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File: 1463436096345.png (892.04 KB, 640x1136, 1463271436817.png)

No. 131172

Old Thread was in auto sage >>93507


Generic JNig wannabe/cosplay cam whore cept fat. Is mostly known for her airbrushed Samus cosplay that she's worn to most (if not all) of the cons shes been to since she bought it. Seems to legitimately believe that having followers makes her better than others.

>Has leaked nudes
>Pretended to break up with her boyfriend Maroon Cosplay to egg on her neckbeard fans
>Showed up in the previous thread only to end up throwing a tantrum
>'That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get'
>claimed to be bullied in highschool but was a skinny popular lacrosse goalie who reportedly was the one who did the bullying
>Started streaming in revealing cosplay for views
>Claims to be a skilled cosplayer who can maker her own costumes and props but everything she's made looks terrible
>Immediately goes back to wearing store bought cosplay after wearing her own terrible handiwork once
>plays the body positive card but wears a corset in every cosplay
>will talk to anyone she thinks will get her more followers
>Got her idol JNig to follower her but was unfollowed in less than a day (reasons unknown)

No. 131238

OP forgot to mention this
>goes onto other people's patreons telling them how to run their patreon
>acts passive aggressive when people decide they don't want to donate to her patreon

No. 131330

>Got her idol JNig to follower her but was unfollowed in less than a day (reasons unknown)
After that twitter mess that caused JNig to follow her a close friend to JNig messaged her and told her what's up with Momokunt

No. 131340

I'm not surprised. Mariah really is a huge piece of shit who would only try to leech off JNig. Thank god even jnig is repulsed by her. Maybe momo will learn a lesson from that… or not as long as the neckbeard money keeps flowing in!

She's honestly really boring beyond being a fat jnig wannabe. Last thread was interesting only because of her white knights. Does she really need another thread?

No. 131342

Why does she use -kun in her name? Is she trying to be edgy? Is she retarded? Or is there something she's not telling us…

No. 131344

I feel sort of weird that I'm rooting for the fact Jnigs didn't fall into a weird fame leech trap.

No. 131370

File: 1463472560194.jpeg (104.71 KB, 729x972, image.jpeg)

Momokunt looks so upset lol. And I'm just so lost on her posing. Does she not know how to be in front of a camera without taking her clothes off?

Also saw her getting annoyed and rolling her eyes when people wanted to take pictures of her, then turning around and smiling so fake towards them. What a bitch. Why get so disgusted with the fans you're trying to win over?

No. 131385

How do you know this? What did you say ?

No. 131386

Is this shooped. Her body is so bizarre

No. 131394

Unfortunately no. Her body just isn't right.

No. 131395

wow, this is NOT a good picture of her. At all. she looks lumpy, her face looks dumpy, her gut is misshapen.

that suit would look so good on somebody else.

No. 131452

At LVL up Expo she was really pissy about not getting the attention she expected to get, people who come up to her honestly believe she made the spandex suits she wears. she never corrects them either. also she tried to butter up to angry joe and if you look for a picture of Maroon cosplay AKA Eric Matos you will see how annoyed joe looks around Eric and was most likely warned about these two mooches. Every other pic of angry joe with his fans he's smiling and having a good time. People need to wise up to this no talented twat, she only makes the money she has on patreon because shes half naked in all of those ugly costumes.

No. 131461

File: 1463498853336.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She didn't even know how to spell Samus 6 months ago.

No. 131463

File: 1463499253523.png (798.14 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Holy shit it looks like she gained all of that weight within the past year. She should def consider losing it again because her curves are way more defined when she's thin.

No. 131465

She got fat because she stopped playing lacrosse either she quit or was kicked off the UNLV team. Likely kicked off because of her nudes. She has not gone back to the gym since god knows when since she was too lazy to even stay as a barista at starbucks

No. 131467

On that day attendees were flocking to vamplette for pictures, Mariah was actually asked to move so that an attendee could take a picture of just Vamplette, she was making those pouty faces that entire day cuz vamplette was getting all the attention.

No. 131472

I'm not a fan of Vampelette or Mariah but Vampelette's Bayo was pretty amazing. It's not an easy costume for anyone to make so I was pretty impressed by it.

No. 131478

its REALLY not. Its 'okay' but to call it amazing is really a stretch

No. 131490

Are you one of those people who can't stand that someone may have done better than them so they have to downplay everyone else's achievements

No. 131504

File: 1463503931560.jpg (869.43 KB, 1324x745, bayonetta.jpg)

lol no. its just really not that great. her wig is way too rounded and parted the wrong way. Her guns are WAY too small. She didnt even paint the inside of her gloves. The cleavage window is supposed to have a moon silhouette. The zipper is also supposed to be gold with a gold moon shaped pull. Wrong shade of lipstick and most of all she forgo bayo's beauty mark.
maybe youre just confused since shes next to the forever shittier Momo

No. 131507


Maybe momo should stand next to shittier cosplayers so hers don't look so terrible heheh

No. 131705

I didnt say anything. I know people that are close to JNig and they confirmed this.

No. 131717


Wow, so jessica actually did unfollow her, is she avoiding her now? i sure as hell would if i were her. Mariah's a fake

No. 131719

File: 1463521952266.jpeg (3.98 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Classy. Just can't handle being in the background can she? Flash your ass enough times people get sick of it

No. 131720


she's still pretty chunky here but you kinda have a point

No. 131727

She loves to ruin other people's pictures when she's not the subject huh? Real classy, Mariah. No one wants to see your flat ass in their pictures.

No. 131730

I dont know about actively avoiding her but she has been made aware of Mariah's behavior and over-all shit attitude.

No. 131765


He asked joe to make a angry face. I was at the booth when it happened. Eric is a big fan of the guy and got excited. And joe and momo spoke for a moment and that was it. She wasn't mooching off him.


No, actually they were both together having a very good time. Mariah was the one actually cheering Vamplette up because her costume was falling apart and she took the time to sew it back on for her. Also vamplette was about to change out of it apparently after being in it for two hours but momo convinced her to stay in it and be proud of the work she did. Mariah looked like a proud mom of vamplette that entire convention. All she did was talk about how good Vamplette looked. I have no idea what bullshit you're making up but cut that shit out, and stop trying to make shit up about the girl. It's really pathetic.

No. 131768

And there's the white knight!

No. 131771

That's a new record

No. 131773

How do you think Vampelette would feel when she finds out that Mariah always pretends that she's the superior cosplayer who always picks up Vamp's pieces?

Mariah can't even see her own shit. What makes you think that she could fix Vampelette's shit?

No. 131774

Hi Momo ready for some round two? Lol

No. 131775

I'm calling it now, the bitch hasn't actually played Metroid.

No. 131777

I think it's already been confirmed that she just knows about zss from ssbb and ssb4. She thinks that Samus controls metroids too.

No. 131779

>momo sewing

ok you lost me there

No. 131801

She's too lazy to even wiki Samus's history, the girl is just lazy at everything isn't she?

No. 131803

From the speech pattern it probablyis her

No. 131804

It's definitely her. How else would someone just ~happen~ to be at the same booth as her at the exact time Eric asked Joe to make an angry face?

No. 131810


bevauae it just so ~happens~ that the two had walked up when I was there.

And there was about 15 people around the booth.

No. 131813

Yup it's her

No. 131816

Mariah, you really need to stop defending yourself. You're terrible at it.

No. 131823

I think it's hilarious when she comes here and tries to give us the whole 'sweetie :)' speech, we can see right through you you dumb cunt.

No. 131824

File: 1463545302497.png (209 KB, 720x502, Screenshot_2016-05-17-21-16-07…)


Oh.My.God. I'm dead I'm fucking dead. Praise be to the staff running this site. This is beautiful.

No. 131827

You're welcome anon. Also jsyk, anons can submit these banners too.

No. 131906


Ty for the info :) this one just made me laugh.

No. 131946

Slow mo is a no mo for Momo. All that jiggle in her thighs.

The slow motion happens around 3:16

No. 131968

iI don't get why she keeps trying to flaunt her ass, it's so flat and gross

No. 131973

Yeah and I bet you also just ~happened~ to be there when Momofat fixed Vampelette's costume, huh?

Because a bunch of thirsty neckbeards on the internet told her she has a "thicc" ass.

No. 131976

her idol is kim kadrashian, i'm not even joking.

No. 131983

She also named Trisha Paytas as her idol

No. 132203

File: 1463638489933.jpeg (165 KB, 1264x1264, image.jpeg)


No. 132205

File: 1463639029765.jpg (69.07 KB, 398x599, queen.jpg)

No. 132216

Pixy did it better.

No. 132261

She's making Polaroids on her patreon now. Reminds me of someone. kek

No. 132292

It's hilarious that her streams get like 10 viewers.

No. 132302

That one time she did get 200 views was while In bunny Bulma cosplay, she doesn't get passed 70 now a days. Course she plays league almost every single stream

No. 132412

Speaking of polaroids, for her prints shewasselling at Lvl up, she was only selling tiny prints and shitty polaroids of herself. Way to be stingy and cheap, Momo.

No. 132483

She'd kissing up to that douche bag dpiddy on twitter. Ugh.

No. 132495

well after jnig hes the next 'big' cosplayer. especially since yayas friend circle is super tight. Momo just cant help herself she HAS to be popular seeing as getting attention from cheap spandex suits are all that matters

No. 132499

Too bad for her she's not worth a popular cosplayer's attention because they all know what a shitty person she is and she makes shit costumes. Mariah needs an attitude overhaul but seeing the way she acted in the last thread? Lol not going to happen.

No. 132502

tbh id almost prefer she just got better at cosplay. Then again Im the type who doesnt care if a creator is shitty as long as what they put out is good.

But on the other hand no matter how good the cosplay is i would rage if someone used their stupid ass to photobomb

No. 132515

Which reminds me, in the old thread someone mentioned vamplette put her on blast once but of course they are friends again, does anyone remember what happened there?

No. 132520

It's probably because Momo bought everything for Vamplette's Bayonetta costume, so she's tolerating her just a little longer.

No. 132609

File: 1463739423013.png (545.66 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

someone explain to me why it looks like she has a cock half the time. I'm perplexed and upset by this mysterious bulge to be honest.

No. 132639

P sure is just unfortunately placed shading on her low quality suit. It looks like the crotch runs too low in the last threads op pic

No. 132682


Or maybe….

No. 132696

Her nudes are all over the Internet. What are you high on?

No. 132700

It looks like quite a bit of fat is being pushed down by her cincher… basically creating a bit of fupa there. Combined with the shading and shadows, it looks like a dick.

No. 132956


Yah definitely not a dude despite her unfortunate tranny duckface when she tries to be sexy. Her nudes on Tumblr are too feminine and her tits are too natural and floppy. If she was a guy they would either look like implants or be very very tiny. Let's keep the crazy theories with no sufficient evidence to ourselves, yah?

No. 132991

File: 1463855018101.jpeg (116.25 KB, 737x1105, image.jpeg)

Here's the polaroids she was selling in lieu of prints at Lvl up and she's now offering on patreon. I reall don't understand why she thinks these are "sick photos" and special. Seems like she's running out of ideas for her patreon. That or she's too lazy to get more prints done.

No. 132994

PiggyNuka will always be the better Mega Milk titty monster, step off Momo.

No. 133008

Her chest is so sad here especially compared to her huge thighs. It may be a mega milk shirt but they just look mediocre

No. 133025

File: 1463861356113.png (94.57 KB, 720x359, Screenshot_2016-05-21-13-06-16…)

This is what she said in response to Vamplettes attempt with working with 3d foam or whatever it was, she took a pic of what she was doing and Mariah replies with this gem. How fucking rude, lol, aren't you supposed to be her friend? I have a feeling she will distance herself from Vamplette if Vamplette keeps getting more attention at cons than she does lol.

No. 133028

Her attitude when she was being ignored at the con was funny lol. The point of this whole situation is you can be a goddess online with the right angles, the right lighting, the right places to stick your arms AND the right folds in your clothes. But in real life those pictures that were tweeted by her fans without Photoshop, she's really nothing special ha-ha. Really needs to hit the gym tbh. You can have thousands of followers online but in real life no one gives a shit. Nobody goes into a job interview and says "I have 200k followers on Instagram" like it doesn't work that way lol.

No. 133053

She looks like a botched Kardashian wannabe or a blobfish.

She looks flat chested in that photo. The fact that she's stretching her shirt in a way that covers her boobs and waist isn't doing her figure any favors either.

Now taking bets on how long it'll take before these two have a falling out!

No. 133056

File: 1463874178048.jpeg (144.95 KB, 750x951, image.jpeg)

Her response is basically "haha was just trying to be funny! you should know my humor by now!"
I'm going to Fanime so if I see MomoFat, I'll take a candid for y'all.

No. 133091

Why the fuck does she refer to herself in the third person

No. 133095

Probably to be like those "kawaii" anime girls that refer to themselves in third person like "Nico is sooo happy because all of Nico's tomodachis are here!!! XD"

No. 133109

File: 1463905358808.jpeg (101.13 KB, 640x928, image.jpeg)

is she seriously using plastidip on worbla? Holy shit…. She tries to sound like she actually knows what she's doing for meis gun. Plastidip is for evafoam only >< fucking dumbass.

No. 133110

I always knew momocunt was a dumbass but holy shit. This girl is fucking stupid, who uses plastidip for something that is already a hard surface item? That shit is going to peel off immediately

No. 133147


I've gotten 2prints now from her because I back her patron for the sets and the quality of the prints are garbage. It's like really shitty photo paper that you'd print off at home.

No. 133372

Why would you actually buy them? Everyone here knows they are cheap pieces of paper

No. 133374

Why would you support her Patreon?

No. 133450

Heard she was at the Overwatch event tonight. I guess her and Vamplette were the only cosplayers there.

No. 133511


Because I like her body(her average frumpy body in tight spandex makes my peepee hard) and someone has to buy and upload the sets. Since none of the other backers have yet, I'll keep doing it.

No. 133514

Just wondering but where do you spread the sets to? I've never seen any of her Patreon sets reposted.

No. 133516


Here and shit like anon.ib's cosplay board.

I posted her two recent sets here in the last thread.

No. 133563

Well, I for one am glad you are. Benefits all around, us for the milk and you for a different type of milk.

No. 133576


You do realize almost everything said about her on this site is either pure speculation or an outright lie, right? Don't forget where you are.

No. 133648

maybe half of what is said about her is speculation (well backed speculation but eh) but at least half of the stuff thats said about her it 100% true with plenty of screenshots to prove it

No. 133655

nah, theyre trying to prep for fanime. all three fans are excited to see momo for the meetup

No. 133673

File: 1464052951171.png (997.99 KB, 1107x624, ,,.png)

reached 500 lol
patreon almost 3000

No. 133685

shouldn't someone report her? isnt there a no cleavage rule on twitch? i'm being completely serious here

No. 133692

is it me or is her nipple showing?

No. 133719

Yes. You aren't really suppose to dress slutty on twitch or use your body for views. I'd report her, but don't have an account

No. 133722

File: 1464068336834.jpg (46.25 KB, 600x601, mei3.jpg)

Is this bitch seriously going to cosplay as Mei from Overwatch?

Holy crap she really is riding the Overwatch dick hard. It's a really common tactic for slutty Jessica-Nigri copycat cosplayers like her to jump on the latest waifu fandom train lol. I can't wait to see her horrible Mei cosplay! Mei's concept design is going to be too complicated for her, watch as she's going to sluttify it lol.

No. 133733

In the last thread, she posted a sluttified fan art pic of D. VA and said that she was going to do "this version" of D. VA. It was a basic blue body suit with a boob window and pink trim.
Aka she knows she can't make a good Overwatch cosplay.

No. 133752

Wonder why she doesn't pick Tracer, afaik, isn't Tracer the more popular one?

No. 133765


No such thing as a "no cleavage" rule. You are not allowed to wear bathing suits, pasties, just be in underwear. You are allowed to wear tank tops or shirts. It would be pretty retarded if they had a rule for cleavage. That being said momo is a disgusting attention whore that looks like she's falling out of her top

No. 133797

Because she's fat lol.

She needs to exemplify being the "thicc waifu" uwu

Lazy Momo too much of a lazy fatass to be a good Tracer.

No. 133803

File: 1464103987073.jpg (59.03 KB, 720x350, _20160524_112709.JPG)

Actually there kinda is. If you have a little bit of cleavage, that's fine. But you aren't suppose to be rubbing it in. And we all know she like grabbing her boobs. She's also done hand motions for a bj. Don't get me started on that bunny outfit

No. 133812

File: 1464105626927.jpg (63.49 KB, 600x800, CjLVo0fUgAEq7Zh.jpg)

>that snowflake bracelet
it's almost like she's aware that she's a special snowflake

No. 133830

The funny thing about that hair ornament is she tried to make it out of worbla and friendly plastic on twitch, where she tried to hot clue worbla onto worbla (which is stupid it can stick to itself) I didn't stick around for more than that but my guess is she fucked up the pieces somehow probably didn't know how to prime it all the right way (she did say she was going to plastidip a worbla gun so there's a clue) than a day later she remakes it out of wood, idiot why waste money on material you don't know how to use when there's a cheaper solution already? Also how much do you want to bet at Fanime she's only going to wear casual mei and not actually have the jacket? She clearly bullshits around most of the time and doesn't take her "career" seriously. The only thing I've seen her be serious about is playing overwatch all day, like bitch Fanime is in a few days, where are all the new cosplays she's supposedly been working hard on with that patreon money that she's spent already and still is broke?

No. 133835

File: 1464108941580.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

From the live stream, course she had 30 viewers that one. When she's looking skanky I'm sure she gets more views

No. 133842

File: 1464109460640.jpeg (94.19 KB, 640x731, image.jpeg)

Shade? Or just joking?

No. 133848

Obviously throwing shade at mostflogged
Funny how she was kissing up to her with the "pretty ladies with small chests" thing but once she's called out on her bullshit, she's throwing shade.
Funny how she's back to being ignored by jnig too

No. 133858


About 90% of what is said about her on this site is speculation or outright lies. You think it's based in fact because people will post pictures with their claims…

…but when you post a picture of her tweet saying something misguided and then comment is unrelated: that all of her friends hate her, or that she's paying for Vamplette's cosplay stuff, or still dating Eric or whatever, it's just bullshit. None of those things are true.

If you post a picture of a comment and people are all just speculating on the context and whether she's insulting someone or poking fun… that isn't based in fact. It's just a bunch of people that hate her attempting to justify it by deciding on whatever "truth" fits their narrative.

If you're going to hate on her, fine… but be honest with yourself.

No. 133861


Agreed. If you're going to post in here, keep it factual, most of the shit in this is just a bunch of lies… It's almost comedic how some of you can type up bullshit like this and call it the truth.

Guess you have to believe everything you read on the internet huh?

No. 133865

have you seen the old thread? seriously no proof my ass.

No. 133878

Have you even seen the old thread? She went in there herself and fucked it all up for herself. Try researching what you're defending.

No. 133883


She looked like she was frustrated a bunch of assholes attacking her. She should of handled it a different way, but how would you expect someone to react? with a smile on their face.

Like I mentioned and the other person, this thread is entirely based on lies and misinterpretations as well as out of context screenshots.

No. 133887

The smart thing to do is not acknowledge it if it's not true, if your going to be a "brand" than you have to accept that your putting yourself out there and people will usually have something to say. Especially when you contradict yourself and constantly show off how fame and money hungry you are. If she was really in for the art why would she care what any of us on this thread have to say? You think your some sort of hero? Your just making things worse.

No. 133890

>but how would you expect someone to react? with a smile on their face.
never worked a customer service job, have ya?

Don't forget her "than cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention than you ever will" quote.

No. 133891

Don't forget she did the same thing on /cgl/ as she did on here, so this wasn't a one time gig.

No. 133893

I don't really care about Mariah but where the fuck are all these white knights coming from? Can't she be the bigger person and ignore the haters like she tells other people to do?
Jessica Nigri doesn't send her white knight here. Sheena Oum doesn't send her white knights here. This is the only thread I've encountered this far where white knights have swarmed here to defend their precious waifu.

No. 133902

psst its mariah herself, or one of her friends. they want to make sure she keeps getting paid.

No. 133908

Her face is so unfortunate. Eyebags, pig nose, and a mouth so low on her face it almost appears chimp-like. It's no wonder she feels like she has to keep the focus on her ass in every picture.

No. 133922

File: 1464127792398.jpeg (12.86 KB, 452x252, lolcow.jpeg)

you aren't wrong

No. 133923

She's an immature cow that constantly white knights herself and sends her neckbeard she here. Mariah will always have that immature mentality.

No. 133932

Haha no proof? Must be blind….

No. 133933

Well at least she is similar to Jessica Nigri in some way: They are both butterfaces. Except that Momo doesn't have an amazing body to back that up lol, she had a cellulite-filled lard fat ass.

No. 133938

Get over it, no one gets fucking banned from Twitch for having their cleavage out.

No. 133941

Jessica was cute when she was in high school though. It's also really awful because Mariah looks older than jnig despite actually being younger.

No. 133945

just having cleavage out? no
Having cleavage out to attract more viewers? yes

No. 133946

>there's no proof!

There's a bit more proof of her being stuck up and snobby then there is of her being kind and careing.

No. 133949

i love checking the thread only to find a bunch of posts by dumbass whiteknights. Keep this thread going strong idiots.

also I'll never get over the claims that 'you guys lie about momo' when bitch doesn't even spend the 3seconds it takes to google how to use worbla or if she was such a huge fan of cosplay (and jnig) maybe learn from one of her videos where she blatantly shows how to use it. Hell Im not even a cosplayer and when ive been bored i went as far to watch some cosplay process videos. youd think that since she loves cosplay soooo much she might spend some of her endless free time doing some research

No. 133951

>kind and caring
Pick one

No. 133957

That's what I was saying. The amount of proof of her being kind is little to none (actually none) compared to the proof of proof for her being rude. wk/momo couldn't even pull any out.

No. 133960

B-but she's so kind and definitely donates all of her extra Patreon money to struggling newbie cosplayers! How dare you suggest she takes all the money to fund things that aren't her hobby?!

No. 133963

Actually, yes they do. Twitch is cracking down. Accept the reality that your precious waifu will get banned whiteknight

No. 133968

File: 1464140608889.jpg (188 KB, 600x450, mgs1.jpg)

Let's report Mariah's Twitch account and see the shitstorm that will happen. I'm sure if we report her channel enough when she is showing off her tits Twitch will finally realize that an attention whore she will being and maybe it could be a lovely lesson to Mariah on how she is being the perfect example of sluts who go into cosplay to sexually objectify themselves to get validation from pathetic neckbeards whiteknights like on this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133969

Especially since her cleavage streams get hundreds and her non cleavage streams get under 50 she'll get at least a warning

No. 133988


as hilarious as it would be if she got banned they do not ban/they allow cleavage. what is not allowed is like showing your nipples/fondling your chest excessively, literally rubbing your tits in front of the cam bending over kind of stuff. I've been streaming on twitch for over two years and trust me when I say this.

It is NOT against the terms of service to wear tank tops, crop tops, have cleavage, to wear shorts. IT IS against the terms of service to act overly sexual (bending over in front of camera showing your pussy/ass, rubbing your ass sexually, moaning sexually) or to be wearing underwear, a bathing suit, nipple pasties, etc.

No. 133996

i give momo a month until she does these though. she does all of that on her twitter already and has shown her ass in her zerosuit in streams just not her own twitch.

No. 133997

She's made a gesture of giving a blowjob before.

I've seen where streamers that wear more 'sexy' outfits all the time get banned. Like this one chick would only wear really low cut tank tops. Banned. Said it before and I'll say it again. Twitch has been cracking down on this stuff. They can see a difference between wearing clothes and just being an attention whore.

No. 134001

I don't even know how they would prove that it was for more viewers unless she was wearing super revealing clothes. If its just a tank top with boobs on cam, that doesn't mean anything tbh.

I'm not a whiteknight, the chick is dumb as fuck and super desperate for fame, but I don't see Twitch banning someone for simply wearing a low cut top unless they can totally prove she's doing it for $$$$$

No. 134042


She was doing a casual mei cosplay. I don't think she'd get banned for it. and the last one she did was bunny bulma. at least she does it tastefully and for a cosplay.

No. 134043

Tastefully? For cosplay lol she does nothing for cosplay, she wants attention. She uses cosplay as a way to get people to notice her.

No. 134054

Tastefully? HAHA. The way she announced the Bunny Bulma is completely inappropriate. "I'll suck your dick for a dragonball." And it's already known that she's cosplaying for attention and money. Hell, she even posted on her personal facebook a while ago "I'll make them Momocum."

No. 134056

inb4 whiteknights saying "you're taking it out of context! that's an outright lie/made up speculation!"
holy shit she's hideous, she looks like someone's middle aged mom with or without make up

No. 134083

>I don't even know how they would prove that it was for more viewers
simply by comparing her streams. her cleavage streams get several times more viewers than her non cleavage ones

No. 134108


You have no idea how twitch works. Please stop sperging out about how this is totally "proof" that twitch will totally use!11!!

No. 134122


I love that you all have to believe I am her or was sent by her. You just have to believe she's doing something you hate so you can justify your bullshit.

No. 134127

her being a pig whore who can only get attention for her cosplays from her saggy tits and cottage cheese ass 'justifies our bullshit enough' i think kek

No. 134128

so does that make you feel better? your not winning any points here dude shes not going to fuck you or feature you on her page unless you can further her "career"

No. 134129

Her cosplays with tits spilling out will go so well eventually Lmao. Then we'll be laughing because she got banned

No. 134187


Oh I almost forgot that one. You have to convince yourself I want to fuck her or want attention from her or through her.

You can't even imagine I'm just not a shitty person that wants to trash her on the Internet like yourself.

No. 134238

awee does that make you feel better baby?

No. 134239

get the fuck over yourself, when your on the internet you are everyones punching bag except were talking about a person who truly is a shitty person, keep repeating to yourself that your a hero if that makes you sleep at night pussywhipped piece of shit

No. 134242

I like how white-knights start arguments on here when all they are doing is bumping the thread.

No. 134247

seriously have you ever seen that sort of thing with Jnig or any other cosplayer? Mariah's fans are immature as hell

No. 134251

I think it's because Momo is one of the biggest try-hards. Jnig doesn't have to try so hard, she has her fame and $$$. Even many of the other cosplayers that have threads here that are less famous. Momo is seriously desperate, as is her whiteknights. They can't even find a decent person/cosplayer to try to rally behind.

No. 134267


Couldn't give a shit about stopping the thread. Hate is an unstoppable force. I'm just here to spread truth, whether you want or accept it.


> spends free time trash talking people on the Internet

> wants to talk about maturity


No. 134269

File: 1464221609759.gif (1.78 MB, 245x253, 12.gif)

Hate? That's a strong word anon. I'm amused by momo if anything. "Spreading truth" that's cute. How's saving the world one momo thread at a time working out for ya?

No. 134271

>I'm just here to spread truth
Show us the truth with adequate proof. Then we'll believe you.
"I met momo at lvlup and I saw her be nice to vamplette" isn't adequate proof btw. I'm talking about proof like her helping new cosplayers with their costumes/props and donating money to them so they have funds to work on their cosplay like she says she does.

No. 134272

Seriously. There's provided evidence of her not being a nice/honest person in these threads.

Where is the evidence of this "truth"? What is this "truth" you are even trying to spread?

No. 134275

I see Mariah as more of comedic entertainment, not someone that I hate. You obviously glossed over or ignored a shitton of posts in the last thread where she was acting like a turbo cunt. Keep seeing her lard body through rose colored glasses.

No. 134286

Dear whiteknight anon,

heres is a pretty good post pointing out PROOF of lots of terrible shit shes done. screen shots and the whole shebang


ok now where's your 'truth'???

No. 134569


I've seen that entire thread. I know what things said in there are untrue, and which are true. I also know which of the pieces of information you take as true are just conjecture based on taking things out of context.

Keep the hate alive, ladies. Like I said, I'm not here to stop you from hating, only to spread the truth and point out lies.

You can't sit around and enjoy a thread that started by saying:

> >Pretended to break up with her boyfriend Maroon Cosplay to egg on her neckbeard fans

…and then pretend to know anything about her, or care about what is true and what isn't.

The fact of the matter is that you will take anything in whatever context you need to justify your hatred. You will ignore someone's humanity because it's easier to imagine someone is terrible than to accept you have the empathetic capability of an autist.

No. 134580


That post (>>126427) is so fucking cringy on your part, but I guess I can go through it for you…

You start out by talking to the person that was commenting in Mariah's defense… I don't really feel the need to explain why that isn't a proper argument against her, since you don't seem to be implying it is. I should mention however that your question is pretty easy to answer. You ask "Why are you here?" with the implication that she has a strange number of people willing to go to bat for her. Maybe it's because (unlike the people talking bullshit on the site) we know her and recognize that, although flawed like any other person, she is a wonderful person and a good friend? Clearly she has people that know her and trust her, and you don't want to accept that.

Moving on, you give her shit for bastardizing characters, but that doesn't really make her a bad person. That's just something you judge someone on because you love your children's cartoon characters so much you feel violated when someone else doesn't care about them in the same way. It's sad, and I'm sure if she judged others on how they portray a character, this site would leap at her throat for it. So either it's a dumb thing to do, or it isn't something you should judge her for. Pick one.

You call her a fat slob. She's not in the best shape right now. That doesn't mean anything in terms of her character or how good of a person she is, so I'll skip that one.

You say she's not good at construction of cosplays. That's absolutely true… she's a beginner and she knows it. You seem to think she's claiming to be amazing at cosplay but if you actually knew her, you would know she is extremely modest about her ability and the fact that she is learning.

You next say she's a blatant liar, but you don't actually provide any evidence except for an image that you equate to her. Maybe you could shed some light on why you think she's a liar? I've heard some rumors on the site that she was a bully in high school which would make her stories of being bullied questionable, but no one has actually provided any real evidence to that so you can't use it as if it's fact. It's heresay at best.

You say she shows her body for attention. Again, that doesn't make her a bad person. She recognizes what she is doing, and she has decided that she understands it is a transaction like any other. No worse than trading time for wages really, unless you're a regressive fuck.

So really… you aren't bringing anything to the table here as far as why you hate her. And to anyone saying they don't hate, look at this fucking thread and the other one before it. If you are saying anything negative in a collective like this, you are part of the hate train. Accept it.

No. 134584


Also you keep calling me a white knight, but I already clarified I don't give a shit about the hate… only the lies. The internet is the perfect place to just sit around and hate on people, but the lies actually affect the person you're talking to. Make up a lie in here and say it enough, and someone that actually knows her might hear it and think it's true. That's not you being the better person… that's you being the bad guy. If you want to keep feeling superior to her, then fucking act like it. Sure, you'll still go to this board and hate on someone you don't know for fun, but at least you won't be negatively affecting their life for shits and giggles.

If you're looking to dislike her, you'll find plenty of reasons. She's still immature and emotionally led and perhaps does not have the best judgement at times. She's unskilled in ways that I'm sure you value skill in. She's taking a different path through life than you and perhaps you don't approve of it. Fine, hate on her for all of that.

All I want is for you to focus on what's real. Stop accepting conjecture and bullshit just so you can better justify your hatred.

No. 134598

Attempting to refute points doesnt help if you have no evidence of her being a good person though???

there are pounds of evidence of her being mean, selfish and terrible (see every post she made where she literally qualified 'attention' as being something that quantifies someone's worth. see 'this cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention than youll ever get' or whatever it was she said.

What GOOD person puts someone down with that?

what she typed in that last thread is how i think of her. Also so far the only 'proof of her being a good caring person' has been 100% hearsay.

Refuting an argument has to come with backing. congrats you typed an essay. Also if you cared so much aboit truth and werent a whiteknight why arent you in jessica's thread or venus angellics thread or any of the threads where theres actual baseless insults and guessing?

There are threads calling people prostitues with no actual proof: Dakota is both married to her manager and dating some kamen rider guy or something. Taylor and Himezawa are both paying for jobs in japan. One of the 'prostitutes' had a baby n lost it or was it a dog? Everything sajd about mariah has at least something pointing to it being true so if you dont have an agenda why are you in THIS thread?

No. 134604

Show us proof. SHOW US PROOF. Not just your word she's good, but proof. Oh wait. You can't. Because there's none. You're a white knight. Sorry to burst your dream bubble. Several of us told you to show proof and you're dodging that bullet. Hence, white knight. Get off here. You're giving us more lols

No. 134614


Look up "burden of proof" when you get a chance. It lies on the people making the first claim (that she's a bad person) and not with me, a person who isn't even arguing necessarily that she's a good person, just that she isn't a bad person. I mention off-handedly that she's a good person, sure, but I don't need you to believe that. You don't know her, so why would I waste my time convincing you?

No matter what I do, I lose here. If I provide evidence of her doing something nice, you'll say she did it for attention (as evidenced by her posting it, or the way she words it when talking about it, or whatever). When I retort to say that it makes sense for someone whose job it is to stay relevant to post about things like that, you'll just use that to say that she's doing everything good for attention and she's secretly just shitty. If I say nothing and don't defend her in that way, you'll just say I have no reason to think she's good and I'm just trying to fuck her. If I clarify that I don't have any desire to fuck her, you'll think I just want her attention.

It's fucking pigeon chess with you. There's no reason for me to play. I'm just here to point out lies and hope that when this thread is longer, at least a few people will read my comments and realize that this thread isn't about what's real and true… it's about blind hate more than anything.

As far as that post where she talked about being above you all? She recognizes that that came from a dark place and doesn't represent her as a person. It reminds me specifically of something I said to someone on the internet a long time ago when I felt backed into a corner by people attacking me online, so I can sympathize. She has said one or two things that let off that vibe in her friends circle and we all just immediately call her out on it and she fixes that part of herself and improves.

That's something you can't see from the other side of a computer, how quickly she improves and how much she works to be a better person. You see evidence from a year ago, not realizing how much she has learned and grown from her experience as her popularity (and the popularity of hating her) has grown.

If you've never been thrust into the spotlight and you can't empathize with that that does to a person, I can't help you.

No. 134615


Also, as far as this question:

> Also if you cared so much aboit truth and werent a whiteknight why arent you in jessica's thread or venus angellics thread or any of the threads where theres actual baseless insults and guessing?

Are you retarded? I already mentioned I know Mariah personally. I don't know Jessica Nigri or anyone else mentioned on this site, so I don't know what is a lie and what is the truth in those threads.

What you don't realize is that I'm not just finding this thread and looking through it for falsehoods… this thread is mentioned at least numerous times a week in my friends circle, and I have to correct rumors that are going around because of it. What you fail to see is that the bullshit that gets made up here affects my actual life, because people make decisions on who is their friends based on what they hear about a person, and that creates rifts in actual groups of people in the actual world. You think you're not hurting anyone, but you most definitely are.

That's why I said earlier, if you want to hate on her for all of the legitimate reasons, go ahead. I take the good with the bad with all people, and I think that most people just don't understand the human beneath the profiles enough, but I'm more than okay with someone making a judgement call based on that. What I can't sit around and just be okay with is the lies, and in these threads they're fucking rampant.

No. 134628

Thrust into the spotlight? She PUT HERSELF in the "spotlight" she spammed forums in fb just to get famous, she's been quoted multiple times about wanting to be a big name and popular, if you don't care then why do you act like you care so much?! A lot of us do know her so we aren't basing on lies. She's a lying hypocritical hyper attention seeking jerk, whatever you say on here that further contradicts our experiences will do nothing to affect anyone's opinion of her here. If your the better person than leave it be, your making it worse.

No. 134636

oh so the truth shows itself.

tl;dr - 'people know I'm friends with Momo and if they know how shitty SHE is they'll think I'm shitty too. Time to cover my ass.'

Then again hasnt anyone ever told your friends not to blindly believe everything they read? Oh wait no they probably read the thread and saw how terrible she was with their own two eyes. If they wanna believe what proof is out in front of them. The same people your talking about have probably posted in these threads too.

Also only people already decided or who want to hate her would read through everypost to see the full gossip. Otherwise if they were fine with her they would only look at stuff like tweet screenshots. Oh wait thats exactly what proves she's a shitty person.

Also as previous anon said most of us have met her irl or know someone closely who does. Im willing to see the good in even the shittiest person but she is to the point where it actually apalls me that shes allowed the level of attention she has even if it is a bunch of neckbeards. She's held basic witchhunts for at least two people this year (her 'exboyfriend' when they broke up and the stupid kid with the bad cosplay opinion with onky 200 followers) but i'm sure you'll skew it so that it was FINE for her to put maroon on blast for basically a whole week and then apologize weakly even though she knows her neckbeard fanbase will always hate him now or that that kid got a shit tons of hate for a tweet that she didnt even tag anyone in but no keep telling yourself momo's an 'okay person'

No. 134669

Lmao you're still dodging the bullet. You won't show proof because there is none. You can't win this argument because you're wrong.

Since you know this is pointless, go away. Find another site to kiss her ass

No. 134693


Lmao. That's the point though. We are trying to ruin her life :) because she doesn't deserve the attention of being a "respected cosplayer" when two years ago she was just some Twitter hoe posting nudes. She. Is. An. Attention. Whore. And we are more than happy to spell it out a thousand times to any whiteknights who try to defend her. Call it childish or immature but it's so funny how Mariah and her friends still come here despite "trying to ignore us". Thought it didn't matter what we think?

No. 134697

Samefagging in here so hard with essay long responses. Why are you so desperate to defend/protect this particular cow anon? You aren't whiteknighting any other more well deserving people posted on lolcow.

No. 134700

Finally read through the entirety of your posts. If you are friends with her, couldn't you actually provide us with evidence of her being a good person? I mean, really you haven't proved anything as lies or untruth, all you've really succeed in doing is bumping the thread and drawing more negative attention to your dear friend momo.

No. 134727

they said
>What you fail to see is that the bullshit that gets made up here affects my actual life, because people make decisions on who is their friends based on what they hear about a person, and that creates rifts in actual groups of people in the actual world. You think you're not hurting anyone, but you most definitely are.

aka people end up thinking anon is shitty by association which is probably true since in the end for them they just care about what people think about them.

to add to the fun Im going to laugh and assume anon went around bragging 'oh I'm friends with momo do you KNOW how many followers she has?' and then since their friend didnt know who she was they looked her up and ended up finding the threads

It just kinda proves that momo is surrounded by self important people that only care about the shallow things people think.

No. 134748

File: 1464342042501.jpeg (128.04 KB, 640x830, image.jpeg)

white defending Mariah thinks we're being salty for no reason, here I have more reason to dislike Mariah on top of the other bullshit she has pulled

She makes how much money a month with no part time job to cover other expenses, and all the time in the worl right now, goes on Twitter to pat herself on the back for busting out Mei in less than a week…. Of course her line up for Fanime as was paid for by her patreon… She's of course doing another suit she bought again (surprisingly no Samus) and drumroll here: Casual Mei! She didn't even get the bot right! How is this a huge accomplishment? She HALFASSED yet another cosplay! Yes go on and say "well mei looks like that outside of her jacket" excuse, it's NO excuse doing a casual version when you have all the time in the world to prove you deserve 3000 a month! I've seen so many people devote less than three weeks for a cosplay with little funding ($50-70) and come out with amazing stuff.

Mariah is just lazy, the worst part is with the silk cosplay you know she will not correct people when they incorrectly post how talented she is for "making this cosplay" so many people actually believe she made those suits and call her the queen of nerds or cosplay when she has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prove that and does not care about crafting she is and always will be about just getting attention. Also isn't it hypocritical that she puts people on blast for dipping on her patreon when she harrassed another cosplayer for doing the exact same thing she is doing?


No. 134794


Alright, I'll bite.
I'm also in the friend group you mention and seriously, we all know these threads exist but I haven't heard a single person actually say "wow Mariah is a really shitty person and I only just realized it because of this random thread I found online"
It might hurt her feelings but it's not "creating rifts" between people. I haven't heard anyone talking about the things in these threads as if they're fact. I can't tell who you are from your typing but I highly doubt this is really affecting your life all that much, unless you're Colette in which case I am sorry because you've been mentioned in here multiple times. If people in our group really are spreading rumors because of this thread then they're idiots and we hang out with some dumb fucking people so I wouldn't be surprised in that case.

If you really care about this shit then let it die. Stop posting because it makes it more visible.

No. 134832

Another essay since you girls love them so much :)


Samefagging is when you're pretending to be different people. At least understand what terms mean before you try using them against me.

> You aren't whiteknighting any other more well deserving people posted on lolcow.

See >>134615 as I already clarified this point. Perhaps reading isn't your strong suit.


You are fucking delusional. This is what I'm talking about: You just make up complete conjecture and accept it because it fits your narrative. You'll believe whatever you want.


How would you like me to show you proof of things that are undocumented online? How do I show you proof of personal experience, with how she treats her friends when they're going through hard times… you're creating an impossible task in order to push the burden of proof to my side of the argument. It's irrelevant since, as I've already stated, I'm not here to argue her being a good person, only to point out lies. And perhaps to get you girls talking about what it real and what isn't.

The thread is going to continue on whether I'm in it or not. Implying that I'm making things worse is laughable.


So you haven't heard what I've heard, and you haven't seen what I've seen. That doesn't mean these problems don't exist. I know for a fact that it is affecting the group.

> If you really care about this shit then let it die. Stop posting because it makes it more visible.

I've already clarified I don't care about the hate so much as the lies. Whether the thread is more visible is absolutely irrelevant to me. I only want to ensure there are comments scattered within it clarifying that there are lies all throughout the hate. My goal isn't to stop the hate in people who will hate no matter what… that's futile. Pure hatred for someone with any amount of attention on them will always exist, so why not here? My goal is to create a situation where a few people reading through will at least stop and think about the situation and perhaps not post anything they can't actually prove, because they realize this place is just toxic. If even one person realizes they would rather get to know a person than just assume they are evil based on heresay, my work is a success.

Also, it's just fun. It's fun knowing I'm dealing with pure hate here and every time they stop to talk to me they contradict themselves: They tell me to stop posting while simultaneously asking me questions so I continue. It's fun knowing I'm annoying them, even in the smallest way.


> We are trying to ruin her life :)

Consider this a rhetorical question since I don't give a shit about your answer, just hoping at least one person who would otherwise contribute to the hate will actually stop to think for a second:

Will you look back on this in five years and be happy? Will you be proud that you spent your time attempting to ruin someone's life for reasons that don't even affect you unless you let them? Will you be happy with the person you were today?

No. 134839

gets popcorn ready this is going to be interesting

No. 134843

Just to let you know… She won't suck your dick for a Dragon Ball.

No. 134844

It's like the thread is about Momokun and her white knights instead of just Momo

No. 134852


We could always just discuss politics or music instead if the subject isn't to your liking.

No. 134859


In that case if I haven't seen this shit you have then no one important is talking about this thread. At least no one with opinions that matter. Yes there are people in the group what don't like her and gossip but this thread has zero bearing on that, they already disliked her, they already gossiped about her. She's created some very polarizing situations in the past and in some cases has tried to remedy them but in some cases no and that left impressions on people that white knights aren't going to change.
Also anyone with half a brain knows that you can't believe everything you read online.

You've got one hell of a savior complex, I can say that for sure. I'm kind of glad I'm not sure who you are because I'd kind of want to deck you, you've got such a high and mighty attitude I don't want to know who I am potentially hanging around that thinks they're better than everyone else.

No. 134866

Sooooo she's only nice in person? I mean, she did attack another cosplayer… One that only had 200 followers. Thanks for admitting she's two faced!

If she was nice, it wouldn't be hard to find proof. Again, you can't show us any because she's isn't a nice person. A nice person wouldn't attack others. Sure, people make mistakes. But she knew what she was doing. The bigger thing to do was not say anything at all or simply ask why did that cosplayer feel that way?

Also, I dislike her with the TRUTH. She, again, attacked a small fry cosplayer. Knowing fully well what would happen. She freaked out, not wanting her parents to see her photos. Yet, post photos of her grabbing her breasts and displaying her ass. And let's not kid ourselves, those nudes are her's. She's said before she doesn't care what others think, then turn around and act so butt hurt. Yeah, we have proof she posted in the previous thread. She said on Twitter she couldn't continue coming her and defend herself.

No. 134867


> Implies if she hasn't heard it, no one important is saying it

> Implies I'm the one who puts themselves above others


No. 134868

By pointing out lies you must fight with proof Lmao

Ya got nothing

No. 134870


You still don't realize how ridiculous your demand is. Would you be satisfied if I just started linking tweets and posts where she said nice things? Of course not. If you were, you'd already be satisfied since they're about 50% of her posts.

What are you even asking me to provide, then? What would you actually accept, since you're so gung-ho on trying to get me to argue this point I keep telling you isn't my focus…

If I post her compliments to other people (https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/736060495975743488) you'll just say she's sucking their dick for attention.

If I link to posts where she says nice things about her friends (https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/735976667223457796) you'll just say it's all about her.

If I post a link where she shows appreciation to her fans for her success (https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/735828772839030784) you'll just say it's another attempt at attention-grabbing

If I link to a post where she's just randomly complimenting someone, appreciating their work/look (https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/735513236326338560) you'll say the same thing

You're creating an impossible task so you can just convince yourself you're right.

No. 134872

Like I said, it's pigeon chess.

No. 134873

But like real talk, when is she going to google zero suit Samus and realise Samus has side bangs? >>131172

No. 134874


You're acting like we're all delusional. Or least I am. It's not laughable or demanding too much asking for proof.

I'm not gonna sit there and say she's kissing ass. Though it's a little sad there's only a few sweet words to prove your point.. Weak. What I'm gonna say is this. I told you why I dislike her. And gave a small list of reasons why I dislike her. You said nothing about them. My list is justified. You say nothing about those because they're the truth. Knowing not everything here is lies. But gasp! Truth.

As someone said and yourself, you're here to point out rumors. You disclaim rumors with the truth. Truth is having evidence.

There's been a lot more accusations than her not being a nice person. Why are you picking and defending that one with tooth and nails?

If all you have is that she's a nice person and won't try to prove other 'lies', why are you here? As the other person who knows Momo said, you being here is making things worse. Not better. You have a god complex. It's not us who's spinning a tale and forcing ourselves to believe. It's you.

No. 134876


> Though it's a little sad there's only a few sweet words to prove your point

That's literally me taking less than a minute to browse her twitter. If you actually check her social media accounts, you'll see hundreds of posts that work as examples of her being kind to others. Those were just the ones I grabbed quickly.

> As someone said and yourself, you're here to point out rumors. You disclaim rumors with the truth. Truth is having evidence.

Actually, this isn't how it works. I keep repeating "burden of proof" because you ladies don't understand how it works. If you make a claim (like saying Eric isn't actually her ex and it was all for attention) you have to provide the evidence. I'm telling you I know for a fact they're broken up, which is a call for evidence from you, which literally no one (in this thread or the last) has provided.

> What I'm gonna say is this. I told you why I dislike her. And gave a small list of reasons why I dislike her. You said nothing about them.

Because as I already mentioned, I'm not trying to get you to like her. You haven't really been listening.

You take me saying that she's nice to her friends and you twist it to say that I'm saying she's two-faced. You'll twist anything I say to fit your narrative because you don't want to hear what I'm actually saying: She is human and flawed, and you see the flaws because of how out-in-the-open her mistakes are. The fact of the matter is that absolutely nothing she has done warrants judgement from the kind of people that take joy in ruining someone's life, particularly over such a long period of time. If you hate her, fine, but contributing to the hate here puts you in league with the people actively trying to hurt another person in a direct way for fun. Bad people.

No. 134877

Also on this:

> Though it's a little sad there's only a few sweet words to prove your point

You should also consider my position in this argument. If I list a ton of posts, I'll just have you fucks claiming I'm obsessed. If the post is too long, I'm writing essays and a try-hard white-knight. There's no winning at your game. Hate is unstoppable.

As far as the posts today, it's more about creating a dialogue. When I say I'm here to point out lies, I am… but that isn't what I'm doing today. Today we're just talking. The more comments, the better.

No. 134878

You're so dodging all of what I wrote. :) But that's what I expected. And it works both ways honey. Telling us we need proof when we're telling you need it. That's just hypocritical. When someone is accused of murder, they bring in proof he didn't do it.

I don't hate Momo. I just think she's fame hungry.

Attacking a small fry cosplayer wasn't cool and reason enough to make me dislike her.

So, you're not trying to disclaim rumors today? Hypocritical. Again.

No. 134881


> I don't hate Momo. I just think she's fame hungry.

I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm not here to make you like her. I don't know how many times I have to say it.

> Attacking a small fry cosplayer wasn't cool and reason enough to make me dislike her.

> Anonymous 1 minute ago No. 134878

You're so dodging all of what I wrote. :) But that's what I expected. And it works both ways honey. Telling us we need proof when we're telling you need it. That's just hypocritical. When someone is accused of murder, they bring in proof he didn't do it.

I don't hate Momo. I just think she's fame hungry.

Attacking a small fry cosplayer wasn't cool and reason enough to make me dislike her.

> So, you're not trying to disclaim rumors today? Hypocritical. Again.

I'm here to point out lies. I'm not arguing that she didn't do that because that isn't necessarily a lie. It might be something that requires context, but it's not my focus. I'm here to point out the lies, and you're pointing at a legitimate reason to dislike her which I don't fault you for, and you're claiming it's contrary to what I'm saying and that I'm avoiding it.

I'm not avoiding it, it just isn't a lie. She used her popularity against someone. It was a bad move on her part, and I'm not denying it happened. I could sit around and talk about her being sorry for it or her realizing afterward that it was stupid and immature, but like I've said a hundred times already: I'm not here to make you like her. I'm just here to point out lies.

So stop taking something that isn't a lie and trying to claim it means I don't care or am avoiding it. It's a pitiful tactic.

And now, I look forward to about ten comments implying that I'm on the run or something just because no one actually reads what I'm writing. :)

No. 134884

File: 1464380539209.jpeg (330.49 KB, 1024x1538, image.jpeg)

Fanime anon here. No sign of moomoo yet but will update with photos if I see her.

No. 134885

Lol it's pitiful? I'm giving you a chance here. I'm asking you to show other evidence. I'm asking what else is lies besides her not being horrible. And I didn't say you didn't care.

You keep coming back with her being nice and once, about Eric. Is anything else said in the previous thread a lie? And I'm not being snarky here. Just merely asking, is that all? Just those two?

I'm using things to show you there is some truth here. Not all of it is lies.

No. 134887

Update: just saw her. I was going to take her photo when a staffer asked us to please move because we were in the walkway. She turned around and yelled "I KNOW. I'M RIGHT HERE. YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL IN MY FACE." at him. Awk.

No. 134888

Forgot to mention but her Silk cosplay also has a rip in the seam on her thigh and another rip on her waist.

No. 134889

Please get a photo!! We need to see this

No. 134893

I'll track her down later but she is wearing a corset. You can see the boning through her cosplay.

No. 134894


If you're genuinely asking… Going from top to bottom?

> >claimed to be bullied in highschool but was a skinny popular lacrosse goalie who reportedly was the one who did the bullying

- Completely unfounded, seemingly made up entirely in the first thread. The idea that she wasn't bullied herself are ridiculous, considering there are tons of pictures of when she was very overweight in high school and no kid that big gets through high school without being bullied. She underwent a large change as seen from the images where she got pretty thin in high school, but the images of her overweight still exist… if you think she wasn't bullied, you're kidding yourself.

> >Claims to be a skilled cosplayer who can maker her own costumes and props but everything she's made looks terrible

- She actually knows and is quite open about being a beginner. The closest this comes to truth is when she cracks satirical and generally self-deprecating jokes about her skill.

> >Immediately goes back to wearing store bought cosplay after wearing her own terrible handiwork once
- She has multiple things she's worked on and worn, though she doesn't post all of them. She understands that her store-bought suits get her more users, so she focuses on them in her online social sphere because that's her job.

>acts passive aggressive when people decide they don't want to donate to her patreon

- The only thing referenced for this was that she said something about how people pledge and then pull out, and she found it humorous that those people don't realize that doesn't get them the rewards. It's a shitty thing to do, so she mentioned that she knew it was happening and explained why they weren't getting the reward. It provided context for her massively changing pledge amount every month which people had been asking about.

> Thank god even jnig is repulsed by her.

> I know people that are close to JNig and they confirmed this.

Jessica Nigri and Mariah actually still talk openly. Nigri is not "repulsed" by her. This is just a straight lie.

> Why get so disgusted with the fans you're trying to win over?

She was accosted and her then-boyfriend Eric had his life threatened at that convention. On top of that, she was keeping Vamplette in good spirits the entire day because of some unrelated things that happened to her. From my own personal account, I didn't see her being rude to fans in any way, but I didn't see her the whole day and it's possible she was (understandably) frustrated after some of the events of the day. She certainly wasn't "disgusted" by her fans though… that's conjecture. As far as the claims of her moping, as it was already mentioned by >>131765 she actually spent most of the day talking up Vamplette, because that's just the kind of thing she does.

> also she tried to butter up to angry joe and if you look for a picture of Maroon cosplay AKA Eric Matos you will see how annoyed joe looks around Eric and was most likely warned about these two mooches

Mariah got Joe's attention for Eric, because Eric is a huge fan. I'm sure you'll find this more funny than sincere, but Mariah didn't know who Joe was, and Joe was actually very nice about that and they talked for a while. Joe wasn't annoyed at all, considering a friend of mine spoke with him after and he asked for her to bring Mariah back to chat the next day. But it's simple for someone to just say he was and you'll all believe it.

> kicked off the UNLV team. Likely kicked off because of her nudes.

Complete conjecture. If you're at all curious, she left the team. She chose to leave for personal reasons.

> Mariah always pretends that she's the superior cosplayer

Complete lie. She's extremely open about Vamplette effectively being her mentor.

> What makes you think that she could fix Vampelette's shit?

Because she literally did


- Claims that it's Momo posting
She hasn't actually posted in this thread at all. I believe I know who those comments were from, but even if I'm wrong, I know they aren't Mariah.

> It's probably because Momo bought everything for Vamplette's Bayonetta costume, so she's tolerating her just a little longer.

Another complete lie. Vamplette bought her own stuff for Bayonetta

This wasn't meant to be an insult. Her mistake was not being very clear that she was joking. If you look at the rest of that conversation, she clarifies and apologizes. Her and Vamplette joke like that a lot, but Vamplette was having a difficult day and Mariah didn't realize how poorly worded her joke was. I can understand if you want to shit on her for not planning that tweet out very well, but you should know it wasn't meant to be an insult. If you heard them talk to each other, they literally say this shit all the time and it's always a joke. That kind of joke just doesn't work over text like on Twitter.

No. 134895

I will say this, though: Eric and Mariah are broken up. I've gone to several events and he was there without her. Usually she'd be inseperable from him and he couldn't really talk to anyone. Lately he's socializing like old Eric, so that was a sign. From what I see though, they're still friends, but that's it.

No. 134896

Where is you're proof? At this point it's hearsay, unless you were there at every single moment in time I'm inclined to think you are just making things up as well, as previously stated WHY DO YOU CARE SI MUCH IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT HER AT ALL? A lot of us do know her and don't like her but some of us don't hand out in your little friend group, a group from what I've seen from you and her is incredibly immature and full of jerks.

No. 134897


Again, burden of proof is on the original claim. Someone made the claim, I'm telling you that my own experience directly contradicts their claim. In response, you put the responsibility on me to prove it, instead of on the person making the original claim… because you WANT to believe the original claim. Nothing will satisfy you.

No. 134898


Also I never said I don't care about her. In fact, she's a good friend of mine and I do care about her well-being as well as the others that this thread affects. You're just making shit up now, implying I ever said that I didn't care about her at all.

All I said is that I didn't care if you guys hated on her as long as it was truthful. If anything, that hatred is to her benefit. If she had no one hating her, she would have no humility. She wouldn't learn to filter herself… basically, if she didn't have you girls hating on her for stupid shit, she'd be doing much stupider shit.

You're helping her, and she knows that. I think she would even appreciate the lessons from the last thread… knowing that for every ten lies, there is one truth that she can work on to be better.

No. 134900

You did say you didn't care about the hate, you are contradicting yourself there buddy

No. 134901

We know what we know and you know what you know. I honestly do think your Mariah, only Mariah trips over her claims as much as you do. Yea she may be at a con but her phone is glued to her hands at all times.

No. 134903


Believe whatever you need to

No. 134905


Can you read? Serious question. Asking for a friend.

No. 134909

Yep it's either Colette or Mariah, maybe both. Third culprit: tbd

No. 134915

Especially since both have been in pissy moods since leaving for fanime

No. 134916


As I said before, you need to believe I'm Mariah (or Vamplette) because it fits your narrative. It's easier to hate me and ignore the points I'm making if you just think I'm Mariah having a hissy-fit and coming in here to ruin your fun.

There's no way to prove I'm not them without revealing who I am, so it's just one more thing I'll add to the list of things you believe that are ultimately completely false.

No. 134924

I don't like Momo much, but you should have recorded that shit if you were already poised to take her photo. I mean… we want more hard proof she's a shitty person.

No. 134925

Do you ever read before you post? Lol no one CARES about you! Your here for your own selfish purpose when none of us here could care less about what you are trying to do, we have had our experiences and you've had yours we know what we need to know if playing the victim something Mariah does a lot makes you feel better, by all means continue

No. 134927

Yeah, the "selfless friend" anon who's white-knighting up the thread obviously has some kind of complex. Have to shoulder in on the attention momo gets somehow I suppose.

No. 134928


Multiple people are responding to me. You don't get to pretend no one cares when the last twenty posts are mostly a conversation between me and the people on the site.


Already mentioned this is a pretty stupid thing to assume. I'm not getting any attention for doing this. No one knows I'm commenting here, and no one in here knows who I am. All I'm getting from doing this is the hope that I can at least remove the lies from the thread.

I'm sure it's difficult for you to understand why someone would do something good when they get nothing tangible in return, but try.

No. 134931

Yes, I was genuinely asking. And you may bring up some good points.

Only thing that confused me is, Momo said she still talked to Eric almost everyday or something like that. After she bashed Eric for flirting with other girls in front of her publicly. Personally, I just found that odd.

Even though Momo thought she was explaining about the patreon, it did come off as kinda entitled and harsh. If she learned a lesson from that, then great.

No. 134932

What good have you done? You've just been agitated people and angering them more than they already are. You're hero complex is disturbing, your trying to make people see something that isn't there purely to make yourself feel better.

No. 134941

Exactly this, anon. It's cute that they think saying "No you are wrong!" to things while providing no proof is "erasing lies". You are just shitting up the thread and making us want to tear momo apart more tbh.

No. 134942


I just want to say I really appreciate that you are asking and reading and actually having a conversation with me. As you can see, some others are not interested in actually talking things through.

> Only thing that confused me is, Momo said she still talked to Eric almost everyday or something like that. After she bashed Eric for flirting with other girls in front of her publicly. Personally, I just found that odd.

Here's what happened. They weren't great together, and both of them would probably admit to that. Neither of them were great as boyfriend and girlfriend. She broke up with him but then at a party the next day was drinking and got upset that he was flirting with another girl in front of her. She was a bit upset over the breakup even though she was the one that initiated it… because she liked him. It's a very normal thing. Her mistake was allowing that pain to turn into the idea that his flirting was wrong. So she made a drunken mistake and posted about it, and literally everyone of her friends called her out on it and she publicly apologized for it.

They're great friends now, and though it's clear they still have feelings for each other, they are just friends. They might date again in the future, when they both feel ready.

It is odd, you're right… but it isn't bad. It's just odd. Sometimes, relationships are odd.

No. 134943


And that's kind of what everyone here can't see. She is emotionally charged at times and has trouble reeling it in, but she gets better at that every day. The fact that she isn't in this thread (regardless of people thinking I'm her) is testament to that, as well as how good of friends her and Eric are now.

She makes mistakes, and they are always very public because she has access to so many followers and sometimes the opportunity to use that is difficult to ignore. But her friends talk to her about it, she fixes her mistakes, she apologizes, and she grows. She grows and matures and you can't see that if you only see her online profiles… I don't know how I can show you that.

If you're having this conversation with me, then obviously you're rational enough to see that perhaps your view of her can be skewed by the fact that you see her mistakes on a screen but can't see her growth. If you want to see who she is as a person, talk to her. Not on twitter or through this site… contact her on facebook or make an anonymous email and contact her. Tell her you want her side of the story, because you don't know what to believe.

And when you get that story and you want to check with the people involved to know if she's lying, contact them. I wouldn't ask you to just take my word or her word. Take the word of everyone actually involved in these stories. Don't accept anonymous posts on a message board… not even mine.

No. 134945


I personally do know her, and have read what you say. A lot of this does not add up to the person I've met and talked to several times, yes you can get emotionally charged but how can you sit there and blatantly ignore some of the trouble she had caused other people and I'm not including Eric here, how do you justify her attacking people on Twitter, at a lacrosse game, at school, and it person?

No. 134948


> how do you justify her attacking people […] at a lacrosse game, at school, and it person?

I would need citations about the specific events you're talking about to respond to you. The only talk of her attacking people at a lacrosse game / at school was started in the last thread. It's pure hearsay. On top of that, I would find it difficult (though not impossible… let's talk about it) to judge someone based on who they were years prior. A quick rise to semi-fame in any medium induces rapid change because a person is forced to look at themselves when they see how others see them… and that came quite a while after she left lacrosse.

TO put things in perspective: I once ran into a high school bully of mine in an airport half-way across the country from my school. Hated this guy in high school, wouldn't have been broken up about it if he'd died… that bad. I ended up having lunch with him in the airport and he was just the nicest guy (military must have kicked his ass into gear). We still talk to this day… My point is: who we are in high school are just so much different than who we become once we leave.

As far as attacking someone in person, I've only see her say something really rude to someone in person maybe two times total, and I've known her quite a while now. In one instance, she was defending a friend and lashed out at someone attacking her friend. In the other case, a friend of hers had said something she (reasonably) took to be a bit of a rude jab at her, and she was drinking and said something demeaning in return… her friends immediately called her out on it and she corrected it… she's good friends with that guy now.

No. 134949


It's entirely possible I've missed a lot of instances where she said something rude… if you have stories, and you don't think telling them will out your identity, we can talk about them… but I feel that most people here just want to believe it… they hear something on the grapevine and it just becomes truth because it fits the image of who they think she is, which just cements it more in their mind.

No. 134951

Yes, I'm very rational. I've said before, I don't hate her, just merely dislike. Mostly because of the reasons I listed. Opinions can always changed. Unless if someone killed, raped or an animal abuser. Other then those three things, my mind is always open. I'm watching to see what she does. If she continues to make poor decisions (like putting that small cosplayer in a bad light) or if she betters herself.

No. 134956

File: 1464393962557.jpeg (2.42 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

I didn't know it was going to happen. Otherwise I woulda done it kek.

No. 134978

Who's the downs syndrome girl next to momo?

No. 134980


No. 134986

holy crap I didn't realize there was a part 2 I feel like i've missed so much omfg. but from reading all of this I'll just say that no Mariah did not go to the Over Watch event and neither did Vamplette or else we would of saw a shit ton of pictures cause mono posts pics of everything she does to try to justify and make herself look popular. That was GabbyCosplay and someone else dressed as Mercy but not Collette. Big boobs and cheap bodysuit usually smells like Momo, but not this time. Also i'm surprised that you guys are wasting your energy fighting this white knight (betting the white knight is either collette on behalf of mariah) and barely brushing over how mean her comments to Vamplette were on twitter about her D.Va cosplay what the hell. Also never got the chance to say this before but when is Momokun gonna look on google and realize that Samus has a beauty mark on her face. Fucking little details man how hard is it? Pretty sure that Momo paid for her and Vamplette to go to this con and that's the only reason why Vamplette is still going after she was so publicly bitchy to her. What ever happened to her new Samus suit??! Didn't get it done in like 2 days (so like what 5 hours tops of work lol so lazy) so she just isn't gonna make it anymore and switched to Mei? Fucking sad. She didn't even sand down her worbla for the gun or Mei's backpack. 10 Bucks she changes half way through to day after no one pays attention to her "casual mei"

No. 134987

anyone notice momo sucking @theawakened_ 's ass on twitter? Eclair/theawakened_ is the most popular Mei cosplayer atm.

No. 134989


If you're defending her why care if you reveal who you are? I'm really curious as I'm in the same circle and I fucking hate her. Your view is so skewed of her and I really don't understand why.

No. 134993

File: 1464404903035.jpeg (191.96 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

It's clear that this is super photoshopped… So why didn't they get rid of her gross acne. Or the shitty stitching in the front of the mask. And her lips look so uncomfortable imagine how bad it the mask smells just from a day of her breathing heavily on it ew gross.

No. 134996

Sand down the worbla? She didn't even prime it! She tried to use plastidip on worbla and that is not for worbla-face palm- plastidip is to make wobbly surfaces hard while worbla is already a hard surface and needs filling it just annoyed me so hard.

You know she's not even correcting people with buying the suits she just lets them assume she makes everything she wears, as for the Samus suit she was making, she claims her sewing machine fd up on her and the stitching completely ruined the back of the suit. She was also using non stretch fabric on the yaya han fabric to make the darker blue decals for Samus. So I'm guessing the entire suit just looked awful. I think it's a waste of the yaya Han fabric.

No. 134997

We're people swarming her like she expected them too?

No. 135001

Since you said it yourself that you're in the same circle. Why do you hate Momo? Please tell!

No. 135007

File: 1464407762385.jpeg (229.2 KB, 1024x1365, image.jpeg)

The worbla was put on so shitty I can't ugh. It's so crinkled. Any decent cosplayer would of tried again.

No. 135009

File: 1464408184342.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

LOL where did her neck go?!?! Also the top of that "bunny suit" lol and you can see the gross glumps of hot glue on the ears.

No. 135011


Anon I have no love for this girl but it's obviously under her bow you fucking spaz.

No. 135013

No. When I saw her, only one other guy wanted "her" (actually Vamplette's) photo and he didn't even ask who she is.

No. 135014

You miss my point anon, it's an incredibly unflattering photo. Makes it look like her double chin got pushed above the bow and makes her chin/upper neck look fucking huge. An actual trained model would know to push her neck forward and elongat it for the photo. Not a comfortable position to hold, but looks much nicer for photos.

No. 135017

There are things I just dont understand regarding the Samus suit she tried to make. She posted a picture or herself in a mock-up she claims she made from scratch. Then posts another photo about making more bodysuits but there is clearly a pattern on top of the fabric. Im guessing it was the Yaya bodysuit pattern by the seam lines of the mock-up. So first thing I dont get is why did she blatantly lie about making a bodysuit from "scratch" and the other thing I dont get is when she made the Samus suit she didnt use the pattern. Like…why?

No. 135022

File: 1464414842234.jpg (33.46 KB, 610x610, $_32.JPG)

I would have just modified a nerf gun. It wouldn't be perfectly accurate but if you don't have the skills you gotta compromise

No. 135028

Remember how Mariah would boast about her "genius marketing skills" and that she went to school for it? She's been saying this since she was 19 and began her shit show of cosplaying. She stopped going to school already by then… And did lacross her freshman year before dropping out. Marketing major my ass. She's such a terrible liar. She was spewing this shit before I even realized how much I disliked her and even then I wasn't fooled with that lie ugh. Also she says she can speak Jappanese and is a translator as a hobby. Bitch where??!! Compulsive attention seeking liar. Love how she's publicly said metroid was her favorite video game and has clearly never even played it.

No. 135033

On one of her twitch streams she admitted she can only do conversational Japanese and is better at reading it than speaking it, that she doesn't understand most of the song lyrics while listening. A great translator indeed.

No. 135103

File: 1464447886183.gif (431.31 KB, 181x140, 1462305526422.gif)

>hot glue
>same project

No. 135117

She hot glued the white pipe on top to the worbla too.

No. 135140

I think Momo has chewed off far more than she can handle, and it's very obvious. Way too many projects with too short of deadline– you can't expect very good quality from that. People that are actually serious about cosplay would take the time and do research before doing a project and try to have it better prepared in their skill level. Most people that do churn out good cosplays in a shorter period of time usually have prior experience and/or have done research ahead of time.

I guess expensive materials for cosplay that she uses are taken for granted because she isn't actually paying for them (assuming she is supposedly using her patreon money for it since she quit her job). I'm cringing so hard at her attempts at using worbla. I've never used it (yet) but I'm seeing so many no-no's that any person that put an ounce of research into doing on it would know not to do. Sure, it's cool to experiment, but that is usually best reserved for those that have worked with the material enough to know the ins and outs of what it is capable of.

Momo also has zero humility– something at least JNig has been showing much more of the past few years because sucking up to her fans (or making it seem like it) will get her more fans. It's like basic PR for whatever you're marketing.

No. 135147

Back to point out more lies:


> betting the white knight is either collette on behalf of mariah

I feel like it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that I'm not either of them, but believe what you need to believe.

> barely brushing over how mean her comments to Vamplette were on twitter about her D.Va cosplay what the hell

As already mentioned, she wasn't attempting to be mean. They joke like that to each other non-stop and the joke just didn't play well on twitter. If you follow the entire conversation it's very clear.

> Pretty sure that Momo paid for her and Vamplette to go to this con and that's the only reason why Vamplette is still going after she was so publicly bitchy to her.

She didn't pay for Vamplette, and as already mentioned, she wasn't being bitchy.


> she claims her sewing machine fd up on her and the stitching completely ruined the back of the suit.

That claim is true.


> Marketing major my ass. She's such a terrible liar. She was spewing this shit before I even realized how much I disliked her and even then I wasn't fooled with that lie

She was a marketing major.

No. 135154

That's the mistake newbie cosplayers make, they think higher quality items mean better cosplays because they've acquired higher quality items, what they don't realize is experience doesn't come with it after you buy it, if she was going to use pvc pipe and all that jazz she could have wrapped everything in worbla but she didn't she got glued. That will fall apart very quickly if it makes it through the con that will be a miracle. Also everyone ignore the white knight bumping the thread it's clear they won't give up so best we just ignore them:p

Yes the white knight is a relentless fellow and won't follow through with his vows to quit posting on here so might as well return to our program!

No. 135161

Another lie:


> the white knight is a relentless fellow and won't follow through with his vows to quit posting

I have never said I would stop posting.

No. 135166

Are you going back today?

No. 135169

File: 1464458018168.png (344.33 KB, 750x509, image.png)

No Mariah, you cosplay just to whore yourself out because you're an attention whore. Pat yourself on the back some more, doesn't change the fact that the Vegas community hates your guts, especially the POC group in Vegas knows you as actually being a racist fat shaming bitch.

No. 135173

Is the other chick supposed to be Lunch from DB? Having trouble being sure because no hairband with the red bow. Mariah does look better when she is posed next to bad cosplayers. It's pretty sad.

No. 135179

File: 1464459709101.jpeg (154.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)


>W E A R

>T A N K T O P
>A N D
>Y O G A
>P A N T S

>C A L L

>I T
>C O S P L A Y


No. 135180

This is pretty bad. Her bought cosplay looks okay, but from what the other anon said about the seams already splitting…

No. 135181

>desecrating my waifu
This is a fucking crime against humanity.

No. 135182

I've seen branches that look more like a gun than that thing does

No. 135183

If you took away the "gun" you couldn't tell she was cosplaying

Fucking hell, look at the replies to that exact picture on Twitter

No. 135186

…. Her weapon making skills….. So poor. It looks like it's gonna fall apart.

No. 135191

File: 1464462580197.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I truly believe this is her worst made cosplay to date and that's saying something. The gun is disgusting what the fuck is that thing. My friend and I made a bet that she's gonna change by the end of the day because no one is going to know who she is or take pictures of her. Her standing next to Vamplette is a joke no one is going to notice her. I'm in awe at how bad this cosplay is. She already looks disgruntled in the picture lol. Also does she not know how to put foundation on her boobs? Her face and chest are two different colors this is a nightmare. Her boobs look super saggy here. I'm so glad she did this cosplay because now hopefully everyone can see what a terrible cosplayer she really is. Bless this terrible terrible cosplay haha.

No. 135192

You already know for a fact fat, lonely, and horny white knights are still gonna call her beautiful and defend her shitty craft

No. 135193

You already know for a fact fat, lonely, and horny white knights are still gonna call her beautiful and defend her shitty craft

No. 135196

Did she even try to style the wig?

No. 135198

It looks much better than her ratty Samus wig. The answer is still probably no.

No. 135204

holy shit Mei's hair isnt even that hard to style

No. 135211

It doesn't look styled at all but also doesn't Mei's hair part the other way?

No. 135213

Laughing at the anons calling her a butterface in this thread.

No. 135259

Can someone answer me how the hell that's even cosplay?

It's literally just a tank top and yoga pants

No. 135260

File: 1464478679603.jpg (86.18 KB, 600x800, CjkJS8lUoAI3vOU.jpg)

Fatty fatty boom boom.

No. 135261

File: 1464478693649.png (234.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>these fucking comments
someone with a throw away account comment something about her cosplay being shit and how everyone is white knight and see what shit storm brews from it

Or tweet it

No. 135263

File: 1464478804908.jpg (93.03 KB, 450x750, 1464186566850.jpg)

Based on this

No. 135265

Oh yeah
I'm just cosplaying a character if you know they just wore casual clothes
Not because I'm a lazy talentless hack and I don't want to represent the character how she's known but because I wanted to dress up as this lesser known concept art

Fuck off

No. 135268

File: 1464479897388.jpg (61.1 KB, 600x827, selfied.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 135327

File: 1464500437782.png (119.53 KB, 533x583, Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.38…)

k e k

No. 135431

Jesus, those white knights

No. 135509

I think everyone does closet cosplay once in a while… but she shouldn't act like it's anything special. If she just went "hey, it's a closet cosplay for fun to match my friend, nothing special!" it would be fine. But she acts like she's at the same level as Vamplette while wearing a closet cosplay… which is stupid and self absorbed. That's why she's a shitty person.

No. 135551

File: 1464560353583.jpeg (261.83 KB, 1024x1536, image.jpeg)

Yo. Where's her ass at tho?

No. 135553

GO LOOK AT LIVING ICHIGOS SNAPCHAT! Someone save that and send it to her dear old Muslim parents. His snapchat is LivingIchigo.

No. 135555

oh my god @ the messy ass paint on her pants.

No. 135556

File: 1464561102097.png (676.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Don't know how to save videos on their but she's getting spanked in that snapchat and everyone is drunk as hell in the video, the guy also mentions Mariah can take it up the butt but can't handle getting spanked, lol I guess her fans will love that.

No. 135573

This looks like something you'd find on a lifetime movie for some reason

>Cosplayer makes money from selling sexual pictures but things take a wrong turn while she gets drunk with friends and a sbapchat story leaks out. Can she save her future reputation and patch things up with her parents?

No. 135576

I know she's "cosplaying" Mei but she's Zero Ass Samus now.

No. 135583


Her stomach absorbed it.

No. 135614

This is embarassing. She couldn't even manage a decent half-ass causal cosplay. Her bra is sticking out, her yoga pants are pulled up past her belly button, she couldn't even manage to paint an even/neat strip along the side or make a decent prop gun. Funny how her ass mysteriously disappears when she's not throwing her back out.

No. 135633

lol she got too drunk and trashed last night that she didn't even cosplay today. She's so unprofessional and lazy it's sad

No. 135641

File: 1464574298954.jpg (80.52 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1464574184939.jpg)

This proper mei cosplay amongst the sea of thots

No. 135660

It's not like Mariah will do an actual Mei cosplay, then she wouldn't be able to flash her tits.

No. 135665

File: 1464581788045.jpg (91.18 KB, 640x853, 20160514091211a0eeo7d4zint6qii…)

Was this her inspiration?

No. 135668

I wish she would've done different makeup for Mei, she has a very sweet face but Mariah looks like a hag

No. 135711

I went to Centennial with Mariah during my Junior year. She came to my theatre class in the middle of the semester and immediately tried to assert herself as 'the main bitch'. If Mrs. Webb(our teacher)didn't give her a role she wanted she'd bitch about it. She tried to undermine every group activity by automatically assuming she was the group leader and smothering everyone with her opinion. She was just really uncomfortable to be around and most(if not all) of our class hated her. She was very aggressive and always tried to start a fight. I thought only the cosplay community knew about her nudes but I ran into a highschool friend at UNLV and our normie classmates know too. We all really hoped that she would have improved over the years but it looks like she's only gotten less aggressive. Its really sad honestly.

No. 135713

Likely. This girl was very unknown then she posted this and her popularity and follower count blew up. Not that this is impressive but hey at least she's much cuter than Momo.

No. 135720

Oh god I totally forgot that she thinks she's an actress too, she brags that she is amazing at everything she does not that confidence is a bad thing but than there's Mariah confidence. When you think your great at anything but your not. She will progressively get worse as more people indulge her and praise her "hard work"

No. 135722

Who are you and why are you trying to impersonate me, you fiend.

No. 135730

Nah she bragged awhile back that she was cast as lead in a pilot, really just a classmate of hers putting together a crappy sitcom lol before that she was boasting about being famous and how she had that cosplay show in the world but it was just for local tv and that fell through

No. 135732

She was skinny at that point right? When she had that I was fat story it looked like that picture was from when she was younger than being in high school, I'm pretty sure she went to palo verde… Isn't that a CA school?

No. 135733

Wtf >>135720 wasn't trying to impersonate you? Mariah said before that she's a good actress and said on cgl that she was supposed to appear on tv. Anon was just bringing that up again.

And apparently she hasn't gotten less aggressive. See >>134887

>that massive bra in the back
Do people not check what's around them before taking selfies anymore?
She's actually pretty cute tho, ngl.

No. 135735

My bad that was a borderline summerlin school, she must of switched schools after her surgery and weight loss.

No. 135739

Ah sorry about that. I barely got any sleep and I read that comment as if it were meant to be an add on to my own.
>tfw actually retarded

No. 135740

Yeah she was pretty fit at Centennial. She was on the lacrosse team.

No. 135742

File: 1464620098772.jpg (3.53 MB, 5312x2988, 20160528_175416.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard. Someone posted this in a discord chat I'm in saying 'Why's there a girl in her pajamas next to D.Va?'

Even gaming normies aren't buying Momo's BS

No. 135744

she looks like she's really sucking her gut in here

No. 135746

you mean the obvious corset/waist trainer shes wearing? you can see the front clasps through her shirt

No. 135748


It's definitely not even a real corset, it's one of those shitty "waist trainers" you buy off instagram

No. 135765


ot but who's the dva chick? she looks pretty fucking ugly. and i thought my nose was bad, this seriously made me feel good.

also mariah looks so ditsy, most people aren't gonna recognize her as mei

No. 135768

Thats Vamplette and ita so funny because them next to each other only makes the both of them look uglier. the good things about each of their faces are what the other one lacks and it just makes looking back n forth between them more and more tragic the longer you look.

No. 135772

Yeah it's those waist cinchers..they're not even corsets, they're just expensive elastic fat tubes

No. 135789

Off topic but as someone who wants a corset (not a fatty) how can I find actual professional corsets. I keep finding either waist trainers or ~steampunk~ stuff.

No. 135814

ive heard some good things about orchardcorset.com

No. 135817

i've heard really good things about orchard corset as well. lovely rat's also seems to be a good place to get corsets.

No. 135820

No. 135822


Also highly recommending Orchard Corset. Compared to shitty elastic "waist cinchers" they look pricey but they're worth it and if you're new to corsetry they have a ton of really useful info on their blog.

No. 135865

That's why she's doing boudoir D.Va based on someone's amazing artwork, course she's going to half ass that.

No. 135880


my god, she looks like a white middle aged mother of three who decided to "try this cosplay thing out" because her 11 year old son was into video games.

No. 135889

File: 1464659030649.png (857.8 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_2016-05-30-18-33-22…)

Literally I have issues with this whole entire area of that picture lol. What's with the quadra boob? Why her yoga pants pulled up to her belly button? (Terribly poor tummy tuck) where her non existent ass go? Why that gun look like chunks of plastic with a flashlight in it? Jeeeesus this whole thing screams lazy but those desperate creepy guys on Twitter don't seem to care. I'd never put someone on blast for being a chubby cosplayer but the "ass she's so famous for" only exists in certain angles and lighting and this picture proves it but it doesn't matter because of her mentions all those creepy dudes lol just look at her mentions they are so cringey.

No. 135890

Jesus, that horribly painted stripe down the pants too.
How are you gonna ask for donations for your cosplay just to put in zero fucking effort?

No. 135891

She used plastidip on worbla and did not sand anything down on her gun, as for the yoga pants vamplette actually painted them on her while wearing the pants, she wears sportswear pants no matter what I've never seen Mariah wear jeans or a skirt ever. Sportswear tend to squeeze in your fat so you jiggle less

No. 135892

Did she double bra for this 'cosplay'? Her boobs are not that big

No. 135894

Her body is so gross. She's fat and flabby all over. How do you just stop caring and putting any thought into maintaining your own body?

No. 135896

with a body like that how does she intend to use lingerie pics as a reward on her patreon? where did momo even get the idea to take lingerie photos to sell on patreon? like thats not what patreon is for.

No. 135902


It's because of the internet generation and body positivity. People tell you that you look good because no one wants to hurt your feelings, everyone needs their hands held nowadays, fuck if I got that gross I'd be so pissed that my friends kept telling me I looked good because they didn't wanna hurt my feelings lol. Plus, she's got so many lonely nerds that haven't even touched a woman in their life telling her she's gorgeous, so that right there fills her head with all of this false self esteem that she genuinely believes she looks good. And it's not just her a lot of girls view their self esteem based on validation from people online nowadays lol. You're either so filled with hot air because of people like Momos followers, or you have crippling self esteem because people online attack you for flaws that aren't there because they're jealous. Like you could be a 10 irl but there's no winning ha-ha. Ironic because this whole thread is dedicated to attacking her flaws. She's convinced she doesn't have to change a thing because everyone tells her she's beautiful for their own reasons. But with all of these con pictures surfacing, it's obvious her earlier photos and her photoshoots are filled with Photoshop and strategic angles. Like if she's gonna keep getting her picture taken by other people shes either got to hit the gym or suck it up because sometimes she looks so unhappy her picture is being taken, but if you want this cosplay fame your picture is going to be taken. Hit. The. Gym.

No. 135914

File: 1464667001573.png (630.24 KB, 752x1108, image.png)

lol @ anon white knight who said Mariah didn't pay for Vamplette to go with her… She just admitted she paid for her to go herself ahah. Momo doesn't have any real friends so she has to buy them now.

No. 135917

Does anyone know the 'bad thing' that Mariah is talking about?

No. 135922

probably getting posted here kek

it's hilarious that she thought fanime was great when most people who attended thought that fanime was incredibly disappointing this year.

No. 135928


Using money from pattern, that's supposed to be for these amazing cosplays, to pay for her "best friend" to go to some con.

If I was donating I'd be fucking pissed.

No. 135933

You can see where her waist trainer is cutting into her just under her boobs and along her back causing a roll. This whole thing is a mess.

No. 135941

Wait so she used patreon money that's supposed to go towards /her/ cosplay related things to take someone ELSE to a con?

No. 135943

No. 135945

All the while the two cosplays she brought to the con were a spandex suit she bought online and a tank-top/yoga pants combo she painted some stripes on. She didn't even bother to cosplay for the last day of the con either. She sure is taking her full-time new cosplay job super seriously!

No. 135952

This convention was FOUR days. She wore cosplay to TWO of the four.

Are we going to address how she's all over Bardock Obama's dick now? He went on an epic rant about patreon and cosplayers and how shitty both are, how is this bitch associating with him? Why isn't she tearing him down like she did with Luna?

No. 135991

So she only wore cosplay for two out of four days, used her patreon money to bring someone else to a con and not on cosplay as promised. The two cosplay she did bring were shit. How much longer do you think she's going to be able to coast by with her mysteriously disappearing and reappearing ass?

No. 135996

For awhile til her looks fade, most of the people donating are guys who just want to see her naked they aren't actually supportive of cosplay or are real fans of cosplay

No. 136002

File: 1464709081618.jpg (248.69 KB, 1417x1417, kek.jpg)


No. 136005

Wow, Mariah you're such a professional full-time cosplayer!

And zero ass to be found. If she wants money so much and loves being naked on the Internet, why doesn't she just go into camming? She'd fit that Arabian niche which is so rare.

No. 136011

just for posterity whitwknight said
'She didn't pay for Vamplette,'

sorry i'm just here for the TRUTH and to expose all the LIES in the thread kek

No. 136044

You know the way Mariah talks/posts about Vamplette makes it seem like Vamplette is a whiny little shit baby who has no clue what she is doing in terms of conventions and cosplay.

No. 136049

Which is funny as Vamplette's the better cosplayer. Momo has to pump up her own ego though helping the poor fragile baby bird that is vamplette. She's just so generous and giving you guys!

No. 136104

how did momo and vamplette even meet and become friends?

No. 136106

Arching her back as usual could eliminate the weird pose she's doing now and make her booty pop. The gun looks like Old Yeller needing a shot in the head. TBH casual Mei could be casual without the shitty painted on pants this is just a whole new level of lazy

No. 136182

^ they were both part of the Anime Revolution cosplay workers

No. 136211

File: 1464753293691.jpeg (34.47 KB, 720x405, image.jpeg)

Sums up her mindset on putting Mei together perfectly.

No. 136216

File: 1464755490338.png (239.71 KB, 752x1027, image.png)

No. 136217

File: 1464755519261.png (226.11 KB, 750x1026, image.png)

Lol ouch

No. 136218

I'm starting to wonder if maybe that's why she's so successful, she's frumpy and average looking so dudes think they can hit her up, and chicks wanna be her friend because they dont feel threatened by her lol.

No. 136219

File: 1464756615537.jpeg (25.66 KB, 750x175, image.jpeg)

Like 75% of the comments are all degrading comments about her "sexiness" and then there's pic related…

No. 136221

File: 1464756829784.png (1.14 MB, 985x960, berealmomo.png)

Exact like the concept art? The gun is shitty, but sure, we'll let it slide since it's the only thing you kind of made an effort with. The back-tank part of the gun isn't remotely right, wrong straps, tank-top and boots are close, but I wouldnb't say "exact" and you didn't even bother to try to paint on the design in the fanart, just some really sloppy half-assed strips along the sides. You couldn't even bother to get the hairpiece right. It's halfassed and it's pretty obvious.

No. 136225

File: 1464757185592.jpg (77.91 KB, 583x960, 13315494_509210002604000_67087…)

Haha, I can't wait for her response to Gaben in particular.

It's funny how her candid's look compared to her "professional" pics. She looks so stumpy.

No. 136235

File: 1464757967510.jpeg (76.75 KB, 640x873, image.jpeg)

August 2015

Maybe she spends all that patreon money on fast food, she doesn't strike me as the type that can cook for themself.

No. 136237

Someone mentioned her getting surgery and losing weight, was this then? Or has she just spiraled out of control now that she doesn't work for her money? Like, she's still kind of thick there, especially in the arms, but it's such a big difference than what she looks like now.

Her body here makes her look like she's a dwarf. Her proportions are fucked.

No. 136238

To a T, huh? I'm no cosplayer but a couple things: wig is off (sides), no stomach showing (we all know why), no pattern on pants, no drawstring, stripe looks bad and isn't double striped (according to pic), boots don't look anything like the pic (laces).

No. 136241

She lost a bunch of weight around 13/14 and had a breast reduction surgery, than went to centennial high school where everyone who does remember her remember her being in shape because of lacrosse and was known to be loud, rowdy, and was kind of a bully.

No. 136243

She's known to exaggerate and lie a lot. She claims she didn't do the jacket because of the heat but really she just didn't have time to make it (if she even can) and didn't even get meis bot right. There should be an EVe looking boy face on top of that backpack

No. 136244

What a stupid, pointless pose for a chubby girl to do. Even if there was a fantastic, well developed musculature under the flab (not that it looks like there is), you can't see it.

No. 136247

If momo just went full ho without hiding behind "im a real cosplayer" she'd be way outclassed by better looking women. being an 'arab girl cosplayer' is the only way she can stand out.

No. 136254

File: 1464763593428.jpg (63.91 KB, 584x960, uMeRjNh[1].jpg)

Why do people call her muslim again ? she's a christian whore like mia khalifa

No. 136256

IMO if she just admitted it was a half-assed fucking closet cosplay then I wouldn't care but even for a closet cosplay she fucked up so much shit. Like the wig looks nothing like Mei's hair, and for the people saying it's her hair in a bun, it's not, it unfortunately looks shittier than that.

Like this is not anywhere near what I would expect a "professional cosplayer" to put out. And yeah some people may say she readily admits to being a beginner but she quit her job for her patreon and she gets paid for "cosplay content", even though her patreon is like 80% thirsty white knights she still gets paid for cosplay and that makes her "professional", like for a "pro cosplayer" bitch have some fucking standards. At least style your wig or learn some skills before claiming to be some kind of pro or model for cosplaying. Even if you're a body-posi model put some kind of skill into your cosplay that you apparently aren't putting into going to the gym sicne she was so much fitter a year ago.

No. 136257

No she's unfortunately proudly muslim and if you question her she'll rub it in your face and talk about being proudly arabic and muslim and a cosplayer

No. 136258

Did she ever claim to be muslim ?

No. 136259

My favorite thing about this picture is that even though her face is covered, you can still tell it's her because of the board in the background.

No. 136261


I mean I guess not risking identity because fuck drama but she's very vocal in her friend group about not eating bacon/pork because of her religion and I'm fairly certain she isn't jewish.

I don't care enough to search her twitter for proof

No. 136263

File: 1464764338123.jpg (211.26 KB, 921x227, momo.jpg)


But I was also curiou8s and fb is easier to search than twitter, here u go anon she's muslim,. took a 10 second search on her facebook to find

No. 136266

she's like trying to get on the Mia kahlifa fake muslim bandwagon for attention.

No. 136277

Oh and Mariah,muslims can't drink or show themselves nude in front of anyone but their partners

No. 136281

But she is a proud Muslim woman who is empowered by her body! I like how she caps POWERFUL and EVERLASTING! Reminds me of that Italian ana-chan.

No. 136287

File: 1464779074766.jpg (64.04 KB, 960x960, 13346531_1100461833350374_4757…)

haha perfect

No. 136288

There's another Arab/Muslim cosplayer that does Ms. Marvel a lot, she respects herself a lot more than Mariah. Not professional, I don't think so at least.

No. 136292

So, anyone gonna post this on her page?

No. 136299

What's her page? her facebook page?

No. 136328

Yeah, any. I wanna see her and her white knights reaction to it.

No. 136339

File: 1464798999076.jpg (52.99 KB, 720x480, 1456437281683.jpg)

>Is your patreon money just going into Walmart tank tops?

No. 136363

the amount of "MMM THICK" comment on her facebook page are way too high. Did I miss a memo that fat is now 'thick', and does that make obese the new 'fat'

No. 136378

File: 1464807855255.png (241.96 KB, 720x1050, Screenshot_2016-06-01-11-52-21…)

LOL! "So, in other words, all you thirsty neckbeards who wanna see me half naked don't get to see titties until you pay for my rent and my fast food habit, Im too lazy to balance a real job because painting stripes on my yoga pants is SOOOO hard and time consuming v.v " Seriously. There are cosplayers on Patreon who make way less than she does and still go to cons with amazing cosplay. Plus, she lives with her parents. Like where does 3k a month go? I wanna see where this lazy cunt is in a year lol. I'd rather sell out and actually buy my cosplay rather than looking like a ratchet mess and pretending to be proud of it lmao.

No. 136400

seriously, her mom even texted her want kind of chicken do you want for dinner (fast food) so her parents do cover some of her shit. she actually did sell out and buy that yang cosplay for RWBY, except she insults the seller by saying she had to alter it to fit her (because she is in denial about her booming waistline and measurements are inaccurate when she emails them) the kick about the Yang cosplay, it was a commission request (where SHE is paid to make it for herself) on her patreon. Someone donated a large amount on patreon, asked her to do Yang and yeah…just an example of her laziness and love for her fans.

No. 136408

if this thread fills up again will there be a part 3? has to be

No. 136429

There'll be more threads as long as the milk keeps flowing.

No. 136433

I'm just tired of people using the word "talented". She's not talented, she sticks her ass out in store bought spandex suits and "alters" bought cosplay. Where is the talent? The photographer's who take her photos are talented as hell to make this hambeast look half decent, but all I've ever seen her actually make was the props for mikasa, the hammer that broke and the ugly gauntlets that looked like papier mache for Diane, she glued styrofoam to her shoes for the STORE BOUGHT ZSS and the shitty prop gun for mei. Only ones I'm unsure of are Chub Li and that other one on her Patreon no one cared about, with the long coat and boots? Did she make this or? OH AND LETS NOT FORGET SAMUS' SHITTY ASS GUN TOO LOL. yah she's loaded with talent. That word gets tossed around too much, chicks who pose in front of a camera are not talented.

No. 136434

I thought she moved out? If she's still living at home I'm bewildered at her managing to blow 3k a month and still have nothing to show for it. I'm assuming she must have had previous debts she's paying off, food addiction, and doesn't know how to budget worth a shit.

No. 136436

the last commission cosplay for her patreon reward was made by her and it looked literally nothing like the character! the chun li one she did too but she threw it out because she didn't like it even though originally she claimed she was proud to have made everything from scratch. the stuff she does make is pretty fucking bad and people still tell her, no no darling your amazingly talented and everyone else is just a hater cuz theyre hatin on your gorgeous face. like jesus! no one hates her because shes pretty or famous they hate her because she's a fucking fake who has NO TALENT and is a pretty shitty person.

No. 136438

Cosplayers who spend as much time on Twitter and Facebook like she does never get anywhere. Jessica Nigri posts two or three things a week and doesn't respond to the hate. When you live online it becomes time consuming. That's why her cosplays are shit. She can't even be offline for a day sometimes it takes three four days of grinding to actually make a decent cosplay but she just half asses it for a half hour goes to Twitter to validate how hard she's working and it always turns out half ass

No. 136440

whenever she's working she is def on twitter or facebook, her phone is GLUED to her hand, when she twitch streamed her progress on Mei she mostly just played music sang along and stopped working on the props to text on her phone or to ramble. she had a full week to make those props and if she had actually shut her phone off and payed attention to it she would have finished with something neater. right now her knew twitch goal is 800 dollars for AX like really? you are getting paid 3 k for doing half assed work! wtf?

No. 136442

i kid you not, she gets maybe 25-40 people a stream, she is no where near the viewership amount to get partnered with twitch like she wants. she lives on there for the donations, girl has no focus in life other than to get paid.

No. 136447

That's because she's lazy. She's too lazy to get in any kind of decent shape, she's too lazy to hold a real job, she's too lazy to even make semi decent cosplay for her "job" now. She wants to get paid to exist. When her youth fades or she gets out of control fat, reality is going to be harsh. I doubt she's budgeting or saving money in any way. She's a mess.

No. 136451

She really is, its shocking to see how much weight she's gained since she quit lacrosse and her job for Cosplay. its been only 3 months!

August 2015, person with some motivation and actually taking months to prepare a prop (the hammer was pretty good, but vamplette helped her with that A lot)

now…get off your ass mariah!

No. 136457

Holy shit, this all happened in three months? They must shop out a hell of a lot of stretch marks in her nudes. That's a huge gain.

No. 136461

she had quit lacross in february and started to gain weight which was visible at ALA, her suit had actually ripped in the back. she has gotten lazier since quitting her job in april.

No. 136464


you know her nude nudes are from when she was like 18 or 19 right? she admitted on twitter that she submitted them herself, but she was drunk when she did that.

Thats a good role model, gets underage drinking (well we all did that tbh lol), bullies people, rips people off, insults more talented people, posts nudes of herself than claims she didn't do it, but later admits she did.

great role model.

No. 136467

My bad, I meant the semi-nude pics she takes for her fans now.

No. 136472

thanks for the answer

Well she's an odd one.

No. 136475

File: 1464823516911.png (115.43 KB, 720x831, Screenshot_2016-06-01-16-21-04…)

LMAO IN CRINEEEEE I knew she was gonna do it lol. When I found about the UCLA shootings I thought to myself, "I wonder how long it takes until she turns it into something about her" I SHIT U NOT. Although I thought she was gonna do something tacky like "I pray for students safety it makes me so sad to see blahblahblah"

No. 136532

Ever since swimsuitsuccubus every cosplay girl tries to use patreon to show their ass but act like it's still legit cosplay

No. 136538

File: 1464849547289.jpeg (405.17 KB, 1024x1536, image.jpeg)


No. 136540

File: 1464849728844.png (595.11 KB, 593x859, image.png)


No. 136541

You can see where the suit is starting to tear on her right calf. I wonder how many other places it tore after only one day of wear? Another anon said she was walking around with multiple tears.

No. 136542

File: 1464850425581.png (483.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

It's more visible here, it's actually the second time she wore it, she orders her costumes too small

No. 136548

Wow it's really not that serious.

No. 136577

patreon now under 3000

do people realise now? :O

No. 136584

I wish

No. 136624

I was standing to her left so I didn't see any tears on her right side, but there's one that's about an inch on her waist and one that's about two inches on her left thigh.

No. 136630

imho the reason she takes a dip every month is because those people have always realized. they're literally just there for the ass shots. And even past the ones that swiftly changed their pledge before n after the charge (the ones she was calling out) she probably only got a very small portion of that. like i have about 200 in backing on my patreon and i've only gotten like 50 so far trying not to blog but as an actual comparison. there's a high chance she's still only getting like 1000 n under in actual dollars which tbh would explain why she threw such a bitch fit since most patreon runners dont feel the need to make long whiny posts every month

No. 136635


So basically she would be making more money if she had kept her part time job?

since you have a patreon, how does it actually work? its funny how shes doing a post about people not paying her when she tried to call out that Luna cosplayer out for throwing the exact.same.fit. and her constant need for donations on stream. she's a horrible Ahri main on LoL

No. 136668


I hate that whore. she needs her own thread

No. 136718

how is it that this basic bitches get so much money? seriously

No. 136733

File: 1464905295651.png (1.32 MB, 1932x1164, image.png)


No. 136736

File: 1464905691314.jpg (31.73 KB, 446x446, 13076776_10101830818117728_880…)

Looked up Mona Cortez. She(?) appears to be an obese tranny. I guess you might think momo looks comparatively good if you looked like… that.

No. 136738

Nothing worth talking about though. Not a suck up try hard and not a drama queen. Just another girl making money from guys who think they're hot. Millions of chicks do that, nothing funny or interesting about it. Shall we discuss every stripper and cam girl here since they're "whores" too?
Anyway back to momo. Anyone see that stupid twitter status she just posted. "I never get jealous, I just feel motivated by other's sucsess."

No. 136739

depends on what you mean by 'how does it work' tbh people pay you at the end of whatever periods you set up (it can be weekly, biweekly,monthly or per finished project) If the person doesnt have enough in their account it just doesnt go through and people can change their backing at any point. Its pretty simple to use

No. 136813

So there's at least already four different tears in this suit. Momo needs to face reality and start ordering a size or two up.

No. 136814

eww she is streaming in her samus cosplay…maybe she thinks she gets over 100 viewer at least… but no, just 70

oh god I hate her for doing the dumb faces and noises… its faaaar away from funny

No. 136819


Lol. Someone wanna be TFS Vegeta so bad. Even her comedic attempts are just recycled shit. Go watch Team Four Star Vegeta Plays Surgeon Simulator. Spot the similarities. :)

No. 136826

She's using viewbots kek
Look at the chat, there are bots in there saying random shit that doesn't make sense

garza7818 : i love black people
livewirejsp : uhoh. that sword.
king_cristian43 : mariahmallad YOURE EARLY

No. 136858

She just posted a Dva cosplay

No. 136861

File: 1464945209127.png (479.17 KB, 535x537, Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.12…)

>dat nasty backfat

No. 136865

Please tell me that's not her panties showing ugh…does that mean she'll be wearing absolutely NO underwear?!

And is that the Yaya Han pattern again?

No. 136884

She's getting a lot bigger. When she first started out I can see why people liked her. Hell, even I thought she was kinda hot. She was chubby but also "fit" due to her lacrosse. This is just embarrassing. She needs to use her patreon money to get to the gym before she goes whale status.

No. 136885

She's so doughy

No. 136888

Okay so it only took her 3 attempts to properly make a bodysuit that's 2 sizes too small. i hope patreon anon comes through again if she actually finishes this. is she gonna draw/paint on the lines for D.Va? I cant wait to see this train wreck. My main woe is that she'll probabaly beg vamplette to borrow her dva headset.

How long til she realizes she's using a dark blue fabric for a character who's suit is periwinkle.

No. 136897

It looks like another crappy Samus suit,
The more weight this girl puts on the smaller clothes get-denial much??? She claims she wants to be accurate yet the color isn't even right, and I'm assuming she's cutting the hole in the middle like in the boudoir pic, she's gonna fuck it up again cut that she needs to be made before the fucking suit is sewn together. I love how all the comments are just talking about her angled for the camera legs and not the suit. Even her fans know it's shit. Watch the minute she sits down that suit will rip.

No. 136904

That's her shapewear for sure, her stomach hangs a lot more without it and the forced selfie pose.

This thing looks like it is going to split any second. Can she even sit down?

No. 136929

What does she even use her patreon money for?!?! Couldn't even buy new fabric and is just gonna make the same material as samus again? Pathetic.

No. 136942

>that shitty arm hole
gurl you gotta cut it nicely otherwise your hemming will be fucked up and all over the place
although it's not like quality matters to her or her fans anyways.

No. 136950

i cant wait to see how much she tries to shoop it cause jesus fuck look at how much her fat is spilling out of that arm hole

No. 136990

Thats just her shitty swimsuit Samus she made! Why the fuck is she lying? There is nothing wrong with admitting you are re-using something.
The headset was originally Mariah's it was Vamplette who was borrowing it.

No. 136991

She may be
1) bitchy
2) talentless
3) untidy
I'd still fuck her though
Anyone else?

No. 136992

You forgot fat.

No. 136993

No cause she's probs dirty and she'd probs give up half way through since she's a fat lazy slob. i bet she has no stamina

No. 136994

Just goes straight starfish

No. 137000

You'd have to do all the work but she does like it up the ass so go you lol

No. 137002

still not worth it.

No. 137005

File: 1464989431821.png (2.18 MB, 1024x1279, Slut.png)

I would definitely one night stand and fuck off but I would never ever have more than that. She seems like far too much to put up with and is not even close to worth it.

No. 137008


If I had a dick I'd definitely stick it in her butt. I like chubby girls tho.

I would feel totally gross afterwards though, like when you get done watching really fucked up porn? I'd run out of the room before she started trying to talk to me

No. 137012

Considering the shitstorm she started on Twitter just now hitting and quitting it would be deadly haha

No. 137014

….Go on.

No. 137018

File: 1464991783227.png (45.93 KB, 866x184, worldtraveller.png)

yet again we see just how humble momo is

also i didnt know only doing west coast cons on your own dime counted as travelling the country????

Also I'm so amused that now she's talking to Tina Dayton. I actually have more respect for momo than i do tina since at least momo got her fame on her own rather than having to depend on a youtube washup boyfriend to get her twitch views. Tina tries to pretend to be skinny ten times more than momo by only posting myspace angle selfies and is like twice momo's size

No. 137021

also gonna samefag and add that no cosplayer gets paid to do cons. even yaya doesnt get paid to do cons and only asks for a room and a dealer's booth so why does she lie so much???

Has she ever actually been a guest to a con?????

No. 137024

Nope, not one. She had a deal with a local gaming place that had a booth at LVL up to be allowed to sell her prints but that's it, she wasn't even a paid booth babe. I think even Yaya stresses that almost everything at cons come out of her and her husbands pocket that's why they push to sell so often, the most a guest can get is usually a good panel room and a free badge. No one gets a free ride since the only cons that actually make money are the ones associated with comic con, most cons throughout the year eat more money than earn, so I don't know where Mariah gets the nerve to act like she gets special treatment.

No. 137035

What the fuck does she do all day just troll Twitter to start arguments? Who even was that pregnant lady she started a fight with lmao. What a piece of shit no one asked for your fat land whale big mouthed opinion you dumb fucking cunt holy shit do I just hate her lol. And your good friends are starting to look more and more like your average Twitter trolls everyday lol.

No. 137038

Honestly I think that's the whole point. She IS a Twitter troll. She doesn't take this cosplay shit seriously, she's here to strategically pose half naked to her neckbeards fans, make a few grand a month and then peace out. Just doesn't look like she gives a fuck and probably doesn't care who trash talks her because she doesn't care about cosplay lol. She's there to sell pictures and be an online personality. With everything Bardock Obama has been saying and those two getting along recently, I don't think she gives a flying fuck about being a cosplayer. She's obsessed with her internet fame and her infamy, which isn't as big as say 1.4 million followers but she's such a loser in real life that she thinks this makes her special.

No. 137043

Mariah has NEVER. I repeat NEVER. Been paid to go to a con. The only time she has been paid to cosplay in public was working as a window model for Anime Revolution which ended months ago. Mariah has NEVER been a guest to a con. Mariah has never been invited to anything actually. Fucking bullshit lies man. She probably posted this to feel better about herself after Anime Expo announced SteffVonSweets as a guest. Mariah has also only been to cons in California and Nevada. Traveling the country my ass. Stop fucking lying no ones buying it ya dumbass.

No. 137044

my girlfrann is actually thicc, this bitch isn't, so no thanks.

No. 137045

Also who the hell even brags like that? Mariah is so insecure and constantly has to lie to feel better about herself. Her friends need to wake the hell up and open their eyes. She's a compulsive liar. It's so obvious it hurts.

No. 137047


You two have NOOOO idea how guesting works lol
At the MINIMUM, a guest is paid for travel/hotel. Most charge an appearance fee as well. It varies from person to person but they absolutely do get paid to guest at conventions.

No. 137049

^^ but here's the thing, Mariah pays and goes to cons like a normal attendee. She's not fucking special. She has never been paid an appearance fee. Everyone in Vegas hates her and anyone living here knows that. She mooched off vamplettes spot at lvlup and vamplette wasn't even a guest either. She is friends with the people at game nest who gifted her a section of the booth.

No. 137050

Oh I never argued with that point at all.

They were just spewing incorrect facts so I wanted to let them know how it actually works

No. 137051

I work cons and because of that i know people who work other cons both west and east coast so it's not only my personal experience.

Yes certain guests will get that but that's comp not getting paid. No cosplayer who isnt jnig gets paid to go to a con if they told you they did they're lying. Ive personally booked yaya and all she got was flight/room/booth. no extra money. Only real celebs with managers and the such get appearance fees.

Momo has no portfolio or professional work that would get her an appearance fee at any con. The point it moot either way since she's never guested at a con

No. 137053

Oh okay! Different cons have different conditions and rules, but for most of them you sign a contract to make appearance fees yeah I agree. If a con personally invites you but aren't willing to pay for your travel and hotel expenses run the other way they are using you!!

No. 137056

I love with Mariah posts bullshit like this though because it just makes her look worse and farther away from ever actually getting invited to a con ha. All the cons in Vegas FUCKING HAAAATE her and know that she's lying more than anyone. Good luck being a special guest to cons "all over the county" Mariah when you can't even put simple local cons on your nonexistent resume.

No. 137057

that may be why shes going to Michigan after AX, not sure if there is a con there or what but on her Twitch she mentioned going to Michigan. People here know what douche she actually is, the biggest group that dislike her are people she mistreated when she went to Centennial.

No. 137058

she's friends with a guy who sells badges for local cons so she gets vegas cons for free depending on which one it is.

No. 137061

I honestly thought that too! The minute it went live that steff got invited to AX I knew Mariah was going to do something to get attention on Twitter. For someone who swears she has a life she literally spends all her time on twitter

No. 137062

File: 1464999434747.png (702.92 KB, 750x1334, image.png)




No. 137063

Did she just attach dollar store cups to that thing lol

No. 137065

Tbh, I'd have to be pretty drunk to fuck her. I like thick girls, but she just looks sloppy. Her stupid faces and obnoxious personality would probably make my dick soft anyway.

Master craftsman right there. It looks like she hot glued a bunch of cups on the bottom. That paint job is cringe worthy too.

No. 137095

She didn't even prime yo

No. 137101

I wonder if she actually even plays Overwatch

No. 137104

Of course she doesn't.

No. 137107

File: 1465007853718.jpeg (122.21 KB, 1125x721, image.jpeg)

No response to this.

No. 137108

I don't get it

No. 137109

File: 1465008101121.png (120.96 KB, 587x543, Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.40…)


No. 137111

She RANDOMLY found this person and her tweet and retweeted so she can bully her and have her neck beards attack her. So she looks like some sort of fucking messiah for cons.

No. 137114

What does she mean 'we' ?

No. 137115

I think she's trying to make it seem like she's the Queen of cosplay and conventions or that she's the Cosplay representative for everyone.

No. 137121

She is a queen; queen of the cunts

No. 137127


Is she even going to SDCC??

No. 137133

if she is she is ghosting there are no badges

No. 137144

I thought this was 3 cups in a trash can. She's also even more hideous in motion.

No. 137156

Good luck getting in even ghosting. Hotels are sold out, parking is shit, traffic is shit and even worse, since there's so many people it's a literal hell hole for cosplayers unless you're a booth babe in the dealers hall. It's usually 90 degrees but with all the foot traffic, it can feel like 100.

No. 137317


It looks like it cost 20 bucks to put together. Momo has no excuse for cheating out when she's raking in the patreon bucks.

No. 137335


She won't be liked here either. I'm friends with some big name cosplayers here, and once they get the word that shit will spread so fast. Youma is a really big con and it's like home to me, but I would feel really entertained though if she came here.

No. 137343

File: 1465090619823.jpg (167.15 KB, 900x1200, CkJoqRzWsAAQOq6.jpg)

okay i take back like 50% of my hate towards momo's mei because I just saw this Piece of shit on my feed but I think it's still in her general friend group so no big surprise. At least Momo based hers on existing concept art I cant tell wtf this slut shit is supposed to be

sage for not actually momo

No. 137347

That's for a convention that is at a water park so everyone wears bathing suit cosplays, so no hate at all. At least this chicks props and bathing suit inspired by mei are well sewn and her wig has an actual noticeable bun.

No. 137350

I honestly think Momo's Mei is more recognizably Mei than whatever that is. I havent seen the full cosplay though so I'm only seeing that picture cause I'm too lazy to try and find the full thing

No. 137352

Yeah, I think it's kind of stupid people are hating on the swimming suit cosplays as "slut cosplays" when that is what that con is kind of known for?

Any full costume shots of this? From what little I see the wig/hair-pin is already better than momo's. Can't see enough of the costume to really judge.

No. 137356

File: 1465095311109.jpg (149.65 KB, 649x809, cunt.jpg)

dat cosplay
is this casual d.va? lol

No. 137360

The bottom isnt even hemmed. I bet she is just gonna tuck it under like she did when she wore this as her swimsuit Samus.

No. 137362

All those filters and still couldn't save her face.

No. 137396

File: 1465114650589.jpg (99.02 KB, 960x640, 13332884_10156959316120032_335…)

No. 137437

It seems like everyone put in effort BUT the Mei.

Anyway gettin back to momo. I cant believe she actually played outlast and I cant believe people WATCHED her play outlast. That game was over played within the month it was out and she's jumping on it now? Anyone who actually considered themself a 'gamer' played that game or at least watched someone play it I really hope she was like 'oh I didnt get a chance to play it lemme see if it's still spooooky' or some shit cause that would scream 'I'm a filthy casual who doesnt give two shits about video games' to me

No. 137455

I hate everything about this

No. 137471

In regards to her DVA casual cosplay (it looks nothing like the art she based it on wtf) bet she will never wear it out in public and just wear it for one photoshoot because at least photoshop can make it look better.

No. 137476

File: 1465147265199.png (410.14 KB, 393x458, 37068f1df0ba38e262b6fa9290af6f…)

kind of ot but these chicks give me SO much confidence damn. Filters can do a lot for you but seeing them in raw light just boosted my self esteem lol

No. 137490

File: 1465150835639.png (66.35 KB, 600x558, mm.png)

What a fucking cunt.

No. 137511

What's going on there? Thought those two were suddenly friends now

No. 137519

I think they are hate flirting

No. 137523

They are insane and toxic

No. 137530

I would really hope that hes getting his dick wet for as much as she is using him

No. 137690

It was just all deleted but she got into a huge Twitter fight with Steff Von Schweetz, where Steff said Mariah used her and then talked shit. Surprised Steff deleted that, thought she would keep those tweets up but I bet Mariah kissing her ass in the DMs changed Steffs mind.

No. 137691

File: 1465195434620.png (438.7 KB, 600x338, gun.PNG)

CAN WE TALK about this fucking gun wow holy shit

I don't even cosplay and I can tell what a wreck it is

Looks like some shit I would have made in 4th grade arts class

No. 137692

File: 1465195503889.png (340.57 KB, 586x335, gun2.PNG)

No. 137693

File: 1465195730545.jpeg (285.3 KB, 1125x1610, image.jpeg)

This is my main problem with this bitch.

She keeps saying how she's Muslim and so fucking proud. When people confront her and ask her "well Muslims don't act this way" "Muslims are modest" etc her defensive response is "well I'm Muslim because I follow the 5 pillars of Islam."

1 - Shahadah (where you pretty much just say you're Muslim, that's it)
2 - Zakat (charity) (like all paying with all her patrons pouring money in for her nudes/provocative shots with thongs, lingerie, and what the fuck ever - which is selling sex - which is haram/forbidden)
3 - prayer. Which she doesn't for a fact.
4 - pilgrimage to Makkah - she hasn't done and when she does she has to stop her hoe-ing

How the fuck do you not fast the entire month?? Muslim kids start fasting before the age of 10, as early as they possibly can (5/6 yo). She's 20. You've had at least 15 years of Ramadan to do. What a fucking lazy ass bitch. Can't even fast. Bitches how "with cons it's so hard hehe" shut the fuck up. Don't go to the con or suck it up like you do in the photos.

At least fasting will help you lose weight you cunt of a cow.

Sick of herself parading herself as Muslim and what we get is ass shots, tits hanging out, public drunkenness (and showing it off on social media), open sexual posts, no fasting for Ramadan, and selling sex as she so admitted.

Sad that we went from terrorists to this pos representing Islam.

No. 137694

Puhlease tell me some one got screenshots

No. 137695

File: 1465196012904.png (110.46 KB, 305x350, she's fucking blue what the fu…)



No. 137705

I don't have screen shots but i have a recap… Okay so GabbyCCosplay posted a picture of her butt to fight back on Anime Revolution calling her fat, someone commented on how Gabby is "awfully tall" Mariah took that as them insulting Gabby, started picking a fight with random Twitter person. Steff stepped in and trolled her by telling her what the definition of awfully was in the situation so like "it's awfully nice to meet you" and was SUPPER condenscding about it. Mariah shoots back with something about how Steff is awful and doesn't want to speak to her. Steff says all those things about how Mariah lied and used her. Then Mariah keeps tweeting after saying she's done talking to her. Steff tells her she would happily talk to her in person about how Mariah is a bad person than the tweets got deleted.

No. 137711

^^ I disagree with "super condenscending" she put the definition of "awfully" up there because it's obvious that's what it was being used as. Mariah just wants to start shit, SURPRISE SURPRISE.

Mariah has a chip on her shoulder with Steff. Steff is the queen of Vegas cons (the cons that can't stand Mariahs pancake ass) and put in good word for Mariah for LVLUP, Mariah did nothing to thank her. Skank.

No. 137719

Steff didn't name names at her panel at LVL up but she did tell people about the duck tape story, basically she said "former friend of mine used duck tape to breast bind and her nipple was ripped off literally! And she had to go to the ER" guess who put duck tape on her boobs way back when and proudly posted about it in on their fb? There's even a comment about the lost nipple, Mariahs idocricy never ceases to amaze me.

No. 137741

File: 1465216081516.jpeg (174.21 KB, 750x993, image.jpeg)

Well, this popped up in my ig feed…seeing it up close and not strategically angled…HOT DAMN DID SHE BALLOON. Also, her hand looks kind of gross.

No. 137756

Lol if that fight with Steph is true I really just can't wait until this cows career is over. Like even if I block the bitch she worms her way into fucking everything -.- I hate her white knight attitude, she acts so pure and innocent and "omg love everyone u.u " when she's always starting drama and attacking people. She thinks she's this up and coming great cosplayer but she's such a delusional douchebag. I honestly have hope that maybe she is just a troll because I've never met anyone so self absorbed and gross before lol

No. 137762

File: 1465222103576.png (145.3 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160606_100544.png)

Guess cause she's burned her bridge with Jessica, she needs someone also to ride. Aka, Sssniperwolf.

No. 137772

At sabakon I think she also talked about the duct tape story, though i can't remember if it was still about momokun

No. 137783

If she told it in September then it's probably not about Mariah.

No. 137792

The duct tape incident happened in August

No. 137794

They both look like men in drag

No. 137813

It's funny because even though these aren't strategically angled, she's trying so hard with that pose to hide how fat she is. elbow in, other arm tucked around, leg out. I can only imagine how hard she's sucking in. Her face is pretty bad without all the filters too.

There is literally over an inch of hot glue mess all over where she attached the tube. This is so bad. How is she not embarrassed by how bad this is?

No. 137836


No. 137873

File: 1465254636309.jpg (86.03 KB, 1280x720, LKBCs.jpg)

Someone need to upload the newest set.
signed - webm-sama.

No. 137918

I don't even wanna address the fact that Bardock Obama is gonna make a cosplay bashing video just because he's a troll too and he's probs getting his dick wet from Mariah. Like he's talking like it's gonna be about her but I bet twenty bucks he's gonna praise her for being a troll too smh. We will see.

No. 137924

He's such a lolcow himself
Like his "trolling" is 9gag tier and isn't even funny half the time. Each post just makes him look more and more stupid

No. 137925

What is it?

No. 137933

File: 1465274372947.png (149.3 KB, 752x660, image.png)

How's the "fasting" going. ??????

No. 137935

You only have to fast while the sun is up. When the sun goes down you can eat. What time did she post this?

No. 137936


Actually Ramadan let's you eat during certain times of the day, something about as long as the sun isn't out.

No. 137959

Honey pig?? AHAHAHA

No. 137964

Pig is haram, hun. You can't even eat food that has been prepared with the same tools.

No. 137967

Holy shit. I didn't even think of that. So much for being a "good muslim" during a huge religious holiday.

No. 137973


curious about what other lolcow stuff he's done? I always thought it was nice how he reached out to his fans with depression

No. 137974

'Why is there a stove in the middle?'

So you can… cook the food you order? That's literally KBBQ if you decide to cook your own food. Did no one clue her in on how it works before going?

No. 137982

She's only fasting a "few days a week" guys. Ramadan is too hard.

crickets .. that's the fucking point.

No. 137997


It's Mega Milk, and the sets not even out yet.

No. 138005

File: 1465304720279.jpg (262.42 KB, 750x509, 561497013425984275.jpg)

EWWWWWW these legs omg
i have to puke omg

wtf is this shit

No. 138018

File: 1465307967291.png (188.33 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_2016-06-07-06-53-13…)

Her mention rape is always so cringey lol. "Thanks you guys" like bitch vampy wasn't even talking about you, one of your ugly ass white knights just casually threw you in the conversation. It's so funny how none of the other cosplayers actually acknowledges her after she swoops in reeking of desperation and neediness lol. And why did she mention that other guy? He wasn't even in the conversation lol. Everything about her just reeks of desperation.

No. 138025

more like ewwww that wig I can see how matted and gross it is from here. She doesnt even know how to keep a wig. It looks like the type of weave I see tossed on the ground.

Also I'm loving her attempt to use lying down poses to her her stomach (also she's got her lower back pressed down to the floor which is why she has her legs up like that) but she didnt realize that the same way her stomach goes down it makes her tits flatten too.

GG titty momster (that was a typo but she looks mid 30s here so I'm gonna keep it) with no tits

No. 138030


No. 138034

is there any proof she was a skinny goalie who bullied people in high school?

No. 138037

skinny yes but when is there ever 'proof' of bullying expecially when the bullying is done by females? OP said 'reported' anyway though so

No. 138039

Ew ew ew her face is fuckin gross.

No. 138040

Considering how much she bullies people on Twitter these days you really need MORE proof?

No. 138043

Dirty floor, matted mess of a wig, awful face, so much thigh fat that it's completely covering her vagina, and her tits don't even look that big considering it's a "mega milk" cosplay. Also, this angle makes her body look even bigger compared to her head. Like wtf are you even doing momo, this whole thing is a mess.

No. 138045

I wonder if she made a new Twitter with no nudes and "buodoir" bullshit, JUST cosplay, how popular would she be? If at all. I know cosplayers ions more talented than she, they get 0 attention/love. Is it all the nudes and sex? Because she's not a pretty face. Or personality.

No. 138046

What's her deal with Bardock Obama? She bullies every person into place when they have a negative opinion about cosplay or cosplayers, and this dude has talked so much shit on cosplayers and patreon too. He's not even kidding when he does, so where's her army of white knights with her leading a witch hunt for his head?

No. 138052

File: 1465318905906.png (105.78 KB, 778x706, shoop .png)

it's fetish

She's promoting ass and tit shots of a 'thicc Arab girl' imho that's the only reason she's trying to pretend she's observing Ramadan because 'Arab' is a pretty popular fetish

Half of what she's done is fetish
Lingerie. Naked Apron. Bunnysuit. Swimsuit.
the Mega Milk character is straight up from hentai comics so i wouldnt put it past her

Also I was looking at this image and (apart from the airbrushing) found some shoop mistakes
You can see where the slimmed her down but on one side they made the shadows way too sharp and on the other side the shirt actually blurs into the ground.
also I dont know if it was to hide more rolls or pube stubble but her pantyline blurs near the crotch
they also didnt remember to hide here her fat pulls the panty forward so it makes a pocket.

No. 138053

Lol, she's trying to observe Ramadan? I bet she can't go more than an hour without shoving food into her face.

No. 138081

I had the misfortune of meeting her when she wore her Diane cosplay at ALA she wore no tights and you could see the razor burn around her inner thigh she didn't attempt to cover up at all she just had everything out in the open, from the razor burn you can tell she's quite bushy down there if she doesn't shave

No. 138099

That sounds nasty, I'm sorry you had to witness that anon

No. 138102

wtf ok…everyone is bushy without shaving jesus

No. 138109

Seriously. farmers who hate on women with body hair sound like robots.

No. 138120

if your going to shave than at least have the curtesy to cover up your bumps, i dont want to be sitting down relaxing than some fatass with a shitty looking paper mache hammer coming up with her red bumpy looking bikini line that looks so irritated after a treatment with crabs loudly shoving her crotch right next to my fucking shoulder

No. 138128

Some people's skin is really sensitive. I'm not here to defend Momo the whore, but some people are more prone to bikini bumps than others. No matter how sharp the razor, how much exfoliation, and how much moisturizing, some people will get irritation.

No. 138129

And?? She should have been wearing tights. I dont care if you shave or not or have a bush or wax. WEAR TIGHTS. It keeps people from seeing any of that shit, or keeping your cootch from falling out, which can happen too.

No. 138138

I agree with this. I can't stress enough how many cosplayers should wear at least light fabric skinned tights especially when it comes to single body piece suit cosplays.

Tights just generally look better on any type of costume to be honest. Mariah had no excuse, even if the weather is hot.

No. 138142


not everyone, only arab girls from what i've heard. it takes me at least a month to get half an inch of hair and it's very thin and it would probably take me at least 6 months to try to sprout a bush.
it's not acting like a robot, it's having a preference and not wanting to see someone's ugly patchy razor burns.

No. 138148

It was freezing at ALA it even rained, and there she was with her razor burn out in the open

No. 138158

She probably doesn't wear dancer tights in fear of her already nonexistent ass not showing.

No. 138159

>only arab girls
Have you ever seen another woman naked? Everyone is prone to bush, white girls less so, but still. Go watch a JAV or something.

No. 138169

Agreed anon. Though I don't know if white girls are less prone. I've seen some really hairy white girls. I think it really comes down to your specific genetics and hormone levels. Anon sounds like a confused white girl who has never seen another vagina before. "Only Arab girls" lolol.

No. 138185


Agreed, anyone can be prone to having little hair or a bush that would make a 70s porno proud.

That being said, yeah "professional cosplayer" not wearing dancers/skin tone tights? Loooooooooool
I can sympathize with having sensitive skin since even if I shave my just my legs (just my calves even!) then wear tights my skin gets irritated but that's why if I plan on wearing tights I shave a full day before and moisturize a bunch to give my skin a day to calm down and even though I tend to still get a bit of irritation it's not like big-ass red razor-burn looking bumps.

I've come to realize that most of my irritation with Mariah is that she simultaneously claims to be a professional cosplayer (i.e. I get paid to cosplay) while yelling about how "you can't criticize me for being wrong I haven';t even been doing this a year I don't know better!"
If you wanna be pro then up your fucking game or deal with your social media addiction, go to hone your skills then get back to us.

No. 138196

I just don't get why she doesn't exercise. If JNig is her inspiration why doesn't she hit the gym

No. 138197

Agreed, if you are going to be running around in little more than a leotard, wear some tights. It's kind of insane how bad her cosplay is, yet she's a "professional". The mei cosplay alone is proof enough she has no idea wtf she is doing.

She's incredibly lazy. She's too lazy to clean her place, she's too lazy to make decent cosplay, she's too lazy to have a real job, she's definitely too lazy to eat right or exercise.

No. 138205


you can usually tell someone's pub size by their bushy eyebrows or the length/thickness of their arm hair. Sorry I triggered you, gorilla. I guess I'm not used to big ass bushes because I can't grow one, that doesn't excuse a "professional" from looking like a 8th graders pussy after the first time shaving dry. Trans women can probably do it better than her and they don't claim to be "professional" women.

No. 138209

Wow, you mad. I'm the other anon, but it was the "only Arab girls" comment we were loling at. We get it though, you are a pure, white, hairless angel.

Yeah, momo needs to wear some tights and cover that shit, but she seems to lack a lot of sensibility when it comes to wearing/making her costumes.

No. 138213

File: 1465367344070.jpg (111.14 KB, 866x1300, nobush.jpg)

Are you trying to say that you have no eyebrows and very little grandma hair?

No. 138218

File: 1465368497941.jpeg (46.65 KB, 640x420, image.jpeg)


No. 138219

Oh bitch please, like you could score someone who isn't some thirsty beta. Brad Pitt, or anyone similar, would never.

No. 138220

File: 1465369089810.jpg (85.35 KB, 540x568, 1464647051405.jpg)

Ew. She sounds like the neckbeard equivalent of those fedora neckbeard robots who have rampant yellow fever and fetishize on Asians and "exotic" ethnicities in general.

" I'd prefer a qt subserviant Asian waifu than a dumb blonde Stacey!1111!"

Trying to give your beta fuckboy fans some hope eh?

No. 138224

File: 1465370857668.jpeg (65.95 KB, 640x614, image.jpeg)

has NEVER even played fire emblem, only watch walkthroughs and of course picks one of the most popular characters. Yeah bitch who are you fooling

No. 138225

Momo attempting to make body armour? This should be lulzy.

No. 138227


New set is really boring and the quality is really bad even though she hired the same photographer who did the calvin cline shoot. Idk how she fucks these up so bad, all you need to do is fill it full of more butt shots and titty shots.

Her "samus" set was the best one she did pose wise imo. She does way too many "goofy funny" poses in these.

No. 138229


Omg please nooo
I love fire emblem so much why does she have to do it ??? Camilla is such a sweetheart ew no she needs to stop

No. 138230

you seriously bought this? Lol

No. 138231

File: 1465378060581.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.28 MB, 4000x6000, _DSC0049.jpg)

No. 138232

File: 1465378261108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.66 MB, 6000x4000, _DSC0117.jpg)

those tangles.

No. 138233

File: 1465378488501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.37 KB, 1397x981, _DSC0117.jpg)

sharpened that pic & found this?? lmfao wtf

No. 138237

Ahhhh! The bikini razor burn that haunts me!!!! Ewwww! Wtf happened to her leg? How did you remove the photoshop?

No. 138240

Her bikini area isn't looking too good either

No. 138247

File: 1465386840168.jpg (4.58 MB, 4000x6000, _DSC0002.jpg)

What is happening with right knee here? Also, the texture of her face is disgusting. Why would anyone pay money for these?

No. 138263

Hey, don't knock the anon for making a sacrifice for the greater good lol. That being said…
I have no idea why she thought this was a good photo to put in, because this is an incredibly unflattering photo. Not to mention the other pic with her razor burns

No. 138264

Everything is so dirty and unkempt. If you have a photoshoot surely you can make sure everything looks good? And if you edit the hell out of some parts of your body, why not edit your face smooth and the dirt on the floor? Why not wear tights that cover your cellulite?
Why even post these pictures that are obviously extremely unflattering? She is propably really dirty IRL too.

No. 138266

She looks like a sloppy middle aged soccer mom

Momo doesn't know anything about modeling does she? Aside from her *~*boudir teehee shitty lingerie cosplay sets*~*~ pseudo modeling.

No. 138267

Guys I hate this cunt but that floor looks speckled not dirty. I've seen it in art galleries. It's supposed to be industrial looking.

Now what the fuck is wrong with her face. She has the same problem as suzy where her pig nose is turned upwards and she looks like a grinch. Also she's just so fucking ugly.

No. 138268

She sees Jessica Nigri as a role model because Nigri has a butter face and can still be famous in the mainstream "cosplay profession".

So she doesn't give a shit about her face and tries to sell herself as the "thicc waifu" and doesn't give a rats ass about improving herself. She just wants to be known as the "unique gamur anime weeb cosplay girl xD" and get that sweet fanboy money so she doesn't have to go work at Starbucks again.

Which is sad because as much as I dislike Nigri, she actually gives a shit about her body and appearance unlike Momo. As everybody has said on here, she's too much of a lazy piece of shit to improve herself.

No. 138276

File: 1465396799059.jpg (92.16 KB, 960x848, 13344686_837998786345072_77372…)

As a hobby cosplayer, I don't understand any of this shit and this girl really rustles my jimmies. All of these stupid attention seeking 'cosplayers' are shitting up a perfectly good hobby and ruining it for the rest of us. Get a real job, make some proper costumes, build your skills, and maybe then you'll deserve your 40k facebook likes.
also is anyone gonna talk about the fingers on this bodysuit???

That airbrush, jesus fucking christ ease up turbo.

No. 138283

She bought a shitty suit.

No. 138284

They look like a pair of obese tree frogs.

No. 138285

Oh my God that girl next to her is so fn ugly hahahhaha I love when the ugliest people are narcissistic.

No. 138288

Okay let's be real Jessica's face is average at worst. Average faces can look worse. Technically Momo isnt ugly either she just looks WAY older than she is.

Let's be real she wont make it. If she does it will be 1000000% terrible or she'll end up making a 'casual thing' because she couldnt even manage to finish a samus suit and then turned it into a shitty 'budoir D.Va' which is sad cause if she called it swimsuit D.Va I would have hated it a lot less.

Also it's an issue with the photographer. When taking 'full body shots' you should really do it at chin level or higher because otherwise the body and face will look weird because we as humans are used to looking at people from around that height.

No. 138290

Jesus Christ the photographer is terrible.
Dirty floor, bad lighting, poor editing….
And does she have fucking double sided tape on her bikini? Lawd

No. 138291

>Technically Momo isnt ugly either

hi Momo.

No. 138295

File: 1465402887442.jpg (1.17 MB, 1536x1536, djosjxkso.jpg)

She should cosplay Franklin the turtle next. She already has the same nose as him kek

No. 138300

people pay her 3000 a month for this? god she has gotten huge

No. 138302

super botched photoshop on that frumpy mega milk pic, you can see the squished leg fat from her tight shorts, looks like editer tried to slim this up but got lazy as well possibly hoping the shadow would make it unnoticeable, the entire set is not even sexy it's just her in shorts

No. 138305

God I didnt even fucking compliment her. She's NOT ugly (she does have an ugly-hideous personality) but other than her stupid as fuck faces and not knowing how to angle herself she's below average. Stop getting your panties in a bunch if someone vaguely implies she's not the ugliest thing on the planet.

No. 138306

File: 1465405416914.jpeg (2.84 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I agree she's not ugly, but she is a selfish ugly hearted cunt who insults far more talented and beautiful people to their face. Btw I saw the set, wtf? It's all just her in bike shorts and the dumb mega moo shirt. That was supposed to be sexy? This squished photo job here is cringe worth

No. 138308

She legit looks like an embalmed corpse here.

No. 138311

her nose is perfectly normal. stop reaching

No. 138313

I just want to know why the set looks pixelated as shit. This is not how you respects the doners who are supporting your ass.

No. 138316


Anon, either clean your nasty ass computer screen off or learn how to take a screen shot.

No. 138318


wasn't really mad at all tbh, just a bit surprised that people were so quick to say 'nO ALL GIRLS ARE HAIRY GORILLAS YOU ROBOT FUCK OFF". sorry you have to shave everyday :/

No. 138322


Please stop derailing the thread, very few people give a shit about your pube issues so stfu.

No. 138324

Seriously? Her nose is fucked

No. 138326


Not the anon you're replying to, but I don't think her nose looks bad (maybe its because everything else is so bad). What's wrong with it?

No. 138327

File: 1465413738037.jpg (151.67 KB, 1028x693, 1465386840168.jpg)


oh god what happened with her inner thighs

No. 138328

Her nose fit her face since it's soft and round and yeah kinda big, not everybody can look good with a tiny sharp nose a la Megan Fox.

No. 138330

It's either just cellulite or chub rub. Maybe both?

No. 138331

File: 1465414089390.gif (188.86 KB, 624x458, bitch look like Schmendrick.GI…)

No. 138336


> she […] claims to be a professional cosplayer (i.e. I get paid to cosplay)

I feel like half of the hate in here is because of people equating the word "professional" to "expert" which isn't always the same. She is a professional because it is her profession. She gets paid to cosplay… enough to live on and not need a separate day job. That makes her a professional.

Can we focus on real reasons to be mad?

No. 138338


Don't bother explaining yourself. Everyone on this fucking site thinks anything even remotely non-vile must be Momo defending herself.

No. 138340

She is not getting hired to cosplay so she is not a professional.

People dont pay her they donate to her. People dont even donate to her to cosplay. They would be just as fine if she just wore normal slutty clothing. She is literally just fap bait.

That's like saying a hobo is a professional musician because they make enough from donations to live.

Either way it has nothing to do with her claiming to be a professional. People nit pick her cosplays because she's bragged time and time again that she can make her own stuff (aka the only reason she attempted to make her own Zerosuit Samus in the first place and now she's failed three times I think?

No. 138342

You are right, momo is more of a softcore camgirl who wears cosplay than a professional cosplayer.

No. 138351

Four times lol

No. 138352

It's almost impressive how horrible she is at constructing almost anything. Can't wait to see the trash pile that will be her fire emblem cosplay.

No. 138357

She hasn't even been cosplaying for a year and she's calling herself a professional cosplayer. Fucking get over yourself there are people who have been at it for years and still aren't considered professional.

No. 138365

lol what??? Because people keep cosplay as a hobby and dont have to flash their ass and tits and make suggestive tweets to get shut in neckbeards to follow them/shove money at them? If she was so secure from her patreon and making all that money why does she have to add donation drives to all her streams? Why do you think she rants about people cheating her out of money at the end of every month she's had her patreon so far.

You should get over yourself no one cares how much you want in Momo's pants sucking up to her and calling her a professional when she isn't wont get you anywhere

No. 138367

>there are people who have been at it for years and still aren't considered professional.

No one considers Momo a professional cosplayer either your point is???

No. 138368


She acts like she's a professional and brags (lies) about being invited everywhere as a cosguest and how she gets paid to do it.
So basically shoddy craftsmanship, shitty attitude, and way over inflated ego are what piss people off about her regardless of if you actually consider her a professional.

No. 138378

Who is she planning to cosplay as from Fire Emblem? Most of the character designs are way too complicated for her kek

No. 138380

File: 1465426190364.png (248.58 KB, 327x578, Camilla_art.png)


No. 138381

>says momo acts like she's a professional
>goes on to say how she doesnt act like a professional


Let me type this out simply so you can understand it.

No one is paying her to cosplay. She is not invited to events and no one ever asks her to cosplay anything. People back her patreon for and I'm going to use her words 'Boudoir/Lingerie Shoots', 'Google Hangouts', and 'Giveaways'.

So that is what they are paying her for.

Sure some of them are doing it to SUPPORT her cosplaying but that would be like saying 'a prostitute or stripper who is doing it to support herself going to school is a professional student' rather than a professional prostitute/stripper (which even that sounds stupid)

No. 138382

does she plan to this for AX? top kik she is going to get BTFO

No. 138383

I think no matter what con it gets done for, it's gonna be a trainwreck.
Unless she does a casual cosplay but frankly idk how that would work for Camilla?

No. 138385

Man, if I see her at AX I may shit myself. I'm curious at what she'll bring since she'll probably rush a costume, not complete it then bring a back up and whine.

No. 138390

I guarantee you shes going to be around the fakku booth in her mega milk shirt trying to get them to promo her

No. 138402


I'm not the guy you're replying to, but I think he's closer to the truth than you are, regardless of how patronizing you are being in an attempt to seem correct.

Her shoots are cosplay, even if they are fap bait. She's literally paid by her supporters for a product she provides, i.e. they are her customers and it is a business.

As much as we may all hate it, she's a professional cosplayer.

No. 138406

No way she can make anything for Camilla that's a costume that takes at least 2 months to make when your busy and she had all the free time that she is using to do twitch and work on nothing, she's really lazy if this even happens it's because she will have paid a talented crafter to make it for her.

No. 138407

She could also make Vamplette help her with it.

No. 138408

has Vamplette even done anything with armor?

No. 138409

Yeah, vamplette made a few league characters that were actually good, she's not going to AX so Mariah might use her again like she did for ALA

No. 138412

She helped her with her mei, and we all saw how that turned out.

No. 138433


This. People in this thread refuse to acknowledge her success, ha-ha. I'm in no way defending her because I like her, but I've said it before. Because of all her imperfections, chicks feel less threatened by her and wanna be her friend. And dudes think they actually have a shot with her. She's making three grand because she fits the fetish mold like that swimsuit succubus girl does. I honestly thought this thread would derail her career but I kinda gave up. Yah she's not a real cosplayer but people fap to her shit and pay for it. I have no respect for her or any camgirls just because it's a lazy attempt at a career. But you can't deny the money these people are throwing at her.

No. 138440

I think people get angry when she says that she is a "professional cosplayer" because Momo uses it as a way to say that she is better than everyone else. There are screen shots on here of her saying she gets paid to travel to cons around the country which anyone who knows her knows is total bs. If she was honest and was proud of what she actually does she wouldn't have to lie about her "success". Also side note the fact that she calls herself strictly a "famous cosplayer" and shuns the idea of being a cam girl is an insult to actual amazing human beings that work that profession. She tries to say that she is better than a cam model, when there isn't anything wrong with that job at all. What is wrong is being an asshole and being a liar.

No. 138458

How are swimsuit succubus and momo fitting the same fetish though? Swim actually looks like she takes care of her body and has no drama at all. Do you mean that they're both brown girls who like anime and games? I actually dont even know Swim's race because she never talks about it unlike momo who loves to throw how "arabic" and "muslim" she is out there.
There's a reason Swim makes more money than momo with a much smaller fan base.

No. 138463


Actually Momo isn't that far from earning as much as swimsuit succubus does and I think they have the same (or close to it) followers on Twitter? Anyways they fit the "gamer girl who's got a freaky side" fetish, I honestly don't think Momo is a gamer girl but she fakes it pretty well towards her neckbeards fans, as for momos body type come onnnn these dudes wouldn't have a chance with a regular girl so they call her "thick and praise the booty" because even tho she's a lardass she's the first lardass to willingly show them her tits. They're both geeky wannabe weeaboos with tits and ass (doesn't matter how nice momos body is she's still flaunting her tits and ass). As for her "success" think of it this way. She has 28 k followers on Twitter. If 3000 of them donated a dollar that is 3k. In other words if you had enough followers who were even remotely insterestrd can make a lot of money from one dollar per follower. Easy enough to be successful on patreon when you're releasing underwear sets and pushing the link to your 19-28k followers. Mariah and Succubuss are essentially one in the same. Except Succubuss body is amazing lol.

No. 138468


I feel like that's another mistranslation though. You and a lot of others say she is lying when she says she gets paid to go to cons, but technically she does. She gets paid by her fans after saying "if I reach this amount I can go to Anime Expo"

So when she says she gets paid to go to cons, she isn't lying. You're just not understanding her.

No. 138474

Omfg these photos. Lmfao I'm seriously dying here. These things are nooooooooo bad. I don't even k ow where to begin with these.

No. 138488


I feel like there's a huge distinction between "getting paid to go to cons" since that implies the cons themselves are inviting her and either comping her shit and/or paying her and "my neckbeard horny fans give me money so I can afford to go to cons even though I quit my job"

So she is lying by saying she "gets paid to go to cons"
If she were being truthful she would say "I show my tits and ass and that means thirsty fuckers fuel my ego and bank account allowing me to go to cons that I shouldn't be able to afford."

No. 138527

Where does all the money go? She half asses these cos but is getting cash so….she even says the money is for cos right? I wonder if she was called out on it if she would produce receipts, because she's going to be taxed on this stuff right? She's going to be fucked.

No. 138532

As a previous anon said she probably doesnt make a third of the money she's claiming on her patreon since she goes and throws a bitch fit every month.
if it was only a small percentage then it would mostly go unnoticed or even assume it's accounts that the money hasnt processed yet but every month so far she's complained about people not fully supporting her patreon.

Aside from that she has used way too much money on certain things like the ridiculously expensive yaya fabric as well as paying for Vamplette to go to cons now? idk

No. 138539

With that logic, anyone can technically say they get "paid to go to cons" I got PTO for taking time off to go to a con, so I guess now I can say I get paid to go to cons lol. No. Mariah does NOT get paid to go to cons. She gets donations from boys on the Internet to post samus and lingere photos. Sometimes gets donations to play spooky games and flirt with boys on the cam. She does not get paid to cosplay. To clarify things, Momokun lives with her parents. Doubt she has to pay any rent or even her phone bill. If she paid her own bills she would not be able to thrive off just patreon trust me. Momo is unemployed, living with her parents, accepting donations from boys on the Internet. She has never been paid to go to a con. "Paid to go to cons" is also implying she leaves the con with more money than she had getting in. Lol she's bullshit. There's no sugar coating it.

No. 138553


You're reaching so hard right now. White Knight was right, you need to convince yourself she's lying instead of you just mistranslating her.

Her fans pay her to cosplay and go to cons

No. 138555

The question I have right now because of all this Ramadan shit and from previous threads is she legitimately Muslim? I remember it being said she was Italian?

No. 138559


Not the anon your replying to, but let's be real here. There's a distinct difference between having the convention pay for your trip and stay vs your fans funding your trip. Cosplay sluts getting funded by their neckbeard fans are a dime a dozen, they're fortunate of course, but it's not something special. Being sponsored by the con you're going to only happens to a select few, and it's actually something worth bragging about.

No. 138562


I can't comment on what it takes to actually be Muslim, but her view on it is that if she follows the five tenets, she is Muslim.

Some people in here think that all of the things she does that aren't her being a "perfect Muslim" mean that she isn't one at all. AKA she eats food that is prepared with the same tools as pork (though she doesn't eat pork) and she has photos where she is revealing herself and such.

I don't see that as making her any less Muslim than people being judgmental makes them not Christian or people being angry makes them not Buddhist or whatever… she sins according to her religion, but she's Muslim.

No. 138567


I agree with you. I just disagree that those facts mean she isn't a "professional cosplayer". I think that the idea that "the only way to be a professional cosplayer is for a convention to pay you" is ridiculous.

There are plenty of people who find a roundabout method of getting paid to do what they do (think people using kickstarter to make a board game instead of working for Parker Brothers). And there are plenty of people who take the normal path but don't deliver on their promises (think people who have a desk job and get away with almost never working) and those people are still professionals in their industry.

She might not act in a "professional" manner, but she is a "professional cosplayer" because she gets paid specifically to cosplay and she "gets paid to go to cons" because her supporters literally pay her to do that.

No. 138568

They pay for her to make cosplay to make the cosplay, but she doesn't get paid to go. Like I said before, that would be implying she gets paid at the con and leaves with more money than she had before so that's not true. She has boasted about being a special guest to cons on numerous occasions and it has never fallen through. She's a liar. When she calls herself a professional cosplayer she's implying that she's on the same level as yaya and ivy doom kitty and numerous others. Why is that so hard to understand. If she was just honest people wouldn't hate on her so much.

No. 138570

Sorry I worded that wrong but you get the idea.

No. 138571

So because she says she is Muslim makes her Muslim?

No. 138572

A better route for momo to have gone through would be saying "thanks to the support of my patreon, I get to attend cons" not "I get paid to go to cons across the country" she leaves it out on purpose to make herself look more important than she actually is. In the beginning she would blatantly leave out whether she bought a costume or not and on some occasions, lie, about making them. She obviously bought her Diane boots on eBay and still says that she made them. Girl can make clean boots but couldn't make anything else in that costume look right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhttt. That's why people don't like her. Not that she gets donations. There are plenty of cosplayers that use patreon but they don't get the amount of hate momo does. It's that she lies to make herself look bigger to try to trick people into thinking she's much more talented than she actually is.

No. 138573


In the same sense that saying you're a Christian and believing in Christ makes you a Christian, yes.

She says she's a Muslim, and she believes in Allah and tries to follow the five tenets… so yeah she's a Muslim. Saying otherwise is just a "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy.

No. 138574


This is just semantics. You're assuming she was trying to mislead people into thinking the cons pay her, but you don't actually have a reason to believe that. You just WANT to believe that.

There are plenty good reasons to dislike her, but those aren't good enough for you so you make up new ones based on assumptions and conjecture.

That's what this whole fucking site is about. Accept it. Embrace it. Admit it.

No. 138576

So I can start eating kosher and call myself Jewish. Because I say so.

No. 138577


But see, all the examples you listed… those people are making a living off what they're doing. I also wouldn't call someone who made 1 board game via kickstarter a professional. Maybe if they continued on to work on more related projects that funded their living expenses… but the money momo MAKES from cosplay is not enough to pay for living expenses AND cosplay + con expenses. She lives with her parents, who probably don't charge her rent, pay for all her food, most likely insurance and travel (car, etc…), clothing, makeup, haircare, etc…

She is not funding her life with her cosplay gig. She's making enough money to barely cover her hobby and that's it. (Which she's doing a shitty job at, good god she couldn't half ass her costumes any more if she tried). She's not winning any awards for her costumes, she's not conducting panels, she's not getting modeling contracts, she's not getting commercial gigs, she's not showcasing talents that cosplayers should have… she's dressing in mediocre costumes and taking shitty 'sexy' pics.

It's like saying a hobby artist on furrafinity is a 'professional' artist because they take commissions from time to time.

Momo is the equivalent of those trust fund babies who think they're 'fashion designers' because they can coordinate okay outfits with their high end clothing items mommy and daddy bought them.

No. 138582


Seriously, she probably wouldn't get as much hate if she spent that money on nice costumes made for her (and give credit to the maker). 3k a month can get you at least one nice costume a month with some left over for cons. Aditionnaly, if she went to someone like GSTQ fashions, she could get something that would flatter her body type and get exposure from such a highly regarded costume maker.

Making her own costumes isn't really doing anything good for her. She just doesn't have the talent or support to succeed in that area. She needs to either go the Jnig route and get a handler/boyfriend who can create costumes for her, or commission them from people who know what they're doing.

She should focus on what she's good at (not sure what). It seems people like her 'personality', she should focus on streaming or youtube video type media, she's abnoxious enough for it.

No. 138642

What happened to her being a cosplay guest at Anime California? What happened to her making the full armor Samus suit? She constantly tweets about these projects and never follows through. There's a comment on one of her patreon posts where someone complained it was all silly face shots.

No. 138673

She is really huge. Idk how you get so big like that. If she cut out soda from her diet she would probably lose 20 lbs lol

No. 138687

This shit is atrocious. Regardless of how she looks, her photographer busted her shit up and fucked her over. Seriously.

No. 138691


I kind of agree. Her costume isn't that good, but holy shit that photog should be ashamed. Using a gross dirty floor and not bothering to shoop out the dirt and scratches. Bad shoop on momo. TERRIBLE lighting. Bad posing (which the photog should have the final say in.) and overall bad compisitions.

If momo wants to make this her 'career' and be a 'professional' she needs to smarten up and make sure her future photogs are worth their salt.

I looked up the photog and they're not very good, over shoop, and terrible lighting to name a few things. The most interesting thing about their photos are the subjects, everything else about them is just really dead.

No. 138700

File: 1465523019532.jpeg (402.12 KB, 1229x2044, image.jpeg)

Looks like a shitty painting

No. 138702

Yeah he used to post in Vegas comms about doing shoots for people at a "discounted rate". I've never thought his stuff was any good and he seemed sleezy.

No. 138703

>You're assuming she was trying to mislead people into thinking the cons pay her, but you don't actually have a reason to believe that.

Bullshit. She herself has claimed time and time again that she's supposed to be guesting at cons (and has also claimed to have been guests at cons previously) and has also said she's supposed to get paid to do it. There's no 'misconstruing' it she fully wants people to think cons are flying her out.

That's like saying her claiming to be a 'guest' at a con is her way of saying that she's attending the con.

No. 138714

The skin texture holy

No. 138718

File: 1465526655955.png (71.81 KB, 720x326, Screenshot_2016-06-09-19-41-27…)

What happened here? What about her bestie from a few months ago? Did Kay finally realize Mariah was just using her to get to Jessica? Ha-ha.

No. 138729

I'm fairly certain she never actually subbed to momos patreon

No. 138738

File: 1465536477449.jpg (271.62 KB, 1053x1080, 1465448127602-2.jpg)

No. 138755


Zoom in on your computer with this pics and you can see her make up caked really hard and badly in every single shot and the make up cake spots were not cleaned up at all, can't really see it to much on the phone but computer oh yeah you can see the cakeyness of her slop make up.

No. 138816

File: 1465578877085.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 138851

she is so ugly omfg

No. 138860


> Bullshit. She herself has claimed time and time again that she's supposed to be guesting at cons (and has also claimed to have been guests at cons previously) and has also said she's supposed to get paid to do it

Citation needed

No. 138868

File: 1465591236444.jpg (56.27 KB, 717x210, 1458577963753.jpg)

literally all you needed to do is go to the old thread and search for 'guest'

No. 138926

Ew man wtf why does she look so old? She looks like someone's middle aged mom

No. 138927


pretty much, yeah.

No. 138933

This is a horrible photo. The photographer overexposed the photo and it really makes her look haggard, the lighting is shit and she looks so lifeless. Shit posing. The fact that she wears too much foundation doesn't help either. Momo, you don't need 4 pumps of foundation girl.

No. 138936

Im sorry but those pictures she posted of her dad have me convinced there is no way this chick is arab. He looks straight up italian.

No. 138938

He has Arabic tattoos all over him

No. 138940


Jesus fucking Christ someone put this photographer out of their misery

I really can't even hate on Mariah for this one because this is one of the worst shoops I've ever seen in my life

I mean I can hate one her BC she looks gross without Photoshop but come on now, at least get that right

No. 138941

How can you tell? The only tattoo I can make out looks like Mother Mary

No. 138948


His name is Hussein or something like that lol yes he's Arab stop reaching.

No. 138949

Its not reaching. Im asking how do you know?

No. 138951


She should have taken her mum's name off the picture she posted awhile back when she was complaining about "lack of melanin" her mom's name is Katina Mallad. When everyone was shitting on her for being a fake Arab I simply googled it and her dad's name is Allen but Im 100% certain his middle name is Houssain. Yes he is a bodybuilder and yes that's him. It's impossible to catfish on the internet these days, eh? Lol. I was gonna post proof but wasn't sure if it was creepy lmao. People have done worse tho.

No. 138952

Thats all I wanted lol. I dont remember anyone actually posting whether or not that rumor was true so I have always wondered.

No. 138953

If my body looked like this I would seriously want to kill myself and then get over it and diet/exercise like crazy. She probably doesn't even fit in short spandex shorts and has to wear big knee length ones. Spandex is not her friend so idk why she's so obsessed with wearing it. It can make a pudgy person look fit but this girl is a fucking fire truck.

No. 138956

Muslims are forbidden to have tattoos. Interesting .. And Allen and Katina are not Muslim names whatsoever. Obamas middle name is also Hussein, could just be Arab. Not Muslim. And she's not doing Ramadan. I don't think she's Muslim. Maybe born, maybe. But definitely not practicing.

No. 138961

File: 1465621561064.jpeg (154.23 KB, 750x971, image.jpeg)

I bet if this person says "thanks", she's gonna claim she's "internationally famous".

No. 138962

OH GOD I hope she stays the fuck away from jojo
inb4 she tries to cosplay Jolyne or Lisa Lisa

No. 138963

oh god, she needs to stay as far away from jojo cosplays as possible.

No. 138964

Pssh, what her not even have the decency to do a preexisting female character. She'll probably cosplay a shitty genderbend of Jotaro or young Joseph or some shit. She probably hasn't read the manga.

No. 138965

>what her
**watch her
My bad

No. 138968

File: 1465623703835.png (116.1 KB, 505x427, 1465101321309.png)


signed- a fat jojo fan

No. 138969

File: 1465624125707.jpg (15.77 KB, 250x157, image.jpg)

Ew, no…Stay away from jojo

No. 138971

If she cosplays outside of the anime i will 100% call her out on it

No. 138977

No. 138980

uhh where is her ass? I thought the other flat-ass pic anon posted must have been from a salty angle so i brushed it off. this gif confirms she's pretty flat tho.

No. 138997

A salty angle? You mean, one a professional photographer took and she posted all over her social media proudly? She doesn't have an ass. The little bump she has when wearing spandex is what most girls have unless they're incredibly unfortunate.

No. 139064

No ass just like Nigri kek

No. 139082

>comparing skinnyfit Jnig to a fatass who doesnt even have a fat ass

Also Jess isnt attempting to make a living off of her ass like Momo

No. 139087

ugh this is so trashy, d.va would never do this. Momo is so fat and flat, what an unfortunate body shape. She needs to do some butt building exercises.

No. 139093

I only said that because I found it funny considering she copies/idolizes Nigri. Take a fucking xanax anon

No. 139101

Thank god PULL doesn't shit on fellow fatties, otherwise her parents would be flooded with messages from 13 year olds telling them that Mariah is still selling lingerie pics.

No. 139107


she makes a living off her tits, is that better?

No. 139116

File: 1465684705668.jpeg (82.74 KB, 750x560, image.jpeg)

She's pretending that someone doxxed her lmao.

No. 139124

the point is jess at least paid to get boobs whereas momo is fat and doesnt even have an ass

No. 139133


TFW Colette's white girl ass is actually nicer than Mariahs lol. I don't need any trolls attacking this post saying "ew she's gross" because everyone is gross to you guys, but at least the line of her thighs are separated by the curve of her bum, unlike Mariahs which is all just a big fat thigh lol.

No. 139152

Nah, I agree anon. Her ass looks good there and she actually has a waist unlike momo who is not so slowly becoming a blob. You can even see from the side momo has no ass.

No. 139154

Didn't know there was a part.2 to the thread.
thank you guysss<333

No. 139179

Anyone got the link to this? Or is it bullshit?

No. 139181

File: 1465710593992.webm (1.59 MB, 1680x1050, BUTT.webm)

Colette ass is nice.

No. 139183

File: 1465711592718.png (627.22 KB, 491x591, 980.png)

Honestly, her body is pretty nice, she has a smaller waist and curves, longer slender legs, etc. She'd easily be pretty hot if she didn't have such a strong nose. Momo looks extra doughy next to her.

No. 139186

File: 1465712803300.webm (2.94 MB, 800x450, walltwerk.webm)

>tfw want to make webms out of her old vods but pc can't handle it without being shit quality

No. 139189

She is a butter face but she does look better in motion than in photos. She looks like shes always smelling something bad in photos. Probably momo.

No. 139197

do you not know how snapchat works or???

her face looks really stiff like she's trying to smile in family photos or something. if her smile was more relaxed and natural, it would help her a lot.

No. 139203

It was Living Ichigo's snapchat from Fanime. In that video is Colette/Vamplette slapping Mariah's ass with some shit you'd get a sex shop. Bardock Obama is also in that video, him and Ichigo are inseparable and went to that con together.

It was also commented later that Mariah is a "lightweight" and can't handle her liquor, and this was put on display. Hence the banter between Bardock and Mariah, confirming his presence there.

Great job being a Muslim.

No. 139205

Is there no way to get it in a webm now?

No. 139206

File: 1465722512234.jpeg (57.24 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)


No. 139209

it's a shame her face is so unfortunate

No. 139266

No. 139284


Sunni Muslims are forbidden to have tattoos. Mariah is Shia Muslim iirc, and Shia Muslims can have tattoos.

No. 139285


> It was also commented later that Mariah is a "lightweight" and can't handle her liquor, and this was put on display.

> Great job being a Muslim.

It isn't actually mentioned that alcohol is haraam anywhere in the Quran. It says to avoid it, as it does many things that aren't haraam.

The Quran even mentions Muhammed drinking… the idea that it's haraam is just a weird rumor about Islam.

Sorry anon, you're reaching here.

No. 139325

Let's get things straight.

There is no difference between Sunni and Shiaa Muslims in terms of what's haram/forbidden. The difference between them is about history, and very little things.

Tattoos and alcohol are highly frowned down upon, and in the culture is regarded as forbidden. You're not buried in a Muslim graveyard (like Jews) if you have tattoos. http://www.free-minds.org/alcohol-quran

For a person to say they define their culture by the 5 pillars of Islam is a reach, and seeing more every day, I don't think she's actually Muslim. No Muslim person ever defines themselves by following the 5 pillars. Islam is more encompassing than that.

Ramadan is an incredibly big deal for Muslims, all over the world. The fact that she isn't even doing that (which is part of the 5) is awful. No excuse. She's 20? That means she's had at least 15 years of doing this. Your charity that is her taking her cosplaying friend to a fun event? And dressing up? Not charity. And using people's money from selling nudes. Selling sex. Makes you a prostitute. Also against Islams practice. Plus she was wearing a cross in some pictures. That's highly forbidden, Muslims don't even believe Jesus died and why the fuck would she wear it? Why?

Give me a break. This girl is a goddamn joke. Stop saying you're Muslim as a fucking selling point. Stop showing off you're Arab, it's also annoying. No one calls themself the "black" "Asian" "Hispanic" cosplayer. Dumb bitch.

No. 139328


Slow claps I one hundred percent agree with you. She only started doing it because there's a lot of other races that were making fun of her calling her a white girl and shit, and she busted that out because she wanted to reach out to them. She's so desperate to be cool and accepted by everyone that her story always changes. No I don't have screenshots of these people who harassed her and no I'm not going to spend an hour scrolling through her old tweets for screen caps. All I know is she busted out the "Arabic" thing because people were calling her a white girl and making fun of her because she's so fucking weird. Black Twitter and a lot of anitwitter make fun of white people because they think they're crazy and fucked up. Can't deny it because I'm white lol but she denied it hard because she cares so much about what everyone thinks. Yes I am white and I fap to tentacle hentai. Yah fucking white people I get it lol. At least I don't give a shit what other people think. You can tell she still watches this thread because she mentioned Kay out of the blue on Twitter right after I mentioned earlier that Kay doesn't support her on patreon. Ha-ha.

No. 139332


No. 139340

Wonder if she's still a proud Muslim after last night's shooting in Orlando

No. 139343

File: 1465775272398.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 1441081351731.gif)

No. 139348

OH come on anon that's cheap and unrelated , you know terrorist muslims aren't real normal muslims in the same way the KKK clearly aren't proper Christians
If you can't contribute properly, don't bother shitposting

No. 139360

No. 139363


tumblr plz go

No. 139365

Don't be a faggot

No. 139376

She's a westernized Muslim, so she's one of the actually peaceful ones.

No. 139378

That's fucking stupid. The shooter was born here in the states making him a "westernized Muslim" It had nothing to do with religion.

No. 139398

Seriously this thread was all fun and real shit about how much Mariah sucks but then you assholes just had to throw religion in here and now it's just fucked up trash. So fucking sad ya'll are pathetic. I'm out of here.

No. 139400

You guys know your arguing about one the stupidest human inventions right?
Can we go back to making fun of fat-kun?

No. 139401

Seriously. Go make a religion thread in /b/ if there isn't one there already and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 139403


Why DID it all of a sudden turn political in this thread lol. Like all of a sudden everyone is obsessed about her lying about being Muslim lol. Who cares? She's a liar we know this you don't need to explain how she's lying about her religion because we know it's just another lie ha-ha.

No. 139404


It's because anon-chan wants us to think they're an intelligent labradoodle and know everything that a quick Google search can tell you but you are in 4chan we really don't care about your knowledge on religion.

No. 139519


This is the penultimate "No True Scotsman" example in this thread. She's a Muslim. You can decide the rules to consider yourself a Muslim if you want, but she follows a reasonable set of guidelines to consider herself Muslim, so she is Muslim.

> No one calls themself the "black" "Asian" "Hispanic" cosplayer.

Also, you're delusional if you believe this.

Sage-ing since this thread is just about religion now.

No. 139530


She actually made a post about how shitty it is that radicalized Muslims make things so hard for peaceful ones. She's still a proud Muslim. Not sure how shitty you have to be to think she would be ashamed of Islam just because of some radicalized asshole

Imma sage too, this thread can die

No. 139541


> Makes a pretty ridiculous claim

> "No I'm not going to back this up with any evidence"

> Here's another claim

> Extremely shaky point that in no way constitutes evidence

This is what this thread is in a nutshell. That, and religious discussion between idiots…joining the sage train

No. 139557

You can ride the sage train to hell, you're missing the fucking point.

She's a fake. Everything about her screams fake. Leave it at that.

No. 139563

File: 1465843949829.jpg (164.27 KB, 801x1200, CkzFm8xUoAANs3U.jpg)

>ITT bitches comsplaining about the thread derailing and not attempting to get it back on track


Also I love how in all their photos Momo is the 'sidekick' She can have as much money and followers as she wants but she'll always be second best to Vamplette irl.

No. 139578


I think you're the one missing the point. If she's fake, she's fake… but if you have to convince yourself she isn't Muslim so that she can stay fake in your mind…

…then maybe she isn't as fake as you think.

No. 139579

Or maybe everyone can stop arguing semantics and we can laugh at the plethora of things to laugh at

No. 139607


How about that Mei costume tho lol. Seriously tho let's get back on track, unless there's no more for you guys to talk about. I think it's become derailed because there's not much to cover anymore until another shitty cosplay comes out. If that's the case let's not get racist or prejudiced here guys.

No. 139612

File: 1465855325456.png (222 KB, 940x277, cringe.png)

That profile pic on twitch tho.

No. 139613

File: 1465855456972.jpg (74.44 KB, 960x960, 13347017_839770122834605_38714…)

No. 139616

why is Vamplette wearing such bulky underwear?

I swear to god these people are a bunch of clueless amateurs.

No. 139618

Yeah, not the best underwear choice, but hey, at least there's no camel toe?

No. 139635

Vamplette face is really unfortunate

No. 139639


Aw but I wanted to hear Internet strangers talk about how dangerous Islam is. Was really hoping that segue would devolve into bickering so something in this thread could entertain me…

No. 139640

Go make a thread for it in /b/ then.

No. 139647

As the only Arab in the game you'd figure she'd be all over Pharah, but of course she chooses Mei and D.Va since they're really popular.
I'm glad she's so lazy or else I'd have to worry about her butchering my rocket queen.

No. 139649

it's not underwear it's the bottom of her corset/waist trainer

No. 139669

Oh now I see it.
Now I'm not a "professional cosplayer" but couldn't she then wear a pair of Spanx to cover up that obvious line? Since usually, speaking as a girl, the concern with spanx is that the line/muffin top where it's digging into your fat will be visible but if she's already wearing a waist trainer then that's shouldn't be a problem?

I mean at least Vamp can sew and make shit though.

No. 139672

Almost pretty sure its panties, you can see the outline of the panties on her ass cheeks when her backs turned to the camera or whatever. (Or maybe its both shrug)

No. 139674

Well going between her ass cheeks since shes clearly wearing a thong.

No. 139708

File: 1465885778731.jpeg (44.74 KB, 750x348, image.jpeg)

Did some snooping and it looks like Mariah's parents are fully aware of all her lingerie and boudoir photos.
Her mom posted a link to Mariah's FB page on her Twitter and also is friends with Mariah on FB, where she posted pics from her lingerie and boudoir sets.

No. 139716


Nah, anyone who's not a racist fuck knows Islam isn't dangerous. Isis is not Muslim they may follow Muslim beliefs but Muslims do not acknowledge them as a part of their culture they are a disgrace to Muslims. Go be a racist fuck somewhere else lol.

No. 139717


I found that awhile back, but it was posted in September and it doesn't look like Katina even uses her Twitter. I think she posted it before she knew about those shoots because September was waaay before all the boudoir stuff, but part of me thinks her parents do know about it they just don't say anything. Like how can you not know?

No. 139797

No. 139804


But seriously, fuck off. Plus Muslim isn't a race.

No. 139807


Fine. Prejudism. Happy? Is anon chan getting butthurt that her precious hate thread about Mariah has gone to shit? Yah she's obnoxious and fat. Woop de fucking do. Looks like she doesnt care anymore, people didn't even know this part two thread existed. A lot of people are fat and obnoxious, specially internet trolls. No I will not learn to sage because I just don't give a fuck. Happy reachings, with vague statements that can't be backed up anymore. Ha-ha.

No. 139821

File: 1465926102289.png (321.7 KB, 420x420, image.png)

No. 139841

I get a good chuckle whenever people like you try to say that 'oh you have nothing to back up what you're claiming' Religion is always this big subjective thing so no matter what people will disagree on what makes someone a certain religion but we still have evidence of her being a fat lazy disgusting attention whore so I think we're still fine thanks

No. 139860

I'm pretty sure there's only a few bitches still actually in this thread, starting to sound like one very bitter cosplayer that nobody cares about. I get a good chuckle when I think about how tough you guys are behind your anonymous names, nothing can touch you, but if we found your Twitter handles and/or Facebook pages and roasted tf outta you you would probably cry like a little bitch and deactivate lol. Nobody wants or cares to talk about religion in this thread yet you still defend it like why do you keep contradicting yourselves? Lol!

No. 139863

It's fucking hilarious because it's all "anonymous this anonymous that" like do you guys even realise you might not even be arguing with the same person who made an initial statement? Everyone's trolling each other with different opinions lmao. This thread is entertaining because youre a mess. And I'm not going to say "you all" because honestly it's like two people up in here lol. Both of you are a mess lmao.

No. 139868

This is so awful because I can't even tell if this is a troll or a legitimate whiteknight

No. 139877


I've been trolling this entire thread since the first one to be honest. I dont like Mariah and I come here every once in awhile when she does something annoying because I know everyone's all over it. But I don't get how you can spend two months talking shit about someone? Doesn't it get exhausting? Lol. Like I type out some shit and forget about it and brush it off when people attack me but the few girls here sound like they spend all day obsessing over negative things. Like doesn't that get exhausting? I mean they have nothing positive to say about ANYONE in this feed. Bashing Nigri, Kay, Luna, Succubus girl, Collette, MostFlogged, FakeNerdBoy, my dog, like have any of them done anything personal to fuck you over? Y u gotta hate on EVERYBODY lol. I think I said it in the last feed, this girl must be the most perfect cosplay girl in the world with perfect skin and a perfect body to have such high standards.

No. 139878


Careful anon, you said "like" too many times and mentioned some of Mariahs friends. This girl is going to start calling you Momo or one of her buddies ha-ha.

No. 139887


> 2 months

Anon, you're on lolcow. 2 months is nothing when it comes to shit talking someone.

No. 139911

>mfw you know nothing about lolcow

You realize that if it was all 1 or two people in this thread it would have been shut down before it got to a second one?

Also this. They realize lolcow was MADE to vent about dumb bitches on the internet right? We've been on Venus and Kooters and I'm p sure JNig since this site was made.

>doesnt like Mariah
>still follows Marish
>still show up to complain and 'troll'
and yet you're calling us petty? At least we're here because we dont like the bitch and most of us dont even get mad we just laugh at her. You're coming here with a self-entitled holier than thou mentality even if it's 'one in a while' makes you way sadder than us.

No. 139917


It's two or three bitches that never had any sort of success in anything in their lives so they bitch about Mariah… a girl who is achieving a level of success doing something she enjoys that they'll never even take enough of a risk to compare to.

They then justify their bitching by calling out all the ways they think they would do it better if they ever got off their asses and made something of themselves.

Like yeah, Mariah may not be the brightest and she certainly needs to work on her reactions to things but to spend months focusing on her, buying her products just to insult them, following her to cons… and then they pretend they are better than her even though she probably wouldn't be caught dead on this site for any reason other than defending herself from their attacks

And of course when she does that, they act like they wouldn't.

Welcome to lolcow.snow

No. 139918

>a girl who is achieving a level of success doing something she enjoys
>a level of success

No. 139919

Did you pay attention to the last thread at all? Drink some water and take a nap anon.

No. 139923


She's literally making $3500 a month just from Patreon, and that is before twitch income and sponsorship. She's a success even if you don't think so.

If you want to hate her, fine… but don't deny reality to do so

No. 139924

Her family members pledge under anonymous names to make her look successful, also she's not getting money because she's a cosplay success she's getting money because she gets naked , 3500 a month isn't even a lot she had to pay most of it back come tax day

No. 139928

What's wrong with her teeth?

No. 139935

Tila tequila makes that much too is she a success?

No. 139939

File: 1465944428235.jpg (341.04 KB, 2048x1250, Middle_White_Sow.jpg)


White knight confirmed. Gtfo lolcow you fat sow.

No. 139949


> Her family members pledge under anonymous names to make her look successful

Citation needed. You have absolutely no evidence to support this. You're just guessing and hoping it's true. Ridiculous.

> 3500 a month isn't even a lot she had to pay most of it back come tax day

42k a year at her age is actually very good, and if you think you have to pay "most of it" at tax day, perhaps you aren't old enough to understand taxes?

No. 139951


I love that you have to assume I'm fat to dismiss me. Is that where we are in this discussion? What a joke.

No. 139965


How much you guys want to bet the people depending her are her parents? Kek

No. 139966

Your including the months she wasn't at 3500 she just hit the line this month, yeah pretty sure she has to pay a sum for earning more than the average single female household. Course an audit if things don't add up.

No. 139967

File: 1465952244147.png (280.36 KB, 480x346, 13466106_10153814710771461_828…)

A) We know she's never made the amount on her patreon because of the amount she complained about people adjusting their backings around money time

B)She's claiming to nee $800 to to to Anime Expo? Even if she's staying in a hotel by herself that's still way too much. Also her patreon would easily cover that wouldnt it? Oh but wait isnt she a big famous 'professional cosplayer'? why isnt she a guest? Queersplay doesnt have that much of an online following and they're a guest. They're all also larger girls and aren't 'omg the prettiest' oh because AX realizes that someone at momo's level isnt worth their time. (Also note: most of the cosplay guests at AX dont have the following that momo does yet they all have actually done something other than get by on buying shit off the internet)Simply another camgirl that's willing to do anything for money. When her patreon dipped the first time she posted pictures of nothing but her backside to drive the numbers up.

C) Once again you say she's so successful and famous? Mostflogged has 6.4k followers on twitter and yet their cosplay pictures get the same amount of interaction.

D) You might want to try and claim that she makes money because people like her and want to support her and totally ARENT doing it to fill their fetishy spank banks? Then how come she made a $5 during her latest stream. If she has these thousands of 'avid supporters' why did she have a total of 56 views for that stream?

Anyway: News on her Camilla. She says she's working with Nana Bear on something so I'm willing to bet she's begging/paying nana to make her Camilla for her since Nana kinda knows how to armor

That's not remotely amusing or plausible stop

No. 139970

If she's paying nana for Camilla good luck lol nana has a hit or miss with commissions but since she's a loudmouth who puts people on the spot as well with an army of fap Knights, most of the people who have had negative dealings with Nana just stay quiet. Nana is also very much like momo, she used to complain about not being invited to guest cons.

No. 139971

Come on, you know she's not staying in a room by herself. She's probably rooming with her photographers like fanime. She couldn't even afford a badge on her own she had to ask someone to give her one, somethings not adding up with this money and where it's actually going, she seems to be broke a majority of the time despite her "success" and she lives with her folks so…yeah come on, her parents don't strike me as the kind that would ask her for rent.

No. 139974

I have a friend who does a lot of freeelance work and taxes are supposed to be pretty bad. He usually sets money aside from each job to help pay it off at the end of the year. Does momo even pay taxes on these earnings? Surely she's not smart enough to actually set money aside to pay taxes at the end of the year. We all know the $3,500 isn't accurate what with her crying so much about people altering their subscription amounts, and the additional begging on the side. Makes you wonder how much this cow is actually earning per month.

No. 139981


I think it just gets taxed as if you were a freelancer? I follow some artists were talking about Patreon taxes before and if I remember correctly they were talking about Patreon sending them a W-2 which is what an independent contractor gets.

I made like $6k in freelance income last year and ended up owing the IRS like $250 for the taxes on that. I really doubt Mariah is putting money aside and even if she's only actually getting half of what her Patreon says that's still gonna be a decent sum of money. I would be terrified of doing my taxes if I were her.

No. 139983

I look forward to the twitch shows begging to pay her owed taxes by the end of the year.

No. 139985


And when that doesn't happen, I'm sure you'll be an adult and admit you were wrong…


No. 139986

I'm still on that someone thinks Momo is successful…. Lmao

She's defiantly gonna owe at the end of the year. Doubt she's saving any money for. Since she's horrible with her funds

No. 139991

Because I'm still going to be so emotionally invested in an offhand comment I made months back on a gossip site, right? I'm only half serious, but it would be funny as shit to see, we all know she's not good at managing her money and lives in squalor already.

No. 139994

She'll most likely get a 1099, in which you have to pay taxes for all of the money you made over the year. It can be A LOT if you don't keep track of things and do write offs. If she's really making 40k she'll have at least a couple grand in taxes. Twitch will probably 1099 her as well. Unless she's smarter than she seems, she's gonna be deep in the hole next April.

No. 139995

so you can sass someone's offhanded remark but you cant say shit to people who actually bring up arguments huh?

No. 140008

Can we go back to talking about how fat/ugly/rude/annoying This girl is? Why does she have to make such hideous faces in her photos?

No. 140009

This thread is such a mess…

No. 140012

Momo and her knights at it again.

No. 140016

because she's insecure with her face. She realizes her smiles and normal faces are fuck ugly so she hides behind the guise of 'copying JNig' by doing silly faces when J is still fuckable but Momo is dangerously close to paperbagtier then again I'm sure her fans dont care since they only care about her 'ass' and would only wanna do her from behind anyway

No. 140037

Wonder how she feels about her idol jnig's illegal sponsorship shenanigans. Will she be retarded enough to defend jnig when shit hits the fan about FitTea? I wonder how momo will feel knowing jnig thinks most of her fans are FAT.

Hey Momo, Jnig thinks you're fat.

No. 140120

File: 1466009457583.gif (828.06 KB, 320x240, miLivAi.gif)

P.S: Stop fucking spamming this thread, white knight.

No. 140138


This entire fucking thread is spam. There's nothing left for us.

No. 140153

File: 1466021234171.jpg (98.9 KB, 640x1136, ClAHBgpUoAMbAn1.jpg)

l cant stop laughing. the arm raise is such a trick for fatties to hide their rolls and saggy tits. I'm sure there are people in the replies being like 'ermagerd lookit how fit'

Literally the entire pose is flexing and doing everything in her ability to lot look like a slob. You can even see how small and saggy her other tit is. She's such a mess but maybe JUST MAYBE she's actually working out and MIGHT actually take care of her body. I wonder if she bumped into some old highschool friends and realized they didn't let themselves go as hard and realized she was fuckin up.

No. 140163

File: 1466023566675.png (573.87 KB, 626x602, momoplz.png)

I love that she's literally stretching out and sucking in, but no matter how hard she is flexing or posing she still looks fat. Momo plz, we know what your body looks like. Nice oversized sweat pants to hide your massive tree trunk legs too, A++ sexy.

No. 140165

File: 1466023645546.png (384.18 KB, 746x583, 1463162908651.png)

Here have some rolls too.

No. 140176

Did some comments get deleted?

No. 140184


Hard to tell. This thread is such a mess…

No. 140191

We got it the first time you asshole quit repeating it

No. 140197

Omg stop. It's not a mess. It's reality of a cow. Get over it. She's here because she mad her life a mess

No. 140244

File: 1466034189392.png (295.37 KB, 512x587, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.41…)


No. 140246

Her stomach has a better ass than her

No. 140251


Wonder what she's gonna do/say when it turns out of be true.

LPT momo: when there's a controversy/scandal of this caliber, stay the fuck as far away as you can from it. Unless you have solid proof that she's not participating in illegal activities, stay out of it, you risk backlash if things turn ugly.

Nigri also possibly faces issues with not paying taxes. Be sure to pay yours! Wouldn't want to RIS hounding you or your parents.

No. 140254

I love it when a cow or their knights come into their thread and try to shitpost it up. Desperate much?

I can't wait for this to turn out to be true! Momo is trying so hard to get senpai to notice her again that she's whiteknighting her, herself.

No. 140257


If she says nothing, the people in this thread would say she isn't standing up for her friends. If she says something, she's making the wrong move by not distancing herself.

No. 140262

Tbh, if she didn't say shit, waited it out for the results to surface, then releases a statement based on the results, it would be fine. Her and Jessica aren't friends, I've barely seen them interact besides a couple twitter interactions. Automatically jumping straight into white knight mode for jnig is lulzy.

No. 140263


It's none of her bussiness. She can support Nigri in private if she wants to. But by doing it in public she's risking her 'career' and brand. If the rumors turn out to be true, she will be labeled as someone who vouched for someone who was involved in illegal activities, her credibility shot, possibly viewed as being involved. Momo needs to stop treating this cosplay endeavor as a highschool project and take it seriously and treat it as a serious proffession if she wants to be 'professional'. She needs to be mindful of how potential fans will view her. She has to be her own PR person, and she hasn't really done a great job at it lately.

No. 140267

File: 1466038203414.jpeg (169.29 KB, 745x1075, image.jpeg)

I'm the first person who posted that this thread is a mess and the other two posts aren't mine. Plus I was referring to the white knights as the mess, not that momo isn't worthy of a thread.

Anyways, here's something else to contribute: she's trying to kiss up to jnig again.

No. 140268

File: 1466038297841.jpeg (148.36 KB, 750x1046, image.jpeg)

She's pretending she's doing it by herself now.

No. 140269

It's cool anon. Jnig is probably so caught up in the drama of being caught right now she doesn't even have time to notice poor momokun whiteknighting her so hard.

Edges look pretty sloppy, she might be doing it herself, but if Mei was any indication of her abilities, this thing is going to be a hot mess in no time.

No. 140272


Fun fact: I'm the third person who posted it and not the second, so there were at least three of us saying it lol

No. 140273

… Does one usually paint foam before you use plastidip/mod podge? Also how bendy is plastidip as well shouldnt she be heat forming this armor before the .

I'm imagining another sloppy flat but globbed mess of a costume. I wont be surprised if she either decides it looks like shit last minute like with her Samus or if Nana makes her one that is obviously a different build than she's been working on.

No. 140284

You heat form before you plastidip. After you plastidip, it becomes too hard to form. Ofc she doesn't know that, she's just throwing out the names of materials to sound fancier.

No. 140288

so what you're saying is once she puts the plastidip on she wont be able to bend it to her body anyway since those are supposed to go around her arm

what a professional cosplayer

No. 140290


Yup she really has no idea what she's doing.

Hey momokun. Since we all know you read this thread, here's a tip from me to you. Go to therpf.com and read up on all the armor making threads there. Maybe you'll learn something you can apply to your shitty props.

No. 140292


Plastidip doesn't harden it lmao

No. 140295



According to this it does, and is a method of sealing foam props.

No. 140297

if she tries to bend it (for the most part) it seems like she'll end up with lots of cracking and chipping?

It also depends on how many coats of plastidip she puts on etc.

tbh i dont get why she didnt look up foam armor. There's a million cosplayers like Punished Props and Kamui that have tutorials on how to cosplay armor

No. 140298


Even volpin has a two part digital book series just about foam armor. They're $10 together. Not bad for info from one of the most 'famous' cosplay prop makers.

No. 140329


…. Plastidip is a flexible rubber coating. It doesn't harden anything lol

No. 140340

>calls momo a fake
>doesn't even get the purpose of plastidip right

No. 140342

File: 1466063042835.png (34.67 KB, 503x181, Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.4…)

No. 140346

Laughing at everyone who says plastic dip makes shit hard lmao. It's a can of spray paint that turns into rubberized coating people use it to paint their cars too lmao. P.S. thank you white knights for making this thread interesting again never mention religion here again guys pls and ty.

No. 140348


Ha-ha, so I guess some of the people hating in this thread aren't actually the bitter cosplayers everyone's assuming they are or otherwise they'd have know that about the plastic dip. Interesting.

No. 140350



**Plasti dip for both posts. Gdi this phone.

No. 140404

Everyone in here losing their minds over plastidip. Who cares, we all know it's going to look like shit when she's done with it anyway.

No. 140533

File: 1466094402854.png (473.08 KB, 508x689, 2828dd10d604f5b910e39290765d69…)

>complaining about a thread about a cosplayer turning to cosplay materials

Still better than the religion mumbo jumbo

Anyway still no plastidip but has anyone ever heard of this? freeze forming foam? Also the fact that the two stripe one is so twisted how does she not see that? Also last time i checked heat forming foam you dont have to keep elastic around it for it to keep it's shape

No. 140573

> People making fun of Momo for not knowing about cosplay

> In the same breath, they clearly show they know nothing about Plastidip

This thread is such a mess…

No. 140622

God that looks so cheap lol.
I can't wait to see the failure of the Camilla cosplay.

No. 140778

Never heard of freeze forming foam, but iirc you can bend the foam and hold it in place when using heat.

Seriously, could you fuck off already?

No. 140787

File: 1466105530613.gif (1.41 MB, 400x300, bQfh2FP.gif)

Admin, could you please do something with this white knight?

No. 140854

File: 1466108231088.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2194, Screenshot_20160616-161216~2.p…)

I'm not buying this excuse. It's air conditioning inside the building. So, it's possible to wear Mei's normal outfit and not die. If that's too much too handle and you feel like you need to show skin, just pick a character that wears less clothes. My god.

No. 141044


To be fair, a lot of cons is outdoors. The event may be inside the building, but tons of stuff is happening around the building for long periods of times.

This generally includes meetups for groups all cosplaying from the same medium.

No. 141066


Crying to an admin because this thread isn't going your way? Go back to tumblr.(b& 4 being annoy.)

No. 141072

Yeah but it's a jacket. You can take it off outside

No. 141079


I think we all know who should go back to tumblr or reddit now.

No. 141080


I've got to side with >>141044 here. Have you ever cosplayed? Imagine doing it and carrying around a giant coat whenever you went outside, taking it on and off for pictures… in 90+ degree heat, with all of your other stuff like your purse… I'm pretty sure Mariah just didn't want to put the time in (or didn't have the time to put in) but the heat is a good enough reason to give her the benefit of the doubt on this.

Let's just get back to her weight or something.

No. 141087

Yeah I have. Also cosplayed stuff which wasn't the best choice for such a hot weather. But sometimes you just have to get through this if you really want to Cosplay that character.
But I also get her point, really.
I understand when people can't or don't want to stand the heat. But then I think that she shouldn't have cosplayed Mei at all. She should have waited. Of course people will call her out on a half assed Cosplay even tho fans basically pay for this shit.

No. 141089


Yeah I can agree there, she should have waited if she wanted to do the character full justice. At the same time, I can understand why someone would want to get on top of cosplaying a character before it's played out. Fanime was a chance to cosplay Mei before 100+ other people do it to death and the game takes a sideline to the next flavor of the week.

When I cosplay, it's never from anything new because I would either feel rushed to be first or I would feel underwhelmed at being behind all the people that rushed. It's a trade-off. She's in it for attention because that's her job, so being first is worth the trade-off of not doing the character justice. I get it, is all I'm saying.

No. 141093

Yeah and there are people who cosplay full suits of armor and full coats to hot summer cons too. The annoying thing is: She's blatantly lying. She only started Mei a week or so before Fanime anyway so why lie and say she didnt make it because of the hot weather?

She is going out of her way to lie instead of just saying 'I didnt have time and I wanted to cosplay with Vamplette since she's not going to be able to go to AX'. She's a compulsive liar that cant help herself even though the truth makes more sense.

No. 141104

She didn't even bother with the swirl motif on the sweatpants. It wouldn't be that hard to get on there with a stencil if she didn't want to hand paint each swirl.

No. 141125

Done this with 3 layers along with a jacket and a in 100+ weather. She could have cosplayed full Mei but the point is to be smart when you do this. Drink a ton of water a week before the event and during, lighten what you carry to the bare essentials (license, phone, keys, medicine if you got it). Take the heavier stuff off until photos. Seek shade, sit and rest if you feel dizzy. She's supposed to live in Vegas, if you live in a desert this literally isn't rocket science. It's basic knowledge if you've lived in a hot place long enough.

Then again, she's also bigger so she probably would get a lot hotter than a smaller person. But full Mei could have been done smartly (picking lighter textiles for the jacket for instance) if she cared to bother to start a cosplay long before going to a con.

No. 141128

With the size she is she could have used simple cotton and not fully lined it (let's be real she wouldnt have lined it anyway) and just used the fur where she needed to. there's a million ways to make the costume and wear it in hot weather seeing as other people made and worn Mei more accurately in the same weather, she's just lazy and rushed it. I dont get why people even care.

No. 141143

File: 1466128424070.jpg (145.08 KB, 511x767, Twf_3t9eDTzx_j9KfMuHQTZMmA7MWS…)

And yet, I've seen worse excuses to use the less armored versions of characters…

No. 141148

but that suit is canon to the original metroid game..

No. 141153


There's nothing wrong with doing versions that wear less armor.

That's actually a pretty good cosplay. Yeah its simple, but it's pretty much on point. Blaster and shoes look really clean, relatively good craftsmanship.

Pic semi unrelated. Sexy skimpy cosplay with good craftsmanship. I'd like to see momo attempt this cosplay if she has the balls. I think her patreon people would too. Sometimes the costumes or characters that are super simple, are the most difficult to pull off.

No. 141154

File: 1466129488276.jpg (619.12 KB, 1280x1845, tumblr_n92zjzfJN21qgu2vjo1_128…)


Whoops dropped my pic.

No. 141157

Grasping at straws much? Fuck off Momo, taking pictures of more experienced and more beautiful cosplayers don't hold a candle next to your lard cellulite-filled ass.

No. 141160

But how could she hide her shape-wear then anon? This would be a nightmare to see momo in outside of posed, heavily shopped/airbrushed pics.

While this is simple, I agree, the craftmanship looks clean. This doesn't look bad at all.

No. 141163


Using that suit is still just an excuse to wear a more revealing, easier to create Samus suit imo

No. 141164

Sure? But it's actually really well made, she's got all her bits covered up properly, and she's not even striking an over sexualized pose. I don't see anything wrong with this costume. There isn't even anything wrong with >>141154 this costume. People don't like momo's half assed, poorly made, fap-bait costumes because that's exactly what they are. Her casual mei was bad, the craftmanship was terrible, her poses were terrible, her tits were hanging out which has nothing to do with the character's design, etc.

No. 141167


Typically simpler costumes can still be difficult to make because it's harder to hide fuck ups, flaws stick out in more obvious manners, and sometimes costumes require specific body types to pull off because they're that simple. >>141154 like this one. A fat ass couldn't pull this off.

I can't tell you how many times people over look shitty sewing or prop making craftsmanship because the costume is ornate or complicated.

No. 141171

Honestly, getting in shape for a cosplay is really admirable. If you have the time and dedication to make a costume, why not put the effort in to get in shape for it too?

No. 141183

See unlike Momo there are people who love cosplay and are willing to work with the skills that they have instead of buying/halfassing casual costumes. Even high-skill cosplayers sometimes like making something simpler especially if they're working on a larger project at the time and want to make something else in the meantime.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with simple costumes.

Either way that Samus is an in-game canon. Momo's BS is 'oh there's this one concept art that then one other person decided to draw a 'full version' of' and then she cosplayed that.

Especially if you're claiming to be a 'full time/professional' cosplayer

No. 141329


Plus, isn't gluttony a sin in Islam?

No. 141366


Momo got posted on 4chan again lol, this time on /fit/.
I wonder if Momo is taking the Jessica Nigri route and self-posting herself on there so she can attract more neckbeards, let alone the /fit/ lads in there? So she can attentively hear the echo chamber of "THICC FITT WAIFU" when I can imagine her BF% is horrendous. Some of them aren't buying it though so nice try Mariah.

No. 141369

Msterial choice matters, too. Cheap costume satin will show every single flaw. Cotton sateen on the other hand, isn't nearly as shiny and easier to work with.

No. 141370

File: 1466190619925.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Camilla's bra literally shows that the trim is stitched down. She's so lazy she didn't even bother

No. 141372

Did she literally just glue pieces of fabric onto a Victorias Secret pushup bra and claim that to be armor cosplay?

No. 141377

iirc she did selfpost a ton of her cosplay on /cgl/ back in December or January, so I wouldn't be surprised at all

No. 141380

the funniest bit is that you can tell that she didnt glue it down straight or high enough because on the cup that's still on the table you can see the top of the bra. I also wouldnt be surprised if the gold ends up peeling/curling at the con since gluing shit on bras isnt always the most effective.

Also her bra is a totally different material than her armor so it's gonna look stupid. I wonder if she's planning on plastidipping her bra too?

No. 141391

lmaoo the first comment

No. 141439

That's like first grade shit. Not sure what glue she's using but that's probably going to peel off.

No. 141450

Might be krazy glue, but it won't change the fact that she's going to a con in the middle of summer, and it's a bra she's wearing, which means sweat is gonna peel off the glue

No. 141480

you guys are funny and stupid at the same time. Keep it up

No. 141485

enlighten me bait-kun. Tell me your vast knowledge of how we're so wrong about the fact that Momo has no idea what the fuck she's doing

No. 141488

lolol at Momo selfposting to /fit/

No. 141561

People expect her to do everything right when the people who come to these posts everyday have nothing going for them. You guys have the dumbest gripes i've ever seen. You guys are more obsessive than her white knights which makes no sense

No. 141591

>when the people who come to these posts everyday have nothing going for them
This is an anon board you have no idea how often any of us visit this board. Plus for me I'm not checking it for momo. She's like an appetizer for when I'm checking on my main cow.
Second of all how do you know we have nothing going for us? I make more than momo does on her patreon a month and I never have to show my body to do so so I'm pretty sure I'm doing better than she does.
>You guys have the dumbest gripes i've ever seen.
You mean like pointing out how she has no idea what she's doing. Sure some of the anons replying dont know the materials either but that just proves that it's not all just cosplayers who think she's a lazy, fat, attention whore, wannabe JNig
>You guys are more obsessive than her white knights which makes no sense
"obsessive" is a strong word. Do you go watch movies or TV or play video games or fuck around on youtube because you're obsessed? No it's because you want entertainment. I'm pretty sure most of the other anons in this thread will agree that we're purely here to point and laugh at the lardass trying so hard to beg for people's fap money while attempting to call it cosplay. We cant wait til she fucks up in the most major of ways.

No. 141609

You aren't going to ~prove them wrong~, all you'll do is shit up the thread even further by arguing back and forth with b8-anon.

No. 141682

I hope my life never gets pathetic to point of finding enjoyment in constantly hating on someone who doesn't effect my life. ggs m8

No. 141685

Aren't you hating on us? Lmao hypocrite. Why you even here then?? Lmao

No. 141743

we're all humans so we will never like everyone we meet or see lol

No. 145937


Welcome to lolcow dumbass

No. 145965

File: 1466460212921.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 145976

File: 1466461963322.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 145978

Cellulite for years…

No. 145981

Disgusting harlot. Cover up, D.va isn't a character to be sexualized and you're fucking stupid to do that to begin with. Make the full suit. I'd like to see you try.

No. 145982

If only I could screenshot the unedited version on her snapchat…..looks like a bag of nickles

No. 145984

She couldn't even sew it into a thong so she just scrunched it up into her ass so that she could show more. Ugh the cottage cheese she's so gross.

No. 145986

I really just hate how fucking lazy it is. It's just her Samus swimsuit with pink trim and a patch that she didn't make.

No. 145989

File: 1466463812516.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 145998

File: 1466464766981.jpg (281.24 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20160620_191710.jpg)

How does anyone find this sexy?

No. 146005


Men are simple creatures, anon.

No. 146006

She'd be cute if she didn't have such a trash personality, chubby girls are cute, but like, her attitude and everything else about her is garbage and you can't look past that.

Neckbeards?? Japanophiles? Koreaboos??

No. 146029

She didnt even stick the patch down. She's also duck lipping so hard to make her face look less fat. I'll never understand how people fall for this. Also ALL DAT SHOOP. How does anyone even believe this shit?

No. 146031

haha pt arms

No. 146036

Ah out lovely cow is following Sarahs footstep into kawaii fandom ~

No. 146040

Again, she didn't even style the wig. Ugh I cringeeeee

No. 146071

I so wonder what made her think this was a good idea.

No. 146081

It's because D.va is popular anon. It's not like she could consider cosplaying Pharah, who's literally an Eygptian woman.

No. 146082

Her ass is so flat and yet so dimpled. My god.

No. 146085

That Bardock Obama guy and Christopher Sabat are planning on hanging out together at AX. If Mariah meets the voice of Vegeta I will fucking kill myself. I hope she embarrasses the fuck out of herself with her disgusting behaviour or I hope Bardock is at least a little embarrassed of her so he wont let her. And that ass is so flat and cellulite ridden. She edited it a little before she posted it on Twitter because the original one looks disgusting lmao. Like it's just fat ass thighs that she can pose at angles that makes her butt look big why is this bitch still important to people?

No. 146086

I can see this being an okay shot.

However there's so much trash shit behind her and her eyes are just unfocused. We obviously know you're taking the picture but your eyes make it seem like someone else is doing it for you. Fix the eyes, the face, erase the shit in the back and maybe you got some patreon photo reward. It'd be better than those Milk photos.

No. 146091

File: 1466492600039.png (1.13 MB, 752x1036, image.png)

Well. You hash tagged what everyone was thinking perfectly. Fucking gross. No class. Send these to your fucking dad momo lol.

No. 146221



No. 146224

Seeing her pictures makes me a lot more confident about my own body. Hell, she looks horrendous. And omg >>146091 can she be any more trashy?

No. 146231

File: 1466534474542.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 146232

File: 1466534529557.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 146282

Anyone know her address? She was posted about how people were posting it and her dad threatened them lol. I'd love to send her pictures to her parents. If what she says about her parents is true, it could end her shit real quick. At last we would be free from fucking momo the hobo.

No. 146285

Seriously looks like PT. Before PTs weight loss that is.

No. 146287

Also I have yet to see more than 1 or 2 actual good D.Va Cosplays. It seems like almost everyone is just half assing it with the suits.

No. 146308

she looks like a busted can of biscuits. that waist trainer is fooling no one. this wouldn't have been so bad if she had just sewn the damn leotard a size up.

No. 146311

File: 1466548110554.jpg (62.63 KB, 640x853, 640x960.jpg)

No. 146315


I admittedly kinda think her hips/thighs look kinda cute here but I like chubby girls.
That little bump right on her crotch from the waist trainer though, eugh. I just keep seeing it as a really weird outtie belly button or a tiny little weird dick.

No. 146335

Ikr? I've got to be grateful to her for that, I guess.

PT didn't have cellulite like this did she? She didn't look nearly as lumpy as this bitch.

No. 146347

PT was a bit larger but she didnt try to hide it under a waist trainer/hide it in genreal

No. 146360

I agree with you. If she actually had a waist at her size or did corset training she would be 'cute' bodywise but then again she's too vain to actually wear her fat proudly and too lazy to actually do anything about it

No. 146380

From her Patreon…

>With the 10k goal I would be able to truly turn cosplay into a career. I would be able to leave my exhausting job as a barista…


No. 146385

>my exhausting job as a barista


No. 146386

I'm retarded, I meant to say barista.

No. 146397

File: 1466566174857.png (137.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

arda wigs why.. probably not gonna buy from them anyways there's a more accurate wig for what I need on match wigs but, she did say herself this is a career.
Her "humblebrag" is kind of cringey tbh.

No. 146401

>But with the amount of attention and fame I have

holy fuck what a bitch

No. 146406

She has a really inflated ego for someone really shitty at cosplay. She's hardly "famous" at all. She really needs to get her head out of her own ass. Please just go into porn, that's where you'll end up after realizing you can't make cosplay into a career.

How feasible is cosplay as a career anyway? I imagine there's a high turnover considering that there's always new, younger, and prettier girls popping up–unless you have insane craftsmanship.

No. 146413

Fucking this. As a cosplayer who actually makes my own shit, often elaborate costumes, wants to improve, follows the reference as closely as possible and uses my OWN damn money to make my costumes and buy con passes, people like this simply disgust me. She's given 3,5k a month to churn out casual cosplays with a plasti-dipped worbla gun and for that she gets invited as a guest to conventions. That's horse shit. Why do these people fucking need to ruin cosplay instead of straight out being what they are? As in slutty fetish models?

Plasti-dip AND mod podge? AND before heat forming the armor? It's like she's just throwing around materials without knowing what they actually are.

>all those glue globs
>the wonky ass un-backed foam
But as for the freezing of the foam, I've never heard of that. Because the heating technique depends on actually melting the surface of the foam to cause it to curve, I don't know how freezing is supposed to affect it. She's got the elastic bands around the gauntlets so I'm guessing that it's just the bands doing the magic by slowly bending the foam into shape and the freezer keeping the gauntlets in that form by stiffening the foam structure. Idk, that's just my best guess because I doubt the coldness alone affects the foam at all.

fuck I'm laughing so hard

No. 146418


I love how chubby she is, she's an annoying person. but I find her lumpy body really sexy.

No. 146429

File: 1466576110284.png (229.24 KB, 500x538, Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.1…)

No. 146444

anyone see her post on Facebook with her ass hanging out of the dva one? One girl commented and got destroyed. Momo did the classic Nigri, fake acting being nice to this girl, but didn't stop the white knights ripping this girl a new one.

No. 146446

Just take screenshots jfc. This is an image board

No. 146558

Anon please dont actually believe her bullshit. She's NEVER been invited to a con.

No. 146591

We could just easily debunk all this shit if someone contacts the con directly about their guest line ups for future reference. Cons are usually nice about responding on who's attending and who isn't slated to come. It would also come in handy since (some) cons don't like it when someone says they're a guest and uses their name without permission for their own promotion.

No. 146597

A quick rundown: I think JNig is the only one who's making a bank because she had the right contacts, slept around a lot and was the first to do the big tits+sluttified costumes jig. Volpin made some money by prop commissions but he had actual talent and made a name for himself by posting his wips to /cgl/. The rest just get pocket money from twitch/patreon by copying JNig, no big profit worth mentioning. Cosplay isn't a profitable hobby at all, nobody can fully live off of it because the audience is very niche and trying to copy JNig will not turn the heads away from Jessica herself, she's got the market largely for herself. Companies will not recruit you as their "official cosplayer" because if they want someone promoting in a costume, they'll hire an actor and a team of costumers to make it happen rather than some amateur cosplayer. Pikminlink is an exception, and I doubt she's making much money from it either.

No. 146620

File: 1466623669401.png (90.52 KB, 720x630, Screenshot_2016-06-22-12-22-09…)

Lol. You make three grand a month and you didn't buy yourself a ticket to one of the biggest cons in California? What the fuck does she spend it on because so far I've seen sweatpants Mei and a recycled Samus swimsuit made into a "D.Va Boudoir" cosplay. She lives with her parents and probably doesn't pay rent, like where is this money going? I could break down how much money casual expenses are like cell phone bills and photographers but it can't be three thousand dollars a month.

No. 146621


She's probably trying to get them to donate her a ticket so that she can still claim she gets invited to cons lol.

No. 146622

File: 1466623970163.png (124.13 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_2016-06-22-12-30-33…)


She can't claim that because someone donated it to her online that was just some random.

No. 146625


She got posted again, but this time at least it wasn't white knights and neckbeards it was people with honest opinions.

No. 146632

Jesus christ that gun looks awful. How did she transform worbla into that?

No. 146634


I love finding threads that trash her fat ass because it's just proof that there's not just three people in a lolcow forum that hates her. It's a lot of people. Lol.

No. 146645

>that comment @-ing Voldie because someone said they like fat girls
I'm weak

No. 147049


Is Voldie that ugly girl from Toronto? Because even tho they were fat shaming her in the thread I creeped some of her pics and Mariah actually looks fatter tbh.

No. 147076

No. 147080

Good lord, the salt in this thread this week…

No. 147081

And welcome back white knight Lmao

No. 147096

omg that one guy saying she looked like MJ, i can't breathe

No. 147100


I'd much rather be the white knight than the pile of shit that makes up the remainder of the posters. Enjoy your shit life

No. 147103

File: 1466645834525.png (377.31 KB, 339x566, sothickamirite.png)

what a plump ass amirite?
if it weren't for her waist pincher she'd look like a jelly bean tbh

No. 147104

File: 1466645925004.png (119.65 KB, 477x270, 234.png)

That Hank Hill ass…

No. 147112

File: 1466646698216.jpg (2.48 KB, 124x124, images.jpg)

Don't respond to bait for fuck's sake, anon.

No. 147121

Yep that's her. She's pretty fat but def not as fat as Mariah. Voldie always begs for art on /cgl/ and constantly self promos there as well.
She's trying to become fgc famous and market herself as a ~real gamer girl who isn't afraid to troll/get trolled ;3~ now.

Sage for not Fat Samus

No. 147126

sage for this thread being such a mess…

No. 147135

That's an insult to Hank Hil.

No. 147238

File: 1466668415817.png (50.88 KB, 598x208, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.1…)

not surprisingly, she's a fan of trisha paytas

No. 147382


Context? I'm not sure who that is

No. 147392

You know what the worst part is? Troll the comment section of her Facebook page, anyone who says anything remotely negative about her and these ugly white nights are all over them like whit on rice. And she doesn't do anything about it. I know previously she said she "can't do anything about how her followers think/feel" but I also think she gets off on white knights. Like that shit is her validation she needs those people to attack everyone who has something negative to say about her. If you wanted to handle it in a classy way, she should say something like "everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I don't encourage attacking someone because they think differently". I've done it numerous times, and even blocked white knights from my page who have defended me to the point that they are calling other people retards. Like I don't need your validation I dont need you to write an essay about how I'm awesome and that other person sucks. She's just a low life internet troll. And she's not famous no matter how many likes or followers she gets. No body even knows your name in the Eastern and Canadian cons, only California. And if they do, it's because they're the internet cosplayers you kiss ass over. I just hate this bitch, man. She needs a serious ego overhaul and she needs to learn its not okay to have all these neckbeards be her big defensive trolly hoard.

No. 147409

Well she certainly has a thin skin like Nigri and unable to accept that not everyone will like them. It's kind of sad when you think about how they both have self esteem issues and they put value on what strangers think about them above everything else.

No. 147411

not to stir things up here and this may be forbidden, but i would face the hell out of momokun.

Source: Thirsty FGC fuckboi

No. 147450

No ass and cottage cheese legs. Nothing a little photoshop can't fix, amirite? Let's promote "body positivity" while we're at it.

No. 147457


Cognitive dissonance is so strong right here. You're posting in a thread where if you say anything even remotely not terrible about her, you get jumped on by multiple people calling you a white knight.

It's the same shit. You're no better than her. Get over yourself.

No. 147533

Actually considering I'm not one of those people who have called anyone defending her a white knight, in fact was attacked a few times myself for defending Vamplettes, I don't need to get over myself. The way she lets her fans treat people, scoping out people when shes bored to start an argument with and then sending hundreds of neckbeards after them, it's disgusting. But thanks for trying. I'm not really here to just trash talk her because I know she still reads this thread, I'm here because maybe there's some small hope that her thick skull is penetrable enough for her to realise the certain things she does do wrong. She says she works hard to improve her attitude and personality but after a week of being a good girl she goes back to being a sloppy cringe whore that starts random arguments with people. Then again I've heard she's a troll and that's what she enjoys about what she does is making people cringe but honestly she should get a job because that only lasts so long lol. quit being so lazy and fat you're gonna get stretch marks u can't reverse haha. I liked that comment on Reddit where she is probably addicted to her phone and gets off on RTs and likes, I feel it's true except she gets off on all the beta fags wishing shed step on them and call them a piece of shit. Shes a fetish model at most because a lot of weeby guys like that soft chubby Asian girl porn, but she's not famous lol.


I'm not even really talking to you because you're just as ignorant as the people who hate her in this thread only in reverse "Mariahs ass shines rainbows and she's so amazingly talented because she gets naked omg so amazing how dare u hate her guys" like seriously tho.

No. 147535

File: 1466738201440.jpg (139.17 KB, 1043x1080, ClqQ8oTUsAAtgPn.jpg)

She doesn't look that bad here body wise but her face is so unfortunate and those ears look like cow ears lol not kitty ears I was howling first time I saw the other pic, all she needs is a cowbell around her neck

No. 147548

She's sucking it in so hard here. Pathetic. Just work out

No. 147551

lol she hooked the underwear around her fat so that it wouldn't flop over. That's pathetic. It's straining to hold it in.

No. 147566

you can clearly see her fupa

No. 147604

She's so fat that she has a line in her gut… Jesus Christ, Mariah. Change your diet and hit the fucking gym. We have tons in Vegas.

No. 147632

You know for the amount of times she has said she's Muslim and has Arab in her description, she hasn't said anything about Ramadan happening. Especially since Coffee Bean is only open during the hours Muslims fast and she has a drink from them in the background of that cat picture.

Can someone ask her if she's so body positive then why are her pictures HEAVILY shooped?

No. 147634

Lmao she's doing the max combo to make herself skinnier. Sucking it in + stuffing her fat into her panties like the other anons said + leaning forward so that her waist looks smaller and her chest looks bigger.

See >>54084

No. 147637

Why does she have two folds under the underwear strings……

No. 147672

because her fat ass hips cant fit the bikini while it's tied

No. 147682

One is her fat stomach hanging over and the other is the crease between torso and thighs

No. 147702

File: 1466793239081.png (592.19 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160624_143122.png)

What boys?

No. 147719

Vamplette has changed since she started sucking Mariahs dick. Hardcore sucking since Fanime. Hate them both vamplette needs her own thread now. Congrats Mariah you have successfully bought one friend. To be fair, your patreon has bought you one friend. Applause.

No. 147731

File: 1466801414426.png (338.73 KB, 518x504, Untitled.png)

colette sucking her dick so hard shes pretending to be in lesbians with her.

No. 147738

Yet another fetish Momo can add to her list of 'look at my boys and fap forever'

How is anyone supposed to take this seriously? She doesnt even drool over female characters and she literally just tweeted that Ban was her 'Daddy' not too long ago. even if she was trying to play the bi angle why hasnt she shown interest in females before now?

No. 147760

I seriously doubt she's bisexual, if anything she's following in JNig's footsteps and pretending to be
interested in girls.

No. 147766

>>No. 146231
>>No. 146232
ugh…gross…If she does end up cosplaying Camilla, she's going to have to lose a LOT of weight. That bod will not fit in her armor. And her ass is so flat, how will she pull off Camilla's thong? God, why is it that fatties always believe they can pull off characters who have big tits… But then again, I'm sure she'll just do a "boudoir" version.

No. 147768

my bad, sorry about that

No. 147779

>God, why is it that fatties always believe they can pull off characters who have big tits
Because they think fat tits = big tits.

No. 147812


If you think contributing to the hate in this thread isn't encouraging the people shouting "white knight" and encouraging the people threatening to harass her family, you're absolutely wrong. You're part of the problem even if you consider yourself above the others. The fact that you think you're better than her when you're contributing to something so much worse than what you're calling her out for? It would be hilarious if it wasn't so disgusting and sad.

If you're in here contributing to the hate against her, you're collaborating with the lowest of the low, and you aren't allowed to do that while at the same time convincing yourself you aren't the same kind of person you claim her to be.

So yes, you do need to get over yourself.

No. 147820

You act like you're so much better than us but other than the one person who keeps being like 'we should show her parents' we mostly point out actual flaws. If you're such a great person why not go around to all the threads and tell all the other people on the site how they're the 'lowest of the low'.

You obviously have some kind of agenda being here so stop pretending like you're oh so better than us and maybe you should get over yourself cause then you wont get your panties in a knot for some fatass pig slut who will never actually give a shit about you.

No. 147823


Omygod give it a fucking rest. Have you not heard the other comments people have made during this thread? These people do not give a flying fuck. Go back to wherever you came from and stop encouraging the thread to continue. That's all you can do :) bye.

No. 147827

Lol the funniest thing is who knows who the fuck the person is you guys are attacking and who knows who's actually replying hahaha. I love the internet.

No. 147842

So how about the fact tomorrow she will announce what con she is judging/guesting at?

No. 147849


That's half the fun of posting on here for me. A bunch of replies by people who have no idea what they're talking about, and then a day or two later I can just jump in and say something else. Sometimes it's completely irrelevant to anything but people still respond. The response is so predictable, the conversation so easy to manipulate. It's like a game.

You all are entertained by a conversation bashing momo, I'm entertained by making a few of you frustrated every day. We all have our games.(no1curr)

No. 147856

So you shit post to troll, such edge.

No. 147859

Thats rich. She cant even make her own costumes and she's judging. k.

No. 147896

It's a second year con that takes place at the local game works at town square, currently only a whopping 67 people going. It's a December con that no one knows about and no real cosplayer would actually want to be the guest of honor too, she basically got it because she's probably friends with the organizer because no other real Vegas con will invite her to guest.

No. 147943

inb4 she somehow fucks this up too.

Can we agree that if it's not held in a convention center/hotel it doesnt count as a real con?

Also can we laugh at her bio for the con?

>In that time she has picked up a lot of knowledge on craftsmanship

>Momo plays a strong role in the cosplay community supporting body positivity.

It's also laughable since they dont have anything they can actually use for a professional bio because she's never done anything. They cant talk about 'all the costumes she's made' or what she's best at (saying being a fetish model probably wont fly) or anything she's done as a cosplayer, because she hasnt done shit.

No. 148008

No. 148042

niggas is weird af

No. 148092

>a con no one's ever heard of
>con mascot is a recolored "Kindred" Umaru
>brags about having an "eSports Center" (aka arcade) which is something that every con already has anyways, even first year cons.
>has to brag about having an arcade even though it's held in an arcade
>ticket prices for ONE DAY are the same price as or more expensive than a WEEKEND pass for large cons like Fanime or Anime Expo.
>VIP package is the same price as a 2-day SDCC ticket if you went Friday and Saturday.

this shit isn't a con, it's a very expensive one day event at some arcade.

No. 148111

File: 1466901067935.png (724.06 KB, 640x845, Screenshot_2016-06-25-17-24-32…)

THAT FUCKING DUCK FACE DRIVES ME UP THE GODDAMN WALL you look so vapid and so try hard learn to overline your lip or get fillers you look like a fucking tranny. Oh. Another boobs cosplay where here shirt is actually more open than it should be.


Yah that's really gross but she probably gets off on that shit because she's such a cumslut piece of trash anyways lol. Like I said before she doesn't stop her white knights from dickriding her because she needs that validation.

No. 148112

File: 1466901150706.png (768.27 KB, 641x854, Screenshot_2016-06-25-17-24-40…)

No. 148114

I know she bought this costume but said she had to "alter" it which means she didnt do shit to it. Those fucking gloves are garbage. Look at that giant smear of black paint and the loose threads!

No. 148115

Christ, that looks like fucking garbage. When everything is "professionally" made and then you tack on some awful DIY shit it makes the entire outfit look shitter than if everything was hand made by the same person. It's like she didn't even try.

No. 148150


oh my god she cannot be serious….
im barely a beginner cosplayer and this looks like SHIT. the shitty gloves that aren't hemmed or have the extra threads cut off. the fucking foam wrist makes me want to kill myself.

is this her 'craftsmanship' ? sharpie on some foam and a shitty smeared line or paint on some yoga pants?
ffs even nigri is more talented that that and we know she barely does shit all

No. 148239

The "con" she's going to is a joke. I went last year and seriously there were like 30 people, shitty both, and 2 people in cosplay. I walked in and saw EVERYTHING in 5 minutes.

I'm just sitting here laughing at how she's proud of this lolololololol

No. 148291


dem dick sucking lips

tfw you'll never bust a nutt inside of momo's fat ass.

No. 148386

File: 1466966355752.jpeg (76.57 KB, 640x548, image.jpeg)

Is she fucking serious? This is the hard work she put on Camilla? A fucking corset and bias tape? What the actual FUCk!!!!!