of these people ever actually struggling

No. 1598929

>O was forced to leave their old apartment because it became unsafe

I'd love to know what exactly "unsafe" means for these people

No. 1598953

made to wash the dishes and violently forced to not leave their dirty undies strewn across the floor

No. 1599010

If they are it's because they flat out refuse to get minimum wage jobs or things they deem beneath them, or to sell any of the expensive things they own.

Meanwhile normal people suck it up and take menial work to make ends meet, and sell luxury items in the hopes they'll be able to repurchase one day.

No. 1599145

That’s how you know they’ve never actually been destitute. You ask them how they have their phone, iPads, internet access, anything a poor person would consider a luxury and they spin it “I NEED this to live.” You NEED food to live and if you were really hungry you’d sell that iPhone 13 for a buck if that was the difference between whether you ate or not. That’s the cycle of poverty at work but these people still have their middle class sensibilities. Partly because their parents are still around as fallbacks and their grifts go towards Hulu subscriptions and medically unnecessary mobility aids.

No. 1599155

I don't shade anyone for needing internet access - everything from booking a doctor appt to filing for social security needs that, but it can be done on a laptop or phone that isnt an Apple product, and no one that claims to be in poverty needs both a phone laptop AND tablet.

No. 1599611

File: 1658972390431.jpeg (387.5 KB, 750x931, E54D0D0D-36E1-4FB5-B91C-3E9AF2…)

Advanced e beg

No. 1599612

File: 1658972411752.jpeg (203.44 KB, 750x536, 437E98D5-4334-4985-98C7-5B5E63…)


No. 1599649

this has to be an actual mental illness

No. 1599690

>yall be sitting on multiple family homes
ah yes every single white person on earth is a millionaire

No. 1599909

i know for a fact this person lives a miserable life and i'm glad she does

No. 1600189

>thousands of years

No. 1600489

Oh my fucking god get a job???? Obsessed with people who think they deserve so much to just coast by on other people’s money that they’re fine with kids starving. I might use my IG alt to post the McDonald’s application link in the comments LOL.

No. 1600573

File: 1659038347722.png (24.76 KB, 660x229, rosaria.png)

I don't even know where to start with this one
Does Rosaria even fucking hear herself

No. 1600626

Do her followers ever call her out?? This level of unchecked ego is insane

No. 1600927

File: 1659061533112.jpeg (648.07 KB, 828x1500, ADF39DA0-47D3-418C-A2D5-B673FF…)

“Custom adult content”.

No. 1600932

>"Can help with resume building and interview skills"
>Can't get a job that pays the rent

No. 1601132

File: 1659078656231.jpg (369.75 KB, 1170x1100, IMG_7701.jpg)

"I have to start pushing for meds in two days." Why are they acting like e begging is a high labor job?

No. 1601213

nta but what about this is ebegging? is this a vendetta because i dont think complaining about bills is the same as asking for money outright kek.

No. 1601221

No. 1601330

File: 1659112335372.png (79.23 KB, 710x848, r2.png)

Really evil of employers to fire you when you show up at work literally high on crack lmfao

How does she afford all the drugs btw
and the booze
and the genshin impact

No. 1601348

This fatass literally treats grifting for his wife’s edibles like it’s a job kek how embarassing

No. 1601373

It would be great to cancel these people who beg for money and are so hostile to the non-woke by making a website to tie their tumblr accounts to their real name. We need to fight them back to keep them out of academia and other organizations/institutions.
The victimhood and oppression olympics obsession coupled with the @virginia.edu means this woman is probably well on her way to a cushy academic job for racial history or some other liberal arts department.

I would hit her with a car too

No. 1601434

File: 1659122328886.png (177.14 KB, 806x1308, longcon.png)

This person is 35 years old and has been pulling this scam for NINE years now

No. 1601455

File: 1659124517226.png (349.29 KB, 1194x1230, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 3.55…)

more of the same on her Twitter https://twitter.com/Salt1920


No. 1601523

>people see the words "black trans women" and just start throwing money without a second thought it's so crazy
dumbass is so close to getting it lmao.

No. 1601557

File: 1659131188265.png (Spoiler Image,473.91 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_20220729-163756~2.p…)

Not surprised those social inepts who adopt puppies without even having a place to drop dead at don't mind posting fetish pictures on their main accounts.

No. 1601879

File: 1659153119113.png (62.17 KB, 434x953, 1543434344444.png)

My personal e-begging lolcow is Sephirajo on tumblr/twitter. She begs for people to pay her bills every single month and has been for years. She is a pasty freckled ginger woman who claims to be mexican (now also claiming to be related to Tenoch Huerta?), of course has fibro and lupus and autism and adhd etc. I've been following her nonsense for ages, she adopted kittens when she couldn't afford to care for them, frequently posted about maybe losing custody of her (supposedly trans) kid, and video games she somehow can afford while also claiming she can't buy food. Her tags "woe is jo" and "begging bowl" are a riot. She also once had a meltdown about how the world owed her a custom built gaming pc and lost her shit when someone suggested she get an affordable pre-made Dell. She loves to squawk about how the supernatural fandom victimized her once.

No. 1601884

this loon is tumblr distilled, i can't believe these people are still doing the same bullshit they were hawking 10 years ago

No. 1601907

>therapy, clothes

damn most of these aren’t even essential bills kek what kind of poor person gets therapy, that’s a luxury my dude

No. 1602292

File: 1659202431455.jpg (520.66 KB, 1440x2522, Screenshot_20220730-143056_Tum…)

She's so entitled and annoying lol

No. 1604724

File: 1659395490385.png (1.28 MB, 1812x1240, hahaha what the fuck.png)

have you guys seen this person? i keep stalking them from time to time because the entitlement is astronomical kek. constantly guilt tripping people and saying 'y'all feel i do not deserve to survive' and the survival in question in hundreds of dollars worth of weed.

No. 1604726

File: 1659395718609.png (1.03 MB, 1478x816, 57483984.png)

constantly harps on about the community work they allegedly do with nothing to prove for it except when they're furious at white people for not paying their bills, utilities AND weed lmao

No. 1604751

UVA is a really good school. Tragic she went the way of useless e-begger.

No. 1604777

literally the shittiest fallout game.. also pc builds can be as costly as prebuilts but with better specs, so yeah pre builts are always pretty much scams but she speaks with so much privilege its actually disgusting. To beg for money, guilt and shame people, and then act entitled to recreational time is just abhorrent. No humility. learned helplessness

No. 1604780

bitch if someone told me they would write a resume for me i would start tearing up, what an angel. I hate when well meaning people are nice to these fucking crazy weed junkie munchy types

No. 1604830

Wait is this person different to the "gibs me money for my wife's live saving medication!" when it turns out the medication is weed? There are two different people begging for weed on someone else's behalf?

No. 1605271

completely different, she demands to have her bills paid every month and then has a tantrum when none of it is funded bc she cant stop guilt tripping people and saying they 'dont want to see her survive'. bitch you dont need 200+ for weed, get off your fat ass

No. 1605404

This cow is pretty famous in the e-begging community. Not sure if they've been posted itt yet but I've seen people sharing their insane infographics on different platforms.

No. 1605406

Burgerfag cows are by far my favorites. Beggars all over the world are scrounging for a bowl of rice, and Amerifat cows are begging for "life saving" weed, pills, gender surgeries, Shein hauls, and custom gaming systems lmaooo

No. 1605655

Anybody who is smoking weed isn't investing in a future.
Biggest fucking money drain on the planet.

No. 1605981

File: 1659541061765.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x1907, A328CA75-5F32-4D7E-B37F-B7D3ED…)

KEK I knew exactly who this was before I even clicked on the image. Haven’t seen her posts in about a year now, glad to see she hasn’t changed.

Apparently not having her weed stash funded = everyone wants her to kill herself. She’s fucking insane.

No. 1605999

what an insufferable cunt lmfao

No. 1606001

stop smoking weed, eating twinkies get a job and she will have that money in no time

No. 1606263

File: 1659563521891.jpg (322.56 KB, 828x887, IMG_4792.jpg)

Apparently this Twitter clown has been coasting off ebegging for DoorDash pretending to be destitute while really selling a $400k house and being more than comfortable.

No. 1606268

Not to mention working a nepotism job at Lockheed Martin

No. 1606282

Nothing wrong with enjoying a smoke now and then, but morning-to-night stoners are just smoking away their future.

No. 1606326

File: 1659566792217.jpeg (45.87 KB, 634x561, 60927809-11068111-image-a-8_16…)

I thought she was some 25 year old Aiden with kpop hair, but picrel is her. She's been working at Lockheed Martin for 15 years.

No. 1606342

She's been my personal cow for so long now. Every single thing she ever posts is so performative and dramatic. uwu I'm just a poor trans boy with my kissmate because I'm too unique to use the word partner and we're so disabled and poor and we live in fear for our lives in Texas if you ever doubt anything I say you are transphobic and ableist and my twitter thems will attack you! Give us money!! I don't know how anyone ever fell for it in the first place but watching the internet turn on her was a nice little treat.

No. 1606403

Women who act like Aidens and have pronouns but look like totally normal women are an insult to Aidens if that’s even possible. Aiden implies a degree of effort.

No. 1606411

Yeah she's a 40 year old fat woman who larps as a "gay boy" online and has pretended to be poor for years sympathy donations, turns out she's in a kushy arms dealer job her daddy got her and lives in a large house her ex bought her.
She also legitimately made people use "xie/xir" pronouns for her which will never not be retarded

No. 1606466

Now is she the kind of “gay boy” woman with pronouns whose partners are men or whose partners are other “gay boy” women with pronouns?

No. 1606480

She's the kind of "gay boy" that was married to a straight male.

No. 1606538

File: 1659581674338.png (44.15 KB, 884x391, arrested.PNG)

Pretty sure her "kissmate" partner is also a "gay boy" and they are both very special and very valid.

No. 1606541

Can’t stand these low-effort Aidens. She’s literally just a rich white liberal Karen with a persecution complex. If anyone is responsible for unjust arrests, it’s her employer.

No. 1606642

Oh fuck me. All of Twitter has been going on about how the attacks on her are either transphobic-based or justified because of her job but also twansphobia bad! I was expecting a haggard troon in an adult romper and kitty collar, not a freshly divorced high school English teacher!

No. 1607101

File: 1659629834135.jpeg (339.99 KB, 464x1322, 2BB0BD2B-BE82-4CEB-8D53-944923…)

Just came up on my dash. How is ebegging for randos to pay your tuition “making it the government’s problem”?

No. 1607164

Both, she went from being married to a straight man, divorcing him and getting a house out of the divorce to dating another Aiden fakeboi

No. 1607347

Jfc this is so corny

No. 1607734

Your parents are paying for student housing? Pisses me right the fuck off. I commuted in college because I couldn't afford student housing by myself and my parents wouldn't pay for it. The fucking entitlement. Why don't you stay at your parents house for free and ask them to help you pay for the tuition instead? Student housing is a luxury.

No. 1607813

File: 1659686564800.png (584.63 KB, 1132x599, Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 09.01…)

No. 1607876

File: 1659693872877.png (63.45 KB, 470x202, Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.04…)


fucking EW this person is a male in his thirties latching onto zoomer culture (DID, alters, gendershit) so he can groom, what the actual fuck. gross

No. 1608013

You would think a story of this magnitude would wake up woketards into realizing that actual poor people don’t have the knowledge or resources to beg for money on the internet.

No. 1608306

File: 1659734173336.jpeg (215.05 KB, 750x1005, EA45063B-E7D3-4D66-8AA9-4F9EA3…)

Oh god it’s even worse than I thought, the person apologized in the comments and they ripped her a new one.
Does Brea have another account that’s more active? I can’t find her tiktok.

No. 1608308

File: 1659734197514.jpeg (153.97 KB, 750x747, 19F0B3CB-DE9A-4596-99FB-47B15E…)

Another reply to the same comment

No. 1608460

has anyone just told brea to stop being such a raging cunt

No. 1608564

File: 1659760020035.jpeg (2.41 MB, 4032x3024, 74B1692A-621E-476C-9B42-2FFC8B…)

Another one showed up on the same corkboard. I again feel like the money spent printing and laminating this could be spent on whatever the go fund me is for.

No. 1608575

File: 1659761628551.jpg (118.96 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_20220806-005256_Tum…)

Spoiler that shit next time anon, her face is a genuine jumpscare

No. 1608622

File: 1659766138396.png (1.75 MB, 1966x1828, Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 2.08…)

>facial feminization surgery, voice feminization surgery, laser hair removal and eventually my bottom surgery

>girls are so weak teehee

No. 1608702

you are a male predator in your thirties branding yourself with mental illnesses you don’t understand and couldn’t possibly comprehend so that you can groom zoomers.


No. 1608715

that's a woman

No. 1609125

This is strange considering he probably uses that arm even more now to furiously jack off to futa porn and cp

No. 1609450

File: 1659858545780.png (58.9 KB, 575x528, waist beads.png)

I'm nauseous kek
>1 for $30
>2 for $50
No one is going to spend that on some beads… If anything, the Twitterfatties she caters to are thinking about spending that money she so desperately wants on a family special for 1 anyway. Delusional.

No. 1609479



>please give me money
>spends it on THERAPY

im a teacher and i cant even afford therapist, holy shit i hate these retards so god damn much. quit sugar and twitter, 99% of your problems solved. a bloody therapist. jokes

No. 1609515

File: 1659873590491.png (3.62 KB, 314x96, akdoemslxn.png)

nona, i said the exact same thing in the carrd cringe thread 2 weeks ago, is this a coincidence? kek

No. 1609517

no lol i guess i read it and forgot that i read it here. its so fuckin true though. tiktok as well


No. 1609609

I remember her ebegging started years ago when she claimed to totally be a man-hating dyke but then fucked some random dude when she landed herself in the mental hospital which led to her have a meltdown on tumblr because all of her lesbian mutuals clowned on her for it.

She's been ebegging for nearly a decade…bleak. I don't know why she decided to have another kid after ablooing about her moid not taking care of the first one and actively beating her.

No. 1610169

Therapy in itself is not worthless. I'm surprised you're a teacher and espouse this opinion, especially if you teach children.. but honestly I don't even believe what most of these people say anyways, probably all used on weed and not therapy anyways lol.

No. 1610173

Anon didn't say it was worthless but she is right in that most people's problems could be solved by getting off the Internet and actually attempting to look after themselves.

No. 1610193

Anyone know Rosaria's new url? Looks like she moved again lel

No. 1610287


AYRT, it's not worthless but it is most CERTAINLY a luxury, and it's hysterical to me that their appeal for donations is to pretending to be impoverished. Just goes to show that none of these e-beggars grew up in working-class homes if they consider therapy a basic necessity.

I am a teacher, desperately need therapy, and I still can't pay for it.

No. 1610451

File: 1659981372029.png (1.38 MB, 703x4490, crack.png)

Bitch stop lying you got fired for appearing at work on crack

Protip keep a post of hers in your bookmarks, she changes her url more often than her pronouns

No. 1610455

No. 1610475

File: 1659983305672.png (1.37 MB, 1859x926, eyecancer.png)

This one maybe isn't the most entitled one compared to the others here, but it sure is the ugliest one. Please venmo me 3000$ for new eyes

No. 1610521

The evil, grifting, scheming part of me so badly wants to suddenly become a black trans sex worker in an abusive household so I can get easy cash. If you photoshop your pictures to look attractive enough you get HUNDREDS thrown at you from horny men and handmaidens for sitting on your ass and whining. It's not fair and it's almost impressive how little shame they have

No. 1610550

I’ve literally got a friend who’s considered multiple times posing as a transbian to grift money from these people since she has high T and facial hair. I keep telling her to do it lol, it would be great.

No. 1610601

I’ve thought about doing this as well but I dunno how Ill keep the act up for so long before I decide to delete it all & just vanish

No. 1610618

Think about it this way nonna - there is a girl (er, her husband) itt that has literally been grifting for weed for YEARS and she STILL gets money, even though she's upfront about it being literally for THC chocolate

It doesn't need to be believable - none of them are. Go for it.

No. 1611280

File: 1660065444623.jpeg (455.91 KB, 828x1447, B1B50711-1B63-4F52-BF5C-4208A7…)

Okay disabled queer Latiné. Now tell me why you’re so special that you shouldn’t have to work for the money for your bills.

No. 1611296

>dear comrades and co-criminals.
I'm killing myself in front of her

Latiné sounds so ridiculous, I bet money this bitch never left the US and doesn't speak a lick of spanish. This gringita hija de puta wouldn't last a second in a real "latiné" country

Get a job you lazy whore

No. 1611408

File: 1660073921642.png (27.65 KB, 416x216, ok.png)

This is all I got from this kek

No. 1611410

Not even a fucking excuse of why she can't work. Fucking lazy piece of shit get a fucking job wtf is LATINÉ cállate gringa ridícula

No. 1611422

I know I am replying to a month's old post but this is so fucking funny. If you are going into cardiac arrest you would not be conscious because your heart has stopped… How are you supposed to talk to someone, much less give yourself chest compressions (however the fuck that works, it's an extremely tiring action to do), if your heart has stopped? The symptoms of cardiac arrest are literally a loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness! She isn't even trying at all. Maybe try faking a heart attack next time instead kek.

No. 1611538

Lmao why does EVERY single munchie claim POTS, EDS and fibro? You may as well hold up a sign saying "I AM A MALINGERER." Surprised she's not claiming Lyme Disease too since that's a trendy one. I want to laugh at these freaks because their antics are so ridiculous, but it also pisses me off to see them wasting hospital resources during a pandemic.

No. 1611552

I actually did think @conquering.winter was being a bit shady with that comment. But she was right and she shouldn't apologize now. "I can't work because I'm black" is a new low even for cringe e-beggars kek

No. 1611629

File: 1660091039067.png (457.62 KB, 1046x1146, Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 8.16…)


Our favorite fatass is at it again. Begging as usual like clock work. I noticed since the one time their account got overdrawn a while back they've been constantly letting it go overdrawn. Their end goal hoping strangers bail them out every time. The crazy part is somehow they get the money.

In the linked thread they go from -647 to -109 back down to -273 and now -389. I love the tone of "Guys YOU really need to help ME with MY responsibilities!"

Icing on the cake of mentioning they've been "trying" to get a job for 9 years. Full of shit and still fat as fuck, these two aren't missing meals ever.

No. 1611686

I'd love to see the transaction history there

No. 1611705

Thats the one thing they always refuse to show. Despite posting literally everything else about their lives under the sun. My guess is there's ubereats, doordash, etc unnecessary spending that continues to overcharge them that people would call out immediately.

No. 1611829

>my wife will be out of meds tomorrow
Why won't he just say it's fucking weed kek she won't die if she spend a day or two without it. I hate this guy so much

No. 1611883

File: 1660119733623.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2396, 6BB1582F-8575-43E9-ABAC-6D114D…)

discord tranny asking for 6k to replace their pc instead of going to the police?? lmfao


No. 1611927

No. 1611980

the police don't actually do anything about stolen items like that. they'll just say "you gave it to him to work on so its your fault he took off with it". never forget the supreme court ruled that police have no legal duty to protect citizens. they exist to arrest people for petty reasons and make money, not actually help people who get robbed/hurt/etc. that being said, this fucker is still dumb for doing this, just get a job and buy a new one. people don't need thousand dollar gaming computers anyways. just a simple laptop/tablet to help stay connected in the world and get a job.

No. 1612229

youre supposed to make a police report and then you can take them to civil claims and get your shit back or compensated for what it was worth

that said im 100% sure that theyre lying

No. 1612636

File: 1660187593997.jpg (858.28 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_1664701675422673.jpg)

Not ebegging milk but I think the way rosaria holds her guinea pig is certainly interesting and safe

No. 1612649

This thread makes me want to tell all of the homeless people I see daily about a magical site called tumblr where you can say anything and fake multiple oppressions to guilt wealthy suburbanites with white guilt into paying you. I hate that the people who scam others are just unmotivated obese pieces of shit and not actual impoverished people. The fat ones would benefit from being homeless for a bit kek.

No. 1612992

File: 1660239008479.jpeg (348.68 KB, 828x1029, 37D4F501-470D-496B-8D42-8A6040…)

Discovered this loser because someone I follow was fighting with him through reblogs. Does this TIM really expect people to dedicate their entire online presences to boosting gofundmes for “black trans lesbians”?

No. 1613023

>severely disabled
>probably has fibromyalgia (aka nothing) and joint pain from being obese

No. 1613105

You have way too much faith in police lol. They'll ask where the written contract for repair is and when OP doesn't have one they'll show them the door.

No. 1613242

Jesus christ it looks like she's trying to kill that poor thing

No. 1613423

Well there was this
so anything from depression to ADHD to obesity knowing these types.

No. 1613450

you should learn to read and do research because no where did i say that police will get your stuff back
in order to take someone to civil claims court for any stolen property you have to file a police report
you also dont need a “contract” or whatever the fuck it is you think you need

No. 1614114

File: 1660330867374.jpeg (525.5 KB, 828x1221, 389C2C83-DE12-4233-A0D4-D7B0E8…)

This is why I don’t trust ebeggars.

No. 1614126

File: 1660331960913.png (33.5 KB, 596x348, juicysteak117.png)

While I don't doubt there's some stories like this that are true. I have a difficult time believing "Katie Tightpussy" and her troon counter.

No. 1614132

on the other hand it means that if it happened, scam-kun is most likely a troon as well, which is pretty believable even considering the source kek

No. 1614207

Yeah, tranny males usually flock together, who else tolerates their scrotey bullshit? Imagine how bad it has to be for the other moid roommates to get fed up.

No. 1614229

File: 1660342499947.jpeg (267.08 KB, 828x915, B5029073-AED4-461F-B417-1BA10C…)

Transfem really is the magic word.

No. 1614581

>tumblr bans those posts
>continues to make posts that are banned

literally a public nuisance and menace

No. 1614793

File: 1660398127586.jpeg (72.31 KB, 1144x294, 2163FB2C-23D9-4474-8E0F-E15C3A…)

No. 1614911

Sorry for being a retard but what's a TIM?
This is also why I've stopped giving a shit about other people's discrimination, tbh. It's not enough for them for you to just not be racist or whatever.

No. 1614916

Maybe not even those knowing how generous these people are with self-dxing and slapping labels onto themselves.

No. 1614927

Why does he need 400 for housing AND a place to crash on "for a bit"

No. 1614939

I just want to point out how bullshit this claim is. Chicago actually has multiple different avenues of help for these poor ~*displaced transfemmes*~. I can think of three different organizations off top that specifically help displaced trans people. Someone in dire straits could easily show up to the Howard brown health center for a free physical and hot meal, hit the brave space alliance for clothes, and then follow up by linking with a counsellor or case worker through eerie family health center. That's to say nothing of shelters, cooling centers, and the various shops and restaurants throughout the city that will happily let the homeless hang out for multiple hours at a time. Given the winters I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a great city to be homeless in, but if you're a tranny there are a lot of resources. Check out the Cole Simpson thread on the other farms if you don't believe me, they put her fat TIF ass in a YMCA apartment that she insisted on moving out of.

No. 1614956


This ones kinda sad shes actually extremely mentally unwell if you read the rest of her blog

No. 1614959

Abbreviation for Trans Identified Male.

No. 1614985

it seems that she blocks everyone so i haven’t been able to read it

No. 1615042

I looked at his letterboxd and one of his favorite movies is Handmaiden, which is basically just scrote fap material with lesbian scissoring scenes and shit. Disgusting.
Does anyone know what kpop groups he likes? I searched and found some stuff about Loona whose fandom are known for being extremely edgy aka fucked up moids that made a member run off of the stage crying recently. Seems fitting but I expected more coombrained kpop groups tbh.

No. 1615051

Lol? Logout/use a burner?

No. 1616226

File: 1660532471434.png (2.85 MB, 991x1737, Untitled.png)

Maybe don't have cats if you don't have a job/can't support them & stop buying cosplay.

No. 1616251

Stuff like this makes me so MATI. I know circumstances change, or pets can have accidents or illnesses that insurance can't cover but this seems like they're professionally unemployed.

Also grifting for Prius repairs at the same time:

No. 1616257

lmao while living in a college town. prices are always hiked in a college town.

No. 1616258

The thing that drives me up the wall is that they'll reshare this post whenever they're low on cat items. Maybe budget for those expendables you need every day/week?? They also only had one cat to start with but somehow ended up with two more.

No. 1616284

Do shelters even let you adopt if you aren't financially stable? I mean, if you're on welfare but know how to budget that's one thing but this person seems like flat broke from bad life choices.

No. 1616322

Nope, no checks for cats you pick up off the streets though

No. 1616457

Sorry for necro. She was one of my personal cows too, saw her being posted sometimes over here or on fucking kiwifarms but no one really decided to dig into her antics for milk. She has massive lolcow potential, especially when her grift is happenning for few years already.

I digged through her tumblr and twitter good while ago and I think the funniest thing was trying to convert to judaism for more opression points. I remember her crying that she got harassed when she constantly was talking about killing whites or something, was butthurt that people were over her shit and she had to reap what she sow. I wish I screenshotted it, it was just too funny. Her twitter is more self-censoring but one things were jarring for me. When I checked it she seemed to have that strawberry dress on in her profile picture (while constantly saying she's broke and close to being homeless) and generally her tweets were like "you're racist and lesbophobic if you won't buy my fiction" or obsession with cannibalism, especially about anyone who isn't black. I wonder if she offers commissions still, her prices were ridiculous for her subpar skill.

Didn't heard about her trying to ebeg for a Telfar though. Still, it's ridiculously funny. These bags always looked dogshit and heard quality is flaming garbage. They are just memed by dying rags like Dazed.

No. 1617302

>terrified of going back to work
>slowly working on it with my therapist

god I hate these people, she clearly has a place to stay and a car, a THERAPIST, and SOME kind of cash flow, only to beg for funds for animals she can't support

>asking for repair funds for Prius while standing in front of a HK truck

No. 1617880

File: 1660673318541.jpeg (107.17 KB, 828x416, 8DCAD006-ABC8-45A7-8DBA-6FC726…)

This dude tags all his ebegging as #trans woman and like, looooooool. He’s been talking about a new job starting soon since June too.

No. 1618212

I think it depends on the shelter. I adopted a cat there last year. They didn't ask for any financial information or proof of employment, etc.

No. 1618337

is he really too stupid to realise that by acting entitled he won't get anything and that less and less people will donate money to black people? I see so many writing almost exactly the same. Also, why should one publish their donations? To "inspire" others to do the same? Or so that he will know who he should cling too?

No. 1618695

File: 1660767576822.jpeg (90.18 KB, 827x369, 31F3ACB6-D0B7-4993-89A4-3BAE0B…)

No. 1618699

Someone with that pfp talking about aesthetic appeal is hilarious

No. 1618746

No it's design brilliance, a retard filter.

No. 1618829

Was she a cow or something? What did people say? I want to read it soo bad now

No. 1618842

How do neotrances's followers read this site enough to tell them they're being posted about, but apparently not enough to know cowtipping is frowned upon? Lol

No. 1618848

Take it with a grain of salt considering tumblr but this the only callout I can remember off the top of my head


No. 1618881

i have no idea what she’s talking about. personally i love the imageboard format. there’s a bit of a learning curve when you first get started but it’s so easy once you get the hang of it

No. 1618967

E-begging single mom with…drum roll…half black kids!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1618983

File: 1660791603435.jpg (44.06 KB, 800x450, That_Sign_Can27t_Read.jpg)

the cope is real

No. 1618994

wtf anon don't encourage it to come here, gross

No. 1619220

File: 1660827244951.jpeg (487.01 KB, 828x1101, 4BB51B6A-2060-4A68-8EBE-3C73C2…)

kek https://twitter.com/how_decadent/status/1559858610766860288?s=21&t=DcbTGrBnt_AH2hYpdE7lKA
the video is whoopi saying “you go get a damn job” ofc some of the kweers are mad but oh well

No. 1619900

update.. they went the usual troon route and made onlyfans https://linktr.ee/karmicaberration

No. 1620038

I got bored and found Tygerwulfe's channel. Includes videos from 13 years ago including one where she claimed she was going to be a Paleontologist. So much for that. I was also able to find the dump they are currently living at from the picture on the gofundme (both unfurnished pictures and the street view).
The tiktok of Tyger and the wife were easily found including the wife smoking a cigarette in one. Lol. People really make it too easy these days.(learn2embed)

No. 1620377

File: 1660946132289.png (433.86 KB, 699x2519, traumaversary.png)

Uh, so. Rosaria got high, attacked a random Vivziepop stan, got blocked, remade to keep attacking them, and now whines about getting attacked by Vivziepop stans, only to demand money from them?

No. 1620387

File: 1660947001365.png (34.75 KB, 666x307, nctt.png)

Turns out she doesn't actually have OCD … Wanna bet her 'medicine' is weed?

No. 1620391

Do you have screenshots of the Vivziepop arguments?

No. 1620421

File: 1660951355492.png (6.29 MB, 3752x5980, vivziepop.png)

Yes but beware, it's extremely bizarre.
It's also all online still, there's more but this should be the gist. Also bonus she's a DID faker too now

No. 1620423

File: 1660951423436.png (376.53 KB, 534x911, guineapig.png)

You were onto something …

No. 1620441

She's begging for her own snow thread at this point

No. 1620444

No. 1621289

File: 1661043947487.jpeg (332.66 KB, 828x1792, CF248AA3-1504-4218-AF2B-34C843…)

Rosaria posted her entire work route from her home on a donation post of hers. Lmfao.

No. 1622588

“how dare you make fun of my struggles! Also ur parents are dead because I fucked them so hard!”

No. 1622853

doesnt this kinda count as doxxing?

No. 1622854

no, because Rosaria posted it herself

No. 1622964

she's from bridgeport?? the ghetto……..

No. 1623092


she'd probably love to have one, histrionic fat bitch. lmao

No. 1629590

File: 1661781029459.jpeg (676.33 KB, 828x1530, FD1BC911-0A99-419E-9C01-5AD296…)

This girl is the gift that keeps on giving lol.

No. 1629602

No. 1629762

I remember her being all over radblr. I felt bad at the time, but she constantly has ebegging with paintings that just aren't very good. I was always wondering why she didn't stop buying art supplies and just work some crap job.

No. 1629770

File: 1661795529498.jpeg (243.4 KB, 779x1182, 6659F3E3-96D6-4A61-AAC2-230205…)

E begging, but make it cute. The toxic situation is her mother and sister, who is my friend, says she has it easy.

No. 1631395

Interested to hear more detail. Why does she want to move if she has no money of her own? What is she like to live with?

No. 1632128

File: 1661978818400.jpeg (175.78 KB, 828x899, 236E3051-E22F-49F4-A537-3BF845…)

Last time i logged into this account was more than 3 years ago and she is STILL begging on tumblr every day of her life. Her poor child will be working for her beggar mom forever and in 20 years she will be short on rent every fucking week. Imagine living like this and getting a child. Abortions should be free.

No. 1637079

She wants to move because they are tired of supporting her and her lifestyle. She works at Sephora and has another job working with kids, and goes to grad school. On the side she is dating some ugly guy in a local band whose younger than her and has no job, all her friends are younger and live at home. Her mom pressures her a lot to grow up and apparently she doesn’t want to hear it.

No. 1642401

She has two children now. Utterly pathetic

No. 1643722

File: 1662749710774.png (37.88 KB, 655x398, dehya.png)

Guess who's back!

No. 1644089

File: 1662772776540.jpg (753.55 KB, 1079x2123, Screenshot_20220909_211927.jpg)

It's always crisis after crisis. No end in sight

No. 1644138

File: 1662776833370.png (14.2 KB, 569x116, unhinged.png)

this person is legit insane, this is a tweet from the "private" account. lots of other gold in there too

No. 1644146

I remember this fugly bitch. What an embarrassing failure

No. 1644617

File: 1662827863631.png (18.24 KB, 393x401, cushingsdisease.png)

this is extreme levels of dumb. the pituitary produces acth that signals to the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, with a negative feedback loop (more cortisol, less acth). pituitary cushing is due to an adenoma (tumor) that produces acth uncontrollably disregarding feedback/current cortisol level.
>(there are cyclic cushings, but whatever)

1. as an adenoma disregards the feedback system she would have constant high acth and subsequently high cortisol and high blood pressure. getting high or stressed will not affect this
>unless cannabinoids affect acth/cortisol synthesis. my professional guess is that they don't because we would see stoners die from addisonian crisis.
2. she wouldn't get strokes due to embolisms blocking vessels, she would get hypertensive hemorrhage/bleeds. ie she would not get TIAs.
3. if the size causes surgery to risk brain damage she should have impaired peripheral field of vision and complain about it.
4. she should have some grade of addisonian hyperpigmentation due to constant elevated acth.
5. from the cortisol she should have a moon face. she just looks fat in the image posted. doesn't have puffy red cheeks, acne, or hirsutism. she should worry about osteoporosis with fractures, cataracts, etc.
6. and most importantly, all this is curable by removing the adrenal glands. cushing is a devastating life-threatening disease, the surgery should be done unless her life expectancy for other reasons is like a month or two.
7. if the adrenal glands cannot be removed for any reason, medications blocking cortisol production should be given, not stoner cookies. (mitotane, ketokonazole, etc.)

No. 1644857

doctoranon, that makes too much sense. she NEEDS her fucking chocolate, you're spreading misinformation that will LITERALLY KILL people!!!!! (also TIL you can get your adrenal glands removed)

No. 1645763

File: 1662935460818.png (358.86 KB, 652x783, pathetic.png)

tfw the farms get taken down so you use it as a keyword to boost your fundraiser and calling them abusers despite barely even being mentioned and it was twitterfags who took you down

No. 1645773

God I hate Angela so much, she's a literal pedo who draws some of the most disgusting thing. Also I am a kiwifag and barely saw her being mentioned there. It was twitterfagd who blacklisted her for a good reason.

No. 1645875

I love the Gollum like personality switch she have with her other Twitter account.

No. 1646011

File: 1662969350284.jpeg (41.38 KB, 634x465, 0EE8FFD5-28C4-41E7-BDC9-D2FDBE…)

God I just can't get over the fact that this full-grown adult man(?) says "Please, sir" every single month. Something about it is just so uniquely pathetic.

No. 1646068

Don't worry, it's a fat ftm. Just hard to tell because fatties do be like that. I recently stumbled across the fat wife's tiktok where lo and behold she's smoking on a cigarette.
Hard agree on the pathetic repetitiveness though. It's always overly dramatic.

No. 1646117

>I love how they never tell paypigs the wife's "life saving" "anti-stroke medication" is just weed kek

No. 1646205

File: 1663000029963.png (453.18 KB, 1012x886, transsanta.png)

ever heard of transsanta?

for the past 2 years this insta account posts begging christmas wishlists for trans kids/young adults. the concept is that they post a letter describing their situation and an amazon wishlist link that people can buy you stuff from. the wishlist doesnt even reveal your personal information like address (you can change the name that they see). the admins say that you dont even have to post an image of yourself or use your real name.

i did it last year and got $1000 worth of stuff by making 4 entries. my friend got all of the art materials she needs for college worth $500. its so easy to exploit and i dont feel guilty - its reparations in my opinion. make a new email for each post (i did that just in case they check for duplicate entries), create some trans sob story, and throw shit you want on the amazon wishlist. put some programmer socks or binders on there to make it more convincing. dont view those as a loss because you can return them and get amazon credit instead.

tis the season

No. 1646216

holy shit. Do you think it works for eurofags too or is it strictly US?

No. 1646236

KEK I love this, can't believe people are willing to throw away so much money to anonymous "trans people"

No. 1646291

File: 1663004694997.png (22.23 KB, 483x238, Capture.PNG)

no fucking way KEK
nta They said it doesn't matter where you are as long as Amazon registries work and

No. 1646388

if amazon packages can be delivered to you, this will work because it uses amazon to order and deliver the gifts. sometimes a post would blow up and the submitter would edit their wishlist to add expensive gifts like an ipad or imac. it was even funnier when it would be the popular post of a 6 year old trans kid and the wishlist would have a dlsr camera or something. i remember seeing a post of an mtf/ftm saying that their mom was a terf kek

ps - if you submit dont wait until last minute, they get a lot of submissions when christmas approaches that it takes about 1.5 weeks from submission to post. they do post every submission they get, but when christmas passes the fad dies down and those posts get less attention.

No. 1646453

They should really call it catfishsanta since that's 90% of the people who'll be using it.

No. 1646480

i love you. you are amazing kek thank you

No. 1646631

I read it 'trashsanta' at first and lbr it wasn't that far off. kek

No. 1646653

I did it last year but my boyfriend got mad LOL. $600+ worth of stuff. To anons reading this: DO NOT larp as a trans man. ALWAYS go for a trans woman.
And fellow griftanon, did you get everything sent to the same address? I only did one account but I had such a sob story everything was bought

No. 1646681

can you hide your name along with your address in an amazon wishlist and then do this? my mailman will only deliver mail will my full name on it, so i don't wanna risk using a fake name on the amazon account and not get the shit… definitely considering doing this tho. anymore grift tips kek?

No. 1646768

File: 1663035147547.png (205.74 KB, 1130x847, transsanta2.png)

lol i hid it all from my boyfriend. he also hates trannies but i didnt tell him did this because he has a soft spot for kids and would call me a bad person (maybe i am for doing this but idoncurr). if he asked i would say "an online friend gave it to me for bday/christmas :)". for part of my haul i wished for visa giftcards and got enough to snag an e-reader, its amazing.

i had everything sent to the same address. since i made multiple posts, i changed the name to be variations of my legal name for each post because the gifters see the name you pick and the city/state you ship the goods to. they dont see the exact address. so if some anon lives in eastern europe they can totally larp as a trans refugee who fled from ukraine.

you cant hide your name but you can hide your exact address. idk how strict it is where you live, but you might be able to get away with common misspellings of your name for some anonymity (Sarah -> Sara; Victoria -> Viktoria/Vicky). pic related

my best tip is to submit about 1.5-2 weeks before christmas so that your post will appear right before christmas, dont be afraid to be bold (i got a pair of leather clarks heels lmao. it worked bc my feet are huge), dont be afraid to exploit ur pets if they look basic enough (i got a few toys for my dog there so i made up to her), and up the histrionics to 11. you get an image submission and a description. its totally okay to use picrews/stolen art/traced art as your image submission, honestly i think those got more traction because it wasnt a scrawled note.

if youre going to make handwritten notes at least change your handwriting style a lil bit. get creative. make sure your gifts fit the story youre trying to tell in your submission.

No. 1646788

Isn't weird how most grifters have partnerpps? Like, logically a partner should give you better stability since you can split costs.

No. 1646864

Meh I’m not interested in grifting myself, though this does show how easy it is to be exploited and exploit social media. I was not expecting profits on this account and accounts like this to amass even over 100$ kek. but there are thousands of successful crowdfunds I should suspect some of them are on the scamming side.

Because grifters NEED a dslr camera, NEED makeup, NEED fast food, and they NEED A partner

No. 1646929

>>1646205 Holy shit nonas, never done something like that because I'm a true and honest autist who doesn't like scamming people, but this winter is going to be hard for eurofags, so I just might.

No. 1646992

they find each other. i knew a troon who stole her best mates gf. got her to troon out and put the gf to (part time) work while she sits at home claiming she can’t work cause she’s transitioning with bipolar or some shit kek

No. 1647064

maybe do this for local charities in your near? Then your boyfriend can't be mad and the tranny supporters would still lose money (for an actual good cause)

No. 1647066

if you don't want to lie that much say you are a troon supporter and want to gift your friend something gender affirming because their household is full of terfs and the energy bills eat up "her" income kek

No. 1647243

Honest question, is it possible to ask for e-gift cards? I don't live in the USA or Europe, but fuck, if I can get some shit out of these fuckers, then I want to grift, I need the money to buy shit that I truly need.

No. 1647329

Thank you, nona, I hope I get them.

No. 1647333

i've been looking at several entries from the past and yeah a couple of people will put down like 25, 50, and 100 dollar visa gift cards and they get bought. just think of a good story to write. gl anon>>1647243

No. 1647395

This thread is hilarious rn

No. 1647417

i don't get it, wouldn't someone notice that you put the same name for each wishlist?

No. 1647466

sorry nonny if this is retarded to ask but did you have to make new amazon accounts or could you use the same one? interested in this to get some art supplies kek

No. 1647491

nta but what's stopping you from making different amazon accounts with different names? why does it need to be your legal name?

No. 1647530

different griftanon (>>1646653), i used my personal amazon account and just set the name on the baby registry to something completely different; you can even have different addresses saved on Amazon (where I live they don't really GAF if the name on the package is wrong as long as the last name is correct, you can always go the "oh haha it's a nickname" route)
It shows up as a different name each time, you could theoretically use one account and do 30 different registries but it makes more sense to just use a throwaway email IMHO
Nothing is stopping you but sometimes the mailmen are weird if the name doesn't match with the address, then you have to go to the post office and explain and it becomes a whole shitshow

No. 1647567

its fascinating how the allies have so much spare money, tranny/leftist channels on youtube make a shitload out of patreon even if they upload once a year.
i really wanna try this because i actually do need stuff and i am a tomboy which is basically a transman to them but i live in south america sadly

No. 1647599

unfortunately for this couple, i have a license to kill (their scam).
just to briefly elaborate on important detail, yes, the adrenal glands can be removed - but lifelong substitution with cortisol (and salt-hormone) tablets is necessary, like in addison's disease and acute cortisol deficiency/addisonian crisis is a life-threatening emergency. however, as said, cushing/hypercortisolism completely devastates the body and _has_ to be treated, with removal of the glands if otherwise not possible.

No. 1647890

File: 1663171055026.png (281.36 KB, 1180x724, Untitled.png)

santagriftanon here
i dont think e-gift cards are viable option bc im pretty sure they dont sell those on amazon. as long as you live in an area that amazon delivers to you should be good. so many people asked for visa gift cards. you can say "i need it to pay my rent/bills :(" kek

i used a different name for each wishlist but sent it to the same address (gifters dont see your address, just your city/state). for submitting the posts, i made a throwaway email for each submission.

i put my wishlists under one amazon acct. see pic for a more detailed breakdown of how i arranged/hid information.

No. 1647907

I don't frequent this thread but I need to tell you all how much I love you for the troon Santa stuff. Poor eurofag and I need new clothes badly, when does it open for submissions? Love you nonitas.

No. 1648084

This is such weird and deeply troubling psychopathic behavior, having to actively lie to multiple people and still saying "I don't care if I'm a bad person", that's really really messed up. Sure there's some weird 20 year olds posted on the account but there genuinely are kids receiving gifts on there. just really strange behavior

No. 1648089

File: 1663181503443.jpg (75.37 KB, 1024x1024, DyaHfgGX4AA8Prt.jpg)

No. 1648191

it is a lil weird nonnie went the trouble but also funny as fuck to exploit these idiots lmfao

No. 1648195

what’s weirder is a platform dedicated to adults secretly buying things for kids going through an identity crisis and aiding them to purchase things to hide from their families

No. 1648200

NTA but when you word it that way it's so fucking creepy. What a gross concept

No. 1648221

a lot of these "kids" put down shit like thigh high socks, cosplay shit, sailor/school girl outfits, and makeup lol

and thats not even mentioning all the binders i saw which are gonna cause these poor misinformed girls several potential (and some guaranteed) health issues down the line while also making their body dysmorphia worse.

No. 1648244


I can't even get mad honestly. Like if you're here you've probably been through enough to qualify for free shit as much as any trans person. Nonas got issues out the ass so go treat yourselves or whatever. You all probably don't even know how much you deserve better.

No. 1648269

> as much as any trans person.
Don't try to pretend we're equal in any shape or form, nonna, Trannies are privileged as fuck to the point that they can sit down and meme themselves into thinking they can be the other sex because of a boner.

No. 1648490

I think what she means is that if the trannies "deserve" shit like $100 giftcards, binders and wigs then you actually deserve whatever you could grift WAY more

No. 1648770

File: 1663251344143.png (633.67 KB, 965x643, Screenshot 2022-09-15 090055.p…)

found this one on instagram a couple weeks ago, she constantly posts about her followers "white apathy" and how she deserves "reparations." never posts any pics of herself and always talks in third person. and her patreon "rewards" are non-existent lmao, i have no idea how anyone falls for this.

No. 1648771

File: 1663251372673.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, image0.png)

No. 1648774

> white apathy
Jesus Christ lmfao

No. 1648795

File: 1663253385245.png (958.94 KB, 750x1334, image1.png)

i've tried to do digging on this girl with little luck. she has GOT to be a catfish but i can't find any hard evidence. i feel bad for the people giving her money every month. correct me if i'm wrong but if she's from the UK can't she apply for assistance for physical/mental health?

No. 1649378

why are most e-beggers really fucking obese?

No. 1649464

when they're lazy in 1 way, they're lazy in a million other ways.

No. 1650938

File: 1663621258776.jpeg (199.99 KB, 553x1234, 866F6D3C-0F10-4EEA-AC5D-3FEE36…)

If you’re poor, you owe me seven fitty. If you unstable, you owe me fourteen fitty.

No. 1651057

This shit drives me insane. Go get a fucking job fr I hate when people feel entitled to anyone else’s money when they offer little to nothing in return.

No. 1651253

Wtf is this arrogant fuck even talking about? How is she indigenous if she’s black and in the U.K.? Indigenous to where? Imagine actually expecting strangers to pay for your entire existence. That birthday post is unreal, I’d starve before I’d lower myself to her level, how embarrassing.

No. 1651955

Trannies and their handmaidens/supporters are cult members, pedophiles, predators, and psychopaths. They love knowing children are being mutilated and they love the idea of womens spaces being open to males. You’re sympathizing with people who want to see your tits chopped off, your sisters and daughters abused, and for female only spaces to disappear. You’re sympathizing with roaches. You’re like bike cuck only a nona. Lol

No. 1651956

File: 1663697770130.jpg (51.87 KB, 750x741, 1539802702038.jpg)

>never posts any pics of herself
It's because they spend an insane amount of their money on junk food.
I am so fucking tempted by this ngl. I just don't want to get exposed. I don't blame anyone here for trying their luck with this, most trannys are privileged middle class cunts anyways.

No. 1651959

Reasonably that could mean being forcibly tattooed, branded, pierced, having hair shaved, cut, or dyed, or being subjected to unnecessary surgeries, all against your will or after intense coercion. However that is torture. I doubt this person is being tortured.

No. 1653379

Being a troon is a self made problem. I didn't choose to be born in a third world country, they choose to troon out.

No. 1653636

Maybe a parent makes them go on a diet and the weight loss is considered a body mod?

No. 1654451

Could be anything from being told they need to cut their hair to not getting lash extensions or nails because Daddy won't drive them to the salon. The more insane the accusation the more mundane it ends up being.

No. 1672565

File: 1665506427463.jpeg (373.65 KB, 828x841, 4E7951B1-7034-4513-B9F1-431E0C…)

$7.5k to turn the heat back on?

No. 1672566

File: 1665506460353.jpeg (151.27 KB, 828x421, D6FF9701-7983-4DA2-A4A8-B9884F…)

No. 1674441

>trans artists
>Ash and Wren
>mysterious immune diseases and unemployed
this shit writes itself honestly.(sage)

No. 1674454

Don’t need to insulate Britain from the cold when a large number of our population is built like an arctic marine mammal.

No. 1674465

File: 1665672537842.png (3.81 MB, 1125x2436, E188F1A8-EA3A-4602-A419-2D7476…)

This scamming heterosexual couple also got $3300 from GFM last year to support themselves and their “4 emotional support cats” because the woman’s mother (who was paying all their bills) was “emotionally abusive.” You can’t make this shit up.


No. 1674466

File: 1665672559602.png (525.5 KB, 1125x2436, F879BBAE-A389-4F7C-9DFD-78200F…)

No. 1674512

wtf it has to be a majority of older men who want to spoil mentally ill people. Please don't tell me actual women are giving their hard-earned money away… Well, I think I'm going to try this. I have large hands and feet lmfao

No. 1674513

Samefagging but, are there anymore accounts like this?

No. 1674596

File: 1665686341644.jpg (441.07 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20221009-024012.jpg)


maybe the situation was abusive. it's not like you are compelled to donate.

this feels a lot like that conventionally attractive woman who an heroed as the covid quarantines began be/c she had a phobia about being cooped up all day. her fears probably seem irrational to everyone else but she was overwhelmed by them.

anyway, found this recentish. why would anyone make this

No. 1674597

File: 1665686553557.jpg (76.69 KB, 529x544, tumblr_59b6a50fc65152c0af3b8f1…)

I sincerely hope you people are trolling wtaf

No. 1674600

I learn new things on lolcor dot farm every day

No. 1674646

Thanks for bumping, will try this this holiday season kek

No. 1674821

But that will make you no different from anyone being posted about in this thread

No. 1674841

More power to the anons taking advantage of blind tranny sycophants, but I just wouldn't be able to do this. I'd be terrified of being found out and doxed, for one, but also I just don't like lying to people (even retards.) I also have an iota of pride, and I don't like the idea of accepting pity handouts from misogynists.

No. 1675193

Honestly kek. There’s so many eyes on lc now I don’t doubt at least 1 30 yr old TIM will find this and alert them

No. 1675272

There are women with kids right now having to live with abusive men who beat and rape them, and they can’t escape because they have no money and no hope of ever getting any. Yes no one is forced to donate to these lazy clowns, but every time someone does it takes donations away from people who really need them. That’s a man and his wife, how abusive could his mother in law have been while paying for them to live.

No. 1678743

Your logic could just as easily be used to say about someones abusive shithead husband "how abusive could he be hes paying for all her stuff" black and white thinking isnt the way nonna

No. 1678930

File: 1666138926461.jpg (309.98 KB, 1080x1629, 20221018_191744.jpg)

The entire post is insane. He goes on to link his paypal then in the replies links his bitcoin wallet kek

No. 1678932

…where the fuck did they get unmarked bags of female hormones from??? it sounds incredibly illegal.

No. 1678951

File: 1666141296037.jpg (481.38 KB, 1079x1393, Screenshot_20221018_205932.jpg)

Pulling a Keffals i see?

You can buy the powders on eBay apparently. I doubt it's illegal per-say but "giving" them to "poor young trans girls" that bunk with them definitely is. How much do you want to bet these troons are sexually extorting their visitors for hormones?

No. 1678962

Stealing what you think is coke and it being hormones sounds like the premise of tranny forced feminization fap fiction. And yeah estrogen is not exactly illegal if marketed not for human consumption although testosterone certainly is (bc steroids) although it's not a law often enforced. The troons would make it some kind of civil rights issue if they got busted too. I'm just imagining this household though. They probably have all manner of degen weirdos coming and going who'd be happy to steal some drugs and in for a major disappointment I guess. And of course it ends with ebegging.

No. 1679184

Sorry anon but this drives me crazy: it’s written “per se”

No. 1679355

File: 1666198744864.png (390.64 KB, 1070x1100, Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 12.5…)

Resident fatass with 9 years of ebegging experience at it again. Will they actually be homeless now and stop harassing slimyswampghost? She still hasn't said/showed why the accounts are this negative either.

No. 1679358

No. 1679772

what a dumpster fire
if you have to rely on the internet every month for this kinda thing, it might be time for some changes

No. 1679829

File: 1666234630915.jpeg (1003.41 KB, 1284x2218, 21798920-5FF2-497D-B37F-14942B…)

He's literally going to invoice people to demand donations lmao. Receiving a money request from someone I once donated to honestly would make me regret ever helping them. He needs to call the bank and have them reverse all the fees if they want any of that money back.

No. 1679854

If she's in the UK she won't have to pay for medical or psych treatment but there are very long waiting lists for psych especially (think 3+ years sometimes) which means many people pay privately for this, and if she's talking about woo woo therapies then they won't be covered on the NHS. I'm intesrted to see what she's written under the "benefits" highlight as people with long term conditions and disabilities can get financial assistance. Those aren't easy to get either though, and if it's just your garden variety depression + anxiety or fibromylgia then she'll probably be shit outa luck.

No. 1679868

What an absolutely entitled shithead thing to do. I hope he gets mass reported for soliciting donations and his paypal is shut down.

No. 1679916

>Anyway I am going to be working on that for the next day or so
He could be using that time to do oddjobs.

No. 1680073

Fatty considers begging to be a professional job at this point. Yes, tagging celebrities on your panhandle posts is real hard work!

I dunno if anyone else monitors these two but Tyger claimed that the wife can't smoke weed according to her doctor. But I found her tiktok and what do you know she's smoking a cigarette in one of them. These people lives are built on lies.

No. 1680089

File: 1666273064690.png (40 KB, 596x307, chrome_v4QP6wtu2W.png)

well at least he knows that he is being retarded, but its so stupid none the less.

No. 1680120

File: 1666277043732.jpeg (287.52 KB, 1170x1584, F86D8B55-A88F-4CF0-942C-9A4E25…)

This asshole already does that. I stupidly fell for the grift since I used to follow slimyswampghost. You don’t think your one act of charity is gonna come back and attempt to grift more from you. That’s how I knew it was a sham. I’m not your fucking piggy bank you fat fuck freeloader.

No. 1680135

This happened to me. I made a small donation to a local e-beggar, and he started bombarding me with aggressive daily PayPal requests that got more & more ridiculous (“help! need money for a plane ticket to my aunt’s funeral tomorrow!”) until I blocked him. He then somehow found my social media and harassed me for money until I had to block him there too. Total disaster and I only donate to established charities now.

No. 1680145

That’s just stupid anon. No one is compelled to mooch off their “emotionally abusive” parents in their 30s. Most people have long since cut ties with shitty parents and become independent by that point, especially after getting married. It’s not remotely comparable to a woman who is legally bound and shares children & a home with a violent man who beats her.

No. 1680157

LOL. The absolute nerve to request 50 dollars. Like begging is bad enough but for her to assume that anyone thats given over 50 bucks before must be loaded is exactly the kind of mindset the perpetually in debt have.

No. 1680194

serial killer who specifically targets serial parasitic e-beggers when?? for legal reasons I am joking

No. 1680238

I don’t care for people who pretend to feel bad for grifting. They aren’t really burdens on society like a murder or a rapist is, they’re just fucking annoying. The only people this really affects are the pool of other grifters fighting for the same e-cash. If you really felt bad you’d suck up the “antisemitism” at the food bank and pray to god in front of them kek

No. 1680386

i know this is old but i can't get over how she says unalive and the n word with a hard r in the same paragraph.

No. 1681251

Wait they won't use the food bank because it's "antisemitic"? What?

No. 1681403

Not that nonna but yes, that was their excuse. They have excuses for everything. Like Tyger claimed that his wife couldn't smoke the mary jane (and by proxy get this so called life saving weed for much cheaper) because her doctors said she couldn't yet the bitch was clearly smoking a cig in one of her tiktok videos. I hate these fucking leeches on society.

No. 1681472

File: 1666453811279.jpeg (300.3 KB, 828x1553, 0530E8B0-9D99-47F5-BF49-4485CF…)

His wife’s TikTok is hilarious. She claims DID, adhd, was very underweight and put on weight for “no reason”, and she is always buying wigs, and halloween decorations and random shit. Complete scam artists.

No. 1681991

That second chin made me gag.

No. 1682118

Foodie beauty stunt double looking ass

No. 1683468

File: 1666634357161.jpg (128.42 KB, 1079x424, 20221024_185716.jpg)


Amazing how the woman supposedly so brain damaged she needs 24/7 care can make tiktoks and smoke cigarettes

No. 1683755

File: 1666655470916.png (661.46 KB, 1888x994, Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.49…)

They are so completely full of shit and clearly exaggerate their situation. Just a lot of excuses as to why they are fat and refuse to work.

If this is anything to go by they should be homeless within the next month. There's no way they're raising rent + this 10k balance between chase and paypal in a week. If they keep the place there's clearly someone like a family member funding their life while the online begging is just extra income. Tyger also claimed to have closed the chase account but they clearly didn't and it continues to get charged more and more fees to who knows what because the fat fuck still refuses to show what the supposed charges are.

No. 1683969

So like the Saw movies but they have to get themselves out of the trap, not cry online until someone does it for them?

No. 1683972

If She hs dangerously high blood pressure but refuse to take/try standard medication and only the precious edibles can lower it, but her "alter" insists on smoking cigarettes and surely therefore jeopardising her health, then this lady needs a tard wrangler.

No. 1687953

File: 1667059426842.jpeg (126.08 KB, 960x794, 3CF84D4A-6BD4-4539-A464-A95D95…)

someone fr needs to call cps on this bitch

No. 1687954

File: 1667059477047.jpeg (197.96 KB, 960x720, 06AF93A7-C4B2-4316-9B34-B95682…)

the way she is posing w her children and her cane

No. 1687956

Not even a damn “please” holy fuck these people are entitled and should not be allowed to have kids. We’re fucked.

No. 1688046

File: 1667067985969.jpeg (117.96 KB, 704x960, 9433DBB7-872D-4AC9-84F4-D76237…)

No. 1688053

Might get banned for saying this but given the fentanyl crisis going on atm I wish troids got duped with it as opposed to normies and drug addicts. It would take out a majority of the child grooming population.
Ntayrt but do these fat anglos claim to be jewish? They have major "southern face", see >>1681472 >>1687954. There is absolutely no jewish lineage there kek. I hope my gassed ancestors haunt the fuck out of these grifters who try to claim they're jewish to be terminally online hambeasts because they think they're above getting a job like the rest of us.

No. 1697674

File: 1668167402292.png (518.89 KB, 1062x804, Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 6.44…)

Ebegging aiden fatass is shocked that paypal would limit her new account when she currently has another over 6k in the negative. Also claims they got denied for foodstamps, from missing an appointment. Excuses aka lies.


Anyone else notice that they just quietly managed to get the money they needed from two weeks ago? Scammers.

No. 1697730

Maybe it varies by state but don’t most food stamp interviews take place over the phone these days? And why the fuck would you miss something so important?

No. 1697766

File: 1668181582576.png (1.08 MB, 1174x1066, Capture d’écran 2022-11-11 à…)

they/them twitter artist wants £120,000 for a lawsuit to copyright his shit-tier comics or something

No. 1697794

>It would take out a majority of the child grooming population.

You wish nonna, you’d need to give the whole moid population fentanyl for that (and I’m not against that either!)

No. 1697889

27k likes and 11k retweets for a white male with special snowflake pronouns. Inspiring.

No. 1698130

File: 1668211836146.jpeg (399.98 KB, 828x1100, 41CE446B-FA7F-4CC4-AC67-7CABA3…)

jfc grifters will jump at any opportunity to guilt people into sending them spare change

No. 1698163

File: 1668214875209.jpg (1.23 MB, 2448x3264, get a real job.jpg)

Apparently tygerwulfe spent 200 hours drawing shitty dinosaurs and coloring them pride colors and is now bemoaning having made only $11. How can she invest this kind of time into something so unprofitable as her art hobby FOR YEARS and think it's productive? She definitely knows her art doesn't make any money but she and her fat wife have nothing else to do but post furry art, tiktoks, and pathetic pleas on social media while some great aunt twice removed sends them money.

>Anyone else notice that they just quietly managed to get the money they needed from two weeks ago? Scammers.

That's why I always wonder how people fall for this kind of grift. They've been perpetually out of money for years, yet their debt resets every few weeks? Also, I've been wondering if paypal takes action against this kind of thing. It does say business account so was there something else that made them close it (like weird transactions/transfers) or would it just be the debt?

No. 1698200

Damn I wish tumblr was run by terfs

No. 1698209

I kinda think the dinos would object to being gay. or maybe lgb people should object to dino comparisons. idk I think in this instance the mass extinction event affects perception and so pride dinos feel offensive somehow. rip dinos

No. 1698242

yeah, it's way too soon. never forget.

No. 1698283

200 hours they could have spent searching for a sit down desk job for her fatass. She was delusional to ever think this plan would work considering how over saturated pride (animal/objects) merch already is. These arent even visually appealing and scream "Graphic design is my passion".

I can't remember correctly but I think paypal logs similar information such as addresses and ip, so they saw there was already an account linked to them with a huge debt. Guess Katherine thinks paypal would just close the account and call it even? lol.

No. 1698456

>muh 200 hours
maybe they should be less ugly, people aren't obligated to buy your ugly dinos

get a damn job and do this on the side, there's nothing stopping you from doing that

No. 1698665

I decided to look at their red bubble and counted all the work they did for the 200 hours – I counted 11 dinos

No. 1698696

File: 1668292480283.png (1.16 MB, 854x1294, Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 5.31…)

I have suspicions these texts might be faked for the sake of garnering sympathy as usual.
You ever just guilt trip the fuck out of your own 80 year old mom after she already helped you, while her husband is in critical condition in the hospital? The pictures of him are so distasteful too. Just rattling off each specific bill cost to them too…those poor parents made a failure.


No. 1698756

that electric bill is huge. i didn’t even go over 300 when i had all my air conditioners on this summer.

No. 1711445

File: 1669553353325.jpeg (990.54 KB, 1170x1969, 2C48B274-E1E1-434D-AC11-2B82A9…)

I just logged onto tumblr for the first time in like 6 years and this bitch is still doing this??

No. 1711576

File: 1669566333304.png (474.04 KB, 872x916, fluoresensitiveebeg.png)

surprised no one here has brought up fluoresensitive on tumblr. notorious "enby" cow who constantly e-begs and demands white people pay to follow her ass on a fucking microblogging website. picrel.

No. 1711584

Yes, lmfao. iirc she e begged for money for coats for her kids last year because if she didn't have enough money she'd only be able to go to salvation army and she didn't want to support them. like i get it, but really? it's winter and your kids need coats. just go to salvation army. you can give yourself 50 metaphorical lashings later.

No. 1711598

File: 1669567436933.jpeg (512.89 KB, 828x1182, DCEB33A5-3374-4F5F-94D4-FE2817…)

this shit looks so fake

No. 1711599

File: 1669567465777.jpeg (200.99 KB, 1283x1357, 78E53733-88D3-44B1-B8B6-843748…)

all the exposition in these texts KEK

No. 1711651

Stay warm or stay woke, kids.

No. 1711657

Who knows. There are people who will insta-kick their kid the moment they turn 18, reddit moderator style.

No. 1711671

i have to say i do feel bad for her just as i feel bad for any woman who is knocked up by a man and left to care for them, but there are many charitys that help give out toys for kids/coats for kids in the wintertime/christmastime. its very easy to apply for those charities and if you are not making enough income wise they will help you. source: my mother would apply for those programs as a single mom. if she is honest about her situation i feel for her but she should toughen up a bit and apply for programs that will help her if she really needs to beg people. if she is lying i really wonder what she spends all her money on, i guess maybe shes a drug addict but she doesnt seem the type, and she does post about her kids often like shes involved in their lives. i do sometimes get a creepy vibe though with how she posts about them online and posts their faces on tumblr, like maybe shes not protecting them enough, but maybe i am reading too much into it? maybe im wrong for giving her the benefit of the doubt too.

No. 1711679

Idk if she’s applied for that kind of assistance or not, I feel like she’s applied for food stamps or WIC but don’t quote me on that.

What really bothers me is that I think it’s seedy and scummy to ask for money from people who are probably working with the same amount or less than she is. The father in that situation is garbage but how does she not qualify for child support? If she does then there’s something really sketch going on here. Also posting your kids on the same blog you advertise your adult content on is just disgusting, point period blank.

No. 1711712

You're giving her way too much room. This user comes on and e-begs or shills her extremely poorly written fiction. She assumes that her blackness is the barrier to success when really she's just a fucking idiot. If you go through her page a lot of her original posts are about it.

No. 1711724

Oh yeah she’s always bitching about how she wasn’t able to publish her book with any publishing company, she went on some screed about how she was almost able to do it but someone reported her tumblr activity to the potential publisher and they dipped. Instead of just saying “lol what’s tumblr” she just doubled down like a retard and defended her posts. She’s also one of those that is big mad about people donating to AO3, despite the fact people can donate to whoever/whatever the fuck they want with their own money and AO3 is, at the very least, transparent about how much they receive and where it goes.

No. 1711766

I'm not american, but I noticed most of these beggers and grifters are black, particularly black women and trans women. And the rest are white or other races. And their messages are so rude, demanding people to pay them, swearing, no 'please' and 'thank you'. Why is that? Why are they so nasty? Is it a racial thing?
I'm geniunely asking. In my country people don't donate if you're rude. And it's better to give money or things to groups and organizations because you know they aren't scamming.

No. 1711778

Overly online e beggars will often lie about their race for sympathy. One notorious e beggar on tumblr (trapcard) lied about his race and religion multiple times, also just so happened to need $40k for a transition fund.

No. 1711783

This, I’m convinced most of the “black trans women” especially are larpers. People like to collect oppressed identities for guilt tripping purposes.

No. 1711805

Absolutely. Being on tumblr in the early 2010s will teach anyone people on there lie like crazy. And the userbase is too whipped and afraid to seem like they’re terfs so if someone says they’re a black trans woman they believe it.

No. 1711856

that username is familiar, where and when has he (she?) been exposed?

No. 1711875

File: 1669585031706.jpg (341.49 KB, 821x1441, silvertransition.jpg)

He's an infamous tranny tumblr user who was aggressively male (but if you said that his legion of cult followers would swarm you). He was a race faker back in the day and apparently used to be in the military. Most recent major escapade was in 2020 where he started a gofundme for his "transition fund", guilt tripped people by saying some shit about police brutality and how he wasn't sure if he had much longer left (this was right after George Floyd). He managed to scam people out of like $40,000 when all was said and done, because I highly doubt that money actually went to any sort of medical transition.

No. 1711876

Assuming this isn’t race bait, it’s meant to exploit white guilt. Tumblr native americans use the same aggressive tone. The beggar is angry and aggrieved and its white tumblr users’ faults and they are owed reparations. Demanding and saying “if you were a REAL ally you would give me money” etc

No. 1711885

File: 1669585527457.png (1.35 MB, 2436x1400, newtransitionfund1.png)

Gonna have to add two more screenshots but this dude opened up ANOTHER fucking transition fund. only raised over $900 for this one though. Claims that the old one that made over $40k solely went to rent and bills as he lost his job. Now he's pretty much radio silent on tumblr and his twitter has been banned lol

No. 1711887

File: 1669585559076.png (400.61 KB, 1376x1232, newtransitionfund2.png)

No. 1711900

>race faker
is he not black? are those someone else's photos? or was he pretending to be Asian or something else?

No. 1711905

His nationality/religion would switch up a lot. He would identify himself as being muslim for a period of time, as well as egyptian, then jamaican, and native american. It was batshit.

No. 1712142

If $30 is nothing then why does she need it?
Does she have a job? Is she living off the government? Or is it just a grift

No. 1712519

>If $30 is nothing then why does she need it?
Because nona, it's important that whites pay their dues to her so they can continue seeing quality content, such as her badly written short horror stories and telling terfs to drink bleach. She couldn't operate a riveting platform otherwise.

>Does she have a job? Is she living off the government? Or is it just a grift

She (unclefather) apparently has a job (whatever commission-based work means, I really want to say she's a hairdresser/cosmetologist or something), she might have some government assistance. I believe the majority of it is a grift though, she's been at that shit for years. The only time I remember her not trying to constantly e-panhandle was before she had kids.

No. 1712724

Ty. I see she has an onlyfans too, naturally

No. 1712829

This woman is my favorite beggar. She’s been at this for literally years. When I requested her she sent me a message demanding reparations saying that she’s Puerto Rican (??) then went silent when I said I’m part of a south west indigenous tribe. She begs almost daily and engaged in lots of pedo play and poses with mustache filters on her story in the guise of an alt called “armand.” The grift that keeps on giving.

No. 1712831

File: 1669666081604.jpeg (201.37 KB, 828x1792, 8E28E9BF-A3AF-45DD-9D4E-160648…)

Sorry, here is the image.

No. 1712861

I'm bumming myself out reading the tr@ns@nta wishlist submissions. On one hand they are full of cringy shit like pink wigs, pink gamer accessories and strawberry print sweaters (seriously, i keep seeing the same crap on multiple lists), then on the other I see just basic keep you alive and going things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. Some lists get lots of purchases, most don't get any.

What is the point of this? What do they take donations for too btw? I don't think the org spells out what they do with donation money. I don't think they use it to buy anything on the lists.

I bet it implodes this year as so many submitters aren't going to get anything and that'll create big butthurt.

No. 1712899

This has to be fake. Correcting the name while begging for a place to stay lol. I'd guess they're not really on the street and likely just exaggerating, probably staying at a friends. I can't imagine someone truly cold, hungry, out on the streets would pick being called a name or not over having somewhere to live. Safe to assume mom is paying the the phone bill too, since they have no job.

No. 1713272

lol I follow this cow on instagram. She also has an elaborate DID larp and styles a collection of shitty amazon wigs depending on who's fronting. If there's interest I'll grab caps later. She's currently on a grift about her living situation being full of mold.

No. 1713334

File: 1669704588175.jpeg (953.08 KB, 750x1284, 42E2B0A3-1B41-49F5-BD01-B5444F…)

saw this on my fyp. i'd really love to give the benefit of the doubt with this one, especially since theres kids involved, but i have a gut feeling there's holes in this person's story somewhere. can any nonas help me out here?

No. 1713480

File: 1669728325290.jpeg (58.76 KB, 427x640, 5bb56a4f3c000020010ce64a.jpeg)

have you ever worked with people like…this? especially the ones who barge into every situation screaming abt how autistic they are. imagine someone walks into their first day looking like Pepper from AHS and no doubt twisting that uwu stim toy like crazy while you're trying to teach them the job. the learned helplessness emanating from these types is overwhelming. it's almost like they have a voyeurism fetish for their own autism.

No. 1713491

Why do you need someone to poke holes in her story? Ignore all ebegging spergs no matter what

No. 1713539

I’ve been noticing there are usually a few things bought from every wishlist within minutes of it being posted. My guess is trans@nta has a fund to buy a few things from each list.

No. 1713646

The permanently online masses are either too young and/or brainwashed to understand that misgendering is not on the same level as street homelessness, or they are smart enough to fake screenshots that pull at the heartstrings of their Gofundme cash cows. My guess is that it's the latter, because as you said yourself, somebody is paying the phone bill, and it's not the ebil mom.
Also the name is lookingforhelp, and if that's not a grift I don't know what is.

No. 1713885

Im definitely interested nonna

No. 1714325

yes please post more, I'm weak for DID cows

No. 1727996

File: 1671117938439.png (1.07 MB, 1911x1080, Picsart_22-12-15_10-21-41-733.…)

this person is a racist albanian nationalist tranny stoner who refuses to get a job and instead spends their time live blogging every single retarded thought that enters their mind to their tumblr

No. 1728003

Post without url censored.

No. 1728062

sort of weird that they asked for £1500 and then said they wanted $1500. big difference between the two. also like if you’ve been deported twice, maybe you’re just not meant to be in that fucking country.

No. 1728095

No. 1728192

>Racist Albanian

No. 1728193

um. she’s kinda hot

No. 1729015

I never understand why these people all come up with the same urgent fundraiser stories and complain when their followers stop donating. There's only so many times you can reuse the same grift on the same people, change it up a little.

No. 1729873

File: 1671338306921.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20221217-233409~2.p…)

Hey nonnies. Made a post here about transsanta a while ago. Reporting back that this year I was able to get multiple things with the best one being an iPad. But I came to the realization that 95% of the people buying things are women, which checks out with the fact that women are more likely to give and give more to charity than men across all demographics. Sure, fuck troons, but not at the expense of other women. So I returned everything, bought visa gift cards, and gave it to a homeless woman. It was like $800. Best I could do because I can't get physical cash. I've been casually checking up on posts there and came across this one. This person was able to get people to give them $3,300+ in less than 24 hrs by saying she is pregnant by rape in a state that doesn't allow abortion even though she's keeping the baby. I'm pretty sure it's fake, as they didn't add useful items to their Amazon wishlist - it's only a "fund" which allows people to just give you money freely. Comments are telling her to abort even though she said she's keeping it in the post, which is kinda despicable.

No. 1729928

>So I returned everything
nonny you are a better person than i am. if these women are dumb enough to donate to troons instead of donating to a a women organization i would not return the gifts

No. 1729938

you did the right thing by donating to someone who would use it for survival and not fidget spinners and tech gadgets.
There’s reasons to donate to these things beyond sheer gullibility. I donated to trans Santa back in 2019 before I peaked because I saw myself and my friends in these kids who were almost all gnc and often same sex attracted, and not accepted by their families. My mistake was thinking that buying them anything other than good therapy, was the solution to make these kids happy.
Another factor was that trend on the left leaning internet where if you show any doubt towards a person claiming to need help, you’re a terrible cynical person, so you can’t point out how shit their vetting process is without being accused of trying to murder vulnerable children in their sleep. Must be rough for legitimate charities right now.

No. 1729951

Damn how intense was the sob story you told in order to convince someone to buy that ipad?

No. 1730011

you are so much kinder than me nonnie, i respect this although i disagree

No. 1730072

According to their own rules anyone and everyone is a troon with any definitions being called gatekeeping, so of course you’re going to see people you’d consider cis applying

No. 1730212

File: 1671394872547.png (3.81 MB, 2002x1486, Untitled.png)

Worst part is that it wasnt even that much of a sob story. I said I was a black trans woman whos applying for art college and needed it. then I made the image in canva in about 30 mins.
I debated about it for a while. but when someone buys something off the list, Amazon tells you their name and it was almost always a woman's name. I'm radfem and it breaks my heart to see it. Even if a woman is doing something retarded I cant just take advantage of her. I'm not trying to make you agree with me, I'm just word vomiting.
There actually was a post that had two people in the comments saying that they knew that this person wasn't trans and they were met with doubt and people saying that they shouldn't discuss it in the comments as it will make people hate the trans more. These people are idiots. Something I noticed is that the posts are much more clickbaity than last year. Theres less handwritten letters, art, and photos and most digital posts with a large, eyecatching title. Pic related. They come up with the most unreal stories.

No. 1730232

File: 1671396806978.png (1.13 MB, 1386x876, Screenshot 2022-12-18 152801.p…)

Im going to highlight one of the posts in the collage. In order for this story to be true a racist white man married or entered a long term relationship with a black woman, had multiple children with her, and beat her for TWENTY YEARS. Im not doubting that someone can be abused for that long, but it doesnt make sense that a white racist would want to have multiple kids with a black woman considering how a key part of white racism is to not taint the white bloodline. Then the mom leaves him and leaves her child and oh no he cant come because the aunt doesnt like the troons. Its just so convenient that hes got no friends that he can crash with. Hes 20 years old.

Anyways this sob story got him $1,400+ of hard cash on Amazon.

No. 1730281

eh,i disagree, tons of racists have fetishes for black women not to mention historically slave owners had children with black women despite literally thinking they weren't as human as they were.

No. 1730288

>if i can escape i can become a kindergarten teacher or counselor
better stay put then

No. 1730440

Good reference material for next year lmao

No. 1730467

You seem incredibly naive.

No. 1730613


No. 1733990

File: 1672356975687.jpeg (86.04 KB, 623x583, 0E3E1727-9E9A-42EF-894C-FA68BE…)

No. 1733996

Literally just stop eating 15 Big Macs a day and you’ll have more money.

No. 1734002

It’s always 400lb people with $300 shoes on who need “urgent survival funds” (i.e. weed and more shoes)

No. 1734003

Very convenient that they can afford demonias though.

No. 1734033


jesus fucking christ

No. 1734296

She looks like she can hibernate for the rest of this winter anywhere, she doesn't need donations kek.

No. 1739780

File: 1673189129365.png (5.76 MB, 2201x5000, export202301061714100541.png)

It sucks to see an artist you used to look up to and their friends turn into an ebegging troon posse who would rather give up stability and support to willingly become homeless. The rest of grimharlequins posts are self flagellating schizo posts for living in a rich white Canadian suburb with a privileged family. Leaving stability, taking T and drugs, state and country hopping while dragging your pets with you is how you wrack up these ridiculous fucking expenses

No. 1739783

My uncle is 'friends' with a woman who constantly lies about reasons for needing money from him, and every time he just gives it to her. The fat lazy cuntress already lives on the dole on our tax money for '''mental illness''' which is absolutely not an excuse or disability precluding one from working.

I keep begging him to tell her no and explaining that she is a grifter and con-man who is scamming and exploiting him.

No. 1739850

Bumping for prn on 1st page

No. 1748021

Don't knock Pepper like that. She was pretty much non verbal (less annoying), and could be taught to do basic tasks.

No. 1749281

File: 1674269460595.jpg (605.4 KB, 2370x1527, abysmal.jpg)

went to check on transsanta for shits and giggles and saw someone larping as her 11 year old tif brother. Fucking deplorable

No. 1749337

>Tif brother
Only one of these words can be true. it's either a tif, a sister, or not a tif and a brother. Also, why do you say she? Not he because it is presents for a brother?

Transanta is essentially rich westerners asking for free stuff for choosing to be something to larp opression. Of course it is full of grifters. Being trans is a grift. It's not all gay people from homophobic places anymore (and not even always, like the ones who do it for luring straight people into gay sex because otherwise they would say no - this is mostly male trannies because men ultimately refuse to accept no for an answer very often due to entitlement and ego).

No. 1749371

Ayrt I meant to indicate brother was used in a sarcastic way and assumed that the actual writer of the post was an adult tif because her 11 year old “brother” was writing in and saying how good of a person she was and how she deserved good things. I also say brother mainly because I highly doubt that said sibling even exists

No. 1749374

Ah, okay.

No. 1749381

I get where you were coming from. I should’ve explained better in the original post

No. 1749423

No worries anon.

No. 1749486

File: 1674302234992.png (667.11 KB, 1080x3679, Screenshot_20230114-151502.png)

Won't someone think of the mythical transwoman?!?

No. 1749695

That fat girl in fancy boots reminds me of my old roommate. She'd demand food money from me to "feed her kids".

1. Not my kids.

2. I was her roommate so I knew she didn't have custody over a single one of her 5 kids.

3. I was her roommate so I noticed her ordering multiple large pizzas for her obese self and her obese friends everyday.

She tried to guilt me by putting her son on speaker and telling him sorry bc she wont be able to bring him McDonalds during her visitation. He said "Mom, Im sick of McDonald's. Can you cook instead?"(blog)

No. 1749792

TIL that TMA = Trans Misogyny Affected = Man

No. 1753404

File: 1674782873435.png (958.15 KB, 828x1792, 5268E641-72D5-4797-8A05-21C105…)


No. 1753407

File: 1674782996037.jpeg (88.65 KB, 828x399, CB3E5C19-F564-49E5-8DDC-473012…)

No. 1753410

this cow still goes about doing this shit and people still keep falling for it. all because she won't get a real job and no one wants to publish her books because she tells people to kill themselves over inconsequential tumblr drama.

No. 1753413

File: 1674783559533.jpeg (63.02 KB, 1024x964, E2ne9zSWEAA6pW9.jpeg)

trannies have convinced an entire generation of women that they can't put themselves first and that being 'tme' is a coherent social classification. it's bleak ladies.

No. 1753419

I’m not trying to racebait but I hate going on twitter every February because I see posts like these getting spammed asking for “reparations” on black history month

No. 1753432

regarding unclefather, the queen of shameless e-begging, has she ever spoken about her baby daddy? I followed her for like 2 years and never saw mention of child support or anything. I tinfoiled that they’re still together but the single mom angle is better for scamming.

No. 1753438

Just donate to your charity organization of choice if you have the means and ignore all the e-begging speds.

No. 1757010

File: 1675131220927.jpg (860.41 KB, 1079x2057, Screenshot_20230130_180950_Fac…)

a personal cow of mine. imagine e-begging for rent in cincinnati and thinking moving to NYC is a good idea

No. 1757016

File: 1675131404777.jpg (227.73 KB, 1079x1096, Screenshot_20230130_130432_Fac…)

but god forbid anyone else have a stable income kek

No. 1757019

kek what a cope. Good luck in nyc becoming a ~thriving artist~ Is her art even good?

No. 1757021

Sorry for double post but I just looked at her Instagram and no, nope, top kek no wonder she’s not making any money off that shit

No. 1757027


the audacity of this woman to assume her moving to nyc will solve her financial issues while simultaneously making fun of others who struggle with financial issues

No. 1757028


like big fish small pond much we get it you rot around in your apartment all day making shitty black metal logos and crying

No. 1757156

makes me wonder if she's moving in with people and will absolutely not be able to make her part of the rent every month kek

No. 1761073

"earthquake insurance"
Do these grifters really live in Cali and then moan about not having any money? Fucking move somewhere more affordable.

No. 1761078

I don't feel sorry for her. It takes two to tango so unless she was a victim of rape or SA (which is possible but not likely) she's just as responsible as the guy who knocked her up.

No. 1761085

"How can I afford a plate?"
I bought four plates for 25 cents a pop at a garage sale. It's easy to get cheap plates if you know where to look.

No. 1761190

File: 1675549259762.jpeg (630.54 KB, 1170x1513, CBFF06B0-69C3-466C-9A8D-D1A7F6…)

The absolute entitlement. Asking for $1000 to take a vacation and record an album? How self important.Not to pl but all the music I’ve made has been in my free time after I work my 9-5. Same with everyone I know, or they pay a few hundred for studio time.
Also, spoiler alert: This girl is not a girl!

No. 1761255

AYRT and the funny thing is that she got dropped by a publisher over things she said on her work tumblr and went apeshit when people told her to maybe separate her work and personal tumblr. Kek x1000000

No. 1761276

File: 1675559127528.jpeg (474.82 KB, 828x1358, 53420AC1-845D-48DB-BA93-BE3B7A…)

Every time she says ‘i simply must laugh’ she’s malding hard as hell I’ve noticed.

No. 1762041

didn't this come from his personal ig lol someone must have a little vendetta

No. 1765257

File: 1676061580220.png (1.42 MB, 1080x5783, Screenshot_20230210-213603.png)

She needs new teeth and lingerie and you better pay up yt boi.

No. 1765263

File: 1676062221716.gif (3.22 MB, 480x270, mean-girls-hands.gif)

Raise your hand if you have seen tons of "instead to buy that transphobic game, give your money to poor us" tweets (adding also game spoilers)

No. 1765725

File: 1676127946538.gif (286.54 KB, 400x165, 4E2E4527-5092-4D1E-A0DA-D32B74…)

Yep, every second post. It’s funny because half of them aren’t even pulling the ‘I have no money for food/rent/meds etc’ they’re skipping straight to posting wish lists, ko-fi links or trying to promo their shitty, ‘ValiDate’ tier projects.

No. 1767301

File: 1676305561716.png (304.2 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20230213-080028-675…)

New to this thread, did a search and couldn't find anyone else who posted this person. This Canadian lady is a super grifter on drugs (her kids were taken away due to drug use) who posts every day about not being able to afford food and shames the ppl she tags in her begging for not donating. Her entire Twitter is filled with crazy stories about why she can't go to food banks or get other assistance. She just begs for cash and complains when it's not enough. Someone gave her $40 and she whined that it wasn't enough. Here's a screenshot saying that people who don't donate to her want her to self harm.


No. 1767995

File: 1676393168277.png (59.3 KB, 433x532, 121.png)

Hello nonnas. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread. My offering, a mere run-of-the-mill disabled transwoman, but this garbage is all over tumblr, everyone has a made up sob story, the signal boost tag is a gold mine for e-beg posts of people similar to the ones posted in this thread. Apologizing for posting again, constantly having issues no matter how much money these dumbasses throw at them.

No. 1768066

File: 1676401766419.jpeg (124.3 KB, 828x332, BC5E0DB7-1042-423D-BC60-218FBF…)

saw this one yesterday, maybe im just an especially poorfag but isn't it only rich kids who get credit cards in their parents names?

No. 1768759

holy cow, this one is a goldmine. Her whole twitter could be posted here.

No. 1769238

File: 1676524166870.jpg (123.23 KB, 1033x1280, IMG_20230215_220838_962.jpg)

Right! My summary really sucked but there's really just no way to describe this woman without going to her Twitter and reading. I managed to read all the way back to July yesterday before my tab refreshed.

I like this one though. She basically admits to using multiple social media accounts for giveaways and then bitches about being placed on scammer lists for scamming.

No. 1769856

typically only the spoiled ones who end up as nepotism hires get them. Its also very telling because any card purchases the tumblr op made would affect the abusers credit score considering its in their name.

No. 1778966

File: 1677565349646.png (74.86 KB, 660x546, Screenshot_50.png)

this person posts begging posts so often it makes me question how much of it is true

No. 1778994

>Celiacs and something that sounds like Fibromyalgia
Celiacs guy should stop stuffing his face with junk food and he wouldn't need to go to the hospital. I don't even understand how celiacs can require a 911 call and ambulance ride, all it does is give the sufferer extreme diarrhea the day after they eat gluten. The only medication they can give to "stabilize him" are anti-diarrhea meds, which can be bought anywhere without taking an ambulance ride. The one with the cane and the non-specific "sickness" sounds like a typical Spoonie.
>hostile landlord demanded an inspection
>so I had to get cleaning supplies
kek sounds like her apartment is fucking disgusting and the landlord won't let her keep it like that. If the inspection was unjustified they'd already have cleaning products, because they'd actually be cleaning the house.

No. 1778998

this is some spoonie horseshit, guarantee OP and their trans roomie are fully able bodied workshy NEETs. bald faced lie that an emergency room would refuse to admit someone in need of a bed due to gluten intolerance. they’ll admit vegans to GI units even if they can’t provide vegan meal replacement shakes, for example. dietetics will provide whatever bland meals are medically necessary for people who are capable of eating solids. might be ugly gruel mush, but they won’t turn you away because you have medically necessary dietary restrictions. idk who this is, but i doubt their roommate went to the ER in unstable condition because of being celiac, or even left the house. the piece of landlord fiction was probably inspired by someone telling them to clean up whatever nasty sludge trail they leave behind them from the chronic illness of being unemployed and severely unwashed

No. 1779024

No. 1779117

File: 1677586331130.png (51.66 KB, 469x327, Screenshot 2023-02-28 6.03.46 …)

lol talking about how roomie is allergic to basically every food but eats candy and chips

No. 1779184

i love how she's claiming a fucking hospital couldn't accommodate a gluten allergy, when the reality is her roommate got a tummy ache and was told to fuck off so he wouldn't take up space from actually sick people.

No. 1779188

Trannies are such bad liars it's insane.

No. 1779189

File: 1677597984337.jpg (244.58 KB, 1440x1387, Lol.jpg)

These posts all tend to sound the same to me but the fact this person had the audacity to include a payment on a videogame controller in this

No. 1779672

she's annoying as fuck and part of the overly online insanely aggressive tumblr sj crowd. doesn't surprise me that she does this shit lmfao.

No. 1780972

Not to blog but to be fair my dad has celiac and he’s had to go to the hospital for extreme stomach swelling and pain and stuff for having even a trace amount of gluten cross-contaminated with his food, so it can be serious for some, but unless your allergy is severe like that it’s probably just munchie bullshit especially with everything else in that story. I have a gluten sensitivity and it’s not hard to just avoid those foods, especially with all the gf options nowadays

No. 1781334

File: 1677813105541.png (969.29 KB, 505x1829, 76867878777777.png)

If you're going to racefake for handouts, maybe don't post your actual, unedited face kek

No. 1781499

Ebeggers have never been the brightest.

No. 1781558

File: 1677828605862.png (134.4 KB, 568x551, 480.png)

I checked up on tigerwulfe and in january she retweeted an old thread of hers. she is FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS. The thread is a list of her disabilities which are all from that weight. She also just turned 40. A 40 year old 500 lb unemployed twitter grifter who draws objectively terrible cartoons and she's still going strong.

No. 1781658

I can't stop laughing at the "I'm actually 280-230lbs not what the scale says." Absolute fatty cope.
Hmm lets see some of the causes of lymphedema.
>Being Obese.
>Lack of Activity.

No. 1782236

File: 1677905311434.png (494.5 KB, 598x811, twitter.png)

>after being kicked out of a homeless shelter for defending themselves against a violent transmisogynistic attack a few months ago

press (x) to doubt.

No. 1787809

i still wonder how her grift is going. i heard she was literally begging for shitty telfar bag at some point

No. 1790186

>please pay for our weed and enormous doordash portions to keep us fat and immobilised

kek i guess their food stamps don’t cover the enormous quantity of food that must be required to sustain their massive weights

No. 1800171

File: 1680313791626.png (32.28 KB, 802x802, get a fucking job already.png)


No. 1800173

File: 1680313834166.png (78.54 KB, 405x837, common fluoresensitive l.png)

Fear not, nona, your time has come.

No. 1800175

File: 1680313944156.png (22.8 KB, 795x607, oh theres no way.png)

Flood over now, I'm just astonished at the lack of self awareness.

No. 1800191

im so confused but is she saying she's $425 in debt or is she showing the available balance? Because it looks like she has $425 available to spend

No. 1800215

the balance shown on a credit card is what you owe.

No. 1800221

ayrt, thank you for clearing that up. I only use debit so I was confused as hell

No. 1800273

Why do so many e-beggars use “it’s my birthday, no one should be broke on their BIRTHDAY” as an excuse to grift? It’s a day that (by definition) holds no significance to anyone but you.

No. 1800429

Oh my god he's been posting this every day for a month straight. It's seared in my subconscious now.

No. 1800499

I've recently got a job where I make a lot of money. Maybe I should donate to an animal shelters in e-beggers names/handles and send them a copy.

No. 1800608

Animal shelters are too safe if you wanna piss someone off, you should find charities that jkr backs and donate in their name especially if they're troons.

No. 1800999

I have to say that while I support a better social safety net in the US in general, part of the reason for that is so that hopefully we can see less of these z-list tumblr influencers stop fucking begging for money from people while being the most insufferable individuals alive. This bitch could have had her work actually published had she not doubled down on her posts telling people to kill themselves.

No. 1802429

Slight blog: but I was one of her mutuals when she got dropped by her publisher for her unprofessional behavior on her tumblr and then threw a fit when people suggested she create a separate tumblr for her work. She also said at one point that the main appeal of converting to Judaism is to hold it over people's heads in arguments (ex: she gets in an argument and asks if it's because she's Black and Jewish). My milk runneth over etc

No. 1802430

File: 1680655318311.png (30.3 KB, 787x718, oh no way.png)

No. 1802434

so do they have a way out or not? i'm confused

No. 1802438

Yeah there was a big boom in Jewish converts in the 2010s especially for the oppression points, but then most of those people switched to calling themselves nonbinary because converting to Judaism is actually a serious endeavor that requires work and sacrifice, none of which your typical tumblr wannabe oppressed suburbanite is willing to go through.

No. 1802440

File: 1680656975140.png (51.9 KB, 598x622, queersocialism.png)

And specially if they're TIMs, to a women org.

I'm surprised they are still living in the street, since I saw the same post on March 27. Hmmmmm.

No. 1802451

>she got dropped by her publisher for her unprofessional behavior on her tumblr
this is a farshot but is there any anons who has screenshot/proof of this?

No. 1802989

She moved blogs at some point, it's at fluoresensitivearchived. I don't remember how far back it was.

No. 1804537

File: 1680850958854.png (54.44 KB, 941x608, vintage grift.png)

In honor of 1 year of tygerwulfe, the incredible 500lb financer of cats and drawer of dinosaurs, I would like to present some new, vintage content.

I spent some time digging around on her 2006 livejournal. She seems to have spent most of 2006-2007 going to Disneyland. But, I found what I believe to be her first e-begging post! A solid 15 years strong of grifting, triggered by what appears to be her starting to flunk classes at college (probably from going to Disney every weekend).


No. 1804540

File: 1680851016961.png (19.78 KB, 673x420, tygerwulfe does 9-11.png)

bonus livejournal post

No. 1804544

File: 1680852303823.jpg (194.55 KB, 1500x900, tygerwulfe.jpg)

and last but most importantly of all, her website (circa 2007)! From here, we can get an intimate view of tygerwulfe; Namely, her love for buffy, scooby doo, tickling, and animals. There's a lot more than in picrel too. The site also hosts numerous links to her other endeavours, including her old deviantarts and her self-published book.



No. 1804626

Jesus, 24 and begging strangers for handouts. I would rather starve

No. 1804631

Nooooo please don't hide this from people who are trying to hide annoying e beggar posts aha

No. 1804727

The evidence was on her old/archived blog & it was probably sometime last year or the year before, whenever she was trying to get her actual book published.

I should've been more clear in my initial wording, she didn't have any work published by an actual production company, she was in the works with one & she had her work on her blog where she told people to drink bleach over terf accusations and posts demanding white people pay to follow her, so they decided to not go through with it. Afterwards, her work was published by a friend/mutual of hers on tumblr with their own 'publishing' house (I think it's called Oni press or something), but she may as well just say she's been published by AO3 or Wattpad. It's not an official publishing company in any way.

No. 1806650

File: 1681177057141.png (108.4 KB, 598x778, Daddy Dai TheFanficGuy.png)

>tags famous people

There should be a kind of bingo or something.

No. 1808601

File: 1681493028245.jpeg (49.91 KB, 623x583, IMG_8004.jpeg)

as he wears designer boots & has a massive gut from “nourishing” his beautiful f*t body

No. 1808618

He could save a lot of money by just hibernating.

No. 1808625

been watchin this beast get dragged left n right on twitter, very entertaining.

No. 1808661

dead @ her tagging tumblrinas' fave fandoms

No. 1808668

Nonna please post milk or at least give the account names. I can’t find anything

No. 1808733

File: 1681514334136.png (13.71 KB, 624x341, troon wide body.png)

He can be found on Twitter as creaturemenu


No. 1808735

File: 1681514666110.png (23.83 KB, 600x546, troon wide body 2.png)

No. 1808769

File: 1681521910581.jpeg (143.09 KB, 1073x1211, 7A1317E9-1E93-463D-9533-9D357A…)

Still laughing at this retweet, apparently he thinks the TERF he’s battling with is “hazardously horny” for 600lb troons

No. 1808780

mr. wide body chevy kek. women need to be meaner to troon men like him, we coddle and yass queen them so much they get huge egos while still looking like that.

No. 1812992

File: 1682128613780.png (630.57 KB, 1956x3127, refund drama.png)


Also apparently isn't very fond of giving people their refunds for kidpix art, what a shocker.

No. 1813182

File: 1682166639137.jpeg (94.24 KB, 828x1226, IMG_8769.jpeg)


No. 1813184

is this someone mocking ebeggars?

No. 1813410

yes its refering to >>1808601. Its hard to tell because his massive lard calves are too big to lace the boots up

No. 1814321

File: 1682345867590.png (194.54 KB, 1227x895, ebeg.png)

is anyone familiar with this chick mercedes? i'm not sure if she's been posted, but she begs for room rent all week, puts up vids of her crying, and tags randoms who may/may not have interacted with her or her stories once lol.

No. 1814717

this can't be right. fluoresensitive, only 24? it feels like fluoresensitive has been posting stupid shit, starting retarded fights, and ebegging for 24 years in a row.

No. 1814783

That's crazy, I bought a merch drop from them in like.. god, I don't even know, 2018? And it was only like $16 with shipping. $100 for a commission seems insane.

No. 1815086

File: 1682453771436.jpeg (96.25 KB, 750x1049, 738DA693-3B2B-4C72-92B9-C4DC78…)

i see a lot of posts that are like “donate to this anonymous black trans woman who can’t provide any proof of their situation or even make their own post!” do tumblr users seriously just ask for as much money as they want on behalf of a “poc transwoman” and people donate no questions asked?

No. 1815099

Yes they do. A local guy once scammed me out of some money, and when I looked up his email address he was also running scams all over Tumblr. His address was associated with several "emergency, help a black transwoman out!" posts which had been shared widely, and I assume he was collecting donations from all of them. This is a job for people, and they'll jump on every trending hashtag or identity they can find for quick cash.

No. 1815172

out of curiosity, how did he scam you (if you want to say)? I'm assuming it wasn't by asking for money for the black transwoman.

No. 1815180

No, it was in a natural disaster relief mutual aid group we were both in. He posted an emergency housing request for his family that seemed legit, I sent him a small amount of money and then he started bombarding me with cash requests for obvious bullshit. I googled him, saw his paper trail and disputed the original send. In retrospect he probably wasn't even local to the area and just joined the group to grift off disaster victims. Serves me right trying to be charitable kek

No. 1815278

what a morally bankrupt asshole. I'm sorry anon! Scammers really take advantage of people who want to help others in need and ruin that spirit of charity.

No. 1817317

The minion one has me crying

No. 1827584

File: 1684154139818.png (137.05 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20230515-143534.png)

No. 1827810

Having been "friends" with grifters like these before my retarded ass realized what was going on I know you're all spending it on fast food and video games kek. I got dropped once I saw what was behind the curtain

No. 1832027

File: 1684732396747.png (227.16 KB, 598x644, Mari Copeny on Twitter.png)

That's what happens when you place "poor black trans women" in a pedestal of the most oppressed race.

I saw this tweet and I love how OP is blaming "Karen" for the fundraising when she's not even the one that organized it.

No. 1832030

File: 1684732865085.png (144.04 KB, 1157x1160, Sarah Comrie.png)

The "Karen" in question.

No. 1834543

File: 1685059225029.jpg (327.46 KB, 1076x1813, Screenshot_20230525_195908_Fir…)

My personal lolcow e begs for birthday presents and drugs off of the dark web while having millionaire parents.

No. 1841966

File: 1686080614264.jpeg (112.49 KB, 828x1036, IMG_5862.jpeg)

kek that hideous buster keaton infinifat used his donation money to vacation in bora bora
hope the ppl who donate to every “vulnerable black trans folx” they see on twitter learns their lesson this time

No. 1841982

>cash a/p/p
oh my god just fucking say the app titles you little cretins

No. 1841988

They're getting around word filters I guess. Either ones on the platform they're using (might be bannable) or their audience.

No. 1842004

is it really ebegging if you are doing commissions

No. 1842013

Pretty optimistic to think anybody will ever get what they paid for, isn't it?

No. 1842317

if you chose that over getting a job, yes

No. 1842392

File: 1686154999118.jpeg (330.97 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5888.jpeg)

satirical btw

No. 1842469

anyone who is surprised by this deserves to have their debit card taken away

No. 1842642

Guy's art is pretty bad but "doing art in exchange for money" is literal work, not really any way around that

No. 1842652

nayrt but yes, it is work – that this person appears to do occasionally, with no schedule, and staying they do not need the funds "urgently". that's freelance work IMO, not a job necessarily

No. 1846759

Saged for replying to such an old post but "breakdowns every other day" is not how mental illness works.

No. 1849411

File: 1687197400946.png (7.74 KB, 598x272, chris kindred on Twitter.png)

June 19th, the day that white/non-BIPOC must replish our sins by giving money to Black people just… because?

No. 1867825

File: 1689775677699.jpeg (496.03 KB, 828x1608, IMG_7587.jpeg)

Just don’t buy a fucking fursuit, it’s that easy.

No. 1867842

Yep. It’s the woketard equivalent of tithing; 10% of all income must be given to Black or trans people.

No. 1867879

expensive hobbies are a privilege not a right. It can be upsetting knowing you will never have your grail item(trust me I know) but you need to move on there is more to life than your hobby.
>with the financial stress of university
I will never unserstand why people decide to get into expensive hobbies while they are in university. Spending alot of money on material objects when you just moved out of your parents house is stupid. There is a reason why hobbies mostly consists of people who has been in the job market for over a decade because they already got their finances under control.
>does so much for the community
I have seen some rare occasions where a community donated money to buy a present for a highly regarded member. But it's usually someone who has organised cons, zines, promoted small artists, run newsletters and websites etc. stuff that helps expanding a community. And even in those cases it was never 2.5k

No. 1867915

I mean, let's be clear: this is a fetish. I used to think some people truly wanted to dress up like animals (kek so naive) but nearly every single one is a pervert who gets off on it.

No. 1868007

Are you jealous? its 2023 women can be kinky too, nothing's stopping you from getting a fursuit (i guess other than a few thousand dollars)

No. 1868027

I mean either is stupid but there's a big difference between "donate to my hobby" and "donate to my fetish"

No. 1868346

I'm not jealous. A fetish isn't a hobby. There's nothing "hobby" about fursuits, and yeah well basically what >>1868027 said. Nothing in my post precludes women from having gross fetishes btw.

No. 1868488

Lmao Mister Wide Body Chevy is still gonna die broke in a Medicaid kennel of the beetus

No. 1884418

File: 1692462161983.jpeg (796.4 KB, 2400x1440, IMG_5110.jpeg)

How do these people function in real life…?

No. 1884419

What the hell is that white thing supposed to be?

No. 1884465

This reminded me of a furfag who lived in a campervan with his young son. The campervan caught fire and one of the things that got burned was a very expensive looking fursuit. Imagine wasting your money on a fursuit instead of giving your kid a decent place to live

No. 1884695

Shame because their art is actually super cute

No. 1884751

They dont.

No. 1884802

still don’t understand how they can’t apply for government assistance while their sister is hospitalized? also what the fuck is a swagapino?

No. 1884805

Because it’s a grift nona

No. 1884926

apparently a combination of the word swag + filipino…

No. 1884976

link to socials? the milk potential is immense here

No. 1885251

@Pwahlala, Another degen twitter artist. Also, that infographic/pamphlet? holy shit, lmao. Mental issues is right

No. 1885354

I don’t see anything degen?(learn to sage)

No. 1885872

File: 1692647742290.jpeg (505.22 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_5112.jpeg)

In what world is drawing cutesy animals with titchop scars not degen…

No. 1886261

I feel like many if not most of these grifters do actually need the money it's just that whatever they get they spend on bullshit instead of the things they need like >>1827810 said, except the worst ones are spending it on anime merch or amazon cosplay, kek. And if you say anything about it you hear "poor people deserve to have fun too" or some shit

No. 1886327

You say "degenerate", we think about hentai not some fake boy shit. This is just a dumb girl, degenerate is a pornsick men.

No. 1902013

File: 1695332051119.png (335.44 KB, 1078x1098, creaturemenu back at it again.…)

no fucking way, creaturemenu is begging again @Icouldnvr

No. 1902014

File: 1695332100153.png (82.82 KB, 1066x270, Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 22.34…)

No. 1902101

I refuse to believe none of these grifters can get jobs or make any efforts to support themselves when I see high school kids, elderly people and literal retards working in grocery stores & restaurants every day.

No. 1904702

It doesn't matter if they work or not, it's a grift. The poster could be working a 9-5 and want extra cash. I fully believe that there are people who are genuinely struggling and really do need the money, but 99.99% of e-begging posts are made by the sort of people who are trying to go on benefits because tiktok told them they have DID and need to e-beg their rent money because they spent it on anime figures. And then they e-beg for it again because they spent their e-begging funds on more anime figures.

No. 1904711

File: 1695758682249.png (36.13 KB, 564x272, Ebegging 8.png)

No. 1904715

File: 1695758750233.png (31.61 KB, 524x181, Ebegging 1.png)

At least he's honest.

No. 1929424

Why can't neotrances keep a job for more than 2 months? As a personal cow I keep tabs on for entertainment every fucking month she's lost a job or is posting personal info about her ex-or-current workplace publicly on the blog and how her mother's abusive but it flip flops every few months. It's about the fifteenth time this has happened.(blog + unsaged)

No. 1929457

Either because the work is not what they expected to be or is TOO HARD to keep a work because spoons, mental illness, you name it.

No. 1929662

File: 1700170474052.png (208.64 KB, 960x962, IMG_20231116_183332.png)

She's allergic to pollen (op is a "femme lesbian they/them" so I'm unsure of biological sex but she reads like a girl to me)

No. 1929715

Has anyone considered creating a catfish of the most oppressed person by Twitter standards and then begging for money online? You could even have multiple accounts/identities to maximize profits!

No. 1929721

File: 1700178193700.png (117.58 KB, 1390x665, ebegfor3dollars.png)

ive thought about it during Christmas time. trans santa obviously doesn't background check but ive never thought about it as a year round venture. Im worried about the IRS getting involved. sage for skim milk + blog but imagine ebegging for three dollars

No. 1929734

This seems reasonable? She's hardly sitting on her arse asking for handouts, she's trying to find a second job.

No. 1929902

I'm so happy these people don't know what a loan is

No. 1929918

She's so insufferable and doesn't realize that things are hard for immigrants even if they're white and just because someone is white that doesn't make them the most privileged person in the world. It annoys me when Amerifags, especially ones on Tumblr who think white people are a monolith and every "person of color" that exists is facing hardships because of white people solely, think that America is the only place in the world where bad things can happen and that you're racist ONLY if you're white… Especially people on Tumblr are like this, there's countless of images in this thread like here >>1529572. In Europe, being an immigrant is just as horrible and people are faced with many struggles because of it. Her roommate is an illegal immigrant with no friends who doesn't know English well. Her roommate is trying to argue with her and her only response is "okay sis", she refuses to communicate and listen. When you're trying to have an argument with someone and they refuse to listen to you, it's the most annoying thing in the world.

No. 1929919

File: 1700218907562.jpg (10.01 KB, 210x247, 6a1f79c250b49a128e04e090807e6c…)

>Video games are better pain relief than fucking morphine

No. 1929921

File: 1700219321084.png (389.39 KB, 506x530, Screenshot_20231117-130824-632…)

>Lend me thine limited attention spans and autistic superpowers(reaction image spam / non-contribution)

No. 1930135

Fucking dying at the implication that they'd be able to borrow anything close to 4k if they applied for a loan.

No. 1930902

File: 1700420876162.jpeg (387.4 KB, 1232x744, IMG_6629.jpeg)

I started following this person a couple of months ago solely because I find interesting how she begs for money while also buying completely unnecessary things, including art commissions for her online friend’s birthdays.
A couple of weeks ago she was saying her mom was diagnosed with cancer, later on she announced it was benign (so not cancer, that’s a benign tumor), now she bought a freaking tv and is still begging while refusing to sell easily replaceable anime merchandise.

No. 1930908

Sorry, but I want to scream SELL THE FUCKING TV at this idiot and I don't even known of their shenanigans.

No. 1930909

File: 1700422007052.jpg (448.53 KB, 1079x1702, Screenshot_20231119-191430.jpg)

Troonsanta is open once again.

If you don't know what it is, it's an Instagram run "charity" founded by Indya Moore which consists of troons aged 24 and under making an Amazon wishlist, writing a letter talking about their circumstances, and both of them being posted by Transanta for TRAs to buy shit off the wishlists. There is zero attempt to verify that applicants are actually trans youth in need which makes it extremely easy to scam. Me and my friends have applied for the last couple of years and gotten thousands worth of goods from it. Quite a lot of the applicants look like scammers but Transanta followers are so dumb that they never question the most over the top posts unless it's something ridiculous like the alleged 11 year old CSA victim last year whose list consisted of designer handbags (that having been said, half the lists have gaming consoles or other expensive things that would immediately be stolen from someone who was actually on the streets or in a shelter).

This year it's already been a shitshow despite only being open for a couple of days. They IP blocked people outside of the USA and Canada from submitting despite allowing them before and people in the comments are talking about how Transanta took away the only joy in their lives that they were looking forward to for the entire year.

No. 1930913

She needs to grow the fuck up,it's baffling she's 21 and still acting like a pathetic baby.cry me a river.

No. 1930919

When you applied what was it like putting in your address? I wanna do it but I’m paranoid some psycho will come to my house

No. 1930928

You don't have to put your address, and only your city/state is visible to people who buy you things when you check out, no specifics of your location.

The only requirements they have are your name, a bio (it can explain what's in your letter further or just be "Merry Christmas" or something simple like that), a letter either handwritten or digital talking about your life as a struggling trans youth, and a link to an Amazon wishlist. They used to ask for age too but this year they're not.

They don't ask for ID, address, and they even discourage you from sending in selfies. Basically anything that can be used to identify you isn't required. I've sent in dozens of letters over the years and haven't been caught because everything they'll know about you will be a total lie about being a trans youth and the only thing close to truthful about you someone's could find out is your city, which would be too vague for anyone to doxx you from alone. Unless you put your full name on the delivery address (I always use just my first name or initials), but even then unless you have a very unique name it would be hard for someone to doxx you. They're not going to be able to find out who Jane Smith from New York is, for example, assuming they even feel a need to dig into your identity which seeing as they eat up letters that anyone with two braincells to rub together would know are lies, isn't going to happen

No. 1930965

maybe they will accept an amazon locker as a delivery address?

No. 1930977

Everybody is probably using a PO box or something similar. They dont expect trans youth to doxx themselves or for homeless people to have deliverable addresses.

No. 1936228

File: 1701459434086.jpeg (85.83 KB, 1236x204, IMG_6776.jpeg)

why even beg for money if you’re gonna post publicly about not using it for necessities?

No. 1936359

What a retard

No. 1936384

most people who gave her the money would do it again because caring that the money you donate to someone for necessities is used for meaningless indulgences is anti-leftist/classist/ableist now or something

No. 1936881

File: 1701555178181.jpg (1.06 MB, 972x2145, Screenshot_20231202-221057.jpg)

KEK this is definitely a farmer

No. 1936978

Truly don't understand how the same shameless grifters aren't wracked with guilt from begging people for money every single month

No. 1937024

KEK this inspired me to try

No. 1937030

File: 1701580914603.jpeg (388.07 KB, 1075x2480, IMG_2060.jpeg)

Sorry for the shitty collage format, but nonnies better not be as autistic as this nona was holy shit, kek. This is kinda proof that they will sort of doxx the information of people they believe to be scammers, so be careful, and be realistic obviously

No. 1937085

If any nonnies try this, register a po box and use a fake name

No. 1937089

I used a fake TIF sounding name and used my friends apartment complex address. PO Boxes aren’t free unfortunately

No. 1937165

Yeah also build up the profile for a bit and just post shit that’s similar, even unhinged fandom stuff. Make a discord/carrdd or whatever they’re called too. I bet it wouldn’t be hard as a black, disabled, trans femme escaping domestic violence and needs funds to survive URGENTLY

No. 1937193

the mental gymnastics here is olympic gold

"if you ask for money while trans or lgbt online you are a shameless ebegging grifter who should be wracked with guilt"
"unless you're a farmer, then you're based and cool for pwning the troonz"

the calls are coming from inside the house. no matter what you call yourself are you any better?

No. 1937196

I've been following (and scamming) on transanta since it started in 2020 and this nona is the only person I've ever seen get doxxed on it. Even the most obviously fake bold headline "my TERF lesbian moms cut my girl clothes to shreds and threw my HRT injections in the bin wahhhh" stories don't garner any comments other than people giving their sympathies. TRAs genuinely think trans people are the most oppressed people on Earth so they swallow up stories that make them sound horribly oppressed and beaten down. The only person other than this person who I've seen being suspected of being a fraud (but not doxxed, because it's hard to doxx you from this unless they already know you) was someone who sent in multiple letters with the same very specific phrasing larping as an abused 11 year old with a wishlist full of designer bags that they needed to stop being bullied at school for some reason.
Now why was this nona, out of the thousands of people submitting similar bullshjt stories the only one to get doxxed?
1) The TRAs who doxxed her said they noticed hundreds of parcels with weird names addressed to her apartment number arriving at their student accommodation, which set off their alarm bells as she was already known to be a scammer before transanta
and 2) She was sharing her transanta letters to her instagram story in the hopes that her followers would buy stuff too, pretending they weren't her but trans people she wants to support. However, she is a known terve, so her followers didn't buy it and put two and two together and realised the oddly named packages arriving at her student accommodation were the results of her scamming transanta.

The only doxxable thing her delivery address actually shows is the province she lives in, which usually would be too vague for a random person on transanta with a suspicion to doxx (if they could I and my friends definitely would have been doxxed at some point in the three years we've been doing this with similar fake stories). But because their suspicions were already aroused when she started getting dozens of packages as someone who was already known to scam, and because she shared her letters on her story pretending to want to help trans youth despite being a known terve, the people who knew her irl were able to realise she was getting those packages from transanta and went nuclear in their comments section.
Just try to be discreet about your scamming (ie not sharing your fake stories to people who live in your building where they've been witnessing you get loads of Amazon boxes for weeks) and it will be basically impossible to get doxxed

No. 1937200

>the calls are coming from inside the house. no matter what you call yourself are you any better?

Yes, yes I am. If TRAs weren't spending their money on me they'd be spending it on books by people like Alok Vaid Menon to brainwash small children and lingerie for minors (both things I have seen purchased on transanta). Very few of these people are actually homeless trans youth, if you look at the registries most of them are asking for things like anime figurines, cosplay wigs and video games. So the usual autist troon things. If I, as a woman who is actively being harmed by transgender rhetoric can get things I actually need on TRA money, then I'm going to do it instead of not doing it just so the people who bought me things can use it on DDLG fetish gear for men in their early 20s (also things I've seen purchased on transanta).

No. 1937282

All of this. Also consider that no one does anything like this for homeless youth in general. There are so many abused kids on the street with shitty lives, but no one helps them because they aren't queer. The LGBTQ homeless youth centers are full of straight kids because there is literally no support of you're homeless and "normal" it's really fucking weird to act like an abused kid with no home is on par with someone who ran away because mommy said no pronouns. You can have the shittest possible life and no one will care. If you have a shitty life and are "queer" you have an excuse. People feel bad now. Regular non pronoun kid eating from dumpster? Privileged.

No. 1937499

>Also consider that no one does anything like this for homeless youth in general

Sorry you live in a shitty place that doesn't care for homeless kids or you're so uneducated you don't know about your local nonprofits and outreach centers, but yes, yes they do.

No. 1937502

Oh I think she was a cow in the personal cow thread! Apparently she was doxed because she was retarded. IIRC she spammed her Transanta posts on her IG despite being gender critical and this, along with the ten million packages with weird names that she was receiving, tipped people off IRL. I think she also put the first line of her address as her name sometimes, or put her real name in a few times. So, yeah, get a PO box and use a fake name, but also don't be that level of retarded.
All sorts of people lurk here and her bullshit caused quite a stir. It's 100% possible that someone decided to dedicate their free time to going through every Transanta post, checking the name/address, and calling her out. Or she could have posted her own Transanta posts on her social media again and saved them the trouble.

No. 1937506

It’s mildly autistic guerilla warfare against people who actively want to remove female spaces and lesbian spaces. you don’t think these people like tweets about wanting “TERFs” dead or turn a blind eye to stories of tranny males abusing children? fuck them. take their fucking money. Kek

No. 1937535

This is the personal cow post

No. 1937585

If they're deep enough into transactivism to not only know that this "charity" exists in the first place but also to spend money on it, then they're 100% the types who think lesbians are bigoted for not wanting to date troons and think not wanting to share the ladies bathroom with men in women's clothes and badly applied lipstick is an attack on their human rights. This is a charity by and for the worst of troons and troon supporters

No. 1937757

File: 1701695628386.jpg (244 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20231204-122801.jpg)

USPS Operation Santa scammers are even worse than Transanta scammers because it's meant for underprivileged children as opposed to troons aged up to 24. Because you can ask for pretty much anything instead of being restricted to Amazon people go wild, such as this person asking for a bunch of expensive tech and two cars. I've seen some letters written by children where they don't ask for anything for themselves but for expensive things for Mommy justified as Mommy deserving them for being a good Mom and making dinner and bringing them to school (I.e basic parenting, and the fact they have to point it out makes me think Mommy does not, in fact, regularly do these things). And there's even letters from adults who don't even try to lie about their age asking for things like LV bags, engagement rings and Macbooks

No. 1937933

Nonnie I hope you don’t think all troonsanta scammers are this shameless, kek. Knowing how cold and calculated wealthy people are there isn’t a chance in hell a moron like this LARPing as a child is gonna get anything on their wishlist. In these times, people who can afford gifts outside of friends and family are going to look for entries of kids asking for like a single book or single toy

No. 1937969

File: 1701727202411.jpg (675.58 KB, 955x1852, Screenshot_20231204-215927.jpg)

DID faker begging people to buy her diapers so she can larp as a child

No. 1938351

File: 1701792531836.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1282.png)

Artist Kate Havekost @everbloominggarden/@chalkinginthegarden is continuing her trend of e-begging with the addendum that she is now being gang-stalked. Her grift is to create typical tumblr “dire situation” posts where in order to afford her $4500 rent, she is slicing her 22”x30” watercolors from $3500 to the steal of $900 which obviously no one on tumblr can afford/is willing to pay, but probably still kick a few bucks to her PayPal for nothing. No sense of whether her painting sales are a scam or not, because it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to buy them. Today she pinned a suicide threat to the top of her blog.

No. 1938353

File: 1701792790833.jpeg (387.04 KB, 828x1620, IMG_1283.jpeg)

No. 1938366

Kek I remember this person, they’ve been posted in the radfem thread. I wonder why she’s claiming she’s not a terf? She has or had a blog labeled as ‘rad’. >>>/snow/1544723
Her meltdown where she scribbled “worthless” over her pieces because nobody was buying them and yelling “you all will resell my paintings by the thousands after I die!” was my favorite.

No. 1938410

File: 1701800664202.jpeg (976.37 KB, 2048x1637, incollage_save.jpeg)

Wow, thanks for the spoonfeed. Grifters gonna grift, I guess. She’s still selling her “worthless” paintings so didn’t actually mark them up. What a corny gesture.

No. 1938422

KEK I followed this cow for a while when the race-faking and beetle scandals were happening but have never seen this before. Yes Kate, your repetitive, smudged, basic boring paintings of flowers are in fact worthless, even if you reblog them to a bunch of sideblogs that totally aren't you with captions about how important it is that people buy them

No. 1938427

File: 1701802864578.png (682.31 KB, 1468x1204, 4783562819403.png)

Some of the weird fetish bullshit this person "needs" for their little. Barf.
She claims to be a human trafficking survivor who was sold by her mother, and constantly makes weird memes about how her handlers made her wear lolita dresses and other gross shit.

No. 1938473

is this the person someone posted who pretended to