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No. 1874504

For discussion of people in your life (or people you've found online) that have lolcow potential.
Previous threads:

No. 1875343

Small streamer who beats his parents on camera. He is 21 and was angry that his mom didn't help him get it

No. 1875345

get his id

No. 1875758

I've been following these women for some months but they've recently been garnering the attention of the general public.

This is Queen Opp, 34 years old, and Chelle, 36 years old. They are two "friends" from Pennsylvania. Their gifs and videos are commonly used as reaction videos on social media. They've been livestreaming on multiple different apps across the years, these livestreams mostly consisting of Queen Opp and her supporters ("the Oppsters") humiliating and degrading Chelle for hours at a time, and also begging for cashapps. They met in 2007/2008 while working at ShopRite. Queen befriended her and used Chelle as a babysitter while she worked nights as a stripper. Eventually Chelle moved in and became financially dependent on Queen.

>Queen Opp is an ex-stripper and ex-prostitute

>Queen was "friends" with a tranny prostitute named Dookieana for like a month. They both bullied Chelle for the short time the tranny was there.
>Queen Opp has 4/5 kids and currently 8 months pregnant. gave most of the kids up for adoption or to the child's father's family.
>Queen only cares about one child that she does not have custody of.
>Queen speaks very sexually about her unborn daughter (I won't go into detail, just take my word for it)
>Queen used to bring her "customers" to the same hotel/apartment as her child. In one livestream her son repeatedly interrupts her while she's with a trick
>Has been caught hitting Chelle multiple times, Chelle has come on camera with visible bruises
>Queen has somewhat isolated Chelle from her family by making Chelle talk shit about her mother, father, sister and late grandmother
>Has made Chelle dress up as a baby and call her mommy.
>Queen has co-erced Chelle into having sex and kissing with homeless men and one of her tricks, which is likely why Chelle now has HIV and I believe herpes
>Made Chelle to eat a live worm, live goldfish, human feces, dog feces, Queen's BV/yeast infection discharge, food from a toilet. Chelle has also drank bleach but that was of her own will.
>Queen has wiped dog shit on Chelle's face
>Has forced Chelle to shave her head and dye it to make her more unattractive
>Queen has had to check Chelle's ass for shit as Chelle has poor hygiene and frequently shits and pees herself
>Chelle frequently lies and used to be a thief, two reasons that Queen Opp and her supporters give for disliking her
>Chelle stole money from Queen to send to men
>Chelle's lies include stories about her family (mother, father, grandma) molesting her and her siblings and lying about going to college.
>Chelle plays into the "fat, ugly friend" thing by acting greedy for food, tried to fight Queen over a chicken salad
>Have a dog that they starve and yell at, had a bird for like a month or two before it died
>Despite seeming like it, Chelle is not mentally disabled

The recent stuff that has made them garner mainstream attention vidrel
>took a 2 month break from social media
>come back with a new addition to their lives, Queen Opp's new toothless girlfriend named Dani
>Dani has been watching their livestreams for years, used to donate to Queen and also took part in the bullying of Chelle
>Dani has a questionable (if you catch my drift) relationship with her sister according to Queen
>Dani beats the fuck out of Chelle on and off live, Chelle has been bruised and swollen like never seen before. Has hit Chelle so hard over the head that she started bleeding.
>Queen has to sneak food to Chelle as Dani doesn't allow her to eat
>A week ago, they go live on Youtube and people from all over the country call the police because of how bad Chelle looks
>Police break down their apartment door, arrest Queen Opp and Dani
>Chelle is returned to her family, has been seen out in public with them at a waterpark
>Queen Opp and Dani are both no longer in police custody but likely have to go to court
>Queen Opp is still pregnant and likely kicked out of her apartment

Sorry for the shitty summary anons, I don't write summaries or OPs and there is genuinely so much stuff on them that I've probably forgotten a lot while writing this

No. 1875800

Damn, I was wondering what the backstory was with them, but it's way too depressing trying to go back and watch old footage. I'm really glad to hear Chelle is back with her family. I hope she gets the help she needs and isn't found by/goes back to Queen.

No. 1875882

With this context even more disgusted at all the caucasian gay men that are obsessed with using their vids on stan twitter. Of course they loveee domestic violence against women.

No. 1875917

File: 1691139063926.png (12.87 MB, 3801x5770, IMG_5402.png)

Been my personal cow for nearly a decade.

> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

> birth name is Danielle, over ten years ago went by the name tot, “ze/hir”, went violent at people who were confused
>switched to they/them, got her pronouns tattooed on her neck AND on her face
> uses they pronouns for her cats and all animals, as she believes it’s cissexist to equate he to dogs and she to bitches
> got in a relationship with a girl named bear
> bear had several cats and a dog already, but Danielle bonded with one of the cats, Gideon, calling him a soulmate and the love of her life
> Bear breaks up with her, leaves the apartment and takes her animals with her except for a rat who’s left to die
> She sues Bear for custody of the cat
> Has a meltdown because the legal team can’t stop calling her a “she”, they have to write “THEY” on their palm to try and appease the mentally ill woman
> gives up on the cat but tattoos her name on her hand
> now goes by Thy Orion, records herself injecting testosterone on her stomach, got the tit chop and chose to go nippleless
> gets a new fiancé every two years (literally). Her Facebook is an endless scroll of ”is in a relationship with (random name) announcements.
> once made a callout on a cupcake store because the delivery guy snickered at her pronouns. Probably worked it out or terrified the shit out of them because it’s been over 7 years since then and the cupcake store till comments nice words on her Instagram posts ever since
> had BLM impulse tattooed on her face during the protests. Someone told her it came off as privileged from her. She covered it up.
> misc arrest records because why not

No. 1875923

> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

No. 1875941

this sounds like a horror movie tbh

No. 1875977

File: 1691153404369.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1512, IMG_4055.jpeg)

didn’t wanna bump the nika thread but thought this was funny(already posted; lurk more)

No. 1875980

Why was the rat left to die? Didn't anyone care?

No. 1876008

The rat (owned by the ex) got found by the landlord and rescued in time; Danielle condemned the ex heavily for doing so especially because they were supposed to be vegan/animal rights activists

No. 1876031

It’s a rat, who gives a fuck

No. 1876057

>isn't found by/goes back to Queen.
Tbh, I don't think Queen will go out of her way to find Chelle. I think she'll just talk shit about Chelle and her family until she slowly fades out into irrelevancy, since no one is going to want to watch because making fun of Chelle was their entire gimmick. But if Chelle goes back or Queen abuses her baby and makes a spectacle out of that, it'll be a different story.

No. 1876094

Honestly, I think I'm a personal lolcow to a few people irl.(cool story)

No. 1876107

>1 rat without companions
>vegan/animal rights activists
I have to laugh

No. 1876185

scrote behavior, a real woman would care if an innocent critter was left to die

No. 1876395

File: 1691203970749.jpeg (74.45 KB, 640x853, IMG_8380.jpeg)

daniel larson is the next chris chan. i wish he had a thread here

>beat his wheelchair bound mom as a child

>mom beat him
>gets placed in home with his grandma
>one day him and his grandma are watching america’s got talent together
>grace vanderwaal (12 years old at the time) performs on agt
>daniel’s grandma tells him one day he will get famous and marry her. he was 18 at the time
>since then all daniel has been attempting to do is get famous and marry grace vanderwaal
>his grandma dies 5 years later, instead of visiting her funeral he attends the denver paralympics
>he makes a tiktok
>posts about how he’s dating grace vanderwaal, is running for president, is now signed to a bunch of record labels and is a pervert
>gets a crazy amount of views
>since then he has been deluded enough to think that him getting a lot of likes on tiktok means he is justin bieber-level famous

since then notable things he has done are:

>believes he has started “dating” jojo siwa while believing he is also in a relationship with grace vanderwaal

>walked by foot from denver, colorado to los angeles, california because he heard grace vanderwaal was there. would sleep in gyms and elementary schools. got kicked out of a gym fitting room during this era and had a mental breakdown
>was convinced that if he became a porn star he would become “even more famous”, so he went on tiktok live and showed his penis. got his first account banned
>he got placed in a group home for people with disabilities, he leaked the address because he was mad at his caretaker. a bunch of kids on tiktok ended up sending pizzas to the home, daniel got upset and broke a bunch of holes in the wall. he then was kicked out
>went up to random people and told them jacob satorious was found dead under a bridge
>asked random fast food workers if they can give him a “BBC slurpee”
>went to a soccer game and screamed on the field that a “celebrity is in the hospital” because a troll told him grace vanderwaal was dying in the hospital
>was somehow able to get a flight to new york because he heard grace vanderwaal was there. he met up with worldoftshirts here and was homeless in new york for a while. he punched a bunch of screens at the world trade center and chased worldoftshirts around new york.
>constantly gets “noticed” everywhere he goes now because he has became a meme on tiktok. even in his small town near denver. even in new york city. he thinks that because he has been noticed in public a few times that he needs security and body guards. he will beg police officers to get him security.
>hasn’t showered since december 2022. he only showers every 6 months. he only showers if people pay him 100+ dollars.

No. 1876432

holy shit. saw videos of this guy crying being passed around, but i really just assumed he was some nobody. how was he let within 50 feet of an elementary school? let alone multiple?

No. 1876464

he somehow always gets away with the weird things he does because he’s retarded and has a thousand mental disorders. he can say he likes children online and punch a random woman in public and police let him do it because he’s autistic.

No. 1876497

File: 1691221377722.jpg (60.54 KB, 754x796, Screenshot_20230805_074019_Gal…)

>Look up Daniel ugly Larson
>First results: Daniel Larson wiki
>Male autistic retard and more, made $5,772.39 and quickly spent it all in a few day, was/is homeless with scabies, self-admitted paedophile, tried to rape a three legged cat and more
He has a lot more milk documented on his wiki and honestly would take a day or two to read through but yeah I would like it if he had a thread as it seems like he isn't going to stop

No. 1876499

I'm surprised you didn't mention how he beat up his caretaker because he thought a hotel was threatening to kill him. He didn't want the caretaker to call the police and insisted he was the one he needed help since he was covered in wounds (that he inflicted on himself)

also he adopted a dog that thankfully got saved by trolls.

No. 1876504

Oh man, this freak. I know that worldoftshirts/Joshua Block already has a thread going on, but it would be great to see one for Daniel, cyraxx, kingcobrajfs, or even tophiachu. Surprised that they aren't brought up more often.

No. 1876530

File: 1691231546891.jpeg (1011.66 KB, 1284x1875, IMG_8406.jpeg)

he has been doing a lot of milky stuff recently. today he posted a youtube short detailing the celebrities he would have sex with.

No. 1876557

i want a thread on him so bad

No. 1876567

making one right now

No. 1876573

He looks like a cracked out gopher. Curious about all the milk potential here.

No. 1876576

just made a thread on him with some milk on him. there’s a lot so it’s hard to fit it all in

No. 1878244

is this who we suspect to be her new husband?

No. 1881477

File: 1692038521990.jpg (379.46 KB, 1877x1196, chelle.jpg)

I hope you nonnas won't mind if I post a small update about Queen and her gf Dani
>Upon being released from jail, Queen finds out that after the police kicked down her door, someone went in and wiped it clean. Thousands of dollars in clothes and beauty products gone
>Queen says her sister and best friend speculate that Dani's family robbed her
>Dani gets out soon after queen, they get into an argument because Queen finds out Dani had her airpods and this adds to the suspicion that Dani's family robbed her.
>They start jumping from hotel to hotel because Queen no longer feels safe in her apartment.
>Because she still has a few more months on her apartment, she still has to pay rent on top of paying for everything else since Dani has no income
>Has argued with Dani pretty much every day since they were reunited
>Dani is still drinking and, being that she is an aggressive drunk, she frequently threatens to beat Queen up and has thrown something her breast
>Queen posts ghetto maternity pictures where she has her hairy pussy out in public
>Queen lets dani eat her out on an instagram live
>Queen is now 9 months pregnant
Btw, the last app that they livestreamed on paid them monthly. Queen was banned off of that app because of Dani's antics, so cashapps are basically what she's surviving off of.

And this is the latest Chelle update from her sister's facebook page. Looks like they're going on a summer vacation. Ain't that something?

No. 1881630

File: 1692050897951.png (494.69 KB, 1199x506, Screenshot 2023-08-14 3.06.29 …)

This guy is a tranny chaser who speaks very candidly about his relationships with trannies and his other 4chan induced fetishes. It's interesting because most dudes who are into shit like this would rather die than talk about it openly but he seems to be almost proud of his sexual conquests. He doesn't strike me as gay either, I call this variety of guys "pornosexual" because he's not attracted to men or women, he's attracted to the idea of a woman rather than the actual thing. If he wasn't so autistic he could easily get a date with a girl, there are a ton of girls who go crazy over dorky looking guys like this, yet he chooses not to. Here's one of his videos:
>survives on neetbux and lives with his mom who is super neurotic and won't let him see anyone without her permission because she's afraid that his organs will be harvested
>she tried to destroy all of the porn on his hard drive as a teenager (kind of based NGL), it didn't stop him from becoming pornsick obviously so he just learned to hide it better
>he lies to his mom so that she'll drive him to the airport at 4:00 AM so he can meet this nerdy Discord tranny he fell in love with
>goes into detail about how just looking at the tranny made him leak precum
>looks on tagmap for people with the 4chan hashtag that he can stay with(????????????????) because he can't stay over at the tranny's house
>goes on a Discord voice mail with his incel Discord friends on the plane ride without headphones where they were placing bets on who in the server was going to achieve "wizard status" (i.e. 30+ year old incels)
>he arrives at the tranny's house, they do nerd shit and eventually fuck
>gives tranny a footjob, demonstrates on camera

No. 1882026

>I call this variety of guys "pornosexual" because he's not attracted to men or women, he's attracted to the idea of a woman rather than the actual thing
Even more so he's attracted to weird coomer shit because of the taboo factor, which makes "pornosexuals" pretty much one of the nastiest kind of modern moids. If he isn't stopped it won't be long before he memes himself into pedophilia, the less socially acceptable something is the more "pornosexuals" get off to it. They deep-fried their brains and sex drives so hard regular vanilla sex with regular women does nothing for them anymore so they seek out more and more extreme content to get their rocks off.

No. 1882250

he chooses not to because he's bisexual with a heavy lean towards transgenders who are gay/bisexual men, so it's easier to get sex from them. He's probably an gross asshole towards women and doesn't like women unless they are born men aka transgenders aka not women. Just a gross autistic coomer bisexual, he needs to stick to his troons.

No. 1882496

amazing story and commentary, omg. this is like alternate timeline Liturgy singer in appearance and audacity. This guy's mom's porn destruction is very based. Too bad she couldn't have moved him to Alaska or something.

No. 1883381

My personal lolcow I met in a discord. She is a DID Larper who sexually harasses people.
>Loves to copy other people's personalities. For example someone came out as bi and now she is bi. We were joking that someone else was a furry and now she is one and will constantly post about how she is "totes not a furry guys" even though no one had said anything about her.
>Someone else who has DID mentioned the word "alters" in a call once and then the next morning she has diagnosed herself with OSDD.
>Picked OSDD because switching happens with no amnesia which means she doesn't have to keep track of what she should or shouldn't know, a fact she forgets about later on.
>Her "alters" are all based on video game characters, she says she has the goddesses from Zelda as alters and they have magic powers even in her head.
>She celebrates every new alter as if it is a good thing, instead of it being a sign her mental state is getting worse.
>Recently created a new alter that is just me. She makes picrews of them and it looks just like me as well as having a similar name, literally one letter difference. Think Sara/Sera.
>This alter was a fictive to keep another alter company but then asked to become an alter and so the Zelda goddesses made it happen.
>On top of all this cringe she has sexually harassed multiple people by constantly begging people to roleplay with her (including me).
>Claimed to forget that the person she was messaging wasn't interested because another alter was fronting then. Remember the fact she choose OSDD which doesn't have amnesia so this was obvious bullshit.
>This blew up and she got kicked out of multiple servers when the mods found out.
>One mod from a popular streamers server even outright told her they didn't believe she had DID which sent her on a rampage.
>Tried to damage control by manipulating and guilting people into letting her stay because she "has no where else to go. We are her only friends."
>Continues to spam chats and will just copy and paste what the previous person said.
>Said she was actually diagnosed with OSDD by her therapist, even though she was complaining a few months ago that this therapist didn't believe her.

No. 1884214

holy shit. are you talking about rin? i met this crazy bitch in VR and she sounds exactly like this. She was trying to get me to sexual roleplay as a ghost or something and I got major weirdo vibes.

No. 1884784

File: 1692498718738.jpeg (431.74 KB, 1170x2025, IMG_4605.jpeg)

She’s not as milky as she used to be, but Julia Penton has been calling out her ex boyfriend and ex friend mya for skin walking her and recently went on live saying that she goes on 4chan to pander to pedos kek.

No. 1885092

No I'm talking about someone else. But I'm not surprised there are multiple people out there like this. Although I think she uses VR chat(sage your shit)

No. 1885113

what's the deal with VRchat attracting all these strange DID larpers? there should be a thread about them kek

No. 1885132

i'm glad i'm not the only one keeping up with these retards. All they do is go back and forth on ig stories threatening to cast spells on each other it's fucking bizarre(sage your shit)

No. 1885311

File: 1692568314239.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5229.png)

>Russian-Israeli, claims to be 'Asian' and have 'slanted eyes'
>identifies as a trans he/him gay man while dressing like a hyperfeminine alt girl with her boobs hanging out
>regularly posts about her masked man fetish
>gets into drama, vagueposts and threatens to block over small things
>has a collection of edgy egirl tattoos including the tacky 'succubus tat'
>draws edgelord vent art that looks like a 10 year old drew it

No. 1885552

Is her name val or something?

No. 1885781

Sounds like your average gendie weeb zoomer that hangs around dizengoff kek

No. 1885895

nah, she’s named herself after the angel of death kek

No. 1886072

love this, i have such a soft spot in my heart for racefaking do share more. i've heard a decent chunk of fully white or ashkenazi jewish russians can have the typical asian eye shape because of mongolian influence. but you're not east asian because you're 1/189th genghis khan. if anything actual palestinians are considered west asians in real life despite how caucasian we can look. and i'm sure that just eats this white bitch up lol

No. 1886191

Does she have a following?can you link her socials?

No. 1886553

pbd on tumblr
vampimpz (main)/progerins (art)/eviljews (memes) on ig

No. 1886917

File: 1692807809518.jpeg (810.94 KB, 1127x790, IMG_8450.jpeg)

I went to school with this girl who was a huge bully. She admits to one of the things she did in these but she always acted like that. She became a sex worker as soon as she turned 18 and got a ton of cheap plastic surgery

No. 1886918

File: 1692807868557.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1106x965, IMG_8449.jpeg)

No. 1886935

>huge bully
>turns into Shayna
Karma tbh

No. 1886941

My God, that face. These blown out instaclowns already look like some kind of chromosomally damaged alien, what's gonna happen to their face when they age tho

No. 1886947

File: 1692812604642.jpeg (292.49 KB, 643x518, IMG_8446.jpeg)

and here’s what she looked like before plastic surgery compared to her now

No. 1887003

The pic on the right screams "mom on Myspace going through a midlife crisis."

No. 1887004

File: 1692819473952.jpg (618.13 KB, 1079x1486, Screenshot_20230823-194728.jpg)

This girl used to be an internet friend of mine. She was active on tumblr as goldstarsappho pretending to be a lesbian who migrated to Canada from somewhere in the middle east. She made a discord server for her lesbian mutuals but people became suspicious that she was lying about her identity because she kept telling increasingly tall tales. She claimed to have been imprisoned for being a lesbian, then she escalated to saying that she had 5 gfs in jail who were executed, that she took a baby under her wing who she called "Lucian" and fed him her blood to survive, that the prison guards used babies for target practice (who were often their biological children, but she was always adamant about them leaving her alone even though there was so much sexual abuse going on), having sex standing up over corpses, her toes being mangled from rats biting them, etc. she said she killed 3 guards and escaped, becoming the only person to ever do so. Then she migrated to Canada at 14 and was fostered by Inuks who made her a full member of the Inuit nation and taught her soapstone carving and sewing sealskin etc. Then she said that later on she was fostered by a Japanese-Korean family, had lived in Japan, and said that ghibli movies made her proud to be Japanese. People in the server called her out for these increasingly unbelievable claims and she abandoned her server.

One of the mods knew her reddit and posted it, and she was on there claiming to be a Roma gypsy from Chechnya and arguing with people in the Chechnya subreddit. She also started fights about ethical fashion with people wearing shein outfits on r/plussizefashion despite scamming copious amounts of cheaply made cartoon cosplay outfits and knock off j-fashion from Amazon during Transanta.

Dumbass had a post that revealed what her instagram account was on her reddit, and lo and behold she was a white girl from Canada. She was barely active on instagram apart from the occasional post of her wearing size 6x custom made toddler dresses (even though she claimed to live below the poverty line and to be food insecure when these dresses cost $150). She joined a sorority last year and started posting more often after that and dropped the adult sized baby clothes (the picture I posted is of her attempting to look normal for the sorority but ending up looking like Steve from Blues Clues. Also the Crocs were scammed from Transanta).

She scammed a crazy amount from transanta, I think at least a fifth of the posts from this years transanta had her delivery address attached. She mostly got loungefly bags, shoes, makeup, curly hair products despite having limp flat hair, cartoon cosplay outfits (in 2021, in 2022 after joining the sorority she swapped them out for business casual outfits), junk food even though she said she was dieting to lose weight, a $600 adult tricycle, ddlg clothing from littleforbig even though she claimed to be against ddlg, and hanboks and kimonos to get in touch with her Asian heritage.

She ended up getting caught after people who live in the same student accommodation as her noticed she was getting a shit ton of packages with weird names, then saw her boosting transanta letters on her instagram story despite being low-key gender critical and realised what she was doing.

One of the server members spoke to one of the people who lived in her building and they said her room stinks, she rides her tricycle around wearing Lolita clothing flirting with guys in a bizarre baby voice, and that's she's not a lesbian (which we'd suspected based on her giving contradicting stories about her sex life such as only having sex with dental dams and rubber gloves but also saying she'd only had sex in prison over corpses, thinking every lesbian sex act is "weird," and her very weird obsession with Harry Styles that goes beyond just liking his music). The person also said she had loud daddy dom sex with men, which confirmed our suspicion she is an adult baby.

She also claims to have multiple different disabilities, both physical and mental, and pulled a gofundme scam last year claiming her grades had slipped due to a traumatic brain injury and she needed 5k or else she'd be kicked out of Uni (she was there on a scholarship). But disability faking and gofundme scams are typical for cows.

Anyway sorry for the block of text lol, just needed to relay the story of the only cow I was ever internet friends with.

No. 1887006

>scammed from transanta
Based tbh.

No. 1887017

Half of the server was scamming from transanta lol. But she stood out because she was sitting on her ass all day long writing letter after letter to scam goods. we think she was reselling some of them (although a lot of the things she asked for were definitely catered to her very specific taste) instead of just getting a job. I scammed a few thousands worth of stuff myself but was still shocked at how many letters from her were getting posted, she definitely contributed to letters in the transanta queue taking so long to get posted because she clogged the thing up. She privated many of her gift registries after getting caught by the students living in her building, but if you look at the delivery address of any given letter with a dramatic bold heading and extremely traumatic backstory, it will have either her initials and city or her sisters name and city attached (except for the ones where she accidentally put her room number and the name of her accommodation on the line where her name was meant to go, oops).

We also taught the many made in China garments despite making ethical fashion a personality trait, rompers from a ddlg company despite claiming to be kink critical, the expensive adult sized tricycle, and just endless amounts of useless crap was weird.

Seriously it was insane, she usually had like 5 letters posted per day, sometimes more. At that point making up troonsonas was practically a full-time job.

No. 1887041

File: 1692824110336.jpeg (441.77 KB, 1242x2208, EA14A366-C324-4BDF-8EAF-AAB3B0…)

thank you for this anon i had fun . love when these characters have a designated drama tag there's always plenty of foolishness to behold

ok tbh i would agree that ethnically jewish people don't have to be simplified down to being called white particularly with what we sjw lefties typically mean by it and the cultural implications. but forget that shit cause this is not that. the fragile ego here is just delicious. common blond white girl next door. clearly obsessed with being as special as possible and has been at it for years. so we are indigenous russian now? poc icon

No. 1887047

She meant slav country bumpkin

No. 1887048

File: 1692824534112.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, edge.jpg)

grown ass woman

No. 1887092

I’m Scottish and she literally looks like an average woman from here lol. I guess anyone with Uralic ancestry can larp as indigenous now. By that logic Finns and Estonians should be a protected class.

No. 1887097

Jews are a religion, at most you could vaguely call them a people, but they are not an ethnicity or race.

Most Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews for instance have little to no Levant or Israeli DNA at all.

>Here we show that all four major founders, ~40% of Ashkenazi mtDNA variation, have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, rather than the Near East or Caucasus. Furthermore, most of the remaining minor founders share a similar deep European ancestry. Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed, nor recruited in the Caucasus, as sometimes suggested, but assimilated within Europe.

> The remaining ~60% of mtDNA lineages in the Ashkenazim remained unassigned to any source, with the exception of the minor haplogroup U5 and V lineages (~6% in total), which implied European ancestry.
As for Y DNA, most Ashkenazi Jews are R1A which is a Slavic bloodline. So they’re literally from Europe and white people LARPing as PoC or Middle Eastern semites when they’re not.

Sephardic Jews have more haplogroup J which actually is Semitic/Middle Esstern in origin, so they’re a little bit more authentically Middle Eastern, but still often repressed their religion and intermarried with Christian Europeans at high rates, so here quite heavily diluted with European blood too.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1887102

>Moreover, from a survey of another >2,500 complete genomes and >28,000 control-region sequences from Europe, the Near East and the Caucasus, in comparison with the available database of 836 Ashkenazi control-region sequences and a handful of published mitogenomes, we also evaluate the minor founders. Overall, we estimate that most (>80%) Ashkenazi mtDNAs were assimilated within Europe.

No. 1887122

kek so one of the most common ethnicities a white person on tumblr could have. huge if true.

No. 1887157

this is so interesting. i love knowing our dear mariah momokun has far more authentic connection to the middle east than most of these tryhards.

tho there are definitely ashkenazi jewish women who look very stereotypically jewish. if you look extremely ethnic and have been very scorned by european beauty standards prejudices for having obvious semitic or levantine looking feathers, i can much more understand when that ashkenazi person identifies with the idea of middle eastern roots. and hell maybe their family is one of the few that does trace back genetically. Like with Jenny Slate for example, i think she's adorable and to my taste that overall look is stunning but I can just imagine she got bullied relentlessly for her nose and stuff growing up or felt ugly. in that case the beauty celebrated in women like Lebanese singer Fairuz would come as a comfort and it makes sense to see yourself in her like and think, yea that's family.

but when you look like cindy loo hoo over here that's just the purely selfish grift of the insecure common white girl who wants to make someone else's culture her personality

No. 1887356

I like having conversations about this on boards, because if you speak with a man about Jews, they just sperg immediately. They have no capacity to talk about this level-headedly.

They really aren't a race and it's hard to even call them a religion because so many are non-practicing. It's more like a concept or an idea. I find the whole "God's chosen people" to be the most supremacist language and they never get called out on it. They also shouldn't be in the countries that they are. Where they should be, I don't know, but not in Palestine stealing homes.

>Jews are mostly white and not Levant at all

It's true they have a lot of European DNA, but they have no loyalty to Europe or Caucasian people which makes me as a white hate them and I'm not the only person with European ancestry that thinks that. They have a long history of fucking over European countries so their little in-group can benefit. "Jew" is just a murky concept and they only care about themselves and they will change who they are at convenience.
>wants to make someone else's culture her personality
She's just one of those Crypto Jews. It's something they have a very long documented history of doing to stealth in countries.(bait)

No. 1887415

I'm sorry to be overly politic nonnie,but it's not as simple as you say stolen land.a lot of Arabs and Jews coexist in many mixed cities here,and can't be held accountable for the government's actions,it's the same with native Americans and the US.not to mention plenty of Jews being in Israel before '48.

No. 1887429

holy shit anon, this is just a sperg but in a calm tone, like any typical racist woman. when i said making someone else's culture her personality i was talking about the brown and zesty middle eastern larp which is the same racefaking shit a lot of white gentile chicks do too. anyone when they're extremely bpd and too normal to get proper attention off of being run of the mill, which is usually white girls in the western world simply by virtue of being common. she's still just as russian as anyone. a lot of what you think of as russian or slavic culture is contributed from jewish culture because they have always been part of the fabric of europe. i'm just making fun of this loser because she sucks. that's all i'm going to say to the bait you can take it to /ot. we aren't doing this here.

No. 1887437

She looked normal before and now she looks like an old woman with fillers. How does she make money if she looks so fucked up

No. 1887443

I think by 'indigenous Russian' she meant an indigenous ethnicity like Moksha, Udmurt or Chuvash that lived there before the Slavic migration east. Obviously she’s lying because she didn’t give a specific ethnicity.

No. 1889114

File: 1693137700591.jpeg (885.19 KB, 828x1456, IMG_8302.jpeg)

didn’t know where to post this because one is an mtf, the other a ftm munchie. what a weird “memorial” for a voice actress, posting your burlesque ‘routine’

No. 1889132

what's r&m and sp?

No. 1889133

My friend's husband who came out as trans. They tick all the boxes. He was already an insufferable instigator with a victim complex but mostly kept it to himself, now he's all that but doing it openly online in clothes that don't fit and the brassiest blonde hair you've ever seen. Add some perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, gushing over how attractive they are and an expressed interest in wanting to be a porn star. My friend seems to not care but also doesn't support anything, kinda checked out but hasn't said anything about leaving so idk.

No. 1889149

wasn't she also one of those autists on radblr obsessed with calling out "fakebians"

No. 1889152

rick and morty, respectively south park

No. 1889155


> climbed on stage and assaulted a mtf tranny on a fit of rage

lmao i wanna know who the tranny was

No. 1889159

File: 1693149434591.png (981.16 KB, 1327x1018, Green-Bell-Pepper-hero@2x.png)

She is so vile, it's incredible. Also she looks like a green bell pepper.

No. 1890090

An obese, racefaking adult baby lesbian larper. This is my kinda cow. You say you were friends with her, what was the appeal? How did you appreciate her company in spite of the lies?

No. 1890220

File: 1693332350970.webm (1.14 MB, 406x720, Shorts.webm)

So this is very mild. There's a youtuber I watch whose morbidly obese and does mukbangs making the most disgusting faces.
>She started off making fat postitvity raps with her brother, "I'm in love with a fat girl" and shit like that
>Then went into mukbanging
>She's in her early 30's and married to a man she'd been with since they were teenagers.
>Had a storytime about when they first met, she's been at least +500 pounds since she was a teenager when she met her husband he was tiny.
>Husband says that he wasn't into fat women, then said that he did'nt like her at first because "She was wearing pajamas" but he started liking her when he hurt himself and she tended to him
>He asked her for nudes the first time they talked
>She gave it up quick and her mom who is a huge mooch wasn't around, so she was basically living life like a adult at like 16
>As soon as he got with her he started to gain weight drastically because the mukbangs
>Theres a lot of videos of her getting mad at him for food related reasons
>he cheated on her and she stayed
>She claims to be healthy but she's not
>When she got mad about trolls, she used to make videos where she ate aggressively and would sing songs, or call them out in live streams
>She and her family claim to be christian but she's constantly cursing, dancing nasty on the internet and her mother is a mooch
>She teamed up with Blove another mukbang cow who has huge arms and also swears she's healthy
>Her and her mom did a funny video where they claimed she was healthy and Prissy sat there like a big baby, while her mom lied.

My favorite video was a jolibee video where they havea mountain of chicken in front of them. He has spagetti and she has Salsiberry steak, gravy and rice, plus one some kind of dairy dessert.
she asks for some spagetti and he gives her some. He asks for some steak and she gives him a tiny amount and even eats some of the amount she gives him.
Then she asks him his favorite food, he said, "Hamburger meat, gravy and rice" Exactly what she's eating, she doesn't give him any. She's always watching his food.
Another youtuber made a video where some person Dm'd her husband saying they looked better then his wife. Saying they could show him and he basically played into it.
Months later they finally had a baby, which is good for them. She's very mild and I don't think she's a bad person, I just find her interesting and I have nowhere else to put this.
I would put it in deathfats but i'd feel bad, I don't know why Maybe someone should make a Mukbang General thread?
Also this gif went viral, it's her and her husband doing a challenge.
I know this is written horribly and boring, I'm sorry.

No. 1890233

File: 1693332831155.gif (16.83 MB, 406x720, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

Also around the time her husband was exposed for cheating and looking miserable she started posting these cringe dancing videos like this, all while claiming to be a christian, I don't know why I feel so bad talking shit about her kek. She's not that bad of a person and for a bit in a sad way, her videos shopping and stuff were calming to me. She's a mother now and i hope she gets her body togeather but her whole family enables her. Including her cheater husband, all in all they seem like decent people trying to make it. I just find her funny.

No. 1890236

eww disgusting

No. 1890237

same anon, correction, SHE seems like a good person despite all the mukbangs, food aggression and bad attitude, her husband is cheating scum and because he's more submissive and quiet, people tend to vitcimize him.

No. 1890289

File: 1693339661424.png (2.02 MB, 2855x1423, Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 21.09…)


I was never actually friends-friends with her, we were just mutuals on tumblr/discord. So at first I didn't know she was lying about every aspect of her identity. She started off quite tame with her lies, she originally said she'd been in jail for a while because of her sexuality and after she got out she migrated to Canada. Then when people believed that, she started escalating her lies until her story about being from the Middle East sounded like Yeonmi Park talking about North Korea. She also started throwing things in the mix about being fostered by a Japanese couple who brought her to live in Japan and said that the Japanese fully accepted her as one of their own (even though ethnically Japanese people who have a non-Japanese grandparent aren't fully accepted there).

Nobody really believed the jail thing after a while, but the Japanese thing was what made people get sick of her for good instead of just ignoring the walls of text she'd send about her larps (she would abandon her own server for weeks, then come back and scroll through old messages replying to multiple of them with big blocks of text which was annoying as fuck). There were a few arguments about how she can't just call herself Japanese because she was fostered by Japanese people for a while and she all but left after the last argument, the only time she posted after that was a week or two after with a message concerned that someone had leaked screenshots of the server to menalez, who herself is a cow kek).

So after she'd pulled off her MENA lesbian larp she tried to pull off a Japanese one basically. The funny thing is she's not even really a weeb. She likes Ghibli a lot (and I'm 99% sure she tried to copy her Japanese foster kid backstory and fashion sense from the two main girls in When Marnie Was There). But she never ever talked about any other animes or manga. She likes lolita fashion and j-fashion a lot though, so she must have been trying to live out her cute kawaii smol Japanese girl through her discord server).

Anyway, it wasn't until she disappeared after the Japanese cosplaying that her instagram was doxxed and we found out she wasn't mixed race MENA at all but a fully white Canadian. There were suspicions but no proof she wasn't a brown girl who had a penchant for exaggerating. Same with the lesbian claim, we suspected she was lying because she gave a bunch of contradicting stories about her sexual preferences, some of which made her sound like borderline asexual and some which made her seem like she had a lot of sex plus the weird Harry Styles obsession), but there was no solid proof until we talked to the person in her building who said she brought men home to her dorm for sex. That's also how we confirmed the adult baby thing, we'd had suspicions based on circumstantial evidence like her fashion sense and the tricycle and still watching Cartoon Network, but it was just a theory until the person from her building said her friend in the room next to her could hear her having daddy dom sex because the sound carried through the walls.

Screenshot of her transanta post e-begging for Amazon knock-offs of traditional Asian clothes

No. 1890872

File: 1693422042821.jpeg (641.7 KB, 1242x1962, 431A6D85-3A67-4DD3-9E7B-AA34C2…)

thank you for the deets anon. i love this
is present day goldstarsappho on tumblr her actual old account, just abandoned? (it hasn't posted since may of 2022). or did she delete her tumblr and someone else make a blog with the same name?

pic is tumblr goldstarsappho as it looks present day on the mobile app

No. 1890999

That's her blog, but it's not her original one. She deleted the original goldstarsappho blog after getting a bunch of anon hate, but remade using the same url. She wasn't very active on the new version though, she just sporadically posted on it sometimes before abandoning it completely.

No. 1891077

File: 1693451834020.png (1.79 MB, 2143x1717, dehydratedasscrack.png)

a heterosexual tif i follow got this tattooed recently and everything about it causes me mental anguish and since i had to see this now you do too.

No. 1891078

>Straight woman getting a tramp stamp of the word faggot

No. 1891085

Did she shoop her waist, too? If so, it definitely doesn't serve to make her look male, just bizarre.

No. 1891125

IDK how, but looking at this cases me physical pain somehow.

No. 1891127

It looks like a jail tattoo a female inmate would get to scare the other prisoners into thinking she'd rape them

No. 1891152


No. 1891461

File: 1693524193949.jpeg (341.9 KB, 1170x1896, IMG_4691.jpeg)

They got matching tattoos after Mya broke up with her ex KEK. Julia only posted that over her ex, waiting for the inevitable fall out when Mya gets back with him

No. 1891943

File: 1693594430948.jpeg (560.97 KB, 798x1309, E8E203EE-3C09-4253-B09C-9BAC18…)

This crusty tiktoker Kayla Malec. She keeps showing up on my feed and I can’t get rid of her. First of all, the makeup is horrible. Like actually disgusting and she thinks it looks good. She cheated on her bf and all of her content is just her showing off her crusty makeup and piercings while making silly noises and making silly faces in between her vlogs. She’s literally the “omg Emily you’re so crazzyyy we can’t take you anywhere” archetype and j can’t stand it.

No. 1891944

File: 1693594535470.jpeg (654.86 KB, 822x1363, D87788AB-B801-4F5A-A6B5-D4C1DE…)

Omg Emily you’re sooo crazyyy

No. 1891949

Ugh I hate her. I want to take a makeup wipe and smash it into her disgusting face

No. 1892755

File: 1693719629384.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1992, 1C27F4D0-7A6C-4655-8A34-1AF8FE…)

two of my favorite internet schizocows are tragically locked up in the looney bin.

>original claim to fame as an instagram graffiti photographer
>lost his marbles and shit posts on the regular
>used to have 40k followers and has lost nearly all of them with his deranged posting
>regularly doxxs self
>before this latest lock up he was posting naked women to his page and was convinced somebody tampered with his oven

my second, but certainly not least favorite is martin cabello iii. any other nonnas get a kick out of him? last i heard he was arrested for felony stalking

No. 1892855

File: 1693745924192.jpg (288.17 KB, 1080x852, Kayla.jpg)

She does her makeup badly on purpose so that people like you hatewatch her
>cheated on her bf
I'll attach picture of her with normal makeup so you can see how she deliberately makes her makeup look bad for attention.

No. 1892862

>She cheated on her bf
So what? Are you the bf? If she cheated then he probably deserved it. I agree the fake freckles are disgusting though, looks like someone sharted in her face. She’d look much prettier without them.

No. 1892951

i must be on crazy pills because aside from the terrible freckle spots, the more minimal makeup that appears to be powder based products in the first pic looks soo much better than the hideous burnt bloated wax airbrushed look in the james charles picture. there's a way to make heavy and dramatic makeup look wonderful and flattering, but its not this. i think even James's execution of the same style looks better here, and i'm not impressed with his attempt either but its a more polished turd. her "good" makeup completely wrecks her features and proportions with an orange complexion to boot. the true problem in her tik tok looks are those shit spots and awful booger themed piercings. even the clumpy mascara is forgivable if the overall makeup is flattering and fairly proportioned which tbh it is

No. 1892957

AYRT, yeah kinda agree. She'd look the best with minimal makeup and smaller piercings

No. 1893049

Thank you so much for showing me this retard, I’m obsessed and fascinated.

No. 1893212

How does this photo prove that she did the makeup as she stands next to James Charles? By far the worst thing about her is not the makeup it’s the disgusting neon triple ugly nose rings literally the yellow one looks like boogers

No. 1893384

File: 1693875718675.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1179x1982, 760A7815-4885-4442-9D38-4E1937…)

idk if anyone here even follows foreign TikTokers in S. korea but I am friends of a friend with this girl and we even hung out a few times. She is such a fucking lolcow irl too. She used to be overweight and then lost a lot through ana tendencies. She is preggo now and her baby daddy is in his early twenties doing military service while she is nearly thirty and works as an English teacher. She has made being pregnant her entire personality now and has deluded herself into thinking that this guy is going to stay and marry her but here in Korea the fact that he hasnt stepped up yet shows like 10000 red flags. I mean not that he can since he is around 21 or 22 and has no life experience kek but doesnt stop her from posting the same 3 videos of them together and acting like a teenager with her man. Its so bizzare.

No. 1893397

This is actually really common among women, whether it annoys you or not. I fail to see anything but vendetta in this

No. 1893504

My personal cow a TIM at my college. He's an autistic furry who doesn't respond to any kind of critique of his art and hasn't improved at all since he started drawing. All he can, and wants to, draw is dog furry girls with massive boobs in MS Paint. Even during lectures. We're talking Sonichu-level art here. He just draws the same thing over and over again and doesn't improve no matter how much people try to help him. He has a grating Mickey Mouse voice that he's been putting on since he 'came out'. I've known him for 2 years now and he hasn't started hormones or anything, he still has stubble and thinks that all he has to do is have long greasy balding hair and wear Amazon skirts with crop tops that don't fit over his ribcage. He's 6ft tall and genuinely built like an SCP that can climb on walls.

He has a public profile on some kind of furry art website where he favourites and reposts fetish art of men being transformed into furry dog girls. He also posted artwork of his trans fursona being pregnant and talked about how he wished he could become pregnant in the caption.

I'm convinced that he's actually schizophrenic because he truly believes that he is a dog/wolf person and barks in reply to dogs that he hears outside. Apparently his flatmates used to hear him howling when there was a full moon and he'd only eat straight out of a bowl and not use cutlery. He also put a big trans flag up on the wall of their shared kitchen.

I don't think that my college can expel or discipline him because there's clearly something mentally wrong with him. He's also 23-24 and is back living with his parents. I don't that they will allow him to actually 'transition' and any doctor who values their degree wouldn't refer a schizo like him for gender therapy when he's clearly autistic. Thankfully he's so autistic that he doesn't prey on any of the girls in my class or want to date them, he only cares about people in his trans furry Discord servers. He does use the girls' bathrooms though which is fucking gross. He's one of the reasons why I think we need to bring back asylums.

No. 1893516

File: 1693922223533.png (569.87 KB, 1556x876, lelew.png)

found this cow, lelew0823, through the resident evil community while she was harassing a twitch streamer she thought was flirting with the guy she thinks is her boyfriend (he's not)

she is 34 years old, is still harping over the "relationship" that ended years ago and wasn't even real to begin with. she harassed the man's real life wife and wished death upon their unborn child. nearly 10 years later she's still going on about him and the "toxic friends" from the resident evil community who turned against her when they rightfully realized she's batshit insane. she will harass any woman who follows her boyfriend on twitter or twitch for trying to steal her man

english is not her first language but that doesn't keep her from trying. she deletes tweets almost as quick as she posts them and most of them are about the same shit that everyone else involved moved on from years ago

oh and she still harasses the dude's now ex wife

No. 1893572

File: 1693933113029.png (307.95 KB, 1182x698, lelew2.png)

samefag. what perfect timing for me to share her today since she just started having another one of her twitter meltdowns about her imaginary ex-boyfriend

No. 1893602

I want to see the art kek. He sounds terrifying tho tbh, and I worry for any dog he may come in contact with. Also keep your guard way up you never know if he’ll Chris-Chan somebody like draw some girl from your class into his weird fetish art..

No. 1893700

Now we need to see him, and his art.

Also, as the anon above me said, be careful. He seems to be both disgusting and scary.

No. 1893707

>built like an SCP that can climb on walls

No. 1895478

File: 1694257942158.jpeg (105.67 KB, 720x1157, IMG_1529.jpeg)

my personal lolcow is someone i follow online from twitter and like some of my other personal cows, she’s a VTuber. Her name is Cassidy Anne Felerski or AkumaMikoVT and she started out as just someone who tweeted a lot while claiming to be predebut, building up her followers by doing bogus “predebut” streams where she’d leave her laptop running to speedrun her way to twitch affiliate, so she could make money immediately. She then jumped to the “lewdtuber” bandwagon and claimed to be a Lovense partner, and got an email from Lovense telling her to remove “partner” from her twitter bio, as she overinflated her role. She’s almost always the center of most VTuber drama, claiming she doesn’t want minors in her nsfw space but she’s been caught following almost 40 minors, she’s doxxed seven people, laughing about posting their info on the dark web, and lashing out about her Autism, BPD, her chronic fatigue syndrome, and other self-diagnosed illnesses that she surprisingly had after hearing from other people. She doesn’t have a job, she isn’t medically disabled, and she refuses to shower or clean herself, as multiple people from her past have attested to.

Up until this week, Cassidy was in a relationship with another vtuber called NiikoTsu or Payton for the past year. She lived in his home and did nothing but stream, and of course, didn’t bathe. She was insanely abusive to the poor kid, to the point where his siblings actually got involved and tried to remove her from his apartment. She had been hospitalized for a bad stomachache from eating nothing but pocky and junk, and while in the hospital, Niiko grew a pair and dumped her and dropped off her stuff at the hospital (but he kept her laptop lol) Cassidy, in response, doxxed him, his mother, dropped all of his information and then proceeded to sign into his social media accounts and deleted them, when she got tired of logging him out of his accounts and defacing his tweets, only to claim that her android phone was remote hacked. She was homeless after leaving the hospital and claimed that social workers put her up in a luxurious hotel with a pool. Niiko’s mother Dawn made an account since she was doxxed and didn’t give a shit, asking for people to screenshot all instances of Cassidy talking about Niiko or his mother, as that’s allegedly breaking the no contact restraining order he had placed against her. Currently, some poor schmuck decided to house her, giving her a makeshift bed made from a love seat and ottoman and while she claims she now has a job, she’s been e-begging and the poor saps who follow her have been buying stuff off her throne page and her biggest priority has been getting a laptop, razer kitty ear headphones, a whole ass VR headset, LED lights, and cosplay clothing instead of saving up that money as a nest egg so she can pay bills in her roommate’s home or save up for her own place.

She’s lucky no one on lolcow has gotten to her because she would be eaten alive but she’s too milky to not share with nonnas.

No. 1895830

File: 1694315223791.webm (9.36 MB, 720x1076, XRecorder_Edited_09092023_2231…)

Will Blunderfield is at it again…

No. 1895835

>pinned post on twt is begging for likes
>4k likes since june and has 10x as many subscribers

No. 1895876

samefag update on >>1891077

i found her youtube channel and why am i not surprised she's into ageplay

why are "transmen" so hyper-feminine? also why do so many troons feel the need to sexualize children and infantilize themselves?

No. 1895996

do you have any more photos or screenshots of this cow's behavior? this is incredible.

No. 1896028

File: 1694360594361.jpeg (369.94 KB, 1284x1763, IMG_3491.jpeg)

Looked into this and there seems to be an extremely terminally online wannabe hacker. Also that dawn lady or whatever seems to have been the one to out herself. She even posted her fucking kids picture as a child to her twitter when there are lolicons following her. Fucking gross. All the people involved look fat or are troon pedos.

No. 1896038

File: 1694362332171.png (748.03 KB, 1868x812, lelew.png)

Caught another meltdown of hers that she already deleted. Wishing other people dead then always claiming "I did nothing wrong but be a woman in love"

Feels also like someone cowtipped cause she really started going off about not knowing English and a few other related to my screenshots topics after I originally posted here, but also she's just crazy so could be coincidence

No. 1896406

I was entirely unprepared for this and keked so hard I actually vomited. Is his audio quality usually this bad?

No. 1898183

File: 1694721345819.jpeg (265.34 KB, 750x1530, IMG_6150.jpeg)

This goofy-looking Nazi 'sartorial enthusiast' on Twitter

No. 1898958

No. 1898959

hi this is lelew0823 stop sharing my tweets before i share things too thanks

No. 1898960

this is look like a chat website not a lolcow website wtf

No. 1898961

is this like a fun ?(lost retard)

No. 1898982

File: 1694830184180.jpeg (116.93 KB, 1242x496, BBFA06A0-E53B-4666-948C-12C63F…)

I fucking hate the retards that auto-censor themselves so much.
Like, either you act edgy or just drop it and admit you can’t curse because you’re too much of a loser that hopes to get an underage fanbase or some shit. Kek, keep posting this retarded shit, while censoring yourself, it’s totally not twiggewing ugüu.
It’s just so funny when there’s absolute nobodies trying to become famous and acting like role models just to say retarded shit that goes against their own self-imposed rules.

No. 1899096

File: 1694861963157.png (16.09 KB, 847x356, F6ILRWnWgAA0UDs.png)

do u guys read rules on here ?

No. 1899099

hello everyone i am lelew0823 that anonymous been talking about me lately ..

the story is i never was a lolcow i make my first time friends on twitter were i thought them my actual friends but they never was i was just 24 year old back then when i meet them his female asked me to join her discord server and i did after that there is was guy was want me to show him something this guy asked to leave the room cus i refuse to show him and then the lady kicked me out after i left we never spoke about that

on 2016 i joined resident evil community speedrun and i start learning to how speedrun games they was then start to make fun of me







after that i joined the fourm i wanted to learn speedrun and i make some posts like this


and all i get is someone make fun of my posts


and everytime i want to thank someone like this bitch is around


i fall in love with a wrong guy alot of his friends is calling me why what kinda love was it even ? imaginary boyfriend ?

no he is was never imaginary boyfriend he is was this guy who said this to me and make me think that he is the guy that i wanted

he was talking bad about me too and then he is like that he want me


he said he want me to buy him gift card that him and his
wife be my friends again


i buy him so many things gift cards and video games on steam you can see my gift game to his name

and then he sell his steam account he never chgane his name or picture before
or remove friends


and later he said to me this

like i dunno he want to use or want me

this is old screenshot from speedrun when we talk and stuff and asked for my twitter i have never bother him we just want each others


and here is where ask for my twitter https://imgur.com/PegVnEP

and then he stop talk to me for some reason

and here is was saying to me that i never send him anything when he asked me for my twitter


and i was speak him with this friend who we pologized before
she is ask em to keep folder cus she is believe me


his wife went crazy and start to inslut me in my stream


and here she is chgane her name to camel

i know it its was her
cus her friend told this and pologized to me


and actually what she is pologized for its was not for me anyway she is wanted to inv girls speedrun to run game in my ex boyfriend channel


i even try to help her out


but you know what a fake pologize anyway

she is even give like on someone tweet that she is tweet like this

i bet that person know that this friend she's meant to tweet that so this friend give like on it to make sure that i was the actual problem to people ???????

should i Continue ?(maybe stop tweeting unhinged shit if you don't want people to screenshot it)

No. 1899108

File: 1694866269198.png (11.1 KB, 312x73, saddd.png)

You said it yourself, lily109292@gmail.com…
>Good luck with your sad life, you're a lolcow

No. 1899111

i am sorry for saying it can we stop and act like adult please ?

No. 1899116

What in tarnation

No. 1899118

move on dude .

No. 1899202

>she thinks we will click on any of these random ass links.

No. 1899377

No. 1899467

nobody readin allat

No. 1899703

After posting here she tweeted a bunch at the FBI asking if she can work for them then went private kek

No. 1900357

personal FtM sadcow of mine
>dorky circus kid straight girl from neighboring country comes to my uni for her lit masters a few years ago
>deeply insecure and makes a show of trivial things like loving dark chocolate and personally knowing/being related to such and such important person, i'd say main character syndrome describes her.
>is the kind of sex positive libfem that was popular in 2014
>starts an online mag including among standard libfem articles a 6-part series of full-length pieces boringly detailing a mental hospital stay, a mix of a depression PSA, an explanatory consumer review and a blog where she plays uno every night, bangs a random patient scrote, with special emphasis on her diarrhea when she stops her SSRIs
>begins to identify as a lesbian and makes everything about lesbians, lengthy blogging about lesbians and muh mental health, does her theses exclusively on literature featuring and by lesbians, publishes the covers of the same 5 lesbian novels in an unending cycle on every SM/zine/blog/substack she has, goes to Lesbos island on holiday, if you can think of a stereotype she's done it
>not a lesbian which we could all clock
>likes to call herself an arab feminist when she grew up not overseas nor in an immigrant family but in Europe with established educated parents, who got her into good schools, one of which has arab roots. she has no ties to the culture and doesn't speak the language either. before then she was self-hating
>fancies herself a workaholic scholar producing knowledge and stoically suffering in secret when her whole life blatantly depends on getting to say how hard she works and attracting the attention of others
>changes her pronouns to he/him and her name (she's ca. 145cm tall with baby hands)
>continually tries to convince her poor 90yo grandmother that being trans is brilliant and totally not mutilation and livetweets it when it happens
and now as it's been some time since she last updated her SM i'm wondering what she's going to do. she's a man but also a lesbian and her 2 fake personalities are at odds. will logic catch up to her or will she descend further into madness down a hormone spiral and say she's a gendergoblin enigma confusing the cis ? the hollowness of it all really made a dent in her psyche and it's like watching a trainwreck in slow-mo. maybe she can save face by becoming a kweer spicy straight. the explanation for all this garbage is she prefers being a „male“ over a femcel-adjacent woman. i wish someone would tell her that we ugly/GNC women have a right to live too, she's ruining her life for no reason

No. 1900703

Anyone here can gather that you're very likely some flavor of NPD who got obsessed with some guy you were acquainted with, tried to bribe him to like you and play along with your one-sided relationship that existed entirely in your head, and started stalking him and harassing his significant other in a narc meltdown. A tale as old as time. You're only giving us cherry picked information and think that we're dumb enough to get roped into becoming your personal army of flying monkeys while you paint yourself as an innocent victim. FOH.

No. 1900748

File: 1695119310425.jpg (3.72 KB, 338x70, D4CD0F36-6354-473E-8D95-187F9B…)

Anonymous Is been stalking me for 10 years too

And when he mad he go around me and saying this to me always mention about that guy who’s even left his wife there’s a lot of the things that have happen

And that person is still want to test me or taste me with same shit every year

While that dude is busy with starting look like Ken to Barbie women

Sometimes when this Anonymous found no longer a website to make shit about me he go to website another website

But anyway the guy that he defend to he dating and have a bunch of women

Anonymous wasn’t just a stalker but also threatening and posting things about me

And sometimes he doing it for money
My enemies pay for him

This guy is tread me like if I was a super vile woman or something

And the whole years ago I asked why you mad at me sure it’s of that

He keep saying I am badshit that nobody likes me woohoo it’s always to him I’m the same story always and his friends the nicest people

You don’t even know if anonymous is the unmarried guy(take your meds)

No. 1900773

I enjoy when the cows milk themselves

No. 1900787

milk me so hard ??

firstable : you are on lolcow .

secondable : I know it from you .

thirdable : Shame on you .(fourthable: read the rules)

No. 1900825

lol. sounds exactly like your average ~pee oh see~ dyke on twitter or tumblr

No. 1901774

>razer kitty ear headphones, a whole ass VR headset, LED lights
instant red flag

No. 1901788

File: 1695280010959.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1556, IMG_4718.jpeg)

For me, it’s probably Sunnie aka twinbuns.
> Fat Asiaboo who constantly spends tons of money on trips to Japan
> Cries about having no money and not being able to eat because of overspending while in Japan
> Ebegs constantly, was able to raise $900 before people noticed she spends the money on anime merchandise and trips to Japan instead of housing and food like she claims.
> Has lied about being several different races and ethnicities. She has claimed to be Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Native, and Pinay but is actually just an obese white lady who tapes her eyelids and squints in her photos to look Le omg kawaii Asian :3 When people find proof she’s actually fully white, she backtracks and says she’s never claimed to be Asian at all despite evidence to the contrary.
> Constantly brags about how tiny and smol she is, meanwhile she’s around 5’9 and the size of a fridge.
> Has threatened to sue people on Instagram for defamation because they called her racist or have said she isn’t Asian.
> Told someone they will “burn in hell for eternity for being mean on the internet” (her words, not mine) because they said she was annoying and fat in the comments section of one of her videos.
There’s probably more but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

No. 1901849

File: 1695306550944.jpeg (299.08 KB, 736x403, IMG_5602.jpeg)

Personal cow is this woman who i see at school pick-up when I collect my daughter.

bought a mobility scooter she doesn't need to feign a disability she doesn't have to claim benefits that she isn't entitled to.

She has ever worked a day in her life and just feels entitled to steal taxes

Im eastern Euro and the actual state of British and American women who can't seem to support themselves and resort to >i'm non binary and disabled autistic depressed neurodivergent to avoid adult responsibility is insane.

No. 1902025

don't hate the player, hate the game torychan

No. 1902077

I frequent Vtuber spaces a lot and there’s this one cow who honestly deserves his own thread, but I’m sure nobody cares about his milk but me. It starts off with vore but I promise it gets milky

>Be Pumpkira, or @omniwarscomic and like, 10 alts. Story starts in 2018

>Starts off as a 15 year old trying to commission vore art from 18+ artists.
>Lies about being an adult to get commissions of their shitty OC vore
>Niche but popular vore artist (only draws human anime boys eating girls, so not super big, but big in her space) calls out this kid for buying porn and lying
>has a huge sperg fit cause nobody wants to draw porn for a teen
>makes alts to try and befriend this girl, she knows right away and blocks
>grandparents find out he’s been using their card to buy vore art, calls bank and back charges the artists
>he spent 7k on porn, some artists are now down 500+ bucks
>shunned from vore community
>fast forward to 2020, wants to become Vtuber
>surprise, vore artist girl who called him out is also a Vtuber, but keeps her fetish art a secret away from her vtuber sona (this is where I found her)
>Vtuber girl is a really pretty ice princess who plays horror games, I like her cause she’s funny and cute
>pumpkira bothers vore artist girl on her vtubing to make a big post about how he’s 18 now and very mature
>she blocks immediately
>makes alts, she blocks them too
>donates to her twitch, she’s getting pissed and refunded it
>doesn’t put her vore life, basically says “please do not attempt to contact me” publicly
>suddenly sperg doesn’t like attention
>immedietly doxxes her, full name, address and vore page
>she privates everything and breaks down at the fact her sfw space is now tainted
>nobody likes Pumpkira now, even worse than before
>fast forward to 2022
>kink lewdtubers are a thing, popularized mainly by VILVtubersILove, clipping channel on YouTube
>Vexoria The Sun Eater is a very popular giantess/vore Vtuber. She’s married, she’s a mom, but her kids are actually taken care of and kept far away from her nsfw streams. Seems like a genuinely sweet person
>bunch of Vtubers make a post about kink positivity and that vore is just another kink
>Pumpkira makes a very long thread about bad people in vore, zoosadists, pedos and such. Is Pumpkira becoming good?
>no, he joins Vex’s server and flips his shit at one of her mods
>this mod was a girl who refused to RP with him once she learned he was underage, has been trying to say she groomed him and grooms other people with no evidence
>Vexoria boots him from the server for being a problem ass
>Pumpkira malds in rage
>Pumpkira makes a post about how Vexoria is a bad mother who allows pedophiles near her kids and that they’re subject to her sexy streams
>uses a clip from a sfw stream of Vex laughing at a balls joke near one of the kids to prove she’s “forcing sex on the kids”
>Vex and husband ignore it, they’re actually pretty good parents despite the lewd stuff
>Pumpkira doxxes Vex under an alt, full name, relatives names, pics of her kids, pics of her private accounts
>Pumpkira opens a Canadian version of CPS case to try and get Vex’s children taken away from her because of the discord incident
>Vexoria is a genuinely nice woman outside of lewd things, everyone and their mom hates Pumpkira now
>ostracized from vtubing community
>whines and mourns about how Vexoria ruined his life
>VtuberCringe twitter account sees likes, posts the whole saga
>Pumpkira can’t take an L, spergs out even more
>Sends admin of Vtuber cringe pictures of animal abuse vore porn, including picture of lizards after being eaten and shat out
>Vtuber cringe is obviously disgusted, calls that shit out too
>Now other people come out with Pumpkira lore
>Pumpkira is a huge anti pedo guy, has rped children in vore, including his oc getting eaten by children
>Outed for being hella racist too
>Pumpkira makes his own server, posts 500+ person ban list of basically every vore artist and Vtuber that’s friends with Vex
>Everyone laughs at the idiot

He spends most of his days either reblogging vore shit, accusing people of being pedophiles, and bitching about how the evil Vtubers ruined his life. I love watching this shitshow, but it’s been dry lately. I think he doxxed another vore person, but he’s trying to deny it

No. 1902083

Kek the Internet can really ruin peoples’ lives.

No. 1902087

there are women into vore?(sage)

No. 1902088


Yeah, a lot. Even some nonnas on lolcow, check out the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread

No. 1902091

no, i refuse to believe they arent trannies larping. That vexoria sounds like a troon larping.

No. 1902094


Real woman, she has fansly, real vagina confirmed, not a rot pocket(learn2sage)

No. 1902099


Sorry for double posting but women can have weird ass fetishes too. Girl furries, girls into gore, girls into getting the shit beat out of them while calling it BDSM, girls can be degenerates too

Besides the vagina on fansly and kids, she’s a voretuber cause husband was the one into giantess, she just goes along with it cause it makes her moid happy. She’s already femdom as hell so I guess that on top of it isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard

No. 1902179

how the fuck does that make me a tory kek benefits are there to help the actually vulnerablejust a LARPer

No. 1902180

I vote labour every year.(learn2sage)

No. 1902288

but being a lolcow actually should count towards being unfit for work unironically

No. 1902360

Stop fucking voting Labour unless you want to be legally raped by trannies

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