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File: 1661892503592.png (566.62 KB, 900x530, joshvslucas.png)

No. 1631130

The last thread moved at record pace due to ongoing drama:
> Keffals, crazy pedophile troon who likes to cancel people on Twitter, dares KF to find dirt on him
> Receipts on him being a groomer immediately dropped
> Keffals may or may not have been SWATted, got a visit from the police, tried to blame KF
> Meanwhile people in the Ethan Ralph sphere are getting SWATted for months, then Marjorie Taylor Greene (US congresswoman, very fringe right-winger) gets SWATted as a false flag to blame KF
> KF down for a few days because of the cancel politics and ongoing DDoS causing difficulties with network infrastructure
> KF comes back, trannies seething
> Keffals flees to Ireland to avoid doxing, gets doxed immediately because he can't help oversharing: this is his life now
> Josh creates new "Gender Critical" board, LARPs as radfem, many nonnies unimpressed, last thread turns to Josh simps vs. anti-Josh sperging
Otherwise KF probably needs little introduction: it is a sprawling drama forum that grew out of a small board following Chris-chan. It has a sizeable minority of females in the userbase many of whom only stick to the "girl boards." Josh has tried to take over LCF on multiple occasions and many in the last thread saw his latest actions name-dropping us and making the new GC board as manifestations of that.

Prior threads:

KF thread on lolcow (see how Josh and others there view this site)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:

No. 1631136

>He never finishes any of his projects either. The only progress he made on Sneedforo is the chatroom.
And besides the name (Sneedforo/Sneedchat) being absolutely retarded, the chatroom is absolute trash. Particularly if you have a less-than-ideal internet connection or when KF is having problems. He developed it (ab)using websockets in a totally unnecessary way making it more complicated and less reliable than it could be. He's writing it all in Rust, just to be contrarian and to piss off the trannies who inhabit the Rust community. Josh is also so unpredictable that people are afraid to point out to him that his project is trash because he might have a moment and ban them, which is very typical of how things go with him in his userbase: his simps won't admit anything bad about him and any criticism is silenced. Meanwhile his forum (Rust is a stupid language to write a forum in) is going nowhere and I shudder to think what his questionable codebase might act like under the strain of 8-10k simultaneous users as he gets from time to time. Also he only is writing it because he got cancelled off xenForo, lol. Basically it's all a flex and a dumb one at that.

No. 1631144

Great threadpic, finally Joshie boy has an accurate body

No. 1631170

In what world is Joshua a femme?

No. 1631210

File: 1661899820108.jpg (80.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You look at his dainty, softboi face and tell me he doesn't look like an adult who body stop growing at 12

I would make a joke about Keffals being more masculine but he's more masc than most men kek

No. 1631212

File: 1661899871476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.83 KB, 387x586, IMG_7081.jpg)

Tell me you wouldn't let this guy cum in you.(scrote)

No. 1631217

The chat is one of the worst things he added to the site. Real time Kiwi discussion not only bred a new genre of spergs separate from the ones that have 10000 forum posts, but you get instant Null bitching whenever he wakes up and watch as the asskissers crawl out of the woodwork like termites.

He's also admitted whatever part of the backend that keeps track of all the dumb stickers on every post is such a poorly coded, bloated nightmare that any time he tries to access it the whole thing crashes.

No. 1631219

Him finally growing facial hair and it's the stereotypical wiry pubebeard every nerd has because nobody teaches men proper grooming techniques.

No. 1631225

This is honestly the worst picture of him, all his selfies are bad but this one has got to be the worse.

No. 1631227

his fingers are super weird. does he bite his nails?

No. 1631229

File: 1661900381425.png (185.19 KB, 396x590, 14d1897bd1b29cb5a3672b94e6081f…)

A face that even his mother couldn't love. No wonder she wouldn't tell him where she moved to.

No. 1631230

Looks like he’s been crying

No. 1631232

The trick to successful Kiwi enjoyment is to always ignore the chat.

No. 1631237

>The chat is one of the worst things he added to the site. Real time Kiwi discussion not only bred a new genre of spergs separate from the ones that have 10000 forum posts, but you get instant Null bitching whenever he wakes up and watch as the asskissers crawl out of the woodwork like termites.
Right on the money. The Kiwi chatfags are another breed especially in the General chat. Josh also views this as his special space and will ban anyone saying stuff he doesn't like there. It's far too autistic for the average person to wade through but Josh will also say it is better than Discord but is only better to him because he can control it. Another case of him wanting to take over the whole sphere.
> He's also admitted whatever part of the backend that keeps track of all the dumb stickers on every post is such a poorly coded, bloated nightmare that any time he tries to access it the whole thing crashes.
This part isn't his fault, though, it's stock xenForo being implemented in a way that doesn't scale well (database nerd here, I could sperg about how it is not properly relational and doesn't even meet the the first normal form but I'll save it lol.)

No. 1631241

Wait is Josh an /lgbt mod??? Why on earth

No. 1631246

ntayrt but she's talking about this incident where Josh was allegedly posting on /lgbt/ but the screen caps of Kiwi (not 4chan) that he posted didn't have jannie tools at the bottom which suggests it's not him

No. 1631249

matches how his voice sounds kek

No. 1631251

Does anyone have the clip of his MATI broadcast where his voice changer stopped working? It got posted in the Elaine thread but then his MATI archive youtube got nuked. Either way it is pretty funny. People remark on how he has a pleasant voice but his real voice is squeaky and soy and just what you'd expect it to be.

No. 1631258

Damn I hope someone has that clip, I really want to hear this kek

No. 1631259

I remember this happening and it making his voice sound really high pitch and he didn't notice. I thought it was just an glitch and people joked that he was "troon josh". Also, Josh's voice cracks a lot.

No. 1631261

unless you are talking about something else.

No. 1631270

I would argue it's still his fault because he let the problem swell in the first place. I get the reasoning behind the stickers, to cull all the useless minor replies, but if xenforo clearly couldnt handle it then he… shouldnt have kept the feature?

I love sperging about Null because his entire lolcow history is him not thinking things through until it eventually bites him in the ass, and then blaming the Jews/bankers/troons/discord spies/lizard aliens like complaining will change anything.

He waited until people got him cancelled from all payment processors and THEN freaked out

No. 1631296

>I feel moving keffals here instead of giving him his own section or something seems like an attempt to to make it seem "you see!!! Is the terves who are interesed in Lucas not the rest of the kf userbase!!!" And use the radfems on kw as a scapegoat.
This. Watch Josh blame the totally legit, true and honest, weirdly incel-sounding/incel-loving radfems on his site if the shit with Keffals ever reaches a boiling point, or he wants to claim he's not responsible for anything. It was all those uppity feminist roasties/foids, not him and his innocent fellow males, see.

No. 1631297

File: 1661905183842.png (409.69 KB, 604x562, Capture.PNG)

kek I'm crying, keffals cult fanbase is comparing kiwi farms users to nazis now.

No. 1631300

>inb4 "worse than hitler"

No. 1631301

File: 1661905903836.jpg (83.32 KB, 786x440, just be a twink ffs.jpg)


he's streaming on twitch and banning suspected kiwifarmers in the chat: https://www.twitch.tv/azuremako

apparently this is supposed to be about the dropkiwifarms website/"protest movement"

No. 1631303

Go to the tranny thread if you wanna talk about Keffals, Kiwifag. Stop trollshielding your autistic, pizza and diet coke gobbling overlord

No. 1631304

nayrt but mods had kicked them out there and told them to take keffalsposting here

No. 1631309

Then boot them on the street, I'm tired of KF using Keffals as a decoy to make themselves look like innocent cherubs. This is almost becoming another Ethan Ralph situation where KF is so insane it makes their target almost slightly kinda but-not-really sympathetic in comparison


What do you think will happen if he not only gets swatted again but actually killed this time? I can see Null wiggling his way out if the swatting call gets traced back to one of his users, he has no hesitation is squealing to the feds when needed. But an actual, unironic murder at a time when KF is going overboard could be legit life-ruining to Josh

No. 1631313

There's nothing sympathetic about Keffals. Both scrotes are retarded. Mods told people to talk about the situation here and the whole last thread was pinned and was all about keffals and the drama.

No. 1631326

What are you going on about? this whole thing started because of Keffals. He swung the bat at the hornets nest. He's a discord groomer, there's nothing sympathetic about him.

No. 1631330

Dumbass concern troll.

No. 1631332

You sound as dramatic as Keffals. Kiwifags don’t want to kill him, they just want to freak him out because they enjoy the chase and like stirring up shit.

No. 1631337

Thanks, I vommed

While I share your sentiments, launching the tards at the hallowed mtf thread is really not going to help. This is a legitimate thread given that all parties involved bring it on themselves and then paint themselves as brave stunning victims; what else defines lolcows but that kind if behaviour? If we're lucky they'll mutually an hero.

No. 1631340

this thread is about kiwifarms and keffals you fucking retard

No. 1631342

imagine the smell.

No. 1631355

1. Nobody cares enough to kill keffarts. If he dies the milk stops flowing
2. Hell probably die by his own hand, and it will be a good day. I’ll get champagne maybe looool

No. 1631373

If no action is taken then KF dies.
If KF dies then what? Are they the bitch-ass losers?
If they really wanted to defeat keffals then they would send evidence of pedophilia to the cops.

No. 1631374

File: 1661910554008.jpeg (656.63 KB, 828x1105, 1631AA5D-2901-474F-9133-D1E3C5…)

Josh has already sperged out about women on KF not behaving the way he wants them too. Some nonnas are too comfortable with blogposting on KF, especially in the off-topic threads.
>What do you think will happen if he not only gets swatted again but actually killed this time?
There was someone on /pol/ that took a picture of himself outside of Lucas' apartment and he shouted out Josh and Ethan Ralph in his post (picrel). I think he did threaten to beat Lucas up but nothing happened. If it did escalate to that point, I can see Josh playing victim and blaming everyone else for ruining his forum.

Kiwi Farmers probably will fuck around with Lucas IRL eventually though. He mentioned wanting to do IRL streaming during his vacation in Europe. He's already announced that he wants to visit Troon, Scotland next. He's too retarded not to dox himself.

No. 1631382

>Kiwi Farmers probably will fuck around with Lucas IRL eventually though.
The Kiwi narrative is of course that they "look, don't touch" but just look at Ethan Ralph. Josh and him had their little spat like 2 years ago (before which Josh and Ethan were friends) but since there is a vendetta in play between him and Josh, Josh makes a token effort to tell people not to fuck with Ralph but absolutely permits it in practice. Keffals should be no different and while I have no sympathy for Keffals especially in that he literally asked for this, it still makes Josh a hypocrite in that he'll try at times to claim he doesn't mobilize his simps and userbase for vendettas which is clearly untrue. Josh doesn't approve of swatting (if only because it will get him in trouble) but as Ethan Ralph put it, "everything's fair game". Him and Josh mirror each other in more than a few ways to be honest.

No. 1631397

AYRT sorry i deleted the post because I thought I was getting too schizo here kek. I don't know if he's going to set someone up but i'm sure as hell that his female users aren't his top priority and some of them should stop blogposting so much.

No. 1631402

As far as his priorities on the site go Josh will go with where his money is and that's not going to be the new so-called GC board. The biggest moneymakers are the right-wing spergs which is why he cries about how bad the A&H boards are but never shuts it down. You're absolutely right he'll wind up leaving the women out to dry. You can see the narrative forming too: the trannies will be happy to label KF a TERF hate site.

No. 1631417

No. 1631421

Cool down nonas, I said almost for a reason

And if you think at least a few Kiwis aren't unhinged enough to want Keff dead, you haven't spent enough time on the farms

No. 1631428

Yes! Nice one. That is the moment the voice changer stopped working lmao. You can see the chat scrolling by with people yelling at him about it and he's blissfully unaware.

No. 1631438

has josh only had sex one time? the way he talks about it…

No. 1631441

I don't think he even had it the once? Are you thinking of hotwheels?

No. 1631445

he mentions his sex life on rekieta's stream

No. 1631448

File: 1661913662094.jpeg (25.81 KB, 319x422, 2C4DF60C-B9C1-4220-A42A-1CA8B6…)

>doesnt feel when the condom is on/off
>hasnt been attracted to anyone since years so no sex
>circumcised but dont enjoy sex
>but plans to start a family

i wonder what made him think that was ok to talk about this to his community without thinking that everyone will laugh at it

No. 1631449

circumcision gone wrong? josh we know you lurk can you clarify

No. 1631450

is that the fucking MAP flag in the background?

No. 1631466

When I watch his MATI streams with my earbuds on i always hear him taking a quick breath before he continues to talk, sounds like he was climbing the stairs. That aint easy to be 111kg Jersh, go hit the gym for the love of god.

No. 1631471

Bigender, but close enough

No. 1631480

London Police Service literally still has her hard drives, you tranny faggot. Nobody hopes that Luke survives this all without 41%. Nobody will care to kill them unless she doxes them because she stays inside all day

No. 1631485

p sure it was some fat alt chick who wanted mod perms who travelled out there for him

No. 1631486

Kek it seems all the moids who have been banned from chat have finally found a place to whine about Null and be mommied by all the nonnas who are deadly afraid of Nulls 10 year plan to take over this place. While crying about scrotes you're actually right now talking to scrotes like Empresa and all the other lost sheep who have no place to go since they destroyed lolcow.org with their terminal autism. Empres btw is banned because he wouldnt stop spamming his endless nude collections of IP2 girls. Also I'm sure Vetti and all the other tards around Elaine Miller (Elaine herself is probably here too). Vetti got banned for talking about childrens vaginas in chat. Yeah Null is a real sperg but all the people mad at him are even worse.

No. 1631487

What having zero irl friends and years of emotional abandonment does to a nigga

No. 1631488

You're really giving yourselves away by whining anout kiwichat and being banned from it scrote for brains.

No. 1631490

We know? I ain't digging through KF threads to find Null milk, let Sig and cjocker's band of giggling tards do the hard work and we'll steal it

No. 1631491

Hi Dyn!(hi cow)

No. 1631492

Btw the lolcow.org scrotes have an actual plan to take over this place and are actually in talks with admin about it, they bragged about it on their site before it got shut down because they featured a credible threat to the presidents life on the front page as a funny haha joke.

No. 1631493

Lucas is a fat pedophile who brags about grooming young boys into making life ruining decisions.

No. 1631495

Wouldn't it just be peak irony if after all these years of fear that Null would steal this site you fucking idiots just give it to Sig (who got banned for fedposting so hard in Articles and Haplenings the feds actually came to his house and he blames Null for it) and Cocker (who is a 17 year old australian man) because they hate Null and the enemy of my enemy is my friend or whatever is going on here? Truly you are retards if you fall for this.

No. 1631499

Hi Elaine. We know the reason you personally hate Null and hang out with these scrotes instead. Because Null doesnt want you even after you literally carved his name into your flesh. Must sting in more ways than one.

No. 1631505

File: 1661917876423.jpg (262.08 KB, 1080x1608, IMG_20220831_054850.jpg)

Btw the band of banned scrotes around Elaine and Sig are now back to congregating on Onionfarms, which is a horrible shithole run by a man even more mentally ill than Null. They have an entire subforum about us. Just so you know what's actually happening here. These guys are not allies to us just because they also happen to hate Null. They hate him because he banned them for being too extreme political spergs even for the nazi section of Kiwifarms or for being pedophiles.

No. 1631506

File: 1661918005781.jpg (21.97 KB, 960x399, d5y0s4s-0e83acc9-2c48-4e08-abc…)

I'm not Elaine I'm not even one of the Kengle speds but the fact you think all hate against Princess Null is from the Sigluminati is pathetic

No. 1631507

You make it too obvious by whining about how mean Null is for banning you from his hugbox chat, let's remember why most of you got banned from there, yes? Because you can't stop talking about childrens vaginas.

No. 1631509

You're definitely some sort of moid sped using a Voldemort reaction image like you're a supervillain.

No. 1631510

That'll be Mike Thurlow's doing, he's still mad as hell about getting made fun of on here. Still wondering who the hell you are though, I detect a distinct odor of scrote or troon.

No. 1631513

I have been watching these people first because of the Elaine drama and then because they were actively sheming to take over this place. They do nothing but whine about Null all day long. It's like 10 people at most and they are united because they are all banned from Kiwifarms and their autism is so terminal that they sign up a new sock account there every day just to get banned again for doing the same dumb shit. Empresa makes an account a day and always goes back to the IP2 thread to post crackwhore nudes then gets banned for it again. They talk about this site a lot and how we should be their allies because Null bad.

No. 1631515

Mmmhmm. I smell gayops.

No. 1631517

File: 1661919153770.jpg (301.86 KB, 1080x1305, IMG_20220831_061306.jpg)

From Onionfarms in their thread about us.

No. 1631518

File: 1661919229427.jpg (624.15 KB, 1080x2028, IMG_20220831_061450.jpg)

No. 1631519

File: 1661919281247.jpg (76.73 KB, 1080x517, IMG_20220831_061536.jpg)

They all simp for Elaine too

No. 1631521

But this is the Kiwi Farms thread and these irrelevant faggots remain irrelevant. Take this shit somewhere else, it's an outgrowth of the Elaine/Michael/Rachel disaster, I remember that gay-oppah username.

No. 1631522

What do these have to do with the topic of this thread?

No. 1631523

Its relevant because they came here attracted by the reeeeing about Null, which happens to also be their favorite past time. They smell an opportunity to use nonnas being upset about the Gender Critical board to make allies in their autistic war against Null. They are even white-knighting Keffals because they want KF to be shut down just as much.

No. 1631527

Just thought I would point out the irony of nonnas upset about Null wanting to steal lolcow.farm while you are in a thread agreeing with people who actually want to steal lolcow.farm and are using your hatred of Null to convince you they are actually on your side.

No. 1631543

File: 1661920982891.jpeg (31.88 KB, 704x528, 9bf524c88f0f75c641a2e0491cfcd6…)

Nobody wants these idiots here. Nobody wants Josh or his simps here. Nobody wants to hear what any of these faggots have to say. Nobody is going to "steal the site", but Josh is definitely trying his best to undermine it. There's no "war", no "allies" to be made, this is tranny ops all the way down. Nobody here wants to do anything to fuck with Josh or take down the Kiwi Farms. We literally just want to be left the fuck alone and to laugh at our cows, which sometimes includes Josh. Can we get back to making fun of and/or being angry at Null and cringe kiwis in the Null/Kiwi thread and lose whatever the fuck this is? Please.

No. 1631559

This happens every time in these threads because it attracts the worst Kiwiscrotes like flies to shit when they find a new place to shit on Null whom they have an endless vendetta against. Look at the previous threads. There is a reason they were autosaged and lost in the Catalog instead of pinned to the top of snow. Pinning this thread was bound to attract gayops and autism.

No. 1631562

I dropped by OnionFarms and you conveniently left out the user name because Mike Thurlow (who I now suspect you are) wrote this, see https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/look-at-that-catwoman-faggot.2354/ (someone is archiving this, btw, sure sign of gayops afoot), also their LCF subforum hasn't been touched since 16 August, has one thread, mostly posted in by Mike Thurlow and probable sock accounts, that's hardly an active hub of people trying to take over this site. If you're not him you're some other limp-dicked AGP faggot trying to fuck with the narrative because it gets him off harder than the ladies room. Go away.

No. 1631564

I don't know who Mike Thurlow is, I don't know who most of the people on Onionfarms are. I assumed the Zero guy with the anime avatar was one of Naughs million socks.

No. 1631568

You seem upset that someones pointing out whats happening here. It happened in all the other Kiwifarms threads already. They even came to /meta/ to try and directly contact admin about aquiring this site and they bragged on lolcow.org about talking to her in private and working out a deal. Obviously lolcow.org is gone now, convenient for you I guess. The same people are still on Onionfarms tho and in their gay discords.

No. 1631570

Sorry, made a typo and deleted. Thurlow is Angry Canadian, halal'd banned Kiwi Nazi AGP wife-beater extraordinaire. He and Naught are buddies: fellow pedophiles and dimwit perpetrators of unsubtle bullshit like cropping the name of someone who's opinion will be immediately discarded here.

No. 1631574

Interesting, sorry I can't keep up with all the speds around Elaine because they all have 10 different usernames and if you're not in their discords its hard to keep track of them. I'm sure he's involved in this gayop as well. Honestly if you don't want scrotes infiltrating this place you shouldnt pin a thread with their favorite topic to the top of the board.

No. 1631576

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for Elaine and her gaggle of autistic orbiters to make this thread all about them once again. Null will never fuck you, Elaine. Elaine will never fuck you, discord simps.

No. 1631581

File: 1661923074109.jpeg (7.83 KB, 175x186, download (1).jpeg)

> I'm honestly surprised it took this long for Elaine and her gaggle of autistic orbiters to make this thread all about them once again.
I was just skimming the end of the last thread and beginning of this one and you can pinpoint exactly when it happens, too, lol. This thread was kinda comfy before, too.
> Null will never fuck you, Elaine. Elaine will never fuck you, discord simps.

No. 1631587

I won't deny that there has to be a few onionfags in this thread, most likely that pedo naught, but claiming this thread "took off" bewcause Le Elaine Army found out about it is retarded and >>1631581 still sounds like a Null white knight trying to throw this thread off topic

No. 1631590

Try not being so obvious about it next time. No farmer is hanging out in Kiwichat and butthurt about Nulls ban policy. Honestly how much of a spastic do you need to be to get banned from there?

No. 1631596

I'm not from Sig's group Dyn but keep on deepthroating Null's cock to protect him from the meanie femcel anons

No. 1631600

Literally nobody is doing that. Seethe scrotoid. Back to Onionfarms you go with the other smelly moids.

No. 1631601

No. 1631605

Wow anon his voice isn't anything to write home about but if he didn't use a voice modifier I don't think anyone would actually give a shit. He 100% did this too himself just like the cows the shoop and then get photographed in public kek.

No. 1631635

File: 1661932173284.jpg (29.96 KB, 382x455, 1443724340606.jpg)


No. 1631637

Funny to me how easy it is to clock troons even on an anonymous image board. They just can't help skinwalking and always sound like some angry incel sperg putting on his best misogynistic women impression.

No. 1631639

Fucking this
Trannies type a certain way and once you figure it out it's impossible to not notice it

No. 1631646

You are retarded if you actually fell for this, holy shit

No. 1631647

fell for what? it's 4 full minutes of his voice directly from his stream

No. 1631649

Its a linux error, do you think any real living human being has a voice like that?

No. 1631650

Lmao its so obvious too. I've never heard a grown man with a voice like that squeaky unless they're doing it intentionally

No. 1631652

That's probably Elaine, anon.
> linux error

No. 1631655

This is just a bizarre gay ops. Really? "Heil Josh"? When the big point that Lucas is trying to make is that Kiwifarms is full of genocidal nazis? I smell troon

No. 1631667

He insists on using linux because he is autistic as fuck and something breaks basically every stream because of it. The audio error was funny as fuck tho but you gotta be deliberately retarded to think that's real, you can even hear the audio being fucked up and cutting in and out.

No. 1631682

Lol true. This is what I get for touching the poop on Twitter too much, he is chuck lorre

No. 1631691

ya, it's his voice changer fucking up. deal with it, josh simp.

No. 1631698


I'm so over this bullshit, what troons were getting genocided. How much of a narc do you have to be to make the attempted genocide of Jews about you. They just insert themselves into history because they know this shit is a new phenomenon

No. 1631700

>her hard-drive


>Gross sexual insult
Moid moment.
It smell like unwashed balls and frankenvags in here. Go back to onionfarm scrotoids, we don't want you.

Kek, this nonna. It's hilarious. They don't pass, even when they're hidding behind a screen.
Also report the troonspam my sweet nonnies. Don't give him attention.

No. 1631703

I don't know, all memes aside I think some Kiwis really are that retarded, or "pretending" to be. Ethan Ralph references keep cropping up, too. I don't think he's doing it himself, to be clear, but he's a meme at this point and has tried explicitly to insert himself to use the situation to attack his enemy Josh. It's also that scene where all the swatting has been going on in the past few months, it's mayham and they are all addicted to gayops.

No. 1631709

File: 1661943128636.jpg (23.63 KB, 327x301, 20220224_135349.jpg)

Extreme cope going on in this thread

No. 1631725

You're included too go kill yourself

No. 1631732

Just report the attention whoring troon, nona, and ignore him, he wants the attention. I wonder why the farmhands didn't ban him already.

No. 1631750

Lol you don't even believe that yourself. Seethe, your Kiwifarms updoots are lost forever.

No. 1631783

The face of a man who wants a white family yet considers Slav women as not being white enough for him to marry. Plus, constantly whining about black Americans.

No. 1631788

What a tard baby, almost in his 30s and still a virgin. Has crazy expectations for a wife while he has no career or formal education and can't even sit down without heart palpitations. Would love to see his pre diabetic ass on a date explaining he's spent his entire adult life maintaining a website digitally stalking retards. But yeah it's black people and faggots holding you back kek

No. 1631791

>yet considers Slav women as not being white enough for him to marry
Good for them, they have enough problems already.

No. 1631793

If only.

No. 1631808

Wow, some of you are retarded. In the kiwifarms thread that was made in light of the situation of Keffals vs Kiwifarms why tf are there nonnies telling people to fuck off to different threads for talking about Keffals and Kiwifarms? Kek

Ayrt I still don't buy it. It's WAY too convenient that nobody was actually harassing Lucas and then all of a sudden someone shows up with "heil josh" during the time Keffals is calling Kiwifarms a site full of genocide hungry nazis and very literally compared Josh to Hitler in a tweet. That's too coincidental

No. 1631810

File: 1661956443658.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x5683, C78A47A8-6F79-4FC9-8980-67484D…)

Cloudfare isn’t backing down. The quote retweets contain hilarity of men in dresses being told no.

No. 1631821

I don’t use twitter so “ratio-ing” means nothing to me but from the outside looking in seeing a bunch of social rejects continually do it like it means anything in actuality is pretty funny. I remember some sort of noise about keffals doing it to JKR and all I could think was. Okay? I don’t really understand what kind of implications it has in the real world or why bird app trans are obsessed with it.

No. 1631824

File: 1661957339050.png (102.64 KB, 974x773, chrome_NZryq4mAQM.png)

No. 1631825

File: 1661957425550.jpg (269.88 KB, 987x1615, dkf1.jpg)

Cow crossover

No. 1631826

Why do they think the immense number of companies and sites that use cloudflare would even care about this? It’s so irrelevant to the lives of most people.

No. 1631828

>this website makes me mad so everyone else has to be burdened with the responsibility of making me comfortable
Who tf do these niggas think they are? I guarantee you Cloudflare and a majority of their clients are normies or businesses that have no fucking idea what kiwifarms is and domt fucking care either. The entitlement is crazy

No. 1631829

This man drew furry porn by tracing a photo of someone’s infant in diapers.

No. 1631831

File: 1661957549676.png (193.85 KB, 856x629, fyukfyuk.PNG)

KF being KF

No. 1631833

8chan always had illegal shit on it such as boards dedicated to animal crush videos. However, it wasn't even dropped back then and it was /pol/faggotry and the El Paso shooting that finally did the site in. The site should've been dropped long before that incident. It always seems like it's politics that dictate whether these sites should be online which is something I really hate.

No. 1631839

Exactly, of all the people you’d choose to side with.

No. 1631842

i don't think anyone cares to actively dox that twitterbot but having your full name, unless it's "john smith" on the internet is essentially doxing yourself. or having a linkedin.

No. 1631852

They said the same thing about 8chan and Daily Stormer. 8chan was removed because of >>1631833, and Daily Stormer was removed because Anglin pissed Matthew Prince off. Only way KF is getting dropped is if the scrotes on KF get too cocky and dox the CEO or some shit.
The #DropKiwifarms campaign would be more successful if it wasn't pedos running it kek.

No. 1631857

File: 1661960407608.png (74.75 KB, 971x574, chrome_9r8oQLkFIh.png)

B-but KF'ers are the pedos!!1

No. 1631860


No. 1631861

Twitter has a thriving MAP community which has major overlap with trans Twitter community + multiple scandals involving the open sale of illegal porn

No. 1631885

File: 1661962181840.png (43.64 KB, 662x618, 1661960579193.png)

Kek ALL the deaths tied to KF are now trans

No. 1631891

They are actively posting doxxes in the #DropKiwiFarms thread. Idk if I can link it since it contains that info.

I also love that the thread is located in the "Gender Critical" subforum. Fucking love the the word gc being associated with moids raging about muh minorities and doxxing.

No. 1631892

File: 1661962735709.png (65.21 KB, 237x253, chrome_2022-08-31_18-17-16.png)


No. 1631893

Null should really take this shit seriously, if only for optics.

No. 1631896

There is not a single thing you can say to that journo fag that would alter the outcome of that article. He's just looking for shit to be taken out of context. Journalists are not humans.

No. 1631897

I agree. He's digging his own hole.

No. 1631903

KEKKKK julie terryberry is now trans

No. 1631904

It's not going to change anything, how he responds to these inquiries literally doesn't matter. They have the story already written and as you can see by them including Julie Terryberry as a "trans woman" they have done 0 research and just take Keffals by his word. They don't care about the truth. He's right, Journos are scum.

No. 1631908

The owner of Cloudflare has said he regretted the decision to drop 8chan and the Daily Stormer. I love to watch trannies seethe about not getting what they want. They are so used to just stomping their feet to get everything handed to them that they are absolutely flabbergasted at that tactic not working for once.

No. 1631921

File: 1661964023512.png (507.03 KB, 1284x985, cloudflare_statement.png)

Cloudflare is extremely based, freedom of speech is literally the FIRST AMMENDMENT, you'd think Amerimutts would be more grateful for it since it gives them more freedom than any other country has.

No. 1631923

Holy based

No. 1631929

File: 1661964165192.png (137.44 KB, 1572x206, keffals_cloudflare.png)

keffals is still using Cloudflare for his own site btw, lol

No. 1631932

These people call themselves journalists but can’t even be assed to get the most basic information correct through investigating it themselves, and then they write emails like they’re sending a tumblr ask.

No. 1631939

No. 1631942

Of course not. But you still call him out on that, point out that as a journalist he should be looking into this on his own instead of taking Lucas's word for it, etc, and then post that email because it looks better to bystanders.

No. 1631945

Exactly. "Joshua Moon declined to comment" seems very bad to people reading the article the journo shits out.

No. 1631947

Who cares? People will only read the headline and believe it anyways.

No. 1631949

This is women's problem. "I have to be nice to Billy – I mean, Lilith – because if I don't, people will think bad of me!"

Who cares? Billy's a predator and so are journos.

No. 1631952

Journos have already shit out dozens of articles about this whole drama and none of them have done any investigating other than talking to Keffals and repeating his words as gospel. If you think a single journalist would give a fair chance to Kiwifarms explaining their side you are delusional. All that matters is the accepted narrative and that is that trannies = poor oppressed victims and anyone who is mean to trannies = bad evil nazi.

No. 1631957

This. Anything he says will be twisted into something negative so in this case I don’t blame him for keeping his mouth shut. There’s no point in talking to them.

No. 1631962

Cause they're probably not nonnies but troononies kek

No. 1631975

It’s true, this thread is infested with troons.

No. 1632069

File: 1661973882073.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 317.5 KB, 1125x1710, 4C3F44E4-D211-4223-BBB9-A01801…)

I remembered why I dislike KF again

No. 1632073

imagine being offended by anime avatars, the lowest human life forms to exist

No. 1632078


I'm not offended by dog shit but I still don't want to step in it

No. 1632088


That's exactly why Cloudflare had to draw this line in the sand. They'd have to drop Pedocord if they dropped KF.

No. 1632107

he sounds like a closet case between that and the broken dick

No. 1632110

The issue is that Jersh is associating GC discussion with straight up racism

No. 1632111

90% of women cant cum during sex and you're making fun of a guy with a broken dick?

No. 1632112

90% of women can’t cum because men suck at sex stop WKing yourself faggot

No. 1632113

maybe your cunts broken(MALE)

No. 1632114

It's just hilarious the ones afraid to get doxed, most are literal whos, are usually the easiest ones to find because they just lay out all their information out there like an open book.

No. 1632118

Lesbians have the highest percent of orgasm from sexual activities. Wonder why? Oh, it’s because there are no moids with broken dicks involved.

No. 1632136

Maybe this KF shit is what's going to force normies to learn to practice basic internet security again.

No. 1632137

Metokur is live and will be covering the Kiwifarms vs Keffals war

No. 1632138

Well I'll be damned
But now let's see if they actually stick to this. I would hate to lose the furfag threads and bad tumblr art thread on KF

No. 1632140

Sooo true, men are just abysmal at using their crusty little meat sticks for anything other than jacking off into the mlp t-shirt they keep under the pillow they cry into at night

No. 1632161

That and other shit I've seen on the site is why I'll keep laughing at the pickmes and scrotes who come here to defend that place as a space that welcomes radfems or women in general. It's for racist, repressed trannies/chasers and deranged incels.

No. 1632171

This was hilarious. I can’t believe a scrote actually came here to insult men so hard. I have a 100% success rate at making my own self climax so clearly it isn’t related to being female. Moids should just realize they suck at pleasing women.

No. 1632175

I have this on in the background and I cringe every time Jim is saying "they", for fucks sake I'd rather him say "she", it's bending the knee to Susan but at least it's grammatical.

No. 1632183

File: 1661982659313.jpeg (492.89 KB, 1242x3095, 92995B73-BC42-45F6-8429-BD4A03…)

This thread is shit because of the moidlets infesting it.
Once again Keffals being a ratio obsessed loser.

No. 1632184

you just sound like a coomer tbh, why are you sitting around playing with your pissflaps all day?

No. 1632186

He knows that wants Cryabals gets wind he'll make a "Transphobic Youtuber Mister Metakour He/Him, is misgendering me now live in defense of Josh Moon, lets report him!"

No. 1632189

File: 1661982891325.jpeg (903.64 KB, 1242x1541, 86C7BCDA-BE46-43A0-852B-BA787B…)

I don’t know the Near lore but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s lying again. He’s using Near’s post about getting kiwifarms shut down so it doesn’t harm other trannies as a remembrance of Near when I specifically remember in a previous post on Near’s Twitter saying he doesn’t want to be remembered for this. Strangely enough when I went to grab that post, it wasn’t up anymore.

No. 1632190

The true Ratio is Mister Metokur has 11k viewers watching him shit talk him, Keffals only gets like 2k+ on twitch. Nobody cares that the bots and troons like your shit in the thousands, they not showing up to your streams or youtube videos.

No. 1632191

Near/Byuu did not kill himself, the lore gets a little complicated but basically there would've been records of a US citizen dying in Japan and there were none. It's a huge gayop. I wouldn't be shocked if Byuu were involved in the current #DropKiwiFarms stuff but I don't think there is proof.

No. 1632193

Keffals even said, "Even if Near isn't dead, Kiwifarms is still bad because he had to fake his death". He doesn't give a shit about Near, he just wants attention. Notice NONE of them bring up the reason why the one actual woman died or even say her name often. It's always Near and that transwoman.

No. 1632199

Just so we have it here in one place, the alleged KF suicides

> Julie Terryberry: actual woman, young BPD-chan in a relationship with a much older abusive scrote, was probably going to take her life regardless, Kiwis were actually really sad when she died

> Chloe Sagal: insane grifting troon who got exposed for using money given to him for SRS for other shit, mentally unstable, relationship issues, etc. other reasons to off himself as well
> Near/Byuu: literally a gay op, he faked his death to fuck with KF, not to hide from his 13-page thread which rapidly ballooned because of his bullshit. He's probably pulling strings right now.

No. 1632203

I yoinked this from a previous thread because I was the anon who didn’t know much about Near lore and this is what I remembered. Thanks to the anon who wrote this summary up.

The following people have supposedly killed themselves because of harassment from Kiwifarms

By now confirmed to have faked his death, the US reports every single death of American citizens that happens overseas and the Japanese are VERY diligent about paperwork. His death was not among the reported US citizen who died within the alleged time period. His husband in the US never received his "remains", instead his co-worker presented a cookie-jar on twitter saying it had his ashes in them. That's all the "proof" they had for his death. Japanese Kiwis never saw his death mentioned in local newspapers who regularly report on suicides. Confirmed fake.

Chloe Segal:
Was a trans woman whose Kiwifarms thread was inactive and had not posted in for 8 months at the time he killed himself. He had BPD and was kicked out by his fellow troon roommates to be homeless living on the street because he was so toxic. Before he set himself on fire he held a long speech about how there are not enough resources for the mentally ill in the US and how mistreated mentally ill people are, also he was very upset about how he was treated by his own troon community from which he received no help during the time he was homeless. Kiwifarms was never mentioned by him.

Julie Terryberry:
A mentally ill girl who was in an abusive relationship with a man who was 10 years older than her (started when she was 17 and he was 27). He beat and cut her regularly and called it "BDSM". Her family was extremely poor and abusive to her, she had several untreated mental health issues. Her boyfriend threatened to leave her and she said she would kill herself if he did. He left and she killed herself. Again, nothing to do with Kiwifarms (who actually tried to get her help several times).

No. 1632210

File: 1661983967090.jpg (176.54 KB, 1200x583, DgS-s5cUYAAm1bs.jpg)

Sagal, unhinged as he was, also very much blamed Brianna Wu in the end, not KF.
Not that Brianna Wu is responsible for someone unhinged enough to publicly self-immolate, but of course Brianna is more than happy to let KF take the blame. With over 3200 pages currently spanning the length of his thread, I'm sure he'd like it if KF went away.


No. 1632211

File: 1661983995413.png (267.89 KB, 722x1347, RqWDmZ4.png)

No. 1632220

I had to do some research to understand this unimaginable level of unhinged, but it seems like this person requested donations for a surgery that would be 'life saving' but it turns out it was just for a botched cosmetic surgery fix. They got caught, it was refunded; and this is them throwing a hissyfit for a lack of support in foddering "career"-saving excuses.

The sheer level of entitlement.

No. 1632223

KF is also responsible for all school shootings and the Holocaust. Source? Dude just trust me kek

No. 1632227

File: 1661985337488.jpeg (952.45 KB, 1242x1696, 1564102E-E017-4B03-9C2E-B88E1C…)

Man understands he should be scared but isn’t surprise.

No. 1632270


goddamn it, he and Brandy Zadrozny are smarter than this.

No. 1632276

File: 1661990293292.jpg (228.94 KB, 432x1539, Screenshot_20220831_195736.jpg)

Typical Josh enjoyer's reaction to the new GC board

No. 1632290

that’s a long and overly complicated way for him to say “I can’t get laid.”

No. 1632302

I mean, what do you think is gonna come out of the mind of a username like that. Now he seems to be reacting with kiwifarms' reddit medals to femicide rates. Seethe and cope lol

Side note, pretty interesting to now have a thread on terfs along with a board for terfs.

No. 1632303

File: 1661992070188.png (115.1 KB, 927x732, 36EFE24C-64E8-4B63-B0AD-2D1372…)

Kek is he a tranny? Also a lot of KF threads are virtually unreadable because of moids making boring posts like this.

No. 1632313

I don't think that's a tranny but who knows. I loved his seething about all the pro-feminist women's spaces online because I'd like to see him try to name them. We got name checked of course (Josh mentioning us will not have helped) but I wonder how much further he can go than that.

No. 1632314

File: 1661993039385.jpeg (193.48 KB, 1284x1389, 47652ED4-7E5F-4EC7-8B0D-9CB3F1…)

Cloudfare added today on their blogpost

No. 1632319

I can't read the phrase "some argue" without thinking of old school ED, kek.

No. 1632326


Already posted. (Link above)

No. 1632327

Far more common than people think actually


No. 1632335

>animal crushing videos
Vile. My heart just broke. RIP innocent animals. It pisses me off too that nobody cares about all the cruel depravity online such as this and CP but "oh no, somebody made of fun of [insert oppressed group, take the website down"

No. 1632344

And Hotwheels (now agitating for the takedown of KF due to his personal vendetta against Josh) disavowed the right wing stuff and wouldn't disavow the loli/pedoshit for a year or two after. He went woke for his grift because it was convenient after he lost his website. It really shows what people's priorities are. I find it so amazing that freedom of political speech (the reason we have free speech) is controversial and freedom of pornographic speech is sacrosanct.

No. 1632353

This is my biggest pet peeves when it comes to large sites. These big tech entities have a tendency to care more about not hurting trannies' feelings rather than animals and children actually getting hurt and killed. YouTube still has multiple channels dedicated to extreme animal cruelty yet pulls down channels for political wrongthink. Fuck trannies.

No. 1632368

At least KF is doxing the monkey torture sickos, though it's still disturbing how widespread animal cruelty vids even on YT.

No. 1632402

Typical tranny enjoyer would have also been a fitting description.

He's just seething because rad-fems are the only sector of feminism that can't get btfo. You can tell he binge watched videos about tinder being unfair to men.

No. 1632418

Tech companies protect pedo men because tech companies are ran by pedo men and have pedo men working for them, as will always happen in moid majority work places because men are 10x more likely to be pedophiles then women.

No. 1632428

File: 1662004312108.png (296.49 KB, 628x489, 88E26345-107A-4B11-ACFD-F62058…)

you're correct but that's why I don't get why nonnas are defending cloudflare. They said they regret dropping 8chan/8kun, a site which was full of photos of animal crushing, CP, women being beheaded.
the incel failson of the owner of 8kun used to publicly brag on twitter about using qanon to blackmail underage female journos into sending him CP.

No. 1632430

There is literally nothing wrong with being racist. Its completely natural and it keeps society balanced. We can't all be at the top of the food chain.(bait)

No. 1632443


No. 1632446

Something something if troons invade Hell making a pact with the devil. On a more serious note Cloudflare provides an essential service and are basically a necessary evil, if they were picky about what they protected also we'd be done for. There are alternatives but none that works as well or as seamlessly. Also IANAL but if they made "editorial" decisions I believe that would weaken their case for 230 protection. I don't think there's any easy answer to internet degeneracy of any kind, it's too interconnected.
Low grade bait.

No. 1632452

go wash your ass and maybe you’ll feel better.

I’m not saying this as a way to doubt you but I’m curious, how did he blackmail underage journalists with q anon? Was he pretending to be Q?

No. 1632464

kek kiwifag moment

No. 1632488

Kengle is an extremely autistic (literal) Baby boomer who's autistic obsession was Chris-chan and has extended to "the lolcow sphere" in general and he sees himself being able to compete with Josh for viewers and clout. He's a legitimate insane person and Naught, Mike Thurlow, etc. have him gassed up to Chris-Chan-Idea-Guys level of manipulation.

No. 1632493

That pfp looks like Rick Moranis in a wig

No. 1632510

>underaged journalists
Sorry but how can a teenager be a journalist? Also it's not Cloudflares job to deal out justice. We have a justice system for that. It's like they say in their statement, the fire department doesnt stop driving out to people when their house is on fire if they are bad people. It's a public service everyone is entitled to. If someone is hosting illegal material online its the job of law enforcement to arrest the person, not Cloudflare.

No. 1632511

He also boils his hamburgers instead of grilling or frying them. I think Null did a stream about him.

No. 1632528

Everything else he has done pales in comparison.

No. 1632539

File: 1662017885317.png (24.63 KB, 141x140, somethingsomething.png)

I'm gonna be honest, I've been genuinely shocked that #DropKiwiFarms has nonstop showed up on the trending page at some point everyday on twitter. With how shit usually goes people on that site have the attention span of a goldfish I assumed the topic would have just died in 2-3 days

No. 1632542

it's cause Keffals uses a lot of bots to boost his engagement, it won't last

No. 1632561

Hold on a God damn second. Joshua Moon's real name is similar to Harry Potter?? I'm watching an archive of the Metokur stream and they're talking about how Keffals was bringing up that Joshua had his name changed. So it is Harry Moon or Joshua Potter??

No. 1632562

His mom's last name/maiden name is Potter.

No. 1632586

he is probably depressed. And lots of moids feel sympathy if one of their own can't cum

No. 1632590

These screenshots are from many years ago and because they are constantly brought up Null has had to address them several times and he said the issue solved itself, it was just his first time that sucked and it turns our he just wasn't that attracted to the girl or whatever. I don't know why people are so interested in this, it's gross and TMI.

No. 1632595

thanks and true, who cares about that? There are many other thinks to make fun of Null. Bringing that up is weird

No. 1632601

Kek why are you whiteknighting a sad incel

No. 1632602

Because the trannies never bring a single original thing to say about Null to the table. It's all shit that is 10 years old or 15 years old and I'm bored of seeing it. If he's such a huge incel/racist/pedo/asshole whatever the fuck why don't you have a single screenshot that was taken within the last year or two? It's old drama that is constantly warmed up again when someone finds the ED page for the first time and thinks "WOW NEKO SHOTA?!?!" like.. get some new material, there should be plenty, no?

No. 1632605


lol if his name is actually Harry Potter

No. 1632606

All of this stuff about Null has been discussed to death in the previous Kiwifarms threads. This milk was dry 5 years ago and there has been nothing new in a long time.

No. 1632661

File: 1662037262565.png (86.14 KB, 650x852, Feb3No1.png)

No. 1632668

File: 1662037567866.gif (2.58 MB, 220x226, 47D7A762-D879-49CF-BF21-B096CB…)

My brother in christ you should, ah, nevermind you should just kys.

No. 1632690

I want Kiwifarms to stay up to prevent Keffals from doing porn.

No. 1632704

File: 1662040612546.png (479.15 KB, 616x680, B8D3733D-5464-47DE-B1B6-AE867F…)

Does anyone know if this is a real thing he made? I haven’t seen it posted before.

No. 1632708

are you fucking kidding me KEKKKK
this guy went from harry potter name to jewish name despite the fact that he hates jews???

No. 1632710

Do you hear that? I think… I think it's the sound of the 41% calling to a very annoying tranny.

No. 1632716

>people respect me

who the fuck are you kekk

No. 1632718

He has schizophrenia don’t engage nonna he spends every hour of his life on this instead of having a enjoyable and fulfilling life

No. 1632724

Your only hobby is working a dead-end 8-5 and gurgling Josh’s digital mini gunt on Kiwifarms. Stop embarrassing yourself and leave dumbass kek.

No. 1632726

i think it’s the samefag from rdrama who was bragging about how he « hacked » kiwi servers and deleted everything from there (without any proofs ofc) and now that KF is back he still has nothing to do in his sad little life and spend his days to talk abt how his shitty website is superior to LCF (althought its full of trannies waiting for real women users there)

No. 1632729

It is. He’s a resident schizo to multiple forum drama sites. This is is literally his life. Being a loser online and living vicariously through other troons and digital anime pictures

No. 1632731

kek. Why does he think it is pissing us off? I can mostly laugh about his posts. But he should really learn to sage but he is too autistic to even understand this simple thing

No. 1632734

the tranny got offend kek

No. 1632738

File: 1662042089005.png (26.49 KB, 554x554, 8E45B0C4-8B34-444E-959E-93EBDA…)

no1curr abt ur opinion on josh, tranny.
The fact that you didnt get any attention on rdrama nor metokur or twitter makes me think that your life is pretty miserable, truly a hidden lolcow gem. imagine spending your day seething abt someone who doesnt even know about your existence kek. go inject yourself more hormones like a pig and stop projecting your autism to people who sigh when they see your online presence

No. 1632739

He’s a transvestite trying his hardest to become a lolcow on KF. He’s within that batshit insane schizo circle that includes Elaine and the other banned trannies/incels that hate Null, probably from the onionfarms (what is with scrotes naming their websites after things that you associate with stink? probably rides too close to home with their stank asses). He’s not a super hacker or anyone intimidating he’s a nobody who has been hanging around this website because he has no life, no friends, and no worth. He’s a pure laughing stalk and a grown ass man that needs to get mental health care and get off the internet

No. 1632741

The Assigned Male font instantly triggers a fight or flight response in me.

No. 1632743

I hope he gets the attention he craves somewhere.

No. 1632745

Is there an update on the Lucas vs Kiwifarms situation? Because Lucas sub-reddits have not a lot of members or engagement

No. 1632757

What update? Nothing has happened. KF came back up, Lucas launched his drop kf website, Cloudflare said "fuck off", Josh told MSNBC to fuck off. That's it.

No. 1632776

File: 1662045476009.jpg (2.05 MB, 2139x2160, 20220901_111836.jpg)

I just checked and yes, it's real. he's since made two more.

No. 1632777

Lucas is still stomping his feet really hard going "YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I WANT! YOU HAVE TO! YOU HAVE TO!"

No. 1632779

File: 1662045606663.jpg (118.68 KB, 1080x1091, 20220901_111842.jpg)

Lucas replied to his comic with this tweet:
>You’re really strong for speaking out. I have your back. We’re going to get this site taken down together.

No. 1632780

File: 1662045620589.png (1.61 MB, 744x1144, sophie.png)

No. 1632795

JAMES GABRIEL POTTER! Kek that's actually a proper Hogwarts name

No. 1632798

i'd say he's more like a threat to their eyes

No. 1632800

Can't wait for people to research these supposed targets and read in detail about all the rape, beastiality, psychotic anti woman serial killer paragraphs, and pedophilia. This is going to have the Barbra Streisand effect big time because all they're really doing is directing traffic to archived evidence of their own sins

No. 1632803

that is some dumpy looking tumblr-esque art
the second one looks destined to become a meme making fun of troons

No. 1632814

blight on humanity

No. 1632818

Isn't that troon who draw furry cp using a real toddler as reference? Probably he wants KiwiFarms gone to erase the evidence that he is a pedo

No. 1632820

That fucker is an unusual case because they're the only troon I've seen actually get bodied about being a nonce regularly. Their replies are always full of people pointing out what they did and calling them a sick freak

No. 1632821

File: 1662050554919.jpg (488.54 KB, 1249x673, theboywholived.jpg)


No. 1632822

What AM did (tracing a picture of a real child to make furry porn) was so blatant that not even the most strident troon defender can handwave it away. Most troon nonces are a little bit more stealthy about their proclivities.

No. 1632828

This is recent?? This looks even shittier than the stuff he drew 10 years ago. How do you stagnate this hard?

No. 1632832

There's a legitimate correlation between troons and pedophilia, cope. Most of MAP communities are some form of troon or troon adjacent

No. 1632834

First off, it’s not lies and rumors. It’s all documented and archived material from their own social media. Secondly, do they even give a shit about the people on KF who have threads and aren’t trans? Why is everything always about them?

No. 1632837

File: 1662051217825.jpg (10.19 KB, 225x224, kek.jpg)

James fucking Potter. Reality is so much funnier than fiction.

No. 1632839

No. 1632840

Nobody is spoon feeding you but tbh its incredible that the man from the community that is obsessed with flashing children in the womens changing room would pretend it's not true. Literally every troon cow across KF and LCF has pedo shit going on, even you

No. 1632844

You're a retard if you think people don't know Blaine is the insane troon who has been spamming lolcow with illegal porn

No. 1632854

Stop talking to the troon you idiots.

No. 1632855

read this one quick >>1632851

No. 1632863

Unrelated but who the fuck makes a comic where 3/4 slides are just a face with a giant speech bubble?? Why doesn't he just write posts?

No. 1632866

Stop engaging with the retard schizophrenic troon. Report the posts.

No. 1633052

many scrotebrains (especially troons) don’t understand art beyond porn or self insertion.

No. 1633057

File: 1662064626082.jpg (237.87 KB, 1242x1575, diaper guillaume.jpg)


the posts are worse.

No. 1633059

i keked so fucking hard lmfaoooo

No. 1633066

> muh alt-right
> I'm not a girl when I'm a pedo

No. 1633095

Literally making the angry npc face in the last frame

No. 1633113

this is funny as fuck, it's a ways away but next thread pic please

No. 1633133

File: 1662070301069.png (103.88 KB, 598x572, 8DkcY6n.png)

The amount of copium by the Keffals stans is unbelievable. Cloudflare stock drops 12.5% and they compare it to the Nasdaq which dropped 7.5% over the same period and conclude that it's due to the dropkiwifarms campaign.

No. 1633150

File: 1662071497198.png (16.94 KB, 760x70, Screenshot 2022-09-01 18.29.12…)

> singular 'they'
What a faggot Josh is. Metokur did it too the other night. If they (as in those two scrotes) want to cater to troons they should just call them women and if they want to be accurate and call them men. Shit or get off the pot. This stuff is so obnoxious and insidious: it's purportedly some kind of "middle ground" but it really isn't, it's still a tranny W.

No. 1633154

File: 1662071871373.png (47.53 KB, 596x291, b4de43c42d2f12adcfbc65ab951a6c…)

In which uber-woke Keffals dog-whistles an ancient racist meme "sparkling wiggles", see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FtLiHuAT9Y

But also there's no way this IRL streaming venture is not going to end in total disaster, but that's what Keffals wants, I'm sure. KF weirdos and IP2-type degenerates will seek him out to fuck with him but also he has a great opportunity to Jussie Smolett himself in front of the entire internet.

No. 1633156

Nah, I ship Keffals and Ethan Ralph

No. 1633159

File: 1662072310211.png (85.5 KB, 257x275, 1642543493179.png)

Which one passes better though?

No. 1633164

Are you new? He always uses 'they' for MtFs on streams to stop his channels being terminated. They in the thread title is probably to not immediately turn off TRAs who are fencesitters in the Keffals V KF situation.

No. 1633170

I want to know if he can actually define "gender critical", on the spot, no googling. I think not. His seething hatred of troonery may be useful but deep down inside ti comes from a weird place.
It is still cringe as fuck, if perhaps understandable in the context of him not wanting to lose money on YouTube, which is still pretty cringe. But doing it on his own "free speech" site, very un-based. I highly doubt there are fencesitters on KF for whom this would matter.

No. 1633173

So…he's not even hiding that he's using all this for.loney and attention? For the past week he's been talking about how in danger he is and Kiwifarms "Kill count "of 3 people. But now he's going to be IRo streaming after complaining about being docked and "they could've killed me!!". He's going to get cancelled, the grift is obvious.

No. 1633187

File: 1662074078155.png (131.85 KB, 654x517, Screenshot 2022-09-01 19.15.13…)

Kiwi kween

No. 1633188

File: 1662074116288.png (25.62 KB, 654x130, Screenshot 2022-09-01 19.13.53…)


No. 1633190

File: 1662074201800.gif (756.6 KB, 373x498, aizen-aizen-sosuke.gif)

Yes we just all have to boost Commie's posts now, both sites, we got Keffals.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1633191

u know damn well that he cannot use their real pronouns in his streams or when he about to make an announcement bc the tras are stalking him daily and try to find the tiniest and useless thing to harass cloudflare with. but when he made a statement about the downtime of kiwifarms he clearly stated that he views them as big fat men eunuchs in drag

No. 1633192

these troons are all canadian, where misgendering is a hate crime, and we know how litigious they can be. he’s just avoiding (further) legal issues.

No. 1633197

The only thing you say here that makes sense is his streams (he could always leave YouTube, but table that for now) as in OK, "misgendering" the troons could cost him YouTube money, although he says "tranny" like it's going out of style but the rules of those sites never made any sense. This has fuckall to do with what he can say on his site, and Canadian law has even less bearing (remember "section xyz of your faggot law?") Cope, Josh won't pick you. He's using "they" for his own weird fence-sitting reasons or because he's actually not thinking about it and no it makes no sense to me but it's definitely not because of Cloudflare or Canadian law.

No. 1633215

nona, literally all of this explained by being an inconsistent tard.

No. 1633218

Well lets wait for him to lurk on this thread again and then change the title thread as he did for the downtime announcement (when he added girls as victims of troonism too)

No. 1633239

are you talking abt the Sammael-Beliol fag on rdrama who's been shitposting all the day?

No. 1633254

File: 1662077828922.jpeg (111.53 KB, 1280x720, Pillar(wo)men.jpeg)

See you hopefully not for a long time, The Kiwi Kween better get platformed to take down Keffals so I don't have to jump in the fight for free speech. I just wanna touch grass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1633262

can't wait to see how that shit goes down gonna be funny asf

No. 1633284

Lost my shit, thank you for the keks

No. 1633296

Nice grimy fingernails.

No. 1633448

He explained this several times on his podcast, he uses they for trannies that are mostly known under a female name because "Chloe Sagal, he" Or "Lilith, he" Sounds weird as fuck. And if he used their deadnames nobody would know who he is talking about.

No. 1633501

File: 1662116921156.jpg (131.9 KB, 500x390, chrisandjoshuashalom.jpg)

People like Metokur and shit are saying KF needs to stay up because "muh freedom of speech" but I say take the shit down, please. Kiwifarms has been complete and utter cancer for over a decade now. Not because of trolling and doxxing mind you, but because they basically claimed ownership of people like Chris and cuck content. People wonder why there haven't been any funny trolls trolling Chris releasing content, are you surprised? The only people who would dare are complete psycho's that are even worse than Josh like that Jenkem chick.
I say take down Kiwifarms and Josh with it. Fuck it all up, start fresh, and then hopefully the common lolcow can blossom to get trolled again.
That suicide shit wasn't funny anyway, we need to go back to the old ways of things where lolcows just get trolled and trolls just release content.
FUCK Joshua, FUCK Kiwifarms and FUCK all it stands for. I even heard a rumor Josh tried taking over this place. Its pure liquid cancer. Fuck that narcissist twat, fuck him right in the ear.
If the troons wanna take it down I say faster pussycat kill kill kill.

No. 1633545

all these idiot troons and woke-os have done is streisand effect themselves

No. 1633555

You can't really pretend to be one of us and then cry about Kiwifarms not being extreme enough about harassing lolcows in real life. This place doesn't even allow doxing, if your gripe with KF is that you can't go harass people in real life or commit crimes against them then what makes you like this place? Are you one of those insane DSP a-logs that think Null is censoring you because he told you that hacking DSP's bank account is a crime and maybe don't do crime?

No. 1633567

Look, nonners, you're entitled to your opinion about Kiwifarms. The problem is that not everyone is entitled to have their own opinion about KF. Actually, you have to think it's bad or else you're a nazi and troon genocider and a murderer and a pedophile and a evangelical Christian. Whether you hate Kiwifarms or not (I hate KF too) you have to understand that letting troons take down Kiwifarms because "le Hitler Josh is a nazi murderer who has a drone fleet and wants to kill me" sets a precedent. if Kiwifarms gets taken down then all lolcow spaces will be taken down because taking Kiwifarms down sends a message to everyone that anyone who scrutinises troons is immediately an illegal evil swat happy cult location

No. 1633599

"They" sounds way weirder than either "he" or "she" and only marginally worse than "ze" and "fae", are you kidding?

No. 1633613

It's just occured to me than not a single person in the KF vs Keffals war mentioned the only lolcow (who isn't Chris) to actually suffer genuine harassment- Drachenlord. People ran up to his house every day for years, physically assaulted him, hosted a festival outside his house at one point, and then eventually his house was purchased by a community to free the local village from being terrorised by his weens…

… only he isn't a troon so they couldn't be arsed to use him for their narrative KEK. It's actually incredible that the ONE lolcow to ever actually be tormented wasn't considered because he isn't a queer icon

No. 1633640

Is there an update of the ratings on his post? Because the autistic ratings are pretty high. Other users are laughing at him thank god.

No. 1633672

He's also German, so I assume that most people have no idea about his shenanigans… I know i don't, which is a shame.

No. 1633689

He's one of the very few lolcows that very likely would have slipped under the radar and lived a semi normal life if not for ween intervention. Now he's in jail after starting to physically assault people who came to his house to fuck with him. He doxxed himself and asked people to fight him so he really is to blame, but I don't think he expected his entire community of trolls to make a collective effort to completely fuck his life up. If Chris chan was German he literally would not have lasted a year

No. 1634006

I want KF taken down not because of Evil Nazi Anti-Troon Serial Killer Forum, but because it would be funny and would cause nuclear amounts of seethe despite changing nothing.

There will always be other lolcow sites. Josh will likely make another place even if he has to hide it. Internet freedoms will not be harmed because it's fucking lolcow stalking site run by hardcore cow tippers. KF getting yeeted is not the prologue of 1984.

No. 1634008

Also holy shit did this thread get raided hard by KF faithfuls doing their best to protect Janny Josh's maiden virginity while pretending to be femanons.

Remember when trollshielding was a bad thing?

No. 1634009

If you're actually scared of deranged troons who think tacos are racist, you're just as pathetic as them.

No. 1634064

shizoposting are we

No. 1634068

No. 1634094

don't engage the tranny

No. 1634098

let the fat eunuch and the minecrafthead chink staying in their echo chamber then, these trannies wanted to protest at San Francisco at first but they know damn well that Matthew would not give a single fuck. Also CF in Sydney wont do shit too since its not their HQ. waving cringe cardboards will not shut down the website entirely

No. 1634101

I pray that a Brenton Tarrant clone will come to cleanse the world by doing a mass shooting in a trans pride soon. you need to be genocided along with your other fat eunuchs friends(troon hands typed this)

No. 1634118

so this wasn't elaine? i'm so sad

No. 1634173

literally only troons say that shit

No. 1634175

you have to be 18 and a woman to post here.

No. 1634183

You are the malest sounding male poster that ever did slam his dick on a keyboard here.

No. 1634185

It's not that we're soft or slow to anger, it's just that autism presents differently in women than this. Thank you for the entertainment anyway but we didn't order any sausage.

No. 1634191


trannies (MEN WHO ARE SO HORNY THEY WANT TO WEAR WOMENS CLOTHES) will fight any and all battles for other trannies (MEN WHO ARE SO HORNY THEY WANT TO WEAR WOMENS CLOTHES). especially if the victories of those battles defend their other fetishes

No. 1634199

File: 1662176614983.png (586.11 KB, 720x536, lucas room.png)

Ladies.. do you dare enter the other Lucas Room?

No. 1634215

… tranny or autistic French speaker, you decide (pourquoi pas les deux?) the unhingedness is downright special, though. the Brendan Tarrant reference I think was semi-cribbed from a KF random.txt about Eliot Rodger, for whatever that's worthy

No. 1634235

File: 1662181350927.jpeg (98.89 KB, 672x896, A90893CA-1C2B-4307-B8B1-8C763C…)

Keffals really has this “I masturbated too much and now I hate women” type of physiognomy(sage)

No. 1634237

I can't tell whether these posts are coming from a butthurt tranny, a KF user pretending to be a tranny, a farm user pretending to be from KF/tranny or some mix of all of that

No. 1634243

haven't changed much tbh, I guess he takes a shower sometimes now but not even all he has done to his body makes any significant shit he still looks like an ugly hentai edge lord kek
pathetic moid

No. 1634248

no one thinks you are a male because women are incapable of violence or anger. it’s because your posts reek of gleeful scrote perversion. avatarfag and imitate the language on this board all you want, ywnbaw and we can all tell.

No. 1634416

File: 1662216989711.jpg (172.78 KB, 1289x361, lolwut.jpg)

malding intensifies

teenagers? bitch, i'm almost 50. what's your excuse?

No. 1634422

Dylan Moran's incel brother

No. 1634427

You're almost 50 and on lolcow??

No. 1634429

What's wrong with that? It's literally one of the only known websites that are women only. Why shouldn't older women use this site?

No. 1634436

I'm ntayrt KEK I'm 25, go back to school zoomer.

No. 1634437

Indeed. I am over 40 so you're not the only one here either. The internet is fairly old by now, and middle aged women are going to stick around.

No. 1634442

nayrt but nothing, there are plenty of people even 30+ who use the site. And there are plenty of threads that are probably relevant or interesting to you anyway. There’s nothing wrong with a woman coming to a gossip site for women. People might say it’s juvenile but in the end who cares, no one knows unless you say it.

No. 1634444

I think it being 18+ is fine. It’s really not too surprising older women use the site too when lately it’s been mentioned on places like ovarit as a site women can come to to discuss current matters that aren’t allowed elsewhere. iirc some previous lc demographic surveys showed that user ages are all over the board, even years back.

No. 1634450

Why? I don’t even have an account there.

No. 1634453

idk nonna you have the age of a grandma, its a bit odd because most people there are 20-30. you know ovarit and mumsnet are made for an older female audience right?

No. 1634456

dont disrespect our matriarch

No. 1634460

imagine thinking sharing a generation with the majority of tiktok users is something to boast about, leave my genX sisters alone

No. 1634463

I think older women are ok on lolcow. This isn't a dating site or anything, there's no reason why a middle aged or above woman shouldn't be here. Tbh it's unusual just because you wouldn't really see a lot of older women into the things talked about here but if she's here, so what? Let her be kek ily grandnonnie

No. 1634464

One day you'll be older too, and by then you will be delighted to find sites where you can shittalk scrotes with your fellow women.

No. 1634466

> This is obviously a site for zoomers not all women
when does school start again?(responding to the tranny)

No. 1634472

What do you even mean? The internet is 30 years old, she's probably been trolling the web longer than you've been cognizant. It's not "unusual" you're just ignorant. Older women being on the internet isn't a novelty. God zoomies are fucking weird.

No. 1634477

The fuck are you talking about? I said it's ok for her to be here. Of course older women have been om the internet longer than I've been alive kek my point is that it was weird for some nonnies to act shocked or recommend she goes elsewhere

No. 1634482

need receipts for this, it hasnt been talked about anywhere, idc if you’re gonna reply with "no spoonfed!!" bc you brought that tinfoil first

No. 1634485

OMG !!1!1!1! le epic trolling!!! now kick the chair for more lulz

No. 1634486

>it's ok
Oh well I'm glad she got your permission then.

No. 1634488

the "ovarit admin is a old gay man and their jannies are trannies" tinfoil(responding to the tranny)

No. 1634517

File: 1662225840076.png (347.18 KB, 864x1092, Screenshot_20220903-122209.png)

I know I'm most likely retarded for this, but shit like this is starting to give me anxiety. "Free speech but with rules!1!1!!"

No. 1634526

Eh, free speech always has rules. For example, threatening to murder someone or beat someone up is pretty much illegal everywhere, even thought it's rarely enforced.

The issue with Wu and other libs who jumped on the free speech should be regulated train is that by rules they mean "speech that I don't like should be banned."

No. 1634528

this. It's scary how many people can't grasp that literally nobody on KF was just out there plotting an assassination. They called Keffals a nonce and moved on with their day. I fucking hate that this has become "violence"

No. 1634532

Brianna Wu (John Walker Flynt) is a troon lol, bigger problems at play than being a "lib" I think.
They didn't even do that they said "lol look at this tranny who is fucking with people on Twitter/cancelled Destiny/whatever" and then Keffals antagonized them … and then the dirt came out after he literally asked for it … then still, nobody is threatening him, other than maybe with the fact that he is going to get doxed everywhere he goes for the rest of his life, but what did he expect? Metokur fans and others now won't leave him alone either.

No. 1634537

fuck how do trannies expect me to not hate them all when they do shit like this

No. 1634539

Who is silencing keffals? It clearly hasn’t been working, considering how active he’s remained. Choosing the smarter path of not being terminally online isn’t being silenced, it’s just a good thing to do for your mental health and reputation. Cows are cows because they seem to lack self-preservation. This is evident every time keffals has revealed where he is in pictures that lead to easy doxing by KF autists. They enjoy the game, he’s just providing the puzzle for them to solve. I don’t like victim blaming, but I think of this the way I do my own physical safety. If I know a place is dangerous and people are known for being attacked or kidnapped, I’m going to avoid that area. You have to have some kind of self-preservation to exist, whether in the real world or online.

No. 1634542

oh yeah sorry ill stop hating trannies because you posted that dope ass wojak loool thats such a funny wojak trannies are okay now

No. 1634553

Hey, at least the tranny's transparent gaslighting attempts of spamming misogyny, monkey torture, and CP, criticizing the site for being badly moderated due to the presence of the same, and then trying to be one of the good trannies being a true and honest older sister, is an excellent illustration of the true nature of trannies should anyone be coming here and not be fully peaked yet. Him and Keffals are doing a mean job of tag teaming any remaining goodwill anyone had towards trannies in the community so I guess they are doing a service of sorts.

No. 1634558

You can hate all of them. That's like hating only pancreatic cancer and not all the other kinds.

No. 1634566

File: 1662229418080.png (12.17 KB, 713x121, stink.png)

After a lot of KF users cried about "Gender Critical" being too politically charged the subforum was renamed to Stinkditch. I think that is probably more appropriate. The quote is from Keffals himself.

No. 1634568

> After a lot of KF users cried about "Gender Critical"
OK, lol. I'm pretty sure he got the impetus to change it from the same place he suddenly got concerned about TiFs in his statement. LMAO. Josh shamed again.

No. 1634572

Probably a good move. While there is some legitimate GC discussion that happens on KF, I don’t think the name was that suitable for the forum considering a lot of it was more about posting things to laugh at or keeping up with cows.

No. 1634574

File: 1662230006106.png (107.21 KB, 1078x417, Screenshot 2022-09-03 14.32.40…)

A constant stream of Ls, anon. Now look at the gross term "Stinkditch" polluting the context of the "girl boards."
It's not even that deep, Josh tried to pander, we made fun of his dick, he changed it up.

No. 1634577

What he was trying to do was to LARP as a based TERF ally and/or make his own seething hatred of all things trans-identified seem less creepy by giving the girl boards as a "gender critical" board, but that didn't go over very well, so he changed the name, but I don't think he thought through the optics of that very well, either. What a fucking moron. Keffals has him tilted tbh.

No. 1634584

ya hardly all that retard has done is make josh look good by comparison

No. 1634585

Troon still malding I see. Where are the jannies?

No. 1634589

I guess now we know our resident troon has a stinkditch installed as well, no other reason to samefag this hard and obviously, kek.

No. 1634651

jeez he really doesn't look like he bathes at all.

No. 1634664

File: 1662243029972.jpeg (36.6 KB, 721x649, 442DDDCD-B34F-4DA5-82A4-9CA649…)

Jim has been banished to the lucas room

No. 1634669

File: 1662243357547.png (163.69 KB, 732x638, the gunted one gloats.png)

Ethan Ralph is gloating about this on Twitter. He still doesn't understand that a L for his enemies is not a W for him, while associating with trannies certainly is. His fanbase may be a bunch of nasty incels but they certainly don't care for trannies, either.

No. 1634670

File: 1662243404989.png (20.42 KB, 754x494, theplotthickens.png)


No. 1634671

File: 1662243417504.png (89.68 KB, 543x493, the gunting of cloudflare.png)

No. 1634674

>imminent and emergency threat to human life
Was reading the Metokur thread and got the same. What does this mean? Is someone calling in suicide threats or was the theory that someone was going to shoot up the place turn out to be troo(n)?

No. 1634675

File: 1662243685733.png (123.87 KB, 906x429, Screenshot 2022-09-03 17.20.38…)

Looks like Josh's userbase fedposted too hard and doxed too many trannies after getting riled up and wanting to retaliate. Which outcome I am sure Keffals is thrilled with.

No. 1634676

from their blog
>However, as the pressure campaign escalated, so did the rhetoric on the Kiwifarms site. Feeling attacked, users of the site became even more aggressive. Over the last two weeks, we have proactively reached out to law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions highlighting what we believe are potential criminal acts and imminent threats to human life that were posted to the site.

basically they fell to the pressure but want to keep the image from a few days ago

No. 1634677

If they have dropped KF, that’s really bizarre since days earlier they said they were wrong about dropping 8chan and dailystormer and weren’t going to drop them. I didn’t even finish catching up with the keffals thread

No. 1634678

File: 1662243775759.png (115.84 KB, 615x373, Screenshot 2022-09-03 17.23.26…)

Troon vs Moon

No. 1634679

General fedposting or Keffals just made some shit up. Weird that they didn't just drop Kiwifarms and just blocked them.

No. 1634680

From the linked blogpost:
>However, the rhetoric on the Kiwifarms site and specific, targeted threats have escalated over the last 48 hours to the point that we believe there is an unprecedented emergency and immediate threat to human life unlike we have previously seen from Kiwifarms or any other customer before.
What threat exactly? Photoshopping Keffals' ugly man face? Calling him a male? Joking about his sped behavior? Trannies really are a protected class now, and there's nothing we can do about it. I fear that bothering trannies in any way, shape or form, will soon be enough to completely silence anyone.

No. 1634681

Fake bomb threats and stuff of that nature. Remember- keffals was retweeting screenshots of their location on Google Maps and asking Ukrainian troons to do something. There's a possibility that someone is threatening them since they refused to block Kiwifarms initially

No. 1634682

this is such bullshit. Null has already given details to authorities from users who fedposted too hard. this is just CF's way to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 1634684

Matthew Prince is full of shit, lots of words to say "I caved in to troons whining and now I am on my knees sucking the girldick".

No. 1634686

The Cloudflare statement specifically says rhetoric posted on KF, which I can't say I was paying a lot of attention to, but there was a lot of doxing of all sorts of trannies in retaliation for the Keffals stuff or what will be perceived as in being retaliation for the Keffals stuff, coupled with general minecrafty talk. But it is absolutely a way of succumbing to the pressure and trying to maintain priciples. I'm interested too to see that they are "blocked" not "dropped" which might imply that they are going to give Josh a Twitter-ban-like "option" to do something like ban doxing and get "unblocked" which knowing him he will never do. https://www.kiwifarms.ru/ I think is on a different DDoS blocker than CF but it hasn't been working for me anyway lately, and there is Tor, and he will be able to find some Russians eventually to mitigate for an exorbitant sum and at a detriment to the user experience. So I am still not ready to freak out.

No. 1634687

It’s kind of scummy that CF is basically pulling a 180 from what they said a couple days ago. Trans people are the most protected class at this point

No. 1634688

Sad times we live in where troons get to decide who gets to speak on the internet and who doesn't. No doubt we are next, maybe not immediately but their plan is clearly to censor the internet of all opposing opinions.

No. 1634689

No, the blog post makes it clear it's content on KF that got it blocked. Cloudflare is exaggerating new developments so they can have an excuse to block KF after already saying they won't literally just days ago.

No. 1634691

No. 1634692

Matthew Prince is a fucking retard for doing a 180 against KF, our website will be fucked too, im so fucking mad now the troons are ruining the internet

No. 1634693

As long as I can have my Kevin Gibes thread I am ready to end my all of my posts with a celebratory Heil Putin. Yes, I am very selfish.

No. 1634694

File: 1662244440272.jpg (86.09 KB, 1284x891, FbwX4fHXoAEs1h4.jpg)

Might be this that got them blocked.

No. 1634696

Doxing is not illegal. There has been one fedpost and it was deleted almost immediatel, but ofc not before Keffals screenshotted it. This is all just an excuse.

No. 1634697

File: 1662244476605.png (221.71 KB, 605x594, 1b91557998310ed540f80963e6fdc6…)

Well, this might explain it. This is a new poster who I saw somewhere else being suspicious as fuck.

No. 1634699

What an idiot.

No. 1634700

This was deleted within minutes and the user banned. Likely a tranny false-flagging too.

No. 1634701

Somebody posted on KF
>oh, Keffals is going for poutine, so I just called on my IRA brothers to put three bombs there
That’s the imminent threat to human life (that got Jannie’d in about thirty seconds). Just some fedposting.

No. 1634702

it was obvious bait fedposting, and KF has removed the new registration, Josh needs to find who fucking invited him

No. 1634705

File: 1662244710455.jpg (192.49 KB, 1017x1221, tranny post.jpg)

Full articles within minutes

No. 1634706

Someone is fedposting on 4chan every 5 seconds and nobody gives a shit. Thats because troons use 4chan and get all their porn there.

No. 1634708

They had those ready to go

No. 1634709

now i want to know if this as a retarded kf shitposting or a falseflagger of kekfalls

somehow, blocking imo is worse than simply dropping the ddos protection

No. 1634710

"oppressed" my ass!

No. 1634711

damn, you can literally prey on children by sending them illegal and dangerous pharmaceuticals, publicly gloat about it, follow and support real pedophiles on your main fucking account, and then when people simply document the behavior you personally put online, just whine and bitch and complain long enough for all the meanies to get taken down. I really am at a loss for fucking words. I guess i shouldnt be suprised but holy shit. I have to believe there is some kind of holy justice for this that's just out of all of our hands.

No. 1634714

Some Kiwis are certainly this retarded but my gut says false flag.

No. 1634715

We'll find out soon I'm sure what his deal was but I want to say I saw that poster being autistic elsewhere so it could just be an unhinged kiwiscrote a la SIGSEGV.

No. 1634718

Fuck me. The mob is taking us down at some point soon I imagine?

No. 1634719

Yeah. I frequented gross tranny threads just for more info and literally nobody posted anything like that. They document what had been said at all and the doxing wasn’t encouraged anywhere if it even happened at all which it most likely did not

No. 1634720

There will be justice one day, things have to get bad enough for people to wake the fuck up first. This is part of the process. Maybe normies will finally speak the fuck up when trannies are herding women with dissenting opinions into their breeding camps they dream of.

No. 1634721

that'd be something. silencing real women

No. 1634722

A Twitter campaign and fedposting will likely be all it takes.

No. 1634723

Yep! Be ready nonna, if troons don’t like your speech they take you down. It just means everything we say about them is true. They want to censor their lies.

No. 1634724

Probably. No spaces for women. “Real” women don’t exist. We are just ‘cis’ and evil terfs that need to die. Fuck troons. If lcf goes down never let a troon get their way in your life.

No. 1634725

Fucking rip. Guess thats it then.

No. 1634726

you know they'd love it, peak narc fantasy right there

No. 1634727

Think you’re being way too dramatic chill nonna it won’t get to that point, forcing someone to be publicly raped is different from a site going down, my gosh have some hope, they want you to think they can do that

No. 1634728

Just say no to troons. Don't help them, don't hire them, don't be nice to them, make sure that they know that you don't perceive them to be women.

No. 1634729

He even defended the "nazi" Jaime Cochran who worked at CloudFlare in 2017 who keffals and tranny friends were quick to post on Twitter. The fuck made him reverse so quick?

No. 1634732

Knew it. Bent the knee for pedo grooming men in dresses. Just waited a few days so it looked like they had no choice. Congrats, Cloudflare.

No. 1634735

Based anon speaks truth. This is the only way society will prosper.

No. 1634736

bottom line

No. 1634738

btw to anybody here cheering for this: you really shouldn’t. just because null is a shady dude and some kiwis are stupid doesn’t fucking mean this shit is positive. it means trannies have the power to take down any dissenters including YOU and you’re NEXT so. maybe don’t throw up your hands and act nonchalant.

No. 1634739

Know that even being masculine, GNC, ‘unkempt’, ‘ugly’ you are more of a woman than a troon ever will even dream of being.

No. 1634740

File: 1662245278743.png (264.15 KB, 681x533, Surprised pikachu face.png)

>a company based in San Francisco completely cucks out

No. 1634741

the people are already awake, everyone sees this shit for what it is. Keffals literally had not even 6 digits numbers of people supporting him. It's not about what the people want, it's about what this tiny tiny microscopic minority of literal fucking eunuch freaks wants.

No. 1634742

If its over some retard's fedposting, then they had some chances in the past to take it down. This is flat out opportunistic as fuck considering that fedposting was frowned upon.
>A site that brings to light abuse of babymonkeys and the abusive behavior of predators is somehow worse than the groomers who want to harm children and torture animals.

No. 1634743

Rub your ovaries in their face. Metaphorically.

No. 1634744

they were going to protest at sydney during Cloudflare conference + there was a newfag on the thread who threatened keffals and his troon friend, it was obvious fedposting bait and got sweeped by jannies but keffals already took a screenshot of it

No. 1634745

They are getting everything they want and what they want most is total power and control over women and to make telling them "no" A crime.

No. 1634746

I once heard something in a podcast that's very true. you notice how it's only the MtF trannies that spark the most and are the most seen? that's their male nature to dominate and attain what they want through forceful means. A group of FtM troons would have never gotten this far. Things like that make me feel better ya know.
trannies, even the best operated ones, will never look like real women.
straight men will never be attracted to them.
and they will never be feminine in nature, not by pretense and force.

No. 1634747

KF should have just closed registration once the furor started, false-flagging is a known tool in the troon playbook and exactly how GC subs went down. better to keep the userbase contained than jannies constantly fighting fedposts

No. 1634748

Exactly. Normies are already waking up to it, even kids on tiktok are anti troon. People are seeing the bullshit. They just need to be louder than these troons. Troons are just violent, disgustingly sexual men that suddenly get what they want because they wear a skirt. They think being a woman is ‘easy’ if you’re a walking pornographic stereotype.

No. 1634749

File: 1662245482288.gif (1.77 MB, 600x600, 6j9lzsznopj71.gif)

To the celebrating trannies - you will still never be a woman.

No. 1634750

File: 1662245497443.jpg (16.46 KB, 275x274, 1573254192704.jpg)

Fuck trannies. You'll never be real women. No amount of body mutilation will ever make you look remotely like a woman. Cope harder and dilate. You'll never be accepted, no matter how hard you screech.

No. 1634752

i hope that cloudfare gets shit in the future for this decision, by being dropped by clients or by being constantly harassed to take down websites
like wtf kind of PR image this shows
>oh if we get harassed we will not cease our services that YOU are paying for, we will directly block your website with the service YOU are paying for

No. 1634753

Registrations have been closed for weeks.

No. 1634754

Don’t be fucking hysterical. If you really think they’re going to send you to a rape and breeding camp, respectfully, you’re a dumbass. Troons may have gotten a taste of power but they literally cannot do that. Whether you want to believe it or not, normies (which make up a vast amount of the population) wouldn’t just sit around and watch women be dragged from their houses to be put in a rape center truck. If you really think the parents of these women or siblings and other family members would sit around and give zero shits you need to go touch grass. Troons would be killed on sight if they tried.

No. 1634755

Older accounts could still invite new ones.

No. 1634757

inb4 keffals announces he supports thousand pity

No. 1634759

report for annoying troon

No. 1634760

Apparently you've been asleep in history class and never learned how a small group of people can gain totalitarian power.

No. 1634762

inb4 Keffals rape a dog

No. 1634765


No. 1634766

not by invite they hadn't, some sellout/sleeper absolutely opened the door

No. 1634767

Okay, not gonna argue with you. Sit around and cry instead of taking action, at this point you’re arguing for them to come and take you away. Enjoy then, nonna.

No. 1634768

we're talking about troons here. straight men will never allow that. they're naturally revolted by them more than women are.

No. 1634769

Fake and gay

No. 1634770

He already did that with his family's chihuahua.

No. 1634772

I've set uBlock to disable images on lolcow for now tbh. You just know these trannies will start posting their masturbation material gore and csam here.

No. 1634773

Bullshit. I've seen more body counts from twitter and discord yet its the KF that gets the blame hammer.
Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1634775

Fuck troons. Women are and always will be the most opressed. Our daughters and sisters that get groomed online to cut their breasts off or kneel to a troon. There is nothing good about troons. Tranny men need to burn. All perverted pedos, every single one of them are the same.

No. 1634776

Wtf are you talking about

No. 1634777

It is hard to grasp totalitarian power when you're just a dude in a dress who will crumble if you tell him that he is a dude in a dress.

No. 1634779

because real women are what they hate most?

No. 1634781

isnt this the same scrote that drew underage furry fetish porn, and used an unironic irl baby photo as ""reference"".
only pedos want the kiwifarms down, prove me wrong.

No. 1634782

Josh kept reopening them throughout the year despite half the site wanting to keep them closed due to more 2022 registrants being malcontents than not. Troons who registered just to troll and pick fights were given pink triangles and allowed to stay, instead of getting banned like before. Reopening registrations in July was a mistake.

No. 1634783

You are correct

No. 1634784

not by invite they hadn't, some sellout/sleeper absolutely opened the door

think josh'll get a refund?

No. 1634785

Because KF had the most organized documentation of all the scummy things that trannies did. 4chan doesn't have that level of organization and doesn't document receipt as well as the Kiwi autists did.

No. 1634788

Pedos and dogfuckers

No. 1634789

They are literally using nazi techniques. Controlling the press. Dehumanizing their enemy to be so evil that anything done to them is justified. Censoring all opposing opinions.

No. 1634790

Oh okay so the retard posting all this ‘we warned u’ shit is providing screenshot evidence that troons are liars who manipulate companies, great job

No. 1634791

Exactly. They were autists and retarded but they had the evidence of a bunch of disgusting online people. The ones who wanted KF down were all ones with skeletons in their closets.

No. 1634792

what i dont get is that no business or enterprise of any meaningful size was ever going to cave over the keffals shit - but making a big flashy public statement then not only walking it back, but taking the nuclear option for dubious reasons within 48 hours of the original statement, is the type of shit that might ACTUALLY lose you some real customers lol

No. 1634793

KF will be back up, but this is setting a horrible precedent for the entire internet.

No. 1634794

That's because big tech is overwhelmingly run by trannies and other degenerate moids. Trannies have massive influence on the course of these things unfortunately.

No. 1634795

troons are not seizing shit for power. MASSIVE CORPORATIONS are using them as proxies so that they can wipe the internet clean of everything that refuses to be bought out by facebook or microsoft or apple or whatever. Trannies are just fucking retarded enough to be useful idiots in this whole endeavor because they are so weak and so powerless that they constantly beg daddy company to enforce their will. Fuck man this shit pisses me off. It's a win win for them. Big companies listen to trannies and get to kill all their competition, and trannies get to feel like heros because they cried so loud that they got all the bullies banned and their communities destroyed.

No. 1634796

File: 1662246227514.gif (3.21 MB, 130x191, 1657531427028.gif)

fuck all the trannies. yall are ruining the internet since 2014. i hope yall rot pocket will infect your whole body, and your hormones will make you weak and crippled. 41% isnt enough for yall

No. 1634797

Yup. Even if LCF is down, there will always be an opposing side to troons, and that all the nonnas here are real women who feel the same, all around the world. KF being down is just waking more people up.

No. 1634798

A certain world leader is threatening the military on anyone who stands up to troons so I doubt that

No. 1634799

I swear to God, KF members are retarded as fuck

No. 1634800

I'm thinking maybe Vordrak or troons are threatening Mathew Princes family directly. Thats how Vordrak got stream.me taken offline as well as New Project 2. both just cause Null was using those sites to make money.

No. 1634801

ok, doomer

No. 1634802

The upside of this is that large parts of the internet now hates troons and will side with radfems against them.

No. 1634803

Nobody cares about Joe Biden, he’s an idiot and nobody takes him seriously, let’s no get stupidly political

No. 1634804

You think once troons are no longer useful to companies, we'll see backlash?

No. 1634806

People are saying that was a new account that was quickly banned. There were quite a few new accounts that were very obviously fedposting. Josh is the retard for opening registration, even if only through invite.

No. 1634807

kys man faced tranny(stop responding to the tranny)

No. 1634808

And you won’t be able to talk to nonnas anymore like you always so badly want to Kek. Good riddance tranny.

No. 1634810

Yes. Nobody likes really likes troons, they are a useful means to an end.

No. 1634811

If there were more fedposts they would be on Keffals twitter, quit lying.

No. 1634812

corpos with a social justice budget are naturally going to support causes in a way that betters their own interests, making any "charity" extremely suspect regardless of the cause. meanwhile normies are busy thinking that the left/right is the cause of the censorship and getting turned into useful little attack dogs

No. 1634813

File: 1662246548238.png (56.75 KB, 300x286, 43461751.png)

No matter how much troons snuff out any defiance, it will never change the fact that they'll never be women. It's an overused meme at this point, but it still resonates for a reason. They want something I have that takes no effort on my part so much that they'll kill their body and souls for it. They'll never get what they want no matter how much they do and there's no validation in the world that can make them cope. Feels good nonnies

No. 1634814

Seems like Null was dumb for letting his guard down, but also feels like cloudflare was waiting for a reason to let go of them.

No. 1634815

This. Follow radfems and terfs on twitter and other social medias. Talk to your average person. They hate troons. Troons will never ever be seen as women. Even handmaidens deep down know they are men.

No. 1634816

This was most likely a new user. I had been refreshing certain KF threads a lot over the last few days and what i noticed was that every time something edgy or retarded was said it was by a user who registered in 2021/22. Like many others said here, i have no clue why Josh didn't close registrations and didn't yeet some users off the website (or at least temp ban them till the end of the year).

No. 1634817

>forgetting about "untoward about pedophiles"

No. 1634818

File: 1662246620331.png (299.86 KB, 898x1412, Capture d’écran 2022-09-04 à 0…)

they're purging the telegram chat now, it's getting really bad

No. 1634819

File: 1662246622045.png (438.85 KB, 500x538, 1623294611387.png)

>massive corporations
That terrifies me the most tbh. Imagine living in a world where you aren't allowed to criticize men with actual governmental power. Hollywood and Epstein island gave us a glimpse of the horrific shit the rich do in their free time. If they really go full 1984, then without a doubt they will create those "breeding farms" troons fantasize about constantly.

Yes, Nikola Tesla you were right. We have seen man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.

No. 1634820

They already purge it

No. 1634821

Remember that troons are dependent on outside validation while women are not. A troon can only exist as long as people deem him as female, women exist independently of men. And there are more of us than there are of them.

No. 1634822

Reminder for every real woman here that your fight and your voice matters. Never back down on shitting on troons and sexual degenerates invading our spaces. They'll all end up killing themselves at some point anyways, after realizing no self-respecting men wants their mutilated fake pussy.

No. 1634823

Fuck I was mid sideshow thread
I don't want to hear shit about how these white men in dresses are oppressed

No. 1634824

The Farms will be back. Cloudflare just killed their brand. Trannies seethe and cope and, I daresay, dilate.

No. 1634826

Ngl I'm really upset about this. I feel like we may be next. All it'll take is some Trabs we've talked about to snitch to Keffals. They'll lie and say whatever they want and this will be gone next. Ugh.Not even going to open twitter to see anything about it. It's clear there's been a lot of.fake posters saying crazy shit on kiwifarms especially in keffals threads.

No. 1634827

Im sorry, who's purging it?

No. 1634828

They only care about money so yes. Once big pharma finds another fat cash cow to milk, transitioning will be marketed as too extreme, expensive, time consuming, etc. Academia will then be released from protecting troons so the papers and studies will flow out highlighting the fucked up reality of troons’ lives and health

No. 1634830

wasn't josh getting huge monetary offers? even politians wanting to talk to him? when kiwifarms is back up and running like nothing (as they have always done) what is that ugly man keffles gonna say next?

No. 1634831

CF could have just terminated their services but instead chose to play internet police.

No. 1634832

Don't be sad. Be angry and do something constructive.

No. 1634833

i hope josh will move to a russian ddos protection or some shit like that, i hope he has already prepared everything for the backup since he was watching keffals campaign since the beginning

No. 1634835

This shit really upsets me too. It makes me never want to be nice to a tranny ever again.

No. 1634836

This exactly. If LCF goes down, keep making womens only spaces. Terf spaces. Because we will always exist and prosper.

No. 1634837

the kiwifarms mods

No. 1634838

How could anyone fall for such an obvious false flag post though? It almost seems coordinated with the tranny cabal. CF just put out a statement saying they believe in free speech and now they suddenly have "no choice" but to terminate KF because of "threat to human life emergency!!11" I hate trannies so much I cannot sleep.

No. 1634839

>straight men will never allow that
They are the straight men tho

No. 1634842

It'd be one thing if this was based on 100% facts but it's not. Lies, weaponizing suicides and obvious weirdos saying crazy shit. Constant harassment of staff. I won't say KF did nothing wrong, but I will say that this all started because the protected group was being talked about. All the racism and women hate on Kiwifarms wasn't enough. CORRECT information that grown men put out there online is what made this happened.This shows how easily they can do this, any space that talks about MTf (no one else) can be taken down this same exact way. Wow.

No. 1634843

Ghost fucking suck and so do you, troon.

No. 1634844

man if any good came of this it's the fact that if there was any residual andrew tate or jordan peterson le women are bad bullshit bouncing around in the heads of incel men on KF or whats left of the gamergate crowd it is all but totally gone (at least in the smart ones). Trannies are the universal fucking enemy and I hope that is strong enough to finally unify the two sexes and make them stop chudding out over each other.

No. 1634845

File: 1662247071928.png (1.25 MB, 1237x685, troons.png)

obviously to get the troons off their backs. mutilated men in dresses were planning to riot outside their business. who wants to see that sight?

No. 1634847

No. 1634848

so fucking true, you dont know when a tranny can stab you behind the back, nobody should fucking trust them theyre all pathological manipulators

No. 1634849

you underestimate men. They are perfectly capable of hating women and troons.

No. 1634850

I mean, it would have been funny.
Tranny protests are like a modern day freak show.

No. 1634851

you know what i mean. cis, or whatever tranny buzzword they call normal people.

No. 1634852

I hate that trannies have so much power as a protected male class online. We really fucked up. Anywhere with a dissenting opinion is blocked and taken down by mob mentality.

How can people bitch about China's censorship when our censorship is done by dickless men who don't want to hear about reality?

I'm not angry, just ashamed that this is the future we've signed up for by being "progressive"

No. 1634853

pic related will still probably happen in sydney

No. 1634854

>Trannies are the universal fucking enemy and I hope that is strong enough to finally unify the two sexes and make them stop chudding out over each other
Fuck men and fuck trannies

No. 1634855

May be? Yeah we are next nonna. KF was first on their list because they documented everything remotely psychotic that trannies had to say. They debunked all of their lies about surgeries, hormones, implants: all of it. It may have been autistic but, it was a beacon of hard facts and evidence for how psycho the troon army is. And it had to go because it hurt them. We’re next because we are dissenting women. We’re something they’ll never be, no matter how hard they fight for it. God and Mother Nature are the biggest TERFs. Biology will not stoop to their level of retardation. They don’t want us to speak because we know the truth and we do not support them. That is why they will come after us next. Be prepared to fight back just as hard.

No. 1634856

File: 1662247198101.png (2.49 MB, 823x1200, 5F7CA71A-22BC-4531-A777-BE629F…)

Again, if LCF goes down- we have to keep making female only spaces. It won’t be the end, and it never will be

No. 1634857

hell no he wasn't, he's radioactive for any public-facing people, much less politicians who also stand to be mocked mercilessly for their own cow behaviours

no pity for cloudflare when warlords and cults start demanding they take down their political opponents for "imminent danger to life"

No. 1634860

Someone explain to me what this means? Like doesn't this look bad to anyone who doesn't buy the
Narrative? All this says is "any space that you dislike, you can do this to and we will bend"

No. 1634861

4chan has multiple mass shootings tied to it and yet nobody is trying to take that down. Really makes it obvious that this is not about threats of violence but about removing Information.

No. 1634862

Yeah, ikr nona. Null really acted dumb by let registration by invites runs free because it was obvious troons are terminally online and would try to infiltrate and fedpost. Every now and then there is a troon on Twitter saying that they infiltrated Ovarit, it was obvious they would do to KF too.
We are doomed, this sanitized, corporate-controlled, troon-friendly internet will suck, nonnies.
What it comforts me is that no matter how many surgeries they have, hormones they take and the bullying they do, they will never be a real woman kek. They can seethe and dilate over that.

No. 1634864

Where can we met if this place goes next? We are smaller then Kiwifarms and I'm just, ugh, what this means for so many places is crazy

No. 1634867

This feels like a long awaited gayops by Elliot (Brianna). He needed a loud useful idiot and Keffals fit that bill perfectly.

No. 1634868

countless troons admit to being poltard nazi 4channers pre transition and that estrogen 'healed' them. this is so bleak i hope nothing happens to this site.

No. 1634869

I'm pretty sure that's why the mods set up the matrix server after the discord server was nuked for troon politics

No. 1634870

crystal cafe? did ovarit go down?

No. 1634871

Its not about the fedposting. They would have found any excuse to do this even if there were no fedposts.

No. 1634872


No they aren't you colossal spergs. Keffals only managed this because KF has such a terrible, garbage rep, and is known for having the biggest nutjobs in the dramasphere, that nobody cared. We don't have quite the deranged rep that Null's Playhouse did and never will, and if you genuinely think some mutilation fetishist getting lucky after buying a shitton of bots is 1984 you're a pearl clutching idiot.

And none of you are gonna do anything anyways so get back to laughing at lolcows and not doomposting.

No. 1634873

yeah, one or two more mass shooting or obvious fedpost/dumb manifesto against trannies and 4chan will be in big trouble. by the way who's hosting them?

No. 1634874

People suggested crystal.cafe but it’s already infested with troons and moids. Idk what’s going on with the official discord server right now (the mods of it said they were going to delete it Aug 31st but it’s still active currently) but yeah. We need to have a second option.

No. 1634876

You are a retard.

No. 1634878

All this doomposting is getting really corny

No. 1634879

LCF can literally go down in the blink of an eye. They just need a screenshot of one MTF thread from snow and we’re out lol

No. 1634880

I’m trying to figure out in what world or situation is this a good thing. The more you censor people and shutdown their discussions about trannies, the more people will fucking hate them. You’re creating thousands more people who want you gone each and every passing day because someone said that your nasty, festering, maggot ridden stinkditch isn’t a pussy. It was the worst move you could’ve ever possibly made.

No. 1634881

They will never come after us is every internet site's famous last words. Prepare for the worst.

No. 1634882

We need to make more spaces for real women to engage with. lcf just isn't enough. It sucks that Cloudflare chose to side with the trans-nazis because of some petty drama. CC is already scrotum infested.

No. 1634884

no it hasnt but since its a rip-off subreddit i doubt that nonnas will like it

No. 1634885

That would imply that this is actually about activism for the likes of Keffals, it no more is than it was for Yaniv or the cyclist guy. It's fetishism and bullying.

No. 1634888

Damn, I will miss lcf if that happens

No. 1634889

This is an amazing day to watch the terminally online who do nothing, NOTHING, but obsess after lolcows all day having irl breakdowns

It's like magatards flying off the handle after the 2020 election but for fatter nerds(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1634890

i'm not convinced the fedposter wasn't real. men are violent. if you ever go back and forth between lolcow, 4chan and kiwifarms you'll see a huge difference. male sites are violent and lolcow is just bitchy and catty. we'll nitpick your pore count before we threaten you with bombs.

No. 1634891

you’re posting on an imageboard right now

No. 1634893

Also does this mean Kiwifarms has no chance of coming back? Like period? Or it'd just be harder trying to see just in case something happens with us. What does CF dropping them mean?

No. 1634895

>”That solution will require much more work across society. We are hopeful that our action today will help provoke conversations toward addressing the larger problem. And we stand ready to participate in that conversation.”

- Matthew Prince, Cloudflare

Oh, yeah it’ll provoke conversation, definitely. Not the kind you think that it will or you’ll support, but rest assured, it will.

No. 1634896

I don’t care about the cows honestly. The cow boards could get deleted and it would be fine. I just want a female only space.

No. 1634898

It can come back possibly, yes.

No. 1634899

No. 1634900

they were saying josh has many backups, CF was just the most convenient

No. 1634902

Post your BMI or gtfo.(infighting)

No. 1634907

Begone scrote(infighting)

No. 1634909

Nice optimism, but we are known for being transphobic, that's literally enough for us to be a target. It's even worse considering the admin is MIA.

No. 1634910

Same nonna. Nearly all the cows on /snow/ are so uninteresting to me, even after absorbing context. Maybe it's just one of those things where you had to be there to appreciate it

No. 1634912

You're on a lolcow site right now, retard

No. 1634913

The main thing that freaks me out about this is that Lucas can openly brag about helping children access permanently life altering drugs, yet still manage to gain a following. None of these people care he is potentially ruining children’s lives. The real crime is pointing that out and calling him a man. Dark times

No. 1634915

It was, I started here looking at the cows and lurking. Over time the cows just got more boring. But I’ve also personally just grown and don’t really enjoy seeing them anymore. I just want to talk to my nonnies and call men scrotes faggots and retards.

No. 1634916

Yeah, Null won't sleep until KF is back online. If this site goes down we won't even get a farewell post.

No. 1634922

Cloudflare is basically a giant filter that sits between Josh's servers and a hostile internet. If Cloudflare will no longer do this Josh can stop routing his traffic through them but would immediately be taken down by trannies (and others) DDoSing. There are other options which will cost much more and likely degrade the experience but they are there. There is also Tor which would probably degrade it to near-unusability.

No. 1634924

refuge in audacity. normies actually cannot comprehend the depravity and will protect themselves by thinking it must be fake

No. 1634925

give me a break lol

No. 1634926

I don't even want to see his smug posts tbh. I'm kinda nervous who I may respect/like is probably cheering on what's going on. JK Rowling woke me up to a lot of youtubers who o supported showing their woman hating faces, like Elvis the Alien aka Shadman defender

No. 1634928


Sadly, I've been blaring the horn since 2011 about troons ruining spaces and trying to shut down every form of dissent. This just emboldens their ego. Nothing more dangerous than coming between a man and his ego, and a man and his fetish. MtF's have a combination of both along with poor social skills, poor conflict resolution skills and relatively high tech aptitude on average as a group.

No. 1634929

lolcow never was, and never will be, the radfem space that you have dreamt in your head. Its sole existence is for documenting lolcows, hence its name. If you don't like it, crystal.cafe is the other direction.
No, I'm not a troon/scrote/pickme before any of you spergs start getting jumpy

No. 1634930

File: 1662248416052.png (111.2 KB, 1170x388, Capture d’écran 2022-09-04 à 0…)

theyre admitting that their cult can sweep any website down with their very original "muh transphobia". i hope more people acknowledge that they're ruining everything they see nowadays and that more people needs to stop fucking listening to these deluded people

No. 1634931

It's not about the lolcows, you retard. It's about the censorship and how a bunch of coomers in wigs have enough power to make big corporations bend to them. Does this not worry you? Their violence, how they can groom children, how hard they fight to erase language and women's rights?
I dislike the incels on KF, sure, but as spergy and edgy unemployed moids they are (were?), they helped to keep evidence of what really troons are up.

No. 1634933

This is a double win for that asian troon that has been helping keffals. One of his SOs works for Fastly. KF goes down and he wins. CF blocks KF, in turn damaging their own reputation, now other sites turn to competitors like Fastly as an alternative.

No. 1634934

I feel like a lot of Kiwis and others would donate to help Josh, I don't think Kiwifarms is going to go away, but I do fear they may make it so you have to have an account/referral to join it or something. I doubt his Friday streams will go away either.

No. 1634935

I now wish troon genocide was an actual thing. Fuck these people

No. 1634936

I agree, and that’s fine. I don’t think they’ll ever remove the cows for my personal wants haha

No. 1634937

To view it I mean

No. 1634938

He needs to dox and out the tranny that posted the threat

No. 1634940

Stop comparing this shit to 1984. The end goal is legalization of pedophilia; that’s Brave New World.

No. 1634942

true, josh has stated that he has a full backup of the site already, nothing's going to happen. at most he will just need a couple days to find a new way to host, and spend some cash.

No. 1634944

cc is polluted by scrotes now, nobody wants to touch it, admin should nuke it atp
honestly we just need to made /2X/ more accessible, this was the only real radfem board on this site

No. 1634948

File: 1662248835711.jpeg (92.77 KB, 750x427, 64B1D529-4262-41AD-B465-B6326B…)

>only claims to fame are something that happened almost a decade ago and a dusty ass shelf

No. 1634949

Josh deserves worse for this. He's a pedophile and psychopath and really should just end it already.

No. 1634950

if there's a full backup with all the posts there and everything, that'll be even more hilarious

No. 1634953

It's not even just your post. I've seen countless anons regurgitate the same thing about wanting a 'female-only' space. I agree with that, as I'm radfem myself, but lolcow really isn't the place to get preachy over things like this. It doesn't even explicitly state in the rules that men aren't allowed, just that they are not to make it known that they are males. We never started out as an ideology-based website and some anons need to understand that.

No. 1634955

When KF was being blackholed back in late August, there was talk in that "community" about plans to go after wayback machine and gender crit communities once they took down the forum.

Who is to say that this newfag fed poster wasn't a plant from one of the troon adjacent camps. If this >>1634705 was posted minutes after the block then you just know that the move to axe the forum waiting in the wings for a while.

That's the worst of it. To be honest, I was always indifferent about Lucas being trans but he is a shitty person who needs to be kept away from minors. It's super petty, but I am mildly salty about these reprobates gloating about their "W" all over the bird app (that verified Lucas even though he violated the conditions for verification). Cope. Seethe. Blah, blah, blah, but at least we'll never have to dilate (and the male lurkers still have their bits intact).

No. 1634959

File: 1662248994481.png (114.9 KB, 528x683, ff29962ead09df9869d2ed678df077…)

No. 1634960

it’s like bro the rest of the lgb doesn’t even like y’all lmao

No. 1634961

this is the fucking tranny that Sagal namedropped on his suicide note, yet nobody goes after him and blames on KF instead (and you already know why)

No. 1634962

Hope it comes back with a different name and I really hope some people toss some big bucks at Josh, don't don't like the scrote but..yuck. just yuck. If all he has to do is find another service why are they celebrating? If that's all that needs to be done?

No. 1634963

Disagree on the /2X/ thing. This is gonna come off as very selfish, but it would be best if it remained a well-kept secret. Too many newfags and spammers pollute the main boards, opening up the radfem board is only going to make it unreadable.

No. 1634964

>sex pest who grooms little boys
Rich coming from an admitted shotacon who tried to fuck kids on a Roblox clone forum lol.

No. 1634965

No. 1634966

File: 1662249086066.jpg (747.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220904-114824_Twi…)

excuse my retardation/being out of the loop, but who tf is this? I swear I saw this fanart in this thread some few minutes ago, so I know you're here.

Claiming to be a past mod here, claiming to be responsible for the kiwifarms takedown And calling for lolcow to be taken down next.
My bad if I just can't recognize trolls/sarcasm.

No. 1634967

>I am so full of hate for this situation.
made me smile. get fired up, Joshy, make them seethe

No. 1634970

dont care what you fags say hes based

No. 1634972

As long the ADL and keep pushing the “evil alt right” angle, yes. It looks bad to regular people who don’t know anything. For example, someone could say Lipstick Alley is an evil transphobic alt right hate blah blah blah. Then take the site down. With no hard evidence and the ability to communicate, then they’d look guilty. This is how the troons are fighting. They can’t fight the truth, but if they destroy anyone telling the truth and perpetually only allow their truth. We’re living in a shit science fiction novel nonnie:

No. 1634974

josh that is not lucas in reference to >>1634959

No. 1634975

It’s a schizotranny named Blaine. He’s been harassing lcf for months now. He even had a thread on KF. He is an extremely mentally ill scrote that is terminally online 24 hours a day, so yeah him posting on twitter checks out. He has never been a mod or admin. He is just another scrote attention whore

No. 1634976

I scrolled right past that fake post, that was rated "autistic " and nobody was supporting it. Someone even told them to fuck off. It's clear it was a planted post and/or some retard larping. If that all it takes then no where is sage
Any space that talks about trans can have this very same thing happen to it. Keffals loves this and he won't stop at Kf.

No. 1634978

he doesn't even have proof of his rape.

No. 1634979

File: 1662249229145.jpg (143.38 KB, 1284x1068, nextstep.jpg)

now that CF bent the knee they know that they can do the same with other companies

No. 1634980

this poast was made before KF was blocked

No. 1634982

Probably Blaine the deranged troon again. He's been shitting up multiple sites for months and recently has been claiming that he took down KF by hacking it or whatever

No. 1634983

Oh shit I've heard of him didn't recognize his twitter

No. 1634984

Nayrt I agree.

No. 1634986

The proof? Oof, too fucking bad then. No caps, didn’t happen.

No. 1634988

I'm so excited to watch it all. Josh better not disappoint

No. 1634990

This isn't a good thing for free speech and censorship. They'll start taking down whatever else they don't like that doesn't break any laws.

No. 1634991

That's our resident CP-spamming tranny gaslighter. If he were less schizophrenic, I wouldn't think it out of the realm of possibility that he did some of the fedposting to try to get KF taken down, but he's honestly not high-functioning enough to keep it together, I mean everyone here has seen how pathetically bad at samefagging he is even on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 1634992

yeah you're right i didnt really thought abt it when i wrote this, i mean this can be active if radfems share this to their community from mouth to ear instead of dropping the link publicly

No. 1634996

It makes sense that MTF is autosaged but even then, LCF is going to be known as a terf site. We’re just known as a “cyberbooli catty” site atm.

No. 1634997

Oh good the weeb Troon is back.

No. 1635000

he's talking about SESTA Law ? Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act Law ?? since when KF is allowing that wtf

No. 1635001

Is there any chance of KF being accessible NOT on Tor? Really don’t want to use that

No. 1635003

Integrate, fucking newfag retard. NO CAPS, DIDN’T HAPPEN. And if it did no one gives a single shit about it. Maybe don’t be on your oh so hated kiwifarms? Stay in your fucking lane. Fuck these trannies.

No. 1635004

this world is hell that this can happen

we cant have shit

fuck niggers, fuck kikes, fuck trannies(not today, kiwifag)

No. 1635005

SESTA affects basically every website - if someone posts something illegal on your website it's the owner's responsibility to take it down. I know >Vox but it's pretty shit:
https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom(This is a imageboard post caps)

No. 1635006

thats the schizo tranny who's polluting every thread this week, he's a mod on rdrama iirc but not on LCF

No. 1635007

He got banned from rdrama which is why he’s been nuclear all day today

No. 1635008

>We’re living in a shit science fiction novel nonnie.
No. This is Lynsenkoism in Russia and the McCarthyism in America with a touch of how Catholics used to persecute heretics in the Middle Ages (minus the legal trials and murder).

If people could throw off the Roman Catholic Church, trannies will go down too. The only question is how many people are going to have their lives fucked over before that happens.

No. 1635009

Imagine being a whole sweaty nasty dickless man in a dress who comes online to post pics of anime characters in a forum occupied by women
ywnbaw my guy, go do something constructive like putting yourself in a psyche ward

No. 1635014

Based mod

No. 1635015

maybe because i didn’t reply to his stupid ass and only made a comment nonna, quit mini modding

No. 1635016

Don't the owner also have to report it too?

No. 1635017

Is Josh definitely going to use Tor?

No. 1635022

the ops are only going to get gayer now

No. 1635023

No. 1635024

YES! Brianna was indeed the troon Chelsea Sagal blamed for his suicide. It was never KF, GG, or ED.

Troons have bullied so many people into supporting them and yet when one of their own (Brianna) can't be bothered to support another of their own (Chelsea) to the point where the latter commits suicide, they have to cover it up and deflect the blame elsewhere (KF).

No. 1635025

He already does, but last I heard it was not working. He said he's going to get that back up on Telegram. He'll no doubt get some shady Russian Cloudflare alternatives, too.

No. 1635027

There are Russian DDOS protection providers and he's probably going to have to use them.

No. 1635029

File: 1662250199293.png (37.94 KB, 866x347, based russians.png)

i commented about LJ before and i found this article from 2017 so i don't know if they have made any changes, but im gonna make a lolcow LJ community. i don't care anymore. i'm sick and tired of these looney troons.

No. 1635031

File: 1662250241697.png (60.71 KB, 1137x174, Screenshot 2022-09-03 19.11.33…)

libertarianism was never going to save us

No. 1635032

There’s also Fastly, which doesn’t appear to have much business and employs one of the men in Liz Fong Jones’ poly thing

No. 1635035

oof, do it, sounds amazing

No. 1635036

I hope they go after LSA. Not because I want them to suffer (I actually like LSA), but because I want the black community to peak even harder.

No. 1635037

File: 1662250341648.png (150.04 KB, 902x626, Capture d’écran 2022-09-04 à 0…)

website is back

No. 1635039

go for it nonnie. i'd join.

No. 1635040

Not if the ddos mitigation comes with demands of censoring everything bad about Russia.

No. 1635041

>The delusion
To be fair, this is coming from a man who earnestly believes that mutilating his dick and growing out his hair makes him a woman.

No. 1635043

They wouldn't go after LSA. The troons would get a lot of backlash for attacking black women and they know it..I think? Idk. Troons are delusional.

No. 1635047

kiwifarms.ru should open

No. 1635051

lmao yes, the black community has some of the most outspoken transphobes who clown tf out of them right on youtube and do not get terminated for it.

No. 1635053

Based. go for it nonna!

No. 1635055

troons BTFO
Josh has said that he would use not just Russian DDOS mitigation but Russian hosting except that it would make problems for him when he had to talk about Russian lolcows or Russian politics, and being a typical autist he wasn't willing to see the forest for the sticks. It's really only his only sustainable option, and calling trannies "him" is worth it even if he has to say "специальной военной операции" IMO.

No. 1635060

TL;DR Keffals is a troon nobody who tasted clout off canceling Destiny, so he dared KF to fuck with him, and was promptly exposed as grooming "catboys" on an industrial scale. He still has a bunch of clout with the troons, as demonstrated, but he's a Yaniv tier degenerate and clout whore.

No. 1635062

does kiwifarms only doxx internet personalities? some guy threatened to doxx me on there before but i'm a liter nobody

No. 1635064

File: 1662250914637.png (19.99 KB, 653x259, bruh_png.png)

the artist who larps as fucking her dad for internet clout decides to weigh in

No. 1635065

fr? kek good for them

No. 1635066

Nobody is simping for Russia, which is a bad country. Russian ddos mitigation might be the only option at this point though. It's either cozying up to Putin or the trannies win. Pick your poison.

No. 1635068

Newfags, plz go

No. 1635069

keffals is a grifter tranny whose popularity grew on twitter. kiwifags found some embarrassing dirt on his past as a porn actor and also that he sponsors a hrt directory that targets children. plus, he also ran a femboy discord server with minors in it and also flirted with one of those minors. kiwifags digging up this dirt made keffals mad so he started this campaign to take down the site.

No. 1635071

russia over trannies any day

No. 1635072

it would be hilarious if lsa went down lmao

No. 1635073

yeah because josh made the .ru backup in a rush, he said he's going to sleep now.
tomorrow is gonna be better i guess

No. 1635076

The Russians are pretty much the go-to for this kind of marginal shit on the Internet if you can't get infrastructure elsewhere. Ironically the U.S. probably provides infrastructure for LGBT organizations in Russia. это только честно, нет?
Yeah being black is not going to save LSA. The poor dear minorities have some uncultured ideas about brave transwomen, see, and they need to be helped to have the correct views.

No. 1635083

I’m joining if you do

No. 1635086

Is it actually legit?

No. 1635087

It's back under the .ru URL.

No. 1635089

No. 1635092

Point being troons will have no shame about lecturing to a black woman or any other kind of woman, and are known for actually being kinda racist about this stuff like a lot of wokies. It's a shame reality is beyond parody.

No. 1635096

(If anyone is telling you weird gaslighty shit in the thread, that's the tranny BTW.)

No. 1635097

Shell company?

No. 1635098

What I hate more than KiwiFarms being gone is how fucking smug Keffals is.

No. 1635100

No. 1635104

I just remember that one “porn” video he made of him stuffing his “vagina” with a dildo and looking in pain. he’s become a eunuch and this is the only way he can feel good about anything.

No. 1635106

I saw that fed post right as I finished my reply to the thread but like you said, the push back was real and jannies swooped in to remove it within minutes. What's more is that no one contacted Null regarding any criminal activity and from my time on the thread there wasn't anything illegal going on.

There is no pleasing people who are dead set on getting rid of the opposition. First they complained about naughty things being left up but as soon as naughty things are taken down, they backpedal and accuse mods of covering things up in an attempt to wash their hands of it.

They never allowed it. Oddly enough, there was a post of one of Lucas' old tweets (from his domination fetish days) where he claims that his "first scene was at 17".

The whole fetish porn era was really weird because there were pictures of him pre-op iirc. He claims to have gone to Thailand for the snip-snip at 18 and the whole rape claim drama with his ex happened when he was ~19. Trying to connect the dots leads to some scary conclusions and I hope that I'm just being retarded and misreading.

No. 1635107

this >>1635101 (a) doxing isn't magic, it's just putting together what you post yourself and (b) if you're a nobody, nobody will care, don't let some gross scrote threaten to dox you, if he tries to post your dox and you aren't a lolcow people will shit on him

No. 1635108

Keffals is going to get his comeupance forbeing Keffals. People like him always lose in the end.

No. 1635109

if lsa went down then they might as well go for datalounge, l chat, atrl, lanaboards and all the other celeb gossip sites.
but all of those sites don't have a reputation as bad as kiwifarms and can resort to hiding threads with discourse.

No. 1635113

this shit is like a drug for him, too, he got Metokur's twitters now, and so on, and he can't even really articulate why he gave a fuck about that, but he's got a bunch more deranged scrotes mad at him that way, too, and it will be scrotes who bother him and scrotes who take shit IRL if they take shit IRL, and yet somehow he will find time to seethe about TERFs

No. 1635115

He is going to be so high on his own narcissism that he will gradually do more and more stupid stuff. The downfall will be entertaining.

No. 1635116

It's crabs in a bucket, they all screw each other over to be Queen For The Day and have their moment on top. I wonder who will take his crown.

No. 1635117

File: 1662251936979.png (16.94 KB, 383x273, ru.png)

Oh it's back up

No. 1635118

Why has no one aimed any ire at the dox pasting websites?

No. 1635119

AFAIK those are all on the same Russian hosts that Josh will be driven to.

No. 1635121

No. 1635125

Until the trannies began urging criminal activities against people's company.

No. 1635127

Where is the cap of Josh saying he can’t take anything else from him

No. 1635128

KF is never going down. If Josh has to prostitute himself to russian servers, he's going to do it. But if something is clear to me is that keffals wants REALLY someone to actually [REDACTED, FUCK YOU TRANNIES] He's not going to pull a byuucide, he wants to be a martyr in the old way. We all know kiwiscrotes are mental enough to do so, that's why he's not stopping.

No. 1635129

how can i join? whos virtual dick do i have to suck to get a fk code?

No. 1635130

I foresee him getting canceled by his own community at some point in the future. The path he's on is too destructive for him to prosper. The sad thing though is that it's going to take a LOT more than grooming minors for people to smell blood in the water

No. 1635132

I agree. Troons eat their own all the time.

No. 1635133

wait until josh has officially stated that the website is ready, for now he has made it in a rush because he was going to sleep. should be better tomorrow

No. 1635134

He's bound to have raped someone and that shit will come out eventually.

No. 1635144

report the troony nonna, do not engage the troony nonna

No. 1635146

Would think so but he has no dick anymore kek.

No. 1635147

File: 1662252756446.png (69.88 KB, 530x296, Screenshot 2022-09-03 19.44.32…)

DDOS-GUARD is a Russian mit service that Josh has used on and off for a while now and I'm sure they will be happy enough to take his money and fuck off the trannies until World War III kicks off. I already got my first Russian-proxied "winner" sticker. Seethe, troons.

No. 1635148

I think you're replying to a salty tranny because the site is literally back up

No. 1635149

File: 1662252791537.jpg (123.61 KB, 1024x683, moldbug.jpg)

Radfems who want their own uncensorable Internet should look into Urbit

No. 1635153

i made the LJ community. i will work on the layout in the coming days. feel free to leave comments with suggestions @ the LJ page. https://lolcowfarm.livejournal.com/

No. 1635154

troon shit posting?

No. 1635156


I'm certain of that, as there was some twitter thread in the past couple weeks from someone trying to guilt ppl into holding back anything negative about keffals until kiwifarms got taken down, because that was more important than outing keffals for anything they did, and can't you just wait a couple weeks to put keffals on blast?? It was really weird and specific, and I don't doubt there's been a lot of chatter behind the scenes about keffals.

No. 1635159

It's okay, all someone has to do is touch you on the leg without asking first for it to count as rape according to some trannies

No. 1635161

Things will always come and go but there is one thing that would be always the same:
ywnbaw ♥

No. 1635164

Reminder that all Lucas had to do was had to do was sit tight, stop his ACAB bullshit and work with the cops to prevent swatting happening and then lay low until they could find out who sent out the swat.
But when you've chopped off your dick and balls while becoming brain rot from all that HRT pills you wouldn't even have common senses left.

No. 1635165

Exactly, so all it takes is for Keffals to forget this important social rule, grope the wrong thigh (obviously a trans woman too) and they'll blast it all over Twitter.

No. 1635169

Not for their own. I've read trannies excuse literal non-consensual penetration just because the rapist was another troon. t4t plays with another set of rules, there is nothing worse for a trannie that another trannie.

No. 1635170

>hate them
When will you learn that the goal was never to be 'loved'? Troons understood years ago that the only thing that matters is power. Not love. not admiration. They understood that they'll never have these things, so they sought power.
It doesn't matter if they're the most despised humans on Earth, what matters is that they have all the power, so we have to grin and bear it when they make unreasonable demands. It's not the 'worst move', it's a great move for showing just how powerless everyone else is compared to them. It's the hated aristocracy raising taxes again just because they can while the peasantry grins and thanks them for it, lest they be the ones to get their heads cut off next.

No. 1635173

File: 1662253562209.png (27.37 KB, 634x96, Screenshot 2022-09-03 20.06.31…)

Josh is keeping his telegram open because he is known for making good decisions I guess.

No. 1635178

Telegram has literal zoosadism and cp groups they don't give a fuck. It's bad optics sure but also kiwis themselves don't give a fuck.

No. 1635180

He was not swatted. He did receive a visit from the police, but they specifically denied swatting him. See https://reduxx.info/kiwis-vs-predator/ which is a good article anyway and includes discussion by based gender critical tranny and ex-lolcow Laura Hobbs.

No. 1635183

I'm pretty sure Wesley/Laurelai was shunned en masse for raping another MTF

No. 1635185

Yet ws allowed to be all over the news networks claiming he had been swatted, had guns in his face etc. Did no one fact check this before letting him beg for money?

No. 1635186

The one article I read that addressed this (I forget which now unfortunately) coped on his behalf by saying that the police visit must have been traumatic so the tranny misremembered assault weapons (which the police did not bring) being pointed at him (which the police sidearms were not) in the morning (when the visit was in the afternoon) because of transphobia or something.

No. 1635189

File: 1662254022912.gif (302.01 KB, 220x274, dance.gif)

He did except for one thing, He lives in canada where the cops aren't fucking gung-ho like american cops where they'll just bust down your door, shoot your dog and flash bang a toddler.
All they did was knock at his door, he just fucking opened it then answered questions they had about was it true that he was gonna commit a federal crime, after that the cops just went on their merry way back to the station on their mooses for some hot cocoa and pancakes with the finest maple syrup.
Except Lucas lied about everything because "fuck cops" trans-folks are literally dying.

No. 1635190

But he had a dick. Lucas already got the chop, he can't just casualy rape anymore like most males do. For him to do such thing it would need some closeness to the victim and that would be enough for his fanbase to write off any accusation as a jilted ex or a false flag.

No. 1635193

Hi Erika, I mean this in the most kind and non-mocking manner:

Every time we see 'This time for SURE, sisters' from someone who have been wronged by troons, in this thread, on this site, on the internet in general, who claim that any event is the big turning point are like patrons in an old-school tavern shit-talking the king. They talk big, but secretly they realize there's nothing they can do and stay quiet when his men come to down to ransack the place like they always do. So here's what will happen:

>You blast it all over twitter

>You get banned almost immediately, they likely have bots specifically in place to prevent you from doing this
>You either make another account to repeat the process or you get the hint, ride out your suspension, and never speak of it again

I'm not doing this to mock you or minimize your actual intent, I'm simply telling you the truth. I'm past the point where I think internet activism can stop this. The internet in general is simply too polarized to be used as an effective force if you're not in big with these companies already.

No. 1635198

Finally someone who gets it. Troons are literally just plausible deniability for the powers that be. All you have to do is observe how the internet has turned into gentrified utter shit in the past 10 years. Soon we'll have 3 sites to visit all of which being the corporate low IQ propaganda known as social media where they can continue to keep the population on a drip feed of consumerism. We have the loud minority of speds calling for censorship because their precious community is being rightfully critiqued to thank for this.

No. 1635200

Then I look forward to some police statement coming out and turning about 3 people off Keffals. The rest of them will already assume the police are gaslighting transphobic scum covering their asses.

No. 1635205

Troons are the corporate mascot of actually powerfull people that wants total control of the web. That is why even after all these shitshows the 41 is not going down any time soon. Online is not real, after all. I would say is not even about ideologies is just about the money, if instead of troons was "feminism" like it was in 2010 it would be the same. But that will not stop the Big Internet Tycoons to make all of the web one big propaganda billboard

No. 1635208

This is backwards. If companies were the ones seizing power in their name, they wouldn't have to cower to their demands when they turn around and make them. The companies have handed power to trannies in hopes that they request the same things they need to seize power. So far it's working, but it also results in massive corporations having to bend the knee. Such as when troons get the CEOs of these massive tech companies ejected for bigotry (which they have done before)

And no, 'feminism' NEVER had the power that troons have now, that's just delusion. Even in 2010, radfems were a lightning rod for criticism, stalking, harassment, and even outright swatting. no one cared until the people complaining were men with their dicks lopped off.

No. 1635209

2011 internet was full of soul, abandon web 2.0 return to myspace.

No. 1635214

Wouldn't matter anyway because the burn marks on your fingerpads would leave a distinct mark on their own.

No. 1635223

just wear gloves you tards

No. 1635227

even if the burned prints dont match any investigator is realize "oh its the retard with burned fingers"
how many other burned fingers folks do you think live around you that your prints could be confused with?

No. 1635228

File: 1662255825679.jpg (16.73 KB, 597x227, fdahgjkalhgi.jpg)

No. 1635233

yeah, how many people do you think have burned fingerprints in chicago?

No. 1635242

That's exactly what troons don't want you to have.

No. 1635245

>Corporation don't bend the knee, because bending the knee for them is losing money and that is not happening.
You can bend the knee in more ways than just losing money. When they eject key members of their organization or have to invest money, time, and resources into creating fluff PR gestures like sensitivity training or donating to troon charities as a penance: That's bending the knee.

Losing money is the threat used to keep them in line. But it never actually comes down to that. Even the most hated companies ever don't lose money from petty internet drama. That's why they're in servitude to the troons: because much of their understanding of marketing revolves around the internet, and they take all the wrong lessons from it.

No. 1635247

Ntayrt but who do you think funded all this autism and perpetuated it into the public sphere? Who do you think benefits from perpetually rotting Frankensteins dependant on a cocktail of drugs? Who benefits from degeneracy being applauded by the public? Who benefits from the pseudo-activism marketing campaigns aimed at the already most mentally incapacitated of our society, who're easiest to part with their disability fund? Who benefits from the upheaval of women's rights under the guise of equality? If those stagnant mediaeval concepts are any indication it should be pretty obvious. The pendulum has swung to the extreme left therefore that will be their proxy to regain the control previous generations fought for. The oligarchy do not have your best interests and it's nieve to think troons genuinely have any power that has not been gifted to them by the financial elite. I agree that Tumblr feminism never held the same power however, it was just used as a boogeyman to further divide and conquer society and plenty of moids fell for the grift.

No. 1635248

Corporation don't bend the knee, because bending the knee for them is losing money and that is not happening. I never hear about trannies ejecting CEOS but even if that happened i would think of a Harvey Weinstein situation (that isn't like actual anti-abuse and pedophila organizations "got him" it was just that on the bigger picture Hollywood people could afort to cut him and use him as an scapegoat) than an actual successful firing campaign from troons.
When i'm talking about """"""feminism""""""" i'm talking about libfem bullshit, obviously actual feminists were never protected. I'm talking about the "feminists" who shilled sex work and "being a sugarbaby is empowering" Buzzfeed-type feminism. Maybe "protected" isn't the right word because at the end of the day the day they were woman and corporations are managed by misogynists and we all know that even the biggest libfems had a terrible time on buzzfeed-type feminisms heydays, unlike trannies who are having the time of their lives and being actually protected, but corporations used their points to sell and accumulate more power just like is happening with troons now. And the pendulum is going to swing back (online, because irl the world is becoming more conservative if anything) once the companies archive their goal, that there will be 3 existing sites in total and they will own all of them.

No. 1635252

That's great, but I don't know how you would vet for that. Personality test?
> so can you cope with the lie of all trannies want us to suffer more
They do, in fact, want you to suffer more. That's not a question or suggestion. The fact you have this discord should be evidence enough of that.
>I am saying that clearly not all trannies are sex crazed maniacs
The only ones who aren't are the ones who leave everyone alone. Likely not even telling others about their current status as a not-man or not-woman. It's not like LC has a vetting process for women, either.
When it becomes something in a twitter profile or the only personality trait a person has: then it becomes a problem. There aren't women whose personality trait is "girl".

No. 1635255

>Ntayrt but who do you think funded all this autism and perpetuated it into the public sphere? Who do you think benefits from perpetually rotting Frankensteins dependant on a cocktail of drugs?
The medical industry, who are above even the US Government.

No. 1635256

The highest levels of acidemia promote troonery, there's a concerted effort to force what we know is insanity down our throats. Of course some companies will be collateral.

No. 1635259

That's absolutely my point anon thank you. Money talks louder than anything else in this world.

No. 1635262

>Corporation don't bend the knee, because bending the knee for them is losing money and that is not happening. I never hear about trannies ejecting CEOS but even if that happened i would think of a Harvey Weinstein situation (that isn't like actual anti-abuse and pedophila organizations "got him" it was just that on the bigger picture Hollywood people could afort to cut him and use him as an scapegoat) than an actual successful firing campaign from troons.
Several CEOs have been ejected not even for weinstein levels of abuse and pederasty but for simple gaffs and offense that is deemed too heretical. Mozilla's CEO comes to mind.
Nobody's safe and if it really were the companies at the reins, they could simply choose to ignore them at any time.

No. 1635264

This is 100% true but only reaffirms what I'm saying.

No. 1635267

The medical industry outright abuses children and have a death count that rivals most wars in US history. That's not a money thing, that's a power thing. Money is something they have little need for since they can always get it if necessary.

My point is that these companies pushing this onto us, the twitters, the cloudflares, the facebooks, the googles, these companies are subservient to troons. They exist as their tools, and can't find the political clout to say 'no' to them. Even though it is entirely in their interest to do so.

No. 1635271

shut the fuck up Erika The Magi of Time we know damn well you don't run shit there, and you will get stomped by the kf

No. 1635272

Dumb Bitch Smoothie is the Kiwifaggot that whiteknighted the fuck out of Blaine in Rachel's thread and turned the entire thing into a dumpsterfire, encouraging Blaine to be a plague on this site. She really lives up to her name

No. 1635276

File: 1662257814054.jpg (290.87 KB, 1946x1080, FbxNb4lXoAUCCmO.jpg)


No. 1635280

Washizu post just got insta-deleted and was replaced to Hokuriku post instead, retarded tinfoil tbh

No. 1635283

I log in now expecting more nothing to see KF got kicked off. I can't fucking believe it.

No. 1635287

Idk what I expected tbh. But when I saw the blocked page, I genuinely thought all the threads were gone and I almost shat myself lmfao

No. 1635290

There is spec its his account tho, esp since the likes are cropped off and he used to post screenshots with the likes visible (meaning he had an acc)

No. 1635293

File: 1662258688792.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, pickmes never prosper.png)

At least she's mainly pointing them at the tranny-owned ghost town that is metokur.us, which admin is already happy to take kiwi refugees. Still.

No. 1635294

the account only had that single post

No. 1635295

interesting crop. i wonder how long this post was up before it got jannied

No. 1635297

Yeah that's not how deleting posts in xenForo works, the rest of them just slide up. I guess it's pretty funny they are both weebs or something.

No. 1635302

why do trannies get literally everything they want?

No. 1635303

verb stays in present tense after 'did', nonnie
I mostly agree with you, but the problem is that trannies do have some power by creating hella negative PR that companies have to deal with. Sometimes they can use that for their own benefit, but sometimes it can get more annoying for them. I wouldn't call dealing with public image "bending the knee" though. I'm guessing cloudfare dropped them for now because it's not worth the neg PR and kiwis are being extra deranged with keffals, but they will probably take them back once the dust settles. They might need to change their website name though.

No. 1635307

>was inactive since 2020 and only posted in 2022 in keffal's thread
to be fair this describes me too because i forgot about KF until i saw it trending on twitter for this

No. 1635308

except for what they want more than anything, kek

No. 1635310

File: 1662259172161.png (49.63 KB, 738x622, 1662234481287.png)

lucas is fucked up

No. 1635313

this shit is what will end him if he ever got to mainstream media. he really is the modern Chris Chan. his new followers have only seen the shallow version of him where he's the tranny hero who relentlessly fought the kiwi villain.

No. 1635315

File: 1662259426187.png (385.76 KB, 754x793, 1662236152423.png)

imagine if this is the last thing you ever see

No. 1635317

The degenerate pornsick scrotes that pay for this must make Shay and the bird woman's paypigs look normal.

No. 1635318

they will never e a real woman though

No. 1635319

They don't, they just get a lot of what they want on social media and other places that relies a lot on jannies and hall monitors. As complete moid failures, they don't know how to fend for themselves and will run to the nearest adult to cry about the meanies. Even literal children know that's pathetic behavior and will bully the shit out of you for doing it when the adults are not looking.

And even then, they don't get everything they want even with those constraints, they're just good at drawing a shitload of attention to certain things they want. The attention makes them get it, and makes people think they're winning. But e.g. JK Rowling's account is still up, her book got published, despite trannies crying about what a violent fascist (kek the projection) she is.

No. 1635320

File: 1662259544568.gif (2.04 MB, 480x270, 5C021DFE-8567-41AE-8374-928D23…)

No. 1635322


wait, "scene" as in "BDSM scene" or scene for the canadion tranny porn site?

No. 1635324

>was your first post after years of inactivity a credible threat against some retard's life?
no but as a woman i don't tend to threaten people's lives when i get mad. moids do tho, all the time

No. 1635325

kek sorry, i'm already struggling trying to put all my shizo ideas into a semi-coherent text and i forget the basics. My poor english is working overtime tonight
>I'm guessing cloudfare dropped them for now because it's not worth the neg PR and kiwis are being extra deranged with keffals, but they will probably take them back once the dust settles.
Yeah, after all this is just two retards fighting and none of them is actually doing anything revolutionary. Bad pr is annoying but normies forget quickly about everything that it is not convenient that they remember. Josh need to stop taking the bait and let this shit die thought

No. 1635326


No. 1635327

> kiwis are being extra deranged with keffals
This TBH, I don't see why the deranged post has to be a tranny gay op. Could just as easily ave been a SIGSEGV moment, same as brought down lolcow.org a couple weeks ago. It could be tranny ops, but scrotebrained scrotes get deranged when they feel that their "in-group" is being disrespected, hence half of the dumb shit 4chan and similar places used to get up to for that reason alone. And it will be this bullshit that bites Josh in the ass, more than any tranny.

No. 1635332

>Scene for tranny porn site at fucking 17
Jesus Christ! That's what I feared.

No. 1635335

shit like this is just further proof that keffals is full of bs. anyone who's ever been legit stalked by one person let alone a site full of people, they and their friends know not to disclose any information about the person being stalked.

like lets say for a second that the stalking is true. why would keffal's friend publicly announce where they were planning to take him if there's a legitimate threat? this is how you know that keffals does not actually feel like he's in danger.

No. 1635336

democracy dies in darkness, indeed

No. 1635338

Holy shit. This is why i never believed anything what keffals said, a degenerate of this calibre can't be scared of a few autismos shitposing in a niche web page.

No. 1635340

Yes because reeeing about a website you don't like is definitely having a backbone.

No. 1635341

Definitely sus imo when combined with it somehow triggering Cloudflare into doing a 180 on their stance, and that the WaPo article was published 2 minutes after Cloudflare's announcement. They had that ready to go way ahead of time.

No. 1635343


>"hey everybody I was in underage porn! message me to begin your new life!"

wow that's crazy, I wonder why people call this weirdo a groomer.

No. 1635349

so start wooing us, dark elf

No. 1635351

go back to /pol/ & take a shower stinky

No. 1635352

he looks worse than lena dunham

No. 1635354

only on social media? really?
tell that to the female prisoners who are getting raped my men claiming to be women.
there are loads of men claiming to be women who have their violent crimes now recorded in female crime stats
troons have been invading spaces meant for women, their locker rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, even their rape shelters.
troons also love entering spaces meant for girls too. Girl scout leaders (usually mothers) do not sleep in the same rooms as their scouts yet for some reason no one bats an eye at the outside troon doing this.
how about all the troons who have entered womens sports? look up laurel hubbard, lia thomas, rachel mckinnon, stephanie barrett, there are tons more examples
what about all the kids who are being coerced by medical professionals to transition? what about all the schools that are complicit in all of this?

I don't know how anyone can say this is only happening on social media.

No. 1635358

File: 1662262449141.png (342.66 KB, 398x326, troon troon ugly goon.png)

> this is the face behind the smugposts about owning the kiwis

No. 1635364

Fuck off Blaine. You're an ugly tranny too.

No. 1635366

I feel like everyone's downplaying how bad shit has gotten for women and gays as a cope or to not even admit it to the lurking trannies, but it really is scary. It's the male supremacy movement disguised as wokeness all men were waiting for.


Jumpscare warning. Trannoids will hate Harry Potter yet still look like Dudley in a wig

No. 1635377

this is so fucking pathetic lol

No. 1635380

as much as I hate tranny spam watching these lads talk to a wall here is kinda funny.
I can't even tell if its all one guy cause they all sound the same kek

No. 1635383

i dont really care. I just got here. I just scrolled to the bottom and saw these super sperg posts all lined up and it reads as super fucking pathetic and sad.

No. 1635386

still don't care what you're up to, you're still pathetic and sad.

No. 1635388

File: 1662264315196.jpeg (1.44 MB, 2144x1620, 1660512077106.jpeg)

lol ok

No. 1635392

There was never a doubt in my mind about his degeneracy, but what really disturbs me about this revelation is that those images from that time are floating around (anons would post his porn to 4chan sometimes) and the people who post them have no idea.

No. 1635395

bby chill I was making a joke

No. 1635399

I'm pretty sure it is, I'm not terminally online enough to recognize every cow the way nonas that namedrop them do but I can picture him seething after getting no responses to fuel his autistic attentionseeking degradation fetish. He genuinely seems too retarded to even argue with, ironically the trannies that are fun to debate are the brainlets that will instantly screech terf at you and tell everyone to block and stay safe. I miss r/GCdebatesTQ.

No. 1635406

Jersh and Keffals are fat and I would not have sex with them.

No. 1635407

spread them to the chans and twitter, keffal can't destroy all the websites.

No. 1635410

The entirety of 4chan's moderation team is transgender

No. 1635414

>if you only knew how bad things really are

No. 1635416

>went into porn at 17
>totally didn't make catboy ranch
yeah nah

No. 1635423

yikes what the fuck?

No. 1635431

wtf is up with that reference to daily stormer and 8chan?
this is fucking hot-coffee-tier misrepresentation. are normies just reading a single unsourced sentence on twitter and jumping straight to outrage?
also will twitter be taken down now since death threats are constantly posted there? and incitements to go to jk rowling's house? that people actually followed through on?

No. 1635438

> wtf is up with that reference to daily stormer and 8chan?
Only other sites that Cloudflare bent the knee on (excluding outright illegal stuff which they still host plenty of tbh)

No. 1635440

wasn’t he on welfare up until recently? kek this feels like a MLM scam, except he’d probably make more money selling mary kay to other dumb troons.

No. 1635445

You want to spread underage porn?

No. 1635448

How did you infer that from my reply retard tranny? Spread the tweet posted mentioning that he started his porn career underage and now is inviting others to start a dominatrix mlm with him. Show evidence that he's not as innocent as he seems, he's a pervert who started an underage discord and invited other minors.

No. 1635455

you literally replied to a comment about underage porn with “spread it everywhere”, lmao. but no, not the troon you’re looking for, keffules or whatever is a sad man in a dress and can get fucked but I don’t think “this groomer was also groomed as a child” is the gotcha people might think it is? I don’t get your point here.

No. 1635456

If it's back up on tor is it really 'back up'?

No. 1635457

>anons would post his porn
Yea fucking right he posted himself and I’d bet my life on it

No. 1635458


No. 1635464

Yeah, no. They tried and failed and will continue to do so. In everything they pursue.

No. 1635466

File: 1662270944843.png (7.72 KB, 385x228, catboy ranch.png)

I was obviously referring to the tweet. Like I said a tweet recruiting other young troons does look bad for keffals and the fact that he starred in underage porn while recruiting other trannies does make him look like a groomer. No one in their right mind wants to look or post any of his porn.

No. 1635469

fair enough but I think this will just win him sympathy. he was groomed and now he’s grooming, it’s a common cycle unfortunately.

No. 1635470

File: 1662271137233.png (62.88 KB, 1269x622, KKNNAAATTTTTTIZZZZHHHEEEEEE.pn…)

anything wrongthink gets grouped in with nazis and the alt-right now. It doesn't matter what it is or that this has nothing to do with politics at a whole, it's been labeled as wrongthink by the NPC programming hubs, so it's the same as nazis and the alt-right.

the only other place i read other than here that's relatively 'mainstream' is hackernews and there are entire walls of people there claiming kiwifarms is a neo nazi hideout where the owners are on the run from various government agencies and are any day now going to be tracked down by interpol. When the reality is that null is probably a little too public for the kind of site he runs.

No. 1635474

wasn't there a tweet going around saying he wasn't groomed?

No. 1635477

> You think the KF owners are going to reveal themselves
lol I love it when they talk out of their asses like this
> and sue?
That would be pretty entertaining, ngl. He's made threats to sue people before. I'm up in the air as to whether I believe he'd do it and if he'd have some Nick Rekeita-recommended lolcow as a lawyer, which would definitely be the most amusing outcome.

No. 1635484

Yeah I think that the Russians will still let people make fun of Russian lolcows (Nikita Vadimovich Sadkov, I am sure, is a Kremlin-approved halal), so the worst that we will probably have to endure is the sperging about Ukraine going one-sided. There are other sites for that. There are plenty of sites to talk bad about Russia, literally the whole mainstream English-speaking Internet. Shutting up about Russia to be able to thumb your nose at troons from across the Bering Strait is a fair trade.

No. 1635486

KF is full of people seething about muh "kikes and niggers", so of course they are grouped with alt-right and nazis. I hate trannies but the racism and misogyny in the site is unbearable.

No. 1635488

4chan is a tranny central these days, of course not

No. 1635493

kys kf moid, go back

No. 1635497

I honestly feel like a good portion of users signs up only to bitch about niggers/trannies/femoids/next new things that is bad(all that in their own words, don't shit in me for typing bad words). Like you can go to the autistic thunderdome and there is a myriad of users that only post there and not in lolcow threads. It somewhat affects overall website quality because sometimes they spill into community watch, or you can't have a normal discussion in off-topic forum.

No. 1635503

Reminder that Cloudflare still hosts and protects sites for ISIS. If you for one second believe their excuse and that this wasn't because of troon pressure you are a moron.

No. 1635507

Idk I think they say nigger kike and faggot because it's one of the few remaining places where you can do so without getting banned. It's different from say /pol/ where you can tell they genuinely hate all minorities not just troons. Sure there's crossover but it's not the same because KF isn't a political place.

No. 1635509

KF users ARE /pol/ users. And one thing that you should realize that people don't say those things just for the shits and giggles. You want to assume they do, maybe some edgelords do, but there are honest to god racists in that site.

>KF isn't a political place


No. 1635510

The Articles and Happenings section is worse than /pol/ even Null doesnt venture there and kinda hates them. He has talked about getting rid of them plenty of times, maybe now is the time.

No. 1635513

Could be. Personally I only browse lolcow threads I can tolerate them just fine.

No. 1635514

He may hate the /pol/fags/A&H crew but they are generally understood to be his biggest sources of income, though, although it's not like he's published stats. There's a reason he won't get rid of them.

No. 1635515

KF is not a creepy hivemind like /pol/ though. Its users disagree on a lot of things but there are 0 clashing thanks to the rule of sticking to your own space.

There are threads on troons, sure. But there are also several active threads on people making fun of conservative spergs including Donald Trump. Calling him a sore loser and Chris Chan of presidents.

One side note: I don't think there's a cow thread started on the basis of just being troon. Because believe it or not bring troon is not that interesting these days.

No. 1635520

Pure retardation

No. 1635521

This. I also appreciate the fact doxxing is allowed there while prohibited here.

No. 1635523

Why do you think that and do you have any proof for that?

No. 1635528

that's not really true, otherwise they wouldn't have threads on prominent right wing figures. plus i've read far too many comments that elude to antifa/lefty twitterfags shitting up the joint too.

No. 1635541

File: 1662280129162.jpg (43.79 KB, 595x566, e926ae87aa8bb995fafd18c45088e0…)

Meanwhile, and since this isn't strictly a Josh-vs-Keffals thread, yet more swatting tonight in the Ethan Ralph adjacent sphere. This is Andrew Wilson, husband to Rachel Wilson of the Tradthots thread, who made a right wing streaming service to compete with Nick Fuentes right wing streaming service, very cringe and boring all-around, but the ones who did this are also probably the faggots who did a lot of the swatting that was going on in the lead-up to the troonpocalypse and I would not be surprised if they were the ones that did the MTG swatting(s) too. It's not all trannies that have it in for KF, either: these people certainly do so if anything brings trouble to Josh it is extra for them.

No. 1635544

(samefagging to say yes, by husband to Rachel Wilson of the tradthots thread Andrew Wilson, I mean they swatted some guy, his wife, and 5 kids. See if this gets anywhere near the traction one ugly troon getting a cordial visit from the RCMP does.)

No. 1635553

Well troons have been consistently racist and jealous of black women sonce the beginning of time with literally no backlash. I don't think they have a centralized gc thread or trans hate thread. They are more known for celebrity gossip more than anything so i don't think they are at risk nonetheless.

No. 1635554

Yeah the large majority of /pol/ hates Kiwifarms because they have an entire board on Nick Fuentes and his ilk. Also /pol/ is mostly trannies tbh, it is constantly flooded with gross tranny porn and "this is why a femboy would make a better tradwife than a gross femoid" threads.

No. 1635555

File: 1662281481459.webm (2.75 MB, 604x1080, demented_troon_dance.webm)

Here is the tranny Keffals is currently boarding with doing a demented little victory dance.

No. 1635558

ew. i know it's a tranny but jesus, what a 5 head.

No. 1635562

He looks like an alien trying to pilot his human skinsuit for the first time.

No. 1635563

File: 1662282339741.jpg (114.94 KB, 492x897, shark_1.jpg)

Genuinely cursed. And then there's the tranny shark again: what's up with that? I remember a suicidal tranny KF called "sharkboy" (picrel) which is the only time I remember seeing that until hearing recently that it had become a popular tranny meme.

No. 1635569

>doesn't know how to sage
>wall of text about irrelevant nobodies hungry for attention
Self-posting is a bad idea.

No. 1635573

File: 1662283406041.jpg (487.57 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20220904-022416_Gal…)

No. 1635584

Trannies have made the IKEA shark their mascot because it's a soulless predator just like them. It also signifies that they are mindless consumers of overpriced mass-produced shit made in china as well as obsessed with children and children's toys such as plushies so they can better practice autopedophilia.

No. 1635587

File: 1662285251336.jpg (2.09 MB, 3004x3294, 1662282754582212.jpg)

>tfw you sit on twitter and discord all day coordinating false flaggings so you can illegally DDOS a site that makes fun of you for dating a man who pretends to be a snake

No. 1635588

>Are you color-blind, anon?
No, but I do know that saga and sage aren't the same text.

No. 1635592

To anyone saying "Null should have done XYZ to prevent this". It doesn't matter. It's not about any illegal activity or threats posted to the site, that's just an excuse. 4chan still has Cloudflare protection after several mass shootings being perpetrated by users there. ISIS has Cloudflare protection. Sites that host CP and other illegal materials have Cloudflare protection.

This is about trannies wielding their power and nothing else.

No. 1635598

File: 1662286665113.jpg (308.96 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20220904-201100__01…)

Everything this moid posts is so insufferable I genuinely can't tell if this is bait
>I will continue to support the rights and dignity of trans people because it's the morally righteous thing to do.
>27 updoots
Thank God they're contained again.

No. 1635602

Dynastia is a shitposter, everyone is aware of this.

No. 1635604

>Kiwifags are aware of this

No. 1635608

nta but he had a Q&A in a previous thread, anything he says is just bullshit to get a reaction out of people.

No. 1635612

Thanks for the genuine response nonnie, I thought so but couldn't be sure seeing as the other farms is a troon hub. Skimming that thread makes me thankful for the moderation team here. The amount of blogging, double posts, non-contribution and a-log makes the drama hard to follow.

No. 1635620

Dynastia has posted on lolcow.farm plenty of times in previous Kiwifarms threads.

No. 1635644

>taking Dynastia seriously
Are you new here or just autistic

No. 1635649

File: 1662293005966.jpg (577.48 KB, 1090x1080, cloudflare-yes-no.jpg)

No. 1635651

If you think not being ingratiated in kiwilore threads is some kind of indicator of newfaggotory then you're even more retarded than I am. Not everyone cares about you spergs, cope.

No. 1635670

It's lolcow.farm lore as well since it happened in one of the previous threads on here.

No. 1635687

how are the trannies doing those DDoS attacks? are they hiring some mr robot type guy to do it lol?

No. 1635691

i knew the day would come when all the belfast flavored fedposting would need to get scrubbed. turns out terrorism law isn't just for brown people and incels.

No. 1635718

File: 1662298455746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 540x7546, Screenshot_20220904_082638.jpg)

No. 1635721

he looks like a trooned out Onision

No. 1635728

I always thought Josh was a complete idiot but this post is surprisingly well thought out and cohesive. Did he pay someone for it?

No. 1635731

When it comes to issues like this, he can put out some compelling arguments. Josh is a mess of a person but I don't think he's a complete idiot. KF wouldn't have lasted as long as it has if he were.

No. 1635745

Their big man skull kek

No. 1635750

Josh is not smart but he isn't a complete idiot either.

No. 1635752

Josh is a reprobate in many ways, but he's pretty articulate.

No. 1635766

>free speech will find another place.
>The issue for some of you is that the runners of the next places are pro-trans and it's not bending a knee, people hold different opinions.

The issue is that, if those pro trans service runners refuse to host trans critical content, then we won't really have free speech anymore.

No. 1635767

What women has he abused directly? The only instance I know of was when he was being an emotionally retarded teen during his Blockland days.

No. 1635771

nta but what incident is that? I never really cared enough to look into Josh until now so time trynna catch up on all the milk kek

No. 1635776

I don't remember the specific details but he was being a complete teenage retard and saying some incredibly antisocial things in women's DMs. It all seemed like cries for attention since he clearly grew up socially maladjusted.

On another note, where the fuck is his dad in this whole thing anyways? Clearly fatherless behavior kek.

No. 1635784

Ethan Ralph claimed to have set up an interview with Null's dad and I remember Josh saying he hadn't seen his dad since he was 5 years old

No. 1635787

Man, will you people ever EVER find something to hold against Josh ever again? It's so fucking boring. It's also obvious that you are a troon who has only just now learned that this place and Kiwifarms exist if you think the Blockland shit from when Josh was like 15 is something we all haven't seen like 100 times by now. Why do you not have anything he said last week? Last month? Last year? 2 years ago? Because this is literally all you have on him, him being a cringelord as a teenager. Big fucking whoop.

No. 1635790

He was raised by his grandfather instead

also lol, ofc it was the tranny again

No. 1635791

Samefag sharing spoiled milk.

>he might have cheated on a game he made when he was 16!

Oh noooo.

No. 1635793

Please post more milk from FIVETEEN YEARS AGO you dumb troon. This isn't even spoiled milk, this milk isn't even dust. This is only a milk jug that archeologists have to dig up to determine that there was once milk in it because of microscopic residue.

No. 1635794

Why are trannies like this?

No. 1635799

serial killer phenotype

No. 1635801

This isn’t how he views his mom it’s her thoughts about him. Get it right you autistic tranny. Nobody gives a shit.

No. 1635806

>Josh is still exactly the same person he was when he was 14 you guys! You gotta believe me
>I have evidence that he is still really bad and hates women really bad!
>But I won't post it now cause you made me mad! it totally exists tho!
Look at the time, I think it's time to dilate your crotchwound before it closes up.

No. 1635808

File: 1662302505874.png (24.56 KB, 740x168, misogyny3.png)

No. 1635814

Oh wow look, posted in 2021. A statement made by a grown adult man and not an angsty teenage boy. Now this is something that might actually reflect thoughts he still holds today, a year later.

No. 1635817

Nice try cropping out the context, this was Null making fun of /pol/tards who say these things

No. 1635818

ffs don't respond to him.

No. 1635820

He has more common sense than troons

No. 1635823

>with all my millions of dollars I'll totally have by then
Yeah this is a real and true statement and not someone being ironic and hyperbolic lol. Cope tranny.

No. 1635826

He is making fun of the incel who thinks women going to college is bad, lol, do you have autism? Cause you don't seem to understand irony or sarcasm.

No. 1635828

File: 1662302939349.png (1.01 MB, 1778x2409, Matthew Prince lied.png)

someone is pointing out that note posted on chan is from the dude Keffal was with.

No. 1635835

actually compelling TF here, wonder if someone can find a sample of ginger dude's handwriting

No. 1635845

fuck off tranny

No. 1635847

This will be hilarious if it can be proven that the ginger alien troon did it. This is like the Jussie Smollett incident but troon edition.

No. 1635848

File: 1662303677689.png (135.81 KB, 1492x524, Untitled.png)

extremely based actually to make fun of 4chan incels who think "muh chinese tradwife who can't find the grocery store without me" is the ideal woman

No. 1635850

File: 1662303687454.png (93.29 KB, 1702x413, another.png)

No. 1635852

No, it's just you. You are tranny. Go away.

No. 1635853

nah I hate josh too

No. 1635854

File: 1662303816059.jpg (49.18 KB, 1080x483, lol.jpg)

Even metokur users dislike Blaine

No. 1635859


No. 1635866

yes you're a tranny for defending keffals

No. 1635867

File: 1662304143462.png (149.95 KB, 1476x545, Untitled.png)

Thank you for showing me this thread, I never knew Null was so based.

No. 1635875

That wasn't your intention, tranny, it just backfired because you're autistic.

No. 1635886

Josheline looks like a wee Scottish lass who plays breathy covers of the Fratellis on her ukelele on youtube.

No. 1635888

genuine question: have you ever tried pouring hydrogen peroxide into your necrotic hole? It would probably hurt but I bet it would take care of the dead tissue and infection.

People calling Josh based for these lukewarm takes are giving the same vibe as people who say “my Nigel is the sweetest!! he said he likes me!!! he took me on a date!! He wasn’t rude to my parents when he met them!!!” like expecting the bare minimum out of men. It shouldn’t be based to say “it’s creepy to want a wife that is 100% reliant on you for you to manipulate.” It should be the standard. Stop hyping up men for the bare minimum

No. 1635899

Yeah it should be standard, but sadly it is not. The man with one eye is king of the blind.

No. 1635924

The standards for men are on the fucking floor. I like Josh, but it’s weird that him not being an open misogynistic pedophile is enough for him to be praised as a radical feminist. Maybe it seems impressive to some because most politically charged men online are open perverts and pedos.

No. 1635926

Nobody is calling him a radical feminist, men can't be feminist.

No. 1635927

Same vibes as well Josh was getting fellated here for telling kiwis that posting about wanting a Ukranian war bride was cringe. This place turns into pickme central sometimes where Josh is concerned. Josh is not as smart as he would like to think he is but he is not a total moron, he does know how to pander for the length of a screenshot or two. Maybe it's necessary to have some mega-sperg willing to ruin his life out of sheer cussedness and for the sake of online drama, but still, it's retarded how people get about Josh. Josh is a nasty incel, has no particular principles other than wanting clout, and his best quality in this mess, autistic stubbornness, also makes him a huge faggot to have to deal with for anything else. Josh is what he is and unless it is him and his little cabal doing the Joshposting then I don't know why nonnies simp for this guy as they do. He's doing a based thing fighting this stupid tranny, leave it at that, you can't save him and he won't pick you.

No. 1635931

There would be a lot less simping for Josh if butthurt trannies didn't get so pressed about farmers not joining their petty vendetta against him.

No. 1635946

No. 1635951

Yeah right, this entire thing is just a 4D psyops to get everyone to like Null more. Cloudflare and Keffals are all in on it too. Tinfoil hat on a little bit tight?

No. 1635954

nvmd its the troon again.

No. 1635965

the absolute state of the internet when kiwifarms and mumsnet are the last bastions

No. 1635987

It's working fine for me

No. 1635991

Was working okay for me but now I'm getting intermittent 502 Gateway Errors. Don't know if someone trying to fuck with the site or if it's just shitty infrastructure.

No. 1636001

File: 1662314166613.png (14.96 KB, 654x245, welp.png)

what does this mean? is this josh's fault or is something else happening?

No. 1636017

The ride never ends. This is fucking hilarious. Troons too into their own autism, they reveal themselves with subtle things.

No. 1636020

Bussy Smollett

No. 1636023

File: 1662315394003.png (71.06 KB, 604x545, f41294775b62cfc47398d9cd50d185…)

No. 1636024

File: 1662315452630.png (66.25 KB, 594x639, aa8f2b6a53fed4043d9fec63f3cb9b…)

2/2 troon tweeting bullshit

No. 1636027

File: 1662315574489.jpeg (437.64 KB, 1242x2397, FD108D0F-213F-424B-8274-5EC904…)

Imagine if he put this effort into like, actual crimes against transwomen and children, in real life.

No. 1636028

Ah yes, trying to circumvent a block in order to harass another user who wants nothing to do with them. Classic.

No. 1636031

when will these retards learn that mockery isn’t violence

No. 1636032

If Josh was even a third as frantic and hardworking as Keffals is trying to make him out to be he would be an actual supervillain by now kek

No. 1636033

.ru hasn't gone down for me once idk

No. 1636034

KF is a cesspool. They should have never allowed doxxing. They KINDA had this coming to them.

Now I still disagree with what was done. It sets a nasty scene. Now on the other OTHER hand… guess what happens to loudmouth "renegades"?? Look up Robespierre. There's his future.

No. 1636036

Literally who called Josh a radical feminist? People saying it's good Josh isn't I'm favour of controlling freaks who want an uneducated third world wife to abuse isn't the same as trying to claim a random moid as a feminist icon

No. 1636038

Nobody cares enough unfortunately. There was a KF post showing a GoFundMe account of a child with leukemia near where Keffals lives. It only got $20k since May. Keffals managed to make $100k in almost an instant. Troons have unfortunately manipulated public online discourse to make their bullshit non-issues take the spotlight.

No. 1636040

Am I the only one who feels a mixture of anger and cringe when he says these things?everytine the site goes down he goes, "we did it" and then when it backs up he goes. "It's up, but I bet fan fiction bout Josh it's on its final days!!". He's so stupid and obessed with social media/Josh he can't wait a minute before he starts tweeting then immediately back tracks. How many times has he claimed Kiwi farms is dead or almost dead? Furthermore, what are they celebrating? The sites still up and if they think that Kiwifrms or sites like Kiwifarms won't keep popping up they are 100% wrong. They are only making the wants for these places to go up, not down
Keffals is the most annoying unlikable person to lead this. It's crazy how many "high profile" people have disowned Kiwifarms but you can tell he wants the attention of youtubers, celebrities and internet famous people attention.

No. 1636041

Parts of kf are a cesspool. Holding an entire site accountable for the words of some users is exactly the same shit the trannies are spewing.

No. 1636043

>if they think that Kiwifrms or sites like Kiwifarms won't keep popping up they are 100% wrong

Not only that but it’s not like the big mean transphobes just disappear when a website goes down. If anything I feel more emboldened to say what I really think irl now that this is getting more high-profile.

No. 1636045

it's a giant website with no rules so that means you get everybody. i think people don't understand that just like in real life, people only go to their social group's hangout. in any town or city there are college bars, sports bars, gay bars, goth clubs, hiphop bars, dive bars, and strip clubs, but just because someone drinks alcohol doesn't mean they go to all of those places.

No. 1636047

A lot of people used to feel pretty ambivalent about troons and now they aren't ambivalent anymore.

No. 1636048

Nonna, do you really think Josh actually believes this shit or that he is once more attempting to pander to women? What is more likely? Don't be naïve.

No. 1636051

File: 1662317044843.jpg (91.67 KB, 720x698, Screenshot_20220904-144229_Chr…)

Like he just says anything. He says this while I'm literally browsing kiwifarms on the regular internet with no issue. Every five minutes he just spews some bullshit. I was literally reading the tweets of the site he claimed all this site was happening on. It makes zero sense why he feels the need to post something every five seconds.

No. 1636057

He is insanely obsessed. I stopped bothering checking out his Twitter for updates because it’s the SAME FUCKING THING every time. It’s pathetic.

No. 1636058


NTA but why is it so hard to believe a dude raised by a single mom has at least this one not disgusting belief set about women? Also, what gives you the impression that Josh panders to ANYONE, let alone a group of people he doesn't actually respect? I know a lot of you really want to hate the guy, but I really don't think he's the woman hating incel people seem to want to paint him as. ESPECIALLY compared to 99% of his terminally online peers (including these fucking tyranny freaks, ironically.)

No. 1636074

im fuckin dying over lucas and troons thinking its major transvestite victory to make kiwifarms move from .net to .ru

he could have probably made some real change for trannies with that money he grifted

No. 1636076

I get all my updates about him from the site. Everytime it's down it comes back up with more users on/lurking then Keffals has viewers on twitch. I think that's what bothers him. He can feel powerful on Twitter but on twitch/YouTube/ offline he's no one just like everyone else. Josh's video on Keffals has 20k views and it's still up. So are many videos talking about him. Throwing a party everytime the sites down and going, "omg it's falling to pieces" is retarded. Even if the sites gone the users will still exist and go somewhere else. Shit maybe to the actual dark web, which clearly Keffals doesn't know shit about.

No. 1636078

You are what you associate with.

No. 1636089

No, it is just trannies having a freak out because people are saying mean words about them online. There is no grand conspiracy, just a bunch of smelly moids.

No. 1636091

File: 1662318204783.jpeg (469.73 KB, 1170x1385, 620E46C5-BB15-4695-800A-E965E8…)

No. 1636095

> NTA but why is it so hard to believe a dude raised by a single mom has at least this one not disgusting belief set about women?
Do you know many fatherless moids? Do you know Josh's history? Has Josh ever said anything redeeming about women before he decided that the wanted to grift the girl boards?
> Also, what gives you the impression that Josh panders to ANYONE, let alone a group of people he doesn't actually respect? I know a lot of you really want to hate the guy, but I really don't think he's the woman hating incel people seem to want to paint him as. ESPECIALLY compared to 99% of his terminally online peers (including these fucking tyranny freaks, ironically.)
I really don't think you know much about him, although you're not wrong than he's better at least outwardly than some of the incels that infest his platform. Are you another one who knows him primarily from his podcast?

No. 1636102

Do you actually know him IRL or something?

No. 1636119

I ask that because you're asking these questions as if you know more about him than anyone and coming off as kind of a schizo. Yes, he is a terminally online moid and can't be 100% trusted but I couldn't care less about any possible attempts at him trying to get women on his side. What's honestly the worst that would come out of that? I want to know why it's so bad.

No. 1636120

LOL American ex-glowie attached to mainstream media says something deranged about Russia, happens on a daily basis, Josh is just a bystander here lol

No. 1636122

First time with glowies, huh?

No. 1636129

That's the tranny, anon, I'm the anon you were originally replying to. It doesn't have to be bad. It is cringe. That is enough. Josh is not probably not going to harm me IRL. I like to use Josh's website. Josh is still cringe and he LARPs as some kind of feminist or non-woman-hater because it gets him asspats from the pickme element of his userbase which he covets.

No. 1636133

>be frank
>have good career on a security agency, dealing with terrorists and international problems in one of the strongest nations on earth
>retire gracefully
>go on twitter and declare a gossip forum a risk for domestic terrorism

Its sad, but also funny in a clown word kind of way. Imagine declaring the beauty parlour users domestic terrorists.

No. 1636136

I had the bad gateway error on Chrome, when I tried a different profile it worked. No idea if it was a cookie thing or something else?!

No. 1636139

Hey retard, knock it off

No. 1636146

This person said they took down kiwifarms in their bio? Who is this?

(Also for inevitable flood of people- this thread is being slammed by an insane person and their replies keep getting deleted. You don't know how image boards work do not jump to conclusions here. The fed poster is someone who hates LCF and wants it taken down)

No. 1636154

> this thread is being slammed by an insane person and their replies keep getting deleted.
> this thread is being slammed by an insane degenerate pedophile troon and his replies keep getting deleted.

No. 1636158

It's the schizophrenic pedophile troon again. UndeadHeal = UnabashedHermaphrodite = Blaine. I guess his new retardation is posting threats and pretending someone else is trying to frame him. Hopefully he gets vanned.

No. 1636161

The fact he named the new tranny board “Gender Critical” first thing really just said it all.

No. 1636162

Blaine, Erika, whatever, you literally have posts on your Twitter saying you're going to get LCF next. You've told on yourself. Even the images you post here are all on your Twitter

No. 1636163

Same game he played when spamming selections from his CP collection. The AGP narcissism is so unreal he's out of touch enough for people to believe his bullshit. In WI it seems they don't yet place troons at least intact ones in women's prisons so hopefully he winds up where the rape stick between his legs dictates and gets to play the role of the little girl for half the yard. He deserves it.

No. 1636169

At least he was shamed out of that. Both the incels and us shat on him for it. Only his BP pick me brigade approved. But the forum is still in the Salon (yet full of seething incels) because Josh thinks he will rescue the poor women from the troons.

No. 1636178

Lol both Elaine and Blaine are trying to take credit for MP being a cuck. Don't smoke Adderall kids

No. 1636181

We've now gone from internet shitposting site that was perfectly legal, no police investigation 24 hours ago to domestic terror watchlist.

Why? because a troon got upset.

No. 1636183

>>have good career on a security agency, dealing with terrorists and international problems
That's a funny one nonnie, in truth most of his time at the FBI was likely spent creating international problems and terrorists just to solve a portion of them later and claim victory. This and his job at NBC is an extension of his old job.

No. 1636186


Maybe the feds will do something about the cp spamming dream team then

No. 1636193


Don't forget meth and Discord

No. 1636201

Most of them are probably feds themselves.

No. 1636203

>assuming the feds would care
They'll just lump us in with the spammers and say we're an "extremist pedo community" and simply wipe us out. Because that's all the media and government care about, eliminating spaces of open communication so they can establish a precedent and further their control. That's why they lumped in KF with 8chan, The Daily Stormer, etc and that's why this site will be next.

No. 1636229

Take your meds

No. 1636230

Adderall is a pill anon

No. 1636235

Honestly Null should just take the site offline for a week, the trannies would celebrate and get bored and move on and then you can put it back and even if they start crying about it again they would have lost all momentum and nobody would care anymore.

No. 1636241

You don't know him either, it's kind of cringe that you pretend you do.

No. 1636244

File: 1662326110447.jpg (21.31 KB, 650x273, WhyYouShouldNeverGiveAnInchToT…)

This was inevitable. God, I hate these people so much. Troons are modern day book burners.

No. 1636248

Imagine all the posts kiwis could archive because you know if the troons think kiwi is "gone", they would really unmask themselves in their "victory".

No. 1636262

What exactly is the move if/when they come after this place?

No. 1636268

Troons coming after here because there's multiple threads just showcasing their own selfies they post on Reddit. Kek.

No. 1636270

pause it, PAUSE IT!

No. 1636275

They should leave us alone just because being mocked for their looks on lolcow is the closest they'd ever get to the female experience.

No. 1636286

They won't come after here because we don't dox and we don't cowtip. They have nothing on us

No. 1636313

They're less likely to succeed, but I think they will at least try.

No. 1636323

They are less likely to succeed because lolcow is smaller and lesser known, but they can still make up shit about harassment.

No. 1636335


Someone posted this earlier but it wasn't replied to probably because this is just a lone tweet with seemingly little to no interaction/response. Sure there are probably some people looking to come after this site as well but it seems not as much as KF (at least on twitter right now.) I get other anons being worried but personally I'm not super worried about this site at this moment.

No. 1636338

I'm not worried at the moment. Troons have bigger fish to fry than us. Long term can be a problem though.

No. 1636340

>we don't dox
>we don't cowtip
We don't CONDONE that type of behavior but that never stops newfags and rogue anons from doing so, which is enough to warrant backlash as is the case with kiwifarms. Just look at the Lori Lewd thread - Kev accidentally slipped his address and we have anons constantly speculating what exact type of apartment layout they have. It's not necessarily doxxing but any low IQ normalfag who's already been sold a narrative that says otherwise is not going to listen.

No. 1636341

I think the next target would be 4chan itself.

No. 1636342

They all have a humiliation fetish, so this place probably fulfils their delusions in some way, they're just targeting here because it's female majority

No. 1636343

we're transphobic so that's already too much for them kek

No. 1636346

File: 1662335168666.png (202.49 KB, 615x581, ftdgc.png)

More fedposting and tranny tears. Note that "tranny" is censored but "cunt" is not, lol. (1/2)

No. 1636349

File: 1662335244554.png (35.18 KB, 1034x106, Screenshot 2022-09-04 19.46.04…)

The furry pfp is already banned and that post swept, the only post left visible on KF is this one from 2019 which about speaks for itself (2/2)

Whenever there is a big happening there's always some old KF account doing weird shit so there's that, who knows.

No. 1636354

No. 1636355

I wish there was a way to report him to the fbi or something kek but I'm sure he'll get his karma soon for spamming cp

No. 1636356

Perfect example of how gendered slurs are fine to them.

No. 1636362

Not only that, but Null gives these racist idiots the platform for them to spew their nonsense because muh freeze peach. Of course not every single KF user is like that but Josh, simply by facilitating it, definitely is. If he'd shown some restraint with both that and the doxing, he'd probably still be on CloudFlare.

No. 1636363

These people need to be doxed, though, and there are worse places online in terms of that (see: doxbin which is full of 14 year old boys doxing 14 year old girls for not showing them titty pics)

No. 1636365

This is the fakest-sounding fedpost I've seen.

No. 1636368

No, "these people" don't need to be doxed, not even sure who you're referring to by saying "these people". KF will literally dox anyone who comes briefly into their field of vision, including family members and coworkers of any random lolcow. Other anons are correct in saying this site is probably safe because doxing isn't allowed and cowtipping is frowned upon. Even if some of the users break these rules, the site itself has an official policy against it.

No. 1636383

I agree things like doxing the family members of random cows is uncalled-for but in terms of doxing the likes of Keffals and other degenerates, tranny or no, who cross certain lines of behavior, well that is doing the Internet a service (plus, even when children and animals aren't involved, it is just rules of the game for wannabe e-celebs and the like.)(3. Do not doxx any subjects.)

No. 1636388

"I will plant bombs" is literally the stupidest, emptiest threat ever. These idiots don't know how to make bombs or have access to any of the tools necessary. They're just shitposting and keffals is pretending it's serious for sympathy points and money. Fuck keffals
(Forgot sage the first time sry)

No. 1636391

Yeah this one is I'm willing to bet someone just doing it to be edgy because it was a problem before, the threat as posted feels almost formulaic. This one I wouldn't even pin on the trannies, they're just furiously refreshing the thread looking for anything bad (took 13 minutes for them to post this)
> Kiwifarms policy is literally the same as here
Wait, what? You can do all sorts of doxing on KF, what you can post here in that regard is very limited. The limit on KF is basically the law which only prohibits the posting of bank details and stuff like that, lol. The doxing of family members is a funny one for me, on general principle I think it's uncalled for, but then on the other hand when you get some NEET who doesn't give a shit about anything, sometimes a little pressure there is all it takes to get them to stop posturing and carrying on. The only problem I have with it is the way things currently are with everyone getting swatted I don't want to have any connection with that bullshit. It's over the line behavior by people who take the fun out of everything by taking it too far.

No. 1636394

youre dumb as hell, as someone who lurks on both kiwifarms and lolcow, there have been way more cases of doxxing in kiwifarms even with the fast moderation there. Dont get me wrong i enjoy some of the threads in beauty parlor in kiwifarms but i am not going to fucking lie and say they follow the same policy as us. Some of you sound like kiwifags.

No. 1636396

(sry forgot to sage)
> there have been way more cases of doxxing in kiwifarms even with the fast moderation there
It's not even that. Doxing is allowed, encouraged even. There's even a little "dox box" xenForo extension which exists so you can put dox in it and it will be hidden from search engines so it doesn't get the site deindexed.

No. 1636427

Damn, just caught up with the thread. Never cared much for Kiwifarms besides lurking maybe 2 threads, but i'm still disappointed to see it go. Because it's insufferable to see those idiots triumph, and bc of what it means to the internet.
We are next, inevitably. make sure to check threads you care for are archived, nonas. i wish that LC stays, but if not, i honestly hope we manage to meet again on some other site. i'm kind of concerned though, cause we haven't decided about plan B option, and likely farmers would be scattered around the internet rather than posting somewhere collectively like on LC. idek what's up with discord server.
fuck this whole thing

No. 1636435

it's not down you just have to put kiwifarms.ru
instead of kiwifarms.net . If anything happens crystal.cafe still exists. Kiwifarms has been through shit like this before its gonna be fine.

No. 1636441

how is 4chan some untouchable behemoth, moids can literally iterate 4chan was their incentive for mass murder and it can somehow continue to be invulnerable against the crusade of internet censorship. whos funding that shit

No. 1636442

True, you're right.
i honestly don't care much about kiwifarms wellbeing as much as i care for lolcow, and the point is if the mob wants to take it down, it'd be way way easier than taking down KF.
crystal.cafe seems fine posting-wise but anons claim it's troon infested as well. could be ok for posting troon-unrelated cow threads, but i'm not sure how much of anons would eventually choose CC. we shall see i guess (or rather, hopefully we won't, and LC stays).

No. 1636464

fed psyop. That's literally the reason.

No. 1636465

Well obviously we all should now.
After this last year? I believe it.

No. 1636477

File: 1662348511524.png (585.22 KB, 1345x2529, 8a47e47cb55cc63645b21fef877f3c…)

Some German girl active on the KF Telegram has allegedly been charged with a slew of hate crimes type violations for doing counter-tranny ops. 1/

No. 1636478

File: 1662348613825.png (183.2 KB, 380x554, media_Fb256fnXgAE8nQ3.png)

No. 1636479

File: 1662348645705.png (32.21 KB, 680x455, 8f9e70ee7cac40998bdc6d785a35ae…)

machine translated I presume 3/

No. 1636480

File: 1662348705690.png (115.59 KB, 614x408, Screenshot 2022-09-04 23.32.21…)

4/4 defiance

No. 1636481

File: 1662348794495.png (182.27 KB, 688x475, Screenshot 2022-09-04 23.33.58…)

one more, I look forward to learning more about this person

No. 1636487

>all hail russia
>badge used by nazis to identify jews
Amelie is far too 3edgy5me

No. 1636496

I don’t, she should know that being an edgelord with nazi imagery is a criminal offence in her country. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

No. 1636497

It's bait nonna's. Don't fall for the bait.

No. 1636498

File: 1662349865493.png (166.25 KB, 1062x445, Screenshot 2022-09-04 23.51.44…)

samefag as posted this, now I'm hearing (in the KF telegram) that this was a gayop/bait to make keffals look dumb, I'm looking for specific proof now, idk nonnas…it looks like I took the bait myself. boy is my face red.

No. 1636499

to be fair to her, keffal only went after her because she probably said something about about trannys once and not the fact that she is a literal nazl.
Which is not surprising since most of these trannys were literal pol nazis before becoming closet nazis after transitioning.

This is also the reason why 4chan is allowed to exist because they cater to trannies despite the fact that their site is filled with nazis or pedos.

No. 1636501

wait so it was fake?

No. 1636502

Told ya it was bait

No. 1636505

I guess so. There's not any detailed discussion though about it that I can see on the forum at least other than that post. And apparently Keffals deleted the tweets celebrating it. Whoops. I wonder if any of it was true and if Amelie is a real person. I assume it's not the Russian-flag/Kiwi-Jude pfp having person then.

No. 1636508

File: 1662350281900.png (85.91 KB, 250x415, e66d9b6314f29342ba5261e0a6ff1b…)

there was this one… typical edgy shit but also shows how much of an idiot keffals is

No. 1636512


Also, "if you renounce the farms, I will accept you" this is cult leader/Messiah complex shit at this point, it's creepy, but Keffals is stacking up Ls after getting too cocky after a limited W. This is his life now, too. The ops are only going to get gayer from here on in.

No. 1636516

This is powertripping in its purest form. Here's someone who has never had an ounce of power over everyone suddenly feeling like he has all of the power in the world because he got CF to bend the knee to him. It's not about the site now, it's about how much power he feels he can have ("Life after hate" "I will accept you" "That is more compassion than-")

No. 1636519

File: 1662351748110.jpg (731.04 KB, 1440x2125, Screenshot_20220905_001028.jpg)

No. 1636521

File: 1662351890060.jpg (853.28 KB, 1440x2603, Screenshot_20220905_001143.jpg)

He's currently being called a racist, oh and that Chinese trans who has been after cloud for a while also mentioned how Keffals or keffals fans are racists. Got this from KF. So now that the site that killed is "gone" they move on to canceling the trans they claim was saving lives

No. 1636528

File: 1662352324467.jpg (7.97 KB, 235x215, images (1).jpg)

There are plenty of troons who are already getting jelly about Lucas getting attention over them and raising more cash than them. Kiwifarms or any TERF site can't compare to how much damage a group of crab-bucket troons can do to another.

No. 1636531

lol I fucking called it. Like clockwork. Once the dust settles, other attention-starved twitterfags will go in for the kill. Trannies getting canceled is their biggest kryptonite, always. It's the biggest reason why his gloating doesn't bother me. He's made a huge mess that's impossible for him to clean up.

No. 1636533

Love to see it.

No. 1636535

File: 1662352629281.jpg (21.08 KB, 250x432, 3679988-773bf561987c22447d1e25…)

Remember that TIM said Keffals gets all the attention because he's white and passes?

No. 1636537

This really is proof this entire thing is a petty powertripping game. They didn't care AT ALL about keffals or anything about KF, they just recognized this as a sign of weakness to take down a political opponent. It is, in real time, like watching a prince usurp a king just for the prince to be stabbed in the back moments later.

No. 1636538

god those fucking arms lmaoooooo

No. 1636539

Yeah he got really high on his laurels. But like even these idiots know that Kiwi wasn't wrong about all of the fucked up stuff Keffels did. I watched the quiet voices slowly grow as this whole thing has played out since day one. Now that they think kiwi is done, twitter is going to dig up the old screenshots of his grooming discord or some of the kids are going to come for their 15 minuets. All he did was paint a target on his own back.

No. 1636543

File: 1662353057160.jpg (31.1 KB, 1060x755, wp5338279-2609015424.jpg)

I'd like to add, this new development really puts >>1636508 into perspective

>Come to our side, we are far more compassionate than KF, I will accept you if you accept life after hate

>get cancelled for racism

No. 1636545

kek at that disgusting beer gut and massive arms and hands
he looks like a cryptid

No. 1636549

File: 1662353726834.jpg (171.14 KB, 1436x1093, vaushtakesthebait.jpg)

everyone is getting trolled.

No. 1636553

Fucking kek, passes with that hulking Bigfoot body and receding hair line
These people truly are intellectually handicapped, my god

No. 1636561

holy SHIT

No. 1636565

File: 1662354852297.png (5.48 KB, 839x75, lol.png)

these threads sure are fast. i hope the farmer that posted this is here to see their wish come true.

couldn't have happened to a better guy..

the real tragedy of it all. despite the general spergery on the farms they did have some solid info on pedos and shit. just look at the zoo crew.


> Can we get back to making fun of and/or being angry at Null and cringe kiwis in the Null/Kiwi thread and lose whatever the fuck this is? Please.

you're screaming into the abyss, hun.

No. 1636569

What meme?

No. 1636574

File: 1662355287569.png (42.04 KB, 590x326, eat each other alive already.p…)