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File: 1593071175771.jpg (68.13 KB, 680x510, 1592955107881.jpg)

No. 994580

Last time:
>Moved closer to the Canadian border for Preg who still refused to marry her. Lives alone in an apartment with a mattress on the floor, her rabbit and her wigs >>975756
>Dragged by Brittany Venti and former alt-right-chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans/leftist brownie points
>Brittany Venti made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Made an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her, acted like he already died for pity points. Says she was friends with him but barely talked to him, planned to make a video about him, never did.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe Greg has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). Doesn't realize it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, then doesn't
>After Vidcon, Greg released a long vlog packed with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns despite the fact her gun-nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owned a gun.
>Deleted her ask.fm and unlisted videos on her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~
>Posts one tweet that's somewhat pro-woman (criticizes r/theredpill for being manipulative and abusive), gets shit on by her fanbase hard so she quickly goes back to defending MRAs
>Mister Metokur (Jim) avoids criticizing her and Preg, despite criticizing whatever thing the skeptic community does.
>Tried to start an internet fight with a radfem church, failing miserably.
>Tries to suck-up to Shane Dawson, James Charles and Jeffree Star but fails miserably >>739113
>Greg gets scammed out of $1000 for a Darth Vader mask >>732346
>Gets thrown under the bus by Contrapoints again >>733857
>Sneaks into a pedo dm group and calls their pedo convos "just basically creepy fetish talk" >>748153
>Unlists Ghostbusters vid where she called Leslie Jones a gorilla >>746617

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".
>Desperately wants to be seen as an 'uwu smol and speshil' young girl.

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Still blames his parents for his intellectual failures and general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

Present situation:
>Shoe: 29 - Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>Shoe still googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>No personality, changes her opinions based on her partner's views and what will make her gain fans
>Preg posts a cringe corona face mask photoshoot >>946499
>Bernie drops-out of the presidential race, Shoe loses her will to live and pretends to drink glass cleaner >>958493
>Weighs-in on camgirls/Twitch thots and denounces them, despite Skeptic fuelling the entire camgirl market with her money >>963355
>ContraPoints releases video shitting on people like Shoe and their philosophies >>971851
>Gets closer to Vaush, posts a TwitLonger about recent Sargon criticism of her political views blowing in another direction again due to a man, claims she's on her "own political journey" >>986133
>Shoe and Preg remove each other from their Twitter bios >>986133
>Hasn't posted a video on her main channel for a whole month
>Vaush and Shoe's friendship blossoms more as he runs to her defense, announces she did something "extremely poggers" on stream >>992621
>Preg bitches in sub-tweets about June for a week >>993629
>Preg loses some weight and gains more ego, thinks about starting an OnlyFans >>990186, >>991383
>Preg still being a thirsty man-whore. Likes, follows and replies to Twitter thots constantly >>988528, >>991377, >>993617
>Shoe and Preg break-off their engagement, Preg unexpectedly announces they broke-up, Shoe delets all of her Tweets deactivates her Twitter >>992316, 993743
>Preg Tweets he's "back on the dating market" the same day he announces their breakup >>993312
>Venti congratulates Shoe on breaking-up with a manchild, encourages her not to make the same mistake again >>993669
>Preg follows an 18 y/o Russian IG and Patreon thot, Sunset_Kiwi, that skinwalks Shoe. Preg gets criticised, says Shoe followed her first and denies seeing nudes >>993222, >>994028
>Kiwi gets bullied on Twitter by Skeptic and Shoe fans alike >>994024
>Vaush discusses Shoe on stream and bashes Sargon. Defends Shoe, denounces the Skeptic community, gets uncomfortable with people involving him in the break-up tinfoil. Says "fucking kill me" and "it's a big yikes from me" >>993821 >>993833

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en [currently deactivated]
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

Preg's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArmouredSkeptic
Preg's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic
Preg's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg
Preg & June's Side YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0ffHead
Preg's Shitposting YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw

Last thread: >>>/snow/8939090

No. 994596

Samefag. Last thread link didn't work, here's the proper one:

Last thread: >>>/snow/939090

No. 994598

lol i love this thread pic holy shit

No. 994604

OP, can you delete this while it's still within the time limit? We should probably update the OP. The vidcon buttpads thing was like 2 years ago.

No. 994612

>Preg follows an 18 y/o Russian IG and Patreon thot, Sunset_Kiwi

ot but she is not russian lmao

No. 994618

i am russian and she doesn't look russian to me even though she is wearing a thousand layers of makeup. Does she even have any video or texts when shes talking russian, cause I myself find it hard to believe considering there are so many slavboos on social media lately.

No. 994688

File: 1593075955095.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, F9A4D9C5-8695-46A8-9CC3-FDBAE9…)

Idk what Russian looks like but this looks sorta what I imagine it to be
>Kiwi gets bullied on Twitter by Skeptic and Shoe fans alike
Anyone got caps on this?
All I see are simps acting like they’ve never seen a puffy faced chick in badly applied eyeliner. She doesn’t even look like shoe or Boxxy the skinwalking is real. I already don’t like this kiwi chick

No. 994699

One day she's gonna have her own thread. There's literally nothing to gain trying to pander to the lowest of the low men. Women with personas that cater to the male fantasy are bound to be miserable.

Gals, I hope this break-up thing will shower us with gallons of milk.

No. 994729

i doubt she's 18 either

No. 994737

She's cosplaying with the most stereotypical Russian attributes possible, ie ushanka, alcohol and "cyka blyat"-tier expressions, if she's really Russian then she just caters to slavboos and memesters

No. 994764

File: 1593080196480.jpg (33.11 KB, 521x354, A5xXdkSJ2Ew.jpg)

Guys, she's not from Russia. I actually doubt that any Russian would do such a nonsensical 'russian look', unless they are, idk, 12 maybe.

No. 994775

Also I don't get why an 18 year old would care about Boxxy and want to look like her etc. She was still shitting in her pottie when that video got viral. It's really just blatant shoe skinwalking.

No. 994805

File: 1593082001541.jpg (2.23 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200625_064333699.j…)

Idk man when I saw this pose I couldn't help but think

No. 994822

Even the ugly ass eyeliner look is the same…

No. 994826

I swear I heard in the Vaush stream he said he doesn't consider June a "good friend", but a good debater. Literally bodied by her crush lmaooooo.

No. 994828

File: 1593083952277.jpg (290.26 KB, 1080x1940, IMG_20200625_065715.jpg)

Kiwi sure takes no issue in branding herself as the skinnier version of shoe lmao. Idk what I hate more, this type of behavior or the fact that she's trying to ride on the coattails of the boxxy beta orbiter cult. Unpopular opinion probably but Boxxy is actually likable, these girls are not. Also didn't Greg say kiwi and shoe have been friends/amicable for a while now? Cuz neither of them are following each other. it makes me question what her intent is when going out of her way to post comments like this.

No. 994840

yeah her twitter is full of pictures comparing herself to boxxy and shoe. it's obvious she likes the comparisons.
so lying about being russian is a trend now? idgi

No. 994863

I don't normally follow the ShoeOnhead thread but holy shit.
She got dumped on the day of her 30th Birthday, deletes her Twitter, and he is already following 18 year old lookalikes and making crass jokes about re-entering the dating scene.

The best evidence against being a pickme that I've ever seen.

No. 994865

it's not an unpopular opinion anon, boxxy actually had/has a personality

slavposting is only valid when boris does it, these hoes can gtfo

No. 994868

>He's fiance literally hit him
I couldn't find anything about it in the Blaire's thread, how and when did it happen?

No. 994886

"kiwithesmol" ugh cringe

No. 994890

it's sad to think about how greg was most likely trying to get shoe to break up with him all this time by flirting with other girls on twitter but she wouldn't take the bait so he just got fed up and dumped her and it was on her birthday too…an absolute trainwreck.

No. 994892


Bold of you to assume they’d be faithful to each other and not get spunked in elsewhere lmao

No. 994911

File: 1593089956570.png (147.83 KB, 398x1160, breakup saga discord leaks 1.p…)

some post-breakup discord leaks from KF

>this might be gay

such a great LGBTQIA+ ally uwu

No. 994912

>no i have to because the rumors are so bizarre

She is going to defend Preg, isn't she

No. 994916

Imagine being 30 and telling a bunch of strangers that you have no friends (on top of being 30 and not having friends)

No. 994918

File: 1593091008733.jpg (96.23 KB, 845x551, D6d-Y24WkAAwlI-.jpg)

Done with trying to convince everyone she is part of Contra's friend circle eh

No. 994922

lol the distance between greg and woman in the brown shirt

No. 994924

It's one of fugly types of russians, either she's an american

No. 994929

File: 1593092616662.jpg (14.41 KB, 102x144, H.jpg)

No. 994935


Lindsay Ellis>

No. 994938

She looks vaguely italian or greek to me, I think the hat just threw you guys off into the direction of russian (which is probably what she wants tbh). She just lacks a chin due to unfortunate genetics and some kind of disorder making her cheeks puffy. Even Sh0e hated that deep inside she was a guido and tried to be paler smoll bean.

No. 994947

She may be talking about rumors regarding Vaush

No. 994956

File: 1593093763459.jpg (320.43 KB, 1166x1430, Untitled.jpg)

Lmao Kiwi is not Russian end of discussion, her location on twitter is changed to Moscow because Russia is a meme among retarded internet people. All of her pictures on her instagram that are taken outside have signs and everything written in English. She doesn't seem to use the language either

No. 994957

File: 1593093775971.png (246.43 KB, 588x398, k.png)

it's not just the hat she has moscow, russia as her location

No. 994960

anons what the fuck kiwi isn't Russian

and some people say their location is hell or ur dads bedroom, it doesn't mean shit, she's just another young internet tard like shoe

No. 994970

>oh my GOD look how SMOL
what the fuck kind of brainworms do these desperate incels/ethots have? she doesn’t look small in the slightest in that picture, just a skinny girl with no hips in a baggy t-shirt.

No. 994975

File: 1593095434638.png (2.67 MB, 1866x1196, 381s.png)

She does full-on Shoe cosplay, lmao.

No. 994979

Kiwi got MASSIVE cheeks,she looks like a rodent. Bulimia cheeks?

No. 994981

The way incels and pick mes latch so hard onto anachan stuff is always weird.

No. 994982

>brags about being SMOL and tries hard to look the part
>acts and tries her hardest to look 12
>bulimia cheeks and lack of chin
>the only thick thing besides her skull is her eyeliner
>retarded memes (xD le ebin rushu blyat)

Boxxy skinwalkers are just carbon copies of one another i'm amazed

No. 994985

kek,damn,Kiwi is ACTUALLY skinwalking sh0e instead of boxxxy. Poor pathetic hamster

No. 994988

her hair look like as if its a wig

No. 994993

Russian anon-chan here who lives in Moscow. We don't have any of the brands that are shown on said picture, and again, if you zoom in, everything's in english.

I lurked her older pictures, and she looked much better with 'hipster-chan' image rather than a pathetic shuwu skinwalker. Suck4her kek

No. 995007

I must repeat again
She's from FLORIDA. She says it herself. 'Moscow, Russia' as a location on twitter is just a joke because of gopnik cosplay. No need to seek for anything indicative of her being Russian or otherwise.

If she were Russian, she'd have something written in Russian on twitter 100%. I'm pretty sure she'd stream playing Dota or some shit. Her profile just doesn't have anything that'd really indicate her being Russian or living there.

No. 995013

this is so fucking creepy

i feel a lil bad bc 1) this is shuwu's thread and 2) she's only 18 and we were all fucking tards at 18. chances she'll grow out of it? she'll never, ever go for preg, but i wouldn't count him out for creeping on her. weird and nasty.

No. 995014

The way Russian anons swooped in to say "We don't claim her", kek.

No. 995018

I know anons want her to spill the milk on Greg, but reading this kind of confirms what I already thought. She's too deep in the incel rhetoric to ever call out him or any other man and will just defend him and make excuses for his actions toward her. Even if she doesn't say so publicly, she will believe she hit the wall. She's been spewing that shit for too long for this to not just affirm her beliefs and push her in deeper. Could honestly see this whole thing leading June to double down hard enough to go full gimp girl and be self aware about being a pick me.

No. 995027

I don't get how someone can be THIS much of a fucking doormat. She wasted 5 years of her life on this man. I had sympathy for her but damn June, get a spine. Why does her backbone only seem to be reserved for dunking on le Feminists online.

No. 995030

The power of internalized misogyny!

No. 995034

Kiwi is 100% not Russian. I am Russian and she doesn’t look Russian at all. And her English is way too good for a russian. She’s probably Italian/Irish just like Shoe.

No. 995041

It's almost brain bending that she will just think her nearing 30 and getting replaced by her 18 year old skinwalker is what's "supposed" to happen. That her uwu god Preg deserves a fresh 18 year old e-thot to replace her ass. Pandering to /pol/ men, not even once.

No. 995042

File: 1593100664833.jpeg (90.65 KB, 744x495, 4BDE6C2A-4411-4A99-8BDB-005799…)

24 hours after the breakup and he’s keeps lusting after 18 year olds that (vaguely) look like shoe. Keep in mind that he’s almost 36 = twice their age.

No. 995047

God, I can imagine her turning out just like gimpgirl. Bald head, sinewy body, shitty cosplay and all.

No. 995050

she’s playing the part well then

No. 995051

this. plus, russia is a popular ~aesthetic~ right now, especially on tiktok

No. 995057

Holy shit, I remember when farmers would jokingly say Preg was gonna dump shoe for a younger girl. I know he would actively flirt with them, but I didn’t think he’d full on break up with shoe. Him and kiwi will probably end up heavily flirting at the least.
I remember we thought it was creepy he was flirting with cutepup, who was 22. He’s going full on barely legal now.
I bet it kills shoe to know this is happening. I had stumbled onto kiwi’s twitter a few months ago, and she wasn’t trying to look like shoe or Boxxy back then. Now she is, and it’s very intentional. Not only that but she’s “nerdy” and thinks she’s special for gaming and watching anime. Shoe didn’t like any of those things. Every thot that preg follows is a ~totes different gamer girl~

Remember when she released a statement at the beginning of 2019 saying she wasn’t going to be online as much anymore? She was only silent for like a week before she went back to her neckbeard pandering ways. It’s sad because staying offline more was her New Years resolution.

No. 995114

29th birthday but yeah
I was thinking this too. Boxxy was, what, like 10 years ago now? Oh yes totally relatable for an 18 year old.

Don't feel bad anon she is doing this to herself and is very aware of what she has in the public eye since she has an ethot patreon and is coming to Preg's defense.
I high agree with >>994699
>One day she's gonna have her own thread
Sooner than later at this rate imo, who knows since she's already responded to/spoken about Preg breaking up.
I also wouldn't put it past an 18 y/o to go after someone like Preg if they see clout that isnt there, probably combined with some other issues though. Just buds though guys! With a man literally twice her age!

I agree with anons that she's going to just dismiss the stuff about Vaush and some of the more extreme things about Preg but probably gloss over the things that we have had more concrete observations about, like Preg ignoring her on twitter nonstop while liking ethot pics and leaving thirsty replies. But I'm still curious how she's going to present this.

Wow he's truly disgusting.

No. 995117

god not only are these girls barely legal teenagers, they all look even younger than they actually are. he’s such a fucking sleazeball and potentially a predator

No. 995120

The way Preggory is making jokes to "lighten the mood" and liking pics of 18yo girls after breaking up with the woman he asked to MARRY him… their "relationship" was always a joke to him

No. 995130

>LGBTQIA+ ally
Now that's gay

No. 995162

it's fake (a fake fucking whore!) because that's not her url, it's spelled wrong

No. 995202

There are already tweets claiming she cheated on him, that's why she went mia and will very likely never reveal anything or won't call him out no matter what. She knows that all their followers would take the male's side even tho everything points to him being a disgusting waste of breath. Everybody is up his ass
>plz stay strong greg, we know you're only hiding your pain!

And despite her young age that little kiwi bitch is absolute scum too, no morals at all. You just know that in 5 years time she's gonna metoo about being groomed as a poor wittle sm0l 18yo

No. 995205

He barely has any fans outside of her, and these days she has a lot of fans outside her original manosphere type followers. I don't think the majority would take his side, I feel like if anything she won't say anything because she wants to protect him from being attacked, or she just doesn't want to discuss it publicly.

No. 995223

>"Welcome to EyeSmile optical, how can I help you?"
>"Yeah. Give me the LARGEST pair of glasses you have! I need to look smol!"

No. 995273

The sad thing about it all is I'm sure we're right. That shoe wasn't that much at fault if at all but to think her own fans won't spit venom on her is foolish.

Time and time again they've took digs at her and only care about her existence as long as it's what they want to hear. The moment she blames greg in ANY capacity they will throw her to the wolves just like they've done before until she says her usual " HAHA sorry i'm just a dumb girl it was all my fault"

I don't know how anyone aware of her in her chan days until this moment can feel any sympathy because if this was someone else in the skeptic community this was happening to she would happily throw their ass under the bus just like Lauren.

No she doesn't deserve sympathy for anyone. She's been digging this grave for pretty much a decade while everyone desperately tried to take the shovel away. So she can lay in it while preggory buries her alive with the help of his future younger girlfriend/simping girl fans.

No matter how this plays out there will be milk. It will be either an ongoing plane crash of pickme fuckery or she will change for the better even if it's baby steps.

Either will be great to see. More so to watch the other woman of the community reaction as overall women comrades have been silent (besides likes or half hearted "wow greg"). That alone tells you everything you need to know.

No. 995274

And that's the result of creating a fanbase made up chiefly of woman-hating men who want to wave you around as "one of the good ones (because she also hates women, especially herself)", and women/girls who hate themselves and are eager to be "good ones", too. Those types will always take the man's side.

She seriously could've discovered him grooming actual minors, and if her dumbass fanbase found out, 60% of them would still make her out to be the problem somehow. They'd probably say she's either overreacting and he was really "just buds" with underage girls, or that she should've paid for his therapy. They just dislike women that much.

No. 995279

But he has been criticised for being insensitive and liking tweets though, much more than she has. It would be weird and intrusive for women in the community to comment on someone's personal relationship when they have no idea what even happened, especially before she herself has. There's not even necessarily something to comment on we don't know yet, relationships don't always end for dramatic reasons where one person does something terrible to the other.

No. 995284

I wonder if we'll hear anything from past people who interacted with them at events regarding their relationship? I remember Shoe made fun of someone for being concerned with how Preg treated her in public and she responded with the typical "that's our 24/7 bdsm dynamic!" shit.

No. 995302

Still think shoe dumped preg and that she’s so calculated that she probably has something lined up and will give it a few months until we see some type of picture leaked or something… but I’m clearly in the minority.

I will concede that the fact that she had very little experience in relationships outside of pregory, it is likely that she was manipulated somewhat by him.

But I’m just tinfoiling, hence the sage.

No. 995327

File: 1593121927611.jpg (16.19 KB, 716x724, 1590005628713.jpg)

>Preg is thirsting after a barely legal girl like the creep he is, even claiming that both him and his 30 year old ex girlfriend have been in contact with her for long
>80% of the current thread is dedicated to shitting on said teenager and saying how ugly and cringy she is and how June looks better (lmfao)
This thread looks like it's full of shoe simps.
Preg is a disgusting mf and June is a pathetic bitch who made her bed. Kiwi girl might be cringey but that's about it, even as a dumb teenager she can't compete with the skyhigh levels of pathetic that the Skeptic (no more) "power couple" has exhibited so far.

No. 995341

I've been saying this for years, but I honestly think they are both toxic for each other. I know that greg's treatment of her on twitter is gross, but aside from that, I really don't see evidence that he's leaving the relationship in a better position than she is. Most of his fame came from being with her, and her fanbase is still 10x bigger than his.

Everyone always forgets that both he and shoe were cheating on their respective partners when they first began their relationship.

No. 995375

Agreed, this Kiwi looks like any attention starved teenage girl except for that she is also trying, inexplicably, to look like shoe.

I'm just enjoying the flavor of chickens coming home to roost for a pickme woman hater. If she can change and wake up, good for her, but until I see evidence of that let this be a lesson to pickmes the world over. Your future is gimpgirl or left in the dust.

It was so retarded for a nearly 30 year old woman to still act like that, I get young women wanting to soak in that incel super stardom if they weren't popular in high school. but once you're truly an adult it's time to stop basing your self worth and image off of male adulation.

No. 995388

Seconded. I mean Kiwi is 18 and shoe is basically 30. She still has 10 years to realize that being an ethot isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Shoe on the other hand… she should know better by now. Irl, they see these two people in a fight someone would ask shoe why she’s picking on a kid. Shoe isn’t a kid anymore… she just tried hard to look like one. She and preg deserve whatever they get.

No. 995391

I'm sorry anon but the fact that kiwi is skinwalking a failed pickme really doesn't help her intelligence. I'll hate on them both thank you.

No. 995395

Welcome to unrestricted personal opinion, something found frequently on the internet.

I think the sentiments about Kiwi are harsh but I don't disagree with them, and I dislike Shoe and Pregory regardless. Doesn't make me a scrote so I don't imagine the majority of other anons are either. But I don't doubt the existence of simps altogether. Honestly I just don't expect lolcow of all places to uplift women, for posters to be nuanced, or preface their language with buffers like they attempt to on PULL.

>She and preg deserve whatever they get.
This. Yes, you can sympathise but it doesn't change the fact she's more than made her bed.

No. 995427

Isnt that pic of june there shooped though? Maybe i'm remembering wrong but it was posted a few threads ago.

No. 995429

lol wonder if she will realize how cringe this is, she checks many juwune boxes "uwu im so tiny!~" and the fucking UNEVEN eyeliner. at least make it match if you're taking a pic of it…

No. 995433

Nta but both are shopped. June's appears to be less actually so I don't quite know what you're getting at

No. 995438

so odd. i dont think politics is for her. i would actually become a fan again and not a hater since the greg tumor has been removed (a huge source of her being annoying tho not the only one) either she should leave the internet and go to beauty school or something or rebrand as a beauty channel. i would actually like to see it because i love makeup but refuse to watch beauty channels because i cant fucking relate to any of those people.

No. 995443

2nd pic looks so badly edited, how does she look THAT much skinnier from the first one when the dates arent that far apart and her butt doesnt look like how an actual butt looks lol

No. 995445

File: 1593127344068.jpg (56.24 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20200626-091635__01…)

Kek anon, Kiwi is apparently old enough to do Onlyfans but not old enough to be made fun of on an imageboard. Flawless logic. Pic related r/cosplaygirls on Reddit.
>Looks a bit like Quagmire in the face. Giggity

No. 995463

>kiwi is skinwalking a failed pickme really doesn't help her intelligence. I'll hate on them both thank you.
Exactly this. And she knows she's doing this, too. I can't stand June, and I definitely can't stand Preg. The fact some ethot thinks being a Shoe clone and involving herself in this mess is MILKY whether anons disagree with it or not. She's a fair target to criticize and it's on topic presently. We don't have really any new information so this is where we are right now.
And yes she is uglier than June when she doesn't have makeup on. Doesn't mean I like June at all for thinking/acknowledging that.

To June's credit, at least she never went the Patreon ethot route or Onlyfans but a hypothetical future saga of that type would be a very dark but milky timeline.
Her fanbase was built of pathetic simps before those sites existed, so she has just been riding the waves of that. But now she's ended a relationship spanning the past 5 years so her fanbase is certain to become much grosser in various ways, and if she wants to keep getting attention, she may have to stoop some levels.
Or, you know, just get off the fucking internet as a public figure.

No. 995471

I hate June and Greg equally, but ffs this new chick is ugly as sin. She legitimately looks like she has a facial deformity. Confirms if you just slap tits and an ass onto something (if you can even say that about her prepubescent looking body from what I’ve seen) then men will be all over it like flies on shit. She’s somehow uglier than June but they’re all horrible people. Shit people can do other shit people wrong, and they’re all still bad. It doesn’t absolve one party and make them the default “good” ones just because they were fucked over by someone “worse.”

No. 995489

i think ur onto something here lol im gonna try to remember that you called this before it happens

No. 995518

File: 1593130731221.png (9.85 KB, 325x74, well hes not wrong.png)


No. 995525

It's been that for over a week, see >>988256

No. 995531

I hope June or someone close to her said these exact words to him.

No. 995551

I agree she is uglier than June and actually pretty deformed looking period. I think it's incredibly creepy that she has a face like that, but claims to be 4'10 and such a dinky dinky wil smol princess and all these men, septic included, are simping. To me that shows a weird, nasty pathology about "tiny" women…aka…well, you know.

Long story short if Kiwi said she was 5'6 I don't think she'd be getting the simptention.

No. 995553

what is rebeltaxi doing here lol

No. 995555

Ngl I actually kek'd. Every now and then, Greg manages to actually be funny.

No. 995569

good catch lol, likely simping

No. 995593

before june releases her statement im gonna guess that she will ignore how greg clearly was flirting with other girls but i have a feeling that a big reason they broke up was because greg doesnt want what june wants. june seems to be family oriented and very interested in having kids where greg wants to live in his apartment and spend all his money on bing bing wahoo toys and star wars merch. greg really dragged his feet when he should have admitted he didnt want to marry her in the first place. june wasted 5 years of her life and greg is just gonna keep cooming to camgirls because it seems to make him happy and he never cared much about her in the first place

No. 995594

Holy shit, she's like a caricature of Shoe - who already was a caricature of Boxxy…

No. 995625

no this is a fake account. read the thread.

No. 995626

i think she should never come back

No. 995633

again fake account.

No. 995655

I wish one of those stupid, barely legal thots and troons would come forward and expose Preg. I don't doubt that he hits on blatant underage, in addition to having been emotionally cheating on June for the past year.

No. 995686

File: 1593138719294.png (126.99 KB, 330x597, flanderization.png)

They remind me of the Tv Tropes flanderization image

No. 995782

greg is an autist, even if he knocked up june on accident, he would still be how he is now.

No. 995824

im glad he never did because he seems like he'd be neglectful

No. 995893

I wheezed, but fuck greg holy shit. I hope shoe serves as a warning to a bunch of other up and coming pick mes that think right leaning retards will be good partners much less even decent human beings

No. 995928

Anonnie I think you're right, that swelling really resembles the bulimia cheek look, and Kiwi seems pretty fixated on being "smol"

No. 995949

Smol uwu teens dont KNOW what their doing, their wittle babies who shit their poopy diapers and musnt face critisism!

No. 995959

>Right leaning retards
They're not even right leaning they're caricatures of conservatives kek. I've met plenty of people with some right leaning views that are nuanced and are actually capable of self awareness. Shoe and Pregory are poster children of the trad thot phenomena, they're only conservative when it suits them, and only apply their perspectives to others and not themselves. They want their cake and to eat it too. Although I definitely see what you mean about Pregory, his views in his mind validate him being a selfish man-child who treats every women he meets like a disposable object.

It might be just my observation but both political extremes are synonymous with autism, because life in general is hardly black and white.

No. 995987

>Right leaning retards make bad partners
It's more the "retard" part than the right-wing part. We all know the meme of the lefty "male feminist" ending up an abuser.

This. Preg and Shoe are not authentically of any political persuasion.

No. 996015

are u dumb anon these are libertarian ecelebs not right wingers or alt right people, used to be a fan of them and none of their views are republican in the slightest. why say shit that isnt even true

No. 996025

if you are going to repeat what the last two anons said but worse at least sage your retardation. nobody cares if you were a fan.

id be surprised if she releases a statement at all. a couple of months ago she had users speculating on the imminence of their breakup because of her behaviour specifically. she had her knights claiming it was "her choice of dynamic" among other things. i would bet she doesnt want to be a living meme for the countless deflections she was making for the sake of her trad ideology.

No. 996031

File: 1593175997967.jpeg (139.36 KB, 743x374, 12478E6F-9CDD-46FB-B761-5704C6…)

How will she ever be able to date again after such a nasty public display of her sex life tho, it’s all over the internet. No guy is going to find this attractive at all. She wasn’t some teenager being groomed into it, she was in her mid-twenties and a self-proclaimed BDSM expert. She’s shit on “vanilla normies” for years. She needs to leave the internet and hope she can start over without her future work or partners finding any of this

No. 996042

Some of you sound hilariously sheltered what with your she will never find a man nooow oh goood. Stop putting the penis on a pedestal, as long as a woman is thin and somewhat cute most of them don't have standards.

No. 996051

Why does she look like an autistic squirrel

No. 996052

>Some of you
Basically only the anon above you kek. You're not wrong, 6/10s can have penis on tap it's just about the quality of the penis that's in question. Anywhere's up from here for Shoe though

No. 996054

what video is this comment from?

No. 996057

File: 1593177974802.jpg (370.83 KB, 1080x1333, IMG_20200626_091929.jpg)

I guess her niche is larping as shoe larping as boxxy lmao?? At least she's self aware that she doesn't have much to offer men minus her dollar menu priced n00ds

No. 996062

Nah I saw comments like that in an earlier thread too. I just get embarrassed for women who write shit like that.

No. 996064

No. 996069

>thin and cute
Lmao, not even that anymore. Men will fuck anyone as long as they offer a chase. Go to any supermarket and there's tons of ugly and fat women with men.

But that's the problem with June. She just hands sex and her love to men freely without making demands. Men don't respect that, in fact it makes them feel bitter and emasculated over time. Anon is right that June will be a tough sell for the next man because her history of sucking another dude's cock and serving him for years is plastered all over the internet.

No. 996070

>she's only 18 and we were all fucking tards at 18
this is cringy 15 year old behavior. she needs to grow up. all of these people need to grow up.

No. 996071

June should really take other anons’ advice about going to beauty school and rebranding as a beauty YouTuber. I’m sure lots of other edgy centrist/leftist Troon adjacent influencers would do collars with her. And she would be occupying a niche online space - lefty meme-y politics and makeup.

No. 996072

>(Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)

sword pics yeah, but how the fuck are the door pics fake? When did this come out

No. 996073

This Brittany chick seemed like a cow too. I was searching for this video some time back and saw that she'd deleted her entire account because her "dom" raped a girl and she had defended him or something. Why are they all like this?

No. 996076

nah. shes good with all the redditor attention and donations. shes too bad of a youtuber for makeup anyway. still using her camera from like 2012 and she cant edit.

No. 996093

Imagine that man having a daughter, Jesus what a nightmare and June would probably be jealous

No. 996110

I'm glad I didn't notice them ngl anon

No. 996118

also wondering this. I can’t see the door pics as being fake, they’ve been pretty well established for years afaik

No. 996122

june looks so uncomfortable in this video lol

No. 996132

I remember June posting some pictures made by someone else where the men from old times (classy 50s husband type) were compared with 'men these days' (don't remember what exactly was there, but you get the idea) and she was like 'haha suck it facebook mommas, I got a man exactly like on the left'. She truly believed in this stupid fantasy about trad daddy dom that's intelligent, responsible, reliable, mature, will idk solve all your problems and want to have kids with you. Also who's 'charmingly sexist', just like in the old movies! Because apparently it's an intrinsic part of this perfect man type. And it was all just an act, and it was so fucking obvious. How can you be this naive. A man like this doesn't make youtube videos debunking dumb theories for a living or spend his time laughing at 'fat feminists', collecting toys and liking ethots and camgirls on twitter. That's the thing with all these anti-feminists, anti-SJW, meninist, or tradishunal types: they want to be SEEN as someone who has all of the positive stereotypically masculine traits but they're not really responsible, they don't want to make a family or to provide for their partner. They just want to get all the perks of relationships, to be praised and to not put any effort. With Preg it was obvious from the very beginning.

No. 996140

That one video where she sarcastically says "Hmm…where have all the good men gone?" while flashing her engagement ring comes to mind.
She really thought Preg was the "good man" other women are talking about. A toy-collecting manchild with big tits, an extra chromosome and a camgirl obsession. Even before this happened, she was almost gimpgirl levels of delusional about her boyfriend.
Only the most self-hating, pathetic kind of woman would want someone like him, so I guess it all adds up.

No. 996153

I'm honestly curious what shit Greg would spew to make her actually believe he was the ultimate man and everyone else was whipped.

No. 996175

My guess would be she was fooled into thinking he's intelligent thus she looked up to him. His channel has some followers so she wasn't the only one. And he did propose to her, so he was faking commitment to some degree.

No. 996250

Preach anon, if you like trad men so much get with one of the millions of guys who just use Facebook and like sports and fishing. "manly" classic men didn't constantly bitch about women, they "knew" they were superior and just acted patrician towards them. Skeptic and all his ilk would be considered weird freaks by any normie dude. Find a guy who likes to grill or something, maybe he won't treat you like his creepy sex-daughter, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Same for the dudes, a "trad wife" wouldn't dress up like a little girl and have vile sex with her husband. Everybody fucked with the lights off back then, with a keen sense of shame.

The only thing preg has in common with "trad 50s dads" is that he cheats. He doesn't have a real stable income, he didn't marry her, he's a loud and proud sexual deviant who was never going to marry you, and was in no hurry to have children if at all. Somehow all of this sounds like Don Draper to June? What a retard.

No. 996322

The man wears earrings and bracelets lmao. They were always delusional about him being some apex alpha male.

No. 996333

Anyone can make themselves appear exceptional fairly easily, especially to those who have been sheltered/naive their whole lives (basically June in a nutshell). Just by having enough bravado, he could easily convince her that he was far more intelligent than he actually was, especially with his shitty commentary form of videos in which by nature, he always has the last word for any points made. Confidence is the number one trait that attracts women, and people like June who are easily infatuated are quite simple to blindside.

No. 996341

File: 1593197604090.gif (777.52 KB, 245x190, GSzWE.jpg.gif)

When I saw the breakup news, ngl or to be too cruel, I laughed. Specifically because of shit like this. She has always been so disgusting towards women, thought she was better than the rest of us, and only doubled down once she got together with Greg. She really thought she snagged a man that put her even more above women, and he isn't worth a shit! No good looks, no good physique, no fucking talent, no ambition, no intelligence, no real success, all he has is an ego, which she helped build by having no dignity or self worth herself. She played into his fantasy of being some kind of ubermensch who is so superior he has the coveted wench and doesn't even care.

It's crazy how much people in these threads, who are irritated by her at best, were more offended by Greg's inconsiderate treatment of her than her fans. Only out of basic human decency and that damn empathy women are burdened with did we give a shit.

She spent years telling robots and incels that women aren't shit, if they demand respect in a relationship they are ungrateful bitches, and confirming all the bad stereotypes they had. And she brought women down even more by playing into the 'if you're a feminist you'll hit the wall at 30, alone and pathetic.' Well bitch you got one year left, make it count.

Greg is fucking disgusting, unappealing, hanging on to a dead youtube genre, and there is so much evidence of what a shit boyfriend/husband he is, I'll be shocked if another girl quickly jumps his bones. At least as out of his league and successful in her own right like June was.

I'm laughing at June and think she 100% deserves this, but if she made a video saying 'I was wrong about all of this.' she'd get a golf clap from me. But even if her personality is rotten and content is shit and I don't think she could ever really turn it around.

No. 996345

apparently high quality men from the 50s were fat unfit slobs with womanly birthing hips and delicate baby hands who were unemployed bums sitting on their ass all day playing video games and flirting with other women online kek. june's brain was fried. her looks are not what will hold her back from getting a normal boyfriend, it's her head that might fuck her up for life. she's so easily brainwashed and i don't think simply breaking up/getting left by preg will magically fix anything.

No. 996349

an anon posted ss from her discord where she said she is going to release a statement so we'll see

No. 996351

wow that guys comment is based, yeah hopefully that's what her takeaway from this is. ultimately it seems june wants to settle down but at first she was 25 and probably sexually starved it seems at least from what she says when she met greg. iirc she didnt have sex much with her ex. greg was already divorcing his then wife and probably is just a coomer, he never wanted to get married and have kids, and june should have admitted that to herself and moved on. theres still time for her though.

No. 996355

File: 1593198682321.gif (973.68 KB, 244x200, SsNJ7zq.gif)

same the guy looks like if bam magera had a retarded and fat sibling. Honestly, either June is really deep in the incel bullshit, but then again she is a total pick me, she probably blames herself and probably thinks she is too old and her fat fupa god deserves better and younger. lol fucking disgusting!

No. 996356

because its one thing to be into some kinky shit with someone behind closed doors but its a whole other thing when you literally frame your life around a fetish and little else. when getting off is your only main perogative, not much is different then from being a lonely coomer addicted to porn. these people have a screw loose honestly.

No. 996359

this is true. also most of the beauty youtubers and their fans wouldnt accept her because of the anti feminist shit shes said. maybe she should get off the internet, even youtube, and work at a L'Occitane store or something, she seems to really like a lot of their products. i think june working in the beauty industry would be a good fit at least.

No. 996362

i always had an inkling brittany really wanted a threesome with her and greg and they didnt want it lol

No. 996372

she deluded herself completely. greg is nothing like the "50s husband", at all. he is a bugman soyboy like most men today.


>has little education. no real stable job
>she makes way more money than him
>lives in a shitty apartment
>does NOT want a wife or kids
>jerks off to camgirls all day
>spends money on star wars toys

makes me wonder if he even has any "manly" skills. the only thing that greg has is an audi. he is severely lacking in every department a woman would be attracted to. she could easily find a real man who would treat her with kindness.

No. 996376

Oh anon I laughed too. Preg has just been publicly more despicable lately. She's been more conscious of her image. Definitely doesn't make her a better or different person.
Especially with shit like >>996140
She's just desperate for attention and has always been "the mean girl" for it. Let's not forget about "scarf girl" for example, or that embarrassing women's day photo.

>when getting off is your only main perogative
Kinda doubt he was getting her off at all kek

No. 996377

I agree. I also laughed at the breakup. I can respect that some other farmers feel bad for her, but I don’t. Based on how she’s been inside her hug box discord channel, I doubt she’ll outgrow her “pick me” ways. The people in her discord hate women as much as she does. And she said it herself—they’re her only friends.

I remember all those mythcon pics of her and preg. She always tried making herself seem smaller to the women posing next to her, and preg always looked happier with the other women.

No. 996382

im mainly talking about brittany

No. 996384

File: 1593199953740.jpeg (163.38 KB, 750x926, 237E3835-1F6E-4647-87B2-251DA7…)

Found in preg’s twitter likes

No. 996387

File: 1593200129329.gif (1.72 MB, 331x197, 1412266240280.gif)

I can only imagine her as an old movie stereotype, working at the makeup counter in her middle age, telling younger women in a raspy Jersey accent 'we need to look good and young for our men, dearie, it's a girls duty to look pretty. That waistline could be smaller, dear.' and still with that uneven eyeliner. God, please someone with artistic talent do me a solid and draw that.

I laughed incredibly hard at her 'you're my only friends…I'm really lonely and have no friends I don't even a man now…' Like, no shit girl! What fucking person in their right mind would want to be friends with you? Wake up you dumbass.

You're so much better than other 'wahmen' yet here you are, admitting you're a friendless, single loser and your only interactions are your woman hating discord asslickers. Karma is delicious.

No. 996389

>that profile pic
Of fucking course this kind of girl would post some "men can do no wrong" shit.

Especially not even knowing what June has to say.

Definitely not WKing June as we don't know either, but sucking Preg's dick ain't it girl.

But this is the exact type of shit June would write so.

No. 996390

lmaoo ita you responded to and you're right. its better than her spouting her bs online though.

No. 996405

File: 1593201545609.jpg (225.1 KB, 1428x1929, 1573468964326.jpg)

I agree anon. Also going through old threads and her old posts is top tier comedy. Few months ago she liked and retweeted this.

No. 996413

these pickmes are fucking pathetic

No. 996418

File: 1593202551868.png (237.1 KB, 800x518, did you get picked sis.png)

No. 996421


No. 996422

i love u anon

No. 996423

Karma is a fucking bitch, June lmao

No. 996431

lol i nominate this picture to be next threads pic, gotta love June, seriously this is karma at its finest, immaculate!

No. 996501

>Mister Metokur (Jim) avoids criticizing her and Preg
You anons just a bunch of cat ladies or retarded? Jim doesn't find it funny/a happening that matters to him, he doesn't care.

No. 996511

June literally sucked his dick before you could. Sorry about it.

No. 996514

the anon who made this thread messed up the copy/paste so the op text is from a long time ago. he was a minor figure in this saga a while back. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw someone talk about him in one of these threads.

No. 996524

It was regarding that time he was covering the whole candid app situation and despite the fact Shoe was shilling it hard and defended her shilling, he barely brought her up compared to other skeptics who shilled it less than her. He also made a literal montage of skeptics being "cucks" a didn't include her despite being one of the biggest well known female cucks on the internet.

No. 996571

File: 1593212775102.gif (1.6 MB, 374x404, source.gif)

No. 996593

the confidence these women have tweeting this shit like they don't they realize how easily they can get fucked over by men.

No. 996600

They think they've solved the puzzle of life/relationships, I don't think it even crosses their minds that they can fail.
That's why they're completely destroyed when it happens to them.
No way the Shuwu of 5 years ago would've believed you if you told her she'd end up one of those dreaded, "post-wall" 30 year old single roasties, and that Preg would set his sights on an 18 year old skinwalker of her. She'd just say you're a jealous, fat feminist projecting, but now look what's happened. So much for all that hard work humiliating yourself on the internet for men's affection. They still won't treat you right after all of that.

No. 996605

I had seen this video linked a lot in past threads, and I finally decided to give it a watch. The question where another vidcon guest approached Brittany and asked if she thinks June is being abused by Greg… and both Brittany and Shoe get defensive and yell about how the “vanillas” don’t understand.

June also admits that Greg was her first BDSM experience. I whole-heartedly believe he’s gonna try getting with her barely legal skin walker to feed his ultra daddy dom ego.

Also kek shoe called her own parents vanilla. And she goes on about how her soulmate lives only eight hours away… I know there was a border between them, but Greg seriously wasn’t fucking bothered to visit her. She also seriously to ask Greg for permission to buy things!? That’s textbook abuse. Meanwhile he was able to hoard all those embarrassing figurines.

Bonus: Brittany jokingly tells Greg, “I hear you hit like a submissive” and Greg tells her, “Ok, that actually makes me want to hit you.” What the fuck?

June got abused for five years, and she didn’t realize it.

No. 996617

people into bdsm have mental problems

No. 996620

They really think that as long as they do what men on the internet tell them to, being treated well and getting married/kids etc is a sure thing. They somehow don't realize that those men only have their own interests in mind, and will say anything that benefits them no matter how much it fucks over women. And what benefits the men she panders to is having a desperate pickme gf for as long as it suits them then dumping her for a younger model. If she listened to women instead maybe she'd realize she was the archetypal 'forever girlfriend' and got a shut up ring instead of a real commitment.

No. 996662

I’m sure she’s feeling lonely but isn’t she still friends with her high school friend Derrick? Or did they fall out already?

No. 996676

Shit, is this contra?

No. 996682

I'm not a BDSM expert but isn't it an established stereotype that truly successful men are usually submissive? And only the most pathetic, craven goobers who receive absolutely no respect in the real world want to be doms? At least that is what I always heard pre-50 Shades of Gray. Maybe I'm just a vanilla coward like shoe's stable, employed, happily married parents.

No. 996698


people without any power/control (or they perceive as such) tend to want it, just a psychological thing. but it's a mixed bag and a lot of people are just unstable or damaged.
you also have to keep in mind the types of people who follow/fall for the whole gender stereotype of "men dominant, women submissive." a lot of incel types.
not saying anything is fundamentally wrong with bdsm but it's absolutely true that people can be psychologically damaged before and/or afterward.

No. 996702

Brittany and June trying to build up Greg like he's some sex god instead of a fat manipulative dipshit is even more hilarious in hindsight. This vid is a goldmine from start to finish.

No. 996726

i had not watched it until now either, the fact that june basically says "we fell naturally into the dynamic and we didn't even know it had a name lol" is fucking weird. idk stuff like being top or bottom might come naturally, but master/slave roles?? and how could she be that naive not to know what bdsm is lol (she's pretending preg didn't know either but i refuse to believe that)

No. 996734

june will eventually realize how fucked up her relationship was. right now she's still in love with him and blinded. she's going to get angry eventually especially if greg starts flaunting a new relationship online.

No. 996749

That part was such a lie! This video is from 2017. They got together two years prior, so 2015. The whole 50 Shades thing was popular as fuck a year earlier because of the movies. How did she ~not know~ about it existing? More importantly, how did Greg not know? June was 27 and Greg was 34…. she even said the relationship turned into a BDSM dynamic immediately. He absolutely fried her brain.

No. 996752

>she's pretending preg didn't know either but i refuse to believe that
With her outright confirming they're pro-porn, there is 0 way he didn't know what bdsm is lol, also explains why he wanted to be such a ~dom~.
Meanwhile she just hates herself and other women and kisses male ass for attention so I guess that COULD be somewhat "coming naturally" for her. But there's no way she didn't know what BDSM is either lol. It's not like she had to know about the most extreme end of the BDSM spectrum.
But imagine June lying. /s

100% agreed. I'm sure she's not happy about him liking other girls while ignoring her, but she might not even realize what caused those feelings of unease. She's clingy and needs attention, which at least works in her favor for not being ok being genuinely neglected in a relationship - I hope. She could at least improve on THAT, and fairly easily. But if she keeps going for "internet bad boys" she won't.
Exactly. Didn't even think about when 50 shades came out, good catch anon.

No. 996757

I can't imagine June coming forward with any dirt on Greg, but I just know she's going to make passive aggressive tweets to delete after an hour for the rest of her internet career.
Probably annoying brainless shit like ">tfw you're too old for love (wojak meme) we're gonna make it bros uwu" because she doesn't know how to express herself like an adult

No. 996772

File: 1593225767107.png (2.48 MB, 1440x1908, 8911EE82-56E3-4B53-BD33-F522E7…)


I feel like the only way she could come forward about anything it would be because Greg started it…and even then I doubt she would retaliate. What is she going say as digs that won’t offend her fan base?

Meanwhile Greg I’m sure has plenty of shit to say and post. Wouldn’t surprise me the minute he has a new girlfriend that’s when the passive aggressive or start up bully will start. Just like his ex-wife. I can see it now, him reviewing some movie with a young 18 year old and somehow bringing shoe up casually.

Just for the girl to say “isn’t she like 30 and bald! What a hag!! Shouldn’t her too concern be getting married since she’s hit the wall”. Preg will nod and confirm she’s bald and any other shit he can spill.

It will be an ongoing trend calling it now. He’s just waiting for a replacement shoe first before he begins. Maybe we will finally see a photo of her without a wig

No. 996773

Honestly this is an improvement? Now if only she could sort out the eyeliner situation.

No. 996793

She means ddlg, not bdsm in general. I remember there being a comment something like "omg you guys didn't know about bdsm? Sooo cute and pure!!" and she replied "No, we knew what bdsm was but not the name for our specific dynamic".

No. 996799

File: 1593230578291.png (37.86 KB, 598x346, bdsm.PNG)

No. 996810

no bangs? maybe she really is changing lol

No. 996815

Unlisted this video lol

No. 996823

Exactly. They try as hard as they can to seem superior by throwing around the word vanilla like it's an insult, but it only makes their desperation that much more apparent. When it leaves the bedroom and their whole lives revolve around their kink I can't help but feel they're either devoid of personality, mentally ill, or have low self esteem… Or even more likely a combination of all 3 kek.

No. 996826

No. 996837

File: 1593235983612.jpeg (745.46 KB, 1948x3463, 0C259F9B-DF9A-4929-AEAD-F6113A…)

it looks like he’s talking to an actual high schooler…?

No. 996842

He really had to be digging through Twitter's porn catacombs to come across this one.

No. 996849

According to that screencap, she had an older account he KNEW OF which was hacked. So the 40 followers thing is irrelevant since this is apparently the new account.
Anyway, fucking disgusting.

No. 996856

it seriously looks like he has a problem with 18 year old girls specifically. off the top of my head, he’s following/interacting with this girl, the shoe skinwalker, and the “me vs animated me” girl. like holy shit, ok groomer.

No. 996859

agreed, and every time i see this fat fuck respond to a girl who CLEARLY mentions she is 18, i just can't help but wonder how long she's been 18 vs how long he's been sleazing on her

No. 996861

>plz message me

She’s begging him to talk to her. He’s absolutely grooming her if she reached out to him this desperately from an alternative account. Holy shit. What business does he have messaging these girls literally half his age!? And also, how long ago did he start interacting with this high schooler??

No. 996862

File: 1593238617633.jpeg (258.11 KB, 1567x1032, EEA039B3-FAE3-4E2E-8C8F-8CBA26…)

“Catholic girl”

No. 996864

Based Cole

No. 996866

it's been like 3 days since you broke up greg…

No. 996869

He's been doing this shit the whole time he was with Shoe, and continues immediately after their breakup - like there's no sense of internal change. I hope people see it and realize he's literally just a retarded horny loser

No. 996871

File: 1593241895493.jpg (21.6 KB, 350x233, 1481786602065.jpg)

you can literally see her bald spot lmao

y'all need to stop simping for shoe. were you born yesterday? she hates women, she hates herself, she probably she hates you, and she will continue begging for crumbs of validation from betacucks at the expensive of her own dignity and most likely sanity.
she will never better herself. she will never change. people like her are a dime a dozen who half assedly acknowledge their shortcomings and refuse to do a thing about them because they have successfully amassed a group of dumbasses to coddle them and insist on not changing.
she has no potential in any department. she can't even do her own makeup right. she's almost 30 and can barely handle living alone. she's a spoiled brat who's had everything handed to her and has never had to work for anything in her life.

groceries and her deserved each other and honestly she deserves another greaseball scumbag to come into her life. as much as y'all insist vaush is worse than groceries he's not. i think he's a scummy lardass but he's better than preg by a long shot.

No. 996884


I hope June sees posts like these and realises she dodged a bullet. She still has a chance to turn her life around if she can stop being a pickme.

No. 996890

kek, calm down anon. I only said getting rid of the hideous bangs was an improvement.

No. 996893

Honestly, she looks much better now. You go, June! Now you gotta need to learn to fool around w different makeup.

I feel like Greg was the one who forced her to stay the way she was, wasnt he, considering now he keeps trying to find shuwu clones.

No. 996895


i know this is a bit ot but this picture is rather old, i saw it a few threads ago

No. 996914

File: 1593256381506.png (319.58 KB, 496x509, r695sftoz9751.png)

If June makes a video defending ArmouredRetard to show how she's not a "bitch" to her neckbeards l, I stg

No. 996918

June just needs to make a video blasting his ass. He loses one thousand followers a day, no one is taking his side except for the random thot. He was forcing her to do age play, I wonder how young he told her to act for him. What a fucking pervert.

No. 996919

I wouldn't really consider wasting 5 years of your 20s on some loser "dodging a bullet" but that's just me.

No. 996940

File: 1593262015910.jpg (48.08 KB, 604x329, 7OSph8LzEoA.jpg)

From preg's likes
I guess hairstyle and makeup are also just genetics? Plus, if she were annoyed with these comparisons and it was just a pure coincidence, I doubt that she'd be religiously reposting every 'omg is this shoe?????'

No. 996943

File: 1593263094622.jpeg (517.1 KB, 575x1180, 21680238-498F-44BF-9F7C-7A009F…)

Man I remember this bitch was thirsting for June’s attention last year.

No. 996944

File: 1593263170001.jpeg (779.64 KB, 816x1187, B3858854-380B-48C9-AE17-AF43AE…)

Spammed her until she got a response

No. 996946

What was june's response?

No. 996950


Isn't this a super old pic?

No. 996951

I think she eventually did acknowledge her but kiwi didn’t get retweeted or anything by her.

No. 996953


Lol she only looks like shoe in carefully posed/shooped pics. For once shoe is the better looking one here.

No. 996954

File: 1593264854799.png (726.61 KB, 750x1334, 9348FB8B-140D-46D2-87FE-EA6A4D…)

Similar genetics to June right here. OT but the fact that this girl has simps is proof that men want to fuck teenagers, she’s quite honestly really fucking ugly.

No. 996956

this is sickening

No. 996962

Wow, and he's coming up on his 40's in a few years. What a disgusting, predatory motherfucker.

No. 996976

someone get this girl an identity of her own. this is embarrassing.

No. 996980

this girl is going to age TERRIBLY with no chin

No. 996986

June getting replaced in her own damn thread lmaoo

No. 996990

>same ethnicity
I didn't know that FAS was an ethnicity

No. 996992

She clearly has self esteem issues between the bulimia, skinwalking June, and photoshopping the hell out of her face in the slavboo pictures, so I do feel bad for her in a way. It’s just a shame disgusting old men like Greg obsess over SMOL teenage girls like her. Him and other men like him are truly scum of the earth. Took June too long to see it, I hope she realizes that now for her own sake though it’s still unlikely.

No. 997003

Seeing this shit reaffirms it isn’t just her and shoe sharing “genetics” (which is obvious). But kiwi can no longer make it sound like she just happens to look like shoe. I have a feeling she was trying to get June’s attention to leech off her fame. Since June didn’t shout out kiwi or retweet her, I’m positive it was because she didn’t want her neckbeards and to flock to kiwi. It was a protective measure because shoe knows kiwi is 4’10 and ~smol~. She probably saw kiwi as a threat. Kiwi was thirsting for June’s attention eight months ago, so she’s done all the research needed to be the new Boxxy/shoe. Anyway, all of them are pathetic and need to get off the internet.

No. 997005

File: 1593270621264.jpeg (525.18 KB, 750x1193, F66162C3-F1AE-4991-9C3B-FA665F…)

Samefag but skeptic liked these tweets.

No. 997020

OT but what the fuck and hell is this picture? Who the fuck makes these? This is disturbing ass shit

No. 997021

Right? Cucked on all levels, even on Lolcow. It'd be funny if she was one of the people talking about the other girl's appearance.

No. 997024

fucking creepy. you just ended a 5 year relationship with your fiance and within days you are thirsting for her skinwalker who also happens to be 10 year younger than her lol.

what a fitting end for june.

No. 997034

Basically confirms he was sexting HIGH SCHOOLERS before his breakup with June.

No. 997078

>shoud've tagged me bro (angry)

This girl is skinwalking for fame to the max. Bun then again June was skinwalking Catie (Boxxy) for neckbeard fame too, lol.

And now we have Preg the Pedo going for the "younger version", fucking dumb creep.

What a shitshow.

No. 997082

File: 1593276533138.png (143.82 KB, 719x844, socialblade.png)

to no one's surprise they've unlisted/privated/deleted videos across their channels in the last few days according to social blade

No. 997085

One of June's earlier attempt to reach fame: skinwalk another girl and spam yourself on creepy boxxy stalker forums.

No. 997087

File: 1593276793733.png (Spoiler Image,347.41 KB, 675x493, FFCC9F12-65B6-41C2-A978-CE37E3…)

wait this is the same girl jajajaja

No. 997089

File: 1593277166029.png (455.41 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20200627-034738(1).…)

She's even pulling the, "I'm genderbent leafy" meme on herself lol.

No. 997091

No. 997094

This sad girl has eyes set on June's creepy fanbase and now that June is off Twitter, she knows that it's now or never

No. 997095

File: 1593277572771.jpeg (323.21 KB, 750x1028, C0792733-6F3E-4BEC-AB49-414B68…)

This was in kiwi’s likes holy shit her ego

No. 997097

File: 1593277654916.jpeg (411.74 KB, 750x1190, 57D15C0A-E4EA-4EC4-B6BA-BD8871…)


No. 997098

If you told me last year that Shoe and Greg would break up and he'd be thirsting after a girl that looks EXACTLY like her but younger, i'd think you were making a fucked up fic.

Never could I have imagined such great milk kek

No. 997101

Everyone ages, though. that's why being a pickme under 30 cannot end well. when you're 75 and wrinkly, will you look back on your onlyfans/ethot days and think "ahh, those were the day!" or will your entire sense of self worth and identity, having been based around your image, be destroyed? I think the latter. Women and girls should strive to something more authentic, because any army of simps you can collect will ditch you eventually. It might not be for decades but no one is exempt from ageing.
Sorry for offtopic ramble. But this advice applies to June and those like her as well. Basing a career around pandering to sick moids cannot end well, ever. >>996980(derailing)

No. 997102

File: 1593278212214.jpg (140.6 KB, 1080x874, 20200627_191344.jpg)

Lmao what a bitch

No. 997104

After all these years she’s finally getting some use out of the site she helped create.

No. 997114

File: 1593279122914.jpg (130.15 KB, 561x581, shiggy diggy pinkman.jpg)


Go fuck yourself. The whole coincidentally looking like somebody thing ends when you tag them, namedrop them, @ them. Nothing worse than an attention whore that claims they're not one.

No. 997116

File: 1593279236126.jpeg (165 KB, 738x1021, 43CB4E70-7712-4355-90CC-ECC510…)

Holy shit this tweet that she liked

No. 997118

she obviously has some kind of mental illness like most of these other e-thots online.
Imagine being June right now lmao so humiliating

No. 997119

File: 1593279378291.jpeg (382.74 KB, 750x949, 6B417302-CDA6-40C4-BC5E-7D482E…)

She liked this tweet where she gets called a smaller version of boxxy and shoe lmao

No. 997121

File: 1593279558513.png (180.48 KB, 288x231, freckledlibertyheader.png)

ot but look at her profile pic. Does this uggo really believe she remotely resembles that trad waifu uwu blonde meme she posted? These pickmes are 9 out of 10 times so ridiculously hideous, no wonder they have to literally beg the worst of men to pick them. (Pic related is her current header)

No. 997126

You know, knowing her antics I wouldn't rule it out.

No. 997131

>babushka doll
literally saying the first Russian word that came to mind and failing miserably, such culture.
anyway, the smol bean shtick never gets old I guess. smol bean pickmes get screwed over by their coomers, for obvious reasons. smol bean pickmes have bad facial structures and no personalities, but they can’t stop declaring they are TiNy uwu to appeal to disgusting cumbrains that don’t give a fuck about them. they deserve any shit that comes to them.

No. 997132

Yeah holy shit good catch, this was posted a while back as something he had liked but no one actually looked into her and the fact she's apparently a HIGH SCHOOLER until now.

Also kek anyone who said Kiwi wasn't milky enough or whatever. Jfc she deserves this

No. 997133

damn… new shoe looks like a literal midget with her giant head.

No. 997134

her chin is fine lmao

No. 997137

File: 1593281718558.jpg (41.68 KB, 453x599, iml00115d8z31.jpg)

Kiwi is right, she's clearly not copying Shoe, she's actually trying to be the next Chin-chan. Get your fucking facts straight.

No. 997138

she really is kind of ugly. i hate june but she certainly has the better facial structure of the two.. i pity kiwi lol no wonder this is the route in life she's taking. i don't think her face has one good angle

No. 997139

I mean, the point of this stuff would be to end up with as much money as possible at 30, and June is rich right? She can invest in something.

No. 997140

Wild that Gregory Fluhrer was in contact with a barely-legal high schooler whose lewds he liked on twitter.

No. 997156

>grab the strap
Hmm, is fakeshoe real bi instead of fakebi like realShoe?

No. 997160

Who knows what lurks in the libido, but my guess is she's realGet Male Attention By Any Means Necessary.

No. 997168

But didn't greg compliment june's "perfect little measurements" before they met? And ddlg was super popular back then, there's no way june didn't know about it since she spent all of her time awake on the internet. She lies about the stupidest and littlest things

Kek anon, brutal

How stupid does one have to be to not realize that if a man leaves his wife for a younger woman, he is also going to leave you for a younger woman once he gets tired of you? I wonder if she's going to contact the ex wife to bond with her after seeing what it feels like to be left for a young and desperate skinwalking thot

No. 997179

File: 1593285266676.png (57.57 KB, 781x390, such positive examples.png)


No. 997181

File: 1593285334404.jpg (15.34 KB, 480x712, 1526230330543.jpg)

Honestly though, have you ever seen a hot pick me? I haven't personally. They are always plain girls because then they don't get enough hate to make them hate moids like unattractive girls do, but they still don't naturally attract male attention like hot girls. This is where June falls, too.

She sleeps on a mattress on the floor, anon.

holy fuck she's never going to live this shit down.

No. 997184

He is so fucking gross. Degenerate.

No. 997186

File: 1593286002951.jpeg (205.2 KB, 750x1182, 95AED85C-C20B-4D07-BBAB-8BE575…)

Kiwi liked this tweet about shoe “losing.”

In the Brittany and Shoe BDSM video they go off about 50 Shades as well, as if they’re glowing examples of being dom and sub.

No. 997191

And by the way, are they face blind? None of those two girls look like Boxxy, at all.

No. 997192

File: 1593286465273.jpg (75.35 KB, 750x806, DYS_sg5U0AArU-t.jpg large.jpg)

Friendly reminder one of their female fans did a literal slideshow presentation on how they're a "healthy" example of bdsm couple at a college class.

No. 997206

I'd love to know what greg's ex-wife'd think of all this. It must be pretty bizarre for her.

No. 997208

She's probably very relieved to be finished with him, wherever she is.

No. 997216

god it’s even worse than june’s

No. 997217

i was looking at the replies of this tweet and alot of them are making fun of shoe and saying how septic left her for a newer model and stuff like that. Its brutal

No. 997223

I think people (i.e. men lmao) just see the similar eyeliner and think that June and Kiwi look like Boxxy based solely on that. If you actually see pics of Boxxy without the thick liner she looks quite different from June/Kiwi

No. 997227

Pick-me's never win lol
Appealing to the most degenerate of men and they still don't respect her lul

No. 997229

Wonder if shoe will ree about that.

No. 997234

Ofc itll be easier for Greg to date a 18-20yo because its easier to brainwash them.

No. 997240

File: 1593290639724.png (23.74 KB, 872x126, eeeee.png)

No. 997242

This whole thing is so fucking creepy and sad. Just…pure degeneracy. I don't feel bad for June or any other pathetic pick-me in the slightest, but man this is so fucked up. Karma is real.

June is so deluded that she believes that Preg degrading and shitting on her for years was a "dynamic" lmfao. Too bad that she's so deep in the pick-me/incel sea that she will never put him on blast or talk about the break up.

No. 997253

File: 1593291433736.png (34.85 KB, 864x152, errrtrrr.png)

No. 997257

File: 1593291544441.png (17.37 KB, 490x222, fff.png)

No. 997259

File: 1593291612554.jpeg (142.45 KB, 750x370, 7FF84803-7960-42C4-8B07-A5A012…)

He was probably my waiting for this high schooler’s return …

No. 997260

File: 1593291710729.png (27.04 KB, 548x152, hhhrrrh.png)

No. 997266

File: 1593291832878.jpg (34.07 KB, 399x460, 1490138761204.jpg)

Pander to incels for the entirety of your 20's only to be thrown out like yesterdays garbage and replaced

Is anyone from the skeptics going to call out greg for lusting after highschoolers days after dumping his ex?

No. 997267

File: 1593291890310.png (71.95 KB, 884x270, retrregrg.png)


lol i know right

No. 997268

you don't have to flood the thread with literally every reply to his tweets from random nobodies

No. 997276

File: 1593292115912.png (272.54 KB, 606x670, rrrrrr.png)


it was about the tweet about the kiwi girl. Theres is also nothing new to this thread after shoe deactivated sooo??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 997285

pick mes really need to learn that no matter what they do, they'll still be hated and treated like nothing by males online. i love seeing karma in action though.

No. 997295

This is just rumor as far as we know for now, right?
Septic's fanbase is absolutely repulsive though based on previous tweets.

I do agree with >>997234 that it is easier to brainwash someone who is effectively still a child. Maybe part of why Septic got tired of Shoe. She started being a bit too independent (online only, of course). Maybe he was ignoring her tweets to try to manipulate her. Just tinfoil there though, especially since that would require a modicum of interpersonal awareness.

No. 997296

This is all her worst nightmare, huh?

No. 997300

imagine the hair pulling going on in right now

No. 997323

File: 1593295807625.jpg (66.46 KB, 581x357, whorelol.jpg)

do you think she's privy to the fact she essentially has her own thread now? LOL she changed her bio to be more self-aware guys

No. 997328

She strikes me as the type who will go full on puppgrl/erinpainter on here. Fingers crossed.

No. 997329

Highkey likely. Can’t wait!

No. 997339

oh god i just had a flashback to the time some girl used her and Greg's content in a college presentation about BDSM.

No. 997341

File: 1593297202304.jpeg (269.74 KB, 1125x917, E0A138DE-3E57-43CC-8C5E-99D26D…)

He really is a middle-aged coomer.

No. 997342

i must have missed that milk. what went down with her?

No. 997344

You guys think Kiwi should have her own thread here soon or too early?

No. 997346

Find her threads newfag. also learn how to sage.

Too soon, she's still only really relevant regarding Shoe & Preg milk outside of her unfortunate face. Unless any anons know more besides that?

No. 997347

>former cult member now wants to be a cult leader
Fucking kek. Wonder if it'll turn out like Onision's cult.

No. 997352

File: 1593297891932.jpg (20.52 KB, 534x516, 1523130448693.jpg)

I hope in his search for fresh teen coochie, with this retarded "religion" of his, he only gets his dick sucking incels and depressed pick me's who've "hit the wall".

No. 997357

Every day, the overlap between him and Onision expands.

No. 997361

File: 1593299143314.jpg (364.77 KB, 1080x1114, 20200627_190442.jpg)

>feel bald without a wig
Damn she really is like Shoe lol

No. 997367

File: 1593299496359.jpg (32.8 KB, 400x405, tumblr_oevsnletmE1va95u1o1_400…)

Holy shit what a dig at Shoe's bald. June, if I was you, I'd rip that lil hoe a new one.

Also finding June's old posts is so fun now.

No. 997382

File: 1593300630613.png (346.32 KB, 720x653, Screenshot_20200627-182854.png)

(not milk)

No. 997384

File: 1593300776178.jpeg (365.3 KB, 815x1138, E2592819-6383-4149-9E44-D7079A…)

What happened to his “me so lonely” bullshit he was doing

No. 997385

Imagine letting a guy use your ass as a controller holder, posting humiliating photos of him holding you by a leash just to make a point to strangers on Twitter, crafting an entire internet persona around shitting on feminists, and still ending up single, childless and alone with no IRL friends at 29.
Every single thing she honestly believed only happened to other, "bad" women is now happening to her. I know it's been days, but I just can't get over this shit. It's too funny.
Even some of the "feminazis" you dunked on have husbands and boyfriends, June. They didn't have to debase themselves the way you did, either. What now?

No. 997392

That’s what’s killing me. Greg is not even a looker (you could argue that he’s tall that’s it). Shoe is never going to explain that story to anyone because she didn’t get money out of this relationship, never got extravagant dates or gifts and icing on the cake, she can’t even argue that she was dating a real model to justify it.

She put all of her eggs in the same basket aka, if I 100% devote myself like a martyr to this barely famous guy, I will have the respect and adoration of other simps without having to look like a hoe AND I will secure a man.

Well, she got nothing out of this 5 years failed relationship when she could have had a normal guy ready to build a family with her. She doesn’t even have a fan base to rely on because they’re just raging toxic incels.

I’m going to laugh my ass off if she keeps licking Greg’s ass to avoid looking like a psycho slighted ex gf, who’s hysterical and is going to try and take the high road for again, absolutely no reward at all kek

No. 997402

She seemed pretty excited about that engagement too, unlike Preg who claimed it was just for immigration purposes. And then he dumps her just as she's getting too close to 30. I'd feel bad for her if she hadn't been so fucking annoying and delusional about this entire "relationship"

No. 997409

Yeah June was probably getting too old for him. She wants marriage and kids and he just wants to buy star wars toys and jerk off to e girls. There’s a reason why he only goes after younger women; they have the same maturity level. Once they get older they will realize what an immature predatory manchild he really is and they will outgrow him. I wonder what he’ll do once he’ll start aging in a couple years and even the most desperate pickmes wont want him anymore. He got rid of/pushed away the only person who wanted him lol.

No. 997410

Wow these people really treat women like they're disposable objects

No. 997415

Lol why are all these loser men obsessing over this girl outside of being young her cheeks are so weird she's like a busted version of shoe

No. 997416

pedophile culture

No. 997422

Because she has the height of a third grader and does the whole cool girl thing

No. 997425

parasocial relationship with a generic looking e-girl and lets be honest, her looking like Shoe is the main gimmick thats getting her attention.

No. 997428

Does anyone know whatever happened to June's tranny stalker? I think he went by Mayu? I wonder how he feels about all this.

Third cult's the charm.

No. 997436

mayu is STILL to this day @ing shoe and being ignored. he @ed her on a fucking post about not being immune to parasocial relationships 5 days ago

No. 997437

Just wait

No. 997440

shuwu turned off instagram comments after people kept commenting stuff about her breakup kek

No. 997446

i like how at first they pretended to be friends still who only broke up because distance so HARD!!1 but now they've unfollowed each other on ig too and preg is just shamelessly lusting after 18 year olds and liking their naked photos kek.

No. 997447

They didn't? June hasn't said anything and from the beginning he said the distance was not the only reason and that it wasn't because of that. It's pretty normal for people to unfollow each other after a break up even if it wasn't on bad terms.

No. 997454

Sounds more like a dig at june which is pretty funny considering.

No. 997494

Low value men like women they can feel superior to.

No. 997508

>I'm having a hard time describing it, without making it sound like it's just a desperate grab to lure in desperate people with their good intentions because I'm an emotional parasite who cannot be alone and who also can't maintain any healthy personal relationships without the other party feeling a strong social obligation towards me that I have no intention to reciprocate

Teehee uguuu~~~~

No. 997531

File: 1593315955989.jpeg (157.5 KB, 750x463, 991E5B7C-A634-4274-80F7-83EAD2…)

this aged poorly to say the least

No. 997540

Remember in the Erin thread when she’d one up the Bunears bitch she was skinwalking? That’s exactly what this is like.Kiwi I’m sorry but your face just goes straight into your chest and your cheeks are grotesque, Shoe is the better one, this is coming from someone who hates her

No. 997541

The better looking one* just to clarify. Just cause you’re young doesn’t always mean you look better jfc

No. 997579

Love these grown ass men exposing themselves for only wanting to fuck underage girls now matter how ugly they are kek.

No. 997587

I mean, it really is as simple as that isn't it? I fucking hate June but even I can admit she's better looking than this sperg. Her cheeks are grotesque.

No. 997591

File: 1593322846662.png (522.13 KB, 1143x557, 1593202551868.png)

Another variation on that stupid meme

No. 997592

Holy fuck, contender for NEXT thread pic depending on how shit develops…
Absolutely savage, anon.

No. 997596

kek, brutal. Absolutely next thread pic, though I don't doubt more embarrassment and suffering is coming Shoe's way and will need to be added to it.

No. 997597

So I have a theory that maybe june started shifting left politically because she knew this was coming, but it happened too fast before she had gotten enough simps that aren't incels, since it was clear from the start that the incels would throw her out like thrash whenever she had run her course. She really is losing all of her fanbase that wasn't there for her hot takes to cheekwi and she could have salvaged some parts of her "career" if she had more of a fanbase that was there for her, and not her clout or looks or little girl uwu shit

No. 997600

i don't know. i think june is just finally growing up and maybe that's why greg didn't want her anymore.

No. 997604

I don't think she's growing up, she's just growing to be obnoxious in a new way and that didn't suit greg

Also this was the perfect opportunity for greg to finally call it quits because he knew that june had alienated her og fanbase with her political ramblings and lack of content with her face in it, he really hasn't had any kind of backlash from her fans even on the thirstiest tweets he has posted since. This would be a really good contestant for plot twist of the year, too bad that everyone already knew this was coming and it was all just a matter of when, kek

inb4 june has a glow up and blows everyone away?

No. 997611

>I hope in his search for fresh teen coochie, with this retarded "religion" of his, he only gets his dick sucking incels and depressed pick me's who've "hit the wall".
Damn, he really is becoming onision. kek

No. 997621

is there anything new on shoe's discord? i really wanna know if she's willing to talk about her world crashing down, or just sweeping it all under the rug because she knows not one single fan of hers is going to support her against a man

oh fuck me, if this turns out like another puppygirl/goblina catastrophe i will shit myself laughing.
>shoe releasing statement after statement on her instagram stories about how """people""" are copying her and it's so hurtful
>kiwi coming on here to sperg and infight every time her bulimia cheeks are mentioned
>mods exposing kiwi's post history and her internet gets taken away by her mom
sorry, i'm just so nostalgic lmfao

No. 997626

Greg in a relationship:
>I’m so lonely
>it feels like nobody can see me
>I just want a hug

Greg immediately after breaking up:

No. 997627

Passive agressively liking all these Shoe tweets is screaming cluster b. Kek at her innocent smol tradwife schtick, she's really got the coomers fooled.

No. 997630

It's really funny how June was joking all the time about her being a sexdoll, 'hippity hoppity women are property' and all this shit, but her incel followers don't joke, it's their actual attitude towards women, and why shoe would be an exception? It shouldn't be a surprise anymore that women-hating men, well… fucking hate women?? They don't really care about your personality, even if you pander to them. For them you're still a piece of meat, but the one that 'gets it' and is kinda useful to their cause.

No. 997640

BDSM is dumb and I don't think anyone should BDSM psychology seriously, but most erotica I read thats written by women seems to favor working class and rugged type men as being doms but their are plenty of CEO dom stories as well

No. 997647

File: 1593331068218.jpg (40.79 KB, 800x359, 1519349555808.jpg)

No. 997651

File: 1593331752248.png (747.47 KB, 1440x1046, 1519708061688.png)

She actually made this 2 years ago to "dunk on" Steve Shives, how fucking sad

No. 997655

This right here why don't these neckbeard pandering pick mes understand this, in the end they are just meat puppets for them. Once they get ugly or old they will shit on them or if they do something they don't belive in they will right away turn on them we all seen this happen every single times from the trad thots to the pick mes, if you pander to incels don't expect them to make the exception after all you are still a women and to them you are less no matter what you do or how nice you treat them they will still fuck you over for the sole fact that you are a woman. Well it's better she wakes up now than later, I mean in a way she dodged a bullet.

No. 997667

File: 1593334335727.png (86.09 KB, 588x498, mayu.png)

No. 997670

>"one of my best friends"

slow down there Maya, she followed you on Twitter for less than a month

No. 997672

File: 1593334714355.jpg (26.04 KB, 501x498, da070ab87fd2530814a93c94ade1e4…)

>one of my best friends

No. 997673

That's so fucking creepy, but that's what you get for pandering to the worst of the men, incels and troons

No. 997680

>wife worships him, calls him daddy

No. 997691

File: 1593339200205.jpg (462.89 KB, 1080x1498, 20200628_061030.jpg)

You would think to cancel out any rumors he would stop replying to her so often on twitter but nope lol! He's too thirsty to ignore.

No. 997693

File: 1593339384734.jpeg (319.48 KB, 922x2048, EblgXXTWAAEgY9L.jpeg)

Look at those small hands.

No. 997694

No. 997701

File: 1593339902296.jpg (422.59 KB, 1080x1660, 20200628_062429.jpg)

No. 997708


Christ, she's already got the whole fake 4chan user thing down pat

No. 997716

Cringe, what a retard she is

No. 997717

he's starting to look like a retarded weeb version of jus oborn

No. 997721

File: 1593342292339.jpg (333.19 KB, 957x2048, EblgUzuXQAAZ6Gz.jpg)

Fuck I'm wheezing

No. 997723

The lack of self awareness holy shit

No. 997729

File: 1593342866220.jpg (35.6 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-161111145534-1024j…)

>those shoes
also why does his belt buckle look like its made out of paper? I'm getting Chris chan vibes.

No. 997737

File: 1593343414883.png (469.12 KB, 735x757, 1.png)

>only 5 years off
>5 years

No. 997738

File: 1593343612685.jpg (57.65 KB, 630x630, 1656557_1.jpg)


>I'm getting Chris chan vibes.

play-do medallion when

No. 997747

His body proportions are so weird. I don't… The fat in his body accumulates in odd spots. Still has a fupa but his waist and hips are smaller than anything else lmao.

Literal autism

No. 997754

Nothing new anon, will post if anything comes up ;)(;))

No. 997759

File: 1593347823425.jpeg (544.12 KB, 1536x2048, 08ABFBF2-C47D-4D77-8B0C-4FF88A…)

No. 997760

File: 1593347894437.jpeg (4.56 KB, 256x144, BDB3696D-1A0A-4A08-9CFE-EAA7AD…)

No. 997761

File: 1593348058428.png (42.56 KB, 778x172, Untitledhji.png)

No. 997762

File: 1593348185771.png (19.09 KB, 584x254, ujihih1.png)

No. 997764

>would literally piss on anyone
shuwu and preg watersports fetish confirmed?
it would fit their 'dynamic'

No. 997765


No. 997767

Why would he post this? Why that pose? What is wrong with him?

No. 997770

File: 1593349012127.jpg (62.64 KB, 540x961, wig.jpg)

From her insta story. Second time mentioning the wig. She definitely knows what she's doing and is living off the attention of being called the cuter, fertile shoe while june is the ugly without a wig, busted, bald shoe.
Also she needs to stop unnaturally prying her eyes so wide open before those forehead wrinkles become permanent. She's such a tryhard. But without big eyes she can't larp as shoe0nboxxy XDD as well i guess

No. 997771

File: 1593349240008.jpeg (221.98 KB, 1440x1426, 1266E09E-2819-4D33-85A2-3413A3…)

Anon you’re just jealous she looks like a gorgeous tradwaifu kek she’s exactly like the one on the right

No. 997773

Motherfucker looks like a butch lesbian on T lmao

No. 997779

them hips. such masculine, very daddy dom.

No. 997792

File: 1593351733330.jpg (132.71 KB, 904x996, kiwi.jpg)

Even June's own discord neckbeards are now simping for her skinwalker, what a shitshow.

No. 997793

We are seeing June be replaced right behind our very own eyes.
Damn pick-mes have such a short shelf life.

No. 997794

is it just me or has he lost weight? doing the classic only bothering to try look good when single and trying to trick new victims thing

No. 997795

The womans body on the left looks exactly like Gregs lmao

No. 997798

June HAS to be bald by now.

No. 997799


Yes, three days before breakup he posted this >>>/snow/990186 and bragged about losing 40 lbs.

No. 997800

File: 1593353018139.jpeg (349.88 KB, 1400x1325, DFnW0tPVwAAx2SJ.jpeg)

this^ june and her bulimia doppleganger look nothing like boxxy when you remove the scee hair and eyeliner .

No. 997801

File: 1593353190827.png (115.86 KB, 980x650, grop.PNG)

They are also simpin for greg lmao

No. 997802

File: 1593353387982.png (408.77 KB, 582x652, ekowkowkw.png)

They really showing June no mercy

No. 997804

jeez couldn't they discuss it somewhere else? are they literal autists without any empathy and understanding of ethical norms? and that's after that sad post from june about being lonely and grateful for having these discord assholes, lol. I hope she's getting therapy right now or something, because jesus, this is rough

No. 997807

People arent asking if he is okay because HE IS OKAY, he seems the happiest he has ever been because now he can now flirt with camgirls as much as he wants and go after barely legal girls.
The fact that they are simping for kiwi and greg on a june discord lol, but dont feel sorry for her this is her fault she chose to live this lifestyle and surround her self with these type of people and now she is facing the consequences of her own actions.

No. 997810

>feminine waist and hips
>long hair
>tranny tier confidence

Is this building up for Preg to troon out?

No. 997818

He’s wearing a turtleneck with a lion on it…..
I’m sure that’s the boomer version of weed thigh highs lmao.

No. 997819

It’s fucking weird how this teenager is doing the same thing to June that June did to Catie. Mimic her style, beg for her attention, and live off her fan base. But Catie grew up and moved on, June never did.

No. 997820

File: 1593355421199.jpeg (319.58 KB, 915x1100, 4E6A533A-3C61-4019-8859-270A21…)


Hi Freckled Liberty. Welcome to the farms!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 997822

Maybe he’s FtM. June’s old FtM friend Derrick certainly passes better than he does.

No. 997823

I was making a joke I’m not her lol she is indeed gross and looks old. Very similar to that squidward monkey

No. 997828

On her OWN discord? This is tactless and autistic, even for her incel fanbase.

No. 997829

100% this. Boxxy is actually cute after all, kinda insulting that she got compared to june in the first place.

No. 997839

This is so embarrassing, how is June going to come back online anywhere after this? If even her own private discord treats her this way after her cry for help and pandering posts to them then what's she really got left?

No. 997847

Yes! imo boxy has a nice facial structure unlike kiwi, but of course that could just be the bulimia (june just looks like donkey)

No. 997850

File: 1593360268805.jpeg (532.95 KB, 1125x1093, 75390670-039D-404F-A484-EB56A9…)

fat fuck has 0 self awareness. didnt he claim he’s never seen her nudes/lewds or whatever like 2 days ago kek

No. 997854

If June comes out with a statement roasting preg and Kiwi would this be just another projared situation?

No. 997855

God, I fucking hope June says something. I want her to call him out on his pedophilic tendencies so bad.

No. 997858

I hope June says something about Kiwi begging for crumbs of incel dick and Greg being an asshole.
I also love how All the incels acting like June is worthless because she’s 30 now are still lowkey thirsting for her and donating to her Patreon

No. 997859

Skeptic doesn't need to build an incel fanbase though, he already has one.

No. 997862

if june wants to be able to show her face online anywhere without being a complete joke, she NEEDS to drop the deets on preg's cheating ass
at least her non-braindead fans are going to have sympathy for her and, hopefully (for her), show some solidarity. as things stand right now she's losing dignity with every single interaction preg or kiwi have on twitter

No. 997865

June is a bad person but lol at this girl not even knowing that she's LEAGUES above Skeptic and her pathetic fanbase.

She's conventially attractive, has a camera presence and the luck to grow a large community online and being followed by people like Justin Roiland so she could branch out into other areas (like voice acting or creating a business like Hila Klein did etc) if she was smart enough etc.

All this privilege in her hands and she's too busy being a doormat for this pathetic worm she was with for 5 years that wasted her time and doesnt even respect her lol

No. 997868

nice boobs greg

No. 997869


No way she is going to roast Preg. She already told her simps on discord that "people are being crazy and she wants to dispell rumors" meaning her pickme senses are urging her to defend Preg's behavior.

No. 997870

then she would be admitting that she enabled it for years. between the ddlg shit, calling herself a “legal loli”, dressing like a little girl.

No. 997875

File: 1593362507041.jpg (502.04 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20200628-184151_Gal…)

No. 997881

Plus it’s NOTHING to those alt right/trad thot types. It’s just ‘men are attracted to fertile women!’ and ‘age gap marriages are common and happy!’.
Shoe dug herself into a corner, she can either not say anything and be humiliated and mocked relentlessly, or talk shit about greg and their relationship and be called a lying ungrateful bitch. Only way out is to take distance from her online persona by adopting her own style, getting rid if the shitty eyeliner, and leaving the Internet.

No. 997896

If you cropped out his head and told me a troon posted this to /r/transpassing for his one year estrogen anniversary I'd believe you.

No. 997902

File: 1593365995491.png (13.71 KB, 479x196, FEF45BCA-A732-4783-BE36-120F0B…)

Her views on men being attracted to teenagers makes sense now, she was defending Preg’s fetish. June, just blast his ass and tell everyone what he made you do.

No. 997942

File: 1593369703776.jpg (73.76 KB, 538x566, side kink.jpg)



*side kink

No. 997946

This is so disgusting lmao this is the shit shane Dawson is being called out for, among many other things but Jesus Christ what would make her even want to defend that or comment on it… I will never feel sympathy for her knowing she thinks like that

No. 997953

at least she probably has hair lol

No. 997957

File: 1593370928709.jpeg (156.87 KB, 1326x746, 5C2C7D1C-DCD0-49DD-B663-A9A5B9…)

kiwi should stop trying to brand herself as the female leafy or the new shoe and embrace being the new yanderedev

No. 997959

That pastel seafoam green actually looks really good on her, much better than the purple she was wearing for a while. I guess the green tones compliment the olive skin tone?

No. 997961

Maybe it's just the quality of the picture, but I thought she looked good there too. Like a cute pastel goth.

No. 997963

I think the eyeliner is also a little better than usual there. She isn't lining her inner corners and making her eyes look freakishly close together.

No. 997969

File: 1593371578119.png (504.16 KB, 871x791, 1.png)

Can we have a counter for how many fucking 18 year olds he follows? This is not normal, so fucking creepy.

No. 997975

This one is the most worrying because she lives near Skeptic and seems to be really cloutchasing (constantly RTing Skeptic, Vaush and other weird “political daddy doms” replying to them) and she is so young (18). I feel bad for both her and Kiwi for wasting their youth on the dregs of the internet.

No. 998000

This is from preg's ask.fm, but shoe more than likely agrees with this gross shit since she thinks pedophilia is a "side kink."

No. 998022

Has anyone looked through Kiwi's stuff to see when Greg started interacting with her? A bit possibly irrelevent, but would be interesting to create a timeline in which June and Preg's relationship started to officially go south, which I do think Kiwi has some sort of an involvement in, since they were all """buds""" before the break up

No. 998033

If you advance twitter search, it only shows the two most recent tweets between them. I wonder if they deleted past tweets to each other? Because he claimed to have been following her before the break up but, there is no way to get proof of that. So he's either lying about when he followed or they've been deleting past tweets they have, either way that looks really suspicious.

If anons who have access to twitter likes, they could see if he's liked her stuff in the past? But, no one has heard of her until recently, I'm pretty sure it would have been pointed out that he was following and liking an egirl that looked exactly like his fiance at the time.

No. 998044

File: 1593378278202.jpg (565.2 KB, 1079x1556, Screenshot_20200628-140007_Ins…)

This post from May 22nd on IG is the first one Preg liked, as far as I can see. Still combing through though

No. 998047

File: 1593379019776.jpg (575.15 KB, 1078x1083, sperg.jpg)

Also, is it just me, or did Kiwi look so much more…normal three years ago before the June skinwalking? No bulimia cheeks or nothing

No. 998049

She probably photoshops the fuck out of herself in conjuction with a bad case of bulimia to stay "smol uwu"

No. 998051

she looks way more normal here, does she really shoop her cheeks to look deformed and chipmunky?

No. 998053

My guess is probably the more attention hungry she got, the more she purged to keep the ~smol~ figure as it seems to be a ‘personality’ trait of hers… It is incredibly sad to see an 18 year old put herself through that though…

No. 998055

didn't shoe make tons of videos about twitter maps and exposing them kind of recently? I remember she was really vocal about hating on pedos, I reckon that's something she and preg didnt agree on. At least I hope so

No. 998056

I think it’s cuz she doesnt have 1,000 filters in this one.

No. 998066

File: 1593382188354.jpeg (19.29 KB, 568x379, 967323CD-3E48-43C6-BDB7-0177A2…)


I think it’s simply because her face is elongated because she has her mouth open. If it were closed, it would be scrunched back up and her cheeks would be as we’ve seen them before. Man, she has a fucked up face lel. Reminds me of Ebert, except he had a reason.

No. 998073

I bet Shoe is going to come back and pretend to LOVE all the comparisons to Kiwi and how obsolete she makes her. Maybe she'll even make jokes about threesomes with her younger clone. Can't sound like a jealous harpy!

Otherwise she'll just have to ignore the constant comparisons made by her "fanbase" while desperately proving her appeal. Must suck to be her.

No. 998079

That's what confuses me most about this whole thing. She could do so much better than any of this but perhaps this route was just.. easier? If she got with a decent man he might hold her more accountable and push her to better herself..

No. 998081

File: 1593383769140.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.06 KB, 405x720, 43FCBDC5-6454-46B5-A9A2-9A9F2C…)

I’d imagine June is offended by all these dudes saying that Kiwi looks just like her kek if someone compared me to a skinwalker with Jawless Roger Ebert Face I’d be apalled. Just goes to show men want short, jailbait looking girls because other than that this chick is hideous

The short legs and lack of hips and pepperoni nipples is gross. Greg likes his women to look prepubescent or be trannies

No. 998082

how the fuck are those nipples so big LMFAO(nitpicking)

No. 998083

Fucking hell, her face and body are fine. This thread needs to stop this retarded nitpicking of a teenager who just barely has milk. Yeah she's an attention whore and pickme but that's not even what you're talking about. Stop taking out your offense at Greg preying on young on girls on the young girls themselves.

No. 998084

Scrote-tier posts. No one cares about your taste in jailbait nipples.

No. 998085

File: 1593384278118.jpeg (212.58 KB, 1169x279, EF1E6CE6-C7A1-4167-9754-6CA56F…)

She looks like a 14 year old and I know to her that’s a compliment but to everyone else it’s just gross and exploitative.

I can’t believe Tumblr brainwashed a generation of girls into thinking exploiting themselves online to men who would never care about them as an actual human being is empowering.

No. 998094

This. Just shut the fuck up already, she is just a stupid kid.

No. 998095

>Just goes to show men want short, jailbait looking girls because other than that this chick is hideous
I think you're extrapolating way too hard. If men wanted short women (<5'0'') then high heels and anything that'd offer a height boost wouldn't be popular. Maybe shorter men would prefer girls to be shorter than them because height is something they get insecure about.
I can't tell how tall he is >>997721 is based on the pic alone though. The hips and legs are making me pin his height around the 5'7'' range.

No. 998096

I can't stand this pathetic skinwalker, but there's literally nothing wrong with her body, anon. No need to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

No. 998098

I feel like she posts nudes on reddit…

No. 998100

>I can’t believe Tumblr brainwashed a generation of girls into thinking exploiting themselves online to men who would never care about them as an actual human being is empowering.

I can't believe it either. And it's catching on really fast. Can't help but worry for all these girls that don't think twice about what they're doing.
You'd think seeing what happened to June would be a lesson to them on why they shouldn't try to appeal to these pathetic individuals ESPECIALLY shitters like Preg.

No. 998104

This logic is flawed. It’s common knowledge that men overall prefer short women, and high heels are popular because of how they enhance the legs and ass, not because it’s more attractive to be taller.
Skeptic is over 6ft I believe, in the pictures of him next to June it looks like he has a foot on her at least. He likes short women because he’s a pedophile and/or the height difference makes him feel more like a “man”

No. 998107

yeah because 5'9-6'2 models were never seen as the ultimate hottest most "desired" women ever, not at any point in history.

can the autistic derailing and short women/what men ~prefer~ sperging end? this is the JUNE AND SEPTIC THREAD. anyway

No. 998108

File: 1593385563670.png (Spoiler Image,625.78 KB, 400x705, ohno.png)

My god her nudes are everywhere online. This kiwi girl has 0 self-confidence. She's obviously aware of her weird checks as she's always trying to cover them.

Greg is a pedo. He's happy to skirt as close to the line as possible in public, imagine what he's willing to do in private.

I agree this is dumb as fuck

No. 998112

damn that stupid little whore who skinwalks shuwu is getting some traction. I already hate her. Now I just feel sad for June,what a pathetic yet

No. 998113

I mean, june already confirmed he's degenerate enough to put her in a collar and leash while also playing up his creepy pedo fantasy of being "wittle" UwU, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a whole lot more fucked up shit he beats his meat to. God, Shoe needs to give a tell all. I can only imagine the cringey/lulzy bullshit these two got up to in private.

No. 998117

Is that a space heater on a bed?.. with flithy sheets and a nasty pillow? No wonder she's doing cam work. She's living in dangerous filth.

No. 998118

Men like feeling bigger, especially if they have inferiority complexes. That's basically all there is to it like you said. Fashion wise is different.

Oh come on if she's going to be skinwalking June (of all people to want to look like) she's going to get her appearance remarked on.

First thing I noticed, too. I know "errybody different" but they look… out of place? Probably because of how underdeveloped the rest of her body looks.
Fridge body tho. Inverted triangle. Similar to June in those genetics!
(But seriously I am uncomfortable looking at someone who looks so underage especially if you disregard her chest…)
It's more of a reflection on what it says about her simps and all the guys these pickmes pander to.

>She's obviously aware of her weird checks as she's always trying to cover them.
Oh yeah thanks for reminding me to point out her convenient hand positioning in the first nude - double purpose for assisting her chin and cheeks.

Btw I like how Preg literally wrote he hasn't seen her PROFESSIONAL photos. These aren't professional obviously and the phrasing allows for a very convenient loophole of still seeing any photos not behind a paywall, if we're even going to believe he's telling the truth about the paywall photos.

She'd probably have her own thread by now if there wasn't a complete overlap with this entire situation.

Shoe needs to come back already if she wants to retake some of the public eye.

No. 998119

Yeah, she made a couple videos, including one responding to a pedophile who made a video defending his stance. I can believe around this time is when the relationship started failing. She was hardcore against this, like more than her Tulsi sperging. It almost felt like she had built up projection.

No. 998120

This. It's way past the point of derailing.

No. 998121

For someone who prides herself on being so ~smol~ she has gigantic fingers

No. 998123

Ah yes, obviously her skinwalking means it's totally warranted for anons to talk about how ugly her nipples are. Come the fuck on, it's obviously going too far.

No. 998135

If that really is them, then neither of the phones in that pic look like the ones she's been using for the past year in their other pictures so it was probably taken before they were 18.

No. 998136

I mentioned them as seeming out of place compared to the rest of the body and that I noticed them first, not ugliness.
>it's obviously going too far
Do you know where you are anon

I feel like some anons might feel personally attacked by the nipple remark but no1curr what any of ours look like. Attention whore ethots who put theirs out there for everyone to see are fair game though, especially on lolcow.

No. 998138

>waaaah waaah stop being mean to other women about their bodies! you can’t bully women like that! waaaaah!
Do you know where you are? Radfem pls go

No. 998141

Begone radfem. I have no sympathy for girls that pretend to be oh so smol oh so cute solely to pander to pedos and men,so damn right i'm gonna shit on them.
You're on the farm,don't delude yourself.(hi radfem)

No. 998144

but what does her nipples not being small or pink enough for you have to do with shoe? you are shitting up the thread with the incel-tier obsessions over a random ethot, it's embarassing

No. 998146

do you know where you are? this is a female only site and most users are radfems, kek. also learn2sage

No. 998147

you don't have to be a radfem to get tired of the constant appearance nitpicking that goes on, seeing her big nipples probably worried them that it would derail the thread

No. 998155

Meanwhile, in this very thread, Shoe has been shit on non stop for being anti feminist and for talking badly about other women's bodies.

There is fair criticism of pedo pandering, and then there's jumping on any chance you get to insult random women's bodies for no good reason. It's irrelevant nitpicking.

No. 998158

anon is right, if you guys want to sperg about Kiwi's midget body make a thread for her. She's only relevant here because Preg is thirsting after her,not because she has weird tits. Talking about her body this much is derailing the thread. We get it, she's gross. Move on.

No. 998159

Radfems spend their time online gossiping about other women? Having a tumblr and not believing in transgenderism doesn’t make you “radical”.

No. 998161

Damn those are some huge nipples, gross. Also that refrigerator body lmao

No. 998163

Dann, I can't imagine how June's next bf will feel about her old tweets about Groceries

No. 998169

File: 1593391997602.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.06 KB, 504x554, 54950933-851B-4A50-80AF-49BCAE…)

All I see is this lmao

No. 998170

Just report it for the nitpicking and scrot-pandering it is, argumenting does nothing but derail it further.

No. 998181

I know there's a lot of back and forth of "should you feel sorry for shoe after everything she's said and done?" but, shit, this is so creepy and sad that I can't help it

No. 998188


She even made a GFM, that's how terrible things were!

No. 998189

I wonder if June is sad that even her lolcow thread is giving kiwi more attention kek

No. 998202

File: 1593396977165.png (270.74 KB, 499x500, shoe2.png)

So far she's been getting more sympathy and attention in this thread than from her Discord orbiters lmao, she better take what she can get

No. 998213

File: 1593398541880.png (55.34 KB, 913x253, likefinewine.png)


nah I'm sure she'll be okay "you don't need to get married to be happy!"

No. 998218

>marriage is, for lack of a better term, a social construct

No June that's literally what it is. The term is right but you're so fucking braindead you associate social construct with SJWs.

I'm honestly so glad this is happening to her. The kiwi girl is annoying but I'd glad she exists purely because it must be driving June fully bald

No. 998229

Hm. Good point. Fair enough,I retract my statement

No. 998234

Tbh i will root for June if she spins around,decides to finally aknowledge how wishywashy she could be politically wise and how shitty she was to women and if she gives us milk about Shrekkory most of all. I would defend her tbh. As much as I hated her I feel sad seeing a woman going through this because of internalized mysoginy she never grew out of

No. 998241

File: 1593401268111.png (350.94 KB, 960x720, 48394200_1795094707286784_1554…)

Honestly its staggering that he looks like this, is this why Greg is the way he is

No. 998252

So what it's saying is Preg will eventually end up in prison because his chromosomes are messed up. Good to know.

No. 998273

File: 1593403454741.gif (980.12 KB, 500x279, 4564242.gif)

> low mental ability
> IQ is on average 10-15 points lower than siblings
> The only phenotypes seen in XYY males who were identified in large, unbiased samples were slightly greater height and mildly reduced mental ability.
>However, consistent with reduced IQ and social functioning, XYY show statistically greater than average rates of intellectual disability relative to the general population. Most notable impairments in adaptive functioning include neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

No. 998292

Big tits, snatched waist…wow queen

No. 998297

If he troons out Kiwi might have some competition on her hands kek

No. 998309

Skeptic is the kind of degenerate fetishist to pull a 180 and become a bimbo sub without it being too surprising tbh, maybe we'll see that if he can't actually get with any 18 year olds

No. 998333

why is greg so fat and low T despite having a condition that literally makes him produce more T then an average man >>998241

No. 998359

"Eventually you'll get to close the gap, I'll be doing that soon"

No. 998371

Wow i'm shocked. Look at them big ole man hands and feet…those nipples and areolas ARE unfortunate. I really think this is a biological male. Skeptic and this one? Two trannies.(nitpicking)

No. 998375

Curb your autism

No. 998382

You need glasses, she even has an Adonis belt if you look closely. Really looks like a boy, it's possible she could be a strat. And skeptic looks suspicious too, that's not a real man. He could be a freemartin.

Intersex conditions like Swyer syndrome are more common than you think.

No. 998383

>woman has any kind of muscle or tone from lower body fat%
>it's a man!
I have way more muscle than this girl. Chill.

No. 998386

I mean I think most would agree that kiwi is hideous but not a closet troon

No. 998389

you do realize you will defend a worthless woman who talks shit about women 24/7, makes fun of feminism and panders to males?
Women like shoe grow up to be mothers who blame their daughters for being raped. Theyre scum

No. 998409

Not to nitpick her appearance, but her boobs remind me of someone who used to weigh more and then lost weight very quickly, leaving them saggier. It supports the anorexia/bulimia idea

No. 998410

File: 1593419367117.png (155.27 KB, 898x824, nh.png)

You can literally see where her jaw dips in and blurs out because she shooped too hard.
This is what simps pay for? Pathetic

No. 998413

File: 1593420176893.gif (447.82 KB, 284x382, giphy-1.gif)

He and kiwi together are his ideal female.

Snatched waist, long feminine legs, big chest, skinny arms,slender long neck, small hips of a child…

The only thing greg doesn't have going on is not being a biological female, but luckily kiwi brings just that to the table.

He truly wants pathetic women he can control. I tried to think of one thing kiwi brings to the table for a 36 year old man. There's nothing except pandering to his pedo control fetishes. Kiwi seems too dumb to realise that if septic cheated on his first wife with multiple women, including shoe, and now again was cheating, this time on shoe (while orbiting cam girls on twitter), he will 100% do the same to her.

Can't wait for kiwi to start tweeting about the farms being haters and making shit up. No one knew kiwi does nudes here nor mentioned it, until preg brought up that she's a thot. Can't wait until this thread graduates to preg/kiwi thread as shuwu screams into the void, maybe lauren southern can introduce her to a nice guy?

No. 998415

let's not bodyshame people. her body is perfectly normal and by insulting it you might make anons who have a similar body feel bad. anyway what her nipples look like has nothing to do with her as a person, so who cares.

No. 998416

Honestly go back to tumblr, if someone is that sensitive they shouldn't be using imageboards.

No. 998417

>let’s not bodyshame people
first time, newfag? hope you never find Shayna’s thread.

No. 998418

Honestly if we can't bodyshame here, where can we?
Also, if she posts nudes and fishes for attention, she'll get just that - attention

No. 998421

I think preg must have shoe's nudes and videos of such kind, so I doubt that she'll disclose something.

No. 998425

Shayna's thread has a specific warning not to nitpick her face/body/vagina, and when she was skinny she didn't deserve to have her body nitpicked at all. I can't blame anons when they criticize girls who are legitimately unfortunate looking but this girl is conventionally attractive with a slim, healthy body and no serious flaws. So what's with the compulsive nitpicking of any tiny imperfection that no sane person would care about? It's cringy and comes off as bitter/jealous when she's not actually fat or bad bodied.

No. 998427

Isn't revenge porn illegal in Canada? I don't know what state she's in in the USA, but it's also illegal in a lot of states there too.
If nudes/videos she only sent to him started getting leaked, it'd be obvious who did it.

No. 998448

Yeah. I highly doubt he'd ever release her nudes, but I do think she'll keep quiet because, although I'm sure she has more dirt on him than he does on her, he can still ruin any credibility she has left with her incels, specially considering how she's rapidly approaching the wall and they're already tired of her leftist rants. Plus, she's way too fucking cucked to ever say a bad word about his fat ass, maybe in a few years time when no one cares anymore, and she's the bitter, lonely, 30-something unmarried, childless feminist she raged about.

No. 998450

That's your opinion, let other anons have theirs. If she's old enough to flash her twat for money publically, then she's fair game for anyone who wants to comment on the "goods" she's peddling.

No. 998452

Yeah, you're right. No one gives a shit about such things in my country, so I forgot that it's not like that elsewhere

No. 998464

June did say on her discord channel that she'll have to make a 'statement', I wonder when'll that happen.

No. 998466

it would be dumb of her to make a "statement". it'll just bring unnecessary attention to their breakup. she's already getting dragged by her own fans because greg is hitting on her 18 year old skinwalker.

No. 998471

File: 1593430098008.png (194.8 KB, 909x1166, shoo or kiwi.png)

No. 998474

On the other hand I wonder if she has pics of his tiny dick. I mean, he has no concept of what pictures of himself are flattering or not. I wouldn't put it past him to send shitty dick pics, especially in the course of a 5 years LDR.

No. 998482

Reread that post again, they said they'd defend her if she realized how retarded she was and grew up

No. 998515

Just because you think she has a nice body doesnt mean it's a fact. She has absolutely zero hips and ugly boobs, obviously people are going to comment on it

No. 998532

Despite all that T he still has all his hair, which is more than you can say about June, kek.

No. 998541

File: 1593441422476.jpg (75.28 KB, 593x440, mhKPu_YjwmI.jpg)

>septic's likes
>trap supreme

No. 998550

File: 1593442474554.jpeg (111.38 KB, 600x1067, 1521002515965.jpeg)

I've been looking at old threads and came across this 2yo pic, bodywise they look pretty similar imo. The only difference i can notice is kiwi's tighs being thicker but it probably looks like that due to the pose.

No. 998566

This troon is friends with Shuwu and was in her videos along with that Ella whoever though, so I doubt Preg would try to thirst there in earnest.

No. 998591

No. 998592

Didn’t shoe get a boob job? Kiwi honestly looks like she has fluctuated in weight a lot so I don’t think they would look the same.

No. 998596

what makes you think she got a boob job? did she ever admit that?

No. 998599

Also kiwi 500k followers and 150k followers on her instagram both more than june.
She follows greg but not june.

No. 998600

File: 1593448720519.png (Spoiler Image,1003.77 KB, 800x784, 88DFEDA8-480B-4D5D-9163-F5CBE4…)

From her old leaked nudes

No. 998616

her body is totally fine but her face is not conventionally attractive lol.

No. 998651

File: 1593454916054.png (6.16 KB, 408x222, wtf.png)

She knows damn well who she's pandering to and this is why I have 0 sympathy about anons picking at her body.

No. 998655

File: 1593455325090.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1840, 3EB983F9-A9D4-49B9-A5D3-A28A1F…)

It’s always sad seeing women cater to the lowest of men.
Shoe would probably have way more followers if she went the ethot route like kiwi.

No. 998660

I don't think this was ever confirmed to be her. I specifically remember in a different thread someone proving through the image data that it was likely too old to be her.

No. 998663

Are you sure she hasn’t just been exiled from the land of misfit toys?

No. 998668

The smaller image of her tit is her at the very least.

No. 998670

wow belle delphine actually looks good in comparison for once. but this is just so cringy. i cannot comprehend the brain damage that kiwi has.

No. 998671

Yeah, that was leaked by the former friend from whatever imageboard she used to skinwalk as boxxy on, iirc.

No. 998704

>june is just finally growing old and maybe that's why greg didn't want her anymore.

is more like it. She was a total simp for him until the bitter end.

No. 998724

Based garrett

No. 998732

I'm so confused every time this gets posted and people start screaming boob job. Maybe it's because my tits look similar, but I truly don't see it. I think it's way more likely that she photoshopped her breasts and added shading so that they stand out more/look more globular, assuming she's done anything at all.

No. 998736

File: 1593462468417.jpeg (552.63 KB, 1242x1142, A02C3EE9-7602-4088-98F5-1D2DD9…)

Even Justin Whang, famous Internet reader, is simping for new Shoe0nhead

No. 998737

I agree, I always find it weird too. I don't think the picture looks like an obvious boob job at all, if anything maybe she contoured her breasts but I think it just looks normal.

No. 998738

File: 1593462513550.png (61.69 KB, 965x296, Capture.PNG)

well there it is

No. 998741

Lmao I knew she'd regret it. And honestly I'm not convinced it didn't have to do with Preg's ethot addiction but she'll never admit that.

No. 998745

maybe a nitpick, but i find it weird she refers to him as "skeptic" and not his first name

No. 998747

"it wasn't a sudden thing and it didnt happen on my birthday"

Then why did preg announce the break up literally the day after her birthday?

No. 998750

Tsk, I hate that simp

No. 998756

>i also wish we were never so public
kek, too bad the incel attention was too good to pass up while it lasted. let's hope her next relationship will be public as well and even half as milky as this one!

No. 998760

It could be for fans who know her as shoe and him as skeptic and aren't super used to using their real names? Alot of people just refer to youtubers/personalities as their handles and not actual names so it was probably for the benefit of their fans

No. 998762

so this is kind of bullshit but of course dear shuwu needs to make things seem like preggy was totally fine and it's a ~mutual~ split yada yada.

No. 998764

File: 1593463677387.gif (1.64 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)


This is copypasted from their own statements:

>Our relationship was almost surreal, it was so perfect.
>However, over time the distance between us started to become too much of a burden,
>This is legitimately tragic because we know in a perfect world where there wasn't an invisible line between us, we could have made it work and it would have been something amazing.

>We were having a lot of issues for a long time and tried so hard for so long to make it work
>We decided to end it before one of us officially immigrates and the relationship fails for the same reasons.

So to compare:
Preg states their relationship was amazing, surreal and perfect but the distance became too much of the burden and how it would've totally worked out if there wasn't an invisible line between them.

June says they were having a lot of issues and tried hard to make it work, and that even if they moved in together those issues would most likely make their relationship fail in the end.

Kind of contradicting, isn't it?

No. 998765

That's not really what Greg said on Twitter, but okay, June.
He literally said yes when someone asked if there was a specific reason, but stated that he wouldn't explain what it was.
I'm curious on what the "issues" were, but she's probably too much of a simp to explain. Funny, because they both loved airing their dirty laundry when it came to dd/lg shit.

No. 998767

Most predictable cow of all time. This bitch will never change.

No. 998770

File: 1593463881887.jpeg (141.51 KB, 1280x714, 113A7A50-520D-4F53-A09F-26E15D…)

Kiwi actually thinks she’s on the same level as Belle Delphine and that Ok Booker chick

No. 998778

I agree with most ITT that there's probably more that she isn't telling us, but if she really just wants to move on from groceries and not have the relationship affect her public persona, this is probably the best we're going to get out of her. She may not be telling the truth simply because it's too painful, or she may not even have admitted to herself yet that the relationship was unhealthy

Sage for blog, but I pretty much said all of this to my friends and family when I broke up with my ex. It was not a mutual break-up. He literally left me for someone else, and was emotionally abusive of me from start to finish. I just wasn't ready to deal with all of that and was afraid of being accused of starting drama, or of forcing people to choose sides, if I were more honest about how fucked up things really were. I pretended everything was fine because I just wanted to move on.

So many of June's fans are also fans of Greg. I genuinely wonder if she's afraid of losing fans if she were more honest, particularly male fans.

Of course, I could be reading too much into this. Technically, we all could be. It could have actually been a mutually toxic relationship. Greg and June always seemed very similar to me personality-wise. I wouldn't be surprised if at least part of the reason that their relationship fell apart was because they have a lot of the same problems and couldn't help each other.

No. 998781

i fully agree with this. i don't believe for a second that this was a comfy uwu mutual breakup that they both fully agreed to. her explanation is the same one that every person gives when they have a shitty relationship that ends from the other person either dumping them or ends due to them being a fucked up trash partner. we all knew shoe wanted a wedding and kids and all preg gave was false promises, ignoring her whilst flirting with dozens of ethots and hiding in canada with no intention to ever actually marry.

No. 998787

>wish we were never so public about our relationship and weren't public figures
That's fucking rich. They were making money off of being a couple, they encourage fans to make dd/lg jokes about them (calling shoe preg's daughter), they would attack others for not having the same sort of relationship that they had (calling others "vanilla") etc but, now she gets a real taste of the consequences of it and instead of taking any sort of responsibility because they did it to themselves, instead she whines wondering why people online are speculating why the broke up.

MAYBE it has something to do with the way your retard ex is acting and has always been acting? Hence why everyone was able to predict your break up years before it happen.

No. 998795

Trashing your ex in public will always make you look more, not less pathetic. I know you all are so thirsty for milk some of you have apparently convinced yourself that June has no choice but to spill the beans? But in the real world giving out the standard irreconcilable differences reasons is what you do as a semi-public figure if you don't want a breakup affecting your image. Now maybe you are saying she was sharing all that cringey stuff before so why not now? But the kink related stuff, altho very cringey to any normal person, was on brand for her. She's a chibi politically incorrect kinky waifu who spews memes. Her viewer base doesn't cringe at her for acting the part, they salivate at the thought that this girl is giggling and gazing with adoring eyes at her fatass of a boyfriend while he talks down to her. I wouldn't be surprised if they played that shit up for the camera.

As for why Greg and June seem to have different stories regarding the breakup 1) that happens with literally every breakup ever 2) if Greg isn't being as squeaky clean that's more of a failing on his part. Shoe is obviously better at the whole yt business than he is, in fact he doesn't have a career without her full stop. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the more bitter one of the two in the long run. In fact his simping for that kiwi gal looks like bitterness to me. Lusting after a woman who looks exactly like his ex is not what a man does when he is over his ex, especially if he is doing it for his ex to see.

No. 998797

They've both made the best choice they could for their images tbh, I can't fault them for that. Obviously it's disappointingly boring and milkless but that's why it's a smart way to go.

That said, obviously it's bullshit. I think we can all assume Greg just got bored of Shoe, never really wanted to get married in the first place, and dumped her so he could pursue other women. He's saving face so he doesn't look like an asshole and she's saving face to avoid humiliation. Personally I don't think cheating was involved or they wouldn't have been so determined to be respectful to each other.

No. 998798

The photo is definitely not photoshopped. That’s what her breast actually looks like. One of her orbiters stole her phone during a trip and grabbed a bunch of nudes from her phone. (Didn’t even bother sending it to himself, just took a picture of her phone gallery). Meitu was not a thing back then so the photos themselves weren’t altered.

No. 998799

She’s lying to protect him. She send him an edible arrangements a week before they broke up with a sweet note attached to it. Either she’s still simping for him post-breakup, or she’s just that embarrassed to have been publicly dumped on her birthday. I doubt she would have deleted her Twitter had she known it was coming either lmao.

If this was the real mature breakup she is describing it would have gone like this, weeks ago:
>Hey guys, Skeptic and I broke up mutually. We are parting ways but still going to remain colleagues and I wish him the best.

Instead she kept sending him gifts, writing sweet messages, putting him in her bio, and finally when he publicized their breakup ON HER BIRTHDAY she can’t ever bare it and has to delete her twitter?

Public personas break up all the time and when it happens on mutual terms it’s usually fairly straight forward and low drama.

I feel sad for June because I think she really wants to be seen as a mature figure but simultaneously a little girl (hence the BDSM shit) but she just so poorly manages her life.

Imagine being friendless, careerless, educationless, single and dumped on your birthday by a cheating neckbeard while you moved into the middle of nowhere to be closer to him. If being a “public figure” is so hard she should probably just quit, because she’s risked everything in her life to be where she is and she has nothing to show for it.

No. 998800

If it wasn’t on her birthday and it happened weeks ago why is she still sadposting on discord about it?

No. 998801

also she was literally still begging for his love and romantic attention on twitter like 3.5-5 weeks ago.. i'm not saying june should fucking say "oh yeah preg is a pig who ignored me and simped for whores on twitter while i prayed and tried to make the wedding still a thing", of course that would be the wrong move, but anyone can put 2 and 2 together here. at least shuwu is smart enough to hide her sorrow and is putting on a more dignified face.

No. 998812

So if it was mutual and she ~just needed a break from the drama~ why delete all her Twitter posts then?

No. 998814

>shuwu is smart
>shuwu is hiding her "sorrow"
bitch where, she's been having a mental breakdown since the breakup was made public

No. 998816

I doubt he sees it as some big betrayal the way we do. He probably thinks it's funny to hit on a girl who looks just like her, and since they're broken up sees it as his prerogative.

After years of Shoe making it perfectly clear that she is happy for him to treat her like garbage and simp over other women, I'd be surprised if he was accustomed to being considerate of her feelings.

No. 998817

i said she's smart for lying lol. where has she publicly had a full on breakdown? i know she's tearing her hair out but i haven't seen her meltdown yet, besides nuking twitter.

No. 998819

Hes simping for her skinwalker because the subculture he and Shoe were a part of basically normalize treating women as disposable objects that men cycled through every 5-10 years and then upgrade. It’s a lot like Anna Khachiyan and Dasha’s opinions of women - how they say it’s normal for men to do this. These people are all sick in the head, that’s why they’re cows in the first place. I doubt Shoe even finds it offensive that he’s simping after her, she’s probably like “uwu kiwi is so cute” about it.

No. 998820

Because her relationship was a big part of her online persona and she has to rebrand now, that includes her twitter presence. Look I'm sure she's devastated, she agreed to marry this man after all, but the interpretation that here you have a clueless woman who was helplessly played by a controlling man for 5 years is pretty funny to me, when the man in question is a sad sack of shit and she is more successful and popular than him. I wouldn't chalk his pathetic behaviour rn and in the past to him being totes over her, as some here seem to be doing. The fact that she was amping up the public displays of affection is also not unusual for a dying relationship.

No. 998821

on discord

No. 998822

I think Preg was talking about sexual chemistry in his statement, while Shoe was talking about emotional chemistry in hers.

That's probably partly why the lockdown contributed to their breakup - Preg realized that when he doesn't get to fuck her, he doesn't actually like her that much. Shoe tried to cling on emotionally, but it didn't work because that's not what he wanted.

No. 998828

I think you’re right about that. He was infatuated with her sexually/she played into his kinks but remove the sexual element of the relationship + her becoming increasingly desperate for actual commitment and wanting to settle down and he couldn’t handle it. He is a manchild and despite being mid-30s he just wants to fuck around on the internet instead of building any sort of future or long term goals. His first marriage probably failed for similar reasons.

No. 998847

June will never change. She will always be a shit person that has to lie and backpedal and go through lengths to avoid saying she was wrong. How many times has she lied about her past, about being an uwu shy goth girl with no friends that was actually a bully and ranted about fat chicks? She’s never apologized or accepted responsibility for anything. She consistently made jokes about her fiancé being a pedophile attracted to her “legal loli” ass to appease her pedo fan base, but her statement is just “I regret we were so public” so pathetic.

No. 998850

She is going to have a meltdown if she discovers this thread. She can't handle a single tweet and it seems like she replies to fucking EVERYTHING.

anon photoshop has been a thing for decades lol altering pics on social media didn't start with apps

No. 998851

Not to white knight but I actually feel like she's changed a lot in some ways? I think her takes on feminism became more nuanced, she hasn't really been doing any of the cringy bdsm relationship posts in a long time and her political beliefs have clearly evolved and changed (even if they're still relatively surface level)

No. 998860

It was on her personal phone gallery, I highly doubt she would go through the trouble of editing a personal nude and uploading it to her phone in the 2000s.

No. 998861

She kinda slowed down on the bdsm thing (althogh her last video had that "bdsm daddy for preg? I cant deny that" thing). But she still did "haha woman dumb" thing on twotter. What comes to mind is the "who cheats more girls or boys" post from last thread. She never stopped being catty towards women.
For politics, it's kinda hard to tell. At most shoe is a psuedo intellectual who can only win nitpicked twitter political arguments

No. 998867

I feel like that tweet was obviously a joke though, and totally different in tone than the way her old feminism content used to be.

>At most shoe is a psuedo intellectual who can only win nitpicked twitter political arguments

True, but that's kind of most people. I think if you compare it to here 2014-2017 political takes they were a lot worse.

No. 998879

She has grown. Exactly how, I'm not sure.. but nowadays she's mostly dry in terms of milk. Her thread here has been mostly focused on Preg for at least the past year, maybe more.

No. 998882

I’m taking this statement with a big grain of salt bc she’s a known liar. Plus it’s obvious some crazy shit went down lol

I still think she pulled the cord and Skeptic is probably more distraught then he lets on. He’s not introspective and he’s not changing - remember, he’s done this before with his ex. I don’t think he thought it would happen and he’s being vindictive in a passive-aggressive way.

My “parasocial fanfic” is that June gave him an ultimatum (probably at the suggestion of her mom or something) and skeptic didn’t take her seriously.

No. 998883

Yeah, I actually feel like that's probably a big part of why they actually broke up instead of a lot of the tinfoil here. That she has grown and progressed and he hasn't, and that they just don't have much in common anymore. I find it surprising when people are like 'She never grows up she'll never change!!!' because I feel like she's one of the cows who has evolved the most honestly.

No. 998884

Yeah i mean in general she stopped woth the feminism talk, but i doubt she ever stopped being a "mcfeminism critic" and she also never did anything to show that her opinions changed. But tbh even if she did change, i guess she would never publicly say it considered a good chunk of her fanbase is still in the "haha sjw cringe" phase and would turn of her.

It's also kinda weird how their mutual friends didnt comment on preg's near-pedophilic likes/their breakup? Where is chrisraygun, blaire etc.?

No. 998885

It would be so much more weird of her friends to comment on that, especially publicly.

No. 998889

Blaire has a post in her likes about how Greg was a piece of shit after the breakup.

Very interesting that she probably tolerated the guy at most during the time she knew June and Greg lol

No. 998897

File: 1593479291466.jpeg (839.56 KB, 1125x1774, 9B72499B-3878-4593-B03B-7CA83B…)


No. 998898

the people defending him and calling the acc "thirsty" for him lmaoooo

No. 998906

reminds me of a guy that harassed me when I rejected him.
total narcissist this guy

No. 998936

She was simping for Preg literally hours before they broke up. Constantly replying to his selfies and uwu so ronery tweets and always no reply. It was on her birthday. June, suck it up, don't sugarcoat it.

No. 998945

She has improved in some ways, I mean she's not alt-right openly anymore and doesn't sperg on twitter as much but overall she's still a walmart boxxy making feminism is stupid videos so I don't think she deserves much credit, if any. She came close in her last video to holding herself accountable for her past actions, like actually admitting what she said about Leslie Jones is racist, but she still makes excuses and sits on the fence to not offend her neckbeards.

No. 998946

Not really the same dynamic here at all. She looks unhinged. She should just stick to anonymously posting here.

No. 998967

"I really wanna give her a hug"

No one wants to motorboat your B cups

No. 998969

Whose ever nude these are they don't burn my eyes like kiwis

No. 999054

I mean. I bet you they do look better than >>998081

No. 999062

I think I might pass on both skeptics and June2's tits.

No. 999069

>anyone who criticizes me is just obsessed, which means it’s proof of how great I am. Sad!
>people have criticized Shoe as well, meaning I am above criticism.
Truly not possible to get more blockheaded and narcissistic than this.

No. 999114

Well, dior whore person is talking about women ACTING like children, not looking… 'young'. Completely different things. No one has a problem with young looking women. kiwi tries to make it look like someone is jealous about their appearance and youth. That's not it. They just act infantile and sexualize children's behavior, that's gross and disturbs normal people that are not filthy coomers.

No. 999122

File: 1593511531931.jpg (355.11 KB, 1047x1491, 20200630_060026.jpg)

His fans are even replying underneath asking him to stop or making jokes that hes being creepy.

Also kiwi has been sperging over that tweet calling out egirls for purposefully looking like children.

No. 999124

>let young women live their lives
They're talking like the OP of the post isn't a young woman herself. She's literally younger than Neeko, and still not doing this embarrassing shit, lmao.

No. 999125

File: 1593512080144.png (409.01 KB, 798x880, hol31.png)

Kiwi encouraging a literal 11-year old child to "be her friend" and enjoy her content.

No. 999126

File: 1593512318928.png (745.71 KB, 800x1032, 2ttz.png)

Fucking kek.

No. 999129

What the fuck is with this bitch? That's a literal child.

No. 999131

It's still underage but she was originally written as 17 but the publishers aged all the characters down since that's what sells.
Costhots are huge hypocrites when it comes to character ages though because most anime characters are teenagers. Then they think they can ride on the whole "uwu real life loli" thing their entire lives without being replaced by their audience like Shuwu. At least Belle Delphine says she's going to retire at 30 or whatever.

No. 999136

File: 1593514249056.gif (1.38 MB, 418x200, bFFJysJ.gif)

it's beyond dumb and inappropriate. just WHY. She should've ignored it, that's all. Is she that thirsty for any crumble of attention, fuck

No. 999143

wow this bitch is retarded

No. 999149

Oh my god this dumb bitch is disgusting and at this point I'm sick of her - any normal, healthy 18 year old would know this is wrong

No. 999157

File: 1593517717403.png (814.72 KB, 796x1428, bkh8.png)

Samefagging to point out the coomers in her comments.

No. 999162

>making shota jokes
Yeah Kiwi you totally don't pander to pedos. Imagine if this was an 11 year old girl instead or boy, would they be posting loli pics? Fucking gross.

No. 999167

men who watch anime are perverted losers why would any normal person think pedophilia is funny or hot?

No. 999168

To all those saying “omg she’s not even milky, you’re just jealous she’s prettier than june” (as if anybody actually feels that way) there’s proof for why she deserves her own thread

No. 999169

Cultivating such a fine audience I see, kiwi.

No. 999170

Fucking hell,i'm so disappointed in Justin. I like to believe that he's so chaotic (i mean,just look how different the people/accounts he follows are) he follows all those chicks for the drama but then again,he's a man first and foremost.

No. 999171

>using sexual shota pic in reference to an actual kid

Fucking disgusting.
She needs to block that kid and fuck off.

No. 999172

Jesus christ that's disgusting. Goes to show the kind of people simping for her huh?
>inb4 issa joke xD pedophilia so funni its just a drawing son haha y u mad

>prettier than june
i don't even like june but she has a massive case of whoville face + bulimia cheeks on top of being chinless. Very unfortunate.

No. 999173

>men who watch anime are perverted losers
ok anon that's a huge reach. There is a difference between liking anime for action, story, animation etc compared to those who just want to jack off to egirls cosplaying lolis. Kiwi probably never watched any of the shows of the character cosplays she does, she just sees a character that looks underage and knows that's what her fans want.

That being said, it's disgusting how these people are trying to normalize sexualizing underage characters, whether its be from an anime, cartoon or book series. Shits fucked up.

No. 999186

This is most likely true. Back when she went by June TheDoor like 7 or 8 years ago she was extremely wish washy with her politics, would just parrot whatever was popular in whatever circle she was trying to infiltrate at the time. Was pretty racist because that's what was "in" in Facebook communities. Sage for irrelevant but my ex boyfriend was 15 at the time and she would always chat with him on facebook despite already being an adult and still being semi-functional and working at the makeup counter. I'm amazed someone even worse came along and actually made me feel bad for her.

No. 999190

This is so repulsive, no wonder she gets along with Greg.

If true of June as well it's fucked that these adult egirls feel the need to get male validation even by talking to young buys online.

No. 999199

I was surprised how many thots actually reply to his shitty posts (like the one where he is literally saying he’s Jesus). I opened a couple of random profiles and they all have OnlyFans accounts. I think they only interact with him so that he stays subscribed.

I do not think that anyone past 20 years old thinks that an older unemployed guy with a huge ego is anywhere near attractive. Unless they pretend they do so that he keeps donating. Girls like Kiwi on the other hand might actually think that he’s a daddy dom of their dreams.

No. 999205

Why hasn’t someone made a different thread for her yet?

No. 999208

ew i had said earlier that she's only 18 and we were all tards at 18, but she's disgusting. what 18 year old makes FRIENDS with an 11 year old online and purposefully pedo panders with an "adolescente" body and costhoting young characters. nasty. kiwi thread incoming, methinks.

it'll probably die pretty quickly, but still.

No. 999221


He follows shad and there have been rumors of him hitting on teens for years so none of this is surprising.

Lmao shut up anon go watch your pedo bait

No. 999224

>all anime is pedo bait

No. 999228

pretty sure he just follows any new egirl of the month, he's into tall big tiddie women not whatever kiwi is

No. 999231

>go watch your pedo bait

i don't even watch anime and this it the most retarded take, you shut up

No. 999234

Did ya get picked

No. 999237

we really gonna act like a large percentage of anime hasnt got pedo elements in it kek ok anons
this is legitimately disturbing. Even more so that she exposed this child to her pedo fanbase. there was 0 reason to incluce his pic. she gets what she deserves from here out

No. 999249

So now you go from all anime to most, nice backpedaling. Also, you do realize this site is made up of ex /cgl/ posters right?

No. 999250

>miss thread for a few days
>anons are arguing about whether or not kiwi is really russian and anime being pedoshit


No. 999294

She’s from Florida, she is not Russian.

No. 999354

He makes shitty nu-metal music and used to make videos about muh SJW censorship and Milo Y/Carlgon. He obviously only replies to female commenters on his videos. He's actually very similar to Skeptic as an ugly aging edgelord

No. 999418

>you do realize this site is made up of ex /cgl/ posters right
well that explains why most of the userbase is retarded, histrionic, and emotionally stunted

No. 999708

lowkey wanna take this Whang talk to the youtubers thread, curious and also may have some info

No. 999744

Reminder to anyone who feels bad for Shoe in all this, she has a history of enabling predators for a decade now. Which is essentially what her relationship was before Greg realized he got everything he could out of her.

No. 999745

File: 1593555479298.jpeg (289.58 KB, 693x1241, CC7F1C4B-9CC5-4D1E-99C7-9BA1BD…)

No. 999755

Lol this is such a milquetoast statement. Can't believe people in this thread actually thought spineless June was going to spill the tea on shrekory.

No. 999756

does she really think repeating this is going to convince anybody lol

No. 999758

Man the comments on her post are boring. I wonder is fraudulent June will try and beg for her attention.

No. 999759

>no we were not poly
coulda fooled me kek

No. 999772

A true cuck til the end

No. 999799

Why delete photos of him on your instagram if you're still friends?

No. 999801

Does anybody have the screenshot of her saying she wants a female friend willing to do threesomes with her and shrek

No. 999803

I knew she was too weak to do much. She doesn't even have the type of fans that would back her up if she chose to end him, and she's a massive pick-me, regardless. She's just going to have to carry the L.
It'll still be funny as hell seeing her cope with the realization that she's a bald, single, near-30 year old "post-wall" pick-me who got cucked by her fat retard of an ex with an 18 year old skinwalker who has FAS. No marriage, no kids, just constant online humiliation. She's on a lower level than all the older women and feminists she made fun of, and arguably in a much worse position than the "scarf girl" she bullied.
I really wish there was a stronger word than "pick-me" for female cucks and/or simps like this.

No. 999810

There are several in previous threads. Watch June go through and attempt to report them now.

No. 999865

Maybe she was tired of him blowing all her youtube paychecks on toys lol. If what she’s saying IS true it kind of sounds like she just outgrew him and realized she didnt want to be stuck with a manchild.

But Gregs been acting single long before they broke up though, I’m sure he publicly ignored her just to flirt with e girls as a way to push her away and initiate the breakup. And I don’t understand why they couldn’t move in together in all the 5 years they were dating? It’s not like they didn’t have the money.

No. 999881

He only proposed so he'd string her along and to of course get that sick clout.

No. 999912

File: 1593563690054.jpeg (215.09 KB, 1080x1128, DA1999FE-B167-489E-9A1D-3A20E4…)

No. 999918

File: 1593564015986.jpeg (273.68 KB, 616x955, 58A5CEB0-B89C-4D64-8000-98D33C…)

If only people tried to warn her that this isn’t what a normal healthy relationship looks like /s

No. 999953

>must let me fondle your boobs
I wonder if any women who met her have stories about her ignoring their boundaries like that, or if this is completely something she said to sound quirky and hawt

No. 999958

This is why autistic SWs like her shouldn't be on social media. She's literally too fucking dumb to realise she shouldn't interact with actual children.

No. 999962

File: 1593566297145.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1556, E07B6C2C-E8B4-4FB0-A78E-E9AEB5…)

Hes so delusional

No. 999963

Anon, shoe based her entire personality on saying shit she doesn't really think just to sound quirky and hot

No. 999964

What a retard, I hope he's getting his ass chewed out in the replies for being delusional

No. 999965

That gross beard and messy hair just scream crusty. I wonder what Preg smells like, my guess is baby formula and sweat

No. 999967

ive never hated someone i dont know so much lol. How does he have a platform? How has no one made videos going in on his cringey content and even cringier tweets. Like this dude is a crackhead.

No. 999968

God, he's so fucking embarrassing. I'm still baffled how June could look at a tweet like this and not want to expose his ass. How can one woman hate herself so much

No. 999983

Kek. Greg ends up having a mid-life crisis and co-opts chrisitianity to stick it to the them dirty SJWs when?

Seriously though, I'm really getting sick of his:
>x character has long hair thus looks like me, the sexy adonis that I am, posts
He's on par with cringey weebs who think, "I share one physical trait with x character, literally me! xD". I really hope he gets dragged by christians/catholics for this.

No. 1000009

Ugh no one talks about Jesus more than this autistic fat athiest

No. 1000021

this has to be driving shoe out of her fucking mind, holy shit lmfaoooo

No. 1000026

not to mention unfollowing each other kek. but yeah they're on good terms and are still true friends everyone

No. 1000029

History repeats itself, huh? Except June never got Boxxy tier popular.

I wonder if in another five year's time this cycle will come full circle on Kiwi too; after some aging older scrote uses her for clout until he's sick of her, and then she slowly fades into obscurity when the neckbeards aren't drooling over her mid 20s ass anymore and find the next fresh teen to egg on and groom.

No. 1000032

His tweets always have people sucking his cock unfortunately, he's somehow gone his life without ever being publicly shamed and it's crazy

No. 1000090

I'd guess BO, Smegma and Axe body spray kek

No. 1000091

Samefag not to mention swamp ass or perhaps rotting watermelon

No. 1000113

sage for OT but wtf does being long distance have to do with him being a creep? I'm in a long distance relationship and neither me or my partner thirst over other people's pictures. I hate them both so much ugh.
And this kiwi bitch wtf was she thinking talking to an 11yo and posting the picture what a retard

No. 1000250

They used the long distance aspect of their relationship to justify Preg's thirsty behaviour publicly online. Since his Walmart Boxxy pussy wasn't closer to get off with it.
They didn't adressed the creeping part because they legit didn't see any problem with that.

No. 1000254

>must not be jenny mcdermott
correct me if im wrong but wasnt septic exposed for flirting with jenny and shoe got really defensive about it???

No. 1000275

She coddled the nost ugliest and fucked up nerd men, but her female friend must be "pretty, big boobs and ready to sacrifice herself to the fat ogre".

That's why you have no female friends to support you through these hard times. Oh and your discord tranny friends are defemding Preg and replacing you with a barely legal skinwalker.

No. 1000290

no the fuck? thats not something most people do, june

No. 1000297

I wonder if she’s going to unmute Mayu and settle for him as her last defender/‘friend’ or if even Mayu will switch sides to Preg and Kiwi.

No. 1000300

I honestly June has learned her lesson about how bottom of the barrel men like Greg are rare because of how awful they are.

No. 1000301

Wasn't Mayu thirsting after Greg and wanted to be June rather than be with her lol

No. 1000304

I recall Mayu being 'jealous of them both for having each other, and wanting Greg, but happy for them anyway' lol

No. 1000336

>We're long distance you're going to do that anyway
I didn't know this was one of her rationalizations. No wonder this relationship fell apart. He wasn't serious about her, or even a little bit respectful of their relationship.
>We both like it
Ok cuck
She really did follow the same line of logic as gimpgirl555, kek. Look where it got her.

No. 1000364

starting to think the bdsm part of their relationship was just june trying to convince herself that it's hot when your boyfriend treats you shit

No. 1000366

File: 1593609708619.jpeg (360.24 KB, 1079x1344, D655583E-F468-4DF1-BDBD-4A2BC5…)

Either she invented that narrative to excuse the behavior or he did. Their relationship was a goldmine of cringe

No. 1000372

Is Greg secretly a sub?

No. 1000380

most "super dominant men, look at me, I am daddy" men are actually huge bitches and they reclaim their masculinity through degrading females or whatever makes them feel better about themselves. so yeah its pretty clear that he is a bitchy, overly emotional manbaby that is afraid of commitment and he only claims to be a dom to reclaim that about himself.

No. 1000383

At this rate, Boxxy is going to be passed down as a title for generations to emulate. We'll be seeing Boxxy clones in 2035 trying to replace each other without even knowing what the original was like.

No. 1000385

>tip of the iceberg normie shit

Oh please June, don't try to act like you're sOooO uwu kinky special. Their sex was probably the most cringy awkward thing ever

No. 1000388


how old was she was she wrote this? lets say 28 for shit and giggle and so she thinks she was missing out because she wasn’t in a ddlg relationship at 18 or younger? jesus this nonce really fucked with her head.

No. 1000403

shes making it sound insane.
imagine what this could imply, does he have her hanging from the ceiling, clamps on every inch on her body while watching the latest starwars youtube commentary?
god what a retarded cunt. like we get it, you worshipped a man thats a disgusting parody of your dreamy dominant husbando.
what do you call that? dickwhipped?

No. 1000406

File: 1593616260915.png (1.01 MB, 593x1018, ashl.png)

I didn't realize at first that it's Peter Coffin's wife and for some reason I'm really surprised to see her in shoe's likes.

No. 1000423

you mean his blowup doll? I'm still not convinced shes real

No. 1000426

>big milky scottish lady

No. 1000429

Hasn't she gone on camera talking a few times?

No. 1000435

No. 1000441

how does she not have her own thread

No. 1000450

he probably just hits her until she passes out

No. 1000454

Is she really Scottish? She claims to be Scottish and Slavic but in these videos she sounds like an American. She slips out of the Scottish accent all the time.

No. 1000466

That is literally true of every 24/7 bdsm relationship.

No. 1000470

she doesn't sound like an american at all, wtf are you talking about. thats a scottish accent

No. 1000479

File: 1593624751952.jpeg (20.19 KB, 334x500, F3003437-0768-4A36-807F-F7A74E…)

He’s a knock off jack black at best

No. 1000483

>Peter Coffin's wife

They divorced and I think she's trying to build an OnlyFans career.

No. 1000497

Please don’t bring jack black into this, he’s retarded but not THAT disabled

No. 1000553

preg wishes he has half the charisma jack black does

No. 1000849

>we're long distance you're going to do that anyway
Since this is in response to "busting a nut" to girls' photos, it actually sounds like she's saying he's going to "bust a nut" regardless. We know she's gone on about how pro-him-watching-porn she's been, so just a theory that's a slightly different take than other anons have posted already (though I do agree with what their impression is 100%).
I don't really understand the relevance of the 4th point of hers here but it makes more sense if she's talking about him actually jacking off to other girls.

No. 1000911

>I really wish there was a stronger word than "pick-me" for female cucks and/or simps like this.
handmaiden but that one also feels too elegant and classy for such pathetic slut like June. Agreed, we need a stronger word for pick-mes who go for such extremes of self-degradation.

No. 1000927

can't we call them cumhunters? because their ultimate end-goal is the pleasure of males? and all male pleasure leads to the baby carrot between their unwashed, smegma-encrusted legs.

No. 1000928

File: 1593675205554.jpg (261.5 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20200702-074734_Chr…)

She deleted this tweet

No. 1000941

Not that anyone cares but I very much enjoyed these posts.

Highly doubtful. Maybe she realised the intention of the post was too transparent and didn't fit her "cumhunter" image kek

No. 1000944

Kek, i'm going to start using that now.

No. 1000947

File: 1593682927883.jpg (236.88 KB, 1080x1242, IMG_20200702_114058.jpg)

Wtf is he talking about here? Not like he's going to see Juwune.

No. 1000951

Probably was going to see kiwi

No. 1000956

is greg actually psychic and he dumped june because he had a premonition they would be seperated for a year?

No. 1000978

Cant he fuck someone that’s in Canada lmao get a grip

No. 1000991

So after everything she's still going to come back and double down on "not all men, men so nice and protecc undeserving wahmen, uwu"

No. 1000992

Could he be referring to the cons he goes to being the only way he can hang on to the dregs of making money from his internet career? Maybe he means "Armoured Skeptic" won't survive it and he'll need to go on EI?

Or >>1000951

No. 1001015

Of course she is. I've never understood why anons here think that she is ever going to change? This bitch will always be a pathetic bootlicker.

No. 1001024

She's just going to be a cow her whole life. Her followers live in the same level of delusion that she does.

No. 1001055

… he knows he can still fly to the us, right? ground travel is banned but flights in places like toronto are still going.

No. 1001087

I'm guessing she deleted it because it contradicts Preg's tweet that she's getting overrun by horny simps
Can't make the big man look wrong about anything

No. 1001088

I remember a certain lesbian forum where they called annoying pickmes "cockbreaths" but cumhunters seems fine to me too. The later also feels slightly nicer than the former tho.

No. 1001090

i wouldn't take anything dykes say with a grain of salt tho. there's no better than what the opposite of a pick me is

No. 1001092

Maybe we could call them gimpgirls, though it would require knowledge of the OG gimpgirl to understand

No. 1001098

Cockbreaths is so funny tho

No. 1001114

Of course she probably only said this so that more people would give her that kind of attention. She’s inadvertently asking for it, there was no point for the post otherwise

“Don’t worry guys! I only got one naughty message. Oh no! Now I suddenly got 100 more after saying that :c Teehee uwu give me ego boost”

No. 1001119

Dykes are MUCH better than your average pick-me, retard.

No. 1001133

File: 1593717756933.jpeg (31.64 KB, 240x320, F493C65D-A1E5-476B-B693-B4E83D…)

Lmao based lesbians. Since there are so many dero terms for dykes.

No. 1001137

when radfems become so rad that they become misogynists. the horse shoe theory is real.

No. 1001138

lol no. cope, fag

No. 1001140

She said lesbian, not radfem lmfao

No. 1001142

Is it racist to call uncle tom uncle tom?

No. 1001143

what? The whole term "radfem" comes from the fact they don't agree with damaging shit regular feminism likes to promote like SW. Criticizing harmful rhetorics like pickme bullshit goes right in line with that thought process?

The only horseshoe is the one spinning around in your empty head kek

No. 1001166

lmao this comment is so retarded it has to be from a scrote or a cockbreath (yes i love it now thanks anon).

trannies always call all lesbians radfems. really makes you thunk

No. 1001178

-hunter sounds too "dangerous" or "strong".

No. 1001183

why would i be a scrote or pick me because i don't like dykes lol. continue seething please, the heat might just kill of your last few brain calls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001187

ok so you're a cockbreath. Fuck off.

No. 1001188

can you take your derailing and crying about dykes not fucking you back to KF or 4chan where it belongs please

No. 1001200

Some of us aren't even radfems we just want to have fun once in a while and call Z-list celebrity a cockbreath on an imageboard. People have already said worse things about women so the world isn't going to end because hypothetical radfems wrote "cockbreath" somewhere on the internet.

No. 1001205

I think shoe would be honoured to be called a cockbreath. Why are you mad lmao. Ironically, you're defending a notorious misogynist right now.

No. 1001218

reminder that lesbians statistically have the highest domestic violence and divorce rate lmfao slack jawed dykes pls stop taking your impotent rage from your flop relationships out on straight women

1-800-799-7233, ladies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001226

File: 1593726642174.jpg (68.55 KB, 500x734, micropenis worship.jpg)

Gotta agree with anons, 'cockbreath' perfectly describes June since there's so much evidence of her sucking after Preg's smeggy dick all over the internet.
Shame on women who do this tbh, I don't even think most pickmes reach cockbreath level over the course of their run.

No. 1001231

nice it's gotten to the point where somehow everyone is sobbed at and accused of being a "radfem" if they make jokes about dick-thirsty bootlickers. probably the same retard obsessed with "radfems" who cries over everything in multiple threads lol

No. 1001234

this really does sound like june seething or mayu.

No. 1001242

yeah, because more women are bi than lesbian and they surveryed women in lesbian relationships, not lesbians. The high DV rate comes from them asking bi women if they've EVER been abused in a relationship and them answering yes because of scrote violence.

this is so pathetic. no wonder she's hiding.

No. 1001310

Something about this is very onision
>allergy to women over 30
>insists that his pathetic self is worshipped

No. 1001313

why do you all keep trying to milk this boring bitch? she's dry. everything she's doing is completely normal after the end of a long-term, highly publicized relationship. even if there was a bunch of drama that happened behind closed doors, she's not going to let anyone in on that anytime soon, if ever, because she's actually, surprisingly, clearly not trying to attract any drama. preg was the only reason she was milky. without him, she's fucking normal as shit.

you seriously think that her pickme traits are strong enough to be thread-worthy anymore? if anything, everything that she's doing right now is a pretty clear indicator that she's actually growing up.

No. 1001327

There’s a “Cows you wish would disappear” thread in OT.
Please take your grievances there.

We find the whole kiwi thing hilarious. Find yourself a new cow if you’re bored of this one.

No. 1001342

>everything that she's doing right now is a pretty clear indicator that she's actually growing up

Crying in Discord?

No. 1001347

File: 1593741362533.png (42.72 KB, 659x329, ephebophiles.png)

from shoe's discord. simping for her clone in her own server lmfaoooo. fucking lolcow is more sympathetic to june's feelings than her orbiters are. sad

No. 1001388

Perhaps cumhuffer? Or, in honor if lolcow, cumheifer?

No. 1001390

I did some browsing on Kiwi’s Twitter. She had one cringey-ass clip of herself trying to copy Boxxy. Also, in that clip where her camera isn’t angled to the side like it always is, you can tell that her face looks pretty different from her pictures. Her cheeks and face shape definitely look different, and she do have dem big cheeks.

She had another clip, I think one of the ones where she said she’s testing the angle for her streaming/YouTube/whatever, and she doesn’t say anything or do anything really interesting. Just constantly flipping and fixing her hair and tilting her face. Shows that her appearance is the only thing she has going for her or that she cares about.

Wouldn’t pick on her if she wasn’t a skinwalking attention seeker desperate for male approval with 0 personality

No. 1001391

June has clearly matured enough to know not to say outright cringy stuff in public anymore since she hasn't done the whole uwu bdsm thing in ages ever since even her friends and fans made fun of it.

Most of the milk here these days is from Kiwi and Preg, who has absolutely no self awareness. I never imagined we'd see the day when June would actually look mature (?) in comparison to someone but here we are. And since she's still a cumhuffer she's letting him humiliate her like this.

No. 1001394

Did Preggory say he has an allergy to women over 30? I guess that'd explain why he had to dump June on her countdown to 30

No. 1001402

File: 1593757193387.jpg (263.18 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20200703-081929_Chr…)

lmao wow keep defending him june

No. 1001405

Very classy

No. 1001406

So pathetic - I predict June will return and say that she's so flattered that this girl wants to be like her and she thinks she's super cute - and that they looks so similar, it must mean June still looks young

No. 1001407

>loosing followers

No. 1001420

fucking hell this is cringe if you even cared about your ex partner at all why would you refer to them like that. people are unfollowing you coz ur a fat retard lol

No. 1001422

File: 1593764391825.jpg (261.82 KB, 809x1031, 1584346480476.jpg)

Imagine getting engaged to a man who only sees you as a prop for his videos (+ free sex).

No. 1001425

this is why people hate you retards. everything is a scrote or a pick me if they don't fit your exact opinions. fuck off and die

No. 1001427

>My grand vision was to copy someone else's style.
Oh Preg…

No. 1001428

Why the fuck did he use semicolon here? preg, it doesn't make you look more intelligent when you just randomly insert it in the sentence

>or if it's because I'm not banging the hot internet girl anymore

kek, salty
I'm pretty sure preg was ruining their relationship by being passive aggressive because of shoe's popularity

No. 1001431

also I like the way he tries to arouse sympathy and doesn't give a clear reason why he's 'suffering'. It's all very vague. I hate these manipulative types

No. 1001433

june did us a favor by keeping him all to herself for 5 years. she was looking out for other women.

No. 1001434

File: 1593770736614.jpg (92.46 KB, 328x512, unnamed.jpg)


No. 1001440


cockbreath actually getting triggered over dykes on this thread kek

No. 1001441


bit off topic but wit the actual fuck is this? am scottish and it's absolute pure cringe here for scottish folk to try and appeal to americans by bragging about being scottish and talk about random yank polticians. her accent is really weird, she sounds a bit yank.(blog)

No. 1001446

be the change you want to see in the world, anon

No. 1001453

If it helps (it doesn't), she married Peter Coffin and possibly had his biological child.
Ashleigh still has a ton of question marks surrounding her entire existence.

No. 1001460

I’m still not convinced Coffin didn’t purchase her online.

No. 1001475

Just for the record since I didn't really expect some anons to be this thinskinned to actually get triggered over a word (funny that you think all dykes are radfems and viceversa, makes you think who may be behind these posts taking into account this website history and some recent happenings huh); some context on how that term came to be in that forum:
>heterosexual pickme women (and men) invade lesbian forum
>dykes start calling them that and tell them to fuck off to somewhere else to talk about their boyfriends and dick
>"waaahhhh mean dykes, so mysoginistic!!!!"
Never change though, pickmes.

Last piece of input I wanna make since I don't want to derail the thread anymore but I suggested it half joking since I actually agree that word is a little too harsh. Glad you guys liked it though lmao.

No. 1001480

Agreed it's embarrassing as fuck. I find it weird that she's started ranting about UK politics and started dyeing her hair red years after moving to America, she moved from Aberdeen to California and now she's fucking groundskeeper Willie like she has no identity outside of being Scottish.

No. 1001502

couldn't give less of a shit if you use pick me or cockbreath, that's entirely your prerogative. the point was overusing the pick me (or should i say cockbreath?) word everyone time someone doesn't have your opinion. dykes are disgusting, you can't change my mind, call me whatever you want if that's all your feeble mind can muster lol. the more you use those words for no reason like a retarded bitch, the more they lose their meaning.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001590

so she says that she didn't cheat, but she says nothing about greg not cheating? makes you think, doesn't it

ok willy wrangler

No. 1001619

lol you're a child(ban evasion)

No. 1001636

File: 1593806684189.jpg (179.24 KB, 602x1074, kiwis.jpg)

I don't get these people, its like they have nothing else in their lives but getting noticed on the internet.

And it doesn't look like she needs money, shes got huge computer setup, ring light expensive cameras.

No. 1001693

File: 1593814151417.jpg (313.3 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20200703_230705.jpg)

sorry but i have to laugh at the irony of him liking this

No. 1001707

True.cuckquean followed her skinwalker

No. 1001709


Thought this was a dig at sh0e but then realized his stupid ass has made his height one too so he’s liking it ironically.

No. 1001732

File: 1593816914188.jpg (352.18 KB, 1080x1404, 20200704_005413.jpg)

Based Ryan

No. 1001749

When I go through the responses when ever preg posts shit like that, it's so bizarre that nobody ever sees how toxic he is and they just go along with it, no questions asked. I'm sure if somebody they hated made a comment like preg did, they would all pounce on them and treat them like a bad guy. It's so weird whenever somebody outside lolcow and kiwifarms calls him out, it's like a crack in his own contains realm of realty. Preg has no sense of self awareness to how much of a pathetic piece of shit he is.

No. 1001751

'identify as' tranny chaser lol
was he crushing on hontra the whole time?

No. 1001752

again with stupid semicolon… preg, just stop

also why is he so sure that she's just a hot girl for those who unfollowed him? why would they follow HIM then? Why would they want to be 'friends' with a dude who 'bangs' this girl that they find 'hot'? Pretty sure they just realized what an actual asshole he is

No. 1001758


Yeah, fragile men like Preg have to find reasons that are not their shit personality and shitty behavior. So, it has to be because shoe’s not in the picture anymore, not because he’s a fucking asshole. He’ll find any reason to blame it on, that way he never has to self-reflect and better himself and can continue on his garbage ways.

No. 1001810

Didn't Show stop following her? I haven't got twitter so I can't check.

Typical sexist moid that's fine with trannies.

No. 1001814

>Willy wrangler
Omg anon that's too perfect send help for my sides

No. 1001829

its pretty obvious kiwi is reading here.

just remember that you're spending your best years inside your bedroom obsessing over (how to manipulate) your appearance for low tier men, and you are like thousands of other girls right now. you're not special, at all. MOST 18 year old thin girls are attractive to most men! most men will obviously think you look good nude. you know who else they like seeing nude? EVERY other girl that posts her nudes online like this. you dont stand out, you are just another loser hoping men will find her attractive.

get yourself some real skills in literally anything, go to fucking school, stop trying to be the next belle delphine to lame neckbeards who jerk off their smegma'd cocks to you. you want male attention? fine, find a boyfriend. you are not going to become a millionaire like her, THOUSANDS of girls have started panhandling on onlyfans to barely get anything. i have no degree and only work 18 hours a fucking week with my best friend at a pharmacy doing easy menial work and i make ~2 grand a month, i make way more doing LESS than these bitches are.

this will backfire on her severely, and she has no idea because she's so mesmerized by the instant (low tier) male attention and $$$. no wonder girls like this are totally mentally ill and parade it around online. how do these girls who aspire to be lazy SWs not see the consequences??? if she doesn't already hate herself (likely she does, look at her lifestyle, does she even have irl friends?), she definitely will loathe herself in a few years. if you actually fucking went outside and did things, you would get enough male attention and wouldn't need to whore yourself out online.

saged because nobody cares, but i just have to put it out there

No. 1001838

File: 1593827146532.jpeg (329.85 KB, 750x734, 8086FBB5-3575-4F18-8F4B-D75D4B…)

I’m so sick of these ethots acting like “it’s for me not men.” .. really? You literally have an only fans. Wtf do you think men buy it and just admire it. You are selling images of yourself as literal jerk off material and acting ugu smol while doing it. And what’s with twitter feminists acting like you have to support literally anything women do or you’re evil. This is straight up retarded, it’s not as harmless as they make it out to be. I guarantee that these girls’ customers are the ones who creep on irl teenagers. Kiwi is ugly as fuck so ofc she’s gotta pander to bottom of the barrel men. Tryout patrons are just as gross as you and you’re enabling them

No. 1001848

>again with the stupid semicolon
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. He's not even using it correctly lmao.

No. 1001849

File: 1593827908928.png (287.74 KB, 405x750, cockbreath.png)


courtesy of lolcow, wash ya mouth kiwi/june

>twitter feminists acting like you have to support literally anything women do or you’re evil

ironic and hypocritical af seeing that the person she skinwalks loves dunking on SJWs

No. 1001851

she's a perfect example of a delusional play-pretend 18 year old e-thot. complete separation from reality.

No. 1001852

It's for money, not for men. If it were for men how come women were outraged when the fappening happened. But as soon as you can monetize the nudes everyones on the bandwagon.

It's money.

No. 1001854

they're coping hard over being called out. the issue isn't that's it's about "pleasing men" (nothing wrong at all with making your boyfriend happy if he deserves it) the issue is that you are LYING to yourself and saying it's for you when really, even though it is "for you" it's because they desperately want attention, money, and "love" from a disingenuous place. These are losers who just feed into their validation and make them feel attractive. It's a very stupid move because in the long run they will be thrown in the bin with the rest of older women. Enjoy it while it lasts kiwi, because it won't last long!

I don't personally think she's horribly ugly or anything but yeah she's very average, and it's very average girls who start acting like thots for male attention they possibly didn't get growing up.

Again, nothing wrong with "pleasing men" if it's a boyfriend. You can send all the nudes to him and a boyfriend will actually have sex with you instead of wanking it, will treat you with genuine love and will actually give you attention. I'm not a prude by any means like SWs would claim. There's a vast difference between doing that online for ugly losers and doing that for someone who really loves you and cares for you.
It will be very interesting to see where these girls are in a decade. They're smug now but smart women will either have a true career (not sw bullshit), nice things, a nice place to live, and partners and families that love them if that's what they want. These SW whores are going to end up alone, frazzled, and likely will be posting their mental illness everywhere they can (ala shayna). We'll see who will have the last laugh. time will tell for sure.

women who post nudes "for themselves" have self esteem issues and are coping with it in a very public way. it 100% backfires. sex work is never, ever the answer.

No. 1001857

lmao love that image anon

No. 1001859

Women aren’t a monolith; most aren’t e-thots. These male-attention-addicts would still act up even if they weren’t getting paid kek
>muh money
Is a cope, most of these bitches make minimum wage, that’s why they’re so desperate all the time, resorting to skinwalking the 1% to boost themselves.

No. 1001862

samefag but ethots: it's okay to want love and money. get it from a stable source, like a boyfriend who loves you. or, make money yourself doing literally anything else. i know i make way more than these girls do under 20 fucking hours a week. i dont have to fucking waste my precious income on stupid little outfits to wear while i shove a hitachi wand up my pussy for the whole world to see. i get home and my boyfriend fucks me and everything is fine. doesnt matter anyway cause these thots wont listen, but we'll see who is happy in 10 years and who isn't. cope more SWs.(blog)

No. 1001864

Cool but you’re about to be banned for blogging no one cares how much money you make

No. 1001866

people usually take the path of least resistance

No. 1001869

i saged anyway retard

No. 1001887

A blogpost is still a blogpost anon.
I really wish a bigger youtuber would call him out on his bullshit already then let him squirm into obsurity just like onion.

No. 1001898

You make $25/hr doing menial retail work?

Back on topic, Preg is fat and I would not have sex with him, and apparently neither would anyone else in Ontario if he's continually thirst posting at Americans.

No. 1001902

it's not retail it's more like getting prescriptions together and calling patients, but yes as unbelievable as it sounds i do because it's a small business and the owner makes billions a month so his pay is high

No. 1001905

kiwi is just another idiot that got swept up in the "nude is empowering" wave. If it was empowering I would have seen Bill Gate's dick on the front of forbes by now.

Like Mia Khalifa they all learn when it's too late, they hit 30, and their fanbase turns on them overnight.

Kiwi is a plain girl with weird cheeks that realized she could get attention by cashing in on her small frame and downloading the snow app. This will backfire on her, probably when one of her followers start turning up at her door ala Belle Delphine. And like Belle Delphiine, she will blame her "haters" instead of admiting the problem is with the fucking pedophile incel following she cultivated.

No. 1001907

The chances of you getting doxxed or harassed at a retail job is lower than being a camthot. Stop trying to legitimize sex work

No. 1001911

yeah these girls are straight up dumb, it's like they have no foresight at all and really think these incels are their friends. they're not your friends, they fantasize about fucking you all day. sooooo empowering, totally not weird at all. kiwi has major self esteem issues.

exactly. i literally have only 3 coworkers and we all get along well, and patients dont even come inside the pharmacy. very little contact with people at all. not too hard to get a good gig if you have connections.

contrary to what sex "workers" say, it's easy and sw is basically for lazy girls with self esteem issues. you aren't a "career woman", you're just a pitiful sight flaunting body parts all young woman have and nearly all men are interested in regardless anyways. get a real job, bitches have major self esteem issues and are unwilling to improve themselves. i see kiwi being not like june, i see her being more like shayna. go ahead cheekwi, i'm ready to laugh my ass off at your incoming thread, i dont even feel bad for you.

No. 1001916

>kiwi is just another idiot that got swept up in the "nude is empowering" wave. If it was empowering I would have seen Bill Gate's dick on the front of forbes by now.

girls don't pay for dick pics. Most of them try to discourage it since they just get them sent randomly in the middle of the night.

No. 1001924

lol calm down

No. 1001926

Does kiwi have potential to have her own thread ?

No. 1001929

File: 1593835114315.jpg (58.51 KB, 800x450, sailormoon.jpg)

relying on bottom tier incel men for your income is the very definition of a pathetic woman, a loser. you have already lost, girl. you aren't building a "career" off of men who won't want to jerk off to you anymore when the new model comes along in a year or two. either build a real fucking career, or marry a good man who will take care of you. pick one, bitch.

No. 1001930

If she doesn't fit into any existing threads, e-girls or whichever, maybe.

No. 1001932

File: 1593835211095.png (417.48 KB, 541x785, creepydoll.png)

No. 1001933

that's the point, anon. It's not empowering. It's purely about male sexual satisfaction.

Maybe we can get a pick me general?

No. 1001934

lol june, why would i want to own merch of a 29 year old woman whose entire internet presence is now based around a 5 year "uwu kinkyyy" relationship that is over and her "political opinions" which change every 4 months or so.
this bitch is legitimately addicted to the internet and attention from the internet. shes beyond saving

No. 1001936

We do have leftthot tradthot threads

No. 1001938

no its purely about getting men to pay. sexual satisfaction is just the demand. But it does show that the women have little self worth since they think all they have to offer in exchange for money is their body.

No. 1001939

kiwi isnt political though so i dont think she fits in there quite right. maybe an e-thot general? i can see that thread being successful on /snow/

No. 1001942

We had the egirls thread >>866800 but it became a shit show because dead9irl couldn't help selfposting every two seconds kek. I wouldn't mind a new one tbh, ethots/egirls tend to be a good source of milk.

No. 1001943

ughh, these self hating bitches always ruin threads like that lol. i dont trust myself to make a good enough op post or find a good op pic either though

No. 1001967

O she's back on Twitter ok lol

Keep it up June you can do it!

No. 1001969

Is this the extremely poggers thing Vaush was talking about? Lol

No. 1001976

op pic could be this >>1001849
and also yall please use that cockbreath phrase in the op title lmao

No. 1001997

anon wtf are you talking about. The "sex work is empowering" movement is about mens sexual desires and centering them. Also can you learn to fucking sage.

No. 1002048

Lefthottery is the refuge of failed tradthots, so yes

No. 1002054

yeah the egirl thread doesnt suit the kind of girl kiwi is. it would be a thread more for ethots on twitch, onlyfans, etc. idk if that OP pic is what i had in mind

if i can interject my assumption always was that they claim its about money but money is just a plus to their subconscious desire to feel attractive to men because somehow they didnt get enough male attention lol

No. 1002055

ot but it's pretty known that she used to be a fuggo with a horse maw and coffin paid for all of her plastic surgery + got her residency, so in a sense he did purchase her lul

No. 1002126

No, then he would just get more attention and people coming to his defense. Better to let these types of people fade into obscurity imo.

No. 1002127

she already has more milk and posts about her than other cows in existing threads. why not?

No. 1002150

File: 1593885745833.jpg (127.71 KB, 1022x767, ciWB0f5CagE.jpg)

No. 1002154

New June video in Hazbin cosplay

No. 1002164

that doesn’t even remotely resemble her it looks like fucking lilo

No. 1002175

Is this video meant to be a Paul Joseph Watson spoof? She does his whole weird gig from the psychedelic montage opener to exclaiming "imagine our shock!" after clips she's reacting to. It just seems…… weird, and not like normal June content.

No. 1002182

someone should tell June that if she wants to ride the "i hate capitalism" leftist train she needs to examine the rampant exploitation in porn and prostitution. i'm a liberal and this is why i hate 90% of bernie worshipers

No. 1002185

she would also have to examine big pharma and how it encourages medical transitioning. Get a teenager hooked on expensive ass pills for their whole life that they don't medically need. Tell them they need plastic surgery to pass. how many revision surgeries? top kek.

No. 1002207

June is lucky, Quinton reviews got a stuffed version of himself too and it's horrific.

No. 1002217

File: 1593900835773.png (68.98 KB, 640x322, swerf.png)

you're seriously expecting a lefthot to not be a lobotomite?

No. 1002259


lmfao is that a real XKCD?

No. 1002262

If June goes full Quinton there's truly no saving her

No. 1002400

the opener is made by this person https://twitter.com/postXamerica

I suspect that's what Vaush was talking about. This new series I mean. idk I think it's better than usual stuff with cosmopolitan shit, she rarely (or rather just never?) speaks of serious things. it was even interesting for me to watch as non-American, cause I knew very little about situation. She didn't even say that nasty "byyyyeeee!~" in a baby voice in the end, kek

No. 1002403

Noo, I love Jazz's style. Very weird for her to draw that considering she's part of the liberal, artsy crowd. I don't think Preg fits into that.

No. 1002487

it's not an egirl thread, more of a dick chaser thread, like for girls who use their sex appeal and any hobbies they have to get male attention and pretend its not for male attention- i feel like its general enough for a lot of users to post milk and enjoy it… here it is


No. 1002488

just thought it would be okay to move the non-june related kiwi discussions there etc

No. 1002489

why are people in the thread still arguing that june and greg are not liberals? they are liberals, they just don't support feminism. literally everything else they believe is liberal.

No. 1002490

Are you gonna pretend June didn’t pander to right wing MGTOW mfs for the longest time? With her cock carousel bs

No. 1002491

did i say she didn't? no, but she changes her politics every other month. she has been flirting with liberalism since a year or so ago. she openly says she is liberal and a liberterian. and she is liberal, she even supports things liberal feminists do like trannies and SW. i understand if some anons may hate her and identify with liberalism too they may want to say she isn't but she really has been a huge liberal for about 2 years now. and greg is too. they just whined about feminism to show how "uwu kinky" they were.

No. 1002496

This was literally lackluster. I did not want to sit through even 5 minutes of this. June is bad at commentating, she sounded bored after a minute. The most un-poggers thing I have seen, how is Vaush rooting for this?

No. 1002544

You seem like a longtime Shuwu follower so you should probably stop taking her at her word so easily. Besides, her audience are still largely right wing incels as you know.

No. 1002549

what??? i am nearly right wing myself; she literally does not endorse right wing ideas, at all. you are talking out of your ass. the liberals in this thread are annoying as fuck, just because you don't like her doesn't mean you can decide she doesn't get to be a liberal. she is pro choice, she is pro lgbt, she is pro free healthcare etc. most of her audience IS incels, you obviously don't know how many of her incel fans are actually liberal too and many are trannies themselves. june even is FRIENDS with trannies and feminists, they are basically her only friends, even blaire white isn't as "right wing" as he claims to be. remember when she denounced lauren southern basically because she is a right wing tradthot? the only reason june and greg dont like feminism is because they're pornsick losers who feel it fits their bdsm image. i'm taking this bitches word because she literally tweets about her stupid politics every single day, why the fuck should i take your word, anon, if you clearly know very little about how politics work.

No. 1002550

who tf thinks that a person who endorses bernie is not a liberal. it's liberal to a t.

No. 1002573


i'm a liberal and i fucking hate bernie and his brand of leftism. liberal != leftist, but i understand the lines are muddied

No. 1002777

Well now, according to her philosophy, she's a used up "cock carousel rider" on countdown to 30. She did it in the most humiliating way too, all those fetish posts about Preggory are online forever.

No. 1002828

>friends with feminists
Like who? Should've left it at trannies (though even the trannies who support her are misogynistic and racist, like Mayu, lmao).

No. 1002829

I love that for her, honestly. She deserves it.

No. 1002868

Maybe I phrased my original post wrong but I meant that a lot of people in that circle don't support Shoe or the anti-SJW circle she was in in 2016. Do you not remember that gengargf girl that was cancelled for following her and Preg last thread?

No. 1002897

It doesn't, its just the one pic she doesn't look like herself. So maybe edited who knows.

No. 1002902

Spot on. Lets see how the next one goes and if she will be as public with it.

No. 1002903

Pregory, its too late to change your image, everyone knows what a sack of flaming shit you are.

No. 1002914

there was that one australian girl who called herself something with feminist in the name, but even in the end she "reconsidered" being a feminist many times. i think her name is claudia?

No. 1003094

Is that RantingF?

No. 1003451

She really hasn't. She only became "more nuanced" as you put it on feminist stuff because of the incel shit that was happening a few years ago and was covering her ass to make sure she wasn't linked to it (the way sargon was linked to the shadilay strangler, and shes gone back to it).The reason we wasn't doing the cringy bdsm shit is most shes not with preggs anymore, she'll probably go back to it when shes with someone else. I really dont understand this desperate reach to believe shes "evolved" when theres no real hard evidence and she still makes incel pandering videos.

No. 1003527

>I'm still baffled how June could look at a tweet like this and not want to expose his ass
Maybe because she used to make the same kind of tweets before

>how is Vaush rooting for this
he probably wants to get in her pants that's why

No. 1003538

pretty sure the bdsm shit was just to satisfy greg who only cared about her for the sex and internet fame.

No. 1003566

i know for a fact that is total bullshit

No. 1003567

it got age restricted

No. 1003581

I always got the impression even Preg didn't really care for the bdsm crap, he just wanted to be a 'kinky alpha dom' and he would rather just jerk off.

I mean, can you really picture that lazy fatass taking any time and effort to do all that just to get laid?

No. 1003626

I feel like he thought just insulting her (on twitter or otherwise) = being a big manly BDSM daddy dom. I feel like he was probably all talk and never did anything else but since he only keeps around people who pander to him he thought he had it going on.

No. 1003641

Tangentially related but what is the appeal of Vaush? He comes off a fedora tipping neckbeard 24/7

No. 1003651

File: 1594143316234.png (661.94 KB, 745x828, shuw.PNG)

Coffin's realdoll and Wig forming a special pickme alliance.

No. 1003678

Yaasss queen we stan a bisexual icon shuwu
t. twitter replies

No. 1003707

Wow of course she comes back and starts doing this shit again

No. 1003709

Yes, her! That's basically the only self proclaimed feminist she hangs around

No. 1003731

File: 1594154352615.jpg (44.04 KB, 390x655, EcIBdSwWAAYGjYN.jpg)

I want her to bring down skepdicc so bad

No. 1003747

June, you can stop pretending to be bisexual now

No. 1003772

Guess I should have been clear that I meant it for her image as a pickme, I have no idea if she actually likes it or not.

No. 1003798

>p-preg it's a-alright! let's BOTH comment on women's twitter photos thirsting over them now!! maybe then you'll see we really are meant to be!

No. 1003807

I give it two months before they're pretending like all this never happened.

No. 1003847

File: 1594187455793.png (53.93 KB, 868x170, nolongerleft.png)

don't look now but i get the impression that shuwu has been looking at this thread and seeing our critiques. just look her pfp change.

but that would alienate her cumbrain audience

unfortunately it isn't

No. 1003906

File: 1594207175822.png (25.19 KB, 128x128, pathetic.png)

of course she changed her pfp to attract men. this bitch may shuffle around her politics but deep in her heart, it's always been for the same reason, to look attractive to men. hmm, i bet she looks so different with the wig and makeup off, and without the camera angle. i wish this big retard would just get off the internet, she probably fucking cries every single day about her shitty ex anyway.

No. 1003915

does the hair come off to be accurate with the real deal?

No. 1003924

You're right anon, at the end of the day June doesn't care about any of her politics or anything else more than she cares about being a pick me and being "one of the good ones." Even if in a year those same retarded incel men who like her will all flatly reject her for her age, she doesn't care. She just needs a hit of that validation at any cost to her dignity. Soon she'll probabt even invert and start skinwalking her own skinwalker if it wins her male attention.

No. 1004115

File: 1594229834253.jpg (197.69 KB, 1119x881, uwu.jpg)

Well since she rejects the idea of going back to university and wants to remain egirl forever, only options left for her are men like Vaush.

(Or Preg again when he realizes that camwhores don't actually want to be his girlfriends)

No. 1004147

that would be hilarious
imagine presenting herself as 'kiwis big sis' or something like that just to attract kiwis simps

No. 1004458

>Obsessively compliments
>Just let me know if you want to check out my dong
Wow, we've got a candidate for r/niceguys, good luck June. You're going to need it.

No. 1004564

so what are our premonitions for june,preg and kiwi's future,farmers?


No. 1004665

we i mean she should take whatever simp attention she can get, its not like she has that many options anyway because of her age.

And this is exactly why e-thots should not go for the ''uwu im tinny small'' route when they are young because when they reach 29 they lose the majority of their fanbase.
Meanwhile thots who present themselves more maturely and acknowledge that they are adults when they are young they have a more faithful fanbase when they turn 29.

No. 1004672

I think one of two things is gonna happen. Either A) Preg will fade into obscurity in a few months time because June was the reason he had fans to begin with, or B) they'll get back together because Preg will realise none of the e-thots he flirts with actually want to date him and June is the best he can get (plus the point above)
All I know for sure is that June will never change her pick-me ways

No. 1004683

Honestly I think that June is going to have an easier time than preggory. She will find a new boyfriend in no time. If she wants kids she has enough time. Only sad crusty neckbeards claim that female fertility ends when women can no longer be manipulated. June was lapping up the attention she got from these neckbeards while it lasted and pretty soon she will realize that they will never really care about her. I wish her the best.

Men who are obsessed with female youth and beauty usually don't marry or have children because they only ever date women in the short term. As they age fewer and fewer women of their liking find them attractive and they usually end up alone. Can you think of many pick up artist types who actually have a wife? I can't. Marrying a woman means staying with her as she ages and having sex with the same woman for the rest of your life. They don't want that. Most of them ramble on about biological clocks and crap but none of them actually want kids. They are just trying to shame young women into having sex with crusty old men like themselves.

No. 1004686

These young e girls should just take these neckbeard suckers for all they are worth. They don't care about you. As soon as you are too old to manipulate they will lose interest. They deserve to get taken to the cleaners. I actually have a lot of respect for Belle Delphine. She used her looks to rip off men who only want to fuck her because she looks like a child.

Kiwi should set up an only fans and make bank out of all these crusty old men. If she's smart about it she will never have to work again.

No. 1004689

Kiwi will probably try to string Greg along to help boost her content, then bounce if/when the money stops rolling in.
Greg will sadpost about it, and keep thirsting in e-thot's Twitter comments.
Shuwu will remain a pick-me forever. She's too spineless for anything else. Either she'll find a new, equally obnoxious neckbeard, stay alone and try to profit off of being attainable to her incel simps until she becomes too visibly old to do the "quirky YT girl" circuit anymore, or she'll get back together with Greg when he figures out he can't find anyone better.
If she does get with Vaush, I have a feeling she'll try to keep it down-low. Someone will probably leak something about some greasy threesome with him, her, and his wife, and they'll both play coy about it.

No. 1004767

Greg commits a sex crime and June never changes while slowly losing her fanbase to kiwi.

No. 1004771

anon the idea that a 29 year old woman doesn't have many option is completely retarded. No one here agrees with the incels, we're just pointing out that by June's own logic she's done. Your whole post smells like scrote.

The idea that even incels stop hitting on women over 28 is bullshit.

Stop this shit. There's nothing empowering about having a fucking onlyfans and pretending to be a child for your pedo fanbase. This is some liberal nonsense.

No. 1004773

Sage your dumb ass thot scheme, kiwi already has a patreon, just like the other 10,000 bitches who will never be Belle or make enough money to cover being unemployable for the rest of their 20’s and 30’s

No. 1004786

Stop perpetuating autism, her behaviour is disgusting regardless of how much more disgusting the people she scams are. Also her boyfriend is the mastermind of the whole persona, muh empowering getting pimped out on the internet by a scrote much alike your audience.

No. 1004804

Kinda seconding "Greg commits a sex crime" as a prediction since he is trying to get his cult uhhhh I mean, religion off the ground. I have an unsettling feeling Greg could eventually go full horrorcow if he manages to find more young, attention hungry Kiwis to pad out his fantasy.

I think June will keep being exactly like she has always been and will attempt to get back together with him and/or just find new men to pander to. Kiwi will make some simp money for the next year or two and by the time she isn't a teen anymore all of her fans will be tired of her. She will become June as she ages and awkwardly crouch down in pics next to other women to assert her uwu smollness as she fades into obscurity.

No. 1004874

File: 1594330359899.png (311.09 KB, 599x863, brit vent.png)

I'm looking forward to a Venti video on this if she makes one (which I really hope she does).

No. 1004914

Just read this thread, the video will be this plus an obnoxious bb helium voice.

No. 1004969

i would agree more if she hadn't taken so many cringy nudes tbh.

No. 1005083

totally agree, except women really shouldn't be leaving off pregnancy until after their mid 30s. it really does have an impact after that point, biologically and factually.

on topic: i predict june will find a new boyfriend, preg will fade away and become extremely jealous like the egoist he is.

No. 1005110

Inb4 people scream scrote because facts are sexist

No. 1005346

>uwu facts are so sexist to big ugly feminazis amirite XDD

not saying you are a scrote but THAT post in particular was cringe, nobody on here not even radfems are going to insist pregnancy is best in the late 30s lol

No. 1005379

Given that half this thread is WK june and attacking this kiwi girl I think the video will be better even if its made by the obnoxious brittany.

No. 1005501

File: 1594472834466.png (35.86 KB, 738x220, Capture.PNG)

June undeletes her Twitter and is back to shitposting again, suddenly FatSeptic proclaims how internet doesn't make him happy anymore….hmm interdasting

No. 1005502

Idgi either. From what I understand, he spent years hanging out in Destiny's discord/twitch and eventually stole his schtick (edgy left-wing commentator) and siphoned off the more leftist portions of his fanbase.

No. 1005506

That's the funny thing about this thread, it's hard to tell if people are legit spouting incel talking points or just being ironic.

>>only options left for her are men like Vaush.
Wtf are you talking about? June is attractive. June is very likely considerably wealthy. She might be emotionally/intellectually stunted but let's be real, most men don't give a fuck about that. If anything, being a moron works in her favor.

These little fantasies about her being forever alone are pretty pathetic.

No. 1005508

>June is attractive
June is average looking with an insufferable personality, the brain of an edgy 13 year old and no longer marketable to the kind of men she panders to. Many men wouldn't give a fuck about that, right, but what kind of men would they be?

No. 1005510

Yeah I have to agree that these posts about June being forever alone are pretty pathetic. June might be cringe worthy with all her pick me antics but she is attractive. If anything it's herself and her own choices that are going to be her down fall. She could get a decent guy if she did some work on herself. I think she needs to spend some time single and working on herself before she jumps into another relationship. She has no self esteem and needs constant validation from others.

Also having a pregnancy in your late 30s really isn't that big of a deal. The risks are way overblown by the egg freezing/fertility industry. 83% of women can still get pregnant within a year from the ages of 37-39. That's only a 3 percent drop from a woman's late 20s. The study didn't account for lifestyle factors such as smoking or alcohol intake or male infertility. Women had no choice up until recently and didn't stop having children until they were in their early 40s on average . Go and look up the stats on natural fertility populations if you don't believe me. Women over 35 have been having babies forever and now we have modern hospitals and clinics to look after anyone with complications, which do rise slightly with age but can generally be dealt with.

It's better to have a baby at 36 with a stable income and the right man than it is at 24 and end up a broke single mother.

No. 1005520

Tfw your post is even more cancerous than the original post, kek.

No. 1005527

>Wtf are you talking about? June is attractive. June is very likely considerably wealthy.
She's bald with FAS and probably has 0 dollars left after Preg draining her income on $6k Star Wars toys and camgirls. Also remember her claiming she spends thousands on her uggo plastic looking wigs?

No. 1005531

This. Clearly some anons are delusional.
And maybe I am for thinking they will end up back together?

No. 1005532

Honestly I feel like the main determination of whether or not they will get back together is how far Greg wants to take this "religion" of his. He might become so delulu about his cult leader status that he thinks he's above getting back with her. But she has no backbone, so if that doesn't happen and he decides she has a few uwu loli miles left in her they'll get back together for sure per her lack of self respect.

No. 1005535

>Wtf are you talking about? June is attractive. June is very likely considerably wealthy. She might be emotionally/intellectually stunted but let's be real, most men don't give a fuck about that. If anything, being a moron works in her favor.

>These little fantasies about her being forever alone are pretty pathetic.

Dude, I never said it's about being ugly or "too old for men" at 29. It's about the lifestyle she chooses to live. Staying home all the time, being on twitter 24/7 posting wojaks and other epic 4chan memes, not having real life friendships and cultivating her own tranny discord instead? Then yeah, neckbeards like Vaush will be her only options left.

If she gets an education, maybe a job that isn't being a dancing monkey to losers, or simply tries to build a lifestyle outside of her internet presence? She'd have an actual chance to find someone decent.

No. 1005537

Shut the fuck you cringy bitch. Literally no one said this.

The only men that will talk to her are edgelord losers like preg. Her career would be embarrassing to anyone else

No. 1005539

Go back to your shit developing country scrote, in the west women have been having children well over 30 for the longest time. This fucking retarded concept of muh young fertile eggs is so embarrassing only a man could fall for it

No. 1005551

i really don't think they will. not because shuwu wouldn't want it – honestly i feel like she'd jump at the chance. i think greg wouldn't want it. he clearly didn't wanna even be bothered with her for the last like…. half-year of their relationship. she seemed to be a big annoyance to him and just an obstacle in his ongoing thirst for camgirl attention. the only way i see them getting back together is if greg goes back to the dating world and finds that no woman wants to get anywhere near his smegma-ed baby carrot dick, which is fully possible. we'll see, i suppose

No. 1005570

Yeah and there's more developmental disorders and fertility problems because of that.(derailing)

No. 1005593

Agreed, but I think it's going to be Preg noticing how much his YouTube income dips without her built-in incel audience giving him views.

There's always going to be someone desperate and dumb enough to climb into his folds for clout, so he probably thinks he's a catch.

No. 1005626

File: 1594506986798.jpg (86.8 KB, 962x328, h73veozni0c2124.jpg)

Don't forget to blame autistm, ADHD and schizophrenia rates on men - because advanced paternal age is the cause of those, and age gaps make it even worse. For some reasony you just blame women waiting though, hmm so strange.

No. 1005659

Men should not be fathering children after 35.

No. 1005669

>Inb4 people scream scrote
>Point made kek

Wow, that greentext is a unique kind of presumptuous autism. Thanks for the unfounded implications anon, truly autistic when you consider what I said was completely accurate.

Idk what you anons are reading but I don't think anyone's specifically blaming women, or is even a scrote. I think people are just acknowledging the statistical reality of late conception for both parties. Is there a higher statistical risk involved, yes. But is it an extreme detriment in the Western world? No.

>It's better to have a baby at 36 with a stable income and the right man than it is at 24 and end up a broke single mother.
I couldn't have said it better anon.

No. 1005758

wow you're working so hard to sound like one of june's cringe orbiters circa 2016. give up

No. 1005761

can you read? one of the posts you're replying to specifically stated they were not calling that baiting retard a scrote and did not deny the general fact that having kids past like 35 ish is risky lmao. all people find embarassing is the line about how "feminists are gonna get triggered over my big powerful fact XD".(derailing)

No. 1005765

Please shut the fuck up.

No. 1005871

File: 1594564005999.png (55.95 KB, 670x349, Screenshot_20200712-081622~2.p…)

I heard kiwi farms mods are deleting evidence of septic hitting on 18 year olds because it's "off topic".

No. 1005969

File: 1594577265337.png (418.38 KB, 901x954, EcpAE2hXgAEvlXT.png)

>but they drew a king
>shoe's like

I see it's really her type of man. Weird but not surprising.

No. 1005980

Imagine your type literally being neckbeards. She's so embarrassing.

No. 1006045

cry more femcel(infighting)

No. 1006110

doubt she would ever go for vaush, she may have shitty standards but if they're that low that's just really sad lol. i didnt ever hear of vaush until under a year ago, i bet he is just using her name to boost his audience, like greg basically did. i like how no anons are speculating june will try to date a woman, because we all know she was never into women seriously in the first place lol. saged

No. 1006112

lol brittany is basically a june lite. i dont care about that ho

No. 1006133

Uglier June who is bitterly more transparent with her pickmeism. Inb4 she comes on this thread to defend herself again

No. 1006141

File: 1594601212178.jpeg (235.29 KB, 750x895, 9F92FFF8-5EA0-410B-9D2B-893328…)

>Wow, epic phone case! You are so much like shoe. Here's a follow, m'lady.

No. 1006148

Her life has to be so fucking depressing. Imagine only caring about being seen as a 4'10" uwu loli for internet neckbeards like Greg.

No. 1006151

>uglier june
yikes, seething

No. 1006152

She’s gonna have forehead wrinkles by 22 if she keeps doing that all the time, and that won’t look very ~uwu smol bean~

No. 1006167

anon you're right, looks like she is already here kek

girls who pick up on meme shit solely for male attention are so. goddamn. annoying. and her eyeliner looks HORRIBLE! holy shit kiwi! those cheap tacky clothes dont help her either.

No. 1006174

She has such a weirdly shaped face. Why do ladies with grandma jowls always want to be the uwu loli type?

No. 1006184

Give it 2 years for those forehead wrinkles to be so deeply ingrained in her forehead only botox can get them out. Give it 5 years for her jowls to start to reeeally sag. And it between that time, all of her Male and incel followers will have moved on to the next uwu smoll loli of the month.

No. 1006188

File: 1594609299734.jpg (54.01 KB, 582x581, christeena.jpg)

very rich, June… this was tweeted by a troon with a bimbo fetish

No. 1006202

the guy looks an awful lot like vaush…

No. 1006218

Those brows girl jfc

No. 1006224

File: 1594616411746.jpg (810.11 KB, 1080x1742, 20200713_005939.jpg)

Where is she?? This doesn't look like a pet store

No. 1006302

Either a family member's house or a friend's house. June finally finding friendship with other women?

No. 1006329

Goddamn she’s really crinkling her forehead. Chill tf out kiwi
Hi, Venti, we missed you are you gonna call all the farmers ugly because we don’t sit on twitch all day(hi cow)

No. 1006337

I was just confused cause I thought she was upstate all alone and couldn't drive. She doesn't seem like the type to go outside to make new friends, so she must have gone back home.

No. 1006396

she would really be a complete shut in if she still doesn't know how to drive and lives in upstate NY. is this true??

No. 1006412

she used the blur tool literally everywhere on her face except the one area that actually looks wrinkled cool cool cool

No. 1006437

b-but anon!! only hot people are capable of talking shit on twitch/youtube for betabux!! else you'd be doing it too, duh.

speaking of super sexy streamers, Vaush just mentioned shoe again.. seems really weird and out of place how he brings her up randomly. @11:45

No. 1006441

i don't get it.. even with being generous about the character, it's just a guy who complains about feminism and has female superhero posters in his room. what about that makes a dude a "king" lol? whatever.. kinda surprised shoe even liked this

No. 1006456

File: 1594673609550.jpg (23.55 KB, 600x475, 9763572_stock-photo-girl-disgu…)

eewww, what's wrong with his earlobe?

No. 1006498

Could be scarring from piercing/gauging gone wrong?

No. 1006502

Nah, there are old vlog type videos where she's driving with her ftm friend (Derrick? Not sure about the name) filming in the passenger seat.

No. 1006509

Samefag, turns out I was remembering wrong and Derrick was the one driving but it seems to be June's car.

No. 1006560

the one scenario where june is the farmer instead of the cow

No. 1006581

Well, I guess she learnt from the teacher shuwu. Look how that ended up kek.

No. 1007487

Am I the only one who's really tired of how blatantly sexualized female characters have gotten, and how idiots like June and the OP will defend this and call any woman who objects to it a sex-negative sjw prude? The amount of likes that tweet got is depressing

No. 1007493

Idk why I thought she couldn't drive, maybe because she's so behind in other aspects of adulthood? And because she always took the train to see Greg. But now that you mention it I think she's made jokes about her car being gross before.

No. 1007494

To some extent yes, but there's plenty of examples to the contrary as well. I get confused when SJWs screech at game developers for females being "too sexy" when they're the ones who are vehement supporters of sexwork/sex empowerment/body positivity. I know people have individual ideas, but you won't find a more accurate or more confusing example of a hivemind anywhere else.

No. 1007523

It is a weird dichotomy for sure.
Inherently, it doesn't really bother me too much. What does bother me is certain men seem to have expectations that all female characters should be that way. The fucking uproar when designers decide to make normal looking (or god forbid even below average looking) characters is astonishing to me.

No. 1007525

Good point anon, heaven forbid normal women are portrayed in media.

No. 1007719

June follows the meme that bi girls don't know how to drive

No. 1007745

While I do think there is a difference between seeing certain character designs as pandering/unnecessarily sexualized vs not wanting real-life women to be demonized whenever they are sexual in any context, it is still ridiculous what SJWs will consider to be "sexual empowerment" (ie. selling your nudes to thirsty creeps online when you've just turned 18). There is definitely some disconnect there.

No. 1007767

She knows how to drive, she just had to learn how to pump gas because gas stations attendants do it for you in New Jersey

No. 1007778

>Inherently, it doesn't really bother me too much. What does bother me is certain men seem to have expectations that all female characters should be that way.
This. Whenever a female character is designed that doesn't give them a boner they throw a shitfit and say its a part of some conspiracy.

No. 1007899

It's nice to hear other people notice the hypocrisy. I don't think a lot of them really know what they stand for, like you said there's a disconnect of sorts.

No. 1008261

File: 1594919760769.jpg (408.46 KB, 1836x1818, IMG_20200716_131328.jpg)

Okay, I know Kiwi isn't inherently June related, but what in the sweet photoshopped fuck is this disaster? Even June's early 2000's shoops weren't as egregious

No. 1008267

At least the mask hid her lack of chin.

No. 1008341

yeah.. can someone who knows more make a kiwi thread? she is really not the topic here but this shit is way too terrible and way too funny to not have a thread.

No. 1008371

Not sure if she really has enough milk on her yet for a full fledged thread, and June is kinda boring atm. But I agree she definitely has potential because this shit is hilarious.

No. 1008407

Can y’all tell me what is shooped? Because to me it looks pretty normal just like she’s posing, not defending her just saying I can’t really identify what it is
Someone made a pickme general thread but mods locked it

No. 1008432

kek she blurred the backgroud to try and hide it. Her eyes make her look like she's in physcial pain.

I get so much second-hand cringe off of kiwi, I wish we had a pickme general or w/e to discuss her in. I don't think she deserves her own thread, though.

No. 1008500

Ikr you can tell she’s trying to keep them open

No. 1008502

File: 1594941354471.jpeg (466.47 KB, 750x1008, FEE62505-B60A-4A80-A9D9-737233…)

the desperation from this tweet

No. 1008508

>Holy fucking MySpace
>almost nothing recognizably "MySpace" about this outfit or picture

No. 1008514

Buy muh black hair is like the scene girls had heheee! ! ! !

No. 1008532

is she wearing a fucking luxx curves brand waist trainer to try and look sexy

No. 1008533

File: 1594944389719.jpg (24.99 KB, 311x400, myspace hair.jpg)


where are the raccoon streaks

No. 1008546

God, she's so embarrassing. You can tell she's trying to be the lovechild of Belle Delphine and Shoe0nHead.

No. 1008552

File: 1594946002538.jpg (63.77 KB, 745x485, uwufans.jpg)

is this where greg was spending shoe's money instead of on star wars dolls?
obligatory: gumroad? more like cumroad

No. 1008565

File: 1594947201696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.44 KB, 1000x992, C2E33E01-FEDD-4B86-B6D0-DB2FE5…)

trying to find any info on Kiwi
All I can find is stuff like pic related

No. 1008566

File: 1594947239880.jpeg (62.1 KB, 512x512, 474A5A34-06DC-4620-B54D-D95CE6…)


No. 1008569

>Can y’all tell me what is shooped? Because to me it looks pretty normal just like she’s posing
Insane thigh gap in 2nd pic is the biggest dead giveaway imo.
Look how the wall/floor suddenly become super sharp where it touches her body/clothing. Really weird waist-to-butt ratio considering the rest of her body.
Her left (our right) boob on the 2nd pic is flat out blurred into the wall. Not sure if the brown spot next to it is blurred but yeah.
Elbow is not even attempted to be blurred into the otherwise-blurred poster(?) in the background. Certain parts of the white wall unnaturally hug her body, even when that means being shaped to a curve instead of angle.
Her peace sign fingers are flat-out blurred into the background.
Probably others but those stand out to me, honestly don't know how you didn't see ANY of this.

>Someone made a pickme general thread but mods locked it
That's unfortunate because I'm really worried about going OT but if there's no other place to mock her, idk. She's still skinwalking June, so…

Weird ridges on top of hand/phone make this look shooped..? Also we know her phone case doesn't look like that.

I wish we had more June/Preg milk…

No. 1008573

Is that a real dick??? Because it looks really dry and crusty but seems to be attached to something that could be misconstrued as a human?

No. 1008576

File: 1594948601383.jpg (1.85 KB, 77x130, select by color.jpg)


definitely shopped. or probably GIMP, because Adobe has decent content-aware selection now.
also you can see the beginning of "bangbros" on the lower right

No. 1008589

File: 1594950217097.jpg (157.58 KB, 1024x731, scrotoshop.jpg)


meant to sage
and rate the kiwiporn pic related/10

No. 1008596

To be fair lightening the fuck out your pictures to the point you have no nose is very myspace era.

Holy fucking shit at her jaw. She's SO bad at editing. This is worse than Mickey Deer.