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File: 1654795479140.png (384.82 KB, 718x480, dear god why.png)

No. 1554657

Sperging about the side cows? Sperging about orbiters? Complaining about RP fags? Gay-oping? Trying to run defense for yourself? Tranny sperging?

Then this is the thread for you nonnas and cows, it is designed specially for you to keep your horrific shit out of the Rachel thread to keep everything back on track. I hope most of you die and I will not probably be in here myself, so do have fun coming up with insane theories, making death threats and focusing on inane bullshit while the adults use the adult thread and make adult comments.

~~~~~Fuck You~~~~~~~

No. 1554665

File: 1654795701172.png (10.46 KB, 679x126, for fucks sake.png)

eye roll

No. 1554669

This is a Farmer, I am sick of coming to the Rachel thread to see bullshit everywhere. Idk if the tranny is making a thread or not and I do not care.
Have fun.

No. 1554692

Long time user here gals, I got called a tranny in the Rachel thread. It has gotten a bit intense and yeah I get it we don't want him here but really the thread is being de-railed more by people who hate the tranny than the tranny themselves.
This is a great example, what made you think the tranny made this? Because the user was upset about the Rachel thread being trash? That it or do you know it's the tranny because you are roommates or have a magic ability of pre-cognition?

No. 1554696

> This is a great example, what made you think the tranny made this?
The constant first-person references are a good start, but it's pretty obvious in general.

No. 1554698

Also a long time farmer.
I completely agree with >>1554692
The angry tranny sperging has gotten to the point it seems like overcompensation.
>inb4 41%

No. 1554700

As one of the users accused of handmaidening I stay by the let her expose that she is one herself, Michael and others have admitted to larping as her, everyone accuses others of being her but when it's actually her the worst sin is usually obviousposting. I don't hear her going OMG I GOT A PENIS LOL IM SO BETTER THAN WOMEN. I do hear that from Mike and his gang of genderfucks however, that's why I have been defending the tranny a bit. I truly know by now there is far more spam coming from nonnies even than from the troon. Let alone Michael, the obvious ploy at making a twitter account as the tranny by Rachel just moments ago, and every other autist with a bone to pick with them.
Obvious how?
I am going to be called a tranny too, we are in this together lol.

No. 1554703

Just gonna point out with DBS switching to Erika as a usage it's a good guess they are one of the anons who bailed yesterday as well. Doubt they made the thread but like, they're a good poster…

No. 1554707

I'm gonna obvious post in here once, I did not make the thread and I can use third person writing just fine. I have been in /w/ for a week without any complaints so I am sick of hearing about how I don't blend. You don't fucking notice when I do, duh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1554709

> Michael and others have admitted to larping as her
Did he? Big if true but I only remember hearing the "Travis" character (who Michael and the tranny are both disavowing) admit to that and I'm not which one of them he is or if it's not a third party, honestly all that kind of speculation hurts my head and I doubt we'll get any easy answer, it's all gayops on gayops on gayops and it's incredibly frustrating. I've vented my spleen more than I should maybe at the troon but he's just been the icing on the shit cake. May be time for me to tap out a while too.

No. 1554714

Who's one of the faggots? Sorry.

No. 1554715

thanks for letting us know, ill tip off null that she's one of the faggots behind this retardation then

No. 1554719

Not that anon but I'm pretty sure DBS didn't make the thread. You get on far more peoples nerves than just hers.

I think at least 2 other kiwis left as well. Sad because all 3 we're good posters and brought content when they had it.

No. 1554721

Yeah soon as I mentioned DBS and said I doubt she made the thread the crazy Ex-tranny anon started saying they knew Null. Fucking schizo is prob attacking Erika as an idea to punch down when it's clear Erika has zero mental issues, besides the sperging from idiots and besides the milk and receipts its how she reacts to most of this stuff that has earned her pronouns from me personally.

I hope this thread works and we can get people back, but I wouldn't be surprised if people are just talking on twitter and KF instead.

No. 1554724

Makes me think it really is regina. Must be miserable being so fucking angry all the time. I also agree about the reaction. Being called a handmaiden or told to 41% myself by this sperg is laughable and means very little coming from them.

No. 1554728

I do love how Rachel was too dumb to pick up on the naming scheme when posing as UH on twitter and only copied the U part of the name.(Anyone who was on KF at the time knows Erika switched her pfp every fucking week lol, no way she'd re-use one)
Wtf Regina hates DBS too? I missed that, is there someone Regina doesn't hate?

No. 1554732

I more meant the comment about tattling to null (over something thats not likely even true in the first place) I dont know how they feel about DBS, but it wouldnt surprise me.

No. 1554735

From my knowledge Regina doesn't hate DBS, I think the only one who doesn't like DBS is Michael lol

I think she was trying to be as neutral about it as she could, seems like most are fed up with the shitshow arc.

No. 1554745

File: 1654798386690.png (11.39 KB, 234x180, suck up.png)

I'm petty and did not know Mike before this but now I am enjoying him as a cow, so here is one of the three times he has said the same exact thing as a way to be submissive for Ken-Senpai

No. 1554746

I think a lot of people switched to calling her Erika because they respect her more than the one or ones sperging over her. I obviously can't speak for DBS or anyone else but I know thats my reasoning as well as at least one other anons.

No. 1554749

File: 1654798467340.png (1.04 MB, 1212x681, 1654790158437.png)

That's pretty dope.
Re-posting the Mike art to this thread in case it gets jannied.

No. 1554751

File: 1654798496889.png (1.07 MB, 1213x665, 1654790457579.png)

No. 1554753

I didn't have the chance to say this in the other thread but these are truly works of art anon.

No. 1554756

I made a post but it seemed to disappear into the void. Anyway if anyone wants to ask DBS something they have more than enough ways to get a hold of her if she isn't lurking or posting the thread.

No. 1554759

Yeah I got her Twitter so if today seems calmer I will let her know if she doesn't seem to come back because I honestly like her posts a lot.
Seconding to this #notalltrannies lol(I'll stop bringing up that but I could not resist a joke here)

No. 1554760

Also I think I saw them bring up that they're genderfluid? I guess it doesn't matter all that much but I dont know if it was them or someone pretending to be them.

No. 1554762

Someone pretending to be them, every time I run into Erika they express how much easier it would be for them if they were just a natal woman.

No. 1554776

I heard them from a soundcloud they dropped mocking Mike, reposting it here for posterity in case Mike jannies it off of Onionfats along with a fanfic Erika wrote that is a lot less gross than the other fanfic I read this week.

["A stress sigh escaped the dour face of a person who smelled and appeared like an embodiment of sour cream, white, droopy, and covered in a thin layer of liquid at all times. This person was very sad for you see it was beginning to dawn on them that they lacked any friends at all. With a visage like Shrek the hog blurted out a huff as she attempted to stand up out of her overtaxed and overburdened computer chair.

The room had a faint scent of yeast and cat piss that Rachel had gotten used to over the years, though her parents never had. It had become a point of contention as of late and that along with her love quest for Micheal Thurlow no longer working out was really stressing her out.

All of a sudden a sound rang out, like a thin cord snapping. Rachel thought it was the sound of an angel, a one winged angel. In reality the sound she heard was an auditory hallucinations as her mind detached itself from reality and shattered into tiny pieces like a mirror thrown out of a window. The sound heralded a savior for her, for she saw above none other than…

"Sephiroth-chu! I knew you were a true and honest person!"]

That is a phone going off from a text but I like to think she timed it up with a vibrator intentionally.

Also enjoy how she used Janis so often, I wonder if any of the other BurnBookers who got burned are in this rumored anti-gay op group.

No. 1554778

I thought thats where and why she was asking to not be called that. Whatever that was all in the midst of the shitshow so thanks for the clarification.

Also going to reply to this since I haven't yet.
>Imagine actually white knighting this lunatic troon. holy shit lol this is painful. If you people are kiwifaggots you should know this entire display of retardation is a complete embarrassment to kf and is not doing what you seem to think it does. 41% btw
Anon you tagged.
>Everyones a Kiwi, I'm telling Null!
>Everyone that finds me annoying must be a troon!
Being called a handmaiden and an embarrassment means nothing to me when it comes from you. You're the embarrassment and will continue to be. You can go shave your back now.

No. 1554783

Lol why the fuck does regina still care about KF that much? God damn that tubby chucklefuck needs to learn to let things go, he lost and attacked Erika after she apologized and his further actions just make him look like he's now gay-oping with Michael just to get at a shared enemy. It's so god damn sad and so obvious in hindsight that Regina was de-railing the thread all along.

No. 1554787

> Regina was de-railing the thread all along.

No. 1554792

Nonnie I am saying it makes sense now, not that I have receipts because I hacked into Regina's computer to get them lol.

No. 1554793

Two grand theories in this thread
> Everyone I don't like is the tranny
> Everyone I don't like is Regina
I'm glad we've moved on from "everyone I don't like is Rachel" though

No. 1554796

File: 1654800615637.png (27.53 KB, 423x360, Mike trying to run defense.png)

Nah I bet you're the other ex-tranny retard who's been shitting up the Rachel thread.
Anywho here's Mike trying to laugh off and tie Erika to his gay-ops.

No. 1554797

I dont know but his constant accusations of trannies and kiwis is hilarious. (sage please, nonnie!)

I dont think it was them the whole time but I do think they helped that travis dude or whatever. Their paranoid delusions of everyone being a Kiwi, tranny or both is telling, though. Don't know who else would care enough to keep threatening random anons to tattle on them to Null.

Meta theory
>Everyone I dont like is Rachel the Tranny that is also Regina's sock (or the other way around).

No. 1554798

when will we go full circle to everyone i like is rachel.. i miss her

No. 1554799

Everyone who annoys me isn't Rachel, that's for sure.

No. 1554801

She was certainly the one who posted themselves posing as Erika on twitter, Rachel is still around just rp'ing better than she normally has because she is calm and not being tilted currently.

Sometimes my browser refreshes and it keeps the sage, sometimes it doesn't and I make a fool of myself.
I could see them helping Trannyvis, but that probably means they are helping Elaine(most certainly imo)as Elaine contacted a bunch of people that knew Erika and her immediate family.

Her cat speak annoys the fuck out of me.

No. 1554807

Ah, mine refreshes and gets rid of the sage too. Understandable. I don't think Regina knew it was Travis or that it was gayops, I think he just saw the chance to sperg about Erika so he took it.

No. 1554814

Ever the oportunist, Spooky used a bunch of people back during Burnbook including that one super useful digger GreaseSpoon or something? I remember them(him or her, can't tell, doesn't matter)producing a lot of content and most of their posts look like the result of a bit of work so it's just like kinda sad that Regina tried throwing them under the bus too when they were a newfag and actually doing good stuff for the site instead of trying to do gay-ops to promote their own site that got shut down 6 years before the domain was run out of money.

Burnbook.cc I think? What a fucking embarrassment that was.

No. 1554815

Vendettaposting is cringe

No. 1554818

What is Regina's problem with Erika again? I know they banned her but I don't know anything else as I do not use KF.

Yeah Regina is pretty cringe at this point I agree and I didn't know a thing about this burnbook stuff.

No. 1554859

Does any nonnie know if I can find out more about Mike in a place besides KF or OF? Is he active anywhere else? I think him jannying OF and his legacy of crap on KF hits the rules enough even if a thread about him would not fit in /snow/ though this thread also works just fine and so far really looks like it kept the spam out of the Rachel thread. We will see with one of the nonnie milk maids having left for work, here is hoping we have a Rachel sperg soon now that her gay-op has been revealed and ridiculed.

No. 1554869

Theres a thread on him over at lolcow.org, but I dont know much about him aside from that and whats in the other threads on him to help answer if hes active anywhere else.

No. 1554871

I think there are 2 threads on him there, on being the plagiarized KF thread and the other one (which Rachel was referencing in one of the caps of her and him talking) is a huge shitpost of just made up stuff. The dotorg scrotes can be relied upon to be idiots.

No. 1554877

Ah, my bad then! I haven't lurked there in a while so I totally forgot it was a copypaste of the KF one. There might (or might not) be good info in the comments though. I can't remember.

No. 1554881

File: 1654803860680.png (39.55 KB, 229x323, Da Cringe Oprah .png)

I can wade through it later today and bring anything relevant here so other's don't have to. In the meantime I will dump a couple OF things. Firstly being the Cringe Oper's Profile Posts from before they were hacked and then next post will be Mike talking bad about women and fixating on baby penises.

No. 1554882

File: 1654803905819.png (91.75 KB, 1048x360, women hating and baby penises.…)

Mike is such a cuck, I would love to see part two from that Ero Omergaverse writer.

No. 1554895

File: 1654804908524.png (54.04 KB, 1173x283, mikeboasts.PNG)

Angry Canadian

"Totally a Nazi, and not gay.

11/10 documentation, 0/10 behavior

Omg he only doxes ppl he wanna bang, dox him back and ban him"

- Kiwifarms users

Here is his most infamous post anywhere for the nonnas just tuning into the Mikeshow.

No. 1554897

File: 1654804983791.png (78.94 KB, 720x483, mikemilk1.png)

Tran-Chan has some old milk that I am going to share with the class so nobody has to bother increasing OF's traffic.

No. 1554900

File: 1654805043892.png (355.12 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20220609-151252.png)

Who is more cringe, Josh or Regina?

No. 1554901

File: 1654805044949.png (101.24 KB, 460x525, mikemilk2.png)

These are from him on lolcow.org and him referencing how he and his wife knew Null(as he had done on KF multiple times)

No. 1554903

File: 1654805119047.png (156.25 KB, 1015x399, mikemilk3.PNG)

Excellent question honestly, my vote is Regina as she was fooled by both Mike and ILJ and decided to take his anger out on other users and lord his broom like a pickme king.

No. 1554905

File: 1654805189148.png (57.78 KB, 1070x210, mikevictimblaming.png)

Gonna collect more older stuff for this thread before hopefully having some fresh content to add. Here is Mike's true nature and essence boiled down to one post, I know you ladies will pick up on what kind of a monster he is from this alone.

No. 1554913

No. 1554922

Im seconding Regina.

No. 1554935

No. 1554943

File: 1654807029774.png (286.79 KB, 1189x422, reginacringe1.png)

Thank you nonnie!
I will drop some more caps on Regina's motive to be alogging both Mike and Erika. As well as a bit more on Mike.

No. 1554945

File: 1654807262463.png (424.82 KB, 426x725, arm pit cream rolls.png)

Michael's wife Sam is literally built like a fridge, pic related.

No. 1554947

File: 1654807668086.png (556.73 KB, 1081x650, Oldmikemilk.png)

Well she is built like the Michelin Man now but she had a bit more definition when she was married to Mike and before that, and she was fat then so by definition I mean built like ox lol.

Old Mike Milk and then I have some telling things from Regina.

No. 1554963

File: 1654808828604.png (674.92 KB, 1640x664, pl9mhs5.png)

Most of Mike's lies above are super obvious to pick up but for reference he used the Angry Canadian moniker multiple times and cried that excuse that it was not him.

So here we have Regina saying she did not badmouth Angry Canadian until January but had known him for a long time before this, according to what I have read(thus not my claim)he actually was one of the first people invited into Burnbook contrary to Rene/TWSG's claim.(who sent him money, thus like Mike is not a trustworthy source in the slightest)
Thinking on it, there have been a lot of gay-opers trying to hurl shit from this fiasco.(not a coincidence that it is the first time Erika re-emerged)
He also attacks a few KF users including a RMM who was in a group that she banned excluding him as apparently Null shitcanned him before he could continue his sperg of a ban spree and fail-approvals of halas.(We can see how well the only one she approved went when the thread maker is clearly a bigger cow than the subject)
There is some text covered up in this image but it's non-vital information that is covered up.
There is also him trying to back-peddle his shielding of Mike by saying "Oh well not enough proof so that's why I deleted a bunch of posts and now most of the KF threads don't make sense unless you use wayback and also why I banned people who made me look bad, oops silly me".

If nonnies do not want to wade through .org or Onionfats let me know and I will gather more.

No. 1554969

File: 1654809349430.png (2.4 MB, 1232x1178, 2136126.png)

You're playing with fire for clout, and you're going to get burned Blaine.

No. 1554974

Mike I am not who you think I am, posting Erika's family and her requesting to Naught instead of you to take that image down really shows who is the Good Girl and who is the Bad Troon. (It's you Tran-Chan, you're the bad tranny)

No. 1554976

That is one happy looking family, I see what looks like her dad there. Is that why you hate Erika so much, because your father thinks of you as a failure?

No. 1554977

> Regina saying she did not badmouth Angry Canadian until January
The cap does not say that. The cap says there was a convo with Naught in particular in January, not that this was the first time ever. AC leaked the Burnbook logs way before January so I'm pretty sure you can find some bad-mouthing going on before then.

Also the circumstances of the AC "faildox" (which was basically correct but didn't contain adequate proof) actually make a lot more sense now that Blaine/Erika/whatever you want to call him admitted to knowing AC prior to them both being on KF. That has gotta be the source of the dox and why it seemed to have been pulled out of thin air. If that was known at the time, who knows, maybe this whole arc would have been different, but hindsight is 20/20 for everyone involved, isn't it?

No. 1554981

I'm leaning with what another anon said before, Erika said they had ran into Mike for a short time years prior and only recognized him shortly before her ban for the record. Not sure what is correct, not sure if I care. Thanks for the info on that, do you have any receipts of Regina badmouthing him before?

No. 1554984

This is not Blaine, is that you Elaine? If so you need to get off the internet and stop making yourself look like a horrible devil unworthy of any sort of redemption.

No. 1554985

Samefaggin to say I doubt any LCF user would post such a poorly cropped image with a white background.

No. 1554988

Dude on the far left looks like he might be cute. What a cute family.

No. 1554991

You're only making Erika look better at this point Elaine, we know you actually paid a troll to hit the site last night and he was so bad you should demand your money back.
Stop gay-oping with Mike he left you out to dry you stupid methed out skeleton.
I don't normally like to perve but yeah have you seen Erika's before pictures? Looked like him when there was no beard, just good genetics in that family it seems. (Also one of those people is Erika's Ex-Fiance for nonnas information)

No. 1554994

No wonder Elaine is jealous, that picture sums up everything Erika has that she wants. (The one in the scarf? She looks unrelated to the rest imo)

No. 1554995

> do you have any receipts of Regina badmouthing him before?
Basically this whole thread
Although flipping through the first pages it starts pretty cordial (i.e. massively coping) but it also starts with AC releasing the Burn Book so it's safe to assume that the bad blood started then or earlier, it escalates to AC's fat wife getting doxed and various threats flying back and forth.

No. 1554999

That is correct, I do hope none of them are getting pestered by Elaine more than they already have. The girl has gone full psycho at this point and needs to be put down.
Thank you very much nonna, there is a lot to sort through on this side piece.

No. 1555000

AYRT I haven't seen her before pictures. Seems like a good family, though.

No. 1555006

File: 1654810684676.png (73.8 KB, 1063x602, erikagoingtobat.png)

I would post them but I feel like she would not like that and it would only help Elaine.

I really don't buy that Erika has any bad feelings towards Regina after seeing her go to bat for him so many times, pic

No. 1555010

Samefag forgot to say though Erika was about 5 months in when she came to KF so any of the youtube videos Mike linked in her thread are decent enough before images if you really care to look.

No. 1555011

Oh no dont worry about it. I understand. I'll go watch the videos though, thanks!

No. 1555013

Also the AC thread on lolcow.org where he posts revenge porn of Falsies (KF thot from Burnbook that he was e-fucking) DEFINITELY kicked up the bad blood but that thread has been deleted and I do not remember if it was before or after January but that was around the time it started being super clear that AC was not just some autistic weirdo but an actual menace.

No. 1555014

There is also a video of Erika in the Troonify this OF page that shows her a bit more recent, though that was a while back even at this point.

No. 1555015

I was there iirc it was actually in early January around the Regina disavow above.

No. 1555016

Elaine, you skeletal pickme disaster, you are genuinely pathetic if you think this creepy fuck (who you are on tape bad mouthing and he's not one to forget a slight let alone from a woman) is not going to turn on you. I hope you haven't sent him your bone-rattling nudes.

No. 1555024

>Pov You Are Elaine:
>Erika who has given good advice, not pressured you and listened to you vent, as well as shared makeup tips and did boy talk?
>Mike who has verbally degraded you, guntguarded Rachel over you, continually uses you in gay-ops, oh but he a nazi tho.

Naught was right in pairing you two but that has become the worst crime he has committed until he molests a kid.

No. 1555032

File: 1654811306848.png (398.45 KB, 530x373, trannykundelivers.png)

It's actually obvious it's not her, Erika has made like 4 banners since coming here so she would have made a banner for this thread if she made it lmfao.
This one being my favorite example thus far, and if Elaine keeps being a bitch I will turn this into a positivity thread I swear to the Goddess above.

No. 1555033

Wasn't Regina a recovered/recovering/ex-heroin or opiate addict?

No. 1555035

>Adds Spooky with a horn
>Hates Spooky

Yeah that doesn't track.
According to their old KF account they claimed as theirs, yes. There is a lot of shit on Regina it's just mainly on OF and .org so nobody cared.

No. 1555039

Be Erika:
>try helping CDG get fucked over
>try helping Moralfag get fucked over
>try helping .org get fucked over
>try helping Kengle get fucked over
>try helping Elaine get fucked over
>try helping .farm, nearly got fucked over

Yeeeeeeesh what a ride.
(Also I am using proton and got the Mikepic ban message twice now and I cannot stop laughing)

No. 1555046

File: 1654811943666.png (145.16 KB, 1072x759, proofMikehasagayopgroup.png)

I cannot believe I missed this, Flamehammer is another candidate for this Trannyvis sperg and it's obvious with this that Mike has a group that Flamehammer was in and 'stabbed him in the back' so it makes sense why now we are infested with really low effort comments and de-railing. There is a group that Elaine and Mike are in, Flamehammer seems to be an ex member now, perhaps he would know more.


Hello Elaine or Mike.

No. 1555050

I am not Erika and when you call everyone Erika you make it very obvious that it is you.

No. 1555051

Oh shit Regina you still want to go after RMM? Wow you never let things go.

No. 1555054

File: 1654812483772.png (48.16 KB, 847x434, oldreginaaccount.png)

Apparetnly according to Naught, Chairman Mao was an old Regina account. So there are ties going much further back than August of last year.

No. 1555060

Miaozer is the Nazi e-girl ex-gf of a lolcow/Chris orbiter named Sean, see https://kiwifarms.net/threads/sean-walker-psychic-espeon-wct.97689/post-9718170 and elsewhere, I don't know where you or Naught would be getting this from

No. 1555061

File: 1654812699232.png (115.91 KB, 1176x765, arguingaboutsig.png)

Ah fascinating, since you have that I assume you have join and leave dates and you want to drop receipts on the farmers inside?
Here is Mike complaining about Morals to Sig.

No. 1555064

Hence why I said apparently I am just scouring up on this topic to flesh out what little I know about it.

No. 1555067

I'm not going to shit on him for it for a few reasons but I just don't understand why even get sober (or clean, whatever) to stay so miserable. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

And I'll humor him for a second and believe his story that he's not a troon and it was just his husbands account he took over and hes an actual woman. I could not imagine doing the work to get off heroin/opiates just to end up married to someone that spends all day online causing/starting/participating in drama. That would be exhausting to be around. The fact "she's" so obviously miserable (theres no fucking way you can act like "she's" been acting the past 2 days and not be miserable) would make anyone around them miserable as well.
Not to mention he's a parent and I'd be fucking horrified if my parent acted this way online. Thats not to say he can't participate on this side of the internet, tons of parents do and parents need an outlet or something they enjoy too, but all the rage and gayops and shit is just embarrassing. Lord help his child if they one day come out as trans
Theres not much of a point to this but I needed to say it. Get help, Regina.

No. 1555076

God that timestamp makes it fucking eerie, AC being killed by his Sephiroth trolling.

No. 1555077

Who is that Nichigetsu person? The Sephiroth/Mario thing is a meme well known enough to have it's own KYM page though https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sephiroth-impaling-mario

No. 1555078

That is one of Erika's socks on OF, oh it is certainly well known just a bit funny to see it pop up again.

No. 1555080

Now that is eerie, imagine if they were all in a Discord for that long before all hell broke lose. It wouldn't even be the strangest part of this saga tbh.

No. 1555081

File: 1654813534521.png (116.54 KB, 1174x644, angryspergnadian.png)

Well according to Mike, Regina was threatening to dox him in February so that helps the timeline out a bit there.

No. 1555082

According to accounts from Naught and Erika as well as Elaine and Mike themselves speaking about it they were in the same discord server from mid may to early june so alas probably not.

No. 1555085

Nonna could you please like, read up on this first instead of posting out of context quotes from October and implying they mean something? Unless that's what you're doing on purpose? There's almost a year of slapfighting here between multiple people.

No. 1555090

That's not what any of that means, Michael started randomly doxing Walker's friends from Angry Slug's discord server and bit off more than he could chew in Flame Hammer (Caroline Cat's bf), who sent hundreds of dollars of uber eats to Michael's wife's house. It's all documented in the KF thread. Michael is griping here because the logs of his little truce (begging Flame to stop sending food) were given to Walker who gloated about it on KF.

RadioactiveMonkeyMan admitted to being in Angry Slug's discord server on KF. Seriously just read the KF halal thread.

No. 1555092

File: 1654814832550.png (388.47 KB, 1640x856, oops all socks.png)


This is a thread with socks from Erika, Spooky, and Mike, it also explains the KF situation a bit for nonnas who do not know. Discorodeo and Strawberry duke it out as well.
Wharf Rat&Chupacabra = Spookysocks
Onionchan & PolackCanary = Erika socks
Black Light Red Panic (I'm not misremembering this as an AC sock am I?
The Nichi question is pretty fair but yeah the out of context cap was not needed.

No. 1555094

Iirc both RMM and Erika bailed from the Slug server decently quick, though RMM was in there longer than Erika, both were new to KF from what we know unlike the other farmers in there.

No. 1555095

The Black Light Red Panic is a blatant shitpost/troll. Come on, nonna.

No. 1555097

This also describes most AC socks so please forgive me there it was a while back, I should not have added it.

No. 1555099

Forgive me if you are not the same anon but several of these "mistakes" in a row begins to look suspicious.

No. 1555100

I'm not, but since you know was bitterleaf confirmed his sock? I thought so but if I was wrong about BLRP I'd rather double check.

No. 1555104

Suspected by Erika or someone else?

No. 1555111

He tried to disavow Bitter Leaf (which sounds like him to me) which is why you are probably asking and I don't know if anything was "proven", I'm pretty sure the account was promptly banned as a sock though. So your guess is ultimately as good as mine.

No. 1555113

I am going to go double check his thread as I could have sworn bitterleaf was confirmed.
I think I saw mention of it on .org so it's one of the scrotes from there or AC, hence my hesitation. I know the bitterleaf account on .org was him for example, but I do not know if the KF account was though they were registered around the same time.

No. 1555119

I do not have access to T&H so that would explain a lot, can you share any screencaps from there then? I feel like having a socklist here would not be a bad idea.
Ah Sneasel should be easier to ask.

No. 1555124

I would be extremely wary of sneasel, I don't know if he is involved in this mess but he likes to get involved in others.

No. 1555125

God damn Elaine you really are cracking out on the meth pipe hard lately aren't you, can't wait to see your thread get updated with even more idiotic plans and using multiple accounts to talk to yourself like a fucking schizophrenic.

No. 1555127

When did Erika ever post about your family? How is that fair, you really have lost it this time Elaine you skeletor looking harlequin reject.

No. 1555135

Just stopping in to say this thread is working out really well, first day in a long time that I logged in and went to the Rachel thread and got new milk as well as primarily on-topic comments. Hopefully it continues to go this smoothly.

No. 1555140

While I am usually more of a fan of integrate or die it seems like the newfags are finally doing that, chief one being…well I guess I will call her Erika now.
I heavily suspect this post is hers though as I am not sure where anyone else would get the information on the Onionchan account, but it is LEAGUES better than what I have seen before and lends credence to them probably blending outside of the Rachel thread.

No. 1555143

Fairly sure they are in the Fellowship thread over on /w/ but really can't say. Either way yeah I guess I'll settle down until they fuck up again, dog at a computer and all that.

No. 1555144

Ah nonnie why did you even suggest Sneasel in the first place, it's more likely he will lie to get a laugh out of it if he doesn't know the person asking.
(Don't forget the sage)

No. 1555149

Oh god I had forgot AC was acting like he knew Null, my fucking sides!

No. 1555156

I honestly completely disagree with you and wish I could unsee the other fanfic, I am scarred for life.
Mike really likes to pretend that he is larger than life and I can think of nobody that deserves what he gets than him. I have zero pity for that annoying fuck.
So that is why Mikey likes cows so much, it's a sexual thing. I can see why he's chubby chasing Rachel with the gradeschool bully flirting he's doing. What an oaf.
Who were the other kiwis Nonna? You can't be such a tease like that in a thread like this!

No. 1555159

Ah sorry nonna I thought Mike was Travis with how they talked to each other, the timing at which they appear and disappear and the anger issues in each. I honestly lean it's Michael catfishing as one of the people Erika knew with how dumb the account was acting.

No. 1555161

I can't stand this woman. She says that Mike hit her, etc. and tries for sympathy there and she deserves it as far as it goes but she also did nothing but log in to try to attack the other women (by which I mean retarded pickmes) who were invoved in that situation and run interference for Michael on a few occasions. It seems she has dropped off the map though after being doxed for her trouble. I would really like to know what is going there now. I assume she is reading all of this regardless of what that is.

No. 1555164

All I can say is that if Erika was Travis Mike would have posted the shared IPs like Erika did to Bella. So I agree with you on it probably being Mikey the Tran-chan itself. (I'm gonna get out my terfery on him if that's okay)
Seconding this, Sam(?) seemed like a real bitch from what I saw and it's a pattern of women that Tran-chan likes to shack up with, gendertraitors and pickmes. Usually he tosses the pickmes under the bus as they always come crawling back to him while he obviously fixates on the gendertraitors(aka wannabe troons imo)

No. 1555170

As long as you dont accuse literally everyone of being Mike and constantly tell people to 41% then I for one have no issue with your terfery directed at Mike.

I noticed Sam doing that as well. I do still feel a tiny bit bad for her though because aside from the abuse from Mike, it must have hurt to see at least one of the pickmes (though fucking retarded) was decently attractive and so far from what she looks like. She still should have directed her hurt and anger towards Mike, with out a doubt, since its ultimately on him. I just felt bad for her there is all.

No. 1555173

Oh look Mike's back again. I guess you really don't want anyone to know that Travis was Regina, huh? I know you want to protect him because you're both trannies but it's not going to work. Erika saw it all go down in the Minecraft server and has the receipts. Nice try Mikey but you should really just take your L and sit down this time.

No. 1555174

What? NTAYRT but bring those receipts please. Why would Regina make their own thread, though? I cant stand her and was one of the people arguing with her but this is too crazy for me to be able to believe with out seeing some sort of proof.

No. 1555176

Samefag wait doesnt Rachel play Minecraft too? kek do they all play together?

No. 1555181

Oh damn. I wanted it to be real.

No. 1555187

Can confirm, Michael had 2 accounts on .org, the first was Syrup Sipping Nayze and the second had many renames, started as Terrance M. Marks and went through Penny Brownbricks, Discord Janny, Angry Leaf Ghost and is now Michael Robert Thurlow. I assume Can't Sneed is his sock too.

No. 1555193

"Well-known member"

No. 1555195

Felt it was needed as I do not think Sneasel would even answer a random, quite a few accounts on there say that.(You get it at 50 posts kek)

No. 1555197

File: 1654822020405.png (63.36 KB, 1158x364, I dox kids.png)

Michael and his fat wife Sam doxing minors, this was back when he was pretending Volks was his friend. The context is Michael/Volks made some claim in a discord server he shot/murdered POWs during his completely fictitious military service and someone reported him to the Canadian government, lel. Merry Christmas you fat cow.


I thought his bitter leaf sock was on KF, not lolcow?

No. 1555198

File: 1654822176530.jpeg (69.27 KB, 1890x214, dofigjh.jpeg)

Was creeping on someones profile on .org to see if I know who they are and saw this lovely gem.

No. 1555200

Member when Erika found out someone was a minor and tried to steer everyone away from them?
This has literally become a fucking anime with how ridiculously evil some of these people turned out to be. We got Elaine acting like one, Rachel always larping as one, Naught and Kengle, AngryCanadian and Sam being grooming pedos who attack minors, who is next? Rachel always has the pants shitting and beastiality down. The only way this can get more theatrical is if Mike actually was in The Idea Guys and someone can prove it. I'm sick of hearing that people close to the situation couldn't find them because A) They could hide things to affect how they are seen by the public B) Being so close and literally inside of the shit most certainly warped their perception and finally C) The more time that passes the easier the events are to piece together and more things pop up.

Hate to ruin your fun but iirc that is from when one of the admins was using his account to meme.

No. 1555202

Reposting information that the person themselves provided and their discord username isn't a dox.

No. 1555203

Fuck off Mike lol
Don't forget how many anime pfps Erika uses lmfao

No. 1555204

Lame. There was another one on the same persons wall of "booba" too but that got real weird so I'm not gonna post.

No. 1555205

No, you fuck off. Reposting someone's discord username and age isn't a dox.

No. 1555207

Be cautious with milk gathered from .org, people were saying AMB is the troll and cow tipping website and while that is true on Tooter they have rules against doxing most anyone there and a no ban policy. Meanwhile .org is pretty much an autism gauntlet of who can tip a cow the hardest.
Hey Mike go 41% lol

No. 1555208

We all know you can't dox Mike, it's the thought that counts.

No. 1555209

Fuck off Mike stop arguing with yourself, it's cringe and it's not going to save you.

No. 1555212

I used to think you were Greek, you look Greek, but you're clearly of jewish blood.
>accuse your enemies of that which you are most guilty
Nigger you've been conversing with yourself for the last 3 days here, and earlier on OF. Kill yourself.

No. 1555213

Oh I know, I just lurk and wasnt even trying to find any mike or spooky milk tbh

No. 1555214

File: 1654822859302.png (170.82 KB, 860x756, smug.png)

…sorry I'm >>1555203.
Oh God he thinks we are all Erika…
Hey fair enough, I ain't gonna try to police the thread lol.

No. 1555215

I appreciate the warning, I just prefer to lurk most places kek

No. 1555216

If you're not Blaine then you should definitely kill yourself for being so easily mistaken for a schizophrenic lunatic.

No. 1555217

Holy shit Mike just fuck off will ya? You can't win. Take the L. Go home. Log off.

No. 1555218

What happened to you posting pics of your weird couch ceiling and your greasy hair?

No. 1555219

Win what? Lose what?

No. 1555220

You are the only person who thinks they are mentally ill at this point, everyone that doesn't have a reason to hate Erika doesn't think she is crazy. Funny how that works out huh?
You won dumbass of the year award that is for damn sure lmfao.

No. 1555221

autistic tranny minimod pls fuck off

No. 1555222

Hey Mike, you missed one of your pickmes Elaine earlier why don't you go hang out with her instead of being here?

No. 1555223

L: KiwiFarms
L: Lolcow.org
L: Onion Farms
L: Lolcow.farm
L: Custody of your children
L: Your privacy
L: Possibly(?) your fat "wife"
L: Your pickme harem
L: Your employability
I can continue
W: ????

No. 1555225

Not you, nonna. I was talking to Mike.

No. 1555226

That is Mike you maroon lol

No. 1555228

Imagine thinking anything on the internet matters enough to be a win or loss.

No. 1555229

Maybe if we ignore the tranny Mike it will go away.

No. 1555230

Anyone else notice how the moment Mike stops lurking the schizophrenia levels itt go through the roof?

No. 1555233

No, this was Mike. >>1555214

No. 1555234

No that was me you poncenoodle, I have a rare collection of smugs and it's not my fault AC uses girls as reaction images because he will never be a woman.

No. 1555235

Oh I know this one!
He won a new (also) fat virgin zoophile and child groomer bride that he'll have to share with 7 (imaginary) other men and 2 (also imaginary) women! Yay!

No. 1555237

Sure Mike.

No. 1555238

I've been making accounts on Kiwi Farms since 2015.
LOL yeah I didn't post enough Sandy Cheeks cock-vore
>Onion Farms
>Custody of your children
LMAO oh no I had to come up with new screen names to shitpost. Privacy isn't a right on the internet
>etc etc etc
Attachment is the root of all suffering ;)

No. 1555241

Soon as he posts the schizo-spaghetti starts to spill as people low effort reply and his one other friend accuses people of being Mike instead of the person who is clearly Mike.
>>1555237 - this retard
You would know all about suffering considering every day you exist in a male body must be hell for a fairy like you.

No. 1555242

Wheres Regina? We need him to go tattle on Mike to Null.

No. 1555244

Oh yeah, it's torture. I'll just have to learn to live with the pain of peeing standing up.

No. 1555245

>I've been making accounts on Kiwi Farms since 2015.
Just like your fat wife was close personal friends with Null. I notice you don't mention her as a matter of fact.

No. 1555246

You are obviously Mike, no need for name calling and derailing.

No. 1555247

Because those 2 totally talk all the time. Wtf are you talking about, nonna?

No. 1555248

I never said that. I believe this was concocted by either Genetically Modified Fuck or by Wandumpster, I can't remember which. Either way; I never said that.

No. 1555249

Nigga this is a shitpost containment thread.

No. 1555250

Holy shit… you're both Regina aren't you? Fuck I knew it. Regina's in here trying to derail the thread because of the Minecraft server.

No. 1555251

Yeah I'm Regina.

No. 1555252

Yay, lolcow.org is here.

No. 1555253

Regina, Elaine and Mike work together to take down .farm and are thwarted by a tranny who doesn't hate natal women. Honestly if you told me this a year ago I'd say you were the biggest tard of tard mountain, so fucking wild that I can say this as a half joke.
Since 2015? Lending more credence to your gay-op group being around a long time and you still managing to catch Ls at every turn, idk why you'd say this as it just becomes even more embarrassing that newfags sniffed you out if you were there since 2015.
Lol where exactly is wanddumpster anyways, couldn't be this mystery friend of yours could he?
Post tits or gtfo

No. 1555255

It's side drama so it should be on track but I am not the anon who accused another anon of being Mike that is probably Rene as she knows how to sage, or Rachel as she can sage too but Mike cannot sage to save his life.

No. 1555256

>Regina, Elaine and Mike work together
haha yeah you caught us. We're in your base hacking your databases.

>Lol where exactly is wanddumpster anyways, couldn't be this mystery friend of yours could he?

Nahh my mystery friend is Wise. You know. The idea guy.

No. 1555258

Hey nohull I heard you were a Eunich, is that true?

No. 1555260

Any evidence at all?

No. 1555261

And another post where he threatens to tattle on someone they think might be a kiwi to null in Rachels thread. Tried to link it but it didn't work. I feel like there was a 3rd time too but didnt see it anywhere.

No. 1555263

It was super weird as I saw that post flash for a few frames before vanishing, I am wagering that the thread temporarily went too fast lmfao.

No. 1555265

this was for you:
You're speaking like this is confirmed, it's tinfoil.

I just deleted and remade this post though because sage disappeared again >>1555263

No. 1555267

The half-joke part was Regina instead of using Rachel who we have proven to be gay-oping with Mike.

No. 1555268

>Regina, Elaine and Mike work together
That comma is underrated.

No. 1555271

Didn't say it was fact. But I do believe it so I'm going to continue to joke about it.

No. 1555272

Far more accurate than how that one nonna took it that's for sure. I really do not see Regina working with them, working with someone else or just taking shots of opportunity if I had to guess.
We have Mike calling flamehammer a betrayer of the group though so there is evidence that there is more than just Elaine, Mike and Rachel working together but who is to say who or why at this point.

No. 1555274

No. 1555279

Regina was in the Minecraft server with Travis. That's what all of this is about. That's why they're pretending to be Mike, it's all a distraction.

No. 1555281

I can't believe how fucking stupid so many people on this site are.

Like this shit
There is no minecraft server, Travis doesn't exist, and Regina hasn't contacted anyone over a video game.
This would be the easiest thing in the world to prove; but zero proof has been offered. And except for a handful of posts I've seen, zero proof is being demanded.

Literally, unironically, and I don't say this often to people, actually kill yourself.

No. 1555284

File: 1654824984556.png (244.23 KB, 1290x560, bittersperg.png)

Kind of reads like an old newspaper headline.

Can any nonnie provide any idea or context as to what the Bittleaf account on KF is talking about here? It really is talking from a place of having insider info and hates Strawberry so I am very curious about it. If it isn't an AC sock then it is certainly the sock of someone from burnbook.
Just asked for proof a few times in this thread Mike, do a flip when you finally grow the balls to an hero.

No. 1555285

Samefag. Want to clarify that I dont think Regina and Null talk. I do think it was him threatening to tattle to him though.

No. 1555286

Are you going to post a picture of anything but your ceiling? We never got Rachel's scales pic and we'll never get Michael's floor or basement pic, sad.

No. 1555287

Erika has the proof, Regina. I'm not Erika so I can't post it.

No. 1555288

Travis doesn't exist because that was you last night we know Tran-chan, please return home so we can resume talking.
Different fag to say that Regina often unironically threatened to tattle.

No. 1555289

That proves none of the things that were asked. Minecraft server. Regina + Travis. Stop being a fucking retard

No. 1555291

I personally want to see these windows he was talking about.

No. 1555293

>we know
take your meds

No. 1555294

Only you want to derail the thread to talk about that, I do not care.
Who are you then?
Nautical themed so they better at least look rustic or I am going to pronounce him a failure at everything.

No. 1555297

File: 1654825280437.jpg (52.03 KB, 283x250, 3287168-bba13f15660981ee469fed…)


No. 1555299

He facedoxed his fat wife before facedoxing himself on lolcow?

No. 1555304

Hey Mike whats your chest tattoo?

No. 1555308

File: 1654825587170.jpg (16.64 KB, 185x337, 213512.JPG)


(I didn't have to draw a picture because you're already a caricature, you fucking lunatic lmao)

No. 1555309

I don't know, she has to answer that. It might be too dark to expose. The logs of the hidden discord channel for the Minecraft server are out there, along with the location of the minivan. And once she posts it, the whole thing's gonna blow up. Mike, Brandon, Erika, Regina, Cayley, Travis, and now Rachel, they were all in there.

No. 1555310

Idk why that other Nonna lied to you, Bitterleaf on KF was confirmed to be him. Maybe not by KF, I would not know as I do not use it but he used the same email and they caught him that way.

God Mike is just so uninspired it's painful to watch.

No. 1555311

Nice sarcasm nonna

No. 1555318

But who are Brandon and Cayley? I'm not taking this post seriously but my question still stands.

No. 1555319

Brandon is the chad who cucks Mike, and Cayley is the Stacy who cucks Rachel.

No. 1555320

That doesnt help me. Sephiroth cucks Mike btw.

No. 1555321

Post proof lol

No. 1555324

You asking that is all the proof I need at this point, you've been caught in a lie so often I think you are physically incapable of telling the truth.

No. 1555325

Brandon is a guy that met Erika and Mike through the neopets guild they were in together, that's where they met back in 2003. Neither of them would tell you that story though. He's been running gay-ops for the both of them ever since because they've got shit on him. The swamp runs deep, nonnas. And it all goes back to Brandon.

No. 1555326

Lol Mike get out of here you're more retarded than Chris chan.
Well fuck, Let's Go Brandon LMFAO

No. 1555327

No. A screenshot is all the proof you need. Screenshot and/or link proof that AC = Bitterleaf.
Which email did he use, lets start with that. Provide proof that this has been documented. Thank you.

No. 1555328

No. 1555331

Yeah I've been gayoping since I was 12 lmao. Get on my level.

No. 1555332

You're only saying that because I sucked your pp that one time.

No. 1555333

I've been cross dressing since I was 12

No. 1555334

whoa me too

No. 1555336

I bet Mike had a red flightning bug. What a loser.

No. 1555339


No. 1555343

It wouldnt have been surprising with the people that Rachels thread brought in though.

No. 1555348

I agree, I meant more in the past. Not the last 24 hours.

No. 1555352

It's obviously not true you fucking dork. I have no idea what the fuck is going on and I'm just shitposting.

No. 1555353

I dont even remember what happened in her thread in the last week. Its either been pretty slow or a shit show like yesterday and its all running together lol

No. 1555359

Mike is his own worst enemy

No. 1555360

If I recall correctly, there was a long post from an anonymous user on an anonymous board and then 24 hours or so later someone replied with what looks like a questionable photo of Mike and his ex wife, I'd have to double check.
Unironically Mike's dissection of the picture on Onion Farms has me at least partially convinced, it's at least proven that the picture is edited, and his claim is that he has no idea where that picture came from.

No. 1555364

samefag, yeah, the long description of the crossdressing was posted February 19th at 3:21PM and the picture replying to it was posted February 20th at 1:44PM

I'm just not convinced by this. It looks almost like someone photoshopped a picture of Mike and his ex-wife and replied to that post.
I just assume if Mike were a troon, or something similar there'd be more evidence than one picture that should pop up somewhere given how thorough his dox has been on KF

No. 1555365

File: 1654827810042.jpg (175.84 KB, 1272x615, 2458.JPG)

shit sorry, samefag one more time, forgot pic

No. 1555367

nahh that'd be retarded. Mike strikes me as the kind of person who pisses a lot of people off everywhere he goes.

No. 1555368

So the ex-wife doctored a picture of him years ago so it could be posted on Kiwi Farms in 2022? Nonna. Also the wife didn't bring it up when she was interviewed, it was posted considerably later, so gayops by the wife seem unlikely.

No. 1555371

She also lied about the arrest record and claimed the assault and the child neglect happened on the same day.
I don't know if the picture is legit, and if it is, if there's a backstory to it considering Mike has said on multiple occasions he went as Miss Doubtfire for Halloween one year, could this be a pic of that? I don't know. Could it be photoshopped? It looks photoshopped in the analysis Mike posted on Onion. I don't know.
I just know that I personally would need to see at least one more picture from a separate date to be convinced he was a crossdresser or troon.

No. 1555372

File: 1654828113222.png (230.9 KB, 497x387, gg.png)

Viva la internet mafia! You will never catch us all!

No. 1555374

>So my issue with this is really it is an old site for one, and for two the user who posted about it is very thorough and has not posted incorrect information once since becoming a Kiwi.

To be fair, it is legit, it's obviously a picture on an old imageboard that depicts Mike dressed up as a woman. I'm just not willing to buy the troon/crossy theory with that one pic when it's origin is dubious and AC pointed out that the pic would be less than a week after he proposed to his ex, and he posted pictures of himself the night he proposed and I'm just not convinced that's all.

No. 1555375

It was filed the same day do not be dumb please.
If you bought Mike's analysis on Onion then you're probably Rene because you buy him lots of things you daft pickme.

No. 1555376

Lol hey yeah go ahead and listen to Mike over a bunch of users across many sites, totally not one of his troll lackeys lol.

No. 1555381

You forgot Brandon and the Minecraft server.

No. 1555387

Michael admitted he had gender confusion on 4chan, another place he thought he'd remain anonymous until it all got pieced together.

Just pointing out this is 2012 btw.

Get some new lines Michael.

No. 1555390

screenshots from an anonymous imageboard mean everything.

No. 1555393

File: 1654829162577.jpg (272.19 KB, 2048x1365, mrs doubtfire.jpg)

I don't think it's a Mrs Doubtfire costume

>prove it
>gets proven
>prove it again!
The only calls for it being photoshopped come from Michael's own 'analysis' for fuck's sake.

No. 1555400

I noticed that Nonna, I also noticed how he'll nitpick over prior milk to waste everyone's time and stop them finding more milk.

No. 1555403

File: 1654829680575.png (129.65 KB, 662x189, anonymous.png)

Pic related.

No. 1555404

Tinfoil: Erika thought this too so she only provided enough prove to show Mike she knew and drive him mad by showing him his one achievement would never be recognized. If this is actually the case that is just amazing levels of revenge.

No. 1555406

I mean honestly you might just be shitposting but I have not seen Mike this pressed in a long time so you might not be wrong there.

No. 1555407

Would just like to add that Spookybones was the one who made Rachel's KF thread and was bragging about it on Discord and that's how Michael joined the circus and Rachel found her way to Onionfarms.

No. 1555408

…..and Erika upstaged her with the milk drops. God damnit I had that as a meme theory up until now, you just made it too real.

No. 1555409

via Elaine, nonetheless, who was hiding (under an alt) in the lolcord to see this and leak it to Mike (and resulting in that at getting banned I think the same day) but it's pretty funny that even this Michael couldn't pull off but needed the assistance of a woman

No. 1555410

That was his facebook picture lmao.

No. 1555411

sorry samefag
>…resulting in that alt getting banned…

No. 1555412

>Elaine: motive to hate Erika due to being felted.
>Mike: motive to hate Erika due to being felted.
>Regina: motive to hate Erika due to being felted.
>Rene: motive to troll for Mike.

It's like Clue but much more autistic.
Shortly after being doxed yes it was, before not that I saw.

No. 1555414

Mike's facebook was permabanned by facebook in 2020/2021.

No. 1555415

2021 was when Mike was doxed yes.

No. 1555416

File: 1654830642457.jpg (606.77 KB, 1079x1577, dbs edits post.jpg)

DBS has updated her post on Michael's KF thread with this.

No. 1555420

Confirmed: Elaine, Rachel and Mike gay-oped and shit up the place.
That's my summary.

No. 1555421

Michael's prayer

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't me.
And if it was, you can't prove it.
And if you can, it was photoshopped.
And if it wasn't, I don't care.
And if I do, it didn't happen.

No. 1555426

>Mike and Rachel alogg Erika for a week, past two days intensify as autistic gay ops are performed.
>Erika gives up on catering to Elaine's insanity, dumps, exposing that and her lies. The 2 Null theory.
>Elaine begins gay-oping and potentially paying people to alogg Erika while Mike and her post images of her family and her.
>Elaine sends text to at least two of Erika's family members, one being twelve years old who received death threats. While a receipt was brought by Erika, it is easy to see why she would not post more.
>.org scrotes add fuel to the fire as is their nature.
>A few nonnies fall for Mike's tricks and help him de-rail the Rachel thread intentionally or unintentionally with tranny sperging.
>Containment thread is made.
>Peace returns to the Rachel thread.
>.farm prospers as Mike and Elaine provide milk on themselves and anons poke their trolls into sounding even dumber than they did in the first place.
>Massive amounts of cope from Mike and Elaine shown, Rachel retreats to cat-posting on twitter.

I hope this helps a kiwi.

No. 1555428

>Heavy coincidental evidence and nonna testimony that Regina is also alogging Erika. Though most users agree he is probably not involved with the other group.

No. 1555431

I would've made a new post if it wasn't double posting, I've been spanked one too many times on KF by the jannies for it in the past. Trying to behave myself.
Honestly I've been trying to avoid the irrelevant shit so I've mentally checked out, but I felt someone needed to at least get the ball rolling. There's probably someone else who can do a better job.
Anyway I'm gonna dip since I don't want to contribute to the problems of thread derailment, said what I needed to and now I'll be on my way.

No. 1555432

By all means, none of us can blame you for not wanting to digest weapons grade autism. Hope this works in keeping the Rachel thread clean!

No. 1555435

This is all Mike's fault for doing his usual thing of shitting everywhere to burry evidence in his own fecal matter. This is all Elaine's fault for being a retarded pickme devil child and alerting Rachel. This is all Regina's fault for keeping Elaine around and bragging about everything under the sun. This is all Rachel's fault for being born in the first place.
I hate all four of these people.

No. 1555439

Ever since Erika did Mike has been in full meltdown mode and steadily becoming increasingly unhinged especially if he is Trannyvis. Erika showed a discord message so it is possible she was tricked, but I have not seen Mike pull off successful socking and it looked like someone she would know better than she knew him(saying this for the one nonna who keeps whining about someone running into another person twice on the internet like it's some gotcha) so I honestly believe it was some dipshit from her bumfuck nowhere HS town.
Mike and Elaine probably did pay him too as they are so unbelievably desperate at this point. For Elaine it makes sense as she is very upset at being proven unworthy of redemption but for Mike, if he wasn't in the Idea guys he would not have denied it at first and then half heartedly joke about being in it. It's so unlike him that I am going with my gut for now that he is one, but I agree with the other nonnie. Erika if you're reading this and have more proof, do not dump it. If Mike wants to claim credit for it, he can expose himself you have no need to do anything at this point other than lurk.

No. 1555451

This never being followed up on screams of Mike trying to cover things up.
Says AC himself as he forgets that so too do all AC socks lose their shit at the drop of a hat and blow cover due to lack of impulse control, anger issues and short term attention span.
Oh wow, I hate the both of them even more than I did before I started reading this crazy thread that actually starts to make more sense than I am comfortable with.
This was around the time that Moralfag and Mike were caught gay-oping together, should I bring information on that sped in? So far it seems he hasn't poked his toothless head up yet so.
Yeah Mike stop fucking posting useless shit and answer the real questions, wtf is your fucking tranny magic tatto?
Nonna do you have Brandon's number? I am asking for a friend who just waded through more autism than they thought they could prior endure.
Well hopefully you all die from your own retarded choices and actions. I could care less about what Mike calls his pathetic trolling group of wannabe Nazis and horse fuckers.
Thank you DBS.

No. 1555452

Samefagging to say fuck me I should have read bottom to top.

No. 1555459

nigga you're retarded lmao(no u)

No. 1555461

Hey guys it's Mike I like Mikeposting because Mikeposting is fun because we all get to be Mike together and post Mikes(MIKE HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1555464

Gamer word ending in an a, that is some weak Nigger shit is this Travis again?

No. 1555467


No. 1555469

I refuse to believe anyone new is involved until I see a selfie with the site name and the date with Hiya Nonnas written on your hand.

No. 1555473

>dox yourself on a doxing site
who do you think I am? Rachel? Do you want to see my ID too?

No. 1555474

If you redact all the info except for your name, face and the issue date then sure. Besides we know what Sarah looks like, she was posted upthread genius.

No. 1555475

Just trust me bro

No. 1555476

Pisspoor larping skills, there is no reason she would know Rachel.

No. 1555477

File: 1654834850826.jpg (221.46 KB, 1079x1149, tardspeak.jpg)

Gonna x-post this.
The retard trying to gayops on Twitter think we assume they're Rachel.

No, we think you're Spooky or a ween trying to impersonate Erika but failing.

No. 1555481

Very Michael Thurlow actually, he tried this trick with a fake Spookybones Twitter as well.

No. 1555484

Some pedo used the name "Blaine" on a pedo site? Other than that you go on pedo sites, what's this supposed to mean?

No. 1555485

This is by far the worst bait I have ever seen in my life. I don't know where to begin on how far you stretched with this. Why do you know the name of a pedo site "Sarah"?

No. 1555486

Well that first line was cringe as fuck.
Prove you're you and prove thats him.

No. 1555488

Not that anon but you didn't prove that was him at all. Maybe do that first.

No. 1555492

File: 1654835394974.png (238 KB, 566x903, braincell.png)

Sarah isn't here, I would know lol that user posts nothing like how she talks and uh the gender of the baby is incorrect, this is horribly bad.
Anyone with half a braincell knows my current account since Rachel got my slapfight account banned.
Those were all jokes retard. I know and could call out my sister even if she was trying to pose as someone else dumbass.

No. 1555494

Oh okay so you're not the "sister" and dont have any. Because why the fuck would she give a fuck about the minecraft server and the neopets post was clearly a joke you absolute retard.

No. 1555498

Okay Mike scrote, nobody cares.

No. 1555500

This doesn't even make sense. Is this Travis again? Because thats how stupid you sound right now.

No. 1555503

>Not reading Erika's thread and knowing she was going by Jess at that time and relying on a random screencap that happens to have a common 90s birthname.
Nah yeah this is completely super not a troll effort by the biggest fucking retarded faggots around that managed to elevate Erika in the eyes of others more than she could herself with the impressive amount of felting she did on you retards.

No. 1555505

NTA. Yeah super rent free considering he was here not that long ago.

No. 1555506

Hey Nonnas, I actually know a win that Michael got. He got a terf site to like someone who was born male and takes hormones.


Travis never used periods out of character so I think this is Mike, Regina or Elaine.

No. 1555507

Michael is a pedo, no wonder he hangs out on a pedo site.

No. 1555512

Mike is one of my favorite cows due to his ineffective rage, it's so refreshing seeing a man be so powerless and so angry at the same time.
Mike loves little children and little horses in the wrong type of way.
Lol you think I'm not a natal woman, GG troll you outsmarted me somehow. Oh wait no, I am not in fact Erika but someone else so you did not.

No. 1555513

>Someone admits to larping as Erika
>still thinks it was Erika.
You're retarded.

No. 1555518

So Eunice, then? Got it.

No. 1555519

Koonta Kid-fucker.
Yeah that's a better one.

No. 1555522

File: 1654836356388.jpeg (21.65 KB, 562x152, sjdfh.jpeg)

I'm just gonna leave this here.

No. 1555523

>Using 'Blaine'

No. 1555528

Gayops abounding. Time for bed.

No. 1555543

File: 1654838032452.jpeg (104.38 KB, 1207x940, oijsd.jpeg)

He made a fake twitter for the Kiwi that made his KF thread too.

No. 1555547

Hes for sure not mad though. kek

No. 1555561

File: 1654839529175.png (438.94 KB, 1640x856, ZnNWt4w.png)

Where in there is some proof on Bitterlead on .org being an AC sock and from how the other one acted the one on KF too. Really don't need to prove things in triplicate when it comes to Mike so I won't bother. It's his sock.
Wishful thinking from Erika that Regina would prioritize their mental health over internet cred.
"Chaotic Neutral" defense that we heard nearly line for line pretty much proving Regina IS actively still guarding and working with Mike despite his trolls claim otherwise, and despite common sense.
And finally some more proof that AC has had a hate boner for Erika for a long time now.

No. 1555563

File: 1654839840740.png (223.34 KB, 1640x856, ck4QpH0.png)

Regina paid for a site nobody uses to be up until 2027. Mike stating he was important enough to be the one making new Burnbook servers(5 confirmed, more rumored so that puts him at joining at 3 at the latest possible or CRAZY close to his join date, gee wonder where Regina could have found him since we know their public spat was an act to make us think they hate each other now)
And finally my smoking gun, both Mike and Regina proving they have been around here since Feburary.

No. 1555567

> proving Regina IS actively still guarding and working with Mike
Proved by a post in November that shares a very commonly used phrase to describe this kind of behavior?
Did you upload the wrong image here or what? I don't even understand the accusation you are making here.

No. 1555572

samefag as >>1555567, sorry, but I've reread it again and I'm just not seeing good faith here >>1555561 >>1555563, bizarre conclusions and also weirdly stitched together visually, it's actually sounding much more like Elaine or some other idiot who is involved trying to stir the pot.

No. 1555600

File: 1654842802256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.16 KB, 800x600, deadmike003.jpg)

I'm going to lose my fucking mind what a weird little chode man.

No. 1555818

Don't we already have personal cow/minor threads for orbitrers/side cows? Or is this a Rachel-related spergary

No. 1555820

Not everyone goes to KF so I'd imagine that user and DBS and kiwis on the Mike thread all did not see it. As uh nah I found it elsewhere, not in his thread lul uh a lot of what you're saying is not true and I am concerned now you may tattle to Null on us all.

No. 1555822

Directly Rachel related side cows and drama as there is an organized effort from most of them joining forces and shitting up the Rachel thread.

No. 1555830

For the Nonnas who 'don't go to KF' there's a nearly 6000 word (I just checked) halal thread on Michael, might be worth a read. Feel free to not read it and keep guessing though lul.

No. 1555832

Well I was taking a break yesterday but I spose I could tl;dr his thread.

No. 1555833

Sanefagging to say, obviously after I wake up.

No. 1555840

Welcome to the Lolcow Uprising 2: Electric Boogaloo, starring the cast of Onionfarms and Fatty Patty

No. 1555853

You're getting Dawn's discord mixed up with Slug's AC YWNBAW, just stop trying to slap Erika. You've lost that fight about 5 times now by my count alone. If anyone cares about what Mike was trying to say I can answer questions on it.

And I do mean that Tran-chan, with Hindsight her owns are even more apparent and stronger and you are so dumb you legitimately make Erika look like some pre-cognitive magic user from a fucking anime. What is wrong with you people, do you have a kink about humiliation? Why do this? All these sloppy attacks end up doing is self reporting over time and as time goes on you look more and more schizophrenic while anyone you have ever been attacking looks better and better.
I hope Falsies is getting over you abusing her you dickless foreskin.

No. 1555917

File: 1654874407526.png (905.32 KB, 800x600, Mikey-chan.png)

Scrote Horror Cow who constantly loses to women, perfect fit I hope.

No. 1555923

File: 1654874876195.png (164.01 KB, 938x1041, simple.png)

Now let's revisit this comment after getting context, a better picture of Mike, and that he was in said Roblox server. This comment when you know it's pure projection and AC doing his usual strawmanning, it really makes ya think don't it?

No. 1555929

File: 1654875413657.png (249.85 KB, 1280x642, yep.png)

AC was most certainly not his first account, that is as willing as I am to give him credit. Mike has very simply lied every step of the way to make himself look better, he constantly throws other's under the bus and exposes people that help him just to get in quick owns that even more quickly fizzle away. We have seen him come here time and again and make pathetic excuses, larp to distract people, and just fling shit. He has no substance, no skill, no style.


That proves nothing Mike, like always you hang yourself with how much you miss the point.

No. 1555943

Oh hunny you should know by now I do it for the lolz, I am simply a chaotic neutral presence and I am highly misunderstood. I am not like other girls.

No. 1555945

Jeez nonnie leave some insults for the rest of us damn.

No. 1555947

Wow. Deep.

I'm getting "rawr XD lel" vibes.

No. 1555948

Where's the roman numerals, I mean prison tallies 'Mike'? What a faker.

No. 1555949

You nonnas don't get it, Mike lives in the moment so much he forgot he did that yesterday. He is literally as dumb as a goldfish.

No. 1555951

Please stop spamming your caveman mutt face all over my imageboard.

No. 1555954

literally all i can say is what the fuck

No. 1555957

File: 1654876814483.jpg (2.26 MB, 4096x2305, gae.jpg)

You're looking more and more like your hero everyday.

No. 1555958

The lolcow's opinion of what we do here is irrelevant.

No. 1555969

File: 1654877230592.png (996.6 KB, 1280x720, suicidalmike.png)

Oh shit Mike-chan do I need to call a welfare check on you?

No. 1555975

Shoe on head or gtfo, Karen-chan.

No. 1555979

File: 1654877633332.jpeg (82.97 KB, 1280x720, mikefatthor.jpeg)

I knew he was reminding me of someone.

No. 1555980

This is not the own you think it is. Theres a KiwiFarms thread on here, and KF also has a thread on you and OF. You and your site get made fun of just as much.

No. 1555981

File: 1654877672967.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, chodeman.png)

True and honest Michael here, good morning ladies

No. 1555983

File: 1654877874840.jpeg (90.63 KB, 1280x720, J633jSh.jpeg)

Totally Real Mike here to say if you aren't posting with my three Alpha BFs in the background you're just a faggot larper.

No. 1555985

File: 1654877981103.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, Omegamichael.png)

No. 1555987

You have a very skewed idea of how women think. I've also seen men make those same comments. Wonder who came up with "___ is fat and I would not have sex with [him/her]". Most women dont care about what men think, so thats fair. Humor is subjective.

No. 1555988

Idk why but that image that he posted in particular just speaks to me, I have so many ideas thanks to the weird fucking face he's making, the hand placement and the general unwashed state of his ass lol.
I'd argue humor is objectively the only truly subjective thing in the world.

No. 1555990

File: 1654878245294.jpg (587.52 KB, 1200x800, bl4kd.jpg)

Nah uh, you're an imposter. These are the real men in my life.

No. 1555991

>she's too skinny - Elaine
>she's too fat - Rachel, Sam, Rene, Brittany
>look at her shoes - >>1555975

No. 1555993

"Haha I will try to make cows out of people with normal backgrounds who are boring to look into so that my cringe background never gets looked into, I cannot fail!"

No. 1556000

Discount? He looks like someone who wouldn't chop me up to pieces and store me in a freezer while I was sleeping, what are you on?

No. 1556002

Samefag, now that I see this I rescind my prior comment.

No. 1556003

>you've "finally found" my photobucket (LEL)
So you're saying there's more? Thanks for the tip Michael.

No. 1556004

I'm holding onto some while Mike continues to self milk, lord only knows the many horrors he has in his past he is now desperately trying to cover up. Mike usually proves which accounts are his, and spazzes after getting a dox or a thread so I expect him to do so now just to have another layer of proof to fuck him over with.

No. 1556005

>Brown hair
He looks much cleaner and way better than Mike, anon. I dont see the similarities other than basic shit. People have a type they find attractive and its disgustingly retarded to say that just because a woman is with another man that vaquely looks like her abuser she may have secretly liked the abuse. Be better.

No. 1556008

That is likely Rene trying to shift focus so don't think nonnas have lost their souls, we are just dealing with a gay-op from a bunch of sad losers.

No. 1556010

>>1555995 is Michael, nonna.

No. 1556014

Regardless of who it is they're still insanely retarded. Thats not news about Mike. Only know of Rene from here but cant imagine simping over Mikes nasty ass while also knowing and admitting he's an abuser. If its her then the bitch needs major psychiatric help ASAP.

No. 1556016

File: 1654879087053.jpg (14.22 KB, 403x335, 1628073717306.jpg)

Not every post that upsets you was made by Michael. Stop being cringe.

No. 1556018

"lol u mad"

No. 1556019

File: 1654879188517.png (173.78 KB, 590x457, yes.png)

We know Rene/Elaine lol

No. 1556020

File: 1654879199818.jpg (34.48 KB, 567x567, 20220530_014806.jpg)

It looks laughably fake, like not even effort put into it. You're like the kind of person who would post frequently in the "Emo High School" type of groups.

It's weird because why would anyone do that, chode man? At least make it look real and not like you bathed in strawberry syrup.

Try harder, bitch boy. You're not good at this. You think you're doing something but in reality you're proving just how fucking stupid you are.

No. 1556025

Michael tells everyone who asks him about it his side of the story and frankly it makes more sense than Brittany's story posted here:

As was pointed out in the thread, her claims that she called the police while Michael was strangling her and they ignored that and arrested them for child abuse don't match the actual arrest records.

Mike's side of the story is at least consistent and doesn't contradict hard evidence

No. 1556027

Mike always lies, sit down and shut up Rene.

No. 1556028

Oh look, it's this post again.

No. 1556029

By Mike's admission he was 14 or 15 in that picture. How hard is he supposed to try?

No. 1556032

Dear god you're pathetic. Please do a flip.

No. 1556033

Erika tried harder in the Joker video she made at the same age. So there is one example of the top of my head of kid cringe at least trying.

No. 1556034

I'm not rene, and I'm not elaine, and I'm not Sam, and I'm not anyone you've been tinfoil posting about being here. I've heard Mike's side of the story on discord in Naught's server over voice. I believe his side of the story. Anyone even remotely interested should go ask him.

No. 1556035

A little harder now he's 31.

No. 1556036

Okay you're in Naught's server, who are you then?

No. 1556040

You realise this is the only way he can manipulate people, by getting them into voice chat and emotionally dumping on them? Who else is in the harem 2.0?

No. 1556043

File: 1654879728010.jpg (126.23 KB, 800x600, mkr.jpg)

No. 1556044

Kali doesn't like Mike and would not post that picture, lame attempt.

No. 1556045

No, I asked him to tell me about his thread. He told me about his thread. No emotional anything.

No. 1556046

No emotional anything yet here you are white knighting him, curious.

No. 1556050

You associate with a pedophile (Naught) to white knight another pedophile (Mike) and we should trust what you have to say because…?

No. 1556051

I guess you didn't see Megan WK Erika earlier…..

No. 1556053

Anime is real life.

No. 1556054

Okay lolicon which one are you really then?

No. 1556055

why would I say who I am? I said what I think, you think something different. How will telling you who I am change your opinion.

No. 1556056

File: 1654880094137.jpeg (340.89 KB, 1656x1242, EaE2A5qXQAEyyTi.jpeg)

God I hate you. You stupid faggot. You dirty nigger. You greedy kike. Youfuckingmongoloid. Why cant you just be a normal person? Does it hurt to know how much of a failure you are? Does it kill you to know that diabetes is going to kill you? Does the autism really affect you that much? Because what you just posted is what causes a lack of faith in humanity! Here I am, sitting in my basement like the rest of us, but then you and your unfathomable brand of retard comes along and just fucks everything up! HOW ARE YOU SOAUTISTIC? WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN PUT DOWN YET? SOMEONE PLEASE PUT US OUT OF YOUR MISERY!
Take your .5 centimeter dick off of the keyboard for just one second and listen up. Let me explain something to you. YOU ARE BELOW ME. I AM BETTER. IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT FOR A SECOND, YOUFUCKINGPLEBEIAN. YOU ARE A STREET RAT! GARBAGE! WORTHLESS! You and your kind make me sick. So sick to the point where i thought of killing myself in an attempt to get away from your shit! BUT NOPE! HERE YAFUCKINGARE ONCE AGAIN IN THE FLESH. DRAGGING ME DOWN WITH YOU WHILE YOU SUFFER!
STAND UP FOR A MOMENT AND LOOK DOWN. CAN YOU SEE YOUR PENIS? NOPE! YOU CANT! You fat fuck. Its PATHETIC! YOU ARE PATHETIC! Its depressing when we see people not put down their pets when they are truly suffering. You are the literal garbage people throw on the side of the highway when they don't want it anymore. Faggots like you, are what cause faggots like me to go kill children. Fuck you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1556058

Mike's posting his face itt and you won't even say who you are, fuck off lol.

No. 1556059

saving that pasta for later.

No. 1556061

File: 1654880175049.png (31.91 KB, 236x910, currentdiscordonline.png)

Kali isn't online.

No. 1556063

File: 1654880218696.jpg (13.88 KB, 250x319, 028_Rocko_&_Zachary_28_24_22_2…)

These degenirates all have a body count of 100+ fuck where is the SS when you need them fucking mentally ill autistic faggots should get raped with fucking war scythes but you homos would probally like that how much did your mom have to drink to make a child as much of a retard and as much of a disappoint as you jesus Christ(at this point he's gone)why don't you fuckers hust kill your self you hedonistic waste of space where are your parents have they disowned you already I've seen trannts that are less faggot then you disgusting excuse for "human" beings fuck your the sole reason why misery exist on this planet all the starvation,inslavement and war would stop if you fucking cretionous freaks fucking died FUCK take a clever to your std filled faggot cock knkw im wondering who draws this filth WHO IN THE FUCKING WORLD DRAWLS THIS SHIT is there are barely fucking coomer mongoloid sitting in his cum and shit filled room making these doodles and jacking off with one screen and busting to beastars with the other the world i mean this from the deepest trenches of my soul the world be so much better soooo much FUCKING better if you were dead I believe i truely FUCKINg believe if you animal fucking faggscots died herpes aids and genital worts would be eliminated imagine if you will a stadium full of every single one of you faggots in it AND A NUKE THAT ABSILUTLY DWARVES FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY ANNIHILATES EVERY ONE OF YOU NIGGERS BOOM BOOM SHHHHOOFGFFVYRFBHTV BOOOOOM EXPLOSION ALL OF YOU FUCKERS DEAD THE ONLY REMENCE OF YOU ANIMAL WANNA BES IS YOUR SHADOWS BURNT INTO THE GROUND FUCK YOU

No. 1556064

If you're gonna stage your own death, you can buy a gallon of theatrical blood for cheap. Pigs blood is also free in some circumstances if he wants to get technical and knows a butcher.

Small effort goes a long way when it comes to gayops.

No. 1556065

The fact that you are trying to claim this proves anything makes me think you are pressed and actually possibly MKR. For anyone confused by >>1556043 believe it or not that's a natal woman.

No. 1556067

Obviously I am Erika.

No. 1556070

Why is the tranny hanging out with the pedo, and the owner of a special role on his Discord, since you bring him up? I doubt you are him but it is worth asking.

No. 1556071

File: 1654880426023.png (137.41 KB, 900x979, pngkit_fire-sparkle-png_258652…)

No. 1556072

One of the reasons is this, to call out obvious bullshit.
Pissed much Mike?

No. 1556074

This Lolcow Uprising is a lot more boring than Ethan Ralph's. Mike you should go within 500 feet of a playground so someone can call the cops on you.

No. 1556075

File: 1654880651828.jpg (157.05 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220610_13_02_38_Pro.jpg)

I only post MLP anal-vore and cock vore. Impersonate me better.

No. 1556076

File: 1654880679713.jpg (29.51 KB, 641x490, ef6.jpg)

Dude,stop larping

No. 1556077

Call all the cops you want, you can't unrape the children.

No. 1556078

Mike forgot to unsage.

No. 1556079

File: 1654880728948.png (109.52 KB, 400x400, larvitar.png)

Hello anyone new joining in from KF due to DBS' post please read through the thread for context and summaries provided, cheers!

No. 1556082

File: 1654880815556.jpg (1.17 MB, 1280x800, large (2).jpg)

Fuck off dogfucker
No one will miss you when you die

No. 1556083


thanks for finally trimming your nails mike
now do something about your fatass body

No. 1556085

Whats your point though? That Mike isn't abusive?

No. 1556086

>I hang out with pedophiles for research

No. 1556087

File: 1654880954225.png (377.4 KB, 443x343, trani-pedi.png)

Nah they're still gross as fuck. Pic related.

No. 1556088

File: 1654880957317.jpg (235.04 KB, 720x480, 18 (1).jpg)


No. 1556093

File: 1654881130722.jpeg (18.28 KB, 150x335, images (19).jpeg)

No. 1556095

File: 1654881204054.jpg (158.12 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220610_13_09_18_Pro.jpg)

I wonder how Diogenes would feel about that.

I don't consider myself abusive because I don't conceal the fact that I'm willing to hit women as a form of punishment. Women who "think" they're into this sometimes find out they're not into it at all and then cry abuse over it, but it's not like they didn't know what they were getting into.
If I, for no reason at all, and without warning started kicking chicks in the head, that'd be different, I'd agree with you. But that isn't the case. I don't like the term BDSM because that shit's degenerate, but contextually it's that kind of dynamic and I make that extremely clear to the women who enter into relationships with me.
They like it until they don't. HOWEVER. If it turns out that the lifestyle they think they're into is something they're not into, I can obviously stop and redefine the relationship if they want to maintain it; this is less about abuse and more about consenting to something they later regret.

No. 1556099

You think consent is funny? What are you, a rapist?

No. 1556100

File: 1654881437049.png (160.41 KB, 663x587, 1652687682407.png)

>I don't consider myself abusive because I don't conceal the fact that I'm willing to hit women as a form of punishment. Women who "think" they're into this sometimes find out they're not into it at all and then cry abuse over it, but it's not like they didn't know what they were getting into.
If I, for no reason at all, and without warning started kicking chicks in the head, that'd be different, I'd agree with you. But that isn't the case. I don't like the term BDSM because that shit's degenerate, but contextually it's that kind of dynamic and I make that extremely clear to the women who enter into relationships with me.
They like it until they don't. HOWEVER. If it turns out that the lifestyle they think they're into is something they're not into, I can obviously stop and redefine the relationship if they want to maintain it; this is less about abuse and more about consenting to something they later regret.

No. 1556101

> This Lolcow Uprising is a lot more boring than Ethan Ralph's.
Michael is not entirely unlike the Gunt, both of them try to groom harems of insane pickme women online with surprising success and have serious issues with alcohol. But Ethan actually streams every day so has some work ethic and success at least relative to Mike. Mike on the other hand does not have a bifurcated gunt and has surpassed the Gunt in actually hooking up with attractive women, but a psychopathic NLOG with lupus and an onlyfans-having Hooters girl are at best marginally better picks than a quilting teenager and a lolicon horse.

No. 1556103

File: 1654881570745.jpeg (151.48 KB, 1152x414, YikesOnMikes.jpeg)

No. 1556109

what in the world is going on in this retarded thread

No. 1556111

File: 1654881757214.jpg (167.49 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20220610_13_21_10_Pro.jpg)

The male instinct over seeing your own children abused and neglected overrides reason. I'd do it again, and I stand by my comments that one of the only regrets I have in life is not shooting my ex-wife dead when she stole my parents car and tried to run me over with it. I should have killed her then, and if I had a time machine, I'd go back and do exactly that.

No. 1556115

File: 1654881814401.jpeg (131.11 KB, 1164x430, ewwie.jpeg)


No. 1556116

>I don't consider myself abusive because I don't conceal the fact that I'm willing to hit women as a form of punishment.
this needs to be a random.txt somewhere lmao. filthy scrote, post milk on the tranny or gtfo. get this trashfire burning i want to see you cows duke it out

No. 1556122

Hey Regina why would you keep poking your head up? Do you like the pain chubby boy?

No. 1556124

File: 1654882087933.png (79.93 KB, 929x357, pamiesend.png)

Nah, Brittany is based and you should neck.

No. 1556126

The ways in which you try to justify your abuse or wishes of abuse does not negate that it is abuse. You're also a liar so while I believe you when you say that you do hit women and did strangle your ex, I dont believe your alleged reasons why. You lie to try to make yourself look better, just like when you lied about wasting "fuck you money" on whiskey and all your other bogus claims alluding to you being successful with a fulfilling life, model wife, and tons of money.

No. 1556127

She didn't seem very strong when I was choking her out.

No. 1556129

Regina, Regina, Regina you fat tubby lard just lay down and get off the drugs. Owning Mike will not be able to get you your reputation back.

No. 1556131

> The male instinct over seeing your own children abused and neglected overrides reason.
LOL earlier in this thread >>1555238 you were saying losing custody was no big deal, which is it? How is it to see other people raising your son who you will never see?

No. 1556134

Mike, please take a bath with your toaster. It would make everyone happier.

No. 1556141

File: 1654882826240.jpg (567.53 KB, 792x550, Tumblr_l_3427953659317.jpg)

Tf is does that mean

No. 1556145

File: 1654882992061.png (21.63 KB, 474x68, degeneracy.png)

No. 1556150

/The Troll Group/

>Elaine: Pickme who is crashing and burning, in a current meltdown after her cope of there being two Nulls was completely ruined and her lies were proven to be lies with screen caps.

>Michael Thurlow aka Angry Canadian: Self confirmed Troll and perpetual loser, currently alogging anyone who even looks like a woman.
>Nohull(.org scrotes): Vulture scrotes who thrive off of chaos, not too bad aside from clogging any thread they are in with low effort posts.
>Sam(?): Mike's ex-wife, fat and would not have sex with.
>Rene aka Taylor Swift's Ghostwriter: Confirmed Mike simp, sent him money and nudes and was defended by him heavily.(not even counting bitterleaf as I am sticking to what is confirmed beyond shadows of doubts)
>Trannyvis: Name given to the dumbest troll I have ever seen who invaded multiple threads last night. Potentially just a sock for one of Mike's group.
>Bitterleaf:AC sock, both on KF and .org

/The Other Players/

>Naught: Pedo Admin of Onionfarms, was namedropped often but only came in to bitch about his shitty thread being ruined.

>Kengle: Discount Broken version of Null who pays for Onionfarms to be a cesspool of irrelevancy.
>Erika: Slow to integrate at the start, has brought milk, slapfought, and been impersonated several times through the saga. Currently taking a bit of a break from the internet.
>Regina aka Spookybones: Namefagged back in thread 7 but many anons who know him have picked up on him being in threads since. Currently taking potshots at whoever he can. Ex-KF mod, Ex-Leader of Burnbook.
>Erika: Person who has dumped on Elaine, Mike, and Rachel and drew heat from Mike’s troll group.


>DBS: Has a twitter and kiwi account, like most of the original users came for the Rachel and could not digest the autistic mess that is AC’s trolling group. Has since joined in on the fun image edits of Mike and directed other farmers to the LCF containment thread.

>Ghoulie: Has a kiwi account and also is a regular poster here, also completely unrelated to the drama but is mentioned which is the only reason I am bringing them or DBS up.

~The Story Thus Far~

>Mike and Rachel alogg Erika for a week, past two days intensify as autistic gay ops are performed.

>Erika gives up on catering to Elaine's insanity, dumps, exposing that and her lies. The 2 Null theory.
>Elaine begins gay-oping and potentially paying people to alogg Erika while Mike and her post images of her family and her.
>Elaine sends text to at least two of Erika's family members, one being twelve years old who received death threats. While a receipt was brought by Erika, it is easy to see why she would not post more.
>.org scrotes add fuel to the fire as is their nature.
>A few nonnies fall for Mike's tricks and help him de-rail the Rachel thread intentionally or unintentionally with tranny sperging.
>Containment thread is made.
>Peace returns to the Rachel thread.
>.farm prospers as Mike and Elaine provide milk on themselves and anons poke their trolls into sounding even dumber than they did in the first place.
>Massive amounts of cope from Mike and Elaine shown, Rachel retreats to cat-posting on twitter.
>Heavy coincidental evidence and nonna testimony that Regina is also alogging Erika. Though most users agree he is probably not involved with the other group. Namefagged once(in a Rachel proper thread) and obvious posted many times in the prior thread.
>Michael’s troll group then larps as both Erika’s sister and Megan aka Kali to be called out by nonnies and Erika each time.
>Regina/Mike or an unknown weeb tries and fails to larp as Erika on twitter, missing the whole point of the UH naming scheme and re-using a pfp.(Mike did the same lame thing to Spooky so most proof suggests Mike)
>Photobucket is dropped for the second time ever(first was in a tiny thread on .org), Mike then proceeds to self milk in the funniest spergout yet nonnies and potentially Erika then shop images that he posts to hilarious effect.
>Mike or Elaine try to distract with mentions of Slug’s server but no milk, a nonna corrects them that they were thinking of Dawn’s server as Slug did not have many farmers in it besides newfags who shortly left it.
>Mike’s old defense suggests that the Roblox server he was found to be grooming children in may have been a pedophile ring. While there is no evidence that it was connected to Bella he tried to claim another user claimed this out of nowhere, it is suspicious to say the least with what we know.
>Rene or Regina tries to distract by throwing shade at Brittany and her husband, just like Erika’s family it instead turns into a wholesome(or cringe)moment where nonnas start complimenting them.
>Mike suggests there is much more milk to be found, possibly Erika confirms this and mentions she is withholding milk while Mike has a mental breakdown.

Let me know if I missed anything, since this was linked to the other farms I figured I would sum this bullshit up with the summaries already posted and the happenings.

No. 1556152

Samefag forgot to erase the first Erika as I feel the second is a better summary.

No. 1556156

Yeah, definitely not Regina. I dont even sound like him at all.

No. 1556158

>Rene aka Taylor Swift's Ghostwriter: Confirmed Mike simp, sent him money and nudes and was defended by him heavily.(not even counting bitterleaf as I am sticking to what is confirmed beyond shadows of doubts)
There were actually 2 pickmes and you're conflating the two stories. Someone else earlier contrasted gender traitors to pickmes in Michael's women and Rene would be the gender traitor and Falsies the pickme who got revenge porn'd. But do go on grasping at straws and filling in your own blanks. This is honestly probably better left to someone who's actually read the KF halal, among other things. You're embarrassing yourself, nonna.

No. 1556160

I reposted the earlier summary and did not edit that one as I have no idea about Mike's side hoes.

No. 1556162

The rest of that summary is a hot mess too and seems very focused on the tranny sideshow. Maybe stop reposting stuff if you can't actually vouch for it and do some research.

No. 1556164

Maybe make a summary yourself?

No. 1556165

Comes off more like Regina than
And yes I am offended you called me Regina.

No. 1556167

>A few nonnies fall for Mike's tricks and help him de-rail the Rachel thread intentionally or unintentionally with tranny sperging.
the unwashed scrote is a cow but so is the tranny. the derailing was entirely the tranny no matter how much he schizoposts otherwise(99% sure that summary was written by him). he's the one who lured all these tards here by spamming the thread day and night to begin with

No. 1556168

I guess we're never gonna get pics of Michael's tiddies, floor or nautical themed basement, just like we're never gonna get pics of Rachel's scales.

No. 1556169

Great example of the quote, thank you so much.

No. 1556174

Thank you, nonna, for fuck's sake. The tranny simping has become completely unhinged on the part of at least one poster (I'm going to say Ghoulie due to the love of reposting things she does not understand) who I suspect is not the tranny but I bet there is a lot of self-posting going on here. Two anons on /meta/ have admitted to fanning the flames of the tranny's narcissism as an own on Mike. I really don't understand how we got here from TERFposting to adopting the tranny as some kind of mascot and unimpeachable source. Can't we meet somewhere in the middle?

No. 1556175

File: 1654884260871.jpg (12.72 KB, 400x300, 261818_179957028731788_1000015…)

No. 1556176

File: 1654884271981.jpg (108.48 KB, 650x489, 14495727.jpg)

It really is not Erika's fault that the cows you fucked up in making all tee off on her because you also hate her yourself.

No. 1556178

(After the Mike sperging yes)

No. 1556181

Oh hey, yeah, that wasn't me. Keep being salty, Regina.

No. 1556183

I honestly do not take everything they say as gospel or think they are the best thing ever since sliced bread, they haven't changed my opinion on trannies but I am not Ghoulie, I am not the reposter and not a /meta/ poster(I report and move on). I will use her preferred name and that is meeting in the middle, it's not like I am letting her in my bathroom or demanding that she be hoisted onto a pedestal. Erika has just proven herself worthy of my respect is all, I think when she isn't dropping receipts she is specifically saying things that will get a reaction from the cows she posts about. Without them hating her I am not sure how much obvious posting or namefagging she would have done.

No. 1556184

"Those are from 15 years ago"

No. 1556186

Dragging agro to salt wouldn't even be being debated if Erika was a natal woman, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

No. 1556189

File: 1654884779026.png (60.84 KB, 690x296, regina_brittany.png)

> Rene or Regina tries to distract by throwing shade at Brittany and her husband
Yeah, that definitely makes sense, fanfiction writing vendetta-chan. Picrel. Next time you try to push a narrative at least make it one you have receipts for.

No. 1556190

Talking one on one is a lot easier than to a crowd and Regina has flipped on many people before, is this some OC or reposted from another thread?

No. 1556194

Also redact Brittany's screen name next time yeeesh.

No. 1556196

> Regina has flipped on many people before
Remotest bit of evidence this is what was going on?
Screen name is already all over KF or I would have

No. 1556198


No. 1556201

Regina flipped on those people how? It was Michael who dropped the logs and started this whole vendetta.

No. 1556203

You are throwing around random stuff to see if it sticks and very obviously acting out of a vendetta. The list of people who you could be if you have one is pretty long or you could be some random bitch doing this for fun, but it's pretty transparent either way.

No. 1556209

Oh there's definitely been a ton of selfposting on the tranny's end, probably an absurd amount. Agreed that there's probably a few others (also agreed that they're likely KF posters due to the nature of this drama) who have been encouraging/enabling all of this just to shit on Mike/Regina/whatever else in this autism vortex, and they should get the blame for the shitshow too. Not a good look white knighting a cow (and a tranny at that) to own another cow.

No. 1556214

File: 1654885966803.png (66.94 KB, 1500x500, cametopostmilknotforasspats.pn…)

Well honestly besides their KF name being a play on tranny they really have not brought attention to it, they revoked their anonymity as was their choice due to cows getting their own shit on them.
What is the issue here?

No. 1556219

Are they a cow because they have a dead thread on them?

No. 1556224

We have Michael itt acting like an actual lolcow and Erika and Regina…doing some selfposting while being gayopped by Mike's faggy group? I really don't see the parallel either.

No. 1556229

I wouldn't classify Regina or Erika as a cow at this point without further receipts. The only ones claiming things about them are likely to be people they have upset. While yeah Mike is clearly a huge lolcow and a rare good moidcow for the site imo.

No. 1556234

Hey Erika and Regina, how about you two faggots hug it out on discord? We have three confirmed cows here (Mike, Elaine and Rachel) so neither of you two need to defend yourselves.

No. 1556237

Erika is a zombie calf, Spooky is just a zombie.
Everyone else are cows.

Anyway, did we ever get any more dirt on Mike allegedly being a part of the Idea Guys or did that end up being fake too?

No. 1556238

Fragile tranny egos I tell you lol, and with that I am done trannysperging unless it's making fun of Michael.

No. 1556240

Not Erika or Regina but I agree completely.

No. 1556241

If that was Erika earlier she confirmed she was holding that until Mike stopped self milking(a week at least is my guess).

No. 1556246

If Erika and Regina teamed up they could make a decent OP and fill it with content themselves KEK

No. 1556250

Don't even suggest such an unholy union as a joke nonna, the merge is too powerful!

No. 1556257

Erika (I'll use the preferred name too) is what you might call a cow in remission. There's definitely a lot of milk there even though much of it was originally posted by Mike, because doxing low-hanging fruit of crazy trannies who pass better and are more popular than he is was kind of his thing, but that doesn't change the story with Erika. And while nobody can deny Erika provided good content, nobody should look past the fact that he is (a) the owner of a penis and (b) a legitimate crazy person. There is no reason people (assuming it's not all a mess of self-posting) can't hold all these facts at once and the fact that people feel the need to rush to be on one "side" or another is cringey.

No. 1556261

> Anyway, did we ever get any more dirt on Mike allegedly being a part of the Idea Guys or did that end up being fake too?
To be honest I lost track on whether that was actually the tranny saying this or the person pretending to be the tranny (or whether that is actually still th tranny.) It seems a bit far fetched. Mike's certainly psycho enough to do this kind of thing but I kinda don't think he is clever or subtle enough. Even Rachel, female Chris-Chan, saw through his bullshit, which is reminiscent of an incident where Chris saw through the bad RP of a guy named Sean (ex-homoerotic-bff and now enemy of Naught) who wanted to manipulate Chris into a murder/suicide. It's eerie how the same cast of characters keep turning up though.

No. 1556263

File: 1654887940489.jpeg (624.16 KB, 1640x664, new1.jpeg)

Thanks to a discord dump from EFG on KF and a post from Naught disavowing Erika while claiming she was Travis, I think we can assume for now Naught was Travis as he is confirmed by Elaine to be working with her and Mike. The timing of this is what boosts it more than just Elaine saying shit imo.
Tbf Erika did tell Rachel of AC larping as Sephiroth and she has not picked up on his trolling of her since so not saying he is an idea guy but unfortunately Rachel cannot claim that W.

No. 1556267

> Thanks to a discord dump from EFG on KF and a post from Naught disavowing Erika while claiming she was Travis, I think we can assume for now Naught was Travis as he is confirmed by Elaine to be working with her and Mike.
I don't think this necessarily follows. More like it is left up to the reader to decide who to believe, the pedo or the tranny, both of whom have motives to run some gayops here (or just for their own amusement tbh.)

Also I think that is not totally new but a cap from the Elaine thread on scrotecow.org but I'd have to go looking for it.

No. 1556271

Not sure who you see picking sides. People want them to make up so the sperging stops. Some people dont like Regina, some people dont like Erika. The sperging is annoying for everyone and thats when people start accusing everyone of being Erika or Kiwis or Regina.

No. 1556272

File: 1654888308283.jpeg (76.41 KB, 1430x737, elainecannotdox.jpeg)

Elaine claiming here to dox when she has went to many people asking them how to dox or to dox for her and proved they could not dox Regina in the dump over in her thread.

No. 1556276

Samefagging to say okay easy, I pick the Tranny over the Pedo. The Pedo hid shit about Chris, the Tranny always dumps. The pedo is a pedo, get over yourself lmfao.

No. 1556278

samefag as >>1556267 I knew these were familiar, scrotecow post from April 29th containing those Elaine caps: https://www.lolcow.org/threads/elaine-miller.1896/post-60013

No. 1556279

Thank you for letting me know Elaine, Naught and AC were gay-oping for even longer together nonna.

No. 1556281

Aside from her not doxing Regina, there would be no way for her to even know who Reginas sponsor (singular, btw, Elaine) is unless Regina put the information out there which I doubt anyone would do. Kinda defeats the whole 'A' in NA.

No. 1556282

File: 1654888757097.jpg (34.93 KB, 673x434, vordie.jpg)

Elaine boasting about knowing Vordrak was my favorite.

No. 1556299


No. 1556304

There once was a tranny named Mike,
Who thought he was in the Third Reich,
He had pickmes galore,
Who let him treat them like whores,
But dot farm put his head on a pike.

No. 1556313

Mike's women
> Samantha: In California. Built like the spawn of a refrigerator and a Mack Truck. Allegedly his "wife", doubtful they are married but they have confirmed (photographic proof) to have met IRL. She has admitted that he beat her but still defended his conduct and attacked the other women in the harem online. Has been silent since getting doxed.
> Rene: Taylor Swift Ghostwriter on KF, terminally online BPD-chan/NLOG. Might be considered cute in a mousey sort of way but definitely not a girl used to getting a lot of attention for her looks. Became Michael's personal Ghislaine Maxwell to recruit other side hos.
> Shannon: Falsies on KF. Former(?) OnlyFans thot and Hooters girl. Conventionally attractive, far too much so to be hanging out on Discord all day but here we are. She left the harem and he tried to blackmail her with revenge porn which he released on Lolcow.org.
> Elaine: Needs no introduction, set up with Michael by Naught because Elaine said she wanted a "blackpilled Nazi BF" and thinks abusive relationships are hot. Got caught on Discord voice chat leaks making fun of Mike but they are still running around doing gayops seeting in hatred of their shred enemies.
> Rachel: lol
> Brittany: ex-wife, seems to have escaped his clutches and have a good attitude about things now. Circumstances of her arrest for child neglect are a little vague but he tries to pin it all on her (of course) but kids are with her family now on a full custody basis.

No. 1556327

File: 1654891451312.png (22.41 KB, 1203x211, tardation.png)

Picrel found in Rachel's thread on scrotefarms. Someone confirms "Travis" was Blaine/the tranny, to the surprise of probably no one with a functional brain cell remaining.

No. 1556329

Someone proven to be gayopping accusing someone else of gayopping, imagine my shock.

No. 1556331

As the saying goes "that's bullshit, but I believe it." It's as good an explanation as any because that whole little cluster(B)fuck is too autistic to make heads or tails of and that everyone involved is doing gay shit is I think as much as can be said about any of that. Taking either Naught or the tranny's word on this is silly, let's just laugh at our cows unless we get hard receipts.

No. 1556332

Samefag to point out 'archivist' is Naught, admin on scrotefarms who would be able to prove his claim, but he's trying to play Apex, nevermind.

No. 1556347

File: 1654892556780.png (441.58 KB, 1200x630, 3pikes.png)

Pic inspired by quoted posted.
Naught would have posted the same IP, but since everyone there is using proton it also would explain nothing. Confirms? You're yelling at everyone else in this thread for having better proof than the word of someone who literally never stops gay-oping.

No. 1556349

>Samefag to point out 'archivist' is Naught, admin on scrotefarms who would be able to prove his claim
Maybe not though, the tranny uses a VPN, but also when the rubber hits the road I don't trust receipts from these fucking people one bit even if they have them so who knows.

No. 1556354

Don't forget Naught is the one who set up Mike and Elaine and brought them and Rachel into a server where he was doubtlessly conducting gay-ops. Erika probably just annoyed him by ruining the groups plans too often hence this weakshit accusation.
We have far more connections tying Naught to gay-oping with the already proven gay-opers so unlike other people I would honestly really analyze anything posted by Naught more than oh man his word is enough, so idk what that other nonna was thinking.

No. 1556370

Alright everyone needs to knock it off with calling Regina or Erika a tranny, you're just turning around and using that as an excuse to say they are breaking the rules or discredit them. It's pointless or dumb, if you wish to disagree with either bring more receipts than they do.
Otherwise, again there are more spergs than you can shake a stick at to make fun of or dig into here with this little Fail Troll Cow Group.

No. 1556373

Samefagging to volunteer to write the next OP and shift it to being about Michael's trolling group that Rachel and Elaine are in.

No. 1556382

Exactly my point, nonna. If Erika uses a VPN Naught doesn't know and can't prove it. >>1556327 This post saying 'someone' just shows how many people itt can't identify the player's involved.

No. 1556384

Isn't it odd that the ones that always can't identify the players are the ones throwing shit at Erika or Regina? What a funny coinkadink that is lol.

No. 1556386

You've got my vote if it can get us away from the tranny sperging and Kiwi vendetta-channing. It looks like more milk on the inner workings of their little gayops organization might be incoming, too.

No. 1556388

I don't think I can make thread rules but I can make thread "Don't do this or we will call you Mike or a troll" rules, should cut down on both and bring even more milk.

No. 1556390

Samefagging to say oh and I will make sure to furiously slob on both Erika's and Regina's knobs because so many 'nonnas' have bitched about people doing so.

No. 1556395

lol pressed, let's not forget MKR posting a couple threads back so she's already dragged herself in

No. 1556405

File: 1654895143843.jpg (554.63 KB, 1051x1360, lolcoin.jpg)

I have a feeling the next milk drop is gonna be good. Maybe we got the nonsense out of our system. Some of these idiots has been skulking in the shadows for years and it will be funny to see them get blown to bits because a fatty couldn't shut up about Sephiroth.

No. 1556409

File: 1654895343358.gif (2.65 MB, 441x300, my-sides-in-orbit.gif)

That really is what all this boils down to, huh? All this shit coming to light because Bertha sperged too hard over a fictional character. Its too good.

No. 1556415

MKR is a natal woman btw just unfortunate looking

No. 1556437

Tbf there are only two non-ugly natal women in this saga.

No. 1556443

File: 1654896965657.jpg (21.52 KB, 720x263, thetruthrevealedteaser.jpg)

It's okayish milk, mainly backs up that AC used Moralfag's Erika dox as well as was spaghetting about BB and a lot of other things.

No. 1556459

Since the dumbass sent it like that, it's formatted so I pulled the code out and here are the text logs. SierraPist is the name of an old discord of ACs, there will be more info on this whole mess later but for now this is what is relevant to the thread.

>Sierra Pist 17-Aug-21 09:39 PM: Im investigating the hermaphrodite with a group of kiwis. Can you please share anything you didnt mention in your video.Do you know his backstory? Prior to the farms?

>Icthultu: I do not.
>Sierra Pist: In your video, you named your rival Blaine Ross- Link -This is Erika on lolcow.org
>Icthultu: I had soft doxxed her in that video.
>Sierra Pist: Yeah, I appreciate that, we hadn't found @autisticaizen, just the @actuallybella account
>Icthultu: I actually did the first one wrong. It was @AizenAutistic.
>Sierra Pist: Who else has he's connected to regarding the ILJ story and the people who joined the farms when he did? Almost blew my cover.
>Icthultu: Ah. Well, given the past I outlined to a degree in that video, there are some particular reasons that I am not Kiwi. Nothing against, obvs, just don't need some details out there. I broke laws to do a lot of that stuff. As far as ILJ, I outlined my fullest interaction with him in the vid. Minus that I did hit on him before I realized he was manipulating the narrative
>Sierra Pist: I'll share anything we find out with you if you want when we do. We suspect that there are several accounts in KF that joined with Erika with the specific purpose of spreading disinformation before dipping out of the fourm
>Icthultu: Entirely possible. I probably should've backed up the server that he put me in, but I didn't think about it at the time of revelation. I just knew deadlock protocol as soon as he tried to bluff my dox.
Edit's note: It was not a bluff.
>Icthultu: Probably. There were only a few people in there besides myself, Erika and CDG. Well, in total it was us, Dawn and Slug. He said something about a Ruse Cruise right when he lost his mind on CDG and I. Might that be in reference to what you guys assume is going on at the Farms? Is that why you're doxing her?
>Sierra Pist: That's what I'm thinking about the ruse cruise comments. I'm guessing that server was made before inviting you guys to it; or were Dawn and Slug in it before you and CDG joined?
Icthultu: Dawn, Slug and CDG were in it before I was. As I understood it at the time, Erika had direct contact to CDG and Zoe, both of whom are persons of interest for some fairly obvious reasons. I know contacting Zoe is a need-to-do basis concerning how heavily involved she is in the scope of the ILJ investigation, but I looked forward to genuinely working with CDG on a more interpersonal level. Ironically, that only happened after the fact of Erika going batshit because he tried to speak for me and tell CDG not to contact me, at which point I took it upon myself to DM CDG in an act of defiance because fuck that bullshit. Lol. Also as I mentioned in the video, considering every plot twist we had so far I had no reason to initially distrust him. I do have one question. Has word gotten back to Null or anyone relatively close about the conspiracy to PA the Farms?
>Sierra Pist: Not to my knowledge I'm afraid. He's keeping as far away from the ILJ situation as he can.
Icthultu: Understandable, but that is the only bit of info I really hope Null can get ahold of at the moment.
Sierra Pist: What do you make of this
Icthultu: Full disclosure? I've held back some information to protect CDG from scrutiny, she's shared her DM logs with me concerning Erika. That picture and another came up on her end of the psychotic break, which happened way earlier than 2:30 in the morning on August 28th. I honestly don't know what to make of it. CDG loves the Farms, and she hates herself for her involvement with Erika, and I don't wanna bring more undue stress from this asshole onto her doorstep.

No. 1556469

It's well known and discussed in the burnbook logs that AC was feeding into this toothless hick's (((RedSEC))) fantasies.

No. 1556473

Recordings of AC on a voice call with Erika and Moralfag were posted there and laughed about, ask Moralfag for the logs, he's very proud of reposting them. It makes him feel useful

No. 1556479

File: 1654898984999.jpg (279.61 KB, 1212x1616, walker strong.jpg)

Moralfag/Icthulu/Walker Burgess is a clout chasing (and toothless) moron obsessed with AC who got chased off KF after having one of his Discord goons send pizzas to AC's "wife's" (mother's) house and bragging about it. He also has a burning hatred of Burnbook, which he had hoped to join, only later learned it had had a channel making fun of him the entire time. His M.O. is to glom on to "prominent" Kiwis, send them unsolicited messages and then name drop them to others. He's cringe and funny, but I don't see how he's relevant.

No. 1556480

He is not, the receipts are there simply to show that despite his claims otherwise Mike cannot even dox.
>this is what is relevant to the thread.

No. 1556504

File: 1654900050010.jpg (58.42 KB, 566x480, Based martha.jpg)

what the fuck is this?

No. 1556547

File: 1654902355534.png (413.5 KB, 1341x571, lying naught.png)

Huh, that is funny considering the pic here. Seems he came to LCF to poke at nonnas and troll.

No. 1556563

Hasn't Naught been doing gayops for long enough to know that if you tell a Discord tranny your deep secrets about geting fucked in the ass, and then start drama with said Discord tranny, then it will probably, uh, leak?

Holy shit lmao.

More please, I'm dying.

Is that "lazuli netting named" a reference to the original time that Naught came up in this thread when the original Sephiroth gayop got blown up?

No. 1556576

File: 1654903602590.jpg (57.24 KB, 764x655, rest of context.jpg)

Rest for context and the receipt of a claim I made about Elaine telling Regina about their gay-ops(again nothing against Regina but Elaine should have known her and Mike must hate each other so it's dumb). Hence why I feel bad about this happening towards Regina cause I ruined that milk on accident.
Honestly would not expect too much milk on the Naught end, it mainly was shitposting and e-fren stuff. I always told him to never give me access to any pedo channels if he wanted me there so I don't have dirt in that regard either. I can just say that if he had not called me a faggot I would not have dropped the B stuff.
I honestly have no real hard feelings for the guy besides now just naming me as a troll and well, obviously staying in bed with Mike for far too long to be smart.

No. 1556578

File: 1654903733375.jpg (57.45 KB, 574x632, beard crying and timeline help…)

Samefag, this helps establish the timeline of the Rachel entering Naught discord powderkeg that sparked this part of the shit show and dragged me in.
Along with showing a nice weakpoint, did not expect to obvious post but felt it was needed so nonnas did not get their hopes up about a whole bunch of gay Naught milk flowing.

No. 1556581

File: 1654903926919.jpg (16.53 KB, 625x113, kali response to drama.jpg)

Also MKR did not want to be in the drama, so do not expect her to pop back up and please nobody try dragging her into this(nor any other innocent, or even unrelated assholes lol).

No. 1556584

>I told him not to let me in the pedo channels
>I honestly have no real hard feelings
Don't you think someone who has pedo channels deserves a hard feeling or two?

No. 1556585

samefag but
>titles it 'response to drama'
>it's two weeks old
Come on now…

No. 1556587

You guys fucking let him have it, he has expressed a desire not to be pedo so I am not going to crusade about him here.
That is MKR's initial response to the server being mentioned.

No. 1556590

> That is MKR's initial response to the server being mentioned.
So you're selling a screeshot from prior to her posting here saying she doesn't want drama as still meaning she doesn't want drama, even after she self-inserted? OK.

No. 1556592

Why would you snake MKR after she came here and defended you.

No. 1556594

File: 1654904286072.jpg (147.92 KB, 600x338, thats-just-like-my-opinion-man…)

If you consider me saying keep her out of this shit show snaking then go ahead and do so.

No. 1556596

You're leaking DMs. It's not an opinion. You could have said "leave her out of this" without leaking DMs.

No. 1556599

File: 1654904521531.jpg (106.88 KB, 450x600, 450px-Christine_Nightvee_Comic…)

The leak doesn't even do a very good job of saying to leave her out of this, either, given the dates involved, does it? I'm a bit at a loss for what's going on there too.

No. 1556608

> he has expressed a desire not to be pedo

No. 1556616

Asked her on discord and she claimed she was not the one in here defending me. As such I owe her about as much as to say that as of two weeks ago she wanted no part of this. While I got along with her I would not even say we got to the stage of a social relationship to call 'e-fren'.
Already said it before a few times without a leak.
I didn't strip the discord server as there really isn't much milk, I mean there is a retard that posts to wizchan who would qualify as a cow but I digress. So no, I do not have receipts on that and I have defended Naught as much as he deserves, it's a possibility that he is a pedo from being sexual at a young age so I pity him a bit due to him being a CSA victim. Other than that, I am not going to go to bat for him. Especially not after he raged over a redacted online status to indicate any retard trying to larp from that server could be sniffed out by me.

No. 1556645

Michael, you are an absolute faggot. Kill yourself, please.

No. 1556670

Not to bring all this up again, but I was thinking and I was one of the anons thinking Regina was the ones sperging about Erika/kiwis/threatening to tell on random anons to null, but after Mikes fake twitter stuff and him tweeting at DBS, I'm wondering if it was actually him. If I was wrong, Regina, (and you're reading this) then I apologize. As for Mike…he can choke either way.

No. 1556704

File: 1654911090620.jpg (430.81 KB, 1080x1361, Dbsreply.jpg)


No. 1556746

File: 1654914252974.jpeg (60.48 KB, 1160x768, mike here.jpeg)

Hey guys, Real Mike here, I am currently in prison because the internet police did not like me posting here. I am a shitty little poopy butt boy, but hopefully I will get out soon so I can post some more about tinfoil theories and how awesome I am!

No. 1556747

This was a really good job nonnie

No. 1556749

samefag. So much went wrong with this post but its making me laugh so I'm leaving it.

No. 1556755

File: 1654914824895.png (964.48 KB, 1280x720, 9SMzuXt.png)

It became art, much like this is. Thank ya, I am probably going to be making Mike edits for a while.

No. 1556760

What a disgusting hovel, pretty sure this is why Michael will only show us his weird padded ceiling. He's had days to clean up and prove us wrong but he'd rather live in filth like this little gremlin.

No. 1556763

File: 1654915718406.jpeg (385.74 KB, 3000x2000, ROlVAhM.jpeg)

I have been forced to co-habitate many spaces with men and men like Mike always live in their own trash like some fucking rat.

No. 1556769

File: 1654916443852.jpg (342.42 KB, 1080x490, TheFall.jpg)

No. 1556781

File: 1654917083556.jpeg (291.43 KB, 950x1689, autism endgame infinity nulls.…)

Fucking gorgeous.

I present Autism Endgame: Infinity Nulls

No. 1556792

File: 1654917868631.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1518x1000, MikeandCorey.jpeg)

comparison courtesy of my husband.

No. 1556809

Trannies tongue my anus

No. 1556827

Wow, Mike has a really social Friday night, huh?

No. 1556834

Too bad he posts so much its obvious kek

No. 1556836

Him and Rachel are perfect together, they both have nothing better to do.

No. 1556838

This merger of so many cows has really made for an excellent harvest of funnies, milk, salt, and most of all Mike's tears.

No. 1556848

>Group of 'Badass' 'Mean Girls' 'Cool Kids' relies on AC for a dox against a new member.
>AC relies on Moralfag for the dox.

All of burnbook are a fucking circus holy shit.

No. 1556856

Where are either of you getting any of that? Sounds like the "unsubstantiated claims, 2+2=5" vendetta-chan is back … or are there actual receipts here? Please post them if you have them.

No. 1556861

I'm neither of those anons and dont really care about Burnbook but who and or why would someone have a vendetta?

No. 1556864

Nothing either of you said is supported by the posts you are referencing. You're making substantial reaches left and right. Do better.

No. 1556867

Do Better.
Regina if youre gonna obviouspost then give us a face pic would you kindly?

No. 1556868

File: 1654923554692.png (499.22 KB, 1586x869, mikehatesdisco.png)

Try to be less obvious Mike, you keep repeating the same lines. Pic related.

No. 1556869

I said that, I think a lot of BB members are chill but some I think are clout chasing morons who achieved less than the person you consistently attack Regina.

No. 1556871

Not Regina, anyone who's actually read any of the linked threads would know Mike has a hate boner for Disco in particular. Give us the reason would you kindly?

No. 1556872

Wasn't Regina in here calling Erika a cow? Now he's continually coming in shitflinging demanding receipts on fucking obvious timeline facts and really i am kind of sick of this behavior for over a year. You're a cow Spooky and you'd have a thread if people wouldn't feel like putting down a rabid dog while they made it.

No. 1556875

One of you tranny anus tonguers explain to me why spookybones/"""regina""" is openly posting in the lolcow discord. Hasn't it been proven repeatedly that he's a man

No. 1556878

I would assume because it's not actually proven. The picture of the dude holding the cat that spooky posted was supposedly of "her husband that she shares the account with" per >>1556868
Other than that I dont think any of the anons here would know why they're allowed in the discord or have any authority to do anything about it if we even cared.

No. 1556880

lol u mad

No. 1556884

I got a better one.
>Spooky: Trust me bro, I never bring receipts just my word is good enough.
>Erika: Receipts from 7 different angles.

No. 1556886

>Erika: schizoposts for a week straight trying to mindfuck women enough to barge into their space
You really thought. I just wanted to know why ""regina"" is all up in there without any resistance

No. 1556887

lol calm down

No. 1556889

This thread gives me whiplash.
>Everyones Erika and everyone (okay like 2 people) hates her
>Everyones a kiwi
>Everyones spooky
>Everyones Mike (besides the obvious ones)
>Everyones chill
>Rinse, Repeat
>+random dbs and ghoulie mentions sprinkled in

No. 1556891

I legitimately laugh every time I hear someone accuse someone of schizophrenia that isn't Spookybones because I can tell a few people's posts in here and it is the best. I could probably point out most of them.
This has also been linked on FK, I know for a fact that at any time there are probably at least 5 people here and none of them are who is being accused lmfao.

No. 1556892

Samefagging to say I know you here though Spooky lol

No. 1556893

Ghoulie and DBS get shit on just because they try to make sense of this mess. Smh

No. 1556894

Summary does a good job of painting them correctly.

No. 1556896

Ghoulie and DBS tongue tranny anus and bring shame upon all women

No. 1556900


No. 1556901

Besides the milk drops and quite a few of those image edits which posts do you think are Erika? I'd love to know.

No. 1556902

Oh. Lolcow.org is here again. The posts you want about Naught and anal sex are upthread, now leave us alone.

No. 1556903

File: 1654925193293.jpg (354.3 KB, 1080x994, felted.jpg)

Since you wanna out yourself so easily Mikey, this one's for you.

No. 1556904

Ever notice that the second BB or Spooky is mentioned some unhinged schizo comes in and starts attacking everyone?

No. 1556905

>the behavior that he displays is way too close to how we see Mike acting in this thread for my liking.
>the behavior that nonnas display is way too close to how we see Mike acting in caps for my liking.
We're all clowns but I could care less about the Erika/Regina thing when Mike is itt posting pics from his basement.

No. 1556906

Disco Rodeo? lel

No. 1556907

I dont know Regina but even then I think the one that keeps talking about tonging tranny anus is a moid…Either Mike or some other one from one of the other sites.

No. 1556908

>everyone i dont like is miiiiike noooooo

No. 1556909

I think one of the people you mentioned could care less as well and is wondering why all you faggots are so busy fighting while she is one of the few making funny Mike memes.

No. 1556911

NTA but its probably because you're acting like Mike.

No. 1556914

Pretty sure Mike's the one that got me jannie'd for mikeposting but continue. How many Mikes am I holding up right now?

No. 1556915

>Or some other moid.
You're dense.

No. 1556916

File: 1654925828854.jpeg (79.58 KB, 1280x720, outwit outplay outlast.jpeg)

Hey anyone sperging about trannies can tongue my anus, make some memes you whore.

No. 1556922

Well that ended quick.
I've noticed that anytime an anon accuses someone of being Regina there always someone else posting and causing Chaos too. Like completely separately from the anon being accused of being Regina. Very strange.

No. 1556923

File: 1654926482281.png (136.8 KB, 1584x413, tongue.png)

No. 1556925

File: 1654926509457.png (94.22 KB, 1763x388, my.png)


No. 1556927

File: 1654926532906.png (163.58 KB, 1473x443, anus.png)

No. 1556929

He needs some new lines.

No. 1556931

See that is the thing, Regina and Erika are not sitting in this thread all day but guess who are?
Elaine and Mike.
That said I also know for a fact that it isn't always those two.

No. 1556933

This is probably the most women Mikes ever had giving him attention kek

No. 1556934

Mike usually resorts to violence with the women in his life so I imagine a whole bunch being 'uppity' online where he can't hit them is causing him to punch holes in his drywall, hence why we only ever see his ceiling.

No. 1556935

It's fucking hilarious that all these cows hate the same people and furiously spin their wheels trying to undermine them.

No. 1556937

You know what? Theres been a distinct lack of someone the cows (probably not all of them but a couple of them) hate in this thread. I dont want to say who so they dont start doing it but it should be easy enough for anons from Rachels thread to figure out.

No. 1556938

There is a reason I have not mentioned them in any of posts, it's funnier how they all just fucking forgot like that over someone drawing aggro kek.

No. 1556939

Maybe they'll show up next lmao

No. 1556940

My original point here >>1556868
I've read the threads on .org and onion farms and it's made it very obvious when Mike's here.

They should post their ID, impersonation is ILLEGAL.

No. 1556941

They posted it, they better unpost it!

No. 1556948

Fuck off Regina. Tell us about the Minecraft server. Or are you too busy pretending to be your non existent wife?

No. 1556950

File: 1654928673685.jpg (139.7 KB, 544x517, oh-look-its-this-post-again.jp…)

No. 1556958

File: 1654929688932.jpeg (126.83 KB, 1000x682, The Mike and Elaine Circus Clo…)

"FuCk OfF rEgInA"
Just for that I added Spooky to this image that I am submitting for the next thread banner you little scum sucking chode.>>1556948

No. 1556962

nice try mikey boy. you really think that's going to work this time? regina's in control of everything and there's nothing you can do about it lmao

No. 1556963

Nignog how can you not tell who this is by the style of the shitty editing? I am going to bed this has become silly again lmfao.

No. 1556979

>_____ ISN'T HERE
Thank you Rachel, very cool!

No. 1557153

File: 1654959528705.jpeg (118.99 KB, 850x678, Mike's eternal nightmare.jpeg)

I also made a potential banner for the next thread.

No. 1557179

Erika isn't here, cope and seethe about it. Only she is with her boyfriend getting stairway hall fucked violently against the wall. She has not been here making memes AT ALL!
Report the FACTS!
When will you friggen fricks learn?
When will you learn…that your actions…
-Posted from my Cat's iPhone

No. 1557183

“Once Erika has made themselves a big enough memelord in the eyes of enough anons they cannot really harm your lolcow thread” Were that true, the dumbass (mike) would have fucked off LONG ago.

No. 1557186

No, lots of people are waking up then. It's almost noon on a Saturday in come places. Also you're the only one that cares. Fuck off.

No. 1557188

Not defensive at all. Im not even the anon you're accusing of being Erika. You're just annoying as fuck and again, the only one that cares.

No. 1557190

Im literally not Erika and this entire thread proves your point wrong. Kill yourself. You're bad at this.

No. 1557192

still wrong

No. 1557194

Try harder please.

No. 1557199

Pretty sad you think thats what trying looks like.

No. 1557203

You're right, I'm not because I dont need to. kek

No. 1557204

File: 1654964447252.jpeg (125.79 KB, 910x910, persona.jpeg)

Hey idiots, I was making a Persona 5 meme per request, settle down.
Did not turn out as well as I would like but I am so rusty at image editing it's good enough.

No. 1557205

Regina that was not me you bum lol

No. 1557208

That was totally me making a joke before I went to make a meme, not gonna lie.
Now then I r done obvious posting, not everyone is me. It's quite obvious that anyone trying to discredit me is someone who is vendetta posting as it were, against me. So unless I got relevant milk I'm gonna go back to laughing about people accusing other people of being me.

No. 1557210

Tell me you're not a regular lolcow user without telling me you're not a regular lolcow user.

No. 1557212

File: 1654964814089.png (175.37 KB, 536x345, dumbmike.png)

That is obviously Mike lol
This is obviously Regina lol

No. 1557214

Most people in my DMs are telling me to wait, but I think I'll leave until Mike and Regina lol calm down and come back with memes later.

No. 1557215

Considering a certain someone (and I dont think it was Regina for the record, but what do I know) was accusing random anons of being Erika, I'd say they do care.

No. 1557216

"You're Erika"
"No, you're Erika"
"Actually, I'm Erika"
-both in unison-

No. 1557217

Mike was accusing but the post you are referencing is very clearly Regina and it's so tiring lol

No. 1557218

They're both tiring regardless of who they are.

No. 1557220

Mike and Regina may hate each other but they showed they hate Erika more. For us all to see.

No. 1557221

You're god damn right about that one.

No. 1557227

It's like Regina doesn't realize I am really trying to hold back on them here, some stuff is coming down the line that I would be more concerned about if I were Regina themselves but hey, I also would never have thrown my underlings under the bus to save myself from that BB shit, I would have taken all of the blame myself like an actual leader should do. As such I am just not gonna give two fucks about anyone saying I or me and reeeing over it when hey it's relevant to the situation. Read the god damn rules, everyone else brings attention to my damn phallus not me. Only rule I ever broke was namefagging though I argue it was to help obvious post. I'd do it all over again the same exact way idc, Mike is an amazing cow and the troll group he formed is hilarious and furthermore they raged on me since I did obvious post. It's become funnier since I did than it would have been if I didn't.

No. 1557235

Also samefagging, "I am going to get into a slapfight with someone who literally slapfought for fun on the internet in their youth".
How did that work out for anyone?
I'm going back to making memes and nobody can stop me!

No. 1557236

Well if Regina is here maybe she can answer this anon: >>1556875
I dont use discord so I dont care but still a good question.

No. 1557239

>It's like Regina doesn't realize FAGGOT am really trying to hold back on them here, some stuff is coming down the line that FAGGOT would be more concerned about if NIGGER were Regina themselves but hey, FAGGOT also would never have thrown my underlings under the bus to save myself from that BB shit, FAGGOT would have taken all of the blame myself like an actual leader should do. As such FAGGOT am just not gonna give two fucks about anyone saying FAGGOT or me and reeeing over it when hey it's relevant to the situation. Read the god damn rules, everyone else brings attention to my damn phallus not me. Only rule NIGGER ever broke was namefagging though NIGGER argue it was to help obvious post. FAGGOT'd do it all over again the same exact way idc, Mike is an amazing cow and the troll group he formed is hilarious and furthermore they raged on me since FAGGOT did obvious post. It's become funnier since FAGGOT did than it would have been if FAGGOT didn't.

Oh it's like madlibs, thank you nonna, I love it!

No. 1557245

>missing one
>thinking that's effort


No. 1557249

File: 1654966136541.png (114.18 KB, 332x1080, phoneposting.png)

Never get's old to prove Mike wrong with literally one second of work compared to his years of planning.

No. 1557250

File: 1654966265334.jpg (263.05 KB, 1080x607, spidermanfaggots.jpg)

A better artist than I passed this on to post.

No. 1557253

Get some new memes, Michael.`

No. 1557254

Ikr everyone's making him so many and he keeps re-using content that was stale in 2008.

No. 1557256

Imagine still not realizing that wasn't Erika.

No. 1557260

File: 1654966963373.jpeg (119.95 KB, 850x678, xEPjL3m.jpeg)


No. 1557263

Get some new words, Michael.

No. 1557265

>everyone else brings attention to my damn phallus not me
>my phallus

No. 1557266

Idk it would be schizo but still damn impressive considering all the image edits and timing of posts if we were all in fact(aside from Mike and Regina)Erika.
That means nothing coming from you.
Shut up Regina nobody cares besides you and Mike at this point.

No. 1557268

Samefag to hammer this home.
Confirmed to be here: Mike, Erika, Regina, 2 Nonnas, you're all welcome thats who have posted in the last 15 mins.

No. 1557269

Erika posts. Now I am done playing Mike and Regina's games and so should everyone else with this example displayed.

No. 1557272

File: 1654967480596.jpg (372.24 KB, 1080x810, clownfite.jpg)

No. 1557274

NTA but yeah >>1557268 makes the most sense considering all the posts. I dont think any anons would react the same as you two to this lmao

No. 1557277

File: 1654967818798.png (4.31 KB, 196x81, lol said the scorpion.png)

Tbf there is one gal here who is WK'ing me too hard due to being emotional but they are not posting as much.

One nonna COULD be Naught as he is online atm(Mike and him both hide the online status but it shows in the member count, but that's why I said confirmed.

No. 1557279

He's here moron, I didn't even need to post this for the rest of us to tell your style of writing.

No. 1557280

>Mike and him both hide the online status but it shows in the member count
Lol, lmao


You really drank "the real mike" Kool-aid, huh?

No. 1557282

I'm horrible at picking up writing styles but I can tell there are more Regina posts and Mike posts than Erika posts in here.

No. 1557300

You care, you've been asking why I did this but even if I told you, you would not understand it.

No. 1557307

If post histories wind up getting tagged a lot of people hi-cowing random posts are going to feel dumb.

No. 1557310

I know a few of us are using the same VPN so that would only make this thread even more confusing.

No. 1557311

They still haven't tagged Rachels so doubt it.

No. 1557315

I could probably tag every Mike and Erika post but I do not know Spoopy enough to tag theirs lol.

No. 1557316

The fact that people have repeatedly mentioned the VPN (Proton) that is being used kind of gets me a bit sus that it is going to be a plot point later on and that people have mentioned it so they can say SEEEEEE??? at a later date as part of some gayop. Call me paranoid but also posting this to say I told you so if it ever happens.

No. 1557322

I'd love to have my original IP unbanned, I would hesitate for my posts being tagged as we already know a few specific people would just hate post at me.

No. 1557325

Not saying your wrong but it is free so that could be why. I haven't mentioned that I use it (until now, and I'm just a random anon so I'd have no reason to) but just saying that may be why so many use it.

No. 1557334

You're probably right but also it seems like a way to (besides muddling the waters in general) either try to blame stuff on such people or for them to disavow stuff they actually posted. Mentioning which VPN you use yourself strikes me as incredibly dumb unless it was to set up some later gayop or misdirection but most of our principals her are just that dumb.

No. 1557339

First time I brought it up was to point out how incredibly easy it was for anyone(Mike)to ban evade when some nonnas were saying it couldn't be him but yeah I'm pretty dumb and yet here we are with me being the one standing in the end.
Clown world.

No. 1557340

I could be wrong but from what I know, the farmhands/admin/whoever actually tags the posts is able to tell who it is from more than just the IP. People were talking about it a lot during the creepshow art shit show, and I wish I remembered more specifics to tell you but sadly I dont. I do see your point and agree, though, but if you're right then it wont really help any one who tries it.

No. 1557343

I think I know how but saying anything would only help Mike so let's get back to the show.

No. 1557345

I don't know how things are done specifically here but yes there is (considerably) more than IP that can tip you off although none of it is anything that would present a problem for a tech-savvy person to avoid (it might be a bit of a pain though) although pretending to be another person (among other things having the exact same browser) would be tricky if we're talking about a sufficient level of detail. I don't know what factors that staff here use but I have some idea of what I'd do. Nothing is infallible on either end but the waters can be muddied by people playing games.

No. 1557351

Samefagging to say that Mike is definitely not tech savvy. He didn't know how to use a VPN for a long time (might still not idk) and he needed one of his pickmes to make a Kiwi sock account for him he's so bad at this stuff.

No. 1557358

Yeah I am mainly pointing out that Spooky and I are that tech savvy.

No. 1557361

I just want them to mark Rachels posts. I dont care about anyone elses being marked lol its not like we all dont know which ones were hers but it'd be hilarious.

No. 1557364

Hit post too quick on my last thought lol, I wanted Mike to stick around and he historically has not done so, he makes a new persona roughly every 6 months to a year due to being driven out of communities. Once I saw that I was posting too often for some's liking as a newfag account I had a very very dumb idea, how could I tie Mike to a persona?
Make him get asspats from others.
What is easy laughing bait in these circles?
I knew there was not much in my history to dig up and that Mike would hang himself like he always does so I rolled the dice. Anyone can care to believe me or not, but I wagered that I could temporarily become a cow to finally nail Mike down and get him back for abusing so many women online and offline.
I have always hated violence against women and that kind of shit will never fly if I can help it.

I think it would cause her to lose her shit more so naturally I am all for it.

No. 1557372

Thank you for the perfect set up for me to weeb as Aizen Mike lmfao.

No. 1557376

Same way Mike's kiwi farms socks were found so easily.


You can shut up now.

No. 1557377

File: 1654971469406.jpeg (71.94 KB, 750x720, crying.jpeg)

Oh noooo some random man on the internet thinks I'm disgusting even though he's never seen me to know what I look like. What ever will I do?!

No. 1557378

File: 1654971515305.jpeg (68.72 KB, 640x477, fetchimage.jpeg)

So to be clear your claim here is that you recognized Mike (who you knew from before) and then in an elaborate plan drew attention to yourself on KF and got yourself doxed in order to somehow set up this whole situation…instead of just making a post on him to begin with? Lol.

No. 1557380

Yes sir Inspector Gadget sir, I'll leave the rest to you fine folks.

No. 1557381

>I would hesitate for my posts being tagged as we already know a few specific people would just hate post at me
Can't imagine why…

No. 1557383

Not Erika but pretty sure they did just make a post and Spooky/Regina was the mod that deleted it.

No. 1557385

Nah just getting you to obvious post, I enjoy the mystery.
I also posted a shitty image of a tophat at Null when he took away MATI reacts.

No. 1557388

File: 1654971742284.jpg (218.55 KB, 938x603, Screenshot_20220611-142227_Chr…)


No. 1557393

I did manage to salt most everyone who has come at me, but sure I am schizophrenic. How does that help anyone I felted look better?(infighting)

No. 1557394

No, it was some other user. Perhaps UH was the ultimate source of the dox but that was in large part the original problem: the dox wasn't proven and was poorly presented because it relied on UH saying "oh I know that guy" but didn't actually say that. Had it actually stated where the dox came from things might have gone differently but who knows maybe not. We will never know now.

No. 1557396

Wow, thats some fanfic. But no and I'm actually married. Sorry to burst your bubble. I'll get divorced and gain weight asap though. You're here too though, btw.

No. 1557398

For the record RMM posted that topic before I wanted it posted, we were both newfags and to be clear Spooky should have removed and informed us on the halal rules or just banned us for that.

No. 1557400

Ah, you're right. My mistake.

No. 1557429

File: 1654974533550.png (53.54 KB, 677x277, dotorg faggots in chat.png)

Thread is being watched closely by the scrotes over at lolcow.org, BTW, so it is safe to say they have also been doing a little trolling. Tongue-my-anus posts most definitely but I think I've seen some people pretending to be other people in here and trying to push different stories, too. Just don't believe everything you read, nonnas.

No. 1557438

File: 1654975089858.png (181.98 KB, 1473x986, ggreceipt.png)

You mean the post GuntGallop made that spooky deleted?

No. 1557444

Second of four ways we tied him to those accounts when Spooky kept deleting and guarding him.

No. 1557446

It says "brought to my attention…" so maybe, I don't really recall which post was which and who made it. But as you can see as a dox it is not actually proven and relied on various Discord shennanigans. Meanwhile someone else (I think unrelated to this group) was pretending to be Mike on Discord to troll, which gave Mike even more room to plausibly cry "gayops." It was a shitshow all around. I'm not sure if UH coming forward and explaining how he knew Mike would have helped or not, but if he's telling the truth about this (I believe him personally) then we're a lot closer to understanding that fiasco.

No. 1557450

Fuck it been trying to upload the file directly but it won't let me so I'll just uploaded it to youtube.
I think this video might be for you.

No. 1557454

File: 1654975981497.png (1.54 KB, 168x50, anon.png)

I think this pic related might be for you.

No. 1557463

never believe a word sneasel says. sneasel is a literal pedophile. he was also doxed by tommie tooter!

No. 1557467

Are you even trying to sound convincing? You must be from .org. What happened to The Fool? He was funny

No. 1557468

No. 1557470

He came back for a few months then left iirc it was like october when he left and maybe June when he popped back?
(Lurk .org)

No. 1557471

Sad, hope hes doing okay.

It hasn't been. Thanks anon!

No. 1557472

Didn't he leave about the time that he was exposed as being part of the Watchmen fiasco? He was funny though and got done dirty by Josh who banned him in a fit of pique for making a silly joke about Josh's favorite web browser.

No. 1557473

Don't lurk chat and wasn't around for the whole .org OF thing so yeah he's very Brave™.
Initially, came back to answer a bit but seemed to shift to shitposting then (to my knowledge) left suddenly.

No. 1557476

Null said he was doxxed by tommie so it must be true

No. 1557495

Literally no one cares.

No. 1557498


No. 1557512

histoire and goddess yellow heart then

No. 1557513

He's lying, nonna.

No. 1557516

For sure I just wanted him to say no so I knew he was.

No. 1557521

File: 1654979448666.png (120.51 KB, 1084x541, ohjeezmike.png)

Mike likes to self report on how much he misses being able to talk to people by genuinely responding to an obvious bot's thread over on Deadinthewater.com

No. 1557533

Oh look at the first reply, it's >>1557516 (peep the pic name here) who is one of the only other people who post on Onionfarms and one of the most flaccid-dicked losers on the splinters. As he's possibly literally the only person active on there who's not involved in this mess, I guess he felt the need to put himself in. I wouldn't be surprised if he is in their loathsome gayops Discord and is one of the LARPers upthread too.

No. 1557541

File: 1654980234409.png (437.1 KB, 1640x664, other spooky deleted posts.png)

Yeah I have no idea who Gamercat is but from the bits I have seen he seems like genuinely retarded.

Anyways here are some other posts on the initial dox from the two users other than Genetic, RMM and Erika who were in on making Mike's original Dox.

No. 1557551

Are we going to get to the ones where there is actually a proven dox and not vague Discord rumors and "trust me bro?" We won't, because there weren't any.

No. 1557555

Tell ya what, if BB keeps popping up I'll include them in the next thread and go back to scrape the whole thread and some DMs myself if you really want but ultimately to me, it seems like a pointless tangent.

No. 1557558

> it seems like a pointless tangent
This, but unless I am mistaking my obviousposters you're the one who keeps going back to it, so I'm confused now.

No. 1557560

You are, sorry I'm like super tired today so mainly dropping stuff I get passed along not paying as much attention as I was before lol.

No. 1557567

I might be mistaken but wouldn't the original 'dox' of Michael count as a halal on kiwi? One that wasn't agreed by staff? If so having some posts be deleted doesn't really seem like a Spooky bones conspiracy because they were all breaking rules. Also after the 'dox' was declared a faildox people were deleting their posts to save face so that adds to the confusion. I don't think you can say Spooky bones deleted all of these posts when people were deleting their own and there's no way to know which or how many.

No. 1557571

File: 1654982068759.jpg (370.89 KB, 1664x806, jesus christ.jpg)

Genetically Modified Fuck is probably here ladies and lurkers, remember the know Mike personally story?
Now I know why someone posing as Erika was not doing so to make them look bad but to hide who they were…so who's sock is Genetically Modified Fuck?
I take it back, this has become interesting.

No. 1557573

File: 1654982244210.png (253.43 KB, 1046x772, gamercatdotorgtrolls.png)

gamercat confirmed part of the lolcow uprising and as Mike simp

No. 1557574

>I might be mistaken but wouldn't the original 'dox' of Michael count as a halal on kiwi?
Michael might be a slightly borderline case because if some weirdo shows up to sperg and they get made fun of or even doxed it's not a "halal" unless they're actually participating in the Kiwi community but arguably Mike was doing that even though he was being massively autistic and obnoxious–that is hardly a unique thing among Kiwis. But the original dox thread was suspicious for a few reasons, it was also very focused on Mike's politics with one of the posters even saying that it would be OK to dox Mike even if he wasn't Angry Canadian because Mike was a Nazi (I don't have the exact quote) and the poster quoted above saying they don't want to give his political views a platform, which might be a common enough standpoint to have in the mainstream but is not at all the way things are generally done on KF. So the whole thing was (a) probably an unsanctioned halal; (b) not well proven; (c) looked vendetta-ish and possibly driven by Mike/AC's politics plus (d) weird Discord gayops going on.

With that much counting against it, regardless of who was involved, I don't think Kiwi staff would want to take on that mess or even take the time to figure out what was going on. I feel like it's important also to have some 20/20 hindsight, nobody not even (seemingly) the people posting the original dox was aware of Michael's abuse of women, he'd not yet posted revenge porn of a Kiwi Farms user, or for that matter that he was a secret tranny. He just seemed like a huge sperg. A particularly annoying one, but those are a dime a dozen on there.

So whoever GMF is is the one who claimed to know Mike, and Erika never knew Mike? Besides the fact that this is why namefagging is cancerous, this is very interesting. All of those things (except the younger wife but that could be some woman we don't know about) turned out to be very true, although GMF didn't offer anything at the time that you could call proof. Now that looks vendetta-ish (although Mike doubtlessly deserves it) and might explain a lot of things especially if all these people were communicating offsite.

No. 1557575

Can you write up a summary of him to add and dump some shitty avatars of his for me to add to the next thread's OP?

No. 1557579

I am 100% sure that Gamercat is involved in gayops but >>1557573 is just a pic of him reacting to a post, I don't know if it can be called proof. As for who he is, I don't really know anything about him either except he is a really annoying poster who I don't think has ever contributed anything of worth in his life. Unlike most of the .org scrotes he's not banned off KF (yet?)

Incidentally I've gotten mean stickers from this guy out of nowhere on KF. I think he likes to give out "contrarian" ratings like the one in your pic i.e. rating a post "dumb" that everyone else liked. It's low effort trolling bullshit. But I'd bet money he is in the gayops Discord nonetheless. Just gonna need better proof.

No. 1557584

It's extremely vendetta-ish and I do desire to know why, yeah his post is so oddly prescient it gives away now that he obviously knew Mike irl or had a long online relationship or close enough one to videochat. I wanted to see who the hell wanted to post that info so I have been rolling along with it, and since now I kind of have an idea I guess it's back to digging. The fact that he did not give more stuff and just dipped when more information was demanded really leads me to believe that he was actually a friend of Mike's and did not actually hate him. Iirc he came in at the angle of Mike being okay to dox him cause he knew Mike and Mike was a Nazi and so thats okay, which I disagreed with and was why I didn't attempt to fight Spooky removing the dox initially(even though I had more connections to dump I was a newfag and had no idea who's word to go by other than a mod, if I knew Spooky was a new mod I would have went to another staff member to find shit out better)
Most certainly needs more proof, I was just thinking of adding him as a random troll as this thread has some of those who aren't on any side.
Nobody cares about Sockiestsock.

No. 1557585

Sorry about the spoonfeeding but I can not for the life of me remember ever hearing about Erika supposedly knowing Mike personally. I could have just missed it in the shit show, it could have been posted elsewhere, or I might just be retarded. Where was this said? Or are you talking about how Erika knew Mike from elsewhere online before KF? Im so confused nonnies.

No. 1557587

Talking about the person claiming to be me that knew Mike from earlier, I have known a ton of ppl LIKE Mike but honestly nah, I never joined the farms before August. I used to use chans a lot but yeah that's about it.

No. 1557588

I didn't mean to imply Erika knew mike "personally" but he mentions somewhere I think in the shitshow Rachel thread about encountering Mike some time ago online. Which would explain a lot. Unless of course that was someone else pretending to be Erika or getting mistaken for Erika in which case wew lad.

No. 1557589

Everyone thought it was me so I played along aye.

No. 1557590

Like >>1557584 said, no one gives a fuck about SockiestSock, but they were also right in >>1557573 this comment.

Oh okay okay I do remember that then, thank you! Very suspicious.

No. 1557598

Should I go on or is your retarded ass going to shut the fuck up for once in your miserable life?

No. 1557599

Samefagging to respond and say no prob, I enjoy keeping to the facts if I am not actively having someone hang themselves. Sometimes I have to hold back shit for cases like this just to figure out why the hell someone's doing it.

No. 1557607

LOL Mike deleted the thread oh boy, he isn't pressed by a loose Gamercat Connection AT ALL.

No. 1557612

Fell for the ol' post something wild, wait thirty seconds and delete to just confirm Mike is always lurking trick did ya?

No. 1557615

Mike doesn't have mod powers in Onion 101. Naught or Ken would have had to have moved it.

No. 1557616

Lol pressed and you will be pressed until you vanish like your erections when called on to actually please a woman. You also probably smell really bad and can only access even the broken pickme women you do through a computer screen.

No. 1557618

Source? Ken fucked up the site so the mod tag doesn't always show up and other wonky things.

No. 1557620

Mike is a "local mod" of the lolcow, celebrity sphere, and onionpedia forums.

No. 1557623

Did Kengle give him mod or Naught?

No. 1557625

I was a local mod on one subforum and could still strip IPs, move threads in other forums, ban ppl from the whole site itself, etc is my point.

No. 1557646

Kengle denied giving Mike mod after Mike's halal thread dropped and blamed Naught, who he said can mod as he pleases. Since Mike rolled imageboard user it's anyone's guess.


No. 1557652

God that was a mess that is over there. Onion Farms was never relevant but was kind of a cute passion project of Kengle's but now I think literally every member is Naught's littl pedo squad, or enemies of theirs come to fuck with them. Kengle immediately took to OnionFarms to paint Mike getting halal'd as an attack on his site by a Kiwi Konspiracy presumably becaus OnionFarms was a threat. And from what I hear Naught and Michael have Kengle all gassed up about this and convinced that all the stories about Mike are lies (and some of the supposed players in this conspiracy hate each other so it doesn't even make any sense) but this is what they've unironically got him to believe.

No. 1557655

They're Idea Guying Kengle and nobody can stop them.

No. 1557662

Does Naught really have a secret loli forum on there?

No. 1557665

If he did I had no way of accessing or finding it.
Omg you gais, its THE MICHELLE THROWUP

No. 1557666

Thanks for the clarifications, nonna.
>So whoever GMF is is the one who claimed to know Mike
I get the impression these people like GMF knew of Michael rather than actually knew him, Michael did have a public and online presence so it would make sense he'd collect some orbiters over the years. The fact Michael showed his ass on kiwi farms to the point those people knew it was him is hilarious.
>younger wife but that could be some woman we don't know about
Michael claimed repeatedly to have a younger model wife so they probably picked that up from Michael claiming the same thing before coming to kiwi farms. We all now know that was a big lie about a big woman.

No. 1557667

saw this on the front page and thought he was dan schneider

No. 1557668

Nickolodeon girls hit the wall when Dan "Hold them tighter til the toes get whiter" Schneider gets ahold of them.
Certainly second this.

Hey .org peeps, it is funny but a bit more effort pls if you're gonna step into the circus to play. (Love ya'll)

No. 1557669

Inb4 Mike starts ceilingposting again and claiming to have not been here at all, despite continuously posting caps on pedo farms.

No. 1557671

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man, to be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

No. 1557672

File: 1654986789294.jpg (61.31 KB, 511x511, f98.jpg)

God damnit

No. 1557673

this is true
I am a pathological liar

No. 1557674

> I get the impression these people like GMF knew of Michael rather than actually knew him,
The Radioactive Monkey Man guy is Canadian (and joined at the same time as Michael) but he denied pretty adamantly that either of these meant anything (and they might not) and I think I recall him saying he got the dox from "someone" and nobody wanted to admit who it was, so was it GMF or the thread's pet troon? This stuff gives me a headache.

No. 1557677

Thread's Pet Troon gave him the dox and told him to wait for more, he got a bit too excited and posted the Thread. Other users scrambled to add info and some people trolled on discord as him.

No. 1557681

The Thread's Pet Troon should've taken the monkey man's balls for that tbh. Never op with actual retards.

No. 1557686

Can agree to that, though it would seem they are more of a forgiving person with enough cows to make out of their enemies to add someone who has moved on into this shitfire.

No. 1557687

GMF is actually me

No. 1557691

Prove it Mike, none of the .org scrotes are this unfunny lol.

No. 1557694

Anyone else member Mike telling .org to ban him and 'make him leave' before being laughed off the site after his halal? I member.

No. 1557696

God his fucking whining to staff really was the best though with how Macho Tran he acts in public, he's such a fucking spineless dweeb.

No. 1557697

There is an idea of a Nohull, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real online persona, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my seriousposting and you can upvote my post and feel me upvoting yours and maybe you can even sense our posting styles are probably comparable: I simply am not there. It is hard for me to make sense on any given level. Myself is fabricated, an aberration. I am a noncontingent poster. My posts are sketchy and unformed, my shitpostness goes deep and is persistent. My effortposting, my doods, my hopes disappeared a long time ago (probably at Universidad Complutense of Madrid) if they ever did exist. There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the unsneedable and the based, the undabable and the cringe, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it, I have now surpassed. I still, though, hold on to one single bleak truth: no one is safe, nothing is unmemable. Yet I am blameless. Each model of online posting must be assumed to have some validity. Is cringe something you are? Or is it something you do? My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape. But even after admitting this—and I have countless times, in just about every act I’ve committed—and coming face-to-face with these truths, there is no catharsis. I gain no deeper knowledge about myself, no new understanding can be extracted from my telling. There has been no reason for me to tell you any of this. This shitpost has meant nothing…

No. 1557699

It's kinda sad when .org users want this thread to stay on track because of how big of a cow you are Mike…

No. 1557703

Portholes or gtfo, 'Mike'.

No. 1557707

I second this motion.

No. 1557709

Things this thread demands above all else:
>Proof it's actually Nautical Themed and not just filled with three feet of standing trash.
>Scale Pics of Rachel.
>Who GMF is.
>Pictures of Spiderman! On my desk by tomorrow Damnit!

No. 1557710

It really appears like that's when all hell broke loose and multiple users dogpiled but because the 'dox' was incomplete and speculative, despite being based on reality, it was doomed to fail the first time around. Especially with people ILLEGALLY impersonating Michael on discord.

No. 1557711

As the person who ended up with a thread over it, yeah kinda shitty but I literally do not care aside from finding out who GMF is, so idk why anyone else would actually care about it tbh.

No. 1557714

Yeah agree. There was just too many newfags newfagging up the joint and the Discord gayops gave Michael the perfect way to establish reasonable doubt. If people had shown their work a bit better (even if it was "I know this guy from X") then maybe we would've gotten a legitimate halal 10 months ago. But we also would've missed out on a lot of milk. Sucks to be the pickme who got picked during that time period but you know what they say about pickmes.

You have an ugly and unhygenic-looking penis.

No. 1557717

With all the people who actually made cows of themselves over it and asspatting AC after it was worth it in the end for the merge to pick this timeline.

No. 1557725

COMPLETELY INNAPROPRIATE, don't you know there are RULES on this side of the internet? You can't just make talk to staff threads public, that's ILLEGAL.

No. 1557730

lol he was so buck broken by his "wife" getting doxed because I bet that was his meal ticket maybe visa ticket and he knew he had fucked up when she would start to feel the consequences of their gayops couples time … notice she's basically the only thing he doesn't talk about too

No. 1557736

He says he hits women but I bet if he hit Sam it was only once and she dumpstered him promptly after the ineffectual effeminate impact.

No. 1557739

He'd have to swing up lol. She seems like a doormat though/ She did mention him beating her badly enough to bust up her face.

No. 1557740

God I hate this faggot so much.

No. 1557744

>Who GMF is
Probably just some /pol/itisperg imo

Imagine hitting a refrigerator, fucking ouch

No. 1557782

It's about time this shifts into an actual Mike thread.

No. 1557849

So that text on that "BDSM" picture mike drew is disturbing to say the least

No. 1558585

So has this thread pretty much died because Mike got his own thread?
Sad. Was hoping more Onion flavored shitposting would occur.

No. 1558685

The Mike thread is made by Erika(or a friend of his) and is overrun by him and his tranny simps. I get making fun of Mike but siding with a lolcow to make fun of another lolcow is gay.

No. 1558727

Epic Fail Man you really are a lolcow with how your unsaged posts on this site glow like the fucking sun you god damn moid fuck.

No. 1558784

Have you ever heard of the phrase "set a thief to catch a thief?" Also, unfunny scrote, sage your shit, commit minecraft, etc.

No. 1559235

>siding with a lolcow to make fun of another lolcow is gay.
Tell that to the Killstream viewers and everyone in the guntverse.

No. 1559262

He comes from dot org, where most users are a lolcow so what he said makes zero sense like usual.

No. 1559564

Trolling scrotes? All in a day's work.

No. 1560117

Mike got assblasted and threadbanned GroundPound from the Rachel thread lmao

No. 1560126

File: 1655192662263.jpg (69.16 KB, 1208x349, 1351235.JPG)

forgot the picture

No. 1560155

is it just me or does Ground Pound pfp look like the Walter Burgess monkey guy?

No. 1560162

I think it's supposed to be a turtle

No. 1560163

File: 1655193810864.png (812.06 KB, 753x713, groundpound.png)

idc this is my headcanon now

No. 1560170

File: 1655194083763.png (56.59 KB, 280x140, walkerpound.png)

Pic related

No. 1560178

I mean the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1560184

Also props to the absolute champion of a person tard wrangling Rachel's thread despite all the mentions of trannies being Rachel trying to deflect.

No. 1560222

Yeah, that person is really doing the Lord’s work by doing that kek

No. 1560458

Free my nigga GroundPound

No. 1560466

File: 1655223245774.jpg (235.52 KB, 1074x702, tippingcow.jpg)

Erika watch out Rachel wants to gayops

No. 1560473

>Doesn't know how IPs work.
Beautiful Rachel, well done. Would also depend on what the warrant is for but highly doubt most cops would care.

No. 1560476

This fat cunt acting like she doesn't use a VPN and she isn't the only one who uses VPNs. She thinks she's smart lol

No. 1560483

Oh yeah cops for sure wont give a fuck then.

Rachels brain totally only consists of Sephiroth smut and blubber so try not to expect too much common sense from her anon

No. 1560494

It is. I really thought it was funny to see them tranny sperging trying to derail again in Rachels thread. Glad none of the nonnies took the bait.

No. 1560501

Here comes Madame Yeast,
Hitting up the local buffet for a feast.
She says her pussy drip but nobody wanna take a dip.
Dumpster diving behind Lush,
Sephiroth her husbando crush.
Ines got her cryin,
Farmers call out her lyin.
She thinks she's the champ
But she got that "Gross" stamp.
Still a virgin, never been kissed,
She wishes her threads didn't exist.
Rachel you earned your cake,
Eat it up don't be a flake.
Just like pics of your scale,
Tryna hide that you still a whale.
Maybe that 250 pounds was on the dot,
Cope and seethe, pussy rot.

No. 1560505

File: 1655225413976.jpg (643.89 KB, 809x1848, active.jpg)

For the sake of sharing here as well. Gayops inbound lol

No. 1560529

She's talking about wishing Erika was raped in prison now too, complete spergout.

No. 1560540

Post caps in her thread. That'll go well when shes larping as being a trans ally and feminist on twitter.

No. 1560541

File: 1655227451825.png (996.46 KB, 995x560, memesters.png)

It looks like Erika is also teaming up with some fellow speds for gayops

No. 1560544

Because… someone made a meme? You're gonna have to do better than that.

No. 1560547

File: 1655227585693.png (355.47 KB, 375x596, unholy fusion.png)

Just post the meme about the confirmed team-up anyways kek.

No. 1560556

Ask Empresa, he'll confirm it.

No. 1560559

Couldn't be Erika, Empressa and Cowpoly trolling you now…could it?

No. 1560560

No. 1560604

>Not knowing those 4 were on a team from the start.

No. 1560608

I'm naming myself King of the tard cage thread.

No. 1560628

File: 1655230924236.png (107.43 KB, 1206x535, regina.PNG)

Considering who Spooky Bones/Regina's "husband" appears to be, I won't buy the shared accounts story without evidence that a woman even existed to share accounts with. Is there proof that Regina's a woman? I just want to know if it's safe to get verified in the lolcord (Regina is verified)

No. 1560630

No. 1560644

lmao pussy

No. 1560651

This is kino:

No. 1560652

Kino is slang for lurk moar faggot

No. 1560658

quality cinema

No. 1560726

File: 1655238936843.jpg (56.05 KB, 570x898, HellsingTheDawn415399.jpg)

Wolves eh?

No. 1560727

File: 1655239013686.jpg (92.79 KB, 1070x579, blaineempresagayops.JPG)

No. 1560728

File: 1655239108160.jpg (68.82 KB, 403x678, blaineempresagayops2.JPG)

No. 1560730

> believing anything anyone says on discord, ever
I smell gayops and not the ones you are trying to claim.

No. 1560732

samefag to say you are gonna need massively better receipts than this weak bullshit

No. 1560733

It's very easy to flush these retards.

No. 1560746

File: 1655240140969.gif (4.41 MB, 182x316, 536CEA00-0B11-4CD1-A66B-1977BB…)

Okay, just gotta finish this.

No. 1560759

Oh the "everything I don't like is gayops" gayops. Makes sense now.

No. 1560770

This is gayops, that is gayops, you are gayops, I am gayops.
No comrade, I tell you this day, we are all the gayops.

No. 1560771

empresa has never been particularly smart
shes slowly become more and more skitzo that all of her discord pals are out to get her and lashes out at them which just makes them like her less
one day shell have no one left but her pet retards elaine miller and spookybones
a team of completely mentally broken beligirent outcasts who consistently get every possible deet wrong, thrashing about their dm chains like a criminally insane man using retard strength to tear the padded walls of his cell

oh and by the way for those out of the loop empresa has talked multiple times about feeding on tranny semen

No. 1560772

Empresa is a guy and exclusively dates trannies

No. 1560774

File: 1655242041263.png (1.2 MB, 2480x3570, 0c0gu559mok71.png)

Sure are courageous making these accusations without much substance as well as giving yourself away by capping from two different servers. What did you hope to gain by stabbing Empresa in the back I wonder?
Don't answer, I'll find out soon. I always do.("expect us"- level of autism)

No. 1560799

File: 1655244254178.jpeg (5.56 KB, 614x327, F0E6AE21-BFC5-4C2E-BC65-FD4638…)

No. 1560816

The real Epic Fail Man here. Just came back to say what the heck man things seem to be getting really sussy around here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1560901

Seems to be onion farmers or .org scrotes. I dont think anyone from here cares this much.

No. 1560911

The people who got leaked don't care so yeah, pretty lame attempt again. Hopefully tomorrow they don't come back.

No. 1560921

This is a gay op to get users to join the Onionfarms.

touch grass

No. 1560924

File: 1655253466414.jpg (20.21 KB, 538x142, notcaring.JPG)

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

No. 1560934

Listen to yourself, get people to join OF?
This songs for you.

No. 1560955

File: 1655255811688.jpeg (14.19 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

This actually makes sense. Naught is one of the most pathetic self-promoters out there if you are familiar with him. This is a guy who's ban off KF was partly due to making socks to give himself updoots and spamming his threads everywhere. Doing gayops to promote "his" shitty website is totally in his wheelhouse as is gaslighting Kengle into believing whatever it is that he's got him believing now.

No. 1560956

I don't give a fuck about OF, I want everyone to know all the players in this retarded game.

No. 1560961

Nah you're throwing out accusations without backing like a baby throwing a tantrum about those "mean bullies".

No. 1560963

File: 1655256609959.png (511.22 KB, 380x665, unknown.png)

Don't forget the biggest player of them all.

No. 1560971

No one thats not already on the other sites even knows who that is. No one knows who this >>1560746 even is either.

No. 1560975

They're both Elaine simps Cowpoly and Empresa troll.

No. 1560978

Embarrassing for Elaine.

No. 1560982

That's not Empresa or Poly, the other person is in a .org discord and leaking on these two to try and make them look bad.

No. 1560989

Ive seen the leaked pic of Poly. I was more just replying about them being Elaine simps.

No. 1560992

My mistake!

No. 1561003

All good, I could have been more clear!


Thats sneasel??

No. 1561006

No it's Sheriff, a guy who larped as Sneasel. He's a sped, stop failing for the scrote bait lol

No. 1561007

Well I dont pay attention to these people, and Im sure most other anons dont either. How am I supposed to know what they look like?

No. 1561008

Oh I'm not saying you should care but when looking at the prior caps you should be suspicious of someone claiming a very ugly person is most anyone. There's about one or two people left besides Mike that are actually Gay-oping. They couldn't get people to turn on Erika or Regina so they're moving down their enemies list until something works.

No. 1561013

Dude you really gonna believe Tommy Tooter?

No. 1561019

I see, well dumb plan on their part because most anons dip out of this thread when the moids start obvious posting, so no ones gonna care enough to do more than maybe make a couple posts on whoever.

No. 1561025

The site Tooter posted most of it on doesn't allow doing and that's an unrelated person so yeah as staff he probably got annoyed.

No. 1561027

It’s not hard to make empresa look retarded
He does enough of that himself to the point where his faggot friends are all snaking on him

No. 1561028

Spinning your wheels is so much fun, you're a schizo little one, go away now stupid moid, now this thread I will avoid.
I just like Empresa more now.

No. 1561063

thank you for tard caging your own faggotry

No. 1561071

>little one
wtf how do you know my height

No. 1561090

Considering the type of drama, most people here are probably pretty big in comparison to a normal human.

No. 1561126

the dotorg/Discord mafia scrotes posted the same ugly ass moid in Elaine's thread here >>1493975 so it is probably the same idiots with their same gayops

No. 1561130

That's sheriff he's a meme for both sides of that weird shit flinging contest. Someone doesn't like Empresa and is trying to make him feel bad simple as that really.

No. 1561133

Empresa is pretty spergy and was sort of creepy in how he orbited Elaine (especially as I thought he was a woman originally) but as far as moids from that sphere goes I think he is alright and pretty harmless, probably better than the scrotes attacking him to take a wild guess. I don't know the players but I bet that's the case.

No. 1561134

Anyone has proof that he's Yawning Sneasel? Sneasel hangs in AMB so probably Erika can tell us something.

No. 1561136

Sneasel also lives one state over from me, no sheriff is not Sneasel lol.

No. 1561140

Eh, probably envy.

No. 1561208

So this is post 924 (I think) … once this one is done, it was just a temporary containment, right? Three threads seems like a bit much and this one is already attracting scrotes and gayoppers and that can go in the Michael thread. Or what do nonnies think?

No. 1561222

I like tard cages.

No. 1561286

This is fucking bizarre, I remember when the Elaine drama started and thought it would blow over quickly. I remember SpookyBones and her wine aunt posting on kiwifarms last summer and that AngryCanadian guy getting his own containment thread there. Seeing how it all evolved into this is hilarious and confusing.

No. 1561350

They all have their own origin arcs and joined together to form some sort of autistic version of the Suicide Squad for lolcows, targeting the people they feel wronged them and shitting up everything wherever they go. They think they're doing something good when really these fuckers need to be coddled through the process of doxing people and dishing up dirt.
The only one who is good at assembling info is Mike but that's because he realizes the circle doesn't go in the square hole just because it fits. Although sometimes he forgets that, but when he isn't vendetta-channing his posts he seems to understand.

No. 1561369

I hate that current lolcow content is now just ex-KF users turned lolcows gay-opping each other.

No. 1561376

I don't because almost all of them are post-merge Kiwis that joined specifically during the ILJ shit show.
The trash is taking itself out.

No. 1561379

And the old kiwis that try to snipe just get turned into cows too, simply incredible work.

No. 1561386

You're a fucking retard, every thread he has is round object in square hole you brainlet fag.

No. 1561390

KF is a newfag site for newfags, it's completely detached from oldfag culture. Your site shows how little difference there is between cows and their farmers to the entire sphere.

No. 1561400

File: 1655300231210.png (885.37 KB, 1080x1831, iPaO9is.png)

Here is someone who poses as EFM and thinks they are not a lolcow. Big harvest this year.

No. 1561401

File: 1655300466283.jpg (29 KB, 697x246, moar.JPG)

No. 1561402

lol Erika, you do realize you're seething right now.

No. 1561403

File: 1655300724434.png (227.39 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20220615-084134.png)

And now Arin has run from discord in tears, crying about those evil mean trannies.

No. 1561404

File: 1655300802039.jpg (59.38 KB, 655x724, erin.JPG)

No. 1561405

This shit is so confusing… I know who Michael and Rachel are, but Brian? Erika? Regina? I read the related threads here and on KF and I'm still confused.

No. 1561406

Keep proving you're the one seething Arin, you're too lazy to look up my dead name but wanted to talk mad shit. Have fun!

No. 1561407

Tl;Dr Arin and his buddies tried to go after their enemies and got their gay op blown up in their face.

No. 1561408

File: 1655301071959.png (41.01 KB, 1080x181, Screenshot_20220615-085037.png)

Elaine actually doxed someone and that person is starting fights, amazing.

No. 1561409

Empresa invited Blaine to a server full of people Empresa is fighting with in a hopes that Blaine will fight for him. Blaine has done exactly what Empresa wanted and is now having a slap fight with random people that aren't related to any of this drama

No. 1561410

This person is fucking with Blaine and giving them the name of a known January 6th person, the same fake name he gave to Elaine. Blaine is the same level of retardedly gullible as Elaine.

No. 1561411

File: 1655301270917.jpg (60.76 KB, 653x730, deranged.JPG)

No. 1561413

Nigger you are in caps admitting to leaking sit the fuck down newfag.

No. 1561422

File: 1655302049696.png (41.37 KB, 821x241, Screenshot_20220615-090645.png)

Newfag is dumber than Elaine Miller confirmed.

No. 1561424

File: 1655302117488.jpg (47.02 KB, 1134x368, clout.JPG)

No. 1561426

Claiming this was bait in the end won't save you. You tried to pose as EFM, deal with it.

No. 1561427

File: 1655302227989.jpg (22.03 KB, 645x199, ok.JPG)

Blaine needs to get back on his psych meds

No. 1561434

Cope,seethe, reddit nigger.

No. 1561437

What are you gonna do to him? Try and rape him with your flaccid cock, Blaine? Seethe.

No. 1561438

No. 1561442

Oh no, looks like the tranny broke.

No. 1561444

When the tard starts declaring victory you know he's pressed. So that's one ween/failtroll down, bet more to go still.

No. 1561446

File: 1655302897221.png (723.78 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20220615-091920.png)

And with Julay I bid him adieu, too autistic for even me.

No. 1561454

Holy fucking shit LOL. You're STILL seething at me hahahaha.

I appreciate the attention but no thanks, I'm not into trannies.

No. 1561459

I'm not the tranny but I'll tell you what she's been doing for the past month.
>Someone comes in to snipe her.
>They slapfight, she disengages, her target gets saltier.
>Target then spews into other spaces about her.
>Collect caps to make them look even more foolish.

Gg getting stuck in her obvious cycle.

No. 1561462

>Comes to random server to slap fight
That's not what I would call disengaging but okay

No. 1561464

File: 1655303657795.jpg (21.04 KB, 474x371, th-200096280.jpg)

No. 1561467

Dope I knew there was two of you.

No. 1561469

File: 1655303847973.jpg (18.98 KB, 628x125, anon.JPG)

Erika is totally not astroturfing this thread.

No. 1561472

uh uh we gut two sussy sussies amogus. I must dispose of them.

>insert vague threat with stupid anime image

No. 1561474

File: 1655304075418.jpg (28.39 KB, 623x248, lcf.JPG)

No. 1561479

>I'm letting mama Regina deal with you

Seriously why is Spooky associating with this retard. What does he hope to gain? Do they realize that siding with schizophrenic spastics are putting them down to the same level as AC and Naught.

basically this >>1561369

No. 1561482

File: 1655304639714.png (109.31 KB, 1079x386, Screenshot_20220615-094937.png)

Crippling levels of Autism. Sadge, can't sage, no comebacks, low energy.

No. 1561495

So literal whos have been alogging the Rachel thread vendetta Channing Regina and Erika, Erika outs one, they start reacting in a way only gay-opers do when their plans get leaked.
How in the fuck?
Are the only people who hate those two actual retards? So far it really seems like it.

No. 1561496

cope, lol

No. 1561497

"Erika goddammit you were supposed to defeat the cows, not join them!" -Empresa, probably

No. 1561502

File: 1655305922092.png (87.53 KB, 711x314, Screenshot_20220615-100944.png)

Someone wants to take credit for all the alogging, just shows they're trying to distract from the rest of their group.
Watch them jump to defend Mike and then wonder how long they've been together.
Funny how they self report, probably not many of them left anymore so they want credit for even the tiniest of things.

No. 1561504

File: 1655306036837.png (109.71 KB, 730x619, unknown1.png)

Lol Mad, he's starting discord infighting in their gay ops server.

No. 1561505

File: 1655306039201.jpg (27.85 KB, 586x283, lol.JPG)

This person is fucking with you Erika.

No. 1561506

File: 1655306111556.png (137.73 KB, 736x724, unknown2.png)

Creating conspiracy theories, lol.

No. 1561508

File: 1655306185603.jpg (58.18 KB, 659x720, okay.JPG)

No. 1561509

Empresa, go bother Null and ask him to unban you from the ip2 thread. That’s where you belong and are needed.

No. 1561511

Oh look a bunch of scrotes that hate Regina and Erika.
Hi cows!

No. 1561512

How all of this has gone down is too funny. I love it.

No. 1561514

It's no use, you recruited a retard and he's fucking up and shitting in your ops.

Empresa, I told you this will happen, I tried to warn you. This is like a tradition to him. Everything Blaine joins he ruins and embarrasses.

I recommend following regular lolcows than doing this gay shit seriously, get a better hobby.

No. 1561516

They reported on themselves….
I'm shocked anyone would be dumb enough to say they came to LCF to fuck with the site.

No. 1561520

So Arin aka Coldbrew tried to make a name for himself by going after LCF, Regina and Erika?
Yeeeesh, how do the new morons just get dumber in this saga?

No. 1561523

I really don't get it either, at this point I assume anyone trying to attack Erika or Regina at this point is a cow.

No. 1561528

No I hated them at first until it was proven they had aloggers and posers like you ruining her name. On her own merit I would not think of her as a woman but her enemies are all misogynistic men so she's obviously a woman.

No. 1561534

Newfag comes in to tell us about what the culture is on this site and claim they're not a man. Okay sorry some trannies hate her too, you're still men as you act like men though.

No. 1561537

> Seriously why is Spooky associating with this retard.
Name dropping is not proof of association … and there's a lot of that going on. The current flavor of gayops seems to be dropping names without receipts or with dubious receipts in the hope something sticks. Discord rumors don't count for much.

No. 1561541

And if they did what's that proof of? The terf and the tranny who slapfought for a year can get along with each other? Oh no, how horrible, they're both human beings!

No. 1561568

Can someone tell me how people finally figured out that Spooky/Regina is a guy? I mean it seemed obvious from the
>btw I'm a woman! Totally cool based wine mom!
I haven't heard about these people since last summer and I am enjoying the milkyness of kiwifags who thought they are smart and doing their own gayops on college students crashing and burning and being exposed for their pettyness while this one was even using the image of Regina George. I would lose my shit if Bella Janke or one of her friends joined the shitfest, but they're probably traumatized lol

No. 1561590

Also gotta say that all I remember is AngryCanadian being notorious on kiwifarms for being a complete retard and shitposter, Elaine going nuts after getting her thread and wanting to take down lolcow + sending Null emails. I would be more informed of this drama but these people don't even have an online presence like some other cows we discuss, it's literally idiots trying to do gay-ops on image boards and discord and failing at it.

No. 1561640

'memba APC?

No. 1561649

I sort of caught up on the milk, and now I feel like touching some grass and never using the internet again. This is some IQ90 behaviour, how do those people not learn to walk away from the PC?

No. 1561658

Touch grass? I'm about to go take a hike in the mountains and find God or something, this shit is too much for me.

No. 1561661

File: 1655315719953.jpg (77.62 KB, 917x692, Lucy-Elfen-Lied~2.jpg)

Imagine trying to wrangle this into content.

No. 1561667

>Angry Canadian
>Spooky Bones
>Empresa's friends
>Spooky's friends

Kill yourselves, all of you, you are all insanely retarded. Go jump off a cliff and end your miserable existence.

No. 1561671

Try harder salty moid.

No. 1561679

And yet they still try, grasping for straws. Trying to still pull through with whatever gay plan you were trying to do.

Put your shoes on, It's time for you to go outside.

No. 1561729

They are likely whoever runs this Coldbrew account mentioned first here >>1561400 .

No. 1561757

I don't know who any of these scrotes are and I don't care. The war of scrotes versus scrotes who wear pink on Wednesdays.

It's Wednesday, you bitches better be wearing pink.

No. 1561772

File: 1655321464876.jpeg (356.53 KB, 1995x3000, c0af4uE.jpeg)

Yes ma'am!

No. 1562088

> Samefag to add that I forgot to mention Bella was gayopping with Michael on onion farms
Michael was more gayopping with Louis; Isabella told him to fuck off pretty quickly. Which makes sense, Louis is more of an actual retard than Isabella. That even the Fungal Queen was able to tell Michael was a tard (or at least to research his posts) is pretty funny especially since Rachel can't.

No. 1562255

And yet, somehow, not as cringe as you are. Congrats!

No. 1562652

Michael getting rejected by women is my favorite.

No. 1562664

EFM is a huge faggot who keeps losing discord slapfights.

No. 1562683

EFM does not get on discord with lolcows, he is pretty epic and based and doesn't try and do gay ops like the rest of you.

No. 1562688

File: 1655393267231.png (861.67 KB, 616x576, 3feGoyd.png)

Commemorating the New Watchmen getting all felted by one cheeky troll.

No. 1562781

File: 1655400528958.png (83.63 KB, 480x631, stupid tranny.png)

I hate you so much Blaine, if you keep this up I will murder you in real life!!

No. 1562784

Dude you are so hungry for clout this is just the saddest thing you have ever posted to this site, leave.

No. 1563074

File: 1655416118383.png (2.01 MB, 4060x1200, gay_ops - Copy.png)

If anyone's trying to catch up with the drama here's a picture that summarizes it.

No. 1563078

Hey EFM saw you cry about this on Kiwifarms, can you get anymore pathetic?
You forgot to put yourself in on Mike's side retard.

No. 1563089

Hey your friend told us you have schizophrenia, you should probably shut up now.

No. 1563099

s one of the anons ripping on the tranny last week I mean just letting him have it but the scrotes who hate the tranny are twice as bad as he is. Sorry tranny-kun, at this point I wish you were the worst part of this thread.

No. 1563104

File: 1655420960323.png (792.84 KB, 800x572, 14ix1Fe.png)

I wish I was too, no need to apologize for gatekeeping your space. Just here to make memes and deliver milk.

No. 1563108

File: 1655421374066.png (334.21 KB, 2074x1051, efm is coldbrew.png)

Samefag, crosspost, highlight only appears if it is you so EFM here is confirming he is Coldbrew on his T&H hugthread proving he was gay-oping this whole time.

No. 1563121

Well, well, well, look how the cookie crumbles, another day, another felting.

No. 1563185

Ah so EFM's sock on KF is BCS?
Seems like it with how much he has been lying and until I see some really solid proof idk why we should think that the person coming in here spilling schizo spaghetti isn't running a sock collection.

No. 1563192

At least one is Sig so nice try, but he already blew that.

No. 1563460

Naught really is such a loathsome little shitgoblin, Rachel will protest about "I'm not your Chris-chan" but she's getting played by Naught who used to play Chris.

No. 1563467

Nah I want them to play each other and then make it personal because they live in the same area.
The mutual cowtipping they could do to each other is too great of a possibility.

I really wonder if that anon who says they have seen her irl is him.

No. 1563475

She does look enough like a man for him to potentially be interested in her.

No. 1563480

I miss his posts, now on KF every single user puts in almost no effort into anything and it's just about what's the quickest, cheapest laugh for dopamine.

No. 1563661

Updoot farmers looking for stickers, that's all. Reddit culture has taken over KF and Null can only watch the house he built burn down.

No. 1563689

Been that way since I originally went, I figured oh hey just namefagging and customizing a profile. I like asthetics, let's go, but getting there it really was just a circlejerk as soon as the ILJ saga died down. I noticed a bunch of older accounts just stop posting and sure could be not using glowing socks but a year later I think I can safely say that the shift has chased off actual oldfags in favor of some redneck summerfag who is already doxed and a lolcow but doesn't have a thread so it's okay somehow.

No. 1564296

Sheriff and Blaine sat around the campfire where Cow Poly was holding palaver. He quietly flicked away his cigarette …. Staring into the mid-distance of early summer.
“Will you tell us about your long-lost love… Susan?”
“Aye,” said Cow Poly, “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
He lit another cigarette

No. 1564530

File: 1655524430253.jpg (127.17 KB, 1080x828, troll.jpg)

Which server is this in?

I present you Javis wants to kill Null.
>Translation: I want my ban lifted or I'll lock Null in a room and strangle him.

No. 1564536

File: 1655525146903.jpeg (355.16 KB, 2000x1000, FQPeTz6.jpeg)

That kid needed to learn to shut up, that discord is one not much mentioned before and honestly has more to deal with scrote drama than anything happening. Buffalochickensandwhich is a spazz who likes spazzing out on discord and then leaking it for clout, all ya need to know.

Fucking hell Javis, you just gonna get sucked into this saga regardless you dumb edgy tard.

Anyways because I cannot believe what is going on in the Mike thread and a bit of here, a meme.

No. 1564541

Discord id? can't find it on my search bar

Literally cannot tell serious or parody but reading this is kek

No. 1564543

File: 1655525691785.png (35.12 KB, 329x354, discordsperg.png)

cold brew coffee#0978
Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich is his KF account name.

No. 1564567

You forgot to add Icasaracht and Sneasel

No. 1564769

Bold of him to send an open death threat to the KF admin. Let's see how it's going

No. 1564774

File: 1655554785673.png (475.39 KB, 620x443, uOo5lFi.png)

We will if they step in.

No. 1564792

Hail the Black Hand!
Hail our Fallen Lady!

No. 1564795

Well thumb and I have been here posting but, guess it's time. KEK

No. 1564798

Hail the Black Hand, Hail the oldblood. May the summerfag be purged in hellfire!

No. 1564813

Good, stop using my fucking IP and MAC you asshats, borderline illegal shit in the first place and it was never funny.

No. 1564953

I wish a very happy early Father's Day to all the fathers except for Rachel's and Michael's, who should have pulled out.

No. 1565037

English translation: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 1565041

Thurlow and Son's Astroturfing and Line Painting
minus the son

No. 1565045

Nah the user you quoted legit wants to be his son,it's weird dude.

No. 1565072

File: 1655576204181.jpeg (151.17 KB, 1080x1524, unknown-1.jpeg)

Here we have EFM talking about how everyone who uses Xenophoro or an imageboard is a psychopath and how Elaine should hang out with better people.
Arrogance, as he no doubt views himself above others if this is how he speaks in private.

No. 1565091

Just baiting you into proving you did not in fact, "Walk away from the autism" but are in fact actually here scrolling and seething about it so much you personal army requested KF to shadow chase Spookybones lol.

No. 1565120

Perfect, let's keep it at memes and remember it as a silly goofy time.

No. 1565124

File: 1655580909541.jpg (16.93 KB, 586x124, based tranny.JPG)

Not to snake the tranny or anything but uhh Blaine is bragging about this in a gayops discord.

No. 1565127

Nice narrative you're trying to push there.

No. 1565133

I dont know how its a narrative if you posted it

No. 1565136

File: 1655581285176.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

There is never, ever, an excuse for trannies or scrotes.

No. 1565140

lrn2 imageboard

No. 1565144

File: 1655582099587.jpg (27.1 KB, 541x432, 2361.JPG)

I left your stupid server you unbelievably unhinged tranny faggot.

No. 1565147

I'm not tranny-kun and have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 1565150

Hey Elaine,you burnt the bridge with Empresa, it was the last you had.
Have fun!

No. 1565153

File: 1655582645719.png (197.72 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220618-143938.png)

I'm obviously saying it's funniest if EFM and I stop caring because these literal nobodies alogging me care more.
Who the fuck is wolftone?
Faggots picking a fight with Sneasel. Shits insane.

No. 1565156

Who the fuck is wolfetone or TT? More clout chasing faggots?

No. 1565157

Tommy fucking Tooter, Elaine has teamed up with Tom to attack me and I'm all for this lolcow wave to crash against me so I can slap these faggots into the grave personally.

Fucking harvest season is here ladies.

No. 1565162

Wolfetone is a KF chatfag. He's kind of cringe and spergy but harmless. There's a thread making fun of him on dot org. However without evidence I wouldn't be surprised if whoever is in that cap is skinwalking his username as a joke, a lot of these idiots think that's funny to do.

No. 1565166

Then their gayops was planned before April 6th and thus before I popped back up meaning it's even sadder.
I bet it's wolftone, I'll cap his slapfight with Sneasel later, it's kinda funny how he keeps attacking until Sneasel gets serious and then he stops like a coward.

No. 1565181

File: 1655585781469.png (277.72 KB, 1920x1080, w4weeaY.png)

Apparently I chased David(Dee) Price off the internet after one slap fight two months ago and that's why This Neo-Wolftone claims he is pissed at me, as if chasing David off of platforms is a bad thing.
Here is the spergout about some weird shit I have no idea about, how I am a tranny and thats bad mmmmkay and him pulling back only when Sneasel puts his foot down.
If it's Wolftone or one of these speds it makes no difference, it's still something to be mocked.

No. 1565308

File: 1655600122534.jpg (330.28 KB, 1053x1428, lol wolftone.jpg)

Wolftone should get a VPN so we wouldn't know this is the same Wolftone that is a low funtioning autistic chatfag in KF.

No. 1565345

I wish cancer on Sneasel and all other ""ironic"" pedophiles.

No. 1565350

Sneasel will never be a real woman

No. 1565359

File: 1655605287572.png (76.71 KB, 696x514, but EFM doesnt care guys.png)

EFM isn't doing gay ops or cares about this, hence why he is passing DMs along and planning with Wolftone who though Sneasel would unironically gay op with him.

What felting number am I on with this guy? It's gotten super boring due to the ease at which it is done.

No. 1565362

I'm pretty sure that's not wolfetone but correct me if I'm wrong

No. 1565364

If this comment was saged I would probably care.

No. 1565400

Everything is so disconnected from Rachel what is this thread supposed to be about?

No. 1565403

Stop larping you ain't slick

No. 1565416

Some weirdos using this to try and gain clout and failing each time, scrotes gotta scrote.

No. 1565438

(autistic screeching)

No. 1565463

This is part of the Rachel Cinematic Universe.

No. 1565570

Why would I call anyone a scrote while obvious posting?
What is your problem with me? This is low effort and I'm tired of you shitting up an anon board where nobody is gonna fall for your gay ops.

No. 1565572

Seriously wtf is your problem with me? Really. This is petty gay shit.

No. 1565574

>very schizophrenic
You realise this just makes you look like a retard and not whatever you intended here?

No. 1565576

I hope you are jumping IPs when you are replying to yourself and acting like another person at least.

No. 1565577

You're replying to the one person here not impersonating Erika, gg
The last person I need gayop tips from is you btw

No. 1565580

Elaine, it is literally me and you on this fucking site, you are in your discord talking about this.
You are going more and more crazy, I am legit concerned, we are all concerned in Emp's hugbox, look at the last pic posted in your thread. You are at the point of skinny where your brain has been eating itself over the past two months.
Please stop Elaine, please, you need to get help.
We have legit been lamenting about your dive into insanity for the last two hours in VC, we still care Elaine.
We don't want you to die.

No. 1565582

You're such a faggot, and no, you're not Erika

No. 1565594

File: 1655631384141.jpg (17.38 KB, 300x197, mike's normal pills.jpg)

I stole these off Mike, take one.

No. 1565596

Proof with timestamp bozo

No. 1565599

Just take one, for fuck's sake.

No. 1565600

Take your pills.

No. 1565649

Cocks in Mike's thread, gayops in this one, Rachel proving she has a low IQ in screencaps of her OF activity in her thread…
This can't be the currently reality we live in. I want off this ride.

No. 1565665

File: 1655643256834.png (193.2 KB, 550x500, Lg9bJ3D.png)

The merge hath cursed us all.

No. 1566345

Update on the big alliance of Cows, EFM, and others, they gave my KF thread to Tommy Tooter to post to AMB like most of the members did not see it before I joined.
Expected me to be chased off the site with the weakest thread on KF.
Just so low effort on their part it's not worth capping, it's all immortalized on AMB anyways.

No. 1566390

learn to sage Megan >>1566345
you're not fooling anyone "miss" Ringo

No. 1566429

>it's origin is dubious

How? Your (and Mike's if you are not him) theory is that someone shooped it and posted to an obscure site almost a decade ago and then did nothing about it (he says he did not know of it) and let it lay on the site for year after year because … why? They had a 9-year grand plan to embarrass Mike? Remember that it did not come from the interview with the wife. It was found separately.