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No. 1528381

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1357741

Recent drama:
>Sykkuno ditches Twitch for YouTube after they called him Sukkuno in company emails
>Idubbbz puts together a boxing match full of Twitch streamers and admits he made the event because he was upset about being made fun of after the onlyfans fiasco.
>Ludwig loses a lot of money but his fans pay his way out of it
>Gus Johnson tries to save his career and downplay his shittiness
>Hasan makes fun of alt-right hug boxes but can no longer take any critique from his own community, banning anyone who opposes him
>BunnyAyu got cancelled after her cunt history got leaked
>idubbbz wife continues to spiral out of control per usual

No. 1528388

File: 1652507062887.jpg (314.36 KB, 2048x2048, FSqj7knWYAYnY9F.jpg)

reposting from the previous thread

Weight Results For TheCreatorClash as well as the official fight order

>Matt Watson: 156.8 LBS

>DAD: 158.2 LBS

>Alex Ernst: 187.2 LBS

>Ryan Magee: 181.2 LBS

>DJ Welch: 215.2 LBS

>Internet Comment Etiquitte: 222.8 LBS

>TheOdd1sout: 185.6 LBS

>I did A Thing: 186.6 LBS

>Minx: 155.4 LBS

>Yodelling Haley: 147.6 LBS

>AB: 180.4 LBS

>Hundar: 186.2 LBS

>Michael Reeves: 121 LBS

>Graham Stephen: 127 LBS

>EpicMealTime: 276.8 LBS

>Egoraptor: 214.4 LBS

>Dr Mike: 188.4 LBS

>Idubbbz: 188 LBS

No. 1528390

>62lbs difference between Harley and Erin
Jesus christ(sage)

No. 1528403

File: 1652509362835.jpeg (621.21 KB, 1125x1503, 2CC4960F-DB2C-4B26-B674-928904…)

Apparently after 200 pounds it’s free game?

No. 1528414

fat and delusional

No. 1528424

Ngl, kinda hope we see erin get his shit rocked. He's so gross and annoying.

No. 1528433

place your bets, Dr Mike is gonna pulverize Idubbbz and I can't wait to see it, same thing will happen to Egoraptor, I think michael reeves will win out against the guy he's fighting, he's weirdly strong for his weight, don't know much about hailey, but minx is chubby and unfit

No. 1528437

No. 1528440

Minx looks fine to me, but considering she's a Twitch streamer, I don't think she's well conditioned. When you're pale like that, it's difficult to see any definition, but she does have some sort of abs. Seems like she only trains her abs and her biceps or some shit like that. She doesn't have much muscle on her back though, which is concerning. Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need big arms to be good at boxing, it's all in the hips and back, abswise the serratus anterior is what is most important. There's some footage of Minx training at least. Haley doesn't seem like the type who dares to gain muscle, because it'll ruin the dainty innocent waif aesthetic, which can work against her favor. I hope Minx and Haley will actually properly fight and not constantly go
>tee-hee look at us being silly, boys!
It would be hilariously retarded, but a pickme boxingmatch would also enrage me, because people already don't take women's sports seriously. I've not seen women act like that at any (kick)boxing gym I've been to, but I've heard some stories from the UK and the US. I already don't like their promo material, cringy tiktok dances with boxing gloves on etc.

No. 1528442

I mean with how cringe this was >>1528437 it looks like all the fights are going to be amicable “teehee what are we doing” cringe fest. That is except the epic meal time guy, he is going to fuck arin up so bad. A 60 pound difference is nothing to laugh at.

No. 1528446

File: 1652517838286.jpeg (977.6 KB, 1125x1283, AB5D017E-0A71-4637-AA10-B2DA75…)

I think Anisa is depressed all the attention is on Ian and not her. This is the perfect social networking event, especially with all the SW attending, and Anisa is no where in sight. Hell even Chris is attending and she hasn’t taken selfies with him.

No. 1528453

Oh no kek

No. 1528474

why oh no? who is she?(newfag)

No. 1528493

Begins here >>993222
continues here: >>1528491

No. 1528494

*continues here: >>994580

No. 1528532

minx lost enough weight that she had to get skin reduction surgery a while back iirc. she has been training for the fight. i like that giant irish woman.

No. 1528545

Was she obese before streaming or? She's been chubbier than the other streamer girls sure but I've never seen her at a point where I'd think skin reduction was necessary

No. 1528597

I hate this fucking bitch. I want Shoe back.

No. 1528606

take your meds, schizo
the only one here who's obsessed with indian porn is you because you're the only talking about it, fucking faggot(dragging drama across threads)

No. 1528608

the patchy bearded faggot with bleached skin in the bottom right picture is critikalz whatever his name is, isn't it? holy shit he's so skinny, he rigs his camera setup to make him look bigger than he actually is

No. 1528613

Has anyone bought livestream tickets or know anyone who plans to stream it? I want to watch this shit show but I'm not paying $35, I'm not sure how strict they're gonna be on restreams since it's for charity. If there's nothing going on tonight someone could maybe stream it in the movie room if so?

No. 1528627

There’s links on kf just wade through the most recent posts

No. 1528636

File: 1652545938196.jpeg (815.26 KB, 1125x1719, 6D573D18-5355-44D6-AF6F-E06F1A…)

Red “corener” lmao
Leave it to Anisa to fuck up being a basic social media manager. Also i absolutely think Anisa would be catty enough to “accidentally” mess up Minx’s weight

No. 1528638

Oh absolutely because how tf do you fuck that up? lol

No. 1528713

i just googled and around 2019 she was talking about losing 25lbs, but i remember her talking about the skin surgery recently. she does say she catfished as a skinny bitch with filters/angles lol

No. 1528733

No you don't

No. 1528783

File: 1652558647417.png (Spoiler Image, 620.49 KB, 1004x860, jimbo.PNG)

A shooting was livestreamed on Twitch by yet another manifesto anon

No. 1528793

That's like 10kg, you don't get surgery for that kek

No. 1528812

File: 1652561373423.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1730, 3FDE28E0-58E4-42D0-923C-D2C36F…)

Anisa at the event looking like someone’s special cousin. This is her one chance to hoe it up to the max and she isn’t doing it lol I wonder if she’s holding back because idubbbz parents are at the event and she’s embarrassed

No. 1528813

Seems fake and gay

No. 1528817

Who cares

No. 1528818

File: 1652561932415.jpeg (894.92 KB, 1125x1641, 80E53B4B-28C3-4B01-A4AF-FF42C0…)

Unfortunately real

No. 1528821

The part about how it was on twitch and that thread faggot claiming to have the video of it

No. 1528824

look at the article. it was on twitch and there are screenshots from the video at least.

No. 1528875

They're so dumb for making these matchup so unfair, every match is going to last like barley a round. Gonna be so much dead time between

No. 1528876

File: 1652566591893.jpeg (164.66 KB, 1125x589, 634E6C2D-537F-4390-B7B5-A7522D…)

Holy fuck the first match happened and it lasts less than 3 seconds, Matt Watson got absolutely bodied by Dad. This is happening live so I couldn’t get a clear screenshot but the ref stopped it before Matt could’ve been KO’d

No. 1528880

File: 1652566754984.jpeg (526.73 KB, 1125x622, 8BC64E98-A118-4751-A342-D52587…)

Just kidding there was a replay, holy shit Matt got bodied

No. 1528900

nah man ryan and alex's fight went the full 5mins and it was actually really good.

No. 1528901

File: 1652568637806.png (6.26 MB, 2436x1125, C2CE3E1E-3A5E-4529-8BB4-69DCD0…)

Anisa appears and immediately goes for “muh bpd, muh family, muh Alzheimer’s”

No. 1528921

File: 1652570883435.png (996.8 KB, 962x559, tinyboy.PNG)

charlie looks like ellen page

No. 1528926

I don't watch him but I always assumed he was tall, or are the other two just really really tall?

No. 1528927

He's like 5'6

No. 1528934

The fight between minx and Hailey is an actual fight. Also minx went a bit dirty in the first few seconds I wonder if that'll count against her.

No. 1528935

I don’t think it was on purpose, neither are that coordinated

No. 1528937

little man

No. 1528946

this was a surprisingly good fight. i thought minx would wreck hailey in the first round.

No. 1528962

Yeah, yeah, you already said that

No. 1528973

>yellow mom

No. 1528981

charlie looks so unwashed and gross ever since he grew his hair out. Doesn't even look like he combs it, it looks wet and matted.

No. 1528982

He's half asian?

No. 1528984

He makes fun of himself for it all the time

No. 1528988

Idk why so many men grow there hair out and can't even be bothered to deep condition it once in a while. Are they afraid of looking good?

No. 1529009

He just had his nose done, this is so dumb

No. 1529015

idubbbz is getting his shit kicked in

No. 1529016

Idubbbz is getting fucking rocked. Dr Mike looks bored and like he isn't even trying. He probably could have finished it but I'm sure they have some deal to make this last longer.

No. 1529023

we already knew this would happened, it's still actually boring to watch lol.

This event couldn't have gone worse if they tried

No. 1529027

Ian wasn't in conditions at all. He looked like he was about to faint.(learn to sage)

No. 1529028

it’s not even cathartic to watch because mike is just so unlikeable

No. 1529032

>not wearing her ring
icuckzzz at it again!

No. 1529042

File: 1652579796061.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1973x1125, D8E25F9E-D437-4AE0-9AE0-23B660…)

Idubbbz should be grateful he chose a doctor, Dr.Mike was holding back the entire time. Ian pulled some desperate cheap shots too, respect to boxing my ass. Anyways I’m shocked Anisa isn’t going around saying “I’m SO proud of my husband”. She’s either really FOMO”d from dropping out of the Minx fight or she’s embarrassed as fuck for Ian.

No. 1529044

>Anisa at the event looking like someone’s special cousin.
She looks like she's dressing herself as a grade schooler after 9/11. Does she think that her in-laws aren't aware of her tats?

No. 1529048

i was more so talking about the racebaiting tone of the post

No. 1529049

Larp as a burger all you want anisa, you’re still just an ugly fucking canadian

No. 1529087

Did she actually wear that to what was hyped as the event of the year? kek

No. 1529110

File: 1652582790109.jpeg (280.81 KB, 1536x2048, A744AB46-B468-4A3E-A142-56EDB0…)

She was dressed for a funeral compared to the other high profile thots at the event

No. 1529123

File: 1652583888378.jpeg (285.31 KB, 1939x1125, 049734C4-9ED3-4EE3-B27C-489A57…)

The last time Anisa appeared on the stream and she was 3 people behind her husband. It’s like she knew he was gonna lose and didn’t want to associate with him lmao

No. 1529132

His tattoos look so old and faded. Aren't they only like a year old?

No. 1529136

i don't think there's a single man who grew his hair out and looks good. charlie looks like ugly as shit. thankfully cody ko learned his lesson.

No. 1529137

File: 1652584836202.jpeg (21.07 KB, 474x356, b1998a8f2cfa642d5b05ee1bf5bb6b…)

For someone who earns a lot, she could've hired a stylist for the event and dressed better especially if you're getting your photo taken a lot

Both Ian and her have such white-trash taste

No. 1529143

The hype of idubbbz gf nudes died down and she doesn’t make anything on onlyfans lately. Briefly mentioned in Jeff’s video

No. 1529169

Jesus Christ our lord and savior, nonny

No. 1529170

File: 1652587905879.jpeg (973.34 KB, 1125x1690, F8918BF0-E36E-4559-B6CA-FE8B93…)

Not idubbbz coach reposting a story where someone is bootlegging the match LMAO

Honestly though I feel fucking awful for the coach and his wife. They’re normie as fuck and Anisa/Ian have dragged them into the awful internet community.

No. 1529172

File: 1652588147846.jpeg (939.34 KB, 1536x2048, 97BF5978-49E4-4AFD-889B-8214CE…)

A cuck and his queen

No. 1529175

Damn. Ian got fat kek

No. 1529184

And don't forget "muh college education". Bitch immediately had to mention that she trained a dog for animal therapy when asked about a charity.

No. 1529187

Didn't Mike also take an extremely cheap shot immediately off the glove touch? For someone who has been doing this for 10 years against someone like Ian, I don't think Ian's cheap shots made any difference - Ian kept hugging into him, clearly gassed before Mike, and the ref constantly had to reset them. He was just out-matched all around.

No. 1529190

She looks like she bought these outfits off shein, kek. Those boots make her feet look massive too? Absolutely zero fashion sense. Ian is just hideous in every way.

No. 1529194

Anisa needs to stop chasing trends. Ian looks like he just bulked. The tattoos are the best part. Love the big tiddy executioner. Can't take this seriously.

No. 1529195

>an extremely cheap shot
Normal in boxing, what was fucked was idubbbz punching to the back of the doctors head. Also apparently it was supposed to be 4 rounds and 3 minutes(as specified on the twitter) not 5 rounds and 2 minutes. People are speculating Anisa asked them to change it when she saw idubbbz getting bodied. The doctor said on his IG stories that fucked him up a bit.

No. 1529204

File: 1652592040674.webm (2.4 MB, 809x455, 1652578597226.webm)

Once the bell rings and gloves touch it's free game right, but you have to admit that was still a pretty cheap shot. Not to mention, him raising his hand before the announcer even officially calling the fight at the end was a douchebag move too. I mean come on, he isn't even trying in this clip and Ian is so gassed and staggering. He knew he had the fight but he felt like a total douchebag near the end.

Yeah, that was weird and the tweet from the CC Twitter even sounds like Anisa tweeting it. But it clearly got changed so the fight could go on longer because it would've ended much quicker and probably with a KO/TKO. It's the main card, if it lasted as long as Matt and Dad's fight talk about a real fucking let down.

No. 1529207

Anisa runs the CC twitter, with all her spelling errors and poor grammar

No. 1529230

File: 1652595304290.jpeg (740.31 KB, 1125x1723, 86CAF19B-B975-4FEC-B2D7-B48ED4…)

Iirc Idubbbz was fake punching and taunting Dr.Mike before the fight. Overly confident, rude, also stupid because he lost all his stamina after round 1.

Anisa’s tweet just now does push it into the theory that she switched the match from 3 minutes to 2. Probably as a payback towards Dr. Mike.

No. 1529245

File: 1652596582139.webm (1.35 MB, 809x455, 1652578307060.webm)

What? I watched the entire thing live, I hope you have a clip of that or something because I don't remember anything like that from either of them before the fight.

Anisa overreacting as usual even though I also thought that glove touch was a cheap shot, she should just keep her mouth shut especially when it's only been a couple hours after the fight, but she never can. You could also see the fear on her face clear as day when she had her little segment to plug the charities.

No. 1529258

File: 1652597316273.png (481.01 KB, 1080x867, Screenshot_20220513-154736.png)

>Not to mention, him raising his hand before the announcer even officially calling the fight at the end was a douchebag move
It's sorta douchey but it's possible he was told he won right before then, so he just anticipated it. Everyone in the crowd already knew it was his anyways lol. And even if it was showboating, I could give it a pass because Ian was being pretty dumb gloating and making lame disses towards Mike prior to the event. Pic related. Especially when Ian was being weirdly against this sort of ~immature~ behavior and proclaiming he wanted to respect the sport in doing so. And then whining during the weigh-in that Mike shouldn't bUlLy idubbbz back because he's a doctor and is "supposed to be nice".

No. 1529259

sorry I'm retarded and misread. I actually agree with you. I thought you were referring to a different part of the match where idubbbz fans are crying about.

For the taunting, I can't clip it(idk how to webm) but it was right at the beginning before the announcer spoke. Idubbbz was in his corner throwing punches and jumping way before it was time to fight

No. 1529260

>What? I watched the entire thing live, I hope you have a clip of that or something because I don't remember anything like that from either of them before the fight.
Anon probably means the pre-fight where idubbbz was trying to look tough before his walk-out and was air punching at the camera. Ian also came out running against the ropes when he was at the ring. In comparison to Mike, Ian looked like a try hard imo.

No. 1529261

File: 1652597621476.jpg (88.8 KB, 532x748, her.jpg)

idubbbz saying its a joke but the playful fat jokes sure did trigger him enough to make a fat mike edit

No. 1529262

This is h3h3 levels of coping, kek

No. 1529267

Awww, his feelings got hurt. Grow up, Ian. Love that he does not condone this type of behavior yet when he does it, it's okay. Mmmkay. I don't care for Leafy, but I hope he's laughing his ass off. It's funny how Leafy can trigger Ian. Cope and seethe, Ian, cope and seethe.

No. 1529273

Oh it was very obvious he had won, but still just sportsmanship is all. None of the other fighters did that either and made sure to acknowledge their opponent immediately before or after. I can't say much about the weigh-in since I missed that portion yesterday, but that tweet seems to be immature humor (which I guess is ironic in this case from what you said according to his issue at the weigh-in). Mike seemed to be pretty in on the playfulness etc. building up to the event but at this point I have no fucking clue, I've never seen any of Mike's content.

I mean, if you saw the other fights, many were in their corners doing similar shit and throwing punches to keep warmed up etc. so that seems pretty standard to me. Ian bounced off the sides of the rings before as well, but that just seemed more like entertainment than taunting (or just shitty taunting, honestly). Mike was also close and staring him down when Ian walked in, I think they were both just playing things up before the fight and both sucked at it.

He definitely looked goofy as hell compared to Mike getting in the ring but Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag also. Like I said to anon above pretty much, they both looked like they didn't know what the fuck to do getting in the ring.

No. 1529281

File: 1652598861921.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 1652579215393.webm)

Forgot another clip.

No. 1529284

>Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag also.
Sorta random but I remember during the Esfand pre-fight segment Ian was being really short with his answers and just saying "Yeahh…" to everything Esfand was saying lol. Like a true autist. Then one of the commentators was like "wow, he's so stoic" kek.

No. 1529286

idk what you're trying to show with the clip, but the ref looking like hes dabbing like a fornite character has got me rolling

No. 1529287

That was definitely autismo answering shit like that, everyone else seemed very genuine (at least more than Ian). The commentators were definitely patting Ian's back a little too much but I can't tell if it was intentional/planned or just them sucking him off.

Nothing really (from this one at least), just enjoying posting some of these clips. I have more from Minx/Haley and Alex/Ryan as well, and the ladies were a pretty damn good fight IMO. Think my favorite of the night was Alex and Ryan if I had to pick one.

No. 1529288

@19 mins in
He must be a true autist because he gave one-word answers yesterday too. Like what do you expect ESFAND of all people to do with that? It just goes to show idubbbz without a script is fucking lame.

No. 1529290

(Oops, lost the reply tag)
>Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag
Ehh, sorta. He could've played along more but he doesn't necessarily have to. I'm in the "I hate Idubbbz" camp and just appreciate how it highlighted how Ian is out of touch (with his standards, humor, autism, etc)

No. 1529292

File: 1652599986433.jpeg (95.19 KB, 828x1139, F398FB2E-B3E3-4CD0-8A29-19CDFC…)

Boogie what the fuck lmao

No. 1529295

Does anyone have a webm or youtube link of Anisa plugging the charities?

No. 1529296

Would you happen to have a webm of when she literally did a dance move in the middle of the fight? That was pretty rude.

No. 1529304

File: 1652602186222.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x680, 6SLEwB1Mgo1pJpjd.webm)

It's pretty short sorry, will probably try to find a full VOD tomorrow for specific clips but I have more of the fight itself.

No. 1529307

File: 1652602371808.webm (2.7 MB, 809x455, 1652572271784.webm)

No. 1529312

I think he had to gain a lot of fat to be within 10lbs of dr Mike's weight caused by muscles.
Dr Mike has been bagtraining for 10 years, but he doesn't have much experience sparring or fighting.
I don't know if it's a cheap shot? It seems like a normal thing you would learn as part of a drill, he was moving slow af too and his gloves were constantly down. This is a mess and dr Mike would never last against someone who could actually box. No I don't care that Ian is easy, if you don't learn to keep your guard up, you get bad habits and you're going to be in for a rude awakening one day. It's easier to learn something right the first time, than having to unlearn bad habits. Btw don't start with Taekwondo or some shit like that if you ever want to get into kickboxing or MMA, unless you like being knocked out or getting a broken nose.
The clip in this Tweet did look disrespectful, but it's not uncommon to see it happening more and more, because judges are awarding even more points based on aggressiveness nowadays. So a lot of coaches have resorted to teaching students such things, but dr Mike should know better and know he doesn't need that with Ian kek.
It's obvious he won, but bad sportsmanship, respect and shit like that is taken deadly serious. People punch each other in the face one moment and are best friends the next. Both Ian and dr Mike were acting shitty. I think Conor McGregor really started this more new trend, with how he acted towards Mayweather and Nurmagomedov (even posting photos of his wife and saying she's a goat etc.). Ian's tattoos seems to even be a bit of an homage to McGregor's shitty tattoos.
Dr Mike's guard is shit. Yeah it's great he knows how to bob and weave, but he's taking unnecessary hits to the head.
WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?! It doesn't even look like she's trying to go for a backfist. Why are her arms down? Haley's guard is better in this clip.
This is scrappy, uncoordinated and cringe to look at. Both have forsaken guard and keep their arms down, just swinging at each other. It's important for Haley to get close due to her being shorter, but she should've watched what other short boxers and martial artists do, this is painful.

No. 1529321

Honestly looks like Mike is kind of just lazily boxing Ian? Like he seems so half hearted minus moments like >>1529245 meanwhile Ian is being a whole spaz

No. 1529334

Yeah he's being lazy and he can afford to do that, but it's just going to cause him to form bad habits. Seeing him keeping the gloves so low gives me anxiety.

No. 1529373

Is this supposed to be some ironic 80s-americancore?
Why are men actually retarded?
>cody ko
How did his gf not straight up tell him he looked like a rat during that time? lol
This is so lame.
Made me wince kek This was bad.. I need to see the whole fight.

No. 1529630

Made the mistake of watching it.

No. 1529670

File: 1652645219081.png (8.09 MB, 2436x1125, 67923208-20C6-4C30-83F6-956393…)

A couple threads back, Anisa was crying about her “hook nose” and I had no idea what she meant but these candids. >>1529172 her nose does look kind of trollish. Had it always been that way?

No. 1529733

>WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?! It doesn't even look like she's trying to go for a backfist. Why are her arms down? Haley's guard is better in this clip.

Backfists are illegal in Boxing. She threw a hook missed and sent herself into a spin decided to play it off, do a full spin and drop her hips pretend it was all an akward taunt rather than an embrassing swing for the hills.(learn2sage)

No. 1529824

File: 1652655154313.jpeg (528.55 KB, 1690x2048, 6EE11B6E-C393-4BFB-B495-07D4DB…)

Her outfit I’m fucking dying

No. 1529856

File: 1652657225498.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1214, B557A412-C2B2-4631-8DC9-D0E8CC…)

Sorry I can’t get over Anisa’s goofy ass shoes

No. 1530238

Damn Dr. Mike looking like a snack i wanna lick the sweat off those abs and idubbbz he looks haggared and fat. It's kinda sad Anisa didn't use this event to network or try furthering her influence honestly all she did was stay in the background she didnt even posted pics with Chris

No. 1530311

I want to see Ian punched in the eye more plz. Anisa looks like someone who shops exclusively at walmart.

No. 1530409

I thought that dance was weird too but minx said on stream today that by round 2, haley had punched the contacts out of her eyes. So her looking wild and crazy wasn't her being overconfident, bitch was literally swinging blind lol.

The vod is privated now because she watched part of the PPV on stream, but i think she mentions it a bit in this clip. https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakySpinelessReubenTBTacoRight-AHyHrlrLylHFcMBq

No. 1530521

why is she even in this picture? she didn't box, chicken.

No. 1530607

Femcel hands typed this

No. 1530638

File: 1652698873556.png (287.7 KB, 315x336, odhjfoidshfiush.PNG)

lol the way she's holding her arm
whatever anon said she looks like someone's special cousin or w/e was 100% spot on

No. 1530644

File: 1652699961395.jpeg (257.75 KB, 1170x1693, 83C1DCEB-045D-40BE-8C92-B92BDD…)

These are Prada and they’re fucking ugly.

No. 1530690

7:26 she said she was 240

No. 1530711

All the money in the world can not buy you style. Anisa is a case in point.

No. 1530720

gross(sage your shit)

No. 1530740

she couldn't stand any more second of not having constant attention

No. 1530741

man she's so fat. icuckz already looked awful, both fat, flabby and twinkish simultaneously, but damn she got huge. They both are such nasty freaks.

No. 1530823

so she has lost almost 100 pounds. good for her. she looks great.

No. 1530870

He's such a retarded fatass.

No. 1531287

I did not need to know Arin Hanson has a hairway to hell on his torso. Thanks Ian

No. 1531313

The doctor addresses the boxing match drama meanwhile ian/anisa, THE CREATORS OF THE EVENT, ignore philip defranco. I guess they're holding onto resentment to Philly"Defuckass"

tl;dw the doctor apologizes and says he was too hyped with adrenaline and didn't mean to. He said he apologized to Anisa privately about it but they're still radio silent on it.

No. 1531315

It looks like they brought in a post-chemo special needs child for a make-a-wish to meet his hero but instead of John Cena all they could afford was Ian and his ragtag troupe of internet retards

No. 1531319

File: 1652760483182.png (316.66 KB, 627x661, kek.png)

She looks like she's doing hand puppets, not flexing. lmao

No. 1531353

File: 1652764975205.jpeg (826.2 KB, 1125x1753, A66759FF-8D17-4ED4-9136-1A3F83…)

Anisa being a cunt on the company twitter. I know Sam is also a cunt, but take the higher ground Jomhas. You’re the ones who begged him for YouTube content.

No. 1531398

File: 1652769570795.jpg (907.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220517_013921.jpg)

they both look mentally challenged

No. 1531404

File: 1652770160424.png (170.7 KB, 1080x1200, 20220516063516.png)

Anisa said he lost because of tonsil stones and a cough what a cope

No. 1531434

Idubbbz did say he hasn’t nut in 4 weeks to “prep” for the match, I’m betting it’s much longer than that

No. 1531510

he never coughed once

No. 1531522

Kek forreal? Sorry I’m retarded
She could just. Not say this/offer any excuses. He lost to someone who’s been boxing for 10 years, that’s pretty understandable. Get over it

No. 1531577

Off topic but god damn is Lily’s voice fucking annoying
I can’t believe that so many people truly don’t see the difference between having a high pitched voice (which she no doubt has) and speaking like a fucking toddler

How is Michael listening to that all day ever day and still ok mentally cause I noped out after 1 VOD(no1curr, sage)

No. 1531647

This didn't get the attention it deserved but I laughed nonnie.(sage)

No. 1532010

>tonsil stones

LOL WHAT. Literally everyone has tonsil stones, some people just cough them up or pick them out if they see them. What kind of fucking excuse is that? Is this satire? Did she mean kidney stones? I’m so confused

No. 1532028

idubbbz responds to the drama and says that he lost because Dr. Mike was too competititve and he(Ian) wasn't that into the match anyways. sore loser, COPE

No. 1532126

File: 1652834794037.jpeg (456.24 KB, 1125x1869, FD11A5C8-5A04-4DF2-897A-AEAEB6…)

Anisa high off the attention from the event, being triggered by random people on instagram.

I can’t imagine what goes through Anisa’s mind going through instagram DMs from nonmutuals. I get so much spam as a normie, I imagine her DMs are a cesspool, and yet she still goes through them.

No. 1532355

Too competitive? If anything, he was holding back

No. 1532379

history repeats. hopefully idubbbz will develop a crumbling spine and painkiller addiction

No. 1532478

Why do men do shit like this,I genuinely want to know why they choose act out in the most violent and evil ways possible.

No. 1532522


No. 1532567

Because they’re retarded

No. 1532572

because they have no self-worth and only get it from other people. if they aren't getting positive reinforcement from outside, they'll find negative reinforcement. they are just the biggest attention whores around. they ALL want to be famous.

No. 1532939

meme answer: chemicals in the water making the frogs gay
actual: I've read into this out of curiosity and it comes down to insecurity. Men are feeling more fragile than ever because the ideal male stereotype seems unachievable to this generation. No job, no money, no bitches, they feel emasculated and are unable to take their frustrations out. These stupid, retarded, vulnerable men find comfort in online communities like Q, pol, incel subreddits etc and begin to form a scapegoat to throw all their anger at.

tl;dr retarded scrotes want control but refuse to actually work for it

No. 1533084

File: 1652925092398.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1353, B4D6DDF5-7AA7-4259-9FC2-30B726…)

Anisa makes fun of men leaning, and then leans

No. 1533739

What even is this post?

No. 1533775

does anyone know more about emiru's situation? it might be stalker related idk. apparently she's getting law enforcement involved

No. 1533989

No. 1534010

Do you have any relevant clips or posts?

No. 1534040

File: 1653034790725.png (52.55 KB, 397x753, emidrama.PNG)

he's talking about this, she pretty much said the same shit on the stream she did wednesday i guess it was, the first one after being gone 5 days. No further details on that stream or thursdays though, this chat pic is about all thats known.

No. 1534250

she spent some time figuring out how to talk about this, cause she is using more or less the exact same words on discord as she did on stream

No. 1534469

anyone see the sam hyde interview where he refers to anisa as a succubus freak woman and ians "entertainment handler" lmaoooooo

No. 1534470

No. 1534555

What's being deleted? I thought mods could only b&, not delete

No. 1534559

File: 1653088803881.jpeg (335.88 KB, 1125x652, F7909706-AB46-4E62-8AA3-604980…)

Idubbbz is letting Anisa go full retard on the company account. In what world is it a good idea for a company to be this biased of their competitors? Also it doesn’t help that Anisa and Ian are super butthurt about the Paul’s because the Paul’s wouldn’t return their calls.

No. 1534570

>Icuckz quoted by SH: Usually I'm the puppet master in these situations (timestamp: 10:20)

No. 1534658

File: 1653096082518.png (547.64 KB, 821x800, ew3.png)

Was watching QTCinderella's stream from yesterday and holy shit Cyr is one ugly goblin without a beard.

No. 1534856

Sage for no contribution, but Cyr used to be really cute back in the day. Alcoholism and Dasha really do a number on ones appearance

No. 1534899

I mean he isn’t a young twink anymore, it’s to be expected

No. 1534907

Cyr's alcoholism really did take away all his boyish good looks and now he just looks like Corey Feldman on meth, but he would look better if he got a haircut and went to a dentist.

No. 1535460

Cyr was best buddies with Onision before he got semi twitch popular - he’ll always be tainted

No. 1535534

File: 1653172978185.jpeg (672.83 KB, 1125x1755, 8CF72DA1-4BA4-4307-83FC-469CB3…)

People who went to The Creator Clash are starting to test positive for covid. Thanks idubbbz and Anisa for creating a super spreader event in Florida

No. 1535810

The full fights were uploaded by idubbbz if anyone wants to watch it

No. 1536016

File: 1653223285607.jpeg (833.32 KB, 1125x1668, 8DA4028A-536F-4643-8BFE-1235CB…)

Hundar also caught covid from the fight, which probably means all the fighters are compromised too

No. 1536034

got to give hayley props for getting in the ring to take a pounding, unlike chicken girl

No. 1536450

this makes no sense
how are these faggots 190lbs?
they both look like skinny dorks to me
and idubbz looks like he has more fat than the faggot on the left
fat is a lot lighter than muscle
so idubbz should've looked bigger (in terms of flab/size

No. 1536452

Newest supermega podcast episode has Matt and Ryan talking about the fight. Both have been taking multiple covid tests and gave both tested negative.

No. 1536456

they both look their weight. a pound of fat weighs about the same as a pound of muscle. and sage next time

No. 1536494

>a pound weighs about the same as a pound
topkek, truth

No. 1536608

No. 1536652

H3H3 had Hundar on to talk with AB about their fight a day or two after creator crash. Hila and Ethan must be freaking. They’ll probably cancel their show again.

No. 1536712


she got pregnant in korea and had an abortion when they got back

she's using thinly veiled stalker implications to cover up her depression since everyone knows she had a stalker in kansas and no one will grill her about going into detail about it

No. 1536725

meds now

No. 1536728

stfu cretin

No. 1536931

>In Texas
Least believable part of this schizo storytime

No. 1536944

Nta but nowhere did they say she got it in Texas. There aren’t closed borders between states, anon. You’re not trapped in the one you live in

No. 1537392

Just heard Anissa on Howard Stern. They goofed on her for while and called it the boobie gamer chronicles, if anyone is interest lmk

No. 1537447

definitely post it if you can. Ian probably looks up to howard as some free speech comedy icon so it would be funny to hear her being mocked by him

No. 1537487

Could you post it or mention which day/video? I’m looking through his stuff now and it’s a boomer mess

No. 1537510

It’s computer clean out day the first topic is hers.
I tried screen grabbing but it cut off half way through.

No. 1537514

Also it’s the 5.17.22 show marked Sal and the Afterlife, second to last topic marked computer clean out
She’s the first topic
HEADS UP: Lots of boomer shit to sift through

And I hope Ian sees this. He and Ethan love Stern. Would be great.

No. 1537580

Nonnie I can archive it for you but I literally can not locate it, please link the location

No. 1537633

File: 1653359812430.jpeg (230.61 KB, 640x661, 19382BA4-C789-4EEB-B710-AC179D…)

God the fact that filters can’t save Anissa’s haircut is a Greek tragedy

No. 1538106

It’s on SiriusXM radio membership only that’s the only way you can get it

No. 1538135

You keep typing her name wrong

No. 1538275

Sorry, idubbbz wife*

No. 1538328

what on earth

No. 1538405


she looks like a yassified ForeverKailyn.

No. 1538882

File: 1653431708932.jpeg (2.16 MB, 3840x3840, 99196208-5BDD-4001-B7DA-57B8AD…)

Anisa is running full on delusion holy shit

No. 1539055

File: 1653444373732.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3829x2905, 9E8D0022-DF4F-40E6-BC26-0E5943…)

Better comparison, she shaved her jaw off lol
In b4 “I did so much fitness I’m all natural”

No. 1539073

it's called better quality, make-up and fat reduction

a jaw surgery would've given her much different lips and cheeks

No. 1539096

Sorry I didn't mean she actually had surgery, just she liquified her jaw sharper. Those pictures are one month apart, too soon for any real life changes to be seen. Especially when she was "so busy" with the boxing event

No. 1539097

they're talking about the pic being edited not actual surgery….

No. 1539212

from what i can tell, a lot of phones can 'beautify' in real time to help the delusion along

No. 1539218

Phone edits lighting, not shrink jaws and neck muscles

No. 1539248

If you needed more reasons to dislike Anisa, idubbbz said she thought she could’ve taken both Haley and Minx down in a fight. Unfortunately she can’t because of her “condition”. What a fucking coward. Even if she actually does have concussion issues, doctors would advise you to stop after the 3rd time, not 5th like she claims.

No. 1539249

Jesus Christ, they’re perfect for each other, the delusional twats. Ian with his “I’m bigger than Dr Mike,” and Anisa with her “I coulda been a contender” bollocks.

No. 1539973

File: 1653523536220.jpeg (372.36 KB, 1536x2048, FToPRuQaMAEJkcd.jpeg)

So Anisa and Ian both got new tats again. Here is a pic of Anisa's new tats. She got a bird and a bug.

No. 1539977

File: 1653523608388.jpeg (371.57 KB, 1536x2048, FToxjLeUYAEjkDY.jpeg)

Ian's tat is fucking hysterical. They really have no personalities. They deserve each other.

No. 1540071

love to hear her explain the deep meaning of a fucking mosquito on her skin

No. 1540428

She sucks…
She sucks idubzz blood…
She is a parasite..
It's perfect

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