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File: 1653392920068.png (885.76 KB, 1000x731, 8th Rachel Thread.png)

No. 1538415

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, 28, of Emerald Hills, CA, is an insane Sephiroth shipper who has been terrorizing the Final Fantasy and several other fandoms for years. So far so good, but what makes Rachel and interesting cow? The sheer level of her activity, for one. She will relentlessly harass roleplayers who do not engage with her (because she is a poor roleplayer who wants only her specifically autistic scenarios), but this only scratches the surface.

She's also gotten caught repeatedly having problematic (to say the least) sexualized interactions with minors. She's tried to defend this as "sex ed" delivered over Discord and when this didn't work said she will keep doing it because it pisses her off. In the past 2 weeks she has posted both gore and actual pornography to minors she has been slapfighting with on Twitter (bad enough in itself) and that's what she's been doing in public.

How did a lolcow of this magnitude come to the attention of (both) farms? She had a very dead /snow/ thread and managed to get it bumped by coming into the lolcord and demanding it be taken down in the most shrill and obnoxious manner possible, to the point where anons there believed her to be a troll and a man besides. She proved them all wrong by sending her own ID, saving the trouble of doxing her. She's been averaging a new thread every week or so since and an active one on Kiwi Farms as well: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-alruna-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13-miranda-sforza.116204/

Supporting Cast:
> Michael: Canadian Nazi, Rachel's #1 simp and white knight, she says they are no longer together.
> Elaine: British-Jewish pickme edgelord with weird bone structure and her own LCF threads who was Michael's #1 simp, now throwing shade on him in voice chats. Faildoxed LCF admin and pretends to be a hacker.
> Naught and Kengle: Run Onion Farms, which is Rachel's new comfort space. Naught is a pedophile and Kengle just looks like one.
> Jennifer: 39yo Sephiroth fan. May or may not have groomed Rachel as a kid. Named her 2 children after Seph and her OC she shipped with him. Her sister does weird witchy photoshoots with them and may have custody?
> "Hyde": Makeup artist from LA who Rachel got in an online fight with and then got a restraining order in which she added like 50-60 pounds to Rachel's weight for the lulz. Showed up in the last thread to ask to be redacted and express her best wishes toward Rachel.
> Ines and Spookybones: Michael and Elaine tried to get Rachel to attack these two and she did for ~6 threads but seems to have finally gotten the hint they're not actually the problem.
> Blaine: Tranny from Onionfarms who has sometimes delivered milk, sometimes trolled, and sometimes whiteknighted, but always ban-evaded.
> Nick and Caleb: Members of Rachel's supposed 8 person polycule. Don't actually exist.
> Rachel's parents: Liberal Jews from San Francisco. Probably clueless but also know that Rachel has been in trouble online before, see legal troubles.

Older Milk:
> posts obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her
> banned repeatedly from Twitter and almost everywhere Sephiroth related
> makes socks, is too autistic to pull it off
> has threatened to starve herself to get unbanned
> has a whole tumblr group (Fairsinfo Center) dedicated to monitoring/alogging her
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exists
> undeniably fat with a BMI of 37.4; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"
> graphically talks about her vagina, which from her level of knowledge about actual sex has probably never been penetrated by an actual penis
> spams the inbox of any Sephiroth roleplayer and resorts to threats when they won't comply
> wants to RP sexual situations with underage characters
> has online contact with actual minors and likes to chat them up about sex allegedly in the name of "Sex Ed"
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortble
> posts about sexwork positivity and pro-tranny handmaiden stuff; calls us TERFs like it's a major insult
> tranny-sucking activity ceased and she had nothing but nasty things to say about them as soon as she found a tranny who she didn't like
> posted a picture of the newborn baby of one of her enemies saying she wants to sell it on the dark web
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> showed up in the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord with Elaine and proceeded to get made fun of by everyone in the server
> went on her usual spergfest which resulted in all 3 of her accounts being banned from the EDD server and her reporting users, admins and the server to discord which resulted in a couple of bans
> got additional Twitter accounts banned, currently @KILLINGJOKE

The Lolcow Uprising
> 13 May 2022 … anon rolls the devil's trips >>1527666 and shows receipts of Rachel sperging out in Discord, thinks she is talking her usual melange of schizo nonsense when she refers to anti-Semites and pedos
> a big tangled web of autism is revealed which you can read about in the last OP, but it has trannies, Nazis, Nazi trannies, Kiwi vendettas, and more. It has nothing to do with Rachel except people tried to manipulate Rachel into getting involved

Other new milk
> got in a slapfight with minors on Twitter, who told her to lay off because they were kids, she retaliated by linking them to pornography
> after having shown all her knowledge about heterosexual sex comes from porn, demonstrated the same about lesbian sex with unrealistic talk about "scissoring"
> still at it harassing roleplayers and demanding they enact her highly specific fantasies including sephiroth/aerith ageplay
> telling everyone about how she will have a baby now to own the haters
> Rachel's Nazi friends are fighting, voice tape was leaked of Elaine negging Canada and questioning whether Michael the Nazi is actually White while Michael is fighting it out with the tranny on Onion Farms
> She's disavowed the actual Nazi but is coy about the others
> Farmers found some legal papers relating to a restraining order that was taken out against her for acting like a lunatic towards an online friend who shows up shortly thereafter after some of the bad actors reached out to her
> Jennifer, who Rachel pretended was dead way back in Thread #1, was also found and turned out to be a Sephiroth-cooming lunatic in her own right who may or may not have groomed Rachel as a teen
> Thread got raided by trannies last night, somehow it got wholesome eventually with people giving Rachel good advice which she mostly ignored, she did answer some questions a bit more readily though

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186

No. 1538421

No. 1538424

Not completely accurate. I’ll clear some things up later.

No. 1538427

>Issued 07/18/2019
Not even 3 years ago, why lie about something so readily proven false

No. 1538430

Correction, roughly 3.5 years. Still a lot of time.

No. 1538431

So to summarize my question from the last thread. Basically Rachel says that her two close friends that she’s known since grade school aren’t suitable to help her with her mental health issues because they have their own lives. Caleb is apparently too busy for her to bother with her problems, but he’s not too busy to spend hours on an anonymous imageboard to defend her to us nonnies. Nick supposedly isn’t fit to help her because he thinks roleplaying, dnd, and FF7 are dumb (could have a point here) and thinks Rachel wastes her time doing that. But he’s completely fine with wasting hours of HIS time on an anonymous imageboard defending her to us, people who likely share his opinion that RPing and the shit Rachel wastes her time doing is indeed, dumb. None of this really explains why these two people who are apparently extremely close with Rachel in real life, so much so they are willing to insert themselves into child pornography investigations with the FBI at a moments notice, are not fit in Rachel’s eyes to be her support for her mental health issues irl. She’d rather find some random internet strangers for that help instead.

Now. Since this clearly makes no sense, I’m forced to conclude what we all already know to be true in that Nick and Caleb cannot help Rachel because… they just don’t exist. Glad we finally got that sorted out, thanks Rachel.

No. 1538433

File: 1653394485442.png (18.65 KB, 670x184, bertha can't count.png)

go to sleep rachel
pic related

No. 1538435

You have it wrong and they do exist, but I’m too tired and depressed right now to go into further depth with it. It is what it is.

No. 1538437

Thanks for the math. Yeah. I’ll go to bed soon.

No. 1538438

Actually, no. You and everyone else needs to stop calling me that. I’m not fat anymore. You’re just making things worse.

No. 1538439

genuine question buy what are people making worse!

No. 1538440

You keep calling me fat when I’m not fat. I fucking hate that name. I don’t fucking go by if. Enough. It ends now.

No. 1538441

It’s rooted in fatphobia anyhow. Let it die.

No. 1538442

i wasnt the anon who called you fat i havent called you fat in a while because i got bored of saying the same thing
why dont you post a pic without your face in it? you remember how quick people were to drop the whole thing about the table when you posted it so why not a pic of yourself? its not like people dont know what you look like but again you could leave out your face
just prove what you claim or continue to be called fat and a liar by anons

No. 1538443

No. No more milk.

No. 1538444

Plus I look like shit right now bc I’ve been crying.

No. 1538445

No one will be able to call you fat after you post the POV scales photo, right?

No. 1538446

its not meant to be milk
when you posted proof of your table that wasnt milk that was you disproving claims of yourself why not do it again?

No. 1538447

This is an example of your problem. You’re perceiving a trigger and choosing to go on the attack and fixate on people calling you Bertha. Five of the last seven responses are from you. You are the one keeping this alive currently. Instead, you should choose to just walk away and ignore it but you aren’t. This is the choice YOU are making in how you are responding to an anon calling you Bertha. Do you see how you are creating this problem for yourself or are you still choosing to be obtuse about it

No. 1538448

That’s still milk. Sigh. I’ll think about it.

No. 1538449

crop out your face then i told you that it doesnt have to be in the pic its ok

No. 1538450

I’m not doing a whole body pic. You get the number on the scale and a date stamp IF I decide to do it. That’s all, and it’s not going to happen for at least 12 hours because I’m exhausted and have things to do later.

No. 1538451

sperging out like a retard about being called fat is also milk

No. 1538453

Just knock it off anon. Please.

No. 1538473

Deal, but no tricks, give us the true and honest number

No. 1538476

> Blaine: Tranny from Onionfarms who has sometimes delivered milk, sometimes trolled, and sometimes whiteknighted, but always ban-evaded.

Ewwwww I'm from AMB, I was only on Onion to keep harvesting shit on Mike to hand over to farmers for his kiwi thread.

No. 1538477

nayrt but she won't knock it off. this is a board we make fun of people on. that's the purpose of lolcow. if you want to improve and all, that's great, and it probably involves not looking on here for the sake of your own mental health. don't like ? don't look.
if you want to keep looking that's terrible for your self-esteem but great for us bc everything you do is laughable. the choice is yours.

No. 1538480

File: 1653398262683.jpg (94.57 KB, 1080x614, 20220524_091646.jpg)

FYI Rachel, you can retweet this kind of stuff all you want and it still won't make you any less of a groomer creep

No. 1538493

So do we think Rachel finally went to sleep?

No. 1538500

I wouldn't trust a scale photo unless we actually see both feet on.
The fact that she doesn't want to do a body pic says it all.

No. 1538518

I'm beginning to think UH wasn't schizophrenic at all and just got heat for calling out Micheal, Bella and Burnbook. No wonder Spooky felt like they failed as a mod so badly.

No. 1538561

Yeah, UH seems pretty based. Mike is a piece of shit.

No. 1538615

No, he is definitely schizophrenic. He has admitted this and you can tell from his early appearance on KF. However, he's taking his meds and the crazy is under control. It doesn't really sound like you know what you're talking about, nonna, as far as the Kiwi stuff goes, with the greatest possible respect. I'm with you though about the Michael-related milk deliveries being top quality, though.

No. 1538622

The true irony would be if Rachel got her shit together and Michael was still whining on the internet.

No. 1538630

If Rachel really cares that much it's the only way, her pictures are online so it's not extra milk unless she's wrong about the 140 number she's going on about.

Pretty sure I was being sarcastic, but unlike what some people think I don't like steering things to be about me so I'm not gonna get into it here.

Gonna be hard but with a little elbow grease, after last night it just might happen.

No. 1538635

Since she's still comfortable lying about Caleb and Nick, I don't think she's ready to fully commit. You don't get to pick and choose what to be honest about and what to lie about. If you're coming clean and truly coming clean, you have to be willing to leave every lie behind.

No. 1538639

It starts as a step by step process is the only reason I'm holding onto a sliver of hope.

No. 1538645

Yes if Rachel wants to take advantage of her 'room for improvement' she needs to give in to the kiwis and the farmers and let them break her apart bit by bit until there’s not even a shell left

No. 1538651

No she doesn't, she just needs to go to therapy and work on herself.
I don't think she will, but maybe she'll prove me wrong.
I cant tell if you're being sarcastic or not but even if you are, knowing Rachel she wont pick up on that. Breaking someone doesn't sound fun, even though she does deserve it for the stuff she's put other people through.

No. 1538655

File: 1653413074447.jpg (15.48 KB, 479x271, sephthink.jpg)

Rachel I am going to tell you a super secret technique. It's ancient knowledge collected from the Lifestream. This was communicated to me directly from Lord Sephiroth himself (pbuh) and I am but his humble prophet (and wife). If you stop responding to literally every post calling you fat and acting like a complete lunatic, people might just get bored enough to stop calling you fat. If you make a public trainwreck out of yourself, people are going to come and watch it. If you'd stop sperging out all over the place and leaving a trail of enemies in your wake, people would have nothing to post about.
Alternatively, you can use the spitefulness that you clearly have an abundance of as a motivator to lose weight. Everyone can tell you're massively insecure about it. Every time you see a post calling you Big Bertha that makes you seethe, go work out instead of sperging out online. Keep up with it and it will help you deal with that anger and insecurity and you'll be working towards a positive goal instead of making an ass out of yourself on the internet.
It seems your parents either massively infantilized you or just gave up due to your aggressive harassment whenever you don't get your way. Real life doesn't work that way. You can't browbeat everyone you meet into submission with tantrums and juvenile lies until they get exhausted and give you what you want. You can't demand that the people you've wronged in the past have to talk to you again. You can't demand some weeb roleplaying as an FF7 character online use their twitter followers to undo the trashfire you've made for yourself. You simply can't act like this as an adult. I mean, you can, but everyone is just going to hate you and make fun of you. Some things really are that simple.

No. 1538658

It's called not lying, super easy. If being asked to not lie hurts Rachel so much, she should do a flip because it's survival of the fittest.

No. 1538661

I was quoting Rachel, but my point is you break them so you can rebuild them (think boot camp). Here Rachel needs resocializing to not be an insane sephiroth shipper.

No. 1538663

File: 1653414064529.png (282.97 KB, 1057x638, read nigga read.png)

Why can't the bitches who keep reposting content to Kiwi Farms at least read before they do it? Obnoxious.

No. 1538674

I would like to know more about Rachel's supposed stay in CHC from 15-20 years old. I'm not sure which agency that would be. The timeline is interesting too: the crazy Jennifer facebook posts come out right around the time that she would've gotten out (2014) and the alleged Jennifer grooming incident was around the time she would've gone in (2009) – if not the cause maybe a symptom? – but also there is DeviantArt content from the interim period so she wasn't "locked in" at least not continously.

No. 1538678

No. This isn't what therapy is like, they don't "break" people. Rachel is in California, a mecca of mental health services in America. She could go on Psychology Today and find a therapist who in their own words aligns with her beliefs and values and specializes in her exact issues. It wouldn't be boot camp, it would be a cushy, incremental process that could help her actually attain the life she lies about having.

No. 1538682

Thing is Rachel has gotten mental health services in the past. Coming from her privileged background she likely would've had access to a lot of services in her school district growing up too, etc. She was in some type of facility about which the information isn't clear up until the age of 20 per her account. So it's not for lack of opportunities. Unfortunately though from what she has said it looks like she had a bad experience with mental health treatment and refused to go back which is a shame because there really is help to be had.

No. 1538684

Send Rachel to adult wilderness therapy. 90 days in the woods or desert would set anyone straight.

No. 1538689

Where did she say she was in a facility? You're making it sound like she was inpatient, which doesn't track. Didn't she only do outpatient therapy?

No. 1538692

Is this the CHC she was talking about??

No. 1538698

File: 1653416502493.png (42.7 KB, 492x357, lockedin5years.png)

At least going on what she says she was "locked in there for 5 years." I doubt this would be a traditional psychiatric hospitalization (she'd have to have done something really horrible for that) but a residential program for kids.
I thought so but none of their programs match what Rachel is describing. Of course Rachel could be stretching the truth. She's been known to do that lol.

No. 1538715

I believe what she's talking about was a school she went to 6 hours a day and then went home, like any school. Not a residential program.

No. 1538716

I didn't say that's what therapy is like, I said that's what boot camp is like

No. 1538718

they didnt even call you bertha lmaoooo maybe she’ll stop being so schizo once she wakes up

No. 1538719

Honestly just 90 days without her devices would go a long way to breaking the cycle.

No. 1538721

Filename easter egg, took Rachel a while to catch on kek

No. 1538722

File: 1653418551952.png (804.49 KB, 1230x2560, EBCProfile.png)

If >>1538715 is right then the Esther B Clark school fits well (keeping in mind it may have changed over the past almost decade.) Interesting to see here that they boast of the rate where people get mainstreamed after 3 years and Rachel was there for 5. But also they only go up to Grade 10, so what was Rachel doing 11-12? I see now that >>1538698 could be read as "I'm 20 now" not that she was 20 when she got out, too.

No. 1538726

Grade 10 is a sophomore in high school anon.

No. 1538728

adding to this, sophomores are about 15

No. 1538729

So what was she doing after that and before giving them a piece of her mind on Facebook? She was in Seqouia High School in time for Bryan Horspool to throw candy wrappers at her, so she must have gotten mainstreamed to some extent, but still 5 years is more than their average LOS suggesting she was a hard case.

No. 1538731

Her current behavior shows she's a hardcase. If I had to guess however she is over exaggerating how long she was there as she does with every other thing she says in public.

No. 1538734

i dunno, but if she went when she was 15 she was probably in a normal highschool first and couldnt handle it

No. 1538735

Yeah it is possible she got dumped in regular HS with if not no services then a lot fewer services than she could get and…gets groomed online? Story gets dark.

No. 1538740

Another nonnie here. Got to admit that I'm finding all of this a little hard to swallow seeing Rachel being so 'truthful'.

Sorry but she's lied that much I don't think I'll ever believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

No. 1538741

Let's be honest. Anything that forces Rachel to face her own shitty decisions is "traumatic"

No. 1538751

If Rachel is being somewhat truthful and seriously wants help, honestly I am proud of her too.
Yeah I'll miss reading all the milk lol but seeing a "success" story imo is better.
She keeps mentioning "I don't want to remember" as a reason for not wanting therapy. If it's true then I totally understand. But even then the painful part of therapy can help you get closure, and be able to successfully go into the future without having those painful memories and nightmares.

My apologies for fagblogging, but I feel like it might help? I'll make it as short as possible:
My mom had a shitty life. Father an abusive drunk, brother trying to get her virginity, sister constantly trying to k!ll herself. Became anorexic/bulemic. Ran away at 17 and stayed with her bf, then married. He became a drunk and cheated with whores.
During her split up she became stranded, kidnapped by 2 men on pcp, raped for hours, almost murdered until one of the guys decided " he'll go to jail for rape not murder"
She tried to go to court, but because this was the early 80s, and they were related to a navy officer, she couldn't win.
Family no help. Friends, only slightly.
She had night terrors until I was 23? She went to therapy. It took a long time and many therapists (to find one that didn't suck) but she slowly was able to move beyond it. She has a better life now, albiet her body is breaking down, but therapy and meds helped.

Rachel, I know the past can be painful. But you can come out on top and be better. I believe in you.

No. 1538769

You're disgusting for writing about your sister's trauma like this.

No. 1538772

You mean my mom?
It's not like anyone knows who I am, who she is, or anything like that. It's not like me and her are the only ones that know either.
Yeah it's in bad taste that I wrote it on a cow/anon/public site. Sorry.

No. 1538777

You're fine anon, you're trying to be compassionate towards Rachel and nobody knows who you are here.

No. 1538784

am i going crazy? this woman is fucking insane and harasses children, idk how any of you can root for her when shes made it abundantly clear she doesnt want to change. i bet she'll be back to her old ways in no time. in the off chance she does want to change, at the very least stop going after kids rachel, youre 27, just doing that would already make you a much better person.

No. 1538789

No you're not going crazy. But how will this stop? Either she gets help or goes to jail. We've been trying the jail thing. Let's try something else? If she doesn't change then yeah let's keep milking her.

No. 1538791

It's a tad bit embarrassing, we don't even know if it was her here last night when she appeared to calm down and take criticism to some degree. Which I don't buy because she's claiming to be attacked and that there's nothing she can do when there is an example of a person who had a thread made on them and had it die in this very thread that she herself was attacking as much as possible. If she believed that getting a thread on you was such an awful idea why would she attempt to replicate that behavior on Erika? It just seems still very unaware and selfish if it was her.

No. 1538808

I think it's too late and she needs to be jailed.

No. 1538819

Well people have been trying to help for years.

This should be the last time ever anyone tries to help her before we just let her keep making a fool of herself and eventually jailed at the rate she's been going at.

I strongly believe it should be a laissez-faire approach after last night though.

No. 1538857

kek she’ll still be talked about here unless she actually stops providing milk, nobody is giving her a pass and saying “ok we’ll leave you alone until you fuck up again” if she actually makes any changes, then her milky behavior will stop (or at least slow down) and then there won’t be anything left to even talk about. still up to her to decide to stop being a milky bitch

yeah I was thinking this too, but it very clearly was her deviantart account that was discovered and she couldn’t help herself and gave herself away when she shut it down immediately after it being posted. also this tracks as part of her behavior pattern. there’s been plenty of times in the past where she appears to start listening to people and “accepting help” and then just goes back to her old ways, which is what’s probs happening here too. hope I’m wrong so she can leave kids alone and stop harassing people online who don’t deserve it, but if not, oh well

No. 1538885

File: 1653432107384.png (88.2 KB, 1871x340, chrome_lTgW5e0ZBW.png)

Courtesy of a KF sleuth who did the brave digging on Gaiaonline(cringe tolerance must be high). We have proof that she was on Gaiaonline back in 2009, her story about the mental stuff is really just leaning towards school councilor at the point rather than a specialized institution. Rachel always inflates(unintentional fat joke)everything she says so her name dropping a place probably isn't the truth in my opinion.

It's also one of the earlier examples of her harassing a community so much she needed to account jump. Yet again another thing she attacks others over that she clearly is ashamed of having in herself.

I hope Rachel sees how her thread immediately slowed down as soon as she went to bed and takes the hint. Course, I'm not that naive anymore.

No. 1538895

File: 1653432512816.jpg (41.86 KB, 189x353, 3315565-f09bc0c160aeee4d55d149…)

Samefag but only noticed the edit after posting. The sleuth added in the join date as well, start of 2007. New Years, dollars to donuts it's not her first account their either. She's probably been roleplaying among adults since a very young age.

No. 1538900

Yeah I don't see that she has any idea how best to manage her own thread (to answer people's questions and then ghost quietly) and she's probably getting intentionally bad advice from the bad actors who are running around on the sidelines.

Speaking of they have all been quiet. The Canadian must be so pressed at this point given that his other e-fuckbuddy is getting caught on hot mics talking shit and Rachel seems to have escaped his clutches for now (I hope.) That's one of the funniest things in the thread, too. And remember that Rachel blew it all up by being right for once. Between that and the table, it is not all Ls for our girl.

No. 1538906

She got the W thanks to the Tranny's reciepts so half of her wins have been from someone she's been attacking for 11 days.

No. 1538915

Rachel can't be out-cowed.

No. 1538921

File: 1653433605229.png (835.27 KB, 1920x1080, Adobe_Express_20220524_1806040…)

No. 1538922

wouldn't it make more sense if she went to CHC from like 9 -12 yrs old? Just a thought considering the whole point of the school is to integrate the kids into mainstream ones. A fb review doesn't always have to be based on a recent experience either

No. 1538928

I dont think Michael is a cow, it's hard to say what he is with out alogging him but he's just scum. Rachel isn't a saint by any stretch, and with how she's going she may be just as shitty as Michael in time. She's shitty, but not at ACs level yet.

No. 1538933

Rachel's back online so we should find out soon.

No. 1538935

File: 1653434108364.jpg (110.33 KB, 1022x526, i wouldn't mind being one of t…)

Kind of but what I mean is that she sussed him out due to his being a poor Sephiroth roleplayer. Which actually come to think of it there was an incident like that with Chris. Sean who is a guy who tried to manipulate Chris into doing a murder-suicide by getting him to 'channel' the ghost of Randy Stair. And there was an account called Lainchu that used to RP with Chris and the different trolls (including…wait for it…Naught) would rotate through this account. Chris didn't like Sean's roleplaying and wouldn't engage. So whether or not they are bigger cows than the main ones they still got clowned by them which is damn funny. May it happen to everyone who tries to tip or a-log my cows. I prefer it when they are left to graze in peace, free range milk is always better.

No. 1538945

Ah, sorry, I actually DM'd Rachel that it was Mike as he announced to the discord he was going to troll her as Sephiroth. Later he posted an invite link to said server, naturally only I joined, and only to grab milk as nobody else in the original server are trolls.

No. 1538948

Don't break my suspension of disbelief.

No. 1538951

It's unfortunately true, I also joined that FF server as I was confused as to why she left. Besides Micheal and Elaine that server is like a hugbox for autistics so I figured she'd be able to socialize nice. Though I didn't bring her in, she was brought in and a trashfire soon followed.

No. 1538973

Threatens death to UH, supposedly gets a Minecraft joke a day later, no block. UH points out the original screen caps made Bertha look good, she blocks UH and goes right back to slapfighting minors.

Anyone who had faith in her should be embarrassed.

No. 1538979

Loool it’s amazing how she seems repentant and then goes back to being a cow.

Business as usual lads.

No. 1538980

>12 hours
Expecting the scales photo any time now

No. 1538982

I have faith that she is a cow. That's what's important.

No. 1538994

File: 1653437848927.png (150.59 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_20220524-191539~2.p…)

Hey look, more milk, and Rachel parroting an anon from earlier who lacked reciepts.

No. 1538997

I would say never change, Rachel, but we all already know you wont.
Thats it, thats the milk.

No. 1539004

File: 1653438218955.png (2.25 KB, 186x186, roblox.png)

She's right though?

No. 1539011

File: 1653438493042.png (137.51 KB, 720x763, Screenshot_20220524-192647~2.p…)

Nice dead meme, are you someone who's the tranny salted before?

More milk. Rachel switches to Erika now that she's in pleading mode, but it's an impossible ask yet again.

No. 1539013

Angry Canadian had the owner account from the server with the "crazy Roblox rants". With an owner account you can edit other people's messages, and delete messages.


No. 1539015

Why does she think she always gets to make demands of other people?
..Oh, wait, the same reason she blames everyone else for the problems she creates for herself and the same reason she's a cow. Keep mooing, Rach.

No. 1539016

File: 1653438676780.png (848.22 KB, 1920x1080, ohlooki'vebeenimpaled.png)

I know someone remembers this meme. AC used a mario pfp

No. 1539030

Rachel was just mad someone dug up her Deviantart and found peak autism.
I guarantee there's something more autistic like she was a part of a bestiality/pedophilia rp group as a kid.

No. 1539031


No. 1539034

I think she was also agitated that Jennifer got brought up, it was pretty clear she wanted to deflect from that and white-knight, saying she was never groomed although apparently receipts exist dating to 2009, (supposed) therapeutic school era. This I would definitely like to know more about.

No. 1539037

She's used a considerable amount of monikers over the years (prolly because she harassed the shit outta people) but there's one thing that has stayed consistent.
FF7, Inuyasha & general anime fixation.
OC named Sera.
Obsessed with cats. (Has a particular hate boner for the wolf crowd too)

No. 1539048


She was a minor then. Best to leave it, or you might find something you don’t want to see. What if you find porn of her from when she was a child?

No. 1539051

Just a hypothetical. Don’t get your panties in a twist.

No. 1539053

Adult now or not, if they find that, it’s still child porn.

No. 1539056

On clear web myspace era social media?
I'll just report it and carry on sleuthing

No. 1539060

How fat were you when you sent nudes Rachel

No. 1539063

Tillamoon was another handle she used around 2016-2017ish for the sleuths with the ninja skills

No. 1539065

Are you fucking serious? I didn’t take her seriously when she said there was child pornography being hosted on this website. You people are absolutely disgusting and deserve jail more than her.

No. 1539068

Where's the scales photo bertha

No. 1539071

there isnt and you are stupud

No. 1539072

File: 1653445538555.jpeg (55.17 KB, 750x353, 16A5FB6F-3DE8-46D6-A576-85926A…)

Some milk for the farm.

No. 1539074

Not milk. Anyone can find that.

No. 1539076

You’re not getting scales pic because you didn’t stop when she told you to.

No. 1539077

she’s a whole lot smarter than you tbh

No. 1539081

ah nice to see you were all wrong about berchel changing

No. 1539086

Rachel, go eat your edibles and ponder why you were exiled from the FF7 community in the first place and why you have all these LC threads.

No. 1539087

We were never getting a scales pic because it would confirm she's 250 lbs

Told you she needed breaking, send her to fat camp

No. 1539100

File: 1653447624629.jpeg (119.37 KB, 750x936, A11A3068-5F2F-44AA-912A-F3E678…)

Fat hypocrite says…?

No. 1539102

The amount of copium she has to take.

No. 1539103

This made me lol. She's so weird.

No. 1539106

rachel this is the opposite of turning over a new leaf

No. 1539108

Bertha can't control her emotions or her weight


>a new leaf

No. 1539112

kek well that didn't take long. she lasted what, 12 hours? and probably slept for 10 of those

No. 1539120

even if that were true she still wouldnt be thin as ive said in an older thread im 2 inches taller than her and 140 would be fat on someone my height you fucking midget

No. 1539124

It was a meme of "No Followers" and she had to delete it once it was clarified it was a sock puppet account lol

No. 1539133

Guess we gotta break Rachel again, just like she broke the scale when she tried to get on it. I bet thats why she's rampaging now.

No. 1539135

disappointed but not surprised

rachel is her own worst enemy

No. 1539144

Not disappointed, not surprised, appreciative of the content.
Now we know for sure there are no second chances.

I wonder if she put on that show to see if someone would pity her and take down stuff she doesn't want attached to her name. I thought it was an act from the beginning.

As soon as she doesn't get the answer she wants to here she beats her ham fists on her keyboard and screams about how she's the real victim.

No. 1539147

File: 1653451615794.jpeg (131.97 KB, 748x947, 3A202531-E7EF-47E3-B232-2B5E36…)

Like she even has the potential to work anywhere other than her crappy job.

No. 1539149

Betcha Big Bertha's parents got her that job for her too. She talked about her dad being senile and just yelling at her, probably is a cope for him yelling at her for embarrassing him at the tard job he got for her.

Also Rachel that makeup is ten years old no wonder your face has a permanent rash on it.

No. 1539153

File: 1653452273157.jpeg (176.99 KB, 750x1006, 6EC82F48-69AE-4C11-945D-B01389…)

This retard had deflection down to an art form.

No. 1539162

She acts like she can make demands of people lmfao cope

No. 1539164

its honestly how crazy to me how she kind of had some sort of breakdown last night and seemed like she was going to change her bad habits then did a complete 180
i really wonder whats going on in her head i know there shouldnt be any sort of rationalization of irrationality but i cant help but wonder

No. 1539165

File: 1653454078513.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x2075, CBDE9346-EFF6-4236-A19E-4AADA3…)

didnt she steal art from that nagi person and made them lock their account? rachel… come on… sheesh…

No. 1539166

Isn’t she going to Fanime? Lol this is gonna be an interesting experience. She’s gonna get booted out real quick since her level of infamy is getting bigger with each passing day

No. 1539168

why is rachel asking fairinfo for help? lol didn't they try to help her?? >>1539153

everybody, including fairinfo, tried to help this fat bitch.

no one lies yooooooooooou. you're like that fat bitch that sits in the one empty spot that says no fat bitches allowed.

No. 1539169

as much as i would love that i dont think that would happen
im pretty sure shes an anxious pussy in real life shes probably going to go with her mom

No. 1539170


Rachel does this all the time. It's why a lot of people don't want to help her.

No. 1539171

ive just never seen her do it to this degree
she seemed like she was at least going to look into edibles and shit it almost looked a bit promising when she said it was all her fault when it came down to the cops coming to her house

No. 1539172

Lol that's right Rachel made her own mom have a panic attack when she realized the monster she raised.

No. 1539176

Lmao I knew she wasn’t gonna actually change. I was just trying to see if I could get her to own up to having her imaginary friends WK here all the time in her moment of weakness. We know the answers either way but I thought she might actually admit it there for a second kek

Bertha you are such a fucking cow. Nobody wants to help you or will ever help you. Die mad about it

No. 1539177

She hurt her mom, no one else but she’s looking for someone else to blame and her dad should be yelling at her, dementia or not. She deserves it for stressing out her family.

No. 1539180

File: 1653455718600.png (541.63 KB, 720x1100, Screenshot_20220525-001446~2.p…)

Rachel better not fuck the cat.

No. 1539184

File: 1653456737529.png (72.93 KB, 720x386, Screenshot_20220525-003133~2.p…)

I don't know why but this one in particular killed me.

No. 1539185

File: 1653456816751.jpg (50.34 KB, 640x481, catfish.jpg)

She is going to show up. That's terrifying.
But the thought of her getting tard wrangled in public CWC style makes me crave it.

OTOH, if anyone else goes to fanime they can see if she actually lost that weight…

No. 1539187

Fuck this made me cackle.

No. 1539191

At first I wasn't sure about the parody but that was fuckin A+

No. 1539192

File: 1653457580484.png (44.24 KB, 720x218, Screenshot_20220525-004541~2.p…)

My favorite so far from that salty parody account.

No. 1539229

File: 1653467228620.gif (646.85 KB, 300x100, RachelLeedsMinkin2.gif)

Made our little strawberry cow her very own banner

No. 1539231

post it in the banner thread on meta, it probably wont get added but we can hope and dream

No. 1539232

Already done. Maybe someday admin will add new ones.

No. 1539242

> What if you find porn of her from when she was a minor?

Bertha truly is trying to follow in Elaine’s retarded footsteps. Plz don’t get any ideas and try to post nudes of yourself as a 17 year old here in your pointless crusade to get LCF taken down. Elaine tried it repeatedly and all she achieved was spreading her ugly ass picture around for more people to cringe at before farmhands swiftly took them down. That phase was hard enough to tolerate… if you were to copy her and attempt that strategy, I might not make it out alive. The risk for sudden cardiac death after being exposed to such horrific sights would be real

No. 1539293

File: 1653482757443.jpeg (195.86 KB, 750x937, 0EB9C5E1-327D-4094-A994-7A4CD8…)

Tard rage

No. 1539371

File: 1653490704877.png (68.71 KB, 720x331, Screenshot_20220525-095646~2.p…)

I'm not offended, I'd be delighted if she died alone. Means she didn't drag anyone into her bullshit. Why hasn't this bitch cried about her genetics yet?

250lb tomato.

No. 1539377

File: 1653491025857.png (254.58 KB, 720x507, Screenshot_20220525-095916~2.p…)

Rachel showing off her belly for the scale.

No. 1539379

File: 1653491068773.png (51.01 KB, 720x231, Screenshot_20220525-100145~2.p…)

Rachel giving more chaser vibes, confirms she's into forced feminization.

No. 1539380

File: 1653491101951.png (50 KB, 720x265, Screenshot_20220525-100045~2.p…)

Rachel proving she has no boundaries and is probably bald by now.

No. 1539381

I find it hilarious she wants to get re-established in the FF7 fandom but is solidifying her reputation as a drama whore by doing all this shit lmao. No Bertha, the FF7 fandom doesn’t want you.

No. 1539385

File: 1653491557844.png (166.85 KB, 720x815, Screenshot_20220525-101149~2.p…)

Someone from the community follower her parody account and here's how she reacted.

No. 1539386

She might as well remove the pinned tweet in Japanese at this point since she’s showing that she is a native speaker at this point.

No. 1539389

Lol she finally calls herself fat.

No. 1539398

I came in about halfway through to this saga, has Rachel had periods of shifting full nocturnal before? Is this a defense strategy to just Slapfight Europeans?

No. 1539447

File: 1653494829072.jpg (86.88 KB, 577x433, 6hgwtu.jpg)

No. 1539495

File: 1653499346607.jpg (82.14 KB, 900x675, namine_s_charm_1_by_vincentson…)

Fat since 2009, she's claiming to have lost weight recently but it looks like she's never lost any weight before.

No. 1539533

I think the fact that she doesn't like to post pictures and has never liked posting pictures of herself other than ones that are heavily edited is very telling.

No. 1539545

KF went over her spending habits as a teen. She was definitely spoiled and has no sense of money management it seems. All the useless shit she’s bought over the years and hoards..

No. 1539568

Rachel is a pedophile and I would not RP with her.

No. 1539575

File: 1653504638792.png (292.91 KB, 1357x662, fuckyoutherapy.png)

Picrel from kf. September 2010. She would have been 16 and is a January baby so this would likely be Junior year and if she went to the alternative school ending Sophomore year then her first year in regular HS. Note she mentions frequent therapy and an aide in her mainstreamed classes giving an idea of her level of services at this point. Unfortunately her shitty attitude towards getting help seems to have been just the same in this era.

No. 1539616

File: 1653508481504.png (237.19 KB, 720x1249, Screenshot_20220525-145311~2.p…)

He's right you know Rachel, I had to dig myself out of a hole I was shoved into. You dug your own hole and had farmers try to pull you out.

Your whole life you've had everything given to you and you have nothing to show for it.

No. 1539617

Mommy and Daddy's money is not gonna help her in the real world when shit actually goes down lmao.

I look forward to that day

No. 1539618

>Stopped going on LCF
strange how the WKs finally stopped since then too. Glad she just confirmed what we all already knew.

No. 1539624

File: 1653509126780.jpeg (119.68 KB, 750x586, 184EA736-319E-47BE-94AC-4541F0…)

She’s raging against TurksAfterDark. There’s so many little gems happening right now lmao

No. 1539626

File: 1653509293364.png (213.85 KB, 720x1171, Screenshot_20220525-150719~2.p…)

Glad to see Turks laying down some truth on Ratchety Rachel.

No. 1539631

File: 1653509548476.jpg (65.09 KB, 500x562, 6hi16n.jpg)

No. 1539632

File: 1653509563086.png (34.55 KB, 470x208, lolcow-who-learned.png)

Someone needs to leash their pet tranny, he's all over the place, now revealing himself to be behind the parody account. It was funnier when we didn't know.

Here's the minor again, begging for a spoonfeeding. It still makes my skin crawl that minors and adults interact regularly on Twitter tbh. Much less like this. I like her pfp though.

No. 1539633

>Goes out of her way to start drama over someone she's not even friends with and owes her nothing, following an account on twitter.
>You assholes just want a willing victim.

I don't think she knows what the word victim means. She never has been and never will be a victim.

No. 1539635

File: 1653509664392.jpeg (163.4 KB, 746x813, 61F9919C-A4A9-408B-889C-D764E7…)

Sure, but pedophiles don’t deserve that right.

No. 1539639

The troll became the trolled.

And it all came full circle.

I knew she was talking bull.

No. 1539643

File: 1653509975591.jpeg (186.81 KB, 750x956, F3E87DCB-9A4A-46B1-B4EA-11142A…)

But they were never on your side to begin with. You don’t deserve someone being on your side after raging at them and everything you’ve done you idiot.

Your parents never taught you right. No wonder your dad only associates you with stress in his dementia and yells at you because that’s all you are, a burden and stress to your parents.

No. 1539651

You're just badmad I got you to laugh at my jokes, I always give away who I am after the cow blocks me and the funs over.

No. 1539652

>Hey, Rachel, you should to to therapy.
>YoU aReN't GoInG tO hAvE a WiLlInG pAsSiVe PuNcHiNg BaG
Totally sane and rational response.

No. 1539655

File: 1653510402306.jpeg (149.25 KB, 750x667, 177AF364-BAB7-4425-9B15-5B925B…)

I love the projection. I’m much more petite and skinnier than she is so when she in her delusion says she’s 5’2 @140 it makes me laugh.

No. 1539658

File: 1653510554018.jpeg (193.29 KB, 750x1000, A6FFEBB0-8A2B-4E84-9A80-DC3B4B…)

Circling back to the FBI defense

No. 1539660

File: 1653510606515.jpg (22.91 KB, 209x282, emo tranny face.jpg)

>fat, angry women doing fat angry women things
Where have we heard that before?

No. 1539662

File: 1653510629954.jpeg (215.42 KB, 750x1032, E27DDEE3-C299-472E-9BE0-7ABAF3…)

Again. Evading responsibility like a child.

No. 1539663

rachel depresses the fuck out of me…

No. 1539664

File: 1653510801692.jpg (50.93 KB, 460x527, confused fbi.jpg)

Imagine being the FBI agent … "What's a moid? What does Nonna mean? Who's Nigel? Why are these women so catty? What is a sage?"

No. 1539665

Is she trying to convince others (like outsiders that may read her tweets) or herself of these delusions?

No. 1539667

File: 1653510891961.png (328.59 KB, 561x952, Screenshot_20220525-153429~2.p…)

Speaking of Mike here's him going full schizo on an account proven to be his sock. Like Rachel he just projected everything on the people he attacked.

Enjoy the old milk.

No. 1539669

File: 1653511015294.jpeg (134.99 KB, 750x877, A328BAF1-5269-4F1D-85D7-9A68AA…)

Why is she faking outrage at the mass shooting that happened recently in this retweet when she bragged that she would shoot people to their face and she shoots guns regularly?

Mental disconnects be strong with this cow.

No. 1539672

First off, that's not Mike's sock, it's some other random schizo who's schtick was to empathize with the most hated person they could find and that time it was Bella. He was confused for Mike due to the Bella simping and umlaut but no, just some other schizo who also simped for some random murderers and terrorists before Bella even came around because he liked negative attention for his contrarian views. Also that is closing in on a year ago.

No. 1539675

I would guess its for the same reason that she acts like she supports trans people but throws that out the window when it comes to the troon on here simply because she doesn't like him.

No. 1539681

File: 1653511756986.png (165.92 KB, 720x627, Screenshot_20220525-154724~2.p…)

I'm up with you until the second point, poster said it was old anyways. Here's some actual Mike milk of him hinting at what we all know now to be true. White pearls and white pride hasn't stopped sperging for a year is all.

No. 1539685

It's not Mike, not only does it not actually sound like Mike but an IP check was done at the time. Stop making shit up because your moment of natal female attention here is gone, you're wearing out your welcome. "Poser said it was old", stop samefagging while we're at it.

No. 1539688

File: 1653512346251.jpeg (130.1 KB, 750x651, 305D0D6A-73CC-4C15-90CF-79EFC0…)

No. 1539689

File: 1653512368510.jpeg (81.74 KB, 750x418, 45756F0D-EC64-496B-A748-0D27D6…)

No. 1539692

Yet again she proves she read nothing anyone told her. Still other peoples responsibility to help her when she flat out refuses to help herself.

No. 1539694

That's not me, Mike stuff belongs in the Mike threads unless it's him interacting with Rachel imo but I'm only trying to post here if I have anything relevant. Here's a tip for anyone who hasn't picked up on my writing style as of yet, I use too many commas.

That's because, going into a discord with a cow is an easy way to become a cow yourself Rachel lol.

No. 1539703

File: 1653513256217.png (318.18 KB, 720x968, Screenshot_20220525-161259~2.p…)

Rachel being openly pedophilic.

No. 1539714

at this point if rachel isnt going to help herself i guess all i can do is hope that she gets a court order
some people just dont want to help themselves

No. 1539728

So lets set aside common sense and rationality for a second and say Rachel's story of LCF having child porn is true (its not) and Rachel having links to CP is totally fine with the cops and FBI.

How does she figure, in this hypothetical that she wants to be reality, that this being her excuse to visit and come on LCF is valid? She tries to demonize people for coming here because its a "CP site" but then automatically follows it up with "at least I have an excuse because I was turning over the CP to the FBI" but doesn't that make it worse? Her reason for coming on here is the same as the people she's trying to demonize, it's not for anything relating to "CP" or law enforcement. And if there was CP here wouldn't that make her worse for knowing so and coming here anyway? She said she was sent the links to the CP here and never clicked them, so even in in that case, she would have no reason to come here at all relating to "turning CP over to the FBI". So her excuses aren't valid no matter how you look at it.

I don't even know why I'm asking. Her brain is broken and nothing she does or says makes any sense anyway. I guess I just wanted to point that out.

No. 1539738

Rachel, ask not what anons can do for you, but what you can do for anons.
But really, what exactly does she expect anyone to help her with? I don't get what she's even after. Other than getting someone to sext her as Sephiroth.

No. 1539742

She just wants someone to tell the fandom she's changed and try to make everyone accept her. Even if she finds someone to do that (she wont) she hasn't changed and she would just be ruining that persons reputation in the community too and would end up right back where she currently is.

tl;dr she wants to RP Sera getting Sephiroth dick by fucking over someone else because she can't and wont change.

No. 1539749

File: 1653515253536.png (182.09 KB, 720x975, Screenshot_20220525-164647~2.p…)

Bitch wildly fluctuates what she says, it's great!

No. 1539760

File: 1653515490810.jpeg (139.04 KB, 1284x1262, C3AE16FC-B1C6-4F44-8631-9C0DE1…)

Right, seems to check out.

No. 1539780

There was no deal to be made in the first place lmao. This bitch wouldn’t know a negotiation if it bit her in the arse. It was people helping her like she wanted but she refused to listen.

None of us said, “Hey, we’ll stop making fu no of you so be better”. She misread and misunderstood. That’s on her not us.

No. 1539798

the sad thing is is that she probably couldve had that if she actually went to therapy and proved that she changed

No. 1539808

hi rachel i was one of those anons
youre completely shooting yourself in the foot by doing all of this
you shouldnt act out because people are saying shitty things about you there will always be people talking shit and the cool thing to do is ignore it and focus on bettering yourself
there was never any sort of deal no idea what youre talking about but there should never be any kind of deal for someone to stop their bad behavior just simply do better if you want to and if you dont then don’t expect people to want to be around you

at this rate youre just going to keep up a really alienating cycle and be really unhappy with yourself and nobody not even your supposed partners or parents can change or fix that other than you

No. 1539818

File: 1653517922843.png (142.84 KB, 720x852, Screenshot_20220525-172953~2.p…)

Here we have Rachel defending one of her pedophile friends in public. Nazis? She will disavow. Pedophile? Well she's gotta be accepted somewhere and she's burned through so many communities she's down at pedophiles.

No. 1539823

wow rachel we are so jealous of you, this other pedo, and the underage girls you guys groom on discord.

No. 1539838

'Get pussy' once again Rachel being manly in the worst possible way.

No. 1539842

Tbh I don't think the pedos want her either.

No. 1539845

honestly i was gonna leave rachels thread if she had gotten better because that wouldve meant no more milk but i guess im here to stay lmfao

No. 1539849

Strap in nonnas this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

No. 1539854

What depresses me more is the fact that nobody here knows what a pedophile actually is and expects a woman to not defend herself when flamed.

No. 1539858

Well no duh, considering she isn’t one.

No. 1539859

go take your meds rachel

No. 1539862

rachel please at least have some conviction. you sound as depressed as some of the nonnas here

No. 1539866

Rachel you lasted barely a day without coming back, congratulations!!

Where are the scale pictures that prove you're 140? I don't want to see them but you want to prove that badly so it's the only way.

No. 1539874

So much for personal growth Rachel. We told you to log off but you clearly are addicted to the attention because apparently you’re not getting it from somewhere.

No. 1539877

If Rachel actually had any partners they'd have moved on from how she neglects spending time with them and chooses to self harm all over her threads and Twitter.

No. 1539878


Fuck off Rachel, you cant keep trying to cry victim when you keep coming here. Even if you try to say "sHeS nOt HeRe" no one believes you because you're fucking obvious. No one is going to come white knight for you and thats a proven fact considering you have no one white knighting for you on twitter- where you want it to happen the most.

No. 1539887

Rachel it's more apparent it's you than it's apparent who's alogging me this thread.

No. 1539890

"Were cute when they were children" sounds like attraction to minors right there Rachel.

No. 1539891

File: 1653520453229.jpg (111.2 KB, 1280x720, ahshiet.jpg)


No. 1539894

It isn’t just sexual attraction to their bodies you dumb cunt. Rachel gets off to making minors uncomfortable and having some kind of power over them through sexual nuances.

No. 1539896

do you fucking hear yourself? she gave you proof she is 16, what, is that photoshopped just like all the screenshots of you harassing people?

No. 1539898

Oh, and let’s not forget posting pornography of a small chested 3D woman from a well known pornography site that screens it’s videos before permitting they be uploaded. You think short, small chested women aren’t a thing in real life? Who gives a fuck, it’s fictional and there’s probably a stupid disclaimer at the beginning saying all characters are at least 18.

What DOES make a pedophile:

Having professed, constant attraction towards children for a period of over 6 months.
Soliciting minors for sex, or grooming them for sexual purposes.
Actually having sex with children.

Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desire. Considering she doesn’t desire to have sex with children and expresses revulsion towards them, she’s not a pedophile. Considering she’s never molested a child or done anything of the sort to one, she’s not a child molester.

Unless she’s on a registry or has done any of these, guess what she isn’t?

My, if you followed this woman any closer, you’d have your head up her ass.

The Jaded Anon

No. 1539899

Which is telling. Most of the time people can call a child character cute without any issue. But with Rachel, "cute" probably means something gross because of how much she harasses minors like >>1539894 said.
Rachel have you ever thought about just not sending porn of any kind to any person? You'd be amazed how much trouble you'll avoid that way.

No. 1539900

kek like an anon would simp for pedophiles get real rachel also
>My, if you followed this woman any closer, you’d have your head up her ass.
can your writing style get more obvious?

No. 1539902

>What DOES make a pedophile: grooming them for sexual purposes

>she’s in a discord server with minors

>she offered to buy them sex toys
>she disguised her preying on children as “sexual education”
>she sends hardcore porn to people who are clearly minors

No. 1539903

File: 1653521027092.jpg (31.21 KB, 460x345, aK2m8wW_460s.jpg)

Time to hold you down and record that screaming.

Rachel you actually did molest a child by sending that porn after they begged you to stop. So FINE you're a child molester, not a pedophile.

Happy now Bertha?

No. 1539904

She defends proshippers and lolicons. So that’s extremely teling.

No. 1539905

wheres he proof shes never molested a child? we dont know that.

No. 1539908

That too, thanks anon! She does so much disgusting crap that it's hard to keep track of it all.

No. 1539909

dont bring that up i dont want to hear this fat cow moo about kinkshaming again you are right though

No. 1539911

Those are both kist terms for pedophile, Rachel is fully fucking retarded.

No. 1539918

>Spams porn to someone claiming to be a minor and even posted their school ID to prove it.
>Has been accused of being a pedo since at least 2013 (tried claiming she was a minor in the DA caps of someone calling her this- she was 19)
>While posing as a WK she said, and this is a direct quote, "I'll make sure to tell her to do just that, send pictures of her sweet, tight, juicy, beautiful adult pussy to minors deliberately to piss you off."
>Admitted to having links to CP under the guise of turning it over to the police and FBI. Refused to delete said CP linksn(as herself and as a WK) even after claiming they'd been give to authorities.
>Has adult conversations with minors on discord, excuses it as "Sex Ed", makes excuses and claims she will continue to do so because it "pisses you off" when told its not okay and to stop.

No. 1539919

File: 1653521590027.png (610.37 KB, 720x1265, Screenshot_20220525-183202~2.p…)

Rachel really needs to stop thinking about cat dicks.
A cats shape is a loaf, everyone knows this. Eggplant is just a slang for penis, pervert.

No. 1539921

She needs to be shamed and if she moos, then that’s more milk for us.

Apparently her parents didn’t raise her to feel shame because the shame would have reeled her back and made her act with a little more thought.

No. 1539923

Pedophilia and rape aren't kinks, Rachel. They're federal crimes.

No. 1539925

Also, let's not forget while Rachel was posing as Nick she talked about "sending pictures of her pussy to minors" and "raping infants" and posted pictures of someone's baby claiming she was gonna sell it on the darkweb

No. 1539927

Pro shipping is openly art of infants for the most part, really makes all that baby stuff she has and goes on about really sinister. How long do you think it would be before Rachel molested her own child? 2, 3 months?

No. 1539930

Idk if she’s a sociopath but she sure is showing some signs of it from her old Gaiaonline posts and her being bribed with sweets to go to therapy (ding ding ding, we have a reason why she’s a fucking hamplanet) and her inability to think of anyone but herself.

No. 1539931

I know she's a sociopath, her Twitter is enough proof.

No. 1539933

Wonder if her parents bribe her with sweets to keep her away from children.

No. 1539934

You have high hopes, anon. Someone would have to stick their dick in her for that to happen.

No. 1539935

Not even. She probably would do it as soon as the child is born given her propensity for being impatient lulz.

No. 1539942

Rachel, do everyone a favor and become acquainted with a wood chipper.

No. 1539944

>Ignores completely valid points because she knows she's fucked up and cant come up with a coherent enough excuse.
>Schizo babbles about accounts and makes no sense.

No. 1539945

i for one dont need an argument, you are a pedophile

No. 1539947


Fuck man, I just, wtf.

Rachel, you are a pedophile who would molest your own child. Go eat a bullet in Minecraft you fat pig of a cow.

No. 1539950

File: 1653522489824.jpg (81.79 KB, 500x756, 6hirtc.jpg)

No. 1539953

Love how the white knights are only active when Rachel is. No ones gonna cape for you, moo-moo. They'd be doing it on KF and Twitter too if they were real.


Looks just like you if you were actually a normal weight. Posting a character from what appears to be a kids show, how on brand.

No. 1539954

All those memes are so outdated lol. Did you get your proshipper friends to WK you because they haven’t seen you threaten children with their lives?? Send graphic porn?? Threaten to shoot children??

No. 1539956

You're not making sense again.

No. 1539957

But you’ve been food motivated your entire life, judging from a Gaiaonline post. Might work at your grown ass age lol.

No. 1539960

i wish rachel would get committed sooner we all know its going to happen eventually

No. 1539961

Rachel is;
A pedophile
A pants shitter
Ex-GF of a Nazi
Used Gaiaonline
Can't regulate her emotion
Masks her transphobia and racism to score woke points
Refuses to work on herself
Is addicted to food
Is addicted to self harm
Has poor diet and hygiene
Rarely sleeps
Continually refuses therapy cause a therapist said she had to work on herself
Looks like a man
Has been repeatedly felted by everyone she's attacked
Is made fun on by Twitter, and on LCF and KF(most cows are only on one or the other fyi Rachel, not both)
Is rejected by the children she groomed
Is rejected by by the woman who groomed her
Is essentially her parents pet
Made other cows look better and touched their poo instead of the other way around

Pretty damn "Pathetic" if you ask me.

No. 1539964

It’s not proving points. It’s bringing the class up to speed, but this is proving the point that she is WKing herself.

No. 1539966

Rachel hasnt posted on OF since Erika left, so much for that community too. She must be banned, we all know she'd be attention posting there if she wasn't.

Also Rachel nobody uses Cosby images you fucking autismo.

No. 1539969

Very insightful coming from the girl that cant even stop herself from constantly repeating the same things over and over even while pretending to be other people.

No. 1539970

All she has is outdated memes, KF archive related

Bertha's OF account (Sourpuss) is not banned rn

No. 1539971


No. 1539975

File: 1653523571961.gif (2.63 MB, 650x723, E76FFD12-A36F-4FB0-867C-D78FCD…)

I could make the same argument of you, who is present when she is active. Or how about those other users? Do you suppose one of them is her?


No. 1539978

Oh no, I just figured it would be more appropriate to use something from the era you seem to be entrapped in.

No. 1539980

Who the fuck says entrapped lol. Rachel, that’s a dead give away it’s you

No. 1539981

Rachel your retardation is so unique all your posts may as well be flaired as you, it's that easy to read.

No. 1539984

WK, do you think Rachel has a distinctive typing style?

No. 1539986

wow posting a gross rapist doing a finger thing as a meme in a place like this. classic rachel

No. 1539987

File: 1653523948237.jpg (276.75 KB, 760x844, IMG_6474.png.jpg)

You trap children in your parents basement.

No. 1539989

File: 1653524056932.png (515.96 KB, 715x781, Screenshot_20220525-191336~2.p…)

Rachel accepting nobody will ever date her.

No. 1539990

You already replied to this here: >>1539955
And no, because as stated multiple times already, no one will white knight for you, as proven by no one doing it on Twitter even though you keep begging, and no one doing it on KF. Only happens a place where you can act like you're multiple people and not Rachel.

No. 1539992

I've been laughing, I don't think anyone's mad at you. You're too beneath us to get mad at silly.

No. 1539994

Raised who’s blood pressure? Sure as hell isn’t mine lol. Maybe yours.

Go take an edible, chill out. Maybe cry about the fact that no one wants to be your friend and resolve to be a better person. Oh wait. You already did and that failed.

No. 1539995

aww bless her ickle heart she thinks bemusement is jimmy rustling

No. 1539996

they commit people in california all the time what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1539997

Rachel moo'd as she wiped away tears with her crusty ass Sephiroth plushy.

No. 1539999

She didn't resolve to do anything. She ended up rejecting therapy and never admitting that she's been roleplaying in her threads 16 hours a day since the first one.
But resolving to be a better person would be done by changing her relationship with the internet and fandom. I know that would be difficult, and probably a main reason she refuses to seek therapy — she is probably afraid that a therapist would tell her she's terminally online and that it's damaging her life. Which they would, but a therapist's job is to agree with you before they suggest changes to your life. They work for you; they won't give you anything you can't handle. That may mean it takes longer, but it's worth it. You want someone to listen to you? You want someone to "detail how they're going to help you"? That's literally what therapists are for, Rachel. Please talk to one. Many even offer a free phone consultation.

Hypothetically aimed at Rachel of course since she's not here.

No. 1540000

Delusions of grandeur.
Glad to see you just keep ticking off things on the sociopathy check list.

No. 1540001

File: 1653525159400.png (46.77 KB, 616x132, hiss.png)

samefag. Here farmhands I made you this name tag you can use to mark all of Rachels posts when you decide to do that. Made while my jimmies were rustled and blood pressure raised, obviously. This is kinda too cute for her but whatever.

No. 1540002

What a great day, just got done watching Ethan Ralph get btfo irl and now I come to see Rachel getting btfo online.

No. 1540008

huh? pretty sure the nonas have called it correct each time

No. 1540010

Yeah, as >>1540008 just said thats never happened.


Also, >>1540002 is correct. Just watched the clip of Ethan getting BTFO and am continuing to watch you get BTFO in real time.

No. 1540012

Rachel meets all three are you insane?

No. 1540014

Are you a police officer, member of a "mobile crisis team," or other mental health professional authorized by Bertha's county?

No. 1540019

Yes actually, not gonna medfag about it but Rachel you should realize most of us here have adult jobs and educations.

No. 1540020

File: 1653525850250.png (434.59 KB, 1676x592, dumbass.png)

See: various threats to people on twitter along with continuing to harass people who have made it clear they want her to leave them alone.

No. 1540021

Just because the section attempt failed doesn’t mean she does not fit the criteria. She absolutely does. She keeps going online and and engages with people who keep trolling her and she keeps getting her fee fees hurt. She is actively selfharming. She also is a danger to any minor given how often she gets viscerally mad at them.

No. 1540022

I fully believe Rachel would caniablize a baby "just to spite" someone who told her it's wrong.

No. 1540023

OF died when Groundpound and UH left lol

No. 1540025

OF died a couple of times, that's how sad Kengle is.

No. 1540026

Absolutely, and I'm sure those she threatened feel the same. It doesn't matter if she claims it is or not.

No. 1540028

Rachel you publicly threatened to shoot me in the face with a shotgun. So yes, we have proof you're a danger to others lmfao. Also Ralph weighs less than Rachel, that's my fat joke for the night.

No. 1540030

Sure, but I dont recall seeing anyone do so.

No. 1540031

i could see rachel pulling a tarrare, she probably eats as much. way less sympathetic tho.

No. 1540033

Rachel would manage to be less sympathetic than someone who ate an infant holy fuck.

No. 1540034

File: 1653526341208.jpg (181.17 KB, 1080x949, 5150.jpg)

Rachel, here are some numbers to call for your crisis.

No. 1540035

Please clarify what you're saying
>And also, yes. to.

No. 1540037

No one threatened her. Most of the “threats” were minors talking out of their ass which most grown ass adults don’t take seriously unless there’s good reason to.

No. 1540039

You know, now would be a great time to remind everyone that Rachel threatened to hurt minors, has threatened to shoot people. Hmm. Sounds like a current event.

No. 1540040

Think it would be possible to call this place and have them pick her up? I'm worried about her safety to herself.(cowtipping)

No. 1540041

Sure would be a shame if someone were to report something like that, wonder what would happen in that hypothetical scenario.

No. 1540042

Won't take a scales photo because Bertha's gunt is blocking the view

No. 1540043

Whaaaaaat? That's cow tipping! Don't do thaaaaat. Nooooooo. Stooooop. I swear, don't do it anon.

No. 1540045

Sure but anyone can see she’s a threat given her track record with people. She’s gone out her way to harass and threaten people.

No. 1540046

Where is the scale photo? The people want the scale photo. It's Rachel's best chance at a W yet.

I bet she is just shaving her belly and that's why it's taking so long. Maybe I should give her some of my anti testosterone.

No. 1540047

For someone who isn't the patient, calling the local PD's non emergency number would be the way to get it done and they'd be able to get you to the proper department. Y'know, hypothetically.

No. 1540050

No, its pretty hard for someone thats not a police officer or a mental health professional to get someone else 5150'd. Best that could be done in that situation for someone not in one of those professions would be to call in a wellness check to her local police department. However that is cowtipping so I'm not endorsing anyone do that.

No. 1540052

Shooting children after 19 were massacred yesterday isn't a good look Bertha

No. 1540054

>threaten to shoot

No. 1540055

It's startlingly easy to do.

No. 1540057

girl what? conceal carry doesn't negate legal penalties for threats the fuck you on about?

No. 1540058

Nobody trespassed on her property so that points pretty dumb Rachel.

No. 1540060

anon, police don’t care about threats from random people on the internet unless it’s credible. until she actually shoots someone or shows up to someone’s house or attacks a child, she’s likely full of hot air. the same goes for everyone else threatening her, or threatening in general.

No. 1540061

Rachel stop trying to delay inevitable consequences. None of us are buying your "Noooo don't cowtip! What about the rules!?" guise.

No. 1540062

Irl sources say she chimps out just as much if not more in person, she'd be anime villain monologuing the cops while she held her own mother at gunpoint as a human shield and hostage.

No. 1540064

By all means, you’re welcome to try to get her sectioned. Just don’t be surprised when it fails.

No. 1540065

Concealed carry doesn't automatically mean it's a stand your ground or castle doctrine state. California recognizes castle doctrine but it also upholds (like all states with this defense) resonable force. You can't just murder someone for coming on your property if theres no perceived threat. Also threatening to shoot someone over the internet beforehand would make it pretty hard to argue that as a defense especially if the person wasn't threatening to harm you.

No. 1540066

Rachel is worried about calling because she knows her parents wouldn't lie to the police about her violent, pedophilic behavior.

No. 1540067

I wasn't, iirc I was making a joke about being across the street and she went right to a death threat. It was fucking hilarious.

No. 1540068


Right right cow tipping. Honestly I have a life and don't want to get tangled up in that mess lol plus that would stop all this milk!

No. 1540069

File: 1653527298447.png (91.7 KB, 1346x330, 8E4F8FC2-DC82-4A92-80E2-50B8F5…)

Really? If this blog post is accurately her, then the fact that she had to be bribed tells me she threw a tantrum about having to go to therapy.

That doesn’t sound like a calm collected person.

No. 1540070

Rachel, you're the one encouraging people to cowtip at this point. The more unhinged you act, the more you'll encourage someone to just do it. Just so you're aware. You're not helping your case.

No. 1540072

I betcha when the police hold her down her gunt will fall out and we can finally see that flabby tummy of hers.

No. 1540074

Rachel, post those scale pics please!

No. 1540077

The chimpout she'd have for being held in psych care for 72 hours without access to the internet would be the best milk…

No. 1540078

Rachel doesn't own property.

No. 1540081

Ethan Ralph getting punched in the streets of Portugal but Rachel version lol

No. 1540083

Uh, I'm >>1540050 and not Rachel. Not going to catch a ban for encouraging an anon to cow-tip while giving them a valid way to do so. Thought that was pretty obvious.
I agree >>1540048 is her though and I'm iffy on >>1540056 since they said getting someone 5150'd was easy to do and that would be strange of Rachel to say.

No. 1540084

She needs to stop squaring up I swear, just walk away Rachel lol

No. 1540085

I figured you weren't. And being across the street is not being on her property so she's real dumb trying to already use that as a defense kek

No. 1540088

Yes Rachel, I live nearby so I'll ween and film it while blasting yakety sax.

No. 1540090

If anyone goes to Fanime this Friday, please keep an eye out for her potentially chimping out lol

No. 1540091

Rachel's gonna be WKing here all Friday and miss Fanime.

No. 1540092

Imagine if she gets institutionalized and can't go to fanime after all hahahahah

No. 1540094

I didnt tag that post?
so I assumed they're the same person as above which also replied to my same comment (since they're not me tagging my comment and samefagging) unless there was a comment posted between they could samefag or they dont know what samefagging means, and in those cases its likely also Rachel.

No. 1540095

You're so optimistic. I'd have said 72 years.

No. 1540096

This reads as a shitpost but I know it isn't. You're gonna make someone want to ween and do it lol

No. 1540097

It was Rachel, I said it's easy to do because it is. Even if she acted calm, her mother wouldn't lie and she's got prior behavior on the books. They'd take her in regardless, she should be scared if someone decided to call.

No. 1540098

Unless she wasn’t kidding about losing weight, in which case it will be difficult to recognize her, especially if she’s wearing a mask.
Not everyone is her retard.

No. 1540100

If you’re not a pussy, then do it. See what happens. Bring the weens. She did threaten to shoot someone, didn’t she? She did harass children, didn’t she? She is a zoophile and a pedophile after all, isn’t she?

No. 1540101

She has that greasy long ass dishwater hair, is about 5'1" and will have hairy legs and probably a Sephiroth plush or that damn ring.


No. 1540102

If she’s done something worthy of being sectioned or arrested, then call the necessary authorities and get her taken in. I’ll be convinced you’re not talking out your ass if you do it.

No. 1540103

>not everyone is her retard
>continues to white knight her when no one would, especially not over her losing weight.

Then she better hope someone doesn't ween and make that call.

No. 1540104

you’re not going to be walking around eyeing everyone’s hands at crotch height, anon

No. 1540105

One way to potentially spot her would be the mumus she keeps wearing, the ita loli style, a headband and the ribbons she keeps wearing in her hair. I guess.

No. 1540107

I saw her hair on her archived deviantart. Doesn’t look greasy at all.

No. 1540108

Rachel has posted on a 4chan style image board about shooting children not even 24 hours after the mass shooting of children.
Mhm, I'm sure the authorities will just let it slide.

No. 1540109

She wouldn’t exactly be wearing a mumu if she lost weight. she probably has a whole new wardrobe at this point.

No. 1540110

On her minimum wage paychecks? When she spends all of her money on random shit?

No. 1540112

too many people wear headbands or ribbons in their hair at cons. it’s fanime so it’s going to be a superspreader event with thousands of unwashed weebs

No. 1540113

But she didn't so she'll be wearing a mumu and probably that ugly ass head scarf looking like she's bald from the front like always.

No. 1540114

There's nothing to suggest she's still not 250 lbs

No. 1540115

Talking out your ass again with those numbers. Ho hum.

No. 1540116

That Lolita dress of hers is hard to miss since she looks like a walking picnic blanket.

No. 1540117

sure nona. whatever helps you feel better about yourself.

No. 1540119

I personally thought the dress was cute. Was out of stock when I went to look though.

No. 1540120

Looks dry as hell though kek.

No. 1540121

Rachel looks like a tranny lumberjack who doesn't try, she'll stick out more than a vine ripened tomato. Which is about how red her face always is.

She shouldn't go because she shouldn't be around children.

No. 1540122

theres also nothing to suggest she ever weighed that much to begin with.

No. 1540124

I don't need to point out the obvious about you to feel better about myself.

>Ho hum.

No. 1540125

You can tell Rachel apart because she'll be trying to drown the smell of yeast with expired Lush products.

No. 1540126

Ayrt im talking about being committed not being sectioned they are completely two different things and you definitely qualify for both hilariously enough

No. 1540128

Look at the date stamp on the photo. It’s from forever ago. The product she uses on her hair in the pic probably isn’t even being made anymore.

No. 1540129

You need to be given the benefit of the doubt that you’re correct or else you sperg out and have a meltdown. It’s great.

No. 1540130

Yes there is, court documents

No. 1540131

Which lolita dress? Any of the dresses I’ve seen her wear in any photo of her were ugly and tacky.

No. 1540132

Maybe would, was I her.

No. 1540134

I was talking about the recent selfie she sent to Gaiasgod lol

No. 1540135

so you admit hyde was lying?

sure anon. shh. it’s okay. there’s no need to be upset about being wrong. everyone is wrong occasionally.

No. 1540136

Rachel hasn't lost weight, if she did she'd post a picture. She's shared pictures of random shit, the table, her Lush hoard, but no body pics.

She knows she's lying, otherwise she would have proved it by now.

No. 1540137

You're even starting to talk like Chris-Chan Rachel….

No. 1540138

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 1540140

Women don’t owe you shit anon. You’re talking an awful lot like a Kiwi.

No. 1540141

Oh? You don’t like that phrase?

Ok then! I’ll make sure to use it as much as possible! Ho hum.

No. 1540142

It's still true, Obese Latrice.

No. 1540143

it’s ok anon, you don’t need to feel sad about your own pathetic lack of hygiene. maybe one day you’ll be able to dumpster dive behind a lush too.

No. 1540144

Oh look someone trying to infight, it's probably Rachel.

No. 1540147

Rachel how's the yeast infection?

No. 1540148

File: 1653529080407.jpeg (128 KB, 1079x928, Screenshot_20220524-085904-01.…)

One day people might cosplay as you too, Rachel.

No. 1540149

She isn’t giving us a scale picture probably because she said she would think about it, not that it was a guarantee. You sperging out about “send us scale pics! send us scale pics!” is probably what made her make up her mind to not give you entitled brats anything.

No. 1540150

I knew it never would come because she's too much of a pussy.

Ahem, you're too much of a pussy.

No. 1540152

Okay I’m not gonna lie that is funny as hell. Mad props to the guy who made that.

No. 1540153

Give us the scale pictures or admit you're 250 that's the only deal we ever agreed to.

No. 1540154

I literally don't care if you believe me or not, though. Kek

By all means, use it all you want. Makes it easier.

No. 1540155

she agreed to nothing lmao get it through your thick skul

No. 1540156

The fact that it's the main article picture has me choking over here

No. 1540158

Aren’t medical records public, or does that violate HIPAA?

No. 1540159

Your skull is thick with fat Rachel.

No. 1540160

Where do you think he’s going?

No. 1540163

Bertha's ID says 190 lbs, she's fat as fuck no matter what

No. 1540164

the brain is primarily made of fat ignoramus.

No. 1540165

Just for Rachel not posting the scale pictures, I think she's GAINED 40lbs and is now 290lbs at 5'1".

No. 1540166

The skull isn't supposed to be, far retard Bertha.

No. 1540167

its hilarious how rachel rattles on about not being anyones punching bag and refuses to be broken meanwhile she comes on here and gets dog piled until she manages to break and have a moment of weakness like the other day

how long did it take to that? do you think another one would happen within the same amount of time?

No. 1540168

The restraining order was back in 2019 so Rachel could have easily gained even more than that

No. 1540170

Bet Rachel is too big for the home scale, they gotta take her to a truck weighing station to get her weight.

No. 1540171

and yet the id was issued 3 years ago. a lot of things can change in 3 years. every 7 years, the human body replaces most of its cells.

No. 1540172

omg kek rachel thinks the brain and skull are the same thing. that explains a lot

No. 1540173

then you really won’t be able to recognize her at fanime

even if someone weens her there, they’re still gonna have to pay$75 to get in and pray they’re in the right spot at the right time

No. 1540174

that violates, HIPAA. I bet Rachels are full of milk though.

No. 1540176

Maybe she doesn’t even have a scale since she moved out?

No. 1540177

File: 1653529523100.jpg (98.53 KB, 900x675, almost_like_brothers__the_gene…)

Genesis, Rachel? Really? How can you have such shit taste

No. 1540178

Rather, she would if she was actually here. ;)

No. 1540179

We could use some milk, do tell?

No. 1540180

That joke was so good it sprang to life in my head. I can hear the rumbling of the Trucks as they wait behind Bertha who's putting a finger on it and going "See?! 140!!!"

No. 1540181

she doesn’t even look 200 in the recent photos of her. considering the camera adds 10 pounds, maybe she’s 130 pounds.

No. 1540184

File: 1653529618555.jpeg (9.46 KB, 259x194, images (5).jpeg)

She's at home with her parents.

Picrel, it would be what you saw if she had to leave the house.

No. 1540185

File: 1653529639592.jpg (96.18 KB, 2847x1412, press-x-to-doubt-la-noir-origi…)

No. 1540186

Yeah and Bertha's face looks every bit the 190 lbs it states she is. Bertha creates new fat cells but keeps the old ones too.

No. 1540187

If FairsInfo has been around for at least two years, nothing has changed on her end. She’s still an abusive person who has anger and entitlement issues. The fact she sent a heavily photoshopped selfie to someone is evidence she really hasn’t lost the weight.

No. 1540189

The camera doesn’t add ten pounds and stick to a weight ffs, what is it? 190? 140? 130?

No. 1540192

Sure she is anon. Whatever it takes to make you feel better about your miserable existence, and if that means making you believe you’re right? Then you’re right.

No. 1540193

File: 1653529823468.jpeg (52.58 KB, 184x275, 1652936324409.jpeg)

This is the most current and accurate photo we have of Rachel until she posts those scale pics.

No. 1540194

im still going with 140.

No. 1540195

This is the hardest reach yet. Get glasses or meet people, anon. (Rachel) She looks no where near the realm of 130lbs in any way shape or form.

No. 1540196

No, I'm absolutely correct.
Rachel is at home right now.

No. 1540197

That ID was issued 3 years ago and is heavily doctored to make her appear fatter than she is. Pretty sure UH made that sock earlier trying to trick her.

No. 1540198

Maybe Bertha should just do the scale pic, she owes it to herself if she really is 130 lbs

No. 1540199

No, it's true and honest.

No. 1540200

Trick you into believing you're that fat? Rachel, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying you're so embarrassing.

No. 1540202

Proof Rachel doesn't read the thread when she's gone, she just engages in WKing with no homework.

No. 1540203


No. 1540204

would you bet actual money on that?

No. 1540205

Your double chin doesn’t lie babe. You used an app that made your chin blur into your neck when you sent that selfie to Gaiasgod. I’ll believe that over the doctored excuse.

No. 1540206

inb4 you call me Rachel but are you seriously citing a handwritten complaint (not court document in the sense you imply) by Melissa, who I'm pretty sure in the last thread admitted that she wrote in '250' out of sheer cattiness? Please, nonna. Your Twitter is showing. I wonder how many of the posters here are the minors she's been bothering. I wouldn't blame them, it's what I would've done as a kid, but it would explain the quality of some of the posts ITT.

No. 1540207

Considering you’re only posting doctored pictures of her, no. The only one with shoddy judgment here is yourself.

No. 1540208

File: 1653530107083.jpg (835.44 KB, 1500x1000, NINTCHDBPICT000695602927-2.jpg)

Here is a picture I took of Rachel yesterday proving she is not 140lbs.

No. 1540209

Considering you’re only posting heavily doctored pictures of her, no. The only one with shoddy judgment here is yourself.

No. 1540210

I would but she won't even provide proof of the scale, let alone a picture of her being in a new location lol

No. 1540211

lol anon you found one of UH’s pictures of themselves? so much for estrogen

No. 1540212

Anon, you're taking the internet too seriously. Please take a break.

No. 1540213

Again. Women don’t owe you anything Anon. You’re not getting the pictures because she never promised you them, she said she would think about it. The fact you sperged out about it because she was too slow for your tastes just made her settle on giving you nothing. Karma at its finest.

No. 1540214

It's the time of the night for Rachel to attack Erika, she's like clockwork now.

No. 1540215

they don’t call her Big Bertha for nothing…

No. 1540216

She did admit she did it out of cattiness last thread.

No. 1540217

Karma at its finest was making you break your trans-ally mask you fat cow LOL

No. 1540219

blaine is a tranny, why are you defending him? give the attention whore his dues.

No. 1540220

LMAO I'm not even a dude but go off princess. Tell us all how we aren't worth it when you have the power to shut everyone up in your hands.

Fat and mad.

No. 1540221

I mean, I would too if I was harassed by her repeatedly so I can’t blame Hyde. But… the 250 would have had to be checked out for accuracy’s sake for legal documents, no? There would have to be a document with an accurate weight somewhere out there.

No. 1540222

Strange, IIRC Rachel knew how to sage.

No. 1540223

50$ in BTC says it is the minors.

No. 1540224

and you break your Twitter mask lmao

No. 1540225

I didn't post any pictures of her (you). She's (you're) not 130, even in the edited pic she (you) sent whoever on twitter.

No. 1540226

that would also violate HIPAA.

No. 1540227

Far as I’m concerned, she is 130. I’m going to go try to get the farmhands to handle this ridiculous infighting and make sure there are no minors in there.

No. 1540228

If she was arrested, there would be a document where a weight was indicated, but it would be guessed and/or asked, they're not going to weigh everyone who they arrest. If it's this kind of document it is going to be just whatever is written. Also, minor.

No. 1540229

Rachel doesn't sage sometimes to try to pretend to be someone else, or she gets lazy

No. 1540230

My main Twitter hasnt been found by farmers Rachel, do go on and attack me though. You're just gonna make someone else rage more, I know you attack me out of jealousy so it feels more like a compliment when I read your posts.

No. 1540231

You don't know what karma means.

No. 1540233

The only "ally" label Rachel gets to pick up is the "Nazi ally" one. How would Mommy and Daddy feel if they knew their tardlet was playing with literal Nazis on the internet?

No. 1540234

Oh I do know. And you’re getting your own dues, you and everyone else who kept begging for scale pics.

It’s a dumb fucking idea to put pictures of your weight measurement online anyhow.

No. 1540235

Lol we broke Rachel again and she's too busy crying to WK.

Not broken? No milk?
More lies from the fattest, saddest girl on the internet.

No. 1540236

And as far as I'm concerned, you're a delusional fat cow named Rachel. Too bad for you, I'm much more likely to be right.

No. 1540237

You endlessly spew dumb shit and overshare on the internet. A scale pic isn't gonna hurt you but you're too much of a coward so you won't.
You can't face your lies.

No. 1540238

Damn nonna leave some bait for Bertha

No. 1540239

Her weight would not violate HIPAA lmao

No. 1540242

Samefag, meant to tag >>1540227.
Minors in where, Rachel? Here?

No. 1540243

There's one anon who's getting really autistic about bait ITT.

No. 1540246

I waited 'at least' 12 hours before continuing sperging
We wouldn't be getting the pictures even if Bertha had promised them because she's a catty 190 lbs (meaning 250 lbs)

No. 1540248

I might just post a scale pic in a bit to prove Rachel cannot weigh 140 in anything but her delusional fantasies.

No. 1540249

I've quite literally never asked you for a scale pic. I dont need to in order to know you're fat.

No. 1540250

It’s also a dumb fucking idea to put pictures of your ID including weight measurement online too.

No. 1540259

File: 1653532263464.jpg (1.34 MB, 3456x3456, IMG_20220525_213005.jpg)

So easy, granted Rachel should show us both her feet but hey.

No. 1540260

But not dumb to post about your cooch, period, or sexual activities? Ok rachel

No. 1540261

She's too dumb to realize she could've easily done this kind of thing jfc

No. 1540263

She’s trying to get a win on the haterzzz for being called a kissless virgin since it bothers her more lol

No. 1540264

File: 1653532589939.jpg (704.79 KB, 2448x1885, 20220525_193435.jpg)

We should all post our weight lmao. See? Not so hard Rachel.
Sorry about the socks, they're Sally socks lol.

No. 1540266

I only his my feet cause I got old paint on my toes and didn't want to catch shit. Cute socks.

No. 1540269

File: 1653532919144.jpeg (45.5 KB, 750x355, 6D46DD7F-C92A-451C-BE7F-97B5BE…)

With her track of cyclical arguments? Lmao I think not

Cute socks!

No. 1540271

No. 1540272

What are Sally socks? They are cute though.

No. 1540273

sally like the nightmare before christmas character? nonna those socks are so cute!

No. 1540276

Theres literally a space in the reply box for youtube videos

No. 1540278

>Diabetes ad
The bell tolls for thee, Bertha

No. 1540279

She’s not as autistic as Chris. Chris documented his shenanigans with cameras.

No. 1540281

She's more autistic than Chris you're right.

No. 1540282

joke's on you, this song slaps and i'm rocking out for free. actual thanks, rachel

No. 1540283

what if it was all minors the whole time?

No. 1540284

She's still just as autistic, just uses twitter to document her autism instead.

No. 1540285

If she were more autistic than Chris she’d be nonverbal.

No. 1540288

can’t really be documented if she keeps getting suspended or locks her account.

No. 1540289

She honestly is, her vocabulary is so stunted that I'm not shocked she goes after kids. Probably wants to have a conversation on her level of comprehension.

No. 1540290

Funny how she posted that after I wrote this >>1540263. It really does bother her when people call her a kissless virgin lelel

No. 1540291

That and two girls who weighed less than her did what she couldn't and one got compliments, tard jealousy rears its ugly head.

No. 1540292

That cap is cringe even for Bertha

No. 1540293

Minus the happy ending.

No. 1540295

Show vulva or not female.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1540297

ugh how are you so scrotish and behind the times?

No. 1540298

that’s a stretch. for someone with 7 partners, being kissed wouldn’t be an uncommon thing. probably just getting lipstick on her from a kiss is unusual

No. 1540299

Tits or gtfo.

No. 1540300

sounds like a scrote
Only she doesnt have even a single partner.

No. 1540301

If she gets suspended though and it’s not documented, then all we have is a handful of screenshots with no context.

No. 1540302


Cat Molester
Never bathes
Never sleeps
Eats babies
Weighs 290lbs
Gets mentally dunked on by literal children.

All of these are facts we have PROVEN completely and BEYOND ALL DOUBT are TRUE and HONEST FACTS.
Here's were id put in CWC emojis if I wanted to catch a ban.

No. 1540303

Can you prove it?

No. 1540304

Are these partners helping pay for the imaginary house she’s living in or they living rent free in her head like so many other things

No. 1540306

archiving sites exist and are used when she posts very retarded things.

No. 1540307

The lack of evidence that they exist is enough, along with the text screenshot from the 2nd (i think) thread that she claims is photoshopped but has been proven to be real.

No. 1540308

I mean you wouldn't call me female anyways but that's far more male than my behavior. Blend better dude.

No. 1540309

This post is cringe even for Bertha

No. 1540310

No. 1540315

Tbh it's kind of surprising she can't get laid with how aggressive she is about the ERP shit. Shouldn't be that hard to pick up some weeb NEET guy in her own league. Well, before he finds out she's batshit anyway

No. 1540318

Shut the fuck up Rachel, adults are talking.

No. 1540321

It's the smell, guys can tolerate a lot but smell gets to them instantly.

No. 1540322

There’s more evidence to suggest they exist than evidence they don’t exist. We don’t have pictures because they’ve either not consented to it or she is protecting them from LCF and KF.

Yeah no. Her vocabulary is too complex for children to understand unless they read something dumb like War and Peace. Too complex for most people here to understand either. Using big words only makes you look stupid if you don’t know the meaning.

No. 1540323

Oh yes, they’re on her in seconds because she smells like a fresh bouquet of roses.

No. 1540324

No. 1540325

like bees?

No. 1540327

She doesn’t have to settle for anything other than what she wants. And if she has it, good for her. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal if you’re not jealous.

No. 1540328

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but you ma'am are naught but a baboon.

No. 1540329

No theres not. If thats true, post it.

>Yeah no.

No. 1540330

I bet she smells like yeast and dried vomit.

No. 1540331

It really is. It's hard to ERP online without encountering weeb NEET guys who will try to take it OOC.
I'm still baffled she got banned from F-list, that's genuinely impressive. In a bad way, but still.

No. 1540332

If someone was shitting on my partner constantly and they were crying while holding Bello, I would tell them to stop being a retard and having fights online and do something productive like focus on the garden you have Rachel. But you wanna keep at this stupid lie which is why people keep shitting on you.

No. 1540333

Lol Rachel, I can prove someone is actively flirting with me on another site as I post this.

Can you prove any one of your partners or WKs are real?

No. 1540334

can't forget those bee men from that tentacle site

No. 1540337

Her partners don't exist. Rachel is sitting at home pretending to be living her best life. Really she's holed up in the house, crying and then rubbing one out because she can't get anything else.

No. 1540338

Even a baboon sitting at a keyboard long enough will eventually write Shakespeare.

Whatever helps you feel better about your own fragrance being steaming dog excrement, nona. With all that lush product, it’s impossible for Rachel to not smell good.

No. 1540340

More likely she’s at her own house with her 1 or more of her 7 partners watching a movie or playing video games right now.

No. 1540341

You….just accepted that you're a baboon….that wasn't a comeback….

No. 1540342

According to her Twitter she's off her meds and online.

No. 1540343

So, Rachel in other words. She's the baboon. Imagine thinking people will fuck you based on you smelling like roses.

She's not because she just wrote the comment I'm currently replying to.

No. 1540344

more realistically they will die first after living a frustrated existence smashing their fingers against a keyboard. kinda like rachel's current trajectory

No. 1540345

Sure, especially when the Lush products are 10 years out of date which is why you have the yeast infections and the skin on your nose looks fucked up in that selfie of you scrunching your face up. You don’t use sunscreen either do you? Explains the aged look at your age lol. (Also the fucked up shit you say whilst acting all SJW like, universe’s way of ageing you for being a steaming cow pat lel)

No. 1540346

KEK you know that overwashing ruins your skin, right? All those products are probably why she smells so rank.

No. 1540347

There's the Rachel we all know…

No. 1540348

Rachel looks like she's 45 now that you bring it up.

No. 1540352

File: 1653535252492.png (47.5 KB, 720x269, Screenshot_20220525-221926~2.p…)

Damn you sure look silly as she posted to Twitter at the same time you did disproving that.(two tabs Bertha? Damn I didn't think your pea brain could handle two tabs open at once on your computer.)

No. 1540364

Do you think Rachel may an hero when she realizes that her parents consider her a burden and Belo probably does as well?

No. 1540365

If my partner spent as much time as Rachel does online, there wouldn't be a relationship lmao and she claims to have 7 partners to have to divide up time spent with.

No. 1540368

She’s deluded herself into thinking her parents love her. Certainly not after getting served kek. As for Bello, I remember her complaining about him not coming up to her and hating her presence.

No. 1540370

big bertha is obsessed with her context. what was the context for sending a 16 year old loli and hardcore porn?

No. 1540371

How sad, my cat laid on me for an hour today cause I was gone yesterday. I wish Rachel would be nicer so she could see how much better life is when people actually like having you around.

No. 1540373

aww i'm happy for you and your cat anon!

No. 1540376

File: 1653536536107.png (425.02 KB, 828x1778, C6E26789-24F7-4CD9-8802-13E143…)

Saw this and found it ironic that she screamed about being left alone. Maybe leave people alone who don’t want anything to do with you and you will be left alone.

This Person hasn’t even engaged with her at all recently and she’s up in their DMs trying to drag them into her drama again.

No. 1540379

She's such a creep as well holy crap, I feel bad for roleplayers for once in my life.

No. 1540380

So you admit you don’t think small chested women are actually women?

No. 1540382

So you admit you fuck kids.

No. 1540383

Some cats aren’t snugglers; if you’ve ever owned more than one you’d know this. We have pictures of the cat cuddled up to her though.

No. 1540386

So you admit you can’t actually distinguish reality from fiction and you don’t know what pedophilia is?

No. 1540387

its a bloody cat anon it doesn’t think much of anything

No. 1540389

it was loli porn rachel

No. 1540390

Hey look I baited Rachel for the umpteenth time and she confirmed she's into Loli.

Fish in a fucking barrel, and you're not the only cow I'm poking. It's taking half of my brainpower to set up traps that any sane human would walk around and you plow right into instead.

No. 1540391

Imagine thinking someone’s parents and pets don’t love them when said person has repeatedly said that they do and shown it with photographic evidence.

No. 1540394

So you can't get laid because you refuse to accept a guy that's in your own league? That's pretty incel of you, Rachel.

No. 1540395

No. 1540396

File: 1653537163460.jpg (76.03 KB, 828x814, 2f90326059cb27f58200bc9faafd2c…)

No. 1540397

So you admit that small chested women aren’t women. Right. Marking that down as a yes.

No. 1540400

Imagine being an actual lolcow.

No. 1540401

You hate skinny women a ton don't you Rachel.

No. 1540402

No. 1540403

nobodys clicking that and it doesnt embed nice try "triggering" us rachel

No. 1540405

Imagine thinking you’re a farmer when you’re a lolcow just like the rest of the farmers? This is a farmer’s market in the sense that I get my pick of you to laugh at.

No. 1540406

Ok maybe the cat cause it associates her with food. That isn’t love. That’s a survival instinct. Her parents? Idk, that’s debatable and there’s been no evidence for that lol.

No. 1540407

Ah, so you clicked it. Enjoy your “child pornography” you “pedophile”.

No. 1540408

A cat will still love its owner even if they associate them with food. Cat doesn’t hate her if it’s snuggled up to her.

No. 1540410

wow very good insult berchel im crying rn

No. 1540411

Even a baboon is still smarter than you.

No. 1540413

you are so retarded i cant even be mad at you lol

No. 1540414

Lol Rachel's so broken she's turned into just creating gotchas in her own head that have no relevance to the post she's responding to.

Really makes me feel like I'm just having fun with friends and she's the one obnoxious person who doesn't know anyone and laughs at the in jokes without any understanding. I don't think Rachel knows what an inside joke is, you can't have those when your only recorded friend is a cat.

No. 1540415

Oops, looks like I hit one of your nerves.
Even a baboon is still smarter than you.

No. 1540417

You can’t break something which was unbreakable to begin with.

No. 1540418

I love that I pissed you off so much you responded twice you fat baboon.

No. 1540419

Whatever you say pedophile.

No. 1540420

Last night and her tweeting about wanting friends begs to differ.

No. 1540421

Yes dear, we know you’re a fat baboon. You’ve said so yourself.

No. 1540422

She’s got a pattern of people she bothers on Twitter. This is one of them. If you ever tried to help her then gave up because she’s beyond help, she will bother you over and over like this. It’s why those that have tried urge others to block her even if they never interacted with her. No one needs to be bothered like that.

No. 1540423

Whatever you say pedophile.

No. 1540424

Rachel the tranny broke you easier than your mirrors break when you look into them.

Rachel, Michael broke you simply by rejecting your advances.

Rachel that minor broke you so hard you continually responded to her things before blocking her four days later.


You're unfixable.

No. 1540426

oop look at that, she's back to spamming the same response again.

No. 1540427

Lol I’m not the one sending porn to children on Twitter and trying to educate children and offering to buy them sex toys.

Go make out with your imaginary lovers cow.

No. 1540429

Whatever you say pedophile.

No. 1540430

youre right, im actually coping and seething right now.

No. 1540432

Ah doncha know, if she keeps this ooup I may just put on a casserole.

No. 1540433


“Oh noooo! I a big scary farmer am intimidated by a 3D woman who has boobs bigger than me!”

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540435

Ok pedophile

No. 1540436

Rachel I can't wait until you get raped.

No. 1540437

She doesn’t have to. :3 She can have anyone out of her league she wants.

No. 1540438

Whatever you say pedophile.

No. 1540440

Not happening pedophile.

No. 1540441

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540442

I know where you live Rachel, trust me it can happen.

No. 1540443

ooooh casserole sounds amazing! i just got back from making a sandwich and didn't seem to miss a beat of ragel
anon, no…. (unless this is rachel trying to get sympathy points which if that's the case stfu rachel the adults are talking)

No. 1540444

Poor Rachel, all her seven lovers are getting shafted for low effort trolling on LCF and now she’s spamming porn.

No. 1540445

She looks like she’s 20. :3 Deal with it pedophile.

No. 1540446

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540447

no you look like youre 30

No. 1540448

Rachel you look like you're 62.

No. 1540449

Ok pedophile. I’m sure you at 40 something with 3 kids from 3 different fathers would know everything about that.

No. 1540451

Rachel is sitting home alone raging in her bedroom, don't let her fool any of you.

No. 1540452

Ok pedophile. You’re 60 years old. Must suck for you to be rejected by the high school students you try to flirt with.

No. 1540454

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540455

Twenty in white people years usually looks twenty five. She’s nearing thirty so she should look thirty-five. But since she doesn’t know how to take care of herself, she looks forty. The header of this thread is more than enough proof.

No. 1540456

I saw Rachel feed a baby to her cat.

No. 1540457

this is the most embarrassing autistic meltdown ive ever seen holy kek

No. 1540458

File: 1653538317488.png (161.99 KB, 448x610, buck broken.png)

'Unbreakable' just like her nazi bf Michael

No. 1540459

Holy shit he literally has unbreakable there and they both got felted by Erika, they're both Nazis. I wonder how much more they have in common aside from pedophilia.

No. 1540460

I'm surprised being asked for a scale pic was what broke her. Spineless. Good thing the weakling won't be able to breed. Nobody's chasing the gunt.

No. 1540461

The same evidence you claimed existed about her partners but never delivered when told to?

No. 1540462

Oh cool, did you record it?

this seems like something someone in a 16th century American colonial settlement would say if their neighbor was suspected of being a witch.

No. 1540464

You can’t break something that was unbreakable to begin with.

No. 1540465

Oh my gosh aren't you precious!

No. 1540466

You guys keep trying to use the word autistic as some kind of insult. But the reality is, most of you here are probably autistic too. The interest in this website doesn’t come randomly, there is a specific type of person that uses LCF or KF.

No. 1540467

File: 1653538601433.jpg (31.1 KB, 406x400, 5031710.jpg)

No. 1540468

This doesnt even make sense.

No. 1540469

The header of the thread is her favorite picture of herself where she specifically scrunched up her face before she lost weight.

No. 1540470

So you admit to being a witch?

No. 1540472

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540473

There isn't a specific type, maybe in other threads but you brought everyone together to dunk on you Rachel. Good job retard.

No. 1540476

Rachel's not sending her best tonight. Luckily I'm busy having sex with my loving husband Sephiroth along with my 8 other boyfriends.

No. 1540477


No. 1540478

You can tell her face muscles are lax and not scrunched up. No worries anon you're probably just face blind, I got your back little buddy!!

No. 1540479

Hm, I’m calling bull considering he’s over at Rachel’s house right now.

No. 1540480

Bertha broke her scales it's why she can't take the pic

No. 1540481

You’re face blind if you think that’s her relaxed face.

No. 1540482

Maybe it was a kitchen scale and that’s why. Those things can’t weigh more than 15 pounds at max.

No. 1540483

Yeah because you can't tense fat

No. 1540484

I'm Sephiroth's bull, and he's at the anons house.

No. 1540485

Confirmed. Like I’d ever see that slag >>1540476

No. 1540486

Rachel is a giant piece of shit but what in the actual fuck

No. 1540487

That face looks very relaxed. The jowls on her face say otherwise to what you’re claiming. Wooof woof, bitch keeps yipping and shitting up her thread trying to WK herself.

No. 1540489

If this wasnt an anon board I'd make you a diagram if you were a random user, as you're Rachel idc you're too dumb to comprehend my analysis anyways.

No. 1540490

I told you this thread is full of horrible people but nooooooo you never listen to me.

No. 1540492

These users condone rape.

No. 1540493

You're thinking of thread #7 nonna

No. 1540494

Perish, you lying waste of flesh. I’m with Rachel.

No. 1540495

Rachel posted that message about her getting raped and it's very obvious now….

No. 1540496

No where did that person condone rape lol. Your dyslexia getting to you Rachel?

No. 1540497

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540498

not to mention both of those pictures are extremely recent so rachel just admitted she never actually lost any weight #LOL

No. 1540499

I'll pop your prostate with my pinky if you talk back like that again to me boy.

No. 1540500

Gotta love Rachel hurling out random ass insults since she knows nothing about any of the anons shes talking shit to (except the troon but she cant tell who's who unless they namefag)

No. 1540502

nobody tell her

No. 1540504

So we've got one nonna who is a strong mother who knows how to get it, and another nonatella is a based granny using the site. And Rachel seems to think she's insulting us?

No. 1540505

You condone rape too.

You are okay with threatening to rape lolcows.

You’re absolutely fine with rape threats.

No. 1540506

Let’s face it, neither of those anons are female.

No. 1540507

Welcome to LCF we have strong mother, based granny and troon.

No. 1540508

anon. do me a favor and tell me what sits above muscle, below the epidermis, and below the dermis?

No. 1540509

Witches dont want her, anon.

Proof? You were the only one posting porn.

No. 1540511

Hey leave sock girl alone you asshat and get back to making fun of Rachel.

No. 1540512

Everyone here thinks that rape bit was in poor taste but Rachel has definitely made attacks about teen girls on Twitter getting raped and gangbanged.

Didn’t she say that she had a noncon kink?

No. 1540513

File: 1653539372803.jpeg (358.26 KB, 519x929, 12606914-B1BF-4F49-B6C5-440607…)

Strong “mother” based “granny” and troon. About as credible as Graham Linehan.

No. 1540514

literally one person and I'm not convinced you wouldn't do it for pity points.

No. 1540515

its okay rachel no one would ever want to rape you anyway

No. 1540517

Ok pedophile.

So you’re completely fine with threatening to rape someone. Mmhm. Making a note on that.

No. 1540518

No wonder, she’s too wonderful, strong, smart, and beautiful a person to be overwhelmed.

No. 1540519

*are Rachel.
FTFY. You're welcome.

No. 1540520

It was Rachel who did it for pity points, stop giving her the benefit of the doubt because of what's between her legs anon.

No. 1540521

damn why there always gotta be troon?

No. 1540522

Ok pedophile

No. 1540523

What do you do with an attention whore, what do you do with an attention whore, what do you do with an attention whore, early in the morning?

No. 1540524


Fuck off Rachel you're the worst person here by far if you think that's what rape is. Fuck you to death for talking that way about rape. You should have been aborted holy fuck.

No. 1540525

Rachel has a rape kink like the degenerate she is

No. 1540526

that isn’t even proper grammar anon. bait.

No. 1540528

Proof? Unless we have a screenshot of her saying something like she does, it’s bunk.

No. 1540529

Ok pedophile. :) heeheehee

No. 1540530

Ah yes focusing on me who could it be?

Literally everyone else, you guys give me attention. This is Rachel's thread and everyone keeps bringing me back up like wtf pick a damn lane.

No. 1540532

I believe it was on one of her RP profiles…

No. 1540533

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540534


I'm >>1540500 and >>1540486 so try harder. Cant just accuse random people of condoning rape threats because you dont like what they're saying. The more you do that the more you look like the one that posted it in order to use it against everyone else.

No. 1540535

Rachel is trying to reply as fast as she can to try to conceal her identity but all it does is make it more obvious that its her

No. 1540536

Ok pedophile. Whatever you say.

No. 1540537

Oh was it now?

No. 1540538

FFS Rachel I reported those posts because regardless of if it's you doing tard-ops (likely) or some anon alogging (less likely), it's still in poor taste and doesn't belong here.
The farmers here are decent people, unlike you. Something you stubbornly refuse to understand.

No. 1540539

No anon, bad. Those children aren’t flirting with you.

No. 1540541

We all know that’s a lie.

No. 1540542

Yes you directly asked for rape play in role play idiot.

No. 1540543

I can say for certain nobody wants Rachel to be raped because it would give her a chance to spawn a crotch goblin and nobody here wants that.

So Rachel posted the threat to herself.

No. 1540544

Ok pedophile.

You do realize he just pretends to be female so he can take advantage of actual women, right?

No. 1540545

Ok then. ^3^ she’s too beautiful, strong, smart, and godly to be overwhelmed.

No. 1540547

She’s too beautiful, strong, smart, and godly to be overwhelmed.

No. 1540549

Exactly how I like my women.

No. 1540552

Oh, but he's not.
I'm gonna transfer my lipstick to a place Rachel will never get to see.

No. 1540554

man joke's on you that's catchy as hell and i'm enjoying the hum-fest
jeez ragel are you gonna get a new comeback anytime soon? your projection is so strong it's gonna burn a hole in your forehead

No. 1540555

Don't you believe trans women are women?

No. 1540557

I have yet to see a single post on her Twitter describing that.

No. 1540558

I literally said, in the comment you replied to, that I wasn't convinced she didn't post it for pity points.

No. 1540559

Sweetie this isn't MTF General and you're the thread cow.

No. 1540560

>implying she doesn’t deserve it
>implying they’d be able to do anything since she no longer lives under their roof

No. 1540562


No. 1540563

You're retarded.

No. 1540564

Ok pedophile

No. 1540565

Sure Anon. Whatever helps you get over the fact that you enjoy diddling kids.

No. 1540566

nevermind the forehead that projection is gonna give you a whole five head.

No. 1540567

Another failed clone…. Hmph. Throws a fucking fireball at it or something idk this is gay

No. 1540568

Ok pedophile. Whatever helps you sleep at night. You’re never going to get preschooler cunny though.

No. 1540569

Ok pedophile.

No. 1540570

She doesn’t date pedophiles like you.

No. 1540571

No let's not start this again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1540572

Rachel is gonna need a new thread real quick if she shits up this one.

No. 1540574

Rachel, cunny is a pedophile term, where did you learn it?

No. 1540575

You really don't see the issue of using that term for a child's body part, do you?

No. 1540576

don't worry about me, worry about yourself being up all night ragetyping your way into a new thread, ragel

No. 1540578

I'd like to befriend a woodchipper

No. 1540581

File: 1653540546159.png (49.57 KB, 720x273, Screenshot_20220525-234748~2.p…)

Never in history has a lie been more obvious.
1. Rachel was posting here.
2. She doesn't own a grill.
3. She doesn't eat vegetables.
4. She cannot cook, her mom makes tendies for her.

No. 1540586

Grill is just code for posting on Kiwifarms, the vegetables are her obviously because her brain isn't working and she's talking about getting grilled by people

No. 1540587

Samefag, LCW*

Apparently I failed the vibe check

No. 1540588

Dirty double farmer how dare you make a mistake late at night lol

No. 1540589

File: 1653540840211.jpg (75.52 KB, 845x466, 51zvt4h0n0b21.jpg)

I failed you, nonnas.

No. 1540590

Why does it feel like she’s just posting to herself in this thread to try and drive the next thread to come up faster then her last thread maxed out?

No. 1540591

why would she be grilling at 10:30pm lmao

No. 1540594

She's burying her attempt at being reasonable and wants her psychosis front and center

No. 1540597

Eating at night causes weight gain

No. 1540600

She doesn’t need to prove she’s retarded. Her just existing proves it enough.

No. 1540606

Making fun of rape victims was a new low for Bertha.

No. 1540607

I wonder how often pedophiles get away with this trick…….

No. 1540612

idk this is gay is apparently a new rachelism

No. 1540613

Yaknow I really wish I could inject some more of my wholesome humor into this but Rachel always brings it to the darkest of places. It's far more fun talking about Minnesotan accents or Larping than it is to watch Rachel just somehow mentally degrade every night.

How the fuck is she gonna find a way to get worse? I know she will but I just don't know.

No. 1540615

She needs to be institutionalized.

No. 1540616

same i try to keep things silly and sassy but it's hard and i had to step away after she pulled that fake rape threat.
what's your take on Minnesotan accents nonnatella?

No. 1540619

It's sing songy, idk why but I've always associated it with Christmas elves. The o sound is so unique that it was one of the first types of voices I tried to actually replicate. Your take? Any voices or accents you enjoy trying out?

It's honestly just too bad that once again Rachel didn't want to change, today could have been her wholesome redemption but now it's just a day with big Fs for a bunch of lolcows.

No. 1540622

Aren't there lots of Amish people in Minnesota?

No. 1540623

Besides Harmony not too many, waaaay more in Wisconsin.

No. 1540626

aww i can hear the christmas elf tone now that you mention it, that's so cute! how long have you been playing with accents?
i end up going american deep south and newcaster english that keeps getting mangled with the blokiest aussie broad accent ever. not on purpose tho, i just have poor voice control and end up sounding like a zany tard
and yeah, i had a lot of hope after her last thread. she actually seemed to be looking up and then reset back in the morning. it's tragic but not surprising

No. 1540627

Probably going on twelve years now, practice makes pretty decent mimickry so as long as a voice isn't too far outside of the vocal range ya should be able to refine it with time.

It's sad, but I've seen her do that cycle a couple of times and know people like her who do the same. I just expected her to actually try to fake the change for a bit.

No. 1540631

oh that is seriously cool!
yeah that was the quickest reversion i've ever seen in someone like her. it's like she thought that we'd just forget everything if she played nice for a few hours.

No. 1540639

She never is playing nice. Someone just distracts her when she’s being what you would see as nice. That was around the time that she was busy dming people on Twitter telling them to give her a second Chance and that she wanted to be a part of the community while also in the same turn insult people who said fuck off I don’t want to talk to you.

No. 1540795

So Rachel made the tamest of rape threats to herself and then proceeded to try to gain sympathy WHILE also saying she's "too awesome" to be raped? Kinda hope she does find herself in a situation like that, only because she only seems to learn after she touches the stove.

No. 1540797

anon please we're better than that (unless this is rachel stirring shit again and if so stfu)

No. 1540824

To be fully clear I'm lamenting how she can't learn things on her own and thus won't have empathy for victims of rape. I'd prefer Rachel to get help and grow into a better human being but that isn't going to happen.

I'll try to be more clear in the future as Rachel will use any excuse for sympathy anyways, which is why I couldn't care less if she did.

No. 1540828

While I have no more sympathy for Rachel, just avoid the word!

No. 1540854

As anon>>1540797 said, we are better than that. I do not wish rape on any one even Rachel despite how annoying she is. It’s not something one should wish on anyone. As a victim of domestic rape for 8 years, it’s something that even my worse enemies should never befall on them. If anything, I wish karma would come get her be it a scare to her being, a criminal charge or even a financial blow that destroys her bubble of delusions she lives in. But never rape or actual harm.

No. 1540861

A ton and that's the problem with making one group out to be all crazy, started as satire and now pedophiles use it to deflect blame and others will let them based off hatred. I can think of a few times someone's screamed 'attack the tranny not me' and it works for months or years.

Which is why I hate on an individual basis and pick cows with horrible personalities like Rachel.

No. 1540865

I'm inclined to agree but honestly? I think she's getting a pass for being a natal woman, if it was a guy acting like this I feel she'd be catching more shit.

I enjoy being the better person and taking the high road but honestly the way that she spoke about rape last night burned away my empathy for her. I just hope she gets worse so we get more milk!

No. 1540867

I wanna see Rachel slip down a waterslide into a pool of jello and immediately get sprayed with confetti.

No. 1540874

Her threads are just proof of her getting worse with time. It’s only a matter of time before she messes with the wrong person.

No. 1540885

File: 1653581829032.png (90.75 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_20220526-111640~2.p…)

No. 1540896

Rachel is clearly pretty miserable despite her harem of true and honest lovers, and she's not going to ever get better unless she learns to actually confront why she's miserable and what SHE can do to change it instead of lashing out like a tard at everyone else. (obviously everyone here knows this, but one more time for the Rachels in the back)
In that facility review, she said it "ruined the later years of her childhood and early adolescence". I assume that means she was having some major behavioral issues really young, maybe somewhere around 9-14, and I'd guess that she probably physically attacked other kids at some point. I had a fujo friend when I was around that age that had a lot of anger issues and would just straight up punch people in the head over minor disagreements because that's what anime characters do. (and at least one of those times was probably over Sephiroth lmao. Rachel's particular brand of autism is pretty nostalgic). She also ended up getting shipped off to some tard school due to it. Unfortunately Rachel's parents seemed to have made the huge mistake of spoiling her rotten after whatever happened there, so now all she knows how to do is reeeeee until someone gives her what she wants or fixes it for her. Changing her ways is going to take some serious effort and honesty on her end that she probably isn't ever going to do.

No. 1540900

File: 1653583031806.jpg (31.38 KB, 400x400, why dont you have a doot over …)

In large part I just wanna tell everyone to lol calm down and laugh at the cow but nonnies have a point that if she was a man sending kids gore and porn the vibe would be very different. And this isn't even the discussion that happens whenever a big titty blonde high school teacher gets caught with her underage male student, it's even more clear-cut than that. Her harassment of the minors is just so malicious and deliberately over the top. However for the same reason I don't know how literally you can apply the term "pedophile." Part of the issue is we really don't understand female offenders but in all honesty I don't know if she is doing this stuff out of sexual attraction to minors so much as because it's the edgiest possible thing to do at the time and in some demented way she sees it as an own on her enemies. Of course, that's an academic discussion because regardless of why she did this thing, it is equally inexcusable. Which brings me full circle: there are a lot of cows who are terrible people and getting mad over them is still not going to help anyone. Given the trajectory Rachel is on I think an interaction with the legal system is an inevitability. Just enjoy the ride. A lot of lolcows are terrible people and when they get their comeuppance it is always a spectacle in itself.

No. 1540905

It's almost like this gut feeling you get when Rachel harasses minors. A part of my brain and soul go this is disturbingly wrong just like I would with some gore fest B movie. Nothing is her fault in her own mind so she will blame literal children over the things she does, that's where she becomes extremely predatory regardless of sexual attraction.

She might not be attracted to children at all(she expressed she desires to be raped so far more likely she imagines herself sexually as a child), but that doesn't change that she's being disgustingly sexual with children.

This isn't a bill Nye lecture, it's her attempting to manipulate and shape people into what she wants just like a male pedophile would do.

No. 1540910

Rachel envies rape victims in her messed up mind. She wants to know what real sex feels like so badly. So, in her mind dunking on rape victims is okay because she's got severe main character syndrome and she thinks that she wouldn't be a victim herself.

She doesn't see the world in a normal light, she sees herself as her Mary Sue self insert and everyone who isn't nice to her is her enemy.

No. 1540912


well she's into non-consent so her mentioning rape isn't anything new. it's been mentioned on older threads already. honestly, with rachel you don't know where the truth begins or ends. sadly, it doesn't change the fact that before she sent porn straight up to a minor she was already hanging out in the porn section of a discord belonging to minors and bringing up sexual driven conversations with them.

No. 1540913

samefag, but she calls it sexual education when there's nothing educational about it.

No. 1540918

I flip between thinking this
>I don't know if she is doing this stuff out of sexual attraction to minors so much as because it's the edgiest possible thing to do at the time and in some demented way she sees it as an own on her enemies

and this
>it's her attempting to manipulate and shape people into what she wants just like a male pedophile would do.

I really can't tell sometimes if she's just tardraging and thinking she's somehow spiting other women by saying edgy shit, or if she's legit a predator trying to groom someone who won't reject her

No. 1540919

I don’t know what is soo attractive about rape? It’s terrifying. Who wants to feel like they could be murdered at the blink of someone else mentally unstable and calling you names like whore and blaming you for making them do it to you. There is nothing pleasurable about it. It’s painful, rough and very aggressive in the worse ways. There’s no prep for it like she thinks it would be. There’s no lube, no soft petting. Just aggressive Gate filled grasping and needing to cause as much pain as possible.

It’s traumatic and makes me sick thinking someone would have a fetish for something that Traumatizes soo many people and even kills them. The amount of ptsd one endures from it is stressful.

No. 1540921

And that's why I came here with milk, extremely unaware, arrogant and like she literally made the other people with social disabilities look like damn normies in comparison.

Frankly, I hate rape, shouldn't have to be said but it's the one thing I can't really make a joke about. Seeing her say that shit last night is the only time in a year on this side of the internet my blood boiled.

Banned to cover up incompetence? Annoying
Getting a thread?

Rachel saying she's too beautiful to be raped? Yeah that's actually upsetting.

No. 1540927

>to beautiful to be raped

Does she know that Looks or what you’re wearing has nothing to do with it? What kind of delusional idea is that?

No. 1540928

It can always be both.

No. 1540931

It's why I say Rachel is more of a man than I am, her brain is distinctly male patterned with nonsense like this. If she had a bigger daddy kink I'd say she's parroting her father but I legit think she was born with a male brain. It happens, and she never acts feminine, she acts like a ton of my guy friends but none of my gal pals.(moid)

No. 1540932

File: 1653584568847.png (51.92 KB, 1172x410, insane troon 1.png)

Fuck off you've worn your welcome already.

Was someone asking for receipts on the tranny
the other day? Picrel.

No. 1540934

I've got a thread, go post over in it Regina lol

No. 1540938

They brought reciepts, and you've been attention whoring for them. Why are you choosing to derail a thread to display you hate trannies? Is MTF general not enough for you lol.

No. 1540946

If that's actually her I'll scream in laughter, if we wanna talk about people who deserve a thread the biggest failure of a mod over at KF is the top of my list. Kept on bringing them up long after UH was gone like she did us all a huge favor. Newsflash, Bella trolled you when she couldn't troll Chris? Why are you still around after that? I wouldn't be.

As is whoever is calling everyone the tranny and bringing it up repeatedly is far more of an issue. I came here to laugh at Rachel, not laugh at anons who make themselves look worse than Rachel.

No. 1540948

I agree, I came here to laugh and dunk on Rachel. Why is the tranny being used as a way to derail from the real meat of the cow which is her

No. 1540950

Discussion about how rape is bad.
Anon: But but a tranny.

Gtfo are you serious right now? Wtf is wrong with you, you're more obsessed than Nick Fuentes.

No. 1540954

>the singular they
Are you serious right now? Anyway I don't want to slapfight over trannies either (we nearly all basically agree on the subject, right?) but we're getting post after post like >>1540931 which is a blatant violation of rule 4.3 ("any poster with a phallus…") and it's getting excused because he brought some milk several threads ago. Now he's hanging around for validation. Don't feed the troons, girls. Not once.

No. 1540956

agree the tranny alog is getting really annoying and cringe

also lmao @ the 5 replies that definitely aren't him

No. 1540957

Just for this I like trannies more now Rachel(I know it's not her but you sure did act like her).

No. 1540959

Tranny: rape is bad
Handmaids: he can stay

Really? Is that all it takes?

No. 1540962

Singular they has been English for a while, I don't agree or support trannies but singular they is a thing.

Odd how someone is alogging the tranny and bitching about them instead of yaknow just laughing at the cow?

No. 1540967

Any talk of the tranny, Mike or Spooky should probably just be kept out unless it's relevant. I get the last two are probably upset about looking bad over the whole ILJ thing but I couldn't care less.

Infighting is retarded, frankly I'm gonna shift this a bit. We are making fun of a pedophile,50 years ago would you go ah but there's an African here!

If so jump off a bridge, everyone needs to stop with embarrassing bullshit and get back to the cow.

No. 1540973

Anyone who is here to talk about Rachel, regardless of what they've got between their legs, is welcome here.

Anyone who is derailing by talking about anyone that isn't directly related to Rachel, regardless of what they've got between their legs, is not welcome here.

No. 1540974

Too bad I can't Namefag huh? Go log into your KF account and go Necro my thread or shut the fuck up about it.

No. 1541006

File: 1653590100769.png (40.58 KB, 720x227, Screenshot_20220526-133431~2.p…)

Rachel you stay away from that Baby!

No. 1541014

idgi is it that hard to just not comment on kid stuff? it would at least look like an attempt to reduce the raging pedo vibes she gives off

No. 1541021

File: 1653590888889.png (50.39 KB, 720x267, Screenshot_20220526-134456~2.p…)


The way she interacts with this account and the account itself is so disturbing. I only got so far into the baby talk before I had to tap out.

No. 1541034

Yeah she's not. Rachel is an asshole but not a pedophile, although the way she keeps trying to deflect from it by saying she can't be because she hates children is funny (so do pedophiles, or else they would care that they're hurting them).

IMO she's just really autistic and can't act appropriately around any age of person

No. 1541035

>Rachel is an asshole but not a pedophile

No. 1541037

It's just my opinion, I've known a lot of terminally-online spergs in my time

No. 1541043

Yeah but did those terminally online spergs send loli porn and gore to minors?

No. 1541046

File: 1653593270177.png (371.9 KB, 976x669, Barbara Alig.png)

Now that we've got our tranny sperging out of the way and hopefully everyone can refrain from slapfighting and namefagging, here's some actual milk. This is Rachel's biological mother, Barbara. She lives in Colorado. Seems to be an open adoption or it would be a lot harder to find her, obviously. Supposedly there is a pic of her and Rachel swimming in Hawaii, I don't think there's any reason not to believe that but I haven't seen it. Longmont, CO is quite a distance from Rachel but it's perfectly plausible they have some contact. The thing is, I couldn't find criminal history on Barbara. First off that doesn't mean it's not there, but there should be something, all i've got is a bankruptcy. This of course doesn't mean that Rachel's stories about her mom being a drug addict aren't true but it's a little surprising if she was a drug addict who gave up here kid that she hasn't been in legal trouble that I can discover. Just stuff to make you think.

No. 1541050

My opinion is: Everything about Rachel, down to the memes and gifs she uses and the fandoms she's in, is trapped in teenagerhood. She has no intuitive understanding that she's an adult and what it means to be an adult interacting with children because the transition basically never happened for her. We've also seen firsthand from her sockpuppeting how distant and foreign functioning adulthood is to her and what she comes up with when she tries to imagine what adults with relationships do and how they live. She even talks like a teenager (mixed with a 60-year-old trying to sound hip). This was probably compounded by her getting groomed by an adult when she was in this age range. Interacting in a sexual manner with adults would have been solidified for her during this time as nbd.

She's not a pedophile, she's just been 17 for a decade, and when she gets into spats with minors, she acts like they're her peers — except she also parrots other people (remember how every insult she uses on others when she posts here is one that's been used on her).

I grew up in this time too, and I remember being a minor with no protection against adults. This is where her "If the minor comes in it's their fault! Everyone knows that!" thing comes from. The difference is that other people start seeing children as children, distinct from them, because they themselves stop living and thinking like children.

tl;dr she's not a pedophile she's just retarded.

No. 1541054

Incredibly easy to find stuff on her mom so I won't be posting anything unless I find something Rachel related. So far I have not come across anything that shows they have contact. Could be that Rachel's mother had to abide by a very common no contact deal, if so she may not have a criminal record but it's very likely she abused Rachel.

No. 1541058

Oh yeah and also other people have changed in the past 13 years and actually adapted to the much-needed development in internet culture that the internet is no longer the Wild West where kids aren't even supposed to be there and everything that happens to them on it is their fault. Which, admittedly, is harder to internalize when you were the kid once, but most people without autism will have accepted this in the decade-plus since the 2000's

No. 1541059

I mean that's still a pedophile, just less intentionally so. Doesn't matter what age she identifies as lmfao.

No. 1541062

I don't think that's the same as a pedophile but that's just like, my opinion, man.

No. 1541067

I enjoy debate so what makes the difference to you, to me it's still being sexual with kids.

No. 1541070

child molester then, iirc someone upthread said that applies to people who send porn to minors

No. 1541072

Yeah I said that back when Rachel was insisting there was a difference for some reason.

No. 1541077

that's pretty much how i see it too. like i dont think she's a literal pedophile that's sexually attracted to kids but i think she could be capable of being a predator due to being a retard and refusing to understand boundaries and crossing them, if that even makes sense

No. 1541078

I legitimately think Rachel attempts to groom minors but is too dumb to do so successfully thank God.

No. 1541079

NTAYRT but "pedophile" has a specific meaning but it's an overused word, on the other hand it's mostly pedophiles who get up in arms about the techinicalities of it. I don't think Rachel is a pedophile but rather that her sexually charged behaviors come from her immaturity, being stuck in teenhood as nonna said, maybe following the example of things that Jennifer did as that was right smack in the middle of those formative years, etc. "Child molester" really has other implications too. Bottom line is I don't think there actually is a good single word to describe Rachel as far as this goes and it's maybe not even a useful discussion to have. For me anyway it is better to just describe in a few words what she does than to try to apply a label.

No. 1541080

yeah i don't know where this pedo hair-splitting is coming from or why any farmer would bother for this cow, but it reeks. she targets minors, the why doesn't really matter does it?

No. 1541081

samefag as >>1541079, agree "predator" is a term that applies because >>1541078 is right too I am 100% sure that if Rachel could groom the girl with the cute angry avatar or whatever into erotic RPs then she would do it and I wouldn't like to see where that road would eventually lead, probably a situation to match what Rachel was in over a decade ago. Which again is no excuse. She needs to go to therapy and work on her shit and get off the Internet but I bet she is a holy terror to her parents maybe even making them feel unsafe so what can they do

No. 1541082

Good find anon! They do look a little similar.

No. 1541083

Yeah pretty much these
I just think it's an interesting thing.

No. 1541084

It doesn't "matter" but it is interesting to discuss. For some people the true appeal of a lolcow is figuring out why they are the way they are.

No. 1541087

Yeah I hardly think anyone here is saying she isn't as bad as a pedophile, just discussing how she differs from the stereotypical pedophile.

Also she's done more pedophilic things than Naught has. Kinda proves that other anons point that she is getting a pass a bit.

Rachel is scum, pathetic, and I haven't found a cow that reminds me of Tommy so much in a long time.

No. 1541088

File: 1653594862881.jpg (102.84 KB, 500x332, E4hlRkNWQAEKKzb.jpg)

Great posts nonnies. I think she's really delayed and can't measure the gravity of what she does, partly because she's like a child who can't accept responsibility because the reflection required would threaten her sense of self, and partly because it's likely adults and authority figures let her shit slide throughout her life because of said delay and she thinks she can keep on getting away with it. I agree she's definitely going to run into problems with the law or psychiatry professionals.
You said it well. Whenever she's like
>if minors come to my NSFW twitter it's fair game for me to do whatever
It's very "but mom, he's the one who started it, he hit me first !"

No. 1541090

yeah to me too, mom is ordinary to alright looking and Rachel got beat hard with the ugly stick but you can still see common features. I'll be curious to see what Dad looks like and what his story is too

No. 1541109

Do we think Rachel is unwilling to change or incapable of change? I don't want to medsperg too much but I love talking about the brain. She doesn't show too many signs of arrested development in her past that aren't present in her present. It all seems to be unchanged from 2007ish.
Her parents most certainly let her keep the warm blanket of no responsibility well into her adulthood, so it's a foreign mindset to me.

My own feelings on the matter is that she would probably be using a disability as a crutch like she does with autism sometimes so she's capable of change and just refuses to do it.(plenty of functioning people with autism function as adults they're just weird so gonna squash her using it as an excuse very clearly for when she reads this.)

No. 1541117

incredible find ! maybe the eyes are similar.
she's unwilling, she said so herself. she expects others to change for her.

No. 1541128

Actual intelligent posting hours, is it because the Euros are posting after a nice dinner or because the American minors are in school?

No. 1541146

Without Rachel online I'm not harvesting her screen caps or watching her melt down in live time so I have more time to indulge in actual dialogue. I think a lot of it comes down to Rachel herself tanking the conversation or an alogg.

Id talk about her mom more but it's very standard boiler plate from my dive, I don't bring relatives of a cow up until I find actual dirt connecting them, personal thing. I would hope that we can find the father but as I gayly speculated before if Rachel's mom had to sign a no contact or if Rachel was adopted due to neglect there may not be charges, and if so, little chance of finding her bio dad.

There's more digging to be done, but the most substance I find so far comes from Rachel name dropping or giving over information herself. While I usually agree that a cow will produce their own milk I do gotta say that the Twitter users who poked her certainly played a role in her meltdowns and increase of manic posting. Anything farther is tipping or getting covered in shit but when a cow makes an edgy anime profile I'm not gonna get upset seeing people troll them.
If it was on her personal FB or something, that's a totally different story and I would have left the threads for a while.

As is, Rachel won't stop, I'm investing in milk jugs for storage.

No. 1541231

File: 1653604553203.png (65.31 KB, 714x238, Ex3QShPUYAMzSLl.png)

It's funny when you think about it. If Rachel could understand the word "no" and accepting rejection, she wouldn't be in her current situation. 2020 is when shit went down hill and she provided everyone with more information. She practically doxxed herself repeatedly and it was only when she started fuckin' with them crazy as shippers did they use that information she gave.

before then she didn't have a lolcow or kiwi thread, but she's been around since the days of MySpace. I'm gonna assume that no one could stand her on Myspace either. Even when that community relocated to another website, everyone knows who Rachel is, and they don't like her ass.

Even before the shit with Hyde, Rachel had already been stirring up a mess.

her f-list ban dates probably dates before the release of FF7 Remake.

No. 1541254

So she's a coomer neet that just never grew out of her awkward teen years?

Going back to the "Is Rachael a pedo?" convo, I think part of it has to do with the fact that she's a 28 year old virgin that's both pent-up and has no idea how to interact with her own age-group. Like nonna mentioned before, she's probably not Nick Bate-tier in that she'll be singing songs about wanting to fuck kids in her crusty bedroom, but just a retarded (both literally and socially) NEET that has never received a proper sexual education, limited only to porn or other online degenerates who wanna coom with her before she scares them off with her crazy, leaving her with kids who she feels superior to because her brain manages to morph it into "I'm the cool older kid with experience" rather than her acknowledging she's a 28 year-old virgin trying to make up for the fact that she's a friendless loser with no life experience.

No. 1541266

So to reiterate to anyone joining/ease of making the OP for making the next thread.
Rachel is at least 190lbs, has claimed to be as low as 130lbs and is rumored to be as heavy as 290lbs. Due to her saying she is 5'3" online she may be 5'1".
Predatory Child Molester, has sent porn to minors and been extremely disturbing in her sexual behavior toward them.
Possibly shits her pants, she let it slip larping as a WK and sperged very hard about it.
Ex-GF of a Nazi, bit of a meme but she continues to interact with him after disavowing him.
Used Gaiaonline, FF communities, shipping communities, RP communities, etc and has been kicked out of all of them for her repeated behavior.
Can't regulate her emotion, admits she gets extremely angry at even obvious jokes.
Masks her transphobia and racism to score woke points, pick a lane bitch.
Refuses to work on herself, had plenty of chances with therapy, friends, other cows, and even here.
Is addicted to food and self harm, has poor diet and hygiene, and rarely sleeps.
Has been repeatedly felted by everyone she's attacked.
Is made fun on by Twitter, and on LCF and KF(most cows are only on one or the other fyi Rachel, not both).
Is rejected by the children she groomed, and rejected by by the woman who groomed her.
Is essentially her parents pet, her parents seem fine spoiling her and keeping her from the public eye to spare any potential embarrassment to the family.
Made other cows look better and touched their poo instead of the other way around.
Has been unhinged enough to warrent restraining orders put out on her.
Larps as others much akin to a scarecrow draped in flayed flesh that jerks around in an inhuman manner.
Has autism.
Continually claims she will change before going back to her regular shitty behavior within mere hours.
Expects everyone to never question what she says, worship the ground she walks on and cater to her every whim.

No. 1541273

>I panicked because I was in a crowded space with over 20 people

No. 1541287

Where are the scale pictures?

No. 1541300

She pussied out

No. 1541301

Kiwis, ca. 2018
> where are the comics, Chris, where are the comics?
Nonnas, ca. 2022
> where are the scale pics, Rachel, where are the scale pics?
Where will we be come 2026?

No. 1541303

Gah I hate to ruin the flow of intellectual discussion but;
She did mention he father has dementia so in 2026 she might go to jail on incest charges.

No. 1541304

That would be horrifying and make her the female CWC

No. 1541308

File: 1653611858730.jpg (9.91 KB, 275x183, lumberjack.jpg)

While hopefully not on incest charges I see Rachel hurdling at breakneck speed towards interaction with the legal system. If you're doing low key harassment and gayops even if you're doing shit that's pretty bad, it can be years before you even piss off the wrong people (see: Michal Thurlow) and you can just sort of float on by in the ocean of piss that as the Internet but once she has people's attention who like to document things and play detective (and she has) then all bets are off and if her response to that is to get tilted and escalate her behavior then…who knows, all bets are off. It is cliche but the only thing for it is for her to log off.

No. 1541319

You're not even allowed to say Rachel's name in F-List chatrooms as per investigative knowledge.

No. 1541327

Naught and Mike might have been trying to make her into the next CwC but couldn't portray a true and honest Sephiroth well. I wonder who Naught would have larped as if things went better for them.

No. 1541336

She's been being told the same thing for how long now and STILL doesn't understand she's the issue and thinks everyone else should change. This hurts my brain.

No. 1541344

Rachel is gonna claim she's Jesus soon

No. 1541349

She already claimed to be 'godly' aka a CPU Goddess here - >>1540545

No. 1541351

Goddess? More like godless, it was missing an L because she's been taking so many lately.

No. 1541362

File: 1653618058664.png (36.09 KB, 720x197, Screenshot_20220526-211913~2.p…)

Rachel's back online and slurring African-Americans.

No. 1541365

Rachel has said nigger many times now, including in the ED discord and when she was LARPing as Nick

No. 1541367

I think it's funny that when she was younger and doing rp ads or whatever she said she wants to play a female character because she "sucks at writing men" and now she has Nick, a roleplay character who's a man, and immediately got told she sucks at writing men.

No. 1541371

Somehow over the years Rachel has lost self awareness, she's regressed back from sentience and only reacts to base instincts and impulses to eat and deficate in her diaper.

No. 1541377

File: 1653619322798.png (35.67 KB, 720x168, Screenshot_20220526-213959~2.p…)


What in fucking London you insufferable cube of adipose tissue? Like anyone believes that whale of a tale.

No. 1541381

With what money?

No. 1541384

Her parents money, same as Fanime. Rachel is nothing but a leech and if it wasn't for her parents she'd have starved to death from her pack of work ethic.

No. 1541385

With her reputation in the Final Fantasy community?

No. 1541386

File: 1653620648012.jpg (483.54 KB, 1080x1541, furryrp.jpg)

No. 1541387

Probably how she could afford the legal fees for the TRO but knowing the American health system and how it fucks over people, if her dad’s dementia gets worse, something happens to her mom or if she runs into more legal trouble, chances are that money’s gonna run low for her.

No. 1541388

File: 1653620937661.png (311.56 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_20220526-220728~2.p…)

Rachel has sunk so low she's resorted to trying to hit up ebeggars for a crumb of attention.

No. 1541390

Is this one of Rachel's accounts? If so nice to see that 290 was actually LOWBALLING her weight.

No. 1541392

File: 1653621141856.jpeg (128.95 KB, 750x690, A0807BD7-2EEE-48AF-9860-8E7BE2…)

Lol why is she like this

No. 1541395

File: 1653621751589.png (89.55 KB, 720x431, Screenshot_20220526-222058~2.p…)

Rachel is proud of her not working, I'm sure her dad's tard bucks provide plenty of money to make sure she's fed but hardly enough to flex with even if it were her own money.

Wide Ass Patty lol

No. 1541396

File: 1653621930139.png (83.79 KB, 720x419, Screenshot_20220526-222500~2.p…)

Anons cannibal joke becoming a bit too real.

No. 1541397

I love the classist bullshit she’s on right now. And she’s so proud of her imaginary job lmao. That tells me she’s just leeching off mommy and daddy and not working a 40 hour job like she claimed lmao

This retarded bitch

No. 1541399

I think Rachel is trying to make friends before Fanime using money so that if someone does spot her fat ass in the wild, she can pretend to have friends lol

No. 1541400

File: 1653622448241.jpeg (133.93 KB, 750x717, C49F1AE2-52BF-4BF8-AA09-31BEB2…)

She’s still insisting the minor is an adult lol

No. 1541403

I hope Rachel gets trapped in an endless loop of falling down an escalator while not getting hurt but in the most embarrassing manner.

Like some swollen stout Sisyphus.

No. 1541404

File: 1653622534288.jpeg (165.39 KB, 750x777, A51F1B8F-2A86-4674-AE54-47D9EC…)

She tweeted this three times at DBS, Erika and this person. Bitch is PRESSED lmao

No. 1541405

File: 1653622604090.jpeg (152.48 KB, 750x872, 4E368611-D253-4CBB-A742-B5F6BA…)

Still insisting she’s 140

No. 1541408

DBS is apparently blocked while Rachel does this. Such bravery.

No. 1541409

File: 1653622914435.jpg (325.76 KB, 806x1608, dbsfromkf.jpg)

Was supposed to add this

No. 1541412

File: 1653623129842.jpeg (157.68 KB, 745x1004, 45CB8742-CD55-4D52-B371-F3EC2B…)


No. 1541414

File: 1653623258084.png (175.92 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_20220526-224644~2.p…)


No. 1541417

File: 1653623793233.jpeg (139.44 KB, 750x851, B5406DC0-FA6B-47EB-AA0F-596C89…)

Sigh. Why don’t you ever listen to the minors babe? Why you gotta feel like you need to hav a win on literal kids? Nagl

No. 1541420

>bein' an adult
Why do these people always have to type like roleplaying anime faggots when they're talking about topics like fucking pedophilia? Furries also do this. It's so infuriating.

No. 1541422

File: 1653624175487.png (79.32 KB, 720x424, Screenshot_20220526-230216~2.p…)

I'm going to shit on Rachel's face just for suggesting this.

No. 1541437

File: 1653625043378.png (146.82 KB, 567x544, Remember.png)

No. 1541438

File: 1653625048003.png (52.91 KB, 720x288, Screenshot_20220526-231621~2.p…)

Whoever does the next thread should mark Rachel's height down as 4'11".

No. 1541439

File: 1653625299776.png (40.99 KB, 589x270, EusEelJVIAAioL2.png)

Rachel has this strange need to seek out minors then force them into adulthood when she finds them.

No. 1541440

She's grooming the kids in a reverse order where they have to be the adult and baby her.

No. 1541442

File: 1653625569262.png (334.92 KB, 580x399, lol.png)

it really is a role reversal. the fat bitch said she was into non-consent and had a daddy and baby girl kink, like damn.

No. 1541444

Of course she's into non-consent, nobody would consent to her trying to get her flabby, dried up sweat body on theirs.

No. 1541445


she is a pedo and trying to force a minor to be in the adult position isn't gonna change the fact she's been predatorial with minors.

No. 1541448

File: 1653625963770.png (48.45 KB, 484x423, haha.png)

rachel's mom doesn't care about her twitter adventures.

No. 1541450

File: 1653626050595.png (296.18 KB, 720x794, Screenshot_20220526-233203~2.p…)

Racism again.

No. 1541451

File: 1653626088111.png (178.27 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20220526-233326~2.p…)

Samefag, she's going off on a new FF rper.

No. 1541455

File: 1653626221157.png (107.67 KB, 720x545, Screenshot_20220526-233634~2.p…)

Congrats you're Rachel's new and only friend.

No. 1541462

File: 1653626629794.png (153.38 KB, 720x642, Screenshot_20220526-234255~2.p…)

No I love you back and we are expected to buy that this is someone to RP with? More like someone who humors you when you message them.

No. 1541465

she literally thinks she looks 20 and is better than black and brown people because shes a loser who never goes outside help nonas

No. 1541467

File: 1653627242350.png (325.56 KB, 720x924, Screenshot_20220526-235306~2.p…)

Ohhhhh this explains the brain damage, she drank too much cough syrup and robotripped as a kid and now she's stuck in that state permanently.

No. 1541502

I like thinking Rachel is 5'1" or above because it would make her taller than Ethan Ralph and that breaks her fantasy of being small and cute lol

No. 1541503

5'2 is on her id

No. 1541526

File: 1653635594160.jpg (506.2 KB, 1600x1600, 1653635438725.jpg)

She's back at this turk guy now kek
Must have gotten under her fat folds lol.

No. 1541538

File: 1653637562671.jpeg (46.44 KB, 750x368, EF636F68-F5B9-4625-8D47-36A76F…)

Kind of on brand for her, no?

No. 1541578

File: 1653654230485.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.02 KB, 1080x1850, 20220527_082341.jpg)

what is up with her and sending porn to randos

No. 1541592

She retweeted a spanking video too. She has no sense of boundaries and thinks porn is a perfect retaliation. There’s minors who probably are in her orbit and she doesn’t know lol

No. 1541595

File: 1653657005616.jpeg (136.37 KB, 750x649, 8418EBDD-217C-445F-B0EF-28C148…)

Make of it as you will but it’s hilarious she thinks this.

No. 1541607

those arrythmic-ass enumerations, she should practice writing more often. the only thing you'll be buried in is an XXXL coffin Bertha.

No. 1541618

File: 1653661036330.png (122.22 KB, 720x609, Screenshot_20220527-091432~2.p…)

Rachel blocks people and then goes back to attack them so she can claim a W in her mind.

She's so starving for some proof she's this goddess she paints in her head that she literally has to attack blocked accounts repeatedly.

Instead of going after active users she will double back to an inactive or blocked account. I love how pathetic Rachel is, I hope she doesn't get locked up.

She's way too funny.

No. 1541620

Why does she always send the most pedophilic shit too?

No. 1541627

It's refreshing to log in this morning and not see Rachel WK sperging all of last night, who embarrassed her so bad she didn't come around?

No. 1541655

That’s what she’s into, remember? She likes toeing the line of pedophilia lol

No. 1541693

So she's a white supremacist now?

No. 1541699

File: 1653669958204.jpeg (151.09 KB, 750x968, 9C55D93E-859A-418A-AE39-94E39D…)

Looks like she has someone WKing her on Twitter but they have no idea what they’re in for…

No. 1541700

Sound like a Jew?
That's AC….I was wondering where he went.

No. 1541710

Took him several days to figure out how to rename a twitter account. What a retard.

No. 1541716

With him whiteknighting and going against DBS I think it's safe to say that him "trolling" Rachel with the Sephiroth account probably only happened when she picked up it was him. Beforehand he was probably trying to get closer with her from another angle(as we know they were talking at the time and still are). Mike's previous tastes are trannies or fatties, he was probably in that discord to try after UH again and after striking out there moved onto Bertha.
Poor Elaine, she's stuck in a love triangle completely ignored. It's kinda what she deserves, came in as a huge pick me attention whore and now can't get interest from the biggest loser around Micheal Thurlow.

No. 1541718

File: 1653671611146.png (21.85 KB, 476x230, der Untersmoothie.png)

LMAO, that's amazing. He's been away for days (eons for him) but shows up again to gunt-guard his waifu. Shows his priorities. He got reamed so hard on every drama forum (this one included) and bus-chucked by all the known members of his harem to possibly even include his fat girl in California, and he comes off a few days bender on Pervitin and Jagermeister in order to…accusive DBS of being a fat Jew? Because she was alogging our favorite Sephiroth sperg? Say it ain't so! Glad to see his priorities are in order.

This is of course typical of this kind of scrote's pimpish games. He is probably trying to convince Rachel over Discord right now about how he is the only one who will be in her corner because she is otherwise worthless, etc. The idiot couldn't even keep Elaine in line. It's a rare occasion where I'd say this but: you're better than that, Rachel.

No. 1541722

name 3 things michael does on a daily basis

No. 1541724

samefag but ikr? Elaine must be seething, her thread not even bumping and Rachel getting all the glory for getting picked by Michael. This probably lead to her recorded comments now that I think about it. I would like to have been a fly on the wall when he heard that for the first time. Best part is how unbelievably pressed when he started getting made fun of on here which figures. Major small penis energy.

No. 1541726

I heard the dick picture he posted wasn't even his and he got it from someone he doxed, which would make a lot of sense with how he used it.

Anyone else love his review of shitty overpriced Canadian whiskey? I know I did.

No. 1541727

kek just how many times has she been run out of town? it's almost impressive the sheer amount of shit she manages to get herself into
100% he was trying to catfish her and get nudes. maybe we've got a true and honest ship here

No. 1541733

Rachel is a white supremacist openly on Twitter now, I wonder if she will denounce her denouncing of Micheal. They're a match made in hell, two annoying fuckups who can't read a room and deserve to die alone.
What kind of gay op would they even be able to achieve together? It must be simply a labor of love WKing for Bertha. Since AC is such an attention whore too I know he'll eventually read this and seethe about how he doesn't care about our opinions.

Hey Mike, everyone here likes you less than we like Rachel on the record.

No. 1541737

>Rachel is a white supremacist openly on Twitter now
>shitty overpriced Canadian whiskey?
which was, by the way, paid for by the Kiwithot, he couldn't even afford his own shit. that's the true and honest alpha-pickme energy. get on her level, Elaine and Rachel

No. 1541739

>he'll eventually read this and seethe
coming soon to an onion farms post near you!

No. 1541742

No, Elaine and Rachel. Don't get on her level. Don't spend any money on a disgusting piece of shit like Michael. The fact he could get any (and I mean any) woman to give him money ever is an embarrassment to all women everywhere.

No. 1541749


I mean this >>1541450 is honestly enough for Twitter to call her that.

No. 1541756

>I mean this >>1541450 is honestly enough for Twitter to call her that.
but lets not stoop to their level
>an embarrassment to all women everywhere.
All memes aside preach it, nonna, the fact that Elaine isn't the biggest pickme in the room and appears to have shuffled off this guy's coil quicker than these bitches is amazing. Rene, the mousey one (Taylor Swift Ghostwriter on KF), may still be getting picked for that matter I'm not clear. I'm surprised we haven't seen the fat bitch from Cali since some scrote from KF with no teeth started sending her pizzas, but maybe she has gotten some sense in her massive, massive unit of a head, who knows. I know they weren't "married" no matter what she said.

No. 1541764

So who are you that you care so much about these women then lmfao, I can only think of two spergs that care that much.

One that refuses to leave bait on the field like the Rachel is a white supremacist that you are up fast as possible.

Stop obvious posting if you're gonna make a stink when others do it lol.

No. 1541767

I only saw the pretty one he doxed. Amazing she was into him. I doubt she reads here but in case she does- love yourself, girl. The one getting pizzas was the most recent "wife" that was banned from KF, right?

No. 1541769

>The one getting pizzas was the most recent "wife" that was banned from KF, right?
Yeah, that's her (Samantha). Pizzas were from some nobody that got doxed by AC, but who otherwise is of no importance. I think it's pretty funny all told, though, their "couples time" I guess involved doxing randoms on Discord.

No. 1541800

File: 1653678231666.jpg (161.55 KB, 947x663, dbsvsac.jpg)

DBS finally saw it

No. 1541835

Some nobody that Moralfag immediately latched onto, that's another shit Weasle I'm surprised hasn't popped up.

No. 1541837

It’s so funny how Rachel is so proud of being white 100% but her drop of Native/Jew bloodlines don’t mean shit when people point out the truth to her out on the fact she’s absolutely white and nothing else.

Her and the nazi are a perfect match.

No. 1541846

File: 1653681575529.png (242.95 KB, 720x687, Screenshot_20220527-145729~2.p…)

Micheal is negging DBS, his gradeschool flirting techniques are very easy to spot. Plus he already confirmed he was reading this thread earlier so it's easy to see he's rather mad and has hurt feelings. Luckily I think DBS can weather his feeble Nazi toddler tantrum.

No. 1541848

Idk birth mom looks white enough to me…Michael's true Aryan goddess is only adopted by joooooooz

No. 1541855

Between Micheal and Berchal which one has taken more Ls in their life?

For me it's highly debatable as both have extensive cringey online history, just in different circles. I think Micheal has gotten btfo more times but he managed to trick quite a few people into liking him even after getting a well deserved thread the first time.

Ultimately I'm leaning Rachel.
They're like the King and Queen of the Lolcow Prom, I look forward to all of the future failures they share together.

No. 1541871

DBS shouldn't even give him anymore of their time. He's literally not worth the tiny about of seconds it takes to shit on him. Plus he just wants attention.

No. 1541872

File: 1653682882329.png (171.02 KB, 720x876, Screenshot_20220527-151953~2.p…)

Micheal just said more than he will ever know, there's so much to unpack here.

Naturally DBS is saying what I imagine a few of us are thinking.

No. 1541874

Samefag, was gonna say that in my post but it felt like that's exactly what she's about to do. Just ignore.

No. 1541876

Michael doesn't even want vagine. He just wants women to beat and take money from.

You were right, anon. This does indeed say more than he will ever know.

No. 1541883

Lmao very telling that Michael would suggest he wants to share Bertha's hobbies of alogging and
being problematic with minors rather than fuck her.

No. 1541884

Michael? Hobbies? Nah he's too retarded for that.

No. 1541893

Michael just wants attention which reposting all of his tweets itt is giving him.

No. 1541897

If he wants to tie himself to Rachel more and prompt even more dirt that people are holding to be dumped, let him. Let him become so known that even Nazis won't associate with him. That's all this type of attention is doing.

No. 1541911

File: 1653684721037.png (471.72 KB, 610x575, chrome_wyL3ZQF8Iz.png)

This is basically how I imagine tranny Michael Thurlow to look after going 3 days without copious (kek) amounts of adderall. Less acne though.

No. 1541917

>getting this offended over vagina
He sounds like a fag. Maybe why he hated that tranny?

No. 1541920

It's extremely obvious in retrospect that Micheal hated seeing someone who took the choice he was too much of a coward to. Iirc in that gay ass call he thought was an own he asked UH how he did his eyebrows.

No. 1541923

I dunno, he seems awfully mad to be getting off on the attention. Seethingly so. The fact that it's women and it's not one person he can sperg out about is probably killing him (see: how he's attempted to zero in on DBS.)
You'd think the transgender pedophile stuff would be enough for the Nazis to back off, on the other hand Nick Fuentes (not technically a Nazi, but still) was doing insanely homoerotic stuff for years in the public eye while denouncing "degeneracy" and it took a whole different series of events for his downfall, so who knows. In fact most of the moids in that "sphere" are sexually abnormal in one way or another but the last thing they'll do is cop to it and once they do it's on to the next one.

No. 1541925

Michael's absolute unit of a 'wife' used to get gangbanged by her jewish husband and his buddies so I would've assumed his nazi reputation is completely shot.

No. 1541926

Can you guys take the irrelevant shit elsewhere? This isn't a Michael thread, it's a Rachel thread.

No. 1541927

what is this gaudy bs? she is so autistic.

No. 1541943

Orbiters are relevant IMO
Why do these kinds of dumb spergy chicks like to call people "peasant" like this? Obviously it's from fairy tales I guess but is there a specific touchpoint I'm missing because I've known like half a dozen smell fat bitches who do this.

No. 1541947

It's that thing people with no skills or talents brag about, blood. It's literally just a vehicle to mask racism imo.

No. 1541948

He's like a moon crashing into the planet at this rate, if Rachel continues to mask off they're both desperate enough to stay together for a long time.

No. 1541990

Mikey wants attention from women so badly but he hates women, but he wants to be one. But he also wants attention.

No. 1542552

File: 1653752148963.jpg (331.78 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20220528-082757_Dis…)

Well, well, well….

So now we know exactly who says not to bring up orbiters as they were POO TOUCHING AS MUCH AS THEY COULD.
They have already namefagged or I wouldn't bring this up, clearly someone wanted to be closer to the situation.

I do have more reciepts. Spooky you need to seriously go touch grass and stop trying to worm your way into drama. You were yelling at the tranny who got dragged into the drama, you blamed them while they were defending you.

You attacked them after they apologized. Regina, Spooky, whatever you call yourself, you're worse than a cow.

Stop DMing me, stop attacking Erika, stop trying to use others to contact Naught and do it openly or don't do it at all. I'm sick of you skulking about and trying to blame everyone else for shit you do.

You didn't defend me, you were losing a Slapfight and name-dropped me.

It's a few days late but relevant as Spooky was trying to get into the server as soon as Erika released the screen caps.

No. 1542554

File: 1653752173118.jpg (476.85 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20220528-082529_Dis…)

Samefag, extra cap for extra context.

No. 1542573

> Spooky was trying to get into the server as soon as Erika released the screen caps.
The caps don't show this though? Or really anything related to the cow? Looks more like a discussion of Mike being a mod on Onion Farms which is an argument that started before any of the Rachel stuff.

No. 1542597

File: 1653755217611.jpg (177.2 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20220528-091814_Dis…)

AC DM'd me at the same time this was posted. How odd…

No. 1542598

While I agree it's not exactly direct proof it's looking like Mike and Regina are still working together.

No. 1542605

Well yeah he's F5ing the thread like a lunatic and you do have history with him so…

No. 1542608

"Not exactly direct proof" is an understatement, you're getting that because both of them are hanging out in this thread? I assumed that anyway.

No. 1542609

File: 1653755689794.jpeg (91.19 KB, 750x496, 547594A6-3436-4F7A-A3E2-70928C…)

Lol, how did that even happen

No. 1542612

File: 1653755790714.jpeg (60.05 KB, 750x350, 50A9F657-5FDC-4FD6-87AB-E91E39…)

Of course she would retweet this after using the word “troon/tranny” multiple times to seem like she’s still a SJW

No. 1542616

It's a clear sexual objectification of them too. Woke points for her fetish.

No. 1542636

Micheal would check this thread more than anyone else. How pathetic.

No. 1542644

On the other hand of course Michael would immediately DM someone (anyone) laying into Regina, they've been at each other's throats for months

Also I thought Michael said he didn't even have discord lmao, what a dumbass

No. 1542647

Micheal doesn't have a discord just like he doesn't have schizophrenia.

No. 1542651

Micheal gets banned after 8 tweets and starts attacking women on discord, it's a day that ends in y.

No. 1542660

lol I'm just imagining the poor twitter RPfags coming into this thread trying to understand what the fuck the sideshow is about

No. 1542664

"The fuck is an angry Canadian and why does everyone keep talking about trannies?"

No. 1542687

but they keep talking about trannies too lol, the Internet was a mistake

No. 1542694

Great I was busy for once and missed the trashfire. Been meaning to ask since back in August, but why does everything devolve back into it?
The tranny who delivered milk talked about it less than everyone else. Idgaf about what's in someone's pants, but as soon as someone's known to be one and is tangentially related a whole bunch of hate boners come out and detail the conversation a lot of the time.

What causes the pattern? I'm too much of a newfag to get it.

No. 1542702

Jumping on cause I've been around longer, UH is an exception, most trannies constantly bring it up. Hell I think UH isn't an actual tranny and uses being trans as a way to get ppl to attack them on that and lose credibility for not attacking their argument instead.

No. 1542719

I am probably too much of an angry TERF to answer objectively but everything involving a tranny will eventually devolve into a discussion about them which will eventually devolve into a slapfight. Mostly because trannies are nearly all (or the ones we see here anyway) terminally online attention whores but also basically I think it is due to the nature of this forum (and the different but adjacent nature of Kiwi Farms) that allows people to vent their feelings on the subject which they may not have spaces to talk about it IRL/otherwise, and trannies are a frequent subject due to a lot of lolcows being trannies, which attracts people here who want to vent their spleen about trannies, who make threads on trannies, in an avalanche of tranny sperging. I mostly agree with >>1542702 (although UH is definitely a tranny, he's made videos and posted pics), other than being named "Unabashed Hermaphrodite" in the first place other people were really the only others sperging about trannies in that case.

No. 1542726

The name was a poor choice in retrospect, otherwise object imo. Way too many attention whoring spergs, get it irl or don't try to get it is my motto. Not sure how to say I agree with everything you say without obv posting but I've been done with Rachel for a day now anyways so I prob won't be back.

It's just hardly ever relevant, not the place for it usually, though yes I do use that bait.

Let me handle any bullshit, keep yourself out of the shit. Just do what I said on discord, ain't worth it, and ain't relevant here.

He currently has three discords I'm tracking.

Anywho, prob won't see you ladies again unless I get future lolcows stumble into my pasture so any faggot that wants to talk shit can hit me up on AMB.

Let's get back to Rachel.

No. 1542798

File: 1653767793791.jpg (306.21 KB, 1080x1287, ggsephiroth.jpg)

Speaking of RPFags…

No. 1542845

File: 1653770842424.png (6.06 KB, 372x105, 2009.png)

I hate to backtrack but I was doing some research on the side characters and need to make a note with regards to >>>/snow/1536515 which seems to be the origin of the 2009 date for when Jennifer "met" Rachel, which is sourced from here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/deceiver_of_fools/viewtopic.php?p=2085#p2085 but can you see the problem? It's an understandable mistake but the top date is the date of posting and the lower one seems to be the date they're setting their roleplay in. So unless there's more I'm forgetting, we're back to square one on any Jennifer receipts older than the Facebook ones?

No. 1542858

or wait, is that an archive of an RP that occured on that day? Someone who understands this stuff pls help

No. 1542872

Rachel would still be 16 in 2009 though right?

No. 1542875

Yes she would, the posts are here - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/deceiver_of_fools/season-2-2009-f8/ all the posts are made 2017-2018ish but the date '2009' is indicated here…I was thinking that they were roleplaying something set in the year 2009 but is actually an archive of a chat from 2009 that they are posting in 2018? Does anyone know what platform that would be from?

No. 1542879

I just found one that looks like it was copy/pasted from email messages and posted there as an archive. Which user is Rachel? Blair Falcon right? Do we know if she had any other accounts? Sorry I am a bit overwhelmed from just how much info I have to dig through for her it is hard for me to keep straight.

No. 1542884

Blair Falcon is a member of the group who is the posting chats for everyone it looks like, I don't think we know if it's Rachel or not, but Rachel would be "SERA" in the transcripts.

No. 1542888

File: 1653773133579.png (32.49 KB, 372x306, devilkitty.png)

and this https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/deceiver_of_fools/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3 looks like a good Rachel candidate (as an aside note userid of 3, Blair's is 6, for whatever that is worth) with the kitten pfp instead of Blair's weeb one. I'd have to look more at the posts though.

No. 1542901

Why is there so many threads about incest? I don't want to look anymore nonnies.

No. 1542907

Looks like I just found out why Rachel got so heated about the incontinence jokes, for those who can stomach it I am linking a gore ero rp that the Cat account posted. Due to it's content I will gayly speculate that this is Berchel's account.

No. 1542911

>2008 guro incest posts
She wasn't even 15! Assuming she is in these. I don't see SERA in the archive but I do see SERLEINA.

No. 1542918

If Serleina is an alternate handle of hers I found one that is supposedly from 2004 with her in it. This was also posted by Devilkitty McDeathydoom, since they are writing more as directors it really is not too far a stretch to say each person has multiple characters.

No. 1542933

>Devilkitty McDeathydoom
the early 2000's were really the worst

No. 1542934

The username is worse than 9/11 I agree.

No. 1542941

I think it's the date that the scenario (or "episode", or whatever these things are) they're roleplaying is taking place on. Like "Sera" the character and the other characters did whatever on that date. Whereas 2018 is the date Rachel and the others actually wrote and RPed this, or at least posted it. But the posts seem really out of context so idk

Not sure if Devilkitty is Rachel though. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/deceiver_of_fools/i-am-bored-t70.html This person refers to herself as "Dawn" in this thread and talks about being in an Auto Body class, which doesn't seem like something Rachel would be into. Though she does mention doing job shadowing at SVCTE which is in California.

No. 1542992

I've seen Serleina referenced as Sera. Don't know if it's true or not but if so it makes this weird roleplay thing make more sense lol

No. 1542996

Isn't Fanime already on? She posted some stupid shit about referring to cars as hot rods late last night.

No. 1542997

Fanime is a 4 day event that takes place in San Jose, California.

No. 1543098

Fanime started yesterday.

No. 1543101

>>1543098 >>1542997
Thanks for the clarifications anon. It explains why she's so quiet and not sperging on Twitter to continue any imagined/real beef she has going on

No. 1543162

FWIW, she's technically in Twitter jail for threatening people.

No. 1543165

Strange. I guess it depends on the different type of suspension on what you can do since she can still retweet things apparently.

Doesn't help that she's very familiar with how long suspensions last since she was arguing about it with kids weeks ago

No. 1543166

Tbh I don't believe she'll be at Fanime because it'll be easy for someone to recognize and photograph her. She's still fat, she'll be alone because her boyfriemds and girlfriends aren't real, etc.

Besides, with what transportation is she going to Fanime? Is she going to shell out for a train or bus or whatever? Shit's expensive. Doubt her parents would drive her knowing their little tardlet could get loose and molest some children.

No. 1543230

I have some notes and can whip one up pretty quick if need be. Suggestions/art ideas welcome

No. 1543285

File: 1653821672524.jpeg (53.83 KB, 750x752, E6E7FE8F-18B4-4405-A784-0AF773…)

No. 1543291

whaaat, who could have guessed

No. 1543303

It’s only a matter of time before she pops up again and does something retarded

No. 1543304

File: 1653825116751.jpeg (371.7 KB, 1284x997, 69BBADD5-D211-417F-ABD3-B653B5…)

No. 1543307

File: 1653825334915.jpeg (487.33 KB, 1284x922, C00AFC5F-7D5C-4455-B74F-69B560…)


No. 1543309

File: 1653825519639.jpeg (849.69 KB, 1284x1586, DDEEAFE7-7AB4-4D94-9ED3-154885…)

roleplaying as her cat

No. 1543312

My brain hurts attempting to read that stupid baby speak. Her writing is terrible

No. 1543357

File: 1653831446586.jpeg (269.36 KB, 1284x749, 5EC3DE74-9778-401F-99EE-B009CF…)

shes lurking or that one anon told her she added a 2 at the end

No. 1543361

File: 1653831582781.jpg (146 KB, 1069x1369, 20220529_093912.jpg)

No. 1543369

She's in here with Mike F5'ing as neither have a life lol.

No. 1543383

Lol sure is making her way around pissing people off like always

No. 1543394

Beating a dead horse, it also seemed that most people who brought it up were Micheal and Rachel socking.
Both are balding, UH isn't.
Both are fat, UH isn't.
Both are ugly, UH isn't.
Honestly think it was a time where next to nobody brought it up and Mike and Rachel just thought we would side with pedophiles over receipts as the deliverer was a tranny. Really shows how desperate they are for uh….our approval?
I thought both swore up and down that they didn't want that?

I want Bello rehomed after this as I'm now convinced that she is abusing him in some way, probably at least through neglect. Can't wait to see her go from Babytalk to infantile, savage attacks.

No. 1543404

File: 1653835683019.png (410.87 KB, 483x730, rachelfuckscats.png)

The implications that these two tweets together spell out is just astounding, Rachel, re-home Bello and stop molesting him!

No. 1543406

File: 1653835968659.png (354.5 KB, 598x761, Introtweet.png)

Complete tinfoil only because it'd be the funniest outcome;
Rachel does have a bf, Mike has been living with her parents for at least a month and he calls the cat Spooky out of pure obsession and fixation.

No. 1543434

Slightly amusing thought: imagine if she tard raged over people hurting her cat's feelings because she's pretending to be the cat lol

No. 1543460

Combination of that and her cat being the closest thing she can actually claim in her mind as a friend as she is painfully aware that of her lying about having friends to us. It's why she feels the need to nearly softdox people who will give her the time of day, it comes from a deep seated insecurity about lacking friends that could go very far back. I don't think many people who had friends in real life spent that much time RP'ing, not saying RP'ers can't have friends but she couldn't make friends there so it's easy to say she may never really had a friend. She certainly had older people around who used her but someone she could call a friend? Probably not with how she would always immediately overwhelm someone with attention and then turn on them the second it seemed like they might not side with her completely.
Rachel is a sad, fat, lonely person so naturally she would be upset that her only friend was suggested not to like her.(There was a tweet about Bello sleeping on the toolbench so he probably rarely sleeps in her room hence why it strikes so true and hurts enough to address.)

However I really like your idea that she is so sociopathic she only cares because she has self-inserted as her damn cat.

No. 1543463

Samefag but,
Just realized her tweeting an hour ago as Bello really does confirm that Fanime was yet another in her long string of lies to make her life look less pathetic even slightly.

No. 1543496

I checked the frequency at which the account has been tweeting and it’s literally been at least every hour for the past four hours lol. She’s such a liar lmao

No. 1543527

Given how she’s prone to rage and refused therapy as a child, I wouldn’t be surprised her attempts to make irl friends bombed since childhood so online was her only chance. But she fucked that up too given the seven threads of proof.

No. 1543528

I'm always shocked, I am nearly non-functioning autistic and even I managed to make friends online. I can't understand how someone cannot learn enough social skills without a major crippling disability. She doesn't have one so much as she just refused to ever mature imo, she chooses to be this way and I do not think there is any fixing her at the age of twenty eight.

No. 1543541

Lol she's not CWC. Nobody irl cares or knows who she is irl.

No. 1543551

NAYRT but I wouldn't doubt that she's pissed off enough people in fandoms that there'd be a few people keeping an eye out for her at Fanime.

No. 1543557

I'm kinda glad she didn't show up at Fanime even if it would've been endless milk.

No. 1543567

yeah i wouldnt want some poor childrens first con to be ruined by this literal pedophile bridge troll, she would bring it right back to neckbeard territory, asking 13 year old cosplayers “wheres my hug”.

No. 1543574

File: 1653850302759.jpeg (102.27 KB, 750x773, 578A2C64-5602-4E08-9A32-CDC0DF…)

its kind of hard for me to accept that rachel is truly this cringe, does she really think this is going to be the account that finally makes her popular and likeable on twitter? all i can think of when she types like that is picrel

No. 1543577

Not to Kinkshame cause not all DD/LG shit grosses me out but as soon as the little speaks like a baby it becomes far more akin to pedophilia in my mind.

No. 1543583

its okay anon this is a safe space to kinkshame freaks

No. 1543588

Even Rachel's fandoms are obsolete and outside of the purview of normal Fanime attendees, and even within those spaces the corners she occupies have been incredibly small. I think the anons who believe she'd get recognized are a little too close to see the bigger picture that nobody really cares about this person, 8 threads on lolcow aside, and even if they did, how many people she's pissed off even live near or are attending Fanime, to say nothing of spending enough time looking at her pictures recently enough to recognize her on-sight at a con?
I just really doubt that anyone would give a shit or that anyone who'd recognize her would be there. She's just so insanely mundane, most people don't know what she looks like, and she's not a part of any flavor-of-the-week fandoms.

No. 1543591

Didn’t she piss off the creators of Arcana? That’s still pretty recent in fandom memory imo. Anyone who follows that would have known the type of cow pat she’s dropped in that fand

No. 1543594

Wasn't she in like, one or two arcana servers where she went by "Goose"? I'm just not seeing why anyone who doesn't look for lolcows on purpose would be at Fanime and recognize this chick. I'm in Arcana and I would never have heard about her if I didn't.

No. 1543614

Probably would be one or two people at most looking for her so not enough to gather enough milk to merit it being funnier than her just straight up not going and larping as her cat to other cat twitters who always followback if you follow them.

No. 1543617

100% in her mind she’s making friends

No. 1543660

Lol that remains to be seen Bertha because she has a history of starting out innocuous and shitting up her account with her rage tarding lmao. I called her out on your “poor English” by talking to her in Japanese and kept me blocked but anyone else who responded to her in English she unblocked to spaz out at lmao.

No. 1543721

Here's the thing about Rachel. Some of those artists she was beefing at would be at Fanime, some have tables at Fanime. She would have the audacity to approach these people that she's been beefing with online if even to look at their table or whatever, nothing of note. Then she'll go back online and tard rage at them by blowing up the otherwise mundane exchange between artist and congoer.

No. 1543725

She doesn’t want that smoke irl. She knows she would be booted out by security or even have the cops called on her if she tried tard raging. Plus in the con/anime community, word travels fast irl.

No. 1543780

Yeah no, Rachel only has audacity on the internet.

No. 1543782

She's a cowardly tubby tub of custard.

No. 1543937

I come to expect my Sunday spergouts from Rachel. Did she drop the ball this week?

No. 1544016

Yeah she's currently acting like a cat so no public tard rage today, sadly.

No. 1544129

I'm hoping it's because Rachel finally learned not to touch the stove but I am not holding my breath.

No. 1544197

Despite how cringe the account is and she keeps tweeting about cat anuses, this is a far better trajectory than her starting shit with people and being a creep towards people.

No. 1544216

Yes she did. She went into one of the most popular discord channels that several of the most popular fans in the fandom where. The developers where close friends with many of those people and even lurked the discord. She made a full ass of herself and got banned within 2 hours. Then the word spread fast about her in the fandom. I’m in several fandoms in common with her and she’s pretty much a well known figure in them. She’s disliked in Castlevania, arcana, final fantasy, devil may cry, sailor moon and probably countless others. People do have multiple fandoms they are in so it’s not a broad statment to say she’s pretty known around. She’s not isolated to just final fantasy.

No. 1544217

So she’s a furry. That’s disgusting.

No. 1544236

What did she do in the fandoms other than Arcana and FF?

No. 1544238

Seems the other anon is saying due to people having multiple fandoms and Rachel being so bad so often, that word has even spread to communities she has never even been too simply because two people who share multiple fandoms will complain about her.

No. 1544239

Samefagging to correct that to two or more people. There doesn't seem to be any specific people talking about Rachel but rather more than two handfuls of people.

No. 1544256

Afaik pretty much the same thing she’s done that we see. Demand interactions from people who don’t want to, call people names for no reason other then they don’t want to interact with her, demand erotic conversations when it wasn’t requested, post irrelevant content to conversations she wasn’t invited to.

It’s more then just two people that for sure. I know there’s several people in the final fantasy fandom that are also in the arcana fandom. All it takes is one fandom to know to have it spread to other fandoms. Especially with how insufferable she is. One person tells their friends and shows them what she’s done, those friends tell their friends and share the proof. And on and on and on.

No. 1544257

While I've never been into anything like romantic RP, I have been in other RP communities, and I know that we have a blacklist of twats so I can confirm that it's usually all it takes if someone comes in with proof. Rachel has years of proof to draw from so I would not be surprised if she was known in fandoms that are six degrees of separation from any fandom she ever waddled into.

No. 1544268

You know I was rereading the tweets where she copes with people saying her cats don’t like her….

Don’t you think it’s telling she calls her bed a “nest” and that her cat is “essentially caring for her”?

No. 1544272

The cute cats always throw me, I even passed on some of the cute cats she posted in her other Twitters to where I like to post cute cats. It's jarring to see that juxtaposed with her general behavior on her Twitters.

No. 1544320

Have we learned nothing, nonnies? Rachel doesn't learn. She's able to lay low for a little bit (or at least not sperg out in the open) but she always ends up losing her shit either on here, discord or twitter.

No. 1544389

File: 1653938300976.png (127.87 KB, 1509x260, Bellosback.png)

Samefag, left the image in my other pocket I guess.

No. 1544405

Time will tell how long she lasts kek. It’s like 1pm there no? Looks like her sleeping habits are indicative of her not having a 40 hour work week like she claimed.

No. 1544428

Didn’t she say in another thread back that she only works one day a week?

No. 1544439

When she had her meltdown in a recent thread she claimed she worked 40 hours.

No. 1544441

And let's not forget how she claimed to shit her pants.

No. 1544451

I still have nightmares about rachel shitting the bed. honestly, to also comment on the other annon, rachel thinks people don't know people, but funny thing about fandoms, they are all full of people with interestin backgrounds.

must suck to be hated in the things you consider comfort material.

what a fuckin' loser.

No. 1544452

she said she works one day a month and still makes 6 figures

No. 1544510

File: 1653948448932.jpeg (145.53 KB, 812x1367, 1B72056B-1B14-4988-B7B5-5386B0…)

> says she works 40 hours a week
>works one day a month and makes 6 figures.

And then there is this.
What is true? Or is it all a fib?

No. 1544511

I hope that's true as the IRS will bag her rather quick for the obvious false reporting this year.

No. 1544569

Oof. The IRS (or any government agency when it comes to taxes/money) does not play around when it comes to money. Well, that'll be a fun train wreck for her to go through if it happens to be true.

No. 1544688

File: 1653968183368.jpeg (81.18 KB, 750x558, AD4D6115-9B06-437C-B48F-7081F7…)

Seems like Rachel managed to piss off the Japanese side of things too. This person is a MolCar fan (show about guinea pig cars)

No. 1544697

nonnies please watch Pui Pui Molcar, it's on Netflix but I'm sure there's also a youtube playlist with all the episodes. You won't regret it, you finish it in like 30 mins

No. 1544758

>It ’s a dangerous account to call attention.
says google translate.

No. 1544775

This is why you don’t use Google to translate. It’s saying be careful of this account. The translation is not literal. Pretty much all they are doing is warning people about Rachel and her bullshit and telling others to be alert to their followers since Rachel is everywhere.