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File: 1654142203571.png (849.83 KB, 800x800, ralm9v3.png)

No. 1546635

The Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin Show, Season 9

> Rachel Aliza Leeds Minkin, 28, of Emerald Hills, CA
> Degenerate Sephiroth fetishist and chronically online roleplayer
> Tweets gore and porn at minors on Twitter, offers alleged "sex Ed" to minors on Discord
> Repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
> Seems to have been groomed as a minor herself by an older woman named Jennifer who would RP as Sephiroth
> She now harasses random "Sephiroths" demanding that they RP with her to her own autistic expectations
> Has been doing this for years and became infamous in the community to the point people made Twitters to keep up with her antics
> Revived a year-dead /snow/ thread by harassing people on the Lolcow.farm Discord to get her thread taken down
> Got used by other lolcows to attack their personal enemies, was e-seduced by a Nazi pedophile
> Claims to be in a "polycule" with 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends who she will pretend to be in her thread. They don't actually exist.
> Speaks in incredibly unnecessary detail about her (imaginary) sex life and her questionable understanding of how her own "lady bits" function.
> Spent 5+ years in a special school before being mainstreamed at some point before high school, where she was isolated and bullied, explaining her retreating more into her online fantasy world.

Supporting Cast:
> Michael: Canadian Nazi, Rachel's #1 simp and white knight, she says they are no longer together. He continues to seethe and attack any woman he can on Twitter and Discord. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/115963/
> Elaine: British-Jewish pickme with weird bone structure, previously Michael's #1 simp but was hot mic'd calling his ancestry into question and badmouthing Canada. Faildoxed LCF admin last year and LARPs as a hacker. Currently being catfished by scrotes pretending to be Null, who she simps even harder for. >>>/snow/1360109 >>>/snow/1191408 https://kiwifarms.net/threads/87610/
> Jennifer: 39yo Sephiroth fan who probably groomed Rachel as a kid. Named her 2 children after Seph and her OC she shipped with him. Rachel defends her ardently and denies any grooming.
> Fairsinfocenter: Zach [Fair] and Grogu, two female roleplayers naming themselves after fictional male characters. Rachel's primary anti-fans who maintain a pretty busy Twitter and Tumblr tracking and shitting on Rachel.
> Ines and Spookybones: Ines is some random girl who Elaine decided was LCF admin and Spookybones is a now banned Kiwi who had drama with several of the above people and made Rachel's Kiwi. Michael and Elaine tried to point Rachel at them but she eventually got tired of it.
> Melissa ("Hyde"): Makeup artist from LA who Rachel got in an online fight with and then Melissa filled out a restraining order in which she added like 50-60 pounds to Rachel's weight for the lulz.
> Naught: self-admitted pedophile, onionfarms admin. I took his name off the list because he hadn't popped up but he decided to post towards the end of the last thread to promote his shitty thread about Dana Marie Cain. https://www.lolcow.org/threads/724/ (lolcow dot org scrote thread, take w/grain of salt)
> Blaine: Mentally ill OnionFarms/AMB tranny who delivered milk on Rachel and was involved in trolling/tipping/alogging and occasionally white-knighting her. Your guess is as good as mine. Serial ban-evader on LCF. Claimed he wasn't coming back but started looking for attention again both here and on KF. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/99380/ (look who made his KF thread!)
> JavisFNF: possibly a minor. Self-inserted for no discernable reason into Rachel's KF thread. Sister is supposedly a nonna.
> Rachel's parents, Steven and Diane: Liberal Jews from San Francisco, a dentist and a former tech exec. Probably clueless but also know that Rachel has been in trouble online before, see legal troubles.
> Rachel's mother, Barbara: nurse in Colorado, Rachel alleges she was a major drug addict and gave her up for adoption for this reason but this doesn't track wih what we know about her so far.

Last Season:
> Rachel gets in a slapfight with a 16yo girl, tweets gore and porn at her
> She finally disavows her Nazi e-bf but continues to tweet questionable things about race and (despite trying to position herself as an ally and decry lolcow.farm as full of TERFs) trannies
> Promises and fails to deliver a scale pic showing her to be her alleged 140lbs
> Rachel copes on OnionFarms, says she will always have a "kindhearted Chad willing to fuck me and love me."
> Nonnies talk about side characters and argue about trannies
> More worrying past posts of Rachel re: minors surface
> Nonnies find Rachel's birth mom, who doesn't seem to have the troubling history that Rachel repeatedly alluded to with drugs and the law, etc.
> Old RP posts get revisited possibly returning to the scene of the crime with Jennifer and Rachel having sexualized interactions when Rachel was 16
> continually banned from Twitter, now impersonating her cat
> boasted about going to Fanime but seems to have stayed at home tweeting cat pics and seething

Older milk:
> posts obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her
> banned from various platforms and basically everywhere Sephiroth related
> has threatened to starve herself to get unbanned
> has a whole tumblr group (Fairsinfo Center) dedicated to monitoring/alogging her
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exist
> undeniably fat with a BMI of 37.4; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortble
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> showed up in the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord with Elaine and proceeded to get made fun of by everyone in the server
> went on her usual spergfest which resulted in all 3 of her accounts being banned from the EDD server and her reporting users, admins and the server to discord which resulted in a couple of bans

No. 1546641

No. 1546646

Nona why do you namefag?

No. 1546655

I don't even get this one and how it was to slander me other than imply my taste in music is trash.
Here's some actual metal to make up for whoever wants to be an assclown while not facing me. I only namefagged on the sock post, should be obvious why.

No. 1546670

Sorry, nonnas, I knew I was forgetting something

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1538415

Kiwi thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204/

No. 1546679

File: 1654145457084.png (931.64 KB, 1280x800, tiredmustang.png)

Yes facebook.

Yeah and I wanna stop fucking showing up but faggots keep trying to insert themselves.

No. 1546746

File: 1654153524190.png (2.02 KB, 119x119, hp.png)

I don't think this has been mentioned and it goes contrary to some assumptions. Rereading the OP I'm reminded that Rachel's mom was a tech exec (Hewlett Packard, IIRC) before going into local politics, so the narrative that says her parents are clueless boomers who can't into the technology that's getting their daughter into trouble doesn't really hold water, does it?

No. 1546750

Rachel has also outright stated her mother knows and it stresses her out to the point of crying. Rachel blamed it on others not knowing shes the reason but yeah whoever made this OP was uh

Pretty dumb ngl.

No. 1546762

Yeah UH burned a sock over a minor I'm gonna say OP has a grudge at this point.
Looking for attention?
Stoping you from fixating on a minor and being just like Rachel more like.

She literally just made it so none of us look like giant hypocrites, tried to save a kid who was attacking trans people and people think she's still mentally ill?

Fuck hating on trannies it's obvious all just political theatre at this point.

No. 1546763

I don't like the faggot at all, but frankly you have a point about their recent namefagging nonsense.

No. 1546764

Forgot shits her pants and obsesses over pictures of cat butts.

No. 1546765


No. 1546766

Imagine someone here hating on trannies. Quelle surprise! And why can't the tranny be saving the kid and looking for attention? I'm pretty sure I know which one of those is the prime mover, and it's not the moralfaggy one.

No. 1546767

Also the tranny got 1 sentence in a long ass OP, I don't know why people are zeroing in on it to mean some vendetta. Everyone mentioned gets snarked on.

No. 1546770

I zeroed in on a lack of her shitting her pants. It needs to be up there.

No. 1546771

Yeah and everyone else mentioned has been an extremely bad actor while Erika is the only one clearing up info, if you're gonna be snarky dont just repeat what the non moralfagging tranny says.

No. 1546773

Actually yeah what snark does Mike get in the OP?
I don't see any.
Shit I thought nonnie was sperging but that's yeah….
Bad look.

No. 1546774

Simp for a nazi tranny just cause hes a Nazi.
Quirky things.

No. 1546775

I'm still upset about the lack of pants shitting the most personally.

No. 1546776

I don't think OP hates trannies, they don't bring it up with AC. They probably just personally hate UH.

No. 1546778

Hurrrr tranny based.
There we done?
Can we not?

Anyone been checking the Bello account? I haven't been able to find it since starting my computer up earlier.

No. 1546780

>Hyde asks to only be referred to as Hyde multiple times and no personal info be posted about her.
>OP posts her real name.

I know that making OPs can be a lot of work, but come on.

No. 1546781

Here anon: https://twitter.com/Bello1883608521
She added a 1 to the end

No. 1546783

This OP almost feels like a psyop to shift the narrative it's so bad. Luckily it seems most of us are on the same page, unlike the nonnie who wrote the OP…

Only one person has 'snark' I hate trannies but the bias is obvious too god fucking damnit. Calling someone mentally ill is not snarky.


No. 1546784

Thank you very much nonnie, she likes to change those numbers up to keep us on our toes huh?

No. 1546787

She does! She hasn't tweeted much though, just weird baby talk to other cat accounts still. It makes me really uncomfortable.

No. 1546790

I suppose that's why the conversation devolved so much among others. Any ideas on why Rachel is laying low?
It almost seems like a manic depressive cycle at this point to me is why I ask.

No. 1546792

How could OP have missed that? It was a big chunk of last thread iirc.

No. 1546796

So far OP fix suggestions brought up are:
Mother def knows, isn't out of touch boomer but depressed and given up on tard wrangling Rachel.
Up the snark on others, everyone else seems to guess(because of evidence I'd imagine) that Erika is trying to keep the other supporting cast away from Rachel.
Needs to bring up her WK shenanigans and the claims they've made like Pants Shitting.
Drop Hyde's other name.
Link her actual accounts.

Anything else?

No. 1546797

Her innate urge to post pictures of cat butts.

No. 1546798

File: 1654158151433.jpeg (122.54 KB, 826x1339, 67C7D2EB-7C9A-4DAA-90D1-3044EC…)

I just checked up on it and she’s pretty much just posting cringe baby talk as if her cat is talking.

No. 1546800

I hate that this is actually an accurate statement.

No. 1546801

At least the cats are cute I guess?

No. 1546803

I have pretty much accepted that no matter what an OP makes for a thread, people are going to complain about how it’s missing something or is sperg posting. It’s general behavior in this site. But this OP really did a terrible job and made so many dumb points that it’s almost a vendetta post towards other people rather then the true milk that was spilt by Rachel herself. But considering how her threads have been derailed over and over, I can’t say I’m surprised at this point.

No. 1546804

File: 1654158584755.jpeg (253.04 KB, 820x1421, D6F23DF5-204B-48B0-9745-B823D6…)

Eh they are okay. Just regular domestic cats. Nothing special. I just want to know if those are Rachel’s legs with the awful rainbow socks and mom jeans, or one of her parents developing dementia thinking rainbow socks are cool and that it’s the 60s afain:

No. 1546806

Those legs look unshapely enough to be hers.

No. 1546807

Id have done a better job and half of it would be talking about how she shits her pants.

Again that is the thing I'm most personally upset about. Tho frankly the Hyde thing kinda irritates me, it's just like sloppy? That's the best word, sloppy.

No. 1546810

File: 1654159816202.jpeg (24.13 KB, 350x350, mel.jpeg)

Since when is it a problem to use the first name of someone, whether they like it or not? Something tells me if we looked into Melissa she'll be milky herself, and the more (presumably a small number of) people try to divert attention the more I'm gonna think that.

> Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

How is she unrelated again?

No. 1546812

We get it. You think it’s funny how she shits her pants. You’re a broken record. Must be the tism. Over using punchlines and jokes till they have worn out their welcome.

No. 1546814

That’s a very Bertha thing to do. So Rachel, did you assume a new personality? What’s this one called now? Scott?

No. 1546869

Can you stop being fucking retarded about thinking Hyde needs to be “investigated?” She is a person that was harassed by Rachel (who is the cow here and the subject of this thread, not Hyde) to the point of getting a TRO against her because she was worried Rachel might act like a fucking psychopath and hunt her down irl. This weird obsession you have with wanting to “find milk” on her is just derailing the thread and almost seems victim-blamey (for lack of a better term) and posting a picture that’s supposedly her is also pretty damn pointless? Like who fucking cares lol

She wants to be left out of this and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable ask. After all, one of the main things we dunk on Rachel about is her inability to leave people alone and stop harassing them online. Let’s not participate in that behavior and act like the cow ourselves. So yeah, you’re right in the fact that she is related to Rachel… but as one of her many online targets, therefore not fair game to have her information shared here against her will

No. 1546871

Please point to some instances where we've done this. If Melissa is boring, then nobody will post about her. If she is being aggressively shielded by people from even mentioning her first name then yeah I think it is entirely reasonable that people are interested in her now.

"Investigated?" It's not that deep. Everyone else in this story has been interesting and carried some entertaining baggage. It's not unreasonable to wonder if she does too. What possible harm could mentioning her first name do? She's easily doxable, nobody's doing that because it's not funny. However, if she turns out to be another demented fujo frothinng at the mouth about her favorite ship and that's what lead to the slapfight, then that would be funny. Hence people's interest.

No. 1546878

“People’s” interest? Or just your own? Because I’m pretty sure you’re the same anon that was saying this shit last time about “Hyde seems like she’s so milky too let’s find out!!1!” when she was posted about in Rachel’s KF thread and she came here begging to have her identifying information left out of the entire thing because Rachel has already harassed her enough. We don’t need to do it, too. People are diverting attention away from Hyde because she’s not the subject of this thread and isn’t contributing any new milk to it, plus she is one of the many people that the actual cow Bertha has targeted for years. You’re just derailing the thread with your conspiracy theories about Hyde at this point, she stated previously what led to the “slap fight” and it’s documented in her court documents filed when she got her TRO against Rachel. Whatever she does in her roleplaying communities regarding ships or whatever isn’t relevant here unless it’s new milk between her and Rachel, which she has expressed repeatedly she wants nothing to do with. So posting her pics and identifying information after she asked us not to is just you being petty because you have a weird Bertha-esque fixation about her. So stop being retarded

No. 1546881

NTAYRT but Hyde has made statements saying she wants nothing to do with Rachel after the court case. She doesn’t talk about her on her Twitter accounts, she just wants to be left alone. Rachel always drags her into her little demented world because she’s got some hate boner for Hyde.

> if she turns out to be another demented fujo frothinng at the mouth about her favorite ship

She’s not and doesn’t care about ships and isn’t a Fujoshit. She just wants to be able to post on Twitter without Rachel foaming at the mouth that Hyde still exists and has friends in the fandom. Hyde is actually not anything worth milking. Rachel just hates her because she had the balls to get a court order on Rachel and has a lot of followers, is remotely popular on Twitter, is skinny and reasonably pretty looking. Rachel doxxed her place of employment a few threads back which upset Hyde when someone mentioned it to her when Rachel was name dropping on one of her banned twitters. Hyde literally wants nothing to do with this or Rachel. She just wants to be left alone.

The only person that calls her Melissa is Rachel. The only person that wants to destroy her image is Rachel. If it where not for Rachel, Hyde would be another person that had the unfortunate situation of encountering Rachel. But because she can’t handle someone telling her to leave them alone, Rachel makes it a life mission to hold a petty grudge on someone who simply said leave me alone.

No. 1546889

File: 1654172891072.jpg (121.15 KB, 1240x620, babs.jpg)

OK. Explain how mentioning her first name is a problem. Heck, I just had a look. There are 7 women under 40 with her same first and last names (easily findable on KF, no need to post here because again, it's not funny) in roughly the LA metro area. Speaking of the LA metro area, she's, not to put too fine a point on it, 370 miles from Rachel door-to-door, least anyone worry that somehow we are putting her in acute physical danger. Which would be dumb to begin with because if anyone knows Mel's dox, it's certainly Rachel, right? Who else is going to bother her?

Thanks for confirming, by the way, that you're directly involved in the situation and thus seem to think this is some cancel-culture crusade against someone (Rachel) in your hobby you don't like rather than looking for the funny. Tell me without telling me etc. you're not here for the same reason as the rest of us. If like a sensible person Melissa had ignored whatever it was between them resurfacing a few threads back, then I don't think anyone would care. But she registered a pretty dramatic reaction to a pretty slight mention (I don't even think she works in the same place anymore) and that is certainly curious.

No. 1546894

I am a Mutual of Hyde and she still works at the salon she’s worked at for a long time. She part owner of it afaik but I also don’t ask about the symetics of her employment rank in the salon. She genuinely doesn’t want anything to do with Rachel and only speaks up when people pester her about it because Rachel doesn’t know how to let the grudge go.

No. 1546896

File: 1654173540795.jpeg (61.03 KB, 828x411, DF3055F5-C5A4-4E37-A0F1-CF4435…)

Hmm seems sus that there’s suddenly someone name dropping Hyde and wanting to “ milk heel while Rachel is actively posting.

No. 1546913

>claims it’s not funny to dox
>proceeds to give step by step instructions on how to dox Hyde

you’re a fucking moron, anon. we all know how to look people up if we want to, the point is that there’s no reason to look Hyde up and your obsession with this is making you look as unhinged as Rachel

No. 1546918

Nonnie it’s Rachel. No one else would be this ass blasted over someone else. Plus she’s been posting and retweeting on her cat account the whole time this anon has been sperging about Hyde.

No. 1546922

What the fuck are you talking about, where did I “admit” that I’m directly involved? Lmao I live literally across the country and have never had a single interaction with these people outside of LCF. And I definitely do not partake in the “hobby” of roleplaying, I honestly think it’s stupid and cringey but whatever. I am just a nonnie who has thoroughly enjoyed laughing at Rachel for the last few weeks and am able to empathize with people that she has harassed online. It makes no sense for us to keep harassing those same people when they aren’t even doing anything to contribute to the milk. Hyde’s reaction to having her personal information posted here seemed pretty rational to me… a person who relentlessly harassed her online for years was being brought back up into her life and people were reaching out to her about it. That seems like it could be a pretty stressful and upsetting thing to somebody. You are literally the only person here (aside from Bertha, of course) who has any sort of interest in Hyde. There’s no milk and she’s not the subject of the thread. Quit derailing

No. 1546923

Rachel can't type that well, sorry that is a nonna.
Don't make me go into how I can I instantly tell it's Rachel if you can't get her unique vocabulary down.

It's fucking Regina.

I can tell it is, same typing style and reaction images.
She probably wrote the OP too.

For those of you who don't know UH made her look even worse as a mod by being right about everything while she troll shielded Michael.

I told our mutual to warn you but apparently you want it out so go for it.

No. 1546925

Spookybones we know it's you, lol and calm down with your hands up!

No. 1546929

Plus she's always bringing Hyde back up, it's her.

No. 1546932

I’m confused, I thought Spooky/Regina was actually a man but he’s being referred to as ‘she’ here. This is honestly all too retarded for me to keep straight, I don’t understand who half of these fucking orbiters are and how/why they’re involved aside from pure autism, kek

No. 1546937

Yeah the stuffs never been solid because of disagreements on how to handle Spooky. They're larping a tranny too far as anyone can tell.

Tl;Dr: Spooky has claimed to be both his husband and wife to try and avoid being tied to another account. The Onion farms thread is correct though, that blue light account is Spooky, whatever the fuck their gender is.

Shouldn't be involved at all but never changes their writing style. They are by far the least important orbiter and more a nonna who keeps wanting to be an orbiter.

No. 1546942

Mod from Kiwifarms, constantly says other people do things for attention to distract others from the fact he's doing it himself. Ran the ILJ investigation into the ground by being trolled by Bella.
When put in the exact same situation on Onion farms Blaine…

Fuck if, Erika.

Erika called that it was Bella and pulled her IP and shared it so that KF could confirm a fair few things. Erika helped that investigation off site than Spooky did as a moderator.
Plus Spooky wants to be a tranny and UH isn't bad looking, jealousy.

I know Spooky more from avoiding the topics they posted on, very short fuse and entitled attitude.(derailing)

No. 1546947

When you hate trannies so much you insist of deadnaming Cis people online.
Maybe this should be a moral crusade if dumbasses like you just wanna continually go after Hyde.

No. 1546948

Lol I bet Spookybones wanted to go after that minor too. Hide yo kids!

No. 1546953

I'd rather look into this spookybones character than Hyde tbh.

No. 1546956

You don't roleplay in text Regina but you do irl, how many kids did you have while cracking out on Burnbook again? Your story kept changing on Kiwifarms itself so naturally it needs to be cleared up.

No. 1546965

File: 1654178378633.jpeg (186.8 KB, 828x1188, 4848313B-2CE9-48E9-99EE-8E2594…)

Will we ever get a thread that stays on subject?

Here I’ll pay the tax of something related to the subject. For someone with such “intelligence” she’s pretty damned low IQ when it comes to geography.

No. 1546972

Old milk to dodge the fact that the OP should remove Hyde's name isn't something to act like you're intelligent for doing.
New milk or stfu.

No. 1546973

Lol what a fucking retard. A cursory glance at Wikipedia could have corrected her given that she’s always on her phone.

No. 1546974

There is a subject, remove Hyde's name….

Old news, old milk, attention whoring.

No. 1546975

Rachel can't double check proof cause her brain makes her feel bad when she's wrong.


No. 1547041

That is Rachel's cat, so those are her legs. Photos of her cat have been posted several times. I just wanted to answer this in case no one else did. Rachel has a cat and her mom has a cat if I remember correctly. >>1546804

No. 1547070


I agree with this because no one else brings Hyde up or refer to her by her name except Rachel. Hyde has stated she doesn't want any involvement. It's also been proven that Rachel needlessly drags her name up.

also even those this isn't related to hyde, >>1545508 is a recent thing that was posted in the last thread. like they said, rachel brings up shit that no one thinks about or ask about.

the person who keeps bringing up hyde as if she has milk has some sort of agenda. it's also been proven that rachel does bring hyde up in order to have people cancel her or ruin her reputation.

i think fairinfo posted about this before.

No. 1547081

Rachel brings up everyone by their name and not their preferred name or screen name. Then has the audacity to scream to the sky about being dead named and demand people call her Sera. Or screech “ that’s not her name. She doesn’t go by that name”

No. 1547095

File: 1654184948275.jpg (63.38 KB, 705x351, tumblr_inline_pkw20kK27L1s6qr9…)


she really does lol i think that's why she calls zack by the name gavin, but when she does it it rats her out. that's why her dumbass got caught impersonating another person because everyone was like "who the fuck is gavin" and then they put the piece together. i think zack stated that gavin is just another alias. im still digging through the tweets.

bertha really hard-pressed about no one respecting her wishes on her name. lol

No. 1547140

rachel showing off her totally real kweer pride
oh look another completely normal woman that rachel cant stop seething about

No. 1547154

Fat bitch knows she can't look like a normal woman so Rachel attacks anyone who she knows or thinks looks better than her. Minor or adult.

All she can do is cope and seethe about it lol.

If Rachel would stop lying so much and causing shit, maybe the universe would stop ageing like milk that's been left out and forgotten about.

No. 1547168

Best thing is she knows this and any doxed person that looked better she ran into she has threatened to use their pictures to catfish.

Do you know how Incels think all women are?
Turns out they're all studying Rachel.

No. 1547169

She doesn't even know that she does not have a deadname, I can't wait for her to clumsily rip off black culture next.

No. 1547173

Let this giant tumor of a thread serve as a warning to anyone who thinks it's a good idea to associate with Kiwifags or draw their attention here. Fuck you Regina. You just couldn't live without your fucking stickers and now here we are, trying to filter tranny buttsex leakage out of our milk. You've done more damage here than Elaine could in her wildest dreams.

No. 1547179

Hate to break it to you, but there are a lot of farmers that are also Kiwis.
I also don't get where this sudden Spooky hate is coming from.

No. 1547180

Since the OP itself lacks snark for anyone else I'll just give ya mine redone as a freebee cause that dig is pathetic. I'll even deadname myself and gender myself incorrectly. Theres a buncha digs to use for next time, on the house.

> Blaine: Autistic AMB tranny who delivered milk on Rachel and was involved in trolling/tipping/alogging and occasionally white-knighting her. Your guess is as good as mine. Pissed off most people who got banned around the time he did. His chin could sand off a wood better than an orbital sander. Moralfagged his way into tard wrangling Rachel and anyone who tries to insert via the farms. Continually blows cover for seemingly no reason, comes across as crass and rude, and sounds like Dr. Girlfriend. Stayed on Onion Farms longer than any sane person could tolerate. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/99380/ (look who made his KF thread!)

More than you fucking know, but frankly in a couple of days here you'll pull your head out of your ass and see why me being a tranny is hardly the worst thing out of this.
Next CwC?
Yeah she woulda been, the worst sagas, the one where people stole money from him…

Then register on AMB, ask me there and lets keep this thread on Rachel.

No. 1547184

thank god someone said it. half of this dumpsterfire of a thread is the mentally deranged tranny WKing itself

No. 1547190

Nah I went to bed at 1am so posted Roy and then posted now.
You ladies can derail shit pretty easily by yourself. (which one of the obvious two hate posters are you lol)

taps sign that says bring it to AMB or shut the fuck up for a third time

No. 1547201

the only one derailing the threads is you with your constant insufferable faggotry

No. 1547210

what, like the time she pretended to be a black woman with a bbl on twitter, or all the times shes come here trying to act black, but just ends up showing how she only sees black people as racial caricatures?
its not though, this thread gets derailed all the time and UH really doesnt post that much.

No. 1547222

I am frankly shocked when people don't have my writing style down, it's rather unique.
No need to defend me tho, it just causes the two obvi posters to get more salty.(Unless your goal is tilting, I ain't your mom)

Duuuuuuude I saw that reading up in the archives and I got like, I found it insultingly hilarious like so off base it was like stepping into a theatre and seeing blackface done non-ironically.
Honestly it is less racist than it seems, Rachel is of a low enough intellect that she cannot think how others can. You'll see this often in people who cannot sock, the views or actions are always the same and the writing is usually not too varied. Vocabulary gives people away a lot more than they realize for example which is why people who have seen Regina post so often can call her out so easily.(I'm gonna respect Regina's preferred pronouns even though they do not respect mine)

Not saying the two are of the same intellect but rather they share a similar issue of not being able to stop, put on someone else's shoes and think for a bit. I do this on the fly when I am slapfighting people, it's how I can set out bait and be consistent.

So for Rachel even when she WKs as someone else there are always these obvious tells, most people can pick up on them but can't elaborate as to why they know. It's just the brain processing subconscious clues and unless it was an autistic hyperfocus of yours(like it was for me) you just kinda go with it. It's part of social skills really at the end of the day, changing yourself for an audience.

To me however that is pandering and attention seeking, making a joke for yourself is better than making jokes for different crowds. The ability to do so is important however otherwise you will come across as Rachel.

It's why a lot of younger people get creeped out by her nearly instantly, in their hindbrain they see that she hasn't learned this social skill that they have and since she is older is comes across as a red flag of immaturity or stunted development. Children haven't developed enough of a nurturing sense to pity her as a gut reaction but instead they get the gut reaction of creep.

I could go on but this will be called derailing the thread no matter how much substance is placed within.(also I am posting on my original IP but I thought the first ban was for two years so I hope the sites functioning well)

No. 1547288

Whoever was asking to go after Hyde derailed the thread so much more than anyone else has besides Rachel imo.

No. 1547303

>Post Erika dead center of frame.
>Calls her an attention whore.

That's actually pretty funny, bit light of an OP and way too much focus on Hyde but otherwise the humor is either super dry or OP is actually slightly retarded.

No. 1547390

I don't get the tranny simping, nonnas, unless it's the outsiders/Twitterfags who have been shitting up the thread since before it even got re-bumped. Fairsinfo and that circle seem like pronouns-in-bio types. UH seems to have delivered some of the best milk out of 8 threads I will admit, as relates to showing up Michael for gayops. But then he was harassing Rachel on Twitter (cowtipping) and was knee deep in the gayops himself. Furthermore he comes from AMB which I'm not a member of but as far as I understand it is a forum dedicated to cowtipping specifically of Tooter. Everyone who is praising UH several threads later is contributing to the bullshit and drama. The rules of this forum are very clear: scrotes, troons included, get banned if they draw attention to themselves, simple as. This particular troon has been doing this for quite a while now. I don't get it. Too much handmaidenry shitting up the thread.>>1547184

No. 1547406

I think Rachel might have a new account somewhere and is using the Bello account to make people not look for it.

No. 1547420

Good thought, anon. Maybe if we look at the mentions of various Sephiroth RP accounts? Sadly it is not my scene that I would know where to find them other than the obvious. Maybe some of the accounts that we've seen her bothering in earlier threads? Regardless I doubt that she will be able to resist sperging for too long. Seems in the downtime the thing to do is to argue about trannies and namefagging so hopefully the milk begins to flow again because that shit is tiresome.

No. 1547428


I wouldn't worry too much about it. If she does end up having a new account, she'll just get flag by that community. it's what always happens with her accounts. you don't even have to witch hunt for her accounts.

i think she mentioned in a pervious thread that she always gets found out.

that community has at least 5 ways that marks rachels accounts, so don't worry about which hunting. the community is pretty good at figuring her accounts out and never getting the wrong person.

No. 1547434

But reporting her accounts is lame and cringe tipping behavior. Let my favorite new lolcalf graze in peace and slapfight with other Seph-shipping cringelords, it's more fun tht way. Cows are almost always way more entertaining left to their own devices and if you're not following cows because they're entertaining you're doing it wrong and are most definitely in the wrong place. Plus if you want a moral crusade of some description there are better targets tbh.

No. 1547444

No one is simping for UH. No one is saying he should get a pass when it comes to the rules. People are pointing out that the OP seemed to have a weird vendetta. Not everyone here hates troons, there are people here that just don't care. You're complaining about shitting up the thread while shitting up the thread because not everyone is talking shit on the troon and calling people handmaidens for it. kek.

No. 1547456

i dont think anyone here is reporting her its probably more the people she harasses and the twitter algorithm she literally cant help herself

No. 1547459

That seems to me the obvious reading of >>1547456 saying "flag[ged] by the community … [who have] at least 5 ways" to recognize her. I assume meaning the FF7 RP community. I don't see that post referring to Twitter algorithms at all except possibly in a real strained way. Smells like her vendetta-chans who are also getting tiresome. There are few things more annoying than someone trying to point you at their persona enemies when you're just trying to have a laugh. Talking of communities, our communities (to include the Kiwis) don't react well to that bullshit.

No. 1547461


im just pointing it out because lolcow and twitter are two different communities. people report the cow regardless of how lolcow feels about it. most of this information on the lolcow thread is known to the twitter community. those people find out the cow account before lolcow, info, and kiwi do.

No. 1547465

Oh absolutely. The twitter RP community can do what they feel and it's not my place to tell them not to do things I don't like. But that's not the vibe I got off >>1547428 which read as if the point of this thread is to get Rachel b& of Twitter or otherwise cause her problems and/or to give the Fairs people info in order to do so which is pretty much a severe miscalculation of what we're about and I'm pretty surprised that there are people here who haven't caught onto that yet. And those kinds of things have a way of boomeranging. The people who get overly invested in the cow typically have some skeletons of their own. I won't speculate on these people but let's just say very few skinny girls get into alogging Amberlynn.

No. 1547474

You want them to ruin their fun so you can have yours?

Shit like that's why I'm here and wah no troons, get over it, if a buncha ppl didn't bend over backwards to cover up Michael Thurlows ass nobody would know what I was. It don't matter, think of me as a dog at a computer if it helps you?

Ninja'd a point I was gonna bring up.

So far from the RP people I've stayed in contact with Rachel has not resurfaced, I'd be delivering milk instead of a few posts stating to be careful who interacts with Rachel.

No. 1547509

i meant the twitter algorithm picks up on her death threats and she gets automatically deleted, no one really has to do anything for her to get deleted eventually

No. 1547511

Does anyone of her older run ins know if she was THIS inclined to shout death threats in public spaces or if it's been something that has increased through the years. So far it seems most people say she's very much the same but mainly in reference to the just inability to be a friend which can come in many ways.

Judging off her gaiaonline accounts she must have always been somewhat violent but my question remains.

No. 1547553

Nonna this is not the place to share your kinks, nobody wants to hear it.

No. 1547555

File: 1654219163500.jpeg (153.98 KB, 996x1024, 1B813A55-3114-4102-B11B-7587C5…)

Yes. She has made death threats to people years before now. I only had the unfortunate time encountering her since 2019 and she was wishing death and “ putting people in the ground” even then.

No. 1547559

Her rage issues are something.

I bet 5$ that she turned her rage issues on her cat when it doesn't "love" her the way she wants. I mean, animal abuse is one of the earliest signs of people with psychopathy and people who want to cause physical harm to others and get off on it.

She's a psychopath for sure since she keeps on wanting to threaten people with their lives and hasn't learned. Therapy didn't help her.

No. 1547564

I’m going to admit that I am in the roleplay as a hobby on a few platforms. Cringe if you want, I find fun in it and it hurts no one. And I have been posting here and in other threads for a few years now because I enjoy the train wreck that is cows like Charlotte charms, Dakota koti, peacock feather, and the queen PT.

But when it comes to Rachel, the Twitter community is very aware of how she behaves. They watch out for new people and cautiously approach before they get some form of clarity that it’s not her by either a selfie post, or general behavior in the community. Rachel sticks out like a sore thumb. She doesn’t talk with many females l character wise and has a weird obsession with cats. Her posts are never on subject and often drama centered with a lot of fake woke posts. She also goes hard on ships and canon for some reason while also trying to shoehorn lewd sexual posts that just feel soo immature.

No. 1547566

She doesn’t get therapy. She’s vehemently said she finds it useless. That says she’s never done it or at least applied herself to it.

No. 1547574

Her Gaiaonline blogs say she has went but didn't apply herself because she found it a hassle and had to be bribed with chocolate/vanilla sundaes.

So we know why her parents made her into a lard ass and coddled her. Probably too afraid their fatass daughter would try to kill them if they didn't feed her or let her do whatever she wanted.

No. 1547580

Rachel probably does harm her cat when it doesn't act as she likes, and I mean in the way of forced poses but also direct hitting out of pure tard rage. She's unhinged and has probably hit her parents too, do we know how big her adopted parents are? They could be half of her mass(250lbs), of course they fed the monster that they had created. They fear her, her cat fears her, everyone she runs into pities or finds her disgusting just how does she get out of bed in the morning?
Oh yeah she's an unaware psychopath. I wonder when she will waddle back in to say "Only everyone does love you and you are the pedo anon!" Like some deranged ever hungering broken record of decay and lard.

No. 1547585

Who is this Bri girl, nonna? I heard the name before and she seems important but I never was clear on who she is.

No. 1547632

Someone she had a beef with. I don’t know the full story though. It was lost to the internet before I caught wind of it. I simply saw the screen shots on the accounts that call her out and where there when that happened.

No. 1547926

OP most certainly has a vendetta, they're also the anon calling for Hyde to be investigated. Rachel uses completely different images. For those of you who don't know Wharf Rat is Spookybones so then wanting stickers is why we have this whole mess instead of….

Rachel slowly winding down?

This has been some of the more interesting stuff as there's so many moving parts, people trying to self insert and a person who delivered milk AND trolled the cow now Moralfag guntguarding the cow, and chasing minors away from them and the thread. (Nice use of a sock UH)
I can't wait to see what happens next, especially if this Mike guy comes back.

No. 1547935

Gonna just add quick that I've been around since last August. Erika never brings up what they are that's always someone else who uses it to discredit her. It's why I think on this example it's fucking retarded to cry about.

No. 1547967

For the nonnas asking about Bri, she's a person who stood up for her friend who roleplays as Sephiroth. At first she tried to get Rachel to back off but when she didn't the two of them got into a slapfight in public which escalated until Rachel told her to kill herself. She runs a Morrigan Aensland account.

No. 1547993

Slapfighting a ham that insulted your friend sounds like one of the few reasons to Slapfight.

No. 1548002

Well I'm sad to say that I've dug through those old RPs and found very little milk from it. It's all gross nonsense that repeats, having read it however I can confirm that Sera and the alternate spelling are the same character and just two different forms. I can also say it's just them roleplaying in some chat and then other members are posting old chats onto the forum.

As such that's Rachel sexually roleplaying things such as scat, male pregnancy, pegging, gore(idk what that's called and idc), blood play, pedophilia, incest, beastiality and more.

All while she was 16 with someone we confirmed to be much older.
I looked through all this for you guys so can we please stop bringing me up? It was hell, and now I need to go to a petting zoo just to wash my brain out.

No. 1548085

>I looked through all this for you guys so can we please stop bringing me up?
Who the fuck are you supposed to be?
Also, scat? kek

No. 1548094

Could be anyone who keeps getting named and brought up really.
Scat means poop, it's funny in this context as usually cat poop is what is meant outside of sex.

No. 1548185

I was thinking "Hyde" but who knows? I don't think it's UH, he clearly revels in the attention rather than wants to escape it. But whoever it was I'm glad someone did too because God knows I don't want all that shit in my head.

No. 1548213

Nah it was me, half the fucking thread is derailed into sperging and it's fucking tiring. I'd be dumping twitter shots but it's just cringy cat stuff and nothing of merit so I shifted back to digging into it just to see. Namefagged to dissuade people from inserting like Javis did and I'm really regretting it due to this being the aftermath. I was hoping to get milk from the RP to organically shift back to that but who wants to see that? It's nasty even for Rachel. Otherwise yeah woulda been goneso like before.

Now can we please get back to discussing Rampart, I mean Rachel?

No. 1548234

So, this is my last last last time coming in here for this because this is getting too much and yes it is becoming stressful for me.

I have requested to stop having my information leaked because of my job, because of the responsibility I have to take to pay off funeral costs from my immense losses. Anyone playing off as me is nothing but cruel. I’m getting exhausted and beyond stressed since I have so much on my plate as a person in my life.

I want no ties to Sera. I want no ties to any pages anymore. I want to be left alone, my name left alone, my work place alone, nothing more nothing less.

Please I’m begging to be left alone. And as I’ve told my mutuals I don’t want anymore things where people bring up Sera into my life anymore.

I don’t care about rp, I don’t care about Fujoshi things, nothing of the sort. Only thing I care about is my mental health that has been making me suicidal and my family due to my health declining from stress from my life and now this added on. . . I’m begging to be left alone.

No. 1548239

If this is Hyde most of us here completely agree with you and got upset with the OP over your actual name being brought up. I know that I don't want you to keep getting dragged into this crap, especially as it's causing you undue stress.

I would most certainly be open to just never bringing you up again as the history has long since been uneeded to prove just how unhinged Rachel is regardless of who you are.

Can whoever makes the next OP remember to leave this person out of it?

No. 1548243

Yeah it is. . It’s becoming much because this is messing with my personal life when I’m just trying to live like a human and help my family out.

It makes me so upset knowing people also were I’m assuming pretending to be me or pin it on me when I myself am never online. . As I’ve stated before I wish for the best for Sera and know she has the power to change. It’s affecting me so much I just can’t. . .

No. 1548276

What is the motive of mentioning Hyde? In this thread and the pervious one there has been one anonymous continuously bringing her up. What exactly is the motive? If she doesn't want any involvement, she doesn't want any involvement. She isn't the cow.

The only person who brings Hyde yup continuously is Rachel and if it isn't Rachel then it's some other anonymous.

Hyde is the victim, so is Margo, along with other people, and a lot of them don't want anything to do with Rachel, so what's up?

Why is Hyde the only person's getting brought up so viciously? What's the real motive?

If someone attempts to put a restraining order, it's probably because they feared for their wellbeing. That isn't so hard to understand. We've all seen the cow in action.

What is the motive? Is it an anonymous or the cow, Bertha, doin' her same exact bullshit.

No. 1548284


I'm gonna assume that as well because they seem really determined to go after Hyde. It's been proven that Rachel does try to send people after Hyde. I think the only reason her name is getting dropped is because of that attempted restraining order. You don't hear anything about Rachel's other victims at all. I do agree with you.

No. 1548289


I don't follow it either. When the thread derails I have to get my ass off the toilet and finish my reading for the day at that point.

No. 1548390

You do, but the difference is the other people don't care about being name dropped if it means Rachel goes down.

If it isn't the landwhale herself doing it or someone's plain ignorance, it could be someone who feeds off of making women upset by hitting the low hanging fruit….Hmmm.

I wonder who that could be. There's certainly nobody who orbits Rachel who does that. It couldn't possibly be a woman hating bitch boy.

No. 1548401

Angry Canadian does hate UH a ton for very obvious reasons, he hates Regina and Rachel as well as probably Elaine at this point. Not sure if there is a person he runs into that he doesn't eventually hate and while he is posting cringe shit like the attached image, I don't think it was him simply due to the fact that would mean the OP AND him both were trying to dig more into Hyde(it's not a slip to add in Hyde's irl name, it's not been brought up in a while before the 9th thread).
Michael(Angry Canadian) HATES the tranny allegations and has 'worked' to try and debunk them with shoddy reasoning over on Onion Farms already when someone posted a thread containing UH mockingly reading his posts and causing him to sperg out. Due to this there is no way he made the OP as it uses this image whereas a trumpet is the signature of a certain someone. Someone who enjoyed investigating people even barely related to the ILJ case.

No. 1548406

File: 1654298566950.png (43.79 KB, 1179x310, mikesapsycho.png)

Dropped this on my way I guess.

No. 1548426

I doubt Angry Canadian made the OP but suspect he's LARPing as a woman (again) itt.

No. 1548431

right you werent here which is why you replied almost immediately

No. 1548433

I decided to come here because someone is posing as Blaine and shitting up my site so I might as well shit up yours back.

No. 1548452

Yeah? You're bad at lying just like Rachel lol

No. 1548484

Write the date/time and "AC" on your right forearm and post it here. When you impersonate people it undermines the integrity of every post that is claimed to belong to Rachel or anyone else in this thread.

No. 1548492

>my site
>kengle's site

tits or gtfo

No. 1548499

File: 1654309406691.jpg (25.75 KB, 300x299, Kengle yggr.jpg)

Who's the bigger lolcow, the lolcows who got jannie privs on Kengle or Kengle who they managed to pull the wool over his eyes so completely that he believes that the nasty truth about AC and Naught is a Kiwi fabrication? Kengle seems to unironically think himself to be so important that Josh et al. would fabricate pedo and other accusations against his jannies to take his site down.


No. 1548513

Getting told tits or gtfo is probably validating to his tranny ass, lol. And I'm surprised Kengle hasn't trooned out yet. But you know what? If/when he does, he'll pass better than Michael ever could. As an very fat and very ugly woman, mind you, but he might not be such a horror as we saw sitting next to his ex-wife on that couch.

No. 1548518

Naught posted last thread covering his face, I bet it's due to having already started the process of trooning with how skinny his arms were. Onionfarms is just a tranny factory at this rate so you're right it's only a matter of time.

No. 1548557

File: 1654313068239.png (88.43 KB, 720x420, Screenshot_20220603-222312~2.p…)

Mike's reposting screencaps on his alt on Onion farms so it's actually possible that was him earlier.

No. 1548558

Ah yes using his actual face after being doxed I see.

No. 1548591

Michael claims he doesn't care but was here within minutes of being accused to cry about it haha whiny faggot with no balls.

No. 1548803

File: 1654348521173.png (92.07 KB, 1218x723, justwow.png)

For anyone who doesn't know how dead Onionfarms is, here are the only two active posters trying to talk to an obvious bot account.

Bear in mind these two are banned from .org so that might be why they are so desperate for social interaction.

No. 1548926

Looks like Rachel's not a cow anymore since she's been quiet and just posting about cat asses.

No. 1548929

No, she's still a cow for now. It hasn't been that long. Sounds like a bit of wishful thinking.

No. 1548939

Patience is key it seems then

No. 1548947

Changing out of a cow takes far more time than a couple of days, not only that but she has consistently displayed for years that she cannot learn. Rachel will probably always be a cow, she wants to be coddled by everyone and everything around her. The world must bend to her whims, now that level of egotism alone is an undesirable trait but when you couple it with the lack of skill, talent, beauty, or anything of merit to bring to the table like Rachel has it becomes perfect fuel for keeping a lolcow a lolcow.
Rachel is doomed to forever be one, it's not like someone with a clear bias campaigned to make her thread and she had no history. It's not like this was some politicsperg driven thing, no it's 9 threads in two months of pure insanity. She is a hoot and a half, and pretty soon she will waddle back in to defend herself as someone new again.

Or just not having adhd yes.

No. 1548983

Rachel still logs into Onionfarms daily, she's still communicating with Naught, Kengle and potentially Michael too. She's not done.
The retard rejects have their little pow wows on their redheaded stepchild of a website.

No. 1549020

Rachel and Michael have both been kissing Kengle's ass harder than I have seen anyone ever do so they are certainly up to something or another. Honestly besides his last post in here being butthurt about his Dana thread I haven't seen Naught to personally involved.

Have to agree with >>1548947 it's far more likely that Rachel will always be a cow, though seems like both of us agree that it's been no way or shape long enough for Berchal to not be a huge heffer.

Where are the scale pics Rachel? Didn't you want to own the haydurs? We know you Onionfarmers lurk this thread anyways so why don't you tell us why you never posted the scale? Is it because you are 250, and not 140lbs like you claimed?

No. 1549027

File: 1654363911141.jpg (28.68 KB, 198x320, S--DU STUPID POST AWARD.jpg)

Here ya go anon, you earned it even above all the sperging this thread has been you managed to still make the dumbest post yet.

No. 1549093

>it's not like someone with a clear bias campaigned to make her thread
TBH someone with clear bias (altho Fairsinfo IIRC said neither of them did) made her old thread (as in the one a year ago), it was a bit vendetta-ish, but she only took off here because she got mouthy with people on the Discord (which also lead to the Kiwi OP) and drew attention to herself there which made a whole different group of people get interested her who weren't into her fandom spergery but just her as a lolcow. Either way massive self-own on her part which is a classic lolcow trait.

No. 1549425


The people who made this thread are hardcore FF7 shippers Rachel decided to fuck with. They have nothing to do with FairInfo or the FF7RP community. These are basically two different groups, except one of them happens extremist.

It was those same people who tipped Rachel off about the thread. The same group of people who figured out her address and full name, based off what she gave them because she wanted to stick it to them with her pay check.

This was basically a dead thread that no one cared about, but I think they tipped her off on purpose because they knew she wouldn't be able to stay away.

No. 1549482

Elaine of the supporting cast was felted over in her thread. Essentially she was still simping for Null despite her cries to the contrary, she had concocted the idea that there were two Nulls and when her dream was shattered by the recent MATI stream she flew into a panic. Receipts sealed her fate as she was trying to damage control in her private server.
The tie in, and funny thing about the situation to me is that Angry Canadian did not come in to WK for her like he has for Rachel. I think we can officially call that Michael and Rachel Thurlow are the new lolcow power couple and Elaine has been cast aside even by her love triangle.
So there is a W for Rachel I guess? If you can call getting picked by a Nazi wifebeating drunk fairy a win that is.

No. 1549494

File: 1654391199748.jpg (145.88 KB, 1189x836, profilepostsdontshowforguests.…)

Berchal has been profile posting on Onionfarms, won't show up for guests so just really shows her using it as a social media.

No. 1549497

File: 1654391352619.png (677.63 KB, 541x721, a nazi and his sow.png)

Post the link, nonna. >>>/snow/1360109 starts a week+ ago but it is worth the read. I did not even think of the fact that AC didn't WK Elaine, you know he has seen the thread about it while meanwhile AC is jannying anti-Rachel posts hard over at Onion Farms. Poor Elaine, can't even get picked by the most LV scrote imaginable, picrel. Our boy Michael does prefer a woman with some, uh, meat on her bones though. I guess Elaine was useful to him so long as he could point her at personal enemies but since she is so erratic he gave up and picked Bertha, a woman who he actually does simp for. No accounting for taste.

No. 1549498

File: 1654391423023.png (109.83 KB, 982x225, trannyjanny.png)

Janny, janny, fucking tranny,
So fucking gay that it's uncanny
Always logged in,
Never logs out,
He's always looking for some clout.
Now he's banned from every site,
Always looking for a fight.
And yet he'll always cope and seethe,
He'll do it till he cannot breathe.
He swears to all that he is cis,
But no one online believes this.
But line by line he's posting shit,
Ruins forums bit by bit.
He'll also troll your favorite soon,
Morning, night, and afternoon.

No. 1549505

Top post is the bottom of a giant sperg about how he somehow was but was not in a dress?
He wants us to stop calling him gay.

No. 1549506

File: 1654391957641.jpg (156.25 KB, 1187x660, plsstopcallingmegay.jpg)

Samefag, had to get the song in, just too spot on.

No. 1549511

The fact that he is willing to be called a lolicon (pedophile) before being called a tranny shows how particularly bootyblasted he gets about that accusation in particular. Most people accused of such a thing would be like "lol no" or maybe get angry but not cope post to that degree. Protest too much is right.

No. 1549523

>tranny chan

No. 1549526

File: 1654393092695.jpg (48.82 KB, 1318x241, stillnoelainedefense.jpg)

Mike still hasn't WK'd Elaine but is actively WK'ing Rachel on OF against guest accounts like the valiant tranny janny that he is. So anyone else wanna bet that Rachel is his beard and Naught is his true love?

No. 1549527

Naught is a confirmed chaser, I believe it. That might very well be why Naught is putting up with so much of Michael's bullshit since he's also been heard to whine about Michael's constant gayops making him look bad (worse, if that were possible.)

No. 1549532

File: 1654393491447.jpg (57.64 KB, 1315x386, dumbass.jpg)

>Asks for proof
>Receive proof
>Cope, Seethe and Dialate about it.

No. 1549534

I have a feeling he just really wanted to use that meme and thought it was awesome. He's embarrassing.

No. 1549595

Has Rachel sperged out on OnionFarms?

No. 1549597

She has not since the last sperg that I dumped at the start of thread 8 I believe. Tbf she finally has her ideal scenario so for once in her life she doesn't need to defend herself.

No. 1549607

Not really. She goes by "Sourpuss" there and mostly quiet, but is guntguarded extensively by Michael et al. Speaking of it's entirely possible Kengle is getting more uniques than he ever has, traffic can't even have been that big for him when he is getting letters from Chris-chan as everyone knows the place to discuss those is on Josh's site not his. He is probably pleased as punch and willing to continue deluding himself into believing that his pedophilic staff are just being lied about by the Kiwis. Even the lolcow.org scrotes told Kengle those 2 are bad news and he won't listen because they have him wrapped around their finger, spending God knows how much time praising him and feeding into his bullshit.

No. 1549610

Kengle gave me staff out of nowhere but took it away when I refused to show up for the staff voice calls, I can only guess at what goes on during them and I really don't want to guess at it.
Pretty sad that the most traffic he got to the site after everyone left it was from people using it as a tard cage to poke Michael and Rachel.
Berchal has quite the gunt to guard, Michael has got to be getting worn down with all the heavy lifting.

No. 1549616

Thanks for the milk, tranny-kun, especially on Elaine today, but can you please fucking find a way to deliver it without quite as much first person anecdotes and obvious/selfposting? For the love of God.

No. 1549669

If we wanna talk about solid proof, we have Mikey in a dress and Rachel still a fatass.

No. 1549683

Rachel is so fat.
How fat is she?
Rachel so fat she sweats bacon instead of grease.
I can try.

No. 1549722

wait. in what universe does rachel have the ideal scenario… what do u mean by this

No. 1549756

ntayrt but I took that to mean that Rachel has it made on Onion Farms because she has her own personal tranny janny white knight and nobody goes there anyway so she doesn't have to spend any time explaining herself and can sperg more or less in peace.

No. 1549776

Reading his (her) thread he (she) didn't mentally develop beyond 14-15 years old. That's around the age he started troonifying before ironically pussying out so there's a strong possibility of arrested development.

No. 1549805

Rachel probably wants Michael to play Sephiroth for her. She's got this whole mentality of "I'm capable of changing bad guys by making them obsessively fall in love with me" like some pick me Mary Sue.

She's desperate for "male" attention and she's got a harem of dudes in the reject corner. A pedophile, a Nazi, fucking Kengle and whoever else joins the Ween Team

No. 1549946

So while ppl(especially here)overblow the health effects of transitioning what is real and an actual thing is the flip flopping of detransitioning. That shit really damages you especially if done at an age and with the timeline of Michael.
There's a reason he has a scraggly soy beard and looks 53 when he's 25, a lot of it's the drugs but the bloat face comes from cycling onto and off of estrogen.

No. 1549989


I get you (trannykun does seem like a better name lol) probably did not plan to stick around this long, but since you did just go full anon and enjoy. Your posts are usually pretty good aside from the personal shit.

Anyone manage to find a new Rachel account? Her Bello one just seems too slow to be her only outlet currently. I have this weird feeling we will stumble across her new account next week and find it already filled with harassing minors and the most vanilla porn imaginable.

No. 1550065

File: 1654448386885.png (398.45 KB, 530x373, trannykundelivers.png)

Not the best art, but I figured I would make something for the cow crossover and as an apology for breaking so many rules during it. I'll try to be better at not making myself obvious in the future, thank you all for having me in your space. I don't mean to invade it, only deliver laughs for you ladies to enjoy.
After all this is the internet and hard feelings should be left to the cows, I think all of you are extremely funny and insightful and I have found this place to be a lot more fun to scroll through than Kiwi(though yes I do avoid the trans shit naturally). Hopefully this will be my last obvious post and the only time you'll know it's me is when the milk makes it obvious, not my commentary.
Sorry to everyone, and I hope the shows continue to escalate in laughter and insanity. It's been a truly wild ride and I am glad to have been around to witness and help everyone get a good view into some places that other people have tried to keep hidden for very dumb reasons or for their own clout.

May everyone reading this have a wonderful day, a wonderful week and remember, we are all here to laugh even me. (I'd add hearts here but those count as emojis) Sorry if the art seems attention whoreish, I tried to get the peanut gallery involved as much as I could.

No. 1550096

File: 1654450447963.jpg (29.3 KB, 810x247, pedo disavows nazi troon.jpg)

Seems like Naught (pedophile, onionfarms admin) is finally tired of seeing "Naught (pedophile, onionfarms admin)" keep showing up in Rachel/AC-related contexts so he's a step closer to total disavowal. I really hope he drops logs because I bet there is some funny shit in there.

No. 1550099

File: 1654450576977.jpg (31.75 KB, 755x259, canuck lies.jpg)

samefag-at the same time, Michael is trying to spin things and distance himself from the whole shitshow, rather too late I'm afraid.

No. 1550108

I think the only reason Naught doesn't just drop the logs is because it shows that they definitely asked for this. They're dumb enough to just "take her word for it."

Or they are dumb enough to know the truth anyway and continue to act ignorant.

No. 1550124

I enjoy knowing that he's suffering.

No. 1550130

File: 1654452159891.jpg (107.02 KB, 1307x574, mike projection 623.jpg)

Real question, does Mike ever post anything besides projection? The question posed for context was "Why do you think I wanted you to make the thread".

No. 1550134

>attention whorish art
>2d girl steals the attention from Rachel herself
Kek but is this for the new thread pic?

No. 1550135

If someone uses it as the next thread art I would be most delighted.(It's attention whorey imo as Girlycard is a pfp I use a bit)

No. 1550137

File: 1654452675241.jpg (63.29 KB, 1320x220, trouble in paradise.jpg)

Samefagging just to show a potential of Rachel losing her new WK over him being salty.

No. 1550142

Rarely have I seen someone make as many bad decisions in a row as regards his Internet presence as Mike. There were a bunch of points at which he could've packed it in and faded away, starting with the botched but ultimately mostly correct dox very early in his Kiwi career, but he could not keep himself from antagonizing people and thinking he is smart enough to get one over on others (women in particular.) Right now though I'm enjoying this particularly because he is unbelievably pressed by getting made fun of here in particular for reasons which should be pretty obvious from his troonery and virulent misogyny. I think honestly he is taking it worse than his hard-dox KF thread.

No. 1550171

It must also press Michael a lot to see that UH, and also CommieDickGurl but that was a while ago, are big time trannies who managed to become reasonably well-liked while he's as big an outcast as can be.

No. 1550184

Someone probably should summarize his latest Ls guarding Rachel for his threads, I have no urge to make a Kiwi account or I would myself.(If I could with registration locked lol)

No. 1550198

For what it's worth, I am glad you came here.

So are we ready to start calling this the Mike and Rachel Thread and have them both share the OP for the next one? Most of the milk here has been from Mike and unless he gets banned from Naught I have a feeling we will be seeing him guard Rachel and become even more attached to her bloated festering corpse in the future.

No. 1550244

File: 1654459810911.jpg (122.57 KB, 1330x378, clownfarms.jpg)

Lol Mike is so pressed he deleted the thread. Last posts weren't much of note besides him just lying about never reporting things on the internet when he got into a fuck ton of trouble repeatedly on KF for reporting posts of people who insulted him and hurt his feelings.

No. 1550246

File: 1654460053938.jpg (40.67 KB, 1231x257, 12535.JPG)

it wasn't deleted, looks like it was just locked and moved.

No. 1550250

Thank you for the correction, it just must be hidden from guests. Registering an account would only give Kengle false hope so I refuse to do it.

No. 1550253

CommieDickGurl (Laura) is a tranny who got a thread on KF for chimping out due to being misgendered but turned out to be pretty cool and joined KF. Unfortunately the KF thread was ruined by a few people alogging but >she retains a good few friends among the Kiwis and has a chill Discord which is meant to be a place for trannies and TERFy types to find common ground, it's pretty neat. Michael of course couldn't stand a tranny being more popular than him so tried to bully CDG but only came off looking like more of an asshole.
Tranny-kun provided some amazing content but needs to try a lot harder to blend. The vast majority of his posts could have been done without the first person shit and selfposting, even if he was posting caps that already came from him. Making the thread about yourself isn't even a good look for natal women.
I'm not gonna post anything on KF but I can attempt a summary here if that is something people would appreciate.

No. 1550255

I know I would appreciate it.

No. 1550297

I agree most of the milk has been Michael related. Rachel has developed a set of orbiters like a truly legendary lolcow. Michael is milky af with his fucky behavior all over and how amazingly pressed he is by all this and I had been thinking of making a thread for Michael but I am not sure that he qualifies, most of the milk is from Discord leaks and Onion Farms and
>Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread.
So idk

No. 1550308

samefag offering summary

> Michael and Elaine have been corresponding over Discord for an unclear amount of time

> Naught fixed them up as Elaine wanted a "blackpilled Nazi bf"
> They got in touch with Rachel after her threads dropped under the pretense of helping her with her thread but really to gaslight her into attacking their personal enemies and using her in their vendettas which had nothing to do with Rachel.
> This got blown up when caps of Michael pretending to be Sephiroth got leaked where Rachel questioned why "Sephiroth"'s Discord bio included references to domestic violence, pedophilia, and trannydom.
> However Rachel had already made a home on Onion Farms and on Naught's Discord with Michael, Naught, and various characters including Meghan Ringo (MKR, another former Chris ween) and "Tranny-kun", a/k/a Erika/Ross/Blaine or Unabashed Hermaphrodite.
> Tranny-kun for his own reasons, probably a mix of doing it for the lulz and moralfagging, got involved and started leaking more and more caps
> Meanwhile, Elaine is getting catfished by someone pretending to be Josh in a long-term gayop
> This is mentioned on Elaine's thread on a "trust me bro" basis and nonnas are skeptical
> Elaine is also caught on tape negging Canada and saying he was insufficiently White to be a good Nazi
> She unironically believed she had a better option in "Null" who she was going to fly to Serbia to see
> Shares the catfish's very ugly dick pic and boasts enough on Discord that she gets tongues wagging
> Tranny-kun drops receipts on all this too and blows this gayop out of the water too
> Elaine copes and tries to play it down but more receipts ensue
> Her "blackpilled Nazi bf" is conspicuous by his absence in WKing her
> However he aggressively guntguards Rachel to an extent not even seen when his alleged "wife" is doxed
> Naught tries to distance himself saying this was all "dropped in his lap" i.e. he didn't start the trashfire only roasted some marshmallows on it
> Tranny-kun and AC slapfight on Onion Farms
> Rachel hides behind her cat account and occasionally on her new safespace of Onion Farms
> Michael is unbelievably pressed by getting made fun of by anonymous women, calls us fat and "free-bleeding feminists" while too scared to return to the forum

I feel like I am forgetting some stuff but that is the good bits that I can think of rn

No. 1550324

Nonna have you read his thread? Dude got publicly kicked out of a Canadian Nazi group, not only did he have a halal of a presence on KF but he was doing all kindsa stupid shit before that. The recent milk is all from discord and OF because that's what he's been reduced to.

> Micheal and Elaine have been in contact for three months at least.
> They both joined a discord with Naught, MKR and Tranny-Kun but destroyed it with drama and subsequently have not been allowed into the second one.
> Elaine unironically believed in both a streaming and a posting Null being different people and that one of them still was a possible love interest. After the MATI where Josh calls her a nuisance she has a massive meltdown.
> Elaine claims Tranny-Kun hacked her when anyone can see that the caps were simply from Discord DMs.

Thank you for this, it was a riot to read laid out like that.

No. 1550333

He founded that nazi group; he was never kicked out of it. He said over VC that he terminated the organization after seeing the sorts of people that were attracted to that kind of movement.

No. 1550340

Who the hell does he find embarrassing, did he wear the pearls to meetings?

No. 1550385

idk who he was kicking out but he was very interested in "optics" which included obviously hiding his own degeneracy. The screencaps in his KF thread from Stormfront are hilarious though because the actual/experienced Nazis could smell him a mile away as a LARPer and trouble in general and bullied him off the site

No. 1550387

His word alone means less than nothing at this point.

This is closer to what I remember, I know some nazis irl and my god there is no way someone with his lack of merit would get any respect in those circles.

No. 1550391

What is the milk on them destroying Naught's Discord server? I caught a brief mention on OF of the whole thing being nuked? Did Naught give up because it was too much of a shitshow even for him or did they manage to get it banned? I don't talk to any of these people but from what I'm told Naught posts extremely loli porn on there all the time so if they were doing something above and beyond that to get it b&, damn. Or did Rachel report it maybe?

No. 1550393

The sorts of people the movement attracts like… Michael? He looked in the mirror and didn't like what he saw LOL

He wore his mother's underwear, you just know he stole some and still has it.


He was 'open' during his spergouts on his KF thread but was proven to still be lying multiple times, I wouldn't believe a word he said at this point without the same evidence he starts demanding from other people when he gets pressed.

No. 1550395

>his KF thread but was proven to still be lying multiple times
Why would anyone be honest about anything on kiwi farms? Power leveling is discourage/punished (when the mods feel like it)
Dunno how anyone can be criticized for lying to KF, or anyone on this side of the internet lmao.

No. 1550398

Not sure how to answer this in third person, Naught has that shit in a secret channel you have to request so your friend requested it. The discord went down shortly after Mike had a shitfit. So it's not hard to see with his prior behavior that it was flagged by him, Discord looked into it, saw Naughts grossness and deleted. Simple as.

What kinda degen wears their moms underwear? Just go out and buy it yourself and say it's for your gf good golly gosh Mikey.

Mike can you not sage?
You're also more inconsistent then ever, are you okay lil buddy?(if you aren't him, pls sage and lurkmore on KF if you think lying is the name of the game there)

No. 1550399

Imagine naming yourself 'imageboard user' and not knowing how to sage. Ladies and gentlemen, the hope of the White race.

No. 1550401

As >>1550324 said Michael used to have a very public presence during his nazi group days, just google Michael Thurlow and NSCLRP and you'll find all kinds of news articles and public activities from about 2017 and 2018. Not sure if this counts as "some sort of public presence" but he's definitely had a public presence in the past.

No. 1550402

The server also went down a few days after Elaine invited Rachel there.
lmao nah.

No. 1550404

Get out of here scrote.

No. 1550406

lol he's managed to make his overt Nazism somehow the least objectionable thing about him

No. 1550409

How does it feel being turned into a cow by someone you tried turning into a cow btw Mike? That's a unique experience, share with the class.

No. 1550429


No. 1550432

>Why would anyone be honest about anything on kiwi farms?
To quote Michael "because it's only funny if it's true".

>Power leveling

It's kinda hard for the lolcow to meaningfully power level while replying to their own thread where they were, in Michael's terminology, hard doxed.

>Dunno how anyone can be criticized for lying to KF

Very easily when they're as bad as Michael at it.

No. 1550434

I love how you still try to cope by trying to compare the two.

No. 1550438

No. 1550440

Awww Mikey big mad because his target was nowhere near as funny and pathetic as him?
Gonna cry into your Mom's panties?

No. 1550441

lmao okay

No. 1550442

No-one forgoes their normal routine of coping, seething and dilating unless it really means something to them.

>Blaine's thread was a halal

No it wasn't.

No. 1550443

Yes, it was

No. 1550446

File: 1654471169739.jpg (22.5 KB, 300x300, 72746318.jpg)

If you're gonna lie at least be good at it please.

No. 1550448

Holy fuck can you two faggots take your autistic slap fight literally anywhere else? Tranny, this is not your fucking personal blog about your autistic vendetta against AC. AC, I haven't read your thread yet but you seem like a fucking retard as well. Go post this shit in each other's KF threads or onionfarms or wherever the fuck you autists post and gtfo.
It's not even fun to laugh at Rachel's shit anymore due to this tranny trying to desperately insert himself into everything and spamming the fucking threads about his personal autistic slapfights with other retards. It's just not funny anymore when someone like you gets involved. Good job ruining an actually funny cow with your crippling narcissism and attention whoring though. I suppose you and AC will just have to do as replacements.

No. 1550449

File: 1654471272197.png (1.74 KB, 145x54, not halal.png)

Pic related

No. 1550451

That's not me, I have nothing to say to Michael. Do not make me obvious post again.

No. 1550453

A halal thread is a thread on a member, past or present, of the farms. Blaine was a member of the farms, therefore his thread was a halal.
Lurk more.

No. 1550455

You need to stop assuming every bad post is the tranny OP.

No. 1550456

I requested that tag because it was funnier. Others wanted it to be given the halal tag. The tag doesn't change the fact that the thread was written on a very recently banned member of the forums and is therefore a halal thread by definition. These aren't complicated terms to understand, I don't know why you're even on this area of the internet if you don't care about learning the lingo. It's like people who went to 4chan and started calling everything an hero, why bother?

No. 1550459

To answer your question, no, he never does.

No. 1550463

I'll ask a different question: how does it feel being halaled after halaling others Mike? That's a unique experience, share with the class.

No. 1550464

Is it supposed to feel like something? Live by the dox, die by the dox.

No. 1550467

"Only she's not here uwu. Erika (she/her) is having tons of wall stairway sex right now with her 6 boyfriends who say she looks way better than real women and is beloved and cherished by LCF!! Her posting screenshots of her slapfighting AC on AutistFarms right after its posted means nothing, it was me, Jacob, posting it! Cope and seethe about it."

No. 1550471

Nah I'm lurking, Mike is just pretty unfunny really. I posted the Rachel status' as it was relevant but again, don't make me obvious post please. In fact go ahead and say whatever you want, I'm not gonna respond.

No. 1550475

I wouldn't know, but I do know your doxes were all self-doxed or given to you so this platitude just reads as more cope.

No. 1550478

Name two.

No. 1550480

Walker and Tranny-kun

No. 1550481

No, sirs. You and your boyfriend want to be the center of attention round these parts, so I'm glad to give it to you. Tell me, isn't Erika the name of a famous song that was sung in Nazi Germany?

Could this be why the two of you have raging hateboners for each other?
Because you're both terminally online autists finding love in being rejected as Neo-Nazis and exploring your gender identities together? It's a beautiful story, boys. Please tell me more.

No. 1550482

Damn, these orbiters really are fucking pathetic. In what way do they have to do with Rachel and shitting up her thread with unrelated stuff.

There’s no more spergouts by her but by unrelated fags who give no actual milk but their own here.

No. 1550483

Who handed me either of those doxes.

No. 1550485

They didn't say they were, but keep spinning your wheels AC.

No. 1550492

We need to get to the important details here, boys. Who is the top and who is the bottom? We've got a lot of fujoshis here and I think we'd all be interested to know. Or do you both fight over who gets to be the boipussy each night?

No. 1550512

Yes you did, neither Walker nor Blaine self doxed, and the assertion here >>1550475 is that either my doxes were handed to me or the person self-doxed.

Blaine posted a picture he took with his cell phone which still had the GPS location in the meta data, he also doxed his own mother which led to him being doxed.
Walker's internet personas led to his old facebook with his real name which was in the white pages and led to his dox.

Neither of these people handed their dox over on purpose, and neither of these doxes were just given to me.

No. 1550519

So did you ever do any doxes that weren't completely trivial? And you had the nerve to call yourself the next zed.

No. 1550524

Blaine's been plotting revenge over his thread for almost a year now, doesn't seem like it was trivial to him lel.

No. 1550525

I do love it when you boys play hard to get. But don't ignore me, Tran-chan. I need to know this stuff for the upcoming doujinshi.

No. 1550540

File: 1654478092519.png (249.33 KB, 1612x567, self dox.png)

>neither Walker nor Blaine self doxed
>Walker self-doxed
What was that nonna saying about not believing a word Michael says without evidence?

No. 1550554

So I think Mike-senpai would be the top due to his history of domestic violence. He's been hiding his true desire for boipussy for a long time. Blaine-chan, the BPD trainwreck, desperately wants Mike-senpai's attention at all costs. Both meet in a chance of fate- they are both banned from the Kiwifarms for being too retarded even for them. Blaine finds out that Mike wrote the dreaded thread on him and wants revenge… But at the same time, both of them desperately want to explore their boypussies together in the passionate throes of homosexual sex. The rivalry is tense. Who will cum out on top????? Stay tuned…

No. 1550579

One day this thread will get back on track.

No. 1550705

File: 1654495313923.jpg (625.64 KB, 972x2921, redfin_1.jpg)

There was also the time Michael "pretended" to be a tranny to infiltrate CommieDickGurl's channel.

No. 1550938

File: 1654524291656.jpg (49.97 KB, 576x396, rachelshit.jpg)

As per usual the Bello account is just posting away it's nonsense so I'm just gonna highlight her retweeting her signal boosting in June. When your biggest enemy becomes a transperson who only exposed you, you probably shouldn't be trying to score woke points. That ship won't sail long on twitter Rachel.

No. 1550945

File: 1654524550770.jpg (32.72 KB, 597x235, softrpers.jpg)

Samefagging to show non-diggers how wholesome these RP people are, the biggest attack they do is on someone's writing. It is sacred to them, so bear that in mind during all of this, Rachel has been attacking some of the most polite faggots on the internet and even they couldn't get through to her.

Having a blacklist in RP is normal, manning a twitter account to track someone is above and beyond. Rachel deserved all this, and much more, nobody should ever pity her.

No. 1551003

File: 1654529703057.jpg (803.52 KB, 796x1694, kid fisto.jpg)

It begins.

No. 1551004

History sperg here, fun fact but the Nazis did not use that song as much as the government they overthrew did. They were known as the Weimarch Republic and were a rather good group but the war reparations they were forced to pay allowed the Nazis to wedge themselves into power in the late 30s.

If I were to guess why it was chosen, probably because The Weimar Republic had the very first trans clinic.

No. 1551010

Well, it seems there is trouble in paradise. Michael did his usual trick of posting other people's dox work as his own. I guess because he has to dance for Naught for his bread. Meanwhile still no defense of Elaine. Let it be a lesson to anyone looking to a scrote for protection of her name or anything else.

No. 1551013

>What aren't men better than women at?
I try not to talk about Mike because I think he doesn't deserve my (or anyones) attention (-but I dont care about anons talking about him) however this is rich coming from a "man" that has to financially abuse the insecure fat women he "marries" because he's too much of a little bitch to get a real job.

No. 1551178

File: 1654540394398.jpg (102.73 KB, 1080x426, weirdos.jpg)

If rp cows are what Michael is curious about, all he needs to do is look through the #LewdRP tag on Twitter.

He should ask her about piss kink Sephiroth though if he wants the real tea.

No. 1551210

Prelude to AC attacking her enemies? Would be a heck of a role reversal. If it's milky , I'll take it though.

No. 1551219

AC goes after anyone he thinks is funny whether he's right or not. Everyone here has a really skewed idea of the kind of person AC is. I was in the Burn Book discord with him, he's like all the worst parts of a sociopath without the impressive intelligence.
If Rachel drops names and he thinks the people she names are funny, he'll go after them if he gets 5 minutes of amusement out of something he'll do it.

No. 1551224

Totally not the right place for it, and not everyone was a sped but I would love to read up on that dumpsterfire. The information on it is spread all over the place into spaghetti that was hard for me to follow as I was not looking at Kiwi at the time(can you blame me? the ILJ thing turned it into pure trash)

Mike is gonna attack whoever he can, his pride has been wounded too many times in a row without a way to justify a W in his head. He will hone in on any target his perverse sense of 'humor' finds of note.

No. 1551230

That's what I'm talking about here. I knew AC for 2-3 months, and spent pretty much every day in the burn book discord with him. You have a skewed vision of him. Everything he does is because he thinks it's funny. I wouldn't be surprised if he was WKing Rachel to watch everyone's reactions here. He doesn't look at things like wins or loses, he's chaotic, we made fun of him for it one night when another burn booker linked an alignment quiz we all did for fun. He got chaotic neutral to the surprise of no one who knew him.
He doesn't care about anything, literally anything. Everything he does is to get a reaction, if he doesn't get the reaction he's looking for he moves on to something else, otherwise he doubles down.

If anyone has any questions about AC they can ask for the next 10ish minutes while I'm around.

No. 1551235

Was it true that he had restricted access or was he granted full permissions? How was he invited into the group in the first place? What exactly was his role? Was he shielded by anyone since he was in there in your opinion? Why is he so angry if he does everything for laughs? It's very obvious that he gets extremely upset.

While I would also not be surprised if he was WKing Rachel just for the reactions, why do you think Mike tries to win over attention and favor so often? Why does he have an urge to fit into a group when he is so chaotic?

No. 1551246

He was invited by Basalasas who talked to him for quite a while before he was ever invited to the server. Initially he had access to about 1/4 of the server but that was eventually expanded as Spooky Bones thought he could help with doxing Gibi, AC knew how make an email IP logger thing, I don't understand what it meant, it was an invisible image that we used to try to dox gibi.

He wasn't shielded by anyone. He's not angry in private, I think it was the persona he created, kind of a joke; "Angry Canadian", Canadians are stereotypically friendly people who say sorry, EH every 5 minutes. I think that was the joke.

AC doesn't care about attention, or favor. Looking at his post history proves he never cared about rules, acceptance, or clout. He got banned from KF for not following rules he disagreed with.

This is all based on my experiences with him in private.

No. 1551251

How long had Basalasas known him for? The two seem eerily similar in a regard to being fast and loose imo.
Ahhhh yeah go figure, that would be the easiest route to dox Gibi as he would probably be in contact with fans a lot before this happened.
Any proof he isn't angry ever? I have been with him in VC, he seems to be a very good actor when it comes to barely managed contempt and rage.
How do we know you are not AC who also never learned to sage?

No. 1551260

Samefagging just to say;

"He fooled us all, he wasn't MATI this whole time!"

No. 1551269

>How long had Basalasas known him for? The two seem eerily similar in a regard to being fast and loose imo.
I think maybe a month. They started talking when the 2021 accounts faildoxed him. Apparently he was the one who shared something in private with Spooky that exonerated his original dox.

>Any proof he isn't angry ever? I have been with him in VC, he seems to be a very good actor when it comes to barely managed contempt and rage.

He's just sarcastic. In my experience he laughs a lot. Sure, he can be mad, but I've only ever seen him get mad after other people get mad, there was an incident with A Big Guy (for you) over The Suitress, a Big Guy started drama and AC bit back at him.

>How do we know you are not AC who also never learned to sage?

I don't know. I've never used this site before; only just read this thread after hearing AC was being dragged into this Rachel arc.
I know sage grows in all fields on 4chan. Which field do I put sage in here?

No. 1551270

samefag obviously. Subject field it looks like

No. 1551277

it is email field nona sorry

No. 1551284

Lmfao how did you post it without doing it?
Honestly my experience with him completely differs, I met up with his sourpuss after he fell from grace and in every interaction he's randomly attacked someone with little tact, grace or control of his voice.
Glad you finally got the sage down.

Exonerated his original dox?
His original dox was himself. He had a stream where he is logged into the account he was tied to originally.
Just curious, but is it possible they knew each other for longer than a month and Basalasas was the friend Mike spaghetti'd about the first time he lost a slapfight?

Furthermore why let him in after his chimpouts on KF, despite you claiming it's sarcasm I have seen very little evidence that he doesn't get really upset and do dumb things when provoked even slightly.
Honestly though this is a thread on Rachel so do you have anything on her?

No. 1551305

I don't know anything about your experiences with him, I just know that apart from edgeposting Hitler videos every now and again, he was a chill guy 95% of the time, and a great archivist/pretty good doxer. It was his dox on "tranny-kun" that convinced Spooky to let him in in the first place, I guess Spooky figured he'd be useful.
I don't have any evidence I nuked my accounts after burn book fell apart, so all I can say is that interacting with AC one on one is different than interacting with his persona.

I never saw him chimp out on KF, a lot of times I'd see him call someone a faggot and watch him get dogpiled by other post-merge accounts who were encouraged by the sticker mafia into slapfighting with AC.

No. 1551345

Fuck off Rene

No. 1551372

File: 1654549417969.png (48.43 KB, 879x177, blaine.png)

You constantly put the spotlight on yourself like the dumb cow that you are.

But in that case, why don't you explain to the class why you think you're fighting a secret pedophile ring ran by lolcows? Is Rachel part of this pedophile ring??

No. 1551394

Is this going to be a theme of Nazi loving gender traitors hating Tranny-Kun?

No. 1551397


He's a youtuber who started a KF during the ILJ saga. He was in the roblox server among others when it started getting posted on KF. It's not relevant to anything

No. 1551400

Not relevant to this thread but he had an interview with Bella according to his video list which in hindsight is SUPER interesting as I don't think she gave many out.
With how AC Wk'ed Bella the three being connected now becomes FAR more likely.

Good job giving another W out you guys lol.

No. 1551404

File: 1654550995473.jpeg (123.34 KB, 857x765, schizoretard.jpeg)


Right, no one cares that you're a literal schizophrenic lolcow constantly dumping your diarrhea with your fellow KF rejects all over the thread. So AC was in the Bella Janke Roblox lolcow pedophile ring? What about Rachel?

No. 1551409

I said I'd answer questions for 10 minutes and I've stuck around longer than I thought I would.

Anyone who is interested enough in doing so can go check AC's early posts on KF. He never WK'd ILJ. He took issue with certain unverified points and rumors that overtook actual relevant information. A lot of stuff got memory holed or else was never looked into.
Off the top of my head, AC took issue with the feces pictures which were proven to be sourced from a 10 year old reddit post, and the doxhound story.

No one seriously investigated ILJ's connection to Praetor, no one dug into the connections to Chris; despite former watchmen (Naught and MKR) coming forward to say that ILJ and others were in the first ring of the Watchmen discord.
There's a lot. AC never WK'd her. He rightfully pointed out that a lot of things were being buried by irrelevant or counter-factual posts made by post-merge accounts.

His post history is still public. Anyone interested (but I don't know why anyone would care that much) can go and look for themselves.

No. 1551411

ILJ and WTC attempted and failed to dox Naught in a bid to control Chris.
Most of this is old news, re-register to KF and post on Mike's thread and let's get back to Rachel.

No. 1551422

You're right, I was only addressing the accusations that AC was a Bella WK. I'll tap out since I don't have anything else to add.

No. 1551445

>I'll tap out since I don't have anything else to add
You didn't add anything retard, you just sperged out like his hambeast of a wife did. But imagine thinking you can just come and go from this shit show as you please.

>no one dug into

No one dug into Michael's connections to the Idea Guys either, what do you know about that, or is this all just bullshit picked off the top of your head?

No. 1551447

Rachel is still retweeting cat photos and pretending to be her cat and speaking the stupid baby talk last I checked her account

No. 1551462

Nonna, the Elaine thread is still on the rails and he is over there. Sure he is obvious posting but he usually only posts information. How can you not see you are the problem here?

No. 1551473

I’m so annoyed about what this thread has spiraled into lmao all these orbiters are fucking retarded and it’s too complicated and stupid to even try to make sense of. I care about none of what’s been posted in this thread because none of it has to do with Bertha being a cow. I come to laugh at her autism, not the autism of ten random orbiters.

No. 1551478

I barely care myself but essentially to summarize;
>This is Michael Thurlow bullshit, the recent insert is a pickme who gave him money and was laughed off of KF.
>This indicates that Michael still has contact with a few people and it is likely a lot of this crap and derailing is coming from friends of AC.
>Rachel is currently hiding on her Bello account and Onionfarms.

I think I just summed up the whole thread right there.

No. 1551481

why did you even include the first two quotes
nobody fucking cares about your kiwi drama, or what theyre doing, they are completely irrelevant
i wish farmhands would red text each and every single one of you for perpetuating the discussion of these literal whos
go fuck yourself

No. 1551488

i wasnt the original anon you massive faggot
the anon you DID reply to said she didnt care about your literal who drama as well
>… because none of it has to do with Bertha being a cow. I come to laugh at her autism, not the autism of ten random orbiters.
so why include it? jesus fuck you're annoying

No. 1551506

RIP Caleb and Nick, who no longer exist because Rachel fucking lied to begin with and was WKing herself in her thread.

No. 1551533

Does anyone have a dox of her email addresses?

No. 1551538

File: 1654557735923.png (1.19 MB, 2560x2560, Adobe_Express_20220606_1820230…)

So EI since you have to be logged in to have the reply box in the way back would you care to explain why you left KF and came here to be so angry and derail this thread so often?

No. 1551540

Even in the wayback*

No. 1551551

i wish this thread would get back on topic of bertha.

No. 1551556

You're dumb as shit, that screenshot you're replying to is from UnabashedHermaphrodite's thread. EI isn't here.

No. 1551557

EI is here that's from a DM between them and UH according to the url lol.

No. 1551558

No. 1551559

Nick and Caleb should have been here defending Bertha when we were shitting on her last thread and this one.

On second thought, she might like the shitting because she’s into scat play, no? Lol

No. 1551561

Samefag, adding to say, unless you orbiting fags are Bertha posing as someone else to derail your thread. Leave your slapfights for somewhere else and stay on topic ffs.

No. 1551565

>EI isn't here
Very funny, AC.

No. 1551566

Hey Nonna do you think she scoops her cats poop with her hands? I think she legitimately doesn't see a need to use a scooper as she looks like she never washed her hands.

Nick and Caleb are actually with me right now, I have an arm around each one and we are busy making out lol

No. 1551567

EI being an AC sock would make sense and I don't want to think he has more ppl here to detail the thread.

I urge all my fellow nonnas and lurkers to just ignore Mike.

No. 1551570

I wonder if Rachel is sperging out on her Aniroleplay account.

No. 1551571

Jumping into the sinking Mike ship are we?
Gonna just ignore ya if ya refuse to integrate that much.

No. 1551576

Fatty has once again changed her Twitter handle.


No. 1551581

What if Nick and Caleb successfully pushed all the attention onto Mike though?

No. 1551582

File: 1654560842509.png (83.14 KB, 750x482, itistrue.png)


You're not wrong about that one. Tellin' someone that their OC and writin' is a trigger for anyone in that community. Even if you take off the RP bullshit, it's like telling someone who studied English that they don't have consistently or an original bone in their body. If you wanna trigger someone, tell them about how shit their writing is.

No. 1551584

Kek yeah I’m the original ayrt and I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say… it’s not that I can’t understand what’s going on, but just that it’s all so incredibly retarded that I don’t want to waste the energy required to try to read through it all and retain it. The entirety of this current thread has all been shit unrelated to Bertha, even if the orbiters are slightly related to her milk, that’s not what’s being posted about here… it’s like autistic nonnies have decided for some reason that this thread is the appropriate place to write all these fuckers biographies. It’s so dumb, if I wanted to read this retarded crap I would go to their threads

No. 1551589

Gavin/Zack, I don't know why you insist on typing like that but it blows your cover.

No. 1551590

Is that who that is? The wife's side of the family is just slightly less retarded than the husband's, lol.

No. 1551591

If they existed, maybe.
But they don't so it's Rachel thinking she won when in reality it's just weird tranny and tranny adjacent nonsense.

No. 1551602

Probably lol. I bet she licked them too the fat turd lover

No. 1551604

But Nick and Caleb aren't real, it's been established lol. Mike shouldn't even be a factor in this thread unless it pertains to Rachel which isn't happening because retards left and right keep sperging about him.

Unless, tinfoil, this is some stupid gayops by Rachel and whomever else is sock puppeting her through her ass.

No. 1551611

I was joking, nonnies, but on a semi-serious note I'm saying learning about Mike was a trip and a half and I enjoyed it but now it's just getting autistic. And ironically if Mike's initial approach to Rachel was about helping her with her thread, at this point he actually is just by drawing conversation albeit I'm pretty sure not how he intended(lmao)

No. 1551612

File: 1654563355908.jpeg (94.74 KB, 750x603, 040FA7B4-023E-46F7-8B2B-9A0439…)

She’s been trying to defend herself in the last few hours.

No. 1551615

She has since switched her twitter from when >>1551576 was posted, she is certainly here lurking.

No. 1551617

She's started sperging again lol.

I have receipts

No. 1551618

File: 1654563825415.jpeg (144.8 KB, 750x795, 8E2C0089-3BA9-48CA-A869-1CA516…)

No. 1551620

AC wants to be relevant so badly. He likes the attention and he wants the potential of Rachel throwing people under the bus because roleplay is overwhelmingly populated by women and fakebois and those are the targets he likes.

The tranny moved on, any attempts to bring Erika back in are entirely gayops from AC or someone adjacent because AC is still stuck on whatever Roblox shit Erika was on before Rachel came into the picture. In short, autism that has nothing to do with Rachel but somehow AC makes it appear because his hate for Erika makes him unable to control himself when he starts talking shit.

Michael has shit up this thread hard because he doesn't like the fact that we look down on him for continuously being felted by a literal pants shitting femcel.

Any detracting is his own ego or an attempt at gayops. Rachel thinks she's safe because she's playing pretend but I think she's either got a new account or is close to breaking and going full psycho.

Remember, she has no life. She doesn't have a house she just bought, no friends or lovers. She is somehow worse off than the wannabe neonazi but still manages to run circles around him.

If AC wants to prove he's as good as he claims he is, he should apply his "skills" to bring milk about Rachel to either here or OF. I'm not convinced he's got any skills, he seems to steal from others and leech ideas and then cry when asked about it.

No. 1551621

File: 1654563961778.jpeg (127.01 KB, 750x851, 7A499699-611C-4F43-84B0-CD590F…)

No. 1551622

File: 1654563995721.jpeg (193.28 KB, 750x918, 8D08AEB9-72B0-4642-8841-57D121…)

No. 1551624

Yet again, Rachel embarrasses herself by making legal threats when she doesn't know how the law works. Whats new.

She is not enjoying the consequences of her actions, it would seem. kek

No. 1551625

File: 1654564129549.jpg (24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Our true Lard and Savior, Fatty Patty, has delivered us from the evil that is scrotes being scrotes, and back into the rivers of milk.

No. 1551626

It's kind of hilarious how easy it is to make Rachel angry. No one would be making accounts to show why she's got the reputation and updating the info as it changes if she hadn't played with fire in the first place.

No. 1551627

File: 1654564296556.png (325.35 KB, 1190x1216, autism.png)

She's doing some insane mental gymnastics here.

No. 1551629

Who would she go psycho against? She's already gone psycho against people which is why she has the reputation she does

The only person she'd probably go psycho against is her family because they're the only people she interacts with. Her job? Nah, I'm sure they'd already gotten enough complaints if she tard rages the way she does online in real life.

No. 1551630

File: 1654564873531.png (65.44 KB, 476x492, maudramorty.png)

the minor/purported minor follow DBS, Fairs and…Kengle? It's a weird account, not saying it's not legit, it could be some kid she's fought with offsite, but a few things seem weird about it too, relativey recent join date but no real content up until lately and that is either generic or relates to Bertha. Hmm.

No. 1551641

File: 1654565527476.png (210.83 KB, 1188x944, lol.png)

>On God this, bitch
fucking kek

No. 1551643

File: 1654565635146.jpg (16.57 KB, 611x235, calledoutbycow.jpg)

I'm the nonna who posted Yakety Sax in the last thread and I am delighted to find out that I have lived on, in her head, rent free.

No. 1551646

That is either a dotorg scrote or a different dotorg scrote imperseonating that dotorg scrote and in either case is not going to integrate and just wants a crumb of female attention, even trannykun will blend better, just ignore those faggots and move on

No. 1551648

Course I blend better, I'm the anon you're referring to.

Rachel has deleted of has hid her attacks and just has her cries for defense viewable now for the threads information.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1551654

File: 1654566565618.jpg (60.7 KB, 652x766, hullhull.jpg)

Samefag, likely him as he was looking to poke Rachel on OF.
Mike then directed Rachel at him instead of answering some profile posts I think, gonna log back in to see if she is posting there in hidden places.

No. 1551659

File: 1654567364316.jpg (31.94 KB, 791x214, saveyaaclick.jpg)

No new profile posts other than what she gave Mike on thursday, sorry to triple post but I'd rather save people the time of going to OF for Rachel content.

No. 1551666

Lmaoooo that's rich of her to talk about redemption when she's in sore need of it but knowing how much of a fucking retard she is, she'll never get it

No. 1551670

How in the hell is she even expecting him to be able to in the first place?
Also I cannot hear her third question in a Tommy Wiseau voice and I hate it.
"I hope you did nooooaught hit her"

No. 1551671

LMAO I havent seen this one yet…sensible questions and then suddenly we're at getting her unbanned from a Sephiroth-cooming Discord, I can only assume these are in increasing order of importance for her?

That whole post is amazing, it's 50/50 sensible questions to put on your dating profile and absolute lunacy. Well, she better get some answers and stay clear from this guy and you know what I kept thinking this is all just dumb gayops of his to fuck with his enemies but he's groomed his prior women online too almost exclusively and if he actually thought he could get money and/or a visa this, Rachel, girl…

No. 1551672

Rachel just saw her potential future come in to WK Mike and try to derail the thread.
Again though, gotta remember, this cow has lost her chances at pity.

No. 1551673

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the derailing was her doing some kind of retarded gayops but I agree, why feel sorry for the hag

No. 1551674

Hahahah yes in the spirit of Rachel once again confirming that she spends all of her time lurking her threads…. Let’s remind everyone that she admitted she shits her pants multiple times a day and needs to wear diapers because of it

No. 1551677

Weird that she links his lolcow.org thread instead of his Kiwi Farms thread … and … OK you don't wanna click the link https://www.lolcow.org/threads/michael-robert-thurlow-angry-canadian-nohull-schizo-network-northlandpride-nsclrp-canadian-nazi-wifebeater-narcissist-c-tier-shitposte.2534/ because it's all nikocado anus floating around on there, but it's a troll thread that doesn't even accurately describe him, very strange. Whoever is pointing her to that instead of to his KF thread is having a giggle at her expense, too.

No. 1551685

Berchel is a chubby turd burglar is what she is, why the other day I saw her in the store and she came up to me and my service cat and then spooked it so bad the poor thing soiled itself. Sprinting into action her hands scooped it up like liquid gold and she shoved me down while cackling and screaming, "Ya snooze you loose" as she ran back to her troll-hole under the overpass by the freeway.

No. 1551696

File: 1654571095728.jpg (61.73 KB, 956x315, outlineinred.jpg)

Got bored, re-looked at the Rachel questions.
That is a private message log as I have shown in red for anyone who has not used Xeno before. This means they were still talking for sure as of Thursday of this week, likely still are in Private Messages over on Onionfarms.

Which explains the de-railment effort, Mike and Rachel have been de-railing by going after Tranny-Kun and I personally think that was Rene based on typing style, how they reacted and the fact that they were one of his two Kiwi-gals.

So yeah yeah autistic boring shit but for the next thread.

>Rene(Kiwifarmer), Michael, and Rachel attempted to derail the previous thread multiple times.

No. 1551703

File: 1654571822597.png (115.06 KB, 823x542, 1234134.png)

Rene hates AC and has since November or December of 2021 when he flipped out on her.
Do some fucking research.

No. 1551706

Hey Mike, bye Mike.

So who wants to bet that they are planning another 'troll effort' in DMs over on their failure of a website right now?

No. 1551707

"everyone who provides evidence against the things I say is MIKE"
Are the ACs in the room with you right now?

No. 1551711

I'm not even the anon who posted about the questions being in a DM.
Piss off, nobody here is buying what you're selling. NONE of us brought shit up about your autistic little spat because we don't fucking care.

No. 1551714

The last quarter of this thread has been namedropping people from burn book and insisting they're in this thread running gayops. Kill yourself you little schizo faggot.

No. 1551717

File: 1654572597355.png (74.51 KB, 478x214, HIV.png)

AC's not here

No. 1551720

File: 1654572799787.png (286.92 KB, 680x414, mysides.png)

Fuck anyone else's opinion, Mike's self owning will never NOT be funny.

No. 1551721

Yes. Those are screenshots that are readily available from December, lurk more newfag.

No. 1551723

Mike, piss off, only you care to post them you huge waste of an egg and semen.

No. 1551727

Where's the lie?

No. 1551733

No. 1551736

File: 1654573568336.jpg (7.96 KB, 256x186, saltymikechan.jpg)

Can confirm Mike is here and salty right now, he just threadbanned me from the Rachel thread exactly five mins ago.

No. 1551739

She does tard rage like that in real life. It's the entire reason why she needed an aide in school, and her current bookstore job has her locked away from working with people because of her potential for chimpouts.

No. 1551741

Sorry Mike but you can run your mouth all you want, none of us here believe you. It's clear by now that every post trying to derail has been you or your cronies. Not people in Burnbook, that thing was over months ago Mike.

You insist Tranny-Kun is the one holding the grudge but it's you Mike, you attacked them since they were right about your dox. Tranny-Kun has predicted your movement at every turn, what was that you called her? Autistic Aizen?

How fitting in the end Mike, she played you like a fiddle and you keep catching Ls each time you crawl back. Stop shitting up our space and go back to Onionfarms.

Jesus christ how embarrassing, no wonder she works so few hours she probably literally unloads the truck and arranges the books in the back once a week.

No. 1551744

Where have I attacked Blaine that he hasn't shown up first to start trouble?

No. 1551747

Fuck off Mike, stop trying to steal the spotlight and get attention. Tranny-Kun won, you lost, keep crying about it for another ten months.

No. 1551748

How am I trying to steal the spotlight? I just keep replying to you. Stop saying my name and I'll stop replying to you.

No. 1551749

With proper impulse control, you can ignore his attempts to sling shit at you and not give him the satisfaction of a response but just like your Aryan cow goddess Rachel you can't leave it alone.

The best way to gaslight someone is to make them look absolutely unhinged while throwing accusations and talking shit regardless of the validity of those claims. You can't even manage to play the game for more than a bit before your ego gets bruised.

For someone who has been terminally online for most of their life, you sure are a sensitive little faggot.

No. 1551750

Holy fuck nonnies he's become an elementary school boy. "I'm not touching you indeed"

Any milk on that nonna as you're speaking as though you may have some access at least to speaking to someone who knows her irl.

No. 1551751

Working on it, though admittedly it's difficult to be discreet.

No. 1551752

Bless you for saving us in our hour of lacking milk.

Oi, don't give away that it's easier to gaslight him than it is to get my dog to stay on her leash.

No. 1551753

with proper impulse control he wouldn't be dragging my name into a thread about Rachel

No. 1551754

Would be a lot harder if you had not made yourself so relevant, and got felted by her.

No. 1551758

Just close your eyes, turn off your electronics and touch some fucking grass and it'll all go away.

No. 1551760

How am I relevant. The "white knighting" shit? Being annoyed at you fat cunts shitting up the forum I use isn't white knighting.

No. 1551762

Imagine white knighting a woman that allegedly hates you. Michael is definitely not pressed and definitely not lying.

You're a limp dick faggot, Michael.

I can see Michael chimping out in school and getting kicked out, could be another reason why he relates to Rachel so much.

No. 1551764

Explaining reality to you isn't white knighting. Maybe if you went and got dicked a few times your hysteria will go away.

No. 1551766

De-railing her thread as much as you have alone is WK'ing, Mike are you truly this retarded? At this point I'd believe it, you lost every single thing you have engaged in since joining KF and surely due to it being such a chronic repeat pattern long before that.
Now shut the fuck up or deliver Milk on Rachel, you have a long way to catch up to Tranny-Kun if you're gonna claim some 'skill'.
Keep the conversation relevant or fuck off.

Bitches be pressed. He most certainly chimped out and got the shit kicked out of him, it's why he only goes after women now. Men cleaned his clock too many times for his body to let him try, he just rolls over in their presence now. Did you see how he tried to suck up to Null? Like a small dog trying to hump someone's leg, lord above.

Hey Mike, go try talking shit to men again and see what happens ya coward. I know you catfished that dick picture from someone else and yours is tiny, Rene told me.

No. 1551767

Report me then. Holy fuck I've never wanted to punch a woman more than I do when you say shit.

No. 1551768

There are more than one person here Mike lol, this song is for you.

No. 1551775

>Maybe if you went and got dicked a few times your hysteria will go away.
More projection.

They cleaned his clock while he imagined cleaning their cocks.

100% butt blasted and prostate pressed.

No. 1551777

There is that lack of impulse control again, tsk tsk.

Anyways on topic, I believe Fairsinfo is asleep now but Rachel shifted account names yet again, Fairsinfo apparently can see every time this is changed however so follow the account if you want early updates.

He probably got his first ass beating for sexually assaulting another man, he's desperate and ugly enough and clearly has no ideas about sexual boundaries. Much like his love Rachel. Poor Rene and Elaine are just mere pawns to the King and Queen of the kindergarden checkers board.

No. 1551780

File: 1654576775454.jpeg (157.44 KB, 750x870, DF5F819A-C56B-46C8-B968-50D438…)

Stupid bitch doesn’t even speak Japanese. This makes more sense than anything in Japanese she’s tweeted out

No. 1551781

File: 1654576853325.jpeg (131.1 KB, 740x673, 9A0993FE-93A3-4D5B-B731-85725E…)

She still thinks this is a winning response. Fucking loser lmao.

No. 1551782

File: 1654576913850.jpeg (131.05 KB, 750x685, 84D02B30-E266-4E66-BF1E-F6F108…)

She doesn’t understand that the San Mateo thing was in reference to her.

No. 1551783

Can we just say that Rachel is the only woman to ever Mald at this point? Dear god how is she still fucking going?

LOL she said rekt in response to the police telling the person to report Rachel to the local police near her? WTF delusion juice is she on?

No. 1551784


Imagine being nearly 30 and acting like this.

No. 1551785

File: 1654577006941.jpeg (35.39 KB, 750x297, 677774FF-5A37-48FF-A8B1-0A7C13…)

Last milk because you fags keep on derailing the fucking thread. Take your slap fights elsewhere you dipshits.

No. 1551789

I legit haven't been slapping Mike but to obvious post, if I can keep him off by poking him on OF I'll go do that.
I just don't want anyone to accuse me of slapfighting him anywhere else, I would rather someone else (one of the people doing it) go register and salt him.

Trust me, I am sick of Mike bringing my name up with his methmouth too.

No. 1551794

I find this hilarious because Japanese is a very contextual language and I know she ran the Japanese through Google Translate because it doesn’t translate it properly.

It means “You’re not very smart, smell fatty-chan” but in Google it comes out as “I’m not very smart, smelly fatty-chan” which is why her response comes out as such lmao

No. 1551804

Rachel is finally back to being the Rachel we came here for.

God, I love it when she freaks out.

No. 1551807

Samefag as >>1551789 there is an increased guest count, someone fucking tap me out or I'm just going to bed and he will be right back shitting up this thread again.

No. 1551848

File: 1654584347821.png (62.31 KB, 628x209, unblockpls.png)


Tell me the currently featured new KF cow doesn't sound like a male Rachel…like plenty of the stuff in the OP caps I would believe as something Rachel said, not him. Whoever this is he's a better husbando for her than Mike.

No. 1551855

I just want to know which scrote deleted my fanfiction. Otherwise I'm going to post it here.

No. 1551861

Oh? What kind of fanfic?
Do post!

No. 1551866

I made the tranny and Michael a part of their very own Omegaverse fanfic, because that is a fate worse than death. If I ever expand this Onionfarms Omegaverse, Rachel will be their beta and house slave.

This was just a shitpost.

Michael was kneeling in front of Blaine's lightly leaking, hard cock, a small string of saliva connecting to the tip of Blaine's cock to Michael's tongue, the smaller man panting softly, as he moved his hand up and down his own hard cock while he was pushing one…two…three fingers into his wet hole, eyes dilated with lust. Michael was currently in heat and Blaine couldn't control himself when it came to lust when Michael was in heat. Michael loved it when Blaine went rough on him. Loved it when he was fucked hard by the tranny, getting taught who he really belongs to and feeling the other's knot deep inside of him that always got him sensitive. Michael looked up, Blaine's hand gripping his hair. He was so vulnerable right now, so perfect.

"How bad do you want me?" Blaine growled deeply, his cock twitching as he watched his Mate's needy eyes, hot breath tickling his cock.

Michael moaned softly, the noise coming out like a soft growl of need, as he quickened the speed of his hand on his own cock, roughing moving his fingers that were in his end. "S-So…so fucking bad…" Michael whimpered, bucking his hips up a little into his own touch to show how much he needed his Alpha's knot buried inside of him, the Omega panting. "P-Please…"

"Sorry," Blaine purred, "I didn't quite catch that. Mind-" Blaine was cut off by a sharp gasp as Michael took his Mate's full length into his mouth until his nose was buried in pubes. Blaine was actually glad Michael didn't have a gag reflex. Blaine moaned harshly, panting, as he set up a rough and quick pace for his hips as he started to thrust quickly into Michael's mouth. "G-Good boy," Blaine groaned, watching him, fisting a hand into the brunette's hair. "Just like that. Take me in, baby. Good boy…"

Michael moaned hard from around Blaine, the sound nearing a needy growl, breath hitching as he shoved his three fingers into himself, trying so hard not to bite down. He looked up innocently, seductively, at Blaine through his dark lashes as the Alpha fucked his mouth. Michael suddenly gasped sharply, feeling himself release into his own hand, panting hard through his nose, as he pumped himself dry of his orgasm and felt himself go soft, continuing to thrust his fingers into his stretched, slick wet hole. Michael's breath hitched slightly when he felt Blaine release hard down his throat, the Omega swallowing down his release and slowly pulled off, another string of saliva hooking on to his tongue that attached to Blaine cock. "That…answer your…question?" Michael asked huskily in between thick moans.

Blaine smirked and pulled Michael off the floor and on to the bed, laying the Omega on to his stomach, Michael moving to his hands and knees on instinct, whimpering with need, as he lapped at his wet fingers. "Blaine…please," he begged, panting. "Need you. Need your knot. Now." That did it for Blaine. That sent him over the edge. He plunged into Michael's end, who cried out loudly, and started to fuck the other hard and relentless.

Michael was quickly shut up, whining softly, as Blaine thrust two of his fingers into his mouth. Now Michael couldn't express himself. Oh, well.

"Suck." Blaine demanded in a husky growl, squeezing Michael's hips hard with his free hand, and dragged his hot and wet tongue up and down Michael's back.

Michael sucked Blaine's fingers hard and obediently, panting thickly through his nose again.

"Fuck, Michael," Blaine groaned, drilling into his Mate's prostate. "So fucking good for me, baby. Good…good boy…" Already, he felt close to his second release for the day. He did want to cum yet after they had just started. Damn Blaine and his hormones. "Atta boy…" Blaine purred against Michael's burning hot skin.

Michael fisted the bed sheets hard, also feeling himself get close to his second release. Michael jerked his hips back against Blaine's hard thrusts, panting sharply and hard. Michael couldn't even last ten more minutes before he came hard, letting his load out on to the bed sheets, moaning thickly.

Unlike Michael, Blaine wasn't able to last five minutes. He came hard and deep into Michael, feeling his knot swell up until he couldn't move anymore, being locked into Michael for an hour. Blaine panted hard and pulled his fingers out of Michael's hungry mouth. "You are mine," he purred, lowering the both of them on to the bed so that Michael was flat on his stomach. "You will carry my pup and love him or her forever."

"Y-Yes," Michael rasped, panting, and nuzzled his face into Blaine's arm that was in front of him. "Always." Michael nodded and purred softly, his body hot, as his chest heaved, the man trying to find his breath again.

"Good." Blaine smiled gently, nuzzling into Michael's neck.(archiveofourown.org)

No. 1551915

Proving once again that Trannies are much less deviant than anyone who's ever read the Omegaverse.

No. 1551922

Wasn't Naught he'd find this funny, def Mike cause ya painted him as the bottom.

Rude, I enjoyed their shitposting.

No. 1551924

The Omegaverse is truly horrifying.

No. 1551928

Since we have erotica derailing the thread now.

Michael lost a Slapfight in a forum he has admin powers over, god damn is he the most pathetic person I've ever seen.

No. 1551933

Women always paint me as an alpha this fanfic tracks.
Nice summary DBS bless you for wading through this shit. On the record I don't mind, I don't find it creepy but;

For the love of God pair me with someone else. I don't even hate Mike cause he's so shallow and boring so I can't jack off to this.(tranny)

No. 1551988

It would be funny if someone posted the fanfic to Michael's KF thread

No. 1552000

Someone posted it to that Slapfight thread he made l

No. 1552070

File: 1654613194834.jpeg (75.18 KB, 750x450, AA407044-E713-4427-836C-72EC96…)

Milk since the thread got derailed again.

Rachel is gonna chimp out soon it looks like and you fuckers who are derailing the thread are gonna bury it

No. 1552085

Yeah and I'd try to stop it but everyone keeps yelling at me for other people's nonsense and then shove me into porn.

Who else besides you is even bringing screen caps(I know for a fact I'm half of the Twitter screens in this thread).

God the farm hands are fucking annoying. Go clean up /w/ jannies ya fucking nerds, go do your job for free some more.

No. 1552090

Saw that, they left the erotica and so much shit just came in to snipe at someone who uses a VPN…

Shit site.

No. 1552095

She freaked out at some point last night and blocked a moot of mine who doesn’t even talk with her or ever has. She also blocked me who never interacted with her but just watches from the shadows. I think she’s blocking any one she’s either had a fight with, follows the info account and follows people she’s had a fight with. That’s the only way she could have blocked my moot friend because they follow and interact with a sephiroth she’s harassed before.

No. 1552114

I don't think the jannies understand that the tranny blends and is posting just fine in a couple other threads.(it's not reddit spacing it's AIM spacing isn't it buddy?)

No. 1552247

File: 1654622443743.png (25.5 KB, 611x225, nothingtoonew.png)

Samefagging, not much of note but Rachel was online this morning, she is most certainly close to a meltdown. Thank you to the nonnas who are bravely sacrificing their time to keep the moid menace off site.
Rachel has me blocked so expect most of my twitter dumps to be on horrid light mode. With how Fairs spoke in response this morning I am expecting Rachel to come out swinging when she logs back in today.

No. 1552385

File: 1654628364062.jpeg (374.99 KB, 828x2374, A229955D-F5CD-4898-9E71-22059C…)

She’s getting closer to a sperg out again.

No. 1552408

It’s hilarious she doesn’t realise the irony of her targeting people and getting the consequences.

Rachel, sit your fat fucking ass down. You have no right to act like a sanctimonious bitch when you’ve done the exact same thing you’ve been whining about.

No. 1552652

I realize I am super late to the party about complaining about the OP but a minor thing, her BMI is actually 47.2.

No. 1552735

I know a bit about Mike being in the idea guys so I hope there is a thread made on him. There's a lot of milk left out on the field on him still and getting mentions of him out of this thread would be fantastic. I have a personal bias against Kiwi so I have not had a place to share. I was also gone the past few days so I apologize for bringing him back up in this thread.

No. 1552794

she just can't help herself. she was desperate in >>1551612 for someone to attack her without a reason and she's already melting down.
People have the right to know who you are so they can block you Rachel. If you're just a cat account, simply block them and continue posting your retarded baby voice cat larp.

No. 1552930

I find it wild that Rachel updates her status on Onionfarms. The last time she updated was a week ago but she's posted random autism like it's social media.

No. 1552937

Fuck you Regina your undoing of that first dox set us all up for this. Go fuck yourself you fat tub of lard larping as a girl.
Did you ban UH and approve a halal out of jealousy?
Don't answer that I've seen how you look, I know it was. Go walk up as many flights of stars as your moid legs can carry you and then do a fucking flip.

No. 1552942

Drop the milk, nonna.

Nice attempt at derailing, Michael.

No. 1552944

File: 1654690997761.jpg (37.05 KB, 490x735, 6270c46d42ca025003bac196eef5ba…)

That's not Mike, that's one of mine I think, was. Didn't like us holding back on Mike, I'll dump the main thing they probably have and if they have more they can too. I'm not gonna lie, they're right this is Spookybones' fault.

Remember the "Canadian lesbian" Mr. No. Guess who never changed their steam account thanks to our Slapfight? Guess who I tracked to Kiwifarms, guess why I've never truly cared about minor rules? Simple. It's been a hunt the whole time.


Kiwifarms best internet detectives my ass. That should be more than enough to prove it besides me digging up his own admissions. Why the fuck did people name themselves after burn book characters in the first place? This is all so stupid.

Anywho Cady the art I made you is moving on to state and I'd love if you could take a day off from infiltrating burn book and come see it.(too trans to function)

No. 1552948

Samefagging to say so that's why I didn't slapfight him again, there has been zero need. On the record I would have rather waited until he got his own thread.

No. 1552952

I honestly have not laughed this hard in a while, scrotes are so fucking dumb. You found this back in August?! Wait so if you didn't get banned you were gonna post about this there?
Irony, pure irony.
A troon caught the rest of the guys fucking with Chris, I am officially done with the internet.

No. 1552954

Honestly with AC already trying to spin that off to mean the watchmen did it and it's not his shitty German giving him away again I believe this.
Congrats Tranny-Kun, now don't ever self post again and I will actually call you a woman. Impossible challenge I know lol

No. 1552958

Jumping in to say I can confirm Mike used that username all the time, that alone is enough frankly because of who is bringing it, every single other thing they said about Michael has turned out to be true and this explains the instant reaction one can get from claiming UH is the one slapfighting AC. I wouldn't care to slapfight with someone I humiliated so thoroughly like this either.

No. 1552960

His use of German gives him away to someone who has it as a secondary language pretty easily and how I imagine someone would be able to track him for so long in the first place. Though this does lead more into the tinfoil that Erika is a nazi himself.

No. 1552963

File: 1654693639600.png (205.02 KB, 928x545, yeah its him.png)

Mike sperged about Hyperneptunia all the time, he was in stream with the idea guys and chris at the same time in Left4Dead. This is that missing account, due to the personalized things I am finding here that's AC.
So many chances to take his ball and go home, Michael Thurlow is officially the dumbest person I have seen try to manipulate others on the internet.

No. 1552964

You using Janis is still cracking me up, perfect ending.
(also I use proton and got a ban for Elaine, so Elaine has no money and is using a free VPN soeaking of cow crossover)

No. 1552967

Swing and a miss for Scrotefarms again, harboring the idea guys is potentially huge news if there is any way of tying Spooky in. I could see it, they always struck me as a bit odd and were extremely defensive of certain topics while hounding others. It's how I imagine most people trying to cover that up would act honestly, especially with seeking a staff position and then IMMEDIATELY trying to make his own personal army.

No. 1552971

Since the thread has decided to de-rail until the Michael thread is made, do you think this is why Naught keeps him around? Maybe the watchmen did form from the idea guys, both groups had plenty of infighting and splintering with weak leadership.

No. 1552978

As a side note, it's hilarious how Mike thinks only one person in the world would have a reason to hate him. AC is the easiest person to hate that any of us will ever come across. Watching him freak out and tag Spookybones to try and get their help when they spent the past X months attacking them is the cherry on the top of the cake, and lends to the theory Spooky is in the Idea Guys too. After all they covered it up once, they probably think they can again.
Won't happen. "Mr. No" with that very avatar was in the Idea Guys, this was proven, there are things you repeat from that account, it's not something you can just say lolno to like you did your original dox. As history shows Mike shouts against true things the most, it's why he hates getting proven wrong by women, why he tried to disprove that he was a troon, and why now he is desperately asking Spookybones for help in open once again.
History repeats so it's funny seeing him never grow and using the same pattern for so long.

No. 1552981

Oh and Mike, pro tip, 20 laughing emojis really just shows you're upset not that you think something is funny.

Get fucked kiddo.

No. 1552983

>if there is any way of tying Spooky in
Imagine my surprise as soon as anything is pointed at AC it's immediately deflected onto Spooky Bones, AC's mortal enemy. I'm much more interested in the AC-naught connection based on naught was actually in the watchmen.

AC tried the same gg you caught me routine after his KF halal dropped, based on his same old patterns in a few weeks this will all be confirmed.

No. 1552984

On his first denial he claims that anyone would have translated it that way that it was "Poor Man's German". Sorry Mike but that is a unique spelling that you do and not actually meaning what you think it means and like it doesn't even show in Google as 'Watchmen'. It is more akin to people watcher or Pervert, so not only do we know it's you but somehow you got more accurate on your name than you intended.
How dumb is this dude?

No. 1552988

As am I now, it is something that I shall be looking into. With the freakout already starting I will be finding out a lot and hopefully will have plenty of milk for Mikey's thread. May as well make it an Onionfarms one at this point tho imho.

No. 1552995

AC is a mod on Onion farms so that won't work, he already has a KF thread and deserves one here imo.

No. 1552998

Sorry Nonna make the thread on Michael AND Onionfarms, that way Naught can be added in along with anyone else that uses that site often and seems to be in his group. It'll be a better catchall for his weird harem too.

No. 1552999

Frankly I don't know about the Spooky tie in but with hindsight Michael being an idea guy fits into and wraps this up so Goddamn well. The steam profile spelling is the nail in the coffin really, can't wait to rehash an old thing that never really got resolved. Like finally getting rid of an itch.

No. 1553001

Ohhh my bad nonna, but good idea I agree.

No. 1553004

I love how this bomb drops partly because of Michael gunt guarding Rachel. She really is being pulled into the CWCverse whether she likes it or not.

The dimensional merge is definitely real at this point.

No. 1553005

>Remember the "Canadian lesbian" Mr. No
>You caught me, I'm the lost chinaman.
Why does he confirm things so easily? I heard this guy was dumb but come on.

No. 1553006

Pointing out that Mike posting a Chinaman meme(the other unknown Idea Guy) is an obvious deflection that really gave him away. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an idea guy, he had that meme pre-made as a defense….

C'mon Mike, make it less obvious. Of course you'd larp as a lesbian, just go sit down how many fucking Ls can you take?
Also I vote that Tranny-Kun stays, they just brought more milk in one month than I have seen most threads have in one year, I could care less about what is in their pants at this point and anyone trying to attack them is honestly just Mike or his gang at this point. I'm not going to handmaiden >her tranny-ness, I am not going to defend them breaking any rules but it's been obvious that Mike has been trying to attack them since they registered to the farms. Mike attacked >her first, and she buried him. Game, set, match.

No. 1553008

So who's gonna be the one to tell Kiwifarms?

No. 1553009

If you write a thread about AC's connection to the Idea Guys on OF, I'll sticky it.

No. 1553012

Naught, do you have any connection to Mike? Why did you keep him around so long?

No. 1553014

File: 1654697260591.jpg (67.85 KB, 800x1067, HD-wallpaper-zero-two-smug-ani…)

If I hadn't had burned my sock I would have dropped a post there at the same time.

Sorry, soon as I am done answering things that involve me I will be done obvious posting.

Hey Naught, share some milk would you kindly or am I going to have to grill you on this?

No. 1553015

Thought you had another sock for this lol

No. 1553016

I planned on letting one of my farmers post about this, not posting about it myself. I'd get that sock banned right away.

No. 1553018

Samefagging to say, wait, why do I have to do all the work you fuckers!?! Lolol

No. 1553023

File: 1654697731834.jpg (39.2 KB, 545x305, erikajourney.jpg)

Potential art for the Mike thread starring the Milkmaid himself.

No. 1553025

Because this is big if true, thought you'd want credit for being the one to drop the bomb.

Maybe DBS or Ghoulie will volunteer.

No. 1553028

File: 1654698159479.jpg (78.05 KB, 1079x698, srs.jpg)

This is the most recent account to join KF last I checked. Hmmm.

Mike sock?

No. 1553032

File: 1654698408736.png (39.94 KB, 1000x733, trumpet-impact-ucla-lab-school…)

Thank ya, I get credit regardless, yeah a few people and I have more to tie him in but honestly he's already hung himself and I sat on this for longer than most people carry a baby so I don't mind waiting. even if someone else dropped it, would have been based off work. He only admitted to it on .org and before that I really did not have much besides one off site tie, with how everything else had gone with him I decided it was not worth it to pursue. If I had not been on mobile the whole stint over there I think things would have gone drastically different as I could provide far more context from my keyboard and thus come across as a completely different person sometimes. Regardless, what I went to KF to do was expose the idea guys as I was in one of the earlier groups, I just never posted to the farms myself. Always was a 4chanfag, though honestly the last time I used that was 2012. I left the internet for a while and was not around when the whole Idea Guys thing happened so when I finally re-joined the internet I went…WAIT A MIN, I KNOW THOSE FUCKS.
Moralfagging kicked in and I went too ham, should have stayed my reserved self but I had my hormones jacked out of my hotelroom so my mind was flooded with testosterone and I lost all my patience. This all has been very relevant to the Michael stuff so I really hope I dont see red text under this post later for giving context to this side shitshow.

I love both of those ladies(DBS and Ghoulie) and think they're most insightful so I would love for all the reactions to go to them, crank up that farmkarma. Frankly most of the KFers on the Rachel thread I enjoy seeing the writing of.

Mike sock.

Also fyi everyone, I don't sperg about pronouns because I am genderfluid and this is not the place for it, if we could just drop the shit about me being a tranny and give me some other nickname so I can blend better in the future I would appreciate it so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1553037

Erika Fletcher like from Murder She Wrote?

No. 1553042

Mike is acting like this makes him look better somehow now, the guy is a complete retard as he tries to deny it now goes oh yes ebic win I le trolled them.
Fuck off Mike, literally nobody cares what you think. You have proven to the whole world that the only person you are smarter than is Chris-Chan and that your friends covered for you to escape for so long. You're more pathetic than Chris now Tran-chan.

No. 1553044

File: 1654699025099.png (344.04 KB, 506x636, berchal awakens.png)

Not good milk but I love bringing milk, Rachel is up and online within the last hour.

No. 1553047

I think what this proves is Rachel is capable of drawing out even the most intense autism.
We arrived here thanks to her, and whoever wrote that omegaverse fic. It took that to crack him and then the tranny went for the bullseye after seeing Michael get felted.

No. 1553053

Gonna obvious post real quick but count me (Ghoulie) out on posting this milk to the other farms. I've never really followed the Chris-Chan stuff so I feel like someone thats more well versed in it should take this one on. Maybe DBS or another farmer lurking/not lurking will take it on though!

No. 1553055

I completely feel that, I had to crash course on Chris I only really knew him too well from the Oneyplays videos and the group I was in before. I just hope things make more sense for you in what was a confusing mess of a thread here. Love your pfp choice btw.

No. 1553056

Thank you! It is far too early for anything to make sense for me right now but I'm sure when I'm more awake later it will kek

No. 1553058

> what I went to KF to do was expose the idea guys as I was in one of the earlier groups
This explains so much and I wish he would've lead with that. So much for tranny-kun's eerie prescence on so many things. Anyway though that's fine, it's milk either way, people snaking on their friends is always appreciated when it's good content, but certainly brings things in a slightly different light.

No. 1553068

> Mike and Erika Fletcher join Kiwifarms in early August/late July.
> Mike starts defending ILJ hard, Erika and a few other posters call him out for it. (gumball, radioactivemonkeyman, mike's alt to sow confusion)
> Erika picks up on a discord where he is grooming small children, posting CP, and loli(drawn CP) reports it and makes shitty OPs from mobile fucking the whole thing up due to pressure from Dawn and CommieDockGirl to rush the threads and news.
> Erika's dox is rumored to be held in Burnbook as far back in July, a confirmed accomplice of Commiedockgirl's was confirmed to be in a discord she ran and advertised on a transcirclejerk subreddit. Commie was trying to generate a cow to get her thread back into positive attention like the attention seeking whore of a Kiwi Kween she is.
> Proceeds to slapfight most of the entire site and gets banned, and then hala'd thread dies as more people stop posting. (Lack of funnies, Mike obviously lying and keeping a cow to himself, Erika felting Mike while being a cow, Erika felting Moralfag while being a cow)
> Moralfag doxes Erika's birthname as well as her mother's address in a youtube video that was removed within a week. Mike uses this and other people's work(greaseyspooon's is the obvious one I picked up on him using, he prob used others too)
> AC and Erika then slapfight on .org, Mike reveals he was in the roblox pedo Discord with his friends(potential chinaman if Spooky isn't), reveals he was in the idea guys and much more. A few .org users suspiciously leave the site to never return after this, whether they were on Erika's side or Mike's side remains to be seen.
> Erika is tard caged on .org, continues to ramble in code to others that are following her(doxbait's job).
> Mike then proceeds to prove himself to be a cow to the lolcow.org users and gets dunked on repeatedly.
> Mike gets KF thread and then meltdowns.
> Many users no longer desire to touch it with a ten foot pole due to the shame of being proven wrong and dumb, Burn Book falls apart due to infighting leaving very few looking good. (imo should be obvious who Burn Book used and who was in there for clout. Several new farmers who are good at digging were used and then tossed under the bus by the senior users and Im still salty about it)

The original Guardsman had a few people in it that I did not like and left due to their inclusion, Mike is one of them. I was in it for a very short amount of time and it was during a time period where I was working a ton of hours so I was not around much and do not have much milk from THAT far back. Again pleeeeease can I get a new nickname so I'm not reeee'd about for being a tranny? Please?

No. 1553070

Samefagging to say that obviously when I slapfought Mike on KF I did not know who he was until a few days before I caught my ban. Once I figured it all out Spooky had banned me, so I'm not like a super genius but frankly kinda weirded out nobody else ever caught this.

No. 1553075

I am going to need receipts on much of this especially as
> continues to ramble in code to others that are following her
what the fuck did he mean by this, this sounds schizo and the whole thing without receipts smells like schizo shit or something dreamed up for clout once the attention from the earlier content slipped away, the rest sounds like vendetta-posting
> did not know who he was until a few days before I caught my ban
So why wait until now to bring it up? Certainly not because the clout from the other stuff is passing now and you need something else to get attention on this site?

So, proof of any of this?

No. 1553076

Ah yes expose everyone that knew, exactly what Mike would want. I gotta go for the day, so I'll address stuff after. Think whatever you want, I really don't care, I have proven the facts as much as I need to and have been done with Mike for a long time.

No. 1553078

Oh yeah it's Mike lol, have fun ladies! I refuse to ever speak to that dude again lul(no one cares, tranny)

No. 1553080

I leave to make food and suddenly I've missed an important post.

What was said in >>1553071 that has Mikey catching the vapors?

No. 1553081

Nigga you posted a link to a steam achievement tracker and insisted that an Idea Guy calling himself Mr No used his profile picture. Post a link or proof or sit down and stop derailing Rachel's thread with your attention seeking bullshit.

No. 1553083

File: 1654702090446.png (81.72 KB, 1740x230, kjsdk.png)

Same thing as >>1553075

No. 1553087

File: 1654702446385.jpg (19.14 KB, 960x229, 1235.jpg)


No. 1553088

Fuck everyone who enabled this tranny scrote's bullshit by praising his attention-seeking antics in this and earlier threads. He's admitted he was involved with Mike prior to all of this, strange that never came up before, makes him look not so incredibly insightful as everyone was thinking, doesn't it? Now he seems to be just throwing garbage to the wall and seeing if it sticks to make sure his moment in the sun in a natal female space continues. Fuck him, fuck Michael, fuck every Kiwiscrote and their pickme whore companions infecting this thread at this point. Remember all these people attached themselves by trying to tip the cow and thus they should all be mocked lightly and then get on with the business of the thread.

No. 1553089

Mike sure is posting a lot and getting posts not marked at all. This thread has become a bias machine from mods. Why?

No. 1553092

Kek yeah knowing someone from years prior is the exact same as doing a gay-op with them. Holy fuck if anyone other than a tranny said this after all those receipts nobody would care. This has become ridiculous.

No. 1553093

Are you seeing the Canadians right now? Are they in the room with us?

No. 1553094

Did you tag the wrong post?

It's not just this thread. I think farmhands are either not on, short handed or are maybe busy.

No. 1553095

They're in here marking Tranny-kun's post, it's become super suss.

No. 1553097

Oh, thats weird. I just know that they weren't red texting Jonny Craig when he was posting in his thread the other day, either. Might have now, but I haven't checked.

No. 1553099

Receipts were great up until today now it is trust me bro. I'm not Mike BTW and if the farmhands ever show up they'll be able to tell.
I'm not accusing him of doing gayops with Michael I'm just saying that everyone was sucking his dick for being able to identify Michael and "tell" that he was a troon himself but actually he just recognized an old "friend" and snaked on him, that's really not as impressive as what we originally thought/the impression he was trying to give off. The receipts actually given such as in Elaine's thread have been great but why should we believe stuff without them?
Now the farmhands are in on some vaguely defined conspiracy? For fuck's sake, nonnas. Farmhands should just come in here and ban everyone who's taken the tranny bait. Means I'll eat a ban too but oh well. Might get us on track again.

No. 1553100

Mods and Mike's reactions alone seal this for me, I'm sure more proof will flood in this next week regardless of the obvious attempts to censor it. Why though? There are so many scrotes obviousposting in other threads, zoning in on a tranny that brought milk is just bananas at this point. Who cares?

He's one of the scrotes I'm thinking about tbh.

No. 1553101

I think mods are upset at Tranny-kun for volunteering to janny in a /meta/ thread due to how trash this thread became with infighting.

No. 1553105

As they should be lol who tf is he kidding? That's what I mean about him getting that crumb of attention and looking to hold onto it. Hence why I'm sus about anything he's given now that does not have proof attached. A trust-me-bro greentext post does not seal the deal for me at all.

No. 1553107

thank you nonna i feel like im going crazy. why is anyone entertaining this loony troon and any of this shit? its like this thread is just infested with kiwifags trying to eat each other

No. 1553109

Go register on AMB and question him for more info then and stop shitting up the thread unless you have milk yourself kek
The steam archive being the same way Mike uniquely and alone spells that German is a solid factual link.

No. 1553113

I'm waiting to reserve judgement on either side of this latest theory until more proof is on it, Tranny-kun is probably right but if they waited this long they do not think it ultimately matters. I think exactly the same myself, and really any more talk about it is best left to a Mike thread. Tranny-kun themselves posted a Rachel tweet to try and get the thread back on track so let's not get back onto Mike's side by saying they're doing it for attention when two other nonna's brought it up the night before.


I am not the tranny, we all need to lol calmdown and get this thread back on track.

No. 1553114

He's alluding to the Idea Guys allegedly having 2 more members one of whom was said to be Canadian (and the other a gay Chinese man) I remember this from the Bella Janke thread here which is coming up on a year ago (holy shit) but being Canadian isn't exactly a uniquely identifying feature, it's a country of millions of people. Kiwis accused Michael of being Arm Pit Cream (another Nazi Canadian) on evidence about as flimsy because Kiwis are retarded and the bullshit shouldn't fly here.

No. 1553116

There does need to be more proof, someone should make that Mike thread, no more of this needs to go into Rachel's thread.

No. 1553131

The "Volkswachter" name coinciding with the "Watchmen" (something that also came up here 10 months ago) is also not evidence that Mike was a part of the Idea Guys; the Watchmen came after (in response to) the IG. Even if Mike was in a different CWC-gayops group, which I doubt, it doesn't mean he was in the first. All of this sounds like retarded speculation in the service of either clout or a vendetta.

No. 1553136

samefagging but also this is a damn shame because it allows Mike to now (again) say "look! this is all tranny schizo bullshit" when some of it was true and backed up by receipts but people in the Internet gossip communities are not known for their subtlety. Congrats, tranny-kun, you've given the biggest scumbag to come around here in a while his first "W" in quite some time.

No. 1553140

Fuck off Mike.

Really does not, there is more than enough evidence on everything else alone. I mean for fucks sake do we even know that was the tranny and not Mike?
We don't.

Everyone complaining about speculating is speculating just as hard. This thread is about Rachel any mention of Mike or the tranny should cease.

No. 1553144

File: 1654705821848.png (250.15 KB, 603x640, rachelretweet.png)

Nah, Rachel can use it to call everyone homophobes though so let's drop this fucking bullshit and get back on topic.


Stop shitting up this thread, Rachel is on her twitter account, monitor that instead.

No. 1553146

You're Mike, now stop bringing up people that are not Rachel.

No. 1553150

> Really does not, there is more than enough evidence on everything else alone.
Agreed but it's all about perception, nonna. Mike gets to say that the tranny is a schizo (true) and making things up (true now) the next time he has to justify the stuff that is actually accurate about him. Massive W for Michael Thurlow, massive unforced error on the part of his fellow tranny.
> I mean for fucks sake do we even know that was the tranny and not Mike? We don't.
The tranny is in /meta/ right now trying to justify his scrotal existence with more bullshit about just being an uwu~milk~maid~. He is free to disavow these posts if they're not his even though they sound just like him. Trannies. Women's space, online or off. Never once. Let this be a lesson.

No. 1553151

Yupp the tranny yanking the thread back on topic yet again, everyone needs to just shut the fuck up. If it was for attention she would have waited for Mike to have a topic as it was looking like he was going to, she proved that a topic on him would be endless infighting and Mike himself sowing doubt.
Anyone who wants to keep talking about this can go to OF or AMB to talk about it and keep it off this site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1553152

How many times are you going to delete and repost this?

No. 1553155

Alright fair enough Berchal do be unclean and stanky, sorry about that it's just this thread has gotten so insane with all the attacks on Tranny-kun that I am done with that side shit. Mike lost, he's a perpetual loser and an attention whore. We should all just forget about him and move on.

No. 1553156

They've proved it, proved they aren't an attention whore multiple times and have done more to bring milk to this site than you have. Just fucking stop and get back to Rachel, anyone complaining about a troon at this point is de-railing and probably very fat and ugly.

No. 1553163

Stop all the infighting and keep your comment to yourself if it is not about Rachel. I am just going to report any post that brings up anything other than her from now on. It's obvious that a lot of people are jumping at the bit to attack a tranny, we have a thread for that here, go there instead.

No. 1553165

Trannies aren't allowed on this site.

No. 1553167

No. 1553170

And for good reason. Trannies are attention whores almost invariably, especially in female spaces. Don't think the tranny gave milk for some, idk, altruistic reason. He did it for the same reason he wants to share a bathroom with you, why do you think he did it on this site? Everyone who's praising him is just showing their inner Twitter. Even the milk he delivered could've been done without waving his dick around. Speaking of dicks, I hope you girls see a one the next time you have to pee. Everyone has to peak sometime.

No. 1553173

Nonnas really gonna prove that they're the ones de-railing the thread this whole time. Amazing.

No. 1553177

File: 1654707447499.gif (1.52 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

No. 1553181

File: 1654707690263.jpeg (134.3 KB, 750x859, 13FEC2D4-6C91-4313-AC99-E6EE0B…)

Here’s some milk to laugh at Rachel for pretending to be a SJW

No. 1553188

The tranny delivered that exact milk here >>1553144
C'mon people.

No. 1553196

This thread has been shit up so much that doubles happened because it's so hard to wade through the bullshit. Sigh.

No. 1553199

I regret giving >her a nickname now with how you fucking tards have just jumped onto shitting up this threads with attacking someone. If you're gonna complain about the tranny don't literally repost the same milk they brought 30 minutes later like you didn't see it already in here.
They contribute more than I have seen anyone else, I don't give a flying fuck about etiquette as everyone else has been breaking fucking rules left and right in here especially the infighting one.

No. 1553206

And you felt the need to post this derailment… why?

No. 1553234

File: 1654709627523.png (214.7 KB, 587x620, lol and so many anti-trans pos…)

No. 1553246

This post is a good reminder to everyone that Rachel was potentially planning gay-ops with Mike. Re-think where you are coming from unless you want to look like Mike and his harem of ladies.
She is doubling down on the being gay larp I see.

No. 1553250

Go away, twitterfags, are you even hearing yourselves right now? If you think derailment with tranny sperging is unusual here you're just showing you don't know where you are. The pronoun-mongers visiting from Twitter to PA Rachel are almost as insufferable as the actual troon.

No. 1553254

Fuck off with enabling Mike's gay-ops. He just posted a music video for the inspiration for his horrible face piercings he had over on OF go WK him there.

No. 1553258

> Re-think where you are coming from unless you want to look like Mike and his harem of ladies.
Nonna you what? I can wish both trannies, Blaine and Michael, left us alone equally. It's not an either/or. Both of them got involved in this mess (including with Elaine) by cow-tipping and doing gayops, both things that are discouraged here, just like being a tranny. Stop handmaidening and tinfoiing that anyone who doesn't like your pet troon is Mike. Your Twitter continues to show.

No. 1553274

I'd like to think we can all admit that we got too heated over stupid silly shit that everyone won't care about in a week.
I posted this milk cause everyone's so thirsty for milk and it's part of her gay larp that is slightly funny, my apologies if I came off as a twitter fag, I am still learning to blend properly. Would you have any tips for me on how to do better?

No. 1553276

True. This happens too much when there is a big cow with orbiters getting a lot of attention, people infight and sperg when there is a lull in content. I have been guilty of tranny sperging too. I hope farmhands wake up and drop more red than a murder case and then lock the thread for a few days. I'll shut up for now too.
And if you really are a scrote who blends then I don't want you here either but since nobody has apparently been able to tell and you just come here for the cows that's a perfect exampe for the troon. Dog on a computer, etc.

No. 1553277

Step One: Stop being so polite Blaine.
Step Two: Read what I sent you on the other site.

No. 1553279

AYRT the milk was fine, I was reacting to the anon below you who was tinfoiling that the anti-tranny sentiment here is part of some 4chan gayop for the month of June, that's fucking terminally retarded especially here, people getting upset about obvious trannies posting ITT is absolutely predictable.

No. 1553283

Honestly I believe the theory people are larping as him at this point, he blends just fine in other threads as other anons have pointed out. It's the urge to defend himself he needs to get over, there is no reason to justify himself to anyone imo at this point. Blaine posted begging for nonnas to think of him as a dog at a computer and I think if it wasnt for people who hated him coming over from KF half this sperging would not be here.

Blaine seems sensitive to listening to senior members advice on things both here and on other sites, that's probably why he responded there.(other anon pointed out it's him so I am guessing it is)

No. 1553286

Just never make it obvious it's you, the smarter anons can tell anyways and when you do that's when shit gets de-railed from the attention you bring simply by existing. So for example, that milk post and this post here are fine. It's only detectable due to someone knowing you well.

No. 1553293

>he blends just fine
lmao no. and btw how would you know this if you weren't the troon? if he 'blends just fine' then you wouldn't know it was him posting and 'blending', would you?

No. 1553296

Check the Elaine thread, I am done bringing up anyone else other than Rachel here.

No. 1553306

Go away for good

No. 1553316

This is all quite pathetic, and I don't mean what was posted to spark all this.
So many days of people complaining about not being on topic and then proving they were de-railing it the whole time. I'm out, you all have ruined Rachel for me not the tranny.

No. 1553327

I agree. The angry terfs sperging about the tranny is worse than the actual tranny at this point. Sucks, Rachel was my favorite cow.

No. 1553329

All the more embarrassing when you consider they were the only one delivering milk for Rachel and Elaine and if they left things would have been dry for much longer. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is what it is, think I'll check out this AMB place unless it's literally just Tom shit. Fucker is gross as hell.

Actually nonna, you should leave.

No. 1553332

Rachel is obese

No. 1553335

File: 1654714644289.jpg (12.54 KB, 242x209, 123.jpg)

No. 1553337

cool story now fuck off forever and 41%.

he's melting down in /meta/ now about how we're all jealous fat ogres lmao.

No. 1553339

> think I'll check out this AMB place unless it's literally just Tom shit
It is. It is a nest of cowtipping which is why these faggots tried to tip our cow. Don't be naive, that's why the tranny had "content." I bet the tranny and whoever else are laughing their asses off in some Discord or private board on AMB right now.

No. 1553340

You still ruined the thread. GG.

No. 1553341

Oh hi Regina, I was wondering when you would show up again. Mike is already hitting our quota for self hating trannies, please leave.

Berchal wandering up to you is not tipping.

No. 1553343

Nah, he is replying to Nonnas about the art he made in the Elaine thread though.

No. 1553347

Right, le evil TERFs ruined the thread and there's only one person here who'd talk about it, no way the thread's fuckery has to do with the tranny who has been touching the poo up to his forearms and trying to tip the cow in some Discord with Naught, Michael, and Elaine besides, and has also just admitted that he didn't find Mike 10 months ago due to tranny magic prescience but because he knew/was gayopping with him several years ago, and followed that up with some fanfic about the Idea Guys presented with no proof at all. Neck. The thread would've been fine without the tranny milk and in fact it's the tranny milk that turned this into a shitshow with Michael, Elaine, and others in the first place.

No. 1553352

Just look at how he posts in the Elaine thread where she also came up to him first and he tried helping her just like he tried helping Rachel and stop bitching. I am a fucking tarf too sillypants.

No. 1553355

Oh boy yupp this is the Blaine show and we have all been manipulated like puppets to hate Nazis and the thread being derailed. I'm out of this thread too, have fun with Rachel.

No. 1553357

Nonna I agree with you he was trying to help Elaine (as many did before finding out it is a fool's errand) but there's a shitload of receipts on him tipping/harassing Rachel, clearly a different game being played there from the beginning, are we forgetting that the whole reason the cowtipping came to light is because Rachel was being gaslit by this little clique about Ines and all that nonsense? Michael was presumably there for all that and stayed on his Chaotic Neutral "at least it's funny" bullshit, not out of some desire to help. Fuck that guy he's a cowtipper and a ween even if it produces content.

No. 1553359

Soon Rachel will only be followed by women fatter than her.

Oh yeah Michael and Blaine are working together and played us all you're totally right.

No. 1553360

samefag sorry I mean Blaine was there (with Michael) … we're not gonna forget that they were working together initially right? Even if Blaine planned to backstab Michael eventually and it is weird they are working together after having beef last year, it's clear as day they were. Gay ops on gay ops on gay ops is what this thread has become.
They absolutely were working together, the tranny admits this, and they were hanging out with other cows on a Discord run by (pedophile) Naught that the tranny also admits is full of lolicon (but he stuck around). Even if he snaked eventually, they were working together at some point.

No. 1553364

To the nonnas going "OMG HE KNEW DA MIKE" it's like recognizing someone from High School after the fact, the dude is thirty and guardsmen at least were more than half a decade ago, that is pure tinfoiling even if that was him saying that.

I was in that discord with Naught, Blaine never fucking wanted him there and asked me to deliver all this milk instead. I wish I did but I wanted them to be able to restore their name holy fucking christ.
Blaine has barely been on in the last few days, Elaine texted his twelve year old sister death threats he's been busy distracting her from it and I actually have proof but dumping a video call for you scavengers to see hes a human being is fucking ridiculous. I came for the cows, I am an actual woman but this is just too much.

No. 1553367

Samefagging, for the record too he's only in Naught's discord cause multiple users asked for him to be there. We are not a trolling group, Elaine, Michael, and Rachel coming in was against most of the group's wishes and good lord above how can nobody see how fucking stupid this has become?

No. 1553370

Don't WK me please, it's not fucking worth it. I am not posting in this thread anymore.

No. 1553374

> I was in that discord with Naught,
So you are OK with drawn depictions of child rape and hanging out with actual pedophiles. Wonderful, anon. Are you sure you're not the scrote who self-ID'd in /meta/? Fuck off lol.
> I am not posting in this thread anymore.
Less saying, more doing.

No. 1553375

File: 1654716217324.gif (108.21 KB, 500x400, give-up.gif)

Then this thread is going to dry up or continue to be infighting and tinfoil about bullshit, I am out too in this case.

No. 1553380

I quite enjoy Rachel's cat posts

No. 1553383

This is the most horrifying post in here and there is an omegaverse fanfic in here, I am impressed.

No. 1553386

Me too, nonna, and thanks for the opportunity to talk about something else. I've taken several of her retweets of cute cats and posted it where I post cute stuff. It's a little incongruous coming from her but her love of cute cats kind of humanizes her in my eyes too.

No. 1553391

Humanizes a pedophilic person who has roleplayed both ends of rape?
Are you sure about that?

No. 1553397

Some of the cats she posts are just too cute. I think a cat account is what she needed, considering how she's raged a bit less than she usually does since making it.

No. 1553400

Hey this is some funny art.
Hey this is a good summary.
Good follow up.
I really wish you would not have reposted this, if I ever see that baby dildo with a decayed fetus hand tip again I am going to go fully asexual.
Hey this is a fun history fact I never knew.
Hey that is some good receipts, so the roblox discord server was Mike's and his friends. Things make a lot more sense now in that case.
I can confirm, it's a huge trigger for Rpfags and their final attack to use weeb terms lol.
Very likely they are astroturfing in this thread then.
Hard agree.
This is the only sort of obvious post I ever want to see from you.
Excellent milk drop, glad that it's more than just one person screen capping her social media.
In the better timeline we would have him in here WK'ing Rachel instead of a failed canadian nazi.
God this is beautiful and I want to burn my eyes out after reading it at the same time, I am shocked at how well you pulled this off.
lol too trans to function.
Aren't you in a group with Naught or are you guys in the same discord but it's more of a communal thing?
This timeline makes things make a lot of sense, explains the amount of faggots who are in here who aren't Mike or his goons and the increased terfery even for this site.
Funny timing I agree.

The rest of these posts for the last two and a half days could be deleted and nothing of value would be lost.

No. 1553409

Not in the discord, not a scrote, but I am in the anti-gayops group that Blaine/Erika spoke of. I don't use this site too much but essentially the name of the game is to sit and wait for someone to hang themselves, collect caps, and dump the info.
God I hope it changes her, lord knows she needs to change if there is any hope of her not dying alone.
I completely agree with the assessment that those are primarily the important posts from the last few days. This thread has been a bit garbo since Erika first dropped the milk, it was to be expected because I wasn't going to do it here and she is trans. It was that or have a scrote post here, and apparently she asked(I'm guessing Megan based on pronoun usage) to dump for her too, I can see why and frankly I can see why a lot of people left this thread today. Who the fuck cares at this point? lul tubby gunna rage. And then what? The same cycle you've always seen.

No. 1553414

>wow it's almost entirely the troons schizoposts what a coincidence
fuck off. you are a genuine lunatic. 41% immediately.

No. 1553487

Well after seeing how that went, I think I will tap out of this thread as well. Registered an OF account near the start to catch Rachel in any guest hidden areas but someone else can bring that now. Groundpound seemed to still be around on there so hopefully for the thread they are not one of the people who left today.

No. 1553493

I have been in discords with people I dislike, it's honestly akin to saying you are friends with everyone on a site you use. Not really the case in most instances.

Wtf happened here there is way too much bullshit for me to read up on, the comment I am referencing is as far up as I could bare.

No. 1553503

Buncha spazzing out and derailing, you missed nothing of note. I can second that being in the same discord to start really does not prove anything, there is more proof that Rachel and Michael are gayopping as we speak then there is for anyone else who was brought up gayoping with him aside from Rene/TSGW.
In fact I think he's at least a few of the posts in here since he has been online posting on OF all day.

No. 1553504

She seems to have calmed down some and isn’t as instantly agressive. Although, she needs to learn cues better. People she’s burned bridges have already given her the tools she needs, now let’s see if the week or so of her having the cat account stay at the same rate it has or if she ends up going aggro and raging like a retard.

No. 1553507

> I have been in discords with people I dislike
Any with an open pedophile who spammed loli porn?

No. 1553515

I'm in over fifty so maybe? I usually really on discords internal system to pick up on it, the autodetect usually works well enough and I don't run any discords myself do I'd leave it to staff.

No. 1553529

>Bitch about Berchal sending herself a post saying she wishes she gets raped (her fetish btw) : Angry riot.
>Telling someone who's kid sister just got death threats from Elaine to kill himself : Just fine.

God I hope most of these posts are Michael.

No. 1553535

File: 1654724830247.png (169.92 KB, 596x375, blaine sister disavowal.png)

Far be it from me to excuse this sort of behavior on the part of Elaine but dogs, fleas, etc. Why anyone would mess with these idiots, who are known for their gloves-off approach, when his dox is floating around and expect anything different I have no idea. The tranny started messing with these people for a crumb of clout and going out of his way to show everyone it was him. He reaped what he sowed, it's just too bad the kid sister dragged in but who's fault is that? The sister who replied in the Elaine thread disavowing his antics had the right idea (from the phrasing here I doubt this is the 12yo.)

No. 1553537

If you had read the rest of the thread you will know that is a different family member altogether.

No. 1553538

Whoever it is, she's right.

No. 1553542

The antics Elaine accused him of was exposing her lie, I kind of believe she is crazy more than he is. Though frankly I wish this thread would get back to Rachel, there is an Elaine thread as you pointed out.

No. 1553547

Yes, absolutely, and I'm glad Elaine's bullshit got exposed but the tranny went out of his way to let everyone know it was him, of course Elaine got mad and did her usual gayops. Utterly predictable and utterly unnecessary. Tough decision but yeah she probs is the crazy one. And agree on the thread although I'm guilty of taking some bait myself.

In penance let's get actual Rachel content. Can a nonna link her current Twitter? I'm not up to date with the number gibberish after 'Bello' and neither it seems is Fairsinfo on Twitter.

No. 1553550

Seeing as it's from a personal DM Elaine would have known regardless. I don't know her current twitter, hopefully the one anon who's been capping will come on soon.

No. 1553587

Here ya go, nonnie.

On an unrelated note: the amount of
>41% yourself
from the terfs the past couple hours is retarded. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're a tranny. Let's hope all the anons you drove away come back.

No. 1553590

Seeing how most people are humanizing someone who's only not a rapist because she's too inept over someone else due to them being the current flavor to hate I doubt they will, and either will I. Was just about to post her twitter link and leave myself when you beat me to it.

No. 1553599

The tranny stepped up to the plate because a bunch of users from here wouldn't and would rather shield Elaine, I'm guessing one was you simply based off how fucking mad you have been in this thread.

No. 1553616

When did the tranny step up to the plate? All he's done is shit up the thread.

No. 1553621

man just when i think rachel is being smart and taking advantage of her thread being derailed and laying low changing her @ a bunch she has to go and say shit like this publicly on twitter instead of just going private and continuing to change her @ until things die down
how many years in a row does this need to be proven to be fake?

No. 1553623

Every year for boomer retards like Rachel.

No. 1553659

This all smells like gayops and dumb shit, I want to hear about Rachel not about whatever weird shit Blaine is accusing Michael of.

No. 1553678

File: 1654732268200.jpg (123.16 KB, 1243x889, 2vf3jx.jpg)

What are you talking about? I tricked you hags all day today, men are better than women and I will keep derailing this thread to prove that.

No. 1553688

Something will eventually give for Rachel since she’s always lurking places where she’s being talked about because she’s a narcissistic autistic retard who doesn’t know how to manage herself.

We just have to wait and see since Fairsinfo will absolutely respond to her spergout.

No. 1553709


Spooky Bones was briefly a respected member of Kiwi Farms after managing to discover a google drive that was connected to an incest leak regarding Chris Chan. However, he very very quickly squandered the goodwill he earned hereby continuously tilting at windmills and the perceived socks of Janke.

Spooky claimed to be a woman with two children and a husband this is not only a huge lie but very well may have been covering up more dangerous behavior on the part of this individual with his attempts at gaining access to lolcow.farm. It should be observed here for all those who bought into the idea he was a woman that if you hang out on Discord with someone for more than 2 months and they say they’re female but refuse to voice chat with you then they’re a dude.

To begin this is actually not the original account this person used. His original account was Jigaboo Jones (https://kiwifarms.net/members/jigaboo-jones) which was fairly easy to prove because he felt the need to write on this accounts wall with his Spooky Bones account letting everyone know:
Largely this is an unremarkable account beyond the fact that like the early posts on Spooky Bones he discusses his drug use a great deal as well as the drug websites he frequents. He did also include a link to a bizarre 40k/Chris Chan fanfic. (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/De_cultu_bos_risus / https://archive.ph/wip/kJlYu)

He also did meet Tooter IRL to give you a good idea of the sort of crowd this guy finds enjoyable IRL. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tommy-tooter-general-discussion.18925/page-661#post-3962947)
He also ran into Douglas Brian Spink (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dougl...pecies-alliance-exitpoint-lecontespink.49922/) a known Zoophile on a drug website called Bluelight (https://bluelight.org/xf/)
Make a note in this post that Spooky brings up the known date rape drug Rohypnol as that will come up again later.

What is interesting is that Spooky seems pretty fixated on the fact this individual snitched more than the things he has done. This did however give a very easy starting point to finding more information on him off-site.

Spooky Bones you see is a huge Grateful Dead fan. His lastest sock on KF (Wharf rat) is even named for a Grateful Dead song. It made it very easy to go to Bluelight and search through Grateful Dead posts until one was discovered with a particular habit Spooky has in his typing [REDACTED - no reason to tell him]. You’ll find if you look at any one of his posts he has a tendency to include a least one or two so upon finding users with that a simple search of their name and Chris Chan quickly made it possible to narrow down his user name.

In a twist of irony, I hope he is able to appreciate his precious therapy cat, two german shepherds, and horses would lead to the confirmation of his account. A user who has been active over there since 2007 by the name of SKL made a post in a thread about his pets. (https://bluelight.org/xf/threads/post-a-picture-of-your-pets.886558/page-17#post-15158536 / https://archive.ph/BYX9i) however, you’ll find if you visit this the photos are broken. That's okay though because if you inspect element you can find the code for the photos which will give you:

The cat is a match as is the color of the bedroom. The cat is not only the same but so is the room it was photographed in. There are other photos of this cat around Spooky’s account and you’ll find most have a similar colored room. Spooky according to the Bluelight account moved at some point and that accounts for the differences in the room. It's also noteworthy in the photographs of the dogs there is a terrible linoleum floor. In the photograph Spooky shared of him cooking weed on the stove there is a similar floor:
It is a fair conclusion this is the same person. In addition to these photos, there are discussions by the account about how they are a therapist, something Spooky seemed to pride himself on, as well as mentions of a serious assault by a patient that left him crippled which is another thing he discussed on the Farms. (I will update with links later)

Now here is where we can unravel the lies of Spooky Bones:

See, Spooky claims to be a woman who shared an account with her husband. They have two children who are both teenage-ish supposedly according to the story being told by “her” however this leads us to a confusing post early in that account’s history.
( https://kiwifarms.is/threads/designated-whiner-shitting-street.37975/page-47#post-5563875 )
Here, Spooky claims to have one child who is 13. I’m not sure how he spawned another teenager by the time of Chris Chan raping Barb…but his Bluelight account will come in for the save and explanation for us.
See Spooky knocked up a former junkie and had a child who was raised by her and a man he apparently robbed people with. Archive: https://archive.ph/G0gsW
Arguably even funnier he had no clue this child even existed until he was 10 years old.
Archive: https://archive.ph/Plyyu


Archive: https://archive.ph/T6coV
If you note here the child was discovered in 2016 at 10 meaning by 2019 he was 13 which matches that odd KF post. There has only ever been one child for this individual and he wasn’t a father to him but rather a sperm donor.

Archive: https://archive.ph/M4oed
The mother of the child and he aren’t together as evidenced by this but I suppose he could have a wife still right? If he does she and Pantsu should get together:

Archive: https://archive.ph/lmd2r

During the IP leaks from the Farms in 2019 it did include one for Spooky that showed a Massachusettes IP:
It's likely if he was not living there at the time he was just visiting family.
This would be the area for his IP.

Archive: https://archive.ph/tZTEu
I believe we can thoroughly put to bed the idea that spooky have other children or a wife with this post. He only visits hookers because of his loneliness and desire for the love he can gain no other way but to pay for it or apparently by larping as a woman online.

Unfortunately Spooky has some ED issues and as a result, was very excited he was able to fuck the prostitute due to his current regimen of T&T. He uses Trigger warnings on a website where people discuss their horrible drug addictions and the behaviors that come from that.
Archive: https://archive.ph/lHwCT
Don’t worry, he details his experience with a call girl and his current homebrew solution to his ED:
Archive: https://archive.ph/ZapMw
His mix of drugs and alcohol is at best concerning and he is giving this advice to people.

His love for hookers is so strong he hires them quickly before getting on a bus. Lovely. There’s a small dark quality about him as well that gets mentioned one time on Bluelight that might explain his reasons for pretending to be female among the lolcow.farm discord:
Archive: https://archive.ph/290vz
Spooky used GHB and I have very little doubt he also was around many others on it, a known date-rape drug. I’d point out he also spontaneously brought up a date rape drug when complaining a known Zoophile who was an admin on Bluelight was a snitch which I mentioned above.

He also drank constantly on the job where he was a therapist whose findings actually impacted whether or not people were released from institutions.
Archive: https://archive.ph/VpkLU
Archive: https://archive.ph/coD1m
Archive: https://archive.ph/1mzLI
Archive: https://archive.ph/RDcrK

It was after this he started larping as his own wife on KF so it's not out of the realm of speculation that this marked him going back downhill as well as explains his often erratic behavior on the Farms. He wouldn’t be the first junkie to get prescribed meds and fall off the wagon.

Also because it's amusing to me Spooky felt the need to show his literal penis to Bluelight and I think we can all enjoy a good laugh at that. Since Spooky shows a lot of concern for things like revenge porn I will note this was posted on a forum anyone can see and perhaps the reason he adored Chris chan so much is they both have a massively bent penis.

Spoiler: spookys feminine benis
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/uESJo
Lastly, there is a Twitter for this person called esoteric pharma observed in this post:
http://web.archive.org/web/2021*/Esotericpharma.org Which can be observed here.
His current discord is (not that) Regina#7604 and the ID for it is 877699586356035604. Someone might want to give the ladies on lolcow.farm a heads up.

Feel free to link this wherever and just give people a heads up since it's a google document they will want to be careful about connecting on their real google accounts.

EDIT: Things that will be added include the hospital Spooky was drunkenly evaluating patients for jail (he lived in Manhattan and it is a criminal psych hospital if you’d like to go find it yourself) as well as when he moved to Boston. Also Spooky has over 14k posts on Bluelight so if you decide to go hunting for funny posts by him from there make sure to archive. There’s a number I’ve already taken care of and will be adding over the next few days but with 14k I’m sure I’ve missed some funny stuff.

EDIT2: Be aware if you link this anywhere that Spooky has a history of attacking the people he perceives as “enemies”.

EDIT3: I will also add notes about Spooky’s guns. I’m not sure this is someone who should have any but it is what it is.

No. 1553717

This is a Rachel thread, not a Spookybones/Regina thread.

No. 1553719

did we ask?

No. 1553720

File: 1654735957810.png (608.13 KB, 800x444, lol.png)

Okay, sorry I just made one. >>>/snow/1553718

No. 1553723

More scrotal derailment featuring proofs that don't actually prove anything.

No. 1553823

File: 1654740079533.png (534.74 KB, 1284x370, lady Rachel is my queen.png)

Nya'h see I'm taking over for Mike so you crazy broads stop attacking the nice lady. Rachel is a saint compared to you broads, ya'll are vultures chomping at the bit and the way you reacted to Naught's thread just proves that!
Ya'll liked it when I played that Blaine charactah earlier and now ya don't like my new persona? Why not see?

No. 1553828

Please stop, you're bad at acting like a mob boss.
Everyone will just move to KF to talk about Rachel so have fun, I guess.

No. 1553831

Please do.

No. 1553843

File: 1654740730623.png (147.82 KB, 1280x406, lol.png)

Guess this is the tranny's newest deranged meltdown since he accused someone of being "Regina" earlier

No. 1553844

Soon now place will be safe from da Gay Op'ah and da internet mafia ya dumb broads
Who you calling a troon? I bet you're the tranny!

No. 1553848

File: 1654741015644.png (92.76 KB, 1074x487, mike schizo posting or mike fa…)

Oh god please leave.

It's either Mike talking to himself or one of his fans, they're all over OF. Oh god the fucking 'accent' they are going for is just the worst and I cannot.

No. 1553854

Tinfoil: the mob boss is Rachel.

They're retarded and out of touch with reality that it's possible. I doubt its true but I want it to be.

No. 1553861

More tinfoil: Rachel arranged for Mike to troll her and they have been working together the whole time with Naught, Kengle, and JDANKS420

No. 1553862

I have no clue. It’s been soo far derailed by talks of whoever Blane, mike and Elaine are that those of us who just want Rachel drama are skimming though it at this point and watching the dumpster fire next to the original dumpster fire burn. I don’t know who the other three are and don’t really care. I just want to read Rachel drama and laugh at the cow who thinks sephiroth is l real and wants to fuck her.

No. 1553865

Not excusing the absolute autism thats going on, but Rachel's just been retweeting cat pics. Nothing good.

No. 1553866

Even more tinfoil: The anti-gayops group has Spookybones, Ines, Null and the Tranny and we are watching them duke it out on socks.

No. 1553867

It made me think of the R-dropping nonna which also sounds like the RP account that Rachel was fighting with that one nonna was saying was "Zack" from Fairsinfo. Not that I think that's who is behind this, I don't, Fairs cringe but not retarded, but the roleplaying stuff makes me think Rachel too. Only thing is that Rachel is known to use a VPN and this genius didn't I assume hence being outed for samefagging.

No. 1553870

That was Naught see, I am using a VPN can you dig it? I just hate moralfags, trannies, and people lying about my fair lady Rachel see
Ya'll broads are getting the wrong idea here, I am just trying to support my pals here and kick someone while they're down that I hate dawg

No. 1553874

Very out of character.

No. 1553887

File: 1654742324075.png (88.03 KB, 524x281, lol2.png)

You're right. The "You" is there on that post.
Same anons. Gee, wonder who it could be? Certainly not a certain tranny that's been shitting everything beyond belief and sperging about 'Mike' and this gay shit for days on end.

No. 1553890

>EvErYtHiNgS tHe TrAnNy
It's so old. Wouldn't mods have outted him when they red texted whoever it is in the Spooky thread?

No. 1553892

Is rather her not have much to go off of and just people making dumb meme images of her till stuff comes up then what ever this is. It’s not even remotely entertaining.

No. 1553895

Oh, I completely agree. I was just saying she hasn't posted anything good today.

No. 1553911

Is the tranny in the room with you right now nonna?

No. 1553914

She does this. She goes a little quiet and just stays out of the way for sometime. Then a wild hair goes up her ass and she melts down. Happens everytime she gets banned on something and has to wait out the ban on one of her vpn.

No. 1553919

Oh gee look who fessed up to gayoping all day, ponyfag Mike.
Yeah I am betting her meltdown happens on friday, maybe we should open up some sort of deadpool on it?

No. 1553927

Open up the pool.

And Rachel is absolutely in on this derailment bullshit because the gayops shit is venturing in on WK territory vibes

No. 1553949

The guesses I have seen so far are Rachel, Michael, Elaine and the tranny. Three of these people hate one of these people, really makes ya think.

No. 1553967

Looks like someone solved that riddle in the horrible blight thread that person c/p'd from Onionfarms.

No. 1553977

She’s logged into her aniroleplay everyday at least once. She probably is harassing someone there but they don’t know about this place.

No. 1553978

Is there not a function to search user's posts over there? I honestly have no idea what that site is.

No. 1553997

Yeah we all hate the tranny and so should you, I bet they are back in here right now. Why don't you chase them out for me like you did this morning ya dumb breeding machine

No. 1553998

blocky blocky

No. 1554001

Fuck you piggie

No. 1554005

Too bad you can't block me on here, huh?

No. 1554012

I bet you're that fucking faggot Blaine aren't you, you're just as catty and passive aggressive as he is

No. 1554021

Not that I’m aware of. I don’t really use the site. I just keep and eye on her when I’m really really bored


No. 1554024

Trying to distance himself from getting driven off this morning by blaming it on this new headmate sounds about right. Blaine is claiming on OnionFarms to have this genius's dox so assuming he's right about that (and can prove it) he has a way of clearing this up.

No. 1554026

I'm not. I'm an actual woman. And not being aggressive in the slightest. You're just whiney.

No. 1554030

If he doxes me I'm gonna fucking kill him
Sounds more like what you are bitch

No. 1554031

Take it back to your trashfire of a SpookyBones thread, Travis.

No. 1554033

you could try hiding your jealousy a bit, and not that anyone here cares, but you wont.

No. 1554034

File: 1654749998757.png (3.32 KB, 246x205, edgelord.png)

Drop the dox, troon. I have his pic already.

No. 1554035

Still not Blaine. God, you're dumb.

No. 1554036

The troon is in Spooky's thread (or was)

No. 1554041

Then why do you fucking act just like him? You can't answer because you are him!
Fuck off fat sow
Yeah and if he does I will upload killing him for you ladies to gawk at

No. 1554047

Go back to your thread, Travis. I'll answer: >Then why do you fucking act just like him? You can't answer because you are him!
over there

No. 1554083

You chronically online losers better leave Elaine and Rachel alone, they are actually women unlike all you fucking trannies on this fucking tranny website

No. 1554098

Hey bitch, you drove the tranny off so they owe you nothing shut the fuck up with your suggestions since you fell for Travis' bait so hard you're writing up that cope. Sick of seeing you call everyone the tranny in here too, stop fucking posting.

No. 1554102

shut up tranny

No. 1554103

See it's behavior like that as to why this thread is such a mess in the first place.

No. 1554105

I was being ironic but you're not wrong.

No. 1554111

No. 1554113

Amen, nonna. Just as annoying as a troon sperging about how they're a troon.

No. 1554116

Yeah but is >>1554111 obviously this is out of hand.

No. 1554117

Which ironically the tranny we chased off didn't do…

No. 1554122

I mean Elaine has allegedly paid someone to come here and yell tranny at us so yeah.

No. 1554124

I really don't want to be the one to summarize all of this bullshit, but I'll try my best.

Michael WKing Rachel is annoying. Michael is the most annoying man I've encountered.
Blaine and the whole Idea Guys thing would be kino if there was any proof beyond the reach that is the Steam profile. I don't see the connection and I'm not going to say anything other than the fact that Blaine is accusing Michael while providing crumbs to back it up.
Shit, there's more proof that Rachel hasn't lost any weight.
Elaine needs to take her meds and touch grass repeatedly until the urge to be subservient to the KF rejects crowd dies off. Also, quit being a retarded a-log.
Rachel is definitely helping with this derailment and has to be in contact with Elaine and possibly Michael. Not sure about Naught, though I think he'll be forced to pick a side.

I'm of the opinion that Kengle should come get his pet retards and put them back in their cage.

No. 1554127

Yep, I'm wondering if the tranny sperg is Travis. Or just some terf thats creepily obsessed with troons.

I'm wondering if thats him too but I question it because he said he came here and was acting like Blaine. So, who knows.

No. 1554130

Yeah and you idiot women ate it up, it was so easy to trick you into attacking Blaine and scaring off anyone else who was planning on dumping info lmfao get fucked

No. 1554131

Could be an Elaine simp that breached containment and isn't getting paid at all (receipts or it didn't happen). Blaine did drop the recent info on Elaine so she has a motivation there as well.

No. 1554132

Yeah and now thanks to me all you'll ever get is the crumb, I played you all like puppets dancing to my own drum

No. 1554133

She did too pay me you jealous tranny go 41%

No. 1554134

You first tranny dingus.

No. 1554136

Actually most people thought you were a retarded terf. Maybe you really are a tranny since you're so good at LARPING as a terf.

Blaine can read, Travis. People will still come check this thread. I know most of us that left are already back. You're not as smart as you think you are.

No. 1554139

Then why did he only post on the Elaine and Spooky thread topics? Dumb tranny I'm so much smarter than you

No. 1554141

Because you're an annoying tranny and he likely didn't want to accused of being you. Plus he was going to sleep, as has been stated. Dilate.

No. 1554142

And when I'm done burying that idea guy fantasy Mike's gonna pay me too so stay jealous you hate filled trannies

No. 1554143

If you want attention so badly go ask Naught to put some fingers in your butt.

Instead you stick around and are practically begging for someone to remind you that you're so basic that you continue to get felted by the smallest things. Boohoo you shit up a thread nigga, so could a blind drunk chimpanzee.

There's no way you were ever involved with the Idea Guys, you're too much of a bitch boy who can't keep his mouth shut. You wish you were.

If Rachel was able to sus you out on day one, you wouldn't have made it far with CWC.

No. 1554145

Nah you're just upset I outsmarted and manipulated you all into driving him off

No. 1554147

Yeah you right Mike wasn't in the idea guys, Blaine is just a dumb tranny and we should get back to making fun of him

No. 1554150

Holy fuck you're the most gullible retard. Mike doesn't have a job. Mike depends on the fat insecure women he abuses to send him money. Mike lies about having a chauffeur and wasting money on $40k bottles of whiskey.

Also you admitting he's paying you to bury the idea guys stuff just gave away that theres more linking him to them otherwise there wouldnt be a need to bury anything. Good job, you fucking idiot.

No. 1554151

No he's not in the idea guys he's just paying me cause he's sick of hearing Blaine accuse him of stuff, you can't tie him to anything or prove a single thing you dumb trannies

No. 1554152

Right, because you're totally a believable source.

No. 1554153

can you freaks go to bed or something

No. 1554154

I'm more believable than that schizo Blaine

No. 1554155

Judging by your mob boss act earlier, and how easily you get upset, I'm gonna say thats a cope.

No. 1554156

I wish that this were funny sperging, it isn't funny.

No. 1554157

You cope about not actually being a woman, you dumb trannies played right into my hands and made me more money hahaha

No. 1554159


No. 1554160

Okay Travis, whatever makes you feel better.

No. 1554161

Money makes me happy duh

No. 1554162

File: 1654756522291.png (41.38 KB, 720x247, Screenshot_20220609-013421~2.p…)

See? You dumb bitches, I won, you lost, Michael is not in the idea guys

No. 1554164

Would be kino but I'm actually agreeing with the sped here, I doubt Blaine is coming back and I can't blame him.

No. 1554165

Mo money mo titty skittles see, ya feel em?

No. 1554166

Yeah so like I said Mike isn't in the idea guys so get over it
I bet that's what you spend your money on you tranny

No. 1554175

Not to mention Mike had a pre-made meme of him as the Chinaman(instead of the one he is accused of)to bury the waters and now this sped too. It's all fishy but oh well looks like we never get to find out because Terfs decided to derail the thread for the past 7 days.

No. 1554206

I think it's almost as likely Mike is muddying the waters to make people think that he is in the Idea Guys than to think that he isn't, it seems like the kind of thing he would boast about, while what he really wants to deny (lol) is that he is another creepy basement AGP.

No. 1554345

Is this an all-woman or all-tranny site? The tranny psyop is real, gals

No. 1554372

This website is obviously full of trannies like this spookybones guy and Blaine, y'all trannies are dumb as hell too
Yupp, nothing more to be found on Mike so just get over it already

No. 1554377

Like really dumb, Mike already paid me 50 bucks for chasing off Blaine alone, you all should just drop the Mike shit entirely so I can get paid more cha ching!

No. 1554392

Yeah Blaine's not coming back to even read this thread, cited people siding with Travis and people telling him to kill himself and yeah ya know what I can see that. I'm gonna go contact him in private about the idea guys stuff and I encourage everyone else who's interested in doing so. I don't exactly expect a response tho as for once Blaine actually seems upset.

No. 1554397

>50 bucks from Mike
>75 bucks from Mike
At least keep your story straight

No. 1554413

Mike already posted his Paypal in his KF thread, prove it or gtfo.

No. 1554416

He has a new one and told me not to share, I didn't have to share any proof mike wasn't in the idea guys but I still got paid in that, I didn't have to share any proof that Blaine was wrong you all chased him away for me and I got paid for that too
Cha ching bitch make me more money

No. 1554422

Yo the lady in the Elaine thread bout to make me some more money haha I keep catching Ws off you women hating each other

No. 1554428

Alright, guess Kiwifarms is gonna be where we actually discuss Rachel because the scrotes who got banned can't shit up that thread.

No. 1554433

If I get paid to go there then that's where I go yo you dweebs gotta leave real women like Rachel alone

No. 1554438

File: 1654785443038.jpg (2.23 MB, 3464x3464, uglymf.jpg)

>Real woman

No. 1554439

File: 1654785448559.jpeg (81.91 KB, 1762x312, soscawy.jpeg)

>Mike conveniently has a new paypal so no proof can be shown.
>trust me guys
>you're all dumb trannies
>I tricked you all

Dude handles life about as well as a kid going through puberty. Don't believe shit he says unless he has proof.

Well thats pretty shitty when it was this tranny sped and some weird obsessed terf. Multiple people went to bat for Erika, myself included. Lots of us also got told to kill ourselves. But ok.

Have fun. Registrations closed and even if you somehow get your tranny ass an invite we'll just have mods delete your autism. This shit wont work there. And if you somehow (you wont) ruin that then we'll just have other places to go to talk about her and you wont do shit. Block the threads like you already do with everything else in your life that hurts your feefees and 41% Travis.

No. 1554444

More than one weird obsessed TERF. Source: I was only one of them. Please, please don't bring your pet tranny back here.

No. 1554446

Oh okay, two weird obsessed terfs that should do a flip because they're worse than just about any tranny I've had the displeasure of meeting. Imagine being so creepily obsessed with terfs you make them look decent in comparison. Embarrassing.

No. 1554447

Samefag. Meant creepily obsessed with trannies. Its early.

No. 1554449

I wonder if Rachel is the one spamming both threads.

No. 1554450

I cant believe I'm saying this but I think this TrannyTravis dude out autisms even her.

No. 1554451

Nah, I think it's the right amount. Flips between tranny hating and liking, shits on women, obsessed with telling people how much money she makes and how she gets paid so much. How unbothered she is.

Sounds about right.

No. 1554452

And that's why Erika won't come back, she never brings up being a tranny so I'm going to stop because she can fucking pass digitally if everyone else stopped bringing it the fuck up.
At every milk drop at least two anons(not Rachel or any scrotes) attack her, she could prove Mike was in the idea guys and those two would squawk that he isn't. This has become political theatre, with how they defend Mike I legit believe he was an idea guy and there's a lot of cringe shit just hiding in the shadows.

No. 1554455

I'm seriously not trying to wk for Rachel but Rachel usually has enough sense to brag about making more than $300 at best (depending on which story you go with from him) even though she takes it too far in the opposite direction.

I agree but why let those two anons run her off? It's just two people when everyone else would rather they fuck off instead. Ultimately it's up to her though, so whatever. I just hope she knows that most people here-regardless on our opinions of trans people in general- prefer her over the weirdos attacking her.

No. 1554459

I have an idea for our true and honest Idea Guy.
Drink some drain cleaner. A liter or two.

She's turned more autistic of things into slam dunks. The fact that this fucker was up all night being autistic and has now magically quieted down, this also tracks with what time Rachel falls asleep because she's been up all night frigging herself to pictures of fictional characters.

No. 1554461

You make a damn fine point, Erika can be cringy sometimes but frankly the cows come to her and there is always receipts. I hope she just got tired and didn't bail for good.
This is certainly not Rachel, they're as angry and clever as Mike is but I don't think it's him either. Elaine did start texting people that knew Erika so it's not hard to believe this is one person who hates her jumping at their first opportunity to attack her.
That's actually a great point this travis bitch lines up p well with Rachel's sleep pattern.

No. 1554462

File: 1654786856125.jpg (142.32 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220609_10_56_08_Pro.jpg)

Aight. This is gay.
I'm the real Mike and I fucking hate that I'm going to do this but this is just insane.

I have not posted to this site since I got banned for posting about Spooky Bones. This faggot claiming I've paid him money to shitpost is a liar.
Anyone claiming to be me in this thread is a liar.
I strongly STRONGLY suspect that the only "person" impersonating me, and others, is Blaine the tranny.
I resent having to post my face here but it's the only way to definitively prove that I am who I am, and I'm not these fucking people.
The sign I'm holding has a Roman Numeral 1 in the corner. If I make another post I will hold that sign and I will add another dash, and so on. I, II, III, etc etc etc.
I don't want to make another post because frankly lurking this site is like brain-draino, no offense ladies.

But tldr. I'm not paying people to post. I also have not posted in this thread or any other thread since my banning here. Thank you.(ew)

No. 1554464

Oh sure it's all Blaine's fault like always with you. Pathetic, now we KNOW you paid this weird faggot Mike you idiot.

No. 1554465

tits or gtfo, tran-chan

No. 1554467

I think you're a waste of oxygen but I believe you that you didn't pay this idiot.
I also dont think its Blaine though.

Why does your ceiling look like a couch?

No. 1554470

File: 1654787291354.jpg (109.19 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220609_11_05_56_Pro.jpg)

Well then I suggest you prove it, Blaine.

For future reference:
Anyone who cannot, when requested, produce a timestamped picture as I am posting right now who claims to be me, is an impersonator.

>how do we know you're not just going to pretend to not be yourself HUH!?

Because that's fucking retarded. The people/person impersonating me here is a faggot and I'll do anything I can to make that faggot look like a retard out of sheer malice and spite.

Thank you.

No. 1554471

Obvious post but I already said this in the Spooky thread, haven't read shit but Travis is on facebook bitching about his screen being inverted and not five mins later Mike posts this.
Gonna wait for the sperging to die down, the dump would be better off in a Mike thread, and finally I was forced to dump early.

No. 1554477

All this proves is your basement is as filthy as Walker's and that's why you both post pictures with only the ceiling in view. I heard the rumors about why you went after him but you two really are alike.

No. 1554480

File: 1654788022553.jpg (147.86 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220609_11_17_26_Pro.jpg)

Can't please everyone, sometimes I feel like a waste of oxygen too so that's alright.

Taking these pics is an inconvenience by the way, but since the ceiling question has been asked on KF a bunch and now here.. the answer is simple. My computer room is supposed to be nautical themed. The ceiling is supposed to look like sails. There are port windows and shit like that. I didn't design it, and it's fine enough that I don't feel the need to change it.

No. 1554484

Nick Bate looking ass

No. 1554492

Brush your hair. You look like a ape and a hobo at the same time.

No. 1554493

Still not convinced "Travis" is not a way for Blaine to walk back the disaster that was yesterday
Nobody's defending Mike (who is another tranny, let us not forget) but that doesn't mean we have to embrace an idiot who is here to seek clout and attention. I don't believe for a second that he wants to "pass", he could do so easily but shutting the fuck up and stopping speaking in the first person, but he won't do that.

No. 1554497

I wouldn't, I would dox this faggot somewhere where this is allowed or shut up. Shit or get off the pot. The content-teasing is incredibly cringe.

No. 1554504

Yeah, until I see proof I'm going with you're the same person.

No. 1554508

>that's fucking retarded
So are you, Mike. What's going on with your dirty untrimmed nails there?

It's very coincidental Travis goes completely silent as soon as Mike starts ceilingposting.

No. 1554514

Door, ass, etc. Good riddance. Don't make too much of when your small handful of sad handmaidens cry about it, either. But who am I kidding you'll be back for that sweet, sweet attention soon enough. Trannies are so predictable.
I'm still gonna go with I think "Travis" is the tranny but it could be Mike (I mean, the other tranny) too. But why then is Blaine claiming to know Travis? Either way, the problem involved was not born a woman.

No. 1554515

Oh yeah Erika should definitely post her facebook info just so a terf who's been ragging on her this whole time won't even be appeased. Yeah, genius.

No. 1554516

File: 1654789060082.jpg (146.22 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220609_11_36_06_Pro.jpg)

Instructions unclear.


I lurk a few threads here; especially ones where a schizophrenic faggot is trying to convince people I'm an Idea Guy.

No. 1554521

He is already doxed though, it won't matter for him. I'm asking him to dox his "friend" who he already threatened to dox. So, we're waiting.

No. 1554522

Okay so prove you're not, should be easy to do.

No. 1554525

No literally only you are waiting, I trust Erika's word at this point over Mike's and I don't care if you don't Regina
I can prove it's you and I am sick of you attacking Erika.

No. 1554534

File: 1654789812198.jpg (148.94 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220609_11_48_46_Pro.jpg)

I don't have to prove I'm not anything.
Basic common sense would suggest that if Blaine could uncover the identity of the lost Idea Guys, then people better than him at this sort of thing would have done it a long time ago.
I don't think Blaine actually understands what went down during the Idea Guy saga and who exactly the people were who doxed Wise and Boyd, and the lengths they went to to get them.
If the name Volkswachter appeared in Idea Guy chats then this would be documented on KF, on the CWCki and on every other site dedicated to Christory, which would be easy to produce links and screenshots for, since this hasn't happened it's safe to say you're a faggot, Blaine.

Taking these pics is a pain in the ass, this is my last response, at least for now. To reiterate. Anyone posting as me who cannot produce a signed picture is a larping faggot.

No. 1554540

> I trust Erika's word at this point over Mike's
Pretty low bar tbh
> Christory

No. 1554543

File: 1654790158437.png (1.04 MB, 1212x681, Untitled14720220609211441.png)

it is i, the real michael thurlow, with an important announcement to make..

No. 1554545

lol u mad.

No. 1554546

AYRT very interesting, thanks for the answer.

No. 1554551

That is why I'm saying it's a bit silly in this case to hound Erika for proof instead of hounding Mike.
This is the best content in over three days.

No. 1554552

You're so annoying you could be Rachel tbh.

No. 1554555

> That is why I'm saying it's a bit silly in this case to hound Erika for proof instead of hounding Mike.
Both of them are a cancer, it doesn't have to be either/or.

No. 1554556

Can we pretend that poster is a tranny since they're such an attention chasing whore and obviously jealous of Erika?(Much like the past couple people who attacked Erika and claimed not to be trannies turned out to in fact be trannies or look like Trannies(Elaine))

No. 1554557

Yet you only go after Erika Regina, curious.

No. 1554560

Well look at how Mike looked as a woman, Spooky(man) probably passes better.

No. 1554561

If it really is Regina thats tranny obsessed like some anon is claiming, then we may not have to pretend at all (maybe)

No. 1554562

He namefagged in response to Erika dumping Milk the first time, Erika outted their socks, Erika got banned by Regina and Regina has never stopped talking shit since. He's off in discord complaining about her now. This thread has become such a shit show that I refuse to dump anything and I already left his server as he banned me for getting in an argument over them posting so much. I really should have screen capped but this was hardly what I was expecting at all.
Regina has called a bunch of posters Erika in a bid to undermine them, it's become more than an obsession and the timing and fact he defended Mike so hard on KF and now is refusing to even ask him a question here really leads to the credibility that they have been working together and that's why Spooky got pissed in the first place for Erika mentioning what Mike let slip about his original trolling operation and group. He even kept attacking her after Erika gave a public apology. I'm done.

No. 1554568

And if Spooky was working with Mike that explains the removal of his first dox as well as the extreme effort to discredit anyone who spoke ill of him. It kind of tracks with how obsessed Spooky has been with this situation, I know they were around at the start and I know him well enough to say there is no way he left.

No. 1554573

So there are four trannies, the one who brought the milk is the one who hasn't sperged yet and the only reason we know they are a tranny is due to a dox. Right I'm just calling her Erika from now on and see if she brings up being a tranny herself(she won't).

No. 1554574

> they have been working together
They violently hate each other. Spooky was involved in doxing Mike and his wife. This is all very public. This tinfoil doesn't work. Maybe there was something going on last year there but not anymore, and attacking the tranny in this thread doesn't prove there is.

No. 1554577

I believe you, I just dont know or care enough about him to be able to say for sure he's the obsessed terf. Also the more I think about his Mean Girls obsession, the more I believe he actually is a troon. I dont know a single natal woman that is still that into that movie. Especially not ones old enough to be a parent to a teen. Plus they picked literally the worst character to "be" although she (the character in the movie) may be relatable for them going by how they act.

No. 1554579

That is also what get's me as well, when it came out I get older people sperging a bit and Spooky seems to be the age where it would be nostalgia but yeah.
At least Janis admits she's a bitch and anti-social, Regina is unaware, foolhardy and lucked her way into leading so very fitting.

So do Mike and Erika but I have seen that theory floated around and it makes less sense than mine.

No. 1554582

She's also fake, a liar, a bully and a schemer. She was written to be the most unlikeable character. She gets hit by a fucking bus even lmao

No. 1554584

I really want to know if he force assigned people characters in Burnbook lol

No. 1554600

File: 1654793634553.png (101.05 KB, 1056x233, michael_regina.png)

Get some new material, Michael.

No. 1554606

write gabaghoul on the sign then post again, ugly

No. 1554608

Michael looks like a chode emerging from a forest of pubes

No. 1554611

This is by far the grossest thread on the site and somehow you managed to up the ante further, excellent work.
Nah I hate both of those fuckers, Mike is certainly still around but plenty of us have reason to hate someone who threw everyone else under the bus during Burnbook. I do not think he is working with Mike but Spoopy is certainly in here throwing around 41% and calling everyone a tranny(and I dont think he's that Travis fella either, that's either Mike or a person from Erika's irl that Elaine contacted. Based on the utter retardation shown I really do think it's someone completely new)
Either way there is a Spooky thread even if the OP is shit so anything that isn't Rachel related can be dropped in there to keep this thread clean from now on because as it stands a bunch of anons have left due to how shit filled it has become. Let this thread just be Rachel and take advantage of the mods not deleting a shitty thread.
Srsly bring it to the Spooky thread but the Gabaghoul is still killing me.(not the way Travis intended for sure but)
Pls nonnies, I beg you, the other thread.

No. 1554612

what the fuck is that red z under canadian, is he a fucking zoophile

No. 1554614

I don't think he is actually a zoophile, the lolcow.org boys like to make jokes. Being a pedophilic wife-beating Nazi troon takes up enough of his time that I think the local dogs and horses might be safe.

No. 1554616

Obvious posting again to second this, please for the love of God you are all driving good insightful posters away, I never intended my presence to make such a fucking impact. If I wasn't doxed before coming here it wouldn't have but I still apologize for my involvement to the people who haven't attacked me. To the people who have, fuck you, I don't care.

Yes honestly he probably is, Michael has 'edge' as his special taste. There is no proof of that though so I won't speculate.
Please use the Spookybones side drama containment thread.

No. 1554617

> I never intended my presence to make such a fucking impact
> I
> I
> I
> I
> I
> I

No. 1554620

Imagine actually white knighting this lunatic troon. holy shit lol this is painful. If you people are kiwifaggots you should know this entire display of retardation is a complete embarrassment to kf and is not doing what you seem to think it does. 41% btw

No. 1554622

Talk shit about me in the Spooky thread, keep this clean.

No. 1554623

He's a zoophile for wanting to WK a pig.

No. 1554625

i ship them

No. 1554627

It's not WK'ing when you're all fucking tinfoiling about everyone being Erika and shitting up the thread, now move over to the thing that was started as a trashfire with your nonsense.
Nobody should be talking about Erika, Mike, or anyone else other than Rachel here c'mon.

No. 1554635

41%, everyone with eyes knows its the troon, dumbfuck. you are genuinely pathetic and someone should send this to null so he can see how his users are completely embarrassing his site. im sure he'll love that

No. 1554638

File: 1654794957623.jpg (378.44 KB, 809x1457, cowtipping.jpg)

Why is it that the cowtippers make themselves so obvious?

No. 1554641

Am I going nuts or have I seen that same pfp in one of these threads just recently? Someone help me out…

No. 1554642

Anyone who knows I'm on AMB(like you)could have ripped off my profile pic, which is a dead giveaway as I never use the same pictures or name…

No. 1554644

A similar image was posted to the thread yesterday.

No. 1554647

Doctor Girlfriend, Erika uses her over on AMB so whoever is posing as her is also using it and just made that very obvious. Look at the actual username, it's just like how Rachel names her accounts.

No. 1554648

Samefag as >>1554641, there's the answer >>1553050. The level of gayops in here is so high though that >>1554642 has a point honesty as loath as I am to say it.

No. 1554649

I'd believe Mike was a part of the Idea Guys if his gayops and general opsec weren't so bad.

No. 1554655

I think he's definitely more than enough of a psycho to do that kind of thing but his forte is more manipulating dumb vulnerable women online than it is gaslighting Chris into believing in anime goddesses. It doesn't track for me but I'm willing to be proven wrong (by considerably better receipts than I've seen though.)

No. 1554659

No. 1554677

AYRT. Not Michael, not from burn book or your retarded little discord group either. Says a lot more than one person has thought this, though.

No. 1554681

No. 1554705

File: 1654796828764.jpeg (339.85 KB, 1448x908, shdfiu.jpeg)

Anyway, this was posted on KF. Apparently Rachel has been sperging out somewhere (Im assuming discord) but sadly we dont get caps. It does confirm that she is still sperging as usual, just in private for the time being.

No. 1554711

I'm tinfoil hoping that's the anon who spoke of knowing some irl milk as well, if it isn't then honestly probably not worth keeping the milker there if they are not already using another sock to get in with Rachel.(rotate accounts to bring milk at intervals, not at the end cause the earlier milk will be very stale by then)

No. 1554722

I'm pretty sure this person is in one of the fandoms Rachel sperged hard in (either FF or The Arcana) but I could be misremembering. If I'm not misremebering though, its likely her contact is another person in whatever fandom and likely didn't have the option to have a sock.

No. 1554725

Oh yeah not to detract from them, I was just saying an ideal scenario more to excuse them if they end up dumping stale milk when they dump all their milk at the end. Doesn't always work out the way ya'd like it to.

No. 1554727

Oh, completely agree then! I miss Rachel sperging out in the open, or even larping as Nick and Caleb in this thread. Never thought I'd say that.

No. 1554730

I think it's pretty obvious that a few of the Kiwis are a part of the fandoms. DBS seems to be and was involved with the Weeb Wars/Vic Mignogna autism fest which I'd guess is at least somewhat adjacent, idk I don't know any of that stuff. Not calling her out, no evidence she's done anything wrong, but just that several of the people who took an interest seem to know her before. That's not really unusual for a cow though of course people who are in similar circles would find her interesting. As long as people are not actively tipping the cow I think it's fine.

No. 1554731

Her posing as UH on twitter and missing the point of the naming scheme to post it here as a gotcha was pretty funny but the rest of her posting in this thread has been horrible.
Totally agree with this user, as long as the cow organically came to someone I really do not see that as cowtipping at all.

No. 1554734

I also agree, theres also been a few new kiwis that joined just for Rachel (it seems like the one in the screenshot is one of them from the join date)

No. 1554769

you look like you smell like spoiled milk i bet your hair and beard are one huge dreadlock lol
this dude cant even afford a ceiling

No. 1554782

Mike stuff goes here nonnie, thank you.

No. 1554826

File: 1654801706881.png (86.72 KB, 840x696, FU0q774UAAE1cGf.png)

pokes head back in
Okay I think that worked, here is some Rachel Milk that Fairs posted, just gonna quad post instead of formatting them together as I have to leave to work shortly.

No. 1554827

File: 1654801738409.png (46.94 KB, 524x343, FU0rhMcVUAAKC6f.png)

Rachel is Cat-Satan for the nonnies that did not know.

No. 1554828

File: 1654801765407.png (107.1 KB, 650x732, FU0rROqUAAA_d5a.png)

Remember we are all in this together, only you can prevent de-railment fires.

No. 1554829

File: 1654801797394.png (203.43 KB, 533x774, FU0rXonUcAAZT04.png)

Someone else can pick up milk duty tonight, have fun ladies!

No. 1554844

File: 1654802449725.png (12.16 KB, 576x112, Untitled.png)

Rachel is online, as the nonna who suggested a deadpool iirc my bet was for a meltdown tomorrow. I am now opening it up, I will be anon1 and I will announce the winner in the order posted. Best of luck and let's get gambling!

No. 1554846

Got to love how she expects them to answer her question while refusing to answer theirs. Thanks for the milk, anon!

No. 1554847

What is she trying to even say here?

No. 1554848

Ah there she is referencing "Purring Rush" a move unlocked at Level 7 for all Cat Cavaliers.

No. 1554851

Oh, I know what this is but didnt know there was a name for it kek. Thanks!

No. 1554852

Lol fuck you, you made the same exact joke in discord you asshat lol.
She is just being a weeb and making a joke, it's likely that is what Rachel meant but lol.

No. 1554857

>Only I didn't uwu
Rachel is a broken record.

No. 1554865

>Only 41% tranny, only we hate you
Huh yeah I think I can see Rachel's posts in this thread now.(Not saying she is the only tranny sperger but the low effort posts, probably her or Re-wish-I-had-a-vagina trying to get digs in.
Anon2 as her meltdown being today with gay-ops revealed.

No. 1554868

Samefag to say sorry for the wrong quote I meant >>1554844

No. 1554962

i love how she says your suffering would be nice like she isnt actively making herself suffer by pulling this shit all the time, everyone else can just block and ignore, and she will never, ever get her way.
im thinking it'll take a few days, anon3 will be taking sunday.

No. 1554972

anon 4, im gonna be daring and shoot for next week. she's been holding the fort for awhile, so ill take tuesday

No. 1555116

Deadpool Meltdown Table:
Anon 2: Today
Anon 1: Tomorrow
Anon 3: Sunday
Anon 4: Tuesday the 13th

Nice FF joke lol

No. 1555447

Yeah they where in the arcana fandom.iirc they said that a few people from the arcana are also bridged over to final fantasy so they got a double tap of her insanity. But from the posts the kiwi makes it’s like they are just an informant rather then direct involvement with her. So their milk is delivered to them rather then from the source. They did say in the recent post that she’s done nothing new out of her usual. And they obviously lurk around here as admitted in their post. So they know what her usual behavior is and probably will spill once something new comes up.

No. 1555478

File: 1654834962790.jpg (221.46 KB, 1079x1149, tardspeak.jpg)

Lmao the gayops account

No. 1555508

"I r Erika, I r get her pattern of writing down except forget punctuation." I wonder if it's that Jarvis minor, at least then the idiocy would be excusable.

No. 1555516

File: 1654836163154.png (65.14 KB, 569x348, ghoulie.png)

This looks like it could be content, but also just by this being posted Rachel is now going to be paranoid if not outright losing her mind about this now, but also how many people could it be? This person's whole spot is probably blown up now, lol, maybe use a PM next time.

No. 1555517

it's probably Mike, he's got a history of making fake Twitters of his enemies, but >>>/snow/1554657

No. 1555532

Go back to your tard cage.
Saw that and it was Ravenmilk that hung themselves to tease, really dumb move imo but I just usually dump things when the time is right and try to keep quiet until then myself.
Oh one of his scrote cronies, at least the side thread is working for the most part.

No. 1555535

Samefag OR one of his 'scronies'.

No. 1555607

File: 1654843164250.jpg (150.47 KB, 1080x495, infj.jpg)

I can't believe this bitch lmao
She likes to look at everything but her own transgressions

No. 1555617

File: 1654844146614.png (799.07 KB, 747x984, infj.png)

kek, is she implying that she's an infj ?

No. 1555620

Yep. She wants to believe.

No. 1555623

Probably took one of those online tests and answered it with her Mary Sue OC in mind rather then herself.

No. 1555626

Ravenmilk didn’t know where their hook was in contact with her though. Just knew they had a hook in contact.

No. 1555643

holy crap, i wonder if she truly believes this.

No. 1555680

File: 1654852239612.jpeg (200.17 KB, 828x1412, 6A913ED9-ABE3-495D-8F64-BBC608…)

This was possibly one of the worse jokes ever. Also notice how she isn’t using the weird cat baby voice as much? The thing that makes me laugh is how she comments on posts ala Rachel style but as her cat and still gets almost no interactions. Have a cat blog is fine. But she’s outright roleplaying as her cat not just making little jokes here and there. It’s weird.

No. 1555798

File: 1654867299649.jpg (93.84 KB, 1080x330, cat larp.jpg)

She's reading along and didn't like this lol

No. 1555810

Booooooo Rachel you're not funny, get better material!

No. 1555828

Yaknow I don't know if I am one or not but it is HELL having empathy for things and people I should logically have no empathy for, it's really stopped me from following through with a lot of things that I deserved to do. Rachel is the exact example of 'An Online INFJ' she has no empathy for anyone other than herself, she literally cannot and willnot and obviously refuses to feel other's pain.

Rachel you are a sociopath, that is the direct opposite of an INFJ you fat fingering cat shit eating tubby tub of tard.

No. 1555852

Lmao. Wasn’t this fat bitch the one isolating her victims? Projection at its finest

No. 1555919

Her Twitter bio tagline “Means well, ends up unintentionally acting as a bully” is her way of absolving herself of future and past acts of assholery lol.

Just watch, she’ll use it as a defense when called out in the future as people should have read that warning line when she rages out.

No. 1555977

I don't think Rachel's a sociopath, I think she's just a very emotionally stunted brat that doesn't know how to deal with problems other than going "But why not?!" and having a tantrum. Whatever her parents did to coddle her really doomed her.

No. 1555994

Yeah, she loves getting them alone so she can make them feel powerless and forced to help her.

No. 1556013

But has any of them actually helped her? Or did they just give up when they realized that she’s a fridge on legs and can adapt to change like a rock trying to grow functional legs.

No. 1556024

This has been covered multiple times in many of her threads. No, no one helped her because she cant be helped and wont listen to anyone despite their best efforts. What she wants is someone to martyr themselves in the fandom for her while she shits on them and doesn't do anything to change, or even take the advice they give. She literally can not be helped by anyone except maybe a professional. Even then she's talked about how shes seen a professional and it was a waste of time. Likely because she wasnt willing to do any work on herself.

No. 1556060

File: 1654880173221.jpeg (54.92 KB, 500x500, 1BDBCAF1-0808-4FEB-AFC2-82CA7C…)

She sounds like she had childhood of pink princess “ I want a pony for my birthday” that had one of those cringy pink Disney princess bedrooms. Pic related.

I don’t know what to call it. I know we had pick me girl, horse girl, book girl but what would attention princess pink girl be?

No. 1556073

Main character delusion syndrome

No. 1556211

yeah its so on the nose it comes off as unsettling to anyone who knows about her

No. 1556568

File: 1654903231300.jpeg (39.4 KB, 750x205, F899B171-65E6-4229-A477-12B3C5…)

Really now, Rachel? The Plonk account that spoke to you twice in Japanese, you couldn’t even respond properly and just claim they were speaking it wrong according to your Google translate.

Newsflash, if you can read a language, you can sure as hell write it.

No. 1556604

It’s okay to not know another language especially one that has its own alphabet. I don’t know why she has to try and flex that she knows Japanese. It just makes her look more and more like a weeb.

No. 1556611

It would have been fine if she was weeby and knew not to pretend like she knows Japanese and the culture, but just the fact that she's one of those weebs who thinks she knows a little bit makes her an authority on the language and culture in Japan makes her the insufferable kind. And that insufferable trait leeches into everywhere else about her presence.

No. 1556619

File: 1654905482998.jpg (286.13 KB, 1080x1095, breaking character.jpg)

Harassing FF people again…

No. 1556621

File: 1654905553290.jpg (142.49 KB, 1045x556, failtrollsuccessful.jpg)

Dumbass responds to obvious troll lmao

No. 1556632

File: 1654906377616.jpg (19.59 KB, 563x98, low effort troll critique.jpg)

Whoever the Troll is(guessing Mike)hates DBS and has a desire to express how they must be the one shitting up the Rachel threads and not the Troll itself(who could not do any homework and really is low effort).

No. 1556637

The whole supporting cast is so bad at this, it is sad. These ops are about as believable as the cat account.

No. 1556638

Seems it was news to most of the thread despite being in the OP.

No. 1556644

Couldn't whoever posted his photobucket have gotten it from the KF OP and the "someone found his photobucket" be in reference to whoever posted it on there?
Does he not think things all the way through or…?

No. 1556647

I think Mikey never noticed it was posted in a shit thread in .org a while back and only referenced in the OP.

No. 1556648

Oh lmao what a fucking moron.

No. 1556655

File: 1654907390414.jpg (61.43 KB, 594x642, RACHEL NO.jpg)

In Rachel related news, this is the sickest thing I have ever found on any of her twitters yet nonnas! A gerbil crushing video she retweeted, she obviously needs to be stopped as quickly as possible before she acts it out herself.

No. 1556656

Thats a mouse, anon.

No. 1556691

File: 1654910053776.jpeg (99.07 KB, 579x916, 59299939-E775-4B44-B7D5-144F8E…)

I come with milk nonnies

No. 1556692

That quote really eluded Rachel's chubby fingers lol

No. 1556693

File: 1654910150612.jpeg (187.57 KB, 750x1007, C1664FD7-880D-4B4B-B148-815173…)

No. 1556695

Just because they are following and drawing porn doesn’t mean they are adults. I think most minors get into adult stuff like that. Teenagers be horny teenagers. But don’t feed them more of it if you’re an adult. Jesus how is she this delusional?

No. 1556697

She keeps claiming they threatened people if Rachel wasn't blocked but I haven't seen any proof of that lmao.

A lot of minors will happen upon porn but it's never obvious. Heck a lot of people around Rachel's age were writing/drawing porn and it wasn't proof of them being an adult lol. What a fucking dumbass.

That quote applies to her. It's insanely hilarious how she think it doesn't apply to her.

No. 1556699

Guess who said the quote and who it was about, the answer will not surprise you.(It is funny)

No. 1556700

the fact that she posted that completely seriously not realizing it actually describes her and that its true is delightful lol

No. 1556703

Somehow Rachel finds ways to troll herself, she is just the best and I love it so much.

No. 1556723

The best thing about this is that she couldn't even last trying to be a simple cat account. She had to go back to causing drama and ignored people and blocked them like people had been saying.

No. 1556735

She blocked me last week. All I did was simply like one of the tweets associated with fairs info through another person I follow.

I had a feeling though that Friday would have been the day she had her next meltdown. She usually is online all night into the wee hours of the morning on Fridays.

No. 1556802

File: 1654919569955.png (418.64 KB, 696x564, queen of fools.png)

No. 1556831

File: 1654921858538.jpg (117.44 KB, 810x286, whiteknighting.jpg)

Presented without context.

No. 1556890

Has Rachel logged in since they left this comment? lol

No. 1556921

File: 1654926313257.png (103.99 KB, 487x294, yes actually.png)

She was on tonight actually, I am in central time for reference.

No. 1556926

Lol did she reply? Did she miss her chance at true love this isn't Mike?!

No. 1556928

File: 1654926576630.png (17.99 KB, 805x123, well then.png)

An account did reply to them and seemed like they went to OF to gayop or was at least intrigued by the idea.
She did not, pure shame because he seemed like her type. Dumb and angy.

No. 1556930

Rachel is cockblocking herself now too. Well, I guess technically she always was, but its more than just her personality and looks this time.

No. 1556955

Serachu's Love Quest: Summer Festival Edition

No. 1556982

She’s a incel. She can’t get a date and blames everyone else for her misfortunes that she brought upon herself by her own behaviors.

No. 1557155

Say what you will about Rachel picking up on Mike's trolling(she didn't Erika told her)she is falling for his trolling as Erika without knowing that it is supposed to be Erika.
Sorry ladies, she is dumber than Mike, granted my dog is smarter than either but to give credit where it's due if nobody stepped in she would have ero rp'd with Mike as Sephiroth and we all have to digest that fact.

No. 1557171

I still want them to erp.

No. 1557176

I bet you're the nonna who keeps bringing up yeast infections then lmfao.

No. 1557225

how are those two related? also multiple anons have brought that up because when she describes her vagina that shit is not normal.

No. 1557230

Just making a joke about both things being gross really lol, the concept of Rachel's vagina is just as disgusting to me as the concept of her having cyber sex with a cross dressing homeless Nazi lol.

No. 1557288

The way she talks about her vagina is more targeted for knee jerk reaction on other people. She’s never known the touch of another person so she wouldn’t know what is normal for that kind of situation. I don’t think she’s actually that “yeasty” but she definitely is not making herself look more alluring when she talks like that. If that’s her dirty talk then I can’t imagine how cringe her erp is.

No. 1557294

File: 1654968828747.jpeg (261.11 KB, 1196x968, 92374.jpeg)

Jesus Christ she's delusional.

No. 1557309

File: 1654969235208.jpeg (85.81 KB, 1200x332, 983274.jpeg)

Comment on the same post.

No. 1557404

> and by extension the cat
My sides lol. I love cats and they pull at my heartstrings by default and I kind of resent her trying to exploit this but it's also all so clumsy it's funny.

No. 1557412

Yeah this is the second time she's tried to claim that by people holding her accountable for her actions, that makes them animal (cat) abusers. She makes herself look so fucking stupid while badly trying to be manipulative to get more sympathy/not have to deal with the messes she created.

No. 1557414

oh i definitely dont believe a goddamn thing she says, but it is really funny. oh, how i long to see her roleplay, it would be some preteen e-sex throws you down on the bed and takes your clothes off tier shit.
i wonder if she really believes that we're harassing her poor sweet boyf- i mean cat, or if she just thinks she can convince other people of it, i wish i could know what goes on in that cavernous noggin of hers.

No. 1557487

File: 1654977492075.jpeg (65.91 KB, 958x314, 1.jpeg)

In which Rachel doesn't understand what a Blockchain is. 1/3

No. 1557489

File: 1654977535966.jpeg (200.2 KB, 902x1304, 2.jpeg)

This is the post she was replying to 2/3

No. 1557492

File: 1654977681543.jpeg (418.49 KB, 788x1308, 3.jpeg)

>Only I
>Their followers threaten to kill me

This may be the most delusional we've seen her in a while, nonnies.

No. 1557520

She’s gonna break real soon nonnies. Real soon. She’s gonna kill her cat because that’s the only thing that won’t fight back and then her parents.

No. 1557530

Her consuming Bello while he is still alive on a livestream will be her 'Chris raped his Mom Moment' and when she polevaults him and becomes the world's largest lolcow.

No. 1557534

File: 1654979783952.jpeg (141.38 KB, 745x1030, 0A7DCAF8-CB41-4CD0-8479-BE33A2…)

Financial illiteracy was something we all figured since she doesn’t know anything about blockchain and how much houses cost especially on her salary lol.

Figured I might share this cause it was amusing.

No. 1557641

Tomorrow is Sunday and Sundays are notorious Rachel freak out days. I'm crossing my fingers nonnas.

Speaking of which, Rachel seems to have dropped the whole Ines thing too.

No. 1557643

Fucking delete this pls omg
You're ruining a joke by pointing this out lolol

No. 1557680

File: 1654987108058.jpeg (216.25 KB, 750x1083, 0989EFFB-89B4-45F0-B609-D400EF…)

Lmaoooo she thinks she’s a cat now

No. 1557695

This is embarrassing even by Rachels standards

No. 1557734

It kind of fits, albeit embarassing. She’s detested by humans she’s come across so her only way to fit in and cope is to pretend she’s a cat lol. But eventually the cats will make her an outcast too.

No. 1557903

File: 1655001104495.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1834x1004, cringe.jpeg)

Rachel is cringe.

No. 1557916

Is this fat cunt denying that she did those things?
>Twitter doesn’t give a singular MEOW, can confirm. @Plonkzhuzhu you’re literally harassing a cat, you (clown emoji) Kiwi just block them, it’s a complicated matter and they don’t know what the MEOW they’re talking about

Rachel you know what you did. You know they're right. And you aren't a cat, you're a person pretending to be a cat. A person who has harassed, bullied, and behaved in a way that was so exceptional that you garnered a following for it.

No. 1557920

File: 1655002572601.jpeg (150.46 KB, 750x825, 8E037F79-2F7A-4B81-A2B0-96BA3A…)

Adding onto the cringe train. She really believes she’s an intellectual despite so many instances of her being profoundly stupid.

No. 1557924

>femcel cope tiktoks gotta be one of my favorite genders.
I'm guessing she didnt read that part because she is a femcel and she copes constantly.

No. 1558036

File: 1655021657046.jpeg (64.25 KB, 1196x242, 387.jpeg)

Well I am just shocked.

No. 1558354

alone with the cat I’m sure. I wonder where her “partners” are

No. 1558359

File: 1655058474659.jpeg (275.37 KB, 750x881, 7CEEEF1A-5DEC-4FB3-BF02-56857E…)

That carpet looks old and hideous. Also, the baby talk is so cringe when she keeps alternating between talking normally and this.

No. 1558442

lmao does she identify with the big booty woman, the intellectual or the person making fun of femcels ? she's so delusional yet so self-conscious it could be any of the 3. Rachel is a mystery

No. 1558453

she definitely thinks her fat ass is the "big booty woman" not realizing that retweeting that is literally her femcel coping, though she does also think shes an intellectual, she hates feminism and is a pick me so she absolutely thinks shes better than the woman in the screenshot.

No. 1558595

Remember, Rachel is delusional enough to say that Sephiroth would pick her if he were real.

No. 1558601

Well her choice of men usually have mommy issues so naturally she went for Sephiroth.

No. 1558655

Doesn’t she have mommy issues too? Might explain her choice in men. From the way she talks about her mom, it sounds like some weird enmeshment thing going on

No. 1558701

Well essentially not only is Sephiroth insane, but he has never been shown to have any sort of interest in others and yeah whole game turns out he's been doing everything for Mommy who was never there.

No. 1558851

I wonder if she realises her tweeting that furthers the whole "bestiality" joke people have running about her lmao

No. 1558886

57 whole girl cats lining up for rachel to fuck

No. 1558938

If she was into catboys, she'd be in good company with Nick Fuentes.

No. 1559188

File: 1655130824265.jpeg (82.85 KB, 750x867, AEF0B7D8-F8B3-4690-BF4B-E13B08…)

Of course she would retweet something like this

No. 1559268

File: 1655136000818.png (296.75 KB, 504x626, fucking what.png)

This turns the joke into reality though.

No. 1559313

That reminded me…Isn't there a whole correlation between paw print tattoos being a way for zoophiles to identify each other? I know those aren't tattoos but it reminded me of that.

No. 1559333

File: 1655140072677.png (143.36 KB, 569x566, rachel gross.png)

I believe you are correct but I come to laugh at lolcows for the most part so someone else would know better than I.
Speaking of gross animal stuff that Rachel posts that is sexualized in very odd ways. I would not trust her around my animals or my children.

No. 1559349

No, no, no, no more cow crossovers for Rachel. Absolutely not after what happened last time lmfao. >>1559333 Samefag as this and I just noticed they used the taking the belt buckle off body too not just the shiftless one so it's very sexualized.

No. 1559473

Elaine was first discovered through LJ so it's only a matter of one degree of separation. In fact between Naught, Elaine, and Michael, I'd wager the degrees of separation from almost any cow you can imagine and definitely KF cows is pretty low.

No. 1559780

That is, until someone in the community does something she perceives as a grave slight against a cat, ahem, I mean her, and starts harassing and bullying them.

It’s been stated before but the Twitter bio line is too on the nose for her. “6 years old. Means well, ends up unintentionally acting as a bully”

No. 1559790

that sounds like a retarded 4chan psyop like the ok symbol thing. tons of people have paw tattoos and a lot of people get them after a pet dies. i think theyre ugly as sin, but i dont think its a zoophile thing, those freaks are more likely to use an emoji in their twitter bio to signal (which they do) than an extremely common tattoo in real life.

No. 1559915

File: 1655180066845.jpeg (93.28 KB, 1196x320, ugh.jpeg)

She says the dumbest shit.

No. 1559927

File: 1655180815725.jpeg (147.34 KB, 750x871, 9B25604D-4036-4B94-ABEB-879E1C…)

Adding to her dumb shit she posts

No. 1559938

See, the ok thing was definitely retarded but I think there could be some correlation to the whole zoophile/zoosadists. KF would probably have better info on that considering they've got all the threads on the zoosadist circles.

I mean, she was caught RTing a crush video. All those dildos. The cat tongue dildos specifically. Slippery slope to zoophilia.

No. 1559939

I dont think that was actually a crush video nonnie. But everything else I agree with.

No. 1559943

I figured the sarcasm was obvious so yeah it was not actually a crush video thank God.

No. 1559947

File: 1655182912337.png (146.15 KB, 518x480, oh boy.png)

Rachel is active again on Onionfarms so I have a bit of material.

No. 1559949

File: 1655182984419.png (200.43 KB, 889x834, get ready.png)

I have no words.

No. 1559952

She reminds me of some autistic chick who tried to match with me on a dating app and said that she hyper focuses on sexuality and sex toys. I'm pretty sure that's how Rachel tries to lure in her "partners" and scares off anyone lmaol.

I had to unmatch because I don't want that retarded shit. If I see the extent of that in Rachel and how it can go, yeah, she deserves to be unmatched.

No. 1559954

Hyperfocused on studying it and porn but not actually knowing how to perform, it's sadly common. I'm just shocked Rachel is self aware enough to identify with a hairy ape that harasses people and hides in a cave.

No. 1559955

There we go! There's our Rachel. A proper lolcow. Gayops, troonery, and scrotery were all just distractions. So pure.

No. 1559957

File: 1655183565701.png (90.28 KB, 907x402, berchal's blessings.png)

She is an amazing lolcow.

No. 1559961

She's claiming the Rufus she stole the picture of the baby from is a pedophile when she was the one posting about raping children? Rich.

No. 1559962


No. 1559964

File: 1655184009797.jpg (6.74 KB, 300x169, fc2f2928f9775d3e4be2d40545607c…)

Merge time! Merge time! Merge time! Merge time! Merge time! Merge time!

No. 1559967

imagine her poor old mom finding Rachel's dog and tentacle dildos while unloading the dishwasher…

No. 1559968

All that knowledge about sex toys and she will never be able to use it in a proper context lmao.

Probably let's her cat chew hers up and thinks of it as a bonding experience since humans don't want her… heh.

No. 1559970


No. 1559971

She still won't talk about piss kink Sephiroth and the fact she let her Mary Sue get pissed on by a neurotic Sephiroth roleplayer. Womp womp.

No. 1559972

File: 1655184549083.png (42.1 KB, 902x162, ah fuck.png)


No. 1559973

I want those fucking scale pictures, on my desk, by tomorrow!

No. 1559978

Does she not know that Michael is typing one-handed?

No. 1559979

Ah yes, Michael 'trolling' Rachel again.

No. 1559980

File: 1655184650742.jpeg (57.05 KB, 750x267, 0F795BD3-07E6-481A-A3E6-4F045D…)

Lmao she can’t help herself but find people she’s antagonised and start fights. Let them make fun of you and ignore them

No. 1559981

>catch these hands
She broke character lel

No. 1559982

New copypasta dropped.
>The jig is up. You aren't a fucking minor, you're literally drawing and posting porn. Stop posting pictures of me without my consent, minor or not, you can catch these hands.

No. 1559983

I wanna see her tubby tard range tire in two swings of titanic ham-hocks she calls arms. A slight breeze could beat her ass.
Perfect, utter cowdow.

No. 1559984

She's learning so much non-boomer lingo from here lmao. Rachel, stop lurking.

No. 1559985

None of you gayops niggers better ruin this for us, let the cows interact organically.

No. 1559988

So what anon won the deadpool? lol

Shes so fucking stupid.

No. 1560011

Fairsinfo tweeted about her response to the kid, so we'll get another rage moment from her tonight or tomorrow.

She's such a reliable cow.

No. 1560021

File: 1655188051726.jpg (531.85 KB, 806x1235, dildosperg.jpg)

She's definitely reading here because she had to remind everyone about her true and honest boyfriend(s)

No. 1560022

I love that she doesn’t get that it’s fine to be open about sexuality but there is a time and place and how to talk about it which her retarded autistic ass hasn’t learned.

No. 1560024

People who are comfortable in their sex life and sexuality dont feel the need to constantly broadcast it. There are plenty of people, even women, that are open about their sex lives but they know theres a time and place for that. They also dont make it weird as fuck when they do talk about it. This is just another way we know she's a virgin femcel. It all just sounds so unnatural coming from her because it is unnatural for her.

No. 1560025

File: 1655188423330.png (56.97 KB, 734x306, Michael1HandedTyping.png)

Rachel, you know he's getting off to this, right?

"Healthy and positive" sexuality indeed.

No. 1560026

Guess the anon who talked about the poor autistic girl who hyperfocuses on sex and sex toys getting unmatched hit a nerve lol. She has to insist and broadcast, that yes, her ugly fat ass does get the real thing and not rely on sex toys.

No. 1560027

First time ever in her life someone got off to her. She's super dumb so she may not be able to tell the obvious but I'm sure nothing would change even if she did realize what was happening.

No. 1560028

Didn’t she say she was told by a doctor that she had vaginismus instead of assuming? Lmao what a liar

No. 1560038

Sure Anon. Go ahead and think that.

You say she doesn’t know how her genitals work but it’s quite clear she does, much better than everyone here.

No. 1560039

Probably because it’s only a rumor and didn’t happen? Do we have proof of it

No. 1560040

Vaginismus isn't situational either. Either you have it or you don't.

Not to armchair doctor or anything but issues with insertions and pain can be attributed to….yeast infections.

No. 1560041

Cope harder fatty

No. 1560042

stop medfagging, retard. the human body doesn’t work like that.

No. 1560043

Here you go "anon"

No. 1560045

only coping being done here is by your tard ass lmaooooo

No. 1560046

It's correct though.

No. 1560047

No. 1560048

Honestly I commend you on trying to blend bbgirl.

No. 1560049

You stayed away for so long, Fatty Patty. So glad to have you back.

No. 1560050

in your deluded tardlet brain maybe haha

No. 1560051

Good for her, but she doesn’t need to constantly broadcast how she needs a pad lmao. If I had belief she had sex, it would sound like she has an STD that’s out of control and not being wet but she doesn’t have sex. The more believable thing is some kind of infection from being a dirty ass retard who doesn’t clean her toys or shower enough which is why her stank ass pussy is like that lmao.

No. 1560052

No. 1560053


Either she’s here or she’s not. this entire time you have been begging and pleading for her to be here and every single time without fail she hasn’t been.

These threads deserve to be derailed and forgotten, it was only ever vendetta posting and a bunch of fat soccer moms on their 4th glass of vino trying to find someone more pathetic than them to ridicule. Cope harder.