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File: 1665790698730.png (489.96 KB, 900x2000, 1665459424696.png)

No. 1675575

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No. 1675588

File: 1665791497438.png (20.72 KB, 1078x181, Both my sisters are Transphobi…)


No. 1675609

File: 1665793074467.png (230.82 KB, 732x542, hate crime.png)

Reminder that these are the sort of "hate crimes" being recorded by police.

No. 1675629

It's either a grave misnomer or it's illegal to "misgender"

No. 1675631

I can't imagine being a police officer, meant to be suppressing crime, and having to deal with troon temper-tantrums, although maybe that's the point. Easier to deal with than roving rape gangs (UK) and violent crime.

No. 1675639

Bingo. It's easy wins for them to fulfil their quota

No. 1675641

>UK police

No. 1675642

all those stupid troons replying under JK's heart wrenching tweet to a friend she lost need to commit sudoku.

No. 1675648

Weird this almost feels like it’s about me and my sister, a while ago our brother admitted he wants to try wearing dresses, he’s bisexual as well. Except my sister doesn’t talk to him and I completely freaked out and told him to get therapy instead of trooning out and he told me he’s not trans just likes girly things. I’m still concerned though

No. 1675661

File: 1665796640716.jpeg (627.22 KB, 720x1360, 98D99F8E-72CD-4AA0-8487-6FE6AD…)

No. 1675680

File: 1665798886346.jpeg (559.58 KB, 828x1514, 66BC15CE-3E06-49DA-BA96-B2BE42…)

looks like twitterfags are seething at the fact Mindy liked a tweet jk rowling made

No. 1675691

ACAB, but only until the literal cops help you abuse women

No. 1675692

File: 1665799929493.jpeg (130.13 KB, 947x2048, A64C03AC-3379-444E-80B1-D6D3EB…)

Can’t get over Jamie Lee’s ogre son. His Twitter is everything you’d expect from an unemployed, coom brained, zero hobbies man child. He appears to be intellectually not very with it at all.

No. 1675700

lurk more and discover the horrors of his cringey cheap anime cosplay wedding

No. 1675703

File: 1665800745345.jpeg (871.88 KB, 750x3494, A78A632F-E14D-46FB-9573-F41183…)

troons’ idea of torture is getting called masculine. how fucking dramatic are these men?

No. 1675706

sometimes I think of how many times Jamie thinks of her troon adopted son and regrets that she didn’t pick another kid.

No. 1675708

imagine having one of the most badass, influential women in hollywood as your mother and you do this

No. 1675710

>the callousness
>the cruelty
>the sadism!
Nono nonny, it's his girl pills which make him dramatic and emotional!

No. 1675712

she probably adopted him because he’s an autist and she wanted to virtue signal as a savior of abandoned retards.

No. 1675713

He's adopted? Kek that moment you adopt a kid, save him from potential abuse in foster homes and he repays you with this

No. 1675729

Really proves the adage that money can't buy you everything. I wonder how many other rich celebrities have similar failsons that they just keep out of the public eye. Think of all the girls who grow up feeling lesser than the boys around them, when these are the boys. Men only retained that veneer of respectability as long as instant mass communication and digital cameras didn't exist.

No. 1675732

just knowing that a woman had to endure an unwanted pregnancy to produce that creature is depressing. he should have been an abortion.

No. 1675733

his face kek this is beyond parody
so Orwellian the way they harass women over wrong-think like when did liking a tweet even mean you agree with it
I'm so glad that JLC has a real daughter who isn't a major embarrassment and disappointment like this failson

No. 1675734

actually, it’s more trendy now for celebs to announce one of their kids are gay/trans. Magic Johnson, Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Union, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, and of course, Cher. gets the celeb more PC rep and the kid a bit of their own fame. Win-win.

No. 1675736

File: 1665805419025.jpeg (2.4 MB, 3024x5233, 2019E355-0E6B-4A4F-9033-0ECBA2…)

username checks out.

No. 1675747

>I'm a man and I'm here to inform (and shame) silly women of the definition of their own social movement
He knows that feminism is necessary because of cretins like him right?

No. 1675748

kek he stuffed a bra with tissue paper and now claims they bounce. also fuck me how does someone have negative hips

No. 1675749

can whoever creates the next thread please just link this thread instead of the 80 others

No. 1675756

yeah, that's where boobs go.

No. 1675761

File: 1665809141632.jpeg (377.14 KB, 828x1475, 2B9D0A45-7BB1-422D-A0EE-8937AE…)


No. 1675763

File: 1665809364782.png (111.35 KB, 250x334, 3737006-29770daefa9931a8506450…)

Kek was keffals attempt at looking feminine for once posted yet? With an obviously two big bra? Couldn't even comb his fucking hair. Imagine how he really looks in this outfit?

No. 1675765

File: 1665809532222.jpeg (284.1 KB, 1597x1289, 9218E106-64E2-4054-BB85-5CC575…)

Reminder of his true form

No. 1675768

His nudes are all over the internet. Everyone knows what his moobs actually look like. What the hell is he trying to prove with a bra that's like three cup sizes too big?

No. 1675769

File: 1665809890196.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2316x3336, 57937382-6D51-4DB1-873A-F7C819…)

this inbred creature calls himself a lesbian.

No. 1675776

File: 1665810857574.png (2.06 MB, 1680x1566, no.png)

looks like Halloween came early

No. 1675777

File: 1665810906782.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1508, pale lady from scary stories t…)

TransLater is a gold mine. At least some young troons look like feminine gays to nomies,old ones just look like serial killers. Imagine seeing THIS waiting at the school bus stop. Instant peak.

No. 1675780

File: 1665811024511.png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1303x740, pale-lady.png)

Obese troons literally look like this

No. 1675781

File: 1665811421304.jpg (109.6 KB, 1331x747, no_binaria.jpg_850524318.jpg)

i'm not sure if this is the right thread, but this is our first legal non binary faggot, assigned "X". he put on a red bright lipstick, lobbied for 10 years alongside the most woke university in this god forsaken land and this is the result… as if we didn't have more important stuff to solve in this country. sorry nonitas, i'm super pissed.

No. 1675782

Despite the fact that he is "nonbinary" he will definitely go exclusively to womens restrooms and changing rooms (preferably with little/teenage girls) and when he kills somebody, handmaidens will insist he should go to womens prison.
I seriously think of mowing to the glorious Terf Island, maybe this place really is a bit better.

No. 1675789

File: 1665812455899.jpg (115.83 KB, 1055x1162, die handmaiden.jpg)

Handmaidens are literally the worst. I can't blame women for men's crimes, but maybe if spicy straight/bisexual handmaidens wouldn't call themselves lesbians who date troons, the situation wouldn't be so bad.
I know this "meme" was definitely made by a troon (aka a straight man) but other troons will see it and think lesbians REALLY WANT some troosbian dick/amhole and will harass innocent women. Bleak.

No. 1675797

This one actually kinda passes to me, but it's the same kind of sexual ambiguity that morbidly obese people get. Past a certain threshold of fat - or ugly, in this case - you just can't be sure what you're looking at

No. 1675801

File: 1665813839520.jpg (351.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221014-193132_Red…)

Today in agp_irl

No. 1675802

File: 1665813864791.jpg (417.05 KB, 810x1848, Screenshot_20221015-015133_Red…)

No. 1675805

a tranny shoved our national flag up his gaping asshole in front of children and nothing happened to him. and then this idiot tranny who’s a government representative made a whole scandal out of being told he can’t have an abortion. this country is a joke.

No. 1675806

This girldick-sucker is a “male feminist” turned chaser for mtf troons only.


He especially hates JK R and calls out sexist/scrote behaviour from bio men but when a trans wahmen does the same sexist/scrote deeds, he darvo and make stories up for why they did and how it isnt the same as sexist male act.

Why do mtf chasers hate “the uppity nasty cis women” so much and actively feel some kind of sadist happiness when thinking of their fellow mtf brethren invading female spaces, groping, harrassing lesbians, and such?! Are mtf chasers jealous of bio women too?(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1675807

it doesn’t pass as human, so the sex doesn’t really matter.

No. 1675809

I'm not Chilean so don't really know how that works, but it can't be wise of him to show his full ass ID with those numbers on it can it?

No. 1675810

Reminds me of those anime art tutorials that are like "boobs don't come out of the collar bone" but men actually think they do

No. 1675814

File: 1665814773147.png (681.43 KB, 640x774, zgj6wow0lrh91.png)

The fact that they truly unironically see themselves as cute anime girls baffles me, it's like they don't have a single mirror in their basements.
Good of him to acknowledge that parents usually disown their failson when he turns full agp.

No. 1675816

How many of you newfags need to be told how imageboards work?

No. 1675818

Someone should tell him that you don't need to be a girl to get fucked in the ass.

No. 1675820

It's easy money, if he really is sexually interested in troons it's because he wants to defend his attraction as "straight" therefore defending Trans as women and hating on nasty Cis women is the goal.
Or he just hates women, views troons as men or "better women" because they are men secretly and wants to defend his fellow man.
One thing I notice though, men do NOT defend women like they do troons. Men who defend Trans women do it aggressively so. In fact a man going that hard for women and excusing every fucking thing they say, is often made fun of by men, call simps. No male feminist measures up to the coping and seething of a "cis" male defender of Trans women. In fact male feminist do it to get women. To make them comfortable around them. So they can sexually abuse, physically or mentally abuse them. Troon chasers super defenders know at the end of the day, they are equal to their TIM brothers. That they can't "use" them the same way they fuck over actual women. That if it comes down to it troons can pull that TIM card and they will be canceled. I hope I make sense because I did ramble. My point is the reasons may vary, but there's a lot behind a serial Troon defenders reasons. For some men I don't even think it's attraction. Like Kurt's Connor dude, has a girlfriend with a Troon sibling (I heard on here). Meeting one Troon can make a man go into ultra defense, yet literally coming out of a woman and loving women doesn't make them respect women. It all comes down to men respecting males more.

No. 1675821

its fascinating to see because on one hand, they claim that their dysphoria is unbearable and that the mere sight of other women is enough to send them to a spiral. on the other hand, they have not a clue about the self esteem issues us women actually have that have been shoved down our throats since elementary school, and probably earlier than that.
it seems to me as if these moids still have their average male ego and apply it to themselves. and then have the audacity to have us see them as sisters kek

No. 1675823

totally female desire to be preyed upon by male friends

No. 1675824

i wish i had the confidence of an agp to be honest, the other day youtube recommended me this guy's channel, he looks like a literal square and a 30yo meth addict metal fan, but still tries to be cutesy wearing tranny socks and skirts, it's really gross.

No. 1675825

if your feminism only supports troons, then you’re an MRA scumbag because troons aren’t women and they hate actual feminists.

No. 1675826

wtf pls say psych

No. 1675827

holy shit nonna, why is LATAM falling to this troonery bullshit too? our president also made it legal to be nonbinary(for his cringe drag queen son), in a country with a yearly inflation rate of 50%. The good thing is, that they can't travel to the USA or most countries with a nonbinary ID kek, they will have to stay in LATAM and suffer the consequences of populism.

No. 1675829

They claim to be insecure and shy so everyone is obligated to walk on eggshells around them, but at the same time, they seem to be absolutely 100% sure that they are far better than evil cissies who dont eve try to pass (they don't know that women don't need makeup to look like women because they are already female)
They literally just want to be constantly reassured that they really are the kawaii animu loli irl because of their fragile male ego.

No. 1675832

He seems to be wearing the late Angela Lansbury's skin.

No. 1675836

>> 1675806

That’s probably leftist moids strategy to hide their pro-red pill manosphere status and at the same time upsurp women’s rights and equality via way of their troon bros, these men know their fellow trannies are a good way to access women and have more excuses for their rape and sexual predatory shit; or other deeds against women, so they cape hard for troons.

I know some RW redpill dudes online who have done troon-caping before, despite all their talk of gym and masculinity and “pink long-haired males are betas”, because they know troonism can destroy women’s safety and allow perving, which is what these incels want to do too, they secretly support it.

No. 1675838

File: 1665817129268.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1950, uncanny valley troon.png)

Recently I have watched a video about the uncanny valley effect and this is exactly what normal people feel when they look at troons. Halloween masks and realistic dolls are creepy because your brain cannot detect adequate emotions and therefore intentions of the creature in front of you, and your brain just doesn't know what to expect. The same with troons and other severely autistic/schizophrenic people. Their faces look like a mask, not like a face of an actual human. Uncanny valley describes things that are pretending to be people when they are not.

No. 1675843

File: 1665818743169.jpg (2.57 MB, 1100x7311, pt2022_10_15_09_23_49.jpg)

Not a fetish right? Woman is when stilleto, sissy and thong.
Also his poor wife, he's asking for 'tactics' to manipulate her into staying with him.

No. 1675846

she doesn't "let him" dress like that privately, she puts up with it likely to avoid a fight. Poor thing just needs to get out now.

No. 1675847

File: 1665819101416.png (222.95 KB, 406x406, unknown (2).png)

>this is what stable diffusion came up with after giving it the "transngender mtf" prompt

No. 1675849

File: 1665819177071.jpg (492.02 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221015-093237_Red…)

He's also cheating on her.

No. 1675850


Hate how trannies think all the decor and girly things women wear and have is part of them, aka makes them a woman.

They literally think these femme things will attract lesbians to have sex with them, that's why these trannies dress in fugly fluffed-up frills, badly caked makeup, with tons of ridiculous pink/sissy accessories, crotchless thongs and badly-cut stockings mostly.

But no, "femme things and accessories" do not make troons women, but femaleness and being born female does make a woman one. Why do these idiotic mtf troons think wanting/having pink or girly items or wanting to act out stereotypes means they're women? Absurd how this has to be said to most people, stereotypical gendered items don't change your gender!

Lesbians aren't always attracted to femininity and frills like how males are and how males literally make a pervy fetish out of it with agp.

No. 1675853

youre absolutely right nona. i feel like the “butch” ones are even funnier though. to have the audacity to infiltrate r/butchlesbians and then EXPECT lesbians to come flocking by flexing their maleness under the guise of being butch makes me disgusted. i fucking hate the ones that say oh im 6ft and have huge muscles and turns out its just a troon that cant even be bothered to shave his double chin

No. 1675854

Do lesbians even exist in those subreddits? Everything that is infected by troons becomes solely for troons since nobody wants to be around them.
I can't wrap my head around the fact that incels troon out because they think it will make hot teen porn lesbians crave them. Literally who told them that?

No. 1675857


Those "butch transbian" trannies probably believe that wlw who like butch lesbians secretly like men but are too scared to fuck one, or only like manly things so they will take a "fake rip off of a woman trying to look like a man" as the closest until something better comes along. That's why they want to trans all tomboys into TiFs.

In queer theory and transgender women writings, they like to push for the definition of "man" "woman" and "gender" to be based on identity(collection of things which they say/do/like + personality traits, what the self is like) and to a smaller extent "passing aesthetic"(looks), instead of sex and "assigned bodies and genitals at birth".

They want to make everyone say that the Gender Identity has nothing biological to it and must be a "spectrum of stereotypes in common", aka "thoughts/behaviours/deeds/experiences/things/POVs must be classified as – Girl Thoughts/Behaviours/Deeds/Exp/Things/POV since they say they are one, Even though its NOT CORRECT to gender thoughts/behaviours/deeds/experiences/things/POVs since those are universal and gendering that kind of thing is stereotyping!

They also sometimes use this Not Stereotyping, Just Adding More Traits trick when they know they are sounding a little too regressive, such as one trans woman from their community will suddenly pop up and say "I bench press and play volleyball but I'm still such a soft trans girl queen ! Us ladies can do too tomboy gal things too!". Seriously, even gendering their bench presses and volleyball when they say they hate and want to get rid of gendered sports! Ironic. Liars, they always do the things they claim to be against!(don't use emojis)

No. 1675860

It's ridiculous how many troons say they discovered womanhood by wearing female underwear… That's not even an important thing in womanhood to women, how many of you celebrated wearing panties or getting first bras? They're uncomfortable, we don't even wear them at home, and getting a first bra is a cringe-inducing memories for most. I wear bras just so that I don't get bullied for showing nipples. Panties we use just so we don't make our clothes dirty, not because they make us feel female. Yeah sexy underwear exists but that just something women put on to make a show for men, again it's something men like more than women.
Little boy trying on his mom's underwear is some kind of a weird Oidipus perverse shit, it doesn't mean he discovered he's a woman. Women aren't even into underwear.

No. 1675861


Transbian trannies really think that wearing and adorning themselves with femme items/clothes and makeup is all they need to attract lesbians to them, what happens when they take it off?!

Shows how superficial trannies are, they truly think lesbians are attracted to women because of the "girly accessories and clothes they have", not because of femaleness! Wtf

No. 1675863


Troons really think lesbians are attracted to women because of "femme girly aesthetic and things only", that is how idiotic they are. Shit for brains.

No. 1675864

I'm not really talking about lesbians and the tranny you're replying about is probably bisexual sexpest, not a trabsbian

No. 1675867

File: 1665822567385.jpg (95.7 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20221015-102731_Syn…)

He was already a degenerate in middle school. I feel for his brother's girlfriend.

No. 1675871

File: 1665823239891.png (880.1 KB, 736x739, Screenshots_2022-10-13-17-24-4…)

>i did the same but typed "transwoman" instead kek

No. 1675875

File: 1665824109077.jpg (1.54 MB, 2160x2160, 37537547577.jpg)

This guy is 30, aging like milk

No. 1675878

File: 1665825156219.jpg (199.44 KB, 720x1071, 20221015_040253.jpg)

There is strangely a large group of trannies online who do not believe in gender stereotypes and find them to be offensive, most are transmedicalists. There's also a subreddit that has an entire community of younger trannies boasting about how they aren't feminine and are intelligent, and shamining older trannies for viewing women as retarded blow up dolls. I think at the most basic level, it's tomboy and butch fetishism, but there's something more to it that I don't quite understand.

No. 1675880


Are you a troon?

No. 1675882

Transmeds rely less on stereotypes and "acting like a woman" and believe in gender dysphoria, which is more based than the mainly gender ideology leaning troons and agps.

No. 1675883


Lies, most transgenderfolx dont support feminism, especially mtfs, because it cockblocks them

No. 1675887

File: 1665826555934.jpeg (420.11 KB, 750x666, 4B2C21EE-D236-4728-A930-157F82…)

Last thread hit post limit before i could point this out but JLC’s fails one hand is a little low there.

i’m maybe paranoid but he’s adopted and seeing this makes me feel sick.

No. 1675891


That is way too low for your mother. Also notice Jamie is covering her hand with her crotch. Weird shit.

No. 1675892

>subreddit that has an entire community of younger trannies boasting about how they aren't feminine and are intelligent, and shamining older trannies for viewing women as retarded blow up dolls
which subreddit is that? i would like to read it

No. 1675896

That explains his constipated expression, he's expressing weird moidy ownership over mom. Though her being an actress means she's (unfortunately) used to sexual harassment and groping, and probably doesn't even register it.

No. 1675903

Ayrt, transmedicalist ideology has never made much sense, and they seem intent on infesting the GC movement. Debbie Hayton comes to mind, he believes toddlers have agp and like wearing their mom's underwear. This man has an entire army of women reporting anyone who are skeptical of him being involved in the gc discussion.

R/boomerhoncringe, there was a screenshot of it going around, the sub has been locked apparently, probably spam reporting. Honesttransgender is another one. Tbh I think these guys know males are shitty and evil in general but instead of trying to be better men and being good influences on others they're like "uwu time to indulge in muh tomboy lesbian feminist fetish uguuu" and troon out, it's just as gross and some dude trying to be a bimbo barbie.

No. 1675905

Meanwhile TIFs, despite fetishising gay anime characters, tend to not have a story about how they discovered they were male by trying on boxers.
An anon said recently that many men are fabri-sexual and I think that's completely right. They attach such complex meaning to clothing. Women are just 'that looks good' or 'that doesn't' and don't obsess over particular items in the animalistic way men do.

No. 1675906


Don’t bother, it’s just bait by a tranny who is upset that anon managed to debunk “gender theory” altogether

No. 1675907

> Meanwhile TIFs, despite fetishising gay anime characters, tend to not have a story about how they discovered they were male by trying on boxers

Just lost hope in the belief that male sexuality/sexual behaviour isn’t inherently unpredictable or flawed

No. 1675910

honestly what do handmaidens and nonbinary-identifying women see in transwahmen? Are they thinking that cis women express AGP too, or they share some similar pervy characteristics with the transwahmen?

No. 1675912

i guess they just want to date a gay guy and that's the closest they can get to one

No. 1675914

that's the thing that's so frustrating. These blue checks can't even imagine a person having any same sex attraction. It's like they think everyone on earth is some kind of latent bisexual, who's only being repressed to show their "true" self

No. 1675915

no wonder why fascism is becoming popular

No. 1675916

File: 1665831288628.jpeg (124.41 KB, 947x2048, Fe-6pXPWIAQfoA7.jpeg)

My sisters in Christ why do you not sage?
He looks like Chris-chan.

No. 1675917

It's an acceptable outlet for their internalised misogyny

No. 1675918

1. Porn
2. Porn
3. Porn
To conclude, porn

No. 1675921

i wish trannies would realize how gross and disrespectful it is for them to coom in another woman’s clothing

No. 1675922

The irony of calling someone a bigot while insulting a grieving person just because they said biological sex is real.

No. 1675923

they want validation from women so bad. The attention from the progressive blue hair 3rd wave millennial woman isn't enough.

No. 1675924

Does he unironically have something? Luke a condition or illness.

No. 1675925

Hopefully there are terf edits of both brown and white Velma being made kek

No. 1675926

File: 1665832385778.png (1.58 MB, 1241x2048, chrome_screenshot_166583233072…)

They are so delusional

No. 1675931

There needs to be tough security on women's spaces and every "lesbian" who is 100% male (no genital inspection needed, we can simply use our eyes!) gets kicked in the balls and told to fuck off.

No. 1675933

Shaun's new video makes me want to A-Log so hard. The Scouse prick is so fucking disingenuous and smug.

I hate how he tries to make Magdalen Berns out to be a right-winger as a smear tactic. She was a lifelong member and fundraiser for the British Socialist Party, Shaun! She was more left-wing than YOU!

No. 1675934

File: 1665832987129.png (188.76 KB, 1355x653, hon vs hon.png)

troons roasting troons, this is so funny. they really hate each other despite having the same retard ideology. wish there was more archived, but what a treat

No. 1675944

>the West where gender roles are more relaxed
Caucasians have more sexual dimorphism than other races, so essentially there is a more visible difference between the sexes among whities, demonstrated by all the hulking caucasian troons featured in this thread who will never pass in a million years. And while we (Western women, I know there are people from all over reading lolcor, but responding to the Tweet) don't experience the abhorrent sex-based oppression women in some other countries do, Western women are still shuffled along the conveyer belt to "wife, mother, carer of the family" after the allocated ten years of freedom between 15-25 (or thereabouts) as well as shuffled into care and emotional-labour based professions with low wages.
Aside from the pressure to be a beautiful sex kitten which is hammered into Western girls since toddler-dom.
So yes, we do in fact have strong gender roles in the West, we are just punished significantly less harshly (as in not fucking murdered or tortured) for not abiding by them.(racebait)

No. 1675946

File: 1665834228090.png (149.92 KB, 750x1005, image~2.png)


No. 1675947

There's a different thread for drag cows, anon.

No. 1675949

File: 1665834933232.jpeg (110.86 KB, 827x435, F8AB2184-905E-45F8-BB60-E3216F…)

Seriously? It’s not like I dunno she wanted to use a different name to separate her adult novels from her childrens novels. She used a pen name for her literature, troons change their names to get into womens bathrooms. Big difference

No. 1675957

kek it's like the tweet is implying that literature is something reserved only for males. Nice freudian slip.

No. 1675958

What the fuck is the "space she wasn't previously welcomed" here?
>1k+ likes on this half assed take

No. 1675963

What's with all the unsaged posts…?

No. 1675973

She was told by a publisher no one would buy Harry Potter if she put her own name on it, the K is not even her own initial, it's her grandmother's. That was never her choice, Robert Galbraith tho I have no idea. I'm guessing all the other women who have historically written using male pseudonyms are all closet Aidens too and not doing it out of necessity due to misogyny. No one as misogynist as TRAs…

No. 1675989

extremely low IQ take

No. 1675992

this thread attracts all the newfags (as well as trannies trying to fit in)

No. 1675994

She used the Robert Galbraith pseudonym because she wanted to be anonymous for a while when the Strike novels were first published. Plus, she also did it to keep the Harry Potter novels and the Strike novels separate since they have different target audiences.

No. 1675998

File: 1665840682108.png (480.43 KB, 808x749, Screenshots_2022-10-15-21-13-1…)

troons celebrating actor's death cuz he's "troonsphobic" for supporting jkr

No. 1675999

Leave it to them to want to escape the truth lol

No. 1676000

Maybe the transgender women are winning and having the elites and big orgs on their side, even though they should come to Christ, because they did something very unadvisable, selling their souls to Sat-n.

Because its said the elite and rich folx all worship Sat-n and want to usher in the new world order for the antichr-st, and the trans thing is a part of that to normalize transhumanism but wrongly thought it would make them female instead, eventually turn them into fallen hybrids to go to the bad place after Jesus judges them.

Also might be why there are several rich trans women.(mental or baiting)

No. 1676005

ure prolly a religious schizo or troon agendaposting thinking we're religious here

but either way if you want a tinfoil look up "big pharma transgender industry" on google. nothing supernatural going on here, just big pharma making more lifetime of medication dependent cashcows.

also learn2sage

No. 1676016

jolie never came out about transing her children

No. 1676017

name checks out

No. 1676018

I thought TRAs were mad at Robbie Coltrane not too long ago for defending Rowling. But suddenly all the ones I see online were sad about his passing.

No. 1676020


opinion disregarded

No. 1676024

This, I don’t understand why they relate everything males find sexy to actually being female. If I wasn’t attracted to men I would have never chosen to worn uncomfortable lingerie sometimes or whatever else like that, it sucks. Thongs are annoying, lace is often itchy, I’m not orienting everything I do all fucking day for what men want or find attractive because then my life would be hell. I think most of these men are actually incapable of seeing women as three-dimensional beings with wants and needs that don’t revolve around men 100% of the time. It’s no different than incels or manosphere or anything else.

No. 1676025

Nevermind, made it further in the thread. >>1675998 shows they hated him too.

No. 1676026

Please newfags, I beg you to read the rules and learn2sage

No. 1676027

Take your meds schitzo, and also learn to sage.

No. 1676028


troons literally think that women are only defined by their beauty and desirability. They are so shitheaded, they think women are a fantasy and have fantasy-like lives where they feel sexy all the time, just by being female. Idiot trannies think women’s beauty makes everything disney for them.

No. 1676033

File: 1665845368929.png (3.49 MB, 1079x8795, Screenshots_2022-10-15-22-46-1…)

No. 1676034

Idiot newfags are so shitheaded they can't learn to sage and integrate

No. 1676036

On the plus side, I’ve seen way more HP normies sad over this than people being rude about it. Not to defend the man, I don’t know much about him. I just hate how quickly these people jump the gun when someone says or does one thing they don’t like, like with Mindy Kaling liking the JKR tweet.

No. 1676037


Trannies reaction when they get called out for being AGP(sage your shit)

No. 1676039

File: 1665845733993.jpeg (996.62 KB, 822x1992, B455813E-7B01-4B1C-B8E5-B142B9…)

Nonas do you remember the TiM who got irate at a woman and accused her of posting TERF stickers at work? He made a follow up post. With the way this is written, I’m starting to feel more like this entire thing was bait, some nonas called it last time.

No. 1676043

Kek. Imagine a young hot mom being a TERF. Aren't we all old hags with no value compared to the beautiful 100% delicate trans woman?

No. 1676044

What irks me seeing how easily they attack anyone who even slightly disagrees with their movement is knowing that they go after their family too. Family who could easily involve people who agree with TRAs getting attacked for merely knowing an alleged transphobe. Not just talking about Coltrane here, but it's ironic that they call Rowling's opinions a hate movement while being so hateful and violent themselves.

No. 1676046

the contrast of their horrible words against joanne vs her lovely message of condolence would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

No. 1676048


They just want to control women in their stupid TRA bubble, and they claim they are not doing the same shit the incels post about. Liars, wanting to make women they choose have forced sex with them out of pity and trying to keep stereotypes about “estrogen makes me crazy” and “women sexy and silly haha” - it’s an open secret that TRAs are the same as manospherians at this point!

No. 1676051


Troons are so pyschotically jealous of cis women, pickmes and handmaidens are literally serving themselves up on a plate to be butchered by them.

How are trans wahmen “safer” than cis men? On the contrary, many posts in the mtf reddit threads and numerous tranny-infested forums complaining about “cis women” and “why they can still pass without makeup”, “I want to steal her bf and show her how it felt like when no one liked me” and “cis women should have to take T and grow hairy and bald just to empathize with trans women’s experiences”.

And how they seethe silently when they look or interact with bio women. Shit, that is frightful.

No. 1676052

fascism is one of those buzzwords that have lost all meaning. anything anarcho-communist degenerates don’t like is fascism.

No. 1676055

File: 1665847718224.jpg (134.07 KB, 1080x1017, FdTw8p1WIAI20uC.jpg)

Oh no somebody is taking my gender special attention

No. 1676056

Every vicious, heartless Tweet a transactivist makes peaks more people, keep it up, jerks.

No. 1676057

Before I had first hand experience with how horrible troons are, I thought they were basically the 3D version of bishounen pretty androgynous anime boys. I never respected their "identity". "Oh you're a 6 foot girl sure that's nice now let's see that dick" had no idea they're all furry coomer pedo rapists and all have the most unjustified victim complexes. The left embracing this mental degeneracy has done so much damage.

No. 1676058


Hahhahahahaha I hope both his parents Troon out too

No. 1676059


Nothing peaks more handmaidens than listening to trans women, they tell on their agp selves the most.

No. 1676060

i could clock this retard by his fucking navel

No. 1676061


what peaked you, if it’s not too private or tmi to ask? And is there anything you could share with handmaidens to peak?

No. 1676063

So many handmaidens and queer identifying women think transwahmen really feel angry for being “born in the wrong body”, and that they feel flattered thar amabs want to be female too.

See, this lie would work, but most female-attracted trannies never go for SRS, and they’re so proud of girldick. Plus their gender dysphoria seems to evaporate whenever they talk about chopping up “cis women’s genitals” or “stealing a uterus”. If their gender dysphoria was so bad they couldnt possibly mention these things, they say you can’t talk about periods or wombs in front of them but turn around and say threats like this? Seems rotten.

No. 1676068

>she continues to deny me my rights
>is still employed after having a tantrum at work

No. 1676070

One offering me a place to live after I left my rapist and then coercing touch out of me

No. 1676071

>most female-attracted trannies never go for SRS
normies don't know this, they think transwomen are all confused gay men who voluntarily cut off their own genitals

No. 1676078

kek me too nona. i swallowed the “ofc i like girldick” pill and promptly threw it back up thanks to being peaked. i was fucking retarded but at least you cant unsee it once you do

No. 1676090

Very telling of their masculine mindset when they always judge a woman by how sexually attractive she is.

No. 1676093

so if we had to summarize the whole daityda1sy saga:
>moid throws a temper tantrum and harasses a random woman for "putting up terf stickers", turns out the woman was innocent
(its reasoning can be summed up as: "she doesn't wear enough makeup")
>seething moid then starts going through all the women's personal properties to find who was putting up all those gnarly stickers, defines her by how sexually attractive she is
>wonders why HR doesn't like it
>wonders why "cis" lesbians don't cater to its sexual fantasies and is very confused as to why it's only attracted to straight women
>would like to know how it can keep both its "girldick", because it dreamt at some point about having a threesome with "with a cis man and an asian cis woman and it was lying on the bed and the cis man was penetrating its vagina by missionary and the woman was riding it reverse cowgirl"
(it specifies how the woman is asian, probably because it watched a little to much futa hentai and caught some sort of yellow fever)
i don't know about you nonas, but i can't wait for more daintyda1sy lore

No. 1676110

File: 1665850745833.jpg (99.8 KB, 600x900, 1665670312356.jpg)

he's 26 and his adoptive sister (on the right) is 36. hrt is like magic!

No. 1676111

Every time I read the username it just makes my brain go to the title of that pedo film and makes me feel sick.

No. 1676112

more proof that moids are the ones who hit the wall

No. 1676116

sage for autism. JLC has been a crush of mine since freaky friday. i get so depressed when i see her uplifting her only tranny son. she deserves better.

No. 1676117

*ugly not only kek

No. 1676124

Disgusted to my very core. I can see him now, so brave and strong, sitting alone with a drink. Creepily gazing at women in his flannel. He watched the L word and is a lesbian now. No one talks to him all night.

No. 1676127

Nonna I talked to a professional and your official diagnosis is fucking retarded.

No. 1676129

I imagined the same thing, him just sitting in the corner lurking and watching the lesbians like zoo animals. that, or approaching them and being met with disgusted looks. I wish trannies got clowned on like "transracialism" was, this circus would have been over years ago. Apparently society runs on a "fuck around and find out" basis where we find out that 1. teenage girls becoming prostitutes is a bad idea and 2. transexual men are fetishists and weirdos. How could we have guessed these results.

No. 1676130

I find it physically impossible to read their post, I automatically skip any text as soon as I see "Christ" and "Jesus"

No. 1676138

Not even chasers want poopwounds lol

No. 1676139

That or becoming an obese lolcow like Nikocado

No. 1676141


That's messed up. Just proves the true nature of males time and again. They will forsake a woman's dignity and humanity just to get their dick wet. There are too many stories of "my male best friend r@ped me" and such shit crimes from men who knew their victims. Evil.

No. 1676144


Dont find out his id for doxxing but to warn his targets instead.

No. 1676148


If it's not too much to ask, did he exhibit other signs of being pervy even before that incident?

No. 1676149


Well, it should have been exposed to them as a fact on social media, by health professionals. But they're with big pharma now.(learn to sage lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1676150

>Caucasians have more sexual dimorphism than other races, so essentially there is a more visible difference between the sexes among whities
That's exactly the same argument many TRAs use to call terves white supremacists and argue that since "according to Western standards of sexual dimorphism black women already look like men" and "East Asian men already look like women" sexual dimorphism isn't real and literal males can be women and anyone who disagrees is racist. Let's not go there.

No. 1676151

File: 1665855575810.jpeg (141.28 KB, 1156x579, 02D27D13-F642-46F6-813D-CA8251…)

No. 1676153

No. 1676154

File: 1665856007723.jpeg (317.98 KB, 1650x1089, 1661149929117.jpeg)

>stalks random women at work
>harasses women
>calls woman in his fap fantasy 'it'
I hope this is bait (and honestly think it is because the posts read like a parody), but if not, he's definitely serial killer material.

No. 1676155

yeah and some of us are German medieval peasant mode and bigger than the puny modern scrotes, I felt insulted by that nonna kek

No. 1676156

You're stupid and racist as fuck. Non white men and women look nothing alike, you're just a retard that think asian trannies look like your anime boys (Spoiler: they don't). Delete yourself.

No. 1676157

Integrate, lurk more and learn2sage

No. 1676159

File: 1665856776707.jpg (86.28 KB, 600x900, Fe-KHguXoAg-zhV.jpg)

Yeah totally not because of sissyfication transformation porn fetish, again

No. 1676172

nonny said more dimorphism than other races, but didn't specify what races. its actually true, but it has been said a lot of time in these threads, that blacks are the race with the higher sexual dimorphism, since black women have higher chances of having hourglass figure and such than all other races, and the same with black men, thats one of the reasons you rarely see black troons, FTM specially. white men just happen to look more like neanderthals

No. 1676179


Reading this has made me lose my last hope there could be 1% of genuine transwomen with brains wired like that and are a little weird but moralized, but after seeing all this shit on how they operate like moids, rapey, etc… there really are no good trannies huh?

No. 1676180

File: 1665859327741.jpg (Spoiler Image,649.65 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20221015_143653.jpg)

tranoid male narcissism truly knows no bounds. the agp tenor in the original video is unbearable (spoiler for dead body in background)

No. 1676181

This thread has been so redpilling, are there truly no good troons?

No. 1676183

File: 1665859476321.jpg (109.98 KB, 680x680, Sarah-Ashton-Cirillo.01.jpg)

the true and honest female journo in question

No. 1676185

File: 1665859673768.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.06 KB, 723x855, noway.jpg)

Did he unironically get posted by Zelensky? Imagine how much that must've fed the narcissism.

No. 1676190

Get lost tranny.

No. 1676191

Why would a person who wants to mutilate their own body because of his misogynistic ideas of women be good

No. 1676198

good, finally. please sage next time tho

No. 1676219

Yeah I was definitely intending it in a "white men are fugly and that contributes to gender stereotypes and division between caucasians/Westerners" in regard to the twitter tranny I was responding to, who thinks there aren't strong gender roles in the west.
My emphasis was more on the fugliness of caucasian males rather than gesturing everything else related to dimorphism which is obviously bullshit. There's obviously a lot of dimorphism between the sexes in every race, I was just adding that to the pile of reasons why "lax gender roles in the West" is bullshit.

No. 1676221

Holy shit, I know the characters that outfit is from, and they're total fetish bait, practically engineered for weeby incel coom money. Hate the series, it's terrible, just harem shit with a prettier coat of paint than usual.
There's even official merch of the characters in twincest poses.

No. 1676222

File: 1665862427213.jpg (1.59 MB, 2560x1920, 22-10-15-20-32-15-850_deco.jpg)

He really thinks HRT will fix his hairline kek

No. 1676227


I carry 4 different weapons in my purse at all times to defend myself if I have to (Long Beach is wild) but I think if I ever came across any of these beasts irl, especially after dark, I’d just use them on myself. Get me off this planet.

No. 1676228

Well hopefully your retarded brother cuts contact, then.

No. 1676229

These ones never fail to make me kek. Hairline restoration lmfaoooooooo they truly just make shit up and spread it as gospel. (deleted and reposted bc I originally wrote ‘these ones never fails to’ and sounded like fucking Skwisgaar lmao)

No. 1676231

>just girly things
Is like a troon catchphrase, clothes are just clothes. If he wants to ""try"" dressing as a woman it's definitely a fetish thing. In the real world a man wearing a dress is a just a man wearing a dress.

No. 1676235

>an account dedicated to mocking men's shitty, sexist female characters siding with checks notes a physical male mockery of women done by exactly the same kind of sexist fools
You couldn't make it up. I've also seen an otherwise very based and honest feminist account occasionally diverge into caping for trannies. Like how are you conscious of sexism in all its forms except for trannies? Baffling behaviour.

No. 1676240


i don't know how anyone seriously squares the whole "feminism has to include transwomen" argument. virtually none of feminism outside of the last 15 years included transwomen. if people are going to try and say things like Joan of Arc is trans, then it's a tiny, tiny step to say that every feminist who ever won any kind of victory for women in society was a terf.

No. 1676246

The idea of feminism including men is some "all lives matter" diversion bullshit. Maybe political movements about marginalised groups should be reserved only for those marginalised groups rather than watered down with an inclusive-to-everyone approach. You can't identify into oppression either. It's all such nonsense.

No. 1676247

File: 1665864785849.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1934, D21933A8-DF2F-4520-BC7F-A0C854…)

Why was this tweet promoted

No. 1676248

i thought this person had no arms

No. 1676251

because he paid to have it promoted.

No. 1676252

Oh, I’ve got some thoughts, but they’d all get my account suspended kek

No. 1676255

This person looks so familiar

No. 1676259

Is this that one guy who had the screenshots leaked of him dressed in a burqah sending messages asking someone to make him a “muslimah housewife”?

No. 1676264

File: 1665865624620.png (234.61 KB, 405x385, Screenshot 2022-10-15 222630.p…)

No. 1676265


No. 1676266

Not fat enough to be him.

No. 1676281

Okay, but why he has made a choice not washing his hair

No. 1676284

Ah, that’s Tiny Tim

No. 1676286

File: 1665867905633.jpeg (22.23 KB, 529x579, 4FB84B48-2701-45F3-ACED-5F22D6…)

Hmmm, what do you mean “pretend”, I thought you are a woman, aren’t you?

No. 1676292

File: 1665868659669.png (882.41 KB, 1079x1867, markup_151212 (1).png)

2 men discuss 'girlhood'

Thankfully the comments are overwhelming negative

No. 1676295

>feminine yawn or moan
Yes I always wake up with a "feminine moan" just like a porn!

No. 1676308

The replies to this give me hope

No. 1676310

That ratio kek

No. 1676311

do you happen to have the link nonnie, i don't have a twitter

No. 1676315

No. 1676317

Holy hell. I've never seen a Twitter comment section get this based, looks like people really are peaking. I haven't seen a single genderspecial tarding out in the replies even

No. 1676320

Actually, chasers love pre-op HSTSs because they love the mismatch between female appearance and male genitalia.

No. 1676321

File: 1665871674039.jpg (308.4 KB, 460x413, EP4SJz2.jpg)

thought I was looking at an armless dufflepud from Narnia for second, jesus christ
> female appearance
troons don't look female tho …

No. 1676322

File: 1665871675714.jpeg (142.7 KB, 702x1171, BA11995F-809B-4AA3-BA0C-D73A1F…)

I really don’t understand why this Dylan troon has become the spokesperson of “girlhood”. He has such an off putting style/manner of speech. It’s no wonder outside of the hugbox normies are horrified. Also that bow? Wack. Picrel is exactly what I said in my head when I saw this

No. 1676323

I think what you've found are just trans people who aren't delusional. I've observed this in HSTS troons exclusively, for some reason AGP are incapable of a sort of "self awareness" where they understand basic things like never being able to be a mother or that they can't have periods. While we're here, does anyone actually know why it's only HSTS that do this?

No. 1676328

nta but I'm sure they meant feminine presenting aka GNC men.

No. 1676330

KEK you made my evening with this dufflepod reference ily nonushka

No. 1676332

Gay men don't feel the need to own women and everything they do in the way straight men do?

No. 1676336

It's because of tiktok zoomers and a few older celebrities hopping on a trend to appeal to them. He's hated on twitter as far as I've seen but kids in tiktok love him. Tinfoil but the younger ones might like his off putting way of speaking because it's similar to kids' shows actors/toy youtubers. Those also tend to look creepy as fuck to older young adults.

No. 1676337

Ayrt yeah that sounds about right actually. I mean, the HSTS can still be completely delulu (look at the state of Dylan or that TikTok HSTS who thinks he's going to be the first trans mom) but they seem to have a much much higher rate of not being fucking insane than AGP. Thank God they stick to moids

No. 1676341

File: 1665873473174.jpeg (230.98 KB, 922x2048, DBAB3B93-4770-44CD-8A80-77FC8F…)


No. 1676342

Where are you getting this, HSTS are fucking insane and they tend to hate women really hard because they're taking their precious straight men from them. HSTS often claim they're more womanly than bio women so they're not less delusional.

No. 1676343

File: 1665873565070.jpeg (178.87 KB, 749x1015, BD726602-323E-49CE-B258-E18B7B…)


No. 1676346

File: 1665873686068.jpeg (134.62 KB, 750x733, 192BE686-576D-4CC7-8A68-088389…)


No. 1676347

saw one in the wild today, he literally looked like some soyjak abomination. bald, glasses, white, light beard. but he was wearing short shorts and had boobs. it was so bizarre. and he was holding hands with a normal looking black woman? why would she do this to herself. i’ve only recently started being critical of trans issues so i haven’t really peaked yet but seeing that irl was just… what the fuck. i’m close

No. 1676359

File: 1665874653839.jpg (80.25 KB, 720x1450, Screenshot_20221016-001623.jpg)

No. 1676367


troons have zero empathy, hate women of any variety, especially tifs, and relish the fact that they are "ruined" now and enjoy the suffering tifs go through because tifs now have to deal with the things they hate about themselves.

No. 1676370

yes they do, gay men have been directing female culture, fashion, and music since the 80's. the dylan mulvaney shit is the mask coming off.

No. 1676375

Yeah. Don't forget most mtfs now aren't feminine gay boys but incel men. Incels relish in the idea of women being ruined physically (like they do when fantasising about acid attacks or the whole wall age like milk projection) because they see it as women being punished for rejecting them (they believe womens only value is their looks and therefore them losing what men consider womens beautiful features is women being punished for rejecting men).

No. 1676378

all men resent and envy women; for what we are and because we have something they want
they can't be us and they can't possess the things we have that they want so they try to control those things or take them away

No. 1676379

no. get the fuck out

No. 1676381

everyone know Re:zero nonna, all internet was infected by this shit in 2017

No. 1676397

We don't all hang out on those facets of the internet. I thought it was the undertale cow

No. 1676402


I really hate how two faced they are with this. People play down the consequences of all this shit all the time, they teach people to lie to their doctors or bypass them. Of course this shit happens. They literally were passing around quizzes that said if you were even mildly GNC you were trans. I can't count how many times I've seen them say puberty blockers have no bad long term effects and that the effects of hormones are easily reversible. All of this directed at children who absolutely don't understand what they are in for. I hate the word gaslighting, but fuck. It's goddamn evil to do this to people.

No. 1676403

Nona is talking about a different cosplay from that, though. The maid outfit is from the shitty anime, the goat costume from that one magazine cover is from Undertale.

No. 1676405

Me neither. Even if I were still a TRA, he comes off as so patronizing, that one gay friend you have who is a total asshole to everyone. Nothing about him is appealing he should have stayed in theater.

No. 1676410

he’s an industry plant.

No. 1676416

File: 1665879040270.jpeg (Spoiler Image,465.92 KB, 750x1068, B0305FD1-F3DA-4C66-8A0D-B0D250…)

that doesn’t even look like a human body part.

No. 1676422

at first glance it actually looks better than some of the other ones itt, not super gorey… but the more i look the worse it gets. wtf is that anatomy? why does it look like raw meat??

No. 1676425

The little penis head sticking out of that raw chicken/random flesh scrap mess is…there are no words. Another eldritch horror for our endless pile I guess ugh kek

No. 1676430

File: 1665879807213.jpg (151.34 KB, 1080x1073, 1e97d2ef-fddb-5ea5-a425-1a4feb…)

Stole that gem from Ovarit. They really think we are just something to roleplay huh?

No. 1676432

troons always mention movie nights and paiting nails in big shirts while gossiping about boys but i've never met a woman who did ? is their idea of womanhood just cartoons ?

No. 1676433


Also notice the type of girly activities they want to do always involve nudity and intimacy of sorts, like sleepovers and cuddling and bra shopping or swimming where they change together, but not girls book clubs and cooking/meal distribution aid service?
Any troon with female-attracted interest = rapey hon

No. 1676437

this makes me so mad, as if all women had these experiences growing up, I never had a movie night or painted my nails with other girls. I grew up with a mother teaching me that girls are weak and faulty and it would have been better for her and me to be born male. And as I grew up, my hobbies weren't "female" enough and all I did was only to "impress the boys". No, dear troons, fuck you, you have no idea what it's like to grow up being born female. And I don't want to live this stereotypes, like nonna said before, I'd rather have a girls book club or cook with some nice women than exchanging bras or talk about the newest hair colour the boys would like.

No. 1676440


Women are not a fantasy-like fetish and not to be used in mens idiotic fetish roleplays unconsentedly. Fuck troons. Their whole problem is trannies have shit for brains and think that way, no wonder they get called hons.

No. 1676442


Hate to say this but Dylan might be bi or female-attracted in some sense, he has that rapey look in his eyes whenever he talks abouf girlhood. Strange

No. 1676444

File: 1665881561119.png (279.32 KB, 342x341, fuggo.png)

not sure if any nonnas are on this side of twitter, but a black troon named "hennessy marie" recently went viral for exposing famous/athlete black men he had sex with. lots of black women and men on twitter are pretty based about the whole situation and not holding their tongue when it comes to calling him a man or disgusting. exposing men who have sex with you when you're a man is something that can get you really killed too

No. 1676448

>really killed
As opposed to just 'slightly killed'?

No. 1676449


Transwomen are laughing at ftm detrans girls because they are secretly happy that the male hormones and other addons ruined a teen girl from blossoming into a beauty and now she has to resemble some middle aged moid but no penis.

Some shitfucking trannies will even admit that openly, but all it does is reveal their cope that they know they are still male and have to get weak ass flexes on ftm detrans women just to feel a bit of sadistic gladness about their miserable non-afab bodies and faces.

No. 1676451

ntaryt but I'm sure she just meant can legit get you killed as opposed to just threatened or gaining clout

No. 1676452

Their posts just show they think all women live in some sexualized teen movie. I never went to a slumber party, wear make up, gossip about boys tee hee, don't paint my nails or have them long. Also they tend to be very American because they always complain about not going to proms (which don't exist in my country). They are very weirdly sexual about it too.
Kek, revoke my woman card now.

No. 1676456

>male name

So inspirational!!

No. 1676459


They're either virtue signalling for troons because it gets you clout and money, or chaser moids or handmaidens.

No. 1676464


The replies are amazing, people have well and truly peaked.
Ulta is also getting severely ratio'd with their inane replies about 'no hate uwu'

No. 1676467

File: 1665883240652.jpg (27.45 KB, 500x333, 1480241726858.jpg)

>the sheer vitriol in the hidden replies

No. 1676468

File: 1665883260348.jpeg (440.98 KB, 750x1696, 83C94A28-CB6F-43A5-8A37-936C46…)

their obsession with transitioning children is so fucking creepy.

No. 1676469

Do you ever think about how Randy stair was trans and doesn’t get brought up at all in GC vs. TRA arguments

No. 1676471

So many people I know have been on meds without being warned of any side effects. Doctors aren't exactly great about warning about them even with "basic" medications. There's some very weird side effects you wouldn't expect or look for on some meds that aren't talked about, like vision damage or weight gain. I've seen doctors tell patients not read the information booklet that comes with the package, or say side effects are so rare you don't need to worry about them.
Cross-sex hormones aren't the only medications where the side effects are downplayed, but they are one of the few ones where pointing out the inevitable side effects is a serious risk for doctors to take. Doctors are only supposed to talk about the positives and not the serious probable negatives. We all know it happened with medications like ritalin.
This kind of thing happens all the time to adults who "should know better", it isn't just a problem for children. Yet they'll turn around and blame teenagers when they face consequences of decisions they weren't equipped to make.

No. 1676476

File: 1665883780432.jpeg (861.17 KB, 750x1369, 14D466E0-D164-42A9-B990-3A2F1D…)

if they’re a woke company looking for an ugly hulking ogre, you’ve got the job, pal!

No. 1676477

that’s just the psychotic hatred and jealousy all tims have for women regardless of sexuality.

No. 1676478

If he's hired, the only reason will be because he's a tranny they needed to fill diversity quotas.

No. 1676484

That shape triggers my fight or flight

No. 1676486

File: 1665885418457.jpeg (304.2 KB, 1785x819, BA5A5276-67AA-478C-9168-180E44…)

I’m sick of twitter, I’m sick of one of my followers retweeting something onto my tl and when I click on their account it’s some nightmarish troon. That whole website is infested with them and they are all so ugly and creepy.

No. 1676487

>is their idea of womanhood just cartoons ?
yes, specifically cartoons written by autistic moids like them
I never did any of that shit either
yeah I was gonna say we didn't "transition" but we did go through, often traumatic, puberty where we learned exactly what men and society think of women
god their obsession with their lost youth
being a teen girl SUCKED for a lot of us BECAUSE we were female but they'll never acknowledge that

No. 1676489

FR, that was my first thought as well. Jamie and her daughter look great meanwhile he looks like he wore up and didn't even try to wash his greasy hair.

No. 1676490

I love how these kinds of posts always imply women had it easier in adolescence. What part of me being female made my teenage years any easier? Did being female make me not depressed? Actual MRA rhetoric

No. 1676492

>cute girl

All I see is a skinny man with yellow teeth. But I hear you anon, that's why I don't peruse on Twitter for too long. I have friends who RT shit like that all that time and it got too annoying to scroll across so I hardly use Twitter anymore and it was for the best.

No. 1676493

Did the surgeon just kick his dick into his body as hard as he could? Literally looks like it’s been shoved in and is poking out of the surrounding wound.

No. 1676501

Samefag but kek at him already being posted, what a freak. Sorry nonnas but also I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to see him.

No. 1676502

File: 1665886768082.jpg (763.58 KB, 1440x1970, Screenshot_20221015_211604.jpg)

As someone with medical debt due to actual illness this entitlement really pisses me off. Imagine a schizo demanding thousands to get retarded surgeries to prevent the government from hacking his brain or something. We'd properly call him an entitled retard. Harming people to soothe their internet-enabled delusions.

No. 1676512

gross is this some sort of albanian rat?

No. 1676517

File: 1665890156675.jpg (11.83 KB, 236x168, 39f492398d8bd3c16bbedf24fdf566…)

It's nice when men straight up admit that males won't willingly indulge in media made by women. This is one of the main reasons why western media made for girls and women continues to be an absolute ghetto of lowest common denominator cringe shit.
I wish women would come up with a better word than "patriarchy", because it isn't accurate in the 21st century, most of these scrotes don't want to be actual patriarchs at all. They act more like giant evil foster children who use and destroy a string of replacement mothers. I don't think moids have the self awareness or honestly to admit to themselves what evil they do, they just gravitate to what selfish nonsense serves men best, while giving it the "nice guy" coating.
I agree that the relaxed gender roles thing is a lie. They betray the lie when you see how many alleged super duper liberals insist that a boy who wants to do X is really a girl, and anyone who disagrees is a bigot. Of how many leftie nice guys run their lolberated independent forever-girlfriends into the ground and turn them into free maid services and zero commitment babby machines. Pic related.

No. 1676518

yeah I didn't learn that the sexual dysfunction from my SSRIs could be permanent until after I started them
it's so ridiculous like I am in my mid-twenties and I am still traumatized by my adolescence, not all of it due to misogyny but quite a bit tbh. I also spent all my teen and early adult years severely depressed in my bedroom so idk why these MRA incels act like women can't have hard lives when they're literally our biggest oppressors.

No. 1676528

uh oh, news to me…
(did i sage right?)

No. 1676529

File: 1665892165558.jpeg (579.96 KB, 707x4094, A2E5BDC5-DA0B-4CAB-B87D-83F7E7…)


Do not get your makeup from ULTA. This is fucking cringe. This is what happens when you try this degenerate shit infront of normal non-pickme internet rotted brain women who have families.

The absolute tragedy of allowing two grown men to discuss ‘girlhood’ on a platform as big as ULTA. And Dylan was already at a womens summit this year. What the fuck is happening.
I’m thanking the lord that ULTA is getting blown the fuck out in the like to comment ratio.

#womenface is real.

No. 1676532

i like how someone rightfully points out that neither of these men have experienced girlhood so they shouldn't be talking about it and all ulta can do is act like an npc.

No. 1676533

Their attempt at BEAUTY IS NOW FOR EVERYONE ads on TV made me want to throw a brick through my screen. As if fat and ugly women haven't always felt obligated to buy expensive beauty products forever. The only actual new market for them is male.

No. 1676536

I hate how they say they’re inclusive so they can platform people you “may not agree with” as if any other human accused of any wrongthink would be able to make their way into their shitty ads. Men pretending to be girls and fetishizing gender roles and misogyny must be protected!!

No. 1676537

Why are these niggas allergic to the word “womanhood”

No. 1676539

Doesn't get these pedophiles off as much

No. 1676540

so glad I never shop there. two men talking about girlhood? gross

No. 1676541

Anytime any troon that does something fucked up gets ignored and shoved aside. Like how when pedos are exposed within tra spaces, the news gets mysterious hushed about it. Randy shooting up a store doesn’t fit in with their public perpetual victim narrative so he’s ignored too

No. 1676542

They are living their agp pedo fantasy
(also nona, type sage in the email field)

No. 1676546

There’s a scrote in the replies that keeps spamming how men are better at being women than women too. Pretty sure it’s just another political bot though

No. 1676547

File: 1665895337355.png (16.13 KB, 582x110, 1956.png)

Loved this reply

No. 1676548

How is this literal who speaking at women's summits, being invited to collab with popular brands, etc? It's actually suspicious. He has to be an industry plant.

No. 1676550

File: 1665895809335.png (48.2 KB, 1102x425, lol.png)

They've already turned the comments off on YT.

No. 1676555

Literally the Wojaks pointing meme

No. 1676558

File: 1665896800601.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1945, 336FCE73-E419-43AE-8D31-7516AE…)

all the comments telling him he looks like a woman kek

No. 1676561

he looks like the lost hanson brother.

No. 1676564

File: 1665897724279.jpg (50.22 KB, 650x469, img_9013.jpg)

The last company that should ever talk about any "dysphoria" is a fucking cosmetics company.
Males get suicidal when their fuck quest is thwarted. They just implode like a supernova the instant they can't jizz in their desired cum receptacle.

No. 1676569

They think life peaks for women in our teen years because that's when they find us most fuckable. Pedos cannot comprehend women not enjoying and wanting to be fuckable above anything else.

No. 1676584

do not get makeup at all nonnas, thats just a waste of money. as long as troons see us applying makeup they will still think that woman = makeup

No. 1676591

I know a lot of nonas will get defensive at this, but tranners really do reach critical mass when they see bare-faced women and realize that they could never pass as us without misogyny. Just look at the notes of any post on tumblr about not using makeup, or any post a troon makes about a "cis" woman who "doesn't even try." They belittle us and scorn us, but the envy and the upset caused by male ego death as a result of not having control over women are extremely obvious.

No. 1676593

Get a plugin to see YouTube dislikes, they have a hundred something compared to those 39 likes kek

No. 1676595

lmfao at him thinking the kid doesn't pass

No. 1676605

File: 1665907264828.png (730.2 KB, 1192x2048, chrome_screenshot_166590706012…)

Eww, what did he expect lol

No. 1676615


Open question: Why are chasers and several transwomen simultaneously jealous of cis women yet insist they’re “the greater gender” compared to say, women at the same time? And why do they think beauty and sexual appeal is “everything”, which means ciswomen are “not oppressed”, especially when they mock how beauty and sex expire at 28 for females and how they can’t do anything useful or labourly? How is that “better for a woman”?

Why do trans women want to hatefuck yet "ruin the beauty and femaleness of cis women" at the same time?! Trans women's jealousy and desire to hurt cis women so to be "better version" runs so deep it is mental and these disgusting individuals literally even want pickmes who stan them butchered and to compete with them!

No. 1676616

File: 1665909254270.jpg (1.21 MB, 2400x1522, 39-1017454633eac83ba16e.jpg)

Local Tim and his mom were just in the news. he's only 18 and already found someone to filler his face to look like a nightmare clown. I feel bad for his older sister (picrel), the entire interview it kept coming up how jealous he was of her.

No. 1676617

No. 1676619

we need to make more safe spaces for males in literature, they are surely an oppressed minority

No. 1676622


Also male supremacy. They hate it when a woman does something better than them because they cannot shake their ingrained dogmatic belief that "men are superior and greater at stuff than wahmen".

Don't know why handmaidens and normie girls don't know about Man's selfishness like that, they always want to have more things than women just so they can feel "more worth than wahmen". Want to feel smug that "have more rights than wahmen". Hope a viral tweet would expose that male nature.

If people had a 100 rights in the law, men would make sure that 90 belong to them and only allocate 10 to women, when feeling generous.

Also why mtf shithole trannies want to claim makeup and spinny skirts as ~originated from transwymon~ now, and rob things associated with womanhood, they just can't stand women having anything.

Red pill/manosphere men who like to laugh at women Ls and guys punching down on girls are just troons waiting to happen, if some transcel hacks their site and advertises transmaxxing and free hormones/diy.

No. 1676624


It is frightful how seethingly jealous they are of cis women for just being women. Wtf

No. 1676626

File: 1665910248795.jpg (50.97 KB, 1200x630, 1665769787840.jpg)

Here's his whole face lol

No. 1676627

18? he's probably gonna stay in the limelight as a freakshow monster since he already looks botched. he's going to be disfigured by age 30 unless he get killed or overdoses before then

No. 1676628

Because they’re men kek.

No. 1676633

moids are faceblind and think anyone who performs hyperfemininity "looks like a woman"

No. 1676634

that's also true but the point still stands that the very, very few trannies that have anything remotely close to self awareness are all hsts, never agp

No. 1676646

This what a great athlete looks like, nona what u mean?

No. 1676649

Nonny, please share the link of the interview

No. 1676654

Sage for no image on an image board but #boycottUlta is trending on Twitter after posting that Dylan interview with another scrote discussing “girlhood”. You love to see it.

No. 1676655

Perfect way to put it. They fetishize what are to most of us hell years. As another nona said a little further up, most of us have some lingering trauma from our teen years BECAUSE of moids. They truly are the most selfish creatures. Even dogs have more selflessness and capacity for compassion than men.

No. 1676658

Are people finally peaking? I hope so

No. 1676662

Ayrt, i don't remember what magazine cover you're talking about but I was referring to the maid outfit.

No. 1676664

File: 1665920001210.jpeg (239.76 KB, 788x809, 5A214D4D-3C5A-4596-AD83-7DE784…)

No. 1676666

How to embed video? Frankly I'm disgusted from the preview alone

No. 1676667

Doesn't that mean this is a tif

No. 1676668

For fucks sake, I could stand 5 seconds, what I don't get it is that they could get a less offputting troon, everything about Dylan's mannerisms are unnerving, with so many boys being transed surely they could get someone more polished with a nicer face and younger? Why go for that?

No. 1676671

Ewww so once he realized, he SPRINTED causing droplets and globs to fly off him and be deposited in his wake ewwwww

No. 1676676

This reads like a parody in that it hits all the stereotypes with the greatest of confidence. Based on the picture, I hope this is a gay man playing the long con, because otherwise I just feel bad for his wife. I would hope she left him at this point…

No. 1676678

Me neither. Heavily religious and secluded upbringing. No visitors, no sleepovers, no friends. Not even public school, like an average (American) child. I cleaned inside the house while watching my brother and male cousins play outside and get to do the 'fun' chores like mowimg the lawn with a riding mower. I was not allowed to go off the front porch because my mother was terrified I would get kidnapped, bit the boys could explore the outside. This is what 'girlhood' was like for me

No. 1676680

Was he pre-rot pocket or after? Curious to know if the shit was coming out of his ass or the fistula in his colon.

No. 1676682

File: 1665923172833.jpeg (663.03 KB, 750x1186, 16AAFA31-3B63-4BBF-A36D-50170B…)


They’ve turned off comments on Instagram and Twitter now. People are mad

No. 1676684

Very worrying. If the pickmes keep on believing the lie that “trans wahmen just really wanna be female and are tryin’ even if they degrade or fuck up our rights as a whole”, they will never get themselves out of the tranny-caping hamster wheel.

why do handmaidens give trans wahmen the benefit of the doubt and think its “so flattering” that these males seem to want to be “female like us” and feel “sooo sad and trapped in their wrong body”, so if MTF hons do anything idiotically misogynistic or act like a rapey incel hon, “its okay cuz its unfair they were not born women and haven’t been till 35 and started hrt only last year”?! And “they suffered not being wahmen so we must make excuses and pretend that their bad behaviour has “good” reasons behind it”?! Bullshit, caping for agp scrotes who only have their pervy interests at heart never ends well for handmaidens or pickmes, wish they could get the message.

Also, this claim of “wanting to be a woman even when I am a man” by troons, how true is it? Is it a lie and they just want the femme things and accessories, whatever pretty paraphernalia branded as for women to consoom, or acting-larping?

No. 1676686


The worst part is, Dylan might not be 100% male-attracted at all. He seems to get this rapey look in his eyes whenever talking about “girlhood” and wants to enter women’s spaces as desperately as the agp transbian hons.

He might come out as a “bi wlw” or transbian himself.

No. 1676687

>would like to know how it can keep both its "girldick", because it dreamt at some point about having a threesome with "with a cis man and an asian cis woman and it was lying on the bed and the cis man was penetrating its vagina by missionary and the woman was riding it reverse cowgirl"
the fuck?? when did he say that? are we sure this is not yet another outrage bait account like terfsbeware?

No. 1676688

No. 1676689

original too since translated version doesn't show pictures

No. 1676690

File: 1665923809734.png (122.93 KB, 598x557, Screenshot 2022-10-16 at 1.34.…)

Even the hidden replies have a bunch of likes, the mass peaking is coming nonnies

No. 1676691

no woman uses a bow like that, he looks like a sexist 50's cartoon

No. 1676695

File: 1665924402257.png (88.19 KB, 496x624, itsnotafetishiswear.png)

this was already posted a few threads ago
scrolling through the account, i'm not sure whether this one is bait or not. if it is, it's a pretty elaborate one

No. 1676698

i don’t get this shit. nikita dragon also did something similar and it really betrays the whole troon logic. if trans women are real women then there should be no issue of straight men fucking them and nothing to expose but these troons know that they are men and that means there’s something there to expose

No. 1676699

ok so fortunately he didn't actually call his dream woman an it but why did he have to specify that she was Asian

No. 1676703

Yeah I doubt he is 100% gay. Too much agp pedo vibes.
That's heartening.

No. 1676705

File: 1665926107093.jpeg (437.54 KB, 750x887, 96F55F0A-0279-4492-8A0C-2D2A13…)

this is the kind of stuff he retweets kek
mommy needs to check his twitter

No. 1676706

noni lo siento mucho, los pysops yankees están a la orden del día

No. 1676709

File: 1665926726722.png (2.44 MB, 1800x1558, 1653814517787.png)

This whole thing is making me want to create a twitter just to peak other women with it…

No. 1676711

i love you nonnas, i feel like i'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel

No. 1676713


If you want to make normies peak, do it. Have seen people make sock/alt accounts pretending to be a trans woman before but sharing all the agp stuff under the guise of "listen to trans folx!!!"

But if you'd just like them to know the truths about rapey transbians and how psycho jealous all trans women are of "cis" women, be sure to have solid statements and talking points in your threads/essays. With receipts.

No. 1676714

I wish autistic """self aware"""" trannies who love to lurk and post on lc as digitally self harm + probably jerk off at the thought of being bullied understand it's not about "hons". The problem is ontological. So we don't care about "passers" (citation needed) or "transmeds who don't believe in gender roles" (another citation needed)

No. 1676715

nta but ive thought about making a twitter account in the same flavor of terfsbeware. to see just how many people would bow down to a misogynistic pedophilic male

No. 1676729

>the mass peaking is coming nonnies
It is. Look at the comments section.

No. 1676734

>Why was this tweet promoted
>This person looks so familiar
It's an infamous tranny speedrunner that used to go by Orcastraw.

No. 1676743

File: 1665929707376.jpg (1013.13 KB, 1440x2689, Screenshot_20221014-205323_Chr…)

r/me_irlgbt has a JKR removal bot kek

No. 1676745

Thanks nonnie. You just made my afternoon.

Holy shit it reminds me of mid 00's failed makeup cringe

No. 1676755

>Harry Potter was obviously a fluke
They are coping so hard

No. 1676783

File: 1665934407276.jpg (1.05 MB, 2537x3464, 22-10-16_16-27-54-651.jpg)

nothing super milky but the upper left got posted in one of the FB groups I follow for the laffs and I was like… wife, really? went onto the profile and of course its a hulking tranner.
>roller derby champion hoodlum egirl housewife candidate Trans woman word vomit
I love when men.

No. 1676789

tims invading roller derby is the most depressinsg shit

No. 1676791

File: 1665934877673.jpeg (187.98 KB, 1040x1390, 9727E4C0-974E-4857-A770-4B2376…)

>roller derby
I always seethe about how they tainted derby man. They took one of my passions from me and many other women (some also from my former team). Sorry to be a sperg for a sec but I literally quit my team/league because they let a hulking former college football player join and he became the new star who everyone loved because of how stunning and brave and balding he was UGH

No. 1676793

Samefag but wanted to add it’s not just about how the troon got lots of simpering ass pats and clearly got off on hurting us at practice, but about how real women lose not just a sport/hobby but also a community they really valued and felt valued in. I fucking hate these men.

No. 1676799

same. this is the second video by fat stinky skull moid against JKR and probably the billionth video on "transphobia". even among british breadtubers who seem to be massively misogynistic for some reason, he is especially mad? I wonder why that is, like some anon said, he's a closet chaser, but I think he is still seething over his obsession and potential skinwalking victim Jen

No. 1676800

This podcast just recently had a stupid bit about how JKR actually isn't creative because anyone could create a compelling world being inspired by somewhere as beautiful as Scotland, all they can do is cope

No. 1676803

File: 1665935879234.jpg (589.45 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_2022-10-16-08-55-18…)

Kek they turned off the comments but the quote retweets are all based

No. 1676805

File: 1665935969728.jpeg (236.09 KB, 1242x512, F3D8D0EF-160D-430B-BBF9-B2916E…)

Ulta keeps winning with these tweets, huh?

No. 1676807

Here are some other "woman experiences" you can feel bad about missing out on: Being socialized from a remarkably young age to be afraid of sexual assault. Being afraid of having a male podiatrist because he might have a foot fetish, or being afraid of the male gynecologist who could potentially assault my body, or making sure the pediatrician who performs a checkup on my child won't molest them.
The "girly sleepovers" in my adolescence did not have nail painting, but they did have the occasional quiet, painful conversation in the middle of the night about which family member was hurting her though. People who get their ideas of girlhood from media don't even stop to think about how the media they consume is written by other men, they all just play a larp while benefiting from the same male dominated power structure until they're ready to act out their fantasies in real life and call it womanhood.

No. 1676811

File: 1665936451024.jpeg (1.27 MB, 960x1663, 09B11C29-65CE-449F-81D5-F4FF0A…)

No. 1676812

I guess when you’ve lived in a deep dissociative fantasy land for so long, being reminded of physical existence and observable reality does feel like a reduction.

No. 1676813

Was that meant to be a pun? What are they trying to say?

No. 1676815

>"Nilbog Hsiwej
Of course they're still pushing the goblin = jewish shit. Goblins have literally been in books for hundreds of years and have always been short, green, big noses, love gold & jewels (lord of the rings/the hobbit is one example), but of course troons know nothing about fantasy books because their only fantasy is being a woman.

No. 1676817

isn't this a sex vs gender thing?
people are mad because you're distilling women's gender down to obnoxious stereotypes that we've been trying to buck for decades in order to fulfill your fetish – sorry ""euphoria""
and I don't understand the "reducing women down to reproductive organs"? that's science?

No. 1676823

even if goblins really were originally meant to represent Jewish people it wasn't JKR herself who came up with that motif, she just was inspired from other writers who wrote goblins the same way without being aware of the potential implications. funny for they don't go for the male writers who have done that same thing.

No. 1676864

A make-up company is misogynistic? How very shocking.

No. 1676866

men are insane

No. 1676869

his agency needs to feel some heat too. that's the way he'd actually change his actions

No. 1676873

is their social media person some nasty enby or fagoid?

No. 1676874

Is there a list anywhere of companies that support troons? I know it’s hard to avoid, but any company that has publicly said they support trannies (and give creeps like Dylan the spotlight) are ones I avoid. I know Tampax is another one and BeautyBay.

No. 1676880

No way, he has a vtuber account? Lmfao of course

No. 1676881

File: 1665944365271.jpeg (216.22 KB, 1920x1080, The Beauty Of... Girlhood with…)

He looks like Michael Jackson here.

No. 1676883

He looks like an embalmed cadaver holy shit

No. 1676886

He looks like a monster in images, but if you see him move and emote that really drives home how inhuman and evil he comes across. This is a guy who you can't look at for ten seconds without feeling a sense of deep wrongness, but somehow handmaidens and corpses simply look past that somehow.
We really need mental health awareness, most normies have no clue about the existence or signs of dangerous psychopathologies.

No. 1676887

White women are literally less sexually dimorphic compared to white men than any other race. Angular features,, low cheekbones, no hips, smaller breasts, etc. This is just a 4chan tranny cope.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1676889

File: 1665944874451.jpg (247.8 KB, 1080x1831, FfMYaK8WYAA8hfo.jpg)

Go to literally ANY other gym bro, these people are making problems for themselves for no reason

No. 1676892

File: 1665945065478.png (628.83 KB, 1096x1021, BraveArtistsManagement_MikeGil…)

this information is now behind a paywall (intradasting…) but dylan mulvaney is represented by brave artists management just incase anyone was feeling spunky enough to write a strongly worded email about the offensive minstrel show they promote.

No. 1676899

This was posted in a previous thread. The guy in pic has physically assaulted people which led to him creating his own agency. I don’t know all of the details and idk how to use the search option that well, but people also posted comments in a site that looked similar to the Better Business Bureau (maybe trustpilot?) about this guy.

No. 1676901

This dickhead says it’s the closest gym because he’s disabled…

No. 1676910

The point is that they CHANGED THEIR MIND and no longer want the permanent damage that they signed up for when they were a fucking child. It's the same argument we've been having for years at this point, but when we show them an example of someone regretting it they just say they weren't really trans. Like, yes??? Yes they weren't actually trans, which is why we shouldn't let children make irreversible decisions like this. They're so smugly disingenuous it's absurd.

No. 1676915

File: 1665947034590.jpeg (369.96 KB, 960x1096, 7D36AB23-128D-41F3-88A4-E77CBD…)


a troon injured a girl during a volleyball game. this is where we are. not one tranny is speaking of it of course, because of the supposed genocide.

No. 1676916

File: 1665947047423.jpg (109.68 KB, 1125x1181, FfNnh-zWIAAPqvQ.jpg)

I legit cant tell which one is supposed to be the after one

No. 1676918

File: 1665947120149.jpeg (150.78 KB, 960x448, 21ACEC48-B09C-4AFD-9AEA-C04121…)

No. 1676919


The funny thing is the makeup community is all over cis men wearing makeup like flies on shit. This "diversity" was not needed, the male market was already there and everyone was happy to welcome them.

Two grown men talking about girlhood just sets off everyone's pedo detectors.

No. 1676925

He has that classic incel rage over “missing out on teen love” and catatonic depression when he doesn’t have access to pussy. They are literally just incels

No. 1676929

When you see something like this and realise this is what women look like in men's minds, like dumb cartoon scrawls by an imbecile. He wants to be a woman so clearly lips that occupy 30% of his face is the way. This is true womanhood. The bigger the [insert feature their caveman brain associates with femininity] the more of a woman you are.

No. 1676932

File: 1665948036480.jpeg (329.65 KB, 828x1162, 8B816BA7-73E9-45C8-8386-3D3DF0…)

woke up to see retards tweeting that they want harley quinn to be a troon so now it’s trending on twitter

No. 1676933

Why would anal cause you to have diarrhea, i'm so confused why anyone would even post this.

No. 1676936

>the girl identifies as a boy
>the boy identifies as girl
>they are totes queer guyz
Lmao zoomers are so mentally ill holy shit

No. 1676938

It's interdasting nona, you're moving in between dasts not waffling within a single dast

No. 1676939

I think a lot of men like dylan would rape or take advantage of a woman given a chance, moids are moids I wouldn't trust a single one around women or children.

No. 1676940

File: 1665948921771.jpeg (37.38 KB, 712x314, C791245F-33C4-4678-AEFA-F67ED3…)

No. 1676942

File: 1665949158569.png (111.55 KB, 599x616, honk honk.png)


No. 1676943

not very sagelike to hulk out over an emoji methinks

No. 1676944

i wear eyeshadow because it’s fun and men tend to suck at it, and very little face makeup and lipstick because contouring, a heavy base, and overlined lips is what troons rely on the most to look like a poor imitation of a bimbo.

No. 1676949

I might be stupid, but I don’t get what the problem is. Is it the colors? They’re not even the same, these people take issue with every little thing.

No. 1676952

I had one in one of my classes who was middle aged, disabled (walked with a cane, anyway), and retarded who named himself "Harley Quinn". Absolutely hilarious on the first day when he introduced himself in his deep, autistic man voice as that.

No. 1676959

its because people use clown emojis/say clown world to make fun of troons and handmaidens

No. 1676961

I have 6k points, i was planning to customize my profile but cyberbullying troons seems like a better way to spend my points

No. 1676971

If they have shit up in there and they smush it around with a dick, that will most likely have to come out and pretty liquified at that.

No. 1676974

the trans flag photoshop was done by a lazy hurry retard lmao

No. 1676978

oh shit ive had the same idea of creating a fake troons profile and saying the most vile shit just to make other women peaking easily. but im too lazy for that tbh

No. 1676979

hand so low on its mom's waist.

No. 1676983

File: 1665951896032.png (1.38 MB, 828x1792, ee8d5045-6b88-5475-9333-3ccb15…)

>If only you knew how bad things are…

No. 1676984

File: 1665952009852.jpg (63.82 KB, 691x917, 2022-10-16_22-26-49.jpg)

No. 1676985

File: 1665952054681.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2137, 6B9B82B2-FF60-4FCE-97A3-B603DF…)

KEK her face says it all. I don’t feel like I’m imagining the gleam of fear in her eyes.

No. 1676988

I'm no body language expert but kek she looks wary af

No. 1676997

I think he's wearing circle lenses

No. 1676998

Absolutely. Troonism is nothing if not the most recent manifestation of mens sense entitlement to women and girls. they truly believe they are entitled to our identities, entitled to our adoration, entitled to our labor. Not surprising at all that the entitlement applies to the use of our bodies as well.

Men need very little justification or “reason” to rape. Considering how absolutely devastating they pretend dysphoria is, if raping a woman or little girl gives them gender euphoria they’ll never consider it unacceptable.

No. 1676999

File: 1665953183412.jpg (174.25 KB, 809x1601, FfN74uUXoAwfjiF.jpg)

lol based server saying what everyone is thinking
Also even when somebody asks for pronouns thats also wrong, you can never win

No. 1677001

the faggot really looks like a fucking demon here

No. 1677002

File: 1665953518808.png (546.6 KB, 1440x2107, twitter nonsense.png)

Apparently the people at fault for penised individuals committing rape while incarcerated with cis women is checks notes the system and squinting at notes cis women

The mental gymnnastics

No. 1677004

This image brings out a deep, primal urge to swing my handbag at it like an old lady trying to fend off a mugger

No. 1677005

>there is nothing magical about cis women that makes them incapable of committing sexual or other kinds of abuse

lol and yet

No. 1677006

and this was completely preventable if we didn't live in a society that centered men's coom at all costs

No. 1677011

These are the people who will see reams of statistics and studies all showing that men are responsible for almost all rape and physical violence in the world and come to the conclusion that this is only because the epidemic of women going around raping men is hidden because men are too emasculated to report it. Source? Trust me bro.

They would rather believe that we live in a world where every living being is just out there raping everyone else than accept the indisputable evidence that it’s only half of us.

No. 1677014

i wish these powerful figures would trust their instincts and not network with troons.

No. 1677018

new people to block on twitter, nice. But can women just have female comic characters? There are enough male comic characters, maybe we should make Superman trans? Or Batman? Or Star-Lord, yes, make Chris Pratt play a ftm, I would be very okay with that.

No. 1677019

they both have the same awful makeup

No. 1677020

Oh honey… you’ve never heard of batfam haven’t you

No. 1677021

She 100% did his makeup. I do wonder if, for some handmaidens, it does come down to a humiliation kink as well. Imagine treating your husband like a little doll to dress up in mommy and me outfits and taking him out on the town like that.

No. 1677026

no, never, and I don't think I want to hear about it, kek. My involvement with Batman at the moment is me looking at fat Christian Bale and being amused how happy he looks and wishing there would be a fat Batman. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/ar5DQD7_460s.jpg he looks like a happy seal)(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1677032

tfw when they literally do that themselves by referring to us as "womb havers" and "menstruators".

No. 1677033

I know right??? Like no joke her smile is one of the most forced I’ve seen, same with the girl in the picture in the post just upthread about the server saying “ma’am or sir?” Women next to troons smile with no light in their eyes. Period.

No. 1677034

Another picture to add to the collage

No. 1677036

This faggot is going to join the 41% in 5 yrs at most. Yeah he's bordeline psychotic rn but there is no way his HSTS (bsts?) ass truly thinks he passes. I already can see his suicidenote-manifiesto blaming the right, terfs and troonphobes.

No. 1677040

So… He wrote all of that about a 13 yrs old kid. On his own words, "doesn't pass yet" so it's just a 13 yrs old boy with long hair and painted mails i guess. Possibly hasn't gone through puberty yet so he's quite androgynous in a kid's way. He wants to be/it's jealous of a pre-puberty 13 yrs old kid with long hair. All the red flags for autopedophilia.

No. 1677047

Lush is shit quality anyway

No. 1677049

2 GROWN ASS men discussing "girlhood".

someone please an hero them

No. 1677050

I saw this video. He claims that because of hrt he will "never experience male pattern balding," as if he isn't already experiencing it lol

No. 1677054

im seeing this shit happen irl at work/friends and it's so depressing. wives being blindsided by this bullshit, being labeled a transphobe/terf if they don't wholely accept their husband wanting to now be a woman. I just dont get why people who want to be women so badly dont understand a woman's brain. your wife married you and was attracted to the male/masculine you. how do we support women with awful spouses like this holy fuck

No. 1677055

File: 1665957629780.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1200x6902, E1638E57-ABB6-48FA-9444-4AA1E0…)

another one for the collage.

No. 1677060

honestly they can have Harley Quinn, she's:
- mentally ill
- violent
- dependent on an abusive equally insane man
- has become nothing but lazy fap material for gross autistic nerds
- dresses terribly (see above)
- literal clown make-up

no wonder the troons want to claim her as one of their own

No. 1677061

i hope he becomes even more famous, so when he inevitably suffers a career ruining mental breakdown because he’s obviously psychotic and addicted to coke or whatever, everyone will witness his downfall and laugh.

No. 1677062

It's not surprising to me that they're going after the bisexual sex Barbie rogue with a history of being abused who now has a strong mommy gf who is meaner than she is, especially since Harley is a borderline Mary Sue now. They want to be pretty victimized princesses, but also "smart, strong, and capable (in a way only males can be, of course)." She's not accurate to what TIMs actually look or act like, but that's the point, isn't it?

No. 1677066

the gross nerds who masturbate to fictional characters would throw an epic tantrum if harley was made canonically a troon. that’s a win in my book. leave margot robbie out of it, tho.

No. 1677067

>reducing women to their reproductive organs
Ability does not mean purpose. It blows my mind when people say only women can have female reproductive systems and they come back with "You're reducing women to body parts." Acknowledging body parts isn't reducing anyone to anything.

No. 1677068

Half of them would be more excited to jack off to it, be honest with yourself.

No. 1677069

File: 1665959226789.jpeg (5.9 MB, 3456x14930, 15F35C4A-70CE-4B79-BE17-4C0D10…)

not if they make her look like an actual troon.

No. 1677070

Not to mention this one troon ruined the rest of the seasons for all the girls on both the JV and Varsity volleyball teams because they had to forfeit the rest of the season due to "safety concerns." This is absolutely vile.

No. 1677074

File: 1665959615485.jpeg (4.14 MB, 3024x10128, A8DC696B-709A-429C-A333-851623…)

there’s no winning for you because YWNBAW. nothing a man does will ever make him a woman.

No. 1677077

File: 1665959900538.jpg (343.24 KB, 1600x922, Screenshot_20221017_013634.jpg)

lmao rest easy nonnie the guy who started the trend is being rightfully burnt at the stake by people who've had enough of his bullshit

No. 1677078

He must live in a place where people are partially blind because he is just a chubby faced ugly moid with gynecomastia.

No. 1677088

They couldn't find a better TIM for their image than Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy in drag?

No. 1677091

the way ftm detrans girls get treated really shows that you can't transition your way out of feeling the effects of patriarchy. sure a lot of them are huge handmaidens or at least were for a time, but there's still something really sad about how they fuck up their health and have to live with the consequences of this misogynistic social trend and are just treated as laughing stocks by both male trannies and normal people.

No. 1677092

File: 1665961010449.jpeg (36.3 KB, 337x500, AE19A6A6-D5EF-4AC0-9449-E2E9AF…)

Lmao if only I were an art nonna I would edit this for you into a Dylan troon meme

No. 1677098

What the fuck are the lines under his eyes? Eye bags? I've heard of crow's feet but this is the powerline they're sitting on.

No. 1677109

apparently he’s only 26 lol, bleak

No. 1677113

how????? Like, we all know men age like shit, but how is it possible to have wrinkles in your 20s

No. 1677118

That's one of the best lines I ever heard

No. 1677122

File: 1665963708922.png (39.37 KB, 748x676, thatradicallesbian on Twitter.…)

tranny murdered a lesbian couple and there's been a media blackout about it for 6 years.

No. 1677123

File: 1665963774818.png (41.07 KB, 768x554, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

Another pedo troon (what else is new)

No. 1677125

File: 1665963848211.jpg (396.95 KB, 2048x2048, Fe_to-CWYAI5qB9.jpg)

womenface teaching kids vulgar signals

No. 1677126

File: 1665963885823.png (46.95 KB, 746x679, gender is harmful on Twitter.p…)

showcasing troons don't belong on the women's team

No. 1677131

File: 1665964091036.png (Spoiler Image,375.04 KB, 756x663, on Twitter.png)

troon breastfeeding

No. 1677135

this is beyond saddening. That poor baby.

No. 1677139

I thought about this last night. Empathetic gay friend characters started showing up in TV shows for women in the eighties. I think boomer women ended up believing the TV shitcom narrative about gay men before they actually met any ootc gay men. And women always seem desperate to believe that there's some miracle type of male that will give them positive attention.

No. 1677154


Eh you know he’s just getting off to this.

No. 1677164

What’s the transmasc version of this? I can’t get drunk with the boys without being raped? I can’t join the no loads refused gay sex orgy?

No. 1677181

>Mouse Stache
What the fuck?
Is that the kid's mom in the photo or some random gendie weirdo? This poor kid has definitely been witness to some fucked up shit. Best case scenario is they just made her do the gesture for the photo without telling her what it means. But that just means she might repeat it while out and about or teach it to her friends/classmates. Worst case…well kids displaying sexualized behavior at a young age is usually indicative of having been abused.

No. 1677188

Drag is literally burlesque, and this is a child drag king making reference to sex acts long before reaching puberty. This is child abuse.

No. 1677191

File: 1665969697209.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.35 KB, 1074x1089, 1665960648173716.jpg)

No. 1677197

Even the baby looks confused.

No. 1677209

Ugh pls spoiler this I legit threw up in my mouth this is basically CP

No. 1677211

File: 1665971100723.jpg (42.35 KB, 600x808, 1665961199987225.jpg)

No. 1677227

What is he holding that is corded? Baby looks utterly shocked

No. 1677230

Please tell me that bitch ain't dilating naked holding a fuckin baby. Please someone tell me it's just for him to take a selfie or something

No. 1677231

Child abuse

No. 1677232

File: 1665972801333.jpg (203.89 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_2022-10-16-19-04-51…)

He feels guilty because he knows what he's doing is wrong.

No. 1677234

Does that baby look unusually thin to anyone else?

No. 1677237

maybe im being schizo or maybe i just HOPE im being schizo but doesnt the imagery of electrical-cord-leading-to-handheld-object-placed-between-legs seem DELIBERATELY referrential to like, a vibrator? This is a sick, sick image
Yeah huge failure to thrive vibe…

No. 1677243

what the fuck is a euphoria boner

No. 1677246

If you’re being schizo, so am I. This shit is disgusting and shame on the people who let these creatures near children, especially infants. Jesus fucking Christ I wanna a-log so bad

No. 1677253

Lurk moar.

No. 1677268

i am now homophobic.

No. 1677269


So they're literally admitting that "gender-affirming" does mean "reinforcing and adhering to the stereotype" as if it were inherent facts about what all women are like, and there is only one box to put women in?

No. 1677270

The thesis of this psa being “men can be moms too! Buck gender roles!” meanwhile you know the actual mother has been shunted just out of frame and is waiting for him to dump his prop back into her arms for her to care for the clearly uncomfortable child.

No. 1677272


Mtf troons always try and use this "being tomboy and more unfeminine but still identify as a wymon" thing to try and gotcha. But no, they are also trying to gender "unfemme" and "tomboy" things as adherent to define woman now.

They are so shitty, thinking gendering "liking bugs" and "i still use toolboxes and fix things" or "i am casual and wear plaid shirts" as 'being woman' will give them a pass also.

No. 1677275


No. 1677286

Open question: Will HSTS trannies get peaked if they knew all those AGP "lesbian" troons infiltrating their movement are just very female-attracted straight men who might want to dress and act out horrible stereotypes of women BUT also want to fuck cis women only at the same time (mostly by unconsent of course)?

The HSTS would get mad jealous, because "why do cis females always manage to attract the menz to come and chase and follow them, even in a trans movement there are so many lesbians, but they only want gals?!?!", but why do they still choose to support and interact with these transbians whom they know are just straight agp males hungry for pussy?

Are HSTS knowing but still choosing to keep the AGPs just cuz they maliciously want to see more cis women being raped or messed with, or do most HSTS get scared of the AGPs and don't associate with them because they do not have "liking n stealing all the straight masc cis menz" in common??

No. 1677292


Kat blaque claims to be only interested in guys, but has been caping for trans lesbians and agps invading women's spaces and sports as ""valid"" in his youtube, so seems like he might be coming out as bi or transbian himself soon.

No. 1677293

File: 1665979196451.png (5.91 MB, 1242x2208, 864D4100-B095-4F55-A3AE-8EFD1E…)

Troon posts hentai in lesbian subreddit. All the women in the comments hate it, but every single commenter talking positively about it is a troon.

“This looks like something a straight man would draw” indeed

No. 1677299

It doesn't matter because both AGPs and HSTSs hate women. The only difference is that AGPs want to rape women, specially girls, while HSTS want to "steal our men", both seen to them as ways to humiliate women, one directly and the other indirectly.
It's hilarious because both put men in a pedestal when in reality they themselves would crash and burn if they just knew how useless, pathetic and unnecessary are men in their societies since they tend to be dudes living in first world countries.

No. 1677303

I genuinely want to know what handmaidens think when they see THIS. It can't be anything other than pity. Must be "Oh this poor retarded fag wants something i have, i feel bad for him" kind of support.
I don't have tic tok and dont know what kind of comments he gets under his original videos, but i cant imagine a sane person taking this seriously

No. 1677305

File: 1665981755700.png (114.41 KB, 565x827, 1665955437816.png)

Why do you need to learn about womanhood if you were already a woman on the inside, Dylan? Why do you still need to learn it if your claims that you "know what women experience" and you "do have womanhood" are true?

No. 1677306


That's the main folly of the handmaidens. They think males larping as parody versions of their sex class are "flattering" as well as elevating them as cis women, but they don't know the truth about AGP/HSTS being insanely jealous, cluster B disorders, rapey hon behaviour, the whole fugly package that comes with troonism.

No. 1677309

Lmfao I saw and it's literally true: every single troon in there loved it. Almost like straight men like this kind of thing… or something, what do I know.

No. 1677310

File: 1665982642768.jpg (121.54 KB, 640x1184, NSdAZQs8Y-eJXn45vivwzjnoUUuv7r…)

The 1776 musical will be filled with trannies.

No. 1677313

File: 1665982767844.jpeg (549.91 KB, 814x1097, C9B10A1C-9D64-4537-8666-370A57…)

It’s all similar with each comment section. I’m starting to think he’s botting his videos. Blowing smoke up his ass for just inhaling air lmao. Like how the fuck do you need a tranny to help embrace your “femininity” and remind yourself that being a girl can be fun?

No. 1677314

They're straight normie teenage girls who parasocially view him as their gay best friend. Many bleeding-heart normies (especially women) buy the myth that trannies are the most oppressed people on Earth, so they think giving fake compliments to trannies is "doing their part," and makes them good people.

It's a lot like people who patronize the intellectually disabled. They're doing it to virtue signal. They only difference is that empowering downies is harmless, while empowering trannies just reinforces systemic misogyny.

No. 1677319

This. Nobody actually thinks he's a woman, they're just enabling him because they think giving a tranny compliments is like giving medicine to a sick puppy.

I like his sense of fashion and bubbly personality. It's a shame he's trying to appropriate womanhood.

No. 1677320

He literally looks like a cable guy named Mike peering over these comments.

No. 1677321

>how the fuck do you need a tranny to help embrace your “femininity” and remind yourself that being a girl can be fun?
They're NPCs who need celebrities on TikTok to tell them what to think.

Also, dressing like an extra in Hairspray isn't "embracing femininity," it's embracing a retarded beauty standards pushed on women by corporations trying to make money. The best way to "embrace" femininity is to have some fucking self respect and stop confusing wearing consoomer crap with having a personality.

No. 1677323

I love how he refuses to call himself a woman (even though he's a fully grown beard having man) because it "intimates him" so he can validate his fetish for being a "little girl". If any real girl saw this hulking man beast in the toilets offering her a tampon she'd be more than just intimidated. Delusional men are a dangerous plague upon society.

No. 1677324

File: 1665983649558.png (1.86 MB, 1281x986, black-phone-poster-3.png)

>I like his personality
What personality? That's just a theater kid playing Stepford-wife-themed drag. It's clearly a persona he fabricated.

You can tell this because of his bug-eyes and creepy mile-wide smile. In theater, they tell actors to over-emote and constantly smile so their faces read from far away, which is exactly what he's doing here. Except the technique looks fucking horrifying when it's on-camera and he's two feet away. He looks like picrel, like he's got a crawlspace full of dessicated corpses and he's about to add you to it.

His fashion just sucks. Get your eyes checked. If a normal woman dressed that way, you'd ridicule her and you know it.

No. 1677329

more like straight, spoiled, usu. white & dumb

they think that encouraging some rich idiot's selfish, stupid bull is permissible because they are also stupid as fucking hell

No. 1677331

File: 1665985488148.png (495.7 KB, 1920x1920, FfELmBbX0AAzTwY.png)

Troons celebrating the death of Robbie Coltrane(Hagrid) because he supported JK Rowling.

No. 1677341

File: 1665986768174.png (2.09 MB, 2048x1821, chrome_screenshot_166598598575…)

major downgrade

No. 1677342

File: 1665986846440.png (2.01 MB, 1024x2509, troon.png)

jabba the hutt

No. 1677343

He was always ugly nonna. Raise your standards.

No. 1677344

>>1677341 that forehead looks like oatmeal

No. 1677346

Two stunning and brave transbians who realize they can't find an actual lesbian to put up with them. All that's left is that their corporeal form is an offense to nature.

No. 1677347

>>1677331 I've never wanted to alog so bad in my life

No. 1677355

i had some fine lines under my eyes in my mid 20s, and I'm a woman. sometimes genes aren't in ur favor

No. 1677356

File: 1665988925618.jpg (872.43 KB, 810x2322, Screenshot_20221017-023653_Boo…)

>I'm slowly going crazy and i think one of these days i'm going to lose it and kill somebody because a life as a man is too much and everybody hates me
Future school shooter

No. 1677358

He calls himself a femboy and doesn't demand people to call him a she or pretend he's Woman, so I don't really see the problem

No. 1677359

Went from regular looking to total degenerate, so still a major downgrade(sage)

No. 1677361

This is fucking sick
Not just you
Fr I want a fucking explanation. Disturbing.

No. 1677363

they also are unaware of agp and that it's basically a humiliation kink

No. 1677367

Wtf I am going to throw up.

No. 1677369

File: 1665992340493.jpg (475.81 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20221017-033304_Boo…)

>Im planning on co-breast feeding with my partner and our baby is due next month!

No. 1677371

Nonnie I don't know why you posted this without any context. This photograph was posted May 2019: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxIUrwGgibG/
The mans account is linked there. I found more info from this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/CasuallyGreg/status/1574966131118706689

One comment said that mans Instagram has a bunch of other children on there so I don't want to look any further.

No. 1677372

File: 1665993176564.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 956x1221, Michael Bailey-Gates.png)

oops forgot to add the images that were posted on the newyorker ig that are still there. Comments got turned off though.

No. 1677373

File: 1665993196809.jpeg (26.32 KB, 491x411, 1650402642577.jpeg)

>most of us evil troons that aren’t terminally online and who don’t look like absolute trainwrecks

No. 1677374

this is a women's board, leave. stop invading our fucking spaces you are part of the problem.

No. 1677380

The insanity is seeping out of these images

No. 1677382

Idk if this is a hot take, but there is no real meaningful difference between HSTS and AGP so the distinction is rather pointless, it's all for their own sexual gratification. Straight ones want to see themselves as a sexual object, gay ones want men to see them as a sexual object. They all see women as sexual objects they can become for their own fulfilment and they don't care that it hurts women. Gay men aren't more "safe" than straight ones.
The only time the distinction makes sense is for peaking handmaidens by pointing out the most obvious misogynistic sex offenders and saying "look SOME troons like these AGP ones are bad, but your fave HSTS trans youtube guru is ok so you don't have to feel your believes are under attack" until they finally get that all of them are the same at the core.

No. 1677383

He expects to be praised for being close (but still below) bare minimum, literally average male behaviour

No. 1677400

Not Like Other Troons

No. 1677401

Sage because I'm not entirely sure this counts as milk, but John Oliver did another episode about trannies tonight where he trotted out the same arguments and lies of omission TRAs always use. Here's a very brief rundown of the BS I could remember off the top of my head.

>Look at all this cherry-picked shit from batshit conservatives to give the illusion that all GC people are Ted Cruz.

Typical. Radical feminists were raising alarm bells about trannies way back in the 1970s. Conservitards just stole our talking points and added their own retarded spin on it.

>Trans kids in sports are rare, so why bother banning them?

You could use the exact same argument in the opposite direction. Special Ed kids are rare, so why have a Special Olympics? It's not fair for disabled kids to play against non able-bodied kids, so they have their own league that able-bodied people are banned from. And yes, people pretended to be disabled to get it, and yes, they got the fucking retribution they deserve. The same should apply for women's sports, it's not rocket science. Trannies can make their own league if they're so vulnerable (and also so adverse to the basic rules against steroids and men competing against women.)

>Hormones are reversible!!1

Now, he was clever here in that he was only referring to fertility, but as any detransitioned woman can tell you, the effects of HRT are permanent. They're stuck with frog voices and enlarged clits for the rest of their lives. If someone isn't old enough to consent to sex, they're not old enough for drugs or procedures that modify their sex organs.

>Detransitioners are ackchually still twans, they're just closeted!

Crock of shit. Maybe this is the case for MTFs, but every single detransitioned FTM I've talked to did it because the effects of HRT gave them dysphoria, or because they got therapy and realized that they only wanted to transition because of internalized homophobia or untreated trauma.

>No one gets surgeries when they're underage!!11

Tell that to Susie Green's son.

>Look at this eight year old saying a bunch of (clearly scripted) shit we agree with!

Yeah, ever since Jazz and his psycho mom hit it big, MPB stage moms are coming out of the woodwork to cash in. Next.

>Look how happy this Aiden is playing on a boy's wrestling team!

I'm sure all of her fujoshi fantasies are coming true in the rare times she's not either benched or concussed. I'd love to see her scorecard.

>The study about ROGD was debunked!1!

Do any anons have a source on this? For one, I doubt there was only a single study on it. I'd like to interrogate John's claim there, because my personal experience as a former genderspecial myself was that it was absolutely a contagion, at least among nerdy FTMs. Literally all of my Tumblr fandom friends from when I was a teenager have trooned out at some point.

>Suicidal ideation is at 57%

Probably because you're giving them horse piss instead of treating them for depression and other mental illnesses. THe hamplanet mom they showed clearly viewed it as a band-aid for those issues. Lobotomy 2.0

I'm tired and I don't feel like addressing more of his shit. feel free to add on to this.

No. 1677404

File: 1665995795513.jpeg (893.61 KB, 960x1170, 15AA182F-7831-4E27-A6C6-57634A…)

i wanna alog so bad

No. 1677406

>>167740 thank god people were making fun of him though lmao.

No. 1677408

this is literally what 80% of /tttt/ sounds like and drives me NUTS
like, ok post nudes of your stunted, artificially feminized 17 yo body, that's totally fine but lucidity and having a rational grasp of reality?! maybe there's other people besides ur mentally ill ass who will be affected negatively by your one track mind kind of shit??

none of these fuckers are capable of objectivity, they're all dead set on shoving women to the side in their rabid quest to LARP as them. sick of this

No. 1677410

and they should be FAR more concerned with being predated on & ending up penniless and on the streets but they're not.

all they think about is their insane clown's perception of women. most of them look like the msot unremarkable teen boys, they don't seem very masculine at all but their dysmorphia turns them into literal ogres in their minds

No. 1677413

And notice how only AFAB female youtubers and egirls get cancelled, but never mtf troons who do the same shit or worse. How amazeballs, contrapoints has hired a troon who has abused his ex wife and raped other mtfs before, and Mr hontra is still thriving with a pickme cis gf who gladly does bdsm with him! And he also made fun of the balding detrans girl like the little piece of dogshit he is! Even when you get dirt on moids they shake it off(learn2sage)

No. 1677416


He can't seem to shake off Oliver though, seems like "Abigail" is the Thorn that will always get under Contra's skin.

No. 1677421

File: 1665998430736.png (381.31 KB, 640x360, creature1.png)

saw this and thought it belonged here
one of the just stop oil people threw paint on a car dealarship in london
the thing is these people are a nuisance to the general public they have blocked roads and stopped emergency vehicles from reacing fires and accidents, they are doing more harm than good and they are turning the public against them and against protecting the environment

No. 1677422

File: 1665998467491.png (3.93 MB, 2048x1366, creature2.png)

second picture

No. 1677424

File: 1665998541561.png (2.42 MB, 1081x2165, chrome_screenshot_166599849012…)

No. 1677427

making a mess for working class people to clean up eventually is admittedly pretty dumb but they are drawing attention to themselves so mission accomplished?

wonder how many of them will see a court date. most of the "activists" in videos seem young and female

No. 1677441

John Stewart & Jon Oliver have really gone off the deep end lately. Sickening and sad to witness.

No. 1677442

I like how she starts with "she" and ends her comment with "he". You can tell these people don't believe any of this TRA bullshit, they just follow along because it's the "you have to be kind, tolerant and if it doesn't harm you personally then why not" type of thinking they believe is so progressive.

No. 1677444

Well they are attention whores high on their own self righteousness and in that sense they succeed because they get attention and judges kiss their ass and let them off with a 50$ fine even for their 50th violation, but in terms of achieving political or social goals: Virtually everyone hates them and think they're bad people, and this look is smeared on the issues they use to attention whore.

No. 1677445


Probably closet chasers. Deeply misogynistic "leftist" men prefer males who have the outward appearance of a woman but the inner workings of a guy, they feel like mtfs are their ideal gf package, because they think women can never be on same level or have things in common with men.

No. 1677450


If "toxic femininity" means anything it is the desire to sacrifice reality on the altar of agreeability.

"Be kind" bullshit performed by self-righteous virtue signalling handmaidens for clout and congeniality points doesn't get them picked, maybe for a while, but treated like used condoms once they no longer serve the males' interests or make a misstep that displeases them.

No. 1677451

They're both just trying desperately to be hip with the kids and say what they think other liberals want to hear. Although in Oliver's case, I think it's also the work of his millenial writers, who often insert dated memes and other cringe into his routines. I would not be even remotely surprised if one of those writers were a troon.

I'm not shocked or disappointed by any of it, honestly, and I'll probably continue to watch Jon Stewart. Call me a doomer, but it really seems like society has resigned to see this retarded tranny fad through to the bitter end, which will be exactly be like how the lobotomy craze ended: in a flurry of lawsuits and irreparable damage to the mentally ill and marginalized.

Sometimes I feel like Cassandra of Troy, helplessly watching all this crap unfold while no one heeds the constant warnings, or even cares to hear them.

No. 1677453


It's also odd how "be kind" from pickmes does not apply to other "cis" women. They are never hesitant to fight or cancel a female entertainer apart for the smallest reason, especially the SuperStraight ones. Seems like they like male pandering.

No. 1677456

I don't get it, Rowling has done more for vulnerable women and children through her charity work than most troons could hope to do in a hundred lifetimes. she's not a great writer per-se but she is a good person, can't they just acknowledge that

No. 1677463

Anon, they are men wearing woman costumes, they couldn't care less about vulnerable women and most media they consume is even worse than Rowling's writing.

No. 1677467

File: 1666004995327.jpg (684.68 KB, 1536x2048, FfNt5NEXwAQqVen.jpg)

sage for non-milk ot tinfoil, but anyone come across this horror vidya streamer John wolfe? apparently he's doing a charity stream cosplaying Ada Wong, one of the resident evil game waifus. I wasn't gonna look too much into it but he also bought one of those boob armor things troons wear? idk if he's just trying to hard for some stream.

No. 1677470

File: 1666005475622.png (2.28 MB, 1081x3921, chrome_screenshot_166600425764…)

someone get this man some rope

No. 1677473

A troon in the making 110%

No. 1677474

File: 1666005554991.png (225.42 KB, 651x820, image_2022-10-17_131300879.png)

scrotes are trying to spread their illness by turning Harley into a troon

No. 1677476

File: 1666005716878.jpg (508.33 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20221017-071747_Boo…)

Troons believing they have the female gaze kek

No. 1677478

File: 1666005750969.jpg (565.98 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20221017_072152.jpg)

Imagine having the confidence to post this LMAO

No. 1677479

Lmao what brand of liquid eyeliner does he use? Crayola?

No. 1677481

did he take that photo after removing the eyeshadow? or is the eyeshadow supposed to mimic discoloration around the area… what are they doing

No. 1677482

It objectively looks like shit, so he must think that's enough for his fetish to get validated. If he and other troons actually liked makeup they'd put in effort and not post something that's this bad.

No. 1677483

How can any adult look at that and think it's good to post? It's like a 12 year old who is proud that it still can't color inside the lines.

No. 1677484

>Sam Kinison looking motherfucker
Fuckin kek at that scathing self-burn he actually looks more like a less desiccated Woody Allen skinwalking that one like mousy teacher from Jawbreaker

No. 1677485

>Rowling has done more for vulnerable women and children through her charity work
That's why, they actively wish harm on women and children so they despise her

No. 1677488

File: 1666006916328.jpg (373.9 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20221017_074123.jpg)

>40 years old
>high school

No. 1677489

File: 1666006990881.jpeg (713.9 KB, 828x1441, A647BCB3-C991-45C0-A7DD-1C8AD8…)

Troon destroys his body with artificial cross sex hormones, is shocked when it has real physical ramifications. All for the coom.

No. 1677491

>tfw u find out orgasms and sexual feelings don't happen magically and are indeed connected to your body, like everything else

No. 1677492

File: 1666007944562.jpg (121 KB, 677x845, nails.jpg)

You got to be fucking shitting me. Why are all the horror vidya streamers and YT'ers like this? He even grew his nails out for it, instead of getting press-ons. Last time he cosplayed as Kate Derson. He only cosplays as female characters, has been growing his hair out longer than ever before. He's probably working up to it.

No. 1677493

Holy cow, look at that shovel.

No. 1677494

File: 1666008316561.jpeg (27.54 KB, 450x470, 1B07F218-E1CE-45FF-8676-2CA999…)

Ugh of course he couldn’t even be bothered to properly shape and prep them to be painted, and his paint job looks like complete shit. Barf me out

No. 1677498

the trap meme was a mistake

No. 1677499

He could at least shape them, why would you paint unshaped nails and post a photo like it's cute

No. 1677504

He did this kinda thing before for charity, but imma go ahead qnd unsub now. I don't watch him anyway, I subbed years ago. This is too agp for me. Last time I think it was for the Trevor project and I only saw a little clip.

No. 1677505

File: 1666009137069.jpg (46.18 KB, 318x460, nightoftheliving.jpg)

here you go nonna, i tried! lazily and quite badly i admit but work is incredibly slow atm so i thought i have some fun in the meantime kek

No. 1677506

File: 1666009335790.jpg (768.05 KB, 2472x988, why.jpg)

I get doing it for charity, but this just gives off so many AGP vibes, he's making it a habit. The charity is just an excuse at this point.

No. 1677508

i vote this for the next thread pic. gj nonna!

No. 1677512

A moid that was just doing this for fun would be wearing some cheap Amazon costume with no effort and the cheapest wig. This guy is 100% an AGP

No. 1677513

rip my sides

No. 1677518

LMAO am the nonna who posted the original goosebumps pic, this is great thank you so much kek

No. 1677521

this is so perfect

No. 1677526

>i dont understand how people can tell that my stunning and brave wife is a troon

your husband will never pass. hes unmistakably male and a very ugly one at that. everyone who says otherwise is sparing its feelings

No. 1677528

thank you for making my day nonna

No. 1677533

it's not a huge deal but honestly it's such an idiot move. you usually don't show your whole ass ID unless you're trying to get some documents because of the document ID number, that's usually used to get personal documents such as a birth certificate.

No. 1677540

doesn’t look like the baby is latched

No. 1677543

I get it, there is something likeable about his personality maybe why the powers that be picked him to be troon of the month kek. I think deep down he knows he's just an effeminate larping fag though.

No. 1677550

John oliver looks like he diddles kids

No. 1677552

The server did the right thing asking for pronouns and they still get butthurt lolol

No. 1677555

Forgive me but you are both insane and have shit taste, he's easilly one of the most unnerving people to be posted on these threads, we get ugly creeps all the time, but he manages to be a complete fake while also having a maniac energy, like he's about to murder everyone in the room while laughing his ass off.

No. 1677560

Thanks, I thought I was going crazy (I'm this poster >>1676886).

No. 1677562

I completely agree with you nonna, he actually scares me, there’s clearly anger behind his eyes. I don’t know who it’s towards, all women? Perhaps his mother? But there’s something about his stare that makes my skin crawl. I can imagine that when he snaps it’s fucking terrifying, he looks like the type to stop at nothing to make your life misery. The whole act is so fake and ridiculous, it’s like watching a clown do the most retarded but predictable acts, and it feels like if you dare roll your eyes he’s gonna smother you with a pillow while you sleep later.

No. 1677563

next thread pic for effort edit

No. 1677564

i was a fan of John for years, although he kinda always pissed me off for being so arrogant and sarcastic all the damn time, and he berates his viewers occasionally. this is too fucking gross though, im unsubbing right now because that’s a huge red flag these days

No. 1677565

and its fitting due to the current ulta drama kek

No. 1677566

File: 1666015792851.jpg (83.54 KB, 750x793, FfRQjzkWAAILQUk.jpg)

tHeY cAnT tElL tHe dIfFeReNcE

No. 1677567

i hope the OP finally chooses an OC from the thread, this is hilarious

No. 1677568

Just seeing that huge creepy smiling psycho face is enough to activate my fight or flight. Literally creepypasta/sleep paralysis demon material

No. 1677570

File: 1666015908408.png (737.48 KB, 882x954, deadbydelusion.png)

There's a troon in the DBD community that I see every so often named "therealjaneromero".

>is obsessed with the character Jane Romero

>trying to make her a cannon tranny
>trying to skinwalk her

Excuse my shitty paint collage but I think it's hilarious.

No. 1677572

Sorry if I’m being dense but shouldn’t men be allowed to wear any clothes and cross dress for cosplay all they want? Isn’t that the whole point of getting rid of gender?

No. 1677574

>hitting the g-spot
hate to tell you man but you gotta put it in his ass to reach it kek

No. 1677576

even next to the manliest looking female character he still looks male

No. 1677579

True but nowadays it's almost always a sign. It should be that you cab wear whatever but now, men turn their fetish or Hobbie or style into a lifestyle that we must take serious or deal with the consequences. It's another side effect of Troon shit. John could just be a weird who cross dresses for Charity streams as a gag or this could be some fetish shit that's a sign. I can't really blame the nonnie who side eyed this originally.

No. 1677580

Usually I’d agree, I actually used to really enjoy men in dresses like 10 years ago kek, as long as it was just that: men in dresses. But I just don’t trust the average moid anymore, the troons have ruined it for everyone. Hopefully this really was simply a fun cosplay for a charity stream, but we’ve already seen so many other moids troon out, after simply dressing up and then getting turned on by it, so I’m not gonna hold out too much hope.

No. 1677581

Holy fucking forehead. Ever since they decided to make David King gay I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled such a move by making one of the female survivors a transwoman, unfortunately.

Kek. Reminds me how some fans kept claiming that Nea was a transwoman because of her non-feminine features, which is just a perfect way for them to throw insults at themselves.

No. 1677583

already posted >>1676932 but you know what I'm fine with Harley Quinn being turned into a troon, she was made to be scrote commerbait the past 10 years and somehow got embraced by libfems as being a sex positive queer icon, she's also a mary sue self insert now thanks to her show and I'm find with her being a troon personally

No. 1677584

>male anatomy is generally the same as female anatomy

They cope and lie nonstop and then tell detransitioners they "should have known" when they fuck up their bodies for life with srs and hormones. It'd be one thing if they followed these lies with support for people who run into issues, but they always shun and make enemies of anyone who speaks the truth or even simply has a bad experience and tries to talk about it.
So you have a hugbox of lying, coping people saying it's "the same" and then a bunch of people who have to spend their lives mutilated because they believed the lies.

No. 1677585

what the fuck. first they are rioting and screeching on twitter about how they NEED a tranny in DC comics, making batgirl have a tranny roommate whose only drama in his life was ' i got misgendered at clinic !!', then they ask for more, making these idiots add a literal tranny into Wonder Woman's island (which is made for biological women only), then they are uglyfying poison ivy in this shitty unfunny tv show. i am so done with these faggots.

No. 1677587

>she was made to be scrote commerbait the past 10 years
Which is why I 100% support a mtf actor being cast to play her in a live action, the scrotes seething over Harley Quinn being an ugly moid would be funny, plus the possible repercussions that you can't cosplay her as a cis woman cause that is appropriation or something equally retarded but still funny.

No. 1677589

Yes but we haven't gotten rid of gender yet and most moids who crossdress still do it for a fetish

No. 1677592

I mean the central basis of Harley Quinn the show's humor is "x comic character but they act like a white liberal" so harley acts like a white liberal, poison ivy acts like a white liberal, hell fucking joker acts like a white liberal

No. 1677593

Couldn't agree more, Dylan is fucking terrifying because he knows exactly what he's doing. People say he's hsts but he very clearly has an AGP bimbo fetish. In almost every video he asks "what do you think ladies?" or something similar, constantly demanding validation from women for his fetish. He objectively looks very unfeminine, no curves, breast implants or padded bras, no lip injections and so on. It's very reminiscent of the elderly agp troons who don't transition but slap on a dress and cheap wig to masturbate because that's enough for them to see themselves as a woman. He can't be a troll unless he hates women and loves the damage he's doing to them, and he can't be serious without loving the damage he's doing to women either. Yet somewhere deep inside I hope on day 365 he's gonna turn around and say it was a social experiment on how far he as a man could go just by claiming to be trans in just a year, or some shit like that. He won't though.

No. 1677594

File: 1666017987033.jpg (82.84 KB, 602x653, ContraPoints5YearsOfEstrogenGa…)

Female youtubers and influencers get cancelled at the slightest mistake, yet contrapoints hired a troon who has abused his ex wife and raped other mtfs before, and his ugly ass is still thriving with a pickme cis gf who gladly does bdsm with him! And making fun of the balding detrans girl like the little piece of dogshit he is! When troons get dirt on them its ok apparently

No. 1677596

Ew scrotes always say they love playing as Jane to see her ass/titties bounce but this is another level. That game already has the pride flag charms everywhere including the ugly new one so I’m just waiting for the day they go further and make more characters woke in a video game where they get horrifically murdered…why does the LGBT invade the horror genre in particular and force it to include all their interests even when it makes no sense? Just play the game and head canon whatever you want onto your main because they barely have background anyway.

No. 1677597

Of course he's a rape apologist, he's a man

No. 1677599


Fuck off Nick you miserable eunuch. You will be dead from a drug overdose within five years time while looking like a hideous man with swollen cheeks.

No. 1677600

no, that is not what five years of testosterone does to anyone with the genetics for male pattern balding. all of these trannies poking fun at her while they get their rancid little dicks inverted to a rotting hole that leads no where deserve their coomless demise.

No. 1677602

>estrogen gave me cellulite
no, you just got fat from the excessive drinking scrote.
reminder that controon earns thousands doing absolutely nothing and gets to dunk on poor women online paying for their naivete. this hon cannot 41% soon enough.

No. 1677604

File: 1666018673832.png (349.89 KB, 654x496, FfELmBbX0A.png)

Sir you have the body of a hairless 17 year old boy in drag

No. 1677608

ok so according to this troon anyone with male pattern baldness genes loses that much hair within the first five years of testosterone but how come we don't really see that many dudes who are balding at 15-19?

No. 1677610

Funny how none of these angry men like keffals or Contra are going after that Shape Shifter Troon? Or mtf who speak out? Quite telling how they target this woman

No. 1677615

male pattern baldness isn’t caused by testosterone. it’s caused by DHT which is similar to testosterone but it’s not the same and women have very little of it in their bodies since it mainly is produced in the prostate and seminal vesicles. the hair loss this girl has is not male pattern baldness but just a side effect of what happens when there’s excess testosterone in women.

No. 1677619

File: 1666020232920.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x1857, 10CB086F-EA0A-4790-AA7B-40EBE8…)

Aw, someone got their feelings hurt. He posted this on r/egg_irl too.

No. 1677621

i could accept that he’s just doing crossplay for fun. but it mask just makes it deceptive. we know they love to hide their faces cause they think it helps them pass.

No. 1677625

Good. Hope he continues to feel unwelcomed!

No. 1677626

Fr it makes more sense to tell shapeshifter that of course srs doesn't give you a real vagina. Instead they're gaslighting this girl trying to convince her that moids become bald in their teens while at the same time tifs are telling her T doesn't make you bald

No. 1677632

A man? Not welcomed on a lesbian subreddit? That's more likely than he thinks!

No. 1677635

>puberty has destroyed my body, replacing it with a man’s body
This sounds pedophilic. Do they think humans are meant to stay in a state of prepubescence forever?

No. 1677636

let him be a femboy.

No. 1677637

Can troons even coom after chopping their dicks off?(sage ok)

No. 1677640

That sucks. I didn’t mind him before and enjoyed his LPs sometimes because he wasn’t just screaming and shouting like so many of them do, plus he played games I liked. I hope it’s not a sign of anything, but I’ve gotten weird feelings about him before anyway, like the other nona who mentioned his arrogance. It was off-putting.

No. 1677641

He got offended that people didn't like his shitty lesbian fetishizing meme and don't feel welcome? That's amazing
If he got that mad over something that silly, he wouldn't last a day being a real woman

No. 1677643

Oof, his whole reddit account is a troonfield of cringe, consoomer, and pornbrain.

No. 1677647


Katy Mongomerie too, mocking and harassing women behind their backs on his YouTube Channel.

No. 1677649

File: 1666022561624.jpg (16.66 KB, 750x738, EpWkVDtUUAAxNPa.jpg)

>Most gynecologists mistake an inside out penis on a dude for female genitalia

No. 1677650

THANK YOU finally someone getting the premise of HQ animated series, its only unfunny if you think the characters are supposed to be likeable

No. 1677653

No actually disagree with you there, lesbian reddits have been 90%+ transbians for a long time.

No. 1677660

Ewww, yeah he should definitely crawl back to r/traaanns and r/animemes

No. 1677667

I’m just glad so many women felt comfortable staying how uncomfortable the meme made them. Almost all of the comments were like that, usually you just see the dissent in the downvoting.

No. 1677677

why do they communicate through shitty anime memes. it’s not even reddit culture at this point. it would have been easier to just write “weh the mean cissy terfs didn’t like my fun gay girl picture they’re so mean”

acting like his male behaviour didn’t single him out.

No. 1677681

Jazz Jennings is such an eyesore. I just watched this video and it’s like…wym your “heartbroken” by weighing yourself you stuffed tranny? You don’t have a fucking mirror that you look into every single day? I don’t have anything against women (namely mothers) who are heavier but troon men being like bowling balls makes me gag

No. 1677682

>I can't sleep around because I'm perceived as male
lmao what(learn2sage)

No. 1677686

Sorry samefagging but
>Maybe we should plan a day where we both take a mirror and look down there
Proof that no matter how early you start to botch your hormones, you can never take the scrote out of the boy(sage your shit)

No. 1677688

The good thing about this is all the assholes RTing to mock her are still spreading her info for free, whatever snide thing they have to say cannot discount the evidence of her post/video.

No. 1677691

Jazz is a victim of his insane family who convinced him to troon out and get srs as a child, he's fat because he's miserable tbf.

No. 1677693

It's the fact that he and the crazy eyed twins are aging worse then everyone in the family. Jazz not by his own choice and actions because he was groomed into this lifestyle and use food to cope, but the other twin going on fake dates with black troons/ts Madison. Making painfully fake and forced woke tik toks. The mom,dad, sister and even the less crazy male twin, aren't super fat. That's how you know that what happened to Jazz is unnatural more then anything. He stands out in a bad way. He's not meant to be shaped like that.

No. 1677694

Basically he's that fat because he's a Troon and has no control over anything. I legit feel like he'd still used food for a cope but would've been a gym bro or just a solid big thick guy.

No. 1677696

It's going to be definitely interesting to see TRAs reacting to detrans people in the future, since their numbers are only increasing with time.

No. 1677698

File: 1666026622540.jpeg (129.55 KB, 750x655, 1999056F-C943-40DB-BCF5-D66B12…)

No. 1677702

File: 1666026723630.jpeg (104.75 KB, 750x762, CA8A2B34-2ADB-4D69-8627-E40BF6…)

idk if this one belongs here or not bc he’s a he/they gendiekweer but what a hon

No. 1677705

File: 1666026929452.jpeg (122.92 KB, 720x720, D1736312-79FB-4B88-9B83-86969A…)

again I don’t think he’s full TIM, just genderspecial, but kek at when these moids go for the women in menswear look

No. 1677706

the ROGD study was never really debunked. People, mostly TRAs, got mad at the publication of the study and demanded Brown University retract it. the paper it was published in claimed they were going to do a review of the study but that same day, Brown University decided not to do a press release of the paper. In 2019, the paper republished the study with some corrections but it still is a published study and there has been no official response that properly debunks it. The author of the study still stands by it.

No. 1677707

File: 1666027174638.jpeg (119.83 KB, 750x849, B5BD0277-93A6-4D04-A6A0-F721DE…)

>187,700+ likes
bleak. they’re so male they can’t stop talking about their filthy dicks. I hate scrotes so much it’s unreal.

No. 1677710

File: 1666027255368.jpeg (58.85 KB, 750x351, E771F942-70C0-47E2-937F-4BA7E3…)

No. 1677712

Really bleak. I truly hope Musk takeover goes through. I don't like Musk and his cringey ideas neither but twitter is fucked anyway.

No. 1677713

This fatass must be mistaking his hanging gut as balls. There’s no way he can even see his dick. Trannies shut up about your disgusting penis challenge.

No. 1677714

File: 1666027617891.jpeg (84.93 KB, 750x751, 7A99C3E7-E120-464D-BE56-A5996E…)

his Twitter handle:
>stereotypical mythological/goddess name, Athena, with ‘beesh’ on the end - unsure if he’s trying to use a gendered slur like ‘bitch’ or what
his Twitter bio:
>self-described “neurospicy” (co-opting neurodivergence)
>polyam, as if a single soul would ever want him
>obligatory ACAB, BLM, etc.

No. 1677716

if I had a gynaecologist who couldn't tell a difference between a vagina and a frankenhole, I would ask myself if that person is really a doctor and leave immediately.

No. 1677719

And people here were insulting Trevor Noah when he interviewed that cycling tranny. At least he tried to discuss if it was fair to women for troons to participate, brought up the brilliant comparison of weight classes in boxing. He kept getting his attempts at discussion put down and the audience clapped at every troonism. Goes to show how easy it is for white men to immediately pander because they lose nothing. At least Trevor Noah understands what it means to be oppressed, was raised predominantly by women and probably saw how fucked it was for them in South Africa. White liberal moids have found yet another way to secretly fuck over women.

No. 1677727

These people do makeup like 13 year olds, no wonder they’re all pedophiles

No. 1677729

File: 1666029002276.jpeg (500.43 KB, 750x990, CA586347-66EA-47D7-80F4-370EE5…)

Literally what has changed other than his jaw, which he admits only changed because of the angle KEK? He’s pursing his lips?

No. 1677731

Is this faceapp or something? That ain't even the same face

No. 1677734

>female gaze

No. 1677735

It's so fitting how they hold the infants like props as they try and pose like models, their faces completely devoid of love and understanding. The only emotion I get from them is narcissism. Malformed beings only capable of robotic emulation for their own selfish gain, the selfless sacrifice of motherhood is completely lost on them. These photos are accidental artistic genius, the hubris of man contrasted with what he so obviously lacks has never been so transparent.

No. 1677746

Is this the guy who posted that hentai "Girls be like" meme.

No. 1677751


No. 1677757

No. 1677758

File: 1666031279221.jpg (46 KB, 607x489, Tumblr_l_100614953296726.jpg)

Ready to get blackpilled? This sick scrote's behavior is actively enabling women to be literally harvested for their skin and sometimes murdered for it. Many of which being already forced into prostitution as well.


No. 1677765

I thought Noah handled it well. You could tell he was a little uncomfortable and he asked fair questions without appearing to pander too much.

No. 1677768

Thanks for linking this anon, I hadn't heard this before.

No. 1677769

I’m seriously getting that vibe from this too, ffs ew

No. 1677770

(I have more to say but will get banned for it, but I advise everyone read that article if you haven't already)

No. 1677777

Imagine dying and the first thing they do harvest your vagina skins so some faggot can have an axewound

No. 1677778

File: 1666033382264.webm (2.81 MB, 720x1280, 0a.webm)

why are AGP troons so often obesseded with pegging and imply every non-submissive female character totally pegs the male lead(I notice this a lot), I came across this dude regrettably on fandom Twitter where he had popular tweets about how peter parker gets pegged in every reality, he also does cringy "auditions" of female fictional women and again the topic is always about pegging


No. 1677781

because men can only think in terms of "rod goes in hole" anything else is beyond their grasp

No. 1677793

He tried his best TO pander or even give the tranny a fair chance. I could see Noah wanted to be convinced that trans women in women's sports was fair and the absolute narc he was interviewing kept changing the subject or getting cheap claps by saying "I AM A WOMAN" while Trevor desperately tried to get back on track. If Trevor wasn't a beloved liberal, black and male, he would have been crucified. Trevor even dismissed the tranny at the end by not agreeing with the troons last statement and saying "regardless we need more research on hormones and sports." He gained so much respect from me because he was one of the few people to go in and say "but" and stick to it. No matter how much trannies compare their oppression to black people, even the incredibly liberal ones raise an eyebrow. I've only heard of a handful of black handmaidens caping for them and most of them are involved heavily with white academic men. I see it as survival.

No. 1677795

File: 1666036130839.jpg (110.24 KB, 856x1200, hwcsqfwj9kt91.jpg)

If you look through this person's reddit history, they're clearly very young (I'd estimate around 13-15). There's a picture of him that he posted on a teenagers subreddit which I'm not posting here because he's clearly a child. Pretty fucked up that little boys get indoctrinated into this shit by spending too much time on reddit, to the point where he's indistinguishable from a middle aged coomer.

Pic related, something he posted. Looks like his mum is a based TERF. Too bad she doesn't monitor his reddit usage.

No. 1677799

sorry, I tried going through my browser history but I can't find his account

No. 1677805

I wish these kids would understand how hard parents work to stop them from embarrassing themselves. I can't imagine how hard it is to see your awkward teen son in a dress and telling him he's going to get ridiculed and what he sees in the mirror isn't what other people see.

No. 1677806

File: 1666036630039.png (2.79 MB, 2038x1340, kimpetrasapril2022.png)

>he was groomed into this lifestyle and use food to cope
While the food is probably partly a cope, hormone blockers may actually have fucked up his ability to feel satiated so that he literally does't know when to stop eating. Kim Petras who also transed out young is getting chunky too

No. 1677809

of course, the sub has had issues of pedophiles targeting and stalking users, I'd be surprised if troons weren't using it to groom underage boys and girls, this is why parents should have the right to monitor their kids online activity at all times

No. 1677812

the parents should cancel his internet access for real, he'd hate it at first but it would save him from getting groomed further

No. 1677815

kim petras is pretty horrifying if you think about it, like he has no real idea about true sexual desire is like, cause he's been a eunuch his entire life, all his ideas about sex and relationships come from the media and the music that is promoted to young girls, I feel bad for him, I really do

No. 1677824

LOL the way he's posing so it looks like he has a waist. Now try standing up straight.

No. 1677826

already posted

No. 1677835

File: 1666038889720.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, 1BF52EE8-BCCF-451F-A975-CC67FE…)

Even on tik tok I’d say this woman is getting about 80/20 support in what she’s saying. Peaking is peaking

No. 1677857

File: 1666040255322.png (286.17 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20221017-080347.png)

Saw this tweet the other day and was shocked at the amount of likes

No. 1677866

How are people responding to it? I don't have twitter otherwise I would check for myself.

No. 1677871

It's mainly trans allies and trannies having meltdowns. When it came on my feed I definitely re-tweeted.

No. 1677875

I don't have tiktok and can't find anything on Google - does she have links to other social media pages? It's nice seeing an older gothy woman who isn't a handmaiden or tif

No. 1677883

Something I noticed is that many black women aren't afraid to say anti-trans stuff. It must make all the troons seethe because they can't use identity politics against them as easily.

No. 1677886

Imagine having a son. 12 years old and addicted to anime porn and fucks up hos entire life because of it. Lol. Lmao even.

No. 1677888

Oh fuck I know this guy personally. I had lunch with him less than a year ago to celebrate my move across the country and he must have been in the closet then. He doesn’t post much on instagram so I had no clue.

No. 1677889

No links to any other socials I took a screen recording but it’s too long to upload

Here’s the link yoh might not need to have tik tok to watch https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFMW6NP1/

No. 1677909

That’s the “yeet the teets” surgeon that’s ruined so many TiFs, I guess she does TiMs too kek. She’s such a freak, I get a really bad feeling just by seeing her creepy face. Also does jazz not have any other clothes? He’s always wearing the same gross tie-dye dresses or that red shirt/dress, what is wrong with scrotes? They go on about finally being able to dress as a girl yadda yadda and then they pick the worst outfit you’ve ever seen and wear it over and over and over.

No. 1677910

Parents simply dont understand the shit kids get into online its so sad

No. 1677915

File: 1666044591360.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2312x1016, C801C8CE-2923-457A-8C9E-4FB2D7…)

His show is beyond a doubt extremely shallow I’d love to see someone making a video response video

No. 1677918

lord please make all the hormone blockers troons morbidly obese

No. 1677926

File: 1666045011205.png (865.5 KB, 1302x4285, FireShot Capture 005 - The Bea…)

kek. ulta forgets the comment for that podcast trailer and people are going there instead. i'm really surprised by this backlash, and how strong it is. even normies joined in. it's encouraging to see.

No. 1677940

File: 1666045570326.jpg (5.95 KB, 236x246, i want to dead.jpg)

No. 1677944

I've never seen this much backlash to a company pandering to troons. This is amazing

No. 1677955

John Oliver is one of the most insufferable people on television but that comment you linked is pure roleplay or from someone who got a life coach certificate at a degree mill; the idea that people can be brainwashed or hypontized by making statements at a certain tempo is decades-expired bro science

No. 1677964

The girls are speaking!!! Trannies have pushed our boundaries so much and done so much heinous shit that people are finally getting fed up. The usage of Cis should have been the end of this bullshit but I'm happy to see more unapologetic women openly speak about this now. No doubt male leftists and trannies will try and silence black women who don't give a fuck

No. 1677978

The Peakening happening at the same time one of the most famous OnlyFans/Twitch girls is revealed, very publicly, to be essentially a prisoner to her abusive pimp boyfriend is beautiful timing

It's like all the clown world shit we had shoved down our throats for years (trans women are women/sex work is empowering) is unravelling before our eyes.

No. 1678006

File: 1666050038559.png (19.54 KB, 230x178, 53B5FBE6-E5A2-449D-8D8F-6163B1…)

Idk where else to post this but Twitch is openly giving into gender bullshit. I stopped tuning in after my favorite streamer (who shall not be named) went tra/pro-porn but still.

No. 1678011

If people don't care if they're called any pronouns or a she/they then what the fuck is the point in announcing it.. I hope more and more people call these losers out.

No. 1678016

You can really tell most trans women were former gamergaters from their insane targeting/racism of BW

No. 1678018

NTA but it’s Amouranth. There’s a lot more info in the twitch streamer thread!

No. 1678020


Ugh, Colin “Katy” Montgomerie is one of the most pretentious and self-righteous troons ever! How he beats down on women in a most arrogant and catty way, he thinks that word salad tweets and throwing in big-sounding terms in there frequently is “good arguments”. Meanwhile, his chaser simps dare not even take his ego down a few pegs.

No. 1678021

all those comments thinks he's trolling…

No. 1678026

File: 1666052437985.jpg (1.44 MB, 1125x1542, 1666041967788531.jpg)

No. 1678027

it really doesn't matter how long they take hormones or how much FFS they get to soften their jaw, shrink their nose, lift their brow etc….you can always tell in the first second or two just seeing the width of the eye and brow area. nothing can change the massive male skull inside

No. 1678035

Maybe i'm in the minority but men wearing dresses always give off perv vibes even the non troon ones.

No. 1678042

He actually did his eyebrows. I'm almost impressed

No. 1678044

You're not wrong. Men wearing womens' clothing of any kind is disgusting.

No. 1678046

File: 1666054320838.png (31.68 KB, 596x263, magical whole body orgasm.png)

This reminded me of the girl orgasm kikomi image kek

No. 1678048

Yeah I agree with that. I have no problem with naturally feminine men but if I saw a straight man wearing a dress or something I would be instantly creeped out. It's just something that you don't see normal people doing.

No. 1678062

>suicidal ideation is at 57%
Kek did it really went from 41% to 57%? 100% when

No. 1678075

Wait what? Elaborate?

No. 1678088

Mason Alexander, he's a "nonbinary" actor that's been in Cowboy Bebop and the Sandman. Hated him in Sandman… Desire is supposed to be androgynous and neither male nor female (as a supernatural demigod/personification sort of character), but he's so obviously male and looks like a literal clown. Not desirable to either sex at all so it's obviously terrible woke-pandering casting.

No. 1678103

literally mte. i actually first got the vibes when he did that first female cosplay. i know his wife leans a little handmaiden-y. i would be so disappointed in him if he trooned out but honest to fucking god, trust no man in this day and age.

No. 1678106

This fugly useless mtf seems more hsts male-attracted than agp, he likes to watch shows of purposely trashy women and botched plastic surgery, and make reaction videos heavily criticising women to it. Seems lowkey deeply jealous of women for just being women, and cherry-picks shows with trashy women just so he can get an excuse to hate on them. Has hooked a trans man called Roly to be his hype-afab person, to agree with the things he’s saying.

No. 1678109

I'd love to say I support gender non conformity in all forms and obviously there's nothing inherently male or female about clothes… but yeah lbr men dressing up in women is rarely if ever an innocent preference for women's fashion, it's almost always perversion and misogyny driving that choice.

No. 1678115


Lmao, troon has to seek out videos of catty women and “ugly” women who got ruined by ps because it’s his cope to pretend and get away from the fact that he’s just an abhorrent male failson who only gets weirdo chasers as simps and boyfriends that don’t love him but see his “gurldick” as a tool to be used(sage)

No. 1678152

argentina moment(Sage, non-milk)

No. 1678153

>>1678026 this makes me want to kill myself wtf

No. 1678158

Are you delusional? Women's clothes are extremely gendered. I'm starting to believe most of you are not even peaked when you go off spouting this 'gender isn't real' shit.

No. 1678164


No. 1678166

Do you live in a country where women don't wear pants or something?

No. 1678168

File: 1666061582093.png (92.43 KB, 580x495, trannies are MRAs.png)

No. 1678173

kek what kind of retard gets annoyed by protesters and thinks "well I'm against the environment out of spite, now!"

No. 1678175

File: 1666061919953.png (80.06 KB, 444x815, insane rambling.png)

No. 1678176

Oh okay, yeah, pants. But let's pretend that dresses and gowns and skirts and blouses and camisoles and lingerie and stilettos and handbags and hair accessories and costume jewelry and everything else distinctly female doesn't exist when it comes to fashion.

No. 1678177

I love how "Harry Potter is good" is at the end of track, like that's the deepest you can go on the terf scale.

No. 1678179

"Men make up 93% of people in cages"
Maybe they should stop committing over 95 percent of violent crimes then

No. 1678183


He’s now parroting stats from the manosphere and bad faith MRAs, how original.

Also why does he feel the need to defend men and Man’s supposedly not being “that bad” like it affects him personally, if he doesn’t identify as a man now and is a true and honest wahmen? They ought to question him about that under his dumb tweet, seems like they know their inherent maleness

No. 1678184

>Women can't be concerned about misogyny or acknowledge female oppression or male privilege because they might start hating men for it (and reading Harry Potter, I guess)
Trannies just keep reinventing the MRA concepts of "female privilege" and "male oppression," but somehow even more retarded than it already was when incels were saying it. Anyway when women hate men they avoid them, and when men hate women the beat, kill, rape, and lock them away. We aren't the same. "Misandry" isn't a real problem, it's the (completely fair) consequence to male violence.

No. 1678185

Maybe the fact that those are still gendered is the reason scrotes fetishize them so much.

No. 1678187

>Men are most of the people in prison (men commit most crimes, and are especially responsible for most violent crimes)
>Men die of suicide more (because they use more violent means; women attempt suicide more often than men, but fail more often because they are considerate to those who have to clean up after them)
inb4 something something custody rates men can't cry no one holds doors open for us.

No. 1678207

and they prove us right every step of the way kek

No. 1678219

Yeah when they start spouting MRA stuff you just know they’re on the ‘right side of history’

No. 1678223

File: 1666065579687.jpg (68.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

good lord, another one to add to the collection

No. 1678227

beauty industry is anti-woman in itself what do they expect?

love how a bunch of loud conservatives think that Ulta cameras about women's rights you know instead of just appealing to trendy social movements and shit. troonerism + Dylan's brand is aaall about consooming & defining your "womansona" via ur purchases. OFC beauty brands eat that up

No. 1678228

Exactly. Why do they always jump to defend men and the male gaze and everything surrounding men (not TiFs though) if they’re ackshually women? Why aren’t they defending us and our rights if they are us? When Roe v Wade was overturned the first things I saw from TiMs was about their right to bodily autonomy and HRT. They know they aren’t like us at all and they don’t give a shit.

No. 1678232

File: 1666066277872.jpeg (974.67 KB, 1200x5436, 33F3113C-4EE4-4B32-A4C6-E5AC2B…)

Someone please add them.

No. 1678238

Kek, we need "Harry Potter is good" t-shirts for protests, such a violent and edgy slogan could literally make anyone cry, shit and vomit at the same time.

No. 1678239

>average potterhead is further on the road to terftown than andrea dwokin

No. 1678241

hope to see more makeup and beauty businesses die tbh as more women embrace their natural selves. It kills a useless industry that’s been male dominant and it makes troons seethe when natural bare women are still seen as women

No. 1678244

Uh.. yeah?… Where’s the gothcha
Women don’t have some magical hivemind soul, fuckface
They do share similar experiences though, but guess what is the cause of said experiences? Yes, surprise, biologic features - being able to reproduce, being a target for male sex predatory behaviour, also muscular features that makes female species physically weaker than male, thus males being aggressive animals are try to control weaker species with violence
Fucking degenerate

No. 1678251

File: 1666068639012.jpg (700.31 KB, 1440x3038, bd8-f1fbe8565cf5.jpg)

repost from a previous thread, while I usually support mothers in all custody cases, whenever I see story involving a transkid(boy or girl) it almost always seems to be the mom who is the one instigating the kid to troon out
picrel, its a really fucking weird case about a 10 year MTF transmodel(basically pedo-bait), the boy's biological mom (the dark haired mustached one on the right) started dressing him in girls clothes when he was 4 and was telling everyone that he was trans, she claimed the biological father wasn't acceptive of his identity and tried to force him to wear his brother's clothes. The father lost custody and the mom (Dee McMaher) later got together with another woman, and she later came out as a TIF and other woman came out as an enby. So these two are now parents of McMaher's two sons and the enby's baby, like genuinely causes someone to do this, why would you fuck up your own child's biology for no reason
also despite being 10 and being on puberty blockers he still looks more masculine then his TIF mom

No. 1678253

File: 1666068801332.jpeg (71.27 KB, 750x405, 01225C73-9E1F-4851-9505-5C11B4…)

he admits he’s a degenerate sex pest at the top of his timeline, you don’t even need to scroll to see how he objectifies women and has no sense of professionalism (which a real woman could never get away with at a job interview)

No. 1678256

File: 1666068955226.jpeg (486.78 KB, 1800x1800, 04FC98BF-8AF1-4EB0-B945-C7807A…)

“Paige Christine” kek

No. 1678258

File: 1666069113737.jpeg (115.88 KB, 750x781, 9B15CF06-2715-4209-85C9-B38A57…)

gargantuan, hulking moids have such a weird obsession with daintiness, petite bodies, and being an uwu smol bean

No. 1678259

he really couldn't just…lose weight and be happy as a gay man…

No. 1678262

bold of you to assume he isn't an opportunistic transbian with a major case of agp

No. 1678264

the Venn diagram of the TRA community and the ABDL community is a circle. I guess it makes sense because AGPs always have raging panty fetishes and pedo tendencies.
does this scrote ever wear a top that isn't lingerie? but it's totally not a fetish, right?

No. 1678269

men defending other men? that's crazy.
they're so fucking predictable. not all men!!1
but of course this is somehow all women's fault. I'm so tired

No. 1678271

Why would you get banned for it?

No. 1678278

the reason God gave beards to men and not to women is because they are always so damn busted in the face underneath
love how the TRAs keep on defaming JKR with allegations that she's against all LGB as if she isn't one of the biggest allies gays have

No. 1678279

it's so apparent that being trans is just a subculture and a narc cry for attention

No. 1678303

"She" will start vomiting dumb arguments to bait and will be banned for moiderism. Simple as that.

No. 1678307

File: 1666074895060.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3326, Screenshot_20221018-022124_Boo…)

Claims to get jealous stares from "younger girls"

No. 1678318

This is why intersectionality has failed. Men are men and are still an inherent danger to women and girls regardless of skin color or ability to walk or whatever. Yes disabled scrotes are eg. less likely to rape but disability is also a spectrum and not every disabled man is a vegetable. I genuinely cannot believe someone invented a form of "feminism" which puts men above women. Literally all but able bodied cishet white men are more oppressed than women according to these clowns.

No. 1678322

File: 1666076782314.jpeg (325.92 KB, 1170x2212, A7378FB9-7E6B-4D1C-93D3-2C8EFC…)

Nonas, is this a girl larping as an mtf?(bait)

No. 1678323

disabled scrotes still feel entitled to women's bodies. the netherlands is subsidizing prostitute access for disabled scotes all on taxpayers' expense.

sauce: https://www.mic.com/articles/85201/the-surprising-way-the-netherlands-is-helping-its-disabled-have-sex

No. 1678325

Honestly most terfs admit to starting off as your very typical queer blue haired ‘activist’ but peaked for different reasons. None of them understand this and just go harp at each other whatever lie is easier to digest

No. 1678326

File: 1666077051130.png (286.2 KB, 1023x3150, tradwifeeuphoria01.png)

tradwife euphoria uwu

No. 1678328

The word tradwife has officially lost all meaning if it can now be applied to troons

No. 1678329

I think the saddest thing about Kim Petras is that he's not stupid and actually seems to have a level of self consciousness. Linked is an early, pre-LA song of hers. Not very good production-wise, and the singing sounds like generic pseudo-american euro schlock, but the lyrics are eerily prophetic:

>>But I wanna be free of this

>>I'm not a piece of plastic
>>They say live and let live
>>Yeah, but no one acts like it
>>I put on my mask again

No. 1678331

He chose to work with sexual abuser Dr Luke and recently produced an album called "slut pop", and uses lady gagas (who is also a sexual abuse survivor) name in a song about sucking dick. When questioned why he worked with him he said something like "I'm only getting blamed because I'm a woman and people hold me to different standards". If he's not stupid he's evil.

No. 1678332

Never listened to him before but he sounds like a 12 year boy old I can't believe normiee actually pretend he isn't clockable in every way

No. 1678333

Where are the lies

No. 1678335

The brilliant thing about making "Harry Potter is good" worse than things like "all amab people are rapists" and "men deserve to suffer" is that it automatically makes every normie who likes the series into a terf. They were pretty dumb to pick one of the biggest most beloved franchises to be their biggest enemy. Every child wearing a Harry Potter costume for halloween is a based little terf now.

No. 1678336

it's all a fantasy to them. they have never gone through the daily slog of cooking, meal prepping, cleaning, doing laundry and childcare. if they did they would realize that there's nothing glamorous about it. they want to be the type of 50's housewives that you see in old adverts that never really existed. they would never be able to handle the actual reality of being a stay-at-home wife or mother.

No. 1678338

yep plus that big block of a head he's got and the narrow hips are always and forever a tell

No. 1678339

>Men are men and are still an inherent danger to women and girls regardless of skin color or ability to walk
Reminder that voyeurism is still a form of sexual harassment that any man can partake in as long as he has the ability to see. You could ban every man from female changing rooms, yet the second you put a camera in that lets men watch from afar you've still turned it into gross sexual harassment and overstepping of women's rights.

No. 1678341

>obviously there's nothing inherently male or female about clothes
anon women and men have different proportions… and different body parts. Even purposely made "unisex" clothes are just smaller male clothes 99% of the time.

No. 1678342

She was speaking about fashion styles, not about how clothes are cut to fit female anatomy.

No. 1678351

Okay clearly I didn't express myself well enough. Clothes are designed to be gendered, both in fit and style, but that's not INHERENT. Like, there's no biological reason female bodies can wear skirts or dresses and men can't aside from the fact that they're made to fit/flatter women and are seen as feminine or sexualised. So theoretically men should be able to wear them in a neutral way but in practice they rarely do (exceptions being kilts for example).

No. 1678353

When are theh going to add ko/rean why are they disrespecting oli london?

No. 1678354

How dare we hate people that go on rampages to kill us when we dont want to fuck them(elliot rodger)? I hate that thdse people always forget about incel killers, which are an inherently female problem and the cases have been on the rise as of lately because of men entitlement

No. 1678357

Not a single retard in that thread knows the first goddamn thing about feminism, yet for some reason they feel entitled to describe themselves as such.

>Women are allowed to pick whether they're traditional or not

"Pick" is a pretty blithe way to describe what women go through when they choose to reject their expected role of wife-mother-homemaker. Truly the word choice of a scrote.

No. 1678358

The account is dead, so probably? Would be hilarious if women started larping as femboys

No. 1678360

Ashley Jones was a popular person on 8chan. It's a real girl. She was popular with the Sam Hyde crowd though.

No. 1678361

Regardless of gender that’s a serious case of FAS, her mom must of been steaming for those 9 months

No. 1678362

oh nona why did you post this i am overcome with jealousy for a striped wrinkled forehead /s

No. 1678363

>there's no biological reason female bodies can wear skirts or dresses
Sorry for sperging, but the reason women are always the ones to wear skirts/dresses in pretty much every culture is simply for the biological reason that we squat down to pee. Gives you easy access and keeps your body covered the whole time.

No. 1678364

His midriff is one of his best assets? Why? It's an actual rectangle and he has negative hips which is gross. Why the hell would anyone be jealous. God grant us a mediocre male's confidence

No. 1678365

>male everything, body like a fridge, massive hands and feet
>awful clothes
>retarded facial expression
>shitty make up and wrinkles
>looks like he smells bad

oh yeah those “younger girls” must have been seething with jealousy, also i just saw a pig fly

No. 1678369

>"Not in a looking at a guy way, but maybe a judging way"
Yes you almost got it, they were judging a guy for wearing girls clothes. Maybe even a few thought "aw look an openly flamboyant gay guy" or that you were pulling a tiktok prank

No. 1678370

Dont use /s please integrate

No. 1678376

She was ahead of her time.(sage)

No. 1678379

>I always wanted a family, but I know deep down I can't hack it as the "man".
Women are just failed men apparently.
>Hecky even the "being property" thing is something I dream of.
Somehow "Hecky" is the worst part of this sentence to me.
>the specific combination of mental illnesses which make up my neurodivergency salad all mix together to create what I can only describe as an irl version of the soft and submissive variant of the yandere trope
Breaking news, autistic weeb man who thinks he's a woman has a multitude of mental illnesses. Transness and mental illness are totally unrelated tho
>Cis women are allowed to pick if they want to be traditional or not
Tell that to the millions of women living in conditions where they literally cannot do that.
>When I get an estrogen boost I get super tradwifey in housework lol
Women are just naturally more inclined to do housework because of estrogen!
>I always hated cooking of any kind before cracking, and now I'm thinking of taking up baking.
Women are just naturally inclined to cook because of estrogen too!
>The "worst" I'll do is call myself a clumsy whore or dizzy bitch when I drop a thing.
>I'm 100% in mom mode because I'll get a touch of euphoria from cleaning my cats puke up and thinking about taking care of a child.
You can't make this shit up. If someone told me one of y'all here wrote this to parody troons I would believe them.
>Gender is a social construct but it is one that I enjoy a great deal
Of course you do. You're a man. It literally exists to benefit you.

If more women saw them talking like this, the peaking would be insane. Of course there would still be handmaidens scrambling to defend this, but those women are too far gone and beyond help. Idk how you can read this and not see their "gender identity" as the clear combination of mental illness, autism, and misogyny fetish that it is.

No. 1678385

Some big questions that should be discussed and brought up for real, asked to every person on clown world copium (feel free to copy and ask it yourselves), just disgusting how enabled troons are to fuck shit up:

- How can MTF troons identify as women just based on “femme-labelled” stereotypes, hobbies, actions, thoughts, looks/appearance, words, deeds, apparel, aesthetic, toys, accessories, etc - social constructs?! That is stereotyping and gendering most things/experiences which are supposed to be gender-neutral! Regressive and baseless.

- Why is basing your “identity” on most stereotypes and things that are universal/neutral considered to be more valid than basing it on sex/biology, scientific characteristics and traits?! Since gender is a spectrum of stereotypes, aesthetic, and things that make your personality, it is considered fluid and subject to change. Sexual characteristics are immutable and cannot be changed naturally after birth, so why must how one identifies be based on the more fluid and subjective thing rather than the immutable thing?!

- Why must the definition of “woman” be subjective and flexible now, just to accommodate all AMABs who may use that loophole to rape and perve on females? Why can’t “woman” and anything female-based have an objective, true definition, like other words?

- Why are transwahmen finding gender euphoria in “society’s ideas of a woman to have certain often restrictive/sexist stereotypes, roles, and mannerisms”? Why do they think feminine/femme-associated stereotypes and appearance and girly pretty things is what makes them a woman or help them turn into one, under the guise of “gender affirming”? trans women just like stereotypes, imagine getting all horny and excited over putting on a dress amd makeup and acting like they just discovered the sun or something. they also literally think acting and doing the stereotypes of women is what making them women. Irrational.

- If they want a more PC way, then women's spaces should just become AFAB-only spaces. Biological women (and AFAB, as you'd also call trans men and non-binary identifying females) do have certain innate differences when compared with trans women. Since gender and sex are different, MTFs therefore cannot change their sex, or innate sexual behaviour that comes with it, therefore spaces which involve any intimacy or nudity should be designated AMAB and AFAB. And if transwahmen disagree, then again, why is basing your “identity” on most stereotypes and things that are universal/neutral considered to be more valid than basing it on sex/biology, scientific characteristics and traits?!

- Your side is trying to erase sex. If you embraced it, you would recognize yourself as a male who likes to impersonate feminine stereotypes, things, and hobbies, and who may through affect and numerous medical interventions like hrt and surgery. But not trying to co-opt and snatch the title of “woman”.(Sage, non-milk)

No. 1678386

Posts like this make me think something like a peaking thread should be made so we can keep this one for funny troon posts. Would be useful to have peaking material all linked in one place as well

No. 1678397

>be moid
>have moid body fat percentage to your advantage
>still no abs
>midriff best asset

No. 1678405

They're exactly as they have always been. They regurgitate establishment dogma in a ridiculous, braindead way. There's dozens like them. Clearly you would support anything they push normally.(sage)

No. 1678406

Sage goes in the email field

No. 1678408

Anyone else's attraction to a moid disappear when they get outed as TRAs? I got a like from a leftist moid on hinge, pretty good looking, and i searched his twitter and he liked hontrapoints tweets. I immediately was like, nah, and removed him. Shit had me so grossed out. Look out for these moids, they are everywhere. Last thing I want in life is a troon husband. Nasty fag go suck a man off.

No. 1678410

File: 1666093617798.jpg (303.31 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20221018-134431_Chr…)

They bought likes didn't they?
It had crazy ratio of quote retweets and almost no likes before. Now suddenly there's more likes than QRT?
Sorry if it's already been posted.

No. 1678411

I think there is one in 2X

Nice essay newfag but please sage

No. 1678412

i was inclined to think that maybe tras were liking to show support but now that you say it that seems more likely, especially with them hiding replies.

No. 1678413

So they insult their costumers and women in general, no one likes it so they have to buy likes? Pathetic. Hopefully it's their Ratner moment.

No. 1678414

It's such a blatant manipulation of public opinion. Makes me sick.

No. 1678416

is there a way to tell if someone has bought likes on twitter? everyone was always saying kefals bought likes but idk how to tell these things

No. 1678417

>How can MTF troons identify as women just based on “femme-labelled” stereotypes, hobbies, actions, thoughts, looks/appearance, words, deeds, apparel, aesthetic, toys, accessories, etc - social constructs?!
It's a fetish. They objectify women as men then it gets to a point where they try the underwear and bra on and is so coom-brained that they think they're women. Every moid who objectifies a woman and watches porn is a crypto-tranny. He's got one foot in the troon delusion.

>Why is basing your “identity” on most stereotypes and things that are universal/neutral considered to be more valid than basing it on sex/biology, scientific characteristics and traits?!

It goes way back to Aristotle, where in philosophy and medicine, women were viewed as incomplete men. The vagina was literally written/modeled as an inside out dick in medical illustrations. A man is said to have all the characteristics of a female, it's just that he chooses to not express it. There are non-western parts of the world where they actually respect female biology, like in Thailand where the trannies there don't claim to be women. The west has always had a huge misogyny problem, that's why white troons are more vicious and misogynistic, and racist.

>Why must the definition of “woman” be subjective and flexible now, just to accommodate all AMABs who may use that loophole to rape and perve on females? Why can’t “woman” and anything female-based have an objective, true definition, like other words?

To "include" troons. You need to remember that the old moids in powerful positions who co-sign this shit are crossdressers themselves. Men know it's a fucked up kink, but the moids who agree with this are troons themselves.

>Why are transwahmen finding gender euphoria in “society’s ideas of a woman to have certain often restrictive/sexist stereotypes, roles, and mannerisms”? Why do they think feminine/femme-associated stereotypes and appearance and girly pretty things is what makes them a woman or help them turn into one, under the guise of “gender affirming”? trans women just like stereotypes, imagine getting all horny and excited over putting on a dress amd makeup and acting like they just discovered the sun or something. they also literally think acting and doing the stereotypes of women is what making them women. Irrational.

It's a fetish. Femininity is a male construction, it's made by men for women to perform for men. Men who are attracted to femininity are more likely to be coomers and extreme objectifiers of women.

>If they want a more PC way, then women's spaces should just become AFAB-only spaces. Biological women (and AFAB, as you'd also call trans men and non-binary identifying females) do have certain innate differences when compared with trans women. Since gender and sex are different, MTFs therefore cannot change their sex, or innate sexual behaviour that comes with it, therefore spaces which involve any intimacy or nudity should be designated AMAB and AFAB. And if transwahmen disagree, then again, why is basing your “identity” on most stereotypes and things that are universal/neutral considered to be more valid than basing it on sex/biology, scientific characteristics and traits?!

As I said earlier, this misogynistic take that being a woman and a girl is a performance goes way back in history. Men used to pretend to be women in plays bc women weren't allowed to be actresses.
>Your side is trying to erase sex. If you embraced it, you would recognize yourself as a male who likes to impersonate feminine stereotypes, things, and hobbies, and who may through affect and numerous medical interventions like hrt and surgery. But not trying to co-opt and snatch the title of “woman”.
This. I hope that in the future, as this tranny shit burns out, more women and girls opt out of femininity, and leave these troons to perform it by themselves. I'm already seeing more girls not wear drag queen makeup.

No. 1678422

If there's a really big sudden uptick it's usually bought likes. This was around 5000 likes in a night so it's sketchy as fuck. You could go through profiles and check if they're real people but I think it's not worth the time, the real ones are next to the fake ones and you'd have to go one by one.

No. 1678426

File: 1666096056228.jpg (1.56 MB, 1183x2806, Egypt skirt thing.jpg)

Except women aren't always the ones who wear skirts or skirt like clothing. You ever seen art from ancient egypt? In the West, in the late 1700s, men ran hard away from bright, adorned, colorful clothing. It's also when men stopped wearing high heels.

"The Great Male Renunciation began in the mid-18th century, inspired by the ideals of the Enlightenment; clothing that signaled aristocratic status fell out of style in favor of functional, utilitarian garments. The newfound practicality of men's clothing also coincided with the articulation of the idea that men were rational and that women were frivolous and emotional." from wikipedia

No. 1678428

kinda true, the working class always wore drab clothing, it was the elites who could afford to wear impractical and bright clothing to signify their wealth

No. 1678429

>clothing that signaled aristocratic status fell out of style in favor of functional, utilitarian garments.
And male fashion has only been going down hill ever since.
How big of a deal is Ulta? I'm not a burger and I'm completely ignorant about make up, so I had never heard of them up til now.

No. 1678445

That's not really simple, I'm not understanding why you would assume she is a moid with bad takes based on the sharing of an article about little-known skin trafficking in south Asian countries?

No. 1678451

What is ulta doing? They are digging their heels in deeper? I see no damage control just denial. Who is running the company? Shouldn't someone higher up have stepped in by now?

No. 1678474

If you're into midpriced makeup or hair you shop at Ulta.

No. 1678511

File: 1666103271757.jpeg (428.23 KB, 960x1039, CF762F34-ACD9-4664-9289-784467…)


No. 1678519

> unlike a woman I can't charge them for sexual harassments
he hasn't transitioned from his manosphere talk then

No. 1678537

Why the fuck is he so assblasted offended by "all men are x"? Does he… Does he identify with men or something and feels being grouped with them??? Nonnies please explain my dumb innocent female brain I'm so confused!!!!!

No. 1678546

File: 1666106186064.jpg (234.94 KB, 1079x2009, FejrZUeXoAAMHXa.jpg)

I literally cannot tell whats satire or not anymore

No. 1678558

>I don't want kids but if I had one I'd want to breastfeed
Moids are so fucking disgusting imagine using a baby you don't care about for your fetish

No. 1678562

its literally because they have terminal malebrain and conceive of penetration as domination/destruction of a humiliated inferior, ergo a powerful woman must anally fuck men. they reflect with absolute clarity the most destitute and base realities of social sexed power with their fetishism. its very enlightening about gender and sex in culture, but not the way they want it to be, kek.
sorry (kind of) to d*tch nonnies but we need to nuke amsterdam

No. 1678563


Sage but pretending disabled men are somehow incapable of hurting women is actively dangerous. I've never been as frightened of a man as when I worked at an organization for teens/adults with intellectual disabilities. These orgs are filled with young social work/human service/education majors, so mostly women. There was a sixteen year old boy who had retard strength when he lost his shit and we'd be in a four person hold and he would be screaming about how he was going to rape all of us with a gun and fire bullets in our vaginas. It was terrifying because it took four of us to hold this kid down waiting for the "mental health" cops to show up, hours late, so if he'd ever caught one of us alone and off guard it would have been the end. The cops didn't want to take him but the one guy on our team who taught gym intervened and convinced them to take him to the psych ER.

No. 1678564

Deep down they know they're men who are just performing, they often accidentally tell on themselves like this

No. 1678566

I also just realized your post was sarcastic because I'm an idiot, you already know this, I'm going away now

No. 1678570

this is so fucking disgusting. and of course the person commenting “ew” was downvoted for no reason

No. 1678575

I had a wheelchair bound man as a regular at a bar I worked at try to convince me to come to his house for a private strip tease, just him watching me. His best argument was "Look at me! I am not gonna rape you. I can't use my legs." In a deep gruff commanding and condescending way…. was a tad off-putting…

No. 1678577

>trans man called Roly
roly is obviously an actual man

No. 1678585

I have watched this mtf in the past, sometimes they do bring up level headed topics and try and sport feminist ideals but obviously it falls a bit flat when you’re a tranny that makes fun of botched plastic surgery’d women.
He can be quite funny.

I’d say hes gay agp too as he’s mentioned that he likes his boyfriends to be muscly men with lip fillers and in womens underwear. A lot to unpack with his therapist I think.

As far as troons go I personally don’t find him that offensive but I can see why people would hate his content as it can get a bit weird sometimes. He also mentions himself or inserts himself into every “problem” a women might be having on the video he is watching, I think just typical narc male behaviour.
He somehow fits in with a lot of the stereotypes of agp (skin walking goth alt girls etc) even though he’s mega gay. Wonder why it’s all so linear with constant patterns.

I can’t wait to see more studies on agp in the future, there has to be some science behind it

No. 1678587

Samefagging, he also uses a lot of drag humour clips and mannerisms. Why can’t they just be gay men into drag. I think I’d feel slightly less uneasy, still mega misogynistic at times but a bit better than actually claiming to be a woman

No. 1678591

you think he writes his own songs/lyrics? lol nonnie
there were a bunch of trans supportive comments added the last time I looked so who knows

No. 1678604

any chance anyone archived what she had on her tiktok before she nuked it?
I didn't have the forethought and only saved 3 vids

No. 1678614

File: 1666113730658.jpg (80.46 KB, 1080x960, 1-1.jpg)

Even today there are cultures where men wear skirtlike garments. Indian lungis come to mind.

Pulling down your pants to pee takes like half a second. Besides, if you're wearing panties, you gotta pull something down regardless.

No. 1678615

File: 1666113739424.jpeg (665.61 KB, 960x1517, 1DDA4915-8926-40C1-A50C-5A382D…)


trannies coming out and saying they loudly dont support womens rights since we dont want them to coom to our existence

No. 1678616

File: 1666113764159.jpeg (493.49 KB, 960x1503, 01E9E4EB-3531-4F6A-A48F-016955…)

No. 1678618

File: 1666113864966.jpeg (447.94 KB, 960x1487, D7E89EEF-D202-4ED5-95C6-4A4521…)



i dont necessarily care about what genderspecials dress like, but gender roles as a whole (men do this, women do this, etc) should be abolished and the fact that they want to uphold it says so much. why are they so insistent on keeping it as is? they’re literally just like maga retards, but now with more disgusting paraphilias.

No. 1678621

File: 1666113983338.jpeg (443.28 KB, 1543x1099, 0A6B93BB-566C-4515-93F8-9A69C3…)

Was reading a post on breaking mom about a woman and her ‚wife‘. I was thinking that it didn’t really sound like a lesbian couple, but hey maybe I’m wrong. Checked her post history and sure enough lmao. I will never feel bad for this handmaidens when their husbands troon out and they suddenly have their wives lmaoooo

No. 1678630

>racist people have good values
>women that don't agree with trannies should die tho

No. 1678641

Check out those hobbit feet

No. 1678650

So he doesn't have the empathy or maternal instinct to care for a child but is eager to exploit it to affirm his delusions

No. 1678655

Kek it's okay, we all make mistakes in the heat of passion nonnie.

No. 1678682

i've literally done the exact same thing. being a tra is such a massive turn off.

No. 1678687

File: 1666118449849.png (26.91 KB, 599x123, 1666116218831.png)

Left wing racists are trying to neg black women into muling for troons.

(this is why "woman as social construct" is so racist. If womanhood is defined by society's perception and stereotypes, then the stereotypes against black women push them out of the women category.)


No. 1678694

Kek and black men are killing them, constantly talking shit about them, but I guess they only have energy for Black women, because we're supposed to not only take their disrespect, but support them despite it. Why are we supposed to support Troons? I bet it's some racists "Black women should understand more then anyone" type shit.

No. 1678697

SA- This thread is disgusting and ruined my day to be honest. A lot of self hating/fake black women kissing ass. Even some non-black women explaining why "Black women are threatened" or troons. I hate shit like this.

No. 1678699

The better question is why are so many white women accepting of troons. Black women are in the right here. "Transphobia" is the natural reaction to seeing these abominations.

No. 1678701

this tho. now i’m a blue haired terf. i was peaked by the “genital preference is bigoted” sage for blog

No. 1678707

Honestly, I think black women have to deal with more aggressive troons who are black, who aren't "checked" because they are HSTS and black troons are seen as the "most talked about in protecting" but the 'least talked about in being problematic".
White troons use them to be "Woke". Black women have to live amongst them more often then not. Plus black troons more then any other thing they are in competition with black women, due to them being misoygnstic woman hating gay men, who believe we are a hop and skip from being a man AND DL men.
It goes under the radar. Plus "homophobia" In the black community is still alive and well, I know, troons are seen as gay men, which they are.
However, white women have to worry about their men trooning out to be lesbians more often, sharing their fetishes online and they are LOUD and in charge of shit. A lot of white women want to seem super woke. A lot of black women don't give a shit and will say what they want about troons. Go to LSA, Shaderoom, any black space on social media thats not regulated by white people mainly. You can call a him a him, black women and men say what they want.
Regardless of color troons are a issue for all women, they effect us all the same but differently in some ways. Thats my opinion on it, i hope it makes sense.

No. 1678712

Also a lot of aggression from black tims towards black women comes directly from black DL Men or men in general. If you hear the shit DL men say to troons or how they treat them, but Troons will always have the most hate towards black women by default.
I notice there's this "Push" to claim that black women who have lots of surgery look "Trans" and "thats why so many black men are DL or become open to trans" from some black women.
Then low and behold, I start seeing BM using that SAME excuse to say why they like troons, "Well a lot of women look trans anyway, with surgeries and drag make up". When it's NOT true. You wanting gay sex with men is because you are gay/bisexual. It's always thrown back on us, on us being "close" to troons. Everything is our faults. Women's fault.

No. 1678719

File: 1666121117196.png (1.32 MB, 1024x1365, hobbitroon.png)

forgot to sage my fanart, oops

No. 1678744

Almost every non-western culture has men wearing skirts or robes there’s no pissing biological reason

No. 1678747

Yeah I'm sure they bought likes and the comments are back on in hopes of supportive comments (there's now a few). The sheer amount opposing Ulta is still going strong tho lol

No. 1678751

I'm curious but don't have a twitter. What are the comments saying??

No. 1678763

File: 1666126083295.png (350.69 KB, 592x619, firefox_2y0CkyV1ep.png)

Trannies on reddit and twitter have spun the Bayonetta voice acress controversy into SHE IS A TERF

No. 1678766

Is this relating to twitter user planetofjah?

No. 1678767

File: 1666126206649.png (2.38 MB, 1415x2000, 80533554-F5DB-4E3D-AB6D-2AC622…)

Some of the most recent hidden replies and todays other replies

No. 1678770

Pants require substantially more sewing than skirts/"dresses" do, especially draped ones held by some form of belt or brooch, so it's no mystery they were favored for both sexes. AFAIK pants were specifically made for horseback riding (as were high heels)

No. 1678775

File: 1666126942831.png (2.33 MB, 828x1792, 603A9601-E8E7-4E27-872A-D8FDFA…)

No. 1678779

ironic that the Ulta interview about "girlhood" with Dylan wouldn't even pass the Bechdel test (I know it's more for fictional works but kek)
ot but I could tell the botch tranny is Finnish bc of the Mumintroll läskedryck

No. 1678787

Ulta is one of the two biggest cosmetics chain stores here. It's newer and generally more affordable than Sephora.

No. 1678803

File: 1666129131501.png (53.92 KB, 747x187, right wing.png)

It felt like a victory on Twitter but of course the media doesn't want to report it that way (other than Daily Mail) obviously. Being insulted by two """inspiring""" grown men discussing their "girlhood" is RIGHT WING

No. 1678823

File: 1666130675418.jpeg (4.29 MB, 2736x16178, 8B4E3F6B-1219-4A63-8550-F34D9E…)

No. 1678842

Disliking being catcalled is just a slippery slope to reading Harry Potter.

No. 1678848

I just know black women are so fucking tired of these disgusting scrotes acting like they are in any way similar to them. Black women already get shit on for being too dark or too "bossy" or not putting up with scrotes of their own community and now we have trannies trying to act as if their Coom Quest is even remotely similar to these womens struggles. Literally fuck off.

No. 1678849

Ulta will respond with "please refrain from hate on our social media." Frankly, maybe Twitter has some hope after all. The hidden replies are my motherfuckin' sisters!

No. 1678851

File: 1666133365655.webm (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 1840x1014, h2rhbb.webm)

Black fetishizing trannies have been spamming blacked porn on 4chan. They look exactly as you would expect.

No. 1678860

It's truly incredible how uniformly unattractive these men manage to be in every imaginable way. Tiny, worm-like dicks, no muscle mass, giant head with ugly jaws, soulless consoomer eyes, the vacant look of a porn addict, alcoholism nose, scrawny legs and arms, fridge body, thinning, greasy hair, etc, and they can't even compensate for it with their personalities because they're racist misogynists and homophobes who've cleaved half their brains jacking it to increasingly degenerate porn and playing vidya all day.

No. 1678862

File: 1666134289733.png (456.47 KB, 739x841, anthony.png)

>banning drag shows means trannies are in danger

No. 1678870

i think they're paid off

No. 1678873

File: 1666134832016.jpg (317.43 KB, 1324x1003, FePPtEBVUAAk1Ih.jpg)

he put on a wig and got ugly granny glasses?

No. 1678877

Fucking good. I wish women would always call out their scrote hentai "lesbian" shit. Women don't enjoy that shit, they only tolerate it because they don't know there are other options.
It probably helps that they shoved this shit right under the noses of grown women who actually care about how they look, and spend real money on it. I.e. not broke zoomers or middle aged trigglypuffs who only shop at Walmart.
>Blah blah blah blah
Women dislike men because they are pushy and demanding, and men writing a million paragraphs of pushy demanding bullshit only reenforces that.

No. 1678879

File: 1666134898131.jpg (367.45 KB, 1599x2048, Fe5AHAJVEAE2Jl_.jpg)

No. 1678880

The way this law is written, it seems like it will exclusively persecute people wearing extremely exaggerated makeup (think RuPaul) or fetish gear (like that teacher with the breastplate from Canada), not your average tranny. Literally all you have to do is not caricaturize women. No one will get arrested or fined unless they make the deliberate, high-effort decision to dress themselves and do their makeup in an exaggerated way to mock women. The description even uses "gender," not "sex," so the odds are that this will persecute more gay men (though they would still have to be misogynists dressing in ways to mock women) than trannies.

No. 1678881

File: 1666135000414.jpg (216.6 KB, 1284x2778, FeBfXbWWYAAuw3m.jpg)


No. 1678883

i fucking hate this guy, i couldn't wait until he was off the screen.

No. 1678884

File: 1666135181490.jpg (294.22 KB, 1162x2048, FfHGpEoX0AQggJu.jpg)

>the bad wig
>the five oclock shadow
> the shorts

No. 1678885

gross, in every term of the word

No. 1678886

File: 1666135263511.png (41.49 KB, 761x545, Twitter.png)

another one

No. 1678889

No. 1678892

black men love to antagonize and triangulate black women using gay men/hsts troons

No. 1678893

File: 1666136041708.png (41.2 KB, 760x550, Women's March on Twitter.png)

No. 1678894

File: 1666136089815.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.51 KB, 946x2048, FdvdrDIWAAE6JYp.jpg)

took this off someone's twitter but you'd never see the opposite happen eh

No. 1678895

but JKR deserves to go to hell for even suggesting this is a possibility? how many times does this need to happen until we're allowed to protect women?
no woman his age would dress like that. guess his type is underage.

No. 1678896

lmao incredible

No. 1678897

File: 1666136239664.jpg (3.7 MB, 2849x1899, gigadilator.jpg)

>Women experience the most IPV
>But actually, trans people experience even MORER abuse

No. 1678898

File: 1666136327045.jpg (223.15 KB, 828x1608, FfYiMFfXkAEFU2V.jpg)

No. 1678899

it's funny that this is "male activism." this is the extent of the male imagination.

No. 1678901

File: 1666136579324.png (317.31 KB, 564x564, 1660123718266.png)

>men on men violence
>somehow woman are at fault

No. 1678903

not gramps on the bottom. why do men? like wtaf is wrong with moids? can't even say it's a generational thing bc he's ancient.
>what's wrong with me?
underwear fetishism, agp, misogyny, delusions, etc.

No. 1678904

>I strictly believe in the gender binary
Whoa, they sound like Jordan Peterson clones straight out of the red pill. Solidifies fact there’s little difference between a manosphere incel and trans woman.

Since all the stereotypes which they use to define their ‘womanhood’ from would never again if they weren’t dictated as social constructs for women yeah, and they would just be hideous old males with a messed up femme kink? ABOLISH gender, do it now.

No. 1678909

>women, nonbinary, and trans - people who weren't even considered in the Declaration of Independence
One of these is not like the others. Enbies and trannies didn't exist back then, but nice try you alphabet grifters.
I'm so embarrassed about being a burger sometimes. These two specimens look like an offensive caricature of Americans. But they're only offensive caricatures of women.

No. 1678916

nonna, I appreciate your service. however, tayrt probably should've replied to >>1677055. that one has the new Dylan pic.

No. 1678917

because they’re autistic. autists are generally either super rigid about gender, or they are obsessed with the fluidity aspect and “subverting” gender to the extent that it’s basically a special interest of theirs

No. 1678920

I feel awful for her. Is there some sort of mutual aid or some way we can help her? I hope her rapist gets made an example of and rots in hell.
These gotta get posted in women's bathroom stalls. "We just wanna pee" my ass.

No. 1678922

File: 1666138288619.jpg (866.26 KB, 1080x2400, 1639627422585.jpg)

No. 1678924


Autism is not a good excuse to be an asshole or bend the rules so everyone caters to your pov only and force others to abide by restrictive or oppressive gender crap

No. 1678928

File: 1666138660206.jpg (803.69 KB, 810x2576, Screenshot_20221018-200206_Chr…)

The things they find validating

No. 1678931

File: 1666139074311.jpg (1.83 MB, 3840x2160, 1666135031010390.jpg)

This tech tranny collage made me lol.

No. 1678934

Ah yes, the female experience of meeting random moids off the internet and jerking them off for coke. He's lucky it was just a lonely gay moid and not a rapist, male privilege tbh

No. 1678942

the dark souls troon looks so massive

No. 1678944

it's not an excuse. you asked why and I answered. it's literally because they're retarded.

No. 1678969

and an anon on the Kiwi thread was trying to say that Rust wasn't a tranny language

No. 1678974

Do the agp lesbians ever sexually harrass or rape the hsts too, are the hsts not worried abt associating and supporting them too much?

No. 1678978

agp transbians are just straight men who want to have sex with a woman, they won't touch a HSTS with a ten foot pole

No. 1678979

They’re more likely to rape TIFs coughEliErlickcough.

No. 1678981

Kek at the failed attempt to hide the male pattern baldness. Also, the fuck is all the stuff on the table. All I can make out is Haribo. Why wouldn't you clean it up or take the picture from a different angle?

No. 1678997

I love her words but it pains me when I look at a bio and see "Christian", "Media Personality", "Army Wife", "God Bless America". Not that theres really anything wrong with these descriptors, but I know that lib-tards will take one glance and sum this viewpoint up to it just being a rightoid take. Its unfortunate how theres 0 nuance in this discussion.

Additionally, isnt it funny how those most likely to be outspoken on the matter have a "right-leaning" social-media presence. They probably live and work in a space where people simply wont care. The same can't be said for most women who are liberal-leaning but have a job/social-life/education/family to maintain

No. 1679003

it looks really creepy to have that much makeup on a child of that age, regardless of sex

No. 1679013

File: 1666148798327.jpg (325.17 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20221018-230128_Chr…)

The irony kek

No. 1679016

Why to moids always suggest that it's the duty of everyone else to solve the incel problem? No one should be pressured to have sex with a failson like it's their civic duty.

No. 1679023

Wasn’t there a survey done that showed how few men are even willing to date one kek

No. 1679026

Ilove this idea and at least he knows. Incels are troons and troons and incels can solve their issues togeather. If ever incel started fucking trans "Women", then it'd be amazing. Leave normal people alone

No. 1679027

Same anon, like, why would you say, "hey incels troons will ride your dick! Why you sleeping on that!" kek, it just makes troons sound fucking thristy and undesirable (True). Nobody wants to ride a incel's dick especially the women they feel they deserve.
Besides the obvious bots Keffals uses/buys, I bet there's a few legit "Woke" people thinking, "yeah, transwomen can solve the incels issue! Trans women can get fucked and be happy PLUS help incels". Everyone thinks incels are gross and don't want to fuck them. Keffals is right about this. The only people thristy enough for incels are dick hungry "Straight" troons who want to feel they are "Women" by dating "Straight men".

No. 1679030

Less than 2% of hetero men were willing to date a TIM. And the sample was fairly well-educated and liberal if I recall correctly.

No. 1679031

A man fucking an inside out weenie is just two faggots docking with extra steps, Lucas. Straight regular guys aren't super in to getting peritoneal fluids on their junk you ugly experiment, lol, they'd rather bang the busted 400lb town slag before that.

No. 1679034

Incels are more likely to kill themselves than fuck a troon. And incels will put their dicks in anything on offer.
Must hurt to know you're lower than a plush animal with a hole cut in it.

No. 1679035

He puts the "man" in Samantha

No. 1679038

Is…that a used condom hanging off the table to the right of the Lysol wipes…

No. 1679039

Luckily this got plenty of backlash. Keffals is such a loser.

No. 1679041

They do, there's a lot of troon on troon abuse. I don't get GC women who think T4T isn't a thing, men willing to castrate themselves are not the kind of people who'd be picky about sexual partners. Anything for the coom

No. 1679045

It's not 'non-Western'. The heart and source of much of Western culture is the Mediterranean and they did not wear pants until influenced by cultures that did (such as Germanics and Turkics). Pants largely derive from horseriding nomad cultures. They are harder to make and maintain. And too hot for many climates. The reason pants are everywhere today is because everyone wears Northwestern European clothes or Northwestern European-derived clothes. China also had very similar pants as the norm for men and women (typically combined with robes). The heart of their civilisation is right next to the steppe and heavily influenced by peoples from there over the ages.

No. 1679056

I felt the same, I liked the show, for the costumes, the atmosphere, etc, but as soon as he got on screen I wished for him to be killed, like, immediately.

No. 1679063

File: 1666153763967.png (1.43 MB, 1347x2048, chrome_screenshot_166615327251…)

well at least he cut his hair

No. 1679066

File: 1666154214566.png (4.66 MB, 2048x2048, 1666144339115.png)

and despite picking at baldies he's balding himself.

No. 1679077

I feel bad for thinking how sexy Ted Levine is every time I watch Silence of The Lambs. I can at least console myself with the canonical knowledge that Bill is just a murderer of women and not a troon.

No. 1679082

EMBARRASSING kek. This truly warms my heart.

No. 1679102

Every time anyone suggests incels would be "fixed" by having someone to fuck or "love" them, the patriarchy gains a brave little soldier. Incels don't become any better once they get laid or get a girlfriend. If they get laid, they stay the same, and if they get a girlfriend they replace a portion of the time they spend talking about how much they hate women online with abusing said girlfriend instead (though they never stop talking about how much they hate women online completely). Trannies dating incels would just be inventing incel4incel 2.2, right behind incels dating each other and t4t. They'd just abuse each other, but somehow still find a way to blame women for it.

No. 1679107

>i want to whore myself out but men are not whores and im too scared to break gender stereotypes so i'll call myself a girl because they are whores

No. 1679108

File: 1666159574064.jpg (486.87 KB, 1080x2108, Screenshot_20221004-031645__01…)


No. 1679111

trannies l2part your hair evenly challenge

No. 1679118

LMAO was the top pic supposed to look feminine?

No. 1679120

yet another example of when if he was a real woman he would be ridiculed and considered very ugly. A woman would never ever have the confidence to act like that with that face

No. 1679124

>you want to put lotion on me
buffalo bill alive and well

No. 1679125


What the fuck is going on with his nose? Did he fuck up the tumblr nose makeup trend or is this some new thing i'm too uncool to know

No. 1679133

gorgeous (horrific), nice job

No. 1679134

they want to uphold gender roles because without them there's no gender ideology. their entire "identity" falls apart without them.

No. 1679140

at least it's funny when they admit to knowing women's rights don't actually apply to troons since they aren't women

No. 1679143

>You visit La T'hirsttrappe
>You are served nothing
>"Your bill, Xir."
>$100 through Ko-Fi

No. 1679145

do not call them lesbians lmao