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File: 1661014012530.jpg (166.53 KB, 720x1079, stubby legs.jpg)

No. 1620890

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Updates from last thread:
>Jake got a face/head tattoo, Kaya got two (and a bunch of others elsewhere on her body)
>IBF took her baby to a German goth festival
>Jake and Kat continue being ick alcoholics and go on dates to places he used to go with Kaya, no sign of Kat's child
>Kaya goes to London, hangs out and collabs with a tattooist
>Lauren/Felvae got married
>Anons continue to sperg about salt, whether calling Kaya ugly is milk or not and general infighting. Pls stop.

No. 1620893

Sorry for the short recap nonnies, just wanted to get a new thread up and I didn't have a lot of time today. If anyone else wants to recap more in depth, be my guest

No. 1620896

Last thread >>>/snow/1591715

No. 1620901

Thank you for the new thread, anon!

No. 1621197

File: 1661037159391.png (42.34 KB, 913x500, toxictears.png)

Is Kaya deleting videos with Jake?

No. 1621210

I wouldn't blame her if she did, he's an ex, they didn't part of good terms and he seems pretty determined to continue to be awful cringe, why should she keep videos with him on her channel?

No. 1621424

File: 1661064628581.jpeg (248.51 KB, 1170x562, FEF2FF0C-0E66-4951-BE87-1038FF…)


I’ve had a quick look through her channel and the last ‘boyfriend did my make up’ is still up, she had however got rid of the break up video. Which reminded me of something I saw on twitter a while back and forgot to post. She’s unlisted it.

No. 1621429

File: 1661064908857.jpeg (124.7 KB, 1095x311, F3A4BE08-C2E8-43FE-A192-C7628B…)

Fakes lost another 1k subscribers as well.

Kaya will be overtaking him by next year I reckon.

No. 1621435

Never said she should keep them? It was more so a question for any anons who knew which vids she had deleted, I don't know her old content with him very well, never liked him.

It looks like she deleted a few videos on two separate days, but I have no clue which ones or why. I just assumed it might be ones with him in it for obvious reasons. Does unlisting delete the views too, or is it just deleted videos?

He's still losing 3k a month while she's slowly gaining 1k a month. Unless anything suddenly changes, she'll overtake him in 15 months at this rate. Slow and steady I suppose. Her current numbers are distorted from the deleted vids right now, but she's likely still making as much as he is off YT if not slightly more.

No. 1621436

I would absolutely understand 8f she deleted some, first of all the "bf did my make up" vid - Jake dabbing her face so rudely, making her look bad wouldn't be a memory to keep for me .

No. 1621447

I'm assuming Jake still has what little collabs he did with Kaya still up considering how lucrative they were/are I'm pretty sure they're in his top 10 most popular in terms of views which again makes me laugh after he commented that Kaya had to beg him for collaborations because she " wanted his popularity"

No. 1621465

Oh wait, Conor actually left the band?? Sorry if it's something that's commonly known, i may have just missed that information somehow. Someone please confirm to me that that's true, because i've wished for that to happen for a very long time. Conor is actually a decent human being and i had a great music-related conversation with him on Lynn's stream more then once.

No. 1621470

Jake was frying in the sun on the beach yesterday… add that together with the make-up he carelessly plastered on his head and his probably not so good hygiene habits. That head tattoo is just waiting to get infected and later heal into a dark puddle on his head. God.

No. 1621471

File: 1661070299757.jpg (40.32 KB, 336x599, jakeonthebeach.jpg)

Forgot to add the screen, sorry.

No. 1621491

I wonder what Jake and Kat actually talk about, I weirdly can't imagine them having an intellectual conversation with each other, I could with Kaya and Jake. With Kat she doesn't seem particularly smart or clued in to current events, all their interactions seem shallow, all the cringe baby talk…they're both 30+ year olds acting like they're 12. Kat's responsible for a child, it just gives me the ick.

No. 1621510

From what we've seen the majority of their interactions/time spent together is Jake death growling, making dumb jokes, acting smug about something and her giggling like a maniac at something he said, rolling around on the ground, and baby-talking at him or yelling about shots. I also can't imagine there's a whole lot of intelligent conversation happening, but I'm sure they make up for it with very sloppy drunken mediocre sex. kek

No. 1621512

Yeah, his "face tattoo" is gonna heal horrible, you're not supposed to be in direct sunlight and in water with a healing tattoo and the air on a beach is also too harsh for a healing tattoo from what I've heard. Kat should know these things as a tattoo "artist"

No. 1621540

Judging from what we've seen of Kat's general behaviour ( like getting rat arsed drunk the night before getting her palms tattoo'd) and judging by the actual work she does ( have you seen her lines? That Pokémon piece in the last thread had lines thicker than sandwich crust and they were still somehow uneven) I'd hazard a guess that she doesn't know a single goddamn thing, I assume the only reason she has a job is because her ex husband who runs his own studio passed on what little he could before she cheated on him with the manlet

No. 1621543

God these two can't even holiday correctly, who puts a towel down on hot sand DIRECTLY next to two completely free sun loungers?

No. 1621544

Saged for retardation, but they're not free, they're most likely owned by a hotel and you have to pay them by hour

No. 1621549

Free as in nobody's arse is on them, but you're right they're cheap skates. INB4 they run a GoFundMe for a sun lounger.

No. 1621574

I've been looking through Lauren/Felvae I think she was called wedding photos, she looks healthier and happier, but also kind of like she packed a bit of weight on in a few months, how long after leaving the neonazi guy did she get with the food delivery guy?

No. 1621593

So what you're saying is they're either too stupid to realize or too cheap to pay, either way it's pretty sad to roll your not-even-a-beach-towel out on red hot sand when everyone else as far as the eye can see is comfortable on a lounger

No. 1621603

I have noticed something between jake and kat they are yet to post a picture of them together on social media and keep it up (I am aware they have done some instergram stories) but nothing that will last over 24 hours. The same thing when he used to be with Kaya too. Makes me wonder if he doesn’t want to be see with his other half’s

No. 1621613

I pointed it out last thread but Jake's insta ( apart from one picture of his motorcycle) is comprised purely of pictures of himself, mostly from the waist up which imho tells you everything you need to know about his priorities.

No. 1621691

File: 1661100784341.jpg (559.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220821-185032_Ins…)

Kat trying too look cute… all i can see is the mess in the background. There both so messy.

No. 1621870

It kind of just looks like she doesn't really know how to dress herself, like a teenager still figuring out her style. I don't think you need to be all dressed up when you're on vacation, but by her own admission she is trying to dress cute, and she isn't quite sure how. She'd probably look better if she just stuck to shorts and t shirts, she's thin enough that the comfy casual look would work better for her than whatever this is. It's hard to do goth in a hot environment t. California goth here but she's already not that committed to a real goth look so she should probably just go casual and actually enjoy her vacation.

No. 1621888

I'll admit that my rooms while on holiday might get a little disorganized but I'd sure as hell tidy up if I planned to take pictures, doubly so if I was an influencer like Jake whose job it is to essentially just take pictures

No. 1621899

that one was so awful, in addition to hitting her with the sponge, his distant tone when she talks about her flaws like her skin and her nose, mocking her saying he likes his nose, says something like “you don’t really talk about it anymore” like he can’t say anything nice, like when you’re struggling to compliment someone and you can’t say anything genuine or you don’t want them to think you like them, “well if it doesn’t bother you that’s all that matters.” you know what I mean? If my partner was in no makeup feeling obviously vulnerable and insecure and talking about their flaws, I would say they look great, I like how they look, something, I’m dating them after all. he couldn’t say one nice thing. she looked so sad, too. he made her look ugly.

No. 1621934

Exactly. It was so sad to watch!

No. 1621942

Still plenty of vids featuring Kaya visible on his site. Several of them make up the most popular vids on his channel, and I've said before that he's probably entire fine with continuing to earn an income through people clicking those vids. If anyone is fine with making money out of people clicking through all of their old content together to see what they used to be like/how they used to act/how he used to treat her, then it's going to be him.

No. 1621951

I wonder if it was the video where she shaved his eyebrows? I remember watching that and he was pretty aggro the whole time and his attitude ruined the video. Not sure if that was on Kayas channel or his.

No. 1621952

Oop I just looked and it’s not.

But look at how awkward Jake is in this old video with Rolly and Lux (sorry if posting the link isn’t allowed)


No. 1621955

God I noticed that way back when I watched this for the first time, he just does not want to be there? He looks like a spare part. Clearly only there as a +1 while Kaya and Roly and Lux hung out together as friends. He's just sat there looking like that guy from Little Big with the black all round his mouth.

No. 1621963

File: 1661121584220.jpg (31.61 KB, 630x420, imago0097446590s.jpg)

No. 1621997

File: 1661124408412.png (635.93 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 01-27…)


No. 1622018

She does not have the tits for that dress. Flat as a board in the front and the back.

No. 1622025

So, were her nipples just showing all night in that… or what? She seriously needs that tailored or to invest in clothes that actually fit.

No. 1622034

File: 1661129132359.jpg (11.68 KB, 180x180, 920c62c8-7ccf-43f7-9c94-e908f8…)

I finally figured out who she reminds me of.

No. 1622055

File: 1661131575273.png (150.85 KB, 349x442, blargghhh.png)

the accuracy

No. 1622061

File: 1661131985734.png (2.74 MB, 1170x2532, 4D988014-21DF-43D0-891F-4F3EC4…)

All you do is complain incessantly, Mamie so idk how it’s so weird or out of character, but lol girl

No. 1622106

Yeah family drama can get pretty stressful and 21 can be big to some people, though may not be to me or anyone else who isn't American lol, but I don't know how seriously to take mamie when she can't even take critiques about her bad makeup application despite claiming to be a beautician iirc.

No. 1622240

It’s the breakup video that’s gone

No. 1622243

Ew what was that makeup he looked terrible and same with Kaya with all that black all over her neck

No. 1622253

Yup. Remember that one. Kaya is having a great time, laughing and making jokes with Roly and Lux, clearly being happy, while Fake is there sulking the entire time. Pretty much doesn't say a word throughout this entire video. When he gets into the frame, he just makes some stupid "look-at-me-i'm-so-goth-and-dark" face…
With all of his behaviour, he really reminds me of how my 14-year-old brother behaves - a grumpy, awkward teenager that thinks he is cool. Ouch.

No. 1622254

Spoiler this crap ffs, it scared the shit out of me

No. 1622255

I agree, it definitely isn't the best look she ever did. It was likely Fake influencing her/pressuring her to look more like him.

No. 1622279

Kaya nearly had a year of freedom and jake had a year of kat I wonder who had the bettter outcome LOL

No. 1622331

friendly reminder that kat cheated on her husband and father of her child for this stubby lil creature she calls daddy. lmao

Jake hasn't hit rock bottom just yet, but he's definitely on his way there. Dude isn't making shit off his "career" anymore and is just burning through any savings he does have at this point. He's struggling to make any kind of new content, is too busy being drunk all the time, and his house is quickly becoming full of trash. Meanwhile Kaya is doing okay compared to where she was at, she's making content, several thousand dollars a month and reconnecting with old friends and decorating her new place pretty nicely. Honestly looking forward to seeing how things progress year two. Really hoping Jake doesn't put a baby in kat during one of these drunken, ankle grabbing, vacation nights tho.

No. 1622424

File: 1661179899789.png (353.11 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 16-47…)

Jake and Kat are going home. As far as we know, they went all the way to Croatia and sat in their room, sat on the beach right in front of it and went out drinking. But why?

No. 1622432

He announced getting a stomach tattoo in Croatia. But I can't believe that they visited such a beautiful area, and like the other Anon said, saw nothing but the hotel, the little beach right there and maybe 4 pubs … sad.

No. 1622442

Yeah you'd expect them to do the basic tourist-y shit like see the game of thrones stuff there but they just did stuff they could do at home, what a waste

No. 1622467

Croatia is such a stunningly beautiful country with so much to see in terms of culture and architecture and history etc, it's an absolute travesty that they spent a few days just getting drunk on a beach and trashing a hotel room

No. 1622475

Croatia is such a stunningly beautiful country with so much to see in terms of culture and architecture and history etc, it's an absolute travesty that they spent a few days just getting drunk on a beach and trashing a hotel room

No. 1622481

Croatia was just vacation, the stomach tattoo will happen in Spain but he didn’t say when exactly

No. 1622496

Sorry, my bad. So they basically went there for - nothing. What a waste. They judtbcould have got drunk at home

No. 1622573

My theory is Jake wanted/needed the "cool points" for going but could barely afford the flight and hotel stay,cause his channel is dieing, so he couldn't afford to sight see which left him with drinking at the hotel bar and beach for a few days.

No. 1622576

File: 1661191243813.jpg (775.83 KB, 1049x1171, Screenshot_20220822-105948_Twi…)

Just Jake retweeting shit about marriage. Between this and all the cooing over babies, he really can't wait to be a sloppy seconds step-dad, can he.

No. 1622579


Oh there is one cringeworthy wedding coming once his side pieces divorce comes through.

No. 1622589

Jake, rushing into marriage with the local "easy sloppy drunk" and impulsively having a baby is not going to save your image and prove to everyone that you care about her or children. The only thing that would save your image at this point is just owning up to your shit.

No. 1622652

No worries!
They absolutely wasted time and money by travelling to Croatia when all they did was drinking and laying on the beach, easily could’ve done that in Ireland as it’s probably also quite warm there atm

No. 1622705

Oh yes please - I am so here for the marriage of the stump and the horse face!! Taking bets on how long the filthy, alcohol-fueled glow lasts.

No. 1622737


I'm pretty sure that Kat doesn't have custody of her kid since she is working and at Jake's or on holiday most of the time.

No. 1622799

Honestly could have afforded the sight seeing if they just drank less, but we all know where their priorities lie.

Definitely seems like it's shared custody at most. She should be careful though, I wonder if the cheating, the many videos or clips of her being incredibly drunk, and the bad porn she's made with the homewrecker enough for the ex hubby to get full custody if he wanted to.

Honestly would love to see them make this massive mistake while still in their honeymoon period. Absolutely hope they don't have any kids though.

No. 1622992

Kaya's makeup looks have been stellar since she stopped trying to like, mimic him? And his extremely OTT "goth in public why are all the normies staring at me" living-clickbait looks that he used to do. Before he only bothered to put the same "look" on for his tiktok reaction vids. Everything she does suits her now and is far more clearly her own style than I guess trying to mesh with whatever the fuck he was doing when he decided to cosplay as a filfy goff for the clicks?

It is so wild to me how quickly he went from openly, publicly despising and hating on children - to the point of having to stop himself from watching videos of children getting hurt because they'd keep getting demonetized even though he clearly had a wonderful time making them - and seeming to give zero fucks at all about marriage… to whatever messages he's putting out now??? The man has no personality. Perhaps he's falling for the "a child, yes, a child will make me happy" trap that so many do at his age.

No. 1623039

Kaya's new video with Roly is up, reacting to bad tattoos. Her head tattoo actually looks very good in motion, I didn't think it would, the linework is very bold and clean. Also she makes a few comments about not being able to date a partner with shitty tattoos - I took it as a dig at Fake, but that might be tinfoil. Either way, she looks so much more upbeat and is acting much more positive. Glad to see her continue to improve, hopefully she keeps this up.

No. 1623051

Whatever happened to Jake’s plushy thing? He mentioned he was doing it again but I haven’t seen anything of it since. Did it fail again?

No. 1623063

Okay, ngl she looks pretty hot here? I think her hair and the tattoos actually look much better in motion. I just hope she sticks with the gym, because losing like 20lbs would do her jawline so much good.

No. 1623088

I think he's silently giving up on it. There was another campaign page that looked like it was starting but it most likely just serves as a placeholder.

No. 1623198


Unless something pretty awful has happened she most likely has 50/50 or similar with the kids dad. There is no evidence she’s lost custody. Which would be pretty unusual in the UK unless, as I said, something awful had happened. The UK family courts act in the best interests of the child and that is to have a relationship with both parents and that is facilitated as far as possible. It’s probably not even got that far though. Most parents manage to work it out between themselves.

Seeing as she’s only been away for a few days and she says herself she’s part time because she has a kid then it’s safe to say that she has the kid at least half of the time.

No. 1623213

Watched his latest reaction video so you don't have to. Boring as expected. But at least 3x where he explains how he would get violent as reaction when he was in charge. "I'd tear them apart with my bare hands" (people who act stupid and maybe damage something in a bowling alley by throwing wrong), “shoving the glas up their ass so far that they blablabka" (damaging a cake with a glas) and so on. Exactly the man I'd like to be dad of my next child, step dad to my first - not.

No. 1623347

What's going on with her right leg? I'm not trying to accuse her of shooping this photo, i'm just genuinely confused lol

No. 1623351

I think she's doing her one pose (1 foot forward) but it's weirdly warped in the reflection

No. 1623352


ana reflected in a double glazed window

No. 1623356

You're right anons, i kinda forgot that double glazed windows/slightly creased mirros can sometimes do weird shit in photos, thanks

No. 1623363

That’s just the style of the dress it’s all over shein atm I think its a popular dress style atm. I would have to sew it so it fits a little better

No. 1623380

emaciated thighs

No. 1623503

Kaya looks like she's in pain trying to keep her head up. The head tattoos just make her seem even more self conscious.

No. 1623525

I think it because it’s a lower camera angle then she uses. The lower down makes double and weak chins look worst which is what she has. In her videos she uses high up camera.
I noticed she picks her angles that are more flattering since that bbc video

No. 1623529

I get vibes jake try’s to start fights / act hard in pubs but when the fight starts he legs it

No. 1623532

File: 1661277059715.png (633.58 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220823-184722.png)

No. 1623536

Ah the e begging never ends

No. 1623577

Lol not even that. He has a big mouth on the internet but I bet as soon as some strong guy talks mean at him he shuts the fuck up and legs it.

No. 1623594

That (in case he is not as alcohol intoxicated), or (in case he WAS alcohol intoxicated, nothing unusual) actually starting a fight with said guy… wouldn't mind the second scenario, it would be bloody hilarious watching him flinging his arms and spitting swear words in all directions kek

No. 1623629

He'd get his bell rang one time and go cry to mommie Kat.

No. 1623641

Nah if he's drunk he's probably that guy that yells "stop me or ill hurt him" while pulling some poor woman in front of him as a shield. I can totally see him do that.

No. 1623751

I don't think kat would be responsivw let alone much of a shield in that scenario though lol

No. 1624024

A gush of wind looks like it be able to knock her over

No. 1624044

Ngl this seems like a reach given she didn't drop a gofundme or donation link? Also she's making like 6k a month rn which is better than any job she'd find rn. She's honestly better off sticking with YT/Patreon and making content than going off and getting a minimum wage job.

No. 1624049

how is this e-begging anon?

No. 1624111

If your going to double post out it in the same message

No. 1624128

Literally two different anons. I'm the first, but ok mildly illiterate paranoia chan. lmao

No. 1624150

File: 1661336911903.png (58.24 KB, 1182x268, Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 11.29…)

Imagine this is your mum. Gross

No. 1624157

Wow that is so creepy. Let me guess he is eye fucking the camera again while her head is in front of his crotch and you cant see anything. Same awful blue filter.

No. 1624162

That’s it; I try to find some small good in everyone but Jake literally has ZERO redeeming traits. He’s a vulgar, selfish boor, period. (And Kat is a moron if she doesn’t run for the fucking hills.)

No. 1624167

I’ve seen some shit on this site but this made me vomit

No. 1624169

And women should find this hot how?

No. 1624170

For a brief moment I thought he was taking about an actual baby girl…

No. 1624173

How to make women dry as the Sahara 101.

We've seen the Only fans pictures it's neither big nor thick. Average is being generous.

No. 1624176

Did you mean "I love watching my drunk and likely bored side-piece scraping her bottom teeth on my incredibly mediocre, sexless crotch noodle", Fake?

No. 1624203

File: 1661346217196.jpeg (204.47 KB, 1169x1277, 79039DE6-EFB4-4A90-A3C4-3F24E5…)

The cringe. It is palpable.

No. 1624210

Completely missed the word "my" in between "suck" and "big" and thought they'd already hit the inevitable point where they end up doing cuck porn to pay the bills.

No. 1624212

Not interested, even if it were free.

No. 1624223

Jake (I'm sure) making Kaya more glad they broke up with every passing day, keep it up dude!

No. 1624224

Nonas literally need financial compensation after seeing his nudes

No. 1624226

That's just nasty,I hope she bites it off lol

No. 1624249

i'd say you're still half right, nonna. when plushies don't pay the bills anymore then something else has to pick up the slack.

No. 1624270

It is so creepy how much he infantilizes a grown ass woman. And that she actually plays along with it. So cringe.

No. 1624292

That's the thing, she's a grown woman with a child of her own, it's incredibly cringe, it's like he has a 14yo's concept of what's sexy

No. 1624295

I hate the DDLG bullshit. It reeks of pedo tendencies.

No. 1624353

File: 1661357391025.jpg (164.65 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20220824-090902_Chr…)

>And women should find this hot how?
According to the 3 whole likes so far, they don't kek.

No. 1624417

Who’s gonna bite the bullet and send the screenshots

No. 1624425

I don't honestly think that he's into it, I just think that he enjoys treating an adult woman like an idiotic toy. Like an object, or a pet. Weird control/power shit and very little to actually do with DD/lg scenarios or roles.

No. 1624515

Lmfao 3 likes over 8 hours is hilariously tragic, he really does miss the mark with his audience over and over again it's like he can't help consistently tripping over himself, never before have I seen a creator tank his own career for the sake of their own ego quite like Jake Munro

No. 1624543

Not to mention two of which are likely from his account and Kat's. OF doesn't show who likes your posts so most creators go ahead and like their own shit.

No. 1624592

This is unbeatable speaking of unsexiness. OMG.

No. 1624608

File: 1661369656849.jpg (1.38 MB, 1438x2555, b1tch.jpg)

Emily had to dye her hair black because everyone told her not to. So edgy kek

No. 1624662

How embarrassing thinking you just posted the hottest shit and no one likes it lol.
People have no respect or dignity these days

No. 1624668

File: 1661372982158.jpeg (22.28 KB, 374x300, B546036D-1A2A-4D2F-A799-C4A4F8…)

No. 1624672

File: 1661373430914.jpg (86.96 KB, 1080x506, Screenshot_20220824_223448_com…)

"On holiday with Daddy" - makes me wanna puke … Who wants "with Daddy" and "hot pics" in the same paragraph?!

No. 1624682

The black will hide her very thin balding fringe. She will end up going bald with in a year. She would be best of shaving it all off soon

No. 1624695

nasty. he seems like he would have very poor hygiene. and how degrading to kat. but I think they couldn’t be better paired up for this activity. not a soul wishes they were in their place. pot for every lid.

No. 1624730

It’s now been 14 hours with still only 3 likes. So technically Kat and Jake just made porn for a whole $105.

No. 1624735

Why are they both so trashy and gross ugh

No. 1624762

I am vomit

No. 1624767

>>1624417 No one should bite the bullet, no one should give him $ for this. I think the only people who do subscribe to his OF at this point are the morbidly curious, it's like a subscription to bestgore or some shit.

No. 1624793

Absolutely no one should give them money for that, and if anyone does - and the pictures get posted here - please, please-please SPOILER AND LABEL THEM CLEARLY because I do not want to see that shit.

No. 1624800

Ngl, it's starting to give "crackhead selling nudes for a fix" vibes at this point. Guess they gotta earn the long island ice tea money somehow.

I think he really fails to see that his fanbase of whatever leftover "snaccs" he has from the break up don't want to see him involved with another woman. It completely ruins the fantasy for them. Are his top thirsters even around or as active as before?

Agreed. He doesn't deserve the money and realistically if it's anything like his "ankle grabber" pic there's likely not a whole lot to see. We've also already seen his ugly dick, who cares to see it again.

No. 1624804

Who were his top thirsters? I can only think of Jude and Reilly and they obviously aren't around anymore.

No. 1624817

Nah I think it's more the ones who kept dropping hundreds of dollars every stream. Every single stream. I couldn't tell you their names now but I'd recognise them if I saw them from my days actually watching them last year.

No. 1624839

File: 1661386544633.png (284.79 KB, 650x891, ladyallura.png)

I tried going back a few threads, but the only one that seems to stand out is "Lady allura". Her twitter account is dedicated solely to replying, liking, and reposting his content.

That creepy old woman, Amy Allen, who keeps trying to bring Jake up to Kaya and Kaya up to Jake in streams is obviously still around too. His following is beginning to resemble onision's more and more with every passing month tbh.

No. 1624853

Hi sisters! I literally forgot this existed

No. 1624866

File: 1661388681824.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.71 KB, 640x821, 4912CF57-59EF-41C8-9B99-0D7689…)

You know what that means

No. 1624867

File: 1661388859790.png (1.8 MB, 989x994, gawfgainz.png)

I know this is slightly unfair what with him sitting and laying down in both vacation pics, but compared to this pic he posted five months ago? Kind of see why he's suddenly calling himself "thicc". Does alcoholic bloat count as "gains" nonnies? kek

No. 1624870

>>1624867 lol
He has the body type of a literal Twinkie

No. 1625009

He looks a little better on the left and even then he has no shape, no wonder he didn't mind his side piece being flat kat

No. 1625060

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an account that jake made for himself

No. 1625068

ngl it definitely looks and interacts like a sock puppet account, but she's in his streams all the time. Honestly only seems like there's really a handful of very dedicated loyal snaccs left. Most people don't bother beyond leaving a like.

No. 1625071

You can fudge viewers by having a phone or iPad with a vpn. Just make a new account and then you have a follower or 2

No. 1625134

There was that older woman who told kaya to let her be a mod then spread a lie that jake said she looks good? but jake had to post the clip from his stream saying he didn’t say that. I think she was his last cash cow

No. 1625158

File: 1661412876754.jpg (168.85 KB, 914x524, Screenshot_20220825_093334.jpg)

OK anons, lol, who's guilty here?

No. 1625212

100% that's some troon living in his mom's basement who has 12 twitter accounts and one of them is for his hero and crush jake.

No. 1625218

File: 1661422508055.png (1.1 MB, 1256x827, Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 12-14…)

Arrogant, yeah boys I got porn online Jake, posted a new vid. He's feeling himself so his shitty personality needs to come out. And of course it's another tiktok react video. Can you feel the change of content yet? Do you?

Recap: Confirms him and Kat just spend time in Croatia in the hotelroom and beach and he did not vlog. Shits on Joy Division and a lot of 80's music (it's abrasive). Shits on hippies, he can't believes they still exist because astrology and crystal healing. Admits he never listens to goth music anymore. Most new music sounds like someone is mumbling. He says he listens to old Depeche mode only 1 album, the others suck. A lot of alt tik toks are a phase and a lot of these people have no integrity towards the sub culture (lol Jake). Shits again on tiktok trends and clips. Flips everyone off who was offended. Twice.

No. 1625222

The audacity of this man to accuse literally anyone of not having any integrity, it's like he's completely incapable of self awareness

No. 1625227

Kek there's no way this isn't a farmer

No. 1625243

Cowtipper, but they’re not wrong.

No. 1625248

Can any artistically gifted Nonnie (well, more gifted than me) draw Jake as Eric Cartman? Because that’s the energy Stumpy is giving these days: “I’m ripped and sweet!”, “My penis is 13 inches!”, “Fuck you all, I do what I want!”(Continued similar Cartman-esque bullshit.)

No. 1625280

That would be hilarious

No. 1625325

File: 1661433513335.jpg (510.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220825-151429_Ins…)

Damm fake the jawline

No. 1625342

My first thought watching this - ugly neck tattoo wasn't enough to fake a jaw line, still uses make up for it.

No. 1625376

That particular "snacc" is actually one that is pretty strapped for cash, so they would only give small donations here and there, though was a constant supporter. I've not watched any of Jake's live streams since the break up, but many of the clips i've seen are with newer members that weren't there before. I've not seen any of the big "break the Jake" contributers in a while. Sadly, I will admit that I was ensnared in his web for a brief period of time. It didn't take long before for me to see his personality peeking through the carefully made mask though.

No. 1625420

> carefully made mask?
He has never been able to mask him being a raging asshole.

No. 1625428

Right, Joy Division is abrasive, but his second-rate screeching is the pinnacle of art.
Why do I have this funny feeling that no one will remember Munro the moment Jake stops mentioning it, while Joy Division, admired and emulated for forty years and counting, will continue to influence music indefinitely. Yes I am extremely triggered

No. 1625446

Very true, but it is easy to think it's just a front when someone is just starting to view his content. Like, "oh, he's just being a dick to get views." A lot of YouTubers use that sort of tactic. But after watching a few of Jakes videos, you see that he is just an asshole and it's not cute or funny. I stopped watching when all of his content revolved around tearing up baby bats. There is no call for that…

No. 1625447

File: 1661443497019.png (773.79 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 18-03…)

Trying to make Kat's son into himself. I'm sure his REAL father, you know Jake that guy your girlfriend was or maybe still is married to, might not be to happy about that.

No. 1625453

Is that one of those mini motors chavs keep having seized by police because unless you have a big enough garden to user them in they're illegal to use outdoors?

Happy birthday kid, enjoy your first run in with the police, mummy's got you your first set of crap ACAB tattoos.

No. 1625464

No its a toy motorbike for kids

No. 1625465

Isn't the kid literally a toddler? The retard doesn't know how to shop for a child, only himself.

No. 1625468

Taken driving down the highway (look in his shades) and probably posted that way too, nice. Maybe the wee lad won't have to deal with him too much longer.

No. 1625469

Narcs always do things like this. They don't take the time to learn about people's personalities, so when it comes time to give gifts, the gifts will always be generic (flowers for Kat) or the gift will be something THEY like (motorbike for Isaac).

No. 1625476

Just couldn't resist making a child's birthday about himself in some kind of way, he's so fucking repulsive I stg he gets harder to look at every day

No. 1625478

File: 1661446089914.png (115.63 KB, 728x359, toottoot.png)

No. 1625481

Shit man, I hadn't even noticed that, saw the car behind and thought he was in a car park somewhere. Really is trying hard to be the worst of the worst isn't he.

No. 1625499


Not a driver myself so forgive me if it's a stupid question but is taking a selfie whilst driving like that not a crime?

No. 1625503

Yeah the law depends on where you are but almost everywhere at least technically you have to use a "hands free device" which that … is not. Loads of people talk on the phone, but that is something else altogether. Really shows what internet clout addiction does to someone's mind that he can't wait till he gets home to take this stupid pic.

No. 1625516

File: 1661448528612.jpeg (217.7 KB, 750x605, 4D12FB23-8670-45A8-96EE-122EB5…)

Did a quick google search and oh my god can someone please tip of the cops? I mean we have evidence, right? Kek

No. 1625523

that would be cow tipping which is lame and gay but cows posting themselves committing various crimes will never not be funny in itself, just laugh and move on lol

No. 1625524

Not to be that guy, but not only do I not see anyone in the drivers seat in the car behind him (which is INCREDIBLY close to his rear bumper also for it to be a car in motion) but there aren't highways/motorways as wide as those commonly found in America. The image in his sunglasses makes it look like a 4 or even 5 lane wide highway, which we just don't have that many of here. NI probably even less likely to have them. It looks like a carpark to me. Sorry folks.

No. 1625542

It's a car park if you look on the ground to the right you can see the marks for different spaces.

No. 1625556

yeah that's a car park isn't a road in all of Ireland that wide.

No. 1625559

Sorry for the dumb suggestion, pettiness got the best of me and I didn’t think twice about it and you’re absolutely right, it’s even better to watch them ruin things all by themselves kek

No. 1625561

File: 1661451243122.jpg (43.53 KB, 1080x722, 58925.jpg)

Jake's last OF post is still at 3 likes and Kat's posts average at 5 likes. There's definitely something to be said about that, considering they advertise to an audience of thousands. They don't have the sexual chemistry or appearance for porn.

No. 1625590

File: 1661453163402.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220825_194412_com…)

Kaya looks great. I hope Jake sees her stories and is spewing at how she's blossoming.

No. 1625604


The kids a toddler FFS. He’s far too young for a gift like that. He’s going to be more interested in the box. A total waste of money.

No. 1625610

The poor father. It must feel terrible to have to witness such an awful person pushing to be an important part of your child's life. I really feel for him.

No. 1625613


Me too. That’s the kind of present the kids dad should be buying (when he’s old enough to appreciate it) not some twat who broke up his family. You can’t buy a kids love Fake, one day he’ll put together what you did and he won’t thank you for it.

No. 1625616

July 1st?

No. 1625617

Just his usual brand of performative lovebombing paired with narcissism. Couldn't be just any expensive gift, has to be one of Jake's hobbies.

No. 1625627

It’s so nice seeing her wear stuff like this cause you know a year ago she wouldn’t do this let alone even post a picture. Kaya you look great

No. 1625722

>Admits he never listens to goth music anymore

Bitch you never did from the start, take a seat lol.

>A lot of alt Tik Toks are phase and a lot these people have no integrity towards the sub culture

Neither do you, pot calling the kettle black kek.

No. 1625754

It's a car park. You can see the lines of one of the bays in the top right

No. 1625756

Iirc she said in a video once when they went to a beach that she was self conscious about showing her stomach, cool that she's been working on that

No. 1625787

Sage your shit and warping his face is not milk.

No. 1625795

Would you like to project any harder there?

No. 1625797

Oh look a newfag is having a hissyfit. This is no place for 11 year olds kiddo.

No. 1625940

Matthew Broderick arc when?

No. 1626139

Is the kid even old enough for a present like this? Imagine being the dad and having a toy like this come home with your son so now you get to have a constant reminder of the narcissistic shit head that broke up your family

No. 1626148

File: 1661507901272.jpg (316.28 KB, 1022x800, jakes delusional paradise.jpg)

This is for you Nonna, loved the energy kek

No. 1626154

File: 1661508697306.png (539.89 KB, 1302x836, Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 12-11…)

Her kid was born august 2019, so hes 3 now.

No. 1626156

File: 1661509225198.png (419.86 KB, 498x787, Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 12-17…)

Shit is so creepy calling him daddy. Her poor (ex)husband. Imagine your partner becoming this tart. And our boy Jake managing another low quality selfie. Clean your mirror you disgusting pig. This is supposed to be your job.

No. 1626162

It makes me laugh thinking of anyone calling that face "daddy"

No. 1626173

Not overly milky but blackfriday definitely reads his forum. She posted a new blog and made sure to capture other young kids in there.

So I guess you can all stop sperging about ibf having her kid at wgt

No. 1626175

File: 1661512788473.jpg (19.46 KB, 358x441, d1okfim-ddab4a01-6b9f-4c12-8b1…)

LMAO anon. Now we just need a recolored paris hilton for Kat

Tbh, always seemed like she kind of had it made with the ex. He seemed like a provider and even helped further her tattooing career, had them in a nice home, etc. I imagine she got bored a few years in after having the kid and after falling into Jake (and Kaya's unfortunately) bed AND getting caught, she went into full blown midlife crisis mode. She only works part-time now and the other half is spent rolling around drunk on Jake's filthy carpet, rolling around drunk in his bed for OF, or rolling around drunk in public? I know there was an anon saying she's always been a bit of a sloppy drunk, but I feel like the two really obviously enable each other and are full out spiraling together. Only thing Jake is going to further for kat is liver disease.

No. 1626179

Wait min seriously?! People complaining about that. I just want to say in general. I always see young children and baby’s at festivals/concerts like that. I especially see people put earmuffs that they use it racetracks on their babies. (It’s like kid size) It is absurd that people are complaining about it. It’s so dumb. Also, you can have a drink around your kid. As long as you don’t throw up on them, abuse, fall on them, or w/e else. I think it’s well okay. Just don’t be sloshed.

No. 1626187

Kek, I LOVE this - thank you Nona! I’m especially enjoying the “OF - 3 Likes” on the computer screen. Great detail!

Really liking the “Kat-as-Paris-Hilton” idea too, especially if the Stumpy figure was the same size as Butters in this screen cap. And she could just be saying “Daddy”. (Or maybe “Shots!”). Fucking kek.

No. 1626194

File: 1661514378466.jpeg (173.59 KB, 640x640, 575BD42E-95CE-4EA1-83FD-F375B6…)

(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1626203

Lmao the head tattoo this is so accurate

No. 1626215

File: 1661516351904.jpg (752.34 KB, 1920x3416, daddy-shots.jpg)

Just a doodle …

No. 1626219

“Image to scale”, kek! Love it.

No. 1626226

File: 1661518468284.jpg (3.15 MB, 4032x3024, 20220826_145513.jpg)

Ok, i am late to the party but I will post my version too. Had only office supplies at hand because my good stuff is stored to be not used by my toddlers.
I am still waiting for Jake loosing it because toddlers can be so challenging.

No. 1626229

i love this

No. 1626240

Some one should combine those, that'd be even better!

No. 1626265

Combine the three; the setting and ranting in the first, the Kat mage, scale and quote in the second, and the Jake image in the third (except maybe have him flipping us off, kek).

No. 1626297

I second this.

No. 1626309

Y'all on the same level as people saying "Can you make it the logo fancier?" kek

No. 1626331



No. 1626347


I'm the Anon from >>1626240, but I'm also the Anon who made the Paris Hilton rip off, so I also contribute

No. 1626383

Why make a mishmash collage when this >>1626148 is great on its own?

No. 1626393

Is Kat actually mentally challenged?

No. 1626471

Just noticed Kat & Dean's matching "true love" hand tats KEK. How unfortunate.

No. 1626475

File: 1661535004070.png (1.13 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220826-182855.png)

No. 1626482

god this is so ugly

No. 1626502

Sometimes I think that people's parasocial relationships with minor internet celebrities has gone too far and it's shit like this that really sounds the alarm bell, this much investment in a not even a year long relationship between two people you don't know is super, super weird.

No. 1626504

Sorry for sperging but I hate how that jadedsphynx person is so blatantly tracing photos or even just putting a filter over them to make them look like she actually created her “artworks” every. Single. Time.
Also, that frame is so incredibly ugly and tasteless oh my god.

Jake’s fan art in general is some of the worst I’ve ever seen, I can only imagine how much self control it must take him to not completely lose it and even repost some thanking the “artists”. It must hurt his ego so bad that they can’t do better, but on the other hand it’s like with negative attention - it’s still attention so probably still somewhat of an ego boost lol

No. 1626517

My God, find your own love life Maz.

No. 1626529

idk if she reads, she gets a lot of comments on ig and youtube so I bet this came up there too

No. 1626530

I find people's interest in other people's homes and relationships to be alarming, imagine being inspired by these two like what's #goals about two cheaters and homewreckers with OF accounts kek?

No. 1626531

Well, she’s having sex with Jake soooo…, I’m thinking yes?

No. 1626532

They’re all great! Jake and Kat are a comic goldmine (just not in a way they would appreciate.)

No. 1626635

What's with all that information like exact time of date and length of labour

No. 1626636

That frame is a stock image, it's from some Dover publishing CD I don't remember which but I've seen my mum using it in some scrap booking projects.

No. 1626662

- mismatched styles, resolutions, textures
- filtered photo from instagram
- no coherent colours

Incredible artistry. Is Kat just being nice or can she genuinely not tell that this isn't a real artwork?

No. 1626677

All that info is common to share for some reason, starting to see why she resents the kid with the 57 hour labour and slightly oversize baby, 2 failed epidurals (=mucho pain) and emergency c-section, sounds very stressful altogether

Also how the fuck do you get to adulthood without knowing the difference between through and threw? And the "deffinatly" she's one of those who spells phonetically.

No. 1626755

yikes it sounds like she had a really horrible labor, like traumatizing. I’m shocked if she actually wants another kid after that. maybe they get better mental health care and other maternal support in NI, though her decision to cheat on her supportive husband to go be with Jake doesn’t reflect that..

No. 1626756

>>1626148 I think we have the winning thumbnail pic for the next thread! kek

No. 1626763

I’m hoping this is somebody pretty young doing this as it’s pretty much a couple of templates colored in and just cut/paste. I actually thought for a sec there that Kat designed this.

No. 1626768

Lol it looks like they just filtered that pic to look like a painting then put some cheesy clip art frame over, and scribbled purple around. I’d be creeped out if someone made this of me and a partner and sort of sickened that they’re passing it off as “art” they “made.” It would be cool if a 12 yr old was just learning to use a computer in 1999 and this is what they made, but for 2022 this is embarrassingly pitiful.

No. 1626769

She's at least in her 30's, possibly 40's.

No. 1626771


Fuck off troon lol.

No. 1626789


No. 1626851

can you stop.

No. 1626868

Just watched Snake’s new vid so y’all don’t have to. Just him watching god awful unfunny fail videos where he makes sure to pepper in self brags about how good he is at oral, how much of a great person Kat is, how he respects her so much and how she’s accomplished more than any other women he’s ever dated. Also he’s back to incessantly complaining about the US.

No. 1626878

File: 1661573578997.png (Spoiler Image, 8.54 MB, 2532x1170, 1FAC8877-E02E-45BF-9849-FDC485…)

You missed to include this gem. I can help to notice a slight differens in how we se them an he sis them…

Spoiler becouse fakes face.

No. 1626881

Lol, what a chode.

No. 1626899

Lmfao. He has very little experience with women, so of course a woman with a mediocre tattoo career and a kid that she can hardly take of seems "accomplished" to him.

No. 1626959

What a massive dig at Kaya. He’s dated her and her only. Unless he’s finally admitting to cheating on Kaya kek

No. 1626970

It's almost as if he's been lurking this thread and reading our criticisms of both Kat and the way he obviously doesn't respect her as a person, but that's just speculation

No. 1626982

Perform harder for us, monkey. Keep trying to convince everyone and yourself that you didn't make a mistake and that you're in love.

No. 1626985

He had dated at least two people before Kaya. Still, not exactly buckets of experience considering how young they would have been.

No. 1626987

Kaya is more accomplished than both Jake and Kat combined, and always will be. Jake would be nowhere as a youtuber without Kaya, and Kat would be nowhere as a tattoo artist without Dean. Know your place, Jake.

No. 1627032

Kat is more accomplished than Jake and Kaya, she at least works and has a skill set that makes her employable. She looks after another life, Kaya and Jake could barely look after themselves together while having money thrown at them.

No. 1627034

File: 1661592035641.jpg (322.08 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20220827_111826_com…)

Her flash work is literally taken from a coloring sheet for children (both for reference). Nice detail that she felt the urge to make it about daddy/lg three weeks ago.

No. 1627035

File: 1661592120430.jpg (289.56 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220827_111359_com…)

No. 1627038

Having a child and having the decency to look after it isn't an accomplishment, it's just life. Being an actually good mother is an accomplishment, which she has proven many times not to be.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO FUCKING FUNNY. You pathetic, untalented, tracing, hack piece of scat. You don't deserve a single shred of credit as an artist.
I was actually going to say that I've seen better art in children's coloring books than her tattoos. I guess I should have said it instead of just thinking it. I cannot fucking contain myself at this. Especially because Jake is such a stickler for original tattoos and hates on people who copy artwork and tattoos. Dude, your girlfriend traces coloring books from Google. Be embarrassed.

No. 1627039


She also tore that ‘other lifes’ family apart and parades about on the internet with the man she cheated on his father with. That’s not an accomplishment. It’s hideous.

No. 1627040

>>1627035 alongside the tracing this is just nasty af, ddlg needs to die

No. 1627043

Lol lmao you should stretch before reaching that hard, looking after your child as a mother is the bare fucking minimum expected of a parent and we can clearly see through her own shitty actions she impacted her own ability to do that in the most effective way, she's hardly going to be first in line for the "world's no.1 most attentive mum" award. I also don't see how tracing Disney colouring books badly into people's skin is any better or more virtuous than being a YouTube creator, I get that you're salty about the careers of influencers when you have to work a "real" job but come on, you cannot look at what Kat's done to upend the life of her ex husband and young child and think she was acting with their best interests at heart

No. 1627044

You can tell it wasn't even a redraw either. Just a copy & paste trace.

No. 1627046

lol wtf? Can't she get sued for that?

No. 1627047

I'm just saying. She works, she looks after her son. She had a husband, paying their own way. Yeah her and Jake had an affair, I'm sure theyre ex partners are glad to be rid of them, rather than stuck with a flake. She's more stable than the gruesome twosome tbf. They're two spastics that have to air their lives for people to toss money at them.

No. 1627048

Could we not spoiler shit that does not need a spoiler? It's annoying as fuck and half the time someone posts the same shit later because they avoided the spoiler. We know how dumb Jake's face is.

No. 1627049

She has a job, therefor is more stable! Do you hear yourself? You sound like kid who has never had to pay their own way yet or never had to look after a child. We all have jobs kek, it's the bare minimum to survive. Hers happens to be tracing and making ddlg porn.

No. 1627051

That's what I'm saying. How many months did Kaya spend moaning about not being able to secure anything because her finances are not stable. On paper she's a massive child she has very little real world experience. How many threads have we had of people excusing her behaviour and referencing her being a teenager when she met Jake. She spent her 20s sitting on her ass and going to the doctor wasting their time asking why she's ballooning in weight and getting acne. She is an absolute twat. Yass Queen tat some fucking twigs to your head that'll one up your ex! So weird

No. 1627055

At least Kaya can manage her life by herself at this point, totally single. She has a nicer place and is making more money than Jake, whether or not you consider youtube a "job". Jake wouldn't be able to last a minute without a woman to base his personality around. Kat is probably even the breadwinner at this point. Hopefully not for long since now she's found out to be tracing. All they'll have left soon to make money with is porn.

No. 1627057

Not an expert on tattoos but don't people just tend to pick an artist that will do a design they like? I doubt she's going to lose work over copying artwork in certain I've seen thousands with the same shitty designs on them.

No. 1627063

This kinda thing does happen but for the most part, people who are really into the body scene pick an artist who’s style they like, give them an idea, and the artist makes a custom piece. The “I found this on Pinterest and want exactly this!” clients more likely to be casual, have one or two pieces, then never return. And a lot of artists refuse to do that and only do their own original work
Flash exists sure but it’s a big taboo to rip off other peoples art, and real sad to copy and paste from a kids colouring book.
Basically just proves she mediocre at best, has no originality or talent for design. Not that this was in question anyway.

No. 1627076

He looks like someone's alcoholic uncle

No. 1627086

Is there any examples of original artwork done by Kat anywhere? Can she actually draw at all? Because honestly any discerning tattoo customer would presumably prefer the work of someone who is actually experienced as an artist over someone who is only capable of tracing Mickey mouse

No. 1627097

Shit talking the US, doesn't his coat tail K live there, and he's flown there frequently to hang out with people only to look out of place the whole time, and e-begged for money for a business class ticket bc he's too good for economy

No. 1627098

Same fag to add he shit talks tiktok despite it bringing him the most views, shit talks fake alt kids who hopped on the trend despite him doing the same and making his brains revolve around it, shit talks kaya who boosted his channel and was clearly the less toxic one in the relationship… He loves to dump on things that help him, doesn't he?

No. 1627099

Yeah he also talked briefly about moving to LA when he visited way back when, shit just tumbles out of the man's mouth, it's always completely meaningless

No. 1627100

I meant brand, sorry

No. 1627176

Idk putting daddy’s girl under father and daughter picture just looks so wrong especially with her calling jake daddy.it gives incest vibes

No. 1627194

File: 1661611371126.jpg (205.07 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20220827_163814_com…)

Btw, I think we could find most of her flash at some coloring pages …

No. 1627195

File: 1661611459955.jpg (108.2 KB, 607x1058, Screenshot_20220827_163901_com…)

No. 1627222

Wow that is so trashy

No. 1627275

I think I have to vomit. This makes me so uncomfortable, what’s wrong with these ddlg-tards

No. 1627400

nitpick but
Why is there an apostophe in designs, apostrophes signify a missing letter or joined words, e.g. that's = that is, what is missing from "designs" to need an apostophe

Oh yeah it's definitely straight out of a colouring book, starting to think this girl is genuinely retarded

No. 1627406

I mean evrn if she does trace there no way a Disney tattoo can be original art

No. 1627412

There's a difference between designing a Disney tattoo and ripping one directly from a colouring book, someone drew those images and it wasn't Kat, they've got some cheek charging for it even if it is a flash page

No. 1627424

That's not even true. You can draw original artwork of preexisting characters.

No. 1627429

Jake could be a champion cunning linguist who could guarantee earth shattering multiple orgasms per encounter, and I would still not allow him anywhere near my vagina.

No. 1627440

File: 1661628634974.jpg (538.58 KB, 1080x1203, -616.jpg)

This ducks fucking face, LOL.

No. 1627457

Or kat must be faking it….

No. 1627495

File: 1661632977397.jpg (196.78 KB, 709x526, Screenshot_20220827-224347_Lig…)

Kat drew artwork for selling printed versions whilst in lockdown. Google lense is my friend here. I bet all art of better quality she made is copied. There is such a huge difference in quality and style for someone doing art for so long.

No. 1627577

I’m so confused by this duck. Is it a duck?

No. 1627610

File: 1661639496898.bmp (1.67 MB, 669x873, nol.bmp)


How its supposed to look.

No. 1627623

Wow - that is some Vicky Shingles level work!

No. 1627633

File: 1661641946083.png (1.31 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220828-001254.png)

No. 1627650

That's not "art" those are photoshop filters and the pic stuck on a white background. At best this is a collage.

No. 1627652

It looks more like roadkill

No. 1627701

File: 1661651907367.png (Spoiler Image, 939.2 KB, 1053x1673, Screenshot_20220827-215838.png)

There are just no words.
Spoiler image just in case.

No. 1627703

I don't know which is worse, the rash, the mess on the bed(who the fuck has shoes on the bed?) Or the horrible pained expression.

No. 1627712

Why does he look so goddamn mournful? It's like he can't inject any genuine interest or energy into anything he puts out, couldn't be bothered making his bed, editting out his razor rash or figuring out a more flattering angle, it looks like he's trying to hide his stomach sadly while his dick is presumably out, it's so awkward, this is the antithesis of sexy, why would you show this off and expect people to pay for it?

No. 1627720

So while having a birthday party for a toddler he was going upstairs taking pic of his FUPA? gross..

No. 1627733

His last post on OF and this one both only have 3 likes each. You know two of them have to be him and Scat. I wonder who the third is cause I have a suspicion it's the same person on both. His page is sinking faster than the Titanic.

No. 1627743

Tummy ouchie :(

No. 1627748

Same thought
He should just get into MMLB - if that is even a thing - to scratch his mummy issues itch.

No. 1627749

That classic "I ate too much burrito and Im gonna shit meself" sexy face

No. 1627923


He’s really leaning into this ‘step-daddy’ arc isn’t he? And very obviously trying to outshine the kids actual parents. The real father must be seething.


Jesus wept, Fake must produce some of the most lacklustre porn on the whole internet. It’s not even sexy! It’s just some 30 odd year old bloke with a paunch and his dick out, looking dead behind the eyes. It smacks of cash grab as well, he doesn’t post anything for a couple of months and then it’s two posts in a week. The full on sex tape is coming folks. ‘Daddy’s’ skint.

No. 1627975

This looks awful! The amount of photoshop he does on his pics is now hilarious. Holy shit he’s ageing badly.

Now that’s funny as fuck. I thought the duck was a screaming ghost spirit KEK! But then to know she didn’t draw it her self and failed so hard at copying has me dead

No. 1628019

What kind of overconfidence does it take to think this is sexy?! Puffy dude holds his dick in front of his messy ugly room. This is what you sent as unsolicited dick pick, not anyone wants to pay for on OF. >>1627633
I feel so sorry for the child's father. Imaging the narce cheat of your former wife is love bombing your child with the intend to mold a mini me of him. In the other part of the ig story you can hear fake screeching "it's a tiny fireblade!!!!" and Kat giggling (like usual). I'd vomit all day if I was the father.

No. 1628052

So do we think they’re living together? He’s got form for shacking up with girlfriends really early on.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the three year old pays virtually no attention to the ‘tiny fireblade’ and is more interested in the box.

No. 1628109

watching his attention and money dwindle away lol. he used up all his fakeness for the month on that nothing burger of a vacation and put more effort into goofy youtube thumbnails than content he's tryng to sell.

No. 1628112

Where is his torso wtf?? His upper body look so large not fit large but more fat large

No. 1628123

Bit of a grown up gift for a 3 year old?
Hope he bought the child a helmet

No. 1628173

File: 1661683264983.jpeg (816.68 KB, 1155x2260, 6C7CC641-F3D2-4268-8058-60BAB6…)

£99.99 for a toy the kid is barely going to look at.

No. 1628193

File: 1661686267214.jpg (266.36 KB, 829x1334, Screenshot_20220828_132943_com…)

Fake, tasteful as always, at a 3-years-old's birthday party

No. 1628203

jfc, Kat needs to get this scrote away from her child.

No. 1628253

he looks like he's about to throw up from looking at himself kekkk

No. 1628256

God that's so wildly inappropriate I don't understand how you could ever let a completely tone deaf irresponsible ghoul like this into your life nevermind near your son, this is the first birthday party of his you attend and you can't help being an edgy little fuckboy with your head in the gutter, Jake. This isn't something to brag about, this is something to be mortified by

No. 1628282

File: 1661693551444.jpeg (106.38 KB, 828x980, B51DE5F8-AAA7-4E27-A65D-F13902…)

No. 1628321

I know it's a joke but why the fuck are you posting another ugly ass scrote, at least spoiler it

No. 1628338


Besides being a disgusting chav this guy is really tonedeaf and idiot.
How fckin inappropriate is this?
Makeing a vag from your maybe-stepsons' toy on the 1st birthday what you spend with him.. just wow..

Well, I really hope the kids' dad takes some screenshot just in case for a future child custodity case ‍♀️
Any judge with a common sense wouéd raise an eyebrow to this.(emoji)

No. 1628537

File: 1661707924417.png (830.6 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220828-183227.png)

No. 1628556

Can this be removed cause it has a child in it or least crop him out

No. 1628557

God, someone take away this poor child from these disgusting people

No. 1628558

Step back, I think IM GONNA VOMIT !!!!!

No. 1628578

Glasses give her face better dimension she should wear them more

No. 1628583

This absolute dingleberry saying that Joy Division songs sound like they could 'fall apart at any point'…absolutely hilarious that this poser thinks he can speak on a band like that. Joy Division is legend and will always have a place in music history, unlike Munro.

No. 1628586

holy shit. I've not watched any of Jake's videos since the breakup and I was curious what all of you guys were talking about so I watched the last two….He has gotten so completely hateful to his viewing audience! It's insane that he has any fans left at all with the amount of shit talk that he throws at the people who literally pay his bills. kek what a royal douche…(sage)

No. 1628655

I’ve noticed the change in attitude as well. He even rushes through his tagline at the end and is just getting more obnoxious with every video.

No. 1628661

He looks so out of place, like a sore thumb. That's not your family Jake, KEK.

No. 1628815

His hate for Americans is very oddly aggressive these days. Could of sworn not that long ago he wanted to become one and move to LA? but yeah the way he talks about his subs and fans sounds like he hates his life and job. But he has the choice to 1. Not upload 2. Change to content he likes

No. 1628870

File: 1661721616514.jpg (56.91 KB, 736x736, 36b691f37b7c717825788ab655aa55…)

Kat posting her child on the same account she posts her sexwork ads, filter dialed up to max. Keeping it classy

No. 1628877

jesus, I was gonna complain about him buying the kid a bike when Jake has posted """porn""" on his own bike, but wasn't sure if I was reaching, nope this man should not be near kids

No. 1628900

It’s a meme you dumb bitch

No. 1628921

If his intentions of moving had come true he'd pissing himself for 'mwrica

No. 1628943

This 100% looks like an unsolicited nude from a dude you met twice after he sends you a “hey stranger” message in the wee hours of the morning. Then you laugh and show your friends.

I agree it’s garbage that his kid is around jake, that’s horrific, but I think anons are maybe a little too kind to mr ex skat. He’s admittedly leaps and bounds ahead of the gruesome twosome here, but he DID marry Kat and have a kid with her. Makes me wonder about him a little ngl lol That’s some pretty questionable decision making on his part.

No. 1628949

If I was a parent of a child, and I saw my s/o taking a photo of a vagina that he had plastered together with his stumpy fingers out of my child's play-doh, that fucker would be staying the rest of the afternoon (possibly even longer, maybe forever) away from the child!! I'm sorry, I personally am not the biggest fan of kids, but this is just absolutely unacceptable.

No. 1628986

File: 1661726390683.jpeg (875.09 KB, 1282x1697, AF876A61-68B3-4094-8E60-6CB2BA…)

No. 1628990

Posting your kid on the same account you advertise your sex work on is beyond fucked up.

No. 1629014

File: 1661728026957.jpeg (528.43 KB, 828x1255, 63E3DFC0-5A16-47AA-ADCF-CAAF75…)

Someone better take away his internet
But also in shape kek didn’t know “doughy” was a shape

No. 1629042

I mean technically he isn't lying. He didn't specify in what shape kek

No. 1629073

He is so incredibly un-sexy, my god… It's pretty obvious he feels he missed out on his fuckboi phase in his 20s and is trying to make up for lost time. Kek

No. 1629185

I guess he’s going for those discerning ladies (and gents) who are into gassy FUPA pron

No. 1629204

It’s such a shame the guys from Joy Division never went on to do much with their careers cough cough He’d give “Hooky” and Bernard Sumner tips on how to play guitar if he could.

No. 1629205

File: 1661739053784.jpg (45.75 KB, 600x632, 343.jpg)

No. 1629280

File: 1661742511831.png (1.19 MB, 842x760, multi award winning artist kat…)

The only reason Kat even had that job for as long as she did (basically her entire experience tattooing at that) was because she was fucking, dating, and then married the owner of the shop. The very same guy she then quickly cheated on soon after the marriage. Kat is a user, much like Jake. I'm sure she felt she got all she could out of her ex hubby and sees Jake as someone that can open new doors for her.

As far as her parenting skills or ability to take care of herself, she's a raging alcoholic that works a part time job, spends a mass amount of her free time drinking/partying or filming shit for her OF. Your bar is set so very low anon.

Like imagine letting this around your child or around a children's birthday party.

Her studio ghibli tattoos are my personal favs. lmao

No. 1629325

File: 1661745953199.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20220829-050501.png)

Oh my fucking god, this face how do you in good conscience send anyone away with a tattoo like this? I'd be absolutely livid

No. 1629370

Yeah, too bad Ian didn't live long enough to get voice lessons from Jake. I bet he wouldn't have killed himself if he knew he had that to look forward to.

No. 1629374

What in the "broken facial bones" has she done to Chihiro??

No. 1629382

these are hilarious, yassification of studio ghibli lol

No. 1629416

Thats well funny

No. 1629441

File: 1661763182468.jpeg (91.72 KB, 630x1200, 6517F74F-F0FD-4350-AE01-6CD8C4…)

Chihiro more like janet jackson

No. 1629491

Kek why is this so accurate

No. 1629559

File: 1661775898041.jpg (86.1 KB, 712x459, Exploring-the-magical-world-of…)

A side by side just to make it extra horrible. How are people still excited to get a tattoo with this hack?

No. 1629560

Why she made them so dirty looking does she not know how to basic shade?
And why do they have massive lips the girl from spirited away didn’t even have lips. I bet the customer was so disappointing when they got home. The dog has a penis nose but that’s the only thing one these tattoos that looked like the real character. I can’t get over Sophie nose it looks like she can’t draw front facing noses.

The more I look the more I see how bad it is why is Haku and chiriro two different art styles?

No. 1629563

File: 1661776217079.jpeg (90.81 KB, 640x640, 4BDADEC6-E4FC-4782-B617-960EA9…)

How do you get such a basic character design so bad

No. 1629565

Why are they so yassified omg lmao

No. 1629568

Isn’t she a award winning tattoo artist

No. 1629572

File: 1661777885538.jpg (690.97 KB, 1079x1789, ref.jpg)

Poor Chihiro looks like she's 20 years older!
Seems like Kat was trying to imitate her husband's art style with these. (Pic of the Kiki tattoo he did for her in 2015 for reference)

No. 1629573

Kaya new video was a nice watch she said within the first minute she’s making up for a decade of lost time oof

No. 1629575

Awards literally mean nothing in the tattoo industry, they are rather trophies bad artists show off to underline how "good" and "professional" their work is. Usually most conventions etc. are full of shit artists and the jury's also have questionable taste, so I definitely see how Kat could have won multiple awards as her tattoos are bright and colourful

No. 1629577

This actually doesn't look too bad, I like the geometric style. Kat's attempt at it looks woefully flat and disjointed.

No. 1629581

Did you catch where she also said this past trip was the first time she made it to Slimelight? Said she’d not gone before because the “joy would’ve been sucked out of it” for her. Gee - wonder why???

No. 1629583


She made a statement that she hadn't gone to Slimelight (goth club in london) until now because "circumstances… would have made it not a good time" it's clearly about stumpy fupa. Wonder if he would get drunk and rage/fight so she couldn't go to clubs?

No. 1629585

Didn't she won prices? I don't get how…was the jury blind?

No. 1629595

Jake doesnt like goth music, he'd be unbearable at a goth club. Can you imagine him sulking, getting angry drunk, and getting mad at all the attention Kaya would get as a goth woman (possibly even jealous if a guy talks to her), and then Kaya would probably have to worry all night about him sneaking off with another woman.

No. 1629623

Yeah she mentioned her jake just moved into a house just for him to kick her out IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT
He planned that why would you buy a new place together? Makes sense why he signed the documents in his name only so she wouldn’t have chance to say it’s my house too
He such a ass hole i can’t even

No. 1629631


Well lets be real he was paying for it, so why would it be in both their names. They weren't married.

No. 1629633

You don’t have to be married to have a joint flat or mortgage. If there is two incomes normally people put both names. But yeah pretty sure at that time she had no income she made no effort making content but looking back it was probably cause she knew something was going on ie seeing a blue hair in your bed she was probably to depressed to

No. 1629636

Her newest tattoo have improved a lot the ghibli tattoos are quite few years old now but yeah colourful geometric tattoos are always awarding winning tattooists for some reason must be a easy tattoo style?

No. 1629652


He doesn’t own that house. It’s rented. Most likely in his name.

No. 1629660

You’ve either never dated a narc, or you’re a narc yourself. Either way you have no empathy and should go fuck yourself.

No. 1629691

File: 1661790130214.jpeg (172.3 KB, 1133x937, 09276FAE-426B-446E-A328-B26FA4…)

Kaya has been celebrated since the break up and all those tattoos is even getting a pass with this crowd.. it’s fucking unhinged and costs thousands to get all those yet she begged to furnish her house.

The same ppl who talked shit for over a year suddenly yasss queen her. That head tattoo is terrible yet “it’s better than Jakes” gtfo they are both retards who refuse to do any real work. He can’t even make content that isn’t react videos or post “me and my drunken slut single mommy” pics. Kaya is no better than Jake of Skat. She’s using her breakup to grift and an excuse to be lazy while she “heals”. Everyone has lowered their expectations bc she was so victimized by Jake but they broke up almost a fucking year ago and she’s still on her bs. She’s had almost a year and is still just doing the same shit she always has but in a different house.

I don’t have a hard on to bash Kaya- that’s not the point ppl are making. It’s the constant berating of her then turned into celebrating her autism and inability to do anything productive except go out to eat and do lives while she feeds crumbs of info about Fake on Twitter so she isn’t forgotten about.

Saged for writing a book and repeating what’s been said but people taking the “is someone paying ppl to write nice things about her” being taken literally as well as some other things said is a new level of retardation. I honestly can’t wait until Kaya dates some other loser and you guys turn on her again bc you’ll be called out again for being hypocrites.

No. 1629702

Again with this butthurt bullshit, the more you complain about Kaya not being bullied enough the more I want to compliment her just to spite you

No. 1629710

No one is saying bully her… it’s the saying she’s “blooming” yass queen bs after years of bashing her. So all of her laziness for the last decade is bc of Fake? Do you guys wanna go take down all the cruel shit you said about her bc it wasn’t t really her fault lol

The hypocrisy is what I’m speaking on. This post is already full of nitpicking tattoos while Kaya has crap randomly getting put on her body weekly that’s autistic but you’re golf clapping for her

No. 1629712

Your ability to not understand the concept of a lesser of two evils and the ability to not read the myriad of criticisms she still receives on here is quite remarkable

No. 1629739

Well your picture of beating a dead horse is certainly on point for your bullshit. Fuck off if you can't stand that people here don't have as big of a hate boner for Kaya as you do. There are plenty of pages dedicated to hating her, go there. Damn I am sick of seeing your incessant complaining. When she does shit worth bitching about, we do. Right now she is doing decent for herself. I am sure she will do something soon worth posting about. In the mean time take several seats and shut the fuck up about it already.

No. 1629843

Damn girl give it a rest no one cares about your salty hate boner. When Kaya gives us milk we will milk it. Until then stfu.

No. 1629868

File: 1661799279398.jpeg (15.08 KB, 225x225, 25F4C9C9-F43D-4E87-A7F9-9F1467…)

I had no idea who Shirley from eastenders was and googling it made me spit my drink out.

No. 1629870

Actually Nonnie, I was kind of feeling you until you went full retard with the whole “Kaya is no better than Jake or Skat” thing. Kat is an adulterer who posts photos of her child on the same sites where she posts her porn - which is dangerous for the child. And Jake is the other half of the adultery equation, and an unapologetic narcissist and abuser besides.

But sure - Kaya is no better than the gruesome twosome. Okay.

No. 1629923

File: 1661801692572.jpg (152.19 KB, 717x1274, Screenshot_20220829-142854_Ins…)

Skat posted two stories of the kid on the little bike, and they're definitely at Fake's house. The couches look covered in random stuff and there's stuff all over the floor, but Kaya was the messy one, of course.

No. 1630023

I did the same thing kek

No. 1630037

Do any britfags remember this tv program where people would come in to "fix" their tattoos, the artists would freehand something with all the drawing ability of a 9 year old with a napkin, and then give them a kat-tier "improved" tattoo. I always wonder how people with such little artistic ability end up permanently embellishing bodies with their terrible art.

No. 1630071

Tattoo Fixers, yea. it was god awful yet the artists were being praised all over sm

No. 1630081

I agree it's a bit pathetic of Kaya to still moan about Jake publically. He said they had a dead bedroom for years and for years Kaya was a fatass that did nothing. That's a massive turn off for anyone. They both need to move on and stop trading digs at each other and one upping the other it's pathetic. Kaya should have left him sooner if they were in a sexless no fun relationship, more fool to her to have stayed. She has no desire to earn her own means.

No. 1630088


You think they’d take the boy outside to play with it in the fresh air wouldn’t you?

And I’m sure his father is just pleased as punch that his barely 3 year old son is being plastered all over the internet playing happy families with his adulterous ex and her internet famous boyfriend.

No. 1630116

File: 1661808760358.png (453.31 KB, 680x712, Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 23-24…)

I love Kaya's mum.

No. 1630123

What better way to prove that you don't hit kids than to become obsessed with one that isn't your own? Or to go "awwww look at the little hands!" every time you see a child doing anything at all? People that I know personally who love kids and have their own kids don't even act like that. Nobody does. He's playing it up so hard in order not to be labeled a child abuser.

No. 1630165

Imagine your mum trolling your ex bf on fb. I’d die.

No. 1630203

>it's a bit pathetic of Kaya to still moan about Jake publically


also when has she been moaning about him, she has barely mentioned him by name since they broke up even though everyone has been begging her for tea since is happened and she mostly told them to fuck off. even when she does talk about him she usually says "my ex". her mom has posted way more about him than she has

No. 1630204

Yeah, history according to Jake - and if you believe him, I’ve got a bridge to sell you, kek. Look, no one is saying they should have stayed together, but he sure was fine with it so long as he could sponge off Kaya’s fan base, and take in the money she made, and she was guiding his career. Funny that he only decided it was over when she was in crisis and he thought he didn’t need her anymore.

Kinda like I’m guessing like Kat will do when his money runs out, lol.

No. 1630365

File: 1661821092581.jpeg (663.49 KB, 1282x1708, 9760C8BE-A601-468F-9EB9-CD02CF…)

500 likes in an hour and he’s supporting himself on a social media career ? Also, needs to put down the bottle he looks ROUGH.

No. 1630377

He's… visibly wearing makeup.

No. 1630395

File: 1661823082376.png (1.21 MB, 919x625, yeahokay.png)

Literally just Janet Jackson, but drawn in a "as told by ginger" art style. lmao

This is probably the best tattoo she currently has on her body. Everything she learned about tattooing she learned from him. Honestly, her coloring isn't awful, but her linework is shaky and her shading is questionable as hell. It's pretty obvious she can only make a halfway decent tattoo if she follows the stencil, girl has absolute zero freehand ability.

They have and they haven't. She's gotten MUCH better at tracing the stencil correctly, but otherwise her work is still very inconsistent in quality. The Ghibli tattoos were from 2019, these are mostly from this year. Just look at where she tried to freehand Frankenstein's monster's hand. lmao

Love a grown man who spends his free time molding pussies out of play dough at children's parties and doesn't know how to vacuum his floors. What an absolute catch.

No. 1630451

All the empty bottles in the bg

No. 1630463

Lmao like he has soooo much experience with dating women. the relationships before Kaya were like with teenagers, men who diss teen girls/young women for not having high paying careers are insecure broke ass losers that you don’t wanna date. as for his bedroom skills, it’s called being in a new relationship. he thinks he is good at sex because they still have it regularly and she’s too drunk to complain. I bet she fakes her orgasms so she can go drink some more then pass out. you can’t compete with alcohol when dating a drunk ass. and he’s pretty much telling on his limp whiskey dick lmao. Kaya spilled the tea that he was boring.
and yeah it’s just shading Kaya, which is false and dumb because she’s more successful than either of them even though she took all those breaks and shit, people still like her and supported her through patreon because she’s a pleasant fucking person to look at and not some middle aged onlyfans thot/angry toddler-man with a failing channel.

No. 1630627

Ikr he mother needs to get over it more then kaya does it rather pathetic a grown ass women who double the age of jake and year after a breakup is re hashing old photos of him looking sad get a grip.
Not that I’m defending jake but he hasn’t really said anything (maybe in the early days after the breakup video) while kaya does multiple digs weekly on Instagram Twitter and in comments or her YouTube video in her new video there was like 7 digs towards jake but in same breath she was saying I can’t wait to be over that situation it’s been over for nearly a year

No. 1630671

Pretty embarrassing imagine trying to get over a breakup and your mother still shit talking your ex who your trying to forget and heal from that suitauation and your mother going out her way to comment on YouTube videos of him and dig though photos to get some very old pictures him looking missable
Borderline obsessive

No. 1630673

File: 1661847777328.jpg (224.16 KB, 922x2048, 20220830_091706.jpg)

I have to disagree with you there, this is just one of a couple comments Jake's made about Kaya, where he mentions her by name and offers paragraphs of pretty extreme claims, by comparison Kaya has literally never mentioned him by name since the break up and is always incredibly vague with her statements like " nothing holding me back" or " it just wouldn't have been a good time" she never elaborates, her "digs" are super mild in comparison to the shit Jake has said about her. She also only got the remainder of her belongings back from Jake in the last couple weeks, I'd not class that as " over for nearly a year" is her mum kicking off a bit embarrassing? Yeah it is, but if I'd been dealing with Jake's behaviour and his behaviour in particular toward my daughter for as long as she has I'd say she's due a little bitching about him. Mums being embarrassing on Facebook is a tale as old as time.

No. 1630675

Apologies for double posting but I'd also like to add this comment Jake made just a few months ago, not at the start of their break up.

No. 1630684

>because she wanted my popularity
still cracks me up. Clown.

BTW: Kaya's mum may be a bit obsessive, but that's what I be also if I had had to watch this a sucking the life out of my daughter for over a decade

No. 1630696

Jake has been far more disparaging of Kaya than she has of him. I few throw. A few comments implying he was difficult to live with and a fun sponge, where she doesn’t even mention him by name, is not the same as the paragraphs long diatribes he’s gone on where he doesn’t just imply but outright says that she was after his money and fame (which still makes me laugh, what fame Fake?). By comparison Kaya has been remarkably restrained and adult about the whole thing considering she was cheated on and booted out in the middle of the night.

As for her mum, yeah it’s a touch embarrassing that she’s being quite so vocal about the break up but ultimately Kaya is not in charge of her mum and who knows what she’s had to stand by and watch her daughter go through at the hands of Fake? I’d find it hard to hold my tongue if someone treated my daughter the way Kayas been treated by Fake. It’s also quite telling that whilst he has zero problem saying shit about Kaya he has said nothing about her mum. I suspect her mum could tear him a new one and he knows it.

No. 1630704

Inb4 the salty anon with a hate hard-on comes in to complain about people defending Kaya: it's hard not to want to defend her when people are spouting things that are objectively false and easily disproved by evidence provided by Jake himself, he has said quite a lot of disparaging stuff about Kaya that far outweigh the little "digs" she's made in terms of severity and scale and he's done so as recently as a few months ago, that screenshotted comment a couple of posts up is one he made while he was supposed to be enjoying his birthday trip to Barcelona with Kat, sat on a beach in a Versace shirt spouting off about how his ex wanted to steal his money and so- called fame.

No. 1630710


That’s exactly it, he’s proven every allegation he’s made against her to be false all on his own! Kaya was the messy one, yet it’s his house that’s a shit tip whilst Kayas is seemingly tidy, Kaya was begging for collaborations and after his fame, yet it’s her channel that is flourishing while his flounders, Kaya was after his money, yet it was he who was taking all of hers! She didn’t even have her own bank account as he was in charge of the money.

Look if Kaya suddenly does an about face and starts producing Milk again then have at it, that’s fair game but getting your knickers in a twist because people aren’t hating her for the sake of it is just silly.

No. 1630825

Sorry for my typos nazi anon, maybe you should correct Kaya's ma's post. She doesn't have the education to support her own daughter, shame Kaya took after the dad and can't do glamour modeling like her ma.

No. 1630833

Well I’m not going to roast you for your grammar or punctuation, Anon - the way I see it those are the least of your problems considering your shitty, superficial take. Most of us bag on Jake for his nasty treatment of others, and yet you seem fixated on Kaya’s looks (“shame she can’t do glamour modeling”) and, if I’m not mistaken, you were the same Anon excusing Jake’s cheating because Kaya was a “fat ass”.

Says a lot about you.

No. 1630839

Learn to integrate, but also, no one is getting their knickers in a twist over Kaya's fangirls. Pointing out the obvious newfaggotry over an old cow is not having a hate boner.

Good for Kaya finally getting over someone she claims is shit in bed and ruined all her outings. If Jake didn't cheat would the two of them be silently suffering together? He wouldn't have lost her fans so would the onus still be on him to upload and be online because Kaya had windchill for 7 months?

The two of them are a lesson in money management. Neither are role models to anyone. They're both only now seemingly moving on from acting like immature teenagers, their relationship is over. Its been a decade of excuses and bullshit, time for both of them to stfu and focus on who the fuck they are. The two of them are vapid and shallow, have either ever done charity work or donated or promoted any causes or are they just two cherity cases. They should cut their patrons a check for telling them what to film etc. Baffling that they have stupid cunts still paying them for content. What the fuck do either of those two bring to people's lives.

They're both milky as fuck still. Kaya's tattoos are stupid as fuck looking, I am fascinated how she's going to transition into her 30s, she's an insecure mess. Jake is on another planet or delusion. I hate both of them.

No. 1630843

Kaya's aesthetics have always been noteworthy here. She only has her aesthetics as an identity.

Her ma is useless. Lack of education so she sold her image for money. Kaya is useless and leans on her asthetics for money. She even use to have easy Belfast men come round for foot fetish shit. I doubt she learnt that from her father.

Kaya gets kicked out and her ma doesn't even offer her a hot shower or anyone of her ma's side of the family offers Kaya a warm place to stay for even a night or two, but by all means post old photos of Jake to show us how much you have your daughters back.

No. 1630847

“Have any of them done charity work”
This is the weirdest blog post I’ve ever seen. We get it, you hate them. That’s not milk.

No. 1630852

Who the fuck are you actually. They have lived off of others donating their money to them, not a stretch to think they should give back in some way since they've had it extremely easy.

No. 1630858


You are totally getting your knickers in a big salty twist anon.

No. 1630866

If internet people getting donations upsets you so much I don't know what to tell you since they all do it. And I don't see how it's worse than sucking cock on onlyfans as Kat is presumably doing for the three people who still sub to him.
At least kaya doesn't do findom-lite like jake's "break the jake" shit, she runs a patreon which people willingly follow or whatever. And she's very active online posting dozens of stories, tiktoks, videos etc. Get over it honestly kek

No. 1630869

Just saying. Kaya and Jake have had an extremely easy life. You'd think they'd give back in some way. There's a cost of living crisis and the two of them are still spending frivolously well above the means of most and probably their stupid fans. So why praise the bitch for breaking up and moving on from a little shit goblin, she doesn't need any farmers pity, she's got paypigs to coast off of.

No. 1630903

Who am I on a anon board. It’s not a stretch to think these people wouldn’t give back to the community, or volunteer their time. Are you new..? We’re just pointing out the obvious now? They probably didn’t go to church this past Sunday either.

No. 1630906

So actually we are at a point in this thread where the main allegation for a youtuber is - checks notes - making money with YouTube … This is getting just too stupid.

No. 1630908

So actually we are at a point in this thread where the main allegation for a youtuber is - checks notes - making money with YouTube … This is getting just too stupid.

No. 1630914

She wouldn't be able to live off her YouTube earnings. She gets fuck all sponsors. Her income is earned through the donations of her patrons. She's living in a wealthy area of NI by herself in a big house, forgive me if I expect adults to be able to cover the means of how they live. She's not a good content creator. Her shit is low effort.

No. 1630935

You must be sheltered, there's girls making thousands every month on Twitch for shoving their ass in the camera, faking blowjobs on microphones and writing subs names on their arms. Tell me more about "low effort" when Kaya engages with her followers, posts many daily updates of her life etc etc. I'm not a patreon but she does exactly the same as any other successful content creator, people want to just follow someone's life/adventures and live vicariously through them.

No. 1630965

By "making money with YouTube" I meant all earnings from their youtuber popularity, anon. I didn't think it was necessary to list all sorts of their income provided from their fans. And as long as they have enough fans (viewers, patrons etc) to live that life style they are successful in what they do _ whether you like it or not.

No. 1630970

That's the point. She's fine. She barely does anything so why she gets so much validation for nothing is so weird.

No. 1630977

Kaya is low effort. She uses social media like anyone else, she moans and ebegs or posts get ready with me chatty videos where she admits she's just doing the same style over and over. She gives nothing and relies on the people paying her to give her ideas. Compared to other YouTuber her videos are very dated.

No. 1631045

Kaya recently rescued an injured pigeon and brought it to a rescue her friend runs. Seems like she has more ability to care for things outside herself. Also she doesn’t owe anyone anything? Why should she be obligated to do anything for any community? Not even the most wealthy billionaires do that.

No. 1631046

Lmao and jake doesn’t?

No. 1631105

Glad we're rehashing this same argument again

Kaya isn't very milky anymore, Jake is, that's it.

No. 1631142

I wonder if our bitter thumb is lurking here, since these miserable accusations which apply more to jake seem very familiar

No. 1631162

File: 1661894907088.jpeg (168.94 KB, 720x1027, 2AB2BBF3-4F6B-4429-9669-A3EFE8…)


No. 1631163

Are you going to delete this? If you are, that’s just proves your fake

No. 1631169

I don't doubt for a second that Jake lurks this thread, I assume most narcissists like him couldn't resist a thread full of people talking about them, would he be stupid enough to post though?

No. 1631178

Most definitely. Bet he's salty-chan.

No. 1631181

And yet Kaya has still profited off more admirers than you ever have. Go ride Snake’s putrid limp dick some more to make up for all the sexual attention the horrible person Kaya didn’t give him.

No. 1631193

Another day another infight about kaya and about who's saltier, these threads are really drying up aren't they. The only cow giving any regular milk atm is jake, which is funny dont get me wrong, but yeah the others have either moved on or aren't as active. And kaya's in this in-between place, has definitely been a cow and seems like she's trying to move on (moo-ve on?). But yeah let's hear more about who has more salty salty salty salt I guess

No. 1631196

You know, I’ve wondered about this; he certainly has a lot of free time to drunk post, kek.

No. 1631378

File: 1661910896189.jpg (152.88 KB, 720x1258, plasticfake.jpg)

My god, the filtering on his face in this one. His skin looks plastic.

No. 1631409

In his last video, Jake commented on a girl that got cheated on after giving up her kidney to her bf. I guess that’s where he draws the line. Cheating on someone that gave up 9 years of their life dragging his dead weight around is totally fine though.

No. 1631418

File: 1661912566836.jpeg (950.88 KB, 1348x1064, 3E49776B-182F-4148-989A-C71BEE…)

he filters himself so much that he looks like a creepy baby doll

No. 1631435

Omg someone please edit that into 'goth' clothes and killstar boots. He really fucking does look like that.

No. 1631459

just why, we know what his face looks like.

in one of his recent vids he mentioned that he was going to have a red moon added to that wonky travesty on the side of his head, but decided against it as red ink can't be removed lol. if you are thinking about removal before even getting a tattoo, probably shouldn't get it.

like many things, he was all excited & made such a big deal about having a ~sweet face tat~ & i bet he regrets it cos it's not getting him the attention he thought it would.

No. 1631484

I saw that too! I can’t believe he said, “for the rest of his life he is THAT guy.” um jake, look in the mirror, you are also that guy! you wasted a significant amount of Kaya’s life cheating on her, not only with sKat but other girls. he really doesn’t see himself as he is.

No. 1631604

I personally like jake ear tattoo but if he added anymore to it it look ‘over cluttered’ and to much.
But yeah I think he thought he would get loads of attention maybe make a video but he out outshined by kaya lol. Imagine getting a tattoo and thinking about removing it even before you got it done where is the logic in that? Just don’t get it done. Simple.

No. 1631648

It really is one rule for Jake and another rule for everyone else, he's completely lacking in the essential human skills of empathy or self awareness. He won't view what he did to Kaya as wrong because he doesn't believe he can ever be in the wrong, he's the textbook definition of a piece of shit, I wish his snaccs would flush him already

No. 1631653

File: 1661936493855.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220831_105824380.jpg)

Nothing wrong with going for this look, but I don't think Travis would consider himself "goth" ROFL And it takes Fake many filters to look younger than Barker, who is almost twice his age …

No. 1631683

sage his face please. his beady little rodent eyes are staring through my entire being

No. 1631695


Travis is 46, not 62.

No. 1631697

Sorry, I was really inattentive.
You're right, I was hyperbolic with "almost". Needing a shit ton of filters to look younger than a 15 years older person is way better.

No. 1631718

First he is angry that Stranger Things made an already popular 80s pop song popular again and then he goes and wears Stranger Things merch.

No. 1631765

He would have bullied kids like Eddie and the hellfire club.

No. 1631807

Jake lives in a perpetual state of delusion. He thinks he’s good looking, talented, likable and unique, but the reality is he’s average looking (at best), unremarkable at everything he undertakes (being generous), and an abrasive, egotistical child who gloms onto others for ideas. He’d actually be pitiable if he wasn’t such an ass.

No. 1631815

That's the thing, you can absolutely tell if you look at him critically for all of two seconds that he's an unpleasant person to be around, an absolute vibe killer. Just look at how many of the friends Kaya took in the divorce, the amount of collaborations and time spent with other alternative creators she's done since the break up and Jake has…no friends, no one he platonically likes or vice versa, no one who likes to create with him, he has no one in his corner, no one supporting him other than delusional snaccs or Kat who barely has two alcohol pickled braincells to bang together, no one wants to spend any extended amount of time around him apart from Kat who apparently seemingly needs to be blasted to tolerate him,he estranged himself from his own family and Kaya's family obviously only tolerated him for Kaya's sake, I don't think there's any love lost between them, he is pitiable.

No. 1631902

File: 1661963112993.jpeg (349.55 KB, 2048x2048, 1AFCBD77-DF81-4BCF-B55A-A2F90D…)

Sage because It’s superficial bs but kek at that styling psychara did with the top and skirt it looks like an old men from the waist up

No. 1632360

not only is he adding a red moon, he's supposed to be adding purple clouds to it too. Kind of wonder if he'll lurk and pussy out of it though. kek

He probably idealizes himself as a more hardcore version of the eddie munson type. Reality is he's actually kind of basic for a bloated alcoholic in clown paint

No. 1632366

lol how is it possible to look at this >>1621997 and then not even a handful of posts later, refer to her as "emaciated" you're wild nonni

No. 1632558

Is she still crying over her ex on insta?
I'm kinda done with the Kaya/Jake stuff, I'm more curious about the sudden marriage of Felvea.

No. 1632563

File: 1662021442081.png (282.01 KB, 513x922, jadedsimpx.png)

Jake has a new third channel now dedicated to "highlights" of him acting obnoxiously on stream. Jadedsphinx seems to be doing all the legwork for it of course otherwise it'd probably end up much like his music channel.

Nonny, that was ten days ago, who cares about some retarded nitpick. lmao

No. 1632584

Funny how her hair colour is now the same as Kats. He’s never going to love nor appreciate you

No. 1632604

"We've been working on something" you mean yet another pathetic cash grab?

No. 1632621

He's already chickened out of the clouds and red moon because "red is hard to remove later" this was already mentioned >>1631459

No. 1632622

Lol so that channel will be dead in 3 months. Is this all the new shit he was promising? The same react vids and just a highlight of his streams real? Is he Jealous of Asmongold?

No. 1632631

File: 1662034028207.png (137.25 KB, 397x652, Schermafbeelding 2022-09-01 om…)

Same, it's getting stale. Psychara is constantly posting picrel type stuff on her stories, I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't 30. Maybe it's because I'm not internet famous but I would never post/repost things about my personal life for everyone to see because why would you, it's embarrassing. Anyway I'm interested in what Lauren has been up to too, she used to be pretty milky but this whole turnaround is confusing.

No. 1632677

u sound fat too(bait)

No. 1632702

The only reason that channel will have any success is presumably because it's his mods controling it and it's uploads not him, delegating the labour of a third channel to desperate snaccs who will work for free is classic Jake Munro

No. 1632786

Gosh her whining is so embarrassing. I think she doesn’t have a person to really talk to even though she seems to do stuff with friends here and there. I mean he broke up with you, get over it honestly what’s the whining for.

No. 1632858

It's what weirds me out about her. She seems to have friends and is always posting stories with them, why not talk to them? She's been posting every day for 10+ years so maybe she thinks it's normal.

No. 1632861

File: 1662052386084.png (2.39 MB, 2349x1772, tattoo.png)

Kat is back at it with the coloring pages kek I can't believe this. This was on the first page of google results for rapunzel coloring pages. I'd be so pissed as a customer to find this out. She barely changed anything about the drawing

No. 1632862

File: 1662052471292.png (656.63 KB, 449x716, left.png)

here's the other side

No. 1632871

Lmfao the most noticable difference is that sky lantern which was tattooed in a completely nonsensical perspective.

No. 1632962

Kek at the sideways sky lantern.

No. 1632994

I'd love to know how much she's charging this person for work directly traced from a presumably licensed colouring book, if I were that customer I'd want to know it wasn't the artist's original work

No. 1632996

Look, Rapunzel and her man got drunk nonnie, they just temporarily forgot how lanterns work so they are chucking it in the air. They are trying their best OK?!

No. 1633004

File: 1662062457925.png (757 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 21-59…)

It's like a game of "spot the 10 differences". The markings on the lantern are already borked and Rapunzel might have an eye condition.

No. 1633019

Her work always looks so much better from far away. It's pretty obvious how much she has to lean on coloring to distract from the inconsistent line work and wonky faces. It's like she just can't ever get the eyes right on anything, even when tracing.

No. 1633022

File: 1662062977874.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20220901-210301.png)

The swirly pattern is so squint it's making contact with the bottom edge of the lantern, if I had this tattoo I'd be driven to madness by details and mistakes like that. It's just so goddamn sloppy, from the lack of a design at all to the execution, we all know it will have taken her all of five minutes to shit out that lantern redesign then steal the first result from a rudimentary Google search for Rapunzel colouring books, it's tragic the lack of integrity she has for her craft.

No. 1633039

Someone tell Roly to put Kat's work in his next tattoo fail video, kek.

No. 1633099

Love the bait that nobody took lmao. Anyone get the feeling that Skat posts sometimes?

No. 1633124

Omfg this is bad bad. Never gave Kat the benefit of the doubt but holy shit I would go straight to a laser session would I get a tattoo like this. She's drunk af at work

No. 1633184

File: 1662073721749.jpg (20.33 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

Especially when the lantern redesign itself is yet another first page of google result.

No. 1633194

Oh my fucking god that's so incredibly embarrassing,that poor woman has no idea what she's paid for, she deserves a full refund for a tattoo so heavily plagiarized

No. 1633208

This is truly some of the most shameful shit within the art community. Real artists look down on this so hard. I hope she loses all credibility.

No. 1633209

If she hasn't gotten many complaints from a client figuring it out, from what we know anyway, then I wonder if she's actually upfront about tracing from colouring books and just says it's referencing bc cartoon characters need that. And clients stupid enough to fall for it become her customers.

Or maybe I'm giving her too much credit kek, Fake and Flat share one braincell. But that doesn't explain why people keep getting tattooed by her

No. 1633210

I'm burning to know if this is being charged as a custom designed piece or what the deal is here, because surely that's not ethically right? To trace from other sources for something that's meant to be custom? Surely you usually pay for an artist to…do art, right? Not trace someone else's art and pass it off as their own. Does the studio she work for condone that kind of thing?

No. 1633235

I think as it's Disney art so already stolen, plus what happens when she tries to make up her own version of a character >>1629559 It being traced is actually the best case scenario for the customer.

No. 1633242

Typically when you book a tattoo you expect the artist to actually draw the design themselves. You can get in to a lot trouble within the community doing that. or worse tracing another tattoo artists tattoo. the only time you really "trace" is with realism but usually thats a couple different photographs edited together to create the piece unless its a portrait.

No. 1633260

Bless the nonas taking the time to find Skat's source material btw. Keep it up!

No. 1633316

It is only me or is this thread bugging? Help pls (Phone nonna)

No. 1633352

Considering it was directed at an anon responding to some autist whining about someone calling kat "emaciated" over a week ago, it might be worth the tinfoil. kek

Love that she also quite obviously fucked up that little bordering pattern along the bottom.

No. 1633374

I assume it would be major cowtipping to alert the studio/that customer to the tracing and plagiarized colouring book pages which honestly breaks my heart, that client has that tattoo forever, she deserves to know the source of the design isn't the artist she paid but Google image search and a not even that steady hand to trace it either, it just seems so ethically wrong

No. 1633442

Angela Benedict is on TikTok, bragging about looking so young for her age but with a pound of makeup on and filters/lighting
Yeah, she's attractive but it's just coming off as extremely self absorbed at this point, considering this is at least the 10th time she's brought it up over the years. Can we get a new elder goth spokesperson plz?(don't use emojis)

No. 1633470

She is self absorbed, I don't know what else you expected anon.

No. 1633472

lmao even the lantern is a crappy clip art? That also explains the wrong perspective. I don't have much knowledge of art and techniques etc. so first I didn't know why anons judged her so hard, now with all the details shown here and the very obvious tracing it's absolutely mind-boggling. It's so weird that you would become a tattoo artist without any desire to actually learn how to draw and create your own designs.

That's embarrassing. If you're so secure about your looks you don't have to brag about it all the time. Her followers compliment her enough already, isn't that enough?
True her photos are always heavily filtered and edited, why does she need that if her skin is so perfect?

No. 1633478

It's not only not ethically right, it's basically committing a crime. Using someone else's artwork for your profit is illegal, and especially when it comes to creators like Disney. When they find out they could sue the hell out of her - and it's not that unlikely to happen, I've read several times of tattooers being sued because they used artwork from Pixar or something, don't remember the exact company but it was one of the big ones.

No. 1633495

Stealing/tracing someone else's Rapunzel fanart would be incredibly shitty and embarrassing but she might be able to get away with a blow to her reputation over it, the fact that she's stealing from what I assume is officially Disney licensed colouring books is another matter that I think could land her in very hot water

No. 1633496

Link it? A lot of us are not on Tiktok nonnie.

No. 1633507

Kat Von D is being sued for tattooing a photographer’s work without their permission. this Kat is obviously small potatoes, but it would be funny.


No. 1633510

>>1633507 this is old news nonna

No. 1633511

>>1633022 literally egregious holy shit

No. 1633527

Google says "Yes, Disney tattoos are legal, but it may be illegal for a tattoo artist to tattoo the logo on you. To do the tattoo, they need a license or permission to use the design from Disney for tattoos, as they would be making money using Disney’s intellectual property.

The design itself will be covered by copyright. Disney will also trademark the image of all its characters. This means without permission; it would violate copyright law if the tattooist doesn’t have a license or permission to use the design"

No. 1633530

File: 1662122433431.jpg (236.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220902-144039_Ins…)

We all know who this is aimed at

No. 1633543


Check out Queenie Black. She's perfection.

Also i noticed Angela on tiktok recently and it feels like her gatekeeping has multiplied 100 fold. Like chill. Your self-appointed post as protector of the subculture is so played and cringy at this point.

No. 1633562

Okay, NOT WKing Kaya but this is a perfect illustration of why Jake is a raging cow and Kaya is widely viewed as leaving (or having already left) the pasture: She is pleasant and conciliatory, whereas he will never admit any fault on his part. Instead he puffs out his chest, sticks up his middle fingers, and blames the whole thing on someone else.

No. 1633591

Can you imagine Jake saying something like that kek

No. 1633594

I don't know if it's that deep. Like a stencil gets made up for the client and they yes or no it, at no point is she blindfolded then presented with a never before seen tattoo on her. Hell most of the tattoo places in Belfast are shit and all my mates bring in their own shit they want traced and tatted in them.

No. 1633595

Wbk Kaya is a doormat. Sure she use to always talk about how she'd over think everything and be anxious around others. Her whole persona is licking around people for crumbs.

No. 1633612

I agree. I adore Queenie Black, she is just wonderful.>>1633543

No. 1633646

But in this case the artist didn't really make up the stencil, she stole it from Google image search, that is plagiarized material being put on this person who unless Kat has specifically told them how she put the design together probably assumes Kat drew it herself, it's dishonest practice at best and legally dubious at worst and either way makes her look like shit to her peers in the tattoo community. I wouldn't be surprised if her non-disney tattoos are also plagiarized from other sources online, potentially even other artists.

No. 1633673

POV: jake the alternate is following you from room to room

No. 1633676

File: 1662140754881.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1200x675, D840AF07-4876-4A8D-B8A3-BC703A…)

Oh, if this gets deleted then that’s definitely jake he has decided to
Delete all other pics(Autistic edits)

No. 1633678

Being in a relationship with narcissist all of your adult life can do that.

No. 1633691

>It's so weird that you would become a tattoo artist without any desire to actually learn how to draw and create your own designs.
Not that uncommon actually, since being a tattoo artist is considered a "cool" profession, it attracts people who just want the image/persona and don't really care about art. Same as how there are tons of singers who don't really care about singing.

Is there any indication that Kat Paine even draws in her free time? I remember when I used to follow KVD, she used to post pictures of drawings a lot, but I don't get the impression that KP actually likes to draw.

No. 1633793

yeah no shit. I’m just saying, anons ITT are speculating whether Kat Paine could be sued for tattooing other people’s designs and yes, she can

No. 1633803

File: 1662145455993.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220902_205923772.jpg)

Let's hope that this is just the ugly invitation to her planned halloween party (that fake was trying to brag about in his last video) and not a tattoo design (on the left one the first Google hits, on the right a part of what she put in her ig story)

No. 1633821

Original artist Tyler Stout @kolfacekilla on IG.

No. 1633824

Absolute garbage, why on gods green earth ???

No. 1633836

File: 1662148622446.jpg (490.23 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20220902_215652_com…)

No. 1633837

Oh my god it's so shameless? How can you be this blatant, stupid and lazy at your own goddamn profession? No wonder Kat and Jake are attracted to each other they're completely unforgivable the both of them

No. 1633845

She should at least dig past the first image result to find more unique references, that in itself is lazy. People just getting image search results tattooed on them

No. 1633849

File: 1662149927611.jpg (32.73 KB, 320x400, lydia-deetz-joel-tesch.jpg)

Uhh guys… it looks like that's not the only Google image she lifted…

No. 1633853

Oh cool so she just plagiarizes everything then? What an award winning tattoo artist I bet her ex must be thankful not to be employing her anymore, that's an accident waiting to happen

No. 1633897

Queenie is also as nice as it gets and an unbelievably talented artist (purchased a few things from her previously)

No. 1633939


Would Tyler be able to take her to court or something over such blatant copying?

No. 1633942

>That's embarrassing. If you're so secure about your looks you don't have to brag about it all the time. Her followers compliment her enough already, isn't that enough?
True her photos are always heavily filtered and edited, why does she need that if her skin is so perfect?

I agree that she's a beautiful woman but humbleness is always a good thing to have. And I've been re-watching some of her previous outfit videos she used to do and her skin looked fine I thought? I know she's wearing makeup but compared to the filters she may use when o talking cam, I think she looks fine.

>Also i noticed Angela on tiktok recently and it feels like her gatekeeping has multiplied 100 fold. Like chill. Your self-appointed post as protector of the subculture is so played and cringy at this point.

I don't think Angela "gatekeeping" is a bad thing per say because it's true that in order to keep a niche subculture on track, someone needs to set the record straight and not be afraid to explain to newcomers what the subculture is about or in this case, the music that goth is centered around.

But I didn't know that she recently joined Tik-Tok. I'm not on Tik-Tok and I feel like it's one of the most toxic platforms to be on. I know it's ironic to say that but it's simply how I feel because of how shallow the people are on there going on and on about how awesome they look and has created even more "goffs" then ever. I feel like Angela might be succumbing to the Tik-Tok mentality if it's as bad as what you say.

No. 1633948

If she was selling merch or something then maybe but I think the most he could do is either expose her, report her theft to the studio she's working with or contact her directly to say " stop doing that" I do think someone should alert the studio she's working at tbh but I know it's cow tipping, if I was employing someone like Kat I'd want to know

No. 1633957

Surely her husband knows since she was his apprentice or something iirc

No. 1633993

Might have been the only way to make her employable is for her to trace the work if she has no actual artistic skill, most people can colour inside the lines, teach her to colour and trace the rest and she can at least help pay for the bills. Stealing food from the mouth of Mickey mouse is one thing but to be stealing it straight from other artists is an incredibly fucking scummy thing to do.

No. 1634034

She keeps bringing up her age as if kids on TikTok have any respect for so-called elders.
If anything they will get bored because Angela really has to say other than the same stories about how hard it was to be a goth in the '90s and goth fashion subtypes which has been discussed to death at this point.

I also find it funny how she's one of the people that's always speaking about the fetishization of goth women yet loves to discuss her appearance. Society's obsession with youth is hella gross and it's just annoying when goth women are perpetuating this shit in the scene.

No. 1634036

Not a tattoo artist but tattooing is not considered a high art and nobody expects a handdrawn masterpiece unless they choose specific very expensive artists who do that kinda work. If you're rolling up asking for a Disney tat you don't care what the source material is nor who the artist is, so I think it doesn't really matter and is normal procedure for tattoo artists.

No. 1634037

That said, she should put more effort into sourcing images since they are embarassingly easy for anons to find, like dig around on pinterest a little or something instead of choosing the first result on google images

No. 1634046

Speak for yourself, if I realized my tattoo was copy & pasted from a coloring book I'd be embarrassed.

This is just encouraging her to find more niche sources to steal from, retard. Drawing flash of characters is normal, not tracing other artist's work.

No. 1634062

Honestly being a 34yo with this little talent in your career of choice is just kind of sad.

No. 1634112

the standard is draw your own designs. copying other art work is shameless and makes her a fraud.

No. 1634135

very. no wonder she has to do sex work.
and crazy ass delusional Jake insists she is the most accomplished, successful, respectable woman he’s been with, which is just an insult to all women if he thinks it’s more than anyone else could hope to achieve, being a 34 yr old no talent tattoo tracer/Instagram thot. someone who won’t steal his spotlight is more like it.

No. 1634263

I follow a lot of tattoo artists and tbh it's extremely frowned upon to use someone elses work. Am a burger though so idk what the scene is like over there but I can't imagine it'd be different. Tracing is just very embarrassing. I guess unless the client specifically wanted that very exact image? But it doesn't seem like that scenario is what's happening with Kat

No. 1634269

>She keeps bringing up her age as if kids on Tik-Tok have any respect for so-called elders.

Agreed. That's why I was surprised to hear that Angela joined Tik-Tok because it didn't seem like that was the kind of audience she was trying to attract. She's really better off with YouTube. I don't mind her storytime's but I know I'm in the minority and I'm also not a teenager lol.

>Society's obsession with youth is hella gross and it's just annoying when goth women are perpetuating this shit in the scene.

I also agree with this but that's part of why I initially liked Angela because I liked her attitude toward and didn't seem to let aging bother her which was refreshing to see.

No. 1634313

Not really milk but LeahMouse recently diagnosed herself with autism and most of her reasoning is just that she has random quirks that a lot of people have. For example the fact that when she drives she brakes with her left foot and accelerates with her right foot.. okay? I think that comes intuitively to a lot of people but we don't do it because we're advised not to. For example I was explicitly told not to do that when I was being trained as it's unsafe. Sounds like whoever trained her to drive just dropped the ball on that.

She also says how if her BF randomly invites people over on a whim without telling her it fucks up her day and she doesn't like it. Again, pretty sure many if not most people wouldn't like that. And when she was a kid she was confused because her parents would say things were $2 or $3 when they were actually $1.95 or $2.95 and she'd correct them on it. I did the same thing too when I was a kid because little kids take things literally and don't understand the concept of rounding up numbers.

I've been watching her on and off since 2015 since I do enjoy her laid back vlogs as they remind me of the old YouTube days and don't feel super manufactured, so I'm not a hater or anything but I just found this video kind of annoying. I'm not even really doubting that she has autism, in fact it would probably explain some things but so many of the things she mentions are just common quirks (but then again thinking every personality trait you have is super unique and special and no one else has it seems to be common with autists, so). It's just the "OMG!!! I ALWAYS THOUGht THIS WAS NORAML AND IT'S NOT!! I'M SO SPECIAL AND NEURODIVERGENT" that's just kind of annoying I guess

No. 1634315


The issue with her gatekeeping is her attitude and it's why I choose the term gatekeep rather than what she thinks she's doing (educating). She comes across so unbelievably full of herself both in her knowledge of the music genre and in her appearance. She spends an inordinate amount of time on her Twitter and even her YouTube calling out trolls which screams of insecurity. I feel like the people who like her are those who also feel insecure and want to cling to some self aggrandized sense of superiority for knowing about goth music. It's just sad, and joining tiktok has absolutely made her worse. I watched one of her more recent videos (a q&a) to see if I had any affection for her left (used to be a fan), and she's even begun to cop this voice that reminds me of those fake girls who are trying to sound really pleasant and friendly and sweet but it's so over the top because it's meant to hide their shittiness.

No. 1634320

I have to disagree with you there, especially these days if you're going to someone who's supposed to be "award winning" and who charges high for a piece of work you expect that piece of work to be done to a certain standard and not traced directly from the first Google result, it's not as if she's working the main strip of Ibiza or whatever tattooing drunk strangers with the same old design of the Tasmanian devil taking a piss that they've chosen from a big greasy book, there's a difference

No. 1634365

I absolutely hate people that self diagnose themselves. Like, you may suspect something's up but don't claim you're bipolar or autistic until you've been diagnosed by an actual doctor.

No. 1634366

this is one of the most autistic posts I've ever seen on lolcow

No. 1634368


Self diagnosis is pretty common among autistic women simply because of the difficulty involved in obtaining a formal diagnosis and the possible expense of doing so (depending on where you live). There's plenty of information out there on it.

No. 1634369

It's giving "I watched tiktoks of people diagnosing common but quirky behaviours as uncommon and quirky disorders and fell for it"

No. 1634415

not at all. every single artist i've been to draw their own designs.

No. 1634445

Oh Leah Mouse… Still a trip she is. I agree that she might have autism but self-diagnosing is so stupid. Why can't these people just go get properly tested at a medical facility to see if they have it? Self-diagnosing does nothing and it's not a reliable way to know if you truly have something or not so if you're genuinely curious if you have it, go to the proper medical facility and find out.

No. 1634468

I agree it’s rather stupid to self diagnose but you act like it’s super easy to get the help you need.
Especially with ADHD and autism in adults, even more so in women, is it really hard to find a properly trained therapist. And if you do their wait lists are more often than not so full that you have to wait for at least half a year, if not over a whole year. And that’s not only a US problem, it’s the same in a lot of European countries.

No. 1634478

>She comes across so unbelievably full of herself both in her knowledge of the music

I feel like anyone who knows a lot about goth music and tries to explain it will sound arrogant. It's a niche style of music that not everyone knows about and it's not an easy one to understand when you're new to it. I mean on that note, do you think that the other YouTubers who talked about the music like Accumortis and Kai Decadence are full of themselves too? I dunno anon, I feel like it's easy for anyone who knows about the music will sound arrogant when they don't mean to and because not enough people go in depth about it to begin with.

>She spends an inordinate amount of time on her Twitter and even her YouTube calling out trolls which screams of insecurity.

Now this I have seen and I agree. We all learn to never give trolls attention because they're just trying to annoy you and it always confused me when Angela would respond to trolls instead of just ignoring them like anyone else.

>I feel like the people who like her are those who also feel insecure and want to cling to some self aggrandized sense of superiority for knowing about goth music.

I'm not sure about that. Maybe it's like that for some now but I know that when I first watched her when she was new to the YouTube scene, I liked her because it was nice to see an older person in the scene who talked about their experiences and shared some music. I'm gonna assume that you were around YouTube during the early 2010s so I'm sure you may remember how kind of vapid it used to be where most people just talked about clothes and makeup kek Angela's channel was something different at the time and I think that played a part in why a lot of people liked her then.

But unfortunately it seems like she's trying to alter and adapt herself to be more palatable to the Tik-Tok crowd which is just sad.

No. 1634487

Okay I understand that. I just am getting so annoyed with this current trend of self-diagnosing yourself to have this, that, and the other just because some people want to be qUiRkY and it's kinda disrespectful to those who actually were diagnosed and confirmed to have what these people are claiming to have.

No. 1634493

So you wait a year or two. Self diagnosing is ridiculous and pathetic.

No. 1634550

How is it autistic to point out that a lot of people have quirks and it doesn't automatically mean you should jump to a conclusion and diagnose yourself? Explain

No. 1634613

Have you seen the waiting list times? A lot of people who are written off as self diagnosing are on a waiting list. Someone I know went on the waiting list to see an Autism specialist before the pandemic happened and literally only got their diagnosis in the last three months, in that time instead of sitting around they've been trying to find help and strategies to deal with the downsides they've been dealing with their entire life and they're in a much better position to deal with it now than they would have been had they just waited. Obv some people are wrong, but they usually find that out pretty quickly when peer advice doesn't work out and they usually delist, and some people are munchies that want attention, but regardless specialists usually have pretty long waiting lists.

No. 1634649

As I explained here >>1634487 I wasn't aware of how long the wait times can be. Still, I just think self-diagnosing yourself as having something is stupid and especially the way that Leah Mouse was going about it. I think simply saying "I think I might have autism but I haven't been diagnosed" is a better way to go about this if you genuinely think you have it but aren't sure. It's better than just saying you have it for sure when you haven't been evaluated.

No. 1634666

Omfg who the fuck cares and why is there a whole ass discussion ongoing about dumb self diagnosing. There's a reason why psychologists need to study for years

No. 1634866

The fucking irony of this dude wearing this shirt a few days after bitching about integrity and alt kids having phases. The Hellfire shirts are about the most bandwagon-y shit out there right now, and it’s literally a DnD reference that Jake doesn’t give a shit about (I like the shirts and dgaf about gatekeeping, but the lack of self awareness is painful).

“Kids just have an alt phase and then abandon the scene” is seriously something I would’ve said at 14 years old. If you care that much about what teens are doing on tiktok at 30+ or just can’t understand that teenagers experiment/follow trends and it doesn’t affect you then you’re a bonafide emotionally stunted nonce kek.

No. 1634886

Boohoo, you have to wait to get diagnosed! Like with literally every other fucking illness, not only mental health related.
You know, there is a reason why it takes time for MI to get diagnosed, especially as far as Europe is concerned — it is so that you don’t get falsely diagnosed with something you don’t have, and not shoved a bunch of prescriptions down your throat ASAP, just because you woke up one day and “felt” a particular way or gender or looked up some posts on TikTok because you have nothing better to do with your life and was like — yup, that’s me! Much like they do it in Burgerland.

If you suspect you have something, take it to your doctor, not the internet. Like >>1634493 said — just stfu, wait it out and get your help (if you even need it). That was the point the previous anons were making.

Self-diagnosing yourself on SM is just pathetic content-fishing (and sympathy-fishing), when one’s ideas are dry, not to mention it’s also promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to the underage folk. LeahMouse used to be someone who wanted to come off as educational to babybats / altkids. Like isn’t there anything else about your life or personality to film a video about than fictitious health issues?

No. 1634954

File: 1662248888317.jpeg (215.62 KB, 2183x1217, 85A2441E-C2D2-46F5-9B6A-E655D9…)

I just can’t…I couldn’t make it past 2 min or so w/out wanting to yeet my phone off a cliff. He’s now expounding on his vast knowledge of goth music like giving himself a pat on the back for knowing the year Pornography was released, or for as much as he hates Bauhaus
he enjoys the Go Away White album. Give me a f-ing break.(Newfaggotry)

No. 1635415


Autism isn't a mental illness and isn't treated with prescription drugs. Jeez.

No. 1635439

>Not knowing what waiting lists are.
The delay isn't because European doctors are thorough. Most of the people on long waiting lists are not in regular contact from their mental health teams. You're lucky if you can speak to one more than once a month.

Self diagnosis is dumb but nonas be crazy if they think someone with an untreated mental disorder can just "just stfu, wait it out" for 1-2 years. They're literally untreated crazy people, of course they're acting insane.

No. 1635450

This so stupid. This is literally the same guy who said that goth music sounds like shit so it's comical how he's trying to act like some knowledgeable goth when the tard openly admitted he hated the music and doesn't listen to it. The fuck would he know? He's pretty much the father of these Tik-Tok poser alt kids that he moans about.

No. 1635472

I felt like this video was such bait for those of us who know about his secret video bashing the goth community and how he has said he hates goth music so much and he just wants to wear black. Fucking poseur TROLL. now he’s acting like an authority on goth music and a huge fan of the cure lol. pornography was their most experimental album, not really definitive of the cure’s goth sound like faith was. he’s so dumb trying to purposely pick the most “obscure non pop” type album of theirs to say he loves and he’s so happy to see their dinosaur asses in concert after 12 yrs of an alt/goth phase. pathetic!
And he still couldn’t help himself, in the middle of this video he said something along the lines as there isn’t such thing as goth music, it’s an umbrella term for other genres including new wave. he’s a moron who wants to die on this hill I guess.

No. 1635506

idk if I can do almost 40mins of her just realizing what we already knew nonnies

No. 1635518

She must lurk here, what convenient timing! So I watched the whole video and yeah…she rehashed the same old arguments and basically said because of PTSD she reacts aggressively.

Which is understandable to a point but then at the end of the video she says she'll still be back on TikTok eventually because the kids need to be corrected.

Says she got manipulated by a YouTube friend into getting involved in online drama. Curious about this…who could it be?

Briefly discussed her skincare and baking interests and wanting to share that content more often. Ok fine make the skincare video but be honest this time with no makeup, blown out lighting, or filters. The last time she did a skincare video, people called her out in the comments and she basically acted like "oops I'm bad at lighting"and "it's an aesthetic choice".

No. 1635529

Absolutely with you in that. The self-diagnosed tic toc autistic are doing no favor speaking of explaining the real struggle to the neurotypical world.

No. 1635530

Autism isn't a mental disorder, you totally disqualified yourself on this topic.

No. 1635543

I was woundering about the drama as well, and probably digging for milk where there is very little, but Angela gave us some clues

1. Female YouTuber (should we count out trans or not?)
2. Hate watch other YouTuber (first thought raven)
3. Hated YouTuber has dirty nails (Freya? Toxic tears? Emelie? Other?)
4. Gift giver - here is when raven don’t look likely any more
5. Aprotched in the beginning, so we can’t look at any newer ones, is someone who was active at least 3-5 years back.
6. Manipulative and revealed them selfs after quite some time. So we need someone who has a bit of a brain at least, and is not revealed as an ass at first glance.

Let the speculations begin!

No. 1635546

Anyone else notice how that album looks shiny and new which is kind of odd coming from a messy, room's dusty, guy who breaks shit in a rage?

No. 1635557

At the end he talks about people shitting on Killstar and how if Killstar existed in 80's Goths would have bought there stuff because there were no goth stores and they had to thrift everything. WTF are you talking about Jake, there were plenty of goth stores and metal stores and punk stores in 80's. It was the fucking 80's not the ice age.

No. 1635560

Lets be honest she is definitely the type to keep tabs on any threads she could be mentioned in. Maybe she is actually the based music anon the goth thread TF for sure.

>6. Manipulative and revealed them selfs after quite some time. So we need someone who has a bit of a brain at least, and is not revealed as an ass at first glance.
Kaya is out kek

No. 1635582

Agreed. There were definitely some stores that did sell clothing that goths, punks, and metalheads were drawn to. Vidrel was in 1983 and that store had lots of fashion staples found in Punk and I remember seeing another video ofa shop that catered to goths and new romantics and yes Jake, DID carry the music there as well. He is so full of shit and knows nothing, just STFU dude, you're the king of the poseurs, just accept it and move on with your life.

No. 1635597

Here’s the thing. I get that Jake and Kaya both grew up through a very nitpicky era of the Internet when people were very reeee over what was goth vs emo vs punk, and all normies just saw any alt kid and called them goth. But jesus fucking CHRIST Jake, LET IT GO. He’s not “not a goth” because he dresses in a certain way, he’s “not a goth” because he’s a malingering angry chav. Nobody gives a shit about whether he fits a certain stereotype anymore except him, because any actual alt community has given up on him.

No. 1635614

There's a reason he's nicknamed "Fake" he really does have a tendency to assume he's an expert on something he's looked at for about five minutes, he won't let the whole "Goth v Not goth" thing die and keeps rehashing it because it's his only qualification to be part of the victim Olympics, boo hoo, people don't want you in their subculture because you're such an unpleasant piece of shit but apparently we all have to feel bad for Jake because people tease him for wearing kill star, it's never through any fault or failure of his own that people don't want to be around him or associating him with the Goth subculture. I'm sure he believes that if he waves around enough shiney new records that someone will finally issue him his "real goth" card

No. 1635615

Some art nona needs to make a Skat consoling Fake edit or art telling him what a valid goth he is kek

No. 1635640

Didn’t people start hating on Killstar because a) they were problematic for some reason and (b) their newer stuff really is overdesigned tacky garbage? That’s it. Some of their old stuff was cool but a bad outfit is a bad outfit regardless of the brand.

No. 1635646

File: 1662292766520.png (20.49 KB, 478x216, Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 13-01…)

I think Jake is starting to feel the lack of income.

No. 1635660

It took a huge nose dive in terms of quality when the company was bought over by someone new, it cut back on production costs so much that a lot of their clothes are basically temporary, to be used to pose in for a few photographs and not to be actually worn in real life.

I had a pair of killstar shoes (like a pair of black above ankle sneakers) had them for maybe three months before one of the zips up the side completely broke while taking them off at airport security leaving me literally without a shoe while stuck in the airport for hours, I eventually had to buy the cheapest pair of shoes in the airport ( not an easy find) and those ended up shredding my ankles. Thanks killstar.

No. 1635662

File: 1662293753139.jpg (2.76 MB, 2629x1920, InShot_20220904_141046215.jpg)

Just a quick shot for you, nonnie

No. 1635674

Some of us never liked killstar ever but yes eventually it just became shien quality and since they got every (goth) cow to shill for them left a bad taste in some people's mouth. Personally it just looks like tumblr tier shit for quality prices plus you might end up playing matchy matchy with your uwu so quirky cat loving yoga crystal friend who is currently in her villainess arc except she wears the stretched out plus size and you didn't know cats could have such wide faces.

Nonacasso it is beautiful. Definitely needs to be apart of next thread pic.

No. 1635683

Lmao not the gummy bears! Wtf is the original version of this meme?

No. 1635700

>treat gf like shit, leave her sitting in freezing studio not fit for human habitation for months
>lie about her in drunken comments
>block all your fans who question you or bring the breakup up
>start a deeply unwanted onlyfans because you're too dimwitted to realise the reason people liked you was because you were a safe, taken man who wasn't gonna shove his dick in their face
>the "new kaya" has only ever been seen essentially yelling "drink!" like that guy in father ted and cannot hold a conversation
>your plush toy drop went from over-funded to not funded at all
>lost fans, income, and any respect anyone had for you
>"it was such an honour being there for you during the pandemic!!!"

Naturally this comes across as sincere as anything onision says.

No. 1635777

Pretty certain all Jake did through the pandemic was continuously complain about being personally inconvenienced by the plague that was killing hundreds of thousands of people, which quite frankly was always tone deaf, inconsiderate and not what I'd personally call " entertainment"

He really is a piece of fucking work,it's like he is physically incapable of not sucking his own dick at every possible opportunity. I don't know how his snaccs don't see through this superficial pandering

No. 1635911

File: 1662306911337.png (197.54 KB, 1230x764, Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 15.33…)

Jake claiming to be 7 inches in his discord

No. 1635912

File: 1662306935713.png (153.59 KB, 1012x794, Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 16.46…)

sure jan

No. 1635915

This is so awkward. The only man I've ever been with that has an 8+ inch cock is so humble about it. He has never even measured it, in fact refused when I asked him to. Men who are secure in their size and sexual capability don't need to make sure everyone knows how big their dick is or how good their head game is.

No. 1635932

Any guy that has to make it known to strangers that "it's 7 inches" and that he has measured it, is in fact, not 7 inches.

No. 1635944

Bet infernal was banned that day lmao

No. 1635950

I can almost guarantee you that will be one of the very very few interactions Jake has had with snaccs in his discord and it is to correct someone incorrectly on his penis size. He is so fucking sad.

No. 1635960

File: 1662311156776.jpeg (35.17 KB, 600x575, 6fd.jpeg)

>sorry it just looks like a nice cute small one!

No. 1635967

This is the most gaslighty shit I’ve ever read. He just straight up doesn’t feel what he’s describing. He was even more angry and miserable over lockdown than usual.

No. 1635968

Holy fuck I'm dying lmao imagine the rage he went into over that comment

No. 1635985

The issue with Killstar was that it played a part in further bastardizing what goth was. It advertised itself as "goth"clothing but yet the store carried nothing related to goth which is centered around music. There was no goth band merchandise that tied to the actual goth scene, not even for newer bands that debuted around the time and instead, it just took a bunch of occult symbols and turned them into print patterns which ended up creating tacky tasteless clothing and that being into the occult occult makes one goth. And the people who bought these clothes believed it and labeled themselves "goths" because they liked to buy Killstar clothing and take dark aesthetic pictures of them in it on their Instagram and Tumblr profiles lol.

Jake was one of the prominent cows who shilled for Killstar and couple that with his infamous rant about how much he hated goth music and how bad he thought it was is what cemented to a lot of people in the goth scene that he's just a big poseur. An obnoxious one at that because even back in those early days of his YouTube he had an arrogant smugness to him that was nauseating.

Aside from all that, like other had pointed out, the quality of Killstar was just not very well made and wasn't built to last as a lot of the clothing would fall apart after 2-3 months of use depending on how frequently one wore the clothing.

No. 1635990

>you might end up playing matchy matchy with your uwu so quirky cat loving yoga crystal friend who is currently in her villainess arc except she wears the stretched out plus size and you didn't know cats could have such wide faces.

Reading all that made me think of Manic Moth and Mai Magi, they totally fit this stereotype you listed out kek.

No. 1636015


I have a few basic (read: not patterned at all) from Killstar. A plain black maxi dress. A cold shoulder hooded lace up dress. And black velvet bell bottoms. What i like about them is that they dont rely on all polyester all the time. Everything has held up just fine. I feel like a huge problem is a vast majority of people don't know how to take care of clothes. Dryers aren't good for clothing - line/hang drying is preferable for most of their stuff. Idk. I get why people poo poo Killstar because idiots think wearing it makes them goth and a lot of it is kitschy, but they have some solid styles.

No. 1636156

>advertised itself as "goth"clothing but yet the store carried nothing related to goth which is centered around music. There was no goth band merchandise
Since when do gothic fashion shops have to carry band merch

No. 1636170

Nitpicking but when have KS actually ever advertised themselves as “goth”? Way back in the day it was “alternative” or “dark”.

No. 1636176

File: 1662322182133.png (120.61 KB, 1216x476, Screenshot 2022-09-04 at 21.10…)


In their tag line "In Goth we trust"

No. 1636216

Also maybe a nitpick but I'm pretty sure Killstar have actually collaborated with musical artists on t shirts before but im not about to start the argument about what music constitutes goth music because I'm tired, just pointing it out for balance. A lot of their stuff is still pretty tacky and badly made, it's a mixed bag

No. 1636238

I just can't believe he did that! Any "wholesome person" (what he was trying to fake so badly…) would have hopped on this with a joke that leaves things open, if not just simply ignored it. But narcissist Jake was to triggered to keep himself from this embarrassing interaction.

No. 1636257


I don’t know whether it’s his insistence that it’s 7 inches (course it is Fake) or that he thinks saying he’s measured it is going to stop any speculation that’s the most funny.

No. 1636264

then let's see you take a pic with the measuring tape on your peepee, Fake

No. 1636269

File: 1662328520332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.45 KB, 419x157, ks occult.jpg)

You are correct, they have collaborated with musicians and are right now (Avril Lavigne) most of them are nowhere near being goth though so you're ok on the argument front. Over here they have lablled themselves as occult not goth, not sure if thats different in the states tho.

No. 1636277

It's funny that he doesn't realize how insecure it makes him look that he not only came in to correct the person but double down and insist on it, also admitting to measuring your own meat to your whole discord server lmao it's like wearing a badge that says " ask me about my mediocre hog"

No. 1636292

Literally where

No. 1636299

File: 1662330993243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.48 KB, 720x1231, doyousufferfromibs.jpg)

He literally looks like a stock photo for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or something in this picture. Like…what is this pose and expression.

No. 1636302

Hey anon, that highlight only appears if you're the one being replied to so as funny as this is, stop cowtipping

No. 1636305

Do you have abdominal pain, cramping or bloating that is related to passing a bowel movement? Changes in appearance of bowel movement? Changes in how often you are having a bowel movement? You may have IBS. Talk to your doctor about treatment options. Lotronex may be right for you!

No. 1636306

he's got another tummy ache, someone call Kat to collect him

No. 1636307

7" when every other proportion of his we can see is on the chonky hobbit scale, yeah sure buddy

No. 1636310

>>1636176 beat me to it lol. And yeah a lot of us here know enough to not take such a laughable claim like that seriously but there were people who actually believed it hence why these were the people who thought they goth for owning clothing from the brand.

I mean they don't but I just meant that for people who call Killstar a "goth clothing brand". If you're gonna make a claim like that, at least know what you're talking about and this isn't directed at you, just the people who describe the brand as "goth clothes" or the brand a "goth brand" when they don't have anything that has to do with the scene.

You are right that they occasionally did collaborate with some musicians but they were never goth musicians. I remember back in 2019 or 2020 (I can't remember), they collaborated with Rob Zombie but he's not a goth musician. I didn't know they were now working with Avril Lavigne thoguh lol. Point is, they don't work with goth bands.

No. 1636312

Someone get this guy some Imodium or Pepto.

No. 1636318

File: 1662332390053.png (586.27 KB, 720x1190, ibs.png)

No. 1636325

This is amazing. Next thread pic!

No. 1636333

This is an "I think I just shit my pants" face, kek.

No. 1636371

I'm laughing out loudly in my kitchen at 3 AM

No. 1636387

Nothing says "buff goff" like man-boobs and squishing down your fupa

No. 1636408

I like that he used another angle of his house in an attempt to hide his mess and you can still see a dirty floor.

No. 1636414

Covering up his stomach just males his torso look way shorter than it already is, why is his navel so high

No. 1636424

Also trying to cover up his stomach just draws attention to it, it was the first thing I looked at. This pose is so stiff and so awkward, he really does look like he's suffering from owie twummy

The issue is that he has no idea what to do with his body at all, you'd think given it's his fucking job that he'd look into advice for male models to help him look less like he's suffering from a chaotic irritable bowel but that would involve having to admit to himself that he ever needs to seek someone else's advice

No. 1636448

not that he was good at it but he put more energy into the few ~lookbook~ or whatever vids that he spewed out, likely to get free or discounted merch. he made stupid faces & chose an angle that emphasized his stumpness, but he kind of tried.

idk if this part of his paid for content but in general i’d think he would want to be appealing to keep the income rolling. pic above was useful for laughs & an edit for constipation medication lol. have a feeling the ‘epic halloween party’ will be him & copykat getting drunk.

No. 1636729

Lol! Next thread pic please!

No. 1636738


Lol. He looks like he’s just sharted himself.

No. 1636744

Angela can be annoying but I lol'd when she made that comment about a 'chav in a tank top' in her most recent video. We all know who she meant.

Fake, since everyone knows you read everything we post about you: Please, for the love of god shell out a few pounds for an actual photographer for your Onlyfans. You look like a homeless addict that someone lured into a flophouse to film dubiously consensual hobo porn. Step away from the camera and let a professional try to make you seem a bit less like you're single-handedly going to bring back Smell-O-Vision.

No. 1636864

I know I'm speaking from personal experience and preference but I know I'm not the only woman in the threads who dries up like the Sahara at Jake's provocative pictures - there's nothing remotely attractive about them, the way they're shot, the way he poses, the way he looks, his facial expressions all of it is incredibly off-putting, he doesn't look like someone you'd ever want to be intimate with, he just looks like an angry little knobhead with a tummyache who will ignore your needs in bed

No. 1636940

I’m with you Nona - if Jake was the last man on earth, I’d sew my vagina shut.

No. 1636941

this is so fucking funny. imagine being so concerned about what randomers think the sixe of your penis is

No. 1636944

the “Stop.” fucking kills me

No. 1636970

Imagine being so concerned you have to assure your discord not to worry because you've measured it, imagine conjuring that mental image in your followers of you squatting with a ruler or tape measure in hand, pulling your little hog.

Definitely screams " I'm stable and completely secure"

No. 1637202

I’ve never seen someone look SO on the verge of throwing up. Like this could be in one of those “top 10 awkward club photos” and he’s the dude who’s 0.5 seconds away from ralphing everywhere. Why does he push his neck forward like that?! Has he ever looked at a male model in literally anything for pose references?

Also, whilst the defending his dick size thing is hilarious - bear in mind that person is assuming 5” measured against the length his disproportionately stumpy legs. 7” is the default “big, but believable” length that every fucking teenage boy claims kek. It’d be hilarious if it was even smaller in reality.

No. 1637489

If you push your head forward you hide your double chin. Only that usually only looks good in pictures taken from the front

No. 1637534

File: 1662404062061.jpg (552.31 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20220905_205402.jpg)

No. 1637692

I genuinely think he has a sub-100 IQ because what person with two braincells would post "7" actually, I measured it" to his fans in all sincerity?

No. 1637841

File: 1662412529564.jpg (50.89 KB, 858x675, doomer.jpg)

literally the exact same pose, angle and expression as the Doomer meme. there is no dimension of reality where this is sexy

No. 1638198

Why is there an indent in his forehead

No. 1638571

Thanks for that…lovely mental imagine anon.

No. 1638662

File: 1662462768863.jpeg (281.85 KB, 828x1388, 8C87257F-2144-4249-9C40-6FF612…)

Interesting, she still has a studio. It’s in the same building as the one she had with Fake apparently and was forced out of it in march. Sorry if that’s no news, sage just in case

No. 1638688

love that it's "the other party" and not Jake/my ex. She is so unbothered by him

No. 1638689

It's stupid of her to keep that shit studio. She has a gorgeous home now and its cold in the winter anyhow. She should clear it out and let it go.

No. 1638694

I figured it's just being used as storage so her house doesn't get cluttered with stuff.

No. 1638700

So she had 2 studios, and now a huge house?

Don't feel sorry for her in the slightest.

No. 1638720


Not WK Kaya (before hate boner anon starts) but she had her studio and Jake was letting her use one that they ‘shared’ as they were going to start gaming again (cause Kaya was totally after his fame guys) but obviously after the break up that wasn’t going to happen anymore and he stopped her from using it in March. I wouldn’t actually blame her if she was using it as a storage unit for her stuff, depending on the rent it may be cheaper than getting an actual storage unit.

No. 1638754

File: 1662470783510.png (621.43 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220906-142512.png)

No. 1638764

File: 1662471436696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.58 KB, 1075x1123, Screenshot_20220906-143434_Ske…)

Oops my hand slipped

No. 1638831

this is so well captured ily art anon

No. 1638844

saged but this is unironcally a cute drawing (of a horrible man) gj Nonna

No. 1638852

Thank you kind anons!

No. 1638945

Hahahaha nice

No. 1638949

Bahahahaaa!!! This is so good!

No. 1638980

Fucking kek, bravo Nona!

No. 1638990

Kek nona the house on his head

No. 1639039

The house! this is amazing!

No. 1639070

It’s so fucked up that she was living there. >>1638720
This, they probably negotiated that she could stay in the shared one until she was settled and if the other one is considered hers then she has every right to store stuff there (or vice versa, I might be confused).
Afaik she had one (large) studio then her and Jake shared what was meant to be a space for streaming (which I don’t get, because Jake had a perfectly good room at home to do that from). He had an additional studio and garage.

No. 1639103

I'm pretty sure the story is as follows:

When Jake and Kaya were still together they both rented studios of their own in the same building, both with accompanying videos showing their decoration. Jake used ( uses?) His for rehearsal and recording space for his dwindling band and Kaya's was that large one she decorated that had the bathroom. They then decided either to go in for a third space or to reclaim the rehearsal space and make it a room for them to resurrect Metal Ass Gaming. Not sure.

When Kaya was unceremoniously kicked out of their home she stayed in the studio space with the toilet in it which was large, un-insulated and drafty, she couldn't heat it well, could always see her breath and I assume she asked to use the smaller streaming space to actually stay in as the smaller space was easier to keep warm in the cold winter ( I believe she also caught and recovered from Covid in those studio spaces)

I don't think it was ever an enviable position to be in

No. 1639219

The art anons in this thread are unreal kek, pity that this one needs a spoiler

No. 1639263

File: 1662493384435.png (471.31 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20220906-204239.png)

I was in two minds but I couldn't resist giving him the lil baby dick, here's a badly censored version

No. 1639442

Jake wishes his peepee were as girthy as that peanut kek

No. 1639484

The only thing it's missing is his constant crotch rash. Little red dots or smudges would make it perfect.

No. 1640084

File: 1662515129273.jpg (63.22 KB, 1074x1122, 304223497_1354690245058392_911…)

Makes me wonder if Jake is still paying for the other studio or not. He must be bleeding money at this point since he's only bringing in a couple thousand a month at most. He's renting the house, the garage, going on or taking kat on a holiday at least once every month, the drinking problem, etc.

Not sure why Kaya still bothers keeping thee studio, but she's at least making enough money at this point where it's not a huge issue for her.

Holy shit art anon. I love you. Here's my attempt at censoring it for possible next thread pic. kek

No. 1640240

File: 1662519534902.jpg (210.5 KB, 720x1237, Cheating.jpg)

No. 1640376

Who is this? I'm assuming kaya?

No. 1640425

If we wanna add something to it, kayas 2 room studio came in to action when she still had the attic at home. Jake had a studio at home as well. And the rehearsal space if you wanna count that.
Then the gaming studios.
Move house, and both would have in house studios.
Then add 1 more studio for jake in that complex, where he was gonna film look books and have his closet.
On top of that, there is the garage and new studio in another location, and if I remember it right that one is big big, that was gonna be the head quarter for his new motorcycle channel that he was gonna start with some dude, maby from his band. He shows of the 2 later one and his house one in a clog not too long after the move, might be the same blog where he crashes his bike, or a blog close in time before that.

So in total:
Kaya:1 own (fully furnished) , one shared for gaming (small, unfurnished I think) and +/- home office depending on time.
Jake: 1 shared for gaming that he can’t find someone else to game with for, 1 for fashion that we have only seen in one blog, never uased, home office, one bike studio never seen outside one vlog, and the garage for his bikes - also uased for of picture.

No. 1640485

Yeah, from her insta stories.

No. 1640570

does he mean it's 7 inches soft or hard? sorry, I'm a virgin

No. 1640595

Soft obviously, it's 12 inches hard, doesn't wanna scare the girls away

No. 1640668

I get why some people think she wasn't in a bad situation because she still had a studio but it definitely wasn't a place to live since she couldn't heat it. The only thing I have to admit is that she was in a relatively privileged situation because she didn't have to work the whole time. Normal working class people have to deal with a breakup and on top of that have to see how they pay for a fucking place they live in. I'm not trying to restart the is Kaya a cow discussion, it's just to point out that I get why some still have a problem with her. She came back so fast to living comfortably and she obviously doesn't have to give up the studio. That makes people who have or had it worse question things (especially since she was receiving soo many donations and gifts after the breakup). At least she didn't take things for granted, she was genuinely touched by the help compared to Fake with his insufferable break the Jake donations in the past. If she doesn't go back to whining and not working because mental health uwu I don't really care.

No. 1640756

Original art anon here:

The shrimp is absolutely inspired!! I love it, it's chef-kiss perfect, thank you!

No. 1640759

Tinfoiling a bit but I also assume Jake doesn't use the studio space he put together for the band at all if Kaya feels comfortable still renting a studio in the same building, I can't imagine her feeling comfortable with the idea of running into him in the elevator or hallways

No. 1640877

File: 1662564253961.png (681.68 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 17-07…)

Jake and Kat are shopping for Halloween decorations and thus Kat makes another appearance as an air head giggling. I'm starting to wonder if she can communicate in full sentences. Soon we will Jake's shit tip of a house decorated in orange. Will the decorations come and go before he actually cleans something?

No. 1641239

Thinking about it, it makes so much sense why someone like Jake would prefer someone like Kat, she's so vapid, juvenile and easy to manipulate it's a no brainer for a narcissist- he needs someone who has nothing to say or add, someone who can't actually think critically or challenge him intellectually or make him feel inferior. Someone he can use for sex and to inflate his own ego.

No. 1641249

File: 1662575462597.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1158x2083, 3B6F234D-F251-4DA3-B284-536D20…)

Fuck me he’s tidied up!

No. 1641277

… and thought "I better get proof of this!!"

No. 1641331

Killstar was being hated on because it started as a brand whose whole "originality" been puking randomly over 9000000 religious, occult, fantasy and made up symbols on single cheap fabric then selling it for high premium and calling it a day.

No. 1641414

File: 1662585255397.jpg (689.62 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220907-231237_Ins…)

Mara is still talking about this, at least she's not moaning about it like a teenager anymore

No. 1641425

Saw this too kek and the sound said something along the lines of “fuck you bitch” so she’s over the sadness stage and went to the stage of anger now. Great she documents everything for us.

No. 1641449

Of COURSE there’s a Pulp Fiction poster in play.

No. 1641505

Honestly, I just want to see them start drunk posting more again. Not only because it's hilarious, but because it tells us they don't have a little mistake on the way yet.

No. 1641512

He himself has talked about how the people he dates or hangs out with have to be less attractive or interesting than him, so yeah.

No. 1641561


No. 1641604

There is no one in the world with less substance than Jake

No. 1641610

Maybe her acting non verbal all the time is part of their nasty DDLG kink. only giggles, pointing, and one word sentences. It’s so weird that a 34 yr old mom who is taller and older than her bf wants to be a little girl. what a catch.

No. 1641624

no wonder he was so not into Kaya and jealous and competitive with her, negging her, etc. he can’t share the mirror or spotlight with anyone. but the thing is men don’t look “smarter” next to airheads they date, they look sleazy and insecure to be with someone who has more than a neuron between them.
But I can’t think of someone more deserving of his company than Kat.

No. 1641810

File: 1662607182541.jpeg (134.02 KB, 640x640, 5072AACD-1DF2-4582-850F-6CF3A5…)

POV: jake the alternate has returned

No. 1641812

File: 1662607312424.jpeg (71.74 KB, 640x640, 83B34493-15AC-4446-8501-73D97B…)

These photos are so
Unflattering my god

No. 1641823

you get banned every time, just stop autismo-chan. We know he's ugly, you don't have to try so damn hard. Also sage?

No. 1641844

nona you keep doing this that at this point i just want to know why. whats the point?

No. 1641863

Because if I have to se fakes ugly face, so do you

No. 1641864

Of what posting an image of jake, Whitch LITERALLY EVERYONE IS DOING ?? Get over yourselvef fag whore

No. 1641870

I post just to piss you off intentionally >>1641823

No. 1641903

Every time this failed troll comes around I swear it's probably Reilly having a BPD episode or something.

No. 1641907

ayrt, but we all know he's ugly. editing it like that doesnt add anything. why edit it?

No. 1641916

There is literally zero people on planet earth forcing you to look at anything. Seeing as you spend so much time editing pics of him I think it's safe to assume you're just a lonely snacc looking for attention. Maybe go back over to the discord to oggle stumpy's little chode.

Also, sage your shit.

No. 1641919

EXUSE me faggot , are you haveing a tard meltdown? Also , got better comebacks,you small ass cunt? Robert bye

No. 1641920

Because it makes me laugh uncontrollably

No. 1641924

The anger issues and the need for attention seems familiar, lol

No. 1641925

I literally do it just to offend retarded people like you

No. 1641926

Hi Jake(hi cow)

No. 1641927

File: 1662613239015.jpeg (27.5 KB, 236x292, E01BD67B-6B29-4AD7-BCE0-8739DF…)

Nodody cares jake, we all know that’s you

No. 1641929

Hi jake

No. 1641931

Agreed Nonna. Seems like someone is a little butthurt.

No. 1641934

Robert , just letting you know I’m banishing you, I could give less of a shit about your constant abuse

No. 1641935

Bro I could literally not care less , my god everyone is so offended

No. 1641936

Maybe drunk and a little butthurt, Nonna.

No. 1641938

Bro I’m literally crying this Is so fukcing funny jake >>1641936

No. 1641939

Why is the TV so far away? Do they use opera glasses?

No. 1641940

Oh did jake make two accounts bro i can’t stop laughing oml

No. 1641941

No idea who you're talking about anon. Your misdirected anger is sad. Seek help or lay off the drugs and booze. Whichever.

No. 1641944

File: 1662614100423.jpeg (157.57 KB, 1169x1161, B868BC66-EBB8-46FD-9117-32AE55…)


No. 1641945

The fact that this Annon is getting so pissed is halarious

No. 1641948

According to the orthographic challenge this anon undergoes it may be Kat, lol

No. 1641953

No body believes your not jake bro

No. 1641955

Nice try tho(newfag)

No. 1641972

Lmfao idk why but this is such a funny observation.

No. 1642019

Unsaged shit with problematic orthography = baby girl showing that she's not completely unverbal

No. 1642161

Whenever this "anon" comes in with these two second photo edits using pics from the old recesses of Jake's Instagram I have to wonder if they're drunk or high or something, no one else finds them funny.

I do have to wonder if it's Jake or Kat or just a sad little snacc: either way please seek help, you come across as deranged and it's tragic to watch

No. 1642216

Guarantee it's just some sad edgy 13 year old who thinks they are cool and "got us angry" for telling their autism is an extra level of retarded. They are too dumb to get that we're not mad, we just think they are pathetic.

No. 1642305

File: 1662653621376.jpeg (29.57 KB, 234x238, 663E2D20-5EE5-46E7-BD6E-DD34BC…)

(mental disability )

No. 1642317

sage your fanart, retard

No. 1642339

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

No. 1642341

For real, warp edits anon, this is a weird autistic obsession.

No. 1642348

I need you to know that these posts aren't landing like you think they are and primarily make you come across as someone off their medication, on substances or old enough to still need mummies packed lunches. It makes you look bad. Do yourself and everyone here a favor by clicking the little x in the upper right hand corner. You can do it champ, I believe that one day you'll be free from cringe

No. 1642431

File: 1662659676691.jpg (122.04 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20220908_185444.jpg)

Wonder if Freya is gonna start her shite like she did when Philip died?

No. 1642483

I hope so kek

No. 1642489

She's in the UK atm, she might try to "accidentally" break into Liz's funeral

No. 1642498

she will attend the royal mile procession in Edinburgh for sure

No. 1642516

File: 1662664046316.png (193.6 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20220908-200800.png)

No. 1642540

File: 1662665278858.jpg (648.57 KB, 1079x1384, Screenshot_20220908-212835_Fac…)

No. 1642738

>One isn't allowed to film more than 2 minutes of this event
Anyone know why this is the case? Not from the uk so I just assume the reason is dumb and traditional

No. 1642937

No, it’s not lol. It’s filmed/broadcast for TV so phone footage creates copyright issues, and they want to keep the experience exclusive for paying attendees.

No. 1643016

Totally random comment(snarky redtext)

No. 1643017

But I wonder, if a narcissist tells So many lies, do they start believing it themselves?(ban-evading retard)

No. 1643178

Apparently later they'll let people go up to the queen's coffin before it's buried if you book (I presume pay an exorbitant amount for, because why not use her to squeeze out a few extra quid even in death) a ticket. If it's true, wouldn't be surprised if IBF gets one.

No. 1643242


It’s tradition for the monarch’s coffin to lie in state to allow members of the public to pay their respects. It will be placed in Westminster abbey in the run up to the funeral. It may be ticketed to control numbers due to covid but I very much doubt there would be a charge.

No. 1643527

Ayrt, and now that I've actually watched her video, this makes more sense. I just assumed it was a tattoo expo or something related to actual tattoos kek. Did not realize it was just a parade-type event

No. 1643596

File: 1662743763744.jpg (701.98 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220909-191107_Twi…)

Some of the shit Black Friday has liked on twitter, I'm surprised she hasn't made some sappy post about it yet herself, I don't get why she's so obsessed with the UK and especially their royalty. It just doesn't make sense to me that a goth would be so into monarchy of all things

No. 1643599

File: 1662743810798.jpg (542.85 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220909-191317_Twi…)

The orphan one, seriously?

No. 1643603

i know rite?? I think she's just obsessed with wanting to be appear British (Scottish especially) so she has to act like she's so into everything and anything related to the UK. it's fucking pathetic really lmao, you're kiwi IBF deal with it

No. 1643670

Poor incest Ed

No. 1643696

These monarchist twits need to get a grip. The woman was 96 years old.

No. 1643852

I thought there was a rivalry between Scotland and England


No. 1643873

It makes a lot of sense that goths would love the monarchy. A lot of the early style goth clothes was based on old royalty clothing.

No. 1643914

File: 1662763853680.jpg (60.2 KB, 432x656, 0a016508257069e9fcb8f36deabb24…)

I'm obsessed with pretty historical dresses too but I don't give a shit about modern "royals". IBF is because she's an angloboo

No. 1643925

There is very much animosity between the Scottish and the English, yes. I doubt IBF understands the nuances of Britain and the relationships therein because it would involve research and understanding of the various regions that make up the kingdom instead of simpering fangirling over old Blighty and the monarchy. She lives in Scotland, I live not that far from her, there were celebratory fireworks in my neighborhood at the news of old Queenie popping her clogs.

No. 1643965

File: 1662766192692.jpg (407.4 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20220910-011152_Twi…)

I'm confused, is he trying to make a joke? Afaik their new house was still in Belfast right?

No. 1644317

He lives in Lisburn just outside of Belfast AFAIK
What is he on about though, there's been absolutely no trouble in Belfast. He's just looking for another excuse to complain about the place.
God he's an insufferable arsehole.

No. 1644321

IBF definitely romanticises Scotland and ‘The Monarchy’. You can tell a mile away that she has a severe case of the wantstobebritish. It’s cringeworthy. Most people I know just find it a bit odd that she’s gone and once the novelty of a new king and queen wears off we’ll go back to ignoring them until the next big royal event. Personally I have no real strong feelings about the monarchy either way, I’d prefer not to have them but I don’t care enough to do much about it. I watch the weddings and the funerals and it’s interesting having a king now, that’s about it. My actual Scottish husband however has no truck with monarchy and would like Scotland to become independent. I suspect Friday would find him very ‘disrespectful’.

No. 1644325


Ooh someone’s about to get all edgelord about the queen isn’t he!

No. 1644411

He's got a real bee in his bonnet about living in/near Belfast and about existing in a world where people might possibly wear a tracksuit, he's still trapped in a 2000's mindset and attitude without realising over 20 years have passed and no one cares about you ranting about chavs anymore.

He's in a position where he could probably quite easily move and improve his quality of life as he sees it but he won't because his brand is being a miserable cunt about anything and everything

No. 1644414

No. 1644425

It vexes him because deep down inside he knows if he never would have met Kaya he would be one of the tracksuit wearing chavs.

No. 1644557

I just finished watching the vlog and I totally see what you mean. She does tend to romanticize Scottland quite a bit and 'wantstobebritish' is so true. But I can't help but feel like her infatuation of Scotland comes from a shallow place. 4-5 years ago she romanticized Germany a lot and how much she belonged thereand now she's doing it with Scotland.

I'm American and I've never outside the country but I wonder if New Zealand is ass bad as she makes it out to be. Like is it just a boring place to place or is it because it doesn't have gothic architect like Scotland, Germany, and other parts of the UK and that is why she doesn't like living where she does.

No. 1644626

This is so accurate

No. 1644627

No. 1644640

"He doesn't think about the people he talks about."


No. 1644662

File: 1662833299335.jpg (164.31 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20220910-200708_You…)

Freya is live… is she forreal!? Not gonna watch it but damn

No. 1644672


People like Friday tend to make Scottish/English/Irish ‘ancestry’ a huge part of their personality. I once knew a lad who had very tenuous Scottish links but used to say things like ‘my kids will be born in Scotland!’ And made liking Runrig a whole personality trait. I don’t get it! I have Scottish family and they couldn’t give a shit about their ‘clan tartan’ or kilts or whatever.


Jesus bloody wept. I cannot roll my eyes hard enough.

No. 1644683

Did that comment really merit a 10 minute video rant? Why is her mohawk shaven so crooked? And why does she poses on her instagram with awful cheap wigs? So many questions.

No. 1644685

That’s pathetic, wtf

No. 1644719

I watched a bit. She says ‘it really reminds you of close loved ones who have passed’


No. 1644720

Now she topped Jake in terms of cringiness

No. 1644792

A burgerfag wrote this, didn't they?

KEK. This is so embarrassing.

No. 1644795

So far I’ve either seen people be super sad or rant about colonialism, either one of those camps. Of COURSE Fake manages to make it about himself and his nasty obsession with “chavs”. Freak.

No. 1644804

Despite Jake uploading daily react videos to try to regain his followers and beat the algorithm, he is at a new low of 454k subs. Lmao.

No. 1644813

Yet most of us here in England don't really care about it past it an influential figure in the country dying, if we'll have a day off, and if the currency's gonna change. She did a whole video about Alan Rickman dying too, then made a fuss about Philip, now this kek. I'd kind of understand a burger wanting to be British, though it wouldn't be less cringe, but why a kiwi

No. 1644819

To think where he’d be if he’d just made “authentic”, wholesome, meaningful/fun content like, I don’t know, his ex who was doing everything wrong in his eyes?

No. 1644845

There are already over 70 comments under this video, all expressing a strong dislike for Jake. He must be so mad about so many highly negativ comments on him and he can't delete any of them neither block the users - lol

No. 1644862

File: 1662850982038.jpg (284.82 KB, 1080x1332, 20220911_020031.jpg)

Dorian says it took her a year to recover from the lolita bullshit

No. 1644865

File: 1662851141874.jpg (267.06 KB, 1080x1323, 20220911_020548.jpg)

That's just some of the photos/text.

No. 1644875

What was the Lolita bullshit? Could you fill me in?

No. 1644879

NTAYRT but she posted a sponsor video with a wig? clothing? store and titled it something about going from goth to lolita, some youtube lolita took offence to her calling her cutesy looking makeover lolita and made a response video to that. stupid stuff.

No. 1644881

Remember when he said he was going to stop making react videos and his content was going to change? lmao

No. 1644882

To blame other people for your ED is some seriously dismissive shit. Mean people exist, Dorian. Nobody is going to spoon feed you. Take accountability for your struggles.

No. 1644886

Here's a cliff notes version anon.

>Dorian makes a video where she tries to dress in the Lolita style

>Dorian doesn't do her research on what Lolita actually looks like. She instead gets a cheap ass looking dress >>1644865 and calls the look "Lolita".
>The video was negatively received by the Lolita community as they took offense to Dorian's poorly done research.
>A Lolita Youtuber named Tyler Willis does a reaction/response video on Dorian's "Lolita" transformation video and makes a whole bunch of snarky but constructively critical comments on it.
>Dorian whines and says she had a panic attack from all the negativity thrown at her from the lolita community. (I think she even said it gave her PTSD or something…)

No. 1644887

Thanks anon!

No. 1644888

Thanks a lot, nonna!

No. 1644889


Here's the video that triggered Dorian's whinging and self-victimization.

I do think that the lolita was being a bit harsh at some points but she was still giving helpful tips on what could've made the outfit look better. And at the end of the day her and all the other lolitas who called her out had a point that Dorian could've easily read up and looked at examples of what the lolita style actually looks like.

No. 1644904

sage for wk but to be fair she doesn't say that video was the problem. What she keeps talking about is the comments on her social media accounts and honestly the reaction WAS extremely melodramatic. The amount of comments freaking the fuck out at her on her social media accts was almost comical and quite cowish in itself.

No. 1644910

KEK we live in the funniest timeline

No. 1644911

We love to see it kek. Idk if this lady is a known cow but she was likeable and handled the video with grace. And she’s absolutely right when she points out that “growing up in the UK is different from rural Canada”. Jake says her mom would’ve known a band from the 80s but my mom sure as hell doesn’t know who Sisters of Mercy are, lol. I can’t watch his videos anymore even for milk, in the clip this person showed he’s the most arrogant doucebag. It’s not funny or relevant or clever or sticking up for anyone, he literally just shits all over alt people for a living.

No. 1644914

God, they are both so annoying. Sure, Tyler made some valid points, but she just comes off as such an obnoxious, unlikable try hard. Dorian came off like a confused mum trying to act cool/sexy on the internet and seems legitimately stupid.

Tbh she seems like a nice and confused elder goth that didn't understand who Jake even is or why he was throwing shade. kek at all the jake haters in the comments tho. My father was into 80s hairmetal and hasn't a clue who sisters of mercy is.

No. 1644941

honestly dorian's dress was trash and she overreacted to the criticism she got but this bitch got overly triggered over a stupid dress. I watched the whole video when it was first made (not gonna watch that shit again) but I remember tyler calling dorian a lot lizard because of her makeup. like, imagine spending thousands of dollars to dress like a fucking child's doll then making fun of someone for having out-there makeup. embarrassment on all sides

dorian has bitched about political correctness (read: people being overly sensitive), feminism and SJWs in the past yet gets traumatized over being called out about fashion and is a huge snowflake about pronouns. she needs to pick a damn side already.

No. 1644974

File: 1662865712110.jpg (192.09 KB, 1080x1327, 20220724_183648.jpg)

Ree Ree has changed a bit and now goes by this name online.
I also saw posts of her selling bags of her old clothes
Are we seeing another (its hard for me to call her cow) individual leaving the goth style aka Sebastian ect.

No. 1645138

Finally some news about her. Where did that Kuznetsov come from, I wonder?
(Sad to see her becoming a normie, if that's the case, btw)

No. 1645146

I mean to be fair, ReeRee wasn't an actual goth because unlike Sebastian, she didn't listen to or have interest in the music from what I recall, she was just some metalhead who though that dressing in goffick clothing brands was what makes someone goth.
That said I do get what you mean, it is quite the change because she looks almost unrecognizable.

No. 1645156

>God, they are both so annoying. Sure, Tyler made some valid points, but she just comes off as such an obnoxious, unlikable try hard. Dorian came off like a confused mum trying to act cool/sexy on the internet and seems legitimately stupid.

Right, as I said some of her comments were a bit unnecessary. I do understand why you feel like she came off very obnoxious and tryhard because I felt the same way too even though I will admit I did get a few chuckles.

>dorian has bitched about political correctness (read: people being overly sensitive), feminism and SJWs in the past yet gets traumatized over being called out about fashion and is a huge snowflake about pronouns. she needs to pick a damn side already.

For real lol. I'd say she needs to get a hobby or something.

No. 1645174

Russian I think. I saw some russian writing in the bottom of one of her pictures.
Also I don't think she's going totally normie. Up till a year ago she still did tattoos. She has a bit of a pinup look going on.

No. 1645189

I know it's Russian. What I mean is if it could be her boyfriend's surname (if she even has one), because I don't remember her ever talking about any Russian ancestry

No. 1645196

Her profile says single.

No. 1645473

It's a very BPD thing to do. Her entire relapse has probably been centered around eventually coming back one day thin enough to blame the lolitas for it and get "revenge".

No. 1645560

File: 1662923154986.png (349.02 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 20-59…)

Munro reposted Bishop posting Munro whining about how he sometimes does not do make-up anymore because he can't be arsed. Jake is also doing a 12h live stream today. He's at 7 hours now and it does seem like he got much donations. That lady alura gave him like 20, and here and there 2£..

No. 1645618

Jake is a sad pathetic Cum bucket

No. 1645638

Glad to see she’s alive i guess?

No. 1645675

File: 1662929712529.jpg (665.8 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220911-215552_Ins…)

I thought jude had stopped the ass kissing because jake isn't single now

No. 1645680

Except it’s not depression, it’s the fact that he never really gave a shit about it. Now it’s not causing a spike in views and attention the narc dopamine hit has worn off. Not makeup related but he looks rough as hell in these clips.

No. 1645725

I swear to god every time I see him he looks more bloated than last time. Alcohol is doing his fat face no favors

No. 1645739

File: 1662933714455.jpg (730.72 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220912-000056_Ins…)

Still the queen of excuses, in another story she says she wanted to make more video's but she made a tiktok where she's spinning around at the end and she made herself throw up

No. 1645742

file that with the rest of the things he said he was going to do & failed to deliver on, or were not as ~great~ as he claimed.

-patreon content; song covers, book readings & whatever else
-lookbooks/fashion hauls
-selling signed prints of his ~looks~
-vlogs; motorcycle riding, getting tattooed, drone stuff, electric skateboard stuff, etc
-music; original, covers, where’s fake the rapper lol

there’s probably more but like a true narc, he puts more effort into running his mouth, being a hypocrite & producing content ppl don’t want for fucking free.

confirming he uses alt fashion for the attention & competing against kaya. like i am so curious what his style was before they got together, as this is the second time during his youtube presence he can’t be asses to dress up cos he firmly believes ppl like his personality & shitty ~voice acting~.

No. 1645767

Watched a bit of Fake’s livestream and some asked how he met Kat. He said we met in 2016 which we know, but he said he definitely didn’t do anything because he was with Kaya but thought “Damn!” And said he had to push his feelings down, then looked at the camera and said but I didn’t do anything. Liar. He looked awkward when the question was asked, you’re not fooling anyone Fake

No. 1645788

File: 1662937880356.jpg (38 KB, 1080x222, 17.jpg)

She's back at it, after claiming to be taking a break from the internet. No Jude, we all know you're chronically online. You're just trying your luck again lmao.

No. 1645796


Lady allura is a tranny using faceapp filter. It's a dude LOL

No. 1645806

This is literally called emotional cheating. I can’t believe that he’s such a sick twat that this is what he thinks passes for cute and romantic. I don’t get why women date guys who admit to this, what’s to say they won’t do the exact same to you?

No. 1645837

I think Tyler Willis’ video about Kelly eden returning a Lolita dress in Japan was hilarious. It’s from years ago and I’m sure posted in the Kelly eden thread.

No. 1645847

he’s trying to make it sound like kat was so irresistibly beautiful that he caught feelings just meeting her once. if that’s all it takes for you to fall in love with another girl because she is “hot” and in front of you, you’re a scumbag who doesn’t care about your commitment to your gf but too cowardly and too much of a dead weight user to break it off.
there was a photo of them after the hex bomb photo shoot with jakes ugly head next to kat’s. I guess they were talking, sitting together instead of him sitting with Kaya. What a piece of shit. it seems strategic he would cheat with someone Kaya was aware of and probably annoyed that he was drooling over on that day, and she is now love of his life as soon as he dumped Kaya.
this isn’t romantic, it’s disgusting. He “Pushed his feelings down” for 4 yrs then suddenly dumped Kaya in winter to be with Kat. do his fans really think he did Kaya a favor stringing her along for 4 yrs? And kat doesn’t think it will happen to her lol this guy just needs to look at another girl to want to stray.

No. 1645987

Sage for rant but sure Dorian is a drama queen and a shut but Tyler is a fucking bitch. Entire personality is snark and bitterness because people dare to not put in hours of research when they want to make a fun video dipping their toes into a subculture. Also why is it always the white lolitas who are the cuntiest? Gatekeeping a Japanese fashion when you arn't even Japanese yourself kek, it's so embarrassing.

No. 1645990

Lol, what Dorian did wasn't "dipping their toes into a subculture" it was a sponsership where she needed to put a label on it that she knew would get her views.
She said it herself in the video that she knew there were rules and decided to disregard them

No. 1646010

Funny thing with TW is that she is still more goth then Fake. Guess where she goes when she wanna go out and having a tea party is not enough? The goth club. If I remember right that girl is heavely in to ebm, and uased to look goth full time back in the day.

No. 1646017

This is true, she is goth under the lolita clothes. I actually like Tyler and her bitchiness.

No. 1646087

Exactly the same thing here.

I'm 30 my dad is a 'Boomer', my dad has very little interest in music even to the extent he doesn't really know a lot of contemporary music artists even stuff from the 80s and 90s because he just doesn't care and it prone to 'anything created after my time sucks'

It's not even imo a UK vs Canada thing tbh it's a 'People aren't necessarily going to recognise what's still a fairly niche band you're not that likely to know unless you have an interest in alternative subcultures'

No. 1646092

Did he really put a title about himself as "looks hot" holy narcissism, batman

No. 1646119

She's always been a fake social media goth so I'm not surprised

Her last upload was two weeks ago, before that it took weeks, okay she took time off to be with family and friends but not anymore and there's still no regular uploads. She doesn't have a job besides Youtube so there's no excuse for not making Youtube content. She streams rarely too.

No. 1646155

Jesus Christ some of you younger people are just dumb. Sisters of Mercy is not some "niche band". They were in the top 10 billboard charts. Temple of love was played on the radio everywhere in Europe. They played at all kinds of music festivals that were not purely "alternative"

I can imagine muricans did not care much for European music but to say Sisters of Mercy is a niche band you don't know unless you know alternative subcultures is just extremely ignorant.

No. 1646164


You sound like an ignorant millennial, my parents, aunts and uncles all grew up in the 80s and none of them know the Sisters of Mercy. We're from the UK.

No. 1646167

File: 1662996457250.png (874.46 KB, 656x1002, Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 16.27…)

No. 1646171

God he’s revolting

No. 1646172

File: 1662996869834.jpg (51.8 KB, 835x636, 4864385765.JPG)


No. 1646174

I was thinking the same thing, also is this cuz people were saying his "face tattoo" wasn't actually a face tattoo?

No. 1646181

Can only trust her to tattoo a cross..

No. 1646184


Well that looks terrible.

No. 1646196

Did they ever listen to the radio? The Mission and the Sisters of Mercy were radio friendly and were on TOTP. Uk anon.

No. 1646224

I rescind my claim on that front I was mistaken.

Basically yeah, my dad has never had any interest in music he just doesn't really listen to anything other than he listens to classical music on the radio.

Was just trying to add more backing to the concept that it's not super unlikely that for whatever reason someone could have a parent that wouldn't have heard of SOM or other bands.

No. 1646239

It looks so bad.

No. 1646240

Europanon here, I second this. If you had just a bit of a broader interest in music in the eighties, you would know them. If you didn't care a tiny bit about music, than of course not.

No. 1646241

(replied to wrong comment)
I rescind my claim on that front then, my mistake.

No. 1646270

I'm GenX you idiot. I was there. Sisters of Mercy was on all radio stations, it was on MTV during the day, it was all over the fucking place.

No. 1646272

It's nice of him to mark the spot when someone finally decides to punch him in the face.

No. 1646288

No. 1646305

Right but Tyler did have a point as bitchy as it came out. I'm not into lolita all that much in terms of wearing it but even I knew the general idea of what makes for a lolita style. You don't have to spend hours researching it, there are plenty of guides (that are mostly on Tumblr) where you can learn about it in as little as 5-10 minutes and it's the fact that she couldn't be assed to do that when she literally just sits on her ass at home all day and has all the time in the world.

Which is why she shouldn't have called it a "lolita" transformation. She could've just called it something like "Kawaii" transformation which is what it falls more inline with. Remember, she kicked up a storm about how annoying it is when normies think that wearing occult symbols and claiming it to be goths for it so you'd think she'd have the foresight to understand how people in other subcultures would feel when it comes to bastardizing things in their scenes.

>TW is more goth then fake.

I wouldn't necessarily say that tbh. Tyler seemed like one of those girls that thought that listening to Industrial music is a goth thing which it isn't. I will say though that I think she's better than Jake because when it comes to her scene, she actually does have care and interest in things in what the scene is about. It doesn't come off as fake. Also vidrel but I loved her Industrial dance video lol.

No. 1646315

File: 1663005702042.png (1018.44 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20220912-190142.png)

Sky news today

No. 1646332


Well that was fast.

No. 1646346

Wait - she's pregnant again?

No. 1646348

Exactly this.
Sure, the Lolita community was rightfully upset with her for misinterpreting, objectifying and insulting everything "the subculture" stands for by dumbing it down to a mere fetish. But an equal amount on non-Lolita folk weren’t giving her a pass either, and purely because of her raging hypocrisy.

Prior to that video, she was an avid "gatekeeper of [goth] fashion" (using your own terminology >>1645987 anon), and went on endless rants about how dare certain brands and individuals slap on the labels "goth" or "witchcraft" or "pagan" etc on random things purely for the purpose of monetary gain, or exposure, without even looking into the basics of what goth / other is truly about. Said that she finds it personally insulting.
And what did she do here with the Lolita video / youvimi sponsorship? Exactly that, what she’s dragged others for.

The predominant issue here were the double-standard. Not the nitpicking on the accuracy of the look. But of course Dorian conveniently twisted it all appear as if all the constructive criticism was non-existent, and that a bunch of "mean" Lolita "bullies" were supposedly mass-sending her death threats, were out to get her, chased her off of the internet, made her suicidal, made her relapse with the ed (which btw she was admittedly "fine with" at the time as she "wanted to lose weight anyway") and what else not, and all because of a stupid dress. No.
And she just keeps bringing and bringing it up, and milking this delusion further.

No. 1646349

"frayja" lmfao. also nice of them to announce that she's pregnant before she does

No. 1646364

Holy shit she's pregnant again? I was not expecting that. And wow, I never thought we'd be seeing her go out in public not done up in her signature makeup style. It's nice that she got over her fear of being seen without being done up in public.

No. 1646369

100% Very well said. She's just a hypocrite and she couldn't handle having other people, in this case the lolita community giving her a taste of her own medicine. And it's pathetic how she's trying to twist the narrative.

The whole lolita mishap makes me wish that Rose Nocturnalia was still on YouTube because she was someone who is actually into both Goth and Lolita and it would've been interesting to hear her thoughts on the situation.

No. 1646372

I was thinking the same. Multiple award winning tattoo artist and all… "Best service ever"… just a mere crooked x, not even a Shrek castle.

No. 1646380


She looks pretty far gone here. A good 20 weeks or so.

That baby being born in Scotland is going to turbo charge her faux Scottishness. You’re from New Zealand love, deal with it.

No. 1646383

I wasn’t expecting them to have more children honestly. I hope they had genetic counseling and all goes well

No. 1646513

File: 1663015477192.jpg (550.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-09-12-22-45-05…)

Oh for fucks sake

No. 1646531

File: 1663016436418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 486.88 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20220912_225208_com…)

What's this strange filter for? Makes his skin looking even worse. I'm not a fan of face tattoos anyway tbh, but this is just plain stupid.If he is so stoked about a cross on his face, why the scribbled design? Also a bit to big, would have gone with the size it had in his make ups

No. 1646532

Eugh. If there's one thing I can't stand it's when people like her pretend like they care so much about a public figure when they haven't shown a history of the person being on their radar.

I know that social media is just that and that people don't share everything about their lives and interests online but I just feel like Freya's "grief" is so fucking shallow. We've never heard her talk about Queen Elizabeth in the past.

No. 1646539

File: 1663017857032.jpeg (371.82 KB, 1125x2019, 112344AB-A087-45E6-9CB1-E675DD…)

And had a mojito right after viewing and ‘crying’

No. 1646540

serious question, is the average british person this broken up about queen elizabeth dying?

No. 1646546


No. Only old people and flag-shagging nationalists are very upset. People mostly feel weird about it because of how long she's been around. It's reminding some people of when they've lost family. But the only people performing like IBF are morons.

No. 1646550

Wait, she's having a mojito while pregnant? Wtf

No. 1646556

It’s probably virgin. Hopefully.

No. 1646658


I live in Edinburgh and it's bonkers here. Walked home past St Giles Cathedral around midnight and there's still a queue of people winding all the way through town and round a (sizeable) local park area. I'm surprised because as a general rule Scottish people are not royalists.

I do have a lot of kiwi relatives though and they are all super obsessed with Britishness and are losing their minds about this so maybe it's a NZ thing. A lot of Scottish people emigrated there.

No. 1646698

What’s the bet she’s not pregnant and the news fucked up?

She’s stated many times that everyone asks when’s she due because of her odd shaped stomach. Now that it’s in a paper, she’s either going to say nothing or announce it soon, but I bet you she’s not pregnant

No. 1646731

Idk, she’s cradling it like a baby bump and not just a belly. She’s also been sick for a bit so she might just be expecting #2.

No. 1646774

File: 1663035854282.png (1.76 MB, 1024x1024, izzy_hands_by_selenroseblack_d…)

American parents more often than not will not know who they are, I can almost guarantee that. The girl Jake was shading was American and from a small town too.

nice gay pirate tattoo jake. Feels appropriate he got the same one as the short, angry and arrogant asshole pirate at least. kek

Embarrassing tbh.

No. 1646783

Lmao it looks like an ouchie! glad mummy is around to give her awful ink on him some kissies.

No. 1646786

oh this is delightful & not something he will regret next week kek. copykat can do a basic doodle, so accomplished. can’t wait for the ‘laser removal of tat done by ex’ vlog.

No. 1646836

They quote her directly saying that she's pregnant, so that would be a pretty big error on their part- not only assuming, but also misquoting.

No. 1646858

For royalists and older generations they are devastated. Everyone else its a mixed bag regardless if you care or not. She was in power for a long time. Many peoples parents only remember her being queen. So its a huge change. especially since the government for a long time has been turbulent and awful. unless your rich. She was the one consistent "good" thing. although if you lived in the commonwealth she wasnt good at all. She did aslo use taxpayers money to protect her pedophile son. plus no one wants to see charles as king. He is very unliked. especially after what happened to diana. I think more people care about him becoming king than Elizabeth dying. I also doubt anyone is happy about all the things being cancelled due to the fact the uk is in forced "morning". most people are focused on eating and being warm this winter.

No. 1646875


It’s a novelty for want of a better word to a lot of the people I know. This hasn’t happened in most of our lifetimes, all we’ve ever known was the queen, so a new King and Queen is mildly interesting. Fatigue with it all is starting to set in now though, it’s the only thing on a lot of the channels, every major news outlet has done nothing but witter on about it since Thursday and it’s likely to carry on that way till next Tuesday after the funeral. Then there’ll be the coronation and likely the investiture of the new Prince of wales. Annoying as fuck if you think that hereditary monarchy is not such a good thing.

No. 1646887

What are her socials nowadays? Cannot find her anywhere. Missed her!

No. 1646900

Isn't it just a b&w filter? The one jake uses in his own picture smoothes him out to the point where he looks like he's made of wax, this is probably what his skin actually looks like.

No. 1646905

It's so ugly oh my god my sides.

No. 1646919

Ewwwe look at all the black heads on his nose blegh!!he already edited the crap out of this photo,why not edit the nasty stubble and black heads yuck(sage)

No. 1646936

IBF is always more cringe than I remembered her from her last antics. To me it seems she's mostly obsessed with this shit for aesthetic reasons which is proven by this >>1646539
. Now she can wear all her victorian mourning clothes to these "events" and be in the spotlight. Her coming there in that costume is almost as disrespectful as the time she wanted to visit the Père-Lachais graveyard in a full eccentric goth robe for which she got denied access. By the way that was hilarious.

Also kek at the newspaper exposing her pregnancy

No. 1646946

File: 1663063336544.png (439.91 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 11-55…)

"Magic". No love that happens when you lose an emotional vampire that continuously sucked all the life out of you for 12 years.

No. 1646977

Interesting. But now I'm laughing at the thought of Freya attaching to the new monarch the nation will be getting and being dramatic about how revolutionary it's gonna be lol.

No. 1646979

>Her excuse to wear all her victorian mourning clothes to these events to get media attention

LOL I didn't even think about this. You're so right anon that how much you wanna be that she's doing all this for aesthetic purposes and a way to show off her all black Victorian ensemble that will undoubtedly get some media attention since she's gonna stand out like a sore thumb compared to the average civilian that will be attending these events. Knowing how much of an attention whore she is, this is more than likely the truth as much as you'd want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1646980

*You're so right anon, how much you wanna bet that she's doing all this

No. 1646990

>undoubtedly get some media attention since she's gonna stand out like a sore thumb compared to the average civilian that will be attending these events

Hundreds of thousands of people were in the queue. She would've blended into the mass. The press seem to want photos showing people of all creeds, colours, classes, etc. She's just a dodgy pregnant woman who looks like she's taking the piss.

No. 1647017

File: 1663074746978.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4588.PNG)

Looks like Mara is getting her ~*eternal friendship~* tattoo lasered off. I always wondered why she still has it considering her and Mai 'broke up' about 5 years ago, still wondering what actually happened. Too bad they all refuse to talk about it.

No. 1647025

From what i remember, the "eternal friendship tattoo" was the rune she had on her wrist, which was covered ages ago. those rings were supposed to be arrows, mai got one and mara decided to keep them like that. funnily enough, mai still has both the rune and the arrow.

and the breakup story, from what i can piece out from other threads and such involves Annika mostly. it was a mixed cat bag of bad business decisions, "you stole my style", "you stole my bbf" and mai being a bitch, because of course she is. that type of petty stuff. at least mara found a job tattooing, but she seriously needs to stop being so terminally online.

No. 1647076

File: 1663081326880.jpg (957.47 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220912-131831_Ins…)

>I don't really do makeup anymore because the clown is inside me

Yeah and if this is what it looks like it better stay inside girl

No. 1647080

Says a lot that she doesn't just want to see the coffin she wants us to see that she's going to see it, and to tell her she's the most Scottish new zealander who ever lived… even though many Scots don't care for the queen or for being part of the uk

No. 1647108


Damn she got fat

No. 1647125

Anon I'm positive she was being sarcastic. She absolutely knows it was Jake.

No. 1647198

Jake's live and he just talked about his tattoo
>someone in the chat says his face tattoo looks infected
Jake said three times that it doesn't look infected kek. He's so easily triggered.
He also rambled about people stealing tattoo ideas and that it's a shame to share a planet with that type of people while his girlfriend is literally tracing coloring book pages as a tattoo artist. He must be aware of that right? There's no way he doesn't lurk here at least sometimes

No. 1647213

It would be hilarious if she was pretending to be pregnant to gain special treatment and be ushered to the front of the line. Seems extreme but I wouldn’t put it past Freya.

No. 1647251

Fucking kek, that would be hilarious and yeah, a part of me feels like she would pull a stunt like that but I still want to give the benefit of the doubt because I'm sure that even she would know how messed up that would be.

No. 1647262

I saw that too, that was funny. And the tattoo indeed looks infected, lol.

No. 1647293

I actually got second hand embarrassment from this. No idea why she would post this. I knew she loves cosplaying Britbongs/Scots (or Europeans in general) but I didn't know she'd lick the monarchy's boots to this extent. Reminds me a lot of her "Reacting to Alan Rickman's death" video back in '16 when he passed. Horrible cringe.
Saged because no one cares.

No. 1647343

Has she gone too deep with the needle or overworked the skin?

No. 1647536

Facebook that I know of

No. 1647586

Honestly, can't imagine anyone finding much redeeming about Charles or Camilla. I can see her fawning over William and Catherine once it's their turn though.

>says it's shameful to steal tattoo ideas
>gf literally can't do anything but trace other people's stolen artwork

No. 1647687

probably both lol. face skin is more delicate & it takes certain knowledge & skill to do a nice tattoo there. his looks very irritated much like he is cos everything he tries is meh to anyone with a brain.

No. 1647709

I would totally expect IBF, and a lot of other women, to look that "pregnant" less than a year after delivery, especially one with IBF's body shape, sedentary lifestyle and difficult childbirth experience. My money is on her saying she was pregnant to get through the crowds more easily…

No. 1647768

File: 1663154497000.png (359.26 KB, 475x454, Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 22-21…)

it totally does look infected

No. 1647771

It looks so, so aggravated- almost as if the skin on your face is different to the skin on your arms/legs but I doubt your unqualified art theft tracer girlfriend knows this

No. 1647794


That looks SORE. I’d feel sorry for him but he’s a knob.

No. 1647835

God, they’re all bad enough on their own, but the combination of that giant face tattoo/Toytown/fleshlight chest piece looks collectively SO bad.

No. 1647960


If they were really really goth enough:
*THE Sisters of Mercy

(thanks, from an old semi-goth with a past TSOM obsession.)

No. 1648040

I think you might be right anon. When you think about the kind of lifestyle that IBF lives which is VERY sedentary and inactive, she more than likely will not be losing the baby weight she put on. Usually with a woman who gives birth, she may still look a little bloated for a few weeks to a couple months depending on her genetics but usually if the mom is fairly active, especially if she has a job where she has to walk around a bit, she'll lose the baby weight. I don't think that will happen with Freya because of her lifestyle, she doesn't exercise and the only time she does any kind of cardio is when she's going to events.

I was watching some of her old videos from 2016 and even back then she did have a peculiar body shape where she seemed to gather most of the weight in her stomach while she still retained having thinner arms and legs.

No. 1648127

>>1647768 yikes, that looks like the infection is tracking. Would be a real shame if Jake got sepsis from Kat's bad tattooing and died wouldn't it.

No. 1648148

I'm curious how long it will take till he shows his face again …

No. 1648152

I know even quite active women who have never regained pre baby bodies, to be fair, and it is very normal for it to take the best part of a year to get back to not looking pregnant at all.

No. 1648197

Did anyone else catch his story on insta the other day saying he wasn't a poser and if someone hates him, they're weak..
I think its from a video or a stream, unsure which one

No. 1648226

Right and that's fair and true. Post pregnancy can be different for every woman. What I mean though is that I don't think IBF will likely lose much because she gives off said sedentary lifestyle with minimal movement at best and as we know, losing weight is half exercise and half health(ier) eating and unless Freya joins a gym or starts taking more walks from time to time while modifying her diet, she'll more than likely stay the same. Maybe as her daughter gets older, Freya will try to get more into healthier eating if all else to insure that her daughter gets decent nutrition.

No. 1648543

I saw this. It was so pathetic.

No. 1648730

"my cheek is rotting off" saga when

No. 1648896

Wow that looks pretty bad. The idea of him denying how bad it looks on stream is hilarious, it looks painful.

No. 1649072

File: 1663275095334.jpg (957.65 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20220915-135138_Ins…)

Yes everyone knows that alcohol is your main personality trait, Skat.

No. 1649193

Even if it's not infected it's going to scar like a motherfucker. £10 says he eventually tries to cover it up with something even worse.
It's just so wrong for his face, she's got no talent for appropriate sizing/placement/boldness. I guess that's fine if you're just copying pokemon drawings but this is really hideous.

No. 1649645

File: 1663329514923.jpg (126.52 KB, 586x360, fake.jpg)

Hasn't Fake said many, many times, that he's not a fan of halloween, and prefers Christmas instead? Kaya was always the one who loved halloween.

No. 1649665

File: 1663331686252.png (167.63 KB, 1170x578, Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 13.35…)

No. 1649666

File: 1663331716860.png (62.68 KB, 1182x190, Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 13.34…)

No. 1649668

DEVALUES HORROR?! Fucking hell, not everything has to be Ivy League culture studies, you pretentious shitbag. How dare people have casual fun just because you’ve never enjoyed anything in your life.

No. 1649669

Awful to realise now they split and Kaya took all the goth in the divorce (her apperance, decor, music taste, movie taste all remains highly gothic, meanwhile Jake is looking normie, listening to the carpenters and watching vicar of dibley in a boring trashed house) that these things were posted purely to neg her and remind her how disinterested he is in everything she likes.

No. 1649670

You put this into words really well. I’ve actually always loved when people do tiny cross tattoos/eyeliner, it suits some people. But this one is so disproprotionate and looks like a mistake.

No. 1649672

Jake Munro really is the world's most blatantly pretentious hypocrites.

No. 1649675

Source for vicar of dibley, thought it was a bit petty to point out how normie this is compared to what Kaya shows herself watching in her stories (gothic/cult/horror), but since he's pretending to love halloween now. The set and characters here really looks like Vicar of Dibley, character on far left seems unmistakably Dawn French and the room/studio layout is the same, for non UK people it's a sorta average vicar comedy from the 90s. The cult choice will always be the superior Father Ted.

No. 1649737

agree, i'll give it a year at most. it'll be hilarious because that cross is just so big and black, he'll have to cover it up with something enormous and dark lol

based takes on lolcow dot farm

No. 1649919

Tinfoil, but I think Fake and Skat might be doing a family group costume for Halloween, since he’s trying really hard now to look like “a family man”. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a generic group costume like Skat being Sally, Fake being Jack Skellington, and the kid as Zero.

Or Skat and Fake are just going to dump the kid with his biological dad, while they get wasted. Would be better for the kid anyways not having to be around Fake.

No. 1650004

>Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a generic group costume like Skat being Sally, Fake being Jack Skellington, and the kid as Zero.

That or some cringe Disney themed costume. As soon as I see Jake in a Disney costume, the man will be fully far gone.

No. 1650005

It'll be Morticia, Gomez and the kid as pugsley I'd wager if they are going for a family channel vibe

If not I reckon he'll be Eddie from stranger things so he can pose with one of his guitars in a hellfire club t shirt and bad wig. It'll be because he thinks it's what will drive likes/engagement

No. 1650009

He loves Halloween now, kinda like he hates Harry Potter now. It's like he changes his personality according to whatever he think will bother Kaya. KEK.

No. 1650018

Kaya went through a Harry Potter phase, wonder if that has anything to do with it

No. 1650096

>Took all the goth in their divorce
I'm glad that Kaya left the lovestump but claiming she too the "goth"? Nah, the bother were fat posers and that still hasn't changed on both sides. The only thing Kaya took was her dignity back.

No. 1650097

*but claiming she took the "goth'?
*They both were fat posers

No. 1650729

File: 1663610917933.jpeg (225.23 KB, 1170x734, 13359175-7C96-4A05-8839-A669C2…)

Friday is over egging the pudding now. You like the royals… jeez.

No. 1650741

Wtf is this shit? This is pathetic coming from someone in their 30s

No. 1650755

Tasty, tasty boots eh Freyja?

No. 1650883

What is her personal connection to the queen that it hit her that hard apparently??

No. 1651066

This is some absolutely brain dead serfdom at play here, no one's grandma is like the queen, no one's nan is having a funeral like this, she wasn't your Grammy, IBF, she was literally the most privileged woman in the world and if she were alive she absolutely wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, the absolutely pathetic bubbling public displays of mourning are so cringe worthy even just coming from the actually British, nevermind a Tesco value one

No. 1651131

Your usual Brit gets half an hour at the crem service and goes on to a finger food wake.
This woman's favourite child is a paedo, she couldn't be arsed about with Di's death, Ol' Jug Ears was fucking Camilla all through his marriage to Di and MaMaa wasn't arsed about that either. Probably knew Di was snuffed.

IBF, #twat

No. 1651158

It always amuses me to no end that Kaya is more active in the live music scene in their area than Jake is.

She takes in live music regularly, posts when she's watching live bands, goes to festivals etc but Jake seemingly has exactly 0 interest in seeing live music or being part of the live music scene/community and that's honestly such a red flag for someone who is supposed to be a musician, he really does think his online clout will be enough, it isn't

No. 1651196

Jake is a delicate little narcissist. His ego can not take it when anyone is more talented than him at music, which is basically everyone.

No. 1651516

File: 1663649101790.jpg (446.37 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220920-054404_Ins…)

Meanwhile dear Judith thinks she's special for not mourning kek

No. 1651702

File: 1663676185091.jpeg (984.55 KB, 1170x2197, 8B76D9BD-9EA7-4123-A1FB-B0156E…)

Her likes are full of boot licking fawning as well.

No. 1651897

File: 1663693639336.gif (864.58 KB, 480x270, Mean Girls She Doesnt Even Go …)

>"She Doesn't Even Go Here!"
I wish there was a quote that was similar to this to describe how ridiculous she's being but I can't think of one lol Either way good grief. We have never heard Friday yammer on and on about the queen when she was living. She has been on YouTube for like close to a decade and not once had she talked about how much she loved the queen. The fuck is she doing here, does she not see how pathetically foolish she looks with these theatrics?

For fucking real. She's just coming off like she's trying to play a character of some Victorian woman who's in le grief, it's fucking pathetic her spilling her guts over a woman who didn't even know who she was/is and again, a woman who she barely ever spoke about. Does she have no shame?

Here I was thinking that IBF was improving since having her daughter and avoiding controversies like her past wedding scam that she used to travel and move to Germany but yet here we are. Obviously what she's doing here isn't as bad as that but still, it's so pitiful to see.

No. 1653211

File: 1663770993452.jpg (217.22 KB, 720x1153, Ugly.jpg)

Fake got another bad tattoo. He seems intent to cram as much ugly shit as he can onto just this one side of his head/face.

No. 1653224

The placement and design look so stupid, but it just had to be on this side of his face as it’s the one facing the camera lmao

No. 1653232

It's obvious he's using these tats as an optical illusion to make his face look smaller and more angular.
Does anyone know what he eats? because it's rare to see a man as vain as Jake who still retains such a stumpy, chubby body and tries to conceal it with tats.

No. 1653258

Kek now that you've pointed it out it really looks like he's trying to cut himself a jawline, the way he used to do by smearing black paint on his neck. Sorry fake it barely works in photos it'll look shit irl. Funny how he went from a fitness god phase to accepting he looks like a thumb and trying to change it through optical illusion.

No. 1653274

It's so goddamn close to his terrible Disney skyline tattoo and oddly squint even then, it's going to be so grim when he and Kat inevitably split up and he has permanent reminders of her work on his fucking face, they've barely even been together for a year

No. 1653276

File: 1663775126019.jpg (71.92 KB, 720x604, jakeugly.jpg)


He has gotten it to cover up the mistake that was started, circled in red is now missing

No. 1653314

File: 1663777767600.jpeg (287.47 KB, 1426x1173, 28A1DF16-F475-4CAE-BB69-511AE8…)

It has literally just dawned on me what jakes dumpy potato head reminds me of…

No. 1653432

Indeed looks like that's exactly what's going on. But like, how? You see >>1653276 it was as dark as the rest, but then in the new tattoo pic, there's none of it around the "rune". The skin of the area also looks peely, weird… Did he had it lasered off? Color me confused

Definitely! But he's so dumb he didn't even do it correctly. There's a hole between his "rune" and around his ear that should be black/grey/this sludge color for the jaw thing even make sense. I think that he only goes to shitty tattoo artists so every one of them chose crappy placements, he couldn't correct them to clarify "what i need is an artificial jaw line, mr/mrs tattooartist" because he wouldn't admit it, so the effect just keeps failing and he keeps adding to it to try and fix the optical illusion… Dude, next time just mark it yourself to show the tattoo artist, draw the fucking line with an eyeliner and get it tattooed in a solid black, done. Admit what you're doing and get over with your life ffs. He'll be looking like Teddy Boy Greg in 3,2,1

No. 1653520

Why the stupid face though he has so much other places to fill it looks so awkward now the head so busy and the rest empty

No. 1653526

Oh my god you're right, it absolutely looks like he got the house lazered off and replaced with this mangled mess, what's the healing time for a lazered area? It looks absolutely grim

No. 1653629

Thats a pic from the stencil, not the actual finished tattoo.

No. 1653640

File: 1663797691284.jpg (147.08 KB, 1080x374, Rr_Twitter.jpg)

What's his obsession with kids? He calls his fan base kids, he calls his haters kids, his middle-aged mother of a girlfriend is a "little baby girl" to him and he speaks to her like she's actually a child. He's obsessed with youth appearances and youth culture. First he wants to hit kids, and now he wants to have kids. Glaring red fucking flags.

No. 1653705

What a reach. He clearly used "kids" as in "guys"

No. 1653710

Lol, what about everything else? Open your eyes, Jake stan.

No. 1653727

Samefag but using "kids" and "guys" doesn't have the same tone at all. He calls people "kids" in a condescending power dynamic sort of way. "Guys" does not have that tone at all. Unless you say it to a group of troons.

No. 1653801

Exactly this, he does it to be a condescending dickhead, regardless of who he's talking to he is making clear that he considers himself the adult which is always hilarious to me considering he has the mental maturity of a horny 13 yo stuck in the early 2000's.

No. 1653995

yup, ppl can do what they want but it’s very obvious & also makes every mistake more visible lol.

didn’t want to get red but a bunch of scratched in blackwork is ok, the fucking logic.

No. 1654045

Maybe he will tattoo his entire face w random things all really close together in all black ink and we won’t have to see how ugly it is anymore. do it, Kat, if you are reading. make him a freak like guys who go to prison and tattoo their whole faces. that’s so tough looking. how bout a black out tattoo, that looks really cool, talk him into it. everyone will be super jealous of you both! blackout tattoo faces for all

No. 1654107

3 face (or head I guess, the cinderella castle are close enough to face to count imo) tattoos under a year, or even 6 months? I can't keep up.
He has so much empty space in his torso and legs, but ofc he needs his tattoos to be visible at all times.

No. 1654367

Tried to watch fake's latest video- not 3 minutes in and heard him say how much he enjoys no make up videos lately and no one said something different than how beautiful he is … uhm, yes … milky enough to sage not, lol

No. 1654523

File: 1663870630573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.54 KB, 1124x1816, 31912997-8298-41B4-A530-634139…)

Not really milk so sage but family ? Didn’t he hate kids just recently?

No. 1654554

Sooo by her recent stories Kaya went in a Waldorf school and now tries to attentiongrab that she schooled by a cult.
Welllll… :D

/Btw Waldorf schools are very annoying but they are great for problematic children, who cannot fit into a "normal" one/(emote)

No. 1654577

Can you stop spoiler normal pictures it's fucking annoying. We know Jake's face is dumb. FFS

No. 1654581

File: 1663874163869.png (358.03 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 21-11…)

If you are going to comment milk post the fucking source. But from what she's just showed i would say it counts as a fucking cult.

No. 1654582

File: 1663874203152.png (423.59 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 21-11…)

cult 2/3

No. 1654585

File: 1663874321485.png (286.99 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 21-12…)

cult 3/3

No. 1654589

File: 1663874459134.png (902.86 KB, 1298x814, Schermopname (1120).png)

New video, and before even being 2 minutes in she talks about how Jake (not named) yelled at her when she did something wrong/dropped something. What a great stepdad!

No. 1654597

I wasn't sure about the side of the head tatts at first but they look way cuter in motion, especially with the earrings

No. 1654609

Thanks for spoilering, his face gives me nausea at this point

No. 1654623

Since they have a cult like philosophy from 100 years ago, they have absolutely NO understanding for fact based psychology, medicine, neurology etc. Worst place for neurodivergent children ever and a big misunderstanding of anthroposophy as a good background for "problematic" children.

No. 1654655

exactly, and also definitely a cult. It doesn't have to have mass killings or suicides for it to be a cult, there's a lot of small cults around, most are just like this one, small communities with weird mystical views

No. 1654698

I reckon she’s up the duff. All these “family” posts on both their IG’s.

No. 1654776


I think so too. If they arent posting drunk vids on their trip to Spain, we'll know whats up.

No. 1654779

File: 1663884958927.png (156.58 KB, 1140x562, Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 23.15…)

She's also following some bridal instas….

No. 1654843

Jake confirmed that Isaac and Skat are moving in. Shame on you, Dean, for letting him take control of your own family like that instead of making his own.

No. 1654848

Go watch it, it’s so sad. She’s not just talking about living with someone who happens to be tired or a bit irritable, it’s absolutely an abuse situation. “Now I can just drop things and it’s like ‘oh well!’”…yeah, like it should be?!

Terrifying. I don’t feel like it’s healthy for someone who’s relatively young to jump from one super long term serious relationship to another without doing some serious work or at least dating - feels like he’s trying to trap her. And I’m assuming if she’s a half decent mom that she wouldn’t get her kid attached to a guy if she didn’t think they were going the whole nine yards.

No. 1654888

File: 1663892571950.jpeg (270.4 KB, 1125x1985, F68A52CD-C398-4A5C-8878-A7EC1C…)

We been knew

No. 1654966

yeah, he didn’t believe in marriage either while he was in a 12 yr relationship with Kaya. talk is cheap, side chick is not your “family” until you take vows and get that “piece of paper.” and until then the kid is her her and her ex husband’s “family,” not Jake’s.
I’d deck someone who cheated with my ex spouse if they ever called my kid their “family” and they aren’t even married. he needs to stop acting like this is so amicable, wholesome, with serious intentions. they make onlyfan porn together for fucks sake.

No. 1654978

File: 1663900426360.png (1.48 MB, 1317x682, headtattoos.png)

Ngl, it's funny to me how he's progressively looking worse and getting multiple god awful tattoos scrawled all over the side of his face meanwhile Kaya looks so much better than when she was still with him. Makes me wonder if their relationship will effect Kat's appearance in due time too.

kek at her moving in as soon as the divorce is final and seemingly moving on to plan a wedding after? This surely won't end badly. Hope she's not pregnant already.

I'm not sure I understand how Dean is supposed to stop this? If she has legal custody, even just partial custody, his hands are completely tied unless Jake does something overwhelmingly stupid.

No. 1654986

because it worked out so great the first time. skat is a dumb ass. poor Isaac, he will probably be a built in baby sitter while they get drunk and pretend they’re this power porn couple online. I really wish his father had sole custody, Jake is a scumbag who will model the worst behavior to this child. and statistically step fathers abuse and neglect children they did not sire. the red flags are there that he’s unfit. I guess the fleeting feel good sensation of being objectified, infantilized, and used by Jake to show they didn’t make a mistake, bc they’re gonna be “a family” override her thoughts or concerns about her kids wellbeing.

No. 1654998

We been knew? Go back to school.

I don’t know why she’s getting pregnant again when her body can’t handle it and there’s clearly some genetic issues going on.

No. 1655034

all these idiots getting pregnant or wanting “families” like the world isn’t already ending and they’re not going to leave their child in an uninhabitable planet. they should be charged with child endangerment by this point.
I know it’s not an exactly rational choice to procreate, but these bitches (Friday and skat) have a kid already, still in the cute ages, and humankind doesnt have the luxury of being so stupid anymore. they might pass on their youtube/patreon/only fans earnings (Lol) and acquired properties (are our cows even good with money and investments?) but that can’t be eaten. what are their progeny going to subsist on, bacterial paste? thanks for giving me life, edgy mums and dads…

No. 1655051

lol calm down, childfree-chan

No. 1655169


She says in the video that she’s had an amnio and that it’s come back fine. Severines condition is likely a spontaneous deletion and therefore unlikely to happen again.

I could have socked her in the gob when she gloated about how fast it happened after starting trying. That’s not an achievement, that’s called luck and it’s a smack in the face to anyone watching who’s struggled having a kid at all, never mind two.

I question the wisdom of having a second when you aren’t settled somewhere. She says she’s going back to New Zealand, I’m guessing it’s not soon as she won’t be able to fly at all in a few weeks. She’s going in be insufferable if the kid is born in Scotland. Wouldn’t put it past her to try and use it as some right to remain bullshit. Good luck with that Frijj.

No. 1655212

The amniocentesis doesn’t show everything and most times you only get to choose one of the forms of tests and not both (personal experience). She’s mid 30s or late 30s, crap diet and now has a child with pretty bad health issues. More consideration and research should’ve been done as she’s the most unsettled person to be having kids.

And she will. She will have the child in Scotland so she can add more to her “wee” points and have an excuse to go back. We all know she won’t stay in NZ

No. 1655227

Ok? Sorry I used slang?

No. 1655246

If this is considered slang, fuck me dead.

No. 1655259

tf?!? It’s weird you’re so worked up over a slang term but ok.

No. 1655261

File: 1663924142096.png (54.21 KB, 1462x966, weregoindowndown.png