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File: 1654992782298.jpeg (119.95 KB, 850x678, court of the crimson ween.jpeg)

No. 1557779

Seeing as how the OP of a thread should be informative it may be jumping the gun but here goes.
Welcome to the Mike and Elaine Gay-Ops Hour Featuring Rachel Leids, Naught, and other cows.

/Namefags in the Saga/
>Erika/UnabashedHermaphrodite: Controversial Figure who has been supplying most of the receipts and milk as well as clarification. Ew-FE newfag who fucked up on Michael's initial dox.(along with other's who do not deserve blame, a mistake is a mistake and Erika has volunteered to take responsibility) Has a thread on KF made by the cow itself and as such will not be linked. Drew a lot of hate from the cows and a few others.

>Regina/SpookyBones: Ex-FR mod, made Burnbook and is currently around vendettaposting against most anyone else named in this OP. They have obvious posted quite a bit and are actively working in demanding proof on anything related to their time as a mod while tinfoiling and calling other people insane for pointing out logical things.

/Person of Interest and Observers/
>Genetically Modified Freak: Possible sock or /pol/ newfag who was part of the initial dox supplying many 'Trust me bros' and 'Who cares lol, nazi anyways" as it was during the ILJ saga he slipped away into the real of forgetfulness until now.

>.org Trolls: Currently watching the thread and being shockingly on topic, which bodes ill for Mike as that means it is funnier to see him do his own thing than try to tip him.

/Mike's Harem and Ew-Abusive Victims/
> Samantha: In California. Built like the spawn of a refrigerator and a Mack Truck. Allegedly his "wife", doubtful they are married but they have confirmed (photographic proof) to have met IRL. She has admitted that he beat her but still defended his conduct and attacked the other women in the harem online. Has been silent since getting doxed.
> Rene: Taylor Swift Ghostwriter on KF, terminally online BPD-chan/NLOG. Might be considered cute in a mousey sort of way but definitely not a girl used to getting a lot of attention for her looks. Became Michael's personal Ghislaine Maxwell to recruit other side hos.
> Shannon: Falsies on KF. Former(?) OnlyFans thot and Hooters girl. Conventionally attractive, far too much so to be hanging out on Discord all day but here we are. She left the harem and he tried to blackmail her with revenge porn which he released on Lolcow.org.
> Brittany: ex-wife, seems to have escaped his clutches and have a good attitude about things now. Circumstances of her arrest for child neglect are a little vague but he tries to pin it all on her (of course) but kids are with her family now on a full custody basis.

/The Madlads Cow Trolls/
>Elaine: Pickme who is crashing and burning, in a current meltdown after her cope of there being two Nulls was completely ruined and her lies were proven to be lies with screen caps. Trying desperately and failing to find out who is leaking her hugbox, broke everyone's last will by texting death threats to a twelve year old.

>Naught: Pedo Admin of Onionfarms, was namedropped often but only came in to bitch about his shitty thread being ruined. Used the first excuse he could to try and shift blame onto Erika/UH for the 'trannyvis' incident and has been caught gay-oping with Michael and Elaine before. Sort through the .org thread with caution but most of the stuff there has been confirmed.


>Rachel Leids: The female CwC, not sure if she is actively helping or being trolled by the group as a punching bag but is talking and siding with them regardless as she hides in Kengle's shadow with the rest of them.


With that, we move on to the star of the show himself and the main attraction, the Tranny, the Caveman, the Nazi, the Failtroll, the Ragepig, the King of Clowns
himself ladies and lurkers, Michael Thurlow the Angriest Canadian you've ever heard. He's an angry videogame nerd.
Doxed twice, hala'd once, mocked everywhere he went, this man takes the internet more seriously than you can imagine, he is a wifebeater and proud of it, he is a pedophile and proud of it. If you have a hard time mocking cows, then this is a good starter cow for you as you will find no redeeming qualities or innocence of any kind in Mike. He is the biggest proof that Evil always loses because evil is stupid. While he was initially successful on his KF trip thanks to heavy guarding from his whores and Spookybones, Mike slipped up like always and was banned leaving only a few cringey threads where people give him asspats as his legacy.

/Mike Threads/




/Mike Socks/

/Mr. Bones' Wild Ride/

>Erika dumps to the Rachel thread about Rachel finding out about Mike's shitty larp attempt after UH points her to look at the about me on discord.

>Pure and utter madness and chaos erupts with slapfights galore.
>Erika gives up on catering to Elaine's insanity, dumps, exposing that and her lies. The 2 Null theory.
>Elaine begins gay-oping and potentially paying people to alogg Erika while Mike and her post images of her family and her, working in tandem with Michael and Rachel as well as Regina(who is not in their group)to alogg Erika.
>A few nonnies fall for Mike's tricks and help him de-rail the Rachel thread intentionally or unintentionally with tranny sperging.
>Containment thread is made.
>Peace returns to the Rachel thread.
>.farm prospers as Mike and Elaine provide milk on themselves and anons poke their trolls into sounding even dumber than they did in the first place.
>Massive amounts of cope from Mike and Elaine shown, Rachel retreats to cat-posting on twitter.
>Michael’s troll group then larps as both Erika’s sister and Megan aka Kali to be called out by nonnies and Erika each time.
>Mike tries and fails to larp as Erika on twitter, missing the whole point of the UH naming scheme and re-using a pfp.
>Photobucket is dropped for the second time ever(first was in a tiny thread on .org), Mike then proceeds to self milk in the funniest spergout yet nonnies and potentially Erika then shop images that he posts to hilarious effect.
>Mike or Elaine try to distract with mentions of Slug’s server but no milk, a nonna corrects them that they were thinking of Dawn’s server as Slug did not have many farmers in it besides newfags who shortly left it.
>Mike’s old defense suggests that the Roblox server he was found to be grooming children in may have been a pedophile ring. While there is no evidence that it was connected to Bella he tried to claim another user claimed this out of nowhere, it is suspicious to say the least with what we know.
>Rene or Regina tries to distract by throwing shade at Brittany and her husband.
>More memes are made.
>Mike fails to convince anyone that he is not himself and even the .org site being alerted fully to the thread did not de-rail it.
>Mike leaves after his 7th felting in two days to nurse his wounds and plot with Elaine and Naught
>We are here.

Ground Rules for this thread:
Tranny sperging is only allowed on Michael Thurlow, it has de-railed far too many threads and by now the people shouting about it the most hate the people they are shouting about due to being embarrassed by them or having a long held vendetta against them.

No Bringing new people into the shitfire without heavy receipts, Mike loves trying to muddy the waters and get others in trouble this way. Never forget that the biggest cow here is Mike and nobody, not even Rachel, could be more of a cow than he is.

No namefagging, by now the major players are obvious to anyone with a brain so if you cannot pick up on their writing style and posting habits don't try to call them out. Posing as them is very retarded due to this fact and more that I will not waste more time explaining.

No re-posting content, bring new shit or sit down and shut up.

Finally, you MUST READ the first thread to see how we got here and I encourage you to read this one BEFORE posting a thing even if it is a joke as most nonnas following will carpetbag you. Asking for spoonfeeding is fine as if Erika is around she literally cannot help herself and will get you up to date.(shit thread made by a tranny)

No. 1557780

No. 1557788

>Rachel Leids
Its Rachel Leeds-Minkin
You also didn't mention that Mike is a Nazi and failed at his Canadian Nazi political "career"
We'll see how this goes, though.
>With that, we move on to the star of the show himself and the main attraction, the Tranny, the Caveman, the Nazi, the Failtroll, the Ragepig, the King of Clowns
I liked this part.

No. 1557790

Thank you for the correction my brain melted trying to tie everything together so I am so not surprised I fucked that up.

No. 1557791

All good, I've written an OP before so I know how that goes!

No. 1557793

Now to wait to see who calls me Erika…
Ah well.

No. 1557794

>Rene or Regina tries to distract by throwing shade at Brittany and her husband.
I thought this was cleared up more likely to be Mike based on the fact he stalks his ex-wife Brittany on a bi-annual basis.
>maybe she secretly like the abuse
Sounds like something Mike would say, in fact he said basically that last thread.

No. 1557801

Both have obvious posted, I lean Rene or Mike myself but it's one of those really can't be proven things other than hey those two are really trying to throw direction away from Mike.

No. 1557803

I've just been informed by you in /meta/ that you are not Erika. I went there to complain about the fact that you make Erika the star of the show and say things like
> Asking for spoonfeeding is fine as if Erika is around she literally cannot help herself and will get you up to date.
This is just an insanely over-the-top and contrary to site culture/rules thing to write. The whole OP reads like you are promoting a show and Erika is the star.

> Has a thread on KF made by the cow itself and as such will not be linked. Drew a lot of hate from the cows and a few others.

Is unacceptable too. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/unabashedhermaphrodite-belial-the-actual-queen-actuallybella1-autisticaizen-blaine-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/ The thread is written by Mike (way before any of the present drama) thus should come with a big disclaimer. But not making it available is not a good look, you've just Streisanded it for one.

No. 1557806

Thank you for the tip, in the future I will attempt to do better that said this is a show but Mike is clearly the star here.
Gotta ask, why did nobody else dump on Elaine then?

No. 1557807

If I say I dumped a bunch on Elaine in her thread, doesn't that kind of go contrary to the spirit of anonymity too which is part of the whole problem here? How do you know if I did or I didn't? How do you know who did?

No. 1557808

You know I meant this last one that everyone was telling everyone else to keep sealed.

No. 1557810

"Obvious posting" means someone will harass a domestic abuse victim now? Come on, nonna. That line is purely malicious and you know it.
I am not sure what you mean by this.

No. 1557813

> Asking for spoonfeeding is fine as if Erika is around she literally cannot help herself and will get you up to date.

Hey, fuck you buddy, why would you say this? Don't volunteer shit like that, add more to the OP next time asshat.

Seems like everything else has been pointed out that's wrong by now(on the record, hate the banner) I'll just second >>1557810 this comment and make more memes.

I also completely agree with this.

No. 1557814

You link a bunch of god awful OPs written by Erika on Onion Farms.
You link a thread written by Nohull which describes Nick Bate and links Nohull's KF account as one of Mike's socks.
You put zero effort into the OP. You copy/pasted things from other threads to create this frankenstein abomination of an OP. It's bad and you didn't read any of the links you spammed because I refuse to believe you're dumb enough to take the Nohull thread (just for example) seriously, or the AC sock thread (also on .org)

Do better research or at least put 10 minutes of effort into checking the sources you copy/paste.

No. 1557817

File: 1654995782106.jpg (22.41 KB, 736x736, bonnett.jpg)

There is one anon (I think) in the thread who is a psycho level fan of the tranny. I dare not speculate on what her (I think) psychological motivations are but it's some pathological level obsession with how great this person is. Mind you this is a lolcow, if a dormant one, and someone who's signficance to this whole story has been that he was engaged in blatant cow-tipping and came back with some interesting material. Also not behavior that should be encouraged. I don't even think that OP is bad because OP is somehow connected to the story but because OP is so obsessed with the source as to write the entire OP from his perspective when the tranny is really just a bit player who brought some information to the forum. It is psychotic.

No. 1557818

Right well this is gonna get repetitive, anyone want to add some missing context or new milk?

No. 1557820

I move to let this abortion of a thread die and to go back to the old one until it bumps

No. 1557823

Oh, its that time of day again I see. Maybe you're right about the anon who wrote the OP but theres another anon obsessed with "the tranny" just in a different way…

No. 1557827

Overall this OP is better even if it its just not what I want in the slightest and is just continually making it harder for me to just fucking blend.
They're a bigger cow than I am by miles at this point.

Now, I don't want to be the one continually steering this shit back onto the rails. I see a bunch of complaints and only some are actually being useful with suggestions, those are great, those I agree wholehearted but fucking dear god above anyone who thinks I am a cow at this point probably will be made into a cow later at some point, calling it now.

No. 1557829

You know what? I know that Erika is here so I'll apologize for going off when it was someone else entirely. I did it more than once, too. I'm not interested in attacking the tranny just for being a tranny. It's the batshit insane attention seeking antics and general bullshit being committed by others that wind up getting attributed to the tranny or committed by Tranny-stan-chan let's call her. And you know what? I bet Erika is even more sick of that shit than I am. So samefag as before but lets go back
and go about our business

No. 1557831

File: 1654996380900.jpg (79.88 KB, 800x620, Pinochi-oohhhh.jpg)

Mike dreamt of pegging before it was cool.

No. 1557834

I so am, so so much. Can someone do a better summary in the old thread if we move back?
And never put my face in a picture again? LOL

No. 1557837

File: 1654996539360.jpg (42.75 KB, 620x800, bdsm.jpg)

>I don't like the term BDSM because that shit's degenerate

No. 1557838

Can anyone blow up the writing here? It gets too pixelated for me to read it and I am sure it's cringe af.

No. 1557839

I'm happy to make some scribbles about how we got here, without the extra bullshit, so maybe we can get on with it.

No. 1557840

Thats very big of you, anon. Seriously.

Thats hard to answer because people will start coming here probably. The other thread wasnt even full yet either..

No. 1557841

"Moan [? a little ?], you filthy little whore, moan for me."

I had this misfortune of seeing that already.

No. 1557844

> Thats hard to answer because people will start coming here probably.
They definitely will if we all keep posting here. Let's try?

No. 1557846

moan a little
you filthy little whore
moan for me…
unless you want
master's knife
inside you

No. 1557847

I'd be more than delighted even if we end up staying in this thread.(going back to not first person-ing in a bit but I felt it was important for me to say that this was a bit much and the opposite of what I'd want)
Very, increases my respect for most everyone here and I was already p impressed by how most people have handled this shitshow.
So do we all agree on moving back then?

No. 1557850

No. 1557853

>So do we all agree on moving back then?
Not really when that's a generic Rachel shit containment thread and this could be the Michael documentary thread or something.

No. 1557854

Oh boy, get ready, this is about to get spicy.
Alright, I just don't want to hear anyone complaining about shit then kek.

No. 1557857

Still waiting for receipts on the grooming, on the idea guys, on the neopets guild and everything else, now that he's got his own thread there should be no reason to withhold the deets.

No. 1557858

You have to be Mike levels of stupid to not realize the neopets post was a joke.


No. 1557859

File: 1654997745527.png (173.48 KB, 720x908, still dont care if I look reta…)

Hey Mike, pic related. We already had you confirm you were in the Roblox guild so that's kinda very dead at this point.
You smeared your shit all over me and forgot that I said this didn't you.
All that matters, is that it is funny.

No. 1557861

Still waiting for pics of the basement, tiddies, scales and everything else, now that you've got your own thread there should be no reason to withhold the pics.

No. 1557862

File: 1654997985992.png (143.32 KB, 1032x857, Untitled (1).png)

Clearly he needs a safe space from all these women bullying him.

No. 1557865

>Welcome to the Mike and Elaine Gay-Ops Hour Featuring Rachel Leids, Naught, and other cows.
We already know Angry Canadian is Michael, not sure what the old thread can give us apart from some laughs at Michael impotently thrashing around. Going from discussing current gayops to nearly 12 month old gayops is just going to be a headache.

No. 1557866

He thinks it makes Spooky bad and is trying to focus shift as much as he can, as such I am scrolling through for some old laughs to post, besides looking into GMF and the other doxers who said trust me bro there isn't shit there that matters in the slightest. If we can connect more accounts to AC that's something but yeah that is an obvious Mike post, learn the signs nonnie and you too can prevent Mike from de-railing the thread lol.

No. 1557870

Yeah it's a gayop but there's some gold in there like >>1557862

Still not sure about who knew what when in terms of the original "dox crew" but it's pretty funny to see random accounts calling him tranny and imagine how much he would've seethed. I can confirm that he was shook when the dox first was revealed and thought he was so clever when it was taken down. In fact that probably gave him a lot of his swagger so it's great to see that mistake being corrected.

No. 1557873

Him admitting to being David Gross, him admitting to be the accounts, him delete scrambling was enough for me honestly and why I just disagree with what went down but it's funnier this way.

No. 1557875

File: 1654998979847.png (89.12 KB, 720x447, Screenshot_20210811-151515_2.p…)

Literal tranny magic indeed.

No. 1557878

I didn't know (remember?) he mentioned David Gross way back when. I know after getting doxed (horses, barn, etc.) he tried to pawn off his particularly degenerate accounts (the ones with lolicon and tranny shit) on "David Gross" and was so bad at it he fucked it up and got caught out instantly. I wonder if David Gross is actually one of the people he harasses online (there are a lot of them and he particularly seemed to enjoy going after Jews for obvious reasons.)

No. 1557881

File: 1654999301640.png (282.75 KB, 716x1450, Screenshot_20210811-162756_2.p…)

I mean it's pretty easy to get one thread sure AC, but 3 or 4? That's gotta be a record.
That is my guess, it's the identity he uses to blameshift.

No. 1557885

Ah fuck….there were no gay ops, Meph posted a joke and Spooky thought he was trying to say it was actual evidence…

No. 1557886

File: 1654999429983.jpg (2.28 MB, 1280x720, THE REAL.jpg)

>if I took a picture and timestamped it, I wouldn't have my face in it, none of your business
>pic related
Oh Michael

No. 1557888

>I mean it's pretty easy to get one thread sure AC, but 3 or 4?
His Fungal Princess caught a thread just about everywhere. Her thread here was also the best one. Something to aspire to?

No. 1557891


Starting with the last post being Wanddumpster there are many reciepts on him being Michael Thurlow, there were no gayops, there were many connections, I do not understand why the thread was deleted.

No. 1557896

From what was explained in the last thread (thread rule: read it) they should have tried not posting a thread before it's ready and get permission for a halal. The dumbest part there is considering it was Angry Canadian it seems like they'd have probably got permission. Someone in Michael's current kiwi thread explained how and why it was finally removed but I can't recall the exact reasoning.


It effectively has been.

No. 1557908

>Protocol Omega

No. 1557910

The omegaverse think stuck in his hindbrain and he didn't even know it, but I noticed lol.

No. 1557915

File: 1655002224073.png (133.54 KB, 1080x768, dotorg faggots 2.png)

LMAO that's great …. also from that scrotecow thread which explains a few things + honest commentary on Naught

No. 1557917

Thanks for editing out Nickacados asshole lol

No. 1557918

If you're using phototool there is an option for a transparent background it pops up when you select new template.

No. 1557926

I like to believe the omegaverse fic broke him because his idiocy stepped up 900% after that.

No. 1557927

It's my headcanon that is the case, though I think it was the idea guy accusation, shit has gone high-lariously.

No. 1557931

File: 1655004852643.jpg (73.24 KB, 1123x571, illegal.jpg)

Michael's criminal record, for the record.

No. 1557978

Lmfao but why does the character he drew look like Walker(Moralfag/Ichtulhu) so much holy fuck!

No. 1557980

File: 1655013553354.png (348.99 KB, 1215x407, new fail troll.png)

This is just cringe, shocking the lack of effort these trolls are bringing. Hardly going to fly if it sticks it's head out at AMB with a bunch of oldfags.

No. 1557982

File: 1655014201649.png (200.68 KB, 536x286, uncle gelapo.png)

pic related

No. 1557988

Is that at AMB or KF?

No. 1557990

File: 1655014754160.png (6.27 MB, 1728x2304, basement.png)

I can't not post the full pic to show that at least Walker shows some more of his basement-themed basement. Still waiting on pics of Michael's poop decks.

No. 1557998

File: 1655015209791.png (314.14 KB, 375x524, cockopotamus.png)

Talking about Walker, who self-doxed to Michael, he made one of his funny mtg cards about him
>ANNIHILATION: Is outed as a transsexual LARPing Canadian Nazi who beats women and fucks children

No. 1558001

AMB, as is brought up in the post.
Love this comparison there cause it's odd how they look they same(Walker looking like a generic cartoon hippie idiot).
"Funny" yes, much laugh, I almost posted the dog that gets into wacky situations and got all my updoots but then the bacon narwhaled and it was midnight and now I spilled all my spaghetti.

No. 1558015

Hope this won't harm my farma karma

No. 1558143

lol fat

No. 1558146

File: 1655039759755.png (313.08 KB, 640x400, 1652645544702.png)

I beg someone with superior editing skills to change the picture on the MtG card to this

No. 1558163

File: 1655042392730.png (299.22 KB, 375x524, abFimzY.png)

I unno laughing at Walker's shitty jokes is something many Redditfarmers did so if anything they'd give you plenty of stickers over at the ferms for re-posting his stuff, no fear.

I gotchu boo, I HATE how he designed most of these cards as an aside. Mike shouldnt be a fucking 8 mana strict duo color drop Planeswalker holy fuck I hate Burgess so much.

No. 1558167

File: 1655042746016.jpg (150.43 KB, 744x1039, jjeo25.jpg)


So for example he used this site and here is a featured card, the difference is night and day and just further illustrates just how weak Mike's and Walker's meme game was, while, the ladies at LCF are bringing fire to the table

No. 1558186

The dude's always had a short temper and hates women, he's obviously just trying to deflect away from his horrible gay-op. Probably planned to set up Erika by pretending to be MKR and got pissed when she called him out on it too. Honestly him being one of the trolls just fits perfectly, he's as big a loser as the rest of them.
If it were me, I would have calmed down a bit but hey, men amiright?

No. 1558202

Naught has weird looking fingers. Im kinda sad Farmhands jannied that pic of him he posted on Rachels thread so it cant be used for memes.

No. 1558206

File: 1655046825238.png (697.09 KB, 800x444, SDt7Pnj.png)

Fixed the image edit he made on his shitty thread he made on his shitty site.

No. 1558211

You ever think that instigating issues with people that many on this side of the internet consider over the top psychopaths might backfire on you?
Seems like a self-destructive endeavor to me tbh.

No. 1558214

Why would I be talking to Naught

No. 1558217

Wanna drop milk on that or are we just bantering?

No. 1558221

It's clearly one of them shifting attention to Spooky Bones again.

No. 1558222

I saw the discord screencaps that were posted, is this what you're referring to? >>1558216
What did Naught do to instigate the situation? Seems like there's unspilled backstory.

No. 1558229

I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about but it seems like you have me confused for someone else and/or you're deflecting because you don't have anything to post.


Been there done that. Still don't understand how Naught instigated the situation, the narrative has shifted at least 10 times from Mike failtrolling Rachel, to a lolcow uprising, to idea guys, to a cabal of trolls trying to infiltrate LCF.

Stop being vague and spill the tea or stop posting.

My sage keeps disappearing.

No. 1558232

bitch don't get big with me. I've read the leaks UH posted, they show Naught asking her not to post screenshots. I want to know what precipitated the screenshot posting. The story behind why UH is posting would be the instigating incident and that hasn't been told.

No. 1558236

I understand. It looks like UH can't keep her nose out of other people's business and when they tell her to fuck off she throws a hissyfit and doxes/leaks things from them.
Thanks for the clarification.

Why does my sage keep disappearing from the field.

No. 1558238

Naught you should not post an image of yourself again and I will not make shitty edits of it.

No. 1558239

I'm not Naught. I can spell.

No. 1558240

>Comes in defending a pedo and not knowing the story.
Who else but Naught, can you trolls not do homework?
Clearly you can read too, oh wait….

No. 1558242

Yes the one that hasn't freaked out is poking her nose into things, not the cows keep fixating on her. Yeah that would make sense if I didn't read any of the threads as well.
Elaine: Deserves to be leaked on, Erika held back intentionally and was being a teasing asshat until Elaine refused to work on herself. So obviously you didn't read the Elaine thread.
Mike: lol fuck you
Naught: Pedo
Rachel: Attacked her before she dumped.

You are a certified smoothbrain.
Also your sage keeps disappearing because you're too used to wizchan you idiot lol, nice giveaway.

No. 1558246

Lol I'm gonna start shit with someone and when they dump my secrets I'll start crying that they instigated it?!?! Like holy fuck that poster was retarded if it wasn't Naught.

No. 1558251

>You ever think that instigating issues with people that many on this side of the internet consider over the top psychopaths might backfire on you?
Seems like a self-destructive endeavor to me tbh.

Jesus christ Mike is an edgelord, Naught is an edgelord, Elaine is an edgelord, no wonder they're all in bed with each other. "Huurrrrr I am an psychopath do not mess wif me" go get fucked up the ass again Naught, nobody will ever fear you.

No. 1558254

I haven't defended anyone. I asked a simple question. Don't project.
Again, girl, I asked a simple question. You're the one choosing to read into it and sperg.
As I understand it, UH spent a nearly a year with Naught and had no problems associating with a nazi and a pedophile until Naught told her not to screencap things from his server. Why was UH hanging around an avowed pedophile for that long without an issue.

No. 1558261

She does sperg about pedophiles so she might have been waiting for Naught to post something that would actually get him in trouble as well.

No. 1558272

File: 1655051179942.png (111.85 KB, 1477x581, such psychopath much self dest…)

Get some new lines Mike, holy fuck.

No. 1558277

File: 1655051362093.png (386.53 KB, 782x525, kiddie jail.png)

He re-uses the same memes over the course of four years his brain refused to change since 2003.

No. 1558285

Mike and Rachel are so similar. They both can't find new things to say.

No. 1558292

That sock posted a huge spergout and Mike's side of paypal receipts so it's definitely him.


>Not shooting my ex-wife dead when she tried to run me over in the process of stealing my parent's car drunk and without a driver's license at 3am to drive to Disneyworld…If I could go back in time, I'd change both of those things and many more, but I can't.
>one of the only regrets I have in life is not shooting my ex-wife dead when she stole my parents car and tried to run me over with it. I should have killed her then, and if I had a time machine, I'd go back and do exactly that.
He really likes fantasizing about shooting his ex-wife dead despite not having the literal or figurative balls to have done it, what a shitty psychopath.

No. 1558299

File: 1655053238879.png (36.06 KB, 400x400, BL3shQ2.png)

Mike also cannot read for shit, he just shouts off his narrative like a mad macaw. Just goes to show the utter clown college that is KF that people fucking BELIEVED him for even half a second.
'LoL nAzI bAsTe LeT's JuSt BeLiEvE hIm'

No. 1558305

File: 1655053901710.png (166.83 KB, 1802x320, dumb admin.png)

> Only 'prove' Erika of being the idiot's account after she claims to hack it with a password.
Which explains the shared IP in pic related. Ken should be embarrassed for having such a gayopping retard for an admin. It's pretty obvious now why they turned off guest posting and Mike was demanding people make accounts.

No. 1558308

File: 1655054057953.png (Spoiler Image,7.99 MB, 2576x1932, weird fingers.png)

For the memes.

No. 1558317

File: 1655054555686.jpeg (276.23 KB, 2576x1932, xJWtt2C.jpeg)

Quick shitty crop for anyone who doesn't want to bother cropping themselves.

No. 1558326

File: 1655055101537.png (3.04 MB, 2250x1966, naught.png)

Transparent version

No. 1558349

File: 1655057255853.jpeg (149.58 KB, 1920x852, Wa9YMOw.jpeg)

Hi Mike.

No. 1558362

And here we see the typical behavior of an actual pick me troon, immediately attacking women of any kind(mainly natal ones, but you seem to fixate on the non-natal Mike-chan)and looking to change the group because their mansplaining and born to lead.
Erika had some weird stan blowing her shit up and making her look over the top, besides that how has she not acted like a woman? She was empathetic towards Elaine, warned Rachel about a predatory male(you), I really fail to see how anything you could say could undermine me seeing her as a woman at this point, unlike CDG, Erika has my respect and has not acted like an AGP. So even to one of the biggest terfs around your attacks do nothing Mike, I am being personal to rub the salt in some more because you're trying to be sneaky today and I like it when you're in ragepig mode more.

No. 1558385

File: 1655060255747.png (14.43 KB, 574x172, buck broken.png)

Yeah Mike that is one of the options for a happy meal, how the fuck do you keep using the imagine line? Like I get that it's tatto'd to your chest to help you transition according to your schizo magic but can you fucking get new lines? Ever?
Mike has been 'overjoyed' to explain things yet never bothered to shoot that one down so it really makes ya think.

No. 1558397

Shhhhhh nobody tell him her current pictures are on AMB let him use the old pictures to further illustrate how he thought he could transition with magic spells and thinks that science is for speds and Nazis should into space.

No. 1558403

Hey Mike are you so dumb that you threadbanned Erika's account but not one she had access to? Seems that way from the meme there.(Erika asked earlier not to post her face so I am not going to post the comment)

No. 1558413

File: 1655061931060.jpg (82.76 KB, 796x607, lol mike dumb.jpg)

I am not that person but hey here ya go I'll post how she currently looks like to upset you.

No. 1558414

Lol did she salt one of the .org scrotes before? How many idiots has she felted?(take a cap of you logged into your account if youre not Mike alogger)

No. 1558418


No. 1558421

Hey Doc, go back to your tard cage kek

No. 1558423

>Blaine's a bearded tranny
so are you lel

No. 1558431

>every 30 seconds
>18 minutes ago
>12 minutes ago
>11 minutes ago
>6 minutes ago
Take your whining to the containment thread retard.

No. 1558496

.org advertises themselves as trolls but they are clearly not sending their best.

No. 1558537

With the exception of Walker everyone Mike has doxed looks like a regular sane human being compared to his crazy caveman ugly ass, bet that .org scrote looks even worse than Mike somehow.

No. 1558553

All of the guys Mike doxed look like him.

No. 1558561

Really rushing to cow yourself aren't you?

No. 1558567

Mike doxed nobody and was handed the doxes he did, this tracks. You're really dumb aren't you?

No. 1558584

Mike looks like a micropenis. Mike-ropenis.

No. 1558717

Epic Fail Man here.

Do you expect any .org member to read? Anyway I found it odd that people were playing along with Blaine's tranny delusions and calling him a true and honest women and from what I see in the op "supplying most of the receipts and milk as well as clarification". Need I remind you that Blaine came to .farm to warn you about .org members gaslighting you and then proceeds to gaslight you himself, he's a serial liar.

This sphere of drama has devolved into basically discord drama I have no intention to learn about or get involved with and is just a sequel of the ilj autism, same people are involved. Spooky Bones if you are lurking this thread hope you aren't siding with this schizo, he's going to fuck you over.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1558721

Hey retard, they came to drop milk.
You can shut up now.
My logical deduction is you are a newfag who is NGMI.

No. 1558729

Were did I defend Mike? I've never defended him and have only made fun of him on his thread, are you not allowed to make fun of both trannies?

No. 1558730

Fuck off Moid, you come in here all must defend the women and shit, namefag and break a bunch of rules and bitch about someone who's brought milk?
Wtf have you ever done besides make shitty comments?
Nothing, leave.
Hey guess what, one felted you, multiple times, you are a moid and obvious posting get the fuck off the site.

No. 1558732

oh wait I forgot this is discord drama. So you have to be part of a "team" here.

Take a chill pill.

No. 1558734

It's not discord drama and you came in here breaking rules left and right to bitch about us not making fun of someone who has the weakest thread on all of Kiwifarms kek

No. 1558739

He's upset because he wants to punch up at someone who has made him look like a schizophrenic retard more than once.

No. 1558743

Icthultu are you still here bro?

No. 1558751

Icthulhu isn't here, he got ran off the internet a month ago. EFM just has schizophrenia and keeps thinking everyone's the same person.

No. 1558754

File: 1655085219280.jpg (52 KB, 1187x531, autismtrain.JPG)

He can ask his questions in the tard cage. How does it feel though.
>banned from Kiwi
>tard caged on .org
>basically ignored on .farm except when people come to shit on you for white knighting yourself
>unwelcome on Onion

What's next for you? Are you going to shit up the ED forums? I'd rather have 10 Mikes than you.

No. 1558755

"Where did I defend Mike" lol okay thanks for confirming you've been here in the whole time trying to WK him and play Regina and Erika off each other. That's one mystery solved.

No. 1558759

File: 1655085478953.png (4.89 MB, 1728x2304, me 5.png)

I'm here, what a neat place

No. 1558761

This TBH, we've got more than one .org faggot admitting to stirring the pot here and pretending to be other people/accusing people of being other people and the geniuses on this site have been "hi cow"ing the wrong people, like, worse than random chance in some cases, this I can say with absolute confidence and some of that garbage even made it into the OP. These people just like to play people off each other for lulz and the fact that it's women and a tranny is just extra.

No. 1558764

Oh boo you whore, no larping lol you'll get your post tagged.
Man sure would be a shame if those two people just uh stopped caring about the bait hehehe.

No. 1558765

sigh.. EFM, again. That's not me.

No I will not take 10 Mike's.

No. 1558767

C'mon dude at least joke about how ten mike's is still smaller than your own dick. BE FUNNY.

No. 1558771

Nah fag, you kept calling me a schizo so let me show you wtf happens to retards who namefag and jump into a literal meatgrinder and start tallking shit on the two people who set it up.
You are so angry you are not thinking straight at all.
Someone should leash you.

No. 1558776

"shit containtment thread"

No. 1558790

icthultu begged dawn for attention and ran off the internet for good when dawn said no

No. 1558926

It's unbelievably pathetic to beg for attention from some guy who's claim to relevancy is feeding his own sister to the Kiwi Farms for clout just on account of him getting a couple views on YouTube. Walker is supposedly now trying to discover his still unlikely road to Internet clout by acting as a freelance Discord thug for other marginal YouTubers. Walker is one of the bigger losers to try to achieve some e-clout by joining KF last August on the back of the Isabella Janke scandal and that's saying something.

No. 1559102

File: 1655122190409.png (481.27 KB, 527x695, 1653444366157.png)

He also fucked this dog.

No. 1559118

Both did self insert into ILJ drama so I would hardly be surprised even though I know you're making a joke.

No. 1559122

You just got done assuming anons were all people you know and you call someone else schizo?
All you dot org people have fucking down syndrome.

No. 1559123

I wish dot org could do better than onionfarms, I really do.

No. 1559126

I believe that Erika constantly lies to you sure, you have no respect for anyone else so I would lie to you constantly to. It's called self preservation as you as clearly a psychopath who fucks kids and beats animals.

No. 1559129

Literally was only bitching around because she had been doxed as a tranny, so essentially retards playing into her hands once again…

No. 1559232

Good morning trannies and microdicks, has Michael done anything exceptionally or has he crawled into a hole to die?

No. 1559254

No he is quiet on days one of his friends comes in to defend him, EFM came in calling everyone Blaine or Walker like an insane loon so we know why Mike was resting easy yesterday he tapped EFM in.

No. 1559258

I don't remember if EFM was ever friends with Michael, I doubt it, but he probably sees how easy to troll a bunch of women and a tranny have been over ten and a half threads so far, so he decided to have at it. Low-hanging fruit maybe but if I were a chromosomal abnormality like the rest of dot org I might go for it too.

No. 1559259

They sucked each other off constantly on dot org until it was clear that Mike was an actual lolcow. So yeah they were friends, not sure if what he did is counted as trolling us so much as trolling himself somehow but ya got a point.

No. 1559275

File: 1655136582987.png (24.81 KB, 801x171, oh ken.png)

Not really.
Ken comes to defend the allegations of him being on discord and related to Josh but says absolutely nothing against the pedophilia or playing gay-ops. He does this to himself.

No. 1559319

I was wondering why the farmhands hadn't banned the obvious moid posting yet.

No. 1559357

Stepped onto a landmine that was clearly visible, jumped on it for fun and is now crying everywhere like a baby, I am surprised he isn't crying over on the Elaine thread about getting felted and looking like a schizophrenic too.
Do a flip moid, don't fucking come back.

No. 1559446

the problem with dawn is he has a big heart and gives tards like michael and walker attention but once he stopped they had no 1

No. 1559498

yo erika this is icthultu keep my name out yo fuckin mouth

No. 1559505

Gonna go ahead and guess that was not Erika, this is an anon image board used by many people. If you're Walker then prove it buddy, we had enough larping in this saga.

No. 1559512

File: 1655149872930.jpg (113.54 KB, 998x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)

No. 1559513

Identify yourself.

No. 1559514

This reply really is the epitomy of this shitshow, an unsaged larper acusing an anon of being someone else.

No. 1559520

I'm not going to break the rules for a larper who can't use Walker's current name he is going by.

No. 1559521

> acusing an anon of being someone else.
To be fair this is all over the OP, too.

No. 1559524

File: 1655150399179.png (364.26 KB, 624x367, unknown.png)

I'll pay the hosting costs for a year just to see what would happen to this thread if VPN posting was disabled for a week.

No. 1559527

Might stop the alogging, and larping however;
It would be around the same as most of these posts are from many different people not just one like your fantasy you made in your schizophrenic projecting mind.

No. 1559533

File: 1655151116909.jpg (79.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1566490233726.jpg)

"Erika" has been banned at least 5 times. A few times in the Rachel threads. A few times in the Rachel containment thread, and at least once in this thread. That's an X to doubt from me dawg.

No. 1559535

Gamercat liked your bitching post within 3 minutes, get better at gay-oping Moid. You got banned so I'm all for banned VPNs just to get rid of your schizophrenic ass shitting up and vendettaing(and losing)to someone who has a thread.

No. 1559540

>Sperging about the side cows? Sperging about orbiters? Complaining about RP fags? Gay-oping? Trying to run defense for yourself? Tranny sperging?

No. 1559541

File: 1655151583490.jpg (70.49 KB, 852x640, 1.jpg)


No. 1559542

Erika if you're reading this, keep blending this shit is the funniest thing I have seen in years. Even if you left yesterday and never came back we will have retards in here making fools out of themselves.
Are there any pictures of that family where they don't look happy? JW, because so far you're really just making yourself look even more foolish somehow.

No. 1559550

>Claim to be agents of Chaos
>Publicly announce on Kiwifarms they went to an imageboard without knowing chanculture

No. 1559552

I always thought Kiwi was chan-adjacent enough for people to be able to visit one without acting like morons, where do all these faggots who don't know how to sage come from?

No. 1559554

/pol/ and whatsapp.

No. 1559601

File: 1655156298556.png (181.68 KB, 912x309, 3bzwU93.png)

Meme about Mike's latest cope, man he really follows a lot of threads to manicpost this fast about them/.

No. 1559618

Saw your spazz on Kiwifarms, it's amazing how you fucking angry ass ragepigs squeal and allow Erika to look even more like the star of the show. Ya really should have thought for one second and read up on stuff to see how exactly we got to the point of her being bait to pull out the rest of the aloggers who have been going at it for a year. How foolish could you be to come to a place where she's already proved herself and break a bunch of rules, not know the culture and then go on a crusade against her and women on Kiwifarms. Is your brain just completely cucked at this point? She wants you to get mad, I want you to get mad, everyone here wants you to get mad and blow the fact that you have been attacking Burnbook the whole time you've been on KF. You always go after a target someone has hit, you're a bottomfeeder lacking any skill and self control. You hide in your hugbox over on dot org so you can circlejerk with your equally braindead friends about jokes that were dead two years ago. What was your plan? come here and point out Erika's a tranny? It's been done by better people and they ended up looking retarded as well.
"Look before you leap"
You leapt into the jaws of a wold that Erika is feeding, probably like she wanted you to. It is insane how you Moids let her lead you around by the dick with your anger blinding you to everything. You should really touch grass and back off after this because if you do this again, I can safely say you'll be getting your own thread soon. Then what will you cry superiority about?
You proved yourself dumber than most people by jumping in here twice, don't do it again.

No. 1559627

>Everyone who alogs Erika is now EFM


No. 1559629

One of them obviously is but there are more than one yes.

No. 1559635


No. 1559644

And you don't use the proper thread becaaaaause?

No. 1559697

The amount of cope that redditnigger has after bitching for 3 straight hours on discord is outright incredible.

No. 1559725

File: 1655163344242.jpg (33.3 KB, 800x445, receipts.jpg)

>bitching for 3 straight hours on discord
don't tease,bish

No. 1559732

Learned how to sage I see,

No. 1559743


This is giving serious Dennis Rader energy.

No. 1559759

This is what I mean when I say that people hi-cow'ing anons in these threads have no clue.

No. 1559855

Notice how the posts say 'kiwifarms.net' below the username. This means he is not logged in which means he has to actually hit "reload" like a psycho every few minutes: it took him 23 and 14 minutes respectively to see these 2 posts. Here, he might keep a tab open and see "(1) …" pop up in the title. These KF posts he actually has to grind it out.


No. 1559901

File: 1655178815049.png (866.1 KB, 1216x849, get new memes mike.png)

Mike is so sad re-using memes so often.

No. 1559903

File: 1655179224760.png (913.79 KB, 949x1135, pedo that is bad at sex.png)

Samefag to re-post this here even though the image quality is garbage. Tl;dr he statutory raped a girl and bragged about not having to satisfy women because he cums every time.

No. 1559909

>bragged about not having to satisfy women because he cums every time.
Unsurprising but I'm pretty sure its less about not having to and more about the fact he has no idea how to make a woman cum.

No. 1559918

File: 1655180232505.png (221.63 KB, 980x497, dumbass poking the hive just t…)

Oh most certainly, Mike strikes me as the kind of guy to stick his ladies in a fat fold and not even notice.

No. 1559919

>consolation price
Its prize.

No. 1559920

Apparently "she" is known for starting slapfights with anyone "she" thinks "she" can win against so, if that helps explain that.

No. 1559922

No. 1559923

Epic Fail Man who has many socks on KF and dot org.

No. 1559926

Ah, yeah they seem pretty spergy. Thats unsurprising they'd have a lot of socks.

No. 1559930

File: 1655181314057.png (240.53 KB, 738x320, 1mKHSCn.png)

Hopefully it will go back to just these three.

No. 1559932

File: 1655181470129.png (261.95 KB, 738x320, 7OliPc9.png)

It's Pikachu!

No. 1559935

Michael wants to fuck horses which is the equivalent of throwing a hot dog down a hallway, I don't doubt he can get himself off without doing much.

He's the type to blow his load before anything exciting happens.

He thinks that's a flex but it shows how pathetic he is.

No. 1559940

Oh, yeah, the smaller version of a horse. Not a weird distinction at all.

No. 1559944

File: 1655182607110.jpg (82.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Uhhhm, achtshcully it is a cartoon pony so technically it's okay, checkmate people with healthy sex lives.

No. 1560037

File: 1655189605462.png (139.21 KB, 1203x409, what did naught mean by this.p…)

Your guess is as good as mine. I outlined the bit in white to distinguish it, a screencap, from the rest which is normal text. This appears to be Naught sperging at the tranny, I think he may have posted in in the wrong place, but you can tell his uwu~BPD-chan feelings are hurt.

No. 1560058

File: 1655190366792.png (67.5 KB, 404x398, orifices.png)

No. 1560069

Michael's old onion farms account was Noot's Boy Toy but naught renamed it to angry canadian

His new accounts are imageboard user & Doxensteiner

Naught is archivist but changes it often

Rachel is Sourpuss

Erika is Königin Erika

No. 1560078

Y'all think Mike got off to Rachel sperging about sex toys?

No. 1560091


No. 1560177

File: 1655194466892.png (683.57 KB, 1200x765, onehanded.png)

Pic very related

No. 1560209

File: 1655195435212.png (71.79 KB, 1804x324, that's ILLEGAL.png)

Someone autistically sperging about 'the rules', I wonder who that could be. Pic related.

No. 1560242

Mikey really hates Groundpound. Why? GP hasn't done shit to Michael, only chased Rachel around to cowtip. The cowtipping is a little weird but nothing to be pissy about when Michael is the king cowtipper.

No. 1560355

File: 1655215468201.png (131.55 KB, 1337x868, forgotthebio.png)

>Michael is the king cowtipper
It's always projection.

No. 1560387

File: 1655217616375.jpg (84.49 KB, 888x499, 4u2e78.jpg)

Always has been.

No. 1560396

Naught is upset I didn't let him yell me into submission, it's kind of easy to pick up in the block message but I figured obviousfagging to say this was worth it for people who do not want to sort through piles of this shit. He came at me hard, called me all sorts of mean names and then acts like I'm the one who started it?
He needs to learn to deal with the consequences of his mini-man temper tantrums is all it is.

No. 1560451

File: 1655222134072.png (57.59 KB, 884x302, mike fap day #2.png)

Mike is setting up for a second day of fapping to Rachel describing her vagina like a 12 year old male would do on the playground to his friends.

No. 1560460

File: 1655222901796.png (996.46 KB, 995x560, memesters.png)

No. 1560461

Free my nigga GROUNDPOUND, he was funnier than you Mike

No. 1560463

Is .org down?

No. 1560464

I'd agree with this, Groundpound isn't really tipping more wrangling from how I see it.
Oh made some art of your favorite banned KFers? Why post it here though?

No. 1560468

Rachel is talking about trying to get Erika arrested smh

No. 1560471

File: 1655223400072.jpg (235.52 KB, 1074x702, tippingcow.jpg)

Posted it in the Rachel cage thread but it's kinda relevant here i guess lol

No. 1560474

Seeing Rachel fail her gayops would make my week so much brighter.
I don't get why she's so mad at Erika when it was always Michael instigating shit with her, Erika was only the messenger.

No. 1560477

Because shes a retard nonnie. Also the Nazi is the best bet to her losing her virginity so she's gonna take it.

No. 1560479

Her standards are lower than my will to live I guess.

No. 1560485

She's acting like her and the OF crowd are besties now. It's sad she has to hang out with a literal Nazi and pedophile because nobody else wants to talk to her.

No. 1560489

Erika can sit with the cool kids I guess. Rachel sits with the special ed kids.

No. 1560504

File: 1655225357633.jpg (643.89 KB, 809x1848, active.jpg)

They're really gonna try some gayops.

No. 1560507

I'm not sure I'd call Spookybones, Cowpoly, or Empresa the cool kids, nonnie

No. 1560508

No. 1560511

Mike has only gotten felonies so he thinks it works like a felony, holy shit.

No. 1560513

File: 1655225737442.jpg (114.02 KB, 1000x1000, Fuck sheriff.JPG)

ting ting ting
Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. I’m sorry for interrupting such a prestigious gathering but I have an important announcement to make.


phew that was certainly a mouthful! Please enjoy the rest of the thread and have a great night!(autism)

No. 1560514


No. 1560515

Fuck Cjoker for not keeping your tard cage up all the time tard.

No. 1560525

Go here:

No. 1560527

>this entire thread
Scrotes need to kill themselves holy shit.

No. 1560532

He's online on OF atm if you want to tip him silly.

No. 1560555

File: 1655227913745.png (403.35 KB, 1805x712, get new lines.png)

>I saw a post on LCF that got deleted but I screencapped it
Pic related.
>They deleted this post; luckily I archived it when I saw it
>8 minutes ago

No. 1560566

Samefag to add Michael has a tell that's in this bluelight post and many other places.

No. 1560578

File: 1655229021640.png (271.92 KB, 1920x1152, 8Kl8h1B.png)

Mike best watch out, his gay-oping will result in naught but naught fingering himself now.

No. 1560580

File: 1655229173462.png (107.43 KB, 1206x535, regina.PNG)

I read both of these side threads and the spooky bones threads here, OF, org, but I somehow missed the proof of spooky/regina/SKL being a woman (was mentioned in the last thread when someone asked about the lolcord w/o receipts). Does proof exist?

No. 1560584

Believe it or not there is a thread where you can sperg about that theory >>>/snow/1554657 and >>>/snow/1553783

No. 1560586

>Sperging about orbiters?
>Trying to run defense for yourself?
>Tranny sperging?

No. 1560591

Shit, I'm sorry for being such a newfag. I thought this thread was the sequel to that one.

No. 1560595

More a branch off, enjoy the shitfest but I would advise against going for Regina.

No. 1560642

> somehow missed the proof of spooky/regina/SKL being a woman
Did you find proof of being a man?

No. 1560703

File: 1655237269602.png (300.39 KB, 1074x1515, Screenshot_20220614-150620.png)

Cowpoly comes in and Mike immediately turns submissive in front of an Alpha male and spergs about how much money he's spent on his merch.

No. 1560720

Naught has no bitches yes, hence why he faps to 2D women.

No. 1560740

File: 1655239789042.jpg (499.29 KB, 926x1371, seanpeachy.jpg)

This is a good one. It is a story that is more about Sean who is a long story but another cowtipping faggot who got involved in ChrisChan-related gayops, but it tells you a bit about Naught and the kind of people he associates with. The narrator is Naught's ex-'g'f (tranny named Peaches) … again it's a story about Sean mostly but it is funny as shit so I figure I would share while we are briefly talking about that sphere

No. 1560806

File: 1655245093856.jpg (64.8 KB, 575x498, cowpoly.JPG)

Cowpoly appreciates your support.

No. 1560846

File: 1655248465206.png (801.2 KB, 600x1044, dafSLZO.png)

Mike is quick with the thread ban for any posts that interrupts the delusion he's feeding Rachel of being the true and honest most beautiful woman in his eyes.

No. 1560871


Mikey is real mad, what a pussy boy.

No. 1560874

Banned from any thread with Rachel in it, last ban was, I shit you not, two minutes after I made the post smh.

#FreeGroundPound I can't keep up with that circus anymore lmao.

No. 1560903

>my girls
lol wot

No. 1560915

I believe it's akin to saying my dudes in reference to the football team you are rooting for.

No. 1560918

Ah, got it.

No. 1560926

File: 1655253505189.png (709.07 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20220614-193627.png)

>Fat girl angle
>Too much sunlight
Oh god what epic owns from the failed clown of comedy himself, it wasn't worth checking the notification good lord.

No. 1561044

File: 1655261564254.jpeg (136.58 KB, 1382x1565, x74jnVA.jpeg)

Coming to a terf site for tranny affirmations and not even capping the picture you posted.

Come on Eric. You know what a fat G.I.R.L. angle shot is. Everyone looks good from 60 degrees above their head.

Take a full frontal face picture in natural lighting.(hi cow)

No. 1561054

File: 1655261882083.jpg (27.98 KB, 564x612, 51515.jpg)

Sage keeps disappearing every time I refresh
Take a neutral angled picture Eric, with natural light.

No. 1561056


This is a Mike thread. Take it to the containment thread.

No. 1561058

File: 1655262071763.jpg (497.25 KB, 1050x1570, lokihorse.jpg)

Wait til they hear the story of Loki tying his nuts to a goat and making it pull to make a woman (Skadi) laugh. The horse one isn't even the most outrageous story.

No. 1561061

The horse story is, however, the most germaine to Rachel's dildo collection.

No. 1561062

The collection in her head, because she said she buys the cheap shit that breaks easy. Miss "I make sooooo much money" yet could only afford to buy the cheap Chinese shit that probably comes with STDs preloaded into the toys. Or asbestos.

No. 1561091

Bait belongs in the shit container thread schizo.

No. 1561157

Is Onionfarms down??

No. 1561161

It's not.
Hey ground pound when you read this think for a second, I was calling Rachel a tranny in that report. It's a jooooooke.

No. 1561173

File: 1655273048236.png (735.21 KB, 640x598, kbWJr6u.png)

Welcome to McCopealds, here's your order of Ruined Gay-Ops with an extra large side of seethe.

No. 1561180

Don't worry Berchal she answered you on your shitty site and got banned for it because Naught and Michael only cared when she started Femmogging you.

No. 1561182

> Come on Eric.
I can tell it's Rachel for being low-effort enough to not even bother learning Blaine's deadname.

No. 1561186

And I swear she's used it before too so I'm completely baffled each time she defaults to Eric, instead of Erik which is too much for her playschool Plato brain to process.

No. 1561191

File: 1655274800210.png (529.12 KB, 1079x1701, Screenshot_20220615-013013.png)

Mike is in full manic meltdown and posted the logs of his DMs with Erika from a year ago when she called him out on being in a discord as if it makes her look bad after he's admitted he was in there? Nostalgic because it worked the first time when farmers bought his lies?
Mike's completely detached from reality with his lastest cope-coaster he created.

No. 1561221

OHHH oops
That's even funnier

No. 1561269

Is this the same SpookyBones from the Bella Janke threads on kiwifarms who posted on lolcow too and tried to have her "don't fuck with cats" online moment until she wanted attention too hard and null took her mod status away? Sorry, I have no idea about this new drama and just saw it.

No. 1561273

It's a question, it's not sperging or gay-oping.

No. 1561380

I got mad about them shitting on my dead kid, other than that I don't get MATI.

No. 1561746

File: 1655320574215.jpeg (60.81 KB, 567x1024, FTvWl7eXoAA3s8s.jpeg)

Michael and Rachel energy

No. 1561794

File: 1655322828635.png (75.77 KB, 746x452, more flailing.png)

No receipts just wild claims, Mike saying he would kick babies(we know), same shit, different day for the tard twins.

No. 1561881

File: 1655327745313.png (31.27 KB, 691x128, schizophrenia from naught.png)

Naught legitimately believes everyone who uses this site is Erika, pure schizophrenia from him and Mikey-chan.

No. 1561887

File: 1655327984673.png (24.88 KB, 447x133, stripping context.png)

Samefag, here we see naught strip context from a discord(probably his despite yelling at Erika for leaking less of it), I wonder, just wonder if she is speaking about not staying in hugboxes that cater to her own views.

No. 1561898

I thought the Naught was short for Spednaught. Guess I was wrong, but the shoe fits.

Anyway, expecting a pedophile to not be unhinged is clown behavior.

No. 1561930

So they copied the Name and avatar and staged a fb message?
What else does this prove?
As Mike would say, we need some audio from your side before we believe a thing.

No. 1561937

Ah so it's either a copy or Mike skin walking to get an ex to say bad things about an ex.
Creepy or creepier and not on Erika's end obviously.

No. 1561942

Why did he pick such a manly looking woman in the first place?

No. 1561943

Projecting his closeted love of troons.

No. 1561949

Michael's gayops are so bad it went from being gay to using neopronouns

No. 1561950

Well clearly Erika's ex was no smart cookie.

No. 1561969

Well to channel Mikey-chan,
Imagine having to fake proof, it's only funny if it's real about me but not you, I am not mad at the internet but am in fact the original 4chan hacker hence why I am losing to an ex-IBS person who trooned out!

No. 1561979

>Blaine, Minnesota
Oh fuck, I lost it there, is this real life?

No. 1561983

Literally everyone that orbits Erika even irl is much more unintentionally funny than she is.

No. 1562020

The longer it goes on the less I notice her old name.

No. 1562081

Sage your shit scrote

No. 1562089

So are yours, 'Megan'.

No. 1562092

File: 1655338224002.jpg (126.23 KB, 800x600, mkr.jpg)

Is MKR still on her bullshit? Why am I not surprised. If I looked like picrel I would probably try to cope by bothering people online, too.

No. 1562094

No nonna, it's what Mike calls himself on facebook.

No. 1562096


No. 1562097

>Cold Brew guy

you must be sweating profusely trying to figure out who's making fun of you. Stop stealing the spotlight from AC.

No. 1562098

Says the schizo who thinks only one person besides them is here…

No. 1562104

I was just hoping it was that MKR bitch because she's been deserving a smack for a long time for weening Chris and protecting her pedophilic bff Naught. Ah well, another time for her.

No. 1562113

I just need to take a second to process the lack of logic these tards have each time as we have namefags as well as obviously kiwis in here so how in the hell it couldn't be more than one person who is keeping up with this like I just, how can they be so dumb?
Yeah another time unless she jumps in with Naught in defending Mike, then it will be this time nonnie. Never fear, it looks like a full cleaning of house going on.

No. 1562118

No. 1562140

In one corner we have the .org a-loggers. In the other corner, Onionfarms. In the center of the ring is Blaine, Minnesota. Not to be mistaken for anyone else.

In the commentator box is the Burn Book bitches.

Spectating this slapfight is the KF crowd and the LCFarmers.

No. 1562144

That is far too much to shop together with how many org scrotes there are.

No. 1562147

Oh no, it's worse than that, it's a scrote civilwar over at dot org right now. They're essentially splitting over the newer users vs the older users.

No. 1562265

Hi ".org scrote" here where are you getting these conspiracies from may I ask?

Oh wait, I know what to say in these situations. Receipt! Were are the Receipts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1562268

Read up and sage or gtfo.

No. 1562273

You've got nothing, cringe. you should sage up a bit and bring receipts next time.

No. 1562275

They're in this thread and most everyone here is done with your ilk shitting this place up, go home, we do not care to host your shitty fueds.

No. 1562276

lmao please stop.

No. 1562281

proof or its not true. I'm pretty sure you're just mad your gaslighting has failed.

No. 1562282

Read through this thread to see even more proof you ignorant monkey.

No. 1562284

ah yes let me read a 1000+ post thread. post proof of a .org civil war like you said.

No. 1562285

Okay, fuck off, nobody wants to spoonfeed a scrote faggot.

No. 1562286

File: 1655350802737.jpg (112.51 KB, 817x724, yesvirginia.jpg)

Hey, it needed saying in the Kiwi OP…

No. 1562287

bear computer

No. 1562288

My troondar is completely broken in this saga and I hate it.

No. 1562290

lmfao btfo'd. you could at least bring inspect element fabricated proof next time you try and stir shit.

No. 1562291

Your brain is seriously broken, how are you this retarded?

No. 1562293

Plenty of proof in both threads you just can't read. Go to the shit containment thread you nigger.

No. 1562296

You can shut up now.

No. 1562625

File: 1655389075198.png (201.87 KB, 800x800, rEdMFGF.png)

Naught really got broken when Cow Poly sided with Erika over him.
No friends except AC, sad.

No. 1562655

Spednaught and Mikey are trying to bury this because their gayops failed so spectacularly. We love to see it.

No. 1562665

The rest is Empresa, Cowpoly and the gang dunking on someone who demanded Erika show her face at a front angle and then memes so the rest is not really worth capping though it is kind of a cute, funny thing compared to most scrote posting.
Naught was so upset he said this on their weird little revenge thread about Erika too, the amount of salt these assholes have to give is amazing.
"And then we became friends"
And you screamed faggot tranny at them for trying to stop someone posing as one of your mutual friends, no wonder you don't have any friends now Naught if that's how you fucking treat them. That guy is just such a retard it's incredible, him, Mike, and Rachel all deserve each other.

No. 1562721

Naught is such a bitchmade little BPD-chan when his feelings get hurt. It's pathetic. Scrotes in this scene are the most thin-skinned people imaginable.

No. 1562765

File: 1655399210741.png (3.97 KB, 124x145, fatty_patty_no_avatar.png)

LOL. Someone made an account a while back under the name of Michael's fat wife, and Naught banned it shortly after it made a few posts. But now he took off the avatar. Mike really dishes it out but can't take it.

No. 1562769

Not only that but they put in the tagline when they removed the pfp, they did it to Erika too.

No. 1562823

Mike Timeline Summary

>Angry Canadian aka Michael Thurlow joins Kiwifarms during the ILJ saga before she gets a sub-board for her 'investigation', immediately starts to WK her and try to spin the narrative. Slapfights ensue between him and a few members who smell a manipulator when they see them.

>Is found to later be gay-oping with Luis, never proven when they started gay-oping together, was sniffed out and rejected for the most part by Bella herself.
>Mike gets roughly 3 containment threads, one thread that was removed simply due to halal rules and staff not wishing to re-make a thread. This allowed him to continue his shenanigans inside of Burnbook, another tirefire from the ILJ days that has finished smoldering as the drama is long dead.
>Failhalals a few members and gets banned from KFs, then promptly becomes a bigger lolcow than any he made as a thread. Cringe ass thread about saluting him was posted to True and Honest where Josh's paypigs jack each other off.
>Runs to dot org where he continues to try to punch down only to show how much of a cow he is, becomes oblivious to the scrote's dunking on him and even whines to Sig about his friend getting 'unfair' treatment(a repeat pattern, Mike tries to dish it out but cannot take a thing in return).
>Encounters and joins Naught and Elaine around this time and immediately begins gay-oping with them in order to try and get back at his enemies, only makes himself look like a bigger clown(another Mike pattern).
>After many failed socking attempts at dot org and Kiwifarms where he has now been laughed off of Mike retreats to Onionfarms where he meets Erika for the second time, immediately starts slapfighting with her but that dies down when Erika leaves the internet for a few months.
>Boring times.
>Mike finds out about Rachel from her thread on KFs and immediately sets about to try and Idea Guy her as his claim to fame, fails at this when Erika pulls his pants down by delivering Milk on him, Elaine, and Rachel. Starts a spergery and a slapfight that spanned nearly a month with many people larping as either person as well as many people trying to drag Regina back into the drama.
>Erika scales far back on the obvious posting and the cows go back to mooing feebly without any solid opponent to attack, seemingly makes up with Spookybones/Regina(or they got along before this point, I am unclear on that).
>Scrotes come in from different places and begin alogging multiple people in an attempt to lump more people into the drama, but fail as their attempts are met with ridicule from all sides.
>Things begin to die down as Mike, Naught, Elaine, Rachel and possibly a few more of their friends begin plotting what to do next.

We are here, I probably missed some things but I figured it would be helpful to anyone who has no idea about Mike aside from a personal encounter, the Rachel thread or his KF thread.

No. 1562849

File: 1655405138688.png (119.49 KB, 861x339, mike projecting again.png)

Running out of any material for his Erika hate thread, AC begins projecting and claiming everyone who posts to the site is Erika in a schizophrenic meltdown as is his nature for the past month.

No. 1562861

>Runs to dot org where he continues to try to punch down only to show how much of a cow he is, becomes oblivious to the scrote's dunking on him and even whines to Sig about his friend getting 'unfair' treatment(a repeat pattern, Mike tries to dish it out but cannot take a thing in return).
>Encounters and joins Naught and Elaine around this time and immediately begins gay-oping with them in order to try and get back at his enemies, only makes himself look like a bigger clown(another Mike pattern).
Good summary nonna, I think the main thing missing is between these, his kiwi farms halal thread dropping on his birthday April 4th plus Michael abandoning his lolcow.org account in shame (dish it out but cannot take a thing in return).

>ran away from lolcow.org
>Banned from Kiwi Farms
>Socks get purged as soon as they're discovered
>Halal'd on his birthday
>Cycles VPNs to keep posting on lolcow.farm
>@Michael Robert Thurlow You're completely unwanted on the internet. No one likes you.
What is it with Michael and everything he says being able to be turned around on him?

No. 1562885

Thank you for the additions, hopefully it will help the next OP made lol. Mike is a cinema that will never shut down, as soon as one projector dies he replaces it for a neverending loop of unintentionally spaghetti'ing at his enemies.

No. 1562939

File: 1655409574941.jpeg (126.73 KB, 616x1000, the ring.jpeg)

Picture related.

No. 1562947

It's accurate, scrote.
Sage your shit or go neck yourself.

No. 1562984

If you can do better, do it or shit up.

No. 1562990

Keep posting cringe I love it.

No. 1562993

It won't fit the proof that hundreds of people have witnessed firsthand, this isn't fabricated.

No. 1563004

>What is it with Michael and everything he says being able to be turned around on him?

No. 1563016

Hi Mike, nobody gives a fuck.

No. 1563020

>WKing ILJ
No-one gives a fuck about any of this besides Mike, fuck off. Link doesn't work, literally kys.


>poofling at him
This is his thread you absolute mongoloid.

No. 1563021

You just posted schizo word salad go here >>>/snow/1562781

No. 1563023

File: 1655414284504.png (160.93 KB, 2068x441, 0.png)

Go back to crying on KF with your thin skinned faggot friends.

No. 1563041

I'd believe it simply off of how EFM has been reacting with his group of scrotes, they even started attacking other scrotes on dot org who told them they were looking like a schizophrenic retard. What a fucking clown.

No. 1563064

File: 1655415520639.jpeg (1.47 MB, 972x4242, unknown.jpeg)

The T&H hugbox did not like when a user spoke the truth.
I'd put this in the containment thread but I think by now we can classify EFM as an orbiter of Michael's at least.

No. 1563076

I wanted to stay out of this but honestly EFM has been going on about this for a year, the guy has diagnosed schizophrenia can you lay off a little bit?

No. 1563080

That might be Rene, too, nonna. She was very fixed on the dog stuff.
OMG that thread is seriously full of fanfiction and rushing to accuse everyone (or more like specific people) of gayops. As a gayop in itself possibly and a pretty effective one, people will believe anything.

No. 1563083

Proof positive that EFM has used Kiwi to gayop before, decent enough proof to show him and Urbanfag are projecting their gayops onto others, proof that he has done this other times and is a schizophrenic, and so much more.

No. 1563084

You guys sound paranoid.

No. 1563086

Stop projecting schizo-kun.

No. 1563107

File: 1655421309973.png (334.21 KB, 2074x1051, efm is coldbrew.png)

The highlight only appears if the user replies to you, EFM is a schizophrenic and is Cold Brew.

No. 1563114

File: 1655421733782.png (539.52 KB, 1080x1920, context.png)

Context for the salty hugthread going on that thinks all of LCF is one big gay op, oh brother.

No. 1563143

File: 1655424314897.png (267.21 KB, 593x379, imagine my shock.png)

EFM lied about being invited?
Wow, probably like he is lying about there being ten people and not all just him as clearly he has one cap from the same person who was dumping here which he claims isn't him, but he's a schizophrenic so we know it's him.
Enjoy being known as a Mike WK orbiting gay oper EFM, you earned it.

No. 1563150

Victory goes to the scrotes who wear Pink.

No. 1563174

File: 1655426731570.png (383.86 KB, 585x767, Epic Fail Man Failed Epicly Ma…)

I think he fell for someone larping as Spooky or the user is just dunking on him for jumping at Spookybones' shadow for extra context to the quoted post.

No. 1563179

Some dot org scrote, it keeps expanding because Epic Fail Man has had a three day meltdown about other people and is randomly shouting about Spookybones. Just jumping at shadows primarily but as far as I can tell he got pissed off at Empresa, who he had been slapfighting for a while, for inviting Erika into his circle. So jealousy it seems from the outside looking in really. Fucking gay as fuck.

I could see AC claiming that Regina, Empresa, and Cowpoly are all teaming up but it's more of a dot org scrote thing and he is too busy melting down about other things and running other gay ops. More likely that account is one of Empresa's friends or possibly Cowpoly(?) though I have never seen him to openly mock I do not know him well enough to rule that out.

Josh has created a hugbox filled with his own farts for sure, and the True and Honest thread leaked in here really goes to hammer that in for the umpteenth time lol.

No. 1563186

Samefagging to say that with EFM defending Sig on his hugboxing thread, saying there was no way the fedposter known for doing gay ops was doing gay ops along with Sig giving Empresa a tag saying he does gay ops we can lump Sig in with the dramatic retards wanting to immolate themselves in fire over…something?

No. 1563228

Oh look, unsaged scrote sperging, saying we are all just Erika orbiters, this whole site, is the most schizophrenic accusation I have seen from you morons.

No. 1563235

File: 1655431644240.png (282.1 KB, 768x432, vSBOVBf.png)

That did not take long.

No. 1563238

And ya'll got bodied regardless.

No. 1563241

You'd love for people mocking you to shut up, but we won't you really just cried too often and to too many places.
You displayed weakness, we eat our own, Kiwis use LCF too.

No. 1563250

Stop referencing Oneyplays, your humor is far too lacking to run a gimmick account based off of them lol.

No. 1563255

You may as well namefag too Sig.

No. 1563256

File: 1655432346891.png (257.76 KB, 1655x531, Screenshot (348).png)


No. 1563262

File: 1655432604291.jpeg (949.38 KB, 1010x810, cringe.jpeg)

Is that Zak Bagans



No. 1563267

Nah. You guys publicly posted about your gay ops. You cannot wiggle out of this because your skin was so thin you had to pick a fight with an anon imageboard site to defend a cross dressing canadian nazi.
You're the most fucking retarded players in a saga that has fucking Rachel and Elaine in it. Congrats.

No. 1563275

>Comes into Mike's thread
>Starts gayoping
>Gets called out
>Cries about it on a couple different sites.

Doesn't matter if you are actively talking to Mike, you are helping him with your dumbassery as is obvious for all to see.

No. 1563284

go here you fucking idiots

No. 1563286

You are all dumber, bigger laughing stocks than her so stop punching up and go back to punching each other on your shitty splinter site populated by 6 people and their socks.

No. 1563294

Shame, I thought a lot of you were funny. Oh well.

No. 1563296

They never were, they steal material from a bunch of other people.

No. 1563300

Can confirm, the only good threads the have are about Josh and the Naught thread which is only good because there is no alternative, for the rest everything is either plagairized or the same grade-school boy in-jokes. My Kiwi sources inform me that most of these actual retards and are not, in fact, pretending.

No. 1563301

I'm sure, it was usually their banter that was funny to me though. But now they're just cringe and trying too hard to be edgy.

No. 1563305

Occasionally the site was a decent place to talk to banned Kiwis and it was widely read, like the tabloids, even if people wouldn't admit to it, but while it was never good, it is getting really bad. That one of their most currently popular memes seems to "ironically" be a reference to CP/pedophilia, and that should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the humor and the kind of people who hang around (and run the place.)

No. 1563309

Yeah, thats disgusting.

No, I'm not a lesbian.

No. 1563320

File: 1655435077366.png (1010.77 KB, 1155x1080, xlNAYyu.png)

EFM, and Sig unironically believe this.

No. 1563328

Pedos do like other pedos.

No. 1563337

They do.
It only seems that way to them because they were dumb enough to pick a fight with almost everyone on this side of the internet.

No. 1563342

File: 1655436056725.png (69.48 KB, 853x389, the fifth time.png)

This marks the fifth time in two days that EFM has said he was done with the 'autism'. Let's see how that goes ladies, I'm betting like the other four he is seething and scrolling this thread right now.

No. 1563347

Even if you are having a giggle, then you can still be picking a fight. So, in addition to this one? While both parties deserve each other and can get fucked, Naught, I believe, is an excellent example and really makes you think about how much of this is gay ops, tranny ops, counter-ops, false flag ops and generally banned Kiwis doing gay shit opportunistically that continues to have nothing to do with Rachel whatsoever.

No. 1563352

It is funny that you morons elevated me more than I ever could by my own merit, you literally just walk into things, you're easier to lead around than Mike is.
I didn't need to do trannyops, I had to sit back and wait for you all to want to hit me and make fools of yourselves due to not knowing the nature of imageboards and chimping out on your main accounts.

In other words,
I didn't need to plan for shit. I just had to lurk and watch.

No. 1563358

Oh you cannot tell simply from my writing style?
Not going to make it.

No. 1563363

The R.A.L.M. thread's pet troon,
Started life as an S.A. goon,
But it was on 4chan,
He learned to evade bans,
Which came in quite useful this June.

No. 1563364

Really should not have went after my GF, why the fuck do you idiots think I left the site in November?
You're becoming Kengle and it's so sickening to see.
Oh, should I start larping as a diaper sissy so you finally recognize me?

No. 1563367

Take a schizo guess at who I am first, I want to see that more.

No. 1563369

As a woman, you .org scrotes are cattier than most women. Thats fucking embarrassing and you should feel bad.

No. 1563375

You are all just repeating Kengle's mistakes, must be a splinter thing.

No. 1563376

A dickless lolcow.org scrote,
Thought he'd go to .farm to gloat,
But the imageboard molls
Kicked him right in the balls
And the tranny went right for the throat.

No. 1563387

File: 1655438292307.png (807.15 KB, 800x612, 1xaywjY.png)

You came to mock me and this is all you guys have after days of being here at the very least?
Weren't you trying to be the badasses of the internet? Why are your attacks so lame and ineffective? Could it be that you are all lacking?

No. 1563520

File: 1655449471218.png (90.72 KB, 383x451, L3hK849.png)

Pointing out how dumb they are will only make their Lord and Savior Kengle angrier.

No. 1563527

Mockery that require self awareness in a subtle way that was naturally something that slipped right them, that's what lolcows do all the time right?
Like I said in the other thread this is shooting fish in a barrel, how the fuck they chimped out to Kiwifarms on True and Honest about getting felted by a tranny and a bunch of women on an imageboard is beyond me. I see they are letting Michael back on their site after calling Cowpoly and Empresa gay opers and I cannot help but wonder if they think they can just gaslight everyone into believing what they say instead of the now literal mountain of evidence.

No. 1563530

File: 1655450610157.png (90.6 KB, 383x451, 9KNo5Ih.png)

I warned you nonna, Kengle only gets angrier when you point out they're projecting exactly what they are doing onto others in a completely retarded way.

No. 1563688

>anyone who fucks with me is doing it as part of a gay op
This is literally an Arm Pit Cream tier delusion. All of you need to get help.

No. 1563690

That's borderline nonnie, watch out Kengle is fuming atm and we can't piss him off anymore by pointing out that dot org is still getting trolled by exactly one person.

No. 1563693

I wouldn't really call the Jdanks stuff trolling. Nobody really cares.

No. 1563695

I wouldn't call that trolling either. Provoking someone to tell that spookybones is behind it all after telling you she would gaslight you if you came to the site?
That's trolling.

No. 1563696

I genuinely don't have any clue what you're talking about, nor do I really care. Spooky is a retard who paid to register the burnbook.club domain for six whole years or something like that, then abandoned the site after maybe six months tops. Michael Thurlow is an edgeposting alcoholic emo. Elaine belongs in a special needs school. Naught is a pedophile. Blaine is pretending to be a schizophrenic so that people will pay attention to him. If I've left anyone out, it's because they're not even interesting enough for me to care about. Every single person involved in this is retarded, and it baffles me that people think I'm wasting my time on this bullshit.

No. 1563698

File: 1655475712622.png (464.12 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20220617-091805~3.p…)

>Spookybones is behind it all.
Legit dude, touch grass, take meds, you lost.

No. 1563703

You can shut up now.

No. 1563704

Samefag but
Aw I missed Erika destroy Sig, his comments are jannied so I can only assume he called everyone nobodies because women are gay and then cried about it for two hours.

No. 1563710

lol I made one post asking for an example of just one gay op that I've participated in, then I went to bed. The post probably got jannied because I didn't bother saging it.

No. 1563716

Then Sig, my dude, this is incredibly gay and we both know it. EFM isn't right, he isn't correct, Empresa and Cowpoly don't even post here.
You gay op tagged them just for them liking me and EFM not liking me, that's now clear for all to see. So do you wanna just stop?

I legit think Mike and Rachel are funny by themselves and I'm tired of gaslighting people as I slapfight into looking even sillier. Enough people can see what I'm doing, this isn't for attention Sig, it's literally me helping the Rachel thread stay clean and having a place where I can deliver milk and make memes.

There is zero reason for dot org to be here, Spooky won't engage with you in obvious posting. Unlike me she follows the rules, I just appeal my bans and lie to farmhands that I'll be less autistic this time.

No. 1563721

I'm not sure what EFM has to do with any of this. Cow Poly and Empressa both participate in gay ops on a regular basis. I gave them the banners because I think it's funny to have them marked with their own little Stars of David. As for you, I don't really care.

No. 1563727

File: 1655477691317.jpg (11.42 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

I ain't gotta do shit, they troll themselves at this point.

No. 1563730

This is honestly so fucking goofy, why the fuck did they even step in the first place when they're so bad at it?

No. 1563731

> Spooky is a retard who paid to register the burnbook.club domain for six whole years or something like that
It is not the own that you think it is that this is enough money to you that this is worth remarking on.

No. 1563733

They're just exposing themselves for being poor really, they're very bad at this.

No. 1563746

File: 1655479921805.jpg (62.08 KB, 700x835, lol so quirky.jpg)

Dot org came here and called the whole site a gay op because we disagreed that someone was not a bigger cow than they are, that is just outright pathetic and delusional. A splinter with 6 actual people on it attempting warfare against an imageboard site for not hating someone enough.

Perfect example of male entitlement, they come into our space and 'mansplain' how things should be and when we bit them for being retarded they cried publicly to anyone who would listen. You are all soft skinned cows trying to go after one person who just got done dumpstering multiple groups, you added yourself to her kill count willingly. WTF is wrong with you retards? Did you really get so angry that you're doing the best you can to hand Erika a W on a silver fucking platter?

"Reeee Spookybones, Reeeee Erika those women trolled us and made us look bad so we hate them forever." - That is all anyone here hears when you speak up, because of the mistakes you guys willingly made.
Puppeted by a pet troon.

For fucking shame.

No. 1563754

…wtf did I just see happen here? Did a whole site get trolled that easily? I thought dot org was supposed to be the good splinter? They seem like the same type of people who use Onionfarms tbh.

No. 1563756

File: 1655480748117.png (90.5 KB, 383x451, JboX0sh.png)

Kengle literally cannot get angrier because dot org literally cannot get dumber.

No. 1563763

It's funny because it demonstrates a lack of foresight. Domains are dirt cheap, but to register one for six years and then abandon it within six months is something that I find personally amusing.
What's it like to be indistinguishable from someone as stupid as Blaine?
>Dot org came here and called the whole site a gay op
I only said that the people doing the gay ops are retards who should probably get a life, but go off, king.

No. 1563766

What's it like looking worse than "The schizophrenic tranny" You all have been obsessed with for a year now?

No. 1563768

Oh look, more lies from scrotes.

Here is another reason everyone here is calling you retarded, all of your posts should go here and not the Mike thread.

No. 1563773

No, you guys are just acting like fools.

No. 1563777

I only recently remembered that Blaine existed because he made a sock and started shitting up threads, which is exactly what got him thrown into the tard cage to begin with.
Ashley Hutsell Jankowski isn't a tranny though, and nobody is really that obsessed with her.

No. 1563779

check 'em btw

No. 1563780

Who the fuck is Ashley? Nice trips.

No. 1563781

The only person that comes to mind when Blaine talks about schizophrenic people on .org, since there are people who actually pay some degree of attention to the things Ashley says. The same cannot be said about Blaine.

No. 1563782

Why did you come here exactly? It just seems like vendetta posting. I'm sure Erika doesn't care what you dot org people have to say but I am interested in wtf exactly was your whole ideal scenario?
Shift the conversation?

No. 1563784

I just like to make fun of retards, it doesn't really matter to me who they are.

No. 1563788

Tight, you know about being on-topic right?
There is a topic where you could have sperged about Erika, people would still call you dumb but it wouldn't be quite as obvious that you came in without any respect to the culture or the rules.
Why do you think people won't mock that when moids are supposed to try to blend and not obviouspost?

No. 1563793

Like I will spell it out rather plainly, Erika got in by a grey area as her obvious posting was relevant to her milk and explaining the gayops Mike was pulling on Rachel and then Elaine's lies and so much other content that I legit cannot remember it all.
Nobody would know she was a tranny if she never went to KFs and she doesn't bring it up here.
People kept impersonating her and soon it was obvious she was trying to blend, deliver milk and make memes. Even those of us that call her a man still respect her more than you guys.
Think on why, and stop shitting up the Mike thread.

No. 1563794

Also it is INCREDIBLY entertaining to sit back and watch some spastic attempt to convince everyone that they're some kind of Machiavellian puppet master. I laughed my ass off when Michael Thurlow was doing it, and it's still pretty amusing to watch Blaine try the exact same tactic.
lol I don't care about the rules here and I don't even know who Erika is, but I'll assume that you're talking about Blaine.
thanks anon, that 789 of yours isn't too shabby, either

No. 1563795

>stop shitting up the Mike thread
no lol

No. 1563796

She isn't she is mocking that idea Sig, think for one second, just for one second, imagine that 'Blaine' cares less about the internet and more about being a troll.

No. 1563799

If he wants to troll people, then maybe he should try not to suck at it so much.

No. 1563805

Results speak more than your delusions, this thread is now a monument to her dumpstering your whole pathetic site.

No. 1563809

This is not Erika you schizo.

No. 1563810

Yeah, Blaine really showed lolcow.org by getting locked in the tard cage about 7 months ago, screeching into the void for a while, fucking off, and then coming back to make a post about something in the tard cage, then convincing Elaine Miller that his account was actually hacked or something and getting her to come and tell me about it. The forum will truly never recover from his schemes.

No. 1563815

Her family has been posted before, in this very thread.
Nice job proving again how retarded you are, and how you have an actual mental illness.

No. 1563819

I like Bob Ross :)

No. 1563822

Yellow shirt you faceblind retard.

No. 1563825


There were other pictures posted that were jannied too. Not that anon or Erika but saying
>your sister is kinda hot
while you've been showing off your boner for "Blaine" this whole time in your unsaged posts made it pretty fucking obvious you're talking to Erika about her sister.

No. 1563826

I've never seen Bob Ross in a yellow shirt. Are you sure we're talking about the same person?

No. 1563829

File: 1655483895147.png (375.25 KB, 1280x720, brown bricks.png)

I'm always on duty.

No. 1563830

File: 1655483896390.jpeg (87.34 KB, 1030x582, erika has brought the milk.jpe…)

That anon is saying the person in the yellow shirt is Megan, and they are correct.

This image is now very accurate.

No. 1563831

Blaine isn't going to fuck you, bro. Also stop lusting after tranny cock, you're having a Kengle moment.

No. 1563832

File: 1655484027886.png (223.46 KB, 1464x865, gayops man.png)

Get some new memes, Mike.


Imagine being this desperate for a W.

No. 1563834

Nothing sexual, I would say I respect her skill but every single door there is filled with low grade retards.

No. 1563836

But he's not in any of the rooms.

No. 1563837

>Stop lusting after tranny cock
Has been shitting up a thread on a site of (eewww) fEmAlEs posting about a tranny for days.
You sound like you dont want any competition.

No. 1563838

Samefag, just checked the /meta/ board and I agree with the one anon, these chodes are probably filling their drywall with holes over this.

No. 1563839

Nvm this went too fast to samefag, damn.

No. 1563842

I will shit up whatever thread I feel like, you retarded gorilla nigger.

No. 1563844

And you'll be obvious about your tranny cock lust while doing it too, obviously.

No. 1563845

It'll be funny when all the free VPNs get banned and you can't anymore while Erika posts on her original IP, how much seething will you do in your hugbox?
Of course they will Nonna, these faggots are obsessed with making Erika submissive and bent to their will, they want some hot steamy tranny sex.

No. 1563846

I only lust after tranny frontholes because I have standards.

No. 1563848

Sounds like cope, tbh.

No. 1563849

She looks like your uwu smol bean female larp facebook account, Michael >>1561939
Is this why you're so obsessed with Erika, because you want to be her sister?

No. 1563853

Thats actually really rude to Erikas sister anon. His account looks like a man.

No. 1563854

Which let's be honest, is probably how Erika will look like in a few years. No wonder Mike has been obsessed with Erika for so long he wants to skinwalk as her…

No. 1563856

File: 1655484585481.png (59.59 KB, 869x68, VPN.png)

Whenever I get banned, I shit up the appeal form and then run "expressvpn disconnect && expressvpn connect", wait two seconds, and then go right back to shitting up the site until I get bored.

No. 1563857

Damn, I see why all of you are lusting after her dick now.

No. 1563858

Just the fact you can quotepost this proves you're completely obsessed with her cock, Mike.

No. 1563859

File: 1655484820131.jpg (7.86 KB, 400x343, proton.jpg)

You're supposed to use proton vpn you're ruining the gayops reeeeeee

No. 1563861

That just makes me want to keep using ExpressVPN, tbh.

No. 1563862

yes. Her cock.
Which is bigger and nicer looking than yours. Thats why you're so captivated.

No. 1563863

It really isn't our fault you all made the tranny so based.

No. 1563864

Thanks for the pic of you daydreaming about it, I guess.

No. 1563868

I honestly enjoy our pet tranny being here, she brings us so much milk by simply existing. Keep on blending Erika, I may have really shat on you when you first got here but I can say that I was totally wrong about you.

No. 1563871

File: 1655485458749.png (62.91 KB, 569x446, can they make it anymore obvio…)

Yeah merge a nonna account with Erika's but leave Mike's account and claim you are not gay-oping. Smoothbrain move Sig.

No. 1563875

AMB has more actual members than dot org and has more Dee posts, she is not Tard Caged there but welcomed so nice attempt but clearly you guys just hate her.
NTA but no they really do not, they sound more baffled by how stupid you guys could be.

No. 1563877

So SIG hates her and the AMB staff does not, thank you for clarifying that she is welcomed by most lolcow.org members as well outside of the space where Sig holds a broom to hide any wrongthink.

No. 1563878

>because SIG isn't an admin there.
Lol okay thanks for proving >>1563875 correct.

No. 1563882

So Max and all the older members of AMB want to fuck her too then?

No. 1563885

… So SIG wants to fuck everyone he doesn't tardcage? Got it. Very interesting.

No. 1563886

And yet Tommy Tooter isn't banned off Kiwifarms but you guys are. lmao

No. 1563887

They often reveal more than they know with these 'le ebic reddit owns' they spout.

No. 1563889

A mongoloid faggot named SIG
Thought that trolling dot farm made him big,
Nonna said, he can't sage,
Are you sure he's of age?
So he trooned out and now wears a wig.

No. 1563891

Honestly, this part has been the most telling and also the most hilarious.

No. 1563893

You're worse than a dog fucking pedophile, gotcha.
(Thanks again Erika, these guys are fun as fuck to dissect)

No. 1563894

You spelled tranny chasing retards wrong.

No. 1563896

How have people not picked up on this yet? It really makes me wonder how often she did that on other imageboards.

No. 1563897

No. 1563899

They're not going and Mike is posting, retard.

No. 1563920

File: 1655488035872.png (372.22 KB, 956x692, qpeU5hV.png)

No. 1563922

Spamming that everywhere just further solidifies your L.

No. 1563929

I don't generally notice sock accounts unless they're incredibly obvious. Imageboard User has a c*nadian IP, and as disgusting as that is, it doesn't necessarily prove that he's Michael. Meanwhile, the dude with the Zorak avatar has an IP that geolocates to roughly the same location that I remember Blaine's IP geolocating to, generally acted like Blaine, and I was still waiting for my morning caffeine to fully kick in. If you're trying to imply that I'm somehow on Michael's "side" in whatever the fuck is going on here, then you're completely fucking retarded and should probably stop taking the internet so seriously. None of this shit matters.

No. 1563931

I have no idea who Rachel is.

No. 1563932

NTA but Rachel is Michaels new gf

No. 1563937

That's cool and all but I don't remember asking.

No. 1563941

You are a retard, case closed.
So are you.

No. 1563943


No. 1563946


No. 1563951

File: 1655489529113.png (77.95 KB, 362x296, yeah zone.png)

No. 1563957

You have made 1,041 posts on lolcow.farm since May 27th, and you aren't even using a VPN. Top fucking zozzle, mate.

No. 1563960

Who am I?

No. 1563961

Also hello Blaine.

No. 1563964

Pure schizophrenia.

No. 1563967

Oh so then that means you're the other faggot whose account I merged into Blaine's. It also merges the IP history, so you can understand why I would make that mistake.

No. 1563969

Should double check that IP history to figure out who I actually am.

No. 1563970

That would require me to care a lot more than I ever will.

No. 1563971

'Someone is running their IP through the Chicago region, only one person could live there and nobody could ever use that region for a VPN'

No. 1563979


No. 1563982

Lol using a site to IP dox people and revealing that on another site, brilliant doxing skills from the l33t3st of tr0lls and summerfags on dot org.

No. 1563986

I just think it's pretty funny that someone has 1,041 posts on this site, all within the space of a month.

No. 1563990

Considering it is probably much more than one person yeah pretty funny you guys would drop that on the table because you are that desperate for a W after getting trashed on for the past three days.

No. 1563991

I got your IP from this site. That screenshot was posted by some other retard and only the first two octets are correct.

No. 1563994

I don't think you know what bait means do you.

No. 1563995

I only started posting in this thread today because I was bored and wanted to shit up this site.

No. 1563997

Also the associated post history is determined by devices, not strictly by IP. Keep going, king.

No. 1564006

Imagine blowing your janny load over Erika.

No. 1564012

He doesn't care Sig which is why we are saying that you should stop making it look like you're working with him by shitting up his thread to shift the convo away from Mike. C'mon my dude.

No. 1564024

So why are you so insistent on claiming you're not working with Mike if you then claim you don't care if we think that?

No. 1564027

>leaking people's IPs
It's a wifi hotspot in Illinois that in no way relates to Blaine's address (480 Crest Lane lel) or anything of significance. It's not even his home IP.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1564038

Isn't he a tranny? On kiwifarms he has several posts whiteknighting trannies and got a containment thread on the Bella Janke board for trans sperging.

No. 1564040

Lol that was a thread she made for Spookybone to move trannysperging posts in other threads. Strap in as there is a reason we are calling a tranny a she(there has not been mention of it from her since she came and she has been delivering milk primarily, long story that now spans around 4 threads.)

No. 1564044

Yes, Blaine has a penis. The fact that people here are unironically calling him a based tranny reminds me of that commiedickgirl faggot on KF that everyone was calling based because they were dunking on ILJ or something during that entire shitshow.

No. 1564045

File: 1655491876873.png (Spoiler Image,157.87 KB, 480x640, 1632339338579.png)



No. 1564046

So everyone here is a kiwifag scrote because farmers would never call a tranny

No. 1564058

What a cope, have you seen the trannies made fun of here and how they act in comparison?

No. 1564059

>m-muh based tranny!

No. 1564065

Way to reveal what a newfag you are

No. 1564067

surely just a giant jizz clitoris

No. 1564071

Inb4 you claim you have been here for years.

No. 1564074

File: 1655492895867.png (283.83 KB, 647x510, catdished.png)

lol based tranny

No. 1564077

File: 1655493046505.png (23.69 KB, 462x196, free rent.png)

No. 1564082

File: 1655493161006.gif (717.34 KB, 500x204, slow horsie.gif)

No. 1564095

File: 1655493610334.jpg (65.55 KB, 919x460, fag.JPG)

Shaving your face doesn't make you less of a faggot.

No. 1564098

Jesus christ Mike what is it with you and projection.

No. 1564100

This is now a Blaine thread.

No. 1564101

File: 1655493936675.jpg (116.43 KB, 960x540, 2.jpg)

No. 1564104

WHatever you say, 'Megan'.

No. 1564107

That's not Mike. I'm Mike.

No. 1564108

I can't wait for Michael bringing Erika's family into this to backfire, again.

No. 1564109

If only you scrotes put this much effort into fucking with Rachel, then we'd be having real fun around here.

No. 1564111

Are you really 'Mike' though?

No. 1564112

Was Blaine a muslim? What's with the Islamic beard?

No. 1564113

Nah, Rachel having meltdowns on twitter isn't nearly as funny as this.

No. 1564115

Ask Rachel about the time she let some dude roleplaying Sephiroth piss all over her OC because she was that desperate for smut.

No. 1564116

I'm going to murder Blaine's entire family. This is a credible threat.

No. 1564117

Nothing wrong with a little peepee

No. 1564119

I'm telling the internet police, I mean the Simcoe OPP.

No. 1564120

Can someone please answer me, why did Blaine have an Islamic beard?

No. 1564123

Don't answer me if you don't know. Sage your shit etc etc moid scrote(shitposting)

No. 1564124

If you scrotes want a Blaine thread make one.

This is the Michael thread, an orbiting satellite of Rachel's thread.

No. 1564130

With registrations closed they're all frozen out, lel.

No. 1564132

The Islam to tranny pipeline is real.

No. 1564134

>Being able to grow a full beard


You and your patchy facial hair are embarrassing.

No. 1564139

That beard
That nose

>Summary: Scientists have identified a genetic variant that substantially increases the risk for developing schizophrenia in Ashkenazi Jewish and other populations. The study associates a deletion on chromosome 3 with increased incidence of schizophrenia.


Mystery solved.

No. 1564140

File: 1655495561554.png (157.75 KB, 299x368, erika_beard.png)

I'm sure most women find this attractive.

I don't know if Falsies and other victims of AC's horrible antics are here trying to keep a-logging him, and I understand AC is a genuinely horrible person. But you have to face the hard truth. AC's milk has run out and Blaine's is still warm.

No. 1564143

>Jew sperging
Ohhhh so you are all nazis and that is why you jumped into the fire to burn with Mike, this all makes sense now.

No. 1564144

AC in denial of how bad he is and spending all this time following Blaine around like a lost puppy and then getting mad about it is funnier.
All of you who refuse to see how pathetic Michael has become are blinded by the fact you want reasons to dunk on a tranny. Weak. Ignore Blaine and focus on the real milk that is Michael being an absolutely assblasted bitch boy.

No. 1564146

File: 1655495766333.gif (982.28 KB, 500x400, whoawhoawhoaSLOWDOWN.gif)

that's a strong word

No. 1564147

If Erika had any you would post it to her KF thread, you already proved you don't. Ya'll are assblasted so hard and just schizo sperging and self reporting.

No. 1564148

>you have to face the hard truth. AC's milk has run out

>you want reasons to dunk on a tranny
Michael is a tranny so it makes even less sense.

No. 1564150

Lol ikr, as Michael would say;
Imagine not knowing you're being slowdripped.

No. 1564153

Most posts I've seen from Michael in regards to how bad he is are him affirming the things that are said about him. RE: Hitting women, abandoning his kids, abusing people online, etc etc etc. The only thing I've seen him deny is the weeaboo/lolicon accusations and the tranny shit.
As far as the lolicon goes, he's posted questionable anime stuff since that accusation, and as far as the tranny accusation goes, his argument on Onion Farms convinced me enough that I don't really care. If more tranny pics surface then that's different but meh tbh seems like cope on your part nonna

No. 1564155

Say you're in Michael's gayop group or are Mike without directly saying it, smooth.

No. 1564156

We're all in Michael's gayops and we will die (on the internet) for him. All hail the glorious leader!

No. 1564161

No. 1564162

>more tranny pics

No. 1564164

Mike would transition if he weren't such a pissbaby and embrace his innate desire to be a woman. However, he knows he would not survive and instead fantasizes about it while crying and shoving large objects into his asshole.

No. 1564166

Mike here.
I was habitually sexually abused as a child by a priest and used troonery as a coping mechanism. Unlike Erika I overcame my mental illness and stopped hating myself.

No. 1564167

File: 1655496672273.png (498.52 KB, 640x400, imagine.png)

Mike knows he'd look like pic related.

No. 1564172

LMAO what the fuck is this? Trying to put the words BDSM, incest and pegging into her mouth, what a pathetic faggot.

No. 1564173

Michael was kneeling in front of Blaine's lightly leaking, hard cock, a small string of saliva connecting to the tip of Blaine's cock to Michael's tongue, the smaller man panting softly, as he moved his hand up and down his own hard cock while he was pushing one…two…three fingers into his wet hole, eyes dilated with lust. Michael was currently in heat and Blaine couldn't control himself when it came to lust when Michael was in heat. Michael loved it when Blaine went rough on him. Loved it when he was fucked hard by the tranny, getting taught who he really belongs to and feeling the other's knot deep inside of him that always got him sensitive. Michael looked up, Blaine's hand gripping his hair. He was so vulnerable right now, so perfect.

"How bad do you want me?" Blaine growled deeply, his cock twitching as he watched his Mate's needy eyes, hot breath tickling his cock.

Michael moaned softly, the noise coming out like a soft growl of need, as he quickened the speed of his hand on his own cock, roughing moving his fingers that were in his end. "S-So…so fucking bad…" Michael whimpered, bucking his hips up a little into his own touch to show how much he needed his Alpha's knot buried inside of him, the Omega panting. "P-Please…"

"Sorry," Blaine purred, "I didn't quite catch that. Mind-" Blaine was cut off by a sharp gasp as Michael took his Mate's full length into his mouth until his nose was buried in pubes. Blaine was actually glad Michael didn't have a gag reflex. Blaine moaned harshly, panting, as he set up a rough and quick pace for his hips as he started to thrust quickly into Michael's mouth. "G-Good boy," Blaine groaned, watching him, fisting a hand into the brunette's hair. "Just like that. Take me in, baby. Good boy…"

Michael moaned hard from around Blaine, the sound nearing a needy growl, breath hitching as he shoved his three fingers into himself, trying so hard not to bite down. He looked up innocently, seductively, at Blaine through his dark lashes as the Alpha fucked his mouth. Michael suddenly gasped sharply, feeling himself release into his own hand, panting hard through his nose, as he pumped himself dry of his orgasm and felt himself go soft, continuing to thrust his fingers into his stretched, slick wet hole. Michael's breath hitched slightly when he felt Blaine release hard down his throat, the Omega swallowing down his release and slowly pulled off, another string of saliva hooking on to his tongue that attached to Blaine cock. "That…answer your…question?" Michael asked huskily in between thick moans.

Blaine smirked and pulled Michael off the floor and on to the bed, laying the Omega on to his stomach, Michael moving to his hands and knees on instinct, whimpering with need, as he lapped at his wet fingers. "Blaine…please," he begged, panting. "Need you. Need your knot. Now." That did it for Blaine. That sent him over the edge. He plunged into Michael's end, who cried out loudly, and started to fuck the other hard and relentless.

Michael was quickly shut up, whining softly, as Blaine thrust two of his fingers into his mouth. Now Michael couldn't express himself. Oh, well.

"Suck." Blaine demanded in a husky growl, squeezing Michael's hips hard with his free hand, and dragged his hot and wet tongue up and down Michael's back.

Michael sucked Blaine's fingers hard and obediently, panting thickly through his nose again.

"Fuck, Michael," Blaine groaned, drilling into his Mate's prostate. "So fucking good for me, baby. Good…good boy…" Already, he felt close to his second release for the day. He did want to cum yet after they had just started. Damn Blaine and his hormones. "Atta boy…" Blaine purred against Michael's burning hot skin.

Michael fisted the bed sheets hard, also feeling himself get close to his second release. Michael jerked his hips back against Blaine's hard thrusts, panting sharply and hard. Michael couldn't even last ten more minutes before he came hard, letting his load out on to the bed sheets, moaning thickly.

Unlike Michael, Blaine wasn't able to last five minutes. He came hard and deep into Michael, feeling his knot swell up until he couldn't move anymore, being locked into Michael for an hour. Blaine panted hard and pulled his fingers out of Michael's hungry mouth. "You are mine," he purred, lowering the both of them on to the bed so that Michael was flat on his stomach. "You will carry my pup and love him or her forever."

"Y-Yes," Michael rasped, panting, and nuzzled his face into Blaine's arm that was in front of him. "Always." Michael nodded and purred softly, his body hot, as his chest heaved, the man trying to find his breath again.

"Good." Blaine smiled gently, nuzzling into Michael's neck.

No. 1564180

Are you Mike, or Naught? That panel at the bottom of the post gives away a bit.

No. 1564182

>it's possible I was drunk and this is a legitimate picture
All I needed to hear, the rest is the best he could come up with and it's still shit, it always is. It's just like the giga cope he came out with after his wife got doxed on lolcow.org and he definitely, 100% never saw that lady before in his life lmao.

He/they literally cannot stop self owning.

No. 1564183

Good catch

No. 1564185

This is a good reminder why no-one should join onion farms, they can just edit your posts or grab your IP and sign-up e-mail.

No. 1564186

All in a day's work ladies.(Being staff on xenophoro makes this kinda shit so easy to spot, it works exactly like the types of forums I am used to)_

No. 1564194

File: 1655498024119.png (1.22 MB, 1311x2989, 1655496958576.png)

reposting since he deleted it kek

No. 1564196

betrayed by his "super janny" position lmao

No. 1564200

I'm Mike, obviously. Dunno why my post got deleted.

No. 1564201

Hey 'the naught persona'

No. 1564236

Nigger you can't lie, you can't troll, you can't gayop, nobody likes you, you'll die alone and mad, you'll probably shoot up a school or a mall, Rachel wouldn't even have sex with you, drink drain cleaner, cry about it, blog it on Tumblr, go tell your Nazi buddies you're a little sissy who wants a horsecock in your ass, kys.

No. 1564240

iT's PoNy CoCk gEt iT rIgHt

No. 1564312

An insane pickme named Rene
Got involved with ops that were gay,
But she couldn't get picked
And she barely got dick,
Plus I've heard that Mike's a bad lay.

There's a lolicon freak who's named Naught,
And if you ask MKR, he is hot,
But have you seen Megan's face?
My sides are in space.
I assume he's the best that she's got.

No. 1564326

File: 1655507936062.png (801.19 KB, 850x549, 2ixfqIw.png)

No u, I actually have a vagina Mike, die jealous.(tranny hands typed this)

No. 1564350

We get it, you want to fuck kids.

No. 1564353

>women with A cups and a tail
project more

No. 1564355

File: 1655509573407.png (750.06 KB, 1009x725, PFkiMqa.png)

YWNBAW Mike ya sick pedo fuck, go jump into a volcano ya chimping out mofackler.
- This message brought to you by The Scrotes That Wear Pink

No. 1564366

Good to know you identify with anime children Mike, very cool, thank you for sharing!

No. 1564369

Imagine being a 31yo man cunnyposting to try and get a rise out of people.

No. 1564384

Yiff in hell furfag.

No. 1564386


No. 1564392

>ponies are the same as furry

No. 1564398

Like CJocker does shit.

No. 1564402

This song is so good.

No. 1564417

Fun fact: Mike got so sick of his self owns on Onionfarms being uploaded elsewhere that he disabled viewing other people's profile and the profile post crawls from the site.
That's right, somehow Mike found a way to make Kengle's site even shittier.

No. 1564419

Michael and Rachel can enjoy their pedophilia and bestiality together and keep Naught as their pet

No. 1564420

lmao what an assmad faggot

No. 1564421

He literally doesn't have the power to do that. You're just tard caged

No. 1564422

lmao what a "super janny" "staff member"

No. 1564423

Michael has naught to secure his hugbox

No. 1564424

I'm not Erika so unless you wanna facedox I'm not believing you're not Mike as you're larping as Naught.

No. 1564428

I'll facedox if you do it first

No. 1564430

>trying to explain the staff privs on onion farms
No-one gives a fuck you autistic retard. You're not big brain for saying "he can't do that" while literally doing it for him.

No. 1564431

Whatever then Mike ya scrawny little pony fucker.

No. 1564442

Too bitchmade to post CP, many such cases!

No. 1564452

File: 1655516293100.png (898.81 KB, 600x800, xdKpWri.png)

Why are you wearing diapers in this photo Mike?

No. 1564463

File: 1655517193980.png (367.3 KB, 1390x378, JAVUZ4i.png)

Samefag, followup question, where did you get this collar you have on in your tophat emo picture Mike? You're clearly into BSDM, wanna correct the record on that?

No. 1564755

No they didn't, stop fucking tagging everyone WHILE LEAVING BUG VAGINA PORN UP YOU WORTHLESS JANNY

No. 1564756


No. 1564757


No. 1564758

41% moid jannies

No. 1565053

Mike,Kengle and Naught celebrating a child being dressed in drag, those gay pesos won't stop.

No. 1565057

File: 1655574929886.png (101.53 KB, 811x303, neener neener.png)

I can't see Michael's discord account so here it is
Sneed#6011 697886712927485962


Pic related. Michael still thinks he can just shift blame because he's a legitimate retard.

No. 1565063

Don't think they're celebrating it. I hope they aren't. Still sus though.

No. 1565065

.org is trying to pin their gayops on me too, plans are for losers, faggots go on the fly.

No. 1565209

>.org gay ops

I assure you we are just here to laugh. And just because we are "alogging" a tranny doesn't mean we will stop making fun of you.

No. 1565406

File: 1655614142207.jpg (58.47 KB, 1180x335, the fool.JPG)

Another .org scrote managed to swim into my net today is a good day for hunting lolcows. The fool, former idea guy and watchman is currently posting about me on lolcow.org had to namefag but I will go back to blending since this is about me anyway.
really trying to squeeze every W they can, too bad for them better people have tried.

No. 1565413

good catch nonna its weird that The Foolish Fool has been dead silent for the last year and has suddenly shown up as Mike gayops with his team of lolcows
another one bites the dust

No. 1565415

Pretty piss poor attempt to mimic Erika on a site where it was done better before, besides uhhhhhhh, kinda picked the last user that she would go after.
GG, Mike just tried this btw, see how it worked out for him.

No. 1565419

nice attempt to subvert me but I've been bringing the milk for the last two weeks. Go back to your stinky onion Mike.

No. 1565421

samefag or maybe it's your "megan" posting hmm? Either way keep trying to scrape together a W

No. 1565423

I don't think I have ever used the word subvert ever, you really uh, aren't trying.
Anywho, I wouldn't cap obvious satire as a W for one, the fool is on record as a member I actually find funny over there, and furthermore he has nothing to do with the Mike thread so I wouldn't post off topic shit in here.

No. 1565426

Sperging about me belongs >>1554657 here
Nice try GG

No. 1565428

Hah, you got me, I am EFM, post anus.

No. 1565430

File: 1655616394600.jpeg (293.41 KB, 1920x1200, ajpujNr.jpeg)

just pointing out that these scrotes do a terrible impersonating of me. Keep trying to win I will continue to laugh at you until you cry.

No. 1565431

Erika you beat me so bad that I am your bitch forever, will you marry me please?

No. 1565497

still trying to sneak that W aren't ya well good luck schizo. I'm not even trying at this point and ya need to do a lot better than that

No. 1565503

You're right Erika, you beat all of us, we will take the L.

No. 1565507

scared now that you've seen what sneasel can do to milk cows like you? I don't blame ya bet you're worried about getting your own thread aren't ya epic fat mong

No. 1565517

File: 1655625149571.png (62.33 KB, 620x892, this is so dumb.png)

Central time, this is how you actually do it, you don't need a selfie like Mike thinks.
This is me
Obviously not me, and the weakest impersonation attempt yet. I let some of them slide to just take advantage of it but you latest pick me NPCs are just not worth it.

No. 1565553

At least use the right aspect ratio next time you try.

No. 1565555

File: 1655628839572.png (132.5 KB, 661x390, nicetryelaine.png)

jannies sweeping my evidence of impersonation, come on farmhands >>1565517 >>1565553
this poster is the imposter do ya jobs better

No. 1565557

Cropped out the message and chat me this time but still wrong aspect ratio.

No. 1565558

lowest effort attempt I've seen in years. How would you even know my aspect ratio Elaine. You're embarrassing yourself like always.

No. 1565561

>but muh aspect ratio
Fuck off, retards.

No. 1565562

New profile and the other tabs are clipped over, you are using a desktop login with the aspect ratio one can only get on a mobile browser,
Yeah it's really dumb that I have to point out how dumb larping as me is after I just proved I was here.

No. 1565563

File: 1655629498298.png (90.73 KB, 813x634, photoshop hacker extraordinair…)

Elaine's photoshop skills are as good as her hacking skills, take the L Elaine. I know you're gayoping with Tommy Tooter and Wolftone sneasel and I are laughing at you

No. 1565564

I can smell the desperation on your posts. Give it up Elaine. No one believes that you're me.

No. 1565565

No one gives a fuck about this take it to the shit containment thread >>>/snow/1554657

No. 1565566

That is me covering up the scroll of active threads and forum as it looked very schizophrenic and as I am at my computer I could care about aesthetic.
Agreed, I am done posting on it, it's so dumb.

No. 1565568

I'm only posting here because some scrote is impersonating me.'
trying to derail the thread. I'll go back to blending as soon as this is dealt with.

No. 1565569

You have an excuse for every slip Elaine. Just quit before you get my full attention.

No. 1565571

I'm willing to overlook the death threats on my family because you're just a young druggie bitch but I will not ignore your impersonating me ya hear bitch? fuck off

No. 1565575

Agreed. >>1565517 this poster is probably impersonating Erika but take it to the containment thread if you want to sperg about it. This is the Mike thread.

No. 1565579

File: 1655630673743.png (734.45 KB, 565x603, mug.png)

Mike's mugshot

No. 1565587

File: 1655630997530.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.02 KB, 1920x1080, pp.jpg)

Mike's cock(spoiler that shit)

No. 1565588

Spoiler that pls.

No. 1565591

File: 1655631202103.png (Spoiler Image,845.15 KB, 748x531, pixels.png)

Mike's cock 'analysis'
Looks like it was shooped after all, eh?

No. 1565598

This isn't milky, show us something we haven't seen.

No. 1565605

File: 1655633287535.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.86 KB, 1920x1080, 1655631205853.jpg)

Reposting the one with your face in that you just deleted
The one that makes you look like a skinnyfat sack of shit
lol, Mike, lmao

No. 1565607

File: 1655634114225.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1316x871, old balls.png)

Did you forget you posted a cropped version of this, Mike? (pic related) Or did you actually think reposting
>Mike's cock
8 months later but with a green mouse is content?

No. 1565611

File: 1655634667248.jpeg (175.45 KB, 1640x856, mike'smerch.jpeg)

Yo peep all the sick Mike Merch in this new photo he dropped, what a gamer!

No. 1565620

He cropped that to remove his arm tattoo.

No. 1565647

ew I'm traumatized

No. 1565715

Not to be a gender traitor I know he hits women but I'd suck that.

No. 1565724

Already at that level of desperation that you are larping as a woman again Mike?

No. 1565731

>everyone is Mike
I didn't realize my sage disappeared after refreshing.

No. 1565733

No, just you. It's a distinct writing style, time, your actual IP, and uh, the fact nobody else here would say that.

No. 1565735

I said that lol and I'm here and I'm not Mike.

No. 1565737

"Only Mike isn't here, he is busy having sex with his 7 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends."

No. 1565817

Him and Rachel are merging together into one lolcow.

No. 1565837

show us your portholes, Mike

No. 1565843

File: 1655658592290.png (178.81 KB, 1068x248, retard.png)

…and one trannyfriend, lel.

No. 1565852

>17 gfs
>he only broke up with 2
Talk about posting your Ls

No. 1565992

File: 1655666876816.png (365.69 KB, 480x600, mugshot.png)

No. 1566048

Dumpstered by 15 gfs by age 25
>I'm pretty dedicated, myself

No. 1566218

Genuine question. If the troon picture is legit and KF says it was posted a week before Mike proposed to his ex-wife, and the arrest records show the Mike was married to his ex-wife when he was arrested like a year later, why does he still look like a guy and why aren't there any other pictures of him dressed as a girl?

No. 1566226

Simple answer, he never took anti-testosterone or estrogen so he was just a low effort Drag Queen really. Good question.

No. 1566228

There's no evidence he was on hormones or anything so if you want you can call it a cross dressing pic not a troon pic but it is very real and Mike's cope about it being shooped is absolutely retarded. If the wife gave it to Kiwis on the sly when she was interviewed then maybe but it was found independently of that in a post that was made almost a decade ago before any of this shit happened. The wife would've had to make and post the shoop when she was still a fiancée. Doesn't make any sense.

No. 1566241

The wife seems like a sociopath though and she lied in her interview with Regina; I think Michael screeched about it on a sock on KF about her lies about the arrest record
but I'm talking about her lying about Michael "forcing her" to dress like man. She said he made her wear jeans and shit, but her tiktok was found and it's been a decade and she's still dressing in jeans and T-shirts. If she hated Mike for forcing her to do that it doesn't make sense that she'd continue dressing that way.

I'm just skeptical of what she said, too many inconsistencies. Misremembering one thing could be overlooked since it was 10 years ago but a lot of things she said don't make sense.

Plus she seems like the type of person who wants attention and validation. How many people go and do interviews for kiwi farms? I've never heard of anything like that happening except with ILJ. I'm rambling a bit. Drank with my dad a bit happy fathers day yall, but yeah anyway, I dunno. I think Mike's cute in a lot of his pics maybe I'm just dumb lol

No. 1566247

Based off Mike's word and what evidence?

No. 1566252

what word? no I'm talking about the interview that got posted to kiwi farms and the arrest records. Mike did sperg about it but he was right about that at least, the two arrests took place at different times and his ex said that she was arrested for child neglect because of balloons or something like that when she called the cops when Mike choked her. The arrest record posted in this thread shows that's not true
>>1557931 posted here. His ex's record is also posted on kiwi farms I think. And her tiktok is gingervitis92, she dresses like a man all the time even years after divorcing Mike so its just a bot unusual to me posted april 7th

No. 1566256

No. 1566258

File: 1655685229390.jpg (61.63 KB, 1130x518, fuck off link.JPG)

same again the link is being stupid

No. 1566260

same again
just sort of seems weird that she made such a huge deal over Mike "making" her wear jeans and tshirts and stuff but like… it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem
like she made it sound like she'd be in sundresses 24/7 and like nice clothes instead of wearing jeans.
maybe I'm just drunk I don't know

No. 1566266

same again
like okay it'd be a cute top if she weren't like… pudgy, but like the jeans, it's like she said mike made her dress this way but this looks like the way she always dresses so like… idk, I'd have to read the interview again but that's what stood out to me just a bit weird like obviously there's bad blood between the two of them so she'd have alot of reasons to make mike look as bad as possible to people who probably told her they were going to slam him for being such a piece of shit i just don't believe that stuff because there are pictures of mike playing with wooden swords with his son on his found photobucket, like he doesn't look like he's making them call him mom l.ike Brittany said he was
I'm just not following that it doesn't read to me.

No. 1566268

like he looks like kind of like Mads Mikkelsen in this picture and like he's hot in a scary sort of way like I just don't believe he was a tranny or a crossdresser.

No. 1566271

Elaine? Wtf who are you schizo? I'm not reading any of this lol

No. 1566272


elaine is b*tish bitch don't come at me like that

No. 1566286

Whatever, you seemed just as schizo and pick me as her, her being british is somehow the least objectionable thing about her.

No. 1566287

File: 1655686664743.jpg (59.47 KB, 1080x753, 20220618_053839.jpg)

Elaine please exit stage left

No. 1566288

>Go clean a dryer duct, Mike.

bitch don't even try me with that shit girl shapen your claws you're tickling me. i looked at all the milk posted in this thread and shcoker I'm biased because I think he's hot but that doesn't matter when I read the posts on that site that the crossy pic was found on and his onion farms post points out that the timestamps are 24 hours apart on the posts bitch i'd believe it more that someone posted that pic there to troll him why would it take 24 hours to follow up on a slow af obscure board makes no sense there was no post about "going to post a picture later" to make that make sense looks like the post just got attributed to that because of what I just said
inb4 "lol mike"
miss me with that weak shit

No. 1566289

Ohhhhh, hey Uwudles, what's up?

No. 1566290

same Miek please post in this thread again I know your lurking

No. 1566292

Mike if you're here and I know you are please ask Rachel about her being into Sephiroth oviposition thanks

No. 1566298

samefag I'm actually byuu and Joshua Moon can't sue me, I never killed myself screncap this in10years

No. 1566305

Mike is just jealous some Kiwifarmers called Erika hot in her thread so he desperately tries to pretend, even one woman, would actually say that.

No. 1566313

they look like work boots

No. 1566318

No they look like bondage boots, he ghas a bondage collar too, it's pointed out here >>1564463

No. 1566324

Yeah Mike has more than one pair, I really cannot wait until someone dumps those bondage pictures. I know they are out there, and I hope to God they find pegging.

No. 1566346

if I recall the screenshot she said that blaine liked being bullied and pushed around and said she wouldn't comment on the pegging because it wasn't her place.

No. 1566347

So Erika has more feminine tastes when it comes to sex?
Huge shocker, how will she possibly recover?

No. 1566353

I love how that alone makes him glow now.

No. 1566379

File: 1655691736882.jpg (84.11 KB, 756x505, itsame.JPG)

I just can't stop taking Ws
Empressa and Cowpoly are on my side we're laughing at you on discord right now plotting our next move on .org.
I see they liked the porn spam haha scrotes though they could contain me

No. 1566382

Lmfao this is just the best larping of me I have ever seen, did you not see me dump that mountain of milk on Rachel today?
I am so not caring about this shit in the slightest.

No. 1566385

really trying to catch a W aren't you Mike? you don't even have my typing style right lurk more with your pedo friends Naught and Rachel and piss off hahaha

No. 1566391

No seriously nobody buys this so pull your head out of your ass and have fun for once, go laugh at Rachel's shit it is objectively amazing.
Oh wait…did that just make you more jealous of me?
Hey man you leave my speds alone.

No. 1566395

your typing is a dead giveaway Elaine. Just stop embarrassing yourself and take the L I won't bother trying to help you again.

No. 1566398

Which ones?

No. 1566400

File: 1655692537112.png (439.28 KB, 800x450, unknown (1).png)

these people can't even use spellcheck to impersonate me

No. 1566401


No. 1566406

>alogg an anime poster
>pretend to be them
Kill yourself Mike, only you like that shitty loli animation style, you and Naught should just finger each other so you can actually have fun instead of being miserable all the time.

No. 1566410

File: 1655693273768.png (97.3 KB, 225x225, 123426'.png)

Tell me more about how I'd post Elaine

No. 1566411

Don't screencap a moving picture, use fanart.

No. 1566418

Elaine, this is Coldbrew, it was my night to pose as Erika and now we got fucked up AGAIN!
Why are you ruining my gay-ops and one chance for a crumb of coochie and clout!!!

No. 1566426

A wild pickme appears…

If Mike: lol selfposting lol YWNBAW lol Canadian lol kys

If Elaine: lol skank lol catfished lol pickme lol thyroid lol British

If Uwuddles: lol bulimia lol addiction lol hypocrite lol Elaine lol gayops

If Rene: lol glowdad lol lupus lol skinnyfat lol pickme

For all of the above: lol BPD

If someone else: pick your own and fuck yourself

No. 1566517

That's actually off insect spray, I tried that to cure my schizophrenia once but I only got a bad case of hives and my head hurt for a month straight.
4/10 lolcow pussy, she just laid there, would not recommend.

No. 1566542

File: 1655705991124.png (365.8 KB, 594x443, no bitches whitney chewston.pn…)

Serious question for AC

No. 1566573

File: 1655709815446.png (390.77 KB, 958x808, snaked.png)

hahaha fresh milk from the milk maid moids mad seething in fact fuck sheriff fuck empressa and fuck Mike, you're all my cows now. Next time don't fuck with Sneasel you no bitches pussies.

No. 1566579

Nobody believes you're Sneasel Buffalo, we know you capped and posted that meme in the first place to try and get at Erika. Look at how long you have been gay-oping for.
You call that a W?
This is a W.

No. 1566580

No. 1566581

EFM literally cannot stop self owning.
Seriously it's old the dude is a pathetic waste of skin and he should 41% cause he holds a grudge over not being in a discord server like a trooooooooon.

No. 1566586

Samefag, yes everyone reading Epic Fail Man has been going after Empresa for two months over not being invited to a discord server. This guy that's staff over at dot org? The guy that keeps losing to a tranny he tardboxed because without staff privs it's pretty damn obvious who's smarter.
Men like to just think they own the place because they are men, but in that server there are a few natal women and EFM has honestly been crying for two months about this and deservers to be shamed over it. Simple as that, dude made a KF T&H thread personal armying against spookybones and could do nothing. They are alogging Erika and other people from the server wherever they go and it's just 12 year old boy shit. None of these posters who have gone against anyone who has brought milk have been able to do shit and yet they still come crawling back because nobody in their own spaces hold them accountable.

Looking at you Beauty Parlor, wrangle your site's fucking sped off of ours.

No. 1566588

> Epic Fail Man has been going after Empresa for two months over not being invited to a discord server.
Holy shit lol I knew it was gonna be dumb but this takes the cake. This is why a week+ of scrote spam? One autist didn't invite the other to a Discord server? The men in this part of the Internet are not just dumb but they're consistently pettier, cattier, and more "womanish" in general than the females. Many such cases.

No. 1566589

Emp's crew really do just want to goof around but like when you keep getting hit you eventually hit back and things get serious.
I cannot believe it either but yeah it's so fucking dumb that idc didn't Null say not embaress KF? Isnt that a rule there?
EFM brought Sig and banned KF members to spam porn, like how is he not banned?
How has he not been bullied, isn't it a cyber bullying site?

Sounds like cliques are the problem in full honesty, no cap.

No. 1566606

>Sounds like cliques are the problem
Sounds more like certain people not being invited is the problem. Where have I heard that before lmao.

No. 1566611

Everyone's dunking on you Michael.

No. 1566612

I mean yeah at the end of the day we all agree Angry Canadian is the worst person here, but Epic Fail Man is getting really fucking close, objectively. (Bug vagina nonna? You gonna defend bug vagina posting? I will brah post back idc)

No. 1566665

File: 1655721401340.png (345.81 KB, 1579x398, daddy's money.png)

cringe content

No. 1566820

Daddy's money…he's talking about his actual father, what the hell man, what the hell.

No. 1566832

I dont check here for a day and come back to some weird bitch that cant spell to save her life calling Mike hot and someone talking about bug vaginas. This thread is wild.

No. 1566853

Epic Fail Man and his friends from Kiwifarms raided the site a few days ago with bug vagina and nonnas don't forget that kind of disrespect.

No. 1566898

What a sad little man.

No. 1566960

It's a shooped cock and he's apparently terrible in bed nonna, don't fall for it. He probably smells like cheese too.

No. 1566963

File: 1655748783862.jpeg (25.82 KB, 680x165, thurlow degenerate anime.jpeg)

Absolutely haram

No. 1567180

File: 1655761516391.png (143.36 KB, 1577x807, banging rails.png)

>I banged 2 4gram rails and then did a few bumps
>50% of individuals who weigh 150 lbs (or 68 kg) would experience a lethal dose at about 6.5 grams of cocaine

No. 1567186

Bottom speak detected, hype of seeing Mike getting pegged increased.

No. 1567222

File: 1655764673478.png (91.99 KB, 976x437, 1655763982467.png)

Uh oh Mike angy that he was caught gay oping. Good thing we know to expect the opposite of whatever he says, essentially he names who's Gay-oping with him.
Self own number what now?

No. 1567229

File: 1655765186959.png (374.14 KB, 1238x2769, asdfasgd.png)

No. 1567240

Mike don't expose that Suburban Bastard and I have been gayoping since August of last year! No! Oh no!

No. 1567247

File: 1655765751865.png (85.66 KB, 942x830, 1655765387313.png)

Aw Mike you made me samefag cause you forgot this. I should see if they'll let us add you to the beat the shit out of irl subforum over on AMB.

No. 1567250

File: 1655766119735.png (87.24 KB, 939x738, 1655765722594.png)

Suburban will not let Mike wiggle out of his violence towards others.

No. 1567253

File: 1655766263680.png (91.02 KB, 950x486, 1655766026517.png)

>Please stay on topic at Onionfarms, me beating women is never on topic at Onionfarms.

No. 1567266

This nigga literally was ranting about hitting women who were into BDSM just recently, some sperging about making them realize they don't like it or whatever.

Seethe, Mikey.

No. 1567267

File: 1655767700388.png (122.87 KB, 939x878, 1655767562122.png)

So this is Mike's excuse, even if true it's horrifying to conceptualize.

No. 1567274

File: 1655767949810.png (44.52 KB, 935x372, 1655767840493.png)

Hey Mikey, stop hitting yourself lololol.

No. 1567275

Environmental neglect, what he claims to be accused of, is classed differently from regular neglect and is usually a warning at first. There's more to the story.

No. 1567292

File: 1655769034748.png (95.18 KB, 941x433, 1655768590128.png)

Damn Mike slow down on the manic posting please lol

No. 1567294

File: 1655769104147.png (74.53 KB, 951x432, 1655768913603.png)

Def is, always is with him since I started milking way back when.
All credit on this milk goes to Suburban Bastard, he did this of his own volition and passed me the milk.

No. 1567298

File: 1655769165255.png (77.06 KB, 891x502, frens.png)

He's so buck broken lmao. With Mike you also have to pay attention to what he's not saying or avoiding saying.
>I'm in two discord servers
Whatever but who are you friends with, like Elaine Miller? Pic related. He also has at least 4 discord accounts so which one is he talking about? He's just a lying retard who literally got caught with his pants down.
Lmao faggot >>1566580
>go shitpost about my penis
Cope, seethe and dilate.

>I want to build the Tranch subforum here
More trannyposting, imagine my surprise.

No. 1567299

File: 1655769325562.png (63.76 KB, 945x398, 1655769065010.png)

Mike and his .org gay oping buddies are just self destructing in real time over on AMB too.

No. 1567300

>despite my parents owning 3 houses…
He really does have the mentality of a teenage boy. Pathetic.

No. 1567313

File: 1655770533173.png (83.48 KB, 949x478, 1655770293281.png)

Translation: I beat my wife when she just got done giving birth to my child over her not doing the dishes…

No. 1567314

File: 1655770574727.png (78.04 KB, 944x593, 1655769659975.png)

This one's silly fun to refresh the palate.

No. 1567316

File: 1655770653174.png (67.11 KB, 941x535, 1655770584792.png)

SB said this to him right as I posted that, same wavelength most women here have too I imagine.

No. 1567318

File: 1655771082869.png (70.33 KB, 942x413, 1655770863938.png)

SB is peeling Mike apart better than I did in my best two passes combined, ridiculously impressive.

No. 1567321

File: 1655771474404.png (38.63 KB, 945x364, 1655771119683.png)

Buck Broken Mike stage.

No. 1567324

Mike is going to open another bottle of middle aged men at this rate

No. 1567331

Sage goes in the email field darling.

No. 1567343

Suburban is beating his ass so hard that he could qualify to be the battered wife.

No. 1567367

File: 1655776488608.png (394.8 KB, 1359x863, 1655764233465.png)

Mike's such a whiny faggot.

No. 1567434

File: 1655783771803.png (495.38 KB, 1207x4588, 1.png)

1/3 onion farms drama

No. 1567435

File: 1655783810832.png (641.27 KB, 1221x4271, 2.png)

2/3 onion farms drama/spergout

No. 1567437

File: 1655783836776.png (537.45 KB, 1216x3563, 3.png)

3/3 onion farms milk/spergfest

No. 1567481

He is certainly correct that Naught and Michael turning on each other is going to be a spectacle. Maybe Michael can team up with Bella Janke to finish the job she started back in August and dox his mom. Given that it is Michael and Isabella we are talking about I doubt much will come of it but we can always hope. As for Naught, I really think Mike might be a dead horse by then. Whoever loses, the winner already lost a while ago too they just don't know it.

No. 1567494

>Whoever loses, the winner already lost a while ago too they just don't know it.
What are you, gay?

No. 1569242

File: 1655941566822.png (1.08 MB, 1103x826, julia roberts.png)


No. 1569351

File: 1655953942884.png (316.92 KB, 960x576, mario.png)


No. 1569358

File: 1655954678245.jpg (413.63 KB, 625x790, 00c.jpg)


No. 1570669

Hey Mikey, guess who was allowed back on Kiwifarms? Erika.

Guess who isn't allowed back? You.

No. 1570834

>Erika gets unbanned by Null on the condition she not make any violent jokes or threats.
>Immediately threatens Tommy Tooter with death and gets a warning on it.
>Keeps posting.

The maestro!

No. 1570965

Oh Mikey you're so salty. Bathe in it.

No. 1570992

File: 1656103148909.jpg (204.81 KB, 1080x1144, mikey.jpg)

This is the funniest shit to happen this week considering his big own on Erika was "everyone hates you"
Nigga this is funnier than the Roe v Wade meltdowns, this is the best way to end Pride month.

No. 1571027

>~3 people grumpy about Erika being unbanned over one post
>Poll has 58 votes for Mike to fuck off
Fantastic comparison.

No. 1571040

Greyhounds always chase the rabbit.

No. 1571161

Onionfarms is real quiet now….dude must be contemplating jumping in front of a moose or something.

No. 1571452

This post aged well lel.

No. 1571811

File: 1656179719677.png (9.54 KB, 519x139, that's illegal.png)

Imagine trying to steal users from the metokur forum for your shitty 'doxing' website

>10. Do not post the personal dox of anyone (regardless of them being a member or a person of interest). No personal residence addresses, no phone numbers, or pictures of their houses or list their place of employment unless it is a matter of public record that has been reported in the media.

>I am going to update the rules on personal dox. If the personal dox is in the public interest such as on a public police record or sex offender registry, then I will make an exception.

No. 1572203

Michael, why do you gunt guard Rachel like that?

No. 1572706

Mike is supposedly responsible for Elaine cutting herself and leaking her nudes.

No. 1572936

File: 1656273742588.png (200.61 KB, 1168x683, mike and elaine gayopping.png)

An account that registered after Mike's other sock got merged that is using the same defenses as Elaine and trying to say all of Kiwifarms thought Nohull was behind all this?
I don't know for sure that it's Mike but I somehow feel like this thread is the place to puzzle over this screen cap.
What did he mean by this nonnas?

No. 1572971

File: 1656276006065.jpg (121.26 KB, 1303x499, 023456725.jpg)

Who knows tbh, I'd assumed that poster was one of their stupid little in-crowd over there especially the "a.i. fan fictions" which seems like an in-joke and @-ing "Biggestshot" (who I assume is nohull?) and it just doesn't sound like Mike to me but it could be a lot of people. Mike is on the Metokur forum though trying to make the best of the W he got off the confusion sown over there today by random accusations being thrown around.

No. 1572975

File: 1656276073832.png (50.67 KB, 1174x467, from the horses mouth.png)

LOL some W alright, here is a better screen cap Mike simp.

No. 1572980

Samefag, only confusion is coming from your lolcow side, your uprising failed, go home.

No. 1572984

I said trying, nonnie, not succeeding … what part of the cap I posted makes Mike look good?

No. 1573027

File: 1656279927719.png (254.78 KB, 1026x842, crossdressing harley boots.png)

Well that explains one pair of boots which are not bondage boots but women's biker boots. Size 9 women is what a 7 in men's? Pretty small feet there Mike…lol…photoshopped duck looking more and more likely.

No. 1573031

File: 1656280476289.png (75.14 KB, 1174x478, Untitled.png)

Mike admits it's a bondage collar, that he owned at age 14 but not something he has to justify. Who owned the collar? Who was his dom? Who was the adult that diddled lil mikey?

No. 1573078

Mike is begging users on the Met forum to post to his Kiwifarms thread to get him attention for manipulating Elaine, sadly predictable that he is at this stage already and I can't wait until he hits the part of his cuck cycle where he goes "haha I did not you are le ebic reddit fooled" only he did do it, and it's gross so nobody wants to talk about it other than to say hey yeah Mike is a monster who should not be allowed in any community.

No. 1573083

Now Mike has registered a second account to try to blame shift to Nohull who would take credit but it's cringey trying to steer out of a spin and obvious Mike behavior.

No. 1573105

30 pages of Mike cope where a Black Guy pins Michael and Rachel down and records their autistic screams, Mike leaking Elaine's DMs and proving they are in close contact after Elaine denied his involvement so hard, this shit is insane.

No. 1574729

File: 1656443254250.jpeg (52.1 KB, 1317x290, download.jpeg)

If you think this constitutes "taking credit" and not shitposting you're as stupid as he is. I wouldn't even say this is trying to take you for a ride because who would believe this is a serious post in the first place?

No. 1574872

File: 1656452240361.png (425.05 KB, 1891x691, 6 years ago.png)

he tried it

No. 1574915

>people are still trying to give that psychopath the benefit of the doubt
People asking you to provide proof of your accusations is not doing that. Speaking of you haven't done that remotely as far as the Elaine stuff goes. Yes, he is a horrible person and yes, he has released revenge porn on women he met in this sphere at least two times, but none of that is proof that he was catfishing her for months and got her to mutilate herself. I think this vendetta goes both ways and that you are not a reliable narrator at all.

No. 1574919

Samefagging to say that if these attempts to make the accusations against Michael stick by making all sorts of wild implications work, and it turns out not to be Michael, then whoever it is has gotten away with it. Note I'm not saying it's not, but that talking about it like it is already proven is retarded.

No. 1574928

Your credibility is vanishing by the minute, please just stop.
> Do you remember before the null impersonator thing when she got really hyperfocused on AC and then she stopped and started immediately talking about Null again? I remember, and I think Erika does to.
You would do better posting caps and explaining how they do anything to bolster your claims rather than making vague implications. Nobody is disputing Elaine and Michael were in contact and that his intentions were probably very, very bad towards her. But the way this has blown up is starting to look like an elaborate frameup against personal enemies made a year ago.

No. 1574938

Honestly I think Mike may have started it with the gayops but Elaine released the nudes on her own. If he couldn't be the one to release all of that, he doesn't hold anything over her. If she does it on her own he no longer has blackmail material. But she keeps changing her story because she wasn't prepared to release it.

This isn't to be treated as fact, merely speculation.

No. 1574943

> Honestly I think Mike may have started it with the gayops but Elaine released the nudes on her own.
Yeah the 'catfish' account looks a lot like Elaine especially when it started posting her talking points about it being a deepfake. It also spells in British English ('realise') which Michael, like most Canadians, does not.

No. 1575070

Elaine and Michael are still working together, but two idiots (three if Rachel is involved) can't figure out how to change the light bulb.

No. 1575077

Either can some Kiwifarmers who ran to her thread to help Elaine and Mike's narrative.

No. 1575079

Samefag but I was laughing too hard and hit reply too soon, like holy fuck just learn to wait next time ladies, Erika made you all look like fucking clowns and she has done this to anyone who goes after some drama instead of laughing at the cows.

I stan our pet.

No. 1575635

File: 1656523877757.jpg (97.55 KB, 1080x787, Idontfeelsogoodmrmoon.jpg)


No. 1575772

Can someone cap on when UH sent any sort of death or rape threat to Mike besides obvious in minecraft or do a flip jokes?

EFM really is just taking these threads to heart with his thin skin, I had no idea who this guy was before this but he seems to be gassing up as many people as he can into believing that UH is still slapfighting Mike when her account interacts with him the least on Metekour.

Why does EFM hate UH so much, why does he hate Spookybones so much? Does anyone know?

He claims not to use discord but he is a .org scrote who pays josh on KF but talks shit about him on the splinter so I do not trust a word he says, he is a bigger cow than anyone mentioned who does not have a thread, and a bigger one than UH.

Does anyone know wtf he is doing? Why is vendetta posting about year old stuff being talked about over Elaine cutting herself and attention whoring with Mike?
Why shift the focus to UH?

Is he gayopping with Mike, is that possible?

No. 1575773

Any actual caps of any of this whatsoever or is this just kiwi and/or tranny vendettaposting? Who the fuck is EFM anyway other than some stupid Kiwi and why on earth should we care about this bullshit? How is he relevant? Go away with your kiwi bullshit.

No. 1575778

It's in the Mike and Rachel threads so no, I am not vendetta posting, I follow this stuff on both sites and am confused. I know EFM made a personal army thread against Spooky and UH in True and Honest and now he's posting in both threads selling snake oil to newfags.

He is obviously one of the people de-railing these threads, that is why he is relevant, he has namefagged here at least 3 times.

No. 1575782

It seems to me like he went away though so all of this seems like throwing shit at the wall to make it stick on some kiwi you don't like whether you are the tranny or someone else, I can guarantee you people here don't want to hear about this nobody. He has fuckall to do with Rachel, fuckall to do with Michael, fuckall to do with Elaine and from all I can see he's just a bog-standard kiwi autist and you posting shit about him is only going to encourage him to come back and shit up this place more.

No. 1575784

Okay my apologies, I was curious because I did not know him and was wondering if he namefagged here before or not, yeeeeeeesh, settle the fuck down please.

No. 1576637

File: 1656605414787.png (287.43 KB, 1183x787, confirmed difference of 100 IQ…)

The tranny is so fucking hilarious and Mike is just so try hard, how the fuck anyone can see any of their slapfights and take away that she hates anyone is beyond me, she pushes his buttons.
It's always been clear to me, guess I am just smarter than kiwis but ladies do we even need to say that? It's like being smarter than the sped bus at this point, all that's left is drama chasing clout newfags.

I don't even know what Mike is doing other than, he did do some of those things and got caught doing them. Erika is displaying how little she gets invested into what people say or do about her if she's inviting a failtroll who tried to get people to hate her. Dumb imo but, that's moralfags for ya, they always want to think the best of others until they can't.

No. 1576641

File: 1656605745225.png (66.41 KB, 1364x391, huge if true.png)

Grain of salt nonnas, Erika could be baiting him, but this actually makes a ton of sense for why her mom suddenly checked back in. People have been calling her and the police for years.

No. 1576657

File: 1656607040791.png (135.54 KB, 1181x912, mike thinks its about clout.pn…)

I love how Mike self reports on how this is all about social standing to him and how he thinks by attacking Erika he can get back into Null's good graces because Null obviously does not like Erika, but it won't happen. Even people that hate Erika hate you more Mike, you're like Rachel in that you will never be accepted into any community because you refuse to change your bad behavior or grow up.

Erika and her friend claim to be from an trolling group that goes back a bit of time, and honestly they don't slap Mike, it's pure button pressing but I get that clout chasing drama NPCs cannot tell the difference, they're newfags and have not seen proper cow pokings before.

No. 1576772

File: 1656612450376.jpg (87.95 KB, 966x386, thats why so much selfposting …)

Presented without comment.

No. 1576783

Samefagging to say that if that is true it actually is pretty huge given that the Elaine catfishing stuff also allegedly involved a voice-changer, too bad it's from a source that has been blatantly and increasingly schizoposting lately.

No. 1576793

File: 1656612968978.jpeg (5.78 KB, 243x121, middle finger.jpeg)

OK, so the above post shows you to be 'The Middle Finger' on Metokur (poster with the venom pfp) who I have wondered if he is a Blaine sock but decided is probably another person but an absolute psycho Blaine capo …

>>1576791 … who I guess is the one responsible for the Neutron Ejector vendettaposting and hate towards another irrelevant Kiwi.

No. 1576822

If you talking about him here as an orbiter isn't derailing then him talking about orbiters on KF isn't derailing either. What's good for the gander is good for the goose that thinks it's a gander, now fuck off with your absolutely lunatic vendetta. I am deadass preferring his scrotum over yours at this point.

No. 1577132

We know he hates women because he gets hot and bothered for either the manliest looking natal women on the planet, children, or trannies.

No. 1577270

Now that people have calmed down a little bit can OP or anyone else explain what this means:
> …UnabashedHermaphrodite… Ew-FE newfag
I'm assuming this is a typo for 'ex-FE' but what is FE?

No. 1578117

File: 1656716877991.png (151.53 KB, 239x445, meme (6).png)

I will carve Joshua Moon's name into those thighs Michael, I am bigger and stronger than you and you are a tranny. Yee-haw motherfucker.(tranny )

No. 1578158

This is just simply not true and the tranny was banned and had his posts deleted from the Elaine thread trying to spin the same bullshit.

No. 1578406

Two words: Natural consequence.

No. 1578408

File: 1656741660952.jpg (337.81 KB, 801x1509, huh michael.jpg)

tl;dr Mike schizoposting on Onionfarms. Anyone wanna translate?

No. 1578422

Is Sheriff the extra aggressive one that's been defending the tranny? If so that explains a hell of a lot.

Also not surprised, that thread is dead as hell and EFM's vendetta post 'milk' that had "I am trolling you" written in bold letters was the most autistic thing I have seen. 4got2sage

No. 1578426

> Is Sheriff the extra aggressive one that's been defending the tranny? If so that explains a hell of a lot.
Sheriff is the guy in the memes with the knife and the Discord scrotes like to fuck with him. I doubt he even knows this thread exists. I think the extra aggressive one that's been defending the tranny is, drumroll, the tranny.

No. 1578427

Reciepts on this claim? Source? Caps?
Or is it just a biased feeling you held onto for over a year because you can only accept the facts that are suitable to you?

Nah I'm just fucking with ya. In all honesty that stems from Commie Dick Girl calling her Internet Explorer, that's the sadist side. Have you read all the burnbook stuff? It's very illuminating onto that subject, there is a bit of lore to pour through on this twisted shit show.

Oh wait what am I saying, you were probably burned that Mike called Erika the Actual Queen on her thread? What is up with that, did he think that through or did he do too much coke that day in a giddy rush to get in a W that turned sour as now unironically the tranny has a personal army.

No. 1578429

File: 1656744745867.png (12.46 KB, 333x104, no hes unironically going to h…)

No seriously sheriff saw nonnas egg him on and is now dead set on hunting Mike, he did see this thread lmfao.

No. 1578430

Samefag again but he was that gorrila account on Erika's thread, that was one of his Kiwi accounts.

No. 1578431

All Mike needs to do is use his wife as a meatshield

No. 1578434

File: 1656745236823.png (172.77 KB, 1185x903, our queen speaks.png)


No, if she was here right now she would be super passive aggressive and maybe call you fat but that was sheriff, Erika groomed like 12 of us in that discord.

No. 1578437

I thought everyone knew Internet Explorer on Kiwi was Sheriff's account, Erika and CowPoly have been gayopping together for a year now.

No. 1581061

File: 1657043911746.png (77.33 KB, 1178x541, fight update.png)

So the Metokur site openly allows slapfights, cowtipping and trolling apparently it is simply a more transparent site meant for more enjoyment but can be used for archiving and tracking cows. A more unique thing than other Kiwi adjacent Xenoboards. Regardless, it seems the fight is real but Mike refuses to travel to the place named as it's too far, a cheap excuse as he knows he could stand no chance against this scrote in the ring. Hell I bet the tranny would open him up like a can of tuna, Mike looks like he hasn't walked outside of that basement in over a decade, the dude is all fat and no muscle. No wonder he is running away from a try hard who calls himself sheriff. Even try hard spergs can back up their word, Michael is all the worst traits people attribute to women but he was born with a penis so he screams at the sky, cursing his sky daddy to have been blessed with glorious c cups but not the balls to back them up.

No. 1581071

I would love to see the fight and Mike would lose hilariously but he's not wrong here, apparently the Sheriff guy lives in Alaska (not sure where but Mike lives in Ontario, more or less straight shot halfway between Detroit and Toronto) so it is a bit of an empty threat. But you're right. Mike likes to pretend he is some scary guy but that's only online and I will eat my hat if he has the balls to raise his hand to anybody but his doormat women.

No. 1581072

If Mike wanted to he would have simply challenged the Tranny who was closer to him, instead he squawked rent free and stuttered as he spilled spaghetti. I did not know Sheriff was in Alaska, funny provoking Mike with a Cali address in that case.

Hell thinking on it, would make more sense to try and box the Tranny as he has been alogging them since they joined the farms. Him never even suggesting that really tells anyone what they need to know about him being a coward sissy who only hits women he knows will not hit back.

No. 1581441

The whole reason Mike hasn't embraced his full AGP and trooned out is because he's already the world's biggest pussy.

No. 1581739

File: 1657120866556.png (31.86 KB, 210x332, unknown-58.png)

I know your the tranny. I got an insider in your little gay op discord where you groomed nearly 2 dozen scrotes. All they do is talk about soda all day as code words for their gay ops. They spend 8 plus hours a day in a VC planning ops against me.

No. 1581844

File: 1657130316238.png (134.4 KB, 958x592, tranny seething.png)

Hah! Proof that Blaine is upset, he made a thread on Null so he must be seething so hard about that ban haha!

No. 1581921

This is retarded even for you, they also did a thread on themselves. Furthermore it looks like the thread on that idiot kiwi Neutron was changed.
Are you trying to signal boost them at this point right after the splinter is down from depositing? If you really hated them why would you do this?
All you scrotes are retarded.

No. 1582028

Wait so which tranny's site is Metokur.us fembot or UH's?

No. 1582033

The owner of metokur.us (Maya C) is apparently a true and honest woman.

No. 1582044

No she pretended to be his own boyfriend lol, and was born male, not that I care, I'll still call fembot a her.
Thank you for letting me know though, I was gonna make a joke how even a tranny can take a joke better than Josh can, still applies but not as apt.

No. 1582051

lol really? I thought that I'd heard somewhere that it was a troon but on the metokur site s/he literally posted "I'm a birthing person", I guess I should've said "allegedly" not "apparently"

No. 1582057

Yeah, I forget who called it out and proved it as it hardly matters. Don't pitchfork me but I hardly care about trannies unless they're actual sex pests. Fembot and UH lean more sissy than sex pest in my opinion.
I can't blame fembot though, people bitch about how trannies are too open then how they trap people by not telling everyone they meet. Better to just say you're natal and avoid it. People know, we just don't care really.
Dog on a computer hours.
Haven't registered yet but I encountered both in a YouTube stream chat where they were talking video games and dabbing a bit on geniusanus, boring stream, funny chat.

No. 1582779

File: 1657211043564.png (596.11 KB, 672x826, withdotorgdownforevermikefucks…)

Kengle had a chance to pick up some members with dot org falling out but likely they will go to Metokur.us the superior splinter as Mike will claim anyone who disagrees with him is Erika/Unabashed Hermaphrodite or Spookybones and then ban them. Kengle manages to fuck up so much, imagine if he never let Mike be staff, things would be looking up for him now but yet again he has to somehow fuck things up even when Ws are carried to him by the fucking FBI lmfao.

No. 1582892

File: 1657219533059.png (89.52 KB, 1182x585, AC admits to being a psychopat…)

We have AC threatening to dump IPs over at Onionfarms as he is an admin, naturally we know he would but he is also embracing his psychotic nature now.

Reposting this scrote meme that sums up the slapfight.


No. 1585376

Michael is now attacking UH for trolling people who jack off to monkey torture, to the surprise of nobody he continues his year long vendetta love quest.

No. 1586117

File: 1657588590113.png (87.04 KB, 846x867, lucky catch.png)

Got worse, he was openly flirting with an account on onion who is either an extremely good minor trolling or is in fact a dumb zoomer who found sonichu and failed at registering to Kiwifarms so they ended up at Onionfarms with literal pedophiles Naught and Mike, joy!

Mike realized this and deleted the account and all the posts but Erika snapped a screen shot of it before he could.

No. 1707948

No. 1733521

File: 1672279648813.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.17 KB, 1080x1064, Boolean overflow.jpg)

Micheal Thurlow is officially a confirmed pedophile.

No. 1785325

Michael Thurlow beat his one month old son with a hammer and then sold him to another man to be raped according to trusted sources.

No. 1800730

Posterity as nobody else saved those links in his Kiwifarms thread. This is the video of Rockzo getting him to admit to his habitual lying, stolen valor, gayopping with Elaine Miller and more.

No. 1833320

File: 1684903505318.jpeg (64.58 KB, 1067x1015, Fv2tGvyWAAA3fmW.jpeg)

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