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File: 1657509629043.jpg (379.17 KB, 1920x1080, top50episodes2018.jpg)

No. 1585248

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

Some of the big name cows currently in the industry:

>Rebecca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life


>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert


>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is married to Molly Ostertag (who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"


>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though


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No. 1585256

Great Job on the new thread(though I feel the thread pic could be better)

No. 1585258

I didn't see any suggestions in the last thread so I just went with something generic, sorry

No. 1585261

ah well what can you do, anyone still banger recap of the last thread

No. 1585412

I wish these kids knew how common it is for crew members to draw porn of characters from their shows (even the underage ones!) and how many of their favorite hyper woke storyboard artists are currently doing the exact same thing under tightly locked industry only priv accounts, lol

No. 1585517

What is the cartoon in the middle of the bottom row? I feel dumb that I don’t recognize it.

No. 1585535

"but everyone does it"
i question why we need so much porn in the first place. maybe if you did it once it would be funny, but the fact that so many artists are constantly drawing porn of their characters is pretty stupid and gross. you can draw them murdering each other or doing drugs if you want to be 3edgy5me; we don't need cartoon sex imo

No. 1585554

That is such a sick phenomenon to me. Why would you even want to draw porn of a fully sexless minor childrens cartoon character? You dont actually have to want to fuck every single character you see. Its a choice

No. 1585572

>fictional murder of minors is a-ok but fictional sex of minors is not
I’m not gonna say that people exclusively and excessively drawing porn of lolis/shota are particularly sane and not weird (at best, they clearly have some issues and/or trauma they’re working out through their art), but this is what I don’t get. You can have children be brutally slaughtered in fiction and people can be ascertained you don’t actually want kids to be killed, no matter how graphic your depiction is, but when you draw some cringe underaged ship or write about it, you obviously want to do it in real life? I’ve always perceived these types of dark works to be a detached thing, just like anyone writing a dark novel. Obviously it’s fucked up in real life - that’s why you can safely explore darker natures and concepts through characters instead.

I think that people who draw rule 34’d toddler AU of characters are creepy as hell and will absolutely avoid whoever does it, but I still put it under the above reasoning and understanding. In the end, it’s just lines of beings that barely match reality’s biological appearances.

No. 1585580

geez go back to anti anti shipping tumblr or whatever its called. Its not normal to draw dipper pines and his sister fucking. why do that in the first place? why is this even a debate? people can have as much smut and porn as they want nowdays. why do you need porn of the kids cartoons character too? I fundamentally dont understand why this is even happening

No. 1585584

Theres a difference between exploring dark themes vs drawing jerk off material for pedophile fetishes, if someone has a fetish for fictional child murder then obviously that's not normal either

No. 1585591

Its a known and natural fact that sex involving children, especially with an adult, is more shocking and sickening to people than death. Rape (which is what adult/child "relations" are) is considered to be worse than death pretty much universally. That's why rape is also called a "fate worse than death". Plus the added fact that this material is literally just produced for artists and their followers spankbanks adds another layer of disgust. Death (even child death) and rape (especially child rape) are not created equally. I hope this helps

No. 1585592

Why explore dark themes with characters that are aimed at children? That's what I don't get, artists can create more than one or two sets of characters if they don't suck ass. Any artist can just be working on a project and be like "hey, what if I made an adult version of this world with new characters??" And do so, it's not that difficult to just do that if creating a whole new story in a whole new setting is soooo difficult.

No. 1585605

you can find it gross and weird and in poor taste whatever, but calling it "literal cp" and comparing the abuse that a real living and breathing child goes through to a fucking cartoon character with an arbitrary age slapped onto it is ignorant and pearl-clutchy. just say it's creepy and weird and move on

its ALSO creepy that someone made a mole to sneak into private accounts to share what they consider "literal cp" to a fanbase full of minors when it was behind a locked account purposely to keep it out

No. 1585617

All my love to you, but you really gotta abandon the “if you’re not with me 100% you’re against me” mentality. I sympathize and I understand why you’re disgusted with it, but you shouldn’t waste time thinking about it too much.

Anti antis/“proshippers” are just as absurd. The amount of adults I’ve seen act as if they’re oppressed for being queer and/or POC instead of the fact people came across their incredibly dubious porn is high. People are gonna fap to whatever cartoon character regardless of how old they are. All you can do is block, pray to god they don’t post the shit in main hashtags, and just not look for it or try to expose them to people who’d rather not be reminded. I don’t want to see cartoon 12-year-old siblings fuck as much as you do, but I’m not gonna spend time agonizing over it.

The most common reasoning I’ve ever seen besides “it’s just fictional”, is that some people are using it as cope material. They wish their abuser or childhood was just as kind despite the atrocious nature of the relationship, or they keep reliving their trauma through fiction so they can seize some kind of control over it. I certainly don’t think it’s the best approach, but if it makes them feel safer, sure. I do admit there’s something to be said about someone who exclusively diddles to fictional minors, but I’d just block them. It’s not illegal at this time. Likewise I hope my explanation makes sense.

No. 1585642

ayrt i didn't know this specific artist had human characters. i was thinking like care bears and elves and steven universe aliens. but still, kids stabbing each other is an acceptable edgelord art (simpsons halloween specials have violence against children) while porn of cartoon characters is something only porn obsessives would ever think to do

No. 1585643

wow darvo much? a whistleblower exposing this artist is not the same as someone who likes the degen art happily sharing it with the fanbase.

No. 1585669

nah I get anon's reasoning. i wanna know how they got there. if one considers it CP, why expose the material to a fandom full of minors? that shit was locked. they apparently had to get approved to be able to follow them in the first place, so they set up some alt to do so. like did they just tirelessly search through a bunch of nsfw accounts' common followings and through their tweets until they found something?

if you, an ordinary, hop onto the seedy underbelly of the web and gather literal CP of irl children, can you claim it was for the greater good? intentions and procedures aren’t very transparent here.

No. 1585680

lol "whistleblower" it's shitty porno drawings of cartoon characters, not an underground crime ring

No. 1585688

KEK. you have to be an adult to use lolcow. go back to adding DNI points to your carrd until you're old enough to post here.

No. 1586062

Yeah, why did the burner account repost those artworks (albeit censored) to an audience of minors? Majority of the freak-out comes from 12-14 year olds (who shouldn’t even be on twitter in the first place) who understandably had a “childhood ruined” moment. The artworks aren’t realistic enough to be considered CP but I can understand people finding it weird especially when the crew members posted it under their main aliases.

No. 1586065

Also the fact if it was actual CP they'd literally be committing a crime by spreading it lmfao.. it just goes to show that by being able to be spread around on the net, it's harmless (other than the gross factor)

No. 1586068

I hate hate HATE saying this but it is just a drawing and cp has weird regulations when it's a cartoon. It only gets taken down when enough people/bots spam Twitter's report function, otherwise it's safe within the crowd of weeb pedoscrotes.

No. 1586074

There’s photorealistic lolicon artists (aka referenced from irl CP) but they’re still up and running with thousands of followers kek twitter can’t regulate for shit

No. 1586077

And even if it does get noticed, nothing will happen to the artist who very clearly have CP because the feds go after suppliers rather than junkies.

No. 1586079

File: 1657583990200.jpg (233.3 KB, 1187x793, tumblr_pc6kt9RV6J1u3889jo1_128…)

I'd like to point out that using Orion as an autism rage allegory is profoundly retarded. Idk how the character is in the show, but in everything else he was a baby given to Darkseid (superevil cosmic torture tyrant) and lived on a hell planet. Every waking moment he fought for his life against nightmare abominations and Gods of Evil trying to break him. Yeah no shit he has anger issues HE SPENT HIS LIFE IN HELL.

Trying to tie it to Real World Issues (tm) is some tumblr shit like having werewolves be allegories for troons (lol)

No. 1586110

Wait how is that legal? I don't know if it's just shitty memory fucking with me, but if I recall correctly isn't photorealistic depictions of children for sexual purposes room for prosecution?

No. 1586135

Anyone who acts like cartoon drawings are remotely comparable to CSEM (which to exist REQUIRES the sexual abuse of children) should have to go volunteer a few shifts with a pediatric social worker, since they’re evidently so divorced from reality.

No. 1586166

thank you anon, i agree completely.

No. 1586183

It’s even funnier when they call shit like Rebecca Sugar’s Ed Edd n Eddy smut “literal CP”, those characters barely even resemble humans. Actual predators are not whacking it to on-model EEnE porn lmao

No. 1586206

It is the exact same argument as why watching porn is harmful but watching horror movies is not. Arousal, no matter how small, is a powerful conditioning tool and if you are looking at a character who is a child/minor and one of your first thoughts is to sexualize them, I'm not in the wrong for not trusting you with a child.

No. 1586229

what is it about child characters tho that these people need to masturbate to them and not adult characters instead?

something about the child aspect is what arouses them

No. 1586253

I think it’s because predators think that a child won’t see how evil they are, at least at first, so it’s a false idea of “acceptance” or an innocence they can corrupt. They’re psychologically the weakest people so they feel most powerful when their victims represent symbols that are “most weak” than they are. If characters are given an age that is numerically the age of minor, that’s all they need. It’s a lack of experience or ability to be immediately disgusted with who is predating them, the predator is always in a fantasy or delusion, and awareness breaks that. Idk if that made sense but from what I’ve learned like literally every other girl who had to grow up online with men, that’s what I’ve come to the conclusion of. That’s also why men in animation force out women, they don’t want work with more talent or depth out there because in comparison it would expose them. Think about the socialization of animation people, cartoonists are like band camp kids they just fuck each other and never get more attractive.

No. 1586275

Let me guess, you're the "hero" who exposed them right? Great job releasing that shit to minors in the first place, you saved them! Retard.

No. 1586303

Didn’t something similar happen with some of the TMNT crew a year or two ago and a bunch of 15 year olds were calling them pedophiles and trying to get them blacklisted because the turtles are teenagers?

No. 1586339

some of the fujos working on the show were making porn of the Turtles fucking each other, so yeah, I mean you shouldn't lose your job over this but its kinda cringe

No. 1586345

File: 1657625673697.jpg (41.48 KB, 599x432, EbhSbH4VcAAtM4D.jpg)

I know this is not western animation but all this reminds me of that one haikyuu animator who got fired for drawing shipping art and lewds of the boys without the animation studio knowing at first. At least the art is nice kek

No. 1586454

the leaks were done by idolmantises, who befriended TMNT animators and joined their private (again this is about content done and shared PRIVATELY) server, looked for anything damaging, and made a public blacklist. Which ironically got idol blacklisted from animation, I doubt anyone would want to work with a schizo like this

No. 1586588

man i think you should lose your job if you're found to have been drawing freak porn of work characters. just, WHYYYY does it have to be porn? why can't you just go outside and bang a dude from the corner bar? why put the time and effort into a pornographic drawing of anthropomorphized cartoon turtles having sex? if you are willing to do that you're fucked up and i don't want you in my employ.

No. 1586589

samefag - it's SO EASY to NOT do that, i really don't see how drawing work porn is or needs to be a part of your existence

No. 1586592

kek ayrt i'm not the person who shared all the porn sorry. idk why you think they'd be on this board. i'm in my underpants in a canadian lake cottage typing on a dell laptop

No. 1586697

How tf is drawing porn of cartoon turtles (whoever autistic that may be) pedophilia? If anything you can accuse them of zoophilia kek. Doesn’t idolmantises draw porn of children’s media characters all the time?

No. 1586725

She literally draws bug porn. Why is she calling out people who draw turtle porn lmao
People are just horny. I think its weird to say ''just go bang a dude from a bar'' when you can draw your own personal fantasies to existence without scrote intervention and at the safety of your home. I think its messed up that these people tried to keep these drawings hidden but got leaked by some equally degenerate person just so they could put themselves on a high horse. I definitely dont agree with animators and showcreators drawing porn of cartoon characters and making them public with underage fans but i dont want to restrict freedom of what people want to do on their private lives.

No. 1586738

>why don't you go have sex with some unwashed drunken sad middle-aged scrote you don't know and have picked up from a seedy bar instead of sitting in your own house drawing (albeit really fucking weird) cartoon porn of cartoon characters?!?!?
that's actually a REALLY good question, anon. i don't think anyone could possibly think of even one single reason as to why people wouldn't just go out and do that. you made a really intelligent, foolproof statement with that one. /thread

No. 1586825

idk i'd be a lot more comfortable if my friend said she fucked her ugly neighbour than if she showed me turtle yaoi

No. 1586861

because they’re TEENAGE mutant ninja turtles
I guess

No. 1586898

funny to me that idolmantises was the one to leak that considering she was run off of tumblr a few years back for posting rape hentai and angry birds porn. she also cannot get a project off the ground to save her life so i still only know her as the girl who whacked it to cartoon cloaca.

No. 1586917

File: 1657675970656.jpg (38.72 KB, 696x390, teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-1…)

We really gonna have Discourse on whether drawing Ninja Turtles sucking each other off is kosher or not?

No. 1586949

Better the safe confines of her freaky imagination than by some creepy man in a seedy bar. I'd let my friend lewd cartoon turtles; she just can't show me them nor remind me that she lewds the ninja turtles at all.

No. 1587024

LOL really?? The idea of an angry birds smut artist acting superior to people who draw the ninja turtles fucking is HILARIOUS to me.

No. 1587119

>drawing freak porn of work characters
Why that wording? You type like one of those frantic twitter schizos. I promise you the fujos aren't going to fuck the kids. Some woman in the middle of nowhere drawing boys boinking is not the face of pedophilia. It's pretty normal to prefer just drawing sexual situations instead of going out and having sex with a random dude, even if you're a himejo or yumejo.
This reminds me of that one Jotaro pic someone posted in the art salt thread in /ot/. Literally CP!!1

No. 1587315

by the way you type it’s obvious you’re some autistic weirdo which explains your absolute disconnect from reality.
>go to a bar and fuck some random scrote
because that sounds extremely safe and will not put anyone in danger as opposed to drawing some stupid porno bullshit from the safety of one’s home. Fucking idiot. Why even waste money going to a bar for that?

No. 1587360

nta but TMNTBL probably sounds like "freak" porn to most people. i mean, i'm not surprised that anyone would draw it, but i'm an imageboard user.

No. 1587421

Why do I feel like some of the sperging surrounding issues when people who work on shows get """caught""" for these drawings come from some place of jealousy. Most of these artists who get called out are already in the industry or know people/friends with people in animation. Just an observation I've noticed over the years.

If these people are sincerely concerned about protecting children then do something more proactive.
But that would require their money and/or actually doing something other than furiously writing up threads on twitter. It's cartoon porn, it may be weird but it will never compare to actual CSEM material because stuff like that further victimizes a real abused child even years later when they are an adult.

No. 1587523

idk about jealousy. for me i just wish people could stop fucking cooming for five fucking minutes and have a life. can we really not enjoy anything without it being literal pornography anymore?

No. 1587536

No she didn't get fired for drawing suggestive art iirc, she was very vocal about certain parts of the series and JP netizens tried to get her fired for it or something.

No. 1587555

There's literally always been porn of some random shit from the dawn of time. Maybe you should write a book about how degenerate and problematic the ancient greeks were

No. 1587569

Jealousy is usually the motivator, you never see the mspaint autist artists who draw inflation porn getting called out. It’s always artists (usually cis women) with some level of technical skill and or industry connections/employment. It’s never actually to “protect the children”, if it was, they wouldn’t be spreading barely censored alleged CSEM around in their callouts the way they do

No. 1587585

I honestly highly doubt it’s jealousy for the majority of them. in this case a lot of these posters either don’t draw or have vocally stated they have no internet of going into animation.
Jealousy feels like it would be an obvious reason, but these people, especially how hard they’re going as a collective does not seem like the right reason. I’m not in their heads but most of it just seems like they find some sort of comradeship with others by dunking and harassing people they see as “bad” and it gives them like, a rush or something.

No. 1587606

That's a fair point anon. Horny people have always been around but with the internet, it's easier to be exposed to that sort of stuff. I 100% understand getting annoyed/grossed out with it. I feel similar towards the constant shipping in media.

I disagree anon because there have been numerous instances where the person doing the callout is looking to get into the industry (ex: idolmantises). However, I agree with you about how people want to be part of some collective so they'll go with the mob.

Exactly. I also find a lot more disturbing porn on twitter drawn by men than women

No. 1587656

They're pretty young. Well, most of them. Trying to be part of something, having all these feelings, and being a didact is their thing. I was a teenager during the time "sjw" shit started really blowing up on tumblr, and I remember being super sensitive about shit that didn't matter in the grand scheme. And when I saw or read something seedy or degenerate, I did feel deeply uncomfortable. Then those feelings escape you once real life hits you and you're jaded by the world's actual problems.
Think it also has to do with the Streisand effect. People always bring up the forbidden porn of some media or YT animator, and in their efforts to try to be vigilant about it, they end up bringing more attention to it.

No. 1587666

tbf greek pederasty was fucked up

No. 1587743

It might not be the only motive but it is a big one. Every single art related “callout” post I’ve seen has been has been started by another artist. Also lol a lot of these kids insist they don’t want to go into the industry because “it’s full of freaks” when the reality is that they know they’d never get in for whatever reason. Sour grapes.

No. 1587746

Same anon, for the record the industry IS full of freaks but not necessarily in the way these fangirls think it is, lmao.

No. 1587755

this. The containment thread for the tajmerk/succulentbud is about mediocre artists constantly on the hunt for better ones to ruin

No. 1587763

You can not like what other people do in their spare time while also understanding that because this weird hobby doesn’t hurt anyone you can accept that they do it and move on. Hard concept I know.

No. 1587830

not that anon but you're the one advocating for childrens cartoon porn of turtles buttfucking eachother. normies would think that's weird as hell.

No. 1587831

>if it was, they wouldn’t be spreading barely censored alleged CSEM around
This is fucking stupid reasoning. How would you call out someone who deserves it like Shadman without showing people any censored evidence of their wrongdoing? His fans would just say you're lying.

No. 1587843

Normies also loved the incest couple in GoT so..

No. 1587844

Who fucking cares? If these drawings are equivalent to actual CSEM why are you ok with children seeing it, especially when it’s barely censored? If you actually think this person is a danger to society, report them rather than turning to Twitter Court to spread their supposed depravity

No. 1587852

>why are you ok with people seeing it
"How would you call out someone who deserves it like Shadman without showing people any censored evidence of their wrongdoing? His fans would just say you're lying."
>Who fucking cares?
If you don't think Shadman is a blight on society you're not even worth arguing with.
What the fuck does this even mean? You obviously care since you're riled up about it. Anybody who doesn't want pedos drawing porn of their kids should care.
>report them
Cops are too lazy to arrest him, even though they should.

No. 1587860

I mean who fucking cares if his fans believe it or not? If he’s an actual threat report him to the FBI instead of worrying about trying to “prove” anything to teenagers on twitter lmao. If his drawings are actual CSEM than the truth is on your side and you have nothing to worry about, but you should probably watch out because if it IS CSEM you’re actively distributing it. I don’t understand what you’re not getting here lol.

No. 1587870

You're not distributing csem drawings if it's been very heavily censored.
>I mean who fucking cares if his fans believe it or not?
Nobody cares what they believe, but they will tell others you are lying if you don't have any evidence of what he's done, which is why you would need the censored drawings.
>report him to the FBI
Already been done by lots of people. Cops are too lazy to arrest him, even though they should.

No. 1587882

>You're not distributing csem drawings if it's been very heavily censored
Come on anon you can't seriously think this. If this is the case then what's stopping from doing this with actual photos or images of real children. I understand if you have your heart set into exposing dangerous people online but I think it's best to not expose potential minors to that sort of stuff.

No. 1587883

Shadman lives in Los Angeles and the district attorney there won’t prosecute POC without intense public pressure (as we saw when some tard tried to stab Dave Chapelle)

No. 1587972

>You're not distributing csem drawings if it's been very heavily censored.

it doesnt matter if its been heavily censored or not. youre still saving, posting, and sharing what you consider to be csem, therefor you are complicit in distributing it. if you are convinced that something is csem then you should report it immediately and not share it to try and prove it to morons on the internet

No. 1587980

Sage for OT but Orion is Darkseid's kid raised by Highfather, Mr. Miracle is Highfather's kid given to Darkseid but raised as a noname grunt.

No. 1588007

This is true and I guess I’m thinking more of the idea of who follows in the footsteps of these callouts/makes a big deal out of them. Which are people that will never work in the art industry. That whole group in the twitter artist containment thread are responsible for the majority of art callouts and stupid bullshit on that site and have never had an industry job in their life kek.
Honestly, don’t know a single person that works in an art industry like comics or animation and has had an actual job that does this kind of shit. it’s always these talentless idiots.

No. 1588043

>cis women
go back

No. 1588255

I mean, it’s true. I’ve never seen an MTF get these kind of callouts, but FTMs seem to be fair game. I guess the latter is more likely to be active in fandoms.

No. 1588634

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.
Females or Ftms always get call outs, especially artists, for the most mundane shit, compared to males or mtf (primarily those who keep their masculine features)- whose call outs more often than not retain the most disturbing, self-depriving shit that SHOULD get them blasted, but even then it’s a coin flip to see if they actually go to prison

No. 1589035

I wasn’t disagreeing with female creators being the ones to bear the blunt of things (it’s sadly true) but stop using “cis” kek you aren’t on crypto-mode we’re all terfs here don’t worry.

No. 1589213

File: 1657942781448.jpg (27.33 KB, 263x231, 1606429077490.jpg)

On principle, its not a good idea to draw porn of cartoon characters when you're working in an industry that targets kids as their main audience.
But yeah you're right if the characters are 100% fictional, then do whatever. Just don't do a Shadman and draw irl kids- even irl adults for that matter. Those are the biggest red flags imo.

But I'm kind of baffled on how the artists didn't do a good job on keeping their nsfw shit away from their public profiles. Did they get greedy on wanting more clout on their nsfw accounts?

No. 1589228

The fact that nearly everyone in the industry draws cartoon porn (including characters from the shows they work on) is an open secret so people have just gotten really casual and lax about it because 90% of the time people don’t care. The big problem is the lack of 4th wall and the fact that these crew members get too comfy having their egos stroked by fangirls who are often just as terminally online as they are who will turn on them at the drop of a hat and weaponize their cartoon porn against them the first chance they get, especially if it’s “problematic” content which could mean anything from canonically underaged characters fucking to ship art of a pairing that the fandom deemed “abusive

No. 1589239

But they did, it was a private account

No. 1589242

Obviously didn't do a good enough job if people still found them out.

No. 1589251

Some of those accounts were made when they were still noname artists, coupled with it being pretty standard in the industry, so they were just lax in treating it. Nearly every cartoonist from everywhere in the world has done nsfw material.

No. 1589281

Everything I've heard about the animation industry is they never cared. "Don't draw porn" Disney animators drew comedy porn of Mickey Mouse and the Rugrats crew drew edgelord scribbles in their free time.

That said they don't double back to posting it online and they def don't unironically make kiddo porn, so this whole thing is still retarded.

No. 1589282

Whoops, forgot my capeshit, ty anon

No. 1589284

This. I keep wondering: How did whoever wrote the callout post get approved to follow the account, kek? Are they hiding some freak shit?

No. 1589288

They befriended the crew members

No. 1589597

File: 1657997081852.jpeg (71.15 KB, 450x652, cutbu339202.jpeg)

god, what a fucking loser. imagine having so little going on in your life that you squirm your way into the crew of some disneychannel cartoon, larp as one of them, just to see some private porn they apparently don't want to see.

No. 1590757

File: 1658153285113.png (832.64 KB, 1488x872, dilbertcomiccreator.png)

Don't know of this belongs here but Scott Adams the author of those Dilbert comics tweeted that he's glad that his step-son died of a drug overdose cause he believed that he'd end up becoming a school shooter, also implying that he let him die

No. 1590763

tbh the world probably would be a better place if we didn’t desperately try and save every terminal fuckup out there

No. 1590787

He gets it

No. 1590846

Not everyone is worth saving, especially drug-addicted moids with school shooter energy.

No. 1590867

When it's your daughters though only option 2 is accepted but we won't talk about that

No. 1590878

I don’t agree with his schizo-conservitard ideology but I do admit he’s right here. Better to cut the problem at the root than ponder any other possibilities.

No. 1590894

File: 1658169319086.jpg (167.63 KB, 768x1024, 1613561881135.jpg)

I would agree with him if this was the case of his own son, but this was his step-son, Scott Adams and the boy's mother only recently divorced, like all moids are bastards but that doesn't excuse to say that about somebody's child

No. 1590898

drugged men are terrifying tbqh

No. 1590912

all those school shooters were "someone's child" too

No. 1590915

So it's better to let his wife become a "momma's boy" of a lost cause? If the kid was an adult there is nothing to debate here. If it was a minor otoh at the very least you need to question yourself about what was your role in that shit for it to end like it ended.

No. 1590941

>If the kid was an adult there is nothing to debate here. If it was a minor otoh at the very least you need to question yourself about what was your role in that shit for it to end like it ended
The kid was 14 and died of opioid overdose(he developed an addiction after a car accident), there was never any indication that he was gonna shoot up a school other then Scott's 'feeling' that the boy was beyond repair

No. 1590987

He was 14? What a fucking sick fuck asshole Scott is, he was probably jealous his mother loves her son more than him and is glad he has less competition to her.

No. 1591011

No the guy was 18 and Scott Adams had already divorced his mother by the time the OD occurred. He was a moid addict so he was probably a threat to others. You two sound very sheltered

No. 1591132

This definitely reeks edgy tryhard energy, dunno what lolcow is sucking this guy off for. If this was about a daughter, lolcow wouldn't feel the same.

No. 1591142

Of course they wouldn't feel the same about it, a daughter is valuable.

No. 1591187

gtfo moid

No. 1591214

unfathomably based

No. 1591271

People don't think this deeply about their daughters

No. 1591360

>t. autistic moid trying too hard to integrate.

No. 1591362

If he was 18 idk what we're talking about lmaooo is shitty that he started doing drugs so young and the father has a portion of responsibility but isn't like he had many opportunities in life at that point. His brain was surely beyond fried (i know fentanyl is a hell of a drug) and yes at some point addicted moids only have two options: to die or to kill someone kek he's right.

No. 1591417

No idea what you're tamking about exactly because I don't know that character but I remember the video posted in the previous thread. This reminds me how I always thought the mutants in X-men being allegories for discriminated people irl like victims of racism or homophobia is retarded. When you're not white and you can't get a job or a house just because people want to discriminate against you for your skin color and ethinicity you know you're harmless and what's happening to you is unfair. The mutants can severely harm or kill people whenever the fuck they want by just lifting their fingers, sometimes even by accident, they're actually dangerous so it's normal for people to be wary of them at least a little even if it sucks for the mutants.

No. 1591422

No, she got fired because she was shit talking Kuroko's Basket and she was working on its anime adaptation. But the Haikyuu art didn't help her case. That's why Japanese artists stay anonymous as much as possible.

No. 1591612

>sheltered for thinking its fucked up when I was under the impression he was a literal child

Your brain is fried

No. 1591879

That’s a pretty based take, and for moids like the ones who shot up sandy hook or uvalde I would 100% agree with zero hesitation. Gonna need some more details about why he thought his stepson was gonna be a school shooter before I pass judgement though.

No. 1591909

I felt the same way about the retarded allusions to racism in zootopia. Like they try to say that because carnivores had to repress their murderous urges to live peacefully in a multi-species society they are unfairly stereotyped as dangerous. Like uhhh they actually fucking are lol, I was rooting for the based sheep lady tbh

No. 1592025

For real, I like Zootopia but I don't get how nobody in the creative team realized that comparing racism to carnivore vs herbivore animals is maybe a terrible idea, and yet everybody praises the movie for being so smart kek

No. 1592328

I thought this too, nona, especially with Magneto who had already seen his family die due to prejudice. I feel like the (other wise awful) third X Men film explained it well though.

No. 1592561

I never watched that movie and didn't plan to specifically because of people saying that this was the general theme of the movie. It just seemed nonsensical enough to ruin the story for me.

No. 1592730

Trust me, you're not the only one who understands this and every time I try to bring it up I get written off or attacked by the X-Men fancult.

No. 1592733

To add to this I just realized what bothers me about the X-Men half the time. You know how troons aren't women, but the exaggerated male idea of womanhood?

The X-Men are the straight white guy's bloated idea of what it's like to be gay or black or have autism, etc. Simultaneously the most oppressed group that lives under one comfortable umbrella, but also the Ubermensch that is replacing the old group. Literally no gay people think they're the Next Hot Shit, it's only straight people who see the gays as dancing monkeys and a fashion statement.

No. 1592944

File: 1658375133131.png (1.54 MB, 979x1491, giantsize_cover.png)

Its a bit complicated(I will admit that I am an X men fan) but essentially the original X-Men is a ripoff of Doom Patrol(like a very overt ripoff) which was a ripoff of The fantastic 4, the appeal of the original Fantastic 4 and Doom Patrol wasn't that they were isolated social outcasts, rather that they were heroes that acted human, unlike other superhero comics they often quarrelled and suffered personal problems(this was considered groundbreaking back then) though Doom Patrol was way more campy and weird then F4, the Original X-men just shamelessly ripped of from Doom Patrol, Magneto had no backstory or anything, he was just a generic evil guy whose team was literally called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it was only in the mid 70's where X-men actually got good, with all-new, all-different X-Men it introduced actual diverse characters that you would never seen before in any mainstream comic, Storm(an african black woman), nightcrawler(german), wolverine(canadian), colossus(who was actually the most controversial character at one point, cause he was a character from the Soviet Union portrayed in a good light), and also having OG characters Jean Gray and Cyclops, so the x-men was the most multi-cultural comic cast at one point and it attracted a diverse fanbase never before seen, it s during this era that racism/bigotry allegory started being mixed in with x-men stories

No. 1593057

NTA, but moids always deserve to die, even if they're children. You're stupid(a-logging)

No. 1593664

Did boys tell you “my friend thinks you’re cute” one too many times in grade school?

No. 1593733

File: 1658442662983.jpg (146.95 KB, 1080x1080, 293633857_216813830682855_8580…)

Kate now identifies as autistic instead of borderline. Doesn't even get a formal diagnosis before making comics about it to announce to the world.


No. 1593738

i don't think "children should die" is the hill you wanna die on man

No. 1593745

Edge lord tier thinking.

No. 1593756

To many people are out here collecting mental conditions like they're Pokemon. Their whole personality seems to revolve around their collection of disorders.

No. 1593771

No they need to die as soon as the ultrasound detects a nut.

No. 1593775

What the hell type of therapist is this?
wokeness aside, "I mean, if you identify with internet memes about it then, yeah, I guess" sounds a bit weird from someone that is paid to know what they're talking about on mental illness

No. 1593883

OT a bit but i love my comic sperg nonitas itt. is there a comics thread where we can reee about retcons, new 52, elijah snow, and grant morrison's blatant tranny chasing?

No. 1593918

Oooooooooooooo I would post here more often if that was the case, it tickles my 'tism.

No. 1593930

In my experience - alone, granted - any therapist worth their cent will try hard to steer you away from self-diagnosing. Self-diagnosing makes you try to twist yourself to suit the disorder’s description rather than have the disorder suit you, period.

I’ve met many people who attempt to protect their fundamentally shitty personalities by saying they believe they have BPD, autism, etc.

No. 1593946

Sounds like Jillian vessey/pixielocks’s angel baby therapist that helped her get her fake DID diagnosis

No. 1593989

someone in a further west time zone start making the comics thread so i can wake up to it kek

No. 1594076

I think there is already a comics thread in /m, you just have to find it in the catalogue. I saw it once but it quickly died. I would love to put my frustrations on new 52 lol

No. 1594267

File: 1658490177763.png (111.51 KB, 1381x693, Screenshot.png)

>grant morrison's blatant tranny chasing?
I feel I was the only one who noticed that, but yeah TIMs come up a couple times in his work, its really weird and he shown in his wonder woman earth one, that he's into femdom and bondage, recently he came out as non-binary as well

No. 1594309

exactly. even jenny nicholson had thoughts on this despite her channel being like 99% free of any politics or truly controversial opinions, but she said it was unsettling how people in the mlp fandom drew sexy art of the child characters and then retreated into "it's not real, and the pictures are innocent anyway!" her question was, why focus on the child characters, especially when they are the same as their "adult" counterparts except children?

No. 1594343

When I saw Castlevania in the op it just reminded me two of the animators came from Hyun's dojo. I don't know if any of you guys heard of that cess pool before

No. 1594345

do tell, I am interested

No. 1594403

is it true Sugar is in some weird hippie cult now? There's photos of her and other women in bathing suits doing circle therapy n shit, they looked eerie

No. 1594739

how the hell are you gonna say “I heard Rebecca Sugar is in a cult”, vague the pics, and then provide zero sauce?

No. 1594961

Are you sure it isn’t just Julia Vickermans witch woman weekend or whatever she calls it? Rebecca has gone to them before, they rent an air bnb and spend all weekend doing “rituals” that they found on Pinterest and taking pictures of themselves naked and shit

No. 1594967

Even assuming those pics exist, it can just be some new age yoga shit. Nothing about that really sounds out of place unless your brain OD'd on shitty creepypastas from ten years ago.

No. 1595247

File: 1658574822033.jpg (40.31 KB, 600x450, plz-stop-post.jpg)

I think it's time you went outside.

No. 1595258

Nice argument

No. 1595849

Based. Don’t listen to lurking moids.

No. 1596678

there's one where a scottish tranny mansplains to another man about troon shit, i think he wrote it?
in invisibles he has this awful straw lesbian character who harasses and insults other women, and she's clearly in his chaser mind supposed to be playing off the troon and showing that they make better women than actual women.

No. 1598152

I had no idea the problems didn’t end with the creator of Miraculous Ladybug. This girl sums up the dark side.
>voice actors leaving because their pay was super low. Zap wasn’t willing to compromise.
>main VAs having to sign NDAs to keep their wage secret.
>Thomas blocks children on Twitter for writing critiques.
>Thomas claims to have made up new original powers since the comics golden age
>Thomas also claimed to have been better than Pixar with character designs and powers
>fan fiction is something he hates and doesn’t think they’re good writers.
>staff member drew r34 of Adrian , ladybug, marionette and cat noir.
List is endless

No. 1598184

>fan fiction is something he hates and doesn’t think they’re good writers.
lmao he right about this tho 75% of fics are garbage and 15% of the remaining is fucking abo which is another level of garbage I don't blame any creator for disliking fanfic considering how disturbing it can get
like this whole thread is basically shitting on creators for making underage porn right? look at fucking fanfic it's guilty of the same shit so let's not play pretend and say this isn't a rare good take from fuck ass Thomas

No. 1598186

>getting this mad over fanfiction

No. 1598200

Honestly Thats fair fanfic is just so hilariously bad now and I'm tired of shitty smut fics that rode off an existing characters fame being turned into blockbusters but yeah fair call out

No. 1598354

File: 1658868456895.png (1.21 MB, 663x1019, The-Boys-Dear-Becky-preview-pa…)

sounds like the boys, not written by him afaik. most tims would probably be offended by this sort of accurate mannish depiction of transgenders anyway.

No. 1598495

File: 1658878722034.jpeg (443.6 KB, 1041x1600, 850ACA11-882C-46D2-9DB3-45CAC0…)

This is from the official comic too.

No. 1598496

File: 1658878749580.jpeg (309.63 KB, 1008x1600, 97ACFB01-6F8E-4B31-898F-B0941D…)

No. 1598510

todays episode: the writers thinly disguised fetish

No. 1598513

Thinly disguised?

No. 1598551

This is ugly overall, but at the same time i'm not exctly surprised. A kid from my family likes these cartoons and after watching a couple of episodes together, I gotta say these series are weirdly inappropriate sometimes. like the sort of "wink wink we're making adult jokes in kids movie" thing you know. The boy sometimes makes these fuckboy faces/glances, and overall does fuckboy pick up talk/ humour. usually it's just tame flirting and then it isn't disturbing, but sometimes it was just dumb af. once they fell down somehow in a way they were on top of each other, Cat on Ladybug and there ws this whole slowmotion, from every angle, and it was dragged on longer than needed, making it look awkward in whole other way. there was also an episode with some sort of Ladybug's doppleganger who somehow turned around nd started working with them. and the guy said somethign like "TWO Ladybugs? am i in heaven? it's like a dream come true!" eek.

Rich of that Thomas guy to criticize fanfics when he's the biggest fucking shipper and his series are a secret slow burn fanfic with how much the show implies that Ladybird & Cat totes should fuck. but still those smutty AO3 fics about 15 year olds fucking are just as fuckedup, that's odd all around. i'd rather it was just a story about two teens in love, not something oversexualized by both authors and audience.

No. 1598591

That's per standard in France. You can find shit like that in Totally Spies, Martin Mystery and Wakfu.

No. 1598604

I never liked miraculous ladybug and now I feel justified in not liking it.

No. 1598607

I know he's a clown too but I wouldn't wish the autism about the bitch character on anyone.

No. 1598699

Wait this is official?? I've come across this panel before but I really tought it was some nsfw comic made by a /pol/ user

No. 1598750

>staff member drew r34 of Adrian , ladybug, marionette and cat noir.
I don't think there's a single french artist who hasn't drawn porn before

No. 1598767

Not just French tbh. Nearly every artist in the world has dabbled in it.

No. 1598915

okay but do they need to draw porn of underage childrens cartoons characters? they can draw all the porn they want but why it gotta be the kids cartoon characters?

No. 1599083

That's a whole can of worms that I genuinely don't have the time and effort to debate online. I'm just saying it exists and has always existed.

No. 1599238

No. 1599313

Kate, you aren't autistic, but you ARE retarded.

God I hate this stupid bitch.

No. 1599393

young justice is SO BAD. it doesn't feel natural at all. it feels like watching videos in sex ed or careers class. after school special lesson teaching show.
so i guess literally no parents teach their kids to read now? and comment sections become screeching sections about DAYCARE and I DON'T TEACH THEM THAT THE SCHOOLS HAVE TO? why do people even have kids if they don't spend any time with them.

No. 1599395

ah, i just assumed it was him because tranny lol. but yeah, the moralizing and obvious jacking off over the troon in invisibles, at the expense of lesbians, was annoying. without that, he would have actually been a really good tranny character.

No. 1599396

uhhh..did it need to be weirdly racist as well? i know the french have a weird boner for american blacks but this still seems wayyyy inappropriate for a kids item

No. 1599397

this show sounds like it could be good if it was an adult show, like french archer with superheroes idk

No. 1599430

iirc isn't Marinette supposed to be his self insert imaginary daughter or something. I know her father is his self insert and her mother is based on an old girlfriend or is Marinette the one that's based on an old girlfriend?

No. 1599453

horrifying if true

No. 1599460

File: 1658961878145.jpg (576.38 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20220727-184154_Twi…)

Marie/pucanoodles again, her car was now apparently broken into during prep for an upcoming convention, no photos except for a broken windex bottle in her backseat. Comparatively the exact same story happened to another artist I follow only a few weeks back and I'm much more inclined to believe them than Marie with her history

No. 1599538

whoa, Hughie seems a lot younger in the show

No. 1599542

File: 1658966155531.png (192.82 KB, 1220x860, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 4.54…)

Lol omg you're right, 'their virtual child', how creepy. And how he points out that his ex was french ~AND~ chinese kek

No. 1599572

Hughie was originally older. IIRC Simon Pegg was going to play him (now plays his dad on the show, and also voices Hughie in some of the short cartoons with different interpretations of characters).

No. 1599669

File: 1658978778360.jpeg (822.21 KB, 960x1581, 078A59AF-2ADE-452B-B759-811F37…)

Here’s another tweet about it.

No. 1599672

File: 1658978829919.jpeg (161.57 KB, 708x966, FCEFC3AD-18DB-4127-89E9-2C495E…)

I assume this is him and his ex. Imagine being Sabine and finding out wtf happened to the fatass you dated.

No. 1599723

whoa. he's so ugly. and not even the french kind of ugly that you can kind of make work. he looks like steven seagal with colour contacts.

No. 1599815

Istg I must've seen her Kofi link on my feed five times in the past month alone

No. 1599987

Yeah basically. French animation tends to imitate anime and black men in anime are pretty much only ever portrayed as giant thugs.

First part is def creepy as hell but who cares that he mentioned she was mixed race? That's just stating a fact, isn't it…?

No. 1600042

White guys are creepy about Asian women.(racebait)

No. 1601154

Yeah but there's nothing creepy about simply stating her race. He didn't say she was submissive and tight or some other weird fetish shit

No. 1601410

File: 1659119557345.jpeg (37.49 KB, 320x240, 990C2EF7-012A-4BCD-B659-C05755…)

It would be hella funny to have a thread just dedicated to every “woe is me, give me money” moment she has. No discussion, just acknowledge every tiny thing she cries about online

No. 1604388

so new episode of Helluva boss got released, where we get the contrived backstory of blitz and the owl guy, other stuff that happens

>A degen moid who cheats on his wife is presented as brave and heroic

>there are seemingly innocent scenes of young blitz and stoles(voices by actual child voice actor) but knowing that vivziePop is a fujo who ships her own characters and the fact they fuck later on in the episode, you really get a feel for how much of a fujocoomer vivziepop likely is

No. 1604401

I'm not a fan but your only two negative points are such huge reaches to prove the show is bad. Especially the last one

No. 1604415

same fag but I think something more curious about the show is what kind of legal trouble they got into that got one of their episodes pulled before it was even released

No. 1604455

When is she going to work more on the other one, I forget what it is called. Isn't Helluva Boss the spinoff? Also I always pronounce it "hell oo-va"
Anyway, did she just abandon that other project in favor of a spinoff?

No. 1604534

It's actually going to be released this year
It's just a network bought it so there was more legality, going on their schedule and recasting all voice actors. But Hazbin Hotel will not be released on YouTube

No. 1604551

I enjoyed some of Helluva Boss but it's at its worst when it's unironically cutesy like in this episode. And the fujo aspect is cringy as hell too.

No. 1604672

Making Stella an abusive bitch for literally no reason at all is such lazy, shitty writing. Viv just needed a one-dimensional woman to demonize so her retarded gay rape ship looks less problematic. This is the kind of characterization you’d expect from yaoi fanfic written by a 14-year-old girl.

Stella is not sad or jealous or resentful. She’s not even implied to be motivated to keep control over Stolas for her own schemes or whatever—if that were the case, it’d make more sense to write her as manipulative instead of a raging psycho. Besides, in a universe where all the protagonists are mass murderers who constantly verbally abuse each other anyway why the fuck should I be specifically offended by a female character almost slapping her sexually degenerate husband? kek

But really, why even bother putting Stolas in that conflict at all if you’re going to do nothing interesting with the wife character? If she only had to exist to justify why he has a daughter (who herself only exists as a prop to make Stolas seem likable) then couldn’t they have already been divorced at the start of the show?

No. 1604689

All fair points
When I first saw the show I thought they were just beginning to get a divorce since the daughter mentioned "You broke our family dad". That and the fact that Octavia was spending weekends alone with her mom, away with the dad.
It seems repetitive that Stolas kept mentioning a divorce. Either get the divorce or don't.
I liked both characters more when it was just Stolas being a horny demon asshole who was manipulating Blitz for sex and Stella being a rightfully pissed ex wife

No. 1604704

I immediately came here to see if anyone talked about this, kek.

So fucking dumb. The original dynamic was a good foundation for what could be an interesting morally grey drama between the characters. They all live in Hell, for fuck's sake. It made sense that Stolas is a coombrained gay moid who can't keep it in his pants to keep his marriage and family together. But no, they undid all of this by making Stella a raging bitch for no reason and no motivation, other than to make Stolas the uwu gay male character for fujos to feel sorry for. Weird.

No. 1604719

That’s right, this episode actually contradicts a lot of what was already established wrt Stolas’ family. It’d be kind of hilarious if Viv got so wrapped up in her retarded Stolitz fanfiction that Helluva Boss ends up jumping the shark in its first 10 episodes.

No. 1604720

Very ot but god I wanna dump all over Grant Morrison. Used to love him but holy shit is he highly overrated

No. 1604748

The original dynamic was great
honestly I think making Stolas and Blitzo "childhood friends" was the dumbest fucking move I've ever seen and was beyond unnecessary and came out of nowhere.
I think the childhood scene with Blitzo and Fizz should have been to establish Fizz's past relationship with Blitzo. This whole episode just seems forced.

A rich, bored horny gay guy who is buying a lover seems more right on the money. And Stella being rightfully pissed that her status, life style and everything was threatened because her husband is a pervert.

No. 1604776

I'll never forgive him for pushing Damian Wayne

No. 1604978

not sure about the fujospering but I do agree that this particular episode was awful, the show is at its worst when it tries to be genuine and deep, its like when IASIP tries to be genuine, but I think its even worse in Helluva Boss cause it goes against what's been established, we are shown throughout the series that majority of everyone in Hell is a a depraved sexual deviant, a violent psycho or a pathetic drug addict, it doesn't make any sense why Stolas cheating on his wife would be a such huge issue and embarrassment

No. 1605088

File: 1659447983938.png (298.69 KB, 996x1720, Screenshot 19.png)

>stoles:you could have asked to visit you know it's been a long time but I have a very good memory
>stoles:what are you doing I barely remember your name
>Blitz: it's Blitz
>stoles:didn't it have an O at the end like a clown name
later on
>it means that the one who wants me is my first ever friend

What is with this dialogue, it is ridiculously inconstant and feels like ERP rather then an scripted conversation, also I'm seething seeing zoomer girls being convinced to side the gay cheating pervert because he's such an "uwu prwcious gay baby who just wants to be loved"

No. 1605157

>girls siding with the gay pervert because uwu baby
Well what else is new, it's not even a zoomer thing lots of girls in fandoms like to side with gay perverts from what I've seen
These comments suck though
>stella was in the wrong she treated him like garbage for years and mocked and belittled him. That would drive people to cheat on their spouse
Or just break up idk

No. 1605320

File: 1659468065934.jpg (98.53 KB, 615x577, 1579960636072.jpg)

Character and Lore inconstancy is on brand for Vivziepop though, best example of this is how she's handled Angel Dust's character, Angel Dust was originally one pair of two mafioso spider brother characters but somewhere along the line Vivziepop amalgamated the brothers with another female character who was a nymphomaniac prostitute, that's why he's such a confusing mess

No. 1605344

File: 1659469331177.png (1.6 MB, 2000x984, 1580043438708.png)

also even though his name is literally a reference for a drug from the 80's, he's still canonically stated to have died in the 1940's,

seemingly the only reason for Angel to be from the 1940's was based solely on his weapon

No. 1605385

Get off lolcow, Scott

No. 1605413

Helluva boss/Hazbin hotel fans are mostly stupid fujo teenagers or edgy autistic manchildren so of course they have zero critical thinking skills. Both demographics are insanely misogynistic as well, so they’re practically foaming at the mouth for a poorly written female character they can use as a hate sink.

Intelligent people who could offer meaningful critiques or analysis either don’t bother watching that shit or don’t bother engaging with such a retarded fanbase.

No. 1605419

> I'm seething seeing zoomer girls being convinced to side the gay cheating pervert

Nona, gen z is normally like this. They rabidly hate women, even more so when they can do it on behalf of “the queers”.

That and we’re freshly out of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard bullshit, so all of them are primed to obsessively rage over any woman branded as abusive and feel baseless sympathy for shitty men.

No. 1605478

And they have the audacity to give themselves asspats for being "progressive" when all they do is bash women over and over to blow air up the ass of a man

No. 1605501

Nah, they’re not even capable of enough independent thought to get credit for that.

No. 1605530

File: 1659484523839.png (81.14 KB, 878x620, Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 00.53…)

In her last substack post, Noelle Stevenson talks about having bipolar disorder. She's been on Seroquel for five years. I am amazed she passed any kind of mental stability test to get a masectomy. I had to declare lack of mental health disorders just to donate bone marrow but someone with bipolar who takes a sedating medication can competantly agree to have their breasts removed. Damn.

No. 1605536

Honestly the plot of both Stella and Stolas being in the wrong woulda been better. And it's hell? Viv established that it is actually unusual for demons, even married ones to be monogamous. Why Millie and Moxxie are the odd ones out.

Watch Vivzie try to make Stella seem worse by having Stella sleep with an imp too. They really did Stella's character dirty by just reducing her to "evil cis straight woman bullying gay baby"

tbh I would be pissed to if I was told I would be marrying a demon price. But got stuck with a skinny twink who glares at me and resents me because we have to have a kid. Even in the episode she mentioned he was just laying there while she did all the work. No wonder the woman is resentful. She's just there for breeding and that must suck

No. 1605674

Her life is such a tragic mess it’s just depressing. I know she did this to herself and it’s fueled by being mentally ill, but I really want to a-log her stupid wife for being the worst kind of enabler.

No. 1605948

Every single post on her little blog is somehow able to be condensed to “I didn’t hate being a woman, for some reason I chopped my tits off, I dont regret it so stop asking” I’ve read like 20 of her comics and they all play out like this.

No. 1605954

File: 1659536974074.png (4.04 MB, 3464x3462, reverse Oedipus.png)

literal peak TIF behavior

No. 1605960

What game/animation is it about?

No. 1605976

I don't get people shipping Stolas and Blitzo after this episode. I always felt like the relationship was ridiculously one sided but this doesn't even hide it.

No. 1605979

I think the only reason why it's seen as this embarrassing is because he's a demon prince cheating with her using an imp

No. 1605980

I usually go to /co/ for that since the impression I get here is that no one would be interested with this.

No. 1606013

File: 1659544275724.png (159.56 KB, 408x320, 45.png)

a lot of fans have spectated that Blitzo's sister(who we saw in the background of this episode) will likely be trans, this is cause all female imps have small horns, in a previous episodes when we did see a female imp with larger horns they were a TIM

No. 1606019

They're so obviously simping for the uwu poor gay misunderstood bois while being angry at Stella for literally no reason. We are shown that Stolas hates his marriage because it was arranged and he's rather stay with his shitty moody childhood friend (I fucking hate Blitzo by this point btw, all the acting crazy but being secretly sad is getting old). So his hate towards Stella and his cheating are clearly justified. So why is Stella being painted as the crazy villain? She's also in an arranged marriage, she mentioned she had to do everything to fulfill her duty and her husband ruins it all, why are her anger and resentment towards Stolas not justified as well?
The answer is: the writing is incredibly lazy and they just really wanted the woman to be evil, even if it doesn't make sense in their own story that they wrote. By their rules, even her "abusing" him wouldn't fucking matter because they're in hell and the main characters kill people for a job. They're fine with showing a child getting gunned down, but they draw the line at the poor gay who can't fuck the one he loves in peace!! So juvenile and ridiculous. Just like when they showed Millie's trans sibling and made sure to respect the pronouns uwu in a show that's supposed to be offensive.
Unless Vivzie will do a plot twist and expand on Stella, Helluva Boss's writing is BAD, just like Hazbin Hotel's.

No. 1606044

File: 1659546475419.png (957.53 KB, 1440x810, avi8yczsydw61.png)

difference between male born imps and female afab imps for comparisons

No. 1606046

no need for newspeak here

excuse me i am right here, watching for my failson, moxxie

No. 1606048

It’s ok you can say female anon, they can’t get you here

No. 1606072

sorry I wrote it by accident

No. 1606098

File: 1659550472742.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4000x4000, 1659049198887.jpeg)

Can we talk about voice actors here as well? This is taken from the FTM thread:
>48 year old VA for Silco from Arcane, Jason Spisak, is dating a 22 year old they/them (she later became an exclusive them) Jinx cosplayer he met on Twitter. This man has 2 children (at least one of them is a girl) and recently divorced his 46 year old wife. He got into some controversy shortly after Arcane released for liking Jinx/Silco ship art, and had to come out saying he only interprets their relationship as father/daughter. On his streams and cameo he’s known for trying to come across as “sexy,” speaking in his Silco voice and interacting with a lot of the young women in the fandom in an obviously grooming manner. The cosplayer nuked all of her socials so this was recovered from the wayback machine. The dd/lg grossness is so obvious, he even commissioned a Silco cosplay for himself that he probably wears in the bedroom with her dressed as Jinx.

No. 1606112

we discussed this in the last thread that VA stuff should be allowed here, like we literally talked about how big a pick-me the voice actress of Marinette was and no seemed to mind

No. 1606127

Middle aged man grooming a young insecure self hating woman who's prioritizing pleasing men before anything else. Theythems must be so easy for predators to pull because their whole identity rests on the fact that they're NLOGS and think a bepenised individual can do whatever he wants without question

No. 1606297

The Boys (the show never read the comics) does a good job at being offensive and funny without holding back.

No. 1606533

I've never read the comics, but my friend who's read them says the show does a better job of balancing the knife-edge funny/offensive.

No. 1606535

this show stopped making any sense at all with that weird valentine's special or whatever. now i guess it's the retcon ship show with cringe 2009 art.
viv would be great if they assigned her an actual producer that did their actual job as a producer.
hopefully someone like that tweaked hazbin to make it make sense but i don't think i care enough to keep watching.

No. 1606536

YIKES. When did vivziepop start hating women so much???

No. 1606572

god i know. "ooh i'm so edgy and MODERN also i hate all women and all women characters should be replaced with men or troons"

No. 1606577

i mean, the drug addicted pornstar is WAY less cringey than whatever this mafia shit is

No. 1606582

i know none of us are doctors but dae think she's probably more one of those cluster A nutjobs who's been misdiagnosed? she doesn't act manic or extendedly suicidal from what i've seen/read.
or is she one of the all-manic ones with low IQ? i've met like…two of those but they were both men

No. 1606583

i don't know what this art style is but i'm so fucking sick of every character having crayon shin-chan's face

No. 1606586

i think it's the thickness of the stripes that makes them male or female in her art, not the size

No. 1606635

File: 1659587403248.jpg (65.89 KB, 456x562, David_Zaslav_in_2020.jpg)

Major shakeups with David Zaslav stepping in as CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery. Scoob's holiday special was months away from finishing and has been cancelled. Little Ellen's latest season was completed and has been shelved and is now lost media. Final Space was not only cancelled but deplatformed and is now no longer legally available anywhere. Close Enough has been cancelled after 3 seasons. While most of the press has been focused on how live-action is being affected by the WB/Discovery merger the animation industry is likewise looking at an uncertain future, at least that under WBD's domain.

Industrynonas, how you feeling?





No. 1606730

I heard new managers prefer to cut out any project under another manager's name when in progress, but why take it off when it's close to complete? You can just drop it off a streaming service and try viral marketing for a bit, it costs nothing

No. 1606742

What? I don’t keep up with this show.

No. 1606751

Wouldn’t a trans imp just paint their horns

No. 1606766

WB had a shit ton of debt, apparently. Zaslav is trying to get the finances under control and one way to do that is via tax write offs. They can use a show as a write off but in order to do that they are not allowed to profit off it in any way which means they can not release it. Evidently the tax write off is worth more than having these titles in their library. Longer term I think this bodes badly for western animation. The new CEO wants to trim up the amount of script-driven shows with the idea of having a smaller, current library of high quality heavy hitters and then lots of cheap reality entertainment. Animation is expensive and script driven and might not be popular enough to justify the expense in his eyes. They might pivot (like CN already was) towards focusing on animated content aimed at babies and toddlers ("Cartoonito").

This article is more optimistic: https://puck.news/zazs-tween-gamble/

Hard to say if that article is on the money or not, we'll have to wait and see. If WDB is orienting away from producing animated content for the tween+ set though then the Western animation industry is poised to take a big hit and current industry professionals will be vying for jobs in a much more competitive environment.

No. 1606788

I’ve been hearing horror stories about WB’s finances for the last few years. Apparently there was some tax writeoff issue with Space Jam 2 as well but I’m not sure how that factors in as it did end up being released. I know a few people that worked on the Scoob sequel and they’re devastated right now.

No. 1606802

I guess it's like an agp then, wants to be called a girl but doesn't want to pass and keeps his rape rod kek

No. 1606842

What's wrong with script driven shows?

No. 1606848

ah, I understand. To be fair, animation being a money drain has been an open secret for a while. Kids/teens prefer videogames and manga/anime

No. 1606853

>rape rod
kek i love it

No. 1606855

>might not be popular enough to justify the expense in his eyes
his opinion. he sounds like he's not super up to date on how to make money off adult shows

No. 1606940

File: 1659621086638.webm (6.13 MB, 576x1024, IMG_2002.webm)


This tiktok was posted last night, now there’s a huge shitstorm on Twitter over everything.

No. 1606945

either way in both cases, its most likely that Blitzo's sister will likely be a troon

No. 1606949

"hmm maybe 21 year olds who aren't attracted to me will change their minds if i send thim shirtless pics of my saggy man tits"

No. 1606951

they wouldn't give TWO main characters a troon sibling, would they?

No. 1607114

File: 1659630748885.png (8.67 KB, 239x211, wojak-1581348132425-dead.png)

first time i've been a fan of a moid and this has happened. i hate this world.

No. 1607236

File: 1659639503515.jpeg (484.8 KB, 1170x1263, 4403B287-A5D9-4830-9021-28AD2C…)


Jason responds to the circulating evidence. He didn’t even put effort into this, I mean the most damning screenshot was the one when he said he likes underage girls, I’m sure he’d go for a younger partner if one showed interest in him. He’s the epitome of nice-guy lefty men who make themselves as harmless appearing as possible to draw in young women.

No. 1607265

god i understand censoring names but it gets really hard to follow. just put like 'person A' and 'person B', ect.

No. 1607326

KEK I thought they gave her a male voice as a joke, it sounds like a guy making fun of women which I guess is pretty typical.

No. 1607634

WB in their Stuart Snyder era

No. 1607725

File: 1659671636542.png (1.29 MB, 1275x1473, 2bloss.png)

I think this is worth adding without saging. Animation is directly implicated (in part) in a loss of 2 billion. The "restructuring of content" should give you pause since it is often corpo speak for, "We're gonna gut this".

It's over.

New animation dark age.

No. 1607753

I think this kinda related to western animation but its not really milk adjacent enough for /snow/. I think the Cartoon thread on /m/ would be more appropriate for it.

No. 1607775

WB has been churning out lemons for a while now, of course their animation profits have been shit, isn’t it too early to be calling this a new dark age? I know Netflix “restructured” their animation division recently and both that and the WB thing have huge implications but surely there’s still a market for animated content? This is a lot to take in, lol

No. 1607803

honestly way too much trash has been churn out lately. Wish the focus would go to fever projects with higher quality like Primal, but I know it's not gonna happen. Thankfully there's webshows like Sublo and Tangy Mustard or Dudes of Hazmat that are directly funded online

No. 1607809

>but surely there’s still a market for animated content?
Of course there is, and they already have their needs met with anime, hell I bet at some point even Chinese animation will surpass western animation

No. 1607901

I think the implication is not that he likes underage girls specifically, but that people will say he does because he's dating someone half his age. Either way it's creepy.

No. 1608075

File: 1659712525948.jpg (35.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I just think it's funny that merch, comics and animation not done by Viv looks 10x better than her own art. Butch Hartman situation without the bible humping.
As for the shit writing… yeah no shit. The co writer for the show is Brandon Rodgers. He also voices Blitzo, the main character
Most of his skits are about being gay, cross dressing and poop jokes
You know when Brandon and Viv are in a room together 80% of the conversation is about fujo shipping and forgetting about established lore.

No. 1608102

I could have sworn Blitzo was voiced by some established voice actor, like the rest of the cast

No. 1608114

Nope, Brandon Rodgers is the voice of the main character (blitzo) and the Co writer for the whole show

No. 1608321

richard horvitz is the only truly famous actor on the show

No. 1608355

They managed to get Normal Reedus for one episode

No. 1608610

fair enough

I don't think it is too early to be plausibly worried. Warner Brothers Discovery is/was a major funder of animated content via Warner Bro's Animation, Warner Animation Group, Cartoon Network, and William's Street (Adult Swim). Netflix likewise recently gutted its in-house animation studio. So what big players are left? Disney, Apple, Paramount (Nickelodeon), who else? Disney shut down Blue Sky recently too. If WBD isn't investing in animation that is a big chunk of jobs being lost, a lot less getting produced overall and more competition for the workers who are probably very worried.

Even Disney has started investing in anime which says a lot

No. 1608625

Dreamworks (or are they just considered Paramount at this point?) Illumination and Sony…Skydance I guess, if that takes off. I would like to think we’re going to see a lot more indie content and startups popping up in the next few years, but thats wishful thinking and I totally get the concern. It’s hard enough to find work as it is.

No. 1608752

I still wonder whose ass Viv had to suck to get him because no way Norman Reedus would normally voice for some shitty gay cartoon with bad writing.

They like to praise Brandon Rogers as a talented actor who can do many different characters but literally all of them are the same faggot being disgusting with poop jokes, just with different accent and wigs. Stella's voice actress was also in some of Brandon's videos.

No. 1608825

Honestly the voice cast she got for Helluva Boss is fascinating, its basically the voice casting that only an active tumblr user from the 2010's would have thought up of
>Mara Wilson(Matilda)
>Jinx Monsoon(popular draq queen)
>Alex Brightman(Broadway actor, most famous for playing Beatlejuice in the musical adaptation)
>Edward Boston(a voice actor who has often voiced characters that have disproportionately popular on tumblr)
>James Monroe Iglehart(who played Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton)
And now she's gotten Jonathan Freeman(the voice of Jafar from Aladdin) to voice Stola's dad


Viv is a fandom obsessed tumblr fujo with no restraints what so ever

No. 1608895

That's why when Hazbin hotel was sold to a network it took YEARS for real writers and producers to fix everything. They refused to let Viv choose the VA's and she had to choose professionals. They also spent years cleaning up the story. Also Brandon Rodgers is not involved in that show in any capacity.
The story was going to slowly go to fujo shit about Angel dust and that weird gambler demon but told Vivzie no. There is lgbt characters in the show, but told her it shouldn't be the main point of the show. They are focusing on lore, why demons can't be redeemed and the corruption in both heaven and hell… which sounds much cooler than "Fujo shipping."

Also, not only did the network force Viv to have professional writers and VA's, they also made her hire a couple of professional animators as well and get rid of a lot of her more problematic staff. So the show should look miles better than Helluva boss. Which btw, was confirmed that Viv has been hiring FANS over at Spindle Horse.

No. 1608901

To add, Viv was slowly going to have Angel Dust become the main character. Happy to say that Charlie is going to remain as the main character. Though Angel Dust is still a close second

No. 1608904

>Angel Dust become the main character.
What is wrong with her, like seriously

No. 1608915

In the comics Angel does seem to be the main character. And people saw it coming when that "Addict" video came out.
I feel like Viv thinks female characters are boring. You never see deep meaning on how Charlie and her female partner Vaggie got together. Just "lesbians"
But Angel Dust has a whole story arch on how his pimp is abusive n mean (no shit) and how he has to be rescued by a drunken bi sexual scrote with a gambling addiction.
There was also a whole story arch about Angel Dust's family and how they were mean to gay baby. But Charlie's family? Ya know… Lucifer and Lilith? Barely touched. Her brain rot fans think it's to create an air of mystery.

No. 1608925

also add in Viv also established that when Angel was alive he was never allowed to be his true gay self until he got into Hell. Just to be abused in hell uwu. It's weird how Viv wants us to sympathize so hard with Angel Dust just because he's gay. The man was in the mafia killing plenty of innocent people and OD on drugs. The fact that Angel has the most lore than any other character just confirms why Viv can't write.

No. 1608926

>But Angel Dust has a whole story arch on how his pimp is abusive n mean (no shit) and how he has to be rescued by a drunken bi sexual scrote with a gambling addiction.
Kek, this literally such a common narrative among fujo fanfic, knowing that its more thrn likely she'll troon out as well

No. 1608933

I've heard rumors about Viv being kicked off her show but I'm heavily skeptic about that.
>The story was going to slowly go to fujo shit about Angel dust and that weird gambler demon but told Vivzie no.
FFS, what is it with her having a basic concept and switching gears for fujo shipping shit?

Not surprised, it's easier to control fans after all.

No. 1608938

ooh, i'm glad to hear this! the story needed major cleanup, there was a kernel of potential series material in there, but the concept as she had it in the pilot was FULL of holes.
it also devolved into tumblr sexuality labels & fujo shipping halfway through kek.
animation wise, it had no more problems than most creators' first pitch pre-cleanup and professional animation crew.

No. 1608939

so stupid. angel dust is a character who stays strong/a fan favourite by being secondary. for example, they don't make every single episode of american dad a roger episode, and many episodes don't even have him leading a b-plot.

No. 1608941

it's weird to me that she wants to fuck a non-human gay character that she invented

No. 1608943

I'm still worried/scared that Viv is going to pull a Rebecca Sugar, ignore her writers and try to sneak in a fujo plot while the network isn't paying much attention

No. 1608945

Is Angel dust viv's lars ?

No. 1608951

Can't even compare. I've never seen a creator go from a strong female protag then throw her whole story and lore away for gay yaoi shit

No. 1608976

fujo brain rot and its consequences

No. 1608978

i think that's less likely in a show that's adults-only from the start. there's no way to hide your fetish storylines behind plausible deniability when sex and drugs can be onscreen/in the script.

No. 1609002

>what is it with her having a basic concept and switching gears for fujo shipping shit?
If you knew her previous works you wouldn't be surprised. It's what she's always done and she's not learning, sadly. She had Zoophobia that she never finished, and while the initial idea had potential, it quickly became an embarassing shitshow of cringy shipping really fast. She just loves tumblr-tier shipping and I believe she will always try to do that (while not actually finishing the project).
I don't even think she's that much of a fujo honestly, her old works had plenty of heterosexual ships. I guess she focuses on gay tranny shit now because it's what's hot.

No. 1609306

File: 1659842037113.png (1.01 MB, 1280x674, Demons_Again.png)

Looking back on this it was obvious in hindsight, Angel Dust was her baby back in the day. He and Vaggie were in a relationship and he seemed to be the main focus of her concept. Charlie (who looked wildly different) was only a footnote from what I remember, didn't see that much art of her only Angel Dust, Vaggie, Alstor, the gambler, the fish guy, Nifty, original Luna wolf, and some dancing lady were prevalent.

No. 1609322

Luna makes me so uncomfortable. Props to the Helluva Boss staff for not making sexual furry storylines in the show, but come on. She's a fursona. I literally will never google that character out of fear.

No. 1609332

File: 1659843661433.png (379.34 KB, 975x1670, Crymini_(New_2).png)

Her name is Crymini and she was pretty much a ripoff design of the blue wolf Jayjay which Vivienne adopted way back when and had dumb drama about. Her design's less… loud now but it seems like she shares similar characteristics with Luna being the teen rebellious one. I'm guessing Luna was inspired from her or something.

No. 1609397

>>1609332your picrel just made me think of Luna in the show, and then i commented on that but shouldn't have made it a reply to yours

No. 1609409

I hate the name Vaggie so much.

No. 1609421

He’s the fujo tumblr bait character of course he’d be the main character if she had it her way.

Glad there are people cleaning her show up, I don’t think it’s a bad premise once you strip away the performative crap, I kind of hope it’s successful just to piss off the virtue signaling puritan teenagers who are obsessed with how “problematic” it is, kek

No. 1609425

The industry as a whole is projected to grow in the next 5 years. This is for Warner Brothers specifically who have reported a decrease in almost all of their sectors.

No. 1609492

File: 1659867727873.jpg (46.46 KB, 350x340, requiem.jpg)

I always had a tinfoil that Hazbin Hotel may have been a rip-off of Requiem Vampire Knight, just like Hazbin the series is set in Hell, both feature Hell's that are over crowded and over population, both have a strict hierarchy in their world, both have wars between different factions in hell, both have versions of Hell where the only way to leave is through death or redemption(getting into heaven) and both are edgy asf and filled with sex and violence

however requiem vampire knight has actually good art, better characters, actually consistent world building and hot goth vampire dudes

No. 1609493

Those tropes are common in pretty much every Hell-centric piece of media

No. 1609497

can you name one other examples of a depiction of Hell having those tropes, specifically humans transformed into monsters when they enter Hell

No. 1609503


No. 1609533

Damn nona thanks I'm interested

No. 1609566

File: 1659882391900.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 2280x1600, RCO005_1477108.jpg)

If you are gonna read, I have to warn out that its really really edgy, violent and has actual fucked up humor (like alisar crowley has a succubus transform into a male monkey and they fuck) but it is fair with the nudity, the men wear revealing impractical leather outfits just like the women and we see a lot of male nudity

No. 1609601

that's actually more funny and less offensive than the average french comic book! i'm gonna read this.

No. 1609648

File: 1659891822187.png (580.63 KB, 719x350, jfc.PNG)

Same, i get it's short for "Vagatha" but i don't get why they didn't just name her "Agatha" and call her "Aggie" or something.
They didn´t have issues with changing characters' names since they changed Charlie's last name from "Magne" to "Morningstar".

No. 1609865

The art is sexy and there's no way it could be more annoying than Hazbin Hotel so I'm sold, thanks nonis

No. 1609980

(Saged for massive sperging about writing shit wrt Hazbin Hotel, skip my wall of text if you don't care)

I'm glad to hear someone on the production team apparently gives a fuck about worldbuilding, since it seems all Vivzie cares about is a setting that gives her an excuse to be edgy and have all her OC's shack up for shipping purposes. So many things about the basic setup of the HH universe bothers me, and almost none of it was even alluded to in the pilot.

The problem with any story taking place in hell is that you can't just turn it into a paradise for assholes to indulge their vices for all eternity, at least not if you're going with the boilerplate christian template of the afterlife as either a reward or a punishment. Unless the point of your story is to deconstruct it or you use it as a setup to reveal a much darker twist, the internal logic falls apart quickly.

What exactly is the conflict between heaven and hell based on? Is Lucifer a rebellious anti-hero building his own kingdom to challenge heaven? Is he god's dark twin brother who is just as powerful and necessary to keep some sort of universal balance? Is he a glorified manager in a divine bureaucracy punishing sinners on god's payroll? How does hell's power hierarchy function and why does it even exist?

What criteria sends mortals to hell in the first place, and what criteria would allow them to leave since Charlie is convinced this is at least theoretically possible? Why would sinners even WANT to leave a place where they are free to do what they want with very little to stop them? How the fuck can hell get overpopulated in the first place? Does that mean heaven could get overpopulated too? Is there some kind of reverse Hazbin Hotel where good people are encouraged to corrupt themselves so they can be sent to hell? Is Jesus up there singing showtunes asking the redeemed to shoot up meth and fuck gay hookers because the devil isn't meeting his quota??

All of those questions have implications for the plot, characterization, and fundamental purpose of literally everyone in the cast.

I'm definitely not saying fiction stories have to adhere to any kind of traditional orthodoxy, but it's pretty fucking stupid to incorporate major religious figures and themes into your show without establishing a coherent theological framework. This is even more important if the goal is to morally redeem some of the characters. It's obvious that Viv wants HH to be a serious drama with hidden depth behind all the raunchy edgelord comedy, but judging by the trajectory Helluva Boss is on and her priorities with the Hazbin backstory comics, she sure as fuck wasn't going to do anything to make that work.

No. 1609989

This is a good critique anon and I wondered the same thing watching the pilot. Why the emphasis on reform when hell is just a giant hedonistic orgy? It’s a glaring plot hole. Just enforces the idea that it’s about shipping first and foremost and everything else is just framework. I’m really interested in what A24 does with it.

No. 1610058

If HH turns into a good series with an interesting plot I'm putting most credit to A24 for fixing Viv's story and not turning it into a shipping arch

No. 1610099

Well in a series like Vampire Knight its explained that people get transformed depending on what exact sins they did on earth, for e.g most bad people and minor criminals get reincarnated as zombies the majority of Hell's population
>Truly bad people who knew what they were doing was evil and reveled in it become vampires
>Religious fanatics become werewolves
>Rapists become centaurs
>Child murderers become harpies
>Weapon makers become mummies
>Hypocrites and corrupt officials become Ghouls

All these factions are in constant war with each other, even the elites of these societies are in constant pain and suffering, It truly feels like its Hell

No. 1610274

File: 1659960037498.jpg (50.72 KB, 719x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

homie, the main characters of hazbin hotel are two women in a lesbian couple, what are you talking about

No. 1610332

File: 1659968769873.jpg (52.84 KB, 680x696, FWxfflJX0AA6mF5.jpg)

I really do wonder how fucked up Rebecca Sugar's sense of morality is, its not just that the show's equivalent of space Hitler got fucking redeemed because of steven's talk-no-jutsu, but I think what's worse is that it teaches kids to forgive generally awful people that they will encounter, SU tells kids that people who trick you to have sex with him under false pretenses(pearl with garnet), people who emotionally abuse you and people who physically abuse are simply dealing with their own trauma and you should forgive them

No. 1610355


>thinking angel dust isn't Viv's actual main character

>thinking the mere presence of female characters negates misogyny

Very solid take anon kek

No. 1610367

File: 1659972211944.jpg (2.05 MB, 2176x2321, literally_me.jpg)

reading it right now and its pretty engaging, I kinda love how every one is sort of a bastard in this series, it gets a little too straining at the eyes sometimes, requiem is pretty hot, but it sucks that he was a Nazi soldier

No. 1610395

>they're in hell and the main characters kill people for a job. They're fine with showing a child getting gunned down, but they draw the line at the poor gay who can't fuck the one he loves in peace!!
This reminds me of a meme I saw where a guy is in hell and the caption is "I can't believe Satan isn't a funny, quirky, sassy gay handsome cool guy like in that show i watched before I died!"

No. 1610410

File: 1659976649247.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1152x1476, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 9.35…)

No. 1610419

God the Pearl/Garnet arc was so bad. And that they had to fuse again so they could escape that crusher trap at the end of the arc sent the worst possible message. Fusion being both a shounen anime power-up and a metaphor for relationships at all was such a messy decision and the implications were never fully explored. You have Garnet who is, as she says "made of love" and is clearly stated to be made up of the romantic love between Ruby and Sapphire… and then you have Steg. Like wtf is happening here?

No. 1610469

god vaggie is so unappealing in design and personality. no wonder people ship charlie with the radio demon

No. 1610495

No wonder the Harley Quinn show put flat out porn in their current season, they know they're getting canned asap and wanted to go out seeing what they can get away with.

No. 1610498

Charlie and Vaggie were never meant to be together from the start, Viv threw it in after people on her staff kept saying they'd make a good couple. Then the pilot comes out and everyone wants Charlie and Alastor together. Honestly Vaggie could be removed and I doubt anything about the show would change, she was such a non-entity in the pilot.

No. 1610592

he threatened to physically harm and get an artist he worked with sacked if she told anyone he was dating the girl he is with now. he did it at the airport on the way back from visiting the uk and is now trying to backpedal and blame the artist by saying she didn't understand the humor because she is esl. the more i learn about this man, the more i want to punch him in his stupid face.

No. 1610608

somehow steg is less offensive to me than Sugar pretending to be a lesbian for the past 12 years

No. 1610634

Not to mention Stevonnie where Sugar tried to justify as "the awkwardness of puberty"
Yep two 13 years fusing to become some 26 year old bodacious hermaphrodite that is seen as "sexy" by everyone and when some dude hits on her? them?, he's seen as worse than Hitler.

No. 1610771

wtf how? isn't she married to that Ian guy who produced her show?

No. 1610814

shhhh not so loud!
she honestly tried to keep their relationship and then marriage a secret. she's been straight (and went through a fujo phase in the 00s) the whole time, but built this "make it gayer" image for some reason.

No. 1611157

File: 1660054236783.png (105.59 KB, 1073x670, Screenshot 11.png)

I assumed there were other writers working on HB(cause of how schizophrenic and cluttered it can seem) but turns out the entire series and every episode is written by Vivziepop and Brandon Rogers with the exception of episode co-written by one Brandon's friends

No. 1611167

The male nudity isn’t intended to be titillating for women, so it’s nowhere near “equal.” The artwork looks cute though.

No. 1611174

File: 1660056622014.jpg (271.73 KB, 1059x464, RCO049_1477108308.jpg)

true, we get plenty of scenes of hot vampire dudes in impractical gothic leather outfits to almost make up for it

No. 1611176

File: 1660056794966.jpeg (222.04 KB, 1342x778, FEE0F22A-C213-4A06-A5BA-A154CD…)

So then what’s the difference between the child version of them growing up and having an adult relationship and then this scene from sailor moon where usagi and mamo meet and fast forward to them having a child? Aka fucking. I’m just curious where the line is drawn lol.

No. 1611233

Viv is a fujocoomer like nonna said?

No. 1611253

I'm losing hope in helluva boss. Viv already ruined it with the last shipping episode. That and now there are so many plot holes they need to fill and Viv will def forget about. The ex cherubs, Striker, Stella, the fact the human FBI was proof they were on earth, Fizz and Ozzie. There are still more plot holes as well. Viv goes too hard to fast and she never finished a project before because she has writing ADHD

No. 1611272

I actually like the first few episodes of the show, including the pilot(up until about episode 4) as of now the story feels way to goddamn convoluted. I just feel like there’s so many things going on in this universe, that there is no structure and it’s all over the place. also the show just existing just ruins Charlie’s goal in Hazbin. Cause Her goal is to redeem sinners and for them to be sent to Heaven but in episode 4 of Helluva Boss, it’s shown that Heaven is just as bad, if not worse than Hell. Meaning life up there is shit

No. 1611311

Whomst is this jackass?

No. 1611312

nona give me source pleaze

No. 1611336

Voice actor most known for voicing Silco in Arcane

No. 1611344

What makes this funny about Garnet being "made of love" is she said that she doesn't believe in "love at first sight", then "The Answer" comes out and Rebeeca wrote Ruby and Sapphire as love at first sight story (the fact she made a golden book off this episode is laughable); and don't get me started with her banking so much with the wedding shit that just feels force, like a way to try to "save" her badly written show again.

Ugh. Still creeped out about everything about Stevonnie as a whole

No. 1611365

nta but what's creepy about Stevonnie ?

No. 1611386

nayrt but a 12 year old and a 13/14 year old fusing into a young adult who then goes to experience older teen/young adult activities feels kind of off. Also I think Sugar once said that they're intersex? This is mildly inappropriate information to tell the audience for a character who is practically two kids in a trench coat.

No. 1611455

good lord that brandon fellow is ugly. you can't find one good picture of him. he's either a pedo or a rapist, calling it now.

No. 1611458

these look like photos from a motionless in white concert kek

No. 1611460

it was retconned in viv's case. for the whole first season of the show, it was two dudes who met as adults because one of them wanted the other one's magic book. the guy who owns the book caught feelings, and the guy who wants to use the book hates him, but has sex with him for money/magic book/whatever.
in the most recent episode suddenly a major plot point is completely wiped and changed to a weird memoirs of a geisha backstory.

No. 1611463

samefage, another difference is that naoko takeuchi is a world-famous massively based total stacy who drives a porsche that she bought with her weeb bux. viv is a western weeb fujo whose biggest audience is an anonymous message board making fun of her.

No. 1611465

tbh i was thinking hazbin had been scrapped due to not making any sense, and helluva boss replaced it instead of staying a side project.

No. 1611488

nah, more like a proper studio bought HH but it took them literal YEARS to clean up Vivs shit show of a studio and story

No. 1611490

as >>1611488 stated A24(well established production studio) has distribution rights to Hazbin Hotel and Horseless Cowboy(a noname production company that's done mostly straight to streaming service crap) has distribution rights to Helluva Boss.

No. 1611542

giving me more reason to hate him and silco tbh

No. 1611719

good thing Silco is dead unless they bring him back for flashbacks
Admittedly when I first watched the show I thought it was going to be a weird Joker and Harley type relationship.

No. 1611813

Tbh the timeline isn’t that unusual for tv development, even when based on an existing IP. I don’t doubt that they did a ton of retooling though.

No. 1612028

Lowkey, always thought Silico and Jink’s relationship was gross from how touchy they are. For a “father-daughter” relationship, it felt more like grooming- which came as a shock for me when people praised him for being a “positive father figure” in her life

No. 1612038

I could kinda forgive it because the last episodes were supposedly forcibly rushed popular fan theory is that Rebecca was super dead set on having the marriage episode even though the cn didn't want it so the execs got so triggered they said she only had five episodes to conclude the whole show and also because it's a kids show so it's not like you can expect the bad guy to be thrown into a wood chirper on-screen, but Kevin made it even worse. How do you create a whole character so you can go "see? not everybody is redeemable" in order to subvert yourself but still proceed do exactly what you were subverting and forgive every single other character? Kevin makes the whole thing so much stupider.

She calls herself bisexual, as far as I know.
She's also a she/they, but in typical she/they fashion, even other gendies subconsciously realise that's just a pretty lame attempt at NLOGism so nobody treats her as anything other than a normal woman.

No. 1612091

Holy shit I forgot about Kevin, the misogynist teen, as the irredeemable compared to the redeemable fascist gems who destroyed their own kind/experimented on them and killed off countless organic worlds/enslaved them.
God this show was a mess, both ethically and writing-wise

No. 1612098

I'm amazed at how much contempt Rebecca has for the human characters compared to the gems. Fascists and someone who steals entire oceans are woobies, but god forbid some idiot rich kid wants a popular thembie at his party.
Like sure PD can abandon Spinel forever once she gets her colony, among everything else she did, and oh well it's just Pink being Pink. But Marty? Marty's human garbage as far as the plot is concerned, much like Kevin. Apparently redemption only applies to space rocks and resurrected teenagers.

No. 1612106

File: 1660147992961.png (39.68 KB, 642x363, Screenshot 20.png)

its worth noting that Lars was her OC since college, so it makes sense why she's so irrationally attached to him despite being an awful character

No. 1612113

I don't think someone could pay me enough to put my personal OCs into a network show, that's just asking for butthurt and long(er) writer's room arguments. Is she naive or just desperate for validation?

No. 1612186

They made me really mad when Rebecca and Ian had the fucking nerve after the show was done, to then walk back and downplay on everything THEY WROTE about the Diamonds have did (on top of making gems from aliens made out of light and magic to "solar powered robots") to "push back" on people who rightfully criticize them for redeeming the Space Dictators.
Holy shit was making Rose really Pink Diamond a fucking big mistake

No. 1612193

>"solar powered robots"
wait wtf when? omg is she trying to justify when Steven put Pearl under the lamp when she poofed? i thought the whole point that he didn't know how gems worked and just assumed "more light = yes"

No. 1612194

> making gems from aliens made out of light and magic to "solar powered robots") to "push back" on people who rightfully criticize them for redeeming the Space
How would the gems being solar powered robots make the diamonds seem less, cause they had thousands of planet and srill genocided probably hundreds of billions sentient life forms

No. 1612197

>Holy shit was making Rose really Pink Diamond a fucking big mistake
I think the Crewniverse knew how much of a mistake this was in execution, since they didn't even have Rose's VA voice any of Pink Diamond's lines. Most of them were voiced by Stevonnie's VA or we saw Pink in flashbacks where she didn't talk at all.

No. 1612212

I thought I was a crazy pervert for thinking their relationship had incestuous vibes to it. Jinx gets weirdly handsy with him and I used to chalk it up to her not understanding love or boundaries or whatever, but it's pretty creepy.

No. 1612219

Sage for OT, but since this has become an unofficial cartoon discussion thread I have to wonder, where the Christ allegories in Steven Universe deliberate

He's a messiah figure of miraculous birth ("Three Gems and a Baby" is over-the-top hammering home the analogy here), who preaches non-violence, love, and acceptance. Who has healing powers and the ability to revive the dead. His "weapon" is a shield. He has a lion. That Walks On Water.
One of his first miraculous deeds is to heal someone's eyesight.
He resurrects the dead(Lars)

No. 1612243

i though silco&jinx were supposed to be weirdly handsy/too close, and it's 100% supposed to seem creepy. To show that just because you agree with someone in goals or career doesn't mean they're a good person or have your bset interests at heart. like how many women's first bandmate/producer is an almost-groomer and they don't realize until years later.

No. 1612244

yeah they were deliberate because the show was written by a bunch of smoothbrains who have no subtlety

No. 1612256

>also the show just existing just ruins Charlie’s goal in Hazbin. Cause Her goal is to redeem sinners and for them to be sent to Heaven but in episode 4 of Helluva Boss, it’s shown that Heaven is just as bad, if not worse than Hell.
Doesn't have to be the case of it being bad, Charlie being clueless and naive could go along with realizing the truth about heaven and trying to reconcile all that. Of course this is Vivziepop we're talking about so her execution would be a shitshow but maybe the other people working on the show could clean it up.

No. 1612629

It was dumb twist, but honestly I wasn't surprised that they would cop out out of the only interesting idea they had left, it also completely undermines Pearl as a character, cause it was like this great dramatic irony, cause she left the service of one person only to devote her life to someone else, but instead now its like she was always a loyal slave, roses scabbard was one of my fav eps only to later on learn that pearl was just pink diamonds slave, that whole convo got fucked

No. 1612798

File: 1660218291903.jpg (77.44 KB, 1200x675, 20220811_134500.jpg)

Bee and Puppycat are going to have a remake in september on Netflix. I remember there was some scam drama with the series. What do you think about the new artstyle?

No. 1612799

isn't that the original art style and the drama was about the series not using it

No. 1612801

Personally didn't care that much about the art style change. What baffles me is that they chose to remake the series instead of just continuing it in a different art style.(sage your shit)

No. 1612835

It's a remake? The last season ended on a cliffhanger, this is kind of disappointing

No. 1612888

File: 1660230141596.jpg (34.15 KB, 508x404, 620353e8478aedf531ed3a87d38333…)

they just returned to the pilot style

No. 1612906

i can see why people got so into vivziepop's stuff. i am so fucking sick of weebanimu bulbhead characters with calarts+moe weeb expressions. like literally you can have a personal made up style, it doesn't even have to be good. it just has to be YOUR OWN THING that you MADE UP YOURSELF. literally one person please do this.

No. 1612934

implying vivziepop's shit isnt just the edgy weeebanimu shit that all has the same color palette and character designs you'll find on deviantart with cringe poetry in the description. They're all shit, aiming at lowest common denominator. just different flavors of it.

No. 1613030

it's more like 00s internet "goth" bullshit. at least she doesn't draw fucken jellybean heads and make all her characters eat japanese food

No. 1613197

bold of you to imply you can make out a single shape or character in her scenes with more than one in the frame at a time. i thought the calarts style was obnoxious until vivzie really blew it out of the water with her style equivalency of a visual impairment.

No. 1613322

File: 1660261573177.png (52.87 KB, 499x373, Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 00.41…)

In her latest navel-gaze, it turns out Noelle Stevenson sees herself like this and it honestly makes me feel sad for her because I still see "cute lesbian".

No. 1613323

> Kevin is an irredeemable monster because he creeped on Stevonnie who is made up of two literal children

Except Stevonnie didn't look like a child, and Kevin is a horny teenage guy who gets zero redemption arc because of one PG rated mistake.

No. 1613336

My kingdom for a new Radiskull series.

No. 1613408

oh yeah her "Stuff overload" was a huge problem but they got professionals to clean her up for helluva boss so maybe the remake of hazbin will be less seizure-inducing

No. 1613409

molly is just like, an asshole. noelle, however, what in the actual fuck is fucking wrong with her???

No. 1613472

1000% hard AGREE

No. 1613488

File: 1660282035433.jpeg (661.79 KB, 1500x1200, 5db23d7a38085870082a31e7b1bcec…)

oh my god yeah, it's so damn overdesigned! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time making out what's going on in some frames, there's constantly just way too much happening

No. 1613491

Lars kind of sounds like Lazarus

No. 1613493

i hope so too, anon.

No. 1613495

If you gave vivzie a green crayon, she'd probably explode.

No. 1613499

Is this show any good? Everything about it seems grating and uninteresting

No. 1613519

>Angel dust is literally in the front and center
he really is her special OC

No. 1613532

File: 1660284908538.jpeg (23.56 KB, 230x167, DCBD6184-725C-4665-AA79-C34CB5…)

A lot of stuff from helluva boss when it comes to character tropes, random furry, and the Evil organization shit feels like it was took from a Mexican cartoon called villainous to me. It came out wayyy before helluva boss in 2017 and although a bit cringe it can at least stay more consistent when it comes to the way it’s characters are written.

No. 1613540

That's a stretch anon. The tropes are just generic hot topic goth and scene shit, which happened way before 2017. It's deviantart aesthetics

No. 1613577

Interesting concept at the start, but dropped the ball pretty badly to make it a feel-good show imo, especially with how they went from making Bee this slightly naive but sweet character and then turning her into a complete retard.

No. 1613579

how can someone look at her stuff and not be assaulted by the over-design?

No. 1613582

low self esteem with a mixture of other things I'm guessing

No. 1613611

There are so many arbitrary details that no one would miss if she dropped them, like Vaggie’s eye. I think Charlie’s cute but she has the most understated design. I also never realized how many of the HH characters are basically furries, lol.

No. 1613740

oohhhohooo anon did i ever kek. i have no idea how it somehow, not even once, occured to me that she avoids contrasting colors that allow shapes/designs to be set somewhat apart. i have seen the light.
and THIS is exactly why i dont regard her series or art as "fundamental and important to animation" like every other art-adjacent content creator would like me to believe. his design is objectively shit. theres nothing special about it besides his shape, at best hes meant to be the insert "sex-fiend gay drag" persona man. the trope is already overused as hell and giving him a stupid outside-of-the-box design doesnt change his cookie-cutter identity. something about the character has always been mildly visually disturbing for me and ive chalked it up to her creative visions as a whole, sad she wants to die on this style and these kinds of projects. stay mediocre, like your character designs, i guess.

No. 1613794

Luna in helluva boss almost ruins the show for me. I know there's no obvious furfag content but fucking looks at her. it makes me sick

No. 1613796

samefage pls no ban!!! i forgot to type it

No. 1614045

File: 1660325950325.png (433.48 KB, 662x2518, Screenshot 41.png)

In the official SU podcat(Volume 3 episode 1) Rebecca sugar described their relationship as being "If Alfred(a servant) was in love with Batman"


No. 1614056

Get my man Alfred's name out of your damn mouth rebecca "not Bruce Wayne important distinction" disgraceful go deep throat a garden hose

No. 1614102

>Rose as a parent figure to Amethyst will make more sense soon
kek what? When did that happen all we ever see is Rose sometimes holding Amethyst like a child?

No. 1614117

kekking at Ian trying to imply that he came from some humble immigrant family, when in reality he came from a well connected upper class family in Ghana, both his parents were working professionals not the usual immigrants starting up a small business

No. 1614539

Ghana's a nice country, what's with Rebecca implying it was some "be grateful for what you have" moment for her?
The Pizza family are not poor or struggling, they're normal people and I actually really liked how the show didn't infantilize them or make them fobby like many white wokies do with token characters. Rebecca and Ian could have just said nothing and let the pretty good work they did on those characters speak for themselves.

No. 1614596

There are so many ways to design a “hellhound” character but she went with the most furry, sparkle dog one possible because she probably wanted to stick her blue Kesha wolf fursona into one of her shows and this was the next best thing. She looks so out of place.

No. 1614774

>She looks so out of place
so true. she looks like someone drew a fursuit! it would have been way cooler if she went with a teen wolf sort of design, and also fit the "hell" setting better.

No. 1615040

Oh god when Rebecca and Ian said this crap. So many lies to cover up they're bad writing skills and the nerve and disrespect to both Alfred's and Batman's characters as a whole; Pink Diamond and Pearl are NOTHING like them

Like never, like you said, Rose Diamond treated Amethyst like a child in flashbacks (Also kek at Pink Diamond "always wanted" to be Rose Quartz when no other time except for when Pearl told Pink to shapeshift into one when they got to her Earth Kindergarten)

No. 1615457

She wants a trans allegory for Pink Diamond when she becomes Rose and then Steven, which is nothing like being trans.

No. 1615709

Still not a good analogy on any level, but there's definitely troons out there who transition with the specific goal of skinwalking as their own child though kek

No. 1615757

remember when people made cartoons to be entertaining. ffs rick and morty is less cringe than rebecca's shit

No. 1615901

Oh right I forgot how Rebecca would try passing random shit like this or anything she thought up on the spot as "deep and meaningful" when it comes off either as creepy or down right she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about

No. 1616069

both are awful in diffrent ways, Rick and Morty is the quintessential show for numale coomers

No. 1616144

>internet goth bullshit
Oooohhh this made me realise that the art style reminds me of Invader Zim, but like, too much and very bad lol.
It seems like it was written by a girl who had grown up on tumblr and quirky sidesmirking Disney princesses and decided to be as edgy as possible, is this what vivzie is like?

No. 1616146

yeah but the backgrounds are really good

No. 1616147

we need jhonen vasquez to bring the hatred back to animation

No. 1616190

Yes. But add that with a love of musicals. Or more accurately just Candy Store from the Heathers.

No. 1616307

Is this real? I'm wondering how much of this is performative garbage, there's no way anyone would think this makes any sense.

You are spot on. She's (still) a massive Invader Zim fan, her old art was a ripoff of Vazquez's style https://www.deviantart.com/zoophobia

No. 1616778

>there's no way anyone would think this makes any sense
With how hardcore SU fans REALLY defend anything dumb that Rebecca has says/does, you'll be surprise if some dumbasses do believe this as "good trans rep" from Pink Diamond/Steven

No. 1616853

Her "Spami" character is literally just a recolored Gir kek

No. 1617993

I can't seem to access this, anyone have a link?

No. 1619463

>people saw it coming when that "Addict" video came out
that vid is unintentionally the funniest thing vivziepop has ever made, listening to that poor voice actor doing a bad impression of a Brooklyn accent singing a 2010's "bad bitch anthem" is just so fucking funny and she doesn't even seem to realize it, it feels like a parody

No. 1619489

I feel so petty saying this but I laugh my ass off at the song selection for a show like this I would not expect a generic sounding pop song for this character and the tone of the show that Vivzie was trying to go for. Something rock, punk, and/or metal? I guess in some ways it's different and unexpected but I dunno, it just comes off more funny than serious or emotional in my opinion lol.

No. 1619554

This song sucks ass

No. 1619558


No. 1619568

holy shit I am struggling to even hate-watch this it’s SO bad

No. 1619766

The voice actor trying to sing while staying in character sounds so fucking terrible and the dramatic tone is so wildly ill-fitting, what an inherently retarded idea

No. 1619836

This sounds so fandom-y. Like brony “music”

No. 1619837

Well isn’t Vivzie a Kesha fan? This tracks. But I agree. I feel like something rock or even new wave ish (like Oingo Boingo sounding lol) would fit better here.

No. 1619998

she is, in fact her animation for a Kesha song was her original claim to fame, currently it's unlisted but it had over 60 million views

No. 1620016

At least this characters theme song was an attempt to represent the era he died in. I don't know why Viv didn't have him die in the 80's. This character is so all over the place it's tragic. Angel dust is nothing beyond the trope of "I'm gay. There for I'm horny and only make dick jokes. That's how you write a gay man right?"

No. 1620067

This shit is so stupid. She tries so hard to give that flat stereotype of character a dramatic sad story, but it just doesn't work. It comes off as ridicolous, plus the horny aura with something that's so cartoonish really rubs me the wrong way. Like >>1619836 said, it's like one of those "creepy" dramatic brony songs.
Also imagine if she pulls the ultimate fujo move and gives Stella a girlfriend and goes with the "she was just gay all along and she won't interfere with the gay boys uwu" plot. I just think it's weird that she's just a bad hated villain because Viv made merch of her. She's going to "redeem" her in the worst way possible.

No. 1620120

the animation in this is genuinely so fucking bad

No. 1620132

I kept seeing those ugly as sin characters and thinking they reminded me of Pan Pizza's (Rebel Taxi) art but couldn't quite tell why, maybe I was subconsciously picking up the Vasquez influence, except I honestly find Pan's art to be less bad, even tho it's less polished, probably because most of his characters aren't meant to be "attractive" or cute, contrary to the sexy Dr. Seuss abominations. Sage for no one asked for my art criticism.
kek, the billboard just saying "drugs!"

No. 1620163

holy fuck i remember 9 year old me being fucking obsessed w this video lmao. why did i ever think her shitty style was inspiring(you must be 18 to post here)

No. 1620218

Didn't the show imply Amethyst and Greg had a relationship that turned sour because she kept roleplaying as Rose? What the incest fuckery is all this. Plus how would a Gem know how to parent, they don't reproduce the same way at all. That's the whole point of the Three Gems and a Baby episode, that they have no idea what the fuck parenting is or how to do it and don't understand children.

No. 1620262

I want to know when at any point in the series we see Rose be a "parent figure" to Amethyst. They can't mean Amethyst's self esteem issues and fallout from Rose dying, can they?

No. 1620364

> that they have no idea what the fuck parenting is

This is why I never understood Greg’s place in the show. Like, besides the broke deadbeat dad trope, why did he let Steven at a certain age live with the gems? They don’t know babies/children and their needs, I mean, It can be because he doesn’t want his son living in the van with him, but then why didn’t Greg just live at the house with them, why did the gems have to be the prime caretakers when 2 out of the 3 of them give no shits about humans

No. 1620375

they gave greg a BS backstory of having strict and controlling parents to explain away why greg is apparently so lax with steven and why he let's the gems raise him

No. 1620381

Pretty much boils down to the gems going "Waa Greg stole Rose Diamond away from us, so fuck him!" and thinking Steven would be better off with them for gem stuff aka filling his head up with being the next new "Rose"

I love how they straight up got lazy and recycle Pink Diamond's backstory for Greg to try to also explain why him and Pink "understood each other" while dating

No. 1620405

File: 1660948837928.jpeg (85.99 KB, 1220x672, FaaNarYUEAAeYIg.jpeg)

Infinity Train has been pulled from HBO max, and now its creator Owen Dennis is advocating for pirating it if anyone wants to watch it. Looks like it's another result of >>1606635

No. 1620409

I have issues about Pan's art too, but I at least his choice of colors aren't an eye sore. I could tolerate Viv's designs more if they weren't an amalgamation of all the gaudiest color combinations known to man.

No. 1620410

Did that really imply Greg having a relationship with Amethyst? At most, they could have been friends.

No. 1620417

Is there a reason it was pulled?

No. 1620418

What the hell is even the point of a company shelving their own property? Just leave it up on a streaming service; no one's working on it anymore so how much money are they spending by just leaving it up on a streaming service that they also own?

No. 1620430

>I love how they straight up got lazy and recycle Pink Diamond's backstory for Greg to try to also explain why him and Pink "understood each other" while dating

There's zero reason why that relationship was significant. Rose/PD treated Greg like a plaything (what all her human relationships were like), but he stands up for himself once and she suddenly did a complete 180 to become a human respector, kek.

Would have been way darker and more interesting if she was portrayed as using Greg to create Steven for her own benefit, or because she was essentially suicidal.

No. 1620449

Rose essentially committing suicide to become Steven always weirded me out. It's extremely fucked up but doesn't really get treated that way.

No. 1620459

This. Everything about Pink Diamond character writing in the show is hot trash. There was better ways that Rebecca could have wrote Pink as the good diamond who while still having flaws, learned from her selfish ways and really changed for herself and gemkind instead of the show's trying to present this "but but she really did change but not really because she was still a selfish, womenchild to the very end"

No. 1620477

The only characters who insinuate that Rose might have used Steven to escape from her mistakes are Bismuth and I think Jasper? Bismuth was due to literally thinking Steven was still Rose while under serious stress. Otherwise everyone else treats the Rose to Steven thing like a mother who gave up chemo to birth a child and died doing so instead of someone who created a new ass human (sorry, "half-Gem") to hide behind.

No. 1620550

File: 1660963882541.gif (1.26 MB, 300x225, owmybrains.gif)

No. 1620553

Viv's fujoness i think is proven by her ignoring stella. stella's such a great character! She's like an evil princess with a pretty anime-fashion-drawing design and a good voice actor. but instead of making a cartoon viv wants to share with everyone her ship porn for some reason? why do they always think we want to see it

No. 1620567

greg's a disgusting and lazy piece of shit. his character normalizes and even justifies loser deadbeat daddery.
i understood what they were going for with finn's dad in adventure time - 80s kids always blame themselves for their shit dads leaving, or think that because their dad is a shitbag they're destined to be one too, and Finn learns that he doesn't have to have anything to do with Martin.
Greg is just a total deadbeat and it's framed as just another type of person to be accepting of. like that meme with hitler.
sorry to a-log but greg is such the opposite of anything approaching feminism that I can't beleive this is considered a "progressive" show. it's just about sex and men and the female aliens all live to serve men now?

No. 1620570

shows with a small audience make the company look poor or unsuccessful. it's an image thing

No. 1620592

Because you were 9, anon.

No. 1620672

Ntayt but it was also uncommon to see fully completed amateur animation back when the Die Young video came out. Now that more people have access to software, tutorials etc there’s way more of it out there and the novelty has worn off. It’s easy to see why it was impressive to so many people at the time…not really because it was well done but because it existed at all.

No. 1620739

Decided to try watching Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss last night, and holy shit these are such blatant Daddy-Vasquez-Please-Notice-Me and it's so obvious which jokes were written by Brandon because they mess up what little fluidity it has. The only reason it doesn't have more lol so randumb x) humor is probably because even Viv knows 2006 jokes don't have any audience anymore even with the 2000's nostalgia whores.

No. 1620760

THANK YOU. that part is the saddest imo because if you respected the man at all you'd know he hates groupies and spookycute "art" in general.

No. 1620926

It still so funny how Rebecca and her crew were trying so hard to past this show off as "girl power" but yet made all the female coded gem aliens having to follow Steven, a half gem, half human boy who happens to be 10x powerful than them and even his own diamond mom

No. 1621008

Makes me shudder remembering how predatory neckbeard nerds sang inane emo shit over touhou music to woo 12 year old girls who are into spookycute shit and ponies.

No. 1621013

wait are you talking about corpse groom or was this a wider trend?

No. 1621076

Does anyone remember the name or have the link to the video being quoted here?

No. 1621320

Reeks of every single tragic gayboi character that millenial teen girls loved to live vicariously through via LJ role play blogs… how unoriginal can you get?? Is this what fujo brain rot looks like?

No. 1621579

it's from DC's Young Justice

No. 1621635

that clip isn't enjoyable to watch. not because of its accuracy, but because it's a fucking instructional video/employment training scenario instead of a tv show plot. i thought this was a superhero show, not an online class in eQuItY sTuDiEs

No. 1621779

So what I gathered is they are trying to get a big tax right off cuz apparently At&t sold discovery; Warner Bros and all their other companies with a crap ton of debt. They also don't wanna pay residuals on the animated shows. Those residuals go to actors, and musicians and also pay for the health insurance of the artists. Which is pretty fucked IMO. Just from looking at tweets from Creators there, it seems like no one knows what's going on.

No. 1621785

lol wtf trying to recoup losses using the residuals in shows with small audiences? i agree, what is going on. the money you get from not paying the cast of infinity train is not going to make much of a differene.

No. 1621787

that show sucks but he's right, it's not polite for her to smell bad.

No. 1621796

This is apparently common with networks for tax writeoffs

No. 1621903

thank you

No. 1621978

You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 1622146

Tbf this is a reupload. I first saw this in I think 2014-2015. Anon is very young but not underage hopefully. Damn I feel old kek

No. 1622158

lord we have 16 year olds on here

No. 1622163

the animation is so choppy, it hurts my eyes.

No. 1622196

I dunno anon, I remember a lot of the discourse at the time and people were saying she was acting like an ex who wanted to get back together in this episode and I can see it with her turning into Rose Quartz to upset Greg. It's not explicit though, so I could be looking into it too hard. It's still weird and to say that Rose Quartz somehow had a parental relationship to Amethyst though since Gems have no idea how to parent by design.
The show fucks up Steven calling Greg out for being a deadbeat too and Greg is supposed to be in the right for not getting his son enrolled in school or letting him have a normal life, which is wild.

No. 1622199

File: 1661144841799.jpg (197.69 KB, 1468x2048, 022.jpg)

>sorry to a-log but greg is such the opposite of anything approaching feminism that I can't beleive this is considered a "progressive" show
This, by trying to be subversive and being inclusive towards others types of masculinity, they just circled back to the "Fat dad with hot wife trope"

No. 1622214

This isn’t the confession thread but I occasionally binge listen to this because of how stupid it is. I love it.

No. 1622275

File: 1661157505266.png (637.65 KB, 540x672, nrhx613h2m061.png)

its actually a massive improvement compared to the original concept designs
for anyone wondering, Charlie is the one in the middle, Vaggie is they ray girl next to her, Hust is the white one between Al and Nifty, the green guy is named Xanathos, the girl in the top right is Cherri Bomb's old design, and the two twin characters are a boy and a girl named Xavior and Hart.
Xanathos, Xavior, and Hart are all old Zoophobia characters that were scrapped from the main cast

No. 1622281

File: 1661158075451.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.83 KB, 850x1412, __hellhound_monster_girl_encyc…)

so wolfman but hell edition, basically? I can't really wrap my head around that since when I think teen wolf my mind instantly goes to the old movie than the modern reboot (which to be honest I couldn't really get into it, felt like every serious drama ever).

so far the closest I can think of is making her more like this but less horny looking.

No. 1622290

I don't remember the episode order in future, but wasn't the call-out episode right after Steven gets a checkup and we learn he's never been to the doctor before? Legitimately cannot believe they somehow framed Steven as in the wrong for calling the old man out.
Also Greg fused with his own child, after his main introduction to fusion was freaking Rainbow Quartz and then Garnet. Seriously wonder what's going on in the Sugar household if this is seen as okay.

No. 1622382

File: 1661175575501.jpeg (75.77 KB, 800x889, 834CED32-A9A9-4677-ADA5-FD7EFF…)

I hated so much how he fused with Steven, because if it was just some
>oh it's about connecting with other people and being in sync with someone's soul
Or something basic like that I wouldn't have minded, but hell, it was sexualized to hell and back, just look at this shit, are you telling me this wasn't drawn by someone with a hand in their pants?
I'm just annoyed because Sugar wanted to be woke and meaningful but ended up being fucking weird.

No. 1622439

The Young Justice revival is kind of a massive killjoy like that, I don't think children are the target audience not to mention the culture that many creatives are wrapped up in pretty much doesn't allow for Fun it's all about Representation, Diversity, and Inclusivity the story comes second.

No. 1622453

also his voice is super annoying

No. 1622456

>>oh it's about connecting with other people
yah that's a retcon. fusing = sexual and romantic relationships for the entire show up until steven fused with amethyst, then it became some sort of metaphor for explaining every type of connection with another person.

No. 1622458

samefag, also changing the definition of fusion really undermines the only actually lesbian part of the show - ruby and sapphire's relationship.

No. 1622484

Its well known that Ian still browses /co/ and has been even known to leak plot points for the show's he's working on, steg is just the realization of all the "murdercock" memes, even before he's basically had the show reference the meme

No. 1622487

Still reeling from that pelvic thrust guitar beat crotch bulge animation.

No. 1622527

File: 1661187880679.jpeg (59.49 KB, 720x720, 8B9EBB62-98C3-4C26-AD57-484CDF…)

Which honestly ruined them, with the whole autistic obsession with fusion that then they had when they saw the ruby and pearl fused.
I hated this episode so much, it was overall awkward.

No. 1622558

File: 1661189888364.png (103.29 KB, 960x540, bandit.png)

Cartoons don't need to show fathers with "others types of masculinity", all they need to show is good fathers that actually raise their own kids and help with the chores, etc. No matter what kind of men Greg is if in the end he is just another deadbet.

No. 1622567

bandit heeler, my husbando

No. 1622571


Tbh I prefer this over the eyesore that she landed on. Still needs work, but I like the OG color scheme for Charlie. It looks more like she's the daughter of the dev and not some quirky hell demon accountant.

No. 1622578

God how I hate what they did to Garnet since Jailbreak. From changing her season 1 color palette that matches that of a real Garnet gem to just giving her the same jumpsuit with randomly adding blue to it (along with giving her those ugly yellow star glasses) and then turning her into a giant creep around anything with fusions.

No. 1622595

File: 1661192846673.jpg (30.98 KB, 750x422, steven-universe-stevonnie-inte…)

They retconned Stevonnie into intersex… so what is Stegg supposed to be?

No. 1622599

A double-dicked fat freak tbh.
>I am an experience
Does that means Stegg is the experience of fucking your own dad?

No. 1622606

its shows like this that also examplify how a character doesnt need to follow a theme or trope to be a well rounded character. giving them personality surrounding the things they do and enjoy usually cements it better- gregs entire character was built on "deadbeat dad who aligns with that label" and ultimately ruined him as a character worth the screentime.

No. 1622623

i didn't know that but i remember thinking that all of ian's stuff is so furry-ish, then reading that the alien in okko is his fursona. he's pretty fucking grimy.

No. 1622625

that "polycule" gem, fluorite, was such a disgusting thing to put in a children's show. such grooming vibes from whoever wrote it.
garnet could have maybe been a representation of a more activist-style lesbian couple meeting an everyday, "i don't talk about who i fuck" couple in that episode, but instead it kind of just became "porn categories as gem characters"

No. 1622627

>all they need to show is good fathers that actually raise their own kids
YEP. literally the bar is on the floor and lazy groomer rebecca fucked it up anyway

No. 1622628

Would have probably been a better ending than the "forgive the Hitler women because they said sorry" not gonna lie.
I hate the "polyamorous" caterpillar thing that's barely functional too. It's hideous to look at. Its only saving grace is it barely being in the show.

No. 1622629

fans try to defend it with "greg is positive representation of poor or working class parents" but he fucking isn't. he doesn't work and he squandered a stable economic background to be a shithead. its not "offensive" in any way to say that character is fucking shitty.

No. 1622633

>and he squandered a stable economic background to be a shithead.
This is the worst part. I understand if Greg parents were some trailer trash like him too but they were pretty well off and gave him every opportunity.

No. 1622636

A long time ago, (in the redraw or redline thread maybe?) I wrote a spergout about how you can't tell what time period the characters are supposed to have died in. Like >>1605344 said, the name "Angeldust," his being a stripper, and the big hair all have an eighties connotation, but apparently he's supposed to have died in the thirties? The old design, while it was cluttered and busy, at least communicated that idea more effectively. Viv can't seem to pick one idea and stick to it, she just throws like eight different ideas at a character with no regard for whether or not they'll jibe visually or logically.

I hate the fact that damn near every character has retarded scene kid hair. The Radio Demon is the worst instance of that because it doesn't fit his character at all. If he's from the roaring twenties, his hair and ears should be slicked back.

The asymmetrical scene kid shit with the Xes and programmer socks totally ruin Vaggy's design. I think the underlying idea was to have Vaggy be understated and grey as a contrast to how vibrant Charlie is. The hair bow is really the only pop of red you need in what should otherwise be a monochromatic design.

Finally (and this is a pretty minor issue but I might as well mention it somewhere) there's no logical or artistic through line for which characters are animals and what animals they are. I suppose Angeldust being a spider is the least nonsensical because of their association with the femme fatale trope, but I'm completely baffled by the Radio Demon Being a deer and the casino guy being a cat. I mean… the OBVIOUS choice for a covetous cheat would be a fox, right? And shouldn't the radio guy be something associated with sound, like a bird or a cricket? Or just have him be a literal radio cyborg, since it's not like we're adhering closely to logic anyway.

No. 1622657

There's still too much red

No. 1622661

Fusion is definitely a sex thing in canon because it was stated that peridot doesn't have any fusions because she's "asexual"

No. 1622663

File: 1661198267454.png (365.19 KB, 1124x622, Screenshot (1038).png)

No. 1622670

File: 1661198501238.png (709.98 KB, 488x750, Oldcharlie.png)

Xanathos was redesigned into that Sir Pentious Black Hat rippoff snake character.

She does look better but the red would still be an eyesore in that setting.

No. 1622674


I have so much to say about the fusions because it was what I liked the most about the series, that's why I will always hate that they turned it into a stupid allegory of sex or whatever what the hell was sugar thinking? Why she had to listen to her crazy fan base?

No. 1622676

It's all such a waste, I don't know, the whole series need way too much work for it to be salvageable.
The concept is decent, but the character designs suck, the color palettes suck, the characters on their own suck, the music doesn't make any sense and the jokes are too dumb to be for adults and too vulgar to be for children or teens.
At least her other cartoon has some better ideas I guess, I would watch them if the colors weren't such an eyesore and if I gave a fuck about the characters.

No. 1622684

> In "Off Colors", it is hinted by Fluorite that she is a polyamorous relationship, something confirmed by Rebecca Sugar during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017.
> According to Rebecca Sugar, this idea was included at the request of kids at the Long Beach LGBT Center.
I thought you were joking.

No. 1622689

Jeez the fact they did that to Peridot. So many people made fanmade/what if Peridot fusion ideas (same with Lapis) only for the crew to cuck them out of it completely for stupid shit like this (like the crew baiting folks with Garnet almost fusing with Peridot).

This. Even though fusions are nothing new in shows, I like the idea of fusing to make a new gem. Then Rebecca had to ruin it all with the sex allegory, putting little to no effort for later fusion designs, saying diamonds can fuse, only to not do that with them (could have done it in a final boss kinda way), only Pink Diamond did; and saying there are non-fusion versions of fusion gems, only to not show any of that. The list goes on

No. 1622690

that anatomy is awful, her upper half pencil thin and her legs being chunky at the wrong parts

No. 1622715

charlie's design is also just bad. not cohesive, not vibrant or cheery in any way other than the bowtie.

No. 1622718

since it's a CHIDLREN'S show, they didn't need to get anymore complicated than "fusion is when you like-like someone". that's the real issue people have with relationships in cartoons, not that it's "gay". whatever person you like, we don't need to drag sex into it if your show is on cartoon network. go to adult swim if you want to make a caterpillar that's the personification of a gangbang fly a spaceship captained by a rage zombie.

No. 1622719

kek that arm is a zero effort ripoff of velvet crowe wow

No. 1622769

File: 1661206489840.jpg (40.02 KB, 521x652, ed80d513cf95c06605541a820e005a…)

Sage because no one cares but I think the pilot design for Charlie is the best one. It's nothing stellar but the little Pikachu cheeks and puppy nose are adorable to me. In the old one she kinda looks like a steampunk engineer

No. 1622795

No. 1622818

I agree with you. It is cute. It feels like it has more personality than her current one.

No. 1622821

the jacket has a better fit, too

No. 1622902

Wasn't there an episode where a minor plot point was that greg either won the lottery or got some back pay royalties for one of his shitty songs being used in a commercial?

So yeah he doesn't even have poverty as an excuse, he's one of those moids who enjoys being a bum as a lifestyle choice

No. 1622921

I watched the first season of SU with my mom, and she hated Greg lol. Probably because he reminded her too much of my own irresponsible, slacker father, but also because nothing about him makes sense. Like the only justification the show has for why he doesn't live in Steven's house is that he's needy and annoying when he does live there? And that he apparently likes living in his van. I don't understand why Greg and Steven couldn't just live in a little apartment above or attached to the car wash, and have the temple be a separate place entirely. The car wash is half a block away at most. The show is just sending a really mixed message as it is; either have him be a deadbeat layabout who lives in his van and frame it as bad parenting, or have him be a normal, somewhat laid back dad (the better option.) You can't have it both ways. The gems should be his teammates/teachers, not backup parents.

Also this has nothing to do with anything, but they should've gotten a different voice for young Greg. The VA worked fine for when he's a dad, but he doesn't work at all for an eighteen year old hair rocker.

No. 1622998

i think it's pretty fucked up that basically the shows main character is a kid who had to raise himself and that fact is never criticized or addressed and the guy responsible for something that fucks a kid up never is held accountable

No. 1623052

It's because the old version wasn't the daughter of the devil and died sometime in 1800's

The jokes write themselves.

No. 1623060

My cousin has a three year old and is so grateful for Bluey because it's a kids cartoon she can stand to watch lol

No. 1623070

He calls it "play therapy". That's a valid thing, mostly aimed at kids but definitely therapeutic for some adults too.

This is not that. This is just a fucking fetish. "Escaping my past" Christ alive man, you have CHILDREN.

No. 1623090

In addition to that, does anyone else remember the plot point where Pearl grooms Connie to be a child solider who was willing to actually die for Steven and then one day at school, some boy accidentally bumps into her, she has a 'Nam moment and judo flips him and then her and Steven as Stevonnie go to "butterfly therapy with Garnet" and then it's completely brushed under the rug and no one ever talked about how Pearl lived vicariously through this girl and fucked up her brain.

No. 1623107

why did connie have to bring her boyfriend to therapy with her

No. 1623133

I love the obligatory furry character that sticks out like a sore thumb on the side.

No. 1623135

This is so weird. I can see why some would argue that orientation/gender identity CAN be relevant to a plot, but there’s NO reason to state a character is intersex, lol. I don’t want to think about a fucking bean-mouthed cartoon character’s genitalia.

No. 1623176

ugh i hated that episode. especially because they used that scene as a springboard to discuss how "traumatic" Steven's issues are. Connie's actual PTSD and child soldier grooming is only framed in the context of how it's later used to help Steven freak out less and her own coping is barely given any screentime. I get that the show revolves around Steven's POV but that makes it extra shitty that he wasn't even there helping his supposed best friend during her own crisis.
especially because you know they're saying "intersex" because they can't come out and say "lolol they're a boy and a girl fused so of course they're a true hermaphrodite (shh no one needs to know those aren't real)" even when it's obvious that's what they're going for. Would not be surprised if that was another of Ian's coomer brainrot decisions if it wasn't Rebecca's misguided attempt at wokeness.

No. 1623305

> I mean… the OBVIOUS choice for a covetous cheat would be a fox, right?

Idk anon, have you ever owned a cat? They’re sneaky conniving little shits lol
I agree tho, a fox would have been cool and would have fulfilled Vivziepop’s tumblr sexyman furbait quota. I also had NO idea the radio demon was supposed to be a deer until I saw your post.

No. 1623311

Its weird that in a show that was hailed as a show as a female led action series, turned the only male character into basically the strongest character in the entire universe, he's literally a fucking God

No. 1623353


This one is cute too. I was thinking since viv said fuck it to her female characters overall, it would have been cool if she designed Charlie as an ice demon or something. Give her a blue color scheme to make her more main characterish. Even though red is my favorite color, she should have used more blues and greens and shit in her design. Part of why I can't get into either show is that the colors are all to samey and loud at the same time.

No. 1623357

File: 1661262036519.jpg (70.72 KB, 476x900, bright-blue-and-orange-flame-o…)

or blue flame themed if they wanna keep the hell fire thing going on, her hair could still be light and everything if the colors were inspired by something like this

No. 1623436

actually Charlie does have wings and horns. But viv said they make Charlie stand out too much so Charlie hides them 99% of the time
I do like the idea of keeping Charlie simple but that is such a good idea. She isn't suppose to be like the other people in hell. Give her like a blue suit or something that makes her stick out.

No. 1623517

and then the canadian government would give her $2 million for it

No. 1623579

>the radio demon being a deer
Hell, Alastor looks like a fox to me and idk why she made his antlers so small. I get it, I get it, a prey animal having predatory traits aw isn't she so clever but it's poorly executed. IIRC foxes don't hunt deer so any irony or subversions get a little lost.

No. 1623623

yeah because blue fire is hotter than red or yellow fire so it would make sense also in the sense that as a devil's daughter her fire would be hotter than anyone else's and thus different

No. 1623855

the animal choices are probably based on super convoluted furry shit. that's why they don't make sense to normal people.

No. 1623860

I didn’t even realize they were antlers! I thought they were antenna because he’s the radio demon, lmao

No. 1625455

Ugh right. Hated how whenever he got new powers out of the blue, he can magically use said powers like a pro which is funny as they rarely tried to trained him (unless plot calls for it).

Also speaking of the movie, this movie was such a boring mess. Other than Spinel(and her intro song)being the only good thing about this movie, the rest of the songs are meh as hell; characters are still useless as fuck with The Diamonds as a whole acting like as creepy aunts(god I still hate when they redeemed them); Rebecca's pacing, as well as plotting skills (plot being "Another gem comes after Steven because of his shitty mom, Pink Diamond, fucked said gem over" + filler with fixing each main 3 Crystal Gems after getting factory reset to they're old past… right after them just singing about their old past) are still trash.

No. 1626423

File: 1661532546282.jpg (618.3 KB, 1745x1147, 1550125323557.jpg)

It seems like Julia Vickermen(the adult womanchild who acts pervy around underage boys) may have intended her character Reggie from twelve forever to have been trans

No. 1626429

Is she in a poly relationship or the moid was just a sperm donor?

No. 1626581

Honestly all these trannyloving pedophiles actually make me feel 0 sympathy for the whole hbo thing. Most of these showrunners are groomer enabling or groomers themselves and constantly put pro tranny propaganda in their kids shows. Like yes maybe all your disgusting barely conceiled fetish shows created by pedo coomers who draw porn of their own underage characters in their freetime deserve to have their shows lost forever

No. 1626610

Why can't we have normal fucking coming of age lesbian shows. I could just about separate the show from that pedo retard, don't need Reggie to be a tranny. Kinda happy now it got cancelled

No. 1626618

I see you didnt get the memo that real lesbians are literally worse than fascists, murderers and rapists combined. The only acceptable "lesbian" is a man

No. 1626699

No. 1627036

this is stupid

No. 1628404

>Also speaking of the movie, this movie was such a boring mess.
yes it was!!! so pointless

No. 1628405

>acts pervy around underage boys
and girls. she's just a pedo

No. 1629533

I remember Viv saying why some of them are animals/have certain traits but by now they're probably not canon anymore because she changes shit up so much.
Angel Dust is a spider because he was part of the mafia (and died in a gunfight?) that was like a "web". Alastor was supposed to be a radio speaker who was also a murdered and liked to kill deer iirc. Vaggy is moth themed but I can't really see it, Charlie is supposed to have goat elements (you can see it in her shoes resembling hooves in the pilot). The casino guy is I think a war criminal but I have no fucking idea why Viv went with that winged cat abomination, I guess she just wanted a furry there. I think Nifty has one eye because Viv said she was the girlfriend of a japanese criminal and she turned a "blind eye". Anyway their designs are supposed to be tied to what crimes they committed or what kind of life they had while alive, but I think most of the explanations make little sense.

No. 1630084

File: 1661807152011.jpg (63.31 KB, 497x445, Shutterstock_560408d.jpg)

Ah yes, the grown adult woman who stalks little boys is really lecturing us about protecting children

No. 1630093

File: 1661807383079.jpg (542.01 KB, 749x3218, 03.jpg)

No. 1630098

Maybe a nitpick but her design bothers me so much because I feel like she’s missing something like a hat. I know she’s supposed to be some sort of marionette but the bellhop outfit feels so out of place with her essentially normie face. Give her a little bellhop hat and it would feel like a much more cohesive design IMO.

No. 1630694

The fact that she left this up even after her show took off is crazy. You know she probably got a bunch of “oh Julia you’re so zany!” comments from her equally “quirky” friends when she originally posted it

No. 1630765

>Reeing about fanfictions written by dumb kids
Only cows and scrotes do this shit. Fuck off back to kiwifarms or whatever hole of damnation you came from

No. 1630767

>all the scrotes and nlog hoes itt trying to debate on how constantly drawing and jacking off to CP is totally kewl cause everyone does it!! Normalize degeneracy you prude cunt!!
This thread has been clearly invaded

No. 1631253

He’s actually right, and the right to unmake the failmale belongs to the mother. She gave him life, and if she isn’t happy with the results, she can take it away.

No. 1633136


I hate that Tom Scharpling fell for her.

I love his work and he always seemed like one of the smarter and less shitty men out there in the comedy world.

I guess he's just another idiot moid and convenient pedo apologist.


No. 1635742

If more milk gets posted here and this particular post brings back up the sperging and infighting, I hope you know you're right. The retards from earlier in this thread kept saying shit like "b-b-but it's not real CP. It's not actually hurting any kids! All artists do this!" and it's clear they're just defensive about writing shitty NSFW fanfic about teenage anime characters or whatever else. Sorry to those of you who are so unbearably horny and incapable of getting laid that you "have to" make porn of fictional children, but most of us are normal and understand how weird and pedophilic that is. They're really not too far from being SU production team members or Ms. Vickermans, themselves.

No. 1635775

>he wasn't even there helping his supposed best friend during her own crisis

I notice that myself about this show. Its either everyone use Steven for their personal tissue to cry on but can't help him in return OR Steven use said person(s)/gem(s) for his problems but doesn't really help said person or gem (or half ass "help" them) in return. Its like Rebecca tried to make it like everyone can be "Moral Gray" when really, she just made almost everyone in the show selfish assholes

No. 1638873

Has anyone seen the new Bee and puppycat? It’s out today and I hate how everyone is chibified and Deckard is balding with every release. Kek

No. 1639084

I loved the original. Is the new one really bad or is it tolerable?

No. 1639419

The first episode (was on YouTube but they've taken it down now it's fully released), I enjoyed it, first time I've laughed at an animation in ages. That blonde girl was a bit annoying but it'll all probably get explained. I'd say give it a go anon
It was inventible that it'd start looking like that since it's very much anime inspired, when I saw the trailer I thought I'd hate it due to the style but whilst watching it seems to fit pretty well. I love the colour direction I'm always a huge nerd for that stuff, it's gorgeous!

No. 1639519

The blonde girl Toast is voiced by Terri Hawkes. She’s famous for being Sailor Moon in the 90’s.

No. 1639526

File: 1662502728397.jpg (313.33 KB, 1168x2048, FbnZ1EUVQAE-hDt.jpg)

i have to wonder if her newest boyfriend broke up with her already, because she's been posting "thirst traps". Her nipple isn't exposed it's a pastie

No. 1640027

I’m on episode 10 and it’s really good. No woke stuff so I’m happy.

No. 1640480

Who is this?

No. 1640503

I love how pretty it looks - I will say the first few episodes fall a bit flat for me but if you continue with it it gets better. Sometimes I think the pacing? is off and characters voice actors sound bored or lazily done. I also feel a bit confused all the time with the random scenes and sometimes random humour with barely any explanation.

No. 1640548

Munchie, ebegging, suicide baiting, puccanoodles

No. 1640828

The first three episodes are a mashup of the YouTube episodes/pilot. That’s why they’re a bit disjointed.

No. 1641678

File: 1662597837603.jpg (302.08 KB, 1280x700, IMG_9747.JPG)

I knew that Dead End show would be uninspired woke garbage, but I hadn't quite expected it to be THIS hamfisted

No. 1641684

Looks lazy, the characters aren't even really facing each other to have a conversation who sits like that. The Muslimah is talking to the aiden but are both facing frontwards and just giving the side-eye. So lazy!

No. 1641694

The design is super weird. There are parts with decent details in the background and then the characters are so simplified it ends up looking more like Steven Universe.
And the characters are pretty lacking in interests or personality, they're basically just boiled down to "Ethnicity + Sexuality (or lack thereof)" which is weird for a show that's supposed to appeal to kids around age 7 and up

No. 1641703

STFU bringing up shit from weeks ago

No. 1641718

this is racist

No. 1641986

But but but muh representation!!!!

No. 1641994

At least they got it accurate - every dangerhaired FTM I've ever known has been obese.

No. 1642004

I'm so tired of American liberals and their fantasy of token PBS-liberal-but-hijab-wearing, PC, hipster, Muslim women who hang out with troons and gays. It's something that only exists in the tiniest possible amount, and probably even those are just a stage persona to sell product to American media companies. You know the authors would mock a Christian woman who did only half the things a Muslim woman has to do, the hypocrisy just burns my eyes more every time I see it.

No. 1642376

Hijabis like that are considered brainwashed losers within their own communities

No. 1642453

>she's a rich asian lady, and they can be the worst
>she's a rich middle eastern lady and they can be the worst
>he's a poor black man, and they can be the worst
>he's a rich black man, and they can be the worst

No. 1643488

I really like the steven universe art direction, but jesus christ cant stand how quirky and omg random it gets at time. It worked on 5 mins episodes, but 20min of that is unbearable

No. 1643858

All the Muslim representation has always been Muslim girls. Where's the nerdy incel Muslim boy? Where's the super "liberal" hippy and condescending Muslim guy with a manbun who thinks he's better than women because he's "enlightened"? Representation matters!

No. 1643999

brown males in these woke cartoons are always losers. like connie's dad in steven universe is stupid, lazy, AND a pussy. Kevin is a sexually aggressive sexist. pizza dad is fucking retarded. I think it's the true attitudes of SJWs towards nonwhite or non eastasian people; very condescending in the case of black men, and weirdly disgusted by southeast asian men. similar to the earlier discussion about how greg universe just validates shit men/sets a horrifying example to young boys watching, i feel like these shows always present darker-skinned men as automatically crappy.

No. 1644093

don't forget wealthy muslim manslut with a condo paid for by his father.

No. 1644168

This is really weebbrained I'm sorry nonna.
There is a lot of cope with the dog person-thing so if that kind of thing bothers you then you're going to have to shut off the tv because I don't know how you'll be able to avoid animal people in a lot of cartoons.

No. 1644234

nta but luna in helluva boss is drawn in exactly fursona style. she doesn't look like disney's robin hood or a looney toons animal character.

No. 1644272

This. There’s a definite “furry” aesthetic that differentiates designs like Luna’s from other cartoonier animal characters. Once you recognize it it’s hard to unsee.

No. 1644293

you only see animals in that style with horrifying propane-tank penises in images that are marked NSFL in kiwifarms threads or cringe compilations, so seeing her appearance immediately makes you feel tense and uncomfortable.

No. 1644619

just finished the first episode. i think i'm gonna have to watch it slowly over time, because wow, that shit was fucking grating. the nuance and subtlety of a brick. i miss the pilot bee and puppycat's personalities so much. everything felt less hamfisted.

No. 1645219

Same, I loved the pilot and thought the rest of the episodes on YT was okay. But this is a mess imo, all subtlety out the window and no understanding of "show, don't tell" by having the characters voice their every thought and emotions instead of giving the audience a moment. The episodes are 20 minutes so there is no reason for the episodes to feel so hamfisted and rushed unless they just assumed you've seen the pilot episodes and force in previous stated lore just to get it over and done with.

No. 1647673

File: 1663140777559.png (13.26 KB, 802x177, beca1348e1e5c955f6628561ca3c71…)

I was randomly scrolling through twitter when I noticed this development


when did she abandon they/them, think she regretted the top surgery? sorry if this is old news I just noticed last I heard about her she got top surgery

No. 1647708


She still shows off the TiF zippertits on IG. And apparently totally saw a therapist about having autism… I guess anything to hide the fact she’s an awful human being?

No. 1647718

I guess I thought she was going by they pronouns or something ?

No. 1647721

No. 1647722

>you've seen the haircut it had to happen eventually
??? what does that even mean… it's funny because that haircut looks like what people think of when they make fun of "a karen"

No. 1648414

Yeah I definitely know what you mean. I mean if you do know Viv you'd know that she is an actual furry, so it's not that surprising.
Nona's weebposting was just too sad to not say anything lol

No. 1648473

wow i better break up with my girlfriend since getting a haircut made her not a woman anymore apparently. gender nonsense is just 100% homophobia, huh

No. 1648719

I'm guessing it's because she barely uses Twitter and hasn't bothered to update it. She does most her attention-whoring on Instagram.

No. 1651874

So for the new Bee and Puppycat lore…was she a babysitter for the Wizard family???? Is that why they call her an old lady? And if so that makes the implied relationship with that clown obsessed mechanic guy gross. Same with Deckard.


No. 1663341

Wasn’t there rumours of LS Mark and Oney’s ex fucking?

No. 1663581

File: 1664632542343.jpeg (788.24 KB, 1536x2048, D32B2EDF-4E59-4FAC-9320-67065E…)

I watched the video and they confirmed their relationship status. Veronica is Oney’s ex and she’s 28 while LS Mark is an Irish youtuber who’s 20. It’s kinda weird that Veronica would date a mini clone of oney. He’s certainly not edgy like Chris is though. Here’s the bloke wearing Oney’s merch.

No. 1663654

quinton reviews should be spoilered, jesus. what an unfortunate appearance made even worse by autism

No. 1663764

that's a very cute kid and i hope he brought a sweater in case the air conditioning is on inside that building, but the thing next to him looks like an AI generated an image of a "gay transman" and sent it to a 3d printer.

No. 1663839

They both look like male TIFs

No. 1664396

Nah, flannelshirt is just a soyboy. Male brow ridge, and weird fat distribution. Just an unfortunate XY.

No. 1665150

I remember the days when men who didn't shave their necks were pariahs

No. 1665185

File: 1664757580684.jpeg (637.6 KB, 1170x1937, 5923A5C5-D767-4AEA-868E-F6EDDA…)

Autistic furries sneaking their incest fetish in a children’s cartoon

No. 1665192

I'm fucking sorry, what

No. 1665239

File: 1664761404378.jpeg (137.61 KB, 1440x1227, 3AB733A8-59C6-4860-9001-60CF09…)

Same guy btw. Could be a joke but then again it’s a moid.

No. 1665259

Kek what are you on, Oney and LSMark are not remotely similar beyond both being Irish. Not in content, not in humor.

No. 1665365

Honestly he kinda looks worse with less weight.

No. 1665367

He looks like a fuckin’ High Schooler. Veronica is pretty attractive so I don’t know why she’s cradle robbing.

No. 1665420

How do people like this stay employed? Coomers sneaking fetishes into shoes they work on is nothing new but you don’t go and fucking admit to it! lmao

No. 1665549

Quinton Reviews might as well be a fucking cow in his own right, honestly.

Not only is he offensively ugly, he's a creepy self-pitying sadsack social climber who was trying to slide into both Jenny Nicholson and Lindsay Ellis' DMs.

No. 1665614

File: 1664805021734.png (279.92 KB, 597x604, Screenshot 3.png)

speaking ROTMNT, one of the writers actually made Donnie(the nerd one) canonically "autistic-coded"

No. 1665623

He IS a cow. A former dudebro who now is the sooper feminist ally. Kf has a thread on him.

No. 1665626

>Quinton Reviews
kek, nonna he was always soyboy redditor not a dudebro

No. 1665635

He used to hang with the dudebro sphere of YouTube when that was the hip thing to do, until the ganermate when he started to gift as a lefty and suck breadtube dick. It's all out there, turkey tom did a vídeo a while ago.

No. 1665639

I'm sure he was part of some early gamergate crowd (in fact I would have been surprised if he wasn't) but dudebro has specific conations and stereotypes, like I can't imagine him quinton being into sports or other "macho" stuff

No. 1666000

Why are there so many degenerate coomers in WA? I know that the surgical field is full of psychopaths and police force is full of violent control freaks but why WA? Can't they just do this shit in adult animations? Unless secretly corrupting the youth is a part of the fetish?

No. 1666079

adult animation is still barely accepted int he west. if you want to make good money doing cartoons, it has to be PG-13 at most.

No. 1666135

He's 20, and I'm not gonna judge the girl. Also that does not answer the similarities thing at all.

No. 1666183

Guess they're now running to "make characters who are very very smart are really "autistic-coded" out of nowhere" (first it was Peridot then that one chick from Overwatch, and now Donnie)

No. 1669092

Comments are what you'd expect but this feels like Mindy wanted to make an original show but the suits wouldn't greenlight it unless it was tied to an existing IP

No. 1669160

I have no idea who the audience for this is. Are there are enough Mindy Kaling fans to carry this show? I can't imagine adult Scooby Doo fans would be interested, but maybe I'm wrong.
I guess they are hoping for, like, a Harley Quinn type audience but adult gory Harley Quinn is not the same type of take as adult gory Scooby Doo. But what do I know, I dislike most popular tv shows.

No. 1669279

Why do they change the race of already known established characters to fit the skin tone of the voice actors? Must be woke points but really what is the purpose? If I was VA for an iconic show I wouldn’t want the character changed to look like me.

No. 1669285

Idk it looks like it might be kind of fun and I’m not particularly into Scooby Doo. I’m all for more adult animation geared towards women.
I think in this case it does help to make this spin off even more distinct from the other family friendly Scooby media. The ensuing discourse online is good promo too I guess

No. 1669394

I couldn’t really watch the show, despite liking the artstyle some of their changes, because of how centered it was around Donnie.
Like, all the other TMNT shows had their issues/episodes centered around specific characters but in this one you could tell that Donnie was a self insert due to how often he outshined others in the weirdest ways

No. 1669689

I'm so sick of the retarded reboots. This is like, what, the 30th time Scooby Doo has been rebooted? Does anyone give a shit about these characters getting 'new' dimensions? a new IP is always going to be better imo

No. 1669704

File: 1665171095465.png (63.86 KB, 641x454, Screenshot 3.png)

people are trying to claim that dan povenmire was a victim of child abuse, cause he revealed Ferb's relationship with vanessa was based on his own experience dating his older sister's friend when he was a teenager

No. 1669727

Lol I was just looking at the oneyplay's kiwi thread, was this pretty much copy pasted here? Imo it's not that weird, Veronica reads to me as a BPDchan though but none of it is really milky honestly I do kind of follow her as a bit of a personal cow because some things she posts come off as cowish to me but if they're actually milky I would post them in personal cows

No. 1669750

Gee no wonder! The tv shows author kept trying to push the same idea onto making Darias spin off about a background character. This woman is hungry for money while still having her own original tv show as one of the works, maybe she got too salty that eventually it didnt survive too many seasons? I really think doing such scheming is stupid.

No. 1669877

File: 1665185670483.jpeg (99.7 KB, 680x680, 1665157982562.jpeg)

To repost from the mtf thread, Fred might be a tranny. The leaks from here have all been correct so far:


Apparently he "hasn't hit puberty at 16" and "His secret is getting harder and harder to hide".

No. 1669895

I'm getting style whiplash wtf are they doing

No. 1669896

File: 1665187345536.jpg (47.12 KB, 496x274, velma.jpg)

I can't believe no one's brought this new load of complete pandering bullshit yet. God fucking damnit, I can't believe anyone cares about this or is giving it any attention. It's just beyond obnoxious. I also hate this art / animation style with every fiber of my being.

Who the fuck cares about Scooby Doo? Like oh my god, do we ever need some new goddamn IP. I am so sick of everything at this point.

No. 1669902

I am a Scooby Doo autist, and really, Velma was never meant to be a lesbian from her inception as a character. It came from the scrote brain of the director of the 2000s live action movies, who wanted Velma to be a sexy lesbian. It does upset me that people claim Velma was always supposed to be a lesbian when the origins of it were from a fetish stand point. Actual Scooby Doo fans don’t care for romance in the show or movies. Also the HBO reboot is an insult to the show and Scooby isn’t even a character in it. They can never take away good Scooby Doo from me though.

No. 1669911

The designs are as if it were a generic adult animation and the characters were all cosplaying Scooby Doo characters for some quirky plot reason. And Shaggy is the laziest one cause all he did was put on a green shirt.

No. 1669912

Yeah the James Gunn version has become the most popular rendition for zoomers for some reason so they only know it from what is basically a meme comedy standpoint. Sure if she was lesbian in those movies that would be fine but in the original cartoon why would she have always been lesbian? It makes no sense, they’re just characters in a children’s cartoon and now everyone is desperate for the woman to be some drooling lesbian thirsting over another character. Keep that shit in the headcanons, I’m scared knowing this will only become more of a thing in the future. Cringe, focus on decent writing instead of yet another adult animation thats cynical and self aware with meta humor.

No. 1669915

This is what happens when dumbass fucking millennials who spent their lives writing fanfiction end up as the main creators in these studios and then everything just becomes fanfiction.

As a millennial: I am so, so, so fucking sick of millennial-generated media.

No. 1669937

I wouldn’t read too much into it, it looks like the Shaggy and Daphne images were assets and whoever the social media person is took a fully lit/shaded screen cap of Fred in motion to use for his promo image for whatever reason. They’ll probably all look more stylistically consistent in the actual show

No. 1669939

>black character obsessed with weed
Did they think this through
I don’t necessarily think Fred is FTM from that description though

No. 1669962

Pretty sure Velma being a lesbian was a pop culture joke from pre-James Gunn movies. I remember my parents joking about it in the 90s when I was a kid. It’s stupid but i think it has to do with her being bookish, not as feminine as Daphne, glasses, and comfortable shoes. Didn’t take much for like 70s school children to start pinging lesbian off of just a smart female character.

No. 1670015

same. why are so many millennials pedos??

No. 1670018

I think it comes from the old stereotype that non gender conforming women were all just lesbians in hiding. Same with Peppermint Patty.

No. 1670023

bro the animation/art of this movie is actually s-tier, what are you talking about? it's super fluid and classic

No. 1670083

Tinfoils aside, the age gap between Ferb and Vanessa was actually weird, wasn't he like 17 and she 21?

No. 1670100

This feels teen/adult orientated, and no dog???

No. 1670101

I don't think Fred will be FTM if he's voiced by a grown man.

No. 1670135

I hate gay representation that feels pandering rather than genuine, too, but your tone here feels a bit nasty. The problem isn't "ugh, gays in my cartoons?!" it's the soulless, corporate feeling to the decision. I think this is most noticeable in how they designed her love interest. She looks like the designers were trying to signal wokeness and trendiness at the same time. Tell me: What actual genius WOC looks like that? Especially a lesbian. It's so obvious that she was designed with checkboxes and marketing statistics instead of heart.

No. 1670139

File: 1665212301725.jpeg (667.38 KB, 2042x2042, 94320771-3350-49C4-821A-8E633C…)

Shaggy looks like a background character from Family Guy and Fred looks like he was drawn by a fujoshi, like who even is the target audience for this

No. 1670146

“You know what the people REALLY wanna see on TV? A gritty, sarcastic, gay version of Scooby-Doo. Also every character is a different race for some reason. Also Scooby-Doo isn’t in it”

No. 1670154

oooh you're right, I'm nta but after looking up the most recent movie I agree that it looks great which is pretty refreshing

No. 1670156

Those look like they were each drawn by different people. I'm getting strong Total Drama vibes from Shaggy, and that's not a compliment.

Gotta love that the cowardly, dumb stoner is the one they chose to make black. Fantastic optics there.

>No dog
Lmao, that's why it's called "Velma?" The fuck? You can't get rid of Scooby. I get wanting to tell a more realistic story, but if that's the case, just have him be a normal dog that doesn't talk. Don't just fucking get rid of him entirely. No person on this green Earth has watched a show and thought "this would be better with fewer dogs."

Seems like making Velma a lesbian was a plot to distract from all the retarded creative decisions.

No. 1670180

File: 1665221315954.png (340.72 KB, 698x368, Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 4.28…)

i LOVE scooby doo retarded shit. i literally came to this thread to defend this because i only knew about lesbian Velma; which has been a joke for decades and i thought it could be interesting in a real sd show.

BUT NO SCOOBY??? I can literally watch scooby kiss Gene Simmons just FINE scooby doo is not srs business! but NO SCOOBY? They should be ashamed of themselves. FUck you.

No. 1670195

File: 1665224233831.jpg (173.65 KB, 1920x1080, e7785aba-51c7-43fb-92c3-8332c8…)

Kill it with fire, give us the Venture Brothers version of the gang with Valerie Solanas as Velma.

No. 1670199

Surely there is a dog? Right?

No. 1670205

Why would you make a Scooby Doo spinoff and not have Scooby in it?

No. 1670224

Excuse me if someone already posted the teaser, the art actually looks good enough for me and I frankly couldn't care less if they race bend the characters, but god their sense of humor is atrocious.

No. 1670225

it was posted yesterday, girl just scroll up

No. 1670240

I can't look at these pics without laughing. The redesigned Shaggy just looks so fucking funny to me.

No. 1670271

I just don't get why they didn't give Shaggy shaggy hair? You can be black and have curly or coily hair and it still be shaggy.

No. 1670288

Kek, yes. I love that show so much

No. 1670300

File: 1665242095708.png (465.19 KB, 596x1198, Screenshot 4.png)

this is the most absurd twitter brained take I have ever seen regarding any fictional character, you'd think this was a parody by early gamergaters, I'm not a scooby doo superfan but I have watched a ton of scooby doo cartoons on tv and I have never see any depiction of Fred taking credit for other's work, I do have a tinfoil that this may not be about Fred Jones himself but likely an angry projection based on grievances some of the writers might have had against the popular white jocks, cause they were the losers back in high school who were envious of the popular students and now have the power to depict their revenge fantasies

No. 1670303

It's so obvious from this description what they're gearing up to. Fred is trans. I'm blown away.

No. 1670304

Is this real? Is this not fan made? This is fucked up!! Just make new characters!!!! They can’t make every character black, it is laughable at this point.

No. 1670305

They'll also be renaming "Shaggy" to "Nappy" in this remake kek

No. 1670308

That was such a weird description. Fred was always kind tbh, and valued teamwork more than anything else even if he was bossy.
Seriously, who the fuck told the world that it's okay for idiotic losers with no friends, that got relentlessly bullied during their developmental years, to write at all? It's always the same shit, even outside of western media.
>hot guy or girl is irredeemable bully
>fat kid is funny
>insert emo/band/theater/nerd/sporty/rich/poor/racist stereotypes here
Like fuck off with that shit, those stupid ass stereotypes mess up with the brains of the autistic dumbass children watching those shows.
I just don't get it, get a diary or therapy, but maybe write shit where people try to get along? I don't know, original shit, realistic enemies, real issues, real personalities.
If I was a teacher of some art academy or some shit, I would make the socially inept students go outside weekly, and talk to someone in a completely different field, of a different age group, or from a place that they don't know a thing of, so they can fucking learn that there's more in the world than some stupid stereotypes that has been beat to death a turned into a mushy pulp for fucking decades. Jesus Christ.

No. 1670309

File: 1665243527492.png (176.07 KB, 995x559, CAPTURE.png)

can't find the others but here's a couple storyboards that were leaked on /co/, fred was noticeably drawn shorter then every other male character, so fuck we might really get fakeboi Fred Jones


No. 1670317

Come on, you just made that up, right?

No. 1670328

When will they stop changing the race of characters? I bet the original creator of scooby doo would hate this, considering he designed and created them. Also people still refuse to believe blackwashing is real but white washing is lmao

No. 1670334

The voice actor is male, so I think it's more likely Fred will be a gay MTF. He's short because he's on puberty blockers.

No. 1670341

who is writing this shit? they clearly just want to write fred as a himbo. also, why is it fortunate that he’s wrongly imprisoned? it makes no sense.

No. 1670349

Why is this description written with such poor grammar? Just. Random periods in the middle. Of the sentences, creating sentence fragments. Instead of actual sentences. Also Fred isn't even like that, I don't remember him taking credit for everything in the original series, and also if he hasn't hit puberty yet will he be shown as 5'0'' with a squeaky voice? Why doesn't his own father know he's FTM? Why are the characters 16? I'm pretty sure they were always meant to be around 20

No. 1670353

no they were teenagers in the original series. i mean the villains always said “you meddlesome kids” so…

No. 1670356

IIRC somewhere in HB canon it's mentioned that Velma is supposed to be younger than the others, like, literally 13 or something. And yes, they're all teenagers.
Pretty sure Fred has always been shorter than Shaggy.

No. 1670417

We don't know Velma's sexuality in this show. Velma's a lesbian in "Trick Or Treat Scooby-Doo!" which is a separate thing that makes no changes to the cast's designs.

No. 1670423

NTA and I have no idea if it's true or not, but I can't help but notice they used his proper name in the promotional material instead of his more commonly used nickname. See >>1669877

No. 1670438

File: 1665253807350.jpg (90.84 KB, 720x371, 20221007_160921.jpg)

I've been seeing more Rick and Mortyy incest backlash and encouragement these days. Wild, I remember us talking about how weird it was almost a year ago. The pro incest half of this are…. something

No. 1670441

File: 1665253871887.jpg (140.95 KB, 720x560, 20221007_160936.jpg)

Of all the stuff for fujos to latch on to, WHY is it currently Rick and Morty? This is so strange observe just occurring naturally

No. 1670442

Proship retards make me sick.

No. 1670455

>like who even is the target audience for this

Adults who think it's the height of comedy to reboot media for children and add gore, drug jokes and sex jokes and who are into woke reboots, e.g not only is Velma Indian, Shaggy is black and kind of autistic (wtf on the austism), Daphne has two lesbian parents, one of whom is black, and Fred has disorder of sex development. And you know there are going to be some troons in the background.

Remember that animated Christmas streaming show with Sarah Silverman and Seth whatever (former fat comedian Seth) who played Santa Claus? And Santa Claus was a sexist bro and Sarah was an elf who was trying to fight against sexist Santa Claus and join the North Pole Board or something?

This Scooby Doo reboot was made by people with similar tastes as the ones who made that.

No. 1670466

Rick and Morty? The tv show that was inspired by shorts that had Not!Rick manipulating Not!Morty into giving him blowjobs? How can anyone ship incest in that Rick and Morty?

It's still gross, but the show kind of did it itself.

No. 1670539

NTA But you do understand that there's a difference between media acknowledging that a relationship is gross and unethical (even for a joke) and people shipping the characters, right? You're implying that satire is the same as romanticization. I don't like either, in this case (because it's making light of something inappropriately and not even doing a good job at it), but actively liking and promoting the fictional incestuous relationship between a child with his own grandfather will always be worse than making jokes about how awful and gross the pedophile is for having feelings for his grandson.

No. 1670564

… did they try to make a woke show but make Shaggy black because he smokes weed??? Jesus, the wolves showing their true colours again

No. 1670632

The animation is super fluid and really well done, but I find the design of the villain that she has a crush on really off-style from the classic Scooby crew. It's like she's from another show, gives me shades of Drawn Together.

No. 1670703

This isn't Twitter. Leave your faggoty discourse labels at the door and just call them pedophiles and incest fetishists.

No. 1670973

File: 1665329700993.png (305.22 KB, 651x599, 4534.png)

holy shit I just looked up it and your right, they're making a scooby doo spinoff without scooby doo

>The “Scooby-Doo” universe is about to come back in a big way, but don’t expect Scooby-Doo to be involved. “Velma,” a new adult animated series that features Mindy Kaling as the voice of the titular character, promises to satisfy longtime fans of the cartoon series who want to pair their nostalgia with a more mature sense of humor. It features adult versions of the crew from the mystery machine, but in order to ensure that Velma is front and center, Scooby himself won’t be making any appearances.

>Appearing on a panel for the show at New York Comic-Con (via Insider), showrunner Charlie Grandy explained that the decision to omit Scooby-Doo from the series was an attempt to differentiate the adult show from the family friendly property that inspired it.
>“We couldn’t get a take on it that was like, ‘How do we kind of do this in a fun, modern way?'” he said. “That felt like what made it a kid show was, Scooby-Doo.”
>Grandy also made it clear that even though Scooby-Doo won’t show his face, the new series still exists in the same universe as the iconic mystery-solving canine.
>“I think it’s nice to kind of allude to dogs in the world,” he said. “It’s fun and let’s just kinda leave it that.”
>The more adult subject matter in “Velma” is likely to please James Gunn, who attempted to write an R-rated live action “Scooby Doo” movie in 2002 before studio interference ultimately led to the script being watered down into a family friendly film.
>“The first Scooby-Doo was originally intended (by me, the producers & the director, Raja Gosnell) to be PG-13, but we never got a PG-13 rating,” Gunn recently wrote on Twitter. “The first rating from the MPAA was R, & then a bunch of stuff was changed, & that cut ended up being rated PG.”

so they think having a dog in the show will ruin the tone of the series and make it less adult and mature

No. 1670986

File: 1665331054887.jpeg (37.77 KB, 1334x750, 2DCC5107-D200-4C42-A4FD-7A5E76…)

It could have still been adult with the dog. What a stupid decision

No. 1670987

If you're not having scooby doo involved, why even bother making scooby doo? This is the most autism in a while. "Scooby doo makes it too Scooby doo" my nigga yes. Absolute fanfiction shit

No. 1670990

I have this tangent about Turning Red, I find the movie extremely interesting as it encapsulate perfectly the phenomenon of yassification. Red if I remember correctly was written by team of liberal millennial women, and it shows very well how did the mindset of people changed.

Coming of age movies with parents as 'antagonist' because they are suffocating are nothing new in the media landscape, but they all followed the same arc. Protag want to do X, parent don't want them because they view it as harmful so they act like tyrant to protect their child, child get upset about the tyranny and are in conflict with the parents. Usually then later in the movie some new danger arise related to the fear of the parents, and in the darkest hour for the child the parent comes to the rescue. Then there was a cute moment of understanding between the parent and child where both understood one another. The parent understanding there were suffocating for their children that just wanted to explore the world by themselves and the children understanding that the parent was warning them of a real risk and only wanted the best for them, even if it was done in a clumsy way.
In turning red that story scheme goes out the window, the mother is presented as being wrong in every way, warning her daughter of an actual real risk and still being shown as the bad guy, then the movie chug along, the daughter just not giving two shit, the climax of the movie being a show down between daughter and mother where the mother is shown as an irredeemable cunt and the daughter reckless behavior is completely justified.
I think it represents exactly the brain rot that is liberalism and libfem thought, the moral of the story is "do whatever you want cause you are awesome, anyone disagreeing with you is an asshole and only deserves to be crushed" which honestly is quite a sociopathic way of seeing the world. While the old version of these movies was "Love your parents, even if they are beings cunts they want the best for you and you will understand it one day by communicating"
And I'm skipping on the whole undertones of the Panda representing puberty and in some dubious sexual sense where the MC start selling hugs in a bathroom at a party because everyone would love to touch her secret red Panda…
Long post for some unimportant movie, but I think that movie is a great representation of how modern liberalism is turning kids into sociopaths with extreme selfish tendencies

No. 1671034

> some dubious sexual sense where the MC start selling hugs in a bathroom at a party because everyone would love to touch her secret red Panda…

Bruh wtf are you talking about no scene like that happened in the movie? The closest thing you're probably describing is when Mei and her friends surprised some girl with panda merch in the school bathroom. Also the panda fundraising aspect was also done mostly through photos and shit.

Also Ming was never depicted as an "irredeemable cunt". She genuinely loved Mei yes, but her grip on her was too much and lead to events that embarrassed Mei (the pads scene, accusing a random clerk of being a groomer) and was stifling her independence in general. Mei not wanting to be suffocated with Ming's high expectations barely qualifies as "sociopathic".

The movie is no masterpiece and idgaf about the artstyle or what anyone else thinks of it, but it's weirding me out when some people on this board try to twist the film as having some Cuties-tier shit going on (she was selling pics of her panda form and giving people hugs in exchange for money this is obviously a prostitution metaphor ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!1!) this is a Pixar movie holy shit.

No. 1671038

Right, I always saw it as like idol merch thing, like chekis. There's the whole boy band aspect in the movie too, like okay the idol mill is predatory but the stretching done with this movie is tiring as hell.

No. 1671045

File: 1665335584964.jpeg (26.11 KB, 640x360, images (1).jpeg)

Bump. Be careful scrolling and always remember to hate all men.

No. 1671125

Nta but I'm just chiming in to say I'm still upset Red didn't have undertones that expressed the depression of post 9/11 life

No. 1671127

To be fair, I'm pretty sure Red takes place in Canada.

No. 1671128

(This is a joke referencing the 9/11 drama that happened when some loser made a rant video about it)

No. 1671144

File: 1665344939748.png (1.69 MB, 623x756, Screenshot (1216).png)

Lazy ass hacks couldn't even make Shaggy's hair look like this?

No. 1671147

>the panda fundraising aspect
the what?

>>1670990 was kind of right, though, about the change in coming of age/kids adventure movies. In the past, the parents were either off doing their own thing in parent world and the kids had to deal, or they parents tried to help but were blocked from helping so the kids had to deal, or the parents and kids were in the mess together and they had to work together to solve the problem, and in the process, solved their family issues.

The movies with the plot "Your parents/family were the whole problem all along" is new and a definite change. It's due to creators today using these movies to work out their personal issues instead of just writing movies that are entertaining. If they are lucky they manage to keep it in check enough to make the movies relatable so that the movies are successful.

No. 1671150

We need to ban millennial writers from media. No more vendetta shit. No more writing for franchises that you despise (comics is full of this).

No. 1671192

I used to get all mad about these woke reboots but this is just beyond hilarious. Mostly because I hate Scooby Doo and it can't be ruined any further from the already bad first cartoon. I genuinely hope Fred will be a FTM just to see how terrible it will be, like that High Guardian Spice tranny character that pissed literally everyone off kek. Only thing is that I'm pretty sure if he's going to be given the troonification treatment he's probably going to be a MTF because no way any big product animation is going to feature women men don't find attractive.

No. 1671205

This is the reason why I fucking hated Encanto, and of course they're quick to placing blame on the matriarch who didn't know how to cope/has control issues

No. 1671208

Why the hateboner for scooby doo

No. 1671212

Mike Judge is the only Western animator I respect. That is all.

No. 1671218

No. 1671269

File: 1665360215035.jpg (132.51 KB, 720x514, Screenshot_20221009-165409_Chr…)

>Why are the characters 16? I'm pretty sure they were always meant to be around 20
Late but they were always teenagers in the original series but in later series the gang does get aged up. Hence the "you meddling kids" line.

No. 1671273

> No more writing for franchises that you despise (comics is full of this).
Doesn't this go back to the 70s and 80s for comics? My knowledge of comics history is sketchy, but I thought that started when the boys who had been reading comics in the 50s and 60s became old enough to write them in the 70s and 80s.

A lot of them sought jobs drawing/writing comic books because they wanted to create stories that they wanted to read and not because they wanted to create similar kinds of stories that they had read as kids for another generation of children.

Anyone who comes into an creative industry looking to create media that they would enjoy, and who looks down their nose at creating media the target audience would enjoy, should be banned for life from that industry.

No. 1671303

>Anyone who comes into an creative industry looking to create media that they would enjoy, and who looks down their nose at creating media the target audience would enjoy, should be banned for life from that industry.
Tricky one nonna because once you start catering to audiences you end up churning out shit like Disney. Plus, REAL comic artists are still artists and afaik all good art comes from inside rather than just making shit people like. The scooby doo people and their kin are bad because they're talentless retards who share a hive mind with the kind of people who start clapping their funko pops together whenever marvel characters have an implied queer moment

No. 1671340

I mean Lauren Faust had a few missteps and quirks but everything's she's touched was gold. Her husband was good too.

No. 1671343

I think a compromise is what matters. Something that's your vision but is also nuanced and digestible to their target audience.

No. 1671348

Her reboot of DC Super Hero girls was annoying. The character design was horrible. They were so ugly.

No. 1671359

What the fuck. How does that even happen? Who the fuck demands a show for an already existing IP but is also fine with the title character not appearing?

No. 1671445

>let's reboot courage the cowardly dog but take out courage so it's about an elderly couple living in bumfuck nowhere, oblivious to the supernatural things around them
>let's reboot the powerpuff girls but make it about princess morbucks
>let's reboot rugrats but with the babies (they actually tried this and it fucking bombed lmao)

No. 1671518

I would watch a Mike Flanagan reboot of Courage that focuses on the interpersonal drama between Muriel and Eustace ngl.

No. 1671627

I know everyone's talking about Black Shaggy and (possibly) TIF Fred, but am I tripping or is Daphne supposed to be East Asian here?

No. 1671653

File: 1665410960607.jpg (217.29 KB, 931x432, X7FdENG2USfeD3.jpg)

>is Daphne supposed to be East Asian here?
yes and also working class and raised by two lesbian moms
>Forget everything you know about Daphne Blake. It should take zero seconds as there was nothing to know. She was attractive, but also… she wore purple. That’s it. Until now… Our Daphne is diverse, and a foundling raised by two female police officers. Yet, despite her loving home, Daphne still struggles with abandonment issues and an insatiable need to uncover her mysterious past. On the plus side, she’s been able to use that ruthless drive to claw her way to the top of Poortown High School’s popular clique “The Rich Kids and Daphne” as just a freshman. Though she’ll have to get in touch with her softer side to finally understand her complicated feelings for Velma. And, perhaps even more importantly, why she has red hair.

her moms also get a character description
>Det. Diana Blay. Female, 30s-40s. Series Regular:
>Female, African American. The 30s-40s. Daphne’s mom, Diana is a hard-nosed, fourth-generation cop. She leads with her jocular sense of humor but is better at muscling confessions out of criminals than handling the subtle nuances of both police work and parenting.
>Det. Lillith “Lilly” Ke. Female, 30s-40s. Series Regular:
>Female, open ethnicity. The 30s-40s. Daphne’s mom, Lilly is a sweet, demure, caretaker who just wants everybody to be happy. She’s more comfortable using her words than her fists but will go full mamma bear when threatened.

I'm genuinely starting to believe the tinfoil, that this is all some elaborate revenge fantasy/wish fulfillment on part of the writers

No. 1671655

Fucking hell, it really does read like some tumblr headcannon fanfic.

No. 1671656

They could have at least made her a nouveau riche asian or something, her being working class weirds me out more than the race bend.

No. 1671658

Most of their target demographic don’t like cops. Why out two of them in the show? No one on this team knows what they’re doing.

No. 1671669

File: 1665413502569.jpg (60.13 KB, 827x929, Em6BszxW8AAsLyZ.jpg)

this show was made by millennial liberals who vote democract and live in online echo chambers, they suffer from brain rot and will never understand how fucking unlikeable they come across to everyone

No. 1671689

You can be called a kid in your 20's by older people

No. 1671690

If you're that same anon, I don't see how you can find all of Mike Judge's work flawless while finding DC Super Hero Girls annoying. I mean its annoying the same way later seasons of MLP FiM were, when Faust jumped off and her successors just weren't as good as her.

No. 1671699

>let's reboot Spiderman but focus on Jimmy Olsen (and make him a black transbian)
>let's reboot Kim Possible but focus on Rufus
>let's reboot Tom and Jerry but focus on the faceless maid of the house
>let's reboot Jimmy Neutron but focus on Shee-Oh wait

No. 1671703

You just unlocked memories I didn't even know I had. I just googled it and apparently "Planet Sheen" got 3/5 stars and stayed on air for three years. Weird.

No. 1671712

File: 1665417674790.jpg (299.53 KB, 1082x1330, EzCw0JXKLNO.jpg)

I don't think there's anything wrong with spin-offs, certain spin-offs have even surpassed their original show and have been groundbreaking in some respects such as Frasier and The Jeffersons, Velma isn't a spin-off its a "retelling/soft reboot" and there are no such thing as bad characters just bad writers, Alan Moore used a bunch of second hand DC rejects as the starting point of what would become the main characters for watchmen, but Mindy Karling and her team aren't Alan Moore, so it will suck

No. 1671716

oh god, this just got me thinking what would a Jimmy Neutron reboot look like today? Who would be the "autistic coded" one? Sheen or Carl? Who would be the lesbian? Cindy, Libby or Betty? Nick would probably be main choice to be turned into a struggling gay/trans icon. The possibilities are endless.

No. 1671717

Could you imagine all the fakebois latching onto Nick and drawing him with boob scars

No. 1671720

File: 1665418314300.png (183.28 KB, 213x427, Nick_Dean_New_Outfit.png)

An influx of sadboi Fuji types who normally skinwalk Shinji Akari morph into this bitch

No. 1671734

>main character energy
Can some of these professional writers PLEASE write something original instead of regurgitating twitter bullshit

No. 1671740

I genuinely believe they should be sued for plagiarism

No. 1671750

A lot of women get raped by the military/police force irl. It seems very unlikely that two lesbians would be officers lol.

No. 1671757

Not unlikely at all tbh. Lesbians are overrepresented among LEOs IRL, and office romance happens. As for Daphne they aren't wrong she was undeveloped as a character beyond just being >Stacey, but I'm sure whatever they come up with will be intolerable. And picrel of >>1671712 is 100x more unattractive than the original Velma ever could be, ugh.

No. 1671758

I was just thinking that, everyone will go full retard over Daphne for being the daughter of TWO police officers when they still have ACAB in their bios.

No. 1671762

Daphne has a bunch of potential exactly because she's basically just a Stacy.
She could be a Stacy that isn't good with historical facts but it's great with solving problems quickly and idk physics.
Blank slate characters can become memorable, I just can't believe that the idiot writing this "reboot" if it can be even called that at this point, is just trying to get as many brownie points as possible.

No. 1671766

File: 1665422052797.jpeg (107.2 KB, 1200x747, BB80E935-B088-477F-9FCD-339EDA…)

I seriously hate the Bratz's lips, were they really necessary?

No. 1671775


Wait, is this official art??

No. 1671776

yes, a promotional poster

No. 1671783

Seriously, who the fuck is this for? Scooby Doo is a very old show that had a resurgence in the 90s. The reason for that was because, presumably, kids who grew up in the 70s watching Scooby Doo wanted to share the fun with their children they had in the 90s. But this reboot is for…those 90s children who are now adults to watch…by themselves? I don't get it. I enjoy adult animation as much as anyone, but I'm not looking for my every childhood memory to be subverted and made 'fresh' for my new bitter eyes. It's so disappointing that we can only get rehash IPs.

No. 1671788


What the fu– I thought it was fanart at first?? The characters are Steven Universe inconsistent, holy shit. Even in promo stuff.

No. 1671793

>this reboot is for…those 90s children who are now adults to watch…by themselves

This. Off topic, but I’m confused by what Most animation writers are doing.
They’re working in a company that makes kids content, so you think that they would make simple stories with morals…. instead these writers constantly show that they don’t want to write for a kids show and create these needlessly complicated world building/arcs in shows made for kids.

Like, why can’t there be more of a balance out there of nonsense cartoons that I can turn my brain off to

No. 1671794

>working class Daphne
literally lmao what
Scooby Doo enthusiasts, correct me if I'm wrong and I don't if all the SD lore connects, but don't all these kids come from money in some way
>parents are nouveau-riche super spies
>family has a plantation in the south and were gold mining cowboys or something iirc
>old country old money her great uncle has a castle in europe
>standard american rich girl

No. 1671795

Shows like this are only made for their creators.
They have no actual vision and can't stop huffing their own farts.

No. 1671797

Jimmy, Sheen and Carl were all different types of young male autism and Cindy would totally be the lesbian one in a reboot.

No. 1671802

Movies SHOULD be about real life problems and issues, but these people are emotionally unintelligent and don't know how to write empathetic stories, despite likely calling themselves ~empaths~.

No. 1671803


Honestly I'd be down for a hypothetical lesbian Cindy ngl. Her and Jimmy's "will they, won't they" was so grating and reinforced that dumbass "if they're mean to you it means they like you!!!!" crap mentality.

No. 1671808

I'm not the same anon. I really liked the original DC Super Hero Girls and I really liked Super Best Friends Forever. I was so excited when I heard she was going to reboot Super Hero Girls.

And then I saw the horrible character design. And then I watched shorts. And I hated all of it. The characters are ugly. Barbara is spazz. And Barbara is the main character instead of it being an ensemble. It all sucked.

No. 1671809

>Actual Scooby Doo fans
Those exist?

No. 1671815

File: 1665426150936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.54 KB, 548x675, B6A10118-918D-4DE4-8E4D-B6C35B…)

So the uncropped version of this promo has a bunch of high school girls with nothing but suds covering them up? I’m honestly so confused by the optics of this new series. They’re trying to appeal to an audience but don’t seem to understand what they will and won’t like.
I genuinely couldn’t give less of a shit about the racebending. Scooby Doo gets rebooted and retold all the time and I see this aspect as just a new iteration. What I’m confused by is all of the really strange writing decisions they’re making. Rebooting characters don’t have to be one to one in terms of their original stories but the general dynamics should be the same. That’s kind of the appeal of robots; dynamics between characters that work but in different settings that aren’t possible in the original stories. Completely removing a main character in this dynamic is the first nail in the coffin. Mystery Inc had a very serious tone and still had Scooby. Daphne being working class is such a strange choice. Making her parents lesbian WOC who are fucking cops seems extremely tone deaf. If Fred is trans why is a celeb voicing him? Why make the only black character the massive stoner? Really just kind of showing their unconscious biases here.
All of these choices are making me start to believe the tinfoil that Mindy wanted her own original show but HBO would only allow it with an existing IP attached. Would’ve made for much better representation anyways.

No. 1671820

File: 1665426356620.jpeg (46.86 KB, 320x320, 32E893EE-3F4D-46A5-8154-0CBE13…)

I liked how Daphne was portrayed in the 2000’s movies.

No. 1671821

Yeah, man. We have forums and everything, lol.

Seriously, though, yes. But the fact that a boatload activity is on forums and websites should tell you everything you want to know about the fandom. Which is that it's mainly gen x's, but there are some Instagram accounts and a couple of youtube channels started by millennials who got into Scooby Doo from the live action movies and the occasional gen z wanders in due to the new cartoons, lego movies, etc.

A History of the Online Scooby-Doo Fandom

No. 1671822

It's all fanfiction all the goddamn time in 2022, and I fucking hate it.

No. 1671824


Remember that animated Christmas movie with Sarah Silverman who played an elf and Seth Whoeever (former fat comedian Seth) who played Santa Claus? And Santa Claus was a sexist bro and Sarah was an elf who was trying to fight against sexist Santa Claus and join the North Pole Board or something?

This Scooby Doo reboot was made by people who thought there would be a huge audience for that.

No. 1671825

God damn libfem writers and animators sexualizing teenagers at every opportunity. Why do they think they're better than conservatives just because they're "honest" about wanting to fuck kids and thinking women should objectify themselves? I see evil all around.

No. 1671826

Fred was written as autistic in Mystery Incorporated and most of the Scooby media released after. It's a really great version of Fred that builds on his already existent character traits of obsession with his van and mystery solving which were previously played as gags, and really well recieved by audiences. Not to mention, a really good portrayal of autism as something that the defacto leader can have. It's pathetic to see them writing off Fred as a ebil white man who will probably be the butt of every joke because he's white.
Selfish adults who can't let things be innocent and good for children. It's absolutely wrong, write a new show instead of making a kids series 'for adults'.
Daphne has always been a rich girl, in every incarnation of her character. Moreso than the other characters which sometimes differ.

No. 1671832

>Movies SHOULD be about real life problems and issues,
Nope. The huge shift on making entertainment relatable instead of escapist or inspirational is one of the worst things to happen to modern tv/movies.

By inspirational, I don't mean xtian stuff, I mean 'this character is one you would want to be like' vs 'this character is flawed just like you', e.g. the change from Billy being an good kid who tries very hard to act like an adult when he is Captain Marvel/Shazam to Billy being a troubled kid who acts like one when he is Captain Marvel and has to learn to be responsible.

No. 1671841

File: 1665429283954.png (36.53 KB, 645x400, 2000hoursinpaint.png)

They learned nothing from Disney's Ownward.
I was always under the impression that everyone in the Mystery Gang is wealthy too. Daphne's personality changes in every adaption (because the writers don't know what to do with her) but her being rich is an essential part of her character. If I had to guess it sounds like the writers for Velma are trying to make Daphne the "rich poor kid" >>1671653 (…is Poortown supposed to be Coolsville?).

And why do all the characters have a dark and mysterious past? This is YanSim levels of writing kek.
Disgusting. Is it that hard to find an animator who isn't a complete degen perv?
>I do have a tinfoil that this may not be about Fred Jones himself but likely an angry projection based on grievances some of the writers might have had against the popular white jocks
>It's pathetic to see them writing off Fred as a ebil white man who will probably be the butt of every joke because he's white.
Mindy Kaling has a fetish for white men, especially blond, white men. Fred is her husbando so I doubt they'll make him a villain in this series. The most they'll do is poke fun of him for being white and a himbo.

No. 1671844

A lot of media, including modern media, is wholly indulgent and based on escapism and still garbage. The problem isn't the tone or subject, it's that people are only making things to either make maximum profit or jack themselves off (emotionally or literally).

No. 1671853

>As for Daphne they aren't wrong she was undeveloped as a character
Yeah, like everybody else in Scooby Doo.

No. 1671857

Well, I guess they are poor now, they better take the bus instead of riding a customized van.

No. 1671900

all except Shaggy, he has the most screen time in almost every series other then scooby, he's the only that's been in spin-off films and series, he's a huge meme in LatAM to the point that he managed to make his way into official licensed warner brothers fighting game, which is why I find it weird the writers of Velma are putting so much focus on Fred as if he was a prominent characters(all he's done for the past 20 years is make traps) if there was a real main character in scooby doo, it would be shaggy really

No. 1671910

I read that there is no van. No Scoob and no van.

No. 1671913

>which is why I find it weird the writers of Velma are putting so much focus on Fred as if he was a prominent characters
Mindy Kaling is a simp for muscly, blond, white dudes. That's why.

No. 1671918

I looked into it a bit more and apparently it’s an origin story. Wish they’d made that a little clearer in the advertising because some of these decisions make more sense. Some people are theorizing that Scooby is part of the overarching mystery and will probably appear later.

No. 1671920

File: 1665436865255.png (81.11 KB, 647x659, Screenshot 3.png)

>everyone will go full retard over Daphne for being the daughter of TWO police officers
already happening


No. 1671934

Shit, I know what I'm rewatching on Halloween.

No. 1671937

Kek my god lesbian cops are copaganda… beyond retarded.

No. 1671945


I think it's purely targeted at queer mostly bougie white zoomers. Like not even black or asian people are really supposed to watch this.

it's probably been pointed out before but the reason this stuff keeps all getting canceled is because it's "diversity" targeted at a demographic that is already completely media saturated. It's not bringing new people, just people who identify as a lot of new things.

In some ways from a progressive perspective it's actually a step backwards from 2000s and 90s tv where they just made a lot more black and hispanic shows because there was nothing targeting them. UPN was a lot more diverse and helped a lot more creators than the CW did for example.

No. 1671950

File: 1665439651245.png (95.03 KB, 674x321, history-of-hanna-barbera-scoob…)

Bad argument on my part, technically lots of older people call anyone younger than them kids (e.g. 50 year olds call 30 year olds kids). Hanna-Barbera's Archie animated series was a hit in the late 60's. This came shortly after the backlash of having cartoon superhero and action shows on the network. Parents were worried about the violence and raised their concerns. The network felt pressure and seeing Archie have success wanted more shows like it. So the network wanted Hanna-Barbera to create a show revolving around teenagers and the radio show I Love a Mystery. They were originally suppose to be in a traveling band but that got scraped. Who's S-S-Scared? was a title for the show but rejected. There's more but the gist of it is network needed new shows due to pressure, show with teens having wacky hijinks does well, and wants a show similar to it. Not a giant Scooby Doo fan just remember reading stuff about it as a tween and being fascinated on the creation. The episode with Mama Cass always gave me an unsettling feeling. Also side note, is Shaggy still a vegetarian? I remember reading Casey Kasem wanted Shaggy to be a vegetarian because he was a vegetarian.

No. 1671989

I'm actually surprised in these 50 years or so that there hasn't been a balls to the wall adaptation of Scooby Doo.
>Scooby Doo but it takes place in the Edo period and Scoobert is secretly a kitsune
>Scooby Doo but 70's blacksploitation style
>Scooby Doo but in Victorian England hunting supernatural serial killers or some shit
>Scooby Doo steampunk
>Scooby Doo but they're all mermaids
>Scooby Doo genderbent
>Scooby Doo anime (the eng dub of Ghost Stories is basically this anyway just with a demonic cat)
>Scooby Doo but they have superpowers
>Scooby Doo but this time they're the villains and other people have to stop them
Just to name a few.

No. 1671999

omg yes and in the mermaid one Scooby-Doo is a seal

No. 1672005

>Scooby-Doo is a Kitsune
Do have you seen the Mystery Skulls music videos, or did you just accidentally recreate them? Also a few of these are background gags in Mystery Incorporated.

No. 1672011

>Scooby Doo but they have superpowers
After Loonatics Unleashed I'm surprised this wasn't a thing

No. 1672017

How the fuck is he hiding from his father he's a tranny if he is read as male and such? Doesn't make sense for a fucking FtM

No. 1672032

Scooby doo did have a little resurgence with Mystery Machine. I'm guessing this is for people who grew up with that.

No. 1672033

File: 1665449710500.jpg (646.5 KB, 930x1600, scrappy.jpg)

the scooby apocalypse comic def counts as batshit imo.

No. 1672037

Lol, are lesbian cops that common a trop in media? I only know Kima from The Wire.

No. 1672038

It's bunch of lines and colors. They're not real teenagers. Yeah it's gross that they sexualize them, but it's not that deep. Go back to Twitter

No. 1672056

File: 1665452770667.png (821.02 KB, 676x764, Specter.png)

Brooklyn 911, DC's Maggie Sawyer, Wynonna Earp, Ownward, Mindhunter, Law & Order, Arcane/LoL, Blindspot, Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles. It's common enough.

No. 1672092

what in the furry wank fodder hell is this??

No. 1672094

If I'm not misremembering, the black cop in Only Murders In The Building is seen with her (pregnant) lesbian partner too.

No. 1672117

I don't even know what Mystery Skulls is.

No. 1672135

>B-but drawn child porn isn't real child porn
Why don't you go back to Twitter?

No. 1672138

The people who think it's some cuties-tier pedo scheme are stupid, but it's still funny that the explicit parallel (panda form = periods and puberty) has an accidental connection to prostitution (selling puberty). It's not really that deep but shows how little thought went into the themes that none of the staff noticed lol.

No. 1672169

The "Drawing=real" take has always been the twitter take.

No. 1672186

File: 1665469516180.jpg (785.27 KB, 1672x2560, 910F4wua4DL (1).jpg)

The scooby apocalypse comics is actually super cool, i enjoyed it. Its really short too.
I would take strong Daphne and hipster Shaggy any day over whatever crap this "Velma" spin-off is. What you showed is Scrapy Doo in this comics, Scoobs looks normal.

No. 1672219

Jerry x Rick supremacy (but only when Jerry is on top)(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1672221

No. 1672246

So do you think Shadman is ethical and his "art" has no ramifications? Better yet, do you think porn has no influence over psychology? Or do you think it magically only affects men, and yaoi won't rot your brain because you're a woman?

No. 1672263

Sorry for sperg but: marketing. The creators of these shows play on both teams at the same time: They know how much outrage it creates among those who hate race swaps/diversity casting, and how much woke twitter zoomers will love it. Both generate massive publicity for the project and either way the show will be talked about. This has gotten so insanely prevalent within the past 5 years or so and it will happen more and more because how much exposure and money is there to be made. It's getting out of hand though. Daphne is a working class east asian raised by two lesbians, Shaggy is black, Velma is indian, Fred is possibly a fakeboi and the dog was entirely removed kek. It's so ridiculous it reads like someone making fun of 2015 tumblr sjws.
>create ridiculously over the top hyperwoke reboot
>still manage to sexualize the already over-sexualized teenage girl
Millenial moment. Why are they like this?

No. 1672280

The issue with this is that it doesn't work in the long term. It might generate initial interest in a series but if the series is shit no one is going to keep watching it and it alienates normies that aren't interested in culture war bullshit.

No. 1672287

Very true, which is why all these shows and movies are going to age like absolute shit. I feel like a lot of platforms like Netflix and Disney+ aren't that interested in producing shows with coherent storylines and well-rounded characters anymore, which is why we're getting nothing but shit biopics and low-effort reboots. Those are way faster and cheaper to produce. Sad state we're currently in

No. 1672438


>Millenial moment. Why are they like this?

Because millennial culture is hypersexual

No. 1672465

Even if the show is "for mature audiences" kids will watch it. I'm pretty sure the government wouldn't like a negative portrayal of cops in cartoons. They could accept incompetent cops as characters, but never accept them as actively malicious or people worth hating.

No. 1672484

I just said the twitter take was that drawings were on the same level as real life. Nobody said that naked drawings were good or didn't have ramifications in any way. Stop projecting with that shit.

No. 1672494

The point wasn't that cartoons = real or that cartoon pedophilia = real pedophilia, it was that it doesn't have to include real children to deserve criticism. You're the one chimping out over semantics for no reason.

No. 1672548

No matter how much you "no you" the argument, you can't deny that you were the one who chimped out first over drawings. Also, I don't think you understand what semantics mean. If you wanna have that same argument again, just scroll up. It's pointless going round circles again.

No. 1672695

The Velma thing is baffling to me because why can't they just make a completely new IP? They can even rip-off Scooby-doo characters and even make a framework for their new story. They will still be able to make "the Velma" the main protagonist while not setting people off on this weird uncanny valley feeling.

People forgot the race-bend creative exercise only works when all of the characters are changed to complement the culture setting.

The solution is so easy yet these people in this industry can't grasp basic human emotions probably because they're rich and they got into those positions by pure nepotism rather than talent. It's like how Disney won't remake Princess and the Frog (which has a black lead) but rather blackwash The Little Mermaid. It's dumb.

No. 1672775

The most likely and disheartening reason is that the suits are not confident that original IPs with black people won't do well so in a legitimate example of forced diversity they would rather racebend a popular white character than have an original black character. A mindset that is ironically more racist than not having a black character at all.

No. 1672905

That's literally some conservafag trying to paint le liberal millenial globohomo boogeymen brainwashing muh pure children into prostitution, delinquency and degeneracy, don't mind them.

>Scooby Doo anime (the eng dub of Ghost Stories is basically this anyway just with a demonic cat)
kek how do I get this funded

No. 1672911

>do you think it magically only affects men
nta but come back when men aren't 97% of all rapists and child sexual abusers, I won't hold my breath. I can safely assume that of those men who consume drawn porn also consume IRL porn while women most likely won't, and overconsumption of IRL porn is proven to have neurological repercussions. So yes enjoying fucked up cartoon pedo porn is a red flag for men and men only.

No. 1672960

This is just another case of a writer self inserting themselves into a series and not really caring about the franchise. Mindy Kayling is the writer and the voice of Velma.
Velma isn't Indian to be woke, she's Indian because modern writers for cartoons are narcissists.
You can add this to the list of poorly woke remakes that are just self inserts
Velma, I am not starfire, Nubia real one, that weird version of spider woman in a wheelchair

No. 1672972

You are literally in the western animation cow thread. What are you here for, if not to criticize and movk animators?

No. 1672985

Just because women have lower rates of sexual crimes doesn't making jacking off to pedophilic content any less of a red flag, unless you want to say that women can't be pedophiles at all because "being less likely to be a pedo means you can't be a pedo."

No. 1672995

yes. there are many ultra-realistic movies and shows that are excellent. withnail&i, maison ikkoku, noriko trilogy, and a modern example is the great north - a cartoon that is so focused ont he mundane that its plots are zero-stakes as opposed to low-stakes, and somehow is still watchable.

they're common in real life so i didn't know this was a "trope". the police chief of my city is a butch lesbian and the two beat cops that are always arresting junkies on my mom's street are a couple (which, how do you see each other literally 24/7 and not get divorced, i need to know)

No. 1673185

File: 1665546845329.jpg (709.39 KB, 1582x1274, 164813.jpg)

>You can add this to the list of poorly woke remakes that are just self inserts
another one for the collage

No. 1673190

Doesn't this apply to a lot of media outside of cartoons tho?

No. 1673192

only one I can think off right now is kevin smith's early films, his protagonists are just idealized versions of himself who get the hot girl in the end

No. 1673193

mystery incorporated was the only reboot that was actually any good as of late

No. 1673199

also sorry to sperg but Velma was hinted at being in love with hotdog water in mystery inc this has been a thing for years and is not just "suddenly she's gay out of the blue"

No. 1673202

Fuck that gay show they should've used the budget from the show to make Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase available on the Switch.

No. 1673205

No. 1673215

this is stupid current culture is hypersexual too

No. 1673252

Isn't Steven closer to Rebecca's brother than herself? And that she based the Gems more on herself.

No. 1673289

File: 1665556899018.jpg (51.16 KB, 363x670, StevenSugar.jpg)

>Isn't Steven closer to Rebecca's brother than herself?
Steven is literally her brother, his name is Steven Sugar

No. 1673355

I'd argue even that current zoomer culture is more sexual than millenials, with OF kind of activities so normalized

No. 1673356

The marketing for this is already so lame, I was expecting the show to be more of a Venture Brothers esque Adult Swim thing but I guess they’re going for the YASS KWEEN girlboss angle.

No. 1673389

Good point nona

No. 1673405

it doesn't help the writers are massive coomers who cram in their fetishes seemingly every episode, there have been two episodes this season alone that centered around incest

No. 1673422

>Scooby Doo but it takes place in the Edo period and Scoobert is secretly a kitsune
>Scooby Doo but in Victorian England hunting supernatural serial killers or some shit
>Scooby Doo anime (the eng dub of Ghost Stories is basically this anyway just with a demonic cat)
So Mistery Skulls, Black Butler and as you said, Ghost Stories. Also isn't Persona 4 just japanese wacky Scooby Doo?

No. 1673433

>something something having Scooby Doo in a Scooby Doo cartoon is too infantile
>promo art looks like tumblr fanart by a literal teen

No. 1673541

Yeah. The point being Steven isn't really a self insert since their inspiration for him was obviously a third person. (Steven did work on the show but I don't think he was a writer or his influence was limited to what the writers took from him). Unless you replace this image >>1673185 with Pearl instead of Steven to be more accurate (more accurate than Steven at least).

No. 1673547

Princess & The Frog is relatively recent, Disney seem to be making live action versions of their classics first.

No. 1673551

People working on animation aren't really rich anon

No. 1673594

I think anon was more referring to people who get to create shows or are in positions where they are in charge i.e. the rich kids who went to CalArts.

No. 1673636

agree. for millenials, porn was mostly a joke except for older moids who sometimes bought magazines (like guys born before 1990). a minority of boys under 18 would watch it online and if someone got caught with it on their computer they'd be fired (like a teacher or office worker). no one sent nudes until like 2012 and the phrase "sex work" didn't exist outside of fat acceptance libfem blogger type communities.
when i meet people born after 1995, pornography is just in the same category as "videos" and everyone's been watching it since they first learned to use a computer.

No. 1673637

File: 1665594374102.png (1.49 MB, 896x958, i read this whole thing last n…)

hi nonniez, i'm reporting back from the comic shop to say that scooby apocalypse is good reading and you should check it out. it rushes the ending a bit because i think they got a cancellation notice last-minute, but it's still fun b-movie style scifi with major interpersonal melodrama. if you like resident evil, the blob, or hammer horror, this is your type of trashy comic book!
this website probably has it: https://readcomiconline.li/

No. 1673658

Amphibia is Matt Braly's double self insert. Anne is who he wants to be (her mom's VA is his actual mother) and Marcy is who he was as a kid/now

No. 1673661

Absolutely disgusting. I think I remember one of the show creators, Roland, saying that he was a victim of csa- so I’m assuming that has a part to why it’s so referenced in the show, but is just so gross

No. 1673702

It appears that a majority of modern animation is ran by several -billion different flavors of Chris-Chan, you can also add Dome Shee to the collection who I believe has Mei Lee be a self-insert in "Turning Red"

No. 1673712

File: 1665598478815.png (657.23 KB, 605x641, kronk1.png)

I am the >>1672186 anon and I am glad you liked it! I think there is a small comics thread in /m/ somewhere, you can post it there too. I liked how the characters weren't sexualized even when they would have ripped parts on their outfits (yeah, that's a small thing to be happy about but every time artists would draw a woman in damaged suits she would always have her chest open or w/e) and Daphne was my favorite part of it, along with Velma's funny moments. Shaggy would have been every Tumblr's girl dream if these comics was popular because of how beautiful he is there.

No. 1673727

Yeah those people are not rich still. Don't get me wrong they're doing fine but I wouldn't call them rich

No. 1673734

Fair enough. Yeah, I imagine they make modest salaries from their jobs but they would probably not have made it as far as they have without help and continued support from rich parents.

No. 1673749

Probably not but that doesn't necessarily mean they're rich. Lots of people take out loans to afford school if that's what you mean

No. 1673761

ayrt and the comics thread is hella dead, and i think we could maybe make a dc/vertigo thread so that a comic book thread doesn't just get hijacked by fukken marvel dilettantes. i want to discuss the wildstorm reboot which has better art and writing, but is helmed by the annoyingly-still-remorseless warren ellis.

No. 1673783

File: 1665603507536.jpg (17.31 KB, 250x334, 448b6ea81b1176783b21402a97eee6…)

ew. Really regret watching that. I never seen Rick and Morty but I assume it's whole stick is to be shocking and offensive? If that is the case I guess they succeeded based on this clip but then again a disturbing high number of moids has an incest fetish so I genuinely can't tell if this is dark "comedy" or legit fetish fuel

No. 1673827

What millennial moids have you been talking to? All of the ones I know have crippling porn addictions. Maybe you just don't notice because they don't tend to constantly publicly display it on social media it the way zoomer moids do, but it's there. It mostly leaks through in "jokes" or memes, or sometimes they get uncomfortable when they see or hear innocent stuff because it reminds them of porn.
The girls seem to be the ones more affected between the generations imo. Only about one in six millennial women I know have had porn issues at one point in their life or another, and all of them were groomed by people they personally knew. Two of those six will be extremely chaste and oblivious, though, but they are usually NLOGs who think there's no way their precious moids could be coomers or misogynistic abusers. Meanwhile, the statistics are flipped for zoomer women and girls. I would say only one in eight zoomer women have never had any porn issues, and one in three have had or currently have porn addictions. They're the ones running this bimboism trend, and in a couple decades we will be seeing the consequences of this all.
God I wish. I stopped watching R&M after the dragon episode, where Rick, Morty, and Summer are all mentally connected to a dragon at one time and all of them get sexual pleasure from it. I think there was also a joke early on about Morty masturbating to Summer or something, and I don't think it's a coincidence his crush has the same hair color as Summer, either. Incest isn't the only thing put in there, either. There are a lot of jokes about Summer peeing herself. I'm sure there are more, but I haven't watched any of it in awhile, and I can't remember most of it (thankfully).

No. 1673839

Sure nonny, sounds like a good idea, feel free to make a thread if you would like! Sadly I am not too good at making threads myself.

No. 1673986

I occasionally watch it when if it's TV, but I haven't watched every episode, but other then the fetishes you mentioned I have see Rick and Morty reference cuckholding, pegging, selfcest(beth has a relationship with a clone version of herself) and beth and jerry engaging in a threesomes has happened at least twice now

No. 1674076

LMAO why is shaggy black? What is going on(sage your shit)

No. 1674078

Good for her for getting a younger moid.

No. 1674137

If you mean self inserts in general, you can go all the way back to the Divine Comedy

No. 1674147


he did background work for the show IIRC, which is one of the things about SU that deserves compliments. personally, i like his art style and coloring quite a bit.

No. 1674213

The Rick and Morty art book said Summer is Justin Roiland's favorite character so that's probably why he projects most of his weird fetishes onto her. He also wanted her to wear nipple tassels on her in one episode but the network told him no.

No. 1674215

Modern animators only know weirdo fetishes, tranny shit, pandering, and pedophilia.

No. 1674262

LS Mark did a great video covering this topic, the over indulgence on putting shows writers fetishes into the show be it.. as random gags, plotpoints or full on episodes centered around them, the fetishes go beyond just incest and piss fetish of roland
topic starts at 3:07

No. 1674282

Old post sry but are any of those TMNT artists still working or did they get blacklisted too?

No. 1674295

File: 1665648408382.png (229.45 KB, 598x825, Screenshot.png)

this video is stupid because for some reason it only blames dan harmon for the incest shit when it's likely roiland's fault. he's a fan of shadman's incest drawings.

No. 1674363

nitpick and off topic but aside from being a disgusting pedo Shadman's style is also ugly. Men will coom to anything

No. 1674538

Not to sound like a WK but basing characters (main characters or not) of of yourself or people you know isn't really that bad. Self-inserting has been practiced since the dawn of time just look at Dante's Inferno. Write What You Know (and let's face it, writing from personal experience has the advantage of making a story more authentic than say, trying to write from a different culture, sexuality, experience you're not from or whatever–you're gonna fuck up. Just look at the way Detroit: Become Human shittily tried to ~~address~~ American racism: it fucked it up so bad that it bordered on offensive and the reason it fucked up so bad is because the creator is a White French guy who has no idea what he's addressing courtesy of never actually experienced the topic he's trying to talk about. (Not saying you can't write about experiences you don't know or experience from either, but if you're gonna do it you need to be cautious and sensitive about it especially if it's a can of worms topic like racism like Detroit: Become Human–otherwise you'll come up with something hamfisted.)) is a staple like Show, Don't Tell. As long as a writer doesn't go overboard and turn their self-inserts a la Kirito a la Isabela Swan perfecto Gary/Mary Sues, the it's fine…which picrel aren't really a good example tbh.

tl;dr: Self-inserting is not the problem. How a writer handles
self-inserting is the problem.

No. 1674550

Roiland was also molested. No shit he was responsible for a deal of the creepy aspects of the show

No. 1674560

I don't know if he was actually molested, or if it was just another porn-fueled "joke." IIRC he said it off the cuff and claimed it was by some ambiguous "hot cousin."

No. 1674603

CSA doesn't excuse people being perverse & weird.

No. 1674661

Yeah I don’t really understand why people harp on this as everyone who created things is just drawing from their own experiences. People only bitch about self inserts when the writing is bad kek.
It is so bad. I’m amazed at the fanbase he was able to acquire despite being so objectively terrible in everything he did.

No. 1674684

The green dyed haired one is the only one that really gets to me, because it's so obviously just a self-portrait. The others are generic enough that lots of kids can relate to them but that one is so specific it even has the roots coming in.
Pretty sure the show is about magic and witches so she could just make her self-insert have pastel magic hair, but no, it had to be exactly her except pointy elfy ears.

No. 1674762

> It is so bad. I’m amazed at the fanbase he was able to acquire despite being so objectively terrible in everything he did.

You talking about Roiland/Harmon or Shadman?

No. 1674880

I actually think Dana created the character first and then dyed her hair to match lmao

No. 1674888

Sure you can try to deny it but look at most of what he makes, his entire personality and tell me that isn't the product of someone who's brain was fucked up as a youth.

No. 1674935

TBH his content isn't even all that out there or crazy. You can find a dozen guys just like him in any Discord server, and none of them have been through any major trauma. It's very possible that he's just a porn-addicted edgelord who wanted to fuck his cousin but never did.

No. 1674971

yes his brain was fucked up by extreme porn consumption nonstop lmao hes just an extreme case of porn brainrot, the only exepctional thing about him is that he learned to monetize it

No. 1674978

Shadman. I liked earlier Rick and Morty but I’ve fallen off. Shadman had a ton of, in a way, mainstream support from a lot of content creators. The fucking Game Grumps used to be friendly with him. At best these people were so heavily irony poisoned that they unironically believed that his desires were purely fantasy and at worst they’re just like him.

No. 1675220

Shadman is vile but is good at marketing and deflection. For years I assumed he was just the weird edgy porn guy who did it for the meme until I found out he'd threatened to draw porn of Keemstar fucking his daughter.

No. 1675324

Child molesters lie about being victims of csa themselves to get sympathy/because they think it’s hot. I don’t see why a pornsick coomer wouldn’t do the same thing.

No. 1675347

iirc roiland claims he lost his virginity to an older female cousin and thinks it was cool and not incestuous child-rape

No. 1675515

still hillarious that he managed to get groomed by this one e-celeb's 30+ year old boomer ex gf.

No. 1675523

wait Roiland did?? Or do you mean LS Mark

No. 1675530

That zoomer. Not the coomer.
Didn't the rick and morty creators try to solicit some underage girl for alex hirsch to fuck and then bully the girl off the internet when she published the chatlogs?

No. 1675581

Ay, show the deets here anon for those unaware.

No. 1675739

Yikes anon, do you know where I can still get the chat logs?

No. 1676032

File: 1665845345762.jpg (461.29 KB, 1080x1954, IMG_20221015_094848.jpg)

Well, this is a fun twist.

No. 1676088


All the wokies who were shitting themselves over gay Velma must be on suicide watch rn. Is it worse to be transphobic or homophobic over there?

No. 1676232

Transphobia, which on itself is a subset of homophobia

No. 1676571

File: 1665898862302.jpeg (18.36 KB, 219x132, F06FBFEC-5964-4E8D-9897-A2332E…)

No. 1676798

File: 1665935654820.png (420.41 KB, 1703x1242, groomer.png)

Wow, legit groomer energy.
How come that never got them cancelled?
Why are some scrotes above the law and rules?

No. 1677167

I don’t know about Justin but Hirsch got awa with a lot when everyone was proclaiming him a wunderkind, the next big thing for Gravity Falls. It’s very telling that he hasn’t been able to keep a job since but his fans are still pretty rabid.

No. 1677239

i'm waiting for something to come out about kyle carrozza. i know everyone's always like "oh he's such a sweet pure angel special needs boy" or some shit, but i'm sorry, no one makes themselves look the way he does unless they're a pedo, a furry, or one of those ABDL weirdos. no way that dude's not drawing saturday morning cartoon porn 100% of the time he's not at work.

No. 1677256

>oh he's such a sweet pure angel special needs boy

lolwut. who is saying this?

No. 1677259

ayrt i keep seeing him talked about as "SUCH a good guy" or "a great boss" in animation threads, or in conversations at my school where we're trashing some pervy creator like john k. i thought it was a common opinion

No. 1677266

it’s funny because i thought your opinion was the commonly held one, it seems like every time i see him mentioned it’s someone waiting for something to come out about him. people do always hype up their bosses though, the industry is tiny and everyone is afraid to call showrunners out unless theres solid evidence ig

No. 1677267

> the industry is tiny and everyone is afraid to call showrunners out unless theres solid evidence
yeah i know, you're right but COME ON the man looks like the buttbaby of jimmy savile and chris-chan. he's the animation industry's version of a bright orange tree frog or some shit, the vest and sideburns are there to tell us something

No. 1677285

Rick and morty is basically the Bible for a lot of toxic nice guy types. So no surprise shit like this is getting overlooked.

No. 1677301

> no way that dude's not drawing saturday morning cartoon porn 100% of the time he's not at work
Well that's literally everyone who works in the animation industry, so you're right in that regards.

No. 1677322

It's definitely the younger X to very elder millennial types who are obsessed with Halloween, shop at Spencer Gifts, and are still watching Robot Chicken. Immediately when this was announced, I was like "oh no the worst 40somethings at my job are gonna love this."

No. 1677462

Nah, being trans is homophobic and misogynistic.

No. 1677554

>some pervy creator like john k
didn't he date teenagers? I'm not going to deny that he is pervy but calling him that seems to simplify how evil he is

No. 1677624

how is pervy in any way not a synonym for evil
wtf are you, some tumblr porn artist

No. 1677645

being pervy is bad but we should just call him what he is: a pedophile

No. 1677666

someone mentioned in the MTF thread that the characters in Harley Quinn talk and act more like white liberals with the superpowers then the characters themselves, like why would the fucking Joker care about bilingual education, most hispanics don't even care, its literally only something white liberals give a shit about

No. 1677671

Being pervy and being a straight up rapist aren't on the same level, nonnie.

No. 1677697

Bilingual education as in teaching kids another language? Or bilingual education where you round up all the latino kids into a Spanish only environment and segregate them from the other non-Spanish speaking kids and then dump their asses into English only middle school and watch their grades and self-esteem plummet because they didn't learn a lick of English in elementary? And then they fucking wonder why these children don't excel.

I know this because I had cousins put into that system and it doesn't fucking work. If fucking first gen Asian and African children aren't rounded up in the same manner, then why are latino kids? It's disgusting.

No. 1677703

>bilingual education where you round up all the latino kids into a Spanish only environment and segregate them from the other non-Spanish speaking kids and then dump their asses into English only middle school and watch their grades and self-esteem plummet because they didn't learn a lick of English in elementary? And
the latter, its something liberals and upper class hispanics who can't even speak spanish care about for some reason, I mean look what they did to poor swamp thing and noora freeze

No. 1677775

The Owl House returns with the first episode free on YouTube

No. 1677790

>the fucking Joker care about bilingual education
That's the joke nonnie. American white liberals are sociopathic.

No. 1677810

Tho tbf DC is trying to erase all the bullshit HQ and PI have done over the decades for the sake of their progressive lesbian power couple
Never mind the fact that they've both committed mass murders and shit kek just sweep it under the rug to get those liberal views

No. 1677813

nonna(s), the show is clearly not making fun of them, harley and ivy are presented as being in the right in every situation, even when the joker becomes mayor and literally dismantles the police force, its shown to have a universally positive change for Gotham(cause his policies are what the writers also believe in), Harley Quinn comes from the same place as Velma, like Batman is presented as a spoiled privellged manbaby and dick grayson is some weird stereotype who were mensa as teenagers, it's not a critique of anything, the show is a liberal power fantasy not
here's an example of when they clearly intend to make fun of a character, the writers aren't clever or subtle about it, cause their idiots

No. 1677816

I mean that’s kind of the humor of that show?

No. 1677828

Send them to supplementary Spanish classes then like all the Chinese do to their kids in America
Also what the fuck did I just watch!? What a cursed series.

No. 1677856

Totally agree the comic thread should have been specific instead of lumping marvel/dc/euro comics together

No. 1677860

Self inserts have been a thing since the dawn of time like Star Wars (Luke Skywalker) it’s not a bad thing but you just need good writing/characterisation

No. 1677874

yo yeah those three things are completely different products.

No. 1677967


Sometimes I legitimately wonder when the industry folks will comeback to this thread. It’s post like this that remind me that 14 year olds must post here. Alex got a nice million dollar check from Disney (which in the grand scheme of things he was clearly ripped off from how much they made from his series, but it’s the rat that’s why everyone warns about working for them)

He has over 2 million in net worth? Why would you think he’s struggling to get work? He simply is in a spot now where he doesn’t have to work unless it’s a passion project now.(sage your shit )

No. 1678236

He’s been attached to several projects since GF and been removed from every single one including HIS pilots.

Are YOU in the industry, anon? It’s an open secret that he’s difficult to work with and has been from the minute Disney picked up GF. There are few people willing to take a chance on him at this point, he burns out in production early and leaves his crew picking up the pieces. So many of the people championing him earlier in his career have given up on him.

No. 1678298

>harley and ivy are presented as being in the right in every situation
>the joker becomes mayor and literally dismantles the police force
That's the joke nonnie, again. Ducking criminal dismantling the police and being "right". Batman is ducking idiot and so is everyone else in this show. You are taking it way too literally.

No. 1678309

>Assuming modern comic book cartoon writers are more likely to write extremely detailed anti-libfem satire than they are to just use the cartoon to soapbox their own pomo brainrot
>Ignoring that there is impossible to deny libfem pandering content in the show, even if some of it were "satire"
>ducking x2
NTAYRT but fuck off retard.

No. 1678356

It's a cartoon. Go outside and touch some grass.

No. 1678382

File: 1666088229465.png (152.77 KB, 682x192, Harley Quinn Writers.png)

if you like the show that's fine, but please don't pretend that the writers aren't inserting their actual political opinions, its not subtle at all about it and you are being willfully blind if you pretend that its actually doing the opposite and supposed to be making fun of libfems, like these are the actual writers of the show

No. 1678432

>YOU care about this too much! Touch grass!
You're the one throwing a tantrum on a basket-weaving website over nonas not understanding your "brilliant epic satire" cartoon.

No. 1678500

kek ok but THIS post sounds like a kid wrote it.
>misunderstands meaning of net worth
>thinks a million dollar check means anything in 2022, especially to a self-employed showrunner who lives in LA or NYC
>thinks a guy who made one show that fujos and hipsters watched made enough money that he "doesn't have to work"
anon have you ever had a job even

No. 1678502

sabrina jalees looks like one of those women who writes one of those dramatic articles about how being fat affected her life as if it's the same as being schizophrenic or a black south african during apartheid

No. 1678588

CSA survivors either do the work to heal or they let it warp their mind until they become the next generation of groomers.

Whenever I see people use “b-but I’m a survivor! I’m healing by reclaiming my trauma in a safe way!” as an excuse to indulge in the same kind of shit that damaged them in the first place, it really comes off as them trying to hide the fact that they’ve already become the monster. The risk of becoming a sexual degenerate is inherently much higher for moids to begin with even if they started out normal, so fucking around with incest and pedophilic fantasies when your sexuality has already been warped as a boy is just asking for it to escalate.

No. 1678589

Because it's not, cry about something else

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Kek wasn’t Mindy Kaling known for being like a diet Republican for a while? I think she distanced herself from them once the Trump era started and claimed she isn’t one anymore, so people had enough time to forget about it.