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File: 1662384274341.png (190.19 KB, 1490x901, 7aed9a4cd4219860ed193b2c96efee…)

No. 1636927

KF has been dropped from CloudFlare and now the Russian DDoS-GUARD service has proven insufficient under the onslaught, in effect driving the site off the open web. However, the Kiwi Farms tor page:
http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ - still working for now. You need to download and run "Tor Browser Bundle" or Brave Browser (select "Open New Private Tab in Tor")

Kiwifags visiting: this site's history, audience and culture are not the same. You are not blending if you just show up and it is not funny to sneak into the girl's room.

There is a schizophrenic CP-spamming tranny who keeps posting. Causing women distress is how he gets his pathetic dick hard. He is a subhuman degenerate, Keffals shit in a different sock. If you see something that doesn't add up, report and ignore, don't engage, it only encourages him.

Josh simps, he won't pick you, Josh haters, it's all been said before.

Prior threads:

KF thread on lolcow (see how Josh and others there view this site)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a total shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:

No. 1636932

It's sad but I personally feel like, the site existing at all bothers Keffals and will make him still whine. I also think him boasting online about it, will just make more people download the brave browser and post JUST in his thread or the TIM threads to spite.
Honestly, if Kiwifarms keeps the site up, plus the streams, I think it'll manage. Or maybe I'm hoping. Keffals disgusts me so much, that he can't "Win". Even in the end he's a sorry person and seems deeply unhappy and stupid, so he'll end up cancelled himself and be disowned from the community. People probably aren't going to milk the KIWIFarms things on youtube until they are sure the site is gone NGL, Kiwifarms being gone, makes me want to give up all these "spaces", because it feels like a ticking timebomb. All you have to do is whine, lie and whine, there's nothing you can do. Keffals flat out involved Josh's mom, troons are talking about what crimes they are going to commit online, even Mister Metakour has been pushed off of twitter. All by the most annoying troon. Kiwifarms isn't perfect NO, Josh is a bad person, but dammit, It just seems so dark now. Like you can't say shit. You can be racists, hateful towards women (on twitter no less) and just disgusting, JUST don't talk about troons, in specfic a 6ft troon named Keffals.
Anyway, going to post this again so nonnies who are interested can figure it out…
http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ - still working for now. You need to download and run "Tor Browser Bundle" or Brave Browser (select "Open New Private Tab in Tor")

Also why is 4chan able to exist and be googleable?Is it because it's more trans friendly or something? I hear more bad about 4chan then KF

No. 1636934

Keffals loses by default, because at the end of the day he is still Keffals. This is more of a win for the powers that be, if anything.

No. 1636937

This is probably the end of lowcow watching on clearnet. I think nonas are being wildly optimistic if they think that they won't come for this place eventually.

No. 1636946

4chan is a honeypot with a lot of tranny mods.

No. 1636948

using the darknet is just bringing too much attention to the average person just to laugh at cows. you need to use a vpn first then tor because your ISP will probably flag you for using tor: you must be a criminal or pedo, or even a terrorist KF lurker

No. 1636950

Well, yes, that was pretty much my point. It was fun while it lasted.

No. 1636960

It's completely astounding to me how much power mentally ill men in dresses hold over the internet right now. I've been using the internet since the 2000's. I've lurked Kiwifarms for years. I've seen all kinds of disgusting, degenerate, offensive, racist, homophobic, and straight up illegal activities on websites on the clearnet that are accessible to anyone with a few keystrokes entered into search engines. At most, what's happened to these websites is getting their social media pages banned and getting kicked off of their domain. They easily get new domain names and cracking down on a few fedposting users keeps them up. Think of all the things Kiwifarms had before the troon train came to town and demanded they get erased from the internet:

Kiwifarms allowed people to say every racial slur under the sun, and they kept their web domain.

Kiwifarms allowed people to post gore and videos of people dying, and they kept their web domain.

Kiwifarms allowed people to post that women should have no rights, and they kept their web domain.

Kiwifarms hosted hundreds of doxings, and they kept their web domain.

Kiwifarms allowed people to post or link to all manner of grotesque porn, and they kept their web domain.

Kiwifarms allows people to criticize trannies and hosts a thread on a child groomer selling bathtub gin estrogen: .NET DOMAIN BLOCKED, .RU DOMAIN BLOCKED, RELENTLESSLY DDOSED, ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH TOR (FOR NOW).

No one thought transgender should be treated as a serious identity for a long time outside of a few niche tranny "community" websites. Even liberals laughed at them and wouldn't use the "preferred pronouns." In a few short years they went from weird people and laughingstocks to a legitimate identity who are our moral superiors and more real "women" than actual women.

I wonder what the typical normie thinks of all this? Do they get a sense of political mood whiplash? A lot of them are probably too nervous to ask questions about what's going on and who's pushing all this.

No. 1636961

>so he'll end up cancelled himself and be disowned from the community
troons can't get cancelled under their current protection though
Even just suggesting to cancel one will get you flagged for 'hatecrime' and cancelled in retaliation. And it really doesn't matter for what reason the target is being cancelled. whether a proven pedophile, groomer or just a ignorant pest, doesn't matter.

No. 1636966

Troons eat their own all the time though. He will be canceled for some shit in the future. He’s just high right now

No. 1636969

>Pedophile transvestite happily jokes about locking women in facilities to be forcefully impregnated by them, nothing happens to him
>Site where pedophiles' degenerate behaviour gets archived and criticized, the site gets yeeted off the clearnet because it's dangerous
So that's how it is nowadays.

No. 1636975

I think most normies don’t even understand what’s going on, and they’re being given news that is filled with very blatant lies. I do think nonas are right in that most normies also dislike or only tolerate trans, but most of them also don’t autistically investigate things like people on KF and some here do. I end up feeling like I come on too strong when I try to peak people because I want them to know everything all at once while the normie I’m talking to is still on the step of “well if they just want to live their own life, that’s fine” or “they’re mentally ill and need help”. But in a way all these optics trans shit has gotten lately is helpful. The sports issue, the bathroom thing, and simply how loud they are getting now. Many of us have said we’ve been peaked just by listening to them and “educating ourselves”. They do the work for us. I’m sure this entire thing with KF is making the gears turn in the heads of right-wingers who knew about it or love going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. It’s going to suck for a while but I remain hopeful that more people will wake up when the trans menace inevitably comes for them or their kids too.

No. 1636976

nonononononononono, we can't do that nona!!!

cancelling him would make him suicidal and then you'd be a bigot and responsible for hate crimes and cyberterrorism, that's illegal. if you tell him he's wrong about anything, his fragile mind might just crumple into bits! and then that would be your fault for making him feel bad for being wrong.

god i hate this fucking timeline

No. 1636977


No. 1636980

If you want to peak people you have to plant small seeds and make them investigate/think for themselves. Most gc women have a tendency to come off way too strong and sound like weird conspiracy theorists (even though what they are saying is true) when try to peak normies.

No. 1636984

Yep, how do you want to come off as normal when explaining that GRS doesn't work and doesn't make the genitals look like the opposite sex's? People are going to think you're freak if you know how necrotic amholes and sausages can get.

No. 1636986

Maybe I’m not familiar enough with KF culture, (LCF is the only site of this type that I regularly visit) but what’s stopping all the kiwifags from just migrating to onionfarms? Isn’t it basically a knockoff?

No. 1636989

That’s only if the troon happens to be BIPOC; Keffals is white so he may still get canceled on that front

No. 1636993

I'm honestly real fucking sad about this. Never really used Kiwi Farms but it's so wild and fucked up that the one cardinal sin that can get you kicked off the internet is insulting troons.

This is probably wishful thinking, but here's to hoping that this place isn't next.

No. 1636997


Onionfarms is slow due to too few users (even in past times where Kiwifarms was down for long periods) and the posts are noticeably lower quality than what you'd find on Kiwifarms.

The site's creator also has a personal, petty beef with Josh and it sinks into most of the things he writes. The overall tone resembles a 13 year old schoolboy picking a fight with another kid over bullshit reasons.

No. 1637001

anyone saved that picture of Keffals where he was sideways and looked like the hunchback of Notre-Dame? i need it for a meme

No. 1637018

i have no idea who you are but it sounds like you're in the middle of a manic episode. i hope you call someone who can help you.

No. 1637019


Tor isn't down, you tranny sperg.

No. 1637022

>responding to bait
how new?

No. 1637024

>and straight up illegal activities
None of the things you listed are illegal. Kiwifarms has never broken US law. It's only guilty in the court of public opinion, that's why the government didn't shut it down, a private company did.

No. 1637031

also, Kiwifarms helped track and doxx animal rapists but the media only cares when troon feefees are hort. It's amazing how incredibly egocentric troons are, a lot of information on dangerous people was lost but trannies don't give a shit as long as they aren't misgenred. Pure madness.

No. 1637036

File: 1662390572735.png (463.9 KB, 2174x1094, 8u8vRbq.png)

Seems like their plan is to lie low for a bit until this all dies down?

No. 1637037

Explain for those that aren't going to go and read that thread

No. 1637038

matthew prince: um we're shutting down the farms bc we've decided it's a threat to human life something something keffals. kthx.

>>1637016: that's just what they WANT you to think!!! secretly it's because i was RAPED (tragically) and kiwifarms did NOTHING! rue the day, you insensitive fools!! that's what you get for using a site run by someone i don't like!!! but like a phoenix from the ashes i have rISEN AGAIN to spite u all i was the mastermind all along i am the hero gotham deserves and you pedophile rapist evil-doers can't stop me

sometimes i envy narcissists because occasionally it must be nice to be completely divorced from reality.

No. 1637039

Is the kiwifarms telegram chat worthwhile or is it also poltard trash?

Null really should have split up the pol part of the site off ages ago, it is nothing but a detriment and the users are all retarded hateful schizos.

No. 1637042

I think this makes the most sense and I'm surprised it took them this long

The troon threads were always a mess or would turn into a mess the moment it came to other people's attention

No. 1637045

It's just an updates channel. No real organized discussion going on there.

No. 1637046


You’re a moid in a dress. What’s the worst we could do to you? Be sure you don’t get triggered when people hand you steps on how to tie a noose.

No. 1637047

At least it might keep the fedposting down for a little bit.

No. 1637048

Lying low doesn't really work if people blacklist you for business. The companies that drop kiwifarms won't just sign a contract again a month from now, and even if they did, what's the point if you know they will drop service the second a troon @s them on twitter?

No. 1637049

why would you envy them all they have is internet attention. Keffals is 100% going to join the 41% despite KF closing down
>looks 40yo
>looks worse than a middle-aged man who worked on construction all his life
>has no SO
>ugly as shit+post op trans which significantly reduced his dating pool just to other mentally ill troons
>no career
>no goals
>no family
>afraid of mean words
Even if it takes us another 5 years, we win at the end someone with such a miserable existence on top of being a troon isn't going to turn 40

No. 1637050

It's trash, if you miss KF do what >>1636932 said and install Brave and just browse KF on Tor. It's kinda slow but it works.

No. 1637051

I'm guessing Josh is hoping that Cloudflare will take them back if they turn down the temperature. I doubt it will work but it's not a bad last resort considering that there's no other option other than to call it quits and shut the forum down.

No. 1637052

Are these posts all from the same schizo? I've been seeing them nonstop for like 2 days now.

No. 1637053

Keffals has an ugly troon boyfriend.

No. 1637056

50/50 chance one dies and the other follows after them.

No. 1637057


Take your meds, moid

No. 1637058

I think the hope is that things will have died down and nobody will be paying attention by the time they find other services to take them.

No. 1637060

I doubt it, but honestly going into hiding and cutting off material for trannies to post onto twitter for a while will take a lot of momentum out of their "movement". Twitters attention span is incredibly short and in a week's time everyone will have moved on to the next monster of the week.

No. 1637063

I mean the one not run by Null (not https://t.me/s/KiwiFarms).


My concern with doing this long term is that it filters posters who aren't schizo retards like me. I mostly browse Beauty Parlor and that is filled with just regular people, many of them boomers, who probably can't be bothered with Tor.
Tor is such a pain to use because it's so secure too, it isn't made for convenience because it's bizarre that you'd need to to access fully legal content that you don't care about giving your IP and what not to.

This situation is so strange.

No. 1637064

You're right nonnie, not just that I don't think troons exactly have a long expiration date. How could they when they're an amalgamation of drugs, extreme surgery and necrosis? Couple that with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits and you've got a ticking time bomb. If they weren't so predictably degenerate I'd express more sympathy for them.

No. 1637065

I hope Null's family emergency is not the trannies harassing his mother. They posted her nursing license on twitter and asked other troons to call in to get her license revoked, they doxed her address and phone number and place of employment and I wouldn't be shocked if some crazy tranny shows up at her house trying to hurt her because they can't get to Null.

No. 1637070

I didn't have to install or do anything to browse on Tor since I already use the Brave browser. It's literally as easy as opening a new tab. Even boomers could do it, they probably won't but they could.

No. 1637071

I hope this situation pushes normal boomer women to use TOR.

No. 1637072

It's the journalists.
You have big news organisations printing whatever copy Keffals them, even though the truth that Keffals is a child predator sex pest and OPENLY does everything he accuses Kiwifarms of and more on his main twitter account. But nobody cares, they print their lies and are happy to do it. And nobody posts an actual article that investigates WTF is going on and what the true situation is, it's insane lies all the way down. Of course normal people are going to think kiwifarms is hell if the ex-vice director of the FBI and a big harvard lawyer says it's a terrorist organisation with ties to Russia.

If you actually told someone normal the truth, you would sound like a paranoid schizophrenic.

No. 1637075

I mean it's not exactly hard to make certain posts KF look like a threat or a possible threat but that's what you get from not over moderating and allowing personal but easily searchable information to be shared

I'm finding it stupidly slow

No. 1637076


I was referring to websites where you could buy drugs, purchase time with a prostitute, traffic wild animals, etc. You can easily find these even today on the clearnet. Craigslist had a subsection that was used for prostitution for YEARS until it was taken down.

My point was that Kiwi Farms NEVER offered the ability to do any of those things and didn't encourage it, yet was taken down because some crossdressing men got their feelings hurt. This shows the insane length companies will go to in order to protect them as an untouchable class.

No. 1637077

It is probably the trannies harassing his mother.

No. 1637078

File: 1662391376530.png (221.1 KB, 250x432, troon.png)

just look at him, 28 yo and he's this fat, deformed, and has a hunchback. It shows you that no matter how many horse piss hormones, and how young(keffals started at 16) you drink it will never make you a woman, let alone a pretty one.

No. 1637081

This should have happened the moment the first “threats” were dropped from Keffals sock accounts.

No. 1637082

I thought so too, but that hasn't stopped him before. He went through all this cap with vordrak a while ago. His mom getting harassed would also not a "be busy for a week and then back to normal" situation.

No. 1637084

That fat distribution is unmistakably male kek.

No. 1637089

IDK what you're talking about, schizo.(stop responding to the tranny)

No. 1637090

Can you also predict when I'll find the love of a good man?(stop responding to the tranny)

No. 1637092

KF is very much moderated and fedposters have been banned many times in the past, like SIGSEGV or whatever his name is. You can twist it any way you want, nothing on KF is illegal.

No. 1637093

Welp. Hopefully all these shitshows will peak some normies who haven't already gone fulltard tranny 'allies'.

No. 1637094

File: 1662391704606.png (1.16 MB, 942x1080, I DEMAND NULLS HEAD.png)

imagine going so far as to cut your dick to play pretend you still look like a middle-aged man

No. 1637095

That's not true. The first time Null took down the site was because Vordrak was fucking with his family and he wanted to protect him. Only that didn't stop Vordrak at all and he continued to escalate, so he put it back up since it didn't change anything anyways.

No. 1637097

The thing is that I just want to have a couple kiwifarms tabs open with my account logged in, not constantly copy paste links every time I close the browser.

I don't even know how to get Tor on android, do you download the main Tor Browser app?

No. 1637101

It's insane that you can apparently just drop some zero effort false flag post, screen shot it, and get someone blacklisted instantly as long as it benefits the eunuchs. On the other hand, 4chan must have hundreds of posts like that per day and nothing happens to them. Really makes you think.

No. 1637103

Nta but tor has android app in google store, works fine

No. 1637104

What I find most offensive is that he took his dying dad’s money to do this and then did porn almost immediately after. Disgusting.

No. 1637105

File: 1662391928757.jpeg (23.98 KB, 300x250, 1647277879841.jpeg)

You kiwifags really need to read the rules and learn to sage


No. 1637106

Null's morally ambiguous but if it wasn't already obvious he isn't a shill it definitely is now.

No. 1637107

Yeah if KF was a fed-run honeypot it'd still be up. I guess the feds have no interest in the site, welp. Almost wish they would just offer Null a comfy government job so they can monitor the retards on A&H and we can post in BP in peace.

No. 1637110

Keffals is just a troonyan horse, this is going to be used in the future by politicians to censor information.Keffals is too egotistical to see this will fuck big-time the free flow of information and will set us back a few decades. In the future we will all be saying ''Keffals lied, people died''.

No. 1637112

sage your goddamn posts, newfag

No. 1637115

I don't think Keffals gives a single shit, even if he knew that he's just being used to censor the internet as a whole. But once this entire insanity blows over he will definitely be considered a villain in the history books, just like all the other insane men in dresses trying to build a totalitarian regime around sucking their "girldicks".

No. 1637117

I'm not surprised that a male pedophile groomer has support of the masses with a bunch of tantrums. We've seen it time and time again nonitas and it never ends. Y chromosome is cursed

No. 1637122

#DropOmgeon when?
Actually pretty good video, no tranny dick sucking

No. 1637124

This is why I get a bit frustrated when people here say that kf/josh deserve to be gone, nothing that is happening to it is because of their actually questionable acts, it's because they bothered trannies, if they just stopped with their "transphobia", they would still get away with everything else. I'm sure even fedposting about anyone who wasn't a tranny would be fine.

No. 1637126

why should he care he's gonna commit suicide anyway. I find all of this too SUSS, there are some powerful people behind this.

No. 1637130

I see, thank you.

No. 1637144

troons love to brigade to take control like the reddit scum they are.

No. 1637146

As the other anons have said Kengle (onionfarm owner) is an insane person and a lolcow, the other admins are Naught (pedophile/lolicon) and Angry Candian/Mike Thurlow (wife beater, pedophile, troon, Nazi) so that alone makes the site never to be taken seriously. Additionally the only one of the 3 who is at all technically competent is Naught, Kengle certainly isn't, and the second that site gets any notoriety it will be over for them: they use totally basic normie hosting, etc. It's a joke site. Dead in the water.

No. 1637148

Already happened.
A colossal """she"""-oger appears at Josh's mom's home carrying a literal machete, though that was to cut up Josh and not his mom. Completely fine behaviour according to twitter troons btw.
For me it's 100% some violent tranny hurting or harassing his mother, especially after how Josh mentioned how much he loved her on his last podcast.

No. 1637149

nah it's the male in them, men can't help themselves from trying to dominate women and invade our spaces

No. 1637152

The problem people are not cohering here is that scrotes give AGP troons ALL the power to do what they want. That's why troons can come in to any male space and groom any gaggle of 'loli girldicks' before the shit metastasizes and goes nuclear.

Even shit like Lockheed Martin, ffs. Troonizm is a cult among scrotes that operates to their benefit… but people keep separating scrotes from troons structurally even as they keep saying they're the same thing biologically, acting as if troons are some aberrant freaks disconnected from standard, 'normal' maleness and 'healthy' nigels (actually they aren't). There's too much TE without the RF part now, I see this in the Robbie thread especially

It took tumblr-variety troomers 11 years to do what women have struggled to even get a crumb of for 6,000

No. 1637154

this doesn't have to do with women specific spaces. i'm thinking of how troons used to brigade subreddits they didn't like (some even using child porn) to get them taken down and then take control. Like they did with r/detransition.

No. 1637155

Honestly I usually have several doubts as to the "groomer, groomer, he's a groomer!" of popular streamers, but at this point, has cuckals done anything to really disprove it? It all seems pretty conclusive to me.

The thing about places like KF is that it's basically hydra. Cut one head off, two more take its place. Fucking troons I can't remember the last time KF really crossed my mind. I'm more concerned by the MSM now popping up to defend this fucking child predator but I guess this shouldn't surprise me

No. 1637157

As someone wise pointed out, big tech will GLADLY get behind this, in order to wipe out parts of the internet that they don't control. It's a win-win for troons and big tech: big tech gets to use troons as an excuse for censorship and clamping down on free thought, and troons get to feel validated and important.

No. 1637159

I’m depressed. Kf aside, this shit has started to invade my real life and it doesn’t feel like there’s anywhere to retreat to.

No. 1637160

they've taken control of almost every female space though. If we take the female space out of the equation, they still try to dominate because they are men. They can't help themselves because they are men and this is what men do when they don't get what they want.

No. 1637162

File: 1662394173780.png (2.69 KB, 336x43, Capture.PNG)

Honestly, nobody "likes" Keffals but twitter troons. You'd think something this huge would be covered all over youtube, but it's not. I 100% think it's because Keffals. At most people will like or retweet. Sure there's "big" people on twitter supporting Keffals (former FBI person), but who besides fucking Vaush or someone is even caring?
Keeping it real, by now I'd thought that it'd be a huge thing online and everyone would be talking about the evil doxxing site. People could talk about Josh/Kiwifarms in terms of Chris Chan online with zero issue.
Even Someordinarygamers (a popular youtuber) said that Keffals was doing to much when he saw him posting Josh's mom and left twitter (last I checked). In a way it's a good thing that they won't talk about Keffals, he'll just be scrambling to find some little bit to post about. The site is slowly building it's way back up.
Them not talking about Keffals hurts him more, people are going to get sick of hearing him whine about Kiwifarms or he'll possibly run to other threads and defend horrible people and get pushback from that. Anyway, if you don't want your posts in certain areas of Kiwifarms to die, (Beauty Palor nonnies), Please post the link and teach people you literally just have to download brave and open an privite tor window. It's that easy.

No. 1637164

I don't see the point of the male angle. They're not doing this because they are men, but because they are deranged. Men who don't have this brand of mental illness don't do this.

No. 1637169


already posted >>1637036

No. 1637172

They're doing it because they're deranged AND men. They can't hide their male desire to dominate everything around them because they're fucking men, and at the end of the day there's no "female brain" in their skulls.
This reads like
>can you dumb fucking pricks please stop giving more ammunition to journo kikes for five god damned seconds?

No. 1637176

He was in the bathroom pooping cause they just came home from Taco Bell when the troons with crossbows appeared. I can't believe this is a real story.

No. 1637178

Honestly, the needs of the many supersedes the needs of the few. If Josh has to lock the threads of the men who are currently dealing with a stank ditch infection to save the rest of the site, then that's the safest course of action until the heat blows over.

No. 1637180

I don't give a fuck about the CWCKi. Only thing is, the CWCki actually did organize the massive doxing, harassment and gaslighting of a mentally ill man and then deliberately manipulate the narrative to make it look like their friends didn't do anything wrong once the big incest scandal hit. However, I didn't advocate censorship and if you think I did you're misreading. I'm just saying that there is some perception that the CWCki is uwu innocent fun and the KF is an evil doxing site and that is completely fucktarded. CWCki unironically is creepier than and deserves this more than most of KF is all I'm saying, and only because Chris was such an internet icon pre-incest and so radioactive post-incest were they able to escape cancellaton by the troons themselves probably.

No. 1637181

I hate to see it but there’s something to be said for forfeiting the battle to win the war. Just don’t close the gender critical forum.

No. 1637183

It's not the "gender critical" forum anymore (thank God) and Josh is still cringe for having it in the Beauty Parlor section. Worry when Josh starts enforcing perferred pronouns. Hitting pause on the Keffals threads is fine, super-active threads that attract too many gayops have been paused before, it happened with the Bella Janke threads among others.

No. 1637184

Null is tired, you can tell. I think getting Keffals to post the Nword was possible the best thing that came out of this, after all the farms were never intended to be ''free speech'', it was just about laughing at stupid cows like Keffals. What's the point of locking the thread? the farms are already on fucking TOR, there is nowhere to go from there. Either shut it down and go like a King or turn the Farms into another wannabe edgy politicspeg forum like 4chan that's heavily censored by janny trannies.

No. 1637187

That’s still its function though, stinkditch is just a little visceral for me kek

No. 1637188

Actually to go one step further they have "feminized" their male brain by frying it with HRT. So they get the female impulses to act irrationally but as maliciously as possible because they're still men. Not really a good combination(bait)

No. 1637190

The thing is, Josh has already ruined his life over sticking to his autistic guns over this stuff. What is he going to do? Get a real job? Tone down the edge and try to become the next Metokur? There is no out for him. On one of his streams he said the only out for him would be to sell KF for several millions of dollars which he admitted was not likely. If KF really is gone I would all jokes aside worry that Josh might do something extreme.

No. 1637191

That’s not how it works though. They wish it feminized their brains. I swear to god if everyone had to take a class on anatomy & physiology, especially the endocrine system, this would have never gotten this far, because what they want is literally impossible. It’s why I peaked.

No. 1637192

Ask yourself how come you never see TIFs do this

No. 1637193

If this site goes down we could regroup on the Fediverse. spinster.xyz is a node for deplatformed TERFs who got kicked off twitter for being too based.

No. 1637196

This has nothing to do with the forum itself but with a crazy troon and his gayops, Josh has never been a political sperg he just wanted to laugh at cows so I don't understand why you say he ''might do something extreme''.

No. 1637197

He can change his name and get a job working in tech, he has a unique skillset. He just has to lie on his resume or find a bunch of people who will say he worked for them. People who say he is unemployable are honestly dumb, he has a lot of skills that the tech industry is looking for.

No. 1637199

trannies are just projecting their suicidal tendencies onto Null I think

No. 1637200

I mean, I feel like he lives a normal life where he is, he chooses to be a shut in and he can't trust anyone. He could change his name, only use "Josh Moon" on Kiwifarms, not show anymore current pictures, he says where he is he isn't reconized and he's never spoken about any run ins with anyone or drama irl.
So he COULD have a seperate life and a online life, he's just some fat fuck honestly

No. 1637203

Except they were completely against the Idea Guys.

No. 1637204

I don't mean political extreme.
He absolutely does not have a unique skillset. He is a subpar coder with a fair grasp of internet infrastructure. What are you on about?

No. 1637205

drama irl recently I mean. Josh could move somewhere else, or something. In fact how does josh make money anyway? He seems to do well with himself, whatever he's doing.

No. 1637206

I don't know, it's not easy to change your name without a paper trail and he tried to get regular work and it simply didn't work. I think he has insane stalkers we don't hear about.
He has at least one pedophile with federal agency connections targeting him because kiwifarms posts evidence that he's a pedophile and that he works for the feds.
There's probably more of them, he gets stalked by pedos due to his stance on child porn and lolicon alone even when he doesn't hassle them personally.

No. 1637208

I didn't say anything about them.

No. 1637209

Name anyone else who had to deal with this much networking bullshit to keep a site online.

No. 1637210

Holy shit lol when was this taken?

No. 1637211

The website is already fully legal, moving it to a corrupt dictatorship with zero free speech protections sounds like a terrible idea. It would have to be cleansed from the billion anti-china comments it currently hosts to begin with.

No. 1637212

i see a lot of nonnas claiming josh is some alt right incel and now I wonder if it's the troon LARPING. I don't watch all of his MATI but in the ShoeOnHead one, he was pretty openly anti-incels, and whenever he talks about troons he doesn't seem incel-ish.

No. 1637213

Plus he can code Rust, which even if you're only mid-tier at you can easily get a well paying job. Most trannies in tech don't even code.

No. 1637216

Yeah, Josh is fucked. People will find him, name change or no, people are wildly optimistic about that. If the troons don't do it, Vordrak will, or someone else. Only thing he could do is find work with a company that embraces him for who he is and in current year yeah right. Who would hire Josh when you can hire an offshored Indian guy with no baggage who is possibly more skilled at a lower price?
Yet, although finding a host is probably the least of his problems. I don't know why people are saying China, though, Russia is the obvious choice.
lol no

No. 1637220

He could have changed his name years ago and you wouldn't even know. Nobody knows where he lives, he has very good opsec.

No. 1637221

this is an imageboard, troon. Post screenshots or fuck off

No. 1637224

Moot was a sellout, didn't stick to his guns, turned out to be a spineless soyfag. At least Null has conviction.

No. 1637228

ignore the failson

No. 1637230

This, dunno why ''''''nonnies''''' are doomposting, it's like they think life outside the Internet doesn't exist…reminds me of someone.

No. 1637232

I see the Josh simps are out in force.
Yes, you can absolutely find someone after they change their name. You're right though that people aren't sure where he is at right now (even what country) due to his paranoid level of opsec. None of that helps him get a job though much less live a normal life.

No. 1637234

Some of his views kind of suck imo but I’m suspicious as to why you’re determined to make him sound as crazed, unemployable, and incel-ish as possible. It’s not that different from trying to paint kf as some extreme alt-right haven. The doomposting smells like wishful thinking.

No. 1637235

>Yes, you can absolutely find someone after they change their name. You're right though that people aren't sure where he is at right now (even what country) due to his paranoid level of opsec. None of that helps him get a job though much less live a normal life.
cope tranny, literal pedophiles can get jobs so a fat autist who has a forum is not a problem

No. 1637236

How do you know? Genuinely? You don't. He could have a perfectly normal life off the internet, he could even have a family or a job already and you would never fucking know if he doesn't talk about it. It's really that simple to hide stuff on the internet, something lolcows will never learn but is pretty easy to learn when your job is to observe lolcows: JUST DONT POST ABOUT IT.

No. 1637237

File: 1662396264568.jpg (109.37 KB, 1300x680, Who_Radicalized_You.jpg)

You're not alone. I've found myself pushed further right and have a fiery hatred for the left now. I cannot stand the blatant hypocrisy they display when they say they're the counterculture of oppressed, powerless groups yet get massive companies to cater to them again and again. Where are all the right wing white supremacist KKK transphobic companies and websites I'm told exist everywhere?

No. 1637238

Josh's political views are poltarded garbage. You can tell he grew up with pol chuds and absorbed their ideas. He generally doesn't mention it on mati because he thinks politics are depressing and nobody wants to hear about it. He used to be lolbertarian but moved off that after realizing the ideology is unworkable and used by pedophiles and sex pests to legitimize their cooming. He hasn't shaken his schizo, doom and race opinions though.

He isn't an incel though. He's had sex and a girlfriend and he opened the site for radical feminists after they were kicked off of every other place, and due to this and the nature of the farms he has been talking to women normally for years. He sees women as equal to men and as normal people like everyone else, which causes some friction with the poltarded part of following who are insane alt right incels. He often talks about how despicable incels are, idk how these people do not get the message. They even superchat him misogynistic crap sometimes and you can hear him cringe IRL when he reads it.

Anyway, his poltarded politics is combined with radfem opinions on porn and the objectification and general plight of women in society dominated by men. He's also weirdly asexual and thinks porn and coomer posts are gross.

He's weird and off-putting in some ways, but pleasant in others. It's not simple.

No. 1637240

Pretending to be dead is not a way of fighting, manlet.

No. 1637241

In a few weeks everybody except the absolutely deranged will forget about him and his site. The deranged are all basement dwelling neets who won't do a damn thing outside of tweeting meanie words. Josh can work at fucking Wal-Mart if he had to

No. 1637242

He's just a garden variety conservative, not a pol-tard. That's why he is anti-porn too.

No. 1637243

He's relatively open about the vague outlines of his personal life, as well as his feelings and plans, so we know he has no family and no real job.

No. 1637245

What makes you think that? You'd think he would tell people about these things so trannies can ruin them for him?

No. 1637246

sure tranny, keep projecting your miserable life onto Null.

No. 1637249

It's almost like anons here don't actually know shit about Null, lol.

No. 1637250

He's extremely racist and antisemitic, and moderately homophobic, and buys into the pol memes like Ted Kaczynski. But he's not religious in the slightest.
He's anti-porn because he sees it as damaging to both consumers and the people starring in it, and an expression of misogynist social forces. He doesn't think women belong in the kitchen or anything, because he sees them as equal to men.

I don't think that's a conservative position.

No. 1637251

Doesn’t he live in Serbia? Allegedly? Cost of living is not exactly devastating there. He could probably get some coding job like a bunch of other expats and have all the ajvar and pivo he wants.

No. 1637253

Josh has had normal IT jobs in the past but can't handle a boss and being a wage slave.

I think he also thinks all IT jobs are infested with trannies and doesn't realize this is not the case outside the US.

No. 1637254

Josh himself will say he is unemployable and that people will hound him to the ends of the earth, I don't know why that is a controversial statement. If he moved back to the US (assuming he is not there already) and took quite paranoid measures to stay off books, perhaps he could get some shitty local job but one which his autistic ego wouldn't let him do probably, he won't flip burgers, come on. In a legitimate tech company, he is not going to hock it. If he were a gifted programmer, maybe. He's not. That's a meme. And if you don't see him as being incel-ish then I don't know who you have been paying attention to. Probably the guy on the podcasts.
Deranged simpery
Whether he's actually had sex or not I don't really care, it's not some accomplishment and it wouldn't change who he is and his fundamental attitudes towards women. He does not view women as equals, he favors "trad"/complementarian gender roles at least sometimes but his politics have never been coherent, he's characteristically all-over-the-place. Gong back years, he has a low-level contempt for women that is just obvious. Maybe he is trying to "do better" as the troons say but to me his catering to a female audience has always been inverse-pickmeism at best and a touch of autogynephilia at the worst. Josh has his uses and he is to be commended for keeping KF and fighting the good fight against the troons, but this is an insanely optimistic read of his attitude towards the female half of the population. I genuinely don't understand why some of the user base here is such rabid fans of the guy. Some obviously don't actually know him from regular interactions on the forum but just occasional hearings of the podcast, etc. but some are just his pickme brigade from BP I think. But keep it simple. Say, just look at how Josh has acted towards this site.

No. 1637255

>he's not religious in the slightest
Wrong. See? Everyone has their own little vision of him in their mind, but none of them are 100% correct. That's because you dont truly know a person you have never met, who only shares with you what he wants to share.

No. 1637256

He doesn't talk about some things so people can't ruin them, but he wouldn't lie about things, so the things he said about his life are generally reliable imo.

No. 1637257

Allegedly. Nobody really knows which is how he likes it. There are competing theories including that he is still in the US (which I think is quite possible.) Him getting a tech job I just don't think is likely. He is not so talented that people will put up with his shit and he is not suited to working with others.

No. 1637258

> Maybe he is trying to "do better"
I think he changed his mind because he had regular contact with women. People grow up.

>his catering to a female audience has always been inverse-pickmeism at best and a touch of autogynephilia at the worst

What the fuck.

No. 1637259

> he wouldn't lie about things
lmao you're out of your blessed mind, anon

No. 1637260

>Deranged simpery
NTAYRT but wow what an amazing counterargument, fucking idiot

No. 1637262

Oh it's you again. The one who keeps repeating over and over "YOU DONT KNOW HIM! YOU PROBABLY ONLY LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!". Newsflash: you don't know him either. Nobody here has ever met Null or knows anything other than his internet persona.

No. 1637263

Ugh tl;dr but it’s not simping to accept that he is the enemy of my enemy, I care about censorship and being able to call out degens more than I care if he’s a great guy or not.

No. 1637264

He says his only capital is people's trust in him, and if he lost that, he would be done. I believe that is true and I believe that he believes that is true and acts accordingly.

No. 1637266

So you think if Null had a girlfriend he would tell people? You saw how trannies immediately went after his mother as soon as he pissed them off. What do you think they would do to a girlfriend? You are out of your mind retarded if you think Null would be open about his private life. He even said so himself several times that you will never know anything positive in his life because people would try to take it away. It's not a lie either to just not talk about things.

No. 1637267

He talked about trying to get a job in Poland and the company was allegedly very hyped to hire him and then they suddenly cut him off for no apparent reason (assumed stalker intervention, he didn't talk about it until after it fell through, all he did say he was going looking into going to Poland).

No. 1637268

he did seem genuinely overjoyed when trump won, along with the rest of the speds at KF. those heady days when they thought the world was going their way. ah well.

No. 1637269

lurk harder ex-kiwi moid

No. 1637272

> So you think if Null had a girlfriend he would tell people?
No, but he also wouldn't say he is single if that's not true.
I don't remember him talking about his relationship status either way though, if anything it seems to me he's generally uninterested in that.

No. 1637273

I’m pretty sure it’s just one tranny baiting and the rest of us rolling our eyes, but okay

No. 1637274

no one but you cares if he's a wrongthinker, unless he grooms/sells drugs to children/openly follows a pedophile/tries to censor the internet like Keffals I couldn't care less if he's a poltard incel or secretly likes sticking bananas up his ass.

No. 1637276

Don't reply, report.

No. 1637278

> Oh it's you again. The one who keeps repeating over and over "YOU DONT KNOW HIM! YOU PROBABLY ONLY LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!". Newsflash: you don't know him either. Nobody here has ever met Null or knows anything other than his internet persona.
True, but you either know him from a carefully curated presentation, or you know him from generally interacting and observing him over the years in an environment where he lets his guard down. It's not the same. I'm not claiming some special insights into the guy other than that. The idea that he logs off and goes and lives some normal life is just beyond retarded though.
I agree.
Kind of true, he is careful about what he does and says publicly because the social capital he has is important, and he is more mindful of that than many social media personalities/cows. But that doesn't mean he would nevar lie, it just means he curates things carefully about himself. Which is fine as >>1637266 says but when it comes down to whether the guy can be trusted, fuck no, again, I'd say people only need to look at what he tried to pull with this site (lore, but semi-documented in the /manure/ thread in the OP and some ancient /meta/ threads that were linked a while back)

No. 1637283

Brave browser has Tor integration, but it's still a pain in the ass because Tor is designed for avoiding criminal prosecution and not for conveniently browsing gossip forums.

No. 1637284

You're extremely cringe and parasocial if you think you know a person from what they share online. Get some help.

No. 1637286

>by building the features into popular browsers like Chrome
Are you new to the internet or something? You honestly think GOOGLE would let people browse anonymously? You're fucking with me, right?

No. 1637290

I’ll admit to not being well-versed in these things, but surely google benefits from knowing what people are doing online? They have no motivation to bolster users’ security.

No. 1637293

Have 16 of the 327 tabs I have open be kiwifarms logged in, persistent over browser restarts.

No. 1637295

Yes, unfortunately making Tor easier/faster is incompatible with keeping Tor secure. It is actually way easier and faster than it used to be though which makes you wonder about security (if your life/not going to prison depended on it, you might be wise to worry, but as nonna said, it's just a gossip site lol)
I just said
> I'm not claiming some special insights into the guy
If anything, it is the people I'm arguing with who are claiming to know him. So call us all cringe. Also I think people are implying I'm a tranny or I'm cheerleading for the downfall of KF? Neither. Not from the lolcow.org/onionfarms/discord/whatever clique either. I just think the Josh simping is out-of-control and call it like I see it. I don't see why that should be a controversial opinion. Josh getting persecuted unjustly by the trannies doesn't make him a better or less cringe person.

No. 1637296

a gossip site is not worth streamlining tor

No. 1637297

It's literally just pressing alt+shift+N on Brave and you become a hackerman. But I get where you are going, people are too lazy to even go further than the second page of google now.

No. 1637298

go outside and touch some grass, then

No. 1637299

Can you open a Tor window in brave mobile? Sorry I’m retarded and coming up with nothing.

But really, the only way is to spread the word and help people understand why privacy is important, and that tor isn’t this scary evil thing.

No. 1637300

I've actually been thinking about keeping grass as an indoor plant, for decorative purposes.

No. 1637304

No. 1637306

you're using a smartphone so that's compromised by the feds by default. who knows what alarm bells the apple/google store fires off every time someone downloads the tor app.

No. 1637307

>Building TOR into proprietary browsers
Tell me you don't know anything about computers or tor without telling me you don't know anything about computers or tor. You're going to get fingerprinted if you use Brave's tor or some other retarded shit like that.

No. 1637311

Nobody is saying you have to like the guy, buy you keep posting dumb condescending posts like "UGH I guess you only listen to the podcast, you don't really know him, let me tell you all about him". Like, you don't know him either, so just sit down.

No. 1637312

She's not buying drugs off the darkweb, anon, who cares if the feds are listening in this particular case? But yes, be aware, doing this stuff on mobile or whatever is NOT going to be the same.
Do you know what's going on with Tor2Web, anon? xxx.onion.to is supposed to be a clearweb gateway but http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion.to/ isn't working (see tor2web.org)
I think the Tor feature may not be on mobile. It is not a thing I think on Brave on my Chromebook at least. Get an app called "Orbot" and set Tor to "VPN mode", it's a bit more of a pain in the ass but it works. IF people want I will make a little guide with some screenshots?

No. 1637315

there is a Tor app on google play. People are being too schizo over Tor, if you feel like that don't use it, it's not worth it just to laugh at deathfats.

No. 1637320

I'm going to simp for Josh right now due to the tranny situation but give me one month and I will be hating on him.

No. 1637325

Then the feds better start asking themselves. Why are they watching me looking at a man shoving dildos up his asshole for cash.

No. 1637327

Glowies, trannies
Hate ‘em all

No. 1637330

File: 1662398651992.jpg (20.15 KB, 640x360, gettyimages-615793090-640x640.…)

No. 1637331

Nonnies need to stop schizoposting you aren't going to go to jail for using kiwifarms on .tor and no fed is going to be monitoring you while you call Chantal a fat bitch. The feds are fucking useless for tracking actual pedos, most pedos get caught when they share their pedo shit they obtained through the darknet on the clearnet.

No. 1637340

Imagine going through life as a boy and realizing your only career paths are glowie or troonie. I'd kill myself.

No. 1637341

I've never heard of this channel before, but this video is a good summary of the situation and is very normie friendly without being too long. Far too many videos on internet drama think they need to be over 2 fucking hours long when the situation can be summed up more succinctly. Also, not surprised to see yet another Brit take a hard stance against trannies. TERF Island indeed.

No. 1637342

File: 1662398962306.png (4.98 KB, 215x87, 2022-09-05_19-29-40.png)

The website formerly known as Kiwifarms rebranded, please use the new name uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd when referring to it.

No. 1637344

I think this part is actually easier for those of us who are a bit older and remember when the Internet was way less centralized, lol. But no really, nonnies, if you care about KF, then download Tor. It is not hard. It is only mildly annoying. It does make things slower, watching video off KF sucked to begin with and is now probably totally impossible but that is probably the only major loss.

No. 1637351

>remember when the Internet was way less centralized
Amazing how there are some of us left.

No. 1637352

I'm old enough to remember the USENET times.

No. 1637354

File: 1662399434009.gif (10.06 KB, 100x100, OSHITWHO.gif)

H-holy shit y-you're one of those super internet mistresses, th-this is like seeing an albino animal out in the wild…!

No. 1637357

mmh sorry sweaty but this is now uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd general, please change the name for the next thread

No. 1637358

This is completely the wrong move, basically rewarding the worst people – the site continues on but as long as they don't talk about Keffals its fine!

No. 1637359

I gave all of the websites a try overall….

Chan is basically a clear rule, you don't say shit about your sex and you also avoid boards own by trannies. I never been banned on 4chan for spouting I hate troon shit on specific boards. Some boards welcome it. It's different turf on all different places.

Kiwi farms, they are surprisingly more diverse and more open to discussion than lolcow and chan combined. This made people flock to it because you can't really have a convo without some anon legit sperging without adding anything new.

Lolcow, this board has better quality posts than both of them which means we will probably go down soon if this is troon's wishes. Why do you think we have to hide the hate for mtf thread? We all know it is coming… We should be rooting for kiwifarms for our own sake if you enjoy this website.

No. 1637361

Maybe everything returns to where it started…unironically things were way more censorship-resistent back then.

How did that used go?

cmsg newgroup alt.flame.troons

No. 1637362

this, stop deadnaming uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd transphobe

No. 1637367

Grey rocking isn't a reward. Going the way of "I, Claudius" can be a smart mean, if it means survival.

No. 1637372

Cheers sister I'll drink to that, the schizo tranny and the keffals situation has made me more transphobic than ever, I'm like a transphobic gypsy crusader.

No. 1637376


feel the same. i think the only meaningful effect of this might be some incel attacking a pride parade or something.

No. 1637379

nothing will happen and if it does it's 100% a gayops

No. 1637383

Wouldn't surprise me if it's gays and lesbians attacking troons. They must look at this shit and despair. Troons are part of their collective.

No. 1637384

The whole point of this shit is that jersh could be a pretty usefull glowie and he isn't bending the knee. The Powers That Be don't care about KF but want Josh on their side, that is why they are siding with their troon dogs too. Until 2 days ago this was a retard vs retard fight but now they chosed a side because 1) is one step forward to own the internet, and censoring everything 2) They want KF to become 4chan 2.0, a gigantic honeypot.

No. 1637388

This is true, though, 4chan has been a glow-op for a decade or more now. There are many things I fault Josh for but he is unlikely to bend the knee on this for any "faggot law" as he famously put it. The sheer cussedness and willingness to put up with shit (and yes, ruin his life) over his drama forum is his most useful quality.

No. 1637392

Imagining Josh as a glowie is so funny. Picture him in a suit like a CIA agent trying to run gayops for the government kek

No. 1637393

They're gonna disappear him, aren't they?

No. 1637395

Josh is the kind of autist who would rather kill himself than doing what someone in a position of authority tells him to do.

No. 1637398

>The sheer cussedness and willingness to put up with shit (and yes, ruin his life) over his drama forum is his most useful quality
And one that you really rarely see nowadays. This is something that I thought died out with militant Russian student revolutions in the 1800s.

No. 1637402

>"He's a nihilist," repeated Arkady.

>"A nihilist," said Nikolai Petrovitch. "That's from the Latin, nihil, nothing, as far as I can judge; the word must mean a man who… who accepts nothing?"

> "Say, who respects nothing," put in Pavel Petrovitch, and he set to work on the butter again.

> "Who regards everything from the critical point of view," observed Arkady.

> "Isn't that just the same thing?" inquired Pavel Petrovitch.

> "No, it's not the same thing. A nihilist is a man who does not bow down before any authority, who does not take any principle on faith, whatever reverence that principle may be enshrined in."

Turgenev, Fathers and Sons, ch. 5

No. 1637406

I don't think he is a nihilist and if you think Null will sacrifice everything for the site you are naive.

No. 1637410

You really have to wonder how the fuck Josh cultivated this personality trait. How does someone willingly endure constant legal battles, constantly being poked by authorities, literally making no from any of it, be Chris chan's wrangler for a while, and still stand by KF? Where does this level of commitment come from? Andrew Tate and the other alpha males could never kek

No. 1637412

Or they happen to be a fundie and the media wants to take a swing at a religion that is explicitly not troon-affirming.

No. 1637414

He had Oppositional Defiance Disorder

No. 1637415

stop praising him so much nonnies i am falling in love with this fat retard with mommy issues

No. 1637417

Now that's downposting nonnie, a dead man serves no one. They just want him to become moot 2.0. Or hotweels 2.0 A fate worse than death if you think it through

No. 1637420

he's kinda cute moid-wise i like his voice

No. 1637422

It's so hard to not infight in this thread calling out some of you for smelling like kiwi

No. 1637423

Anon some things are better left unposted.

No. 1637427

Must come from not being a complete faggot.

No. 1637429

File: 1662401415886.png (35.53 KB, 627x113, Screenshot 2022-09-05 14.09.01…)

uh, nonnie? >>>/snow/1631251
> moot
got gf, works at mainstream tech company, sold out his site
> hotwheels
sense of mortality got him and now he is a moralfag about political shit, goblinish desire for clout still the same

I don't see either outcome for Jersh.

No. 1637431

sounds like the tranny is mad and jealous of Joshua for being the superior cute boy

No. 1637432

Ayrt shush, nobody I'm not praising him. I just think it's so bizarre that an otherwise lazy neckbeard had somehow either developed or inherited the craziest refusal to throw in the towel I've ever seen. It's just so out of place for someone like Josh that ot makes me curious where it comes from

No. 1637433

File: 1662401462739.png (97.42 KB, 627x321, Screenshot 2022-09-05 14.12.00…)

No. 1637435

It stems from not having a proper father figure in his life.

No. 1637437

I'm one of the ones who've been hitting Josh the hardest. I wouldn't call him "lazy" though
And yeah, I called it a "useful" trait. Perhaps admirable. Certainly not adaptive, kek.

No. 1637438

dead link since you can only access the site through Tor links now

No. 1637441

Nonnie, plenty of people have no father figure and they still don't ride or die for a site that invites 0 benefit to their life + refuses to throw in the towel at the threat of actual glowie activity

No. 1637446

what link? you just have to replace the 'https://kiwifarms.net/' bit with http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ though
> 0 benefit to their life
Nonnie, what? Kiwi Farms provides Josh with a huge audience of people who praise him and massage his ego constantly. That's certainly a "benefit." I don't know whether he could make more money doing other stuff or not, the money stuff is opaque, but I think for the benefits to his ego as an otherwise unexceptional specimen at best alone, then if he's able to ride or die, that's plenty of motivation. I mean come on.

No. 1637447

No. 1637449

And plenty of people who had no father figure have done great things in the face of adversity.

No. 1637451

sorry, *doomposting. And they're both intervened anon, please don't be this naive. Isn't like the feds would let you live a normal life before all the shit that happened on 4chan/8chan. What i'm trying to say is long as his autism doesn't become Aaron Swartz tier he's safe. And he knows it tbh.

No. 1637452

thanks didn't know that

No. 1637457

I for one do not care if Josh becomes the richest man in the world with a harem or if he goes live under a bridge. I just want kf safe for my own personal gains.

No. 1637458

> What i'm trying to say is long as his autism doesn't become Aaron Swartz tier he's safe
Now we're down to the red meat, anon. I don't really have him pegged for likely to do that but who knows, that's definitely the category I put him in along with the likes of Bradley Manning and (more flatteringly to Josh) Ed Snowden. Lucky for Josh maybe he wasn't a glowie when he developed a set of autistic principles, kek.

No. 1637462

Do you think if he can get a decent amount of users on TOR he'd be fine with being on the Darknet for a while? He's not even making money from it. If i was him, I'd be shilling the fuck out of how to access the site for those who want to get on it. Just cut out the talk about Keffals which isn't even a "Win" for Keffals. Without Kiwifarms he has NOTHING to talk about. All he'd due is lurk other threads or take stories from troons claiming "Kiwifarms punched my cats" and defending them, ignoring or broadcasting the fact that a lot of these people that are talked about ARE sick in the head.
There's some cows people aren't going to stop documenting. Like Chris Chan, Kevin Gibes, Chantel (who handled being watched better then most Scrotes do) and I would'nt be surpised if someone made a whole website to talk about Keffals. I doubt Josh is just going to give up on the site after a few months, I also doubt it's going to "Die" because he's going to keep in contact with those who want to keep in contact with him. As well as if he keeps the weekly podcasts/videos. There's a lot of people who are basically "banned" from everywhere but still have people show up when it's time.

No. 1637463

It's autisum

No. 1637464

A surprisingly dark day for the web. I think messing with doxes is playing with fire and is the one thing that separates and keeps the rest of these imageboards up vs what happened to KF.

Also, way to go scrotes in dresses. The biggest losers in history celebrating while anyone else with a lick of sense realizes this is stepping in the direction of China-tier suppression of information. And btw, real women still want nothing to do with you. :) Continue on your sweaty homo ways, troons. This is why everyone dislikes you. Misogynists in drag are their own self-burn.

No. 1637466

File: 1662402326084.png (795.48 KB, 1336x971, KEKals.png)

Only a pornsick man would push his horsepiss moobs together for a photo - then send that photo to a journo to attach to an article about him.

There is not a trace of female in this picture.

No. 1637468

yeah at this point is fighting a losing battle, the trannies that follow keffals knows he's a shitty pedo and still support him to ''own the transphobes'' the dude literally hosted a zoophile on his podcast just because he said he knew Byuu.

No. 1637471

I hope this is what's going to happen but I'm not sure. Josh is autistic about being on clearnet and he might just close shop whenhe realizes that those days are over.

No. 1637473

Cushing's syndrome?

No. 1637474

I doubt he will give up, either, and I bet he will get a decent audience on Tor. Not the same audience, not growing as fast maybe, but the core will be there. And I am sure he is making money. It's not just $20 memberships, he has a couple of people who give him substantially more directly too. This whole debacle if anything will be good for his grift, not bad. Which I don't begrudge him as long as he uses it to keep the site up and doesn't fuck off with the money. Which I also don't think he is going to do. It's about ego more than money with him is my take.
> A surprisingly dark day for the web. I think messing with doxes is playing with fire
Banning doxing is an extremely slippery slope. Social security numbers and bank details, etc. are illegal to post. They don't post them. Good. Addresses, contact info, etc. are perfectly legal. They are also almost always trivial to find if you know the person's name and even a rough location and age. So ban the posting of addresses, if you're really looking to stop people from swatting people, you haven't done much. Would you then ban the posting of names, etc? That would be a step too far for me. Doxing families, doxing in excessive detail (I don't know how I would define that), etc. might be a step too far but just throwing around a suggestion to "ban doxing" isn't really helpful and presents a lot of issues if you're going to go that route. It won't really help the situation with the actual bad actors, and doxing has it's uses both in exposing bad people and in leading to interesting content about cows. Ban doxing, it wouldn't be the same place.

No. 1637478

>and doxing has it's uses both in exposing bad people and in leading to interesting content about cows.
if it weren't because of Kiwifarms and the doxxers that called police SnakeThing the pedo would still be molesting children and raping dogs.

No. 1637479

A severe case of troon's disease aka male pattern obesity.

No. 1637480

Another issue with disallowing doxes is that court documents or police reports contain name, age and often addresses, so can you not post these either?

No. 1637481

And Dusty the cat would've probably died from abuse.

No. 1637483

The weirdest thing about Kiwifarms is that it has managed to amass a large and surprisingly loyal fanbase.

No. 1637484

Keffals thread got 7 Million views, even if Kiwifarms is down forever, he will never live the shit he has done and said on the internet down.

No. 1637485

I don't believe it was Just Keffals, I believe Keffals lit the fire and others are keeping it going. I bet there's a least ONE thread of some trans/scrote that somebody with some power knows and they are using this moment to silently push this into bigger places. Whats crazier is Keffals story is reaching mainstream media but NOBODY gives a shit really. It's all twitter based, pastal flag colored based drama.

No. 1637488

Well considering he's a troon, he doesn't plan on living long anyway.

No. 1637490

say whatever about KF but it's less of a hivemind than 4chan and even here, the only consensus through the whole site is that pedos deserve to die and troons aren't women

No. 1637492

Even if Josh is a massive sperg, he's at least clearly passionate about free speech and is smart enough to know how not to divide his userbase.

No. 1637495

Josh posted a video of the Cloudflare president alongside the father of the fungus girl that coerced Chris chan to rape his mother, so there are 100% hidden interests there

No. 1637497

>Josh Moon is like Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning.
Anon i wish but no. Manning & Snowden were glowies who let the cat out of the bag, Swartz was a true believer of his cause (that is why he was killed, unlike the other two)Josh on the other hand just has problems with authority and it's incredibly stubborn. That is his blessing and his curse, but he's not going to become an anti-troon Julian Assange.

No. 1637499

Because Josh is "likeable" he's a fat chubby unoffensive looking dude, who seems to have a tad of intellegence. Even when he's an asshole to some users, it doesn't change anything. Keffals isn't likeable and would'nt be likeable if he chopped his dick off,because he comes off like a scared little snitch crybaby.
He's a famewhore, he's not smart, he only looks "okay" from one angle but he's tall and built like a fallout new vegas monster.
He's not well spoken, he has NO redeemable qualities. He's just a troon and he's going after someone transphobic, once he stops doing that nobody is going to care about Keffals. No matter how many articles are written or breadtubers support him, or vaush, or CNN or whatever. Just like Dave Chapelle, they rioted, they got mad but in the end nobody cares.

No. 1637502

Male bodies are just not built to quick weight changes, kek.

No. 1637503

File: 1662403379475.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

Josh is adorable compared to Keffals

No. 1637505

Also, kiwifarms is the "Site who killed" yet multiple youtubers had/have no problem using the site to get information of criminals or make videos or talk about Chris Chan.

No. 1637506

The Michael Janke video is from 2014. People make too much of that guy. He is more of an entrepreneurial grifter than a glowie, NAVY SEAL history (which is no joke) besides.

No. 1637508

I mean he's less greasy and I think he genuinely has a crush on Chantel, because they are very similar anyway.

No. 1637509

not even breadtubers want to support him it's either trannies or people that had threads on the farm like Ralph, Keffals is retarded enough to burn bridges between the lefty community, after all this started because he banned Destiny off twitch. These troon enablers are all ''love and tolerance'' until one of them cancels another and then takes their precious gold away.
leatherface looks like Vogue model compared to Keffals

No. 1637510

Most creatures are adorable compared to Keffals.

No. 1637512

didnt the ddos attacks first started after his daughter information got posted on the site? i know he sent several emails to try and take it down

No. 1637513

Be still my beating doki-doki.

No. 1637514

>I think he genuinely has a crush on Chantel
Come on now, nonna. She doesn't even have a uterus.

No. 1637517

>I think he genuinely has a crush on Chantel
Dude. C'mon.

No. 1637518

he's not into the uterus he's into the fat and feeding her copious amounts of McDonalds.

No. 1637522

No. Troons and assorted cows have been ddos that site for years.

No. 1637523

The DDoS last year that happened around the time of the Bella Janke stuff is thought to have been done by trannies related to the byuu situation: it started before the Bella stuff. Janke glowie stuff is a bit of a meme tbh.

No. 1637524

Theres people who have threads who never mentioned them and some of them have a following, yet they didn't take this chance. I truly think it's the stink of Keffals. The site is being knocked down a peg daily. It's the perfect time, I don't think it's fear or anything. I just think they don't want to be involved with Keffals.

No. 1637525

the feeder thing is a joke because he did a lot of videos about fat beauty parlor cows in the beginning, you can't think its serious

No. 1637528


i will admit that no matter what type of politics you had the site was very useful. there's an element to all of this that's very bluechecks vs. the populist internet.

No. 1637529

sure Jersh you can keep lying but we all know deep down you want to stick your meat between those greasy fat folds

No. 1637530

There's even people with threads like Brittany Venti and Aiden Paladin who have come out and said that KF fills a need and should exist. Some others look at it as promotion which in a way it is. This isn't even about keffals having a fragile ego and getting shit talked. It's about power.

No. 1637531

always found it hilarious that how invested he was in the e-drama of fatties

No. 1637535

He says he likes it because it's apolitical and the closest thing to old lolcows that exists currently. Everything else is spoiled by politics. I agree tbh, the times where Amber and Chantal were still interesting were some of the best MATI episodes. Sadly they don't produce much interesting drama now it's all the same.

No. 1637537

honestly, their point on how the internet has been monopolized kind of struck deep fr me as somebody who has been shitposting since the 2000s
>>There are no new groundbreakers onlin anymore because breaking ground in the new internet's corporate parking lot is not allowed.
Chilling to me, anyways.

No. 1637540

Can’t believe he’s actually locking threads that take the drunk/high jannies here only 5 seconds to do once shit starts hitting the fan kek

No. 1637541

Same, I hate how everything now has to include politics too. It's either the Left websites or the Right website. I just want a fucking Art website that's not filled with politics.

No. 1637542

I was halfway joking about him wanting Chantel but the way he talked about her, isn't with hate or anger. Same with Shoeonhead.
Mister Metakour, Nick Rekita and some others have active threads on the site and they still get along with Josh fine. I think thats what makes him have this following. They can put a cracking voice to the "face", they see him get along with other people they like just fine. Scrotes are simple they just need someone to "look" up to. Thats my Mister Metakour has so many fans and people you'd never think would like him but do. A lot of nonnies hate scrotes, but navigate Kiwifarms just fine because we aren't going to shrivel up and die because some dick haver is saying dumb shit.
Lots of people are, it's just the men with dresses and the men in the dark with power, who can't handle it. Lolcow doesn't talk about people with much power, whose going to rise up about here? Shayna? Moo? Nobody cares about actual women being talked about. Sure we have our terf threads but you have to know about the site to find them. We've become more known for Creepshow now.

No. 1637545

I personally blame mobile posting for the destruction of the internet as we knew it. In particular, everything really went to shit as the iPhone got adopted. Dramatic drop off in the content. Massive shift from anonymity and pseudo anonymity to "yeah let me just post my whole life on the net." So Facebook I think really just fucking destroyed the net beyond repair and twitter really pushed it even further.

christ if they come for da chanz I don't know where the fuck I'm supposed to go. All the places I used to lurk got shut down or hollowed out. Reddit is fucking garbage unless you are in the places that are really pretentious and shut out newposters. That's another feature of the nuNet I hate – everything HAS to cater to the lowest common denominator now. It's like going to a music board and wanting to discuss the Beatles or something.

No. 1637546

No i'm saying that MM has a thread on Kiwifarms and gets along with Josh

No. 1637547

"posted", you mean, it was mostly written by Dynastia and some lolcow.org scrotes, oh wait, you put 'schizo' in quotes, you're him

No. 1637549

Everything went to shit when people decided that gatekeeping is bad.

No. 1637551

>christ if they come for da chanz I don't know where the fuck I'm supposed to go. All the places I used to lurk got shut down or hollowed out. Reddit is fucking garbage unless you are in the places that are really pretentious and shut out newposters. That's another feature of the nuNet I hate – everything HAS to cater to the lowest common denominator now. It's like going to a music board and wanting to discuss the Beatles or something.
i am learning how to make my own shitty chan, even if it has 5 posters it's still better than reddit and discord

No. 1637554

I will come to your chan nona.

No. 1637555

he likes it because he made a big deal of the "girl boards" being the "future of the site" a few years back
He really did want to monopolize all lolcow discussion on his site and freaks out about any competing/"splinter" site, it's why he wanted to get his tendrils into this site, too. If admin at the time had taken him up on his "generous offer" to host us, we'd be gone. Actually would have been gone a while back, the CWCki always goes down before KF does due to being a lower priority hosted on the same infrastructure.

No. 1637556

thanks for putting it more elegantly than me, yeah, gatekeeping really keeps people who are interested in a topic from being diluted from a bunch of fucking retards.

Always IRC still. Wish my communities hadn't migrated to discord. No shit I don't know what the fuck is going on but we have a user who transitions a year since ~2015. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore

No. 1637558

>heh now no one will know I traced real baby pictures for my child porn!!!
it's NEVER about ''harassment'' it's about covering their dirt

No. 1637559

This. More sites will come. Having them smaller and decentralized isn't a bad thing. I am ready to host a bunker chan should the need arise, it's pretty much turn key and go, but I'm keeping that one up my sleeve for now.

No. 1637561

Most youtubers want KF to stay up because they use it for their content, same with LC. If there was nothing on KF for them to profit off they wouldn't give a shit. Youtubers are selfish as hell.

No. 1637562

Thing is, this situation should appeal to the anti-trans crowds but they also don't seem to be hearing much about it unless they are here or on 4chan and that's easy to lop in with KF

I think there's too much put on moving the site to some free speech protected country. It probably won't achieve anything if you even manage to find such a country so you might as well explore all of the avenues available

It's sort of stupid to turn this into some big free speech issue when there are plenty of other sites that allow the same discussions

No. 1637563

I hope KF survives. I've been on the internet since the 90s and it feels like watching something beautiful die in slow motion. Like watching a rainforest get torn down and paved over. Everything he said about how the internet isn't free or open anymore is hitting so hard because it's true. I don't even like Josh very much but at least he's just a guy with a project. Not a corporate platform. Not owned by Facebook. Sorry for nonmilk sperg I just don't wanna shit up the other threads with KF drama. Every time the internet gets wounded I go on a schizoid spiral about the death of non-corporate internet communities. I miss the 90s. I want to get off the ride.

No. 1637565

The most important thing for internet communities is gatekeeping and keeping lunatic troons out. I think I'm up to about 8 internet communities that has been ruined by troons now.

No. 1637566


i hadn't thought about that angle. even a lot of trans channels were mining kiwi for content

No. 1637567

I mean doesn't that just mean that the troons are gonna come here next? Are we big enough to piss cuckals off?

No. 1637571

The troons will hate us because we are an explicitly female space. That alone is enough. The troon-related content here is secondary.

No. 1637572

I feel you. I miss the old internet so much.

No. 1637573

No. 1637575

Same but that's just because I fucking hate trannies more than I hate Josh and KF. I really actually have nothing big against KF one way or another

most youtubers are all parasitic leeches anymore. Even the entertaining lets players (which were all leeches) are now boring and it's all just reaction content at all. it's fucking trash. Can't even take it


>years ago
surely they're past their half life then kek won't last much longer

No. 1637576

I don't want to out myself by being specific but I'm talking about niche fandom communities and some political (leftist) stuff.

No. 1637577

I only hope it survives so the tranny doesn’t have to satisfaction

No. 1637578

this is so true, there is something about troons that instantly ruin everything they get involved in. They ruined speedrunning, gaming, programming, tech, entertainment, makeup, anime, social media, and now the internet. They are like worms to apples.

No. 1637580

File: 1662405359011.jpg (69.45 KB, 500x375, wisc-500.jpg)

At least we were there, anon. It was a special time in history. I have actually thought in the past and even today though that reworking some drama discussion into running on very old school NNTP servers (protocol USENET was based on, with or without actually connecting to what is left of USENET) might be a way to avoid the centralization problem. UX wise it is not all that different from a chan, really, or could be hacked together to act like one. Vichan even has some vague support for "NTTPchan" but I don't really know anything about it other than I saw it in the Vichan config file. We could get really old school if need be. It could be fun.

No. 1637582

I liked Kiwifarms for the same reason I like here It peaked me even more, it introduced me to certain people/ideas and it's entertaining. I'd never heard about Terry A Davis or Abby Brown if it wasn't for these places. Or some of the weird dramas, or communities.
The troon threads on here bring scrotes but we don't talk about many scrotes as Cows, the ones we do are ones who are well known. We also don't dox, not that it matters because they'd want us down if we were like Kiwi. Reminder that people blamed the deaths on Lolcow too. I think on that change.org petition, we are listed as a website that "Killed" people.

No. 1637583

are you retarded? there is no illegal activity on kiwifarms; it’s been removed from the clear net only because trannies don’t like having a mirror held to them. the precedent is pretty scary.

No. 1637586

Honestly if Kiwi goes down, I can see about 50 commentary videos doing videos on the site and/or someone just using threads and doing "people" streams using information that has been archived. Shit, Josh could do that himself. Just make more people streams every other month, update them. There's endless videos you could milk from just a 100 page kiwifarms thread alone. Same as some female youtubers do here, like Cecil Mcfly

No. 1637588

File: 1662405700283.png (99.62 KB, 1000x500, 8c5.png)

Surely cancel culture won't come for us next, right nonnas?

No. 1637589

Would I sound retarded if I said, "Messing with 4chan will really get people hurt?" I've heard more stories about actual crimes being committed on 4chan then anywhere else. Yet you can google it and easily access it. Even though it's the same thing as Kiwifarms except less organized and a lot more TIMS/Coomers

No. 1637590


i really do wonder what will happen if they keep going. it feels like once they figured out they could commercialize creepypastas you had a whole subset of media channels, podcast, and sites that just regurgitate user content. they are basically coffee shop neets running all this so i dunno what the plan is if they do end up censoring everybody.

No. 1637592

troons, feds and the occasional twelve year old boy

No. 1637593

Lots of trannies do their operations on 4chan, so…

No. 1637594

>Cecil McFlY
Oh nonna..

No. 1637597

There was literally someone earlier saying that doxxing is normally fine and constraining it has a fine line (as mentioned) that plenty of other sites manage to do just fine with

Obviously the legality of doxxing is probably complicated but you see the issue with KF not doing anything illegal when it makes harassing people in person that much easier - plenty of others have already recognised that most people won't go out of their way to doxx someone or even to just find the most simple info

Really, the problem for KF is that troons have managed to make their argument look realistic/possible enough for providers to refuse them

No. 1637599

I'd argue it's worse. There are some seriously fucking disturbed moids on there.

No. 1637600

Yeah people like Rogue Internet Man, Deadwingdork, and Cecil McFly are going to keep Kiwifarms stuff alive in videos. Even on a smaller scale there are micro communities built around people like Amberlyn Reid or Eugenia cooney that exist for the sole purpose of documenting their milk without even really realising that they're doing something similar to KF. Hell, even someone big like iNabber is going to keep covering cows like Onision, Gabbie Hannah, etc…

No. 1637603

I wish the programming thread on here was more active. I'm really interested in decentralization too but all the online communities are either troons or insane stormfags.

No. 1637604

Keffals and co don't really care about the ~bullying and ~harassment though, they just care that kiwifarms says mean things about trannies.

No. 1637606

I wish I knew more about tech stuff.

No. 1637607

The only reason I ever visit that site, now there's a CWC shaped hole in my CWC shaped heart

No. 1637608

File: 1662406315582.jpg (41.8 KB, 600x729, E2p2U7HUUAYU0WT.jpg)


No. 1637609

really wish it was possible to make a discord or something only for women interested in coding/tech but some troon is gonna infiltrate

No. 1637612

Well, we can change that! It's something I've been interested in on and off for years but this might be motivation to implement something. I have a bit of an idea of how I would do it, too, and server space to do it. Setting up an NNTP server and some of those things is not terribly difficult, actually. I ran one in the 90s. I think you can even run it over HTTP(S) so as to be able to still be behind Cloudflare. Getting people to use an unfamiliar interface, that can be a challenge. If you are interested in this stuff maybe we can talk about it. I love this stuff.
Are you on the current LCF Discord? If so give a shout and I'll ping you.

No. 1637615

>Are you on the current LCF Discord? If so give a shout and I'll ping you.
i will make an ACC and join at this point I am desperate for a programming community not filled with troons

No. 1637618

im nta but im in the lcf discord, would also like to learn more.

also kf is gone again, can people only access it now through tor?

No. 1637619

isn't the lc discord deleted or at least not allowing new people? I'd be interested in a women only programming community too

No. 1637620

yes, TOR only

No. 1637622

fucks sake (thanks nona)

No. 1637623


No. 1637627

Is that one of the Drachenlord weirdos?

No. 1637629

I use it to call moids faggots when they express their hatred of women.

No. 1637630

It was deleted two days ago lmfao the timing is so sus.

No. 1637631

No. 1637632

File: 1662406974142.png (94.28 KB, 745x863, Untitled.png)

Seems to be some questions over validity of it

No. 1637633

Oh God keffals fell for the bait, stupid ass

No. 1637634

it has nothing to do with this keffals shit. someone thought they were being funny by pretending the German govt came after them for posting on KF

No. 1637635

>not using one of those sketchy companies in seychelles to open a business like this and keep your information private
so stupid

No. 1637638

yep just tried getting into it and looks like it's been deleted, idk why the other anons are saying it's still up

No. 1637640

Nonnie, if you make your own chan board please post it somewhere because God I will post more than 5 posts

No. 1637642

File: 1662407322801.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, 2344211346.jpg)


No. 1637647

This. I don't understand why anons here think this is all about keffals. They do extreme harm to others, including women. If you are just sitting here whining that you lost a gossip board and ignore those facts you're kind of deranged

No. 1637649

Yeah this was a gayop to make Keffals look bad. Allegedly it is a photoshopped letter that had to do with Drachenlord (German Chris Chan.)
Oh that's right, the official LCF Discord is gonna be totally shut soon and not taking new people now. Let me think. At a minimum we could talk in somewhere in /ot/ for now maybe.
Give a shout I'll say hi.

No. 1637650

Who is this Erika anon?

No. 1637657

you just sound mad that you were banned, loser. no one would be able to do those autistic write ups if retards didn’t share their entire lives online.

No. 1637658

insane tranny, report and ignore

No. 1637660

I honestly don’t understand why millennialfags think the creation of the internet is peak humanity and hat the EVUL SJWS AND ZOOMERS ARE TAKING IT DOWN!!! FRIES AT MCDONALDS ARE DIFFERENT NOW IN OUR COMMIE SOCIETY!! It was created for profits and data farming, even in its earliest stages, and clearly has become a tool for increasing widespread surveillance and psyops. The CIA/FBI no longer have to use television, paper or radio to spread their state-funded propaganda and spy, they can use this evil fucking tool to do whatever they like under the long list of stipulations of a company’s terms and services. You can laugh at retards, great! But you just opened a pandora’s box and the shit that’s oozing from it is hitting Null and his pathetic groupie squad of incels in the face when a sociopathic tranny finally figured out how to manipulate it for his own good.

No. 1637661

I'd think the difference is that if shit is reported enough on Twitter it gets removed real quick. KF just kicks its heels in, Josh lets them know there's some sort of attack and it becomes bigger than it needs to be

No. 1637663

A woman posting about a man posting about grooming children is “persecution of minorities” now. Hell world.

No. 1637668

you must be on a different Twitter than everyone else. they’re literally being sued for refusing to remove CSAM and calls to violence do not get removed.

No. 1637672

Sure. And I'm the queen of England.

No. 1637673

it's fake, someone photoshopped an old complaint letter from some drachenlord troll and used the most cliche german name you can imagine.

beside that, germany has no laws for cyberbullying or cyberstalking…

No. 1637674

Elucidate on the cases where female women were directly harmed by kiwifarms

No. 1637675

File: 1662407924867.png (236.36 KB, 269x408, 1658615845539.png)

(responding to the troon)

No. 1637682

Is cecil a tranny? Wtf?

No. 1637690

File: 1662408204485.png (214.92 KB, 266x407, 1658615930792.png)

Nice resident troon for ants. It makes me… LE SAD!

No. 1637693

Post proof that you're more than a random schizo

No. 1637696

File: 1662408291714.png (546.28 KB, 484x642, LA CREATURAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

Is this meant to be a boast

No. 1637697

insane tranny, report and ignore

No. 1637704

Jesus christ imagine the smell of this thing

No. 1637716

God this ugly mug makes me lose my appetite, I can't believe this thing is posting filtered pictures trying to convince us it's decent looking.

No. 1637718

Just keep posting as normal, tranny is a tryhard to make himself relevant

No. 1637719

I have been wondering how much time 4chan has left. Ive been wondering this since LiveLeak went down, since everything on LiveLeak also was on 4chan. Lots of KF and 4chan crossover as well, and obvious 8ch/Stormer crossover there too. And Qanon.
I feel like maybe Jersh just flew too close to the sun; unlike Hiroshimoot who seems like he lives under a rock.

No. 1637720

I'll never understand the point of namefagging on sites like this. If I wanted your name I'd talk to you with a name of my own on a regular social media site.

No. 1637724

cautiously optimistic, keffals will be overjoyed im sure - but inflating his ego rn is really just giving him enough rope to hang himself with and im sure he will oblige

No. 1637725

facial hair, male pattern baldness with a combover attempting to hide it, ugly poorly plucked eyebrows, massive hooked nose and butt chin kek he is so hideous even with his shitty cakey foundation and filters and editing

No. 1637727

I wonder if being hard to search for the average user helps too

A lot of it just seems messy and even if there is good info on it it seems hard to find it just through a normal search

No. 1637729

Tbf Cecil McFly has a very good voice modulater kek a lot of people haven't caught on that they're trans

For a sec there I thought this was supposed to be Cecil Mcfly. The blue and black hair matches the colour of the furry pfp from Erika, so this who is posting?

No. 1637730

This. Ywnbaw

No. 1637736

Don't really see how it's different from talking to you on Twitter or Discord, but I guess it must be masochistic for you talking to a bunch of no-name "NPC" nonnas that won't respect you enough to give a name back. Nor do we have any updoots for that ratio number autism men really love.

No. 1637738

Ugly faggot still acts and taunts like a man, kek.

No. 1637740

Should be interesting to see what happens
once his 15 minutes fades. The other twitter trannies are already testing the waters of cancelling him

No. 1637742

(We're not supposed to interact with Blaine/Erika. Just report and move on)

No. 1637746

You generally cannot develop this brand of mental illness without being male

No. 1637747

>massive hooked nose
Kek. I think his eyes are too far apart like Josh's too, must be a male thing.

No. 1637751

You can, but it is very, very rare.

No. 1637752

Don’t reply to Unabashed Hermaphrodite, newfags. He’s a nobody and rides off of Elaine’s lolcow presence, pretends to be other posters on this website, and talks to himself like a jackass instead of being a normal dude and learning a trade. Report, don’t interact, make fun of the fact it’ll never be a woman, and enjoy LC.

No. 1637755

Kiki actually posted quite similarly to this during her deranged Spergchan era here.

No. 1637756

I think anon was indirectly trying to say something without being redtexted kek.

No. 1637757

Kiwis making this whole ordeal sound like a war lol

No. 1637758

they are now that you mention it, he probably has fetal alcohol syndrome
and the disgusting rotted meth teeth too, you can tell he never had money for dental work lmao

No. 1637763

Hiro does nothing except use the site as a steady stream of passive income from 4chan passes and selling user data. He will let the unpaid, transgender moderation team do whatever they want, which is erp in IRC and autistically ban random shit that they have a personal vendetta against.

No. 1637766

Seriously how do you access their new link? I already tried Tor and it’s not working.

No. 1637771

open tor and put this in the browser url bar

Have you waited until it says connected to tor? It took like 2min for me on brave browser

No. 1637773

Might need to reload a bunch of times too

No. 1637776

the site is periodically going down. try again in 15 mins, an hour or later

No. 1637782

I’m too lazy to tag but thanks anons

No. 1637784

I saw some users complaining that the tor version wasn't working very well yesterday, might have to wait.

No. 1637785

I've been feeling extremely exhausted since kiwifarms went down, I wonder whether the Keffals is drawing closer.

No. 1637789

not really a matter of how much merit there is but how many people are willing to make a stink about it until it gets taken down. 4chan is tranny central now, they would never push for it to be removed in the same way. not in terms of just moderation but also userbase

No. 1637790

Says the pedo troon who will probably die alone hanging from a closet rack.

No. 1637796

Damnit, I dont want to use TOR for one site. Where am I gonna get my Jack Scalfani fix now? I want to see what new glop monster he cooks.

No. 1637798

Keffals is going to eventually take a big fat L. Ever since 2016 there has been an increase of dissent or distaste for mainstream news, only likely that people are going to be more interested in kiwifarms and end up trying to access it and learn how much Keffals is a pedophile running an illegal underaged drug ring and fled the country.

No. 1637799

It's super easy to use TOR. Might not be worth it for Jack Scalfani though.

No. 1637800

Keffals is going to take a loss for being Keffals. There is no way that this dude hasn't raped someone and it is going to come out.

No. 1637801

I think KF on TOR is dead purely because there's going to be a real lack of contribution on many threads

No. 1637802

r/AmberlynnReidYT was banned from reddit. I wonder if it's a coincidence or if they're going after subreddits now.

No. 1637806

You're right, the barrier to entry seems bigger than it really is to most normies so the number of visitors will certainly tank. The site was running nicely earlier but it's shitting the bed for me at the moment. It's really sad that we may have no choice but to run over to the dank web, Nu Internet is shit (and it happened so fast).

No. 1637808

KF on TOR will be fine, if people come. It depends on the threads, really. The more normie friendly and (let's face it) the more female friedly the cow the less people will probably be logging into TOR, but really the barrier to entry is not that big. People should just give it a try.

No. 1637809

Depends on how much effort people want to go through to shitpost about cows. It's not going to be normie friendly, but there aren't so many places left on the internet for this type of shit. We'll see.

No. 1637813

Its running fine for me when I use Brave, just a bit on the slow side.
I'm just catching up on all this drama now. All I have to say is this shit has made me hate Keffals and troons even more than before. There is no peak, it just keeps going. Josh and the dumbass moids there are shits, but troons winning is the worst outcome.

No. 1637814

It's not just the barrier to entry. Brave is stupidly easy to use and probably a lot less scary than TOR itself

But how many people on Beauty Parlor and outside found KF purely because they googled '[name] drama' or just the name and KF popped up?

No. 1637816

People adore gossip and being able to shittalk idiots. Of course it got reasonably sized.

No. 1637819

Keffals is probably gonna get himself banned from Twitch/Twitter eventually for causing drama.

No. 1637821

Kiwifarms has been making quite a name for itself recently. People will find it.
Troons never win because they have to live with being troons.

No. 1637826

Has it really though?

Your average user is going to look at it being banned on the clearnet, possibly the shit on Twitter and look the other way

No. 1637830

ughhhh i miss the deathfats board

No. 1637831

>Troons never win because they have to live with being troons.
41% can't become 100% nearly soon enough. I wonder where these failmales will try to go next. Are they just diddling their stinkditches at their "victory" or will they try for other sites? Shit like this sets such an ugly precedent for other sites possibly getting taken down.

No. 1637832

Pressure was put on them to drop KF and they folded within 24 hours.

No. 1637833

Troons don't even pass when they post online. You should be able to spot them from a mile away by now.

No. 1637834

So much for "based Russia isn't pozzed like the west".

No. 1637836

It's not really "gone", but it used DDOS-GUARD, which is a somewhat half-baked Russian Cloudflare alternative, which apparently wasn't up to the task of dealing with the tranny DDoS. I don't know how many shady DDoS mit services exist that will take Josh's baggage and be willing to put up with the high-profile nature of the site. The content isn't really the issue, lots of worse things are on Cloudflare even itself still, it's the high profile stuff.
Tor isn't that hard, nonnie.

No. 1637838

I think a lot of people will stick around since there aren't many alternatives. Especially if they ban subreddits for popular cows.

No. 1637839

Casual reminder that Lucas started hormone therapy relatively early, had a vocal coach, and underwent multiple surgeries (bottom and vocal chords) but still clocks as an ugly, fat middle aged man. Even if we were able to magically turn that Y into a second X, a True and Honest female Lucas would end up resembling his horrid sow of a mother.

Feels good.

No. 1637844

People tend to think of this as being yet another a battle in the "Great Culture War", but it really comes down to money and power. Big Tech wants to drown out smaller platforms and services because it leaves them as the monopoly. Even if the zeitgeist was more right-leaning, the objective and methods would remain the same.

No. 1637846

File: 1662412682760.jpg (150.8 KB, 1080x735, 1662375672836.jpg)

Idk if it was the troon stuff in this case, see picrel. Also how the fuck is basically calling in fake bomb threats not a crime?

No. 1637847

isnt this site only for women

No. 1637848

That's a lot of money to sink into being that ugly.

No. 1637850

why you ask?

No. 1637853

the koofle people said this site should be next but i thought it was only for women so why would they need to take it down

No. 1637855

i dont get what youre trying to say.

No. 1637857

Did you "start new private window with tor" first? KF is working for me right now but wasn't 5 minutes ago, it's spotty.

No. 1637858

> i thought it was only for women so why would they need to take it down
that's exactly why they would need to take it down, nonsaging kiwifag

No. 1637860

Hey doomposters,
Just a reminder that you can donate to/volunteer for rl orgs that are fighting the good fight.

feminist current
lgb alliance
Women's Declaration International
Women's Rights Network

No. 1637861

nta backwards logic aka "transwomen are women so they shouldn't come after this site", even though we're terfs so it doesn't even make sense lol

No. 1637865

for the same reason they are looking towards ovarit and mumsnet. for the same reason they send death and bomb threats to JKR on a weekly basis

No. 1637866

aw a cute newfag. don’t speak these things into existence, they’re only focused on getting rid of kiwifarms because they technically have evidence for these trannies borderline criminal behavior and actions. the only interest they would have with this site is the MtF/fakeboi thread but no one cares. this site has a 60% chance of being noticed but granted they don’t care because these trannies are deviants who are not interested in the well-being of society, they are like archaic warlords using everyone to gain their own undeserved clout and money for being mentally ill while actual mentally I’ll people are homeless and get no attention or empathy whatsoever

No. 1637867

You might have to refresh a few times to get through but it's up for me. You have to open up a private window with TOR in Brave, a normal tab won't work.

There is many TERF/TERF sympathetic users here and lolcow is first and foremost a drama site where Lucas' sins are aired out for the public to see (albeit in a less organized format with imageboards being set up as they are). They even had GC communities like Ovarit on their radar because "how dare women resent being told that a progressive society requires that they sacrifice their own safety for the sake of a male's delusions and comfort".

No. 1637869

File: 1662413330479.jpg (8.14 KB, 226x223, 8217192_orig.jpg)

If someone recreated KF but made doxxing forbidden, it would probably stay up.

Big tech has no excuse to ban dox-free gossip without going mask off and showing that they want to censor women.

No. 1637870

File: 1662413369572.png (134.08 KB, 802x581, Screenshot 2022-09-05 17.30.37…)

They did a pretty good write up, BTW, feat. based Kiwi Kween former lolcow tranny CommieDGurl absolutely savaging predatory troon culture

No. 1637872

Big tech will censor everything that Big tech wants to censor.

No. 1637873

I just think it's funny how all of this shit over the past few months has blown up from Keffals still being mad that there's people out there making fun of him.

No. 1637874

I could have sworn Ovarit was owned and operated by a gay man?

No. 1637876

> If someone recreated KF but made doxxing forbidden, it would probably stay up.
How would you define "dox[x]ing" though? It certainly wouldn't be KF it wasn't allowed to pry deeply into people's personal lives. That's the best part of the site tbh.

No. 1637878

So yeah, thank God oldmin didn't take up Josh's "no strings attached" offer and tied us to that albatross, kek.

No. 1637880

>without going mask off and showing that they want to censor women
the mask is already off. on reddit, the self titled frontpage of the internet, all the feminist subs that focused only on women were banned.

No. 1637881

those are going to eventually get hit, no sponsor is going to want to deal with the negative PR if they ever find out about any of those organizations. stop spreading this hood stuff around, as I expected the internet is going to keep breaking apart into tiny niche little enclaves because of the censorship, keep these resources in those group chats and discords

No. 1637883

Some members are a bit too dox-happy in my opinion and it seems that the doxing is really the only real legal grey area "gotcha" that critics can reasonably point to. However I do think that pedos and zoosadists should be the exception…maybe kept behind a private (post 1 year registration + >100 posts member only) lounge.

No. 1637884

Reminder that no site has dropped kiwifarms over doxxing. The reasons were violence and harassment. Both without evidence and against the rules of kiwifarms. Nobody cares, they just say whatever suits them and the press prints it. As long as kiwifarms outs tranny pedos, tranny pedos will make up bullshit about it to get it banned.

No. 1637885

Eh, people were posting shit about their whole life before iPhones. It's only when social media started rolling around that people started becoming huge narcissists.

No. 1637886

If someone recreated KF but removed every user's autistic need to archive every single thing a cow has done into a single easy to read and access callout post it would probably stay up yes

No. 1637887

I think you're being too optimistic. All it takes now is enough whining from trannies and some coordinated fedposting to nuke a site. If trannies think their feelings are getting hurt by a site, they will make it a target.

No. 1637889

Then it wouldn't be Kiwifarms.

No. 1637892

Posting addresses. Keffals' argument is that posting addresses enables swatters and other bad actors to prey on victims. It's sort of true.. not all addresses posted on KF were obtained through a public website like whitepages.

No. 1637893

We’re still fucked because again there’s no present admin, no further DDOS protection and still no current updates besides logos and transferring servers which they suspiciously only made public on the kofi link where some rich anon donated $1k to keep this place up. I’m starting to think it’s becoming a money-laundering scam. If the bunker threads didn’t give you a wake up call about how technically broken this website is then kek idk what will. Many anons are banned off the discord and they also allow men to post in it and from my few days being in there, there’s a completely different culture and they do not like the people on this website.

No. 1637894

Doxxing is probably going to be connected to violence and harassment though

No. 1637896

Null said something pretty thought provoking.
Trannies are mainly motivated by three things: exerting power, fetishistic behaviour and hatred for women.

Now that they learned that they CAN lie to get completely legal websites banned, there is a good chance some will aim for lolcow. Not because it poses any threat or whatever, but because they derive sexual gratification from attacking women. Why do you think they went after random feminist reddits? Those places were utterly irrelevant, you could simply not read them and they would never affect you. But they all shut down because sexual deviants got something out of removing them. What?
I think it's sexually motivated.

No. 1637897

And yet registered sex offenders are REQUIRED to notify neighborhoods when they move in. Keffals is just pissed off that KF beat him to it.

No. 1637898

> the doxing is really the only real legal grey area
It's really not, it's just posting publicly available information. The problem is when it crosses to harassment. Josh has gotten lax with calls-to-harassment lately, IMO due to the kind of shit that has been going on for 2+ years now in the Ethan Ralph board which is OK because Josh has a vendetta with Ethan Ralph but of course the whole thing metastasized. Ethan Ralph got a (sarcastic) mention in the stupid sign that was held up outside Keffals place in Ireland, people from that sphere are probably the ones who did the swatting ,etc. I like to follow Ethan as a cow but the board but it has been a cancer for the forum.

No. 1637900

The press lied, but those lies were based on the general feeling normies get when they look at KF. Zoomers legitimately don't understand how to protect their information.

No. 1637901

If you are to have any credibility in some cases you have to provide the dox. As long as it’s kept on topic it provides the context. In this particular idiots case without it would we know about every fucked up thing he’s done? But ya gotta keep on target.

No. 1637902

Nothing on kiwifarms is from illegal sources, it's all internet sleughting anyone could do. The handful of people who actually got harassed IRL were all people who actively sought conflict with not only kiwifarms, but also other lolcow/horrocow spergs who are as likely or more likely to do it and have the ability to find all they need by themselves or through retarded fans.

No. 1637904

> not all addresses posted on KF were obtained through a public website like whitepages
No, some were earned, lol. But still. Nothing illegal about it. As to Keffals argument it enables swatting, not really, it's pretty easy to find someone's address if you know their name and even a vague idea of their location and general age, so it's kind of bullshit but also kind of true. The low-effort gay back-and-forth swatting that has been going on (mostly not targeting trannies) has made me think twice before posting people's addresses now because I don't want some idiot using my doxes to do bullshit like that. It's sad, really. Can't have nice things.

No. 1637905

>pretty thought provoking
>regurgitates talking points that have already been made by women 10x smarter than him and his userbase

The handmaidens who are coming out of the woodwork to praise this fatass for doing the bare minimum like protecting female spaces is surprising

No. 1637908

I think the poltards are generally spastic to fit into kiwifarms. They're always mad and terminally politics brained so everything is a crusade for them. A&N was a big mistake, it brought hordes of these idiots on the site.

No. 1637909

Josh has been known to self-post here but I'm not sure it's that. The dedication of his simps is impressive and pathetic. It shows up in all sorts of ways e.g. the "highlight" feature which brings you to highly-updooted posts is straight up useless in any thread that Nool posts in because his lackies give him so many stickers for any idiotic thought.
But loads of true & honest subscriptions.

No. 1637910

He's done more than you have, anon. Put your money where your mouth is.

No. 1637912

Why are you like this?

No. 1637915

That is true in the USA, but I've heard that Canada is fucked because that kind of information isn't made available to the public in any kind of registry (because it might put the, get this, SEX OFFENDER in danger).

You're absolutely right and that's why the forum was able to stay up for as long as it has. Normies don't really understand the difference between compiling publicly available info (often times published by the cow himself) and doing sketchy, actually illegal shit to access sensitive info like Social Security, account passwords and banking details.

Then you have those that cry about how others will use that info to abuse cows (might as well sue Whitepages, I guess).

No. 1637917

I'm quite favourable towards josh in this whole situation and it's still difficult to read all the simping going on.

No. 1637919

The entirety of the Autistic Thunderdome was seriously the worst part of the site. Just completely filled with /pol/fag retardation and misogynists.

No. 1637920

>because it might put the, get this, SEX OFFENDER in danger
Sheesh. Once again, women and children foot the bill for the scrote pedo/rapist. One more reason to dislike Canada.

No. 1637921

Ehhh I've definitely seen threads get into uncomfortable areas led by the majority. The Janke stuff was pretty memorable, everyone had it out for her

Granted, I don't engage with 'popular' threads frequently other than taking a quick look, but when they become 'popular' you get into uncomfortable behaviour territory very quickly where harassment seems to be very acceptable


I think the reaction stickers work fine to get the quality of the post quickly. The problem a lot of other sites with reactions have is that they're basically meaningless

No. 1637923

Same, I've had a bunch of niche communities get absolutely ruined by troons. Some have been female dominated, some male, it's all the same sorts of people (troons) ruining them but in different ways.
It feels like there's fewer and fewer places to go every day. It used to be so easy to hop into a hobby online and get involved with groups IRL to make friends. Those days are gone.

No. 1637925

Not really the same

You're going to know that informative posts are informative and the same information is going to be reacted to as dumb. Sometimes I don't want to sit there every single post trying to catch up so having a quick way to filter as you scroll is useful

You can compare the shit that is the Tattle threads on Archie Battersbee and the KF thread to see how it is effective, though KF's culture is sort of different in general

No. 1637926

Reaction stickers are genius, without them you would have threads filled with pages worth of "agree, disagree, you're dumb, you're autistic" etc etc. Instead most people just rate a post and move on. It's cathartic to do, you read some dumb post and you rate it dumb and it feels good.


It's useful for skimming threads and finding important posts, but it seems to work kinda hit and miss with the highlight function. Sometimes every other post is highlighted and sometimes posts with two hundred upvotes aren't.

No. 1637927

I've hardly seen this entire debacle leak over into other mainstream spaces if I have to be honest. Pretty quiet outside of twitter and journalists, as you've said.

No. 1637928

File: 1662414857312.png (3.87 KB, 180x50, Screenshot 2022-09-05 17.53.08…)

Stickers, ever a controversial subject. I think they are kind of cute and fun and sometime serve to police people from being just abject idiots but also they serve group think and fuel the egos of people who act insufferable. I don't know what to think about it.
The Janke shit was strong meme energy for sure. People (read: moids) who were way worse actors than her got less attention. I wonder what it would have been like were she not a girl who tried her best to present herself as someone the likes of the average kiwiscrote wanted to fuck.

No. 1637929

>sage for blogpost
>Went to the mall today, and was reminded while seeing the majority of “normal” people in society that troons aren’t a majority and their opinions only really matter on the internet.
>As I’m about to leave, I feel a cold chill down my spine
>Man lookin’ like Hulk Hogan with pigtails, smeared mascara, booty shorts and a pink tank top walks by with a bitchy angry look on it’s face
>Positive mindset crushed

No. 1637930

It’s flawed because like Youtube ad Reddit you could genuinely make a good, informative, objective, factual post and it still gets downvoted by the retarded edgelords who just come there to spam n-word and make rape jokes. It encourages an echo chamber which should have been the very opposite of KF’s goals, the website already appeases to those on the far-right even though their favorite right-wing pundits have massive threads of their own kek.

No. 1637931

Take me with you.

No. 1637932

I've not seen that on on topic boards, only on A&N. Elsewhere people mostly rate reasonably ime

No. 1637933

You >>1637612 too; not a discordfag, tho.

No. 1637934

An echo chamber would likely develop anyway, unless you split the threads up

If the majority of the user base has similar opinions, the minority opinion is going to be filtered out in some way, completely ignored or attacked and won't be seen again until the next person comes and then repeat the process

No. 1637936

Me too, per favore, if nothing else I can make a nice little logo.

No. 1637941

File: 1662415410459.jpeg (4.5 KB, 129x129, download (3).jpeg)

I love you anyway

No. 1637942

Reaction stickers as they are used on KF are a bit different to a simple upvote/downvote function

No. 1637943

File: 1662415470227.jpg (96.38 KB, 1076x1460, lol.jpg)


which one?

No. 1637944

why are they so obsessed with controlling every community they ever enter

No. 1637951

File: 1662415876160.jpg (802.53 KB, 1080x1390, Screenshot_2022-09-05-15-09-12…)

Kek these are clearly men.

No. 1637952

God I hope my posture doesn't look like that but it probably does.

No. 1637953

That's a bit harsh on Quasimodo.

No. 1637955

It depends on the thread. Despite Josh bragging about how tens of thousands of people are on the site many are just lurkers, active posters are fewer and tend to stick to their favorite thread zones, where they talk with the same users who do the same thing to form multiple echo chambers. The thread on Russel Greer has a completely different tone from Chantal's which has a completely different tone from Puppychan's etc, and the cesspools of A&H and the vtuber thread are on a different planet entirely.

No. 1637956

If they could handle the truth, they wouldn't be trannies

No. 1637958

Easiest way to shut down "wrongthink" and force their agenda.

No. 1637959

Because trannies are pathological narcissists.

No. 1637961

GOD DAMN!!! I thought that seeing them in motion was the worst of it, yet they manage to look even worse in still photos.

No. 1637962

Guessing this is from the Victory Stream?
When Josh and his autism gets the site back up in a month or two how is keffals ever going to get the momentum to take it down ever again? I feel once the Keffals Squad feels like they won only half would be willing for a true round 2.

No. 1637964

DSP or Wings spergs, not even once.

No. 1637966

DDOS-Guard is polish, not Russian. They are part of the EU and therefore cucks.

No. 1637967

>kekfalls doing vitory stream on twitch
>chatbot linking to DIY HRT directory


No. 1637970

I haven't used Tor in a decade and I'm shocked at how fast it is. It is probably fast because the glowies are providing all the infrastructure to triangulate people. Lucky thing I'm not using it for anything illegal.

No. 1637972

can some nonna help me out with a step by step guide on how to get back in the farms, I tried brave and even the tor app but it just won’t let me in

No. 1637974

Hmm. It is working for me right now so I don't think it's that.

> click dots in right corner
> "open new private tab with tor…"
> paste in http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/

What happens when you try this? What platform are you using? The other stuff may depend.

No. 1637976

for brave
>open browser
>open new private tab with tor (alt shift N)
>wait until it is connected to tor (red > green bar in top left corner)
>use onion link up thread
>wait and try again if it fails at first

No. 1637978

So tired of reading the same "if only KF didnt dox people they would still be up" Bullshit over and over ITT. IT DOESNT MATTER!!! Thats just a convenient excuse. The press will lie about anything they want to, Kiwifarms also didnt kill all those people they say they did. The truth doesnt matter. All that matters is that they make fun of trannies and thats the one group you cant criticize.

No. 1637980

download tor, open it. Make sure to hit "connect to tor" on the page that appears. Then click the onion link at the top of this thread.
if it doesn't work then try other onion websites to see if you messed something up on tor or it is just KF being down. KF is still intermittently down on tor so check again later if that is the case

No. 1637981

>Open the Brave Browser
>Press: ALT + SHIFT + N to open new window in Tor
>Go to the new window and wait for the browser to finish connect to Tor
>See Green "Tor Connected Successfully" message.
>Paste: http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ into the address bar
>Refresh if the first attempt fails

No. 1637984

If KF is not working try:


This is just the Duck Duck Go search engine. Understandably people might be nervous about clicking random onion links so this is a safe one to try to see if the problem is with KF or your Tor connection.

No. 1637985

why don't they take 4chan down then? they relentlessly shit on trannies all the time there.

No. 1637987

Thank you ladies! Much appreciated, it sucks it even has to be this way but I’ll def try out all the methods

No. 1637988

4chan being a fed honeypot isn't just a meme, "they" actively collect data on the edgy bois who post shit on there and if you are more conspiracy minded probably use it to force memes of their own creation as well. plus "shit on trannies", lol. 4chan is tranny central for years.

No. 1637989

Because its a fed honeypot. Its been asked and explained like 10 times now. Also 4chan nowadays is 90% trannies and a lot of boards ban transphobia. They are also deleting threads about Keffals that are negative and about KF.

No. 1637990

I highly recommend the tor site. Brave is a great browser that I've been using for 2-3 years now - it also blocks ads, especially on mobile, and it's just good to have.

With it, it's stupid easy to access the kiwi farms tor site. It's also running pretty fast for a tor site. Highly recommend.

No. 1637991

It was loading for me fine several hours ago. This time it took several tries, but it finally came up.

No. 1637993

4chan threads are temporary and get forgotten, which is what the trannies want.

No. 1637994

I'm actually in KF chat right now, I'm surprised it's working, but it's probably a lull in DDoS and far fewer simultaneous users than normal.

No. 1637996

There's a shitton of troons on there. And pedophiles.

No. 1638000


It's ok for trannies to be racist/sexist/bigoted but not for normies to ask trannies to not rewrite reality to cater to their fee fee's. 4chins has a lot of mentally ill troons running the website.

No. 1638001

yeah every time i try it says the internet connection appears to be offline when it’s not

No. 1638002

I remember when 4chan was fun lol but yeah they have taken a surprisingly harsh stance on those forms of "cyberbullying" that they don't like, it's even how this site came to be. But it's been going on forever. Raids/invasions were banned what like before 2010?

No. 1638003

Can you post a screenshot of exactly what it is saying?

No. 1638005

How many users are on KF right now? I saw earlier in a picture there were 600+ but I don't have an account so I don't think I can check.

I guess the site is being DDoSed or something right now because it was working without a hitch earlier.

No. 1638006

It doesn't list how many people are visiting through Tor so we don't know. But it is working fine for me, I'm talking with people in chat without a hiccup, honestly surprised because sometimes that doesn't work very well even without Tor. So YMMV I guess?

No. 1638007

Click on the button with the three lines at the top right corner of the browers. Click settings and scroll down to "tor browser updates". The browser wasn't connecting when it started it up either but the problem was it was downloading an update. If there is an update just wait for it to complete and then click restart browser to install. It should work after that.

No. 1638008

4chan has had like 4 mass shooters come from there. You are really a fucking braindead dumbass moron if you think any of this is about doxing.

No. 1638011

How much doomposting is there?
Anyone believe in KF or is it a black void all the way down right now?

No. 1638012

Ironic, given the Scientology protests. (Remember that shit?)

No. 1638014

I don't agree with anyone who thinks the kiwis stand a chance if they just "banned doxing". Yes it was a convenient thing to cry to cloudflare about, but it's like… We are way past that now. No companies will ever work with Josh, regardless if he changed the rules (not that he even would.)

Also, Yeah it really salts their rotpockets when kiwis find their address (thru completely legal means & info they posted themselves publicly btw) but they don't actually think their lives are in danger kek. these people are completely deranged and despise women, and being disingenuous about everything. Do you really think a rule change would make them stop? They'd just point to "transphobia!!" and "caused 3 separate deaths!!" instead. It's all about silencing dissent and deleting the archives of their reprehensible behavior. Nothing will make them stop. That's why we are next on the chopping block. I wouldn't change a thing about the way we post here cuz fuck em. You can't reason with these guys

No. 1638017

Shit, remember Jessi Slaughter? All "BACKTRACE" memes aside, poor girl, but this was the kind of shit they used to do, that's what real cyber harassment looks like, or the (real) doxing of girls like Boxy or cracky, although OTOH there were plenty of cases like I forget the name of the guy who tried to PA the girl in his class or Trey Burba who threatened to shoot up a school and got BTFO by anons finding the EXIF data. Shit, I'm nostalgic now.

No. 1638018

From what I saw earlier there was plenty of doomposting but posts were mostly "hope the site is back up soon, thanks for the effort."

No. 1638031

File: 1662419793739.png (133.89 KB, 710x633, 1662418407340107.png)

What are the odds this catches on? It was on /LGBT/.

No. 1638034

>hate sites

No. 1638038

If someone other than Josh started a KF-like site it could work.

No. 1638042

Sweet, a list of sites for me to check out

No. 1638043

I only really remember Dusty the cat. Fuck that kid.

No. 1638046

Don't forget Gays Against Groomers

No. 1638048

if it was /lgbt/, pretty high. That's a mainsub.

No. 1638052

Nobody even uses ED anymore.

No. 1638053

OnionFarms is run by Naught, lolicon and tranny chaser, along with Kengle, autistic weirdo and Mike Thurlow (Z3RO/Angry Canadian), AGP degenerate, woman hater, also a pedophile. I didn't know Naught was admin on 8kun but 8kun is full of degenerate shit and I think the only activity there really is Qtard boomers. Metokur.us is run by a tranny and lets Blaine run free. Rdrama also lets Blaine run free so is right off for me on that matter alone.

But seriously nonnas:


No. 1638060

File: 1662421261844.png (108.49 KB, 800x573, agorachangun5.png)

No. 1638066

Miss the vinesauce threads

No. 1638068

There are other instances on fedi, like spinster.xyz or gleasonator.com.

No. 1638070

Eh, it feels like people there don't wanna hear bad shit about Vinny or Joel.

No. 1638072

Of course because they’re moids kek but it did always give me a good laugh time to time

No. 1638073

idc about vinny but do fill me in on the bad stuff about joel

No. 1638076

Samefag and I mean they’re part of that “golden untouchable” group of moids like Oneyplays

No. 1638079

Nah I never heard Joel support troons (although Jerma did), but Joel's got this attitude about the world in which he thinks he knows more about reality than he actually does. For instance he got all pissed off that his dad's friend told some homeless scrote to go "pick berries in the woods and sell them". Homeless people are sponges on society, they harass people (i.e. women)… there's nothing good about them. Even in Sweden. And Joel got all uppity about this. I think it's partly him being a Swede but also him being a moid. Moids defend shit that doesn't impact them.

No. 1638083

Are you talking about Oneyplays or the vinesauce team?

No. 1638086

I got those vibes from Joel but tbh that doesn’t seem as bad as Vinny’s drama. But kek yeah the wig discussions are my favorite

No. 1638089

the whole oneyplays sphere of people have drama within them. But it’s not really anything interesting, just like personal drama. Kf thread was mostly praising them

No. 1638094

Vinny always looks like he's one wine spill away from a suicide.

No. 1638096

What was even the whole Vinny thing anyway?

No. 1638101

Is there a new kiwi site yet

No. 1638102

No. You log into the old one via TOR.

No. 1638106

Vinny fucked fans because he's a moid, some of said fans got mad I think because he was treating them like one-night stands and ghosting them after sex and released a Google doc about their experiences with him. The only thing particularly concerning in all of it was that he possibly gave a girl HPV but who knows if he even knew he had it or not. Typical scrote behavior but nothing illegal.

No. 1638109

Is there a giant archive of the site?
And can you save archives on hard drives?

No. 1638110


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

No. 1638119

Josh has said that he would put the archive on a torrent. Supposedly it is several terabytes at least so I hope he makes it available in slices and perhaps a text only version. It would be a heck of a project although I'm sure someone will help if it comes to that. But no as of now there is not an archive available.

No. 1638123

There won't be one for a while. We have to make do with here, the tor version of kiwi and EncyclopediaDramatica.

No. 1638127

Ugh here we go, already with the rent-freeness.

No. 1638129

Sorry I'm ana-chan but I'm gonna miss the body positive thread most of all…. that was my fave thinspo. you guys abandoned the deathfat thread now I just have to find these freaks myself or something(sage)

No. 1638130

I just got an access denied page by cloudfare while trying to click on a different page on here. I was using duckduckgo I switched over to brave and could access the site. I'm freaking the fuck out.

No. 1638134

File: 1662426749016.png (293.78 KB, 648x810, 1648301680337.png)

kek Lucas' typical illegible moid handwriting

No. 1638135

Honestly, I'm going to miss reading about my favorite lolcows on clearnet KF daily. Now we are stuck with Tor KF that won't be as active. Will never forgive trannies for this. Never4get.

No. 1638139

As long as we have TOR I'm going to be fine. Sucks to be off clearnet though.

No. 1638140

@shooglet on IG is probably right up your alley

No. 1638143


does this narcissistic troon ever stop tweeting about kiwi farms? do they eat? do they sleep?

No. 1638144

this is a sign from the universe telling you to close the tab and eat a cheeseburger.

No. 1638145

No. 1638148

File: 1662427279294.jpg (415.6 KB, 1080x2059, kiwi farms.jpg)

>the based, man respecting variety

No. 1638151

someone awhile ago (on kf I think) analyzed his daily online activity and between twitter and twitch streaming he spends over 10 hours daily online wasting away
he eats while simultaneously seething on twitter

No. 1638154

I don't understand what he thinks this shows. It's a post saying society is corrupt and evil people can prevail. Also Keffals is an amoral attention whore. All those things turned out to be true.

Is he telling his followers that the joke is on them, kiwifarms was right all along and they were conned?

No. 1638156

It's really pathetic and at this point I can't even be that angry at him anymore since that's a waste of energy. If anything, I am convinced that more powerful people were looking for an excuse to tear down the farms and used Lucas as a pawn.

No. 1638157

his followers will read that he is a mastermind that reverse uno'ed the farms

No. 1638175

>Prince going 180 on statement mere days after his statement and blocks the Farms
>Washington Post article conveniently releases mere minutes after the block, clearly prepared ahead of time
I don’t like to be a conspiracy schizo but I don’t see how this entire series of events could have been orchestrated by Lucas and his friends alone.

No. 1638176

Aside from CIA glowie Janke, there's that pedophile who works for that fed corporation Path.

Null made influential enemies. I'm sure there's letter agencies that are very unhappy about their employees having threads.

No. 1638178

Definitely. There's no way it was Keffals that caused Cloudflare to go from "we won't take down a site just because we don't agree with it" to "we're taking down a site because we don't agree with it immediately" in the span of what, 2 days? The "imminent threat" fedpost was just to cover their ass, none of it even made sense.

No. 1638186

My favorite thing there was to watch christian fundies be insane and stupid and now I still can but it's kinda slow

No. 1638188

If you had to give a percent that Kiwifarms goes back on the clearweb in the next half year, what percent would you give? Im leaning on 65 percent.

No. 1638193

I'm at a point of not being able to tell whether the site is down/being DDoSed or whether Tor is just dogshit.

No. 1638195

It was Liz Fong Jones. He has Silicon Valley connections and is a literal millionaire.

No. 1638200

No. 1638208

That guy is currently employed by NBC (? something like that), so he's a whore for journalists running hit pieces, not a copper.

No. 1638209

yeah but he's an ex-
so we dont care

No. 1638219

0%. Josh's posts give the impression that he doesn't want to slowly fade into irrelevancy like the others. I think he would rather go out with a bang rather than a whimper.

No. 1638226

So he won't fade into irrelevancy but you think he isnt going to bring it back to clearweb, so itll die on TOR?

No. 1638227

Him and his group are also the worst of his ilk. The farms documented a bunch of illegal shit. He is probably part of the driving force. Have you nonnies seen the way he speaks to Lucas? Always writes to him with a condescending tone too. Imho, think he used Lucas to push his own narrative, but he really could give a fuck about Lucas.

No. 1638228

It isn't even loading on TOR right now. Writing is on the wall.

No. 1638230

File: 1662429407581.jpg (314.91 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220906-111242_Chr…)

No. 1638235

that Erin Reed creep is probably ecstatic that his thread containing evidence of him being a drug dealing felon is gone

No. 1638236

look at what the trannies and glowies took away from us

No. 1638237

KF needs to survive and exist until February next year at least. That's when its 10 year anniversary hits and I want to make and eat an autistically decorated little cupcake to celebrate. I NEED this to happen, I NEED it

No. 1638241

it's insane to see matthew terminating this kind of website but still host a website called godhatesfags(.)com kek

No. 1638246

i think they should let the KF die a bit in the dark, and then let it resuscitate like a phoenix. truly sad to see how it turned out, i remember null said he hesitated to pull the plug in 2020, and honestly he shouldve done it. Lucas would not be a grifter, not have this 140k army of faggots, still be a niche fag with 1000 viewers on twitch and null would have less problems with money and tranny cyberpolice. He shouldve let the website die by himself removing the plug instead of a fat tranny trying his best to remove it. Honestly if that lucas thread was not posted the website shouldve been alive and well atm, sad to see that we all gotta bow down to the trannies now

No. 1638250

File: 1662429823118.jpeg (29.54 KB, 250x432, 9A92902F-01AF-4DBE-95AF-3AD4F2…)

This one?

No. 1638252

He even discarded his chance to put it all behind him and move on with his life by letting it come to this. That would never be easy but now it's impossible.

No. 1638257

nta but i think that nonna was talking about the one where he's sitting on a deckchair with wet hair and etc

No. 1638259

Oh wtf that was it

No. 1638273

Seeing the creator clash make the Anisa and Idubbz thread go rapid fire was fun

No. 1638276

Especially Manlet vs Manlet fight, and Ryan from supermega vs that other guy

No. 1638279

No. 1638281

quiet, scrote

No. 1638287

Yea he keeps ban evading. He is a literal loser nobody and he just wants attention. Ignore him and report his posts.

No. 1638288

Like 50%. It depends on if the tranny squad loses interest and eats each other.

Null has been talking like he's pretty intent on the site staying up.

No. 1638291


KF lives rent free in their coomer brain. It's sad, but just ignore and report

No. 1638292

since i heard kenkles and its ilk are also going after internet archives i started saving some lolcow threads locally on my pc.

if anyone is interested in keeping local offline backups of their favorite lolcow threads, or any other webpage: you can save any page with ctrl+s or right clicking "save as". i realized that sometimes it saves only the text and not the images. in that case you can press ctrl+p which will bring up the printing screen, but instead of printing it you can save it as a pdf instead.

make sure that you expand any images that you would like to save in full or just press "expand all images" to do it for all images. the page will be saved exactly as you are seeing it at the time you press save. any videos on the page will have to be downloaded separately.

No. 1638296

separating "racist" and "antisemitic" into two different concepts makes you glow, dude

No. 1638298

He loves lolcow but hates it for not accepting so as long as he isn’t accepted he will just keep being a nobody attention-seeking faggot. His posts don’t mean anything and are just garbage ramblings. Report and ignore

No. 1638299

When did Lucass direct people here?

No. 1638306

Also if lolcow goes down at least that peaks more women and we will just make new spaces kek. Women are always gonna be women and that’s the wonderful thing.

No. 1638308

Yet the site is still up.

No. 1638314

Some of you gotta let your man hate go a bit and realise that men hate troons as much if not more than you do.(male)

No. 1638315

What did Keffals say about this place exactly? Is he coming for here next?

No. 1638317

apparently he didn't, it's the pedophile tranny spammer having hrt delusions

No. 1638319

This exactly, he makes up shit 100% of the time and larps/inserts himself into drama because he’s a nobody. Don’t believe a word he says, he said himself he makes up stuff all the time.

No. 1638322

Dial 8.

No. 1638323

A man calling a woman a tranny, must be a day that ends in y(Blaine )

No. 1638325

Try harder tranny, you will never be a woman.

No. 1638331

I really just want specific threads though. God I'm gonna miss reading GRS Horrors, TSS, Consoomerism, and others. Big old rip to all the threads I wanted to read and thought I could read later.

No. 1638335

I'm honestly baffled that they want to take down Encyclopedia Dramatica. it's just… satire. A parody of Wikipedia, if you will. Something that middle schoolers were casually browsing and laughing at after school back in 2011 or so. And while it's still up online, general public ppl haven't been using ED in literal years. But what am i expecting, of course seething males have no sense of humour

No. 1638340

wait that site still exists?

No. 1638341

Pretty sure Lucas just wants his well-documented history of being a groomer pedo scrubbed from the entire internet. He strikes me as someone who's dumb enough to think that's even possible.

No. 1638343

Good call. i'll do the same. if it comes to this, we can always make screenshots of the thread and post as pics on some personal blogs/sites, or do a movie scrolling through thread & share it with others this way. Or just share saved site + all the image/file folders that always go together when you save page, directly, as a download.

No. 1638347

People should repost receipts anywhere they can, if not twitter then make youtube videos… to show it all happened. One person would get flagged probably, but if more people tried…

No. 1638349

Google drives maybe?

No. 1638351


No. 1638352

No. 1638362

I mean…

No. 1638364

File: 1662434012711.png (35.75 KB, 591x301, Screenshot_9.png)

No. 1638369

>I know you stalk my Twitter account
says Keffals who stalks and screenshots Kiwifarms 24/7

No. 1638373

>you have no major source of income
neither does keffals aside from trying to grift money from other terminally online trannies kek

No. 1638374

kiwifarms.ru is down too. time to say my farewells to my fav meta lolcow. rest in power nykysnottrans

No. 1638376

>a human cannot become a wolf
>a white person cannot become a black person
>a man cannot become a woman
employment terminated services relinquished and violence and rape threats sent by men

No. 1638377

right. but i mean even dumping photo collages on Twitter. how about tumblr? any fucking site left, to just you know. post pictures? ah fuck this, it's getting more and more crazy. just a few days ago i wouldn't believe it all would happen
Maybe Josh should just to a video showing all evidence from Keffals thread. it can't be that one fucking nobody is just untouchable

No. 1638382

I don't get it? What's the hidden message?

No. 1638383

I dunno, all the rot pockets get ROT POCKET PSAs. Real vaginas do not need such warnings. I would tell them all to cope, seeth, and dilate, but Kevin's right there in the tweet lineup with a closed up ax wound that he can no longer dilate.

No. 1638387

can someone give me the link for tor pls thank u

No. 1638392

If kiwi's fate is a shitty on-off website, that is truly tragic

No. 1638393

No longer an ana-chan but I loved the deathfat threads. Too bad they didn’t last, idk why. There’s a ton of content to take from tiktok.

No. 1638395

Null needs to take the offer but ask a ridiculously high price and then just move the site to a new URL.

No. 1638396

File: 1662435733194.jpg (127.28 KB, 1080x497, sonny.jpg)

No. 1638397

>they’re made up of the same parts and function the same
One is a hole that leads to nowhere, the other is part of an entire reproductive system. They can’t even mimic a real clit which has an entire internal framework and isn’t just a piece of a dick head.

No. 1638398

File: 1662435867525.jpg (76.98 KB, 1080x281, lolc.jpg)

No. 1638399

File: 1662435939747.jpg (22.98 KB, 390x421, 83f5cff4330dfad2cfa5a5796c9ab3…)

No. 1638401

Kengle must be thrilled these people think OnionFarms is a site worth taking remotely seriously. He won't be for long, though: it's hosted on a very normie hosting provider and can get taken down in an instant.

No. 1638402

lmfao, let them dream

No. 1638405

I’ve only visited that site once and there was nothing even happening there. It’s not worth caring about even from their angle.

No. 1638407

There's nothing worth seeing there except speds REEEEEing about Null, but they can be pretty nasty with what they do do, I'm only aware of the site because of some of the degeneracy the admin team has gotten up to has crossed my radar.

No. 1638408

Omfg, this dude is the most annoying person on the planet, what an ego he’s got

No. 1638409

He should ask 100k+

No. 1638410

Null's big announcement in the op pic is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Absolutely delusional.
And all the sperging that trannies run the world or something in this thread is a close second. KF has gone down before. They've faced hosting and legal troubles before. They have a decade of starting shit and now it's coming back on them. The only real surprise here is that it has taken so long to get to this point.
Josh is a lolcow, kf was always cancer and troons can't even get bathroom bills overturned but somehow control the internet apparently. Fucking kek.

No. 1638413

Is it just me or does this post smell like testicular sweat?

No. 1638416

Lol, lmao even.

This tweet really speaks to Keffals' narcissism if he honestly thinks that Josh–who is in the middle of a family crisis–is hanging on his every word. Absolutely delusional, but then again, he believes that he is a woman.

No. 1638422

Speak for yourself

No. 1638426

same and to abyssalbulwark, for their dedication to taking down bardfinn

No. 1638429

But again was Kiwifarms A "major source of income" for Josh? Has he ever complained about money to maintain his own life?? He said the same thing about his youtube account and how knocking that off would be "taking his source of income" when Josh doesn't use those streams to make money but people donate anyway. Why would Josh give this idiot his fucking site name? Also, kiwifarms exists. Yes it's on tor but it's there. Does he think because he doesn't know how to access it nobody does or its too hard to do? The site has had more the 400 users all day. Yes it's slow as shit, but it's there. The telegram is also very active. This Troon annoys me because he just says shit that he feels sounds cool.

No. 1638444

Rdrama is a gay dating site that hatefucks trannies.

No. 1638446

“Hit” keep yourself safe twinkggot.

No. 1638449

Lost? We didn't lose anything lol we're not KF

No. 1638455

The only tranny on rdrama got bullied off by a terf. There are only irony poisoned men and the odd terf on the site.

No. 1638458

True I forgot about the “transgirltradwife” faggot

No. 1638460

Why did he post this?
Does he not realize that the Farms poster was absolutely right, and anyone paying attention can see that?
Does he not see the sickening indictment on his character self-evident in his actions, perfectly summarized in this post?

No. 1638462

No he’s a narc with no self reflection. Every criticism of himself is only bigotry.

No. 1638463

ITT: Troons trying to secretly gather intel on Josh, like he's going to show up and be like, "ACKSCHULLY, I HAVE A WIFE AND TWINS."

41% yourselves to a nice full 100%. I want Jersh to win because I hate you faggots that much. Every time a troon an heroes, a cishet angel gets its wings.

No. 1638467

That's vab stink.

No. 1638470

No, it's vab stink. They explicitly shoved their fingers into their vagina because they believed it would be good perfume.

No. 1638471

Oh no, the trannies are attacking each other, how horrible.

Also where tf is the MTF thread?

No. 1638481

Probably, they’re all complete narcissists, so it would fit the bill

No. 1638484

likely google alerts. fuck these modern stage parents.

No. 1638485

Nah it's just lying for attention at this point. Notice how KF became a site that doxes people, then doxes marginalized people, then doxes only trans people? Everyone with an ounce of tran suddenly said they got doxed on KF

No. 1638486

wtf there's no way this is an actual natgeo issue, surely this must be edited bait right?

No. 1638487

this is an old cover but yes

No. 1638490

This is why I canceled my NatGeo subscription. It’s gone so downhill.

No. 1638494

Kengle only uses the most reliable hosting solution, HostGator.

No. 1638497

File: 1662440445899.jpg (84.97 KB, 1024x724, Clitoris-and-Penis-drawing-by-…)

The funny thing is they probably could make something approximating an anatomically faithful vulva (not the full vagina and uterus though kek) if they were just trying to focus on actually recreating it with mostly the analogous tissue that is already present. But current axe wound surgery doesn't even try.

No. 1638500

i feel like the amount of people claiming to be doxxed is eventually going to render the term meaningless. i’ve already heard trannies claim that getting selfies they posted on social media “leaked” onto other sites is doxxing.

No. 1638502

Josh makes most of his money from MATI. Over $1,000 per stream. Kiwi makes very little money in comparison.

No. 1638504

Don't forget all the fake rapes that suddenly occured to literal ham beasts and balding, middle-aged gorillas. Of course the very real sexual violence women face is gender affirming to these fetishist's larp. But remember nonnies, they may gentrify the internet, but they will never be anything but irredeemably male in the minds of literally billions.

No. 1638505

To a troon, revealing birth name is the same as doxing and is violence.

No. 1638519

I think overall kf dying (well.. off the clearnet) is a net positive but I miss lurking the vinesauce thread too. the drama with GPM backstabbing vinny and organising that callout about him hooking up with a fan was a wild ride.
even if it's a pipe dream I can only hope Twitter and facebook are next to go down.
it's obvious that it was more than troons from the start, Keffals is just powertripping and taking credit for others work.

No. 1638526

Why is it a net positive you absolute tool? So they can basically do the same to this site and any site that tells troons to fuck themselves they'll never be woman? And documents their crimes?

You are an absolute retard. Nothing good comes from this. At all. You should all be worried about the precedence this sets.

No. 1638652

at one point even the troons will not be able to keep this up. Kiwifarms is Null's whole life while the troons can attack anyone they don't like and who the SJW scream about
true. Like even for the LGBT and left winger bubble it is almost nowhere a theme. It did not even trend (expect for the "for you trends"). Most people have never heard of KF before and even now don't know about it

No. 1638653

File: 1662460596460.png (48.78 KB, 400x180, kiwi_chinese_new.png)

performance isn't great and is probably being DDoSed by discord trannies already, but top kek

No. 1638654

I wish someone rich like J. K. Rowling would make a feminist website, where you can chat. She has enough money and die hard fans to defend this. Troons hate her anyway and we would finally have a more mainstream place to not be banned like reddit

No. 1638656

Everyone laugh at the delusional nonna that thinks JKR cares about anyone but herself

No. 1638657

thread unlocked for not even 10 minutes and it already smells like scrote in here

No. 1638658

Go shower then nonna

No. 1638663

I think this is part of the issue KF is facing. It doesn’t matter if they come back and, say, ban posting addresses. Some people will claim they were doxxed because their name was posted. Or maybe the uni they attended. Or maybe even just a selfie. They’ve already become a public scapegoat, so anyone who’s been posted there can claim they were doxxed and harassed even if they were discussed for a page on the Sideshow thread

No. 1638666

Looks like KF has been nuked off the darkweb now too.

No. 1638669

How, though?

No. 1638671

learn to read for once. I said I wish some rich like JKR would do this, not that she will actually do this. How many famous (rich) TERFs are known expect her? Right, none

No. 1638673

File: 1662464475694.jpg (24.94 KB, 821x250, onionfarms status.jpg)

No. 1638676

kiwifarms.top works

No. 1638677

it's online on the clearweb again though so what does it matter

No. 1638678

As she should, nonniana. I would too if I'd had that kind of fuck you money.

No. 1638679

We get it your retarded. Shut up.
Sure lots of richer terfs out there they just aren't as stupid as you or JK announcing it to the world which is why they wouldn't start such a site.

No. 1638680

How long before that's gone too?

No. 1638681

wow, again where did I write that this will happen and that this isn't anything but a dream?

No. 1638682

It does not even load for me

No. 1638684


Isn't the fediverse infested with troons? I assumed they'd figure out how to run any radfems our

No. 1638696

File: 1662467178451.png (420.6 KB, 666x862, Untitled.png)

1. Kiwifarms was not founded by Josh
2. The Christchurch shooter never posted on Kiwifarms, he posted on 8chan and he livestreamed the shooting on Facebook

Journos are such fucking pests, they just get to make up lies like this and get away with it and there is nothing Null can do because he can't afford a lawyer and he can't even crowdfund legal funding because he would immediately be banned from all crowdfunding websites.

No. 1638697

The way the fediverse works means that they can't just ban an instance they don't like, it works more like e-mail than normal websites, it's hard to explain.

No. 1638698

As if journos saying "Linked to the Christchurch shooter" wasn't defamatory enough.

No. 1638699

They are just flat out making up shit out of thin air and lying. Anyone who still trusts the press is a fucking idiot, anything you read in a newspaper nowadays is a fucking lie.

No. 1638701

Fuck Canada.

No. 1638702

File: 1662467639363.png (52.4 KB, 941x630, dumbitchbaby.png)

while i was scrolling on twitter i found someone's email @ DDOS-guard. it reads like a copy pasta to me that keffals probably has told his army to send around. this was a public screenshot on the person's twitter account. it shows the narrative that they are trying to sell to PR teams all over. having worked in PR myself, most of my life, i can guarantee you that the majority of people who work at PR departments are the most basic normie normies. it is now very clear to me that this whole fiasco was NOT investigated and they just went with the MSM narrative and didn't even let Josh defend himself, his website, and his community. this is slander.

No. 1638703

Very blackpilling to see them control the narrative like this with fake articles put out by the press.

No. 1638705

Exactly this. What anyone thinks about Jersh or KF is immaterial at this point, it’s the principle of it, and the terrible precedent it sets for free speech.
The people and outlets writing and publishing coverage of this calamity aren’t even doing the bare minimum in their research, you can’t even call them journalists in my opinion; actual journalists are people like Christiane Amanpour and Sebastian Junger, not these sensationalist tabloid hacks who consistently and erroneously refer to KF as a “right wing hate site”. It’s just a place without censorship, but I guess that doesn’t make for a compelling enough argument vis a vis the campaign to shut it done.

No. 1638709

File: 1662468681086.jpeg (211.5 KB, 828x528, C6933874-F178-4C10-B881-6193B5…)


No. 1638710

They are not tabloids tho. They are some of the biggest newspapers out there, newspapers that have good reputations amongst normies, it's not like this is TMZ printing shit. It's literally Canada's state funded newspaper and the Washington Post and NBC news. These are all newspapers our boomer parents read and believe everything from. It's so fucking dire.

No. 1638711

Yes, journalists are liars and you can't trust the press. It's depressing but it is what it is.

No. 1638714

Why are journalists not held to the standard that scientific writing is? If you claim anything while writing a scientific paper, you need to cite it. Randos on a gossip forum do a better job citing their claims than people who are actually paid for it. Even when journos cite something, it’s from another baseless claim, fucking ridiculous.

No. 1638715

Josh ITT simping for himself

No. 1638716

What I meant is that the type of reporting is on par with tabloid shit, I could have phrased that better. But you’re right, it is fucking dire, I never thought I’d see the day when the fucking Guardian would be peddling pearl-clutching misinformation of this calibre. It really is testament to the chokehold TRAs and their agenda have on western society

No. 1638717

BTW by current Wikipedia rules these outright defamatory articles can be used to add information to any Wikipedia article. All they demand as a source is that the statement was made by a newspaper. That means journos can make up lies, then add these lies as facts to Wikipedia, then when questioned about their lies they can just say "but it's on Wikipedia!" We live in absolute Clownworld.

No. 1638718

Apparently keffals prepared a "press package" post-swat, so that wouldn't be surprising.
This isn't even new- years ago a troll group got the media to report on #sandylootcrew, which was a hashtag for obviously, painfully fake looters during Hurricane Sandy.
The media clearly hasn't adapted to the information age, where you actually have to do due diligence to make sure that you're not getting conned by randos rather than being handed stories by people and organizations that are acting in (relatively) good faith.

No. 1638722

Scientific writing isn't eve safe anymore. Here's a Dark Horse video where they go over past papers being edited by people other than the authors.


No. 1638724

Seriously though, some of the effort that goes into documenting and compiling evidence on here is weaponised autism at its finest, I’m not even being facetious

No. 1638726

File: 1662469469989.png (26.01 KB, 585x195, for fuck's sakes, emma.png)

if this gets mentioned during the show again Sam had better engage full Gen-X Liberal mode and explain to his audience why if there's nothing illegal you don't get to take it down.

that caller was so transparent, and Sam's "isn't there a law here?" question or two seemed like he knows something's off. (rainbow emoji lol)

No. 1638727

Wikipedia citations are a fucking joke, you can post pretty much anything on these so long as it has a citation, regardless of said citation’s validity. I’ve also noticed an increasing number of articles riddled with “citation needed” annotations, which tells me that they’ve dropped the ball with their moderation. Clown world indeed.

No. 1638728

i would literally donate to his legal fund just for the keks, monero is easy as shit to buy these days

No. 1638729

Literal fucking child abuse

No. 1638730

I don’t really have any feelings about Josh as a person one way or another but I would fucking love it if some cashed up turboautist decided to fund his legal defence

No. 1638731

Why are some kiwis acting as though taking down sites because they're deemed to be too hateful hasn't happened before lol

You guys are doing nothing new, and the fact that some seem to be focused on having a place to talk shit about troons is disappointing for those that just want to enjoy following other cows

No. 1638733


Stormfront's been up since the mid 90s. the westboro baptist church still has godhatesfags.com.

No. 1638735

Unfortunately trust fund retards like this give all their money to grifting scum like Nick Fuentes instead.

No. 1638737

In the past, I found the idea of donating to KF or buying any of their merch kind of cringe. At this point though, I’m willing to donate some ETH if a legal fund is set up. I also hope Josh gets that patch run set up.

No. 1638738

Because troon censorship is getting worse and worse and because we soon won't have any sites that documents any cows left.

No. 1638739

Sites that store dox and/or are perceived to promote harassment (e.g. ED, doxbin) or promote extremist violence (e.g. ISIS propaganda sites, that one WN rag whose name I forget) have been dropped by hosts, taken down, etc. in the past. Usually sites that contain hateful content remain untouched unless there's a combination of real-world implications + a campaign for their removal.

No. 1638740

I would donate as well to a legal fund, we have to fight back against this scum.

No. 1638742

I'll throw some money his way if the opportunity arises and I usually don't donate money to websites.

No. 1638745

can you imagine being “swatted” (aka police politely asking to search your house) and then preparing an entire press release about it despite being a literal nobody? How narcissistic can he be?

2+ hours after your post and it still smells like scrotes in here, especially the mansplaining journalism.

begone troon/troon-fucker. Troons are cows.


what the fuck is up with that child’s hand over his crotch? who approved of that pose, a pedophile? and how can a child that hasn’t even hit puberty still look so masculine (I don’t mean this as an insult but as a genuine question)? Boy moms are almost always narcissists so I wouldn’t be surprised if the mom brainwashed the poor kid into thinking “oh you like dolls? the color pink? boys don’t like those things.”

No. 1638746

Everyone at Wikipedia is a tranny. A site that is so obviously political and has an agenda to push can never be used for information.

No. 1638747

you can easily edit any wikipedia article (some are just harder to edit because of trannies watching it 24/7). I did it several times, because the moderation is such a joke and they get nowadays even easy things wrong. You can even see who wrote what part in what Wikipedia article and through this you can see who manipulates facts (for example there is one user, who always edits the KF article for the worse)

No. 1638749

>mansplaining journalism
I guess as a woman I have to be an idiot and not understand that journalism is a fucking joke in current year? Get bent.

No. 1638750

It’s not even about “cows”, troons pose a very clear and present threat to women and children. What Josh said about “living in a world where fat eunuchs can groom little boys and girls into mutilating their bodies and taking drugs in secret, while normal people are not allowed to even discuss it” is the crux of the issue here

No. 1638752

I once was looking at the article about homosexual behavior in birds on Wikipedia and the article claimed there was evidence "transgender behavior" in birds…

No. 1638755

>troons pose a very clear and present threat to women and children.
Well thanks to KF they're going to continue to be a threat because this is going to turn into another gamergate situation where an obvious piece of shit gets to coast for the rest of their lives off of donations and speaking arrangements because people with usernames like 'moonman1488' were sperging out over them. The anti-trans movement is going to be in shambles for the foreseeable future because KF is now the public face of it.

No. 1638756

File: 1662470806532.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 00DB346D-759A-4F87-A5F0-C2AE53…)

No. 1638757

File: 1662470952478.jpg (287.93 KB, 720x1065, 20220906_144713.jpg)

Is she lying out her ass or what the fuck is this?

No. 1638758

Cbc probably got spoonfed this article from keffalsmodo and they're too dumb to fact check because in the past one of their personalities liked to choke women for fun and they were slow to react so don't want to be seen doing it again and be the first canadian news network to be reporting on the ole hunchback since he is such a proud tax dollar leeching Canadian

No. 1638759

Not to tempt fate because I’d like our beloved lolcow dot farm to remain operational for the rest of my mortal days but I am curious as to how normies would react to what gets posted here (i.e doxxing and racebaiting is verboten, we have multiple threads documenting trannies making threats of rape and violence towards women, etc.) I mean I know the vast majority of people would probably screech about muh hatespeech but I dare say we’d succeed in helping a fair few people peak too

No. 1638760

Talk about being overdramatic. Jeezus.
>The cars in front of our house…"

No. 1638761

You are awfully naive if you think that the anti-trans movement would be better off if we didn't have sites like Kiwifarms. They would just find other shit to smear us with.

No. 1638763

It actually had a chance when the public face was normal, non-internet poisoned gender critical women. Optics are important, getting entangled with a fringe scrote-populated platform like KF is bad optics, and the movement will suffer for it.

No. 1638766

She even writes like a huge attention whore.

No. 1638768

For such a polarising movement it would have always turned into a mess.

I also love when the kiwis think that the info they share so freely couldn't possibly be used by someone to actually do this sort of shit

No. 1638769

She's abusing her kid for attention ofc she is going to milk anything for more attention. She wants to be on the cover this time.

No. 1638770

I have to respectfully disagree. I don’t think anyone was ever listening to women, no matter how calmly we word things or how much proof we have to back it up. Other women listen, but the only time men or news outlets have is if they have something to gain from it as well. For instance, no one cares when reasonable lesbians talk about how they’re harassed by TiMs, but the second super straight happened, the general public was like “yeah that’s not right, you can’t be forced to be attracted to someone you’re not”. Even our male “allies” are lacking. We’ve got what, Graham Linehan and occasionally some right-wing shills like Tucker Carlson and Matt Walsh when they can use us and twist our messages.

No. 1638771

All the "optical" spaces are long gone and dead. There's no resources about trans truths like kiwifarms, BECAUSE kiwifarms allows people to post whatever.

No. 1638772

File: 1662471803836.jpg (117.83 KB, 849x438, 1653199449867.jpg)

You are retarded. Trannies don't give a fuck about optics, trannies themselves have terrible optics. Perverts in skirt are regularly arrested for harassing little girls in public bathrooms. Perverts in skirts can publically post about how much they love to masturbate in women's changing rooms. Perverts in skirts can be out in the open on twitter all day talking about how they want to murder TERFs and put CIS women in breeding camps and don't even get banned for it. Trannies have done a million times worse than Kiwifarms and NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.

No. 1638773

The gendercritical movement always had bad optics because radfems always had bad optics. Troons have terrible optics but are winning anyway.

No. 1638775

And not one pic posted of alleged incudent. I mean…….they were right out in front of the house right? I will say that if it were remotely true, they either live at the top or bottom of a hill which don't bode well in ice storms. >>1638757

No. 1638776

kiwifarms gets taken off the web for doxxing and harassment, but on twitter troons are posting the doxx of Josh's mother and calling for her to get harassed IRL and fired from her job. I reported those people and twitter said they found nothing wrong with them. But the twitter report mask has no option for you to report someone else harassing a third party, so what gives. Harassment and doxxing on twitter are fully allowed unless YOU are the person being harassed and doxxed it seems.

No. 1638777

It's not like they hacked her to get her personal info. A lot of this type of information just takes a few simple Google searches to find. Plus, she's obviously being an attention whore and overdramatizing things. KF users don't organize stalking mobs like she seems to be implying.

Also, on another note, anyone concerned about their privacy online should contact those directory sites (i.e. Radaris, whitepages, etc.) about removing their personal information. I got mine removed years ago and my dox is pretty much impossible to Google search.

No. 1638779

>For such a polarising movement it would have always turned into a mess.
You're probably right tbh, running a focused activist movement is important when the cards are stacked against you but seems to be impossible with social media.
>I don’t think anyone was ever listening to women
Reputable publications were starting to publish opinion pieces from gender critical authors and report on gender issues more honestly. If this does turn into another Gamergate situation then it will be a serious blow.
>There's no resources about trans truths like kiwifarms, BECAUSE kiwifarms allows people to post whatever.
There are a number of women-run gender critical outlets at this point, in addition to one-off websites that contain information about particular individuals like bardfinn. KF is a fucking terrible place to expose bad actors if the intention is for that information to reach normal people because the spergs that post on KF look like lunatics to normal people.

No. 1638780

Damn Debi, I wonder what it feels like to have "NOT ALL CCURATE" information shared on the internet about you. God what a fucking joke. Get ready for more bullshit like this now that the site is "down" every attention whore ever is going to come out and claim they were on Kiwifarms and got harassed since they think nobody can prove it anymore.

No. 1638781

But you see… Twitter isn't encouraging doxxing

No. 1638782

Those outlets don't have the breadth and scope kiwifarms has and you can't talk to other people there. I'm also not sure how many of their person centric articles aren't sourced from kiwifarms.

No. 1638783

You're absolutely delusional if you think that a couple of blogs of women speaking out that nobody reads could ever take on the fucking multi-billion dollar troon industry.

No. 1638784

I don't think people realize how much information that's sourced from Kiwifarms. It is a gigantic archive of internet weirdness and that is kind of valuable.

No. 1638785

But Kiwifarms can?


No. 1638787

Kiwifarms did and that is why we can't have Kiwifarms anymore. Do keep up.

No. 1638788

That's a very delusional take

No. 1638789

I agree with you two. I've never donated to support a website before, but I'd now like to donate to Josh. This is much bigger than Kiwi Farms now. This is about whether or not we have a right to express our opinions on the internet at all unless they're state sanctioned. Kiwi Farms could have a thread on ME and it'd be worth it to keep the site up just to stick a finger in the eyes of the trans-medical complex, glowie feds, and psychotic control-freak leftists.

No. 1638791

No, nobody can. That's why you're a retard for thinking "if only it wasn't for Kiwifarms we would have won this". Sanity has no place in this world, you either agree with the given narrative (trans women are women) or you can eat shit.

No. 1638792

Hyperbole of course, but nobody would have bothered to take down Kiwifarms if it didn't have impact.

No. 1638793

Kiwifarms is back on the clearnet weew (for now at least)
I gotta amire null for not giving up and bending the knee to the mafia even when they threatened his mum

No. 1638794

File: 1662472715851.png (128.05 KB, 1500x398, Untitled.png)

No. 1638795

Null is a chubby, retarded manchild but he will never, ever bend the knee.

No. 1638797

keffels can't nuke an entire terf island

No. 1638798

It’s 2022 not 2024 nona, but still.

No. 1638799

>Those outlets don't have the breadth and scope kiwifarms has and you can't talk to other people there.
If you just want to shit on troons then it serves its purpose, but if the goal is to make a case to normal people that trains are dangerous then you don't want either of those things because, again, the average person will be immediately turned off by the people and discussion on KF.
>I'm also not sure how many of their person centric articles aren't sourced from kiwifarms.
There's surprisingly little overlap because those sites tend to cover people who commit real-world crime or are in positions of power (albeit often e-power)
Normal people are more likely to read through a 4women article about a trans rapist than to browse through 1000 pages of shitposts about a twitter sperg. I mean, I love gossip websites but it's important to step back and think about how they come across to someone who isn't involved, especially one like KF which has a large and very vocal /pol/ contingent.

No. 1638800

There's going to be a movie about Josh some day kek. The situations he keeps getting tangled in are so bizarre and get so much coverage that it would be a shame to not document him

No. 1638801

I noticed that datalounge is not on that list. Interesting.

No. 1638802

Well the trannies are not going to stop going after him until they have him dead or in jail. That's what they want. Null has pissed off enough people in high places that I'm honestly afraid that they will glow-op him and set him up with something that will put him in jail.

No. 1638803

Some gossip sites also straight up forbid their members to mention KF or say that it's related to harassment/doxxing/whatever other scary shit here

I get the sense that some people need to explore the less extreme sides of the internet/gossip sites

No. 1638805

File: 1662473221752.png (75.33 KB, 585x501, ME ME ME EVERYTHING IS ABOUT M…)

>I exercised no undue influence

sure, and you pass too!

No. 1638808

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that happens, they will possibly frame him for having cheese pizza and then jail him, kinda like that one guy who made a 3DS piracy shop and suspiciously one day his site was filled with cp and got jailed (nintendo ninjas doings)

No. 1638810

IIRC this has already happened years ago when Vordrak tried to take KF down, and the feds actually seized null's hard drives for some time. It wouldn't be any different with Tranny Vordrak.

No. 1638812

start with mumsnet see how that works out

No. 1638813

Not any different, as in, it won't do anything other than inconvenience both null and the FBI.

No. 1638814

There was a nice clip on the frontpage of KF that explained how in order to make the public see someone as an enemy you just label them as Nazis and when you just do that often enough people will believe it. Troons were always going to equate being transphobic with "literal nazi" and not letting troons groom children with "literal genocide". They were always going to label us nazis no matter who is on our side.

No. 1638815

I don't even know this tranny but every time I accidentally see a post about him he strikes me as such a narcisst (like literally one of the worst I have come across). He still looks so manly and someone mentioned here he is a millionanire? How? Born rich or IT job?

No. 1638816


No. 1638817

No. 1638818

Not only that, even people parroting the nazi/fascist claims know that they are misusing the words, but "it's their modern meaning, so don't be anal".

No. 1638819

File: 1662473897582.webm (914.41 KB, 360x270, clip.webm)

Here is the clip

No. 1638820

ugh, I hate privileged men

No. 1638824

I just wish that people would gain some self-awareness and stop pretending that KF is some sort of activist platform rather than something that's at best a place to laugh at basement-dwellers and at worst can actively damage a movement by virtue of how fringe and obsessive it is. Like yeah, KF has exposed a bunch of grifters and predators, but its intensity, the way that it plays fast and loose with who gets targeted/doxxed, and Josh's failure to reign in the extremist portion of the userbase ensures that the actual exposure that they do won't make it to a wider audience unless the info is laundered by a more reputable outlet.
Well thanks to KF's permissive attitude towards extremists TRAs can point to archives where out and proud WNs are participating in troon threads. This really is going to play out like gamergate, down to this exact line of thinking.

No. 1638825

nice catch. so apparently they're like the r/askgaybros of the gossip sites because fags are as untouchable as trannies.

No. 1638826

TERFs were always going to be labled bigots and nazis.

No. 1638827

The words Nazi and fascist have turned into synonyms for "right wing thing I don't like" the same way the words socialist and communist are used to mean "left wing thing I don't like." The only people who see a website get called "Nazi" and take it at face value are those who're over 40 and don't use the internet much. Even young people on normie websites like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook are used to Nazi and communist being thrown around as casual insults. A lot of the higher ups in news organizations are ancient creaking dinosaurs, so they still think calling Kiwi Farms Nazis will convince people it adheres to all the views held by the real party in the 1930's.

No. 1638830

They were by twitter-addicted troons, but people were starting to ignore their cries when the public face was gender critical women, to the point where mainstream publications were platforming them. Now people can not only point to people with actual neonazi usernames and avatars shitting on troons, they can point to ostensibly gender critical women intermingling with them. It's a bad look, which you will learn in due time because this kind of uneasy alliance bullshit always plays out the same

No. 1638833

It's like Jazz's mom coming up to Jazz saying "Hey so this radio station wants to interview you". Like oh really? You had NO hand in that at all? They just out-of-the-blue thought of Jazz? Sure Jan.

No. 1638834

The irony of “leftists” being the ones making the most noise about muh transphobia and policing speech never fails to amuse me. And the ones who have the audacity to call themselves Marxists, if they’d read any Marxist theory they’d know that transgenderism is incompatible with it. Fucking idiots.

No. 1638835

You can't have your cake and eat it too.
You either ban things that are socially disapproved of (nazis, transphobia), or you don't, but then you get (nazis, transphobia).

Kiwifarms couldn't exist as some kind anti troon website with extremely strict moderation of all other socially awkward speech aside from your one pet topic.

No. 1638837

It's not a terf island until it's free of every last troon.

No. 1638841

>You either ban things that are socially disapproved of (nazis, transphobia), or you don't, but then you get (nazis, transphobia).
So what you're saying is that you're a tourist scrote from KF who doesn't know how heavily lolcow is moderated
>Kiwifarms couldn't exist as some kind anti troon website with extremely strict moderation of all other socially awkward speech aside from your one pet topic.
Heavily-moderated special interest communities have been the norm since before the world wide web existed…

No. 1638842

Lmfao pot calling the kettle black or can you not read?

No. 1638843

As per usual nonna

No. 1638845

Troon keep seething that nonnies will never simp for you, kek.

No. 1638846

They don't but you don't get what those meta threads being locked and preserved mean do you nonnie?

No. 1638848

Oho a slapfight with the Josh? Why would he bother wasting the time to lose again and again and again and again and again?
Humiliation fetish nonnas.

No. 1638849

i don't even care about him but make it less obvious you're an axe wound

No. 1638853

All this troon is accomplishing is making it so whenever I see someone seething about Null I immediately think it's a butthurt troon. It seems to always be right too.

No. 1638855

It's not always a troon, sometimes it's a pedophile.

No. 1638857

Sometimes its just a person who disagrees

No. 1638858

Porque no los dos?

No. 1638861

Stop replying to the avatarfagging tranny attention whore newfags, he does this in other sites too

No. 1638863

It can be, but most likely it is somebody who wants to derail a conversation and that somebody is most likely our dear crazy troon.

No. 1638865

Oui oui, le beurre est magnifique.

No. 1638866

The fact that josh is currently in hot water doesn't negate the fact that he's an attention whore, misogynist, and (to be charitable) pedo-enabler

No. 1638867

Maybe this is a psyop to make me love Null? Because nothing makes me like someone more than knowing he makes troons constantly seethe and dilate.

No. 1638869

Looks like the schizo tranny spammer wore up.

No. 1638871

Ignore him and report

No. 1638872

I am neutral-negative on Josh but I will continue to simp until the troon is gone.

No. 1638875

Yea he always becomes active in late-time europe

No. 1638876

Learn to sage newfag

No. 1638878

Why would you simp for a pedo-enabler under any circumstance? Learn to love yourself

No. 1638880

Learn deez nuts

No. 1638881

Time for Kiwifarms to go down yet again?

No. 1638882

You're trying so hard

No. 1638884

There is no point in responding to him or entertaining him. If there is autism and ramblings about whatever and being like “this situation has to do with me me me me me” that’s him. Of course the autistic avatarfagging because we don’t do that here. Just ignore his spamming and continue your posting as normal.

No. 1638886

Wow. Yuri was right.

No. 1638892

The guy in the clip one assumes

No. 1638895

File: 1662476722795.png (376.69 KB, 584x718, 65775w22.png)

sorry for the nonmilk but I thought this was so funny

No. 1638896

Samefag but he is drawn to this thread like a fly so he will be posting in here forever shilling his shitty rdrama site hoping women will join there / WKIng and role playing like a tard because he has nothing happy or loving in his personal life so he has to spend multiple hours a day online. Everything he claims is bullshit, so don’t believe anything he says.

No. 1638897

File: 1662476742499.jpg (368.92 KB, 925x1104, CHADNULL.jpg)

No. 1638901


No. 1638902

>nta but what movement and what damage?
The GC movement
>the userbase looks very mild
Most of it is, but there are more than enough visible extremists to use as anti-GC propaganda and the level of effort people put into doxxing is going to make them come off as batshit insane to the average person.
>the gc circle heavily relies on kf, without (understandably) citing it as a source
This is the one good thing KF does when it comes to the GC movement, but if a normie scratches below the surface then chances are they're going to be turned off by the obsessive nature of the people producing the info.
>gender criticals want to keep a foot in a million camps, but you can't be taken seriously if you get your information from kf and make no investigative or creative contribution whatsoever.
Agreed; I hope GC activists start to do more of their own investigations from here on out.

No. 1638903

They're 100% attempting this next if the site comes back up. It's the tranny MO of getting shit taken down

Kek the resident schizotroon starts malding every time there's joshposting itt, i think he's legitimately jealous

No. 1638905

They're very lazy and want other people to prove the things they shout, which is a shame.

No. 1638906

He wants to be Null's tradwife, but he has no womb so he can only seethe.

No. 1638912

Kekk wow

No. 1638915

People already have cybernetics, that will be the next wedge issue and on it goes. You cannot change humanity, you can only learn it's patterns and exploit said patterns.

No. 1638918

Journalists at this point need to be fined if they post blatant lies that can easily be proven false, I'm so sick of this crap.

No. 1638921

I'm getting DDoS protection messages from Vanwa when I try and access the .top site so I guess the slowness is the site being attacked and not the shitty Chinese hosting?

Isn't Null not even in the US? I don't know that there's much that trannies could do with regards to framing him for a crime (at least in a way that matters).

No. 1638922

If the feds want him they can get him.

No. 1638924

Whats going to have to happen is a complete decentralization of such forums. It'll have to be instances with something like mastodon that are dedicated to different lolcows and persons of interest. Eliminate the centralization of information and create an archive of previous data that is available via torrents. That way you continue the old data for those looking for it while allowing for new data to continue. Even if multiple instances appear for the same people it would be fine as those most frequented will continue. If they start being shutdown or taken out there would be plenty of lateral potential to continue new instances that keep the information flowing. I imagine that this is something Null has been thinking/working on for some time, though it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. As any new website that tries to continue in the fashion that KF was trying will meet a similar fate.

No. 1638926

What US laws has he broken exactly?

No. 1638927

>He's broken US law and gloated about it
No he hasn't. Doxing troons is not against the law.

No. 1638928

There is no appeasing them, and the "satirical" angle is sneered at by those being satirized especially. They view anything beyond complete sympathy and acceptance to their goals and vision as being forbidden.

No. 1638932

They'll just say they're a fake troon and move on. These people attack Buck Angel and Blaire White openly. If somehow Keffals turned a complete 180 and ran something like KF just as Josh would they'd turn on Keffals as well.

It isn't about the person running it, it's what the site represents to them that they hate. A place where people can call out their bullshit and present dissenting opinions.

No. 1638934

File: 1662478701613.jpeg (28.22 KB, 564x454, ADA2CE26-299D-4A82-8BFC-703F97…)

How have we reached the point of actual 1984 style information control? What horrific and vague guidelines under the guise of “ethics.” You can say and do anything as long as you say it’s to protect trans people from some unspecified threat.

No. 1638937

Quit being a schizo. Not everybody who doesn't like your cognitive deficit site owner is a tranny

No. 1638938

Everytime you come in here to seethe about Josh you can't help but reveal who you are by immediately avatarfagging and schizoposting about cards or whatever, I don't even read that shit because it's so obvious it's you. You're just making everyone like Null more because you are completely retarded and autistic.

No. 1638943

>I don't care!!!!
>but I'm going to respond with a paragraph long assmad response
The average iq level of a farmer everyone kek. Go take your antipsychotics

No. 1638950

File: 1662479665865.png (40.96 KB, 1188x262, Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17-52…)

Shouldn't Wikipedia be an unbiased source? At least in the first fucking sentence?

No. 1638952

Kiwifarms is back on clearnet. I can't stop imagining Keffals crying in a fetal position surrounded by dilators and hugging his IKEA shark plushie while he thinks about Null and the farms

No. 1638954

Already been discussed but it's well-known that there are a ton of genderspecial Wiki editors and that it relies heavily on secondary sources (i.e. poorly researched news articles).

No. 1638955

being unbiased is considered problematic nowadays

No. 1638959

.top it's a bit wonky though, i wanted to upload an image of nikocado's asshole and it wouldn't load

No. 1638966

Here is a nice interview with the Wikipedia co-founder who literally explains why the website is cucked to shit. The video starts with a nice quote as well "If only one version of the facts is allowed, then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control". In the video he also touches more upon a lot of things that are relevant to the KF situation at hand.

No. 1638970

The system works :')( :'))

No. 1638976

File: 1662481612537.png (162.47 KB, 649x671, tp3kmbn.png)

Mom's ice storm freak out story on the front page of Reddit

No. 1638977

I'm only getting "Server not found" for .top
Kek she wasn't wrong though

No. 1638981

For all the shit farmhands get, they are single-handedly responsible for keeping lolcow from becoming another cesspit of angry scrotes and getting targeted.
Even if it's true, doesn't twitter do the exact same thing on an hourly basis?

No. 1638984

God it really is on the front page, I didn't even need to scroll that far to see it

No. 1638986

Even if this .top version is ass, it's pretty funny for it to be on clearnet again and have keffals & the troonsquad cry abt it

No. 1638996

File: 1662483183327.png (7.29 KB, 306x174, Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 12-52…)

Looks like it was getting some pushback, surprisingly. 1/2

No. 1638997

File: 1662483272193.png (42.57 KB, 901x405, Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 12-54…)

Tranny janny had to pin a comment about banning people for transphobia kek 2/2

No. 1638999

Probably from the few sane people who think it's wrong to have such a young child undergo a gender transition.

No. 1639001

>mentions of Blaine / Erika / UH and avatarfagging and autism

Ignore and report

No. 1639002

How do you see that? My reddit front page is mostly German language stuff with 200 upvotes even though I don't have an account or anything.

No. 1639013

File: 1662484123141.png (1.96 MB, 1014x761, sx.PNG)

Which ones would you get?

No. 1639014

This is just the beginning, nonas. Lolcow is next on Lucas' chopping block. First his penis, then KF, next is every site who doesn't bend the knee to his tranny scepter.

It was nice keking with you all.

No. 1639017

null has to teabag each one

No. 1639028

reveddit link + sort by controversial shows a lot of the comments deleted by mods
because it's exactly this, any questioning of transing a child so young is getting deleted

No. 1639032

Couldn't tell you one thing I did at 4 years old.

No. 1639036

I think I might have tried eating an ant at that age and remember it tasting horrible.

No. 1639038

He can't, he managed to hunt down KF because important people with threads there had the interest to take the site down and used his tranny victim complex as an advantage. LC doesn't doxx and most of our cows are fat bitches with failed only fans careers and 0 influence.
I was playing with dinosaurs and godzilla toys
and wearing jurassic park shirts at age 4 I guess it means I am lizardqueer

No. 1639046

>those cars in an ice storm
what a dramatical nothingburger. also the thread was dead since 2017.

>wow, my kid is going to be cover of fucking NatGeo. Better make sure they look their very best!
>shitty clearance rack leggings and tshirt for playing around in the yard and a shitty dye-job in a badly combed hair
>but it's pink, so it's girly!
tragically white trash

go to the frontpage and change regional settings to everywhere

kiwi fruit is the prettiest, and Archive Everything

No. 1639055

1000$ per stream ? even with odyssee?

No. 1639057

lmao he is NOT making 1000 bucks per stream.

No. 1639058

where are these being sold

No. 1639062

the farms are so dangerous and literally nazis that they are still alive and never had any violent encounters with a farmer. I feel sorry for that boy he's gonna end up as the replacement of Jazz and his destiny is also going to be of a sad, overexposed man with a dick cut

No. 1639064

what is the current domain? .top and the .onion site aren't working for me anymore.

No. 1639065

I'd steal the cow design it's cute. We need more cow motifs

No. 1639077

Is .top still down

No. 1639080

The current DDoS protection service is run by one person. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

No. 1639081

probably all the people logging in at once, Josh hasn't said anything

No. 1639083

That DDoS company is the same one that covers 8kun what's left of 8chan. I believe (not sure 100%) it is owned or partially owned by the Watkins. I have seen it used on some shady sites before. They are really the provider of last resort, lol. I doubt they will drop him but whether they can keep up remains to be seen.

No. 1639087

File: 1662486916920.jpg (128.12 KB, 1080x464, weak.jpg)

No. 1639088

The company that owns the .TOP TLD appears to have done something.

No. 1639089

Goblin with gets off to the humiliation
i think josh is being dumb, i think the best thing here is to drop the farms for like a month and the normalfags and journalists who have an attention span of a goldfish get bored by the whole drama by that time and have already moved on to something else to reee about it, then he can think of bringing back the site
The exact same thing happened back in 2017 where the site got DDoS attacked and was down for a whole monthbecause some tranny had a page on there (and there wasn't even any backup sites for the farmers to reside on), but it came back after that month, a similar situation happened when some other tranny also pulled a fake suicide

No. 1639092

He is too stubborn

No. 1639097

See this is the thing this tranny is using as a shtick to get some sort of relevance
if the farmers are smart enough they would ignore him to cut him from any sort of attention so he can start eating himself and people get bored of him

No. 1639101

>shipped out by a 3PL company
that sounds really secure against troon versions of Lalo Salamanca or the feds doxing you.

No. 1639104

Where does josh post for updates?

No. 1639106

No. 1639108

same reason as last time they got hacked and doxed

No. 1639109

Meh. Not doing anything illegal by buying some patches. Plus, just set up a PO box if you’re that paranoid lmao.

No. 1639110

also here https://poa.st/@josh

You think there are troons working at the warehouse or what is your issue? You will never know what 3PL he uses.

No. 1639112

The mexican immigrants working in the warehouse putting your patches into an envelope have never even heard of a tranny. They don't even speak english.

No. 1639117

Null is so unlucky with merch releases, first, he made the announcement of the kiwicoins and a few days later chris raped his mother, now this.

No. 1639119

I get up slightly late and missed the site being up?! Hell is going on now I need my fix Null!

No. 1639125

It's back

No. 1639126

Nay, now it says the origin server is offline though the ddos is online.

No. 1639127

so, why cant Null get the old .net domain back? i don't know a thing about webpages but since he got a new DDos provider shouldn't the old site be up?

No. 1639129

I think Cloudflare is holding the domain hostage.

No. 1639130

tf is that even legal

No. 1639131

The .top domain is fine, site is down due to high traffic or the new mit not handling the DDoS
He still has the .net domain. He said CloudFlare will transfer it to a registrar of his choice but he is afraid that whoever he transfers it to will fuck him over as well and he'll lose the most recognizable domain. If .top works for a while then I imagine he might put .net with vanwa but that'll be up to him. It's possible though.

Some anons seem confused but .ru, .net, .top, and tor all point to the same server. It is not a question of the hosting company, but of the registrar and the DDoS mitigation provider.

No. 1639132

>> We won!!!
>>Um the page is still up
>>We limited their reach and people are dropping it like crazy!
>> still has all its users
>>all your information about being a groomer and creepy is still out there, just everywhere

Wash rinse repeat.

No. 1639133

he can transfer but keeps it on cloudflare a the moment

No. 1639134

that seems like a pain in the ass. I thought he was going to take a rest for a week but he's a stubborn person, kinda admirable

No. 1639140

at this point im more curious about this ddos that's been running for an extended period of time with impunity

No. 1639141

Can he keep up with this for months?
starving the attention starved troon from attention is the best thing here

No. 1639143

still better than ezrafags

No. 1639145

didnt he said he was gonna do that on the op? seems like he's gonna try the new DDos provider, wait for things to cool down and then go back to .net. I am gonna miss the MATI streams in the meantime

No. 1639146

What are you curious about? Keffals has $100,000 and can afford large scale DDOS attacks on the site for the next 50 years.

No. 1639147

I've said it before that his stubbornness and insistance on going his own way is one of the things that makes him a super frustrating person but in cases like this it is also his best quality and what makes him able to do what he does, basically the only thing that makes him able to do what he does. There's plenty of people who could do the technical aspects, but practically nobody who will put up with the bullshit. I do wonder about his supposed "family emergency." Sounds kind of like bullshit to me especially given a far as I understood it the only person he had was his mom and they were estranged due to internet bullshit but I want to give the benefit of the doubt, it's not like he would announce it if his family circumstances changed. I hope they reconciled and she's OK, though.

No. 1639150

>implying he isn't going to waste it all
I remember they hacked his ubereats ACC and he wasted 200 USD on a night alone, he's gonna expend it all on dragon dildos and kink collars for his underage troon kittens.

No. 1639151

He is petty enough to spend at least some of it on DDOS, they are not that expensive.

No. 1639153

In the last MATI he said he loved his mom and that I think they don't talk with each other because she picks up shit men to date. But he seemed genuinely caring of his mom which makes it even sadder Keffals went after her when she did nothing to him other than being a real woman

No. 1639156

No. 1639157

He mentioned she picks shitty men because Keffals posted a mugshot of his mom that was from a domestic violence incident (where I'm pretty sure she was the victim). He also told the story of one of her boyfriends burning their house down (with their cat inside, rip).

No. 1639158

I doubt it, if there was a victim willing to speak against Keffals, seeing this is only going to make them reconsider the consequences of being against the mayor troon. Troons aren't well known to go against predators anyway

No. 1639159

Yeah it's really not that interesting see >>1639146 troons and other enemies have been DDoSing the farms for years, it comes and it goes. It is not hard to do or rather to find people to do it all it really takes is money, and not even that much money in the scheme of things especially with the amount Lucas has been able to grift. The byuu DDoS was interesting because it was unusually technically sophisticated which makes sense because byuu and his allies were technically sophisticated in a way that Keffals at least himself is not although he probably has allies in programmer socks who are. But they probably are just throwing money at the problem. DDoS is much cheaper to buy than to pay for proper mitigation for.
Josh lives for this shit, he can keep it up. Literally what else is he going to do?

No. 1639160

And sadly Keffals is not the first to go after Josh's mom, who from anything anyone has ever been able to tell seems like a nice enough lady. It is pretty fucked up. Vordrak did much worse to her than Keffals though, sending her and trying to frame her for CP. Some people are saying that Vordrak is helping Keffals in fact but I have not seen proof of that.

No. 1639163

God that ED style is insufferable. Just write normally.

No. 1639164

Keffals really wants to fight non-stop. Seriously mustn’t be able to function without conflict.

No. 1639166

Keffals has sourced Vordrak's blog in his google doc about Null and the Kiwifarms that he included in his press kit. He has also been tweeting out screenshots directly from Vordraks blog. He is absolutely involved with this.

No. 1639167

they should try to make a professional page about Lucas and the troon deathfat squad, no normal person is going to take all of the allegations as serious when it's written by a wannabe funny edgelord.
what else does he have this is probably the most attention he has ever gotten in his life, once the kiwifarms high dies down he's gonna be so depressed he's going to 41%

No. 1639168

File: 1662490394410.png (64.14 KB, 754x424, 6f0a4b9b1577001dbea91b269eada6…)

LMAO he want's josh's attention so hard

No. 1639169

Narcissists thrive on any kind of attention, even negative.

No. 1639172

He cut off his dick and he can't coom, he only gets his jollies off from twitter updoots now.

No. 1639174

That's alot of projection considering how much he F5's his kiwi page

No. 1639176

seconding this
everyone who wants to lol at an ED-style writeup is going to read about this guy on the drama boards, if there's gonna be a Wiki it needs to be professional sounding, at least a little objective and sourced. I wouldn't mind contributing either but not at cross purposes like that.

No. 1639177

Uhhm… have you seen his porn videos on KF? Unfortunately I have and he looked in pain the entire time he was trying to shove a tiny butt-plug into his neogina. There is no way this dude can experience any pleasure down there no matter how much he lies about it.

No. 1639179

the funniest thing is he was probably going to link to translifeline, which one of the trannies that they claim was killed by the farms called before an heroing and that the wife(male) of the victim said is the real culprit of the troon setting himself on fire(such a male way to die)

No. 1639184

That's be fitting since translifeline has embezzled almost 350k dollars while not providing any actual phone service to suicidal troons. Yet nobody is blaming any suicides on them, curious.

No. 1639185

if i knew how to make a webpage i would totally do it there is so much crap said by keffals that gets lost in the thread in the spam of shitty 41% jokes. Keffals could easily be used to peak normies but no one wants to actually try because it means respecting his retarded pronouns.

No. 1639186

why does everything have to be a humiliation ritual with these men

No. 1639189

Okay what's going on now? Now it says origin server is down? What's the cause, the ddos is working.

No. 1639191

they are always the victims, never the perpetrators. On any other normal community that pedo tranny that traced a baby photo for his porn drawings would be bullied into leaving the internet but in the tranny community he's welcomed with open arms and excused because ''it's his way of coping''

No. 1639192

What's the point of making this? it'll just be used by keffals to whine about the farms

No. 1639196

File: 1662491122727.png (28.93 KB, 624x204, Untitled.png)

No. 1639201

I don't know who made it but i found it on poa.st

No. 1639207

Guess mostly to taunt him. Streisand effect.

No. 1639212

That was put out before this origin server mishap. Hope it's fixable.

No. 1639214

i'm gonna miss kiwifarms somehow. it was the place that made me abandon trans id due to all of forbidden information about troonery and finding lolcow. if not it i'd probably had my tits cut off and health problems due T. thanks josh, thanks lolcow.

No. 1639215

When will kiwifarms be blamed for exploding vans?

No. 1639217

this made me laugh out loud, my fucking sides… dont drag it like that!!

No. 1639218

It's gotta learn not to be a pick me lol

No. 1639221

o-ok i understand….
kneels and bends over(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1639227

kek, don't make me nostalgic, nonners

No. 1639230

File: 1662492455835.jpg (596.83 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20220906_212554.jpg)

Gonna be fun.

No. 1639233

Is that Wouri? I was trying to remember his name the other night. Alex Wouri. He tried to sick 420/i/ on some chick in his class who wouldn't bang him and he got what he deserved. I wonder what he is doing now. Google doesn't return shit, how lame.

No. 1639234

CNN truly at a new low.

No. 1639235

hope the troon enjoys his 1 week of fame

No. 1639237

CNN is just Fox News for liberals at this point. What a clownshow.

No. 1639238

lol fuck this guy. you can’t claim to be scared and in hiding while going on national television

No. 1639239

site's back up yo

No. 1639242

repeating it ad nauseam isn't gonna make it true, just like the trans women are women mantra. they really can do nothing but cope and seethe and dilate.

No. 1639243

kek, Alex Wouri was like 15 years ago, anon, but he would've done it on KF if he was doing it today. seeing PAfags get Reverse-Uno'd whether on the chans or KF is one of the funniest things in the online drama sphere tbh

No. 1639246

True. But please, the more troons are mainstream visible the more people peak. Let's see how normies take crying Keffals over bad kiwis archiving his shit when they have real life problems like gas prices and he get 100k for crying on internet.

Also reverted Streisand effect. The more you talk about something g the more people want to see it, doit might go exactly the opposite way Keff wants.

No. 1639247

u know i like how he admits himself too that the site can never be fully deplatformed despite all the cope

No. 1639248

He even admits that the reason is because they are not doing anything illegal.

No. 1639250

It scares me how nobody facts checks, I expect this from reddit, twitter and other places. However this Troon is going to get on TV and tell had the story.Nobody is going to look into it, woke blue checks will signal boost it and this will be how troons handle things from now on.
I honestly wish Josh or even his mom had some money to sue. Half the shit keffals is going to say cannot be proven. I feel bad for even defending Josh as much as I have, but I hope the site never goes down or away. I hope they never utter keffals name again

No. 1639251

>if the farmers are smart enough they would ignore him to cut him from any sort of attention so he can start eating himself and people get bored of him
If this were an alternate universe where they were capable of being disciplined they 100% could've cut him down by posing as TRAs, keeping their info-collecting efforts private, and making a standard callout doc in Google Drive with all of the info and using TRA-typical language.
nta but you have to achieve the bare minimum to surpass a scrote who hosted a safe space for pedos and ran a spinoff gossip forum. The culture on KF isn't even new, it directly descends from encyclopedia dramatica/EDF.
4chan constantly evades criticism that it's more deserving of than the communities that get hit with it; I think it's because it's too big/ubiquitous or because most terminally online people grew up with it or actively use it. Plus posts with dox, raid attempts, credible threats, etc. have been permabannable for years.

No. 1639252

There was a defamation lawyer on twitter that was trying to get into contact with Null. Maybe someone like Nick Rekieta could help crowdfund a lawsuit against these people. There needs to be some form of retaliation.

No. 1639255

>we have one
How? The same people except for you STILL have active threads. They will move somewhere else. As long as the site exists you are losing.

No. 1639256

What are you even asking? Humiliation fetishism is as natural to them as breathing.

No. 1639259

No. 1639260

keffals is busy F5ing the new KF , saw Josh’s post about stfu let it die abit, and keffals has to try to get that sweet sweet attention from him. Without his stupid crusade he’s nothing. Ignoring him won’t make him or Wu go away, but we will see him unhinged by it. And being on CNN? Lol it won’t work how he thinks it will, and who else watches CNN? People that host their shit on cloudflare who might question how this idiot and his mob could cancel services for any reason. Because “I said they’re bad” isn’t good acumen.

No. 1639262

> There needs to be some form of retaliation.
these troons are protected by the people in power. however, even if they ban the entire internet they will never be women and that's something that will have to live with for the rest of their life

No. 1639266

Troons are untouchable, but newspapers printing easily verifiable lies are a different story. >>1638696 This is a clear-cut easy win defamation lawsuit.

No. 1639281

site back uguu

No. 1639283

There must be a lawyer out there somewhere willing to do it probono.

No. 1639287

File: 1662494361735.png (33.03 KB, 644x252, Screenshot 2022-09-06 15.59.16…)

From kiwifarms.net, this is very old school geek humor, see https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc2324

Perhaps indicates something is going to be happening there soon

No. 1639288

File: 1662494405863.png (155.38 KB, 1208x609, sexsexsex.PNG)

works on my thing

No. 1639290


No. 1639292

Why do I find this so creepy? Kek

No. 1639297

Work for me without CSS, but I had to turn off VPN, so no posting for a mo.

No. 1639298

File: 1662494751598.png (121.67 KB, 644x572, Screenshot 2022-09-06 16.04.36…)

Samefag, yep, he's doing something. Ukraine-based host or mitigation service.

No. 1639303

My nigga josh should stop hosting the site for 1 month at least when everything cools down and everyone has moved on and start working on coming back to the clearnet considering this screenshot

No. 1639305

I lowkey think/hope that Keffals says something crazy to the point Josh has to sue and someone funds him. I can't be the only one who thinks there's not some rich asshole who'd help josh out on the low or watching this.

No. 1639314

no shot. you saw how easily he got $100k. if there's a lawsuit, the tranny paypigs will go into overdrive and he's guaranteed to outlast josh.

No. 1639315

I wish I could do it but I'm only a student and not even in burgerland. There must be one KF user who's a practising lawyer? The trannies can't keep getting away with this.

No. 1639322

Marc Randazza (a first amendment lawyer) was trying to reach out to Josh so hopefully something comes out of that.

No. 1639325

yep, it is Ukranian DDoS mitigation: https://vsys.host/ddos-protection

very good sign

No. 1639328

You mean I have to get off my ass and turn my computer on to browse fucking kiwi farms?! Ugh

Fuck you, you stupid pedo-tranny!

No. 1639330

I think that was the plan originally; he was going to keep on the .onion domain for a few weeks until things cooled down. I don't really know what changed.

No. 1639331

some sort of weird tea in wonderland vibes kek

No. 1639333

So josh is planning to use .net again at some point?

No. 1639335

God I wish for more of these cases on mainstream spaces. Do not question the tranny authority, even transing kids! More people see the censoring going on

No. 1639336

File: 1662496003182.png (124.99 KB, 717x334, Screenshot 2022-09-06 16.27.20…)

possibly soon


No. 1639337

> I don't really know what changed.
Impulsivity because of a "Y" chromosome, but that didn't really change, did it?

No. 1639344

Why does the .top domain just say test?

No. 1639346

He is saying rn in Telegram he can't get it (presumably meaning the Chinese mitigation) to work. But I'm more excited for .net and the Ukranian.

No. 1639347

Wouldn't Keffals have to admit that the way he's keeping Kiwifarms down is by illegally DDOSing the site? Null still owns .net and .ru

No. 1639360

File: 1662496981587.jpeg (99.26 KB, 900x686, C22BB1CC-DEB8-4223-9166-334F6B…)

The Troon movement has made me find all men without muscular shoulders to be exceptionally repulsive. I just assume all men with small shoulders are secretly jerking off in their moms bras.

No. 1639365

They're not all bible verses, just positive and inspirational quotes.

No. 1639371

I'm enjoying watching Keffals and his band of merry trannies celebrating knowing that in a week shit it will mean nothing.

No. 1639373

Even muscular army moids can troon out. Most men jerk off to vile shit regardless.

No. 1639386

My grandma misinterpreted a tv show/news segment she watched and is now convinced that every single person who works out (even running) is addicted to working out, because "when you work out you release chemicals in your brain that make you addicted to it". What i'm trying to say with this is that people who consume anything from the MSM are retarded (sorry grandma), lack critical thinking, or don't have the means to do the research themselves. These are the people keffals is targeting.

It makes me sad that so much effort is put in taking kiwifarms down but when pornhub was hosting child rape and revenge porn they got a slap on the fingers. Honkhonk.

No. 1639387

I'm excited too. It might really be back which will be pretty funny if keffals continues to say how much he won

No. 1639389

File: 1662498667711.jpeg (30.19 KB, 721x383, FB46D9A2-D3A4-4D6F-885C-D7B0E6…)

KF now excluded from wayback

No. 1639393

Any lawyer worth a damn would want money. E-lawyers like Rekieta are a trap

No. 1639395

What the hell

No. 1639398

Kek maybe the crazy spam tranny is Jersh, those symbols are right up his alley


No. 1639400

Try archive.ph, wayback has been unreliable

No. 1639402

Wayback probably excludes chans because of CP (supposedly it is a big problem on archive.today/ph/li/..) but they have cut out extreme political sites too, not surprised. There is quite a bit of kiwi and kiwi-adjacent content in the actual archive parts of archive.org though so I wonder if they will go after that.

No. 1639407

I wonder if those who run it got blackmailed as it's speculated that the cloudflare dude did?

No. 1639408

The Solomon's seal thing has been in the footer of the site since before the Keffals drama

No. 1639409

It's crazy kiwi has had a "kill count" for years but everyone ignored it and everyone gladly let them use their services until Keffals went on his world tour. They don't care about Kiwifarms until someone whines about it to a huge extent and Blame everything proof or no proof with big backing. That's why this shit is dangerous.

No. 1639417

Fuck. There's also archive.ph, but they'll probably target it too.I hope other obscure, unpopular archiving sites have KF in their catalog.
i know Josh would prob post archive as torrent for download, but this honestly fucking pisses me off. These archives are made specifically to archive shit, so it doesn't disappear from the internet. this is getting worse

No. 1639418


where is this from? the .top domain hasn't been working for me the whole day

No. 1639420

the onion domain hasn't been working for me either

No. 1639421

The Telegram channel but Null's posted it on his poa.st account too.

No. 1639424

I'd imagine archive.ph is next.

That's from the Telegram IIRC.


No. 1639428

>"was" an Internet forum that "facilitates"
editors were worked up into such a tizzy that they couldn't even get their tenses right.

No. 1639429

Samefag. Null should have kept the site on Tor for a month or so. The decision making is baffling and KF is probably donezo.

No. 1639432

Trannies literally do not forgive and do not forget because they are insane it won't help
>blog but tranny I met in hs asked to be my "gf" and I refused, had a meltdown and is still stalking me 10 years later

No. 1639436

That was the plan but Vanwa offered to help.

No. 1639437


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1639439

>LC doesn't doxx and most of our cows are fat bitches with failed only fans careers and 0 influence.

that's not what he cares about, keffals just wants the proof of him being a pedophile deleted because its the one thing that normies will never accept from him. he can cut his dick off and be an annoying piece of shit forever but that wont end the grift. but proof of him grooming no one other than his troon comrades would ever accept
thats why he's trying to get archives of KF removed everywhere and why he wants it down permanently
its never been about trans people or protecting his community. its about saving his own ass.

No. 1639443

Tbf it's going pretty well for Keffals. You google the name +paedophile and all that comes up is trying to shut down Kiwifarms and it will probably stay that way for a bit

No. 1639445

what about 4chan? is it still on archive.ph? i'd like to think so, but see what's happening. a month ago, we'd all laugh if someone said all that shit would happen, and one mail full of lies is enough to ban something entirely from the internet, yet here we are today.
save shit you want to your computers/external drives anons. honestly i have no hope in web archiving tools anymore

No. 1639454

This is such ass. Hate trannies. Hate pedos. Hate pedo trannies. (They are the same)

No. 1639456

File: 1662501009942.png (156.68 KB, 466x544, Screenshot 2022-09-06 17.51.11…)

No. 1639460

I thought he was John Goodman.