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File: 1467770994247.jpg (70.37 KB, 1785x1000, datshoop.jpg)

No. 151227

First Thread >>93507
Previous thread >>131172

aka the only thing growing faster than her threads is her


20 y.o. ,generic JNig wannabe/cosplay cam whore cept fat. Is mostly known for her airbrushed Samus cosplay that she's worn to most (if not all) of the cons shes been to since she bought it. Seems to legitimately believe that having followers makes her better than others.

>Has leaked nudes
>Showed up in the previous thread only to end up throwing a tantrum
>'That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get'
>Started streaming in revealing cosplay for views
>Claims to be a skilled cosplayer who can make her own costumes and props but everything she's made looks terrible
>Immediately goes back to wearing store bought cosplay after wearing her own terrible handiwork once
>plays the body positive card but wears a corset in every cosplay
>will talk to anyone she thinks will get her more followers
>Got her idol JNig to follow her but was unfollowed in less than a day (reasons unknown)
>Lied about the reason she did casual Mei even though the real reason made more sense than her lie (Lie: 'it was too hot to wear the full coat so she did the concept art casual Mei' Truth: she started it approx a week before the con and just wanted to cosplay with her friend that wasnt gonna be at AX)
>Is 'guesting' at EVO with some pay by the hour arcade. (aka is gonna be a 'booth babe' for an arcade with under 200 twitter followers)

>Spent several days on end bragging about her Camilla cosplay that she was 'putting all her time and effort into'
>Had a 'breakdown' at AX because she decided she couldnt wear her (shit tier) Camilla even though the entire thread called she wouldnt wear it .
>Claims she was 'still sick' from wearing her Lust cosplay from the day before even though she well documented her partying the same night.
>She then proceeded to wear her Samus (aka long wig and full bodysuit) instead
>Announced that she'll not be returning to AX (we can only hope)
>For someone with over 30k 'followers' on twitter she had a glorious 10 or so fans actually stop her for a picture
>Claims 'all she heard from other cosplayers was that the con was terrible' even though most cosplayers seemed to be having a ball

No. 151276

I'd love to blast my load into that fat ass, stay jelly girls(no boys allowed)

No. 151282

dios mio that arm straight up looks like an uncooked chicken wing

No. 151283

>implying anyone would be jelly over some neckbeard whiteknights microdick

Let's be real if your standards are low enough to want to fuck her you're the one not worth anyone's time.

No. 151284

No one here cares about an ugly worthless loser like you and who you fantasise about when you wank your micro penis. Go back to anon-ib with that pathetic manlet shit.
"Jelly" lol what a faggot beta. Typical Mariah fanboy.

No. 151288

>pt 2
>has 2 previous threads
shouldn't this be pt 3?

don't forget that she's thrown multiple tantrums because she didn't finish her costumes on time even though she's a NEET with nothing to do but work on cosplays all day.

No. 151294

OP here I admit I fucked up jusst wanted to get the new thread started. Sorry about that

No. 151295

No. 151306

about what?

No. 151307

That no one wants to fuck you because you're even fatter than her

No. 151318

File: 1467773765984.png (50.76 KB, 498x471, thebackdown.png)

where the fuck is Admin I swear to god.

Anyway Momo's already backed down from her claim of not going back to AX next year but she's too chicken shit to admit it on any of her actual pages

No. 151338

No one with actual self worth cares if someone wants to 'fuck them'. I know it's hard with your pathetic fragile male ego to think this but no one wants your dick anyway cause if they did you wouldnt give a shit about some fatass slob that only wants you for the few pennies in your pocket~

No. 151339

So is this Momo or one of her fucbois?

No. 151341

What the actual fuck is this thread rn

No. 151342

Keep telling yourself that while you cry into your bucket of ice cream bb

No. 151351

lol, lolcow has gone to complete shit.

anyway, midle aged mom, I mean momo, needs to fucking diet. Jesus cgrist that pooch.

No. 151367

Projecting this hard. It's okay momo-I mean, dude. It must be really hard having your standards so low you wanna fuck an middle-aged looking land whale. Then again I guess birds of a feather huh?

No. 151375

a woman's worth is judged by how many men want to fuck her obviously

No. 151425

Man she just makes herself sound so inexperienced by this post. You can wear all the heels you want, the trick is to bring flats WITH YOU so when you're tired at the con, you can just switch them out and walk back to the bus/hotel/car.

No. 151460

For fucks sake.

No. 151477

tbh you don't even have to walk around in heels, just switch your shoes when it's time for a photoshoot or if someone asks for your picture.
that or get shoes with a thicker heel.

No. 151491

>when momo won't suck your dick

No. 151577

File: 1467781011600.png (901.23 KB, 690x460, 1463561165582.png)

>all dam spammy posts

No. 151579

File: 1467781122884.png (9.92 KB, 261x195, 1431194820928.png)

If she hates the people so much why does she not want lolcow to bitch about them?

No. 151595

File: 1467781407271.jpg (24.25 KB, 225x253, not an argument.jpg)


No. 151754

Where are the admins?

No. 151756

probably cleaning up all the other threads that this person shit up.

No. 151769

File: 1467788559507.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 151770

File: 1467788968135.png (138.22 KB, 469x763, ughhhh.PNG)

I really hate her habit of retweeting peoples asskissing her. I seriously never understood that habit, it just makes you look like a pompous idiot. She also retweets herself all the fucking time.

No. 151774

I think heels are probably difficult for her because she's so overweight. Wearing wedges or kitten heels or flats would be better than not wearing the cosplay at all. Just another bullshit excuse to try to get people off her back. First it was "Oh it was too hot, I got heat sickness" and now it's "the heels made my feet hurt"…

No. 151796

New set megaupload where?

No. 151798


No. 151801

not there

No. 151807

if it's not there now, it will be soon.
you won't be getting it on here, that's for sure.

No. 151832

There's been an anon who's been providing us the links for the shoots actually. Keep up

No. 151849

$4,555 a month on Patreon yet can't even make new costumes like the 'pro' she makes out she is and the only rewards she can offer is webcam quality nudes & lingerie photoshoots. What a mess…

No. 151850

In that third pic, her thigh fat has absorbed the rest of her legs underneath making them look like all she has is nubs. Can't unsee.

No. 151867

She's apparently commissioning her Mei jacket from someone but quite a few of us think she's lying about both her twitter following and her patreon by having her friends 'donate' with empty paypal accounts because it will still show on your patreon total but not charge the paypal.

No. 151891

With that amount of money she can commission awesome costumes. I tend to agree with those who say a lot of the pledges are fake, but even if she's getting 1-2 grand, she could afford to commission pretty good costumes, and with a couple months, amazing stuff. She should just do that while she hones her skills (except she's lazy, so she won't actually practice/learn new things). I mean, it's not like anyone is paying her for her craftsmanship, they're paying for almost nudes.

No. 151916

All her swimsuit cosplays are ugly badly made onepiece suits she can wear corsets under. Her lingerie shoots are just push up bras. Why is anyone giving her money when there's hotter girls with way better bodies on patreon who show more and dont charge like $50 for horrible airbrushed shit like moomoos megamilk set. That whole set was a t-shirt and shorts what the fuck.

No. 151917

This thread is such a mess…

No. 151919

File: 1467836929125.png (94.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Best response ever lol only horny white knights think she actually looks the way she does in her D.Va "cosplay" is she no longer friends with Mayhew? Guess she wanted a photographer with better Photoshopping skills

No. 151929


You can just tell how much Photoshop Momo has had done by looking at the first two pictures. Stomach crease is gone, leg & hip fat due to the clincher has been removed, arms have been smoothed out and her face is less round. Her thirsty fanboys will believe anything as long as she drops her panties for them on Patreon.

No. 151933

not as big a mess as momo

No. 151934

Keep projecting, Mariah. Hot dudes with nice jobs and nice cars want to fuck a girl who is pretty and thin. It's a fact of life and you should hit the gym and invest in a good skincare routine of you want to be genuinely wanted by another person. Too bad your personality is rotten~

No. 151950

>>151276 The only thing that's "jelly" is that heifer with her gelatinous body.

No. 151957

Isn't this part 3?

No. 151958

read the thread it isnt even that long >>151294

No. 152143

File: 1467908495201.png (248.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 152148

hahaha I'm laughing at her. Who does she think she's fooling? If she had money saved up why has she only been buying herself shit since her patreon started. Literally after the first month it went through was when she bought her new PC setup and started buying herself cheapo ebay dresses and shit. Also does she expect us to this that she spent $3k on: Her Lust, Camilla, and then buying and 'editting' her Yang? cause she didnt start anything else this past month. Everything else she wore this month she already owned before so ??
Also if she had all this money saved up from working why does she continuously beg for money on twitch?
Mariah must have failed math cause nothing she says ever adds up.

No. 152151

Looooool she's so full of shit. She's so defensive about it too.

No. 152153

File: 1467912615494.png (260.41 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I can comment more shit. I've got a couple of spoof Instagram accounts
What's worse is that so many neck beard have been trying to white knight her after my comment.

Anyone want me to post something? I'll do it.

No. 152158

That onealdavidj guy is one sad fuck.

No. 152159

Mention about how she's all up in Nigris ass and how she'll never become bffs with her as it's obvious she doesn't like Mariah and only deals with her at cons out of kindness.

No. 152163

nah ask how it felt to have Jessica not even follow her for 24 hours THAT would be priceless.

but also she's trying to milk the Jessica 'lol I'm quirky' thing is gross when she does it to every creepo neckbeard since Jessica only REALLY acts like that around friends and stuff. jess would never tell a fan she'd 'collect their drool' cause lets be real saliva if gross as fuck

No. 152169

Momo is so fucking trashy. The fact she releases nudes which look like smutty cell phone snaps you'd send to your partner is just low. Her Patreon money is spent on trips, luxuries and very little to do with cosplay. If she does make one she'll have a piss poor excuse as to why it didn't get done or how it was uncomfortable and once again will wear her Samus suit because that's all neckbeards care about. She's a total trainwreck.

No. 152173

She's claiming she's had death threats about her Samus costume over on her Twitter page after she got 'mean comments' on IG lol. Suuuuuure you did.

No. 152183

LOL the implication that Patreon monitors where the money goes… nope!
Does anyone actually believe this shit?

No. 152189


You realize that by making spoof accounts just to say things like that, you're just the opposite end of the shit spectrum, just as bad as the white knights?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here. If we make fun of her passively, it makes sense, snd anyone that comes here to defend her is worthy of ridicule.

When you invade her real life, are her fans defending her really able to be made fun of? You're expending a lot of effort here, in their territory. You're the same as them if you do that shit.

No. 152194


Patreon honestly don't care about how you spend your funds, as long as you reward your patrons as agreed and pay taxes depending on how much you earn per month & where you're located. Mariah is full of shit & a lying little bitch. She didn't save up for her Hawaii trip with money from her "old job" or the prints sold, that was paid for with the $4.5k Patreon cash she's made so far and she thinks nobody will notice that.

No. 152196

I know, I thought it was funny that she would think anyone would believe that Patreon gives 2 shits how you spend the money. Maybe I worded it badly.

No. 152197

Where is the set Mega?

No. 152198


Not a problem, I'm just agreeing with your post through venting lol. It looks like she's at the holiday resort of some kind judging by a few comments on the mirror selfie of her in a room on Insta.

No. 152207

File: 1467930281746.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ladies and gentlemen, Mariah the night before she said it was too hot out to wear her costume. She's still wearing her lust lenses here. Party girl with no class.

No. 152211

I'm fully guessing her parents paid. Family trip perhaps? Also, hated that video she posted with the crabs. They don't want to be waved around like that Mariah.

No. 152239

sad thing is I'm actually into bdsm but here she just looks like a pig ugh. So classy. So professional.

No. 152282

So am I. She looks like a literal pig though. Disgusting.

No. 152287


This is literally just a picture of her goofing around with friends. Why would this need to be professional?

You guys are insane sometimes

No. 152291

>left the con early claiming heat stroke
>this picture was taken
>next day then claimed she was 'still sick' from the previous day so she couldnt wear her new Camilla cosplay
> she also claimed to have a panic attack because of not being able to wear the cosplay

hell the post even says
>Mariah the night before she said it was too hot out to wear her costume.
although they did forget to add 'she said she was sick'

it's not the picture itself it's the fact that she's a big fat liar and claimed she was too 'hot and sick' to wear a cosplay but apparently she can fuck around with her friends in a kigu??? even buttoned that low those things are super fucking hot to wear and if she was so sick why are her contacts still in and full makeup still on? Learn to actually read

No. 152300


No. 152313

>her giant hammy man-hand

No. 152394


No. 152411

Apparently she dropped her phone in the ocean and a fan fount it washed up near her house. Lol is she fucking serious…asif.

No. 152437

Why do you want it you raging faggot
You've requested it 5 fucking times
If you want it so bad then fucking shill to her shitty patreon
Jesus Christ

No. 152444


Correction: It was not a fan. The person used her phone to identify her name and found her on Facebook. If it was someone she had been friends with prior, I'd understand your hesitation to believe it.

Check the girl's facebook. Mariah is in "recently added" because she didn't know her before.

No. 152446

>you raging faggot
>t. the raging faggot

No. 152447


No. 152449

Wait… how did her phone fall in the ocean and then the person have enough time to clean it but also dry it to magically find her name in it? Even the most water proofed phone cant last that long in the ocean unless she had like a floating waterproof case or something?

No. 152458

File: 1467993841524.jpg (95.99 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

From her Twitter

No. 152459

I still dont believe it idk it feels really staged to me? As momo said herself how would a phone survive falling to the bottom of the ocean? idk

No. 152460

Anytime I see an actual professional cosplayer tweet it makes me even more upset about momo. People like Jessica and Vampy are always making new costumes and debuting new costumes and you know that they will debut it and that it'll at least be clean (not a huge fan of vampy's gundam girl things but they're well made) whereas momo's been wearing the same shit since she 'debuted' it's just frustrating. If I was a huge fake like her i'd at least buy a shit ton of costumes so I could always have something different to wear

No. 152473

No offence to the person who fount her phone but they hardly look like the geek and cosplay type, just an ordinary humble woman living the life in Hawaii with her family. Why would she be a fan of this hoe? Mariah wishes that'd happen.

No. 152715


So now we're at odds. Is it a fan and the whole story is bullshit? Or is it not a fan and momo is just calling her that to boost her own ego?

Ultimately I couldn't care less. Why are we focusing on this phone thing?

No. 152757


I think at this point it's safe to say Mariah will do anything to get attention. So wouldn't be a surprise if she made friends with a lock on the island and made up this entire story or the person is a family friend. Honestly would you guys be shocked if this were just another one of her stunts? She's not very well liked in Vegas or with SoCal cosplayers and she's basically screwed up her way into the Jnig circle; what does she have left beside these little miracle set ups?

No. 152811

She sure still hangs out with her ex boyfriend a lot….

No. 152837

File: 1468031040623.jpeg (281.96 KB, 1125x1200, image.jpeg)

Tasha's costume was paid for by Mariah.

…. You have to pay your friends to cosplay with you? Your fans pay you to pay your friends to cosplay with you? So both of them didn't make their cosplays? Slow clap …

No. 152884

Her wording about being at EVO is so cringey. She makes it sound like she is guesting EVO. Bitch please…

No. 152886

She's a round lil butterball, lol

No. 152887

She makes it seem like she has her own booth as well, when actually she's leeching off Gamenest's booth instead and is giving free prints to her Patrons.

No. 152891

File: 1468040041399.jpg (106.32 KB, 1200x630, Cm5ND7vUkAAZ_rC.jpg)

This is so fucking embarrassing. As much as FGC loves thick girls, even some of them think she's fucking crazy.

No. 152901


But anon! Patreon monitors how she spends every cent of her Patreon money! They're so strict there's no way they'd ever let her buy a costume for someone else!!! The money is supposed to be for MARIAH making costumes not buying them for [I don't know and I don't care who]!!

That being said, anyone who actually believes her when she says no I spent my own personal money on this Patreon is really strict might be literally retarded. Patreon doesn't care how you spend your money at all. Fuck, Paypal cares more than Patreon. If you make more than I think 10k in donations they ask for some kind of proof of how you're spending it. I remember glancing over it a while ago but technically the donate button is only for non profits so when you start making big bucks they want to know who you are and where the money is going.

No. 152903

I'm laughing at that Ryu. I'm willing to bet she goes to china town to buy a karate gi only to badly cut it up and not realize how short/bulky they are and then mysteriously cancel it (and even if she wears it it's going to look nothing like that artwork). Also where's she getting the Chunli and why doesnt she just wear her old Chunli???

No. 152935

Didn't jnig use her patreon money on a helicopter ride?

No. 152936

Don't know, don't want to know but I hope she can handle the FGC.

No. 152939

She's used it on flights and helicopter rides and flighing photographers out but tbh Jess actually mostly DOES use all that for cosplay shit? Jess is constantly putting out new cosplay/photoshoots etc so she cant be compared to Momo who had like 3 new cosplays last month?

No. 152944

Momo won't be able to handle the fgc. Fgc guys are prone to thinking that every girl is a fake gamer girl and are rude irl. They'll ask you fighting game questions (e.g. Who do you think is a good matchup against (character)?) and label you fake if you don't know.

No. 152952

No. 152959

File: 1468054083154.png (1.11 MB, 720x1228, Momotinder.png)

No. 153002

They'll treat her like meat and judging by the costumes she has lined up they'll hardly care if she's a gamer at all. She's in for a wakeup call, FGC guys are the worst, but she's after attention so knowing her she'll probably enjoy their slander and then post about how it apparently ruined her time at EVO.

No. 153011

tbh they're gonna shun the fuck outta her tbh. There's gonna be way hotter cosplayers like Vampy there so no one is gonna give two flying fucks about momo tbh.

No. 153012

Goodness gracious, that is such arrogant cringe. The only thing that would make it worse would be a picture her with a controller in her mouth.

No. 153015

Lol she threw it out a long time ago! Which is funny because she went on and on about how proud of it she was making the chun li cosplay from scratch- only to throw it away later. It was a terrible build anyway. Gamenest pulled out of their booth at EVO so momokunt won't be "guesting" with them anymore. She's going to
Still go but Don't see why as she's super hated in Vegas! A lot of the people she disrespected in the past go to these cons and gaming events, people she has yet to apologize too.

No. 153019


This has got to be a fake profile. I don't want to believe someone like Momo could be so arrogant.

No. 153032

What do you guys think happened with the game best booth? Think they just pulled out of it or Mariah bragging about guesting, creating and event, and selling prints had something to do with it?

Considering how much money it costs to rent booth space at these things I can buy that game best just didn't rent a space in time, but they seem to be doing well financially to host a crap ton of events at the spring road location. But I honestly don't think they would just pulled out of a big gaming con due to lack of planning (I could be 100% wrong though). It's all very suspicious.

No. 153033

Fucking hell with you spellcheck I meant Game Nest not best fucking spellcheck

No. 153065

Where does it say game nest pulled out their booth?

No. 153072

Mariah said it on her Twitter, not sure what happened with them, but this means she can't be a freeloader and sell shit as she no longer has a booth lol. Karma is a good thing. I bet she'll be roaming the event as a trashy cosplayer though arranging meet & greets with her neckbeards.

No. 153079

Mariah will kill the FGC. Call her out if she tries to complain pls

Vampy's getting wrinkly.

No. 153082

I bet Momo makes a cringefest of herself amongst the Smash Bros players in her shit Samus suit. I hope other cosplayers from the game show her up.

No. 153084

So is momo cept Vampy still looks amazing. Momo's entire body is just wrinkles and rolls it's so sad for someone who's only 20

No. 153091

I don't get why she calls "guesting" sharing a table with a tiny vendor. From what I've seen (at least locally), the FGC hates cosplayers. They're going to scrutinize the fuck out of her fat ass.

No. 153121

File: 1468103192095.jpg (48.75 KB, 960x640, 13620010_858988137579470_55399…)

No. 153125

Needs more movement. It looks like she's just lying propped up with the background shooped in. the hair also looks like it was added in and not part of her wig. Her bangs are also not moving with her pony tail so the illusion of movements not there. Photog needs to learn how to use a fan for shoots.

No. 153127

this shoop is so bad I cant even. like the photographer knows actually nothing about art or layout or anything. It looks some someone on deviantart shooped this geez that blaster glow and just everything

No. 153128

Holy fuck, if I were her I'd be super embarrassed about this photo.

No. 153136

I was on mobile when I saw the picture. It looks way better as a tiny 200x200 picture. The pixelation in the background is crazy bad and I just realized some of that pink light should also be on those little alien things (I don't Metroid) and the shadow right below her looks like shit. 3/10 gg

No. 153147

It wasn't unless some one else was using her Facebook. It was connected but it was back in February.

No. 153153

Didn't realise how vain Momo is on Twitter until she posted her shooped Samus photo. She retweets all the comments made by her fans who gush on about how amazing a person she is. That's not including the tweets she's made herself about how she looks. How sad…

No. 153211

Accidentally posted in the old thread, relocating that post here. Anyways.

Just found this thread. Yikes. But thank God someone is talking about this bitch.

I "know" her in real life, and by that I mean I see her at parties every now and again. And holy shit, what a fucking mess. This was a few months ago now, but the last one I saw her at was right after her and Eric broke up. It was actually the party where he was apparently flirting with another girl (which didn't happen, by the way, Mariah was just drunk and misread the situation).

She started hanging out with Beansprout at that party too, and I was screaming internally because I actually really like Sprout. I felt so bad for her, it looked like she was just babysitting her the whole time because Mariah was being retarded that whole party.

It's just so frustrating that she tries to call herself a professional cosplayer and then cranks out shit, and bitches about people using her for fame and then doing the same fucking thing.

No. 153218

Christine Beansprout? Yeesh, are they hanging out now? How pitiful.

No. 153220

She sounds psychotic, how drunk would you say she got? At AX she was a part of a fire emblem group than pulled out the next day claiming she was sick from the heat but personally I think she got so drunk that she got a bad hangover the next day, she's very unprofessional for a "model"

No. 153228

Lol, drunk enough that she got mad and threatened to drive home drunk and walked out of the house. Eric and Sprout had to grab her and bring her back inside.

No. 153231

>claims she's not the girl for a party guy
>yet she drinks excessively to the point where she gets stupid drunk


No. 153240

Does this girl have an Instagram?

No. 153241

Who are you referring to? Momo has an Instagram, yeah.

No. 153265

LOOK AT MARIAH'S FUCKING COMMENTS ON THIS. Absolutely disgusting. She'll flirt with anything if it'll give her some attention. https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/751316894880149505

No. 153269


Seriously. Not into partying? There was a snapchat clip of her shit-faced getting spanked on the floor of a hotel room. There's also this… >>152207

No. 153278

Please keep her at home. We don't want her at Evo.

No. 153293

She's going to attend the EVO after party as well. Anyone up for filming how much of a twat she'll be while getting drunk and flirting with FGC bois?

No. 153314

File: 1468146568117.jpeg (86.88 KB, 600x450, image.jpeg)


No. 153343

mariah's kissing that guys ass because he has 50k followers. fucking gross

No. 153363

File: 1468161412146.png (490.01 KB, 779x601, 1468155056684.png)

the anon who screencapped this didnt upload a mega

No. 153366

Omfg she's fucking posing with Mountain Dew and Doritos I'm done. This is such a tacky set.

No. 153367

safe bc dumb question but I don't play overwatch so does d.va even mention Doritos or Mountain Dew at any point or is that just everyone doing the thing

No. 153369

She doesn't mention it in the game but I think it's more like because she's a professional Starcraft 2 player ??

No. 153371


Lol that explains so much. I've never actually seen her series before but no wonder she has so many neckbeards lol her fat ass is butt ass naked this set is so tacky it's so hilarious :) I don't even know why I think it's because she's so fat that I hate this, because lots of people have lewd sets and I dont mind them but judging from all the rolls and cellulite from previous pictures she doesn't look this good naked everything is soooooo airbrushed lol. Put some fucking clothes on lmao.


DVa was a professional gamer in her bio for Overwatch so every "gamergurl" who wanted to cosplay her thought it would be cute because apparently all "gamergurls" are trolls who like Doritos and mountain dew lol.

No. 153373

d.va's meme is a pseudo-umaru gremlin that loves mountain dew and doritos

No. 153375

Honestly it started out funny but got so old so fast. Everyone ran it the fuck into the ground.

No. 153380

But…but anon she's #thickncurvy! She's fucking overweight plain and simple and has to rely on a waist clincher or Photoshop to make it look like she's not lol. This photoset just shows how big she is. She needs to drop this thick shit and realise she's just a normal fatty.

No. 153393

it must be so sad being that much of a fatass and having no ass or titties to show for it. I'm like half her size and my boobs are bigger kek.

I also love the difference between 0117(no titty) and 0120(of fuck it look like I aint got no tiddy let me subtly push them together to make them look like they're there' and then even 131 (wait shit they still look small maybe if I forcibly hold them in place they'll look big)

Also it shows how terrible she is as a model. Almost 200 photos taken and only 30 to show for it? I understand yeah there's duplicates but this set already includes a lot of duplicates and you can see that through the numbering.

No. 153398

I was about to complain about all of her sets being the exact same poses but then i realized if she tried anything different she wouldn't be able to show off her "curves"

No. 153410

Her posing is so shitty and infantile and unprofessional. She should seriously invest in some professional modeling classes but Moomoo doesn't nor will ever give a shit. Her poses is shit, her expression are shit. She will never make it like Jessica Nigri. Just give up.

No. 153416

She'll never stop till she's on Nigri's level unfortunately. As long as the neckbeards feed her attention and money on Patreon and Twitch.

No. 153431

Seconding this. Her poses are super awkward and when she's trying to do flirty, she looks like something a guy in drag would do as a joke for a comedy act.

No. 153449

A fat chick posing with Doritos and Mountain Dew. Whoever is paying for this has some low standards.

No. 153457

mega where
i want to make a gallery pointing out the photoshop

No. 153541

She supposedly is gonna be retiring/selling the Samus suit. Thoughts?

No. 153546

I wonder what neckbeard is going to buy it so they can smell her sweat

No. 153829

if she sells it, she'll have no cosplays to wear anymore.

No. 153831

Didnt she order a new one though so it's not like we're losing out on her BS 'Thicc Samus' thing

No. 153833

I bet she has to retire this one because its not fitting like it use to

No. 153851

The most recent pic we saw that wasn't from a shoot, it looked in pretty bad shape. Dirty and full of little holes.

No. 153857

She'll just order another one from AliExpress, can't see her fully retiring Samus.

No. 153895

Oh yeah that's right. She keeps talking about a suit being in customs/shipping.

No. 153897

…she is not 160. This girl is at least 200.

No. 153902

She's also 5'4 so weighing 160 is going to make her look much larger than a 5'9 person weighing 160.

No. 153904

I'm 5'4" and there's no way she's not over 180 at the very least. She looks 200. Stop making excuses for yourself Mariah, you're fat

No. 153906

I'm 5'4" and around 150 and I am literally half her size. I have a bigger ass and boobs but can take.

She MIGHT have been 160 when she first made that account though you can see in her arms there that she really wasnt nearly as big as she is now and I'm gonna assume at this point she had lost all her muscle from being a lazy slob.

Anyone think her Ex broke up with her because she let herself go so hard cause i mean it's not like she wasnt a shit person all this time and they seem to still be willing to hang out

No. 153907

No. 153925

So the whiteknights (and momo) could try and figure out who I am? No thank you. I'm too close to the West Coast cosplay circle but if it's that hard for you to believe that someone is slimmer but with bigger TnA than momo you must really not go out a lot.

No. 153932

He's a fitness freak. Judging by Momo she's nothing like him, she used to whine about him working out alot on Twitter. Probably got tired of her shit and they're fuck buddies seeing as they still do cosplay together.

No. 153993

File: 1468269787924.png (21.66 KB, 501x251, lolwutisitmariah.png)

I'm going to assume it's about Momokun and/or Gamenest.

Also met Momokun at Fanime. She was extremely drunk and rude.

No. 154040

File: 1468277981968.png (688.02 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Since jnig won't talk to her anymore, she's been trying to hit up Ryan more often now

No. 154041

File: 1468278065147.png (Spoiler Image, 1023.21 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Pic spoilered because it's actually nightmare fuel and not just another photo of Momo's fat ass.

No. 154055


She's a psychotic stalker I swear. It seems like she'll do anything to box Jessica into a corner and force her to be her friend. It's hella fucking creepy and crazy.

No. 154057

I hope she's on that list. Looks like the FGC people aren't ones to annoy at these sort of events. Momo is in for a great wakeup call.

She's so desperate to get in on Nigri's squad it actually hurts.

No. 154061

What was she doing? I've heard she's only nice to photographers and her group and doesn't really like talking to her "fans" is there truth to that?

No. 154068

I should've trusted your word on it being a nightmare fuel, but it's too late now, can't unsee

No. 154107


You don't need to say names but I'm actually really curious about that person. Is she part of the fgc or the cosplay scene?
If you're friends with her can you hit her up and see what she says and if it is about Mariah?

No. 154110

I personally know her and she's a member of both fgc and cosplay comm, and yes it's about Mariah lol

No. 154115


Post caps? Or even just what she had to say about Mariah?

No. 154117

No. 154126

File: 1468299119212.png (27.53 KB, 588x253, gofundmyass.png)

Just tell her to call Momokun out on Twitter like true FGC style so she doesn't look like a little snitch.

She also got on an the Evo beggar list by making a GoFundMe for a $600 cosplay. C'mon son.

No. 154129

Same, curious too

No. 154174

File: 1468307688075.png (18.02 KB, 622x260, mariahwholol.png)

Looks like this Evo2016 list of arrogant cosplayers has Momo on it afterall. KEK

No. 154194

To be fair, there are some Thursday shenanigans and pre-Evo things going on.

No. 154196

FGC people are one of the most fucking no-bullshit people ever. The people funding momo's grandiose dreams of being a cosplay pin-up babe are the casual gamer BRAHHs that only play the flavour of the month games. FGC players are semi-professionals and have spent years perfecting their "art", they're going to think a fat chick in a stupid suit is an insult to their hobby and not at all relevant to what they're doing, i.e. playing games seriously.

No. 154198


Spot on. I sort of wish these sort of events would ban cosplay all together and be purely focused on professional gaming tournaments and the community as a whole. It's completely irrelevant to what these gamers actually do. Sure it's a bit of "fun" being in costume based on the games that are to be played & aired live, but EVO is not about that at all.

No. 154207

banning cosplay from evo is ridiculous. there are players who cosplay their mains. besides, if the cosplayers pay for their evo pass, evo won't care what they're wearing.

if you want to ban cosplay, you might as well ban the artist alley too, since there are artists who sell at evo (shunao, for example) who only play games casually. nice art is nice but it's also irrelevant to the actual gameplaying aspect of evo.

sage for fgc shit instead of moomoocow

No. 154208

btw if you want to discuss evo/the fgc further, i'm making a thread in /b/ right now.

No. 154214


Good point, I was thinking more about cosplayers like Momo herself and others who clearly are leaving a bad taste in the community just with their attention seeking holier-than-thou presence there. Her main goal is just to collect up more fuckboi fans in her Samus suit again. Forgot what her other costumes are that she has lined up, but no doubt she'll be just as obnoxious in those too.

No. 154242

Looks like they're talking about it on r9k now.


I particularily like the bit where someone came in and posted another cosplayer in a thread about Momokun.

No. 154266

I'm taking bets, since she has a "horrible sunburn that is worse than being pregnant" who wants to bet that she will back out of EVO because she needs to recover? Calling it now!

No. 154267

imho I dont think FGC should allow stuff like the Ryu Momo is planning. The same way certain costumes get banned from tournament play i feel like they should be stricter as to what costumes are allowed at tournaments. I'm no prude since I've cosplayed shit from Skullgirls myself and It would be debatable as to whether or not they should allow revealing costumes that are canon but that Ryu is inexcusable imho.

No. 154295

Nope, it's FGC and they need their small batch thirsty cosplays or ~sexism~ accusations will happen again.

Unless a Smash mom complains. Then that's the end of Momokun's cosplay line up.

She knew nothing about the Evo tickets someone bought her.

No. 154320

Oh man I saw her complaining and that was my first thought!

No. 154322


I hope it wasn't some thirsty fan who paid for those tickets…jeez.

No. 154397

God bless, we have a Pixyteri and JNig lovechild.

No. 154402

I'm telling you! shes going to back out and say "oh i'm so bummed my sunburn is so bad that i have to miss evo i really wanted to go too and cosplay and meet you guys oh well! sabakon!" lol she doesnt look sunburnt at all from the hawaii pics shes posted. Such a flake and liar, maybe she shouldnt document everything she does itd be easier to get away with lying kek

No. 154524

She doesn't even look sunburnt and it's funny how she's whining about it on an over the top level so close to EVO.

No. 154776

File: 1468397602423.png (200.54 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_2016-07-12-21-42-27…)

No. 154777

File: 1468397728820.png (121.52 KB, 720x672, Screenshot_2016-07-13-00-39-40…)

Ha-ha I love these. She's so obnoxious even people who follow her or see her rtd on their timeline are getting tired of her. And I noticed GabbyCCosplay is cosplaying for Rebull and she was noticed by supergeekgirls? Anyone think Mariah is feeling that jealousy? Lol

No. 154778


I think this person meant "and sound immediately contradicted by bragging about it" and I meant Redbull not rebull

No. 154795

Momo is so desperate for attention. She's always whining about something or making out how something impacts her life. The world is on her shoulders woe is me. Bitch you live off neckbeards money and get to sit on your lard ass going out on trips all the time. Such 'rough life'.

No. 154839

File: 1468412586502.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

>oh uhh… I KNOW! It's transphobic because a transgender(TM) posted it on Facebook! I know exactly what I'm talking about!

It's literally not about transphobia…

No. 154840

File: 1468412707981.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 154850

I have no sympathy for people who don't know the meaning of sunscreen.

No. 154878

So people become transgender because their parents raised them wrong? Nice analogy, Momo.

No. 154891

She blames it on her vegetarian sister. Mariah claims that her sisters vegan sunscreen that her entire family used offered little protection and that's why she's burnt. She's so good at being sensitive isn't she? Though for someone who claims she's in so much pain and the sunburn is so bad yet she goes hunting for Pokemon later that same day. Honestly, is she fucking retarded? Is she really that fucking stupid? I've never seen someone publicly lie as much as this girl and that's saying something.

No. 154946


what the fuck is happening to her thighs in this pic ugh theyre so misshapen and fat

No. 154977

She really has put on weight over time since she got known for her Samus cosplay, those aren't thick thighs, those are chubby girl thighs.

No. 155015

Her legs look so hammy and stumpy, especially since she gained all that weight. The sunburn doesn't look that bad though, definitely not worse than "being pregnant". She's so melodramatic about literally everything.

No. 155618

Momo's now claiming she has blisters from her sunburn to the point where she got cream from a doctor.

Does she realize that if she goes to EVO at all we'll know either way? If they're covered up it's a lie because even freshly healed blisters cant handle being under tight fabric and if there's no sign of them she's lying because there no way full blisters would fully heal to the point of disappearing in a few days

No. 155620

isn't she muslim? Assuming that shes not 100% white her skin should be quite used to sun exposure. Being a britfag and white I know how possible it is to be that burnt but i assumed must muslims didn't get burnt THAT bad..

No. 155621

Muslim isn't a race, crumpet-chan. Has nothing to do with skin color.

No. 155622

I didn't say it was a race, i'm just making an observation that she clearly isn't 100% white. She would have had to try to get that burnt.

No. 155623

you know exactly what they mean. 'Arab',or 'Of middle eastern descent' whatever.

The main reason we know it's bullshit is that she used to play Lacrosse. How is she magically getting this level of sunburn after years of taking part in an outside sport? She also used to be several shades darker. Not saying sunburn is impossible but the only people I've seen have reactions like she does are the palest of whiteys

No. 155626

Yes that's what I was trying to get across. She would litreally have to TRY to get that burned to the extent that she has special cream for it. Her skin type should be a lot more immune to the sun unlike her white friends.

No. 155643

Bs. That picture she showed is just a bad sun burn. At the most she should be starting to peel right now. I gave my self a really bad burn recently (hot glue. Killed my hand for about an hour, it hurt so bad). It took 2 weeks for the blister to stop being sensitive and another 2-3 for the blister to actually gtfo. I've never heard of a sunburn blister but if it's like a normal blister, that shits not going away in a few days. Monkey bar blisters usually took a week or so to disappear when I was younger.

No. 155657

they have to be really bad to blister (had it happen when i was a kid). if momo had blistered she'd be lobster red, not that light color. she's being a whiny bitch.

No. 155790

Lmao I didn't know this hag was only twenty holy shit lol. Also she's going to the next convention as Samus……..again :) if you check her Twitter ha-ha. That wig must look like a rat's nest by now lol

No. 155795

Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if she bailed out on Saturday due to her "condition".

No. 155830

a friend of mine is going to EVO and i've asked him to take candids, but tbh she probably won't look that much different from op pic anyways.

No. 155839

File: 1468577448580.jpg (77.91 KB, 583x960, 1464757185592.jpg)

Nah, candids are great. She doesn't look as good as OP's pics typically outside editing.

No. 155840

File: 1468577716567.jpeg (261.83 KB, 1024x1536, 1464560353583.jpeg)

And let's not forget her mysteriously disappearing ass outside of posed/edited pics.

No. 155848

I had a reeeally bad sunburn recently I also got blisters and they do go away in like 5 days or so.

It hurts really much the first days but they aren't that bad after a few days.
You're skin will stay sensitive tho even after a few weeks (or maybe only mine idk I'm pretty pale)

No. 155858

Your not you're sorry !

No. 155859

Jesus, that line down her pants. It gets worse every time I see it. I hate what a shitty job she makes of everything.

No. 155861

holy cow (kek)

I always figured people were being over-dramatic and ana-chans about how heavy she is, but this really does look to be around the 200lbs area

No. 155880

I think it just depends on how fast your skin heals. I got sunburnt to the point of blisters last year and it took a few days to start blistering/scab, then about 2 weeks before they went.

Anyway I hightly doubt she actually has blisters, the sunburn would be way more red.

No. 155887

Wheres the Bias tape???

No. 155934

Holy shit, is she GAINING weight???

No. 155948

that fucking gun, i swear

No. 155950

It's all that good livin thanks to the Patreon money so she can remain "thick" for the neckbeards.

No. 155955

I'm amused how she keeps faking her patreon amount and thinks we wont notice? Does she actually expect us to believe that from a single photoshoot every month with halfassed 'cosplays' she's getting an additional $1k every month? It's actually kinda pissing me off.

I also just noticed this under her $100 reward
- You get to choose the shoot, and cosplay, where all the photos are exclusively for your eyes only. one every 6 months per donator

So for the low price of $600 she'll do a photoshoot for you???? wooooow what a steal

No. 155969


I always loved this pic because her gut is literally out like theres no hiding it and her flat ass and her forty year old mom face. It's amazing. The true, unedited, unairbrushed Momokun right there.

No. 156069

Looks like Momo is too poorly to make it to EVO today due to lack of proper skincare in the sun. Bet she can't make it tomorrow either. What an idiot.

No. 156080

she always half asses conventions its so sad.

No. 156082

Wasn't her plan for Thursday/Friday/Saturday? Did she go Thursday or Friday?

No. 156083

File: 1468679608589.jpeg (191.19 KB, 640x881, image.jpeg)

Called it!!! Lol

No. 156085

I bet the FGC people already keeping an eye on her are celebrating that she can't make it lol. Momo is just gutted she could no longer guest as she thought she'd be doing at some random booth and didn't want to attend as a normal con goer.

No. 156086

When was the last time she actually cosplayed for the entirety of a con? Last con it was bullshit excuses and a half of a day in cosplay tops, this one she isn't even attending due to wasting her patreon money on a trip to Hawaii. Wasn't this supposed to be her full-time job now? The last time we saw her wear a cosplay for an entire day it was that casual Mei mess that she halfassed, wasn't it?

No. 156091

So who else thinks she lost her pass to EVO and is using the sunburn as a way to still in the future claim that she was 'invited to be a guest at EVO'? Also has anyone ever has/heard of a sunburn '180'ing' cause I sure havent. Especially not if she's getting given special creams from doctors.

Like wow wow wow
If anything I think what bothers me the most is people are buying her sunburn story??? Like how do you look at that picture and see 'extreme sunburn' at all. Two cons in a row she's been ~*so sick u guys*~ and it's been heat related both times? Like she's been in Vegas her entire life. How do people keep eating this shit up?????>>156083

No. 156102

Her fans aren't very smart, new to cosplay, buy her body positivity bullshit, or are just horny guys who don't know a damn thing about real cosplayers and think of it as a fetish which she fucking lives off on. I'm with you I've had horrible sunburns and they don't just "180" you stay that way for awhile the fact that she is trying to make it sound worse than it is; god it's despicable.

If she was in such horrible condition why is she still running around Vegas playing Pokemon go? Truth is ; she knows no one likes her in Vegas and the gaming community would not have welcomed her at all would have been LVL up all over again, at LVL up no one gave a shit about her-all the attention was on vamplette, so no one gives a shit when she goes to cons here. Probably game nest pulling out of the event was the final nail in the coffin since she wouldn't be able to sit on her lazy ass all day like she did at LVL up.

She hadn't been twitch streaming, no cosplay work, just her bullshitting with vamplette or playing Pokemon or embezzling those donations for Hawaii. It's really disgusting.

She's not even hiding how lazy she is or how less she could care about a person. She's vain, selfish, greedy and gluttonous, people want to keep giving her money to do nothing I guess that's fine. It's their money to lose. But the fact that she's exploiting cosplay and fetishizing it, adding to a growing problem that REAL cosplayers face with their work is fucking deplorable.

She is a disgusting human being and the fact that she does this over and over is just fucking evil.

No. 156103

File: 1468689759645.jpeg (139.7 KB, 640x828, image.jpeg)

Whine whine whine

What a fucking drama queen

No. 156111

But she did post a photo of it (the big ass Burn one from earlier). She also said on her Twitter that the cream the doctor gave her a few days ago 'healed my blisters' or something like that.

All you do is put on a long maxi dress (or long skirt) and get out. Literally, just wear clothing for the skin to breath in, stay away from the sun and you're fine.

No. 156113

But that'd be boring anon. She wants to wear her skin tight slutty costumes as planned to please her fans and she's whining that she can't. She lacks common sense so badly.

No. 156125


I love seeing her address these rumours because it means she still reads the thread no one else was saying she's lying lol.

No. 156129

maybe cuz i'm not white but that burn looked so weak? like it looked more like how white people get red after pressing their skin against something for a long time, not long a painful blistering 2nd degree burn.

No. 156132

it -is- weak. if it'd been a second degree sunburn like she's claiming there would've been visible blisters in that photo. she knows if she posts any other ones she'll get called out for lying.

No. 156149

Just watch her snapchat story - she shows them there and they do look pretty bad
(I don't want to screenshot it so watch it yourself or someone else should make a screenshot)

No. 156170

I know she is literally lying. I get off the beds looking more red then that with no pain, just itching. She was just too lazy to cosplay at the event and instead just went there to 'party' and suck off as many FGC dicks as possible. She is legit fat and gross and the only drive she has is for attention.

No. 156173

Aw guys look it's momo trying to find out who's in this thread. She's trying to bait people into trying to follow her or screenshot a rando shitty thing so she can call us out

No. 156174

I know the dudes who do crosscounter(Mike Ross and Gootecks) are doing like a fgc get together tonight with lots of drinking and fightan games. Wonder if moomoo will show up and try to get some dick from some d-list street fighter player.

No. 156175

Yupp. No thanks momo I don't wanna follow your snapchat you look disgusting 99% of the time

No. 156176

File: 1468710628635.jpeg (226.51 KB, 750x1050, image.jpeg)

Omfg I can't. ?????

No. 156177

"Meet and greets" I can't I can't ??? Mariah YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL STOPPPP

No. 156180

Who the fuck does she think she's fooling??? inb4 she's wearing leggings or we see proof that there's no burns on her legs

Also 'meet and greets' like the ones she was supposed to have at AX and never happened? She's going to try and get in selfies with actual important/well known people kek. inb4 she gets ignored like she did at AX

No. 156181

Please tell me someone is going!!!

No. 156183

Fuck that I'll be going to the after parties no point in going to one tonight tomorrow is finals people will be lining up for stadium seats at like 6 AM. Love how she is too ill to go to Evo but is fine with going to the parties. Yet again no one is gonna have a clue who she is. Is she going to the twitch party tomorrow too lololol

No. 156200

they look fake as shit and i still don't buy it. especially not when it's through a shitty snapchat video.

No. 156211

It is inevitable. Everyone will think she is just some random FGC groupie and not give a flying fuck unless she is within an inch of their penis.

No. 156215

File: 1468718250733.png (Spoiler Image, 864.71 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


here's a pic. Had to go through like 10 of her shitty snaps to get it

No. 156218

Fake af. The sun cannot do this to you.

No. 156223

If this is real then she needs to start covering up in the sun and using better sun cream. I'm sure a lot of people get sunburnt but this is crazy. Didn't she feel herself burning? Didn't she notice herself turning red? Didn't anybody tell her?

No. 156224

She claims she used her sister's vegan sunscreen, whatever the fuck that is. Apparently her whole family used it but she is the only one who got burned,

No. 156226

There's no excuse for shitty quality pictures nowadays. Fake as fuck and looks like she used the front camera on her phone as "proof" of her sunburns. Momo why can't you provide a clear photo of your boo boos?

No. 156234

So she goes from >>156103 saying she will not show pictures of it because she doesn't want to post it publicly then proceeds to snapchat it? HMM.

No. 156240

File: 1468723194629.jpg (318.78 KB, 1536x2048, CnNpOvCVUAAq0G7.jpg)

looks like latex work to me tbh

Does she not realize we have this >>154840 to compare it to? Here's the pic at full res too and you can see she has no blisters on her other leg at all. Also bless her for not realizing how skin works because unless she was wearing closed in shoes the tops of her feet are more likely to have burned severely than the front of her legs

No. 156242

It looks like she irritated the skin by either scratching or wearing tight fitting pants, this is actually 100% her fault. It honestly seems like she did this on purpose to get out of going to EVO and generate sympathy from her neck beards.

Staged as fuck

No. 156244

You feel the sunburn coming in pretty fast is she too stupid too ditch the vegan sunscreen that didn't work and run down to the gift shop at the resort for regular sunscreen? Gee it's Hawaii you'd think the place wasn't known for its sun and beaches the way she talks! You can go literally anywhere in Hawaii and purchase spf 30 sunscreen. Dumb bitch momokunt had no brain.

No. 156248

I don't think it's staged her friends in Vegas are kissing her ass, but even they would call her out if she was lying about that. Still doesn't change the fact that she's super dumb for staging a meet and greet for the party when she's nothing more than a regular attendee. She needs to get over herself and learn a little think called humility. Maybe if she focused on that people wouldn't hate her so much and she would have 3 lolcows dedicated to how shitty of a person she is

No. 156249


No. 156250

None of her friends have ever called her out on any of her previous bullshit lies so? Like her claiming to have gotten heat stroke at AX and then partying all night

No. 156253

She's pretty much pulling the same shit again. Too sick for cosplay, but well enough to party.

No. 156255

File: 1468727287731.jpg (110.13 KB, 960x1200, CniVnrJVIAEa09g.jpg)

No. 156261

Her legs are so bad that she can go to a pool party with her friends. Suuuuuure…she knows people dislike her in that area and wanted to remain low key at EVO. Bet she'll get shitfaced.

No. 156263


is she wearing tights?? wouldn't that irritate her burns like a mother fucker?

No. 156264

if she's wearing tights is extra bullshit cause she blamed leggings for ~*aggravating*~ her 'blisters' from the get go

No. 156265

Tights in hot weather is a disaster. We can see a bit of her leg here and it's nothing like her photos. No redness, skin blisters or anything.

No. 156268


that's her leg? oh wow, she's wide! but yeah, her leg looks calm and unblistered. shit its not even the littlest bit pink.

No. 156269

It looks like she's wear a long skirt with splits up the side, could be wrong tho as it's quite a fuzzy looking selfie taken by the guy who bumped into her.

No. 156271

oh god I didnt realize that was her leg which leads me to ask:

where those blisters at???

No. 156277

Does Collette have a lolcow? She needs one too. They are both terrible but the two of them together is just just nauseating. Hope Mariah feels good that she had to buy her only "real" friend. Hope collete feels great for being a total user too. Once she realizes that Mariah is only into cosplay for her own personal gain and would never let collete get to her level online she is gonna peace out.

No. 156279

Lol Colette would never leave her meal ticket. She depends on momos infamy for attention, she wanted to be taken seriously at first than started slutting up like Mariah suddenly has a shit load of likes and can afford big cons because momo pays for them. Both are shitty users and rely on each other.

No. 156280

Colette's thread can be contained right here tbh since they're ~*dating*~ dontcha kno

No. 156282

About as non-existent as her personality.

No. 156284

File: 1468737559273.jpg (89.08 KB, 675x1200, Cni-Ze9UMAE8Wby.jpg)

Another after party snap from EVO.

No. 156286

Is Collette running around in literally her underwear? Uh… okay. Momo's legs look alright. She seems full of shit.

No. 156287


well its a pool party right? bikinis seem like fine attire. her body is nice. shame about that face. she could do with a nose job.

No. 156289

File: 1468738711408.jpg (250.37 KB, 960x1200, CnjEDBVUAAUc7VM.jpg)

Her legs look nowhere near as terrible as she made out they were.

No. 156293

She looks like an old woman

No. 156294

everyone else seems to be normally dressed, but honestly i'm more offended by that tiny bedazzled swim bottom and the top that looks like a regular bra. ugly as fuck imo

No. 156295

Except that's a bra and not a bikini. Dumbshit

No. 156301

If this is real she's seriously a dumb fuck. I've been burned a million times being a pale nordic asshole but even I have realized when my skin is fucked and protect myself. She's an arab and lives in SoCal, she really has no excuse.

This. This is the second cosplay she's pulled out of recently. During AExpo she claimed she was ~so sick~ from heat fatigue even though she was up and partying all night and even wore a bodysuit instead of the much more skimpier Camilla costume.

I'm willing to bet that she won't wear Camilla EVER because she realized how shit the costume is and won't compare to the much better cosplayers. She pulled out of her EVO gig either for realizing how the FGC community is keeping an eye on her slutty ass or just because she's a dumb, lazy bitch who prefers to party instead of following through with her obligations. Or maybe both. The sunburn incident was just way too coincidental and convenient to happen.

Also this. That skin looks pretty fine to me.

No. 156305

She Lives in Vegas, sun is worse here but claimed Cali and Hawaii were worse

No. 156306

It's not real, I own a sunbed shop and trained in skin care/aftercare and can absolutely tell she is lying. As anon >>156240 pointed out, the shins are literally the last place where skin can tan/burn on the body so the tops of her feet would look a lot worse but they look fine? Plus if she did get blisters and peeling from sunburn, it would not look like that at all. She is just a straight up liar.

No. 156307

File: 1468744897797.png (555.01 KB, 614x602, sunburns.png)

Momo does look sunburnt when the photo is zoomed in. Originally I thought she was bullshitting, but you can see the peeling. Either way it's completely idiotic & dangerous to get to that stage in the sun. Blaming the vegan sunscreen won't work either.

Also, it doesn't excuse her from the fact this is the second convention she's bailed out on in cosplay. What's the point in being on Patreon promising all this stuff you'll do for fans when you don't deliver everytime due to "illness"?

No. 156309

The only peeling I see is on the tops of her thighs, not anywhere on her shins like the snapchat photo. This is normal for sunburn. She is still a BSer, as it is no way as bad as she was making it out to be.

No. 156310


Indeed, she's literally just got a normal peeling sunburn. I thought she was BSing entirely, but it's only very minor and nowhere near as OTT as she was posting about on Twitter as if she's suffering in hospital. The EVO crowd were too much for her once she realised she'd be looked down on in her trashy cosplay and she sulked when the booth she was leeching off could no longer make it, thus leaving her without anything and she was no longer a "guest". Fuck me she's tragic.

No. 156324

What's funny is that she said she was going to cosplay Ryu, and she could have totally done that too. The shitabaki is loose enough that it wouldn't have bothered her legs at all.

But, you know the Momo way. Ryu can't have pants on and she was going to wear just the uwagi and obo. Heaven forbid she wears a modest cosplay!!

No. 156326

Is anyone surprised that she had excuses for Evo?

She had NO cosplay ready, otherwise we would've gotten some dumb fucking speed video of her shitty sewing, proving she makes all her cosplay!*

*except for what she commissions and spandex suits, which is everything she wears.

Also, if you're such a HUGE gamer and nerd, had a pass to Evo, then why didn't you just attend? Do you think you're that special that you can't attend a con without making yourself the star of it? Lol meet and greets. Shuuuuutttttt uppppp

No. 156357

What the actual fuck is this thread lol. Why is everyone suddenly an expert in sunburns? And someone here just happened to magically own a tanning salon once? This is the dumbest shit I've seen in the thread lol. The first one was the best one, second one was going downhill and this one is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone in their lifetime has had at least two or three bad sunburns why are you attacking it like a small dog with OCD? "Oh it's not real the peeling looks fake her color isn't red enough" ha-ha holy shit you sound insane. Can't you just make fun of the weird skirt that looks like she cut it herself? Or the fact that her body looks like an average potato sack in all of these EVO snaps. Where's her famous tits, lol?(derailing)

No. 156379

She probobly used leftover fabric to make that skirt cuz this bitch doesn't know how to hem anything lol

No. 156383

you mean because the average person IS knowledgeable on sunburns? I'd assume most of us are white or light skinned and have had pretty bad sunburns before. The point is that yes everyone in their lifetime HAS had at least two or three bad sunburns so we know what it's like so there's no way she had blisters and 'pain worse than childbirth'.

Also I was assuming her skirt was just some cheapo ebay skirt since that's where she got her weird slutty wrap swimsuit thing.

Either way we're all thoroughly calling her out on her BS because as >>156326 said, if she's such a huge game and fighting game fan why not just attend? Especially recently JNig has been doing cons without doing as much cosplaying? Also we've been making fun of her itty titties n lack of any ass for a while now so it's old milk.

No. 156385


Sounds like somebody here is a little sensitive for being called out of their bullshit and cares a bit too much what anons have to say.

Hi, Mariah.

No. 156387

I think the point is that she used it as some shitty excuse to not go to con, while later that same night going out to party.


No. 156410


So is this going to be her thing from now on? Hyping up that's she going to a con then backing out at the last minute for some stupid reason because she would rather just party?

No. 156411

Im not even being mean, she's not pretty. At all.

Very overweight and not in a flattering "thick" way. Disproportionally fat. I know why we never see her in jeans, none will ever fit. Always leggings. Her face, I don't even know where to begin. Her eyes that are like buggy? No eyelashes. Thin lips. Wearing those stupid anime contacts and huge fake eyelashes make this worse.

At least her hair is nice? When it's not the oily, stringy mess we always see.

She looks really old too. Like in her 30s with a lot of work done. I don't get why people like her. The annoying RTs of fans giving her love, and her screaming BBY ILY with a thousand fucking heart emojis coupled with her disgustingly hitting on women constantly, that whole shit is a cringe fest.

I'm sure it's the combination of mass spamming Facebook groups and threads of her cosplays and then "leaked nudes." Probably also has to do with the weird Arab/Muslim fetish that her disgusting fans are into.

No. 156414

File: 1468778200608.jpeg (106.79 KB, 736x738, image.jpeg)

This picture is just awful ugh her claws are so badly made, you can see the double sided tape on her bra, and everything just looks 3 sizes too small on her it's so bad. Her leg is so pasty looking too ew

No. 156422

She looks old when she tilts her head like that. She also needs to learn how to pout. Forced smiling looks dumb. Also, what was her purpose of wearing a bra with straps for a cosplay where character has a strapless outfit? She at least could have worn a strapless bra.

No. 156427

Her eyes are literally her only redeeming quality. You sound like you have beady little rat eyes.

No. 156429

This image looks really weird.

Her leg and the back part of the dress are so wonky but they're also straight up flat colors which means whoever edited it, blurred or just drew her leg and dress that's hanging down.

No. 156435

They sure don't act like they're in a relationship kek

No. 156439

Did her "thick" thighs rip the skirt open here? Or did she cut it to be slutty or something? What is going on with this skirt????

No. 156440

File: 1468783093901.png (170.19 KB, 498x618, Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.1…)

What a fucking crybaby.

No. 156441

The cringe of seeing white knights in the comments is too much.

No. 156443

This does look pretty nasty. I feel kind of bad that she's in pain but she should have known better about skin protection (I'm guessing she used the "vegan" sunscreen in the morning, went out all day without reapplying, and got burned badly). But she should have sucked it up and gone to the con despite the pain. Sticking to your obligations is super important in life. We've all had to do things when we didn't feel good, she needs to learn to suck it up and do what she says she's going to

No. 156468

"A lot of people wanted to see me"

No. 156580

I mean she did have more people stop her for pictures at that party than the entirety of Anime Expo~ Like a whole 6 how amazing ;)

No. 156593

I know the two photographers who took her pics at ax they do heavily use photoshop

No. 156596

File: 1468797240892.jpeg (35.69 KB, 417x567, image.jpeg)

No. 156613

Hey now! That is so wrong!… Michael Jackson does not deserve to be compared to shamu here lol Hahahahahahahaha

No. 156661

File: 1468811074394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.79 KB, 720x960, 13692717_1084021118358285_6312…)

full size, spoilering because it's gross.

No. 156676

So basically; she was a dumbass who decided it was more important to play Pokemon go and wear leggings when her neck wards flat out told her that it was not wise to do so. Irritating her skin and doing more damage to herself rather than stay at home and heal, some of that looks like she scratched it, she did this on purpose.

No. 156695

This. There's bruising there and I've never seen a burn heal with bruise colors?
Okay congrats she has 'burns' doesnt excuse the fact that she shouldnt have worn tights, gone out playing pokemon go, stayed out in the sun that long enough in the first place, could have gone to EVO still but chose to go to a party instead even though she could easily wear a maxi dress/skirt rather then the slit skirt she wore.

No. 156707

I think that discoloration might be from aloe gel with lidocaine, I've seen some with green or blue tints. I agree with your other points though.

No. 156709

I'm really curious about the lack of stubble tbh. It's been how long since hawaii? Did she spend her patreon money on a wax job? Doesn't that sometimes leave your skin more sensitive too?

It does look pretty bad, but it also looks really bizarre as far as her burn patterns go. She must have been laying out in the sun with shoes on? I think the dark bits in the blisters might be where the cloth rubbed them?

No. 156732

Honestly I think she posted a high def pic and upped the contrast to make it look worse.

No. 156736

Holy fuck. I've had sun poisoning and my body never got that bad. How do you do that to yourself? After so many hours your body just feels hot, so just… how?

No. 156772

pft what if her burns are from a shitty attempt at selfwaxing that would be hilarious and explain the obvious reddening of her pores

No. 156798

Lmao, those are some weak ass burns that she's been picking at.

No. 156901


I saw people were wondering who the girl from >>153993 was and it never got answered. Just wanted to throw this in here before it was off-topic.


No. 156911

Her arms look fine is the weird part. She probably just didn't even put any sunblock on her legs.

No. 156954

See Momo is going with the THICC Samus shit again on Instagram.

No. 156960

her flesh is literally peeling off in chunks in that photo and you all are trying to act like she's a drama queen. I don't like momo but this is a huge reach.

No. 156961

Get out of here whiteknight

No. 156968


You're saying something rational. You don't belong here. Let the idiots circle jerk.

No. 156977

That Samus gimmick is old, til she finds a new character to whore out she'll drop Samus.

No. 156980

>her flesh is literally peeling off in chunks
Oh come on now. Her skin is peeling, like skin does when you get a bad sunburn. She's not gonna lose a leg.

No. 157062

The burn looks bad, and her legs are damaged. Too damaged to wear any cosplay that doesn't include a skirt or loose pants to cover up, we get it.

So, to reiterate what someone stated up there, if she is such a huge gamer, and she had "so many fans" she didn't want to disappoint in not meeting, why not attend Evo?

If I had tickets to Evo and I was a gamer, you bet I would be there. And if people expected me and this cosplay gig is the only thing going for me, I would go 100%.

There is just a SERIOUS lack of professionalism and the the reason that's exemplified is because she calls herself a "professional cosplayer," she boasts how she gets invited to guest at cons, she's constantly showing off how much she makes on Patreon. If you walk like a duck and you act like a duck, you're going to be treated like one and held to fucking standards of one. All pro cosplayers have issues now and then because they're fucking human, and yet the still attend their events because they're professional, that is part of their job. And this is what's most bothersome. Past the bullshit vegan sunscreen (you're Arab and live in Vegas, your body is use to heat and sun), the fact she did not rest so she could be ready, the fact she did not even work on cosplays because given her history we would have seen it, the fact that she did not attend the event (which I'm now thinking her ticket was revoked when her booth went down and maybe the booth went down because of her since there was this flame list with her name on it), it all leads to her immature, irresponsible attitude. Can someone revoke her Patreon account and tell her to go back to school and get a real fucking job so she can grow the fuck up. Damn I'm sick of her getting any sort of reward for just being an all around shitty human being.

No. 157066

Amen to that!

Wait there was a flame list with game nest? I've been curious as to why they pulled out of the event any info on that?

No. 157067

Burn list inclues mzre yuen, momokun, gamenest and anyone involved with them

No. 157068


That bitch is pretty bad too.
"MySpace angles" all day
And asking people for money constantly. Not as bad a Mariah tho.
Vegas is just full of the worst kind of people hating each other.

No. 157069

This is off topic but mzre yuen is fucking nasty.

No. 157074

I just looked up Game Nest's info to see if they can even market themselves to pro players that would go to EVO and

>pay-by the hour

>"Marvel vs. Capcon"
>outdated versions of Blazblue and Guilty Gear which are also only available on cabs
>latest King of Fighters game is KoF 2002
also nitpick but
>lists Brawl as a Wii U game

their biggest problem is gonna be that it's pay by the hour.
pro players spend hours and hours practicing a single game so it's waaaaay cheaper for them to buy their own setup instead of paying to play by the hour on a cab/non-standard setup.

No. 157199

This idiot is on Smosh's Best Overwatch article, and she's showing it all over the place like she's proud. There have been Meis ten thousand times better than you, they're just not as popular as you because they're not sluts that leaked their nudes and have their ass and tits all over the place to get the attention you've got. I would not be proud bitch, or show that article off. Especially surrounded with jaw-dropping cosplays that you can never achieve.

The comments on the article are already shit talking her Mei. LOL GOLD.

No. 157213

Every comment is about how shitty and undeserving her Mei is LOL not a single positive one

No. 157214


There is a white knight tho claiming that it's from the concept art and that you should do your research before you diss such an awesome cosplay but when you watch the video her backpack and the gun are all so shitty looking lol even for a casual concept it still looks like shit. I dont understand white knights, she doesn't care, she doesn't think you're special and she's not gonna send you nudes. The only white knights she ever retweets are people who have a high follower count. It doesn't make sense to me.

No. 157377

File: 1468982686739.jpeg (109.5 KB, 750x934, image.jpeg)

Aw how cute she's still bragging and being a total bitch

No. 157450

has bignig been up to anything new lately?

No. 157497

She's actually been losing donations on patreon. She was at 4800 now down 4400 but we know she's going to fake donations to keep it look like she's still receiving a lot of money. Interestingly this dip starting happening the minute she backed out of EVO

No. 157504

File: 1469027456020.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oh my god if you look up her patreon on google this pops up this is great

No. 157595

did she get suspended from twitch? Lol the only type of "work" she can do and it's been a month or two since her last stream

No. 157596


is she seriously bragging about making $48,000 a year? Thats a fucking teacher's salary you dumb twat. living it real rich i guess

No. 157597

File: 1469051005889.png (845.75 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

What is this picture it's so unflattering. Oh and she also is making Chun Li again lol. She's only making it because she thinks it might get her popular with the FGC since she didn't even get to go to EVO.

No. 157600


To be fair, that's a hell of a lot to be making in Vegas at age 20… and in Nevada average starting salary (considering she is, again, 20, and would be starting about now if that was her field) is actually only $35,000.

No. 157601

Every costume she had lined up she knew would be nowhere near as good as the other cosplayers who did the same characters. I bet that alone pissed her off that she won't be seen as "iconic" every con she attends.

No. 157603

doesn't matter when she spends all the money on stupid shit and has nothing left. sry you don't get to brag about being middle class, no matter your age.

No. 157606


Yeah I'm not really defending her… just noting that the argument is a bit silly. She's making a good amount for her age, there's no reason to pretend she isn't. We don't need to bend reality to fit our narrative… and if we did… what would that mean about us hating her in the first place?

No. 157614


$4k a month yet can't make anything remotely amazing like some other "professional" cosplayers do with that sort of cash and would rather splash it all out on expensive vacations & do no shows at conventions because she's a lazy cunt. Bless.

No. 157616

Im curious as to what she is gonna do at Super Toy Con. Its more of a comic/scifi con. She has no place there and no one is gonna give two shits about her.

No. 157622

File: 1469054965784.jpeg (117.89 KB, 629x987, image.jpeg)

For someone who claims to make so much money for a 20 year old and even has donations via twitch or her print "business" …she still could not buy the tickets she needed for PAX despite reaching her goal for it and is now begging for a Saturday pass.

Seriously Mariah what the fuck do you really spend that money on? That Nike sportswear to his the cellulite ridden quads or food to stuff your fat face? Oh right she went to Hawaii and sponsors her friends cosplays.

Embezzling much?

No. 157624

Love how she hiked up the yoga pants to hide her muffin top lol you can still see that fat on her face,arms,and the armpit fat. Lol

No. 157626

File: 1469055376132.jpeg (108.87 KB, 640x906, image.jpeg)

Doesn't even show what she bought hahaha probobly more yaya han fabric to waist, it's easy to save that much at joanns lol it's cheaper to buy that same fabric in LA too but the word cosplay isn't stamped on the fabric for her to understand what kind to actually use.

No. 157628


It probably is Yaya Han fabric. Momo tries so hard to get buddy buddy with Nigri, so the more she uses Yaya's line, the more she'll think it's a way of buttering up to her too.

No. 157631

Her Patreon just dropped another $20, since her EVO stunt she's lost a good few hundred,

No. 157633

I've seen Yaya's fabric and Joann and honestly, it's overpriced. I would never buy it;

No. 157635


Gotta stop the circle jerk for a second here to ask: do you honestly think she buys Yaya fabric just to buddy up to Jessica Nigri. I feel like we're reaching into conspiracy territory here

No. 157637

Pretty sure she buys it to butter up to Yaya and not Jessica, also because it's "cosplay fabric" lol

No. 157638


Momo is already trying hard as it is to be friends with Nigri on a stalker kiss ass level. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to befriend Yaya Han in future. Not so much conspiracy, but more like she'll do anything to get in on the famous cosplayer circle. The last time she used Yaya's fabric she tagged her name in posts about it and said it was hard to work with, but at the same time praised it for being 'amazing'.

No. 157643


She looks just like my ex boyfriend who was Greek/Italian lol. She even makes the same stupid faces he does, same brows, same big nose, if I didn't know any better I'd say she was greek. The resemblance is uncanny :/ just making an observation, it kind of startled me when I first saw her, ha-ha.

No. 157646

Yaya is super selective about her friend circle though. Unlike JNig who's more open, Yaya won't let you approach her, she has to approach you.

>Chun Li alpha

No. 157675

Guys pay money to masturbate to this. Amazing.

Seriously though, she looks so gross here. Though it's amusing as hell. Why pull your pants up to your navel instead of putting on more than a sports bra if you want to hide your gut? Nice positioning of her phone case too, hiding her double chin. Everything about this picture is awful. At least brush your hair mariah. She looks like a bloated old mob wife.

No. 157681

File: 1469070525695.png (1.51 MB, 1264x954, britlol.png)

>bloated old mob wife

No. 157685

Well knowing how patreon works she's NOT making 4k a month. Pretty much no one actually makes the full amount that their profile says. Between people backing out, transactions not going through, the suspicion that she's faking donations as well (wouldnt be the first time she lied about something to make herself seem more important), etc. she's not making that full $4k at all

uhmmm what happened to her 'super severe painful' burns??? how is she wearing tights again?

No. 157688


how old is she? if i could be making that much in my early twenties i would be happy too to be honest. not that i would exactly brag about being the richest for showing my 'thicc' ass.
has anyone attended one of her streams? is she decent at games or does she call the characters by the wrong name when playing like nigri does? you would think she could just be a boobie streamer lol

No. 157691

The hting is, she isn't even making 48k a year. There's just no way. Between the people ghosting transactions on her patreon and the amount she's going to have to pay on the untaxed wages, it's definitely not 48k. She's making a livable wage off it, I'm sure, but it's by no means something anyone should be bragging about.

No. 157695

She lost another $32 on patreon lol waiting to see what desperate move she makes to recover from that dip and save face

No. 157696

She's 20 but she was probably making around that when she was working at starbucks tbh. I guess it comes down to what your personal morals are cause I'd prefer to make money from my hardwork and what I create than to make money from whoring myself out tbh.

Unless she changes her ways her looks are gonna continue to fade and with that her following. Most people arent gonna stick around for her to give them one boring samey photoshoot a month. I wouldnt even mind as much if her poses were samey if she had photoshoots other than 'white background studio'.

No. 157705

In about two weeks she's lost just a little under $200 in patreon funding already.

No. 157725

Regardless of how much she has made for her age, she ended up losing most of it due to poor decisions like quitting her job, and constant partying as seen by her snapchat. I'm not sure how much she's also spent on Vamplette either since Vamplette is older.

So while she may be whoring herself out with her patreon shots, she's also losing money as well since she apparently is making a new Chun Li costume, has to buy a new Samus bodysuit, has to finish up her Fire Emblem cosplay (if she even gets around to that), and so on.

No. 157726

Didn't she also start on, but end up tossing out a few different cosplay? Between her partying, vacation, living expenses, vamplette, and wasting her money in other ways, she doesn't seem to really have that much to show for it. Her cosplay are still low quality, her photoshoots are low quality, and she's only getting more and more out of shape as every month passes.

No. 157732

between cons, hotels, the recent vacation, the cosplays she's wasted money on, spending money on other people (let's not forget she had to pay someone to be her Blake at AX), the extra food she's obviously been eating, the photography/studio sessions? She's really not making enough to properly support her 'shown' lifestyle.

No. 157736

she's doing what any dumb attention hungry 20 year old in Las Vegas would do. blowing her money and showing off, rich hot (lol) successful thick momo with not a care in the world, trying to buy friends and half-assing her cosplays because it's all just a front. her being "thick" samus was her 15 seconds of fame, if you could even call it that. she's done. she shot for the stars, missed, and is now receding into a black hole.

No. 157758

When she's unable to keep up with this she's not going to have anything to fall back on. It's not like she has any life skills.

No. 157800

She's already barely keeping up with it and there's only so far you can get as an 'internet cosplayer' people wanna be able to see the cosplayers they admire in their cosplays so the fact that momo has 'properly' debuted a single costume she made and I dont even think actually made it to the con in it(her Lust cosplay) is very dooming tbh. She can only get so far by making excuses about 'being sick'

No. 157808

File: 1469113481799.png (440.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-21-08-02-37…)

No. 157809


Think I found the desperate move. "I'm gonna be on their billboard and/or magazine to advertise for the toy con guyzzz I'm so important"

No. 157823


If someone asks you how much you make, you go by pre tax amount. Saying "she doesn't make 48k because taxes" is such a stupid argument. We're better than this, right?


I feel like every time it drops $25 it goes up $100 the next week. Why celebrate a basic margin drop when they happen all the time and never make an effect long term?

No. 157855

no one is celebrating they are laughing, in this month she has lost 400 bucks and its hilarious because we all know she is going to do something super desperate to get that money back or fake some more donations

No. 157865

here's the thing though it's dropped $400 from what WE'VE seen total. so that's including anything new she's gotten.

So how long til she fucks this one up though?? Like if you can fuck up guesting (even though it was just at a booth) at EVO she'll probably end up fucking this up too haha

No. 157875

Her face is so unflattering. She looks like she's maniacally laughing.

No. 157882

File: 1469129831749.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Jesus Christ

No. 157885

File: 1469130132865.jpeg (358.37 KB, 900x1345, image.jpeg)

No. 157886


So much this.

No. 157887

File: 1469130344582.jpeg (349.27 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 157888

File: 1469130485015.jpeg (55.03 KB, 750x252, image.jpeg)

About her chun li shoes

No. 157893

When did sponging off of someone else's booth count as "guesting" sitting down at a booth all day she'll probably go

No. 157899

File: 1469132505849.gif (9.51 MB, 380x214, gKqNY.gif)

oh my word

No. 157900

But… She's still not a guest. Why does she call herself a guest and try to hype up borrowing an exhibitors spot at a
Shitty con? Super toy con didn't invite her. Some random nobody talentless photographer who paid for an exhibitor spot at the con added her in to help advertise. Nothing special here, just trying to make herself look more important than she is. Look at super toy cons site she is not there. She's never on the sites she says she "guests" at. All bs

No. 157902

should have guessed she could never actually manage to guest at a real con haha. I love how she purposefully tried to make it look like she was guesting at a con though. I love how you can see that the photographer shooped out the dick bulge contouring on the suit and her fupa area but only on the light blue section. Sad they still couldnt do anything to make her tits look okay.

No. 157908


I've seen zero evidence that she fakes donations. That's just hearsay from lolcow as far as I know.


She's still up from last month. All I'm saying is that ignoring she's moving up by pointing out the temporary drops is a waste of time.

No. 157924

File: 1469136226478.jpg (70.33 KB, 606x812, obese_girl.jpg)

every time i see Mariah's legs this is all I can think of.
Can't wait for her to flake out her Chunk Li cosplay and cry about how she couldn't finish it in time for SuperToy lmao

No. 157926

File: 1469136471771.png (28.07 KB, 90x99, 1whymomo.png)

i dont get it? her crotch looks like a dick and her face looks wrinkled?
am i the only one who thinks she doesnt look good in that samus wig/as a blonde?

No. 157927

If she made $4k last month why has she had to beg for badges?
She had a $500 goal to go to AX that didnt even make half of but if she has people donating $4k a month to a pretty low outcome patreon a total of $500 from stream donations should be easy for her to make shouldnt it?

That's all the proof I need tbh.

No. 157929

Taxed pay at a regular job is very different than untamed freelance type work. She'll have to pay taxes in a lump sum instead of having it taken out of a paycheck every month. Unless patreon taxes the funds?

No. 157955

and beg again for PAX saturday badge when she actually did reach the goal for that twitch donation? she even said in her own words that the tickets and plane tickets hotel were booked. at every con shes gone to she brings that irving guy and colette, does she spend the patreon money on them to go to these cons too? i dont believe that was in her patreon description but ok.

No. 157957

She stays up all night and parties and gets drunker than the most stereotypical drunk does. when she started it out she was fresh faced and actually cute, now she looks like your friends "cool mom" who doesnt realize she not that cool and offers the kids drinks. seriously shes 20 and already looks 40

No. 157967

She shot her Camilla today but it looks like it's just gonna be her in a wig and underwear.

No. 157973


And there is the desperate thing shes doing to get back her donors. Seriously an insult to the character, at this point Hentai doujinshis are worth more than her half assed photo shoped heavy shoots.

No. 157975

Yeah she tries to justify it by saying the character would wear that. Even though she hasn't touched the game.

No. 157980

is this really the best that she could do

20?? holy canneoli. i guess it is the fruits of her lifestyle but damn.

No. 157981

File: 1469142454743.jpeg (177.43 KB, 720x1280, image.jpeg)

WTF IS THIS SHIT. What ever happened to her group cat photoshoot at anime expo lol did she just want all the lingere attention to herself and cancel it?? Also what the hell is that dirty stuff under her boobs is that makeup?

No. 157983


yeah looks like she did her full face and then pulled the top on. so she pretty much fucked around for how many weeks so that shitty bra, gold tape and ali express corset cosplay could never see the light of day, huh?

No. 157986

why doesn't she just drop the shit and market herself as soft porn model who likes to dress up? a thiccc (i know) arab girl who likes to wear purple contacts? she'd clean up. she'd make a whole lot more money and waste a lot less time pretending to be interested in cosplay and games she's never even encountered.

No. 158005

Funny she has to pull up her shirt just to make it look like she has jnig boobs when you know she has to smush them together.
Nana probobly flaked out of it or the two fell out of favor with each other lol nana is infamous for being flaky.
Tasha probably was doing other stuff.

At this point she really should.

No. 158017

this image looks so shooped to me but she still can't manage to make a cuter expression in PS? come on, lady.

No. 158019

Pls tell me that's not deodorant all over her top

No. 158022


Oh my lord it's ether deodorant or she could have pulled it on after doing make up, making it so that when she pulled it on the foundation got all over the top.

No. 158023


oh my god it totally is. that's disgusting. i hate bitches like these who leave huge deodorant or foundation marks on shit they tried on at a store and didnt buy.

that's actually so slobbish of her just clean the damn thing.. i hope this wasnt in a set for patreon.. damn momo how lazy are you

No. 158027


So "all the proof you need" is literally zero proof. Got it.

No. 158030

This girl is too painful to watch. Pure and utter tat. A manufactured cosplayer with hardly any passionate skill churned out to please more neckbeards for a quick dollar. She's not even be an actual guest at the next convention she's attending, but thinks she is. How sad…

No. 158038

Is it just me or is her double chin becoming more prominent?

No. 158040

File: 1469152930728.jpeg (337.99 KB, 1264x1264, image.jpeg)

I just…can't even… Wow…this is truly pathetic. Sad even.

No. 158041

"apart" lol.

No. 158045

>u gais she's totes making $4k a month
>ignore the fact that she's begged for money since the beginning of the month when her money would be fresh and she would have more than enough
>no u gaiz r wrong she's totes makin all that
>she's so lucky u gais not running a booth by herself and only piggybacking off of other people


No. 158049


This is embarrassing and such a huge reach. Seriously. You think you're in the ranks of Ivy and R1ddle? That's really sad :/ especially since you're not "guesting" anything you're a booth girl for one of you're photographer friends who is paying to be there. Wow. I can't even with her ha-ha she's so sad.

No. 158050

That anon seems like a lowkey whiteknight.

I love that she's playing it off like she's an actual guest there. Mariah, please, you are nowhere on the guestlist. I wonder if she'll manage to fuck up her appearance at this little con too?

No. 158051

Fat Samus needs to chill out. Being a "guest" at a convention is not sharing a vendor's table, for fuck's sake. If that's all it took to be a guest then everyone that had a table in the artist alley was a guest. Delusional as fuck.

No. 158052

Safe to say at this point that Mariah is definitely delusional and borderline psychotic. It's also safe to say that she is stalking anyone who ever appeared on heroes of cosplay. Hope Rikki riddle has been warned about this girl and keeps away.

No. 158070


I really wish people would check facts before praising this crazy bitch and saying "omgz you made et sooper proud" she's not even listed in the vendors guests lists.

No. 158071

It's funny that she is bragging about being a guest to what looks like a sub-par convention to begin with. And she's not even an actual guest which only makes it seem more desperate…

No. 158073

Oh my god I burst out laughing when I saw this. She's such a cheap slut it's not even funny anymore.

>My Camilla costume is terrible, what do I do?!

>I know, slap on the headgear, the wig and that cat bikini JNig popularized!!!

Her cow tits really do not look good in that outfit. This is grotesque.

This boudoir shoot thing though. Just call it cheap slutty no-effort bikini shoot. That's what it is.

No. 158074

What's her deal with the convention anyway? The photographer just got a dealer's table and took her to be a booth baby with her fat ass and now she's a convention guest?

No. 158155

She's not a guest in any sense of the word. She's just purposefully misleading people into thinking that by promoting herself helping with her photographer's booth.

No. 158194

File: 1469212300895.png (1.1 MB, 1036x729, 000000000000000000000000000.pn…)

She used to have a waist. Her arms have always been massively hammy though.

No. 158198

I don't understand, is anyone allowed to just say that they are guesting at a con? She is obviously not a guest, but she is calling herself one, so is this what is going to happen at every con she gets tickets to from here on out? are there rules saying that you can't say that you are representing a brand (in this case, super toy con) At lease everyone in Vegas knows how much of a desperate liar she is being. Going with an exhibitor to a con is not guesting.. :P like half the cos community at Vegas cons would be considered "guests" with that logic. Get over yourself.

No. 158209

no con has rules about what you can/can't call yourself, but some cons have rules against booth babes. in that case, the booth babes just have to call themselves guests or volunteers to get around that rule.

No. 158210


Meadow Soprano

No. 158212

Actually a lot of cons do say that you cant claim that you were a 'guest' at a con because it's misleading. (see the Hioshi Jackson guy that ended up getting blacklisted from a bunch of cons because he was using his previous guest status as a way to get into other cons)

No. 158214

I do not want to remember that whole shitshow with Hioshit.

No. 158215

did you know he's in prison for human trafficking?

sage for off topic

No. 158222


Whatever. If you want to make wild claims with no evidence and pretend I'm the crazy one for pointing that out, go ahead.

No. 158226

you're acting like it's only one person who thinks it.

If she's making $4k a month and not faking it

where is the money? What is she spending it on? Explain that to us since you're the totes sane person here to think that the same person who lies about literally everything else is magically totally honest about this one aspect?

It makes sense to fake it since if you have a higher backing people will see the amount and assume that 'oh she's making that much it must be worth it right?'. I'm pretty sure she's done the same thing for her twitter since she has an extremely low interaction level for someone with 30k followers

No. 158229

You've been posting the same post in here and saging every time. I'm with >>158226 on this. Sure, it's all speculation, but this is kind of a gossip forum. Are you going to help us churn out the milk or keep trying to piss in it?

While it can't be confirmed I agree there's definitely something going on with her patreon funds. She's made posts in the past about people funding her patreon, but the payments never actually going through. So, that in itself confirms she isn't making the full amount it appears she is making from her patreon every month. As for the rest? Maybe she is faking it? She's faking being a guest at conventions already, so it it really that big of a reach? If not, maybe she really is just a big mess and throwing money away on partying and funding her friends more than we thought. There's already a lot of evidence of both.

No. 158254

Omfg you're right

No. 158269

File: 1469254093981.jpeg (71.88 KB, 640x797, image.jpeg)

the disappearing ass

No. 158271

160 lbs we all know this is a lie

No. 158275

File: 1469255180644.jpg (70.91 KB, 261x448, screenshot.57.jpg)

Her cosplay doesn't even fit, her love handles are spilling out.

No. 158277


what is with these chunky girls not wearing clothes that fucking fit it's not that hard

No. 158279

File: 1469256881822.png (272.46 KB, 516x450, so accurate.png)

I think it's best if you look at her side by side with the actual design.

Also more proof her 'severe burns' were bullshit and was just peeling skin that she picked at too look worse because how is she wearing tights again and how did she do a photoshoot so quickly if 5 days ago she was still in 'extreme pain' and couldn't wear any kind of pants because of her burns?

No. 158283

samefagging to add that she's now claiming she played through all of FE:F Conquest since AX since we know she hadnt played it at all up until then. Then again that's another reason why she might have backed out of wearing it to AX because she realized that every other person who cosplays from FE really loves and cares about the series.

I doubt she actually played it though anyway because she said that she thinks making troll faces 'suits Camilla's character' which is hardcore bullshit she pulled out of her ass as always. she probably just watched one of those videos on youtube where it goes through all the main scenes or something.

No. 158286

I'll admit, I haven't played the game, so at first glance I was surprised her cosplay wasn't as bad as her casual mei, but the side by side proved me wrong. Is she considering this a finished cosplay? Where are the shin/hip/forearm armor pieces? Where is the gold detailing on her thigh highs? What even is that sad attempt at the torso? The strip detailing isn't even anything like the character has.

No. 158289

She truly knows nothing about Camilla now her drama queen friend is jumping on for Charlotte. Just doing it for the attention.

Camilla is absolutely not a troll or a slut like momo portrays her, she just lies and twists characters to suit her narcissistic needs, it's fucking pathetic and sad that she thinks all women should be fap bait trolls who aren't worth your une unless men make crude remarks about you to your face and think it's a positive thing. She doesn't love herself at all, quit being such a liar and stop putting all your worth on looks and money!

Bet you she pulls out of wearing it in public again because Vegas weather is much much worse than California weather.

No. 158290

Earlier in this thread she posted a pic of that side armor thingy and it looked like complete shit. She probably didn't wear because she didn't bother to fix it.

No. 158506

I live in Australia and I've been burned like this before, it's gross but by this point it's just peeling and isn't particularly painful. She's full of shit, rub some aloe gel on this and you can wear pants no problems. It's pretty obvious she's been picking at this to make it look worse.

i can't wait til everyone realises what a top tier cuntnugget she is and she ends up high and dry.

No. 158509

I bet most of the shots from the photoshoot are just of her upper half as she clearly doesn't know who the fuck she's cosplaying as properly.

No. 158527

File: 1469277615966.webm (3.68 MB, 800x450, zzzzzzzzz.webm)

No shame even in public tho

No. 158532

That is just.. disgusting. A cheap slut is a cheap slut.

No. 158534

That…absolutely disgusting. I can't even fathom acting this way in public.

No. 158535

Cheap wig with no bangs, cheap suit that doesn't fit, jnig face.

No. 158536

She backed out of Camilla because the outfit requires small bottoms that are like underwear. She didn't want to be walking around with cellulite and having everyone see her not so thick ass it's not that much of a conspiracy.

How much you wanna bet this bitch discovers Queens Blade and churns out another half ass cosplay? Seems to me she's always trying to find the "sexy anime characters" with tits sticking out. O wait. You're too fat for Queens Blade.

No. 158537

I would prefer her cosplay shit from Queen's Blade rather than ruining characters from a series people care about cause she's literally ruined characters right and left from shit she obviously doesnt care about

No. 158539


B-but anon! If she doesn't sexualize popular characters that every neckbeard watches hentai versions of, how is she gonna pander to them?

As for Queens Blade you can't wear a corset with those costumes. I don't think she'd ever touch it just because she'd never have the body to pull it off. That requires a lot of MySpace angles and Photoshop.

No. 158540

Queen's Blade isn't popular enough. It's easier to pick characters from popular franchises and sluttify them to get Facebook likes than actually picking a slutty character. The neckbeards also prefer to lust over characters that aren't straight out whores because the idea of a woman being in charge of her own sexuality is far too intimidating to them.

No. 158543


Exactly my point. The girls who dress slutty but act all innocent (which is the majority of anime) are the ones she wants to ruin by literally turning them into hentai versions because that's what they all secretly fap to. She's just a dumb piece of shit and contributing to the problems we have in the anime community. I don't want to get all feminist about it but its people like her who ruin it for girls who don't want to cosplay sexually, who want to cosplay strong female characters that aren't half naked. I have a nice body but I don't want to wear a bra and a corset and call it cosplay. It's expensive to make the things I like to wear, takes hours of hard work and dedication, and yeah my costumes have won a few contest awards, but no ones giving me 4k a month on patreon because I refuse to be a slut. Seems backwards.

No. 158546

Somebody left trash in that chair. How rude.

No. 158547


I'm not even good at reading lips and I could still see how many times Vamp was saying "stop it"
Ugh, so much cringe in that video.

I didn't see her post it but there's no fucking way she has had time to play through the game since AX with all the shit she's been up to lately.

I hadn't seen the full thing until now but I swear this bitch has zero attention to detail. There are just…. so many things wrong I don't even know where to start.

No. 158550

I feel your pain anon. I work hard for my very expensive costumes and I've won awards for them, but there's no lineup of people paying me 4+k a month to post photoshoot pictures. Seeing people like momo get rewards for being a lazy slut feels like I've been attacked personally. It feels disheartening to see what cosplay has become now, it's just a fat girl in a corset and a half-assed bought bodysuit and a ratty wig. It's shitty because it gives a signal to all the younger (and older) cosplayer girls to be like this in order to be considered a "professional" cosplayer, even though the whole audience of momo is just greasy dudebros and not actual cosplayers.

Even the sash on her tits faces the wrong way. She just doesn't care.

No. 158561

Doubt she played through the game by now either.seasoned fire emblem players who are hardcore about the game have had trouble getting through conquest on regular mode the easiest mode in the game! No way momo has actually finished it she's not a very good gamer like she claims to be, her idea of finishing a game is watching a play through.

No. 158564

She clings onto these annoying zero suits for attention because that's what's she's known for

If anything that's all she's known for. Bitch has peaked already and refuses to see it, her photoshoots are lazy and sloppy like her. Every single fucking photoshoot is the same she brings no new poses facial expressions, good handmade costumes at all, unoriginal everything. It's disgusting seeing cam whore sponge off of a hobby that's meant to bring people together and fetish-ise it to gross men who have no interest in you, same men who go to cons and then sexually harass female cosplayers who are dressed in revealing costumes because they think: it's ok! They want it because they dress like that!

Momo even guards those neck beards! Tons of history of it on her page. She claims to be the voice and figure for all women who don't realize how sexy they are fuck no! She's a selfish cunt who just panders perverts for attention and cash like a prostitute and helps further create problems for legitimate cosplayers.

Funny how she has nothing much to say these days, wonder if she realizes she's no longer the important thicc cosplayer she claims to be.

She a basic ho.

No. 158604

This is what I don't understand. Vamplette has been cosplaying longer than Momo probably has, and all of sudden at the beginning of this year or around Sabakon last year they're suddenly friends. Vamplette and momo aren't the same age, but it probably has to do with Anime Revolution somehow

No. 158614

Omg I can't believe she did this what, was this part of a stream? I haven't cringed like this in a long time.

No. 158637


Ever since Nigri came along every basic bitch out there decided to flash their tits to nerds because it is such a huge cash cow. Every girl jumps on the bandwagon cosplays like D.Va because it's a quick way to get noticed but no one puts passion and dedication into their work anymore. I'm not even angry that she's cosplaying characters I like, I couldn't give two shits about it, I'm just angry that as long as it has boobs it doesn't even have to be completed. That's how far cosplay has sunk and she's the epitome of what it means to cosplay now. A basic fat bitch In a corset. I can't even call her a cosplayer I'm just going to call her a fetish model. That's all she's good for.

No. 158642

Well said. She feeds into the neckbeards and it's revolting, which is exactly what Nigri does. Momo's 'body positivity' talk is just an excuse to be a basic overweight hoe and win over #honormycurves SJWs. She's not thick, she's not powerful, she's a fucking trashy cunt who thinks she's cosplay royalty. Even porn star models have more fucking class.

No. 158656

Why doesn't she do mostly lingerie shit than do cosplay on the side and an occasional sexy cosplay here and there? Like that swimsuit chick.
I hate that momo calls herself a cosplayer when she's just pretty much mostly in underwear.

No. 158668

for plebs on mobile can someone tell me what it is? I've wanted to know all day but it won't load for me. WHATS SO BAD I WANNA KNOW

No. 158669

idk I dont think it's fair to blame nigri. there were cosplay sluts wearing nothing before she showed up scene and Yaya was doing the same shit. Can you really blame her for being the lightning that struck once? And since then she's been putting more and more effort into her costumes. Sure they're slutty and revealing but idk I dont necessarily feel like it's fair to blame Nigri herself for the trend.

sage for whiteknighting

No. 158699

Momo and Vamplette sitting on a couch doing some kind of video stream at anime revolution (?) Momo repeatedly gets up to moon the camera in her samus suit and vamplette repeatedly tells her to stop

No. 158706

File: 1469338976001.png (336.73 KB, 440x361, poorboo.png)

Boo's reaction sums up anyone's reaction of Momo keep showing off her ass.

No. 158708

File: 1469340050485.png (525.73 KB, 783x396, gross.png)

Pretty much what this anon said >>158699 but it's important to note that they are in a public place. Momo is mostly in this bent over position for most of the vid, though she turns back around to strike some other pretty cringe inducing poses and generally act like a cow.

No. 158714

File: 1469342855501.jpg (270.55 KB, 1205x952, Untitled.jpg)

Eat your heart out Mariah

No. 158717

Isn't that chick the one who wanted a Jessica Rabbit style body with unrealistic body proportions


No. 158718

too bad they both look terrible. I couldn't even tell who Jnig was for a second and that Mei is meh

No. 158725

She's said she doesn't want to look like Jessica rabbit, that was made up by journalists to get clicks

No. 158750

I don't mind Penny tbh. Some stuff she does is cringe but she seems quite down to earth.

No. 158775

the point is that it's still better than momo.

No. 158786

lol @ the IG comments
>i am thirsty for milk
same. shitty, attention-hungry cosplayers are a dime a dozen. Momo isn't even exceptional in that regard. need dramu pls.

y'know cosplay attracts some of the worst people – its neckbeards looking for fap folder fodder and insecure girls who desperate for the attention of said neckbeards turning themselves into pandering, walking pairs of tits

No. 158795


That photo was probably posted here because it has Momo's idol posing with somebody who did the same lazy costume as her. It's more of a middle finger to momo

No. 158828

Momo has been quiet and I'm bored. She Barely posts anymore so lazy and she's probably realizing she's done growing. Being "paid to be a meme" can only last so long lol. Anyone have any juicy gossip on what she's been up to?

No. 158839

Just the whole "guesting " super toy con thing and that she is losing hundreds in donations for patreon, even after posting previews for Camilla lol course she's going to do something desperate to get donations back but she's basically over. She is persona non grat with local cosplayers because she makes the look like desperate whores, hated in Southern California by the cosplayers but has thirsty men who still love the fetish crap. Oh and she just followed Chelhellbunny, the fat chick who does flat out porn shots of characters most recently D.va in gross twerking video. Mariah is now surrounding herself with cam whores.

No. 158843

File: 1469380262793.jpeg (83.88 KB, 640x599, image.jpeg)

Proving she is truly a troll.

No. 158844

File: 1469380327123.jpeg (113.87 KB, 640x981, image.jpeg)

She doesn't know a thing about bowing out gracefully.

No. 158845

I hope she cosplays as Bayonetta because it would be fucking hilarious.

No. 158846

Her "immature middle schooler" mentality is so embarrassing. Mariah, just chill out. You're too old to be acting like that.

No. 158853

Ah yes all those things I give a shit about Naruto, Smash, FMA and RWBY. TBH she's cosplayed a total two characters I care about and the painfully slow rate she actually cosplays things is like ???

She's not a nigri who's getting dozens of cosplays done every year we're more than halfway through the year and she's worn around 10 cosplays this year and that's including shit that's she's just been rewearing. She's not a threat to shit I like cause she cant possibly keep up with everything because she can only buy so much and it has to exist for long enough and be popular enough for her to buy everything. What an actual idiot.

No. 158854

Exactly. She's just an irresponsible, rude, and spoiled child. Would it kill her to be an adult?

No. 158855

Something about her sense of humor seems really out of touch, like a mom on Facebook who just discovered memes.

No. 158859

File: 1469384053799.jpeg (229.01 KB, 1264x1264, image.jpeg)

One pic of January 2016 the other taken yesterday. She is aging horribly thanks to the booze and staying up for days thing plus crap diet. She is only 20.

No. 158860

Just a desperate wannabe right? She doesn't know how to be herself so she just piggy backs whatever is popular except whe she tried to be funny it's super sad and unrelatable.

No. 158862

to be fair the first pic is pretty heavily shooped but either way she's looked way older than her age from the get go.

No. 158864

If anyone has seen her Snapchat videos of her blatantly trying to get attention, she looks horrible up close without caked on makeup. She can photoshop and edit her pics all she wants to fool the neckbeards but she has really bad skin for a 20 year old.

No. 158865

Not gonna follow her snapchat. Why does her sc get mentioned here so much. Sus

No. 158866

Because it's the one place she acts like a total dickhead and thinks she's funny & edgey when she's not. Following her is just a way to watch how sad she actually is, even if she thinks it's a devoted fan following her lol.

No. 158867

Insecurity at its finest.

No. 158868

sage cause probably bait but lmao, it isn't sus. it's one of the easiest ways to gather embarrassing content on her and she's fairly active

No. 158875

One of them being her partying at a con then the next day not doing Camilla cuz of "heat sickness" lol total dick move too because she was supposed to be in someone's group.

No. 158884

it's suspicious because it's always brought up when we start really digging into her insecurities. Like when we were calling her out on her burns she ONLY posted it on her snapchat so it feels like her trying to weed us out.

tbh we have enough people who already have her on there and we always get screenshots of her stupid shit that the rest of us dont need to add her

No. 158895

Looks like Gabby dropped Mariah's fat ass lol She's losing what few friends she has

No. 158899

Hilarious that Mariah is following that disgusting fat whore Chelhellbunny considering just a fee months ago Chel was shit talking the whole "casual mei" thing.

Aside from chel though I havent seen Mariah follow any other cam whores. Must be a reason she chose that slob Chel.

No. 158907

They're both jealous of that Eclair girl who got famous purely because of her casual mei picture imho. They dont realize that she doesnt seem to need to pretend to be a certain type of person to have a following. Yeah she filters the fuck outta her face but idk who doesnt these days.

No. 158908

Why do you say that?

No. 158911

Eclair makes no money off it though. Being jealous of her just for having attention is really pathetic.

No. 158912

Gabby dropped her? Lol details?

No. 158914

>jealous of attention
>really pathetic

Dont those two perfectly describe momo though???

No. 158916

I bet momo befriended chel because she's top 10 on this idol site and momo would love this type of attention from weebs

No. 158953

Momo hates it when someone else gets the attention she wants, especially if it's as a character she's cosplayed as before or plans to do. You can just tell by how much she has to boast about herself constantly for reassurance, like she does about her Samus. Like she's God's gift to the cosplay world.

No. 158969

I mentioned it before but nobody bothered to reply or pay attention to it. Gabby was a guest for Redbull at EVO and now she's a model for SuperGeekGirls. Obviously there's jealousy there, but now that I've stated it watch Mariah all of a sudden say she encourages her and is so proud so as to not look petty.

No. 158970

As for that ho with the gross flabby butt in the DVa costume, I think Mariahs friends are going to become more and more those kind of people. It started with Sssuccubus and now all these trolly posts about how she's saying she's scum and all that shit, she's just trying to be a lewd troll. Soon all she will be is just a generic camwhore who dresses up in underwear cosplays.

No. 158985

Sssuccubus is nowhere near as disgusting as momo which is hilarious considering she makes money directly based off sexuality.
Chel is actually more repulsive than momo in both looks and personality so this just shows that momo is sinking lower and lower.

No. 158992

File: 1469412498523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.13 KB, 757x999, sample-b9b705324e4738605db652a…)

I didn't know who this was. From every fat camwhore's favorite pose, face down, ass up, she doesn't look bad. I was unprepared for the reality of what awaited me from the front, however. Ugh.

No. 158996

Her Mei cosplay makes momo's look good. Christ that's fucking disgusting

No. 158999

This half makes me want to make my own Casual Mei and Samus suit and see where that gets me since I live close to Vegas. But I've got other cosplays to do and couldn't give two fucks to spend money to one up a nobody.

No. 159004

If you do a good Camilla, then you'll get the honor of Momo mysteriously dropping her Camilla for that convention! However, she'll then do her backup cosplays…

No. 159018

It would seem they aren't friends anymore, I checked out ig and they aren't following each other anymore. Lots of their pics together are actually gone. Makes sense since gabby is still good friends with steff and last I heard there was a huge rift with vamplette and momo. Kinda high schoolish.

No. 159019

It would be funny to cosplay the things she does, but better en masse. Kind of like her post about cosplaying people's favs to troll them.

No. 159033

Yup, Gabby cut ties with Momofat. I'm glad she did because she's way too sweet to have someone that's so toxic (they're basically a living nuclear waste dump) as a friend. Good for her!

No. 159049

really making fun of chel now?

What did she do to y'all?

No. 159051


Well I mean good shit is actually happening to Gabby and Steff. Momokunt is just desperately shoving her "thicc" ass in everyone's faces and Vamp has just been spinning her wheels without actually getting anywhere for a while now.

But I mean shouldn't we all be graced with the friendship of Momo? As all the white knights keep saying I'm sure she's really nice in person and we're just spreading lies and rumors.

No. 159052

I'm glad gabby ain't following the desperate wannabe anymore. You know momo only used her and steff, gabby is actually pretty nice and can produce good cosplays, even when she commissions she doesn't try to lie like momo and say she made it of does actually add onto her cosplay.

Momo flat out lies, starts problems, and can't make anything worth 4 k a month, can't even just be happy for her friends who are going legit. Momo just keeps desperately showing more sexy shoots or wearing that tired Samus cosplay like it's going to keep her relevant.

On a side note: I think a lot of what momo spends her money on besides friends and food is those Nike leggings and other clothes. She's in head to toe Nike wear, haha like wearing it is going to make her a model for Nike. Even at the outlet mall just the pants run about $90 bucks. Just a theory.

No. 159060


You know I actually just checked and Gabby isn't following Momo on twitter anymore. She is still following Vamplette though, but also Vamplette post significantly less than Momo because most of Moomoo's twitter is her masturbating to people complimenting her so….
Momo follows too many people for me to care enough to sift through that but my bet would be as soon as Momo didn't see the "follows you" on Gabby's profile she hit unfollow too.

Seriously though, Gabby and Steff actually do good work so Momo must have just been finally fed up with being completely shown up by them. Seriously all Momo has is the more desperate she gets the more skin she shows, it's pretty sad if you ask me.

No. 159073


Chel doesn't associate herself with momo
She only responded that tweet because she doesn't want anymore shit from her little group

Especially since everyone mistook her tweet about Eclair the wrong way

No. 159114

She's a hypocritical bitch. She tried getting pissy at someone for getting noticed for their casual Mei test but she herself is a cosplay camwhore. She also mass reposts art and thinks she can get away with it by saying 'credit goes to the artist' like wow no shit a talentless slut like her obviously couldnt make that but that doesnt help the fucking artist

No. 159117

Lmao Mariah posted on Twitter about "cutting ties" and how she has no time for petty people but why you tweeting about it? Isn't that petty too? If it is about Gabby the fact that she said "grow with me or be miserable" doesn't make sense…you're a booth babe for a booth that isn't even listed on the Toy Con website, Twitter followers don't mean shit because half of them were just from you being a Twitter ho, because I followed you when you were at 10k and NOT doing cosplay just being a ho, you stroke your ego constantly with RTs from people who worship your fat ass, you haven't grown much. You're still just using social media to validate your life, just like last year so…

Even with the 4k from Patreon, she still hasn't gotten anywhere famous wise. She was a nobody at Anime Expo except for the neckbeards who recognized her, you're not getting anywhere you're just really good at making it look like you are.

No. 159119

BTW I had too much time on my hands and found a good chunk of her twitter followers are bought accounts so her twitter followers extra dont mean shit cause they're not even real people.

Also pls anon she's grown a LOT like at least 50lbs kek

No. 159121

File: 1469460026537.jpeg (98.51 KB, 744x601, image.jpeg)

The comments in response are hilarious no one takes this bitch seriously. They know she's nothing but a piece of meat. If she is talking about her break up with Gabby, is she trying to make it sound like Mariah left her? How funny that she makes a tweet about it after we post on it lol. Hi momo!!!! Go fuck yourself!!

No. 159123

okay question: who's gabby?

No. 159125

File: 1469460780846.jpeg (38.74 KB, 197x596, image.jpeg)

This is gabby

No. 159126

does she not have a username? also she's not that much of a looker but that costume's better than the quality of everything momo's ever worn combined

No. 159129

Ok who has screenshots or proof that they aren't even friends anymore. Sounds like drama being stirred up for no reason.

No. 159133

It's just Gabriel Cooke cosplay that's it

No. 159143


I'm not gonna post every single person both of them follow. Go look for yourself they don't follow each other anymore. Lazy people in this thread I swear.

No. 159145

youre not getting what I'm asking thanks for calling me lazy though. Follow both of them and neither of them have posted anything bad between them other than mariahs passive aggressive post. All that we have here is that they don't follow eachother but how did that even come up in the first place anyone else from Vegas here who know them personally know anything?

No. 159148

File: 1469466850691.jpeg (107.79 KB, 600x1065, image.jpeg)


Chel didn't get pissy just pointed out the flaw in the cosplay community.
That Eclair did a basic ass closet cosplay and because she was cute got tons of attention
While that poor Asian women did the full outfit and didn't receive any credit/attention because she is very fat.

Chel knows she isn't the best cosplayer she doesn't try to be or pretends to be part of any group
As far as being a cam whore that too is incorrect
Unlike other lewd girls she does everything for free and is for the most part a genuine nerdy girl.

Yes she does say some dumb things or has weird tastes I.E. Shadman

But she is no where in the league of Momokun

So quit trying to relate her to momo's fat ass

No. 159150

File: 1469467467864.jpeg (346.29 KB, 1099x987, image.jpeg)

That chick has no place to talk her Overwatch cosplays take little to no effort either. She is very comparable to Mariah they are both gross

No. 159151

And that "poor Asian" got attention from blizzard so stfu they are both good cosplays. It's not like she bragged and boasted about her closest Cosplay of mei like Mariah did

No. 159152

God the passive aggressive white knights in this thread. Why are you here? I hope no one actually makes a part four because the last two have been ruined by invalid points and people just trolling.

No. 159157

Because she doesn't have room to talk or point out "flaws" in the cosplay community when she's herself part of the problem she blabbers about. Also, she's no better than Mariah.
Are you her, by the way? Why do you care so much?

No. 159161

File: 1469470381030.png (379.38 KB, 576x454, c7cb238fcf5ba4cf1b57871eb28346…)

Chel DID get pissy she was only upset cause her shitty MILF act doesnt get her anywhere.

She's slapped on a wig with non-matching underwear and tries to play it off as cosplay. Chel is 1000% the grossest cosplayer I've ever witnessed. She complains about people being 'lazy' but then half of her photos are on Eclair's level or lower. Note the post RIGHT after this one is her pulling down her tights and showing her ass.

She's a hypocritical piece of shit and could easily have her own thread but it would just be people cringing over how much of a terrible mom she is.

The momo thread will only die when she quits cosplaying or actually takes it seriously and neither of those is ever going to happen

No. 159168

Omg…those dirty feet. Mariah 2.0 confirmed.

No. 159170


I'm not Chel I am a big fan of hers who happens to hate momo

Momo tries to pass herself as the next big train and clings to anyone who might help her

Chel doesn't claim any of that she knows that she will never be big
She does nsfw cosplay and misc lewd things

And duh she slid her pants down to show her ass that is her thing

Her Twitter bio clearly says what she aims for

But I'm seeing there is no reasoning with a board that is filled with vapid girls who hate on anyone that doesn't agree with them

No. 159190

File: 1469473615580.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.87 KB, 640x413, image.jpeg)

Yet another horny loser who thinks we are all vapid girls. Lol some of us are men. And congratulations! You know a big word! Ironic seeing that chel is pretty vapid herself and this whole thing about her doing it for free? She's setting up a patreon it was on her Twitter in her own words so leave so we can continue our discussion seeing that momo will eventually sink as low as chel if not lower seeing that momo sets up "private meetings" with 100 tier and up men.

Chel picture above, very classy hahaha

No. 159211

Yah I don't have anything to say about that ChelHell girl because she's just not my taste but I am cringeing as to why Mariah thinks she needs to associate herself with that kind of publicity…Mariah, sweetie, even if you're trying to shock people in to seeing the kinds of photos you pretend to like, you're just using her as a way to get guys to think you're lewd and sexual. It's kind of desperate. You're turning even grosser than you were before :( it's really sad.

No. 159228

It's completely fucking fair to blame JNig because she IS the one who started this whole trend AND is the one keeping it alive. You can't name any other cosplayer slut from before her time that does this shit. The famous cosplayers before her were people like PikminLink, Lord Masamune and Adella who was a complete bitch but knew how to make her fucking cosplays. Nobody was making sluttified cosplays of kids' show characters before her, at least at THAT rate. The money JNig gets for her shit is what inspires other girls to do the same act. The whole fad IS her fault and she fucking knows it.


No. 159282

Ew,what the fuck..

No. 159307

the self posting in this thread is out of fucking control

No. 159351

I wonder if Gabby dropped Mariah because of the Camilla shoot in the cat lingerie? As a previous poster has said Mariah did cancel the one her, Gabby and Tasha were supposed to have? Maybe she wanted all the attention to herself like always.

No. 159358

Are you kidding me? Before JNig the cosplay prostitute came into the scene, we didn't have popular cosplayers dressing in bras, panties and cheap Halloween ears and calling it a costume at the rate we do now. It was considered daring and rare to cosplay characters that showed off as much skin as say, Yunalesca from Final Fantasy X and now that's a common thing to run around naked. Thank you JNig for inspiring a generation of cheap whores like Momofat to use cosplay as a platform slightly above porn.

No. 159367

That better not be real

No. 159370

If more people would call them out on the fact that they are basically cam girls/soft core porn models, I think it would tone down. They think that they can act all high and mighty as "cosplayers" and get away with everything except doing porn basically, but they're not. I have no problem with sex workers but at least own up to it and don't act like you're better than other people because it's a themed lingerie set instead of regular lingerie. They're also stupid because lots of cam girls make bank so they could make a lot more money doing that instead of trying to be a cosplayer with a patreon.

No. 159375

Oh, it is. There's tons of pics of her sucking dick in shitty cosplay. Funny she feels she can call out eclair's closet cosplay though considering she's running around sucking dick in her closet cosplay. She's just mad she's not cute.

No. 159376

We are also in this time of "Dont slut shame me! COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT" So if you do call people out you look like a misogynistic asshole or you are just jealous.

No. 159378

Pretty much this. I've always held the opinion that while cosplay sluts aren't something to get the torches and pitchforks out for, they do hinder the community. People seem to think they don't hurt anyone but that's totally wrong. The worst part is the misplaced responsibility, like people claiming it's the fans' faults and the cosplayers are not to blame when clearly they are. I just wish something could be done.

No. 159408

What is her ethnicity? She looks kind of ethnic, but I'm not sure if that's just the nose.

No. 159411

Agree with you there, "cosplayers" momo add to the problem-especially when she protects guys who are most likely to harass an underdressed cosplayer at cons it's not fucking right.

Guys that follow girls like momo and chel think it's totally ok to go up to cosplayers that are dressed revealingly and hit on them or sexually harass them especially take candid shots. A lot of newbues come in to cons thinking we are down for anything like momo and chel but we are not! Some of us have fucking self respect and are there to be comfortable and have fun while paying tribute to a character, not to get hit on and harrassed because guys think it's a fetish hobby.

It's just fucking wrong.

If she made a profit off of actually being funny and entertaining while bringing positivity I would not give two shits about her or her patreon. But momo is trying to make a career out of being sexy in a hobby that's meant to be for fun and for people who want to meet other fun people with similar interests, she fetishizes characters that are already sexy and powerful and nerds them into what she thinks is the ideal for sexy, while claiming that she "speaks" for all insecure girls out there. It's bullshit, she has been known to treat her female fans like shit and panders only to those who act like she is completely amazing and to men who are just horny and have no respect for a true female cosplayer.

Long rant but, those are my thoughts on momo and other "cosplay" can girls.

No. 159417

File: 1469507232090.jpeg (72.54 KB, 636x784, image.jpeg)

Found her old Twitter account. Has she ever been honest? Lol

Her old Twitter is very interesting mentions how she beat the shit out of a girl because "she cool like that"

No. 159446

Read the previous threads

No. 159450

Thats true… part of the problem is that there is such a stigma around sex work. But to, say, an employer, does this look any different than being a cam girl? Especially because most cam girls at least keep their real names under wraps and it wouldn't be the first thing to pop up if they were googled.

No. 159455

You'd think she'd be smart enough to not use her real name and associate her nudes with it but nah. The first picture that comes up for me if I even just google "Mariah Mallad" is a picture of her in lingerie so I can only wonder how successful she'll be at getting a real job in the future if she ever bothers to get off her lazy ass.

No. 159579

Why would somebody lie about being Italian? Is it seen as a glamorous thing down there?

Bye neckbeard-chan

No. 159596

She was probably ashamed to be Lebonese, please I think jersey shore was in its peak at 2011, she's all about what's cool at the moment. She's always been a poser.

No. 159606

You wish. There are tons of girls who claim JNig and other cosplay whores are "empowering" and "feminist" because they're lazy bitches in push-up bras and skimpy clothing. Nevermind that there are tons of actually talented female cosplayers who don't show skin, or show it in a good taste, and go through a ridiculous amount of work to represent a character they actually know and adore. No, momofat in a bought aliexpress bodysuit with a waist cincher catering to greasy guys is what's truly feminist!

No. 159608

Pro-slut "feminism" is one of the worst things. People think it's empowering and anti "rape culture" when really, especially in America it plays right in to cultural sexuality and reinforces shitty gender roles. Adding cosplay and autistic spergs is a disastrous mix. I just hate people that try to use sex for money and make it into some rhetoric. People need to get over themselves.

No. 159624

I am curious as to how patreon taxes work. If she is recycling her patreon money through dummy accounts (along with friends and family), it would tax those too, right? I'm not so sure a charity writeoff would be applicable to patreon, so she would essentially be double taxed if she's donating to herself (which is really dumb).

I'm sorry if what I'm saying isn't clear. I'm not an accountant or anything, I'm just curious as to how that may work. If they automatically take out taxes, that may not be so bad, but if she has to do them in April… hooooo boy, milk will flow.

If she's 20 and getting drunk at parties and someone knows the time and place, it wouldn't be hard to get her ass in trouble.

No. 159642


The issue with trying to get her in trouble at a party is that is it puts a lot more people in a lot more risk than just her. Like I'm fairly certain the people of age at these parties would be in a lot more trouble than her.
When I was like 18 I was at a party that got raided and the police were a lot more interested in talking to the people that were actually over 21 and the homeowner. Everyone under 18 had to have a parent pick them up and if you were over 18 then if you were sober you could just kinda leave and if you weren't then anyone, didn't have to be a parent, could come get you.

Imo, not worth it to get one trashy cosplay slut in trouble. Also I think she'll be 21 soon anyway, I'm sure once that happens there'll be plenty more trashy drunk adventures to milk anyway.

No. 159673

can I get updates on this emailed to me? How does this shit work? Im' 78 years old, horny and don't know how to use the internets.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 159697

File: 1469565293005.jpeg (61.53 KB, 442x753, image.jpeg)

The name is shop, Photoshop

No. 159700


No. 159723


She just, doesn't do it for me. No matter all the Photoshop no matter all the special effects in the pictures, I cant look at her and say "wow, that is a good cosplay and she's so pretty" there are so many flaws with her, that nose and the thin upper lip, I just can't see anything sexy here. Her body is too thick, if her waist was a few inches thinner I could see it but her body really is straight like a ruler. There's no ass definition and her boobs are a lot smaller than the way she angles them in pictures sometimes. Call me picky but she's far from a Dani Vedovelli. That girl is thick, even tho all her selfies are heavily edited her body does it for me.

No. 159727

so what you're saying is the bitch is built like a refrigerator? good to know.

No. 159761

Her tits are so obviously shooped to be bigger.

No. 159822

File: 1469583620291.jpeg (99.37 KB, 640x868, image.jpeg)

Got a joke for this: transparent? Like your personality?

Ok real opinion, does she not realize she's cutting the fabric too small and that she's out grown the size she measured at when she started cosplaying?

No. 159828


Calm your tits, that's been overdone in this thread. What I'm saying and what I mean to say is I really just can't look at her pictures and say she's sexy. She's just not attractive to me.

No. 159829

>does she not realize she's cutting the fabric too small and that she's out grown the size she measured at when she started cosplaying?
no she doesn't realize it. she was shocked when her old cosplays started not fitting and/or ripped and couldn't figure out why.

No. 159831

Cool. We all really care about who you can and can't masturbate to. Thanks.

Can't wait for her to make whiney posts about how she tried to make this and "IT'S RUINED!!1!". More patreon $$$ thrown away.

No. 159847

File: 1469585361031.jpg (74.83 KB, 1200x657, CoVC4XzVMAAVoCI.jpg)

Fucking Hell she's ugly.

No. 159854

File: 1469585675070.jpg (153.58 KB, 1292x762, 64587-red-m~2.jpg)

Looks like an angry Cabbage patch.

No. 159860

File: 1469586269334.jpg (6.25 KB, 256x192, uncanny.jpg)

No. 159909

What cosplay is she even making? She complains about the transparency but should have picked a better fabric if she didn't like it. If she bought it online then she should have bought swatches. Most fabric stores I find offer swatches for most fabric if available.

No. 159959

My guess is the black bodysuit for chun li? I'm surprised she didn't just snap buy a bodysuit like she usually does. Feel like this is going to go the same route as when she attempted making her own samus bodysuit. She'll trash it and buy a pre-made one online anyway.

No. 160399

Greetings from Japan. I am ejaculation 6 times in her behavior in the video. I am disgusted with myself and her. I love her level of slut.(nobody cares)

No. 160402

Is this cunt ashamed of being Arabian or something? She looks Arab as fuck, not white. Jesus Mariah was always a trainwreck.

No. 160459

she doesn't want a different fabric tho. a better fabric doesn't have "YAYA HAN COSPLAY FABRIC" written on the tag.

she's proud of it now since she can use her Muslim Arab girl to pander to Arab fetishests.

No. 160460


Six times, huh? Premature ejaculation can be cured, my tomodachi.

No. 160897

If you're bored look up "Mallad" in the Twitter search. Just the one name, there's soooo much hate. Nice to know all the thirsty RTs and the "Momokun is a goddess" tweets arent as common as I thought they were, she just picks and chooses.

No. 160954

Why hasn't anyone called her out for this, defending the fabric and pointing out that it's 'cause she's getting fatter every passing minute?

No. 160962


The fabric she's using is a thinner fabric but can be worn and won't be so sheer, obviously when stretched out more that it should be it looks really bad. I've yaya han fabric and it's really not as bad, also it's her own fault for picking out a brand name instead of half assing it again and just walk into joanns pick up a bolt off the shelf and think it's the proper type for her weight and project. Contrary to popular belief yes there are limits to what knot fabric can do and yes! Even black fabric can be extremely sheer if stretched far past its limits, momo has already ripped up her Diane cosplay because she can't fit in it anymore, it was already ripping when she first wore it but she has gained a shit load of weight since her first Samus cosplay, corsets don't fix everything, they only make you look good from the front from the side corsets show off what a whale you really are.

No. 160975

No. 160982

The scary shit is that she encourages this behavior

No. 161058

Jfc why do I get the feeling she posted herself to that forum. Girl's got no shame

No. 161070

I wouldn't doubt it considering her history of being a huge troll. Currently she's trying to claim that there are fake fb profile pages of her-really? I bet she made this up she posted no proof of such pages existing, she will do literally anything to stir the pot, Mariah thrives on drama.

No. 161084

I'm with the other that said she probably posted these herself and even if she didn't, she'd see that nasty crap as a compliment. Fat chick with no self-esteem.

No. 161247

Love how slow this page is now cause it means momo has been slow and not doing anything either. Me thinks her 15 mins of attentions are coming to an end.

No. 161329

shes on borrowed time, everyone hates her. only her neckbeards keep her around. did she get banned from twitch or something? haha

No. 161405

i don't think she got banned. she's probably just too lazy to stream.
i wonder why she hasn't done mukbangs yet considering that her fan base is filled with chubby chasers.

No. 161406

went to the person's post history and
>first post ever is about mariah
>every post in the mariah thread is by them
>has commented on the jnig thread
>almost all of their posts are in twitch whores'/gamurgirls'/cosplay sluts' threads
>has never contributed pics of themselves doing the deed

highly suspicious but still not enough to confirm that it's her imo.

No. 161578

File: 1469815188892.jpeg (195.96 KB, 1264x1264, image.jpeg)

Slightly better than all her cosplay attempts, she forgets important details and will most likely half ass the rest of this. The angle is real here

No. 161581

She is gonna get a shit ton of attention for this cosplay

No. 161591

Yeah, especially when it rips.

No. 161602

Ugh I hate when fat bitches cosplay Chun-Li. She is obviously RIPPED and strong as hell, the opposite of Mariah.

No. 161611

Damn, we need a momo bingo card every time she makes a cosplay

>(free space)wears obvious corset/waist cincher

>scraps cosplay at last minute
>wrong material
>so inaccurate it hurts
>wig halfassed
>poorly painted lines
>"bordoir shoot" because didn't finish

No. 161629

>Slightly better than all her cosplay attempts,

i mean, its kind of hard to fuck up a leotard. then again, nothing would surprise me

No. 161630


I seriously hate that she is doing this. Chun Li isn't fat she has serious muscle in all the right places. Momos frumpy ass is going to murder this more than Samus.
Why even choose this other than for the sex factor? Considering the only weight momo has lifted is her own fat ass in and out of bed.

No. 161632

>Chunk Li*


No. 161651

Has Mariah's height ever been mentioned? If she's under 5'3 she's lucky she has decent fat distribution. inb4 white knight- i think she's chubby and ugly. i just want to compare her weight to her height

No. 161655

No. 161685

no she won't. she's not asian.

No. 161687

even with the obvi waist cincher she looks doughy and weird, did she make the leotard or did she just buy one from f21?

No. 161690

She made it. It looks like the Yaya Han bodysuit pattern sans sleeves.

No. 161699


i swear to god if i see a streaky paint stripe down her fucking leg again i'm going to lose it. painter's tape exists bitch!

No. 161714

She reads these threads, so hopefully she'll take your advice.

No. 161721

Anyone got her Camilla post yet? Wanna see that trash lol

No. 161722

File: 1469857311440.png (640.13 KB, 548x771, Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.41…)

No. 161737

You know this photographer is actually decent. Why does she waste her time with Mariah? Does Mariah pay her?

No. 161742

File: 1469865496110.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Without photoshoot or snapchat filters, she looks like shit

No. 161743

The photographer runs the print store

No. 161746

Ok earlier Friday she had dropped down to 218 pledges and was at 4,225 k now she's up 330 dollars with just 7 patrons? I sense fake pledges cuz up until now she was losing them rapidly even with all her preview shots

No. 161747

To be clear the patron states 225 so 7 more pledges got her back up? Forgery.

No. 161749

That dog looks so high

No. 161751

It looks like someone pledged 200

No. 161757

I'm thinking its fake

No. 161760

Mariah probably pays her with her Patreon bux

No. 161818

She looks like she's cosplaying a cow

No. 161865

File: 1469908390171.png (41.67 KB, 720x177, Screenshot_2016-07-30-12-42-30…)

True Life: I'm addicted to lying so my nerd fanbase thinks I'm every gamers wet dream so they buy my shit on Patreon.

Not a very catchy title but what exactly have you played besides League of Legends, Overwatch and Smash Bros.???? Oh, and the games the TFS Vegeta guy plays because you think you can run the same lame jokes and people will think you're funny.

I haven't heard anything else from her and she says she's always working on cosplays. She's such a phoney. Pokemon Go doesn't count as a fucking video game.

Dont mean to sound elitist but this bitch is far from the nerd she claims to be. Shes just an awkward weirdo who hopes that by claiming she's a gamergirl she can fit in somewhere but by the looks of things EVO saw right through her because she was too chickenshit to cosplay and her guesting booth was cancelled.

It's so annoying seeing girls like this try to play up the gamer culture because it's just another reason for guys to be sexist "all girls are just casuals and use their tits on twitch for views"

No. 161942

Holy shit, those eyebags

No. 161957

File: 1469931151269.png (556.41 KB, 826x694, ayyyy.png)

No. 161978

I'll actually back you up on this. She's claimed multiple times to have been bullied and made fun of for liking anime and video games but I've literally never heard her talk about any video games that aren't flavor of the week or anime that isn't Naruto, FMA, or also whatever the new popular shit is.

As a gamer and a girl it can fucking suck because dudes always have to question your validity as a nerd because of girls like Mariah who are trying to butt their way in for attention.

I purposely avoid the LoZ fandoms because it seems like everyone who's in it has to one up everyone else and especially girls they have to grill. Yeah I can't name the third boss of Ocarina but does it fucking matter? I've gotten way more into other things because the "mainstream" fandoms are overrun with people like Mariah and it makes it hard for girls who genuinely like games to be in.

If she would just admit "i like dressing up but I don't know who Camilla is but someone said I would like the costume" I wouldn't care. It's just this whole farce of her pretending to be ultimate cosplay gamer waifu that rubs me so wrong.

No. 162000

Why are we getting boudoir shots of Camille instead of full cosplay shots?

Boudoir - the bullshit term used to wear half your cosplay because you fucked up the other half and the only thing going for you is your body. Cross that, thirsty "fans."

I want a reaction video of her responding to her fans IRL when they come at her with their cringe worthy, I need to shower with fucking bleach comments. Disgusting.

No. 162014

To be honest the Zelda fandom is pretty cancerous in general and it has a huge infestation of people who barely even played the games but like the ~aesthetics~ and wearing zelda-themed t-shirts. Oh right, they watched the Ocarina of Time let's plays! That's exactly the same as playing and experiencing the game yourself!

Which is probably what memekun is doing. She doesn't play the games, she probably watches the Let's plays while working on a costume and I'd be amazed if she can even finish those.

I have a really hard time believing that she's actually played the Street Fighter games but Chun Li is a basic bitch cosplay anyway though. She can't ruin her more than everyone else has already and she'll look like shit because Chun Li's hairstyle makes almost anyone look unattractive.

No. 162049


As far as I've noticed she probably doesn't even play street fighter either. Like you said Chun Li is so basic and yaya han did it. She isn't very original, always going for the mainstream cosplays that are "popular" right now.


Thank you anon. I think most of the more intelligible people have left this thread awhile ago as most of the larger points are overlooked and ignored and it's just people saying crude things like "she's so fat omg"

She's a problem because she is fake and doesn't care about any of the costumes she's peddling, she just wants the attention. She's a problem because she gained 15k followers for being half naked and running around in spandex suits. She is exactly what's wrong with most females in the cosplay and gamer community, it's sad that any half attractive girl with low self esteem realizes they can peddle their tits to a crowd that doesn't care how smart you are or how much you like the game your cosplaying from, all of her disgusting comments are "you're making me momocum" and "dat ass" and "boobs" it's always something cringey and sexual.

It doesn't make you a powerful independent women when you let guys treat you like a piece of meat, she pretends this is all in the name of feminism but these guys don't respect you.

No. 162071


Lol my bf plays street fighter competively. There's like one chick that competes. She def does not have the skill to even attempt street fighter. I'm a gamer chick and frankly love Zelda but youd never know. Personally I've noticed all the pseudo gamer girls are the Mario name droppers and old 64 games. That's cool but that's gaming. Its nostalgia. I agree being a chick is hard BC guys never take you seriously. But then again gamer guys are kinda dicks like that.

No. 162072


Samefag I meant NOT gaming. Ugh

No. 162076

Completely agree! Mariah did not even know what Fire Emblem was til perverts started begging her to cosplay Camilla, the fact that she has absolutely no talent or love for the character she just chooses to please the male fans to get more money-I doubt she actually makes the full 4 k though.

What she does with these characters is shameful, turning Camilla- a character who is a lady but extremely sexy- into a down right nasty watered down version of the strong character we've grown to love. Watching play throughs is nothing there is so much more content lost just by watching a play through.

It's disgusting how she can do this and think it's totally flattering to have men treat you like nothing but whore. It's been a growing problem in the cosplay and gamer community. Girls like her make it unsafe for us to go to cons because men fully expect the same reaction from us that "cosplayers" like Mariah give.

No. 162079

Course if you call her out your just a "hater" according to her enablers, Mariah is on a super sad downward spiral because she thinks she's famous and loved when no one actually cares about her or likes her except for her party mooch crowd.

The good friends she did have are long gone and know that nothing good is coming out of this girls 'career' if she keeps this up she will squander her future and be left with nothing in the end. Course she's going to "prove me wrong" and keep doing what she's doing because it's been working for her right now.

It's sad seeing a girl throw her life away because they have no self-respect or value.

No. 162128

File: 1470007134786.png (694.86 KB, 794x530, Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.14…)

This looks so awkward….

No. 162132

God that shitty bias tape. The frizzy wig. Her Michael Jackson facial expression. I haven't even played fire emblem but I've seen the camilla pics further up the thread and I'm offended

No. 162193

When she plays Overwatch is she playing against other players or is it like bot games? She always brags about how good she is at Overwatch so I'm curious. Also she is asking for money again on twitch.

No. 162228

File: 1470054334485.jpeg (137.46 KB, 591x904, image.jpeg)

That was quick. It was 4,900 k last night.

No. 162229

The bra doesn't even match the corset in color, it's way way off. She seems to be aging rapidly. I would think this was someone much older than 20 from looking at her face.

No. 162230


No it wasn't? It was 4300 yesterday.

No offence but yall seem awful jealous. If I made close to 50k annually I'd be soooo happy. Sure she's chubby but she's got an attractive face and a lot of money. I'm sure if she wanted to lose the weight she would.

No. 162231


>No offence but yall seem awful jealous

Don't be so delusional. There's nothing about Mariah that anyone here envies. I wish people would stop using that line in regards to these snowflakes and cows.

No. 162232

Lol it actually was up to 4,900 with 241 patrons last night I wish o had screened capped it for proof but she whored out the Camilla boudoir like crazy number magi all went from 4,389 to 4,900 course. The dip is interesting. Normally that doesn't happen right away.

There's nothing to be jealous about with this girl. She's burning out pretty fast for a newcomer, no one in Vegas likes her either they are nice to her in order to avoid her abuse. She is very delusional about her fame, there isn't any.

No. 162233

Also that's not a lot of money. She makes what the average full timer at a blue collar job makes, IF she actually even gets the full amount.

It's already pretty obvious her family already had money, they live in a wealthy part of Vegas, her mom is a pit boss her dad was proffessional bodybuilder and the girl pays no rent.

No. 162246

>Attractive face
>Lot of money
Mariah I would be happy too if I made that much money, the point is how. The mistakes are calling yourself a "cosplayer" when it's actually softcore porn you do, lying, being salty over actual talented cosplayers, being a leech and manipulating. Good thing she's not going to last long. Be careful and don't spend all the money in a shot.

No. 162251


Sure, there's some envy for someone who gets paid to make subpar costumes while whoring out their fat ass. But there's also a significant amount of pity because 10 years from now she's not going to have gone anywhere. It's clear she doesn't want to learn or get better. She doesn't take care of herself to even have a chance to do the kind of modeling Nigs is doing right now. While the only thing the two have in common is they have no life skills to fall back onto in the future, the major difference is Nigs is making enough to live off of for her future. After taxes, Momo is barely making enough to live off of if she plans to set off on her own instead of living rent free with her parents, let alone save for a future. She's wasting her golden years on an instant gratification instead of learning a trade or getting an education. She doesn't seem like the type who'll give up on this so easily and will end up like Pixyteri; 30, fat, and squeezing into clothes that are too small. Of course, PT has a college degree and managed to lose weight. Momo Wil be the new PT.

No. 162283

All I can say is here in Vegas where cost of living is super low, that is ALOT of money for someone who has no expenses. She could have a decent apartment or even rent a nice house. She could also be paying a new car payment and still have money leftover.

No. 162303

The average blue collar worker would do that, but Mariah doesn't think. She only spends. Especially on fancy clothes, hotels, food, everything with her is expensive so she has zero dollars at the end of the month, buying badges and costumes for her friends instead of investing it is unwise.

As for what she possibly makes; that is a salary that two working people could use to get a decent home together if spent wisely. The point here is that momo won't have a dime if she keeps up this hard partying lifestyle.

No. 162323

>"blue collar worker"
>thinking this fat bitch has expensive taste

Lol who the fuck are you. You sound like you're 80 years old. Cost of living in Vegas may be low but 40k combined income is poverty status and would get you a shack. You're fucking retarded. And really Mariah doesn't buy expensive shit. She just doesn't buy super cheap shit. You retard

No. 162331

Your mature lol you must be Mariah

No. 162334

Even a combined income of 40K could get you something pretty decent in Vegas. You really underestimate how cheap it is here.

No. 162335

I stated two people working full time making that amount would make a pretty good living especially if you SAVE it of course on a small minded individual such as yourself that logic is lost or the sentence wasn't phrased well enough for you to comprehend.

Sage for troll

No. 162336

If it's not clear enough two seperate people making 40 k can buy a really nice place and be well off, you are clearly reading this incorrectly

No. 162338

This is clearly Mariah starting more drama which she loves, since she's vain enough to read the comments. Shit practically her favorite word.

No. 162393

Clearly it isn't but you keep thinking that
this sad board somehow matters to her

Sad sad place

At least you can feel like someone else feels like you

Aka safe space for jealous people

No. 162395

Do you watch South Park, perchance?

No. 162401

Yeah that's her. Only she spaces her responses like that

No. 162404

I don't understand her twitch shit at all. She's had Tina Dayton and some dude tip over $400 and she's still doing shit cosplays.

No. 162406

That dude was probably the same one who signed up for her $200 patreon too. Thought he could get some pussy from her but doesn't know she's a hoe

No. 162408

I love whe cows come in here to defend themselves.

No. 162416

Yeah it's pretty fucked up that he's probably sent now $500 or more to her and has nothing to show for it. While she's calling up that Bardock dude for 3 hours. Ya wonder why her ex was ok breaking up with her. Knew full well his body building would get shit on for having a leech just wasting time and embarrassing his image while she flirts with other dudes behind his back.

No. 162423

I like how inaccurate & shit Mariah's costume is that the only photoshoot she can do is a half naked one where the "character" is either taking off her clothes or putting them on as a piss poor excuse to cover up the fact she did a terrible job on the costume.

No. 162424

You'd think she'd learn by now. She must be embarrassed by how badly her new set performed plus that 27 patron 600 dollar dip

No. 162425

But anon! She was up three days straight making it! Lol she should have just paid moochlette to make her the armor

No. 162427


It's seriously an insult to the cosplayers who put in alot of effort into making Camilla as she's not exactly simple. For someone who wants to look like a "pro" on Patreon and be known for costumes in a business sense, she's already doing a shit tier job. Cheap ebay corset with a off color bra, bias tape, glued on trims & hems, no armor and the list goes on. She doesn't have a clue.

No. 162431

Y-You're just jealous of her top-quality bra and corset "armor", anon!

This. With how much she's making a month, she could easily craft/commission a pretty good Camilla cosplay. I just don't understand how she can look at other Camilla cosplayers and think she's anything but trash compared to them.

No. 162432


brb cryinnnnnng

No. 162433


You didn't know? She was cheating on Matos with "Bardock". Sent him all sorts of sexts. It's why she dumped him, to get to Bardock. That's why her Anime Expo was so shitty, he didn't give her the time of the day. Why would she expect it? He rants about cosplayers and patreons all the time. Its also the only reason she hasn't attacked him when he does his rants about it, and we know how she attacks everyone that insults cosplay. She wants to be with him so bad lol it's horribly pathetic.

No. 162435

she has that same problem with jnig where she doesn't have any idea how much time it takes for people to create a GOOD cosplay.
armor like Camilla's won't just take a week, it can take up to months to create a accurate cosplay. even with a fuckton of time on her hands, a build like that would definitely take at least 3-4 weeks.

No. 162436

Are you serious? Ew! Lol she does throw herself at "bardock" a lot too. It's really sad, she still tries to throw herself at nigri trying to do everything she can to get in the a rank circle. It's really sad that Mariah doesn't realize how desperate She comes across to people

No. 162448

Mariahs unusually quiet today lol

No. 162478

File: 1470115098414.jpg (25.93 KB, 1024x442, Col_Y-0WAAE_hkm.jpg)

This shit is the reason why you can't trust anybody in relationships anymore. Matos is gotta be either a pussy about this or realized it was time to jump ship but hangs out for quickies. While Bardock is either keeping this hoe on the back burner in case his main fuck up or just play flirting to rustle jimmies. No matter what though, all three are trash.

No. 162493

She looks exactly like my friends Italian Mom who hit on all of his friends, even me!

She's just a flake who wants attention and cock really. There is literally nothing more to her at all.

No. 162498

>I just don't understand how she can look at other Camilla cosplayers and think she's anything but trash compared to them.
I'm pretty sure she does just that anon. She most likely saw good Camilla cosplayers at AX on Saturday and that's why she bailed on hers claiming it was because of a heat stroke, but proceeded to wear an even hotter costume instead. She knows it's shit so she saved it for a slutty boudoir shoot so she could have the excuse of not wearing half of the fucking costume.

No. 162505

File: 1470130459790.png (20.87 KB, 332x346, rt.png)

Her patreon is back down again after the brief spike. Also, she changed her goal from 10k to 5k now. The description is pretty laughable, couldn't she have done this while she was in Hawaii? Sounds like she's trying to loophole it so she can use the patreon money for her and vamp to go on a vacation together since people tried to call her out for using the money to go to Hawaii.

No. 162531

She already goes to rivers and mountains and "cool" places like that, she's just a greedy liar. Doesn't she already waste patreon money to buy her friends badges and plane tickets? Pretty certain she did this for PAX.

No. 162533

'I wanna be jnig u guuuuys pay for me to be jessicaaaaaaaaaa.'

why doesnt she start off by doing shoots outside in vegas??? she hasnt done an outside shoot since sakura and i remember those pics being really amateur. but she realizes that 5k a month doesnt afford that shit unless she's gonna stop going to cons???

even doing one day shoots that would be her flying herself, the other cosplayer (moochlette) AND the photographer whereever it is and from her track record also pay the photographer per hour, and 'sponsor' the cosplayer to make/buy the cosplay.

Jessica is able to do that shit because she has shit tons of money saved up because she makes baaaank from her print shop as well as her patreon. I love how momo thinks that she can pull that shit by making approx 15% of what jessica makes. She's probably gonna use it as an excuse to go to japan or some shit like that. idk this is the most baffling shit i've seen since she's not been able to afford to go to cons every month much less go on these photoshoot trips.

also you can get really good shots AT cons especially in her stuff like samus, lust, silk, chun li, yang, bulma and mei (also D.Va) since they all can and do exist in visually modern settings. that's MOST of her shit. Why not fucking actually get shots of those first at cons she wants to go to????? Like she's so fucking daft.

No. 162610

File: 1470166283246.jpeg (263.69 KB, 750x1002, image.jpeg)

No. 162612

File: 1470166640574.jpeg (238.63 KB, 750x1001, image.jpeg)

No. 162621

Mariah, you didn't "earn" that money by being a "creator", you were paid that money for your almost nude shoots. You are nothing but fap material.
You are no different than a cam girl, although they at least don't act high and mighty about it and don't try to act like they're something they're not.

No. 162626

This is so fucking disgusting, it actually makes my blood boil. She point blank admits the only reason she started doing cosplay was for the bucks, thats it. She never mentions how much she enjoys creating and going to cons or anything. This bitch honest to God just sees cosplay has an easy way to make money.

Meanwhile there are so many talented cosplayers out there that get almost no recognition because they AREN'T in it for the money. They just love creating the costumes, going to cons, and seeing people light up when they recognize they're favorite character.

I will never understand why people support this dumb broad.

No. 162633

A cosplayer that is genuinely paid well on Patreon for detailed, well crafted and amazing work who provides tutorials, work in progress videos and host workshops is a rare jewel to find. Mariah is one of the many hundreds of cosplay girls who see the $$$ signs more than anything & gets funded simply for getting her tits and ass out for neckbeards in terribly made costumes. She's no creator, she's a cheap sellout that's destroying the passion of cosplay which she obviously lacks. Mariah pumps out whatever is the "in thing" for a quick buck then moves on to the next, as long as it involves her being half naked somehow and the thirsty fuckboys are willing to pay to see her "private photoshoots".

No. 162634

This makes me livid, but if she's like any basic bitch, she won't know how to file taxes and that'll bite her in the ass in the long run.

No. 162645

21,000 k and still begging for donations,badges and other favors? Most importantly-how much of that does she actually have in the bank? There is no way she has spent 20 k on cosplay at least not her own she spends a lot of it on her friends too.

Basically she's admitting she's a suger baby, she has not worked at all.

I find it comical that she's claiming she lost her job do to cosplay when she flat out said that she put in her two weeks notice, and she quit lacrosse because she would not stop posting lewds.

Viciously bullied? Tell that to the Twitter users she harassed and the school mates she made feel like shit, she is the fucking bully! Playing the victim is getting old Mariah be a fucking adult.

No. 162647

This. So many cosplayers pay out of their own pockets and learn new things to make their cosplays as accurate as possible, but the ones getting money and attention are the ones who get half-naked, put on a wig and call it good.

Half the fun of cosplaying is doing justice to a character you love, and improving your skillset so you can make it happen. Mariah "dresses up" as whatever flavor of the month is hot, half-asses every costume, and has no passion whatsoever. Bitch is as basic as they come.

No. 162653

She IS. In it for fame and money she said so herself! When she started cosplaying she did say she wanted to be cosfamous! People don't hate her for being curvy they hate her because she is a pathelogical liar, bully, untalented slut! She has earned nothing but hate for being such a twat yo people that fully embraced her in the beginning, Mariah pushed people out of her life for no reason or was just rude to more experienced cosplayers because she was insecure and jealous.

Who the hell is she actually fooling? it really pisses me off that she still tries to act like she's done nothing to earn the hate she has, she won't be bragging so much once tax season comes up, that money is going to be gone.

No. 162678

Why doesnt mariah use her patreon money to commission people with actual talent to make her costumes?

No. 162686


She does from time to time. Got a feeling she's running a bit dry since her Hawaii trip & EVO which is why she's been posting more about her Camilla photoshoot set lately and about Patreon in general in order to drain neckbeards of their cash.

No. 162709

tbh im gonna say she could easily have faked this. All it is is a photo of only that section? she's trying too hard to make it look legit imho.

like how has she made that much AND been begging for donations??? from how long she's been running her patreon i dont think it would add up to that much???
i think we have enough screenshots to try adding this up?

But once again it's lies upon lies upon lies. She realozes that long term fans will see this and go 'uhm this isnt what you said' and put 2 and 2 together? I realize ,lst of her fanbase is neckbeards who dont care but any legit sensible fans will eventually notice this shit

No. 162720

even if this is truthful it's fucking tacky to post what you've been given through patreon. Really? Who does she think she is? To have been given that much money and still be begging for badges on Twitter it's pretty ridiculous! She's still short on money every month where does that all go to? She didn't deny that she paid for her trip to Hawaii do I'm assuming she spent a months worth on that trip.

She is a fucking disaster and a child. It's no wonder why the legit cosplayers stay away from her.

No. 162755

>Ended up losing my job
You mean you quit it.
>Family members hated it with their religious background
I guess that's why your mom proudly shared your slutty cosplay in her social media.
>Hated I got from being a "curvy cosplayer"
You fucking play that as your shtick ALL THE TIME and chubby chasers love you for that.
>Straight out says the money you earn from donations is an indicator of how successful of a cosplayer you are
This fucking bitch has no class.

Motherfucking this. She didn't get that money by working hard, she got it for doing easymode softcore porn. People who use hundreds of dollars of their own money and hundreds of work hours for their cosplay are working hard. Mariah just slapped on a wig, a push up bra and a waist cincher and called it a cosplay.

This whole post made by her is disgusting and full of self-righteous bragging.

No. 162856

sigh anyone have the full Camilla set? Got the "teaser" set and its absolute rubbish.

No. 162858

Post it

No. 162860

I find it hilarious how she says she works soooo hard on her cosplay and her 'haters' are just jealous. Sorry to break it to you Mariah but there are plenty of cosplayers who actually have a passion for the hobby and don't use it as a way to get easy money from neckbeards :)

No. 162871

File: 1470258489486.png (1.68 MB, 1858x1001, Qr8F68C.png)

Those neckbeards are getting ripped off. At least Nigri's fans are given some good shit in return for their donations and she regularly gets costumes done somehow. Give it a year or two and this bitch will crash. She's completely useless.

No. 162873

Who made this? Like I didn't know that the cloth is supposed to be anchored to the hip armor, which would explain why that cloth looks like it's stuffed underneath that corset

No. 162874


LOL she did quit her job. She said in a paragraph that used to be on her Patreon that if she makes enough income a month from cosplay she could leave her job and make it full time. Lying sack of shit.

No. 162875

> She's burning out pretty fast for a newcomer

> She is very delusional about her fame

She makes more and more money on her Patreon every month. The delusion in this thread is amazing.

No. 162878

> Momo is barely making enough to live off of

She's making more than any other 20 year olds I know…

No. 162882

kek anyone who makes that BUT SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HALF NAKED!!! excuse is dumb as fuck. she could've stripped off bits of 'armor' as the photos progressed, she's just too lazy to make all the pieces.

No. 162883

> You didn't know? She was cheating on Matos with "Bardock". Sent him all sorts of sexts. It's why she dumped him, to get to Bardock. That's why her Anime Expo was so shitty, he didn't give her the time of the day. Why would she expect it? He rants about cosplayers and patreons all the time. Its also the only reason she hasn't attacked him when he does his rants about it, and we know how she attacks everyone that insults cosplay. She wants to be with him so bad lol it's horribly pathetic.

So now you guys are back to just making shit up…?

No. 162887


It's funny because this is the photoshoot I'd expected it to be because of how poorly made it was. A Camilla slowly stripping off her armor after a tiring day. How incredibly cliche and basic asf.

No. 162894

that's what I thought it'd be because it's what I'd expect out of someone like her. but nope, too lazy for even that.

No. 162899

The return of momokunt or moochlette!

No. 162900

The way she's making money and using people isn't something that a 20 year old should take pride in.

No. 162901

>She's making more than any other 20 year olds I know
Yes, but she's making it by being a glorified camwhore and ripping off thirsty, beta neckbeards. I wouldn't be proud to earn money that way.

No. 162902

Honestly! glamorizing prostitution ain't something to brag about.

No. 162910


shes been losing money on her patreon
she gets less twitter interaction on average than people with only 20k on twitter
she proves that she cares about what we say by constantly whining about it on twitter and facebook
she quietly cancelled her AX fan meetups because no one showed up
i can also assure you that she makes less than the average softcore porn model who make $6k a month (i worked as a photo editor for some sites)

fuck I know artists online who make more than she does.

either way she still has to beg for money basically once a week so doesnt matter if she was making jnig bux she obviously throws it down a drain (aka her tubbers throat). I love how we can tell exactly when we really hurt moomoo's feelings because she goes on minimargo tirades to run off crying everywhere and we magically and TOTALLY by coincidence have a bunch of people showing up attempting to white knight or make us feel soooooo bad

No. 162939

She loses money because no one wants to keep paying $50 for those awful photoshoots. Her poses are terrible and boring and her shoots aren't even sexy.
She uses cosplay to cover that she just sells T&A, and mediocre T&A at that. she has a gross dudebro personality too that makes her even less sexy. All these girls think they can run lewd patreons but they're all shit since they just copy what the actually succseful girls do but without any of the buisness savvy of those they copy.

No. 162945

Aw, Momo are you feeling particularly defensive tonight?

No. 162946

Its not us making up shit when Bardock posts her calling him at 2:11 in the morning. If she respected Matos' feelings for her she wouldn't call up a dude who has a girlfriend in the middle of night. Doesn't matter if they broke up about it just that screams sketchy shit.

No. 162947

File: 1470274236184.jpeg (67.43 KB, 640x676, image.jpeg)

Ok taking bets now! Is gonna half ass chun li and wear it to super toycon or won't wear it at all place your bets!

No. 162948

You might be Momo or not but you can't defend someone who calls someone they flirt with on Twitter in the middle of the night when the dude who they broke up with to follow their career is asleep and doesn't post on Twitter a lot. That's trailing someone along in case something bad happens so you have a fall back but betraying them behind their back because I bet Matos knows nothing about it

No. 162949


Ohhh I gotta hear this story, bardock Obama bragging about this or something? It totally sounds like something he would do and momo is a naive child who'd buy his crap. Girl has the worst taste in men he's a fucking asshole. But then again so is she.

No. 162951

Everytime anon posts about Mariah cheating on Matos, Mariah chirps up. What's up Mallad? We know the truth. Why would anyone put it past you that you're a cheater? You dumped Matos and hopped on Bardocks dick real quick, that turn around time was super fast.

We know Fanime was good for you because you hung out there. Anime Expo, not so much because you didn't get to see him. I would feel bad except the only reason you're on his dick is because of those followers you want so bad. Your shit show of a life is massively entertaining, keep going Mallad. You're doing a great job.

No. 162952

Oh dude it's disgusting what's going on with this girl. It don't matter if she sending nudes or not but just the sheer fact that she "amicably" broke up with Matos so they can follow their own dream careers is gross when you see her play flirt with Bardock and other dudes. Matos doesn't post much cuz he's probably concerned with working out so much and being a gym freak but this girl is playing the Single card pretty hard to entice these dudes with more followers to invite her to parties to flirt with her so she gets more notoriety. Whatever excuse they pull up to defend it don't mean shit. Bardock is a insecure douche who knows he's a unoriginal meme lord and she's a half assed cosplayer. So they will jump on anything or say anything to stay alive. I would feel bad for Matos but obviously he's a douche too since he's the beefy nerd who acts quiet and does Krav maga, or whatever stupid fighting shit you can't use cuz it's lethal so it's just a scare tactic. What can you expect though her Dad is shit too since he looks like the dude bro who cheated on girls when he was young but married a horse faced tooth pick when he didn't have any other good prospects. She even admitted in her recent stream that her parents separated for a bit which means her dad is still a big douchey bro who probably is in love with his glory days and how his shitty god Allah blessed with him with daughters ,instead of sons, since he screwed a bunch of women in his past.

No. 162953

Bardock is a broke faggot. He makes no money from his retard level humor and stolen jokes. He just does it for attention and to feel like he matters by being the voice of edgy morons. Dude is a fucking joke and no one who matters gives two shits about him. No product sponsors, no con invites, if you use twitter audit you can see he bought most of his followers which is why his engage is shit for having over 100k follows.
Basically Mariah is a dumbfuck for dick riding such a loser. She probably thought she could get somewhere off his following but jokes on her, his followers hate women like her because they're all betas who suck bardocks balls whenever he disses cosplay girls since they're sad they can't get a cosplay waifu.
Mariah follows that whore chelhellbunny who sucks cock for free and posts it for weebs to give her validation and fucking bardock who bullies women on twitter all the time which is what mariah claims to be against.
These people just proove mariah lied about bullying and only cosplays for attention.

No. 162954

If she pulls this shit again she needs a serious calling out. She NEVER finishes a costume or can be fucked about anything like the lazy twat she is but expects money in her bank account anyway.

No. 162956

>If she pulls this shit again she needs a serious calling out.
no one cares about her cosplays though. everyone who throws money at her just does it for the boudoir/lingerie/half-naked shoots.

No. 162959

Oh brother it's terrible. She most likely has a majority of creepy dudes who just want her gunt for a quick fuck while there might be a few who are naive boys who think that by helping her, she will help them. But all she is doing is riding this gravy train until it stops and just finish out her college to do whatever. She forgot though that screen cap exists though lol

No. 162961

wait so she's lying so hard because she's only had her patreon for like 6 months she would have to have earned 3.5k per month since she started. this doesnt add up whatsoever and when was her pledge over 5k????? LIEEEESSSSSSSSSS

No. 162978

Is there any way to report to Patreon that she's not really using the money properly? Or do they only care if she doesn't send out the exclusive shoots or whatever? It would be hilarious if Patreon closed her down for being full of shit.

No. 162981

Lol! Bardock read this thread! He posted a whole humble brag about how hard it was living in New York and working 80 hour weeks to pay for bills and shit. Even stated to othesr that if people are hating on you that you are doing something right. Horseshit! Post pay stubs and rent records. Shit post the Church you supposedly went to and fucked the Pastor's daughter at you lying sack of shit. Motherfuckers say and post anything to justify their shit and if this dude is gonna use that as an excuse to act like he does then he is even more of a piece of shit then before. Go through that shit then turn around and make a career about hating on people and talking mad shit and flirting with girls when you already got a girl. That's the shittiest part too when this fucker wants to emulate/imitate womanizing players and bullies for a joke. But most likely is a huge victim of that shit. That's not inspiring that's fake as fuck and I'm starting to pity more than hate.

No. 162983

Ohhhh Mariah is the side bitch? Holy shit that sounds about right! Lol that guys an asshole his logic is that of a man child he ain't doing nothing right he's just a fucking cunt like his side bitch

No. 162985

Doubt it

Patreon will let any idiot showing their tits run a campaign as long as something gets delivered.

No. 162987

30yo "man" living with a cosplayer (ironic with his rants against cosplayers) that posts stolen memes while scratching at his eczema. 4chan groupie, Reddit black twitter wannabe.

No. 162999

how you know hes 30?

No. 163013

As long as it's stated she uses the income for strictly cosplay stuff on her Patreon then nothing can really be done. Even if she's blatantly full of shit and not spending it on her "expensive" costumes and photoshoots which don't cost probably no more than a few hundred bucks.

No. 163022

we can't exactly prove that she's spending her patreon money on things for herself. we don't have literal receipts of her spending and besides, that spending could be her own money (even though we all know it isn't).

even if we did have all this info, i doubt patreon would even care enough to be like "omg we need to shut down this patreon asap!"

No. 163034

She quit her job and the Patreon money has been her only source of income for a while now. I think it's safe to say that the trip to Hawaii was funded by the Patreon donations.

No. 163035

It's pretty obvious that Mariah made that post in response to things being said in this thread.

As for any anons mad about her 20k, who cares? Yes, it's ridiculous that she's even made that much considering how shit-tier her cosplay is, the awful quality of her shoots, her embarrassing lack of any kind of professionalism, not showing up to cons/events and not wearing the cosplays she promises. She's awful, absolutely. But the beauty is, in the end she has literally nothing to show for it. She's not a real guest at any notable events, her shoots are poor quality fap bait, she's obese (working her way up to morbidly obese), and while she's making a living off patreon, her quality of life still seems pretty garbage. I can see why people could be jealous of jnig even though she's a mess, at least she's fit and she's making real money, her quality of living is pretty good. Momo is just middle class trash at best.

No. 163036

You know, I'm kind of curious on how the story went from her quitting her job to her "losing" her job. Not sure if she's twisting it for sympathy, like she had no choice but to turn to cosplay for financial stability or she got fired and was too embarrassed to say? Feels like she's twisting it for sympathy points really.

No. 163041

She said earlier in a tweet that she resigned herself. Her Patreon goal was so that she could quit her job and become a "full-time cosplayer". So no, she didn't "lose her job", she quit it voluntarily and now she's making it look like she working SO hard and passionately for her cosplaying career that it cost her her job.

No. 163110

File: 1470336693483.png (163.5 KB, 1663x979, momokunt.png)

What a dumb bitch

No. 163113

Since when has anyone ever "reckt shit" in a Zelda title? Fucking moron, yeah right 12 hours? Next thing you hear from her is "oh I can't make it to super toycon chun lu isn't finished" or "im so sleep deprived I can't make it today"

No. 163154


Chun Li won't get done with this happening. Placing bets now. "Too poorly to make it to the con after gaming for so long".

No. 163155

One of her favorite games and she hasn't beat it. Riiiiiiight. Bet this bitch has never even finished a single Zelda game

No. 163156


> one of her favorite games

> never beaten it
> watched walkthroughs before finishing it

It's not even that difficult of a game. If she's watched walkthroughs, it shouldn't take 12 hours to complete. This chick is a joke.

No. 163189

She probably hasn't. Heard she insulted a Zelda cosplayer once.

No. 163201


She is absolutely terrible at playing games.

No. 163202

>It's one of my favorite games
>I've never beaten it
>I watch walkthroughs all the time

Right when I think she can't get any more fake, she gladly proves me wrong.

No. 163266

File: 1470382970875.png (681.83 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

She's been playing for how long and only has 5 hearts? And getting more donations. How the fuck is this bitch still broke?

No. 163296

Glorious fake gamer grill trash at its finest.

No. 163299

>"one of my favourite games"
>has never played it
>only watched a walkthrough
>wants to "wreck shit" in a Zelda game
jesus christ this is what the gaming culture is now huh

What the fuck does she need that $200 for when she already gets 4,5k from her Patreon monthly? Where the fuck is all that money going to anyway?

No. 163306

Hahahhahahaha so this dumb bitch needed 500 for AX but only 200 for pax prime???? as if we needed more proof that she's pulling this shit oit of her ass. feels good though cause i make $200+ in a 3hr stream and i'm not 'super famouc pro cosplay celeb'

No. 163307

>i wasn't making any money
>people said i was in it for the fame

gee mariah, i wonder why people might have thought that? what a piece of shit.

No. 163309

I'm susprirsed she looks so… disheveled. Thought she'd milk the stream super hard with her tits.

Did she stream for the full 12 hours?

No. 163379

She stopped at 17 hours according to her Twitter.

No. 163381

I should be surprised she stuck to her word and actually did the entire stream as she said. But then again, I'm not surprised at all that she sat on her ass for 17 hours.

No. 163391

You mean only 180$ to help out a "Friend"
oh mannnn


No. 163399

Moochlette? With all this money she "earns" for what is supposed to be strictly cosplay Mariah spends a lot on her friends, badges, plane tickets, sushi, drinks, cosplay commissions for her friends, contact lenses, clothes, how is she going to explain this for taxes?

No. 163421

This is probably where most of her money goes. Splashed out on "friends" to win them over into her little circle jerk, to make her look amazing and so generous for being so giving. When she runs dry they'll want nothing to do with her. What a fucking mug.

No. 163443

Anon lol didn't you read the comments above it didn't work she lost all of her other friends. Collette is the last one cause she gets paid the most!

No. 163446

No mention about SuperToyCon or Chun Li (surprise surprise!), but looks like she's too busy trying to hop on that meme fuckboi's dick on Twitter and post Weeb nightwear pics in her tacky Samus wig.

No. 163455

You forgets about Mimi and irving

No. 163465

File: 1470460030390.jpeg (85.92 KB, 640x726, image.jpeg)


No. 163472

She's making that face like when you're sick and you can't breathe, and you can clearly see her double chin.

No. 163476

>my favorite zelda game

>never beaten it

>watched an LP once

I hate this bitch. So many legit women love video games but fake gamer gurls like her and Snoozy make it 100x harder for real fans to be taken seriously. Just, ugh–

No. 163501

isn't this girl muslim? the fuck is happening here?

No. 163503

you'd have to be super thirsty to even get a twinge from that.

No. 163504

it's the same as some people say they're catholic but never really observe it, go to church or anything. there are some very liberal interpretations of muslim that include people drinking, dressing how they want, never praying.

No. 163508

>that cringy ass trashy shirt

No. 163512

Not only is she Muslim, she parades it around, and uses her identity as an Arab Muslim "woman" as a platform.

No. 163513

She's not Muslim. She just says that to pander to Arab fetishests.

No. 163514

It's upsetting to see her say how she's Muslim all the time because I know Muslim women who are trying their hardest to destroy stereotypes of being oppressed or be a role model in some fashion and this chic is just killing it all. Like go be a ho, stop saying you're Muslim.

No. 163515

Maybe you're right, she didn't celebrate Ramadan and that's like a huge deal for Muslims I think.

No. 163517

And she milks her heritage for oppression/snowflake points. She "wore her hijab" to a Trump rally to be ~special~.

No. 163528

She's such a Zelda fan but owns nothing LoZ. But she owns a shirt that says she's hentai in the sheets. She watches walk throughs and fails to complete the game, makes amateur mistakes as if she's never played a Zelda game, or any other adventure game before.

Someone please, for the love of everything, take her out of the community. I'm so exhausted watching her kill everything I love and being so fucking fake.

No. 163557

Am going to be seeing her this month, let's see how that will go.

No. 163581

This so much. She's fucking disgusting.

Such a Zelda fan that she posed with a Skyward Sword box when she posted about the Wind Waker stream. Basic ass bitch is basic and full of shit.

No. 163598

Cringe. Stop it Mariah, you're not ScarJo

No. 163601

so why did she pose like this because FUCK she looks like she has midget legs and is trying her hardest to tippytoe reach the floor

No. 163615

They probably told her that if she did another thing wrong, she would be fired and that it would be best if she quit before that happened.

I don't think it's all that surprising, given her unreliability at conventions.

But yeah, she's going to milk sympathy points, I have no doubt about that.

No. 163618

Ew, those sausage legs

No. 163636

So super toy con started yesterday and momocunt didn't even bother to show up. Day 2 of con started 30 mins ago and she hasn't even gotten ready yet. She cares so little it's disgusting. All this bitch is is talk talk talk but she never has anything to show for it. Hey momo, I know you read this. You wonder why you have to lie and say you're a guest at cons when your just a booth babe for a nobody photographer? It's because you're unreliable, immature, and just a flat out terrible person and cosplayer. Do everyone a favor and just quit already.

No. 163638

She could never stick to a schedule like Nigri if she wants to be so called famous in the community. This is like the third time now she's fucked off or has some excuse for lack of attendance?

No. 163639

I find it hilarious she is gonna be in Samus.

No. 163657

Who cares? She's pretty much a nobody anyway. I couldn't even call her a cosplayer at this point, she's just a convention goer that got attention because she's a slut.

No. 163679

Her money clearly isn't being 'strictly' spent on cosplay if all she wears is Samus. The shit costume makes an appearance yet again at another con. Smfh…

No. 163682

File: 1470522834043.jpg (75.2 KB, 1323x960, FB_IMG_1470510359114.jpg)

What are you taking about anon? She worked so so hard on her Mei cosplay

No. 163688

Shit that's even better than hers.

No. 163689

File: 1470524572834.jpg (187.78 KB, 675x1200, CpM_qCTVUAA5GCd.jpg)


No. 163693

That print is hideous. Like a college student's first Photoshop job. Lol so tragic.

No. 163697

I know we all dislike momo (I do too), but come on, this isn't better than her's at all.

That lopsided cameltoe gets me every time. She needs to learn to tuck her cameltoe like how guys tuck their dicks.

I think that's the same tog that did that one where she's "flying" sideways and there's random metroids copied and pasted everywhere.

No. 163701

Her face is so unfortunate. she just cakes that makeup on and doesn't even blend it's so gross. Doesn't even match her skin tone.

No. 163718

In her snapchat you can see her fingers coming thru the holes in her Samus suit lol

No. 163719

I can't understand why she doesn't just take the smallest amount of the money and at least order a new samus suit or two. She wouldn't even have to make a big deal of it just order them and wear them at the next con that you don't manage to get
Your shit together for

No. 163722

File: 1470535801943.png (758.67 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2016-08-06-17-21-15…)

Momo isn't even the only cosplayer at her photographers booth, she just shares the space with 2 other girls and they switch shifts. It's like I don't even know how anyone can think they're being a guest for the con when you have to share your booth with 2 other nobodies. And apparently she's only going to be at the booth for a total of 6 hours?

Also I did a quick walk by the table at the con yesterday and there's only 1 print of her that's being sold at the table and that's the one she's holding in >>163689. I love how you can hardly see her face and how the photographer tried to cover up how huge she is and how bad the shot is with photoshop effects.

No. 163731

File: 1470543080768.jpeg (102.76 KB, 640x478, image.jpeg)

So no Chun li only her ripped up silk cosplay, she literally had an entire week to finish that costume and all the time in the world.

Lazy twat. She did one interview with a nobody who is she fooling?

No. 163732

You can just feel the overly exaggerated self-importance from her post due to this thread and trying to prove us wrong.

No. 163733

She got interview for the local news and there's no actual proof she had a full segment like she boasts

No. 163734

Did she ever claim she'd wear the Chun Li cosplay at STC? Just wondering. It seems like she'd wear the stank body suit at the booth and change into Chun Li for the rest of the con, but I think she just loitered around the booth tbh

No. 163736

we have once again 6 people she RTed that met her today. even if you double that that's absolutely nothing. she goes out if her way to vague brag now thinking no one will call her out on her bs. how much you wanna bet someone else asked to get a pic if them together or extrama cosplay was like 'you wanna be in the pic?' when she asked him for a photo.

No. 163741

File: 1470547029361.jpeg (118.95 KB, 640x737, image.jpeg)

Can confirm moochlette is the friend in need momokunt supported in that gofundme, moochlette proceeded to ask people to help her repair her car. Bitch has a job and she is out partying with momokunt really have some priorities you moron don't go on to work on more cosplay if you can't even afford to fix your car

momo is this really what you want to be known for? Being a cam whore sugamama?

No. 163742

File: 1470547079799.jpeg (73.12 KB, 640x358, image.jpeg)

Good to see where her priorities are, cosplay before car repairs.

No. 163749

Mariah being a drama queen and trying to start a fight with someone who called out moochlette for not taking care of her responsibilities

Btw moochlettes dad actually bought the car in January. She paid nothing for it.

No. 163750

File: 1470548417656.jpeg (187.17 KB, 637x842, image.jpeg)

No. 163760

Lmao does Momofat not realize that she's confirming that Moochlette has fucked up priorities?

No. 163762

Gotta love how getting a job and paying for your own stupidity isn't an option.

No. 163766

This whole sob story though, she paid NOTHING for the car her dad owns a dealership and bought it for her! Vamplette wastes just as much as momo "moochlette" is the perfect name.

No. 163769

The thing is, during her zelda stream, Mariah said that Collette was texting and driving when she got into her accident. She failed to say that in her gfm story and definitely failed to report that to her insurance company though.

No. 163806

She wouldn't get a whole segment to herself. If it was a package then it would be about 1:00-1:30 minutes (average) and they would have a sound byte (or two if it was interesting) while featuring the rest of the convention. If it was an exclusive with just her then they would have had to pull her away from the booth for some nice shots but I don't see that happening. Normally reporters will interview 2-5 people at events and each person (or just the best) will get a short 10 second spotlight if their answers are good. If it was a VO/SOT then they would just show about 15 seconds of video then the sound byte of her talking about whatever for 10 seconds. It's fun to point out to family when you're on tv but otherwise it isn't amazing unless you get the whole package to yourself. There's also a chance that her byte wasn't any good and they may have gone with someone that interviewed better. It happens.

Source: worked in news for 3 years

No. 163842

This is a great view into moomoo's mindset.
>now of her money going to it (cosplay), for you fyts, doing stuff that YOU PEOPLE, HER FOLLOWERS AND FANS WANT TO SEE!
Aka neither of them cosplay because they like it they cosplay 'for their fans' we SHOULD give her money because we OWE them. They BLESS us withe their cosplay and we should THANK THEM WITH OUR MONEY

but there's smaller things too:
>Mind your own business
moochlette put this on GFM a site known for being able to browse and so any random shmuck could be seeing that gfm page.
>works her fucking ass off at working, doing 10 straight days sometimes
yeah being a cashier is sooooooo hard. working for 10 days straight is nothing.
>Spending up to $300-400 on a project at times
WHERE?? Unless it's a case of buying overly expensive materials nothing moochlette has made should have cost that much.

but the main issue is we see moomoo's mindset of her legitimately thinking that we ACTUALLY owwwe them for cosplaying??? like idk I'm legitimately baffled by this.

No. 163871

Well said!

At 26 moochlette should know better, cashiers work hard but it's not that fucking difficult especially since she works at albertsons of all places.
Sometimes you need to have money saved up for emergencies and not for fucking cosplaying a character you barely even know about to Sabakon because your planning to boudoir shoot them for patreon.

Just when you think momo and her friend can't get any stupider they flat out do stuff like this in public to prove how irresponsible and self righteous they are!

It's clear at this point they both want to be cosfamous and DONT care about the hobby, they DO expect people to support them and their lifestyle. THEIR fans not only somehow feel obligated or are guilted into paying for THEIR personal mistakes (I.e texting while driving) and paying for THEIR cosplays which shouldn't even have to cost as much as they claim too! They pocket the rest to party at cons as has been documented in the past.

Colette and Mariah are both drama queens who have never had to actually pay for stuff their entire lives they both come from well off families, Colette didn't even pay a dime for her car that she wrecked! Her dad bought it for her to drive to ALA in January because her old one was unsafe super ironic too actually. These girls are living high price lifestyles and have done absolutely nothing to earn it and somehow it's their fans responsibility to keep them above the red.

Fucking grow up Mariah and Colette

No. 163916


Where does she say she got a full segment? Genuinely curious

No. 163918

Surprise suprise she wasn't on the news last night, it was a Harley Quinn cosplayer lol

No. 163921

File: 1470602394888.jpeg (144.78 KB, 750x843, image.jpeg)

Is this what she's referring to?

No. 163937

A news segment/sound byte counts as an interview now? Keep it classy Mariah.

No. 164009

Is there a count in how many cons she's worn Ali express Samus to?

Also: she said she was making her own and then stated how she "couldn't take it to AX because of customs."

1) she drove to Ax
2) Wheres the suit

No. 164014

She was making her own suit, she posted progress pics of it. It looked like a steaming pile of shit, raw edges and uneven stitching everywhere. I'm 99.9% sure she just realized it looked like shit and made up an emergency lie to trash it and keep wearing the aliexpress suit.

No. 164026

Damn, that corset is working overtime on her waist. It looks like it's warping/buckling around the most pinched in part of her waist and the front seam is super obvious.

No. 164053

Is it just me or has she gotten even fatter recently? That waist cincher looks liks it might explode any minute now.

And magically she's a lot thinner in this one.

No. 164090


She's gotta maintain that "thicc" status for her neckbeard fans and feminist Tumblrinas who find her empowering. She's getting chubbier and chubbier as time passes, probably from all the free time she has doing fuck all now that she lives off Patreon money.

No. 164165

Customs wtf? Does she realize that it's only international stuff that requires customs? And they wouldn't give a shit about a costume?
How stupid does she think we are?

No. 164173

She was making a suit and "fucked yo the back" for lvlup expo than went back to the old suit, for AX she bought two new suits but they were in customs and wouldn't arrive in time for the con. That's also the same con where the zipper for Diane broke lol despite there being a fashion district literally a few streets away from where she was staying and could have purchased a new one to repair it. She just lies a lot.

No. 164174

Ah ok that makes a bit more sense.
But why haven't these new suits shown up? She's clearly wearing the old busted one. We're not that stupid Mariah!

No. 164220

File: 1470692748358.jpg (14.08 KB, 489x395, hateu.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ. They're so unaware how cosplay is a hobby and not a job. Worst part is their construction and reliability to show up are so lackluster and they think THEY are owed something?

My jimmies are rustled. I budget budget budget and am lucky to get a tenth of what they get monthly saved up and can churn out better shit. They have ZERO experience with actual budgeting.

No. 164255

It's modeling and hey I'm a nerd, and sex sells, so sexualized modeling because I think I'm cute and I guess I watch anime and play video games so let me make money off of it.

These are the girls that destroy feminism, and literally "whore out" for money. They kill cosplay and creativity, because of a quick buck. The lowest of the low.

No. 164277

it's hilarious that tumblrinas tout her and jnigs as "feminist icons" for flaunting t&a. oh but it's not selling sex, it's being ~body posi~ and ~being comfortable with who you are~!

No. 164286

I wonder how Mariah feels seeing so many people get invited to be real guests at cons that have 50k less likes than her. I see cosplayers with 8k likes getting invited to cons just because they have such a positive influence on the community and actually make their own costumes. It's because she's not big in the cosplay community. All her likes are from neckbeards

No. 164293

She got pretty salty the one time that Steff hosted a panel or something at AX. That, and her bought likes only bring in neckbeards.

No. 164297

File: 1470725710638.jpg (82.95 KB, 1086x593, 13958095_876912909120326_69434…)

I wonder if we're actually going to see her wear Camilla this time. Looking forward to what excuses might arise this con…

No. 164313

Damn, I didn't realize that version of Chun Li was so simple. I knocked out a way more complex costume for a con this past weekend and she had a 17 hour game marathon during that time. If you have no drive then why bother to make a costume yourself? There's nothing wrong in just buying a body suit and altering a cheap top from Goodwill to make this. People are paying for photos on patreon and I really don't think they care if she makes them herself or not, just as long as she delivers on rewards.

No. 164314

Yeah, she hasn't even completed the Chun Li yet and it's a very simple costume. She does have a little over a week until the con though. If she can't manage to finish it in about ten days time while not having a job, she's not even trying.

No. 164322

Lol she attacked another random chick on Twitter for posing with roadkill. If you check the time stamp the picture of that girl was posted a month ago. And of course, her white knights are all up in that girls mentions telling her to dink bleach and die. What are you doing Mariah? Just wanna start drama because it's funny to see people waving pitchforks for you? Why even say anything a month later? You're the one I'm disgusted with.

No. 164423

File: 1470777051431.jpeg (55.77 KB, 599x337, image.jpeg)


anyone know where this image came from and if she addressed it?
any more?

No. 164424

Old. Pretty sure it was for her EX that "Leaked"
on her page for them like if you know what i mean .

Nah I'll wait till she burns in what ever she believes in

No. 164425

What is this and since when does she have an ass

No. 164427

She's pushing her ass up on the bed side while leaning forward

No. 164428

Get the fuck out of here Mariah.

No. 164429

like about a year ago and when sitting down makes your ass not so fat .

No. 164430

>>164427 This. It's an old posture trick girls do to fake what they don't have.

No. 164431

I really don't care about the whole Mariah thing
Anyone got more of her 'leaks' they're honestly pretty hot even though she's using tricks

No. 164432

This is where I got them from by the way but I'm still looking for more http://m.imgur.com/a/prFBY

No. 164433

Could a mod confirm if this is Mariah herself posting this shit? Because I'm pretty sure about it.

No. 164434


There's the leaks most of this thread have seen with the quick help of Google and there's ones I've never seen before in that link. Suspicious asf right now.

No. 164436

File: 1470778580022.png (846.51 KB, 720x1280, WjdogJ8.png)

Samus Shoot

Boudoir Shoot

Mega Milk Shoot

Bulma Shoot

Calvin Klein Shoot

D.Va Shoot

Misc. Pics

No. 164437

File: 1470778724179.jpg (30.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1415408682299.jpg)

I was obsessed with this arabic thicc bitch, but after reading this thread, I can't stand to be in the same room with you guys who take video games and cosplay way too seriously. I can only imagine this bitch is an annoying cunt in real life.

I can only hope I can find my dream girl and not have her to be a cunt. Oh well atleast I have something to fap to tonight.

No. 164447


Go away Mariah

No. 164468

If you have to wear corsets to hide your gut, and you have to do MySpace poses to give yourself good angles, you don't naturally have a good body. It's an illusion.

No. 164475

The self post is strong today momo. GTFO of here none of those pics are even good and they are old anyways before you gained 60lbs lol

No. 164479

File: 1470792822976.png (640.68 KB, 514x613, yeahokay.png)

Yeah, okay, seems legit…

No. 164484

that and also wearing a thong makes your butt look rounder on top. she's also leaning forward to make her waist look smaller. it also makes her ass look bigger in comparison to her waist because her ass is closer to the camera.

No. 164490

woww fat with no butt. what an unfortunate body type.

No. 164494

File: 1470796433544.png (322.38 KB, 377x481, 1 uggs.png)

what a great cosplayer amirite

No. 164495

File: 1470796488666.png (215.41 KB, 333x261, 1 oh yeah.png)

why does she have such a potato nose

also if you look at that imgur album link there is a pic of her ass in a mirror and it's a pancake

No. 164496

File: 1470796540828.png (12.5 KB, 70x66, an ger.png)

mariahs face when the corset is about to explode off her gut

No. 164502

She'd be at least Instagram hot if she had a fucking upper lip.

No. 164508

She be hot if she wasnt a bitch and fat

No. 164509

File: 1470802746474.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 1464108941580.png)

No. 164510

She's at least part sandnigger.

No. 164512

File: 1470803103509.png (688.6 KB, 766x612, ew.png)

No. 164518


Will forever be my favorite. No upper lip. Big tummy. No ass. Forty year old mom face. God she's so unfortunate.

Also, I don't know how much this has bothered anybody, but please, cut some fucking bangs into the Samus wig and shorten the ponytail to halfway up your back. Then kindly pull it up into a higher fucking ponytail. You look so goddamn stupid.

No. 164523

She's confirmed full sandnigger and is proud to be one too

No. 164535

Bitch isn't even remotely attractive. I used to think she had a nice face but not anymore. Most of her photos focused on her fat body and now I see why. Her personality also spoils it.

She looks like a 50 year old Arabian mom here.

No. 164543

File: 1470819001840.jpeg (117.48 KB, 750x870, image.jpeg)

Please don't

No. 164544

File: 1470819483867.jpeg (49.45 KB, 358x310, image.jpeg)

>as accurate as possible

No. 164547

File: 1470820733300.png (852.62 KB, 669x700, 435.png)

That corset has put in overtime trying to contain her lard. It's such an obvious difference when she doesn't wear it.

No. 164555


Bless, she mentioned about being accurate for Fire Emblem Camilla and look how that turned out KEK. She'll half ass it, make out something went wrong & never fully wear the costume to a convention and instead-release a mediocre boudoir photo set to her fans for cash.

No. 164566

inb4 she discovers sweet raiden and still cant even pull that off.

No. 164567

File: 1470830091420.jpg (57.38 KB, 1024x678, 4546570-3115393285-48558.jpg)

Isn't Raiden is a male though? unless Mariah was planning to make a tittified genderbent version. Which would be pretty far from accurate though lmao

No. 164568

File: 1470830331942.jpg (19.84 KB, 256x334, 3091.jpg)

There are 'official' genderswaps that are already pretty sexy but none of mgr raiden. Even the chibi and way less detailed sweet raiden is far too complicated for her though.

No. 164569

A thin or even average built woman could probably build the armor to conceal a feminine bodytype, and there are binders as well. There's not enough binding in the world that could shape Mariah's obese self into anything remotely similar to Raiden's body type, however.

Besides, the armor would be way beyond her skill level and how is she supposed to do a sexy boudoir shoot for her beta neckbeards?

No. 164621

So she's gonna finally put her "Thousands of dollars" towards a cosplay right? Because if she doesn't someone should outright call her out if she wants to do an ACCURATE Raiden.

No. 164627

As accurate as possible, lol.


No. 164639

Honestly I can't wait to see this shit. This is going to be a train wreck.

No. 164690

But the question is, why is she doing a male character all of a sudden? Her neckbeard fans can't handle women dressing up as male characters because that's ~so gay ew~. And she knows Raiden isn't some "thiccc" character, he's a pretty lean guy. What the fuck is she aiming at?

No. 164758

She's aiming at becoming JNig, duh. JNig always genderbends male characters and then makes the costume really revealing and her neckbeards lap that shit up.

No. 164859

but jnig never claims that her stuff is accurate. Momo specifically said that she's wants to be super 'accurate' so it's extremely confusing.

No. 164863


Momo just likes to hype up her fans so she gets loads of asspats on the thought of making a costume on a character that they like. Then they'll forget she even had that idea and move on to whatever else she has to say in order to win them over again. Even if she does make Raiden, we'll get the imaginary story that always makes an appearance with new costumes she never seems to show.

Just look at Chun Li. No mention of it at all.

No. 164872

Watch her now show what she's done with Chun Li cause she still reads this thread baha

No. 164873

File: 1470932507457.jpeg (116.44 KB, 750x1025, image.jpeg)

Look at all of moochlettes posts now lol just pictures with momocunt. Also when momo went ape shit on that girl for telling collete it's not cool to ask everyone to help with a dumb car repair that was her own fault she kept going and compared the girl to people in the black lives matter movement. Mariah is officially insane congratulations. ?

No. 164878

File: 1470933174976.png (23 KB, 550x271, thesweetirony.png)

On Momo's cosplay Facebook page is a post about Harley Quinn cosplayers. Someone pointed out how a new wave of wannabe "models" will do nothing but destroy the character who want make a quick dollar at cons now that she's even more popular to cosplay as and he got a wave of replies from her fans who went full SJW. Momo's included.

Must have hit a raw nerve. Girl you are so full of shit and the biggest hypocrite alive.

No. 164883


getting upstaged by the supperior cosplayers at super toy con must of made her pissy, all these new girls coming into cosplay to "model" and she forgets shes one of them lol this post isnt on her page anymore she must of been told to take it down.

No. 164884

que the sad violin music.

momo is still trying to come off as some sort of advocate for web cam girl cosplayers, she very self righteous.

No. 164888

File: 1470938404496.jpeg (62.85 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

Couldn't help myself.

No. 164895

She made a line-up for Sabakon and is wearing Chun Li like day 1. Also says she is gonna wear Camilla day 2 buuuuut we will see.

No. 164969

Just waiting for Mariah to try to say she's a guest for sabakon ? Like she did for super toy con

No. 164981


I'm waiting for her to come up with her usual bs for not wearing the cosplays she's been working on and just wearing zero suit samus.

No. 164993

No. 164996

File: 1470970733548.jpeg (138.81 KB, 640x916, image.jpeg)

This food ain't cheap and wasn't moochlette busy crying about having no money for her car? Really using that patreon money for cosplay huh?

No. 165002

Actually Ichiza is pretty cheap but she eats out every day which isn't cheap

No. 165003

File: 1470975067545.jpeg (89.9 KB, 750x1007, image.jpeg)


No. 165008

File: 1470977842512.jpeg (160.52 KB, 750x995, image.jpeg)

Also this! Weird after momo tweeted about being obsessed about raiden

No. 165009

File: 1470977915694.jpeg (129.76 KB, 750x968, image.jpeg)


No. 165012

Momo is the most hated cosplayer in the west coast it really doesn't surprise me that her ex friends throw her some serious shade. Wouldn't be surprised if they checked tabs in here. Hi guys!!

No. 165017

Every cosplayer in the Vegas scene hates Mariah's crazy ass. Newbies, intermediate and veterans alike can't stand her. She's burned so many bridges. People are even getting sick of Colette but really, is it any wonder why?

No. 165018

Notice how Colette stopped getting invited to guest at local cons. Not a surprise at all.

No. 165019

Not sure if I'm reaching or what but did she post the picture in her cat bikini just to rub it in their face they didn't do the shoot?

No. 165020

If she did then I wouldn't be surpised, Moomoo does petty shit like that all the time

No. 165025

File: 1470982395052.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She looks like an old hag so fucking gross. I wish they did the shoot anyways can't be hard to look better than momofat she looks so much older than them it would of been hilarious to see them all together. At least when she cosplays with Collette they are both disgusting to look at.

No. 165027


are they not friends anymore either?

No. 165028

File: 1470982887935.jpeg (67.83 KB, 750x476, image.jpeg)


No. 165029

even If they are friends that's some mad shade and it's clearly about eachother it's too obvious and perfectly timed

No. 165030

I've noticed a lot of famewhore cosplayers doing this shit. They mention a popular character and how they want to cosplay them SOOOOO BAAD so they get everyone hyped up and racking in those faves and comments, then forget about it completely. It's the same trick as doing "makeup tests" for popular characters by taking selfies of yourself wearing makeup and a character wig. You get the same amount of likes with zero the effort. I'm surprised Mariah hasn't started doing them.

Oh wow. I wonder how momo feels about being hated by cosplayers and only lusted after by neckbeards. You'd think as someone who "loves cosplay passionately" she'd pick respect from other cosplayers over fanboy sweat, but then again we're talking about mariah.

No. 165031

File: 1470984736659.jpeg (112.35 KB, 741x1023, image.jpeg)



I could kinda get the appeal if she didn't make retarted fucking faces
But she literally does them constantly
And her fans still call her cute and sexy

AT LEAST try to look good
AT LEAST don't look like a spaz especially on your main site for posting pictures
AT LEAST try to look sexy for once especially if that's what you're going for

No. 165032

I really dont get the hate for this girl. Saw her at a con and she was extremely kind and hot as hell. That body is amazing too! I would eat her ass after she took a dump

No. 165033

"I'm Mariah"
"I'm fucking stupid and didn't read the thread"

No. 165034

i read the thread. Literally every cosplayer is like this and youre nitpicking. Delusional poorfag honey? Thats what I thought. Shut the fuck up bitch(stop shitposting)

No. 165035

Making funny faces worked for JNig so she's trying to emulate her style to be as ~quirky nerd gurl tee hee~ as she is.

No. 165040


No. 165041

Sage for OT but these people are exactly why I never got into the cosplay scene. Yikes.

No. 165043

>All cosplayers are like this, stop nitpicking
No, only the attention/famewhores act this way.
>Delusional poorfag
There are so many reasons to hate her other than because she's "rich", you know. And you're just as delusional as we are if you think she has an "amazing body" and is "extremely kind".
Next time you should make it less obvious that you're Mariah by not using affectionate names disparagingly the way she does, sweetie.

No. 165048

Only Mariah would take "I would eat her ass after she took a dump" as a real complement. Learn to love yourself mumu, your body isn't remotely hot without all the editing, camera tricks, and the hard work your waist trainer has put in.

No. 165049

Nice try Mariah, I'm glad that Gabby and Steff dropped your fame-hungry ass :)

No. 165050

File: 1470993104832.gif (951.15 KB, 500x281, ohshit.gif)

No. 165060

She's overweight and unfortunate looking as fuck. I dont know what her fuckboy fanbase sees in her dear god

No. 165070

>poorfag honey

its mariah

No. 165071

It honestly must be so exhausting to always pretend you're something that you're not. Imagibe always trying to think of ways to one-up people and someone how fit into a community you actually know nothing about.

I can imagine thats why she's so lazy with her cosplays tbh. Not only is she terrible at making them, but pretending to ACTUALLY be invested in whatever series/ character she's doing is taxing. So she just gives up and hopes no one remembers. Or goes the easy route by making it revealing and doing a few bedroom shoots and moving on.

No. 165080

Only Moomoo thinks it's such a plus to be able to make money from being a softcore porn model

No. 165087

>That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention blah blah blah
Welcome back. Also, even if there were actual poor people in this thread, how low is it to act superior to them just because you chose to whore yourself in order to get money and they didn't? It's not something to be proud of. Low as always, Mariah.

No. 165101


Lol pretty much this. She only got noticed by a bunch of betas for being in spandex. Much prettier girls get noticed for wearing regular clothes at cons.

No. 165129

Want to comment on this because I'm going to Sabakon. Nevada has been 100 degrees plus the last few weeks and Las Vegas is supposed to reach high points next weekend - I highly doubt she will wear either of those, and I don't blame her. Still, her hyping everyone up about those cosplays, we already know she WONT wear them, like always. If she does, she'll complain about a "sunburn" or "heat stroke."

No. 165143


How much do you wanna bet though that she'll complain about "heat stroke" and that's why she can't wear her original line up but she'll still show up in Zero Suit Samus

No. 165144

And only Mariah constantly brings up how much money she's making off her shitty cosplays because she thinks it's an indicator of her talent. It's most likely her.

Taking bets now, my guess is that she'll cancel all of them and just wear samus for the nth time. Chun Li can be possible though since it's another spandex suit that can conceal her shapewear.

No. 165148

File: 1471027866764.jpeg (118.28 KB, 732x986, image.jpeg)

Look another cheap spandex suit!

No. 165150


No. 165151

No Momo, even Reddit knows you're just fat.

No. 165152

Patreonbucks at work

No. 165154

File: 1471029563462.jpeg (78.07 KB, 600x519, image.jpeg)

>Bought Cosplay
>literally pic related tier

No. 165156

Lmao she's so full of herself. She's not THICC, she's just another chubby bitch in a spandex suit who relies on shapewear to achieve those "curves".

No. 165159

Since we already are placing bets, before she makes any claims. Yes, it is hot in Vegas but I've been going to sabakon since year 1 and it's always highly air conditioned and 100% inside except for food trucks.

No. 165162

Funny she posted very recently about how Chun Li is nearly done just as we discuss how it never got mentioned for a while. Perfect timing.

No. 165165

Yikes, that might be one of the worst prints I've seen for the d.va suits. If you consider yourself a cosplayer, why buy a printed suit (like everyone and their mom is doing right now) and just commission someone to make you an actual suit that will look good? Don't wanna wait the 3-6 months or don't want to spend the money on quality?

No. 165175

lul shes dyeing her hair a type of silver shes really gonna look like an old woman now

No. 165182

NOT THICK. Please, PLEASE stop calling yourself thick or a model. If you really love your body, and are cos-positive and body-positive, then you're a round cosplayer. Fat cosplayer. Body positive cosplayer. Whatever you want to label yourself. But you're as thick as much as you're skinny. Stop calling yourself that.

No. 165186

File: 1471036421980.png (461.48 KB, 718x452, whatass.png)

wow look at that thicc ass

No. 165193

i did a double take at this trying to find it, why is her stomach as big as her ass?

No. 165211

I still can't believe she's only 20. There's NO way. She looks 30 at best.

No. 165214

Those massively hammy arms, flat ass, and gut. Super THICC!!!

No. 165218

Jesus, she's really piled the weight on. I thought she was fat when she was claiming to be "thicc" (shudder), but at least you could see a little muscle shape under the flab. Now she's just a mountain of lard … with a completely flat ass, which you'd think was impossible. But, against the odds, Momo manages it somehow and fails at life yet again!

No. 165223

If she was smart, she should have made cosplay spandex her schtick instead of trying to branch out and making legit costumes. At least Patreoners would know what their money was going towards and nobody would be disappointed in her half-assed attempts.

No. 165229

Jesus Christ, that was legitimately painful to watch.

No. 165236


if she was smart she would have stopped this whole "i cosplay cuz i'm a gamer girl, i'm just sexy at the same time!" shit and just became a chubby fetish model who wears anime costumes sometimes. she'd probably make MORE money that way but she's a dumbass

No. 165237


I'm not sure about the time stamps but is it possible she took Tasha's rant personally? Maybe this was her response, she tries to act high and mighty against the people who turn on her after being friends with her. I know because I experienced it firsthand. One day it's all "oh you're a doll I love you" and then I said something that wasn't even really shade I was complimenting someone else and then it was all "yah bye bitch don't need you in my life I'm better than you" I was like okay I only know you from the internet anyways peace out lol.

She acts like the internet is real life. She needs to put down the phone, whether it's positive or negative her obsession with social media and the things people say about her are sad.

No. 165238

She'd probably make more if she milked the whole being a Muslim and going against the "normal" traditions thing. Cause in the world of strange fetishes, religious ones are right up in there. People love that shit.

No. 165239

Adding on to what I said in >>165237 it doesn't matter to her I guess if her real life friends drop her for being fake because these neckbeards eat up every lie she types and praises her for it. At the end of the day all she has is Collette and her neckbeard money. And if Collette ever decides to jump ship she will just find even bigger losers to hang out with and hype them up with her delusional way of thinking. No matter how low she sinks she's so fucking delusional she's just always gonna say she's the best.

Lol. The winners mentality her daddy raised her with.

No. 165243

Mariah unfollowed Tasha and then refollowed her recently. If you scroll through Mariahs follower list Tasha is the sixth or seventh from last person she followed. Wonder why she was unfollowed hmmm?

No. 165245

I know with this shoot she worded it to make it sound like pixel panties sponsored the shoot and not the fact that some nasty ass dude bought them.

No. 165246

True that. She just needs to find her niche and just stick to it instead of half-assing multiple things and expecting to be the best.

No. 165248

I don't think Tasha follows anymore, also Tasha is friends with gabby cooke possibly steff too.

Mariah has beef with them.

No. 165251


100$ patrons get their own photoshoots that are only theirs. They tell her what to do and she does it and nobody else gets to them but him.

But she did try to word it as if the patron WAS Pixel Panties but obviously it was a patron who wanted to see her in pixel panties, and she asked if it was allowed to make one of his personal photos public.

Trying to word it so that the dumbass fans who read it wrong praise her for being a pixel panties model. Clever girl.

No. 165253

Kind of like how she twisted the whole being a guest at a booth as her being a guest at the con.

No. 165256

It's so sad she has to try and fool her fans into thinking she got a personal invite from a convention to be a guest when all she does is invite herself to sell prints off other people's tables. She hasn't had her own booth, not even once yet.

No. 165275

All of the special guest events at cons always fall though too. Not just cons in Vegas but in Cali too. This girl is nothing but lies to boost her fragile ego.

No. 165313

File: 1471081303357.jpeg (112.83 KB, 640x669, image.jpeg)

Does jojo pose

No. 165314

File: 1471081355659.jpeg (79.35 KB, 640x690, image.jpeg)

Then the comments lol every jojo fan knows what this means fucking poser

No. 165315

She looks less fat here than the usual, but the new hair is awful. Middle aged house-mom hair.

No. 165317

Let it begin. Jesus

No. 165318

she's gonna google it and then be like "omg i'm suuuuch a huge jojo's fan i knew exactly what he meant! XD but i said 'wat' coz i'm such a RaNdUm nerd guurl like that XD"

No. 165321

>>165313 omfg whats with the hair… so stupid

No. 165325

Oh jesus, that's embarrassing. She probably thought it's just some lousy weeb commenting something hurtful or cringeworthy.

No. 165328

Just like when she claimed she's really into Zelda but has only watched gameplay videos. Fake as fuuuuuuck and will get on board anything that is popular for cookie points. Sad cunt.

No. 165333

As a fan of Jojo that is some weak ass posing

No. 165334

it's the flattering(aka not spandex clinging to her body) clothes.

I'm laughing so hard. She was going insane over some japanese Dio cosplayer not that long ago and RTed them at least twice so it's extra ridiculous

No. 165335


She's probably wearing a corset under the loose fit clothes, because reasons.

No. 165338

Did she delete this?

No. 165339

Fifty dollars that she's going to google Jojo and cosplay Jolyne. Placed my bet.

No. 165340

I feel like she'll go with female jotaro/Joseph because she would have to show her stomach in Jolyne

No. 165350

having to show her stomach hasn't stopped her from doing lingerie/boudoir shoots.

No. 165351

Not recently. Either way all her 'cosplays' she covers her stomach. I mean her most recent budoirs were Camilla and D.Va and she covered up her stomach in both of those

No. 165368

File: 1471105522107.jpeg (136.26 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

LOL momo sure has a great teacher ?? Look how shitty everything is about this. The purple also really shows how fucked up her nose is maybe she should of started up a gofundme go save that awful face instead. ?

No. 165369

File: 1471105955005.png (193.81 KB, 498x419, 899e4b074bc9016305b6931b9dd989…)

But at least moochlette openly admitted that she didnt wear it cause she thought it looked bad. Moomoo will make every excuse and expect everyone to forget and ignore that she's been wearing the same dirty dingy (probably smelly) spandex suit for months now.

No. 165371

Cosplayers need to stop harshly contouring the fuck out of already-prominent features that just don't need it.

No. 165376

Is she trying to show up Tasha now?

No. 165387

sweetie, I cant even begin to fathom how jealous you and the rest of these pathetic bitched are on here. What have you got to show? Nothing! anonymous posting on this hilarious website for obvious losers like yourselves. I cant believe you idiots are still talking about these girls in a negative light when its clear you are the vocal minority~ Keep talking that shit and they'll keep showering and wiping theyre ass with only a small amount of the hard earned cash they earn ;)

stay mad kiddos!

No. 165388

okay moomoo/moochlette
'vocal minority; doesnt mean minority though. There are plenty of people who hate the both of them but no tell me more about how they do ~so much~

I make more than momo does for being fapbait but even I would rather have to scrape by than sell my body and self respect to internet neckbeards for a couple thou a month. I also dont have to beg twitch every time I want to go to a con (or mooch off of someone else's booth) but keep trying though.
Every time you two come back to this thread I Live for the fact that even though you slut it up for your neckbeard attention you still feel the dying need to try and tell us how 'amazing and great' you are.

Maybe come back when either of you get invited to a real con sweetie~

No. 165390

samefagging to add: Vamplette makes barely $300 a month on patreon and had to bed the internet to get her car fixed and is constantly being treated by Momo but tell me more about her 'hard earned cash'

No. 165392

Not even Colette and thats more money than you making your entire life, skank hater ;)

No. 165394

File: 1471118003389.jpeg (37.67 KB, 360x361, 8a30e83502ad0f0449117371f7219c…)

… you realize people who work at macdonalds part time earn more than $300 a month right?

No. 165396



No. 165397

I guess someone failed basic math right over here

No. 165398

The samefagging/self-posting going on in this thread is pathetic.

No. 165399

They failed more than math.

No. 165400

Everybody does the same nose bridge and cheekbone contouring regardless of what their face looks like and what features they have. They need to chill a bit.

No. 165401

I'm gonna guess it's moomoo since she likes to fancy herself a troll.

No. 165402

It's always about you and how much money you make, isn't it, Mariah? You have nothing to show for your $4k a month except a handful of shitty cosplays and a worn-down body suit. But please, do go on about how much richer you are than everyone else and how we're all just jealous of you.

No. 165403

Lookout for a new costume from Moochlette once her funding for the broken car comes through in full. We all know where most of that money is going towards. She's just as full of shit as Momo.

No. 165406

It really defies the point of contouring, too.

No. 165407

File: 1471122716535.jpg (319.13 KB, 1801x919, ss (2016-08-13 at 02.11.09).jp…)

Kill me now

No. 165417

Mariah is probably fuming from this ban. Stay salty mumu.

No. 165420

Wow… This is why I still feel that most cosplayers don't know shit about contouring. When you have a nose that's as visibly crooked as that, you don't contour down the sides of your nose following the natural bridge. YOU DRAW THE LINES STRAIGHT TO GIVE THE ILLUSION that your nose isn't crooked. Jesus…

Probably. I mean, how in the fuck can someone think that $300 a month is more money than what most people make their entire lives. Seriously? That's some Momofat dumb logic right there.

No. 165422

I love how she still pretends she's so ~rich~ compared to everyone here. $4k a month really isn't very much when you spend all of that money on dumb shit and don't put any of it in the bank or use it wisely.

And her shitting on minimum wage workers is so pathetic. Honestly, I have more respect for cosplayers that save up their own hard-earned money to go to cons and make costumes, than cosplayers who sit on their asses and beg neckbeards for free cash and con passes and STILL half-ass every costume.

No. 165424

I… what? This is the sort of comeback I'd say when I was 13. Good riddance MoMo

No. 165432

There's such a clear difference when you have someone who's passionate for cosplay but works a shit paying job versus someone who has all the money but doesn't do it because they love it. This goes for any other hobby as well. If you love something, your work is going to show it despite what money you may not have. People get creative when they're on limited funds too. I've seen costumes that look perfect but were made on a low budget. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you asked them what their stuffs made out of. I just saw a tutorial recently where someone made a super convincing samurai sword out of a fucking windowsill thing (no idea what it's called but they made it work perfectly. Thing must have cost like $5). That's smart and they didn't need worbla to make it look good.

No. 165435

Seriously I know people who were masters level cosplayers in competitions before they got out of highschool and that was back in 2008 when good wigs and stuff were harder to get.

Momo throws around all her money and acting all superior when even when she makes her own stuff it looks like shit. It's amazing how much she lacks self awareness when she actually thinks she's a good cosplayer when there are literally hundreds of better cosplayers than her at every con.

No. 165436

Jesus fuck her thighs are grotesque

No. 165438

File: 1471133775324.png (842.4 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Didn't she just say she didn't know what Jojo was?

No. 165441

thique thighs are alright, but the rest of her body just ranges from gross to meh. and it's pretty bad.

No. 165446

i wanna shove my nose in her asshole cuz shes thicc! everyone in this thread are cuckolds(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165447

I still can't get over that shitty line she painted down the side of her pants for her version of Mei. I wouldn't have worn anything that looked as slipshod as that for a Halloween costume, never mind as a super dedicated awesome true cosplayer ffs.

I see we have some people who've got stuck into the booze in here tonight…

No. 165450

Sorry Mariah, but fast food employees deserve more respect than you

No. 165466

At least fast food employees work hard. It's not easy running around in a hot kitchen all day.

No. 165569

>Hard earned cash
Do you know why camgirls earn so much, Mariah? Because they do something that not so many girls would do, because it's kind of degrading and even if you quit, that shit will be brought up by other people for the rest of your life. Especially if you're dumb enough to keep your real name while doing the dirt.
Plus, you're not beautiful and your body only appeals to chub/fat fetishists, so you won't last long. Instead of lurking and wondering why people don't like you (which is not even for the money or the physical appearance, but for the awful personality you never fail to show) stop spending that money and put it in a bank, because it's not going to last.

No. 165632

File: 1471201073791.png (335.76 KB, 574x516, chunkli.png)

After spending hours spamming twitter with her shitty vine videos, she finally working a little bit on her Chun li cosplay. The pattern looks like actual garbage.

No. 165640

kek she definitely used the 'wrap yourself in plastic wrap and masking tape' way of patterning

No. 165655

Pretty much this. Mariah makes her props out of a chunk of worbla which she covers with plastidip and it still looks like shit. Worbla and plastidip are both insanely expensive and in the wrong hands they're just a waste of money.

God these patterns look like crap. If that's supposed to be the alpha outfit I just can't figure it out. Why the separate boob cup piece? What the hell?

No. 165657

Yeah, I have no idea what's up with these patterns. This is supposed to be the vest I think? It should be worn loosely, shouldn't it?

No. 165659


I don't get why she didn't use a standard pattern for the upper part of the costume or draft it from vest shirt. It's not that difficult and yet this is what she produces, a mess of crumpled tape. Fuck me she's clueless.

No. 165660

oh my god wtf is this shit and why is she bragging about it?!

No. 165662


She doesn't even need separate boob pattern pieces. Just two front panels, one back panel and a turtleneck collar. It's supposed to be as tight fitting as the rest of the costume. Instead of churning out whatever is popular for asspats she needs to learn basic pattern 101.

No. 165665

Amazing. It's the same shit I do with armor and suits but that's not worthy of being shown off because it's literally junk patterns. She could have shown off the fabric she's going to use, a drawing breakdown of the costume, or just a really creative side shot of maybe her sewing machine in the background with the patterns in the foreground going 'progress'.

But that image title.

No. 165676

File: 1471211893816.jpg (12.39 KB, 251x242, 1451133410387.jpg)


No. 165737

File: 1471226866700.png (182.46 KB, 381x440, 1399236613675.png)


To be honest, i thought she posted diapers until i enlarged the image and saw lined paper.

No. 165739

It's been three weeks how the fuck is she still not finished with chun li? She has plenty of energy to fuck around with her friends and play Pokemon but not to work in what is supposed to be her job?

No. 165753

Well she said in that tweet with the patterns she finished it, but idk why she didn't show it off instead of the literal shit she did show off.

No. 165754

She didn't finish it. It said that she decided to finish it. She previously said a week or more ago that she finished up the body suit portion of the cosplay (when she complained about yaya's fabric being thin and see through). She's just now starting on the vest portion of the cosplay. I don't think she has even started on the accessories yet? Didn't she post some poorly painted shoes at one point? Either way, this super basic cosplay has taken her months to complete already when it's her job to be making cosplay regularly….

Makes me wonder what it is that she does all day? She obviously doesn't work out, she doesn't have a regular day job, she doesn't seem to have any real hobbies outside the internet.

No. 165784

I seriously think her hobbies is basically going on the Internet and refreshing her page over and over again to see how many likes she has. Momo needs some serious therophy she has some mental issues. If she was a normal lazy person like we all are lets be real here shed at least actually be playing games since she claims to love them ohhh so much but she doesn't even do that. Girl is sick in the head yo.

No. 165804

File: 1471255338062.png (50.63 KB, 622x454, nobodycares.png)

Oh look how she must brag about her wealth again.

See Momo, nobody cares how "expensive" your fabrics & trims are or what brand they may be because at the end of the day, you're a shitty seamstress and all around shitty cosplayer. You can have the lowest quality fabric and give it to a professional and guaranteed it'll look like a masterpiece by the end. You don't know what you're working with and you're completely inexperienced. Take that as a piece of advice and burn that Patreon cash on a costume design course instead.

No. 165838

that's not even lined paper. that's plastic covered with masking tape.

i seriously wonder how her parents are ok with this. if my future kid was like "hey mom i wanna quit my job and drop out of school so i can sit around and make shitty costumes", i'd kick her ass.
Mariah having no job and not going to school is comparable to doxiequeen1's schedule except doxie actually churns out costumes on a regular basis and her costumes are decent quality.

No. 165862

'expensive gold trimming'
lol wat????
But moomoo I thought you were so rich and famous how is anything expensive to the great and fabulous you??? Ugh I know people who made shit from broadcloth and cardboard and it looked better than her 'cosplays'

Wasnt she supposed to start a sewing class at JoAnns like months ago??

No. 165916

why is she complaining that the trim is expensive?
is she buying like $30 trim or some shit???
no chunk lies only samas

No. 165923

Is she talking about the same gold trim she used on her camilla? Because that stuff looked cheap as hell tbh.

No. 165941

Trim is expensive at Joann.
Which is why most professionals don't buy it there.
And it shouldn't matter because she's getting paid $3000 to make this shit.

No. 165953

Placing bets now that the trim is hot or super glued on like she did for Camilla.

No. 165955

For a "professional" she sure doesn't know much about sourcing quality materials. She makes $3K on Patreon. Why the hell doesn't she take an occasional day trip to LA and stockpile from the fabric district? There's people that do do that since it's worth the trip for the savings if you plan well ahead.

…oh fuck, who am I kidding, Mariah doesn't plan ahead worth shit.

No. 165957

She's too stupid to know which fabric to buy, that's why most of her costumes have been made with things from Yaya Han's fabric line.